Morgan Park High School - Empehi Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

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, A h, A ,,,,,g ,,,,,x.,,M ,N W 4541 ,i?g,f5M W A A 'E E, -4.MW'M""""'i f ' 'U ,-WJ JJHW -A AH? JP A ' JXWJKZ Mm Mi MWMWLW ff ww MV W7 by M, W f-WW wx GNN 'Q W , JP if 293 Qfgjlfgxf ,vYSfff,0gDf 4f'-f,g,'f1..Q'ff,11f'L',,,,':""',,T1f1L sg mwmwww 'S M5 Y-TMJLAWNM J Q 25 5 xxx V. 5' S. R04 5fww f Q . Q .J .,,- , ,1 ' 1 - ap' ' ,- . WL--,. -V f ,- 1 ' .1 f,.1 ' , -.- -., . - -X-, , gf. H, 'v - , 2-'Av' .br W .. M My wr W W WMM ww Q0 If . y yi vgfmwgivig ji H254 Qofggfmfgf n .kffifvf-if -'flfi' K W 1 55 1 f Y , , x ' y ,1 f f' ' x fr , XX ll A K ,. u 5 l K x 2 . 4' I My x J A -1 M q , U- ,f" M ..., . ,,, Nw X PX!-fx , , N SW Q MQW X X' XW f ,V Qt WD WWWMMQ Q X " M'?f3,J Qflop hi 'SQQSZX I as Q . W H VFW! fwf the i953 empelai organ park high scho I chicago, illinois administration seniors . . underclassmen . activities .... athletics . . advertisements . . 106 faculty .... . . 8 X, ' f 12 if QV f duign for S3 cf 0551! i . Mrs. Richard C. to our principal Richard C. McVey e ffectiv m cfgnetic P opulcrr e fmerget h earty I decxlist The job of directing the technical details of Morgan Park High School is a challenging one. Without the professional competence of our teachers and the sincerity of the majority of our parents and students, it would be a fruitless effort. It has been my good fortune to observe the professional integrity of the staff and the high purpose of the overwhelming majority of our students. Such purposeful effort as that which has gone into the preparation of this yearbook is a token of what is required to carry on the great task. Before us lie many such possibilities. Our mutual benefit is in our service each to the other. RICHARD C. McVEY Principal Tvs. 'lp K Scene - the assistant principals office, domain ot the attable George C. "Cap" Lorenz. "Cap" sponsors all S. A. committees and adjusts student problems with a ready smile and a keen sense of humor. Sometimes known to do cartwheels and magic tricks tor the benefit ot student audiences, "Cap" is known and admired by every student who crosses his path - and practically every student does. For friendliness, fun, and fair play, "Cap" rates a triple A. Mrs. Irene Dobski PrincipaI's Secretary matron Faculty Hooters acuity H...-l fm. fi s faq . gf Q, 'Hx N nr- 4 .3 1 N C? "Meri" and Ki! and more Hooters MR. ROBERT C. ANTONIDES Physical Educationg Football Coach. MISS IOSEPHINE ARTINGSTALL Arty Footlighters. MISS IOSEPHINE BASILE Mathematics. MRS. FLORENCE BIER Erxglishg Empehi News Sponsorg Quill and Scrol MRS. GENEVIEVE BROOK Englishg Clean-up Committee. MISS ANNA CALLAHAN Social Studies. ,-wx.-P ,sf -3 , -mg 'Q L 115 if A 'mg V'-. -QQ ,pn-Q. 17? .ji MISS ELIZABETH CAMUTZ Englishg National Honor Society. MISS MARION CASTLE Social Studiesg Senior Co-ordinator. MRS. HENRIETTA COLLINS Social Studiesg Red Cross Council. MISS LILLIAN CONDIT Vocational Guidanceg Board of Presidents. MRS. HELEN CORCORAN French: Commercialg Social Committee: French Club. MR. IOHN CUNNEA Lating Financial Advisory Iunior Co-ordinatorg Business Staff Sponsorp Latin Club. MISS LORETTO DELAHUNT Social Studies. MXSGT. FRANK DUDIAK R.O.'l'.C. Military Instructor. MRS. MARY E. DWYER Attendance Counselor. MISS GENEVIEVE FAHEY Home Economicsg Flounders. MRS. ANN FINN Social Studiesg Tau Epsilon, MR. ARTHUR R. GAY Scienceg Lating Photo Staff. MRS. EDWINA GRIESER Home Economics: Flounders. MRS. LUCILLE HALE Social Studies: Bookroomde 771 MRS. WINONA HALL Art. MR. KARL HALLGREN Commercial. MISS RUTH HARRIS Physical Education. Mlis. EVANGELIN E HIBBARD Librarian. 9 K.. it ,-xv.. .rf .YJ Ai? 6- 'KY A V- fi., ,. 4 -,.. MISS MARY HOLLAND Spanish: Pan American. MISS MARIE HOYLER Mathematics. MRS. DIANA HUBER Art: Art Club. MR. IOHN LA COGNATA Music: Concert Band and Orchestra. MISS DOROTHY LANDERS Mathematics. MISS ELSIE LARSON English. MR. DUNCAN MCGREGOR Physical Education: Emblem Club: Physical Education Director. MISS RUTH MICHAELIS Home Economics. MISS THERESA MULCAI-IY Spanish. MISS MARY NEALON Adjustment: Freshman Co-ordinator. MR. IOSEPH NYBERG Mathematics. MR. IOHN OKLEPEK Graphic Arts. MISS EBBA OLSON English: Annual Staff. MRS. MARGARET O'NEILL Music: Glee Club. MISS IOSEPHINE PETRUS Physical Education: Science: V.E.S.B. MRS. KATHLEEN RIGBY English: Curtain Club: Stage Crew. MRS. LORRAINE ROBERTS English. MISS NORMA ROSENDAI-II. Social Studies: Assembly Committee. MISS GRACE RYAN Physical Education: Cheerleaders. MRS. MARY K. SAGE English. MISS ELAINE SKELTON Music: A Cappella: Iunior Mixed Chorus: Freshman Chorus. MRS. KATHERN SMITH Assistant Librarian. MR. KIRK STEVENSON Science: Sophomore Club. MR. RICHARD TWEEDIE Physical Education: Swimming: Baseball. MR. THOMAS VAN DAM Science. MXSGT. W. C. VON TI-IADEN R.O.T.C. Military Instructor MISS LAURA WALTER Mathematics: Administrative Assistant: Sopho- more Co-ordinator. MISS WILMA WATERS Physical Education: Girls' Emblem Club. MR. WILLIAM WATSON Science: Freshman Co-ordinator. V Q? MRS. HELEN WILLIAMS German: English. CAMERA SHY MR. HYMEN AFRICH Commercial. MISS EMELYNE ASHLAND Science. MR. IOSEPH H. BEDALE Science. MISS GERTRUDE GAULT English: Social Studies. MRS. ELEANOR LAMOS Commercial. MISS MARY LIVINGSTON English. MRS. KATHERINE SANDS Commercial. MR. EDWARD SHAY Physical Education: Science: Basketball Coach. MR. GEORGE TOMICH Industrial Arts. MISS ELIZABETH VANDE ROOVART Science. ' l Mrs. Margaret Boyle -9' Q- ff, 'i A ' b ' 5 .vw' Q-. iv ,K l v. M, x J if es , , F I . ..A 4, K 9 K A ,p v Q w NN 1 xx VX? 'V Qin V ... XSMZM T 'Fit SMU, .,. fl Mink Miller officem With lohn Zachman presiding, the lanu- ary '53 class officers led their class through a memorable year. Nancy Denning, as vice- president, directed a successful prom and class banquet, while Leon Mink, secretary, took minutes for all the Senior Council meetings. Mary Miller, class treasurer, drew up the budget and Collected class dues. Iohn Hokanson was chairman of the senior commencement committee, Bob and lim Nesbit, of the assembly committee, Theresa Werner, of the announcement committee, Ernest Burgin, of the cap and gown committee, and lean Kreger, of the gift committee. The graduates presented Empehi with a hand microphone and a scholarship trophy as commencement gifts. Nancy Denning's ready smile and friendly "hello" rank her among Ianuary's most popu- lar seniors. Besides being a first rate pianist, she is vice-president of the class, clerk of the per-A onalitiu ffm Denning Zcxchman Student Court, and a member of the National Honor Society. An all-around girl, Ieanne Kreger has had many honors during her years at Empehi, such as: President of Tau Epsilon and Girls' Emblem Club, secretary-treasurer of Quill and Scroll, treasurer of Flounders, chairman of the 4A gift committee, secretary of the social committee, first page editor of the Empehi News, and a Na- tional Honor Society membership. Leon Mink proved his popularity in his freshman year when he was elected president of Flounders. He has been president of Boys' Emblem Club, secretary of his class, a division room officer, and a football star. "The man with the horn", lohn Zachman, president of the Senior class, and leader of the Iazz Band, is also distinguished as president of Latin Club and the Concert Band, division room chairman, and a member of the National Honor Society. .,., ..,. V xx ..: A ., ' f ,X T g ry i N X Nancy Denning lean Kreger Leon Mink Iohn Zachmun 14 ANDRETICH, ROBERT S.A.: Flounders: Football l, 2, 4: Interior Guard. Mt. Greenwood Undecided ANDREWS. ROSS S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Biology Club: Art Club: Pan American Club: Hall Guard. Shoop University oi Chicago BODEN. GEORGE S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club: Honor Guard: Concert Band: Tau Epsilon: Orchestra: Olli- cers Club, Pres. 4: Curtain Club: Student Council. Clissold Michigan BRUHL, EDWIN S.A.: Football: Curtain Club: A Cappella. Zion Wisconsin CARLSON. NANCY S.A.: Flounders: Interior Guard: Student Administra- tion: Senior Gitt Committee: Board of Presidents: Cheer- leader, Capt. 4: Spring Pro- duction: Glee Club: Curtain Club. Sutherland Michigan State CROW, SUSANNE SA.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Glee Club: Curtain Club: Pub- lic Relations: Student Admin- istration: Biology Club: Art Club: Pan American Club. Clissold Illinois Wesleyan .-.swi 1 '-A A' I 3, X.: is ..-' 'NA' in Rt' QV. 5. 2 1 Q A Y I V 'rw ANDREWS, CHARLOTTE S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Senior Council: French Club, Sec.: Emblem Club, Sec.: Major- ettes: Curtain Club: Social Committee: H.R.S,G.: Biology Club. Mt. Greenwood Illinois BASCO. IOAN S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Biology Club: Pan American: Student Administration: Poster Committee: Art Club: Curtain Club. Clissold Grinnell BOZIKIS, GEORGE S.A.: Flounders: Emblem Club: Football Team: V,E.S.B.: Hall Guard: School Messenger. Wadsworth Undecided BURGIN, ERNEST SA.: Flounders: Emblem Club: V.E.S.B.: Student Council: Bas- ketball: Board ot Presidents: Business Representative: Cap and Gown Committee. Shoop Wisconsin CARTHEN, FLETTER S.A.: Flounders: Emblem Club: Pan American Club: H.R.S.G.: Student Administration: Hall Guard: Senior Council: Vol- leyball: Baseball. Shoop Vogue CURTIS, ADELAIDE S.A,: Flounders: H.R,S.G.: Em- blem Club: Curtain Club: Pan American Club: Hall Guard. Shoop Wayne University 15 DANGREMOND, IOYCE S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: .Empehi News Staff: Curtain Club: Pan American Club: Biology Club: Poster Commit- tee: Art Club: Student Admin- istration. Clissold Illinois DAVIS, VERNA S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard: Art Club: Volleyball. Mt. Greenwood Knox DENNING. NANCY S.A.: Social Committee: As- sembly Committee: Red Cross Council: Tau Epsilon: National Honor: Senior Class, Vice- President: Public Relations Committee: Student Court, Clerk: Latin Club. Kellogg Northwestern GRIFFIN. PATRICIA SA.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club: Cap and Gown Committee: Student Adminis- tration: Curtain Club: H.R.S.G.: Business Representative: Art Club, Treasurer, Vanderpoel University ot Iowa School ot Nursing GROWE, RICHARD S.A.: Flounders: Curtain Club: Picked Platoon: Honor Guard: Picked Drill Squad: Fire Guard: Usher Force: Clean- Up Committee: Hall Guard. Vanderpoel Undecided GUSTAFSON, LORELLE S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 2: Pan American 2, 3, 4: H.R.S.G.: Hall Guard 3: Stu- dent Administration l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club: Art Club. Mt. Greenwood Augustana 16 ""f? D'ARCY, EDWARD S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard: Fire Guard: Usher Force. Barnard Undecided DENNERLINE, ROBERT S.A.: Flounders: Curtain Club: Tau Epsilon: Clean-Up Com- mittee: Gift Committee: Senior Council: Poster Committee: Division Officer. Kellogg Beloit GEIGER, SHIRLEY S.A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: Pan Ameri- can Club, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Em- blem Club: Senior Social Com- mittee: Public Relations Com- mittee: Glee Club: Curtain Club: H.R.S,G. Mt. Greenwood Illinois GRIGSBY. ROBERT S.A.: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Cap't 4: Latin Club, President 4: Student Court ludge: S.B.I.: Emblem Club, Vice-President: Public Relations: Social Com- mittee: Art Club: Financial Promotion Committee. Clissold Annapolis GUNN. NANCY SA.: Flounders: Business Rep. l, Z, 3, 4: National Honor 4: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: An- nouncement Committee: Con- cert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2, Treasurer 2. Clissold Illinois Wesleyan HACKETT. WESLEY S.A,: Flounders l: Hall Guard: Usher Force. Barnard Wilson lunior College HALPER. SUZANNE S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 4: Social Committee 4: Student Administration: Curtain Club 3, 4: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Art Club 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3: Senior Play Committee. Park Manor Northwestern HARDIMAN, PHILLIP S.A.: Student Administration: Flounders: Curtain Club 4: Football 1, 2: Picked Platoon l, 2, 3, 4: Officers' Club 4, Vice-President 4: Picked Drill Squad 2, 3, 4: Honor Guard l, 2, 3, 4: V.E,S.B. 3, 4. Shoop Illinois HAUZE. ANNETTE S.A.: Flounders: Student Ad- ministration: Hall Guard: Bi- ology Club. Clissold Knox HITZELBURGER. GORDON S.A,: Flounders: Curtain Club. Vanderpoel HOGE. CAROLE S.A.: Flounders: National Hon- or Society: Tau Epsilon: Girls' Emblem Club: Curtain Club: Empehi News Stall: French Club: Pan American Club: Biology Club. Sutherland Illinois HOLM. IAMES S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard. Fort Dearborn Illinois 'l 4 V- 5-' HANDLEY, ROBERT S.A.: R.O.T.C. Keith Wilson lunior College HARDWICK. IOHN S.A.: Latin Club: Officers' Club, Treasurer: V.E.S.B.: Football: Curtain Club: Public Rela- tions Committee: Chief oi Fire Guards: Picked Platoon: Cap't oi Fancy Drill Squad. Shoop U.C.L.A. HILL. IAMES S.A.: Football l, 2: Curtain Club, Barnard Undecided HODGES, GEORGE S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club: Iazz Band, President 4: Biology Club: Tau Epsilon: Orchestra: Board ot Presidents. Kellogg Northwestern HOKANSON, I OHN S.A.: National Honor Society: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Empehi News Staff, Editorial Editor: Quill and Scroll: Dance Band: Concert Band: Orchestra: Of- ficers' Club: Latin Club. Clissold Purdue HOLMES, IUANITA S.A.: Curtain Club: Biology Club: Student Administration: Hall Guard. Shoop Wilson lunior College 17 HORBERG, KAY S.A.5 Elounders5 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Pan American 2, 3, 45 Curtain Club 3, 45 l'l,R.S,G.5 Student Administration5 Girls' Emblem Club5 Art Club5 In- terior Guard 2, 3, 4. Mount Greenwood Augustana KANCHIER. BARBARA S.A.5 Elounders5 National Hon- or Society5 Tau Epsilon5 Cur- tain Club5 Latin Club5 Biology Club5 Art Club5 Student Ad- ministrationg Business Repre- sentative, Kellogg Northwestern KOPMANN, NORMA S.A.5 Flounders5 Curtain Club5 Pan American5 Biology Club. Vanderpoel Knox LANGENBERG, IOANNE S.A.5 Flounders5 Pan American 2, 35 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Student Administration l, Z, 35 Poster Committee l, 25 Curtain Club 35 Sophomore Club5 Hall Guard. Barnard Illinois LEVERTY. CAROLE S.A.5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor Society 45 Sen- ior Council 45 Pan American Club 2, 3, 45 Curtain Club 45 Biology Club 45 Poster Com- mittee 2, 35 H.R.S.G.5 Floun- ders l. Clissold University ol Indiana LOCKETT, WILLIAM S.A.5 Curtain Club5 Hall Guard: Honor Guard. Shoop Illinois 18 'QQ' ft. . 3- A .Q 7 , ik fa' 5, 'i 1 E HUGHES. DIANE S.A.5 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Sen- ior Council 45 Girls' Emblem Club 45 Announcement Com- mittee5 Commencement Com- mittee5 Curtain Club 3, 45 Pan American Club 2, 3, 45 H.R.S.G. 3, 45 Student Administration 2, 3, 4. Mount Greenwood Beloit KESSLER. IOYCE S.A.5 National Honor Society 45 Tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, 45 Pan American 2, 3, 45 Girls' Em- blem Club 3, 45 Student Ad- ministration 2, 3, 45 H,R.S.G. 3, 45 Flounders l. Clissold Valparaiso KREGER, IEANNE S.A.5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, President 45 Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4, President 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent 45 Empehi News Staff 3, 4, First Page Editor 45 National Honor Society 45 Quill and Scroll 4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Senior Council, Chairman of 4A Gift Committee5 Social Committee 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Flounders l, Treasurer. Kellogg Vanderbilt LEEF, IANICE S.A.5 Curtain Club, Flounders5 Cheerleader5 Student Admin- istration5 Hall Guard5 Pan American, Art Club5 Poster Committee, Barnard DeKalb LEVIN. SANDRA S.A.5 Pan American5 Art Club5 Flounders5 Student Adminis- tration5 Biology Club5 Poster Committee5 Sophomore Club5 Curtain Club5 Hall Guard. Barnard University ol Illinois . LOFGREN. IAMES S.A.5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 45 Con- cert Band l, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 45 Pan American Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Commencement Committee5 Flounders5 Poster Committee 2, 35 Biology Club 25 Division Officer. Sutherland Illinois LORENZEN. WALMA S.A.: Flounders: Curtain Club: Biology Club: Hall Guard: Girls' Emblem Club. Barnard Women's Air Force MCCOMBS, SHIRLEY ANN S.A.: Curtain Club: Flounders: Interior Guard: Art Club. Shoop Wilson MELCHER. ROBERT S.A.: Football 2, 3, 4: Officers' Club 4: Rifle Team: Honor Guard: Flounders: Curtain Club: Senior Council: Tau Ep- silon: German Club. Vanderpoel Illinois MINGUS, MARY S.A.: A Cappella 2, 3, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4: Empehi News Staff, Assistant 3rd page edi- tor 3, Feature Editor, Literary Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 3, President 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor 4: Pan American Club Z, 3, 4: Ouil- pen 2, 3, 4: Biology Club: Business Representative 4. Sutherland Wisconsin MIRRIELEES. ROBERT S.A.: Business Representative l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1: Social Committee 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Clean-Up Commit- tee l, 2, 3, Vice-President 4: Pan American Club 2, 4: Sen- ior Social Committee: Assem- bly Committee: Division Room Chairman. Clissold Dennison MOHR. I OHN S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Treasurer 4: Red Cross Council, Vice-President: Stu- dent Administration l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Social Committee 2, 3, 4: Financial Promotion 3, 4: Division Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard General Motors MCCASLAND. SHIRLEY S.A.: Latin Club 3: Flounders l: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: -Curtain Club 4: Student, Administra- tion. Mount Greenwood Undecided MCLEAN, MONETA S.A.: Student Administration: Biology Club: Pan American: Flounders: Art Club: Poster Committee: Hall Guard. Barnard Illinois MILLER, MARY S.A.: Social Committee: Tau Epsilon, Vice-President: Na- tional Honor Society: Public Relations: Senior Class Treas- urer: Girls' Emblem Club: Latin Club: Concert Band, Sec- retary: Empehi News Business Staff. Sutherland Michigan MINK, LEON S.A.: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3: Flounders, President l: Foot- ball l, Z, 3, 4: Red Cross Coun- cil 2, 3, 4: Social Committee 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, President 4: Division Room Officer l, 2, 3: Senior Class Secretary: Pan American Club 2. Barnard Iowa State MITROVICH, RONALD A S.A.: CleanUp Committee: Tau Epsilon: Pan American Club: Senior Announcements Com- mittee: Curtain Club: Floun- ders: Hall Guard: Traffic Safe- ty Committee: Sophomore Club. Marquette De Paul University MOORE, CHRISTINE S.A.: Flounders: H.R.S.G.: Cur- tain Club: Hall Guard. Shoop Wilber Force l9 NESBIT. IAMES S.A.5 Flounders5 Football 2, 3, 45 Emblem Club 3, 45 Wrestling l, 25 Student Administration5 Hall Guard5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 45 Social Committee 3, 45 Sen- ior Play Committee, Chairman. Clissold De Pauw NETTLES. HORTENSE S.A.5 Flounders5 Pan American Club 2, 3, 45 Curtain Club 45 Student Administration 2, 45 Division Room Secretary5 H.R.S.G. 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Hall Guard 1, 3: Sophomore Club Representative 2. Shoop Chicago Teachers' College OLROTH. ELEANOR S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor So- ciety5 Student Administration l, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 2, 3, 45 Poster Committee 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 3, 4: H.R.S.G. Clissold Southern Calitornia OLSON, KENNETH S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Executive Committee 45 National Honor5 Empehi News Stall, Editorial Editor 3, Editor- in-Chief 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Board of Presidents: Pan American Club 25 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4. Kellogg Northwestern PHEBUS. EMMA S.A.5 Flounders5 Poster Com- mittee5 Art Club5 Pan Ameri- can Club5 Curtain Club: H.R.S.G,5 Cheerleader5 Hall Guard, Iunior Mixed Chorus. Barnard Undecided RIGGS. IOHN S.A.5 Elounders5 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Emblem Club5 Tau Epsi- lon l, 2, 45 Clean-Up Commit- tee 35 Hall Guard 2, 3, 45 Business Representative. Esmond Illinois 20 Q1 NESBIT. ROBERT S.A.5 Flounders5 Wrestling 1, 25 Pan American Club 25 Poster Committee l, President 2, 35 Student Administration l, 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Emblem Club, Treasurer5 Board ol Presidents5 Football Manager 3. Clissold Illinois OLIVER. MARY S.A.5 Flounders5 Student Ad- ministration5 Interior Guard5 Clean-Up Committee5 Art Club. Holy Name of Mary Cool: County School of Nursing S.A.' Flounders' Pan American 2 3 4' Quilpen 2, 35 Clean-Up Committee 2 3, 45 Biology Club 2' Senior Assembly Com- F " I ."' if OLSON. FRANCES 0 5 I ,I I 1 fx Q mittee5 Poster Committee 2, 35 Student Administration 2, 3, 45 H.R.S.G. S u th erl and Colorado OWEN. PATRICIA S.A.5 Art Club5 French Club5 A Cappella l, 2, 3, 45 Tau Ep- silon5 Sophomore Club5 Stu- dent Administration. Lapham Michigan REDDICK, SARA S.A.5 F1ounders5 H.R.S.G. 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Curtain Club 35 Hall Guard 2, 35 Art Club5 Sophomore Club. Shoop Hampton ROGERS, ROBERT S.A.5 Flounders5 Hall Guard5 Student Administration5 S.B.I.5 ' Clean-Up Committee. Shoop U.C.L.A. ROSS, NANCY SA.: Flounders: Curtain Club, Secretary: Pan American Club: H.R.S.G.: Student Ad- ministration: Tau Epsilon: Glee Club: Poster Committee: Art Club. Clissold Florida SEREIKAS, DIAN SA.: Flounders: Curtain Club: Pan American Club: Student Administration: Poster Com- mittee: Art Club, Secretary: Hall Guard: Senior Council: Tau Epsilon. Fort Dearborn Miami SPILLMAN, RUSSELL S.A.: Flounders: Student Ad- ministration: Latin Club Z, 3, 4: V.E.S.B. l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Guard Z, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3: Football: Baseball. Shoop Illinois STORNER, FRED SA.: Flounders: A Cappella: German Club: Picked Platoon: Drum and Bugle Corps, Com- mander: Honor Guard: Fire Guard. Sutherland Wilson SWIFT, DAVID S.A.: Business Representative: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor, President: Annual Staff, Sports Editor 4: Empehi News Stall, Sports Editor 4: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, Vice-Presi- dent 4: Biology Club 2, Presi- dent 3: Latin Club 2, 3, 4. Kellogg Undecided TSCHENTKE, MARGARET SA.: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club: Biology Club: Emblem Club: Marching and Assembly Band: Student Administration: H.R.S.G.: Art Club: Poster Committee. Clissold Michigan State any 'Q' 'S' -wise fs., 3 R If RUSSELL, BARBARA SA.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club: Curtain Club: Girls' Emblem Club: Biology Club: Art Club: Poster Com- mittee: Student Administra- tion. Vanderpoel Colorado SOIVIMER, MATHILDE S.A.: Flounders: Art Club: Biology Club: Curtain Club: Hall Guard. Clissold Undecided STILES. PAYE S.A.: Flounders: Concert Band: Curtain Club: H.R.S.G.: Con- cert Orchestra: Tau Epsilon. Vanderpoel Undecided STRANGE, SHIRLEY SA.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Interior Guard: Hall Guard: Student Administra- tion: Curtain Club. Esmond Wilson TAUBER, WARREN S.A.: A Cappella: Curtain Club. Fiske Undecided WARNING, VIRGINIA S.A.: Flounders: Pan American Club: Art Club: H.R.S.G.: Student Administration. Mt. Greenwood Chicago Teachers' College 21 WASHINGTON, ZEPHYR S.A.: Flounders: Curtain Club: Art Club: Christmas Service Project Committee: Intramural Athletics: Senior Class Play: Production: Interior Guard: Clean-Up Committee. Shoop U.S.C. WELLS, NORMA S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor So- ciety: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4: Business Representa- tive Z, 3: Biology Club Z, 3: H,R.S.G. 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Undecided WHALEN. IOYCE S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Curtain Club 3, 4: Stu- dent Aclministration: Business Representative 1, 2, 3 Foot- lighters: Iunior Girls' Chorus. Marquette Undecided WILLIS, SHIRLEY S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Girls' Em- blem Club: Latin Club: Stu- dent Administration: Curtain Club: Business Representa- tive: H.R.S.G.: Biology Club: Poster Committee. Mt. Greenwood Undecided WINGSTROM, IUDITI-I S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: Senior Social Committee: Pan American Club 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4: Curtain Club 4: H.R,S.G. 3, 4: Poster Commit- tee 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 3. Clissold lllinois YTSMA, IAMES S.A.: S.B.I. Z, 3, 4: Curtain Club 4: V.E.S.B. 1, 2, 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Undecided 22 . X , - I Set it .:l. , t WEINFELD, DOROTHY S.A.: Tau Epsilon: National Honor Society: Latin Club, Treasurer: Senior Council: Empehi News Staff: French Club: Biology Club, President: H.R.S.G., Secretary-Treasurer: Curtain Club. Kellogg Colorado SQ , I , WERNER, TERESA S.A.: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor, Vice-Presi- dent: Senior Council: Concert Band: Girls' Emblem Club: Glee Club: Latin Club: French Club: Student Council. Vanderpoel Northern Illinois State Teachers' College WILLIS, DIANE S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Orchestra: Latin Club: Curtain Club: Biology Club: Art Club: Photo Staff: Student Administration. Clissold Miami WILSON, IUDITI-I S.A.: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Club 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 3: Poster Committee 1, 2, 3: Public Relations 3: Student Council 3: H.R.S.G. 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4. Clissold De Pauw WINKLER, IOHN S.A.: Flounders: V.E.S.B. l, 2, 3: Curtain Club 4: Hall Guard f., 12 ,,,, P . if 'V Y it-Lift , .. it ,Z A r,,,?,3 ff .t -. S wi. bf 0 ,I u S . . ,E W 1,23 x . .N f- -,-,--:2- -1- up ' vw if B'arhard Undecided ZACHMAN, IOHN S.A.: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: Latin Club 2, 3, President 4: Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Leader 4: Concert Band l, 2, 3, President 4: Senior Class President: Division Room Chairman 3, 4: Financial Pro- motion Committee: Board of Presidents. Fort Dearborn Illinois ZEDER. ROY S.A.p Floundersp V.E.S.B.p Cur- tain Club: Senior Council: Hall Guardp Student Adminis- tration: Clean-Up Committee. Barnard Undecided SCOTT. FRANCIS Graduated in Iune, 1952, and since her picture and name were unintentionally omitted from the '52 Empehi - we publish it now, with apologies. if M Guird 3. r ' m L F L -Q. 35' ,Gigi .gg 5 VA is H A: X M K CAMERA SHY: IACKSON, IAMES IACKSON. LAURENCE IOHNSON. IUDGE KONIETZKY. MARLENE REYNOLDS, WILBERT SCHROEDER. ALLAN SMITH, IERALD STOKES. WINDSOR xl VV ZOETER, RAYMOND SA Basketball 2, 3: Hall Hale Undecided Senior Class Banquet 23 Frieske, Bowers, Eichstaedt, Frank vfficem Led by class president Dave Frieske, the Iune '53 graduates had a lull and satisfying senior year. The other class officers - Carl Eichstaedt, vice-president, lane Frank, secre- taryg and Don Bowers, treasurer - planned the senior banquet and the senior class play, and helped to provide a semester of happy mem- ories up to the time the last diploma was handed out. Also helping in graduation preparations were the committee chairmen: Sue Herdlein, commencement committee, Pat Halper, gitt committee, lack Kunz, assembly committee, lonis Bracy, announcement committee, and Lloyd Eredendahl, cap and gown committee. Our SA. president, Gail Bradbury, rates as one of the top personalities in her class. She has been president ot Red Cross and Student Councils, secretary ot Latin Club, chairman ot the executive committee, and a member of pew onalitiu Gail Bradbury David Frieske Z4 Girls' Emblem Club, Board of Presidents, Tau Epsilon, and National Honor Society. President Dave Frieske came to Empehi lrom Christian High School, He has been vice- president ot German Club, division room chair- man, a member of the basketball team, and a member of Student Administration, Red Cross Council, Tau Epsilon, and National Honor So- ciety. Pat Halper has been kept busy as presi- dent ot German Club, chairman of the Public Relations Committee, member of the executive committee, Board of Presidents, Curtain Club, Girls' Emblem Club, Student Council and a cheerleader. lack Kunz ranks high in the opinion of his classmates. During his years at Morgan Park, he has been President of Curtain Club, and A Cappella, division room chairman and a mem- ber ot the public relations committee. Patricia Halper Iack Kunz ADAMS. RENEE S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Pan American l, 2, 3: Curtain Club: Emblem Club: Student Administration: Class Curtain Club, Chairman: Public Rela- tions Committee. Sexton Illinois ALLEN. IAMES S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Hall Guard: Division Officer: Clean-Up Committee. Barnard Undecided ARKEMA, RALPH S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard Supervisor: Color G u a r cl: Honor Guard: Fire Guard: Air Raid Guard: Picked Platoon. Clissold Undecided BATHE. OSCAR S.A.: Flounders: Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4: Pan American Club l, 2: Board of Presidents 2: V.E,S.B.: Art Club l: Sopho- more Club l: Hall Guard 2: Student Administration. Sutherland Purdue BEAVAN, RALPH S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard. Clissold Wilson BENKOWSKI. ROBERT S.A.: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 2: Student Administra- tion. St. Margaret ol Scotland Chicago Teachers' College 'Ht . . ' f fm . "" ' A g rm , f' ' Q if Q Q Vit it 95 1 ADAMSON. RONALD S.A.: Flounders: Honor Guard: Sophomore Club: Fire Guard: Division Officer: Clean-Up Committee: Air Raid Guard: Hall Guard Supervisor: Picked Platoon. Clissold Illinois Institute ot Technology V ANDERSON. ALLAN S.A.: Flounders: V.E.S.B.: Stage Crew: Biology Club: Latin Club: A Cappella: Tau Epsilon: Picked Platoon: Sophomore Club. Esmond Wilson BACKSTROM. EDWARD S.A.: Flounders: V.E.S.B.: Pan American Club: Tau Epsilon: Sophomore Club: Clean-Up Committee. Barnard Illinois Institute of Technology BAYER, PEGGY S.A.: Concert Band: Assembly Band: Orchestra: Curtain Club: Biology Club: Latin Club: Quilpen: Student Ad- ministration. Palisades Park Coe College BEHNKE. GAIL S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Glee Club: Girls' Emblem Club: Student Council: Biology Club: Cur- tain Club: Latin Club: Divi- sion Room Officer: Student Administration. Barnard Colorado BELDING, GREGG S.A.: Football 1, 2, 3: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Swimming l, 2: Division Room Officer: Busi- ness Representative 4. Sutherland Iowa State 25 BELL, IZORA S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: A Cappella: Student Adminis- tration: Girls' Emblem Club: Latin Club: Biology Club: Sophomore Club: Division Room Officer. Shoop University ol Chicago BERGER, FLORENCE S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: German Club: Division Room Chairman: Student Council l, 2: Art Club 3, 4: Biology Club l, 2: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4, Mt. Greenwood Purdue BOLITHO, MARILYN S.A.: Elounders: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club, Vice-President 3, 4: Curtain Club: Sophomore Club: Footlighters, Secretary Z: Girls' Emblem Club: Glee Club 3, 4, Treasurer: National Honor. Sutherland Indiana BORGERSON, CAROL S.A.: Band: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Board of Presidents 3: National Honor. Vanderpoel Northwestern BRACY, IONIS S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Latin Club 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4, Secretary: H,R.S,G.: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club 3: Art Club: Water Ballet. Shoop Fisk University BRANCHFIELD, MARY S.A.: C u rt a i n Club: Pan American Club. Farmington Undecided 26 if .JE JV, BENNETT, THOMAS S.A.: Flounders: Division Room Chairman 2, 4: Pan American Club 2: Curtain Club 4: Baseball 4: Sopho- more Club: Clean-Up Commit- tee: Basketball Team, Co-Cap- tain 4. Esmond Illinois ' . BLAKE, FRED S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Sophomore Club: Business Representative: Student Ad- ministration. Sutherland Wisconsin BOONE, DONALD S.A.: Flounders, Secretary: Tau Epsilon, Treasurer: Photo Staff 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Assembly Committee 3, 4: Stu- dent Administration 2: Stage Crew 2, 3. Esmond Colorado School ol Mines SA Flounders- Track 3, 4: Student C o u n c i l: Student Court ludge 3 Social Com- mittee 3 4 Public Relations Committee 3 S.A. Promotion Committee 4 Clean-Up Com- mittee 4: Biology Club 2. Sutherland Wisconsin BOWERS, DONALD , it l 4 i BRADBURY. GAIL S.A., President 4: Student Council, President: Executive Committee, President: Board ot Presidents, President: Latin Club, Secretary: Red Cross Council, President 3: Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: Girls' Emblem Club: Annual Staff, Iunior Editor 3. Sutherland Northwestern BRAUER, EVELYN S.A.: Board ot Presidents: Art Club l, 2, 3, President 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3: Tau Epsilon 2, 4: A Cappella 4: Production: Cur- tain Club 3, 4: Photo Staff 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3. Zion Lutheran - Purdue BRIDGES. YVONNE S.A.: Flounders: Iunior Chorus: Hall Guard. Shoop Valparaiso BRONSON, HENRY S.A., Vice-President: P a n American Club: Tau Epsilon: Emblem Club: Baseball Team: Swimming T e a m: Dance Band: Concert Band: Concert Orchestra: Board ot Presidents. Kellogg Illinois BULL, WILLIAM S.A.: Flounders: Division Room Otticer 1, 4: Sophomore Club. Esmond Michigan State BURKE. BONNIE S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard. Clissold Chicago Teachers' College CAPRON, BANFIELD S.A.: Flounders: Swim Team: Pan American Club: Tau Ep- silon: Biology Club: Division Room Officer: Curtain Club: A Cappella: Assembly Commit- tee. Clissold Wisconsin CASPER. DENIS S.A.: Sophomore Club: Smok- ing Committee. St. Christina Undecided BRITT, IUDITH Shoop :- g . , Bnowu. ramona S.A.: Flounders l: Latin Club 3, 4: Hall Guard: Sophomore Club 2: Band: Student Admin- istration: Girls' Emblem Club: Biology Club. Shoop Illinois -Navy Pier BUCK. ROBERT S.A.: Flounders: Dance Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3: Sophomore Club: Latin Club 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 3: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard: Division Room Chairman. Kellogg Michigan Stale CAMPBELL. IUNE S.A.: French Club 2, 3, 4: Foot- lighters 2: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: A Cappella 4: Glee Club 2, Secretary 3: Empehi News Stall 2, 3, 4: goghomore Club: Iazz Band 1, Caldwell Illinois CARLSON, ARTHUR S.A.: Flounders: Football: Parking Lot Committee: Busi- ness Representative: Interior Guard: Sophomore Club. Sutherland Illinois S A Student Council: A Cap- pella Flounders Sophomore Club Iunior Mixed Chorus: VESB Baseball: Tau Epsi- on Clissold Northwestern Q V CHANNELL. ROBERT I' gm 4' ,, ' ", , :J f it -if 27 CHERRY. IAMES S.A.: Curtain Club. Christ the King De Paul University COATES. LIDA S.A.: Biology Club: Latin Club: Curtain Club: Hall Guard: Student Administra- tion: Sophomore Club: Con- cert Band. Esmond Chicago Teachers' College CRAGIN, MICHAEL SA. Austin High Illinois DIDOT. STEPHEN S.A.: A Cappella: Swim Team. Marmion Military Academy Undecided DUGGAN, MARY S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: Sophomore Club: Pan American Club 2, 3: Curtain Club 4: Student Administra- tion. St. Bernard Wisconsin DURLING, LAWRENCE S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: lntermural Spelling: In- terior Guard: Clean-Up Com- mittee. Mt. Greenwood Undecided 28 V' -Xl X I' I . 3 A ale Q I Lt! If Q. . . A i- - : -112: T953 , H, I . .... . .sl - . 11 CLARK, CALVIN S.A.: Flounders: Concert Band 1, 2, Treasurer 3, 4: Iazz Band 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club, Vice- President 4: Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Holy Name of Mary U.C.L.A. COBB. CAROLYN S.A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Student Administration: Ger- man Club: Curtain Club: Bi- ology Club: Pan American Club: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 4: Iunior Girls' Chorus. Vanderpoel Lawrence DAVIS, ROCHELLE S.A.: Tau Epsilon l, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Production: Empehi News Stafi 3, Feature Editor 4: Latin Club Z, 3, 4: Quilpen l, 2, 3: H.R.S.G.: Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Clissold Illinois DORGAN, FRANCIS S.A.: Flounders: Swimming Team l, 2: Football 2, 3, 4: Wrestling: Emblem Club: Sophomore Club: Hall Guard: Curtain Club: Student Admin- istration. St. Kevin Colorado DUNNE. MARILYN S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon l, 4: H.R.S.G.: Pan American Club 3, 4: Student Administra- tion l, 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Club: Biology Club 4: Foot- lighters: Art Club. Clissold Dubuque DUVAL. GLORIA S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: Di- vision Room Officer l, 2, 3: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club Z, 3, 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Student Ad- ministration l, 2, 3, 4: Art Club 2, 3: Biology Club. Kellogg Illinois EICHSTAEDT. CARL S.A.5 Flounders5 Baseball Team Z, Captain 3, 45 Sopho- more Club5 German Club5 Em- blem Club5 Interior Guard, President 45 Public Relations Committee5 Board of Presi- dents, Business Representa- tive. Mt. Greenwood Illinois FARRELL. WILLIAM S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Empehi News Stall 45 Photo Statt 45 Biology Club 25 Latin Club 2, 35 Division Room Officer 35 Student Ad- ministration5 National Honor. Esmond Illinois Institute ot Technology FERMAN. DAWN S.A.5 Flounders5 Pan Ameri- can Club 2, 3, 45 Glee Club5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 35 Sopho- more Club5 Student Adminis- tration l, 2, 3, 45 I'l,R.S.G.5 Cur- tain Club 3, 45 Iunior Girls' Chorus. Esmond Dulce FIRANT. REGINA S,A,5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon 25 German Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 45 Student Administra- tion 45 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Production l, 2, 3, 4: Sopho- more Club 25 Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4., Germany Illinois FRANK. IANE S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon, Treasurer 35 Curtain Club5 German Club5 Biology Club, Secretary 35 Student Adminis- tration l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Em- blem Club5 Footlightersg Sophomore Club. Mt. Greenwood Wisconsin FREEMAN. IOAN S.A.5 Chiet Iustice5 F1ounders5 Tau Epsilon l, 3, 45 National Honor5 Student Council l, 35 Executive Committee5 Board ot Presiclentsg Pan American 3, 45 Student Administration 2, 3, 45 Curtain Club. Sutherland Principia ELLIOT, IUDITH S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Biology Club5 Pan American Club5 Art Club5 Tau Epsilon5 Curtain Club. Vanderpoel Knox FARWELI.. CAROLINE S.A.5 Flounders5 Glee Club, Treasurer 6, President 75 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 15 Pan American Club Z, 3, 45 So- cial Committee 45 Curtain Club l, 2, 3, 45 Board of Presi- dents 45 Poster Committee. Barnard Dulce FEWKES. DAVID S.A.5 Flounders, Vice-Presi- dent5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, VicePresident5 A Cappella l, 2, President 3, 45 Art Club5 Na- tional Honor5 Emblem Club 2, 3, 45 Swimming Team 1, Cap- tain 2, 3, 45 Board ot Presidents 35 Pan American Club. Barnard Illinois FORD. MARILYN S.A.5 Flounders l, 25 Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 2, Treasurer 3, 45 Biology Glub 3, 45 Student Council: Concert Band l, 2, 35 National Honor5 Student Administration5 Or- chestra 3, 4. Sutherland Grinnell ' FRANKLIN. IUNE Shoop FRIESKE, DAVID S.A.5 Basketball Team Z, 3, 45 Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, 45 German Club, Vice-President 35 Sophomore Club5 Art Club5 Tau Epsilon5 Student Admin- istration5 Student Council 3, 45 National Honor. Sutherland Northwestern 29 GAILINE, BRONYA S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Hall Guard: Curtain Club. Latvia GNUSKE, FERN S.A.: Flounders: Photo Staff: Glee Club: Sophomore Club: Curtain Club: German Club: Tau Epsilon: H.R.S.G.: Student Administration. Zion Loyola GRAFF. EILEEN S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Tau Epsilon: Student Administration. Mt. Greenwood Undecided GRATCHNER. IOHN S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Biology Club 3, 4: Curtain Club 4: Sophomore Club: V.E.S.B. l, 2, 3, 4: Student Ad- ministration: Usher Guard. Morgan Park Military Academy Illinois GUNTER. TUNE S.A.: Ouilpen: Curtain Club: Pan American: Art Club: A Cappella: Footlighters: Iunior Chorus: Student Administra- tion. Shoop Roosevelt HAHN. IOSEPH S.A.: Flounders: German Club: Hall Guard: Sophomore Club: Firecracker Committee. St. Christina Undecided 30 GALZYNSKI, CLAIRE S.A.: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Club 2, 3, 4: Student Ad- ministration 2, 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3: Biology Club 2: Tau Epsilon l: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Art Club 1, 2. St. Christina Northwestern GOERING, NORMAN S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard: Sophomore Club. Vanderpoel Illinois GRAMBERG, PATRICIA S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: H.R.S.G. 2, 3: Business Representative 1: Student Ad- ministration l, 3, 4: Student Council l: Biology Club. Mt. Greenwood North Western Business College GRETTIE, DONALD SA.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon 1: Dance Band 2, 3, 4: German Club 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 3: Concert Band Z, 3, 4: Curtain Club 4: Sophomore Club: Marching Band 2, 3, 4. Kellogg Illinois HAELIG. HARRIETTE S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club 3, 4: Biology Club: Curtain Club: Division Room Chairman: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Footlighters 1, 2: Student Administration. S u th erl an d Wisconsin HAHN. MILTON S.A.: Flounders: S.B.I. 3, 4: Curtain Club 3: Student Ad- ministration 3: Sophomore Club: Smoking Committee 3: Division Room Vice-Chairman. Mt. Greenwood Undecided HALPER, PATRICIA S.A.: Flounders: Public Rela- tions Committee, Chairman 4: German Club, President 3: Cheerleader l, Z, 3, 4: Execu- tive Committee 4: Board of Presidents 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Emblem Club 4: Student Court 4. Park Manor Illinois HATFIELD. IANET S.A.: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Sophomore Club: Curtain Club 4: Student Ad- ministration. St. Columbanus Mundelein HEIL. IANICE S.A., Treasurer: Elounders: Tau Epsilon l, 2, Secretary 3, 4: National Honor: Executive Committee: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Biology Club, Vice- President: Drum Maiorette: Curtain Club: German Club. Vanderpoel Illinois HEMMER. SHARON S.A.: Flounders: Emblem Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3: Division Room Chairman 3: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Glee glltjibll Clean-Up Committee l, Mt. Greenwood Illinois HENDERSON. HARRY I S.A.: A Cappella: Iunior Mixed Chorus: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club: Sophomore Club: V.E.S.B.: Student Administra- tion: Hall Guard. Shoop Illinois HERDLEIN. SUSAN S.A.: Flounders: Promotion Committee 4: Footlighters, Treasurer Z: Latin Club Z, 3, 4: Ouilpen, Vice-President 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 4: H.R.S.G.: Biology Club, Treasurer 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4. Sutherland Indiana l HARRINGTON, HARRY S.A.: Flounders: Student Council: Public Relations Committee: Emblem Club: A Cappella: Football l, 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Executive Committee. Sutherland Colorado HAYES, BEVERLY S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Sophomore Club: Latin Club: Curtain Club: Student Admin- istration: Girls' Emblem Club: Division Room Secretary: Newspaper Stall. S u th erl and Wisconsin HEILMAN, CHARLES S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: V.E.S.B. 2, 3, 4: Biology Club: Hall Guard: Division Room Officer. Clissold Northwestern BOOKER S.A.- F unders: Sophomore : Art Club: Beginners and: Hall Guard: Baseball: Basketball: Curtain Club. Shoop Illinois - Navy Pier HENNINGTON, RICHARD S.A.: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Club 2: Hall Guard 3: Sophomore Club: Biology Club 2: Clean-Up Committee shihefzfmd Undecided HOEY, IANE S.A.: Flounders: A Cappella 9, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon: Student Ad- ministration: Latin Club 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 4: Sophomore Club. Sutherland Colorado 31 HOLLY. MARCIA S.A.: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Z, 3: H.R.S.G. 3: Curtain Club 4: Biology Club 2, 3: Art Club 2, 3: Student Adminis- tration: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Club. Kellogg Illinois HOUSER. ROGER S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: National Honor: Student Ad- ministration: Iazz Band: Con- cert Band: Latin Club: Biology Club, President 3, 4: Board of Presidents. Vanderpoel Purdue IOHNSON. EDRENIA S.A.: Flounders: Hall Guard: Student Administration. Shoop George Williams College IURIC. LYNWOOD S.A.: Flounde rs: Concert Band: Marching Band: Produc- tion: Swim Team: Stage Crew: Assembly Band. Mt. Greenwood Illinois KELIN. KENNETH S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club: Concert Band: Marching Band: Curtain Club. Clissold Missouri KLEIN. RONALD S.A., Secretary 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, 4: Student Council l, 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Assembly Corn- mittee, Chairman 4: Board ot Presidents: Executive Commit- tee 4. Barnard Wisconsin 32 HO ER, IACQUELINE S.A.: Flounders: Glee Club l, 2: Iunior Girls' Chorus: Sopho- more Club: Curtain Club 3, 4. Barnard Undecided IELENIEWSKI, IOAN S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club: Biology Club: Emblem Club: Cheerleaders: Curtain Club: Tau Epsilon: Footlighters: Mixed Chorus. Mt. Greenwood Florida Southern IOHNSON, IUDITH S.A.: Annual Staff, Iunior Edi- tor 3, Co-Editor 4: National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Secretary-Treas- urer 4: Board of Presidents 2, 3: Girls' Emblem Club 3, Vice- President 4: Executive Com- mittee 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Public Relations Committee 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Vanderpoel Southern Methodist University IUSAK, WILLIAM S.A.: Sophomore Club: Wres- tling. Sawyer Illinois ' KIMBROUGH. ISHMAEL S.A.: Flounclers: Iunior Mixed Chorus: Latin Club: Produc- tion. Holy Name of Mary Illinois KLETCKE. CHUCK S.A.: Flo u n d e r sz Student Council: Sophomore Club: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football 2: Golf 3, Cap- tain 4: Board ol Presidents: Executive Committee 4: Em- blem Club 2, 3, 4. Barnard Kentucky KLINGENSMITH, ALICE S.A.5 Footlighters 25 Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 3, 45 Curtain Club 3, 45 Division Room Sec- retary l, 2, 35 Division Room Chairman 45 Student Adminis- tration5 Quilpen 2. Esmond Illinois KRAMER. I OHN S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Division Room Chair- man. St. Christina Illinois Institute of Technology KUNZ. IACK S.A.5 Flounders5 A Cappella 2, 3, President 45 Curtain Club, President 45 Iunior Mixed Chorus 25 Public Relations Committee 45 Division Room Chairman 2, 45 Student Coun- cil Z, 4. Esmond Colorado LAIDLAW, LYNN S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Beginning Band l, 25 Art Club 45 Student Adminis- tration5 Biology Club 3, 45 H.R.S,G. 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Wisconsin LANGELAND. DOLORES S.A.5 Tau Epsilon5 Student Administration. Mt. Greenwood Undecided LARSON. BEVERLY S.A.5 Flounders5 Glee Club 3, 45 Pan American 2, 3, 45 Divi- sion Room Ofticer5 Sophomore Club5 Tau Epsi1on5 Student Administration. Clissold Undecided KNAACK, ROBERT S.A.5 Flounders5 Wrestling 15 A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Iunior Chorus 25 Curtain Club 45 Student Council 35 Clean-Up Committee 35 Sophomore Club. Coonley Bradley KUNATH. POLLY S.A.5 Public Relations Commit- tee 45 Student Administration 35 Art Club 45 Iunior Mixed Chorus 45 Division Room Ctli- cer 4. Academy ol Our Lady Iowa 5 LAGGES. PETER S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, 45 German Club 2, 3, 45 Hall Guard 25 National Honor5 Student Administration 35 Bi- ology Club. Clissold Undecided S.A.5 Empehi News Staff, Pub- ' LANDGREBE, ELEANOR 'Q' licity Director 3, News Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 1, Z, 3, 45 National Honor5 Pan American Club 2, 3, 45 H.R.S.G. 35 Sophomore Club5 Curtain Club5 Student Administration. Zion Lutheran Fox LARSEN, IACQUE S.A.5 Flounders5 H.R.S.G.5 Di- vision Room Otlicer5 Sopho- more Club5 Student Adminis- tration. If lissop . Undecided o NEST , .5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Clean-Up Committee 35 Hall Guard 35 Latin Club 2. 33 LORENZ, TRUDY SA.: Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4: A Cappella 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: H.R.S.G, l: Public Relations Committee 1: Ger- man Club l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor. Vande-rpoel Michigan State LUNDBERG, IOHN S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Division Room Vice- Chairman 5: Clean-Up Com- mittee: Tau Epsilon 2: Hall Guard l, 4: Student Adminis- tration. Clissold MAHERAS. ANDREA S.A.: Flounders: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Foot- lighters 1: Cheerleaders 2: French Club: Sophomore Club: Iunior Girls' Chorus: Student Administration. Kellogg Beverly Business College MALONE. IERRY S.A. St. Barnabas St. Procopius MARTIN, MARILYN S.A.: Curtain Club: Footlight- ers: Sophomore Club: Biology Club: Student Administration: Hall Guard: French Club: Tau Epsilon. Esmond Gregg Secretarial School MASSIE. GAIL S.A.: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Club: Footlighters: Cur- tain Club: Art Club: Sopho- more Club. Sutherland Illinois 34 ff i . S Margaret Undecided LUDWIG, DANIEL s A " MACKLIN, CATHERINE S,A.: Flounders: Student Ad- ministration: Sophomore Club: Hall Guard 1, 2, 3: Emblem Club. Shoop George Williams College MAIESKE, GLORIA S.A.: Student Administration: Pan American Club: Tau Ep- silon. Henderson Georgia MANDES, FRANK S.A.: Student Council: Stage Crew: V.E.S.B.: Picked Platoon: Air Raid Guard: Fire Guard: Production: Iunior Mixed Chorus. St. Christian Illinois MARTIN. RICHARD S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: National Honor, President: Hall Guard: Sophomore Club: Latin Club: Biology Club: Student Council. Kellog Miami McBRIDE, NANCY S.A.: Latin Club: Clean-Up Committee: Public Relations Committee: Board of Presi- dents: Curtain Club: Biology Club: A Cappella: Iunior Girls' Chorus: Footlighters. St. Cajetan Illinois McDOWELL, IRENE S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Curtain Club 4: Division Room Officer 3. Shoop U.C.L.A. MCINERNEY. I OHN S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: A Cappella: Quartet. St. Barnabas Wilson lunior College McKENNA, CHARLES S.A.: Flounders: National Honor, Vice-President: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff, Co-Editor 4: Newspaper Staff, Co-Business Manager 3: Latin Club 2, Vice-President 3, 4: Biology Club 2, 3: Sophomore Club: Board of Presidents. MEANY. MARION S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club 3: H.R.S.G. 3: Glee Club 2, 3: Bi- ology Club 3: A Cappella 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Footlighters 2: Tau Epsilon l, 2. Sutherland Wisconsin MILLS. WESLEY S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Curtain Club: Swim Team l, 2, 3, 4. S u th erl and Un decided MORETTA, SANDRA S.A. St. Margaret's Undecided ti MCGUIRE. PAUL S.A.: Flounders: Curtain Club: Clean-Up Committee: Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, Co-Captain 4: Football 3, 4: A Cappella: Public Relations Committee: Emblem Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Shoop Michigan State MCNEAL, BARBARA S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club 2, 3: Iunior Girls' Chorus: Glee Club: Hall Guard: Student Administration: Curtain Club: Sophomore Club: Division Room Business Representative. Shoop Loyola MCLAURIN, BARBARA S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: Em- blem Club 3, 4: Business Rep- resentative: Sophomore Club: Student Administration l, 2, 3. 4: Concert Band 4: Tau Epsi- lon l, 3. Shoop Illinois METCALFE. FRED S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Clean-Up Committee 3, 4: Student Administration 2, 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Art Club 4: Football 1, Z, 3, 4: Wrestling 1: Boys' Emblem Club. Vanderpoel Northwestern MITCHELL, PATTI S.A.: Flounders: Quilpen 2, 3: Tau Epsilon l, 2: Girls' Chorus: Glee Club 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Sophomore Club: Art Club: Poster Committee. Vanderpoel Indiana NAYDER, KAROLIN S.A.: Flounders: German Club: Biology Club: Concert Band: Concert Orchestra: Sophomore Club: Student Administration: Division Room Officer. Vanderpoel Wisconsin 'I T '1qaydu.J 35 NIXON. ETHEL S.A. Demopolis, Ala. Wilson NORDMEYER. CARLENE S.A.5 Flounders5 Curtain Club5 Interior Committee5 Produc- tion5 Student Adrninistration5 Sophomore Club5 H.R.S.G. 2, 35 Pan American Club l, 25 Biology Club. St. Barnabas Undecided NORMAN. RUTH S.A.5 Floundersp A Cappella 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 1, 25 Pan American Club 3, 45 Division Room Otticer 25 Sophomore Club, Student Administration 1, 2, 3, 45 Footlighters Z. Clissold Dubuque O MEARA. ARTHUR S.A. Flounders5 Sophomore5 French Club, Vice-President 25 Red Cross Council 3, 4. Sutherland Milliken PALMER, BETTY S.A.5 Production 3, 45 Curtain Club 3, 45 Footlighters5 An- nual Staff 45 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 National Honor5 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Quilpen. Sutherland University ol Denver PANNELL, FRED S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Clubg Baseball 3, 45 Latin Club5 Intramural Sports. Shoop Illinois 36 dit-1 " ?"i , NOE, FRED S.A.5 German Clubp A Cap- pella. Geneisenau - Schule, Germany Michigan NORDSTROM. IOHN S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 German Club. Queen ol Angels Illinois OLSON, RAYMOND S.A.p Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Hall Guardp Iazz Band5 Marching Band5 Usher Force: Fire Guard. Clissold Ohio State O'ROURKE. RICHARD S.A.5 F1ounders5 Sophomore Clubp Baseball 3, 45 Clean-Up Committee5 Student Adminis- tration. St. Christina Undecided PALSEDGE, IOHN S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilonp National Honor5 Business Statt 1, 2, President 3, 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Board ot Presidents 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Illinois PARDUHN, LORRAINE S.A.5 Flounders5 Footlightersp Curtain Clubp Latin C1ub5 Sophomore Club5 Biology Club5 Iazz Band. Sutherland lllinoislnstitute of Technology PAYTES, ADOLPH S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Intramural Baseball: Interior Guard: Football 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club: Tau E p- silon 3: Intramural Basketball. Shoop Wisconsin PEEL. EDNA S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Bi- ology Club 3, 4: Student Ad- ministration: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Assembly Band 2, 3, 4: Marching Band 2, 3, 4. Van Vlissengen U.C.L.A.,,,, PETERSON, DONALD S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Biology Club: Latin Club: Stu- dent Administration: Sopho- more Club: Division Room Secretary: Art Club. Kellogg Northwestern PLANTE, GEORGETTE S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: French Club: Student Administration: Tau Epsilon: H.R.S.G. 2: Student Council l: Art Club 2: Curtain Club 2. St. Patrick Michigan PRADD. CLAUDETTE S.A,: Flounders: Curtain Club: Orchestra: Footlighters: Bi- ology Club: Pan American Club: Sophomore Club. Shoop Tennessee State PRESLEY. IUNE S.A.: Sophomore Club: Cur- tain Club. HolyName oiMary California PEEBLES, I OSHUA S.A. Shoop Illinois PERRIZO, IAN S.A.: Red Cross Council 2, 3, President 4: Quilpen, Treas- urer 3: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Board of Presidents 4: News Staff 3, Exchange Editor 4. Vanderpoel Wisconsin PETOSKY, PATRICIA S.A,: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Curtain Club 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: A Cappella 4: Divi- sion Room Officer 3: Footlight- ers 2: Tau Epsilon. Harvard Dubuque PORTH, CHARLES S.A.: Curtain Club: Latin Club , : Sophomore Club: Base- ba Chorus: Hall Guard: Di- w,,, J vision Room Chairman: Bi- ology Club: Production. it ,, , .,,, Boston Florida f iwkxf ' l' . ft . PRAWUCKI, CAROL S.A.: Flounders: Sophomore Club: Tau Epsilon. St. Christina Undecided QUINN. IEANINE S.A.: French Club 2, 3, 4: Art Club 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Cur- tain Club Z, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3: Sophomore Club: Glee Club. Sutherland Chicago Teachers College 37 RAETZMAN, RONALD S.A.5 Floundersp Student Council 45 Hall Guard 45 Latin Club 2, 35 Biology Club 21 Boys' Emblem Club5 Basket- ball l, 25 Football l, 2, 3. Kellogg Purdue REA. STANLEY S.A.5 Swimming 3, 4: Hall Guard. Mt. Greenwood Michigan State REIMER. EMMET S.A,5 Flounders5 V.E.S.B.5 Sophomore Club. Sutherland Undecided RIGGS. IAMES S.A.5 Flo u n d e r sg Student Council5 Division Room Offi- cer, Basketball 35 Hall Guard 2, 3. Esmond Illinois ROBERTS. IUANITA S.A.5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Court 45 Promotion Committeeg Curtain Club 3, Secretary 45 Glee Club5 Ger- man Club Z, 3, 45 Biology Club 35 Interior Guard5 Sophomore Club. Clissold lllinois ROSSER. MARY S.A.5 Flounders5 Student Ad- ministration5 Sophomore Club5 Curtain Club. Shoop Chicago Teachers College 38 RANALLO. YOLANDA S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club. Holy Trinity Wisconsin Stale REDEMSKE, KENNETH S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Interior Guard5 Emblem Club5 Baseball5 Clean-Up Committee5 Intramural Sports5 V.E.S.B. Mt. Greenwood Wilson REKOSH, IOANNE S.A.5 Flounders5 Girls' Glee Club5 Division Room Chair- man5 Sophomore Club5 Cur- tain Club5 Art Club5 Quilpen5 Student Administration5 Pan American Club. Esmund Illinois RISETTER, LAWRENCE S.A.5 Flounders5 Art Club5 Pan American Club: Biology Club5 Student Administratiom Sophomore Club. Morgan Park Military Academy Beloit RODGERS, GRACE S.A.5 F1ounders5 A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Footlighters5 Curtain Club 3, 45 Pan American Club 3, 4. Shoop Michigan State ROWLAND, CLAIRE S.A.5 Flounders5 Tumbling. Shoop Virginia SCHMOCK, MARLENE S.A., Student Council, Divi- sion Room Chairman, Sopho- more Club. Mt. Greenwood Undecided SHIPPY, BARBARA S.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Girls' Emblem Club 3, President 4, Board of Presidents, Student Adminis- tration l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Treasurer 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4. Barnard Illinois SMALLEY. CRAIG SA., Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Marching Band l, 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 4, Curtain Club 4. Ovid Coe College STALLWORTH. SYLVIA S.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Division Room Vice- Chairman, Curtain Club, Gym Leader, Shoop Roosevelt SWATKOWSKI, PAUL S.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Biology Club, Curtain Club: Student Administration. St. Margarefs lllinois THIEDE, WILLIAM S.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Pan American Club, Tau Epsilon, Biology Club, Student Council, Swimming. Vanderpoel Colorado SCHUENEMAN, GERALD S.A., Flounders, Secretary, Tau Epsilon l, 2, Social Com- mittee 4, Clean-Up Committee, President, Pan American Club 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Emblem Club 4, Production 4, Curtain Club. Barnard North western SHIREY. LILAGENE S.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Girls' Emblem Club 3, German Club, Student Administration, Na- tional Honor, Hall Guard. Zion Ohio State STADELMAN. LYNN S.A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Art Club l, Latin Club 3: German Club 3, 4, Student Administration l, 2, Clean-Up Committee, Biology Club 2. Clissold Dulce University STONE, PAUL S,A., Flounders, Sophomore Club, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 3. Kellogg Augustana TAUBER. IOHN S.A. Fiske Illinois TRUST, BARBARA S.A., Flounders, Art Club, Biology Club, Sophomore Club. Clissold Colorado 39 ULREICH, HAROLD S.A.5 Football5 Boys' Emblem Club5 Student Administration5 Tau Epsilon5 News Stall, As- sistant Sports Editor 45 Clean- Up Committee, President 45 Board of Presidents 3, 45 Ex- ecutive Committee5 Student Court. Zion Illinois WALLIS. ROBERT S.A.5 Footballg Wrestling: Art Club5 Emblem Club5 Hall Guard5 Poster Committee5 Pan Americam Student Adminis- tration5 Curtain Club. Clissold Ohio State WATSON, BARBARA S.A.5 Iunior Girls' Chorus5 Stu- dent Administration5 Curtain Club. Shoop Roosevelt WENNER. IOHN S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Hall Guard5 Business Representative5 Latin Club5 Tau Epsilon5 Student Admin- istration5 Poster Committee. Vanderpoel Undecided WEST, PHYLLIS S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Curtain Club 45 Art Club. Clissold Dubuque WILSON. CHARLES S. A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Biology Club5 Student Administration5 Pan American Club. Barnard Purdue 40 S.A.' Flounders- Sophomore Club- Pan American Club5 Quilpen- Curtain Club5 Stu- dent Administration. Mt. Greenwood Chicago Teachers' College VAUGHAN, CAROLANN WARD, ANN S.A.5 Glee Club5 Curtain Club5 Production. Shoop Wilson WATSON, ELLA MAE WERSTLER, LAWRENCE S.A.5 Flounders5 Sophomore Club5 Stage Crew5 Biology Club5 Usher Force. VanderP decided WILLIAMS, MARILYN S.A.5 F1ounders5 Biology Club5 Curtain Club5 Iunior Girls' Chorus5 Art Club. Shoop Cook County Nursing WILSON, IACQUELINE S.A.5 Flounders, President: Sophomore Club5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Board oi Presidents 2, 45 Public Relations 25 Glee Club, Secretary 2, 3, 45 Quil- pen 1, Secretary Z, 35 Curtain Club l, 2, 3, 45 Student Coun- cil Esrnond izifnofs WOHLFARTH, CAR OLYN SA.: Floundersp Glee Clubg Sophomore Class: Student Ad- ministrotiong German Club, Vice-Presidentp Curtczin Clubg H.R.S.G. Vondorpool Blackburn CAMERA SHY: BROWN, WILLIAM CIESLEWICZ, MARLENE CLUVERIUS, TYLER CONNORS, DOROTHY CRUTCH. DOROTHY FREDENDAHL, LLOYD HOLEMAN, DONNA IOHNSON. IOYCE HYNES, REGINA HORVATH. IOANN LAPINZINE, IOANNE 'wx WRIGHT, CHARLENE SA.: Floundersy Assembly Committeeg Latin Clubg Foot- liqhtersg Curtain Clubg Tcru Epsitong Biology Club, Vice- President 35 Quilpeng Empehi News Staff, Sutherland Illinois QL! C51 Jr!! E1 I, X I .f A Big Night MYER. DORIS , J ' REIS. RICHARD ' ' RENGREN. WAYNE RIECKE, FRED ROGERS, LA MAR RUPP. WILLIAM 64J7f.f,v SPALE, LEONARD TILLMAN, EDWARD WATERS, PAUL Senior Class Play 41 Well done, boys! Cokes a lc: klecnzer Printers in the making M fi-UiC?if?l1fS0Y1z? g a mg 1 ln eres m -Qs X-zo - - wiinx X1 X-5 fi iffy-2 N .X iq M 1 ifwilggml x K -'K K:-.Q RN, 5 'lX,QN, X x cific M 5' I 5: W wma :ww ik junior Row l: Ackerstrom, Akers, Anderson, Armsler, Arn- quist, I. Barnes, S. Barnes, Barr. Row 2: Bastable, Beeby, Beidel. Bennett, Bergeron, Bilo, Black, Brinkman. Row 3: Brownlow, Buchan- nan, Burgin, Burnell, Bylon, Camp, Carlsen, Cassidy. Row 4: Christensen, Ciqg- lia, Cole, Condon. Con- nolly, Conybear, Crider. Cromer. Row 5: Crummer, Cun- nin ham Curiiss Daley, Q , I De Suno, Deulel, Deiflen- bach, Durst. Row 6: Durlcin. Dunneii. Dittrich, Earl, Egan, Embs. I. Erickson, M. Erickson. Row 7: T. Erickson, Fields. Flagler, Floyd, Freckel- ton, Frederick, Filzpat- rick, Gibson. Row 8: Gillott, Glenn, Goldber Gronau Haas. g- , Hahn, Hari, Hendricks. Row 9: Henke. Heuer, Heuss, A. Hill, B. Hill. Hixson, Hoeglund. Hoh- hof. Row 10: Homan, Hovel. Hrometz. Hubert. Innes, B. Iackson. M. Iackson P. Iackson. Row ll: Iohnson, Iones, Kanchier. Kotz, Kern Kenny, Klaus, Kolalis. Row l: Row 2 Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8: Row 9: Row 10: Rowll: Lachat, Landon, Lane, Libert, Leeming, A. Leenstra, H. Leenstra. Leonhart, Lindbloom, Lind- gren, Lippman, Lisse, Little, La Russo. Macica, B. Manning. I. Man- ning, D. Mason, I. Mason, Mathews, Mathis. Matthews, Mchdory, Mc- Cord, McDowell, Melcher. Metz. Migely. Miller, Morgan, Mort, Mun- roe, Murdock, Murray, Neath. Nelsen, L. Nelson, R. Nelson, Niesyto, Nyman, Nordgren. Olney. Onda, C. Owen, R. Owen, Parker, Peterson, Petrow, Pickens. Pittman, Plebanek, Polacelr, Pontius, Pratt. Pourchot, Marion Quarrell. Marjorie Quarrell, Radcliff, Milan Rakish, Millicent Rak- ich, Rasmussen, Reiley, Riecker. Rickert, Riikin, Roberts, Robinson, Rodgers, Roy, Sanders. Richard Sachtleben, Ron- ald Sachtleben, Amy Tate, Annie Tate, Taylor, Thomp- son, Travis. Row l: S c h m i dt, Semprevivo, Shields, Selheimer, Silver- wood, D. Smith, D. Smith. Row 2: R. Smith, Snyder, Speakman, Spencer, Stack, Stevenson, Stier. Row 3: Stiven, Stokes, Strickland, Strohacker, Sundland, Swan- son, Uphouse. Row 4: Urquhart, Usery, Volkman, Waldo, Walpole, Walter, Walters. Row 5: Warn, Weir, White, Wiegel, Winton, Witt, Ieanne Wolier. Row 6: Ioanne Wolier, Wyreck. Row 7: Adams, Akers, Aldridge, Alm, Ambling, D. Anderson, K. Anderson. Row 8: M. Anderson, Annen. Anner Atwood, Backstrom, Baeli. E. Baily. Row 9: I. Baily, M. Baily, Baldridge, Beckman, Behrens, Bevens, Bendkowski. Row 10: Bergeron, B e r l i n, Berls, Benedick, Bensen, Bila, Black. Rowll: Blackstone, Boetcher, Bose Branchtield, Brauer, Breetzke Brooks. Row 1: I. Brooks, Brown, Brownlow, Broz. Buck Britten, Bystrom, I. Camp, Row 2: R. Camp, Carlson, Carstens, Channell, Cic- kon, Cis, Clapp. Coeloid. Row 3: Cole, Collins, Co- rona, Coyne, Cox, D Crane, W. Crane, Cres- HIGH. Row 4: Cyplik, Lanzy, D'Aracy. Dauphin, Davis Dexter, Dusehl, Dolce. Row 5: M. Duffy. P. Duffy, Dunne, Ekstrom, Ellis, Emsholf, England, Erick- SOR. Row 6: Everingham, Faulk- ner, Field, R. Flesvig, S. Flesvig, A. Forsyth, S. Forsyth, Fryk. Row 7: B. Fowler, I. Fowler, F r a n c i s. Fredindacc, Friedl, I. Fryk. Fulton, Giliant. Row 8: Garcia, Gevdice, Gayden, Gill, Granger, Gray, Green, Haberman. Row 9: Hale, A. Hall, R. Hall, Hansen, Hardway, Harper, Harris, Hart. Row IU: Hayes, Haynes, Hagey, Hedrick, Hegburg, Heimerdinger, Hamster, Herbster. Row ll: Hicks, Holtman, Horton, Howard, Howe, Host, Hunter, Huntington. Aoplwmorm Row 1: Imhoff. L. Iclckson, M. Iackson, Ienks. Iensen, I. Iohnson, L. Iohnson, P. Iohnson. Row 2: R. Iohnson, Iohns- ton, D. Iones, L. Iones, N. Iones, Hadewich, Kilbort, Hemmler. Row 3: Kennedy, Kidd, Kin- zle, Kimbrough, Kinney, Kiskadden, K l e i c k e, Kline. Row 4: Koerter, Kok. Koock. Langusch. I. Larson, E. Larson, Lee, Lenz. Row 5: Lewis, Lindgren, Lindsey, Little, Lock, Lore, Malin, Massey. Row 6: McCammey, Mc- Cour, McFadyen, Mc- Grath, Mclnery, McKee, McMahon, McVay. Row 7: Meyer, Michels, Michel, Mickels, Miles, Millard, Misenhelter, Mis- gli. Row 8: Mohr, Moyer, Mooge, Moore, Morril Morrison, Mosher, Muller Row 9: Mulch, Muma Merchison, Murphy, Ne lj son, Newland, S. Nichols I. Nichols. Row 10: Nicolozi, Nolan Odenheimer, Oliveh, Ol: roth, O l i v e r, Ortez Oshatz. X , r .A Q , ., .Q Q.. ex ,......, W . X xg ,N S ' .x.x X .5 X X X i 5 N Xl X N if X Q N A fy . 'fi ,Xb , 4 : . , Q ..- 4- W it Q " g'SX1'QSXS,Sfxl W A SQ -'is 'Q 1 Nqr Q X X X X . .Q . - ' , ' X Fe' sw -S 5 iq, i 5 U LL K as in I .. es -V 'f ', ' 5 ' N gg . W ,.. 47 " S :N " x r - 1 -' A - ggi' A . 'ze .,, Q i Q 'T-. X , Q 55 is ,fi SCS 3 A 5 , 1 - - 9 Q Y7 .o i 4 Ht . R. "ss .. 1' f' r z J 1 ,X t, .1 ,, 'F . . s. Q.. - .. ggi E . Q f ff, I .wi ,, 4- Af. ' . ,w,,5e.:,5 ,- N s 9 4' V Q rl.. .... g, 'Q Si 2 W ' Row l: Oswald, Page, Pa- gel, Palmquist, Parker. Percy. Persens, Peters. Row 2: Peterson, Pickens. Pierce, Pierson, Pinkerton. Piper, Pusateri, Ranek. Row 3: Hansen, Ramsbot- tom, R a s c h, Rennie, Reichee, Rice, Roberts, D. Robinson. Row 4: L. Robinson, Ro- chells. Rogers, Russell. Rowley, Rubis, Rysden. Saniares. Row 5: Samuels, Sarke, Sawyer, Scanlon, Schat- ier, Schmeichel, I. Schultz, L. Shultz. Row 6: Seavoy, Seip, Ship- py, Simester. Simon. Sims. C. Smith, L. Smith. Row 7: M. Smith, T. Smith, Smithson. Snyder. Spei- ser. Stailord, Stanley, Strachan. Row 8: Stokes, Strom. Stuenkel, Tedwell, Tesh- ler, Teyema, Toliver, Trapp. Row 9: Tredwell, Turner, Unterberg, Van Etten. C. Vaughn, F. Vaughn, I. Vaughn, A. Walker. Row 10: B. Walker. A. Wat- son, E. Watson, Watts, Weaver, Weil, Werner, Whited. Row ll: Whitlock, Wilkes, Willis, A. Williams, L. Williams, Wollenzien, Wolma, Woltman. Wood, Woolridge, Zacher, Zimmer- man, Zeiss, Zuegel. Zuidema. Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8: Row 9 reAlamen Adams, Adamson, Alberson, Alborg, Ambrose, Anderson. Annun, Antonides, Arianna, Arkema, Ash. Aspergren Auckland. Bailey, G. Baker, P. Baker Barlle, Bathe, L. Batty, S Batty. Beall, Belland, Bendkowski Benson, Beville, Bjork, Black- more. Blake, Boersma, Bolitho Bannan, Boomgarde, Boxler, Brann. Breading, Brackhoif, Brough- ton, Brown, Bryant, Buckner, Burgess. Bugdale, Buss, Callahan, F. Carlson, I. Carlson. Carlson, Carroll. F. Chesley, I. Chesley, Clancy Cle g, Cole. Cole- ' 9 man, Colquiti. Corcoran, Couch, G. Gros- , ley, R. Crosley, Cunning- ham. Danlzler, Dausses. 0 .0 ef.. ig .5 5 ' nlnq , AWWYMW fir? " r , .2-' ., .. se 4 '51 if rs, S X-P7 Day, Dekker, Deck, Dietz, Dossel, Douglas, Dromgold. Dunnetl, Eagles, Eastman, Erickson, Evans, Farrell, Fewkes. Fisher, Flint, Folsom, Fonda. For, Foster, Fouche. Frandsen, B. Freeman, D. Freeman. French, Fuller, Fulton, Furneaux. Gapswech, Garpeel, Geb- hardt, Gibson, Glenister, Goldie, Gassivun. Graham. Grant, Graper Gritters, Gaulliere, Gusiaf: son, Hackeif. Haflner, Hager, Hahne, Hall, Hansen, Harper, Hardaway. Hayes, Hechschmidt, Helm, Henderson, Hennington, Her- mann, Hesmann. Hesse. Hibbett, Hicks, C. Hill, L. Hill, M. Hill, Hoard. Hoerber, Holeman, Hoover, Howard, Huels, D. Hurley, L. Hurley. Husarik, Inglis, Iansen, Io- hanssan, E. Iohnson, N. Iohn- son, P. Iohnson. Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: Row 6: Row 7: Row 8: Row 9: Row 10: Row ll: D. Iohnson. Gerald Iohnson Gladys Iohnson, I. lohnson R. Iohnson, Ianice Iones, I. lones. P. Iones. D. Kadlub, M. Kcxd- lub, Kaminske, Kaplan Karges, Kelly. Keite, Kilbourne, Klockow- ski, Kmiity. Kohn, Kalar Krider. Krahn, Kropp, Kross. Krug, Kruszo, Lachat, Lamb. Lcme, Lang, Langeland, Langner, La Pan, Lawrcm, Lebowiiz. Leonard, Linderman, Lin- desy. Lrhrman, Lund, Lund- gren, Mcxckouaits. Macieies, Madison, Maiden. Maiter, Maieske. Manning Markham. Martin, Mattson, McCartney McElray, McLuurin, Mead Melz. Meyer, Michelis. Millard Miller, H. Mills, R. Mills Miichem. Malunar, Morgan, Mottley, Murphy, N e a t h, Nelson. Neubauer. Nichols, Nickerson, Nixon, Nowels, C. Onda, W. Onda Page. 1 Q M S K ,. 1. , V 1 'we vs' --M-r .V , . f' msg in ,,., Vs' N ,, . S A . N 5. ' I kb. N Patten, Paytees, Pehkins, Pelino, Peters, I. Peterson, R. Peterson. T. Peterson, Phillips, Planer, Powells, Prawecke, Ranallo, E. Rosseau. L. Rosseau, E. Reed, R. Reed, Rich, Rifkin, Roan, Robinson. Rochells, Rodgers, Root, D. Sanders, R. Sanders, R. San- ders, Schuass. Schuartz, Screen, Silk, Siag- ren, Slebos, Sleenan, D. Smith. G. Smith, I. Smith, Sparrey, Sprague, Staiiord, Stantes- ley, Stereen. Stiep, Stokoe, Swan, K. Swanson, R. S w a n s o n. Thatcher, Thomas. Taylor. Teunissen, Thomas, D. Thompson, K. Thompson, Toner, Trevino. Villain, Verkploe gh, Waldo. Walker, Werner, White, Whitley. Whitnell, Wiohs, Wiener, K. Williams, R. Williams, Wilf- ier, Wilson. Witt, Woodhouse, Woods, Wyatt, Wynn, Zecler, Zeiss. xx ,. J .. gil - P T5 L. A mm-M x.x,, . uu- . we 'f ai-,ggi SW .gn iid' R. ' bu g: " -'wg' . ,,, i' QM' "fs i mdff S77 Q Lab period ..Cap,. Band formalion Game time Rally Yea team acliciihf Q. B 2 T. J. li Gail Bradbury 'R President Henry Bronson Vice-President lanice Heil Treasurer Ronald Klein Secretary Ioan Freeman Chief lustice Harry Harrington Athletic Commissioner A tuden t auociativn The Student Association plans activities to provide maximum benefits for Empehites. The annual, newspaper, dances, movies, special as'- semblies, Iunior-Senior Prom, and All-Sports Night are features offered to S.A. members. Each spring, after the Winning nominees are divided into parties, the real campaign starts. At the end of a Week, final elections are held, at which all students Who are S.A. members may vote. This year's officers Were: Gail Bradbury, president, Henry Bronson, vice-president, Ron- ald Klein, secretary, Ianice Heil, treasurer, Ioan Freeman, chief justice, and Harry Harrington, athletic commissioner. All the officers are Iune graduates. The Student Association is the largest or- ganization in the school because membership in it is a pre-requisite for membership in all other clubs. About ninety per cent of the students at Empehi are SA. members. Promo- tion assemblies are presented in the spring and fall to stimulate student interest in the SA. 4 a l EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Row 1: Heil, Klein, Free- man. Bradbury. Row 2: Halper, Bronson, Iohnson. Harrington. Ulreich, McKenna, Ol- son. 56 Row l: Snyder, Rowley. C a r l s o n, Bradbury. Freeman, Klein, Stra- chcm. Row 2: Kreger.Mat- thews, Flesvig, Hal per. Mingus. Sachtle- ben, Bczthe. Row 3: Farwell. Swift Fitzpatrick, Bronson. Olson, Farrell, Zach- man, Iohnson. Row 4: McKenna, Pal- sedge, Shippy. Schue- neman, Ulreich, Kunz, Perrizo. Mink, Eich- staedt. 6041-d of pruiden U aAAem6ly cvmmittee Row 1: Bcrthe, Denning. Miss Rosendahl, Klein, Miss C a st l e. Miss Skelton, Wilkes. Row 2: Mr. Lorenz. Miss Walter, Mrs. Rigby. Walker. Boone. Wright. Miss Condit. 57 Atudent Row Row Row Row council The Student Council is the governing body of Ernpehi. There, the elected chairmen of each division gather to make decisions about school affairs. Morgan Park's "House of Representatives" has tor its presiding officer Gail Bradbury, the S.A. president, and Ronald Klein, secretary. Mr. Lorenz sponsors the Student Council, and is the only faculty member of the group. Clegg, Arianna, Bradbury, Mr. Lorenz, Klein, Hendricks, Ertsman. Massey, Denning, Hoover, Bergeron, Daly, Murphy, Hunter, Bergeron. Parker, Millard, Stiven, Zachman, Leenstra, Friedle, Kletcke, Grahm, Werner, Mingus. Grandel, Walker. Sproul, Pannel, Mohr, White, Riggs, Kunz, Kern, Iohnson, Hrometz PUBLIC RELATIONS COMMITTEE Row 1: Kuncth, Frank, Helper, Mc- McBride, Lorenz. Row 2: Iohnson, McGuire, Ulreich. Kuntz, Eichstaedi. Bracy. if b..,. SOCIAL COMMITTEE Row l: Bennett, Nesbit, Howard. Bronson, Denning, Miller. Parker, Kreger. Row 2: Farwell, Mink, Fewkes. Schuenemcm, Mohr, Bowers, Merrilees, Walker, Nesbii. 59 A tuafent court 60 'T' .6. i. Row 1: P. Halper, I. Freeman, I. Roberts. Row 2: M. Hahn. I. Iackson. H. Ulriech. L. Fredendcrll, K. Duf- fy. Row l: N. McBride, P Waters, F. Dorgcm. Row 2: I. Ytsma, A Carlson, R. Gill. national honor Aocietq "To create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, and to encourage the development of character" is the worthy purpose of the Na- tional Honor Society. To hold membership in this club, a candi- date must display the above qualities plus a final grade of "E" or "S" in major and minor subjects, membership in clubs, five periods of service a week in the senior year, and above average trait ratings. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS Row I: Denning, Wer- ner, Hoge, Miss Ca- mutz, Kessler, Miller, Wells. Row 2: Kreger, Gieger, Gunn, Olson, Hokan- son, Olroth, Swift, Zachman, Wingstrom, Weinfeld. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY CANDIDATES Row 1: Roberts, Duval, Perrizo, Miss Camutz, H a e l i g, Landgrebe, Lorenz. Row 2: Bradbury, Pal- mer, Frank, Heil, Cobb, Shirey, Mingus. Row 3: Campbell, Le- verly, Kanchier, Free- man, Wright, Wilson, Nesbii, Horberg. Row 4: Iohnson, Ferman, Borgerson, Boone, Pal- sedge, Martin, McKen- na, F o r d , Shippy, Bronson, Farrell. New members are inducted at an impres- sive candle-light ceremony, followed by a tea for the parents of the inductees. To raise funds, National Honor sponsors a candy sale at the annual Fall Production. The officers of the National Honor Society for the fall semester were: David Swift, presi- dent, Theresa Werner, vice-president, Dorothy Weinfeld, secretary, and Norma Wells, treasf urer. Miss Camutz is the faculty sponsor. Colquitt, Kreger. Bergeron, Fewkes. When the organ music fills the auditorium, Tau Epsilon members have a right to feel more than a little proud for it is Tau Epsilon, the school's scholastic society, that sponsored the idea ot an organ and assumed the responsi- bility lor meeting the annual payments. This year a fudge sale at the PTA., Open l-louse, and the annual lazz Band Talent Show helped defray expenses. tau T epiiilon Membership in Tau Epsilon requires thir- teen grade points with only one grade ot "G" A student With a grade of "F" in a minor is disqualified. Tau Epsilon otticers for the tall semester were: president, le-anne Kreger, vice-president, Dave Eewkesg secretary, Richard Colquittg and treasurer, Nancy Bergeron. Row 1: Egan, Roberts. Landgrebe, Lorenz. Snyder. Strickland, S t a c lt. Blacksher. chanan, Daly. Wilson. Row 5: Borgerson, Far- Houser, Perrizo, Mar- tin, Capron, McKenna. Ford. Fewkes, Pal- Row 2: Shirey. Ferguson. LaPan, Christiansen. Row 3: Erickson, Hoh- hof, Langeland, Brau- er, Bradbury, Heil. Frank. Cobb. Palmer. Duval, Holeman, Bu- Row 4: Davis, Camp- bell, Freeman, Bracy, Martin, Ferman, Iohn- son, Wright, Hoey. Bolitho, Hemmer, Lagges, Wohlfarth, rell. Bronson, Boone. sedge, Shippy, Haelig. Row 1: Cherny, M. Miller Zachman, Ross, Nesbit, Den- ning, B. Miller. Row 2: Willis, Wemer, Ple- banik, Sandberg, Kessler Horberg, Wells, Iackson. Row 3: Rackich, Wingstrom, Gieger, Weinield, Kreger Gunn, Leverty, Kanchier, Hoge, Mingus, Schmidt, Ber- geson. Row 4: Swilt, Hughes, Halper Dangremond, Merrilees Hokanson. Mohr, Riggs Sachtleben. Olroth, Olson Owen, Loigren, Morris. Row 1: Hahn, Keller, Stiven Iones, Polack, Quarrell, Ci- aglia. Row 2: Durst, Crider, Hoeg- lund, H r o m e t z, Landon Leenstra, Walters, Hill, Ben- nett, Matthews, W i e h e Hagey, Iohnson. Row 3: Lisse, Connally, Mun- roe, Chiagorius, Nelson Rodgers, Erickson, Morgan Moore, Lippman, Colquitt Condon, Volkman, Mun- necke. Row 4: Ritter, Smith, Fitzpat- rick, B e e b y , Nordgren Sproel, Sahlin, Uterberg, Sel- heimer, Robinson, Melcher Little, Riecker, Thompson, Murray, Cromer. li Row 1: Camp, Wilkes, Vaughn, Newland, Snyder, Rowley, Massey. Row Z: Forsyth, Wolma, Kline, Kester, Crane, Michel, Mc- Grath, Hagey. Row 3: Behrens, Emshotf, Col- lins, Kooch, Lock, Faulkner, Hegburg, Backstrom, Mil- lard, Shippy, Ambelang, Iohnson. Row 4: Michaels, Schultz, Alt- man, Seip, W o l t m a n, Walker, Griffin, Moag, Wil- lis, Bagwell, Trapp, Friedle, Zeiss. Norton. Row 1: Wilson, Oliver, Beck- holf, Arianna, Lenz, Graper, Ware. Row 2: Kilbourne, Batty, Mc- Carthy, Michelis. Furneaux, Strachan, Chesley, Cummins, Slebos, Potter. Row 3: Howard, Mohr, Carl- son, Hibbott, Glenister, Karges, Wiltzer, Hoeman. Lamb, Stokoe, Oschatz, Ren- nie. Row 4: Casner, Werner, Gap- sivick, Molnar, Tredwell, Peterson, Olroth, Gibson, Lewis, Page, Hackett, Jenks, Gualtiere, Hall, Millard. Row 1: C. Massey, M. Mc- Row 2: R. McAllister. H. Hayes. Row 3: . Shi E. Brauer. Row 4: N. Lock, B. Palmer. quill and Acroll Composed of Empehi's most outstanding byliners, Morgan Parks chapter ot Quill and Scroll is part of an international organization designed to give recognition to outstanding high-school journalists. Members can be identified by a small gold pin and a pair of ink-stained hands. By these one knows that the club requirements, a year ot journalism, 65 inches ot printed material qailpen Grath, S. Carlson, M. Row- ley. V. Hagey, D. Anderson. S. Forsyth. I. Behrens. C. Emshoff, I. Koester, D. Howard, B. Black- sher, I. Strackan. I PPY. R. Flesvig, L. Buchanan, C. Koock, L. Oschatz, C. Cole. R. Hegburg, D. Millard, D. Iones. I. Hohhol, S. Rennie. N. Ferguson N. Kemmler, I. Schultz, D. Connolly, I. Casner, C. Mey- er. I. Perrizo, I. Waltman. K. Wood, Wollenzein, S. Herdlein, I. Wilson, I. Reck- osh, I. Faulkner. Row l: Landgrebe, Pal- mer, Kreger, Mingus. Row 2: Swift, Wright, Mrs. Bier. Iohnson. Bennett. Row 3: Farrell, Olson, Hokanson, Ulreich. Perrizo, Beeby, Pal- sedge, Davis. Cnstringul, and approval by the sponsor and other members, have been met. Mary Mingus is president ot Quill and Scroll, Dave Swift, vice-president, and Iean Kreger, secretary. Mrs. Florence F. Bier is the faculty sponsor. The club's fund-raising activity is a candy sale at Spring Production. Row 1: Weinfeld, Bennett, Hoey, Wright, Meany, Gunn. Parduhn Row 2: Haelig, McKenna, Bayer. Rodgers, Firant, Willis, Iohn- son, Borgerson. Row 3: Shippy, Olroth, Condon Nelson, Kimbrough, Smith Moore, Wenner, Iackson, Rit- ter, Ford. Row 4: Rieclcer, Murray, Hender- son. Hardwick. Little, Rupp Lewis, Neath, Olroth, Duffy Spillman, Greenfield, Porth Morgan. Row l: Crider, Floyd, Rakich Coates, Palmer, Landon, Durst Row 2: Mitchem, Silverwood. Spaeth, Hall, Bagwell, Werner, Roberts, Stevenson, Waldo, An- derson. Now 3: Roy, Quinn, Tschentlze Bracy, Herdlein, Bolitho, Kan- chier, Mingus, Davis, Hemmer, Peel, Brauer, Zachman, Switt. latin clu6 Three semesters of Latin qualities an Em- pehite tor membership in the Latin Club, cre- ated to interest students in Roman culture. Outstanding among the clubs projects is the Robert lacobs Memorial Fund, established in memory ot a former Latin Club member Who Row 1: Kinsella Tate Heimerd inger, Mr. Cunnea, Grigsby Lockett, McLaurin. Row 2: Werner, Willis, Bradbury Carlson, McNeal, DeSunno Hatfield, Bergeron, Brownlow Iackson, Brown, Rowley, Miller Row 3: Wells, Rennie, Mohr Egan, Hohhot, Pinkerton Hagey, Hoeglund, Migely Mathis, Brooks, Stack, Behnke McBride. S1 ,,, lost his lite in World War ll. The money is used to send underprivileged boys to summer camp. The fund-raising project is the sale of tick- ets to the Beverly Theater. The Latin Club holds its annual banquet in the spring. 65 1 1 1 1 renal: 61116 Row Row Row Row "Oa, la la! Mais oui, Monsieur!" That's the Way they do it in France - and in Morgan Parlds French Club. Founded to promote interest in the French language and to learn more about French customs, this club meets monthly. One semester of French is required for club membership. The club sponsors a flag sale on Flag Day each year. The French Club is sponsored by Mrs. Corcoran. Mademoiselles in charge are: Lynne Matthews, president, and Nancy Wilks, secretary, and Monsieur Iames Strickland, vice- president. Radcliffe, Wilkes, Ramsbottom, Burton, Pierce, Ekstrorn, Fields. Blackstone. Emshoff, Blacksher,Cic:glicz. Flesvig,Christicmsen. lones, Andrews Snyder Kanchier, Iones. Iuckson, Hoge. Quinn, Matthews, Martin, Weinield Werner Gray Fields, Ray. Cole. Smith, Stuenkel, Trapp. Crummer, Tredwell, Mason, Onda Perrizo Kozak Ferrill, Nichols, Zeiss. 66 'NP' ,lk fx Any Empehi student who has taken or is taking German. may become a member of the German Club. Under the guidance of Mrs, Williams, this club endeavors to Create an understanding and enjoy- ment of German culture. The German Club meets twice a month. Club officers were: Richard Colquitt, presi- dent, Donald Mason, secre- taryg and Bob Little, treasurer. Row 1: Lorenz, Gallinui. Firant, Mueller, Curs- tens. Friedl, Hanson. Row 2: Alborg, Benson Colquitt. Estok. Brcru-I er, Nyman, Gcxultiere PerCY. lohnston. Row 3: Willis, Cromer. Nordgren, Siogren, Eichstcxedt, R a s c h. Hermann. Little, Akers, Beckmcmn, H cl b e r- mann. Row 4: Morrison, Peter- son, Robinson, Griffin, Mason. Ulreich. Gib- son, Anderson, Melch- er, Iohnson, Swanson, Noe. german club Row 1: Brann, Clegg. B cz t t y, Woodhouse, Gurpiel, Lindmann. Cole. Row 2: Iohnson, Michel, George, Halper, Weir, Dausses, Moyer. Row 3: Shirey, Cobb. Frank, Heil, Norton, Roberts, N a y d e r . Sprague. Row 4: Matthews, Col- q u i t t, Stcxdelman. Schwartz, Wi l ti e r, Hesse, Hill. Wohlfcrth. Grahm, G n u s lc e, Whited, Brarm. 67 1 pan american clu6 Row 1: Pusateri, Muma, Oswald, Lenz, Norman. Heuer, Oliver. Row 2: Lore. Miller, Fergu- son, Ericson, Carlson, Cown, McMahon. Row 3: Hunter, Forsyth, Duval, Galzynski, Stra- chan, DI-1990111 I-'md' grebe, Murphy, Dal?- Row 4: Polacek , Petosky. Schaffer, Backstrom, HO!- b egg, lohnson, Palmquislf Kline, Curtis. Row 1: Frank, Erickson Owen , Fitzpatrick, Bu- chanan, Wingstrom. Cobb. Row 2: Sandberg, Kessler, Kernmler, Oshatz, Nettles. Leif. Row 3: Wharton, Mingus. Kosk, Wilson, Carthen, Hallman, Ferman, Far- well, Leverty, Connolly. Row 4: Crandall, Dieifen- bach, Tompson, lenks. Dauphin, Backstrom Munneclre, Mirrielees Beeby, Wallman, Lipp- man, Dangremond. It a visitor to Morgan Park Walked into our Social Room and found a group of students conducting an orderly meeting in Spanish, he might be surprised, but actually, he would find that he had wandered into a Pan Ameri- can Club meeting. The Pan American Club Was formed to stimulate interest in the people, language, customs, and countries Where Spanish is spoken, and is open to students who have completed two semesters of Spanish with a "G" average. Most of the club projects are sales: a second hand book sale, a cookie sale, and an address label sale. The proceeds go to various school funds. Senor Walter Fitzpatrick is president ot the Pan American Club, and Senoritas Louise Buchanan, Iudy Wingstrom, and Trudy Erickson serve as Vice-president, secretary and treasurer, respectively. Se-nora Mary Holland is the club's faculty sponsor. 68 Miss Ebbcx Olson annual A taff Iudy Iohnson Row 1: Swift, McKenna, Iohnson, Bennett. Row 2: Stiven. Palmer. Hass, Crider. The purpose of the Annual Staff in pre- paring "Design for '53" was to provide a year- book in which every student could find a rec- ord of himself and his activities at Morgan Park, The staff, under the guidance of Miss Ebba Olson, planned copy and drawings While the J Charles McKenna Business and Photo Staffs prepared their con- tributions. Yearbook planners were: Iudy Iohnson and Charles McKenna, Co-Editors, Betty Pal- mer, Literary Editor, Betty Crider, Iunior Edi- tor, Robert Stiven, Assistant Iunior Editor, lane Bennett, Art Editor, David Swift, Sports Editor, Richard Haas, Business Manager, Photo Staff, Photographers. 69 empelai newA A taff Kenneth Olson '67 Mrs. Florence Bier ws' Row 1: Mingus, Hoge, Mrs. Bier, Cobb, Lcmdgrebe. Eleanor Lundgrebe Row 2: Davis, Wright, Farrell, Olson, Perrizo, Beeby, Swift, Bennett, Kreger Frantic cries ot "Copy! Copy!" and "Get to work there! We've got a deadline to meet," interspersed with groans like "Oh, no! What am l going to put in this space?" or "l can't get this headline to count," mingle with the con- stant pounding of typewriter keys as the Empehi News goes to press, ln spite of the hectic nature ot its ottice, the Empehi News manages to capture consist- ently high Quill and Scroll ratings. Last year's issues were awarded the International Honor Award. Staff members, who are required to have taken two semesters ot journalism with an "E" average or better, do an outstanding job with 70 all eighteen issues ot Empehi's biweekly. Mrs. Florence F. Bier sees that everything runs smoothly and gives needed advice, but all the writing is done by students. This tall's news statt was headed by Ken Olson, the editor-in-chietg lean Kreger, news editor, lohn Hokanson, editorial editory Ro- chelle Davis, feature editor, and Dave Swift, sports editor. Eleanor Langrebe served as editor-in- chief for the spring semester, with Rochelle Davis as news editor, Charlene Wright as edi- torial editor, Carolyn Cobb as feature editor, and Tom Silverwood as sports editor. Row 1: Heil, Sachileben, Row 2: Boone, White, McKenna. 6unineAA Ata photo Ata f Row 1: Qucxrrel, Flesvig, Crider, Hohhof. Row 2: Spaeth, Pal- sedge, Salt, Sterling, Owen. 1' I If lg! Q 3,32 9 q:'5 'V' 9 71 girlf em6lem clu6 Iudy Iohnson Girls' Emblem Club was organized to stimulate interest and participation in girls' athletic activities. To receive her letter, a girl must acquire a total of 750 points in her physical education classes. For stu- dents who have passed class l and ll in swimming, the requirement is low- ered to 500 points. A chevron is given for each additional 250 points after the letter is won. Girls' Emblem Club is sponsored by Miss Wilma Waters. Fall officers were: Barbara Shippy, president, Iudy Iohnson, vice-president, and lonis Barbara Shippy Bracy, secretary-treasurer. Row Row Row Row '12 Ionis Bracy Hendricks, McLaurin, Gustafson, Shirey, Hahn, Miller. Lorenz, Curtis, Wells, Crider, Lorenzen, Haelig, Plebanek, Andrews, Werener, Willis, Miss Waters. Behnke, Metz, Hoge, Adams, Klingensmith, Bradbury. Tschenke, Heil, Russell, Bergeron, Frank, Halper. Bolitho, Daniels, Herdlein, Carthen, Iohnson, Hughes, Shippy, Hemmer, Bracy, Geiger, I eleniewski. Kreger. Kessler. Leon Mink Row 1: Mink, Lindgren, Ben- nett, Riggs, Melcher, Waters, Gill. Row 2: Bozikis, Burgin, Schun- emun, Carlson, Belding. Row 3: Wagner, Secxvoy, Ul- reich, Harrington, Unterberg. Rengen, Sterling. Row 1: I. Nesbit, Grigsby, Kletcke, B. Nesbit, Klein, Stevenson. Row 2: Wallis, Hixon, Ienks, Muhr, Dorgun, Metcali. Row 3: Bronson, Greenfield, Fewkes, Iackson, Doyle. Eichstuedt, Redemski. 6oyA' em6lem club it ' M 5 ar Carl Eichstaedt i all I 73 floundem Row 1: Sanders, Erisman Freeman, Kadlub, Wheeler Alm. Row 2: Wilt, Laplan, Mark- ham, Keite, Kelly, Brann. Row 3: Taylor, Hahne, Pelino Sprague, Prawucki, Auck- land, Buckner, Bartel, Mead Phillips, Iohannson. Row 4: Werner, Neath, Lang, Koerber, Meyer, Haflner, Benson, Swanson, Gretiie. Fonda, Buteau, Iohnson, Powells, Baker. 74 Row 1: Van Dillon, Fewkes, Wicks, Dantzler, Stofer, Bathe. Row 2: Cole, D. Wyatt, G. we Iohnson, Schwaar, B. Wyatt, Vesely. Annen. Row 3: Broughlon, Dossell, Hurley, Rochells, Smith, Sims, Iohnson, Rueckhem Furneaux, Stevens, Her- mann, Zeder, Milchem. Row 4: Teunissen, Mori, Rosen, Foster, Miller, Mills, Rupp, Helm, Perkins, Eagles. lones Sanders, Gosswein. Row 1: Clegg, Thompson Row 2: Campbell, Hoover, R Row 4: Freeman, Boomgarden. ow 3: Wilkins, Lund. G. Iohn- For treshmen only - that's the story of Flounders, the club for lB and IA students. Though the members are young, the club dates back to 1938. Since then, Flounders has striven to arouse interest in the school and its activities. As part ot its program, Flounders sponsors an assembly for the lB's, and a scholarship assembly. Parents ot the lB's get to know Empehi at the Flounders Tea, Dances in the Colquitt, Kinney. Erickson. Whitnell. Mackowiak, Brann, Boersma Meier, McCourt, Darcy, Con- tent, Sachtleben, Fulton. Hayes. son, R. Miller, Anderson, M. Carlson, Peterson, Baxter, L. Miller. Langer. Kuenneth Gleinster, D. Iohnson. Inglis. Stronach, Smith. Krug, Thomas, Krohn, Her mann, Hatch, D. Carlson. Bonander, Alherson. Schmeichel. tall and spring, like this year's Nl-larvest Hop," give the freshmen a chance to become ac- quainted. Toward the end ot each semester, a party is given for the lA's "Graduating" from Flounders. Elected as Flounders officers this tall Were: Robert Sachtleben, president, Iudith Stokoe, vice-president, Charles Lacey, secree tary, and Donna Thompson, treasurer. Miss Fahey and Mrs. Roberts are the faculty sponsors. tesly, Rifkin. at, Adamson, Lacey. Weiner. Karges. 75 Row 1: Dunneth, Wi l s o n Brockhoff, Heitschmidt Stan Row 2: Graper, Corcoran Pot ter, Stieper, Zeiss, Kilbourne Thompson, Couch, Arianna Row 3: Robbins, Millard Mills 1 Dekker, Hibbath, Stokoe Mullen, Day, Harper, Latch Row 4: Frandsen, Wiltyer Manning, Gualtiere, Molnar Eserick, Gibson, Hacket Carlson. Vasoli. Henschell Aoplwmvre club Row l: Oliver, Snyder, Newland, Stafford, Riley, Wilks. Row 2: Wilmar, Strachen, Unter- berg, Ramsbottom, Rowley, Pierce, Smithson. Row 3: Stevenson, Simons, Moy- er, Orten, Michols, Winkler. Stanley, Nolan, Rochells. Row l: McMahon, Baily, Gayden. Hegberg. Row 2: lones, Kooch, Hansen Crane, Millard, Boehom. Row 3: Carlson, Branchlield, Hoe- hoan, Altman, Faulkner, Guid- ice, Dokes, Backstrom, Lock. Larson, Davis. Row 4: Cox, Misgiv, McFayden Beckman, Bergeron, Channel. Becker, Groche, Hoeppner, Bag- well, Dunne, Meyer. Row 5: Berlin, Gill, Iohnson, Dauphin, Morrison, Duffy, Grit ten, Dehler, Mesenhauer, Hess, Brooks, Kidd, Hall, Brauer. 75 Row l: Palmquist, Schaffer, Zim- merman, Robinson, Rennie Strom. Row 2: Vaughn, Whitlock, Per- sons, Washington. Watson Samons. Woolridge. Williams Smith, Kinney. Row 3: Lewis, Russell, Willis Percy. Kurd, Scalon. Pipper Rysdon, Zeschler, W a l k e r Smith, Kinney. Row 4: Watson, Seip, Rubin Treadwell, Iohnson, Pickens Hunissen. Zacher, Odenheim Reicker, Tidwell, Zeiss, Smith. Sitting on the second step ot Empehis ladder are the members ot the Sophomore Club. The Sophomore Club helps the students become better acquainted with each other. They sponsor dances and help raise money for the oraan lurid Mr. Stevenson, better known as 'lSteVie," is faculty sponsor ol the Sopho- more Club, The tall otlicers were: lane Strachen, president, lohn lenks, vim president, Dorothy Howard, secretary, and Robert Morrill, treasurer, i Row l: Englund, Hart, Gray, Mu ma, Camp. Row 2: Horvath, Harton, Chap man, Kennedy, Grant, Demp ster. Row 3: Lenz, Gustafson, McGrath, Kline, Hunter, Clapp, Clark. Hale. Lore, Miles, Koester, An derson Masse 1 Y- Row 4: Morton, Conybear, By- strom, Iohnson, Gunter, Givan, Brownlow, Kok, Howard, Berlin Murphy, Forsyth, Murcheson. Row 5: Black, Michale, Galiant Friedle, Cichon, Moore, Hynes Himerdinger, Hill, Iackson Bullock, Hanson, Benedick Erickson. Row 1: Vaughn, Springer, Cros- land, Pusateri. Row 2: Duff, Ekstrom, Sims. Mulch, Taylor, Annun. Row 3: Iones, Koczorowski. Teye- ma, Meyers, Nelson, Paterkiew- icz, Zeidemer, Larke, Little, Michel. Row 4: Peterson, Lee, Pinkerton. Sims, Nichols, Pierson, Trapp. Warfield, Simister, Schultz, Pcmek, Murchison, Field, Nor- ton. Row 5: Elis, Poly, Wood, Van Etten, Ienks, Winkler, Fowler, Bergoff, Akers, Weil, Morrill, Williams, Woltman, Wollen- zein. Row 1: Field, Davis, Kimbrough, Leah. Row 2: Geraldine, Fredendahl, Green, Adams, Melbourn, Dirschl. Row 3: Lurleen, Gavcus, Hagey, Everingham, Flesvig, Ambe- lang, Anderson. Row 4: Cox, Flesvig, Hayes. Kletcke, Michels, Iohnston, Kem- mler, Granger, Buck, Duffy, Herstener, Boettcher, Emshofi. Row 5: Brooks, Mclnerny, Cyplik, Crandell, Haberman, Kibort, Iensen, Anderson, Aldridge, Mosher, Casner, Mueller, Hall, Mohr. 77 red Cl'0,J.J 78 aJ.e.A.6 Row l: Unterberg, Denning Behrens. Rennie, Erickson Crider, Parker. Row 2: Kreger, Iohnson, Rus sell, Mink, Perrizo, Mason Bastable, Walker, Haber man, O'Meara, Stier. Row 1: Larke, Couch, Arianna Backstrom, Weir, Green Melbourn. Row 2: Lee, Anderson, Smitl' Spillman, Pickens, Fryk. Row 3: Ylsma, Harriman. Bel land, Weil, Selheimer, Hi bert, Rasch, Hardwick. jootligla tem Row 1: Rowley, Faulkner. Kemmler, Oschatz. Back- strom, Flesvig, Carlson. Tow 2: Pourills, Lock, Black. Hart, Peterson. Michale. Hansen, Friedle, Millard. Hegburg. tow 3: Cole, Trapp. Nichols. Crandall, Tidwell, Casner. Wollenzein, Seip, Zeiss. Brooks, McKee. :tow 1: Camp, Anderson, Gav- cus, Wolma, Vaughn. Schliiz, Oswald. Row 2: Pierce. Hagey, Fewkes, McGrath, H a y e s, Miles, Phillips. Ramsbottom. For- syth. Row 3: Unterberg, Anderson. Behrens. Emshoff. Flesvig. Ambeland. Vaughn, Palm- quist, Hedrick, Collins, Iohn- son. Schaffer. The spotlight is on the "Footlighters" -- Empehis underclassmen dramatic club. lts purpose is to stimulate interest and participa- tion in productions. Membership is open to all freshmen and sophomores who qualify in tryouts. One out- standing club member is chosen each year to participate in the Curtain Club's Fall Produc- tion l952-53 is the third season for Footliahters. Under the guidance of their sponsor, Miss Artingstall, and capable officers, the group is now firmly established as one of Empehi's leading clubs. Officers during the fall semester Were: Ruth Flesvig, president, Alex Michale, vice- president, lane Faulkner, secretary, and Mar- got Rowly, treasurer. lx 1 Q AQ fk. 2 n Q,- A Q Q' v' u Ffa, 5 if 5. 'ff RFQ Vw Behind the footlights and in the spotlight -e that is where to look for members of Curtain Club. This group provides opportunities for participation in assemblies and other pro- grams, and furthers student interest in dra- matic activities. Membership in any speech or drama class, or previous membership in "Footlighters" qualifies an aspirant for Curtain Club mem- bership. Among the club's numerous projects are theatre parties at the Goodman Theatre, Wil- son lr. College, and De Paul University. 554.00 was donated to the Cerebral Palsy Fund from money made in classroom parties. curtain club Directed by Mrs. Rigby and the officers - lack Kunz, president, Calvin Clark, vice-presi- dent, Iuanita Roberts, secretary, and Bob Dennerline, treasurer - the Curtain Club had a very successful year. Graduates are given a lifetime member- ship in Curtain Club. "Meet Me in St. Louis," a comedy by Sally Benson was presented by Curtain Club on the evening of Nov. 25th in Blackwelder Hall. The play, centering around the life of a lively fam- ily at the time of the St. Louis Worlds Fair, successfully continued the annual tradition of presenting a fall dramatic production. Row 1: Cunningham, Phillips, McAllister, Beavan, Rigby, Kalchbrenner, Bagwell, Bathe, Sachtleben. Row 2: Kern, Dorgan, Pittman, Henderson, Eichstaedt, Gill, Gratchner Ienkins, Knaack. 1 Row 3: Redemske, McGuire, Burke, Casper, Stirling, Capron, Mason, Riecke. Ludwig, Rengren, Hahn, Kunz, Clark, Sault, Wiegel, Riemer. 81 curtain clu6 Row l: Buchanan, Crider Migely, Henke, Munroe. Row 2: Hill Weinfeld, Vau hn , 9 , Dangremond, Hoge, Steven- son, Hrometz, Connolly. Row 3: Hohhol, Snyder, Rus sell, Hayes, Bolitho, Herd lein, Black, Palmer, Martin Gnuske, Werner, Lorenzen, Fredericks. Row 4: Reynolds, Landgrebe Nolan, Nettles, McNeal Baker, B r a c y, Presley. Adams, Hughes, Cobb, Egan. Row 1: Swatkowski, Zeder, Dorgcm, Marsh. Row 2: Sachtleben, Brauer, Carlson, Halper, Davis, Ma- heras, Condon. Row 3: Leverty, Kanchier, Glenn, Stier, Gronau, Hal- per, Washington, Willis, Holly, Rekosh, Campbell. Row 4: Wohlfarth, Haelig, Borgerson, Wright, Dieften- bach, Holmes, Crow, Geiger, Ferman, Wilson, Meany, Row 1: Gay, Baldridge, Wat- son, Barnes, Sommer. Row Z: Coates, Brown, Baker, Crutch, McLaurin, MCI-ldory. Row 3: McCombs, Curtis. Wells, Parduhn, West, Wha- len, Ieanne Wolier, McDow- ell, Blacksher, Ward. Row 4: Ioan Wolier, Behnke Willis, Roberts, Williams Moore, Strange, Branchiield Hatfield, DuVal, Brownlow. Atage crew 1-. Hall, Willis, Balhe, Reimer. 11, ll? Moyer, Reimer, Graham, Bcxlhe, Mr. Hutner, Willis. Fullon, Graham, Anderson, Fryk, Ferriel, Gabhurt. Eslok, Anderson 83 art club Row 1: Hendricks, I. Hendricks Ertsman, Alm, Freeman Gustalson. Row 2: Wheeler, Iones, Brock hott, S t e v e n s, Arianna Beatty, Kaminski, Carnite Blake, Beackmore. Row 1: Madison, Hayes, Fles- vig, Howard, Rennie, Row- ley, Barns. Row 2: Unterberg, Stieper Corcoran, Curtis, Boersma Michels, Teunissen, Koerber. Oschatz, Murphy, Crane Hermann, Bartle. Row 3: Hahne, Kmetty, Davis Branchlield, Prawiecke, On- da, McCourt, Iuenneth, Pet- ers, Foy, Hansen, Iohnson Black, Analitas, Karges. Row 4: Cobb, Stuenkel, Pink- erton, Cunningham, Swan- son, Swan, Bergloi, Stropoli Cotok, Morris, Wollenzien McElroy, Curtiss, Neath Kadlub, Iohnson. R sag, Row 1: Waldo, Camp, Kadlub. Graper, Wilson, Forsyth, Wil- liams. Row 2: Iohnson, Kimme, Brann, Kletcke, Potter, Motlet, Thomp- son, Carstens, Sachtleben, Col- quitt, D. Thompson. Kilbourne. Row 3: McManus, Zeiss, Long. Smith, Hibbott, Faulkner, Mat- thews, Simister. Frandsen, Sto- koe, Campbell, Rochelis, Han- Sen. Row 4: Wood, Antonides, Holt- man, Baxter, Henchel. Britteau, Zacker, Bagwell, Vasoli, Ander- son, Wiltzer, Altman, Hill, Carlsen, Trapp. Row l: Hendricks, Hart, Moyer Clapp, Stokes, Brown, Tate. Row 2: Vesely, Palmer, Phebus Cunningham, Farwell, Millard Halper, Wilson, Reckosh, Hob- erts, Sachtleben, Screen. Row 3: Gillott, Kunath, Hohhof Cole, Leverty, Kanchier, Rod- gers, Iackson, Casner, Seip Friedl, Bagwell, Metz, Lock. Row 4: Plante, Erickson, Bloom- garden, Manning, Dennerline Gapswich, Maiter, Kelin, Mol- nar, Gaultire, Killian, Risseter Fewkes, Alberson, Hall, Dokes 1 f -1- tumbler-A Top: Gillott. Middle: Phebus. Boffom: Leef, Daniels. E clreerleadel-A Row 1: Lorentz, Carlson, Halper. Row 2: Hoeglund, Michels, Leensira, Ielinewski, Hagey, Crider. . Ld. w l Row 1: Mr. Richard C. McVey, Mrs. Frank H. White, Mrs. H. Ward Farrill. Row 2: Mrs. A. S. Miller, Mrs. Robert Ferman, Mrs. Robert B. Stiven. junior girlif ' clcorurf rl x Row Row Row Row Pusateri, Oswald, Vaughn, Mrs. O'Neill, Wolma, Radcliff, Varnum. Emshoff, Hagey, Hahn, Ambelang, Schaffer, Stafford, Pierce. Palmquist, Williams. Crane, Broz, Murphy, Nelson, Samans. Cole, Matthews, Hed- rick. Ferguson, Burnell, Erickson, McAllister. Millard, Faulkner, Hegburg. Erickson. Friedl. Altman. Wood, Rodgers, Seip. Gallenat. Wharton, Zeiss, Watson, Lock, Stokoe. junior mixed clwnw lmibly Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row I 2: 3 4. l 2. 3: 4: I 'in-"1 B. Wilson, L. Brockhott, I. Ericksen, V. Williams, I. Sleeman, B. Horton. L. Francis, N. Stieper, K. Kilbourne, I. Potter. M. Everingham, P. Ramsbot- tom, B. Zeiss, F. Cole, L. Batty. L. Blackstone, M. Mohr, R. Gayden, N. Hibbot, L. Karges, B. Granger, C. Peters, R. Norton, A. Hansen, R. Herbster, R. Corcoran, G. Furneaux. D. Glenister, C. Smith, B. Davis, M. Iackson, I. Bryant, I. Kimborough F. Mandes, M. Anderson, R. Gill, C. Wollenzien, C. Shedelbower C. Porth, B. Freeman. 1 1 V. Alm, P. Murphy, L. Ertsman, G. Nickerson, Skelton, D. Waldo, L. Kelly, M. Clegg. S. Van Dillen. C. Beal, S. Kross, A. Tate, P. Gosswein, C. Goldie, A. Coyle, R. Silk. N. Phillips, M. Whitnell, C. Mitchem, M. Taylor, C. Wilt, B. Fewkes. I. Herman, I. Iohnson. S. Batty, T. Guidice, L. Stramacchia, P. Iones. P. Powills. L. Walker, N. Iohnson, S. McCourt, C. Lund, F. Chesley, D. Crane. B. Kuenneth, I. Thomas, R. Zuspan, A. Guidice, C. Kozak, D. Iarrells. D. Hixson, E. Icxnsen, W. Marsh, I. Durkin, I. Alberson, B. Piper, R. Aspe- gren, M. Schmeichel. 87 girll glee clu6 With a song on their lips as well as in their hearts the mem- bers of Girls' Glee Club perform at many of Empehi's functions, including the Christmas Assembly, P. T. A. programs, and the Spring Production. Under the direction of Mrs. O'Neill, the girls learn to co- operate as a group and are trained in repertoire, diction, and enunciation. At least one semester of Iunior Girls' Chorus is re- quired before vocalizing With the Glee Club. Last year Morgan Parks Glee Club earned an "S" rating in competition with other Chicago high schools. Glee Club officers last fall were: Carlie Farwell, president, leanne Kreger, vice-president, Nancy Carlson, secretary, and Marilynn Bolitho, treasurer. Glee Club officers this spring Were: Marilynn Bolitho, presi- dent, Gloria Duval, vice-president, Iuanita Roberts, secretary, and Susan Herdlein, treasurer, Row 1: Wilkes, Anderson, Unterberg, Klinginsmith, Mrs. O'Neill, Kennedy, Hahn, Reynolds. Row 2: Ward, Migely, Behnke, Idckson, Roberts, Oschatz, McNeal, Crider, DuVal, Iohnson. Row 3: Reckosh, Buchanan, Crites, Munroe, Connolly, Holly, Wilson, Fermcm, Borgerson, Nichols, Freeman. Schultz. Herdlein, Bolitho. 4 88 Row 1: N. McBride, W. Luckett, P. Petoskey, M. Miles, I. Michels, Miss Skelton, ZPFPPFYFPFF' 59939959 "'ZO I3""'1fD 5s:or5",EfDw kQ'UfD'-1,'33"+:3S .U,.-.. gg- H-5531135 :S ... 'U-3 NCQ egmegrts QQQECQSH 9,513-32-3. ifggmssy Qmwg-Q50 Z3 5-'DCDCDQ 2.0-'QQQ-mtg mmmffi lf-'U 59. F522 D LQQ....m'5 :E79.5S5" KILQD ... :J'cnPg+5-g- YQ Q4 ,.,.O "1 QHQEQQ-2' 5 . .QQCDQCIVIO Qidhggaga 5353235 : .'Z.".'-1.-.. CD'-1O77:I3"U"m, :9.'.Z!lnfDCD:i Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Hoeglund. A Cappella was invited to sing carols at the Builders' Building during the Christmas season, together with Lindblom High School's choir. On February l3th the A Cappella was heard over station WGN on the "Songs We Sing" program. Empehi audiences hear their Gayden, N. Wells, M. Mingus, F. Vaughn, W. Buck. R. Norman. Iones. B. Barton, B. Brooks, P. Kunath, E. Waldo, E. Durst. M. Stier. Colquitt. D. Nelson, V. Hanson, D. Iones, I. Campbell, M. Bullock, Edson, G. Snyder, O. Lorenz, M. Rowley. L. Robinson. W. Gunter, C. Walker, R. Knaack, M. Meany, I. Hoey, I. Crummer, Haberman. F. Storner, D. Fewkes, W. Murray. I. Roy, R. Channell, Owen, W. Channel, H. McAllister, E. Brauer, G. Iohnson. Swift, I. Condon, A. Anderson. P. McGuire, R. Dauphin, B. Capron, Spillman, W. Tauber, I. Kunz, L. Danxey, S. Didot. I. Mclnemey, Pearson, A. Roberts, E. Griffin, F. Noe, H. Henderson. I. Hardwick, a cappella A Cappella at the Christmas Assembly and the Spring Production. The choir has also enter- tained the P. T. A. and numerous other groups in the community. To sing with the A Cappella, an applicant must have had training in one of the other choruses and qualify in a voice tryout. Officers during the tall semester were: lack Kunz, president, Gretchen Snyder, vice- president, and Bill Murray, secretary-treasurer. Spring semester officers Were: Iune Campbell, president, Iohn Mclnerney, vice-president, and Marion Meany, secretary-treasurer. 89 concert 64nd Y, ,nv Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Marching along in green and white uniforms, the members of the Concert Band make football halftime almost as exciting as the game itself. The Concert Band also plays for many assemblies, the spring production, and the annual interscholastic band con- test, in which they earned an "S" rating. The officers for the year Were: Iohn Zachman and Henry Bronson, president, Henry Bronson and Charles Owen, vices president, Mary Miller and Iohn Mason, secretary-treasurer. 1: Palsedge, R. Bagwell, H. Bagwell, Cromer, Peel, Schueneman, Rennie, Gunn, Werner. Z: Berghof, Rodgers, Riecker, Flesvig, Iohnson, Firant, Strachen, Cobb, Bronson, Walters, Gold- berg, Page, Tschentke. 3: Lore, Hokanson, Zachman, Olson, Mason. Sachtleben, Akers, Lofgren, Kelin, Clark, Wer- ner, Grettie, Heiss. 4: Kanchier, Ienkins, Owen, Sterling, Smalley, Trapp, Iuric, Bayer, Olson. l' Palsedge, R. Bagwell. H. Bagwell, Cromer. Peel. 2: Groebe, Tredwell, Lewis, Berglot, Riecker, Iohn- son, Firant, Strachen. 3' Boden, McLaurin, Morgan, Thompson, Kotz, Hiemerdinger, Rogers, Flesvig, Lore, Hokanson, Zachman, Olaon, Mason. 4: Andrews, Heil, Rhine, Clapp, Stokes, Kanchier. Ienkins, Owen, Sterling, Smalley. 1: Schueneman, Rennie, Gunn, Werner. 2: Cobb, Bronson, Walters, Goldberg, Page, Tschentke, Miller. 3' Pittman, Clark, Grettie, Kinsella, Brinkman, I Hoeppner, Blacksher. 4: Mason, Sachtleben, Akers, Lofgren, Kelin, Werner, Heiss, Pickens, White, Beckman, Till- HIGH. 5: Smalley, Trapp, Iuric, Bayer, Olson, Swift. concert orclaeA tra Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Empehi's Concert Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Iohn La Cognata, is another ot the school's line musical or- ganizations, Participation in graduation, the Christmas Assembly and Spring pro- duction constitute the principal activity ot the group. Officers tor the year Were: Iohn Zach- rnan and Marilyn Ford, president, Dorothy Howard and Sharon I-lemmer, vice-presi- dent, Mary Miller and lonis Bracy, secre- tary-treasurer. Back Row, left lo right: Akers, Hokanson, Zcxchmcm, Beckman, Werner, Nayder, Ford, Gunn, Miller, Rennie, Boden, Howard, Verploegh, Langren, Foy, Holemcm. : McGrath, Howard, Verploegh. : Casner, Kozczk, Cox. : Cole, Bayer, Brcxcy, Pradd, Ware, Ford, Gunn. : Hemmer, Moog, Akers, Hokcmson. : Foy, Holeman, Carlson, Willis. : Boden, Tredwell, Bagwell, Mr. La Cogncxta, Erickson, Ccrrstens. : Ncxyder, Borgerson, Cobb, Woolridge, Iackson. : Smalley, Atwood. 9l wr " yi -Aw. M. L f 1 1 A , Q5 4? K , . 9 fi Q -1 Qi, lrgi l E . ,JM ,L 1. 9 , . X 5? 'I S .x ' 'N Um - QQSV 1 was S L xl MfSgt. Dudiak of to gf ROT is ugkx 1 X tit.- rf x y 'X MfSgt. Von Thaden L' 0 0 I' ll 0' I' Heiss, Adamson, Durkin. Chunnell. Cadt. Lt. Col. Boden Unit Comdr., lst Sem., '52 The primary objective of the Reserve Offi- cers Training Corps is to awaken in the youth a deep appreciation of the obligations of citi- zenship, to help him discharge his duties as a citizen and to qualify him for leadership ond responsibility in the world to tomorrow. Recent achievements attained under the instructorship of Sgt's Dudiak and Von Thaden were: Honor School Rating for 1952, the Picked Cadt. Mai. Arkema Unit Comdr., 2nd Sem., '53 Platoon placed 2nd in the district eliminations, thereby qualifying for the City Drill Champion- ship Finals, and Posting Colors for the All City Basketball Finals at the Chicago Stadium. Commendation is directed to the R.O.T.C. Honor Guards lUsher Forcel, Fire and Air Raid Guards, who have accomplished an excellent job the past year in seating audiences at all assembly events and in safeguarding the lives of Empehi's students. 93 COMPANY B IST PLATOON Row 1: Weir, Anderson, Waldo fplatoon leaderl, Ienlcins, Norton, Rakich. Row 2: Markham, Wyatt, Hayes, Kinney, Beville, Iones, Klockowski, Clancy, Bergh, Sanders, Wyatt. Blackmore, McDonald. Row 3: Tredwell, Hesse, Hinds, Couch, Hennington, Sault, San- ders, Helm, Newbauer, Bonde, Molnak, Inglis, Nelson. COMPANY B 2ND PLATOON Row 1: Van Ettan, Spencer, Colquitt tleaderl, Rogers, Stokes. Row 2: Imholf, Arianna, Adamson, Bedgood, Arkema, Iames, Petrow, Vaughn, Files, Woods. Row 3: Huels, Heney, Hackett. Brauer, O'Brien, Anderson, Iohn- son, White, Durkin, Bagwell, Palmer, Warn. 94 COMPANY A IST PLATOON Row 1: Michel, D'Arcy, Murdoch tLeaderJ, Leonhardt, Paterkiewicz, Lockett. Row 2: Baker, Gebhardt, Morgan, Kropp, Larke, French, Miller, Con- don, Makowialc, Adams, Stafford, Taylor. Macieienski. Row 3: Simon, Channell, Grettie, Hatch, Krider, Krug, Edwards, Thomas, Dantzler, Tampa, Groebe, Ritchey. COMPANY A 2ND PLATOON Row l: Pickens, Duffy, Spillman, Ellis, Neil. Row 2: Iohnson, Koczorowski, Erick- sen, Fulton, Colquitt, Mort, Lockett, Mulch. Row 3: Werstler, Kotz, Crisman, Scott, Fischer, Speiser, Hackett. Belland. Palmgren, Peterson, Bose. PICKED PLATOON ww l: Arkema, Hardwick, Hardi- man fplotoon leaderj, L. Melcher. Boden. w 2: Colquitt, Spaeth, Cromer. Selheimer, Adamson, Michel, Wal- do, Von Thaden fdrill mcrsterl. rw 3: Spillman, Mandes, Lockeli, Colquitt, Ritchey, Huels, Ellis, An- :iersonf Pcxterkiewicz, Duffy, G. Melcher. w 4: Storner, Durkin, Warn, Rog- ers, Spencer, Heuss, Leonhardt, Rakich. Van Ettcm. Stokes. lenkins. Bose, Murdoch. .TTALION AND COMPANY STAFF w 1: Arkema, Hardwick. Boden lcommander J , Hardimcm, L. Melcher. w 2: Dudiak finslructorl, Mandes. Spaeth, Cromer, Selheimer, Loren- zen, Adamson, G. Melcher, Von Fhaden Cinslrucforl. OFFICERS CLUB Row l: Arkema, Hardwick, Boden fpresidentl, Hardiman, L. Melcher. Row 2: Colquitt, Murdoch, G. Melcher, Mandes, Spillman, Sior- ner, Waldo. DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Leader. Storner. Row 1: Walker, Couch, Page. Row Z: Heuss, Holmes, Rogers. Row 3: Pickens, Williams, Hill. Row 4: Holmes, Olson. RIFLE TEAM Row l: Heuss. Melcher, Henry, Mur- doch. Row 2: Channell, Spaelh, Warn. Groebe, Palerkiewoz. 96 HONOR GUARDS Row 1: Spillman, Arkemrx, Hardi- man. Hardwick, Waldo. Row 2: Duffy, Larke, Weir, Colquitl. Adamson, Paterkiewicz, Norlon, Michel, Arianna, Imholf. Row 3: Stokes, Brauer. Molnar, Van Ettan, Rakich. Selheimer, Hackett, Crisman, Krider, Durkin, Pickens. rl 00 O cl 0 O O on parade Errlpehis R.O.T.C, Battalion led by Commander Cadet Major Richard Haynes, marching down Michigan Ave. in the Cadet Day Parade, Iune 8, 1952. 97 Who's got the ball? Looks ecxy . Mink trapping Safe Ouinumbered ,Er Kurt Duliy len, Day, Mr. McGregor. ner. ish, Fowler, Pearson, Lewis Miskiv. fred: -Aopla votball The frosh-soph team bears Watching, as it is composed of the boys who will represent Morgan Park in the future. This year's squad showed iight and spirit as they finished the season with a 3 Win, 3 loss, and 1 tie record. After being trounced 19 to U, by tradition- ally strong Thornton, the team bounced back to whip Calumet 13 to 12, and St. Rita 32 to 6. Chicago Vocational and Fenger found Morgan Par1c's brand of football to their liking as they Whipped the Ponies 13 to 7 and 46 to O, re- spectively. Rounding out the team's activities for the year was a 13 to 13 tie with Hirsch. Al Hall and Kurt Duffy were the team's co-captains, and Mr. MacGregor, the coach. FROSH-SOPH MP. Opp. 13 Calumet 12 O Thornton 19 13 Dunbar 7 7 C.V.S. 13 13 Hirsch 13 32 St. Rita 6 U Fenger 46 Row l: Ambrose, Williams, Sachtleban, Scanlen, Mal- . Row 2: Cyplik, Hall, McFad- den, Morrow, Aldrich, Man- ning, Nowels, Rogers, War- Row 3: Moog, Richer, Lang- Hicks, Duffy, Walls, Page: A new league set-up greeted the 1952 Mustangs. The teams were arranged in divi- sions according to their past records and the male enrollment of their respective schools. The change suited Coach Antonides' boys to a as they went to the league play-offs before being stopped in their quest for the City Title. Giving indication of what was to come, the gridders rolled over Thornton 13 to 6 in the first of two practice tilts. Disaster struck as the Mustangs next traveled to Benton Harbor, Michigan, only to lose in the last quarter, 18 to 12. Bouncing back in fine fashion the power-ladened Mustangs started their league activities by swamping Kelly and Gage Park. When MP. played against Dunbar Trade, the team walked off on the long end of a 34 to 12 count. After an aroused Calumet team held Mor- gan Park to 13 to a 13 tie, the regular season closed, with a 41 to 6 victory over South Shore. Student enthusiasm soared as the gridders faced Wendell Phillips. Two last period TD's were needed to down the fighting Einpehi squad. The final score was 20 to 13. At the end of the season, honors were heaped upon several players as captain Bob Grigsby, Leon Mink, Howard Lindgren, and Bob Wallis were elected to the South Central Section Al1fStar Squad. Row 1: Klause, Green- field, Iackson, Mr. An- tonides. Grigsby, Nes- bit, Cassidy. Row 2: B. Melcher, Rose, Wallis, Sachtleben. Hixon, Lisse, Metcalf. Row 3: Hovel, Ienks. Mink, Lindgren. Doyle Gill, Shields, Spoerl. Riggs, McGuire, An- derson, Simons. Row 4: Melcher. Corl- son, Wagner. And- ritch, Unterberg, Ul- rich, Paytes, Coultrip. Bozikis, Coyle. wigs Qgif pam m.f..s.-. - ...,.,,... Robert Grigsby al-Aity f00f6d1I Paul McGuire Tom Bennett SENIOR Luther 51 Crane 49 Christian 67 Kelly 72 Bowen 59 Fenger 73 Carver 99 Westcott 56 Parker 77 Harper 69 Hirsch 69 Hyde Park 66 South Shore 75 Calumet 47 C.V.S. Row 1: Innes. Bennett M c G u i r e , Klem Kletcke. Row 2: Shed, Flagler Harrington, Owens X F ri e s k.e, Lmdgren Q Bastable, Roy. Opp 45 66 46 68 81 60 66 44 72 78 66 66 77 82 84 Row 1: Iohnson, Rose. Harris, Samuels, Erick- sen. Row 2: Berglof, Am- brose, Lcxngisch. Walls. Bailey, Stro- nach, Manning. Ian- sen, Shea. ln 1952, the league's basketball organi- zation Was changed. A player now remains on the frosh-soph team until he reaches his junior year when he becomes a member of the senior squad. Lacking in height, M.P.'s trosh-soph hoop- sters displayed a fine team which Won four games out of eleven. After the mid-term graduation, Mr. Dun- can McGregor assumed coaching duties. The senior cagers dropped their first two league tilts before stopping Carver. The losses were to Bowen and Fenger. After running over Westcott, the team lost to Parker and Harper before beating Hirsch and Hyde Park. The Mustangs then proceeded to lose their last three meetings, bowing to South Shore, Calumet, and C.V.S. One of the highest scoring outfits in M.P.'s history, the Mustangs scored 762 points in league play, Of the total, 186 points were made by Ron Klein, M.P.'s top scorer. 6aAlzet6all Bowen Fenger Carver Westcott Parker Harper Hirsch Hyde Park South Shore Calumet C.V.S. Opp 31 32 47 18 40 50 42 34 53 60 32 103 'W F y rs' f ,.:A L --.. - l 'A -- C. Carl Eichstaedt SEASON RECORD M.P. 0 Bowen 9 Hirsch l Calumet 0 C,V.S. 2 Harper 9 South Shore l Fenger 2 Parker 7 Hyde Park U Bowen 4 Hirsch O Calumet 2 C.V.S. 4 Harper Opp. 5 8 2 6 1 4 5 3 12 6 6 5 9 I 6aAe6all Morgan Park's diamond squad did not live up to pre-season expectations. Although the team looked quite good in two exhibition tilts, league competition proved to be a little tougher. ln the first league game ot the season, Coach "Dick" TWeedie's crew ran into Bowen and their ace pitcher, Eli Grba, and were shut- out, 5-U, This did not discourage the Mustangs for they bounced back to edge Hirsch, 9-8, Successive losses to Calumet and C.V.S. gave the diamond men a l-3 record, but their victories over Harper and South Shore returned them temporarily to the .500 mark before drop- ping to seventh place. 'K '22-K Row l: Bronson, Porth, Redemski, Klein, Schunemcm. Moor. Frentz. . I I Ronnie Kline Row 2: Mr. Tweedie, Roy, Eichstaedt, Kimbrough, Telier, McGuire, Bostrom, Shrlmg, Macxca. Swimming Row 1: Moog, Hill, Stevenson, Bolitho. Row 2: Hughley, Walker, Seavoy, Griffin, Herman, Dave Fewkes Percy, Mills, Fields. i 4-52 8 xl XX ' ,. X T, F Q f .- , " X Y x 3 l in Row 1: Fewkes, Macica, Ambrose, Cluverius. Row 2: Robinson, Mills, Iuric, Doyle, McCord. This year some of the tinest talent in the :ity was located in the South Section. Coach Tweedie's junior tankers showed heir talents to advantage as their excellent 'ecord of 8 wins and 2 losses indicates. Only a fighting Hyde Park Squad and 7enger's city champs were able to halt the fvell-balanced team. M.P.'s victims included Tilden, Lindblom, Calumet, Hirsch, South Shore, Parker, and Gage Park. The senior swimmers Were not able to toll ow the junior's sparkling example as they lropped 7 meets while Winning only 3. IUNIORS M.P. 291f2 Tilden 25 Gage Park 39 Gage Park 38 Lindblom 26 Hyde Park 42 Calumet 7 Fenger 4l Hirsch 34 South Shore 40 Parker Brian Seavoy Opp. 25V2 23 14 19 31 14 50 7 22 8 SENIORS M.P. 28 Tilden 3356 Gage Park 41 Gage Park 23 Lindlolom 4l Hyde Park 22 Calumet 14 Fenger lf? Hirsch 15 South Shore 24 Parker IUS Opp 37 2311: 24 42 17 43 52 43 51 33 Minerva Paulson Phone I-Illltop 5-4494 I-Illltop 5-0567 Mt. Qreentnnoh bpecialtp Qbnp jlilinerhds Beauty 5alnn n . ' . LINGERIE Speclcmng In CHILDRENS WEAR - CORSETS Scalp Treatments -:- Razor I-Iaircutting SHOWER GIFTS 3259 West lllth Street Chicago 43, Illinois 3237 West lllth Street Chicago 43, Illinois ,V IOHNSON DRUGS DELIVERY SERVICE 1835 W. l03rd St. Chicago 43, Ill. Blflverly 8-8868 106 ELECTRIC LAWN TRIMMERS POWER LAWN MOWERS AIR COMPRESSORS WATER HOSE ELECTRIC GENERATING PLANTS TOM IOHNSON EQUIPMENT CO. BEverly 8-5578 IQUU Monterey Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois LAMBERT'S FOUNTAIN 6' GRILL N049 Hale Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois Best Wishes from Ioe and Mary VILLAGE GIFI' BOX 'Distinctive Gifts for All Occasions 3219 West lllth Street I-Hlltop 5-3035 Chicago 43, Illinois I IALLMARK CARDS EKELEEEE93 2, 0 angie 5 2300 West: 95111 Sirreel' ,,,,e'BEverly 8-6400 ,- gtff -ILQE L 4-gf - 1 fa fav '1 -1- - :s ? i1:'f'eesNsf -6: L - 1., it gagiilirgqggiaifiiffyegsmi - r s-5 .N ii .--. - ' . -" Q - 1 ' - 3' -f 'I f -f f'-Eff-ife, e f f .fe , Tiff lY 7l0NS fffffsr fefsfnzffe fvf AL PAYNE MOTORS INC. 3058 West 111th Street THE BONNET SHOP Featuring Sales STUDEBAKER Service Distinctive Millinery cmd Accessories Cars Trucks 3308 West 111th Street Phone Hilltop 5-2600 Dorothy G. Brockway A Friendly X5 'ii Place To Dine vgvr- i Open Every Day ,' 11:30 A.M. 8:00 P.M. if -1 . ClllCAGO,llLINOIS N 9 wr .Q The - - X APFIOVID .Y AAA. X 10431 s.wts1smi me. sf is at tif BEN I.'-RANKLIN STORE STUART'S MUSIC SHOP Your 5 5 we Store MUSIC INSTRUMENTS in Music Boorcs Morgan Park 1NsTRUcT1oN 1979 West 11 1th Street 3147 We-Sf 111111 street Bsveriy 3-4280 Chicago 43, Illinois Phone Hllltop 5-2073 K A D E N ' S DEPARTMENT STORE LLOYD FREDENDALL IEWELRY 0 WATCHES GIFT FOR REMEMBRAN E S C 1942 Monterey Ave. 3123 West 111th Street Cgdarcrest 3-6500 CHICAGO 43, ILLINOIS DEWITT N. LANE LACKORE, NICHOLS 6. LANE Funercrl Home 1971 West Illth Street BEverly 8-0671 E. C. KINNEY PRINTING CO. 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MOSES GENERAL INSURANCE I l 102 Longwood Drive Chicago 43, Ill. Telephone Hllltop 5-2000 Evenings and Holidays BEverly 8-6666 Better Homes for Better Living ALDRIDGE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 1902 Monterey Avenue, Chicago 43, Illinois Telephone I-IIlltop 5-6666 F, M. Aldridge CEdarcrest 3-9397 HILLTOP FLOWER SHOP FLORAL DESIGNS AND DECORATIONS I-Illltop 5-4935 ll050 South Western Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois H 'lf lll Vic's Bar B. Q. and Snack Shop "Tasty Pit-cooked Ribs Only" 1611 W. 111th Street Chicago 43, I11. SCHOOL SUPPLIES MOUNT GREENWOOD OFFICE SUPPLY STATIONERS Ra1ph'I-I. Sprague, Proprietor 3046 West 111th Street CEdarcrest 3-6160 Chicago 43, Illinois MoNTEHEY PHARMACY , 1952 Monterey Ave Meet You Morgan Park 1 After School at H. A. LAUNSPACH. R.Ph. COMMUNITY GIFTE AND TCG A Good Place to Buy A11 Your Drugs SHCPPE and School Supplies SODA FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE BEver1y 8-8252 112 1812 West 99th Street Phone BEver1y 8-6148 I-II11top 5-1982 S. 6. E. SHOPPE 10432 S. 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Wall Paper Store 10146-48 South Western Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois Iohanna Nagler Alice Nagler Private Room Available for Weddings and Parties THE SUPERIOR TEA ROOM LUNCHEONS AND DINNERS Air Conditioned 1757 W. 95th Street CEdarcrest 3-1885 Phone Hilltop 5-0131-2 lack ThomDson's QUALITY USED CARS Good Used Cars Bought, Sold and Traded More Cash for Your Car 1505 West 95th Street Chicago 43, Illinois Hllltop 5-0400 BEVERLY LINCOLN-MERCURY, Inc. Authorized Lincoln and Mercury Dealers 1705 West 95th Street Chicago 43, Ill. 113 "4'-r- e . rl W- ,TI- BEVER1-Y CAMERA SHOP BEVERLY PHARMACY 1718 West 95th Street I. B. Crow, R.Ph. H. I. Mark, R.Ph. Chicago 43, Illinois 1751 West 95th Street EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC BEVHIY 8-0030 Telephone BEver1y 8-7211 Chicago INSURANCE MORTGAGES ' B E L M O N 'I' IOHNSON 6 BLAKE. INC. REALTORS THE COMPLETE FOOD STORE 10121 South Western Avenue BEver1y 8-4416 107th and Hale BEver1y 8-1602 BEVERLY BOOT SHOP Where Courtesy, Quality and Price Count 1648 W t 95th St t CURTISS - WEIDLER es ree QUALITY MEATS BEver1y 8-8570 BEver1y 8-6747 1264 West 103rd Street 114 - THE SMARTES1 SHOP OF ITS KIND IN CHICAGO 0 5 f sevmv Huis Shennan I. Swanson ' KNOX HATS 0 ARROW SHIRTS 0 MCGREGUR SPURTSWEAR ' HOLEPRO0F HOSIERY ' SWANK JEWELRY ' WILSON SPORTlNG 00008 COMPLETE -im- Fishing, Golf, Bowling, Tennis, Softball, Skating and Football Equipment. "Park Hen, .Shop Anvwhen' 95th St. Uust west of Ashland! 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IOHNSON Committeemcm GLADYS SPECHT Committeewomcrn Cook with GRIFFITI-I'S Gay, Purified SPICE SETS 'I L , - g I yy W I I .,,. ' r No is Natural Wood - 5 55 9H't?M Q P M 1 spice sez No. 10 QI 5 - 21 2 53' 5' gt 1 GRIFFITH SPICE SET 83.95 EYE APPEAL E QIIIA J lllbb 5 x I 5 2 'r f 5 5 W i Colorful in your kitchen. This 53.95 AN ENDURING 'f t "" P .. :,,,,,, qqhq: Q I. 1 e I Spice Set makes an ideal gilt. Ten KITCHEN UTILITY favorite spices, purified for flavor purity. Choice of red, blue, green, yellow or black spice-jar caps. Beautiful red or white plastic cabinet. lit ' giffffci llll' , 3 ,, -L-abil No. I2 in Gleaming White Plastic Cabinet 55.95 MAKES IT A IOY TO PREPARE Praise-Winning MEALS A select variety of purified prime spices . . . 12 or 18 jars to the set in attractive cabinet, Choice of red, green, yellow, blue or black capsi Obtainable at: Marshall Field G Co. Montgomery Ward 51 Co. Carson Pirie Scott 5: Co. The Fair Sears, Roebuck KS Co. Mandel Brothers QUALITY SPICES Available in Housewares Section of principal department and hardware stores in Chicago THE GRIFFITH LABORATORIES 1415 W. 37th Street LAfayette 3-7505 UNIVERSAL WELDING SUPPLY co. DERK SMU' 5' SON' INC- INTERIORS Since 1920 1235 West 95th Street Chicago 43, Illinois 1861-63 West 95th Street EVERYTHING FOR TI-IE WELDING INDUSTRY CEdarcrest 3-3255-56 Chicago 43, Illinois Open Thursday and Friday Evenings BEAUTY LANE SALON CLARENCE MELLENDORF 10036 South Western Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois Phone Clildarcrest 3-5040 ll8 SWUHIWIUH-Wm NAT1oNALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS for MEN AND WOMEN 3047 West 111th Street HI11top 5-1150 A N ,:.,, I, ,...:t, , WORLD THE TALK OF THE "HIGH SCHOOL" CROWD IS BOYS' WORLD ALL THAT THE BOY DEMANDS FOR TOPS IN ATTIRE PLUS PER- SONAL ATTENTION BLENDED WITH THE MOST REASONABLE TAGS ON OUTSTANDING FASHIONS IS OUR PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT. Sizes 2 to 40 IT'S EXCLUSIVELY AT BOYS' WORLD 1712 West 95th Street 2516 West Devon Chicogo, Illinois CEc1orcrest 3-661 1 BEVERLY TOG SHOP , Lctdies', C1'1i1dren's ond Infolnts' Weor 1650 West 95th Street 19 Years on the Corner of Charles Street 119 A It CLARENCE K1.EIN G SON Chicagds Finest Paint Store MARTIN-SENOUR PAINTS WARNER WALL PAPERS PAINTERS - DECORATORS Hllltop 5-6500 1409 West l03rd Street Louise F. Van Pelt Iohn Van Pelt Telephone Hllltop 5-7467 VAN PELT ART GALLERIES IMPORTED OIL PAINTINGS EXPERT CUSTOM FRAMING 2132 West 95th Street Chicago 43, Illinois The Unusual in All Flower Gifts BACON 6 STEIDEL FLOWERS CUSTOM DESIGNING 10418 South Western Avenue BEverly 8-8186 NEARLY NEW SHOP Sponsored by Beverly Hills Center ot Infant Welfare We accept new and nearly new articles for sale in our shop in season. Clothing on a 50-50 basis - Brick-a-Brack and Antiques on a one- third to charity and two-thirds to our customers. 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Fully Accredited Day and Evening Classes Full or Part Time Programs Wide Choice of Courses Tuition Free to Chicago Residents Well-Trained Faculty - Excellent Facilities Accredited Eight Week Summer Session Many Extra-Curricular Activities Convenient Location - Collegiate Atmosphere 1953 Summer Session Opens Iune 29: Ends August 21 Registration - Opens September 16, 1953 For Further Information Address the Registrar's Office A COLLEGE EDUCATION IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICA Safeguard Your Future by Enrolling in WILSON IUNIOR COLLEGE LAIN 6. SONS, INC. Funeral Directors MORGAN ARMS TAILORS AND CLEANERS 2239 West 111th Street MORGAN PARK GARAGE 11112 Hale Avenue NO-IVIEK PEN PRODUCTS 1904 West Monterey O'K FOOD SHOP 1924 Monterey Avenue PAT 6. MARY'S CLEANING AND ALTERATIONS 1926 Monterey Avenue PROFESSIONAL LETTERING 6 EMBLEMS 10221 South Western Avenue ROBERT B. 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DE METS' CANDIES AND FAMOUS TURTLES 10352 South Western Avenue Phone: Hllltop 5-0700 Aldridge Cons't Co. ...... 111 Baar Stores ,............. 121 Bacon 61 Steidel Flowers . .120 Barth's Bakeries .......... 115 Beauty Lane Salon ....... 118 Belmont Grocery QS Market. 114 Ben Franklin Store ........ 108 Beverly Art Shoppe ....... 121 Beverly Boot Shop ........ 114 Beverly Camera Shop ,.... 114 Beverly Furniture ......... 120 Beverly Hat Box .......... 120 Beverly Lincoln-Mercury . .113 Beverly Pharmacy ........ 114 Beverly Ridge Cleaners . . .113 Beverly Tog Shop ........ 119 Beverly Watch Repair Shop 121 The Bonnet Shop ......... 108 Boys' World .............. 119 Doris Brown ..... .... 1 15 By The Way ....... .... l 11 The Camera Shop ........ 121 Tom Collins, Printer ...,... 121 Community Gifte ci Tog . . .112 Curtiss-Weidler .......... 114 Democratic Organization. . . 116 Doc's Hobby House ...... 110 lane Drysdale ............ 122 Ethe1's Lingerie and Gift . . . 121 Endurance Co. ........... 110 Fisher's School Store ...... 110 "For Men" ............... 115 Lloyd Fredendall ......... 109 Gordon's Interiors ........ 121 The Griffith Laboratories . .118 INDEX Groebe Realtors .......... Hahn Brothers ............ Heights Florist ....... .... Hendricks B ' ry .... .... Hilltop Flowet' Homecrest Store .......... Iack's Barber Shop ........ leffery Drug Co. ......... . lo-Ann Cotton Shop ...... lohnson CS Blake, lnc. ..... . Iohnson Drugs ........... Torn Iohnson Equipment . . Iungalow Gift G Knit Shop. Kadens .................. Karris' Drive ln ....... Kinney Printing Co. . . . Kiskaddon Realty Co. . Klein Hardware ...... Klein df Son .......... Lackore, Nichols G Lane Lain :S Sons, Inc. ..... . Lambert's Grill ....... Larson's Electric ..... Marcell's ......... . George Michels Micke1berry's ........ Minerva's Beauty Salon Monterey Pharmacy .. Morgan Arms Tailors . Morgan Park Garage . Frank G. Moses ...... Mt. Greenwood Off. Supply Mt. Greenwood Specialty Shop .................. 115 121 121 111 120 121 110 121 114 106 107 121 109 109 109 121 113 120 109 121 107 120 122 113 107 106 112 121 121 111 112 106 Clem B. Mulholland . . The Nantucket ...... Nearly New Shop .... No-Mek Pen Products O 'K Food Shop ..... Owen Welding G Supply Partington 6: Newhall Pat G Mary's ........ Al Payne Motors, Inc. Professional Lettering Republican Organization Ruth's Flower Shop . . S 6: E Shoppe ....... Shop 61 Save ...... Derk Smit 6. Son ..... Sommers Hardware . Robert B. Stitt ....... Stuarts Music Shop . . The Suburban Shop . Sullivan's Smartwear. Superior Tea Room . . The Surrey .......... Television Studios . . . Tiegreen's .......... lack Thompson's .... Universal Welding Co. Arthur I. Vander May Van Pelt Art Galleries Vic's Bar B-Q ........ Village Gift Box ..... Lewis W. Waxman .. Whiting Corporation . Wilson lr. College . . . F. W. Woolworth ..... PARTINGTON 6. NEWHALL. INC. Prescription Druggists R. Bagus, R. Ph. I. Dunn, H. Ph. RK The REXALL Store Rx 11051 Hale Ave., Chicago 43, Illinois Phones BEverly 8-4238-9 IANE DRYSDALE WoMEN's APPAREL 1706 West 95th Street Hllltop 5 2811 See Us for School Supplies 122 "Whiting is a good place to Worlc' The young person with a plan is the one Who will succeed. Start planning your future NOW Equip yourself With the proper education ----- . Then become associated with a reliable firm. WHITING CORPORATION Harvey, Illinois 9 . I I Y VT, '-: J 'QI'pf"'L: ,I . , Vw .,:,f. .I,. n -A A ,-.. .A -7, V , I ', .IVQQ x , V I . ' I '. VVV ,Vf1'J'su 'QV V V IX' 4 .fn V. ,p ' , K . N' HI. Q , .V,,VV rw, I I I, ya 1, ,V V .VF W ,Q-'A I tr-V . Q in ' sl . ,V VIQJV . If Q1 'I P X H V .V VV H uf IV.V-,fI,V, -I r V. I' -.,., - I n -T I ,I- ' I .gm I ,. - N. 415,13 , 1 ' Vfu ,1.,. 'I I .. V 7, I' ' II, . ff gf . , VV , ,ii . -II If .' ' I fx ' '1 4, V . 'Q .1 D h v QV" QV, n .73 NJ, V. V . I - 1' U A I .. V-yj . ,AP f 2. .I Ni. If ' Img, I . . II II, ' L L 3. 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Suggestions in the Morgan Park High School - Empehi Yearbook (Chicago, IL) collection:

Morgan Park High School - Empehi Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Morgan Park High School - Empehi Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Morgan Park High School - Empehi Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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