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V 'V , 59, WRX. Xl WK 15 K. .Lv . N un ra . .54-:-r' '. . 9 Q .t . M59 .. 1-- ir xhynn. 4... dv- 0" " nu Nu- asuks-. uw S . Lu. ...U 1- ' " ,'--' umm ,lf Tl: - 70. , .. . .i.:,::, ,' ,V Nl! "' , Dedication We, the Class of 1953, are proud to dedicate this annual to our sponsor, Mr. Greenawald and the High School teachers, Mr. Ridout and Mrs. Russell, who have guided us through High School, the most vital years of school. 3 -'XX Q P ....- . Faculty BACK ROW: Left to Rightg Mr. Greenawald 81 Mr. Ridout. FRONT ROW' Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Pillard, Mrs. Barger 's M Anulty Rv. Mrs. G nawald. 4 Q W fnmunm 'glsuuunw 7 Faculty Mr. Greenawald Mathematics, Social Studies and Girls Basketball Collage - B.A. Degree - Coe College, Cedar Rapi s, fowa M.A. Degree - University of Iowa, IowaCity, Iowa Hobb - Radio and woodworking Pet ying - O.K. Pet eeve - Lazy People Favo ite pastime - Watching T. V. Mr. Ridout Commercial Subjects, Geometry, and boys Coach Collegesg Ellsworth Junior College, Iowa Fall, Iowa. B.A. Degree - Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Hobb - Loafing Pet S ying - Are you sure you tried? Pet eeve - Pupils who don't have time to get their lessons. Favorite pastime - Playing with Tom and Dave Mrs. Russell Music, English, and Dramatics. Colleges - Cornell - Mt. Vernon, Iowa B.A. - I.S. T.C. Cedar Falls, Iowa Hobby - Music, golf, reading etc, too numerous to rn tion Pet S ying - That's just one rnan's opinion. Pet eve - Mumbling in class Favo ite Pastime - Playing Bridge. 8 Faculty Miss Milla' Cornell College Academy, H.S. Diploma Cornell College, Coe College, B.A. Degree Post Graduate Study University of Iowa, and University of Chicago. Home Economics Instructor Hobby - Nature Study and Flower Gardening Pet Saying - Well! ! ! Pet Peeve - Irresponsible people Favorite Pastime - Reading Mrs. Pillard 7th- and 8th grade Teacher Colleges - Cedar Falls College, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Coe College, Cedar Rapiis, Iowa Hobby - "My lawn" Pet Saying - "Get Busy" Pet Peeve - "What is our assignment?" Favorite pastimes - Terry Mrs. Barger 5th and 6th grade Teacher Colleges - Iowa State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, Iowa Dubuque University, Dubuque, Iowa State - U-niversity of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa Hobby Pet Saying - "How about that?" Pet Peeve - Unorderliness Favorite pastixne - Reading, Crossword Puzzles Mrs. Greenawald B.A. - State University 3rd and 4th grade Teacher 9 N 'u N NX y n ls. x NN n, NN NN W N gg v ig Nvxxx ' U UI' "W A3 .S I 'N :ff V Ig ' '.r L: I 'f Il 1 ,N "1-me 155 - 4: Harlene Tallman Rosemary Shumaker I-sur ene Conner Evelyn Findley Kenneth Findley Ivan Jayne 14 Waiyne HARLENE TALLMAN President .... Vice President. . . . . . . Basketball .... . . l, 2, 3, Glee Club ........ . . 1, 2, 3, Plays "Margie and The Wolfman" . . . "Grandad Steps Out" ..... . .... . . "Hillbilly Weddin" .................. . . "She gently studied" EVELYN FINDLEY President . . . . . Treasurer .... . . . . Student Council . . .... 3, Basketball . . . . . l, 2, 3, Glee Club .......... . .1,2,3, Plays "Margie and The Wolfman" . . . . "Grandad Steps Out" .......... ........ . . . "Hillbilly Weddin" .................... . . "Which prison did you borrow those refree shirts, Evelyn?" ROSEMARY SHUMAKER President . . . . Treasurer . . . . . Secretary . . , , , , Glee Club ......... . .1,2,3, Plays "Margie and the Wolfman" .............. . . "Hillbilly Weddin" .................... . . "There's quite a bit of mischief under her calm exterior." LAURENE CONNER Secretary. . . , , , Treasurer. . , , , , , Glee Club ........... . . 1, Z, 3, Plays "Margie and the Wolfman" ............. . . "Hillbilly Weddin" .................. . . "She snubs the Tipton Hicks" 15 Secretary. . . Vice President Basketball . . Baseball , , , Plays . fo. "Margie and the Wolt3rnan" . "Gra.ndad Steps Out Basketball . . Plays . ll ,"Margie and the Wol.hrnan" . "Grsndad Steps Out". "Hillbilly Weddin" . . Basketball . . Glee Club . . Plays "Hillbilly We ddin' ' WAYNE VERNON t., .-...--... "Hillbilly Wedd1n" ....... ............ "His favorite works of Literature are Comic Books" KENNETH FLND LEY ...- --sn ...... - .4 fs.--.- "wi th an eye of business in the Sophrnore Class. " IVAN JAYNE "Speed is an asset, why hurry" 16 1,2 1,2 l,NZ Class History In the fall of 1940 nineteen excited youngsters embarked together on a new ad- venture for they were entering first grade. The new class consisted of Evelyn Findley, Lyle Guhl, Shirley Hansen, Betty Ann Oellrich, Eldon Oellrich, Clara Mae Pillard, James'Shankland, Audrey Anne Topping, June Topping, Harlene Tallman, Rosemary Shurnaker, Wayne Vernon, Geneva Wart, Evelyn Dee, Evelyn Hurt, Darwyn Darrow, Robert Jensen, Robert Gerjets, Shirley Sinunon. We lost Betty Oellrich, Eldon Oelli-ich, Clara Mae Pillard, James Shankland, June Top- ping, Ggneva Wart, Ro'bert Jensen, Robert Gerjets, Shirley Simrnon. Our teach- er was Miss Pochobrasky. Entering second grade we started the year with ten, but lost two during the year. They were Darwin Darrow and Evelyn Hurt. We gained Ivan Jayne. Our teacher for this year was Miss Pochobrasky. During the third grade we lost Ivan Jayne and our teacher was Miss Windsor. Upon entering fourth grade we gained Kenneth Findley and Harold Ray. Then we lost Harold Ray. Our teacher was Miss Windsor. We we entered fifth grade we gained Allen Achenbach and Alvin Achenbach. Our teacher was Mrs. Barger. We entered sixth grade with Evelyn Findley, Audrey Topping, Harlene Tallman, Rosemary Shumaker, Shirley Hanson, Allen Achenbach, Wayne Vernon, Kenneth Findley, Alvin Achenbach, We gained Donalee Armstrong and Laurene Conner. We lost Donalee Armstrong. ' - In seventh grade we gained Glen Hayes Jr. , Darwyn Darrow, and Marjorie Stritt. We lost Audrey Topping and Marjorie Stritt. Our teacher for this year was Mrs. Ireland. During eighth grade we gained Marjorie Mitchell, Joanne Techau, and Rose Marie Ortigies and lost Glenn Hayes. Our teacher was Mrs. Ireland. We entered High School and lost Darwyn Darrow. Our teachers were Supt. Green awald. Principal Ridout, and Miss Axnent. ' In tenth grade we lost Joanne Techau and Alvin Achenbach. Our teachers were ' the same. In llth grade we lost Allen Achenbach and Marjorie Mitchell. Our teachers were Supt. Greenawald, Principal Ridout, and Mrs. Russell. Those who failed to enter twelfth grade were Shirley Hansen, and Rose Marie Ortgies. Those who are with us now are Harlene Tallrnan, Evelyn Findley, Rose- mary Shumaker, Laurens Conner, Kenneth Findley, Wayne Vernon. We gained Ivan Jayne. Our teachers are the same. 17 Senior Clas s Will We, the class of'1953, mind and good judgenient testament. The Senior class wills Mm- hairs we caused him. To Mr. Ridout the Senio the Morley High School, being without doubt of sane o hereby legally declare this to be our last will and .' Greenawald some hair dye to cover up all those gray s will a new set of patience and nerves for the ones which really got a work oil, for the past four years. To Mrs. Russell the Sqii. or class wills a complete new set of stage equipment.. To Miss Miller the Senior class girls will a very neat Home Econornics room. Wayne Vernon wills his good behavior to Junior Gerdes. Now Junior be good, Wayne always was. Kenneth Findley wills his ability of getting home early at night to Hin- richsen. Rosemary Shumaker wills her giggles to Carol Pulver. Now Carol the egg basket is not included. Evelyn Findley wills Clara Pillard the ability to keep the basketball floors clean To Margo Ruhl, Harlene Tallman wills a new towel for the pipe down in the locker Ivan Jayne wills his ability to the school clocks to Allen Eden. Laurene Conner wills her quiteness to Janet Sivers. , The Seniors leave to the School absolutely nothing, because we need all we have for the future. 15 18 Class Prophecy It is the year 1968. A little girl is alone in her room in the big rnansion at the top of the hill on Shumaker street in the city of Morley. We see what the little girl is doing. She is dialing a queer looking machine. We see that the label reads "Findleys' Time Machine. " As the girl turns the dial a panel in the wall slides open and a huge screen is revealed. In huge bright letters we see some words flash across the screen. It says, Why, Yes, it reads, Class of 1953, Morley, Iowa. We can hardly believe our eyes as we gaze in wonder for acrggs the scre- en flashes a picture of the stage in the gymnasium at Morley as it was the night of graduation the year 1953. Look at the graduates. They look a little relieved as Mr. Greenawald presents them to the school board and they receive their di- plomas. They probably are relieved to know that it is really true but too we note a bit of sadness. Perhaps they are thinking of all the fun they had together in their school days, and. kind of regret leaving them. Now the screen changes and we see just the name of Laurene Conner on the scre- en. We see what looks like an airplane. Looking closer we agree that it is a new type plane. Across the side we see the words, "International-Super -Duper - Enginless-Properless-Tailless-and Stewardless plane model No. 35462468 by none other thanlvan Jayne. Well, that sounds like Ivan, alright. Ivan never be- lieved in explaining anything with just a few words. But wait, where is Laurene? Oh, there she is inside the plane. She is wearing the uniform of a stewardess. She slways said this is what she would like to do. It looks like she is really get- ting good. She races up and down the aisle balancing a tray on one hand. The, screen flashes and why it must be a few years later, for there is Laurene bal- ancing the same tray in one hand. But on the tray is a bottle of milk. I mean three bottles of milk and there in the crib are three charming little daughters. They start to cry and the frustrated Laurene falls to a chair in desperation. We wonder if she is dreaming of the days when she was still a stewardess. Next we see the name of Wayne Vernon. We first see him sitting in an English class in college. He is sitting there giving his full attention to the teacher. . Oh, that doesn't surprise me. He was always the perfect student in English class at Marley High, "Wasn't he, Mrs. Russell?" Now we see him in later life. He is walking up the steps of the Capitol building in Washingotn. He speaks to the-peo- ple as he passes by and we discover that he has a southern accent. We also hear the people address hirn as SENATOR Vernon. We wonder what state in the gold old United States he represents when suddenly Wayne turn and says in a deep voice, "Ah'm from TEXAS". Next the name of I-larlene Tallrnan flashes on the screen. A picture of a large building in Des Moines flashes on the screen. On one of the doors inside the building we see in Gold Letters a sign reading "Harlem" Under this is still another sign reading, "I track down robbers, theives and murders, with just one restriction, there must be no danger involved. " We hear sounds of music corning from the room. We know that must be Harlene. 19 The door opens and out c Y es Harlene with her guitar. I suppose that she pro- bably still plays for the dtillerent occasions. But wait we discover that she is no longer "Shorty" Tillman, and we see Harlene in her children, three girls and watching them, Harlene ' s but now is a tall distinguished girl. The screen flashes own little home. She is standing in front of six little three boys are organized in a little orchestra. We see husband. He is tall, dark and handsome. I guess Har- lene must have married one of the fellows on the Police force when she was doing her detective work. Next we see the name of blocks long. In bright li the different parts of the modern facilities to repa dimension television. W Kenny experimenting wi while and get that stingin to do when he stayed up a and sure enough, it is Ke him say, "Yes, dear, Ye coming right now, Jackie Next we see the name of plane plant we see locate plant for a hobby and his in his suit ready to go do the United States to Mr. Next we see the name of little village in Africa. building of Churches and traveled throughout the w Next the name of Rosem believe it or not, drivin guess that her dad must , can remember though t just used a different met, derstood it except Rose machine again and the prfli leave it on but she says, I guess we do. Rosemar enneth Findley. Then we see a huge building about two ts we see the words "Kennys' Electro Company". ,As uilding are shown on the screen we see that there are 'r and manufacture anything from crystal sets to three hear a shout of pain and know at once that that must be electricity. I guess he still must make a slip once in a sensation that comes from an electric shock as he used nights to work in the basement at home. The door opens eth. The telephone rings and he answers. We hear , I'll be right home. Yes, Yes, Yes dear, Yes, 'I am ll ' van Jayne appear on the screen. Ivan is head of air- in Hawaii. It seems as though Ivan is just running the eal business is that of deep sea diving. We see him now n for some more specimens which he will send back to Ereenawalds' Biology class . velyn Findley. We see her now in a, believe it or not,. he and her husband are there on a mission to direct the schools in localities where there are none. They have orld on such welfare missions. ry Shumaker flashes across the screen. We see her, a car up the drive to a college that she is attending. I ve finally succeeded in teaching Rosemary to drive. I t Rosemary insisted that she could drive. I guess she od that her father didn't understand. In fact nobody un- ary. All of a sudden the little girl turns the dial on the el covering covers the screen. We start to tell her to "You know the rest of Rosemary's life, anyway. Yes, y finished college to become PROFESSOR Shuniaker. Z0 I remember when we werepgoing to High School at Morley every morning Rose- mary would walk so straight and tall into the assembly and past my desk. I would always say to her as she came by "Hi, Professor Shumaker. l suppose you are wondering just who "We" are, and who the little girl is. Well, the little girl is Rosemary's daughter. The people watching are her husband Yes, this is the mansion in which Rosemary and her husband live. It seems that Mor- ley has grown to quite a sizeable city. Rosemary has invited each of her class- mates, Laurene, Wayne, Harlene, Kenneth, Ivan, Evelyn and their families for a Sunday dinner. When we' came upstairs we were going to tell Rosemary's little daughter that it was time for dinner but I guess that we got so absorbed in the Time machine and the program it was showing that we forgot. I remember our class motto "Our Aim is High, Our Goal Success". I guess maybe in real life we may not reach the SOCIAL success mentioned here but if we keep in mind our goal and keep our trust in God, we will reach that goal of success. Well, I hear classmates calling now. We had better hurry because after dinner we are going up to the schoolhouse and see if it has changed since we were Seniors in the year 1953. Memory Days Remember the night Kenny B. wanted to know where Mai-go's big dog was? What's wrong Red, does he bite? Remember the surprise Harlene and Evelyn received after locking themselves in the closet and discovered Mr. Greenawald in the office. Remember the drippy things Laurene did in her dizzy days. Remember the day a dog chased the Morley boys basketball squad at Iowa City. "He almost got you, didn't he Louie" . Remember the day when Ivan said he was all ears and Laurene replied, "I al- ways thought that until I saw your feet." Remember the night we found Kenny and Jackie parked on that lonely curve. Remember the day Jim stayed home, because he had a sore neck. Watch it, Jim, girls are dangerous. Remember the night Lonnie and Janet went over to see Allen Eden. It was kind of late wasn't it Allen. Continued: 2. 1 V Remember the day Rosemary went swimming in the girls locker the day after a hard rain "Oh, now Rosemary, we know you tripped on the threshold. " Remember the day when Doc. Tallman treated Sharon Sivers injured knee with rubbing .linament instead they, Harlenef? Remember the day that told the Morley telephon of Nitrotan. Well, the bottles looked the same didn't Evelyn, after ringing central and hearing a strange voice operator to "get off the telephone downstairs". Well, how should Evelyn know ihat the operator had a cold and didn't talk natural. 5 Remember the day Lowell tipped his chair back and fell over. Mrs. Russell al? always said that would h Remember the day that decorating would be fun. tures on the locker wall. pen. "Tain't funny, McGee." j the Morley b0YS got the idea that architecture and interior Why didn't someone tell them they weren't to draw pic- Remember the day Evelyn thought all mammals had fur and Mr. Greenawald was ready to sell his "peLt"? Remember theday when the seats were changed. Gee, that's too bad, Kathy and Lowell . Remember the day Mar were glad to see her dad Remember the day whe kaw, a "butch". Now bo go left her State Tournament Ticket at home. We sure with the tickets in Springville, "Weren't we, Margo. " "barber" Marvin Mar sh gave a fellow Junior, Red Bro- s you were supposed to be working on the Banquet. Remember the "night" when Pricilla, Gene, Margo and Kenny B. watched the police radio tower lights Khile waiting for the folks to bring some gas for the car "Let's keep it filled" the . ext time Red." Remember the night Sandra thought she had a "rocking hor se" instead of a "charlie horse". Remember the day Evelyn was flustered when we mentioned attending Amed Veishea Day. Remember the day Har ne and Nancy J'. thought they were getting chicken when they ordered "Chicken fri d Steak"? My, we were surprised when we were served steak instead of chicken, Remember the day Ivan weren't we girls? sold all of our schedule pencils at three for a nickle? Oh, well thats alright, Ivan. We only bought them at four cents a pencil. Remember the day Way? told Mrs. Russell, after she had asked if anyone had been in.a very severe sno was in the hog house once storm when the snow came up to the eaves, that he when that happened. Z2 0 QNUQRGRW K P595 ' x If 0 ,Ip - l 's fy I : Juniors BACK ROW: Left to Righty Kenneth Brokaw, Lowell Nel- son, Kenneth Daub, Marvin Marsh, Dale Findley. Sbonsor, Mr. Ridout. FRONT ROW: Kathleen Hay, Nancy Hoppe, Carol Pulver, Charlene Holdren, Carol Eldred. 25 CHARLENE HOLDREN G1eeC1ub.. .. ....... Plays "Grandad Steps Out" ................... "There Goes the GroIms" ....... . ..... - . . . "Co siders herself a, bird in all ways" CAROL PULVER Vice-President , , Treasurer ,,,, Glee Club ,,.,,, Play ' "There Goes the Grooms" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Shy, and bashful, but usefu1" KENNETH DAUB Treasurer , , ,,,, , , Baseball, , , Basketball , , Glee Club ......... Plays "There Gees the Grooms" ................. "He read the story of Ich-a.-bald Crane" KENNETH BR OKAW Vice-President . . .......... . . Student Council , , Basketball ,,,, Baseball .......... Play "There Goes the Gro ms" , "Margie and the Woliz-lan" ................. "Grandad Steps Out". .' ................ . . . "American Literature is his favorite Subject MARVIN MARSH Vice-President , , ,,,,,,, , , Treasurer , , , Basketball , , Baseball , , Glee Club ......... Plays "There Goes the Grooms" ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,, "Grandad Steps Out" ..... ....... . ...... "Save me a seat on the bus, Charlene" 26 President , Secretary , Glee Club . . Basketball ,,,,,,, Plays "Grandad Pre sident , Secretary Steps Out" , , , KATHLEEN HAY "There Goes the Grooms" "Loves Play practice with a. Harvest moon" Basketball , , Gle e Club Play "There G ....-0-.- oes the Grooms" ........-. CAROL ELDRED "She can't make her shorts Basketball , , , Glee Club , Student Council , , , Play "There G President , oes the Grooms" NANCY HOPPE -.-..-..- -.......... "Say that would frost the tea-liver off a Donkey" -.. Student Council, , Basketball , , , , Baseball , Glee Club Play "There G Secretary, Basketball Baseball , Glee Club Play "There G . oes the Grooms" DALE FINDLEY "Somebody has to be the Romeo oes the Grooms" LOWELL NELSON "Hay" Good Lookin! " 27 O Pre sident . , Vice -President . Secretary , , , Treasurer , , las s Officer s Q ......... CLASS MOTTO "Make Our Best Bett CLASS FLOWER Pink Carnation CLASS COLORS Green and White 28 ....,.. el' Dale Findley . . Marvin Marsh . . Lowell Nelson Kenneth Daub Sophomor e S BACK ROW: Left to Rightg Jimmy Tallman, Lonnie Hen- dricksen, John Brokaw, Junior Gerdes, Gene Eldred, Keith Vernon, Allen Eden. FRONT ROW: Jackie Johnson, Nancy Jayne, Clara Pillard, Sandra Joslin, Janet Siver, Sponsor, Mrs. Russell. 2.9 ' r Basketball. . Glee Club Basketball Glee Club President Basketball . . Glee Club. Play' "Grandad Step Vice-President Basketball . . . Glee Club. . . Play "Hillbilly Wed Basketball . . Glee Club . . . Play "Hillbilly Wed Secretary Glee Club. Treasurer! Basketball . . Glee Club s Out". din" din" . . HID JACKIE JOHNSON ..-..--....... .....-..-.--....... "Pu1l off the road when parking" NANCY JAYNE "Quietness is an ornament" JANET SIVER "How can I be silent" SANDRA JOSLIN .,,.......-....-...-. "Thinks a lot of her fellow c1assman" CLARA PILLARD "Does things with a lot of noise" ..-.-..--..--..- ALLEN EDEN -.-..--s...--...- ..-...n-.....-.... "A little man of a mighty mind. " LONNIE HINRICHSEN ............-....--. ......-sf...-..--.. eveloping an eye for the opposite sex" 30 JUNIOR GERDES Student Council , , Basketball . . . Baseball. . Glee Club .... . Play "Margie and the Wolfman" ................... "Someone lend him a crank for his I-Iotrod Ford" KEITH VERNON . Secretary. . ....... . . Treasurer . . Basketball . . ....................... . . Baseball ....... ...................... "An athlete if someone doesn't change his mind" JIMMY TALLMAN President ,,.,. Vice-President . Basketball ,,,, Baseball. . Crlee Club ,... Play "Hillbilly Weddin" . "Just a little Daab here and there" GENE E LDR ED Student Council . Basketball. . . Baseball . . Glee Club. . . . . Play ' "Grandad Steps Out" . ............. . "It's right soon, Priscilla" Not Qwritel President. . . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . la s s Officer s .........--Q. .....-.- CLASS MOTTO III Cant: CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS Brown and Yellow 32 . . . . Priscilla Pillard Marilyn Hoppe . . Margo Ruhl Ronald Findley Freshman Clas s BACK ROW: Left to Right, Sponsor, Mr. Ridout, Darrell Hora, Ronnie Findlay, Charles Holcomb, Don Darrow, Dick Blake. FRONT ROW: Keith Hay, Shirley Holdren, Marilyn Hoppe, Margo Ruhl, Tom Koppenhaver. 33 Tr ea sur er Ba sketball Baseball... Glee Club Basketball Baseball . Glee Club Secretary Basketball Glee Club Vice-President . . Basketball .... . . . Glee Club Ba ske tball G1eeClub.. Basketball Baseball , Glee Club RONALD FIND LEY ..-af-. Ion..- "Just give him time or Marilyn" DARRELL HORA . .-r--.-. .- ...-.n- "Perfect Angels are few and far between MARGO RUHL .. ' ....... "I only want a Buddy not a sweethear " MARILYN HOPPE .- Q-.uu- "If you see Keith in some rendezvous keep lt a secret" KEITH HAY nn...--. "THE SPY" on big sister and her guy CHARLES HOLCOMB .-.---. Had to take a. PILL "ard" home after the imtatxon dance" 34 Baseball . Basketball Glee Club .n .- Glee Club . . Basketball . . Glee Club Play "Hillbilly Weddin" , , "I drea Baseball . . . Basketblll . . . . . . . Glee Club . ..... . "Has an ab TOM KOPPENHAVER . . 1 Q . . . - . . . - . f . - Q - Q . - . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . . - . . "Tall, dark, and handsome" SHIRLEY HOLDREN "The Bookworm of "53" PRISCI LLA PI LLARD rn of Geney with the light brown hair" DICK B LAKE ility to-getualong with his beighbor gi-r 35 Clas s Officers President , . . Vice -Pre sident ,, , Secretary , , Treasurer , , "Wha. t Is Wor . . Jimmy Tallman . Sandra Joslin . . Keith Vernon . . . . . . . . . . . . .LonnieHinrichsen CLASS MOTTO th Doing Is Worth Doing We11" CLASS FLOWER White Carnation CLASS COLORS Blue and White 36 Student Council O RIGHT: Kenneth Brokaw, Junior Gerdes, Evelyn Findley, Tom Koppen- haver, and Gene Eldred. KUIQ Jvaigaa KQMK 'Q ' Lb QF'-?i1f1?4 37 Seventh and Eighth BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Left to Right: Judy Tallrnan, Coleen Hay, Francik Conner, Bob Conner, Mrs. Pillard, Barbara Wat son, Jack Miell, Lois Stolte. Billy Catlett, Darlene Jayne, Arnold Pye, May- nard VanAntwerp, Rita. Russell, Allen Joslin. 38 Grades V and VI BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Left to Rightg Tommy Henrichsen, Sharon Siver, Bill Ruhl, Bob Newhard, Carol Greenawald, Mrs. Barger, Paul McConaughy, Judy Shankland, Lar- ry Kaufman, Charles Vernon, Francis Holdren. Ronnie Tallman, Dick Van Antwerp, Karen Abbott Beverly Pye, Lois Kuchenbacker, Pat Davis, Ron nie Stivers, Margaret Shumaker, Steven Newhard. 39 Third Grade and Fourth Grade BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Left to rightg Gerald Stolte, Larry Jayne, Bruc Hay, Dianne Hora, Raymond Findley, Darrell 6 Blake, Florence Duncan, Rosalene Catlett, Mar- celle Chapel. Tommy Greenawald, Johnny Joslin, Robert Han sen, Kathy Kula, Camille Siver, Linda Joslin, Sharon Hanna, Fritz Mieneke. 40 lst and Znd Grades BACK ROW: FRONT ROW: Left to right, Butch Klinefelter, John Koppenhaver, Paul Ruggeburg, Claire June, Charles Hansen, Karen Kuchel, Nancy Joslin, Mearle Findley, Mary Kay Frankhouser. David Ortgies, Tommy Hanna, Richard Abbott, Kathy Joslin, Garry Miell, Oren Davis, Larry Jackson, Dorthy Blake, Janice Rudish, Helen Gamble, Dale Wooder. 41 Primary BACK ROW: Left to rightg Steve Joslin, Dianne Klinfelter, Helen Gamble, Ja.mes Abbott, Virginia Ruhl, Duane Stombaugh, Raymond Dirks, Barbara Jayne, Sheri Greenawald, Arthur Darrow. FRONT ROW: Leroy Stolte, David Ruggeburg, Merle Catlett Leroy Wise. Teacher: Miss McA.nu1ty. 42. M44 Y 1 -3 355:51 I5 L .-1 ' '-Z'-- "' -9 .'-- .1 5 .f - , . ' fi 4 ' -.- v f A, , ' iq' I D .-'.-122 ff,s1i:.Z'- -1 .' ' ,f ,f - s... ',, ,J "fd ' 'Tl' . :'r ' . ,, F.. . . 1 A . 2 .V -.- '. .' g .-g..,..-,-.,. gg- 2:-, - - 'I-:'.'1. ' '43 Z"- "' 1 . T 'l. N1-., IL xy, " --,'- to . " ". -. .. - - '- . . rfj ....., ' ' - V.' ," ' Wi' .5 - A' V r ' Y, ,I . ' 1 E x , -1 x N ,Q Cheerleader s Carol Greenawald, Rita Russell, Charles Vernon, Bill Ruhl, Tom Hinrichsen. I2 ', x ' x QS 45 1-J 46 MORLEY CONSOLIDATED scnoox.. GIRLS D ' BASKETBALL STATISTICS FREE THROWS GRADE MADE MISSED Tallman, Harlene 12 15 45 Findley, Evelyn 12 1 6 Eldred, Carol 11 0 1 Hay, Kathleen 11 0 0 Pillard, Clara 10 2 6 Johnson, Jackie 10 0 0 Jayne, Nancy 10 0 0 Siver, Janet 10 136 208 Joslin, Sandra 10 1 0 Ruhl, Margo 9 69 113 Hoppe, Marilyn 9 53 81 Pillard, Priscilla 9 9 18 GAME RESULTS Morley 46 - - Mechanicsville 48 Morley 58 -- Wyoming 55 Morley 40 -- Solon 47 Morley 40 -- Lowden eo Morley 36 -- Lost Nation 66 Morley 55 -- Viola 53 Morley 51 -- Martelle 35 Morley 28 -- Stanwood 59 Morley 32 -- Bennett 26 Morley 31 --I Oxford Jct. 46 Morley 78 -- Viola 42 Morley 41 -- Olin 47 Morley 39 -- Lisbon 45 Morley 43 --Newhall 59 Morley 30 -- Onslow 39 Morley 50 -- Martelle 29 Morley 44 -- St. Mary's 49 Morley. 34 -- Onslow 31 Morley 62 -- Alburnett 36 Morley 58 -- Solon 31 Morley 32 -- Mechanicsville QSectiona11 45 Morley 44 -- Oxford Jct. QCounty1 46 47 TOTAL POINTS FOULS 55 43 9 68 1 84 0 43 4 16 0 6 0 2 464 45 1 16 30 1' 45 2 1 5 42 33 42 BACK ROW: Left to rightg Mr. Ridout, Jimmy Tallman, Ronald Findley, John Brokaw, Ivan Jayne, Dale Findley, Kenneth Brokaw. FRONT ROW: Kieth Vernon, Gene Eldred, Wayne Vernon, Junior Gerdes, Kenneth Findley, Lowell Nelson 48 EQ E: Hg on I mg H N O O H qw M Am A H 5 2: 5 3 3 Q Mn O Q O 3 Q2 2 Om 3 3 SH 3 3 Q mv 2 MW an Nl Mm A: 3 8 3 E S 2 hm 3 0 P mu 0 N MW M O A H S NS 5 :H mv: 2 my 8 2 3 :gh mia Eg ESE DEE Ego Eva 320 M302-vB OUHM molsmnnnmu-vm lzmnpm mm Aim-OH AEOUHOHA mghdno tain vi OM GOES? egg GNCHZNH :Eg mbupoo MOE!-H QUEEN 250 I asshm Gag C0202 2033 A262 59,32 :SEE 015 Digg. G63 GOES? mid? LWUQEM 52-EOM BACK ROW: Left to right, Mr. Ridout, Lowell Nelson, Marvin Marsh, Kenneth Daub, Charles Hol- comb, Junior Gerdes, Wayne Vernon, Gene Eldred, MIDDLE ROW: Kenneth Brokaw, Jimmy Tallman, Ronald Findley, John Brokaw, Kieth Vernon, Dale Findley, Darrel Hora. FRONT ROW: Dick Blake, Donald Darrow, Tom Koppen- haver, Kieth Hay. V 50 NAME Jur gensen Mar sh Vernon, W. Gerde s Eldred Brokaw Nelson Hora, Bob Vernon, K. Tallman' Findley Marte lle Anamosa Springville Solon Onslow Martelle Anamo sa 1 952 Spring Baseball Pos. AB. HITS WALKS AVERAGE 1 15 9 6 . 600 8 19 8 2 .421 3 20 a 3 .400 9 19 7 3 .368 4 17 5 4 .294 5 21 5 1 .238 2 28 6 3 .214 6 21 3 1 . 143 7 17 2 3 . 117 7 2 o 1 .ooo 9 1 0 o .ooo WE THEY sEcT1oNAL TOURNAMENT 4 0 Money 2 Olin s s o JONES COUNTY TOURNAMENT 9 2 Olin 12 Morley ll 1 8 8 0 Games Won 6 14 5 Games Lost 1 6 5 51 POS. Gerdes 7 Brokaw, J. 8 Vernon, W. 3 Marsh 8 Tallman 9 Daub 1 Vernon, K. 6 Hora, D. 8 Eldred 4 Brodaw, K. 5 Nelson Z TEAM Martelle Solon Springville Viola Onslow Springville Sectional Tournament Mechanicsville Martelle 1 9 52 Fall Baseball AB. rnrs WALKS AVERAGE 25 9 o .360 3 1 o .555 24 1 3 '.292 14 4 1 .286 1 2 1 1.286 11 3 2 .273 22 5 1 .227 9 2 2 .222 21 4 5 .190 14 2 3 .143 21 2 6 .095 Season Record WON 1 - LOST 5 WE THEY 0 14 3 X 14 8 19 14 6 3 18 4 15 10 7 2 12 52 x X ,N A-A W-9 lm fx- Q N A- X ,417 ,Q ,' :f': 451' : -,..- -. J. 'G P . -.Q .- ,. -f if N, .:g. ,.,'-' J L - " .-'15 A.. A " 1' f. I.. . ' E 65 if I M' 4,7- Q, , ' I Initiation Party Ain't We Cute ? 55 Snapshots Good Old Morley School To "1 4 91-13 cilla -T 1 Aim: We Cute! 'lst Joking o 56 4 Our Janitor f.- 7!'x J 57 4 Noon Hour Pictures 58 I X ms, . 4 v S4 33? 4 A r' . X H 'QS' xl Q 'f f .L,,f.f1 4 . x L K W X f w, "' 4 Ffh ,H uw., 'ss 45 6 gg fix 3 13 I W 1. ' , - -77 ei 1 : Q ,S f Tk Birds Eye View L 1 f A AVL? - m, ' ', ff T I 1 ' MW ' ' T353 ,jg kg k 2 L, .7 N :-N f -ws-Q 1 , MN. TA Q gk ? sg A Q EE 3 Qi gpg E L wg iz R 1 Kiwi, X E4 N X , 11:1 xg? . , Wu Y v : 1 .1 vi 5' ik "6 . . fa , iigiaifh? 4'wSi:7'7 - '1 f? fT,,,.F55f1- ' 1 ,743 f, ,Wil 35 .ea x 'Si f ix: . ,. V -I A 4 ' 59 3 9 ' 1' 2 l ' 5 ' 4 fi 'x . 'WS J N T9 v NJ 'Q ,- Famous Freaks eo , 'i I Senior Trip .,-f i-If-I QE,Jf!!I Q 5 ' . V 5 ' Shootln' A 'NF W, and QQ H' tt' ' ,I 1 111 li X' 7 4 g1ffl. , , - ' 2 ff ' 4' Q Q ' NS X L x .T .-1' I .:3, I, :f 1 5' 'off What' s Cookin' ? X ,AM L f-ifld.4f-fr? Z -Q 'X--A Atmsts s syaf' 1 ,Jin W ,421 I Just Imagine Guess Who 62 4950 ,G Did ja Know ? P100 Continued Romance Kis s me again" Undecided! ! 6 3 When We Were Young and Gay I Evelyn 64 W W Autographs una W rl'1,sht P ?f ' ri., X 1 X X :if- auww, ,w""'x P 6i7ft'Q721Q1-ff,.w.c QNf'dggjf.Q'47u,za7f,-fQf4e...A gwg-ffZ.?5iff,W:Qff45 GDQBM .G. ,J fly ,, MQJ! N fwwmdf 3531 4 Www ?'ZZ?"g4"""'7M Www WW M" ' fm ,mi n7fvm.1,h 21 in Qgiwww JOWAQ - KQZLWKQ i 35 Q f UMA 5,QJLLuQ, 1 w 5 , NSA Qi ..-::1'.f.ffS.3:::ljg If .-:' ' " ..lnl"" ' ' . - -""'--" N i. 'm' m MORLEY LUMBER 8: GRAIN CO Telephone 4 -F -40 Coal - Grain Nutrena Feed '- Sargent Feed - B. P. Feeds Semi-Solid Buttermilk - DeLava1 Equipment Poultry and Hog Equipment Fence - Post Lumber - Millwork - Hardware - Paint All The Builders' Needs See Us If You Plan To Build or Remodel Best Place to Trade in Jones County A,, V N N N n ' ' "Bred Right - Hatched Right - Priced Right" NICOLL 1-IATCHERY h Feed and Produce N 4 Phone 134 Mechanicsville, Iqwa Compliments of W ADOLPH W. AHRENS Phone 230 N Mechanicsville 5 Iowa, W I r -V C. M. Wickham R. D. Howe President Manager FARMERS CO-OP ELEVATOR Grains . . . Seed . . . Feeds Phone 146 Mar te11e, Iowa 4 n-- BANKS 8: MONTZ IMPL. CO. Farmall Tractors International Trucks McCormick Farm Equipment Internationa. Refrigeration SALES - - - - - SERVICE Mechanicsville, Iowa ' , I e FARMERS SAVINGS BANK ,Capital 575, ooo. oo Surplus and Undivided Profits 565, 000. O0 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation l E. C. Gotsch, President C. L. Murfield, Vice-President p Guy C. Martin, Cashier Martelle, Iowa - COAST-TO-COAST STORES I N Hardware - Auto Supplies - Paints - Hardware Roger and Gertrude Waterfield, Owners Phone 145 Anarnosa, Iowa GOETTSCH FUNERAL HOME 1 AMBULANCE SERVICE ' l ' Phone 368 Anamosa, Iowa ' I ANAMOSA LUMBER CO. , INC. Portable Buildings Phone 32. Anamosa. Iowa ANAMOSA FARMERS CREAMERY CO. Milk, Butter and Ice Cream A Good Ivlarket For Good Cream Phone 338 X BOOSTERS DR. J. D. PAUL BABE HUNTER ALYEA D-X SERVICE ANAMOSA CHICKERIES SWART ZELL'S STORE OLIN CAFE GULF'S SUPER SERVICE GAMBLE FEED 8: PRODUCE Lassy Feeds Mechanic sville 1 Iowa E CITIJZENS SAVINGS BANK Anarnosa, Iowa Deposits Guaranteed 510, OOO For Each Depositor y Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation We Insure Every Thing But Your Here After Q RUSSELL 8: RUSSELL Anamo sa, Iowa Phone 240 Phone MAE AMELIA'S Come In and Look Around - You're Always Welcome I Have A Complete Line of Quality Jewelry and I The Latest In Gifts l 3 3 Anamosa, Iowa ' 1 n l MILLER'S Anamosa's Oldest and Largest Fur nitur e Stor e 8: Floor Covering Phone 186 Anamosa, Iowa UNION TRUST Br SAVING BANK Member of The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 510, 000. OO Insurance For Each Depositor Olin, Iowa KRUSE APPLIANCE General Electric - Fairbanks Morse Olin, Iowa TG andvc H HARD WARE Appliances - Skelgas Service Olin, Iowa Y 1 GAMB LES Authorized Dealer Home Owned and Operated Walter Eyestone Olin, Iowa Phonel 1 86 Compliments of ARTIE'S D-K STATION Gas - Oil - Tires - Accessories and Tire Repairing - Greasing Phone 6F40 1 Morley, I Iowa m V Compliments of BARGER -s CLOVER FARM STORE AND LOCKER SERVICE Groceries - Meats - Fresh Vegetables Phone 7 F3 4 Morley, l I Idwa Compliments of SPORTSMAN INN Lunch - Beverages - Cigarettes Ice Cream W P Phone 6F5 Morley, Iolwa ANAMOSA LIVESTOCK AUCTION Sale Every Saturday at 1'1 O'C1ock We Buy Market Hogs Daily It Is To Your Advantage To Get Our Prices Before You Sell D. E. Brickley and Son . Anamosa, Iowa Phone 403 Residence 399 J , 1 l For Morley News And Tiger Sports Events K . Read Anamosa's "TWIN WE LIES" LKOURNUL UN Wlfwofws Ewvrffff cw 7'Hff 435.01772 5525 GORDON IMPLEMENT STORE McCormick - Deering Tractors and Machines - International Trucks Refrigerators and Freezers ' Phone 25 Anarnosa, Iowa FRANKS 8: SONS, MARTELLE Inc. Lumber - Hardware - Paint and Coal Phone 167 Martelle, Iowa ALBAUGH STUDIO Portraits With Personality 1 1 Phone 115 Mechanicsville, Idwa I JOYCE LUMBER COMPANY Buildlig Material and Fuel "Since 1858" 2 Phone 101 Olin, Iowa OLIN ELEEIVATOR and MILLING CO. Ernest Peck, Mgr. Feeds - Grain - Seeds - Fertilizer Grinding - Hulling - Mixing Phone 139 Olin Ioyva ANAMOSA CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. Manufacturers and Builders 1 Concrete Stave Silos - Water Tanks - Well Pits L Septic Tanks 1 1 r 1 L. L. Albaugh, Manager Dubuque Road Phone 56 Anamosa, Iowa I f 5 J fo X5 'r 'J Best Of Luck In All You Do SCOTT HARDWARE Anamosa, Iowa Don Goodman, Owner L SHADA'S MARKET Anamo sa' s Leading Market For All Fresh Fruits 8: Vegetables 8: Choice Meats Anamosa, Iowa GOODYEAR SERVICE Goodyear Tires 8: Batteries General Electric Appliance Use Our Easy Pay Plan Anamosa, Iowa Phone 2 LAYET VARIETY STORE "Try The Dime Store First" Anamosa, Iowa t-.4 -...Z ' W Compliments of CONRADS GROCERY Complete Line of Groceries , Meats, Frozen Foods, Shoes, Dry Goods Daily Delivery Phone 26 SCH UMACHER FURNITURE Quality Merchandise With Service To Match Open Evenings By Appointment i Anamo sa Monticello Phone 502 Phone 34 RUDY'S CAFE Anarnosa, Iowa SORENSON SUNDRIES WALDRON'S BAKERY T 1 Good Service Anamosa Iowa Complete Fountain Service MECHANICSVILLE TRUST and SAVINGS BANK i i Cosmetic - Jewelry - Gift lltems School Supplies - Magazines Fifty Years of Service PhOI'1e 58 1903 - 1953 Mechanicsville, Iowa l Buick Chevolet Pontiac Compliments TAYLOR MOTOR SALES CO. f Sales and Service O Phone ZF59 TRI-STATE PRINTERS Olin Iowa p mg , I 1--gf, TIC TOC SHOP Dale R. Condry, Owner GAMBLES STORE Everything For The Home Watche s - Elgin - Bulova -Harnilton- Wyl er Ke ep sake Diamond s Nec C hi Jewelry Anamosa, Iowa Sewing Machines Irvin Havet, Owner Anamosa, Iowa MODEL DRESS SHOP Old and Young Ladies Dress, Millinery, Lingerie and Accessories Serving the Community with all the features of a modern pharmacy HAWLEY DRUG REXALL Phone 40 Mary Green Anamo sa, Iowa Anamo sa, Iowa G 8: M GROCERY School Supplies Full Line of Staple Groceries RUSSELL IMPLEMENTS Repairs - Hardware ' Housewares Open 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. Daily and Notmns Anamosa, Iowa , J: Compliments of FRIENDS I .1-

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