Morgan Park High School - Empehi Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1951

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I E i . ,IHEAVU OM ,M ,ff M 'LJ Xi' 4 I 9 f-1152 QM U MLK ig, Xfvvfyw azz 'Maw , WW? WM? M 512 5 W iso 'fi MW 0 A 'WTWK XX Sq if . flkibifyy gy fJN?Ud at i53Fi'iM si? QQfQ if 5? kia? iq SW Q WMMM www ' Ygqwww do 'QQV Q, Www 9 W M NVQ' , UJF45 - 2914, LAI!-0"U'f,E . .f A9117 A Mug 5: JW W vqm 3 ' lfrtf- JB!! ff-af, Zz? S1 Q ESM? " -O XJ .dj XMU Q id-, 4 , X-Qi5Q,g0? Q "J, q3,,J'f"' X J X G+ 'W ii 3 N EW y,Q.,!if,,i3""' Ni ' . 1 x gh? 55335 Ei 3,5 Zin QM 225553 fs Jwwg M SSAP M299 MW JM VgfGyb'K,MMM . xiWfhwj Q3 iii if Q, ig? 4rwQ ?23ff4? mW5f"M Q 'wtf 'Ki' '41 if 'iii P Y r N V fkxi' -kill' E I XIIIIIIIKI5fH XIX .I I XtI'IIN N1XHIKS I YI JVRIINXSS3 XIIHXIIIIY 54, RIY I9 fin? Y 4 1 L K num- wg 3 6 , -cg: i: LM" Nf..L5, 'A M 'Y ,. bu 'Y . IX in Q 5 A E gg 3 , 23. .. X iw as ,,f:"Aj V ,,,. Q gg Jllffq if 'iff Q, l'i,J"1Yl,1 K K , ?f 'F'f'g25TWX3r tw. Y ,Q Mfevw X ,J , JEL---rrlar, .:, ., gf-ltiwg' . .igfiyj 5 'Yiliej nmgfiz5N1-lifwff-1:3595? f f f f i f f lil' ' ff L UergfAing e Mfw!erf0LLe 'K' ,H xx ,tif ff' F vi ' L Tlx: ? '4mXl1f'Q7f1l sl -.5 24 Wedddge . . 0 Frequently criticism is heard that standards of scholarship, manners, and morals are declining and that education is the corrective and preventive force that must guide modem youth to recognize the values represented in the so-called "old-time virtues". Such criticism totally ignores the facts that the school has control of the child for only a fraction of his life: that other powerful factors such as recreations, entertainments, movies, television, and cheap literature are operating persist- ently and eltectively to divert the attention, interests, and time of the child from education. To offset these negative influences, the school seelcs to instill in each student moral insight, a sense of judgment, good taste, and a sense of responsihility toward malcing his individual lille a worthy one. With his cheery smile and ready, "Hello, how are you?" Mr. Harry L. Tate, our principal, has hecome one of the most respected Figures at Morgan Parlc. Although Mr. Tate did not come to Empehi until 1948, he was already well lcnown to some of the students, for he was previously the principal of a contributing grammar school. Mr. Tate has won the cooperation and support of hoth the faculty and students with his friendliness and understandingl We are happy to have as principal, "our Mr. Tate". 2 QE .nfs 'i',, C N. x, 5 ' :'i""T::" 1 9 , cc 77 Cl LORENTZ Meet Mr. George G. Lorentz, or as lie is laetter lcnown to all, "Cap". Cap is well lcnown for liis ability as an amateur magician. l'lis wit ancl entliusiasm l1ave won for l1im tlie admiration of I tlme students and faculty alilce. Q Our gratitude goes to Mr. Lorentz for l'1is guiclance and A lrienclslmip. ln time of troulole or uncertainty, l'1e is always ready ancl willing to aicl in straightening out tlie prolalems. Mr. 5 Lorentz lmas spent a great cleal of llis time witlm youtli. f l 1 nd .el H. - .sss... 5 mlaeki gown fy . Miss Eleanor Bzducli Commercial. lxliss Anna J. Callzilinn Social Sluclics, lvliss Elizabeth Cumuiz lfnglislig National Honor Sociciy. Nliss lxlarion Castle Social Siuclics: Senior Coorclinatorg Assembly Commilice. lxirs. iii-nriciiai Collins .Social bluclicsz Red Cross Council. bliss Lillian Conclii Vocailionul Cvuiclunce: Board ol Presidents. Mrs. Hs-lvn Corrorun lrrcnclig Comrncrcialg Social Commit- lccg Posivr Commiilccg Frencli Clulw. Miss Lorcilor Dclaliunt Soi-nil Slum' s. lxlr, Qlmrlcs Doliruili bizivnccg Assvi Coacli. lvlrs. Ann L. Finn Social Siuilicsg Tau Epsilon. lVirs. Nvincna Hull Arlg Art Cluln. Mr. Karl Hallgrcn Commercial. "The work is play for mortal stalzesfb Y Mr. lxiylgxerg malces a play at uarterloaclc Snealcn Wir. Robert C. Anionicles Boys, Pliysifal Eclucaliong Foollmll. lxliss Josephine Basilc Natlicinalivs. lvlrs. Flnrvnre F. Bicr llnglisliq I?ITll10lli News Sponsor: Quill anal brgroll, lvlrs. Genevieve Brook lfnglisli. Frost 'FRY' as V, if-Q .iw f l! . 5 T37 g.ff,e',3g PQ' L.. an -J Y K ,971 Lf., Miss Rulli iinrris . liss 'Q liirlh' i,llySll'ill lifllll'Lli.iOllL ll. ll. S. Cv. Nh.. iXifS. I4.VilllLIt'illll' lllilililfll Nr. I lxliss ixlaury iiollnncl Spunislig Pan American Cluli. Nr. lxliss ijlnluu llolcliliiss .Xrl. f lxir. flllo XV. Kia n lxlusir 5 Cin f-rl liuucl mul Orullvslru. .-ff? K ' fl Nl WJ", i J gain Durulliy Landers lxl-nllivinulivsg Malli Team. Flnry Livingslon lfnglisli. DllllI'iIn lxIl'Gr0Q0r lloys' Piiysical ljclucaliong Emblem Cluimz Buslccllmll. Curtis C. lxicinicic Suienueg S. A. Sponsorg Business Stall' Sponsor: Junior Coorclinulorg Financial Aclvisor. iilllii Moria-i Uurmung German Clulu. ixiIsS ixlrlfy Nrt'iIillll. 1 .xrljlulim-nl, l'l:-xlninim C mvlzlixmlm ixirs, iiruriu-Q Nc-slvil N,1l.il5I1ulu-53 Qilllln-1: ..I0il1l I . ixliixiiih Ari, lxlr lxlr. ,iusvpli Nylu-rg ixlnllii-limln N Quictl 'TURUSIICIS all woriil IU J . . a lxllf. JUIIH melt M Mr. lflwyn Road g Graphic Arts. I Nliss Ehha Olson Englishp Annual Stall Sponsor. Mrs. lxlargaret O'Seill lxflusirti Cleo iss Elizabeth Pape Science: V. lf, S, Pm. lnduslrial Arts. lvlrs. Kathleen Ri gloy lvlrs. lxlarion Stiller lxlr. Kirlc Stevenson lvlrs. Catherine Smith Miss Elaine Skelton Mr. Richard Tweeclie Mt. Jose ll Frvvonlh Miss Laura Walter Englishg Curtain Club: Footlighters: Pulolic Relations Committeeg Stage Crew. Lating Latin Clula. Scienceg Sophomore Clulz. Assistant Librarian. Nusicg A Cappellag Junior Mixed Chorus: Junior Girls' Chorus. Boys, Physical Education: Swimming: Baseball. P 'Y lndustrial Arts. Mathematics: Administrative Assist- antg Sophomore Coordinator. Miss Vvilma Vvaters Mr. Girls' Physical Education: Cheerleaders. Edward VV:-rsclls Commercial. Miss Emelyne Ashland Science: Trallic Safely Coordinator. lxliss Genevieve Fahey llome Artsg Flounders. bliss Gertrude Gault Attendance Ollice. lvlr. Arthur R. Gay Physicsg Photo Stall. lxliss Gloria Gilsinger Mathematics. Mrs. Edwina Grieser Home Artsg Flounders. flulx. CAMERA ey lvliss Marie Hoylcr lxlathematics. Miss Rosalie Kurz Girls' Physical lfiluvaliong Girls' Emblem Child. Miss Elsie Larson English. Fliss Ruth Micliaelis llome Arts. lxlr, Daniel J. O'Connell Comnierczial. Miss Theresa Mulcahy Spanish. Mrs. Mary K. Sage English. Nliss Elizabeth VandcRoovart ltiologyg Biology Cluls. lvlrs. lrene Dolaslci Principals Secretary. lxjlfl VCYHH GUOCII 5l'ltO0l rl YCRSLIFCF. lN1rS. NCIYPDK' Spl'I'Il'!'l" School Nrcrctary. Nlrs. Theresa Nlclnerncy lxlalron. 7 Afwa gd 8141 Qlflfl QI' 5 I II5X I . 1 '39 p.llgjll,llluS1'llalls, -Intl ll'1'sllllmllLI1n-L R . A 'MW xi! ? y . ,NO Slfll' IS 0l'l'l' IOS! HW' Ollfl' !Hll'l' .4l'l'H VO' VXYO always may fm wlzul lI'l"lHif1lIf lm: 0 fwvn ljrurls-r anuarg Kndffd O icem . . . Vvlilli llill Neil' as pi'c-siclciii, llic ollivr-rs sllcwcssllilly clircrlcil lllc activities ol Lllc Class of January l95l. Barlvara Cassidy, the vice- prcsiclcnl, lwarl cliargc of the prom ancl senior lganquclg Barbara Ault, the scrrclary, loolq minulcs ol all llic meetings ol Llic Senior Council. Ricliarrl Scliultlicis, as lrcasurcr of the class, clrcw up the luuclget and collcclccl llio Class clues. llic vommillcc Cliairmcn of llic Class wcrc: Commencement, Joe lxlcllaclvg Sovial, Barlnara Cassiclyg Cav ancl Gown, Cwcnclolyn Wal- song lsiiiaiiiczc, llicilq SK'llLIllllCiSQ Asscmluly, L00 Cnrliss, Dicla Bostromg Gilt, Rolmcrt Klincg Amiounccmcnl, Ecl lxlraz. A wire-rccorclcr was cloiiaiccl to llwc scliool lwy llic January class. "rf af Ault, Rail, Cassidy, Scllullllcis . . . ana! lgemonahfiefi .toe txtctjactets gooct naturect disposition and outstanding attitetic and executive atniti- ties tiavc made trim one ot ttie most poputar seniors. Wtiite at Morgan Park, Joe was ttie Attitetic Commissioner, co-captain ot' ttie toottuatt team, anct president ot ttie Boys' Emblem Club. mtwopsu is the Lest worct to ctescritae Dick Bostrom, a January ctass personatity. Dick distinguistient twimsett at Morgan Park by tneing time president of the S. A. anct treasurer of Tau tipsiton. Diet: was atso co- Captain ot ttic Mustangs and ttie treasurer ot' Boys' Emtptem Ctutn. Stiort, taut sweet Bartmara Cassidy is not onty ttie vice-presictent of txer ctass, taut also one ot ttie top personatities. Stie tias atso been secretary of ttie S. A. Sociat Commit- tee, a mcmtzer ot Tau Epsilon, H. R. S. G., and ttie interior Committee. Witti tier winning smite and frienctty manner, Donna Vxfitson tdas won a ptace in ttie personatities ot ttie January ctass. Donna was prcsictent ot Tan iipsiton, the sec- retary ot the S. A., a memtaer ot Nationat Honor Society and the Board of Presidents. Ni 'WP ISAIN, ll'l'fl.OlSli S. A.: lziu lLpsilou l, 2, 3, -'lp llmiulogy Clulz: Arl fllulgg lim- pulzi News Slulll 3, lllypislp Ur- rlivslru l, 2, 3, fl: lfluunrlers: Slurlr-nl Aclminislruliun. Vllllfli'll?lIl?l lxullir-rino Gilvlvs FZ. ISUSTRUTNI. RICIIARD S. A., Pres. 4: Slurlc-nl Coun- vil: llunrrl ol' Conlrnl: Si-nior ' Asscmlmly Conmi., Coffilmir- main: lZXK'f'lIllX'C Comm.: llool- lmll CO-Ciipl. ' 4. lfmlill-m Clulw 2. 3, 4, 'llrc-as. '3- lljaiu lfpsilpn l, 2, 3, Trcas. l'.xl1-rinr fnnun.: 5. lla. l, Kvllugygg lllumi. 3. BRUI1, VIRGINIA A.: li.: l'4lmiiulvrSg llull lfnuml. Pun Auif-rnuul: glufle-nl l'.xflmiig1v: Flurlvnl Arliiunislm- lmu: lluu lfpfilon, .xfmlul fill-vliriwul IWW CARTI llfN, KATE 5: A: ll,-ll fvumml: ltmlmlc-in f.lulm: l'loumlvrs: l'.m xxnxvrirnri. 1 - v - 5liuul: QUHL f.uunly Aursing 54'lmul ClIRlS'l'llf, ISARHARA ANNIQ . , . . , 345 "a ANDREVVS. JACQUIQLINE S. A.: l.ulin Clulu: Curtain Clulig Ulvc Clulm: ll. R. S. G.: Commencement fumm.: 'llziu lipsilon: ljoslcr Comm.: lizinrlg Sluclcnl. Aclministration: Biology cilllll. filwunl Gl'C'l'llll'fIfIfl Illinois Xfwl0S1Py!lll Al ll.T, BARBARA S, A.: Sofy Sm-nior Class: Nnlionul llonor -lg Quill aml Scroll 4: 'lluu lfpsilun l 2, l, ll: lfnipclii News Slall- 3, 4, Rcporlcr 5, ljircclor of llulmlivily -l, Assll Su-voiul Page lfclilor 4: Lalin Clulw 3, -l, Pres. 4: lfmlzlvm fwlulm 5. 'lg lluu Americinn Clulu 4: Sluclent Azlminislmlion 3, 4, Pre-S. 3. fvlissnlml De Puuu' . BENEDICK. BARBARA S. A.: Hallguarml -la A. Y. L. Blount Grccriuroud Wilson in BOXVMAN, lfl.liANOR S. A,: lmliu Clul: 3, 4: lnlcrior Uunrcl 2, ll, Al: Glrc ClulJ 4: E59 lfmlmlcm Cwlulx Al: .lunior Girls' in lxll0I'lIS 'lz ll-'aiu lfpsilorl Nlmnp V- K fjmilc Cvuuuly Nursing Srllool u ISURKIZ, l.Ol'lS , limlwllmll: lfnolliallp . " liens:-lmll l, 2. 3: Curluin Clulh: l':ml.1l4-in Qllulm: S. ll, l. I slump llliI1uiS . ,l E , CASSIIJY. IEARBARA S. lslouncln-rs: Tau Epsilon: l'uu xxiiivrivullg Suriul lluium. 2. l'I'0l,I'K'F. Scuiur Class: -rm 'unuu.: ll. ll. S. ll. Xl C'-lJI'l'S.2 llhiologgy fflulm: Slu- vlvul uxflminislruliun. 1 isxnlif Fox 5. A.: lu-.l Kms? l,UlIill'Il 1, 4, llrm.: ll0ill'll nl llrvsirlc-uls -lq lluu Aim-riruiig X . . , . . , . ll. lx. 5. lug ful:-c Llulm: zxrl Llulz .., -lg liiolugy Llulm 2, Ll: lllounmlursg Blumlc-ul xxrluiirllxlruliuii, c.'IlS.VU!l! CORCORAN, ARlJlfl'lI S. A.: llull Cmml l, Illinois Nllllllll'I'llH4'l l ,lrirlcwillvrl CURTISS. LEE A.: Flounrlers: Tau Epsilon: Swimming 2, 3, 4, Capt. 2, 3: Hall Cvuarcl 2, 3, 4: Football 3: Senior Council: Division Ollficer 2, 3: Stuclent Aclmin- istration: Emblem Club 3, 4: Senior Assembly Cllr. Barnard Illinois DAVIS. ALAN S. A.: Football 2. 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: S. B. I.: Hall G d. ltllllllirni Grvenwuriil Illinois DANIELS. ALBERTA S. A.: Flounclers: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Crcliestra l, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Art Club 2. 3. 4: Stuilent Administration 2. 3: Guard Vanrlcrpoel Ray-Vogue DORSCHLER, RICHARD ILI. FL S, A.: Hall Guard 3, 4: Asslt Froslri-Sopli Coacli 4: Smolring Comm.: Nvrestling l, 2. 3: Football l, 2, 3: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Ilall Guard Inspector 4. Kellogg Illinois l,lO'l'l', IVIARGERY S. A.: Flounrlcrs: Curtain Cluli: A. Y. I... 2: Ilall Guarcl 3: Latin Club 3: Interior Comm. 3: Slu- clent Aclminislralion: H. ll. S. Cl. 4. Vanilerpoel Monticello 1 ESVIG. JUDITH S. A.: Vllau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Ilonor, Pres. 4: Pan American, Tri-as.: Empelii News Stall, Literary Eclitor: Quill and S1-roll: Oli-e Club 4: Con' cert llianrl: Quilpcn: ll. R. S. G.: Student Court 3, 4. Vanderpael Undecided DAVIS. JAMES Football 3: Baslcetball 3: Pan American Club 3, 4: Tau Epsi- lon 3, 4: Clean-Up Comm.: So- cial Comm. Parlzer High EHRI-IART, GORDON S. A.: Flounclers: l'lall Cvuarcl: Sturlent Aclministration 4: Bas- lcetball l, 2. 3, 4, Capt. 4: Sen- ior Council: Emblem Club: lnlerior Comm.: Football. Clissolrl Illinois ERI CKSON. GEORGE S. A.: Sturlent Council, Class Pres. l: Swimming 2, 3, 4: An- nounce. Comm. 4. Vanrlerpoel Augustana GARLANGER, RAYMOND S. A.: Fiaslaetball 2: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Football 2. 3. 4: Swimming 3, 4: Baslcctball Mgr. 3, 4: Hall Guarcl 2. 4: lileacl of Interior Comm. 3: S. B. l. 3, 4, Bus. Clir. 4: Stuclent Court. Vanrlerpoel Illinois GOERING. EDWINA I S. A.: Flounclers: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3: Pan American Club: Slurlent Aclmin- istration: Stuclent Council: Glee Club l, 2: Curtain Club 4: A Cappella 4. Vande:-pool Iowa VVesleyun GOETZ. MARILYN S. A,: Flounmlers: Biology Club: Student Aclministrationg Glee Club: Pan American. lxlount Greenwoorl Unflgrgifled GRIGK 15, MARY S. A. Sluiop Xvilson IIAAS. JICANINE 5. xx.: lxation-il lluuur -l, luu lkpsilun l, Z. 3, fl: l.uriaui fllulx l. llrvs. fl. -ll :X Cappella 2: Quill anal Stroll :lp lfrnlilcui Cluli fl, 4, Sq-fy 3, -lg l.atu1 Clulm 2, 3, 4, Actlilc 3: 51-nior Class Counril 4: Empclii Ni-u's Stall 3, 4, Reporter 3. Literary liclitor 4: Asst News lflrlilur fl: Clir. ol' Financial Pro- motion Cumrn, 3, 4. SHlllL'I'lllllll De Pauw HENDRICKS, SALLY 'I COLLFY JAMES Q N X Trcasg Tau Epsilon l, 2. 3, 45 National Honor: Emblem Clulo. l 4: XVrestling l, 2, 3: Red Cross Council. Vice-Pres.: Sluclcnt Coun- I xlcrior Comm. 'lp lfxcculive Comm. f f Yvisconsin GRAPFR JOAN Siuilr-nl xxclminisiralion l. 2. 3. 4: Annual Stall, Literary Editor 3, 4: "0 iioml llonor 4: lfnipulii News Stall, .'Xss't Scvoncl Page Eclitor 3. t riil lfrlilor Al, Scwonml Page Eclitor 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 4: 1 cm Club 3. 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3. 4: Art Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: l ilinf luli 2, 3. 4: Div, lfonin Omccr 2. 3, 4. lUl'l S. A., Cliicl' ,lustivc 3, 4: lfmpclzi Norm Stall. Asst First Page Emlilor 3. News Editor 4: Fall Procluction Cast -lg National llonor 41 Tau Epsilon l. 2. 3, 4: Senior Council: Quill and Scroll 3. 4, Scc'y 4: A Cappvlla 2, 3. 4. lrcas. -lg lfmlmlvui Cluli 4, Xvicc-Pros.: Comrm-mr-:noni fformn. l'Ii5....l.l De Puuur I IODGES, Bi-Q'l'l'Y S. A.: Art Cluli, llrc-s.: lfnipz-'ii N1-irs. .Nrt lfglitor 4: l.utin Club: Poster Comm., Pu-s, -l. Sr-niur films fouiirilg Ulcc Cluln, Vive-Pres. 3: Quill :uul Svroll: l,aliii Clulig 'lquu lipsilou l, Q, 3, 4: National llonor 4: Social L:UlllIIl. Kwllami Nortliu'uslm'ri HOPPIZ. GIZORGILNE S. A.: Il. ll. 5. fig liurtain filuli: llall Cuarcl: lntcrior Coming Div. Room Chr.. l"louiult-rs lg .Y Y. l..: Biology Cluln: Slurlcnt Arlminislration. Clissulnl .xlonliccllo JOCKISCH. NANCY JANIQ S 1X.j Sluclvnt rxclrniuislratioug llall Cuarclg Pan Anicrirang Flounclvrs l. Blll'lI11l'll Uiulcciilvtl JO! INSON. CI iERIIi S. A.: Flouiitlrrsg Ulvc Clulmp Real Cross Counril: A Cappella: Pan Ameri4 Villli Curtain ffluliz Biology Cluli: Fall Production Cast: H. R. S. G. Hlll'IlllI'1l KELIN, DANIIZI. IR Aloniicc-Ho lllinois lnslitule of Technology GROSS. 5 IARVIN I IELMICK, GAIL S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: lxlajorcttc l, 5, 4: Tau lfpsilon 3: Flounders lz Student Arlministration 4: Curtain Club 43 Xyatcr Ballet 2, 3: lntcrior Guarnl 3, 4: Pan .Xmcrican Club -lg Senior Social Comm. 4. Mount Gl'UUliIl'lJt7Ll Sl. l.uLr"s SCIIOOI of lvursing fa KLINE, ROBERT 2, 3, 4. Pres. 4. Suifwrtand KNIERIIVI. JOAN Epsiton 3, 4: Ctassroom Omccr 3. Ctissolil KNIES, DARLENE S. A. Sutherland Fox MAINS, VIRGINIA S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Ftounders I: Interior Comm. 3: Emtitem CIuIJ . - 4: I'I. R. S. G. I, 2. 4: Proba- tion Comm. 4: Pan American 2. 3, 4: Tau Epsiton 4: Curtain CIUIJ 3, 4: Financiat Promotion 3. 2: Student Administration I. -. - Vonderpoel Ittonficello MCDADE, JOSEPH S. A.: Attitctic Commissioner 3, 4: Red Cross Counritg FootIJaII I, 2, 3, 4 Co-Capt. 4: EmI1Iem CIuIJ 3, 4, pres. 4: Board ot Control: Tau Epsiton 2. 3: A CappcIIa: Student Administration: Student Councitg Educ. Equip ment Comm.. Ctir. 4. Esmond Undecided IVICFERREN. CARL S. A.: V. Ii. S. B. I. 2, 3 4: Pan American: Tracts S. B. In Ar CILIIJ: Danf'C Band: I'IaII GUUIKII CILIIJ Shoop Tuskegee MCGIVERN. JANE S. A.: Tau Epsitonp Curtain CIUIJ: UIQ-e CIuIJ: A Cappetta: II. I Student Administration: Ftoundersz Empvni News Statt Suifwrlnnd Botoif Mr-KENZIE, JEROME S. A,: Art Club: Poster Comm.: A Cappctta: SociaI Comm. Suilierfond Art Institute MEHLAN. DELORIS S. A.: Ftounders: I'IaII Guard: H. R. S. G.: Curtain Ctutng Interior Guard: Student Administration. BUFHUVCI Stevens MILLER. CHARLENE S. A.: A. Y. L.: HaII Guard: Student Administration. Ivlount Greenwood Nursing School S. A.: Tau Epsilon I, 2. 3, 4, Treas. 3: QuiII and ScroII 4: Pan American CIuI2 2. 3, 4, Pres. 4: National Honor: Ftounders I: Ernpefzi News Staff 3, 4, Ilditor-in-Ctiief 4: Board ot Presidents 4: Biotogy Ctutm 2: A Cappetta Stanford S, A. I, 2, 3. 4: Student Administration 2, 3. LI: Cdec CILIID 2. 3, 4: A Cap- pelta 3, 4: Ftounders: Curtain Ctutug Pan American: I'I. R. S. G. 4: Tau Normal LAVVLER, ANNE S. A,: A. Y. L.: HaII Guard 4. Healy Fox MARX, JOHN S. A.: Foottzatt I. 2: Ftounders I: Poster Comm.: Biology CIUI3: Junior Band: Beginners' Band: I'IaII Guard. Esmond San Pablo 20 MORRILL, DONALD S. A.: lntramural Sports. Clissolrl Oliio Slate MRAZ. EDVVARD S, A.: Huncl l. 2. 3. 4: Latin Club l, 2, 3, 4: 'lou Lpsilon l. 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2: National llonor 4: Div. Room Olliccr l, 4: lntcrior Comm. 4: lfxlcrior Comm. 4. Vumlcrpocl Notre Dame PARKER. ALICE S. A.: Flounrls-rs: lntorior Comm. 3, 4: Emblem Club 4: H. R. S. G. 3, 4. Treas.: Empclii News Stall 3, 4: Probation Comm. 4: Tau Epsilon: Glee Club 2, 3: Pan American 2. 3, 4. Suilir-rlanil Cliicago Teachers' College PASSAGLIA. OLE S. A.: ltaslu-tball l, 2. 3. 4: Baseball 4: Emblem Club 2, 3. 4.: lnterior Cuarrl 3. 4: Ilall Cvuarcl 2, 3: Capt, llaslcc-tball 4: Senior Social Comm. lfsnmml lllinois PETERSON. RICHARD A.: lfloumlers: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Pan American 2, 3. 4: Latin Club: bcnior Council 4: Biology Club 2: Student Administration 3. 4: Empelii News Stall 3, 4: .lunior llmml l, Clissolcl Augustana ' RANDLE, ADA S, A.: Latin Club: .lunior Girls' Chorus: Glee Club. Ninili Si. Scliool, Los Angeles Cool: County Nursing School REIF. WILLIAM S. A.: Football 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4, Sec'y 4: Senior Class Pres.: Stucleni Council 3. 4: Concert Band 1. 2: Tau Epsilon 4: Student Adminis- tration 4: lntcrior Comm. 4: Flounders. Vanclerpoel Undecided RISHER, EVELYN RITFIZR, HARRY S. A.: lfloumlcrs: Football 2. 3. 4: Emblem Club 3. 4: Hall Guard 3, 4. 'Clissolil Illinois ROBINSON. ANDREW S. A.: Football 2. 3. 4: Jazz Band 3, 4: Concert Orchestra l, 3, 4: S. B. l. Clit. l, 2, 3, 4: Stuclcnt Court: Social Comm.: Flounclers: Emblem Club 3, 4: Wrestling: Curtain Club. Holy Name of Mary lflllillftd u ROBINSON. ARTAWAY A., limblum Qlub: Baseball 1, 2, 3. 4. Holy Name ol. Mary Wilson ROBINSON. GRACE M S. A.: Iliitl Guaril: Pan-Alhxmerican: S. B. l.: lntcrior lnspcctor: Class Room Olliccrl Gym Leader 3.x Shoup , U. C. L. A. it jg: J" l. SCHULTHEIS, RICHARD S. A.: lfootluall 2, 3, 4: Emblem Clulv 3, 4: Student Council 4: Senior Class Treasurer: Pan American Clulu 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Flounclers: Student Administration 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2. 'MQ' Vtfesi Pullman Hlif1OiS SCOTT, RONALD SHAVV, ALICE . A.: Latin Clulx: Concert Band: lfrnpvlii News Stall, Copywriter and Re- porter: Student Administration: Student Council: Tau Epsilon: Pan Ameri- can: National llonor, Treas.: A Cappella: Concert Qrctiestra. Clissold Lau :rem e SORENSEN, RICHARD M' S. A.: Pan American Clulz 3, 4: IIaII Guard I, 4: Stuzlcnt Administration 3, 4: Uslier Force l, 2, 3, 4: Fire Cuarcl 4: Omcers Club 4: Student Coun- cil l: Footlnall 4: Unit Commander 4: Senior Social Comm. 4. Qt Kellogg Navy PM , 3 STEFFES, MARY LOU S. A.: Flounrlcrs: IIaII Cvuzird 3: Poster Comm. 3, 4: Art Clulz 3, 4: Clean- Up Comm. 5. 4. Sulliurluiiil Little Company of lxflary STORY, SANDYANN S, A.: Floundcrs, Scc'y: Glcc Club, Pres. 3: Latin Cluln 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor 4: Board of Control: Student E. Council: lfmpelii News Stall: Senior Council. Clissolil Iowa Stale STRAUSS, ETHEL S. A.: Flounclers: Pan American: Student Administration: lol. R. Curtain Clulm 4: llall Guard 3. 4: Division Ollficer l. Vamlerpoel Katherine Gibbs ,arf THOMAS, JANE DOROTHY S. Ag Bus. Rep.: Flounders: Cl:-e Cluln: A Cappella Clioir: Tau Epsilon: Student Administration: ll. R. S. G.: Commencement Comm.: Curtain Cluli: IIaIl Guard. CUSSUM WesIei'n Illinois 9- THOMAS, JANE ELLEN S. A.: lsloundersg Latin Club: Tau Epsilon: National llonor, Sec'y: H. R. S. Cv.: Student Administration: Cvlee Clulm: Social Comm. Sutherland Yvisconsin TRAVIS, JOAN S. A.: A, Y. L.: Biology Club: Tau Epsilon 2: liloumlersg Student Admin- istration I, 2, 3, 4: Il. R. S. C4 Smolcing Comm. 4: Hall Guard 2: Class Room Officer I, 4, Clissolil Undecided TREMEVVEN. KENDALL S. A.: Student Council: Intramural Sports I, 3: Div. Room Cmcer: Com- mencement Comm. 4: Announcement anil Cards Comm. 4: llall Guarrl l, 3: Tau Epsilon 3, 4. , Esmond Norlliweslern TI I I I LE, VVALLACE S. A.: Div. Clwr. Sturlent Adm. Clissulcl tvilson 'I'YI .I QR. SUE 5 .X.:ITIflumI1-lx. II..IIf Il II I NI 'Inf mm.4 Num .NIIIIIMIIIIIII III11 1 3 VAN AISI5If5I.'X. MARY ha IIn1IxIvm IWIIII1 IIrf-N 9lu1Ic-III .XmImln1fl1.1Iwl1,5lurIv11I I UIIIIKII l: ISU...-I UI I'lw1II-ml. 'I, Ihfmlogy C III I u I 5 :I n I II n Nm II II I IuIm K I . . I . I- II Ix. 5, Iv 1 -I I'Ifvlln1Im-IN IIN-I rf mm If .WI VAVGIIN. XVlI.LIA5I S. Tau N . nlmnnl I Io Ilpulon I, 2, 3, 4- nnr 43 I.nlin 2. 3, 43 QuiIps-n 2. 5, 4. S v ': CIuIv .soc -I, Xu--I-Vprm, .11 Um. Nur. of AnmmI 41 lglllflvlli Nr-ws SIIIII, II rl r I C7mII III Q r0II I xr-pn r- ' g x il r ur' ' ' I.iIrr:nriam: IQ. O. III. C4 UsI1c'r I"m'm'v Ifirc- fIunrrI: SIucIf'nI .Nfl- llmlruixlmlirm IIlIl'lIlIl'II Knnx NVA'I4Sf JN, GXX'IiNDOI.YNNIi S, A., A Cappella 3, 43 fIuI1 I 2 Tau III I i 3 :si on - bloc I. 2. II.III fvunnl I. 2, 3. Bus. Rep. ' x 43 l,I:uss Ivan .il 4: Curl: Sfmnp m Omvcr 3: Pan txmcrirnn 23 Senior CIN Coun- xin f..IuIn 43 .Iunior . . IvirIs Chorus. fffziwugo f'nrm'r'1'uIm'y of Alusic NVILSK JN, DONNA 5. AN Sucy 4g Inu I'.psiIon I 2, 3. 4. Pres. 4: National Ilonor 45 I3onrcI OI' C0nlroI 3. 4: Slu- cIcnt C0unriI 2, 31 Ifxcrulivc ljunxrn. 41 Assf-mImIy Comm. I C'I1r 'I 9r1iwrfNI fillll 'f ..-2.1 , - - 1 ilu 1 IH-II Cmss f.ounriI 5. 45 I.n IIIIIII 2. I, -I. .qIlIlII'l'IIllIIl 3, 1c'iI lin IIIinios upni XX'.f'XIII.S, BARBAR.-X 5. IX.: IX f appz-IIa 3. 43 Ilmpvlzi .Ya-:rs Staff 3, 45 QUIII and S1-mll I, 2. 3, 4: Tau EpsiIon 3: QuiIpen 4: Curtain CIuIv 4: SIucIcnL CounriI -I: FinnncinI Prumoiion Comm, 3, 4: Svnior 615155 COlIflt'II. V0lnIm'pm'I Iviami XVIiSTERIIOIfF. LAVERC-NIE S. A.: A. Y. L. Ivounl Grv0nu'oo1I Nursing School X I 4 , 5, XVYSOCKI. LORRAINE A -IA.: I'IaII Guard: Tau Q 'Id ,. I Al y . I?LIIIIIl0Zn' Fox CAME RA S I-IY .lusvpll Ilnggvrly, Ev:-rl JoImnsnn. CImrIvs OpIc-r, DnnaIcI POInccIc, HaroIcI VViIIiams. we t u y .2 sf ,, .14 if? -Hg' A1 1, Wit- -TJ , ,335- f1'iii'i.'7Q- mn " ' fy, 't MY Donna Wilsoii.., Dick Bostrom .....,... .......... Eclwina Goeriiig. Gordon Etirtiart.. Betty Hodges ..... Bob Kline ......... . Alice Parker ........ HALL OF FAME ..........Most Popular Girt........... .........Cecetia Walker ...,,.....Best Looking Most Popular Boy ........... . ................... Bill Fewkes ry Ellen Wheeler ..............Best Looking Hooker ..........Girl Niost Likely to Succeeci.,......... ...........Jerili Romeo ..........Boy Wtost Likely to Succeed........... .. ..........Giriwitl'1tt1e Best Line........... Dick Schuttheis ..... .......... B oy with the Best Line... Sanctyann Story ......... ........... L jlost Tatentect Person Lee Curtiss ..... Barb Christie ...... Jim Colley '.......... Sue Tyler ....... Ole Passagiia ...... .........FriencHiest Girl......... .........Friendliest Boy......... ..........Peppiest .........Don Pieinier .........CaroI Elgin .Micky 0'Conner ..........Jeriti Romeo ...........D0n -Bush Carol Mae Bjork ........Vern Dahlstrom .........Betty Anderson ..................Peppiest Boy............... ........Vern Dahistrom Jane E. Thomas ....,............ Girl with the prettiest Smile ...... . ..... . Skip Cvartanger... Ethel Strauss.. Lee Curtiss ..... Jeanine Haas...... Dick Dorsctiier... Alice Parker ....... Skip Gartanger... Sanctyann Story. ..,..... Oic Passagtia ..... .................iViost Athletic Boy.......... .. .........Girt with the Best Sense of Humor. ...,.Barrie Wilson .........BiH Fewkes ...Bobbie Temple Boy with ttie Best Sense of Humor..... ..........Don Hooker ................iV1ost Talkative Giri............. ..........Marcia Arnoicl ......... ixiost Talkative Boy...... .........Hungriest Giri.......... .............Jack Ivy ..........IOB.I1 BlISl'1 .........Hungriest Boy.......... ........Ci1ip Stafford ........Cutest .. ........Cutest Boy.,..,.... .. ........Lois Enright ........Orrin Eames 1 5 1 2 ig I. 9 -7" 5 1 ?: XJ ' .r NIV w une 36:56 erdonahfieri . . . ,, 7 Y, QQQQQ U ,icriii Rumen, iwing a senior was 21 very imusy join, for silo not oniy iweici tide iiigii pusiliun ui' prosicieni oi liic iuni Sill' was a IDCIUIDCI' of National Honor SHf'iCiy unci Tan ifpsiion. .ivriii aisn iwiri a position in Girisi Eminiem Ciuin, i.zilin c1illil,ill1fiii'lCi:I'CIlFi1 Ciuim. iVi'5'i'.'XNUiNG is the iucsl, wurci lu rim-svriiw Dirk Rogers, a .innc pcrsonaiity, lin- x'ic'0-prcsirivni, oi lim ami iiic vimirinnii ni iirne Sociai Committee. Dirk was in inclnincr of lin- foulimii in-fun. Buys. i':HliJiClH Ciuiw, Nalionai Honor Snc'ic'ly.'i'fn11 ifpsiinn, nnri ii'lCPlliJiiCROiiiliul1s Cuininillvc. g Um 'i,.'XiQ Cecelia Waikcr, 21 wciivimmvn iigurc ammunci Empeidi, has iJcCmme a 'fi ,innv pcwsurmaiily. Cccciia icri a very avlivc iiic at ixiorgan Priric, for sime was lin- Vim-I' .IIISHCC of iirne S. A., an IIIPIIIIJUI' ni Nuiimmiiai iionur Society, Tau iilJSiiUll, ii. R. C., ami Pan American Ciuiu. PC TRTS urv liw nmin inlcrvsl in liw iiiic ni' iiiii i'4vwiu's, unci iiis lin- invl. iivsicics imcing lin' Aliwiviic' N ' Il1l'll1iK'I' wi' Pam". 'Q wrvs acliviiics prove fmnnnssimwr ui tim S. A., iic is a is i.inisic'in Cinim unci Viviun ifpsiiun. " ' liing, iJilSl'iJilii,HllfiSXYill1IT1illSji0iiI11. is imisu n slar of tile 1 'mi' 5? F4 4 XXVKIHQIT, iTCNVkl!S, Il0Q'l'l"S, IQUIIIUU . . . CULJ UKACQPJ Don Piehler, the president ol the June Class of l95l, with his able assistants Carol Mae Bjorlc, vice-president, Pat Sproul, secretary: anol Ralph Zeiss, treasurer, led his class through the whirl of senior activities. Presiding over the Senior Council, and appointing the heads of the senior committees were Don,s duties. Carol Mae was the chairman of the senior social committee. Pat lcept the minutes of all Senior Class ancl Council meetings in her position as secretary. Ralph Zeiss, respon- sihle for clrawing up the senior budget and collecting class flu the financial committee. es, directed Bjork. Pichlcr, 25 Zeiss. Sproul 'Nl BASIS. NLM ll DALIQN A fXNlJl'.RSl JN. l'.l.lfAl5l'Tl4ll 5 K, S.,.i..l K mimi 'l, Il ll. N, fi 'l, Q lu'c'rlc'u4lvrs 2, 5. Ll, L0-Czipl. fl: - llminl ul' llrveirlr-iile H Siurlvnl .xrlininixlmlinii l. .Xlnunl llwvriiivifal l,lllIlPf'll ' U I. il lg l I ANDERSQN, .losifgml 1 l ANDREWS. EARL S. A.: Slagc Crew 3. -'lp Rillr- 'l.l'illl1 -lg 'liau lipsilon l. 2. 3. -lp Nulional Ilonm- 4. Annual Smll 3, 4- Y, li. S. IB. 2 3, 4. Ass't lxlgr. 3. 4. ' Plmlo Slall' 3. ll: lsirv Guurrl l. 2, fl. il: llivlwrl Platoon: lliology Clulm Kpllfigg 'TJ' - P14 1, 'I ARNOLD, MARCIA S. A.: Glec Clulm 3, 4: Lalin Clulw 3. fl. Tau Epsilon 3. 'lg National llonor 43 Student Arlminislralion 3, 4. Glcnrulgc-Cloyion. lilo. Colorniln ARNQUIST. HITRBIZRT S. Ag Pan Amoriran Clulm. Tau Epsilon: llnll Guarrlp Flounrlers. Vnmlerpnvl lllinois BAIN. MARJORHZ S. A.: Flounclvrs lp Curlain Clulw 4: ll. ll. S. G.g Biology Cluln 2. Vanilcrpocl Illinois RAMP. HOVVARD - 1.1 ' U BARCLAY, DIANA ' A , V N S. A.: Latin Clulm 3, Aly lfrcnrli fllulu -lg Curluin Club 3, 43 Orcll. l, 2. 33 ' llluarcl ol llrvsiclcnls fl: 'lziu llpsilon 3, fl: National llonor 'lg Glen Clulm .' 'l ., l. 2. 3. 4. l - llnruarzl llullcr ' i nARi.ovv. IZELLA .1 .f S, A4 lfloumlcrsg Emlvlvm Clulvg llull Guarzlg Slurli-nl Arlminislmlion: ' I lnlcrior Uuarrlg ll. R. S. U. A p. s1..,..,. xvilson BARR. .IANlC'li Bmlymyql Umlccimlcrl BARTRI lFF. DAVID S. A.. llnsi-lmll 2. 3. Llp lfmlrlcm Clul: 2. 3, flg Pan American Clula 3: llzill lluanl 3. -15 lliolopy Clulm 2. 35 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 43 Floumlcrs: Div. Olnccr. Vumlvrpovl Illinois 'K' va 2 BAT: IE. LOUDENA 5. .X3 I'Il7LlH1.ICI'S1 Pan txnmerirari 2, 3, 'lj Inu Epsilon I, 2, 3. AI3 Nuliona onor -l3 II. R. S. G. 33 Slunleni Aclminislrulion 2. 3, -Ig file-:ui-up Comm rf' H Iiology Clulm fl: Inlcrior Comm. -I: IIIIII f II II il 5 if Inlr ISIQLSKI. DORIS . . . , 5. ix., II. R. 5. fr. .1 I, Inu Igpsilon .23 DlIIfl0Ill Arlminisirniion 3. SI. fxlirifliumi BII.I.Ii'I'T. RICIIARD BIORK. CAROL MAE Illilfll 'I f N I ii-I-Imifl Colnrnrlo wiv x nm-. ANN vufz' 3 S, .X,3 I:lUllll4lC'I'S1 IIHII Uuzirrlg Iiuriixin fxlulmg Ilxiology Clulig II. R. S. G e- ior fiuzircl. slump l,rn1'Iil1'Ilr'i' IYUl'Sillg Srlmi l llmlemlilfl S. xx.: Yin'-Ilrcs. Senior Class. .Annual Stull' 3, Ll, ,IL Iiclilor 3, C0-Eclilor I IC4nrlI5nrlI234lPrc -III'rI Cllnqrflprn 3'I'uu ' 3 0 Vi- u ,,,, 's. : I wogy Ll I.. x. ' . IS- Z ' - I ' A. ."X I Iipsilnn I, Q, 5. 'Ig Llmlrlvm Cluln I.nIin fluli 2, 3. -I, S4-fy 33 I'mnr4I ol -I Prvsicli-nls 3, -'lx Exe-v1iIivv Comm.: National Ilnnor. -, 1 H B WYYVA I Kpllugg iX'm'Illii'4-sIur'u E, 3 A A I . ' BLACKSH ER. DONALD 5. ,X3 Orrlif-sim I, 2. fi, fl. Asst. Lnrirz-ri Ixlaslerg Latin flulm .I -l, S4-r'v.: 3 I I111 Bunl -I Dix O Ii 7 Pmsvlmll IX'Igr. f , 3 : ' I 3 liver L: Flounali-rs: Sluilvnl x 7 minislrutiun 2. 5, -I3 Curtain Club il: V, If. S. II. I, I., 3. , lf1 f"' if Q Flmup Pliillips SUIYIIIIIITQ' I ,TQ 5: ..- ' 5 SX 2 II fx M BLISS. JAMES S. .Ng Tau Epsilon. Vim-Pres.. National Ilonorg Div. CI'1r.3 Stu- Vx, I flvni Counrilg Lilarary Serving, N' Putnam Cify, Olala. City BOYLIL IfI-I:1ANOR S. A4 Pan American N I ' - I:IounmIc-rs' Sluzlc-nl Acl- Ii, . SUV' ' -.sin , . minislrailiong c3lIIlIll'I'1Q Ari cjllllip 1 3- lliologjy Cluls: Div. fJlnc'0r3 NU- - mln-nl liUlIIIl'IlQ .A Cappella. Ilflfllllfil filvirugiu pl'l'l'IC,IC'l"S ' . .ii ,,- , .. BRAIN, NORINIT V ,. 3' " ' .. . .1 'IUIILPSL . if -1 . cminiQlrnli0n BROXVN, DORA LIZIZ ISC DXVIIN. BRENDA S. .X3 Ilonril ol. Prcsiclc-nls 4 Sluilr-ni ffounrilg Social Comm II. R. S. G. 33 Orclicslra 3, 4 5 Irvs. -I3 Clean-up Comm. 2: A- Lnppcrlln 3, 4, Vive-Pres. -1. Alnrlnn Iunior Cvnlrv I3RA'I'I'LIfAI". LOIS S. IX., Inu Epsilon I. 2, 3, 43 Biology Clulm 2. 3, 43 National IIouor3 II. R, S. G. 3, 43 Slu- clvnl ixclministration l, 2, 3. 43 liITll'llf'ITl 43 Div. fjllivz-r I, 43 I7IounrIers I3 I'IaII Guarrl I: Slurlr-nt Council 2, 4. Clissolcl Illmuis . , . . . . , 1. fp Um urirlezl Collvgw . 'Yi 1 Iv' ' '.. E, SXIIiIrSliIirlXI I234lIRSLI ci Imlilim c lui, I H Cl! lil I "lg Div: Ollircrq lInII Guarrli fx Q .f T7 A Q' .A yi.. - I Ill 'SI I. JUAN 5. .fX.g lliv. lloom Ulllrvr l: llmllqly lllulr LZ, l,illl Alllvrimurl P J lllulm 5, -lg l"luumlcls1 SllIfll'Ill MIQJL W7 .,,-J -ef-sv .xcluunisllwlliuu l, 2, .l, Llp Nu- lmnul llurmr 'lg 'l'.ul lfpsilou l. l llfllllllfll Jlllriml .Z. i. I, CAR'l'liR, l"RANCIfS I.Ul'lSI'Q lSlll.l.UCK. ARl.liNli 5. K.: lnu ltpsiluu l. 2, l4lIIlllll'Ill lqluln 'lg Flourulvrsg Clee l, .Xluunl fllzwrlll-mrll Unflffcidfwl 'RGIL l'A'l'RlC'IA N .Xp lulurinr lvuurrl, llxlvrinr lvuuulg Lurluiu l..lulJ bl: Pun Auwrifan l4lf7lIll1ll'FN lg lliolugy lllulm 12. Ilull llunrcl 23 Nurlcnl. Courl: Cl:-e Clulm Ll. .lfuflwuy nl llur fully Knox lil 'RNS Al.liXANIJlQll 5. ,X.g llluslu-llmll 1, 5, ll. lluslu-llmll llfwnfcrl lluncl -'li l'lmlvlc-m lllulvg S. ll. l., Slllflf'lll .Xclminislruliung V. lf. S. ll, l, 2, 3, Llp . . . , lulvriur l vu.ufl l. l: Fumllimjl .muu. 1 l. 5lImvlr lNlrll'lll!l'PSl0l'll lil lSI l, DONALD A.: lrlwllllelf-mfg lllux .Xuu-lifuu. Sllllll'l1l xxclnminiwlranlinug llnxll-r Cnnnn .Xrl lllulmglfl1rlwlu5lull. llinlupy l lullg llus. ll:-p. Sl. lluja-luul l'ARl.SON. .IANIQT , . .Ng lluurulcrsg llnu .'X1m-riv.1u lflulmg llloc Clulzp A Cappcllu: Xvnls-r llnllr-lg lliolugy Cxlulm: Xll lllulm: SlllllCHl Aclminislm- um. ll. R. S. ll. K1-llnm, .lrl lllblllllll' 5. fx.: Lilllll l lull l, fl: lurhuu l lulm -l3 IJIY. llllucr l. .l, l u ul l, 2. Nucl:-nl l uuuvil l. l l-n-N llllunlllllif-1-r .l. I' X IH ni' ll! lv UI .wmv lllllmll Cl HSM, .IAMIZS S fx.. Quill .null Nmll l, -l. l..alin lllulm 1. ll. -l. Avlivil Cllr.: lliolo' y Lb l lulm l lg 'llnu lfwellon l. ll, .l, -l, llufiuosf Shall, llus. lxlgr. 45 llourcl ol' l . llrfwulm-ulf -l: Slrulv-ul fxlllllllllilldllllll l, Hlg lflllllfllll Nowg SMU -15 lllx lllll r 5 glllllllll lwfllll ll 5 '. 41' 2, ' v 4 ,. Flxllu-rluml lxl0l'lllll'PSll'I'lI COl.lilNlAN. lJORU'l'IlY 5. .Xu ll-un .Xnu'ru.m4l'lulm l. 3: llluu l'lpsilQn 2. 3, l:lOlIllflC'l'5 lc llnll lumnl, llmx, l,l1r,- llmlwlf-m l,lul1g lliology llulwg ll. R. S, ll.: Sluflz-n ,Xfln1iuiNlmImn. fl mul: lllrivugn ,l'1'fn-In-r'.U Clullrfgl' " l l Cf Jl.l,l FRU. lil 'ANU . 1 " '-4 ' K S. xx.: l'lourulvr- lmur-rl lllmrlg .lun llsuulg lxlurr-lung llauulg Cl:-un-Up lluuuu. Sl. .lrlrmu CONSUKR. lil.lNlClQ l,lml1'pi4lml .,.' " . . I n QV N . . 4. 5. .Ng lfluumlz-rpg llvuul l, 1, 5, -lp Urflwslru Al, ll. ll. S. cjhl Pun Americinn ' 'l lllll r J QI l ul ll uu xl ll Qlurlc-ul Xl: ll lion 7 3 fl , 11- ,rg. ull- my 1' ,. , . 1 niuis 'fn' CRAXVFORD. ,IOSITPI I l 5 . i L 3? K . K. , .4--X s a 1. 3 - fy A Q x . A ws, , fa 5 Q' x .: , , sf? X Lf ,. . 5. . CSEREP. BETTY MAE S, A.: Latin Clulx 3, 4: Cvlee Club l-8: Curtain Club 4, Bus. Rep. 4. St. Margrirefs Mary Rolzeris' School of Beauty Culture CURTISS. WILLIAM S. Stuilent Administration: Quilpen l, 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Curtain CI 4. Zictli l.uiln-run lllinois DAHLSTROM, VERNON S. A.: l-'uutball l, 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4: Curtain Club 3, 4: S. B. I. 3, 4: Public Relations 3, 4: Concert Band l, 2: Concert Orcliestra 3, 4: Student Court 33 Pzaslretlxall lvlgr, 3. 4. Vumlt-rprwl lllinois DEALY. MARJORIE DELLERT, RICHARD S. A.: l'lall Guarcl 3: Empelii News Stall 4: Flounrlers lg Pan American Clulm 2, 3: Quill anzl Scroll 4, Concert Bancl l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4: Jazz Banzl 43 Student Atlministration 3, -lg Tau Epsilon l, Q, 3, 4: lxlarcliing Bancl 1.2, 3, 4. Esmontl Nrn'iliu'0sl0rn DENEEN. DOREEN S, A.: Flounrlers l: VN'ater Bullet 2, 3. 4: 'l'nu Epsilon 3: Curtain Clulx 4: H. R. S. G. 3, 4: Biology Clulz 2. Sl. Cuicfanls llliriois DENTON. BEI IY ROSE S. A.: lrlounzlersg llull Guard lntcrior Guanlp Biology Clu Curtain Clulm: Stuclent Council: Tau Epsilon: ll. ll. S. U. Shoop lniru Slulc DIXON, ANNABEI. A , S. A.: Flounrlers: ituclent Atl. K . ,. , ministrution 3, 4: Y au Epsilon L ,mf g l, 2, 3, 4: Orclic-stra l, 2. 3. 4: 5' llun IXIHOflI'illl 'lg National I Qllly f llonor -l. . slump NlIII'lIlll'0Slt'I'll. A DOKES, JUNE Slmop DOSS, ROBERT Slmop Aclministration: Art Clula. . ,,. V, - ,igtfgulr , iz, E :V if K E 4' it t W . fs A- A fi! f van? it it tm . , W , t . X , - r Q r 4 wtf' A 1 s 4 A Aw-'45 tu, .is X 1 M1511 , Q DESCH. ,IUDITH S. A,: Concert Banrl l, 2. 3. 4: Concert Orcliestra 2, 3: Junior liaml, Pres. l: Quilpen l, 2, 3, 4, lrcas. 3: Newspaper Stall 3. 4: Sturlent Administration 3, 4: lflountlersz Pan American 3, 4: Biology Clulr 2. Vumlr-rpoel lllinois DIXON, NVALTER S. A.: Latin Club 3, 4: Biology Cluln 2. 3. 4: Orclicstra l, 2, 3. 4, Concertmaster 3, 4: Con- vert Band 4: lVlal'Cl'1il'lg Banrl 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 2. 4: Flounrlcrs: Bus, Rep 3. Slioop Unzleciderl S, A,: Tau Epsilon: Flounclers: Pan American Cluln: Hall Guartlg Student Cliicago S. A.: .lunior Bancl: Intramural Basketball anal Baseball. Undecided DI ll-'l"Y, R OUIQR 3. IX., l-iu l.pwilrmn J, I, l, Nlurlvnl I minril I, I'nn Arncriuanq Clulmg Rille lr-inn 1: ll.ill1ii..irfl l, 2, I, lliv Illluvr I. Ilifliz-rl Ijlnloun -I. f1l',JUV' 'INTL ICAMIIS, URRIN if 1 Illir ms S. A., Nuliunnl llunur -'lg 'llaiu lfpsilon l, Z. fl. -lg Sxxiinniing IIICHIH 3. :I I:IIlliI!'III IIIIIII I fl' llinlugx' fwllilm 4, I Illrruli I'.ffI ll Lilllll Q I 'xr , ' , .,Iuccni xxiliiiiiiislmlioii .l, 'Ig Sluili-nl Council l, 2 ll: l"lounfIs-rs. l.sVII1HllI Illllll lilIIiRSOI.Ii. R ICI IARD 5. Flange' C rr-xv lllmln Shall Ilan .Rim-innn I lulm .i: llull Ivnzml ixlI1llY!I1'l4I, IJIIIH NNIIAFUIIYIII ITIJIIIND, YNIIIDRITD EDSON. l'A'l'RlClA S. A.: Iius. Rep. 3. 4: Na- Iionul llonor: Tau lfpsilon l. 2. 3, 'l: I,alin Clulm 2, 3: lim- lmlcm Clulz 3, 4: liiology Club 2. 3: l:lounc.lcrs: NValer Baller 2. 3, il, Give Club I, 2, 3, 4: Slurlenl Aclminislmlion 3, 4, Ifsnmml Aliumi ENGLUND. VIRGINIA S. MX.: lliology Clulmz I:lournle-iw. lliv, IRIN.: Div. Sorizil I:Ili'.1 IIIISIIIPSB Sliill lg Slnrlvnl NMI' miniftrailiong Illc-C Cluli. KI-llfqm Vussur IQRIITKSIZN, .IIQXN S. A.: lllouiielvrsg Slurlr-nl Allin. 2. ll. "I: Ilivision Illllmer l, 2: lliolnqy Clulm 3. 'l: Ar! Clnli 3. fl: 'l'uu Ilpsilon I, 2, 3, 4: ll. R. S. G. fl: Ijoslcr Clnli fl, National lloiior. Ilsmunrl I'lRl..ANSUN, I'IlYI.I..IS S. A.: Slurlcrnl Counuil -I: So' mul Comm. 4: Ilan Aniciirun Iglulw 'la Poslcr Comm. 3: Div. C,IIl'. fl. Benmzl, N. Y. Vvisconsin A 5' 'G' 'Q in -any 4? IZLGIN. CAROL 5. ix.: llrxunrloif, In-ans.: Div. Illllrvr: Sluilvnl Ilounvil: lnl Iuriur Ilomni.: ll, ll. S. C.: Clem- Club: Sluclenl fxclminis- Imlion: Business Skill. Kellogg IIIHIOIS liNRlGII'I', LOIS S. A.: Bus. Rep. I. 2. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Social Comm. 2: Pun American 2: Glee Club I. 12, 3, LI: Iflounclers: Student Court .luclgm-. Kellogg Illinois IZRICKSUN, SONYA S. A.: Ilall Guard I: Student Aflminislralion I. 2: Flounclersg ll. IQ. S. U.: lnlerior fl. Noun! Greenwood Uncleciclecf iWKIiS. WILLIAM S. A.: Alli. Commissioner 3, 4: 'lluu Epsilon: Irloumlers: Pan American Club: Baseloall 2. 3. 'l, Capl. 4: Swimming I, 3, fl: qlluslcetlmll I, 2, 3. 4: Div. Ollicer I, 2, 3, 4: Emlzlem Club 2, 3, 4: Lzilin Clulv. Bnrriarcl Illinois FIELDS. JAMES Shoop FILIVIER, NANCY Kvllugq FORD. DONALD FOVVLER, RICHARD I ' S. A.: Xyrestling I: Football 4: V Emblem CIuI1 3. 4. FREDERICK, BETTY S. A.: Flountlers Ig Latin Club 2, 3: I'I. R. S. Cv. 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: Biology CIuI9 2, 3: Student Administration 2, 3, 4. Zion Sl. LuIee's Nursing Scliool FREEMAN. TERRELI.. S. A.: Band I: Latin CIUIJ 3, 4: Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band 7: V. E. S. B. 1.2, 3.4. Barnard UlLLIeCiul9Ll GAGER. CARENI S. A. Kenwoml, Nvtvr. Undecizleml GAY. WILLIAM 5. A.: IIaII Cuarcl I. 2: Concert Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4: Plioto Stall- 3: Band I: Iliv. Clif.: Production I, 2, 3, 4: Flounflers I. 2. Slroop xvilson Iunior GIESEN. HOVVARD S. A.: Student Administration: IIaII Cvuarzl 4. Sullmrland Undei-ideql GONZALES, CARLENE S. A.: Itlounclers I: Cheerleaders I. 2. 3: Social Comm. 4. Alarm! Gruifrui'omI Xvilgfm fmymr S. A.: Flounclors: IInII Guzircl 3, 4: Intramural Baseball: Orclicitm I. Illinois S. A.: gtuiloni. Azlministralion 3: I'IaII Guanl 4. Umlecided FORTINO, MARY ANN A.: Flounclersg IIQII Guard: Sluilcnt Aclministruliong Biology Club. ,xfnunl Grcoruunoil IIi'I'l'l'Iy Business FOX. GENEVIEVE S. A.: Ijloumlers: Hall Guard: Student Aclrninistratiorip Frcncti Cluli: Curtain Clulm. GORDON, .IILXN S A. l"lmiii4lf-i- l'.iii .Xiiwiif I I, I, -I. 'I'-iii lfpsilon I, 2. 3, -I: Nnlionail Iliiimr -I Siillu-rlnml Knox IIORIIAFNI. I5II.I.lI-Q IIQAN S A. Ulm- llluli I 5. -I Xvnlvr liillf-I I. 2. 5, -I: lou lfpsilon I, 2. 31 Sliifli-iii .Xilriiiiiislmliuii l, .I 'l, l'4lniiiirl4-rQ l, Ilan .Xiiwriwziii 2, 3, II. R. , . , . I . 5, li 1, lliiiliiigy I llilrl 1 .Xrl I llili, ixlfiiilil fliwuii-.,..,l Rfnliu mul 'Ili-lvi'ismri Insliliilu of Cliirrigu URAI"I", DORIS fx.: Iilrililirlvrx X . V I Iniilll friw'riii'iiml Xxilfnli lllllltll GI 'lil .I .lf, IJVVAIN 5. .N g lfiiilrli-iii Vluli 5. 'l, llrmllisill I, l. 5. -I, Sluili-nl Arliniiiislrzilioii 5, 'lg . . I I . , . - , Im.-L I. .lg lmslvllmll, lfiliii l,.luli4 I, 'lg .X lgippvllaig Ilall Lvuarcl 1,1 5, ll, Iiispiwlnrg Iiili-iiur -mil llxlf-:mr I HIIIIIIN Nillwiluml ixlllllllllilllll IIAGUIL EDYXIARD S, XX, I"uulIiiill 5, 'Ig lfnilvlf-in lfluli -lg RMI Cross Council 3, fl, Illruiis. 3, Inli-riur l'uinni,g Ifxli-rior Coinnig lliill Cuzirrlg Div. Olliccrz S. Ii, l. lllissolzl Oliio Slcilc HALL, CIIALLIE S. IX.: I"luuniI1:rS1 lliolouy Cluli, Ilan Jxnicrirzin Clulig Sluilcnl Ailminislm- limi, Iluiirrl ol l,l1'ilfl4'Ill4Q lin-ml, Kvllnili, Illinois IIANSEN, DIANE S. A4 Iln-nili Cluli, 'I'n.-.if., Iiiv. Room Ollii-cr 2, 3, Biology Clulo 3, 4, loilllll ljllili .I. -I: Nfilioiml Iluiior: 'lou lfpsiluii: Clcui1AUp Comm. ll: A Ciippl-lin .I, Alg Ula-c ffluln I, 23 II. IQ. S. ll. 5, lim-r llnrlc. Ulm, illiumi I IART, RICHARD I 4 , . , 5. XX.: fniifvrl Iliinrl 5, 4, .,luZL lliinil fl, llnipvlii 1vL'Il'S Arl lfflilrxrg Aiiniml Still I fl, Spoils Ifililorg I,ailiii Clulw 2, 3, AI: Illziu Epsilon .I Ig Ilmlogy l'luli l. I Al. Allrvzxsg Quill iincl Srroll 2, 3, fl. Sullwrliiriil Ijflflllllllllll lII'II:l"ILlIINAN, EDVVARD S, Ag l.ulin lflulig Curlfiiii I III'QNRY. .IAIxIIfS Cliilmg I"innnr'isil Comm.: S04'lJll I S AI. Hull cjuiml in 2: Foul Comm.: I'.in .Xiiivriraiiig Ilfill I ' ' lmll Q: P,a5lu.ilmll 34 l 'I rl III slump Illinois Null rl il If I, lil 'Q- HENSS. I'HlI.ll' Coiiu-rl llaincl 2, 5. -I, Vivo Pros. -lg lxlnrcliing Band 2, 3. -I. Drum lxlujor -I. Iliology Clulm 2: llaislzcllmll 2: Social Comm. 2: Clean-Up Comm. 2. 3. 4: Xwrffllliiig 3: l3rr'ni'li Cluln -I, Scc'yp Public Relations Comm. 4: Curluin It ii 1 A . lkllllillll I Pi-ury Cnllvgio IIOLLAND. IACQUELINE 5. xx.: Sluilc-nl Council: Biology Clulig linlin Clulzz Poslcr Comm.: II. R. S, G.: l"loumIcrs: Division Omrcr: Art Clulig Soriiil Comm. Uiilvsliy Milimulzee IIOXXI I RANCI S 1 r I .5 I .,'I:SIuc- . minislrwlif n .,, ., g Iuwrn 2 . S. 3 - Q 'n I xg Iurh' C 1 3 . 1 f ' ,Wir wilmn Stnl: JONES. COURTNEY 5, Ag I'IaII Guard I, 2, .Ig I'rcnc:I1 C,IuIa. I.umIry JONES, DIANA 5. .Ng I'IoumIcrs. 5Ilvp1H'4I KAIVIPER, ROGER S. .X. SI. ISIIIPITPKIII KING. ANN S. Ag I,iIIin CIuIJg IIaII CuurzIg .'XrI. CIUIJ. LIVIVUIII KOCH, RUTH HOLNI. JANET SIurIL'nl All I'rn'I I,I'1Il'1I1II'Il HOOKER, DONALD minislmlirmg I'II0uncIz'rsg Div, IIIII-'vr 3 . , , IIIILIIZCHIK' 5. K.. IImIxuIImII I. ... I. 'Ig I'.mIuIvm KIuIm 2, 5, -I, 5mmI forum, 3, 'I . 4, - I'in'mrinI Pmrmmlion Iumm. I, -I, I'usl1-r fomm. Ig II ll I uurfI 7 3 4 XVIISUH I,Ir1cI0cizIf'lI Ifruleaqiflml CIli4'r1go S. 1X.31SIuIIvnt zxdministration I. 2, 3, -I: Tau EpsiIon 2, 3, -Ig II. R. S. Cv. 5, SI, I'IOl1I"lfIl'l"SL CIBSS CBIIICPFQ IgIOI0gy CIu KOLAR, MARILYN S. A.: I,mnrI: Student :XcIrninislralion. Harper KOPIVIAN, CHARLES Illmms S. A., I'IaII Guard, FoolImIIg Student iXcIministrationg BioIogy CIuIJg In- lc-rior Comm. KOZAK. JAMES 5. rx.: Bnsf-Imll 3, UI, EmIJI0m CIUIJ 3, -Ig IIQIII Guard, InImmumI I7mseImII: ITIOlIl'lLIC'I"5, SIIIKIOIII fuurl -I. ,IurIuz': IIIV. I IIF, I'IoumIz-rs. 51. C4114-lmlf IIIII L 'lu' . 1 1-r l, IOI INSON. RICHARD X X Pm Xnwrium I LI IIIOIIFIKIKTSI II cYlInII'fI I IJ SIIIIIKWIIIIIII v I ml.-.-Ulm! LARS S. A.: Swirnmingg I: Ifoollmll I: Iliasr-lm. .., Q, I Illlill furl Ilunlr Iliinlopy fflulx. AIminI fIl'vvrivwmiI Ilrnluriiliiil I.IfI'I'SUlVIIi, DAVID Q A.: I'luuru I 'Ig Iuslf-r Inn , . -, . I:00lIHIII 'lII'iIIII!'I' 'l. RIIIULIIILI 1. HIHIII. N qiillwrlurul I 'il' ON. VVILLIAM IIIIII I . 'xx .. . -K Q... I1 ING, DONALD I 'rilg ' Vic ,Ti AO- .ai ? V ' ' , -ri" 1 . 1 1 - n f-pun! 'u 'Irion 1 -'I ' -' 5' 'iiil ' ' , MAYS. NOLA S. Ulm- Clulm: I7lounrlz- sg I u rrl QII XX ll MCM 9 A.: Irloumli-rs: I.niin Cluli 2. I 4 II R 5 Q 4 lu! 4 Ilrll Jxnlrninislralion 2, 3. : I Cllafil lj IEITIIIIPTII Clllll SIIIIIUFILIIILI Xvisuurisin MOATS, DOLORES S, A.: Flounzlcrsg Poslcr Csluli 2. 3. 41 Pan Arncriczin Club 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Ark Clulm 2. 3, 4: Curlain Club 4: II. Il. S, Copernicus Ifazruii A.: I,.alin Cluli: Curluin Club. ANUS. CYNTHIA 3 , , .I I g Slum- LIQNIHAN, MARILYN S. A.: Sluclent Administration: Class Rm. OlIIfer 2: Flounclers. Ifxnmml Wilson LEVVIS. JEAN S. A.: Concert Orch. I. 2. 3. 4: Curlain Clulm 4: Ilexll Guarcl 4: Iiluumlvrs, slump IIIIHUIS I.l ICKI,i'I'I', CIQLIQSTIA S. IX.: Nalional Ilonor 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2. 3, 4: Ilan Amerif ran Club 2. 3, 4: Flounclersg Uloc Clulm 3, 4: Sluclcnl ACI- minislraiion 2, 3, 4: A Cappella -l: IIiv. Ullircr lp Class Rm, Olllccr I. 2. 3. 4. Shoup Anmr. 'Conserimory of Music MCDOVVELL. MATTHEW S. A.: IIQII Guaral: Beginners' I5aml 2: .Iuniur Band 3: Inter- invmliale Bancl :Ig Inlramuml Ilmsm-Imll 3, -I: lnimmural Haskel- lmll 4: C.: Picked Plaloon I: Flounnlers. Sllriiip IIOIFGFJ MEYER, DOROTHY S, A.: I:Iounclcrs: Biology Club 2, 3: Ilan American Club 2. 3: II. R. S. G. 2. 3, 4: Div. OI- Iiu-r 3: Art Club 2: Hall Guard 2, 31 Stuclcnt Administration I. l. 3. MOORE, RICHARD S. A.: Floundersp Pan American 2: Bus. Rep. 2: Hall Guard: Bc-ginncrs' Ilmmlg Intramural Bas- lcetball. 5110011 XVilson MORGAN. BARBARA 5. A.: Pan American Cluln: Biology Clulu: S. B. l.: Stuclent Aclminislration: lwlall Cuarcl: Smolcing Comm.: Flounilers: A Cappella. 5lwup .xlicliignn Slate MORRISON, HENRY S. A.: S. II. l.: .lazz Band 2, 3, 4: IVIarcl1ing Banil 4: Social Comm. 3, 4: Beginners' IIancl l, 2, 3: Concert Band I, 2, 3: Smelting Comm. 3, 4: VVrostling 3. slump Xvjlggn MORTHORST, DORIS S. A.: Flounclcrs: Student Aclministration I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2. 3, fl: ll. R. S. C.: Pan American Cluln 2, 3, 4: Biology Clulm 2: Curtain Clulv el: A Cappella: Div. Clrlicer. St. Barnnlzus llrmilloy IVIUELLER. .IACQUELINE S 'X A Ca ella 3 .lr lxflixecl Cliorus . . i .: pp' z . . Longwood Undeciilvrl MYERS, PATRICIA S. A.: Flounnlers: Curtain Club: Frencli Clulm. Sutherland Morgan Pla. C. L NORDIVIEYER. CARL S. A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2. 3: lflounclers: Spanisli Cluli l, 2, 3: Curtain Clulm 4: Hall Guarcl 2, 3. 4: Stage Crew l, 2. Sl. Barnabas Unileciileil O'CONNER. MICHAEL ORTIZ VIRGINIA S. Flounrlersz Curtain Clulu: Ids f' Pan American 2, 3, 4: Stuclent QCII .T -'. 'Qi Administration 2. 3. K Q S , --f ' If smo VIC! Wilson ' if ' .sf .. . H f I ' ' ' E i . vw..- ismf- 4 f MUTH, JEANINE S. A.: l.atin Clulm 3: ll, R. C i. 4. Sl. flnrlrr-iifs Morgan Plz. C. NYBERG. RICHARD S. A.: Empelzi News Business Stall, Mgr. 4: Tau Epsilon 4: National llonor: Board ol Con- lrol: Stage Crow: Ass't Mgr.: Secretary. V. S. B.: Concert lianil: Rille Team: Flounrlers. Siitliorlnnd U. of Michigan OETTER, GRACE S. A.: A Cappella Clioirg Cur- tain Clulm: Pan American Cluln: Biology Club: I-I. R. S. G.: Pos- ter Committee: Art Clulvz Floun- clers: Stuilent Administration. Siillivrlnml OVV EN S, ALLEN S. A.: Biology Clulm 2: Curtain Clul: 4: Beginners' Bancl 2, 3. Slioop Ivilson I'ANNIiI.I., MARILYN F, .Ng I'4ImiiuIi-rs: Inu I'IpsiIong NRIIIIIIIIII IIunor Sour-typ OrcIiestrrig Pan .Niiivriv-eiii, Urology I'IuIig IIziIIuu:inI. I.iI1r:rry N-rvirr-3 Student AcIminis- lmtiuli, Fliiiiip WInsIvrn ftfirliignn I'IfARSON. MARILYN .X Inu I'IpNiIoii I Q. I -I, NziIiniiuI IImiiiur 4I, I'Iviilifup CIUIIIITIIIICT' I I 7 D I -I3 II. II. 5. II. L.. I, -I3 UrrIu-sim I. L. 3. AIg Iain Amcrirran 2, 3. 4I1 XII I I I IIIYII I-IIII I III KQIIII 3 I 4 I I B 5 4 14' Ivx. . ' N '. 71' l1iiI!f?li'i- i'IiiIi I .Niilfii-iIulnI I'If'I'I'.RSi JN, CAROL . . .. . XC N JN.. I4IilIlINIK'I'5, I.iu I'.psiIuiig i' iiiipt-lla Choir: Curtain CIuIig I'I. R. S. II. I, -I, Iiifiliigy l'IuIw I. -Ig Pun fxnwrirang Iliv. Omrcrg SturIcnt Adminis- .. -: ,uiIpm-n 3 Iioogy CIu 1. 1 Nrwrfllilw-.vl1'i'ri Iiiitiriii. lil, I7iirii'Imiri lllimus I'IIII.I.II'S. NIARCIA K 5. .X1 Inu I'IpxiInn I .1 I QI Irmie, I: Ifrt-5. nI FIOEILIIILICFSL CirIs' CIN- I1. x ,- , , lr. , R1-:I firms f'iiiiiiiiI I 2 I -I I'uInIi4' R1-Iutiuns I. -I. f.Iir. -I: I-irIs I'.lHI7Il'IIl QIIUI, I IIii:irfI UI' IIN'-irIc'I1I4 I LI. ISQHIHIIII I'IIiIII.IiR. DONALD 5. ,Ng Inu I'.pSiIuii I, 2. 3. 'IJ Naitinn4iI Ilonnr Suri:-ty LIQ Son- mr I'Iziss Inn-s.g c,iIf'ilII-III? Com- IIIIIIPI' 3. fIg IfnipcIii Nvws SIQII I -I Sports IfrIiIiir AI. I'ImIiior'in- iIiu-I 'Ig I'zin Ainvrirzui 2. 3. LI: II4i.irrI of Ilrr-sirIt-rits 4g StutIr-nt I'uiiiii'iI Ig f'Iiuirriiun UI Sm-ninr f'iiiinr'iIg QuiII -rmI SrruII 3. JIL Yu 1- Pri-5. I fum II4inIiriSiliiliiririN Ql'INN. JOHN I:o1iIIi.iII Q, I. I: I'IuiIiIc-iii lIIuIi I. IIlI!'l'llH' IIu.irmI I: IIIIFIJIIII IIIIII1: IIuIiIir IQ:-Iuliniix I. I'Ixl4-ririr II.iII fIu.nrrI. I:-Hlulnl Sw. I'1lIrI'1rIlli1l LIHI I I I -I- Iyif I' IIim-vrIm-.uIi-r I 2, .I -I: 5miuI foiiiiiullvi- -I: rf. 'Ju 2 'H 2. ' ' 'Ji viz IIIirmis .Hn PIIQIISON. CIIARLI-QS rg I fIoIur fIuiiriI 2: Pi.-Lcd PIatoon . AI: I'ic'I0cI I-7riII Squad 2: Con- X lHlll'II7Ul'I IInmIvCitIv1I z gi.. : , . I Q ' f I iefxczliw. JOHN '2'f . RATCLIFF, ROBERT 5. ,Xp Ilnll GunrcI I, 2. I:oolInaII 2. Basketball 3. IIUI5' Nnniv of ivory Bradley REYNOLDS. ARLEN E F. ,Xp I"Ioiiri:Ic-rsg Tau EpsiIon I. 2, 3. 45 Curtain CIuIu 43 NationaI Honor ,IJ II. Ii, S. fu. 41 GirIs' GIee CIUIJ I, 2. 3. 45 QuiIpen 4: I'IaIIguartI 3. ZSIYIUYII RICHTER. PATSY S. XXI. I"IouneIcrsp Latin CIuIJg Curtain CIuI: 3, 4. Hall Cvuzmlg Interior C1 ai 1. IGl'CCnu'ODJ Undecided ROBERSON. FRANCES S. A4 FIoundersp Curtain CIuIJ: BioIogy CIuI3g Interior Guardg H. R. S. Cup I'IaII Guard. Copernicus U. of Cfzicagii ROGERS, RICI IARD f . 5. .XM X iw-Iprvs., Ixc-rl I rms I un II 2. 3. I, Inu Epsilon 2, 3: National I Iluuurg Iulmliv Ilvlnliungg Sorinl Comm.: lfmlwlc-In Cluln jg Bus, Rep 51 I II III I I I xlln I Iulz I 'ou ui ' J ' lxvlllw ROMEO, .IERII.I 5. .XM IJI'!'b.I Iilll IZISIIUII l I 5 l, XIIIOIILII Ilo I Imulvrf I, Ig I'rc-n1'I1 I lull' -nl Iwle-rn I Iuly I, -I. .xluunl G1'm'rrr:'nmI SIHIIIU-fill, nor: Latin Clulmg CIN-on vr Ilnllz-l' Nlmlc-nl I nunril I 3 -I' I'm- IN4 1rlI1u'0sl0rn SANDERS, SHIRLEY Iflmlmlvrsg Inu Iilpsilon I. Iimlf-gy CILIIJ fl. Iimlxlm-m fqlulx -Ig Iilmmry Ss-rviw 23 IIaIl flunrcl Q, 3: Slucle-nl Aclminis- lmliun. Fllwrnp IHII SCHIESSER. FRANCES 5. .Xp I'IounrII-rsg Inu Iipsllon I 7 5, -I, Nnlmuul Ilnuur -lg Pliology Clulm 5, -Ig .Xrt llulm 5, -I: II. IQ N fr. 3. l, Ilan .Xmorirnn 2. 3, 4: Poster lfurnrnillvs- -I, Nlumln-nl .xrluxiui SEI.HEIMER. DANIEL Nlr-III n I -I. S. .X.g Plmlo Stall' 3g V. If. S. B ,Ig Rillc Ilqc-sun 2, 'lx llslwvr Fnrvv -I: I'.irr- Guarfl -Ig Ijiflgml Plnloon -I: Ir. Ixlixe-ml KTIIOIUS ll. SIIIPLEY. EDXVARD III'l'IcIm'vIli5lI1, .XIIVIL III11I4'1'uIm'rI Iumlll .XIIN'I'Il'ilIl Q IllI1' I'IUllII rl:-rw: IIQII fvunrfl. SHlIIt'l'IflllII if Illinms SHANNON. CI IARLES 5, flg I"innm'iuI I'mm. C,.omm. 3, 45 Soc-inI Comm. 3, 43 Student Court 4g Div. Olllccr I, 2, 3: Iliology Club: Imam Arnerirung 'I 1 nclorsg Ilall Uunrzl. WIIIIIIWIIIIIII Illirmis I SII.I.OXfVAY, JAMES 5. N.: Ioollmll I, 3. 31 I'Ioun- - V clvrsg IIixII Gunrclg Servife. I Vumlvrpuul lvisvnnsm W . n. .Im SIMPSON. NANCY 5. 4x.Q I'IUllINIf'r5I IQPKI CI'05S 21 IIaII KIUEITLI Flump l,l'fII'IllC'I1I Hospilul Sf-lmul of Nzngezrrg SMITH. COLLEEN 5. .Nz Nucl:-nl fxfllllllllilfdllllll. 1 Ixlflglz' I'1u'm lXIlII'f,lIl'l'AI4'l'lI SNIITHSON, MARION 5. fx.: I.nIin Clulm 3. -I: Ilnll Uuanrrl 'lx SlllfICI1l fxmlrninislmlion. Barnard SPENCER, LILLIA REE Sl'lLI.MAN, BERNARD 5. Ag l.nlin f,lulJ 2, 3, -l, lliol ogy Cluli 3, "lg llull fiunril, S1-i vire. slump lllllluu STAFFORD, CLAYTON STAIR, ROBERT 5. AIX.: Spfy 41 C llr, A'X55l'llllYly Connnillcm- 4, lfxcculivz- liomm. 45 Siiuli-ni, founvil l, 5, Ll. llhuaircl ol Pre-siclvnls 4: Swim- flllnu 'l'Cill'T1 3, All Ig0yS' liIlllJll'lll Clulv 4, lynn .Amr-ricwirig 'lun lip Sll0Il 42 I1l'llfll'lll iXlL'I4'N Smiil fqlissolzl Norllirrn-wivvri STIPIR, JUAN S. Ag 'liiiu Epsilon 3, 'l, National llonor Soriviy 4, Girls' Emlilcm Clulm 3.x-'lg Illmll. SAG. 3, 4, Pres. -'lg Cirls Cilf-Q fluli l O 'X c4ilIbIll'llil Cliiilf l 'l' is'wT.3g,f c71..If2, 3. A ' lfsnioml Xvilwn STRICKLAND. ALMA A.: lliill Uuzirml 35 ljlmra Svrviu-g Curluin Vlulm flg Pun Jxmcrirnn 3. .qlmop TANSY. PAULL'I'l'E 5. A4 f.urluin I lulw. Hi. V4-rnon NVl'Nli'1'YI Collwqi' for Xx,UllIC'Yl 'i452Q. ,f .wx A ' x 5' ig k. T' ?1S SPROUL, PATRICIA S. A4 Flounclr-rs: Tau Epsilon l, Q, 3g Student Court, Latin Clulv 3, 41 Biology Clulo 3: Girls' Cleo Club l, 2, 3. 4: Pros. 4g Girls' Emblem Club 4: Pmoarrl ol' Presicle-nts 4. Sullwrlnrnl U. of Colorado STAHL. BRUCE 5. .Ng Floirnmli-rs, Tau Epsilon l. 2. 3, 41 Baseball. Mgr.: Pan :Xim-riuzin: Biology Club: Bas- lzcllmall lg Slurli-nt Council 1, 2: Corin-ri Bzincl l, 2, 3, 43 Uunrcl. llurruml Illinois STI-ll lRER, THERESA N. A. St. Mary of Perpetual Help XVilson lr, Colloge STRAND. RONALD S, .Xp lsloumlcrsg Empelii News lQ!'IiUfll'f2 llall Guarcl. if 'luxulil Illinois SXVANNIIZ. ROBERT TIZMPLE, BARBARA .Ng Tau Epsilon 23 Flounclcrsp Lriiin Club 2, 3: Clieerleacler 3: Sorial Comm. 3. fl: lnierior Comm. 45 Div. Room Olliccr l. 2, 3,41 Il. R. S. G, 3, 4: Girls' lfmlwlom Clulm -lx Siuclcnl Ail- minisiraiiinn l, 2. 5, Ll. llmlfonl lunior High lllinois THORNTON, JACK 5. .Xp l"l0unclr'rs3 lloarri ol Pre-siclc-iris 3, 4: Plioto Still- l, 2. 5, 4: Mgr. 3, 4: Quill ancl Scroll 3, 4: lfrnpc-iii News Stall: Plioto lfrlilor 5. 4: A Cappella filmoir 14, Biology Lilula 2, 3, Curiain Clulz 43 Pan :Xnu-rir'an 2, 4, Cvarlviuri TOOSLEY, DELORES 5. .Ny li ounclc-rs: Siuclani Aclmiimisiraiion. i li. CIl'P0fHl'Of7tI TRAVIS. LEE rx.: Div. Ullirr-r l, .ig Pain .Niur-ri:'an Q, jg 'limi lfpsilon l, l. jg liiology Cilulz 2- V E S ll '7 Ilall fxuirll '7 TYSQN. DOLURES S LX.: llallguarrl 4. Shoop Ili' l'iiu1r l TLNIIZR. CAROLYN 5. fx.. iliri-as.: lfloiiiirlm-rs: l.niin lilulm 2, .i, 'l, 'lin-as, 3: 'l'au Epsilon l, 4: lfmlmloin filulm 11, V-lg film- lilnlr l. i. 43 fiiiriziiii-filiilm -lg liiolnpy cflllll 2, ig Yin- llri-s. lg Sluile-ni Cqimnril 5. iz llns. Nall 45, 4. C'l,55..Iil D0 Purim NVALKER. CECELIA S. A., Flounclc-rs: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3. 4: Naiional Honor 4: Cine-l .lusiivcz Div, OHir'vr l, 3, 4: Girls' Glue Clulm l. 3, 4: Pan rxincriran 2: lrinaiirinl llromolion Comm., lnivrior-lixif-rior fioinm. Kiflli--gy ll. of .Nlicliigun VVALLACE, LYMUS F. A., Floumlf-rs, V. E, S, B. l, 2, 3, 4. Mgr. 4, Biology Clulm 2, Pam :Xmcriran 23 Plioto Stall 2. 4: Convert Grcliestra l, 2, 3, 4: Conrcrl Baml 2. 3, 4: Asscmllly Band 3, 4. VVALTER, JOSEPH WASHINGTON. EUGENE S. fx.: AIX C'fxlppf'llil Choir '41 FlOUl'lClCl'Sj Pan Aixfnefican 4, Ll5l1Cf l:'0ffC 3, 4: Hall Guanl 3: Poster Comm. 4: Rillr- Team 2. Shoop XXHISIHI VVATSON. ROSITA S. A.: Flounrlcrsg Pan American: Biology Clulzp Siucleni. Arlminisiralion. Slirwp Rooservll VVESLEY. MARGARET S. A4 Flounmlers: H. R. S. G.: Curtain Clulu: Hall Guarrl. SFIUOP U. of Cliimyu VVHEELER, MARY ELLEN S. A.: Flounclcrsz Secretary: Clmecrlcaclcrg Reel Cross Council 2. 3, Vim-A Pres. 31 Latin Club 3, 4: Board of Presiclents 4: Girls, Glas Cluly 2, 3, 4g A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Clulu 3. 4: H. R. S. G. 3, 4. Esmond U. of Xvisconsin XVIII'I'l'ONlII. I.OC1AN ...MI2 5 A, I'nn .Xrm-:num I I IIIIIIIIQ' I'IuII I SXXIIIIIIIIIIQ I 111 I In IX II Il I IIIIIIII-:I II.mrI I I I I Inn II..fI.l I 1 I I. IIm'mufI lllm I XX'II.I.l.-XNIS. .IIQXN I I ., 44 III 44' N 'Il I' , IIN, ' 4I IN U I.wmln 1 I I I II' III:-:I I IHII I Q, I I Ilan .Xlm-111.111 Q I' II..II IIIIIIIII J I.,11.,,,,, XX'II.I.IS. RIVII.-XRD 5 A, I'Ir1lm1I4-rv I,.uu .Xlnv-rlf.Ixx I y - 1 - In 1' ull ll In .11 I I II , VINWIII III IMI XVII .Sf JN, II DYVI. X .X I'I:xl1ruI1-lx I l Il II ll I, J I, I. Nm. 1 ' ' 1 l lv . I'I ' V - J 'UI 4- un . I, . .Il I'.m Num-rn.m Q, I. I. .XII I III . X .ml II II I I NIIIIII-III .XfI1111lurNIl.ulmxl I I I IIII 1 '-Inuit: XVOINIAK, CA'I'IIIiRINIf N X' I'Iu1uuI1-rx Iiwxhr I mum I lI...I1Iuv I IMI: I Iqurl Il IIIII I I IIIIIII I XrIIIuI '. .il' ,ux.. IIIIIfI III:-v IIIHII I I . f , - I1lmrwI .L 1, 5IurIr-nl X Imlm Il ImnI .1 IJI, IfmIvnlv 'If flu: f.uIx IIVIIIWIYIIV nf Ill ZIZISS. RAI.I'I I v . 1 ...,r.-'Izumi 0 nr IHIIIIIII Ixc-Iinlumn N. Inu I,ll5IIOII I 7 IXI1 IIIIIIII . 1 . I mum . I.iIIlIl I IuIJ IIIIIIUUI- IIuIn3 Ion- Ivll IS.'.mIg .IJWJ IImn4I in unming Tf-11 mg Ikfhml III IIrvsicIvl1Iv SILHIPIII .X1I1uinisIm' I Ilull. Imlnpwr- I Hg: Xu: IIIII 'I-slvrn YOI 'NG ITNINIA 5. A., I'IoumIvrf: Inu I'.psIIon I, 2, XVILSON, IIARRIII 3. A, I'-IUlII1lIL'l'4I I'.m fxrnc-rII'm1 I, l. I. I. Iyrz-s. I: Ixurluin CIUIJ I, IQuiIpm-n Q, I IIiuIugy CILIII , - . I. I, -I: IIu.urrI III InnIruI 4: Iln. IIIIIN-r I .f, .Xrl I'IuIm I. I I1 OIII.-.Ir II1 II. R. S. G. I I, IrI mm I I A . . U01 ll XVIINIIIIQRIX, CLIQIXIONCE 5. A.: I:IuunnIcrs: II. IQ. S. G.: I'urluin IIIuI1p IIIIII I,IunrLI. SIIIIIIII I'Im'u5yn .III IIICIIIIIII' XVOOD. RAIi 5. .Xu I"IwumIvrS: Pam American 1 I: .XII ITIHIJ II. II.: I'rxsIvr Iwomm. 33 Div, CIM: I. 21 IIi0Iogy CIHII 2, 3: GirIs' IIIM' CIUIJ 5, AI: SIurI0nI INLI- ministrnlinu 2. 3. INIiQsrJIrI U. of Afinrm II, -I: CirIs' GIQ-cr CIuIx I: A CappeIIa I Inm' I I, 'I: I'-In .'Xl11vr1-,In Q. I: 5. II. I. 'Iz IIioIog1y CILIII 2. 33 Slu1Icnt .XlIIHIIIIhII'ilIIHH I -I. II""""II XXYISCUIISIII ZICISS, I'I-NIiI.OI'Ii 5. .X.g Inu Iilmlun Q, I Ig N.nImnuI IIon0r fI: SIurIz-nl Court -I: Ifrm-plxi . J - - , . Aww Immun-SN 5lixII I. II: IvlrIs III00 CIUIJ LI: I.iIJmri4m 'Iurr-ns. -I: .xrl ITIIIII 2. I. -Ig Nm- y 'Ig Ijoslf-r Comm. 3, 43 I.nIin ITIUIU 2. 3.41: Biology- I IuIm I I' I'r1-XIII:-nl I' IIIIIIIII III Ijrn-QicIc-lmlw 2, IIuxInn. Alum. I II, of I'nIurarlo CTIIITIPTU KZTIIIIS AKRIDUIQ. .IAINIIfS ALLICN. TI IOMAS ISAIISKH, ROBIZRT CIBIILSKI. ALAN COLLINS, ,IAYNII-IS DERKOVITS. XVILINIA GAVCI IS. DAVID Gl'NTliR. GARY IIALLMAN. RIFHARD HAINIfNIIiRTRIiI-Q. RONALD HOST. FRANK IVIIi. .IACK IOHNSON. IZDXYINA KI 'PIfCKY. NVILLIAN LAMB. RONALD INIATTSON. ROLAND NARCISS, COMEX ROGI-IRS, LAMARR XX'II.I.IAIN'IS. MORRIS Xnlflllzf 1 1 4H'l't1f H115 w1'4'1'uf'f1ic'r'v " tl ll llllfllll cvalfzzzsiusrn. H I1.IIlC'I'S0I1 No clmuting plcusc Ai-N, 4'Whaa' 3lusic7 Ylnclerc oz Fulurc En 65l'l'lQl'l s cooking?" gineers N., JUNIORS 'QOH' II IXIIJIIIIS, ID. IXIXYIIUKI. xunul. Hukvr. Rau' 2: Bnrrvil, U:-um-II, Hvrrx, Hs-Nlc'. Biilnv-r, Blzukslwr, Hlaunml. Um-rmm. Row 3: IAIISIIUIH, Brazil:-, Hrmulfie-Ill. Brmvningj, Bruurnlon. Brin-1 lm:-r, llurlon, flu-rry. Row Al: Clxisllulrn. Clark, Cfuyrolnll. Clinhnn. Colm Colquilt, fioullrip. cififlff, , Row 5: cjllllllllilllli ffurlis, Curliss. Dunivls, Dnnirrlson, Davis. DvRouin, lJm'VriCS, FN -f Q- an 5 x f - 'P ' ,. . ,xl , ,T fl Q A kr. - - A 'SSA X I HA x Y , vgifu. 58 55 K Q : 332 A f T g K .Q 1 I Q , M. iff' , W Q42 , W -W X f Y U eniora . . . .xdfmozif . . . Wof Quife 2? r Aa? 3 Q1 , f Q, Ivfx if aw. a' . Q Rx W' f it J 9 ' Q A ' 4' if X 'Ji X h A ' FMQQ' n, , Q .2 'B 4 'Y - L f f ' ' 'c ' -I ' A A7351 is f' A . . sf 5 .3 Ram' I. Di Niwuln. Dixon. Dumlu limnr llnsklmpv. llrlwarcls. Fniw lu-url. I ales. Row 2: l'ill'llillllh5. lfvaxgm-r, Fvrnml I'inn, l'ri4-In-MZ, Gnskinrl. Um fzvrisun Run' .iz Cvilwr:-un. Giuer, Gulrllu-rg V fvluninlx urunl. flriffin. Griswold, Uroln Rum -1: E. Hanger, N. Hager, Hague Hanson. Hnrhisun, Harper, Hnrrisol I Iilllfk Row 5: Hnym-s. llilzvmzxn, Huvglunc Hoc-y, Hulmmn. Howmclf Huber' 'iIllllplll"1'y. 'Qi H Sr gn Q 7 x Roll 'QOH Roll Run Run iqllll' Run ,L ,3- Wexf ear if olaiaerri "' 'rt x 2 rw X 1' l1KOIlCgC KOYnCr'. ,,ilIlSUll, KiISl'lilll. Kiillllllilll. K4'ilQl1'. Kl'Hf', K"llllllIl'F. 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Erick- ,Q A M I 3 , A A sun, Nl. lfricksnn, Fm-rgusun, Fill- A' " - pulrirk, Vloyfl, Ford. K 5 ' "'x' gh Row 8: Frm H1-inn, B. Fredrick. L.VL A A 'wg I , Vi. J. Fr:-clrirlc. Gilloll. Goldberg. 1, ' 'wx VC X Gull, Gmlrill, Gray. I fr 5: 511 A-1 ,' fMni K FRESI-IMEN on Me flfmf .Sgfep Rom 1: Greenfield, Gronau, Haas Hagey, Hendricks, Hcnkc, Hour Heuss. Row 2: Hilclerhmncl, Hill, HiHCll Hixon, Human, Hopkins, How: nrcl Hromctz. IQUUY 32 Hubert, Innes. JOIUISCIL JOIIHSOI1, JOIICS. JOFJBII, KaHCIliCf. Kayser. Row -I: Keller, Kinsclta, Koch, Kohlman, Kolz, Lochat, Lampa- dius, Lane. Q Row 5: Lapnn, Lashmct, Lecming. Libert, Lincllaloom, F. Lindgren. H. Lindgren, Lippman. Row 6: Lisse, Laurcnzcn, Man- ning, Nlursh, D. Mason, J. bln- son, Nlallhews, Nlccuire. Row 7: Nlulntyrc, Mclclxcr, Malin. Nligcly, Miller, Morgan, Mort. Flunncckc. Row 8: Ulunrue, Blureloclx, Plur- ray. Nelson, Ncwbcrg. Nc-isyio, NOIEIII, NOTJQTCIL Row 9: Olney. Onrla, C. Owen. R. Owen, Panek, Parker, Per- sons, Ralph Peterson. Row IU: Pelrow, Phillips. Ple- lmnek, Polacck. ore Afg Wifed 4 I 'R 4-5 , W' Q X S .3 'U .a H 4 J . 1 V av WL N . 1 L .12 - ff ar ' Y I, m . .Q V ur 4 Q' ik I I U K V , ' 'Q K x Q ' 5 2 2 'j 3, 4, Q QA , . '-f 4 . '1 A " L1 f ' " ' 1 - A A t u I xg . ' X Y ,, , 'f..Nf"i f 5 1' I we' , Ron I Punlius, Pnurmlmi, fluurrvll, fluusl, Rmlrlilxl. R4-pp, Rm-ynulds, Rlminv, Rirkr-r, Rilkin, Rillvr. Row Rulrinsun, Rmlgf-rs, Ruqw-rs, Snull, Samyvr. S1-lnprz-vivo, S1-uurcl. Slnulmloru, R. Slllilll. S. Smilh SIIYIIUY. Run Span-Ill, Sp:-nu-r, Shu Sli-vi-rxsnn, Siis-r, Slim-n, Slrirklznnl. Slrupnli, Sllmllmul. SXXRIIISUII, T4-lnplv Ruu 'l'l..,,..,,g...., lvnh-rlwrgf, lvplmuw, l'svry, Vullunun. Vomln-r, Xvngfrn-r. Xvnlrlu. Xvulic-r. XY!-lwlwr Xvvif. Run Xvvnnm-r, XV4-slrnll, Xvlxurlun. Xvlxilsx-II, Xvilliauns. Xvillinnli. lj. Xvilliaulm. V, Xvilliulns. 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Grant. l I l nal all l ll lx ll 1-so 2 . . 21 'su ,- urlimipill Illilll, l'lll'Kl. STUDENT COUNCIL Run' llrulm-4. Ni I l lvnlg fnuxps-I. Nun .Xlnlu-lim. Run' .1 XXvllr'l'll'r, XY.ullu-r. ljmlvll. lnlhll QUII. cl' ". U ' I Xxilllmv. lXlllll- fllrlillm- ulrl R rn l l., lulmsmy IJ. XVWI mn, Nl: ljmlv, filliqn. 5. xxllstlll lain rk. pa." 'NN 9 g x. I IN,-XXI 'I.XI. I'IQf INII YIIK JN RMI! I- XYIIL.-I Ii..--I-I II.nllv1n. xI.uml. I,mxlIl. -1 Igwll' .fz II11-NIV. I .nI1-N II...11I.1-I, XIUIH. I I1-IIm'll1.m. XFFI .NIISI .Y V1 JNINII'I'I'I ,I Nun' I: NIINN XY.1IIz-I, XIis fInu1IiI, NIIN I'.nIIm-, Ixnp lnin I.nrI-l1Il. NIIN. IIiQIn NIINN 5IivIlun. Run' 1 XXIIILIIII. IIIIIII-I, II.Ixnn-- 5I.nil', XXIIIXUII, Iqnpmln II:-nllilw. IN I I ,RIC DR I.X I I .IIII IR i'UNINII'I'I'IQIQ Run' I.IQln, II.Iwi1Ix' I'.uI:-N, XFIIIIIXQ-u'. xImg.m Nou' .Iz I1-mpl.-, IS XI4nsmlu II.nL:ln', Ilriu-Im. I,4mil7. Roll Iv II.lwalQIin. IIUHIIUIH Isulnx I.l'I1.mII. Sinn-NI1-I, FII IJICNI III 'III' -Xl UI INYI ,FII4 LN I It JN Icdlll' II XIIYIQIIII, IQUIIIII um. XY.uIIwr. I'ImigIul. ITM: Inn, Id XIUIQAIII, Ixrm' 2: II.nrnN. II...-III, IIIIIIINIIUIII. Ilmdlrvluu. Ilnis, .XcI.mue. IIu1f.ul1I. R.-fI.Ii.L, I'I 'ISIIK' IQI.I..XbI'IUYS Run' I: IIIuiIIipN. Ismu-n XI.:-mn. IIIIIII-1. xIiI1In-II, Run' .11 Ifngf-IN, SIIIIIHQ. II:-nw, I'.uII-N, I5.uINIl4-m. fjllinn S7 ,it 5, ' X. .. .QW Row I: llmigjcs, B, Arnie-rsrni Briglii, Dvnningf. lfrlniulsoii. Run' 2: Kr:-Qi-r. :Wills-r, Phillips. Row 3: Bowvn. Ti-niplc-, C. Amlvrsuii. lJf'Sl'llC', Hanson, Rolwrls. Bnlliv. Bcsie, Row -I: Fnlvs. Rngi-rs. Bur lon, Hookcr, Slmnimn, Hr-H'i-rnnii. UQ rife v SOCIAL COMMITTEE Quaricrimaclc Sneak," HYUIQ Hop." Hixlarcii Hlzisivy nm' thai zmniial C-leciiuii cluiire wcrf' Suc'c'cssfLlI lvcmiise of lime Social Fuimniliecls imrri work. This cliiniiiillcv, with Dirk Rfigvrs, x'ir'c-prcsifleiit of time S. IIS Fhilifillilll, HH!! DJIFS. EICICII Cllfffifiill HS SPON- SUF. 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Helen CwUl'COI'ilIl spoiisoivrl ilu- ruiiiiiiilleic. 1 Nw" M w - Y fll mf W-'WW ans'-fs 3 a Wg X K .ww X Xexx S 4 '14 Aorgan Pa - STV lhewil' 7 V' -'rf gs . m V my Cal , Q-f R I ,viii-A 7 new d OI' Jmores has :ed undev- .f 0 'N mm gl - SA Special Assembly For Members Only. A 52.25 Paid Up. ,wiilliri'liiEf'fl?EEE'Q'3'Z?l'B'Ti'5EfgaaglfhifilolrIll- Qld v PAGE I-'WE Q P11 A " ,. ,- Y ' 4 parker Wefs t m Scores TWO 9 rry. L 'vwnnvff um mms- Nmal' on mc Yas been Pmymu wo 4A. hfs l gp um U 0verP0 1 ufhaowns Don 305 'O Park Victofv eCOI'lCl To Pace Mmlqan ARKER DOWNFALL 't HirSCh xsmces SPELL ' A Z l - EARLY M G5 mpnulmxu-1 Ul- W ulvbndm. Fu-ld of WAP N PARKS MUSTAS mn., zo-1 on-ffm nr b 1 mums? Ogdgliiilll the Comnexs u mmm F. Wm ...Qu-h muu S mg' d mrs' A f xblfll- lwm' ' . , V ' Mau' "lil SGW QQ-must 13, Q ,bm-pd bE iunl Ardv Mxm.u1L-5, 1 hind me in lm 'Yhv cmxu-at WM nl UCS' Mme HA 'f 5 eustzumm: -K ' . , A - and HHH- , 5' .xl pc-nm, . 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Tlwis Omfors of the Cmmdl during lim 'mst yes was 'Im' Ol Ilw 'mlm IWIIIIIIIS 'Il IIN, CUIIIIFII Ifff IIIIS were as Iiilliiwsg Igairlmairzi Clwrisle' :incl Gail Pmraiclluury Imsl' ymr' prQsicIcnIs1 ,lim Cnllvy nnrl Ilngor Slnrnvr, Vive-pre-si TIN- fwniiiivil zilsn svnl rf-preserrlzilivcs In IIiQ fIenIsp .Ivan Igzivey anrl Dir-L .Iiinsnn, sc-rrclzirivsg nnrl rlnwiilnwir vniirivil nic-clings nnvc n rnnnlli, nncl Grail ,lavle IJJInncI uncl ,Ic-un Kroger, II'C'ZlSIll'PI'S. Mrs. II0n I11riimIInir'y uII0rirIc'cI IIN- Rn-cI Cirnss sinnnwr Iraining ricllzi Collins is spnnsnr nlq Ilia- nrgzniimtinn. I N ,5,.fiWg". ,ij K. f.,-sh I , .Y lv 'T ""j K asiefsllwl f. ,5i5.Sg,g.'iN3r-: If Row I: Ixlinli, GcrIIc'y', Blnml, Ixlullr, Pm-rrizo, Bnwvrs. Slurnvr, fylxlvnru, Xvilson. ROIN-rIs, Row 2: IVIrs, Collins, Dx-nning. .IoIinson, Ku-gvr, Slivr. Vvlwvlvr, Ir,IliIIips. Row 3: Cliristiv, Lmtvy, Brmlbury. 5. Row I: XNIIIM-. Czunplx-II. Grillin. Krvgji-r, XV:-In-r. fjlsun. Row 2: VVIIIU-ns, Ilnnsm-n, B, Xvilson, Park. III-nnni-r, ISRIIIIP, Ij1'2II'SlIll. Ixlrlfriclv. Ruin 1: Ixlilmvirli. Ixlirrii-Iivs, Illrvirli, I'i1-III:-r, Ifngfluml, III-nss. ,InIinsnn, CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE Fl 'R'l'.'XlN l'l,l 'IS HI-'IAIVIQIQS .Xll1lv'rv1ll, Pllvlb Illlllllpi. ,mix -.4 Run' I: IM-lu-1-ln. Xlmllx.I,1'XxIx,I..l1u'N, i1IilIilI,IIl'l'!l!Lf,l.I!.L!I1'lI.Sllhlxl-lllll, Ill, 1 n-. Iulllunll. Run' li xml:-r, , I I v Xrnln-xxx Nlnxx. Xxvilxull. IIIIII1-r, flm'l'imI. Ixmm-mu, '71-.sly XLK4-4-un-r, Ilfmv, Sullx' H4-mll'inLs, Sllxii' lwvxrlniclw, Run' 5- Nlni.-M.-1, l.u'quvIim- XX ilmn, Xlqwn f3vtI1-r, l7mm.u XX ils-nu. xluin-, Xxvnmc. llurriwu, Ima-, Puvlr, H.mI.ux, Ilmlgr-4. Rvknsll. xlnrllmrxl, frm' I: Hlullllull. Q lIl'll-N, f2lllllll, ljnlllxllwrlll, xlulllxun, lznlllux, Xulnlluvyvl. fllvgvl. IX:-Illl. fmullx fyuvlls Irrlllvllnll, Slullunl. lI1'H1'IIl.lIl, All-Illia, lqllll' li Park, llllflrlullvl. XI1K1'4', fxllvlb. Xxvulanll, IIUIINQ. ixrclli- mlul, Rulxillsml. 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Several persons participatect in ttie clrama assemlaly in lxlarclw. raclio slqits, anrt pantomimes was programmect tor March. The Curtain Clulm also provictecl lwosts, tiostesses, anrl spealters tor tlwe Promotion Committee on Careers Day. Qne semester of rlramatics is required tor mem- luersldip in this organization. Officers :turing tlwe past semester were: lxlareia Phillips, presiclentg .loan Prietm, vice-presictentg Nancy Ross, seeretaryg anal Carol An- cterson, treasurer. Mrs. Katlmlecn Rigby is sponsor of ttie ctuln. lxlntttiews, Anrlerson, Ross, txlelilan, Tliornus, ltr-linicli. Bolitllo, Strii lelunit. Nlili t lxlr-zumy. The omcers ot ttme citulw, cturing ttie past semes- ter were: ilucty .lol1nson, presiclenlg Dorotlwy Cronau, vice-presictentg lxlarityn Botittio, secretary, anal Sue tlercltein, treasurer. Mrs. Kattwteen Rigby is sponsor ot ttde organization. Row l: Bain, Devgml, llllint Rr-inecly. Xvirnlu-rly. Row 7 .lnnsvn, Cole. Coullrip. Xxtliitnr Knif-rim. Plxillips. 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NIKIIHIPS, PUUYU, lsillllt' QUII I2lilill'f,, N4JrfiS, ISHIIIP, TYYIJPTEI. IZZIFIIIUPP, Uvruiiins, Ilnyiii-S. 'flu-rsule. ixlivln-ls. Brimiiiiigj. BEHIND THE ,SCENES 'QOH' li Hkl3'nl'S, Nj'lll'fgI. RUN' 22 NHILPIS. Baillie, Alumnus. Norris. Roni 3: Broxxiiinu. IiI1l'l'SOI1'. The slage Crew, El service orgziiiiziiliuii, operates ihe sliigc equipment for school aisscinlmlies mul prociuclions. Dick Haynes, stage manager, uiicl Dick Nylmerg. his zissisiaiiii., are in Charge ul' Lime crew. wiiirh iriclucies: tecimiciziiis Barron lfaisiinripe and Frurilc Mmirlic-s, who Cheek Cues ziiifl c'arlJciiis iii time spmiiigiilg ami sound leeiiiiifiaiis Hari Amlrews unc! I lowzircl Pmume, who prepare liie Uiniiqesn. ifleclriciaiis Willis Browiiiiig, Charles Nlichzieis mini Dirk Elber- suie plan the Colored Iigjhliiig, ami dniinkiesu Osvar Bnthe, Dim Ainruins, ,lorry Prmre, and Charles Larson, under the ciireciiuii of Nvii- frecl Norris, pui up time sels. Mrs. Kailinic-c-ii Rigby is time fucuily sponsor. while hir. Nvininm -INIIIISLHII, time Sriifiuif nssisiniil eiigiiic-er, is the lvehiiieaii uclvism. FEHIIIP, .AfILII'l'XYS, IXIHIIKIPS. IiHStIlUlJ1'. i i 75 Xxldllul V, lgulllv. -of lll If VII lf TR Xl'I Ill' WIA Xll' slllll' lllll llu' llllrwlwulnljvlxll Slulll lun lH'l'Il llll llvliu' 1110.11 " lunl in NlUl'f'illl llfl' 'qflll' l: clllllikv. vlqllilfll fl , r. flluy, filnrlx. Run .IXHIIIYUXXB I,.lH'rS1lIl'. IX IN Ill! 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IINIQ I.1'IlIlIIIl isIIN'Ic'aNIr'rz11NI,IluN' C-NIIIIIIJIJVII is IIN' XHVIIIISI. mi Vg? 3 s.,s 11 66 27 udic, 7Wae5f1'0, lgdarie -1 iff: Q i 1' , ,j'H . 5 'I 3 CONCERT ORCHESTRA The orchestra played the traditional Hpomp and Circumstancen and the overture and recessional for the graduations. lt also played for the Christmas assemlaly and the Morgan Parlc Womenls Cluh. Mr. Otto Klasen was the director for the fall semester, and Mr. Armand R. Balcer came to Morgan Parlq at the lueginning of the spring semester. He came from Oalc Parlc High School and had previously laeen a memher ol the lnclianapolis Symphony Orchestra, viola section. Dfhcers were: Brenda Bowen, Lymus Wallace. presidents, Marilyn Pannell, Vem Dahlstrom, vice-presidents, Marilyn Pearson, Vxfalter Dixon, secretaries, l.ymlls Wallace, Marilyn Pearson, treasurers. Fllllpg French Horns Percussion Violas Houscr Sllaw A. Rolainson R. Roloinson Stiles C. Stahl Dalllsirom Quast Rich Clarinets First Violins W. D' Tromlmne Bowenlxon Violincellos Freeman Berry Al Dixon Blaclcsller Millar Blf-nd Pnnnnn Wallace Danlels Harp Bake, Willis Oboe Glaser Gny. Anderson Hemmcr Daniels Trumpets Second Violins String Basses Finn Piano Pannell Vvilson Swilt Hodges Lewis Vvier Holranson Brownfield Pradd Thilmont Gaslcins lxflclntvre Bracy Cricler Morgan Parlcs Concert Band really added to our school spirit. ln their sna py green and white uniforms, they did their part in highlighting the exciting moments clillring the loothall games, as well as parading on the Field alter the hall. The hand also played for assemhlies, the P. T. A. open house, the community Memorial Day parade, and the spring production. Ollicers for the fall and spring semesters were: Carol Mae Bjorlc, Don Newell, presi- clentsg Phillip Henss, Walter Dixon, vice-presidentsg Ralph Zeiss, secretaryg Richard Dellert, treasurer, Bennett Humphrey, secretary-treasurer, and Harold Finn, librarian. lVlr. Qtto Klasen and lVlr. Armand Balcer were conductors. Clarinets Flutes Comets Drums Biorlc Rummel Finn Shisslcr Lacey S, Houser Daniels .laclcson Dellert Gunn Bronson Jcnlcins Mraz Mary Miller Vvhitsell Seitz Hart Tschentlce Humphrey Hammer Kropp Ford Collorcl Wallace Schuenemann Zachman Loxterman Swift Tmmbones Treat ob Holcanson Berry Xfvallace D 01 Lolgren Ngbcfs Mitchell Anff salz VN will-newn Freeman n erson Burns Samuels Adams H Mason gcvvill - - - ran lpltglone MI er Bass Clarinet VVllitc E' I-louser B- Slam Horns Baritone Homs B male Flesvig Dixon uc Shaw Fewlces Palsedgc Alto Saxophone C bb Ol Lnnnnn Cl,Slahl Jail? Nayder Hcnss Borgerson Mattson Ham Tenor Saxophone Firant Scllultlleis Hcmmcr Zeiss Parsons Davis Glaser Clark Ferman Stafford CONCERT BAND Row I: Susie HcmIricIcq Younf N ., L, urmun, Kl!IK'fIlll, I'4urnzuuIis, Thomas. IXIISS SIivIIOn blllIIIl, C. IxIilc'Iu-II, IXI4'l'4ilKIiII'll, SEIIIIIII. Ron' 2: fIaurIs0n, SuIIy IIr'mIrirIu. II:-ring Iwingus, I.nIim0rl'. Ronin-0, fTrIoII', tIl'IlXXIUl'LI, I'1-asv, Janson, II. IxIiIr'Iu'II, I,0Y0ung, IXIurmy, fIuvIIc-, Roy. Row I: f'IaurIi, XVII:-I-Icr, Gocring, l,l'Il'I'S0ll. Slicr, IXIL'GIN'l'fIl, IxI4'AI1-1-, IInnsnn, I,ursuns, INIrIm'rm-y, V2-uglm, IxInrsviII1'. C'uIquitI. Storm-r, Divnu-r. If:-uIu-s, IxIlll'l!Ily. Row I: KIIZ1'Illlilll, XXI:-In-r, Nvslv, BuyI1:, 5InrIIl0rsI. Ifuun-n, Ilm-y, XVuIuIs, Us-Itvr, XXIJIISOII, XXIHSIIIIIQIIIIII, IIurringfIun, III-nrsfm. I5rmxnIuw, Curliss, IInynvs. KIinr', fjuy. CHOIR IIIIIIFI'I.IlCfIIl'1'LTIIUll oINIXIISsI'IIa1Il1v SIu'Ilfu1, IIN' c'Imi1'sm1g for IIN- I3cvcrIy I IiIIS ,Iunirwr XVlIIlI4'II.S fIIuIm, IJ. VII. A. QJIIUII Ilmm-, IlcfI Cross CmmciI, amI lI1c IVIarinc IIospilaI, Ilrr-ssmI In IIm0ir :ww Ivurvsl groom roImcs zmrI wI1ilo sIoIcs, IIN: group pcrIurmccI Im' II1c VIIIIIIIIIQSQIYIIIQ :u1rI ciI1FISIIlIilS ussc-mIuIios. During C1I1I'ISII1IiIS WI-QIQ A Cz1pp0IIn sung ul II10 Im.,-fl :II I'IIIIlI'ilIIUII IEIIIIIIIHQ. I IIII Sl'IlIl'SIC'I' uIIir'vrs wx-rc: IBHII IfIIm', prc'sicIcnIg ISFUIILIII Igowc-11, vice-prcsiflcntg f'urIiss, sc-crcluryg SQIII3' IIcnrIrivI4s. Irc'usurCr: IIIII X'TilIIIjI1lI mIcI Dave ITCWIQCS, IiI1mrim1s. Iluring IIN- spring sc-nwslr-r UIIII-I-I-S xvcrv: PJrc'11rIn I7mw0n. DiCIq,Im1sc-11, CaroI IXIIICIWOII, and I JirI4 IDI- Ymmg. Girls! Clvc' Clilly sang for Llic l5cv0rly Hills zmcl lxlorgau ljarli Vwruiiiclihs Clulms. lliv Clirisiiims usscmluly, iuicl tlic scliool music festival. rlilio ciglwiy-llwrev wire vlwir was umlcr llie clireclion of Mrs. Margaret E U'Nc'ill. Ullxifcrs were Pai Sproul. loan ljrielm, presiclenisz ll-l'8I1DlC lvlason, Luis gmisclc. x'ic'c-presiclenisg Rao Wmwcmcl. .laclaie Vxfilsun. scwrctariesg ancl 4 ljcmiy Zeiss, Elaine Whitnell, lreasurers. Row l: Knicrim, lxl. lxlnlicrns, Enright, Clirisiir-, Sinisc-li, lxlrs. O,Ncill, Xvlxitncll, Elgin, Pliillips. Mcufalf lx1l'CflSlfll'lC'l. RON' 22 I-,filllfllql-. COUllTip. LHIICIQTCIDP, ECISOII. KPHHl'Cly, SiYI'l0l'lS, BlHfkSlll'f. HONK'P. DUVZII McFadden. Gilwcrson, Cserrfp, Re-ynolcls, Latimorc, Randle. Salilin. Lorenz. Korn. Vvitlc. Row 3: Gayclvn Holly, Zeiss, Hanson, Luckctt. Descll. Jones, Bowman. Campbell, Griffin, Paul, Vvcrncr. A. lvlalicrns Herzog, Kroger, Ross. Barrett, Rcliosll, Braucr. Row 4: Parsons. lvlaiiliias, Prim-lv. Burge, Kitzr-lman, Hs-mmer Bnrgerson, Xvnjnizuli, Sproul, Eames, Wollartlx. Kamenslce, Vvilson. Mason, Griswolcl, Mcany, Holmmnn Xvilliums, Cvorlizun. Hoclgcs. Xvllcelvr, Vvallcer, Nlays, JUNIOR GIRLS' CHORUS Run' I: IIau'I, Sxxzulnsun. RisIn-r IQIIIIQOIISIIIIIII. SlnilIl, C'ri4Ivr, Slirr IiimI4I, Dm-xx. IIuI1-num. Izn-ImIw. IT: NXIQIIBUII. t11ll'I4Ull. RUII' If IIIHIQSUII IIFIIPS, NNIRIIQUII, twl'0XY. lX'l'l'I'i7U Dania, I:l'l'IIlilll. Griwuhl, RIiIr'Iu'II IIUIIII, tIlIllIl'f. fIl1llsIv-. Row I: IxIIIl'II1'I'. Z1-nIu'r, Xvnlson IIuIwrI. INIiss SIU-Ilnn, V1-rgusnn I,ug1m'I. I,Ill'IbllS, NIigfs'Iy. KQTIIIUIA. ,IuIm sun. IIrquImrI, XYiIIiznns, IxInlIm'Ii IIvnIu-. Kr-IIm'r. I'.ricsun, IInun. XVI-sl null. Iiug.-y. Row ,Iz .Irsuvs, I'.sIsun 'II.1m.,mm, XV:-ImIwr, If4IwurmIs, IXIin Lflli, f'mn1oIIy, Crit:-S. CnmInn. IIup Ivins. Ifri1IIsnn, fInIquilI I,zuImImI Run' I: I51u'Imn.un. IIm-QIumI. Sh-xv url, IS.-IIWII, .InrsI.ln, I:nr4I fwrumnn-r, IQIISIIIIISSPIL IQoIu-rls. 'I Immus. SI'IIH'IllI1'I', II11rmIxx iq SPSSA. KIIZIIIIL, twqllifllll. JUNIOR MIXED CHORUS XXVIISUII, NIiss SIwIIun, I.ursun IQUIlI'l'l5 IQUYHUIIIS. 'QOH' 22 I5l'll, 3I1I5riII1-. furlis, XVAIHI. I5IurIxsIn-r. I .aungIInnI. Carrington, P4-tusIiy fIIm11Ivr, Run' I: XY.-IIS. I'Jl'i4Igj1's IQUIIQI-rx, IIuIilIm, XIunrm-. S4-anlmll. XX'muIrimIgfc, lfil-IIIS. Run' LZ: SnyLI1-r Unit Commander Cadet Major Richard Sorenson Executive Officer Cadet Captain Roger Duffy COMPANY "A" C0mp0ny Commander Cadet Captain William Vaughn Executive Offcer Cadet 2nd Lt. Richard Haynes lst Platoon Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Richard Haynes Platoon Sgt. Cadet Mfsgt. Thomas Carroll Platoon Cvuide Cadet Sgt. Joseph D'Arcy lst Squad Squad Leader Cadet Sgt. John Hardiwiclc Asst. Cadet Sgt. John I'IoIcanson Cadet Pvt. Milian Ralciclc Cadet Pvt. John Williams Cadet Pvt. Rex Shannon Cadet Pvt. Lee Marsh Cadet Pvt. Richard Colquitt 2nd Squad Squad Leader Cadet Mfsgt. Jess Davis Asst. Cadet Sgt. Thomas Marsh Cadet Pvt. Raymond Weaton Cadet Pvt. Charles Cherry Cadet Pvt. Donald Smith Cadet Pvt. Ralph Mitchell Cadet Pvt. Charles I'IeiIman 3rd Squad Squad Leader Cfgdet Sgt. Clayton Stafford sst. Cadet P.P.C. John Jenlcins Cadet Pvt. Kenneth Lilwert Cadet Pvt. George Petrow Cadet Pvt. Jaclc Thornton Cadet Pvt. Jaclc Tilling 2nd Platoon Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Richard Nyherg Platton Sgt. Cadet Sgt. Edward Glas Platoon Guide Cadet P.F.C. John Gist Ist Squad Squad Leader Cadet Mfsgt. Rohert Buchanan Asst. Cadet Donald Newell Cadet Pvt. Donald Massie Cadet Pvt. William Loclcett Cadet Pvt. Theodore Lisse Cadet Pvt. Russell Warn 2nd Squad Squad Leader Cadet Corp. Edward Tillman Asst. Cadet Corp. Donald Long Cadet Pvt. Edward Seitz Cadet Pvt. William Lowder Cadet Pvt. James Murdoclc Cadet Pvt. Ronald Scott 3nd Squad Squad Leader Cadet Mfsgt. John I'IaucIc Asst. Cadet S.F.C. Eugene Washin Cadet Pvt. John Gratchner gton Cadet Pvt. Gordon Hitzelherger Cadet Pvt. Raymond Clson Cadet Pvt. Arthur Cromer COMPANY "B" Company Commander Cadet 2nd Lt. Bennett Humphrey Executive Officer Cadet 2nd Lt. Dewey I'IaII Ist Platoon Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Dewey Hall Platoon Sgt. Cadet Sgt. Charles Michaels Platoon Guide Cadet P.F.C. Pranlc Mendes Ist Squad Squad Leader Cgdet Corporal Edward Waldo sst. Cadet Corporal Richard Cvrowe Cadet Pvt. La Mar Rodgers Cadet Pvt. Paul Adams Cadet Pvt. Ronald Adamson Cadet Pvt. Mortimer Bennett Cadet Pvt. Arthur Cherry Cadet Pvt. Arthur Neill 2nd Squad Squad Leader Cgdet Sgt. Nvillis Browning sst. Cadet P.F.C. Rohert Johnson Cadet Pvt. Ronald Matter Cadet Pvt. Charles Pierson Cadet Pvt. Rolmert Sault Cadet Pvt. Lawrence Werstler Cadet Pvt. Rohert Adams Cadet Pvt. Don Spencer 3rd Squad Squad Leader Cadet S.F.C. Joseph Crawford Asst. Cadet Corporal Kenneth Viclcers Cadet Pvt. Cvene Filhe Cadet Pvt. Judge Johnson Cadet Pvt. Edward Jordon Cadet Pvt. Arthur Long Cadet Pvt. Randolph Lund Cadet Pvt. Roger Katz 2nd Platoon Platoon Leader Cadet 2nd Lt. Earl Andrews Platoon Sgt. Cadet SPC, Barron Easthope Platoon Guide Cadet P.F.C. Cmardis Watts Squad Leader Cadet S.F.C. Richard Rolainson sst. Cadet Corporal Rohert Lawrence Cadet Pvt. Fred Stomer Cadet Pvt. William Van Valie Cadet Pvt. Thomas Heuss Cadet Pvt. Richard Leonhardt Cadet Pvt, Quentin Lorenzen Cadet Pvt. Windsor Stolces 2nd Squad Squad Leader Cadet Sgt. Rohert Melcher Asst. Cadet Corporal Wilfred Cadet Pvt. Donald Nelson Cadet Pvt. James Piclcens Cadet Pvt. Ralph Peterson Cadet Pvt. Donald Smith Cadet Pvt. Eugene Broyals 3rd Squad Squad Leader Cadet S.F.C. Daniel Selheimer Asst. Cadet Pvt. Ralph Arlcema Cadet Pvt. Donald Speiser Cadet Pvt. Russell Nelson Cadet Pvt. John Selheimer Cadet Pvt. Robert Hughs R. O. T. C. M fSgt. F. H. DUDIAK WO J. C. BALSIS MILITARY INSTRUCTOR ASST. PMS 6 T Morgan ParIr's Reserve Otlicers Training Corps is an active and im- portant school organization. Its program is outlined to lay the foun- dation of intelligent citizenship and provide training in practical suhjects essential to civil life. The R. C. T. C. Rille Team for 1950-51 made great progress. They surpassed all previous team scores for the past two years in dis- trict competition and participated in the Fifth Army Area and Hearst Rifle Matches. Commendation is directed to the R. C. T. C. Usher Force, Fire and Air Raid Guards, who have done a splendid joh the past year in seating audiences at important events and in safeguarding the lives of Empehi's students. 83 COMPANY NAU C O L O R CCMPANY N BH G U A R I'il'si yvnr 4.1414-ls in rillmf llmrlxsllmrlillip using ilu 'muh mul pupil lllvlllml ol inelrurlion. gi. . .. 'llml mmlvl olllnvl .lwlslllbu Ill llhlll Ilwulllll! Ill Nlrmlnm lu wx-null nun Muln-IQ. 1 mlvi rrniwvl' .uaialing in rumkv-l Iullmllz-1' flnlxcrurlmxf lnslrllrhon ln lumur xml:-le. Rin-fi plulrmn p.nrtisip.ulinQ in pllysixaxl training .ll-ill, xx fl-i m XQR .Xfzff ww! fzzw fm Ill II lfz 1 f A111011 IXIUIJII I . I r 4 I x M, K ff fi . xl. ,cw .- ' 'z 'fa i, .,L,.M it, 'M . L M .ri ,Lf-fo' Kailua ' Gsxlunqell . ' h 5, man' . Ylowol abc' Q . Honxs- . nr G10 X .. raholm. Robmso Nulsvl ' We-wel' Chl McNerl0"d' xich- Bulnlifrh 809015 de' 9. die WC 5 ' . ww' A sow ...M M ...wr Bard- Hung! v Loxwrm A Bob xl psndiazilegagleriaeil Beale, Qalslroggixuxthels. Do 'V' ' Row Gu? A wp. fcxeb- Hard? Hull. 'L' woxxhmciohmlon' Thoxchezml Gee- Row l Yowxegll Doblolxgkcxl Bolinh-nloxhdes' . C056 9u"35' C006 3. . il gon. Row 8160 sown' .. vigil Sparlwd by Co-Captains loo McDade. and Dick Boslrom I and Coach Robert Anlonides. Empehi was well represented -:Ai on the qridlron lag! lull. The Mustangs had a 4 win. 2 loss 1 1 ' season. alter dropping the two practice games to Thornton 'Y and Peoria Cenlral. fe . K. The Muslangs dclealed Soulh Shore. Parker. Hyde Park. and Hirsch. We also played C.V.S. and Calumet. The Mus- tangs won Jrd place in lhe Soulh Seclicn. Q,,fjff:f is :XY ll I 1 ., 1 W. .V Egg :SA nf X Snmuz-lu Handy Ehrh MCGuxr4- mr. ' . 7 Dahl-drum Bowtmm Syivwm, Hnninqton Shannon, Friskry. Run nn, Cull , H ll y np c F slime ,x Nw, r -v r Qi 9 Simester Puesaqlia, Klein, Motley. Raw Z: Hummel, Bnght, Raetzmcn, Row l: Morgan, . , . ' Marshall. Klechte. Ward. The heuviea ended their league play with twb wins against Bowen and Harper. Other games were played with Parker. Fenger, C.V.S., Carver. Calumet, and South Shore. In exhibition gum:-sa the ts-um beat Englewood, and lost to Blue Island Led by Captczm Gordon Ehrlmrt the team conmslnd ol Don Bostxom Chuck Shannon Dewey Hall Przul McGuxre cznd Mxke Hardy Lcd by Co Cuptam: Bob Smmstu and Frank Mottlay Morqczn Varlrr lmqhts tcckpd up cr J 'Mn record for league games I' hlbxtlon Thr, Ponies :darted the scaqon by wmmng tx: ex d l n to Blue Island ln league play they beat Parker Fengor n played vwre Hvde Park Hxrsch South Shore CVS Calumet n a 4 game -mth Entglewcod. au cgi g . ' , - , cz d Carver. Other teams fs ZS, 5,3 A ' its Ll lfgtils-'Q 553jj ?2" 712 P539 if , gf , :'. -X 1 ,' J 1 fa? , f in LL A wfgtk.-few-Q - "',l'ff fails, X- 'W lsr? 1 It ,, . ,Surg Vw, 4 f 4 . r ,Q ,Ng , 5 1 Q! .tif ggi ,ALR sw' X A ' . 'i- K ' W . mn I: Rulnml Nlulimrl. Ilmszngjlial, Xvuh-rs, Ss-rnpr:-vivn, KI4-hlw. Rau' Q: Nliczllifv, c,xillilllK'51', Rm-Amir , I , . . Hawk, I..1lvm Cilrlllslxi. 'xml' lg Xlr. lux-mlir-. Hnfum. XV. IV:-xxlwg flmlll. IQI1-nh, Nil-mln. Silnpgun, Igullwlxv, I5-IHIHH, Hlmlwln-I. BASEBALL -1 , ,4 . ..l Hr. ww rf'lllmil1g xc-Immun. PML um 1lIvvfvlllgrI41yr'1l ll 'my um Nlluldlmgf. Hmm' 147313 Ixlwrglnll Iullrlx lnnsvlmll :xlllxl-IIIQS xxvrv anlmlv lu xxm llllw' '1llIIl'N 4llII'IlIU llw QPINHII .al Ilmllufl f4lil4'I1 lxlf lxxr-1-rlw 'mm' .1 l1'mlIll xxrllmmll llmxm-xc-l', llu-5' Iuwul Nvullu 5IlUI'K' lxxnw - 5-3 ,mr1lUH1.amflwll1m':'I+1l4'lu-mllrx'l314'LNl4-wil-. Ilwlf 5 :FEL I .N , M , bw SWIMMING I A 5Nfu f' r i Q , V fi ff I ' F V' 6 . ix -9' X we IQUU' I Z SIIIFYIPT, AlWS'Ollfl, Curtiss. Fiiiie, lkl0llIl'IliU'l, Eames. Row 2: Krekluw. Fc-wkes, K Curtis. Joimson, Pease. Hague, Stair, Zeiss, RUIIV I I i'xlIlhl'0S0, c1l'ilXVI.0l'll. Martin, Brown, Fri-miemlaii. Beiciing. Hownrzl. Row 2: Shields, limbs, Linrlrooiii. Nliils, Cnpron, Nlarining, Bronson SUYIKHHTIKI, Ff'YN'kl'S. The Senior Swimming Team, under the direction of ixir. Tweemiie, had an exeeiient season. fTi'1ey won an Five of their meets against such worthy opponents as Parker, South Shore. Calumet, tenger, ami Hirsch. The Senior swimmers were Orrin Eames, Dirk ifewiies, Keith Atwood, Roger Sturner, Bob Pease. Dick Hague Raipii Zeiss. Bob Stair, Roland Mattson, Don Houietian, and Ken Curtiss. Following Closely in the footsteps of their senior imroiiwers. time jqunior team imeat Parker, Veneer, Calumet, anrl Hirsch, init iosi to South Shore. The Junior swimmers were Dave isevvites, ,lim Dellfei, Boiu Siiieiris, . , f 1 i'raniq Uorgan, iirnest Ambrose. Holy iatge, Greg ilaeiriing, ami ,lim ixianning. I xyl ' f '. 'I'l14- lmyf l'1llIlll1'IlIf-lllllli mm!!-ul, ul IINAII11-lllllf-will llu- xmnmxe tm-mums wlmrr I F 1 ' I1..w-Wm.. m.1i1vrlm'Ilc-I nr .Xlllll'lI!'9 llx - flf ,L llllIII1rN1'lNlUlllIIIQ lfwgvllwl' H1 um HI"rlllI ' ' in I ,,,l,,,,1 ilu- lmp lXl,.,,.H-nm-H-Q11-fl Ill illll 'L A lvllrx ll I vI.l11'X'x4'lXl'll11'ifliliillllx IIQIHIN zlllll X fx N Qll-elllxrlllNllvll1v1mlTlvfllNi1Nfllbl'll llmw X . "M .I lxllkllllllx NlQlll. Nvlilm-1 .nlrl I..ll lllll I ' I 1 . Klllfllflllx .ml1.11.1...1y.1lIm-.Q.l,mf,11fx ' , flllnmx xxvzv ,luv M1-lJ...l1 vnu l 1 I-'ffl' I J..lNlgf,H1, l?If'NI1ll'IJl9I l3.nx'lQ lnrlx U' fxluuuu Xlfl' pn-xulvr1IN3,lll11f milf-X l DXXMIII J f- fun-llv, llI':INllIl'INQ .mel lllll lfrlld ljnlx ,,-'A l l -milf,X1-W-l..m-N. il' -.SW 'P-','A 1 A . - --xii X u Xlr Xlff '11-'mr I4 llmm' xlwlm ull' .EMBLEM CLUB '. INN- 1'. '. Q rm' I: l.nrson. Hurlrull, lllnr . '. ax S rv , vnu' , '- -S. xml' Q.: xngvrs, on ns mm .1 1 . 'inn rs, '44 S ml lllvis. Rnluillwull, fgllillll. Run' l ,lullalllsllll. 5lllu'4ll'I', lgllrllbll, 5ll.lIlIl0ll, lllallwluz lgllrllx llilrtlv. lrury. Row -I: Kuxulx, Curlies. frm-. Rillvr. Dinh. Xvillinlm. lyicli lsuslnmlll, Huulwr. Hou' I: Nl: llnlu-. fun-llv. Nun Xlnllxnlx, xlull:-x. Run' 1: ,Xl xxmnl, fvilxulalxi. lnlmmn. R4- slvlllslu-, finlnlirlr-ev. ll.uri4. Run' lc Vlxislxwvllll, lfillu-, Rulninwn. lwnxlf-r. R.-il, fmllmw. l'4lsN.xgli.u, Iluuillll, Run' lr xlul'Q.llr lzvlill lisllvrv. 54'llIlll'1'X luv, lslllillll. IIVIISN, llulu-rl, Xlafluiu-, lolm mn. bllIl'llt'l', lui fYIIlS l4Illlbl1'lIl cilllll llili flulll' IlIlll'l1 lil illfl lll0 Sfllfifbl Imr'urw'Is lllis vc-rar. rl luv girls uflml us lmuslvssvs in lllc lllllfll rmsg wlrl Nlwrunrr l,.rrl4 slivlwrs zurrl pcrrrrmrls lu malqc Iln-rr ,rll-fl-rv lu llrc- sflmrl jmmjm-rl lurrclg Llwy assrslccl in It'l1'I'4'L'lIl" illlfl llIlllHI'lIlgf Qlfli IlllI'ilIIlllI'ill YUlll'yl7illl, llUSliC'l- :Ill illlfl lBilSl'lhlllQilIl1l'S. lu ln-r'11rlrc'ar rm-ur1lwruuir'l musl vzrrrx ilSlHC'1'lllf'Kll1lIID- ln-r ul Iwrrrls in ilu- rmlrysivzrl vclrrrnlirwrl rlarssvs luy zrllcrrnlmrcu. rlarw wrwrl41rrrnl lml'lic'ipa1lirwrr in lIllI'ilIlllIIillS. Vlqlw mrw rrwrrrlwrs :Irv pwsvrulvcl willm vmlxlcms mul lllc rnfwrwy lu uwm-r' llmis vxpcrrsc' was misc-rl lmy sr firmly Salr' in B rlrf- lxlurx' Yun fxlmlwrum mul lmis l7Jl'ull,lc'z1lx. I'7I'QSitlCI1lS1 Nzrllv llf-r11lr'ir'l4s urrcl llrvrrrlu lluwcrr, x'ir'0-prvsiclorrlsg and ll'ilIllIll' llililS illlll Ci1I'4Dl5'Il gl'l1lll'l7. SC'CI'f'lilI'y-lFPEISIIIACTSQ xx'c'r'c- - ' lllc l.rIl urrfl sprung ullrm'c'1's r'c'spvvlrvr'lV. uw lx Xvluilm-ll. Purliwr, Exlson. Siivr. Bjork, Crimlvr, pvurson, llc'mlri4'liS, Phillips, Ulmvr. Raw 2: Bow- nn, Rulwrls. Grisxxulrl, Vm1Al1ln-nm, xx7lll'l'll'l", Lllrlivll. Klingfc-r, ClYlf'lll2lll, Aulk, lvliss Kurz. Row 3: uw:-, CilTlllK'l1, lxluins, Bzmvn, Haus, Srllurlz, Fvrnmn, Busll, Bullur Svlnrlvvgaus, Brnlllvul, Sproul, Rum:-u, YEA, TEAM!! Run' l: fullul. Plwlulls, IJ-..I. Ron' 1: Rulwrls, lvlvnivuslii. Snlisvlm. Xl-neun. Run' ll: Xvlwvlvr, :Xmlvrf Nun. Rau' l: lnrmuz. llnlpvr, 1 y.. 'HIL l flrlsull, l lllllllii. "Vx" lllx u ww. mul il lwn, :mel .n ll1I'i'l'-l'flIll'. llmls wlml we say, lull ilu-rv am- rm-fully olovcn rlu-1-l'lv.ulv1'S wlw lim-p ilu' team spun! lugglm um sun. I'illIl, or slvvl. lu llwi1'gl'4-4-In pvflnl pllslwrs mul wlmilu SXX'l'1llK'I'S, ilu-5 m'lw1'gf-livanlly If-ml l'.IlljDl'l1l lmus in 1Xl1l'l'I'S ul lmwllmall illlfl lmslwllwilll QJIIIIPS. lxlury l'1lll'll Xvlwvlvr mul llvlly' ,xlumlwsmr xxvrc' vuvzzplilills llm I..llA Nuing ullivc-is wr-rv: Di- nm- Rf-lwrls. c'a1pI.nil11 l4'l'ilIlIllC lxla- wn. .uwislmml v.npl.eing Ylwfllllll' lmr- vw. ss-1-11-la1ryg mul .lmm .lvlf-mvwskf, lI'1'2lillI'CI'. .BT "1?lAf!'fl bn wg is is Q., lg 5 U' 'izeffkwm 3 , ,, , Sll'ik1-tllxxuu Ufjvl wl ..,.. CIIV. Mljnx' ul ilu: 'Dull Hn frm H4-lv I.In'1ilml1'I'I'lIl!1 cllllllmlgn mule vi vllulx up Hxxxulrll mul In-lou!" Axim .lml IIN- lm- ' DIMM' Iilvllyn NXXVII-ulva Xvuvf Thanks to ACCURATE SEAT COVER 6 TOP SHOP 9905 S. Western Ave. I-Hlltop 5-2422 ANNA W. YOUNG. REAL 1830 W. 103rd St. BEver1y 8-1929 ESTATE BEVERLY MUSIC CENTER 1824 W. 95th St. 1-1111top 5-2238 DANIEL L. CARLIN. REAL 1829 W. 103rd St. BEver1y 8-9820 ESTATE E. 6. R. IEWELERS 1903 W. 103rd St. I-Hlltop 5-2981 FOOD AND VARIETY STORE 10245 S. Western Ave. GREENWOOD RECORD 6. SPORT SHOP 3217 W. 111th St. H111top 5-4645 HILDA'S SHOP 1742172 W. 95th St. Clidcnrcrest 3-1780 HILLCREST SNACK SHOP 1956 W. 95t1'1 St. CEc1ctrcrest 3-9542 HILLTOP TV. RADIO 6. APPLIANCES 3203-5 W. 111th St. 1-1111top 5-5511 These Patrons LEWIS W. WAXMAN. PHARMACIST 2101 W. 95th St. BEver1y 8-8672 MARKLEY'S RESTAURANT 9419 S. Ashland Ave. I-1111top 5-2500 MAY RADIO SALES 6. SERVICE 1120 W. 95th St. CEc1c1rcrest 3-5163 MORGAN ARMS TAILORS 6. CLEANERS 2239 W. 111th St. Clfldcxrcrest 3-1777 MUSIC BOX DINING ROOM 1832 W. 103rd St. BEver1y 8-1010 TOM COLLINS. PRINTER 1922 Monterey Ave. BEver1y 8-5751 WESTERN PHARMACY 10301 S. Western Ave. I-I111top 5-3135 WILLIAM H. BROWN 6: SONS, REAL ESTATE 10307 Hcde Ave. BEver1y 8-2202 F. W. WOOLWORTH. 5c TO 51.00 STORE 1728 W. 95th St. CEdc1rcrest 3-1510 Thanks to These 95th Street Merchants C H A R M Delineators .... 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REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT DORIS BROWN 10014 S. Western Ave. Chicago 43, 111. Hllltop 5-0350 GORDON'S INTERIORS 11066 S. Western Ave. Chicago 43, 111. BEver1y 8-6063 ROCKWELL F. CLANCY COMPANY Publishers Seventy-five East Wacker Drive RAndolph 6-7811 T Chicago, lll. Thanks to These Mt. Phone I-Illltop 5-2073 LLOYD FREDENDALL IEWELRY 0 WATCHES GIFTS FOR REMEMBRANCE 3123 West lllth Street CHICAGO 43, ILL. Greenwood Merchants AL PAYNE MOTORS INC. 3058 W. lllth St. Sales STUDEBAKER Service Cars Trucks Phone Hllltop 5-2600 CAMERAS, PROIECTORS Dark Room Supplies Model Airplane Kits All Sizes of Film DALEY'S PHOTO SUPPLY lll2l S. Keclzie Ave. BEverly 8-2281 I-Illltop 5-0567 Alltlt. Greentnnuh bpenialtp Svbup LINGERIE INFANTS' dt CHILDREN'S WEAR SHOWER GIFTS 3237 W. lllth St. Chicago 43 Hilltop 5-2736 SULLIVAN'S SMARTWEAR FOR MEN AND WOMEN Hllltop 5-1150 3047 W. lllth St. Chicago 43, Ill. ENDURANCE PAINT 6. WALLPAPER CO. GLIDDEN PAINTS DuPONT PAINTS MURPHY PAINTS 3209 W. lllth St. Chicago 43, Ill. Minerva Paulson Hllltop 5-4494 Aliilinerhas Beauty Salon Specializing in Scalp Treatments -1- Razor I-Iaircutting 3259 W. Illth Street Chicago 43 Success to the Class ot '51 DODGE DRUG CO. R. C. Dodge, R.Ph. 3235 W. lllth St. BEverly 8-6686 An Ethical Prescription Store Thanks Hardware Pittsburgh Paint and Glass Appliances Cleaning Supplies Quality Kitchenware GEORGE W. MICHELS Appliance Repair Service Piclc Up and Delivery BEverly 8-6292 1825 W. 103rd St., CHICAGO 43, Ill. BEverly 8-1176 Evenings and Holidays Telephone CEdarcrest 3-0701 BEVERLY ART SHOPPE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS GREETING CARDS PICTURE FRAMING 1739 West 99th Street Chicago INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE! Continue Your Education in Chicago's Municipal Iunior College Day and .Evening Classes WILSON I UNIOR COLLEGE Branch-Chicago City Iunior College 6800 Stewart Avenue Chicago 21, Illinois ABerdeen 4-8835 FALL SEMESTER REGISTRATION September 12-25, 1951 EIGHT WEEK SUMMER SESSION Iune 25 - August 17, 1951 Mail transcripts of high school credits to the registrar Tuition Free to Chicago Residents Fully Accredited Day and Evening Classes Full or Partial Programs Convenient Location - Accredited Summer Session Wide Choice of Courses - Collegiate Atmosphere Experienced, Well-Trained Faculty Many Extra-Curricular Activities COMMUNITY GIF'I'E 6. TOG BEVERLY RIDGE SHOPPES CLEANERS 61 DYERS -- Plant: 9741 S, California L ,For 1812 W. ggth St. Phone: Evergreen Park 8400 adies and luniors BEverly 8-6148 Stores ,Ml 1708 W. 95th St. For the 1820 W. 95th St. Baby and 9911 Wflldeli PICWY- 3127 W. 111th St. Your Kute BEverly 8-0479 11100 S. Longwood Drive Klddles ALL Phones: BEver1y 8-2400 ACE LUMBER 6- CONSTRUCTION CO. 9438 S. Vincennes BEverly 8-4900 Chicago 20, Ill. Your Official Photographer THE K ,MAI iflgel' s'rUD1o PHOTOGRAPHERS CHAMPLAIN BUILDING 37 SO. WABASH AVE. CHICAGO 3, ILL. N fi mimi fnffl 5-gf Wig M236 555 - . f 3 , ,K I4 Y! Q, x. s i Q .. 5 ' Q- 2 x . C1009 L. ap x fb cfs 1- wtgns-'s DUFWNC, HGH-souoog, KEEP ce"n'NG .34 A WU V """'7'4'l la., freed! LUCK' Maul jf U ' J f'fMac5f5:4,!f,Q Q Q fe x 55 ., yr ' - Y j A A Ndztiwpwia ...Q .MQ L fi f iw -falzfgq 'W 4 ,df d,,Q'Z'fA'5"b4f E as -fm 'eff I I M we-13110 ,K E Nl fd . , , 5 ' Ulnvafus . ' "-gx v iii XL U6QQ7fGf "N'NXNwsfi S 4 K-A fp"-' If Q 7 E w X X, . 'A .. Q, j f,,bcxM5 f ' I P ,A 5 .S A I I' F",-If if verge" swaf M' 71, Ja ,r of 9, V. ww M mwhravtf 5 V ' ox -f M ,iv ..+".,-v' M ,Q fbfhvffwq A4959 ....-v", xJ"W,x.b" V L 1.0114 adda ' 'W f 74 ,f2 LV if 0 WV Q Qagyadmx Li"?V'f f?fff9f 03560 - 5 x M f ' B . 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