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"Q--,H ,' 1- .-'-- L .' .1 ' ,' f' ' A sf, ' ' ...M A A ' - -3 9+ ., ' -H 51 - ""n " ' I f i - V f '2-ii " ' L ' V- -.1'f . - --- . . y ' , .,,,, ,.a-.ref r - 1' 456, -I ,, 4 fan. , . f.- -mfs - -,A ,fm - . 7 5 ,. lf: ,, 1-14,4 C, 4 -1, ' .-, ,1 1 ' ' 'li-'jfik , ' Y 1 W - J ,N M ,, . -'f'-' 1 :G Y - 1 ig: , p 5 -' 1 F A.. .-,,- . Mgt f MJ W if M w' ffl? . W MYR W. mem L Qiw . 3 3 M5 QQ, fy X 69 by if? ff 9' My My A if fk.57 .V w fy M ff WM, 55 if 9fh5?2ZMffS 95 945 3643, Z4-nf-Q gf.: d, L . A W 1 1 I 'V If ' -'ang ' - ' - ' "kN4'?5'?Ff'-iP,1., , -."" "" V -vf-JV.. - "- Tai. 3 x- :, '::1zT'fQb, f ".- - wi cfm- .n 'Lf-,-2-V -gp ':1"h' , . 3 Ywyvzf . , - - -,--Qiswxf-f,f"'-ff-"M: Q. +3+?Qf1i52'vf--ee:- 1 .. ,Q , L .V - LL1..'+IL- -,.Q...j..,-w W-, -. 'U ... ,,., -...M4.L- H-,.m.-x.M-..... -... , , .- -1 ,A,-,,, .,,,,,.,. W, , ., , ,i .,l W ,A .. " ' ' Axi- . I jf 4 W H ' "ff fi M ,ILQJCI ff I - "' If ws 1' , At 4 I " .1 w-,.. AE 3' l 555. ij v' PK-Udff l 3 ww mmm if N MS 535555251 5 ev, sf-"':K,.v 'zffyfd W 5? is W X' 3 W,-4 W Www 3555 fx :Eff MMM? W3 if wgkbfkljfg Ay f ffwfffflwe, ss 3 MQ, E il 0' . ' V10 WMM 1' -Magee VL, M., J- A J' ' ' , 'X H l LMA KW 15fx-wffmw 'WM' D'2u.f,.'4'l!2' if if 1 ff .iff ' xN 7 'V 5 jffi ,QIPVL Xf , J fd Kg!! ,EPM g,,,,vffZ I WIA' MM'-w J- iw? TQ-Aff, T! 5 MV' 'Aww f ' 41"-D..a-g 4 ff, Qwfif ' 1 W f I., U, 1 Q ' "' I X' xixga xx xx V 5 X I 1 N 1 ' 1 X,, fl F5 c If HIGH SCHOOL I-HCA wi " WHEN LS OUR YEARS AWAY .YHAH STEAI OUR PIEASURES TOQ THE MEM RY OF THE PAST wuz STAY AND HAIF owe .fovs RENEW " A A MOORE EMDEH! 195 QI TIME WHO .WEA MORGAN DAR GO, ILLINOIS ' TABLE OF C O N T E NT S I. Administration II. Faculty III. Seniors IV. Underclassmen V. Activities VI. Sports Q in W 5, .wgzue lu Y f . .f..,,s, ,M 5 TW . ,AL Q 4 ., . Q? .1 , .'. ,vi -V. '1-.MIK K in , F, in Q 'Ky .5 Q-I, ff ., 379 H A -M 3 . .V ,Nb .qw 'in ,f w K. Y' , x Q nr , ,-.Q K-1 'fav , f ",L'?' ,, .,,,f-' Ywmm, ' :VL 1 ' wviriv' x , ij Having to sever connection with educational work in general and with Morgan Park High School in particular brings a flood of thoughts which cannot be adequately expressed in words. lt has always been one of the greatest satisfactions of my life to deal with young people for what l can offer them of understanding, encouragement, and help. lf l have been instru- mental in encouraging boys and girls to continue their education, or have inspired them to develop higher ideals, or have helped them toward better citizenship in our great democracy, l feel that my life work shall have been successful. My years with you at Morgan Park High School have been happy years, filled with friendv liness, a fine spirit of cooperation, and the satisfaction of achievement. With much pleasure l have seen among the student body the growth of pride in our academic achievements, an in- creasing loyalty and love of our school, and an excellent attitude of mutual cooperation in worthwhile activities. lt is with deep regret that l leave this school with its fine boys and girls and its capable and friendly faculty, and l can truthfully say with the poet, 'Parting is such sweet sorrow." HARRY L. 'FATE 72 out defame! ,Q'Z'l.l'lC'l7QE!. HARRY L. TATE in appreciation for his excellent leadership, in gratitude for his kindly understanding, in admiration for his fine ethics, we afeflcdfe MZ! annum T' Mrs. Verna Gooch Mrs. Irene Dobski Mrs. Noreen Spencer 5? A A w A,V Planning his day LORENTZ Meet "the most unpredictable character at Morgan Park". These words of Mr. Tate describe our assistant principal, Mr. George G. Lorentz, or "Cap", as he is better known to all. "Cap" is always ready to pull a stunt on some- one, but he is twice as ready to laugh if the joke is on himself. His quick wit and abilities as a magician have added many hours of enjoyment to all Empehites. Seriously, "Cap" is a sympathetic and under- standing friend to those who find themselves in trouble or in need of advice. -nun-,w, B YE' EQ sy A :if J 2 l lt was an important day in February when Richard C. McVey came to Morgan Park. We wondered what kind of a man had succeeded our beloved Harry L. Tate, but We soon learned to know, honor, and respect Mr. McVey as our friend and principal. ' Our new leader has already demonstrated his fitness as an outstanding educator. His first position was that of assistant principal at Marseilles, Illinois, where he taught science and mathematics, and coached the track team. From his next school, which was Blue Island, he Went to Austin, where he spent twelve years as an administrative assistant. His years as an instructor at Chicago Teachers' College were followed by his appointment as principal of the Vanderpoel Elementary School, which he left to come to Morgan Park. ln the brief time Mr. McVey has been With us he has expressed apprecia- tion of the fine attitude and the outstanding morale of the student body. Zin jlillemuriam Daniel J. O'Conne11 . . . . Teacher, writer, accountant, lawyer, counselor, and friend. Cruel frailty of body did not impair his fine intellect or dim his appreciation and un- derstanding of youth and its problems. To his students and co-workers he has left a legacy of good example and kindly advice. His sense of humor in face of physical handicap, and the inspiration he gave his students will keep his memory ever fresh and lasting. 10 EMPEHI FACULTY nv 'IK fi , 1 V J ---1 r , N if . I it ' NC I - If? -we K .if ' , 1 if XY V? Al- Tl ,af Q3 ..1 ig.. ' wfffvz? x1 it ' -A 46' Q "x:::7 I Q 1 'TS Ji 1-1 MR. ROBERT C. ANTONIDES Boys' Physical Education: Football Coach. MISS IOSEPHINE ARTINGSTALL Art: Footlighters. MISS IOSEPHINE BASILE Mathematics. MRS. FLORENCE BIER English: Empehi News Sponsor: Quill and Scroll. MRS. GENEVIEVE BROOK English. MISS ELEANOR BZDUCH Commercial. MISS ANNA I. CALLAHAN Social Studies. MISS ELIZABETH CAMUTZ English: National Honor Society. MISS MARION CASTLE Social Studies: Senior Coordinator. MRS. HENRIETTA COLLINS Social Studies: Red Cross Council. MISS LILLIAN CONDIT Vocational Guidance: Board of Presidents. MRS. HELEN CORCORAN French: Commercial: Social Commit- tee: Poster Committee: French Club. MISS LORETTO DELAHUNT Social Studies. MR. CHARLES DOBRATH Science: Assistant Coach. MRS. MARY E. DWYER Attendance Counselor. MISS GENEVIEVE FAHEY Home Economics: Flounders. MRS. ANN L. FINN Social Studies: Tau Epsilon. MR. ARTHUR R. GAY Science: Latin: Photo Staff, MRS. EDWINA GRIESER MRS. DIANA HUBER Home Economics: Flounders. Arty Art Club, MRS. WINONA HALL MR. WILLIAM HUEBNER Art. Science. MR. KARL HALLGREN MR. IOHN LA COGNATA Commercial. Musicg Concert Band and Orchestra. MISS RUTH HARRIS MISS DOROTHY LANDERS Girls' Physical Education: H,R.S.G. Mathematics. MRS. EVANGELINE HIBBARD MISS ELSIE LARSON Librarian. English. MISS MARY HOLLAND MISS MARY LIVINGSTON Spanishg Pan American Club. English. '4 Sw 'err wa-v.if . UW . 5' r MR. DUNCAN MCGREGOR Boys' Physical Eclucationg Emblem Clubg Basketball. MRS. THERESA MCINERNEY Matron. MR. CURTIS C. MELNICK Science: Financial Advisory S.A. Spon- sorg Business Staff Sponsorg Assigned as Principal of McCosh Elementary School. MISS RUTH MICHAELIS Home Economics. MR. EMIL MORTEL Germany Englishg German Club. MISS THERESA MULCAHY Spanish, MISS MARY NEALON Adjustment: Freshma MRS. FRANCES NESBIT English. MR. I OSEPH NYBERG Mathematics. MR. IOHN P. OKLEPEK Graphic Arts. MISS EBBA OLSON MISS I OSEPHINE PETRUS Coordinator. Girls' Physical Education: Science: V.E.S.B. MR. ELWYN REED Industrial Arts. MRS. KATHLEEN RIGBY English: Curtain Club: Stage Crew. MISS GRACE RYAN Girls' Physical Education: Cheerleaders. MISS ELAINE SKELTON Music: A Cappella: lunior Mixed English: Annual Staff Sponsor. Chorus. Iunior Girls' Chorus' MRS. MARGARET O'NEILL MBS- KATHERINE SMITH Music: Glee Club. Assistant Librarian. Q U 2 . . Y 1 1 sf ,. ,-. I . il X sv Zh. A H is , ,Y 5 Q7 2. F4"!4rx' MR. KIRK STEVENSON Science: Sophomore Club. Mn. RICHARD TWEEDIE CAMERA' N SHY Boys' Physical Education: Swimming: Baseball. MISS LAURA WALTER Mathematics: Administrative Assist- ant: Sophomore Coordinator. MISS WILMA WATERS Girls' Physical Education: Girls' Emblem Club. - MR. WILLIAM WATSON Science: Freshman Coordinator. Miss EMELYNE ASHLAND Mns. ZELDA NYBERG Science. Mathematics. MR. IOHN CUNNEA MRS. LORRAINE ROBERTS Latin: Financial Advisor: English. Iunior Co-ordinator: Busi- ness Stall Sponsor. MISS GERTRUDE GAULT English: Social Studies. MRS. LUCILLE HALE Social Studies. MISS MARIE HOYLER Mathematics. MISS NORMA ROSENDAHL Social Studies: Assembly MRS. MARY K. SAGE English. MRS. KATHERINE SANDS Commercial. MISS ELIZABETH VANDE ROOVART Science. vm? Aw., S othing no E w is left, but ci moiesfic memory Longfellow ,. 1 X 42 . qi Nix Xi N X , A Row 1 Cnder Row 2: Curtis. Kemmler Row 3: Hardy. The lanuary Class of l952 was lead through an eventful semester by its very cap- able officers: Ken Curtis, president, Helen Crider, vice-presidentg Beulah Blacksher, secre- tary, and Barbara Weir, treasurer. Ken presided over the Senior Council, which consisted of elected division representa- tives. The Senior Prom and Banquet were planned by Helen Crider, Barbara drew up the budget and collected the dues, and Beulah was kept busy recording the activities of this busy group. X7 f" CLASS OFFICERS Kenneth Curtis Beulah Blacksher Helen Crider L' ., .905 f ' A s 5. 'H E ' -rl: 1 5 Z Barbara Weir PERSONALITIES The National Honor Society, Annual Staff, and class Valedictorian were only a few of HELEN CRlDER'S extra curricular interests. Editing the newspaper and presiding over the National Honor Society kept ARLENE KEMM- LER busy during her senior year. MIKE HARDY was known for his work as president of the Boys' Emblem Club, director of the S.B.I., and co-captain of the football team. As presi- dent of his class and co-captain of the senior swimming team, KEN CURTIS was an all- around favorite. BLACKSTONE, RUTH ARCHIBALD. DORIS S.A., Flounders, Curtain Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Pan Ameri- can Club 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 1-l,R.S.G. 3, 4, Art Club 3, 4, Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Miami ATWOOD. DIANA S.A., Flounders, Quill and Scroll 4, Senior Council 4, Pan Ameri- can Club, Tau Epsilon, Biology Club, Student Admin. 2, 3. Vanderpoel Colorado BAKER. THELMA -3' S.A., Pan American Club, Student Admin. Felsenthal Illinois BEAVAN, RUSSELL ' S.A., Flounders, Sec'y, Tau Epsilon 4, Senior Banquet Comm., Int. Guard 3, 4, Student Admin. Clissold Wilson BLACKSHER, BEULAH S.A., Senior Class Sec'y, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Na- tional Honor, Biology Club 2, 3, Treas. 3, Student Coun- cil 1, 2, Public Relations Comm., Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 3, 4, Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4. Shoop Illinois BIBBS, EARL S.A., Football l, 2, S.B.I. 4, Int. Guard 1, 2, 3. Shoop Illinois ' S BLAND. JACK S.A., Flounders, Pres., Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Vice- S.A., Flounders, Biology Club, Pan American Club, H.Fl.S.G., Poster Comm., Art Club, Int. Guard. Clissold Wilson BOERSMA. HENRY S.A., Flounclers, Int. Guard, Div. Room Officer, Student Admin. Mt. Greenwood BOWMAN, DOVIE S.A., Pan American Club. Shoop Oakwood BRANDON. ALDINE S.A., Biology Club 1, 2, Flounders, Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Pan American Club l. Shoop Hampton BROWN, EVELYN S.A., Girls' Emblem Club, Pan American Club, Div. Room Offi- cer, Art Club, Poster Comm., Quilpen, Student Admin. Shoop Watsham Pres. 4, Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4, Senior Class Council, National Honor, Treas., An- nual Stafl, Art Editor 3, Red Cross Council 3, 4, Treas 4, Tau Epsilon l 2 3 4, Pres. 4, Concert Orchestra Pres. 4. Clissold Illinois ,9..n 'Un i 14- 4 4. ,af CARLISLE. CAROL S.A., Flounders, Student Admin., Int. Guard. Madison Undecided CRIDER. HELEN S.A., Vice-Pres. of Senior Class, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Iunior Editor 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Empehi News 3, 4, Director of Publicity 4, National Honor, Sec'y 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 3, Quill and Scroll, Vice-Pres. 3, Sec'y 2, A Cappella 4. Sutherland Ohio Wesleyan DANIELS, PAULA BROWNFIELD. RHENA S.A., Latin Club, Concert Orchestra, Flounders, Student Admin. Mt. Greenwood Illinois BROWNLOW, JOSEPH S.A., Latin Club 2, 3, Treas. 3, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Boys' Quartet 3, Swimming Team l, 2, 3, 4, Div. Room Officer 2, Flounders. Mt. Greenwood BUCHANAN, ROBERT S.A., Empehi News Staff 2, 3, 4, First Page Editor 3, 4, Business Staff 2, 3, 4, Mgr. 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, German Club 3, 4, R.O.T.C. Officers Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4. Clissold Wooster BURTON, WILLIAM S.A., Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 4, Int. Guard, Flounders, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Social Comm. 3, 4, S.B.I. 4, Senior Council 4, Student Admin. Mt. Greenwood fail COATES. GERTRUDE S.A., Flounders, Int. Guard. Esmond Wayne Ei CURTIS. KENNETH ,. S.A., Senior Class Pres., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Swim- ming Team, Boys' Emblem Club, National Honor, Stu- dent Admin., German Club, Treas., Biology Club, Pres., Board of Presidents. Barnard Beloit S.A., Student Council 3, 4, Div. Room Officer 2, Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4, H.R.S.G. 3, 4, S.B,l, 4, Interior Comm., lnt, Guard. Shoop Wilson DAVIS. I ESS ibn '-'....":!' S.A., Iunior Band l, Z, Concert Band 3, 4, V.E,S.B. l, 2, Flounders, Fire Guard l, 2, 3, 4, Picked Platoon l, 2, 3, Photo Staff 3, Int. Guard 3, 4. Sutherland Illinois DEEGAN, SALLY S.A., Div. Chairman 2, Curtain Club 3, 4, Biology Club 2, Floun- ders, A Cappella Z. Clissold ESPEY, FRED S.A., Student Admin. Vanderpoel 11' W J xx 'fo Y' -uf' l l R FRIEBERG. RONALD S.A.: Biology Club: German Club: Int. Guard: Tau Epsi- lon: Student Admin. Gage Park Wisconsin GEE. KENNETH S.A.: Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Golf l, 2, 4: Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Club 2: Senior Social Comm. 4: Senior Assembly Comm.: Student Council. Vanderpoel Northwestern GRISWOLD. ROXANNA S.A.: National Honor 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 4: Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Empehi News 3, 4, Literary Editor: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Quilpen 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Senior Editor 3, Literary and Asst. Editor 4. Clissold HARDY, MICHAEL S.A.: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: S.B.I. Pres.: Student Court: Track 2: Social Comm.: Public Relations Comm.: Board ol Presidents: Boys' Emblem Club Pres. 4. Shoop HARRIS, WILLIAM S.A.: Football 1, 4: Wrestling 3: Student Council 3: Int. Guard 4: Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: S.B.I. 3, 4: Div. Chairman 2: Track 2: Basketball 3. Shoop Michigan State HEERINGA, ROSE S.A.: Flounders: Int. Guard l: Student Admin. Mt. Green wood ,fs , 'ur FARNANDIS, BARBARA S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Latin Club 3, 4: German Club 4: Biology Club 3: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Div. Room Officer 3: Senior Council: Flounders: Student Admin. Shoop FERMAN, ROBERTA C.T.C. S.A.: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: Concert Band 3: Pan American Club 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4: Biology Club 3: H.R.S.G. 4: Student Admin. Esmond FOSTER. LEONARD Wilson S.A.: Track 1: S.B.I. 3, 4: Int. Guard l, 2: Baseball l. Shoop FRARY. RONALD U.C.L.A. S.A.: Boys' Emblem Club: Football. Barnard 'Q x 'fig tm Xt. , st Ripon Wilson f-EEQEQQ3 . . GAY. MERVIN S.A.: Iunior Band l: A Cap- pella 2: Flounders: Int. Guard 2. Shoop Michigan State GRANT. RICHARD S.A.: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: Stu- dent Court 4: S.B.I. 4: Base- ball Team 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club 4: Student Council 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2, 3: Sen- ior Council 4. Mt. Greenwood Illinois 5 A I il yd I' f'? - ' HENDRICKS. SUE ' ' S.A.: Latin Club: Quilpen: Girls' Glee Club: Biology Club: Curtain Club: H.R.S.G.: A Cappella: Quill and Scroll: National --. , Honor. Y 'Q Clissold Grinnell ts' , 1 'K I X iw? ' 5. f 1 . - an HERZOG, MARILYN S.A.: National Honor 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll Pres. 4: Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Second Page Editor 4: Quilpen ' ' A 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Board of Presidents 4: Curtain Club l, 2, 3: ' g A Cappella 3, 4. X S Vanderpoel Hanover HOHMAN, EMLYANN S.A.: Floundersp Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: German Club 3, 4: Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 4: Empehi News Exchange Editor 3, 4. ' fe Clissold Lake Forest HOULEHAN. DONALD S.A.: Swimming Team 2, 3, 4: Elounders: Tau Epsilon l, 4: Ger- man Club 4: Student Council 4: Boys' Emblem Club: Senior - Council 4: Curtain Club. iiti czfssoid zmnois , :Q i.,, . i .. .ft Y MSL HUBERT, DONALD IACKSON, HARRY . Y W S.A.: Boys' Emblem Club: Biology Club: Student Court: Football: Senior Council. 5 ,S Ka. J, Sutherland Purdue S.A.: Swimming Team 3: Int. Guard 2, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 3, 4: Con- cert Orchestra 4: Div. Room Officer 2, 3: Student Admin.: Latin Club 3, 4: Biology 3. Shoop Illinois . N Ei K af Q' , ,. ff A, W V: IOHNSON. IOYCE S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Student Council: Pan American Club: Biology Club: Art Club: Quilpen l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Prom Comm.: Senior Assembly Comm.: Flounders. Mt. Greenwood Gregg Secretarial School IOHNSON, RICHARD S.A.: Pan American Club: Flounders: lnt. Guard. Clissold Principia IOHNSON. ROBERT S.A. East Liverpool Wilson KEMMLER. ARLENE S.A.: National Honor Pres. 4: Quill and Scroll Vice-Pres.: Editor Empehi News: H.R.S.G. Vice-Pres.: Tau Epsilon: Board of Presi- dents: Senior Banquet Comm.: Pan American Club: Quilpen. Sutherland Michigan State 2 'Lt HUMPHREY. BENNETT S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Senior Council: Student Council: National Honor: Board of Presidents: Student Admin.: Rifle Team: Officers' Club: Business Rep. Clissold Illinois ll-XNKOWSKI. IOAN S.A.: Senior Assembly Comm.: Empehi News Art Editor: Art Club: Latin Club: Elounders: Biology Club: Poster Comm.: Tau Epsilon. Mt. Greenwood Wesley Memorial School oi Nursing LACEY. IEAN S.A.5 National Honor Vice- Pres. 45 Red Cross Council Sec'y 35 Girls' Emblem Club 3, 45 Board of Presidents 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 35 Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 35 Curtain Club l, 2, 3, 45 Sec'y 35 Senior Council5 Concert Band Z, 3, 4. Clissold Ohio Wesleyan LENNON, RICHARD S.A.5 Flounders: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Iazz Band l, Z, 3, 4, Leader 35 Board of Presidents 3. Barnard Beloit LORENZ, RONALD S.A.5 Flounders5 Frosh-Soph Football. Barnard LYONS, SALLY KEMP, EMMERLYNE S.A.5 A Cappella5 French Club5 Pan American Club. S hoop KNUTSON. KAREN U. ot Chicago S.A.5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Emblem Club 45 National l-lonor5 Curtain Club 45 Floundersg Pan American Club 2, 3, 45 Quilpen 45 Student Admin. 2, 3, 4. Vanderpoel KOCH. GERHARD S.A.5 Student Admin. Student Council 3. Vanderpoel KROPP, CALVIN S.A.5 Tau Epsilon l, Western Michigan Z, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, Z5 Beginners Band l5 Undecided 2, 3, 45 Biology Club5 Pan American Club5 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 45 Concert Orchestra 3, 4. Kellogg S.A.5 Art Club5 Pan American Club5 Biology Club5 A CappeIla5 Floundersg Poster Comm. Vanderpoel Marietta, Ohio MACNERLAND, GLENN S.A.5 Football 2, 3, 45 Wrestling l, Z5 Flounders5 Boys' Emblem ii'ii5' Club5 Art Club5 lnt. Guard5 Student Admin, l, Z, 3. Vanderpoel Illinois MACRAE. SALLY S.A.5 Latin Club 3, 45 H.R.S.G. 3, 45 lnt. Guard 45 Student Admin. 2, 35 Girls' Emblem Club 45 Div. Room Officer 35 Biology Club 35 Tau Epsilon 2, 3. Barnard Wesley Memorial School of Nursing North western LA VORA, LA VERNE S.A.5 Div. Room Ollicer5 Int. Guard. Mt. Greenwood LOFGREN, NANCY S.A.5 National Honor 45 Quil- pen 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Student Admin.5 Curtain Club 3, 45 Biology Club 2, 35 Pan American Club 2, 35 I-l.R.S.G. 3: Poster Comm. 3. Sutherland MITCHELL, CAROL S.A.: Pan American Club 3: Biology Club Z: Girls' Glee Club l, 2: A Cappella: Pub- lic Relations Comm. 3: Floun- ders: Empehi News Staff 3. Barnard Hiram NARCISSE, GOMEZ S.A.: French Club. Shoop Maryland State NEWELL, DONALD S.A.: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 3, 4, Pres. 4: lazz Band 4: Senior Council: Div. Room Officer 3: Flounders: Biology Club Fire Guard: Student Council. Sutherland PARSONS, ANN S.A.: National Honor 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Quilpen 4: Floun- ders Vice-Pres.: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Social Comm. 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Empehi News Stall 3. Clissold Lawrence PETERSON, THEODORE S.A. Kohn Moody Bible Institute POWERS, IOSEPH SA.: Football l, 2: Student Admin. l, 2. Kellogg Illinois College MATTHIAS, MARILYN S.A.: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2, 3: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Flounders: Int. Guard l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Banquet Comm.: Div. Room Officer 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Tau Epsilon 2. Clissold Miami MATTSON, RONALD S.A.: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Concert Orchestra 4: Int. Guard 3, 4: Student Admin. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4. Gompers Washington METCALFE, MARY LOU SA.: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: H.R.S.G. 4: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3: Curtain Club 2, 3, 4: Biology Club: Senior Prom Comm. 4: An- nouncement Comm. 4: Student Admin. 2, 3, 4: Flounders. Vanderpoel Ripon MEYER, SUE S.A.: Flounders: Girls' Emblem Club. Mt. Greenwood MUHR, SHIRLEY S.A.: Flounders: Biology Club: French Club: Social Comm.: S.B.l.: Curtain Club: Clean-Up Comm.: Student Admin.: Assembly Comm. Mt. Greenwood Illinois NESTE, PAT S.A.: Pan American Club 3, 4: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Flounders: Art Club 3. Sutherland Evangelical Hospital School ot Nursing Illinois SAMUELS, ALVIN S.A.: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Concert Orchestra 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 2: Basketball 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club: Flounders: Intramural Sports. Shoop Illinois SHISSLER. FRANK S.A.: Concert Band: March- ing Band: Latin Club: Bi- ology Club: Tau Epsilon: Flounders: Int. Guard. S utherl and North western STURNER. ROGER PRATT. CLARENCE S.A.: Flounders: Senior Assembly Comm.: Senior Banquet Comm. Vanderpoel ROBERTS, DIANE Wilson S.A.: Cheerleaders Z, 3, 4, Capt. 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Social Comm. 3, 4: Flounders: Senior Prom Comm. 4: Bed Cross Council 2, 3, 4: Board of Presidents 4: Tau Epsilon l, 3: Business Rep. 3, 4. Sutherland SAGGIN, RAY S.A.: Flounders. Mt. Greenwood SAHLIN. I ANET U. of Colorado Undecided S.A.: Latin Club 3, 4: Clean-Up Comm. 3: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor 4: Girls' Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard American Conservatory of Music S.A.: Red Cross Council 3, 4: Social Comm. 3, 4: Flounders: Swimming Team l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Board of Presidents 4: Int. Guard I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Div Chairman 2: Senior Council. Barnard SYKES, I AMES S.A.: Int. Guard. Mt. Greenwood TAYLOR. HELEN Student Admin. Shoop TRAVIS, ARLENE Michigan State Undecided Drake S.A.: Flouriders: Biology Club 3: Art Club 2, 3, 4: Student Admin. 1, 2, 3, 4: Poster Comm. 3, 4: Int. Guard l. Clissold Wilson SEMPREVIVO. MICHAEL S.A.: Flounders: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 2: Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3: Int. Guard 3: Student Admin. Barnard Wilson SIMONS. MARY S.A.: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Student Admin. 1, 2, 3: Div. Room Officer 4: Assembly Comm. 4: Int. Guard 3, 4. Shoop American Con- servatory of Music 'S 1. ' x f WILSON. SARALYNN S.A., Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 4, H.H.S.G. Z, 3, Concert Or- chestra l, 2, 3, 4, Div. Room Officer l, 2, 4, Board ol Presidents 3, 4, Quilpen l, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Pan American 3, Girls' Emblem Club 4. Barnard Northern Illinois State Teachers' College WINTON. DAVID S.A., Latin Club 4, Basket- ball 4, Senior Announce- ment Comm. 4. Barnard De Pauw , TREAT NANCY S.A.- National Honor- Tau Epsilon, Clean-Up Comm., Girls' Glee Club Student Admin. Biology Club, Pan American Club, Quil- Van derpoel WALLACE WINIFRED North western S.A.- Latin Club 3 4' Curtain Club 4, Quill and Scroll 4, ' 95" ': ' : A pen, Flounders, Banquet Comm. if Empehi News Stall 3 4' Biology Club 2, 3, Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Concert Orchestra l, 3, 4, Commencement Comm. 4, Senior Prom Comm. Shoop WEIR. BARBARA North western S.A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 4, Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, H.R.S.G. Vice-Pres. 3, Girls' Emblem Club Pres. 4, Board of Presidents 4, Div. Room Otticer, Student Council, Senior Class Treas., Senior Council Mt. Vernon Northern Illinois State Teachers' College WILSON, BARBARA S.A.' Flounders, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Orchestra 4, Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Int. Guard 2, 4, S.B.l. 2. W '1 Shoop CAMERA SHY IACKSON. IAMES MOTTLEY. FRANK PEEL, STEPHEN REDEMSKE. RONALD 1 SOH WILSON . WILLIAM S.A., Baseball, Basketball, Int. Guard. Shoop Wilson WORTHAM, DOLORES S.A., Student Admin., Int. Guard, Tau Epsilon 4, Flounders, Student Council, Biology Club, H.R.S.G. Shoop U. of Colorado HALL OF FAME JANUARY Helen Crider ..... Ken Curtis ...... Arlene Kemrnler. . . Bob Buchanan .... Carol Mitchell .... Don Houlehan .... Emmerlyne Kemp. . Marilyn Herzog. . . Clarence Pratt .... Barbara Weir .... Clarence Pratt ..... Roxanna Griswold. Mike Hardy ....... Mary Lou Metcalfe. . .. Roger Sturner ..... Susie Hendricks. . . Dick Grant ..... lean Lacey .... . Dick Grant .... lean Lacey ..... Calvin Kropp ..... Nancy Lofgren .... Ronald Mattson. . . Diana Atwood .... Bob Buchanan .... . . . .Most Popular Girl. . . . . . .. .. .Most Popular Boy... .. . .Girl Most Likely To Succeed. .Boy Most Likely To Succeed. . . . . .Girl With Best Line. . .. .....Boy With Best Line. . .. . . . .Most Talented Person. . . . . . . . . .Friendliest Girl. . . . . . . . . .Friendliest Boy. . . . . . . . .Peppiest Girl. , . . . . . .Peppiest Boy. . . . . ..... Prettiest Smile .... . . . . . . .Most Athletic Boy. . . . .. JUNE . . . .Frannie Mason . . . .Don Bostrom . . . .Ioan Hoeglund . . . . .Gordon Fales . . . . . . .Lois Smisek . . . .Charlie Marshall . . . . .Lois Smisek . . . .Prannie Mason . . . .Ierry Groebe . . . .Frannie Mason . . . . .Bill Roscrow . . . . .Irene Matthews . . . . . .Don Bostrom Girl With Best Sense Ot Humor ....... Carol Anderson Boy With Best Sense Ol Humor. ......... Bill Roscrow ........HungriestGirl,....... .....l-lungriest Boy. . . .. . . . . .Most Talkative Girl. . . . . . . . . .Most Talkative Boy. . . . . .....Cutest Girl. . . .. .....CutestBoy..... . . . .Best Girl Dancer. . . . . . . .Best Boy Dancer. . . . . . . . .Most Dignitied Girl. . . . . . . . . .Most Dignified Boy. . . , . Charlene Anderson . . . .Norman Buzzard . . .Carol Anderson . .. .. .Bob Pease . . . . .Irene Matthews . .Charlie Marshall . . . .Nancy Kruse . . . . .Dick Ianson . . . . .Carle Maier . . .Warren Runyan Row I Mason. Row 2 Fales, Prieb. Row 3 Bostrom. The Iune class of 1952 was proud to have as its officers, Travor Beste, president, Carle Maier, vice-president, Irene Matthews, secre- taryg and Lois Smisek, treasurer. Travor appointed the various committee heads and presided over the Senior Council, Carle was chairman of the senior social com- mittee, and Irene kept the minutes of all the Senior Class and Council meetings. Lois Smisek directed the financial committee, drew up the senior budget, and collected class dues. CLASS OFFICERS Travor Beste Carle Maier In "' . snr... . X .af In Irene Matthews Lois Smisek PERSONALITIES FRANNIE MASON, our S.A. vice-presi- dent and a member of the National Honor So- ciety, planned the very successful S.A. dances. IOAN PRIEB, a member of Tau Epsilon, carried out most efficiently the many exacting duties of secretary of the S.A. GORDY FALES de- voted much of his time to his duties as S.A. president, and yet earned membership in the National Honor Society and in the Boys' Em- blem Club. DON BOSTROM was kept busy as S.A. treasurer, but he still found time to gain fame as football co-captain and as a forward on the basketball team. ADAMS, YVONNE SA., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Art Club, Biology Club, Poster Comm., Student Admin., H.R.S.G., Curtain Club 4, Girls' Emblem Club. A. O. Sexton Illinois ANDERSON, ANDREA S.A., Flounders, Biology Club, Student Admin., Int. Guard. Shoop Illinois ANDERSON, CAROL S.A., Art Club Pres., Curtain Club Treas., Flounders, Financial Promotion Comm. Chairman, Public Relations Comm., Poster Comm., Pan American Club, Board ot Presidents, Executive Comm. Esmond Michigan State ANDERSON. CHARLENE SA., Flounders, Student Admin., Marching Band: Concert Or- chestra, Concert Band. Clissold ATWOOD, KEITH S.A., Flounders, Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 4, Iazz Band 3, 4, Div. Room Oliicer, Pan American Club 2, Football l, Student Admin. Vcmderpoel U. ol Colorado BARRETT, IUDITH S.A., Business Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Empehi News Stall 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Quilpen 2, 3, 4, National Honor 4, Tau Epsilon: H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Pan American Club, Girls' Glee Club Treas. Esmond Cornell BAKER, MEBHILYN S.A., Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Sec'y, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Student Council 4, Girls' Emblem Club 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Concert Orchestra, National Honor Sec'y, Div. Room Olli- cer. Vanderpoel Denison BELL, IEAN S.A., Flounders. Shoop North western BENNETT, SUSAN S.A., Flounders, Latin Club, German Club Sec'y, Tau Epsilon, Div. Room Officer, H.R.S.G., Student Admin. Kellogg U. of Minnesota BERGERON, IEANINE S.A., Flounders, Int. Guard, Student Admin. St. Christina Loyola BERRY, DONALD S.A., Football, Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4, Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Iazz Band, Leader 4, Board ol Presidents 4, Tau Epsilon, Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Wrestling l, 2, Flounders. Barnard Wheaton BESTE, TRAVOR S.A., Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Emblem Club 3, 4, Social Comm. 3, Public Relations Comm. 4, German Club, S.B.I. 3, 4, Senior Class Pres., Student Admin., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3. Vanclerpoel Illinois y X BITTNER. IOAN S.A.: Curtain Club: Art Club: Spanish Club: Int. Guard: Floun- ders: H,R.S.G. Mt. Greenwood Undecided BOSTROM. DONALD S.A. Treas.: Executive Comm.: Boys' Emblem Club: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 4: Baseball: Stu- dent Admin.: Red Cross Council: Tau Epsilon: Student Court. Kellogg Purdue BRAZILE, IRA S.A.: Flounders: French Club. Shoop U. ol Mexico BRICKNER, ROBERT S.A.: Flounders: Curtain Club. Bennett it BROWNING. WILLIS S.A.: Stage Crew l, 2, 3: BROWN. ELIZABETH 'glonor 1GuFard: GY.E.Si.Bi: gill? eam : ire uar , , , M" Gwenwood 4, Air Raid Guard 3, 4. Walter Scott Undecided BRUECKNER, CARL ,V SA.: Student Admin. 2: Pan A BURN1-IAM. MARIANNE American Club 2: Flounders: SA lnt. Guard. . Clissold Sutherland Illinois f is X 'K BURNHAM, MARILYN S.A.: Student Admin.: Pan American Club: Art Club: Poster 1 . M . Comm.: Tau Epsilon: Int. Guard: Div. Room Officer: I-l.R.S.G. f Clissold Illinois ' BURNLEY, FLOREDA S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsilon: Biology Club: French Club: lnt. Guard Shoop. Illinois ' 2 X 34' , . BUZZARD. NORMAN S.A.: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 1, 2, 3: Div. Room Officer 'ifii 2, 3: Student Court: Boys' Emblem Club: Student Admin.: Int. Guard: S.B.I.: Art Club Barnard Illinois CLARK. DAPHNE-ANN S.A.: Business Rep. l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor 4: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club: A Cappella: Student Admin.: Pan American Club: Quilpen: Div. Room Officer: H.R.S.G. 4. Kewanee, Ill. A Illinois Barnard CLAYCOMBE. HUGH S.A., Annual Staff Art Editor 4, Empehi News Staff 4, Pan Ameri- can Club 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Art Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Tau Epsilon l, 3, 4, Quilpen, Biology Club 4, Business Rep. 4. CLEMENT. IANET American Academy of Art S.A., Student Admin., Tau Epsilon, Pan American Club. B .2 New York Illinois X .X 1 .f Q COATES. ELEANOR Q 1 Esmond Wilson Q, COLE. SHIRLEY S.A., Business Rep., Flounders, Curtain Club, Tau Epsilon, Girls' Glee Club, Biology Club, Pan American Club, A Cappella. Vcmderpoel Stetson COLQUITT. CLIFFORD S.A., Honor Guard, A Cap- pella, Student Council. Ioliet Emory University ' CULLOP, IOHN S.A., Basketball, Tau Epsi- lon, Pan American Club, Biology Club, Div. Room Of- ficer, Flounders. Vanderpoel CURTISS. GAYLE S.A., Div. Room Officer. Sandridge DANIELS. IOHN S.A., Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, Iazz Band 3, 4, Exterior Comm. Clissold Illinois DAWSON. CLYDE S.A., Latin Club, Flounders, Div. Room Officer, Int. Guard, Stu- dent Council, Tau Epsilon, Student Admin. Clissold U. of Colorado DE CAPRIO. FRANK S.A. St. Rita 3 X . gg . gg y .. ll ,L T1 COULTRIP. ANNE S.A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 4, I-l.R.S.G. 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club Vice-Pres. 4, Quilpen, Girls' Emblem Club Sec'y- Treas. 4, Pan American Club, Student Admin., Pro- motion Comm. 4, Biology Club 2. Clissold lowa State CUMMINGS. ARNITA S.A., lnt. Guard, Student Admin., Flounders. Shoop Wilson ls. X Tn' DE VRIES. BARBARA S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Student Council: H.R.S.G.: Student Admin.: Girls' Emblem Club: Flounders: Pan American Club: Biology Club: Div. Room Officer. Vanderpoel DI NICOLA, CARMEN S.A.: Flounders: Wrestling: Picked Drill Platoon: Int. Guard: Div. Room Officer: Clean-Up Comm. 1-s 1 U. ot Colorado St. Charles Borremeo Northwestern DIXON, LEE S.A.: Basketball. Magnolia Southern U. DOMKE. CAROL S.A.: Flounders: H.R.S.G.: S.B.l.: Curtain Club: Student Admin.: Clean-Up Comm.: Social Comm. Vanderpoel Illinois . - 'ga yy EAMES. ADRIENNE xiii? EASTHOPE, BARRQN S.A.: Flounders: Student -I ' S.A.: Rifle Team: Fire Guard Admin.: Pan American Club Q I ' 43 SUPSIEUSOT li: 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 4: W . , I N199 TSW , , , 1 Girls' Glee Club: Fall Pro- , 'rw Pcfn Arrkericgn 531152 Tgu Ep- d t' 4, ' sion: ir ai uar. uc lon Esmond Illinois Esmond Illinois ENGLUND, RONALD S.A.: S.B.I,: Clean-Up Comm.: Flounclers: Exterior Guard 2, 3: Int. Guard. Clissold Illinois FALES. GORDON S.A. Pres.: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling l, 2: Boys' Emblem Club: Student Admin.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor: Promo- tion Comm. Chairman: Executive Comm.: Board of Presidents. Clissold U. ol Michigan FERRANTE. LOUISE S.A.: Student Court: S.B.I.: Int. Comm.: Art Club: Pan American Club: Student Admin.: Clean-Up Comm.: Exterior Comm. St. Barnabas Illinois FINN, HAROLD S.A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Poster Comm. Z, 3: Pan American Club 3: Student Admin.: Flounders: Concert Band: Concert Or- chestra: Iazz Band: National Honor. x t 92 K H FAIRHEAD. IAMES S.A.: Flounders: Tau Epsi- lon: V.E.S.B.: Stage Crew: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Biology Club. Barnard Illinois Barnard North western FREEMAN. DOROTHY S.A. R Shoop Wilson GLEESON, RONALD McKay GRIFFIN, ELIZABETH S.A., Chief Iustice, Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Curtain Club 2, 3, 4: I-l.R.S.G., Latin Club Z, 3, 4, Treas. 4, French Club, Clean-Up Comm., Student Council, Div, Room Officer. Sutherland U. of Michigan GROEBE. GERALD S.A. Athletic Commissioner, Football, Boys' Emblem Club, Ger- man Club, Pres., Flounders, Executive Comm., Tau Epsilon, Int. Guard, Tilden GUDLINK. SHIRLEY S.A., Flounders, Int. Guard, French Club. St. Mary ot Mount Carmel HAGER, ELAINE S.A., Tau Epsilon, Flounders, Student Admin. 2, 3, 4, Pan Ameri- can Club. Barnard HAGER, NORMA IEAN SA., Tau Epsilon, H.R.S.G., Curtain Club, Art Club, S.B.l., lnt. Guard, Flounders, Student Admin. Mt. Green wood FRENTZ. WILLIAM S.A., Flounders, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4, Busi- ness Rep. 2, Div. Chairman l, 3, German Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Student Council l, 3, Student Admin. 2, 3. Vanderpoel Missouri School of Mines GARCIA. AMELIA S.A., Pan American Club, Student Admin. Esmond GAYDEN. ROBERT S.A., Basketball 2, Int. Guard 1, 2, 3, Flounders. Shoop Tuslceegee Inst. GIGER. ELIZABETH S.A., H.R.S.G., Biology Club. Greenview Patricia Stevens Modeling School 6? GOLDBERG. IERROLD Flounders, Latin Club Mt. A Greenwood l.l.'l'. GRIMALDI. IANET S.A., Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, H.R.S.G., Latin Club, Girls' Emblem Club 4, National Honor, Student Council Z, Art Club 3, 4, Flounders, Biology Club 4, Student Admin. 1, Z, 3, 4. Clissold Wilson Illinois Wilson I" we Illinois Undecided HALL, DEWEY S.A.1 Clean-Up Comm.1 R.O.T.C. Officers' Club, Treas.1 Boys' Emblem Club1 Football1 Basketball Co-Capt.1 Chief of Fire Guard. Liberty No. 14 Maryland State HANSON. PAULA S.A.1 Floundersp Girls' Glee Club Z, 3, 41 Curtain Club 3, 41 French Club 3, 41 Social Comm. 3, 4j Poster Comm. 3, 41 Red Cross Council 41 H.R.S.G. 4. Sutherland Illinois HARPER, ROGER S.A.1 Pan American Club 21 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 41 Student Admin. Barnard U. of Chicago HARRISON. IUDITH S.A.1 Business Rep.: Pan American Club Treas. 3, Pres. 41 H.R.S.G. 3, 41 Promotion Comm. Chairman 41 Board of Presidents1 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4j National Honor1 Curtain Club1 Girls' State Delegate1 Flounders. 3+ Clissold Wisconsin HAYNES, RICHARD HAgfxKl?SH1f' l ROTC Q " .. S.A.1 Stage Crewp Tau Ep- - -I Wlmmlngi - -- - si1on1 Rifle Team1 Picked Officers' Clubp Rifle Team1 y 3 platoon, A Cappella: Board Picked Platoon: . HOHQF Q Q .1-'gg' of Presidents1 Assembly Cguafgi Baie Cmgl QU Rdld , Comm.1 Pan American C1ub1 HUF! 10 OQY U- Flounders. St. Iohn's Illinois Kellogg Illinois 3 HOEGLUND. IOAN S.A.1 Annual Staff 3, 4, Ir. HITZEMAN EUNICE Editor 3, Editor 41 Board of ' , Presidents1 Executive S.A.1 Flounders1 Tau Eps11on1 Comm.. public Relations German Club? ,Student Comm.1 Student Court Iudge1 Court1 Student Admin. Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3' 4: NG, Grace Lutheran tional Honor1 Latin C1ub1 Student Council1 Biology 'IX Club. Barnard U. oi Minnesota 'P' HOUSER. SHIRLEY A S.A.1 FIOLlndeYSi Art Club 31 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 41 Concert Orchestra 1, Z, 31 Biology Club 21 Pan American Club 3. Vanderpoel Oberlin HOWARD, WILLIAM S.A.1 Football 3, 41 Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 41 Wrestling 21 Golf A Q 1, 3, 41 Student Admin. 3. Palos Park .A ii IANSON. MARY ANN S.A.1 Flounders1 Student Admin.1 Int. Guard 1, 2. St. Caietan's Iowa State IANsoN. RICHARD S.A.1 F1ounders1 Biology C1ub1 Tau Epsilon1 A Cappella1 Student Admin.: Red Cross Council1 Curtain Club: Div. Room Otficer1 Public Relations Comm. St. Barnabas De Pauw E' X IOHNSON. IAMES S.A.: Football l, Z, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club: Student Council: 'Public Relations Comm.: Div. Room Officer: Bi- ology Club: Flounders. Esmond KAMENSKE. PHYLLIS S.A.: Flounders: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2. Zion KAUFMANN, ROGER S.A.: Flounders. Sutherland KEAGLE, GRAHAM S.A.: Football: Pan Comm.: Int. Guard. Sutherland KELLY. PHY1.1.1s '- S.A.: Student Admin.: Latin Club: Flounders: Int. Guard. St. Henry Fox KERN. DIANE S.A.: Flounders: Pan Ameri- can Club: H.R.S.G.: Student Admin. Esmond Beverly Business College KITZELMAN, IANET S.A.: Flounders: Empehi News Staff Third Page Editor: Quill and Scroll: Quilpen: A Cappella: Girls' Glee Club: Tau Epsilon: Curtain Club: H.R.S.G. Sutherland U. of Indiana KREKLOW. DAVID S.A.: Flounders: Swimming: Baseball: S.B.I.: Boys' Emblem Club. Clissold KROB. IOSEPH Undecided S.A.: Int. Guard 2: Flounders: Clean-Up Comm. 3. : Mt. Greenwood KRUSE. NANCY S.A.: Concert Band Majorelte: Flounders: Student Admin.: Tum- blin H R S G g: . . . . Esmond U. of Colorado Undecided Illinois American Club: Flounders: Clean-Up Carleton KENNEDY. BEATRICE S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Curtain Club: A Cappella: Girls' Glee Club: Ir. Chorus: Pub- lic Relations Comm.: Pan American Club: Div. Room Officer: Flounders. Van Vlissenger U.C.L.A. KIDD, MARILYN S.A.: Flounders: Biology Club 4: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Quil- pen 4: Student Admin. 3, 4: Ir. Chorus 3: Art Club 3: Tau Epsilon 4: French Club 3, 4. Sutherland U. of Indiana Y Comm. Barnard Timothy LA VINE. IAMES S.A.5 Flounders. Mt. Greenwood Illinois LEONARD, MARY ANN S.A.5 Pan American Club5 Student Admin.5 Div. Chair- man5 Student Council. Esmond Beverly Business College LOCHOW. IOYCE S.A.5 Int. Guard 1, 45 German Club 35 Art Club 2, 35 Flounders. Barnard LONG. ARTHUR S.A.5 R.O.T.C. Picked Platoong Fire Guard5 Clean-Up Comm.5 Student Admin.: V.E.S.B. I ' Dixon Illinois LOWITZ, MARIORIE S.A.5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 35 Curtain Club 3, 45 Pan American Club l, 2, 3, 45 Student Admin. 1, 2, 3, 45 Fall Production 35 1-l.R.S.G. 45 Promotion Comm. 35 Business Staff l. Vgndefpogl Park, Miss. LUND. RANDOLPH S.A.5 Int. Guard 2, 35 Supervisor 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Floundersy R.O.T.C. Picked Platoon. Barnard lllinois KUPECKY, IERE S.A.5 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Biology Club 3, 45 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Elounders5 Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 45 Div. Room Officer 3. Sutherland Blackburn LANDGREBE. IOAN S.A.5 Flounders5 Tau Epsilon5 Latin Club5 Student Admin.5 Na- tional Honor5 Girls' Glee Club5 Div. Room Officer. Zion Lutheran LA PATO, DONALD S.A.5 Elounders5 Int. Guard5 Pan American Club5 Clean-Up Undecided LARSEN. CHARLES S.A.5 Swimming Team 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 4. Illinois LEAHY, RICHARD S.A.5 Curtain Club5 Tau Ep- si1on5 Int. Guard5 Pan Ameri- can Club5 Biology Club5 Student Admin. Morgan Park Military Academy U. of Colorado LEVORA, RONALD S.A.5 Clean-Up Comm.5 Div. Room Ollicer5 Promotion Comm.5 Flounders5 Pan American Club. Mt. Greenwood Illinois MADISON. ROBERT SA., Tau Epsilon, Curtain Club, Student Council, Div. Room Chairman, Int. Guard, Student Admin. Missouri lllinois MAHERAS, MARY S.A., Flounders, Int. Guard, Student Admin., Girls' Glee Club, Iunior Girls' Chorus. Kellogg Mary Roberts Beauty Culture I MAIER. CARLE SA., Vice-Pres. oi Senior Class, H.R.S.G. 4, Latin Club 3, 4, J- French Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor, Social ig 5 Comm. 4, Dayton, Ohio Michigan State MARSEILLES. RICHARD S.A., Flounders, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Pan American Club 2, 3, Int. Guard, Treas., A Cappella 3, 4. Q Barnard Northwestern All 'V MARSH' THOMAS MARSHALL. CHARLES SA., Basketball 2, 3, 4, Boys' 34,1 tFl05nde5SflV-g-S33- 2' Emblem ciub 3, 4, noun- G: nd Zugl P' ' .ue ders, Tau Epsilon 3, Div. uw ' ' Om menccm Room Officer 3, Pan Ameri- Club 21314 Usher Force lf 21 can ciub 2' Int. Guard 2 3- HOHO' Guqfd 4' student Admin. 2, 3. Sutherland DePauw , Barnard Illinois if if fs . MARVIN HELEN Y A MASON, FRANCES S.A., Flounders, Tau Epsilon ViCe'Pre?'7 Pllbli? Rem' 1, Student Admin- 2 3 4: tions Comm., Girls Glee Art H G 3 '4, pan PlaOLl.Hd8I"?, Pris., ?OCII'? - ' 'A" , ' 'V o resi ents, au psi on , Qierican Club Z, 3, Quilpen 2, 3' 4: National Honor: - I Cheerleaders, Social Comm. St. Caretan s Marquette AL Sutherland Beloit j .,, , 4 za-if. ,,-me rt MATTHEWS. IRENE S,A., Flounders, Sec'y, Pan American Club l, 2, 3, Cheerleaders 2, Curtain Club 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Int. Guard 4, Biology Club 2, H.R,S.G. 3, 4, Student Admin. 3. Sutherland MAXWELL, MARILYN SA., Flounders, Pan American Club l, 2, Biology Club 3, Tau Epsilon 2, 4, Art Club 3, 4, Poster Comm. 3, 4, Student Admin. 2, 3, Int. Guard 4. Esmond American Academy ot Arts MCATEE, DOROTHY S.A., Latin Club 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Curtain Club 3, Student Admin., Flounders, Tau Epsilon l, 2, Student Council, Mt, Vernon Dulce MCFADDEN, SHARON S.A., Tau Epsilon, Curtain Club, Cheerleaders, Quilpen, H.R.S,G., Girls' Glee Club, Pan American Club, A Cappella, Student Council, Esmond Millilcin McKEE. MICHAEL S.A., Flounders, Beginners Band, Pan American Club 1, 2, 3, Curtain Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Board of Presidents 4, Biology Club 2, German Club 4, Fall Production 4. Mt. Vernon l.l.'I'. MCVAY. DONALD S.A., Flounders, Int. Guard, Biology Club, Latin Club, Student Admin. Mt. Greenwood Undecided METCALFE, RICHARD S.A., Flounders, Biology Club, Pan American Club, Int. Guard, Div. Chairman, Clean-Up Comm., Student Council, Div. Vice- Chairman. Vanderpoel Michigan State MICHELS. CHARLES S.A., Flounders, R.O.T.C., Ritle Team, Officers Club, Fire Guard, V.E.S.B., Stage Crew. Sutherland Illinois C17 'GAY MIGELY. MARIANNE S.A., Pan American Club 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Y MILLAR. MARILYN H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Curtain Club S.A., Flounders, Student 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3: Admin., Art Club. Flounders, Student Admin. 3, Barnard Wisconsin 4, S.B.I. 3, Int. Guard 4. Barnard Wisconsin MILLER, MARGERY S.A., Concert Band, Concert MINGO, MILDRED Orchestra, Curtain Club, Pan American Club, Student Admin., Flounders, March- ing Band. Sutherland Monmouth Shoop MORGAN, BARNEY S.A., Basketball, Intramural Sports, Latin Club, Boys' Emblem Club, Clean-Up Comm., Flounders. g I Shoop Illinois MORGAN, EUNICE S.A., Latin Club, S.B.I., Int. Guard, H.R.S.G., Girls' Emblem Club, Art Club, Social Comm., Student Admin., Exterior Guard. Shoop U.C.L.A. MUELLER, RUTH S.A., Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Flounders, German Club 3, 4, Student Admin., Tau Epsilon, Student Council 4, Art Club, Div. Chairman, Vice-Chairman. Vanderpoel MUNSON. BARBARA S.A., Art Club, Iunior Mixed Chorus. A v Wisconsin UIIHOIS if U 54.97 . ..,,.,, 1 A ,A as 1 . wg? Eg... ' f 4 fi! OCHMAN, DIANE S.A. Mt. Greenwood OLMSTEAD. PATRICIA S.A.: Pan American Club: Art Club: Poster Comm.: Int. Guard: Flounders. Sutherland Nurses' Training OPFER. NORMA S.A. Zion Lutheran OVERGAARD, CORDELL S.A.: Student Council 3: German Club 3. St. Peters IlliI1OfS PAAREN, ROBERT S.A.: Int. Guard: Pan American Club: Clean-Up Comm. Chairman. Yale I.I.T. PAGE, ANITA S.A.: Pan American Club: Flounders: Quilpen: Student Admin. Shoop Illinois MURPHY, WILLIAM S.A.: Flounders: Div. Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club: Stu- dent Council l, 2, 3, 4: Student Admin.: Clean-Up Comm.: Int. Guard. Clissold Purdue NELSON, HELMER S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Football: Wrestling: Boys' Emblem Club: Flounders: Pan American Club: lnt. Guard. Kellogg Illinois bet if .ff NELSON, IOANN S.A.: Flounders: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Int. Guard l, 4: Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 4: S.B.l. 4: Div. Room Officer 1, 2: Clean-Up Comm. Fort Dearborn Northwestern NORRIS. WILFRED S.A.: Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew l, 2, 3, 4: Pan Ameri- can Club l, 2, 3: R.O.T.C,: Honor Guard 3: Flounders: Fire Guard. Esmond Undecided OLANDER. IUNE S.A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: l'l.R.S.G. 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Student Admin. 2, 3, 4: Flounders: Biology Club 2, 3: Art Club 2, 3. Esmond Illinois OLSON. CAROLE S.A.: Business Rep. Z: Cheer- leaders 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Latin Club Z, 3, 4: Int. Guard 4: Quilpen 3, 4: Flounders: I-I.R.S.G. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Student Admin. l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard Beloit Clissold 1? l PATZLAFF, BETTY 5 553- S.A., Pan American Club, Flounders, Girls' Glee Club, Student Admin. Vanderpoel Illinois ' PAUL, MARIE SA., Flounders, Tau Epsilon, Div. Chairman, Art Club, Girls' Glee Club, A Cappella, Student Admin. Wilson PEASE, ROBERT SA., Swimming l, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon, Honor ww Guard, Biology Club Officer, Flounders, Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4, PETTY, HAMLIN S.A., Football 1, 2, Floun- ders. Vanderpoel Cornell POZESKY, MARLENE S.A., Student Admin., Latin 'V Club, French Club, Tau Ep- silon, National Honor, Div. Vice-Chairman. Christ the King REDDICK, ALBERT S.A., S.B.l., Honor Guard, Student Council, Student Court, Bas- ketball 2, 3, 4, Football Z, Baseball 2, 3, 4, lunior Mixed Chorus l, 2, Fire Guard. Shoop Illinois REDMAN, SALLY S.A., Flounders, Pan American Club, Student Admin., H.R.S.G. Esmond Wilson RELSTAB. MARLYSS S.A., Student Court, S.B.l., Art Club, Student Admin., Clean-Up Comm. Clissold Purdue RHINE, LUELLA S.A., Pan American Club, Student Admin., Flounders, Biology Club. Barnard Wesley Memorial R.O.T.C. Rifle Team 3, 4. Sutherland Michigan PESCHEL. PATRICIA SA., Flounders, Social Comm. 2, 3, S.B.l. 4, Int. Guard 2. Vanderpoel 1lliI1OiS POORE, GERALD S.A., Stage Crew, German Club. Bennett Illinois PRIEB. IOAN S.A., Sec., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club, Pres. and Sec., Quilpen, Sec., Board of Presidents, Sec., Assembly Comm., Chairman, Student Council, Sec., l-l.R.S.G., Student Admin. Vanderpoel De Pauw RICH, SARAH S.A.5 Flounders5 Student Admin.5 Biology Club5 Pan American Club5 Concert Band, Concert Orcl'iestra5 Marching Band5 Art Club. Kellogg Monmouth ROBERT. IANE S.A.5 Tau Epsilon5 Girls' Emblem Club5 Latin Club5 H.R.S.G.5 Art Club5 Student Admin.5 Floundersg Biology Club. Clissold Valparaiso ROBERT. IOAN S.A.5 Tau Epsilon5 Girls' Emblem Club5 Latin Club5 H.R.S.G.5 Art Club, Student Admin.5 Floundersg Biology Club. We Clissold Valparaiso ROBINSON. IACQUELINE S.A.5 Flounders5 Student Admin.5 Pan American Club l, 2, 35 Biology Club 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 H.R,S.G.5 Ouilpen. Shoop Chicago Teachers' College . : . A l ROBINSON' RICHARD aoscnow. WILLIAM S.A.5 V.E.S.B.5 Pan American Club 35 Fire Guard 2, 3, 45 R.O.T.C. Usher Force 1, 2, 35 Concert Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Clissold Undecided Shoop Wilson 8. S.A.5 Flounders5 Curtain - Club 45 Div. Room Chairman 45 Student Council 4. RUNYAN. WARREN RUMMEI-1 PHI!-I-IP 31: S.A.5 Basketball 3, 45 Golf 3, S.A.5 Tau Epsilon5 Wrestling 4: BOlSebQl1 2: Art Club, l, 25 Basketball 3, 45 Pan Pres.5 Board of Presidents5 Ameficqn Club: Marching iv Sllldefll 42 Boys' Em- Bqndg National Hqnor, blem Club: Social Comm. 4, Vanderpoel Oberlin Clean-Up Comm. 2. Barnard Northwestern SAHLIN, HOWARD S.A.5 Flounders5 Biology Club5 Int. Guard5 Pan American Club5 Art Club. Vanderpoel Illinois SCHNEEGAS. KATHERINE S.A.5 Girls' Emblem Club5 Flounders5 Student Admin.5 German Club5 Tau Epsilon. Mt. Greenwood SCI-IUETZ, CAROLYN S.A.5 Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Ass't lst Page Editor 3, lst Page Editor 45 H.Ft.S.G.5 Girls' Emblem Club5 Board ot Presidentsp Quilpen5 Quill and Scroll5 Tau Epsilon5 National Honor. Barnard Carleton SEAMAN, PATRICIA S.A.5 Flounclers5 Div. Officer l, 35 Student Council5 Quilpen5 Quill and Scroll5 Curtain Club5 Art Club5 H.R.S.G. Clissold Monticello S.A.- Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Flounders, Usher Force- Assembly Band 2, 3, 4, Fire Guard. A Zion 3, l is A M ll ' sr-IIPPY RICHARD S.A.- Flounders, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Rep., Student - 1 Admin. 2, 3, 4, Stage Crew 1, National Honor. It Barnard Illinois -.. , 3 SEITZ, CHARLES Q A ' . 1 SIMISTER, ROBERT S.A., Boys' Emblem Club, Basketball, Football, Exterior Guard, Flounders. Clissold SMISEK. LOIS Q-gy S.A., Pan American Club 1, 2, Flounders, Treas. of Senior Class, ' Cheerleaders 3, Girls' Glee Club 1, Z, 3, 4, Sec. 2, Vice-Pres. 4, Board of Presidents 4, Div. Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 4, Curtain Club 3, 4. cvs . ,fo-0 .V Esmond DePauw ' "i, ,. SMITH, DONALD g ' S.A., Flounders, V.E.S.B., '- Usher Force, R.O.T.C., Honor - ' 4 t, SMLTAIZ' IEDROSHY G d- . ., oun ers. Slgcggrland Brumlield Wilson General Motors Institute Q . ':- i f S.. it SMITH, KAREN A S.A., A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Div. Room Chairman 3, Latin W 1 M SPEISERI DONALD Club 21 3' 41 Aff Club 2' 3141 s.A.- Plounders- R.o.T.c. Student Council 3, H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 4: Bi- ology Club 2, 3, Student Admin. 2. Wadsworth Carthage STANGE. ROSEMARY S.A., A t Cl b, Student Admin., Poster Comm., Flounders. r u , Cljssold Art Institute STORCK. RICHARD S.A., Flounders, Student Admin. 2, Stage Crew l, 2, 3: Pan American Club 3. . Mt. Greenwood Undeclded SWAN. MARILYN S.A., Flounders, Student Admin. Graham Beverly Business College SWATKOWSKI. MARGARET S.A., Flounders. St. Margaret ol Scotland f A-1 Clissold if .kr .rx SYLVAIN. LUCIEN is t, g L. L Cop , We- TAYLOR. IUDITH SA.: Flounders: Guard. Clissold TELFER. IAMES 4' First Lutheran S.A.: Basketball. Pan American Club: Biology Club: Art Club: Int. Illinois S.A.: National Honor, Pres.: Latin Club, Pres. 4: Empehi News Stait 3, 4, Sports Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4: Annual Statf, Sports Editor 4: Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Sec.-Treas. 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4. Texas Lutheran THATCHER, KENNETH SA.: Football 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4: Student Admin. 2, 3: Financial Promotion Comm. 3: German Club 3, 4: Clean-Up Comm. 2: National Honor. Clissold Illinois ,, F TILLMAN, IACQUELINE Tl-12135, g:oYC'E Cl bf P l F "' t . s.A., ouupen, Pun American A umm u ' an - ' I ' Club 3, 4: Student Admin.: American Club: Concert Junior Mixed Chorus, Div Band: Marching Band: Stu- , F D Room Sec ' ' glnl-:1AdZ1 Ili W'1 ' ff.. N p . Gillespie - 120 9 15017 134 --cf: Q VAAA Chicago Teachers' College Q TYZZNY IIQRRZINF I G d, in in f Q X 3 5-73459'I?CllREIFlounders: Goun ers' nl' um' I A Q- .X - Int. Guard: Honor Guard: SA ' ' ' D P . V Picked Platoon: Fire Guard. OOP e GUW 1 , ' 5 Barnard Barber s v VAUGHN, LOIS S.A.: Pan American Club: Biology Club: Student Admin.: Quil- pen: Tau Epsilon: H.R.S.G. Shoop Wisconsin WAHL, ROBERT S.A,: Flounders: V.E.S.B. l, 2, 3, 4: Int. Guard l: Pan American Club 3, 4: Clean-Up Comm. Clissold Thornton WANDREY. RODGER S.A.: Flounders: Biology Club. Mt. Greenwood Undecided WATTS, GARDIS S.A.: Football 1, 2: Wrestling l, 2: Basketball 4: V.E.S.B. l, 2, 3, 4: R.O.T.C, Picked Platoon: Flounders: A Cappella 3, 4: Rifle Team. Shoop U.C.L.A. WILLIS. ERNEST S.A.5 Tau Epsilong Biology Club5 Clean-Up Comm.: Flounders5 Int. Guard5 Pan American Club. Kellogg Colorado WITTE. CATHERINE S.A.5 Flounclers5 l'I.R.S,G.5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 35 Ouilpen 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 35 Quill and Scroll 45 Art Club 2, 3, 4, Sec. 35 Red Cross Council 2, 3, 45 Clean-Up Comm. 2, 3, 45 Pan American Club 2, 3, 4. Evergreen Park Purdue 42 -O-5 S117 'Hx Q0 5. 5 We X, 'K' if '53 fi , . s Pres. 45 Clean-Up Comm. Pres. 45 Annual Staff 3, 4 and Scroll 3, 4, Vice-Pres. WATTS, MARION WEBER. ALICE S.A.5 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 National Honor 45 French Club 3, 4, l, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 35 A Cappella 2, 3, 4, , Iunior Editor 3, Senior Editor 45 Quill 35 Financial Promotion Comm. 4. Denison WHEATON. RAY S.A.5 Flounders5 Student Admin.5 R.O.T.C. Rifle Team5 Usher Force5 Picked Platoon. Wilson WHITNELL. ELAINE S.A.5 Pan American Club5 I-l.R.S.G.5 Board of Presidents5 Girls' Emblem Club5 Curtain Club5 Art Club5 Student Council5 Student Admin., Pres,5 Girls' Glee Club, Treas.5 Flounders. Vanderpoel CAMERA CARROLL, THOMAS CHERRY, CHARLES CHISHOLM, WAYNE CLARK, HERMAN EDMUNDSON, ROBERT FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM GASKINS. IUNE GERTH. ROBERT GIBERSON, ALICE SHY IOHNSON, BARBARA IOHNSON, BERNARD KLINGER, MARILYN KOZAK, RONALD MAIER. LA DONNA MAITER. RONALD MASSIE, DONALD ROBINSON, RICHARD A. THILMONT. MARIE Monmouth gf' . WILLNER. FRANCES S.A.5 Flounders5 Girls' Em- blem Club 3, 45 German Club 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood WORTHINGTON. LEON S.A.5 Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Wres- tling Z, 35 Basketball 3: Flounders5 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 2, 3, 45 Pan American Club 25 Bi- ology Club 2. Shoop West Virginia State 1 an X Wharf peaceful houfslon Wber K. Avia w- ""' 1 ' . V V , V m f ! . " 'W f? new E - . ' aff ,gg A . ' . .. 'W fa' J 52' ' I X W 2 i ' 12 2. wg, ' X id, . x . 5 in , -Q1 Q . 1 A Q 4 W SV so 'Eff mx if i await.. X1 gg hx ' SQ 2 f Q J Q 2 SN A . -f " ,, , S, ,f I ua-s in - my V." K. W ' ' yy ' K I .x w al? l Q 75 1.1 'G Y J ww 'R " ,, J, G, 0, H , QS ' ' , wfkx L . ff' ig, ' g , ' K :K ' f ' , ey P- -' Lp A .f , Q, . 1 1 Q ,ff f A ' 1 A ' if iff? . g ,X 4 ' -wi , F' 1' If - V X if 5 f k 5 E 2 ' , 3 g.g gif 41 . in ,U S 2 'z x - , V A , -N ... Q J -'T I E ' A A ith At r A' , Q5 4 , Row 1: Ekstrom, Sprin, Herbster, Demsier, Field, Moyer, Snyder, Cony- bear. Row 2: Ambelang, Kline, Mc- Mahon, Gray, Bornholdt, Ericksen, Washington, Crane, Kennedy, By- strom. Row 3: Larson, Seip, Scanlan, Mosher, Groebe, Griffin, Habermann, Beckman, Van Ellen, Altmann. Holi- man, Cis. Row 1: Rowley, Hart, Weir, Melan, Duify, Norman, Nolan. Row 2: At- wood. Black, McKee, Anderson, Peierson, Allen, Crutch, Behrens, Forsyth. Row 3: Dunne, Bracy, Adamson, Woltman, Olenheimer, Carlson, Hoey, Shannon, Kariawood, Henderson, Hall. Row 1: Meyer, Whalen, Laidlaw, Mc- Kenna, Martin, Holly, Lorenz. Row 2: Klingensmith, I. Wilson, Hemmer, Shippy, Olson, Swaikowski, Iohnson. Kunath. Row 3: Belding, Perrizo, Stahl, C. Wilson, Kunz, Hodges, Hen- nington, Murphy, Hill, Durling. Row l: Swanson, Miller, Cherny, Hinch, Lachet, Blum, Cunningham, Woolridge. Row Z: McDowell, Brownlow, Nolan, Waldo, Presley, Sundland, Rogers, Gayden, Iuepe. Row 3: Koch, Kalchbrenner, Carroll, Olney, Innes, Rush, Swanson, Wag- ner, Pontious, Tatge, Akers, Sachlle- hen, Mavis. 44 Row 1: Roberts, Petosky, Ambrose, West, Iuscxck, Shirey, McBride. Row 2: Cobb, Redemske, Klein, Pannell, Washington, Dorgan. Dowling, Lagges. Row 3: Iohnson, Haelig, Waters, Backstrom, Thiede, Riggs, Stone, Risetter, Ford, Stadleman. Row 1: Nordmeyer, Landgrebe, Brauer, Quinn, Gramberg, Duval, Howland. Row 2: Herdlein, Camp- bell, Vaughan, Ferman, Firant, Dunne, Andrews. Row 3: Iohnson, Wright, Casper, Karstrand, Reimer, Reicke, Schueneman, Bennett, Mar- tin, Kelin. Row 1: Polacek, Goldberg, Lenz, Whited, Kiskadden, Oliver, Corona, Petrow. Row 2: Westcott, Burnell, Ericson, Hale, Kok, Blockway, Pin- kerton, Conybear, Kemmler, Granger, Iohnson, Stack, Sittler. Row 3: Ford, Crandalls, Lippman, Hopkins, Beeby, Rucker, Duffy, Unterberg, Gill, Sillo- way, Spencer, Borg, Hill, Iordan. Row l: Zielinski, Carlson, Day, Kirch- hardt, Fryk, Stokes, Fredrich, Hahn Row 2: Matthews, Klaus, Monroe Rottmayer, Floyd, Gray, Williams. Leenstra. Bennett, Thompson, Hill, Munneclce. Row 3: Erickson, Usery, Vonder, Orr, Murdock, Doyle, Iohans- son, Flagler, Coleman. Carlson, Ras- mussen, Hoven, Simons, Pirmcm. 45 Row l: Fields, Reynolds, Cassidy, Plebanek, Bergeron, Carrington. Sachtleben, Dunnett. Row 2: Butthuis. De Suno, Metz, Mort, Mi- chael, Pratt, Sandberg, Smith, Par- ker. Bombard. Row 3: Stier, Rakich, Shields, Deufel. Manning, Kuglin, White, Marsh. Haas, Anderson, Embs, Schmidt, Swanson. Row 1: D. Iones, Oswald, Hagey, Michael, Ortez, Button, Pusitari. Row 2: Pierce, N. Iones, Collins, Cole, Samons, Person, Woolrich, Evering- ham. Row 3: Hoeppner. Bagwell, Moore, Dokes, Morrison. Bergloff, Watson, Walker, Russell, Smith, Norton. Row 1: Fryk, Wilks, Lore, Harris, Ramsbottom, Stafford, Wiitington, Robinson. Row 2: Schaffer, Howath, Backstrom, Nelson, Faulkner, Iordan, Percy, Ritchey. Flesvig, Shippy, Strom, Palmquist. Row 3: Hegburg, Tripton, Hess, Hynes, Dehler, Pear- son, Holmes, Miskiv, Aldridge, Bila, Friedl. Row l: Brown, Berger, Lavery, Mr. Nyberg, McNeal, Galzynski, Hatfield. Row 2: Halper. Heil, Bolitho, Wallis, Channell, Palsedge, Grief, Konietzky, Nixon, Maheras. Row 3: Hahn, Cap- ron, Mirrielees, Clark. Braun, Wik- sten, Ludwig, Mills, Fewkes, Grettie, Meara. 45 .ll E 5 Row 1: Franklin, Langeland, Bag- well. Gilbs, Beckman, Bathe, Mack- lin. Row 2: Earl, Werstless, Rea Peterson, Roy, Wenner. Muhr. Wy- rick. Row 3: Bronson. Little, Freden- dall, Stirling. Mason, Friske, Hickert Holm, Henderson, Mandes. Row l: Host, Travis, De Coursey. Alcerstrom. Colquitt, Bram, Egan. Genender. Row 2: Kanchier. Tate Crites, Migely, Henke, Connolly, Rodgers, Sanders, Mathis, Spaeth, Blacksher, Daniels. Row 3: Kotz. Countryman, Frederick. Pickens. Winton, Sault, Quast, Howard, Lind- gren. Leeming, Gibson, Nelson. Panek. Row l: Zuegel, Hunter, Smithson. Brookes. Leonard. Dietz. Teyema, Anderson. Row 2: Miles. Carlson. Mohr, Forsyth. Berlin, Viola, Mishels Hayes, Nojd, Stefles. Row 3: Caylei Kienzle. Tredwell. Olroth. Lewis. Hicks, Ienks, Morrill, Dauphin, Hall Iensen, Simister, Roberts. Row 1: Prawucki, Rhine, Mchdmy Duggan, Massie, Tolbert, Bell, Hen- dricks. Row 2: Ranallo, Nayder. Trust, lackson, Adams. Hayes. He- kosh. Gnuske. McDowell. Lewis. Woller. Row 3: Frank, Bayer, Bor- gerson. Eichstaedt, Brick, Arkema. Ulreich, Pearson, Raetzman, Gratch- ner. Wohliarth, Freeman, Silverwood 47 w 1 Row l: Michel. May. D. Anderson, Breythe, lmhotf, Newland, Annen, Englund. Row 2: Mclnerney, Koes- ter, Morthorst, Nichols, Colgren, Fles- vig, Murphy, Iohnson, Emsholl. Row 3: Hanson. Gindice, Strunkel, Meyer. M. Anderson, Teunissen, Hurd, Fer- rill, Mueller, Lehnort, Gamble, Mil- lard. Row 1: Langenberg, Wilson, Miller, Levin, Zachman. Phebus, Hauze. McCasland. Row 2: Gustafson. Robinson, Lorenzen, Sereikas, Mc- Lean, Handley, Olson, Swift, Lofgren, Leverty, Wingstrom, Ross. Yarber. Andrews. Row 3: Bright, Nettles, McElligott, Gunn, P. Halper, Olroth, Riggs. Crow, Hughes, Horberg, Keas- ler, Rice, Moore, Grigsby. Row l: Sommer, Crider. Davis, Hoge, Russell, Denning, Stratton. Row 2: S. Willis. Tschentke, Griffin, Geiger, Nesbit, Kreger, Wells, Werner. Row 3: D. Willis, Dangremond. lackson, Stokes, Burgin, Warning, Melcher, Carthens. Row 1: Mcl-Xllisen, Persons, Ferguson, Worsley, Armster. Ericksen, Snyder, Uphouse. Row 2: Christensen, Arn- quist, Hoeglund, Walters, Wharton, Durst, Stevenson, Walter, Iones, Crider, Pourchot, Keller, Kayser. Row 3: Volkman. Murray, Hixson, Smith. Nordgren, Greenfield, Coul- trip, Mason, Little, Melcher, Hovel, Chicagouris. Gronau, Landon. 48 Row 1: Quarrell, Spencer, Pagel, Gil- lott, Durkin, Freckleton, Radcliffe. Rifkin. Row 2: Peterson, LaPan. Homan, Duggan, Black, Moore. Heuss. Lihert, Warn, Morgan, Allan. Dorgan, Buchanan. Row 3: Webber. Mitchum. Lindbloom, Dielfenbach. Fantasia, Smith, Weir, Onda, Strick- land, Crummer, Douglas. Valentine. Cromer. Row l: Kelly, Catanese, Dunnett Gustafson. Zimmerman. Kletcke, Mas- seg, Camp. Row 2: Crane, Berls Hedrick, Oschalz. Lock. Bullock, C Vaughan, F. Vaughan, W. Buck Vaughn. Row 3: Bochm, Nesche Cyplik, Hamer, Hrometz, Kidd, Heim- erdinger, Poly. Channell, Wollen- zien, Trapp, Schultz. Row 1: Mulch, Crosland, Markham Wirth, Rochells, Simon, Schiltz, Mak- ris. Row 2: Walma, Muma, Steven- son, Rowley, McGrath, Bocttaker Blackstone, Rea, Strachan, Unter- berg. Ault, Winkler. Row 3: Kooch Brownlow, Iwanowski, Brook, Tid- well, Cox, Iensen, Hardanery, Zacher Werner, Rox, Howard, Hansen Samuels. erbbe "For these dfepled 511185 , X00 , to tern T Gordon Fales Frances Mason Ioan Prieb Don Bostrom Libby Griffin Gerold Groebe STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: Kennedy, Rennie. Schmock, Fales, Mr. Lorentz. Wilson, Strachan, D. Ander- son. Row 2: Gillott, Brown- low, Dietrich, Atwood, Ha- berman, Beckman, Baker. Bergeron, Hegburg, Morth- orst, Galzynski. Row 3: Zachman, Farrell, Morrill, Olroth, Volkman, Fitzpat- rick, Willis, Roscrow, Klein, Prieb. Row 4: Leenstra. Hynes. Burgin, Grohe. Howard, Houlehan, Mohr. Madison, Riggs, Spoerl, H. Anderson, Buzzard, Bergloi. Plante, Freeman. STUDENT ASSOCIATION The Student Association aims to fur- nish extracurricular activities for the en- joyment and benefit of the entire student body - at the lowest possible cost. This year Morgan Parks largest student or- ganization has also taken great strides toward giving the students the kind of government they want. With the aid of the Executive Com- mittee, the Student Council, the Social Committee, the Board of Presidents, the Student Court and other S.A. committees, the Student Association has planned a well balanced program of assemblies, public relations and social activities. The Annual, Newspaper, dances, movies, lunior-Senior Prom and All- Sports Night are a few of the many fea- tures offered to S.A. members. This stu- dent governing body also sponsors all the clubs and school organizations. The officers for the past year were: Gordon Fales, president, Frances Mason, vice-president, Don Bostrom, treasurer, Ioan Prieb, secretary, ferry Groebe, ath- letic commissioner, and Libby Griffin, chief justice. Mr. Curtis C. Melnick, sponsor of the S.A. for four years, left Morgan Park on February lst to become principal of McCosh Elementary School. The S.A. officers, publications editors, and mem- bers of the Student Association wish to express their sincere appreciation for his interest in their activities, his understand- ing of their problems, and his willingness to be helpful at all times. BOARD OF PRESIDENTS Row I: Whitnell, Parker, Lacey, Berry, Miss Condit, Halper, Bradbury. McBride. Row 2: Weber, Schuetz, Hoeglund, Smisek, Wilson, Prieb, Weir, Roberts, Mason, Harrison, Kemmler. Herzog. Row 3: Poles, Burgin, Teller, McKee. Haynes, Bunyan, Newell, Humphrey, Bland. Hardy. Hull. The Board of Presidents, whose head is the president of the Student Association, is composed of the presidents of all the organi- zations of the school. Miss Lillian Condit sponsors this group. Acting as the school project committee, the Board selects and carries out a yearly project. This year they promoted the extension of the Public Address System through the gym. Their programs are all financed by the donations of the various clubs. At the Board of President's annual banquet, the new Student Association officers, committee heads and club presidents are intro- duced. Certificates of merit are also presented to the club with the greatest number of points awarded for outstanding achievement - in each of the groups of Service, Interest and Honor. Furthermore, the Board of Presidents is responsible for generally encouraging high standards of accomplishment in all the school clubs and organizations. 53 BUSINESS STAFF Financial assistance to the newspaper and annual is provided by the Business Staff. The ads which are obtained from the business men and Women of the community by members of the staff are an essential part of Morgan Park publications. Managers of the staff for the fall and spring semesters respectively were Bob Buchanan, Chuck McKenna and Iohn Palsedge. Mr. Curtis C. Melnick sponsored the group until February, at which time Mr. Iohn Cunnea took over his duties. Row I: Barrett, Mr. Mel- nick, Pcxlsedge. Row 2: Nolan, Homun, La Pan, Miller, Tolberi, McKenna. Hoeglund, Bostrom, Tel- fer, Groebe, Kemmler. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Every activity in school actually has its roots in the Executive Committee, of which Mr. Lorentz is advisor. The SA. officers, publications editors, the chairmen of the Financial Promotion, Public Relations, and Social Committees, are members of this school governing body. Our SA. promotion assemblies are sponsored by the Executive Committee. 54 Row 1: Prieb. Griffin. Harrison, Denning. Mc!- son. Row 2: Anderson, STUDENT COURT w l Row 1: Denning, Griffin, Hoeglund, Carrington. Row 2: Duffy, Hardy, Grant, Bowers, Hitzeman. The purpose of the Student Court is to obtain the cooperation of offenders rather than to punish them. The Court consists of nine judges who are ap- pointed by the Chief Iustice, the Interior Committee Chairman, and the Director of the S.B.l. Meetings are held in the Social Room. Maintaining order during school periods is the chief function of the Interior Committee. The object of the Student Bureau of Investigation is to protect student property. During the fall semester approximately fifteen students were summoned to appear before the Court. Of these, only two were repeaters. Libby Griffin, Chief Iustice of the SA., presided over the Court during the past year, with the assistance of Ronald Englund, chairman of the Interior Com- mittee, and Mike Hardy, director of the S.B.I. S. B. I. INTERIOR COMMITTEE Row l: Englund, Domke. Row 2: Harris, Reddick, Row 1: Matthews, Olson, Carlson, Wilson. Row Grant, Hardy. 2: Weber, Beste, Englund, Buzzard, Lowitz. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Row 1: Miss Castle, Crider, Miss Skelton, Miss Rosendchl, Denning, Wright. Row 2: Boone, Prieb, Miss Walter, Haynes, Mrs. Rigby, Miss Condit, Capron. PUBLIC RELATIONS FINANCIAL PROMOTION COMMITTEE COMMITTEE 15515 K 'M T Row 1: McBride, Kennedy, Denning, Blacksher, Miller, Row 1: Anderson, Coultrip. Row 2: Baker, Miller, Wilson. Row 2: Anderson, Crow, Mink, Harrington, Beste, Harrison, Lacey. Bowers, Swiit, Geiger, Hoeglund. , Row 1: Blcxcksher, Treat, Miss Camutz, Kemmler, Sahlin, Row 2: Lofgren, Knutson, Parsons, Bland, Griswold. Crider, Lacey. f i BRAINS INCORPORATED Morgan Parks chapter of the National Honor Society maintains the principle that true education creates a Well rounded personality in the development of the individual, and in his relationship with those about him. This exclusive organization is the high school equivalent of the college Phi Beta Kappa society. The functions of the Honor Society are many. The most important are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote Worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in the students. ln order to become a member, one must be a senior with an "E" average, and be rated above average in the four important qualities of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Each member is required to give three periods of service to the school each Week in his junior year, and five periods in his senior year. He must also be a member of Tau Epsilon during his semester of application. This year, the society has taken over the responsibility of the bulletin board on the second floor outside the library, and uses for its theme phases of service and scholarship. Another of National Honor's projects was the selling of candy and cokes at the Fall Produc- tion in December. New members are admitted at a formal candlelighting induction. Membership entitles one to wear the emblem, to wear a gold tassel at graduation, and to have the national seal affixed to his diploma. Officers for the fall and spring semesters are as follows: Arlene Kemmler and Iames Telfer, presidents, lean Lacey and Ianet Grimaldi vice-presidents, Helen Crider and Merilynn Baker, secretariesp and Iack Bland and Harold Finn, treasurers. Miss Elizabeth Camutz sponsors the National Honor Society. Row l: Grimaldi, Herzog, Baker, Miss Camutz, Poz- esky, Hendricks, Lcmdgrebe. Row 2: Barrett, Griffin, Harrison, Schuetz, Hummel, Clark, Maier, Hoeglund, Olander. Row 3: Weber, Mason. Curtis, Harper, Tel- fer, Shippy, Finn, Thatcher, Fales, Bennett. Ioan Hoeglund With pride, the members of the 1952 Empehi Annual Staff present this yearbook. ln compil- ing this volume, the objective of the staff was to make the book more interesting by placing emphasis on better pictures and more informa- tive copy. This year's staff consisted of the following: Editor-in-Chief .......,.... Ioan Hoeglund Assistant Editor Literary Editor T "" "" l .Roxana Griswold Senior Editor ..... ..,. A lice Weber lunior Editor .... .... G ail Bradbury lunior Assistant . . . .... ludy Iohnson Art Editor ......,.., .,.. H ugh Claycombe Sports Editor ........ .... I ames Telfer Photographic Editor ,,...., Thomas White Business Manager .,....... Robert Buchanan The Staff has had Miss Ebba Olson as faculty advisor and Mr, Curtis Melnick as fac- ulty advisor to the business staff. May the l952 Empehi prove to be a Worthy record of the students and their activities, and afford many pleasant hours filled "With Fond Recollections." CAPTIONS . . Miss Olson Sitting: Weber, Hoeglund. Standing: Griswold, Telfer Iohnson, Claycombe. White, Bradbury, Buchanan. C 13' iii MW he 'nw I I ,, 5. U. ,K u I Q I gg 4, .J"','g""q 1, Ns, wt ia- 4 5, ,sum Y 6 Q J.. 4' 1 1 58 COPY . . ggtzu if wg Wv!jEQ'b.1f -315 Row 1: Egan, Bennett. Row 2: Mrs. Bier. Kemmler, Dcmgremond, Olson. Mingus. Kreger. Row 3: Buchanan, White. Neshit. The Empehi News Staff, through the publication of their newspaper, the Empehi News, brings to the school and to the community entertainment and infor- mation regarding school activities. Because of the excellent manner in which they present their material, the International First Place Award rating by Quill and Scroll QIHSHSIJ was awarded again in 1951 to the Empehi News Staff for their publication. The editorial stall of the paper is organized around page editors who plan the material, assign the stories to reporters, make up the pages, and write the accom- panying headlines. The prerequisites are an "E" average in studies, one year ot Iournalism, and a recommendation by the sponsor, Mrs. Florence F. Bier, The staff members for the tall and spring semesters are: Editor-in-Chief .,... News Editor ..... Asst. News Editor .. Editorial Editor ...., . . . Asst. Editorial Editor Feature Editor ..,.. Asst. Feature Editor . . . .. . Sports Editor .,.... Asst. Sports Editor . Publicity Director . . . . . . . , Clipping Bureau . . . Arlene Kemmler Iames Teller Robert Buchanan Carolyn Schuetz Carolyn Schuetz Ieanne Kreger Marily Herzog Kenneth Olson Kenneth Olson Frances Olson Ianet Kitzelman Mary Mingus Dorothy Weinteld Mary Mingus Iames Teller Dave Swift Dave Swift Geo. Boden Helen Crider Charlotte Andrews Winifred Wallace Carol Hoge HEADLINES . . . BY-LINES . . . DEADLINES . . 4 -. Ulfddwvfbnin Muvuw-hnwluv Q , Eg . 'v in Sitting: Swift. Kemmler, Telter. Standing: Crider. Herzog, Olson, Schuetz, Kitzlemcm. Arlene Kemmler Iames Telfer ' W1 .xi 59 Row 1: Polacek, Hubert, Egan, Snyder, Freckelton, Ferguson, Heuer, Lane. Row 2: Stack, Iones, Blacksher, Christiansen, Buchanan, Colquitt, Hoeglund, Munneche, Crider, Hagey, Ericson, Iohnson, Quarrell, Daniels. Row 3: Connolly, Wiehe, Hrometz, Hill, Leenstra, Bennett, Rodgers, Moore, Ritter, Iordan, Gronau, Landon, Durst, Sanders. Row 4: Morgan, Smith, Beeby, Chiagouris, Strickland, Murphy, Spoerl, Robinson, Seward, Selheimer, Reiker, Nordgren, Little, Fitz- patrick, Nelson, Thompson. Row 1: McLaurin, Behnke, Duval, Landgrebe, Gramberg, Lorenz, Roberts, Bell. Row 2: Duggan. Palsedge, Boone, Bradbury, Cobb, Farrell, Palmer, Anderson. Row 3: Klingensmith, Shirey. Heil, Freeman, Campbell, Plante, Haelig, Bracy. Wilson. Bolitho, Frank. Row 4: Borgerson, Bronson. Capron, Iohnson, Ford, Thiede, Ulreich. Frieski. Schueneman, McKenna. Per- rizo. Shippy, Hoey. Owen. Row 1: Werner, Oliver, Hunter, Slachan, Ault, Makris, Dan- phin. Row 2: Howard, Mohr, Oschatz, Brooks, Pinkerton, Roberts. Kemmler. Rennie. Row 3: Crandall, Tredwell. Page, Lewis, Olroth. Shedelbower, Pierson. Hall. 60 BURNING THE MIDN HT OIL ggi f H Z Morgan Parks oldest scholastic society, Tau Epsilon, is now in its twenty-seventh year with an enrollment of 250 members. Under the capable guidance of its officers, Iack Bland and Ken Thatcher, presidents, Carolyn Schuetz and Mary Miller, vice-presi- dents, Bob Nesbit and Ianice Heil, secretaries, and lane Frank and Donald Boone, treasurers, this group undertook the enormous project of purchasing an organ for the school. Tau Epsilon also sponsored some fudge and Waste 2 X ! -i N6 2KQ.:L'ff dii Z' ,Q , J Row 1 Reynolds Olander Robinson Hager Landgrebe Kennedy McFadden Grimaldi Row 2 Cherny Plebanek Metz Iackson Griffin Pratt Bergeron Claycombe Baker Mort Pozesky Barrett Smith Row 3 Burnley Hoeglund Ioan Robert Fxrant Prieb Mason lane Robert Weber Harrison Smlsek Mxgely Schuetz Clark Sandberg Row Kalchbrenner Bennett Harper Telfer Lund Finn Fcnrhead Madison Frentz Shxppy Haynes Thatcher Fales Wlllner Eames Rum mel Sachtleben Row 1: Blaclcsher Zachman Miller Bland Werner Denning Treat Kropp. Row 2: Sahlin Crider Kessler Weinfeld Mingus Hendricks Kreger Lacey Wells Andrews. Row 3: Herzog Kanchier Geiger Bright Olson Swift Nesbit Leverty Parsons Bascow Lol- gren. Row 4: Wilson Gunn Kemmler Curtis Olroth Bu- chanan Gee Grant Houlehan Archibald Hughes Horburg Weir Griswold. paper sales for other money making purposes, To be eligible for membership in Tau Epsi- lon, a student must have an "E" average in final grades and four honor points. These points are awarded for each mark of for service to the school, for perfect attendance throughout the semester, and for representing Morgan Park in competitive events. In order to promote participation in school activities and scholarship, membership must be renewed each semester. Q X CAN YOU SPARE A DIME? The Human Relations Service Guild was organized in the fall of l938 for the purpose of promoting an understanding in community needs. Upperclassmen, who are interested in charity Work and who have maintained a "G" average, are eligible for membership. These active juniors and seniors took part in a large number of collections, some of which Were for our boys in Korea, the Community Fund, School 62 Children's Aid, the T. B. collection, and the March of Dimes. The club also raised money with a successful valentine sale. Officers for the fall and spring semesters were as follows: Carolyn Schuetz and Elaine Whitnell, presidentsg Arlene Kemrnler and Iune Campbell, vice-presidentsg and Ioan Iankawski and Dorothy Weinfeld, treasurers. The club's sponsor is Miss Ruth Harris. Row 2: Hager, Nelson, Robin Werner, Daniels. Row 3 Mueller, Duval, Davis, Gram Herdlein, Gnuske, Smith, Mari Rekosh. Robert, Schuetz. w 1 1 t t 5 s I I Row 1: Wilson, Grimaldi Olander, Whitnell, Miss Harris Curtiss, Morgan, Metcalfe son, Wells, Miller, McFadden Witte, Lorenz, Roberts, Willis Hendricks, Marianne Burnham berg, Galzynski, Landgrebe Iyn Burnham, Coultrip. Row 4: Baker, Laidlaw, Hayes Olson, Migely, Geiger, Meany Borgerson, Stiles, Dunne, Lar sen, Campbell, Kidd, Griitin Row 1: Kanchier, Mingus Kruse, Matthews, Ross, Wing strom, Leverty, Weinfeld. Row 2: Kreger, Kessler, Blackstone Iankawski, Crider, Griswold Kemmler, Parson, Matthias Herzog, Mettles, Reddick, An drews. Row 3: Bradbury Barrett, Clark, Marvin, De Vries, Hanson, Domke, Weber Smisek, Halper, Kitzelman Plante, Hughes, Horberg Maier. Row 4: Harrison Lowitz, lane Robert, Haelig Ferman, Olroth, Archibald Iohnson, Perrizo, Giger, Ben nett, Wohlfarth, Wright, Ioan QUILL AND SCROLL QUILPEN R w 1: Olander, Carrington, o Blacksher, Coultrip. Row 2: WWI Treai, McFadden, Barrett, 1 e, Loigren. Row 3: Crider, Duval, Wilson, Mingus, Lacey. Row 4: Rekosh, Hayes, Kidd, Hen- d' k . Row 5: Claycombe nc s Parsons, Anderson, Campbell ' P lmer Brauer, Wilson, Olson, a Herzog. Row 6: Weber, Gun ter, Marvin, Schuetz, Iohnson, Bayer, Weir, Ketzelman, Kemm- ler, Griswold, Herdlem. Row 1: Hendricks, Herzog, Barrett, Mrs. Bier, Cnder. Seaman, Wallace. Row 2: Griswold, Schueiz, Kemmler Buchanan, Teller, Kitzel man, Weber. ,f V Row 1: McKel, Kemmler, Buchanan, Miss Artingstall, Edson. Faulkner, Bornholdt, Dittrich. Row 2: Cole, Nichols, Durst, Connolly, Hoeglund, Gray, Brooks, Lock, Michale. Row 3: Wollenzien, Crandall. Hrometz, Leenstra, Seip, Tid- well, Hauen, Gronau, Rott- ma er Hill Friedl. Row 4: Y 1 1 Beeby, Strickland, Orr, Robin- son, Howard, Sault, Diellen- back, Rasmussen, Murdoch. Row l: Camp, Williams Snyder, Crider, Weaver, Ander: son, Schiltz. Row 2: V. Hagey Lenz McGrath S encer Stev 1 1 P 1 ' enson, Westcott, Gaveus, Ambelang. How 3: Rowley, Palmquist, Daniels, Henke 1 Flesvig, Einshoif, Shaller. Hayes, A. Hagey. Row 4: Gunther, Nolan, Iohnson. Carl- son, Oschatz, Collins, Iones, Migely, Blacksher. Ferguson. PRCLOGUE The Footlighters, one of the newly organ- ized clubs at Empehi, was formed to promote interest in drama, and to act as a stepping stone to the more advanced Curtain Club. Under the guidance of their faculty sponsor, Miss Artingstall, the officers led the group in their many activities. The oiiicers for the year were: Agnes Leenstra, president, Dick Gray, 64 vice-president, Bob Howard, secretary, and Cathy Westcott, treasurer. Freshmen and sophomores interested in drarnatics are eligible to audition before the club's sponsor and officers. At each meeting various members enter- tain the group with skits and other special numbers, to develop as Well as encourage public participation. RED CROSS COUNCIL Ro Olson, Weber McBride Erickson, smffoid Row 25 Miss Gault, Nichols Kell , er. Campbell Domke B - . , ack strom, W e i r , Englund, Williams, Hoeglund, Kreger, Burnham, Witte. w 1: Taylor, Reynolds, Adair Row l: Denning, Christian son, Parker, Lacey, Crider, Wihe. Row 2: Dennerline. Kreger, Stier, Hanson, Mink, Perrizo, Mohr, Bland Ia . n- son, Roberts, Bradbury. 4 CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE 65 CURTAIN TIME ! I ' The prime purposes of the Curtain Club are to promote interest in drama and to provide an outlet for the dra- matic ability of the students of Morgan Park. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Kathleen Rigby, interest in dramatics Was stimulated by the club's participa- tion in various school activities, by the presentation of programs in hospitals - through Red Cross Auspices, and by attendance at the Goodman Theater. Of this year's many performances, the group especially enjoyed presenting a Christmas program for the children at the La Rabida Sanitarium. Membership in the Curtain Club is open to all Student Association mem- bers Who qualify in a brief try-out be- fore a judging committee. Officers for the fall semester Were: Michael McKee, presidentg Elaine Whit- nell, vice-presidentg Irene Matthews, secretary, and Dick lansen, treasurer. Row l: Langenburg, Phe- bus, Millar, Trust, Seaman, Egan, Grimaldi, Hager. Row 2: La Pan, Rekosh, Carlson, Kuppecky, Lorenz, Olson, Claycornbe, Ander- son, Witte, Muntson, Duval. Row 3: Sereikas, Mingus, Kanchier, Leverty, Nolan, Paul, Adams, lane Robert, Kidd. Homan, Baker, Wing- strom, Russell, Brauer, Cobb. Row 4: Ioan Robert, Farwell, Bright, Fewkes, Horberg, Hughes, Maxwell, Rasmussen, Bunyan, Per- rizo, Olroth, Ferman, Cap- ron, Willis, Halper, Stange, Campbell. 66 1 1 V 9 X J' 1 y M ll I L 't aye . 'O xof x Row 1: Cobb, Herdlein, Ander- son, Mrs. Rigby, Geiger, Griffin, Bolitho, Brauer. Row 2: Kan- chier, Mason, Migely, Smisek Griswold Cam bell Kitzel . P , - man, Davis, Parsons, Harrison, Martin, Ross. Row 3: Freeman Wilson, Hansen, Roscrow, Dan- gremond, Horberg, Bracy 1 Icmsen, Domke, Roberts, Far- well. Row 4: Borgerson, Ferman, Leahy, Perrizo, McKee Cherry, Madison, Stahl, Archi- bald, Iohnson, Haelig, Wright, Hughes. 1 Row 1: McLaurin. Crider, Ken- nedy, Muhr, Hager, Seaman Phebus, Roberts. Row 2: Mc- Bride, Lolgren, Miller, Massie Rekosh, Petosky, Hendricks McFadden. Row 3: Carlson Seriekas, Whalen, Mahares Frank, Parduhn, Leef, Mat- thews, Behnke, Duval. Row 4: Adams, Ioan Yarber, lean Yar- ber, Lacey, Quinn, Klingen- smith, Palmer, Crider, Homan Rice, Gunter, Heil. ART CLUB ..... .qsiifl 111 67 1 FFF 349: 5 s 2 E 5 5 at Row 1: Bell, McBride, Telier, Mr. Cunnea, Raetzman Landgrebe, Willis, Morgan. Row 2: McCasland, H. lack: son, Brown, Brownfield, Anderson, Cherny, Waldo, Maier Miller Hinch Lock tt C , , , e , arrington, McLaurin, Sah- lin. Row 3: Brownlow, Bergeron, De Suno, Bagwell, Sil- verwood, Iackson. Klingensmith, Palmer, Quinn Behnke McNeal, Bradbury, Werner, Wells. Row 4: Pioeglundi Tschentke, Parduhn, Weinfeld, Pozesky, Brauer Iohnson Swiit, Zachman, Ioan Yarber, lean Yarber, Griswold: Hayes, Kanchier, Kreger. Russell. Row 1: Weber, Olson, Mason, Bolitho. Herdlein, Meany, Davis, McAfee, I.. Griffin. Row 2: Crider, P. Griffin, Bracy, Willis, Kamenski, Hoey, Wright, Borgerson, Hemmer, Gunn, Ieleniewski, Robert, Sims, Haelig. Row 3: Rakich, Farrell, Peterson, Muhr, Goldberg, Olroth, Ford, Iohnson, Shippy, Roy, Wenner, Palsedge, Bayer, Schmidt. R 4: S. ' ow McVay, Bennett, Olney, Little, Porth, Morgan, D. McVay, Swanson, Larsen, Winton, Spillman, Lund. Murphy, McKenna, Henderson. Founded on April 2l, the legendary date of the founding VENIMUS, VIDIMUS, VICIMUS 68 of Rome, Sodalites Latina has been one of Empehi's foremost organizations since l93O. The club has endeavored to further stimulate interest in Roman life and language, and give its members a greater respect for the firm foundation in language which Latin gives them. An outstanding project of the club is the maintenance of the Robert Iacobs Memorial Fund. This former member of the Latin Club died in the service of his country in World War ll. His memory is now kept alive by a fund which provides for the sending of underprivileged boys to summer camp. The Latin Club also sponsored movies at the Beverly, and planned their annual banquet for early in May. Officers for the fall and spring semesters were as follows: lim Telfer and Iohn Zachman, presidentsg Marilyn Bolitho and Charles McKenna, Vice-presidentsg Gail Bradbury and Ioyce Hinch, secretaries, Marilyn Ford and Dorothy Weinfeld, treasurers. -Y' SOCIAL COMMITTEE .,-JJ PROMOTION COMMITTEE Row 1: Westcott, Harrison Anderson, Hunter. Row 2: Roscrow, Grigsby, Weber, Hall, Munnecke. -.I- ""fs" Q gist' OV 9,90 lg Row l: Morgan, Maier, Kreger, Gilloii, Andrews. Row 2: Parker, Mason, Hanson, I. Nes- bit, Miller. Row 3: Hoeglund, Roberts, Bright, Ianson, Domke, R. Nesbit, Anderson. Row 4: Mink, Mirrielees, Hardy, Le- vora, Bunyan, Mohr, Bowers, Fitzpatrick, Sturner. o POSTER COMMITTEE Row 1: Egan, Miller, Kreger, Claycombe, I. Nesbit, Rus- sell, Andrews, Wilson. Row 2: LaPan, Homan, Wing- strom, R. Nesbit, Anderson, Grigsby, Brauer, Adams. Row 3: Seriekas, Kanchier, Leverty, Hanson, Lofgren, Mink, Olroth, Maxwell, Mirrielees, lanson, Bennett, Weinield, Mason. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN Under the direction of Mr. Emil Mortel, the German Club spon- sored several movies and sales to raise money for the Public Address System. Officers for the tall semester of Morgan Park's newest organi- zation were: Pat Halper, president, Dave Frieslce, vice-president, Sue Bennett, secretaryg and Ken Curtis, treasurer. Membership in the German Club is restricted to students belong- ing to the Student Association, who have had one year ot German. This group strives to unite the German students of the school, and to give them a greater appreciation for the language itself. Row l: Michel, Weir, Rob- ert, Lorenz, Erickson, Col- quitt, Carstens, Iohnston, Row 2: Moyer, Zenker, Freckleton, Halper, Berger, Percy, Tripton, Norton, Sit- tler, Keller, Sachtleben. Row 3: Shirey, Heil, Mueller, Hanson, Volkman, Friedl, Cobb, Gallenat, Crites, Habermann, Cousins, Frank, Nayder. Row 1: Hill, Cromer, Akers Vonder, Firante, Iohnson, V Willis, Wohltarth. Row 2: Moog, Little, Simons, Ander- Z son, Leonhardt, Eichstaedt Curtis, Nordgren, Melcher Morrison. Row 3: Quast Bennett, Beste, Robinson Innes, Mason, Seward Frieske, Howard, Griffin, Wagner, Thatcher. i if 70 LA SOCIETE FRANCAIS The French Club of Morgan Park High School was reor- ganized in November 1950. To become eligible for membership, a student must have completed one semester of French. Monthly meetings are con- ducted entirely in French. Club officers during the fall semester were as follows: Alice Weber, president, Carle Maier, vice-president, Charlotte Andrews, secretary, and Marlene Pozesky, treasurer. Under the guidance of Mrs. Helen Corcoran, faculty ad- visor, the club has successfully promoted interest in the French culture and the language of the people. C'-Wi" Row 1: Radcliffe, Kanchier, Pozesky, Smith, Iones, Kidd, Muhr, Snyder. Row 2: Grif- fin. Campbell. Gudlink. Burnley. Matthews. Martin. Quinn, Maier. Row 3: Boone, Williams, Weber. Hansen, Orr, Perrizo, I. Mason. Crummer, Plante F. Mason. 1 t N-gi? . .S ..., X. ., 1 BAILA -, F. CARMENCITAQ to The Pan American Club, a charter member of the National Student League and organized at Morgan Park in l938, has a membership of Well over one hun- dred students. lts constitution provides that a mem- ber must have at least one year of Span- ish, no final grade below and must belong to the Student Association. Each year Pan American holds a book sale. The proceeds are used to buy new records, books, and other items for their programs. A tremendously successful cookie sale and Christmas festival were other highlights of this year's many activi- ties. The club officers for the fall semes- ter Weret Iudy Harrison, president, lack Kalchbrenner and Anne Coultrip, vice- presidentsg Shirley Giger, secretary, and Marianne Migely, treasurer. Again this year, the group was privileged to have Miss Mary Holland as faculty sponsor. The prime purpose of this organization is to acquaint its members with the lane guage, customs, geography, and history of all Spanish speaking people, by means of moving pictures, records, slides, and speakers. .ar -... Ak le ' all l I , P ? fi fl " j f nt' 'i ', R x, . . . R rf A -15 If we 'E'- -Agl 1 A X 4 A , .1 . 1 J 1 . f " X 3? I J Af H' r lt ." fs Q' A TRN fff fl- E , 7 ,ly 14,1-' i ' AJ xx fjr wi u s, Z. f 0 1 . 4" tt 1 . Ex '4 , ly lg 3 ' 'tllvv' 7 ,x .1 If r Row 1: Lane, Lcmgenburg, Crider, Wilson, Olson, Miller, Metcalfe, Norman. Row 2: Phebus, Kern, Ken- nedy, Ferguson, Luckett. Baker, Coultrip, Witte. Row 3: Hubert, Wescott, Pleba- nek, Mort, Edson, Iohnson, Petosky, Galzynski, Bu- chanan, Erickson, Baker, Duggan, Fredricks, Carlson. Row 4: Kessler, Mingus, Hoge, Wingstrom, Ross, Conybear, Andrews, Con- nolly, Holly, Duval, Sand- berg, Leverty, Knutson, Carlson, Landgrebe. Row l: Grimaldi, Trust, Behnke, Bradbury, Nayder, Frank, Duval, McBride. Nolan. Row 2: Crider, Sachtleben, Klingensmith, Weinfeld, Claycombe, An- derson, Bayer, Kanchier. Levert , Ho e, Heil, Werner Y 9 I Clark, Robinson. Row 3: Andrews, Olson, Holly, Hoey, Griswold, Bracy, Willis, Gratchner, Porth Capron, Swift, Coates, Peel Baker. Row 4: Herdlein Holmes, Dangremond, Ol- roth Gi er, Hokanson , 9 , Wilson, Heilman, Stahl, Ford, Shippy, Grettie, Bor gerson, Halper, Wright. BIOLOGY CLUB Row 1: Barrett, Crider, Free- man, Clark, Dunne, Y. Adams, R. Adams, Olander. Row 2: Geiger, Harrison, Parsons, Matthias, Migely, Lacey. Lipp- man, Metcalfe, Hager, Leonard. Row 3: Dieifenbach, Klein, Kalchbrenner, Thompson, Low- itz, Horburg, Backstrom, Owen, Pontious, Doyle, Lisse, Ferman. Row 4: Fitzpatrick, Sachtleben, Capron, Redman, Eames, Fer- man. Stahl, Fairhead, Unter- berg, Haynes, Easthope, Dan- gremond, Wharton. Hughes Vaughan. NEW DREAMERS AND SCHEMERS The Sophomore Club was created in l95O to promote a feeling ot unity among the second year students, and to give them social and edu- cational outlets. Other purposes of the club were to have sophomore representation in the Student Council, and to continue contacts rnade in Flounders. Among this active organization's many projects this past year were several successful dances, and assemblies. The officers tor the tall semester Were: Ianet Parker, president, lim Sterling, vice-president, Ioyce Hinch, secretary, and Dan Deutel, treasurer. They also devised other money making projects to raise money for the school organ. To be eligible tor membership in this group, a student must be a Student Association mem- ber in either his 2B or 2A semester. Mr. Stevenson is the sponsor. Row l: Iordan. Rottmayer Erickson, Durst, Connelly 2: Crites, Fitzpatrick, Little Hovel, Owen, Sanders. Bennett Landon. Conybear. Munnecke v 74 i'q' Wharton. Iarvis. Cromer. Doyle Row 4: Lindgren, Ritter, Quast Doyle, Orr. Row I: Luckett, Sitller, West Ericson, Waldo, Lachal, Freckl ton. Swanson. Host. Row 3 Daniels. Stack. Row 4: Bat man. 1 Buchanan. Crummer, Hill. Row Row 3: Simons. Moore, Rod- gers. Mitchem, Hoven, Fan- tasia. Nordgren. Usery, Vonder Coleman. Roberts. Seward Unterburg, Libert, Coultrip Onda, Robinson, Reicker cott, Woolridge. Ferguson Miller, Cherny. Cunningham Row 2: Reynolds. Snyder Sachtlehen, Quarrell, Hahn Barr. Fredrick, Camp. Crider Webber, Brownlow, Bergeron Basile. De Suno, Walter. Gillott thuis. Hrometz, Wenner. Dief fenbach, Innes. Mason, White Pontious. Lippman. Gronau Monroe. Volkman. Smith, Beck 469 , X Sterling, Hinch, Parker, Deulel. Row 1: Dunnett, Worsley, Stokes, Blacksher, McDonell, Hinch, Pagel, Hendricks. Row 2: Ieanne Wolier, Parker, Plebanek, Pratt, Landberg. Metz, Burnell, Mathis, Ioan Wolier. Row 3: Stevenson, Mort, Schmidt, Marcica. Akers, Swanson, Rogers, Presley, Henke, Nolan. Row 4: Bag- well, Hopkins. Roy, Kalchbren- ner, Marsh, Duefel, Haas, Howard, Swanson, Olney, Manning, Tatge, Stirling, Embs, Sachtleben, Rakich. Row 1: Alexander, Quarrell. Kinsella, Lane, Heuer, Rad- clilie, Bylon, Gay. Row Z: Egan, Genender, Ericksen, Carlson, Christiansen, Daly, Keller, Williams, Hubert, Kan- chier, Fryk, Polacek. Row 3: Hohhof, Iohnson, Homan, Nyman, Condon, Lindbloom, Hoeglund, Floyd, Lisse, Lind- gren, Colquitt, La Pan, Edson. Row 4: Migely, Leenstra, Chicagouris, Hixson, Heuss, Strickland, Bryant, Flagler, Mason, Klaus, Winton, Spencer Gray, Ford, Matthews. Row l: Crosland, Ault, Muma, Kinney, Blackstone, Rochells, Oliver. Simon. Row 2: Lenz, Coyle, Strachen, Rennie, Howard, Malin, Nicolazzi, Werner, Granger, Kemmler. Noid, Kiskadden, Rowley. Row 3: Nichols, Pinkerton, Shedle- bower, McVickers, Cox, Sillo- way, Duffy, Palmgren, Gill, Speidel. Geiger, Iensen, Pier- son, Brooks, Crandall. Row 1: Camp, Gustifson, Whit- lock, Field, Herbster, Dunnett, Mossey. MacDonald. Row 2: Ambelang, Cookesy, Buck, Crane, Carsten, Zimmerman, Matthews, Vaughn, Kletcke, Grant. Row 3: Berls, Bailey, Vagun, Washington, Hunting- ton, Lock, Schultz, Donnan, Ci- bulsky, Hedrick, Dempster. Row 4: Nesche, Cyplik. Paa- ren. McFadden, Tropp, Lan- gusch, Moog, Griffin, Miskiv, Camp, Kidd, Habermann, Holt- man. Row 1: Fryk, Whittington. Lore. Brown, Stafford, Wilks, Davis, Robinson. Row 2: Harris, Ramshalton, Gavcus, Nelson, Backstrom, Flesvig, Faulkner, Hegberg, Shippy, Horvath, Strom, Palmquist, Schatler. Row 3: Friedl, Percy, Beckmen, Smith, Willis, Hess, Walgreen, Dehler, Hynes, Bila, Morher. Iozwiak, Tripton, Cousins, Ci- chon. Row 1: Schiltz, Englund, Green, Anderson, Wolma. Markham, Duffy, Rowley. Row 2: Rea, McGratch, Hagins, Un- terberg, Boettcher, O'Connor. Whited, Newland, Stigen. Row 3: Kooch, Hansen, Colgran, Mueller, Iwanowki, Brownlow, Millard, Hart. Iohnson. Row 4: Peter, Ferrill, Coyne, Rosch, Zacher. Teunisson, Fowler, Tidwell, Stuenkel, Zeiss, Gam- ble. 76 FROM THE Exclusively for the freshmen of Morgan Park is the Flounders Club, organized in l937 by Miss Athena Fischer. This club has no scholastic standard, the only requirement is membership in the Student Association. Flounders has won the interest award consecutively for two years. The club's main projects for the 'Sl-'52 season included their annual all-freshman dance, an assembly for the incoming freshmen, and a tea for the members' parents, During the fall semester, Flounders was led by Albert l-lall, president, Dorothy Howard, vice-president, Brian Seavoy, secretary, and BCTTOM UP Barbara Brooks, treasurer. Mrs. Edwina Griesf er was sponsor of the group. Flounders' chief purposes are: first, to acquaint the freshmen with the rules, organizaf tions, and student government of the school, second, to develop talents and leadership in the members, and third, to give an opportunity for members to become acquainted with their classmates. This year, Flounders has again achieved its purposes, for the freshmen have proven, through their large membership, their desire to become an active part of the school. Row 1: Duffy, Walker, Oswald Weaver, Lengren, Hagey Ortize, Pusateri. Row 2: Pierce Woolridge, Atwood, Samans Michale, Cole, Hoeppner, Pet- erson, Persons, Collins, Iames Everingham. Row 3: Dunne Moore, Hall, Russell, Akers Larsen, Bergloff, Odenheimer Wollman, Walker, Henderson Dokes, Bagwell. Row 1: Crane, Mulch, Teyema, Miles, Hunter, Zuegal, Donato, Makris. Row 2: Smithson, T u r n e r , Forsyth, Kienzle Robert, Berlin, Hayes, Viola: Steftes. Row 3: Vaughan, O'Shatz, Homer, Poly, Simester Carlson, Brookes, Wollenzien, Michels, Bullock, Mohr. Row 4: Heimerdinger, Morrill, Dau- phin, Seavoy, Hicks, Weil, Lewis, Ienks, Crisman, Olroth, Tredwell, Hall. Row 1: May, Ekstrom, Iohnston Kennedy, Groebe, Michel: Moyer, Melbourn. Row 2: Doss, Snyder, Breetzke, Di- Guido, Emshoif, Chapman, Adams, Kline, Annen. Row 3: Murphy, Koester, Gray, Nich- ols, Cis, Hansen, Bornhold, Ericksen, Morthorst, McMahon, Flesvig. Row 4: Lehnert, Alt- mann, Van Etten, Aldridge, Damais, McVay, Anderson, Iohnson, Nowls, Meyer, Seip. IT'S THE LETTERS THAT COUNT! GIRLS' EMBLEM CLUB Girls who have earned 750 points by par- ti ' t' ' cipa ing in games and apparatus Work, and who have passed proficiency tests ' ' given in the regular gym program or in other specified acti ht' vi ies, may obtain membership in the Girls' Emblem Club. Applicants receiving a as ' p sing grade in swimming need earn only 500 points lor membership. Under the leadership ot Miss Wilma Waters, the Emblem Club sponsored a " l 19 GY- day" tor all of the south side high schools at Mo P lc ' rgan ar . The girls also acted as hostesses Row 1: Grimaldi. Olander, Blacksher. Andrews. Daniels. Miss Waters, Shirey, Hohman, Meyer. Lorenz. Morgan. Row 2: Werner, Heil, Crider, Kess- ler. Horberg Hoe l d . g un . Weir. Roberts, Brown. Lacey. Tschent- ke Knut . son. Row 3: Olson, Mason. Wilson. Ioan Robert. De Vries, F erman, Mac Rae, Willner. Shippy, Hemmer, Schuetz, lane Robert, Griswold. in the lunch rooms and assisted in refereeing and umpiring girls' intramural ll vo eyball, bas- ketball and baseball games. The purpose ot this club is to promote girls' athletic activities by organizing intramural tournaments, and to create good sportsmanshi D and an interest for active recreation in later lite. The otticers for the tall semester were Bar- bara Weir, president, Beulah Blacksher, vice- presidentg a d A ' n nne Coultrip, secretary-treas- urer. W f Z- !,.- MP v Frary. BOYS' EMBLEM CLUB The Boys' Emblem Club of Morgan Park High School has a well-known and efficient organization, tor promoting good sportsmanship and school spirit. Only boys who have won a major letter in basketball, football, swimming, or Wrestling are eligible for membership. Under the sponsorship of Mr. Duncan McGregor, the boys aided various school pro- alt jects, promoted the annual "All Sports Night" and sold tickets tor numerous school activities. The officers for the year are: Michael Hardy and Norman Buzzard, presidentsg Ron- ald Redemske and Bill Howard, vice-presi- dents, lames Iackson and Iames Iohnson, secretariesg and Glen Mac Nerland and Don Berry treasurers. Morgan, Iohnson. Row 1: Waters. Fales Beste, Burgin, Bland Buzzard, Bostrom, Hardy Row Z: McGuire. Gro ebe, Hubert, Samuels Bozekis, Mac Nerland Thatcher. Wagner, Beld ing, C. Iackson. Row 3 Houlehan, Petty, Andre tich, Gee, Ulreich, Frentz R u n y a n , Harrington As Nelson, Hall, Sylvam Row 1: Berry, Grigsby Mottley, Bright, Klem Kletcke, Nesbit, Worth ington. Row 2: Mar shall, Duefel, Pease Fewkes. Harris, Atwood Howard, Kreklow, Wallis Chisholm. Row 3: Dor gan, Reddick. Eichstaedt Sturner, I. Iackson, Riggs Carlson, Mink. Curtis Row 1: Phebus, Mingus, Camp- bell, Miss Walter, Duggan, lohnson, Euison, La Pan. Row 2: Sereikas, Buchanan, Nichols, Bulthuis, Haelig, Wollenzien, Edson, Christiansen, Fredrick, Hendricks. Row 3: Faulkner. Homan, Durst, Baker, Heil, Frank, Hayes, Wright, Crider, Iackson, Clark, Bergeron. Row 4: Anderson, Homan, Lan- grebe, Gramberg, Farrell, Berger, Boone, Galzynski, Konietzky, Knutson, Sider, Loi- gren, Bell. Row 1: Weinfeld, Hoge, Kidd, Leonard, Behnke, Hager, Cobb, leleniewski. Row 2: Duval, Kreger, Leverty, Bradbury, Leef, Geiger, Bolitho, Olroth, Lock, Friede, P. Halper, Y. Adams, R. Adams, Wingstrom, Kessler. Row 3: Davis, Domke, S. Hal- per, Griswold, Dunne, Bennett, Kropp, Hoey, Gronan, Landon, Bracy, Lowitz, Harrison, Free- man, Farwell. How 4: Cran- dall, Iensen, Kitzleman, Archi- bald, Koch, Ford, Buzzard, Gee. Beste, Howard, Iohnson, Dief- fenbach, Ferman, Borgerson, Crow. LITTLE HELPERS Row I: Keller, Rennie, Millard, Nolan, Page, Tillman, Fergu- son, Crider, Row 2: Paul, Stadleman, Wilson, Wohlfarth, Zachman, Weber, Olson, Rob- erts, Mason, Migely, Mcl-ltee. Row 3: lean Yarber, Ioan Yar- ber, Schmidt, Martin, Redman, Munroe, Peel, Rakich, Kemm- ler, Mohr. Row 4: Rottmayer, Ioan Robert, Schuetz, Marseille, Perrizo, R. Shippy, Ulreich, Runyan, Weir, Selheimer, Tel- ler, B. Shippy, Swilt, Rodgers, lane Robert, Volkman. Row l: Williams, Norman, Ekstrom, Hunter, Egan, Lane. McLawrin, Grimaldi. Row 2: Oswald, Crane, Erickson, West- cott, Whitnell, Emsholl, Hubert, Kiskadden, Daniels, Hagins, Snyder. Row 3: Coultrip, Miller, Kupecky, Langrebe, Murphy, Iohnson, Andrews, Hansen, Morthorst, Kern, Olson, Denning, Lorenz. Row 4: Clay- combe, Shirey, Werner, Henke, Mort, McFadden, Olson, Hoeg- lund, Stier, Matthews, Whalen, West, Stevenson, Wells, Witte, Nayder. mls 5 ,QT We yell, i'Yea ..,. Morgan Park" but it's the cheerleaders who charged the football and basketball crowds into rants of Victory. To become a cheerleader, a girl must be an SA. member, attain at least a HG" in gym, pass all major subjects, and have some tumbling ability. New candidates practice for several weeks with the cheer- leaders and are tinally selected through elimination proceed- ings. This year the girls purchased new cheerleading and tumbling uniforms. At every football and bas- ketball game, at "All Sports Night", and at the school pep rallys, the girls, with their cap- tains, Diane Roberts and Nan- cy Carlson, vigorously led the cheers for the Mustangs. The sponsors are Miss Wilma Waters and Miss Grace Ryan. Bottom: Kruse. Daniels. Middle Lee : f. Top: Gillott. Phebus. XJ Row 1: McFadden, Lo Russo, Lorenz. Carlson. Row 2: Mason, Olson. Hulper, Ieleniewski. Row 3: Roberts. C'MON KIDS YELL! A byv Q ,y ,pf X 6 We . L . . it E! Row 1: Mrs. Moyer, Mrs Mrs. Swift, Mrs. Ferman. Mrs. E. Buchanan, Mrs. G. Buchanan, Mrs. Flesvig, Mrs. Berry. P. T. A. The primary purpose of the Morgan Park High School Parent Teacher Association is to promote the welfare of youth in the home, school, and community. Any parent or citizen who abides by the objectives of the P. T. A. is eligible for membership. This year the Parent Teacher organization began by including the administrative staff of Empehi, the physical education staff, and the faculty in its programs. To extend their purpose, they also presented "Protecting Our Youth", a discussion of narcotics by Iudge Gibson E. Gor- man, "Teaching the American Way of Life", by PHOTCGRAPHIC STAFF Row 1: Mr. Gay, White. Row 2: Willis, Boone, Rea. Mrs: Henrietta Collins, "After High School- What?", by Ass't Sup't of schools of Chicago, Dr. Thaddeus I. Lubera, and "Development of Attitudes and Viewpoints", a student panel dis- cussion. Officers for the year were as follows: Mrs. Frank H. White, president, Mrs. Arthur Haelig, first vice-president, Mrs. Robert Stiven, second vice-president, Mr. Harry L. Tate, third vice- president, Mrs. Iohn Palsedge, recording secretary, Mrs. D. R. Bright, corresponding sec- retary, and Mrs. Ronald Palmer, treasurer. Whitnell, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. White, Mr. Tate, Mrs. Haelig, Mrs. Palsedge. Row 2- Mrs. Daniels, Mrs. Farrell, Mrs. Tredwell, Mrs. Wenner, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Migely, J V. E. S. B Row l: Melbourn, Fryk, Anderson. Bathe, Tolbert, Markham. Row 2: Lisse. Winkler, Carlson. Backstrom, McVickers, Gratchner, Beckman. Row 3: Spillman, Burgin. Smith. Selheimer, Heil- man, Abrams. Hardiman. Bozikes, Holmes. Take it easy! What - no audience? A cheer for lhe cheer- leadersl Remember the good old days? Row 1: Miss Skelton, Oswold, Newland, Hagey, Vaughn, Buck, Luckett, McDowell, Cunningham Robinson, Kennedy, Hagins, Pusateri, Anderson Row 2: Crane, Emsholi, Hansen, Schafier, Gray Millard, Gamble, Michale, Bland, Zeiss, Simons Faulkner, Morthorst, Iohnson, Murphy, Pierce Ambelang, Erickson. Row 3: Holtman, Attmann, Habermann, Owen, Nelson, Dauphin, Kimbrough, Murphy, Mcxndes, Howard, Grillin, McGuire, Henderson, Porth, Seip, Lock, Friecll. 1 JUNIOR MIXED CHORUS 's , 1- L lic . fu l 604898 , -, Q, fl, ' .v . , Row 1: Miss Skelton, Varnam, Wilks, Morgan, Watson, Phebus, Unterberg, Ferguson, Bullock, Nelson, Erickson, Rowley, Williams, Oliner McGrew, Sahlin. Row 2: Iordan, Hohhof, Hahn Steiies, Whalen, Migely, Oschatz, MacLean Vaughan, Hegburg, Kemmler, Mohr, Kiskaddon Schultz. Michels, Granger. Row 3: Nichols, Connolly, Williams, Iwanowski, Wollenzien, Nesche, Crummer, Rottmayer, Iensen, Swatkowski, Pierson, Ford, Simester, Iackson, Swan, Mathews, Hoeglund, Quinn. 84 JUNIOR GIRLS' CHORUS FASCINATIN' RHYTHM The blaring ot trumpets in Eiiipehi s enthusiastic lazz Band. trocluced the musical year ot Under the sponsorship of Mr. lohn La Coanata, and the leadership ot Uon Berry, the band has achieved areat succesfsza in acauaintina the student body with the popular phawes ol ll'1LlSlCi lflusically inclined students belonaina to the Concert Qrchestra or Concert Band, and elected by the individual aroups with their sponsor, are eliaible tor inenibersliip. The dance band showed exceptional talent this year at many ot the school assemblies and dances. They also played at the Spring Production and at the exchange assembly at South Shore, JAZZ BAND Row l: Atwood, Berry, Camp bell, Lennon, Houser. Buck, 'A ff, Clark, Grettie. Row 2: Hodges. Worthington, Newell, Tillman Row 3: Kalchbrenner, Iuckson Pittman, Akers, Zczckman, Bron son, Daniels, Seitz. llltl Q ix 'x 3 fr' 'wif 5 I L 'fir LET'S HARMONIZE! l iiriitilsez :HMM W----n-gpg Row 1: Cole, Bell. McBride, Zenker, Waldo, R. Colquitt, Miss Skelton, Claycombe, Anderson, Sahlin. Farnandis, Norman. Row 2: Miles, Mitchell, Paul, Mingus, Latimore. Swift, Knaack, Condon, Watts, Murray, Roy, Hopkins, Hohman, Iohnson, Kennedy, Snyder, Barton. Row 3: Kemp, Durst, Herzog, Parsons, Gunther, Fawkes, Capron, Storner, Bruhl, C. Colquitt, Henderson, Pease. Icmson, Griswold. McAtee, Crider. Clark, Wells. Row 4: Weber, Rogers, Hoey, Neste, Eames, Hardwick, Haynes, Pearson, Kunz, Mclnerney, Roberts, Brownlow, Gay, Spillman, Archibald, Lyons, Kitzelman, Hynes, Owen, Iordan. Under the leadership of Miss Elaine Skelton, the sixty-nine voices of the Morgan Park A Cappella Choir presented many fine performances during their successful '51-'52 season. Some of these were given at the P.T.A. Open House, the Christmas Assembly, the Veterans' Hospital, the Spring Production, and at the Board of Education during Christmas. The Choir restricts its membership to students Who have been in one of the lunior Choruses and who have passed a voice test. Officers for the year Were: Dave Fewkes, Alice Weber, president, Dorothy McAtee, Grant Pearson, vice-president, and Ioe Brownlow, Mary Mingus, secretary-treasurer. To provide good choral training and appreciation of the best choral litera- ture - is the main purpose of the A Cappella Choir. lt is always ready and Willing to accommodate school or community requests. The choir, both on tour and at home, gave performances that will long be remembered by those who heard them. 86 MELODY TIME The Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Margaret O'Neill, has been very active this past year - singing for the Morgan Park Women's Club, the Christmas program, the Spring Production, and the City-Wide Contest. ln order to become a member of the Glee Club, a student must have a year of Iunior Mixed Chorus or lunior Girl's Chorus. A pleasing voice and a desire to sing are also essentials tor membership. The purpose of the C-irls' Glee Club is to attain a deeper appreciation ot great choral works, and a higher understanding ot vocal harmony. The officers for the tall and spring semesters respectively were Lois Smisek and Shirley Cole, presidents, Anne Coultrip and Cathy Witte, vice-presidents, Paula Hansen and Iune Campbell, secretaries, Iudy Barrett and Carlie Farwell, treasurersg and Alice Giberson, Shirley Cole, and Paula Hansen, Ioanne Rekosh, librarians. Row 1: Metcalfe, Hart, Miles, Mrs, O'Neil, Patzlaft, Reynolds, Swanson, Cole. Row 2: Rob- erts, Lorenz, Simons, Keller, Webber. Maheras, Smith, Ward, Edson. Gayden. Petosky. Row 3: Iackson, Matthias, Bolitho, Herdlein, Geiger, Bor- gerson, Perrizo, Meany, Mason, Smisek, Brauer, Holly, Brooks, Gnuske. Row l: Iudy Wilson, Pagel, Coultrip, Mrs. O'Neil, Sahlin. Witte, Kennedy, Olander. Row Z: Latimore, Hendricks, McFad- den, Hohman, Griswold, Crites, Carlson, Westcott, Treat. Row 3: Crider, Barrett, Ross, Behnke, Hatfield, Mueller, Giberson, Duval, Griffin, Henke. Row 4: Buchanan, Campbell, Rekosh, Hanson, Wohlfarth, Ferman. Freeman, Crow, Eames, Hynes, Mitchell, Iackie Wilson, Mon- roe, Klingensmith. 87 DOWNBEAT. The members ot the Concert Orchestra have shown outstanding talent during the past year. This group played for assemblies, the annual Spring Production, and, following tradition, the commencement exercises. Members of the Orches- tra are selected from the lower bands, and from among those who have had private lessons. Mr. Iohn La Cognata, the director, has maine tained the orchestra at the same high level ot perf tormance that it has held in the past, lack Bland was president ot the or- chestra during the past year. Row 1: Berry, lackson. Moog. Brownfield. Row 2: Akers, Greenfield, Finn, Humphrey. Samuels. Row 1: Marsh, Carrington, Erickson, Carlson, Willis. Row Z: Carstens. Robinson, Ander- son, Rummel, Gunn, Miller, Pradd. Row 1: Howard, Williams, Chrislenson. McGrath. Row 2: Daniels, Baker, Kozac, Bracy, Gamble, Cox. Row 1: Borgerson, Nayder, Kropp, Miller, Wallace. Row 2: Ferman, Wilson, Weir. Hemmer. CONCERT BAND Morgan Parks Concert Band added color and excitement to school assemblies, the P.T.A. shows, the com- munity Memorial Day Parade, and the Spring Production, They were also enthusiastic in highlighting the exciting moments at the football games, and by marching during the half-time periods. Experience in an intermediate band, and an from the band's director, Mr. Iohn La Cognata, are the requirements for membership in the Concert Band. Last year's officers were as fol- lows: Don Newell, president, Dick Len- non, vice-president, and lean Lacey, secretary. Among the band members, there existed a spirit of fun and friendliness that welded the organization together, and made each member strive for per- fection. Row 1: Tschenke, Blacksher, Walters, Miller. Row 2: Stiles Houser, Anderson, Clark, Lennon, Rummel, Gunn, Werner. .nf Row 1: Lore, Blacksher, Parsons, Cobb, Nader. Row 2: Akers Pittman, Finn, Stahl, Hokanson, Mason, Firant. Row l: Thomas, Zachman, Trapp, Wallis, Flesvig. Row Row 1: Bagwell, Miller, Lacey, Morgan, Palsedge. Row 2: Swift, Sachtleben, Riecker, Schueneman, Olson, 2: Kotz. Wilson. Crommer. Murphy, Cropp. Baden. Heimerdinger. Gl'0ebe- Row 1: Berry, Grant, Newell, White, Samuels, Tillman. Row 1: Mr. La Cognata, Iackson, Seitz, Schissler. Row Row 2: Bayer, Mattson, Davis, Stirling, Olson, Iuric. 2: Hemmer, Lavery, Kruse, Heil. STAGE CREW Row l: Moyer, Dunne, Hall, Willis. Cousins, Bathe, Cczrstens, Anderson. Row 2: Bcxckstrom Browning, Poore, Easthope. Michels. Haynes, Mandes, Norris, Brcxuer. The house lights dim, the stage lights up, the curtain opens . . . and the show is on! These actions are not automatic, but are the work of the indus- trious members of the Stage Crew. This crew has charge of the technical parts of all school assemblies and presentations. Boys interested in these activities must have mechanical ability and maintain a "G" average. The persons directly responsible for the running of the stage crew during the past year were: Dick Haynes, managerg Oscar Bathe, assistant manager, Charles Michels, electriciang and Barron Easthope, technician. Mrs. Kathleen Rigby is the sponsor of this hard-working group. Although hampered at times by the lack of sufficient equipment, the stage crew continues working cheerfully and efficiently for the best interests of the school. Q' C O L O R AL ,g 5 an L' 1. ink ,pa M.Sgt. F. H. Dudicxk M.Sgt. W. C. Von Thoden Military Instructor Military Instructor g 2 ff ROTC Arkemc, Hokanson. Mendes, Shannon. X SX -Xqxl 4,3 ,yn -Q09 Major B. Humphrey Major R. Haynes Unit Comdr., lst Sem., '51 Unit Comdr., Znd Sem., '52 Unit Comdr., 2nd Sem., '51 -I-lc. The purpose of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps is to teach citizenship and leadership to the cadets, and to assist the school Whenever possible. During the last year, under the instructorship of MX Sgt. Frank Dudiak and MfSgt. William Von Thaden, the Unit has participated in many competitions, including Picked Platoon, and Rifle Marksmanship. Among the service groups which performed for the school are the Color Guard, the Honor Guard, the Air Raid and Fire Guard, and the Picked Drill Squad. The Unit is headed by a cadet commander and his staff. Bennett Humph- rey and Richard Haynes, respectively, were the cadet commanders for the past two semesters. Row 1: Davis, Hall, Haynes, Humph- rey, Boden, Buchanan. Row Z: Car- rol, Glas, Michels, Easthope, Hardi- man, Hauck. Row 1: Melcher, Shannon, Sgt. Du- diak, Sgt. Von Thaden, Michels, Pease. Row 2: Hauck, Humphrey, Cherry, Glass, Haynes, Easthope. Row 1: Anderson, Waldo, Spathe, Warn, Haynes, Flink, Channell, Col- quiti, Williams. Row 2: Adamson, R. Melcher, Siorner, Norris, A. Mel- cher, Palmgren, Hauck, Humphrey, Heuss, Boden, Pease, Waits, Mur- dock. Row 3: Olson, Hardwick, Spillman, Smith, Howard, Cherry, Glass, Selhiemer, Leonhardt, Van Valley, Murphy. Easthope, Hardi- man, Michels. Row 1: Melcher, Spaeth, R. Colquitt. Nelson, Cromer, Shannon, Channell, Waldo. Row 2: Wheaton, Storner, Massie, Marsh, Murdock, C. Colquitt, Hardiman, Norris, Heuss. Row 3: Adamson, Olson, Mandes. Leon- hardt, Lund, Arkema, Neill, Cherry, Selheimer, Long, Howard, Melcher, Browning. Row l: Sgt. Dudiak, Carrol, Davis, Haynes, Humphrey, Buchanan, Smith, Sgt. Von Thaden. Row 2: Glass, Hardiman, Lund. Hall, East- hope, Melcher, Adamson. Row 1: McDonald, Vaughn, Weir, Anderson, Boden, Markham, Imholl, Bryant. Row 2: Zuidema, Spathe, Williams, Mansfield, Languish, Hess, Pease, Channell, Brennan. Row 3: Norris, Tredwell, Sault, D'1-lrcy, Newell, Neill, Hale, Spillman, Van Valey, Colquitt, Spencer. Row 1: Michel, Kowcosorski, Kinney, Petrow, Michels, Hokanson, Rochells. Simon. Row 2: Norton, Bagwell, Lockett, Hopkins, Nelson, Watts, Pickens, Storner, Warn, Gratchner, Henderson, Waldo. Row 3: Nassie, Williams, McVay, Browning, Peter- sen, Braun, Howard, Holmes, Cherry, Hakich, Palmgren. Row 1: Robinson, Durkin, Pater lciewicz, Hackett, Hardiwick, Kotz Erickson, Bose. Row Z: Murdock Robinson, Melcher, Anderson, Sel- heimer, Long, Seitz, McBride, Leon- hardt, Dahlen, Nichols, Ellis. Row 1: Duffy, Mulch, Williams, Mc- Dowell, Hauck, Leonhardt, Anderson Gill. Row 2: Colquitt, Flink, Groebe Rogers, Cromer, Van Etten, Condon Hoeppner, Greene. Row 3: Werstler Ienkens, lohnson, Murphy, Marsh Cherry, Lorenzen, Stokes, Olson Wahlgren, Tillman. Row 1: Colquitt, Waldo, Channell Carroll, Humphrey, Boden, Pickens Cromer. Row Z: Melcher, Storner Ienkins, Hardiwick, Hardman, Hauck, Pease, Murphy. Row 3: Spillman Smith, Petersen, Howard, Cherry Glas, Hall, Leonhardt, Marsh. 1 1 5. nf g Q' 1? 'F' A ff ' Q 'S 1' I ir., E ZW? 5. ff th' E fi :Il "'1 O 'Z U 'JU I."Z1 Q O IF' C" l"'.I Q H Z U2 -a em 1 We remember -N not the winnings but how they pl 336g ' Qyed the QQDS: :Ks VARSITY gains' Ron Gill Co-Captain ' ffifi..-,' f , ' Howie Anderson Co-Captain "MVS .rw . . - f t... e son. Paytes, Bozikis, Belding, Coach Dobrath. Averaging 23.6 points per game, the Prosh- Soph compiled a season record of 6 wins and 2 losses. With Howie Anderson at the helm, the Ponies opened their season against Thornton and, due to their lack of experience, dropped a closely contested battle 8-7. Extra points meant the difierence between victory and defeat against Lindblom as More gan Park broke into the win column l4-l2. A loss to Philips and another victory over Linde blom followed. None of the Ponies' remaining games were even close as they romped over C. V. S., South Shore, Hyde Park, and St. Rita. Long runs and unusual plays characterized the Frosh-Soph's otiense. Sophomore pros- pects moving up to the varsity next year in- clude Ron Gill, sturdy center and dependable linebacker, Howie Anderson, Ponies' signal caller and passing ace, Howie Lindgren, fleet' footed haltback, Bob Morril, and Bill Coultrip. Eleven members of the Frosh-Soph saw action during the last varsity tilt against Parker. Mr. Duncan McGregor handled the coaching duties. .AsM, .Mu- Row 1: R. Nesbit, Wessel, I. Nesbit, Metcalfe, Dorgan, Wallis, Grigsby, Worthington, Ault Row 2: Petty. Howard, I. Iackson, Redemske, Mink, Iohnson, Riggs, Fales, Chisholm, Melcher Row 3: Coach Antonides, McGuire, C. Iackson. Thatcher, Carlson, Bostrom, Rush Burton, Harrington, Ulreich, Gee. Wagner, MacNerland, Groebe, Beste, Buzzard MP SEASON RECORD Thornton Lindblom Philips Lindblom CVS. South Shore Hyde Park St. Rita ODD 8 l2 25 13 O 6 O B 48.4 hi 'rl at Y, . -gtg mn. ' SEASON RECORD MP t3 Thornton 34 Calumet 7 Fenger 32 Harper 27 Bowen l4 C. V. S l3 South Shore 9 Parker Opp. 6 U 38 6 U 20 13 U After successive wins over traditionally powerful Thornton and our old rival Calumet, hopes were riding high for a South Section football title at Morgan Park. Metropolitan and neighborhood papers ran pictures of and stories about the Mustangs, who were threatening to take their first major crown since 1933. Student enthusiasm ran wild. M. P. drew Fenger, its cross-town rival, as its opponent in the league opener. During the pep assembly before the game the cheerleaders displayed their new uniforms. Tickets were sold out and finally the big day arrived. The Titans still reigned supreme, however, and Les Kun, all- state halfback, led the way to a 38-7 triumph. Undaunted the Mustangs turned back Harper in a pouring rain and trampled Bowen Z7-U to move into third place. With second place and a shot at the playoffs at stake Morgan Park met the Vocational CaValierS. A last minute interception cost Empehi the game. Still srnarting from the C.V.S. battle, the Mustangs encountered South Shore and were held to a l3-13 tie. Parker caused no further trouble and the Mustangs hung up their cleats with a season record of 5 wins, 2 losses, and a tie, to rank fourth in the final league standings. Ron Redemske, veteran tackle, was awarded the Duffy Sportsmanship trophy, by vote of the squad, and each graduating member of the varsity received a small gold football on a tiny chain to be Worn as a pin. Don Bostrorn, Mustang signal caller, spearheaded both the ground and aerial attacks and was chosen all-city quarterback tsecond teaml by a staff of Chicago prep football writers. He also received honorable mention in the all-state poll. Coach Robert Antonides acted as head coach, and Charles Dobrath, as assistant. Mike Hardy Co-Captain T Don Bostrom Co-Captain FROSH-SOPH Row 1: Munnecke, Cassidy, Klaus, Morrill, Hall, Malin. Row 2: Winton, Hovel, Melcher. Anderson, Gill, Greenfield. Hixon, Simons. Row 3: McGregor, Ienks, Doyle, Duffy, Lewis, Rogers, Oliver, Seward, Unterburg, Coultrip. Lorenzen, Howes, Coyle, Linsey, Lindgren. Row l: Bennett, Samuels, Hall, Bostrom, Burgin, McGuire, Hardy. Row 2: Iackson, Winton. Cullop, Frieske, Owens, Runyon, Harrington, Iohnson. Sylvain, Mr. Dobrcrth. . . Don Bostrom in li, i Co-Captain T 'Q' t SEASON RECORD Mp. Opp. 43 St. Patricks 46 37 Englewood 49 43 Crane 36 45 Washburne 32 58 Manley 29 43 Christian 46 46 Eenger 34 45 Carver 46 36 Parker 67 41 Harper 47 39 Hirsch 66 39 Hyde Park 46 46 South Shore 69 46 Calumet 56 40 C.V.S. 27 52 Bowen 51 SENIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD After dropping their tirst two en- counters to St. Patrick's and Englewood, the Mustangs came to lite and swamped Crane, Washburne, and Manley. Chris- tian then moved into the big gym and combined height and accurate shooting to snap Morgan Park's winning streak, 46-43. The Mustangs taced Fenger in their league opener and easily downed an in- terior Titan quintet 46-34. From here on in, however, the Seniors met with little success, and after losing 5 straight to Car- ver, Parker, Harper, Hirsch, and Hyde Park were rooted deep in tenth place as this article went to press. Lack ot experience cost the Mustangs at least IU points per game, but next year's squad should develop into a po- tential South Section contender. Both the Ponies and the Mustangs were under the direction ot Coach Charles Dobrath. Dewey Hall Co-Captain JUNIOR BASKETBALL SQUAD Starting out slow, the Iuniors dropped their season opener to St. Patrick's 55-46, but snapped back to whip Englewood 49- 47, only to lose their next two starts to Crane and Washburne. A thrilling one point victory over Tilden and an easy 6l- 50 conquest of Manley gave the Iuniors a .500 average and ended their exhibition game schedule. Thus, with a 3-3 record, the Ponies met Fenger in their first league encounter. The Titans handed M.P. a 55-49 setback and Empehi's title hopes began to fade. Determination and aggressiveness coupled with the fact that they are com- posed mostly of two and three year veter- ans enabled the Ponies to humble Carver 59-56 and begin a drive which has carried them to second place, where they remain with a 5-l league record as this article goes to press. Alter Carver, Parker, Harper, and Hirsch fell before the Ponies' onslaught, midyear graduation claimed their spark- plug and consistent pace setter, Frank Mottley, but they were still able to eek out a close 5l-50 win over Hyde Park to keep in the running for South Section honors. SEASON RECORD M.P. Opp. 46 St. Patricks 55 49 Englewood 47 35 Crane 50 55 Washburne 65 55 Tilden 54 6l Manley 50 49 Fenger 55 59 Carver 56 5l Parker 49 77 Harper 69 37 Hirsch 35 51 Hyde Park 50 65 South Shore 55 65 Calumet 52 47 C.V.S. 70 54 Bowen 56 Row I: Kletcke, Klein, T. Sempre vivo, Mottley, Bright, Dixon. Row 2 Raetzman. Weigel, Marshall, Rum- mel, Pittman, Iohnson, Morgan, Red- dick. Watts, Mr. Dobrath. Frank Mottley Captain SWIM TEAMS JUNIORS Due to the new setup by which four teams from the Central Section combined with the South Section, Morgan Park's swim teams faced ll opponents in their bid for Section honors. After victories over DuSab1e, Lindblom, Harrison, and C.V.S., the Iuniors, minus co-captain Bob Howard, suffered their only defeat at the hands of Fenger's Titans. Still hoping to capture the league crown, they turned back Parker and Hirsch in their next two starts to climb into second place, where they remain as this article goes to press. Morgan Park's Seniors broke into the win column only once in their first six tries, a 47-8 triumph over Parker in their sixth meet, falling to ninth place, with little hope of breaking into the first division, as this article goes to press. Dan Deufel, 40-yd. back stroke artist, placed second for Empehi in the city meets held Dec. 7. The luniors' four man relay team composed of Bob Howard, Dan Deufel, Bryan Seavoy, and Iim Manning finished fourth in their event. Coach Dick Tweedie directed both squads. SENIORS Keith Atwood Captain Row l: Haas, Stevenson, Percy, Embs, Manning. Row 2: Howard, Griffin. Robinson, Seavoy, Deufel, , F. Atwood. ,,.4- f f" ' fl' .Hai Bob Howard Dan Deufel Co-Captain Co-Captain Row 1: Macica, Cluverius, Rea. Sundland. Hauch, Iuric, Coach Tweedie. Row 2: Brown, Talge, Bronson, Brownlow, K. Atwood, Cur- tiss, Stumer, Fewkes. MP. 33 39 29 46 25 34172 36 18 30 31 14 MP. 17 24 19 23 19 47 27 29 23 54 17 IUNIORS' RECORD Du Sable Lindblom Harrison C.V.S. Fenger Parker Hirsch Hyde Park Tilden Gage Park South Shore SENIORS' RECORD Du Sable Lindblom Harrison C.V.S. Fenger Parker Hirsch Hyde Park Tilden Gage Park South Shore Opp. 15 17 19 17 31 18112 21 39 27 Z6 43 Opp. 40 41 37 41 47 8 39 37 43 9 49 FLYING SPIKES SEASON RECORD M P Opp, 4 Lindblom 7 C.V.S. 8 l South Shore l 4 Hirsch B 2 Harper 3 4 Fenaer 13 7 Hyde Park 3 9 Parker l U C.V.S. l2 O Calumet 7 3 Bowen 7 2 South Shore 4 U Hirsch 4 6 Hyde Park 12 Z Harper l l Fenqer 4 l Parker ll Row 1: Muhr, Kletcke. Framke. T vivo. Waters, Reddick, Klein, Stahl Eichstcredt. Burke. Row 3: Kozak K Guire, Larson, Burden. Bronson 1. coach Tweedie. 21. 5 ,Y . X, 1, : , if' gf ww 'Z Weak hitting and lack of a tight defense cost Morgan Park pitchers many a game during the 1951 campaign. Bill Fewkes twirled ct no-hitter to highlight an unimpressive team record of three wins and eleven losses. Four sophomores saw action in the starting line- up as Coach Tweedie put into effect his "build for the future" policy. Semprevivo, Stirling, Kupecky. Ofte- dahl. Row 2: Icrzduk, M. Sempre- Cibulski, Buuske, Frentz, Grunt, Mc- 1: 'J l CITY GOLF CHAMPS After a year's absence from the links, Morgan Parks golf team came back strong in l951 to capture the city golf crown. Successive Wins over Hyde Park, Calumet, and Lindblom put the team in a tie with C.V.S., who had previously handed Morgan Park its only setback, for first place and enabled them to enter the semi-finals where they met and easily downed Taft Blfg-Slfg. Only Schurz stood in the Way to M.P.'s fourth golf title. Captain Mickey O'Conner shot an 80, Al Cibulski shot a 78, and Ken Gee and Bill Howard came through With scores of 82 and 84, respectively, totalling 7112 team points, 3 more than the Bulldogs' 4112. A beautiful bronze plaque was presented to the boys who in turn presented it to the school. Warren Bunyan rounded out the championship squad, coached by Duncan McGregor. Runyan Howard Gee Championship Plaque SEASON RECORD MP. 5Vz 12 lU1f2 5V2 SV2 7V2 Opp. C.V . S. 6112 Hyde Park U Calumet l V2 Lindblom Slfg Taft 5 V2 Schurz 41f2 w'-'W' Hthe unspoken good-bye, the pressure of CI hand, V--. A-4, -A109511 Sayonarar-Sayonc:ra!" CSince it must be sol North to the Orient - A. Lindbergh KISKADDON REALTY COMPANY CMember Chicago Real Estate Boardj Serving the Ridge Community for many years REUPHOLSTERING ACACIA UPHOLSTERY STUDIO Manufacturers of Fine Upholstered F urnzture 0 Real Estate Sales U Loans DRAPERIES SLIP COVERS 0 Property Management 0 lnsurance 1920 Monterey tlllthl Avenue 11047 Hale Avenue BEverly 8-4400 CEdqrCreS1 3-3580 Acacia Upholstery Studio.. Aldridge Cons't Co. . . . Barth's Bakeries ...... Beauty Lane Salon . .. Beverly Art Shoppe . . . Beverly Boot Shop .... Beverly Camera Shop Beverly Furniture Mart Beverly Hills Studio .. Beverly Music Center . Beverly Ridge Cleaners Beverly Tile Co. ..... . The Bonnet Shop ..... Boys' World .,........ Doris Brown .......... William Brown CS Sons By The Way .......... The Cake Box ....,... Charm Delineators .... Chicago Hardware 6: Appliance Co. ..... . Tom Collins, Printer . . . Derk Smit CS Son, lnc. . Doc's Hobby House . . . Endurance Co. ...... . Erickson Plumbing Co. Evans Exclusive Millinery. . "for men" ....,........ .. . Ben Franklin Store ........ Lloyd Fredendall . . . . . . . . Gordon's Interiors ........ INDEX Groebe Realtors ...... Hahn Brothers ...... Hale Food Shop ...... Peter Hansen G Son .. Hayes' Yummys ...... Hilda's Shop ......... Hilltop Apothecary Shop . . Hobbies CS Sports ..... Ieflrey Drug .......... lo-Ann Cotton Shop .. lohnson 51 Blake, lnc. . . Iohnson Drugs ....... lohnson Equipment Co. Lackore, Nichols ci Lane Larnbert's .....,...... Lamparters Market . . . Lain ci Sons, lnc. .... . H. A. Launspach, R.Ph. Lewis W. Waxman, Pharmacist ......... Logans .....,.,.... Kaden's ............. Kinney Printing Co. . . . Klein Hardware ...... Kiskaddon Realty Co. . Mar-Bet Knit Shop .... Marcell s .,........,. George Michels .r.... 118 113 107 117 117 107 107 122 ...,122 107 115 116 114 114 122 114 107 113 107 112 121 123 117 Kute Kiddie's Kloes Shoppe 107 119 108 123 Minerva's Beauty Salon Morgan Arms Tailors ci Cleaners ........ ....l07 107 Morgan Park Beauty Salon Morgan Park Garage . . Morton's Rexall Drugs . Frank G. Moses ....... Mt. Greenwood Off. Supply Mt. Greenwood Specialty Shop ............... Clem B. Mulholland, lnc. The Nantucket ........ Nebel 6: Co. .......... . O 'K Food Shop ...,... Paddock Realty Co. . . . . Al Payne Motors lnc. . . . Partington CS Newhall, lnc Ruth's Flower Shop Scott's Beauty Salon . . . Smartwear-Sullivans . . . Snackville Iunction .... Stetlens, Ieweler ...... Robert B. Stitt ..... . . Stuart Music Shop ..... Surrey Restaurant ..... Tiegreen s ...,........ Rose Toelle Beauty Service Vail Furniture Co. ..., . Van Pelt Art Galleries . . Village Gilt Box ..,.... The Vogue Dress Shop . Mae Walker Dress Shop Werner's Furniture .... Western Pharmacy .... 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Hugh Claycombe helps make a sale to lane! Kitzelmcm. RECORDS RADIOS Stondorcl Long-Playing 45's T I E C1 R E E N ' S 103rd ond Wood Streets BEverly 8-1820 TELEVISION RECORD PLAYERS H A Y E S ' Y U M M Y S 10900 South Western Avenue CEdorcrest 3-9705 A typical alter school gathering at Yummys enjoy the finest in fountain food. Hultop 5-0300 BEverly 8-9695 HIlltop 5-5331 PETER HANSEN 6. SON Fred and lohn Klein GENERAL CONTRACTORS Paint, Hardware 6. Wall Paper Store 9505 South Prospect Avenue 10146-48 South Western Avenue Chicago 43, Illinois Chicago 43, Illinois 117 nv Y Louise F. Van Pe-lt Iohn Van Pelt Open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Telephone I-Illltop 5-7467 Evenings BEAUTY LANE SALON CLARENCE MELLENDORF VAN PELT ART GALLERIES IMPORTED OIL PAINTINGS FRAMING l0036 South Western Avenue 2l32 West 95th Street Chicago 43, Illinois Chicago 43, Illinois Phone CEdarcrest 3-5040 FRANK G. MOSES COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE lll02 Longwood Drive Hllltop 5-2000 Frank discusses with Iudy Barrett and Iohn son the reasons for the high auto accident rate among teen-agers. Hllltop 5-2733-2734 For Action! ! ! Buying and Selling Real Estate WERNER'S FURNITURE CUH All Nationally AdV9I'IiS6d Brands L 2057 W. 95th Street BEverly 8-8100 2234 West 95th Street Chicago 43, Illinois U25 Years in Beverly Hiusff 118 rw . ' 2 4 CHICKEN OUR SPECIALTY Complete Luncheons, Dinners, Steaks, Chops, Seo Foods Luncheons Served Daily from 11-3g Dinners 4-11 FUR FINE P00195 10352 S. We-Stem Avenue H111top 5-0700 We Cater to All Parties f - 24 Hour Notice 119 WOODROW WILSON IUNIOR COLLEGE Branch - The Chicago City Iunior College 6800 Stewart Avenue Chicago 2l, Illinois ENROLL IN SOUTHTOWN'S MUNICIPAL IUNIOR COLLEGE! Fully Accredited Day and Evening Classes Full or Part Time Programs Wide Choice of Courses Tuition Free to Chicago Residents Well-Trained Faculty - Excellent Facilities Accredited Eight Week Summer Session Many Extra-Curricular Activities Convenient Location - Collegiate Atmosphere 1952 Summer Session Opens Iune 305 Ends August 22 Fall Registration - September 10-15, l952 For Further Information Address the Registrars Office A COLLEGE EDUCATION IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICA Safeguard Your Future by Enrolling in WILSON IUNIOR COLLEGE For Your Prescription and Drug Needs MORTON'S REXALL DRUGS 3136 West lllth Street BEverly 8-2696 We Deliver CHARM Delineators... 2055 West 95th Street 120 CUSTOMED DRAPERIES AND BEDSPREADS FINE INTERIORS Hilltop 5-5320 Chicago 43, Illinois Telephone CEdo1rcrest 3-0701 BEVERLY ART SHOPPE GIFTS EOR ALL OCCASIONS GREETING CARDS PICTURE FRAMING I739 West 99th Street Chicago REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DORIS BROWN 10014 S. Western Ave. Cliicogo 43, Illinois Hllltop 5-0350 K A D E N ' S DEPARTMENT STORE 1942 Monterey Ave. Clffdorcrest 36500 BEVERLY BOOT SHOP 1648 West 95th Street l3Everly 98570 Ioan Hoeglund tries on a pair of loafers. The Beverly Boot Shop carries cz complete line of casual and dress shoes for the teen-agers. CAMERA PORTRAITS BEVERLY HILLS STUDIO 2019 West 95th Street HOBBIES AND SPORTS 1755 W. 95th Street BEverly 8-8331 Established in Beverly Hills since 1939 LAMBERT'S FOUNTAIN 6. GRILL 11049 Hole Avenue Chicogo 43, Illinois KUTE KIDDIES' KLOES SHOPPE REGISTERED PHARMACISTS CHILDRENS AND INFANTS' WEAR IEFFERY DRUG CQ. 9911 Wflldefl PGfkWUY 1101 South Western Avenue Hllltop 5-1551 ., . HI. . , BEVer1Y 8-0479 Chicago 43, 1no1s 1 122 STUART MUSIC SHOP MUSIC INSTRUMENTS MUSIC BOOKS INSTRUCTION 3147 West lllth Street BEver1y 8-4280 Chicago 43, Illinois Telephone BEverly 8-6300 Minerva Paulson I-Hlltop 5-4494 HERMAN C. NEBEL 6. Co. 1Hflinerha's Beauty Qalon Specializing in Builders and Contractors 2143 West 95th Street Scalp Treatments -2- Razor Haircutting Chicago 43, Illinois 3259 West lllth Street Chicago 43, Illinois Herman C. Nebel Stiles T. Iewett E. C. KINNEY PRINTING CO. Industrial Printing 106 West 119th Street Chicago 28, Illinois COrnmodore 4-0026 123 MM 7514! jyecoffecfiond v 1 QE ,fx 3 Gi X Z i 2' li. ,, ff ' 1. If I Q? J Af , JH J Y ! 5' ? if P d d b CAMPUS SI:RVICE Ch - V -.1 . .41 -. ,Q V ,f a..f.z.' .. :Q-1. A Q ,.,. a 9 ,, r'f"s'T!2ti? Lf mei . , .x r' ' ""2. 'V A .M L W I 'A L 5 1 y P. E. ga. Q g. .. 51' h L ,1 , Q1 si' , N1- V A .ew , 1 :E 5 -1 -.,-,,,,,1v.1-.fg Q. L W , X 9 L 4' 11 w.:N 1 -E+. ' 01 ' .1 ' . O 'nj jig , 'V K' " . 591-. ,. 1- . ' 11'-'L'-., , .1 --ai:-QW : ,j .1-:ig-,val--f 1 -:ey -f-.1 if F U" 3.2. .1 "QL.Q.,y,I.' ,' . 5 Snr ...ix , f- -' A Q . :S .6 ' I wi ' - . P N I-.w . v.. V , 'i 2 ., ,- -yrizzdk' 1 J 11. : ' I - , ,hr 'ww- 1 f, . T -1137511 . .- w - xg.. 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