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lx AJ 'i ,. M' sf fi V, . x IQ., H w if I ' x -2 V, ,J P Qi, MQ. JM K ' X- KX 0 jvfx Milf ef K J. 43' S6538 3 4:9 iss- 'w X . Ng wh r ' ORA cz. 's 5 5 Q X111 ji- s'. mcwouv p,4gK j Q JUNIOR COLLEGE X X ff V 17 ranz en jf 'MW morqan park junior ooiioqo, Ci'liCdqO, illinois Lau :ww mass nn a 7 lfb www: am mx -was my L F ,4 Bb 1'-,A 'Y X A px? 5--.avi K .1 pk 2 nw QA 1 WE' -2. ,- x ' , . A X n ma vs-ui' 'WIT Na 'I contents faculty . . . classes activities . . iff? fi presentation In keeping with the progressive spirit of our college, the 1940 Oracle staff has this year attempted to design a new type of annual. Ule have tried to keep abreast of the increasing activities and the general enthusiasm and informality which typifies this student body. By action shots and candid snaps we have tried to present our college as it appears in the midst of activity. Several innovations have been introduced. The change from letter press to offset process was made because the latter was more suited to the purpose of this book. For the first time, the activities of the sophomores are omitted from the graduate section, because the staff felt that this distinction was unfair to those students whose employment or other duties make it impossible for them to participate in school activities. It is our hope that this book will set a precedent for larger appropriations and a continually expanding Oracle in the future. lUe feel indebted to Hlr. Frederick Schacht, our sponsor, to the faculty, and to the student body for their cooperation. fraternities . . sororities . . . . ,, 5-,ff g,,,.q 3 N Y yin - I -Y -. N ' . X. - - tl '- WI N- in if . t it v if 1 'Lv YI--H I . mink- 4 7 , - sports To DGHD QLBQRT GOULD DODD, administrator, adviser and instructor at morgan Park Iunior Coileae since its founding in 1933, we the qrad- uatinq class of 1940, with sincere admiration, dedicate this book. the Colonel administration Haydn Evan Iones Hlbert Gould Dodd morris Carl Bergen Ruth Helene Hbells Floyd Fintin Fleming Thelma Vogt Taylor Iohn H. De Grandpre Hssistant Superintendent - - - - Dean - - Registrar - Director of Student Personnel Director of Hthletics - - Librarian Business manager Iames UI. Greenrnan - Curator I-I. D. HBGLLS HLBEIRT GOULD DODD B.S., Northeast Hlissouri State Teacher's College ITLH., University of Chicago IGFF 131. NNDERSON Zoology B.S., ITLS., University of Illi- nois Hccounting RUTH H. QBEILLS Ph.B., HIS., University of Chi- cago Psychology HILDH DGNT BH., milton .College Shorihand and Typing , 1' za, inf., INORRIS C. BEIRGGN B.S., IHS., University of Chi- cago mathematics LEON T. DICKINSON BH., lllilliarns College INR., University of Chicago English IHHBEL HESSLER CHBLE HB., miami University ITLH., Ph.D., University of Chi- caqo English BEHTRICE IDERKHOFER B.S., IHH., Ohio State Uni- versity mathematics umM:SHur,:, RHYIHODD CLIDTOI1 PLHTT BH., Pilbion Colleqe BH., Oxford University History and Political Science FREDERICK IU. SCHHCHT B.S., HIS., University of Illi- nois German ,, Wir 5 pr is J , .Xie 'V- Q sg 35. X ,JANSSNUVA 'f s X X-if W Zigi" In Lk -II .tl 591. " it if if EIHILIE STHRZ Certificate Brevet Superieur, Cannes Ecole Superieur, France French I EDDIE ORB B.S., ITLH., western Kentucky State Teachers College Zoology H ii 3 Q zu: N me M: . fr LEROY HBDER IOHDSOD S.B., illichigan State College Sill., University of Chicago Chemistry BOY STUHRT ITICIDTCSH HB., IDR., University of Colo- raclo Cconomics J . .f maj fi,5'li6WEg1Q!1.-wf-if-Y ,-- L'f' sg, THELFHQ VOGT TPIYLOR HB., lllestern michigan State Teachers College fTl.i3l., University of Chicago B.L.S., Columbia University Librarian IDRS. lOl-Ill l-l. DGUJFHHD Secretary '11 F'1Tc.'1 TOLUDEIR HHRDY STEVENS BS., Kansas State 'l'eacher's College, Pittsburgh lTl.S., Kansas State College Physics and Qngineerinq FLOYD FlllTlll Fl.EffllllC1 Director of Hthletics E W-I-P 'j 1511, V iq 4, V- , -9, if 'V 1 H' ln "- A s 'L ir I 'P' .L 91 55. . hw. T W I f5 9 . X-:X class officers Prom Committee Earl Ulesselius, chairman Dorman Hrmour Bette mitchell Catherine Swisher Ralph l,Uieber Program Committee m Bill Dieters, chair lack Garness Greta Chman GH W N K X . Xxfiw 1 Xwlxwv - ,wi W President Bolo Ghrler Vice-President marilyn fllenaqh Secretary Shirley Edmunds Treasurer Dan Iohnson Cap and Gown Committee Hlilclred Quantick, chairman Priscilla Rice Ioyce Small Decorating Committee Virginia Iohnson, chairman Helen fTlcCurnber flick Vander meer Gift Committee Bob musser, chairman lllarjorie Lee Chuck Hleuhe -146 r j! X My MA-WVZW Gordon Qnderson Ralph Illnclerson Tlorrrman Qrmour Fern Qsma Hoberl Bergman Claire Branit Hoy Buell mary Rita Daly J t J ill? LUi11ic1m Deiters Beth Drinq Shirley Gdmunds Robert Ghrler t..w3? iii: Hn- Robert Qltis morrcicr Folkrod Robert Frcmzen Gwynne Frttsch lack Gamess marjory ibbard 1. .-'K :L T.Ui1liam Hillis Richard Hoefle li 4 Barbara Hours Howard Huber miriam Ianney Daniel Iohnson Virginia Iohnson Ioyce Iuiilard Charles Kiefer Florence Kieslinq Dancy Kniqhi lane Lavery marjorie Lee Georqene Lenz Iune Lindholm Geraldine Logue Gdwclrd Loseff Idck IT1cr1dtt F' "' sms 585:88 aww mmm? ' ss ss ms mmm - B B wg v ss ss me 1 B 31: ss 1: , , w 1 , my 5 N Q -F .fx ' X. X., A 1 W U ' 1 w Nw, a ss New me me a mm ...X Q mam xg ss Q nm ss a ss mn v Q new an swim ms- n mn emu Q-A H. .X M51 21,38-ww. www U, JE E www fm fx is ss an ss 5 m an B WHL wufig' m. Els A nm-my : :xv-1-ring! : if ms mx M. ss ss- an an ss fxbb ss n Q 1 ,J -X sw n w W B in W mms- w,,, ng .fe -ss-fe mana-wr ,mmmm H Q4 an ,a 1 V ,:-,,,...M V 55,1 5,-ms 91165- !' W'1'f ,, sm naman: E sms wa- kgwkl am m QZW SQ mfarlii' ' Q ,imnsam E xxx na mmm we ms ,vw nm mn a mam ms msn a ms ma ss ss ss a is as a mn a a Q ss wax' am mmm was . if w ww an -ss mn- an a mx sqm nmmmg EQSISE. va mgwg: mszfm-MW is swmz vmmsmz ma ma ss E. ss B na x mf ss ms sm mmm as Seng mms W x.:. an amz wa me S F Emma:-g ma mam N W N My H Louis mcrlleris Icrmes fflclury Helen mcCumber Edward IHcHie marilyn mencrqh Irving miller Bette mitchell Iames moore mms mn um: fy nw mam was ss ng ye wgm PM 5 mn s xx in SSW Q-ummm a W -A:-x Eb Me? - axifkfw .1 x-x Ee gm. E 511 fgg r ss ,fn Q mm as-L. an may sa Q Q E E ss, was mn Us ms was xx-ss M ESKBE ig-iam A, ss ss mae. B mai ml nm E. an ss msn ,sag :-fm Lx ms ss sm -in mx ms mnmmxfgnm mamma? gummy:- n :sn mms maxima V nga f ' mm , 'nm m m nm ,A . z wi Charles muehe fafwm ee ss ' ss a an 38.6 mms x Y nm ms,-, w xx maui? ss Us ms ss ss Z. me-N Qs xmas 1- Vilma :nm mms ,mm mam a E my H an ss mn muse mms an ms was Robert usser Hlcxrjorie Ilelson Robert Pierce Charles Putz Hlildred Quarxtick Betty Reinhold Priscella Rice Pearl Richmond Iohn Riddle Harry Roebuck ,V all ,N Edmund Schulz 1 I 4 V f 1 I I ,,Lf.lf'f"' 'JAX f f, J f ' 1 , 1 Stanley T1kus1s J 'fi ,ff ' ff J, fl lk L41 D1cho1as Vander me Earle LUesse11us Robert wilson raduates whose Potricicr Boqby Roland Blomqren Doris Cloy leon Clem Second Cora n ss an M H wma E photographs Ruth Eddy lecmne Hyde Russell Iones Robert Kemey Hlbert Klein 'LUi1lic1m fTlcrcKenzie l not appear Greta Ohrnon Bert Ovesen mcqdolene Royce fflorilou Sconlon Roy Zieqmont class Looking at the undergrads, we see a pe-ppy group of students, promising leaders that will make the class of l94l an outstanding one. This class has among its number three straight "H" students - lean Coyner, Hrdell Hrthur and Charlotte I-leinzelman who, by the way, are successful in proving that not all 4-point students are not "grinds". lean works on the Hlumni Dews and on the business staff of the Oracle. Qrdell, fondly known as "Double H", is a member of the Social Committee and treasurer of the Coeds' Club. One of the outstanding lads in this class is Bill Iones, who has held the posts of vice-president of the fllen's Club, secretary of the Engineers' Club and is a member of the Social Committee. Bill has won his school letter on the basketball team, has played the lead in the Drama Club's productions, and holds the enviable title of Grand Ping Pong Champ of lay Cee. Iean Baldwin, a scholarship student, has shown herself to be a very capable young lady, successfully serving as president of the U.l.Pl.Q.. and as secretary of the Hrts Club, Commerce Club, and the lll.Q.Q. Hnother member of the class who has proved her worth is Dancy lane Fisher, 1939 Football Queen, who was elected to the Student Council and was chosen as secretary of the Coeds' Club. llancy also did a great job as property manager for the Drama Club. Helen Hnn Fitch is the talented young lady who drew all the charcoal sketches of the faculty, used in this book. Ht the same time she carried a role in the Drama Club's play with the usual "Fitch finesse". 1941 Virginia Tweed and margaret lean Sheahan have written many clever poems and short stories for the For-tnightly. Lorraine Goyke and Cherrie Iohnson have also been an asset to the newspaper staff. The men of this class have shown themselves to be quite the athletes. Greco, Lucas, Lane, Beatty, Leffler, Barbour, Del-Iaan, Tebbins, Brigel, and Hlason have already won their letters. They do not confine themselves to sports, however. Fred Greco has been treasurer of the fTlen's Club. Dan was one of the Queens Court of Honor at the Leap Year Stagette. He is a valuable member of the Drama Club, taking part in production and doing a grand job as publicity manager. Boss Beatty serves ably as the sports editor on the staff of the Fortnightly and the Oracle. Hlany of the underclassmen have walked off with the offices in the clubs. Bob Lebin is prexy of the Pre-flied. Club: Hlarion Penshorn, the vice-president: and Lee Beverly, the secretary-treasurer. marion held Lee's position in her first semester. fllaxine Dootbar, Barbara Houts, and Elaine Bohnett are vice-presidents of the French Club, Drama Clubyand Plrts Club, respectively. Ruth Greenberg writes the minutes for the math Club. These ambitious freshies have also been elected to hold office in their sororities and fraternities. Dorothy Von Hueben, our little songstress, was vice-president of Phi Zeta. Dick Briggs takes care of the Beta Boys' funds. lllarren Koenig, of "Swept Clean Off Her Feet" fame, is vice-president of Ulu Omega Beta. This frat has Herb Graver as secretary and fesse Ferguson as treasurer. QDJL3 D0 6 Q H05 1. ffm to Qsscv Av' ' 'T Ugg- 'ggf - Z A SS' 133' C' Q, f -q 0 Q E Q H, an gm is 4 A S' 562512 ff EA jf , O W A 10: Q A W " x-2' 5 I 117' 1 i11.-4 gin, . F' . ,lox Gun.: o Q W 8 E ln I3 "5-'W fl' is Q25 2 2 E rv- RJ d-vi ,.' EE, ' F., iffy "W3:f- " ol Q: 'Q ,"4,'h " 4, QL 2190 Z , i to Q? I B- xn an 5- ZR 'azfzm X :X if Sf it ?'2yf'?Xr L fs o .mit . Q visa 12 I 0,11 - .- :1 , Joan - A C A I :Qu Q R' O Q d s". x. D ff' 1 6 6 Q'-J 06, an Pg, wg, m 1 , , YS- '-2--.ny ,,, ,L "' rf--' ln-Q... - 5 ' Us ...ln ,, ,avi-' P 'IX ,M " u .',"'-1 . 4 K 1 ' r N-,...s . 5" If 1 ' ' 1 0. . ' ny I' v . w .p'. A..- Qhsks-L ia' ' vw,,W sq K x , v ,V 1- ,uv ,K 1" :A -qw - . . 1.-, , im. C Student C Ouncil Wessex . G X is X X ' if . f X X 1 P N Seated: Edmunds, Gcwhess, Qhtier, Xohneon. S Slcmdinq: Lee, Qsmom, Ohmch, X33es-eeiius, Yiehex, Deiiexs, I Eiiorqoh ?ciric hmior Coiieqe ie ihe ohhl iuhiof coiieqe ih. Chicdqo ih which hurhbei oi eiixdehie, eiecied in 0 democxdiic way, die pevfiiiiied io deiemxihe Buy ihe eicpehdiiuie oi ihe -siudehi dciiviiq Kees. fig This qtoup oi eiudehie iN e ichow cis ihe Siudehi Couhcii. Sian oi iie hihe , K I 1 rhefhheie me eiecied hy ihe 'Joie oi ihe eiudehi hodq each seyiieeiei. The ie- -! 1 riiciirimq Qmee. de pie-eidehi oi 'Che fhexfe Chic, preeidehi oi Qoe Coeds Ohio, KN cmd ediioi oi ihe Yorihiqhii-1, die memheie em-oiiicio. 5, QM 'Yo hudqei ihe ioidi eiudehi ciciiviw Kee hy diioiiihq Qoe money io ihe vdiioce ki ciuhe, puhiicdiiohs. cmd oihieiic iedme is ihe iimciioh oi Qoie Coimcii. Xi ie X ieii io ihe diecxiyhihoiioh oi iie fciemheie io decide -which ciuhe ihiouqh iheix herieiii io ihe echooi deeewe 'Coe ioiqe-si OXXOKYOQOXS, dhd which qroupe need emo iihdhcidi did in oxdei io iceep up iheii hiqh eiohdorde. Xdcic Gdmeee woe pxeeidehi oi ihe qsoup which ihduqmdied Q06 oiioiimehi oiioh picime Kiiyh. Bob Qhriei -served ds vice-pieeidehi cmd Shixieil ecreicw. in Qoe ioii eefoeeier Chuck Quiz, hoimdh Qmfooui. de preeidehi, vice-ptesidehi, ond eecieidw, reepeciivehf, ice-pieeidehi ie ouiorhdhcdiiq chcxinhoh oi ihe idehi cmd ihxee members oi ihe idcuiiil Koi cs iffi Qdrouhde oe is cmd Shixieq Qdrhuhde heeded ihe Couhcii. The ir i coymhiiiee oh which 'Coe pies budqe sew e . Gi-so 'OKI was sponsoied e sockaX corn- sXdes pask -fear coXXeqe, 'Cn " n1e'Cnina be oonXXQ?nx Koi 'One ax 'CAG oz SO dayn 9 GOTO naknmenk Xesk qioup - demand K Q paxw, an en 'Onexe 'On PAX ok Qne sc'nooX-wkde enke vfnak rnkqxnk sakew be caXXed 'One 'ous nfwnee. 'Vnks Nleot Tne conunkkkee ynek 'One dances ' -xNX'Cn a bonskkve pep xaXXs1, a roXXer skann xnnce. CX course Qne dances conXd nok be onntked, bak ev fnmee sondnk Ko skrike 'One noie ok novehxf. Qs 'Doixsev Noe, KAY Qbnex. and Haxdess Xoe, the coXXeae pain danced afnkd 'Gne corn skaks xo a HN BRN oicdneskra. On another nxaxni we KNXXX aXX xe- rnefnber, Tne co-eds daxed Qne Xa-4 Gee fnen 'xox Qne Sxaoaexxe. '5evexaX akxer- noon Kea dances wwn fnusxc KnvnXs'ned by a nickebdeon aXso proved a dnuqe success. A Qs has been Tne cnskonx. Qne socKaX cofnnxkkkee aave a dance akker Open House Koi Tne coXXeqe and oXX Xks Krkends. Kindred Qoantick and Gad U3esseYxns weie co-cdnafnfnen oi inks ackwe ocoop wikb. ?xaXpxn Xlieber as pubhciw fnanaaex. Sihss Pxuvn 9QpeXXs KN as the sponsor. Sealed: Gdxnunds, Kl3Xe'oet, Pxrnonr, G-arness, lDesseX3ns, Ouaknma, iikss QbeXXs. Sanding' Svhshei Lucas, Deiteis, iiYuc'neXX, XAnd'noXqn, Nome, Xones, Xloeniq. YS Q . Com Cla-1 rtez-vous Franca . auestt . Pr h Hon." But, "Out, out. certar e mem r t " C T' Yrancats the french Ctub ot the 'tunr k The '393 AO year proved a tuh one tor "Le Cercte Yra ' ted X ptaue-nta,ue" at Patos Uloods opened the -years acttvtttes. '- Bequtar meettnas ot the ctub were carried on tn Yrench, and at severat o rl? these meettnas, Madame Starz, the tnsptrtnq sponsor. spoke on hte tn France a and on severat ot the outstandtnq writers and sctenttsts. French aames were pXanned tor each meettnq. tn Qt Ytoet. a Tovety party was heTd tn the schoot hbrary wtth members atv- 1 ! tnq French Christmas poems and sonas and tehtna ot the cetebratton ot Hoet tn other Tands. The cTub patnted and sotd ttower pots durtnq Chrtstmas and the income was used to purchase sonabooks and the student newspaper p PM "Le ?ettt XournaX," tor dass work. J' ilcttvtttes tor "te ?rtntemps" tnctuded a French movte, 3? .- gjitqryerhnq a qarnes party, a sprtnq "pta,ue-ntaue and the ttnat banquet at a Yrench restaurant where the mem- if A 1. AA bers absorbed true Yrench atmosphere and entoved true If-W ,f 4 t K 'french cutstne. li je fm vi The acttvtttes ot the ctub were ca abhf hqmdted durtnq 49 Lilbfgyirsu V, the tatt semester by the prestdeng Greta Ohman. vtce- My prestdent, Vtrqtnta Tweed: secretary. Yrances fYXanstteXda , ! ms Nt and treasurer, hobert Qhrter. The prestdent and treasurer , QSJZQMGJ A ,watt A4153 If were re-etected tor the sprtnq semester, and Sfhaxtne q , . ' fp ,ff nd Robert Gths served as vtce-prestdent and x .'ZdgQ-fllifjj ' ew- -fl? Q . aff., J .. , ., U ' 5- x 'lui F gi 4 4.i,L-E-K! sq bb' , L' 7 "" -V 9' l ' Vx 4 IA- ,Q Hoo secretary . resp Second ROW C " ICIY, Seated: Di c Fi,-st R ow. . Drinq . Twe ehrler ed' BOSS' rose, 1' leur- f HO WIS, 0 ' ffm hm cm, marc Sn, Folkrod LU , ootbucr U31 CIChler Te ' lson m' nqst,-G , adam nd' BG Starz SS. ' Bflqb Y, Van H lsbur q' watt ' Jensen IX 890194 Kfe TWG Ellis S j9!'Qe Ohm an Soder S! g"'U'7ding?m 9011 ' O y Hflde Sheghq rsoll Lange n mil Swj Ulm: miss 5 ler Sh er A139115 A the tortniqhttq t ' L . fs r it fx i , H, .I- I It X s 1g,,y7-L XZ! Hnswering the query, "Ulhen's the next issue coming out?" seems to be the principal job of I the Fortnightly editors. But in between ques- I tion-answering, they must make about thirty story assignments, and see that they are Writ- ten, typed out, and read over by the faculty A sponsor, miss Ruth Ilibells. Then the first '-,QM "galleys" come back from the printer, correc- Ig ' l tions are made, the pages planned and "pasted L1 if fi tl ' up", the heads are written, and another issue I ' 4 'jg' has gone to press . . . H couple of days pass- 'W 4 out comes the paper 12 ' f lj -the kids dive for Y f 1 -, A the gossip column. f W A The editors' one-day - 1 i vacation is gone F again. WY ,IM ' 5 I y ' X Mt I ff 7' ' it , X if F if ii hum -, - 's U "' ' i t cgi, -f .. 1-Q .lil x"-f-L gf .Sl ui I' g5 :-' -vw 'Qffi A I S 0 C it , News Annan tt! - - UTHO I 1 :yi l l t l fflifchell,ALondon, Grck, Loseff, Ellis, Folkrod, von Huben, Baldwin, Stevens. l 4 pi Seated Loque fflinnick Halperin Smead Standing: Barron, fTlcCanna, LU. Iones, Fitch, l tl Seated: Ianney, fI'lcCormack. 105 Standing: Ouanticlc, Pohle, Koenig, Houls, Fisher, Swisher, Edmunds, Crow. Q v 'l ,A-1:17 I Q' Clfdmd C ub I 'K N x s The Drama Club was filled with new vigor W J, I l""' and activity during the past season. It ex- ' if f panded from a aroup of ten actors with a "one ' X-.g4r.v:.?- act play" aim, to thirty members interested i f' not only in the actinq, but in scenery, finance, ff and publicity. During the fall semester, under the leadership of Illarcia Folkrod, president and directory Catherine Swisher, vice-president: and Shirley Edmunds, secretary-treasurer, the club pro- duced three one act plays. Scenery for the plays was made by students with llancy Fisher in charqe. Kenneth Hlacfllurray, head of the ieff' .Lg publicity qroup, invited parents and friends to attend. +1 Hfter such a successful first semester, the new officers, fflariorie Hibbard, president: Barbara Houts, vice-presidentp fflildred Quantick, secre- taryg and Greta Ohman, treasurer: had little trouble in producing a three act play, "Seven Sisters". mr. Stevens directed the play, which presented in the Ridge Park arts club C17 Swift 5, c if 45923 'ft 4-5,-Ji K-vi V, w 4 'M'-'XYQ-. 60, if XETM S9 S X E59 I LM5. .4,.,J7 N n 'Stairs Bald ssmger Zelakoskx onq Ula!! Nicholas Pears e Orr Potts Huis Heinz! emann t'Tlarson Bohnctt Elkloff lllach tor Donop Fitch 1 nv enter Beckler Franzen miss Dent Goyke Small Shannon Clem 1-PP' l lt.. . Z, V . f- X f nttt We v ,-5 One of the youngest organizations at Iay Ce ' Cl b e is the Hrts u sponsored by flliss Hilda Dent. Lectures, sketch- ing art tours a Sunday afternoon musical and sculpture demonstration an art exhibition, and finally a gay eve- ning with dinner at Riccardos Studio Restaurant-the artists rendezvous of Chicago-all went to make for an eventful first year. Ulith the close of a most successful season plans are already in the making for an equally interesting and active Qrts Club next year. Officers of this group were Bob Franzen, president: Glaine Bohnett, vice-president fllagd l , a ene Royce, secretary: and Rlice Shannon, treasurer. W tj f f 'v , f ft, X NSN ,f tt l fl V K J , fl t if Cl if x 5 'jf ir ,fx M f , x is . ' : win,Cavanaugh, C. ' , v 'I '. U I : ' ', .. QQW3 gy, x X V iv fl tt J , f J I , ,KX 3 ii f Perhaps one of the most active clubs in the school is the Commerce Club, which is sponsored by fllr. Ieff Hnderson. The object of this group, whose membership totals approximately fifty, is to interest students in business organization. Outside speakers are procured for the meetings and many tours are taken by the club. Hmong the guest speakers presented by the Commerce Club was filr. F. Scott, of the Illinois State Gmployment Service, who spoke on the use of the Cmployment Service in obtaining jobs, and discussed the fields which showed the greatest possibility of openings for ern- ployment. fllr. Clifford Strand, a Certified Public Plccountant, pre- sented the history of acountancy, and discussed his experiences as an auditor. Various educational trips were taken by the club. Tours were made through the Chicago clearing-house, Continental Illinois Bank, a newspaper plant, the Board of Trade, and the Palmer House 'tYeS, they saw Bonnie Bakerl. Hfter most of the events of the past year are forgotten there is one which will linger-the student-faculty show produced by this group. ln addition, the Commerce Club sponsored a roller skating party dur- ing the spring vacation. Hnother of their noteworthy achievements is the publication of the Qlurnni l'lews. This year an Pllumni Banquet was given by the club as ct means of renewing old acquaintances. The officers for the fall semester were lack UJentsel, presidentg Qlice Shannon, vice-president: and lean Baldwin, secretary-treasurer. In the spring semester, .Fllice Shannon became president, while Edward Loseff was vice-president, and lean Baldwin retained her position as secretary-treasurer. commerce club Ftrs! Row: Royce, Reinhold, Zelaboslci, Donop, Baldwin, Knight, Buell, Loseff. fl'lr. Flnderson Second Row: lllelin, Richmond, l-leinzelman, Grebing, lllarson, O. Ptnderson, Coyner, Small, Cavanaugh, Lenz, l.Uales, Shannon. Third Row: Fisher, Reker, Franzen, Reade, Hoefle, ITlcCormuck, Hnderson, Carstens, fllalleris Hill, Briggs, ITlcCannn, Schaeder, Shannon. Seated: Ryan, Huber, murray, Ferguson, Lumpkin, Bell, Flnderson, lones, Buell, malatt, Ruhl, Sokol, Richards, f -7 "IT Fritch, mr. Stevens. V i- ' Standing: lllatlinq, fllusser, Beste, Graver, Soyster, LU. Iones, Stenstrom, Deiters, Barbour, Lucas, Garness, 1 jf K Cox, D Harkness, Pacynski, Davis, Carlson Z !,-1, 1, ' -- ,Z4 fl' fag iff 1 if S' -- , ,gr A Y,-1 V ! . -i F 5- J fr 4 -I f y o - .Tip ff ' a f ,. - Y "' ' 1 I 44445, 45 X-5 ' 'l T ' -....-...g.4---" av' 4 4 engineers club This organization draws its membership from the men in the engineering curriculum. The Engineers promote both educational and social activities. Heading their social activities for the past year, was the annual Engineers Dance held at Qlumni Hall, on fllarch 15. Fl good proportion of the proceeds was given to the Student Ulelfare Fund, a practice followed by few other organizations. This group also takes charge of the program for Open House every spring. Frequent field trips constitute one of the educational features of the club. This year they visited the Carnegie Illinois Steel Company and the Commonwealth Edison Drafting Rooms. The officers of the Engineers for the fall semester were lack C-arness, presidentg Lawrence Ryan, vice-president: Bill Iones, secretary, and lack Hlalatt, treasurer. For the spring semester they elected Lawrence Ryan, president: Steve Zelaboski, vice-presidentp Phil Fow- ler, treasurerg and Bill Deiters, secretary. n I Ch omistru Glu la miiififliq Q Xo eq ev! ooXXeQe oooxee Q0exe oxe o Kewl oeoQXe xxixoo koxeoo ko Qooixox ko Qoe KxeXo ooo o xoxeseexeo X0 Qoxocs V601 ooo Q06 Q12-eciQOeo qooxexxd. 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Senzesfer wereg Ujorforze Zee, ,OFSSJUSOC f.77J7Q'reQ' Quonflclij Iffcegoreefdenzi frfey Sdnynzzds, secref rf- Ooncy Heber freofsurer For ine sprfng sefnesfer Zrofnfc fonnson os ,oreszdenk Co! snen wceporesfdenr 0 cy He eecreforig ono' -Qrofell Qrfnnr IFSQSQTS elna Gbrnesq share fiiuss Qlessebbs, IQ fouesj L eq -Qrlnouc LUCQ ef!7eq pOSffGffII1'OJ?S, Gbrfer Yfge Governors Qre on Sporfs Qc1'J'Ir171es 1' The ilvefve Gnrfer Sf efecred 6 17c!l1Q'e Q Govern , Qeor9 Qfforof 8' Greco Leei 19rl6L1 001111543 Hone Vvflvbeq E'Q'1nL1nQ'Q fonnson. ody who eep rne nyen 5 foange fn repcfr ,ofnozoono fournofryent Q fennflv fourncfbend Qnd fnfrcfnurof bcsebofl ore for fne fo!! senyesfer were: Sbrle Qfessefzbq foci- Cornesq Q71 Deiersj 806 e Posffefn WOJYQ Horry Hesfe, Bob fbbssen Oorlinon Qrfzyoar fQc1i- KYSJQYQ SQO2 J!! fones, Qrzo' Cnorfes Pura fn fne second sefnesfer Don Zucoq fled lef27en ond fled repfoceo' Sesfe Sfczfforof cnc' Puig Ofncers for fne fire! semester were: Gcrnesq ,ores1c'en1j' Qlessenbsg secrefcrlq' Qjnsser freosnrer ond Kyefnq seroecnfol-Qrnye Dunno ine cs-.orzno senyesfer ffm orgcnfbcfzon woe Jeoo' by Oyusseq eweq Greco, OOO' Posffefnwozre. 15 C f f fff prc-:f-medical 'S . c l ub t ff If at l X x :X t 1 X ll- xxx Ui! only When wav-yihin els' , 8 fails. 'rincrvRE OF P01SoN Xl, Ll I N! if 1' X I, . N- ii ' t lf Hsma, Tikusis, Greenberg, Beverly, Penshom, muehe, Siemsen. If I Erickson, Eldgett, Ff1cCumber, llelson, mrs. Orr, Lebin. ,mf 'J ff l 1 f i f 'xg . I . . . ff 1' X ff t If , .N X ' " sxxxx. , 155' XL Z' A. 'V Highlights of the Pre-med program were f the tours taken through the Hbbot Phar- . " rnaceutical Laboratories. the Northwest- ' V,f' ern medical School, and the Cook " ffl f County Hospital. Two joint gatherings with the corresponding Darth Park lun- rv ior College club, the witnessing of nu- merous medical films, and lectures given by Dr. Richard Stoops, practicing rx - i' physician, and Dean Lester Tllhitten of the Chicago School of Osteopathy, pro- vided the members with very entertain- ing and educational meetings. .ix Head surgeon ot the group last tall was Helen lTlcCumber president. Hid- ing her in planning meetings were Fern A Qsma arid fllarian Penshorn, vice-presi- dent and secretary-treasurer, respective- ly. In the spring, programs were ably conducted by Robert Lebin, presidentp Illarian Penshorn, vice-president: and Lee Beverly, secretary-treasurer. t new +5 M wtf ,Lex xl gf cf' er yt , B 'J- o. Q WP, if K V ifl 4 4 an I A Ql: X V tix V QY W -rs H16 la -N z , , X00 4 G? 'lv +V' 5 N t '33 3. ff 49 1' Standing: mr. Bergen, Flnderson. 'fsx First Row: Johnson, Exner, Geoppo, Coyner, Shannon, Poor. ' Second How: Greenberg, Buell, Ellis, lllalatt, Schultz, Stenstrom, Iohnston, Ryan, Bell, 8 3 X Hnderson, 5 'fs 4 -fflf 1 X 45 1 ff W- 1 1 . 7 37-fa, H 5- 'L 4 1' -LQ 'LZ-' n -v Q, -L I l , 5 ' GN T 7 1 AJ ,Z Q2 m at c u fs 1 It 1+ 'P jp A46 " ,gli at Q A 1- 1 - 5 N fp: . Utilizing the talent present in the club, most of the meetings of this group sponsored by K3 mr. morris Bergen, were devoted to talks presented by club members on subjects of JN Q mathematical interest. ,Z E llew mathematics books were purchased for the library with their Student Council ap- px ,X propriation. qv 3-Q Hmong the informative talks presented was one on the history of numbers, by Iames 'V Tllaury. Edmund Shultz chose navigation as his tooic, while Richard fohnston presented ff a book review of "Elementary Dumber Theory." Bob Kerney gave a talk on astronomy. Xxff ff? The stars and planets were actually located, and the relation of mathematics to astron- omy was discussed. ax Throughout the year, members of the math Club exercised their mathematical prowess 039 I 1 x eq it 4 o. if x 'IMP in working out many interesting mathematical puzzles. Contests were held among the members, and a weekly problem was presented for the members to solve. These lp ,WX young intellectuals also intersperse club socials including games and refreshments be- t X fy tween their more serious meetings. The officers elected for the fall semester were Roland Blomgren, presidentg Robert Kerney, vice-president: and Bette illitchell, secretary-treasurer. Ralph Plnderson became presi' P: P'+,P1 dent in the spring semester, Edmund Shultz, vice-president: and Ruth Greenberg, secre- L D .L tary-treasurer? , 6'-U , CK Nfl , sv' ' IV an C1 YQ jl s C1 , C-7' as 70' Seated: lliieber, Lindholm, Franzen, Fitch. Standing: miller. Quantick, R. Hnderson, Iohnson, Beatty, Hibbard, Donop, Efxner. Editor - Hr! Director Cover Designer Photographer Portraits - Bob Grebing Greta Ohrnan Iflarjorie Delson Katie Swisher Irving miller lean Clem Barbara Houts Ross Beatty llelson, Iune Lindholm - Bob Franzen Ralph Hnderson Ralph lllieber Helen Plnn Fitch filidge I-libbard Priscilla Rice Esther Elxner Bob Pierce Virginia Iohnson Hlildred Quantick Co-business managers - Charles Kiefer, Bob Franzen Faculty Hdviser - - Frederick UI. Schacht The Oracle staff wishes io express its appreciation to the Commerce Club and to others who have cooperated in selling advertising for this book. Y ,APJ0 mfs O . ' Fr, V rlelsonorlliqllbelnl' H015 erlgoho' Ge, TWG " d gfndl Gael? Iensenlmih lCho1GS Hffr, Grsenb ehflgrl I L Ctlle,-is' Hjlliq Slarlson' ibm, Gravis att- Cinder m Gr Ger 6 055513549 ctub r ' Ct rt Q 'idequtartv every Yridav niqht, the twenty-tive members ot the tunior Cotteqe Yiidinq Ctub have had a standinq date with the horses at the Uloodtand Vattev Stabtes. Since its oraanization in October, t938, the Bidina Ctub. with a tutt proqram ot activities, has had the best attendance ot any ot the cotteae ctubs. 'the members have as their purpose to tearn to ride Qnqttsh stvteq to create an interest in horsemanshipr and to ride iust tor the sheer iov ot ridinq. Other events on their proaram inctude a suc- cesstut fitothers and Dads ttiqht tast tatt, a Christmas Party. participation in the annuat trtorse Show in ittav. and 80-mite cross-countrv ride in tune. and a banquet. Last Ratt, a poto team was orqanized. which increased interest in the ctub. The team, with Ghrter. Dan tohnson, and ttictc Vander iars, and bitt Ytittis and Ctetand bers, ptaved a series KQGYU. Bob Yiteer as requ Phetps, the nevver mem ot aames aaainst an Qcademv st semester, the ctub purchased a quidon. rs atso have shirts and embtems white cotteqe cotors, and the number ot a e membe the maroon and service bars are awarded tor vears ot membership. e three remainina charter members ot the Qhrter, bitt tftittis. and tticic Vander ' ear. Bob has been presi- vears ot exist- same fl K c ub. I fiteer, qraduate f ent ot the ctub durinq nce, and bitt, the vice-president eriod. Bettv Stober served as secretary' vear. Cttrs. tennie Orr has sponsored the ctub since its orqanization. 4 I 'I I ' K ' 9 """"-5 I L . t 'Yh in j + f' 'th . fl X Bob f ' this v ' d its tvJo e tor the Q this Sealed: Ellis, Ouantick, Hrthur, Edmunds, Coyner, Iulliard, Baldwin, Stoloer, Bolton, Knight C lohnson Pierce Standing: Gdgett, miller, Lindholm, ltelson, lUesselius, Bass, lTlcCanna, Dring, l-Ieinzelmann Shannon V lohnson Finder son, Siemsen. bc-:ta phi kappa In 1937, Beta Phi Kappa, honorary or- ganization of lTl.P.I.C. was organized for the purpose of joining together all students interested in maintaining a high scholastic standing. It was de- cided that all members should have at least a B average. This year, for the first time in the history of the organiz- ation, pins were awarded at an assem- bly to thirteen students who have main- tained a B average over a period of three semesters. H mortar board was chosen as the style of the pin by a majority vote of the clulo. On fllay 3, a tea was held at Hlumni l-lall to which all faculty members and Beta Phi Kappas were invited. Dean Zins L. Smith of the University of Chi- cago who was formerly a mathematics instructor at the Iunior College was in- vited as guest speaker. The officers were Robert Qllis, president, and fune Lindholm, secretary-treasurer. 4. rf .2 , , dv F F If k Iv ,,.,": f-'f ir, 54,-,1 fs' , . .91 ' :Y 99 la. ' I ' s,! ' G raff' - v .1 ul A. .. - --h e , . , 1 1 W .f" ' . fny f lr ra A , r . , -. v J A YK -Q , I 3: ' . 41, W ' 1 ff . , ,. m 1. . f' ' ' H , 4 I J Vx." . A . I .U-f 2:1 , N:-,1L.," its A. , 5 ' -3, f .,. ri Y- V . Y .f 1 Wg, , -,Y . - A 1 - ,QL W 1- Q - x." ' -' ,Mu v'.,q .i"'7,5.' '.,,' ,'gif?1,A5'i'513,f'1:'f?f'gQ"'E2j,4f'f, ,v',-111.4 5 f .1 '. . AQ- '1,liw'J-I ,nfl M' ,,.! 'Iv' ' ,' . - u . Ji gntsq, yn-., E .,,,,Y,J ic?-1.-,v - -p U'-'KF' T . v '1 -sr' .,. ,. -. . pu -Q-,B8l5v? :- ,,1 37 Huy.-ul lx 5 'Q' gyyp, 4' , 3 1 1 Qtr ,, "TY -,f i ,Q I . K,-,f.fwegyg,,.A My , A ,I gn W ., . Y. .:Q.. .xl -- gf ,Mn ' ,- -. 5 , 1, ,,,g,, u N ,g,4..-1' - , ', 1- .-1 .- V, -1 ' rm .,,g ' 54 I -' :il .- . j 4, -Q ',,- 4 -4 f . 'g if' f A-a ' th.-X lwsw.. x , ,1 , img 1,1 H,.z,rqt'.6'. ..,,',,L,g A ,V an , Kwai. .P ,,.,,.A v,, . Q' 5 mf ' - A . v .- x , Q if ' "ff " ' ' ' F af' V ' vw f J S W xf J v Us Q- "'e'f'w" 'P' F ,iw E f 1 - 14 RXT'G ' 1 f ww ' y, Q' J? 1 1. " ffiacf , 'wi-f'-fi'-'v ' fm fee--' - "1 -x-,,.,wk . - -- 'P 4. '-1 ,P -- f A' . ' ,A '. ' - , an 4 ,H - ." -A x , -1 "Y 1753. .zl f '- 1 . f,,Q. -' if f-55 f 6' ., f - Ii' x5"F-'1':L"'.f"A'V 'MN' 'Rn' 4Z'5'f-II "H", qlpdy M ' Jw' K . 'A if "W " 3 7' Q-ff : Y f. Hiff' 1 'W . 7 ' 1 . T . ' 7 , ' f' 17,7 W ' ,. 7' 'fd' Q.. Q f --'r ,, 7' L X,-'S 'lc ,- ,, EF - " 1 65' ,B W ,Ll ,J 7: FV 'if nl' 1 If " I .v . Fw . 1 mfr 'fx ,V -' -. 1 Ing wg i. , v J' we 42. ,. nf- j'-gl' 4' 1 .1 , f wh' .6125 f V YL .A A 1 as 2 4' 7 " ' -7r!"5'i wr Me' . ,J ' - 1 F . .?. 2. 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' 1+-' ' "iff , '. ., U '- f -'-".,"',3,-ri," : F' 5 . - 'f ' .2 -gawk' J: if -.:f31f',3f::Jf.1?f7-,,'-.c-.. 1..':,'Zfai15 w ' xv .. - 31 V,-' U' .F - 4 I' - ' . 1 V ' 'W' FT' 'N' n A - ' ' Iv .1,.v- V, ,:4m.g'g,A'4.,' "K: Q A " "' ' : 9. r-Gr in Q.-v 'JY--'l5'f1ff'9?:5l?g37" gy A' 4175 4 l- 13' . - ? "'!A -zf L -'W ' " ' ' 1, 465 Q' 'iwa' :-'ifffzfyf 5 - " M .- 3 ,aft "wil Linh 4 " 'E' I I f "Jil" - -1.3.-1-,f'.!.,-,,'.s.4E J-,Q ,,,:, vi 4, 055, , L. '- ., 45.4 ' gf I, -i ,,. pg ?f,f,var 1,11 P 5 gf A . -,.. , .N r ,ni ,,,, A-L l ,. :D , . , FQ ' 1 3. . . Nd' f , Q, ,. Al lg. J? L . , L I , , - Ur r ,J ... I h ' , Aw,-,t A 1. , -ur 4 I .V 4, M: K 4 - x ,,, H rv , ' v, .. r ,xp - ,.. 1. , , I A - ." , , r . F' WW' 4 t ff .q e,,ag,fx-L, F ,"' - : -, 1- .- f. . villa v,. .Q ,n' MVN, '2C"'.,gf 'A' ',.1',, 'Q 1:6 f Q ff f 5 XM.. , 11, . ry . Y ' V, 1 X .. ..,. , ,Z -J .4,.9,,,, V ad -, 1 My-,U 'N i .,1 ., dy, A J, qr I , , 14, I f, L14 . 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Back: Ienkins, Poor, Reade. Delta Pllpha, the only national sorority at morgan Park Iunior College, held its annual Convention Banquet and Installation of Officers at the Blackstone in September. The officers installed from Beta Beta chapter were fflarjorie Lee, presidentg fllarjorie llelson, secretaryp and Frances fllansfield, treasurer. Ruth Green- berg was elected treasurer in the spring se- mester, while Fflariorie Lee and Betty Stober were delegates to the Inter-Fraternity-Sorority Council for the entire year. Qfter successfully completing mock initiation eight pledges were formally initiated at the Blackstone in December. During Christmas vacation the girls filled and delivered Christ- mas baskets to needy families. The fall se- mester ended with a theatre party. ln February, Delta Hlpha held its annual dance at the Bed Lacquer room of the La Salle Hotel. more rushing and a pledge party added an- other girl to the sorority. H Leap Year Dance took place on February 29 at the Beverly Tennis Club. mock iniation was followed by a formal on may 5 at the Blackstone. H Spring Party at the Beverly Tennis Club ended a perfect school year. beta phi sigma Beta Phi Sig- ma is the old- est fraternity at Iay Cee and the only one with na- tional affiliations. The I-llumni and the active chapter work as separate organizations, constituting a total of about sixty-five men. The Beta men are especially proud of their athletic achieve- ments. Carle LUesselius was t captain of the basketball team, l lack Garness captain of the foot- ball team, and their supreme pride, Bill Iones, was ping-pong champion. Hmong their letterrnen they also in- clude Iack Kleinz, Dan Lucas, Fred Greco, Cliff Bauser, llorm Hrmour, and Lowell fllason. They also hold several ma- jor offices in school activities. Beta has a dinner meeting once a week dur- ing the school year. For the first semester their officers were Iohn Riddle, president: Dorm Hr- mour, vice-president: Charles Kiefer, secretary: Dick Briggs, treasurerg and Clifford Bausor, ser- - geant-at-arms. This semester they are led by l'lor- man Hrmour, lack Garness, Carle Ulesselius, Dick Briggs, and lack Kleinz. Hlonq Railing: Lucas, Bri- gel, Ulesselius, Hill, Bar- bour, Garness. First Row: Kiefer, flic- Carthy. Second Row: Flrmour, Bau- sor, UJ. fones. Third Row: Briggs, Holtz loerq, Greco. nu beta nu Fits! Row: Coyner, Illitchell, Edmunds, Samuelson, Small, Baldwin, Houts, Case, Clem, Bolton Second Row: Starz, Iuillard, Dunne, l-lensel, Rice, flloore, Daly, fllenagh, Ouantick, Penshorn. l'lu Beta l'1u sorority was organized in l927 and Delta chapter, of fllorgan Park Iunior College, dates from 1933. Dot only social, but also charitable activities are sponsored by the sorority. The first event of the year was the fall rummage sale. Ht Thanksgiving and Christmas, l'1u Beta l'lu donated baskets to poor families. During the Yule season, Delta chapter joined with ten other chapters of llu Beta l'1u in pre- senting the annual Christmas Dance on December 26 at the Shoreland Hotel. H pot-luck dinner added to the holiday festivities. On Hpril 15, Delta chapter presented their Spring Dance with Bob Philips' orchestra, at the Hotel Del Prado. The annual fIlother's Day luncheon and the spring dinner dance were the concluding activities of the year. One of the members, fllary Lou Scanlon, was elected Grand President of all l'lu Beta l'lu chapters in the city. Officers elected in the fall semester were Buth Eddy, president: Shirley Edmunds, vice-president: recording secretary, loyce luillardy corresponding secretary, Priscilla Bice and treasurer, fflildred Quanticlc. ln the spring, Shirley Edmunds was elected president while fflarilyn lllenagh was chosen vice-president. Ulu Omega Beta fraternity was es- tablished twenty-one years ago as one of the leading junior college fra- ternities in the Chicago area. Beta Chapter was organized at fTl. P. I. C. shortly after the founding of this col- lege and has grown in power and prestige along with the school. Hs in previous years, Ill. O. B. men have this year participated in many of the school activities and sports. In addition to the regular fraternity re-union parties, private smokers, etc., there was the spring dance held in the Sky Room ot the Hllerton Hotel on may 4, Pls has been the custom for years, the spring initiation of pledges taken in Ianuary was held over a may week- end at Flint Lake. For the fall semester Ralph Ulieber was presidentg lack lllentsel, vice- presidentp Pllbert Klein, secretary: and lra fTlcCormack, treasurer. This semester Ralph Ulieber was again chosen as president with lllarren Koenig, Herb Graver, and Iesse Fer- guson serving as vice-president, sec- retary, and treasurer, respectively. Firsl Row: UJieber. Second Row: Hluehe, Smie tanka, Huhl. Third Row: Graverfllathis De Butts, Ferguson. Fourth How: iTlcCorrnack H o d s o ri, Hawthorne Soyster, Lane. 1 iYggx I my .- . ARWJQP. Kok X06 Xoeix ' 'ixo-O, OX 0 OX pX26Q yogi xolxmo 6193061 fo. XOGX 752, X 5, oocmdxo X6 XX2 Ko oo UGC o 022210 626 xo Svixo 2 uw, 2 0 XX2 oX2X 2 o od XO 06.0 QR Q0 YXXX "L2Xo Skxexvl W6 459021-6090 2x 90022 "X5X2oxX2 Q02xx 4 O56 C3oox2 QQO- 960 6 Q02 6 2 Y oXc0 ' Xixes. '2' dx X62 KNXQO- Q0 cXo2 ok Q06 XXOXXGONI Xeekvi mod' woe- Q09 were 90066 qXXI2o ox Q06 X20 X2ixc CXGQ oo ?2XDwov1, fb XX3oXXoc,22 occkxeemo Xmolxsxdxoq -2-XNXQQ. ' 2X5 Koi Q02 RSX 'SGQQGSXGX N21 XOBY, Q12-alxcX2oX-, Qoioxiw Q oo 2-e3xcX2oX-, Woxdxo Yow- XZXOCXOOXQO, H202- ov. q20oQXdXo. 6 QXXQQ2 202. OXXXQ 5xNX5 ' 2-Q1 X006 X002 CX2 C300 O. XX2 K1 XC 'IH 'o XO 6X6 'o X 58 X6-o Q0- GXOX ' cjxox QXKX-5 ' cixox X323 - ood X560 xod. 220s ox2v, ood qw Xxx Q06 2-Qxkoq Q06 QQOYDOXC5, Q12eJx62oX-, Qu x1Xo2fQi2elxcX2oX', ?X2X2o Q9-20040 sq-, X600 Qexexeoo, Xx2o2m2x, 22, OooQXcix0. x2Xo X2xvI X102 Sea fed Sm f ecd left, . VO -cc n umberrlxipjln' F iche olk ll Tod . FMC h Sea red H , ulperigighll 'HI 1 mbbgignson . . LO Que , Ice schk e Sfa Hdin Q. ' B orron I k , RQ Ll I SW' lghp -1' 1 d. hcl U1 . m. xnniqr phemfor Phe-mfor's major activity of the school year is the compiling and distributing of their annual student directory. This directory includes the names, addresses, and tele- phone numbers of all the students enrolled at present at both morgan Park High School and morgan Park Iunior College. The main purpose of the Directory is to provide a listing of students in the morgan Park and Beverly Hills districts for the convenience of the members ot the com- munity. Hdvertisers also take advantage of this student outlet. The officers of Phernfor are chosen once every semester. Heading the fraternity as president this semester is Sam Stallard with Dick Colvin, vice-president: Lee Bev- erly, secretaryg and Bob fTlcCanna, treas- urer. Last semester's officers included Bill Deiters, presidentg Iohn D'Qrcy, vice-presi- dent: Fred Leffler, secretary: and Dick Col- vin, treasurer. Fimong the outstanding members of Phem- for are Fred Leftler, one of the rare three letter men at the college, and Bill Deiters, who has served on the Student Council, the Social Committee, and is also a letter man. Phemfor meets every two weeks at the home of one of its members. This fra- ternity has been in existence since 1933 and has auxiliary chapters in other states. ggi S S5'xe.'N'i U95 635, lsi' 0 5- cl L li Qr 9,4-it QVR. 622' Seated, above: G. Hnderson, fllalleris, Raddatz Deiters, Stallcrd, Hlitchell, Beverly. Sealed, below: Leffler, Il'1cCanna, Fowler. rss Q Ms SSN inter-JfraicrniiqHsororitq council ..q, 'ext' 1 N21 A" 71 lllith three sororities and three fraternities in a comparatively small school, there soon arose the need for a council to discuss problems common to all. Hs a result, the Inter-Fraternity Sorority Council was organized, the purpose of which is to grant formal recognition to the various groups, promote fraternal friendships, and to schedule rushing dates so that activities do not conflict. Two delegates to this organization are elected by each of the six groups. On February 16, the Council gave a dance for all sorority and fraternity members, at the Ridge Park Field House. Fl nicklelocleon furnished the music. Officers for the fall semester were Charles Kiefer, president, Ruth Hensel. vice- president: and Katie Swisher, secretary. During the past semester the Council has been headed by Dorman Hrmour, president: Hlarjorie Lee, vice-president and Ruth Hensel, secretary. 41 Deiters, UJ i e b e r Swisher, Edmunds l-iensel, Pl r m o u r llelson, Kiefer, Lee Hibbard, De Butts Fowler. 1 5. in, wr" -Y-fn in 5, ff - rw W . ,if :Q as aj xy, K Hs YM Hg . .M gin M fr. ,,1 , X msg, F. WWW M, ,, F N, ,wfwkii pw ' K, smasv- as V u " s l ma in Mg rw Xwmsw -wa, ' Q ma 'L -. ', Q 14 9vdg1F17i' A I V ., -mmgivr fi 4., 7 ' A ' 4:411- .? l . ' 5 U lljlf 'I I -Q az . X4 as -1 s' Em a 5 as sem am. ll QB.: B F EE H H H W HMA' ga sw wma af mais Q.. N84-M in awk ,,4vu nm ,M nf 'mffw X .,z.,W,,,. -ffxff W Q1 Q X, Mx, E .. uf., nw ss may . a --wma Bam 5 B Q1 mu-U4 WE -ww-E3 -awe! E 3 A Um 'wwf , n. - N ,ES K R Wh ,x :kc f V e , , H N E EH: -zQ'W lmw iw? ifii- U if BME? :-5. H-'mf W f- : 5.1: ' ' L. s ss' 1 f- Q Ii-:Z H-1 X I .ff f km .. ,L , .. . my '- Af 5:.lm,w9, i ,F , V 21 5 kggmi ..::,3,- Lena 5 QHWQM f Xi K 'H QEE.. - 3 H N 5 Lfwgg gf' v ' .-wiki , V "K X.. .::!3 -: e 1 M . ? '4??fif1if2 W OX, Y wwmwgmgfggij Q A :N V .1 ,Q V . ,hi X Kim . egqwif X, 5 M :X E ga if Q N .3-Q1 by :wjgzm hw,e.,:,wN.1-F ,- NS ,wg-arwwqisfgmgg WL. igzih f,1.wQg.5:n:sv,a 1222- ,aww-was ...W E. QW, M 452-A wma. A . XJR. S ia:?'iv s mmm if QQ Egsikgv ,Y W' NfnHfw'.,,. . xfgmsazkg sfxm :M ii KB! B W, M mf ms.: T I 5532. , . my XHHH 'af YQ M EEN W -A an ne, im saw if, sz as J fblf First Row: Deiters, Garness, Eausor, Beste, moore, Barbour. Second Row: lllesselius, Zelaboslci, Lucas, Qhrler, Briqel. Third Row: Qrmour, Leffler, Kleinz, fllusser. Fourth Row: Beatty, fllacCormack, LU. Iones, DeHaan. l u ,M . 4 , Le ottermoifs club d ii' gas T i l 'Hr The Lettermen's Club is an honorary organization open only to athletes earning a major letter in a major sport. Each member is also required to have taken part in at least halt the games in which his team has participated during the season. Pl satis- factory scholastic standing must be maintained by the men in the club. Coach Floyd Fleming has the final decision as to the athletes to be awarded letters, Only those participating in football, basketball, or baseball are eligible. members of this organization are largely responsi- ble for the maintenance of enthusiasm for all ath- letic games and for promotion ot a spirit ot loyalty throughout the college. First How: Bolton, Hib- bard, Baldwin, Hal perin, Gaelzer, lacs- chke, Donop, Stolver fllinnick, Ohman. Second How: Knight lllales. B. Reinhold Edmunds, Peterson Cavanatiqh, Shann on, Denmark. Third Row: D a l y Sinead, L a ii at o n Grck, Swisher, Bar- ION. u2omcn's athletic association H definite increase in the number of athletically in- clined coeds has been evident at the college. The past year has proven one of the busiest which the l.U.H.Ft. has ever seen. Utlhile every coed at lay Cee is technically a member, about thirty girls ac- tively participated in the events. Last fall, Shirley Edmunds, president: marilou Scanlon, vice-president: lean Baldwin, secretaryg and Ruth Hensel, treasurer, started things off with basketball practice. Hided by pointers from Coach Fleming the girls made much progress throughout the winter. In the spring, president lean Baldwin, with the help of Greta Ohman, viceepresidentg Betty Stober, secretary: and lune Lindholrn, treasurer, started the girls training for baseball. Every mon- day the Coeds donned shorts or slacks and took over the gym, a new plan which the girls hope will be permanent. ln may, as is the custom, the UJ.Q.Fi. took charge of the annual college picnic at the Dunes. football morgan Park at lllrightp a night game played at Spencer Coals Park. The big, powerful l,Uright ma- chine proved to be too strong for the lighter lay Cee team and they walked off with a 26-6 victory. The touchdown was made by lack Garness. La Salle-Peru at morgan Park: a fine passing at- tack coupled with a strong running game enabled the La Salle-Peru squad to win 20 to U, although practically the entire first half was played in the invaders' territory. morgan Park at l'lorth Park, another game which found the lay Cee team the aggressor, but once again Lady Luck shunned the morgan Park eleven and Dorth Park handed them a l3 to O setback. morton at morgan Park: aside from the lllilson entanglement, this was probably the best-played game of the season for lay Cee. lt ended in a scoreless deadlock. morgan Park was superb on defense, never letting their opponents deep into their territory, while their own attack clicked at times but bogged down when a score seemed inevitable. Qmerican College at morgan Park: the smaller Physical Education team played defensively until the final quarter, when they scored the only touch- down of the game. lUilson at morgan Park: the annual Thanksgiving Day game was played before a huge crowd. The Red Raiders scored on a fumble and a long pass. Those who played their last game for fay Cee were: Captain lack Garness, Earle Ulesselius, Bill Deiters, Steve Zalaboski, Cliff Bausor, fohn Riddle, farnes moore, lack Kleinz, Charles Putz, and Fred Leffler. Letters were presented by the football queen, Tlancy Fisher, to Garness, lllesselius, Deiters, Zelaboski, Bausor, Riddle, moore, Kleinz, Putz, Leffler, Fred Greco, Ray Brigel, Harry Beste, Dan Lucas, john ff? lllheeler, and Richard Schmalfeld. so PJ OVCEGWTWOO SLD C",-rf 0nQQ0og02,QfQn , if . COVOCOGQ f,Tmi'5L'f'l7Rl",mf'iC? .Orin C loofqo 00900 riff Wy Xllflllf mil, w ' l i Oetpwgfiff , ll ah Ol rife. 5 , , Q in Q- J- 1 T be ' X I 1 it 61' ,f 'AQ -me ranzen tk I lt ' Ae! T T 5' :,., lm 1 , O Q mpg 6000,-9r1O'nf2'-gufgr? 09.09 Qcgbgqn C' 9 0 f'sQQ',Q1.-f9C9f'2-ig, f1l000f'5D.J'2.S'3p O O :Lx I 1 ,sr -4 4. . '-TQ-. . :,:4'JF"Q .. a. ,-tu 'v, .4 nt. L Q ,L fr H A .0 I ,. 6 1 V -. rc:-. 5 ., , L - ' V. ,,- 4-4.,. K ,I , fs .wr '4 M , First Row: Briggs Deiiers Lcme Bcusor Lucas Ze-lcrboski Ulesselius Second How Greco Brigel Be-ste Leffler Gurness ,-. b Qt XX Q yt Rx X- askc-:t 1 ff-"B+-. "Zn 4' Y 1 ' bfi 'bpllt Z! I AAA " lnll tttttt X Barbour, Beatty, Lllesselius. ill. Iones, Garness Defeating only one team, the fllorgan Park basketball team suffered an unsuccessful season during the 1939-1940 campaign. Throughout the season, the team played alert basketball, but only against fllaine Township Iunior College, were they able to achieve victory. Defeats were dealt the lay Cee squad by La Salle-Peru, 49 to 29: Plmerican College, twice, 64 to 34 and 43 to 385 Ulilson, twice, 53 to 37, and 39 to 335 Herzl, twice, 44 to 28 and 46 to 35. Other losses handed the fllaroon squad were by llorth Park, loliet, and fllaine. However, morgan Park defeated maine twice, 42 to 26 at the home gym and 40 to 37 in the opening round of the Illinois Iunior College Tournament. Three members of the team who received letters will graduate. They are Captain Earle lllesselius, lack Garness, and Fred Leffler. Others who received monograms and will return next year are: Bill lanes, Bay Brigel, Boss Beatty, Bob Barbour, and Bill De Haan. Beatty has been elected captain of next year's quintet. George Tebbins, star center of last year's team, who was lost to the squad most of the year because of illness will also return next year. lllith so many regular members coming back, Coach Fleming looks forward to a successful season. be-156 ball First How: ll a l e Holirnaii, Lelller, I lllathis, Garnoss Crieco, Besto Coach Fleming. Second Row: Deit e r s, mc Carthy B a r li: o u r, Buhl Standerwicl-I moore, lllelin. S 1 X :4 ,M ,'7m2 .Fi 7 Balanced in every department, the lay Cee baseball team looks forward to a successful season. The squad is composed of four mem- bers lrom last year's "nine' and five new- comers. In the opening game the lay Cee men gave the 1939 Ililnois State Champions, Ulilson lun- ior College, a terrific battle before succumbing 8 to 7. Hs the Oracle went to press 'before any other games were played, no other competi- tive results are known, but from the ability and spirit the team displayed in their opening con- test it looks like the nine should have a very satisfactory campaign. 4 f1fffWf!f!ff! The regulars from the '39 team are lack Gar- ness at shortstop, Fred Leffler in left-field, Ralph Hale at third base, and Clare moore in right- lield. The other positions are capably filled by Harry Beste at first-base, Iohn Ruhl at second, Frank Rahman, star pitcher, Howard fflathis in center-field, and George fllcCarth, the catcher. If replacements are needed, Coach Fleming Dbrrell Bloch, Bill Deiters, Frank Grieco .r and Richard Briggs. ffffffflff nga K! can call on George Standerwick, H1 lllelinf Milt L ' 1-f , , ,ia-'ii 0555, : fijf-I---:-K-l::-Ill! ...t--:.-g:--in Q, 0 . ,1 - Fil' il .. ,,-- 1 ,l- :-'-i.l.!ll--:tllF:- Ml 2" ' 'Ill "' "' ,gi - 5 1 M 1-- ' E ' ,. -5' 3 it ' - 9 tennis club For the first time in the history of the school, a tennis team has been formed, and from all appear- ances seems destined tor a successful season. The team is made up of Ross Beatty, Ilorrnan tx JJ gl -I' 'il pi i Hrmour and Richard Johnston as the three of the fvff' -M: four regulars with lllilliam De Haan and C-define ' ff- 7' Billotti at the number four. W4 ran-me -i yi' V""fi:L ' 4, Qi I In their first two engagements, the lay Cee netme X X 1' defeated morgan Park military Hcademy and Ioliet. - ' 12? - Z with outstanding talent the team looms as a strong QI' ff contender for the Illinois Iunior College Team 'ali A Championship. ' s it' f 1 in .s i :X K ,4 frl. ,JY15'JJxj ew N ,:..f,, Dila 5 f Xxx 5 I 1 , - t ' ' i K Q MU Q rt 5 tgwjtlvt I it XS! 351' VO ' Rt QEWV Rnnouf . Eton . Beatty' . 'Kohn YS M jf Q . Q , F' 'fp Q , if I T? I1 GK? 2 C R E fm- 1 I -I ' , I A I , I- I 21 f , ILIIIIIIITIIWI ,f m I I I IIguW 4+I+ III M I - 5"""' I G I f:J453HII p 'M I M' W Im -CNILIS DRINK ONE IN A MILLION NIALTED NIILKS RICHER-CREAMIER-SMOOTHER 9614 VVestcrn Ave. I59I lllllInn:llllllIllllllunllllllllllllllll VIGTUR AND BLUEBIRD RECURDS TOMMY DORSEY LEO REISMAN WAYNE KING HAL KEMP SAMMY KAYE GLENN MILLER 3 ABE LYMAN ARTIE SHAW E VINCENT LOPEZ OZZIE NELSON I fixif Our Rrrnrfl lJl'fNll'llllA'Ilf GREENE jEWELRY z 7856 S. Hallsred Rad. 8778 E J. B. Crow, R.Ph. H. I, Mark, R.Ph. 5 Beverly Pharmacy 1751 Wvest 95th St. Phone BlfYex'ly 7211 YARDLEY - MAX FACTORS LICNTHICRIC 5 PICAU SICCHE COSMETICS 2 nunnnnmnnnunn Ridge Fruit and Vegetable Market FRESH FRUl'l'S AND YlfGlC'l'Al5l,lflS DAILY GROCICRIICS AND lX-'IICATS Plzrnlc' lff"1'l'l'l'l' 7523-7524 1977 NV. llltli Street llearmeis Beauty Slmop .HI Lin e'.w ' of BEAUTY CULTURE Ou. KI,xemNis1,rfss XVAVES 53.50 and Up 11710 S. Hale Ave. Plm ffff Ceflf 11-f'1-f'. v 1 11352 for .Jppnimmenf l 8 9 Z l 9 4 0 48 Years of Sfzfisyieri Customers B. Vander Meer and Sons Co., Inc. Charcoal Flour - Feed Weed-eindefs Hay-Gram Lawn Fertilizer Befverfy 5700 Grass Seed 403 W. lO3rd Street unlulnnunnlul l60l nnnunnnIllIllInnnulnlInIllluuuluuInnuulunInluunlunlun:nunuInInnnnunnnuuunnnlnnnnunnnnunnnu Ridge Texaco Service Station FRANK KRISHAUK Greasing -- Washing Tires -- Batteries lllth and Longwood Drive Cwlnf-1-rvxr 38:6 Ci-1 ICAGO, ILL. Plxonr' Blur' Ixlanzl 30 Renzfnzbcfr Efzferybody Likes CANDY WESLEY A. SMITH lflzolrxvale C0l1f6CfI.0I167' Founlafn Supplier 2421 Grove Street BLUE ISLAND, ILL. ANDERSONS GROCERY AND MARKET FINEST OI" FOODS 9-I-I NVest 87th Street FREE IJELIVERY Plmne Tri. 3697 Comfvlele Line of New SHEAFFER'S PENS AND PENCILS ALL PRICES fpenx Alia RL'f7IlI.7'L'lI,j Johnson Drug Co. 1835 VV. 103111 Street BPT. 88048, PROM PT DICLIVICRY SICRYICE unnnnlunnun Inn nunuu uni nnlulnnlluulunululuin:nunlnlununlnnnlnuunnueIinAuunnnunnunulnunluuln fm Mr. and Mrs. PATRCNS W. H. Hillis Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Buell lVIr. and Mrs. O. Helge Anderson Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Col. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. F. M. Asma C. W. McCumber and Mrs. W. L. Kleinz W. G. Ehrler and Mrs. H. D. Abells and Mrs. C. Garness and lVIrs. C. A. Humphreys and Mrs. Wm. A. Menagh and Mrs. O. H. Lange Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Tweed Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Quantick Mr. and Nlrs. H. Brown Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Schulz Mr. and Herbert Graver llr. and Mrs. F. A. Lindholm Mr. and Mrs. C. Rhode Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Boardman Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Franzen Mrs. H. Den Besten Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Lucas Sr. llullllluulunnnununInnlulluuulnunnnlIlunnnuunnunnn THE BELMONT Complimenfs I of . . . far lhe Best in A Friend Fl-L5 nuuln lunun 10655 HALE AVENUE Complimefzts of aEAl.l0Rs l BRIGGS WIEGELJ fi 'UILDERS 9349 S. WESTERN AVENUE lllslllllnllllul l62l Phone Beverly 7.700 ,gg C?v""L ! 535. ,gif Ig r if -:-,, . , Milf iff fer W ' L AQ F1 f 95 1' L kt V ' 44: Q 4 I 1 A, lx - 1 m 4 T fi Vfi E ollcgc Chicago of Commerce SUMMER TERM JULY l Day or ight School t Offering com-ses in Typewfiting, Shofrlmnd, Bookkeeping, Accounting and Comptometry POSITIONS FOR GRADUATES ljllflllf, C1111 or U"yrff1' for Frez' Cfllrllog 6309 Yale Avenue Tel. VVen tworth 0994 nnnunlunmnanInInlunlunnunulnnnllllulnllunlln S W E A T E R S Genuine Athletic sweaters. 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Official Photographers for the Morgan Park junior College Oracle F 1 Morgan Park unior College fovf Community Sefrfmlce STANDARD JUNIOR COLLEGE COURSES FULLY JCCREDITED A VARIED PROGRAM OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES LOVV TUITION-3575 EACH SEMESTER CUNDUQTMJ BY TUE TRUSTEES OF MORGAN PARK MILITARY ACADEMY 2153 West 111th Street Cerizzrfrrrst 3046 WRl'1'1soR ILLFPHONF roR CATALOG I67I MORGAN PARK MILITARY ACADEMY Morgaii Park is a member in excellent standing in the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Its grad- uates are accepted at all Universities which admit students from any preparatory school upon certificate. The Academy is classed by the U. S. War' Department as an "Essentially Military School." Ninety-five per cent of the cadets participate voluntarily in the seasonal athletics. The band and orchestra, the Academy News, the literary society, and social in- terests and other students' activities are correspondingly Well sup- ported and enjoyed. The Lower School for younger cadets is a separate department. MORGAN PARK MILITARY ACADEMY Box A, Morgan Park, CHICAGO, ILL. Comffliments of Kickert Motor Sales DODGE AND PLYIVIOUTI-I DEALERS 15516 Park Ave. Harvey 281 HARVEY, ILL. lllllllllllll lllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll Morgan Pad: Exchange and Safety Deposit Co. 11109 Longwood Drive, Chicago RENT A SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX 33.50 per year and up flgents for dll Kinds ofilrzsuramt NOTARY PUBLIC Phone BEV. 1024 Hours 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. nnlu nnnlnllnulluul lun unulunnlllnlllllnllnllnnlnl IGSI Partington 8 Nev0hall Opposite the Depot MORGAN PARK C The Bigger! and Best Lunches in Tofwn The Best School Supplies For the Least Money O Beverly 4238 - Beverly 4239 ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE Compliments of . . . The Fortnightly cmdits Advertisers Cowzjllimenfs Roseland Buick of : Sales Co. Art an Frank S A L E S F fi n mn q AND S E R V I C E 10432 So. Rlkiugnn flvenue On lllth Street C1fIIcAGo, ILLINOIS East of VVestcrn Pfllllllllfl 1900 T,-uvnrg ' . IQ lt: a u l fi I I ' rf- I Q ,I Q-7 1 lQVQ,,-2411i f l N 'Im I ' lg, t . 'W' illlllli 51 I ff 2' I ' 1 ' ' - High entrance requirements thorough, I intensive course of study, and person- WWw0'LZM yWWW ality development through extra-cur- MQZUK ricular activities guarantee success. W E E! CO-EDUCATIONAL f R Only four-year high school graduates enrolled s'I'EvvAR'I' mo ' 79th and Halsted Streets F 0 X,5e,cr'e-I-arialfolleqe l70l oodland alley Stables 151s'r STREET AND HARLEM AVENUE ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS LOVING BROS. Qualify Fooafr UI. G. A. STORE" Phones Beverly 5900-5901-5902 1740 W. 99th St. 191-00 Dvliwry ACADEMY DRUG CO. 11101 So. Weste1'11 Avenue P1'e.s'1r1'1'pl1'011.r - Drugs S'ZUI.ffA,.Y Ice Cream Phones Cedarcrest 9420 or 9421 YOUR TELEPHONE ORDER WILL DELIVERED PROMPTLY Inlllunlnunlnullullunnuullllllluulllll B 1711 Ifewrly 1974-75 ESTABLISHED 192-1 Longwood Cleaners 1644 West 95th Street If is our ambition to be lznawn as flu' Best, ratlzrr than flu' Clzeaprst HARRY R. HANSON We Call and Deliver Geo. Zeller Hardware Pafnfs, Oils, Varnislzes, Glass Floor Sander and Scraper TUES., r11HURS. SAT. Evcs. IVL' Deliwm' Phone - Be1'fr1y 19.10 1738 W. 99th Street CHICAGO llAMMERSMITH-KORTMEYER CO Engravers X I"rlnLr:rs Milwaukee. W'isconsin Inu, f' LP V, 'J f J' bf P' J X .ff vj f Y j K N? f Ry f D ,J ' , f,!Y, 'V f ,-' 5 J' , 3 z ' M7 . . fn., , W, f , f n,L ! ,f X ZZ.: , , zz . X .-- Y f , .sd - Mg, A0 , r f .1 ' 1 aww? W Q3,,.1fMk ,y,,Vf, 1gfW1,,0 wff W ff WWW V ff w v, W 1, G 1 yew A J Wt in f ff Vx jf . "Um I pf fx 1

Suggestions in the Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 30

1940, pg 30

Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 64

1940, pg 64

Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 35

1940, pg 35

Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 25

1940, pg 25

Morgan Park Junior College - Oracle Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 91

1940, pg 91

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