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X f In appreciation to Mr. Greenawald, for all his sincere understanding, and profound help in our studies, and for his help in establishing one of our best athletic yearsg we the Seniors dedicate this annual. Z I ,, ,nn HIGH SCHOOL FACULT Y MRS. PECK Principal MR. GREENAWALD Superintendent MISS MILLER. Biology 4 FACULTY Mr. Greenawald Superintendent L. D. Greenawald was born in Monticello, Iowa and graduated from the high school there. He graduated from Coe College with a B.A. Degree. He attended the University of Iowa where he received his M.A. Degree. His major was Education, Economics and Sociology. He served as a Major in the army for four years. He teaches, Mathematics, Manual Training, and Business Training. He says radio is his hobby. His pet peeve is anyone who says "I can't.' Red or orange are his favorite colors. His favorite foods are meats, desserts, beverages. Mrs. Peck Our Principal Mrs. Peck was born at Waterloo, Iowa. She was a graduate of the Marion High School and a graduate of the Iowa State Teachers College where she majored in Home Economics. She says Home Economics was her favorite subject. Her pet peeve is badly cooked food. Her favorite color is red. Her favorite food is T-bone steak. Her hobby is listening to symphonies. Miss Miller Miss Miller was born near Morley, Iowa. She graduated from the Cornell College Academy. She attended Cornell College, Coe College, State University of Iowa and also took a course from the Extension Division at the University of Chicago. She majored in History and added Dramatics to her side. Her favorite hobby is nature study. Fried chicken is her favorite food. Blue is her favorite color. She says her pet peeve is people who shirk their responsibilities. Mrs. Ireland Mrs. Ireland is our seventh and eighth grade teacher. She was born in Hale Township. She graduated from Olin High School and took her college training at Cornell College at Mt. Vernon. She also took training from Ames. Her hobby is teaching school. Blue is her favorite color and roses of any color are her favorite flowers. She says gossip is her pet peeve. Vegetables are her favorite food. Mrs. Barger - Our fifth and sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Barger was born at Cottage Hill, Iowa. She graduated from Farley High School. She attended Iowa State Teachers College, Dubuque University and the State University of Iowa. She majored in Science and says teaching Science is her favorite hobby. Apricot pie, fried chicken, and brown bread answer as her favorite foods. Her pet peeve is a run in her hose when she is in a hurry to go somewhere. Any shade of red is her favorite color. The red carnation is her favorite flower. 5 Miss Wacha Miss Wacha our third and fourth grade teacher was born on a farm near Elma, Iowa. She graduated from high school there. She graduated from Iowa State Teachers College. She majored in third and fourth grade work. She plans to attend school and secure her degree. ' Miss McAnulty Miss McAnu1ty our primary, first and second grade teacher, was born at Toledo, Iowa. She attended and graduated from the Toledo High School. She attended Coe College and majored in primary work. Her favorite food is baked ham, saurkraut and lemon pie. Her favorite color is dusty rose and her favorite flower is the pink rose. Her pet peeve is never to be able to find what she is looking for. i Mr. Whaley Our band instructor, Mr. Whaley, was born at Marionville, Missouri. He graduated from high school at Carthage, Missouri. He attended school at the University of Iowa. His favorite food he says is beans. His pet peeve is pupils who don't work. His favorite color is green. His favorite subject or pastime is listening to sound projections or the radio. 6 ZT X CLASS OFFICERS President -------------- ------- .T oyce Achenbach Vice-President ----------- ------ M arvin Tallman Secretary ----- ----- ---- I e an Achenbach Treasurer ------------ ------ ' --- Gayland Ricklefs CLASS MOTTO B2 B4 but never Bb CLASS FLOWER American Beauty Rose CLASS COLORS Blue And Silver 8 SEN IORS Gaylnnd Ricklefl Joyce Achenbach Jean Achenbach Marvin Tallman Claire Gombert Paul Mitchell 9 Joyce Achenbach --------------- p ------------------- --- " Ioycie "Love them but don't leave them" President Z-4 Plays: Johnny Get Your Girl ------------------------------ ---- 1 The Real Mr. McCoy ----------------------------------- 2 Brides To Burn ------------------------------- - --- Z Look Me In The Eye ------------------------------------ 3 Hilarity House --------------------------------- ------ 3 The Adorable Imp -------------------------------- ----- 4 Glee Club --------------------------------- ------------- l -4 Operetta ----------- Seven Old Ladies of Lavender Town. Basketball ---- --------- 7 ------------------------------- Z -3 -4 Jean Achenbach -------------------------------------- -- ' ' Jeanie "The greatest pleasure in life is love" President 1-3 Playsg Her Step Husband -------------------------------------- l Johnny Get Your Gir1--- -------------------------- ---- 1 The Real Mr. McCoy--- --------------------------- --- Z Brides To Burn --------- ---------------------------- Z Grandmother Nick -------------------------------------- 1 Look Me In The Eye ---- ------------------------ - -- 3 Hilarity House ------------ --------------- ------------ 3 The Adorable Imp ------------- ------------------------ 4 Glee Club ----------------------------------------- --- 1-4 Operetta ------- Seven Old Ladies Of Lavender Town. Basketball --------------------------------------------- Z-3-4 Marvin Tallman --------------------------------------- ' ' Marv' ' "I'm scared stiff but it's a wonderful feeling" Mechanicsville ----------------------------------------- 1 Plays 5 Look Me In The Eye ------------------------- --------- 3 Hilarity House ----------------------------------------- 3 The Adorable Imp ---------- --------- ---------------- 4 Basketball --------------------------------------------- 2-3-4 Baseball ----------------------- ---------------------- 2 -3-4 Gayland Ricklefs --------------------------------------- "Ricky "The more a man loves the more he suffers" President 1 Playsg Grandmother Nick ------------------------------ ----- 1 Look Me In The Eye ----- ----------------------- - -- 3 Hilarity House ----------------------------------------- 3 The Adorable Imp -------------------------------------- 4 Operetta -------- Seven Old Ladies Of Lavender Town. Basketball --------------------------------------- ------ Z -3-4 Baseball ---------------------------- ------------------- 2 -3-4 10 Claire Gombart ------------------------ ---------------- "There is only one thing you have to do that is to die" Onslow Playsg The Adorable Imp ---- Baseball ------------- Basketbal1--- ----- Paul Mitchell ---------------------------- "Shy but useful in all ways" Glidden Playsg Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs--- --- -- -- The Adorable Imp ----------------- ------ ----------- Basketball ---------- ---------- ----- ---------- Baseball ---------------- -------- -------- Football ------------ ---- ---- ---------- ll '-cnody 1-Z5 4 2-3-4 2-3-4 ---"Mitch' 1-2-3 1 4 4 4 4 CLASS WILL OF THE CLASS OF '48-'49 The Last Will and Testament of the Class of '49 of Morley Consolidated School, county of Jones, state of Iowa, do this nine- teenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one-thousand , nine- hundred forty-nine, we hereby bequeath and dispose of our unworld- ly goods in the following manner: To Byrdena the Senior Class wills a carton of bubble gum so she can be kept amazed during a basketball game. Claire wills his trusty and useful jack-knife to Jack to carve all tin cocoa cans, etc. To Betty Hansen, Jean wills her promptness of always getting home early. Joyce wills her report card grades to Wanda and wishes her success. N Paul wills his quietness to Bill Jackson and hopes he stays out of as much trouble as he did. I-Iow about it Paul? To Arlo, Gayland wills his ability of playing a maids part in plays and hopes he doesn't forget he's playing a woman's part. Marvin wills his serious manner to Leonard Austin. To Miss Miller the class wills a carton of rulers to replace the ones broken in Biology Class.. To Mr. Greenawald the class wills a fourteen hour school day instead of seven so he'll have plenty of time for basketball practice. To Mr. Whaley the class wills a new pillow to replace the one which was worn out when used as a football. These things we do give and devise to the above mentioned to have and to hold here and hereafter. Unchanged this will shall remain, to be closely guarded by Mr. Greenawald's dog BUZZ. CLASS HISTORY OF 1949 In 1937 a class of ten pupils entered this school preparing for the long task ahead of them, the class consisted of Marvin Tallman, Melvin Yeater, Billy Bennett, Jo Anne Jackson, Byrdena Pye, Dale Filloon, Lewis Hughes, Henery Pillard, Jack Switzer, and John Butchi. We all fortunately finished the year and were all promoted to the second grade. In the second we got four new pupils Arlo Van Antwerp, Mary Jane Waddle, Kenneth Guehl, and Violet Morelock. This with the loss of John Butchi. Jo Anne Jackson, and Dale Filloon, made a total of eleven. The teacher these two years was Miss Marjorie McCray. Going into the third grade there was a drop in our class number, from eleven to six those that moved were Billy Bennett, Lewis Hughes, Arlo Van Antwerp, Henry Pillard, and Violet Morelock, two were left behind Jack Switzer and Byrdena Pye, but we did gain two new pupils Addie Klinefelter, and David Lacy, the teacher that year was Miss Lucille McMillin. Entering the fourth grade, and finding a new teacher, Miss Arleta. Smith, we lost one pupil that was Mary Jane Waddle which reduced our number to five, we all passed that year successfully and were promoted to the fifth grade where we lost Marvin Tallman from 1941 to 1945 none of our present class attended. In the ninth grade a whole new class entered Morley. They were: Joyce Achenbach, Jean Achenbach, and Gayland Ricklefs. The teachers 12 that year were Mr. Blanchard, Mrs. Dunlap, and Miss Miller. ln our sophomore year we gained a boy who started to school here, Marvin Tallman, that made a class total of four. The teachers that year were Miss Miller, Mrs. Dunlap, Mrs. Shumaker, Mr. Brennen. In our Junior year we entered with four and ended with five, collect- ing Claire Gombert the second semester. Our teachers that year were Miss Miller, Mrs. Davis, and an old face around here Mr. Greenawald. In our senior year we got Paul Mitchell who brought our total of five to our present number of six. Our teachers being Miss Miller, Mrs. Peck, and Mr. Greenawald. This concludes our class history of which we are very proud and satisfied. CLASS PROPHECY OF 1949 Every year in a class prophecy everybody is getting married so this year we are going to be a little different in writing the things we are apt to be doing in a few years. When I left this school I had to make some money so I went humming. I bummed on the Milwaukee, the Northwestern and many others but the one I liked the most was the railroad that ran thru the hills of the Ozarks down south. It all happened one sunny day a few years back in July, it was one of the hottest days of the year, so I climbed on one of the cars passing by. It was sure cool up there breezing along in the wind I pretty near fell asleep. While I was riding along I heard a noise and went to investigate there was another bum riding on the box car hitch, humming to himself to his hearts content, then all of a sudden he started to fall off so I reached down to help him and who do you suppose it was just another bum Marvin Tallman, I should have let him fall but who likes dead bums. We decided to harmonize our voices together so we started to sing. We sang for a while then we realized that there was another voice singing with us. We looked around and saw a bum in the ice hole of the refriger- ator car cooling himself off. He saw us and climbed out of the hole, and came to us and to our amazement it was Claire Gombert, our old class- mate. We were sure glad to see him as we rode we talked, and as we rode we began to remember old times, and the things we used to do then. As we talked we didn't notice that the train had stopped so we got off. This was one of those towns that had a bum camp, so we went where our instinct told us to go. Sure enough there was a camp, so we went where our camp was and made ourselves at home. Over in one corner there was a group of men and a man in the center of them telling them somethings so we drew closer to see what it was all about. He was preaching a sermon to them. Claire kept staring at him, and Marv asked him what he was staring at, and he said that it was Paul Mitchell, and I'll be doggoned if it wasn't. After the sermon was over we asked Paul over and we talked to him about things for about an hour, as we talked we got off on the subject of the girls that we graduated with at Morley. Paul said he saw Joyce in Tulsa, Oklahoma, working in a canning factory. He said she was pickled the time he saw her. He must have meant pickling, but you can never tell what can happen. Marv claimed he saw Jean in a little town in Alabama a few years back, working on a plantation. She was a scrub woman, but she was happy at her work. Jean always was kind hearted at things like that. We talked and talked till the train was ready to leave, so all four of us jumped on the cars and went off. We were talking as the train rolled along and then all of a sudden everything went black for a long time. There was no light and everything was quiet, then there was some light and everyone was gone. We had gone under a tunnel, how they fell off I'll never know but I'll see them someday again so I'll just keep bumming along till I run into them again. A13 T l JUNIORS Q Nwe ""L xgnw Q. A' ix , .Mk e Neko . Ni x NR X xN WW, :,,.,,.WeXQ L O -A X- 21:15-we X A - lg.. A X N x 1 X Mx Q.. v -we AX S N ew X Q S NRSV AN W A A A - . Sw x X my-Mex N - If ' 1NXP?X x N X. , .QA Qxexabw X ' ' A v i ' we Q X XQX X X XX X9 X x X kx XX N AS 3 XX x W RSNQN N JACK SWITZER WANDA BARGER BILL JACKSON ARLO VAN ANTWERP BETTY HANSEN BYRDENA PYE SOPHOMORES TOP ROW: Left to Right: Janet Seeger Shirley Slefken Delox-is Catlett Joyce Gerdes Ruth Mitchell 4 w 1 O ix U , . .. . 1 X TOP ROW: Left to Right: Roxanns Ruhl Janet Greenawald Ruth Vernon D Leland Thomas Ernest Thomas FRESHMEN 15 BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Clayton Hoppe Lee Austin Leonard Austin BOTTOM ROW: Left to Right: Duane Jurgensen Robert Hora CLASS OFFICERS President ------ ----- ------ W a nda Barger Vice-President ---- ----- B illy Jackson Secretary ------ ----- - -- Betty Hanson Treasurer--- ---- --- Arlo Van Antwerp CLASS MOTTO Less than our best is failure CLASS FLOWER White Rose CLASS COLORS Blue And Gold 16 JUNIORS Wanda Barger -------------- -------- "The woman who deliberates is lost" President Plays: Look Me In The Eye Adorable Imp ------ Basketball ----------- -------------- --------- Betty Hanson ------------------ ------ ------ - - - "Modest and quiet but useful" President Plays 5 Look Me In The Eye Hilarity House ----- Adorable Imp ------ ncaa: ngunannsnona naman- qcncaaasan sqmnsusbnccpccnnsn unucnnnnsp :oc Basketball --------- ----- - - - Byrdena Pye ------------------------ ------------------- "I awoke one morning and found myself famous" Plays 3 Adorable Imp ------ Basketball ----------- ---- ----- ---- Jack Switzer ------- "Developing an eye for thevfair sex" Plays: Adorable Imp ------------------------------ ----------- Basketball ------------ - - - ---- .-------- - --- B as eball ---------- B ill Jackson ------- "The noblest acquisition of man is speech" Playsg Look Me In The Eye Adorable Imp ------ 6OBargf 3 Z 3 1-Z-3 "Bets' Z Z Z 3 1-Z-3 ' ' Doan' 3 l-Z-3 ' ' Switz 3 1-z-3 1-z-3 "Bin" z 3 Basketball ----------- ---- ------------ ---- 1 - Z -3 Baseball ----------- ------- ---- 1 - Z-3 Arlo Van Antwerp -------------------------------------- "Dutch "Isn't it something to speak out like a man when you've something ' to say" Playsg Adorable Imp ------------------------------------------ 3 Basketball ------------------ ------- ----- ----- 1 - Z -3 Baseball --------------- 17 -----l-Z-3 CLASS OFFICERS President ------ ---Clayton Hoppe Vice-President ---- ---- D eloris Catlett Secretary ------ -- Shirley Siefken Treasurer ---- --- Joyce Gerdes CLASS MOTTO The door to success is labeled Push CLASS FLOWER . White Carnation Green Fern CLASS COLORS Green and White 18 SOPHOMORES Shirley Siefken --------------------- -------------------- ' 'Sief" "A sunny temper gilds the edge of lifes blackest moments" 1 President Basketball ------------------------------------- -------- 1 -2. Janet Seegar ------------------------ ------------------- ' 'Seq-gg" "Modest and quiet but useful" Joyce Gerdes ---------------------- ----- - "Ge:-tie "Her stride is her pride" Basketball ----------------------- --- l -Z Ruth Mitchell ------------------------------ -- "Rudy" "She does things without much noise" Deloris Catlett ---------------------------- -- "Catty' ' "Wherefore art thou Romeo" Leonard Austin ----------------------------------- - "Len" "He gently studied" Basketball ---------------------- ----- ------------ 1 - 2 Baseball ------------------------ ------ - - 1-Z Leland Austin ----------------------------------------- "Lee" "An athlete if someone doesn't change his mind" Basketball -------------------------------------------- 1- Z Baseball ------ --------- - -- 1-Z Clayton Hoppe ----------------------------------------- "Hopp" "'Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow you may die" President Z Basketball--- ---------------------- ---- - 1-Z Baseball--- ----- ---- 1-Z 19 CLASS OFFICERS President ------ ------- .T anet Greenawald Vice-President ---- ----- R obert Hora Secretary ------ ----- - -- Ruth Vernon Treasurer ---- ---- R oxy Ruhl CLASS MOTTO Aim at something you might hit it CLASS FLOWER Yellow Rose CLASS COLORS Pink And Aqua Z0 FRESHMEN Richard Miller --------------------------- ---- "I-Ie's alert when he sees a skirt" Basketball --------------------------------------- Baseball --------- ------------------------------- 1 Duane Jur gensen ---------------------------------------- ' "An athlete if he didn't have such big feet" Basketball --------------------------------------- Baseball ------------------------------ ------------- - -1 Leland Thomas ----------------------------------------- ' "I like my women" Basketball --------------------------------------- Ernest Thomas ----------------------------------------- "Our walking dictionary' ' Basketball --------------------------------------- Robert Hora ---------------------- 3 -------------------- "Our minature Van Johnson" Basketball --------------------------------------- B as eball ----------------------------------------------- 1 Roxana Ruhl ------------------------------------------- ' ' "She does things without much noise" Basketball --------------------------------------- Ruth Vernon ------------------------------------------- "With a eye for business in the Senior Class" Basketball --------------------------------------- Janet Greenawald -------------------------------------- "J'anny "She studies hard and is in all things faithful" B asketball --------------------------------------- President ---------------------------------------------- l Z1 ----- '-Dick" CJ'ergOl 'Lee" "Ernie' "Toad' Roxy' ' Ruthie KT fF l GIRLS' BASKETBALL T EAM 1949 BACK ROW: Evelyn Findley, Joyce Gex-des, Joyce Achenbach. Byrdena Pye, Wanda Berger, Janet Greenawald, Jean Achenbach. SECOND ROW: Shirley Hanson, Roxy Ruhl, Shielry Slefken, Ruth Vernon. FIRST ROW: Harlene Tallman, Charlene I-Ioldern, Carol Eldred, Nancy Hoppe CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: Marilyn Hoppe, Margo Ruhl, Marlene Achenbach. Z3 Position No. F 22 F 21 F 23 G 8: F 20 G 8: F 14 G 8: F 11 F 13 F 24 F 12 F 72 G 15 G 25 G 10 G 11 Morley 40--- Morley 68--- Morley 46 ----- Morley 53--- Morley 72--- Morley 47--- Morley 41--- Morley 65--- GIRLS BASKETBALL OF 1948-1949 Name Wanda Barger Ruth Vernon Shirley Siefken Jean Achenbach Joyce Achenbach Betty Hansen Roxy Ruhl Janet Greenawald Joyce Gerdes Nancy Hoppe Evelyn Finly Byrdena Pye Shirley Hansen Joan Techau Coached by ----- L. D. Greenawald FG FTA FTM Points Fouls 335 758 58 163 374 54 72 210 47 0 1 107 0 0 103 5 10 85 18 55 12 25 52 12 0 0 4 0 1 1 0 0 19 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 0 , 1 Games Played ------------------- ------ ------Wyoming 19 ---- ----- ----- ----Ba1dwin34 ------ ----Monmouth 48 --------------------Wyoming 37 ----- --------------vi01a 21 Morley 51 ----------- ------------- Morley 80 ------ Morley 66---- Morley 49 ----------- --- Morley 39 ------ Morley 55--- Morley 54--- Morley 78--- Morley 57--- Morley 41--- Morley 44--- Morley 42--- Morley 62'--- Won 20 Morley 35--- Morley 38--- Morley 40--- Morley 6Z--- Morley 46--- Morley 44--- flap1ain---- ----- ----------Baldwin 29 ------- - ------Springdale 42 ---------- ----S. Heart 52 Center Jct. 34 ---------------- ------Bennett 22 -Monmouth 50 -f' ---------------------------------- Center Jct. 41 ----- -------------------------------------Lisbon 42 ------------------------------------onsmw za Solon 17 ---- --------------- -------------Viola 39 -------------- --------------------- ----Wilson Packers ---------- ----------------------H--------s, Heart 48 Lisbon 32 --------------------------------Le Grand 54 , ----------------------------- Solon 41 Lost 8 County Tournaments A -----------------------------------Oxford Jct. 55 ----------------------------------oun 24 Sectional T our narnents ------------------------- -------Stanwood 35 ' ---- Center Jct. 37 ----------------- ----Lowden 55 --------------------- ----Oxford Jct. 43 'lonsolation Winners 24 J ean Achcnbach BOYS BASKETBALL BACK ROW: Left to Right: Bobby Hora, Bill Jackson, Paul Mitchell, Duane Jurgenson. Clayton Hoppe. FRONT ROW: Leonard Austin, Jack Switzer. Gayland Ricklefs, Leeland Austin. Those not present on this picture are: Marvin Tallman and Arlo Van Antwerp. BOYS BASEBALL BACK ROW: Left to Right: Gayland Ricklefs, Claire Gombert, Paul Mitchell, Mr. Greenawald, Jack Switzer, Marvin Tsllman, Arlo Van Antwerp FRONT ROW: Bill Jackson, Duane Jurgenson, Clayton Hoppe. Leonard Austin. Leeland Austin, Bobby Hora. 25s Position Forwar d F orwar d Center Guar d Guar d Forwar d F orwar d Center Center Guar d Guard Forward Forwar d Forward Morley 35 Morley 31 Morley 43 Morley 38 Morley 24 Morley 20 Morley 47 Morley 41 Morley 37 Morley 45 Morley 43 Morley 37 Morley 49 Morley 54 Morley 57 Morley 35 Morley 43 Morley 45 Morley 22 Morley 34 Morley 32 Total 913 Won 14 Morley 27 Morley 27 BOYS BASKETBALL OF 1948-1949 12 Name FE FJ' FTM Points Fouls 11 Leland Austin 102 121 57 261 57 25 Arlo Van Antwerp 59 77 30 148 61 14 Marvin Tallman 65 52 22 152 51 21 Jack Switzer 59 55 33 151 52 20 Gayland Ricklefs 37 61 Z1 95 59 15 Leonard Austin 10 17 8 28 19 12 Bill Jackson 5 14 3 13 11 24 Claire Gombart 1 5 0 2 12 23 Dick Miller 2 2 1 5 1 10 Duane Jurgensen 1 7 1 3 4 22 Paul Mitchell 1 2 0 2 3 13 Bob Hora 1 2 1 3 2 5 Clayton Hoppe 0 0 0 0 0 23 Larry Williams 0 0 0 0 0 Games Played ------- -------------------------------------------wyoming 31 ----------------------------------------------- ---- Solon 33 ---------------------------------------------------n Baldwin 33 ----------------------------------------------------- Monmouth 13 ----------------------------------------------------- Wyoming 26 ---- --------------U-------------------------------- viola 45 ------- -----------------------H------------------H Baldwin 41 --------------------------------------- ------------ Springdale 33 ------------- ----------------------------- - ----- Martelle 38 -------------------U-------------------------------u s. Heart 42 ----------------------------------------------------- center Jet. 7 ----------------------------------------------------- Martelle 36 -----------------U------- --------------------------Bennett 21 ----------------------------------------------------- Monmouth 19 ----------------------------------------------------- Center Jct. 36 ----------------------------------------------------- Onslow 23 ---------------------------------------------------n Solon 42 ---------- ----------------------------------------- Viola 43 ----------- --------------------------------------Onslow 44 -----------------------------------------------------S. Heart 61 ---------- ----------------------------U---------.Town Team 58 T otal 8 1 0 Lost 9 County Tournaments ---- ------- --------------------------- ------ Monticello 52 Se ctional T our name nts ' --------..------------------------------------------- springvme 33 Captain ------------------------------- 4- - Jack Switzer Coached by ------------------------- ---- L . D. Gr eenawald 26 Players SPRING BASEBALL OF 1948 Position Leonard Austin ---------- Pitcher ------------- Howard Nelson ----------- Kenneth Austin ----------- First Base ---------- Jack Switzer ------------ Gayland Ricklefs --------- Lee Austin -------------- Shortstop ----------- Marvin Tallman ---------- Center Field -------- -Second Base ----------------- Third Base ------------------ Batting Averages --------- 148 Catcher ---------------- ----- 4 00 --------- 162 518 300 --------- 333 --------- zvz Bill Jackson ------------- Left Field ------------------- -192 Claire Gombert ---------- Wyoming Martelle Viola --- Games Played We Right Field ------------------- 185 They ----------------------s----------------9 ---------------------- l---------------- 8 ----------------------1 1----------------1 Onslow ----------- ------------ Z ---------------- 1 o1in---- ----------------------- z -------------- - 10 Lisbon ------------------------ 1 ----------- . ----- 4 Viola ------------ - ------------ Z7----- Wyoming Martelle ----------- 0 ----------------------a----------------9 ---------------------- 3 ---------------22 Sectional Tournament Miles ------------------------- l -------------- l Z Team Won 3 Lost 7 The team was coached by L. D. Greenawald Z7 Players Leonard Austin -- Leland Austin - - - Jack Switzer ----- Duane Jurgensen -------- Arlo Van Antwerp -------- Gayland Ricklefs - Marvin Tallman ---- --- Bill Jackson ----- Claire Gombert -- Bob Hora ---------- --- Clayton Hoppe ----------- Wyoming -- Martelle -- - Solon -------- Onslow ---- Martelle --------- FALL BASEBALL OF 1948 Position Pitcher ----- Catcher ----- --------First Base-- Batting Average ------- 166 -- --- zzz --- ------ ---- 483 Second Base ----- ------------ 1 78 Shortstop - - - Third Base ------------------- 269 -- ------------- 230 Left Field ------ ---------- 1 80 Center Field- - - - ---- Right Field-- Games Played --------- Z ----- --- 16 Y. 5 Solon' --------------------------- Onslow ---- ------------------ Olin ------- Wyoming ---- ------------------ - ,- -- ---190 -- -------------- 176 Right Field --- --------- ----166 Right Field ----- --- ooo e They --- ........ TT' ---'- ------9 ------- ----8 --------- ---4 ----------- --- 3 ---------------1 ---------------3 ---------------o ------- -----7 Sectional Tournament Martelle --- ---------------- ---1 Team Won 5 Lost 5 -------------- 4 The team was coached by L. D. Greenawald f Z8 A SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Action picture of the forwards the night we beat Lisbon 44 to 32. ACTION PICTURE OF THE GUARDS THE NIGHT OF THE LISBON GAME 30 SCHOOL ACTIVITIES On the twelfth of February the girls basketball team went to Le Grand to play ball, they started this trip about noon, and got to Marshalltown about 4:30, where they registered in at the Evans Hotel. They ate a very fine steak supper at the well known Stones Cafe, while in Marshalltown. The team had the pleasure of seeing the French Thank You train. After supper the team drove to Grand, about ten minutes from Marshalltown. The Senior Class sponsored a Homecoming Dance following a basketball game with Center Junction. Music was furnished by the Miller Boys. There was a carnival put on by the high school and grades, with a program and a dance following the concessions. A Christmas program was given the eve of December 23rd. The program was given by grades and high school, music furnished by the band, led by Mr. Whaley. Lunch stands were set up during basketball games. The surrounding community donated food which was very helpful and very much appreci- ated. An Athletic Banquet was given to the community, tickets were sold to buy new suits for the two teams. This project proved very success- ful. Movies were shown after supper. Mothers of the basketball teams cooked.. The community donated and the boys and girls served. March 8, 9, 10, were the dates of the interclass tourney between Junior High and High School. March of Dimes and Red Cross were organizations Contributed to by the school. The Seniors are planning a flunk day, on which they will take a trip. Both the Boys and Girls Tournaments were very faithfully attended by the people of the surrounding community. The girls won third place in both the Sectional and County Tournaments. In the fourth round of the Sectional, they beat the Jones County Champions, Oxford Junction. In the county, to gain the third place, they beat Olin. Gained for the school from these games were two trophies. In the Boys Tournament, Morley played Springville, the Linn County Champions and almost defeated them. The final score was 33-27. The first quarter score was 3-3, the halftime score was 12-9 in favor of Springville. Morley was ahead by one point in the fourth quarter with a score of 24-23, but we lost in the final minute. 31 I WHO ARE WE? ? ? Clayton Hoppe Ruth Vernon Janet Greenawald Byrdena. Pye Jack Switzer I 1. 6 7 8 9 10 Joyce Gerdel 33 Roxanne Ruhl Deloris Catlett Jean Achenbach Betty Hansen t Janet Seagu- SCHOOL FUN D0 You Remember When Joyce Gerdes thought the "Van Antwerp" was just a means of moving. When Betty wasn't singing, "The Too Fat Polka." When Roxy wasn't blushing. When Janet Greenawald was just a short girl. When was that Janet? When Jean stayed home three nights in a row. When Joyce went to the show on Sunday night. When Ruth Vernon thought that a "Gayland" was just a happy place. When Wanda and Leonard didn't have butch haircuts. When Jack couldn't get out of work. When Marvin didn't knock down stop signs . When Claire could keep a straight face. When Paul didn't have to think of a quick excuse. When Byrdena was the flash on the basketball floor. When Bill buys water in a 7 up bottle. How about it Marv? When Deloris thought boys were just something to look at. When Clayton wasn't putting on a clown show. When Dick was just a short boy. When Shirley and Howard were good neighbors. When Ruth Mitchell thought Lloyd was just her Dad's name. When Bob wasn't toad. When Duane kept his mouth shut while shooting a basketball. When Lee Thomas didn't have to do Algebra at noon. When Ernie Thomas grew a little every once in a while. When Lee Austin wasn't teasing the teachers. When Larry didn't have heel clips. When Roy was just a bashful boy in the freshman class. School Activities The Adorable Imp The Senior Class Play of '48 with Betty Hanson playing the leading roll as Betty Lou Gordon, "The Adorable Imp." The supporting roles were played by Joyce Achenbach as Mrs. Pamela Gordon, Betty Lou's mother: Gayland Ricklefs as Hortense Hostetter, the maid: Paul Mitchell as Brian Barclay, Pamela's adrnirerg Bill Jackson as Clint Purdyg Jean Achenbach as Abby Simpkinsg Byrdena Pye as Malvina Barcley, Brian's daughterg Marvin Tallman as Winston Pickerell, wealthy patient of Sparkling Springs Sanitoriumg Jack Switzer as Dilworth Pickerell, Wins- ton's grandson: Arlo Van Antwerp as Ross Waldron another of Winston's grandsons: Imogne Van Ryndon played by Wanda Barger, the ward of Winston. 34 117 952,i5MJMj Wfifjzif f'7'0' QQGWLQL ,WJ JNL 5f'Z'1'- 1' lyk?-da0LQ " ZW df. 3? ' all-462953 WWW QMZIQ Kay-Aj'77C,Z6lafvfr'4 g,,,7!9ff1. 49.,e,oA,4-1f-'- 3L,....M. 2:23-fm 555 QMWWQ ww m 'Lm.5f'4Qw MM, WM Glu. 2704414 .Z EQQQ, Q, ggufog 'bdflgi 37 gqufog MIP!! 38 Oqufog fzafzfia K ,i L' ,Q I T wALswoRw l'?1V"F?"'F' 'FF' 'll-lfilllll lull-lqll.l.l. 39 X orle Feed 84 Grain PHONE 6F31 COAL GRAIN GARGILL FEED SARGENT FEED SEMI SOLID BUTTERMILK DE LAVAL EQUIPMENT POULTRY AND HOG EQUIPMENT NICOLL HATCHERY FEED AND PRODUCE PHONE 134 MECHANICSVILLE IOWA "BRED RIGHT - HATCHED RIGHT - PRICED RIGHT" i dolph VV. Ahrens PHONE 2.30 MECHANICSVILLE IOWA C. M. WICKHUM HENRY B. LOVIG President Farmers Co-op., Elevator GRAINS - SEED FEEDS - SOY BEAN PROCESSING PHONE 146 MART ELLE IOWA Farmers Savings Bank CAPITAL 325,000.00 SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS 350,000.00 Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation E. C. Gotsch, President - C. L. Murfield, Vice President Guy C. Martin, Cashier MARTELLE IOWA D UKE BOB Martelle Farm Store SALES AND SERVICE PHONE 666 MARTELLE IOWA COMPLIMENTS QF Clifford I.. Niles 8: Son NILES THEATRE ANAMOSA IOWA J'OYCE LUMBER COMPANY Howard Carpenter, Manager Phone 4F40 Morley Iowa KRUSE APPLIANCE General Electric - Fairbanks Morse Phone 1 9 0 Olin Iowa GORDON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Farmall Tractors - Skelgas Service Repairs Sales - Shop Service Phone Z-164 Olin, Iowa GAMBLES STORE Authorized Dealer The Friendly Store For The Whole Family Walter Eyestone, Owner PIIODE Olin, Igwa MICHEL'S GARAGE Quality Parts and Workfnenship Accessories - Battery Charging Motor Tune-Up - Welding Phone 46 Anamosa, Iowa R U B Y ' S BLUE RAIDER CAFE Home Cooked Food Anamosa Iowa SERV-U-TIRE AND APPLIANCE I Goodyear Tires General Electric Appliances - Shellane Bottle Gas Sherwin-Williams Paint Car and Tractor Tire Service Radio Sales and Service Phone 235 Anamosa Iowa I GAMBLE STORE Authorized Dealer Paint - Hardware Wallpaper - Electrical Appliances Sporting Goods - Car Parts Field Seeds - Furniture - Owned and Operated By Irvin J. Hovet Anamosa Iowa Compliments Of BESS E. SHERMAN County Recorder GORDON IMPLEMENT STORE McCormick-Deering Tractors Farm Equipment - International Trucks Sales - Service Phone Z5 Anamosa, Iowa Compliments Of SORENSEN IMPLEMENT COMPANY International Harvester Sales and Service Phone 145 Mechanicsville, Iowa HOWARD E. CAMPBELL Funeral Director Home Furnishings Armstrong Linoleums - Philco Radios Phone 150 Olin, Iowa SMYKIL - GOETTSCH Funeral Home Phone 368 Anamosa Iowa Anamosa ANAMOSA FARMER'S CREAMERY For Anamosa's Ice Cream Call At I Morley Cafe Iowa Compliments Of DON S. RUHL County Treasurer Compliments Cf W. L. PEARSON Clerk Of The District Court MAEAMELIA'S Come In and Look Around You're Always Welcome I Have A Complete Line Of Quality Jewelry and The Latest In Gifts Phone 333 Anamosa, Iowa ' SCOTT HARDWARE "Where Coffee Pot Hangs" The Complete Hardware Store Congratulations To The Class Of 1949 Phone 3 08 Anamosa, Iowa Compliments Of RHINEHART AND MC LAUGHLIN Lawyers Anamosa Iowa Compliments Of RUSSELL AND RUSSELL For Your Insurance Service Phone 240 Anamosa Iowa M I L L E R ' S RADIO - ELECTRIC Appliances - I Repair Work Guaranteed Service Morley Iowa MORLEY CAFE Home Cooked Meals - 'Short Orders Candy - Sandwiches - Soft Drinks Cigarette s Phone 6F44 Morleyi Iowa BICKERSTAFF AND GRAY GROCERIES Fancy Groceries - Ice Cream Meats Locker Service Morley Iowa If It's For Home Or Farm See Us ' Sales and Service FOSTER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Full Line J. I. Case Machinery Kelvinator - Appliances - R. C. A. Victor Radios PhOI'18 183 Olin, Iowa UNION TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK Capital and Surplus S1Z5,000 Olin Iowa S T U H L E R S Clothes For The Lad and His Dad Phone 510 Anarnosa Iowa LOYET VARIETY STORE Q "Try The Dime Store First" Phone 2. Anamosa Iowa 1 AMENTS DRY GOODS Ladies' Ready-To-Wear - Millinery Blankets - Draperies Infants Wear - Gift Items Phone 321 Anamosa, Iowa ""' ' if H 1 K- f- "NM' ' ' Compliments Of MARTELLE CAFE Meals - Short Orders Gift Shop - Footwear FIRESTONE STORE Skelgas Service Auto Supplies - Paints Housewares - Appliances Ralph Ditch, Owner Anamosa, Iowa THE KLEANALL Home Of Better Cleaning Anamosa, Iowa NICK'S SHOE CLINIC If Your Shoes Are Not Becoming To You They Should Be Coming To Us - For Repairs While-U-Wait Service Invisible Resoling Compliments Of DR. A. W. CRUSE Phone Z-16 Mechanic sville, Iowa MODEL DRESS SHOP Dresses - Millinery and Ladies ' Accessories Phone 40 Anamosa, Iowa NATE'S WELDING Blacksmithing Wood Working All Work Guaranteed Morley, Iowa WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Truetone Radios - Davis Tires Wizard Batteries Western Flyer Bicycles Vita-Power Oil Automobile Accessories Heels Attached In 5 Minutes John E. Schminlay, Owner Anamosa, Iowa Anamosa, Iowa EDISON DRUG Pr esc riptions C ar efully P Compounded Phone 84 Anamosa, Iowa GRAVER IMPLEMENT COMPANY Ford Tractors and Dearborn Equipment Phone 123-W2 Anamosa, Iowa ECONOMY SHOE STORE Shoes For The Entire Family We Fit By X-Ray Phone 286 Anamosa, Iowa COAST TO COAST STORES Hardware - Auto Supplies Paints - Housewares Roger Gergrede, Owner Phone 145 Anamoxs a, Iowa Good Wishes Of E. H. LITTIG, M. D. Mechanicsville, Iowa Compliments Of ELLIS DRY GOODS Mechanicsville, Iowa JERRY'S CAFE Good Food - Prepared Right Your Satisfaction - Our Aim Mechanicsville, Iowa A R T I E ' S D-X STATION Gas, Oil, Tires Tubes and Tire Repairing Morley, Iowa QUALITY CAFE Fountain Service a Regular Meals Short Orders Homemade Pastries Phone 35 Anamosa, Iowa NIE GRAIN COMPANY Nie's Blue Ribbon Feed Phone 168 Mechanicsville, Iowa Compliments Of SCOTTY'S PLACE Mechanicsville, Iowa MACOMBER'S Wallpaper - Paints Films - Film Service School Supplies Costume Jewelry Phone 8 Olin, Iowa 1 -1 CLOVER LEAF CAFE Fried Chicken Dinner On Sundays No Better Food In Town Fine Steaks Homemade Pies Delicious Coffee Phone 568 Anamosa, Iowa JOE HORA Local and Long Distance Trucking Morley, Iowa RUSSELL IMPLEMENT AND REPAIR Welding - Battery Charging Quality Lubricants and Fuels Phone 616F36 Morley, Iowa HAWLEY REXALL DRUG Serving The Community All The Features Of A Modern Pharmacy Phone 189 Anamosa, Iowa .li

Suggestions in the Morley Consolidated High School - Tigers Yearbook (Morley, IA) collection:

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