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Fil wil 54- Q Q gf 7? ' 1 .. Eyufnegragizg 1, ll I Q I Q I 1- 9 'Ka 1 ' 9 P lg I .Q , 1 1 "'- ' gk Semi M 01' c Miiiey 01:58 9 u S y3 Iowa ch001 ra MI' Mof.1L- B, G Iowaey, I'B6nawa1d Nag 16 , 19 51 vla'3.d, oi 192-'l , when 'oo Xl yoxf' ,L near WI . we, 'me Sensor 0, ' express our apgrecumov. 'og saying bw-'oog,'n 'she dedication oi our yearbook. 'Quia is a smalx emrcesion oi gratitude ict A consulnamon ve received Am'-mg oi high school. pr-mience , E Cxfeena 1 at-19 "'oXXa0 t 1 the advi. Er. hifgw -,md vneio-cr During 'Goose -gears 'goo have even burcugo crprrg mines . Your guidance and derabandipg, has made these 'gears a low oi inn. sXxa'D never iorgeb this 981-if oi our 1160. 'imc 'Sam nf Oxass ce an gears eho-.10 un. Fdculfy FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mrs, Wilma Russell, Mrs. Amber Barger, Mrs. Evelyn Greenawald. BACK ROW: L. D. Greenawald, Mrs. Thalma Pillard, Mrs. Mildred Schoon, Mr. Charles Wood. -xxx mm xxx ww vez , F01 vffvfrffff, . r O c'1'f,ffffnff- 55:5 H in mx NWKN Nix: Sfadenr fauna? LEFT TO RIGHT: Francis Conner, Sharon Sivcr, Carl Mertka, Judith Tallman, Allen Joslin. 1 --- --ff ffff'f" ff'f --ff i-- - - J Admlhlkfraf bn 5 MR. GREENAWALD Position - Superintendent, Girls' Coach, teacher, Education - Coe, SUI, ISC, Hobby - Ra- dio, Pet Saying - OK, Pct Peevc - Lazy People, Favorite Pastime - Watching TV and Sports, Favorite TV Program - No Favoritism shown. MR, WOOD Position - Principal, Boys' Coach, teacher, Education - Simpson, SUI, Hobby -Radio,Pet Saying - Everything 'sail set, now isn 't it'?, Pet Peeve -Door-to -door salesmen, Favorite Pastime - Traveling, Favorite TV Program - I Search for Adventure. MISS MILLER Position - Home Economics, Social Science, etc, Education - Cornell, Coe, SUI, Corr. Chic. Univ,, Hobby - Reading, Nature Study, Pet Saying, , Weill, Pet Peeve - Irresponsibility, Favorite Pastime - Reading, TV, Favorite TV Program - Gary Moore, Ted Mack. MRS. SCI-IOON Position - Primary and 1st grades, Education - Coe, U. of Minn. CCorrj ISTC, Hobby - TV, S: ying, - Don'r say I can't, say I'lI tryl, Pet Peeve - Students who don't pay attention to what I'm trying to get acrossl, Favorite Pastime - Taking care of my grandchild, TV Program - I've Got a Secret. MRS, RUSSELL Position - English and Music Teacher, Education - Cornell, ISTC, U. of Ia. , Coe, Hobby Bridge, Golf, Piano, Sewing,PetSaying - . . . orwhatevcr,Judithsays . . ., PetPeeve - People that don't get work done on time,Favotite Pastime - Bridge, Golf, Piano, Favorite TV Program - All of them. MRS, BARGER Position - 4th and 5th, Education - ISTC, U. of Dubuque, SUI, Hobby - TV, Pet Saying, - Get on the Balll, Pct Peeve - Children who say "I'm not done, I didn't have enough timr:.", Pastimc - TV, Favorite TV Program - Omnibus. MRS. GREENAWALD Position - 2nd and 3rd grades, Education - SU1,Hobby - Flowers and Sewing, Saying -nonc, Pet Peeve - Children who don't obey, Pastime - Hobbies, Favorite TV Program - Adventure and Science. MRS. PILLARD Position - 6th and 7th grades, Education - Coe St ISTC, Hobby - Working, in thc yard, Say- ing - Shhhi, Pet Peeve - Unruly children who don'r have their work done, Pastime - Terry, Fav- orite TV Program - Ed Sullivan. RUTH BICKERSTAFF Position - Cook, Education - Morley, Hobby - Homckccping, Saying. - none, Pet Pccvc - none, Favorite Pastimc - Work, Favorite TV Program - All ol' them. RUTH SMITH Position - Cook, Education - Stanwood and Counttyschoolsg I-lobby - Keeping busy, Saying, - Ohl, Pet Pcevc - nonc, Favorite Pastitne - Work, Favorite TV Program - Arthur Godfrey. GENE SMITH Position - Custodian, Education - Morley University, Hobby - Television, Saying - fSorry, we cou1dn't print it hcrelj, Pct Pccvc - Work, Favorite Pastinro - Loafing, Favorite TV Program - 364,000 Question, Ltd are .... f n -'- A -ts-. It fx! 5 5 9 .171 L7 ff ' row The class of 1957 entered Morley School with eight pupils, they were: Judy Tallman Patty Ankeny Coleen Hay Erma Wells Charles Stivers Donald Wells Paul McConaughy Maynard VanAntwerp We gained during they year, Jacqueline Schweitzer. Lois Stolte, and Patricia Bailey. Our First Grade teacher was Miss McAnulty. During our Second year we lost Maynard VanAnrwerp, Paul McConaughy, Patty Ankeny, Donald Wells, and Jacqueline Schweitzer but we gained Geraldine Capron, Virginia Hoffman, Arnold Pye, Elmeree Jaeger, Leland Klinetop, Ruth Armstrong, Francis Conner, and Bobbie Bailey so that our total was fifteen. Miss Elsie McAnu1ty was our Second Grade teacher. In the fall of 1947 we found ourselves in a new room and with a new teacher whose name we soon found to be Mrs. Frances Smith. We lost Elmeree Jaeger, Leland Klinetop, Ruth Arm- strong, Bobbie Bailey, Patty Bailey, but gained LaVerna Laurence, Billy Townsend, Larry Darrow, leaving, our total ten, During the Fourth year of school we had Miss Vivian Wacha , Miss Covell, and Mrs. Morri- son for our teachers. This year we lost LaVerna Laurence, Billy Townsend, Erma Wells, Virginia Hoffman but we gained Donald Mitchell, Sandra Techau, the same total, and Mary Louise Lcwis leaving, us with ln the fall of 1949 we were shifted upstairs with Mrs. Amber Barger as our new teacher, We lost two of our classmates, Gerry Capron and Arnold Pye leaving, us a total of eight pupils. During our Sixth Grade year we lost Larry Darrow. Sandra Techau, and Mary Louise lewis, but we gained Bob Conner leaving us a total of six students. ln 1951 our class roll consisted of Coleen l-lay, Francis Conner, Judy Tallnian, and Lois Stolte. We gained Eddie Wall but lost Don Mitchell this ycar. During thc Eighth year of school wc had Mrs. Pillard as ourtcacher. Wu gaincdlacls Micll, Barbara Watson, and Laurence Rundal and lost Eddie Wall. We were now entering High School, We had as our teachers Mrs, Bair, Mr. Grccnawald, Mr. Ridout, and Miss Miller, Enrolled inour class werc: Coleen Hay, Francis Conner, Lois Stoltc, Barbara Watson, and Judy Tztllmun. ln the Tenth gradc ourtcachcrs were Mr. Greenawald, Mr. Ridout, and Mrs. Russell, This year we lost Barbara Watson. In the Eleventh grade of high school we neither gaihed nor lost any students. Our teachers were Mr. Amold, Mr. Greenawald, Mrs. Russell. In the Twelfth grade we gained Vivian Joslin and Carolyn Schaefer, but lost Lois Stoltc, We were fortunate in having Mr. Greenawald, Mr, Wood, Miss Miller, and Mrs, Russell as our teachers, f 7 5':?57 ,. 2? A i 'U' 'gif I. ' ' "F nl F' - y L'la s W17l We, the senior class of 1957, of the Morley High School being in doubt of sane mind and good judgement do hereby fhle hopelj declare this to be our last will and testament. To begin with, we will all unfinished Literature papers and projects to next year's senior class. Vivian Joslin wills all her ability to write love letters to Beverly Pye. Personally Bev, we don't think you need the ability, Francis Conner wills to Maynard VanAntwerp his expert typing ability. Now lets not overdo it Maynard! Judy Tallman wills all shoes left behind on the streets of Cedar Rapids to any other high school students who may pass by and find them. To Janice Wilken, Coleen Hay wills all spots collected on her clothes such as grease spots and tar, A bottle of spot remover comes with that too, Jan. .Carolyn Shaefer wills to Karen Abbott her ability to acquire as many dates as possible in a months time. To Mr. Wood, the seniors will a heel-clip dispenser. We hear Bob Newhard will be in charge of '- the up-keep of this mechanical device. 2 . V, 1 ski 1 Vivian Joslin wills her interest in a member ofthe U.S. Armed Forces M ' ' to Darlene Jayne. " '- ' e Francis Conner wills his acting ability to Arnold Pye, X s s u S' To Paul McConaughy, Carolyn Shaefer wills her Chevle to rod around in when that F-O-R-D 5 doesn't run, We 're not guaranteeing that the Chevie will run either, Paul. We seniors will to Mrs. Russell an automatic filing system for the papers we don 't have to do them twice. hand in so that we Judy Tallman wills her hair ribbons to Dick VanAntwerp and Merlyn Wilken ,a ' ,T H Ha . in gs- 'fseawi Y ' if tri st.-s' ' .1 ,,,' "f 'Q M' -r' X z. Class Wtll Coleen Hay wills to Bill Catletr her ability to tip her seat over during school hours. Maybe you will be able to keep it on the ground Bill, as you have longer legs, We seniors will what is left of our typing erasers ro the junior class to erase all differences we may have had. To Rita Russell goes all our senior play books to help re mind her of all the hectic nights of prompting. Don't you wish we would have learned our parts? Francis Conner wills to Janice Wilken a clean pair of socks since we haven't had a rain in quite a spell. Coleen Hay wills to Larry Kaufman one of her hair curlers so he can keep that frontcurl just right. To Gene Smith we will an automatic chair folder so he doesn 't have to put so much wear-and -tear on them. To Miss Miller we will a radar device to keep track of all stray students. To Mr, Greenawald, we will a fur trimmed bathing suit to be worn on our senior trip to Florida. To the whole assembly a recreation room to be used in place of finding, mischiefto get into. We have always wanted one so bad so we hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Now don 't wear out the jukebox the first day. And last but not least we, Judy Tallman, Coleen Hay, and Carolyn Shaefer, wish to leave the care of our pet mice in the hands of Sharon Siver as we feel she has a special interest in them. Z3 . 7 W -yelllbf Pfg becy gif f 5522 mf, 475 I el fe TL C: 0' o Q 459 o row .11-.Q Y lj 13.9 X . .Q W. . ' .,-.' iq., ,' . am.: - , i., 0 ,X fa 5 'fx' 9. Qs Y -1, 9514. Us ff, 7 0 J, comm O ,rwsuand , ly, A sflo f ' have-Q' T 3 es' . X X 5- , Q50 fs 'E O '9 'fq, ff? I 6955. QQ- 0? J. .Q Nw 1? of 5' if dv - O 4? 555' 'I fs 4, 525' 5 211, X Z KA ' H fa? H Vg Y I u XX ' Q Q 15 'f X .f .ff ? , N QV M' 9 f, .-4? E PM 5 ',., li 1 lfalea' bfor bn COLEEN HAY "Coke" President ...... . Vice-Presidenr .... , Secretary-Treasurer , , , , , Student Council , . . . , . . Basketball ...... Dramarics .... Annual Staff , , Plays: "Stage Struck" "The Pay Off" "Wherc's The Fire" "Second Fiddle" . . 1.2.3- . . 1.2.3. Never a devil, but far from a saint. alafafor an IUDITH TALLMAN uludy.. President .... . , 3 Vice-Prcsldcnr . . . . 2 Treasurer ..... . . . 1 Student Council . .... 4 Basketball . . . . 1,2,3,4 Glee Club . . . 1,2,3,4 Dramarics . . . 1,2,4 Annual Staff ..... . . 4 Plays: "l-lillybilly Wedding," Stage Struck" "Thr: Pay -Off" Wlrcrc's The Fire Second Fiddle" Happy-go-lucky , fam' y free, Norhlng much uver bothers mc. CAROLYN SCHAEFER .. Lynn.. Treasurer , , . . Glee Club .... Annual sraff . . . Plays: "Second Fiddle" I'm off in my Stanley Steamer. FRANCIS CONNER "Foss" President .... Vice-President . . Secretary .... . . Student Council. . . . Baseball ..... . . Basketball . . . . Annual Staff . . . Plays: "Second Fiddle" " Where 's the Fire" He has found his happiness, VIVIAN JOSLXN "Viv" Secretary . . . . . Glee Club . . . Annual Staff . . . Plays: "Second Fiv.lJ1c" Talking, when she should bc lis . . 4 . . 4 . 4 . 1 , 4 . . . 3 , , 2354 1,2,a,4 , 112,13 . . . .4 , 4 . 4 , 4 tuning. Vllllflllllfllllllll111011Ill!!! Jun br flax: FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mr. Greenawald, Sponsor: Dar- lene Jayne, Janice Wilken, Rita Russell. SECOND ROW: Charles Stivers, Allen Joslin, Amold Pye, Bill Catlett, May- nard VanAntwerp. DARLENE IAYNE "Dar" Basketball 1,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,3. "Greatest pleasure in life is love. " JANICE WILKEN "Toots" President 1,2g Secretary Sp Basketball 1,'2,3g Glee Club 1,2,3g Dramatics 1,3. "No Comment" RITA RUSSELL "Rite" Secretary 1: Basketball 1,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,3g Dramatics 1,2,3, "Has developed an eye for the opposite sex." CHARLES STIVERS "Chuck" Vice-President 2,35 Treasurer lg Basketball 1.3. "There is only one thing you have to do and that is to die." ALLEN JOSLIN "Red" Treasurer 2: Vice-President lg Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2, 3, Student Council 3, "Does things without much noise." ARNOLD PYE "Arnie" Glee Club 1,2,3, Basketball 1,2,3g Baseball 1,2,3. "Athlete if he didn 't have such big feet." BILL CATLETT "Wild Bill" Student Council 23 Baseball 1,2,3g Basketball 1,2,3g Glee Club 1,2,3g Treasurer 3. "The more a man loves, the more he suffers," MAYNARD VAN ANTWERP "Van" Student Council 13 Secretary 25 Baseball lg Basketball 1.3, Glee Club 1,25 President 3 "With an eye for business in the Senior Class" opizomo e flu FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mrs. Russell, Sponsorg Ioyce Watson Frances Holdren Judy Shankland, Carol Greenawald, Sharon Siver, Elizabeth Bennett SECOND ROW Ivan Eden, Larry Catlett, Paul Mcflonaughy, Bill Ruhl, Tom I-linrichsen Bob Newhard Larry Kaufman, Charles Vernon, Glee Club 1,2 Glee Club 1,2 Dramatics 1,2 Dramatics 1,2g Dramatlcs 1,25 JOYCE WATSON Basketball 1 ,2, "Shy and bashful but useful. " FRANCES HOLDREN "Franie" Basketball 1,2. "Where art thou Romeol" IUDITH SHANKLAND "Judd" Basketball 1,2g Glee Club 1,2. "Does things with a lot of noise. " CAROL GREENAWALD "Cal" Glee Club 1,2g Basketball l,2g Cheerleader 1,2, "She studies hard and ls in all things faithful SHARON SIVER "Sharie" Glee Club 1,2g Basketball 1,2g Cheerleader 1,2. "She fills her place ln life as no one else can ELIZABETH BENNETT "Liz" Basketball 1,2gGlee Club 1.2. "The more we study, the more we discover our ignorance IVAN EDEN "Eden" Baseball 1,23 Basketball 152, Cheerleader 1.2. "l'm not quiet, just ask me." LARRY CATLETT Baseball 1,2g Basketball 1,23 Dramatlcs 25 Cheerleader 2. "His favorite works of Literature are Comic Books PAUL MC CONAUGHY "Mac" Glee Club 1,2g Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1,2. 'Someone lend him a crank for his hot rod Ford f , . , 1 x 1 Sophomore Class fCont.J WILLIAM RUHL "Bill " Dramatics 2g Glee Club 1.2, Baseball 1,2g Basketball 1.2. "He 's alert when he see a skirt." THOMAS HINRICHSEN "Tom" Dramatics 1,25 Baseball 1,25 Basketball 1,23 Glee Club 1,2 "He changes hair oil every '20 miles. " ROBERT NEWHARD "Bob" Glee Club l,2. 'Most great men are dead or dying, and I'm not feeling so well myself." LARRY KAUFMAN Dramatics lg Glee Club 1,23 Baseball 1,2, Basketball 1.2. "It's not what you do, it's what you get away with. " . CHARLES VERNON Cheerleader lg Dramatics 1,2g Baseball 1,2g Basketball 1.2. "When l find my proper groove, a famous man I'll surely prove.' I-'resllmen dass FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Mr, Wood, Sponsor, Lois Kuchenbaker, Margaret Shumaker, Karen Abbott Beverly Pye, Nelda Conner, Janice Wilken, Ronnie Tallman. SECOND ROW: Pat Davis, DickVanAnt- werp. Lynn Hansen, Merlyn Wil-ken, Ronnie Stivers, CarI'Mertka, Steven Newhard, James Heinsius. LOIS KUCHENBAKER Glee Club lg Dramatics lg Basketball 1. "Her level best, nothing less. " MARGARET SHUMAKER "Margie" Glee Club 1. "You can never tell what this girl will do, she always has a way of surprising, you." KAREN ABBOTT "Abbie" Glee Club 1g Dramatlcs lg Basketball 1g Secretary 1. "Cheerfulness is the secret of personality." Freshman Class fCont.J BEVERLY PYE "Bev" Basketball 1. "An old maid I'll never be as long as there are fish in the sea. " NELDA CONNER "Nei" Glee Club 1g Basketball lg Dramatics 1. "Like the pyramids--Unchanglng. " IANICE BENNETT "lan" Glee Club 15 Basketball 1. "Modest and quiet but useful." RONALD TALLMAN "Ronnie" Basketball 1: Treasurer lg Baseball 1. "Small but he gets around. " PAT DAVIS Baseball lg Basketball 15 Glee Club 1. I 'You may be better than I, but I don 't believe it, " RICHARD VAN ANTWERP "Dick" President lg Baseball 1. "Carries one subject and drags three. " LYNN HANSEN Basketball 1g Baseball 1. "Silently through the halls he goes, what's on his mind nobody knows MERLYN WILKEN "Mun" Basketball lg Vice-President lg Baseball 1, "Enjoy yourself - Life is short." RONALD STIVERS "Ronnie" Basketball l, "Every mile is two in winter." CARL MERTKA "Buzzie" Dramatics lg Cheerleader lg Student Council 1. "There are two sides to every question-My side and the wrong, side. STEVEN NEWHARD "Steve" "What he's been taught, he 's forgotten, What he knows he's guessed. " JAMES HEINSUIS "Jim" Baseball lg Basketball 15 Glee Club l, "Pleasant and modest is this lad." Guess Who? EIGHTH GRADE FRONT ROW: Alice Oxten, Rosalene Catlett, Karen Simmons, Betty Crawford, Florence Duncan, Diane Hora, Mr. Wood, Sponsor. BACK ROW: Gerald Stolte, Raymond Findlay, Bruce Hay, Gary Nissen, Darell Blake, Larry Jayne. . SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADES FRONT ROW: Mary Kay Frankhauser, Merle Findlcy. John Koppenhaver, Curtis Bennett, Charles Hansen, Richard Ellison, Nancy Joslin, Judy McConaug,hy, Karen Kuchel, Lowell Klinefeltcr, Dick Stivers, Clair June. BACK ROW: Mrs. Pillard, Camille Siver, John Jackson, Tom Hiensins, Linda Joslin, Sharon Hanna, Tom Grecnawald, Fritz Meineke, Robert Hansen, Jim Kuchenbaker, FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES FRONT ROW: Mrs. Bargct, Gary Achenbach, Harold Kinkaid, Susan Schaefer, Diane Klinefelter, Sheri Greenawald, Helen Gamble, Sandra Smith, Barbara Jayne, Raymond Dirks, Leroy Stoltu, James Abbott. BACK ROW: Richard Simmons, Duane Ellison, Dalc Woodcr, Dorothy Blake, Carol Gamble, Jean llan- sen, Kathy Joslin, Larry Jackson, Totn Hanna, Orin Davis, David Ortgies. SECOND AND THIRD GRADES FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Charles Findley, Don Vonliehren, Bruce Ehresrnan, Vicky Smith, Becky Smith, Peggy Yarrington, Leonard Dirks, Rose Ann Kinkaicl, Darlene Ellison, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Greenawald, Steven Joslin, Nancy Meineke, Sally Robinson, David Weaver, Don Brokaw, Joe Conner, Marilyn Siver. THIRD ROW: Charles Heinsius, Curtis Barger, Dennis Duncan, Donna June, Jim Sim- tnons, Merle Catlett, Myron Ehresman, Cynthia Smith, Peggy Smith. PRIMARY AND FIRST GRADES FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Ricky June, Michael Smith, Craig Smith, Terry Barger, Denise Hanna, Fay Tilton, Duane Meineke, Terry Kinkaid, Betty VonBehren, Nancy Hefilefinger. SECOND ROW: Dale Conner, Tom Hefflefinger, David Greenawald, Roy Frankhouser, Gary Smith, Jim Joslin, David Wells, Carl Ransford, Gunther Christiassen. THIRD ROW: Mary Hanna, Jo Ann Klinefelter, Janet Jackson Susan Hay, Susan Robinson, Terry Tilton, Mary Jayne, Sharon Simmons. Teacher, Mrs. Schoon. mln ffffflfnffflflll 11 or 6015 Ba' kefbal! FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Karen Abbott, Carol Greenawald, Rita Russell, Joyce Watson, Sharon Siver, Judy Tallnian, Coleen Hay, Elizabeth Bennett, Janice Wilken, Darlene Jayne, Nelda Conner, Judy Shankland. BACK ROW: Vivian Joslin, Coach, L. D. Grcenawald: Margaret Shumaker. Softball 7 eam i?"f9T'1..,f J ' ' ifE,56,.1-HM Q, '35 Q 'fm fi i . J fl ' , W5.i-VO, FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Coach, L. D. Greenawald: Joyce Watson, Lois Kuchenbnkcr, Frances Holclren, Janice Bennett, Sharon Sivet. BACK ROW: Darlene Jayne, Vivian Joslin, Rita Russell, Carol Greenawald, Beverly Pye, Elizabeth Bennett, Karen Abbott. Boy 5 Ba kefball Team l FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Larry Kaufman, Larry Carlett, Paul McConaughy, Par Davis, Bill Ruhl. SECOND ROW: Coach, Charles L. Wood: Charles Vernon, Tom Hinrichsen, Allen Joslin, Arnold Pye, Merlyn Wilken. THIRD ROW: Tom Greenawald, Ronnie Tallman, Lynn Hansen, Charles Silvers, Ronnie Stivers, Ivan Eden, James Heinsius. yy Ba' ebdll Team FIRST ROW, Left to Right: Larry Catlett, Tom Hlnrichsen, Larry Kaufman, Bill Ruhl, Paul McConaughy, Allen Joslin, Francis Conner. SECOND ROW: Charles Vernon, Pat Davis, Bill Carlen, Arnold Pye, Merlyn Wilken, Dick VanAnrwerp, Lynn Hansen. THIRD ROW: Coach, Charles L. Wood: Ronnie Srivers, Ivan Eden, Jim Heinsius, Ronnie Tallman, Tom Greenawald. J 4 l I ' I I I Coleen Hay Judy Tallman Darlene Jayne Rita Russell Janice Wilken Carol Greenawald Sharon Slver Judy Shankland Joyce Watson Elizabeth Bennett Karen Abbott Larry Callett Pat Davis Ivan Eden Tom Hinrichsen Allen Joslin Larry Kaufman Paul McConaughy Arnold Pye William Ruhl Charles Stivers Charles Vernon Mcrlyn Wilken Basketball F G F F816 G F G G G G F G F F G C F F C G G G F ' r Glrls Basketball . . Statistics FREE THROWS TOTAL GRADE MADE MISSED POINTS FOULS 12 74 89 269 33 12 56 11 36 71 229 60 11 18 18 46 28 11 11 10 53 58 317 30 10 1 2 29 10 31 10 29 10 13 9 7 12 26 19 1 Boys Basketball Statlstlcs FREE THROWS TOTAL GRADE MADE MISSED POINTS FOULS 10 9 9 71 15 9 11 1'7 91 32 10 10 3 2 7 3 11 36 21 178 43 10 19 24 95 31 10 43 50 149 51 11 1 2 5 10 113 '71 337 49 11 10 5 15 27 18 9 3 an X125 Basketball MORLEY GIRLS gg 31 23 52 36 44 35 41 55 50 41 67 58 41 35 40 35 50 44 60 57 32 44 24 38 41 48 50 66 37 37 64 48 44 44 43 45 41 50 39 46 Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley OPPONENT Jamboree Monmouth Buck Creek Mephanicsville Solon Onslow Solon Monmouth Martelle Onslow Viola Monmouth Oxford Junction Martelle Olin Lisbon Mechanicsville Viola Wyoming Sacred Heart COUNTY TOURNEY Sacred Heart Olin SECTIONAL TOURNEY Martelle Viola Baseball Onslow Martelle Viola Onslow Cedar Rapids. Immaculate Conception Solon Monmouth OPPONENT GIRLS BOYS 13 18 60 57 54 60 58 46 60 39 55 70 62 66 62 40 23 41 33 60 40 42 53 61 45 50 60 51 51 59 34 45 80 57 60 57 53 65 56 56 mu 2 QT 5 PLA YER Tom Hinrichsesi Francis Conner Bill Ruhl Allen Joslin Ivan Eden Arnold Pye Merlyn Wilken Paul McConau51hy Charles Vernon Larry Czrrlett Larry Kaufman Pat Davis Bill Caller! PLAYER Larry Kaufman Allen Joslin Bill Ruhl Francis Conner Ivan Eden Paul McConaughy 1957 BASEBALL STATISTIC S AB. mrs WALKS AVERAGE 27 a 3 111 42 11 o 262 49 16 o 329 39 10 0 256 11 5 o .455 3 0 0 ooo 10 o 2 ooo 44 8 1 182 ao 4 2 133 29 5 a 172 24 1 3 042 19 3 1 158 13 1 o ow PITCHINC. rzracoruas won LosT 3 4 1 4 1 3 0 0 0 , 0 0 1 Jumbr Hifi: Ba kefball 6015 Camile Siver, Alice Ouen, Rosie Carleu, Janice Bennerr, Karen Simmons, Sharon Hannah. Linda Joslin, Beverly Pye, Nelda Conner, Berry Crawford, Lois Kuchenbaker, Diane Hora, Florence Duncan. IN BACKGROUND: L. D. Greenawald, Coach: Margaret Shumaker, Manager. Boy FRONT ROW, Left ro Right: Bruce Hay, Raymond Findley, Gary Nissen, Tom Greenawald, Darrell Blake. SECOND ROW: Johnny Iackson, Jim Kuchenbaker, Tom Heinisus, Gerald Stolte, Larry Jayne, Coach, Chuck Wood. 'C 5' I' 'CO X, 55 1 N 1: I 351 . NN L. X'-x WV R22 ..1 X n AC' dk. 9' 90 fq. XS' -1- 'Y FRONT HOW: L-R: Rita Russell. Larry Catlett. M-O-R-L-E-Y M-C-R-L-E-Y M-O-R-L-E-Y you spell it. you yell it. That's the Here's the Morley! Morley! Morley! Q75 way way 421 zezrjeiwg figs 2:11-4 wQsJ X Carol Greenawald, Suaron Siver, BACK HOW: Ivan Eden, Carl Mertka, .0111zfflluflfffllzfflffnll1011 1111011111111111111111111lylfllllflllllall1111 avian Mi ed Cfzoru FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Judy Tallman, Coleen Hay, Lois Kuclrenhaker, Joyce Watson, Frances Holdren. Janice Bennett, Betty Crawford, Diane Hora, Florence Duncan, Karen Simmons, Rosalene Carlett, Alice Otten. SECOND ROW: Janice Wilken, Darlene Jayne, Vivian Joslin, Judy Shankland, Carolyn Schaefer, Sharon Siver, Rita Russell, Carol Greenawald, Elizabeth Bennett. Karen Abbott, Margaret Shumaker, Nelda Conner. THIRD ROW: Bruce Hay, Ronnie Stivers, Dick Vaniintwerp. Ronnie Tallrnan, Paul McConaugl1y, Bill Ruhl, Tommy Hinrichsen, Bob Newhard, Larry Kaufman, Merlyn, James Heinsiui, Mrs. Russell, Director. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Stolre, Raymond Findley, Darrell Blake, Maynard Vanflntwerp, Bill Catlett, Gary Nissen, Arnold Pye, Par Davis, Carl Mertka, Sreven Newlrard, Charles Vernon, Larry Jayne. Declamaf bn FRONT ROW: Janice Wilken, Coleen Hay, Vivian Joslin, Rita Russell, Judy Shankland, Indy Tallman Sharron Siver, Carol Greerlawald, Nelda Conner, SECOND ROW: Karen Abbott, Carl lxlertka, Charle Vernon, Larry Catlett, Bill Ruhl, Tommy Hinriclts-sn, Lois Kuchenbaker, Mrk. Ruswll, Director. Scfmol Patrol FRONT ROW, Left to Righl: Larry Kaufman, Bill Cat- lette, Allen Joslin, Gary Nissen. SECOND ROW: Charles Vernon, Francis Conner, Paul McConaughy, Tom Hin- richsen, Par Davis. 3.5"-T Q43-If ' ' E 'f""f', "w."2 v:fL f,,.,.1 I, V . All -V ,Q . l dc,-5,1 -' "Qi .-1,-rf, ' M . A ' - V L. I. .F . i 2 :Inf A k:,?:1.',4 l- I. J.. V , A,- . -K V ,tn- Jl. V gs - ,irq I . A E, -, v rm Q ,W FQ? ' R-.arf A ,g - A f Y ,. . 5. ,--. , . T A ' Q 5 . b ' Q ,p.?if". 4, ,4P"" . -5. if .J , A' In 1 at 35, .A w , ,K Q YY . Q .Q ' :iv in 74' Ruth Bickerstaff, and Ruth Smith. - Wt! vous S 5522? 5231 i?Q':,:W .,'1 -Nj xi f'X..a'f . i f, J. . ,Q 'nv.a..:Mu . Q, ,fix ' Janitor '-bi 1 A 1 . . , -,fr .s fm A i,4g1,q -- ,kg I r Q gil: - Q , . Em: 11 ' , P' H X x , s ' 'W ' - Gene "Boob-- smnn, nj J, Ml 1, 1'-'FEW im' 5l6Mll. ' ia Bus Drivers Ralph Burger, Betty Smith, Gene Smith. Virgil Tallman, Francxs Smith Q 5X1 me ' I ' 'ggx ' 1- ': "- -. 1 i ' X1 66 xi' f XXL 0 ooo gm? fix 'b9""' '0 hoo ' -- NWS . V 9 5 , S ' ' Q' WIS. 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Anamosa, Iowa CONRAD'S SUPER MARKET Best Quality Foods at Lowest Prices Free Delivery - Phone 26-27 Use Our Convenient Free Parking Lot WAPSIE MOTOR SALES Your Friendly Ford Dealer See Us First For That Good Deal In A New Or Used Car Or Truck I SALES SWF Phone 123 215 East Main Anamosa, Iowa BRADY'S SKELLY SERVICE p CAP- f wt Youooonrfnnos Phone 202 Anamosa, Iowa THE PIONEER PRESS AND STANWOOD HERALD Read The News Of Morley School bmchanicsville, Iowa GAMBLES Everything For The Home Irvin Hovet, Owner Anamosa, Iowa MAE AMELIA' S Jewelry and Gift Center o Diamonds Of Jones County -X ' I Watches Phone 91 -L ."' Hallmark Cards :SPN Anamosa, Iowa f 'XQX w w w w w w w w k 1 'a R. W. Dirks Our Expert Watchmaker SMITH OIL COMTANY STUHLERS CLOTHING STORE Thanks To You Clothes For The Lad 5 His Dad 'F Our Business ls Growing E yn, :-' Marion - Cedar Rapids 5 I Y Anamosa Anamosa, Ia. Monticello, Ia. KOUBA DRUG STORE KEN KADLEC IIB Magazines QYQ 5 Jewelry Meat Processing 335 6 9 xii 2 one ii If mm in l Phone 7-F14 me Me chanicsville , Iowa School Supplies Cosmetic Gifts Hardware - Auto Supplies - Paints Phone 145 1 TO ' f Anamosa, Iowa Roger and Gertrude Waterfield, Owners TIC TOC SHOP Watches Diamonds SCHUMACHER FURNITURE Quality Home Furnishings 1 ' Jewelry Kroehler 64 Lan Furniture 0" "H Phone 502 Anamosa Dale R. Condry, owner 1 ' 1 Anamosa Iowa Open Evenings By Appointment MICHELS GARAGE Motor Tune-up Quality Parts General Repairs Phone 46 Anamosa, Iowa HAWLEY REXALL DRUG STORE Serving The Community With All The Features Of A Modern Pharmacy TN! :R DRUG STORE Anamosa, Iowa THE GUN SHOP Thos. Stimpson, Owner Fir earms Sales and Service - -, - 'V WATKINS DEPARTMENT STORE Home Furnishings gg ,fl my jx Dry Goods FIOQI Ready-to-Wear " A , 1 34165 Anamosa , , , AW Q32 Iowa Anam 'M f,!f lwnl' AXE! f Br os a :- Iowa ANAMOSA HARDWARE General Paints - Appliances "We Aim To Hardware - Plumbing Heating -.4 Pleaseu Phone 160 G Q 290 West Main 6 G MONTZ IMPLEMENT COMPANY Farmall Tractors International Trucks Sales uwnnnsrnoum. Service nnnvlsvzn McCormick Farm Equipment RCA Whirlpool Washers, Dryers, Freezers Refrigerators, Stoves, Air Conditioners Phone 145 Mechanicsville, Iowa YN' I FRANKS e soNs, ' MARTELLE INC. COM-MCOKE Phone 167 w Martelle, Iowa Hardware - Paint - Coal CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK capital ...... S100 , ooo .oo Surplus and Undivided Profit ...... S288,000.00 Member Federal Deposit Insurance su Corporation 4gs.x'I. RAAna?qa 5 2 5 ma uve 3 Q, uwewmao 5 'Q AS vkovooso IN we BANKING ACT Of IS!! Deposits Guaranteed Sl0,000 For Each Depositor Anamosa Iowa LEGGETTS Home of IOWa,S Finest MAID RITE SANDWICH SHOP I! Decorating Stores Hwhere Friends Meetu Floor 6 Decorating 6 Carpets Cecil and Irene Book Dutch Boy Paint - Plastic -'N Wall Tile - Venetian Blinds +e 3 'W - Wallpaper - Draperies - PtigZleg?5 Anamosa Iowa Anamosa, Iowa GOETTSCH FUNERAL HOME MORTUARY. Q27 Ambulance Service Phone 368 Anamosa, Iowa TYLER 6: DOWNING Nw D 1' U e I d e e 1VGr p sf ncorporate Phone 103-104 35x I Aefyesfqu Anamosa, Iowa ,C K J, Choice Meats and Groceries GILDNER :SL CROW ALBAUGH STUDIO Men's G Boys' Clothing HYour Family Photographern Dress Right - You Can't Afford Ffa. Not To 65 Auamo S a , Iowa Anamosa Iowa GAMBLE FEED 6 PRODUCE Lassy Feeds Kent FEEDS Feeds Mechanicsville Iowa SMITH D-x , f'?i'9l 3 . . . 1 Greaslng - T1.res - Batterles NIQ Q "Babe" Hunter HUNTER'S GARAGE Morley Iowa Morley Iowa MC CARN ABSTRACT COMPANY Eugene B. Rees, Owner Anamosa Iowa ANAMOSA'S HTWIN WEEKLIESH Eureka On Thursdays Journal On Mondays For Morley News and Tiger Sporting Events MONTGOMERY WARD DEALER Tires and Batteries L. L. DOUGLAS FARM IMTLEMENTS The Trademark Of Quality Made Famous By Good Implements Phone 273 MUST BE. Anamosa - SATISFIED QUALHV FAgM Custis Service Eifjjffff West End Phone 600 Anamosa, Iowa ANAMOSA FARMERS CREAMERY CO. 2 5 C ICE REA Milk, Butter and Ice Cream ex: A Good Market For Good Cream gi I Phone 338 . ' 1' ANAMOSA LUMBER CO., INC. Lumber, Coal, and Building Material Portable Buildings egg " f One Board or a Trainload Phone 32 Anamosa , Iowa L afzuzPu1wauf Insurance Services For Farm Bureau Members Fire, Hail, Auto, Farm Protector and Life Insurance Planned Financial Security By Iowa Life lIR+S4lMlIl so Iowa Mutual Hail Iowa Farm Mutual ARDEN ACHENBACH as A We f ,, i ,,.N!, 1 ! 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Manufactures and Builders Concrete Stave Silos - Water Tanks - Septic Tanks Q L. L. Albaugh, Manager Anamosa, Iowa I - P I Cd 1' FARMERS H F , if Q COOPERATIVE ELEVATOR , f Grains - Feed - Seed Fence and Fertilizer C. K. Gordon, Manager Phone 146 , Martelle, Iowa W .. Rv FARMERS SAVINGS BAND Capital 325,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits 395,000.00 C. L. Murfield President Harlan Russell Vice-President 85034 qs!! AQQF no ' 5 Q 9 5 E Guy C. Martin g sa ws , xl 9, llllli-SEDEGEIEJ 6 9 -Z ASPROVIDEOINTHE BANKING ACT OF ISS! Martell-e Iowa Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation For Complete Insurance Service INSURANCE REZQIY COMPLETE .NSURES INSURANCE Let Us Serve You SERVICE Phone 240 g Anamosa, Iowa HANK'S SERVICE Refrigerators - Stoves - Freezers - Washers Dryers Television O Phone 701 RCA - Hot Point - Motorola Radio and Television Service Anamosa Iowa ANAMOSA FEED MILL Manufacturer of Top Notch Feeds age, B.B. 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Hartwig ,gi2Ei9?fQ5ecX Qf- 5151-5732. -X.: Phone 40 K -1-q'o'g5'Q'o'00,'e , . , A , , ' ' 2,590'a'HA Anamosa Iowa ADOLPH AHRENS W AW W 6 M 11 I - RBEV ,,..4 -,...--- QUALITP S AND ERvtC S-.4-Z F d S d Fertlllzer NIE GRAIN E FEED co., :Nc Q If 22:2 F' 1 and Mixing Pl 1 8 M ll I iwxxxs xwmuxwl BARGER' s GROCERY hash GNP' -- '- cauq, 9 lQ4"f'l , CN, f N ,X 'Nl Phone 7F34 Mr Q4 ' Morley, Iowa M wr 150 -v Y' ' Qcagifa I 1 Your Friendly One Stop Food Center BERNELL SCHWIRTZ E. H. LITTIG, M.D. REAL ESTATE Mechanicsville, Iowa Anamosa, Iowa Phone 2 on 140'Li--- 1, 55,3 fa nfuggragiz K 4 2 xt 'rfahia ' gin' :N 'Kg n ...xx Q 1 M 4' S f. Q , , V if f-1 gi LZ rx INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Pubhxhersblsvuv Manukau uuevs lrmk lundevs FAIYEEIIQUHSUMEHVFIII pn-muu In u 5 A, P

Suggestions in the Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) collection:

Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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