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W, Q2 AQ ' - ,ZW"'f!J5l ' I 5551333 Saga? . ' Uffffo 'W ' ,if CC? SQ SR? Rfyifqf RQ 5,5334 gi Q ,ffm igivws , E Ei be Q Y , SYS 53555335 mzpiffhywfw Mfg? Q Miva gf GW Mwqfgwqqgfwmffpfw s Ax,-N ' ' ff ifiifwiwg A 7' Awww, bf 2'-fJ7 Qf2T. -W , WWWJZWWWQWQ W wx W ,f,4, W 3 .mf xv H Q ' 14 '43 uv: wg-vu efiag " 351 n ' f ' f X WWW BMWWWM xii EMM' E PQ MJ' W if if Gfilfgafiy Ei Q, A xxx 5 X3 NW 10 51,5521-Qi? 'H wird . I., 'vi - Q. . ' 'IEEE l .4 f i Q5- F Y' , f' . 're Cm" gy , 4' I I A 4 J I ow-Ax, ,.- an-ve-wx, :wx-PF: ARE L Em- PE- xy. , ew-Pc-ax , , - - f Y N Q77 - il., jjifaf , , , ' Y f f-w,,.,cPf' - -- M-ff ' ' ""' 1 . f A A A fff - f ,... fff'..'f ' ' 'g f' " ' ' 1:-sniff-fur- gg i! - -I 1 , ,lg W 1 gagamsgn we wana mm vom 1o0,kRPM , RQHM- as ww ww vxmewes mmo- gsf- Y ' " iss:-" -vs M ' Y 1 , 'WM -: 9 1.-v LE , ,. we v-nu. CA-XEER son -:nun SJKC-'TDRP-Y nv-so vane:-EM-PE-vu ,wi ani ' .... 1 - -.1 - ff A F g ,f . , Q Y 1-4 , X Ev- an Farm-wx. , av-xo pawn OF -mum am-m-ous FrKMf.,f A VJ!!! if? 1 +3 ! if fi -T fn L Ji' sv' . I gi' Ji- , I .. , ,:...- , E - .si-'-' -.1 as - -12 A Q DA pp. .,- oa,oa,oR, on v- .frm X DA ,muon DQ op. ES... on, 5 "' Eff? JEJQYGQTOQY QQ 95:5 Q... OA DA OR DA OFT! i153 I E ,. ODSW J E4 sq F x J'1"1'f . n H Q T if K W . l Y" M K. ink s X S J M' I W' sf 1 f . W Q V If if 5 Fo I 5, an 1 -rr ir-dP..., U' X I Q. ' Q15 - BV Q S Ns' ,Q T " 1 B 9 9 Y f f fl f . Q N, ' 1 , Hof ,4"":lL' x v ? s, 9 Y, -, - K 1 '-L. 5 1 .N 5 K - 0 - Q is Qu -. ' V1 L' x ' ' iq 5 12 ' . X4 -J 1 J x 'L' I X if p, C ' -., S K I x 4 si 5 x 5 ' ' ,R ,I :V as A Q s ' 2 D - Q fl! r x -+' - y WK' E X lk v ' A "' 'N .N Q . 1 x ' 7 xg, - ' , ui f . v ' ' A 4 s ' V I l?'SV .3 ' K' , E V H ff 1--,""'i , ,N v x L L 4 4:47 ' v 5, WJ t 5 6 NN ' fy JK' ff' S nf, - ' 'Wg 1' xx Q ,Af tan' K-A 'lun 'L- It T Q I I -:-' m v -A V 5, A u ' I y r . f x 1 s 1 1 'x , 1 4 I. ' N " 1 I I e ' I I. " 4-' a fj I ' s I. ' 'I f . 5 s , ' 1 Y, 1 x 1 , Y J X 0 . N V 'f' .3 1 X' ' . f 1 f' v ' I ' fn ' . '1, . 1 1 , r N 4 ' - " ' on " i ,, sim 545 5 N 5 I I. H. 1. Q,. 0 5 , -s . . 'i. ' i . ' " 5 . , ' H5 1' U f 'N " . xx x Q K a 5 ' - . ,as--"" X1- ig-T-11-ii.,-Q--f4.-ar - - I , in 3 l 1'-'ai- T I L tu wx 1 X 5... i - 1 I 3 1 a I, - nib-'12 x . ' 3 J 11, xi sh . v 7 If ff' x .. ra 1 1' of nnfvnf.s rX1"1"'TI 'I ' I IL.n...,N NND. F'1f'wdzlT',' IN w - ff ' . 54-nmrri ,f M I l I I ' it Urgde,grr'l,155rufy'. ' ' -11 . 4 ffiivi YT V L .. -1 I X ' ihe ' 1 Attqlv T: '11 ' H? ' . 4 , , , Adv:-rim-::.fArIs Ilri 1 D J x I 5 PC1610 4 Mr. lVfcVey renews senior friendships Mr McVey greets the freshnier At the close of a successful year in many areas of academic and athletic endeavor, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate all the teachers and pupils whose efforts have made our achievements possible. There is an in- tangible ingredient in every school program. lt is a thing called "spirit," lf a school has it, all the activities of the school are suftused with its benefits, lf it is absent it is equally evident in the failure of those citizenship and so- cial activities which are so necessary in training young people to face the practical world. This annual represents more than an inventory and a summary report of the activities and opportunities of Morgan Park High School. The creation of the annual itself is a symbol of the kinds of student activities necessary to the success of any truly educational adventure. lt is our aim to create at Morgan Park High School a community within a community where all of us involved in the educational enterprise may feel the satisfactions of fruit- ful and creative effort. I sincerely believe that this sentiment is shared by the faculty, the parents, and a great majority of our student body, ffirfiarif C lx!fc'Vey, Priiicipril Our lgrincilaa ln the three years that Mr. McVey has been at Morgan Park High School, his proficient administration has been a source of ad- miration to the faculty, students, and community, Changes instigated by him have been beneficial to all. Under his administration, Morgan Park should continue to better an already fine reputation. Richard C. McVey, Principal .XX Hllllll! ,iflff iydmtfvrs .. Hd Mfvlrvxr, Ixlmrw Mlllrzrd Svfxlwr ff'11TrwV5s lwmlfw Fldltwr' .. Art Editor' l,ITff!'fTVY FCHTCDIY Sports Editor H11f1lr1f'f212 Mfmfi Nfl' jf- V, sh-W-11W 1 ILIYKQT I'xC,?6'1'3TfJY . ., ., IDM: Brorkflfnf? Fwd Mnuvf-r VITLIIINCI Hf1,:f1'1.' .Dxrlz VVh11vd Allfm Vffllkefr C apable A dept P opular L audable Optimistic 'K' R emarkable E nergetic N atural T horough Z ealous GEORGE G. LORENTZ Assistant Principal fibeakca fion To Mr. George G, "Cap" Lorentz, who has guided the lives of innumerable students during their high school years, this EMPEI-ll is dedicated. x'Cap" was unable to be with us the entire year, but to his many friends he will always remain a vital part of Morgan Park. His underf standing of the problems of youth, and his Cheerful disposition made the serious task ot discipline not too unpleasant, "Cap" has served or grateful school and community well for thirty-five years, Page 7 .1411 ing g5J1'.5fal1 f rin 4 '17 1 a i LAURA WALTER U One of Moiaan Parks busiest staff members this year was Miss Waiter, who assumed the duties of assistant principal durina "Caps" absence, alone with ber reauiar administrative duties which include proarammina, co- ordinating, and teaching. In spite ot tier more-tiianftuli praaram, sbe maintained the ciieertui friendliness and efficiency that won for ber our admiration and respect. Page 8 'QW N6 . l rarlalm EVA NGFLINE HIBBIXRD Lxbrmrirm KATHERINE SMITH Aauzimtrmt Librcwrmfm ,xdcfnfzin id fra f I on IHHFIFQ IVOBFQKI V1 lu-'1yuf1l'.: fivfxc-!f1r VHHNA GOOCH Sfhool TTF'f12311I'V'I' VAMEIHA i-SHY MHS VLURhHL,f. HH lf, J Hfif-mfqm Wlaf,-.,,, THERESEI Mc'INIjHNlYY Mrs Dobski explfxms stencil moredum In 1 I S34 'Fr' 1 4:"ZI7 K M' 6LClfl.5y .-- rfny A K- ,VN ' is 5 -sri 'ww' 'Q an 32. V.. fe-1.5 'F f AA IQ P : if 1 GQ' W--...., ' . 'Q .W wan, 0 2. , , . ,T t. N2 Yr Y"-1--v' Africk. Mr. Hymen Commercial Antonides. Mr. Robert Physical Education Football Coach Boys' Emblem Club Artingstall. Miss Iosephine Art Art Club Footlighters Basile. Miss Iosephine Mathematics Bier. Mrs. Florence English Empehi News Sponsor Quill G Scroll Callahan. Miss Anna Social Studios Campbell. Mr. lohn Physical Education Baseball Basketball Coach Camutz, Miss Elizabeth English National l-lonor Society Condit. Miss Lillian Vocational Counsellor Corcoran, Miss Helen I. French Social Committee Cunnea. Mr. Iohn Latirx, Latin Club Financial Advisor Business Stall Sponsor lunior Co-Ordinator Delahunt, Miss Loretto Social Studies Duffy, Mrs. Genevieve English Clean-Up Committee Fahey, Miss Genevive Home Economics Elounders Finn, Mrs. Ann Social Studies Tau Epsilon Gault. Miss Gertrude English Gay. Mr. Arthur R. Science Grieser. Mrs. Edwina Home Economics Hale, Mrs. Lucile Social Studies Senior Co-Ordinator Hall. Mrs. Winona Art Art Club Hallgren, Mr. Karl Commercial Floundors Hoyler. Miss Marie lvlathematics Huber, Mrs. Diana Art Art Club Huttner, Mr. David Industrial Arts La Cogncrla. Mr. Iohn Mllulv CWOYMWIT 311: iz Or'vl1u,1'r11 lfxzr Qmwl Landers, Miss Dorolhy Miillwmf mr.: Larson. Miss Elsie lillllllllll Michaelis. Miss Ruth Homv l'ff':':VO:r1l 1: llqmms.: Cxlllli Mohr. Mr. William GC7l'llliT!l G01'm411i flwllv Mulcahy, Miss Theresa Sllfllllllll Pvm Allllllliklll lllzl Nakamura, Mr. Hiroshi l.eml1.:!1 Nealon, Miss Mary A'llllI1lIIlt'll Nesbit, Mrs. Francis l'iHC'lll"ll Oklepek, Mr. Iohn lVl0.'ilf'Il114'lll lll-1'A'!l"l Olson. Miss Ebba lilllllldll Arwrmfil Stull O'Neill. Mrs. Margaret M11.:1v Ulm' k1llllW If Gul: flmru xx X 'fr sv X x l W p use 'Uk A 5:55 W N--'Hi' f'!"l WN MS 'S 4-5, In fi, .Q- 1-:IP W . 1 1, H1 nl, Aw rl I v.'1,:fl'im l' jc 'Q' A-I .wg wth N ,,.....Avang K- Q A 'N-...T ' X A 'l "'- 1 . .Ig " 'L' . 1 ' nngxliiggi ir JZ -as AV., 5... 5 5 , 1,54 ,um tim' alan .4Y'Uw , , af-5' t 1 ' X .-, i 74 l ff' Ku-'V' f it .W ff ww" its .Fx-. Qt +G?" gli A Petrus, Miss Iosephine Sfrrrrr wi Plly.:1f"Il lmt lf'fIl10't Rappaport, Miss lunc Sf'1mw"r- Rigby, Mrs. Kathleen limilisti Ctlrtfxiu Clllb Roberts, Mrs. Lorraine l.Vwql1.:l1 Rosendahl, Miss Norma SO"'lf'Il Stlltllfxil A.:.:r-Ilwbly' Cfmllnttts' Sage, Mrs. Mary K. lil1'Ill13ll Sands, Mrs. Katherine C4OllllHf?l"'lfli Skelton, Miss Elaine lfllllllf' A Cfrprwllrg FVf".1llIIlf'1lt C,illOl'Il., Stevenson. Mr. Kirk Sfjxcmw Rlolfncily Clwb Tomich, Mr. George lr:vtv1.sIr'1f1l Ariz: Tweedie, Mr. Richard l7t1y.:1f'f1l lfft11f'f1t1Ort ij'-Nlfll filtfl Trcrfjlc CO1 lx Van Auken, Mr. Pierce Pl1y:s1f"f':l llfllivwtlon Fltwiill floph Footbftll Van Dam, Mr. Thomas ljlll'3ll" l'lfNlVlllO":1 f1f'wr:f't'f Clulw Walters. Mrs. Rachel Sf'1QIw:5v V II S R Waters. Miss Wilma Ptiyzawnxl Pffitififrtloiz Glrls t,mlJl0m Clulr Watson, Mr. William Svirrrvw- Ziemba, Sgt. William R O T CT Qll1r"f1r.: Cltllr un ti 'fu' Im 'Vlltl :mv.:.w:u1cr rj K-:QC " ecor in Hg? If 2 CllHl'I"Cl , All 1 Bedale. Mr. Ioseph Srxoxlm- Deckowitz. Miss Freda QiOlI1IIlFIiCiC1i Demopolus, Miss Ann Phy:s1n:oI Educcrtlorz Sophomore Pop Club Hanrahan, Mr. Thomas iViCIiilt'IHf1il1't1 Holmberg, Miss Claryce P11y'1Cr1l Lducwtmor. ChQ0rIQofiv.:r:: Moran, Miss Barbara MfIihlXIY1fi1ilf'C1 fp f...- Mr M-'Viv i1l'lQ'i" Mr' V 4 . 111: I5-1111 T..r fuzrmr-.1 zlv.-'.,Iw1-1.-mn. Ihr-m.ww11l sign?"- Prxqv I3 f I Q O. nm . m,,,,,.wmmmN,,,wm--mfwm 'EQWVM gg . M Wie? .- Haw Q 4 N M 'Wx 'W 53-434 ww mf' A4097 WD- M? QE' YY X--'ff , A """1i, 'Y' fs Tum back the hands of time anuar C U ' arid zcem The lanuary Class ot '55 had an extremely successful senior year. Albert Hall, presif dent, supervised all senior activities, aave the welcoming address at the lanuary aradf uation, and appointed 4A committee chair- men. Plannina the Senior Banquet took up most ot Vice-President, Marilyn Mohr's time. Secretary Maraot Rowley recorded the mine utes at the Executive Committee meetinas and wrote the Constitution tor that aroup. lane Stachan, treasurer ot the senior class, collected the senior class dues, headed the Finance Committee, and prepared the class budget. The senior class committee chairmen in- clude: leanne Casner, announcement com- mittee, Mary Hale, cap and aown commit- tee, Dorothy Howard, commencement com- mittee, Ronald Gill, aitt committee, and Kurt Duffy, prom committee. The class presented an FM radio to the school. Marilyn Mohr, Albert Hall Margot Rowley, lane Strachan anuary Cfadd perdonagfied Ieanne Casner's soft-spoken manner and friendly smile rank her amona lanuary's most popular seniors. leanne, our SA. Chief Iustice, headed the announcement commit- tee, and had a leadina part in the Fall Prof duction, Energetic Mickey Mohr, besides carryina out the duties ot Senior Class Vicefpresident, was kept on the ao by her exhaustina du- ties as News Editor ot the Empehi News. Al Hall proved his ability early in his high school career when he was elected President ot Elounders. Other successes included, his election as class president, secretary of Boys' Emblem Club, and Athletic Commisf sioner ot the SA. Athletic Ronnie Gill, chairman ot the aift committee, also tound time to participate in basketball and football and is distinauislied as captain of the football team, a member ot student court, and treasurer ot Boys' Em- blem Club. raltl Gill, lf.-attire Ca:snf'-i ert Hall, Marilyn Mohr AY YW? Allen, Iohrmy Nell S. A., Founders, Biology Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Clean-Up Committee, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Gym Leader, Volleyball. Shoop Chicago Teachers College Beidel, Richard S. A., Smoking Committee, Bowling League, Hall Guard. Kellogg Wilson Iunior College Berlin, Richard S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Baseball Team, Hall Guard. Mount Greenwood Undecided Blackstone, Lorraine S. A., Flounders, 3, 4, Curtain Club, logy Club, French Clissold Sophomore Club, Glee Club Hall Guard l, 2, G.A.A., Bio- Club 2, 3, Chicago Art Institute Borg, Iohn S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club. Barnard Wilson lunior College Bose, Paul S. A., Flounders, Fire Guard, Picked Platoon, Drum and Bugle Corps, Hall Guard Supervisor. Esmond Wilson Iunior College Brookes. Barbara S. A., Flounders, Treasurer, Latin Club, Biology Club, Student Council, Business Representative, Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, Senior Council, Com- mencement Committee Sutherland Connecticut College an Casner, Ieanne S. A., Chiet lustice, Latin Club, Vice-President, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, President 3, Executive Committee, Board of Presidents, Girls Emblem Club, Announcement Committee Chair- man, Fall Production 3, 4, Curtain Club. Port Dearborn Illinois Channell, William S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club. Oiticers Club, A Cappella, Bowling League, Rifle Team, Fancy Drill. Clissold Undecided Clapp, Ianice S. A., Biology Club, President, Curtain Club, Girls' Emblem Club, Majorettes 2, 3, 4, Board of Presidents, Latin Club, Graduation Usherette, Spring and Fall Production. Fort Dearborn ' Purdue Clark, Ida S. A., Flounders, G.A.A., Hostess Club, Curtain Club, G.A.A. Activities. Shoop Illinois gr Cox. Pat ga S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Quill and :Scroll 4, Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Exchange Editor Mount Greenwood Undecided vcr? ,ug -f -.A 'sl ,-sw .4 vue! it Crandall. Barbara S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Pan American Club, Tau Epsilon, Student Coun- cil, Student Court ludge, Erripehi News Staff, Spring and Fall Production. Clissold Northwestern Crane. Doris S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Footlighters, Curtain Club, G.A.A,, Student Administration. Mount Greenwood Undecided Crisman. Iames S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon, Pan American, Curtain Club, Otticers Club, Erripehi Bowling League, Picked Platoon, Fancy gh Drill Squad. Clissold Illinois Crosland, Eugene S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Esmond Illinois Duiiy, Kurt S. A., Flounclers, Macs Social Club, Student Court 2, 3, 4, S.B.l., Clean-Up Committee, Student Council, Emblem Club, Vice-President 4, Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Miami University Duggan. Thomas S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, Sophomore Club, Clean-Up Committee, Hall Guard. St. Christina Undecided Forsyth. Wade S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, Sophomore Club. Sutherland Undecided 47" Gill. Ronald S. A., Flounders, S.B.I., Sophomore Club: Stu- dent Court, Emblem Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Curtain Club, Secretary, 4A Gift Committee Chairman, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basket- ball. Esmond Harvard Giudice. Theresa S. A., Sophomore Club, Glee Club, Student Council, Curtain Club, Division Chairman, Senior Council, Empehi News Staff, Quill and Scroll, Biology Club. Mark Sheridan Undecided Givhan. Rosa Lee S A., Flounders, Hall Guard 4: Hostess Club, Sophomore Club Z, Bioloqy Club, Student Ad' ministration, G.A.A., G A,A. Activities. Custer Illinois fl? Gunter. lean S. A., Flounders l, Hall Guard 2, Sophomore Club 2, Footlighters l, Pan American 3, G.A.A., Concert Band 3, 4, Marching Band 3, 4. Shoop Illinois Hale. Mary S. A., Biology Club, Curtain Club, Division Chairman, Pan American, Student Council, Chair- man oi Cap CS Gown Committee, Fall Production, Gym Class Leader, Girls' Emblem Club. Shoop Chicago Teachers Colleae Hall. Albert S. A., Athletic Commissioner, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Senior Class President, Flounders, President, Sophomore Club, Business Representative l, 2, Latin Club 3, 4, Emblem Club, Secretary 4, Football l, 2, 3. Sutherland Undecided Hardaway, William S. A., Flounders, Hall Guard, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Cap :S Gown Committee, Smoking Committee 7, Fresh-Soph Football Team. Shoop De Paul University Hardwick, Irma S. A., Hostess Club, GAA. Shoop Undecided Hayes. Helen S. A., Biology Club, GAA. 3, 4, Curtain Club 4, Senior Council 4, Art Club l, 2, 3, 4, Footlighters l, Emblem Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Empehi News Staff, Exchange Editor. SUlheI'lCIUd Lqke Fgfegt Heimerdinger. Walter S. A., Flounders, Latin Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, Tau Epsilon 2. Sutherland Purdue RK?- Hill. Marie S. A., Flounders, Art Club, Hostess Club, Sopho- more Club, Curtain Club, G.A.A. Shoop Undecided Hill. Marion S. A., Flounders, Glee Club, Sophomore Club, Pan American Club, Iunior Girls' Chorus, Hall Guard, G.A.A., GAA. Activities. Shoop Illinois Howard, Dorothy S A., Flounders-Vice-President, Sophomore Club -Secretary, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4-President, Pan American Club l, 2, 3, 4, Emblem Club 4, Na- tional Honor-Secretary: Board ot Presidents, So- cial Committee 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Vanderpoel Purdue Hunter, Sheilah S. A., Flounders, Tau Epsilon, Biology Club, Stu- dent Council, Pan American Club, Art Club l, 2, 3, 4, Curtain Club, Senior Gilt Committee, Financial Promotion Committee. Clissold Iowa State Ienks, Iohn S. A., Flounders, Tau Epsilon, Sophomore Club, Vice-President, Curtain Club, Emblem Club, Student Court, Public Relations Committee, Base- ball, Football l, 2, 3, 4. Mount Greenwood Undecided Iensen. Diane S. A., Flounders, S.B.I. 3, 4, Sophomore Club, Biology 2, 3, Tau Epsilon, Vice-President 4, Na- tional Honor, Vice-President, Pan American, Vice- President 3, Curtain Club 4, A Cappella Z, 3, 4. Park Manor Iowa State Iensen, Ioyce S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, Sophomore Club, H o ste s s Club, Clean-Up Committee, GAA. Lunchroom Committee. Mount Greenwood Little Company of Mary pq 1 inf' E Iohnson, Charles S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, S.B.l., Sophomore Club, lunior Mixed Chorus, Basketball, intramural f"'h Sports. Shoop Wilson lunior College Kemmler. Nanette S. A., Flounders, Pan American Club, Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, Footlighters, Empehi News Stall, Publicity Director- Quill and Scroll, Stu- dent Council, Student Administration. Sutherland Ohio Wesleyan Kienzle, William S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Curtain Club, Student Council, Concert Band, Marching Band, Hall Guard, Track. Mount Greenwood Carthage Kinney. Iohn S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Clean-Up Committee, Pan American, Art Club, Division Vice'Chairman, Hall Guard. Esmond Purdue Kiskaddan. Iudith S. A., Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Curtain Club, Treasurer 8, Latin Club, Glee Club, Se- cretary 7, Tau Epsilon, Fall Production, Student Administration, GA A. Barnard Ripon Kok, Arlene S. A., G.A.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club. Mount Greenwood Lee, Iohn S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Clean-Up Committee, Public Relations Committee: 8, Cur- tain Club 8, Student Court 3, 4, V.E,S.B. l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, SA. Promotion Committee. Shoop Chicago Teachers College Lenz, Ianice S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Footliahters, Pan American, Art Club Tau Epsilon, G.AA, Student Administration, Curtain Club. Mount Greenwood Lewis, Charles S. A., Flourxders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Emblem Club 2, 3, 4, Band President 4, lazz Band 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard Undecided Malin. Roy S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, Emblem Club, Macs Social Club, Hall Guard, Football l, 2, 3, 4. Mount Greenwood Undecided Miles. Martha S. A., Footlighters 2, Curtain Club 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-President, Clean-Up Committee 4, Student Court 3. 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4, SBI. 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3. Vanderpoel University ot Indiana Mohr, Marilyn S. A., Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, Clean-Up Com- mittee, Student Administration, Division Room Officer l, Z, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Vice-President 4, Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Assistant Editor 3, News Editor 4, Vice-President ot Senior Class. Barnard Northern lllinois State Teachers College Olroth. Ronald 4 fX Q P1 X' Y l of H! p .megan v Club Mac Cliss Robert g Flounders, Pan American Club 2, Emblem 2, 3, 4, President 4, SBI., Fted Cross Couri- , 2, 3, 4, Student Court 4, Student Council, s Social Club, Football l, 2, 3, 4. old Ohio Weslyan University K x l . V 5- 1-aj , A ww ,- f ' X" t '- K .c , mr ' t I ,, ,gmt I y ifi tk 0 - '15 , 5 - 'ii if Qf bf I' - L'-"' ' 'v--V ' 1 - . f, , ' '7 ,fc-2 r A f of fr . X 371 V f --I , fQjQf Morrill. '73 ' ' ' ff, 7 ' S. A. f bf , '7fQ,,i Q f' j f fi 3 " f ' ,J cil l Muma S. A. 2, 3, Tau and Fort Nichols. Sue Iune - Flounders, Sophomore Club Z, Biology Club Curtain Club 4, Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Epsilon Z, 4, Ernpehi News Staff 3, 45 Quill Scroll 3, 45 Business Representative 4, Dearborn Cornell S, A., Flounders, Curtain Club 3, 4, SBI. 3, Sophomore Club 2, Footlighters l, 2, French Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 3, Spring and Fall Production, Student Clissold Nicholson. Roy S. A. Bradwell Administration. Illinois Wilson funior Collcqe S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Latin Club, Tau Epsilon l, 2, Student Council, Division Chairman. Clissold Purdue Oschatz. Loralee S. A., Curtain Club 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4, Pan American 2, 3, 4, Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Feature Editor 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, National Honor 4, Division Vice-Chairman 2, 3 Sutherland Northwestern Page. George S. A., Flounders, Latin Club, SB.l., Tau Epsilon, Public Relations Committee, Emblem Club, SA Collector, Concert Band, Football 2, 3, 4. Mount Greenwood Undecided Palmgren. Allen S, A.5 Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Biology Cluo. Clissold Wilson lunior College Pierson. Nancy S. A., Flounders l, Sophomore Club 2, Tau Epsi- lon 2, 3, 6, 6, Quill and Scroll 7, 8, Empehi News Stall, Ir. Girls Chorus 3, Hall Guard l, 2, 3: lr. Mixed Chorus l, 2. Mount Greenwood Pacific Lutheran Pinkerton. Barbara S. A., Flounders, Sophoiuore Club, Art Club, Latin Club, Tau Epsilon, Student Council, Cur- tain Club, Student Administration, G.A.A. SL1ll'1e1'lGI'1Cl IQWQ Stgte Poly. Miriam S. A., Flounders- Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Biology Club, Hallguard, GA.A. Barnard Purdue Reicher. Ray S. A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Emblem Club, Hall Guard, Football Z, 3, 4. Mount Greenwood Illinois Rennie. Sheila S. A., Latin Club, 3, 4, Curtain Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, Z, 4, National Honor 4, Girls' Emblem Club, G.A,A., Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Empehi News Staff, 2nd Page Editor 3, Editor 4, Board of Pre- sidents 4, Concert Band Z, 3, 4, Vanderpoel Millikin Roberts. Douglas S. A., Biology Club, Curtain Club, S.B,I., Latin Club, Clean-Up Committee, Tau Epsilon 2, 4A Council, Vandalism Committee Chairman, Foot- ball Z. Vqnderpoel Northwestern Rochells. Andrew S. A,, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Biology Club, Hall Guard, Pan American Club, Clean-Up Committee, Art Club. Esmond Wisconsin Rowley. Margot S. A., Flounders, Footlighters, Treasurer 2, Cur- tain Club 3, Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Latin Club Z, 3, 4, Girls' Emblem Club, A Cappella 2, Vice-President 3, Senior Class Secretary, Tau Epsilon Sutherland Purdue Sanders. Rochelle S, A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, GAA., Clean- Up Committee, Hall Guard, Hostess Club, Biology Club, GA.A. Activities. Doolittle Wilson Iunior College Seavoy. Brian S. A, Flounders, Secretary, Social Committee 4, Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Curtain Club, President, Student Court Iudge, Emblem Club 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee, S.B.I. 3, 4, Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4, Captain, Sutherland Baylor University Shedelbower. Cyril S. A,, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, Pan American, Art Club, A Cappella, Biology Club, SBI., Senior Committee. Shakespeare Illinois Institute of Technology Simester. Carole S, A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club, Biology Club, Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, Girls' Emblem Club, Empehi News Staff, Graduation Usherette. Clissold Northern Illinois Teachers College Simon. Don S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Division Chairman, Officers Club, Picked Platoon, Fancy Drill Squad, Firing Squad, Honor Guard, Fire Guard Esmond Illinois Speidel. Richard S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Pan American Club, Bowling League, Clissold Stevenson. lim S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Curtain Club 3, 4, Fall Production 4, Boys' Em- blem Club 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, Marchina Band 7 3, Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard University of Wisconsin Strachan. lane S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, President, Board ot Presidents, Pan American Club, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, 2nd Vice- President, Concert Band, Marching Band, Senior Class Treasurer. Vanderpoel Chicago Teachers College Sundland, Thomas S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Division Chair- man, Hall Guard, Swimming Team. Mount Greenwood Undecided Teyema, Iames S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Hall Guard. lviount Greenwood Undefvidefl Tredwell. Iohn S. A., French Club, Science Club 4, Officers' Club 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Orches- tra 3, 4. Vanderpoel Purdue .gf Vaughn, Emmett S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Emblem Club 4, H.O.T.C., Baseball 4, Interior Guard. Esmond Wisconsin Vaughn, Faith S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club 4, Ir. Mixed Chorus l, Ir. Girls' Chorus l, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 3, 4, Student Adminis- tration l, 2, 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Presbyterian Hospital Nurses Trainina 152 Warn. Russell S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Rifle Team, Honor Guard. Barnard Q- A Weil, Eugene S. A., Elounders, Tau Epsilon, V.E.S B. l, 2, Bowling League, Tr. Mixed Chorus, A Cappella. Esmond Wilson Iunior College Werner, Pete f S. A., Flounders, Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4, Latin Club 2, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor -" Society, President 4, Concert Band, President, Concert Orchestra, President, Board of Presi- Y? dents, Football l, 2, 3, 4 Vanderpoel J S ll IH QPU Anderson, lacqueline Lorenzen, Ouentin Nicolazzi, loseph Granger, Barbra lean Kenney, Pat Speiser, Kenneth Minnesota Wollenzien, Carol S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club 2, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon, Division Room Otlicer 2, Curtain Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Foot- lighters, Empehi News Staff, Literary Editor 4. Sutherland Cornell 'if' Page 24 Louise Buchanan Richard Colquitt Ioan Christiansen Iohn Condon Arthur Cromer Elaine Durst Walter Fitzpatrick Dorothy Gronau Ann Hagey Beverly Hill IoAnn Hohhof Gretchen Iohnson Ianet Keller Howard Lindgren Robert N. Little Walter Moore George Morgan Donald Nelson Robert Norton Robert Riecker David H. Smith Glenn Spoerl George Tolbert Iohn Tredwell Don Mclfadyen Lois Bystrom Oil 0l"e .fdca Clem ic onorfi Beverly University Club Scholarship to Purdue University Beverly University Club Scholarship plus a scholarship from Emory University Morgan Park Woman's Club Scholarship and State Scholarship to Northern Illinois State Teachers College Grinnell College Academic Scholarship toward tuition at Grinnell NROTC Scholarship to Illinois Institute of Technology Valparaiso University Honorary Scholarship lor her superior high school record Beverly University Club Scholarship and Pullman Foundation Scholar- ship to DePauw Beverly University Club Scholarship and Mayors Youth Foundation Award to the University ol Illinois Entrance Honors to Stanford University awarded by Stanford for her superior high school record Beverly University Club Scholarship and Capital University Scholarship Northwestern University full tuition scholarship and Illinois Wesleyan scholarship Beverly University Club Scholarship to the University of Illinois Pullman Foundation Scholarship to Iowa State University University of Colorado Scholarship Caleb Mills Honorary Scholarship and Carbide and Carbon Scholarship to Wabash College Illinois General Assembly Scholarship to the University of Illinois Northwestern University Scholarship and Rector Scholarship award to DePauw Beverly University Club Scholarship to Wheaton College Full scholarship to University of Chicago. Awarded at end of junior year. Beverly University Club Scholarship to the University ol Colorado Carleton Trustee and Work Scholarships to Carleton College Rector Scholarship to DePauw University Winner in the National Intercollegiate Scholarship examinations lor a scholarship to Dillard University Winner of the A. Royal Gay Science Award, which carries with it-- tor the first time this year-a one year scholarship to the University of Chicago. ATHLETIC HONORS l954-55 Football Team - White Division Champions Chicago Tribune All City Team SOCIAL HONORS Homecoming Queen une Cfadd icem With class president Don McFadyen at the helm, the Iune '55 graduates completed a memorable year. The other class officers- Alexis Michale, vice-presi- dent, Lyde Behrens, secretaryg and Bob Habermann, treasurer-helped to plan a semester of successes up to the time the last diploma was handed out. The officers carried out their numerous duties without a failure. OFFICERS Don Mclfadyen Alexis Michale Lyde Behrens Bob Habermanri une Cfariri lferoonagfiefi Our S.A. president, Nancy Wilks, is known for her cheerful smile and friendly "hello". She has been president of Student Council, Board of Presidents chairman of the executive committee, secretary treasurer of Cheerleaders, and a member of Tau Epsilon and National Honor Society. S.A. vice-president, chairman of the Social Com mittee, captain of the swimming team, business manager of the Empehi News and Annual Staffs, and the lead in the Fall Production, were only a few of Allan Walker's activities. Al rates as a top lune personality. An all-around girl, Alex Michale has had many honors while at Empehi. Among these are: vice president of the senior class, chairman of Public Relations Committee, member of the Board of Presi dents, executive committee, Student Court, and Captain of the Cheerleaders. "Gotta be a football Hero" may well apply to Senior Class president, Don McFadyen, who proved his prowess as a football star and as an able mem ber on the Social Committee. That Don ranks high in the opinion of his classmates is proved by his election as business representative for three years PERSONALITIES Don Mclfadyen Nancy Wilks Alexis Michale Allan Walker .ni-If Akers. Donald S. A., Curtain Club, Flounders, German Club, S.B.l., Division Chairman, Division Secretary, Biology Club, Sophomore Club, Student Council. Vanderpoel Undecided Aldridge. Frank Boys' Emblem Club, 3, 4, Sophomore Club, Secre- tary, Student Court 4, S.B.l. 4, S.A. Promotion Committee, Football 2, 3, 4, Clean Up Committee 2, 3, 4, Flounders, Student Council 2, 3, Grounds Committee 3. Mount Greenwood University ot Colorado Altmann. Phyllis S. A., Tau Epsilon l, Z, Latin Club, Ir. Mixed Cho- rus, Ir. Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club, G.A.A. Mount Greenwood Undecided Ambelang, Bea S. A., Tau Epsilon, National Honor, Footlighters, Curtain Club, Fall Production 3, 4, Latin Club, Biology Club, Sophomore Club, Flounders. Sutherland Beloit SWT ki? Anderson. Ahda S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Glee Club, Orchestra, A Cappella, Art Club, Latin Club, Biology Club, G.A.A. Esmond Grant School ot Nursing Anderson. Dorothy S. A., Student Court ludge, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Curtain Club, Clean Up Committee, Latin Club, Biology Club, Footlighters, Flounders, Girls' Emblem Club Barnard University of Miami Anderson. Malcolm S. A., Stage Crew Bus. Mgr., Biology Club, Ger- man Club, A Cappella, Ir. Mixed Chorus, Student Conductor, Picked Platoon, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Fire Guard. Mount Vernon Northern Baptist Seminary Annen. Shirley S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon, G.A.A.- Biology Club: Curtain Club, Division Room Officer, Clean Up Committee, 4B Council. Saint Cajetan Undecided Atwood. Fred S. A., Flounders, Orchestra, President 3, Iazz Band, President 3, Swim Team, Student Council, Clean Up Committee, Pan American Club, Bio- logy Club, Curtain Club. Vanderpoel Illinois Backstrom, Marie S. A., Pan American, Secretary 3, Flounders, Tau Epsilon l, 2. 3 4: National Honor 4, Student Council 4, Public Relations Committee 4, Cur- tain Club, Girls' Emblem Club 4, G,A.A., An- nual Stafl, Senior Editor. Barnard Northwestern Bagwell. Howard S. A., Tau Epsilon, National Honor, Latin Club, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Con- cert Band, Secretary - Treasurer, Concert Orches- tra: Dance Band, Vice-President. Sutherland Purdue Bailey. Iames S. A., Basketball Team, Smoking Committee, Emblem Club. Shoop Bergeron, George S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Chorus. Saint Christina Berglof, William S. A., Tau Epsilon, Pan American , ketball Team, Boys' Emblem Club, Concert Band, Art Club, Biology Club, Flounders, Sophomore Club. Clissolcl Bila, Henry S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club Saint Christina Black. Normandie S. A., Flounders, Hall Guard, Art Club. Mount Greenwood Boehm, Barbara S. A., Floundersg Sophomore Club, Pan American Club, Biology Club, Tau Epsilion, Clean Up Com- mittee. SLlll'l9I'lGl"tCl DQ PQUW Boettcher, Arlen e S. A., Flounders, French Club, Art Club' Concert Band: Marching Band, Sophomore Club, G.A.A. Mount Greenwood Iowq Stqfe Brcmchlield Kathleen 2. A., Art Club, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, lean Up Committee, Flounders. George Rogers Clark Brcxuer. Robert S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Stage Crew, X Bowling League, Curtain Club, German Club, ' V,E.S.B., A Cappella. Zion Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Bailey, Mary Sue S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club, Hall Guard, Hostess Club 3, 4, Curtain Club- C A A. 2, 3. Shoop 4. Art Institute Becker. Ioseph S. A., Curtain Libby Club, Sophomore Club Beckmen. Thomas S. A., German Club, Orchestra, Concert Band, Marching Band, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Biology Club, Iazz Band, Mount Greenwood SGW? OlGl Behrens, Lyde S. A., Red Cross Council, Treasurer, Clean Up Committee, Secretary, Glee Club, President, Stue dent Council, Board ot Presidents, Tau Epsilon, S.B.I., Public Relations, S.A. Promotion. Sutherland University of Wisconsin lr. Mixed Purdue Club- Bas- Illinois Stephens Undecided Breetzke. Iudean S. A.g Tau Epsilon, 35 Floundersg German Clubg Sophomore Clubg lr. Mixed Chorusg Glee Clubg A Cappellag Art Club. Saint Stephens Undecided Brockhoif. Lois S. A.g Annual Stall, Iunior Editorg Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Science Clubg National Honor Societyg Floundersg lunior Mixed Chorus, Spring Produc- tiong Pan American Clubg Sophomore Clubg Bio- logy Clubg Vanderpoel Carlton Brown. Phyllis S. A.g Floundersg lr. Girls Chorusg Glee Clubg Latin Club, Secretary 35 Biology Clubg G.A.A.g Tau Epsilong Sophomore Clubg Division Room Officer. Shoop lllinois Brownlow, Gloria joretteg Art Clubp G.A.A.g Hall Guard. Mount Greenwood lllinoi. Bryant. Delois S. Ag Hostess Clubg Biology Clubg Flounders, G.A.A.g Sophomore Clubg Hall Guardg Art Club. Shoop Michael Beese Nursing School Buck. William ' S. A.g Floundersg A Cappellag Art Clubp Sopho- more Clubg Curtain Clubg Biology Clubg Clean Up Committee. Kellogg University of Miami Bystrom, Lois S. A.p Floundersg Student Councilg Biology Clubg Art Clubp Clean Up Committeeg Pan American , Clubg S.B.l.g Sophomore Clubg G.A.A. Esmond Undecided Camp. Ianice S. A.g Tau Epsilonp A Cappellag Pan American Clubg Curtain Clubg Clean Up Committeeg Girls' Emblem Clubg Glee Clubg Footlightersg Floun- ders. Clissold De Pauw Camp, Richard S. A.7 Football 3, 45 Floundersg Clean Up Corn- mitteeg Biology Clubg Sophomore Clubg Latin Clubg Curtain Club. Kellogg University of Colorado Curstens, Iohn S. A.g Concert Bandg Concert Orchestrag Ger- man Clubg Art Club. Sutherland Illinois Cis, Vcxnetta S. A.g Tau Epsilong Eloundersg Sophomore Clubg G.A.A.g Hostess Clubp Hall Guardp Girls' Emblem Club. Mount Greenwood Undecided Clemons. Mariorie S. Ag Sophomore Clubg G.A.A.g Hostess Clubg Elounders. Shoop Chicago Teachers S. Aj Eloundersp Sophomore Clubg Student Coun- cilg Hostess Club 3, 4g Biology Club 2, 3g Ma- Cole, Carol S. Aj French Clubp Biology Clubg Pan American Clubg Tau Epsilon lg Footlightersg Art Clubg Flounclersg Glee Clubg Clean Up Committee. Sutherland Southern Methodist Cole, Frances S. A., Flounclersg Sophomore Clubg Traffic Safety Chairmang German Clubg Curtain Clubg Con- cert Orchestrag G.A.A. Vanderpoel Vassar Colgren, Diane S. A.g Floundersg Sophomore Clubg Pan American Club, lr. Girls Chorusg Glee Clubg Curtain Clubp G.A.A.g FT.A.g Art Club. Sutherland Augugtcmq Collins, Deirdre S. A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3 .45 National Honorg l.atin Club. Vice-President 4g Dolphin Club Pre- sident 4g Curtain Club 3, 4g A Cappella. Dixon Ohio State Coyne, Martin S. A.g Art Clubp Gymnastic Team. Saint Christina Undecided Crane. Vernadine S. A.g Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Pan Americang Bio- logy Clubg Glee Clubg Student Council lg Floun- dersg Sophomore Clubg Art Club, National Honor. Clissold Northern Illinois State Teachers College Cyplik. Walter S, A.g Floundersg Sophomore Clubg Footballg Hall Guard. Saint Christina Davis, Iacquelyn S, Aj Curtain Clubg Sophomore Clubg G.A.A. Evergreen Park Undecided Davis, Io Ann S, A.g Floundersg Sophomore Clubg Biology Clubg Art Club, Shoop West Virginia State Dempster, Dorothy S. Aj Tumblingg Biology Clubg Sophomore Club. Ftoundersg Clean Up Committeeg G.A.A.g Smoking Committee. Sutherland lllinois De Weerdt, Kenneth Concert Bandg Concert Orchestrag German Clubg R.O.T.C. Cook De Kalb Di Guido, Iohn S. A.g V.E.S.B.g Sophomore Clubg Flounders. Saint Christina Purdue Dokes, Lorraine S. A., G.A.A., Art Club, Treasurer 3, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Curtain Club. Shoop Wilson Iunior College Dutiy. Marilyn S. A., Curtain Club, Flounders, Hall Guard, Stu- dent Administration, Biology Club, G.A.A., Divi- sion Secretary, Sophomore Club. Clissolrl Undecided Duffy. Paul S. A., Flounders, Business Representative: Picked Platoon, Commander 4, Officers Club, President 4, Sophomore Club, Board ot Presidents, Fire Guard Supervisor, Honor Guard. Clissold Illinois Duncan. Iune S. A., Flounders, Representative, lr. Mixed Cho- rus, Curtain Club, Sophomore Club, l-lall Guard, G.A.A. Holy Name ot Mary U.C.L.A. Dunne, William S. A., Athletic Commissioner, Emblem Club, Bio- logy Club, Basketball, Captain, Executive Com-- mittee, Board ot Presidents, Clean Up Committee, Pan American Club, Student Council. Clissold Illinois Ekstrom. Carol S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, French Club, Tau Epsilon, Photo Statt, Student Administra- tion, Business Bepresentative, Biology Club. Kelloga Purdue Emshotf, Carol S. A., Feature Editor, Quill and Scroll, Secretary' Treasurer, Curtain Club, Fall Production, Girls' Emblem Club, Tau Epsilon, National Honor, Glee Club, French Club, Footliqhters. Sutherland Denison Englund, Ianice S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon, Clean Up Committee, Pan American Club 3. 4, Glee Club, G.A.A., Student Administration. Kelloga Southern Methodist Surprise! S A Floudders, Sophomore Club, Clean Up Committee Social Committee, Bed Cross Coun- cil President 4 Tau Epsilon, Curtain Club, Board ol Presidents Biology Club. Suth rland llliV1OiS Evenngham Martha S A Flounder-2, Sophomore Club, French Club, Biology Club G.A.A., Iunior Mixed Chorus, A Cappella Student Administration, Quill Pen. Barnard Beloit Faulkner, lane S. A., Flounders, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Empehi News Staff, Biology Club, Vice President, Footlighters, Secretary, SBI, A Cap pella, Clean Up Committee. Vanderpoel DP PPHIW Field, Kenneth S. A., Swim Team, Stage Crew, Flounders, French Club, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Student Administration, Boys' Emblem Club Flesvig. Ruth S. A., Flounders, Secretary, Sophomore Club, Treasurer, Footlighters, President, Quill Pen, Secretary, Business Staff, Secretary-Treasurer, Girls' Emblem Club, President, Concert Band, Vice-President, Tau Epsilon, Quill and Scroll, Board of Presidents. Vanderpoel Wheaton Flesvig. Sonja H A, Flounders, Student Council, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Girls' Emblem Club, Clean Up Committee, Glee Club, Tau Epsilon, Division Officer. Barnarrl De Pauw Forsyth. Sandra S A., Flounders, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Glee Club, Secretary 4, Art Club, Secretary 3, Student Coun- cil, Clean Up Committee, Chairman, Pan Ameri- can Club, Treasurer 2, Curtain Club, Girls' Em- blem Club. Sutherland Illinois Wesleyan Fowler. lim S A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Intramural Baseball and Basketball. Esmond Southern Methodist University Fowler, William S A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Basketball 2, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Student Counc.l l, Z, Division Chairman l, 2, Curtain Club 3, 4, Emblem Club 3 4. CJt1SSOld Bradley University Fredendahl, Carolyn S A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Clean-Up Committee, Biology Club, Pan American Club, tfurtain Club, Latin Club, GAA., Art Club, Mount Greenwood Illinoig , Q 5 al ',,,-on WTP' JM N-uf Friedl. Nancy S. A.5 Tau Epsilon l, 25 Student Council5 Student Administratiom Girls' Emblem Club5 Glee Club5 German Club l, 2, 35 Curtain Club 45 Footlighters5 Flounders. Mount Greenwood De Pquw Fryk, Iack S. Flounders5 Sophomore Club. Saint Christina Garcia. Wilfred Gczvcus, Ruth S- A-5 I-jmm Club: Hostess Club: Footlighters5 TCU EDSUOHJ Art Club5 Biology Club5 Flounders5 S0Dl'1Omore Club: Curtain Club. Mount Greenwood Art Institute Gayden Ragxna S. A.5 Glee Club, Secretary 45 A Capella5 S. A. Promotion Committee 3, 45 Clean Up Committee 3, 45 Social Committee 3, 45 G.A.A.5 Public Re- lations Committee, Latin Club, President 3, 45 Tau Epsilon5 Board ol Presidents. Shoop Roosevelt University Gill, Donald S. A.5 Latin Club5 Otticers' Club5 Picked Pia- tOOri5 Hall Guard Supervisor5 Flounders5 Ir. Mixed Chorus, Honor Guard, Fire Guardg Firing Squad, Leader Shoop Illinois Giudice, Angelo S. A.5 Floundersg Sophomore Club5 lr. Mixed Chorus5 Curtain Club. Saint Christina Northwestern Grant. Yvonne S. A.5 Floundersg Sophomore Club5 Hall Guard, Hostess Club5 Pan American Club5 G.A.A. Shoop Chicago Teachers College Gray. Iecm S A., Tau Epsilon5 Glee Club, Biology Club5 French Club5 Art Club5 Flounders lr. Girls Chorus French Club, Art Club5 Flounders5 lr. Girls Chorus. Vanderpoel illinois Griffin. Emory S. A., Secretary, Swim Team l, Z, 3, 45 Emblem Club 2, 3, 45 Assembly Committee, Chairrnan5 Board ot Presidents, Executive Committee5 Stu- dent Councilg German Clubg Flounders5 Curtain Club. X Sutherland University ot Michiaan Groebe, Lewis S. A.5 Sophomore Club, Flounders5 Rifle Team, Captain 25 lazz Band 3, 45 Concert Band5 Honor Guard. Clissold Illinois Habermcmn, Robert S A.5 A Cappella, President Flounders, Treas- urer, German Club5 Public Relations5 Social Committee: Red Cross Council5 Secretary, Busi- ness ltepre:5entative5 S.B.l.5 Biology Club, Treas- tire-r. Kellogg Wisconsin r"Q 47 3 . -if r is - r r iff f AJ w. 'fi' f-.s v t Hagey. Virginia S. A. Treasurer, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Student Council, Board of Presidents, Glee Club, President, Executive Committee, Girls' Em- blem Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon, l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Annual Stall Sutherland Hall, Robert S A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Clean Up Committee, Hall Guard, Kel logg Hanson, Vivi-Ann S, A, German Club, A Cappella, Biology Club, Elounclers, Soahomore Club, Division, Vice-Chair- man, Drama Club Clissold Hedrick, Arlene S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Eootlighters, Curtain Club, Latin Club, Glee Club, Clean Up Committee, Senior Council. Barnard -1 'UQ Stanford Illinois Augustana lllinois Hegburg. Karen S. A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National l-lonor, Flounders, Quillpen, Curtain Club, Latin Club, Secretary, Girls' Emblem Club, A Cappella, Student Council, Sutherland lowa State College Herbster, Richard S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, Spring Production 3, 4. Sutherland Illinois Hess. Iohn S. A., Art Club, Flounders, Concert Band, Biology Club, Clean Up Committee, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, lazz Band, Student Council. Clissold Wisconsin Hill, Mary Etta S, A., G.A.A., Tau Epsilon, Hostess Club, Stuf dent Administration, Modern Dancing, Flounders, Sophomore Club. Shoop Undecided Hodges. Sonja S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Concert Or chestra- Production, Biology Club, Girls' Emblem Club, Pan American Club, G.A.A. Esmond Wilson lunior College Hoeppner. Harvey S. A., Latin Club, Curtain Club, Elounders, Sophomore Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, Biology Club Sutherland Michigan State Holmes. Myles S. A., Elounders, B.O,T.C., V.E.SB, Sophomore Club, Art Club, Biology Club. Shoop. Holt, Charles S. A. University ot Chicago Lab School Holtman. Ioyce S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, lr. Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard l, 2, 35 Biology Club, Pan American Club l, 2, G.A.A5 Art Club l, 2, 3, 45 Production Mount Greenwood Undecided Horvath. Ianet S. A., Floundersg Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, t-Siology Club, G.A,A5 Business Representative, Clean Up Committee, Lite Saving. Sutherland lllinois Host. Theresa S. A., GA A., Art Club, F1ounders5 Sophomore Clubg Hall Guard, Student Administration. Esmond Undecided Howell. Charles S. A., Fire Guard, Color Guard, Science Club, Tau Epsilon, Student Administration. Willingdon Illinois Institute ot Technology Huntington. Marcia S, Ag Flounders5 G.A.A5 Hall Guard, Sophomore Club Clissold Western Michigan College ot Education Hurd. Edward S Ag Floundersg Sophomore Clubg VESB, School Messenger. Mount Greenwood Undecided Hynes. Iuanita S. A., Floundeisg Sophomore Club, Division Vice-Chairman, Curtain Clubg Biology Club, Hos- tess Club. Esmond Northwestern Iackscn. Magnolia S. Aj Glee Club, lr. Girls' Chorus, lr Mixed Chorus5 Art Clubg Production, Flounders, GAA., Sophomore Club ldorestville Illmoii, lohnson. Lynn S. A, Elounders, President, Tau Epsilon l, 25 Board ot Presidents, Glee Club, Treasurer 35 Quill and Scroll, Biology Club, Secretary 45 Girls' Emblem Club, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Empehi News Staft5 Majorette. Cltssold Iowa State lohnson. Philip S. A., Curtain Club, Sophomore Club5 Latin Club, Color Guardg Picked Platoon. Euclid Shore Undecided Iohnson, Roger S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club 2, German Club l, 2, Curtain Club, Art Club, Hall Guard. Mount Greenwood Undecided lohnston, Iames S. A., Plounders, Sophomore Club, German Club, Tau Epsilon Biolooy Club. Sutherland Purfiui Iones. David S, A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4, Emblem Club, Curtain Club Mount Greenwood Kamenske. Lois S, A., G.A A., Tau Zion Lutheran Epsilon. Keith, La Sharon S A, G.A.A., Gym Leader, Hall Guard. Cameron WOl'ShUN1 life' Kennedy, lane I S. A., Student Council, Clean Up Committee, Glee Club, Secretary, Pan American Club, Floun- ders, Curtain Club, Biology Club, Water Ballet, s-"Il Art Club. Sutherland University of Colorado ' Kidd. lack S A., Sophomore Club, Flounders, Dance Band, Marching Band, Concert Band. Sutherland Indiana University Kimbrough. Barbara S. A, G.A.A., Curtain Club, Latin Club, Gym Leader, Sophomore Club, Flounders, Biology- Club. Holy Name ot Mary Chicago Teachers College Koester. Ianet S A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Annual Staff, Co-Senior Editor, Biology Club 3, 4, Flounders, Curtain Club 4, Girls' Emblem Clwb 4, G.A A., Division Room Ofticerg Sophomore Club Vanderpoel Monmouth 1? Koock, Carol S A, Flounders, Latin Club, Sophomore Clib, Biology Club, Tau Epsilon, Student Administrae tion, Business Representative, National Honor, French Club. Sutherland De Pauw Larson. Ioanne S. A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Hostess Club, Latin Club l, 2, S.B.l., Division Room Olticer, Clean Up Committee, G.A.A., Tau Epsilon. Mount Greenwood Undecided .QQ Lindberg, Karen S A., G.A.A, Glee Club, Curtain Club. Toppon Illinois Wilson lunior College Uiificwiilmi Q' ffl Lindgren, Ieannette S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, G.A.A. Chicago Ridge Undecided Lock, Nancy - S, A., Glee Club, Tau Epsilon, Latin Club, Floun' ders, French Club, Curtain Club, Clean Up Committee, Student Council, G.A.A. Vanderpoel Lawrence 'fd' Lore. Barbara S. A, Girls Emblem Club, Flounders, Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 4, March- ing Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club, S.B.l., Tau Epsilon. Clissold Ottawa University Markham, Clarence S. A., Flounders, V.E.S.B., Fireguard, Footlighters, toon, Student Administration. I Esmond Ohio Sfcte -..L Marsh, Delores .. A S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Hall Guard, I , Hostess Club, G.A.A. J , A Shoop Nurses Training , . 1 '," ,Q " - ' ' . Massey. Charlotte " " S. A., Flounders, Cheerleaders, Student Coun- '7' cil, Clean-Up Committee, Latin Club, Pan Ameri- can Club, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon, National X Honor. 'V V Sutherland Northwestern McDonald. Kenneth McFadyen. Don 'Q S. A., Social Committee, Clean Up Committee, lntram'-ral Baseball Champs l, Football, Track, Boys' Emblem Club, Pan American Club, Busi- ness Representative, S.A., Collector KQHOQQ Northwestern McGrath, Marguerite S A., Flounders, Curtain Club, Art Club, Treas- urer, Tau Epsilon, Concert Band, Orchestra, Secretary, Treasurer, Business Representative, Clean Up Committee, Latin Club. 1'9" Academy ot our Lady De Pauw Mclnerney, Iames S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Business Be- nresentative, Hall Guard, lunior Mixed Chorus, Business Administration. St. Iohn Fisher Wilson lunior McKee. Nancy S. A., French Club l, Art Club l, Footlighters, Curtain Club 3, 4, Biology Club, Flounders, Sophomore Club, G.A.A. Mt. Vernon Pasadena McVay, Ierome S, A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Art Club, Fire Guard, Honor Guard, Hall Guard, Clean Up Committee, Student Administrations Mt, Greenwood 11131015 Sophomore Club- l'tO.T.C., Freshman Drill Pla- we-'ff You get this way after tour years! Melbourn, Nick S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, VESB, Business Staff, lntermural Baseball. Clissold Meyer, Carol S. A., Flounders Club, Art Club, Sophomore Club, Pan American Club, Girls' Emblem Club, Biology Club, G.A.A., Tau Epsilon, Student Administra- tx . Bghnard Carleton Michaele, Alexis S. A., Public Relations Committee, Chairman, Curtain Club, Vice-President, Sophomore Club, Vice-President, Glee Club, President, Tau Epsilon, Biology Club, President, Board ol Presidents, Stu- dent Court, Cheerleaders, Captain. Vanderpoel Northern State Teachers Millard, Diane S. A., Annual Staff, Co-Editor, Girls' Emblem Club, Vice-President, Empehi News Stail, Assise tant News Editor, Tau Epsilon, Vice-President, Quill and Scroll, Curtain Club, Latin Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Board ol Presidents, Glen Club, Vice-President. Sutherland University ol Colorado Miskiv. Bob S. A., Elounders Biology Club, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Clean Up Committee, Hall Guard, Division Chairman, Student Council, Football, Fresh-Soph. Vandcsrpoel Purdue Mitchell. Iohn S A., Sophomore Club, Art Club, Curtain Club, Biology Club, Pall Production, Hall Guard, lr Mixed Chorus, Football, B O T C. Marshall UC L A Moog, Fred S. A, Plounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club 4, German Club l, 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4. Treasurer 3, Emblem Club 3, 4, National Honor Society, SBI. 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood William Iewell Moore, Elaine S. A., Flounders, Hostess Club, GA A. Activities. Shoop X Moore, Sylvia S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Biology Club, Art Club, Hostess Club, Foot- lighters, Hall Guard, G.A.A. Shoop Chicago Teachers College Morrison, Iohn S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, German Club l, 2, Hall Guard. ' Mt. Greenwood Wilson Morrison, Iuanita S. A., Production. Harvard Principia Morton, Iune S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Hostess Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard, Curtain Club, Clothing Class Chairman. Shoop The Comptometer School Mosher, Charles S, A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Smoking Committee 4, Student Administration. Kellogg Undecided Moyer, Fred S. A., Social Committee, Art Club, Secretary 3, Empehi News Staff, Art Editor, Annual Stott, Art Editor 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, lazz Band l, 2, 3, 4, President and Leader 4, Tau Epsilon, Quill and Scroll, Board ot Presidents, Sutherland Illinois Mueller, Warren S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, German Club, Tau Epsilon, National Honor So- ciety, Quill and Scroll, Empehi News Stall, Divi- sion Officer. Vanderpoel ' Elmhurst Murchison, Mary S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Hostess Club, Hall Guard, GAA, Shoop Cook County Nursing School Murchison, Norman S. A., Sophomore Club, A Cappella, Student Administration. Shoop Wilson Iunior College Murphy, Phyllis S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Glee Club, Curtain Club, Clean Up Committee, Division Otticer, Public Relations Committee, G.A.A. Sutherland Northern State Teachers Newland, Diane S. A., Flounders, Division Room Otticer, Biology Club, Pan American Club, President, Tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Student Coun- cil, Glee Club, Board ot Presidents, Esmond Southern Illinois University Nichols, Iennie S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Biology Club, Eootlighters, Curtain Club, Clean l Up Committee, Ir. Mixed Chorus, 4B Senior Coun- cil. St. Christina Illinois Oswald, Barbara Nolan, Richard Odenheimer, Alfred S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club Biology Club, Student Council, Clean Up Commit teo, Art Club, Division Chairman. Mt. Greenwood Ogle. Vada Ann S. A. Lincoln Elementary Ortiz, Susanna S A., Flounders, Pan American Club, Esmond Undeoidf-'l Wilson lunior Collegf S. A., Flounders, Pan American Club l, Z, Cur- tain Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, Footlightersg Tau Ep- silon l, 2, lr. Mixed Chorus lg lr. Girls Chorus, G.A.A. Mt. Vernon Illinois Palmquist, Lynda S. A, Floundersg Pan American Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, A Cappella, Tau Epsilon, National Honor Society, Curtain Club, Con- cert Orchestra. Cook Monmouth Panek, Sonia S. A., Floundersg Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Hostess Club, President, Board of Presidents, Clean Up Committee, Division Chairman, Tau Epsilon, Student Council. Immaculate Conception Michigan State Payne, Warrin S. A. Bennett Undecided Percy. David A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, German Club l. 2, 3, 4, Curtain Club, Emblem Club 2, 3, 4, Business Representative, Stage Crew 3, 4, Tech- nician, Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4. Kellogg lndiana Persons, Iosephine S. A,7 Flounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Vice-President, Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, Di- vision Secretary, G.A.A.g Empehi News Business Staff: Hall Guard. Holy Name ol Mary Morgan State Peters, Iohn S. A., Flounders. M.P.M.A. Illinois Peterson, Lois S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, G.A.A., Clean Up Committee, Footlighters, S.B.I.p Student Ad- miristration. Kellogg lllinois Shoop Piper. Betty Dewey Emblem Clissold Rogers, Ira S. A.g Curtain Club, Latin Club, R.O.T.C.g Emblem Clubg Officers Clubg Drum and Bugle Corp, Lea- der, S.A. Promotion, Football, Basketball. Shoop Roosevelt Rowley, Iudith S. A.g Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Latin Clubg German Club, S.B.l.g Public Relations Com- mittee, Student Council. Mt. Greenwood Illinois Rubin. Gerald S. A., Sophomore Clubg Biology Club, Science Club, Treasurer, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Pan American Club, 3, Stamp Club, Vice-President, V.E.S.B., 35 S.B,l., 4. Brete Harte University ot Chicago Rupp, Ioseph S. A. St. Christina Russell. Donald S A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Clean Up Committee, Red Cross Councilg Park- way Committeeg Biology Club, Hall Guard. Vanderpoel Illinois Rysdon. Louis S. Aj Floundersg Sophomore Club, Curtain Clubg School Messenger, Hall Guard, Football 2, 3, 4. Kellogg University of Miami Samans. Susan S. A., Floundersg Biology Club, Art Clubg Latin Club, French Clubp Glee Club, Quill Pen. Sutherland Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Samuels. Iohn S. Ag Floundersg Sophomore Club, Pan American Clubg Biology Clubg Hall Guard, Intramural Bas- ketball, Track. Shoop Wilson Iunior College Pierce. Arlene S. Aj Floundersg Sophomore Club, Footlightersg Curtain Clubg Student Councilg Bilogy Club, Quill and Scroll, French Club, Glee Club. Fisk University S. A.g Sophomore Club, Hostess Club, Pan Ameri- can Club, G.A.A., Gym Leader, Girls' Volley Ball Team, Biology Club. lllinois Pusateri, Diane S. A.g Floundersg Sophomore Club, G.A.A., Pan American Clubg Girls Glee Clubg lr. Mixed Cho- rusg Ir. Girls Chorus. Mt. Vernon Undecided Ramsbottom, Patricia S. A.g Floundersg Sophomore Clubg Biology Clubg French Club 1, Z, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Clean Up Committee, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, G.A.A., Girls' Club 45 Division Ollicer l, 2, 4. lllinois -49" gil if an -tt Scanlon, Denis S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Emblem Club 3,4, Hall Guard 3, Student Administration, Foot- ball l, Z, 3, 4, lr. Mixed Chorus, School Messenger. St. Columbanus Schatfer. Maril n Y S. A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Pan American, Footlighters, Girls Glee Club, lr. Mixed Chorus, Tau Epsilon, National Honor Society, G.A.A. Sutherland Southern Illinois University Schiltz. Louise S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Footlighters, Latin Club, G.A.A., Tau Epsilon, Clean Up Com- mittee, Water Ballet, A Cappella. Academy ol Our Lady Schlegel, Don S. A., Curtain Club, Smoking Committee, Lunch Boom Committee, Pan American Club. Mt. Greenwood E 5 RFQ? t,, - ,." s - Jp....,f Undecided Illinois Illinois l Schultz, lean S. A., Public Relations Committee, Annual Staft, Literary Editor, Empehi News Statt, Latin Club 3, 45 Quill and Scroll, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Girls' Emblem 3, 4. Ctissold Southern Methodist Seip, Shelley S. A,, Flounders, Student Council, Tau Epsilor. l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Curtain Club, 4B Council, Clean Up Committee, Art Club, Vice-President 3, Glee Club. Vayiderpoel Beloit Shippy, Ianice S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Tau Epsilon, National Horror Society, G.A.A., Eme blem Club, Student Administration, Latin Club Barnard lowa State University Silloway, Fred S. A., Flounders, Curtain Club, Clean Up Com- mittee: Smoking Committee, Vandalism Com- mittee, Football, Parking Lot Committee, Swim Team. Vanderpoel Wilson lxinior College Sims, Claudette S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Hostess Club, Latin Club, Hall Guard, GAA, Att Club. Shoop Michigan State Smith, Ceta S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Curtain Club, G.A.A., French Club, Division Chairman, Girls Glee Club. Shoop Chicago Teachers College Snyder. Dicme S. A., Flounders- Sophomore Club- Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, Student Council, Interior Guard, Curtain Club, Student Administration, Barnard Undecided Srrringer, Walter S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club 3, Curtain Club 4, V.E.S.B. 2, 3, 4, President 4, ,Clean Up Committee 3, 4, Board ot Presidents Clissold De Pauw .J Stafford. Ferris S. A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Girls Glee Club, Tau Epsilon, Clean Up Com- mittee, Gym Class Leader, GAA., Emblem Club, Esmond Southern lllinois University Stanley. Nancy S. A., Elounaers, Sophomore Club, Hostess Club, GA.A. Activities, GAA., Student Administration, Esmond Michiaan State Strom, Nancy S. A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Cluby Curtain Club, Division Chairman, Student Coun- cil, Division Vice-Chairman, GAA, Clean Up Committee. Clif1SOlf'l Auaustana Stuenkel, Iudy S. A, Elounders, Sophomore Club, French Club, Biology Club, Curtain Club, Student Administra- tion, Art Club, Division Secretary, GAA. Sutherland Michiaan State Taylor, Elaine S. A, Eloundcrs, Sophomore Club, Hostess Club, Biology Club, SBI., Emblem Club, GAA., C AA. Activities, Shoop Michigan State Trapp. Nancy S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Eootlighterpea 1, Z, Curtain Club 4, Student Council, Tau Epsi- lon l, 2, 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Concert Or- chestra 3, 4, GAA. Clissold Michiaan State Tuider, Charles S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Art Club, Hall Guard, Biology Club. St Christina lllinois Tuttle, William S. A, ldtoundersg Hall Guard Unterberg, Carol S A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club, Curtain Club, Glee Club, Red Cross Council, So- cial Committee, Cheer-Leaders 2, 3, 4, Pan Ameri- can Club Kellogg De Pauw Ti? Vaughn, Iuliet S, A, Elounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club, Footlighters, Tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, National Honor Society, Latin Club, Glee Club: Public Relations: Committee. Barnard Iowa State Vaughn. Stanley Swimming Team C.V,S. Walker, Allan S. A., Vice-President 4, Flounders, Vice-President, Executive Committee 3, 4, Sophomore Club, Pre- sident, Social Committee, 2, 3, 4, Chairman 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Assembly Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Board of Presi' dents, Swim Team, Co-Captain 3, 4. Kellogg Purdue Watson, Edna Ruth S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Ir. Mixed Chorus, Hostess Club, Biology Club, Club, Glee Club, Walker, Barbara S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club Ir, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. 2, 3, 4, Production, Gloc Club. Mt. Greenwood Lutheran Deacones: Wall, Dolores S. A, Atwood Heights Ward, Nancy S. A,, G.A.A. Parker Stow-nz Washington. Marilyn S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Hostess Club Glee Club, G.A.A., Pan American Club, Ir. Mixed Chorus, Production, Footlighters. Shoop Chicago Teachers Collf-af G.A A., Pan American Club, lr. Girls Chorus Shoop Michigan State Weaver, Shirley S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Curtain Club Mt. Greenwood Weir, Robert K. S. A., Elounders, Biology Club 3, Science Club 3, 4, German Club l, 2, 3, Honor Guard 2, 3. 4, Eire Guard 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Officers Club 4, V.E.S.R. Clissold Northwestern Whited, Richard S A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, German Club, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, President 4, Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 4, Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor, Student Council 2, 3, Clean Up Committee, Board of Presidents, lntramural Basketball 3, 4. Mt Greenwood De Pauw Wilks, Nancy S. A., President, Student Council, President, Board of Presidents, President, Executive Com- mittee, President, National Honor, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Assembly Com- 1- Willis, Richard mittee l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3. Clissold University of Colorado Williams. Lillian S A, Flounders, Sophomore Club, Gym Leader, GAA Shoop Chicago Teachers Colleae Williams, Theresa S A., Flounders: Sophomore Club, Iunior Girls' Chorus, lunior Mixed Chorus, G.A A., Art Club, Hostess Club, Curtain Club, Student Adminis- tration Esmond S A, Assembly Committee 3, 4, Biology Club IZ, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon, German Club, ViceePresi- dent, Business Staff, Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4, Manaaer 3, 4, Board ot Presidents Kolloaa University oi Colorado Wilmere, Edward S, A., Elounders, Sophomore C l u b, German Club. Mount Greenwood Illinois Institute ol Technology Wolma. Ioyce S. A., Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club l, 2, 3, Girls' Emblem Club 4, Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, National Honor, Footlighters, Hostess Club l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella. Clissold DePauw Woltman, Ioyce S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Girls' Em- blem Club, Pan American Club, Tau Epsilon, Biology Club, Art Club, G.A.A., Student Ad- ministration. Zion Lutheran Beloit Wood, Karla S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Latin Club, Pan American Club, Clean Up Committee, Art Club, Student Administration, Tau Epsilon, Glee Club. Barnard Illinois Worth. Darryl S A., Hall Guard, Curtain Club. Elston lr. High Undecided ,W Wyrick, Winifred S. A., G.A.A., Tau Epsilon, Curtain Club 4, Hostess Club 3, Pan American Club 4, Student Administration, Emblem Club, Senior Council. Doolittle Chicago Teachers College Zcxcher. Don S. A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club, Marching Band, Public Relations Committee, Division Chairman, Track 2, 3, 4, Hall Guard, Senior Council. ' Sutherland Principia 7 Zeiss. Margot S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Art Club, Curtain Club, French Club, Tau Epsi- lon, Hall Guard, Girls' Glee Club. Clissold Purdue -' 4 is Zimmerman, Charlotte S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Girls' Glee Club, Hostess Club, G.A.A., Production, Biology Club, Art Club, lr, Mixed Chorus, +3 Palos Heights Undecided Zuidema, Donald S. A., Elounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club, Biology Club. Mount Greenwood Undecided C' .57 ll IH QPU ly Aclcerstrom, Robert Collard, Dale Ellis, George Gore, Thomas Matthews, Pierce Myers, Betty Murphy, Michaele Higgins, Shirley lean Robinson, Lenwood ,eff of game IANUARY IUNE Marilyn Mohr Moxt Popular Girl Alexis Michalv Albert Hall Most Popular Boy Allan Walker Maraot Rowley Cutest Girl Carol Unterbera Barbara Brookes Girl with the Prettiest Smile Alexis Michalfe Ron Gill . School Athlete lion lvlcFadye-i Martha Miles Most Talcntecl Fred Moyer' lane Strachan,Girl Most Likely to Succeed Virginia Haaf,-y lohri Tredwell Boy Most Likely to Succeed Allan Walker Kurt Duffy ., Class Clown . Bob l-labermann III l'I"l" ll.f.5llIl'II U 1 O Q f-.nmwil N ---1 .",,,4-""' Mg, Nws IN 'J -9 1 K 140' VM my v 4' an 'mm M""'-..... 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X X.. x .r i " . 'gf 5 , vs, ill Q, K . , I, f , , 5, A-A ,, F Q ar, f if A K it A P yr R .L l , it ff... Q .W f - v K. M- ' X I y - , Q Q L. N.. ' 4 5 ' ..,. ' ' if -' X, , Wg! . A . V if a I Fw Q 'N f D, 1 , t C A , - WJ 1 .. it H -4 F 1 x A x it K 1. l ' 25: ' - li A 'D f. y r s B "" X f I . . , -5, N i K Q33 , ., lx C Q I, A 5 J 'rv Q l , x X .1 ' - R, k ,iw Q, 0 - 'K L, .B . . dr K .Q M .,,, . . i , - , , -X - s gaf., Q L. X. v ' li SQ: 4? X i U A N , f .N J Y Q -. 1 5 Ort ' ' A' Q " .. X Q Jmx 'L , Q 8 2 ' K' A i m i 'A 5 P 2 t J- U. '1-- f. ff - ' A "' ,- " ?E.?' - ff, . I? ' Xi " fi it A , ' fi 'r', ' .. x fl? , ' E fi A ' ' ' A , ,, R ,,,. s , , N A A 1 :U ' 2 yy ,,,,,, , Q ,V R X r X I ' Y is 1 g - H JF " N A X Q . X Q X X ,f "2-.:g s Q V Q t 6 , , , 52: 2 as 1 K My , A ' f' A fi' SX ' , YW? A xi . . ' U M Aa I N if R W K4 V:-1. . 1 M 1 .,,. ,, Q -X X I X 49 i X 1 1 , - w.. Q: " ' M f. i ll l K. 1- X .L ... . v ,- f L m x R 1 'Xi fl dip .1 Q1 i get i M -a. N so vs, ,f V K 4. A 2, RN . ,F X he x ! H 5.4 : .: . 1 'fu ' - . .rw x na ' X 3, ,, vo. f - l b 5 ...,., X N Wg? N 'N 6.5 K A-J' --. ' x VP- y qi -Z: 1- . Q1 5 .A Q . ' E 'il .- l Xl .:. nr N' k K If 1 i f' 3, ik. X 1, -. . f- s S , ll ' ? ' ik . Q., I-sq.-S U . i K Ns.. ..-:: ' 'iv A E g N.. M r .. ' .1 3 M Q al .. " ml Q, A . 'kv 9 -, Ns V OC I 5. S I . s--... L t 'f'L',ffs?f a i .iv X' I 5, ,N 'Lt V7 ,R it Y E i 'F W. r ' ' -N ' s 1, ... , M' ' i ' 1 t K , LMS. 4 l 3 .y :...,. 1 'f ' x i X av X A.. . "tw 5 sl X sg ,l Q Q' ,X M M of ,.,,,f -K ,. unioro Gle-nisler, Donna owwein, Paulo 'X i X X N ,- 5- C ,. X A . ,.. Y P ti X K L xl' in ,X Groper, Borboro Grettie, Ion Guoltiere, lorries Hoberrnoos, lon H . cmkett, Carroll A Hotlner, Paul Hoqey, Clicxncller Hfill, Iuclitli Ann 1 ,. 'Q . 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Shippy, D Sicllo, G Sinclair, T Skazre, I Slflzmz, S Smith, ll Smith, N Smith, S Snydorworth, C Sobezak, I Sorlehrflnlxl, ll Snrinqor N Stcntpo, K. Stephens, I Stevens, N Stevenson, I Stevenson, M Storrlc, I Strom, G Styles, ll Svobocln, L Swcunlco, S Swcxnnlc, N Swllt, N Tomnrasw, G Thompxcn, R Thompson, C' Toopts, R Tracy, P Tuttlc: B Vnlontlnv, I Van Ospol, M Vnsoli, I Wncwnor, G Wcxllcf-r, I Walter, B Walter, lvl Word, Y Weininq, C Wvnstrom It WIISOTI, W W1ITd:SOT, I Wricht, N Ymqor, W Younct. lvl Zelss, C f s . . -,. '. H Q -, v . ' .- ' N ' I . f V . , I A . I 1 fbi? l xg' y ,V .5 'L 4 Luisa 1 'f t in N, N- K 'sf . W 'SNK ski . ' I. I ' in 5 . ' N. - f it ' A - N . . Q Sb A Xt t I x I xt "' fx " 1. vw 'L , 41 QM kay . I Q if fy 51 A ' f S I 11' ' I 1 my A X , P 1 am V ' 1 I ' .3 - 35 , -M Q , fs. ws 4 g '54 "' ' X ' Q. .. 2 " " . , 4, 475- 2 . tk f 'fit 'cff ' ' , -w-new - " Y Ye ss , - + A 4, ffltv. - 5 I X' El 5 'I 1 Xl I , - . ii . Q I X I K Q, A.. S R . N 4 N , ,M Y 9 '- z.. 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Her right hand man, "Veep" Allan Walker, the boy with literally millions ol ideas lor the dances, and constantly on the lookout lor dance chaperones, also headed the Social Committee. The lunior-Senior Prom represented his toughest 1ob and biggest success. The little gal who inhabited the SA oltice every division period and lourth too, the one who daily tangled With the Business Representative and spent many hours countina money, is our SA. Treasurer, Ginny Hagey. Another of Ginnys tasks is the distribution ot annuals. Heading the Assembly Committee was just one ot the duties ol the Secretary ol the SA., Emory Griffin As the Presidents lelt hand man, he taithtully took minutes at the Board ot Presidents, Student Council, and Executive Committee meetings. Although a solt spoken girl, Chiel Iustice ludy Stokoe, was well qualified to run the much respected Student Court. She was also in charge ot the Student Bureau ot Investiga- tion. She did a mans job, and did it well. Keeping in close contact with the Physical Education department was important to Bill Dunne, our Athletic Commissioner. l-le appointed the ticket sellers lor lootball and basketball games, and was in charge ot intramural sports as well as being captain ol the basketball team. Hail to The Victors 7 ,,l'l'l'll ll.Ul' 0171 IH I ,IPP 'in Row 1: Romzlo Shvlin, W1Ik:: Nmwy, Stokcc 11 r 1 Row 2: GFIYYNIE, Emory, Miuhnlv lxlwx, Mol! m 141 V M IM I Hill Y1Mx P ,S0l'l.Cl 601111111 H00 7 How 1ZVVlHif'II!1H,CCTVOl, VVhitrxe1lI, Mmrxm, M Wnlkvr, Iomxg I'5r'0rr1qolCi Ilcxrmrf How 2: Moym, Fred, Flosvlq Ruth, GFYYQY Mvfcwdyyrw, Pom: MCITIflC'WS Chmrlfxs, Emp Row 3: Au1bro::e, Emmuolg Browsmxm, Bull, S 7 Glbcsor: Bob, Sorwvoy Hmm. Vkmmllmrzcmtor Walker' Alla: W -4 J prom ofion om IH fffvv W- ...Qs ww- 'T Mq,a js Row 1: Wilson, Borlofircx, Behrens, Lydc, Whitnell, Miriorn, l-loeeqliind, Kors,-n, Mirlinlfi Alexis Collins, Dierdro, lolicinsson Bcity, Row 2: Flesviq, Rulhg Gibson limp Ambrose, Enioniiol, Kennefly, Geomag Goydcn, Reqinn Leo, lohn Row 3:Milli1rfi, Hobortg Grirmll, Prod, Mills, Hurssollg Alclriiloff, Frfink, Gibson llobvil, l-lfilfli llon, Glmltiero, lim, Freeninn, Bnrborog Bronson, Bill 550171 Gun rn ffllm' Row 1: Missa Hossenflrnlilg Mrs Hiciby, Mr Ciinnn-rx, Mr Mf'Vey, Min.: VVullv,-1, Mm: Cfonflit Misra Skelton Row 2: Wilkie, Iulicg Wliilnell, Miriciin, Borfloy, Petey Wall-cm, Allnn, Grillin, llnioiy, Willizz Hlmllflffll l'lo0qlunf'l, Koreng Wilks, Nancy, Wilson, Borbom riqv 64 i ,Syfudmf CJW1 if f Row 1: Iohnson, Peggy, lvlichale, Alexis, Stokoe, Iudv, Crandall, Barbara, Andersson, Dorothy, Graper, Barbara, Row 2: lVli:2:s Waller, lenks, lolnzg Mllls, llmrroll, Alflrirlae, l'ra11l4, Glll, Rorzwrlrl, Morrill, Foberl, Loo, lohn, Mr. Van Dorn SB! Row 1: Graper, Barbara, Will, Claudette, Scofield, lorry, Mr. Van Darn, Mltiti Walter, Arianna, Ed, Rowley, ludy. Row 2: lohnson, Peggy, lvlrleas, Martha, Faulkner, lane, l-lrbbott, Nancy, Michale, Alexrss, Stokoc, Iudy, Lee, lohn, Carlson, Florence, Granaer, Barbara, Behrens Lyde, Walks-r Ieanne, Wilks, Nancy. Row 3: Crandall Barbara, Gill, Ronald, Rubin, Gerald, Haberrnann, Bob, Page, Georao, Seavoy, Brian, Moog Fred, Aldridge, Frank, lenks, Iohn, Morrill, Bob, Bronson, Bill, qs 1 Paae 65 Mgoarcf of pt-r'JicLf11 15 l Paar- 66 Row l: Dunne, Bill, Haqey, Virginia, Walker, Allan, Miss Condit, Wilks, Nancy, Griltin, Pniory, Stolcoe, ludy Row 2:ler1i:son, Nancy, Newland, Diane, Lindemann, Ellen, Howard, Dorothy, Miles, Martha Flosvicq, Ruth, Mifhale, Alexis, Millard, Diane, Moyer, Fred, Bennie, Sheila, Tolever, Shirley Row 3: Gayden, Baqino, Kennedy, George, Whited, Dick, Willis, Dick, lviolnar, Edward, Gibson, Bob, l-laberrnann, Bob, Morril, Bobert, Werner, Peter, Lee lohrrg lvioohr, lohri, l-look, lerry. The Board ot Presidents, headed by the president of the Student Associa- tion, is composed ot the presidents ot all school oraanizations. Miss Lillian Condit sponsors this aroup, which is a clearinqehouse for all oraanizations ot the school. The Board has as its annual project the Board of Presidents' Banquet, which is held in lune. A tense, exciting moment at the Banquet is the an- nouncement of the award winners, Certiticates are qiven out for the outstand ina clubs in each ot the aroups ot Honor, Service, and Interest, Also at this banquet, the newly elected Student Association officers receive the tokens ot their ottice from the retiring officers. Besides these duties, the Board ot Presidents approves all club constitu- tions. Bvery club in the school must be represented and must work throuali the Board. xgll cbnf Conn rl' To oive the students a voice in the aovernment of the school throuah direct representation is the purpose of the Student Council, legislative branch ol the Student Association. The Council, consistina of all division chairmen and the president and secretary ol the S,A,, makes rules, instiaates school iinprovements, and is responsible for settina aood examples. Last year for the first tirne, the Student Council assumed the sponsorship ol the trophy case and the exhibit case as its projects. The faculty sponsor is Mr. Van Dam. Row 1: Stokoe, ludy, Gritlin, Emory, Wilks, Nancy, Walker, Allan, l-lagey, Virginia, Dunne William. Row 2: Tozer, Becky, Lassinan, Nancy, Kilbourne, Karen, Pearson, Lynne, Pinkerton, Rarbara, Oppal, Linda, Pelino, ludy, Seaman, Connie, Forsyth, Sandra. Row 3: Walker, leanne, Seip, Shelly, Sendra, Robert, Aldridge, Frank, Oderiheinier, Allred, l-laberniann Robert, Millard Robert, Hodges, lerry, Lamb, Indy, Hagan, Gail, Hoffman, Sandra. K 'X WMP? T me 69 M1466 Rffaffongi ommiffcfv '2' ff' .V R19 Row l: Behrens, Lyde, Murphy, Phyllis, Vaughn, luliei, Mr. Van Dani, Flesviq, Ruth Forsyth, Sandra, Rowley, Iuay, Row 2: Barkslroin, Marie, Lee, lolin, Anibrozae, Emanuel, Zacher, Don, Page, George, Lewis, C'harle:1, Hf,bt,vririai:r1, Hobart, lr-i:k::, lohn, Gayrlen, lilaaina, Sfhultz, lefzrz, lvliflialf' Ali'iXi,: Mc! C055 0llI1Cl. . Row l: Wilt, Cjlaiirlette, Larey, Linda, Walker, lean, Bradbury, lanis, lalittenliouse, Robin Winaratrorn, lean, Rowley, Margot, Row 2: Wilson, Bobs, Wilson, Lynne, Behrewss, Lyde, Rennie, Sheila, Ericksen, Carol, Gibcr- son, Paul, Unterberg, Carol, Newlin, Nancy, Potter, lessica, Stevenson, Gail. Row 3: Garrett, Fred, Mclilride, Charles Walker Al, Kaolan, Gordon, uerxnina, lohn Seavoy, Brian, Thatcher, Charles, Haberinann, Bob, Russell, Dar, Sachleben, Bob, Matthews, Charles -tl '14 u .51'l10.5.1 X r1Jrv.i vu f a 1' l.Ul'.5 Row 1: Whltrmcll Mlrimu, Slebos, Ariitfx, Wagner, Imxert, Moylfr, Bill, Zoiqna, Cfwroi, Cfrrlrsou, Florerrfo, Grmiqer, Barbara Row 2: Koovk, Carol, Mrllmd, IWuu1v, Bukvr, Phyllxzrz, IOITILSCIIJ f4Q41!l"Y, Awiorrlorg Holy-11, Ufllow, Bmbcwm, HOfII1GY1IT, Shell-fy, Bbcby, Tom, SWHI, Tlrwtllfmg Brookwzl, Rfvrbflxw, Lobowitz, Ioyccx, Hfzycza, IIIH, Row 3: Brown, Iohn, Svhultz, lvmug Pirwkmtmr., hm, Ilzrmgm., Rlll, Ffmrt-X1, Bob, !Xf'l1!f'r L-v1 L0O!1fTYVfj Hylrmrior, Chfxrlfm, Hmtgschmiflt, Bob, Ifrrklz, Iohrmg Wsrzws, Pdf, 'v'v'iltgf-r, C'L1tl1ur'ir1cX, Flflvrl, Tom Row 1: VVf11f- Yvomu'-, Pkzailorra Ccxlol, CQ5r11M:q,H1u0r"j Mr Cf'11r.m-11, Hrmf-y, Vllvximlw, Murz. 1, Imzwg lohrgaorz, Byron Row 2: Polmwzorw Ccnrolg EiffhPIlbDTi'1, Pmxlrr, Hmnsbottom, Put, Arvifwlori, Shrxrworz i, Vmlllr. IM-1r'rirgrN, Klirxqormrsrrnth, VlHIlIliK"1f Hczifrtor, Gfwlex, Kcnztsmr, Sybxl Www flown, Pvrwr.sfv' Aiuiruy Page 69 .XXIIIHIUW .WOW Row 1: Millard, Dianep Schultz, Ieang Koester, Ianet, Brocfkhott, Lois, Backstroiii, Marie Row 2: Haaey, Virqiniag Mohiar, Ed, Holland, Iohn, Whited, Richardg Walker, Allan, Moyer, Fred Within these paaes the Annual Statt has presented to each Moraan Park student a record ot himself, his friends, and the ac- tivities in which they have participatea toaether. It is but one Chapter in each studs-nt's book ot never- to' be- toraotten memories. ff'-N 415- iffifif vii A Penny for A Thought Miss hbbri Oi1lOI:, Advisor Diario Miiiarii, tldwfirfi Mohzar Co-Hdi 611,70 1 1' ,staff Mrs Florerce ier ella ll I lluslmia around the school, interviewina and ohtainina lacits from all the Mwheelsu, and typf ina madly in a hectic staff room, typities the duties of an averaae EMPEI-ll NEWS reporter. All this haste represents the excitement of the newspaper dame, ot which the EMPEI-ll NEWS is a superior example. This year tor the third straiaht year, the paper received the Quill and Scroll award. Adeauately titlina the purpose to publish a loivweelcly newspaper tor the students ot Moraan Part: Hiah School wereiEditor-inrchiets, Sheila Rennie and Warren Mueller, News Edie tors, Marilyn Mohr and Carol Emshott, Editorf ial Editors, W a r r e n M u e l l e r and Gayle Furneauxf Feature Editors, Loralee Oschatz and Pat Hamsbottom, and Sports Editor, Dick Whited. Membership requirements include: two see mesters ot lournalism with an UE" averaae and satisfactory apprenticeship in newspaper writind. Mrs. Florence Bier is the competent faculty advisor. Row 1: Fuiiieaux, Gayle, Iohiison Lynn Rt uit hri a C Carol, Muma, lune Row 2: Guicliife, Theresa, Mohr, Marilyn, ulkner c 1 4 Kemmler, Naniiette, Millard, Diane, Fl via Ru 1 Q llTlY Lora f How 3: Simester, Carol, Crandall, Earbara Freeman Betrbara Tho i l Walker Allan, Mueller, Warren, Whitt lic Y t Xe Qlff anal if , gi' 3:55 K Q-un-mf Row 1: Wilkss, Nancy, Pierce, Arlene, Mrs. Bier, Furncaux, Gail, Murna, lure. Row 2: Hayes, Helen, Mohr, Marilyn, Flesvig, Ruth, Millard, Diane, Oschatz, Lorfrlrw Guidice, Theresa, Rennie, Sheila, Enishoff, Carol, Iohnson, Lynn Row 3: Pierson, Nancy,SChi1ltz, lean, Freeman, Barbara, Whitcd, Dick, Walker, Allan Mueller, Warren, Cox, Patricia, Wollenzieii, Carol, Kornrnlor, Nannetto 1 u Jin 0.5.4 .Sfa Page 72 Row 1: Clancy, Gary, Persons, losephine, Bailey, Dorothy, Smith, Glenda, Drury, Miko Row 2: Walker, Allan, Willis, Richard, Dennina, Iohn, Reed, Edward, Weirst, Robert, Nolnzor Phillip, Kaminski, larnes. J pa n m l'I'l'L'Cl n CAA Row 1ZPGllI1QUl1Sl, Linda, Kaaatner Sybil, Westlunfl, lla r l e n ci Hodges, S o n 1 ri, K a fl l ii b Marion, Rochells, lufly, Roehin Barbara Row 2: Enqlund, lanicw, Gross leanne, P e t e r Ii o n, C ri r ol Teunissen, Carol, Hagan, Gale Kuenneth, R r e n d a, Roersina Dorothy, lohnson, Nanfy, Mr' Court, Sandra, Colaren, Diane Row 3: Paddock, ludy, Watson 0 Edna, McElroy, Nanny, Free man, Rarbara, Millard, Rob C r i s rn a rr, liin, Rooinaardr-n leanne, Lamb, lurly, Rartker -1 Louise, lones, Pat, Cole, Carol, Moraan, Ruthann Row l: Reszznior, Lois, Sanders Donna, Maflisow, Mary, Wilt Claudette, Waldo, Dorothy, Free- man, Diane, Alin, Virainia. Row 2: Massey, Charlotte, Olcott, Richard, Bartle, Ioanneg Brockhoff, Lois, lohansson, Betty, Stantesly Norma, Kaininski, Kay, Fredendall, Carolyn, Newland, Diane, Kennedy, lane Row 3: Haaey, Virainia, Whitnell Miriam, Slebors Gladys, Crane Vernadine, Lore, Barbara Schaffer, Marilyn, F u r n e a u x Gayle, Hoover, lackie, Ertsman Louizze, Robbins lane To become better acquainted with Spanish-speaking-peoples, and to stim- ulate interest in them are the interestina purposes of the Ran-American Club. Requirements for this club, sponsored by Miss Holland, arei one year of Spanish with a arade of UG" or better, and SA. membership. RanfAmerican Club had a Christmas Cookie sale in December, and ft book sale in the Sprina, Officers for the fall semester were: Diane Newland, President, Dorothy Waldo, Vice-president, Richard Olcott, 2nd Vicefpresident, ludith Rochells, Secretary, and lane Robbins, Treasurer. Page 73 Oli: fin Row l:F11-11,11-y,L'l1111I111l11, V1'll':O,I111iy, Hfmwy, V11c11111-1, Sh-11012, A111111 Gonna , ,- W11111, Vfullcr, H-1111::l1c1It1,m111, P1'1I1'Ic'1c1, H11111111, .w11111l111 HOW 2:Ii11!111111v.,I,w14.1, K1::kv1fi1lQ111,I11riy, Hcwvvl-1',', M11 1 11111, Mohr, Marilyn, . 1. -N f11111Il1, MIL-111111, W1-1111-1, Cfrutgtlflmz, IMI-cz-1,Vl1yll11:, Hw11111fx S111-1111, Collm.: lH1111l11-, Cxlmpp, 111111-'w Row 3: .fX11lw1,zc11:, Allflw, A:11l11-Iflrzq Uv-1I111':-, f5l111111y, ILIHIVN, Griyimvrx, H1-n111111, C511-111, L11111, fS1'l111mv1'1v1p: lw111, Lf11.1cv11 11111111113 AH111ff:1, Pllyllm, l.11:11l, c1'1IYl Row 4: M1Hf111i IW1-11:11, I.111'k, H1111a'y, Ff111lk1w1', Ifxrw, W c'- :W V O r, Ruth 51101-br-, I11:1wI, AH011, 101111, Cvxsmser 11-1111111-, H1'111kmrc1, K rx r Q1 11, El'1C'1iOVi T-3111'1'v, Punk--11011, FSr1rbr11'c1, Flrwsvuj 5lc11'1f11A, Kcwvk, Cmrol' KO1"Fbf?V, Cmroql. Pwlz- 74 ow 1: X11.a11r111, Hlll, 811111, iilwllf-y Rrookzs, Bmrbffrfz, C71111g:t11if, Iufly, Wood, Kvxrlfx, S-'l111ltz, IN111, GUI UO11f'rlfi Row Z: K11'r1,zIw, Wvllllkllll, fl11',f1xa, l11:1, Morcfxfm, TO111, limkn-'X1111f1.:, IM111, MC-OTH, IOIIII, Vf111 IU V R 0, K:1r'1.c, Ar11'l01'.:011, Slwrwomi, Rwrk L11:1y, Hull, Alhc'-It Row 3: Cc1c4l111111ag:11, 121.111, IS11r1'l11-.' Peter, Clfxrwty, Gcxry, Tho1111v1e1111, K-2:1 Lir'1fi:2Oy, B 1 ll Cf 11, T11o111111:, lohm H 01171101 , H Il y, Clnwzlvy, Km.: H0opp1:vr, Hfxrvvy, B1-Ol'1y,To111 Row 4: Wm:1'11er1', P1111-, Wl11tw, T1111 Hfxtch, 15011, Kf'1plf111, Gu1fio1:, Fulsaorn Robert, Olroth, Hormlfig He-II111111, 1111111 Hscherick, Frcxdg H 01 II1f7I'FiiIECi1 O 1 Wmltor, Cfrrrlrxom, Rulrwh, Hvlm, I,.1r1rv Q fi 0 1: h 11 1 111 11 1, Alfrwi, Vwrplowqh f'v1.:0, Hmmy, C"l111'., H1-mi, Pfflvffxrfi Row 1:5S11111i1f1,HQ11f11t, Wy11H, H1111111' I'if'I1f'iT1Lfkii, Iculm, l.1'111r-, Rob Row 2: POtc1.:o11 Carol, Howlwy, 11111 UQ Youml, C O 1 Il 11 I 1 11, f5tf1vc1111:o1 l.y111.0, Vr1111Jh11 l11I11vt, Wol111f'1, loyf' flow 3: S0116-1bo1c1, I1111qI, C11r111c-r, Pm S1r11:1, CIfIl1'if?fflW, f'rf'fi011fif1ll, Cfuolyl IQr11:so1:, fIr111:'y, Hlll, Inlw, Grlvwu Ruth, KllllbIO'1lll1, f?fx1l1111'f'1, f':t'!1II1fI COT'ZT'11f' Row 4: IOllI1liC3I1, Pwzuy, Tllvlmlrs, 1111111 Dimzn, Merszsluo, Rormniv, Pwrlaor Ioscphimfr, Bmlcy, I3orotl1y, VlXl111hC'I Ffmh, Foy, Bfwrbrwm 1 S0115-idf, Mmy, F1f1wr1:so11,Lc1v, Uvllm 1 Ji'l'IlI Cl II A Formed in order to obtain practice in spealcina German, Moraaii Parks German Club, sponsored by Mr. William Mohr, had as its pro ject tor the year raising money to obtain maps, a dirftiaiiary, and fiona books for the German classes. The only requirement lor membership in this club is one smiif-:str-r ol German. Olticiatina lor the tall semester were: Ellen lindemann, presidi-nt, Bob Gibson, vice-president, Dave Kann, secretary, and Pat Waaner, treasurer. Row l: Davenport, Randall, Batty, Laurel, Sawuer, Rette, Mr, Mohr, Waarxer, Pat, Rowley, ludith, l-lottinan, Sandra, V A Row 2: Peters, Carole, Martin, Marilyiz, Cleniins, Bruce, Coyle, 'l'f'-fl, Wiltiiii, ffitliiiiiiii- Wilmere, Edward, Miller, Wayne, Gibersei: Paul, Reeil, llfIVl'i, llotfiiifiin, Willifiiii, Weir, William, Smith, Norman, Karaes, Lucy Row 3: Perry, llavifl, Tuttle, Bill, Preissner, Bill, lohiinsoiz, Roawr, llill, R--iriiiil, Flvvfirinini, Kurt, Gibson, Rob, Fairlamb, Francis, Artrlersori Malroliii, lli-ith-t, Larry, lYy:li:i, lrwl, Willis, Richard, White-il, Richard, lusaclc, Ricliarfl lfffifii fi jan gmignn Moraan Park students who have attained thirteen arade points in major subjects and no grade lower than AG" for their tinal arade each semester are awarded membership in Tau Epsilon. Althouah the purpose ot this club is to recognize and reward exceptional scholarship, it has also been quite active in sponsorina a tudae sale, and a bracelet sale to raise money tor school improvements, ln the future they plan to purchase a permanent bulletin board on which to post the club's current activities. During the tall semester the olticers were: Dorothy Howard, president, Diane Millard, vice-president, Nancy Hibbott, secretary, and Faris Chesley, treasurer, ln the sprina the administrative positions were held by: Diane Millard, president, Robert Millard, vice-president, Gloria Stevens, secretary, and Nancy Erickson, treasurer. Row 1: Stevens, Krirsazy, Lacey, Linda, Lasson, Marianne, Levy, Fvrn, Wilks, Iulie, Wirth, Nell. Row 2: Cromer, Evelyn, Alberche, Sue, Rradbury, lanis, Kastner, Sybil, Arkema, Paul, Harrison, h Rarbara, Hill, Elaine, lohnson, Marion, Waaner, Pat, Roehm, Flinore Row 3: Westlund, Darlene, Hoea- lund, Karen, til e l :z on , Rob, Peterson, Carol, Moraan, Ruth- ann, Rlal-ze, Linda, Zeiss, Carol, Stokes, Mary, Bauman, Suzanne, Foster, Van, Auck- land, Gail, Carter, Donna, How 4: Fink, Sheldon, Roles Milton, Weist, Bob, Tampa, Gene, Cullob, Retty, Bronson, Rill, Lewis Mike: Heuss, Tom, Sanders, Rob, Footer, Huah, Minarik, lean, Carlson. Richard, Goaaeshall, I o h n, Kamiriski lames, Waaner, tune. Row 1: Waldo, Dorothy, lohan- sson, Betty, Nelson, Lois, Pelino, ludy, Lindemann Ellen, Reall, Claudette, Wilt Claudette. Row 2: Rochells, Indy, Kadlub Marion, Werner, G r etc h e n Powills, P at, L u n d, Caryl Roersma, Dorothy, Lana, Gwen Neath, Carol, Stevens, Gloria Row 3: B o wma n . Donnavlo Kuenneth, Brenda, Sendra, Bob Roomaarden, leanine, lohnson Gerald, Ronander, Doris Adams, Iarnes- Koerber, Carol Wilkins, Marilynn Rf-W 4: Miller, larry, Smaren Axel, Lindsey, Bruce, Haqey, Phan, Hatch, Don: Helm, Larry Relland, Iohn, Folaom, Robert Swanson, Kurt, Foster, Bob Soraaue, Ralph, Chesley, Faris Grettie, Ion. Page 76 Row 1: 1111v1'1111' 11.11y, 1'Q1':1'!' K. 111, 11111111111, 1111-W1111 .1 111111:11, 131111:1c11u11 1.11111 V1'o11:111 1111111 V1111111111 11111111 W11k.' 1111111", Row 2: H111111:11111111111 P111 1111111 V1111111K1 111111C1111 111, 11-.11,1111, 1 V11111111111111, 111111111011 Ln1:1u1, A111110-1111111, 111111, 251111111611 11111711 Iy11, I11'11'k::1111111 M11111, 1111111 11111111111, 1v111:1f:1-y 1f11111'10111'1 Row 3: 1711111111111:11, 1,11.1111, 1"111':1O'1:1 111:111111111,11, S1l11111Y 11111131- M11111111 1111:1111, 1w111111L::111 111' 1441111114 f'111o1, VVv111'11 VV1',111111 1111111, 111111:, 11111111111 111111161111 ow 4: X1-11:4 11411111111 511111 15111-11y, W1111' 110111111 111111111111 W11111111, W1111.a 1"111'1l 1111 W111k111, A11111, K:111'.I. 1111101 1111111111111 1111111' 11: 11 W1111111 1111'1111111, K1'1111111.1sk1- Lmal, 22111111117 1111111, 1111111111111 14111 :"2 Row 1:111 111 1111111111 111111 1 fl1'1f111111- W1'1'11 1 C 11111,11 1.11'111.11,1'11-111 1111111 1 1 111 11 511111113 111'Y11'1' '1 111 11 111111 :'1'11,, 11','11 How 2: K1-1111 11.1 11 ,1 K 1 I 11, 1111 1, C I 111111 .11'11111111,11,11, 111111111 1 .1111111 1111111 1x1111 111 V1'71, 11 11 1 111 1'111 1 1.111111 1111'1-11111111111 X111 1 How 3: 1,11 1 11 111 .11111 f.11:,1. 11111 I 111 1111511171 111 1- 171 II 11111 11111111111 1111111 111 111111 1.1 1'111 1 11111! 1111 A1 110' Row 4: 1.111. .1111,1.:1 1 1 11 1111133 V 1 11,1 11 111111 11111, 111111111 11111 1J111l111 1111111-11 1111'1i1111111111 1 1!11111,111 1,1.,1111, 1 1 111 111 1111'1111:11 1.11111111 111111 11 111 11111111111 11.111 1.1 1 Row 1: 5111 1 111' 11 1111 F11111111, 1.111111 1:4f1111',' 11 1 111 1115111111131 1:4-1 .,.1 . 1111. Row 2: 1 11 1' 1111111 5111111111, O ' 111 111 1 111 1 K1111111111-1 11' ' 11 1 11111 A1111Y1, fl1.,1.1111 I 1 1 1111 1 1'1f, 111111 111, 111,v.'11 1 11 111 Row 3: W1111' '111 C 1111 CN111: 1 T11 1132 191, 1 1 111"11 11111 111111 1f11111C11 11111 11l1'111 W 1'1 f1111:111111,1111r111111 11111111 111111 afionafcirlonor ,ggocivfy ao.:,f im Q at xx brim .. Y Row 1: Rowley, ludith, Vaughn, luliet, Brockhotl, Lois, llliss Cainutz, Newland, llianeg Wilks, Nancy, Woliiia, loyce. Row 2: Crane, Vernadinc, Schaffer, Marilyn, Colhizs, llfeirfiri-, Koegzlvr janet, Haar-y Virainiag Hoehni, Barbara, Massey, Charlotte Row 3: Palinquist, Linda, Aiiibelaiiq, Bea, Oschatz, Loralee, Kooclc, Carol, Bawkstioiii Marie: Millard, Diane, Faulkner, lane: Rennie, Sheila, Hinshott Carol Row 4: Heaburg, Karen, Schultz, lean, Mueller, vlllfIl'YQT1j Willis, Richard, Grillin, Emory, Walker, Al, Baawell, Howard, Seip, Shelley, Zeiss, Maraot, Shippy, lf'IIlll'I,' Wlqo create interest in well-rounded hiah school careers, placina eaual emphasis on traits, service, scholarship, and extra curricular activities" coiiif poses the excellent purpose ot the National l-lonor Society, Membership requirements include: maintenance of hiali arades, above averaae trait ratinas, service to the school, and participation in school acf tivities. Specifically, a candidate must have a tinal arade ol NE" or US" in the junior and senior years. New members are inducted at an impressive candleliahtina ceremony followed by a tea tor the parents ot inductees, For their proiect of the year, the National Honor Society purchased much needed accessories lor the Social Room. Peter Werner, president, Diane lensen, vicefpresident, Dorothy Howard, secretary, and lchn Tre-dwell, treasurer, olliciated durina the Fall semester, Dick Willis, president, Charlotte Massey, vicevpresident, Diane Millard, sec retary, and lane Faulkner, treasurer, durina the Sprina semester Miss Elizabeth Camutz sponsors the Society, Members of 1954 ROW 1: Straflicni, lining lciiiseii, Diane, Hall, Albert, Trodwell lohi, W-liner, Peter, llowaril llorothy, Mimi: Caiiiiilx How 1: W111t1111Q1, M11 111111 11100111 1l111V 1'11:1111f111 1.c1111:111 Row 2: 1-1I'OVx'I, ?11y111:a, M1111::, M11111111, H 11 y 11 5, V1111111111 111111, A1.111:11, M1111::e111 P11I1'11'111, C1111111, 111111011 1:01 ::y111, 3111111111 Row 3: O::1'11111z, L O1 6111111 1111111111 1? U11'1', 1111ck:a11O111 M111111, L111111111 1111'1c, M1111 I1111k1, 11111y, A1wOO11, 1111111 111151, 111111y, fo1111::, P111 411151111111 1111q1'111, 1711111k11111 1111111, M11111111, 11111119 C0111 C111111, B11111111111111111, SL111y Row 4: 311111 S11111111y, 111011111 11111, 1V111111111w:: C11111'111:1 1.11111b, 1111112 W 1111111111 A111111111111, CN11T11f'Y, G11 1 y P111111111111, 111111111111, 1'1011c111:s 11111y, 11111111, T1111, A111112 11111111111 N1111, 5.11111111, 11011 11o1111::, M111o:1, W111111 K111111 Row 5: 111111:11,1, 11111, M11111111 11011, C1111::11111, 111.1y, 1v'11::111: 111111111, O 1' 11 Il , 1111'11c1111:sO11 1111111, M1'V11y, 11111yg 1l111:ao11 B1111'11, K101111, 11111, 1111111111111 1111111, 111-:sn 1111111, KCXIOkf':l Cw11111111:zg XNIKI 111111, A111111 111111-111011, P11111 Con1111::111111 101111, 1111111113 C41lf1!', K111111111 C'11'111111'1 Row 1: 1311:1::111111', 1.1111 3111111111 CN111'o1y11, W 11111111, 1Oy1'11, 1i11t1y, L11111111, TGXQ11, 13111'ky, 31111111111 150111111, WlI'11l, N1111 Row 2: C1o111111, 11 v 015' T11 K0111111111' 1111111, 11 y rs I 1' o 111 1.0i::, 1' 0 r::y111 S111111111g 5111110111 15' 11 1 1' 1 ru, C11 111 11 1111111.'11, 111111211111 N11111'y Row 3: 1V11lIP1lY, P11y1111s, N11"11o1::, 111 1: I1 1 11, Sc11c111o1 M1111ly11, 111111111111 , So1111'1g Go1a11w11111, P11111c1, 1110111101111 11111y, 11111111111 1211113 111 51, P11111111, SO11111, A1b111C111, S110, F1111111111111111, C111'o1y11, 13111111.: L11.11to111, P111 Row 4: Grogzfs, 11111111111, P0111 5011, 1.y1111, H1J11113, 11111111:a, Goo1,1111c111, 1111111, Ray, 1511111111 Wo11c1:z11111, C111111, COll4,'11, 111111, ffv1111::, WVQ111, VV1111011, 1111111111115 1511v1:: 1w111'1Q11CI 11111111111o111sc,11ob111, S111111c1c1, W1111111, H 11 y 11 ra V111111:111, F1111111 110111111 I KACUI- Glllllllillli' .,ga-1,319 4 ,RY 1: SOFA OW! 0I'l' Row l: Wirth, Nell, Dobuik. Elizabeth, Warn, ludy, Keller, loan, Horn, Bosie Lee, Peter- son, Audrey, Thomas, Iuanita, How 2: Sippel, Debra, Clemans, Bruce, Murphy, Bob, Winton, lim, Hayes, Virainia, Cowan, Betty Lou, Horne, lim, Shelton, Norman, Rogers, Susan, Al- brecht, Susan, Waqner, Patri Cla, De Youna, lane Row 3: Blair, Deanna, Hubley. Ernestine, Bradbary, lanis, tia, Wilson, G r a c e, Smith, Douglas, T o at man , lo h n, Lawrence, C a r ol, Morrison, Karen, Peterson, Carol, Host, Patricia Row 4: Nelson, Phil, Coyle, Ted, lanes, Bob, Bronson, Bill, Mc- inaton, Georae, Ah, loseph, Sheldon Row 1: Love, Anna, Mussen Mariorie, Bloom, Iudy, Cromer Evelyn, Eiclienborq, P a u l a, W i l l i a m 1: , Carol, Skelton Carole Row 2: Fryk, Mary, Kastner Sybil, Brady, H e l e n, Scott Snyder, B i cf h a rd, Cooley Marion, Carlson, Sally, York loan, Slebos, Gladys, Mallary Mary How 3: Payne, Richard, Paris Darlene, P a d d o c lc, lu cl y Anderson, B r end a , Stevens Bobert, Paddock. Bud, McGary Helentoz Weir, William, Urury Mike, Rittenhouse, Bobin. Row 4: Irby, Thomas, Bechileld Gust, Minarik, lean, Camp David, Bailv, Dorothy, Wheeler Adrienne, Kereke, Charles Bolinson, Bart, Richardson lohn, Knapp, lim. Spoerl, Dan Miller, Wayne, Tupes, Paula Nolles, Milton, Waaner, Itine. A brand new club at Empehi, the sophomore Pep Club, recently com- pleted its tirst year ot existence, Formed to create greater interest and partici- pation in all sports' activities, the Pep Club reserves a section in the arana stands and aives enthusiastic support to all cheers. First to olticiate in this club are: lerry l-lodaes, president, Lynne Pearson, vice-president, Nancy Lassman, secretary, and Mike Lewis, treasurer. SA. and sophomore Class membership are prerequisites to membership in this club, sponsored by Miss Ann Demopoulos. Haqan, Gale, Gaydon, Lucre- Kniqht, K e n n e t h, Denninq, lohn, Fairlanib, l?ITIttC'l:2, Wash- Lewis, Mike, Weist, Bob, Fink, Cha r l es , Sheridan, William, Sparrer, loAnne, Foote, lack, 2 SSOIJA OIH 01"l' Row l: lolinson, Parker, Holtinon, Ambrose, Row 2: llc Younox, lenison, Lone, Stevenson, Holnistrorn, Potrfnsorz, Hitmillixiifrvr Bow 3: Wilson, Sclieidl, Stevenson, Seornon, Browrison, Soborbcro, Pellc-rl, Bloom, Crosby, Stroup, Conner, Mossiizo, Smith, Hill Row 4: Lorsrsiiivrri, Samuels, Kelly, Sowyer, Oroor, Norsli, Loizo, Gfillffcilivr Morfrfin, Ufilow, Siiinniorfz, Von Dyke, Hiiiiiplflery, Bryont, Row 5: Sclinoegos, Motilcon, Hodges, Moolir liiiaork, Bfirvloy, Cirprtirft, f'f1ri::li'li11c'l, Willimiw., Dyer, Phillips, l'loiClot, Coolionoso, Roth, Pweciby, Mfrrtiri Row l: Zoloii, Swrinlc, loiios, Wliitorl, Scliroibo, Oppernionn, Bessirior, Row 2: Hill, Carter, Westluncl, Wnuk, Beouinont, Carlson, Wicks, Toplitz. Row 3: Moylo, Hovqliind, Stolws, Hoftinon, Koininski Rodoin, Madsen, Schollor, Moroon, Poorsoii Row 4: Bohnomonri, Cullop, Cooooszlioll, Pinkerton, Sanders, Conoll, Moriarty, Foglcr, Cloiiivnt, Gorvor, Thoinpfsori .1 :,, Q lung' Zgozzgy Row 1: Hodaess, Gossiwein, Rochells, Balcwr, We,vr11Qr, Gross, Tl1o111p1:o11 Row 2: Chcslsvy, Carlson, lanes, Fmedl, Slurzkerl, C3llll'llfNC?, S:'l1:111r3v'l11-l, Albvrazcar., fN'IVli1OlZ Boersma, Powills, l'lQrr11a11 Row 3: Lock, Faulkner, Slokoe, l3ai'kslror11, Sf-r11'lrf1, Kmrxcvy, l-lac"hc1llps, Sf1rw'l11r1:, l?r'aalcc'1:1 N1cl1ol::, M1llard, M1lQf:, Kadlub Row 4: Gaydon, FYEQIIIGTI, Lachat, Hess, Thoreuafa, A1':flffr::a1 B1-rfllol, l'l1-1l1:f'l111111ll lfwaif-1, Mayor, Rl1:2:7Oll, l-lar1::o11, Soip, Sf'l111llz Row 1: VV'alf'lo, Droruqolcl, Kc-r111Q1'iy, Hcrwlriclcas Row 2: Will, Wolma, Graper, Stamlesly, Batty, Camp, Mcnlinorz Row 3: Brovkhofl, Newland, Strachan, Ertsmam, Ra111:fsbotlo111, Hoovm l'-lLl1'I.f'lkIl1I'I Str-vmu: Bartle, Whilnell, Iohamsson, Beall, Forsyth. How 4:Eva1xs,Palmqu1st, Koesler, Hagay, EIIl:ll1Oll, Crare, A1'1ar11,f:, lfvvr1111'1l1f1111, flrrzbz-IK11111 lol111s0r1, lohnsaom, Lore, Kiskaddon. Row 5: Hibbolt, l51Ck, KooCk, l-lvqbura, lol1r1::o11, Lew, Hal1r11'111ar11: GT1l'T' Wfwlkm lW111'1r1r- Gill, Woll1r1a11, Kllfbfxf, Cola Mlrhale, Hayes :J 4- ,QLXXS 51 111: 1' , na J x l'I.l'lIl'l' CHA Row l: Iohrrszorr, Olrott, Vmx Dykc-, Mrs Wrrltfrrsa, Mr Vfrr. Iirzrrr, Hrw, Brofkhoff Row 2:1-lrrywsr,CCfrlsor1,Weif:t Moohr1Srrr1i-'-r.: Rwbrrz R4"Hf!I'4 Trlorrfor' Trf TV 11 W rr Kmrrirmskr, Roth Gmllnfrllr-r o.slv,s.s u 1 if ff I Row 1: Burke, Smith Taylor, lorrlvrry Kvlly Arrrbrtmxry Lovn Row 2: VVriqhi, Wolrrrmw, Cromer TOIIVOI My-Ivor. Vrrrzoll, Zrmtz. r 111: Hylm VN r Iron Mcxckeroy MlTL'flOIIl Dmrtzlor Row 3: Sims, IYFGVL1 P-'rrzok Rmuhvi, Robirror' Iiuxh Willrr:rrr.: flrylr-: Truim 1 Afylllll Brinsfo, Rrorlfihiorz. Row 4: Morton, Mfirklmzer, Culzmzlrrs SVTI.'il,'Y.7 Howe- Wurfcrr' 0r1wv.'rr'1' H1 r T? r I M1ni0r,I.-rrzzorr Milli-r' f'lw:z:rrrs M'-I7 Ku-Hi" 914-xwrr 'fwr G1 rfu in A Z 1711114-H11 Fall Prcduction "Charm School f'N ug G1 rfain C ug Witli Fall Production lieadina tlie lona list ol otlier pro- tects, Curtain Club proved itsell an active club. Comprised of all ol tlie members ol tlie speecli and drama classes, lliis club also aave aitts, food, and money to a deserv- ina family at Cliristmasg and presented the "Tlieatre-inftl1e- Round." l,ed by otlicers Brian Seavoy, president, Alex Micliale, vicefpresident, lolm lenlcs, secretary, and ludith Kiskaddon, treasurer, Curtain Club lullilled its purposes, olterina opportuf nity lor dramatic expression, promotina aood lellowsliip, and providina proarams and service for scliool and community aroups. Mrs. Katlileen Riaby sponsors tlie club. C11 rfa in A How 1: Granger, Branchlielcl, Kiskaddon, Seavoy, Michale, Ienks, Lindberg. Row 2: McKee, Pierce, johnson, Wyrick, Buck, Bullock, Persons, Rochells, Springer, Arianna, Weaver, Row 3: Anderson, Flesvig, Lock, Millard, Lebowitz, Friedl, Brookes, Hanson, Stokoe, Faulkner, Backstrorn, Ericksen, l-legberg. Row 4: Zeiss, Seip, Smith, Wollenzien, Poly, Casner, Cox, Hynes, lenserz, Frocinon, Peteixaon Crandall, Moore, Trapp, Nichols. Row 1: Vaughn, Forsyth, Stafford, Duffy, Snyder, Bathe, Fields. How 2: Wolnia, Walker, Hunter, Freolendall, Robbins, Clark, Williams, Camp, Toliver, Cole, Nichols, Oswald, Kimbrough, Batty, Murna, Row 3: Annen, Ambelang, Ernshoft, Kennedy, Unterberg, lones, Colgren, Kilbonrne Flint, l-lodges, l-lorvath, Iohnson, Behrens, Murphy, Palinquist. Row 4: Furneaux, l-libbott, Koester, Clapp, Miles, Siniester, Mohr, Oschatz, Guidice, Kenirnler, Pinkerton, Lamb, Rennie, l-layes, Strom, Carlson, Panek Page 85 Ci: rfa in CAA ., - 1. 1 M .... v -nu vi Row 1: Loc, Iones, N1colazzi,Erick:son, Malin, Kionzla, Worth, How 2: Mathews Clancy, Schlegel, Mueller, Lachat, l-loeppner, Harris, Percy, Rogers Russell, Collard, Ferrill, Langner, Duggan. Row 3: Gill, Borkinan, Mills, Tuicler, Snnth, lolinraon, Fowler, Hess, Brauer, Kolar, Alcer.: llvrcieroii Berkur, Wallcor, Atwood, Row 4: Guiflife, Haberrnan, Aldriclae, Silloway, Mc'Vey, Danzy, llully, Lcwi.: AYlf'lCF:5Oli Ciifsnian, Camp, Fowler, Channoll, Moog, lohnson ,qoofggg !l'l'J Row 1: Wirth, Stevens, Oppermann, Manz, Wingstrom, Zalqa. How 2: Williams, Lacey, Olcott, Wms, Bally, Levy, Carr Row 3: Beall, Kilbourne, Swannie, Sippel, Kastner, Ertsnian, Whitnell, Carlson, Carter, Blair Nc-wlin, Adams, Eichenberg, Keller Row 4: lones, Hibbott, Reynolds, I-larnilton, Paris, Drury, lrlenniz, Stokes, Hooalnnfl, McGary, Bradbury, Christiansen, Flesviq, Silverwood, Walter, Row 5: Paddock, Thompson, Carlson, Minarilc, Beard, Hayots, Stn-ipn, Knapp, Hinc-gz, lfvmns Cullop, Austin, Waaner, Hagan, Camp. 1.1 HFS JMCJ cz, -4'-1 1l....l A fn' Row l: Brfwy, Boollm, Doblxk, Wingstrom, Lossorz, Host, Stylcrf: Row 2: Brockholf, Levy, Govcus, Swovmie, Copron, Gorplcl, l-lill, Lousy, Wlxitoll, Humor lemicson. Row 3: Waller, Comp, Bloom, Pmkorlom, Cooley, Moyer, liirmvlt, Bfllllllllll, Mlllm, l:5lOl'lL4l Row 4: Colgren, Polls, Friocll, Hfmson, Woofl, MCVoy, Vv'ollmo:w, Hollmfm, Foolo, PPFIVJOII 'l,15ffSZ? Row 1: Olcoll, Crossell, Springer, Lee, Mrs. Wolfersa, Hoyas, Scott Row 2: Wyotl, Bolles, Roth, Wlflltloy, Wlooevl, Rononborq, Pink, 2, fig 4 g 1 1 e.!l0lllll!l'I'J lust tor Freshmen Flounders helps incominq students to become familiar with Moraan Park and what it offers, qives them a sense ot belonaina, provides worthwhile activities, and promotes SA. membership. The requirements for this unique club are simple. A member must belona to the SA. As part of their extensive proqram this year, Flounders sponsored parties tor the tirst divi- sion with lUU' membership in Plounders and tor the "araduatina" lA's. Other protects in- clude membership Campaiqns, and IttOOllI'lC,1S durina assembly periods at which time the various Club leaders lamiliarize freshmen with the requirements ot specific clubs, and thi- activities to be enjoyed by members. Elected as olticers tor the tall semester were Georae Kennedy, president, Barbara Harrison, vice-president, Charles Mathews, secretary and lulie Wilks, treasurer. Miss Genevieve Fahey and Mr. Carl Hallaren are the tavulty sponsors. r at' XT lv' 'Z a Q Row l: ltzriiipstor, lanek Sollaiifgl, Klaus, Rlirzis lierrial Coyne Row 2: Love, Betschor, Markham, Smitt, Bergeron, Bally, Forquson, Boyle Row 3: Hudolph, Davis, Dossell, Thompson, Larson, Hoynolds l'i:v'lioi, lliofiffll Matliyz Binert, Walter. Row 4: Adams, Henning Cliiistitmsen Gmac Ferrill, At'l'tlCY1lUOI'f'I Olson, Yvifmr, Flf-:wifi Flair, Qppel, Rowe, Latean.: Row 1: Carr, Mifhel, Tuttle Kunath Bdiiibritglqo, fiewliii, Tlioiiipaoiz. Row 2: Lyen, Smith, Havill, Dekker, Valentine, Lindquist, Aiiftorsoxz, Youiwti, AItVl1"I'lSOlt Pozesky, Prudik, Snyderworth Pack, Row 3: I-lesper, Mcliondriclc, Natzmax, Toops, Markham, llocioudroaux Seaiiifiri, Klf-irzifih Semmer, Holmes, Holiiiberq, Klinqensmith, Colqron, llanzy Row 4: Auqst, Hamilton, Smith, McCabe Nelson, Keele, Kasper, Kfmlw.: Svhffugl lurix Roiiiiolt, Little, Glass, Stephens, Slcaare, Hnllrifii ill , llilllll l'I".f Row 1: llIX0ll l,1111-'l, lxllflfl 1 v loc bt 1 lll Row 2: llvlon ll1'111::111: P111 'nlcl C7"1Z '- ,, ,,i 1-- 1 , 1W'Il , , 1-11 Row 3: V111:ol1, l?11'1c11., Ktlw 11 ,P 1 1 1 11, I 1 , Mmkl, ll1111l1'-1, Slllllll, W1'11:.'l, l,.111'kwtt, Fwlfl, Io lll1lSOYl , ll1C11vk1-.:, SNAH'IlilCf' Row 4: Fm 11 1 .17o11 1 C51 FI 1 fl Il c v 1 W 1 0 r ll fl lu r ff 1111 3 , 1 l X- Row 1: I111:t1:so11, Bmilvy, Wore Stevens, Boxztor, Sfrbozfil Haycv: Row 2: Lonq, S111itl1, Mc'Fr'11i tlrvn, lvlylcytink, W C1 G n 01 SOflo11lc1l1l, Groon, Molcnrt Ert1:111u11, lf11c1olborf1. Row 3:R1c11'1i11f:,l2ror1r1, Wnlko Wol1l1111111, R 1 G Q 3, War: W0f2t,B11rk0,GlwClcr1rc1 Svolmmdfw, S r' O t t, HUYHTTIC l'5or11f1r:arv11, Dnylm Row 4: Tf?l1llliiE1Ctll, Van Ozwlc Provll, H Mf1z11t0::, Emile' T111flc?r, Tl1c1rnto11, Sinrlelri U O y l cv, Corbntt, L1111clbc-rf Lfrnn, Fulton, L 1 Row 1: l511'11.Qt Pmvll, llolz bf1fl.:1, W 1 111 ll t, llrtlyfxrf l111gw,:, 51111111101 Row 2: L11r.:o11, Kvfk, Frmtm llrvyor, R 11 ll 111 fl 11, l3lf1l4'J S 1 H l O, llrotf-st, A11-'klf111f' G 1 1 0 CI F11r11o::1:, SlffIplZOl StQvv11.so11 Row 3: Holly, Fontvr, ffowlcc Slmllcy Kv1r11:, B 0 CI r fi Corxqeralmll, Slc1.1f1.a, Knott l-lolson, C0011 Row 4: A11:at111, BOIQI, lflmzvir Anderrson, Bo1,111r1111, Slnrnp F l O 0 lc l1 0 1 Af'lf11111a, H011 .-lvffllllllkll, Clli1l'lWl4"l1, l.f1r:101 llo:so1':beJrf1 S1"l111ltZ I f -. Ulllil l'I'J E II D Row 1: Bmy VVI:IL1::IrO:II MGH W-WSIIOIII GIDFIIIIIII, SIIIIIII, I?ovII::. IIJVI1 C How 2: KI'Or1f-Ixbn-rm-I Sh-vm: Shaw, SwI1:Ir,II' HIII, IIIm1,:w IQ1 I I W III I AI.:pI"I.'I4 GC1rpIvI CNVTPTPI1,IJII'1IIOYIIIIX'IC I.r1f'f",' I,Iw'y IIIIIIIUI: I-II-'Ir II How 3: CIIIIIIW, C'LvII'- FIIIIIIA AIIQIIIIII ImI1:I.'-,azz 71-1.:.a IVIIIIIII IWIII- r I1 I II II II I GQIIIIIIII IIvIIIII1fI Cirtuto FIAIIQI, SI.'I1:'Qv'Iwr IvTcerII:1 I1I'II1Iv: Row 4: Qrlowwz FOIQIUI Ilvfrrul I'QfN:I::wIy IIIIwfn-I.: C"f:I'I.1m HIII KIM I II I II Mf'I?I'1IIw GIb::0I, KI11.1u Frfuwv IffI1'I,:w' Mf1III1ww.: HIV: '-" 1 I3'-" I I I I '-In , HIIIOI' ll' J 10l'H.5 Row I: Curry W:IIIm:xIs KQUIIIIP Mrs ONQIII, ZGIQG, KOIIIP, Fox Row 2: SHIIIII Howdrd IIIPISOH BGIIY, Kf:faI:Is-r, CFIYZYP VVIIIIFJIIIH SEI rv 'I II I Row 3: Crcwsby, HIIIIIOII MIJIIQIIS S1lx'f'rv.'ofwfI ITOVIIMII Wfzfxw-I' Pr-:II Tn I, I II I l.I"I:S:1 I7I'III, Ijyw'-' I'II:.1'1:I4 CJHPIJI' Cl it if lik 5' B lf A 1' Row 1: Hendricks, Wolma, Camp, Smith, Whitnell, Miss Skelton, Schiltz, l-litzelburqor, Beall, Cikuiznirzahain Row 2: Brc-1-tzke Hittenliouse, Evorinaham, Arianna, Vauqh-fin, La.s.aman, Faulkner, l'lt'tfll'JtlI"'I Mlircliisori, lVlorri::on, Humphrey, Miles, Kurnmer, Palmauist, Collins, Anderson Row 3: klrnniltorz, lilellert, Bullock, Brookes, lonos, Gaydcn, Markham Sanders, Soriflrri Slf?Kllt1l'Hl, Sunniierae, Habermaas, Gayden, Bobinson, l-lanasorp, Bennett, Foote, Buck Row 4: l,V1C'llf1l Ellis, Iarrels, Stronach Habermann, Sheclelbower Charuzel, Verolocrih Anderson, llonnina, Danzy, lansen, Weil, Washinaton, Evans, Brauer, Inn.:-gn, Thoma.:, Mminirta, A Cappella, another one ol the line choral oraanizations in Martian Park has provided musical enjoyment not only lor the school, but also lor the fornniunity. To aain mernbershilo, a student, alter vocal trainina in a lower chorus, must be iudaed by the sponsor, Miss Elaine Skelton. A Cappella has been quite active durina the past year barticipatin-1 in tlif- Sorina Production, Christmas program, the sonatest at the Board ol Edu' ration Buildina in downtown Chicaao, and numerous other community affairs, Gllicers for the tall semester were: Bobert l-labermann, president, Barbara Brookes, Vice-president, William Channell, secretary-treasurer. Cllicers for the fzpyina semester were: lane Faulkner, president, Charles Stronach, vice-presi dent, Miriam Wliitnell, secretary-treasurer. Ro l gf cm "A Pretty Crirl is Like a Melody!" aptly describes tlie ineinbf-rs ol llmpi-lii':' Girls Glee Club. Glee Club, under tlie direction ol Mrs Mariiarwt O'N+-il, performed many times tliroualiout tlie year. Sinaina tor the PTA., tlie Christmas Assembly, and Sprinii l3lOdtlf'llCil1, vemprised the proarams aiven tliis year. Cvlee Club also entered the Cityfwide Contest wliere they nwi-:vi-il fin NS" ratina, Previous experience in a junior eliorus is tlie only reaiiiri-iiifnt lm 1-ii trance. Clee Club tullills its purpose, trainina dir-ls in iiroup sziiiiiin :, finil lielpina tliem to acquire poise, and an extensive repetoire. Ollieiatina durina tlie fall semester werei liyde Belirens, pri,-sidwit, lXl'Illf"j,' Hibbott, viceepresidentg Raaina Gayden, secretary, and Pliyllis lflurpli ',,' , tiwirn urer, for tlie sprina semester. urer, tor tlie sprina semester: Claudette Wilt, presldentg lean Sfliultzi, vw! pri-fa ident, Iudy Capstaft, secretary, and Ceta Smitli, treasurer How l: Alm, Pewkrs Brow Walker, Willis Row 2: Ie n i rs o ii, Forsy V a u cz li ii, Wilt, Stafford, l7eYouna, Brevtzlce w 3: Io li n s on, Robbins, I-laqey, B e li r e n ::, Crane, Furneaux, Kifikaililon, Batt Murphy. ow 4: Gosswein, F 1 n a n T li 0 in p f: o ii, Gray, Mohr Hedrick, Kilboiirne Gross Hamilton th, Uizvllirll lf V It, Y, liar l Row 1: liliiil-1.-lozw fzlllll rm Ulu-1Il,l li Colin'-r. lviwiw- Row 2: Sz-iiriifir, l.uiil l lf Aiiiliwliiimr l':1fi ll llliit Cowfii, Row 3: lsl i l l iz i -1, Hi li il fitokov, lrfli: .'-ii 431, l i Altiiiiim, 'vN'iit.1w:i lfi l ii Hililiert lM,v.fini1:, Row 4: lifiiitii fi-111.1 Icr!i'iI.1 llill Vfeul All ll Capntfill, Allif.-mari, l 1 ri Slltllll flvlwilfii fifti- Hl1f0l' fwfr! OPHJ 7 kim Q 0 me vel ,l ...,... 4 V ' Row 1: l?orc1Qr:ao:'1, Potorsorw, Gppermort, Betzschor, Robittraot' Row 2: Mooltfzort, lVlf'ErlworCls, lDOlClQC, Miss Skelton, Bfrrbor, Pei:t"trfaot, Sfoltulfl Row 3: lNlfIYlil'lfTIH, Slobos, Koller, DcrYour1q, Swortme, Slppel, Sfolwirlt, Rrotlbury, Stove-rtzzort Sorttlro, Wiortirtg, Soflcrburof, Holmstrom, Tozor, Storck. Row 4: Wcrltors, York, Hayes, Skooro, Boorsmo, Brortflt, Huqcxt., Ftrxrzfsflf-rx Amlclrnsort Mcrttko, Peterson, Roy, Comp, Coggeshall, DCIVIS, Str-oup, Kcxdlub. Row 5: Flollesa, Cullop, Scortlort, Austm, Campbell, Roberts, Aflmms, Hflworflu Arflmrxorz lt11r1"'lt"1lf' Rylmtfler, lvlitrovirfk, Mort, lfvmts lltyfillrt Mlrxorik, vWltL't1v'l llrflrotx l"l'.f IIHGII 0l"H.f quash Row 1: Htiqerlborg, Stephens, Kohlrrtoti, Long, l-loycrs, I-lerrzflorsort Row 2: Uuqxqrmx Woqrper, Hcmttttor, M1125 Skelton lfttxriztott, Trf'1c'y, Soflt-:tlftlll Row 3: lbcfrti, F16-lol, Heaspcrt, Adomaa, Wolker, Keck, Stovszrtxort Wvxltwr Kotntrttttry liylon, Stllllll, Brookes, Bins-rt, Puck, Emily, Vosolt, Luml Row 4: Hfzydott, Ktlbourrte, Rlodoll, I-loltrxrfr, Tottrxtgrsqsmz, Hfmttltort, Kmtfxtlt, Mtllllllfi, Klvtrttfnx, Krc-mm, Lotto, Auofst, Mtllg,-r, Botrtbrtfifgo, Btzxvify, H-rmaot. Row 5: Sfwttmltt, Hctrzrttttq, l,l1VlPlbC?Ti1, Arzrlf-mort, Bmlvy, Coltxtmz, Fwlttvx, lit-mtl-tt, flwtutttn, Kttttltrn, l.4!ft,r"I', Wllrlfvti Swttt, fwVVf'I' fifllltiftlt lttotmztts-lti, fivvtft-t S? ,, flgf' l'l'lU liwivl- Pvruy -infl Shi-iwooi flrziiomm' fit thu zwimllinilil seth ff X, fwlimo .-lf-vlri-'ifizi lirinoinq :sumo huh! riliiini A:iiivrsoiQNVill1:s rind Mr Morzcimx Loruoly responsible lor the sucf cess of Enipehis numerous produc- tions ond o s s Q in lo l i e s ore the nioinbors oi the Coiiooblo ond indusf lrious stooo Crew. They ore respon sible lor the lechnicfol port ol oll I svhool presentations. The sloue crew is wollfknown lhrouuhout the- school for its willino ond Onlhusioslic Contribution loworcl the ontorlolininonl of the sludenls oi Mormon Pork. Assislinu Mr, Willioni Moslon, the sponsor of this oruonizolion, were the ollicorsi Richard Willis, rnonooor, Willioin Grohoin, ossislonlfinonoo- org Enul COxIiiOTlClSfx, olvfiriciong Shorwood Andorson, locilinicion 1 N , I b b Row 1: Mraz Wlntm-ll Mrs: Moyur Row 2: Mrs: Svhciftt, Mrs H-flzzsf, Mrrt Fmrlkrwfr' Senior banquet chairmen Marylin Mohr and Barbara Crandall. g IH rr- flu J, Fall Retreat Busy Beavers 055 , M f 2, ..,. 3" '67 5 ,. ..., ' 'K 'Y' i ,, i . r .4 ! A ? l E A 5- l - 4 f X 1 1 , , , . lt , 7,35 5- KW x if L l X its .,..L.v.-5... Row 1: Stevenson, Malin, Silk, lanes, l-lall, Blake, Ericksei. Row Z: Lacey, Scanlon, Bronson, Field, Stronacli, Dunne, Mills, Percy, Coiirfli Row 3: Walker, Ambrose, Werner Onda l-lelm, Moog, Fonda, McFadyen, Morrill, Ma:-.izirra Rodgers. Row 4: leriks, Gill, Thatcher, Grillin, Fowler, Berqlol, Kroliri, Lewis, Seavay, lenfzen, Paae, l'leiisc1'l1li1idl,lrbiiadale Reiclier Aldridae Truly representative at the spirit of coeoperation and lairf play at Moraan Park is the Boys' Emblem Club. Tlirouali fine sportsmanship and spirited participation in l2mpelii's major sports, tliese boys have earned tlieir letters, tlius aualilyina tlfiem for membership. The ollicers for the fall semester were: Robert Morrill, pres- .-N,-. . . U QP ident, Kurt Duffy, vicefpresidentg Albert l-lall, secretary, Ronald Gill, treasurer. Ollicers in tlie sprina semester were: Donald Mcl7adyei'i, president, Frank Aldridge, vicefpresidentg lra Roaers, secretary, William Fowler, treasurer, Paqe 97 , 6WIAA'WI PCIQP .K PM Q x E as if i JJ t hil-?J .114-. c ,Q ul Row 1: Wilks, Stantesly, Camp, Forsyth, Karniriski, Wolnia, Kennedy Row 2: Batty, Hayes, Rarnxzbottorn, Hagoy, Anderson, Iohrason, Clapp, Stafford, Rowlvy Row 3: Einsholl, Flesvia, Flesvig, Hodaes, Oschatz, Rennie, Howard, Lore, Hale Row 4: Simester, Heqburq, Michale, Friedl, Woltinan, Meyer, Casner, S-xhultz, Raf'k1'tro1- Shippy, Millard The purpose ol the Girls' Emblem Club is to en- couraae participation and interest in airls' athletic activities, To receive her letter, and thus to become a meme ber of this club, each airl must have earned a total ot lUUU points under the specitic classifications ot ayrn classwork, health, team aames, individual ace iivities, leadership, service, and scholarship. Club members attend playdays with similar ore aanizations of neiahborina schools, and participate actively in extracurricular badminton, softball, basf ketball, and volleyball tournaments. The Girls' Emblem Club is sponsored by Miss Wilma Waters. Ollicers Were: Ruth Flesvia, presi- dent, Diane Millard, vice-president, Lynn lohnson, secretaryftreasurer ,I til epy llllltw ara l'l'I'A'fl lL'l'.5 llC'mom kids, yelllln is tlre WCllfl-IIIOWTI wall ol Empeltrs ltffltlllf' vlrcwrr leaders, lt's our cheerleaders wlto lead the rreccessary, irrsplrima crlleers wllicrlt spur our teams to victory. As represvmtatlves ol tlle sclrool, tlney promote: sclrool spirit and lead cheers for all aames wlttrlr are spertator evfvruts To become a Cheerleader, a airl must be-lorra to tlle S A., have a UC" avvraae irt PEG, pass the tryouts lreld att:-r tlle football season, and display rmility and erttlrustasm. For their projects tllis year, the airls undertook S-l1C'C'6tSSll1llly' an ljastrfr Sale, a l'pep" book sale, a lacultyfclreerleaderr volleyball frame, and 'lpepu .1sserr1blles. The airls were ably led by Captains Alex lVllc'l1alwar1d llorma 'llllOII1fJTSOll, The faculty sponsor is Miss Claryce Holmbmxz eil x lf fy Y xii-0 ts 'H rf:-t M vufwff Row I: lltmt-y Row 2: Wllsort, 5 Vw r D A 3 3 to . t 5 Q Q E 321. xi "',5 -f 12 - y,y s W " 3 l if V l l ' 12: .. X 1 f 1 - A I A- 2 A is . -,-l at ,W l Wlllltrrtm, Wfut-, tralrl l'lot-'xlmfl Pa .5 ll' U1 t Ibm ra Tlrorrrp sam M11-lxrnlv Art W1 Row 1:lfrt,:rlttr:t,K1ll1mr llro 1 Row 2: VVll1t::t-ll, lixkr S L M.. fb s , W W E ' ls R. A A 5. NN ' ww , N ' , ,giv- x Q" m A ia, am., Q '7+A -mhfq? , K NR. ,!,.g.g Q52 nu, wb. dl! A-in lf ----..,,,, no .-X 1 fx '54 N-,p N M V 'M W' K 1.2-K AH 11" X Vg Y Bm ,wi ,'. ski fm -- """-91 Cl Z gl!!! - s K xiii i 'rx 'K A . -. ,J .. , ,, i 1 :E.. l l l 3 x t if 1? it T , E H 5 l K Row 1: Atwood, I-lornady, King Kidd, Bagwell, Groebc, Lewis, Millard Row 2: Moyer, Bellaridflvliller Pinkerton Beckrriari Lirdsoy, Heirs, Adfiziizs Krrip.-p f'Sil,.zf:n Moyle Einpolii students are always enthusiastic about the appwarariwis ol tliw laitz Band, ln addition to providina music tor the Sprina Production and will SA. dances, the band presents the annual lazz Band Talent Show in Ifinuar' for tlie bcenelit of tlio Music Department. leadflr and preside:-nt of the band tliis oar was Prod Mo f ,, .. ., - ., y, K yor H0 'N if: assisted by Howard Baawoll, tlio vice-president, and Cliarlos l.0'iJVlS, tlif- sf-f' rotarystreasurer. . 'g ' ' 1' '55 i . - I Q Q f si li' 56,4 od 4 F I L li 017 CPP! lynn If Erripeiirs Convert Bond iiiorrtiiiiwo Ciloriri in iiislir oreeln find wiiiiw iiriiforms odds thot iridescvriboblo Sorrieiiiiiiri to iiic- iliriii cmd oxcritiiierii oi fo o t lo Cx li oomes. The bond also provides music for nuriieroiis os semblies, ond, this year, mode o Ncforicort tour" io rioorby uromiiior schools. The oiiicers for tiio ioli smriostor W 9 r rv 1 P010 r Warrior, prosidezrit, Hiitii Fic-svio, ViC9'DTOSiCiE?I'1i, Howard Bfwwoli, sefartro ioryfirfvosiiror, Procfediiiiii 1 ii rv ri fl ri ci diirimi iii Q ii CT I T - I i iri 0 Shows oi fooibriil ciririies, tho Moiorotios, roptriiiiori by IfIT'1iCP Clopru, iiiokrv fi doliolitfiil odditiori to tlifi bC1rid'srrii1sic'. Wiiiriirii: silver botons cmd iiosiiirisi wliitri boots blur into Hifi iI'1fPIiF2fN S pi r i t of ofifili rwvomt, The Moiorviios oiso porioriii rii Spririci Pro f'i'iC'iiOVl mid mcirriii iri tlii- Mmriorioi Doy rvrrrodo. Mnjoroitos Tli i S if fr' ff r were: i.ymi I o li ri 52 o ri , P li y i i i S Prikor, Ciorifi Browriiow, Morimimf- lo: sori, ond iwfififxlifx Poris: Paw 102 Q, Row l: Iohinsori, Priris, Boker, Clopp, Lmsfsorx, Browiilow, Row 2: Rcrgioi, GFO6Xb6N, Boliarifi, Heiiiierdiriqsrr, Trofiwwil, Briowell Folsorii, Keiiiiiiler, Werner, Poliiiquirzt, MCGroth, Reriziifr How 3: Herbstor, Wiritori, Guritcr, Sworisori, Loca-y, Brorigsori, Hirfiifirfisori Pmifiock, Hookor, Hackett, Stofiorfi, Cromer Powillx, Sirfivhvri Liiifimiimin Hoepprier Rowrlz Mr'Grr'iIii, Howrirfi, Morfifir, Wfirv Foy, iil'Yi1"IllC1Ii, HU'i'1f'.l f.rir.:1or'i:s. Row 2: Cmziior, iloiifgifioriy, Cox, Porkirrz, Prilrriiqiiigt, Hiifiwwrll, iiwlliiivi Folssorri Siovorm, Humpiirsvy. , 2 ? S 2 if . ydgxm Row 4: Ku!-1 Moyvr, Millmni, Puqo, Floqavm, Kiefrxzlo, Fioottuiher, Gruitiw Spmmw Low, Krmpp, Adams, Drury, Moylo, Groebv, Gibson Row 5: Mr Lmfoumztcl, Estok, Reynolds, Hnyvs, Mlllur, Zuspom, H1-11.15, f:m1MX1 'vvvrrwr Trrxfvlv, Rl'4'kIIlf1!!, CNO1L1HiTY f71r.11fv1g:, Pwkr-riot: Walk Hua.-s Rvfstr' L1IIdfi1'Y Row 3: V'vr'plo-"fill, C016-, l.m1f'1m'r, Cmrf-r, Arf-'1m,:Or1, Zu:spf1rw, Mocm Lmf Wvlrzeur Powllhz, Cxrcumir, Trrxpp, Horr111Lir1',' At'Noo'i Row 4: My Infoozmlm X , Xl '? 3 I 2 a OH CUP, OFCA l'.flI'Cl The Corfwvrt Qrfllfr-sfrrx, lmdfwr the direwtiom Ol Mr. Iolm I.f1Co1,-motcx, mfs cm other one ofMorQ1r1rw PC1rk'S fme m11sif'f1l omrm iicliions. Providmu music' for Tlw Q1rC1dL1Gtior1crx rx r f- 1 fi fx F1 , Sprinm Prodllfftiom, P.'I'.A, rneotirmuzs, mud tlw fxrmuml Chrisfmns Show C'OIIIDTi51f' Some of its rwviiviiiwfs Qffirrms for Thv MH sw- Vxostvr worrvj D 0 r 01 I1 V Howcdrd, pre'-fsidfrntg Fwd MOON. vivo prcvsidurxig Fred Atwood, sormfmry trvfisurfrr, P,,q.- HH IQOHC J lohn Tredwell Paul Duffy Unit Commander Unit Coinniandei September 1954 lurie 1954 OAI' Q1 Cl Pl Page 104 lohnson, P., 1-lackett, C., Fairlamb, F, Kridcr, V The RCTC. units in our country's hiah schools are supplyina the able youna men to meet the threat to the peace and security ot the world What areater assurance can we have in these uncertain times than to know that Moraan Park has such a unit. In the ROTC., cadets receive trainina in good citizenship, courtesy, obedience, and leadership which will be ol service to them whether or not they become members ot the armed forces. These qualities are essential in the trainina ot the cadets tor takina their places as iiood citizens. The Army ROTC. is the main source ot otticers for the Army reserve. Promotions and awards ot merit are won only throuah patient ettort, attention to details, and willingness to serve. This is not easy, but in zatrivina lor these aoals, each cadet, though he may not reach otlicer status, has made himself a better student and a better citizen. I 1 qu .1 Q cz QQ Q Xxew My jf , I! , Y f f - . f f, 'I fa A :Tiff l P , 'fig N' . ,li I 1 2' I ,A hh' v QM 'xg ,,. .TUX U F JL-um . vm 4 i' DUI nuff a I I an ' . , . lj' XA Q ,cf A rr w is .:. w - ' 'Egv 3 gif? r 'Q X UH S 6's5fQv R, Y I N6 v 2A, yL,. 4:1561 Vo mgiwfia' '-by Y , 6 A 5 if ,gl W sl? N4 I 3 M Qi A5 8 is xi. I fy 9 a A? 'L97 u X S s ,W t I 9 NN 9 v V gx v 5. 5 H -. ,' I 'A vt ' Q fit Q a W 'gm' X7 ' ' " 0 - U' .1-A - Ik u 't - ' x Q s f 9 Sv A 'Q Q5 , 3 , S 5 2 fs' Nr . X mf 3 " if Y 1 'QS F 1' jf' Xml ' ne . :gf ' 'Q' f . 1 " f Q' f X X1 1 2 as w'1i'lf' 3' V ' ,f I fn W, ' Q' J, '12 ' , . Y im - UQ u Q A fi pk V Seri W A , --W- f .Ng 1 - lt N 'S ,i ,Sf vff ei f' I YHEEIENY.. f 1 fn Ju N- 1 S' QQ L , f ' 'I' ,iz mn ununc cu 1l,lll1.ll.l s 4 I A I ':""7Y K as . ' p . I new 3 n- . Q Q ... A I N "A ' ' 6 Q. ,N , l .... 9. R- A 5' av 4 Y' Ex QP KX 'bn . 9 'gvrxmx . -. 44 2 ' E x, X L , 4 K f xi Q if Q ' 1 b . 'K Y is E -v g K " ' '--p..N,hw N ai' Q .l 22 """'- -......,,,,, v ' "' x. .. , ,.,. W. MW 23 -X L, was ,- m ' - Z 3'Wfi552 fIzIf? - -W J X5 x 3 . L' -:L -sa: Q. imgf' C QQ A W M 1 S336 Cf my pgkdkm 2,1 fvn-4 ,2'f,, Ny . 131.43 ' 1 1 ' Iv1l'Iv.Y'l.1 ff! .NIE l:,- M5 H wllxywi' . W' I trim w J ,., V,riZ5 ,JW Aw., 101515 ,mwbv yd? N-'11 Q-My yy QM nv" RX V X S MQ ' . x NSNSA Q K, wim m in Q Row 1: Field. Bolitho, Davis, At' wood, Mills. Row 2: Sanders, Percy, Steven- son, Walker, Helm. Row 1: Rittenhouse, Arkema, Nelson, Nelson, Fogler Row 2: M a n ni n q, Bronson, Richardson, Coyle, Moyle Swim Team Records 1954-1955 Seniors M. P. 33 Tilden 33 48 Gage Park lb 40 South Shore 26 Solfg Hyde Pflfk l5l,fjj Z8 Fender 37 5l Hirsch I5 45 Parker lf? .37 C V S. 29 33 Calumet 33 l4 V3 Fenwick 5l Ugg Z4 Lindblom 42 WON 6 TIED 2 LOST 3 Swim Team Records 1954-1955 Iuniors M. P. 34 Tilden I7 24 Gage Park Z4 37 Hyde Park QU 29 South Shore 28 '28 Fenqer 29 34 Hirsch 22 38 Parker I9 46 C, V. S. ll 35 Calumet 22 I6 Fenwick 41 lifllfg ljnclblom l3l'!,i WON B TIED l LOST 2 ,......,,..-.wwe s Q ,fag M" .-of s tlilki it ff Under the able direction ol Coach Dick Tweedie Moraan Parks swimmina teams enjoyed one ot their most successlul seasons, placing third in the city meet. Led by returning veterans Capt. Russ Mills, Brian Seavoy, and Emory Griltin, the Seniors, after beina held to a tie by Tilden, easily dunked Gage Park, Hyde Park, and hiahly-rated South Shore, before entering the City Meet. With Brian Seavoy taking second in the 4U yard free style, and Emory Grillin, and Russ Mills placina third in the lUU yard breast stroke, Morgan Park captured third place in City Meet competition tor l954. Continuina their regular activities M.P,'s senior tankers swamped Hirsch, Parker, and miahty C.V,S. betore beina tied by Calumet, in the meet's final event, 33-33. Followina a non-league deteat to Fenwick, Empehi's Srs. dropped a 4224 decision to liindblom, thus aivina them a line 6-3 and 2 record as this article aoes to press. A shortage ot swimmers hampered the iuniors in their lirst meets, however not to a serious dearee, as proven by their excellent record ot 8 wins, 2 losses, and l tie. Fender and Fenwick, two ot the best junior teams in the state, were the only toes able to defeat the junior tankers, With Captains Bill Bronson, and Skip Foaler leadina the swimmers, the juniors racked up wins over Tilden, Hyde Park, South Shore, Hirsch, Parker, C,V.S., Calumet, and Linclblom. A narrow one point loss to Fender, and a tie to Gaae Park are the only mars on their leaaiie slate. Z-ZCIJUAHX Morgan Park Baseball M.P. OPP. 5 2 Meritlcl IO Oak Lawn 4 Mendel League Games 3 Hirsch 3 Caliiinot U C. V. S U South Shore l Fenger Z Harper U Parker 4 Hycio Park Z Bowen 8 M PM A. 5 Hirsch 3 Harper 2 South Shore 2 Calumet B C, V. S ' Cnon-loaaiiw aaiiiril ' C X X 3 me I Opening the '54 baseball season with four straight victo- ries, Empehis men of the diamond showed great promise. Mendel High, in the seasons opener, fell 5-2, at the hands of the Mustangs and was again conquered, 4-3. Oak Lawn, also, became the Mustangs exhibition victim. With Bob Gibson pitching a six-hit ball, Hirsch's Huskies proved no problem, as the Morgan Parkers romped to their first league victory 8-3. Then disaster struck. A 7-3 loss to Calumet paved the way for a six game losing streak, ended by a thrilling 4-3 victory over Hyde Park. Following an ll-2 defeat at the hands of Bowen's city champs, Captain Gibson highlighted the season, by hurling a one hit 8-2 win at Morgan Park Military Academy. A scratch bunt and a balk proved to be the only obstacles which kept Gibson from obtaining a perfect game, as he struck out 16 of the 23 batsmen who faced him. Two games later, the revitalized Mustangs gained revenge for a previous Harper defeat by winning a close 2-l decision. History repeated itself that same week, when Calumet failed to tally more than once, thus becoming M.P.'s second victim in five days to fall by the score of 2-l. The season's final saw CVS. come from behind, scoring 2 runs in the sixth inning to defeat the fighting Mustangs 7-6. Row 1: llavenport, Vlasaty, Fink, Campbell, Love, Smith, Fields Row 2: Arianna, Iones, Screen, Holmes, Rosenberg, Hueckheim, Field McFadyen, Couch, Stramacchia, Hodges, Lacey, Hoihzchniiftt, Mgr Row 3: Lewis, Rutledge, Fonda, Hermann, Watts, Roberta, Morrison Paipolas, Washington, llfiitsvliiiiidt, Firattloat, Matthf-waz, Kropp Hrorizlort riiakvrs pint-out at third HUCl1'9- 2111.56-.Si1lfJA ga 560,461 f Dunne gets tip against Fenger. Row 1: Chafiwiclc, VVilliarns, McBride, Coggeshall. Frosh-Soph Basketball Schedule Practice Games M,P. OPP. 4 43 Mendel 42 33 Gage Park 34 32 Englewood 36 23 Chicago Christian 39 League Games 43 Calumet 32 38 C. V. S. 55 44 Bowen 42 36 Fenger 30 24 Carver 30 56 Wescott Vocational 2U 25 Parker 39 The lrosh-soph's record, proved to be'ialmost the reverse ot the seniors. Alter clipping Mendel's juniors, the Ponies dropped their next three practice contests. Spearheaded by Capt. Don Henry's 16 points, Calumet, the first opposition on the league schedule, fell by a 43-32 count. Following a C.V.S. victory, M.P.'s smaller herd trampled mighty Bowen 44-42. With Dick Schau connecting for 16 tallies, Fenger's highly-rated Titans succumbed 36-30. A loss to Carver preceded the Wescott Vocational game. Vocational's under-manned squad, able to tally only one basket during the first quarter, pro- vided no competition tor the sizzling Ponies. A defeat to Parker concluded the Frosh's activities, as this material is about to be printed. Victories in all ol their remaining games could place the Ponies in the playoffs. Row Z:.l'lc-ury, CCriptc1ini, l-leitfschmidt, Robinson, Rowland, Noonan, Roberts, Scliau, W1ll1r'1i1i:: 1 E" 4:1 Morgan Pork Varsity Schedule Practice Games M.P. OPP. 42 Mendel 67 64 Gage Park 63 SU Englewood 55 39 Chicago Christian 35 l. l. T. Tourney 36 Lindbloni 85 League Games 43 Calumet 82 45 C. V. S. 79 55 Bowen 76 4U Fenger 52 50 Carver 69 49 Wescott 5l 36 Parker 84 Starting the '54355 cage season with three practice Wins, Morgan Park's varsity basket- ball squad appeared well on their way to a section championship. Following a 67-42 defeat to Mendel High in the season's opener, the Mustangs, with Cape tain Bill Dunne creasing the nets for 28 points, and guard lim Harris hitting for 17 counters, dumped Gage Park 64153, to secure their first practice Win. Before an enthusiastic crowd of over 4UU fans in M.l3.'s gym, Englewood proved no match for the highfscoring Empehi guintet, falling by a final score of 60-55. Fighting from behind a 4 point deficit, the Morgan Parkers tallied 5 points in the final 2 minutes, to edge Chicago Christian 39435, concluding their prac- tice schedule with a 3 win l loss slate. A 82-43 loss to Calumet's Indians, in the league opener, started M.P. on a seven game losing streak. As this article goes to press, games still remained to be played with l-larper, l-lirsch, Hyde Park, and South Shore. Row l: lohnson, Harris, Fonda, Bailey, Reed, llamify Z?aJLOfAa fi arrir: hits against lfnglewoo Row 2: Bergloff, Stronach, Wails, Iansen, Krohn, Thatcher, Dunne, fCaptainlg Hatch. ,700fACl! 4 l V E Varsity in action against Calumet, 1954 proved to be one of the most success- ful football seasons ever enjoyed by Morgan Park. The Mustangs won the South Section, White Division Championship, and entered the City League Playoffs for the third straight year, to be eliminated finally, only on a statistical basis. After losing to Thornton's South Suburban champs l4-7, on the game's final play, MP. closed its exhibition action by defeating a strong Blue Island squad 12-6. Highly-rotted Dunbar Trade was the first the championship trail. After battling three quarters to a scoreless tie the dauntless Mustangs scored twice, in the final seven minutes of play, to whip favored Dunbar, 13-U. Little opposition was offered Empehi by Gage Park in their second league contest, as the Green and White scored twice in the first three minutes of play coasting to a 33-7 triumph, South Shore gained the distinction of being the only team to score first on the Mustangs. Any hope ot a Tar victory was soon dispelled however, with halfback Don McFadyen running wild for three T,D.'s on jaunts of 35, 55, and 65 yards each, to slaughter the luckless S.S. team, 34-12, A fired-up Kelly team met the seemingly unstoppable horsemen the following week. ln one of the obstacle to be removed from Row 1: lohnson, Lee, Carnito, Malinovisky, Larson, Cocke, Manning. Row 2: Brown, Scanlon, Matthews, Kuester, Gibson, Smith, Maharas, Stephens, Brown, Togtinan, Carlson. Row 3: Long, Garrett, CCaptainl, Giberson, Edwards, Sanders, Kaulos, Kerekes, Rylander, Fairlanib, Williams, Larson, Vincent, Hultquist, Anderson, Beste, Kennedy, Coach Campbell. hardest fought games of the year, MP. came from behind in the final 5 minutes, with 'lButch" Morrill going 60 yards around left end, to give the A Empehites a 2l 21 tie. Still in first place by a slim margin, everything depended upon the Calumet game. Sparked by two fll yard runs by fullback lra Rogers, Empehi toolc a 4 to U third guarter lead, taking the championship, and a playoff bid by the final count of 24-9. Drawing lindblom High of the fled Division, as their first playoff foe, the Mustangs soon demon- trated that lindblom was no match for them. Tal? ing a 70 O fourth period advantage MP. cruised to a 27 l2 win Highlighting the game was a 55 yard un on a recovered fumble by Mustang guard, Roy x df 'gm Rated among the top ten high-school elevens in the Chicago area, Morgan Park traveled to gigantic qoldier Field to meet Schurz High, co-holders of the North Section Red Division title. Losing Allfpiiblic League halfbaek Don Mclfadyen on the game's first play the Mustangs battled a scoreless first half. Insp red with fighting spirit, the Morgan Parlfers i ground out a 78 yard scoring drive to open tho third guarter With less than a minute reiriaininff Schurz tied the score on a 37 yard reverse. A cliecl: of the statistics to determine who would advance to the semi finals showed Schiirz owning a very nar- row statistical margin, thus ending the season for Morgan Park unbeaten in league play. Post season h o n o r s w e r e piled on Emanuel Ambrose Mac' Lewis, lohn lenks, Ray Reicher, 439925 .iq-, Captain lfoii Gill Season Record Ron Gill Bob Morrill, and Don Mclfadyen, all of W L whom gained the All-South Section White Division 6 I team in various polls. Don Mcljadyen, and Ron Gill made All Public League honors. As a climax to the season Capt Gill was selected by the Daily News as All City center, w 1: Silk, Malin, Hodges, Howard Litialsriy Choiilcy loliriuoi. Siiulrilrl-: lfgilfi' Gaiiltioro, Thompson R 'rr 2: Weist Worror, Scanlon, Spocrl, Ma'i'ii'ia, Mcilrido I "'- izlis float-rx, ll' 1 -limi-4 Millard Morrill Lewis aw 3: l"Fady9ti, Ffysdon, Onclg, Aldridge Nolriar, lfarrvei', Swrivrgsov Fowl 'iii l. Gibson, Lewis, Como, Duffy, Pago, Carlsov, li-'iwlt-ri Moot, Gill f'rii'l,'l, ll Robert Antariielos, Coash J f .4 , . Wnbjfi' 1 Rn. gn ..- 'X N-'gf 5 mf' . iff v 'Jig ia K NF K r Q., JAY ,,,,, 31, vmuuggm Q f. wvivm- e . mwmwykwm-y.x ,, M, K MQMW- , V .yur -,Q A-Qww' Wnw. m..-,- X x X W--0... M. A-. Q X r Nm 4 ,np K, 1 H K 1 .2 , BM r 2 ' -'Q ,. fflifgmvss, ,,,, 1 ',.1f.?i3M , L :,,Q,J'f"hw .7jj'ef1'y1.g'Lgx,- +P- A V .5 ,gf-:fan wif fi. 3, ,'f, fqK,.J f7'M,,ffn ' N 15 3 , 14,3 .Wm JMU .. . ' F74 N' M- - wry- 455.1323 R ,, 1 Mp!! "1 w5'w vW"1.2u:'.: Q, qlxgifi' 6f'xYvt':,, m,+w Q gm , - , 1 ,,,.,:,we'f:' ' W'3'55':w Nw " 1 , TL . N UH F- ?f'1xM, vi- 1. M- w- ' 'L H - N., 5 y Wd if , M I 2 f : fa, .15 9' x EM f .-" 0"""' 'lynx K i , You PGY Thcxfs The PLCL C1 I'-' if.. H, v,..vbi ,' ' A f M Stopping to look in the Crescent Landscape Windows are Nancy Lassrnan and Phil Nelson 10500 SOUTH WESTERN AVENUE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Fred Garrett, Architect Automatic Screw Machine Products INDUSTRIAL SCREW MIICHINE PRODUCTS C0. 1654 WEST 75th PLACE CHICAGO 20, ILL. New Telephone Number HUdson 3-9855 Page 120 E. C. 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Q DOC'S HOBBY HOUSE Prescrlptlon Druggists R. Bogus, R. Ph. I, Dunn, R. Ph, 1905 Monterey Avenue Hx The REXALL Sfofe Rx HoBB1Es --e scHooL SUPPLIES 11051 Hale Avenue, Chicago 43. Illinois MAGAZINES e- CANDY P E - - hones B verly 8 4238 9 Hlutop 5-4540 See Us for School Supplies OK FOOD SHOP 1924 Monterey Avenue HI lltop 5-3189 Sodo Pop Page 139 Compliments ot R. E. and W. M. CARMICHAEL OPTOMETRISTS 3125 West 111th Street Compliments of HOMECREST STORE 3208 West 111th Street Try HOMECREST First GUSSIE'S DRIVE IN Fountains and Sandwiches 3335 West 111th Street HI lltop 5-3505 Open 24 Hours Private Rooms For Parties Newspapers S old THE BEST FRIED CHICKEN ON EARTH IACK PARKER'S Thirty - Ten Club 3010 West 111th Street - CEdarcrest 3-9772 AND THE STEAKS ARE EVEN BETTER Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fancy Groceries and Quality Meats 1819-21 West l03rd Street HAHN BROTHERS Phone BEverly 8-7867-8-9 - Free Delivery - Phone CEdarcrest 3-0319 Wheel Straightening, Balancing and Aligning ALL-CAR SERVICE Frame G Axle Straightening - Body 61 Fender Work Brakes Relined and Adjusted 1401 West 103rd Street Bill Pelzman Chicago 43. Illinois BEVERLY RIDGE CLEANERS 6. DYERS Stores 1708 West 95th Street 1820 West 95th Street 3127 West 111th Street 11100 South Longwood Drive All Phones: BEverly 8-2400 Plant 9741 South Calitorniu Avenue Phone: Evergreen Park 8400 Page 140 BEST WISHES FROM THE NINETEEN TH WARD REGULAR REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION HERBERT M. IOHNSON Committeemczn GLADYS SPECHT Committeewomcrn BEST WISHES FROM THE NINETEENTH WARD REGULAR DEMOCRATIC ORGANIZATION THOMAS D. NASH Committeemcrn EDITH IOYCE Committeewomcrn DAVID T. MCKIERNAN Alderman IOHN I. DUFFY Commissioner Phone FUlton 8-2020 BLUE ISLAND PUBLISHING CORPORATION Commercial Printers Publishers of the BLUE ISLAND SUN- STANDARD 2350 Vermont Street Blue Island, Illinois Phone: Hllltop 5-0131 GA 2-2500 I1-ICK THOMPSON OLDSMOBILE Safeti-Tested Used Cars Service All Makes Body Shop - Towing 4040 West 95th Street lock Thompson, Owner Oak Lawn, Illinois Po ie l4'i Pg 144 Compliments of INTERNATIUNAL TAG 8: SALESBUOK COMPANY ALLAN L. WALKER CHICAGO, ILLINQIS 3450 West Division Street HUmboldt 9-0200 BER'G'S BEST BILT LADDERS Sold at Hardware ci Paint Stores COMPLIMENTS OF TITAN METAL MANUFACTURING C0 H. T. HABERMANN Ch 4 Ill G Q Phone Hazel 6-4712 BEAUX ARTS LAMPS INC. House of Beautiful Lamps, Shades, Furniture and Accessories K eadowdale X , l W E aff! 63 M 0 A fl N M5 U 107100, , A B E A U X A urs A 'Q D kzdeeife 1 . 1 1 L 4' S 5 UT? I' 'x'-2-9l'i . vo, 1 ' -- W A QGZYJRQJ Z3 -- Q n - . HIGGINS RQAD QRoute 729, DUNDEE. 1LLmo1s Open Seven Days A Week Custom Lamps and Shades ARNOLD G. DAHLGREN Made to Order COMPLIMENTS oi C R E S T CHEMICAL COMPANY EDWARD F. UNTERBERG Chicago 20, Illinois Phone HI lltop 5-0002 COMPLIMENTS - Wholesale fs Retail -i UF LUDWIG'S MARKET House Of Quality Meat A F R I E N D 10502 Vincennes Ave. Chicago 43, Ill CLEM B. MULHOLLAND, INC. COMPUMENTS REALTORS and BUILDERS or BARCLAY STUDIOS Commercial Artists Specializing in homes in Beverly Hills and Evergreen Park ssso scum Halsted sneer 2156 Wes' 95th Street HI lltop 5-3300 TEND - R - FRESH CHIPPED BEEF fu 1,9 11116 S. Vincennes Ave. PR escot 9-0345 HALE FOOD SHOP 11041 Hale Avenue BEverly 8-4490 "Your Neighborhood Food Store" Page 148 DEWITT N. LANE LACKORE, NICHOLS 6. LANE FUNERAL HOME 1971 West 111th Street BEverly 8-0671 HERFF IONES CO. Manufacturing Iewelers and Stationers IIM PARKER 1401-1419 North Capitol Avenue 12823 S. Green St. Indiana!-90115 7' Chicago 43. Illinois Indiaflil Phone: PU llman 5-B226 INSURANCE MORTGAGES SHI-1P1RO'S BEVERLY BOOT SHOP IOHNSON 5: BLAKE. INC. 1648 west asm street REALTORS Shapiro's Plaza 9525 Evergreen Plaza 10121 South Western Avenue BEverly 8- 1602 PATRQNS LIST VIMS SPORT SHOP Evergreen Shopping Plaza VAN PELT ART GALLERIES 2132 West 95th Street F. W. WOOLWORTH. 5c to 51.00 STORE 1728 West 95th Street BEVERLY ART SHOPPE 1739 West 99th Street 8 .A ,N PARKIN E-UF95 511-IDBNTB A ff W fl '1' Z lZ T.. .-. H- .1 I 2 K 1 X E- 'I we-1' Page Acacia Upholstering Studio ...... F. W. Aldridge Builders .......... All-Car Service ..................... Barclay Studios ............. Barth's Bakery Inc. ...... . Beaux Arts Lamps Inc. .... . Belmont Food Shop ........... Bercier-Sladky ........,............. Berg's Best Bilt Ladders ....... Beverly Art Shoppe ......... Beverly Electric Shop ....... Beverly Glass Co. ............ . Beverly Hills Studio ............,... INDEX ........l38 International Tag G Salesbook Co. ........l36 Iensen Florists ........140 Iohnson ci Blake, Inc. ........l48 lohnson Drugs .......l38 Tom Iohnson Equipment Co. ........l'46 Kaden's Department Store .......l29 Karris' Drive In Grill Kelly and Orr Contemporary Interiors E. C. Kinney Printing Co. Fred G Iohn Klein Paint G Hardware Lackore, Michols 51 Lane Funeral Home Lain ci Son Flower Shop Inc. Lamparter Markets Beverly Kitchen Specialists ........... ........ L arson's Card Shop ...................,........ ........ Beverly Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. ......... ...... . Beverly Ridge Cleaners G Dyers Beverly Tile Co. ................................... ....... . Beverly Watch Repair Shop .......... ....... Blue Island Publishing Corp. ........ ...... . Brockhofi Pharmacy .................... Doris' Brown ..........,................... Buddiq s .......,.................................,......... ........ The Camp Co. ............................. ......... ............. . R. E. ci W. N. Carmichael Optometrists ........ Iohn W. Casey ci Sons ....,...................... ........ Lindgren G Carlson Builders, Inc. ............. . Ludwig's Market .....................,...................... Mari's House of Hats ...............,........ ........ Mecca Compound ............ ........ Georae W. Michels Mickelberrv's Log Cabin Monterey Pharmacy ........ ........ Frank G. Moses Insurance .. ...... .. Clem BJ Mulholland, Inc. ....... ,...... . McKeown Old Time Realtors ......... ........ 133 145 149 123 138 136 129 123 Longwood Glass, Mirror Sf Gift Co. 123 143 124 135 148 128 140 126 Chatham Rugs .............,.,.......... ........ 1 33 Mcliev G Poflgue Real Estate ....... ......... Christophefg Regtgurgmf ,,,,,,', .,..,,, 1 33 McNeill's ..,..............................,....... ........ The Contemporary Shop ................................ 123 T119 NCII'1l11Ckef ........................... ......... Crest Chemical Co. .......................................... 147 OK Food Shop ----------'-------------- -------- - Curtiss Market .................................................. 126 OWe1'1 Welding 5UDDlY CO- .------ -------- - Democratic Organimtion of the 19111 Ward H142 Iack Parker's. ............................. ...... . . Diskaddon Realty Co. ...............,.................,.... 138 PC1fliY'S FOU1'1lC1lU 5 Grill ------ ------- - Doc's Hobby House ...........,..,........................... 139 PC1TliHQlO11 C3 NeWl'1C1ll. IHC. ..... ........ . Dodge Drug Co. ................................. .....,. 1 30 Oueen's Pet Supplies ............. ................... , "Tome DrySdg19" .,,4,..,,,QU,,,...,.,,.,.,,.......,-. yllyyy. 1 21 Ray's Pizza ........,................................,............. .. Endurance Paint G Wallpaper Co. ..... ...,... 1 30 R951-lbllCCl1'l OfQCU'1lZCillOI'1 Of the 19th WGfd Englewood Knitting M1115 ,,.,,....y.'-',.' unnvyhy 1 35 Ridge Realty .,,.................................................. Flowers by Esther ,,.,,,,,..,,.,,.,..,.,,,,.., ,...... 1 26 Roche's Food Market .............. .................... Evans Exclusive Millinery ........ ....... 1 24 Rulhls Flower Sll0P ------------------ .-----..- 1i'ig1-1er'S Schnol Store lllnhynlyynt nllnyh- 1 31 Sabella Realty Co, ..................... ......., . For Men" Ir. ..................... .. Ben Franklin Store ....... Lloyd Fredendall .................. Fred Garrett, Architect .......... Gordon's Interiors ...................... Greenwood Office Supply ........ Groebe Realtors ...................... Gussie's Drive In ................. Hahn Brothers ........ 1-Tale Food Shop ........ .......l25 137 Shapiro's Beverly Boot Shop ....... ........ Soref's Period Furniture Co. ......... ....... . Starshak Prescription Pharmacy ...... ........ Sullivan's Smartwear ..................... ........ Roy St. Aubin Flowers ....,.......... ......... lack Thompson Oldsmobile ....... ........ Tiegreen's .......,................................... ........ Titan Metal Manufacturing Co. ...... ....... . Van Pelt Art Galleries ..,............ .....,.. 1-Iale Pharmacy .......... ....... T he Victoria Shop ..........,. ,....... I-lerff Iones Co. ...............,.................................... Vims Sport Shop ........................... ....... . Charles W. Hottner ...,...................,................., Whiting Corporation ....................... ..,..... Homecrest Store .......................................,........ Woodrow Wilson Iunior College ..,. ........ Industrial Screw Machine Products Co. ..... . is 130 120 134 136 123 140 140 Rose Toelle Beauty Salon ............. ........ 148 ' 129 149 133 140 120 F. W. Woolworth ............................. ,....... Autographs Jgfizufwwwbmwc 'wwrggvfwp W5 X Sig? if i2 ?f M Xi? 4 if We X 2 M pgfbwwfwfx ' Rim, ti 4 352, W 2? PM Rfjvivjwvw 0 R I-ltographs ,xy fr 2 W W W W ff 0w31w' My wfgyfyjg i 2221 WWKM t Qgifffyby l agjxfi yxgy AT any A-'Oy ' My 0 '1 E 1. 7 NOR1i:,io2Z1SIlgl?Ifih co. f O3 ,J J-9.zovv0f0f"""Z" ' , : f'L'Kf'4"A2ftJAf,fwf,,Mff,f-ffM'Q' ,g,,,f,,Q,,,,L,,Q,,v..1,Q.Q,Q.,VwI2wy-12hfM-'f-' ,W,wngwfWQfQMMnM,,,,,4.:a,fc4-.,8-MU,.-f' ,,.44,.2-1a-.-.-..,Q,4-.Q ,L-174-4 f'-"""""' WZ-Qfxwf-QMWMAJWF cc,1.4.,5-4-u-4-,off-,d-ffa14'Q""" Mqmmwwhffwwmwi WMM' . , QM M.,,,A,.,.g,.,9f Xggwy Q4 o,cwQWfl-ij pr Mi Q: S -39? ' , , , .- , A ,, ,. , ..,. . . ,. lf. '- ,- k ... - A .L eek , . 7 bf- -my '- , y muqgg .sk . V 1. Qewf, -- ' ' . V ruff"-" .1."'1t , ggi.- H., f. " '. Af - 'V . r xy ' 3, .gay . .'. ' " c 'R- ' LI' ". fffknz 'fgiaw' 1 , ' fr ,, .A ' 9, - . if 'L 9 1- I 1 -.3 ' , ,1 7. , -fiy , -FV ' -if , fx, , 3? 35, 1' Q: 'ff -5? " J 'Z " ,, ly? , A gjvk, E -- ,, ,J 1., Q. 'F 1, 'v,g..' b 3, -V xr 1' 'L-IWW A r 4 145- A' - ,f fi 1, 5455 ,171 , E'-L, V f 4, f 4 w r w n "f f . g I J." ,. ., . , ng ' .c- 1.15. ,.-1 lf Q W J, uv- HY is ff .. ' s w ' g' "5" 'f Z '+- r'ffj,f M 1' , 'Z " '1-Wk'-Y wr -, , A jf 'Ft 'A 7 . A ?-2"f7'1'3'1T,,g ' , ff . 1. , 1.37. 7'il.':ZE , ' f-1:55 , gf V ff if '9 '- Z- 5 my ' L V, ,z 5 --va ,W "71:'nx ' J ' if 7, Q . iii, 'W ,f fe, '34, , ' ' Eff? ' , - mei' V. -' 1 V. 'f If , -5 , Aw , :jf -' ' - jf -,5 . ml 'H in ' w vf' UQ ig, V q-' ff , '. . , , .V , , f 1 . : . W-,.... .. ' ,-.'1ug,4n:k, .A " ' ' ' -if 'H' J ' ' Wf"' -- , Y f -f fk xp Q' L5-7-.5-.L'f?2w,I. . 1" ' A -1-2: S H, v V, - J .. , ..,lcs,.-.-L.-,4,, ,, N V. ,. ., L.,.Q..:,,.,.:f5f 11- ,.,,

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