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Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1967 volume:

Cat’s CAT’S TALE ’67 published by the students of Morganton High Morganton, North Carolina Volume XXIV 5a6!e of Contents ADMINISTRATION 4 SOPHOMORES 14 JUNIORS 22 SENIORS 30 SPORTS 54 ORGANIZATIONS 68 ACTIVITIES 88 ADVERTISEMENTS 100 introduction The 1967 Cat’s Tale staff would like to express our special thanks to several people: To “Put” for his guidance and sponsorship. To Mrs. Kidd for proofreading our copy, And to Mr. Schiebout for his frequent aid. Without these people the 1967 Cat ' s Tale could not have been pub- lished. We hope that his annual will preserve for each of you a record of the past year— its activities and experiences, joys and sorrows — and that you will treasure it in the coming years as a means of recalling this special year. 3 Administration Efficient Management Valuable Direction Competent Instruction Rules and Regulations Excuses and Blue Slips 5 Scfiool Board Mr. Peterson, supervisor; Mr. Conley L. Clarke, guidance director. Seated: Mrs. Sam J. Ervin III, Mr. Frank Patton, Jr., Mr. J.O. Barbour, chairman; Mrs. Ralph Pitts. Standing: Mr. Cliff Avery, Mr. John Con- way, Mr. Paul Pearson, Mr. Maston Parham, superintendent. Not pictured: Mr. William Gifford and Dr. A.M. Lang. Our local school board, under Mr. J.O. Barbour, strives to keep the Mor- ganton City Schools functioning effi- ciently. They are responsible for keeping the school facilities in operable shape and for maintaining the high academic standards of the school. Secretaries; Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Lee, Miss Noggle. Administration Mr. Maston S. Parham, Superintendent of Morgan- ton City Schools. Mr. F.C. Schiebout, principal at Morganton High School. Under the capable direction of Mr. F.C. Schiebout, Morganton High School functions efficiently. With patience and understanding, our adroit principal and his invaluable assistant, Mrs. Clark, strive to maintain the high standards at M.H.S. Mrs. Audrey Clarke, secretary and assistant to Mr. Schiebout. MR. RAYMOND BABELAY Band Plenty of patience. MR. EARL BROOME W. Hist.; Geog.; Head Coach Unique teaching methods. MISS MARY BLAYLOCK Latin I, II; French I Connoisseur of the arts. 3 Acuity MRS. ANNERL DEAL Librarian Keeps a quiet library. MR. BILLY JOE CARROWAY Science; Bio.; P.E. “There’s always next year.” 8 MRS. CHRISTINE FRYE Typ. I; B. English; Sht. Hand Cheerful nature. 3 acuity MRS. SELENAH HUFFMAN English II; Geog. Memorable classes. MRS. BARBARA HESTER Home Ec. I, II, III Personable. MRS. MIRIAM HOLMES Enghsh II " Busy as a bee.” MISS IRIS KEEVER Aig. II; B. Math Miniature mathematician. 9 MRS. LOUISE KIDD Eng. II, IV Effervescent personality. n MR. JAMES EARL MICKLE D.E. ; B. Eco. Gentlemanly ways. MR. W. FLEMON McINTOSH C. Math; Geom. Leads the Pepsi generation. 3aculty MR. ALEXANDER NEELY I.C.T. Underground classes. MR. RONALD NANNEY French II; English III Interested in his students. 10 II I MR. FRED PUTNAM U.S. History Pillar of the senior class. MISS ROSALBA PASCAL Guidance Counselor Invaluable assistance. 3 acuity MRS. BLANCA RUBIO Spanish I, II Distinguished MHS addition. MR. ALBERT SETZER Physics; Chemistry Original illustrations. MR. CHARLES SNYDER Acc. Math II, III, IV; Sr. Math; Alg. I Salty sense of humor. 11 MR. MICHAEL STEWART Biology Commuting biologist. MR. DARYLL WHISNANT Typ. I, II; Bkk. Amiable. MRS. MARILYN WILLIAMS Eng. Ill Neat and petite. 3aculfy MISS WILMA CLARK English II, IV Promising teacher. MISS CLYDIE HEFFNER Acc. Math II, III, IV; Sr. Math; Alg. I Rigorous approach. 12 Maintenance staff: Luberta Lambert and Frances Howel. 13 Sophomores New and different world Strange Classrooms New problems . . . New hopes Old friends, and new Activity-filled Agenda “From the mountains to the sea . . 14 15 C ass Officers WAYNE WARREN PRESIDENT becky McIntosh vice-president MADELYN SOSSOMAN SECRETARY DENNIS BAILEY TREASURER 10 Sophomores SUSAN GINGER PHYLLIS MARY SHELTON DENNIS ABEE ALLMAN ANDERSON AVERY BAILEY JOEY DALE BANNON BARRIER BALEKA BEACH SANDRA BIGGERSTAFF SHIRLEY STEVE BIRCHFIELD BLACK ANDY CATHY GREGORY NORMAN BRANCH BRASWELL BRASWELL BRENNEMAN SANDRA BRISTOL DAVID DOUGLAS BROOME BROWN JANICE MARY ELLEN BROWN BROWN GERRY TERRY BUCHANAN BUCHANAN DAVID STEVE BURNOP CALDWELL JO ANN CARSWELL SHIRLEY ERVIN CARSWELL CHAMBERS PAUL EDDIE CHAMBERS CHILDS SUE CLARK ANN BILL CRAVEN CURRY JERRY CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM DALE REBECCA DALE SHIRLEY CINDY DALE DARWIN KAY DAVIS PAM DeVERE 17 TOMMY MAUREEN BILL GREGG KAREN SHELIA DANIEL DIGH DOUGHER DUCKWORTH DUCKWORTH ENGLAND ENNIS EVANS JIMMY VICKI FINGER FISHER BENNY FOX JOYCE FOX PAUL JUDY FOX FRANKLIN MARK FULK MARTHA FURST DE ETTA GENTRY SHIRLEY GILLESPIE DEBBIE CARLETON GOLIGHTLY GOUGE JUNE PHILLIP GRADY GRAYBEAL DON GRIGG GARY HALL JANE HAMRICK EMMA JEAN HAPPOLDT GARRY HARDIN CINDY MARY ANN HARBISON HARBISON ROBERT JUDY HARBISON HARRIS PATRICIA HARRISON STEVE HAWKINS LEONA HAYDEN RANDY HAYNES Sopfiom ores FRIEDA ALDA GERALD KENNY PAULINE HENSLEY HICKS HICKS HICKS HILL 18 Sophomores SHERRY HOFFMEYER MARTHA HOGAN MIKE BETH DONALD HOOD HOTCHKISS HOUSER EDGAR LARRY PAUL DEBRA HOYLE HUSKINS INGLE ISAACS DOUG MARY JAYNES JOHNSON GEORGE MIKE RICHARD LINDA DOUGLAS MIKE JOHNSON JOHNSON JOHNSON JONES KIDDY KIDD JOANNE JUDY RANDY RUTH BILLY CLYDE KINCAID KINCAID LaFEVERS LANE LANTHROP LARGENT NANCY LEATHERMAN GARY LEONHARDT SUSAN McCRACKEN MARTHA McGALLIARD SANDY McGILL BECKY McINTOSH JOYCE McNEELY PHYLLIS MAUNEY RALPH MILLER DAVID MITCHELL VICKIE MONROE KATRINA MOODY DIANA KINCAID NANCY LARGENT ANNIE McKesson ■ ' 4ft . up JANICE MULL 19 Soph lorn ores MIKE MULL RANDY MURPHY BECKY MYRICK TONY NUSZ BARBARA PATTON PAUL WANDA PATTON PATTON JACKIE JIMMY LINDA RALPH PEARSON PEARSON PETTIGREW PITTS RICKY SUSAN JOAN POTEAT POWELL ANN DEBRA PROPST PRUITT DEBBIE PUETT DON REICHARD RONALD REID HUN ' . " ELVIRA BRUCE RIDDLE ROACH ROGERS JOYCE ROSS BEVERLY SAIN BILL SELLARS IRMA LEE SIMMONS WAYNE GENA TIM DENNIS SIMMONS SINGLETON SMALL SMITH DIANNE DOUG SMITH SMITH HAZEL SMITH TEENIE SMITH WANDA SMITH MADELYN MIKE SOSSOMAN SPERATI ROGER THOMAS SANDRA TOLBERT SHIRLEY TUBERGEN 20 Sophomores JANICE JAMES LEE BUTCH WAYNE TURBYFILL TWIGG WAKEFIELD WALL WARREN BRENDA GAIL JANICE REX BRENDA CHRISTINE GUS WEBB WHISENANT WHISENANT WHISNANT WHITENER WILLIAMS WILLIAMS fr ,i RAYE WRIGHT TONY YANCEY JUDY ZIMMERMAN LARRY WILLIAMS DON WILSON MILDRED WILSON DEBBIE WOODY Avogadro has lots of ability but he needs to apply himself. C.S.T. 21 juniors Another class to be looked down upon Undeniable Assurance Relishing more responsibility Kaleidoscope of scores Troublesome Term Papers “No matter where I choose to roam . . 22 23 9 U n i o v s Class Officers SCOTT WHISNANT ROBIN BOUNOUS . DIXIE ROLLINS DON GO ARE PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER 24 juniors JACK ABEE LINDA ADAMS LYNN KITTY ANDERSON ARNEY FLORENCE AVERY SUE AVERY KATHY BAIRD BECKY DENISE BAUGESS BEACH VIRGINIA JOE BETTIS BINGHAM NANCY BISHOP JOHNNY ROY BETSY BLACK BLANTON BOGER ROBIN BOUNOUS THERESA BOWEN DARCEL CHRISTINE HARVEY BRADSHAW BREWER BREWER RITA BRITTAIN TOM BROTHERS TONI BROWN JANET BROWNING LINDSAY BROWNING VICKI BROWNING 25 JANIS BRYANT MIKE CHARLIE BUFF BUTLER juniors SUSAN CASH JANICE CLONTZ SHIRLEY CARPENTER DOROTHY CONLEY SUSAN CONLEY KAREN CONNELLY ZUDIE COOK FRED COOK CAROL CORDELL SUSAN STEVE CORLEY COSTNER JIMMY CRISP WAYNE CROSBIE JANE DALE TOMMY CURLEE RHONDA CUNNINGHAM BETTY DENTON HARRY ERVIN HELEN FARFOUR RITA EARLEY MARY LOU DOUGHER DENNIS DEUTSCHLE BOBBY DENTON juniors SANDRA DON GILMORE GLASCO DON GOARE MARGARET GRADY DANNY GREENE DEBBIE STEVE GREENE GREGORY LILLIAN FORNEY GRIER HAPPOLDT SUSAN HART JIMMY HAWKINS STEVE FRANCES HERMAN HILL LYNN HOLLIFIELD SUSAN HOUCK BENNY FRANK HOUSTON HUNEYCUTT DON CINDY HUNTER HYATT SUSAN IRVIN SANDRA ISAACS SUSAN JABLONSKI DREAMA KELLY LINDA LEONHARDT BILL LESLIE BARBARA LINGERFELT JOHN McMURRAY 27 CARROLL McNEELY JANICE McNEELY SANDRA McNEELY MARY MAYE JOHNNY MAYFIELD EDDIE MEYERS JOHN LINDA KENNETH ALLEN DANA JOE MODE MORGAN MULL ORDERS PANARESE PATTON i JERLENE NANCY PERKINS PHIFER MAX DENNIS POTEET POWELL GAIL RONNIE PROPST PUCKETT MIKE DENNIS SUSAN RADER RAMSEY RATCLIFF BOBBY REECE PHYLLIS GAIL REICHARD ROBINSON ERNESTINE MARGARET RUTHERFORD SAKOWSKI PHILIP ROBINSON BEVERLY ROCKETT DIXIE BARBARA ROLLINS „ ROSEBORO GARRY JIM SHOOK SHUPING CECIL J. DON SAUNDERS SAUNDERS juniors DAVID DIANNE SIGMON SIGMON BECKY SMITH LESLIE SAMMY TOMMY SMITH SMITH SMITH JUDY ANN SPAINHOUR MITZI STRICKLAND RONALD SHARON HAROLD EDDIE TAYLOR TOLSON TRAMELL WALDROP BRUCE WALTER CAROLYN WALKER WALL WEBB CRYSTAL WELLER CRYSTAL WHETSTINE PATRICE WHISNANT SCOTT WILDA WHISNANT WHITE JIMMY WILLIAMS TOMMY JAMES WILLIAMS WRIGHT 29 Seniors Once-in-a-lifetime year A tear at our last Homecoming A glance at the past A long look into the future “Singing praises to the sky For dear old Morganton High.” 31 Class Officers CHARLES CONLEY . . RICHARD LIEBHART MARY BRANSTROM. NANCY RIGGS PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER 32 Seniors ERIC MICHAEL ABEE " Mike " . . . Indispensable Wild- cat fullback . . . Constantly grinning from ear to ear . . . Man about town . . . Person- able, easygoing. JUDITH CAROL ABEE " Judy " . . . Sincere interest in others . . . Irritated by interro- gators . . . Accomplished pianist . . . Valuable secretarial ex- perience. JANE ADELAIDE ABERNATHY “Babs” . . . Always fashionably clad . . . Planning a career in physical therapy . . . Harassed by immaturity . . . “Would you believe? " MARY FRANCES ABERNATHY “Fran " . . . Flair for having a good time . . . Lively . . . An- ticipating a European excursion . . . Chronic chatterbox . . . Indefatigable. JERRY LAXTON ALLMAN " Almond " . . . The “end " of the football team . . . Once called Mr. McKinney " Dave” . . . En- joys many out-of-doors ac- tivities . . . Lanky. ROBERT BURTON ANDERSON “Bobby” . . . Rambles around in his little blue sports car . . . Avid outdoorsman . . . Skeptical inclinations ... A non-con- formist. FLORENCE BONITA AVERY “Bug " . . . “You ' ve got to be putting me on " . . . Lives life to the fullest . . . Remembers when something “slipped " . . . Watermelon? JOSEPH WAIGHTSTILL AVERY, JR. Averat ... A future agri- culturist . . . “You meet the nicest people on a Honda " . . Influenced by first employment . . . Bantering. MARY JANE AVERY Ladycat . . . Mainstay of the Anchor club . . . Responsible . . . Appalled by apathy . . . Mem- ber of the Avery dy nasiry . . . Vivacious. PHILIP ANTHONY BAKER " Rabbit " . . . Got caught at his own game . . . Unhurried manner of speaking . . . Thrives on hunting and fishing . . . Happy-go-lucky. ROBERT DAVID BAKER “Coot " . . . Hopes to work for Uncle Sam soon . . . Performs in a dance band . . . Profited from Put’s classes . . . Talented musician. 33 LINDA GAIL BALL Energetic . . . Crusader for school spirit . . . Affected by varied acquaintances . . . An- noyed by inventive gossip . . . Looking toward WCC. JACKIE RAY BARRIER " Jock " . . . Promising auto- mechanic . . . Hates to get up in the morning . . . Inspired by a special girl . . . Travels on two wheels . . . Complacent. LINDA LUCILLE BARRIER “Lucy” . . . Proficient seam- stress . . . Pondering a secre- tarial position . . . Presence of mind . . . Displays a cheerful disposition. JAMES THEODORE BLACK, JR. “Rev” . . . Kicks our extra points . . . Prospective recreational di- rector . . . Enters the spirit of competition . . . “She’s up- town.” THEODORE KEITH BLEVINS, JR. “Keyfover” . . . Demonstrates professional form on the mound . . . Counting on a career as an accountant . . . Profited from career day . . . Affable. MARY CHRISTINA BRANSTROM “Brat " . . . Culinary endeavors . . . Foresees a major in child development . . . Winsome ways . . . An oceanic incident . . . Outgoing. RHONDA KAY BRASWELL “Ronnie” . . . Distressing re- collections of driver’s training . . . Intentions of becoming a telephone operator . . . Mem- orable sixteenth year. JANICE LYNN BRITTAIN “Jan” . . . Promising interior decorator . . . Racing enthusiast ... A model’s poise . . . Enjoys water skiing . . . “Rave on " . . . Sophisticated. Seniors CHARLIE RAY BROWN “Brown " . . . Plays a cool sax ... A lawyer in the making . . . . . . Griped by griping females . . . Force of character . . . Voluble orator. ROBERT ALAN BRYANT “Bobby” . . . Automotive in- terests . . . Enthusiastic band participant . . . Searching for success in future efforts . . . Independent. ROY LYNN BUFF “Buffy " . . . Highlight in the Shadows . . . Laissez-faire . . . Sports a baby-blue Tempest ... Is it true blonds have more fun? 34 Seniors DEWEY GENE BUMGARNER " Admiral Dewey” . . . Rem- embers volunteering . . . Phi- losophical attitude . . . Per- severing . . . Secret desire— to become a comedian. SUE BYRD “Super-Bird " . . . Unequivocal extrovert . . . Future teacher of America . . . “To have a friend is to be one” . . . Avid sports spectator. ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN CARROWAY “Maxine " . . . Inclined toward social work . . . Constantly bor- rowing gum . . . Antimathe- matical mind . . . Never idle . . . Never silent. WILLIAM BOGGAN CASH “Bozo " . . . Rain makes a bad situation worse . . . Variety is the spice of life . . . Trouble- some Corvair . . . Davis Drive at sixty-five! FRED GLENN CAUSBY “Crosby” . . . Attracted to a position as a furniture salesman . . . Perceptive . . . Enlightened by girls . . . Pool shark . . . Mischievous. ROY MARTIN CHAMBERS, JR. “Nuke” . . . Believes in getting things done . . . Once saw Willie Mays in person ... In command of temper . . . Friendly . . . That ' s life. GLENDA ANNETTE CLARKE “Gac” . . . F.H.A. executive . . . Satisfied by success . . . Individual taste . . . Cool, calm, and collected . . . Versatile and attractive. WANDA KAY COFFEY “Goddess” . . . Reminiscent of sophomore year . . . Varied in- terests and pastimes . . . An- ticipating interior decorating . . . Mysterious. WILLIAM CLIFFORD COLEY “Rodent” . . . Constant state of hilarity . . . Regrets accelerating his math program . . . Rollick- ing . . . Frequent misadventures . . So! CHARLES CARTER CONLEY “Samson” . . . Confessed som- nambulist . . . Anchorman of the Key Club . . . Maintains title of B.M.O.C. . . . Incessant activities . . . Spirited. JACQUELINE CONLEY “Jackie” . . . Forthcoming sec- retary . . . Beneficial experience as mistress of ceremonies . . . Quiet, conservative, and in- tellectual. 35 Seniors RUTHIE ABERNETHY CONNELLY “Rac " . . . Upcoming medical secretary . . . Seamstress . . . Provoked by unreliable people . . . Unlimited wardrobe . . . " Just looking.” BRYNDA JOYCE CRISP “B.C.” . . . Racked by indecision . . . Traded in her Bulldog for a Wildcat . . . Regal reserve . . . Displays a distinctive style of driving. RANDY CURTIS " I eech” . . . Aptitude for auto- mechanics ... An indelible im- pression of history . . . Sports- minded . . . Proud owner of an A-model. MARION EUGENE DUCKWORTH “Duck” . . . Trombone talent . . . Runs a little red rattletrap . . . Supplier of comical cracks . . . All-State Band Alumnus . . . Keen. CHARLIE MAE EARLEY “Raindrop” . . . Linguacious . . . Demonstrates dexterity on the dance floor . . . Pleased by her senior status . . . Seldom serious. NORMA JANE ENGLAND “Blaze” . . , Polished and poised . . . Distinguished head of the Latin Club . . . Well acquainted with the Alma Mater . . . Prac- tical. NOLITA RHEA FISHER “Leader” . . . Has many ac- tivities on her agenda . . . Merit- orious majorette ... A mind for modeling . . . Diminuitive, but decisive. VERNON NORMAN FLEMING “Norm” . . . Spends his leisure spinning disks . . . “Go West, young man, go West” . . . Candi- date for military service . . . Lighthearted. THOMAS PINKNEY GRADY, JR. “Tommy” . . . Working his way toward graduation . . . Pint- sized, but potent personality . . . Frequent summer sessions . . . Persistent. NANCY LOUISE GRAYBEAL “Gray” ... To major in the education of minors ... In- voluntary locker lodger . . . Abbreviated altitude . . . Always on the go. HILDA LOUELLAN GREENE “Ix u Lou” . . . High flying am- bitions— to become an airline stewardess ... An asset to the Morganton swimming team . . . Attractive, capricious. 36 Seniors WILLIAM BOYD GREER ' Willie ' ’ . . . Has an obsession with Chrysler Corporation . . . Laughs easily, even at himself . . . Lightning . . . Back on the farm. Wheel MYRA ELLEN GRIGGS " Griggsy” . . . Spent her sum- mer in the Windy City . . . Constantly communicating . . . Aptness for journalism . . . " Sorry about that.” WILLIAM HARBISON, JR. “Bill” . . . “Early” history scholar ... A cheerful outlook . . . Proud of his accomplish- ments in bookkeeping ... A composition mix-up. MARTIN DUBRA HARRIS ' Marty ' ’ . . . Proficient at the piano . . . Rambles around in his Rambler . . . Capable co-editor of the Cauldron . . . Co- operative. WILLIAM RONALD HAYNES A true gentleman . . . Desires a career in chemical engineering ... A person who needs people . . . Likable . . . “You know you do! " CAROLYN ANNE HENSLEY Pleasant visage . . . Seeking a position as an airline hostess . . . Created traffic confusion . . . Enjoying senior status . . . Subtle. MARGARET SUSAN HEWAT “Suzy " . . . Impressed by her hike in Linville Gorge . . . Pestered by persistent people . . . Soft-spoken and diffident . . . “Ya don’t say!” BOBBY KIBLER HOGAN, JR. Considerate . . . Head of the Wildcats on the gridiron . . . Pleasing personality . . . Ardent Key Clubber . . . Promotes participation. CHARLES RALPH HOGSHEAD “Wintergreen " . . . Loves a good time . . . Renowned president of the Honor Society . . . Medical ambitions . . . Ready wit . . . Waiting. JACQUELINE MADISON HENSLEY " Jackie " . . . Head of our ma- jorette corps ... An all-Ameri- can girl ... A genuine interest in the world around her . . . Natural. HARRY GLENN HOUPE, JR. Profound . . . Utilizes his assets . . . Leads the life of an out- doorsman . . . Invaluable high school experience . . . Richard Petty fan. 37 ROBERT EDWIN HOYLE “Bobby” ... A talent for tinker- ing and tuning . . . Regards his friends as essential . . . Derives pleasure from camping . . . Serious. DESSIE ALMA JOHNSON " Almo” . . . Hopes to acquire a secretarial position . . . Con- siders the feelings of others . . . Regrets “listening. " EDDIE JOHNSON, III “Junior” . . . Undaunted am- bitions . . . Numismatist on the lookout . . . Never judges a book by its cover . . . Angling to be a fisherman. WILLIAM CLARENCE JOHNSON “Greasy” . . . “So that’s all you got to do?” . . . Entertaining the idea of acting . . . Talkative . . . Keeps wide awake in clazzzz. Seniors CAROLYNE JANET KIRBY Refined . . . Keeps the F.T.A. functioning . . . Fascinated by trying new things, meeting new people . . . Keeps every- one guessing . . . Calm. LONNIE HERMAN KIRKSEY, III “H” . . . Epitome of the ener- getic organizer . . . Balances the books for the Cat’s Tale . . . Would you believe it was a lightbulb?! DONALD COLLINS LAMBETH “Veronica” . . . Medical aspir- ations . . . Delighted by his camping trip in Linville Gorge . . . A member of Put ' s Poor Health Club. LOUISE TURNER LANE “Weesie” . . . Vocation in vo- calization . . . Caught in the act . . . Confused by classroom com- plexity . . . IBooks on the bright side of things. HENRIETTA ELIZABETH LARGENT “Henri” . . . Peace Corps work on her calendar . . . Those days in fifth period study hall! . . . Broadens her knowledge through reading. TOMMIE LOU LARGENT “Ix u” . . . Dreams of being a nurse in Air Force blue . . . Disconcerted by unprepared- ness . . . Punctilious ... A trip to the Big City! DOUGLAS PARDUE LAY " Poo” . . . Counter man in “Put’s Palace " . . . Spends his spare time at Mimosa Lanes . . . Complaisant . . . Will tower over the timber. 38 JERRY RAY LEDFORD Cars are the core of his ex- istence . . . Figuring on a position as an accountant . . . Regards the acquisition of his license as an error. MICHAEL LEE LEONARD “Mike” . . . Lofty elevation . . . Lists hunting and fishing among his pastimes . . . Deplores de- ception . . . “Ain ' t no way” . . . Likeable. BEVERLY GAIL LEONHARDT “George” . . . Unpredictable . . . Presides over the French- speaking population of MHS . . . Cheerful frame of mind . . . Congenial. CHARLOTTE MIRIAM LESLIE “Mann” . . . Future administra- tor of justice . . . Lighthearted . . . National JCL convention delegate . . . Flamboyant and fun-loving. RICHARD FOLMAR LIEBHART Thoughtful . . . Gained a good deal in Governor’s School . . . Relishes riches . . . Washington tears him up . . . Morning moods . . . Wishful. STEPHEN LEE McCALL “Mudhole” . . . Sports the spirit of the outdoors ... A complete compunction of chemistry . . . “I guarantee you!” . . , Ad- venturous. SANDRA LEE McCracken “Sandy” . . . Profited from working to buy her own car . . . Attracted to Marion . . . Tends to be taciturn . . . Exudes peace of mind. Seniors EDWARD CLAYWELL McGIMSEY, JR. “Eddie Mac” . . . Hopes to head a family of “All-Americans” . . . Ready wit . . . Collector of companionable comrades . . . Debonaire. FORREST JACKSON McNEELY “Jack” . . . Papa of the “Sons of Joe Emerson” . . . Envisions entering the field of elementary education . . . Beardless . . . “Just cool it.” SUSAN HOWARD McNEELY “Sam " . . . On her way up to a position as an airline stew- ardess . . . Retains a rosy out- look on life . . . An incessant daydreamer. LINDA KAY MEYERS Warmhearted and sympathetic . . . Talented wielder of needle and thread . . . Welcome addi- tion to any group . . . Hard- working student. 39 Seniors KEITH MILLER “Spider . . . Geared to the occupation of engineering . . . Proud owner of a Mustang . . . Hankering to go hunting . . . Memories of Put. RAMA DIANNE MILLS “Krnl” . . . Constantly in a frenzy . . . Hopped a Grey- hound to Louisiana . . . Pos- sesses a refreshing personality . . . “Happy Birthday Wlbr.” JAMES CONLEY MITCHELL, JR. “Pudgy” . . . Passes many leisure hours at Mimosa Hills . . . Unheralded hero of the Wildcats . . . Aspiring attorney . . . “Is that right?” SANDRA JEAN MORGAN Dependable church worker . . . Laments getting her license . . . Endowed with determina- tion . . . Set her sights on Bob Jones University. GLADYS LOUISE MORRIS “Weasel” . . . Designs to be a dental assistant . . . Beneficial experiences at summer camps . . . Has a hand with letters . . . Content. PHILIP FRANKLIN MORRIS “Big Man " . . . Frequent visits to Broadoaks . . . Difficulty with driving directions . . . Designs of worldly dream, s and am- bitions. MARGARET LOUISE MORRISSEY “Donnie” . . . Remembers a certain fuzzy situation . . . “You gotta really try!” . . . “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” . . . Soft-spoken. JOHN WILLIAM NEWTON “Fig” . . . Could start his own used car lot . . . Promising can- didate for a career in mental health . . . Heads a harem of females. WILBURN ANDREW NEWTON, JR. “Andy” . . . “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” . . . Ambition: to discover the “un- known” . . . Obsessed with girls . . . Facetious. JOHN WILLIAM O’NEIL “Cooley” . . . Streak of light- ning on the gridiron . . . De- termined to enter the halls of higher learning ... A digni- fied senior . . . Friendly. DIANA GAIL PANARESE “Dinah” . . . The girl next door . . . Holds interest in the per- forming arts . . . Enviable raven tresses . . . Image of femininity . . . Impetuous. 40 PATRICIA ANN PARNELL “Tricie” . . . Armed with pat- ience . . . Baffled by a meeting with the governor . . . Always willing to lend a helping hand. MARY TESH PERRY “Perrytoon " . . . Uncertain out- look for the future . . . Con- stant flow of conversation . . . Convention goer . . . “I’ll be doggone.” REBECCA PITTS “Pooh” . . . Capricious char- acteristics . . . Frustrated by flirtatious females . . . Finds reward in helping the less fortunate . . . Funny. CHARLES GRAY POTEAT “Buzzy” . . . Discovered a new way to dry clothes . . . " Hosses” his little orange school bus around town . . . Extra- curricular enjoyment. BEN ALEXANDER POWELL “Frog” . . . Inspiration of the Wildcats . . . “Every litter bit hurts” . . . Variable moods . . . Strikes a relaxed pose . . . Dexterous. DAVID WILLIAM PRICE “Dave” . . . Center of attention on the football field . . . Sup- porter of school spirit . . . Cherishes the experience of being a senior. NANCY CAROL PRINCE Ray of sunshine . . . Morgan- ton’s own good will ambassador . . . A meticulous dresser . . . Endeavors to make the most of each day. MICHAEL BLANTON PROPST “Mike” . . . Gaining practical experience in pharmacy . . . Mad about his metallic-blue Chevelie . . . Takes things as they come. RODNEY GRADY RASNICK “Hotrod” . . . The boy next door . . . Gifted guitarist . . . Event- ual electrical engineer . . . Tiger turned Wildcat . . . Concordant. THEDA JOETTE RICKS “Joey” . . . Rues the day she rode a motorcycle . . . Par- ticularly partial to men in Navy blue . . . Wants to add an R.N. to her name. NANCY ADAIR RIGGS Vibrant personality . . . De- voted Carolina fan . . . Bub- bling enthusiasm for everything . . . Creates a friendly atmos- phere . . . Natty. Seniors 41 TOMMY ETHAN RIPPY " Rip " . . . Persistently pestering . . . Taste-tester for the Tastee- Freeze . . . Makes the most of study halls . . . Surprise in the hall. PAULA YVONNE ROACH “P.C.” . . . Perturbed by mis- placed laughter . . . Appreciates good music . . . “You can’t take it with you " . . . Stop! Look! Listen! EARL TRAVIS ROBINSON “Romeo " . . . Versatile athlete . . . True southern gentleman . . . Well-rounded character . . . In constant good spirits . . . Husky-he-man. JOYCE GAIL RUSS “Joy " . . . Reserves her quiet side for school . . . Meditating on a medical profession . . . Leads anti-homework cam- paign . . . Tolerant. Seniors MELVINA ANN SAIN “Melvin " . . . Considers senior year a struggle . . . Searching for total happiness . . . One- time water bomb victim . . . Uncertain state. ROBERT LEE SCOTT “Scottie” . . . His life is com- plicated by his girlfriends . . . Designs to be a designer . . . Good-natured . . . “You’ll be all right.” JOHN FLOYD SELLARS, JR. “Slim” . . . Captivated by the nation’s capital . . . Casts a long shadow . . . Irked by un- necessary travel . . . Mild man- ner . . . Direct. MARTA LEE ANN SIGMON “Storky” . . . Accident prone . . . All-conference basketball player . . . Primarily consider- ing the field of education . . . Ambitious. JUDY KAY SIMMONS Radiant . . . Dreams of living happily ever after . . . For- ever developing new insights . . . Excels in the domestic arts . . . Docile. REBECCA ANN SINK “Becky” . . . Competent co- ordinator of the Cat ' s Tale . . . Academic accomplishments . . . Ardent alliterationist . . . Alt- ruistic. AUSTIN MONROE SMITH, JR. “Snuffy” . . . Blond-headed Beatle . . . Beset by the idea of building . . . Me and my Chevy . . . Horrors of home- work . . . Conspicuous. 42 DONALD ELISHA SMITH, JR. " Don” . . . Preparing to enter the business world . . . Patron of the wide open spaces . . . Repelled by hypocrisy . . . Carefree. NANCY CAROLYN SMITH “Nat-Rat " . . . Lithe and lively . . . Golden locks and blue eyes . . . Resolute . . . Once seen tripping down the steps . . . Gigglesome. WILLIAM KENNETH SMITH “Ken’’ . . . Chauffeur of the “Big C” . . . Invaluable Marlin . . . Member of the roadside gang . . . Strong, silent . . . “Can ' t win them all. " MARGARET ANN SNYDER Discerning . . . Hopes to bring down the Red Baron . . . Cloak and dagger fan . . . Gingery sense of humor . . . Dependable . . . LR bound. Seniors JOHN CALVIN SOSSOMAN, III “Soss " . . . Bears a booming voice . . . Ceaseless jesting . . . Exercises by walking to school . . . Chaos has come again . . . “RODAN.” JIMMY LANE STEELE “Slick” . . . Hopes to out-run Uncle Sam . . . Unfortunate ac- cident with the school bus . . . A working man . . . Expert in tomfoolery. MICHAEL DARNELL STEPHENSON " Mike” . . . Unassuming at- titude . . . French left quite an impression on him . . . Incessant television viewer . . . Enthusi- astic equestrian. EDITH JANE TALLENT “Ed” . . . Seeking peace within . . . Experiences tranquility in nature . . . “Take it easy” . . . Well-read . . . " To thine own self be true.” KAREN ELIZABETH TASLER “Cheshire " . . . Stimulated by pre-school gab sessions . . . Sup- ports the sports program of MHS . . . Runs her own cab service. NANCY ELLEN TATE Dauntless and daring . . . De- lights in dancing . . . Spent a beneficial week with the college set . . . “Sorry about that, chief.” LOURITA TESSENEER " Rita " . . . Wants to get in others ' hair — as a hairdresser . . . Arbitrates arguments . . . Disconcerted by " double- dating . . . Quiet. 43 Seniors JACKIE THOMAS “J.T.” . . . Gets through life with a smile . . . Tripped up by triple troubles . . . Believes in going “Dutch . . . Morristown memories. LEWIS PAUL THOMAS, JR. “Bridges” . . . Aiming at a posi- tion as an accountant . . . Hardy hunter . . . Has the philosophy that everything will be all right. RICHARD ALLEN TURNER " Rat " . . . Geared to an outdoor life . . . Prepared for anything with his underground fallout shelter . . . Cuts a striking figure on skis. ANNE TAYLOR VERNON “Wlbr” . . . Numerous creative endeavors . . . Perceptive in- sights into humanity ... A command of words . . . Mindful musings . . . Reliable. SUSAN ELAINE WACASTER “Wac” . . . Proud of her posi- tion on our championship bas- ketball team . . . Haunted by memories of Halloween . . . Guides the “M” Club. CARLA DIANE WALKER A striking blond . . . Deca Club Sweetheart . . . Planning marriage in the near future . . . Advertisement for the John Graham Store. JANICE YVONNE WALKER “Jan " . . . Pestered by constant chatter . . . Cherishes her driving privileges . . . Zipped her day to career day . . . Pert and perky. BRUCE EDWARD WEBB “Zeb Webb” . . . Believes in punctuality . . . Found a secret way out . . . Makes his own free ways . . . “Can t see no future in it.” LARRY TURMAN WHETSTINE “Thurm " . . . Got stalled in the middle of town . . . Perfect attendance at the rock and roll shows . . . Traditional teacher trials. JOHN MURRAY WHISENANT “Johnny” . . . Image of the Western man . . . Equanimity . . . Yearns to live a life of leisure . . . Plenty of horse sense . . . Assiduous. WILLIAM GERALD WHISNANT “Jerry” . . . Amongst the Hal- loween lineup . . . Incontestably athletic . . . Casts a familiar sight . . . Teeming spirit . . . “Indiscourageable . ” 44 Seniors PHILIP REID WHITAKER " Phil” . . . Fleeting flute player . . . Raves about Rodan . . . En- deavoring to become an en- gineer . . . Drill master of the band corps. WILLIAM ROBERT WILLETS “Wee Willy” . . . Befuddled by femininity . . . Boating es- capade . . . Aptitude for science . . . Frequently armed with pup tent and mess kit. REX ALLEN WILLIAMS Outgoing outlook . . . Reformed hurler of water-bombs . . . Elated by victory for the team . . . Problems with Spanish . . . “Hey there.” SUSAN ELIZABETH WILLIAMS Understanding . . . Has made a place for herself at Morganton High . . . Displays an interest in elementary education . . . Helping hand. ROBERT DEAN WILSON Agreeable . . . Anticipating a position as a high school band director . . . Confident of his own abilities . . . Bring back Beethoven. Those hallowed halls . . . 45 MOST VALUABLE Nancy Prince L.H. Kirksey 46 BEST LOOKING Glenda Clarke Eddie McGimsey Senior Superlatives MOST ATHLETIC Susan Wacaster Bobby Hogan MOST INTELLECTUAL Becky Sink Johnny Whisenant MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Beverly Leonhardt Richard Liebhart MOST POPULAR Mary Branstrom Charles Conley 47 Senior MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Linda Ball Ben Powell Superlatives MOST TALENTED Jane England Philip Whitaker 48 Spring means one more class graduating from Morganton High School. In many ways this class is similar to those preceding it and those following. Yet, because of its individual members, it is unique. The following is a general recollection of the past four years in the lives of t hese individuals. In the fall of 1963, we began four of the most important years of our lives. As freshmen we became acquainted with the peculiarities of high school life : Friday in P.E., water bombs, ablative absolutes, and study (?) halls. We enjoyed limited participation in sports, clubs, assemblies, and other school activities. By the end of our first year, we had established a place for ourselves and had begun to feel at home. It is difficult to recall much of our sophomore year because we slept through most of it. Vague memories of our beloved Caesar, frogs, world history dates, angles and planes come to mind. At the close of our second year, we were taking part in varied school affairs. Many of us had obtained our coveted drivers’ licenses. Now we were anticipating the honor of being upperclassmen. Our junior year marked us as full-fledged members of the high school society. With knowledgeable airs we discussed atomic structure and poetic symbolism. Many of us struggled to master typing or a second foreign language. Increased activities included a series of disconcerting initiations. When the marshals, Becky Sink, Charles Conley, Linda Meyers, Eddie McGimsey, Carolyn Kirby, Charles Hogshead, Beverly Leonhardt, Richard Liebhart, Susan Williams and Johnny Whisenant, were chosen to serve at senior affairs, we realized that our class was next. Finally, we became seniors. It seemed an eternity before our rings came. Their arrival was a formal declaration of our senior status, our leadership. This role was almost frightening. We flung ourselves wholeheartedly into our last year. Many events held sorrow and joy. This was our last homecoming, our last basket- ball game, and, soon, our last day of high school. We were smothered with SAT scores, college applications, English themes, and history notes. As we began to take stock of ourselves, we discovered young adults, mature and sophisticated. We were a long way from the timid freshmen on that autumn morning four years earlier. In the spring of 1967, another class will pass for the last time through the doors of Morganton High and render one last chorus of the Alma Mater. As the last strains of “Singing praises to the sky for dear old Morganton High” fade away, another group, significant in its own particular way, will take its place in the world, enriched by its four-year stay at M.H.S. BECKY SINK Historian 49 Will and We, the Senior Class of 1967, realizing that we walk the halls of Morgan- ton High School for the final time, do make and declare this last will and testament to bestow and entrust our few treasured possessions upon our heirs. Article I: To the faculty and Mr. Schiebout, we leave the traditional ex- pression of appreciation for their tolerance and guidance, and our joyful tears of farewell. Article II: To the city of Morganton, we leave the consolation that others of our caliber will follow. Article III: To the Sophomores we leave the thought that with our leaving they will become upperclassmen. Article IV : To those who will soon possess the privileges and afflictions of being Seniors, we distribute these individual and collective proficiencies and characteristics: We, Allen Orders and Billy Willets, leave Charlie Butler, Steve Herman and Hunt Riddle the right always to blame another guy. We, Sue Byrd and Nancy Graybeal, will our talkative ways to Judy Gamble, Susan Ratcliff and Susan Corley. I, Mike McCall, leave my love for photography to John Mode and Andy Patton. We, Susan McNeely and Barbara Dale, leave our skill to lead boys on to Toni Brown, who already has experience. 1, Charles Conley, leave my well-used record, " It Hurts So Bad " to Ralph Johnson. I, Charlie Mae Early, present Scott Whisnant the use of my house on week- ends so the neighbors won’t find out. I, Nancy Riggs, in the event that I discard my road map to Chapel Hill, leave it to Susu Fitz, who has a beaten path of her own. We, Susan Wacaster, Jane Avery, Pat Parnell and Lee Ann Sigmon, leave the good old 70-lb. thrust machine in the worn hands of Janice McNeely, Margaret Sakowski, Sue Avery, Mary Lxiu Dougher and Dixie Rollins. I, Linda Ball, leave my enthusiasm for cheerleading to Helen Farfour, hoping she isn’t asked “I Wonder Why?” We, Hilda Greene and Jackie Hensley, leave our life-standing member- ship in the Lonely Hearts Club to Susan Jablonski, Barbara Lingerfelt and Nancy Bishop. I, Tommy Rippy, leave Susan Conley knowing she is mine. We, Nancy Prince, Ruthie Connelly and Billy Coley, leave our neatness to Karen Connelly and Mike Rader. (jest ament I, Mike Abee, leave my " Toad” Giles smile to Max Poteet. We, Glenda Clarke, Joetta Ricks and Judy Abee, leave with our sparkling Christmas gifts. We, Doug Lay and Jimmy Mitchell, leave our supposedly lost interest of Hickory to Susan Cash. We. John Newton and Charlie Brown, leave with the consolation that both were losers. We, Diana Panarese and Rodney Rasnick, leave Debbie Gantt and Mike Buff the hope that they will leave together too. We, Philip Whitaker, Philip Morris and Bruce Webb, leave our husky physiques to Roy Blanton, Bruce Walker, and Walter Wall. We, Jane England, Dean Wilson and Lynn Buff, leave our talents to Mitzi Strickland, Becky Bauguss, Crystal Weller and Janice Bryant. We, Buzzy Poteat and Steve McCall, leave our discreet week-end activities to Jim Crisp and Benny Houston. We, Donnie Lambeth and Calvin Sossoman, leave our love for the younger set to Casey Baber, Jeff Benesh and Linda Jones. We, Mary Branstrom and Mary Frances Abernathy, leave with the hopes that others will find the meaning of a long, true friendship. We, Becky Sink and Margaret Snyder, leave our ability for organization to C.J. Saunders, Dorothy Conley and Susan Hart. We, Randy Curtis, Twinkle Harbison, and Florence Avery, leave our mem- bership in Put ' s F.O.B. Club to Becky Ricks, Carol Cline, Margaret Grady and Linda Williams. I, Glenn Causby, leave the one right thing that I was so long in find- ing . . Robin Bounous. We, Edith Tallent, Charles Hogshead, Carolyn Kirby and Mike Propst, leave our sense of dedication to Don Glasco and Cindy Hyatt. We, John O ' Neil and William Harbison, leave our likable personalities and athletic abilities to Harvy Brewer. I, Earl Robinson, leave my ability to be liked by all to Don Saunders. I, Eddie McGimsey, leave my good looks to Tom Brothers, who really doesn’t need them. We, Jimmy Steele, Bobby Hoyle, and Bobby Anderson, leave our me- chanical aptitutde to Rod Gantt, Phillip Robinson and George Featherby. I, Bobby Hogan, leave my love of football to Chuck Fleming. We, Miriam Leslie, Christie Carroway and Mary Perry, leave our love of Marion fellows to the freshmen who have taken over. I, Paul Thomas, leave my height which is so valuable to the basketball team to Jerry Whetstine and Bill Leslie. We, Susan Williams and Melvina Sain, leave our out-going personalities to Lynn Anderson and Susan Irvin. We, Linda Meyers, Nolita Fisher and Judy Simmons, leave our love for the older boys to Kitty Arney and Dereama Kelly. 50 I, Rex Williams, leave my school spirit to Sammy Smith and Bobby Reece. We, Carolyn Hensley, Beverly Leonhardt and Kay Tasler, leave our love for Glen Alpine (??) boys to Gail Robinson, knowing she doesn’t miss them. We, Dickie Turner and Johnny Whisenant, leave our love for the out-of- doors to Kenneth Mull and Joe Patton. We, Richard Liebhart and Andy Newton, leave our unfortunate luck for always being knocked out of the saddle to Dennis Powell. We, Austin Smith and Carla Walker, leave our knowledge of married life to Linda Morgan, who may not need it. I, Ben Powell, leave my boisterous, burping mannerisms to Crystal Whet- stine. We, Marty Harris, Lourita Tessener, Alma Johnson, Linda Barrier and George Taylor, leave our quiet ways to Dennis Deutschle, David Sigmon, Tom Smith, Carolyn Dale and John McMurray. We, Wanda Coffey and Rhonda Braswell, leave our permanent parking place at Hardee ' s to Zudie Cook and Linda Leonhardt. I, Susan Hewat, leave my beautiful eyes to Jane Dale. We, Mike Leonard, Jerry Whisnant and Gene Duckworth, leave our Hal- loween experiences to Jimmy Williams, Johnny Black, and Danny Greene. We, Dave Price, Ken Smith, Jimmy Black and Jerry Allman, proudly take our Senior jackets with us! We, Jean Anderson and Judy Grady, leave our petite feminine ways to Sandra Issacs and Diane Mull. I, Jane Abernathy, leave my ability always to be friendly with many boys at the same time to Nancy Phifer. I, Janice Walker, leave my genteel approach to any situation to Debbie Greene and Rita Earley. I, Nancy Smith, leave my fond memories of the beach to anyone who dares to have more fun than I did. We, William Greer and Johnny Sellars, leave our trait of always missing classes to Johnny Mayfield, Jesse Wilson and Paul Chambers. I, Bobby Bryant, leave my title, “Teacher’s Pet, ' ' to Joe Bingham. I, Rebecca Pitts, leave my poised and purposeful ways to Patrice Whisen- ant. We, Joe Avery and Jack McNeely, leave our dry wit and humor to Mary Maye and Beverly Rockett. I, Paula Roach, leave my diet pills to Linda Adams and Susan Ervin. I, Phillip Baker, leave my nickname “Rabbit " to Carroll McNeely. We, Myra Griggs, Harry Houpe, Jackie Conley and Larry Whetstine, leave our friendly ways to Sharon Tolson, Rita Brittain and Janet Browning. I, Joyce Russ, leave my affection for Valdese boys to Denise Beach and Gale Propst. I, Don Smith, leave my curly hair to Garry Shook. We, Marie Zimmerman, Donnie Morrissey, Dianne Mills and Nancy Tate, leave our frail health to Sandra Gilmore, Mattie Chambers and Christine Brewer. We, Robert Scott, Eddie Johnson, Roy Chambers and Tom Grady, gladly leave ! I, L.H. Kirksey, leave my aptitude for thorough management to Don Goare. I, Dewey Bumgarner, leave my experience with election campaigns to Wayne Fonville. I, Bo Cash, leave my multi-colored Corvair to Eddie Waldrop. We, Brynda Crisp and Anne Vernon, leave our cheerful personalities and quiet mannerisms to Doris Whisenant, Susan Houck, and Wayne Crosbie. I, Keith Blevins, leave and in doing so abandon my valuable position on the baseball mound. I, Vernon Fleming, leave my studious habits to Dana Panarese. I, Jack Barrier, leave my love for Hondas to Donald Hunter. We, Sandra McCracken, Belinda Thomas and Gladys Morris, leave our desks in Put’s 8:00 make-up class to Gerald Hicks, Tom Curlee and Steve Costner. We, Kermit Fox, Mike Stephenson and Sandra Morgan, leave our reserved mannerisms to Dennis Ramsey and Judy Spainhour. I, David Baker, leave a certain special person behind. We, Tommie Largent, Henriette Lar gent, Clarence Johnson and Jerry Ledford, leave our love for history to Joan Rogers, Fred Cooke and Harry Ervin. We, Ronald Haynes, Keith Miller, Jackie Thomas and Frank Taylor, leave in search of new adventures. We, the Senior Class of Morganton, do here- by set our seal to be affixed on this the thirtieth day of May in the year of our I ord, nineteen hundred sixty seven. Jane Avery Testatrix 51 Gxo Jus I feel the chill And see the flame of sunset dying; My crippled mind Is weary from the pain of trying. The tiny tinted window of my room Imposes on the world a semi-gloom; And so I leave in search of sky and air. And freedom from the closeness and the care. The dusky world Of twilight thickens into blackness; The earth is changed Into a wideness, wild and trackless. The starlight falling coldly from the skies Is painting tangled patterns in my eyes; From the mouth of night, the cave of stone, Come images familiar, yet unknown. Their faces fly Into a spinning mass of madness; The shadows reel And stumble over stones of sadness. While I try to find reason in the roar, The high shrill mocking chant of nevermore Mercilessly burns into my mind. Damning me, then leaving me behind. The faceless clown Is choking gaily on his part; My faithful friend Removes my knife from in his heart. The weary wounded soldier who has won Softly sobs upon his empty gun; A child, who bears a crown upon his head. Treads aimlessly upon the freshly dead. My kin of night Your staring eyes hold not a sign. Oh! can it be I hold the same lost look in mine? I clutch my throat and choke upon the tears, Streaking through my mind with bloody smears. A trembling hand is searching for my own; The pleading grasp is short; I am alone. Peal after peal Of hellish laughter drowns my senses, Torn from the throat Crushing feverish, frail defenses. I reel into the distant hot and deep. Hypnotically I take the hand of sleep. And let the phantom lead me like the blind Down the spiral staircase of the mind. Opening my eyes I wonder why and where is now? A pirate laughs And slowly kneels to kiss my brow; I feel a golden ring upon my ear, And taste upon my mouth a salty tear. I hear a gentle footstep far below, And ache to call a name I do not know. Who can I be, Or who was he, and what is time? Is this a soul, Or just a sad and senseless mime? Is this a place where I have been before, A fragment of a fitful night or more? Can someone tell me just what I am worth, Convince me of my being or my birth? My body’s weak, Yet weariness does not relieve me; My mind cries on, Serenity will not receive me. The howling blackness batters down my soul, The tiring task of living takes its toll; Yet deep within I hear an urgent cry, “You cannot go and leave me here to die.” I must escape Embrace the painfree sub-existence; I feel no spark No life to save through this resistance. The edge of sight presents a burning coal A ray of redness reaching to my soul A stray beam kindles hope and crushes fear; The disbelief begins to disappear. The deathless sun Spreads light on that which just seemed doomed; The pain is soothed; The savage darkness is consumed; The present seems so free, full, and alive; Suddenly there is reason to survive! I stroke my scars and pray now that I’m free I’ll find the God who mercifully found me. Anne Vernon Poet 52 Prophecy Charles hogshead Twas the night of the Prom, everybody was there; They were boozing on tabies and boozing on chairs Till intoxication their minds had bereft And sober as Virtue, I only was left — So I think I’ll lie down here in the punch bowl and go to sleep. But hark! Everything seems to be shwirling around. I’ll bet I’ve died and gone to my reward — Owww! All right, whish one of you wise guysh lit my shor? Boy, thish punch makes a great bed. Hey! Something’s coming into focus. It looks like something from the future. Who’s that? Hey, you guys, look! It ' s the President. Why it’s — I swear this is good punch —it’s —it’s Charlie Brown. Hiya Charlie, you ol’ shun of a “Where’s my secretary? Miss Dale, get on the phone and call American Tobacco Co. And don’t talk to their board, Susan McNeely, Miriam Leslie, Glenn Causby or Hilda Greene, either. I want to talk to their President, Jackie Hensley. Every time I want to talk to her, she disappears in a cloud of smoke. Also get our French ambassadors, Calvin Sossoman, Philip Whitaker, John O’Neil and Richard Liebhart on the phone. I must find out what they are wear- ing to socialite Nancy Prince’s Turkish cocktail party. " “Now Miss Dale, you may bring breakfast. No eggs! What do you mean Billy Coley’s cornered the egg market? Well, call up Rippy’s Tastee Freeze and tell him to send over an ice cream cone. Every- thing is going wrong today. Oh well.” “What’s next on my agenda? Hmmmmm— trip to the Library of Congress and the National Art Gallery. What new art works do they have? Let’s see. Here are some new paintings by Mary Frances Abernathy, Mary Branstrom, and Anne Vernon. They’re also show- ing the world’s first foldout painting by those renown artists Ben Powell, Earl Robinson, and Andy Newton. It’s called We ’re Having a Ball , Linda. ” “Oh, by the way, turn on the T.V.; I want to watch the basket- ball game. It’s on right after “I’m Spied,” starring Ruthie and Charles Conley. Coach McGimsey is supposed to start Jane Avery, Lee Ann Sigmon, Susan Wacaster, Patricia Parnell and Edith Tallent today. I’ve heard that he pays $15,000 a year for that job.” “Now, where was I? Oh, yes. Today’s paper lists some new books that are out. The Benefits of Wedded Bliss by Austin Smith, Carla Kendrick, Nancy and Mike Leonard, Glenda Monroe, Diana and Rodney Rasnick, and Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abee; Driving Safety in Ten Easy Lessons by Christie Carroway, Mary Perry, and Susan C. Williams; Fun at the Beach by Carolyn Kirby and Joyce Russ; I Dreamed I Went to Carnegie Hall in My Chauffeured Rolls Boyce (?) by Jane England; and The Care and Feeding of Figs by Johnny N . . . Would you please close that window? I can’t hear a thing with Senators Jimmy Black, Mike Propst, Buzzy Poteat, Bobby Hogan, and Bobby Anderson buzzing around in Boggan Cash’s new Chev- rolet with a body by Fisher. Humph! They thought that they had the hottest car in town until playboy Lynn Buff got his new Camaro. (BRINGG.BRINGG) “Oh no! Don’t tell me it’s time for my cab- inet meeting already. Where has the day gone?— How’d thish cherry et in my ear?— Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Shall we ave roll call? Let’s see. Secretaries of Foreign Affairs Beverly Leon- hardt, Melvina Sain, and Kay Tasler are out on assignment. Sec- retaries of Health, Education and Welfare Donnie Lambeth, Tom Grady, and Donnie Morrisey are on sick call at the Avery, Thomas, Taylor and Bumgarner Clinic. HMMM. Defense? Where are Sec- retaries Mitchell, Allman, Fox, Price, Williams and Ken Smith? Whadya mean they’re playing football? If I’ve told them once, I’ve told them a thousand times that is not the kind of defense I meant. Well, at least my faithful Secretaries of the Treasury, Philip and Robert Baker, are here. Even their names sound honest ... I’d trust the name Baker anytime. Before we begin the meeting, let’s read the minutes of the last meeting. Miss Sink and Miss Early, will you please bring the minutes in?— Miss Sink? Miss Early?— Ah, Miss Snyder. Where are my other two secretaries? Getting their pictures made?!! I knew the minute McCall started running around with Hefner’s son there ' d be trouble. " “Oh, well, I suppose we might as well get down to business. Gentlemen, my special committee Gene Duckworth, Eddie Johnson, William Greer, Clarence Johnson, and Bobby Bryant have come up with a plan that will make me one of the Presidential greats — Na- tional Prohibition. We ' ll wipe out every ABC store, bootlegger, and distillery in the country. How’s that for an idea? The group in the back — Scott, Harris, Wilson, Smith? You wish to speak. Senator Steele? What’s that knife for? Watch the chair!! Thud.®!!? Sorry about that. Kirksey, you put away that knife. Not you too. Lay. Get away — Et Tu! Owwwwww © © © “Hey Danny! Get that lunatic out of the punch bowl before he drowns. He keeps yelling that he ate two cherries or something. Boy, these kids! And to think they say that these kids will be running the country in a few years. Boy! That’ll be the day. Cheee. 53 Sports Hours of Practice Capable Coaching Co-operation and Teamwork Spirited Support Championship Teams 54 55 Front Row: J O’Neil, K. Smith, J. Whisnant, J. Allman, D. Price, B. Powell. Second Row: M. Mull, R. Harbison, C. Butler, J. Crisp, C. Baber, B. Hogan. Third Row. M. Buff, J Mitchell, R. Williams, D. Saunders, S. Whisnant. Movgsdon Coaches: B. J. Carroway, Earl Broome, and W. F. McIntosh. Morganton. . . . 14-21 .... East Rutherford Morganton. . . . . . . . 13-0 .... Watauga Morganton. . . . 14-20 Wilkes Central Morganton. . . . 14-13 Lenoir Morganton. . . . 12-7 Newton Morganton. . . . , . . . 13-7 . . . . Valdese Morganton. . . . 26-32 Hudson Morganton. . . . 41-13 Marion Morganton. . . . 7-41 Hickory Morganton. . . . 48-12 Taylorsville 56 Front Row: M. Abee, E. Robinson, J. Black, E. McGimsey, G. Shook, R. Thomas. Second Row D. Grigg, D. Mitchell, D. Broome, J. Whetstine, S. Smith, J. Pear- son. Third Row: E. Childs, R. Johnson, B. Leslie, G. Braswell, D. Bailey. Captains: Jim Mitchell, Bobby Hogan, and Ben Powell. 57 Senior 1966 3ootSaIl When the gun had sounded, ending another Wildcat season, the ’Cats, were to look back and see that the 1966 season was a good one. Led to a 6-3 conference and a 6-4 overall record by captain Bobby Hogan and co-captains Jimmy Mitchell and Ben Powell, the ’Cats found themselves in third place in the Northwestern Conference, after fighting through injuries and disappointments. The opener for the Cats was a non-conference game with the East Rutherford Cavaliers, which ended with the ’Cats on the losing end, 21-14. Bobby Hogan scored the two Wildcat touchdowns with Jimmy Black making both extra points. The Wildcats bounced back after the first game loss to shut out favored Watauga, 13-0. The ’Cats were led of- fensively by quarterbacks Ben Powell and Ralph Johnson, each throwing a touchdown pass. Powell passed for a game total of 180 yards. The ’Cats’ savage defense was led by Mike Abee, Jerry Allman, John O’Neil, and Casey Baber. The strong Wilkes Central team defeated the ’Cats, 20-14, in probably the Eagles’ hardest win. Wildcat touch- downs were scored by B. Powell and Chuck Fleming. The following game the ’Cats again tasted victory as they edged the Lenoir Bearcats, 14-13. The Wildcat touch- downs were both set up by fumble recoveries by C. Baber and Ken Smith, with B. Powell and B. Hogan going for TD’s. J. Black converted both extra points which were to decide the outcome of the game. The great ’Cat defense was led by Mike Buff, who in the last quarter, blitzed the place kicker to block the extra point that saved the game. Two really great defensive plays by C. Fleming in the last thirty seconds of the game, helped the ’Cats beat the Newton-Conover Red Devils, 12-7. M. Abee and Fleming were the TD carriers. After this game, the Wildcats were very unfortunate to lose the services of captain Bobby Hogan because of an injury. 1. Mike Abee 2. Jerry Allman 3. Jimmy Black 4. Bobby Hogan 5. Eddie McGimsey 6. Jimmy Mitchell 7. John O’Neil 58 Players 1967 Summary The Wildcats, behind the passing of B. Powell and the running of C. Fleming, defeated Valdese, 13-7, to keep the Tigers from winning their fourth straight game from the Cats. Powell threw for 170 yards, completing seven out of ten passes, two of which were for touchdowns. The TD passes were pulled down by J. Allman and J. O’Neil. The Wildcats suffered a doublfe wound in their home- coming game, as they lost to Hudson, 32-26, and also lost their bid for the Northwestern Conference title. J. O’Neil scored two Cat TD’s as J. Whetstine and B. Powell each scored once. Against Marion, the ’Cats exploded to beat the Rippers, 41-13, as Coach Broome led many reserves play. M. Abee and J. O’Neil each scored two touchdowns as B. Powell added one and passed for one. Another was made by the reserves as R. Johnson hit Robert Harbison. J. Black had a great night, hitting five of six extra point tries. The tough ’Cat defense, which held the Rippers to seven yards rush- ing, was led by Don Saunders, Dave Price, J. Mitchell and M. Abee. The Wildcats lost to powerful Hickory as the Tornadoes bowled over the ’Cats, 41-7, J. O’Neil scored the lone ‘Cat TD on a pass from R. Johnson. The Wildcats played their finest football in overcoming fumbles, interceptions, and penalties to down the Taylors- ville Bears, 48-12. C. Fleming scored three times and M. Abee added two. R. Harbison and Rex Williams each added a TD, and J. Black split the upright six of seven times. Four members of the Wildcat squad were picked to see post-season action in the Lions’ Bowl game at Forest City. They were David Price, Jerry Allman, Jimmy Mitchell, and Ben Powell. RODNEY RASNICK 1. Ben Powell 2. David Price 3. Earl Robinson 4. Ken Smith 5. Rex Williams 6. Jerry Whisnant 59 ■ , : $jk k A - Jp ; k i b i L W - V 1 • ■ T § V Mkvs ' WWk. V OflK jjvuJIjQi f I f v 5HBBT TJBif 1 Pf ' u| Front Row: Don Saunders, Bill Leslie, Ben Powell, Eddie McGimsey. Tony Yancey, Paul Thomas. Second Row: Gary Harding, Jerry Whetstine, Jimmy Black, Mike Buff, Forney Happoldt, John O ' Neil, Doug Smith. Managers: Charles Hogshead and Harvey Brewer. John O ' Neil, captain; Coach Carroway; Eddie McGimsey, captain. 60 Senior Players JOHN O ' NEIL EDDIE McGIMSEY Morganton-Salem 50-60 Morganton- Salem 54-62 Morganton-Taylorsville 62-56 Morganton-Hickory 45-6 1 Morganton-Valdese 30-32 Morganton-Watauga 45-81 Morganton- Lenior 59-31 Morganton-Marion 58-66 Morganton-Hudson 74-42 Morganton-Wilkes Central 32-30 Morganton-Newton 54-49 Morganton-Hickory 38-37 Morganton-Valdese 53-38 Morganton-Watauga 41-58 Morganton- Lenior 51-61 Morganton-Marion 49-57 Morganton-Taylorsville 70-57 Morganton-Hudson 56-38 Morganton-Wilkes Central ' 46-47 Morganton-Newton 42-60 JIMMY BLACK PAUL THOMAS BEN POWELL Front Row: T. Smith, M. Dougher, J. Avery, S. Wacaster, D, Rollins, M. Sossoman. Second Row : J, McNeely, M.L. Dougher, M. Sakowski, S. Avery, L.A. Sig- mon. P. Parnell. Third Row: S. McGill, C. Weller, J. McNeely, J. Harris, B. McIntosh, G. Whisenant, J. Fox, J. Stamps. Debbie Gantt, statistician; Susan Irvin, manager; Sherry Hoffmeyer, scorekeeper. (girls’ BasRdftall Susan Wacaster, co-captain; Mr. Earl Broome, coach; Jane Avery, co-captain. 62 SUSAN WACASTER Senior Players JANE AVERY Morganton-Salem Morganton-Salem Morganton-Taylorsville . . . Morganton-Hickory Morganton-Valdese Morganton-Watauga Morganton-Lenior Morganton-Marion Morganton-Hudson Morganton-Wilkes Central 25-18 Morganton-Newton 24-23 31- 25 Morganton-Hickory 28-20 32- 35 Morganton-Valdese 18-26 29-16 Morganton-Watauga 44-20 40-26 Morganton-Lenior 57-14 49-18 Morganton-Marion 27-19 39-26 Morganton-Taylorsville 38-23 42-10 Morganton-Hudson 36-31 32-31 Morganton-Wilkes Central ' 32-25 42-21 Morganton-Newton 20-17 PAT PARNELL LEE ANN SIGMON 63 First Row B. Powell, E. Robinson, E. McGimsey, K. Blevins, D. Saunders. Second Row H. Brewer, C. Fleming, B. Leslie, J. O’Neil. Baseball Coach Michael Lackey. Morganton . . 1-2 . Salem Morganton . . 11-7 . Salem Morganton . . 2-4 . Newton Morganton . . 4-8 . . . . . Taylorsville Morganton . . 0-7 . Hickory Morganton . . 2-3. . . Wilkes Central Morganton . . 5-2 . Lenoir Morganton . . 7-9. . Marion Morganton . . 3-2 . Watauga Morganton . . 0-3 . Hudson Philip Mode, manager. 64 Qolf Into the sand trap again? Morganton’s gentlemen linksmen, although un- heralded by the student body, have become MHS’s most consistent champanions. Through quiet The jolly Green Giant tees off determination and strict self-discipline, the golfers have established themselves as true athletes and excellent representatives of the school. Front Row: Rod Gantt, Johnny Black. Second Row ; Max Poteet, Joe Patton, Jimmy Mitchell. I Left to right: Susan Conley, Helen Farfour, Nancy Phifer, Linda Ball, head; Madelvn Sossoman, Jane Avery, Margaret Sakowski. Cfieerleaders Linda Ball, head cheerleader. Look Ma, no cavities! M.H.S. cheerleaders, selected by the faculty and student body, encourage the M.H.S. athletes on the road to victory, lend color and vitality to pep rallies and varsity events, and try to boost the spirit of M.H.S. 66 ' Put " guarding the gates. Fighting hard for a Wildcat touchdown 67 Organijafions Monthly Meetings Community Service Privileges and Responsibilities Convention Trips Developing Leadership 68 69 Honor Society Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest honor that a M.H.S. student may receive. The organization honors students who Mrs. Kidd, Advisor A : Charles Hogshead President Johnny Whisenant Vice-President Jane Avery Jane England Charles Conley Carolyn Kirby Richard Liebhart Eddie McGimsey Jean Anderson Brynda Crisp Beverly Leonhardt Honor Society excel in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Through unpublicized projects, it takes an active part in community and school affairs. Homecoming sponsor Susan Will- iams, escorted by Jimmy Williams. Susan Williams Secretary Nancy Prince Treasurer Linda Meyers Pat Parnell Becky Sink Dianne Mills Diana Panarese Lee Ann Sigmon Melvina Sain Edith Tallent Anne Vernon [■■■■91 Front Row: S. Conley, D. Rollins, C. Kirby, C. Whetstine, B. McIntosh, M L. Dougher, S. Tolson. Second Row: L. Ball, J. Avery, M. Sakowski, R. Bounous, J. England, B. Crisp, P. Parnell. Third Row: S. Williams, R. Pitts, L.A. Sigmon, J. Franklin, S. Avery, S. McCracken. Anchor Cluh Homecoming sponsor Jane Avery, escorted by Billy Coley. Linda Ball, secretary; Jane Avery, president; Robin Bounous, v. president; Margaret Sak- owski, chaplain; Susan Conley, treasurer; Mrs. Holmes, sponsor. The Anchor Club members, selected for leadership, citizenship, scholarship, and character, are busy this year carrying out the theme of “Widening Our Horizons.” Its main objectives are to complete worthwhile projects and to serve at functions outside of, as well as in, school. 72 Front Row: L.H. Kirksey, J. Mitchell, E. Robinson, L. Buff, C. Conley, R. Liebhart, P. Whitaker. Second Row: M. Propst, D. Lay, B. Powell, S. Whisnant, E. Me- Gimsey, C. Fleming. Third Row: J. Whisenant, M. Poteet, D. Saunders, B. Reece, J. Williams. Fourth Row: J. Whisnant, B Hogan, D. Deutschle, T Brothers. S. Gregory. Key CluS --- Homecoming sponsor Mary Branstrom, escorted by Charles Conley. Earl Robinson, Vice-President; Tom Brothers, Secretary; Mr. Whisnant, sponsor; Charles Conley, President; Richard Liebhart, Treasurer. The Key Club, following the example of its sponsoring club, the Kiwanis Club, is one of the most outstanding and respected clubs at MHS. Through projects like caring for the school flag and presenting a weekly radio program about happenings around school, the club develops its objectives of leadership and service. 73 Front Row: P. Mauney, D. Woody, A. Propst, S. Conley, N. Riggs, J. Hensley, S. Wacaster, D. Mills, A. Craven, B. Rockett. Second Row: P. Morris, E. Robinson, D. Rollins, G. Whisnant, S. Cash, N. Prince, J. Hamrick, C. Harbison, S. Houck. Third Row R. Liebhart, P. Whitaker, C. Darwin, M.L. Dougher, B. Lingerfelt, B. Hotchkiss, J. Gamble, K. Connelly, M. Sakowski, R. Bounous, B. Sink. Fourth Row J. Crisp, C. Hogshead, L. Meyers, A. Vernon, P. DeVere, S. Tolson, N. Phifer, S. Fitz, S. Avery. Fifth Row: C. Conley, B. Powell, E. McGimsey, C. Kirby, S. Byrd, J. England, L. Ball, J. Avery, J. Harris. Sixth Row: L.H. Kirksey, E. Tallent, P. Parnell, C. Whetstine, S. Whisnant, C. Brown, D. Deutschle, S. Gregory, C.J. Saunders. Seventh Row: G. Braswell, T. Digh, J. Mc- Murray, B. Rogers, B. Reece, D. Saunders, M. Browning, T. Brothers. £afin CluS Homecoming sponsor Jane England, escorted by Joe Avery. C.J. Saunders, v. president; Sue Byrd, secretary; Jane England, president; Susan Houck, v. president; Scott Whis nant, treasurer; Miss Blaylock, sponsor. The Latin Club, whose purpose is to relate the cultures of the classical civilization to the modern day, is one of the largest and more active clubs at MHS. Some of its projects are planning a Roman banquet, conducting a candy sale, and attending the state JCL Convention. 74 Front Row: N. Fisher, S. Houck, S. Isaacs, S. Hewat, D. Mills, N. Riggs, S. Wacaster, N. Graybeal. Second Row. ]. Kincaid, L. Meyers, P. Parnell, J. Abernathy, L. Williams, S. Gilmore, C. Hyatt, D. Greene, D. Beach, L. Morgan, P. Reichard. Third Row.N. Smith, C.M. Earley, G. Clarke, C. Whetstine, D. Rollins, C Dale, C. Webb, S. McGill, J. Fox, V. Monroe, L. Adams, B. Denton. Fourth Row: J. Browning, N. Bishop, D. Kelly, T. Brown, K. Arney, L. Jones, R. Cunningham, Su- san Corley, D. Sigmon, J. Gamble, M L. Dougher, S. Ratcliff, P. Whisnant. Fifth Row: D. Smith, A. McKesson, P. Harrison, B Patton, J. Perkins, D. Golightly, D. Gentry, B. Smith, B. Lingerfelt, M. Snyder, B. Boger, S. Tolson, B Baugess. Sixth Row: K. Tasler, L. Lane, J. Walker, S. Abee, B. Myrick, J. Dale, R. Brittain, L. Anderson, J. Spainhour, S. Byrd, M F. Abernathy, L. Ball, S. Avery. Seventh Row: E. Rutherford, M. Houpe, C. Williams, R. Pitts, R. Connelly, H. Greene. 3.H.A. Homecoming sponsor Glenda Clarke, escorted by L.H. Kirksey. Hilda Greene, reporter; Becky Baugess, v. president, Jane Abernathy, parliamentarian; Denise Beach, historian; Glenda Clarke, president; Mrs. Hester, sponsor; Nancy Graybeal, secretary-treasurer; Diana Kincaid, county secretary. The purpose of the F.H.A. is to place emphasis on the home and community. The F.H.A. furnishes an outlet for those girls who are interested in the field of homemaking. Members are always ready and willing to serve at school functions. 75 Front Row. L. Barrier, D. Panarese, D. Mills, D. Panarese, J. Hensley, S. Wacaster, N. Riggs, S. Gilmore. Second Row: D. Conley, J. Russ, C. Kirby, S. Byrd, M Sain, B. Leonhardt, J. Spainhour, D. Sigmon, J. Conley. Third Row: K. Arney, F. Avery, M.F. Abernathy, R. Pitts, L. Ball, J. Avery, J. England, B. Crisp, N. Prince, B. Sink Fourth Row: J. Avery, M. Harris, M. Stephenson, C. Hogshead, E. McGimsey, C. Conley, C. Sossoman, R Liebhart, C. Whetstine, E. Tallent. ‘Jrcncfi Glut Homecoming sponsor Beverly Leonhardt, es- corted by Donald Glasco. Sue Byrd, vice-president; Carolyn Kirby, secretary; Mr. Nanney, sponsor; Joe Avery, treas- urer; Beverly Leonhardt, president. The French Club was established to promote an interest in the cultural knowledge of France as well as to promote the foreign exchange program. Guest speakers are pre- sented at the meetings held throughout the year. 76 Front Row. L. Jones, D. Kelly, N. Fisher, B. Dale, L. Barrier, D. Panarese. Second Row: W. Crosbie, S. Hewat, N. Bishop, S. Jablonski, M. Maye, M. Propst. Third Rou.B. Sellars, D. Beach, S. Corley, R. Earley, J. Black, E. Waldrop, D. Glasco. Fourth Row: L.H. Kirksey, C. Fleming, P. Parnell, L.A. Sigmon, L. Meyers, A. Vernon. Fifth Row B Hogan, J. Patton, J. Abernathy. C. Brown, E Robinson, H. Greene. Spanish Club Homecoming sponsor Miriam Leslie, escorted by Buzzy Poteat. Denise Beach, v. president; Hilda Greene, v. president; Donald Glasco, v. president; Miriam Leslie, president; Mrs. Rubio, sponsor; Joe Patton, treasurer; Mike Propst, secretary; Gail Robinson, reporter. The Spanish Club, now under the guidance of Mrs. Rubio, consists of those students who show interest and ability in the Spanish language. Its aim is to promote further interest in the language and in Spanish-speaking people. 77 Front Boiv J. Hensley, B Leonhardt, C. Kirby, D. Mills, D. Panarese, N. Fisher, N. Prince. Second Row: C, Hogshead, J. Russ, M. Sain, A. Vernon, J. England, L. Meyers, B. Sink. Third Row: D. Lay, D. Lambeth, J. Black, M. Propst, E. Tallent, P Parnell, S. Byrd, J. Avery. Fourth Row. J. Whisenant, E. McGimsey, C. Brown, M.F. Abernathy, C. Conley, H. Greene, R. Liebhart. Fifth Row: R. Haynes, J. Avery, B. Powell, L.H. Kirksey, E. Robinson, R Pitts I Abernathy P Whitaker. Science CluS Homecoming sponsor Jackie Hensley, escorted by Richard Liebhart. id Actinidci jfwA WW - i .J J 1 L.H. Kirksey, v. president; Nancy Prince, secretary; Richard Liebhart, president; Beverly Leonhardt, treasurer; Mr. Setzer, sponsor. The Science Club was established to promote an in- terest in scientific research as well as to recognize stu- dents maintaining a high average in chemistry or physics. 78 Front Row: D. Conley, S. Corley, S. Gilmore, J. Gamble, S. Cash, D. Beach, C. Hyatt, S. Fitz. Second Row: F. Avery, J. Spainhour, L. Leonhardt, G. Robinson, J. Clontz, V. Browning, B. Boger. Third Row:K. Arney, S. Avery, B. Lingerfelt, M.L. Dougher, A, Vernon, E. Tallent, M. Snyder, S. Williams, D. Smith. Fourth Row: S. Smith, M. Rader, D. Deutschle, L. Browning, J. Abee, S. Whisnant, D. Glasco, C.J. Saunders, G. Shook. Maffi CluS Advisors Mr. Snyder and Mr. McIntosh. Don Glasco, president; Sue Avery, treasurer; Robin Bounous, v. president; Anne Vernon, secretary. Newly organized this year, the Math Club is open to upper class students showing ability and promise in the field of math. 79 Front Bow ■ S. Corley, L. Anderson, M L. Dougher, M. Sain, N. Graybeal, R. Earley. Second Row C. Kirby, S. Byrd, L. Ball, J. Avery, N. Prince, B. Crisp. Third Row: B. Boger, G. Clarke, D. Greene, J. Abernathy, J. England, C. Whetstine. 3.6.A. Homecoming sponsor Carolyn Kirby, escorted by Larry Whetstine. Rita Earley, v. president; Carolyn Kirby, president; Jane England, secretary; Nancy Prince, treasurer; Sue Byrd, historian; Mrs. Williams, sponsor. The F.T.A. was established to stimulate an interest in the teaching profession. Most of the club ' s projects will better prepare its members for their chosen field. 80 Front Row: M.E. Brown, B. McIntosh, P. Mauney, H. Farfour. Second Row: B. Boger, J. England, N. Prince, B. Crisp, M. Browning. Third Row:D. Greene, M. Sakowski, R. Bounous, R. Pitts, J. Abernathy. Fourth Row: C. Hogshead, B. Willets, S. Whisnant, C. Brown, J. Williams, T. Brothers. A.3.S. Homecoming sponsor Nancy Prince, escorted by Doug Lay. Nancy Prince, president; Rebecca Pitts, v. president; Jane Abernathy, treasurer; Margaret Sakowski, secretary; Miss Pascal, sponsor. The American Field Service was formed to promote enthusiasm for the foreign exchange program. This year ' s objective is to find a home for a student next year. 81 ‘ttw Front Row . ' S. Wacaster, S. Conley, H. Farfour. Second Row J. Avery, L. Ball, J. McNeely, M. Sossoman. Third Row: M. Sakowski, L.A. Sigmon, N. Phifer. (y iris’ Varsity “M” Homecoming sponsor Susan Wacaster, escorted by Andy Newton. Miss Keever, sponsor; Janice McNeely, v. president; Susan Wacaster, president; Jane Avery, secretary; Lee Ann Sigmon, sergeant-at-arms. Membership in the Girls’ Varsity “M” is open to all girls who have lettered in a sport and to those who have served as cheerleaders. Boosting school spirit, upholding high morals, stimulating the girls’ athletic program, and recognizing girl athletes are among the objectives of this organization. 82 Front Row B Boger, L. Barrier, L. Meyers. Second Row: S. Gillespie, L. Adams, M. Grady. Third Row: S. Carswell, B. Denton, J. Dale, R. Taylor. £ifrary C uf iomecoming sponsor Myra Griggs, escorted by )oug Jaynes. Miss Deal, sponsor; Linda Barrier, reporter; Myra Griggs, president; Ronald Taylor, sec- retary-treasurer. The Library Club’s main activity is keeping the school library organized for the student’s use. Students give their study halls to perform this service for the school. They also promote an interest in literary achievements. 83 Front Row: G. Shook, S. Smith, J. Crisp, C. Baber, M. Poteet, D. Saunders, R. Williams, C. Fleming, D. Price, D. Grigg. Second Row. • R. Harbison, C. Hogshead, R. Liebhart, C. Sossoman, J. Black, B. Powell, E. Robinson, J Allman, B. Hogan, J. Whisnant. Third Row: R. Johnson, J. O ' Neil, J, Benesh, J Patton, K. Smith, M. Abee, J. Mitchell, M. Buff, E. McGimsey, D Broome, J. Whetstine. Boys ' Varsity “M” Homecoming sponsor Linda Ball, escorted by Tom Brothers. Earl Robinson, v. president; Jimmy Mitchell, president; Coach Broome, sponsor; David Price, secretary; Jerry Whisnant, sergeant-at-arms; Bobby Hogan, treasurer. The Boys’ Varsity “M,” made up of lettermen in all sports, takes an active part in improving the total athletic program at MHS and promotes good sportsmanship and school spirit. The members strive to encourage interest in physical as well as mental fitness. 84 Front Row: G. Propst, J. Anderson, J. Abee, C. Walker, J. Newton, C. Hensley, L. Smith, D. Hunter, T. Grady. Second Row: C. Webb, S. McNeely, C. Williams, E. Meyers, R. Gantt, M. Grady, P. Robinson. Third Row: D. Bumgarner, K. Mull, J. Hawkins, T. Curlee, J. Sellars, R. Buchanan, B. Webb. D. . CluS Homecoming sponsor Carla Walker, escorted by Rod Gantt. Carolyn Hensley, secretary; Jean Anderson, historian; Judy Abee, treasurer; Rod Gantt, v. president; John Newton, president; Mr. Mickle, sponsor. The Deca Club, a relatively young organization, is made up of students participating in the distributive education program. Its objectives are to encourage members to share their working experiences and promote interest in the distributive education program. 85 MARTY HARRIS Editor, Cauldron BECKY SINK Editor, Cat’s Tale PAT PARNELL Club Editor, Cauldron Quill Scroll The Quill and Scroll rec- ognizes those students who have displayed talent and interest in journalism. ROBIN BOUNOUS Assistant Editor, Cat’s Tale RODNEY RASNICK Sports Editor, Cauldron 86 L.H. KIRKSEY Business Manager, Cat’s Tale A typical MHS trashcan meets its minimum daily reguirement. " The senior class requests that students refrain from throwing pumpkins. 87 Activities Recognition of Achievement Creative Efforts Musical Ability Homecoming Anticipation Student Representatives 88 89 Front Row: Carolyn Kirby, Beverly Leonhardt, Jane Avery, Susan Wacaster, Glenda Clarke, Jane England. Second Row: Becky Sink, Philip Whitaker, Charles Conley, Jimmy Mitchell, Earl Robinson, Myra Griggs, Nancy Prince. Third Row: Scott Whisnant, Richard Liebhart, Charles Hogshead, Wayne Warren, Miriam Leslie, Mary Abernathy. Student Board The principal function of the Student Board is to regulate school practices to the satisfaction of both the administration and the student body. In addition, it organizes the publication of the student directory and the homecoming activities. Richard Liebhart, v. president; Jane Avery, treasurer; Beverly Leonhardt, secre- tary; Charles Conley, president. Advisors Mr. Schiebout, Mr. Neely, and Mr. Snyder. Front Row: Susie Hewat, senioralties; Mrya Griggs, assistant editor; Darcel Bradshaw, reporter; Cindy Hyatt, reporter. Second Row: Joyce Russ, sports editor; Edith Tallent, feature editor; Pat Parnell, club editor; Don Smith, humor editor; Rodney Rasnick, sports editor; James Wright, art editor. Marty Harris, co-editor; Mary Frances Abernathy, co-editor; Mr. Whis- nant, sponsor, Mrs. Frye, sponsor. The Cauldron, our school newspaper, under the spon- sorship of Mrs. Frye and Mr. Whisnant, is responsible for keeping the students informed of the latest news around M.H.S. Its various sections are compiled by the individual students of the staff who are in charge of different branches of news. Cauldron Homecoming sponsor Pat Parnell, escorted by Joe Patton. 91 Our advisor “Put” with his safe driving award. Annua! Staff Editor-in-Chief, Becky Sink, explains copy sheets to Assistant Editor, Robin Bounous. Our faithful photographer, John Mode. The 1967 Cat ' s Tale staff regards this book as a minor miracle. About this time last year the present senior staff was wondering how it would ever get an annual out. There were many problems, such as the lack of an editor, money, and general know-how. By struggles incomprehensible to a person not on the staff, we have managed to put together a book. Work on the 1967 Cat ' s Tale actually began early last spring. Under the watchful eye of the retiring staff and Put, we attempted preliminary layout designs and general ideas. With the close of school we were on the way. During the summer months the business staff solicited ads from local merchants. These contributors are the major means of financing our Senior Editorial Staff; Margaret Snyder, Nancy Prince, Anne Vernon, and Charles Conley. Business Staff: Doug Lay, Don Glasco, Eddie McGimsey. book. Also, the editorial staff met to finish preliminary layouts and to begin writing copy. When school opened, we moved into the annual room, both a haven and a torture chamber. Within its four walls the major portion of our annual was formed and completed. Pictures were taken. Final layouts were drawn. Labeling of pictures, copy, and layouts was completed. As we gathered up our copy sheets, layouts, and pictures for one final check, we experienced a feeling of loss. Something very dear to us was about to become the possession of the student body. The annual was no longer ours but was a production to be shared with each of you. Homecoming sponsor Becky Sink, escorted by Rodney Rasnick. Junior Editorial Staff: Debbie Greene, Margaret Sakowski, Dana Panarese, and Tom Brothers. 93 Front Row: L. Kay, J. McGimsey, C. Harbison, J. Rogers. Second Row: R. Liebhart, S. Powell, C. Harbison, S. Simpson, B. Covington, S. Si- mons, C. Brendle, K. Perkins. Third Row: V. Fisher, J. Brown, T. Avery, R. Grubb, C. Sossoman, D. Sigmon, D. Hardin, T. Brown, R. Kf , D. Smith. Fourth Row: D. Turner, J. Bryant, L. Buff, C. Kirksey. Homecoming sponsor Nolita Fisher, escorted by Charlie Brown. Mr. Babeley, director; Philip Whitaker, president; Lee Ann Sigmon, secretary; Calvin Sosso- man, vice president; Gene Duckworth, treasurer. 94 ' nt Row. S. Corley, S. Hart, L. Leonhardt, P. Whitaker. Second Row: D. Smith, L.A. Sigmon, C. Brown, E. Petrie, D. Wilson, C. Weller, C. Salth ' ouse, J. In- cc Third Row: B. Hoyle, J. Inscoe, R. LaFevers, A. Patton, R. Chapman, K. Duckworth, D. Slack, G. Duckworth, J. Hensley, M. Strickland, N. Fisher, C. Hogs- e.. During August of 1966, the Morganton High School band began working on its routine for the contest at Bristol, Tennessee. On October 1, along with other bands from the East coast area, our members braved a downpour of heavy rain to perform in competition. They attained an excellent rating. It served our community during the year with halftime shows at the football games, participation in the Christmas parade, and the presentation of various concerts. Philip Whitaker, drum major. 95 Home com in q Sponsors JANE AVERY Miss Anchor Club MARY BRANSTROM Miss Key Club GLENDA CLARKE Miss F.H.A. JANE ENGLAND Miss Latin Club BECKY SINK Miss Cat ' s Tale CARLA WALKER Miss D.E. Club SUSAN WILLIAMS Miss Honor Society NOLITA FISHER Miss Band MYRA GRIGGS Miss Library Club JACKIE HENSLEY Miss Science Club BEVERLY LEONHARDT Miss French Club PAT PARNELL Miss Cauldron NANCY PRINCE Miss A.F.S. SUSAN WACASTER Miss Girls ' M Club CAROLYN KIRBY Miss F.T.A. MIRIAM LESLIE Miss Spanish Club 96 LINDA BALL Miss Boy’s Varsity " M " On the cold, still night of October 21, the stands in the football stadium were filled with excited students and parents awaiting the announcement of Miss Home- coming for 1966. As the seventeen sponsors and escorts walked to their positions, their tension mounted. Then came the moment that all had been waiting for: “Miss Homecoming for 1966 is . . . Miss Linda Ball. " The crowd burst into applause for Linda, who received her crown with tears of joy streaming down her cheeks. 97 Chief Robin Bounous Tom Brothers Dana Pan arese David Sigmon Dixie Rollins Margaret Sakowski 98 Scott Whisnant A Summer to RememSer Nancy and Gulemre, her Turkish sister. Last summer was indeed a very special summer for one of our own students, Nancy Prince. Early in the winter of ’66, Nancy applied to go abroad as a summer exchange student under the Americans Abroad program under the American-Field Service. However, she did not receive word that she had been accepted and that she was actually going until after the end of school. Her destination? Turkey! There was a week of busy shopping, stuffing suit- cases, and living with the exhilarating excitement of anticipation. Before she could realize what was really hap- ening, Nancy had boarded the Seven Seas, crossed the Atlantic, flown over the Alps, and was greeted by her new family, the Ustuneli’s: Anne, Baba, sisters, Gulemre and Cigdem, little brother, Ihya, and cousin, Hatice. Thus, in Izmir, an old but beautiful city beside the Aegean Sea, began Nancy’s experiences with a new language, new foods, new faces and new friends. She also grew accustomed to new means of transportation, such as faytons (horse-drawn carriages), donkeys, ninety-mile-an-hour taxies called dolmuses, and slow- paced camels. It was a short summer, all too short in Nancy’s opinion : yet, it was a summer of which “the memories never end ...” 99 Advertisements 100 ? t: 101 MIMOSA HILLS GOLF SHOP Joe Cheves — Professional 102 HUGH ' S LTD On the Square Morganton, N. C. Phone 437-1783 TRADITIONAL CLOTHIERS SUPPORT YOUR HOME TOWN DAIRY Locally Produced Locally Processed Morganton, N. C. Phone 437-0311 103 Skifland Textile Compani| mfrs. offy tzrJixQUHi garments FOR BUSTER BROWN TEXTILES, INC 104 to the CtaA oj ' 61 We of Drexel Furniture Company extend our heartiest congratulations to the Class of 1967 and extend our warmest wishes for the best of everything in the years to come. Shown here is Drexel’s Modulus— an exciting new concept in furniture for young moderns. . . . the most trusted name in furniture A Division of Drexel Enterprises, Inc. GILES’ MOTORS 105 MORGANTON SPORTING GOODS VO IT RAWLING ' S IT PAYS TO PLAY SPALDING ' S BEGONTA MORGANTON ' S FIRST ' N ONLY SPORTING GOODS CUTTING-CROSS CHEVROLET, INC. 437-4231 1967 CAMERO West Union St. Ext. RADIO 5,000 Watts WMNC AM-FM 1430-AM 92.1-FM 19 Hours Daily COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AND VITALITY STONEY-KISTLER INSURANCE AGENCY A. B. Stoney Andrew M. Kistler All Forms Of Insurance Coverage Including New Cover-All Package Policies Claims Receive Our Immediate Personal Attention And Are Adjusted Promptly 301 N. 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Makers Of Quality Footwear AUTOMOBILE REPAIR SERVICE Compliments of KIRBY ELECTRIC COMPANY AUTOMOBILE APPLIANCES 437-4541 FURNITURE Wiring Fixtures Repairs 437-4773 101 Falls St. Morganton Jack Kirby CONSOLIDATED CREDIT CORP. 0. R. Rockett 139 W. Union Manager Morganton, N. C. MORGANTON HOME SUBURBAN COACH AND COMPANY AUTO STORE 213 S. Sterline St. 437-3794 B. F. Goodrich Tires Dependable-Cheap Motorola T.V. ' s And Radios Ride The Bus-Safe MORGANTON INSURANCE AND REALTY COMPANY Dependable Insurance Since 1907 Morganton, N. C. WALDENSIAN BAKERIES Valdese, N. C. UNION HARDWARE COMPANY 202 W. Union St. Morganton, N. C. Phones: 437-7103 437-7104 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ALBA WALDENSIAN, INC. Valdese, N. C. PEARLMAN ' S First For Furniture Everything For The Home From The Store That Has Everything 106 N. Green Street Morganton, N. C. 437-6861 Estate ■ Insurance Mortgages 437-1853 • Portraits • Commercials • Weddings Compliments Of GARNER-WILLIAMS STUDIO HIGHLANDER, INC. IO8V2 West Union St. Morganton, N. C. 433-021 1 Morganton, N. C. KNITTED OUTERWARE SPEIR TEXTILES, INC. Best Wishes To All Morganton High School Students Morganton, N. C. Compliments Of CAUSBY USED CARS 703 E. Meeting St. 437-5504 LESLIE ' S SHOE SHOP " Morganton ' s Only Complete Shoe Store " West Union St. Morganton, N. C. Compliments Of THE PATIO DRIVE IN With Two Locations In Morganton To Serve You Better erree cleaners 406 S. STERLING STREET MORGANTON, N. C. PONS TIRE SERVICE 318 W. Fleming Drive Morganton, N. C. 433-0860 Eddie tfa c- -i cm J O A BUSINESS STAFF 9 121 Senior ABEE, MIKE Boys’ M, 3,4; Basketball, 1,2; score keeper, 3; Football, 1,2,3, 4; Track, 1,2. ABEE, JUDY Chorus, 2,3; D.E. Club, 4; treas., 4. ABERNATHY, JANE A.F.S., 2,3,4; trea., 4; F.H.A., 3,4; F.T.A., 4; par., 4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Friendliest, 4. ABERNATHY, MARY FRANCES F.H.A., 2,3,4; French Club, 1,2,3, 4; Science Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; ed., 4; Honor Roll, 3,4. ALLMAN, JERRY Boys ' M, 2,3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3; Football, 1,2, 3, 4; Track, 1,2. ANDERSON, JEAN D.E. Club, 4; his., 4; F.H.A., 2; Honor Society, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Honor Roll, 3. ANDERSON, BOBBY AVERY, FLORENCE F.H.A., 1,2,3; Library Club. AVERY, JOE French Club, 1,2, 3,4; treas., 4; Science Club, 3,4; Football, 1. AVERY, JANE Anchor Club, 2,3,4; pres., 4; French Club, 3,4; F.T.A., 4; Girls’ M, 2,3,4; sec., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Cheerleader, 4; Student Activities Board, 4; treas., 4; Basketball, 1, 2,3,4; capt., 4; Best All Round, 4. BAKER, PHILIP BAKER, ROBERT BALL, LINDA Anchor Club, 2,3,4; sec., 4; French Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; Girls’ M, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader, 3,4; chief, 4; Basketball, 1,2; Honor Roll, 1,2; Miss Homecoming, 4. BARRIER, JACKIE Baseball, 1,2. BARRIER, LINDA French Club, 2,3,4; Library Club, 4; reporter, 4; Spanish Club, 3,4. BLACK, JIMMY Boys’ M, 4; Science Club, 3,4; Basketball, 1,2, 3,4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Track, 1,2. BLEVINS, KEITH Spanish Club, 2; Baseball, 1,2,3, 4. Statistics BRANSTROM, MARY Anchor Club, 2; F.H.A., 1,2; Girls’ M, 1,2; Latin Club, 1,2; Cheerleader, 2; Class Treas., 1; Class V.P., 2; Class Sec., 4. BRASWELL, RHONDA D.E. Club, 3; F.H.A., 3; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3, 4. BRITTAIN, JANICE BROWN, CHARLIE A.F.S., 1,2, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3 , 4; Science Club, 3,4; Span- ish Club, 2,3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Jr.-Sr. Server, 2. BRYANT, BOBBY French Club, 3; Band, 1,2,3. BUFF, LYNN Key Club, 1,2, 3,4; Band, 1 ,2,3,4. BUMGARNER, DEWEY D.E. Club, 3,4. BYRD, SUE F.H.A., 4; French Club, 3,4; v.p., 4; F.T.A., 3,4; his., 4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; sec., 4; Science Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2,4; Jr.- Sr. Server, 3; 2nd N.C.J.C.L. Roman History and Life Contest, 2. CARROWAY, CHRISTIE Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; F.T.A., 2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4. CASH, BO Spanish Club, 4; Band, 1,2,3. CAUSBY, FRED GLENN Baseball, 1; Football, 1,2. CHAMBERS, ROY CLARKE, GLENDA F.H.A., 1,2, 3,4; v.p., 3; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Best Looking, 4. COFFEY, WANDA F.H.A., 2,3; Library Club, 3; Spanish Club, 3,4. COLEY, BILLY Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Neatest, 4. CONLEY, CHARLES Fre nch Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Key Club, 2,3,4; sec., 3; pres., 4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Cat’s Tale, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 1,2, 3,4; pres., 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2,3,4; Jr.-Sr. Server, 2; Chief Marshal, 3; Most Popular, 4; Rotary Leaders Camp, 3; Class Pres., 1,2, 3,4. CONLEY, JACQUELINE French Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 3,4. CONNELLY, RUTHIE F.H.A., 1 ,2,3,4; Neatest, 4. 122 Senior Statistics CRISP, BRYNDA A.F.S., 4; Anchor Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 3; French Club, 3,4; F.T.A, 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Oak Hill High School, 1,2. CURTIS, RANDY Baseball, 4; Basketball, 1,2,3; Track, 1. DALE, BARBARA Chorus, 1; Spanish Club, 3,4. DUCKWORTH, GENE Band, 1,2,3,4; treas., 4. EARLY, CHARLIE MAE F.H.A., 1,2, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Asst, ed., 4; Wittiest, 4. ENGLAND, JANE A.F.S., 3,4; Anchor Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 3,4; French Club, 3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; sec., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3, 4; v.p., 3; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3; Most Talented, 4. FISHER, NOLITA F.H.A., 2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Band, 2,3, 4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4. FLEMING, VERNON Football, 1,2,3; Band, 2; Track, 1; Chorus, 1. GRADY, BRENDA A.C. Reynolds High School, 1,2,3. GRADY, JUDY F.H.A., 1,2,4. GRADY, TOMMY D.E. Club, 3,4. GRAYBEAL, NANCY F.H.A., 2,3,4; county sec., 3; sec.-trea., 4; F.T.A., 3,4. GREENE, HILDA F.H.A., 1, 2,3,4; Girls’ M, 3; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; v. p., 4; Cheerleader, 3. GREER, WILLIAM GRIGGS, MYRA F.H.A., 4; French Club, 1,2, 3, 4; Library Club, 4; pres., 4; Sci- ence Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 3,4; Asst, ed., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4. HARBISON, TWINKLE HARBISON, WILLIAM Chorus, 3. HARRIS, MARTY French Club, 1,2, 3, 4; Cauldron, 4; ed., 4; Quill and Scroll, 4. HAYNES, RONALD Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4. HENSLEY, CAROLYN D.E. Club, 3,4; sec., 4; F.H.A., 3. HENSLEY, JACKIE French Club, 1,2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3,4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4. HEWAT, SUZY F.H.A., 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4. HOGAN, BOBBY Boys ' M, 3,4; sec., 4; Key Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1,2; Football, 1,2, 3, 4; captain, 4; Track, 2. HOGSHEAD, CHARLES A.F.S., 4; Boys M, 3,4; French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; pres., 4; Latin Club, 1, 2,3,4; treas., 3; Science Club, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Band, 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball mgr., 1,2; Basketball mgr., 1,2,3, 4; All State Band, 2,3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3; Jr. -Sr. Server, 2; Marshal, 3; 1st N.C.J.C.L. Mythology I Contest, 1; 2nd N.C.J. C.L. Mythology Contest, 2; Rotary Leadership Camp, 3; World Peace Speaking Contest, 3. HOUPE, HARRY I.C.T., 4; Spanish Club, 1. HOYLE, BOBBY Band, 1,2, 3, 4. JOHNSON, ALMA Library Club, 3. JOHNSON, EDDIE JOHNSON, CLARENCE KIRBY, CAROLYN Anchor Club, 4; F.H.A., 1,2,3; F.T.A., 3,4; v. p., 3; pres., 4; French Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2 ,3 ,4; Marshal, 3; Homecoming Sponsor, 4. KIRKSEY, L.H. Key Club, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3, 4; Science Club, 3,4; v. p., 4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Cat ' s Tale, 3,4; Business mgr., 4; Most Valuable 4; Quill and Scroll, 4. LAMBETH, DONNIE Science Club, 3,4; Football, 1,2,3; Track, 1. LANE, LOUISE F.H.A., 4; Chorus, 3. LARGENT, HENRIETTA LARGENT, TOMMIE LOU Honor Society, 1; Science Club, 1. LAY, DOUG Key Club, 4; Science Club, 3,4; Cat’s Tale, 4; Football, 1,2; Track, 1. 123 Senior LEDFORD, JERRY Chorus, 3. LEONARD, MICHAEL LEONHARDT, BEVERLY French Club, 2,3,4; pres., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; treas., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; sec., 4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3,4; Jr. -Sr. Server, 2; Marshal, 3; Most Likely To Succeed, 4. LESLIE, MIRIAM F.H.A., 3,4; Latin Club, 1, 2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Homecoming Spon- sor, 4; Honor Roll, 3. LIEBHART, RICHARD Boys’ M, 3,4; French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Key Club, 1,2, 3,4; treas., 4; Latin Club, 1,2,3, 4; Science Club, 3,4; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Band, 1, 2,3,4; Basketball mgr., 1, 3,4; Track mgr., 1; All- State Band, 3; Class V.P., 4; Governor’s School, 3; Honor Roll, 1,2,3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Server, 2; Marshal, 3. McCALL, MIKE McCALL, STEPHEN McCRACKEN, SANDRA D.E. Club, 3; Chorus, 1. McGIMSEY, EDDIE Boys’ M, 3,4; French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 4; Key Club, 2,3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3, 4; Cat ' s Tale, 3,4; Baseball, 1,2, 3, 4; Bas- ketball, 1,2, 3,4; Football, 3,4; Marshal, 3. McNEELY, JACK Football, 1; Track, 1,2. McNEELY, SUSAN F.H.A., 2,3,4; Band, 1,2. MEYERS, LINDA F.H.A., 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; sec., 3; Li- brary Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1, 2,3,4; Marshal, 3. MILLER, KEITH Basketball. MILLS, DIANNE F.H.A., 4; French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Library Club, 3; treas. 3, Science Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3,4. Statistics MITCHELL, JIMMY Boys’ M, 1,2, 3,4; pres., 4; Key Club, 1,2, 3, 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Basketball, 1; score keeper, 3; Football, 1,2, 3, 4; captain, 4; Golf, 1,2,3, 4. MORGAN, SANDRA F.H.A., 1; Library Club, 3; Chorus, 1; Honor Roll, 3. MORRIS, GLADYS Band, 1,2; Cauldron, 3. MORRIS, PHILIP Latin Club, 1,2,3 ,4. MORRISSEY, DONNIE Chorus, 1,2; D.E. Club, 3. NEWTON, JOHN D.E. Club, 4; pres., 4; Student Activities Board, 4; Basketball, 1,2; Football, 1,2; Track, 1; Honor Roll. NEWTON, ANDY Basketball, 1,2; Football, 1,2; Track, 1,2. O’NEIL, JOHN Baseball, 3,4; Basketball, 3,4; Football, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2; Morehead Scholarship Nominee, 4. PANARESE, DIANA French Club, 1,2,3, 4; Honor Society, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2 ,3, 4. PARNELL, PATRICIA Anchor Club, 3,4; F.H.A., 4; Honor Society, 4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Basketball, 1,2,4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4; Honor Roll; Quill and Scroll, 4. PERRY, MARY F.H.A., 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 2,3,4. PITTS, REBECCA A.F.S., 3,4; v. p., 3,4; Anchor Club, 2,3,4; F.H.A., 2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3,4. POTEAT, CHARLES Bus Driver, 3,4. POWELL, BEN Boys’ M, 2,3,4; Key Club, 1,2, 3, 4; Science Club, 3,4; Baseball, 1,3,4; Basketball, 1,2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2,3,4; alt. captain, 4; Lion’s Bowl, 4; Track, 2. PRICE, DAVID Boys’ M, 3,4; sec., 4; Football, 1,2, 3, 4; Track, 1,2. PRINCE, NANCY A.F.S., 2,3,4; pres., 4; Anchor Club, 3,4; F.T.A., 3,4; trea., 4; French Club, 2,3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; trea., 4; Science Club, 3,4; sec., 4; Cat’s Tale, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; 3rd N.C.J.C.L. Mythology I Contest, 3; A.F.S. Scholarship, 3; Homecoming Sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, £f; Most Valuable, 4; Quill and Scroll, 3; Civitan Citizenship Award, 3; Optimist Youth Appreciation Award, 4. PROPS ' !’. MIKE Key Club, 2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; trea., 4; Honor Roll, 3. RASNICK, RODNEY Cauldron, sports-ed., 4; Basketball, 1,2; Salem High School, 1,2,3, Quill and Scroll, 4. 124 Senior Statistics RICKS. JOETTE F.H.A., 2; Library Club, 3. RIGGS, NANCY F.H.A., 2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2 ,3 ,4; Class V.P., 1,3; Class Sec., 2; Class Trea., 4. RIPPY, TOMMY ROACH, PAULA F.H.A., 1,2; Band, 1,2; Choir, 2. ROBINSON, EARL Boys ' M, 3,4; v. p., 4; Key Club, 1,2, 3, 4; v. p., 4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Baseball, 1,2,3, 4; Basketball, 1; Football, 1,3,4; All-county Baseball Team, 3; Class Trea., 2,3. RUSS, JOYCE F.H.A., 1,2,3; French Club, 2,3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4. SAIN, MELVINA F.H.A., 1,2; French Club, 2,3,4; F.T.A., 4; Honor Society, 4; Science Club, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3,4. SCOTT, ROBERT D.E. Club, 3; Science Club, 1,2; Baseball, 1; Basketball, 1,2,3; Track, 1. SELLARS, JOHN D.E. Club, 4; Track, 1. SIGMON, LEE ANN F.H.A., 1,2; Anchor Club, 3,4; Girls ' M, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Spanish Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2,3,4; Basketball, 1,2,3,4; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3, 4; Jr. -Sr. Server, 2. SIMMONS, JUDY F.H.A., 3; Band, 1; Honor Roll, 3,4. SINK, BECKY French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Cat ' s Tale, 3,4; ed., 4; Quill and Scroll, 3,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Chief Marshal, 3; Class Historian, 4; Home- coming Sponsor, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,3, 4; Jr.-Sr. Server, 2; Most In- tellectual, 4; National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist, 4. SMITH, AUSTIN Spanish Club, 2,3,4; Football, 3; Baseball mgr., 1. SMITH, DONALD Cauldron, 3,4. SMITH, NANCY F.H.A., 3. SMITH, KEN Boys ' M, 4; Football, 1,2,3,4; Track, 1,2. SNYDER, MARGARET F.H.A., 2,3,4; Cat ' s Tale, 3,4. SOSSOMAN, CALVIN Band, 1,2,3, 4; v. p„ 4; Boys ' M, 2,3,4; French Club, 3,4; Bas- ketball mgr., 1,3,4; Track mgr., 1. STEELE, JIMMY French Club, 2,3,4. TALLENT, EDITH French Club, 3,4; Honor Society, 4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Cauldron, 4; Feature ed., 4; Chorus, 1,2; Basketball, 1,2; Honor Roll, 1,3. TASLER, KAY F.H.A., 2,3,4. TATE, NANCY Science Club, 1,2; Band, 1,2,3; sec., 2; Basketball, 2; Honor Roll, 1,2; Jr.-Sr. Server, 2. TAYLOR, GEORGE Chorus. TESSENEER, LOURITA D.E. Club, 3. THOMAS, BELINDA Band, 1,2; Choir, 3; Cheerleader, 1. THOMAS, JACKIE THOMAS, PAUL Science Club, 2; Baseball, 1; Basketball, 2,3,4. TURNER, RICHARD Band, 1,2, 3,4; Track, 1. VERNON, ANNE Honor Society, 3,4; Latin Club, 1,2,3, 4; Science Club, 3,4; Span- ish Club, 3,4; Cat’s Tale, 3,4; Honor Roll, 1,3,4; Class Poet, 4. WACASTER, SUSAN F.H.A., 4; French Club, 3,4; Girls’ M, 1,2, 3, 4; v. p., 3; pres., 4; Latin Club, 1,2 ,3 ,4; Student Activities Board, 4; Basketball, 1, 2,3,4, capt., 4; Homecoming Sponsor, 4. WALKER, CARLA D.E. Club, 3,4; sec., 3. WALKER, JANICE F.H.A., 4. WEBB, BRUCE D.E. Club. WHETSTINE, LARRY Spanish Club, 2,3. 125 Senior WHISENANT, JOHN Honor Society, 3,4; v. p., 4; Key Club, 3,4; Science Club, 3,4; Marshal, 3. WHISNANT, JERRY Boys’ M, 3,4; Sergeant-at-Arms, 4; Key Club, 3,4; Football, 1,2, 3,4; Track, 1,2. WHITAKER, P HILIP Key Club, 2,3,4; Latin Club, 1,2, 3,4; trea., 2; Science Club, 3,4; Band, 1,2 ,3 ,4; pres., 4; Student Activities Board 4; Honor Roll, 1,2,4; Optimist Youth Appreciation Award. WILLETS, BILLY A.F.S., 1,2, 3,4. Statistics WILLIAMS, REX Boys ' M, 2,3,4; Baseball, 1,2, 3, 4; Football, 1,2, 3, 4. WILLIAMS, SUSAN Anchor Club, 3,4; French Club, 1,2; Honor Society, 3,4; sec., 4; Jr. -Sr. Server, 2; Honor Roll, 1,2, 3, 4; Marshal, 3; Salem High School, 1,2. WILSON, DEAN Band, 1,2, 3,4. ZIMMERMAN, MARIE F.H.A., 1,2. 126 128

Suggestions in the Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) collection:

Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Morganton High School - Cats Tale Yearbook (Morganton, NC) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 95

1967, pg 95

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