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ny it 'rl I vi 5, M' I 1 1 x ,N a f-rf f f 4 . 152 . 1 2 XE 5 A, N-J '. 5 .au . 'B H . .99 1 f K f LIBRI X, fr E? O Ilehiration To Mr. Greenwald in appreciation for his help in the clan room, and in athletics, for the enjoyment he gave to ue fran our etudiee, md for being auch e good friend to when we could take our problene to during our four years of high eohool, we the eenior clue of nineteen hundred and fifty five dedicate this annual - to yous v' , .U 0 - V+ ..... ,... . . Q' :::.:::,1g:::.: Qr d fu' QJX .' ::: --nun Z!! ADMIN fgfggjya 4 ' ga fi, wg. 3 x 1 gg. J. :H B . . Z' f MFG Q if A x---f--f-.L--...l.rl.. FACULTY Let Row-left to right: Mrs. Greenawald, Hrs. Amber Barger, Mrs. Mildred Schoon 2nd Row-left to right: Hr. L.D. Greenawald, Hrs. Wilma Russell, Mrs. Mary Doty, Mr. C. N. Ridout S r- I1 n n I High School and Eighth Grade lst row-left to right: Mrs. Russell, Kita Russell, Janice Wilken, Darlene Jayne, Nancy Jayne, Clara Pillard, I-.r. Greenawald, hr. xidout. 2nd row-left to right: Shirley Holdren, marilyn Hoppe , Nargo xtuhl, Priscilla Plllard, Coleen Hay, Lois Stolte, Judy Tallman, Carol Greenawald, Sharon Siver, Judy Shsnkland, Elizabeth Bennett, Nancy Glick, Francis Holdren, Joyce watson. 3rd row-left to right: Ivan Eden, Ronald Findley, Dick Blake, Darrell Hora, Jim Tallman, Lon Hinrichson, Allen Joslin, Arnold Pye, sob Newhard, Larry Kaufman, Maynard Van Antwerp, Tom Hinrichson, Larry Catlett. hth row-left to right: Gene Eldred, Keith Vernon, John Brokaw, Allen Eden, Junior Gerdes, Keith Hey, Frances Conner, Charles Stivers, Charles Holcomb, billy Catlett, Charles Vernon, billy H-uhl, Paul hcfionlughy. Administration Mr. Greenawald Supt., Math., Business Courses, Social Studies, and Girl's Basketball Colleges - B.A. Degree-Coe College, MJ.. Degree - S.U.I. Hobby -- Radio and Woodworking, Pet Saying - 0.K. Pet Peeve - Lazy People, Favorite Pastime -- Watching T.V. Mr. Ridout Prin., Social Studies, Business Courses, Geometry and Boy's Coach Colleges - Ellsworth Junior College, BJ.. Degree-Coe College Hobby - Loafing, Pet Saying -- Did you try? Pet Peeve - Pupils who don't have time to get their lessons. Favorite Pastime -- Watching T.V. Miss Miller Social Studies, languages Colleges-Cornell College and Acedenw, B.A. Degree-Coe College Boat Graduate Study - S.U.I. - University of Chicago Hobby -- Nature Study and Flower Gardening Pet Saying -- WELL!! Pet Peeve -- Irresponsible People Favorite Pastims -- Reading Mrs. Barger hth and Sth Grades Colleges - I.S.T.G., Dubuque University, S.U.I. Hobby -- Crossword Puzzles, Pet Saying - Let's get our work Pet Peeve -- Things out of order Favorite Pastims - Reading and Watching T. V. Mrs. Greenawald 2nd and 3rd Grades Colleges - B.A. Degree S.U.I. Hobby -- Sewing Pet Saying -- Keep Quiet Pet Peeve - Dirt Favorite Paetime -- Heading Mrs. Doty 6th and 7th Grades COHOQB ' seUoIs Hobby -- Journalism Pet Peeve - Favorite Pastime -- Play Piano Pet Saying -- Mrs. Schoon Primary and lst Grade Colleges - Coe, U. of Minnesota CCorr.D , Cedar Falls Hobby -- My Two Sons Pet Saying -- Don't say I ca.n't say I'll try. Pet Peeve -- Rainy days Favorite Pastime -- Reading Mrs. Russell English and Music College - Cornell College and Cedar Falls Hobby -- Play cards Pet Peeve -- People who don't get their work :Ln on time. Pet Saying -- Ge what ever Favorite Pastime -- Play Golf ,x XVI 5 ENIURS 'Jr Um! 'CMJ .i r' J vw' . arf f my " 1 x, ,J ' '. gl X h Y i789 Q A 5Q!L1J27llh . fx? K Q-Edix qf A 0 f-6. 1 Q 1 E11 5 5 255 G 51 LU The Class of 19143 entered Morley School with ten pupils they were: Dorothy haute John Brokaw Gene Eldred Judith Filter Robert Gerjets Janice Parks Larry Stingley Nancy Jayne Keith Vernon Opal Clary Our first grade teacher was Mrs. Oldfield. During our second grade we lost Robert Gerjets, Larry Stinley, Nancy Jayne and Opal Clary but before the year closed we had gained Merlin and Viola Hofflnan, so our class still had sight pupils with hrs. Oldfield as our teacher. In the fall of 191414 we found ourselves in a different roan and a new teacher, Frances Smith. We had one new third grader, Ervin Welle, so our class now numbered only seven for we lost Janice Parks and Judy Filter. During our fourth year of school with Frances Smith still our teacher we hit an all time record for we gained five new pupils in l9h6, they were Junior Gerdss, Jimmy Tallman, Lonnie Hinrichsen, Janet Siver and Douglas Lessand. Now our total was twelve. In the fall of 19147 we found ourselves upstairs in the fifth grade. Our teacher was Mrs. Berger with an enrollment of thirteen for La Donna Laurence had joined our group. before too long we lost Douglas Lessard but gained Gerry Hermann so our class still held its number. The fall of 19148 found us in sixth grade only to lose Merlin and Viola Hoffman, Ervin Wells and Jerry Horrman. Their places were soon to be filled by Jerry Pearson, Dorothy Lewis and Keith Techau. We began our seventh grade work under the supervision of three teachers, because of the combining of the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Our teachers were hr. Hddout, Miss Ament and Mrs. Barger. We had in our class eleven pupils who remained together until March when we lost Jerry Pearson, Keith Techau and Dorothy Lewis leaving us with eight to start our eighth grade. In the fall of 1950 we were suprised to have bob Head and Clorene McCormick boast our enrollment to ten by moving to Morley. More surprises followed during our third week of school when Clara Pillard, Allen Eden and Sandra Joslin joined our group, now we had a real bakers dozen for we numbered thirteen. We wersn't at all superstitious but at the sane time thirteen is often an unlucky number so we welcombed with open arms Gladys Swartz who joined our group during our third six weeks. Now we had fourteen, the largest enrollment in our eight years, consisting of eight boys and six girls nan ely. Keith Vernon Dorothy haute John Brokaw Clorene hcCorndck Gene Eldred Janet Siver Bob Read Clara Pillard Jimmy Tallman Gladys Swarts Junior Gerdes Sandra Joslin Lonnie Hinrichsen Allen Eden The class of 1955 emerged into high school feeling very grown-up and wise. We numbered ten and consisted of Keith Vernon, John Brokaw, Gene Eldred, Jimmy 'I', Junior Gerdes, Lonnie Hinrichsen, Allen Eden, Janet Siver, Clara Pillard and Sandra Joslin. One on our teachers for this year, who was also the superident, was hr. Greenawald. mr other teachers were X-ir. Ridout who was also our principal and Mrs Russell the english and Music teacher. . We also gained Leo Nissen and Wanda Stewart and Jackie Johnson. There was a drastic reduction in our class number when Jacqueline J ohnssn, Sandra Joslin and Janet Siver moved away. Our teachers for the year were Mr. Greenawald, hr. Ridout, Mrs Russell and Miss Miller, and we were also pleased however that Nancy Jayne rejoined our class. We entered t is eleventh grade with nine ren aining members ,who continued and finished together the happiest years our lives. During our Junior year, hrs Bair, hr. Greeaawald, hr. Ridout were our teachers. The following ,fear these remained the same with the exception of hrs. hair who was replaced by Mrs. siussell. Glflless will We the Senior Class of 1955 being of sound mind and good judganent do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. We the Senior Class will our ability to pick out our own class play to the future Senior Claes. I Lonnie Hinrichsen will my boxing techniques to Maynard Van Antwerp. I will my old girlfriends and old dates to Arnold Pye. I hope that Arnold has more fun with than than I did. I John Brokaw will my ability to. take girls haue from church to Darrell Hora.. I Jr. Gerdes will the backfenders of my old FORD to Priscilla Pillard so that she will save fenders when she cuts in so close after passing a car. I also will my height and strength to Janice Wilken. I Gene Eldred will my ability to get stuck :Ln my girl friends driveway to Charles Holounb. Judy Shankland lives cn a new road so watch out Charles. I Clara Pillard will my collection of boy friends to Margo Ruhl. I will my collection of boys pictures to 1'-arilyn Hoppe. To my sister, Priscilla, I leave those 6 packages of gun that I lost at play practice. I Nancy Jayne will my figuring to Shirley Holdren. I Keith Vernon will my interest in certain grocery store clerks to Ronnie Findlay. To Bill Ruhl I leave my drivers license so that he can still ranain in ccmpetition. Bill will be down soon Carol G. I Allen Eden will my interest in girls who are in the sophcmlore class to Francis Conner. L.B. is a sophcmore as you all know. We, Keith Vernon, John Brokaw, and Jr. Gerdes will our ability to NEVER have our Literature done on time to the three Sophanore girls. Nothing Hke keeping it in the family is there John? C.H. you know. I Jim Tallman will my ability to always have my Literature done on time to Lois Stolte. I also will my ability to park in the wrong alley with "You Know mo" to Dick Bldce. Lets not over do it Dick. We the Class will to Nr. Greenawald a wig to replace all the hir we have caused him to tear out. The class also wills to Hr. Ridout a dog collar with a bell on it to be worn around his keg to warn unsuspecting classes of his un-noticed approaches. To Mrs. Russell we leave a new set of chairs to replace the ones that always made so much noise daring literature Classes. ,, To the school we leave nothing as we have given away all that we won't need in the future. I fx 33 x 2 4 Snninrllrnphntn We had just finished dinner. Nancy was picking up the dishes, so I thought I'd lie down long enough to "catch a few winks" before I went out :l.n the hot sun agein....during haying a guy feels like "flapping" whenever he can. But before I reached the couch, there was Nancy, with a twinhe in her eye, holding out to me an impressive loolcmg envelope. "It's from Junior Gerdes," she said, "and there's a Master Sgt. in front of his name. I knew if I gave it to you before dinner, everything would be cold before you got around to eat." I smiled back. She had gotten to know me and nv habits pretty well these past 18 years, of course, I knew hers too, but I wouldn't dare mention the fact. "Well", she asked,"aren't you going to open it?" "Maybe I Should", I replied, as I stared to tear the envelope open. But I was still looking at the impressive rank in front of Juniors' name, and my thoughts were wandering way back to 1955, the year we gaduated from Morley High. There were nine of us.....ell boys but two.....Nancy who I married after I got out of the ABmy....andGClara Pinllard, who enrolled at Iowa State Teachers right after graduation. Looking back, I rember it now: none of us boys could make very definite plans for the future...thee was still a threat of an all out war....and we knew that selective service would catch up with us before long. Factories and othee places of employment were relectant to hire those just out of High School, because they knew they would no more than get trained until we'd be leaving for the service. Sometimes down in the locker room we'd have "bull sessions"....a.nd dicuss the We were about a hundred percent in agreement that the soon we got it over with the better. Lbnnio and I both wanted to get it over with inthe fewest years'ter all, we did have definate plans.....that's wiv we took the Army. Gene wanted college..., andPrisc:Llls wasn't through school, so he thought a couple of years at Ames, before tm Service would suit his purpose better....that way he could take some military training in college and come out a "2nd Louie". So he kept talking Ames. Keith and Allen had been "buddies" all through high school, so it wasn't too much of s surprise when they talked Navy instead of Army. Lonnie liked the Navy too....but the enlistment period was too long for him. John always said he wanted to be a he'd shrug his shoulders and jolclngly say, that maybe they'd let him sing in an Air Corps' Chorus someplace. We all knew we had to give a few years of our youth to 'Uncle Sam' and of course we were Booall willing to do so....for then in later life if we decided to buy a chunck of land, or a business....we would know that we as Americans had earned the right to buy it, because we had first proved that we were willing 'to defend it. Yes, even then, we had a clear picture of what it means to be a good America.n....but it was Junior who re ally dropped the bomb shell when he said he intended to make a career of the Arnw. And he had, for here after 20 years he must still be in uniform. I guess I must have looked a little odd, because Nancy said: "Why don't you get that silly grin off your face and open it? We haven't heard anything of Junior for at least 10 years. "And.... she added Uplease, read it aloud." "Dear Jim"....It started....."I see by the Anamose paper you are still around Morley . Farming, eh? I've been a subscriber to the local paper ever since I entered the service. It 's the best way' I know to keep up with the home town news. But in the past years yours' and Nancys' names are about the only ones out of our graduation class that I ever see mentioned. Where is the rest of "our gang"? I'm getting out of service next month, and I just wondered if maybe we might be able to get together someplace. I'm retiring. I paused and looked at Nancy. "F.etLring", I said , "already?" "Well, it has been 2Oyears", Nancy sighed. I said that it sure didn't seem that long ago since one and then the other of us enlisted. Then, as I was think- ing how fast the time had flown, I recalled somthing Junior had said just before we graduated: 1'm going to make a career out of the Arny....where else can you retire after 20 years on a good pension? The rest of us said: "Ba1oney" at the now I wondered. I started to read again: "I'm retireing. You see I'vs saved a nice little "goose egg' and I think I'll build me a little chicken ranch out here on the west California weather has really got me. But, before I start anything as important as that, I'm coming back to Iowa. I'll be droppingin about five weeks from Sun., if that's 0.K.. Will you see what you can do about rounding up 'the gang" and let me know? Be seeing you....Junior." "Do you suppose we can paper the kitchen before then?" Nancy asked. "Sure....sure....anything nooo on I mused. Getting the "gang" together was more of a chore than I figured. Finding Lonnie was sa y he and Carol and their three boys were back, from their farm in Ill., last year when Carol's class gathered for a picnic....and afterwards they had called on us. Their boys Ind nmde quite an impression on our Suzie....she's just at the "boycrazy" stage. But we really were surprised when Carol walked in carrying another little son in her arms. Lonnie said Carol had wanted a girl, she said that wasn't so, that he was the one that was dissapointed....that he dldn't even look at it for three days. But I noticed they both secretly gloried in the boy. Keith wasn't too hard to find. He's a vetrinarian now. After the Navy he had taken adva- naageof the schooling he could get and he's sure doing fine for himself....a new lavender Ford....a pretty blond "doll" for a wife, and a three year old the very image of her mom, but with Keiths' beautiful curls. He's practicing up around Waterloo. After a long distance phone call to Des Moines, I located Gene. He's following in his fathers' shoes. After serviee...first a model farmer and then a Representative. He and Priscilla flew in for the occassion, landing in our pasture. That way they could spend the night on the old home place....and still be back in time for Mondays' morning session. They haven't any children but I heard Gene tell Lonnie they'd be glad to take the new nephew back with them. Gene gave me Cls.ra's address, when I phoned h:Lm. She was way out in Neb., so I had to write her....and I didn't know, even the morning of the gathering, whether she would be there or not. But in' she came...driving her own car too....a '7l4 Chevrolet. She didn't look a day, well, not much more than a day..older than when we graduated. And she was wearing a diamond big enough to put your eyes out. She's been teaching school in a smalltown out there for 12 years now....and the Banloer finally got up nerve enough to ask her. She says, she waited 12 years for him to ask he can wait 12 months while she gets her hope chest completed. The whole class is invited to the wedding maybe we'll meet again. John teaches music at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon...and he also sings every Wednesday night over WHT - TV. Nancy and I alwayssit spellbound by our TV set that night. This three dimension, color TV is so real that it's almost like he is here in the room with us... but when we unconsciously speak to him, he never answers...except to smile and sing another song. He's s busy man but he too took t:Lme to come. Rls wife teaches history at the college. They have an eight year old son and a five year old daughter, but they didn't have the children along. 'We needed a little relaxation away from those two", John said, five and eight, and already using a college vocabulary...and the questions they can askl' Allen,... well, it took some time to locate him. Ney that his fame :Lsn't known all over these parts and far beyond. But you never imow where he is going to be. It's been that way ever since he invented that contraption that changes the channel one TV set by one's thought waves. Tm device works wonderfully well when there is only one person in the room... but can be e terrible headache when there are several. He did manage to get here in time for dinner... landing :Ln his helicopter almost in n-out of the door. Allen is still s:Lngle...never had t:Lme .to do any cou:hting...too busy with his inventions...but now that he's always 'popping up" in the news...he's getting proposals every day. While we were eating I heard Gene's voice: 'Say Allen, ca.n't you figure out some other way to control those darn things? Priss and I are always at odds about the program that we are going to listen to. Our brain waves clash when we get as ..close to the set as we can...then all we get is static." "Sure I can settle that," said Allen. 'Just buy another set and be sure to put them in different rooms". 'Then you can use your brain power on one and she can use hers on the other. The only thing iss its too bad to waste that much brain power ln one evening". It did prove to be e nice get-together. When we turned out the lights that night Nancy turned to me and sad.d:"You know, I'm glad I turned down that chance of becoming a model... it's much more fun on Sunday afternoons to take my easel and paint the beautiful scenery around here ...but tomorrow I am going to start a new picture. In fact, I'm going to paint two of them. I might even give one of them to Clara as a wedding present. The first one will be like our class back in l95S...a 'mmch of happy eager ld.ds...e.nd the other one like we are today... men and women typical of all America...twenty years older and maybe a little less "cock-sure" but wiser and more contented." I yawned. "Yep, those would be some pictures! Say, Nancy, I just happened to think... Junior meant it when he said he was going to make the army his career so tht he could retire :Ln twenty years Qlucky dogl but he must have changed his mind about having only one date in a year....x-emember ???? Back in the good old days even a cute little 'trick' like Margo could not tempt him to have more than me. But surely that gorgeous red-head didn't marry him after only one date. If he didn't change his mind...he must have started courting her a long t:Lme ago. I guess she didn't think that remark was funny. Anyway all she said was:"Go0d night, Jim." X U xy, Y? bf I . I nowe ' I f . a l surprse zlxf f 'W' I GENEELDRED ems1aenu----------------- student coune11------ ---- ------ "Grandad Steps 0ut"-------- ---- -- 'Pleased Ta Meetcha"-- ----- ------ "stage Struck"j --------- ---------- H 4 'NE- QW!! Eggs C' "4'?:E1 alll 'ill III! i:ii I iss! ::ll Ha: .,n: :,:s ::' .:.: :wr -:rr . ':':H:H rw !-na:-:- E-w 'Big in ma in mind' Baseball .-... ..-......---..--.. Glee Club --------- - --------- Annual Staff ---------------- Plays UID!-3 583 EIU UP W? assi iii m Hi? Ill I S I Ill IH FII IQ! I- iris!- 1I2D3lh ----1,2 -------h "Pleased Ta Meetchan ---------- ----3 'Stage Struckn ----- - ------------ -U 'QI curls he has manyg Ot' friends ll he has more Valediutorian ' JUNIOR GERDES Vice President ----------- Student Council ----------- -.....2,3 sukeaum ----------------- 1 ,2, 3,24 3,h ---------3 Basebell ---- - ------- - ----- 1, 2 , Glee Club ------------ - --------- 1 , 2 Annual St aff ------------- -------- I4 Playa 'Margie' and the Wolf Mm'-------1 'Pleased Ta Heetchan ------ 'Stage Struck' ------------ -------3 -------n 'No need for an introductiong everyone kncvws me" CLARAPILLARD T1-egsurgr---....--- ------..---.N---- -----..- Baskotball--- ----- - ----- ------1,2 ,3, Gloe Club --------- --------- ----- - 1 ,2,3, Annual Sta.!'f-------- ------- -- ---- --- Plas Y Wliillbzilly Weddin' "-- ----- - ----- ------ 'Pleased Ta Meetchl."----------- ------ - 'She fills hor place in life as no one else cam' .r,-saggfqgxferrfl ef H r: o '5' .s"EuG3a::ega' 0 5 U Bar-Sai' 5 .2 se-IE seg 'rg as 5... 5' '1 P3 g?,l S, I I P' 31 D D I I g 1 I Q. E :SES fafwag N u 5 I n I I HI u I' H . 59- :::::.:: " :sf EIIIIIII 8' I I I I I I I I I I I U I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I F: : ' ' 1 ' : z ' : ' ' ' E I : I a : I : I I I s : 5 : : ' : : I : I I I I I I I I I . : : : ' I ' : 2 I I I I I I I ' I : - z : . : I I It 5 u I I I l I I I NNN! I-I a : I .:.,z.,':,.: : 1 : il I :U 'I U I I I I I bl I MIN C'?'?'I1" MINH , 1,, "I' ,N,I IIV' l'l" 1, ,I,,g I lll, f If lIl I , IILI l ZII Q. I - f 4"' 'Ni' '," .M 1125 '," ' xy' 1 iwlgkfr ., , D' fnx 5 - Q ,w,x2vz, W H I "',-, C'IT'I:'l'? N UWA 'E OE 2 2 E ! E i I Salutatorlan P.rea:l.dmt------ ----- ----- Secrotary--------- ------ ---- Blakotblll----------2,3, else Club-----------2,3, Lnmlll iblff ------ -------- Pllyt 'Ploued ra Meetcha'-------- 'suge szmal- --------- -- "I'l not quiet, just ask mm' ALLENEDBI Secretary -------- --- ------- -- Treaeurer---- --------------- --- Vice PresIl.denh---- ------------ - Glee Club-------- ----- ---- Annual Stlff----- ----- --- School Projectioniat ------- Plays 'Pleased Ta Meetoha"---------- 'Stage Struck---------------- I I I I MJ I-' ll I 1- Io I! rw rarro wh? .Hil mind 18 hi! IIRITIBT' Glee Club- --------------- -- Annual Staft------------ P3-ly' 'H:L'Llb1.'I.'l.y Ueddinn' ---- --- 'Pleaeed Ta Meetoha' ------- fi ?iE I 2 e' as? HE ii 112:33 ------b ------2 -----3 'Stage Strudr' ----- ---- ------ -h "I'm a good boy when I'l with Mother' LONNIE HINKIGHSEN I I I I I I I L,t'. NIO-'MIN Tree.surer------- ------ - ------ Student Council-----M ------- -- Basketball -------------- ------ Glee Club- -------- -- ----- - ---- Annual Sta1'f---------- 719-YI 'Pleased Ta I-leetuhe" ----------- 'Stage 8t,ruck"-------- ---- - ei. 'His slowness of speech does not indicate slowness of acticn' Junior Qflless Ronald Findlay Student Council 33 Treasurer 13 Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball l,2,33 Glee Club l,2,33 Plays - "The Pay Off" "Bolts 8: Nuts" "1-Ie's a hustler, never idle, and always thoughtful of others' Darrell Hora President 33 Basketball 1,2,B3 Baseball 1,2,33 Glee Club l,2,33 Plays - "The Pay Off' "Enjoy yourse1t'3 life is short." Margo Ruhl Secretary 1,33 President 23 Basketball l,2,33 Glee Club l,2,33 Plays --'Hillbilly Heddin' "Ln all around girl, a girl all around." "The Pay Off' Marilyn Hoppe Vice President 13 Treasurer as Basketball l,2,33 Glee Club l,2,33 Plays--"The Pay Off' 'An utterably indescribable girl' Keith Hay Basketball l,2,33 Baseball 23 Glee Club 1,23 Plays-'The Pay Off' "Oh, they're making a wild man out at me." Charles I-lolcanb Basketball l,2,33 Baseball l,2,33 Glee Club 1,2,33 Plays-"The Pay Off' "Pm glad I'm not l:Lke the rest of you guy' s" Shirley Holdren Glee Club l,2,33 Plays - "Pleased Ta Meetcha" 'The Pay Off' 'I wonder what will happen next." Priscilla Pillard President 13 Student Council 23 Basketball l,2,33 Glee Club l,2,33 Plays--"Hillbilly Weddinn "Pleased Ta Heetehan 'The Pay Off" "Generally speaking g women is ----- generally speaking' Dick Blake Vice President 33 Secretary 23 Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball l,2,33 Blee Club l,2,33 Plays 'The Pay Off' "Busy, but never to busy! Snnhnmnws francis Comer Student Council 23 President 13 Baseball 1,23 Basketball 1,2 'The girls think he's the best and only boy in the Sophomore Class." Coleen Hay Student Council 13 Basketball 1,23 Glee Club 1,23 Secretary 23 Treasurer 2 'Her eyes speak, when her lips do not." Judy Tulnm Vice President 23 Treasurer 13 Basketball 1,23 Glse Club 1,2 "Flirting :Ls my Specialty." Lois Stolte President 23 Vice President 13 Basketball 1,23 Gln Club 1,2 "I wonder what his name will be." ffffonhmom QKILHBB Janice Wilken President lg Basketball lg Glee Club 1. "Honest to Pete" Allen Joslin vibe President 1, Baseball 1, Basketball 1. Just give me "Darling" Rita Russell Secretary lg Basketball 15 Glee Club 1. I like cherry "Pye". Charles Stivers Treasurer lg Baseball 15 Basketball 1. "I know a lot. Just ask me! " Maynard Van Antwerp Student Council 15 Baseball 13 Basketball lg Glee Club l. WA real fighter if noone changes his mind' B111 Catlstt Baseball lg Basketball 1, Gloe Club 1. 'Wild B111 B bkobk.' Arnold Pye Baseball lg Basketball 1, alas Club. 'Pb' shoes are a little small, only 13's" Darlene Jayne Basketball 13 Glee Club. 'She likes R9dheads." Zlllllnbizt lst row-left to right: John Brokaw, Shirley Holdren, Marilyn Hoppe, Margo Ruhl, Priscilla Pillard, Rita Russell, Clara Pillsrd, Charles Holcomb. 2nd row-left to right: Arnold Pye, Nancy Jayne, Lois Stolte, Coleen Hay, Judy Tallinn, Janice Hllkaen, Darlene Jayne, Mrs. Russell. 3rd row-left to right: Maynard Van Antwerp, Keith Hay, Dick Blslce, Jinmy Tallman, Ronald Findlay, B:Illy Catlett. A c TI V 1.71.5 Lip, ,Jim ' Q3-mia ll Qflwn Qlffimmre SENIORS JUNIORS President ---------- -Gene Eldred President ---- - ---- D arrell Hora Vice President ----- -Allen Eden Vice President-----Dick Blake secretary ----------- Nancy Jayne Secretary-------Margo Ruhl Treasurer ---------- -Clara Pilhrd Treasurer--------Charles Holcomb Student Cou.ncil----Jimmy Tallman Student Council---Ronald Findlay Advisor ------------- L.D. Greenawald Advisor-- -------- -C. N. Ridout SOPHCMCRES FRESHMANS President-- -------- Lois Stolte President---------Janice Wilkene Vice President ----- -Judy Tallman Vice President----Allen Joslin Secretary ---------- -Coleen Hay Secretary ------ ---Bite Russell Treasurer ---------- -Coleen Hay Treasurer --------- -Charles Stivere Student. Council ----- Hancis Conner Student Council ---- Ma ynard Van Advisor ------------- Mr s. Russell Antwerp Advisor--- -------- L.D. Creennwald EIGHIH GRADE STUDENT COUNCIL President ---------- -Judy Shsnldnnd Pres1dent---- ---- -Jim Tallman Vice President ------ Billy Ruhl Vice President ----- R onald Findley Secretary ---------- -Carol Creenawald Secretary-------Dick Blake Treasurer ----------- I van Eden A Treasurer---- ---- Ma ynard Ven Advisor ------------ -C. N. Ridout Antwerp H Francie Conner Bun No. 1--Driver--Arden Achenbach Bus No. 3---Driver---Francie Smith Jimmy Tellmen Gene Eldred Darrell Hora , John Brokaw Bus No. 2 ---- D river---Virgil Tellman Bus No. h---Driver-Gene Smith Junior Gerdes Dick Blake Keith Vernon Ronald Findley Bu! No. 5'--DTINB r--- Lalita 5Hi'b50l' Charles Holcomb guna Nom? ffifyfmnnfm nom - Left to Right: Hr. Lf D. Greenawald, Francis Conner, Maynard Van Antwerp, Jimmy numn, nick Blake, Ronald Findlay. Qgegllwilllmelll Exam llt row-left to right: CoEgXaFggekE:E8gxJif,f8gn2h1?5.ared, Keith Vernon, Junior Gerdes, Charles Holcomb, Jim Tallman, Ronald Findley. 2nd row-left to rights Maynard Van Antwerp, Keith Hay, Allen Joslin. Dick Blake, John Brokaw, Darrell Hora, Frances Conner. Enwlbnnllll Baseball Team for Sh-55 lst row-left to right: Jin Tellnan, Gene Eldred, Junior Gerdes, John Brokaw, Keith Vernon 2nd row-left to rights Ronald Findlay, Dick Blake, Darrell Hora, Charles Holcomb, Frances Connor. ' 3rd row-left to rights Maynard Ven Antwerp, Allen Joslin, Arnold Pye, Billy Catlett, Coach C. N. Ridout. PLAYER Keith V. Gene E. Jim T. Junior G. John B. Ronnie F. Charles H. Dick B. Darrell H. Keith H. Hanoi! ce PLAYER Keith V. Gene E. Jim T. Junior G. John Be Ronnie F. Charles H. Darrell B. Francis C. Allen J. B111 C. Arnold P. Dick B. 19511 Spring Baseball Statistics AB. HITS WALKS AVERAGE L5 11 6 .282 M3 11 3 .275 37 7 2 .200 37 9 5 .281 0 O 0 .000 36 B 7 .275 27 2 lx .087 334 8 3 25 8 33 7 In .2141 15 o 1 .ooo 29 h 3 .1514 19514 Fall Baseball 4 Statistics AB. HITS UALB AVERAGE 28 6 5 .261 31 10 3 .357 25 5 1 1 .283 28 6 3 .2110 10 0 ls .000 28 6 1 .222 22 5 3 . 263 28 3 S .131 15 5 0 .333 1 O 1 .000 0 0 O .000 0 0 O .000 1 0 1 .000 25 5 3 .227 Qciviflle Basketball Exam G:Lr1's Basketball 5h - 55 let row-left to right: Lois Stolte, Coleen Hay, Nancy Jayne, Judy Tallmsn, Clara Pillard, Margo Ruhl, Priscilla Pillard, Marilyn Hoppe. 2nd row-left to rights Mr. Greenawald, Janice Wilken, Slmron Siver, Elizabeth Bennett, Darlene Jayne, Rita Russell, Carol Greenawald, Judy Shankland. FREE TPRUNS TOTAL GRADE MADE MISSED POINTS FOUIS Priscilla Piuara F ll 143 117 bb? 70 Clara Pillard F86 12 16 11 132 69 Nancy Jayhe G 12 O 1 2 52 Margo Ruhl F 11 102 119 372 248 Marilyn Hoppe F 11 28 65 155 21 Judy Shankland G 8 O O O 20 Carol Greenawald G 8 O 2 2 39 Darlene Sayne G 9 O O O 9 Rita Rus ell F 9 O O lg h Judy Tallman G 10 O 6 O M5 Coleen Hay F 10 3 11 bl 10 Lois Stolte G 10 O 0 O 7 Morley Morley Harley Morley Hor ley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Hom' ley Morley Morley Morle y Morlgy Morley Morley Morley Mor ley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley- Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley Morley F-'0sOl-'CDOIYCDO ONS Ehenmlikn BASKETBALL GA!-D32 RESULTS BOYS GIRLS 'ES' 55 Violn 28 55 Heohaniolville 63 7h Solon 65 68 Epworth 68 hh St. Mary'l 65 7h Onslow 38 60 viola 60 M6 Martelle 59 38 Albernet 52 T1 Solon Sh M9 Onslow L17 M9 Oacford Junction 66 7h Lisbon 148 69 Meohlniosville 53 142 Martelle M5 39 Olin Sl 6? Wyoning 32 Olin 3? Mnrtelle 57 62 Sacred Heart 58 Sh St.Mnry'e 37 Hnrtelle 61 Lisbon 61 Solon h8 Alburnet 3? Wklatland 195h SPRIM1 BASEBALL RESULTS Solon 1h Ammon 9 Onslow 7 Martelle 9 Anamose 1 Solon 2 Springville 10 Cseotionall Baldwin 6 Meohaniceville 12 Anamosa 10 Ccountyj Sacred Heart 2 Hartelle 10 Coountyl 195k FALL BASEBALL RESULTS Springville 8 Onslow 12 Springville 1 Onslow .O Springdale 0 cBBCti0Dl1J Lisbon 1 Csectionall Stanwood 2 Csectionalb Martelle O Monmouth h mm Gmm 'EE' 'ESV' h2 57 hh S6 38 88 28 57 22 E2 L9 611 77 58 M8 52 53 6h 58 S0 77 h3 57 58 h9 51 77 h8 61 63 65 hh h6 82 29 so 55 So 59 75 63 won ms'r '3' '1 " won 'S' Ccountyj KoountyJ Cseotionalb Cseotionall Kseotionall Cbiatrictj TIED LOST T.. Primary, First, becond, rhird lst row-left to right: Diane Holub, Rose Ann Kinkead, bruce bzhresman, Don Von Behren, Charles Findlay, Linda Stahr, Mrs. Schoon, Vicky Smith, Peggy Yarring- ton, Sally Robinson, Charles Heinsius, Myron Ehresman, Carl Achenbaoh. 2nd row-left to right: Peggy Smith, Donna June, Hichael Kinkead, ilimmy Simmons , David weavm-,Curtis Baz-ger, Joey Conner, Steven Joslin, Hickey Freymuller, Donald Brokaw, Nancy Meineke, David Ridout., Marilyn Siver. Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Grades lst row-left to right: Mrs. Barger, Nancy Joslin, Judy McGonaughy, Camile Siver, Karen Kuchel, Sharon Hanna, Mary Kaye Fra.nkl.ouser, Linda Joslin, hrs. mary Doty. 2nd row-left to right: Jimmy riuchinbaker, Fritz Mienecke, Jlcmmy Greenawald, Bobby Hansen, Chuck Hansen, Mearl Findlay, Claire June, John Kopoenhaver, Dick Stivers, Lowell Klinefelter, Curtis Bennett. 3rd row-left to right: Larry Jayne, Gerald Stolte, Raymond Findlay, Gary Nissen, Pat Davis, Ronny Stivers, Ji.rr.ny Heseis, bruce Hay, Darrell Blake, Steven Newhard, Ronnie Tallxnan, Dick Van Antwerp, Diane Hora, Hosalene Catlett, Florence Duncan, Karen Simmons, hargret Shumaker, Karen Abbott., Beverly Pye, Janice Bennett, Nelda Conner, Lois Knchenbaker. Say D.B. how about these Lights going off when you go to see a certain Freshman girl with the initals of J .W.? We heard K.H. has hed' quite an experience in learning how to bark like a dog, especially at the State Musica Contest at Martelle. K.V. has been doing quite a bit of running back and forth to Lnamosa by tm means of s new car. Who :Ls the special attraction? I heard M.R. has a crush on somebody at Anamosa by the name of Bill W. So we hear by means of the grapevine. D.B. sure wishes he had a drivers licence then he coul.d really go places instead of on horse back. Been hearing that quiet M.H. has got her eyes on some tall and handsome fellow Ln Olin. Ien't that right? R.F. tells D.B. that it sure is nice to have his drivers licence but now he has to find a girl. Those two ought to get together. Whst's this that we have been hearing? Has it something to do with belle, L.H.? Been to Monticello lstely J .G.? You might try again. If at first you don't succeed try and try again. Say G.E., better watch those muddy roads alter this, wouldn't want to miss sleep- ing in that nice soft bed. What's this about A.E. taking all the girls home from Play Practice! Was it be- cause G.H. was along? was wondering sho C.H. had his eyes on. Who is she? Hey LB., taken any girls home from church lately? We heard that S.l-I. has her eyes on someone that is slightly tall. I wonder who he islllll There is a new romance which came up during the early spring between Maynard V.A. and'R.R. Isn't that right? I guess C.H. has given up on a certain boy. Started prospecting yet? Just in case you didn't know about this romance between L.S. and P.Mc. you sure know it now. J .T. is still keeping her eyes on the fellows and waiting for the time when she becomes a Junior. D.J. is still looking around, but we wouldn't know about that blonde fellow would we? J.T. I hear you have been having quite e time. How about it N.J.? P.P. is it fun to sit under the stop light? Nlw G.E. THEEND SENIOR PIA! CAST let row-left to tight: Mrs. Wilma Russell, Ioie Stolte, Judy Tallman, Janice Wilken, 2nd row-left to right: Margo Ruhl, Nancy Jayne, Clara Pillard, Coleen Hay, 3rd row-left to right: Gene Eldred, Jimmy Tallman, Ionnie Hinrichsen, Junior Gerdee, John Brokaw, Keith Vernon, Alan Eden. 00 Kleanell, Anmose, Iowa Dr. G. M. Gieher, Optometrist, Anamosa, Iowa Dre. Cornish 8: Hyde, Optometrist, Anamosa, Iowa Conoco Service, Anamose., Iowa Alyea Sinclair Service, Anamoea, Iowa Lawrence J. Gonmey, Real Estate, Anamoaa, Iowa United-Hagie Hybrids, Incorporated, Des Moines, Iowa Gordon Implement Store, Anamosa, Iowa Jones County Farm Service Company, Anamosa, Iowa Dre. J. D. Paul 81 Gerald F. Brown, M.D.'s, Anamosa, Iowa Dre. Dolan 8: Dolan, M.D.'s, Ananosa, Ioim Rhineherth Jack Sprat Store, Mecbanicsville, Iowa Dr. 1. W. Cruee, Dentist, Mechanicsville, Iowa Dr. E. H. Littig, M.D., Mechanicsville, Ion Dr. F. M. Wilson, Veterinarian, Mechanicevllle, Iowa Phone 2 on 86 Fa1.1'e DX, Olin, Iowa Ke11'e Garage, Olin, Iowa May'e Jack Sprat Store, Martelle, Iowa Plaza Theater, Olin, Iowa Gwyn? Bnfucgragigff MW M775 ' QW E. CNW WM JM wwf? ' Ml! . HWNXWWW dijia?-1? WW ,,,,.A9J'--ff?'f0fi?P W AIN fum? U: .SVS ,Q KN ,Y AMG, CJJAFZKM Wf'0' Mff3'i., 5 2 g 5 xv, Jin ,SQ F1 , .cv Q H a .. B X .ef X A 'ff 2- f X5 fliiia 5 ' AX' Q "! , Y Y N 3 .W-f A- ' ' 'I ' x -1-1.1 -, 7 we ,J I X Ux:NND-: HORLEYLUKBILRQGRAINCOQ R Q . l Telepnone 14-F-140 Coal - Grain Nutrena Feed - Sargent Feed - n. P. Feeds Sami-Solid nuttermilk - DeLaval ,Euipnent Poultry and nog Equipment xiivm mx Fence - Post Lurheer - iuillwork - Hardware - Paint All The Builders' Needs See Us If You Plan To Build or Remodel Best Place to trade in Jones County .1- mast- ssnvn e nwns I ' I CELOTEX Ill!! UIULBIUO CAI!! IOLIII Surplus CITIZENS uunosx, I Capital---n and Undivide Member S A V I N G S B O W A A N K -575,000.00- .. .... -..--4225,ooo.oo 4 P,-ofif,5....---......--..-- Federal Deposits Deposit Insurance 56 Corporation QSSURAN S . reg 2 oeposns LHIQQDERIEID Q V AS Pfzov T or ness BANKDNO AC. 0 Q gr n llPlll'l'l , 'in u 2 19 IDED IN THE Q Guaranteed 10,000 For Each Depositor XJIUM5- QS' 'Q S as 4 -v- 'iv 5' llg51'5Y" . WlLDB.0N'S BAKER! RED'S HOKE SHOP GIGARETS G if Ng? mms Xe i., ' , M, 5 romcco Q jf 'range superior for rom- Interior CIGLRS Ammon, Iowa Ammon Iowa comu.n's sums mam nucrcns nmmaoau Beet Quality Foods IMPLELMENTS KELLY IULN ELEVATORS or PUAER TAKE OFF SPREADERS Lowest Possible Prices Built In Ebdreulio System Free Delivery for Phone 26-27 Modern Farming GRAVER JMPIDENT COMPANY UM 001' c0lYQilI1t Free Plrking lot Ansmose. Iowa MAC 'S TV SERVICE GLHBIE8 Sentinel General Everything for the Home TV Electric Irvin Bovet, Owner Anmose, Phone 777 Ion Ammon Iowa. WAPSIE HOTG SALES Your Friendly Ford Deeler See us first for that good deal A new or used our or truck. Phone 123 4 I R.H. Van Alltih Ammon 215 lest Main UE IIBURE EVERYTHING BUT YGIR HEREAFTER RUSSELL ff RUSSELL Hzone ako Anamosa, Iowa HAID RITE SANDWICH SHOP G R I L L C A F E - :Q - 'Where Friends Beet' , Where 753' Rss' Cecil 8: Irene Book The y 1 bl f Mugs 9 N f L Meet n 4 P B 5 ,I I Anamosa, Iowa V l Q., ., , - O ,Q-I O 3 W g 8 HANx's SERVICE 6 f0LSfl:Ef Reftigeratora--Stoves--Freezers--Washers-Dryers Tttlevieion RCA-.CROSLEY--MOTOR-GIA RADIO Sc TELEVISION SERVICE Axmnosa, Iowa Phone 701 AMENTS DRI GOODS READ!-TO-WEAR -- DRY GOODS -- HILLUIERI BERKSEERE HOSIERY IDRRAIHE LINGERIE FIEIDCREST DOMESTICS BEACON BIANKETS GOSSLRD GIRDLF8 MUNSINGWEAR LDQEII Phone 321 MASSEY-HARRIS,FERGUSON The only true rerguson 1:Lft-type equipment Sales A Service Michel Implement Anamosa , Iowa Telephone 696 umr4osA man HILL Mfg. of Top Notch Feeds B. B. I-mmm, Mgr. emu, FEED, sam, mnuzm cusmcu axmmmc ag mrmu me Fr-:I-:nuns e. mrmuzns PHONE 198 mmom, IOWA Arm-1osA ooNcR.ETE PRODIBTS co. ll , c I ll 'r l F ll n 1.0sl:lu:'rl-2 - Manufactures and Builders Concrete Steve Silos - Water Tanks - Septic Tanks ' L. L. llblugh, Manager Dubuque Road Phone 56 fm? ANAMOSA FUHERS CREMERY CO. MILK, BUTTER AND ICE CREI4 A Good Market For Good Cream D I , Phone 338 F- 1 P. GW-3 4 ' ma Q me " 'J nun LNAMGA LUMBER CO., INC. ANAMGA, IOWA Phone 32 Lumber, Coal and Building Material Portable Buildings 1 X . INSURANCE SEN-V1CFS FOR FAM BUREAU HBABEFS 1 -, , FARM BUREAU MUTUAL AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE Planned Financial Security by Iowa Life Iowa Fam Mutual Iowa Mutual Hail QUALITY CAFE HAWIEY UNB REXLLL Regular ICE Short ' serving um commit Meals Orders y THE with all the features Qfxqze of a modern pharmacy. DRU Phone 35 James Connolly Anmoaa, Iowa Lnsmosa, Iowa ANLHOSA HARDWARE General Hardware-Paints Applianoee-Plumbing-Heating WWEAIMTOPIELSE' Phone 160 290 W. Main 14 A E A M E L 1 A I s d mmm! 1 .2 or AND him j JQHES em 'Vg 'A comm we J, cmrrm PHONE 333 ANAMOSA, IOWA cob' "of Asr STORES Hardware - Auto Supplies - Paints - Hardware Roger and Gertrude Waterfield, Owners Phone 115 Anamosa, Iowa 'HRED RIGHT - HLTCBED RIGHT - PRICED RIGHT' Phone 1314 POULTRY ff E PRODWE u itll Mechanicsville Iowa Ken Blake MEC!-IANICSVILIE TRUST AND SAVING T E L E V I S I 0 N BANK Hechanicsville, Iowa Fifty Years of Service BQ , F Phone Phone Q .X 0 ' X- Mecnmicmue Mt. Vernon 1903 - 1955 Q. --12 y 1149 6605 9 ncvusnon 1, 'L 9 415-Mag? LEE'SGROCERI ' -I-Portraits L fa. If ' K - -I Weddings ' Y, Groceries 41- Children is -I' Groups K: ALBAUGH STUDIOS Meats 4 Mechanicsville, Iowa Mecha.n:Lcsvi1le, Iowa Anamou, Iowa iff .i..,,?,-,H -ff - .Q , - . .-1--.,,..:.,w-.-,.71rgf Z - 11- 1 .wiiz ' . +111-,I I 1 X h ll, - 1' .' M 'g1?T1" 5' '- ' 1 .11 11' ww-.'-"f-1g1',,. . ' -' ' -1. , ,X ,. . 1 1,311 . ' L- . ' - 1 4. Q. 1 V I Y ,' 1' ' 1 .vi jr' ' ' 'I , .,. M. . 1 gig' 1' .I - ,I 55,1 1 - fi. - ' jim 4 ' 'vga V? -3, 1 ' ' if f.1 . .12 .-F." J f '- '- . 1 -, -,,..: t , . - Q- . , 5 I E-4 ' - Q-1' " . 1 4' 1 P: Q I ,,': ' 4'-., Q ,. I 1 1 . 1 ra ' .A. 1 S-1 Tr: - 'V ,J 1 Ta 1' '. Q' ' H 1 1 il' J 1 . , ' 113- 41. L 1 1 1 u 1 , :Ugg ', . 5 1-r ,,. 4 1 f X 'L' 5 ff i.: z . 4 r fa Ann J --1s A -rrwg-:115f1fm-f-1--.-fv--1 -nwgrq,T.-if 3.1-3-aft.. T, Q . 1 1 L V- Q 11' 1" : ' . -Y .V 1,51-A A. e Q, ' '- ' 1 K. . 1 .N , 1 1 F . .x,-' -...1 I ' . .,.-15,11 . .' ' f 11 r .af " V "--hi" .. P Y 1.1 L. nl - . v . - 3? "Nr 1. 1-. 'P 'K ' N as 1. 1 N . 1 fi 1 y1. 2. .UA . ... 1 11. 11. ' -4, . f . 1 fx - -uf i. 1 - 1 1 1 VV , I 1 1 ,S 1.1.1 1 . - . 1, 6 N . 1 -1- w as " 11. 1 1 ,'1's 'N' ,d, , V -K 5, 1 X 1 ' "Vi, '- , f'. 1 11., ,I , -, ' I 1 Q-1 .1 ' . fd 1 Q .. ' -! .l . ., .1 .1 A-.111 . -V! -51 1 . J-1 1 -1 , 1 .Ql ' ' L 1 . 1 h' 1 Y . .1 A 1 . .W ' 1 - 5 -4 11 1 1 1 1 ' .5 1 5.1, .I Q! -'K'-1 - "i . 1 f . L -4 . - ' Q1 I'n I 1-1 . 1 1' '1 -1 .M -,.....L.- . :4.11...L 11.-:BILL Don Goodman, Owner SUIT HARDHARE Beet of Luck In All You Do Anamosa, Iowa PULVER INSURANCE AGENCY STUHIERS CLOTHING STCRE Ken Humpal, Agent Complete Line of Clothing for Men INSURANCE S All Kinds THAT of Insurance ' A REALLY ,,-4' 34 INSURES f' 1.11 N. Ford su-eat ' PF! Anamosa Iowa Ananoaa, Iowa KOUBA DRI!! STCRE GLEN J. McLlIDH1.IN Cosmetic Jewelry Gifts School Supplie LAWYER Magazines O I V' U R h Anamosa 2122 Iowa Ananosa, Iowa PROMPT Sfnvuci IEGGETTS ' A Floorkbocorating -at + Plastic wsu Tile 1 Linoleum 75 S-nl. 4+ Venetian Blinds 4+ Wall Paper ' f Draperies I Dutch Boy Paint I 5. Phone 375 'One Of Iowa'l Finest Decorating Stores' W I Anamosa, Iowa , 47 I I Q W S n MODEL mass snor wmcms nnvmmzm srorm old and Young Ladies , . - A 'NT ".' '13 Dresses, H:l.J.1inery, Lingerie 8: f """ Accessories Ready Dry Goods -to-wear Home Furnishings Phone no Anaeosq, Iowa Ansmose Ion Mary Green 1 ,- G M -A r at 331 K6 fini: o n o c E n I 'A' 17 'F' T-"2" 'A " e Fine Foods A.'y Courteous Service n rx -S1-A svwgv- - --ws, L 3 Warflk- 'H+ A sa n T , Ion TIC TCD SHOP N f ? we ', !rrvvY Watches - Elgin - Bulova - Hamilton - Wyler - Jewelry Keepsake Diamonds Heoohi Sewing Meohinee Ammon Dale R. Condry, Owner Ion 'sox-Iumcnsa rm om: saor FURNITURE Thoe. Stispson, Ulmer Quality Home hrnishinge r ..,..2Q T Open wud-nes BY Appoimmnt 'ss 1 , !'Lrel.rme Sales and Service Anenoea D Monticello Q -we vvi ll iv? Phone 502 x ye! Phone 3h 5-nemeee, Ion I, UNION TRUST 6: SAVINGS BANK Capital Account of S2BO,D0O. Member of Federal Deposit Inxuranue Corp. Complete B a n k :L n g S e r v i c e S T A N w A SU o A o H 091 0. RANC4- LI ow O O D I 12 59 N 1 -7 2 3 ofpcasnrs Z ll Q. IIIXISQUIBED 6 V AS Pnovnoso mms Q BANKING ACT ornsss Canpliments KLRIJS BARBER SHOP I 0 "Behind-The-Bank' L 0 Y E T 'S O L I Sf - 1.00 store IN ow ' Xi, W W A YOU ' ' MMOG' uusv sz Io" 5 SATISFIED X Bodkin Brother! 'Bul"k'Rod" Phillip! "66"' Stli'-ion I 8: E S T O R E General herchazidise Ph Tires , Batteriu, Wheel-Balance f N: on I-W3 Phono 117 Olin Q 0 fi. 200 accessories LI I0 Pickup and Delivery Service N wh ,b Iowa. ,f President Manager tlmetong John D. Welch Farmers Cooperative Elevator kaartelle, Iowa N 1 x . ' 4 Grains - Feed - Seed Fence 8: Fertilizer Pnone 1146 FLRMERS SAVINGS BANK Capital 825,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits 880,000.00 Manner Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM C. L. hurfield, President Harlan Rueeell, Vice President GLU C. Martin, Cashier Martelle, Iowa 19,2 CLOVERLEAFCAFE vU"c' 1 Q- -r Fountain service - Meals - sanawiches :N Q 'J J Anamosa, Ion Aumosnvs WTNIN HEEKLIFS' For Morley News U Journal on ondays And 'Alger Sports Events Eureka on Thursday: M Y 0 U R Montgomery Ward Dealer Tires and Batteries Custie Service West End Anamosa Phone 273 L.L. DOUGLAS FARM HIPIEMENTS Phone 600 Anamosa, Iowa The trademark of Quality Mlde Famous by Good Implements sp DEEQU W McCA.R.N ABSTRACT CQLPAHY Eugene B. Rees, Owner Anamosa Iowa GORDONHARDWARE COMPLIMENTS Hardware Appliances, Skelgas Service of ' N.R.Waggoner, D. V.M. om, rom ' Q' , ifsif-jj '-'- oL1N A W merit lrha M e mmm swim 5, HOUSEWLRE SOHGOL SUPPLIES CIUII-LING SHOES Walter Eyestone Phone 186 Olin, Iowa GAHBIE FEED k PRODUJE EEDS Laasy Feeds Mechanicsville Iowa ARDEN ACHENBACH GENERAL TRUGKING IN I UK A mmm, ' C ' e 1? .. 1 ' R' J N 514 X , Q . f"'?' i' wif' o FOR PROMPT df GOURTEOUS Service C811 6F18 Morley, Iowa ki ' 9. snnas n-.1 Q ful' I ' , ' ' ' IIAHUS lGreasingx 'Babe' Hunter Wires Batteries I-Iunter's Garage I Q nl, + sk . Hfllnu... ,jvcf 'L Morley Iowa Morley Iowa pmvs SERVICE t The Hxeel Inn Gas N Summert.:Lme'a Favorite Oil gy Q A Drive In Cafe General Repairing Anamosa 6 Iowa g.iQ9QEi:' Morley Iowa Phone 17F23 - Q BRADY'S SKELLEY S E R V I C E S E I U I I2 E Qlfjg -X1 . Pnone 202 V I 'K 'I Anamosa, Iowa iggrigg. - If-its-ie' GOETTSCH FUNLRAL HCME Y A.i1gn9Xb... M U RT U A RY ,-f Amb ,lance Service 0 Anaxnoea, Iowa .O Phone 368 BARGERS CLOVBF. F ARM STORE SWRQ, Q ' Q l A H ,' bxwl I Q gs? 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Suggestions in the Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) collection:

Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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