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Morgantown High School - Mohigan Yearbook (Morgantown, WV) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Cover

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i 5 mf' ' ' -, --. :g ., 1'-'.,:f 1 vm fn , -1 --.- f , eww , K L I f 1 1 f, w x ? X, H X 1 Pages from ay Senior's Sketch book as seen TWT , 'fx 'Q' ,X 'Zn J 5 N .f N4 -X 'zn- K x7.iXiy l lk J 51 ,, V ,Q If ' X X 1 X Q ,pw-W1 Q, . 4 .,, ' H. in the 1940 42-V ' XY N 9 ! My H 3559? 1, W -2 j WK H ?ii W cl' X X W AL f SX- K V' A gp .pf QXNX fx XX x H ,: f A... XX Q X' J , H? .7 5 ff gf?-30 , f J f , .Q g +,, 4 , f , wwf- f I , ff X I X QT-xQ Q Q K w WMM . x ,XXX I .1 If -I QQ - 5 15 gm 4 1' ' L zh ' f A + . V! V s ' W Q A 5 K Vs ' VI .R Ml 4 1 ' xl X U , 9 I L " ' 1' . A JL fx .9 ' rr, X k g ' ,X f , . A .. ,Q X ky ' X ' 5 Z 5 h ' A 5'XXX '1- 1, If X 1311 ' " 1' w X , Xia Z7 ..,,, U v ' 2 ,l XX . XZ I X L 1' I ' f ,J g - V ,1 -X KZ l X W , al I NU, X512-ap., H . vm ff . f f fi . 1iQw?Q19 1. 2 In -4. r Lnmluy iJfuq.,u..n,' f .ff V 'I .WV ,J-"I 0 E 2 - -.w -if- ' .....,.a.ii-, ...:,:.Y,.....i-22+ MGHIGAN HE MOI-IIGAN staff, Robert E. Muffly, editor, George Batlas, business manager, present through a senior's Sketchbook four years of high school life. The sketches reveal years of work and play as freshmen benight, sophomores bright, juniors right, and seniors with might. aww 'NX ' rw 1 ff f 5 if X' Ls' fk Z-'K XX L dx fn f X11 K2 ir U i is A , mf ,, TQQ . X . A e ,Mild X L xl' 'lhuu 3 V T "R, X ' W 'ISN Lf! ni? A f f 4 ' , -' n e gn -' 'Q' bfi 2 X fi , ' 2, 11 V , ' 4 f f N It KKK f 7,7 ' 1 ff if i 'X 651 Q H ?Ef. T if if 4 J X IW , 1 .2 ww X f V ' 'I A A i 1 L l f - W Q f Lk, e is , 1 'ff fi 5 X 1 MA Q R ,L ffl f Q, fr X I I ,u .. e J i s Q e 'i t 'T 4 4' I X ii i Q3 ' V mi ' X r Q X UK X A Q 1 we a A x s at -f A X X at e W 3 ORGANTOWN High School is proud to have the largest and best high school auditorium in the state. The newest addition to our school plant was completed in the middle of the winter and since then we have been having weekly assemblies. 4 Milf Qx gl! is X .5 -13 If Q' ,ON t ' L ' Q LL. X. f ii? Xl X p W, ,W X , X f s X l il l ' l N34 . . 1 t f x lf! 3 ., xx 5 k H xx , ,X ll X! R I lf' V A xx V ' ' ' I7 ' T 1 -I Mi 'V 'F wx My Q -f A df-,ff s-fix af f X XX 4 Z Z L u ? ? 5 i a .1 5 M., 6 FTER lVlrs. Walls has checked our excuses, we are off to classes similar to those sketched here -commercial-mechanical drawing - assembling the Nlohigan - amicl a chorus of cheery greetings, banging lockers, and the rush of feet. X, x ? 4 'Q W 1 'N' WWW 1 Q1 fQ YQ ii Q M f ie 'A , 7 N THE Sketchbook of our high school Clays, one ot the memories we will cherish most is that of our teachers, We think of them noteonly as advisers, but also as friends. Through their wise direction we have completed four years of high school. We urge our under-classmen to take aclvan' tage of the profitable associ- ations they can make with these men ancl women clevotecl to the service of youth. Faculty , S X Nr vb Q f P f g ' f X gf f fx 'N 'x ,.,-fx 5 Q3 V QQ- QR J j,V,,5'1?'gf'Y9 flx I 1-"S N1 Qkvms Qfxfw ' 1 5, L N- - C X ' WW? ty n xg ,p....aM ROBERT CLARK FLOYD COX L. F. MORRISON R. SMITH TIBBS Superintendent Assistant Assistant President of Schools Superintendent Superintendent of Board of of Schools of Schoo's Education CHARLES HARE L. R. HILDRETH REBECCA CORE D. O. MORRIS Board Member Board Member CONAWAY Board Member Board Member The Board of Education Several years ago the board of education had charge of the Morgantown city schools only. At the present the board of education is in charge of all the schools of the county exactly in the same capacity and with the same re- lationship and authority towards all schools in the county that the city board used to have with the city schools. The board of education has just completed a million dollar building pro- gram for the county. Our new auditorium is a part of this building program. We certainly are proud of this new auditorium. It means so much in the life of Morgantown High School. We thank our board for this and the other fine services they are rendering to the young people of Monongalia County. I0 Mr. Davis As a part of the new administrative setup, Mr. Scott Davis came to Morgan- town High in the fall of l939 to take the position of assistant principal. He has taken over some of the duties that before fell so heavily on the Principal and Mrs. Walls. Mr. Davis holds an A. B. from Fair- mont State Teachers College, and an A. Nl. from W. V. U. Previous to this year he was principal at Wadestown High School, Wadestown, W. Va. Mr. Riddle In serving his first year at Morgan- town High School, Mr. Riddle has proved to be a successful administrator in work- ing with both teachers and students. Last year he was assistant superintendent of County Schools in charge of Secondary Schools. He has an A. B. and an A. Nl. from W. V. U. and he also attended Columbia University at New York. ALBRIGHT, ERBIE-B. S. H. E., W. V. U.: A. Nl., Teachers College, Columbia Uni- versity: Chicago University: Home Economics: Home Economics Club. BISHOP, JUANITA - A. B., Bowling Green College of Commerce: West Kentucky State Teachers College: Typing. BRODERICK, TERESA--A. B., W. V. U.: journalism, English: Red and Blue Journal, Quill and Scroll, Nlohigan. BROWN, JAMES-A. B., W. V. U.: American History: Hi-Y Club. BYRD, E.LlZABE.TH W.-A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., Northwestern University: Latin, English: Student Council Co-Sponsor. CLYDE, ARTHUR H. - A. B., Geneva College: A. Nl., University of Nlichigan: W. V. U., University of lllinois: History, Athletics: Athletics Coach, Varsity 'Nl'. CONANT, CARRIE- Ph. B., University of Nlichigan: W. V. U.: Latin. CQNWAY, RUTH JOHNSTON-A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: English: Nlimics Club. CORNWELL, LORAIN S. -A. B., Fairmont State Teachers College: A. Nl., W. V. U.: Work on Ph. D., W. V. U.: Problems of Democracy, American History. DAILEY, EARL L.-A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: Shepherd State Teachers Col ege: Nlathematics: junior Class. DOUTHAT, NlARY E.. -Bachelor of Nlusic, W. V. U.: Vocal Nlusic: Girls Chorus, A Capella Choir. GODFREY, A. H.--A. B., Emory and Henry College: A. Nl., W. V. U.: American History: Civics Club. HOERTH, IVIORT E..--A. B., Bowling Green College of Commerce: A. C, A. North- western University: Western State Teachers College: Bookkeeping: Treasurer, Na- tional Honor Society. jAMlSON, GEORGIA GARNET- A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: Graduate Work, Columbia University, University of Nlichigan, New York University: Speech and English: Contests, Special Work. JENKINS, LULA Nl. - A. B., Fairmont State Teachers College: A. Nl., W, V. U.: English. JONES, EDNA - A. B., Barnard College: A. Nl., Columbia Graduate School of Political Science: Teacher's Diploma, Teachers College Columbia University: W. V. U.: Problems of Democracy. KUYKENDALL, RETTA Nl.-A. B., Bowling Green College of Commerce: A. C. A., University of Kentucky: University of Southern California: Shorthand, Penmanship, Spelling: A. O. O. Club. LAWRENCE, ELlZABE.TH--A. B., W. V. U.: B. S. L. S., Columbia University: Uni- versity of Illinois: Library: Library Club, Book Store. LENILEY, KATHERINE D.-A. B., W. V. U.: University of Southern California: Typing, Salesmanship, junior Business Training: Social Chairman. MANEAR, RUTH 1 A. B., W. V. U.: Columbia University and George Peabody College: Social Studies: Student Council. MARPLE, FREDA- A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: Glenville State Teachers Col- lege: English: Senior Class Adviser. NlcCLURE, IRIS Nl. -A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: Nlathematics: Senior Class Ad A . vlser NlcNllLLEN, HERBERT-A. B., W. V. U.: A. Nl., W. V. U.: West Liberty Normal School: Chemistry: National Honor Society. NlETZ, JUNE- B. S. in Physical Education, W. V. U.: Physical Edu- W kv cation: Sponsor G. A. A. X kwa fl S Machine Woodworking. NALE, ORPHA L.-A. B., W. V. U.: A. lVl., W. V. U.: English' Senior Play Coach, Nlimics Club. '7 ,. .fx 1 W. .N-fy X 'X fs I2 y 1 XY MORRISON, WILBUR C.- B. S. in Industrial Education, W. V. Us C ENGLISH DEPARTMENT T. Broderick R. Conway C. Jamison L. jenkins, F. Marple O. NaIe V. Noland C. Painter E. Peck IVI. Taylor J. Vance, D. White FOREIGN LANGUAGE E. Byrd C. Conant R. Wade, IVI, Zeni HISTORY AND SOCIAL SCIENCE VI. Brown A. Clyde L. S. CornweII I-I. Godfrey E. jones R. IVIanear PHYSICAL EDUCATION J. Metz J. Roberts SCIENCE H. IVIcIVIiIIen IVI. Richards C. Sheldon C. Waring 'N WU' QW .AI S fi A-'Sw Q ,I QQ Xvfmf I 2' rw' 'QU 'GN- .3 I4 MATHEMATICS E. Dailey I. McClure C. Smith S. Stonestreet M. Whitman HOME ECONOMICS E.. Albright M. Patterson S. Phflips MUSIC M. E. Douthat C. Stump ART . C. Waggoner I-I. Yates VOCATIONAI.. SUBJECTS W. Morrison E. Nardi R Summers O. D. White COMMERCE J. Bishgp Hoerth R. Kuykendall K. Lemley H. Pritzr-:I E. Randall, M. Shriver LIBRARIAN E. Lawrence 1- NARDI, FRANCIS L.-B. S., Bradley Polytechnic lnstitute: Fairmont State Teachers College: Auto Mechanics, lndustrial Arts: Co-Sponsor S. O. S. Club, Triple Seven Club. NOLAND, VELDA-A. B., Fairmont State Teachers College: A. M, New York Uni- versity: W. V. U.: English: Chairman, General Assembly Committee. PAINTER, CAMll..LA-B. S. in Education, W. V. U.: English, Bible History: Girl Reserve Sponsor. PATTERSON, MABEL F.-A. B., W. V. U.: Columbia University: Home Economics: We Limited Club Sponsor. PECK, ELIZABETH TAPP-A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: English: Pep Society Sponsor. PHILLIPS, SARAH- B. S. H. E., W. V. U.: Home Economics: Sophomore Class Sponsor. PRITZEL, HAZEL-A. B., Bowling Green College of Commerce: B. C. S., junior Col- lege: Typing, Secretarial Practice: Programs. RANDALL., ESTELLE-A. B., Bowling Green College of Commerce: W. V. U.: Co- lumbia University: Shorthand: Red and Blue Journal, Business Adviser. RICHARDS, MARGARET D. -A. B., W. V. U.: M. S., W. V. U.: Biology. ROBERTS, JACK-B. S., W. V. U.: Physical Education: Boys Intramural Activities, Athletics. SHELDON, CLARA F. -A. B., University of Nebraska: A. M., W. V. U.: Biology. SHRIVER, MAY-A. B., W. V. U.: Bookkeeping: School Treasurer. SMITH, GEORGINA-A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: Teachers College Columbia University: Mathematics: Mohigan. STONESTREET, BLANCHE.,-A. B., West Virginia Wesleyan: A. M., West Virginia Wesleyan: Teachers College Columbia University: University of Chicago: W. V. U.: Mathematics: Astronomy Club. STUMP, H. CHARLES - B. S. in Music Education, Pennsylvania State College: W. V. U., Pennsylvania Summer Session for Supervisors of Music: lnstrumental Music: Band, Orchestra. SUMMERS, ROBERT- B. S. in Industrial Education, W. V. U.: Woodworking, Mechan- ical Drawing: Us and Co. Sponsor. TAYLOR, MABEL RUTH--A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: Eng'ish: Masquers. VANCE, JOSEPH C. -A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: Commercial Law, English. WADE, REBECCA-A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: Graduate Work, Middlebury College French School in Vermont: French, Key Club, Social Committee. WAGGONER, CORNELIA -Graduate of Pratt lnstitute: W. V. U., Penn State: Private teachers: Art, Pottery: Art Club Sponsor, Director of County Art Program. WARlNG, CLAUDE L. - A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: Physics, Biology: Photography Club. WHITE, DOROTHY STONE.-A. B., W. V. U.: A. M., W. V. U.: Marietta College: Carnegie lnstitute of Technology: Drama, English: Sponsor o National Thespians, Stage Crew. f Troupe No. 27 WHITE, O. D. - B. S., W. V. U.: M. S., W. V. U.: Vocational Agri- culture: Future Farmers of America. V WHITMAN, MARY ATKINS-A. B., Athens College: Peabody Col- X- A. lege, W. V. U.: Mathematics: Mohxan Business Adviser. f fx A W YATES, HAROLD W.-A. B., Carnegie lnstitute of Technology: ,N 5' , fe Art, Art Metal: Demos Club Sponsor: Mohigan. i ,X ZENI, MINNIE CAPPELLANTI-A. B., W. V. U.: Columbia Uni- I versity: Social Studies, Italian: S. O. S. Club Sponsor. . Nyc? ji l ', ' fr . G ' L.. . li , l p ,j '- Y t ,nl Y Y 1 .. Q uk fxll V YZ L+-' Sw f , ,TW W li MM ,ig ft.. 1. Y ' - 1 , A, X 1' x ,3 ,.. f 1 I5 ' N THE, sketches of this school year the drawings of the classes take up the most space. This is not surprising for what is ai school without pupils? Classes ,, AW if if U1 12-1 1 54 .4 x 5 ! 'n+Df7 X Jfm ff g fob - k Q!! I JW 'fl v . In X fn ' I ' , E343-Q , GUN .f gm gf .K 7700 K GIQOY , 1 ,' , K ' ,N wi. V L, I .. ve SL' gn .51 ,H 9 ,: " X, Ax I f i ,. Ii 1 3 I7 K 7 75411151 for Ma 2725172071155 . . . goznweffli cfaiisi HOME ROOM 220 - MR. YATES First Row--B. McCloskey, D. DeVincent, M, Whistler, E. jones, G. Bellotti. Row-H. Yates, M. Calandrelli, P. Nolors, B. Amos, R. Davis Third Row-G. Sherren, l... DeWitt, A. Suf- ritz, M. Hart, M. Pichini. Top Row- B. Fuller, F. Sweitzer, M. Smith, H. Taylor, B. Prentice. Second HOME ROOM 123 - MISS WADE First Row- M. Hamilton, E. Mancin, M. Jake- way, D. Briscoe. Second Row-R. Wade, E. Peltz, W. Hiser, M. A. Goodwin, R. Jamison. Top Row-S. Jones, Guntner, B. Dalton, l. Fox, L. Clarke, HOME ROOM 204 - MR. CORNWELL First Row - M. Christopher, E. Phillips, Thorn, B. Shay, l. Herrington, M. Libera- tore. Second Row-T. Baxevandes, B. Blosser, D. Powell, B. Culbertson, C. Cole. Third Row-D. Molicy, H. Hilling, Savage, C. Arlnogast. Fourth Row -- E. Berkshire, G. Shaffer, Belcastro. HOME ROOM 210 --MISS JONES First Row - Miss jones, S. Hastings, D. Beag. W. Ellison, A. Skidmore, T. Brown, Peterson, V. Trowbridge. H. Kramer, D. Wilson, Fickey, V. Cap pellanti, O. Veechio. Third Row - H. Miller, F. Cathreno, S. Hile man, V. Prozzie, W. Ornick, B. Flynn, D Overfield. Top Row-W. Frum, D. Friant, P. Hixen haugh, H. McNemar, P. Mennit, R. Warman Second Row-C. Powell, B. Moore, M. Pyecha. SOPHOIMORE CLASS The Sophomore Class was organized last fall with Mrs. Sarah Phillips as the sponsor and have already contributed much to the activities of the school. We could not omit them from our sketch- hook and we expect many more sketches from them before their book is closed. The officers of the class are: Jeanne Dickin- son, secretary: Barbara Price, treasurer: Don- ald Knotts. president: Mary Angotti, historian, Victoria Peppetti, vice-president. HOME ROOM I06 1 MISS WHITE First Row 1 R. Forsyth, Eldred, Ci. Inks, R. Skinner, D. S. White, P. Ciallaher, R. Hen- derson, B. L. C-row, R. Jacobson. Second Row 1 C. Gibbs, R. Brown, V. Livesay, M. Blaney, M. Dodd, W. Dalton, E. Ogden, T. Jackson. Third Row 1 A. Leach, M. Berry, L. Klein, F. Madeira, Ci. Newlon, K. Chidester, A. Wilson. Top Row 1 E, Wildman, M. E. Duncan, E. Morris, P. Stump. HOME. ROOM 109 1 MR. NARDI First Row 1 Mr. Nardi, V. Twigg, Cr. De- Vaughn, M. Sterling, R. Shepherd, F. Hall, F. Shriver. Second RoW1C. Pichini, B. Fletcher, Boggess, C. Shisler, B. Duranti, M. Noone. Third Row 1 P. Angotti, V. Pompili, R. Goff, B. Gachler, R. Cox. Fourth Row 1 K. Kelley, R. West, K. Painter, A. Chipps, B. Graham, H. Fraley, Cu. Roloin- son. HOME ROOM 304 1 MISS SMITH First Row1P. Billingsley, V. D. Fear, B. Barn- ard, G. Smith, F. Stein, D. Stockdale, M. Faulkner, Cn. McQufstion. Seqond ROW-1B. L. Rose, W. Posten, D. Hiner, S. Williams, A. Davidson, D. Wil- liams, N. Wooster. Third Row 1 C. Case, R. Pratt, Dickinson, D. R. Harner, O. Layman, T. R, Johns, D. Wilson, M. Riggs. Fourth Row 1 E.. A. McMillen, Davis, A. Valentine, E. Minor, W.'Mitchell, N. Yost, W. Brannan, B. L. Morris. Top Row 1 W. Cowell, W. Price, R, Taylor, D. Wotring, D. Lazzelle, C-. Allen. 04 cf .Wy 5 faxes o begat firzw . . . cuzcf figzazy fuss S4111 Lemon cofaiaf. in 917415551 20 HOME ROOM 108 - MISS TAYLOR First Row - K. jones, M. Tennant, W. Chris- topher, C. Martinez, Diprospero, M, Lemley, N. Burke, L. Shaffer, R. Smith. Second Row 1 N. Saffel, Miller, Feck, D. L. Reese, C. Ciriflith, B. Haddock, M. Brown. E. Bolyarcl. Third Row 1 G. Smith, L. Murphy, C. Henry, H. Richardson, G. Mills, Deeley, L. Foster, J. Coddington. Fourth Row 1 B, Bishoff, R. Spangler, Kelly, C. Furfari, W. Coombs, H .Graham, C. Rodeheaver, W. Dalton, R. Lenhart, D. Knotts. HOME ROOM 302 - MRS. SHELDON First Row - Reed, M. Jones, A. McDowell, B. Daugherty, C. Fisher, B. Barker, Moore, A. Feather. Second Row - F. Chenoweth, B. Keener, T. Vveirner, P. Courtney, R. Bokey, R. Smith, W. Jones, E. Spiker. Third Row -- L. Lynch, B. DeVall, Swisher, M. Wallace, M. Chipps, M. L. Pompili, H. Reppy, S. Harless. To Row -- A. Aitken, M. Torch, M. Smith, P B. Stalnaker, Hunter, H. Smith, M. Adams, A. Sanders, T. St. Clair. HOME ROOM 313 - MISS MQCLURE. First Row 1 Miss McClure, B. Chipps, D. Garletts, B. S. Bailey, W. Coulson, B. S. Titus, R. Guthrie, F. Peterson, R. Cokeley. Second Row - M. Bell, H. Yoke, R. Layman, E. Nichelson, R. Forbes, D. Shriver, C. Brock, T. Campbell, G. Shean. Third Row - Brand. F. Balint, V. Kerns R. O'Neil, K. Wright, N. Stone, D. Wil.iams, J. Dargay. Top Row -- M. Huffman, K. Headlee, B. Phil- lips, M. Lee, Barnes, M. Shahan, T. Williams, M. Angotti. HOME ROOM I I6 - MRS. PECK First Row - H. Quidas, Stump, M. Jones, C. Schenck, Collins, R. DeBiase, F. L. St. Clair, B. Gatian. Second Row - B. lvill, R. Bernardo, C. Ful- ciniti, L. Davis, N. Wright, W. Wiles, E. Cook, R. Goodwin. Third Row - F. Quinn Luci, B. L. Martin, P. Hunt, M. L. McHugh, E.. Thomas, M- Taylor, S. Madia. Fourth Row -' D. Harsany, l. Luci, M. Straw ser, T. Fratto, V. Andy, L, Vassilg, E. Stevens, R. Davis, P. Davies, P. Colebank M. Davis. Jfow fouaf if ivai Z7 .14 HOME ROOM 30I 1 MISS RICHARDS First Row 1 W. Ruggles, G. Garner, H. Mul doon, R. Fogle, R. Newlon, M. Ward, A. Piper, V. Garner. Second Row 1 A. Musick, B. Graham, Scire R. Swords, M. Smith, R. Schiffbauer, C Neely, Y. DeCarlo. Third Row 1 E.. Davis, M. Nuce, P. lllnecke, S. Steflcovich, V. Neville, R. Sterner, E. Mil- ler. Fourth Row 1 K. Papandreas, B. Gettings, D. Baer, A .Lemine, B. KOPP, H. Wilson C. Culp. HOME ROOM 224 - MISS PRITZEL First Row 1 Miss Pritzel, H. Ringer, D. Harker, B. E. Wolfe, M. Hoskins, l. Reed, G. Sponaugle. Second Row 1 P. Bolyard, T. DeAngelis, N. Morony, W. Hackney, M. Summers, l... Fortney, V. Phillips. Third Row 1 W. Coombs, V. Pratt, Barbour, L. Allum, G. Katchur, R. Davis. Fourth Row 1 V. Barbour, M. Hess, E. Green, E. Shriver, E.. Royce. Top Row 1 O. Stump, N. Nolan, R. Jenkins, R. Hunnell, A. Guariglia. HOME ROOM Z0l1MISS METZ First Row 1 Medrick, R. Hill, Miss Metz, G. Medrick, N. Annonio. Second Row1F. Messoria, B. Steinbaugh, D. Hall, E.. Holmes, Paul. Third ROW1 H. Flynn, H. Sigwart, E. Reckert, E.. Nuce, O, Harner. Fourth Row1 M. Dixon, M. Sansone, H. Nuce, B. McCroby. HOME ROOM 31 I 1 MR, WARING First RoW1D. Johnson, H. Mitchell, D. Liller l... Dalton, Forbes, D. Grimes. Second Row 1 Sansone, B. Price, K. Hart ley, E. Corulli, Belderes, M. Karnes. Third Row 1 Stealey, H. Peters, W. Dye O. Gatain, Shaffer. Fourth Row 1 D. Garletts, Pyle, Mr. Waring C. Garrett. o rfganfai oz 6 a mamouai of foobfiaff in fda fag r HOME ROOM Z02 1 MISS KUYKENDALL First Row 1 W. Bowers, F. Weese, C. Hage- dorn, F. Weese, R. Jacobs, E. Fisher, K. Craig, R. Murphy, P, Duncoe. Second Row 1 V. Peppetti, L. Andrews, E.. Utt, Roxanis, B. Castagneri, R. Grimes, R. Shaffer, Kalo, L. Smith. Third Row 1 V. DeBerry, M. Petrich, R. Har- ner, B, Lightner, Behune, R. Bastson, A. Reed, Hixenlnaugh. Top Row 1 P. DeWitt, A. Oliverio, L. Nuce, R. Cupp, M. Evans, P. Davis, F. Kwiatko- slci. HOME ROOM 306 1 MR. DAILEY First Row 1 M. Hanna, G. Wakefield, M. Quinn, Sanlcbeil, R. Croston, R. Kuhn, L. Evans, E. Richards. Second Row 1 D. Kelly, E. Bigam, M. Phillips, H. Douglas, T. jenkins, M. Berolatti, F. Wilkins. Third Row 1 A. Timpano, M. Whisler, A. Moran, M. Johnson, E. Albertazzi, B. Work- man, Vargo. Top Row 1 Mr. Dailey, V. Flumm, Pinion, P. Lawson, H. Walker. HOME ROOM 310 1 MISS STONESTREET First Row 1 P. Cuariglia, A. Fisher, Buda, M. Koontz, R. Calvert, M. Biafora, B. West- over, john. Second Row 1 Miss Stonestreet, W. Kapaldo, l. V. Brand, N. Spina, B. Sherman, R. De- Vincent, L. DeWitt, B. Fawley, A. Guido. Third Row 1 T. Coombs, Batlas, P. Davies, B. Buseman, M. Vandervort, Gregg, G. Pixler, H. Roberts. Fourth Row 1 P. DeBastiani, Barthlow, C. Cooper, K. Hardin, G. Barnes, H. Cappel- lanti, A. Kamp. Top Row 1 O. Radcliff, L. DeLynn, Wilson, C. DeCarlo. HOME ROOM 307 1 MR. MCMILLEN man, T. Zinn. l son, F. Trevillian, G. Lucas, R. Bike, B Pickenpaugh. ' Third Row 1 H. Edmond, H. Powell, E. Wells V B. Martin, D. Summers, D. Hall, H. Davis ' Top Row 1 B. Karnes, R. Daclisrnan, Mr. Mc l Millen, D. Wolfe, Tonon, Pifer. 3 i Q cgi. gays . . . of iacfcffa afioafi and 491. Efuaa . . . ana! ovar- 22 First Row 1 VV. Wilhelm, West, D. Denham, B. Templeton, l. Linger, R. Moore, L. Pit- Second Row 1 A. Titus, F. Tay'or, Hender- ,.. PUWSSW the Tayim ' Rhylhmanres LRGANTDWH HBH GY! M ,.,, ffl Our sketch book would not be complete Without the Junior Class. Their activities, so Well carried out this year, reveal the promise of more success as Seniors. The officers of the class are: President, Jack Brannong Vice-President, Paul Hoskinsg Secretary, Betty Lou Koehler: Treasurer, Sam Jacobsong His- torian, Robert Armstrongg Sponsor, Mr. Earl L. Dailey. cfzowdscf fiaffi . . . cilfow fovsfij if was . . . ffmazzy fgs C711 we made 23 A az If " 4 Qt, I 4' ".f.1.,: 4 r 5 3 , V ,L ff-x IAZ J. 4' ' wc I V- : 'gf V: ,,,,,. V x V, -- 1A ' x, -1 ,. K Vy' First Row- Ammons, Douglasg Baldwin, Robert: Batlas, john, Bell, johng Benson, Doris. Second Row-Beveridge, Nlalmarieg Bierer, Betty: Bishoff, Helen: Brown, laneg Buck- lew, Lawrence. Third Row- Bucklew, Susan: Campbell, Helen, Caravasos, Christine: Carpenter, Maxine. Fourth Row-Carrico, jean, Carter, Johng Cather, Elaineg Collett, Dorothy: Cornell, Florence. Fifth Row-Coulson, .launitag Cox, Charles, Craze, Betty Jane: Davies, Frances, Davis, Barbara June. Clgqllcf nuuu! ffia I7ZOlZffii taut we flnlyid -A-e 06 msfg if mai :SJAIS 24 few First Row 1 Davis, Dorothyg DelVloss, james, DeWitt, Gene, Ervin, Ralph: Ferrell, Betty Jean. Seconcl RoW- Forbes, Carl, Frost, James, Garner, Charles, Glass, Mary, Glenn, Herbert. Thircl Row-Coclfrey, Virginia: Grayson, Lucy, Grimes, .Iuanitag Grubb, Bettie. Fourth Row-Guthrie, Dorothag Haas, Leoneneg Haddock, Jeang Hall, Donald, Ham- mond, Emma Jo: Fifth Row-Harner, Sarah Catherine: Harner, Wilma, Hill, Betty, Holmes, Doris, Hood, Doris. Klflfgiff: we ska, ac! . . . if was iucfi Luz . . . and no fiaznz cforza H 25 f,.-ff' E 3 4, vibw M3 First Row-Hosey, Lucille: Jasper, Eileen: Jennings, Vesta: Knapp, John: Knotts, Donald. Second Row-Lemmon, Russell: LeRoy, Virginia: Lewis, Ernestine: Malone, Lula: Martin, Doris. Third Row - McCloskey, Agnes: McDowell, Madaline: MCC-innis, Mary Emily: MCC-innis, Thelma. Fourth Row-McQuistion, Elizabeth: Mehalic, Vernon: Muir, Phyllis: Parriott, Robert: Parson, Harriet. Fifth Row-Pickens, Lois: Pierre, Albert: Prettyman, Eleanor: Pugh, Jean: Richards, Robert. :Sao fficuzgi for ffl.-5 nzamozisa . . . of 'Q Eaffazacf gay? 26 55' id ,. 113' will .rf I i- ir V 'UN First Row-Riley, Loman: Robinson, Nlariang Roby, Carlton: Roby, Gertrude, Romine, Rubyan. Seconcl Row-Shaffer, Richardg Shanabarger, Betty: Shively, Maxine: Simpson, Oleta: Sowers, Robert. Third Row-Spangler, Efeanorg Spiker, Alice Louise, Stansbury, Patty: St. Clair, Eugene. Fourth Row- Tenney, Lillian: Tissue, Dona: Trevillian, Jeanne, Urdanoff, Jordan, Vanclervort, Roger. Fifth Row-White, Frankie, Wilson, Betty, Wilson, Marian: Wolfe, Charlesg Young, Doris Claire. fzon wfiiag someone iczf . . . cafli ana! goowzi . . . fzazajai fgzougg focmz 27 My Giving Us The Eye! just a Pose What A Speaker Actors And Actress All Dressed Up? Acting Nonchalant State Champion PAUL-L-L-L-L-L-L Freak cgrzcf aff ffia g'lOf6E,'Z zafi . . . flow fooafy if was . . . Uficmgi 28 Senior Officers Under the able guid- ance of Miss Freda IVIar- ple and IVIiss Iris Mc- Clure, this Senior Class has carved a niche for itselfin the larger sketch- I:ooIc of our schools his- tory. The class chose the Red Rose for their Fower, Blue and Silver as their colors, and "To the stars through diffi- cultiesn as their motto. OFFICERS OF SENIOR CLASS Hewitt, Kenneth-Class President I, 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Football I, 2, Letterman 3, 43 Wrestling Letterman 2, 33 Us and Co. 2, 3, 43 Us and Co. Revue 2, 3, 43 Thes- pians 2, 3, 43 Vice President 33 Varsity IVI 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 IVIohigan 43 History Book Editor 3. Hamilton, james--Class Vice President 43 Intramural Sports 43 "Ceiling Zero" 33 Mohigan 43 Us and Co. 3, 43 President 43 Thespians 3, 43 Vice President 43 Stage Crew 43 Senior Follies 43 Junior Jollies Master of Ceremonies 3. Morris, Dorothea--Pep Society 2. 3, 43 President 33 Key 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 "Fly Away Home" 23 "Candle Light" 33 "Drums of Ouden 33 Honor Society 43 Mohigan Literary Editor 43 Toastmistress of Junior Senior Banquet 33 'tYes Means No" 4. IVIufI:Iy, Robert- Class Treasurer 2, 3, 43 Assistant Editor Mohigan 33 Editor 43 Us and Co. 2, 3, 43 Vice President 33 Us and Co. Revue 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 President 43 Thespians 3, 43 President 43 Red and Blue Journal 33 "Ceiling Zero" 3. Moore, Ronald -- Class Historian 43 Us and Co. 2, 3, 43 Track I, 2, Letterman 3, 43 Basketball Reserves 2, 33 Varsity IVI 3, 43 Us and Co. Revue 2, 3, 43 Orchestra I, 23 Band I, 23 Intramural Sports I. 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 43 Vice-President 4. I A INN xx 1 liiwfi? C l ii 3 'I 3. 3 , foz Me fnanzoziei . . . U65 ljgeafziani amzuafi pianos . 29 SE IG Aitken, l.oru-A. O. O, 43 Basketball 2. Allen, Priscilla-Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Pep Society 43 Palette and Brush 2, 3, 4. Andy, James- Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3: A. 0. O. 4. Ashton, Charles-National Thespians 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 A Cappella 2, 3, 43 "Hollywood Extra" 33 I-li-Y Minstrel 3, 4: Band I, 23 Orchestra 2, 33 "Master Pierre Patelinn 43 uYes Means No" 4. Baker, Doris - Barill, Mary-Glee Club I, 23 Home Economics 23 Secretary 23 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Senor Follies 4. Barill, Sam 1 Barker, Frances--Palette and Brush I, 23 Glee Club I3 G. A. A. I, 2. Barker, Jean-Glee Club I3 G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 President 2. Barker, Raymond- I Barnard, Natalie - Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Red and Blue Journal 3, 43 A Cappella 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 33 Debating Club 33 Mimics I, 2, 43 Choral Club 4. Barnard, Tom-l-Ii-Y 43 l-li-Y Minstrel 43 lntramural Sports 43 Football Reserves I, 3, 4. Barnes, Helen-Glee Ciub I. 23 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3. 43 "Green Cheese" Operetta I3 "King Winters Court" I. Batlas, George-Thespians 2, 3, 43 Treasure 43 Us and Co. 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Student Council 3, 43 President 33 Triple 7 2, 33 Treasurer 33 Class V'ce-President 33 A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Red and Blue journal 2, 3, 43 Business Manager 33 Mo- higan Assistant Manager 33 Business 4. Baylor, Cyrus-All-State Orchestra 3. Pieclc, Alice 1 Berolatti, Anna-Honor Society 43 A Cappelia 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 43 ulrlollywood Extran 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Italian Club 2, 3, 43 A. O. O. 3, 43 Typing Award 4. Berolatti, Virginia - Glee Club 43 Girls' Chorus 43 We Limited 3, 43 Italian Club 3, 4. Bigler, Bryce -- Birtcher, Vivian -Orchestra I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves I3 Home Economics I, 23 We Limited 3, 4. U65 tjurzior ffjaffcicfi Qfcuzcs . . . His 9011511 gone and Uoxl songs 30 SENIO Bland, Vivian- Bonfili, Beatrice--Pep Society 4: Student Council l, 2: Red and Biue journal 3, 4: M'mics 25 President 3: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4, Girls Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club l. Bonnette, Maudella 1 Brandenburg, Wilma --Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3, 43 All-State Orchestra 4. Brand, Eugene - Brown, Betty-Transferred from Masontown High School 33 Glee C ub 35 Girls' Chorus 4. Brown, jack 1 Brown, Lois-Glee Club l, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 4. Brown, Mary-A Cappella 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Home Eco- nomics 45 Girl Reserves 4, "ln Old Louisiana" 4. Brumbaugh, Betty Kay-G. A. A, lg Senior Follies l, 43 Junior Jollies 2, 33 Library Club 4g Pep Society 43 Quill and Scroll 4: Red and Blue journal 3, 4: Co-Editor 45 Vice President United High School Press 43 Photography Club 4. Brunner, Dallas - Buclclew, Elwood-F. F. A. Basketball Team 45 F. F. A. Club 3, 4g Football Reserves 3, 4. Campbell, Hurley--Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Football Reserves 3, 4. Campbell, Martha-Pep Societv 43 Honor Society 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Reporter 4: Palette and Brush 25 Masquers 39 Red and Blue journal 3, 43 Co-Editor 45 Senior Follies 43 Student Council l, 2, 33 Orchestra l, 2, 3, Senior Play 4. Cappellanti, Lillian-Red and Blue journal 3, 43 Home Eco- nomics 43 A Cappella 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 4, junior Jollies 3, 4: We Limited 3, 4. Caravasos, Constantine--H.-Y 3, President 4: Thespians 43 Phortography Club 3, 4, Red and Blue journal 2, 3, 4: Mohigan 3, 43 A. Cappella 2, 3, 4, "Ceiling Zero" 35 Hi-Y Minstrel 35 Business Manager 43 junior Jolliesg Business Manager 3: Senior Follies 33 Business Manager 4. Catlett, Marie-Girl Reserves 3, 4. Cavallaro, Sam-Varsity M 43 Basketba'l 2, 3, Letterman 43 Student Council 45 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. Chipps, Mary Janet-Transferred from Weston High School 4: Girl Reserves 43 We Limited 4, Vice President 4. Chittum, Helen-Pep Society 3, 45 Home Economics 2, 3, 43 Girls Intramural Sports l, 2: Senior Follies 35 Junior ,Iollies 3: G. A. A. l, 2. Lii BTOJ51LC 5. l'l25CU2LfZg 9l7C1.I'ZCE . . . QOIAI ZOUEZQ lAI6L5, 31 :flflmzy Hia 5012511 we made SE IO S Chmura, Susie1 A. O. O. 35 Girls lntramural Sports 2, 3. Chrisman, Mary Elaine1l-iome Economics 25 Vice-President 35 President 45 A Cappella l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 We Limited 3, 45 "Hollywood Extra" 35 "ln Old Louisiana" 45 Senior Follies 35 All-State Chorus 3, 4. Clark Darrell - Clawges, Mary Catherine 1 Clawson, Dorotha1C. A. A. 45 A. O. O. 4. Cocklin, -lames1Thespians 45 History of Morgantown High School 35 "Master Pierre Patelinn 4. Colavincenzo, MHYYQA. O. O. 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves l, 2, 3, 45 Vice President 3, 45 Honor Society 2, 3, 4. Collins, Robert1Football 2, 3, Letterman 45 Wrestling Re- serves 2, 35 Track Reserves 3, 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Varsity M 4. Collins, Virginia 1 Comley, Don1Basketball Reserves 25 lntramural Sports l, 2, 35 Track Reserves 4. Conaway, Ruth1Pep Society 3, 45 Thespians 3, 45 Senior Follies 35 Us and Co. Revue 35 "Yes Means No" 4. Combs, Harold-Orchestra l, 2. Cooper, Edward 1 Football Reserves 2, 35 Track 2, Letterman 3, 45 Varsity M 3, 45 lntramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Foot- ball Manager 45 Basketball Manager 4. Copeland, Marcus1Aviation Club l, 2, 35 President 45 ln- tramural Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 3, 4. Coulson, Harriet- Cox, JBITICS-1 Cox, StanlCyTUS and Co. 2, 3, 45 Thespians 2, 3, 45 Red and Blue journal 2, 3, 45 Mohigan 3, 45 Assistant Editor 35 Circulation Manager 45 Stage Crew 2, 3, 45 Us and Co. Revue 2, 3, 45 Business Manager 45 "Fly Away Home" 25 "Master Pierre Patelinn 45 "Ceiling Zero" 35 Business Manager 35 Senior Follies 2, 3, 4. Crow, lrene1 Cunningham, Ceraldine1l-lome Economics Club 2, 3, 4 A. O. O. 3, 45 Student Council 3. Cunningham, Keith1Student Council 45 Honor Society 3, 4 Vice-President 45 Senior Follies 4. . . . ana! many tfia fzanaftisi flaicf 32 SE ICR Davies, Ruth-Pep Society 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 A Cap- pella 2, 3, 43 All-State Chorus 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel I3 Us and Co. Revue 23 junior Jollies 23 uln Old Louisiana" 43 Thespians 4. Davis, jasper-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 President and Treasure 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Us and Co. Revue Z3 junior jollies 33 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 43 lntramural Basketball 4. Davis, Martha -Us and Co. Revue 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel 23 Red and Biue Journal 3, 43 Senior Follies 4. DeMoss, Richard-Demos 43 Honor Society 3, 33 lntramural Sports 2, 3, 43 junior Jollies l. DeVincent, Edmond-Band l, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra l. Devincent, Eva-A. O. O. l, 2, 3, 43 Italian Club l, 2, 3, 43 Ci. A. A. l, 2, 3, 43 A Cappella l3Glee Club 3, 4. Dewitt, Darwin - Dietz, Ellis - Dodd, Violet -Girl Reserves 2, 3. Dotson, Everett- Daugherty, Dorothy-Band I, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Red and Blue Journal 33 Home Economics 3, 43 ltalian Club 3, 4. Dugan, john- Dye, Mary Jane- Band l, 2, 3, 43 Mimics l, 23 "Sis Perkins" 23 G. A. A. l, 2, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Student Council lj uln Old Louisiana" 43 Senior Play 4. Erskine, Crerrard-Thespians 3, 43 Red and B'ue Journal 3, ' 43 Junior .Iollies 2. Evanto, George- Fatt, George -Varsity Nl 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel 43 Wrestling 2, Letterman 33 Football 2, 3, Letterman 43 lntramural Sports 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, Letterman 43 lntramural Basket- ball Champs l. Fiedler, Jessie- Key Club 2, 3, 4: President 33 Pep Society 2, 3, 43 Honorary Member of Us and Co. 43 Thespians 3, 43 Junior follies 33 Senior Follies 3, 43 Student Council lg Red and Blue journal 33 "The Lady of the Terrace" l. Fike, Eileen-Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 We Limited 3, 43 Vice- President 43 Honor Society 43 Mohigan 43 Champion Kick Pin Team 2. Fleming, Charles-Hi-Y 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel 33 Band I, 2, 33 Orchestra 3, 43 Demo Orchestra 23 All-State Orchestra 3, 43 Senior Play 4. C7434 fgougg wa warren t smart at 1555 :tart . . . wg fsqxuzggf 33 SE I0 Fogle, Margaret-Honor Society 3, 4g Elizabeth Davis Rich- ards Prize 33 Girls Chorus 4. Fratto, john - Forbes, Pearl Hazel-Honor Society 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, C-irls' Chorus 3, 4: Vice President 43 A Cappella 4, Choral Club 43 Girl Reserves 3, 4g "Hollywood Extra" 35 mln Old Louisiana" 4: Senior Follies 4. Fowler, Eugene- Intramural Basketball 43 Us and Co. 2, 3, 43 Secretary 43 President 45 Thespians 3, 4, Nlohigan 43 Red and Blue Journal 43 "Ceiling Zero" 33 "Drums of Ouden 35 Us and Co. Revue 2, 3, 43 Junior jollies 25 Senior Follies 2. Furman, Kathleen-Library Club 3, 41 Pep Society 49 Key 45 Junior jollies 2, 3, Senior Follies 3, 4, "Ceiling Zero" 3. Galbraith, Robert - .,,? Callaher, Yvonne-Transferred from St. lVlary's High School 4, Orchestra 4. Godfrey, Ruby-Cr. A. A. 2, 3, 45 President 3: Home Eco- nomics 2, 3, 43 Reporter 43 Red and Blue Journal 4: ln- tramural Sports l, 2, 3, 43 Us and Co, Revue 3. Cvreynolds, Flora-Student Councfl 2, 33 A. O. OL 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. C-rimes, Franklin - Crowall, Martha -A. O. O. 33 Intramural Sports 2. Guido, Mary-A. O. O. l, 2, 3, 4. Hall, john, jr. -Band 2, 3, 53 Orchestra 49 A Cappella 3, , 4 5: A. O. O. 3, 4, 5, President 4: 'iHollywood Extra" 4: "ln Old Louisiana" 55 junior jollies 3, Senior Follies 3, 4: ' All-State Chorus 3, 4. Hall, Sam-Band I, 2: Demos 3, 4: Stage Crew 4. Hamrick, Rebecca Jean-C-lee Club 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 3, 4: "Hollywood Extra" 4. Hamstead, Warden-A Cappella 3, 4. Hardin, Gerald-A Cappella 4. Hardin, Geraldine- ltalian Club 3: We Limited 3, 4. Harless, Arthur- Hi-Y 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 4: Photography Club 3, Red and Blue journal 4: Student Council 2. Hartley, Ruby - 7 - . some ffzirzgi fwnz aff out ffbzgi . . . fgufzlii for 665 nzsnzoziei i 34 l SE IOR Hastings, Gene- Quill and Scroll 45 Red and Blue journal 3, 45 Sports Editor 45 Co-Editor 45 Boys Civics 3, 45 President 45 Mardi Gras Master of Ceremonies 45 Junior -Iollies 35 Senior Follies 4. Haun, Gilbert 1 1 Haynes, Frances-Transferred from Hinton High School 3. Henry, Wayne 1 Hess, Alline - Transferred from Clearfield 35 Band 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 45 Pep Society 45 Majorette 45 Senior Play 4. Hewitt, Margaret - Hill, Bob-Demos 2, 3, 45 President 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Follies 4. Hill, Rosalie - Hood, Prager Odessa-Girl Reserves l5 Girls lntramural Sports 2, 35 Glee Club l. Holclsworth, Eugene--Demos 4. Holmes, Mary - Hornbecl-c, Lemuel - Hough, Bob-Football 2, 3, Letterman 45 Wrestling Reserves 35 Track Reserves 35 Varsity M 45 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Howell, Joseph-Junior Christmas Play 35 Senior Follies 45 Photography Club 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play. Howell, Ronald - Howell, Ruth- Jarvis, Libby --Intramural Sports 2, 35 G. A. A. l, 2, 35 Home Economics 45 Art Club I5 Game Club l. jenkins, Vvilma -Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 President 45 Reporter 35 A. O. O. 45 Honor Society 45 General Assembly Com- mittee 45 Student Council 2. Johnson, Betty Ann-We Limited 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 junior Jellies 25 Student Council l. johnson, Eva-Us and Co. Revue 25 Senior Follies 2, 3, 45 junior .Iollies 2, 3, 45 Nlohigan 45 Library Club 2, 3, 45 ltalian Club 45 A Cappella 45 Girls' Chorus 4. 0 evenings after icgoof . . . an occaaionaf game of floof 35 127 johnson, Robert-Hi-Y 4: Photography Club 3, 4: President 4: Treasurer 3: A Cappella 3, 4: Vice President 4: Debate Club 3, 4: Vice President 3: President 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Red and Blue journal 3, 4: Managing Editor 4: Mo- higan 4: "Hollywood Extra" 3: Hi-Y Minstrel 4. ""1!P' QW I -J .V seio f ' it-S- if A.: . r-fi , A h ,.-1.-. 5. .3 johnson, William - Demos 3, 4. rim' tx jones, Agnes- '3 Keck, Bill-Student Council 3, 4, 6: Triple 7, 2, 4: Intra- mural Sports 3, 4. Kelly, Harry -Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 4: Boys Civics 3. Kingree, Bona Lee-Ci. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Intramural Sports 2: Leatherworlc Club I, Knapp, Mary Nan-Pep Society 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Red and Blue Journal 3, 4: Senior Foliies I, 2. Knode, Dolores- Kovats, Helen-Intramural Sports I, 2, 3: C. A. A. I, 2: Italian Club 2, 3: President 3, 4: Glee Club 4. g Lantz, William-Student Council I. Lawson, Nellie- Transferred from Rainelle High School 4. 5 Lawson, Thornton - i "TIS" Layman, Carl - Senior Play 4. Leach, Margaret-Palette and Brush 3: Honor Society 4:: M, Mohigan Art Staff 4. 5 Leatherman, Marshall-Boys Civics 3: Intramural Sports 35: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra I, 2, 4: Junior jollies 3: "Holly-: wood Extra" 3. : Lee, Eldon-Student Council 3: "Yes Means No" 4, "Ceiling: 73' Zero" 3: Us and Co. 3, 4: Thespians 3, 4: junior Jellies 327 Senior Follies 4: "Master Pierre Patelfnn 4. 7 Lee, Harold-Aviation Club 3. Leonard, Barbara-Girl Reserves 2: A. O. O. 3, 4: I'Ion0r Society 3, 4: Senior Follies 4. Light, Pauline- : Little, Thomasine-Debate Club 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2: Home: 91667619 flfclil :Edits mu! fzofo sfiizfs . . . acting cz foof 36 Economics 4: Girls Intramural Sports I, 2, 3. S clfow crazy we wats SE IORS Lloyd, Erma June-Intramural Sports 2: G. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Nlasquers 4. Loar, Rebecca-C. A. A. 2, 3, 4: Crchestra 23 Intramural Sports 2, 3: A. 0. O, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 3. Lockarcl, Lonzo - Lorentz, Louise-Key C-ub 2, 3, 43 Vice President 49 Pep Society 3, 4g Nlohigan 4g Literary Staff: Senior Follies 2, 33 junior ,Iollies 2, 3: Us ancl Co. Revue 2, 3. Lough, William-Football 2, 3, Letterman 4: Track 3, Letter- man 4, Us and Co. Revue 41 Varsity lVl 43 Mohigan 45 ln- tramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Us and Co. 3, 4. Lucas, Helen-Glee Club 3, 4, G. A. A. l, 2. Lyle, Jean - Martin, Genevieve-G. A. A. l, 2, "Lady of the Terrace" l, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4: uTrial of Mary Duganl' 2: Us and Co. Revue 35 Thespians 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 45 Pep Society 4: "Master Pierre Patelinn 4. Matthews, June- Maurer, Donald-A. O. O. 3, 4, President 49 Honor Society 4, Band I, 23 Orchestra 2: A Cappel a 4. Mayfield, Kenneth-Football 2, 3, Letterman 43 Track Re- serves 2. 3, 43 Varsity M 4. May, Robert- lVlcBee, Bonnie-We Limited 3, 4, Girl Reserves 43 Senior Follies 49 Library Club 3. lVlcClead, Helen- McCloskey, Annabel'e-Girl Reserves l, 2, Girls Intramural Sports l, 2, 3: Minor lVI,, Senior Follies 4. McCloskey, Max-Palette and Brush 3, 4: Nlohigan 2, 4. lVlcConlcey, jean-We Limited 4. McCullough, Ruth-G. A. A. l, 23 A. O. O. 3, 4, Honor Society 3, 43 Minor M 25 Student Council 4, Girls' Chorus 4, Christmas Cantata 45 "ln Old Louisiana" 45 Girls ln- tramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. McGowan, Betty-Leatherwork Club lg Girl Reserves 23 G. A. A. 2, 3g Masquers 45 Home Economics 43 Red and Blue journal 4. McKinney, Dorothy-We Limited 43 Glee Club lg Palette and Brush l. . tfianga fox ffie memories 37 S SE IOR Nleligan, Alice - Menear, Marjorie - Secretary 3, Treasurer 45 Clrls Intramural Sports 2, 3. i -5 Miller, james - -as Mitchell, Walter - Mollohan, Fern-G. A. A. I, 23 Student Council 23 Girls ln- tramural Sports I, 2, Basketball Champ I, 2. -an Morgan, D. W.- Morris, Nancy - Pep Society 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Senior Follies 2: Girls' Chorus 4. Muha, Charles-Track Letterman 3, 4, Civics 35 lntramural Sports 3, 4. Neely, Louise- Nimcheclc, John - Nimcheclc, Mary-C. A. A. I, 23 A. O. O. 3, 4: Glee Club 4, Girls lntramural Sports I, 2, 3. Nixon, William 1 Norton, Alice-A. O. O. 3, 4: C. A. A. I, 2, 3. Nuce, Sylvia - Glee Club 4. Oliverio, Patsyiwrestling Letterman 2, 3. Olivito, Tony - Q'Malley, Bolo 1 3 Orton, Patty-Library Club 4, Pep Society 3, 43 Key Club 3, 43 Secretary 4: Thespians 3, 4: Secretary 4, Senior Follies 3, 43 Us and Co. Revue 3: Student Council 3: ViCC President 3. Painter, Betty Sue - Quill and Scroll 3: President 4, G. A. A. President I: Corresponding Secretary 2, 3, 4: Girls Sports Editor Mohigan 4: Senior Follies 4, Intramural Sports I, 2. 3, 4: Minor and Major M 3, 4: Mardi Gras 4: Red and Blue Journal, Managing Editor 3: Make-up Editor 4, Uf 90029 OUST fOL4J'IZ . . . OLLZ 51258 5,0051 JTOPPUZ9 CZOLUIZ . . . O 38 Miller, Helen-ltalian 4: Girl Reserves 45 A. O. O1 3, 4- SENIORS Papandreas, john- Hi-Y Minstrel 43 Student Council 43 Sec- retary 4. Parsons, Winona - Mimics l, 2, "Sis Perkins" 25 Palette and Brush 33 Honor Society 3, 4: Senior Follies 4. Perkins, Helen-Masquers 2, 3, 4g G. A. A. Z: junior Jollies 2, 33 Senior Follies 2, 4, "House of Horrors" 39 Us and Co. Revue 23 Home Economics 4, Student Council 33 Senior Play 4. Pervola, Helen - Girls Intramural Sports l, 25 Girl Reserves 2. Pierce, Dorothy-Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, Glee Club 2: A. O. O. 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2: Girl Reserves l, 2. Pill, Edward-Football 3, Letterman 4. Placotis, Nickie-Italian Club 21 Intramural Boxing 2, 3, 4. Poland, Cleo-Home Economics l, 2, 43 We Limited 3, 49 President 43 "In Old Louisiana" 45 Girl Reserves Ig Girls' Chorus 4. Poling, Esther-Transferred from Fellowsville 3. Poole, Allene 1 Poole, O'Gretta-Home Economics l, 2, 3, 4g G. A. A. l, 2. 3, We Limited 4g Senior Folies 3, Girls Intramural Sports l, 2, 3. Poole, Robert-F. F. A. 3, 4. Price, Diana - Glee Club l, 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports lg Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Price, Dorotha-We Limited 3g Home Economics 3, 4, Vice President 45 lVIasquers 3, 43 G. A. A. 23 "House of Horrors" 3, Honor Society 45 Stage Crew lg Dramatic Club lg "Green Cheesei' lg Senior Follies 4. Price, Jean-Honor Society 49 Pep Society 4, Mimics l, 2, G. A. A. l, 2, 45 Girls Intramural Sports Minor IVI 4. Pulliam, Wayne-Wrestling l, 2, Letterman 3, 45 Boys Intra- mural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Civics Club 3, 4117. F. A. 3, 4. Radcliff, Geneva-We Limited 3. 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Raglione, Regina 1 Reed, Starling- Wrestling Reserves 2, 3: Football Reserves 3: Track Reserves 3, Intramural Wrestling 2, 3, 4. Reppy, Nellie-G. A. A. l, 2, 3: A. O. O. 3, 4: Minor IVI 25 Major IVI 3: Girls Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 43 Volley Ball Champs Z. efzmafzsaf wavy an wzma 1 aces . . . of cfzinging cyoktjaf Crown 39 Richards, Winifred-Girl Reserves I, Robison, Kenneth-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 43 Intramural Sports 3, 43 Red and Blue journal 4. Roby, Imovee- "Green Cheese" I3 G. A. A. 23 Home Eco- nomics Z, 3, 43 Secretary 43 Girl Reserves 23 We Limited 2, 33 Us and Co. Revue 3. 5 Rogers, Dorothy - I Rose, john-Track Reserve 2, 3, 43 Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Senior Follies 4. Rosier, Margaret-Girl Reserves I, 23 Minor IVI 43 IVIasquers 3, 43 We Limited 2, 3, 43 President 2, 33 Junior Jollies 23 Glee Club I3 Band I, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 43 Girls Intra- mural Sports I, 2, 3. . Rosier, Mattie-Girl Reserves I, 23 We Limited 2, 3, 43 President 33 Secretary 43 Student Council 2, 33 Girls In- tramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 Masquers 43 junior -Iollies 23 IVIinor IVI 43 Red and Blue Journal 4. Runner, Dick-Class Vice President I3 Hi-Y 3, 43 Student Council 23 Hi-Y Minstrel 4. Rush, Sara - Sabatina, Frances- Italian Club 33 We Iimitecl 4. Salaris, Ann-A. O. O. 3, 43 President 43 Honor Society 43 Italian Club 43 Girls Intramural Sports Z. Salaris, George-Palette and Brush 2, 33 Italian Club 4. Sass, Elizabeth-A. O. O. 3, 4: Italian Club 43 Mohigan 43 Girls Intramural Sports 2, 3. Sch'obohm, RaIph- Intramural Sports 3, 4. Scott, John-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 33 Vice President 43 Track Reserve 33 Intramural Basketball 4. Selby, Martha-Leatherworlc Club I3 G. A. A, 23 Red and Blue Iournal 33 Co-Editor and Make-up 43 Home Eco- nomics 43 Quill and Scroll 43 "Winter Carnival" I3 Student Council 3. Selby, Ruth-Band I, 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 43 A Cappella 43 IVIinics I, 23 uSis Perkins" 23 Honor Society 43 G. A. A. I, 2, 43 Masquers 43 "In Old Louisiana" 43 Red and Blue journal 4. Shaffer, Elaine-Office 3, 43 Home Room Vice President 4: Girl Reserves 3, 43 Secretary 43 A. O. O. 33 Italian Club 23 Photography Club 43 American Education Week Radio Speaker. Shaffer, Howard-Football Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Boys Civics 4: Vice-President 43 Track Reserves I, 23 junior Jollies 3: Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4. Shank, Walter- Rifle Club I. 64441125 tge testi we tooti . . . cznct many ttie times we 'react 50051 40 ISE IORS Pep Society 3, 43 Red and Blue journal 3, 43 "Candlelight" 33 junior jollies 33 Senior Fo lies 3. Sharpenberg, Warren1Football Reserves 2, 3, 43 Track let- terman 2, 3, 43 Us and Co. 3, 43 Us and Co. Revue 43 Vars- ity M 2, 3, 43 Mohigan 43 lntramural Sports I, 2, 3, 43 As-- sistant Editor of History Book 3. Shiflett, Wi'ma 1 Simon, Rachel1RecI and Blue journal 43 A Cappella I, 2, 3, 43 "Lady of the Terrace" I3 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Student Voice Scholarship 43 Clee Club I, 23 Choral Club 33 Girls' Chorus 3, 4. Smith, Donald1Came Club I. Smith, Marian1 Home Economics 2, 3, 43 State President 43 Library C'ub 3, 43 President 43 Key Club 3, 43 Treasurer 43 Pep Society 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Junior slollies 33 Senior Follies 43 Red and Blue Journal 4. Smith, Thomas1Band I, Z, 33 Demos I, 4, Home Eco- nomics I. Snyder Betty LeC'iKCy 43 Pep Society 43 Honor Society 43 Junior Jollies 33 Senior Follies 43 Library Club 3, 43 "ln Old Louisiana" 43 Student Council 4. Spencer, Robert1A. O. O. 3, 43 Student Council 3, 4. Squires, Alvey1 Stalnaker, Nellie1Girl Reserves 23 A. O. O. 3, 43 Honor Society 4. St. Clair, l..eota1 Steele, MBYYT Hi-Y Minstrel 23 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Senior Follies 4. Stevens, Margaret 1 Stevens, Robert 1 Stewart, Robert1Us and Co. 2, 3, 43 Student Council 33 ln- tramural Football 3, 43 Honor Society 43 Us and Co. Revue 43 Mohigan 2, 43 lntramural Basketball 3, 4. Stfckel, -Iack1Triple 7 I, 2, 3, 43 Treasurer I, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Photography Club 43 Class President I3 Aviation Club 3, 43 Red and Blue journal I3 Hi-Y Minstrel 3. Stinellis, Carmella 1 Strawn, Mary 1 Pep Society 2, 3, 43 Secretary 33 President 43 Key 3, 43 Thespians 3, 43 Student Council 33 Red and Blue journal 3, 43 "Lady of the Terrace" I3 Senior Follies 3, 43 Us and Co. Revue 2, 33 Junior Jollies 33 Mohigan 4. Stump, Helen1Mohigan 43 We Limited 43 Masquers 23 Bas- ketball 23 Track 2. and now waits ffizougg wifg aff tfiaf . . . and cuzazzif we gfacf 4I Shannon, Marilynn1Key 3, 43 President 43 Thespians 3, 43 ei 'Nb Xi if-r,,." iw -9-pn SE IORS Summers, Edith1We Limited 2, 3, 4: Secretary 2: Treasurer 4: Junior -Iollies Z: Minor M 3. Swank Warren1Boys Civics 3, 4, 5: Vice President 5. Tatar, .Iulius1lntramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4. Tennant, Beatrice1ltalian Club 3: C. A. A. 3: A. O. O. 3: lntramural Sports I, 2, 3: Masquers 2. Thompson, Helen Louise1Pep Society 3, 4: Vice President 4: Key 4: Red and Blue journal 4: Mohigan 4: "Ceiling Zero" 4: Thespians 3, 4: junior jollies 2, 3: Senior Follies 3, 4: History Book: Literary Editor 3: Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 4. ,Thorne, Edith 1 Trevarrow, Don1lntramural Boxing 2. Trompak, Mike1A. O. O. 3, 43 Secretary 4: Member of Gregg Artists. Trowbridge, Norman1lntramural Sports I, 2, 3: Student Council 3, 4. Tucker, Edgar1lntramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Track Re- serves l, 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y Minstrel 3, 4: Student Council 3, 4: President 3: junior jollies 3. Tusai, Steven1Woodcraft l: Photography Club 2, 3: Track Letterman 3: Demos 4: Home Room Secretary 4: Magician Club l, 2. Van Cilder, Mary Kathryn 1 Key 4: Pep 4: Honor Society 4: Cheer Leader 4: Senior Follies 2, 3, 4: Palette and Brush l, 2, 3: Mohigan 4: Hi-Y Minstrel l, 3: Red and Blue journal 3, 4: Senior Play 4. Wade, Robert1Bancl 2, 3, 4: Student Band Director 4. Walker, Donalcl1 Welch, Winifred1Band 2, 3, 4. Wellen, William1Hi-Y 4, Debating Club 3, 4. West, Genevieve 1 Whisler, Edwin 1 White, Geraldine 1 White, Jane1Quill and Scroll 4: Red and Blue journal 3, 42 Honor Society 4: Vice President 4: Library Club 4: Secre- tary and Treasurer 4: Mimics l, 2. uf now t .5 5004 ii 0,51 . . . tfisza Linlf any moza . . . kgs wozfi is Jong 42 ,i Barthlow, Robert Beveridge, Andy Boatwright, Harold Boggs, Charles jr. Bond, Harold Bruno, Josephine Crayne, Dolores Daddezio, Ida Davis, Norma Evans, Charles Field, Lucille Floyd, Hermit Forlini, Rome Freed, Aletha I Wiley, Warren 1 Wilhelm, janel We Limited 2, 3, 4: Junior .Iollies 3 Willetts, Marguerite1Girls' Chorus 4, Girl Reserves 2 3 4 A. O. O. 4: We Limited 3, 4. Windel, Mary jane1Intramural Sports 2, Girl Reserves 2 G. A. A. 2, 3g Home Economics 2: Girls Chorus 3 4 A Cappella 3, 43 All-State Chorus 3, 43 'iHollywood Extra 3 Wolfe, Dale 1 Wolfe, E.thel1Orchestra l, 2: A. O. O. 3, 4: Red and Blue journal 43 Mohigan 4: Quill and Scroll 4, Honor Society 3, 45 Secretary 4: D. A. R. Citizenship Award 4. Wolff Leonard1 Honor Society 4, Senior Play. Xvoods, Hazel 1 Yxfotring, Betty 1 Yoke, Ema 1 Zinn, Freda 1 Masquers 4. SENIORS 1 WHOSE PICTUPES ARE NOT IN THE BOOK Furman, Margaret Gall, Robert Guthrie, Wilda Hall, Fenwick Hadden, Dave Henderson, Eleanor Hess, Henrietta Hunnell, Paul Jacobs, Andrew Jamison, Paul Jarvis, Robert Jeffers, Edna Jenkins, Thelma johnson, Lois Knight, James Liberatore, Frank Little, Betty june Louden, Mildred Mackey, Charles McAninch, Arthur Mccloskey, Donald Mccreery, Betty Petrich, Joe Pell, Margaret Pickard, Paul Rogers, James Scordato, Frank Sherman, john Smith, Carl Starkey, Virgil Strunk, Will Sypolt, Warren Tenney, Lillian Vickers, jack Warner, Gladys Warner, Mary Louise Warnick, Richard Wilson, Jack Wilson, Robert Wolfe, Pauline Woodley, Harry Zinn, june flflfs Us gacf owz Luz . . . so fail aff? go bo waz . . . we fganfl you io muc In Memoriam Marjorie Hartley Born July 7, 1922, died February 5, 1940 and Lilburn Davis Born August 3, 1920, died December 6, 1939 44 Class Song for '40 Tune - Deep ln a Dream By Barbara Leonard and Becky l..oar Our school days are through, But we'll still think of youg The memories we keep Are so tender and sweetg The joys that we shared Are still lingering there With our friends that we left behind. We're sorry we're going, You know that is true, We'll live up to standards of Red and the Blue, Forever you'll be in our fond memory We'll owe all our success to you. HE CLASS OF "4O" was Hrst organized in l937 while attending junior High School as ninth graders. Ofhcers were Kenneth l-lewitt, presidentg Dick Runner, vice-presidentg Harriet Lough, secretaryg Robert Stewart, treasurer. The class presented a speaker's stand to that school. ln the spring of their Sophomore year, the officers were elected for their junior year as follows: Kenneth Hewitt, president, George Bltlas, vice- presidentg Dorothea Morris, secretary, Robert Muffly, treasurer, Wilson Davis, historian. As Juniors, the class gave a Christmas play for assembly, the lunior Jollies, the Junior Valentine Dance, and the junior-Senior Banquet. All were presented successfully. During the Senior year the class presented the Senior Follies, the Turkey Hop, and gave to the school a movie projector as a parting gift. 45 LUB activities are a large part of high school life. lihe sections which follow pic- ture the enjoyment Of these ftssoa, iations. Clubs -l I 'Wi f5 1 J fgggjgwv If I I D Ink 1 . EIVXO5 I XQXCIG7 C, 601 X Q X fxx f SZ A X X mj l bgog I I Q Q QW 'I X ' QU-I I I rf 13,0 XZ 1 - , f c x 41 XAX'Y I - . I X M Nc I 47 BAND First Row- fLeft to Righty -Robert Wade, Ruth Davies, Donald Walker, Paul Hoskins, Eugene Perrine, Waldo Lowe, Donald Stockdale, Bill Fleming, Carl Forbes, Sam Williams, Mary Jane Dye, Edmond Devincent, Carroll Arbogast, Sam Jacobson, Robert Baldwin, Phil Davies, Roger Cain, Bob McCroby, james Miller, Alline Hess, Mr. Stump. Second Row-Carl Layman, Sarah Harner, Dorothy Daugherty, Erenestine Lewis, Winifred Welch, Margaret Rosier, jack Marple, David Friant, Bob Hill, Andrew Jacobs, Joe Howell, Jerry Lambert, Allen Austin, Donald Garlctts, Rome Forlini, Albert Pierre. Third Row-john Scott, Carl Zinn, Harvard Roberts, Carl Schenck, Ruth Selby, Donald Devincent, Kenneth Robison, Guy Forlini, Cyrus Baylor, Charles Cox, Del Roy Harner, Carlton Robey, Paul Pickard, Pat Gallagher, Herbert Glenn. Fourth Row-Thomas Smith, Marcus Copeland, Thornton Lawson, William Garner, Marshall Leatherman, Robert Richard. ORCHESTRA First Semi-Circle -E. Lucas, G. Weaver, P. Davies, S. Jacobson, R. Baldwin, Y. C-allaher, A. McDowell. Second Semi-Circle 1 B. Fawley, Papandreas, W. Brandenburg, R. Erwin, H. Combs, E. DeVincent, S. Jacobson, C, Forbes' D. Walker, R. Collins, C. DeCarlo, M. Bell, V. Garner. ' Third Semi-Circle-A. Guido, F. Balint, C. Brock, C. Layman, E. Lewis, R. Lewis, B. Fleming, R. Selby, K. Robison, G' Forlini, C. Baylor, G. Garner, L. Rosier, A. M. Fisher, R. Forsyth. Fourth Semi-Circle-F. Sweitzer, M. Leatherman, Haught, Kalo, Mr. Stump, T. Lawson, V. Leroy, Hall, lr.. P' Pickard, D. R. Harner, H. Glenn, M. Davis, R. Forlini,C. Zinn, R. Cain, Moore, Miller, R. Wade, P. H. Forbeii R. Howell, C. Shean, A. B. Sanders, M. Campbell. 48 BAND HE BAND made a fine looking appearance this year with their new red and blue uniforms. It has also started to play popular music, which was purchased by the contributions of club and band members. The band was the first school organization to perform in the new audi- torium. ln the spring the band played several concerts and also played for the County lVlusic Festival. Drum Major .,,. ..... R obert Wade Majorettes .. ....,.. igllme He.SS uth Davies Conductor .. ..,. lVlr. Charles Stump ORCHESTRA Y COMBINING a group of wind instruments from the band with the string orchestra, Mr. H. Charles Stump developed a more complete orchestra for the second semester. The orchestra played an important part in the music activities by furnish- ing the accompaniment for the opperetta mln Old Louisiana," by playing for plays, and for somhpassemblies. The following members played in the West Virginia All-State Orchestra at Wheeling W. Va., this year: Wilna Brandenberg, Cello Cyrus Baylor, Horn Charles Fleming, Bassoon Paul Pickarcl, Trombone INSTRUMENTATION II First Violins 3 Flutes 3 Trumpets 8 Second Violins 4 Clarinets 3 Trombones 6 Violas I Bassoon I Tuba 3 Cellos 3 Saxophones 4 Percussion 2 Basses 4 l-lornes l Piano 49 MOHIGAN STAFF First Row 1 D. Shaffer, Ass't. Ed., Batlas, Ass't. Bus. Mgr., D. Mor- ris, Literary Ed., R. Muf- Fly, Ed., B. Koehler. Ass't.. Ed., C. McQuis- tion, Circu'ation Staff. Second Row 1 Miss Bro- derick, Literary Adviser, C. Caravasos, Ads, L, Lorentz, Literary Staff, F. Hall, Ads, H. Thomp- son, Literary Staff, M. Strawn,, Literary Staff H, Stump, Ads, Miss Smith, Sponsor. Third ROWlE. johnson. Ads, M. K. Vanfiilder, Literary Staff, S. Cox. Circulation Mgr., W. Sharpenhurg, Gen. Staff Mgr., K. Hewitt, Sports Ed., B. Lough. Gen. Staff Mgr., R. Stewart, Art Ed., M, Mccloskey, Art Staff. Fourth Row 1 R. johnson Ads, B. Crier, lntra- mural Sports, Hamil- ton, Photographer, F.. Fowler, Ads, R. Arm- strong, Literary Staff. E. Sass, Typist, H, Miller. Typist, E. Wolfe, Book- keeper. RED AND BLUE JOURNAL First Row1E. MiQuistion, A. Spilfer, M Campbell, M. Smith, T. Coomhs, R Armstroncv, Batlas, Nl K. Vancilder, C. Cara- vasos, B. K. Brumhaugh. G. Hasfngs, R. johnson. Second Row 1 H. Hall, Nl. N. Knapp, B. Bonfili, D. Benson, White, R. Painter, F. Hall, H, Thompson, R. Godfrey. E. Wolfe, R. Selby. Third Row 1 Miss Bro- derick, B. Davis, M. Carpenter, M. Beveridge. J. Haddock, B. I . Koeh- ler, M. Strawn M. Shan- non, H. Stump. M- Davis, Miss Randall. Fourth Row1S. Bucklew- L. Jarvis. Fleming. P- Allen, M. Wilson, G- Erskine, E. Fowler, M- Furfari. Fifth Row 1 N. Barnard. J. Trevill'ar1, B. MC' Cowan, K. Robison, A Harless, S. Cox, G. Bat las, R. Simon, M. Rosie! H. Barnes Mohigan Staff HE THEME of the l940 Mohigan is "Pages from a Senior's Sketch Book." Robert Muffly is the Editor-in-Chief, and George Batlas, the Business Manager. The drawings and sketches were clone under the supervision of Mr. Harold Yates. Miss lVlary Whitman was Business Adviser, and Miss Teresa Broclericlf. acted as Literary Adviser. Under the direction of Miss Georgina Smith, the staff has worked hard to make a most successful yearbook Red and Blue journal OME 480 student subscribers carry copies of the Red and Blue Journal, weekly newspaper, in their sketchbooks. For seven consecutive years the Red and Blue lournal has merited a first place award in the state competition of West Virginia High School news periodicals conducted by the University College of Journalism. Staff members attended a Central West Virginia Press Conference at Belington, February l7. STAFF FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Betty Kay Brumbaugh .............. Co-editors , ,,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Martha Selby Martha Campbell .....,...... ...........,.,..,...., .,,, G e ne Hastings Sl HONOR SOCIETY First Row -- E.. Wolfe, Sherman. White. R. Stewart, V. Godfrey, K. Hewitt, M. Campbell, Davis. Second Row 1 Nl. Leach, G. Martin, R. Selby, M. Smith, B. L. Snyder, l.. Wolfe, D. Morris. Third Row -- D. Price, P. H. Forbes, W. jenkins, M. K. VanC-ilder, Price, C-. Batlas, W. Par- sons, K. Cunningham. Fourth Row -- B. Leonard, M. Colavincenzo, Nl. Fogle, A. Salaris, C. Strawser, R. Muffly, W. Strunk. Fifth Row - P. Allen, E. Filce, N. Stalnaker. Miss l-loerth, Mr. Mclvlillen, Nl. Dye, R. DeMoss. US. 61 CO. First Row--G. lVlcQuis- tion, C. Cox, T. R. Johns, E.. Fowler, D. Wotring, F. Wilkins. Second Row1C. Forbes. W. Cowell, Nl. VanVoor- his, W. Brannon, R. Stewart, R. Richards, D. Hall. Third Row--E. Lee, C. Batlas, H. Floyd, E. SI. Clair, Hamilton. R- Moore. Fourth Row-S. Cox, W Sha rpenburg, K. Hewitt- Nlr. Summers, W. Lough R. Muffly, W. Westover lnset-Jessie Fiedler. 1 Honor Society HE HONOR SOCIETY is an organization recognizing exceptional merit in student effort. It is the reward for outstanding performances in leader-- ship and character, a goal weII worth seeking. In January I940, 20 new members were admitted to the group and were honored at the semi-annual banquet on January I9, I940. Alumni, faculty guests, and members were present. Two meetings are held each month for business and social programs. FIRST SEMESTER Bob Muffly .......,.......... Keith Cunningham . . . Ethel Wolfe .......,......... Miss Mort Hoerth ..... Mr. Herbert McMilIen US and Co. OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTER President Bob Stewart Vice President ...... r......... J ane White Secretary Virginia Godfrey Treasurer Miss Mort I-Ioerth Sponsor . ,..,.. Mr. Herbert McIVIiIIen N TI-IE SKETCI-IBOOK of high school events, Us and Co, has played a most important roIe. The boys of the plaid have nobly fulfilled their aim: to create intelligent interest in the schoolis social, athletic, and scholastic ac- tivities. Their production of "Swing Mr. Cowboyn, modeled after The Mask and Wig and Triangle Shows, struck a new note in high school dramatics. The Us and Co. also ably assisted in handling the gates at the football games and entertained at a spaghetti dinner and dance. The club placed second in the Inter-Club Basketball League, held two initiations during the year, and observed "Duke Day" one day each month. FIRST SEMESTER James Hamilton ..,...,,... Charles Cox .,...... Eugene Fowler .. George Batlas .. Jessie Fiedler Robert Summers . OFFICERS President .. Vice President ...... . Secretary Treasurer Honorary Member Sponsor 53 SECOND SEMESTER Eugene Fowler Dick Shaffer T. R. Johns Charles Cox Jessie Fiedler Robert Summers STUDENT COUNCIL First Row--l. Harrington, G. Batlas, R. Wade, R. Moore, lpanandreas, B. Westover, Y. DeCarlo, K. Cunningham. Second Row - M De- Angelis, R. Bokey, B. l.. Snyder, P. Hooper, B. Mccloskey, R. Spencer, V. Peppetti. Third Row - Pugh, Joliffe, E. Ferrara, Brown, C. Benson, D. Knotts, F. Wilkins. Fourth Row- R. Cokeley, D. Harker, R. Collins, Pifer, R. Sowers, R. Warman. Fifth Row - S. Cavallero, M. Wilson, D. Hall, D. Martin, M. Zuccari, E. Lewis. HI-Y First Row--D. Knotts, K. Robison, C. Caravasos, S. Jacobson, R. Parriott. J. Davis, D. Stockdale, W. Mitchell. Second Row -- R. johnson, A. Armstrong, R. Pratt, A. Harless, T. Coombs, J. Scott, Brannon. Third Row 1- l... Coffield. J. Eldred, W. Fleming. R. Wade, C. Ashton, W. Coombs. Fourth Row - A. MC' Aninch, T. Barnard, D- Runner, W. Wellen, W- Strunk. Fifth Row-Sponsos, james E. Brown, W. Christo- pher, C. Evans. Chambers, R. Albertazzl. G. Fatt. I Student Council HE STUDENT COUNCIL aided Miss Lawrence in the Annual Book Drive. Each home room, through its Council representative, contributed both money and books. Plans to furnish some recreation for the students who spend the lunch hour at school materialized it the beginning of the second semester in the form of ping-pong and dancing. These activities are carried on in the Band Room and are 'mroving to be very popular. The Council is cooperating with the administration in the revision of the present set of rules governing conduct. Mr Riddle and four members of the Council attended State Convention at St. Albans. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Edgar Tucker ,.,,.,.,...,,. ..,.... P resident ..,...,.. ............,....,. R obert Wade Robert Wade ,,,.. ,..... V ice President .....,. .........,. R onald Moore John Papandreas ...,... Secretary ......., ..,..,. I ohn Pdpandreas H1-Y HE Hl-Y is a national organization whose purpose is to cre te, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. At the annual convention, held this year at Bluefield, it was decided to hold the l94l Convention at Morgantown. Ward Chris, together won the high award of selling the most bonds and will have his pict- ure put on next year's bond. The other activities of the club were presenting tenth annual minstrel, the operation of the football scoreboard, printing ot football programs, annual Hi-Y dance, and giving an assembly program. CFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Jasper Davis ..... , ........ .......... P resident ....... .... C onstantine Caravasos Edgar Tucker .......... ...... V ice President ...... ......... K enneth Robison Robert Armstrong ...... ....... S ecretary ..,.. .. ....,...,. Robert Parriott Charles Ashton ....... ....... T reasurer . ......,.... Jasper Davis Samuel Jacobson ..... ...., ..... C h aplain ..... ...... ....... S a muel Jacobson James Brown .............................. Sponsor ..................,........... James Brown Business Manager - Constantine Caravasos 55' MASQUERS 18? THESPIANS First Row - G. Batias, J Hamilton, Miss White R. Muffly, P. Orton, C McQuistion, P. Stans- hury, D. R. Harner, M Shannon. Second Row - D. Morris E. Fowler, H. L. Thomp- son, K. Hewitt, Fied- ler, Batlas, M. Strawn S. Cox. Third Row 1 C. Ashton, G. Martin, D. R. Wot- ring. E.. Hammond, J Cocklin, R. Conaway, C Caravasos, R. Davies. Fourth Row - G. Erskine, B. L. Snyder, E.. Lee, A. Davidson, C. Zinn, E. Minor, W. Cowell. MASQUERS First Row - Jolliffe. president, H. Perkins secretary, treasurer: R Vandervort, vice presi- dent: M. Rosier, re- porter, C. Gregory: D Price. Second Row -- R. Craw- ford, B. McGowan, B Bigler, R. Selby, C. Car- ner, E.. Lloyd. Third Row - Miss Taylor sponsor: C. Wolfe, S Harner, N. Saffel, V Jennings. Fourth Row - M. Rosier J. Haddock, L. Hosey F. Zinn, L. Pickens. The National Thespians NDER the leadership of Robert lVluITly, Troupe 27, of The National Thespians began the year with plans for the production of "Pride and Prejudice" with which they expected to dedicate the new theater. A cast of twenty-six characters rehearsed the play until after Christmas, when the lack of stage equipment made such an elaborate production impossible. During the second semester, the Thespians presented UYes Means Nogn observed National Drama Week with a spaghetti dinnerg and acted as host for The Local One-Act Play Festival in which they won Hrst place. As a reward for their work in clramatics. fourteen students became members of The National Thespian Dramatic Honor Society for High Schools. OFFICERS President ........... ............................ R obert Muffly Vice-President .,,., ..... J ames Hamilton Secretary ..,......., ......... ,....., P a tricia Crton Treasurer ,,........................ .......... G eorge Batlas Corresponding Secretary .......... lVlarilynn Shannon Dorothy S. White Sponsor ...........,..............,. ..... Masquers HE MASQUERS, dramatic club organized in l935, has twenty-four members this year. The club entered an act, "The Affair of the Slipper," in the Senior Follies and Won third prize. A Christmas party was held on December 22 at the home of Betty lVlcGowan. ln January the club voted to donate some money to the band to buy popular music. ln March the mem' bers voted to select a new pin and several were ordered. Two one-act plays were presented to the student body in May. They were "Not Quite Such a Goose" and "Here Comes the Bride." Motto - "No profit grows where therels no pleasure taken." - Shakespeare Colors -- Red and Silver Flower - Red Rose OFFICERS President ...................,......,.,....,......,.,, john Jolliffe Vice President .,..,, ,,,,, R oger Vandervort Secretary-Treasurer .. .,,..,.,, Helen Perkins Reporter .. ....... ....,, M attie Rosier Sponsor . ....... Mabel Taylor 57 BOY'S CIVICS First Row-Pete Cuarivglia, 3ob Galbraith- Warren Swank, Gene Hastings. Second Row - Roger Van- dervort, john jolliffe, Howard Shaffer. Third Row-- Charles Wolfe Eugene Cribble. DEMOS CLUB First Row 1 B. Mccroby, B. O'Malley, B. johnson, J. Cox, D. Lazzelle. Second Row - Mr. Yates, D. Knotts, V. Flumm, D. DeMoss, E.. Holdsworth. Third Row 1 S. Tusai, T. Smith, S. Hall, Wilson. Boy's Civic Club HE BOYS' CIVIC CLUB was active in many different fields this year promoting good sportsmanship and cooperation. First, the club held a basketball game in conjunction with the faculty and then proceeded to take high honors in the intramural club league. -Next, the boys in the club, working with the O. A. A., produced the Mardi Gras. Finally the club sponsored a Leap Year Dance in the Girls gymnasium which was the first time in the clubs history that such an undertaking was ever attempted. OFFICERS President ..... .......,....,................... V ice President Secretary ....... .. Gene Hastings Warren Swank .. Wayne Pulliam Treasurer ...... ...... R obert Galbraith Sponsor . ,.., Howard Godfrey Demo A HE DEMO CLUB was reorganized in the fall of l939. One of its aims was to work toward the betterment of school life in Morgantown l-iigh. The Hrst major undertaking of the Demos was the publication of basket- ball programs for the High School games and the Basketball Tournament. On Friday, February 23, the Demos entertained I-Ii-Y ancl Us and Co. at a semi-formal dance in the Girls' Gymnasium at which Bob Hill and his Top-Hatters, the Demo orchestra, played. OFFICERS President ..............,.....,..........,.,,,, ..,,,,,,,, B ob Hill Vice President ..., ...... W ayne Wiles Secretary .......... ...,,.. B ill Johnson Treasurer ..... Orval King Reporter .. ..... Steve Tusai Sponsor Harold Yates HOME EC. CLUB First Row - Coulson, R. Godfrey, l. Roby, R Painter, M. Smith. H Chittum, D. Price, M. E. Chrisman, M Brown, K Creel, F. Davies. Second Row - B. Martin, K. Painter, M. l. Mc- Hugh, B DeVall, A. Feather, M. Smith, M. Wallace, B. Shanaberg' er, E. Thorn, B. Craze. Third Row- B. McGowan, R. Raglione, M. G. Se- by, G. Robison, H. Per- kins, L. Cappellanti, H. Hall, Barnes, M. Sha- han, E. Royce. Fourth Row - O. Poole, C. Poland, D. Duck- worth, B. Graham, B. R. Morris, L. Grayson, M. J. Noone, M. Davis, D. Donham. Fifth Row -- T. Smith, C. Wolfe, T. Little, Miss Albright, Miss Patter- son, Mrs. Phillips, M. Wilhelm, A. Pierre, D. Ammons. G. A. A. First Row - Y. DeCarlo, B. Chipps, M. Angotti, Miss Metz, B. Bierer, sec- tary: Haddock, presi- dentg Y. Mitchel, vice president: M. Clawges, treasurer: P. Courtney, intramural manager: B. S. Bailey. Second Row-R. Swords, B. Fletcher, B. L. Rose, D. Hiner, P. Stump. B. S. Titus, M. Lee, D. Hood, M. Tennant, C. Martinez. Third Row - R. Loar, V. Livesay,E. Lloyd, S. Harner, C. Gibbs, M. Dodd, B. Kingree, D. Shriver, Brand, Nl. Huffman. Fourth Row-B. Haddock. F. Stein, L. Klein, R. Godfrey, H. Quidas, M. Beveridge, L. Grayson, W. Harner, l. Herring- ton, G. Robison, M. Lawson. Fifth Row - M. E. Mc- Ginnis, R. Selby, Col- lins, A. Leach, O. Layman, Price, M. Dye, V. Godfrey, Smith. Home Economics Club HE. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB was organized in l925 at the request of a group of girls. Two years later, in I9Z7, the club became affiliated with the West Virginia Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association. The program of activities include: personal improvement of members: assistance in improving home and family living, service projects in the Home Economics departmentg service projects in the High Schoolg and service projects in our community. A formal dinner, a foreign fellowship program, a joint meeting with a nearby club are annual events on the club calendar. ln l937 and l939, Morgantown High, University High and West Vir- ginia University clubs acted as joint hostesses for the West Virginia student club meeting. G. A. A. KETCHES of girls in gym garb brings to mind the activities of the Girls' Athletic Association. These girls have endeavored to bring the students of the school together in a more friendly and informal manner through open house, which includes many varied sports activities. The G. A. A. sponsors the lntra-mural sports program including, soccer, volley ball, basketball, social dancing for both boys and girls, modern dancing for girls, outings and hiking. The club has been a big success this year. Besides sponsoring open house and lntra-mural sports it presented the Mardi Gras and the May Festival. OFFICERS President ........... .........,......... ...., J e an Haddock Vice President ...... ..... Y vonne Mitchell Secretary ......... ....., B etty Bierer 61 PEP SOCIETY First Row-N. Wooster, Dickinson, B. Barnard, H. Thompson, M. Strawn. P. Stanshury, L. Lorentz, M. Shannon. Second Row 1 A. David- son, A. Spiker, E. Cather, R. Davies, Fiedler, K. Furman, D. Morris, B. Haddock. Third Row 1 M. K. Van- Gilder, M. Campbell, B. L. Snyder, P, Orton, R. Conaway, B. K. Brum- haugh, B. Bonfili. Fourth Row-H. Chittum, A. Hess, N. Morris, Pugh, G. Martin, M. Faulkner, B. Davis, R. Romine. Fifth Row - E.. Minor, bl. Davis, B. L. Koehler, P. Allen, M. Wilson, C. Case, Price, M. N. Knapp. KEY First Row - K. Furman, M. Smith, M. Shannon L. Lorentz, P. Orton. Second Row-Miss Wade, D. Morris, H. Thompson, M. Strawn, Third Row-B. L. Koehler B. L. Snyder, P. Stans bury, B. Davis, Fied ler. J Pep Society HE PEP SOCIETY was first formed in l922 under the leadership of Miss Dorothy Smith, physical education teacher at that time. The group was active in a number of ways in its early life, but died out from 1926 until it was reorganized in l93l. At the suggestion of David Tucker along with Miss Rachel Coogle, a group of Senior girls formed the new club and opened it to under-graduate students. Mrs. Elizabeth Peck is the present sponsor. The word Hpepn stands for: P- personality, E- enthusiasm, P- popu- larity. The aim of the club is to support school activities and promote school spirit. The club held an initiation the first semester of this year admitting 30 girls. The annual dance was given April 5 in the Girls Gym. OFFICERS President ........... ...,........................ M ary Strawn Vice President ....... ...... I-I elen Louise Thompson Secretary-Treasurer . ............ Patty Stansbury Key HE SKETCHBOOK opens to reveal the Key Club, an organization for Junior and Senior girls. The direction is under that of Miss Rebecca Wade, Key members aim to promote a spirit of congeniality between girls of similar interests, to further school spirit, and to aid in the general welfare of the school and the community. The annual semi-formal dance was held in the girls' gymnasium on Octo- ber 20, 1939. OFFICERS President .......,... .................... M arilynn Shannon Vice President .. .... ...... L ouise Lorentz Secretary ........... ............. P atty Orton Treasurer ................. Marian Smith SPODSOI' ..... ...... M iss Rebecca Wade 63 GIRL RESERVES First Row - Miss Painter, sponsor: R. Simon , treasurer, Nl. Cola. vincenzo, vice-president: W. Jenkins, president, E Shaffer, secretary: G Ra dcliff, service chair- man: Brand, program chairman. SecondRow-lVl.Stepoulos, Nl. Willetts, P. H. Forbes, B. NlcBee, W. Branden- burg, V. Kerns, M. Chipps. Third Row - L. Allum, R. Davis, Barker, W. Welch, M. Brown, M. Bell, B. Chipps. Fourth Row-E. Richards, W. Wright, D. Duck- worth, B. Graham, lVl. Bishop, N. Noland, V. Pratt. Fifth Row - L. St. Clair, M. Steele, E.. Filce, H Miller, D. Shriver, L. Smith. A. O. O. CLUB First Row--Miss Kuylcen- dall, E. Sass, C. Warner. H. Miller, A. Salar's, D. Rogers, E. Wolfe, N. S. Bruner, R. McCullough. Second Row - V. Dadich, M. Guido, L. Aitken, H. Tatar, B. L. Jones, B. l. Marsh, D. Clawson, B. Leonard. Third Row 1 L. St. Clair, W. jenkins, Nl. Cola- vincenzo, P. Chapman, A. Norton, L. Warner. L. Nlollahan, M. Stepou- los. Fourth Row 1 M. Carnes, Nl. C-lass, N. Reppy, R. Spencer, Lopez, H. Parsons, C. Stinellis, R. Loar. The Girl Reserves I-IE GIRL RESERVES was organized in order to develop in the mem- bers of the club a well-rounded personality, mental, spiritual, and phys- icalg to aid the school and communityg to develop good citizensg and to be sympathetic with the unfortunate in the school and community. This year at Christmas the girls gave away toys to needy children and several baskets to families at Thanksgiving. ln order to finance their excel- lent charity work the girls held a doughnut sale. Motto - To Hnd and give the best. Pleclge- To honor God, my country and my community, and to be in all ways a true and loyal member of the Girl Reserves.. OFFICERS President ........... .......................... W ilma Jenkins Vice President ..... .... M ary Colavincenzo Secretary ......... ........ E laine Shaffer Treasurer .... ...... R achel Simon A. 0. O. HIS CLUB was organized by the present sponsor, Miss Retta Kuykendall, for the purpose of promoting an interest in the school and communityg to contribute to the social life of the commercial studentsg and to stimulate a greater interest in the business world. ln order to encourage a higher grade of scholarship, an Honor Roll is sponsored for the commercial students who make "B" average or above. Each group graduating from the club makes a contribution to the school by planting Howers on the lawn. Former members of the club who are now occupying positions of re- sponsibility in the business world often say that their association with the A. O. O. Club was the most pleasant part of their school life. 65 LIBRARY CLUB First Row - White, M Smith, K. Creel, B, Me Bee, B. K. Brumhaugh, Second Row-J. Haddock L.. Hosey, M. Carpenter E. johnson, Miss Law! rence. Third Row - Pugh, B. L. Snyder, P. Orton. B. IV'orrison, Tr-:viII'an. Fourth Row - E. Ham- mond, K. Furman, P. Stanshury, Permar. WE LIMITED First Row - Macialine Mc' DoweII, Mattie Rosier, Miss Patterson, Betty Wilson, Betty Ann john- son, Anna Berolattir Geraldine I'IarcIin. Second Row -- Margaret Rosier, WiIcIa Guthrie, Mary Elaine Chrisman. Cleo Poland, Eileen Fike, Helen Lee Stump. Third Row 1 Kathleen KeIIy, Edith Summefii Dorotha McKinnev. ,lane Wilhelm Jane McCon- key. Fourth Row - Charlotte Strawser, Louise Shaffefr Angeline Guido, Victoria Peppetti, Rosalie Shaf' fer. Library Club N ORDER to promote closer social relations among the library assistants, a club was organized in i934 under the leadership of the present sponsor, Miss Elizabeth Lawrence. To become an assistant, a student must maintain a high level of school work and a high citizenship rating. The members have proven to be 'iup and coming" by winning first place for their skit in the Senior Follies and giving a number of parties. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Marion Smith ..,............. ........... P resident ..... ............r......... M arian Smith Betty Lee Snyder ..... Secretary-Treasurer ...........,......... Jane White Kathleen Furman ..... ..... S ocial Chairman .......... Betty Kay Brumbaugh We Limited HE PURPOSE of the "We Limited" Club of Morgantown High School is to foster friendship among high school girls and to encourage better understanding and fellowship in all social activities. "One for all and all for one" is the motto which the girls try to live up to. This school year several social gatherings have been held including a spaghetti feed and two initiation parties. OFFICERS FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Cleo Poland ................ ,...... P resident ......... ..................... B etty Wilson Eileen Fike ..............., ,..... V ice President ...............r Mary janet Chipps Mattie Rosier ............ ..,.. S ecretary-Treasurer ...... Betty Ann Johnson Lillian Cappellanti ......... ........,, H istorian .,,,.. ..,., M acleline McDowell Miss Mabel Patterson ...... ...... S ponsor .... ..... M iss Mabel Patterson 67 PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB First Row - B. Moore, Batlas, B. Johnson, C Caravasos, H. Roberts G. Brouzas. Second Row - H. Glenn E. Shaffer, F. Hall, H Thompson, B. L. Koeh- ler, B. K. Brumbaugh. Third Row - P. Billingsly J. Davis, G. Weaver, K Furman, Brannan, W Parsons. Fourth Row - B. Calvert, B. Posten, Howell, E. Deitz, N. Saffel, C. Forbes. .I The Photography Club HE PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB, under the sponsorship of Mr. Claude L. Waring, was organized by a group of boys in l937. The purpose of the club is to create an active and intelligent interest in the art of photography. The maximum membership of 25 has been attained and students may enter the club only as others leave it. Clirls were taken into the club for the first time this year. At the time the club was organized, it had no supplies whatsoever. Since then it has gained a completely equipped darkroom. This year the club has sponsored two contests and several photographic displays. OFFICERS President .....,..... .......,......,............. B ob Johnson Vice President ,..... .,,,,,.,,,,,,,, J ohn Batlas Secretary ........... ............ H avard Roberts TYCGSUTCT ........ ...,. C onstantine Caravasos 69 HE ipcrts section of the Sketcnbook is composed of information about coaches. action pictui s. pictures of let- termen, and summaries of the games. Sports L. fl 5" , , , Q Z? ' Lvmffs- fg- , X 1, X I x J ll 1 , I Q QC' : QWVLOQ X wc 74 N ix If I I r S 9 N' i Xi ' . 5 J I BQ.,-2 lb ,-1 6 S 'CO CKKOPQOQ1' W, 332.36 , l Q, , I, Q . O O 4 .pf 1' xl ib OOOQXO 05' gi I A , y In Q ll . h 1'A y ' -fT.s l 7 ' 1 Q4 W iii' Arthur H. Clyde 1 Head coach of football, basketball, track and Athletic Director. John Roberts - Assistant coach of football, basketball, and track. Stanley Baker - Assistant football coach. OACH ARTHUR H. CLYDE has been tutoring the Red and Blue football, basketball, and track teams for eighteen years. During this time his teams have won several Big Ten and state championship titles. Before coming to Morgantown Mr. Clyde coached at Cameron High School and McKeesport High School. He re- ceived his education at the following institutions: Geneva Col- lege, West Virginia University, University of Michigan, Univers- ity of lllinois. John Roberts assisted Coach Clyde again this year for the sixth consecutive year. He is not only assistant but also Director of Physical Education. Mr. Roberts is a graduate of Morgantown High School and West Virginia University. Stanley Baker was assistant football coach for the first time last fall. He received his education at Morgantown High School and West Virginia University. 72 I A , A 1 Hsu.. 9 ,- I My FOOTBALL SUMMARY ORGANTOWN was represented by a scrappy football eleven on the gridiron the past season. Although continually handicapped by injuries the Art Clyde-coached combination managed to win four, tie one, and lose five for a fair average. The Red and Blue gridders opened the season with an impressive Victory over Masontown by the score of Z7 to 0. The scores were made by two touchdown runs by Bill Lough, one each by Albertazzie and Hewitt, and three points after touchdown by Thomas. For the second victory Morgan- town crushed Kingwood 39 to 0. Hewitt tallied four times by following good interference and Lough and Hines each scored once. Thomas and Sherman converted the extra points. Art Clyde's team tasted defeat at the hands of Wheeling by the score of I3 to 7. lVlorgantown's only score was made by an 88 yard punt return by Hewitt behind beautiful interference. Bill Lough scored the extra point. 73 li i ,gj S :gag ,A 1 . . . - 'Dsl Morgantown defeated East Fairmont 37 to 0, for the third victory of the year, playing without the services of Lough, who was injured. Morgantown scored in every period. Hewitt, Sherman, Thomas, Fatt, and Albertazzie scored for the Red and Blue. Morgantown lost the next three games to Elkins, Weston, and Washing- ton lrving by the scores of I8-0, 7-6, and 20-0, but played most of these games without the regular halfbacks. Bill Lough scored the touchdown against Weston. By defeating Farmington I2 to 0, Morgantown climbed back into the winning column. Morgantown's points were scored by Emilio Thomas and Bill Lough. ln the following game Morgantown was held scoreless by Graf- ton for the only tie of the season. A 40 yard touchdown run by I-lines, was called back because he was ruled out of bounds on the I9 yard stripe. Mor- gantown threatened to score many times but was always repulsed. For the final game of the season Morgantown journeyed to Charleston where defeat was met by a 20 to 0 score. Only in the fourth quarter did the Red and Blue threaten when the ball was advanced to the Charleston I2 yard line by passes and end sweeps. 74 Football Individuals Brand, Warren-Junior guard, fast, hard-charging lineman. npinkyu is expected to really shine next year. Albertazzie, Ralph-Junior fullback, transferred from Philippi, hard blocker. Ralph stood out particularly because of his blocking and defensive play. Collins, Bob-Senior tackle, strong defensive player. Bob was a 60-minute man, playing every minute of many games. He stood out particularly in the W-l game. DelVlao, Andy-Senior guard, regular three years, All-State guard two years, All Big Ten guard two years, acting captain two years. For the past three years "Deacon" has been like a "rock of Gibralter". He is one of the best linemen in the history of the school. Fatt, George-Senior end, hard blocker. George was con- sidered one of the best blockers on the squad. He shone in the East Fairmont game. Ferrara, Emil-junior tackle, good on both defense and of- fense. Emil was the rough and ready type of player. ls depended upon next year. Hewitt, Kenneth-Senior halfback, field general, safety man. Ken did not play much football this ye-ar due to injuries. Was shifty while carrying the ball. Hines, jack--Senior halfback, fast on reverses and end runs. Jack was a consistent performer in the backfield. He was a good pass receiver. Hiser, Junior--Senior end, good blocking end. Junior was an extra good blocker and fair on defense. 75 W l .QE Hough, Robert - Senior end, good defensive man. Hough was a consistent performer from the flank. Lough, William-Senior halfback, very hard blocker. Bill was a hard driving halfback and a good man on pass de- fense. He was handicapped by injuries much of the time. Mayfield, Kenneth--Senior end, strong on defense. Because of his lighting spirit, Ken broke into the starting lineup about mid-season. Pill, Edward 1 Senior tackle, biggest man on squad. Ted was a stone Wall on the line. He was about as easy to move as Coopers Rock. Sherman, john-Senior halfback, good passer and punter. John was a good blocker and a hard to stop ball carrier. Sypolt, Warren-Senior center, regular two years, All Big Ten center, All State Third team center. "Ci" has been an outstanding pivot man for two years. He is considered one of the best centers the school has ever had. Springer, Bill-junior tackle, fast man under punts. Al- though playing Hne ball this year, Bill is expected to g0 to town next year. Thomas, Emilio - Sophomore blocking back, All State Honor' able Mention. Even though he is good blocking back. Emilio shone as a ball carrier when used as such. He WAS the best punter on the squad. Zuccari, Memmo -Junior guard, fast charger and hard blocker. Although small in stature, Nlemmo makes up for that in Fight. 76 Basketball Individuals Barnes, George-junior forward, a flashy player, good shot, and ball handler. High scorer for this year, great things are expected of him next year. Cavallero, Sam-Senior forward, broke into lineup at mid- year, smallest man on squad stood out in sectional making the all-sectional team. Hadden, Dave-Senior graduated at mid-year, best shot and ball handler on squad. Made honorable mention on the All State Team. l-lall, Don -Junior, good shot and defensive player, a capable reserve. Expected to see service next year. l-lines, Jack-Senior, the best defensive man on the squad. His fight lcept the team in many of the games, also second in scoring. Liberatore, Frank-Senior, graduated at mid-year the tallest man on the squad, a great defensive man and good shot under the basket. lVlcAninch, Art-Senior, the fastest man on the squad was good at getting the ball off bank board. Radcliff, Crval - Junior, good shot and defensive man. Radcliff is expected to shine next year. Vecchio, Patsy-junior, the best back court shot on the squad, was a great defensive player, great things are ex- pected of him in the future. 77 OACH Arthur Clyde's basketball team was a winning combination before mid-season, winning more than their share of games. The season was opened with a rousing win over the Alumni and followed up with a 53-42 conquest of East Fairmont. For the third victory Morgantown defeated Weston 48-43 with Hadden leading the scorers with 23 points. Morgan- town lost its flrst game to W-l by the score of 33-34. Barnes led scorers with I0 points. The Red and Blue tasted defeat for the second time by losing to Elkins at Elkins. l-ladden took high point honors with I5 points. East Fairmont was again conquered 5l-35 and l-ladden again led scorers with 25 points. Morgantown next de- feated last year's state champions, West Fairmont, by the score 5l-59. l-ladden collected 27 points to lead scorers. Buckhannon downed Mor- gantown 38-39 in the last game before mid-year and Triadelphia followed suit by the score 5l-44. ln the next en- counter Morgantown was defeated by Wheeling 70-32 with Barnes leading Morgantown scorers. Grafton defeated the Red and Blue 36-37 as Hines led scorers with l 7 points. For the second time this year W-l defeated Morgantown by the score of 62-46. Barnes led scorers with I9 points, ln the first intra-city game Morgantown defeated Uni- versity High with Barnes leading the scorers by collecting l l points. Morgan- town lost again to Buckhannon 59-47 as Barnes led scorers and then lost to Grafton 5 7-37. West Fairmont got revenge for its first loss by defeating the Red and Blue at Fairmont. ln the final games Morgantown was defeated by University High twice and Weston once. ln the sectional tournament Grafton eliminated Morgantown the first night of the tournament 46-43. Cavallero led scorers with 20 points. 78 .ii Track Individuals Christopher, Ralph-junior hurdler, member of crack hurd- ling team. Although he is but a junior he performed with the hurdlers in great style. Cooper, Eddie-Senior half-miler, State half-mile champion, Big Ten Champion, holder of school record in half mile, member of the relay team. Eddie is the best half-miler the school has had for a long time. He was expected to set a new state record this year. Hines, jack - Senior track flash. Although not taking part in the State Track Meet, jack stood out in the dual meets as a half miler last year. Jacobson, Sam-Junior pole vaulter, winner in State Track Meet and Big Ten Meet. Sam was a good all-round per- former but stood out as a pole vaulter. McAninch, Art-Senior sprinter, Big Ten sprint Champion, member of relay team. ln the State Track Meet Art placed high the past two and is considered the best sprinter in this region. Moore, Ronald-Senior hurdler, member of champion hurd- ling relay team, winner in Big Ten Meet. "Mus" Moore is a flash when it comes to taking his lanky form over the hurdles. Sharpenburg, Warren-Senior 440 man, member of crack relay team for two years, member of relay team holding school record. Sharpy was the champion of the school the past year, in the 440. Tusai, Steve-Senior sprinter, member of relay team. Steve has been a fine dash man since moving here. 79 First Row-E. Utt, V. Peppetti l... Allum, B. Graham. Second Row--M. Hess, M. Ward, M. Angotti. First Row-V. Livesay, P. Courtney, O. Harner, B. Fuller Second Row--M. Marony, M. Lee, B. Bierer. Basketball Mary Angottfs Sophomore basketball team hoopecl to victory after downing tough freshmen, Sophomore, Junior ancl Senior quintets in a series of exciting and well played games. Members of the team were: Maxine Ward, Victoria Peppetti, Elsie Utt, Lola Allum, Mary Hess, Burhlene Grahm, and captain, Mary Angotti. Volleyball This year the mighty Seniors succeeded in reaching the volleyball finals and outplaying the Juniors. The champions were: Captain, Ruth Selby, Virginia Godfrey, Yvonne Mitchel, Juanita Coulson, Beatrice Bonhli, Dorothy Davis, jean Price, ancl Evelyn Vickers. A80 PINIONS FOOTBALL CHAMPS First Row-P. Davies: Ci. Pixler: Bel- castro: B. Busmarx. Second Row-H. Cappalinti: Pinion: C. Barnes: Wilson: B. Rexroad MIDGET BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPS First Row-K. Brown: V. Towbridge: W. Elison. Second Row-D. DeVincent: B. Ornick: O. Vecchio. INDEPENDENT BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPS First Row-J. Feck: C. jenkins. Second Row-J. Pinion: Sherman: Scott. CLUB BASKETBALL LEAGUE CHAMPS First Row-P. Guariglia: R. Galbraith: W. Swank: Mr. Codfry sponsor and coach. Second Row-C. Hastings: H. Shaffer: W. Pulliam: R. Chapman, BOXING CHAMPS First Row-D. DeVincent, I05 lbs.: B. Satan, l I5 lbs.: S. Madia IZ5 lbs.: H. Grahm, 95 lbs. Second Row-E. Thomas, heavy: K. Hewitt, 145 lbs.: S. Jacobson I 35 lbs.: WRESTLING CHAMPS First Row-A. Valentine, I05 lbs.: Feck, ll5 lbs.: H. Graham, 95 lbs. Second Row-J. Knapp, heavy: S. Joc- obson I35 lbs.: B. Lough, l55 lbs. Intramural Athletics The word Intramural itself means "within the walls." This program, as applied to athletics, is carried on between members of the same student body. It is in keeping with the spirit of Morgantown I-ligh School and the wish of the Physical Education department that every student be a member of some one of the various teams. "A team for every boy and every boy on a team," is the slogan of the lntramurial Department. This slogan is gradually becoming a reality for in the last ten years the intramural program has grown from a four-sport pro- gram to an eleven-sport one. This program of intramural athletics in the Morgantown High School has been designed to present to all students the opportunity of participat- ing in intramural competition and also provide the necessary regulations to govern such participation. This year approximately 320 different boys took part in this program. Medals were given to all members on winning teams and to all individual winners. Basketball proved to be the most popular intramural sport. Civics, Us and Co., and Hi-Y wound up the season in a three-way tie in the Club league, the Civics club winning out in the play-off. The Turks, Independent league champions, defeated the Civics by a score of 44 to 23, to take the school title. Sl HlS section of the Sketch- book presents informal pictures of the student body in their various school activities. Features X A A if fi ggi f V ,C F Q x P 33 V XFX ,f f Q V Qggf 1 Y, ,R GV, ff sf j WW ff! Q XJ xx XXX ,Hp X rfuumn ff! ' l X I S' - E - 'f ff + f f' f f J-islllluln 4 'x f f x y X A Rose and Two? i'Mus" and Don Brown Annex What a Triplet What Smells? You're not supposed to look Heil Hitler Front Back Off to Wheeling Comuntzis Lovely joe Cllfb Bum Noel Two of a Kind The Scientists linux-, -. .. ..nuinnlilm..uu-nnn-nm-nw-nu-1111141111nnldninn-1111111.11:ltr-1111-url:-tlyyi .1 .-....-ur SANITARY MARKET GROCERIES, FRUITS AND PRODUCE Dial 9811 450 High st. SANITARY MILK 8: ICE CREAM CO. SAFE DAIRY PRODUCTS Nlorgantoxvn, XY, Ya. Style Quality EVERYTHING TO MAKE YOUR HOME COMFORTABLE . . Lnvmg Furniture Company 219-221 Walnut Street Dial 7821 0 9 9 YOUR CREIJVI' IS ALXYAYS GOUIJ REINER 8: CORE Haberdashers to the Best Dressed Seniors of M. H, S. 220 HIGH ST. MOONEY'S RECREATION HALL -- BOWL YOUR CARES AWAY 1- 335 High Street Morgantown, W. Va. 4- H- ..,. - ,... - .... -r.n-... ---- - -1 ---- - - -- - 1--' - Ilfr - 111- -- - -'1' - ----1-w--- -v 85 ,gi 2 5 MGWW Look Familiar? Strolling Along Swing it Out Grunt and Groan Eskimos Mob Are You Guys Lucky! Majorettes Cheerleaders Warden and Cell-keeper Busy as Bees Left Right Wet? Loafers Calendar Sept. l 2 Sept. 20 Sept. 21 -Students returning to school at the end of a long vacation. The majority of them seem quite happy over the prospect of a year of new relationships, but a few still groan every year, 'iltis only the beginning." -Hewitt is elected president of senior class for the fourth year by a land-slide. -"Stand up and cheer!"-The pigskin felt like going swimming the heat was so intense at the first football game. Cct. I6-Cui' dream of having new band uniforms is at last brought to Oct. Oct. Oct.. Oct. Nov realization. We are so proud that we parade through town. 20-Key lassies entertain their lads at their annual dance. 25-Rehearsals for "Pride and Predjudicen get under way after a tedi- ous triple night of casting. 27-Students choose "Milky Way" the king of candy bars. 28-A successful Halloween party is given by the A.0.0. A good time is enjoyed by all. . l-The ltalian Club with its name changed to 5.0.3, initiates I3 new members. Nov. Nov. Nov. I0 Nov. Nov. 2-Seniors present the annual Senior Follies and the Library Club walks away with first prize. 6-Students participate in a radio program in celebration of National Education Week, Nov. 5-l l. 7-Rabbit season opens with a hop, skip, jump and a bang. Among the faculty returning home with light hearts and heavy feet are Scott Davis, Art Clyde, O. D. White, and l... S. Cornwell. -Red and Blue Journal Subscription campaign starts off with a bang with home room ll8 winning Eskimo Pies with their IOO percent record. I 7-Reports cards are here again!! Some pupils moan, "Am ah blueln But those two all students at the top merely ask, "I-low're we doin?" Dec. l-The G.A.A.'s give a Mardi Gras which is a huge success. Dec. 4-Miss Marple wants 225 "lost" Seniors to come to Senior meetings. Dec. 4- Dec. How nice we look! The seniors take on airs because they are having their pictures taken. 8-Several of our brethern are called to Jackson's Mill for National Guard Camp. How we envy them, no school and such good food. 88 Calendar Dec. Dec DCC. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. MST. MBT. Mar Mar Mar Mar. Apr. l4-Blackout! Our assistant principal, Mr. Davis, goes groping through the halls by candlelight. Darkness is caused by fuse plugs. l5--The Annual Hi-Y Minstrel is a big success, as usual. Zl-The Masquers enjoy themselves at a Christmas party in the home 2- of Betty McGowan. Happy New Yearl We're back in school after a glorius vacation, but where are all those happy smiles? l2-The Hi-Y's invite us to strut in the girl's gym at their annual dance. l9-The National Honor Society honors its new members at a banquet. 2-Our band livens up the basketball games by playing 'iOh Johnnyi' and the "Beer Barrel Polka". 4-The National Thespians celebrate National Drama Week by giving a one-act play, "Yes Means No" in the auditorium and a spaghetti dinner at the uOaksi'. l0-The G.A.A. sponsors a successful "Open Housei' in the Girls' Gym. 23-How we rate! The Demos give a party with music by their own orchestra. 24-Today we are blue-defeated by Elkins. This game ends our Z9 regular season. -"Don't be a monkey" is the new slogan. Mr. Liddle, State Secretary of the Y. C. A. spoke on this subject at the Hi-Y assembly. l-Seniors order 3,000 graduation announcements. 6-7-We spent some time 'iln Old Louisiana" with Miss Douthat and the music department. l2-Everybody gets measured for their striped suits as the new rules I4 and regulations go into effect. -Thespians win the sectional one act play festival held here and prepare for Hnew worlds to conquern. l6-We congratulate the Junior class for an enjoyable time at the St. 29 Patrick's Swing. -The Us and Co. depart from their usual type of Revue with a two-act, all-member collegiate show. 9-Mohigan goes to the printer's and arenlt we glad!! 89 ' - i1iiiEiZS75 iiii ' I ' I 2 AT YOUR SICRYICIQ FUR SAFE Pi-XS'l'liURlZlilJ DAIRY l'RUlJLfL"l'S 331 Beechurst Ave. Dial 4323 JENKINS 81 BROWN 144 Pleasant St. Dial 4433 E E ML ' I RHI IICIBHI lllll an a a aaa33 ' 9 ' gg Ll I ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS A H 444 Spruce Street 35 lil -if .i IVAV is is. -.o. JQEZ: i 51125 FRICIQ 1is'1'1x1AT1as ON Z K . -...-4 N 5 3? grew 1,77 wi RING F6 JR LIGHT , 'SI 10g?'l7U ANU POWER . cn Easy -'-1 'IE' , X 'F 'V Ter S - v . . Y -. 4 W. Y .-. fk ziisiwm 1. OHTTM, i1xiOR14-s Slew Big 6 Cubic Foot Family Size AN U NNW 95 - A , W -- I f If g DIAL 9825 STORE ELECTRIC REFREGEIRATOR DIAL 7682 RESIDENCE RALPH FEDERER MUSIC STUDIO Brock, Reed aurl XXVEIKIG Blclg. Popular and Classical Music Dial 6141 BOVVLBY'S SERVICE STATION AMOCO PRODUCTS --- MOTOROLA - 2-I Hour Servite -- STADIUM STATION AMERICAN OIL STATION 2008 University Ave. 1201 University Ave. 4., m.- ,unimn-nn1un1nun-inn..im1111111.11-un- -1 1 .... W, 90 -1. ...- .- - - - - - - .-.,..-....-.,,.-.,i.-.,.,...,.,-....-....-....-..i-ii.- - - - - - - -. 3. ROGERS THE BIG DRUG STORE 1 Air Cuiicliticmecl -- Phone 4419 Monongahela Bldg. CHANCERY ROW PRINTING HOUSE COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE Iireakirnm Brothers, Former M. H. S, Students Chestnut Street Blackstone Building To The Clam of 1940 . . . WE Q'fJNGRA'l'UI,A'I'Ii you cm your gradua- tim and wish for you the best uf health, prosperity and success in the future. VVe are brmid to have the privilege of serving most men of XI. H. S. in their dress. O H N S O N ' "Always Reliable" MEN'S WEAR NIORGANTOWN, W. VA. WALKER'S---Dial 9271 SOUTH HIGH STREET SERVICE STATION 'Friemlly Service Wfith Texacti Products" SOUTH SIDE CLEANERS 301 COBUN AVE. DIAL 6655 -fn ---------- ---- ------- - - ---- - 4 9l "FIRST DANCE." At last the night has come But still 'tis only fine My dress is pressed and hair all curled- What fun to be alive! l have my perfume on It is the very best. l must look nice and try so hard To stand out from the rest. l've practised dancing, weeksg l know l must have grace For girls that walk on people's shoes Will surely feel the bliss. The doorbell's ringing now Where is my handkerchief? l have my purse, my bracelet too- That's all, to my relief. Oh dear! What must l say? The familyis sitting there Were out at last and all is bright l-le has the car to-night. Jessie Fiedler FREEDOM Our nation was founded By the religiously oppressed On these shores abounded Freedom for the blessed. They built a nation And broke the sod With faith and adoration For a loving God! Freedom is a priceless heritage To have and to hold. It is a great privilege For both young and old. To work and live in this broad land And boost America for what it stands William Strunk 92 Ninn- - my-uu1nnu.1nu-un-nu-nu.. nuinin-HH,I1'11nnluu-nu1.1H.-.WinH1I,.I,I.Minninn,,.,,?..,,1,,,,1,,, L. D. McFARLAND 8: COMPANY PRINTING TYPEWRITERS OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES 419 High Street Dial 7121 I., Telephones: 4428 - 4429 0 I 146-152 High St. FURNITURE CO. "The Store 'lxlmt Invites Cmuparismi F or Finer Jewelry 0 BI1 A. YH!! B Jeweler METROPOLITAN THEATRE BLDG. CHARTER BUS C. C. Aston Esso Station W ni 1 mm K 1 Pleasant St. - Cobun Ave. ' gf 1 4-- M ,fi tSuuth Parkj THE IDEAL WAY FOR GROUP TRAVEL ESSO - ESSO EXTRA Cfmsult Your Lwcal Agent ESSOLUBE ESSQ OIL , 6 V Q Complete Verified Esso BLUE RIDGE . . . 1005.4 L Lubrication 1 Washing 'Y' H- Illv ------------------------ - - v, 93 Modern Dancing For the first time in the history of the school, modern dancing is part of the physical education program. Modern dancing is comparatively new, but it is growing in popularity throughout the country, for it has developed to such an extent that profes- sional troupes are touring the country to educate audiences to this new type of dance. ln modern dancing we attempt to express an idea or meaning to the audience through body movement. The first program the class presented was "The Juggler of Notre Dame". The group will also present the program of dances for the May festival which will carry out the theme, "The Birthday of the lnfantan. Meetings for technique and instruction are held weekly for it is necessary to develop the finer skills through constant practice. Musical Groups 'iMusic washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." The A Cappella Choir, organized in 1936, has been under the direction of Miss Mary Elizabeth Douthat since the spring of l939. Girls' Chorus, also directed by Miss Douthat, was organized in 1939 and has attained great success in progressive harmony. The Choral Club, organized this year, is composed of I6 mixed voices. It is a select group with one weekly rehearsal and both secular and sacred music is sung. Together these music organizations have brought to the students apprec- iation and knowledge of good music and its effect upon the individual. A CAPPELLA CHOIR OFFICERS President .....................,..,..,.......... Dorothy Davis Vice-President .......... ............ B ob Johnson Secretary-Treasurer ..... Mary E. Chrisman General Manager ..... .......,.., J ohn Hall Historian ..........................................,. john Batlas GIRLS CHORUS OFFICERS President ...........,...,,........,...,.......... Lucille Hosey Vice-President .......... .............. P earl Forbes Secretary-Treasurer ..... ..... M ary E. Chrisman General Manager ..... ...,.... R achel Simon Historian .............. ..... V irginia Godfrey 94 If Wouldn 'I be a Commencement Hfiflz out Carmen Ma,vfer Cleafzmg Service Master Cleaner 477 High Street SINCE 1914 4 I L-1f----1' 111' T'?' 1 "'1 1 4' 95 Senior Celebrities The senior celebrities were chosen by the vote of members of the Senior Class. Those whose pictures are missing are Yvonne Gallaher, most Bashfulg Bob I-Iill, tie for Peppiestg and Mary Strawn, Class Bluffer and most Pleas- ing Personality. zz .. .W J H 2 1, , . t L i: r, ,, L K V L , V, , , i if-i in V 1 ' , ' ssrsl E ,f 6 "f s it ., 1 -' 'ff 'iff . A '-fi i i r2 C f i x K Cya X C 3 , I V, , I K l f' 5 I ivii' 5 7-W 3 ' xiii W: ,V sax' 2 ,Vt :gi ., ,qi 5 'XA 5 lls r y.,i r .. ir" fi , , ,,L. l I . A ' ,, X, E I i X i.s,,,,..eQ,V f risl , i , z ,QA 1 --,r if-f N I . 1 N., .TM ,A .N N. 3 -14 11215-5 . - Wit ms M, .. A.. , Q Z A c r ef 7s iff f l C f' ,i ,- . 5 3 at ,fe C 'rw , r V'-r'r V-T 'V ,, f - ,g A J www., , X ? 2 , W3 Beatrice Bonfxli--Tied, Best Looking, Man Killer. Bill Lough-Peppiest louise Lorentz-Most Egotistical, Most Aliuring Robert Stewart-Most Original, Most Talented. Betty Le Snyder-Tied for best looking. Robert Nluffly-Most Patient, Most Alluring. Marian Smith-Most Patient, l-lealthiest Edward Pill-Healthiest. Sunny Vancilder-Best Dancer. Walter Mitchell-Slangiest. Helen Thompson-Best All-round, Most Popular, Most ldolizecl. Kenny Hewitt-Best All-round, Most Popular, Most Pleasing Personality, Most Likely to Succeed, Most ldolized. Pearl Forbes-Teacher's Pet. Eugene Holdsworth-Tied for Laziest. Dorothea Morris-Most lclealistie. Robert O"lVlally-Class C'own, Class Nuisance. Mary Holmes-Most Likely to Succeed. Gerrard Erskine--Best Dressed, Neatest. 96 7 tv, Patsy Furman-Best Dressed, Neatest. Robert Hough-Best Looking, Lady Killer. Jessie Fielder-Cutest. Most Polite. Jack Hines-Most Athletic. Margaret Rosier-Most Religious. James Anclyipfied for Best Dancer. Betty Sue Painter--Most Athletic. Andy DeMao-Tied for Laziest. Betty Kay Brumbaugh-Happy-Go-Lucky, Slangiest, Class Clown, Peppiest. Eugene Fowler-Tied for Best Dancer. Margaret Leach-Most Stuclious, Most Talented. George Batlas-Class Bluffer, Tied Most Polite. Ethel Wolfe-Smartest. George Fatt-Most Bashful. Mary Steele-Class Nuisance. jasper Davis-Smartest, Tied Most Polite, Teacher's Pet fMost ldealistic, Most Stuclious. Bob johnson-Most Egotistic. Elwood Bucklew-Most Religious. Mailyn Shannon-Wittest, Laziest, Most Original. Warren Sharpenberg-Cutest, Happy-Go-Lucky, Wittiest. 97 Familiar Scenes Wink and her hair ribbons Butch and her beer jacket Tommy and Ham Bob O'Malley and his admission slips Joe Howell and his model UT" Thomas Smith and his Demo pins Mrs. Sheldon in the observatory Batlas and his money box Mr Price waiting for the absence blank at II3 Strawnie playing her records Pee Wee Lough with Jeanne Trevillian Kenny Hewitt in Miss Marple's room Layman and Pell in the halls Scott Davis in his third period Problems class Coach Clyde's hair Seniors making eyes at the University kids Nellie at Rainbow Gardens The remains of the stump Mr. Davis surrounded by his admirers The Four Musketeers-Kenny, Swede, Pe Wee and Murf. Sammy Cavallaro with jean Price Guilty faces in Detention Hall Annual book store rush The overcrowded "smoke hole" after dinner Miss White painting flats Mr. Dailey eating carriot. People and Songs Nellie Stalnaker Warren Sha rpenbur Marian Smith Sara Rush Beatrice Bonfili Frances Barker Leonard Wolfe Sunny Vanflilder Barbara Leonard Virginia Fulk john Hall Bill Fleming Louise Lorentz jasper Davis John Papandreas Robert Wade Ronald Moore Delores Crayne Bob Johnson Kenny Robison Miss Richards 8 Constantine Ca ravasos Dot Price Aline Hess Bob Muffly Student Body Ruth Davies Little Old Lady Scatterbrain Chatter-box l Love You Much Too Much With the Wind and the Rain in Her Hair What's the Matter With Me? A Man and His Dream Dark Eyes Deep ln a Dream Baby Me Oh! johnny Billie Too Romantic Umbrella Man When a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry Wishing Faithful Forever Careless South of the Border K-K-K-Kenny ln An Old Dutch Garden You Hit the Spot l've Got My Eyes On You l Thought About You If l Didn't Care Love ln Bloom Stopl l't's Wonderful 98 -1- ----- V ------ -----V ----- ----- lv FRED DERING EIJXYARID XY, IJERING DERING Funeral Home "Estz1lulisl1ecl 1900" THE HOME THAT CCJNFIIJENCE BUILT C0fzgmz'u!az'z'0m Clays Qf '40 Most Modern Means of fvwfzficz' T1'a1zsportarz'011 24 - HOUR - 24 EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE 171 WaIn11t Street Dial 6236 + ---------------- --------- fe- 99 4- - ...K - .Xwv ,-...,.- sin PERRY BROS. SHOE SHOP INVISIBLE SOLING AND HEELING FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN CAN BE HAD NOW! 185 High Street Next to Warner Theater SMITH 8: ROBEY SERVICE STATION That Good GULF Gasoline Gulf Pride OIL No-Nox Ethyl Lubrication I-TOO University Ave. S. S. KRESG CO. THE 5 8a 10 WITH QUALITY MERCHANDISE 336 H IGH STR ICET COMPLIMENTS IF IT WAS GooD ENUFF -OP FOR YoUR DAD GIIIZBIIS IT IS GOOD ENUFF FOR Industrial Iman YOU Bumpang 1 I W' 'fflfilflllfky mf. Je 'W' 166 CHANCERY Row Phone 7731 "VVhere Dad Took His Girl" 4- -- "'- ------------------ I - f--- -- i"' ----- I I- -1- 100 SPRING When spring-time comes to this world, It will find peace and contentment hereg But l feel sorry for those troubled souls, With the war and strife over there. l am glad that l am an American, And live in a land that is free, l am glad there is no war over here, And l pray there never will be. Willis Dye THE CLOCK ON THE MANTLE The clock on the mantle is ticking away, It tells us faithfully the time of the day. It asks for so little And helps us The clock on The clock on It sees all our the mantle keeps ticking away sadness, our happiness gay, It keeps all our secrets It knows how we feel But the clock on the mantle is a friend that is Gladys Warner THE ONE WHO NEVER FAILS There is one who is silent, You never can hear, One who will help you, who is always near. There are those that say They are friends to you But just let something hard Come up to do. Go to them for advice, And see what they say, "Sorry l just couldn't be bothered todayff' But put it up to Him Who is always true A friend throughout life No, He will never fail you. Dorothy Clawson I0 I so much the mantle is a friend that we trust real S Queers . vvheeling "We" just a Forsome Hi Slim King and Queen Mardi Gras Hump Di Dumpties Blue Bloods Senior Folies Rip Our Artist On fo Prison Ape Going Up Music Please IFBIG MAN 0N CADIPUS 4 "IF I WERE an editor lid make sure of two things-iirst, """"-f......f-'-" that my editorial experience would not make me lead a dog's life, and second, I'd not be consistently in the dog house with every one including my instructors because of my yearbook activity. Bly way would be to choose an outfit that does more than put their feet on my desk and pat me on the back. lid call for Indeco service because it is complete and the best help an editor can get in producing an unusual annual within his budget. Ask the staff on this book if Pm not right." .-m-- - 1 -1-nn-n.,..mI-..-,-.m-.m-nm-Im-It u-un...nn1nn-nn-nm-au.iuu-nu,,,,,lm.-nw-. 1 .1 LAIDLEY and SELBY L. C. SMITH and CORONA TYPEWRITERS "Ex'erytl1iug fur Schuul K Office" 417 High Street Dial 5624 MORGANTOWN HARDWARE CO. "If It's Harclwrxre XYQ Have It" 350 High Street Dial 4438 Electrical Equipment Co. ' ' Efveryfhzkzg Elecfrzbal ' ' WHITE BUILDING 493 HIGH STREET FOR AN ENVIOYABLE EVENING - STOP -at the- Hainhnw Garden I XVII ERE YOU FIND THE MOST RICSPECTFUI, PEOPLE Proprietor Sam Urdzmoff Glover Farm Store I rnrifr5flus V 3 a1isfae1mn I OUR STORE IS AS NEAR AS YOUR TIQLEIIIIONE IPOR CHOICE CIROCERIES AND I'ROIJL7CE - FRESH AND CURED RIEATS PHONE 9461 TALK IJON'T VVALK R. F. FRIEND 4, fl.--H..- ... 1 .......- -...,-...,-.,..-,,-.- 1 - , - - .-M.-nt.-.,,.-.,,.-.,,...,,,.-,,..- .. ,H ,P 41 1 11,1,11-1 .i1un1uu1nn1un1un1nn1lm1lm1i 1 1 1 1 ofa CLASSIFIED ADS BEAUTY SHOPS- " Modern lieauty Shop 3 Beechurst Ave. BOWLING ALLEYS- Moonefs Recreation Hall 335 High Street .,.,......... CAMERA SHOP- Phillips Camera Shop High Street .............e.,.... CLEANERS AND DYERS- Frank lf. Conner 473 High Street ..... CONFECTIONERY- Morgantown Morgantown Morgantown Dial 4123 Morgantown Comuntzis Confectionery Dial 7611 368 High Street ......,. Morgantown DAIRIES- Chico Dairy K lee Cream Co. Dial 4323 331 Beeehurst Ave, ..,.............,...,..... Morgantown Sanitary Milk 8: Ice Cream Co. 4481 467 Chestnut .,,,........,,......,,..... ...... K lorgantown DRESS SHOPS- Vanity Fair 315 High Street ...V.. Morgantown DRUGS- Rogers' Pharmacy Dial 4419 Monongahela Building .....,t ....,. 3 lorgantown ENGRAVERS- Indianapollis Engaving Co. .,,. .,.,.. l nclianapolis, lnd FUNERAL DIRECTORS- Dering Funeral Home, INC. Dial 6236 171 XValm1t ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Morgantown VN jenkine 81 Brown Dial 4433 144 Pleasant Street ....,, Morgantown W FLORISTS- lXIorgantc-wn Florist Co. Dial 7421 235 Spruce Street .,...e........ Morgantown VN sic n 11-- ruul - ulll - Iuvr - lvlv -- fvvl - IIII - Ilvl -- I 1111 1-"1""'1" 'S' 105 FURNITURE- Loving Furniture CLASSIFIED .ADS Co. 221 Xfllalnut Street ,V... Royal Furniture Co. 146-152 High GROCERIES- Street .,,. R. F. Friend Grocery 701 Richwood Ave. ...,. , Sanitary Market 450 High Street ......, Tinivell Grocery 700 Brockway Ave. . Zuccari Grocery 213 Uverclale HABERDASHERS- .lohnson's Ave. . 307 High Street .c..... Reiner Si Core 220 High Street ...w. INeintrob Brothers 119 Pleasant Street ....,r.. HARDWARE- Morgantown Hardware Co. 350 High Street ,..,..,,, JEWELERS- Robert A. Yagle Metropolitan MUSIC STUDIOS- Ralph Federer Theatre Bldg. ..,........ . 204 High Street ....Y2.. OFFICE SUPPLIES- Laidiey at Selby 417 High Street .....e.. Dial 7821 Morgantown Dial 4428 Morgantown Dial 9461 Morgantown Dial 9811 Morgantown Dial 6316 Morgantown Dial 7184 Morgantown Dial 5117 Morgantown, 4383 Morgantown Dial 4336 Morgantown Dial 4438 Morgantown Dial 7713 Morgantown, Dial 6141 Morgantown Dial 5624 Morgantown, Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va Va 106 + ---2- ----- ------ - --- fi' I PIO I CGRAPHY- lh to-Crafters, Inc. 221 Pleasant Street ..... ,..,.. PRINTERS- L11'1llCCl':,' Row Printing Co. 230 Chestnut ....,.,... I D. McFarland SL Co. 491 High Street .... R CRVATION HALL- Nloonevs High Street ..... Rainbow Garden Route 7 ,2.,,,..., RL ST URANTS- Home Resturant 130 Pleasant Street ..,,.,V. ...... SERVICE STATIONS- Rahtons E550 Station Pleaxant Street and Cobun Ave. Smith X Roby Service Station Unixersity Ave. and Fayette St. S ruth High Service Station South High Street ..... ...... SI-IOE REPAIRING Ierry Bros. Shoe Shop .1 . 183 High Street ...... ......... TRANSPORTATION- Blue Ridge Lines University Ave. .... ,.... . UTILITIES- Elettrieal Equipment Co. 493 High Street ........... ......... E Ralph Clear Spruce Street CLASSIFIED ADS Dial 4915 Morgantown Dial 3144 Morgantown Dial 1121 Morgantown Morgantown Dial 9153 De11Slow, VY. Morgantown Dial 9133 Morgantown Dial 9262 Morgantown, Dial 9271 Morgantown Morgantown Dial 4466 Morgantown, Dial 7111 Morgantown, Dial 9825 Morgantown. VV W W VV Ya VV NV NN' NV VV VV VV VV -1- -- ---- ---- ---- ---- - - - 1- FACULTY INDEX School Board Principals Teachers CLASSES Freshmen Sophomore jr. Officers Juniors Senior Features Senior Class Sponsors Seniors, Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors, Seniors v Air to Bir Bla to Chi Chm to Cun Dal to Fle Fog to Har Has to Joh Joh to Lit Llo to MCK Mel to Pai Pap to Rep Ric to Sha Sha to Stu Sum to Whi Wit to Zinn ancl Officers ,os Pages 8 I2 Pages I6 I9 24 INDEX Seniors whose pictures are not in the book 43 ln Memoriam 44 Class Song 45 Class History 45 CLUBS Pages 46-69 Band and Orchestra 48-49 Mohigan ancl Red and Blue 50-5l Honor Society and Us and Co. 52-53 Student C ounc il and Hi-Y 54-55 Thespians and Masquers 56-67 Civics and Demos 58-59 19-09 Home EC. Club and Ci.A.A. Pep and Key Clubs 62-63 Girl Reserves and A.0.0. 64-65 Library and We Limited 66-67 Photography 68-69 SPORTS Pages 70-8l Coaches 72 Football 73-76 Basketball 77-78 Track 79 Intramural Sports 80-8l FEATURES Pages 82-l I0 Feature Pictures 84-l02 Ads 85-108 I09 W Zlafzig 0 "sea" JAIQ ' Cie., fm M W. 559 7f7,5.,,Tf 1L,, Q5QL,C4 g'4, 2 ff 79-Hd!4wpd , dn, M7 Qflutographs M V677 A' A 'y,4Mf,,2x Dafa M1 ffflff A127 WMM QW, 754 KWYWVU 7,,,M,jXQ0 fy Ana AVL 0 542 A CMMWQWWJ aww yawn W wwf' QMf,m,,j1w, ,u Jw WwQf'Z1i,w" ff? fefif- WWJLL4 5,7 . -QL 1. f ,g, ,, ,LQ tml Q d?? VLLJ . W7 ,, 1 ,- 1, ., gg! ff' ,, 54,11 I V 4. ,' 1 f V . , 1 1 '- ' , - ff ' A ' ' I Q ' I . ,, f - ' ' . , , , ,A ,Y , . , ,Y , . fmfbzmjg-J 'fmjw A - L M to G JI , H, I ' ll , 1' ' OCJJTTXCY- van-, . aio-Q3g,A.Q4aH1".qd-VSAM!! WWW f Cijffjfwfw' Q,,,?UQ,,.,.o " F ,JQ-ffnmff ,ff X I-7Wu,,i::z7:?+ :Jf., MM-,Mrk Qfluto ra hs ,Q , " WJ 747,gAwf-lfrgz WA, A dw-A-fl-'v'y---J-U ll.-.a.2f!:.0-.,L..,0!,f2,,,Tr,h7JQ-J-01 afmmd Lib- f ,QQQQZI JMU Lf-JJ - X25-,Z QSZZWZX' f jd EZ WWW f fm Q L., , Zig!" LQ BV42M" V 4-3 4?j f, W Af ffm 'S USN UF 5 L o Luc1K Pm -.Yaaaw in ,Q,,,.f,, Wjlidaxff ,H A V , I, QM To ' 5000! 4-bw fi WWQAJ .430 ffV7L 'f hc? 'L f- Qkm, y J , , f'-K f fag!-fx, !7"""C L7 'xlafabmgjgg h f ffm VQAZTVZZWQLQ , ff? W an M Mdwiwbw Q 6 Wmdfwm ,dw Www w , r U J' 'Fl I .,,' , I . , n 1 , , l n , A l BN , gf-lutographs f , '- 'ffm ' JH- lin-mi i Ndicoifw Mxalgoff f WMM 22241-jfb-pKzffJf,fL,,,Lmi5 :P -E H A 4 H Www UQMW f732fff?ff0- JML4LJ,z,QM- QJ ,MQ Afabuiv-L1 AE- Cwto-Zf..,r J J L "' 'U77f?17wf-6-f7A!+Hf44fffJfwV5zZw,uuNeJfJ!' AZLQMQ QJ4wJn,Z?,yOL-"K.U5Q Q3 , ' i ff" . fig A 1 , 27,9-J 3 -lu r :to . . ,Li - -4? . Q A ,lu HZ 5 V , main!-1 In 5 Col we 1-Quai, hui elovxhf be so icnnv-AK cuo.,,..J wiwvv- Then: Axooge Swlhmf' 511A1Sc-14'Y0v-L m ljbav-.N-5 wizx: , , -1, ,gi , w wr 1....g :,. 5 v A W 1

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