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maf A Sgmgigsmqw 16? vc, QSM W9 K as ' ' - 1. 5555? X Wfvbf wYWJ25C 2 552 NXALWPM gaudy ix Wm Mfg 553 .- i ge W - 1 - 52 4,qW 5. ' .A , l.i, 1 v lli ' , " V - ' A Q w .f f t W MM Ziwiogiffl waqmakw my wf Qqmww G.-MM WMM MMM' WQ ,b wTQ mMZ?22ff jf I W ' -Egg? if m M 6 ,417 . FAIL 1' -iw ,ff we W Sr 6 f JL 8-NQZQOAJ W5 Q7 7' X Wig ng SH XOU, Yo Jr4 vb - ' . A l 1, R A ".. K QQ Q, X 1.,. i in. 9 A , N 0 ,I , 1 i , ' 51 ,.,' 6, if . s V1 ,I 1.1! ' I ,' ' , , 1 . jaw' ' WA wg fx My Qww wg K of W if wqwgigww if ywygw , ' 7 Q L .9 ogy I4 W 8555? 5 5155 5 QQ N255 ' MW ?ifl2g l1 fw, ,W , X M A 5 ,iq QR w J film 1 F i WW? iffy gjaw-fgwnww W whyfl I-'V' R '25 if A jjxffg W XM TH ' V19 f W ,p fy Q19 "J M , .pO,fJyb5CjiLVfi My P?'f?WCJf3f 'T MW ' fWWj56'f' 5 Clle Aff jg X . , . f - .,9m.,JwH 1 by gsolwwof . J KMA-'ww ' P 'SY WW Www si S5525 'AZ X Mf ?33gi f gag im 2053, Q 2 MUTE' sh'd 51 55.355 S N . , Q03 S. Egg Qs x X l N. ., ,3 cw-- t R ' xxx. ...- -., A x , K , ea, il I ' 1, N ,-...., --2 -g -, .sl . ,f I - '- -ul :X 'Ji .1 xv' J X F -1' j, r' ' Q4 KJ lf 1 J Bl 0 , F' ff if G v - li 1 4' T -- l it FoREwoRD A Q W, , r- 5 i - x -5-jx-ti ji-A FT it i ii --H - -1. ,W , Q' f-J Cy' N! ig-- l ff' 'P 2 r X fi if ' -- . " A X .fy -L . 'N Q 91 -Q JI' ,.,, 1 Max 5' r , -- r -,, X72 S41 " -Z"" V 5 r-' " ' H v n fZ-- W tb S-P 1-9, 'fl "C , Let us follow the friendly "Spirit of Morganton High," as we try to recapture through words and pictures the events of our high school days. As a final tribute and os an inspiration to the Seniors, we have compiled this book. It is our hope that we have been able to leave in this book memories that will not fade pk with time. May the possession of this, the 1953 Cat's Tale, be I 13 Q i to each owner a joyful reminder of the lightheartedness and ff ,s Q ompanionship we have known during our high school days. , F JUJ Y X 4 J- f L ,A ' ' "Spirit of Morganton High" . f 'J' 'JR . A K P u to 0 X, S Q E i X 1' X! nu 1 i X 5l 1 JB Q IO 13 , X X ! 3 " - 71 VL 14, 5 N X wtf!!! H U I i , 7 DEDICATION The class of '53 will always remember this teacher who made possible, through her untiring efforts, their beautiful Junior-Senior Banquet. Her wise guidance and readiness to help with our problems have made better citizens of us and have helped to build up the spirit of Morganton High. ln grateful acknowledgment of her sympathetic understanding of the stu- dents' minds and souls, we, the 1953 Cat's Tale staff, dedicate our annual to MRS. DELANIE WINCHESTER. 3 MARTHA NOGGLE Secretary to the Superintende MRS. POLLY GIBBS Secretary to the Superintendent 4 5 W Q 1 MH Q r-Q n . n 9 X K -4' mf! ff- . nm A '!"I2i"s 13 'fmf g L'T1"I st' 'NNN ,N .,. -' :K , , H - A-W. -- 1-2' N ,L if - ' "" ' ' . ,,.. . .. K ,K 5 E ai I ' . : ...X 4.4.1, his 'mn .. X-M-N . . -if -f -V- - vi .Q-V.. M, T H K i K,A1. L 1 2. -2, y - -.Z M fm- Q If .. Q .4 V A 1 flu A T X u?f C lj? wiv. MR. MASTON PARHAM MR. BRENlZER L. PRICE Superintendent Principal The Citadel, B.S. Wake Forest College, B.S., M.A. Duke University, M. Ed. SCHOOL BOARD Maston Parham, Claude Russell, A. M. Moran, Ben F. Greene, Mrs. E. W. Phifer, John Pons, Mrs. Phil Pitts, G. T. Cornwell, Mrs. S. D. Dysart, J. O. Barbour Knot picturedl. 6 X 9 FACULTY f FO L'BRAR'Slcr. Mary Lfiff' L4Nf?UAGEs Mrs. MyrNe Y, Vlrgrnio McClure J ENGLISH y Pearl Teter, F. B. Nims, Barbara Ann Jobe, Virginia Q' McClure, Mrs. Mary K. Carter. . Q - - - 1 A , i ' X PQ. X KT 5 i3 xxx x X R ' x Y f 'Xe Y COMMERK-"A"'x pwvette M, . AI. SCIENCE Q Mrs Beggy Walker, Royd e s Ice Carey, Ernest Morgan x X E : 7 FACULTY 5131.2 ' MATHEMA Mrs. Elaine KIUQ Alice Well-,IFS 6 , f32i'21 u Am-n, +w . ' jx 5 We , 1 i as i Q . 6' -. , Q I. sfgauf.fxg:i'q.:..,..,M...., , .L l SOCIAL STUDIES Dan Robinson, Barbara Ann Jobe, Fred Putnam YW! ,4 HOME , . 'NDUSTRIAL ART Mrs. Deiame WlncheSfef A. F. Neely S 8 1119?-iggr 4 FA gfiif MW N lx.-is I l SECRETA EDUCA"f"' RY T0 T M Pjlxflmcgdlzael Don Robinson Z Mrs. Kqfl-,leenH5rfuELNClPAL or I . , 5 .. 5 , 3. A .E MUSIC SUPERVISOR M. T. Cousins Melville Warren DIETITIAN MAINTENANCE Mrs Helen L. WMSOT' W00drow GreenA:AN Q 4 iffy X in .-SF S COOKS Cora Mlchuux, Lulu McGclliard, Lucy Young .X X JANITOR AND MAID Claude Wilson, Bessie Connelly 10 1 f x f 'El' N X X X4 Q -LN X ,,,.. fiiffi 5 Faq., ' i fl SWE K3 l Saw . Z , 5. x ff 1 QW .. :mga 'Shri' - Nsfi?lf I f MASCOTS Jane Butler, David Sc-ftt SUCCESS Seems strange how time has passed away, The years have gone so fast. We've struggled long some goal to reach. We've reached it now, at last. On some bright faces you may find A look of great delight, While others seem to hate the thought Of leaving this dear site. We'II never know again the ioy We've had while here in school. But time has put behind us The cherished Golden Rule. The friends we've found along the way Mean more to us by far, Than all the ioys we'll ever know, They made us what we are. They made our hearts grow warm and soft And filled us with ambition To reach the highest place in life, And hold some rare position. by Eddie Bridges, CLASS POET 12 ' Qllgivflffl X xx , 1 jf f '-Q41 lea W vi jj X XM!!! XX NIU Q71 X V W1 X 5 Qxlj J SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILL ALLMAN ............................ President ELEANOR BUTLER .... . . ............ Vice-President JOAN RAMSEUR ...... ..... S ecretary BOB CARSWELL ...... . . . . Treasurer ' Build today for c better tomorrow ' Red and White " White Rose 14 5332 ELMER ABEE "A. B." His heart is in his work . . . A good scout in everything. ul.,- BILL ALLMAN "Willy" A princelier-looking man never step! thro' a prince's hall . . . our friendly president. A 16 . , X x Qui X RICHARD AUSTIN "Dick" Wears flashy shirts . . . A nice fellow to have around 5' 4 5 l I 449' CJ mcx BENHELD "Mozart" There's o song in his heart . . . Music is his life. R.. S--.,... ,.-- MINNIE RUTH ADKINS "Minnie" Smoll of stature but big of heart . . . Who knows her knows u friend. S SW lf 6WQ0 Elm! JIM AND ERSON llJimYY A good word ond a smile for everyone . . . A friend, sincere and true. 'lil' ANDREW BARANSKI Across the sea he come to lighten our lives . . . Glad we could know you. Ulu-f 6. ELBERT BENTON "Lush" He marches with the "Guards." . . . A iolly ioe. BARBARA BERRY IIB. B.ll She has a smile on her lips and a light in her eyes . . . Pretty lil' ol' girl. Ar KATHARINE BOOTH "Kitty" She is a happy combination of wisdom, charm, and beauty . . . The darling of our hearts. 9 '4- L PEGGY BRANCH llpegff She is wearing o "spark- ler" . . . Patient and full of good will. IQ! 9 ARTHUR BRIDGES IIOMUY lt's love that makes the world go 'round . . . Hand some clothes. i,y if UL 4 Zig: 5 NORMAN BOl.lCK "Burr-head" Dimestore Romeo . . . If fun interferes with school l'll take fun. NANCY BRANCH "Starllght" Gentle she is with a man- ner mild . . . Happy, thoughtful, kind, and true. NORMA JEAN BRASWE LL llsugll She's nice by name and nature . . . Wistful blue eyes ond ready smile. , - Ekiurb- , , EDDlE BRIDGES As an athlete and friend, he's unsurpassed . . . He hunts little rabbits. ? :ileigi U lL! 0 K I I P ELINORA BRITTAIN "Ellie" A winning way, a pleasant smile . . . . . her modesty conceal s a thousand charms. i MODE NE BU F F "Dean " She's a platinum blonde, easy on the eyes . . . . . Planning matrimony. Q? ui 1,3 , V l se! DEAN BUTLER lloizlyll Others hold pencils, Dean holds hands . .... Gene's partner in making hillbilly music. . 05 - 5 Q? il ll GENE BUTLER "Hillbilly" His tongue, like a Ford, goes on forever ..... He and his twin wear good- leoking duds. MACK BROWNlNG His glory lies in sports . . . . . Others seek knowh ledge, he seeks happi- ness. RUTH M. BURGESS "Moon Eye" Chatter, chatter, all the while, but everybody loves it ..... Happiness is a habit. es,fCfOMI'G Q-Off-T05 wid! ELEANOR BUTLER Never in a million years could there be another you ..... Her wit en- livens every crowd. 1-7 ,.. ,N DAVID CAMPBELL "Plunk" Oh, for a womanless world! ..... He's quite a he-man and quite a hunter. I CAROLYN CANNON IlKaroYl True to her work, her world, her friends . . . Rich in good works. 35 MYRTLE CARSWELL "Mart" The smile on her face is one of mirth . . . Jack's Favorite dancing partner. 1 .2 '11 ,J Wo 'MJ DONALD CLARKE "Poke" 'le is of the stuff heroes ire made . . . Good looks :dd to his personality. Q. ga u ll JIM CONLEY nconll in't love grand? . . . ot a worry in the world ill bother him. sss T . , A 'a ' U "run uma BLACK BOOK" BOB CARSWELL Reliable in all he attempts . . . Life is not so short but that there is always time for courtesy. RH 'll 'VLH- 51 if LR Q 'lv NELDA CAUSBY She sings away her cares She has such willowy charm. FRANKLIN CLONTZ "Luth" If ambition gets aperson anywhere he'll get there . . . The waves ofhis hair would make you sea- sick. w e if MARY LEE COPELAND Ilcopsff Always busy but time for everything . . . A thing of beauty isa boy FOREVER. 4 ,iv 'EV ' f 1 'Q JACK CURLEE llAcell His idea of making friends is being one . . . Chief with'the cheers. rf," .5 MARGARET DAVIS llcriisll A kind and loving heart has she . . . She is a bonny wee thinf' 47: WHEEL DON DENTON IID D ll A leader in all he attempts . . . What he seeks he will :onquer. , ' C fy' CLARA BELLE DUCKWORTH uberbyn A constant friend, rare and hard to find . . . Her hair catches your eye. XX !"x ,I - df: " .. YJ "' 1 X P EGGY DALE Ilpegll Sweet and full of fun . . . Her hair is her crowning glory. LINDA DEAL "Big Deal" There's laughter in her eyes . . . Cute as a button. - - to if C9 JACKIE DEVINE "Jake" He has a sparkling wit . . . Many commendable traits he does possess. fl! X f gli?-ff 1 1.7 ai sYLvlA ELMORE Ilsibll "He" loves you, because you're you . . . "Laugh and the world laughs with you." H 'Z 5 0 HAMP ERWIN "Punk" He lives on the sunny side ofthe street . . . . . Bubbling with mischief. we E 5 s --1 JAMES FISHER "Jimmy" Always ready for fun and willing to work .... . Looking forward to gradu- ation - his new "Olds". ru, nl l Y. f REBA FLEMING "Fleber" Happily she trips along life's trail ..... She has a personality all her own. MARY F. GARRISON "Gan" She has the sweetest man- ners and the softest smile . . . . . Enioys hot politi- cal arguments. L...-f Y E , X2 HELEN FEIMSTER "Curly" A maiden calm, serene, and shy ..... Her life is one of sweet content. F. Vw: - 6153? 6- 2.- CARL FLEMING npuglr He is one of those who possess almost every gift . . . . . Surprising humor. 0 ',X 1 Fl - A PATTY FULLMER IlPa'lI Art and beauty go hand in ha d ..... She works as wellig as plays. Nl XX lrzfri. 12 .x ' X i - A X . so KENNETH GOl7lGHTLY Foot The man who laughs and loves must sure do well . . . . . Loyal to the band. RICHARD HALLYRURTON IIH Y' A friendly 'smile' for all . . . . . G' w'l ' d efficient Islesrjrice Icliltg go- b e' s. 'Q 'G ? H oo LLOYD HART He's a quiet man, but quite a man ..... A well- rounded guy - he can cook too! ? I f . 1 of v ,..-..-11-i- WAYNE HITT "Butch" Once a gentleman always a gentleman . . . . . Work makes a good man. ,. :ff ' mike. 4 A PATRICIA HOLLIFIELD "Pat" Charming personality and grace untold ..... Faith- fully she manages our basketball team. 55 W, tgssm, 6 N Q 0 u Wliifli if DORIS HARRIS "Dot" Keep that twinkle in your eyes . . . . . One whois active is seldom unhappy. 1 EE ,r ADAIR HATCHER "Aa," On the gridiron he is in his glory ..... Friend- liness and good looks add to his personality. ga KENT HOGAN Happy when behind the counter at the Kit Kat . .... Can be seen a- round town in his hot rod. FRANCES D. HORTON ujuwlr Advice to persons about to marry - "Do" ..... Her fingers fly over the keyboard. E I I'I1 I' l'I'I Z ,- -. IP -4 Z I'TI uw fi 0. Santa Claus put her pre- sent on her left hand . . She gives you service with a smile. r .4 .- lv , 552 PEARL JUSTICE "Pearly Maude" She is always ready to please . . . She" never puts off till tomorrow what she can do today. L l 1 xv if MARGARET KINCAID nMurgeu She has her own natural charm . . . The gal with the fine features. ANDY KISTLER "Kiss" Our globetrotter who will- ingly turned toward home . . . A very versatile guy. BARBARA JOHNSON "Bah" She has a pleasant way and a happy smile . . . Beautiful brown eyes. my BETTY KELLER "Chigger" A lump of sugar-sweet, little, and refined . . . Lloyd's pride and ioy. 14 : Kg!! ,J DEWEY KIRKSEY Men of few words are the best men . . . Read much, but not too many books. f'X 5 L29 J U L I A C R I T E S LANE llbookyli She dances as an angel on a cloud . . . Flower worthy of paradise. CT: 1 : . l C . 1 sf RAMA LEDFORD "Mace" She does little kindnesses that most leave undone . . . A heart noble and kind. El REX LITTLEJOHN "Boone" He's the life of every gathering . . . Pet peeve: Cleaning out his locker. ls' MAXINE LYBRAND IIMUXIY Cute as a bug in a rug . . . Why don't you roll those big brown eyes at me? Q' 5 SONNY MARTIN The Romeo of the dance floor . . . His pride and ioy-zipping around in his big black car. X . MNH. Quan-sod" .J GORDON LEONHARDT "Shark" Little he says but much he does . . . ln his tongue is the law of kindness JIMMY LOGAN Ask me - all I know is that I know nothing . . . Nothing ventured-nothing gained. RUTH MARTIN "Ruthie" Wise and good as she is fair . . . Well done is better than well paid. I LUCILLE WHISENANT MAY "Lucy" May they live happily ever after . . . A whiz of a basketball player. 1 i x Y JIMMY MCCALL Easy to get along with .. . . . He gets alotof enioyment out of reading and working. -452 M 555553 THELMA MELTON '-Ther' 'ler very quietness speaks volumes . . . . . A sweet- ar girl you'Il never know. MAUD MORRISON "Maudie" Original wit and heart of gold ..... She has the most beautiful eyes in town. ,MN it ,s -"' I. EMMA J. NETTLES "Cricket" Not much ta k - a great sweet silence ..... One of the faithful clerks at Rose's. JS '.r in K. 4-as-4. B.. 0' t r Qi! it lil L EE MCCORMICK Bright gem instinct with music-vocal spark . . . . . He's a jolly good fellow. :V g 4 ' " n 1 I. "4 -. 1 ' I 'a 1 ,if -,L I I . 1 4 1 'A , I s s- ' I ' Q I , 1 X in ly f I , XNMNII UIIIU 'I I u I 'U P , . PHYLLIS A. MITCHEM llphylll She steps high for the band of Morganton High . . . . .Happy-go-lucky and cute is she. fl ,IEW 112' ' J' j gn ISABELLE MULL "Tim" A fine combination of per- sonality and good looks . . . . . Always as neat as a pin. :wg 585: CATHERIIEIE NEWTON ll 'fl Her good G disposition makes her pleasant to have around . . . . . Wears her clothes well. xff X01 . fix ' KX f HARRY OLIVER "Victrola" He always greets us with a smile ..... Enioys long rides in his car. A 'I x ll xi' U ll MX H ,ul CLIFFORD POTEAT UYQPPY.. A tall body leaves room for a big heart .... . He's quite a ladies' man in Lincolnton. l!!l ,.. -5' OREN POWELL We wish we'd known you longer ..... The civics student who brought sun- shine to Put's history class. QW REBA PUETTE llsuball Deaches and cream com- alexion ..... Rare in youth, beauty, and wis- alom. New, f' N y 9 x A W ...Q ll CARL PLESS "Big Man" He lives to be happy . ...- In the game of baseball and not a mere on-locker. IT .55 N JOANN S. POWELL IIJOIY A combination of good sense and good taste . . . . . Good words are worth much and cost little. A J f JOHNNIE c. PRICE The fragrance of her de- lightful character still lingers about this place . . . . . Matrimonial vic- tim. F' fi 'Vind ypvq 'iuigih JOAN RAMSEUR IIJ YY Pretty as da china doll . . . Her quiet person- ality and good looks won her the title of "Miss Morgunton Hi." ...,....---- ...1uq.,-4' 1srs'4"f Q53 WILLA DEAN RAMSEUR "Deanie" The gold of her hair and the blue of her eyes are a blend arf the western skies. MARY FRANCES RHODES "Boots" Her smile is like sun- shine through the trees . . . Lucky girl - natural curl. CA, P. BOBBY ROSS "Rassie" Why should l worry? . . . I recommend you take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves. S 1' i gl 1, I '1 , I" I CATHERINE SHORES "Kitten" Sweet is the voice of silence '. . . Wide, starry eyes. W 'z'l3"M. 4 J G1 ks JACK RHODES "Plug" Toll, dark, and handsome . . . David's favorite hunt- ing pol. E EDDIE RHYNE All the world loves a lover . . . Still water runs deep. I r . . W! E 1 fy' A is -4 0 l X. FAYE SETZER IIMGII Keep the twinkle in your eye . . . Laughter is the best medicine. A ll All GRACE SHUFFLER "Grace-a-wee" Attractive and friendly - what more could you wish? . . . Her happiness is sontagious. fllsl 'Q KENNETH SIMPSON llcripyll Everyone has a hobby, his is sports . . . He is the type we like to know. pg Q I v RODNEY SMITH A friend of many, a foe of none . . . Determined and ambitious nature. CATHERINE STAMEY ucafhyu To know her is to love her . . . She doesn't know the meaning of the word unkind. - 'flflals V WVMM ?I q 4 CECIL TALLANT llcaill He is a friend, faithful and iust . . . Strives for that which is worthwhile. M ibm -,Tb 'gm A 'ltr' , Q.. 5:1 ,hw X Q ANNA SLOAN "General" "lt is better to be small and spread sunshine than to be large and cast a shadow" . . . Brooklyn accent. ne 3 AFM X ,i SARA SNIPES "Sadie" Well liked for her friend- liness and good sports- manship . . . Peaceful smile. JANE STYERS "Styers" A vivacious blonde . . . Our cheerleader who has an eye for romance. ALWINA TILLEY "Juliet" She combines intelligence with charm . . . Always Vther hen there's work 'I'4 ne. HELEN WALKER "Heln" She is a dear friend, true and industrious .... . Words are myjtieasures. I, I' if y . o f V 1 ' J, J - ' . . K, f 5 -if xv f ip- ffl ff? , ,fl V, JI if m, 5 .1 ' " BE NETTE WHI ENANT uscoopn Gives you a cheerful grin from behind the wheel of his new black Plymouth . . . . . Slide trombone. Sl BETTY SUE WILLIAMS You've got the cutest lit- tle baby face ..... On her, bobbed hair looks good. 2 ' Q i BARB EE WINCHESTER "Simon" Good natured, dependable, and a true pal ..... She makes life seem so iolly. Xb.,- CAROL WAYT "Cal" Whatever she does she does best ..... She's a perfect lady and a scholar. L My 'T ,V , 10 pf lyk' ' U., I I 1 5. Ha i QI' Sui I qv, I 'I ,.. MARY WHITL EY 0 She possesses hair that gleams with a lustrous glow . . . . . toots a flute. r 'v gjbi .itll At ffm .'I mil - In ..... -...',- Fm.oYp WII..I.IAMS Turk A regular fellow and a true friend . .... Never hurried, never idle. 2225. QHEBI' I iiiilii . A STEVE WRIGHT "Carrot" His friendly smile makes his pleasant ways ..... Efficient worker at the Book Store. JaneStyers....... Sylvia Elmore ..... Clara Belle Duckworth Adair Hatcher . . . . . Sonny Martin ...... Carol Wayt ....... Mary Lee Copeland . . "Gripey" Simpson . . Betty Sue Williams . . Eleanor Butler . . . . Steve Wright .... Dick Austin ...... Barbara Johnson . . . Minnie Ruth Adkins . . Andrew Baranski . . . Betty Keller . . . . Hamp Erwin ...... Barbee Winchester . . Harry Oliver ..... Bob Carswell . . . Jimmy McCall . . . Nelda Causby . . . Jimmy Logan . . . . . Bennette Whisenant . . Lloyd Hart ...... Catherine Shores . . Doris Harris . . . . Maud Morrison . . . Rex Littleiohn . . . Jack Curlee . . . . Elmer Abee ...... Catherine Newton . . . Oren Powell ..... Thelma Melton . . . Marie Burgess . . . Pearl Justice . . . Linda Deal ..... Donald Denton .... Kenneth Golightly . . . Phyllis Mitchem . . . Lee McCormick . . Arthur Bridges . . . Donald Clarke . . . Dean Ramseur . . . Frances Rhodes . . . Gene Butler ..... Dean Butler ...... Franklin Clontz .... Emma Jean Nettles . . SENIORS NOT PICTURED DONALD A. CLARKE PEGGY BOWMAN DAVIS CAN YOU IMAGINE? o o u s o coal black hdlf? . . with anyone besides Mack? . . . . . . . . . with short hair? ...l 0 . . . . playing hopscotch? . . . . . . . . . not flirting? ..........makipgD's? . . . without a new boyfriend? . ......... . . griping? . . . . . with long red hair? . . . not making a wisecrack? vlvllloalnlnaon1GkingaHA's? . . . . . . . . . not spooning in the halls? . . . . going anywhere without Margaret? Q o c couc o o s ooooo being 5, lon? . . . talking with a Southem drawl? . . . . . . looking down to Lloyd? . . . . . . . being quiet in class? . . . . . . . . . walking to school? . . . not grinning from ear to ear? . . . . . . . .flirting with a girl? . . . . . . not reading a book? keeping her mouth shut? 0 9 0 0 0 n o studying show on Sunday afternoon? being on time? UIOOIIIOIUIUOIUUUUOI . . . . being gloomy? . . . weighing 140 lbs.? . . . . . . .in a sailor suit? . ..... without that lau h? . . . without his patented waik? . . . interrupting the teacher? 0 u 0 0 0 0 0 s brown eyes? . . dashing around like mad? . . ....... not giggling? .........namedRuby? ooososoouou uuoov wltholong RomCnnose? ..................notbeingtheexecutive? dating a flute player instead of a clarinet player? ...................havingoneboyfriend? ..................lookinglike"Stork"? . . . . . . . . being the first one into homeroom? cocoonnerve!sroehavingwavybfuckhair? . . . getting letters from State instead of Carolina? being called "Galoshes" instead of "Boots"? . . . . . . . . . . not wearing clothes like his twin? . . . ......... . . . . singing opera? . . . . using a limited vocabulary? . . ...... . winking at a boy? . . . not going to the 33 V , xr-V . ' 4 . 'Y f K af f f ' wax yiqrm gig sf J ' Rf-T Q , u,, X , A if -fm. , ,s 15' 5 Q X x E X TW" Y 'K y m '.., l CLC T N yi L.. LM am: 1 '-.'-..- 'N , A HATCHL ff' Y' A DMN TILLLY CLASS HISTORY Finally after three short years packed full of fun, clubs, ball games, and a little studying on the side, we, the class of '53, are SENIORS. Yes, only three years ago we began our voyage in M. H. S. at the expense and sometimes nerve- wracking experiences of our teachers. Our of- ficers were president, Dean Ramseur, vice-presi- dent, Marie Fox, secretary, Donald Clarke, treasurer, Donald Denton. Our Student Council representatives were Arthur Howard, Bobbie Ox- ford, Katharine Booth, and Eddie Brid es Our g 0 stunt for the freshman class was the usual teen- age crowd in a soda shop. Our class really lumped into the swing of things, with sixteen members in the band andten on the Junior Varsi- ty football team. Our next year began with a little more confi- dence and quite a bit more studying. Officers elected that year were: president, Kent Hogan, vice-president, Kenneth Simpson, secretary- treasurer, Katharine Booth. The representatives to the Student Council were Donald Denton and Eleanor Nowlin. Our stunt was a mock hill-billy wedding. We really had fun putting this one over. Six members of the sophomore class made the Varsit team, while eight made the boys' and girls' basketball teams. September, l95O, found the junior class ex- cited and ready for one of the biggest years of their high school career. We chose as our of- ficers: president, Adair Hatcher, vice-president, Eddie Bridges, secretary, Carolyn Cannon, treasurer, Mack Browning. Donald Denton was elected vice-president of the Student Council, and the representatives were Carolyn Cannon and Jeff Helms. Stunt night brought the honor of first place, along with lots of fun in our pres- entation of "The Stork Club." We discovered that all the work put forth in planning and giving a wonderful Junior-Senior banquet was well worth the effort. The gym was transformed into a typical Hawaiian Island, and our imaginations were taken on a voyage that none of us will for- get for a long time. This year finds us as seniors with onlyla few short months left in Morganton High School. We have chosen as our officers: president, Bill Allman, vice-president, Eleanor Butler, secre- tary, Joan Ramseur, treasurer, Bob Carswell. Donald Denton is president of the Student Coun- cil, Carolyn Cannon is secretary, and Bill All- man is treasurer. Our representatives are Alwina Tilley, .loan Ramseur, and Bob Carswell. Tri- captains of the football team, and three who really deserve a hand, are Adair Hatcher, Mack Browning, and Eddie Bridges. Yes, we have only a short while left in M. H. S. This will fly by very quickly - with Stunt Night, the senior play, our trip to Washington, the Junior-Senior Banquet, and finally Commencement to look for- ward to. I should like to use a little more space to express our appreciation to the class advisers for their interest, trouble, time, and cooperation. To them we owe more than words can express. Thank you, Miss McClure, "Put," Mrs. Pons, and Miss Teter. Thank you, fellow students, teachers, and Mr. Price, for making the past four years the happiest of our lives. Carolyn Cannon H ISTOR IAN CLASS PROPHECY lt seems like only yesterday that we were all still in high school, striving to attain that universal goal - graduation. Well, we made it and some twenty years have passed. Things have surely changed since this old world has taken 7305 whirls. Nearly all our students have attained magnitude of one degree or another. You might think that our school roster was a Who's Who. Elmer Abee is now a great scientist down at the Akin Hydrogen Bomb Plant. He and his two assistants, Bill Allman and Richard Austin, are considered to be the top three experts in hy- drogen warfme in this country. Rick Benfield is famous for his hot iazz and is reputed by some to be the world's greatest. Barbara Berry, Peggy Branch, and Elinora Brittain, Arthur Bridges' chief secretaries, all draw S500 a week. Bridges gained national acclaim for discovering l00O uses of nothing in a glass bottle. Last month Katharine Booth became Morgan- ton's first Dean of Women. She has refused five proposals of marriage, because M.H.S. does not hire married teachers. Modene Buff was elected sheriff of Burke County this year after her "sweater girl" pic- tures were published in Esquire magazine. Dean and Gene Butler are presently starring in the New York Metropolitan Opera. They have already set new attendance records. Carolyn Cannon is an industrial magnate with twenty mills manufacturing chlorophyll chewing gum, which is guaranteed to give back your bad breath if you don't like the girl. Myrtle Carswell is one of the ten best dress- ed women in America according to Glamour Magazine, which is owned and published by Johnnie Copeland. Frank Clontz is the fanous professor that discovered the perfume that wan Peggy Dale a movie star for a husband. Clontz also won the Nobel Prize for his piercing exclamation to one of his assistants, "l hate every molecule in you!" I For his most serious and sincere attitude Jack Curlee has been named as the U.S. leader in the United Nations. Linda Deal starred with Jackie Devine in Sylvia Elmore Pictures lnc.' latest release, "l Love a Football Player." Jimmy Fisher is a retired Flea Circus owner. He said that his feed bill kept him in the red and gave him the itch. Reba Fleming is now a great aerialist with Barnum and Baily Circus. She does anything and everything hanging by her little toe 200 feet above the ground. Mary Frances Garrison is now working with Walt Disney and has bought part interest in his company. Richard Hallyburton has made money hand over fist with his ten new filling stations on main street in down-town Morganton. Wayne Hitt designed a house that can be put up in one hour flat, the only trouble is that he can't find a flat hour. Patricia Hollifield and Doris Harris own part interest in Barbara Johnson's huge hair dressing establishment on West Union Street. Business is slowing up, though, because Dewey Kirksey has discovered a hair restorer that makes all users restore their hair with a wig from Betty Keller's Wig Factory. Gordon Leonhardt was the first man to fly to the moon on a spoon la new phenomenon that has replaced the flying saucerl. Jimmy Logan has set more speed records than any other man alive! He recently won the National Speed Classic and has a house full of trophies and a back yard full of wrecked cars. Ruth Martin's latest play on Broadway was Jimmy McCall's immortal "Little Men." There was an all-male cast. Thelma Melton has her own television pro- gram now called "Ramgad." That's Dagmar spelled backwards. Maud Morrison went exploring in Africa several years ago and landed a huge elephant and a little husband. Julia Crites has danced her way to Holly- wood Her only remark was, "My feet are killing me. Emma Jean Nettles has founded a new chap- ter of the Boy Scouts. She scouts for them five days a week, plus Saturdays and Sundays. Harry Oliver is the famed Hilly Billy from Chillie you hear over Bobby Ross's radio station WIWD fwi sh l was deadi. Clifford Poteat is playing pro ball with the Washington Senators. Yesterday he won three straight tiddle-de-wink games to lead his team for this season of play. The only game they lost was to the Eagles, who are led by the most versatile player in recent history - Oren Powell. Willa Dean Ramseur has hooked her man and settled down in Alaska, where according to her she has plenty of fresh air. Mary Frances Rhodes is the best rodeo rider of the decade. She rode Cecil Tallent's killer horse known to everybody as Gentle George, the hairy horse. Kenneth "Gripey" Simpson, currently the richest man in America, collected his huge fortune by bumming pennies from students at M.H.S. He has collected and saved all those pennies these twenty years. Chief penny counter is Catllerine Shores, who stays covered up by her wor a the time. Helen Walker and Catherine Stamey have founded a school for unhappy, non-complacent bachelors. Joann Smith Powell is a successful lawyer. Her most recent case involved Lucille Whise- nant and Mary Jo Whitley. lt seems that both girls claimed that the oil Millionaire Floyd Williams was theirs. During the trial they started pulling on Floyd, and the next two weeks were spent in the hospital trying to relocate his ioints. Steve Wright has bought the Book Store and has made a million dollars in the first year. Don ll saw it alli Lee fl swear it's truei Denton Prophet Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories Sorry, this page is unavailable. Turn to the next one and you'll find more memories 9 M0505 X X xxwxmkf SYS Nm?- 'bw ww JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS BILL LANE ...... . .. .. D . . . . President BUCKY REEF . .Q , . . Vice-President BILL BROWNE .Q... Secretary ANN CORNWELL ..... ...... . L . .. . Treasurer - The future is in ourselves. - Green and White FLOWER - Yellow Rose K..- Charles Abernathy Barbara Alwran Ray Blanton Jane Bowers Qu., Harry Alwran g Q., fi I if il Wade Barrier 'X N X 3. x .fm - x . Er Dottie, Bradcl ack Doris Jean Buff Loy Buff Verna Dean Burgess Billy Joe Caroway Mary Jane Carter Dean Cline . is-A shy? Q S ,,i,y ' ,, if in 'L f ., xkzr L R. L. Crowder Marie Dahne Annie Mae Dale 39 Carolyn Brinkley " Q -X J 'J' .. f .S A V, Barbara Burkette . i-!, I. K.. K sofl Jimmy Clontz John Beach Shirley Brittain 'gy Sallie Jo Beck Pix Q. S 'trrff f J 1 Bill Browne i if!-l Sammy Butler Jimmy Cannon AN if ' .,.. . n k . A X X- my is i I: '- J 1 Bill Connelly es..,,r Ann Cornwell Dean Daughtery Jerry Daye Christine Dellinger . ? L J gg, L.. an Larkin Dellinger l I r P Jean Franklin W is fi. z SW' l 'i xx .iw Jerry Lynn Harris Patricia Jaynes 3-fax -3341 Y ,f Martha Lou Dickens VE 53 : gl MH., Teddy Garrison f f J '1.-- A A - ii,i , V Donald Hawkins Jeweldene Hawkins Danny Johnson 2 1 New ..m,,,,,ff L. X ywifyi xy?" , : K X N g -'X ' A Q., 'ww um Martha Dysart Yates Giles Bill Jones is VA' Wade Lowdermilk Johnny Mackorell Betty McLean 40 X. ,A Le Betty Dyson a 3s , W Li. Dorothy Grady f - Patsy Fisher Peggy Fisher John Greene Bobby Harris Phi Henderson John David Hood Kenneth lngle i kkyr, if +1 "luv-' N, Bill Lane Karla Lang Merilla Littleiohn . f ', A X K 5, 1: A 2 fi 2 y G si.. -' if i f 'A' Jack Mode Ted Moorefield Howard Mull Q 6... X S r ig P 'ir ' my ,, -X 5 gin' Mg f Q We your X if K Rachel Mull Nina Perkins xl " , 'ri Jerry Norvell 'Q Nw Auen PhiHips Clora Ellen Self Kennith Ollis avi, f. X 5. up S ,QX PM v Q -N1 ik Muriel Poteat 'C' I XXX Della Setzer Martha Orders Frances Paschall I1 ry Evelyn Putnam sv f 1 Jerry Shuford Bucky Reap K N 5 .-.., Q - y Q Ay.r V .5 ti ' , Q X '.' li Ab ,5 . -W 5, .- rx, K ghur, ,,. . - ', 1 " A I ' E XX ' ' l Y Benny Smith Bobby Smith Clifford Smith Diane Smith Hillard Smith S ii ii J is i f-siPi Q. 1 K n l ' L., 1 if 1 Q H - A """'- X j ...X ' M pf . 3n+1, Hui 'Snn fi in N 2 'QWig?2s L . . L or O Patricia Stroud Bobby Turner Ge ne Turner Frankie Walker Carl Wall . 5 .. 'N , QM.. 'Q' S , QF Peggy P atton Ii:!iii esl ll Allen Reichert Richard Singleton N ,. . x Margaret Story i E' ' U nu., if S W... - H 1 David Wayt f5.eSQf lik?- X 'iw M- K SL Johnny Whitener Bob Williams Jimmy Wortman JUNIORS NOT PICTURED Avery Barrier Russell Bridges Fritz Bruns Fonzer Buchanan Ruth Buff Bill Clarke Gene Elmore lvan Ezell Billy Franklin Ralph Hudson Kenneth Ingle Ted Mabe Jo Ann Moody Helene Patton M- S +J Irene Penley Harold Pueh Clora Ellen Self Shirley Sefzer Ruth Smith Vaughn Smith Jimmy Worfman 3 R.-Sl. F ,if 'T 1 89020110265 tORE CLASS OFFICERS r J DICKIE AVERY ........................... President MARTHA PRoPsT ..... .. .A .... Vice-President GRACE WINCHESTER .... ....o. . . . Secretary MERDEAN BREEDLOVE ..................... Treasurer - Make the best better. COLORS - Blue and Whne - Red Rose 44 X K was T Qs S so We A iu, V I ai ' E K E e , X K A x A A L. L dh AL Carolyn Abee Barbara Abernathy Ben Adams Bill Anderson Dick Avery Alec Baranski Danny Barkley .,. - I ,iv - , i an EL :sf L ui L 2 L. ki ........... A 'VN n K If i ., Ruthven Beach Jackief'Benfield Joe Benfield Carol Bennett Eliza Boggs I'red Breeden Mer. .rn Breedlove K . . Q kkh . it K ff K A x Y 7 s-" L ,A ,, k K K 1 - Nana Bridgers Reba Brittain Elaine Burleson Tommy Burns MUFY Elizabeth Bush Charlie Butler Ruth Cagle JL . I ,'. -it ap i , : nggk f it f,r- 5-.Q I ,wifi I Q 4 at .1,,,.,, 'lil A A . i P- L Bobby Causby James Causby Bobby Clarke Wayne Cline Joe Clontz Glgndq Cochran Jerry Cohgn E VAc Ls e E, ,.,.: A F ro b ' e , E A r E ii is XV? y s A im Ex E ,eoi.a Q t rkk y W I, Xl ,. . h X, ., A . . , T ' ' ff K L iil ,ll J ' a A X K' Charles Conley Frances Copeland Howard Copenh r Jobie lower Bobby Crewe Douglas Dale Barbara Davis , ,3g,,1f2 i fit., I E 5 A 1 I or E 1 syri ,Q it E' i, ' or . K ia.. -I ,E 'Q I A sw-vis ig. lx Q i - 4. X x .E '. ry E A i 0 , -. e QQ l e iikn AQ , Q n ' L K B ozzz' ik l A K n to 'r - ' i ' 1 A "W a Diana DeVere Martha Duckworth Pat Earley Oscar Edwards Harriet Elliot John Ervin Bob Erwin Nu- "" 1 B 1 i Us 5 'ik i ' A 1 to X , 19:35, ' iff' E f Q , jo A A William Farner Jimmy Freeman Homer Gibbs Libby Hahn Eddie Hairfield Ervin Hallyburton Carolyn Erwi n 45 I . ..-.. ..-M Dane Hamilton fit. y A Nancy Honeycutt S. A mix. 335 Q J x Ruth Harper xj- i 2 lt if p. 9 M "fT'f'Qf8iKi ' J. L. Hughes " ' K X. . D,X,L ini ,, Y rm . g Nw.-9 'kv Marinetta Harris Paul Hatem Sheila Haynes a li? L V L :" ' A J Jean Hurt Q U , hm Y ...ww ii'fiQf1E ' ' A B Doris Lloyd , 1 I 'ie Wy, . is . My - fi x. Fred Lane Zola Mae Lister .Q , fi sr je K K ea.. Y 1 J John McKee if Yo.. Alice Piercy Nita Puett 1:1 ,. its Q N-1. ic Bruce Senter Bill Melton 2 L Helen Pless Q ,uxyml i 3 1 J T , . 'Q 85,5 Kenneth Ross l.L Sylvia lngle Jo Ann Kendrick W. 5 L w 4. A in AU ' ix J Al Align-ll Jerry Macau , il. Tommy Helms Lt L., A Peggy Kral ff. A , Dick McDowell if - Nancy Hogan gk! 'iw' Floyd Lane 'l , ,. V! ui 1, A 5 he v w as X Jerry Mc F all s m y R ,,-- ,fi in , L b A A At i A S r nn M Philip Morrow Betty Jean Moses Harry Mull Naomi Owens Pete Patton LL' e - if N Q - K J ' 5 . ,. L ' it ' L ' 2 aaiy L L 3 fi f Q b . AW I I A AWE: A V A "2':... ' ' - M-X . f-:-. if- M K A A ' u. ":i J x . A A Dorothy Powell Myrtle Powell Margare Price Martha Propst Shirley Puckett 5 ' ..:. .2 ' A ,..,. 4 I I x ' -.+L t -, "' f 35 - - , tn ...... R ,i f M4 -I Z. ,I 5 :fr 711t , NF .V S . Ly Q. A st f . W ':., Nancy Rudicil J. Z. Russ f eddie Scott MGFY Seagle Bentha Self l . . "' fi - X T. A : ' i'ii:l fflll. -. . ,K x:'.' 2, wggfw R I .. Q, i gl VT . . , A b H E KAA , V K L 4 329' ' uw ,Q L L 1. Cristine Setzer Clinton Shirley Joie Simmons Alvie Lee Smith Dale Smith Jane Smith 46 1 m'.L- n S ' ' Q' i ,"' - ' ' ' 15 X if i " . S ' 1 . V. , - 't::' QF E ' L 5' . K , ' -' '- "H : ,," i Q D ,l -,', V' Q L of 5-Eg I' ' . 1 Z. f .. S f . .Z 1 K ,,.- 1 S-in Ei i .L K, t .it V. ' N 4 X K , -, .V Q 'I tttl VQI K ,ik , g - ,L 4 1 :Ii , , M X 1 W . ' - :i' k A Q't L K Linda Smith Ollie Smith Anne Speir Shirley Tilley Nah Doug Wallcer Mary Walton 352511 Shirley Wellman Bill Whetstine Betty Sue Whisnant Kenneth Williams Williams Marilyn Wilson Grace Winchester I :,.- 0 L, Donald Woods Jerry Young David Yount SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Harold Anderson Marilyn Brendle Virginia Bridges James Burnette Martha Grady Ethel Harrison Dallas Johnson mira. Keller Rcnand Lambert Y Floyd Lane Thelma Ledford Zola Mae Lister Paul Lowdermilk Johnny Mauney Jerry Morris Nancy Pritchard Freddie Scott Floyd Smith Charlie Ward Betty Sue Whisnant Marilyn Wilson 47 nhe swim! New fe Soaking up the sun Cobb Glamour lovelles. An l with horn Lovey dove ' Totem pole' who yo Waltln for' 3 W,.. A VK .ie In the good old days! He men All dressed up- for whoa Our heart's Ooohhh Sally... He ifn't worth it' Biding her ti deoire' Oops, an accident Pale No evil, girls?? Somebody to lean on! Anyone for tennis?? Nhat legsVP ' Mass Murder!! 48 The Hang Brain and brawnl! A lllll LQt'F do the hula' ZS MMM" V A SQL 'Z T FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS wins? ff? ii' Li 5 'fy RAY CANNON ....... ..... ,... ,... P f e Sident LP 3, fi Y? PAULA WILLIAMS .a..E vice-Pfessaenf. X ff, BARBARA CORNWELL . . . .9.. secretary ' X ' -36, J. C. CREWE ........ .... T reasurer ff 'eff RONNIE STROUD .E..u.u................... Reporter X t N 0 F ,NX D '70 wif! - Not better than the best, but better than the rest. T if 1 YN Y - Blue and Silver I , r S 2 . . A 1 .Q p ' - White Carnation -1 f A fjf G+ J , 2 R of 9 A Jfb 9 0 2,643 786 0 ft f no 'Q QQ fo 50 in Danny Abee Larry Abernathy uf it ii il I Frances Bivens Dickie Beach 5.1 Q if i i fix A 'x l Qui Betsy Bailey be XA we Jackie Baker . .4 chanel . we Eula Berry Bill Campbell Carol Cannon Ray Cannon 5 x . .. X ' Q- . K ',,' L x A ,Lkt , F- k at . Sa si - I Ri K I fl ,A Frances Coffey Shirl' y Coffey Lillie Mae Coley I xi W Q 1 ki , kkk K A 3 .K K A J -ill T iiir Robert Dale Vernon Daug ery Bill Davis ,Fri --aria JJ 1 : s w 5 wits f - "W 'Q . Wan K, My Bobby Dyson Kenneth vans Doug Farner Mg S do - if it -n k Patricia Bowman 1 5-vw fu-vfv 4 ffff' Jdlinny Ca 'frell l Barbara Cornwell 'Q i . W3 xi Hazel Denton G L Q... lg James Franklin , . 1, , 'K ' - MN. i iiii D - , ' .X-' KRW f'o i t X. -at : V. 9 X' l i ' Janette Garrison Zane Grey Mary Jo Hall Carolyn Hamrick 51 '-Eli 1 . L Mary Louise Baker it mf my my . ,Y V J. O. Barbour .. X K . wg It sv f is in I Ronnie Boyles we 'iw' ' gf il C L N Elizabeth Carswell x . , NM I CJ Q J. C. Crewe B .. Lip wen Devinney Ra i EVA Martha Franklin Kay Breitenbach j Zhu .M Robert Clarke Ja-.X it 'lf rj' Joann Crump 4 X is Q Q -W l L ., . Q.. ve... fin.. Douglas Barrier 'Y L S- X W' hx L, Q3 Kathryn Brendle . you 'N vw, X' Hr j 'I.T'!' Jimmy Clemmer x K I A N:-5 - 1 fish. Donald Dale . L 5. ,X lph Duckworth Virginia Duckworth is Q X, Y? Sue Franklin 15 'E' Q 'OX-f w - ig. -.. , of 7, I Betty Ford i - L ,. . is . v W ' x - Hane 5 Ann Harrington Richard Harrington x. P ag.: 'mx . K I K .,,, ' A . I ,M ' ,ga A . 1 S 3 ' N . " . V LLA H 4 A . W . sh . A I . I , il S J.. ' I il . ' K Mary Lee Hatem Shirley l"l0wl4if1S Bobby Hoyle Loretta lcenhour Catherine Janowsky Linda Jones Mary Belle Kincaid pe, ,Q J . .Q C ,-,, ' K M WI AAA, , X I . 5 .2 i K A A A . X 4' . . : f. Q-' Q- I : any 'M' J , - ,VQ 'mg fg .i Mickey Kincaid Wanda Lackey Dickie Lane Mary Louise Lane Betty Lunningham Carson Leonhardt Dixie Lewis ff ...Q L K 'rem' 5- Q :M A N 1 : .M K. f . gn' V, me 2 :W K Q :,- . J A V . Q L A ' A A Gayle Loftin Barry Logan Robert Lowery Carolyn Lovelace Benny Martin Patsy Martin Louise Mayfield 5. uv, , 'Qi . U i .. ky X: -J, Nw in uw 5 . K. 'N-' X - , ' - .- i'i'k ,Q '. - I t ' , L . .K tx, .5 Shirley McGalliard Elizabeth Moore Jimmy Osborne Jim Page Troy Parsons lris Patton Joe Patton Q 'Nz X , . iff' if .....,,. y L Dickie Pendleton bf Bobby P oteat A fs.. . fy .. I Hi W -J? , Charlene Seagle .,, ' if I Kim . ti J 'i J i" A if K . Elizabeth Peterson Leslie Phillips David Pittman Loretta Poarch Sarah Louise Pons Karen Poore fwuia. YQ! J 'Z y 1 Eddie Poteat Virginia Presley Carl Ramsey y Louise Reid Bobbie Joe Rudicil . J Lrg iiiil H P w, g V "" X 5 J, -'QQ' ..h E ' ' .ft x uae Maxine Seitz Peggy Setzer Pat Shuffler Kenneth Sipe Evelygn Sloan Jackie Smith 52 if N x f-. 2 1 i i is K is-Ji 'C x in 7 at K R .. ll A 5 . Q .,,.. P. , I Tx . J., -,,, ' L if L, Maxine Smith Gene Snipes Edward Spencer Joe Stine Ronnie Stroud Ruth Thorneburg Harold Walker ..,- A A wg: .. K -ravi K , ' A ., i A 5 X .: J 4,:' 57 .. l J .. , . 5 J I ' L XA Q Harold Warlick Joann Weatherford Jack Wellman Norma Jean Whetstine James Whisnant Judy Whisnant Shirley White - I A ',-S' i ,. i K K k is J f L -J fi rlo . 4 J 4 - J 5 l S JA A Y Rita Willis Billy Woods Maxine Wright Adele Williams Jimmy Williams Paula Williams Rama Willis Sally Avery Kathryn Brendle Juanita Bryant Walter Bryant Frances Coffey Shirley Ann Coffey Bruce Cole Lillie Mae Coley Harold Herman Gal l ion October 5, 1937 J 6.97.6 f .. ,J , ,..,. . l I Ii, ii, November 12, 1951 "-. J 1 A 1 .K as Larry Ramseur Larry, had he lived, would have been a member of our class 'FPRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Zane Gray Chappie Greyer Donald Hamrick Vernon Harris Charles Lane Roy Lindsay Robert Lowery Patsy Martin Nial Perkins John Pittman Bobbie Rudicill Peggy Setzer ,M Charles Stamey Joann Weatherford Jimmy Clifford Whetsti ne f .Shirley White t Louise Mayfield Gene Yelton TE PRESENTATWES To ooh., NMS CHAMPlONs RE Ls' STATE 'd D em D I Johnsbn. amen' J"'7 N0rveII, DannY . q . EIeanor B'-'IIN' Lmdo e Er A 1 TEEN'S CORNER EDITOR Mary Lee Copeland QUILL AND SCROLL DELEGATES TO CAROLINA PRESS "INTERNATIONAL HONORARY SOCIETY CONFERENCE FOR .IOURNALISTSH Katharine Booth, Doitie Braddock, Mary Lee Cope- Kmhorine Booth, Mary Lee Copeland, Donald Demo land, Marie Dahne, Andy Kisfler, and Mrs. Carter. Miss Tefer and Mrs. Carter, Advisers. 54 ulwbmdlmlllp . nlullln a NUWIII Vip, mm, Muff, ull 5 Win, KH llh, UNA, I ' 0 xo F n'2 ,f-' NWIII, xklmlllf, ulllh, """"'f .muf,,, num, ' ykilllmh MHM., Xuufh HHN, KWN1. IIHIA , Mnulfky, .nllwfllswwmllllv ull!! mum, sllfflf., N KATHARINE BOOTH "Editor-in-CI'1ief" . .. , . 1. Qin f ' mi P MARY FRANCES GARRISON ISABELLE MULL "Aff Edi?0l"' "Picture Editor" EDITORIAL STAFF Katharine Booth . . . . . . Mary Frances Garrison . Isabelle Mull .... ..... . . Dottie Braddock . . . ........ . . . . Ann Cornwell . . . . . . Activities and Peggy Patton ................. . . . ........ . . . Miss Teter ........................ .......... Editor-in-Chief . . . . Art Editor . Picture Editor Assistant Editor Features Editor . . Sports Editor . . . . . Adviser THE 1953 56 Qtr. 'NBP "AT'S TALE Carl ANDY KISTLER Business Manager Fleming . . . Andy Kistler . . . Jimmy Conley . . . Teddy Garrison . . . John Mackorell . . . Mr. Putnam ...... BUSINESS STAFF CARL FL EMING Business Manager JIMMY CONL EY Busines s Manager . Business Manager . Business Manager . Business Manager Junior Staff Member Junior Staff Member ..........Adviser 57 STUDENT COUNCIL DONALD DENTON ............................. President DEAN CLINE ........ . . . Vice-President CAROLYN CANNON . . . . . . Secretary BILL ALLMAN ..... . . Treasurer STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Alwina Tilley, Bill Allman, Carolyn Cannon, Donald Denton, Dean Cline, Katharine Booth, Marinetta Harris, Bill Davis, Nana Bridgers, Elizabeth Peterson, Marie Dahne, Sammy Reep, Charlie Butler, Dick Avery, Bob Ccrswell, Sam Butler, John McKee, Sue Franklin, Mary Lee Copeland, Bob Williams, Bill Lane, Ray Cannon, Jim Ray Osburn, Joan Ramseur, Mary Jane Carter, Mr. Cousins, Adviser. 58 l News Briefs Mr. Morgan's homeroom was the winner of the P,-T.A. mem- bership drive. They will receive an award of five dollars for the room having the most members in Sen- ior High and another prize for having 100i per cent membership. Lee McConnick, Adair Hatcher, T he Cam ldron fs. "Q . - ,. 1 Xi: ' Q f - A ' fa Q4 B Of Wh f lv we Mmm W rew a s e . Q 's s W xr . 243 , 'Published Monthly Morganton High School, November 14, 1952 Vol. XVI-No. 2 End Y Y ' Q IT' 0. ll Oscar Edwards, and Teddy Gar- M S rison sang T ' h I ing on Fric I Onlg t - X - The juni T MAR LEE COPELA D ' it from a cak ,J Y H , ,, N E ' 'S on Novemb Ednor V 1 f A I' 0 The ban l'1'. .S :,' K y lma'Vifgm ii31i:w5fve5fn..g'l5'5 ran ln Par- iiii me CW S tu day, E ' - ' A X ' - aio ramen, struck in each of the i l S - t 'th Edd' 1 ' ' Q , igncert m riiilgartxirlxe gn d Didlil Feur movie stars, ROC . My historghand ' Chill Wills, Alice Kelle: QQ. ,C j in on RP' a dlziilicgtaltt 1 extended their win- ducepwtiter Robert An or 'nor Society? . : to five games bylappear IH MOIHMIIGOH ' - was asked, Ugg on Ff Jreviously undefeatedl noon as a Dart of the y ,,,.:i .3 ,..,, ' . ,t know ij:-selrvztlrice ed on Forest Citi lifltl hh t LST.. WZ? iganto WH Ml JANE sTYERs Hi 4 i g a C ap er g B 1 li Eddie Bridges . ,, str 'Society Ori- ggrgflesggg 2 one-yard line, 4 Busmess Manage' vitl guidance of , rive. Morganton ., .,,- vV.YfY. .- ...- -. . ball nd Mrs. Her- tgthi. ...nd me in the second quart. Eleanor B u tl e r, hr V V - After three the program were Marie Dahne, Mary Lee Copeland, Bill Lane, Bill Allman and Kenneth Go- lightly cparlel members! and Don Denton iMCD. The Key Club attended the Dav- idson-Richmond football game on Saturday, November 5. The gym suits for the physical education classes have arrived. The boys' suits are royal blue and white. The girls' suits are blue and white and also red and white. Jan' n .n. , ,. .u n..,:.1 n--44 ter, as Sonny Martin, intercept-3 ing a Forest City pass blocked by' Dean Cline, scored from the Forest' City 26-yard line. Forest City's' perfect record was the second tal be ruined by the Wildcats th' season, who also upset Bryson, City 31-7. The Wildcats suffered their third loss of the season on Octo-' ber 24 to a tough Rutherfordton- Spindale team 19-13. A 90-yard: run by Rutherford's halfback Paul. Terry, broke the 'Cats' five game- ...avmavm .-h-nal, 1urm-fmvtfnn hnld' queen. The appearance is scheduled for the square at 4:30. Where Is The Chatterbox? The reason for discontinuing the column is not because of the con- testo in which the Cauldron is en- tered. The Chatterbox has little or no effect on most students, hilt there are a. few who are and one half years of talking and planning, the first chapter meet- ing was held on April 18, 1934. The charter, number 1483, was granted ln that same year. There were sixteen members at the first meeting, twelve seniors and four juniors. Since the establishment of the chapter, there have been two hundred and sixty-six mem- bers. The purpose of the Honor So- ciety is: "To create enthusiasm . . . .. . ., ,It th Lee Copeland, Marie lsoeprcf were e Elmer Abee, Dottie Braddock, Shirley Brittain, Franklin Clontz, Bill Connelly, Mary be itSl Dahne, Peggy Dale, Donald Denton, Martha Dysart, Elizabeth Peterson, Anita Puett Jerrj ford Smith, Joann Smith, JaneVStyers, Alwina Tilley, Carol Wayt, David Wayt, Mrs. Carter, Adviser. ichamc- the first L0 answer tue can lui' u. volu ,.,. , M I .-M-....-.A fn.. uA'nt-fn-nt-nn ' tn'-vt-ating it nun-tr ha init nut- TTn- e, Della Setzer, Clif- and to UCL in un: pupuu ui A-10l'g'HX1t0I1 J ls: Pre: futher hpy 'stone dow F312 ltteen J. third 1 ir . s TQ , Bob the eland, COB Rama ardt. sem spe: ' pref IHIS Kat Cat mal Feddy I-ge Caro- dro wran. age and Cm lected den class. A ' mar- anf lstant 031 l sen- Grc ff. ven - S 20. rved ceil 7 giving, , , closed Danny JOIIHSOII, PFCSIQBIILQ llflelltg ratty EUIIULCL, sculctu.r,y,Iqucsuuus or umm nomo, ulnm...5,l Jeriy Lynn Harris, vice-presidentg and Marinetta Harris, treasuregb and party chaperones. November 27 and 28. CHEERLEADERS Dean Duughtery Della Setzer Jo Ann Kendrick Jane Smlth Peggy Patton Jane Sfyers MISS McClure Director CUTDOOR PEP RALLY STUNT NIGHT DAY AT M.H.S. KN THE YEAR 4004 Presented by ihe Freshmen LAC E LABOR D AY Press,-Med oPh0m:',Y fha Os ANCXN MADEMOXSEL P resented by Seniors LE' S D the G SCH OOL ON O P res,n'ed Ju,-'ioriY 1' F16 h, 4 "Cornet": Rick Benfield, Olga Crabtree, Howard Copenhaver, Kenneth Golightly, Benny Martin, Dick McDowell. "Flute": Jane Bowers, Martha Dysart, Stephanie Leslie, Kathleen Nichols, Mary Joe Whitley. "French Horn": Put Bowman, Peggy Fisher. "Saxophone": Carolyn Brinkley, Merilla Littleiohn, Phyllis Mitchem, Hazel Lee Talent. "Oboe": Martha Ann Browning, Johnnie Pons. "Clarinet": Modene Buff, Mitzi Beamen, Bill Conley, Patricia Earley, Reba Fleming, Carolyn Goodnight. 61 r ,I .' I 1 P' Q9 l iff M e jf K 37' ' xv 5' afar' W if C ,, 'i ll 'LII ya ,X ,, ,,, 44 X 11,1 F If T any-f ffflff ,H if ,Xxx ,ji 4, + THE .1 952753 JI, f V1 I .5 I g ! r fl ,. 71" K HH dl, D 1' if ' F 1' L DRUM MAJOR AND Ruth Harper, Phil Henderson, Gwendolyn DeVinney. 62 Jerry Lynn Harris, AI Maxwell, Martha Orders, Kay Shirley, Kenneth Sipe, Jackie Smith, Murrel Wooten, William Kazziah. "E-Flat Clarinet": lris Patton. "Trombone": Billy Booth, James Burnette, Lloyd Hart, Harry Tune, Jack Wellman, Bennette Whisnant. "Bass": Bill Davis, Phil Henderson, Ted Mabe. "Bas- soon": Sarah Pons. "Baritone": Rex Littlejohn, Ralph Patton. "Percussion": Emily Crabtree, Doug Farner, Bill Lane fTympanil, Martin Mc Connell, Jimmy Williams. "Bass Clarinet": Frances Dale. "Alto CIarinet": Helen Patton. "Piccolo": Bobby Denton. f , v . 1 H. s. BANED, Q L' , 1 s J l i lv' l f 1 V. ,fu l ,, L I, b L i Jai. W l V l l Z" - li x , g in r . BATON CORPS Modene Buff, Shirley McGalliard, Phyllis Mitcham, Linda Smith. 63 y CHORUS E. 'i...,- OUR ALMA MATER J- 1 f K A LUB HOUSE W-F KEY CLUB Elmer Abee, Bill Allman, Dick Avery, Andrew Baranski, Eddie Bridges, Bill Brown, Charlie Butler, Sammy Butler fVice-Presidenti, Billy Joe Caroway, Bob Carswell fsecretary-Treasurerl, Bobby Causby, Bobby Clarke, Dean Cline, Franklin Clonfz, Jim Clontz, Bobby Crew, Jerry Cohen, John Ervin, Teddy Garrison, Yates Giles, Johnny Green, Dane Hamilton, Adair Hatcher fpresidentl, Tommy Helms, Bill Jones, Bill Lane, John Mackarell, Lee McCormick, Dick McDowell, John McKee, Jerry Norvell, Pete Patton, Bucky Reep, Eddie Rhyne, Freddie Scott, Clinton Shirley, Bobby Smith, Carl Wall, Johnny Whitener, Bob Williams, Mr. Price, Adviser. ' ANCHOR CLUB Carolyn Abee, Jane Bowers CVice-Presidenti, Dottie Braddock, Peggy Branch, Eliza Boggs, Barbara Bur- kette, Mary Jane Carter, Ann Cornwell fSecretaryl, Marie Dahne, Diana Devere, Martha Lou Dickens, Pat Early, Peggy Fisher, Patty Fullmer, Marinetta Harris fTreasurerl, Jeweldene Hawkins, RamaLedford P F Rh d Bentha Self Mar fPresidentl, Rachel Mull, Peggy Patton, Martha Propst, Anita uett, rancos o es, , y Walton, Mary Jo Whitley, Betty Sue Williams, Sylvia Williams, Miss Blanche Carter and Mrs. Al Dickens, Advi ser s. 66 fi HI-Y CLUB Harry Alwran, Jimmy Conley, Larkin Dellinger, Donald DentonfSecretary-Treasurerl, Hamp Erwin, Carl Fleming fPresidentl, Bobby Harris, John Hood fVice-Presidentl, Andy Kistler, Jimmy Logan, Sonny Martin, Harry Oliver, Jack Rhodes, Jerry Shuford, Bobby Turner, Gene Turner, Mr. Putnam, Adviser. S , 4 TRI-HI-Y CLUB Barbara Alwran, Sally Jo Beck, Katharine Booth, Jane Bowers fVice-Presidentl, Dottie Braddock, Elinora Brittain lTreasurerl, Shirley Brittain, Barbara Burkette, Eleanor Butler fPresidentl, Myrtle Carswell, Nelda Causby, Mary Lee Copeland fReporterj, Ann Cornwell, Marie Dahne, Annie Mae Dale, Dean Daughtery, Christine Dellinger, Martha Lou Dickens, Martha Dysart, Sylvia Elmore fsergeant-at-armsl, Reba Fleming, Jean Franklin, Mary Frances Garrison, Dorothy Grady, Jerry Lynn Harris, Barbara Johnson fSecretaryl, Margaret Kincaid, Karla Lang, Maxine Lybrand, Maud Morrison fChaplainj, Isabelle Mull, Martha Orders, Peggy Patton, Della Setzer, Grace Shuffler, Clifford Smith, Jane Styers, Frankie Walker, Lucille Whisenant May, Barbee Winchester, Carol Wayt, Miss McClure, Adviser. 67 'W 'F President ...... Vice-President . . . Secretary ..... Treasurer . . Historian . . . . . Song Leader ..... Community Chairman Reporter ....... Parliamentarian . . Social Chairman . Adviser ........ F. H. A. CLUB . . . . Isabelle Mull . . . . . . . . Carolyn Erwin . . . Mary Frances Garrison . . . . . . . Maud Morrison .........JeanHurt . . . Carolyn Cannon . . . . . Nancy Honeycutt Joann Smith Powell . . . Lucille Whisenant May ...........CarolWayt . . . . . . . . Mrs. Delanie Winchester President ..... Vice-President . . . Secretary-Treasurer Program Chairman . Social Chairman . . Proiect Chairman . . . Devotional Chairman . . Adviser ........ YOUTH CLUB Youth United with Christ 68 . . Danny Johnson . . Jerry Lynn Harris Patricia Hollifield . . . . . . Bentha Self . . Dottie Braddock . . Martha Orders . . . . Jerry Morris . . Mrs. G. W. King X . NATIONAL HONOR X X X I f KATHARINE BOOTH SOCIETY I X ' f BOB CARSWELL X FRANKLIN X X CLONTZ President ISABELLE MULL 1 I C 1 GORDONIL EONHARDT W, I l ii: MARY FRANCES BARBEE ALWINA RAMA LEDFORD GARRISON I WINCHESTER TILLEY 1 ' V.-Pres. Sec. MARY LEE COPELAND CAROL WAYT .Publicity Chuirma ADVISER MISS JOBE MISS EDGE ADVISER ELINORA BRITTAIN s DRAMATICS CLUB Elmer Abee, Harry Alwran, Dottie Braddock, Merdean Breedlove, Virginia Bridges, Barbara Burkett, Dean Butler, Jobie Clower, Jack Curlee fVice-Presidentj, Dean Daughtery, Martha Lou Dickens, Peggy Fisher, Reba Fleming fSecretfJrYl, Dorothy Grady, Pat Hollifield, Andy Kistler fpresidentl, Karla Lang, Maxine Lybrand, Maud Morrison fTreasurerJ, Peggy Patton, Elizabeth Peterson, Leslie Phillips, Bucky Reep, Bobby Ross, Bentha Self, Della Setzer, Bobby Smith, Clifford Smith, Linda Smith, Jane Styers, Bobby Turner, Adele Williams, Mary Jo Whitley. T2 i S l E e Q i , 5 HERE COMES CHARLIE Senior Class Play Nora, Barbee Winchester, Officer Tim McGrill, Jimmy Fisher, Mrs. Farnham, Carol Waytg Larry Elliot, Andy Kistler, Ted Hartley, Franklin Clontz, Vivian Smythe-Kersey, Maxine Lybrand, Uncle Aleck, Bennette Whisenant, Charlie Hopps, Katharine Booth, Mrs. Smythe-Kersey, Isabelle Mull, Mortimer Smythe-Kersey, Jack Curlee, Director, Miss Mary Lee Gray. Setting: The suburban home of Larry Elliot in St. Louis, Missouri. 70 .X .4 uk cicilizimeb Fortune 'I V LIFE 7 SENIOR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Eleanor Bufler Carl Fleming MOST POPULAR Katharine Booth Addir Hatcher L FEBRUARY ,953 J 2 I 1 JUL I' L 014125 000 J ST ORIGINAL MO M rrison Maud o in Hump Erw NEATEST N Isabelle Mull Arthur Bridges L APRIL 1953 .A TI M 1 V American JUNE I9 L 'RCM ,mces MOST ROMANTIC Jane Sryers Sonny M rfin NDABL E MOST DEPE Burbee Winchester Mock Browning Y 1953 J 72 L L J Tl V G L SUPERLATIVES T BEST LOOKING Dean Ramseur Bill Allman MOST ATHLETIC Sora Snipes X Eddie Bridges 7 JANUARY 1953 J L Aus L. UST 1953 J 'Y V R Nl V C H A FflleArt ocm 1 S BER 1953+ CUTEST Joan Ramseur Donald Clarke MOST TAL ENTED Paity Ful lmer Lee McCormick sEPTEMBER 19 53 l- J Tl lk 16717111 fff : il --l , BEST MANNERS Mary Frances Garrison Bob Carswell FRI ENDLIEST V Carolyn Cannon x Jim Anderson Y Novemeea 1951 A L DECEMBERZ52 lf 73 'l if .ULDRON ry Lee Copeland, :orted by Andy Kisfler -Y CLUB xrbara Berry, .corted by Donald Denton A nomecommo k MISS HOMECOMING CAT'S TALE Katharine Booth, escorted by Tommy Helms TRI-HI-Y CLUB Mary Frances Garrison, escorted by Bennette Whisenant Eleanor Butler, scorted by Harry Oliver 77 escorted by David Campbell HOMECOMING F.l'l.A. CLUB Isabelle Mull, escorted by Elmer Abee BAND ' Phyllis Mitchem, escorted by Jack Rhodes ANCHOR CLUB Rama Ledford, escorted by Harry Alwran KEY CLUB Dean Ramseur, escorted by John McKee HONOR SOCIETY Barbee Winchester, escorted Dick Austin STUDENT COUNCIL Carolyn Cannon, MARSHALS BUCKY REEP Chief DELLA SETZER Assistant Chief HARRY ALWRAN, MARIE DAHNE BILL CAROWAY, PEGGY PATTON SAM BUTLER, JANE BOWERS TEDDY GARRISON, JERRY LYNN HARRIS 'R .1 Lin. Wlilicb az., ? 3 -fs:-sf my of M' 5 Hatcher S. Butler Martin Williams Clontz Tumer RGQP 1952 WILDCATS BACKS Dick Avery Eddie Bridges Charlie Butler Billy Joe Caroway Dean Cline Ken Ingle Jerry Norvell Bucky Reep Bob Williams TACKL ES Mack Browning Bill Melton Adair Hatcher Bobby Smith CENTERS Jimm y Clontz Bobby Harris ENDS Johnny Green Sonny Martin Jack Mode Gene Turner Curl Wall GUARDS Bill Browne Sam Butler Freddie Scott How proud we are of our Wildcats' 78 Il' QQ 4 Q if .ig ved' fi ' ik . W- . s i 'W 'ii J .3 5,.F .D . 1 X J l Iv Avery Cl ine Wall Browne Bridges Caraway Browning BACKS ENDS Bobby Crewe Donald Dale J. C. Crewe Bobby Pofeat Fonzer Buchanan Bobby Ross Loy Buff Fred Lane CENTERS Sam Resp Johnny Cantrell Robert Clark GUARDS Bobby Clark John David Hood Eddie Potent Harold Warlick TACKL ES J. O. Barbour Dickie Pendleton Carl Ramsey These are our undefeated JV's.

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