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Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Cover

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( - For Reference Not to be taken from this library BUnfxt COUNiV ru itiUC LIBRARY volume 26 Mmm »• " , m », table off contents faculty. 14 seniors.64 sports.62 organizations . . . 102 activities..126 acts.136 FOR HER LEADERSHIP . . . DILIGENCE . . . GLOWING PERSONALITY . . . DEVO¬ TION . . . FRIENDLINESS . . . PATIENCE . . . DIGNITY . . . SENSE OF HUMOR . . . UN¬ DERSTANDING . . . UNI¬ QUENESS . . . CREATIVITY . . . CONCERN . . . WE, THE 1969 ANNUAL STAFF, WITH GREAT PRIDE AND PLEASURE, HONOR ONE OF MORGANTON HIGH SCHOOL ' S MOST DEDICATED TEACHERS — MRS. MARILYN WILLIAMS 13 ulty school board and administration ORGANIZATION . . . PAPERS . . . PEOPLE . . . FILES . . . LETTERS . . . DISPUTES . . . TECHNICALITIES . . . PROBLEMS . . . THE BOSS ... A HELPING HAND ... A GUIDING LIGHT . . . AN ENCOURAGING GRIN . . . A FRIEND! Seated: Mr. Paul Pearson; Dr. Robert Nelson, Supt. of Morganton City Schools; Mr. John Conway, chair¬ man; Mr. Allen Fulwood; Mrs. Gladys Pitts, v. chair¬ man. Standing: Mr. Frank Bowers, Jr.; Dr. E. W. Phifer; Mr. John Greene; Mr. Robert Kirksey. (Not pictured — Dr. Iverson Riddle) Left to Right: Mrs. Carol Anderson, Mrs. Melda Lee, Miss Martha Noggle, Mrs. Carolyn Bolick. Dr. Robert A. Nelson Superintendent of Morganton City Schools Mrs. Dorothy Ervin Attendance Counselor Mr. Johnson H. Steelman Director of Instruction Mr. C. David Greene Director of Federal Programs Mrs. Marguirette Johnson Director of Guidance i mm ii m ■■’hit j. 1 « m ft®} . rii f Mrs. Cheryl Orders Secretary Mr. Edward L. Laughinghouse Principal of Morganton High School faculty MRS. JAN BENESH PROMISING . . . ATTRACTIVE . . . SOOTHING. COACH BILLY JOE CAROWAY FLIRT . . . BOLD . . . TIGER . . . MRS. BRENDA COOPER PROMISING . . . CHARMING . . . INVOLVED. MR. JEFFREY ALEXANDER UNPREDICTABLE . . . AUTHORI¬ TATIVE . . . FOND OF POP- TESTS. COACH EARL BROOME DYNAMITE . . . SARCASTIC SUPER-SPORT . . . 18 MRS. ANNERL DEAL CAPABLE . . . BOOK ORIENTED . . . RUNS A TIGHT SHIP. MRS. CHRISTINE FRYE VIVACIOUS . . . LOVABLE . . . VALUABLE. MISS GIGI GRILL DARLING . . . DYNAMIC . . . DIFFERENT . . . MRS. BARBARA HESTER OUTSTANDING . . . HELPFUL . . . COMPETENT . . . SMILING. MRS. BARBARA LAUGHINGHOUSE NEVER-HURRIED . . . ALWAYS HAS TIME . . . VALUABLE AD¬ DITION . . . MISS JACKIE HULL COLORFUL . . . BOOTS CHANGEABLE . . . MRS. LOUISE KIDD SPARKLING PERSONALITY . . . MOTHER . . . CANDID ... IN¬ DISPENSABLE . . . COACH W. F. MclNTOSH TOUGH . . . COOL . . . JACK OF ALL TRADES . . . MR. JAMES MICKLE RESERVED . . . FRIENDLY ADMIRABLE . . . MRS. REBECCA PROPST CAMERA SHY . . . QUIET POISED . . . DEPENDABLE . MR. FRED PUTNAM A ' S . . . GOOSE EGGS ... AN EAR-TO-EAR GRIN . . . MR. ALEXANDER NEELY WORKER . . . INVOLVED . . . ABLE . . . ADVISOR. COACH JERRY MURRAY WRY JOKES . . . CYNICAL . . . A LADYCAT ? P P MRS. GLORIA PONS NIMBLE FINGERS . . . BUSINESS MINDED . . . FISHY ? ? ? MRS. BLANCA RUBIO VOLUBLE . . . AMBITIOUS . A LADY . . . ES MUY LINDA! 21 MR. DARRYL WHISNANT RELIABLE . . . COOPERATIVE . ACCOMPLISHED! MR. CHARLES SNYDER THAT NEW KID . . . PRICELESS SPEEDING ? ? ? A JOLLY OLD ELF . . . MRS. MARILYN WILLIAMS RED . . . FUN-LOVING . . . CHAL¬ LENGING . . . GLOWING! MR. C. RAVON SMITH DISORGANIZED ORGANIZATION . . TEASING SARCASM . . . FAVORITE TRUMPETEER! MR. THOMAS TAYLOR EXPERIMENTAL . . . POLITICIAN . . . SURPRISING. Janitorial Staff: Mr. Frank White, Frances Howel, Mary Jenkins. Cafeteria Personnel: Mrs Watson, Hester Carson, Nannie Corpening, Eloise Kanipe, Maggie Young. 23 25 president v„ president secretary treasurer steve bennett larry mcmahon terri arney betty browning 26 DAVID MICHAEL RONALD JOE BARBARA TERRY ALEXANDER ALEXANDER AMOS ANDERSON ANTONI ARNEY VICKIE MARGARET CAROL ARNEY AVERY BAUER STEVE BENNETT BARRY BENTON DONNA BERRY KATHY BINGHAM BARRY PHIL BETTY BLAKELY BOUNOUS BOURGOINE SUSAN BROOME JOE BROWN KATHY BROWN TIM BUFF BETTY BROWNING DONNA BRYSON KEN BURGESS PATTI CAMPBELL BARBARA HARRIET CANTRELL CARSON BILL JEAN VICKIE GERALD CARTER CAUSBY CAUSBY CHILDS CATHY SUE ELLEN PATSY KATHY CLINE CLINE CLONTZ COLE VERNETTA JOHN JOHN JOLYNN TOM MIKE CONLEY CONNELY COOPER CORDELL CORLEY CORPENING RONALD CROUCH CAMERON CUTTING DOUG REX DALE DALE JAMES DAVIS PAT COX MARION PAUL DIXON EDMUNDSON JUDY WILLIAM JOHN DAVID EPLEY FEIMSTER FINGER FLEMING NELLA BEVERLY JANET JACK FLEMING FORNEY FORREST FREEMAN NELSON GALE BILLY GAMBLE SUSAN GIBBS STEVE KENNETH TONY GOBLE GOOD GREEN LARRY GREER DEBBIE HALL MINNIE HAPPOLDT ELAINE HARBISON PAM TOMMY MARY HARDIN HARTON HAYDEN JEFF HAYNES MELODIE ALLEN ANNIE WAYNE STEVE KATHY HOFFMAN HOLLAR HOLLIFIELD HOUSTON HUBBARD HUFFMAN BRENDA SCOTT VIOLA ISAACS JOHNSON JOHNSON VIRGINIA JOHNSON RICHARD JONES STEVE BENNY KINCAID KIRBY JUDY KIRBY BECKY LAMBETH CLYDE LARGENT RUTH ANN JOYCE ROGER BETSY ROBIN LARGENT LAW LEATHERMAN LEDFORD LEONARD LUCKADOO ETHEL GAYLE PAM LARRY JOHNNY ANN McCALL McCRACKEN McKINNY McMAHON MELTON MEYERS JACK PHILLIP TIM DEARL MILLER MODE MONROE MOODY WILL JOSEPHINE MOORE MURPHY ANTHONY MEYERS JOHN NELSON STEVE NOGGLES JOY NUSZ JOHN OXFORD CORA PERKINS CHRIS PETRIE BOBBY PHILLIPS LORETTA POOLE DORIS POWELL I I NICKIE PRICE PHYLLIS PROPST JOHN RANDOLPH SUSAN RIVERS WILLIAM MELVIN RHONDA BRENDA ROBERTSON ROCKETT ROCKETT ROGERS BRENDA ROPER CATHY BEVERLY ROSS RUSS KIM SAIN PAM SAIN DEAN SCOTT JIMMY SHELL WAYNE SHORES MITCHELL SHORT EDDIE SIETZ BILL SOTHERLAND DANNY STEIN SANFORD KATHY DEBBIE STEVENS, IV STEPHENSON STRUBE ADA TATE SHARON TATE CHARLENE BEVERLY TENNIN THOMBS GERALD THOMAS ALAN WAKEFIELD THOMAS WALKER NOVAH STEVE SHEILA KAREN WALL WALTERS WEBB WHISNANT BILLY WILLIAMS JOE WILSON LINDA WILSON LISA WILSON BEVERLY DIANNE DANNY EVELYN WINKLER WINTERS WOMACK WOODY SHEILA WOODY DINAH YOUNT president v. president secretary treasurer raymond grubb Steve whisnant laura avery debbie law 34 SUSAN ELIZABETH GINGER DOUG LAURA TOMMY ABSHIRE ALEXANDER ALLMAN ARNEY AVERY AVERY ERIC BRANSTROM BRUCE BRASWELL LAVONDA BANNER SUSAN BISHOP WILLIAM BLACK ANN BLANTON LARRY BREWER SANDY BRYANT ALAN BROWN FREIDA BUCHANAN TOMMY BROWN GARY BUCHANAN TOMMY R. BROWN DANNY CANIPE TERRY BUCHANAN SANDY CARPENTER MARY CAVINESS LEROY CHAMBERS ROBERT CHAPMAN BARBARA CLARK JANELL CLARK JOE CLARK WENDY COFFIN MIKE ROBERT CLEVE CONNELY CONNELLY COOPER ANDY CORPENING VALERIE BILLY COUNCILL COVINGTON GREGORY CRISP MIKE CURLEE STEVE DALE SHEILA DIERCKS KEVIN DUCKWORTF SHIRLEY PAT SHIRLEY DICKIE DIANA JOHNNY DUCKWORTH EDMUNDSON ENGLAND FEIMSTER FOX FRANCIS CAROL MIKE STEVE BETTY BETH FRASER GI BBS GIBBS GILES GOARE I fr 1 f u.L TjSl T ■ . 1 ,5 LEONARD STEVE GREENE GRIGG LIZ HARRILL VICKIE HARDIN BEVERLY HAIRFIELD RAYMOND GRUBB SANDRA HAWKINS ALDA SUE HICKS MIKE MIKE HICKS HINES JUDY HOGSHEAD RICHARD HOLLIFIELD LESTER HORTON BILLY DONNA JANICE HOYLE HOYLE HUGHES JOE JOHN SANDY TOMMY LYNN THOMAS INSCOE INSCOE JABLONSKI JACKSON JAYNES JOHNSON LURA RONNIE CARL MYRA BILLY KAY KELLY KIRKSEY LAFEVERS LATHROP DEBBIE LAW PERRY LATTIMORE DONNA LEDFORD DEBBIE LEONARD GARY LEONHARDT HENRY HELEN TERESA TERESA JUDY BENNY LILES LOW MARSHALL MATKINS MCGIMSEY MCNEELEY EDDIE MILLS EARNEST KATHY PAM MIMS MOONEY MOORE CARLA BARBARA MORETZ NELSON CAROLYN BOB NORMAN PADGETT KAREN HARRIET HAZEL JAN PERKINS PETERSON PETERSON PETERSON WAYNE PHILLIPS CAROL PITTMAN KATHY POWELL MIKE MARY POWELL PRUITT CATHY PUETT STACY PHYLLIS RASNICK ROBINSON STUART ROBINSON ANN ROSS KEITH ROSS CURT SALTHOUSE FRED SCHUSZLER SANDY SCRUGGS NORMA SEAGLE VICKIE JUDY SHARON SELLERS SHOOK SHORES CATHY SHORT CONNIE SHARON SIGMON SIMMONS STEVE BETTY TIM SIMPSON SINGLETON SMALL CAROL HAROLD MIKE SMITH SMITH SPERATI DAVID CHARLES TUBERGEN TWIGGS i BRENDA ! WHISNANT EDWARD WHISNANT LEE WAKEFIELD STEVE WHISNANT LUCY WALKER DONNA BETSY WHITAKER WILLIAMS ■[ CAMILLA WILLIAMS WILLIAM WILSON TONY WOMACK SANDY WRYE seniors - . . president v. president secretary treasurer james twiggs beeky mcintosh ann propst dennis bailey 42 PHYLLIS JEAN ANDERSON DENNIS RICHARD BAILEY MARY SHELTON AVERY DALE MELVIN BARRIER GREGORY COWAN BRASWELL STEVEN RAMSEY BLACK STEVE HUGH CALDWELL MARY ELLEN BROWN GILBERT MAITLAND BROWNING LAWSON ELBERT CALLAHAN JOHN KEITH CAUSBY WILLIAM DENNIS CAMPBELL ANDREW EDWARD CHAMBERS VALERIE PAGE COUNCILL ERVIN WILSON CHAMBERS ANN WINCHESTER CRAVEN WILLIAM FOSTER CURRY BEN THOMAS CURLEE CAROLYN ANN DALE SHIRLEY ANN DALE EARL THOMAS DIGH, JR. 1 MAUREEN ADELE DOUGHER JOHNNY EDMONSON CYNTHIA DARWIN ARLAND EDWARDS KAREN ELAINE ENGLAND SHEILA LEE ENNIS WAYNE BRICE FONVIELLE, JR. ST mis • UiiS - • ' .JJm JAMES FRANKLIN FINGER CHARLES WILLIAMS FORNEY, JR. PAUL EDGAR FOX, III DE ETTA ELIZABETH GENTRY MARTHA JOANNE FURST JOYCE CATHERINE FOX JUDY WRAY FRANKLIN MARK ANDREW FULK SHIRLEY ANN GILLESPIE ► ►««, warn ■ ■.iSirAv v yaaV- jHf Y-vYA;: i i DEBORAH SYDNEY GOLIGHTLY -Jb ' jL JOHN PHILLIP GRAYBEAL DANNY GREENE 50 LINDA LOUISE GREENE DAVID MORRIS HARBISON GARRY KEITH HARDING DAVID LESTER HARDIN STEPHEN ALAN HAWKINS JUDITH KAY HARRIS FREIDA ANN HENSLEY RANDALL LEE HAYNES MARGARET ANNE HEYWOOD GERALD VAN HICKS DOUGLAS NEAL JAYNES PEGGIE JO JENKINS MARTHA GAIL HOGAN s4S3is» ELIZABETH ANN HOTCHKISS DEBRA ELAINE ISAACS PAUL ALEXANDER INGLE, JR. RUTH IVES PEARL LANE JAMES MICHAEL JOHNSON DOUGLAS EUGENE KIDDY ROBERT MICHAEL KIDD JOANNE KINCAID RANDALL EUGENE LAFEVERS NANCY LEE LEATHERMAN SUSAN LYNNE McCRACKEN NANCY JEAN LARGENT PHYLLIS ANN MAUNEY SANDRA LYNN McGILL 55 REBECCA ANN MclNTOSH JOYCE LYNN McNEELY VICKIE JO MONROE RALPH HARRELL MILLER CATHY BRASWELL MOSLEY MIKE LEE MULL RANDY RAY MURPHY BARBARA ANN PATTON ANTHONY WARREN NUSZ id -V .1 j 1 I REBECCA JANE MYRICK EVANNA GAIL NUSZ PAUL ALEXANDER PATTON 57 WANDA AILEEN PATTON RICKY EDWIN POTEET ANN ELIZABETH PROPST GLENDA SHARON PRESWOOD DEBRA KAY PRUEITT WALTER WAYNE SIMMONS MYRTLE GENA SINGLETON • o DOUGLAS MARK SMITH JERRY DENNIS SMITH HAZEL FAYE SMITH MARY DIANE SMITH SHEILA LAVERNE TATE SANDRA GAYLE TOLBERT LARRY DOUGLAS TURNER i EMMAJEAN HAPPOLDT TAPP ROGER LAMAR THOMAS JANICE SUE TURBYFILL JAMES ALLEN TWIGGS WAYNE ANTHONY WARREN GAIL ANN WHISENANT JOSEPH EUGENE WALL BRENDA PEARL WEBB CHRISTINE LORAINE WILLIAMS DAVID WARREN WOODY DON CHARLTON WILSON THE YANCEYS JUDY KAYE ZIMMERMAN 63 DEAN TERRY cl 9 65 ALMA MATER FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE SEA RINGS A SOUND THAT ' S DEAR TO ME, WAKING, SLEEPING, STILL I HEAR " ALMA MATER " DEAR. NO MATTER WHERE I CHOOSE TO ROAM, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY HOME SINGING PRAISES TO THE SKY FOR DEAR OLD MORGANTON HIGH. -5“ r, I..» - W{ jfrrSAj : -a?: " • -.v 1969, do hereby bequeath our varied possessions to our immediate i the hope that they will strive toward the goals their elders have set JonrS £ Article l: To the faculty and administration, we leave a deep appreciation for the three 4 years : of knowledge and guidance received while attending high school. Article II: To our parents and friends, we leave our gratitude for helping us through the struggling years of young adulthood. Article III: To the underclassmen, we leave our love for the Alma Mater in the sincere pe that it may be sung once again at M. H. S. Article IV: To our heirs, the rising seniors of 1970, we leave our few treasured essions: I, Douglas Kiddy, leave my honorary membership in the Carolina Condor Society for the ervation of the Condor to Danny Canipe. Dennis Campbell, leave the fury of red-headed Englih teachers to oil those fortunate ors. I, Steve Hawkins, leave my one share of Amalgamated Motors to Keith Ross. I, Gail Whisenant, leave my agonizing, miserable seat in second period study hall to anyone tunate enough to get it. I, Christine Williams, leave my ability to get out of Put ' s U. S. History class to James Avery. I, Judy Harris, leave my deep appreciation and love of music to Joe Inscoe. I, Roger Thomas, leave my extra small football jersey to Steve Grigg. I, Martha Furst, leave my lead foot to “Chuck " who already has one of his own. I, Danny Greene, leave my ability to miss more school than I attend to anyone who ' s fool enough to try it. I, Judy Kincaid, leave my tendency to be followed by trouble to Donna Hoyle and Betty Giles. I, Debra Isaacs, leave this lonesome feeling to Susan Abshire. 1, Ricky Poteet, leave my Snoopy Soap Dish to Cathy Short. I, Mary Shelton Avery, hang-up my gun and badge. I, Cathy Mosley, leave my marriage license to Vickie Greene, I, Randy LaFevers, leave my musical abilities to Bev Hairfield who surely needs something going for him. I, Emmajean Tapp, leave my ability to succeed and to make friends to Anita Pittman. I, Mary Ellen Brown, leave my Fridays to Margaret Swingle. I, Tom Curlee, gladly leave. We, Hazel Smith and Judy Franklin, leave our well-trod path to Drexel to Mary Pruitt. I, Douglas Smith, leave knowing that " after me, the deluge. " I, Glenda Preswood, leave my love of Chevys to Donna Ledford. I, Phyllis Anderson, leave my love of moustaches to Patti Tolbert. I, Nancy Largent, leave my ability to make friends to Valerie Tate. I, Brenda Webb, leave my ability to go steady for four years to anyone else who thinks she can do it. I, Freida Hensley, leave my seat on the bus to Judy Shook. I, Sandra Tolbert, leave in hopes of finding a place where I can be happy. I, Arland Edwards, leave my love of bus drivers to Shirley Duckworth. We, Susan McCoy, Janice Turbyfill, and Joyce McNeely, leave our position on the Poor Health Club Committee to Janet Clark, Jolynn Cordell, and Norma Seagle. I, David Hardin, leave my Tiny Tim Haircut to Carl Kirksey. I, Paul Ingle, leave my frantic, frenzied school spirit to Leonard Greene. I, Ann Propst, leave my love of Western Carolina to Mary Caviness. We, " Thrill " Grigg and " Seymour " Jaynes, leave our respective titles to Eric Branstrom and Steve Dale. I, Mike Johnson, leave my ability to always have something to say to Mike Curlee. I, Ervin Chambers, leave my bass voice to James Patterson. I, Shirley Gillespie, leave the one thing most precious to me, Barry, to no one. Wayne Simmons,leave my place in the M.H.S. Playboy Club to Fritz Petrie. Robert Harbison, leave my love of sports to Kenny Hicks. I, Butch Wall, leave my ability to make those quiet comments on anything to Alan Brown. , Wanda Patton, leave to be with Robert Cooper. WftKA I, Beth Hotchkiss, leave my title of " Den Mother of the Senior Clc ftha Hogan, leave seven inches of my towering height to Laura Janice Stallard, JoAnne Kincaid, and Ruth Lane, leave our quiet conte? Connie Sigmon and Cathy Puett. I, Peggi Jenkins, leave my new-found friends to Barbara Clark. We, Mary Fulk and John C. Edmondson, leave our intellectual discussions 1 Jy Corpening and Richard Hollifield. I, Dale Barrier, leave my " pot " to Harold Smith. 68 I, Wayne Warren, leave my title of " Preacher” to Greg Crisp. We, Sherry Yancey and Tony Yancey, leave together! by , Cindy Harbison, leave my position as Mother of the M.H.S. Band to Judy Hogshead. I, Maity Browning, leave my red hair to Barbara Nelson. We, Becky Myrick, Beverly Sain, Barbara Patton, and Debby Golightly, leave our wild week¬ ends and fun-loving ways to Sharon Simmons, and Cathy Brendle. I, Garry Harding, leave my title of Casanova to Steve Hubbard. I, Dennis Smith, leave my slightly used tuba cover to Tommy Avery. I, Norman Brenneman, leave my Jeep-size parking space to Eric Petrie. We, Joyce Fox, DeEtta Gentry, Mike Kidd, and David Broome, leave our Fox Street Gc Clubhouse to Debbie Leonard. I, Ralph Miller, leave my artistic ability to Wendy Coffin. I, Gena Singleton, leave my first period office duty to Lynn Jaynes. I, Cindy Darwin, leave my ability to tell those " funny " jokes to Janet Greene. I, Shirley Dale, leave my ability to go with at least three guys at the same time to Lavonda Banner. I, Steve Black, leave my love of those junior girls to Mike Hines. I, Kenneth Bollinger, leave my theme song " Which Side Are You On? " to Charles Twiggs I, Sheila Tate, leave my charm to Anna Chambers. I, David Harbison, leave my " doctor appointments " to James Patterson. I, Ann Craven, leave infaIIiable Spanish to Donna Whitaker. I, Maureen Dougher, leave my ability to drop my books at least six times a day to Sandy; Scruggs. I, Mike Mull, leave my title of Northwestern Conference Champion Egg Eater To Billy Covington. I, Vickie Monroe, leave my excellent driving ability to Carla Moretz. I, Gerald Hicks, leave my love of Halloween to Steve Whisnant. We, Sheila Ennis and Tommy Digh, leave our easy-going manner to Janice Hughes. I, Sandy McGill, leave my " Alabama Shake-it " to anyone who can do it as well as I can. We, Charles Forney, Daniel Evans, Francis Clark and Andrew Chambers, leave our " quiet " mannerisms to the " quiet " juniors. I, Linda Brittain, leave my Winstons to Jane Tate. I, Becky Dale, leave my out-going personality to Shirley England. I, James Twigg, leave my campaign promises to the next president of the Senior Class. I, Madelyn Sossoman, leave my " Ya ' ll yell " to Myra Lafevers. I, Becky McIntosh, leave my warped literary talents to Sheila Diercks. I, Margaret Lane, leave my petite-ness to Florence Williams. I, Paul Fox, leave my exclusive rights to the Oak Hill community to Ronnie Kelly. I, Johnny Edmonson, leave my position in the chorus to Kenny Hicks. We, Don Reichard and Tony Nusz, pass on our seats in the Fox Theater to Ernest Mims and Wayne Phillips. I, Nancy Leatherman, leave my reserved parking space to Lucy Walker. We, Wayne Fonvielle, Margaret Grady, Lawson Callahan, Carolyn Woody, Anzie Nusz, Dean Terry and Jimmy Pearson, leave our wage-earning ways to a select few. I. Don Wilson, leave my varied " talents " to Hodge Phillips. I, Randy Haynes, leave my reserved wit to David Tubergen. I, Susan Powell, leave Put ' s ungraded papers to Vickie Sellers. I, Mildred Wilson, leave knowing the beat goes on. I, David Woody, leave my ability to love ' em and leave ' em to Mike Gibbs. I, Larry Turner, leave my love of the out-of-doors to Nelson Gale. I, John Causby, leave my table at Jack ' s to Steve Gibbs. I, Debbie Puett, do hereby leave Joe Griffin knowing he ' s mine. I, Randy Murphy, leave my ability to drive a 4-speed Ford and to pitch baseball to Stuart Robinson. We, Linda Greene and Dennis Bailey, leave knowing that in two years . I, Gregory Braswell, leave my singing ability to Curt Salthouse. , Janice Brown, leave my love of college men to Judy McGimpsey. , Bill Curry, leave my love for Coach Murray to Jeff Stark. Harold Trammell, leave my unwritten songs to Eric Petrie. ds-;;Hecrve m y slightly used station wagon to Betsy Williams. Ily I, Debra Prueitt, executor of the estate of the Class of 1969, do love of the beach to Ann Ross. We, the Senior Class of Morganton, do hereby set our seal to be affixed on thirtieth day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and sixty nine. $2,300 That ' s the Pot In Prize Puzzle FAIR the morgantonian slightly warmer High, 76; Low, 59 VOLUME MDCLX MORGANTON, NORTH CAROLINA APRIL 28, 1989 " NEW " LOUNGE IS PROMISED BY V. PRES. James Twiggs, newly elected v. pres, of Haynes Auto Company, today announced plans to begin construction of a new employee ' s lounge. New vending machines will also be installed by the Fonvielle Vending Co. HERE and THERE ANTIQUE IS DISCOVERED Two Morganton High School teachers, Miss Beth Hotchkiss and Miss Janice Brown, along with Miss Cindy Darwin, guidance direc¬ tor, have discovered an antique desk in the cellar of " Old M.H.S.. " Principal Garry Hording has esti¬ mated the desk to be approximately twenty years old. Officials are presently attempt¬ ing to identify the many initials and names found on the desk it¬ self. D.B. + L.G., K.E. + D.B., Put, Red, Kidd, and Chuck are some of the more legible inscri¬ ptions. ' 69 must have been an excit¬ ing year! MORGANTON IANS in the NEWS Gail Whisenant publishes her fourth novel, RED Johnny Edmonson cuts first al¬ bum . Mary E. Brown to tour " Rabbit Country " . Baleka Beach to assume manage¬ ment of William ' s Fashion, Inc. Christine Williams and Nancy Lar- gent to model London Originals . Mike Mull signs summer contract with Altanta — great expectations Mike Kidd elected " superman " of the year . NEW PRESIDENT The Morganton branch of the International Poor Health Club has electeed Miss Janice McNeely president for the ' 89 - ' 90 physical year. Miss Hazel Smith will serve as v.-president and Miss Shirley Gillespie will be secretary. " Sheriff " Mary S. Avery, treasur¬ er elect, cited the many accomp¬ lishments of the out-going presi¬ dent Judy Zimmerman and v.-pres. Debbie Reynolds. The first publication of the County Male, edited by Susan Mc¬ Cracken, Judy Franklin, and Linda Pettigrew will appear on the book¬ stands early next week. The M.H.S. band, under the able direction of the Campbell-Smith team, will enter in the competition at Myrtle Beach, S. C. Misses Cindy Harbison, Diane Smith, and Susan Powell will escort them. The new community spirit drive, headed by Paul Ingle and Joe Bing¬ ham, has consequently been named " JARHEAD " . New members are in¬ vited. TODAY ' S CHUCKLE It ' s a bird . . . it ' s a plane . . . it ' s the thrill, Doug Jaynes! ffulK’s folly to be tested . - - - " Fulk ' s Folly " , the nuclear-powered heart pump, will be tested next week at the Digh Nuclear Power Lab. On hand for the initial testing will be Dr. Gregory Braswell, open heart surgeon; Martha Furst, Swedish Medical Ad¬ visor; Ann Propst of Morganton Drugs; and Ann Craven, International Chair¬ man of the Nuclear Control Adminis¬ tration. Your heart may also have o nuclear thud soon. GLOBETROTTERS SIGN FIVE; GLOBETTES TAKE TWO. Charles Forney, Tony Yancey, Don Wilson, Doug Smith, and Joe Johnson have signed for $560,000. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this ' 69 gradu¬ ate of M.H.S. is asked to contact Mr. Donald Grigg, Nebo, N. C. Maureen Dougher and Judy Harris are to receive $879,702. ON THE INSIDE . . . Maity Browning accepts Presidency of Highland Chemicals TONIGHT at the FOX DRIVE INN— 7:30 and 9:00 $ 2.00 ROGER THOMAS ' BRILLIANT NOVEL— Madelyn Sossoman, vivacious new social worker, marries Sigmund F. Freeman, second richest man in U.S. Stork News by Debra Prueitt, R.N .starring DeEtta Gentry—the undertaker ' s wife Debbie Golightly—the beautiful model Sandy McGill—the older woman Steve Black—the handsome lover " The Inside Story of the Hippy Movement " by Phyllis Mauney and Peggy Jenkins. Class reunion of 1969 seniors and faculty dusts cobwebs from its last chorus of the Alma Mater and the big LAUGH, too!. Wayne Warren—the country preacher David Woody—the English butler 8. MAC NEATEST Joyce McNeely Steve Black MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Madelyn Sossoman Paul Ingle 71 FRIENDLIEST Karen England Roger Thomas MOST TALENTED Janice Brown Randy LaFevers WITTIEST Debra Pruiett Mike Johnson MOST POPULAR Vickie Monroe Don Grigg MOST INTELLECTUAL Ann Craven Mark Fulk 72 MOST VALUABLE Anne Heywood Maity Browning BEST ALL AROUND Becky McIntosh David Broome BEST LOOKING Sandy McGill Mike Mull 73 homecoming sponsors Ann Propst Honor Society Diane Smith Band Janice Brown Spirit of M.H.S. Karen England Spanish Club Martha Hogan Library Club Phyllis Mauney Latin Club Christine Williams V.I.C.A. Baleka Beach Math Club Rebecca Dale Drama Club Joyce Fox French Club Linda Greene F.H.A. Cindy Harbison Cat ' s Tale Beth Hotchkiss F.T.A. Debra Isaacs D.E.C.A. Sandy McGill Boys ' " M " Becky Myrick Chorus Maureen Dougher Science Club Anne Heywood A.F.S. Becky McIntosh Anchor Club Madelyn Sossoman Girls ' " M " Judy Franklin Cauldron miss vickie |o monroe A CROWD ' S ROAR . . . A WINNING TEAM ... A SILENT HOPE . . . A QUIET ANXIETY . . . A SUDDEN HUSH . . . A NAME ... A SMILE ... A TEAR . . . A CROWN ... A BOUQUET . . . A KISS ... A GLOW . . . 75 1st Row: Becky McIntosh, Miss Morgonton High; Cindy Darwin, 1st runner-up; Beth Hotchkiss, 2nd runner-up; Judy Harris; Nancy Leatherman; Shirley Gillespie; 2nd Row: Sheila Ennis; Ann Craven; Judy Franklin, 3rd runner-up; Susan Powell; Martha Furst; " Miss Congeniality; " 3rd Row: Cindy Harbison; Ann Propst; Maureen Dougher; Phyllis Mauney, 4th runner-up; Ruth Lane. (Not pictured: Brenda Webb.) miss m.h.s. m iss re bee c a arm mcintosh A floating procession . . . silent awe . . . suppressed excitement . . . nerves . . . Question Box . . . Miss Congeniality . . . Question Box . . . entertainment . . . music . . . An expectant hush . . . 4th Runner-up . . . 3rd . . . 2nd ...??? Pause . . . mounting tension ... 1st Runner-up . . . Shock . . . Surprise . . . Happiness . . . Radiant smiles ... A standing ovation . . . A cape ... A crown . . . Red carnations . . . A true picture of loveliness! Miss Rebecca Ann McIntosh, Miss M.H.S. 76 ANN CRAVEN CINDY DARWIN MAUREEN DOUGHER SHIRLEY GILLESPIE JUDY FRANKLIN JUDY HARRIS MARTHA FURST BETH HOTCHKISS RUTH LANE PHYLLIS MAUNEY SUSAN POWELL ANN PROPST SHEILA ENNIS CYNTHIA HARBISON NANCY LEATHERMAN BRENDA WEBB ANDERSON, PHYLLIS JEAN F.H.A., 1; Drama Club, 4; Spirit of 4; Chorus, 4. AVERY, MARY SHELTON F.H.A., 1; Math Club, 1; Drama Club, 3; Science Club, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. BAILEY, DENNIS RICHARD Boys ' " M " Club, 2,3,4; trees., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Key Club, 3,4; chmn. of publicity committee, 4; Football, 1,2, 3,4; All county, 3,4; Baseball, 2,3,4; All conference, 2; All county, 2; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Class Treasurer, 2,4; Wittiest, 1; Most Athletic, 4; Freshman Journal, 1; humor ed., 1. BARRIER, DALE MELVIN Deca, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Honor Roll, 1. BEACH, BALEKA ELIZABETH Drama, 3; F.H.A., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. BIGGERSTAFF, SANDRA KAY F.H.A., 1,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. BINGHAM, JOSEPH TOMMY Deca, 1,2; parliamentarian; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. BLACK, STEVE RAMSEY Drama, 3,4; Football, 1; Math Club, 1; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. BRASWELL, GREGORY COWAN Math Club, 1; Cauldron, 4; Drama Club, 4; Football, 1,2; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Student Council, 1; Marshall, 3. BRENNEMAN, NORMAN LEE Baseball, 2,3; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Honor Roll, 1. BROOME, DAVID EARL Boys ' " M " , 2,3,4; v. pres., 4; French Club, 2,3,4; Foot¬ ball, 1,2,3,4; co-capt., 4; All county, 4; Golf, 1,2,3; Honor Society, 3,4; Key Club, 2,3,4; Sgt-at-orms, 4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Basketball, 1; Student Council, 1; v. pres., 1; Chief Marshall, 3; Best All Round, 4; Rotary Leadership Camp, 3; Optimist Club Youth Appreciation Award, 4; Naval Academy nominee, 4; Morehead Scholarship nominee, 4; National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist, 4; National Honor Society Scholarship semi-finalist, 4. BROWN, MARY ELLEN A.F.S., 2,3,4; Drama Club, 3; F.H.A., 1,4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. BROWNING, GILBERT MAITLAND A.F.S., 2,3,4; treas., 4; French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Key Club, 2,3,4; v. pres., 4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; pres., 4; Science Club, 3,4; Student Council, 1; Inter-Club Council, 3,4; pres., 4; Class President, 3; Mar¬ shall, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4. CALDWELL, STEVE HUGH Vica, 4; 1968-69 ed., 4. CAMPBELL, WILLIAM DENNIS III Watauga High School, 1,2; Basketball, 1; Tennis, 2; Track, 2; Spanish Club, 3; Science Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Band, 1,2,3,4; v. pres., 4. CHAMBERS, ANDREW EDWARD Football, 3; Vica, 4; pres., 4; Chorus, 3,4. CHAMBERS, ERVIN WILSON Vica, 3,4; 2nd v. pres., 4. CLARK, FRANCIS MICHAEL Science Club, 1; Chorus, 4. COUNCILL, VALERIE PAGE Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Chorus, 4; Majorette, 4; Hickory High School, 1; Student Council, 1. CRAVEN, ANN WINCHESTER Anchor Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Chief Marshall, 3; The Governor ' s School of North Carolina, 2 (summer); National Science Foundation Summer Session at Illinois Institute of Technology, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; National Merit Scholar¬ ship semi-finalist, 4; National Honor Society Scholarship semi-finalist, 4; NCJCL Roman History II Contest, 2; 3rd place, 2; NCJCL Derivatives II Contest, 3; 1st place, 3. CURLEE, BEN THOMAS JR. Deca, 2,3; Vica, 4. DALE, CAROLYN ANN F.H.A., 1; Deca, 4. DALE, REBECCA JEAN Drama, 4; F.H.A., 3,4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. DALE, SHIRLEY ANN Cauldron, 4; F.H.A., 1,3,4. DARWIN, CYNTHIA A.F.S., 2,3,4; pres., 4; Anchor Club, 3,4; treas., 4; Annual Staff, 1; Freshman Journal, 1; Drama Club, 3; F.H.A., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; French Club, 3,4; v. pres., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 1,3,4; sec. 1; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Substitute Cheerleader, 4; Basketball, 1; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; 1st Runner-up, 4. DIGH, EARL THOMAS JR. Key Club, 2,3,4; treas., 4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; v. pres., 4; Spanish Club, 3; Honor Roll, 3,4. DOUGHER, MAUREEN ADELE A.F.S., 4; Anchor Club, 4; Girls ' " M " , 2,3,4; treas., 4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; pres., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; treas., 4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4. EDMONSON, JOHNNY LEE Boys ' " M " , 4; Football, 2,3,4; Chorus, 4. EDWARDS, ARLAND Library, 3,4. ENGLAND, KAREN ELAINE Drama Club, 3; F.H.A., 1,4; parliamentarian, 4; Girls ' " M " , 4; sec., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 2,3,4; pres., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; sec., 4; Basketball, 1; Cheerleader, 1,4; substitute, 2,3; Inter-Club Council, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. ENNIS, SHEILA LEE Annual Staff, 1; Drama Club, 3; F.H.A., 1; Honor So¬ ciety, 3,4; v. pres., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3 4- treas., 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Marshall, 3; Miss M H S candidate, 4; M.H.S. School Reporter, 4. FINGER, JAMES FRANKLIN Annual Staff, 3,4; Boys ' Club, 3,4; Basketball mgr., 3. “M " , 4; Football, 1,3,4; Key FONVIELLE, WAYNE BRICE JR. Science Club, 3,4; Track, 1. FORNEY, CHARLES WILLIAMS JR. Chorus, 4; Boys ' " M " , 3,4; Football, 1,2; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; capt., 3. 1,2,3,4; Math Club, FOX, JOYCE CATHERINE Annual Staff, 4; Freshman Journal, 1; Drama Club, 3,4; F H.A 1,4; F.T.A., 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; pres., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Basketball, 1,2; Cheerleader, 1, substitute, 4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. HARBISON, CYNTHIA DIANE Latin Club ' ,,2 ' 3 ' 4; Ar| chor Club, 3,4; Annual Staff, 1,3,4; ed. 1; co-ed., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Math Club, 1,3,4; Quill and Scroll, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Wind Ensemble, 4; Bandsman of Sept., 4; Marshall, 3; Home¬ coming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; The Governor ' s School of North Carolina, 3 (summer); Honor Roll 12 3 4- Most Intellectual, 1. HARBISON, DAVID MORRIS Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Vica, 4. HARBISON, ROBERT LEE Baseball, 1,2,3,4; Boys ' " M " , 1,2,3,4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Chorus, 1; pres., 1. HARDIN, DAVID LESTER Band, 1,2,3,4. HARDING, GARRY KEITH Boys M , 3,4; Football, 1; Math Club, 3,4; Basketball, 1 , 2 . FOX, PAUL EDGAR III Football, 1. FRANKLIN, JUDY WRAY Anchor Club, 2,3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; F.T.A., 4; F.H.A., 3,4; Drama Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Chorus ' 3; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Marshall, 3. HARRIS, JUDITH KAY A.F.S., 3.4; Drama Club, 3,4; pres., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Chorus 3; Basketball, 2,3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Marshall, 3; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4. HAWKINS, STEPHEN ALAN Deco, 3,4. FULK, MARK ANDREW French Club, 2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Marshall, 3; Most Intellectual, 4. FURST, MARTHA JOANNE A.F.S., 3,4; Anchor Club, 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Miss M.H.S., candidate, 4; Miss Congeniality, 4; Most Likely To Succeed, 4. HAYNES, RANDALL LEE Math Club, 3,4; Science Club,3,4. HEMPHILL, JASPER Vica, 4; Basketball, 1,2. HENSLEY, FREIDA ANN Library Club, 1. GENTRY, DE ETTA ELIZABETH Freshman Journal, 1; Drama Club, 4; F.H.A., 1,2,3,4, F.T.A., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Ch eerleader, 1; Head, 1; substitute, 2,4. HEYWOOD, ANNE A.F.S., 4; Anchor Club, 4; Drama Club, 4; treas., 4; Honor Society, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, 4. GILLESPIE, SHIRLEY ANN F.H.A., 1; Library Club, 2; Math Club, 1; Chorus, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4. GOLIGHTLY, DEBORAH SYDNEY Drama Club, 4; F.H.A., 1,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S,, 4; Cheerleader, 1; substitute, 2. GRAYBEAL, JOHN PHILLIP Football, 1; Chorus, 3. GREENE, DANIEL TATE Vica, 4. GREENE, LINDA LOUISE A.F.S., 4; treas., 4; Annual Staff, 4; Drama Club, 4; F.H.A., 4; pres., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Inter- Club Council, 4; Glenridge School, 1; Tri-Hi-Y, 1; Drama Club, 1; Winter Park High School, 2; Pep Club, 2; Tri-Hi-Y, 2; Homecoming sponsor, 4. HICKS, GERALD VAN Deca, 3,4. HOGAN, MARTHA GAIL A.F.S., 3,4; Drama Club, 3,4; v. pres., 4; French Club, 3,4; Library Club, 4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Honor Roll, 1,4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. HOTCHKISS, ELIZABETH ANN Anchor Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Annual Staff, 1,3,4; Drama Club, 3; F.H.A., 3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; v. pres., 3; pres., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; v. pres., 4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Most Courteous, 1; Honor Roll, 3; Civitan Citizenship Award, 3; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; 2nd Runner-up, 4. INGLE, PAUL ALEXANDER JR. Baseball, 2,3; French Club, 2,3,4; Football, 1; Honor Society, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Marshall, 3; Most School Spirited, 4. ISAACS, DEBRA ELAINE Deca, 4; pres., 4; F.H.A., 1,2; reporter, 1; Math Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. JAYNES, DOUGLAS NEAL Drama, 3,4; Football, 1,4; Chorus, 3. JOHNSON, JAMES MICHAEL Football, 1,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Basketball manager, 4; Wittiest, 4. KIDD, ROBERT MICHAEL Annual, 3,4; Football, 1; Key Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., KIDDY, DOUGLAS EUGENE Spanish Club, 3. KINCAID, JO ANNE F.H.A., 1; Library Club, 1. KINCAID, JUDITH RADER F.H.A., 1,2; Vica, 4. LAFEVERS, RANDALL EUGENE Boys ' " M " , 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Most Talented, 1,4. LANE, MARGARET LYNN F.H.A., 3; Vica, 4. LANE, RUTH IVES PEARL F.H.A., 3; Math Club, 3; Spanish Club, 3; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4. LARGENT.NANCY JEAN LEATHERMAN, NANCY LEE Anchor Club, 4; F.H.A., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; sec., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4. MABE, BELINDA LOUISE Library Club, 2. MAUNEY, PHYLLIS ANN A.F.S., 2,3,4; Annual, 1,3,4; Freshman Journal, 1; Cauldron, 4; ed., 4; Drama, 3,4; French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; v. pres., 3; pres., 4; Library Club, 1; Math Club, 1,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; 4th Runner-up, 4; NCJCL Roman Civilization 1 contest, 1; 2nd place, 1; Homecoming sponsor, 4; nominee Kate Reynolds ' Scholarship, UNC-G, 4. McCOY, SUSAN JANE Library Club, 1. McCRACKEN, SUSAN LYNNE Anchor Club, 2,3,4; Cauldron, 4; Drama, 4; F.H.A., 1,4; F.T.A., 4; Math Club, 3,4. McNEELY, JOYCE LYNN Cauldron, 4; F.H.A., 4; F.T.A., 4; Library Club, 4; Class officer, 3; treas., 3; Basketball, 2; Neatest, 4. MclNTOSH, REBECCA ANN A.F.S., 2,3,4; v. pres., 4; Anchor Club, 2,3,4; v. pres., 3; pres., 4.; Annual, 3,4; co-ed., 4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Fresh¬ man Jounal, 1; ed., 1; Caulron, 2,3; Drama Club, 2,3; Girls ' " M " , 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Inter-Club Council, 3,4; v. chmn., 4; Math Club, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; treas., 4; Civitan Citizenship Award, 1; Optimist Youth Appreciation Award, 4; Miss M.H.S., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Class officer, 2,4; v. pres., 2,4; Best All Around, 4; Class prophet, 4. MILLER, RALPH HARRELL Drama, 4; Library Club, 3,4; Math Club, 1. MONROE, VICKIE JO A.F.S., 3,4; sec. 4; Drama Club, 3,4; treas., 4; F.H.A., 2,4; sec., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; Girls ' " M " , 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Cheerleader, 3,4; Homecoming Queen, 4; Class officer, 3; v. pres., 3; Most Popular, 4; Basketball, 2. MOSLEY, CATHY BRASWELL Deca, 4; Library Club, 1,3. MULL, MIKE LEE Boys ' " M " , 4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Key Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. MURPHY, RANDY RAY Baseball, 2,3,4; Boys ' " M " , 2,3,4; Deca, 4; v. pres., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Honor Roll, 1. MYRICK, REBECCA JANE Drama, 4; F.H.A., 1,2; sec., 1; Chorus, 3,4; v. pres., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. NUSZ, ANTHONY WARREN Math Club, 3. NUSZ, EVANNA GAIL Deca, 4; Chorus, 1. PATTON, BARBARA ANN F.H.A., 2; Girls ' " M " , 1; Library Club, 1; Science Club, 1; Vica, 2. PATTON, PAUL ALEXANDER PATTON, WANDA AILEEN F.H.A., 1; Math Club, 1; Vica, 4. PEARSON, JAMES MICHAEL Deca, 4; Football, 1,2,3; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. POTEET, RICKY EDWIN Vica, 4. POWELL, SUSAN JOAN French Club, 3; Spanish Club, 2,3; Band, 1,2,3,4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3. PRESWOOD, GLENDA SHARON Deca, 4; F.H.A., 2; Library Club, 1,2; Math Club, 1; Honor Roll, 1,2. PROPST, ANN ELIZABETH A.F.S., 2,3,4; Anchor Club, 4; Cauldron, 3; Drama, 3; French Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; pres., 4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 1,3,4; sec., 4; Science Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Home¬ coming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; National Merit semi-finalist, 4; Class Sec., 4. PRUEITT, DEBRA KAY F.T.A., 4; Cauldron, 4; F.H.A., 1,4; v. pres. 1; reporter, 4; Library Club, 1; Math Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Wittiest, 4; Testatrix, 4. PUETT, DEBORAH ANN Cauldron, 4; Drama, 4; F.H.A., 1,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. REICHARD, DONALD SEAGLE Vica, 4; v. pres., 4. REYNOLDS, DEBBIE GAYLE F.H.A., 1; Chorus, 4. SAIN, BEVERLY JANE Drama, 4; F.H.A., 1; sec., 1; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. SIMMONS, WALTER WAYNE Deca, 3,4; sub. chmn., 4. SINGLETON, MYRTLE GENA Drama, 4; sec., 4; F.H.A., 3,4; Math Club, 1,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. SMITH, DOUGLAS MARK Drama, 4; French Club, 2,3,4; Math Club, 1,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Football, 3; Key Club, 2,3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4. SMITH, HAZEL FAYE Drama, 4; F.H.A., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. SMITH, JERRY DENNIS Key Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; pres., 4; SMITH, MARY DIANE F.H.A., 1,2; F.T.A., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Sec., 4; Homecoming, 4. SOSSOMAN, MADELYN CAROL Drama, 3.4; F.H.A., 1,2,4; F.T.A., 4; Girls ' " M " , 2,3,4; v. pres., 3; pres., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Co-Capt., 4; Cheerleader, 1,2,3,4; Flome- coming sponsor, 4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Class Sec., 2,3; Most School Spirited, 4. STALLARD, JANICE SUE Deca, 4. TAPP, EMMAJEAN HAPPOLDT F.H.A., 1; Vica, 2. TATE, GREG ALEXANDER Boys ' " M " , 4; Football, 1,2,4; Vica, 4; Basketball, 1,2. TATE, SHEILA LAVERNE F.H.A., 1,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Vica, 4; treas., 4. TERRY, BERNARD DEAN Annual, 1; Math Club, 3. THOMAS, ROGER LAMAR Boys ' " M " , 3,4; Sec., 4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 3,4; Friendliest, 4. TOLBERT, SANDRA GAYLE Deca, 4; F.H.A., 1; Basketball, 1,2; Cheerleader, 1; Fresh¬ man Journal, 1; Honor Roll, 1. TRAMMELL, HAROLD THOMAS Pacolet High School, S.C.; Band, 1,2; Chorus, 1,2; Basket¬ ball, 1,2; Chorus, 4. TURBYFILL, JANICE SUE Drama, 4; F.H.A., 1,2,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. TURNER, LARRY DOUGLAS Baseball, 4; Boys ' " M " , 4; Football, 1,2,4. TWIGGS, JAMES ALLEN French Club, 1; Math Club, 4; Science Club, 4; Class Pres., 4. WALL, JOSEPH EUGENE Football, 1,2,3; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. WARREN, WAYNE ANTHONY A.F.S., 3,4; v. pres., 3; French Club, 2,3,4; treas., 3; Key Club, 2,3,4; sec., 3; pres., 4; Math Club, 3,4; Inter-Club Council, 4; Student Board, 1,2; Class Pres., 2; Freshman Journal, 1; Annual, 1; Chorus, 3; v. pres., 3. WEBB, BRENDA PEARL Deca, 4; sec.-treas., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Spanish Club, 2,3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4. WHISENANT, GAIL ANN F.H.A., 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Basket¬ ball, 1,2; Cheerleader, 1; Class Poet, 4. WILLIAMS, CHRISTINE LORAINE F.H.A., 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Vica, 3,4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; First Runner-up, 4. WILSON, DON CHARLTON Annual, 1,3,4; Business Mgr., 4; Boys ' " M " , 4; Freshman Journal, 1; Football, 1,4; Key Club, 4; Math Club, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Best All Around, 1; Basketball, 1,2,3,4, Jr.-Sr. server, 2. WOODY, DAVID WARREN Cauldron, 4; Drama, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4. YANCEY, ROBERT ANTHONY Baseball, 2,3; Boys ' " M " , 3,4; Key Club, 2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Basketball, 2,3,4; Co-Capt., 4. YANCEY, SHERON HOFFMEYER Drama, 3; Girls ' " M " , 4; Math Club, 3,4; v. pres., 4; Honor Roll, 1,2; Girls ' Basketball Scorekeeper, 2,3. ZIMMERMAN, JUDY KAYE Drama, 4; F.H.A., 1,4; Library Club, 1; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Chorus, 4. 83 Leftto Right: Vickie Monroe, Karen England, Modelyn Sossoman, Margaret Swingle, Sandy McGill, Mary Caviness, Debbie Leonard, Madelyn Sossoman Margaret Swingle Vickie Monroe Sandy McGill Karen England Head Cheerleader Sandy McGill cheerleaders A SADDLE OXFORD ... A BLUE ■ A WHITE ... A POMPOM . . . A SPIRIT ... A PEP RALLY . A FRIDAY NIGHT ... A SILENT HOPE ... A PRAYER ... A LETTER A LEADER! Mary Caviness Debbie Leonard Substitutes: DeGetta Gentry, Joyce Fox, Cindy Darwin. Captain Don Grigg wildcats Co-captains: David Broome, Robert Harbison. Phil Bounous William Robertson Coaching Staff (Kneeling): Jerry Murray. (Standing): Bill Joe Caroway, W. F. McIntosh, Earl Broome, Head. 1st Row: Gary Caldwell, James Patterson, Don Wilson, Steve Grigg, Kenny Hicks, Stuart Robinson, Dennis Bailey, Roger Thomas. 2nd Row: Robert Forney, James Davis, Perry Lattimore, Mike Mull, Eric Petrie, Leroy Chambers, Mike Hines, Bruce Braswell. 3rd Row: Eric Branstrom, Jeffery McElrath, Steve Whisnant, Doug Arney, Jim Finger, James Powell, James Avery, Stacy Rasnick. 4th Row: Mike Johnson, Dickie Feimster, Robert Harbison, David Broome, Don Grigg, Larry Brewer, Doug Jaynes, Larry Turner. Larry Turner Coach Broome Don Wilson 89 90 91 Seated: Kenny Hicks, Don Wilson, Larry Brewer, Earnest Mims, Anthony McElrath. Standing: Doug Smith, Dennis Bailey, Gary Caldwell, James Powell, William Black, Tony Yancey, Robert Harbison. m organ ton wildcats A COACH . . . STARTING FIVE . . . A BUS TRIP ... A TOWEL . . . SWEAT ... A TEAR ... AN OASIS . . . A GOAL . . . CO-CAPTAINS: Tony Yancey, Coach Caroway, James Powell. Don Wilson Tony Yoncey 94 95 VISTA! VISTA! OH, NO! NO! NO! NOT THE VISTA! VISTA! VISTA! EENY-MEENY-DES-A-LEENY, OOH-CHA-A-WAAH-A-LEENY, HEP-TA-MEENY-ZAH-A-LEENY, OOH-CHA-A-WAAH! BEE BILLY OAT-EN-DOAT-EN, BO BO BE-DEET-EN-DOTEN WAAH-DA-EN—SHHHHHHHHHHHH! VISTA! Patti Campbell, Susan Broome, managers; Sandy Jab- lonski, scorekeeper. FLEE! FLY! FLEE! FLY! FLEE! FLY! FLO! VISTA! VISTA! CUMM-A-LOMMA, CUMM-A-LOMMA CUMM-A-LA-VISTA! Madelyn Sossoman, co-captain; Coach Murray; Maureen Dougher, captain. Maureen Dougher Judy Harris Madelyn Sossoman Kneeling: Betty Browning, Ann Blanton, Maureen Dougher, Madelyn Sossoman, Sharon Tate, Sandra Hawkins, Kathy Huffman. Standing Mary Snyder, Judy Harr is, Laura Avery, Janet Greene, Nella Fleming, Camilla Williams, Donna Hoyle, Terry Arney, Beverly Russ, Becky McIntosh, Cathy Bingham. I Left to Right Larry Brewer, Stuart Robinson, Steve Grigg, Benny McNeely, Henry Liles, Earnest Mims, Harold Smith, Randy Murphy, Edward Whisenant, Dennis Bailey. AN ATHLETE THAT CARES . . . A BLUE AND WHITE UNIFORM . . . A HARD PRACTICE . . . Mike Lackey — Coach A PITCH . . . A HOMERUN . . . A VICTORY!!! William Robertson, Joe Brown, Allen Hollar — Managers golf GOLFERS . . . CADDIE . . . CART . . . TEE OFF . . . FAIRWAY . . . GREEN . . 19th HOLE . . . PAR FOR THE COURSE . . . SUCCESS. Front Row: Bill Carter, Scott Johnson, Tommy Jackson, Joe Griffin. Second Row: Wayne Hous¬ ton, Dean Scott, Jimmy Shell, Fritz Petrie, John Connelly, Dave Broome, Cleve Cooper. 99 1st Row: Bobby Phillips, Steve Bennett, Barry Blakely, John Nelson, Eddie Sietz, Rex Dale, Richard Jones, Jeff Haynes. 2nd Row: John Oxford, Benny Kirby, Dean Scott, Tim Buff, Steve Walters, Jack Helton, Danny Stine, Tom Corley, Wayne Houston. 3rd Row: Jackie Feimster, Larry McMahon, Clark Colston, Melvin Rockett, Tim Monroe, John Finger, Gerald Thomas, Gerald Childs, Allen Hollar. Rex Dale Larry McMahon j.v. football! " future cats " Coach Murray 100 Coach Broome 1st Row: Billy Gamble, Steve Bennett, Ronnie Sink, Jeff Haynes. 2nd Row: Scott Johnson, Tim Buff, John Finger, Phil Bounous. 3rd Row: Richard Jones, Allen Hollar, Jeffery McElrath. 101 organizations . . . 103 I 1st Row: Judy Harris, Ann Propst, Maureen Dougher, Cindy Darwin, Beth Hotchkiss, Brenda Webb, Anne Craven, 2nd: Becky McIntosh, Maity Browning, Cindy Harbison, Paul Ingle, David Broome, (Not Pictured: Phyllis Mauney.) honor society GRADES? ? ? FLASHLIGHTS . . . CANDLES . . . HOT WAX . . . JEWELRY . . . BULLETIN BOARDS . . . STUDENT ASSISTANTS . . . RESPECT ... AN IDEAL . . . Left to Right: Maureen Dougher, treas.; Judy Harris, sec.; Sheila Ennis, v. pres.; Ann Propst, pres. 104 IMAGINATION ... A PEN . . . CREATIVITY . . . WIT . . . HUMOR . . . RECOG¬ NITION . . . PENCIL . . . PENMANSHIP . . . PRAISE. Joyce McNeely mm Beverly Sain Don Wilson 1st Row: Vickie Causby, Judy Franklin, Susan Mc¬ Cracken, Anne Heywood, Ann Blanton, Betty Brown¬ ing, Ann Craven, Tina Summers, Ann Propst, Mary Snyder, Cindy Darwin, Beth Hotchkiss. 2nd Row: Nancy Leatherman, Cathy Bingham, Maureen Doug- her, Diane Winters, Cindy Harbison, Laura Avery, Becky McIntosh, Martha Furst. (Not pictured: Phyllis Robinson, Teresa Marshall, Sheila Diercks.) anchor club A POWDERPUFF GAME ... CO¬ OPERATION . . . YOUNG LEADERS? ? ? ANTI-KEY SIGNS ... A CONTRI¬ BUTION . . . DEPENDABLE " RED " . . . REFRESHMENTS . . . Left to Right: Becky McIntosh, pres.; Cindy Darwin, treas.; Laura Avery, v. pres.; Beth Hotchkiss, sec. 106 key club Left to Right: Wayne Warren, pres.; Tommy Digh, treas.; Maity Browning, v. pres.; Tommy Jackson, sec. TRADITION . . . LEADERSHIP . . . FLAG . . . BOOKCOVERS . . . HOME¬ COMING DANCE . . . WMNC PICNIC . . . INVOLVEMENT - IDEALS . . . Jt Left to Right: Don Wilson, Woyne Worren, Alan Brown, Tommy Jackson, Doug Smith, Jimmy Finger, Mike Moil, Phil Bounous Greg Crisp, Steve Bennett, Maity Browning, Dennis Bailey, Steve Whisnant, Tim Sigmon, Fritz Petrie, Tommy, Dennis Smith, Tony Yancey, Mike Kidd, Edward Whisnant, Stuart Robinson, Dave Broome, John Connelly, Hodge Phillips. 107 girls’ « « . . . 9 9 m A ROYAL BLUE . . . LADYCAT . . . SPIRIT ... 1 OF THE 7 ... A CHEER . . . A BENCH ... A MEGAPHONE . . . A FOUL ... A SPORT ... A PRIDE Left ' to Right: Ann Blanton, v. pres.; Madelyn Sossoman, pres.; Karen England, sec.; Maureen Dougher, treas. 1st Row: Maureen Dougher, Mary Caviness. 2nd Row: Janet Greene, Karen England, Ann Blanton, 3rd Row: Margaret Swingle, Vickie Monroe, Sandy McGill, Becky McIntosh. 108 Left to Right: Jimmy Finger, Steve Whisnant, Mike Mull, Dennis Bailey, Larry Turner, Randy Murphy, Steve Grigg, James Powell, Don Wilson, Roger Thomas, David Broome, Bruce Braswell, Robert Harbi- son, Doug Arney, Tony Yancey, Don Grigg. A WILDCAT ... A WIN ... A LETTER SWEATER ... A CAPTAIN . . . A HUDDLE ... A BUS ... A NUMBER ... A GAME . . . GREAT! Left to Right: Dennis Bailey, treas.; Robert Harbison, sec.; David Broome, v. pres.; Don Grigg, pres. 109 spirit of m.ti.s. EVER-PRESENT SPIRIT . . . PAINT¬ ING SIGNS . . . FRIDAY PEP RALLIES . . . ANOTHER ENTHUSIASTIC SUPPORTER ... A SHOUT OF JOY . . . A CRY OF DESPAIR . . . THE WARMNESS OF WINNING . . . THE LONELINESS OF LOSING ... A FORGOTTEN POMPOM ... A DE¬ SERTED STATIUM . . . BUT STILL . . . SPIRIT! Bottom: Janice Brown, pres.; Top: Karen England, treas.; Joe Inscoe, v. pres.; Debbie Leonard, sec. no i a.f.s. A SOUTHERN DRAWL ... AN ENGLISH¬ MAN ... A MAP ... A NEW SISTER . RESPONSIBILITY ... A CHRISTMAS CARD . . . A NEW FRIEND ... A UNIQUE UNDER¬ STANDING . . . ANNE! 1st Row: (left to right) Laura Avery, Janet Greene, Betty Browning, Cameron Cutting, Liz Harrill, Phyllis Mauney, Anne Heywood, Ann Blanton, Ann Propst, Maureen Dougher, Martha Hogan. 2nd Row: Becky McIntosh, Hellen Low, Carol Fraser, Martha Furst, Cindy Darwin, Linda Greene, Vickie Monroe. 3rd Row: Wayne Warren, Steve Whisnant, Phil Bounous, Maity Browning, Steve Bennett, Ronnie Sink, John Inscoe, Bruce Braswell. Dear Students of M. H. S., When I first arrived here, I made the fatal mistake of coming in between periods. As I stood there amazed, looking down the long halls and hearing the terrific noise and seeing the swirling figures around me, I thought " What a contrast to the orderly quiet halls of my rather staid English Girls ' Boarding School. But now I ap¬ preciate the pleasure of being able to talk as, I saunter along the crowded halls and when you are getting books out of your locker. With all these names as England! Redcoat! and Oion), why shouldn ' t I enjoy it? By the time you get this annual the time for me to go will be growing even nearer and perhaps by then you will have thoroughly Americanised me. Already I no longer regard American football as barbaric , my English accent is already disappearing; I now say " Hi! " instead of " Hello! " ; I " call " people instead of " phoning ' ' them, I " mail " my letters home instead of " posting " them; and I am even getting to like hamburgers, hot dogs and pizzas. But all these things couldn ' t have been without the friendship of all you students of M. H. S. Many of you I will remember for a very long time, but all of you will be bound up into one happy memory labeled " Morganton High School. " Going back with me will be, apart from this annual, many interesting and exciting things that have happened here so far this year. Homecoming, The Miss M. H. S. Pagent, Class Officer Elections, and various other events are things that never happen or ever will happen in the ordinary English School. Another thing that astonishs me about this school is its terrific amount of school spirit. There are not many teenagers in England who would give up a Friday evening to go and shout themselves hoarse at a match. , . So, I do really want to thank you all for what you have done for me in helping to make this year the most exciting and rewarding year of my life. Perhaps next year when you are either here or away at college you will think occasionally of that crazy English girl with the long hair, the short skirts, the queer accent, and the illegible writing, for I know that I shall often think of M. H. S. and all it has meant to me. Wishing you all the best for the future, Anne 1 12 miss martha ffurst Dear Students of M. H. S.: On June 21st, I, along with 800 other students, boarded the S.S. Water¬ man, to begin the long trip to our new families. I spent a wonderful summer with a family of four, Mr. and Mrs. Helmback, better known to me as " pappa and mamma, " and my sisters, Cecilia and Borbro. My " pappa " was a solo bas¬ soonist in the Goteborg Symphony Or¬ chestra. I was able to use my limited vocabulary on him since he spoke little English. My " mamma " had been born in the U. S. and had spent her early years here. She was quite interested in politics and at times seemed to know more about U. S. politics than I did. Cecilia, 16 years, spoke beautiful Eng¬ lish. She was quite shy at first, but as with the rest of the family, we all be¬ came very close after such a short summer. We live in Molndal, a suberb of Goteborg. Since Goteborg was on the west coast, we often went swimming in the sea, where the water was cool and a warm breeze drifted in off the sea. My family was quite eager to show me Sweden and to teach me to speak Swedish. A few weeks of my stay were spent traveling. Camping proved to be quite a new experience for me, but also a lot of fun. We met people from many different countries includ¬ ing Germany, Norway, Belgium, Italy, France, Holland, and Great Britain. Throughout all our traveling I found Swedish people to be eager and to help a stranger or foreigner. A warm and friendly attitude seemed to be present. AFS gave me a dream come true and a summer I shall never forget. Heja Sverige! Martha Furst iptiriwui ‘1; illllilWlL • •• V . gtt ' ’ " v • v £» 5v : $£3$ ■L imt ' HR sSS[ im 51? rzszh ill III Him Mmw hi j 1st Row: Linda Greene, Vickie Monroe, Tina Summers, Ann Blanton, Gail Whisnant, Susan Broome, Valerie Clarke. 2nd Row: Judy Zimmerman, Nancy Leatherman, Gena Singleton, Judy Franklin, Shirley Dale. 3rd Row: Mary Hayden, Minnie Happoldt, Beverly Forney, Joyce Fox, Sandy McGill, Sandy Jablonski, Debbie Law, Margaret Swingle, Patti Tolbert. 4th Row: Karen Perkins, Susan Bishop, Sandy Scruggs, Christine Williams, Sheila Tate, Ruth Largent, Carla Moretz. 5th Row: Mary Francis Pruitt, Lynn Jaynes, Debra Pruiett, Debbie Puett, Linda Pettigrew, Susan McCracken, Beth Goare, Hazel Smith, Sharon Simmons, Lavonda Banner, Sandy Biggerstaff, Rebecca Dale. 6th Row: Gail McCracken, Liz Harrill, Baleka Beach, Mary Ellen Brown, Cindy Darwin, Myra LaFevers. 7th Row: Jane Tate, Beth Hotchkiss, Karen England, Jean Causby, Brenda Rogers, Jan Turbyfill, Judy Shook, Betty Burgoyne, Cathy Ross. f.h.a. A CAN OPENER ... A WIFE ... A DRESS . . . A HAYRIDE ... A PLAN ... A KITCHEN . . . A PUFF OF SMOKE ... A PRIDE ... A TWO LBS. DONUT . . . Seated: Vickie Monroe, sec. Standing: Tina Summers, v. pres.; Ann Blanton, treas.; Linda Greene, pres. 114 f.t.a 5 • WT d } r i: I .£■■■■ i A 1 A GOAL ... A FUTURE ... A RED APPLE . . . CHALK IN HAND ... A RESPONSIBILITY . . . AN UNDERSTANDING ... A WILI_ 1st Row: Nancy Leatherman, sec.; Sandy McGill, treas. 2nd Row: Liz Harrill, v. pres.; Beth Hotchkiss, pres. r k IP aH : » fjp- tfgfe JmF ' m A wL 1 ■ •MM ■ft Jm Mtm A ll| 1 1st Row: Jane Tate, Judy Shook, Beth Hotchkiss, Vickie Monroe, Linda Greene. 2nd Row: Susan Ab- shire, Kathy Brendle, Connie Sigmon, Myra LaFevers, Carla Moretz. 3rd Row: Cindy Darwin, Judy Franklin, Susan McCracken, Joyce McNeely. 4th Row: Judy Harris, Sharon Simmons, Diane Smith, Sandy McGill, Debra Pruiett, Joyce Fox, Margaret Swingle. I 1st Row: Martha Hogan, Judv Shook, Janice Hughes, Valerie Tate, Joyce Fox, Ann Blanton, Carol Fraser, Tina Summers, Carolyn Norman. 2nd Row; Wayne Warren, David Broome, Cindy Darwin, Cathy Moony, Phyllis Mauney, Judy Franklin, Maity Browning, Fritz Petrie, Ginger Allman. french club AN AWKWARD BONJOUR ... A NEW VERB ... A STRANGE CULTURE ... A BROKEN TAPE ... AN HONOR ... AN INDIVIDUAL . . . Left to Right: Ann Propst, sec.; Cindy Darwin, v. pres.; Joyce Fox, pres.; Ann Blanton, treas. 116 1st Row: Sheila Ennis, treas.; Karen England, pres.; Ann Craven, sec.; Beth Hotchkiss, 1st v. pres. 2nd Row: Tommy Digh, 2nd v. pres.; Ronnie Kelly, 3rd v. pres. Spanish club BUENAS DIAS . . . SILENCIO! ! ! VAMOS A TRABAJAR . . . REPEATA ... A FOREIGN COUNTRY ... A LATIN FLAVOR ... A SPANISH NAME ... A WORD ... A SENTENCE . . . TRANSLATION ... A PERMANENT " E " BUENOS NOCHES. l :: f vc ... - M £ i 4 |MMr k il ¥ ' §k 1st Row: Greg Braswell, Tommy Digh, Steve Simpson, Tommy Brown, William Wilson, Ronnie Kelly, Wayne Phillips, 2nd Row: Sheila Ennis, Jane Taylor, Debra Isaacs, Maureen Dougher, Janice Brown, Debra Pruiett, Beth Hotchkiss, Donna Whitaker, Judy Harris, Pam Moore. 3rd Row: Ann Craven, Cindy Harbison, Phyllis Robinson, Karen England, Sharon Simmons. 117 latin club THAT FIRST FOREIGN LANGUAGE . . . SOPHOMORE SLUMP . . . TRANS¬ LATION . . . CONJUGATION . . . EXTRA PATIENCE . . . CANDY SALES . . . INITATION . . . STATE CONVENTIONS . . . ROMAN BANQUET . . . VINI, VIDI, VICI . . . Left to Right: Judy Hogshead, sec.; Phyllis Mauney, pres.; Ray¬ mond Grubb, v. pres.; Judy Mc- Gimsey, treas. 1st Row: Danny Stine, Barry Blakley, Bruce Braswell, Cindy Harbison, Vickie Sellers, Norma Seagle, Betty Browning, Myra LaFevers, Jean Causby, Phyllis Mauney, Cameron Cutting, Corla Moretz, Susan Rivers, Debbie Leonard, Wendy Coffin, Alan Brown, Doug Dale. 2nd Row: Steve Bennett, Judy Hogshead, Shirley England, Ann Propst, Ann Craven, Cindy Darwin, Terry Arney, Laura Avery, Beth Hotchkiss, Judy Harris, Janet Greene, Mary Snyder, Teresa Marshall, Joyce Leatherman, Elaine Harbison, Gail Whlsnant, Helen Low, Lavonda Banner. 3rd Row: (standing)—David Hayden, Steve Whisnant, Tommy Jackson, Maity Browning, Tommy Digh, Gregory Braswell, Greg Crisp, Billy Covington, Allen Hollar, Robert Sink, Joe Anderson, Steve Goble, Anthony Meyers, William Robertson, John Randolph, Tim Sigmon, Robin Luckadoo. 118 1st Row: Betty Burgoyne, Mary Frances Pruitt, Cathy Short, Cathy Mooney. 2nd Row: Clyde Largent, Barbara Antoni, Martha Hogan, Steve Grigg. 3rd Row: Lynn Jaynes, Lucy Walker, Allan Hollar, Greg Crisp, Jane Taylor, Melodie Huffman. library club A TIME CLOCK ... AN OVERDUE BOOK ... A FINE ... A PASS . . . A SERVICE . . . HELPFUL. 119 Left to Right: Greg Crisp, Mary Frances Pruitt, Melodie Huffman science club A BROKEN FLASK ... A STILL . . . H 2 0 . . . A THEORY ... A DROP OF ACID ... A BUBBLING? ? ? CONCOCTION . . . E=MC . . . A GENTLE EXPLOSION ... AN OBVIOUS INTEREST . . . Left to Right: Ann Propst, sec.; Maureen Dougher, pres.; Becky McIntosh, treas.; Tommy Digh, v. pres. 1st Row: Phyllis Mauney, Maureen Doug¬ her, Ann Propst, Martha Furst, Becky McIntosh. 2nd Row: Greg Braswell, Wayne Fonvielle, Paul Ingle, Tommy Digh, Maity Browning, David Broome, Randy Haynes. 120 1st Row: Norman Brenneman, Beth Hotchkiss, Cindy Darwin, Ann Propst, Gail Whisnant, Judy Harris, David Broome, Don Grigg, Judy Franklin, Debra Pruiett, Paul Ingle, Maity Browning, Cindy Harbison, Ann Craven, Karen England, Vickie Monroe, Martha Hogan, Janice Brown, Joyce Fox, Sandy McGill, Baleka Beach, Becky McIntosh. math club ALGEBRA ... A NEW PROBLEM . THE FOLLIES . . . SOLUTIONS . GUESS WORK ... BIG MAC . . . 121 Maity Browning, pres.; Becky McIntosh, treas.; Ann Propst, sec.; (Not pictured: Sherry Yancey, v. pres.). biology club 1st Row: Shirley England, sec.; Myra LaFevers, pres.; Mary Caviness, sgt.-at-arms. 2nd Row: Robert Chapman, treas.; Carol Fraser, v. pres. A CHALLENGE ... A FROG LEG ... I A A A BUG ... 50 LEAVES ... AN AMOEBA . . . AN INTEREST . . . mb ■ : V , ( 1 WL v - j 1st Row: Raymond Grubb, Henry Liles, Robert Chap¬ man, 2nd Row: Shirley England, Mary Caviness, Teresa Marshall, Vickie Sellers, Judy Hogshead, Myra LaFevers, Carol Fraser, Cathy Harbison, Helen Low, Margaret Swingle. 122 1 V T T | 1 - - ■ g t 1 i a a- 1 -f H • Hu It | If I 1 1 1 1 1st Row: Judy Zimmerman, Linda Pettigrew, Sandy Bryant, Gena Singleton, Hazel Smith, Carla Moretz, Greg Braswell, Sandy McGill, Vickie Monroe, Joyce Fox, Wendy Coffin, Sandy Wrye, Janet Forrest, 2nd Row: Martha Hogan, Susan McCracken, Phyllis Mauney, Tina Summers, Becky Dale, Teresa Marshall, Susan Abshire, Gail McCracken, Sandy Jablonski, Katrina Hicks, Debbie Puett, Jan Turbyfill, Karen Whisnenant, Anne Heywood. 3rd Row: Doug Smith, Judy Harris, Robert Champan, Steve Black, Joe Inscoe, John Edmundson, David Woody, Doug Jaynes, Becky Myrick, Judy Franklin, Patti Campbell, Teresa Matkins, Ralph Miller. drama club CHARLIE ' S AUNT ... RE¬ HEARSAL_PUSHKIN . . . EXIT LEFT ... A PRODUCTION . . . LOVE-SCENE . . . SELF-PRIDE! Left to Right: Gena Singleton, sec.; Anne Heywood, treas.; Martha Hog¬ an, v. pres.; Judy Harris, pres. 123 WORK . . . DRIVE PLOYER INIATIVE . . . . . PRODUCTION . LEADERS. . . AN EM- A PAYDAY . FUTURE Left to Right: Sheila Tate, treas.; Andrew Chambers, pres., Don Rei- chard, v. pres.; Steve Caldwell, ed.; Christine Williams, sec. Jra ' »-• at Jj Vi , f Jp " f? : t l w : m ' U ' j oUm IMjft W Jill. H j 1st Row: Jasper Hemphill, Ricky Poteat, Margaret Lane, Judy Kincaid, Wanda Pat¬ ton, Lawson Callahan, Emmajean Tapp. 2nd Row: Steve Caldwell, Andrew Cham¬ bers, Christine Williams, Daniel Evans, Sheila Tate, Richard Johnson, John Baker. 3rd Row: Danny Greene, Greg Tate, Cleve Cooper, Tom Curlee, Don Reichard, David Harbison. 124 1st Row: Daisy Robinson, Carol Smith, Debra Isaacs, Janice Stallard, Brenda Webb, Glenda Presswood, Jim Pearson. 2nd Row: Elizabeth Alexander, Sharon Shores, Angie Nusz, Wayne Simmons, Sandra Tolbert, Cathy Mosley, Margaret Grady. 3rd Row: Steve Haw¬ kins, John Causby, Dale Barrier, Joe Bingham, Keith Ross, Randy Murphy, Gerald Hicks, Billy Hoyle. 1st Row: Randy Murphy, v. pres.; Debra Isaacs, pres.; Sharon Shores, hist. 2nd Row: Brenda Webb, sec.-treas.; Joe Bingham, parliamentarian. 125 activities . - - 127 Greg Crisp Raymond Grubb Chief Carol Fraser Chief and mascots Janet Greene Robert Chapman Helen Low Cathy Harbison MASCOTS Gay McCraw and Miles Johnson Pat Edmundson Joe Inscoe Teresa Marshall Vickie Sellers 128 Tommy Jackson 1st Row: Don Grigg, Myra La Fevers, Judy Harris, Browning, Linda Greene, Karen England. Ann Propst, Maureen Dougher, Wayne Warren. 2nd Row: Joyce Fox, Becky McIntosh, Maity inter- clufb council • ■ w CLUBS . . . PRESIDENTS . . . COOPERATION . . . GOVERN¬ MENT . . . RESPONSIBILITY . . . ROUND-TABLE ... AC¬ TIVITIES . . . STUDENTS. Maity Browning, chairman; Becky McIntosh, v. chairman. 129 THE GREEN DOOR . . . COPY . . . LAYOUTS . . . PICTURES . . . PRO¬ BLEMS . . . PUT . . . JANUARY TWENTIETH . . . HUNTER . . . SPIRIT . . . UNIQUENESS . . . BROWN BOTTLE . . . SECRETS ... A BIG LAUGH . . . A CAT ' S TALE Becky McIntosh, co-editor Beth Hotchkiss 130 Phyllis Mauney Joyce Fox, Linda Greene, Junior staff, Carol Fraser, Teresa Marshall, Phyllis Robinson, Sheila Diercks. ] cauldron staff GREAT EXPECTATIONS . . . CAREFREE STAFF ... AN EDITOR ... A STENCIL . . . A CRIPPLED TYPEWRITER ... A PUMPKIN IN NOVEMBER . . . EXPECTATIONS . . . GREAT! Debra Pruiett, humor editor. Left to Right: Joyce McNeely, Mary Caviness, Fritz Petrie, Debbie Law, Carol Fraser, Linda Pettigrew, re¬ porters. Norma Seagle, Susan Mc¬ Cracken, art editors. Sandy Jablonski, David Woody, sports editors. p ' ft to Right: Debbie Puett, Shirley ' udy Franklin, typists. Margaret Swingle, co-editor. Front Row: Debbie Wacaster, Judy Zimmerman, Tina Summers, Beverly Sain, Phyllis Anderson, Linda Brittain, Valerie Council, Valerie Clark, Bobby Oliver, Marshall Harbison, Linda Wortman. 2nd Row: Helen Forney, Ruth Roseboro, Beverly Forney, Ed Mathis, Steve Grigg, Perry Lattimore, Debbie Reynolds, Shirley Gillespie, Ginny Logan, Mary Etta Thomas, Linda Caviness, June Miller. 3rd Row: Ronald Connelly, Francis Clark, Steve Meyers, James Patterson, Kenny Hicks, Robert Harbison, Johnny Edmonson, Larry Brewer, Harold Patton. 4th Row: Francis Baker, Charles Harbison, James Tate, James Powell, Charles Forney, Danny Womack, Andrew Chambers, Steve Colwell, David Hardin, James Avery, Donald Taylor. chorus A NOTE ... A PERFORMANCE . . . AN ENDEAVOR ... A LONG ROBE . . . HARMONY . . . AMEN!!! 133 Left to Right: Beverly Forney, sec.; Tina Summers, treas.; Robert Harbi¬ son, pres.; Becky Myrick, v. pres. m.h.s. band RIGHT NOTES + INTERPRETATION — MUSIC? ? UNIFORMS . . . REHEAR¬ SALS . . . PERFORMANCES . . . PEACE! ! ! INSTRUMENTS . . . EQUIPMENT . . . NEW MUSIC . . . COMPETITION . . . RATINGS ... PRIDE . . . LOYALTY . . . A JOB WELL DONE ' ! ! r t H f s ► % b !Pi JvS i 1 134 1st Row: David Tate, Jeff Smith, Curt Salthouse, Jack Miller, Paul Edmundson, Susan Berry, Patti McGill, Mr. Ravon Smith. 2nd Row: Diane Smith, Cathy Brendle, Shelah Lail, Michael Low, Kevin Duckworth, Myron Whitley, Kenneth Brown, Buddy Armour, Bill Carter, John McGimsey, Robert Chapman, Karen Perkins, Doris Powell. 3rd Row: Ginny Logan, ' Cathy Landers, Sandra Dees, Linda Johnson, Holly Riddle, Elaine Harbison, Jan Peterson, Lura Kay, Judy McGimsey, Judy Hogshead, Cindy Harbison. 4th Row: Robert Branch, David Alexander, Linda Wilson, Sharon Simmons, Neil Craver, Steve Bolick, Anthony Meyers, Steve Simpson, Cathy Harbison, Tim Sigmon, Susan Powell, Joe Inscoe. 5th Row: Eric Petrie, Scott Johnson, Lorrie Parker, Linda Caviness, Ronnie Connelly, Fred Bauer, Emily Tallent, Melissa Bristol, Janice Leonhardt, Mildred Hollar, Chris Petrie, Pat Edmundson. 6th Row: Dennis Smith, Dennis Campbell, Ken Burgess, Ricky Lingerfelt, Randy LaFevers, Tommy Brown, Tommy Avery, John Randolph, Raymond Grubb, Marion Dickson. Left to Right: Dennis Smith, pres.; Janice Brown, treas.; Mr. Ravon Smith, director; Dennis Campbell, v. pres.; Diane Smith, sec. Mr. C. Ravon Smith, Director Dennis Smith Janice Brown senior bondsmen Dennis Campbell Left to Right: Brenda Issacs, Jennifer Smith, Valerie Councill, Janice Brown, Susan Bishop, Sharon Epley, Lunda Wil¬ liams. Cindy Harbison Randy LaFevers 136 Diane Smith Charlie’s aunt Jack Chesney Wayne Warren Brasset David Woody Charles Wykeham Joe Inscoe Lord Fancourt Babberly Steve Black Amy Spettigue Joyce Fox Kitty Verdun Madelyn Sossoman Sir Francis Chesney Gregory Braswell Stephen Spettigue John Edmundson Donna Lucia D ' Alvadorez Mary Caviness Ela Delahay Carolanne Bauer Understudies Martha Hogan, Carla Moretz, and Robert Chapman Director Miss Gigi Grill Student Director Anne Heywood advertisements I ■ best wishes from the ’69 cat’s tale 140 MIMOSA HILLS GOLF SHOP Joe Cheves — Professional 141 NITE FURNITURE SALUTES THE CLASS OF ' 69 142 w o I srr w | t - ' hr tV A Congratulations Graduates From The MOST TRUSTED NAME IN FURNITURE MANUFACTURING BY THE FINEST PEOPLE IN THE BUSINESS. DREXEL ENTERPRISES, INC. V w w Skqland Textile Companq mfrs. offy tsrjfaMrti SarMrts MR BUSTER ;BROWN IHCTtJSjiSfc • ! I 143 SUPPORT YOUR HOME TOWN DAIRY Locally Produced Locally Processed MORGANTON, N. C. Phone 437-0311 Mike Don J immy BUSINESS STAFF Alan Carl 144 COMPLIMENTS OF WAMSUTTA CUTTING-CROSS Oldsmobile Dodge Dodge Trucks Sales and Service CHEVROLET, INC. • Chevrolet • Chevelle • Corvette • Camero • Corvair • Chevy II TUX BOWERS MOTOR CO., INC. W. Union St. Ext. 437-4231 304 South Green St. 437-0671 Morganton, N. C. QUEEN CITY MORGANTON MACHINE and SERVICE STATION WELDING COMPANY TEXACO PRODUCTS — ROAD SERVICE Howard Street 437-4147 Complete Machine Shop Service N. Green St. 437-9936 Certified A.S.M.E. Code Welding Portable Electric Acetylene and Heliarc Welding SOSSOMAN COMPLIMENTS FUNERAL HOME OF South Sterling CORNWELL DRUG STORES and Bethel Street 100 W. Union St. Morganton, N. C. 437-3141 COMPLIMENTS OF r — - STEELE-RULANE SERVICE 1 LAUNDRY DRY CLEANING 927 East Union Ext. 437-0680 MORGANTON BREEDEN HARDWARE COMPANY POULTRY EGG INC. " Since 1896 " HARDWARE FURNITURE Rand Street SPORTING GOODS MORGANTON, N. C. 437-0431 437-2951 W If GILES MOTORS " Compliments FORD-MERCURY of KIRKSEY ' S Authorized Dealer Morganton and Valdese MORGANTON, N. C. COMPLETE HOME R. J. Giles R. H. " Bobby " Kirksey FURNISHINGS Telephones: Office 437-391 1 Service 437-5822 BURKE COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION • Insured Savings • Home Loans Corner of North Sterling and Collett Streets " The Savings Corner " 437-5077 LAZARUS Serving Burke County With Quality Since 1893 SHADOWLINE Lingerie You ' ll Like Near You MORGANTON, N. C. BURAND ' S Ladies ' and Men ' s Fashions For Career and Campus 117 E. Union L.L.G. C.D.H. R.A.M. J.C.F. P.A.M. T.E.M. S.K.D. C.G.F. P.E.R. E.A.H. KINCAID ' S SUPERETTE " Where Your ' $ ' Has More V ' " Morganton, N. C. COMPLIMENTS OF SPEIR TEXTILES Compliments of THE PATIO DRIVE IN Morganton, N. C. Compliments of MAC ' S T.V. 923 E. Union 437-2494 Compliments of ROSE ' S Morganton, N. C. THE HOBBY AND SPORTING CENTER 210 N. Sterling St. Morganton, N. C. 437-0864 " Burke County ' s Leading Florist " SMALL ' S FLOWERS N. Green St. 437-4585 Clyde Small WILMA ' S MUSIC CENTER 201 B. N. Sterling St. 433-1543 " The Finest In Recorded Music " KIMBRELL ' S INC. Dependable Furniture For the Carolinas Compliments of THE BOXWOOD MOTEL RESTAURANT A Good Place To Bring HOOD S PHARMACY Your Date for Pizzas or Other Good Food 401 South Green St. Highway 70, West 437-1741 MODERN BARBER SHOP Air-Conditioned 308 S. Sterling St. Morganton, N. C. 437-2432 WARLICK GROCERY Meat and Produce 437-5694 Compliments of Compliments of CAUSBY BUICK CO. J. 0. BARBOUR 602 College St. 437-5504 MORGANTON MOTOR SALES MORGANTON HOME • Rambler • Ambassador • Javelin • Rebel • AMX AND AUTO STORE Vernon L. Snipes B. F. Goodrich Tires 401 S. Sterling 437-7112 Motorola T.V. ' s and Radios THE MORGANTON GRILL • Steak Dinners JOHN GRAHAM STORES • Private Dining Rooms Under New Management Ted and Kenneth Riddle 300 S. Sterling St. Morganton, N. C. 105 W. Union St. 437-1794 BURKE FOOD CENTER Phone Exclusively 437-7163 Franchised Meats — Groceries Produce — Frozen Foods 608 Lenoir St. Morganton, N. C. 437-9845 ONE HOUR " MARTINIZING " Willard F. Lewis A P Shopping Center BURKE FURNITURE CENTER BURKE FURNITURE CENTER 203 Avery Avenue " We Specialize in Quality Furniture, Carpeting, and Draperies " ART FLOWER SHOP " Flowers For Every Occasion " 137 W. Union St. Morganton, N. C. 437-5684 Compliments of Compliments of J. ALEX MULL COMPANY JONES FURNITURE COMPANY REALTORS 437-8137 Complete Home Furnishings MULL BROS. Compliments of GROCERY GENE ' S Meats and Feeds Owned and Operated by Gene Rader 437-3292 437-8032 Compliments of Best Wishes To The Class of ' 69 PIEDMONT NATURAL THE BOOK STORE GAS Morganton 213 Avery Ave. 437-4043 437-0394 " Quality School Supplies " MORGANTON TIRE STORE, INC. " We Cap All Size Tires " 1 1 1 North Green St. 437-2894 Compliments of RELIABLE HEATING AIR CONDITIONING CO. " Serving Burke County Since 1949 " 256 Ashville St. 437-5424 Compl iments of TEETER ' S SUPER MARKET Avery Avenue Morganton, N. C. UNION HARDWARE COMPANY Newest Department: Furniture Home Furnishings 202 W. Union St. Morganton Phones: 437-7103 437-7104 Compliments of BURKE McDOWELL ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION P. 0. Box 400 Morganton, N. C. GREGORY JEWELERS North Sterling St 437-4074 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE • Appliances • Bicycles • Home Freezers • Radios • Sporting Goods • Refrigerators Reach for BATTER WHIPPED Sunbeam Those on the go. go Sunbeam K " Copyright, Qualify BoVert o( Americo Cooper Sunbeam- 437-4685 Morganton WoJxUmioa ' BaMuei .. }uut wtfJi the }uieit in ' Baked }oodi Compliments of JACK ' S POOL ROOM AND SNACK BAR Morganton, N. C. THE NEWS-HERALD Your Home Newspaper Published Daily WESTERN CAROLINA HATCHERIES Home of Quality Bred Chicks Fleming Drive 437-261 1 BOWERS INSURANCE COMPANY Collett St. 437-3084 PORTABLE EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. SALES SERVICE 1000 East Union St. 437-4270 Compliments of THE MIMOSA THEATER Morganton, N. C. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 69 KING-O-FREEZE Formally The Tastee-Freeze Serving Same Great Sandwiches and Best Chicken In Town L. W. McLaughlin BERNARD - PONTIAC CADILLAC-GMC TRUCKS " GTO " Tempest 705 E. Meeting St. 437-0931 Morganton, N. C. BURKE FARM SUPPLY Feeds — Seeds Fertilizers Farm Chemicals Appliances, T.B.A. Farm Home Supplies Paints Open Every Night Till 8:30 MILLER ' S PHARMACY East Union Shopping Center Morganton, N. C. Pharmacists: Donald J. Miller Jack L. Alexander PARKER PLUMBING HEATING, INC. P. 0. Box 1 144 Complete Plumbing Heating Supplies Fleming Drive Morganton, N. C. 437-2862 CRESCENT FLOWER SHOP 220 W. Union St. " We Specialize In Quality Flowers With Personal Service " 437-5124 Compliments of BETTY LOU LYNN ' S ADLER ' S SHOE CENTER Morganton, N. C. KIBLER DRUG CO. Morganton, N. C. 437-2678 BURKE LUMBER, INC. Lumber and Building Materials " Quality and Service " General Contracting 437-1201 P. O. Box 338 Morganton, N. C. • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY • North Corolino CHARLES L, HUNTER, WINSTON-SALEM, N C 1 0 SS 3 RNC 371,897 MORGAHTO 1969 The cat s toie burke county public library system 3 3557 00306 2817

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