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www -4- :qfqg-M -.-.fa ..- .. . ..,.a-.N L, . ,..,,.y,Qu as -.. -of -at 4: -A um Q'-uf-my x - ,war--w we 1-new-new -f- -an-.1nx,. --r uv-vw. 41--Www-. ,H-- -qw.. ,Q 1, -Y--.1,vv .1 yin ..--1. nu --..Q ,.. -una gpxewuuuum W.-. f,.-x.-.4.'.-n,,-'-w-,,- ,-.'-p-nm -mf my P1 as :- -..-Q.-sq. .U ,,un..4-:own n-rv 1-.,.,.,.g31 .,- f -an-1 4 1: In our ls' :asv x n,..q-..- Lune-.err -w ,.u-f..m..Isusfa- mana- mf-1 -.xmas 4- w--. fa -4.--,ppm-v aunmnaswn- .1-gf -me - nn.-M nun' na-n...4.., .---.- .uv-sam..-.-. --. vw an 0- an-1 -N -an 1-nfv...,. v.......-nunm-i- .uw-1-qu-gunna!-Q . 1..,,,. . JM., tv -, -V "f , U 4: . , '-In s Q 'Ja . 1' f 3 1, ' , A ' 'L""A ' '1 1 , -Y If Y Q W ' 1 J-1 1 . , A- Q V., .z'.,:' ,r.- . 5Z,.-1 3,14 I ' '5 ' 2 ,-, L. . -,A -.4,.., lll L ' . 1- j32n'4M V. . 63: , , M- x ,J x 3 f ,rw - -I .,,, ., . , l' 4 :gt K QYHVA i Q . 2 E a.: P in T nf, , Qf 1 H Q 1- -an Q' -N WM ufume 5 fqwdenfecl gy .Slalom of 1953 C0-gcbford 1 on ten, .gnf oclucfzon .siluclenfa AC!! Lil85 racluafed .!46JUel'tL5U'lg Because you have proudly stood beside us in our accomplishments, in our failures, in our work, and in our playg because you have inspir- ed us to build a more useful and worth-while life, we respectfully dedicate the 1953 edition of "The Morganaire" to our friend Mr. Marion Greenwell. 3 ren . VQWQ LGE GLURL CW 0 FEB. 6-7 V SHOULDER" VEB. I 4 NA BELLE WOMEN -I V F2111-11 MBOH' YR ll-ld ' Pun FLAT , nrm:rums" W Mnuunsr lv- l -ay, ""'X V'---Y FJ I X , 44'J,'f,,. ,O 1 +1 m u, ' wlkfyffl " f " as 1 Z fi? K, Q X , Z 'YB 4 ,Fi 2f1i?'i?lff'Lf'.'iif W E I I . CARLOS OAKLEY OTHO EDWARDS RUTH HOUSTON Superintendent Attendance Officer Secretary ,fa -fm. S4 W V fs A' f L ..'f f -fa, 34 V 2 Wi QQ- L L ' T - L L RUDY NORMAN RALPH HART Oal' 0 MCG l,0l'l S. D. OMER E- TULEY CLEMENTS Chairman LW. PAYNE .Ag 'fu ,ff Sv, I f f. BOWERS WALLACE Bachelor of Arts Umversrty of Kentucky .SQAOOK CLCM WILBUR SMITH Bachelor of Sclence Master of Arts Western State College BETTY SMITH Bachelor of Arts Umversxty of Kentucky PM IMOGENE BHELTON Bachelor of Arts Georgetown College Eastern State College JOE LUCKETT Bachelor of Arts St Memrad College Western State College FRANCES BETHEL Bachelor of Arts Umversrty of Kentucky Umversrty of Chxcago Evansvllle College E x f X I T l l t'll"l y g 4 ytygy y My X C E' 1 M ' . 2 N EJ: 8 fig 5' 'V' 1 ll I' 4 BETTY HARRISON Bachelor of Science Murray State College ARCHIE OWEN Bachelor of Arts Evansvrlle College SADC! Clffllgy CHARLIE MILLER Bachelor of Scrence Western State College MARY ANDERSON Bachelor of Science Murray State College HOWARD MCKEAIG Bachelor of Arts Georgetown College MARILYN PERKINS Bachelor of Scrence Ill1no1s State Normal .szcrefarg fo fqfinczyaaf Q ,sewn-'L V A .4-4 MYRTLE HA NER Bachelor of Scrence Murray State College Western State College WILLIE MAUDE BEABOUT Murray State College Western State College prx unior acu fy DAISY JOHNSON Bachelor of Sclence Murray State College 55' ZR ELIZABETH PIKE Bachelor of Arts Nazareth College Mount St Joseph College WILLIAM DAWSON Umverslty of Kentucky KATHLEEN MCGARY Life Certxfrcate Western State College Murray State College L- . 4 Q.,.,Mq :A O ! . . lp ll Hb' 'Ti' EULA LIVERS Nlurray State College Western State College Un1vers1ty of Notre Dame AILEEN HOLT Nlurray State College Western State College 6 Qfflelfltfll' CLCU ! ""'7s..., FLORENCE GRA FF Western State College Y ALMENA YOUNG Western State College 12 'int CARMA L SPRINGER Murray State College IVA MILLS Murray State College Western State College 5? 'A 5 i -. C C' ETTA CHANDLER Western State College Campbellv1lle Ir College gldffleflfal' CLC!! f JULIA KERNEY Bachelor of Arts Butler s School of Educatron DePauw Umversxty Peabody College Western State College "W 'ii KA THRYN BERRY l1fe Certrfrcate Murray State Co lege Western State College PATRICIA PIKE Bachelor of Arts lxazarttll College Bardstown Ky X ll rrttlr C ollt Q C LOUISVIIIL 6'- NIARX EDIxA O NIAN Western State College FRA NCES FORTENBERRY Bachelor of Arts Ul'l1V6l'SlIy of Kentucky EMILY STOLL Bachelor of Arts Queens College cfimenfar Clflflky stef ff X Q5 ATG KATHLEEN GA TLIN Bachelor of Science Lindsay Wilson Western State College LUCY PIKE Bachelor of Arts Nazareth College Mt St Joseph College Q14 of President Mrs Kathelme Woodring Secretary Mrs Frances Fortenberry Treasurer Julia KCIIICY l o o Vice-President . . .......... Mrs. Eline Geiger l'lU2l'6 an 6ll'LLf0I'J 15 O I! O 1. ,airy C .lbs gal Ng i 0, affix? S Bowers Wallace Wilbur Smith SPOUSOT Sponsor Kfadd Jerry Brantley Pre sident icerfi J1mmy Hanks Vice -Pre sident Joan G ray Secretary 8: Treasurer, eniord STEWARD LOVELL Football I.2,3,4: Basketball. Track 3: Chorus l.2: Junior Conser- vation Club I: Speech Club 4: F.F.A. I,2,3,4: Ekko staff 4: F.F.A. Sentinel 4: Sergeant-at-Arms 3: Football Escort Attendant 4. HELEN PRIDE GRAFF F.H.A. I,2,3,4: F.H.A. Vice-President Ii F.B. L.A. 3.4: Library Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3.4: Student Council 2: Annual Staff 4. GEORGE ALLEN THOMSON Football Manager I: Ekko Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Sports Editor for Annual. ANN HEARN F.B.L.A. 3.4: Annual staff 4. DONALD E. TOOMBS F.B.L.A. 3. 18 enior-5 JAMES MARVEL Baseball I,2.3: Ekko Staff4: Morganaire Staff 4: Basketball I,2. PAT McBRIDE I-'.l-LA. I,2,3.4g F.H.A. Treasurer 2: F.B.L.A. 3,4g Library Ig Chorus 2, 35 Chorus Reporter 3: Marching Chorus 49 4-H I,2: Foot- ball Attendant3g Junior Play 3: Annual Staff4. JAMES RAY Football 4: F.F.A. 1,2,3,4g F.F.A. Class Officer Ig F.F.A. Treasurer 3gkF.F.A. Vice-President 41F.B.L.A. 45 Ky. Farmer Degree 3: Track 3. JEAN RoBrNsoN F.H.A. I,2.3,4:F.B.L.A. 3. PARVIN GIBBS F.B. L.A. 3: Football 2g Basketball Ig Basketball Manager 3,42 Baseball I,25 Golden Gloves 3.4: Junior Conservation Club I. Ai ts --an qw .1 sf'-vf-W' ,gfil 7 7:24 -et, eniorfi JA MES WHITSELL Basketball 1.2.41 Baseball 3,45 F. B.L.A. 3: Speech Club 45 Ekko Staff 4, Co-Editor of Ekko5 Annual Staff 4. Historian5 Student Assembly Council 3.45 Student Assembly Council. Vice -President 43 Secretary and Treasurer of Freshman Class. FAYE SMITH F.H.A. 1: Cheerleader 1.2.3,4: F.B.L.A. 35 Chorus 25 Vice- President Library Club 43 Ekko Staff 45 Annual Staff 43 Junior Play 35 Football Attendant 25 Fall Festival Attendant 35 Basketball Attendant 4. JERRY BRANTLEY Football I,2,3,4: Basketball I.2,3.45 Baseball I,2.3: National Honor Society 2.35 F.B. L.A. 35 Speech Club 45 Class President 25 45 Vice-President 25 Ekko Staff 45 Annual staff 4. MELBA SHROTE Cheerleader I,2,3.4: Student Council 4: Library Club 4: Sec. 8: Trea. Library Club 43 F.H.A. 1.25 Songleader F.H. A. 25 Football Attendant 15 Band 15 Chorus 2,35 I-'.B.L.A. 3: Ekko Staff45 Annual staff 45 Junior Play 3. BARNEY ELLIOTT Football I,2.3,4: Basketball l,2,3,4Z Baseball 25 Track 3.45 Class President 3. Student Council I5 Library Club I5 F. B.L.A. 3: Ekko staff 4: Annual Staff 45 Chorus 2,35 Band 25 Junior Play 3. eniorzi JACK CONWAY Football I,2,3,4: Basketball Ii Boxing 3: Track 3: Chorus 1.2: Junior Conservation I: Speech Club 4: Annual Staff 4: F.F.A. 4. SARAH COLLINS Glee Club r.2,3: Chorus Trio I: F.H.A. l,2,3,4: F,B.L.A. 3,4: Drum Majorette 2.3: Twirl Majorette I: Annual Staff 4: P. T.A. Entertainer 4: 4-H I: Basketball Attendant 1. JIMMY HANKS Football I,2,3,4: Basketball 1.2: Basketball Manager 3,4: Base- ball 3,4: F. B.L.A. 3: Speech Club 4: Annual Staff 4: Ekko Staff 4: Vice-President 4: Junior Conservation Club 2: Junior-Play 3. MARGARET STRADER Annual staff 4: F.B. L. A. 3.4: Vice-President F.B. L.A. 3: Class Vice-President 3: Library Club 3.4: Chorus 2: Band 2: Ekko staff 4: Speech Club I. CHARLIE MCCULLOUGI-l Football 1.2: Football Manager 4: Basketball 4: Baseball 3,4: National Honor Society 4: Chorus 1.2: Junior Play 3: Debate Team 3,43 President Speech Club 4: President Junior Conservation 3: Annual Staff 2.3: Sports Editor Ekko 4: F.B. L.A. 4: Class Reporter 3.4: Co-Editor Annual 4. arf www -I eniorfi BUDDY DUCKWORTH Basketball I,2,3.4: Co-Captain Basketball 4: Football 2.3.4: Baseball 2.3: Annual Staff 4: Track 3. NEALIE MOMAN Basketball Queen 1: Cheerleader I.2.3.4: F.H.A. 1.2: F.B. L.A. 3.4: Glee Club 1.3: Annual staff 4: Ekko Staff 4: Library Club 4: Junior Play 3: Library Club President 4: Co-Editor Annual 4: Band 1. BUBBY HENRY Basketball 2,3.4: Baseball 1,2.3,4: Junior Conservation Club I.2 3: Speech Club 4: F.B.L.A. 4: National Honor Society 3.4: Band l.2: Ekko Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Sec. 84 Trea. . Class 2: Vice - President. Class I1 Football Manager 2: Basketball Manager 2.3: Baseball Manager 2. MILDRED PERDUE F.B.L.A. 3.4: F.l-l.A. I,2,3.4: F.l-l.A. Parlimentarian 3: Ekko staff 4: Annual staff 4: Typist. Annual 4: Junior Play 3: Society Editor. Ekko 4. RAY THOMPSON Football I.2.3,4: Football Captain 4: Basketball 3: Basketball Manager 1.2: Track 3: Ekko Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: F.B.L.A.3. 4. ZZ eniorzi .TIM COX Football r.2.3,4,5: Basketball 1,2.3,4.5: Baseball 3.4: F.B.L. A. 3: Annual Staff 4: Ekko Staff 4: Class President I: Assembly Council l,2,4: Assembly Council President 4. JOAN GRAY F.H.A. I.2.3.41F.B.L.A. 3.4: Ekko Staff 4: Co-Editor Annual Staff4: Annual Staff 4: Junior Play 3: Sec. 81 Trea. Crass 1.3.43 F. H.A. Vice-President 4: F.B.L.A. President 4: Basketball Queen Attendant 3: Honor Society 4. BILLY IOE FISHER Football 1,2,3,4: Basketball l,2,3,4: Baseball 2,3,4: F.B.L.A. I: Speech Club Ii Junior Play 3: Junior Conservation Club 1: Ekko Staff 4: Annual Staff 4. JOAN BAIRD Glee Club I: Vice-President F.H.A. 1.2: Student Assembly Council 2: F.H.A. President 3,4: Honor Society 3.4: F. B.L.A. Treasurer 3: F. B. L.A. Sec. ga Treas. 4: Ekko Staff 4: Annual staff 4: Library Club 4: Class Reporter 4: F.H.A. I.2,3,4: Sec. 8: Trea. Honor Society 4. BILL BUCKMAN Football I.3.4:F.B.L.A. 3:F.F.A. 1.2.4. 'Q is g ,A A ' LGE -. rj: -, rm, , M fi, I f, . ,W 4 vlvif en iam OLLIE CHEATHAM F.F.A. 3.4: "Watch Dog of Senior Class". MILDRED STONE F.H.A. I.2.3.4: Chorus I. HARBERT "Buggs" ERVIN Football l,2,3,4: Basketball I: Chorus I,2,3: F.B.L.A. 3: Basketball Manager 2,3,4: Annual Staff. Snapshot. 4: Ekko Staff 4: Golden Gloves Featherweight Championship 3. MARY BRISBY F.H.A. Parliamentarian 4: F.B. L. A. 3.4: Library Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Ekko staff 4: F.H.A. I.2.3,4. ARTHUR RAY MATTINGLY Football 2,3,45 Basketball 1.2: F.F.A. Honor Roll I,2: F.F.A. Treasurer 2: Fall Festival King 3: Track 3: Annual Staff 4: F.F.A. Class President Ii F.F.A. Class President 2. 4,-an ell L 0I"5 WAYNE HEFFINGTON F F A I 2 3 4 Jumor Conservatxon Club I Band I 2 3 Annual Staff I Boxlng Team I gb 4 LARRY MASON Basketball I Football I 4 Jumor Conservatlon Club I 2 Presldent Jumor Conservatxon 2 Speech Club 4 F B L A 3 Annual Staff4 Ekko Staff4 Baseball 1 2 4 DA VID BUCHANAN Jumor Conservation Club 1 2 3 4 F B L A 3 25 I 1. 5: . - . , . , 9 ' ' : , . Q 9 ' . I ' gfv' 21 , : . 1 ' ' . 3 ' . l ' ' : 1 . . . . : : z . . . ' ' , , , 3 . . . . . A 0 GIRLS Faye Lynn Smlth Neal1e Moman Joan Gray Helen Graff Faye Lynn Srn1th Helen Graff Neal1e Moman Sarah Colllns Mary Br1sby Faye Lynn Srrnth Sarah Co1l1ns Ann Hearn Mlldred Perdue Joan Balrd Joan Gray Helen Graff Neal1e Moman Melba Shrote Faye Lynn Srnlth Helen Graff Faye Lynn Smlth Joan Gray Patty McBr1de Jean Rob1nson Helen Graff Mary Br1sby Faye Lynn Smlth Sarah Collms M1ldred Stone Joan Gray Sarah Co1l1ns Patty McBr1de Neal1e Moman Joan Balrd Margaret Strader 'WA U1 t Ql'lL0l" CL55 MOST POPULAR BEST DANCER BEST LOOKING MOST INTELLIGENT BEST DRESSED MOST STUDIOUS CUTEST MOST TALENTED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED CUTEST COUPLE WIT TIEST FAT TEST THINEST BEST SPORT BEST WEDDING PROSPECT MOST LOYAL PRETTIEST EYES DATES MOST NEATEST BEST MANNERS BEST PERSONALITY YOUNGEST OLDEST SHORTEST TALLEST BIGGEST TEASE BEST ALL ROUND MOST MISCHIEVOUS MOST BASHFUL JOLLIEST LOUDEST QUIETEST MOST DIGNIFIED FRIENDLIEST BIGGEST HEARTED BOYS Jerry Brantley Charles McCullough Jerry Brantley Jerry Brantley J1rnmy Hanks Bubby Henry Buggs Erwln Barney Elllott Larry Mason Jerry Brantley B111 Flsher J1m Cox George Thomas Barney Ellxott Wayne Heffmgton J1m Hanks B111 Buckman Barney Elllott James Wh1tsell James Wh1tsell Charles McCullough Donald Toombs Ray Thompson O111e Cheatham Barney Elllott Parvm Glbbs Barney Ell1ott Ray Mattmgly Lawrence Duckworth James Marvel Jack Conway James Ray James Wh1tsell James Marvell Steward Lovell FAVORITE SPORT FOOTBALL BEST ATI-ILETE ELLIOTT FAVORITE ACTOR JERRY LEWIS FAVORITE ACTRESS VIRGINIA MAYO FAVORITE SHOW ABOVE AND BEYOND FAVORITE TEACHER MR WALLACE 26 A' ' l. S ' 0:5 0 2 . .- .. .. ... I.. B . ..... . H JoanGray . . . .PRETTIEST HAIR . . . .Donald Toombs , ..f.f ...' . ... 0 . 12 ...'W ... S rom iafaem 4' xv I gf. , ff e E 54. Q. 5 ,XX x " GLA, , v f N 1 1 'V ' W I U 5 ,. .. , , 2 yi he 4 W xg , n ' e 6 Y M -J. ul fi 'way Q f A M22 lgq ,ff , pi s K, A8 X lf Y 5 v A x !5 F' 1 .f fig: P' Y. tv 'WU' 'K X 5 xfpm , mffkg 4,,.f,,,1 . . ga A I 0 it wi .n" we 2. x 'N .0 . . ., 'I 'Q vu, r -- J . I W ' A . , , , 4 l I Xi'-v -. U O O ' 1 Q elk .:,. 1' Chcagof Ckicago. x 1' w 1 x . "Sleeping Beauty" HT, K UDB our to resm.. "Oh you beautiful doll!" on . , .2 , Wt 1 f 5? i t L ' W ' s , rx 3 'X - ' ' -ff - "GJ N' k H'l ' -a r , , ., 5 f xi Le, ic y iton is so 1, i 'I ' I ' ' gl. good looking!" A - 1 l 1 ,ml 1 ' ' A -- 111 1 N If N A L A f PQ V' 1 -.- 1 U ,. , 4 fi' f Where shall we go ' ' .ii V ' tomorrow?" it ' ' "I wanna go to sleep!" X' 5 Smitty, "Gosh, Betty, Look at g X 5 5 N them tall buildings!" L Q l X , X "Hey, wait for me! .Q "Hey, youse guys, did y see that show?" fhint l -.7 Nlriw' ' 'vvs Burlesquej Q 1 10312 v s , 'Oh f B Ubby ,VCU 11 me! 11'- Rest Sfo P. " P1,eW,,, I rf X. Hey Peg, Where you All out for Chicago! goin? Home Bound X "Hurry, Jim, here comes Mr. Wallace! ll" Tff.+"f Zxff vigif weef .iilearfd Q' Y 32 M Wofkmg Mi My f7mfA SENIOR PLAY CAST Gwen Ralston Melba Mr Ralston Larry Mrs Ralston Joan Van Dusen J1mmy H Dlck Donnely James W 33 Sabel M1ldred P Ethel Ralston Faye S The Blshop Bllly F The Ma1d Margaret S The D1rector Mrs Srruth 1 ff t CC 77 C ire ' h- '. I Bob Bennett - Charlie Mc Mabel - Joan G. ' . - ' - . . - B. . - - . Y eniom I9 3 ff' J Vg, F -X 6 .xi J 'N : A ' Q 1 n 5 1 H i it lil . xii, J ' .1 a FIRST ROW: Jean Robinson, Mildred Stone, Joan Gray, Sara Collins, Nealie Moman, Joan Baird, Ann Hearn. SECOND ROW: Patty McBride, Mary Brisby, Melba Shrote, Faye Smith, Mildred Perdue, Helen Graff, Margaret Strader. THIRD ROW: James Ray, George Thomas, Ray Thompson, Donald Toombs, Jerry Brantley, Steward Lovell, Barney Elliott, Buddy Duckworth. FOURTH ROW: James Marvel, Parvin Gibbs, Bill Buckman, Ray Mattingly, Billy J. Fisher, Charlie McCullough, James F. Whitsell, Jimmy Hanks. FIFTH ROW: Jack Conway, Jim Cox, Bubby Henry, David Buckanan, Larry Mason, Buggs Ervin, Ollie Cheatham, Wayne Heffington. 66144 Mgltl . HWS C6144 .Maforg We again as seniors of Morganfield High School wish to leave a memory of our past with the underclassmen. We have spent four short years in Morganfield High. Into these years, we have crowded many helpful and happy experiences. We are now leaving our dear high school days to go into the world to continue our education or to work, hoping to be successful citizens of America. In the year 1949, we entered Morganfield High as freshmen. We came from Morganfield Junior High and various other schools. During our freshman year our class sponsors were Mrs. Lovan and Mr. Cooke. Jim Cox was our class president. Our freshman year, we won the basket- ball ticket sale. Nealie Moman was elected basketball queen. The following fall when school opened, we were happy to have Mr. Davis and Mr. Cooke as class sponsors. When we were sophomores, we gave the Freshmen a party. Barney Elliott was the class president. Then came our junior year, which brought many interesting and ex- citing adventures. We were fortunate to have as class sponsors, Mr. Wallace and Mr. Davis. Our president was Jerry Brantley. In May, we gave our Junior-Senior Banquet. We put a great deal of hard work on our Junior-Senior Banquet, but it was the most enjoyable occasion of the year During our junior year, we sold magazines to help with our finances. We also gave the annual junior play, an event to which we had long looked forward. Now as we are seniors, we think back over the last three years of our life and high school career. We have had hard knocks and bumps, but we have enjoyed each year as we will never enjoy any future years. This being our senior and last year, we have had the most enjoyable year of all. We wanted an annual and we have one. We worked and slaved, but we are happy, for we did it willingly. Mr. Wallace and Mr. Smith were our class sponsors this year, and they were wonderful to help us with the annual, senior play and graduation exercises. We are grateful for their help and consideration. We wish to thank the wonderful parents, teachers, and principal who have encouraged us and helped us with untiring strength. Maforiand James Whitsell Helen G raff add I Patty McBr1de w1ll my better half of Sturgls to Nadme Nally I Oll1e Cheatham w1ll my seat 1n the Sen1or Class Room to Donald Balrd I Steward Lovell w1ll my r1ght guard pos1t1on to Cotton Mattmgly that 15 1f he w1ll wear a 2 by 4 on h1s arm I Sara Coll1ns hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to smg to Carolyn Moman slnce she loves to s1ng so well I Joan Gray of 1nsane m1nd and out of sound body do hereby w1ll nothlng to nobody for fear I'll need lt all myself I Mary Br1sby w1ll my ab1l1ty to take Home Econom1cs II to H Shouse I Helen Graff w1ll my ab1l1ty to take shorthand to Veda Nelson I Harbert Ervm leave my left guard spot on the football team to Cotton Matt1ngly The rest of my belongmgs I leave to Tom Hatf1eld such as Geometry and the study of flgures and curves I James Marvel do w1ll wlth a sound m1nd to Tomm1e Hatf1eld my seat 1n the Semor Home Room And hope that h1s struggle w1ll be successful 1n h1s effort to occupy lt I Donald Toombs cert1fy by w1ll that I w1ll my pos1t1on 1n the Sen1or Class Room to James Berry prov1ded he attends regularly I Mlldred Perdue w1th my l1ttle body and large m1nd do hereby w1ll my he1ght to Carole Elhot who can f1nd good use for 1t I J1m Hanks bemg of unsound body and hollow m1nd have at last made lt to the twelfth grade do hereby 1n the presence of me my self and I w1th myself as lllegal wltness w1ll my seat 1n the colored balcony at the Morgan Theater to John N1xon I Wayne Heffmgton 1n msane mmd and hollow body do hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty of be1ng a f1ghter to Eugene Sprlnger so that he may put It to better use I Bllly Joe Flsher be1ng mn sane and sound m1nd hereby w1ll my chew1ng gum to M1ss Bethel who llkes It so much I Jerry Brantley on the verge of departure from th1s school hereby w1ll my ab1l1ty to take M1ss Bethel's lectures to B1lly Joe Steward a boy worthy of th1s deed I Ann Hearn be1ng of small m1nd and large body w1ll my way wlth a red headed boy to Ruth Corbett A BUDDY1ng young Jumor I Jean Roblnson w1ll my Home Ec grade to Davld Grxggs favor1te of M1ss Harrlson I James Ray wlthout obl1gat1on w1ll my ab1l1ty to study to Dorls Reburn prov1ded he stud1es as much as I d1d I Lawerence Duckworth at the hour of awe w1ll to Kenny Chandler the sheet of paper lylng at the north end of the hall For the last t1me the spotl1ght of school l1fe shlnes revealmg me Ray 36 I I v D I . U I I I . I I I . , , .T. . I I ' I I . u I l 0 Q I I I . I I I I I , - I - I I . i I . D I . l I 2 , . ! I 0 D . I 7 . 9 I 0 CIM W Matt1ngly starrmg beh1nd the pencll w1th a No Z lead be1ng moved 1n such a mot1on as to leave my smgmg ab1l1ty to Margaret Truman so both of us won't have to make a fool of ourselves I Faye Lynn Srrnth hereby w1ll some of my excess helght to Jane Lovell who IS always tallung about be1ng so short I Dav1d Buchanan of good m1nd w1ll my place 1n the Sen1or Class to Jlmmy Berry prov1ded he w1ll keep good attentlon and good grades as I have done I Mlldred Stone hereby w1ll my BRAINS and ABILITY to make all A s 1n Shorthand to Lou1se Lee for S3 O0 each a and b I Bubby Henry party of the f1rst part do hereby leave to the person party of the second part 1n th1s school who w1ll care for lt and cher1sh lt as I have the 6x6 plot of ground beh1nd home plate at Leg1on Fleld I Melba Shrote hereby w1ll the chew1ng gum under my chalr 1n study hall to Jane Lovell because of her love to pop lt I B111 Buckman hereby w1ll my long curly ha1r to Mr Joseph Luckett prov1ded he w1ll care for It I Margaret Strader be1ng of sound m1nd and body do w1ll my pOS1t1OH as Tax1 Serv1ce 1n Sen1or Class to L1bby Sk1nner I Neal1e Moman hereby w1ll my shortness to any tall glrl who prefers to date short boys I Ray Thompson of sound and sane m1nd leave my long curly ha1r to Arch1e Owen I Jack Conway wxth very httle ab1l1ty and practlcally no m1nd do here by w1ll to Tommy Fortenberry my pOS1t1OH on the football team prov1ded I get It back 1f I don't make the team at Va.nderb1lt I Jlm Cox w1ll to Harold Duff my pos1t1on on the Basketball team and also 35 pounds of my we1ght hop1ng people won t call h1m fat I Barney Elhott w1ll my ab1l1ty to get out of school to Kenny Chandler hopmg he gets by Mr Wallace w1thout makmg an F I Parv1n G1bbS w1ll my t1tle of Handy Man G1bbs ' to Davld Amburgy I George Thomas w1ll my ab1l1ty to burn my automob1le up on the way to ball games to J1mmy Bmgham I James Wh1tsel1 w1ll my seat 1n the sen1or class to Jerry Gr1ggs provxded 1n h1s last w1ll and test1mony he w1ll g1ve me the prlvllege tak1ng h1m on h1s last r1de I Joan Ba1rd 1n my sane m1nd and sound body w1ll noth1ng I have I have only the w1ll to leave I Larry Mason be1ng of sound cerebrum and healthy anatomy do here by w1ll my ab1l1ty to 1!1SCI'1bC the most beaut1ful handwntmg to Jerry Gr1ggs prov1ded he doesn't try to learn to wr1te After twelve years of be1ng late for school I Charhe McCollough leave my place on the tardy l1St to Bob Wren 37 l 6 l , . ' . . , . , . . . . , . , . ' I . I I c , ,K ' J . , . . . l .U I , . 1 . . l , , . . , . .. , . , . . 1 1 . 1 ' , , . . .. . . - , . , . .. . . , . . , . ' . .. Q Q 1. 1 - '. a 1 I ' 1 J , . , . . . . , . ,. . , . . , a a I " . I . 1 C4156 l'0l.'J QC? WE PREDICT THAT IN 1963 Charlie McCullough will be well on his way to a successful political career. Barney Elliott will be coaching his little Elliott's to follow in his Dad's footsteps at Vanderbilt. Sarah Collins will be leading a successful singing career with Roy Acuff and his Smoky Mountain Boys. Margaret Strader will be head nurse and chief surgeon at the Dogpatch Clinic. A certain boy is home Faye Smith cooking, housecleaning and taking care of the kids. Larry Mason with his ability to write humorous stories of colorful char- acters, will be writing the comic strip, "Barney Google." Nealie Moman will be a leading career woman, besides cooking for a husband and raising her children. James Whitsell will have a funeral home of his own and will be the "typi- cal friendly undertaker. " Mary Brisby will be well acquainted with family life and the large city of Uniontown. Melba Shrote will be leading a successful teaching career as commercial teacher at Morganfield High School. Jack Conway will still be struggling his way through the Freshman class at Vanderbilt. Joan Gray and Mildred Perdue will be successful partners running the Bel-Air. Joan Baird will have seen the world, since she married a Second Lieu- tenant at Camp Breckingridge. Jim Hanks will be owner and manager of the Morgan Theater. Wayne Heffington will be well accustomed to married life with Rita. Harbert Erwin will be head bouncer at the Top Spot. George Thomas will be leading a twenty year career in the Navy. Helen Graff will be well adjusted to ministry and family life. Ray Thompson will still be talking about the heroic football days at M.H.S. Arthur Ray will be chief dog catcher and mayor of Spring Grove. Ann Hearn will be operating her own Studio with the assistance of a certain redheaded boy. Ollie Cheatham will be the star of a famous circus featured as "The Mighty Midget. " Bubby Henry will be the "Rookie" of the year. Steward Lovell will be the proprietor of a Super Service Station. Donald Toombs will have a Navy career well under way accompanied by his brother, Jimmie. ' Parvin Gibbs will be the Nations number one boxing permoter. James Ray will be working for Jim Hanks at the Morgan Theater, trying for a partnership. Billy Joe Fisher will be a great comedian. Lawerence Duckworth will be Mayor of Grove Center. Jerry Brantley will be a successful business man in Chicago. Bill Buckman will move to Uniontown to cut down on his traveling expenses. David Buchanan will have a Military Career well under way. James Marvel Patty McBride will be the manager of the Main Post Exchange at Camp Breckingridge. Mildred Stone will have changed her name to Lane. Jean Robinson will be a popular jazz singer with Artie Shaw's band. After a successful college career, James"Speck" Marvel will be teaching Math at Morganfield HighSchool. Jim Cox will be Sheriff of Morganfield, trying to raise and support a family. Faye Smith who attended four years at the University of Kentucky is now teaching Home Economics at the large school in Uniontown. Ira' 1 1 f-fl i .. x ST DE A11 f If 5 6 'Q kk I' 4 K 'Y L-.S unior C6155 Owcem President . . . Billy Joe Steward Vice-President . . . Jerry Griggs Secretary . . . . Joan Roland Treasurer . .... Kenneth Chandler Reporter . ..... Shirley Hunter Sponsors . . Imogene Shelton, Betty Smith Dan Olson Shirley Oglesby Tuley Clements Elizabeth Payne Harris Shouse Georgia Powell Q L XY Jerry Griggs Jo Ann Roland Virgie Stokes Bill Joe Stewart X uniord 1' K unions Prentice Brisby Joyce Watson Ann Jenkins Jimmy Bingham it i 5'- f 11 Emma Felty Albert Daily Ruth Corbett Ka. 3. R V. Q, Jackie Fowler Donald Baird Katherine Myers Betty Sue Nesbitt Bobby Curry Jeannine Cutlip Robert Lynn Shirley Hunter Robert Day fl W , Jimmy Berry Patsy Hooper Jane Lovell Larry Brantley jx FV! unions Al 55-' ii' Donald Patrick Alice Smith Hubert Buchanan uniorzi Judy Stewart Doris Reburn Kenneth Chandle 1' Elizabeth Skinne r T7 'F- Nadine Nally Harold Duff Emily Oakley P'- 'YN B 1 19" is-f fl Veda Nelson Neil Riddle Dorothy Winders UFLLOI' y une rm is fgfay Cad! Penny Chuck Mervm Mr Wood Mrs Wood E Y Elmer Shlrley Wlntworth Ralph Wmtworth Mlllle Lou Roger Van Fleck Julre Harrrs Jane Lovell Larry Brantley Robert Lynn Tully Clements Ruth Corbett Emrly Oakley Nell Rrddle Shlrley Hunter Jerry Grlggs Betty Sue B1ll Steward Elrzabeth Payne 66 97 ad . ' ' . '. I I . I ' I . " Mr. Harris . . . . H. T, Shouse , 3 ff .... . . ' - y - , . 5 ' ' . . . . . . . . e .tr gg c, , , ' ' j .!w4fcA your 09011 fo Cl, fa xt:-3 K e mght of the Junlor and Senlor Banquet Ready and Wa1t1ng, And man was lt good' 66 77 I' , f ,N Th . . . D rv... W .oe 5 I S19 0ll'l0I'0 C7055 UMCQIU President . . . . David Griggs Vice-President . . Johannah Elliott Secretary . . . . Nancy Jo Hunter Treasurer ....... Tommy Conway Reporters . . . Bill Oakley, Peggy Fischer Sergeant-at-Arms .... Bruce Woodring Sponsors . . . Joe Luckett, Betty Harrison 10? Q 6155 f 3 'T' Carolyn Moman Bruce Woodring Johanna Elliott Pat Porter I9 0171, ore5 Tillaya Edelstein Fred Meyers Dottie Hughes Bob Wrenn Norma Risinger Tommy Conway Sp 0I'l'l area Carolyn Winte rbottorn Johnnie Ricks -on T? G Nancy Hunter Edward Langley Kenneth Jenkins Louise Lee Bobby D evine Shelba Henderson Alma Hopson David Griggs Charla Mauzy Nellie Sue Hazel Shirley Dye Josie Blackburn Sip Barbara Blue Mary Omer Nina C offman Norma Holt Jackie Buckman Alice Beasley OIT! ored l SP 0l'l'l area Billy Oakley Wilma Heffington Anna Dunbar George Grant 9 3 Noi Q10 mf ed Q6 'H' Peggy Fischer Helen Below Wanda Gibson EL 'Q .Y f fi. ,Ek I nf -F, Q -ff A 1 f Af . 1 ., . s 'g c 9 fw N' if ,. i REQ V "uf - , ' ,,,. MQ L, , J ' a i i'!,55a,f.,,J l, 15, 8 if K 1' , " ,,,, w hw-w.,. . W1 X , 5 A A ,2 Q -Q - J I 0,1 A A 'x3'!?f,1f?g,!:f Q 'A A351 "f X A , J, W Q 1. fa! fl S2 .Q T75 Q44 X . ' Q, 33 ,th 5 L My ym'V , M a 'F ' Q .gl el , 1...- ... n q i ix ' ' ' I-iq..-:-5:2 4 ,Es- ,,,-- .i--J ....-.i i,i-i ii-11 bb X tb 3 l 3l"QifAl'l'l6lIfl add WICQPJ President . . . Martha Hoheimer Vice-President . . . Sylvia Clements Secretary-Treasurer . . Dorcas Paris Reporter ......... Janie Wade Sponsors. . Mary Anderson, Marilyn Perkins T R2 'T jl"Q5AlfFl,QI'l Paula Roland Paul Northern Nadine Powell John McElroy Wanda Snodgrass wg Y' 4' 1 Paul Gray Ann Berry f D . 1,1 ,, ' ,mpg ,155 I I . Waller Mattingly Dorothy Holder ,, '..-'R Donald Dye Sylvia Clements Bobby Householder Helen Higgs Billy Querterrnous Nellie Cook Mary Jones Jean Gray Q SPQJAHQQIQ Ann Rlce Bobby Chandler Myrtle Thompson Jayne Wheeler 'a , , 3' f.-z, Ida Lovell Charis Clements Bllly Beaven Charles G1-eyer Alma Minton lr fm -Q, fin .i' 93 '91 Lois Pride Martha Hoheime r my Billy Ray Hughe s Helen Jones X rg 1 Tommy Fortenberry Iva Woodring James Randolph Betty Sue Stone 58 'K V F25 l'l'lQl'l David Hearn Janie Wade Jerry Smith Barbara O'Nan Dorcas Paris Mlke Murphy Carol Elliott l P85 fflelfl Ronme Jenkms John Wyatt Wanda Redd1sh Carolyn Beabout Fre1da Br1sby Mable G raves Barbara Fowler Lela Dunbar eo Q 'T I 1 v 5 v v ' 1 x'4-. W9 'X ' 'F Jfilfi -...QQ K an N GW unior .Mg Clglfk Qu Q Mrss McGary Joe Barrd John Carner George Cowan Eddre Rudeen G W Curry V1rg1l Cooke Dorrrs Detraz Russell Drxon Bobby Elllott Jrm Frsher Frank Hayes Mrke Halley Bobby Hoageand Waller Hulette Carl Jackson Jrm K1nnaman G1lv1nW1ley Paul Woodrmg Emma Krrk Betty Brown Peggy Brantley Betty Clrne Charlotte Corbet Gladys Dunnaway Hrlda Denny Marrlyn Greenwell Marjorre Hust Peggy Holt Joyce Howard Sara Johnson Betty Jackson Dorothy Jomer Irene Lovell Nancy McCann Judy Mason Ann PPoole B1llyPerk1ns Carol Smrth Mr Dawson Jxm Hoy Betty Lamb Peggy Lrndsey Ralph Mrnton Betty Moman Bobby Nay Jawntta Oglesby Herbert Pate Geneva Perkrns James Perklns Mary Powell Wanda Powell Mary Jane Prrtchett Clara Reburn Mary Rrcks Fred Rrddle Warren Rrley Earl Rrtch Darrell Roland Mane Seats Larry Sheffer Gerald Shouse Bobby Srgler Geneva Stone Rennre Smrth Judd Strader B1lly Strouse Larry Strouse Bobby Rudd Brlly Terrel Btlly Turner Jerry Waggner Lorene Turner B1lly Wathen Charles Watson Tommy Wrllrams George Wrlson Chrystal Deaton Wallace Hancock Carlos Hancock Faye Householder E"il' ellen l'6l 0 Elrzabeth Pike Bobby Perdue Walter Nalley Lrnda Klrk Carol Glkle Nancy Stokes Kaye Wrlson B1lly Rednour Kerth Rleger Leroy Weaver Donald Troutman Judy Omer Jerry Syers Fred Prerson Ruth Todd Bethel Steward Janrce Walters Johnny Shelton Don Brantley Carl Ray Tommy Taylor Charles Thomas W G Patrrck Rrta Mrlls Steve W1se Frances Roberson Joyce Perkrns Sue Lrvers Tommy Omer Garry Organ Wrlma Wrlson Ruby Rednour Marranna Stewart Bobby Toombs Paulrne Northen Llnda Lovell M1chaelN1xon Marre Lovell James Wolfe Kurt Summerlln Llnda Spnnger Wanda Stone Joe Pate Mrs Bebout Edward Darly Jerry Dnscoll Owen Dunbar Clara Banks James Nalley Billy Joe Hazel J D Parrsh Lrnda Abell Janice Duckworth Marshall Mattrngly Shelby Jean Courtney Brlly Carolyn Borup Carolyn Hayes Kathenne Kramer B1lly Grey Donna Sue Gray Tommy Beavln Brlly Books Davts Robert Clark Jrmmy Ray Glazebrooks Bobby Joe Dye Margaret Adams Carolyn Duckworth Kaye Buchanan George Nalley Jack Brewer Jorette Beabout Jrmmy Martm Larry Lovell B1lly Hart Glenn Corbett Lee Waggner Patsy Brantley Vlfglflla Below Benme Drals Jackre Conley Marcella Drxon Srbyle Henshaw Eleanor Hearn Mary Ella Farrrs Dorothy Cherry 63 1 1 Q L.. M' S gfafle M1ss Darsy Loretta Fellows Jane Householder Janet Householder Judrth Murphy Margena Oglesby Peggy Patterson Jeame P Poole Nancy RICRS Dorls Roland Jean Rudd V1rg1n1a Scats Judy Sheffer Pearlre Smrth Jane Wathen Gealdrne Watson L1nda Whltledge Judy W1ll1ams Eythel Wrrght Ruth 'wlrnton Paul Chandker Sammy Edge Tommy Gibson Tom Gllland E J Hrek Tracy Nlabury Jrm 'w1cCann Sam McLeod Jack Patterson Don Rrtch Gary Steward Charles Tombs Paul Walker Jrm Watson Mrs Hauer Steve Anderson John Berry Dar1ll Boyd Erme Capps Brlly Joe Corbett Ralph Cllne Donald Daugherty Mrchael Drrscell B1lly Sam Greenwell Davrd Hoz Burley Holland Wayne Hust Srdney Hulette Gera d Hunter Brlly Ray Jackson Benme Kramer Clyde Smlth George Chandler Elmer Hancock Glorra Adcock Betty Ann Baud Charlotte Beaven Mary Ann Cloyd Mary Anna Braddock Jo Ann Cloyd Reva Cozart Alrce Curry Bonrue Curry Monta Sue Felty Jean Grbson Ann Hopson Johnre Johnson Gayle Ann Lane Bobby Jean Lovell Marrlyn Tharp June Cornwell Monrka Schroers Cl efefla 64 Z4 K' C .. I - -2 J f l W J ' W l..t..,3 s' E " ' I i 1 P O X ' 9 ' ' g ' ' ' 9 ' ' : r ' 9 : : ' : ' 5 . ' : r : ' l 9 9 9 ' : : ' 1 1 ' : I Q ' Q ' s ' : 9 1 Q ' fs ' 9 9 ' : : CJ f - FRONT ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Kinamon, George Cowan, G.W. Curry, Bobby Joe Rudd, Darrell Roland. Billy Strouse. SECOND ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT Paul Woodring, Larry Strouse. Eddy Rudeen, Bobby Nay, Larry Sheffer. THIRD ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmy Fisher. Bobby Elliot, Charles Waton, Waller Hulette, Frankie Hayes. IQA- IQIA- RJ,- Peggy Brantley, Carol Smith, Kay Wilson, Betty Moman, Patsy Brantley. 1 3 mm.. 7 nnuafrsw SPONSORS h lt Co-Editors . . . . Charles McCullough Imogene S e on , Bowers Wallace Nealie Moman Business Managers ,,,,, Melba Shrote ' ' J Barney Dlliott Historians . . .James Whitsell, Helen Graff Prophets , Speck Marvel, Faye Smith Activities .... Billy Fisher, Joan Baird Clubs .... Jerry Brantley, Larry Mason Advertising ,,,, Jim Cox, Jim Hanks Ray Thompson, Jack Conway Typist . , Joan Gray, Mildred Perdue Pat McBride, Mary Brisby Snapshots ...... Margaret Strader Lawerence Duckworth, Harbert Ervin Music .,,,, Ray Mattingly, Ann Hearn Sarah Agnes Collins Sports , , Bubby Henry, George Thomas 67 Co-Editors . . James Whitsell Joan Gray Business Manager . . Bubby Henry Chief Reporte r Typist . . . Nealie Sports Editors . Co-Editor James Whitsell . . Mary Brisby Margaret Strader Mornan, Faye Smith Melba Shrote Charles McCullough George Thomas .gms g, 1-gf, wg, UW? 1571 E K K I A I I Jerry Brantley Barney Elliott Society Editors . . Mildred Perdue Joan Baird Advertising Managers . Buggs Ervin Steward Lovell Proof Readers ..... Jim Hanks Larry Mason Sponsors. Joe Luckett, Betty Harrison Art Editors . . . Sponsors Betty Harrison and Joe Luckett Co-Editor Joan Gray 'Q MEMBERS: Joan Baird, Jerry Brantley, Bubby Henry, Joan Gray, Billy Joe Steward. Charlie McCullough. Jane Lovell. Patsy Hooper. Ruth Corbett. Helen Graff. Tuley Clements. Sponsor: Miss Frances Bethel. OMCQIU President. . . . Jerry Brantley Vice-President. . . Bubby Henry Secretary Sz Treasure. Joan Baird LEFT T0 RIGHT: Mr. Joe Luckettg Melba Shroteg James Whitsellg Joan Roland: Patsy Hooper: Helen Graffa Martha Hoheimerg Tommy Conway: Jim Cox: Tommy Fortenberry David Griggs. wma LEFT to RIGHT President ..... Jim Cox Vice President ...... . . . . . .James Whitsell Secretary . . .Melba Strote Sponsor. . . Joe Luckett t,z:4m,., Cu P1-es1dent Nea11e Moman V1ce Pre sldent Faye Srrnth Secretary 8: Treasurer Melba Shrote Sponsor M1ss Bethel STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT Nealle Moman Mrss Bethel Betty Sue Stone Norma Holt Myrtle Thompson Pat Porter Ann Rrce Melba Strote Joan Roland Jane Lovell Ruth Corbett Mary Brxsby Carolyn Wrnterbottom SITTING Nancy Hunter Joan Baud Mary Comp Omer Helen Graff Faye Smrth Dottxe Hughes Margaret Strader 4 . . . . . . . . Q f . 1 I . v . S L I 1 I - I I 1 . 1 1 , I . , , , 1 1 - FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT B1lly Quartermous Donald Dye Freddy Clark Wayne Hefftngton Waller Mattrngly John Wyatt John McElroy Eugene Sprlnger Oll1e Cheatham B1lly Joe Steward Bobby Chandler SECOND ROW Kenneth Jenkrns Bob D1v1ne Robert Day Tommy Hatfreld Tommy Conway Jrmmy Randolph Paul Gray Elmer Clements Ne1lR1ddle Davrd Grrggs Orvrlle Fowler H T Shouse Ir Bob Curry Hubert Buchanan FOURTH ROW Thomas Brantley Prentrce Brrsby James Ray B111Buckman Jerry Grrggs Jack Conway Steward Lovell Donald Ba1rd Albert Dalley Jrm Berry Charles M11ler LC 215 H T Shouse Jr Presrdent Stewart Lovell Sentrnel James Ray V1cePres1dent Q1ntruckJE Tully Clements Reporter Thomas Conway Secretary Kenneth Jenkms Treasurer 72 ,, f 0 ' A , V W- o Y ? ' l 1 .jr o Fowler: Doris Reburn:THIRD ROW: David Amburgeryg Edward Langley: Bruce Woodring: David Hearn: Edward O 1 3 ? l RBQMRE FIRST ROW-LEFT T0 RIGHT: Anna Dunbar: Martha Hoheimer: Charle Mauzy: Wilma Herrington Tillaya Edelestein: Betty Sue Nesbitt: Wanda Readish: Mavel Graves: SECOND ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Shirley Oglesby: Iva Woodring: Joan Baird: Betty Stone: Lois Pride: Alice Lofton: Alice Beaslyg Jackie Buckman: Sara Collins: Carolyn Moman: Shirley Dye: Josie Blackburn: June Roland: Helen Higgs: Jean Robinson: THIRD ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Joyce Watson: Nelda Todd: Ida Lovell: Etoy Steward: Wanda Gibson: Fredia Brisby: Jean Gray: Myrtle Thompson: Carolyn Beabout: Barbara Blue: Helen Below: Joan Roland: Patsy Hooper: Elizabeth Payne: Jane Lovell: Louise Lee: Ann Jenkins: Nadine Nallyg Dorcas Paris: FOURTH ROW-Betty Harrison, Advisor: Nellie Hazel: Nina Coffman: Barbara O'Nan: Libby Skinner: Emily Oakley: Alma Hopson: Joan Gray: Mildred Perdue: Dorothy Winders: Jackie Fowler: Emma Felty: Mary Brisby: Alma Minton: Helen Graff: Norma Holt: Johanna Elliott: Norma Risinger: Alice Smith: Georgia Powell: Mildred Stone: Shelba Henderson: Shirley Hunter: Nancy Hunter. C2l':i President . . . . .Toan Baird Vice President . Secretary . . . Treasurer. . . . Historian . . . . J'ane Lovell Parliamentarian .... Mary Brisby Reporter . . . . Tillaya Eldelestein Song Leader . . . Nancy Hunter Advisor. . . . Betty Harrison . .Toan Gray .Helen Below Barbara Blue o President . . . . Ioan Gray Vice President . . Buddy Henry Secretary . . . . Joan Baird Treasurer. . Patsy Hooper . 0154. CGM FIRST ROW-LEFT TO RIGHT: Elizabeth Payne: Virgie Stokes: Joyce Watson: Shirley Oglesby: Betty Nesbitt: Sara Collins: Joan Roland: Ann Hearn: Helen Pride: Joan Baird: SECOND ROW-Patsy Hooper: Jane Lovell: Bubby Henry: Neil Riddle: Billy Jo Steward: Jerry Griggs: Steward Lovell: James Ray: Jack Conway: Kenny Chandler: Joan Gray: Mrs. Bob Anderson: Libby Skinner: THIRD ROW-Ruth Corbitt: Shirley Hunter: Emily Oakley: Nadine Nalley: Katherine Meyers: Alice Smith: Dorothy Winders: Jackie Fowler: Emma Felty: Georgia Powell: Norma Risinger: Ann Jenkins: Mildred Perdue: Mary Brisby. IQQQCA A FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT B1ll Flsher Elrzabeth Payne Charlre McCullough Jane Lovell Harrrs Shouse Bubby Henry SECOND ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Dotty Hughes Carole Ellrott Patsy Hooper Barbara O Nan Lrbb Skrnner Emrly Oakley Jrrnmy Hanks Carolxnwrnterbottom Martha Hohremer Sponsor Betty Smrth THIRD Larry Mason Jack Conway Tommy Fortenbery Charlre McCullough Presrdent Hams Shouse Vrce Pres dent Elrzabeth Payne. Treasurer Jane Lovell Secretary Buddy Henry Parlrmentanan Brll Flsher Sergeant at Arms 75 Y M ROW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Oakley, Steward Lovell. Pat Porter. Kenny Chandler, Jerry Brantley, James Whitsell, 1 1 ':, -wtf wg-- j00lACl!! LEFT TO RIGHT KNEELING I Flsher Hanks Mason Fowler T Conway Lynn Steward W Mattrngly Woodrlng Fowler Day J Griggs Chandler Hughes and Coach Smith STANDING Coach Dawson Watson GlbbS Ray Thompson Buckman D Grrggs J Conway Cox Lovell Ellrott A Mattmgly Brantley Duckworth Rlcks Clements Frsher and Coach Owen eI'll0l'5 LEFT TO RIGHT KNEELING Coach Owen Coach Smrth Coach Dawson STANDING Ellrott Lovell Matungly Brantley Cox Conway Buckman Duckworth Fisher Ray Thompson Hanks Glbbs and Mason Absent Erv1n 78 N... 'Nm ,QI Bucvgs Erv1n 3 ga? wa J1m Cox J erry Brantley YR.-. -if Ray fh om S xpog P On 'Buddy Duckworth Parv1n Cubbs ,K , , efll0l"5 I ' , ,f x ff""' 2' , x -J fi X.n x a fy A -' wr ..... Axixl' fi G L11 . I -rk, I X nf ,.... ,,.,L L '--f ,,K.Vr I if fx . 5... 'sf , A -N. - Nm sf 4-I-uf nw - W K .rm xfmirfyiiifh J STEWARD LOVELL L Guard BILL BUCKMAN fi, 6 L, fx Guard I lia1 Y- V. ,. 1 L' ' A f A T3 L "1 .- ' A P Q., A ws.. ' A LARRY MASON A A, , ' Quarterback , EQ 4. A 'V r A ' - SQA? W ' A " BARNEY ELLIOTT JACK CONWAY Fullback gl ' X Center CO-Ca pta in 1 0 -f. sf N 1 nM HANKS Center ' ' '1 ., BILL FISHER JAMES RAY - ' nd Tackle x 'T , 80 ,Z 1940 M0 50l'l LUCLI' For the flrst tune slnce the Woodson Award was orgmated by the donor Mr W T Woodson former M H S football coach now a successful attorney 1n Ch1CagO 111 the award was presented to two M H S grld stars Recelvlng the award 1n 1953 were Barney E'.1l1ott and Ray Thompson Other reclplents are hsted below Eddle Russell 1929 Gene Greenwell Cec11W11l1ams 1930 B1l1y Clements B11ly Greenwell 1931 Gene Colllns Curtls Heady 1932 Dav1d Bredenkamp .T1m Thomas 1933 Buddy Hamner Leonard Mltche 11 1934 Frankle Kmg Kavanaugh Gayle 1935 Murry Norman Bllly Hedges 1936 .Tohn Grlggs .T R Clark 1937 Bobby Byrnes Harlan Sheffer 1938 Allen K1ng Allen Duncan 1939 B111 Barber Howard Steward 1951 81 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 , . . . , . .. , . . , I , : . I 0 ll I . .i I I . ll 0 ' 0 0 . lol I . ll A ' O O G 000 I OC C . it l ' ' I0 I - ll 5 . OI I O l ' OID O I Oils ' 0 I gaalfefgaf .iam LEFT TO RIGHT FIRST ROW Coach Wllbur Smith Kenny Chandler Bllly Joe Flsher Bubby Henry Jerry Gnggs B111y Joe Steward Athletxc Duector Archle Grlggs Bob Wrenn THIRD ROW Parv1nG1bbs HarbertErv1n Jrmmy Hanks Larry Mason Jrmmle Flsher Palul Woodrrng 82. Owen. SECOND ROW: lim Cox, Harold Duff, Barney Elliott, Jerry Brantley. David gflfiefga K Ban! Elhott Sen1or Cox Co captam Semor Brantley Sen1or Henry Sen1or Duckworth C o-captain Senior 83 F1sher Sen1or gwlfelga K ,qv e6ll'l'l Chandler .Turuor J Grlggs Junlor Steward Junlor Wrenn Sophomore Duff Junior 84 D Grlggs Sophomore EMLJAQK .!4LUCtl"6L5 Jerry Brantley FLCSIVCS tme Bruner Award .4195 Bubby Henery recewes the Cartwm ht Award 85 Nealie Moman lQal,-lQaA-lQaL- 45' 1 ., J' Jane Lovell E liza be th Payne I3 '63 .eu nf xr X .A Melba Shrote CA QQPAG Jefff 'Gi 9. ev Faye Lynn Smith ii LEFT TO RIGHT: Melba Shrote, Elizabeth Ann Payne, Jane Lovell, Nealie Ann Moman. and Faye Lynn Smith. . . 3 QQPAG clerd LEFT TO RIGHT: Shelba Henderson, Carolyn Moman, Johannah Elliott, Carolyn Winterbottom, and Dottie Hughes. Judy .gielllaft U! organaire .SQL I 953 nd LC N05 2 BAND WASH J JCL . . . an an :Was 3 ormafion FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Betty Nesbitt, Carolyn Moman, Paul Walker, Calva Lofton. Nadine Nally, Tillaya Edelstein. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sidney Hulette, George Grant, Virginia Below, PeggyBrantley, Kaye Wilson, Sylvia Clements, Jerry Driscoll, Ruth Ann Todd, PatsyBrantley, Ann P'Pool, Alice Curry,Gail Lane, Nelda Todd, Norma Risinger, Dot Cherry, Carol Elliott, Jim McCann, Carol Smith, Jim Randolph, Larry Brantley, Mary Pritchett, Jim Kinamon, Hubert Pate, G.W. Curry. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ida Lovell, Helen Below, Clara Reburn. Don Brantley. Jud Strader. Johanna Elliott, Norma Holt, Paul Northen, Waller Hulette, Tom Fortenbury, Benny Dials and Nelly Sue Hazel. We, the students of Morganfield High School, wish to express our appreciation to Mr. McKaeig, our band director whom we think has done a wonderful job with the band, We want you to know that we are indeed proud to have you as our band director. We hope that in the future years at Morganfield High School, you will grow to love our school as we do, and continue on with success. 92 I Band Director Mr. Howard McKaeig is-4 -- Majorette Tillaya Edelstein DRUM MAJORETTE M A J ll II I I I I S Majorette Nadine Nalley Betty Sue Nesbitt Mascot Calva Lofton Majorette Carolyn Moman .N S C OPUJ FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Jan1e Wheeler Vrrgre Stokes Myrtle Thompson Etoy Steward Lela Dunbar Joyce Watson Lors Prrde Alrce Jean Lofton Mary Comp Omer Helen Jane Jones SECOND ROW Emma Felty Charrs Clements Betty Sue Stone Anna Dunbar Alma Hopson Emrly Oakley Lxbby Skrnner Nancy Hunter Shxrley Hunter THIRD ROW Jackle Fowler Llbby Fans Alma Mmton Jeanne Cutllp Allce Smrth Georgla Powell Dorothy Holder lb ff ella ef VERNELLE GRIFFIS 94 J'-UL lfU'll0l' .H Ckorud FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Omer Crystall Woodall Frances Robinson Eleanor Hearn Rennre Smrth Faye Householder Geraldrne Watson Bonme Curry Charlotte beavm Betty Beabout Jane Householder Jams Householder Lrnda Sprxnger SECOND ROW Reva Suecozart June Cornwell Wanda Jenkrns Ke1thR1eger Kurt Summerdrn Mane Seats Kathryn Kramer Margaret Adams Sarah Johnson Mane Lovell Lmda Kirk Sue L1vers Lrnda Lovell Marranna Stewart FOURTH ROW Loretta Beabout Jean Cortney Bllle Jean Perkms Carolyn Glhle Juamta Oglesby Wanda Stone Betty Jackson Gladys Dunaway Mary Rrcks Geneva Stone Lorean Turner Mxchael Nlxon Kay Buckanan Peggy Stone Ianlce Walters Paullne Northern 95 O O L Elmer Powell. Wilma Wilson, Rita Mills. THIRD ROW: Glenn Corbett. Ionnie Shelton. Y joofgaf Queen, all Jdffmdcmfd Dorcas Paris Nadine Nally Dottie Hughes Shirley Oglesby --- Queen Faye Smith gaifgefgaf ueefl am! Jffendanfa Jo Ann Roland Charles Brenda Edward Lovell Payne Johanna Elliott Emily Oakley, Queen 98 Janie Wade weefAearf Shirley Hunte r 99 I'Q6lI'Yl 0 Larry Mason Sa fufa forian Jerry W. Brantley llllkcbcforian Helen Pride Graff we Wunzprcl .fdwar 5 X 1 CHARLES MCCULLOUGH RECEIVES THE MUNFORD AWARD. The Munford Award was presented in 1934 to the most outstanding student of Morganfield High School by the Munford Publishing Company. This award was originally based on the following: Class work, extra-curricular activities, leadership, dependability and initiative. The recipient of this award is now chosen by the faculty of MHS from the ten highest students, scholastically, of the following: Citizenship, personality, leadership, service, character, improvement, and idealism. The following have received this coveted award: 1934 ...... Carolyn Si ler 1943 . . . . No award given 1935 ...... Robert Luciett 1944 . . . Imogene Shelton 1936 . . . . Torn Harris 1945 . . Sara Ida McMurray 1937 . . Vernon Hinton, Jr. 1946 . . . Ronald Naser 1938 , . . Billy Hedges 1947 . , . Henry Cowen 1939 . .Geneva McMain 1948 . . .Norma J. Mills 1940 . . Stewart Bruner 1949 . . . . . Bill T. Riggs 1941 . . . Jimmy Pride 1950 . . . . .Billy R. Whitmore 1942 , , Elsie McMurray 1951 . ..... Gloria Smith 1952. .... . Bobby Cx. Steward 1953 . . . Charlie McCullough Jr. 3 'fi 2, 9 , ,, 4:""?XQ u . -J: W pumf. N vw I K1 ' M X , Q.,,,o. 1. Movles brmg the world to your town and take Amer1ca to every part of the world Great wrlters the best of act mg talent and the best tec:hn1ca1 know how make Amex-1can mov1es the most deslred everywhere p1ctures that W11lg1VE you great pleasure You l1ve only once make the most of l1fe and th1s won derful entertamment medmm' MURBA THEAIRE Compllments FARMER S SIATE BA K Sturg1s, Kentucky Depos1ts msured for 510, 000 by Federal Deposlt Insurance Corp Keep informed on movie production and don'tmiss those of 7 Mill-HSA HHH Mill Al RA K "Only Natlonal Bank 1n Un1on County" S10 000 Depos1ts I sure to S10 OOO MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 'Hs i Good ff QM' ZX C2256 fx, ex If Alf fgxff Ice cold Coke IS u part of any pause the refreshing part COCA COLA BOTTLING WORKS OF EVANSVILLE INC , .......... H ...... .... , Q X 5 X' Kg..-1... nw 1,1 ju go I i y 1,31 -1 - , , .V -X 1 "N - I , ' fix KS: X ' .. ,f.. 2 , . fix - X -. ,' ' '4x 0' I 1 - .Ae .. 1 Q, 6 . 1. 4 6 " 7 l"Colro"i:ungixlond . ..- l Q O Q O l0l'1ll9 UND!! Auvnolnvv or mf :OCA-COM COAOANV CY ... , . VUSPRAN UIIISUDEQEID EE DTFSB IINIUN BANK AND IHIIST CIIMPANY osx! 43 ' coo Q Q 4 U 4 3 C -a 5 'G e AS P IDED lN THE BANKING A 0 5933 C 1' of Deposits Insured up to 510, 000 C M ' Q , , 4 S U I Compllments HAZIH S IIIPAIHNIIE T SHIRE 'Western Kentucky s Most Modern Sto For Hlm For Her Jarman Shoes Betty Rose Coats 8: Su1ts Van Heusen Shlrts Jolene Shoes HIM Allltlll S0 GOODS QD 126 Locust Street EVanSV111C Ind1ana of 9 I I rel! Curlee Suits Doris Dodson Juniors Comphments MORGANFIELD LUMBER COMPANY Bu11d1ng Se rvx ce Q I Phone Z or 3 2-il New Cars Used Cars C H EVROLET Sales Se rv1ce Phone 309 MASON WA LLER MOTOR COMPANY Your Chevrolet Dealer l for Z8 Years U Cornphrnents of JACK KEENEY HANCOCK 81 KEENEY S 60 North Morganheld and U S 60 Waverly MORGANFIELD HARDWARE COMPANY Elverythmg for the Farmer Fence Feed Seed Fert111zer Paxnt Roofmg Small Hardware Till? IA ANHAG W EIR S M' BRADY SKINNER INSURANCE AND BONDS For Every Need Unlon County s Oldest Insurance Agency Phone 123 MEMBER or v g NX pf my if ,fax M mrnoNAL " Assocumon INSURA C AGEN'?SE Compllments KENT UC KY UTILITIES C OMPANY LKUIFJ C om phrne nt s BEN FRANKLIN STORE Your 5 and 10 Store INSURANCE AND BONDS OF ALL KINDS Q AIX 1 Loans Real Estate Morganf1e1d Ky Phone Z 82 of '97' H ,vinc- nrh' , ,INN X c- ' " I " or 6 Q YOUNG 8: RUSSELL AGENCY of I 1 Comphments of DR .T B WARE OPTOMETRIST Above Morganfleld Hardware Store Phone 388 MORGANFIELD STOCK YARDS Phone 233 RUARK TRUCK LINE. Phone 558 Dealers ln Llvestock Contract Hauhng Elvansvllle Phone 58218 Complxments of THE HALE S Morganfleld TROUTMAN S MEAT PRODUCTS We do our own processmg Fresh Country Sausage Country Smoked Sausage We ma11 parcel post to you anywhere WV Hickory -Sm oked Country Hams MEACI-IAM S KOREANDALE FARMS and Shorthorn Cattle Chas M Meacham 8: Sons BRASHEAR MOTOR COMPANY GMC Trucks Sulhvan Kentucky Phone 2346 Morrranfleld Kentucky Compllments of WESTERN KENTUCKY L, P GAS COMPANY Compllments of UNION CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ALVEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 337 North Court Morganfleld Kentucky General Contractors GROCER'S BAKING COMPANY Incorporated "The Honey Krust Bakers" Owensboro, Kentucky I 'J,g,'t ,'f I 3 .. pluffbsurh Hybrid Seed Corn Comphrnents of MASON DYER COMPANY BROADVIEW DRIVE IN THEATRE The Home of Good Merchanchse ' 'Mov1es under the Stars ' Comp11ments of BINGI-IAM'S In the future th1nk of Comphrnents of FRIGIDAIRE BROOK'S MOTOR COMPANY ,M 2 FRLQ 'PSN' .E- HIM! fU'7 Sturg1s Kentucky E J' 38333543 SUGG 8: THOMAS IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Sales 8: Servlce H1ghway eo North UNION COUNTY HARDWARE verytlung 1n Hardware Garden Seeds Kurfees Pa1HtS Housewares Blue R1dge Dlnnerware 5 Lg, ,Qflf Phone 100 Cornphrnents of RUDY'S BAKERY u ' I I ' I vu - - ' u f 'Tr X MH, X ' . K,Zi,5?f'f'fW 'ff A -: SBE-My Ffffgg I it I X ,,.- XQLJVQ7 IIE ' ' H 7 S ! I ' A Nationally Advertis ed AUTO PARTS and SPORTING GOODS P'POOL'S AUTO SUPPLY Phone 116 GDDDQYEAR Compliments of YOUNG AND CONWAY Seeds and Feeds MUNFORD PUBLISHING COMPANY Pubhsher of UNION COUNTY ADVOCATE Compllments of OWEN CARROL D1Str1bUt0T I-hghway M fleld 498 J A M l SJ RVICE 2 TRUITT gl RICHARD S MOTOR CO 24 Hour Wrecker Serv1ce Phone Day and N1ght 226 1 E H 3 SYERS BROTHERS Conslgnees or HOME OIL 8: GAS COMPANY Sturg1s Kentucky Phone 2155 GULF BULK PLANT Gulf O11 Products Conway McMurray Dlstrlbutor Phone 1 lnsurance 1n the MUTUAL BENEF SENIORS Now 15 the tune to start your permanent sav1ngs plan through hfe IT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MattW Sugg Agent D l N Q - ll ll 1 . N E I Q - Y' 1 ' f : S C ' , E M I N f .ff : I L , 'Q CITY RADIO 81 ELECTRIC SHOP Ma1n Street Morganheld Ky Your G E Dealer Murry Jones Owner Phone 372 393 CM Cornphrnents of PRITCHETT INSURANCE Phone 250 J AGENCY Cornphrnents of CLEMENT S JEWELRY Morganfleld Kentucky Tom Clements Propr1etor Cornphments of O NAN ELECTRIC Assocme Cornphments Store WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STOR Phone 109 Games Batterles Radlos B1cyc1es TIICS Comphrnents T L SPALDING A11 hnes of Insurance 228 N Court St Phone 668 M +90 Comp11rnents of D R WALLER INSURANCE AGENCY "C1ass of 1911 Compllments of JULIAN MOTORS STUDEBAKER Sales and Servlce Phone 75 J Home Phone 75 R Phone 759 819 N Morgan Mor ganfleld Kentucky . - - . , D vu A ll ' ' . , I I I f . . ' l Western Auto , ' of ' of ll ' ll . . . I D Q .L ll ' I Compllments of MORGANFIELD CAB COMPANY If you want to go call 280 Greyhound Bus Stat1on Comphments of WHITSELL S FUNERAL HOME Comphments to Class of 53 Comphments of DR C P BARTLEY WATHEN DR UG COMPANY Your Rexall Dealer Compliments of FELLOWS MOTOR COMPANY Phone 199 Comphments of THOMASON AND KINNAMON D X DISTRIBUTORS Phone 300 Compllments Jlrnmy Lovan Prop SHE LL SERVICE STATION Harold Berry Owner Morganfleld Ky C omphments of DOC T OR C ONWAY Comphments of GREENWELL S FOOD STORE WOODRING MOTOR SALES Dodge Plymouth Sales 8: Se rvlce Morganfle ld Kentucky Comphments of W H LINDO Clerk of Unlon C1TU1t Court Comphments of MORGANFIELD ICE CO Phone 171 Comphments of A 8: K BEAUTY SHOP Morganfleld Ky Phone 680 Compllments of SIGLER S SERVICE STATION TRAILER COURT Comphments of GULF SERVICE STATION ' f RAINBOW GLUE Oil-Grease-Tires-Repairs ' , a a o CASTLE GRILL 'lA friendly place to eat" Good Service Compliments of C. K. THOMASON AND SON TEXACO SERVICE STATION Compliments of FERROCRAFT CORPORATION UNION DEPARTMENT STORE Morganfield, Ky. "Ready to wear and shoes' Compllments of CITY BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 64 105 N Maln Comphrnents of HARRIS DRURY AND WATHEN Attorneys Comphments of A MCELROY CO Comphrnents of GREYHOUND BUS STATION and WESTERN UNION Cornphrnents of ROY WISE Corrmphrnents of DR I H BURTON Comphrnents of MODE RN C LEANE RS Comphments of HANCOCKS BAR B Q PLACE Ilm and Robert Reyburn J H Wathen and B111 Corbett Dealers ln Lxvestock Phone 743 Comphments of WRIGHT WALLER COMPANY THOMAS FURNITURE COMPANY Ghddens Spred Satin and other Palnts Products Bottled Gas and Appllances Phone 320 Morganfleld Ky Comphments of CUSTOM FEED MILLS Morganfleld Ky Phone 909 H. . . UNION COUNTY STOCKYARDS . CAIN DRUG COMPANY Phone 77 "Where the Gang meets' BRAMWELL BUSINESS COLLEGE Day and N1ght Classes 318 S. E First Street Evansvllle, Ind1ana Comphments of STURGIS FURNITURE COMPANY Compliments of OAKLEY S MARKET AND LOCKER STORAGE Sturgls Ky Phone 3551 8: 3646 Compllments of J' H BRIDWELL G T NUNN 81 SON Sulhvan Kentucky CAMP CAB C OMPANY RED FRONT STORE Compliments of CAPITOL BEAUTY SHOP Comphments of WABASH E LEVATOR Compllments of HICK S FOOD MARKET Students Store PEAK BROTHERS Good Food Good Beer Wave rly Kentuc ky BICKETT EQUIPMENT COMPANY Machme Shop Refrlgerators Tractors Phone 232 Morganfleld Ky Comphments of BRAD CROOKE Comphments of 500 CLUB Jlm McGregor Complunents of GEORGE S PLACE Horace Moman Compliments Of Compliments of Il I H After graduation, prepare for the better business jobs by attending Lockyear's Business College Ask for catalog LOCKYEAR'S BUSINESS COLLEGE Evansville Telephone 5-8157 Ind. MASON-WALLER DRUG COMPANY Gifts and Sundries Phone 222 BEL-AIR DRIVE-IN "We serve U. S. inspected ground beef in our Hamburgers. " HENDRICKSON 8: ROBERTS East Main Texaco Phone 9166 Compliments of FARNIERS'BANK Uniontown, Kentucky LANGLEY'S FOOD MARKET 'If it grows, we have it" Phone 58 Compliments of SHERIDAN S GROCERY Uniontown Kentucky MORGANFIELD PLUMBING AND HEATING COMPANY Ben W Floyd Hubert Nally Edward W Garnson Comphments of WHITE OAK SPRING DAIRY Cornpl1ments of Pete Young GULF SERVICE STATION Sturgis Ky Compliments of HARRIS GIFT 8z FLOWER SHOP Flowers and gifts for every occasion Compliments of JOHN CROWE Always a Guerrilla booster Compliments of QUALITY SHEET 8: METAL WORKS Morganfield Kentucky The Morganaire Staff of 1953 give thanks Compliments of SHORTY S BARBER SHOP to all those who helped make the publication of this yearbook possible Compliments of B 8 ICI M ICE REA H E W1111ams .Tudge Tom T Rxchards J' A Wathen Poultry 8: G D Henry Tom Harrls W H Waggener Reburn s Jewelry Houston 8: Son s Store PATH S Feed Inge's Grocery Dr George H1gg1nson McA111ster Grocery J' D Ruark Herman R Moman Dr E S Bruner Rev Roy F1e1ds Morganheld Presbyte r1an Church Rev H T Chandler lUI' DHEA Dr. W. H. Puryear Rev. H. C. Zachry W MMM Q Magi My my Zfg-1-'MMM E MJM W Ee My Mgslwjivjjlwig gf Q20 Xjl-ff'Jf'W U? ,QI-U QAQQMQW UR Q C'?5vff-M155 Q22 20 EX 2 W 0 Si ER Kg W , ,mffffw S E 9950 fb C2 '? V my ' M X W N Ni vi , I A Gr Q 2 W gm 5 , W' ff? yy ,bg Dm We X MX YEARIOOKS IS C0 C 0 , v Y . LXIQJ Aff chifftwu. MY! AND .IN 1' r!kA,KANsAS 2" 's .0 G ' . fl , -1 " C5 ' ,., 4, 4 n f .-'Eff ,,. A ' , I AA, ,:'f I? , ig-4+ . l It Ax., 1 xv 'Q . 'L P'l'L1g?Q.?" 40'3"'H V' 0.531 . 1. -V . . r . . i , .4.. I, lp-H x Y- S I. .:,i s Q!! 1. 1- 1,5 6-" w. I ,,'x1I V ' 239 ,, ' s-.wuz l up lf , -Y L . ' 55 . fig.. A .A if : if N'0 Q' - x ' - - 4- .N 3, "5 is ' .!,Qf:f. QQ. , . 'tj ,BW 'YT-A -lx 'r-Q , 1 V Q ' ' "E 1.,.,' 7 W a . V , '- . - 1,40 . inc- KA -umm. ,J .4 ,X -- ' 1 ' rf .5 --. ,N 4 0 ' ,V , - V 4-' n . J . f' '--2 '.5 -'i':'pf L' - cf R+.. . ' rl,1f' A ",Q.l ',l .',l'J'M iii-'A' ,'1'.. , f ' 'YL' ' 'I . ' ' . ' , v o :"'4'1." " ' - - 5- , fl . gl , H- f png, , ' . 1. , fI'. ,,, ' . '. vi I 4. ' '-'v",f1 ..' 'SL- 5 .- .0 - 1,', if 'vi Ol QU, i L ' p., I- '7'A.- D3 v . '11 '- 'ff,?'," "' 1 'g' '-s - .,'- r- ,-L."1 ' ' -. .QF g "i lag!-,.. P -f- J :ln-'U .' rx . gm 1 1 ' ',6l', 7 I 'Txl-xr?-,ff Y -'55 'L' .A, '.u'0..L ., - , gr-1' J ' 4 Q QA? -,L 33.3. : Q it D, A 4. - v ,z ' 'f'.lh.,' .A . ' .Mi ' . ' Q- , . - V bf , ' 1. ' , fe . 5 J ' '. "C ' ' ' "fu r" "1 ' 9- f -11' -f'.'.,' 5 1. v , -,AO ' 6,5 s" ' .. ' 5 '.'1.,' ,"'.-Ae.',r" JL, c - 5 fr . L ,' 1 J JF I f,5' 'l,. ." 5, J ,, I . I' "fn,f 1 , ,rf-1 G ' "4 i:: W N. .. . nav 4. , V . :sq W -Q ' K" 1 L "4 L,nQ,'dvy,w--...:.,,, ' t ,W A S' ', I 1 ,l M ..A..A, - at -, --4... ,K W J 4 - ,.. .. W , . ,, .--..,,v , V -f,,,g, A ad V. f-'lat V. K M J ' J 0 I 5,-1' -N f "svn W... -'Q f , , -lv". ,. , . , ,. H Y , - . .w VL -, .,, , ,Q """' Q.-uv-in ' 1 ' .....W??V'v+--M ,, -' -t ' - '-' , "I-fs.,-M f-x - Q' lm, -K . - , - MA- A W- .M r'1'5'n- ,VA L .""'7-..,,, ' "ln, "' ,nb 5 W' 5'if'1" " Q ' ' "" '--'-.-. "ff 'N- .. ' ,fa , if-Q, ' , ' u 'igxk bgtua f.' f , W 0'-.., -'N .B -f,,, n- 'h'- , . , Q., v--. iq, Q , ,L:.f,i , -s..-.F-N wb'-R "Q,-.N lil, .1 7'-.,,.'I. ,' 'N . ' x - ' ffm.. K, , , ., 3 K ,N v 1 ,., q NJ, , , .., K - .N 4- W" ,,,,,. I. , ' - 3 ,,v JN., A,vtA , f- Q. ' 3- .-15344 vf . 1. - ,,i,f-L,- ., X sa.:- ' -4 . ,- 'ny 7 ' W " ' . "' 4 ' nv' E ' X. at M '40 Zyluv -H 4 . ,,', ., , , A , - .-. ' 2: , ' fr ' ,,e: .a,.gnl,Q, ,fu hi., . K ., A, I I Af"L- ' ' Q, .lr

Suggestions in the Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) collection:

Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 6

1953, pg 6

Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 8

1953, pg 8

Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 99

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Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 63

1953, pg 63

Morganfield High School - Morganaire Yearbook (Morganfield, KY) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 17

1953, pg 17

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