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For Reference Not to be taken from this library burke CO U1 Vs • r,; iOi if ' r u o library 3af}!e of Contents ADMINISTRATION.4 SENIORS.14 JUNIORS.52 SOPHOMORES.60 SPORTS.70 ORGANIZATIONS.84 ACTIVITIES.108 ADVERTISEMENTS.122 2 3 Administration 4 i 5 Scfiool Board and Administration One of America’s foremost contributions to modern civilization is free public education for all. With enthusi¬ asm, creativity, far-sightedness, and good ole “Yankee ingenuity”, the school board and administration of the Mor- ganton City Schools have aroused unprecedented interest in the entire community for the development of the acme of quality education in Morgan ton. The importance of their work cannot be overestimated, and the courage they have shown in fostering this great American tradition cannot be too highly praised. Left to Right: Mr. Frank Bowers, Mr. J.O. Barbour, Mrs. Ralph Pitts, Dr. E.W. Phifer, Mr. William Greene, chairman; Dr. Robert Nelson, superintendent; Mr. John Conway, Mr. Paul Pearson, Mr. John Greene, Mr. Robert Kirksey. Mr. Johnson H. Steelman, Supervisor; and Mr. C. David Greene, Director of Federal Programs. Mr. Conley Clarke, guidance director. Mrs. Cheryl Orders, secretary at Morganton High School. Mrs. Lillian Franklin, secretary at Morganton High School. Administrative secretaries: Mrs. Bolick, Mrs. Lee, Miss Noggle. Mr. F.C. Schiebout, Principal. Dr. Robert A. Nelson, Superintendent of the Morganton City Schools. Miss Mary Blaylock, B.A. Mississippi State College Latin I,II; French II; Eng. II Mr. Earl Broome, M.A. Appalachian State University W. Hist.; Eco. and Soc.; Head Coach Mrs. Selenah Huffman, B.S. Appalachian State University World Geography Mrs. Christine Frye, B.S. Appalachian State University Typ. I; Shorthand; B. Business Mrs. Shara Frick, B.A. Morehead State University Eng. Ill,IV; U.S. Hist.; Eco. and Soc. Mr. Charles M. Snyder, M.A. Appalachian State Unive ' rsity Acc. Math. Ill,IV; Sr. Math; Physics; Geom. | Mrs. Miriam Holmes, A.B. Florida State University English II Mrs. Barbara Hester, M.A. University of Alabama Home Economics 1,11,111 Mrs. Louise Kidd, B.S. Appalachian State University English II,IV Mr. Raymond Babelay, M.A. East Carolina University Band 3aculty Mr. Thomas Taylor, A.B. Lenoir Rhyne College Biology Mrs. Blanca Rubio, LL.D. University of Havana Spanish I,II,III Mr. Billy Joe Caroway, B.S. Appalachian State University Phys. Science, Bio., P.E. Mrs. Marilyn Williams, M.A. Appalachian State University English III Mr. Albert P. Stezer, M.S.E. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Chemistry; Phys. Science; Physics Mr. Fred Putnam, B.S. Appalachian State University U.S. History Mrs. Holly Ann Ross, B.A. University of Illinois Spanish I; French I,II Mr. Darryl Whisnant, B.S. Appalachian State University Typ. I,II; Bookkeeping Mrs. Annerl Deal, A.B. Lenoir Rhyne College Librarian Mr. Alexander Neely, M.S.E. Colorado State University I.C.T. Practice Teachers: Mr. L.D. Lowman Mr. Leonard Bolick Mr. W. Flemon McIntosh, Jr., B.S. Johnson C. Smith University Geom.; Alg. II; Consumer Math. ] TM l H. Mr. Robert Price, B.S. Appalachian State University Geom.; Alg. I; Bus. Math. Mr. Philip Genet, M.A. San Diego State University Guidance Counselor; Chorus Mr. James Earl Mickle, M.A. Appalachian State University D.E. I,II; B. Eco. Cafeteria and Maintenance Cafeteria: Delie Corpening, Hester Carson, Mary Ann Carter, Mary Lee Staley. 14 Class of ‘68 15 WALTER VAN DER CORPUT Vice-president Class of ‘68 life g ' atm I TOM BROTHERS President BILL LESLIE Treasurer DIXIE ROLLINS Secretary 16 KITTY ARNEY FLORENCE AVERY JACK ABEE BIRDIE ADAMS LYNN ANDERSON Si .» ' sJ ROBERT ABEE y mm I Xvj ; i SUE AVERY cl ass f CHRISTINE BREWER LINDA ADAMS BECKY BAUGUSS ZELIAH BRANCH i JOEY BANNON v i«ii i - Class ' ( DENISE BEACH BETSY BOGER CASEY BABER LL PATIENTS ITTED THROUGH IES BUILDING T REAR OF IS BUILDING ITING HOU ’M TO 4 VERY D MIKE BUFF •• pit ' JOHNNY BLACK JANET BROWNING RANDY BUCHANAN Cl ass CHARLEY BUTLER ROBIN BOUNOUS RITA BRITTAIN rr- ' T NANCY BISHOP THERESA BOWEN JANIS BRYANT Class °f ‘68 TONI BROWN Mb HARVEY BREWER ROY BLANTON ' St " ' . VICKI BROWNING C ass °f ‘68 SUSAN CASH LINDSAY BROWNING JIMMY CRISP SHIRLEY CARPENTER RHONDA CUNNINGHAM LAWSON CALLAHAN BILL COUNCILL kl 24 CAROL CORDELL DENNIS DEUTSCHLE WAYNE CROSBIE ass s MARY LOU DOUGHER BOBBY DENTON BILLY DUCKWORTH JANE DALE BETTY DENTON RITA EARLEY BRENDA EPLEY SUSAN ERVIN HARRY ERVIN HELEN FARFOUR Class of ‘68 CARL FERGUSON CHUCK FLEMING DEBBIE GANTT MICKEY GRADY LINDA FAIRCHILD DON GLASCO ROD GANTT Class of ‘68 JUDY GAMBLE DON GOARE SANDRA GILMORE DEBBIE GREENE MARY HOUPE JULIUS HARRISON FORNEY HAPPOLDT LYNN HOLLIFIELD Class ‘68 CINDY HYATT BENNY HOUSTON JIMMY HAWKINS Wk FRANK HUNEYCUTT SUSAN HOUCK MM Class °f ‘68 RALPH JOHNSON DAVID HARDIN SUSAN IRVIN SANDRA ISAACS 30 • « SUSIE LOY Cl ass I LINDA LEONHARDT SUSAN JABLONSKI DEREAMA KELLY CLARENCE JOHNSON DIANE KINCAID Class °f ‘68 i . JOHNNY MAYFIELD EDDIE MEYERS SHERRY McGEE MARY MAYE 32 SUSAN McNEELY JANICE McNEELY JOHN MODE CAROL MICHAELS fcSr wm KATRINA MOODY iMCtK JOHN McMURRAY annie McKesson ANDY PATTON . , ; : s 1 |? Ip A | v ' ‘ i : :.w NANCY PHIFER CATHY POPE JOE PATTON MAX POTEET DENNIS POWELL GAIL ROBINSON TOMMY RIPPY MIKE RADER Cl ass f SUSAN RATCLIFF BOBBY REECE Vs Jyk BEVERLY ROCKETT PHILIP ROBINSON ELVIRA ROACH EARNESTINE RUTHERFORD PHYLLIS REICHARD BARBARA ROSEBORO LESLIE SMITH DAVID SIGMON JUDY SPAINHOUR Class AUSTIN SMITH RAY SPENCER MITZI STRICKLAND DIANE SIGMON TOMMY SMITH GARMON SMITH MARGARET SAKOWSKI Cl ass I SAMMY-SMITH DON SAUNDERS GARRY SHOOK .v ”v: ‘ WALTER WALL SCOTT WHISNANT i v w uA JAMES WRIGHT CRYSTAL WELLER STEVE WOODY CASSANDRA WILLIAMS JIMMY WILLIAMS CAROLYN WEBB TOMMY WILLIAMS Class of ’68 DORIS WHISENANT CRYSTAL WHETSTINE I if lii LINDA WILLIAMS WILDA WHITE PATRICE WHISNANT ' ■■ , 5 rfSSS m Class °f ‘68 EDDIE WALDROP SUSAN HART STEVE GREGORY Class °f ‘68 DARCEL BRADSHAW BARBARA LINGERFELT ' . JERRY WHETSTINE MOST ATHLETIC Janice McNeely Mike Buff Senior Superlatives MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Margaret Sakowski Ralph Johnson NEATEST Karen Connelly Jimmy Williams FRIENDLIEST Helen Farfour Max Poteet 45 MOST INTELLECTUAL Dana Panarese John McMurray Senior MOST POPULAR Susan Conley Scott Whisnant MOST TALENTED Mitzi Strickland Bill Leslie 46 BEST ALL AROUND Sue Avery Don Saunders MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Dixie Rollins Walter van der Corput BEST LOOKING Susan Cash Rod Gantt Superlatives 47 Cast Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of 1968, being of sound (?) mind and body, do hereby bequeath our varied possessions to our immediate posterity, in the hopes that they will continue to strive and obtain the goals set previously for them by their elders. Article I To the faculty, administration, and Mr. Schiebout, we leave an expression of gratitude and appreciation for four years of unfailing tolerance, guidance, and inspiration. Article II: To our parents and friends, we leave a deeper gratitude for watching us grow up to this point and for giving us the direction needed to become young adults. Article III: To the city of Morganton, we leave, only to return and prove our individual merits to all. Article IV: To the underclassmen, we leave the knowledge that they will soon have the experience of being upperclassmen. Article V: To our heirs, the rising seniors of 1969, we leave the meager possessions that we have acquired during our four year stay here: I, C.J. Saunders, leave my intellectual ability to Mark Fulk. I, Casey Baber, leave my cow and Put ' s zeros to Paul Patton. I, Gail Robinson, leave my quiet mannerisms to Madelyn S ossoman. I, Susan Irvin, leave my insane cackle to Cindy Darwin. 1, Carroll McNeely, leave my skill with those terribly boring, corny jokes to anybody who will have them. I, Johnny Black, leave my ability to “get caught in the act” to Don Grigg. I, Darcel Bardshaw, leave my horn rimmed glasses to Sheila Ennis. I, Dixie Rollins, leave for Carolina—and YOU KNOW WHO! I, Frank Huneycutt, leave my chair in 5th period English, for sleeping, to Bill Curry. 1, Steve Gregory, leave my “high spirits” to Butch Wall. 1, Jimmy Williams, leave, regretfully, but knowing she’s only one year behind. We, Sharon Tolson, Susan Houck, and Roy Blanton, leave our fond love of man ' s best friend—the horse, to Debbie Reynolds and Hazel Smith. I, Tommy Rippy, want to leave. I, Garry Shook, leave —Mr. Snyder in peace. We, Janis Bryant, Janice Clontz, Sandra Gilmore, and Linda Williams, leave our reserved manner to Janice Mull and Judy Kincaid. I, Ralph Johnson, leave my technique of " spinning-out” of the entrance to Broughton Hospital on rainy, slick streets to Dale Barrier. 1, Susan “Jabo” Jablonski, leave my position of “mother” of the senior class to Beth Hotchkiss. 1, Don Glasco, leave my love of cigarettes and women to Don Wilson, esq. 1, Susan Cash, leave my skill of melting the hearts of 99% of the male pop- ulus of the Senior Class of M.H. S. to —well, nobody, because nobody else can do quite that. I, Bobby Denton, leave my place in the line to the time clock down at the News Herald to Wayne Simmons. I, William Augustus Leslie, leave my crooning ability to Gregory Braswell, who obviously needs it. I, Don Saunders, leave my novice as “the Wildcat’s Wildman” to Paul Ingle, Jr. I, Karen Connelly, leave my title of “Miss Neat” to Joyce Fox and Joyce McNeely. I, Charles Butler, being a man of many and varied talents, leave nothing, for I am not through with any of them, yet. I, Jack Abee, leave my “five o’clock shadow” to David Broome. I, Robin Bounous, leave my reign as most respected senior girl to Baleka Beach. We, Betsy Boger, Linda Adams, and Laura Clark, leave our love of the library and Dewey to Irma Lee Simmons. I, Bobby Reece, leave my exclusive candy patents to Harold Trammell. We, Steve Woody, Benny Houston, Fred Cook, and Austin Smith, leave our ability to “hoss-it” to Kenneth Mull and David Woody. I, Crystal Whetstine, leave my uncanny ability to say the wrong things at the right time to Shirley Dale and Linda Pettigrew. I, Andy Patton, leave my horrid cackle at the sight of fresh blood and the terrors of the silver screen to Joe Bingham. I, Steve Costner, leave my bowling ball to Norman Brenneman. I, Becky Bauguss, leave my title as “Miss Winged Feet ’68” to Ann Craven. I, Don Goare, leave two paper bags for carrying those “packs of six” and three “church keys” to Garry Hardin. I, Joe Patton, leave my professional-amateur golfing trips to David Mitchell and Ralph Pitts. I, Tommy Williams, leave my artistic talent to Phyllis Mauney. 1, David “Hootchie-Kootchie” Hardin, leave my front row seat at the Fox to Don Reichard and Tony Nusz. I, Lindsay Browning, leave my title as “Wizard of Booze” to James Pearson and Ben Curlee. I, Diane Sigmon, leave my long, shiny locks to Mary Ellen Brown and Judy Franklin, who really aren’t lacking. 1, Garmon Smith, left L.B.J. and his barbecues. I, Mary Ix u Dougher, leave my large box of “coffin-drops” to Becky Myrick and Mary Avery. We, Lawson Callahan and Birdie Adams, leave our skill of getting things done in “short-order” to Wayne Fonvielle. We, Crystal Weller and Joanna Tyminski, leave our devotion of M.H.S. and the “deep South” to Maureen Dougher. I, Max Poteet, leave “the world’s widest grin” to Randy LaFevers. I, Mike Buff, leave some of my towering height to Roger Thomas, who can use it. I, Dorothy Conley, leave my studious ways to Nancy Largent and Christine Williams. We, Toni Brown and Barbara Roseboro, leave our sense of humor to De- Etta Gentry. I, Sue “P.A.” Avery, leave my friendly attitude and manners to Cindy Harbison. I, Joey Bannon, leave my ability to organize successful parties to Tony Yancey. We, Harry Ervin, Carl Ferguson, and Pink Moore, leave our respective abilities of getting things done to Jasper Hemphill and Ervin Chambers. I, Debbie Greene, leave my place on the Cat’s Tale staff, to anyone who is capable and stupid enough to accept it. I, Denise Beach, leave my memories of Ridgecrest and that special some¬ one to Vickie Monroe. I, Thomas Howard Brothers, leave my distinct individuality to Maity Browning. I, Dennis Powell, leave my driving ability to Tommy Digh and Larry Turner. I, Mitzi Strickland, leave my secrets of the baton to Janice Brown. I, Walter Wall, leave my perfect Sunday school attendance record to Ber¬ nard Terry and James Twiggs. We, Patrice Whisnant, Susan McNeely, and Sandra Isaacs, leave our respective good tastes to Sheila Tate, Martha Furst, and Beverly Sain. I, Wayne Crosbie, leave my super-natural powers to Ralph Miller. I, Cindy Hyatt, leave my ability of solid steel nerves for public speaking to Nancy Leatherman and Ruth Lane. I, Judy Burkert, left. I, Chuck Fleming, leave my promptness and punctuality to Mike Johnson. I, Rod Gantt, will my title of “M.H.S. Songbird” to Mike Mull. We, Zeliah Branch and Brenda Epley, leave our ability to make house to some deserving junior. I, Bill Councill, leave my masculine physique to Jimmy Finger. I, Harvey Brewer, leave my friendly and good natured ways to Andy Chambers and Wayne Thomas. I, Walter van der Corput, leave for home with 500 of the best friends any¬ one could ask for. I, Rita Earley, leave my power to vamp men to Sherry Hoffmeyer. I, Tommy Smith, leave my job as Put’s “gossip-getter” to Mike Kidd. I, Dana Panarese, leave my ways of nonconformity to Martha Hogan. We, Bruce Walker and Judy Gamble, and Dennis Deutschle and Susan Corley, leave to travel Love’s rocky road ending in eternal bliss somewhere in the Twilight Zone. I, Eddie Waldrop, leave in quest of newer and greater quests and achievements. I, Micky Grady, leave my historical knowledge to Dennis Campbell. We, Billy Duckworth, Dennis Ramsey, and Eddie Meyers, leave our mechanical skill to Gary Leonhardt. I, Dereama Kelly, leave my skill to show up on time to have my picture made to Carol Cline and Judy Zimmerman. I, Randy Buchanan, leave my semi-professional bowling tips to Randy Haynes. I, Helen Farfour, leave my smile and pleasing disposition to Karen England. I, Kitty Amey, leave my love of guitar pluckers to Deborah Golightly. I, John McMurray, leave my love of academic life to Steve Black. I, Janice McNeely, leave my management of the Ladycats to any junior girl who thinks she can do as well as I for the past four years. I, Susan “Dugan” Conley, leave my hip swinging spirit to Sandy McGill. I, Linda Leonhardt, leave my expert musicianship to Diane Smith. I, Mike Rade r, leave my place at the PATIO to Douglas Kiddy. I, James Wright, leave my skill never to do wrong to Randy Murphy and Doug Smith. We, Lynn Anderson and Susan Ratcliff, leave our title as the “Dynamic- Duo " to Linda Jones and Susan McCracken. I, Zudie Cook, leave my obesity to Arland Edwards. I, Ronnie Puckett, leave one share of stock in Puckett ' s Amalgamated Motors to Steve Hawkins. I, Betty Denton, leave my knowledge of candy and Rose’s to Debra Isaacs. I, Vicki Browning, leave my most elegant coiffure to Susan Abee. I, David Sigmon, leave my initiative and eagerness to Wayne Warren. I, Nancy Phifer, leave my vivacity to Ann Propst. I, Jerry Whetstine, leave my inexhaustable school spirit to Judy Harris. We, Julius Harrison and Clarence Johnson, leave our quiet mannerisms to Charles Forney and Ronnie Davis, who can use some of it. We, Jim Shuping and Ray Spencer, leave our love of the outdoors to Mike Sperati. We, Janet Browning, Rita Brittain, Diane Kincaid, and Mary Maye, leave our genuinely warm-hearted natures to Brenda Webb and Lois Burnette. We, Jimmy Crisp and Margaret Sakowski, leave our many, many fond memories “Down at the Farm” to any deserving junior couple. 48 We, Carol Cordell, Lynn Hollifield, Annie McKesson, Katrina Moody, Allen Orders, George Taylor, Wilda White, Jimmy Hawkins, Gerald Hicks, Leslie Smith, Cassandra Williams, Leona Hayden, and Mike McGimpsey left M.H.S. each day at 12:30. I, Susan Hart, leave an autographed copy of “Hart’s New Standard’ Re¬ vised Fishing Manual” to Dennis Smith. I, Johnny Mayfield, leave my motormouth to Paul Fox. We, Nancy Bishop and Barbara Lingerfelt, leave our carefree, fun-loving spirits to Debbie Woody and Janice Whisnant, who already have a few of their own. We, Ronald Taylor, Phillip Robinson, and Sammy Smith, leave our un¬ assuming characters to Charles Singleton. We, Debbie Gantt and Kathy Pope, leave our neat appearance to Becky McIntosh. I, Rhonda Cunningham, leave my modelistic appearance to any junior girl who thinks she can fill my shoes. I, Scott Whisnant, leave my personality and ready wit to Dennis Bailey. I, Shirley Carpenter, leave my secretarial powers to Sandra Tolbert and Janice Turbyfill. JOHN MODE, Testator We, Phyllis Reichard, Jerlene Perkins, and Beverly Rockett, leave our fond memories of Put’s class and U.S. History to Shirley Gillespie, Debbie Puett, and Joyce Ross. We, Sherry McGee, Linda Fairchild, and Susi Loy, leave with mixed emotions. 1, an anonymous senior, leave my place under Coach Carroway’s window to Gail Whisnant. Finally, I, John Mode, executor of the estate of the Class of 1968, do be¬ queath my cubbyhole behind the school store, to any junior boy gullible enough to accept it. We, the Senior Class of Morganton, do hereby set our seal to be affixed on this the thirty first day of May in the year of our lx)rd, nineteen hundred and sixty eight. John Mode Testator CHARLEY BUTLER, Prophet Prophecy Vat!? You darre to qvestion my authenticity?!! Vhy, jusst let me gaze into ; my crrystall ball, and I’ll predict vhat vill be in 1979. Firsst, ze madzic words: abra-cadabra, polyanna, teradactyl, polyunsaturate, iconoclast, cusheateth- | mean, vituperation, gazebo. Ach! Good, I can see, for the frost within the ball | is clearing! 1 can see it all now!! The official prediction is, in 1979: Thomas Howard Brothers is dogcatcher for Drexel. He’s the only dog- I catcher Drexel’s ever had who can call dogs in Latin. (Et tu, Fido?) Casey Baber has replaced Joe Pyne. Joe Bannon has replaced Walter Cronki te. Benny Houston is operating his own do-it-yourself crematory. Reverend Don Goare (formerly Alabama Fatts or the M.H.S. sot) is | valiantly leading a demonstration advocating the repeal of the 21st amendment. (??) North Carolina General Assemblyman, Mike Buff, is petitioning the leg- ■ islature to lower the maximum speed limit on 1-40 to 35 M.P. H (My, have times changed!) Congresswoman Karen Connelly is making a speech to a joint session of Congress. Listen: “. . . and furthermore. I abhor gaudy dress, I cannot condone the indiscriminate color combinations of the garb of our younger generation; therefore, I hereby submit this bill to change the color of stop signs from red and white to chartreuse and yellow.” Well, a T.V. show. Let’s listen: . . and now the Tonight Show with Johnny Black! I’m Ed McWaldrop, and now heerres Johnny!” “Good evening and . . . censored ...” I think Ill tune in Johnny later when he’s doing his Ygor routine. I wonder how his audience likes the show’ Hmm, here’s a happily married couple, Jimmy and Margaret Dunlap; they seem to be enjoying the show all right but my ball, it’s . . . it ' s fogging up, and er Let us see if Governor and Mrs. Whisnant (Remember? Sure you do! Scott and loudmouth Irvin!) —No. I can see they are not paying much attention to the Tonight Show. I think we should visit later. 49 Who is this? Why, it’s Wiley Gregory with a patch over his eye and a bottle in his hand, standing next to his “Sot”with Camel. The only medal ever awarded Gregory was a lead cross. The War Department hoped that it would be a sufficient weight to keep him out of the sky after accidentally bombing the White House. Bill! Bill Councill? With a mustache? Yes, it’s he. The only man on earth who would have a 1980 Rolls-Royce with “four-in-the-floor” and “tiger paws”. Walter Wall. I might have known. Standing in the driveway of his newly acquired Biltmore House. He’s polishing an Edsel. I wonder where we are now? “Las Vegas Casino, Adults Only.” Who could be here? Of course, Bruce Walker and Judy “Gamble.” Question: “Should a man offer a lady a Glasco?” Answer: “Only if she asks for it.” Try a Glasco 101 filter tip, menthol, and plugs for your chawers. Well, there’s good old Morganton High, the same as it always was. Even a blue and white Chevy Belair. And there is the Morganton High School football team. But who is that coaching? It ' s Wildman Saunders, naturally. And who is that young lady making ice tea for the team during half-time? The former Miss Nancy Phifer. Mais oui. What is this? A new golf club? It’s a Joe Patton autographed “Pro-model”. It’s called the “sand trap iron”. I think Joe has finally found an easy way to get out-of-the-trap. The Max Poteet sure-flight “floating ball” is Max’s remedy for his poor golf game. With his new ball, he finally broke three hundred. Gad s! There’s pretty Dereama Kelly standing near a coffin, Gary that is! Among the Morganton Globe Trotters are Crystal Weller, Cassandra Wil¬ liams, and Mary Ix u Dougher. “Bird” watcher Robin Bounous is galavanting around a glen. We ain’t got no teachers have we? We sure does. Debbie Greene, Lynn Anderson, Darcel Bradshaw, Susan Corley, Dorothy Conley, Crystal Whet- stine, and Rita Earley are all on the M.H.S. staff of rampaging instructors. There’s a Ford going 115 m.p.h. Who else could it be but Jimmy Williams? But where could he be going in such a hurry? To the “beach”, where else? Adamant politicians David Sigmon, Dennis Deutschle, Harvey Brewer, and Andy Patton are trying to decide whether or not to run Chuck Fleming for U.S. Senator. Artists Susan Houck, Tommy Williams, and Susan Hart are holding an art show in Paris. Vicki Browning, “Jabo”, and Linda Leonhardt are standing near their respective husbands at a very formal operatic extravaganza and are naturally discussing the vital matters of the day—or more generally termed “gossipping”. Bobby Denton is in the world finals in the Olympic tennis competition. Lindsay Browning is the head of the Browning Brew and Bilge Liquor Distillery. AGH! ACH! and YEOW! my crystal ball—it’s growing hot! It’s . . . un¬ dulating! Great “Scott”—it’s Susan Cash! No, it’s only her picture on a movie poster: SEE THIS SENSATIONAL MOVIE FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! THE CRITICS RAVED! STARRING: SUSAN CASH, BORIS KARLOFF, ROD GANTT, AND SHIRLEY TEMPLE IN “FRANKENSTEIN GOES TO KINDERGARTEN”, now playing at the Hootchie-Gootchie-Hardin Drive-In Theater. Scene: The Library of Congress. “SHHHH!!” expectorates head librarian, Betsy Boger, to her exotic assistants, Lindas Williams and Adams. I don’t believe my eyes! It’s watermelon tycoon, Ralph Johnson, and his faithful little thumper, Toni Brown, who, by the way, is chasing him for a change. “Goodeveningkidsandwelcometothetopsinpopandmoldyoldiesandofcourse- goldies. This is your swinging, singing, vociferous, verbose, and verboten D.J., the bouncing baby boy with the cute little dimples, ELVIS LESLIE! Did you know that I’m the only D.J. here at WLS who parts the hair on his legs?” For the benefit of every senior at M.H.S., (and for a good laugh), ask Elvis what happened at “Richard’s Dock” one balmy spring afternoon. “Fortissimo! ARGH! You know the rules!” BLAM! Mahler von Mode just shot off the xylophone player’s only toe. (The player made the same mistake nine times before.) The Nord Deutches Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Mahler von Mode, is the only orchestra in the world with only three toes among the entire woodwind and percussion sections. Diplomat to Rome, Helen Farfour, is gootching the Pope. Gads! Samaritan Denise Beach is instructing underprivileged children in the art of dismantling a Steinway and then reselling it at Ramsey’s New and Used Junk Shop for a profit! Sirens Becky Bauguss, Rhonda Cunningham, Debbie Gantt, Mitzi Strick¬ land, Cathy Pope, and Susan Conley are scorching the silver screen with their incomparable radiance, charm, and in 99% of the cases, beauty. FBI man, Ronnie Puckett, has been assigned to the task of protecting the afore mentioned sirens from the impetuous lover, C.J. Saunders. Philosopher Carroll McNeely advocates the repeal of the 13th, 16th, 19th, and 20th amendments to the Constitution. Money-grubber and tax collector, Johnny Mayfield, and his magnanimous assistant, Wilda White, are enjoying life to its fullest as they assess the van Shook estate. What a droll coincidence that Bobby Reece and Walter van der Corput are pilots with Huneycutt Royal Dutch Airlines. Pinkerton men, Wayne Crosbie and Jack Abee, have been assigned to pro¬ tect themselves from each other and Hunt Riddle. The fuming effervescent fluid is so corrosive that it is mandatory that it be kept in glass-lined vats provided by Dixie Rollins, Inc. Dixie has always been filled with good spirits. Hell’s Angels, Philip Robinson, Donald Hunter, and Foamy Fonvielle are the only ones with mink-lined motorcycle jackets. Cute, content, and serene housewife, the former Nancy Bishop, is busily pinching tomatoes, thumping Johnson’s watermelons, and snatching frozen foods at her friendly neighborhood Blanton’s Supermarket. Jerry Whetstine is busily instructing his two sons in the art of football while his wife, the former Theresa Bower, is illustrating the epicurean rituals to her six daughters. Janice Clontz, Janet Browning, Janis Bryant, Sandra Gilmore, Lynn Hol- lifield, Sandra Isaacs, Diane Kincaid, Florence Avery, Barbara Lingerfelt, Janice McNeely, Susan Ratcliff, Phyllis Reichard, and Beverly Rockett are now Mrs., and are contributing much to the rapidly expanding city of Morganton. Attorney General Johnathan McMurray commutes daily from Morganton to Washington, D.C. in his private jet, a DC 35 by the way, built by McMurray Aircraft Company of McMurraysville, U.S.A., formerly Los Angeles. The former Kitty Arney is now in route to Paris for a rest after traveling with her folk-singer husband for the past two years. NASCAR drivers Steve Woody, James Wright, Austin Smith, Billy Duck¬ worth, Lawson Callahan, Ronald Taylor, Tommy Smith, Jim Shuping, Tommy Rippy, Dennis Powell, Eddie Meyers, Fred Cooke, and Randy Buchanan are all vehemently competing against one another in the annual “Costner 500”. Interior decorators Patrice Whisnant, Carolyn Webb, Mary Houpe, Sharon Tolson, Judy Spainhour, Diane Sigmon, Gail Robinson, Susan McNeely, Betty Denton, Zudie Cooke, Rita Brittain, Laura Clark, Cindy Hyatt, and Sherry McGee are working their dedicated hearts out trying to beautify the interiors of the world. Well, what about me-the Mystic Prophet of the Senior Class, good old Baron von Butler? What will I be? What is to become of me? The seething clouds of mist within my “crrystall” ball is becoming lucid; I can see it now! Yes! Ah, I knew it! The grateful people of the earth have erected a monument to me! What a lovely one it is, too; what a beautiful shade of marble, so shiny, with nice block letters. So, you vant to read the inscription. CHARLES ROBERT BUTLER BORN - OCTOBER 12, 1949 DIED - OCTOBER ° $19° ? AGHH. 50 Savage Sooviety I ji III 1 4k wi tj fill ,. v. ( . Mf( v h Seven steps, eight steps, nine steps, ten, Fall flat on your face and start over again, V • -r«| s • ' , ; r ' h” ' 1 r •-• -» - Beat on the walls and hang from the « Then stop and remember what gave Npw think of the guy with the gfeased-ujp How he crawls down the halls and pretendf he’s a bear. Look " down in the ground and [pretend youpee Hell, The guy with the pitchforkAv | all know sofvvell. Now you can do it and d$H fight, But tomorrow pjd greasef might want t fight. Think, how you’ll take him on your way up to physics, ' because if you Mo the walls will start reeling. .You " think or dyhamite, glowm ' g ' and bright, AiTd a good place, to lighfitton some dark,dismal night. But no. you re too close, too close to the end, many would hate to lose such a friend- A ffiehd who has guided thepr through sj my. atlpK , A Friend who has helped their skin tjurar td le $he ' ’ tV WlT : l. ' I a Builder of champions, Morganton High, oiltter 9 $ , ■ m Kw % iSSl ■£ " Cz ry ■ 1 % •• % Many have wc fw lered and now theyiJknow why! I 2 ’- ‘ Casey Baber Poet Class of ‘69 52 53 Madelyn Sossoman, secretary , Vickie Monroe, vice-president , Joyce McNeelv, treasurer. 54 SUSAN PHYLLIS MARY SHELTON DENNIS DALE ABEE ANDERSON AVERY BAILEY BARRIER CATHY BRASWELL BALEKA BEACH JOE BINGHAM STEVE BLACK DEBBIE BRANCH GREGORY NORMAN SANDRA DAVID JANICE BRASWELL BRENNEMAN BRISTOL BROOME BROWN MARY ELLEN BROWN MAITY BROWNING ANDREW CHAMBERS ERVIN CHAMBERS ANN CRAVEN BILL CURRY SHIRLEY DALE CINDY DARWIN TOMMY DIGH MAUREEN DOUGHER 55 JANICE JOHNNY ARLAND KAREN SHEILA DYE EDMUNDSON EDWARDS ENGLAND ENNIS JIMMY WAYNE JANE JOYCE FINGER FONVIELLE FOX FOX PAUL FOX JUDY FRANKLIN MARK FULK MARTHA FURST DeETTA GENTRY SHIRLEY DEBBIE MARGARET LINDA DON GILLESPIE GOLIGHTLY GRADY GREENE GRIGG STEVE RANDY FREIDA GERALD SHERRY HAWKINS HAYNES HENSLEY HICKS HOFFMEYER MARTHA MIKE BETH PAUL DEBRA HOGAN HOOD HOTCHKISS INGLE ISAACS MIKE JOHNSON LINDA JONES JANE KENIMER MIKE KIDD DOUGLAS KIDDY JOANNE KINCAID JUDY KINCAID RANDY LaFEVERS MARGARET LANE ‘69 RUTH LANE NANCY NANCY LARGENT LEATHERMAN GARY LEONHARDT SUSAN McCRACKEN SANDY BECKY JOYCE PHYLLIS RALPH McGILL McINTOSH McNEELY mauney miller DAVID VICKIE RANDY BECKY TONY MITCHELL MONROE MURPHY MYRICK NUSZ BARBARA PAUL WANDA JIMMY LINDA PATTON PATTON PATTON PEARSON PETTIGREW SUSAN ANN DEBRA DEBBIE DON POWELL PROPST PRUEITT PUETT REICHARD DEBBIE JOYCE BEVERLY IRMA LEE WAYNE REYNOLDS ROSS SAIN SIMMONS SIMMONS Class CHARLES GENA DENNIS DIANE DOUG SINGLETON SINGLETON SMITH SMITH SMITH HAZEL MADELYN DEAN ROGER SANDRA SMITH SOSSOMAN TERRY THOMAS TOLBERT HAROLD JANICE LARRY JAMES BUTCH TRAMMELL TURBYFILL TURNER TWIGGS WALL WAYNE BRENDA WARREN WEBB GAIL WHISENANT JANICE WHISENANT CHRISTINE WILLIAMS GUS WILLIAMS DON WILSON DAVID DEBBIE JUDY WOODY WOODY ZIMMERMAN 59 60 Class of ‘70 ' ' UJh. J md sw 61 Tommy Jackson, president Greg Crisp, vice-president; Sheila Diercks, treasurer ; Sandy Jablonski, secretary. «• Class of ‘70 62 SUSAN ELIZABETH GINGER DOUG LAURA TOMMY ABSHIRE ALEXANDER ALLMAN ARNEY AVERY AVERY LAVONDA SANDRA BILLY SUSAN WILLIAM BANNER BIGGERSTAFF BIRCHFIELD BISHOP BLACK CATHY BRENDLE LARRY LYNN BREWER BROCK ERIC BRANSTROM BRUCE BRASWELL ANN BLANTON ALAN JOE TOMMY TOMMY R. SANDRA BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BRYANT FREDIA GARY TERRY GARY BUCHANAN BUCHANAN BUCHANAN CALDWELL DANNY CAN1PE MARY CAVINESS ■I i 70 ANNA CHAMBERS LEROY CHAMBERS ROBERT CHAPMAN EDDIE CHILDS BARBARA CLARK JANELL JOHNNY WENDY MIKE CLEVE JOLYNN CLARK CLARK COFFIN CONLEY COOPER CORDELL ANDY MIKE VALERIE BILLY GREG CORPENING CORPENING COUNCILL COVINGTON CRISP JERRY MIKE STEVE SHEILA KEVIN SHIRLEY CUNNINGHAM CURLEE DALE DIERCKS DUCKWORTH DUCKWORTH SHIRLEY ENGLAND DANIEL EVANS DICKIE FEIMSTER BECKY FLEMING DAVID FLEMING DIANE JOHNNY CAROL NELSON MIKE FOX FRANCIS FRASER GALE GIBBS STEVE BETTY BETH CARLTON CAROLYN BARBARA GIBBS GILES GOARE GOUGE GOUGE GRAYBEAL PHILLIP JANET LEONARD STEVE RAYMOND GRAYBEAL GREENE GREENE GRIGG GRUBB BEV HAIRFIELD CATHY HARBISON CHARLES HARBISON VICKIE HARDIN CHARLES LIZ HARMON HARRILL ■ SANDRA HAWKINS DAVID HAYDEN ADA HEMPHILL CYNTHIA HENSON ALDA SUE HICKS KENNY MIKE MIKE JUDY RICHARD HICKS HICKS HINES HOGSHEAD HOLLIFIELD BILLY DONNA STEVE JANICE JOE SANDY HOYLE HOYLE HUBBARD HUGHES INSCOE JABLONSKI TOMMY DOUG LYNN LURA RONNIE JACKSON JAYNES JAYNES KAY KELLY CARL MYRA STEVE KAY PERRY DEBBIE KIRKSEY LaFEVERS LANG LATHROP LATTIMORE LAW DONNA DAVID DEBBIE HENRY HELEN LEDFORD LEONARD LEONARD LILES LOW BELINDA JUDY WAYDE BENNY TERESA MABE McGIMSEY McGINNIS McNEELY MARSHALL EDDIE TERESA ERNEST KATHY PAM CARLA MATHIES MATKINS MIMS MOONEY MOORE MORETZ JANICE CAROLYN JAMES KAREN HARRIET MULL NORMAN PATTERSON PERKINS PETERSON HAZEL ERIC FRITZ HODGE WAYNE CAROL PETERSON PETRIE PETRIE PHILLIPS PHILLIPS PITTMAN RALPH PITTS RICKY KATHY SUSAN JANE ROCER POTEET POWELL POWELL PRESWOOD MARY FRANCES PRUITT CATHY PUETT TERESA RADER STACY RASNICK HUNT RIDDLE DAISY ROBINSON PHYLLIS ROBINSON STUART ROBINSON DAVID ROSE ANN ROSS KEITH ROSS CURT SALTHOUSE FRED SCHUSZLER SANDY SCRUGGS NORMA SEAGLE VICKIE SELLERS JUDY SHARON CATHY CONNIE SHARON BETTY SHOOK SHORES SHORT SIGMON SIMMONS SINGLETON TIM HAROLD SMALL SMITH TEENIE SMITH TINA SUMMERS MARGARET SWINGLE GREG JANE VALERIE JANE PATTI TATE TATE TATE TAYLOR TOLBERT DAVID CHARLES LUCY BRENDA ED STEVE TUBERGEN TWIGGS WALKER WHISENANT WHISENANT WHISNANT BRENDA DON DONNA BETSY CAMILLA WHITENER WILKINS WHITAKER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS FAYE FLORENCE JEAN JOHNNY KATHY MILDRED WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WILSON WILLIAM WILSON DONITA WINTERS LARRY WISEMAN DANNY WOMACK TONY WOMACK % « r . T ' " », ■- • - ,f " „ p 1 V ' t ' ' 4 ’! Tj ' Swki ' i • «_ ; , ff jW, : ■ 70 71 Coach W.F. McIntosh, Jr. Head Coach Earl Broome Front Row: A. Chambers, J. Mayfield, C. Fleming, D. Bailey. Second Row: C. Baber, J. Crisp, S. Whisnant, G. Shook. Third Row: R. Johnson, P. Lattimore, C. Harbison. Fourth Row: L. Brewer, S. Whisnant. Captains: Don Saunders and Mike Buff Movgmion Coach Billy Joe Caroway Front Row: R. Thomas, J. Whetstine, S. Smith, C. Forney. Second Row: D. Mitchell, D. Broome, D Grigg, E. Childs. Third Row: H. Brewer, J. Edmundson, D. Arney, S. Robinson. Fourth Roiv: G. Tate, R Harbison, M. Buff, D. Saunders. Senior ayers MIKE BUFF HARVEY BREWER MORGANTON ... 6 - 13. . . EAST RUTHERFORD MORGANTON . . 18 - 6 . . . WATAUGA MORGANTON . . 13 - 19 . . . . . WILKES CENTRAL MORGANTON . . 13 - 2. . .LENOIR MORGANTON . . 19 - 0 . . .NEWTON MORGANTON o i CO . VALDESE MORGANTON ... 0 - 6. . .HUDSON MORGANTON o i CO .MARION MORGANTON ... 6 - 60 . . .HICKORY MORGANTON . . 13 - 0.. .TAYLORSVILLE 74 RALPH JOHNSON DON SAUNDERS JERRY WHETSTINE GARRY SHOOK Senior Players SCOTT WHISNANT 75 . ' ■ . Front Bow: S. Grigg, J. Patterson, M. Hicks, G, Caldwell, J. Finger, S. Rasnick, L. Brewer, S. Whisnant. Second Row: D. Feimster, L. Turner, FL Smith, M. Flines, S. Dale, J, Pearson, D. Fleming, B. Braswell. Third Row: E. Petrie, E. Branstrom, D. Smith, M. Mull, G. Leonhardt, T. Jackson, J. Davis, D. Leonard. junior Varsity SUSAN CASH SUSAN CONLEY, Head DEBBIE GANTT At the center of enthusiastic school spirit are our cheerleaders who inspire the desire to win at every game and encourage high spirits at every pep rally. Sometimes when defeat is apparent, they are the ones who yell the loudest. Morganton High is proud of these seven girls who work continuously to win support for their team. SANDY McGILL VICKIE MONROE c H 6 R £ 6 A D 6 R S Assistant Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Karen England, Mary Lou Dougher, Helen Farfour, Mary Caviness. MARGARET SAKOWSKI MADELYN SOSSOMAN Front Bow: J. Whetstine, C. Forney, H. Brewer, T. Yancey, J. Powell. Second Bow: K. Hicks, D. Wilson, D. Smith, M. Buff, R. Johnson, D. Saunders, R. Harbison, F. Happoldt, D. Bailey. Coach Ed Hardin, Charles Forney, captain; Coach Billy Joe Caroway, Harvey Brewer, captain. ItlDCAT 1 HfPH - B J BjS Ik, IMP , ' S mm Jimmy Finger, manager; Garry Hardin, scorekeeper. Wildcats 1968 The 1968 Wildcats achieved the best record in M.H.S. history, 17 won - 5 lost. They placed second in the Northwestern Conference semi-finals but lost to their archrivals, Hickory, in the conference tourna¬ ment. Recognizing their efforts, the student body, as well as the community, is proud of the team’s accomplishments. A Morganton - Salem.68-37 Morgan ton - Salem.54-32 Morganton - Valdese.62-44 Morganton - Taylorsville.73-42 Morganton - Newton-Conover.53-39 Morganton - Watauga.53-49 ! Morganton - Hickory.67-64 Morganton - Lenoir.55-43 Morganton - Hudson.76-41 | Morganton - Taylorsville.74-55 j Morganton - Newton-Conover.42-39 Morganton - Watauga.52-54 Morganton - Marion.48-59 Morganton - Wilkes Central.75-45 Morganton - Wilkes Central.53-78 Morganton - Valdese.73-53 Morganton - Hickory.67-76 Morganton - Lenoir.62-55 Morganton - Marion.64-63 Morganton - Hudson.83-51 Morganton - Watauga (tournament).72-48 Morganton - Hickory (tournament).65-68 SENIOR PLAYERS (left to right): D. Saunders, M. Buff, R. Johnson, C. Forney, J. Whetstine, H. Brewer, F. Happoldt. | v SB 1 ' ? -» r - Ty f ] " IBB bfk 4lH SKI ■ JKfp fi | A Jgj k m ■ jB MBA ' : 1A I M • B TfiBi |||fa B ' i LM % jJ ©lit I i 1 v B ' i ' t (rail M ‘ lr i J m l| 0 - Jg7| B m W % s: - ( | ■ f ' ' |L W§ WiH i Front Row: J. McNeely, D. Rollins, J. Greene, S. Avery, M. Sakowski, M. Dougher. Second Row: M. Sossoman, B. Mc¬ Intosh, A. Blanton, T. Marshall, J. Harris, L. Avery, D. Hoyle, S. Jablonski, L. Walker, M. Swingle. Dixie Rollins, captain; Coach Earl Broome; Janice McNeely, captain. Helen Farfour, Nancy Phifer, statisticians; Susan Irvin, manager. Tadycafs 2968 The Ladycats once again refused to surrender their position as champions. Through diligence and dedi¬ cation, the girls won the Northwestern Conference Championship, only to come in second in the North¬ western Conference Tournament, losing to Marion by three points. The biggest disappointment was defeat by Shelby in the Bi-Conference Tournament; never- the less, pride in the team’s 22-3 record is still evident among the students. Morganton - Salem.52-30 Morgan ton - Salem.36-23 Morganton - Valdese.36-24 Morganton - Taylorsville.42-17 Morganton - Newton-Conover.31-24 Morganton - Watauga.25-19 Morganton - Hickory.28-24 Morganton - Lenoir.55-15 Morganton - Hudson.47-28 Morganton - Taylorsville.51-16 Morganton - Newton-Conover.28-24 Morganton - Watauga.44-24 Morganton - Marion.29-35 Morganton - Wilkes Central.40-27 Morganton - Wilkes Central.48-23 Morganton - Valdese.25-18 Morganton - Hickory.44-30 Morganton - Lenoir.50-23 Morganton - Marion.35-25 Morganton - Hudson.39-29 Morganton - Hudson (tournament).38-18 Morganton - Hickory (tournament).37-32 Morganton - Marion (tournament).29-32 SENIOR PLAYERS (left to right): Sue Avery, Janice McNeely, Dixie Rollins, Margaret Sakowski. ' ■ ( ' " Front Bow: N. Brenneman, D. Saunders, R Murphy, D. Bailey, C. Fleming, T. Yancey, C. Baber. Second Row: P. Ingle, R Harbison, H. Brewer, M. Buff, D. Powell, B. Walker. Baseball Coach Mike Lackey Left to Right: D. Mitchell, J. Black, R Pitts, M. Poteet, J. Crisp, S. Whisnant, D. Broome. Any coach will say, “A person can only get out of a sport what he puts into it.” The members of the golf teams of Morgan ton High have spent many untold hours of practice in perfecting their games, and six championship trophies prove this. These quiet, unassuming boys, with the encouragement and direction of Professional Joe Cheves and Coach Earl Broome, have continued a tradition unprec¬ edented by any other group in the school’s athletic history. Yet, they receive little glory or recogni¬ tion from the student body. Rather, enthusiam and unselfish devotion are the key factors which assure the excellence and school spirit that these boys display. 83 84 Organi af ions 85 Front Row: D. Sigmon, pres.: D. Rollins, v.p.; S. Corley, C. Whetstine, M. Strickland, sec. ; J. Me Murray, treas. Second Row: G. Smith, B. Boger, D. Glasco. Third Row: S. Tolson, S. Whisnant, S. Conley. Fourth Row: B. Lingerfelt, S. Gil¬ more, D. Conley. Fifth Row: S. Avery, C. Hyatt, J. Spainhour. Sixth Row: M. Sakowski, R. Bounous, D. Saunders. Honor Society “That Power which dazzles mortal eyes Is oft but Perserverance in disguise.” 86 A race for knowledge? 87 W.m 4 Anchor Cluh Character, leadership, and ac¬ ademic proficiency are prerequi¬ sites for membership in the Anchor Club. To serve school and community is the underlying pur¬ pose of all its projects. Working with children and adults, whether underprivileged, handicapped, or normal, widens an Anchor Club member’s horizons. Front Row: J. McGimsey, L. Avery. Second Row: A. Craven, H. Low, J. Franklin. Third Row: S. McCracken, B. Hotchkiss, C. Darwin. Fourth Row: D. Rollins, C. Whetstine, S. Tol- son. Fifth Row: M. Sakowski, B. Lingerfelt, K. Amey. Sixth Row: R. Bounous, pres.; B. Mc¬ Intosh, v.p.; M.L. Dougher, chaplain; S. Conley, treas. 88 Front Bow: A. Patton, T. Digh, T. Yancey, R. Johnson, S. Gregory. Second Bow J. Crisp, D. Sigmon, F. Huneycutt, D. Goare, D. Broome, D. Deutschle, W. van der Corput, J. Williams, W. Warren, sec., T. Brothers, pres., D. Saunders, treas. Third Bow: B. Reece, M. Poteet, D. Glascc, M. Browning. Progressive civilization has evolved in man’s conquest to master the unknown. By seeking out and tapping new resources of knowledge, he has been able to overcome his ignorance and satisfy his thirst for learning. To continue this advancement, the theme of Key Club International for 1967-68 is UNDERSTANDING THROUGH INVOLVEMENT in the club, the community, the nation, and the world. The twenty-four members of the Key Club of Morganton High strive ardently to broaden their scope of education, to serve their school and community, and to meet the challenges of tomorrow by laying the proper foundations today. The Girls’ “M” Club is composed of those girls who have lettered either in cheerleading or basketball. Their main yearly project is the sale of programs at home football games. This year an additional goal of the club was an emphasis on improving and increasing school spirit. Cjirls’ Varsity y y ME ' Ml mm Front How S. McGill, V. Monroe, N. Phifer, M. Sakowski, S. Avery, D. Gantt, M.L. Dougher, S. Cash, M. Dougher. Second Row: M. Sossoman, vice-president: S. Conley, president; D. Rollins, secretary; H. Farfour, treasurer. Boys’ Varsity “M” The Boys’ “M ”, composed of lettermen of all sports, strives to create an active interest in the athletic program at Morganton High. Front Row: R. Thomas, Coach Broome, sponsor , D. Mitchell. Second Row. D. Grigg, S. Robinson, R. Johnson, M. Curlee, S. Whisnant. Third Row: D. Broome, D. Bailey, S. Smith, W. van der Corput. Fourth Row: J. Black, M. Poteet, v.p.; D. Saunders, pres.; J. Crisp, treas. 91 American 3ield Service l u i ' -£-il -21 Foreign exchange student, Walter van der Corput. The American Field Service promotes enthusiasm for the exchange program of foreign students. This service helps students to gain a better understanding of foreign countries, their cultures and their people. Front Row J. Gamble, S. England, L. Harrill, S. Whisnant, M. Browning, treas. Second Row: T. Brothers, v.p.: M.E. Brown, S. Whisnant, C. Darwin, J. Greene. Third Row: J. Hogshead, B. McIntosh, B. Reece, pres.; P. Mauney, R Bou- nous, M. Sakowski, W. van der Corput, J. Williams. 92 Morganton High School has been fortunate in having foreign exchange students for the past several years. They have come to us from Finland, Germany, Swit¬ zerland, and Sweden. This year A.F.S. has sent us Gualtherus Ferdinand Gosef van der Corput of Ulaardinger, South Holland. Making his home here with Dr. and Mrs. John C. Reece of River¬ side Drive, he has become known as “Walter.” With the help of his American brother, Bobby Reece, Walter has become accustomed to our school and our way of life. As an active member of the student body, he has become an honor student, a senior class officer, and a class superlative. These accomplish¬ ments attest to his own capabil¬ ities and to the warm regard of ithe student body toward him. Walter has made friends through both his school activities and his community experiences. Walter’s interests range from the serious study of economics to the enjoyable association with girls. While here, he has enjoyed swim¬ ming, listening to American music, sampling different Amer¬ ican foods, and traveling to various places, such as Florida. During the last half of the year, Walter has spent much of his time preparing talks and pre¬ senting a comparison between the customs and social graces in Holland with those in America. Then, typical of any other iiember of the Senior Class, he las been caught up in the whirl }f preparation for graduation. After returning to his home, Walter plans to enter military service for his required term. He plans then to enter college to study economics. He hopes to be a businessman, possibly an ac¬ countant. Too soon, Walter must return to Holland and it is our hope that he returns with warm memories of his friends and experiences with students at Morganton High School. Assuredly, Walter has left with us an indelible impression of personal friendship for himself and his country. 93 Front Row: G. Allman, S. Ennis, A. Propst, M. Hogan, K. England, B. Hotchkiss, M. Strickland. Second Row: J. Black, M.E. Brown, B. Councill, J. Franklin, C. Darwin, D. Kelly, N. Leatherman, D. Beach, B. Leslie, pres.; C. Butler, L. Browning, S. Houck, K. Connelly, D. Bradshaw, L. Anderson, S. Ratcliff, L. Jones. Third Row: J. Williams, B. Beach, S. Abshire, S. Jablonski, T. Williams, M. Swingle, M. Sossoman, J. Mode, L. Greene, P. Mauney, S. Black, T. Brown, K. Arney, M. Caviness, S. Tolson, D. Jaynes. Drama A newly formed club at Morganton High School, the Dramatics Club, enables students to take part in the production of plays chosen by the executive committee. Under the lea dership of Mr. Genet, this club has stimulated participation in the dramatic arts, as well as provided valuable training and experience for persons interested in pursuing a future in this field. Quill and Scroll Shrouded in mystery and elusiveness, the Quill and Scroll is perhaps the most elite club at Mor- ganton High. A chapter of the national organiza¬ tion, the Quill and Scroll recognizes only six of the most outstanding M.H.S. students in the field of journalism. The high calibre of their talent is evident in the school publications, the Cat’s Tale and the Cauldron. DENISE BEACH Co-editor, Cauldron WALTER VAN DER CORPUT Cauldron CINDY HYATT Co-editor, Cauldron n Front Row: B. Webb, J. Clark. L. Banner, L. Lane, M.L. Dougher, D. Kincaid, S. Avery, pari.; B. Bauguss, pres.; T. Summers, sec.-treas.; D. Rollins, L. Jones, N. Bishop, D. Kelly, P. Whisnant. Second Row: S. Isaacs, M. Maye, A. Blan¬ ton, D. Beach, D. Greene, D. Ledford, L. Jaynes, J. Gamble, T. Brown, D. Sigmon, B. Rockett, S. Bryant, D. Whitaker, L. Hughes, C. Cline, P. Reichard, M. Strickland, S. Loy, J. Tyminski, L. Clark. Third Row: C. Hyatt, S. Corley, S. Hart, C. Whetstine, R. Brittain, B. Goare, R. Earley, B. lingerfelt, S. Jablonski, L. Anderson, S. Ratcliff, B. Boger, J. Brown¬ ing, J. Bryant, S. Tolson, J. Spainhour, G. Whisenant, J. Dale, C. Williams, S. Gilmore. 3utu re Homemakers of America The Future Homemakers of America strive for excellence in the field of homemaking. Included in the projects of the club are selling M.H.S. pin¬ ups, making M.H.S. football stickers, having baked food sales, giving a party for the children at Western Carolina Center, and baking cookies for the teachers’ lounge. Juture (jeacners The Future Teachers of America has as members those students who show an interest in the teaching profession. Programs are presented by local speakers who are in various educational fields and can provide the necessary information to pro¬ spective educational leaders. Club activities include giving Halloween costumes to Western Carolina Center children, sending books to soldiers in Vietnam at Christ¬ mas, selling Christmas cards, and participating in other money raising projects. I Front Row: S. Gilmore, J. Browning, B. Hotchkiss, v.p.; L. Anderson, treas R. Earley, pres M.L. Dougher, sec .; J. Fox, S. Corley. Second Row: C. Whetstine, D. Rollins, L. Greene, C. Darwin, V. Monroe, M. Strickland, B. Boger, J. Harris, S. McGill. 3vench The French Club takes an active interest in the cultural life of the French speaking people. Guest speakers are invited to the regular meetings, and an annual banquet for the members is held in the spring. Front Row . J. Fox, S. Conley, S. Gilmore, pres .; M. Strickland, sec ., C. Whetstine, t’.p., D. Rollins, S, Houck, G. Allman. Second Row: M. Fulk, W. Warren, treas.. D. Broome, P. Ingle, J. Twigg, D. Smith. Third Roiv: R. Bounous, M. Sakow- ski, J. Franklin, S. Avery, D. Conley, M. Furst, J. Spainhour, F. Avery, D. Sigmon, Fourth Row: S. Whisnant, D. Saun¬ ders, J. McMurray, D. Deutschle, W, van der Corput, C.J. Saunders, A. Patton, L. Browning. DcSati mg The Morganton Debating Union began its first year of debating this year. The team is composed of both affirmative and negative sides. The six members of the team are: Cathy Harbison, Robert Chapman, John Inscoe, Vicki Sellers, Teresa Marshall, and Becky Fox. These people worked very hard preparing for the Round Robin Debate Tournaments which were held in early winter. Seated: L. Kay. T. Marshall, sec -treas . J Inscoe. pres. V. Sellers, r p H. Low. Standing H Chapman, J Inscoe, H Grubb, C. Harbison. I Science CluS The Science Club arouses the interest and curiosity of the students in the field of scientific research. Its various activities throughout the year included the presen¬ tation of an assembly program, adoption of a constitution, and awarding a scholar¬ ship to a scientifically gifted senior. Front Bow: M. Sakowski, J. Crisp, Mr. Setzer, sponsor , D. Glasco, v.p.; C.J. Saunders, pres. Second Row: D. Saunders, S. Whisnant, K. Arney, M. Strickland, S. Tolson, S. Corley, J. Mode. Third Bow: A. Patton, C. Hyatt, K. Connelly, D. Rollins, D. Beach, W. van der Corput, L. Leonhardt, G. Robinson, S. Gregory, R. Bounous, S. Conley. Fourth Bow. B. Councill, D. Sigmon, L. Browning. mw Front Row: S. Conley, B. Leslie, N. Phifer, V, Monroe, A. Patton. Second Roiv: L. Leon hard t, pres.; S. Avery, S. Mc¬ Gill, J. Mode, reporter; J. Greene. Third Row: D. Deutschle, S. Jablonski, C. Weller, S. Cash. Fourth Row: D. Wilson, D. Gantt, J. Inscoe, H. Farfour. Fifth Row: M. Sossoman, M. Strickland. Sixth Row: M. Sakowski, sec.; R. Bounous, H. Brewer, G. Crisp. Spirit of Morganton Higd A newly formed club, the Spirit of Morganton High, was established as a result of the need for more school spirit, more support for the band, and more unity within the student body. Membership is based on those inter¬ ested in its purposes in addition to a representative from each club and class. 101 Front Bow: J. Gamble, R. Bounous, S. Conley, S. Corley, B. Lingerfelt, S. Avery, B. Boger, J. Spainhour. Second Row: W. van der Corput, S. Smith, C.J. Saunders, S. Whisnant, L. Browning, M. Rader, J, Abee, M. Sakowski, C. Hyatt, S. Cash, L. Leonhardt, S. Gilmore, K. Araey, F. Avery, D. Conley, B. Council, C. Butler, D. Glasco, pres. Guclidem Unlike other clubs whose members show ability in an academic field, the Euclid¬ ean Society does not require its participants to have a B average. Instead, the club feels that sincere interest in mathematics is an important prerequisite for success, and one main objective is to help a slower student understand and enjoy math. Although this club had its start only a year ago, its reputation is widespread as a result of one of its major projects, a highly successful Spring Follies. Society Front Bow: M,E. Brown, A. Craven, A Propst, N. Leatherman, C. Harbison, B. Beach, M. Hogan. Second Row: N. Brenneman, R. Haynes, D. Wilson, C. Darwin, B. Hotchkiss, D. Isaacs, M. Sossoman, V. Monroe, S. Hoffmeyer, J. Franklin, S. McCracken, D. Prueitt, G. Singleton. Third Bow: R. Thomas, T. Digh, M. Browning, D. Grigg, G. Hardin, D. Terry, D. Broome, J. Pearson, D. Mitchell. Spanish Seated: D. Beach, 2nd v.p. , B. Lingerfelt, pres.; D. Kelly, 3rd v.p. Standing: B. Leslie, sec.; T. Brown, treas.; D. Glasco, 1st v.p. The Spanish Club’s primary interests are to promote the practice of the Spanish language and to familiarize its members with the customs, literature, and arts of the Spanish-American countries. The club also strives to encourage friendships be¬ tween these countries and ours. Front Row: T. Brown, S. Corley, B. Webb, L. Jones, M. Maye, N. Bishop, D. Kelly, K. Connelly, D. Beach, S. Powell. Second Row: S. Cash, L. Leonhardt, B. Lingerfelt, S. Irvin, D. Isaacs, K. England, R. Earley, S. Ennis, V, Browning, G. Robinson, J. Qontz. Third Row: W. Crosbie, D. Glasco, J. Shuping, D. Campbell, B. Leslie, J, Patton, M. Poteet, M. Rader, J. Black. Front Row: V. Sellers, S. Cash, N. Phifer, S. Conley, D. Rollins, J. Gamble, K. Connelly, M. LaFevers, B. Rockett, S. Houck, pres.: P. Mauney, v.p.; T. Jackson, sec.; B. Reece, t ' -eas.; B. Williams, D. Leonard, W. Coffin, B. Graybeal, C. Moretz, J. McGimsey. Second Row: J. Hogshead, H. Low, L. Kay, S. England, L. Avery, J. Greene, T. Marshall, G. Whisenant, C. Harbison, S. Avery, M. Sakowski, J. Harris, B. Lingerfelt, B. Hotchkiss, C. Darwin, R. Bounous, A. Propst, S. Tolson, C. Whetstine, C. Harbison, A. Craven. Third Row: B. Braswell, A. Brown, S. Whisnant, S. Gregory, G. Braswell, T. Digh, W. van der Corput, C.J. Saunders, S. Whisnant, D. Deutschle, D. Saunders, J. Crisp, J. McMurray, B. Covington, R. Grubb, J. Inscoe, R. Chapman, G. Crisp, J. Inscoe, T. Avery, D. Goare, M. Browning, D. Hayden. Latin CluS The Latin Club strives to create an interest in classical culture and civilization. Additional projects include the Roman banquet, the initiation of new members, the annual candy sale, awarding a scholarship to a deserving senior, and taking a trip to Chapel Hill to attend the North Car¬ olina Junior Classical League Convention. This club also boasts of Scott Whisnant who, as president of the J.C.L., will preside over the state convention. 104 I.L. Simmons, L. Adams, J. Taylor, M.F. Pruitt, sec.; L. Clarke, treas., B. Boger, pres. Scott Whisnant, N.C.J.C.L. president Library CluS The members of the Library Club vol¬ untarily assist Mrs. Deal in helping stu¬ dents, in arranging the books neatly on the shelves, in repairing damaged books, and in keeping the library records. Last spring, the club sponsored a stu¬ dent-teacher basketball game in order to raise funds for new plastic magazine covers and new book-ends. They also do¬ nated to the Christmas Cheer Fund. 105 VVCA The Morganton High School chapter of the Vo¬ cational Industrial Clubs of America is a youth or¬ ganization for trade, tech¬ nical, and industrial stu¬ dents. All students who participate in the I.C.T. program are eligible for membership, and this year there are twenty five active members. VICA strives to devel¬ op the social and leader¬ ship abilities of the stu¬ dents as well as their skills. The six major goals which set the pace for VICA students are per¬ sonal growth, community understanding, safety, teacher recruitment, vo¬ cational youth coopera¬ tion, and good public relations. Front Row: C. Pope, sec.; A. Orders, 1st v.p.; B. Roseboro, pres.; A. McKesson, treas. Second Row: K. Moody, L. Fairchild, B. Epley, M. Hill. Third Row: C. Williams, L. Hayden, M. Houpe, P. Hill. Fourth Row: C. Ferguson, C. Johnson, S. Woody, H. Ervin, M. McGimsey. Fifth Rou L. Callahan, F. Cooke, E. Chambers, J. Harri son. Sixth Row. T. Rippy, 2nd v.p.; R. Puckett, G. Taylor. 106 DSC A Deca identifies the Program of Youth Ac¬ tivity relating to Distrib¬ utive Education and is designed to develop fu¬ ture leaders for the mar¬ keting and distribution of products. The purposes are to develop a respect for education in market¬ ing and distribution which will contribute to occupational compe¬ tence; and to promote understanding and ap¬ preciation for the respon¬ sibilities of citizenship in our free, competitive en¬ terprise system. Front Row: B. Duckworth, pari. J. Mayfield, v.p.: S Carpenter, treas.; S. McNeely, asso. pres. Second Row: J. Hawkins, W. Simmons, E. Meyers, hist.; T. Bowen, sec. Third Row B. j Denton, W. White, L. Hollifield, Z. Branch, Z. Cook, C. Cordell. Fourth Row: S. Hawkins, B. Denton, J. Bingham. Fifth Row: R. Gantt, P. Robinson, T. Curlee. Sixth Row: R. Buchanan, M. Grady, G. Hicks, J. Wright. 14 ' FJM V k M 107 Activities 108 109 Front Row: B. Lingerfelt, R. Bounous, treas.; B. Leslie, L. Leonhardt. Second Row: B. Boger, S, Houck, S. Conley, sec. Third Row: C. Hyatt, D. Saunders, T. Brothers, S. Gilmore. Fourth Row: R. Earley, C.J. Saunders, B. Reece, D. Beach. Fifth Row: D. Sigmon, D. Glasco, pres.; S. Whisnant, v.p.; M. Browning. Ann Craven Chief Marshals and Mascots Mascots Ricky Avery and Edith Corley Maity Browning If : ' Annual As the all so familiar “green door” quietly closes behind the 1968 Annual Staff, the many moments of apprehension, of uncertainty, and of delight flash vividly to mind. One recalls the long hours of tedious work, the organizing of ideas, the drawing and redrawing of layouts, and the writing and rewriting of copy. One’s mind easily fills with the many treasured Robin Bounous, editor Junior staff, Becky McIntosh, Phyllis Mauney, and Beth Hotchkiss (Not pictured: Cindy Harbison). memories —the memories of involvement, of achieve¬ ment, and of satisfaction. Yet, the year soon passes, taking with it the senior staff, who not only leaves behind a world of challenge and of personal satisfac¬ tion, but a part of itself— — the 1968 Cat ' s Tale!! Senior staff members, Debbie Greene and Dana Panarese. Don Glasco, business manager Business staff, Mike Kidd, Don Goare, Jimmy Finger, and Don Wifson. 113 John Mode, photographer Front Row: Mr. Genet, director; B. Roseboro, B. Giles, C. Brewer, P. Reichard, L. Brock, C. Puett, D. Kelly, S. Loy, V. Bettis. Second Row: M. Chambers, B. Bauguss, J. Harris, M. Strickland, J. Tyminski, J. Franklin, A. Nusz. Third Row: B. Johnson, K. Hicks, S. Grigg, D. Jaynes, W. Warren, J. Cunningham, A. Chambers, H. B rewer. The Chorus of Morganton High School engages in group effort to enable vocally talented students to develop their inter¬ ests in music. This group works in con¬ junction with the band to present various programs of music throughout the year. 114 Cfiorus W. Warren, v.p.; B. Bauguss, treas.; M. Strick¬ land, pres.; D. Kelly, sec. A. Brown, sports editor; A. Propst, J. Browning, M. Swingle, reporters; J. Abee, sports editor. : . C. Hyatt, editor. lA ' f,!. ' - B. McIntosh, feature editor. S. Houck, W. Coffin, T. Williams, art editors. Seated: L. Anderson, club editor ; S. Ratcliff humor editor. Standing: S. Whisnant, D. Kelly assistant editors. D. Beach, editor. ' . ' y Whether lurking inconspicuously in the halls or quietly verifying the latest bit of gossip, the Cauldron staff carries on a tradition as old M.H.S. itself. Striving to pro¬ vide both students and faculty with a “brew of what’s new”, the staff compiles and publishes a paper worth reading — The Cauldron! Band The Morganton High School Band, composed of almost sixty student musicians, is one of the most spirited of all organizations. It is under the capable direction of Mr. Ray Babelay who is assisted by Mr. Jim Fisher. This musical group performed at all the pep rallies and football games of the 1967 season. They attended the Southeastern Marching Band Festival in Bristol, Tennessee, played at both the Miss M.H.S. pageant and the homecoming festivities at the School for the Deaf, and welcomed the teachers and new board members back to school at the beginning of the year. After marching season ended, the band began practice for their annual Christmas concert which was held on December 14th. They marched in two Christmas parades and also entertained some of the patients at Broughton Hospital with Christmas music. Front Bow: D. Smith, K. Duckworth, J. Brown, P. Campbell, J. Bryant, C. Salthouse, J. Miller, S, Johnson, J. Barron, C. Weller, prej.; E. Petrie, B. Vernon, M. Alexander, D. Powell. Third Russell, E. Harbison, L. Wilson. Fourth Row: S. Powell, C. Harbison, S. Simpson, T. Sigmon, A P. Williams, M. Rushing, R Grubb, T. Avery, T. Brown, R La Fevers, D. Sigmon, D. Hardin, A J. Rogers, J. Inscoe. Following Christmas festivities,came rehearsals for and partici¬ pation in the district and state contests. As they completed the year, the band held its spring concert where the senior members were honored. This year the majorettes were led by Mitzi Strickland, who is Miss Tar Heel Twirling Queen of 1967-68, and they presented interesting and intricate exhibitions for our enjoyment. For the first time this year, two additional awards were pre¬ sented to band members. First, each month the members selected one person to be featured as “Bandsman of the Month " in the News Herald. This gave recognition to outstanding members and called the attention of the public to their accomplishments. Second, at the end of the year, the “Best All-around Senior Bandsman” was chosen. Majorettes: S. Bishop, M. Strickland, head , J. Brown. Band R. Crouch, B. Carter, B. Blakely, K. Perkins. Second Row: L. Poole, R. Chapman, T. Corley, Row: L. Leonhardt, v.p.: S. Hart, S. Corley, C. Harbison, J. Hogshead, J. McGimsey, L. Kay, S. Meyers, C. Brendle, S. Simmons, D. Alexander, K. Huffman. Fifth Row: R. Kelly, C. Petrie, Patton, sec. Sixth Row: J. Inscoe, J. Randloph, D. Smith, B. Hoyle, D. Campbell, K. Burgess, H 0 0 U M s S C N 0 M 9 N Q SUSAN CASH Miss Key Club It was a seemingly normal Friday night, if one failed to notice the nervous enthusiasm of the players, or the faint flutter in the hearts of twenty girls, or the throbs of anxiety felt by the crowd. The twentieth of October would not consent to be an ordinary night. This Homecoming was to be a night to remember. As the spectators watched intently, the lovely sponsors and their escorts were presented on the field. Then, a hush fell over the crowd as the long-awaited announcement was made: “And now, ladies and gentlemen —Miss Homecoming for 1967-1968 —Miss Susan Cash!” Radiant through tears of happiness, Susan took her place under the ivy-twined arch where she received her crown from Tom Brothers, president of the senior class, and her roses from Miss M.H.S., Robin Bounous. Thus, the 1967 Homecoming assumed its place in the pages of M.H.S. history and in the hearts of the students. 118 DIXIE ROLLINS MARGARET SAKOWSKI Miss Honor Society Mtss Cats Tale BECKY BAUGUSS Miss F.H.A. SUE AVERY Miss Science Club ROBIN BOUNOUS Miss Anchor Club DEBBIE GANTT Miss Boys’ “ M " BARBARA LINGERFELT Miss Spanish Club MITZI STRICKLAND Miss Band KITTY ARNEY Miss Math Club SPONSORS SUSAN CONLEY Miss Girls’ “M” CATHY POPE Miss Chorus SANDRA GILMORE Miss French Club WILDA WHITE Miss D E C. A DENISE BEACH Miss Drama Club RITA EARLEY Miss F.T.A. SUSAN HOUCK Miss Latin Club BETSY BOCER Miss Library Club. CINDY HYATT Miss Cauldron HELEN FARFOUR Miss A.F.S. 119 ' jff Hh ' -4 ? ft M £BM| . » fedEB ilj B M Jgi ■_ 4IUM Ml 4 f l Ed ■MiiiipMyM M 111111,11 llliPIMHWHBIIWMBW WMBWMWMBM WIIIIWHWWWBMWWBMMff llll IP l iiiW IIMIIIIM WI Front Row: D. Rollins, C. Whetstine, J. Spainhour, S. Tolson, M. Strickland, R. Bounous, D. Conley, S. Conley, M. Sakowski, M.L. Dougher, C. Hyatt, S. Corley, K. Amey, B. Boger, S. Avery, B. Lingerfelt, S. Gilmore. Second Row: M. Kidd, W. van der Corput, N. Brenneman, T. Williams, E. Petrie, D. Glasco, H. Brewer, M. Poteet, B. Councill, B. Reece, J. Bannon, J. Mode, B. Leslie, D. Wilson, F. Huneycutt, H. Phillips, T. Rippy. Miss The stage was set; the contestants readied, as an anxious audience waited. The 1967 Miss M.H.S. Pageant was nearing reality. The band, directed by Mr. Ray Babe- lay; the chorus, led by Mr. Philip Genet; and Bill Leslie singing “Moon River ”, joined together to provide an air of sophistication and excitement. Tensions mounted as the procession of lovely candidates and their escorts was introduced by the gracious co-announcers, Tom Brothers and Vickie Monroe. The faint flicker of light played havoc with the rising emotions as each girl reached into the “Question Box”. With confidence and new assurance, every candidate presented her answer to an intent audience. “As selected by the candidates, I present “Miss Congeniality” . . . Miss Mary Louise Dougher.” Her shoulder band was awarded by Don Saunders and Mike Buff, co-captains of the football team. “And now, the eight semi-finalists are . . . Miss Sue Avery, Miss Robin Bounous, Miss Dorothy Conley, Miss Susan Conley, Miss Mary Lou Dougher, Miss Barbara Lingerfelt, Miss Dixie Rollins, and Miss Margaret Sakowski. The four finalists . . . Miss Robin Bounous, Miss Dorothy Conley, Miss Susan Conley, and Miss Margaret Sakowski. The third runner-up, Miss Margaret Sakowski—the second runner-up, Miss Susan Conley —the first runner-up, Miss Dorothy Conley ...” A tearful, but radiantly happy Robin Bounous stood alone to the joyous delight of the entire audi¬ ence—“Miss M.H.S. for 1967 . . . Miss Robin Bounous.” MHS 120 Margaret Sakowski, 3rd runner-up; Dorothy Conley, 1st runner-up; Susan Conley, 2nd runner-up. Miss Morgmton Higfi Scfiool 1967 Mary Lou Dougher, Miss Congeniality Robin Bounous, Miss M. H. S. 121 122 Advertisements 123 MIMOSA HILLS GOLF SHOP Joe Cheves — Professional 124 COMPLIMENTS WAMSUTTA 125 COMPLIMENTS OF HENREDON RAMSEY MOTOR BODY WORKS Complete Auto Repair 24-Hour Service 437-2211 Morganton, N. C. 126 V w Skqland Textile Companq mfrs. of garments FOR BUSTER BROWN TEXTUS,M SUPPORT YOUR HOME TOWN DAIRY Locally Produced Locally Processed Morganton, N. C. Phone 437-0311 127 DREXEL Cs A hlVUlAN Of HR Elf EL ENTfCPf?! SCS. ViC?. A DIVISION Of DREXEL fNTWfrlSES, iVIC. DF rxri_ , ro. cs.. 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A., 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Drama Club, 4. ARNEY, KITTY French Club, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Anchor Club, 4; executive board, 4; Math Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; v.p., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Basketball, 1. AVERY, FLORENCE Olive Hill High School, 1; Class Pres., 1; Basketball, 1; Civics Club, 1; Student Council, 1; Math Club, 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; Honor Roll. AVERY, SUE Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Anchor Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Science Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Spirit of M. H. S., 4; Math Club, 3,4; sec., 3,4; treas., 4; F.T.A., 4; F.H.A., 3,4; parliamentarian, 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Girls’ Var¬ sity “M” Club, 3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; WNCHSAA team, 2; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Best All Around, 4. BABER, CASEY Spanish Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Boys’ “M” Club, 2,3,4; sec., 4; Cauld¬ ron, 4; Footbal l, 1,2,3,4; Baseball, 1,3,4; Wittiest, 4; Class Poet, 4. BANNON, JOE BAUGUSS, BECKY F. H. A., 2,3,4; pres., 4; Drama Club, 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Home¬ coming sponsor, 4. BEACH, DENISE Spanish Club, 1,2,3,4; v.p., 3,4; F.H. A., 2,3,4; historian, 3; Math Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; v.p., 4; Science Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; co-ed., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, 1,3,4. BETTIS, VIRGINIA Chorus, 4. BISHOP, NANCY Spanish Club, 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., 2,3,4; Drama Club, 4. BLACK, JOHNNY Drama Club, 4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Golf, 1,2,3,4; Boys’ “M " Club, 3,4. BOUNOUS, ROBIN Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; v.p., 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; A.F.S., 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Anchor Club, 2,3,4; v.p., 3; pres., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Quill and Scroll, 3,4; Annual staff, 3,4; asst, ed., 3; ed., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; treas., 4; Scorekeeper, girls’ basketball, 2; Chief Marshal, 3; Class v.p., 1,2,3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Merit Scholar¬ ship semi-finalist, 4; Governor ' s School of N.C., 3 (summer); Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S., 4; Most Valuable, 4. BOWEN, THERESA F.H.A., 1; Deca Club, 4; sec. 4. BRADSHAW, DARCEL Cauldron, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Salem High School. BRANCH, ZELIA Deca, 4; F.H.A., 1. BREWER, CHRISTINE BREWER, HARVEY Boys’ “M” Club, 2,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Football, 2,3,4; Basketball, 2,3,4; co-capt., 4; Baseball, 2,3,4. BRITTAIN, RITA F.H.A., 3,4. BROTHERS, TOM Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Key Club, 1,2,3,4; sec., 3; pres., 4; Science dub, 3; French Club, 3; A.F.S., 3,4; v.p., 4; Drama Club, 4; Annual staff, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 1,2,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Basketball, 1; Class Pres., 1,2,4; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Civitan Citizenship Award, 3; Most Valuable, 4; Homeroom rep., 3,4; Morehead Scholar, 4. BROWN, TONI F.H.A., 2,3,4; Drama dub, 4; Spanish Club, 3,4; treas., 4; Honor Roll, 3. BROWNING, JANET Library Club, 1; F.T.A., 4; F.H.A., 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Homeroom rep., 4; Honor Roll, 3. BROWNING, LINDSAY French Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Drama dub, 4; Honor Roll, 3. BROWNING, VICKI Math Club, 3,4; Drama dub, 4; Spanish Club, 3,4. BRYANT, JANIS Band, 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., 4. BUCHANAN, RANDALL Deca Club, 3,4. BUFF. MIKE Boys’ “M” Club, 3,4; Sgt. at Arms, 4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Baseball, 3; Track, 1,2; Football, 1,2,3,4; co-capk, 4; all Burke Co., 4; Most Athletic, 4. BUTLER, CHARLEY Drama dub, 4; sec., 4; Math Club, 4; Football, 1,2,3; Prophet, 4. CALLAHAN, LAWSON Cranberry High; J.V. Basketball, 1; dass officer, 1; Bus Driver; F.F.A., 1. CARPENTER, SHIRLEY Deca dub, 3,4; treas., 4. CASH, SUSAN Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; Spanish dub, 3,4; Girls’ “M” dub, 4; Math dub, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Cheerleader, 4; Honor Roll, 1; Miss Homecoming, 4; Best Looking, 4. CHAMBERS, MATTIE Chorus, 4. CLARK, LAURA St. Genevieve of the Pines, Asheville; Library Club, 4; treas., 4; F.H.A., 1,2,4. CLONTZ, JANICE Math dub, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4. CONLEY, DOROTHY Olive Hill High School; Math dub, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; 1st runner-up, 4; Honor Roll, 2,3,4; National Science Foundation Summer Session at Bennett College, 3. CONLEY, SUSAN Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Anchor dub, 2,3,4; treas., 3,4; Honor Society, 4; Math Club 3,4; Girls’ “M” Club, 3,4; pres., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; French Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; sec., 4; Cheerleader, 3,4; Head, 4; Girls ' Basketball manager, 1,2; Marshal, 3; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M. H. S. candidate, 4; 2nd runner-up, 4; Most Popular, 4. CONNELLY, KAREN Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 3,4; Neatest, 4. COOK, ZUDIE Deca dub, 4. COOKE, FRED I.C.T., 4. CORDELL, CAROL Library dub, 3; Deca Club, 4. CORLEY, SUSAN Spanish dub, 1,2,3,4; Math dub, 3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Miss M.RS. candidate, 4. 140 Senior Statistics van der CORPUT, WALTER Key Club, 4; A.F.S., 4; Latin Club, 4; French Club, 4; Science Club, 4; Math Club, 4; Boys’ “M” Club, 4; Class v.p., 4; Most Likely to Succeed, 4; Spieringshold Lyceum. COSTNER. STEVE COUNC1LL, BILL Drama Club, 4; Science Club, 4; Math Club, 4; Marine Military Academy, 3; Cross Country, 3; Judo Club, 3; Weightlifting Club, 3; Globe and Anchor Award, 3; Sgt. rank; Hickory High School; Track, 2; French dub, 2. CRISP, JIMMY Latin Club, 2,3,4; Key Club, 3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Boys’ “M” Club, 3,4; treas., 4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 2; Baseball, 1; Golf, 2,3,4. CROSBIE, WAYNE Spanish Club, 1,2,3,4. CUNNINGHAM, RHONDA F.H.A.,3,4; Library Club, 2; sub. Cheerleader, 4. DALE, JANE F.H.A., 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Library Club, 3,4; v.p., 4. DENTON, BETTY Library Club, 3; F.H.A., 3,4; Deca Club, 4. DENTON, BOBBY Deca Club, 1,2. DEUTSCHLE, DENNIS Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Key dub, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; French Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Honor Roll; Track, 2. DOUGHER, MARY LOU Anchor Club, 3,4; chaplain, 4; Math dub, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; treas., 4; Girls’ “M " Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; F.T. A., 3,4; sec., 4; Library Club, 2; sub. Cheerleader, 4; Basketball, 1,2,3; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Miss Con¬ geniality, 4. DUCKWORTH, BILLY Deca Club, 4; parliamentarian, 4; Football, 1,2; Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1,2. EARLEY, RITA Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Drama Club, 4; F.H.A., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; v.p., 3; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. EPLEY, BRENDA Vica, 4. ERVIN, HARRY Vica, 4. ERVIN, SUSAN FAIRCHILD, LINDA Student Council, 3; Jr. class rep. 3; Annual staff, 3; Glee Club, 2. FARFOUR. HELEN Girls’ “M” Club, 3,4; treas., 4; F.H.A., 1; A.F.S., 3,4; sec., 4; Spirit of M.H.S.,4; Cheerleader, 3; sub., 2,4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Friendliest, 4. FERGUSON, CARL Vica, 4. FLEMING, CHUCK Key Club, 2,3,4; Boys’ “M” Club, 1,2,3,4; Spanish dub, 2,3,4; Baseball, 1,2,3,4; All County, 2,3; Football, 1,2,3,4; All county, 3; Basketball, 1,2. GAMBLE, JUDY Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club,3,4; A.F.S., 3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; Honor Roll, 1. GANTT, DEBBIE F.H.A.,2,3; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Drama Club, 4; Girls’ “M” dub, 4; Cheer¬ leader, 4; Girls’ Basketball statistician, 3; Homecoming sponsor, 4. GANTT, ROD Deca Club, 3,4; pres., 4; Boys’ “M” Club, 4; Golf, 2; Best Looking, 4. GILMORE, SANDRA Honor Society, 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; pres., 4; Math dub, 3,4; F.T.A., 4; F.H.A., 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Science Club, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4. GLASCO, DON Salem High; Key Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; v.p., 3,4; Math Club, 3,4- pres., 3,4; Spanish Club, 2,3,4; v.p., 3,4; Quill and Scroll, 4; French dub, 1; Honor Society, 3,4; Annual staff, 3,4; Business mgr., 4; Student Activities Board, 3,4; pres., 4; Football, 1; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4. GOARE, DON Latin Club, 3,4; Key dub, 3,4; Spanish dub, 1,2; Science Club, 3,4; An¬ nual staff, 4; Honor Roll, 2,3,4; Morehead Scholarship Nominee, 4; National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist, 4. GRADY, MICKEY Deca dub, 3,4. GREENE, DEBBIE Choir, 1; F.H.A. 1,2,3,4; A.F.S., 2,3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; Drama Club, 4. GREENE, DANNY Choir, 1; F.HA., 1,2,3,4; A.F.S., 2,3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; Drama Club, 4. GREGORY, STEVE Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; Key Club, 1,2,3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Class treas., 1. HAPPOLDT, FORNEY Basketball 3,4. HARDIN, DAVID Band 1,2,3,4. HARRISON, JULIUS Vica 4. HART, SUSAN Band, 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., 1.2,3,4. HAYDEN, LEONA Vica, 4. HICKS, GERALD HILL, MADRENE Vica, 3,4; F.H.A., 1. HOLLIFIELD, LYNN Deca dub, 4. HOUCK, SUSAN Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; v.p., 3; pres., 4; Drama Club, 4; F.H.A., 3; French Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, 4. HOUPE, MARY Olive Hill High School, 1; F.H.A., 3; Vica, 4. HOUSTON, BENNY Football, 1; Baseball, 1. HUNEYCUTT, FRANK Key Club, 4; Math Club, 3,4. HYATT, CINDY Drama dub, 4; Math dub, 3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Science dub, 3,4; Cauldron, 3,4; co-ed., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3. IRVIN, SUSAN , „ Spanish Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Girls’ " M” Club, 4; Basketball mgr., 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2; Wittiest, 4. ISAACS, SANDRA F.H.A., 2,3,4. JABLONSKI, SUSAN F.H.A.,4; Spirit of M.H.S.,4; Drama Club, 4; Spanish dub, 2,3. 141 Senior Statistics JOHNSON, RALPH Boys’ “M” Club, 3,4; Key Club, 2,3,4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 2,4; Golf, 2,3,4; Most School Spirited, 4. KELLY, DEREAMA Drama Club, 4; Library Club, 1; F.H. A., 2,3,4; Spanish Club, 1,2,3,4; v.p., 4; Chorus, 4; sec., 4; Cauldron, 4. KINCAID, DIANE F.H.A., 2,3,4; county v.p., 3; county pres., 4; Cauldron, 4; Honor Roll, 3. LEONHARDT, LINDA Spanish Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; v.p., 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4. LESLIE, BILL Spanish Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Key Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; pres., 4; Debat¬ ing Club, 4; Spirit of M. H. S., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Football, 2,3; Baseball, 2,4; Honor Roll, 1; Most Talented, 4. LINGERFELT, BARBARA Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; F.H. A., 3,4; Spanish dub, 3,4; pres., 4; Anchor Club, 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M. H.S. candidate, 4; Honor Roll, 3. MAYE, MARY Spanish dub, 2,3,4; F.H.A., 4; Drama Club, 4. MAYFIELD, JOHNNY Deca dub, 4; v.p., 4; Parliamentarian, District II, 4; Boys’ “M” dub, 4; Football, 1,2,4; Track, 1. McGEE, SHERRY F.H.A., 1; Drama Club, 4; Annual staff, 3; Student Council, 1,3; Cheer¬ leader, 2; Jr.-Sr. waitress, 2; Jr.-Sr. Steering Com., 3; Special honors, Martin Co. Typing Contest; Wiljiamston High School. McGIMSEY, MIKE I.C.S.; Midpark High School. McKesson, annie Vica, 4; treas., 4; F.H.A., 3; Civics dub, 1. McMURRAY, JOHN Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Key Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Marshal, 3; National Science Foundation Summer Session, C.; World Peace Speaking Contest, 2; National Merit Scholarship semi¬ finalist, 4; Morehead Scholarship nominee; Most Intellectual, 4. McNEELY, CARROLL Football, 1; Basketball, 2; Honor Roll, 1. McNEELY, JANICE Girls’ “M” Club, 2,3,4; v.p., 3; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; capt., 4; All county, 3; All conference, 3; High scorer, Burke Co., 3; All tournament, 3; Girl athlete of year, M.H.S. and Burke Co., 3; WNCHSAA team, 2; Most Athletic, 4. McNEELY, SUSAN Deca Club, 4; asso. pres., 4; Band, 1,2; F.H.A., 2,3,4. MEYERS, EDDIE Deca dub, 4; historian, 4. MICHAELS, CAROL MODE, JOHN Science Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; reporter, 4; Annual Staff, 2,3,4; photographer, 3,4; Varsity manager. Baseball and Football, 1,2; Honor Roll, 1; Testator, 4. MOODY, KATRINA Vica, 4. MOORE, PINK ORDERS, ALLEN Vica, 4; v.p., 4. PANARESE, DANA French Club, 2,3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Band, 1; Annual staff, 3,4; Basket¬ ball, 1; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Most Intellectual, 4. PATTON, ANDY Key dub, 3,4; Science dub, 3,4; French dub, 3,4; Spanish dub, 1,2; Spirit of M.H.S.,4; Band 1,2,3,4; sec.-treas., 4; Annual staff, 2; Honor Roll, 1,3. PATTON, JOE Boys’ “M” Club, 1,2,3,4; Drama Club, 4; Math Club, 4; Spanish dub, 1,2,3,4; treas. 3; Golf, 1,2,3; Co-winner, Teddy Garrison Memorial Award. PERKINS, JERLENE F.H.A., 1. PHIFER, NANCY Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Girls’ “M” dub, 3,4; Class sec., 1; Cheerleader, 3. POPE, CATHY Chorus, 1,2,3,4; Vica, 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4. POTEET, MAX Boys’ “M” Club, 2,3,4; v.p., 4; Key Club, 2,3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; sgt. at arms, 4; Basketball, 1; Golf, 1,2,3,4; Friendliest, 4. POWELL, DENNIS Boys’ “M” Club, 3,4; Basketball, 2,3,4. PUCKETT, RONNIE Vica, 4; Chorus, 1; Track, 1. RADER, MIKE Math dub, 3,4; Spanish dub, 3,4; Drama dub, 4; Honor Roll, 4. RAMSEY, DENNIS RATCLIFF, SUSAN F.H.A., 1,2,3,4; Cauldron, 4; Library dub, 3; Drama dub, 4. REECE, BOBBY Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; treas., 4; A.F.S., 3,4; pres., 4; Key dub, 2,3,4; Golf, 2,4; Honor Roll, 1,2. REICHARD, PHYLLIS F.H.A., 2,3,4; Chorus, 4; Drama, 4. RIPPY, TOMMY Vica, 4. ROACH, ELVIRA ROBINSON, GAIL Spanish Club, 2,3,4; reporter, 3; Drama Club, 4; Science dub, 3,4; Math dub, 3,4. ROBINSON, PHILLIP Deca dub, 3,4. ROCKETT, BEVERLY Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., 4. ROLLINS, DIXIE Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; Anchor Club, 2,3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; v.p., 4; F.H. A., 3,4; F.T.A., 4; Girls’ “M” dub, 3,4; sec., 4; French dub, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; Girls’ Basketball, 1,2,3,4; co-capt., 4; WNCHSAA team, 2; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Class treas., 2; dass sec., 3,4; Home¬ coming sponsor, 4; Miss M. H.S. candidate, 4; Most Likely to Succeed, 4. ROSEBORO, BARBARA Vica, 4; pres., 4; Chorus, 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Basketball, 2. RUTHERFORD, EARNESTINE F.H. A. SAKOWSKI, MARGARET Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; French dub, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Girls’ “M” Club, 3,4; A.F.S., 2,3,4; sec., 3; Anchor Club, 2,3,4; chaplain, 3; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; sec., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Annual staff, 3,4; Cheerleader, 3,4; sub., 2; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; WNCHSAA team, 2; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Most School Spirited, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; 3rd runner-up; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Homeroom rep., 2; NCJCL Mythology contest, 2nd, 1. 142 Senior Statistics SAUNDERS, C.J. Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; v.p., 2,3; Math Club, 3,4; French Club, 4; Science Club, 3,4; pres., 3,4; Honor Roll, 3; Morehead Scholarship nominee, 4; NCJCL Mythology Contest, 1st, 1; Mythology II contest, 2nd, 2; Mythology III contest, 2nd, 3; National Mythology Contest. SAUNDERS, DON Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Key Club, 2,3,4; treas., 4; Science Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Boys’ “M” Club, 1,2,3,4; pres., 4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Baseball, 1,2,3,4; All county, 2,3; Football, 1,2,3,4; capt., 4; All Con¬ ference, 4; All county, 4; Best All Around, 4. SHOOK, GARRY Science Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Boys’ “M” Club, 3,4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Perk Reinhardt Football Award, 4. SHUPING, JIMMY Salem High School, 1; Spanish Club, 3,4; Football, 1; Baseball, 1. SIGMON, DAVID Honor Society, 3,4; pres., 4; Key Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 1,2; Science Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4. SIGMON, DIANNE French Club, 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., 3,4. SMITH, AUSTIN Spanish Club, 2; Deca Club, 4; pres., 4; Football, 3. SMITH, GARMON Honor Society, 4; F.T.A., 3,4; reporter, 4; Mu Alpha Theta (math club), Sherman High School. SMITH, LESLIE Deca Club, 3. SMITH, SAMMY Boys’ “M” Club, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Track, 1; Football, 2,3,4. SMITH, TOMMY School patrol, 4. SPAINHOUR, JUDY ANN F. H. A., 2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; Honor Roll, 3; Miss M. H. S. candidate, 4; Honor Society, 4. STRICKLAND, MITZI F. H.A., 1,2,3,4; reporter, 2; F.T.A., 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; French Club, 2,3,4; sec., 4; Drama Club, 4; Honor Society, 3,4; sec., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Band, 1,2,3,4; head majorette, 4; Chorus, 4; pres., 4; Homecoming sponsor, 4; Miss M.H.S. candidate, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2; Miss Tarheel Twirling Queen, 4; Most Talented, 4. TAYLOR, RONALD TOLSON, SHARON Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Anchor Club, 3,4; F. H. A., 2,3,4; Drama Club, 4; Science dub, 3,4; Honor Roll, 3; Honor Society, 4. TYMINSKI, JOANNA Marietta High School; F.H.A., 4; Chorus, 4. WALDROP, EDDIE Baseball, 1,2,4; Basketball, 1,2; Football, 1,2. WALKER, BRUCE Baseball, 3. WALL, WALTER Football, 1; Drama dub, 4; Spanish dub, 3,4. WEBB, CAROLYN Deca dub, 3,4; F.H.A., 3. WELLER, CRYSTAL Band, 1,2,3,4; pres., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Spirit of M.H.S., 4; treas., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Girls’ basketball, 1,3; Honor Roll, 1. WHETSTINE, CRYSTAL French dub, 2,3,4; v.p., 4; Anchor Club, 3,4; Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; Basketball, 1; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; Honor Society, 4. WHETSTINE, JERRY Baseball, 1; Track, 2; Football, 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Boys’ “M” dub, 3,4. WHISENANT, DORIS WHISNANT, PATRICE F.H.A., 2,3,4; Drama Club, 4. WHISNANT, SCOTT Latin dub, 1,2,3,4; French dub, 3,4; A.F.S., 1,2,3,4; Science dub, 3,4; Boys’ “M” dub, 4; Drama dub, 4; Key Club, 1,2,3,4; Math Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Track, 1; Football, 1,2,3,4; Marshal, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3,4; NCJCL, pres., 4; Most Popular, 4; World Peace Speaking Contest, 1st, 2; Merehead Scholarship nominee. WHITE, WILDA Deca Club, 4. WILLIAMS, CASSANDRA Deca Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 3; Library dub, 1; Science dub, 1; Majorette, 1. WILLIAMS, JIMMY Key dub, 1,2,3,4; A.F.S.; 3,4; Drama Club, 4; Neatest, 4. WILLIAMS, LINDA F.H.A., 2,3,4. WILLIAMS, TOMMY Drama Club, 4; Cauldron, 3,4. WOODY, STEVE Football, 1; Basketball, 1. WRIGHT, JAMES Cauldron, 2,3; Library Club, 3; Deca Club, 4. THE END!! 143 • Winston-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING • North Carolina COMPANY CHARLES L HUNTER, WINSTON-SALEM, N C fjC town ? 0 553 % RNC 371.897 MORGANTO 1968 The cat ' s tale

Suggestions in the Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) collection:

Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 124

1968, pg 124

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