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v 1 ... Q Q- C iii y f , d :':-"":,,,,-LL-ici J ' I its . Q45 X 9 51 3155 4 WWI r" i 2 G Q Ah MAN Nyxy,--,ai HE?-KUTII' X9 xgw I 1-Avzxzv wg: N441 ,.A,4'1--. ...--A Editor-in-Chief . , . A FAWN CURRY Literary Editor . LEAH HUBER Sports Editors BOB MUELLER BOB NELSON Art Editors. LARRY KLEIN DAVE I-IERRIOTT Business Manager A A ,, BOB MCCUE Advisor MRS. DOROTHY CELLA Page 3 2, To The sTudenTs oT Morgan Park high school, wiThouT whose TaiTh and supporT There would be no annual, we dedicaTe This book. There are numerous ouTsTanding accomplishmenTs Tor which The sTudenT body deserves This TribuTe. "Tops in EveryThing We UnderTalce" TypiTied The EmpehiTes' school year. ln The Tall They showed Their rousing school spiriT aT The TooTball games and The Team They cheered Tor carried Through, suTTering only one league deTeaT. The STudenT AssociaTion presenTed a varied calendar oT evenTs Through The year such as dances, movies, and assemblies. The SA. also backed many oTher Things Tinancially. A new SA. consTiTuTion was adopTed and The STudenT GovernmenT re-organized. New ideas broughT improvemenTs in The school newspaper, annual, governmenT, and The school as a whole. This year Empehi had iTs TirsT Junior Prom, held on The 29Th oT May, aT The Shoreland hoTel. This evenT climaxed The Tormal dances oT The year. The oThers being The MiliTary Ball, sponsored by The R.O.T.C. held December 6, in The Shoreland hoTel. The Senior Prom was held aT The Midland hoTel, January 28. The R.O.T.C. uniT was re-organized during The spring semesTer, incorporaTing a new sysTem oT Training which has proved mosT successTul. l-lighlighTing The spring semesTer was The annual spring producTion given by The music deparTmenT. lnsTrumenTal groups, choral groups and soloisTs Trom This deparTmenT also perTormed on several oTher occasions during The year. We praise The sTudenTs Tor The enThusiam and spiriT wiTh which They Taced each new obsTacle. They did Their besT in everyThing They underToolc, undaunTed by de- TeaT. May They go on To do bigger and beTTer Things nexT year. The sTudenT body iusTly deserves praise Tor iTs worlc and success. Pcige 4 Awww' Q - giigixhix Ai. sf te, ,W I , If W Nh 45 W5 Ml W , wb w i 1 fs as A , A as is-is , kk Q hr I gg . A ' E Q A ffi- A+ Q v 1 Y ' as Q - .h v--S , ' J -wg " A LQ N5 i va , 55 Al' V. I Zi ,X 5 .wg lx KN gf if Q W WE E I fwiff il sw E gsfws 5 . A W 1 K, 5 V Mi W Q I S. M M Y f 8. ,ffm M 'Wu Y ry.. Wm V .. wi ' 'GQ ,Sm P, .rf . ,ww-:N , . . 3 . 0, 1 W -9,d,,yp,, ,, mm 4- Qu 'rq if -W, ,,..fu-1 XFN' If A i 1 ,,'- 1 1,gN:,A,.F,.,,q L, W 5 nf 8 4 2 H 52, .: C X 'H 6? ixyyfw fl v i sii QQ 5 ' Sw 5' f x Y 1 'hd , ,,,, , ,wma '4 "" ,, 3 ,,,.k - ' m , H4 1' 9 fm . Eg Z h'L- . 2' I I fig, ,ggi FACUlTy 5 WQR 5 Page 8 JL. 114664, Thunderclouds are rolling, Sforms sweep o'er The land: The sun again is shining, And peace now blesses man. Long has been The paTh and Terrible The way Tor many of our boys and girls who were acTive parTicipanTs in World War ll. Perhaps we should sTrive To TorgeT some ol The unpleasanT aspecTs ol ThaT Terrible conTlicT, buT we should never TorgeT whaT They sacriliced in order ThaT we mighT conTinue To enioy our rich heriTage OT democracy, May we never TorgeT The supreme sacrifice TiTTy-Tive oT our noble sons made by giving Their lives Tor The ideals which undergird our democralic way of life. l.eT us enshrine The memories oT Their lives and Their selTfsacriTice in our hearTs Tor- ever. Such loyalTy and devoTion consTiTuTe The ToundaTion sTones ol an enduring socieTy. The new age ol nuclear Tission and aTomic energy calls Tor highesf inTelligence and The noblesT qualiTies human beings can musTer. We musT all worlc To make peace raTher Than war The one greaT goal oT human exisTence. ln order To bring abouT This greaT end, leT us highly resolve To dedicaTe ourselves To The ideals oT TruTh, iusTice, broTherhood, and peace. LeT us Tollow These aims as pillars oT clouds by day and pillars oT Tire by nighT. May such dedicaTion lead us To The new Jerusalem where wars shall be no more forever and eace shall cover men as a manTle ol ineTlable benedicTion bringing sweeTness and lighl To The darlcesT corners oT The earTh. These ideals consTiTuTe The underlying philosophy oT The worlc oT The Morgan Parlc l-ligh School. Qur program oT sTudies is only a means To This end. ESTON V. TUBBS 'uldaltm To Laura Waller we owe much lor lhe admirable work she has done lhis pasl year in lhe capacily ol acling assislanl principal, a posilion she has held during lhe absence ol Caplain George G. Lorenlz who is enjoying a sabbalical leave. Beloved alilce by sludenls and lacully, she has proved hersell eminenlly lilled lo secure lhe loyal supporl ol lhe lacully members and lhe cooperalion ol lhe sludenl body. For a number ol years she has been on lhe lacully of lhe malhemalics deparlmenl and ol lale years she has had many adminislra- live dulies including lhe posl ol chiel coordinalor. She is responsible lor inauguraling lhe sludenl adminislralion syslem now operaling and lor or- ganizing lhe presenl hall guard syslem. l-ler popularily among lhe sludenl body is due nol only lo lhe lacl lhal she is an enlhusiaslic supporler ol alhlelics bul also lo her sympalhelic underslanding ol lhe sludenls' poinl ol view and her willingness lo give unsparingly ol her lime lo coach malhema- lics sludenls who seelc her aid. Morgan Park is lorlunale in having had a lacully member so well equipped lo assume lhe dulies ol assislanl lo lhe principal. Page 9 if VW. 1 ww 'ly' ujfjff- ESTON V. TUBBS Principal GEORGE G. LORENTZ Assi. Principal CLARA K. ADAMS Mafhemafics ROBERT C. ANTONIDES Physical Educafion ALMA BAUMAN English JOSEPH H. BEDALE Chemisfry BESSIE B. BELL Biology A. BELL Mafhemafics MARIE BELLINGHAUSEN Languages GENEVIEVE M. BROOK Adjusfmenf HARRIET S. BROWN English WILLIAM B. CALKINS Commercial ANNA J, CALLAHAN Hisfory LILLIAN CARLSON Mafhemafics MARION CASTLE Social Sfudies DOROTHY H. CELLA Social Sfuclies MIDRED T. COLLINS Social Sludies LILLIAN CONDIT Vocafional Counselor HELEN J. CORCORAN Commercial LEON J. I. DE ALARID Languages LORETTO DELAHUNT Social Sfudies IRENE R. DOBSKI Secrefary CHARLES DRUMMOND Mafhemafics MARY ELLEN DWYER Affenclance J. ATHENA FISCHER Home Economics A, ROYALL GAY Physics GEORGE T. GRASHOFF Mechanical Drawing EDWINA H. GRIESER Home Economics 'MARGARET HALLIDAY Home Economics GUY D. HARTLE Music MAY B. HARTLE Music HARRIET A. HECHT Lalin WALLACE HECHT Engineer EVANGELINE B. HIBBARD Librarian CECILE J. HOBAN Clerk MARY E, HOLLAND Spanish EDNA B. HOTCHKISS Ari GOLDIA K. HOWES Science MARIE E. HOYLER Mafhemalics DIANA HUBER Aff CURTIS A, HUNTER lnclusfrial Arfs 'ANN JABUSCH Physical Educalion ROSALIE KURZ Physical Educafion DOROTHY B. LANDERS Mafhemafics ELSIE R. LARSON English GEORGE E. LAWLEY Commercial 'ORLETTA K. LEHNE Mafhemafics MARY G. LIVINGSTON English JULIA LORENZ English FRANCES W. MALLOY English JOSEPHINE MANGAN English DUNCAN I. McGREGOR Physical Educafion THERESA McINERNEY Mafron CURTIS MELNICK Science and Mafhemafics MARY MCSHEA English CELIA F. MERRY Commercial EDWARD J. MEYERS Social Sfudies RUTH MICHAELIS Home Economics MARY E. MOLITOR Music THERESA MULCAHY Language MARY G, NEALON English ELIZABETH L. PAPE English 'ETHEL POZEN Aff ELWYN REED lndusfrial Arfs MARY K. SAGE English KATH ERYN H. SANDS Commercial JOSEPHINE SIBLEY Physical Eclucafion CATHERINE A. SMITH Assf. Librarian MILDRED STANEK Physical Educafion DICK TWEEDIE Physical Educafion ELIZABETH VAN de ROOVART Biology SGT. FRANK VARESCHI Milifary 'SHIRLEY WACHHOLZ Mafhemafics LAURA WALTER Malhemafics Acfing Assf. Principal G. A. WARNER lndusfrial Arfs W. A. WATSON Science EVELYN WENIG School Treasurer CART. S. W. WOODRUEF Milifary 'SUBSTITUTE ' A ' Wai? Iames Kirchhofi Iocm Baker age 12 I ean Zacher Gene Halaburt gm Umm January I947 graduales concluded 'rheir final semesfer in a whirl of ac'rivi'ries. In charge of These affairs was James Kirchholl, president assisled by Jean Zacher, vice-presidenlp Joan Baker, secrelaryg and Gene l-lalaburl, Treasurer. Lowie Embs headed lhe Prom commillee, which chose lhe Midland l-lolel as lhe place, January 24 The 'rime and Johnny Marlowe and his orcheslra +o provide music. The Senior Banquel was under lhe capable handling ol Jean Zacher and 'lhe Social commillee. ll' was held al Nanluckel, January 28. Gene l-lalaburl served as ioaslmasrer. Announcemenrs were chosen by a commillee wilh Nancy Pelerson in charge. Mariorie Lorenz 'roolc charge of measuring and ordering caps and gowns for The graduafes, while, Rila Flynn was head ol The Commencemenl commirlee which planned The gradualion exercises. The Gill commillee wilh Arlhur Barber, chairman, presenled The school wilh a picfure. Financial problems were seflled by Gene l-lalaburl and his commillee. The graduales wish 'ro express lheir lhanks lo Mrs. Dorolhy Cella, Mr. William Walson, Miss Marion Caslle, Miss Julia Lorenz, Mrs. l-lelen Corcoran and olher members ol lhe facully who assisled lhe olilicers and commillees in carrying oiil lheir proiecls. JJ . . "Tops" in personalily besl describes Joan Baker. Joan was secrerary ol The Senior class, Nalional l"lonor Sociely and Lalin club. Many olher ac- rivilies also claimed Joan's lime. Some of These were Tau Epsilon, Sludenl Council, Curlain club and A.Y.L. Empehi will miss her friendly smile and willingness To give service. Probably The busiesl person in The Senior class was James Kirchhohl. l-le was presidenl of lhe 4-A class and Quill and Scroll, sporls edifor of The Empehi News, vice-presidenl of A Capella, secrelary ol Tau Epsilon and had many o'rher aclsivilies, Jim has Jrhe abilily of combining leadership and friend- liness wilh scholasric achievemenrs. Gene l-lalaburl is well lcnown as a masler ol ceremonies and lor his abilily lo wrile shorl slories. Besides being secrelary ol The Senior class, Gene was co-edilor of The Empehi News. l-le was also a member ol Quill and Scroll, Quilpen, Red Cross Council and A.Y.L. Jean Zacher, lhird highesl in hor graolualing class, was vice-presidenl ol Jrhe Senior class, lreasurer ol Nalional l'lonor Sociely, presidenl ol Pan American club, secrelary ol lhe Sfudenl Adminislralion and a member ol Tau Epsilon and l'l.R.S.G. Jean's winning personalily has won her many friends and Empehi is proud ol a sludem' like Jean. Page 13 Allman, Beverly S. A.: I, 2, 3, 4: Division Room Officer I, 2: Sfudenl Adminisfrafion I, 3, 4: Cheer- leaders 3, 4: Queen Rollers I: Hall Guard 2: Bioloqy Club 2. Sufherland Fox Secrefarial School Anderson Phillip S. A.: Hall Guard: A.Y.L.: Fire Guard: Assembly Guard: V. E, S.B.: S.B.I. Shoop Undecided Ba bbill, Glen S. A. Barnard lllinois Baker, Sarah Joan S. A.: I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4, Secrelary: Lafin Club I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3: Biolo- qy Club 2: Division Room Officer I, 2, 3: Class Officer 4: H. R. S. O. 3, 4: A. Y. I.. 3, 4. Sufherland Grinnell Barber, George Arfhur Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Con- cerl Band I, 2, 3, 43 S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American Club 2, 3: Division Room Officer I, 3, 4: Ouilpen 2: Sfudenf Admin- isfralion 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy 4: Biology Club 2: Sfamp Club 3. Esmond Univ. of Arizona Bauman, Ralph S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Sfaqe Crew I, 2, 3, 4: Assf. Mgr. 3, Mgr. 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Board of Confrol 4: Assembly Comm. 4: Biology Club I, 2, 3, 4: V. E. S. B. I, 2, 3, 4. Mgr. 3: Officers Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Piclced Plafoon l, 2, 3: Lalin Club 2. Vonderpoel Illinois Beavan, Roberf Bedale, Donald S. A.: Tau Epsilon: Pan Amer- ican Club. Barnard Hanover Behnhe, Alice Red Cross Council I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3: Sigma 22 S. A.: Division Room Officer 2. Barnard Fox Secrefarial School Billson, Geraldine I-I. R. S. G. 3, 42 S. A. l, 2, 3. 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Sigma I: Flounders I. Vanderpoel Mundelein Bradshaw, Jean S. A. 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Clean- up Commiffee 4: S. B. I. 4: Aufo Reqisfrafion 4: Inferior Commiffee 3, 4. Fl. Dearborn Univ. of Illinois Burd, Pauline Nalional Honor Sociefy: Bus- iness Sfaff I, 2, 3. 4, Secrefary and Treasurer 3, Manager 4: Lafin Club I, 2, 3, Pro-Consul I, Treas. 3: Sfudenf Adminis- fralion 3, 4, Vice-Pres. and Pres. 3: Board of Conlrol 3. 4:Empehi News Sfaff I, 2, Pres. "Twigs" I: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4: Arf Club Secrelary I: An- nual Slaff 3. Kellogg Chicago Teacher's College Burgess, Gene S. A.: A. Y. L.: Ari Club: Hall Guard: Division Room Officer. Ml. Greenwood Undecided Carner, Belly S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American 2: Biology Club 2: Sigma I, 2: Flounders I: Exrerior Commii- lee: Tau Epsilon I, 2: Ouilpen 2: Curlain Club I, 2. Voriderpoel Undecided Carr, Grace Youlh Builders: A. Y. L.: S. A.: Sludeni Council. John Forren Univ. of lllinois Carroll, Shirley Class Room Officer: S. A.: Hall Guard. Shoop Fefers Business College Carson, Ida Mae S. A.: Senior Council: Class Room Officer. Shoop Pefers Business College Clark, Josephine A. Y. L.: Hall Guard: S. AJ Lunch Room Commilfee. Esmond Univ. of Chicago Cravener, Helen Lee S. A.: Business Rep. 4: Con- cerl Band 3, 4: Jazz Band 3, 4: Pan American Club 2: Con- cerf Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4, Sec. 4: Flounders I: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4: Empehi News Sfalf 3. Vonderpoel Knox College Cremieux, Glen Flounders I: Vice-Presidenf, Jr. Band 3, 4: Division Room Officer 4: A. Y. L. 4: S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3. Vonderpoel lllinois Culver, Joanne S. A.: Treasurer of Freshman Class: lnferclass Council: Ex- Ierior Commillee 3: Inferior Commiliee 3: Tau Epsilon I: Conceri Band I, 2, 3, 4: Divi- sion Room Ollicer 3, 4: Senior Council 4: News Slall 3, 4. Barnard lllinois Curfis, Roger S. A.: A. Y. L.: Emblem Club 3, 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: Wresfle ing 2, 3: Division Officer I, 2: Hall Guard 4: Biology Club 2: Senior Class Council: Ex- Ierior Commiflee 3, 4. Sulherlond Norfhweslern Dangremond, William Orchesira I, 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3: S. A.: Divi- sion Room Officer 2, 3: Bio- logy Club 2: Hall Guard In- specior 4. Clissold Univ. of Pennsylvania Denfon, Howard Class Chairman: S. A.: Hall Guard: S. B. I.: Loclcer Room Inspecfor: Smoking Commif- fee. Von Vlissenger Moss. lnsfifule of Tech. Embs, Lowell Foolball 2, 3, 4: Swimming I, 2: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: S. A. Pres. lbranchl: Tau Epsilon: Division Room Chairman: In- lerclass Council OI'Iicer 2: Red Cross Council: A. Y. L. 3: Lalin Club I. Sufherland Beloif Enyari, Margaref Biology Club 2, 3: Larin Club 2, 3: A. Y. L. 3, 4: I"I. R. S. G. 3, 4: S. A.: Division Room Ol- Iicer I, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I7 sem.I: Senior Class Council. Barnard Weslern Michigan FeeIey,Ru'Il'1 S. A.: A. Y. L.: Division Room Olzlicer I, 2, 3: Elounders I: Biology Club I: Sludenl Ad- minislralion I: Business Re- presenlalive I. Barnard Weslern Sfafe Fleming, Nancy Sifudenl Council I, 3: Division Officer: S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3: Pan American 2, 3: Ouil- pen 3: I-I. R. S. G. Secy. 3, 4: Empehi News: Arl Club. Derroif, Mich. DePauw Flynn, Ri'l'a Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American Club 2: Chairman ol Commencemenl Cornmil- lee: H. R. S. G. 4: Division Chairman 4: Secy. ol' Division 4: Elounders I: Clean-up Commillee. Clissold Beloil Foreman, George S. A.: A. Y. L.: Eoolball Team l,2,3,4: Emblem Club 3, 4: Wresllinq Team 2, 3: Infra- mural sporls 2, 3, 4: Biology Club: Exlerior Cornmillee 4. Kellogg Illinois Frehse, Gloria S. A.: A. Y. L.: Division Room Officer I, 2: Empehi News Slail: Biology Club 2: Lalin Club I: Exlerior Commillee. Sulherland Grinnell FricIce,Joan S. A.: H. R. S. G. 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4: Pan American 2, 3, Treas. 3: Business Slafl I, 2, 3, 4, Assf. Secy. 3. 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely: Board of Conlrol 4: Ouilpen 3: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Slud- enl' Adminislralion. Vande-rpoel Monmaufh Funkhouser, Roy Emblem Club 3, 4: Baskelball 2, 3: S. B. I. 2: Sluclenl Coun- cil 2: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Empehi News Slafl 2, 3: A Cappella 2, 3, 4. Clissold Iowa Sfofe Glover, Corrine Tau Epsilon I: Larin Club I, 2: Room Officer: S. A-I Hall Guard I: Sludenl Adminislra- lion I. Mr. Greenwood Wilson J. C. Gray,Jeanne Spanish Club 3. 42 Bioloqv Club I, 41 Ari Club 4: A. Y. L, 3, 4: S. A.: Division Room Officer: Class Room Officer: Queen Rollers: Sludenl Ad- minislralion: Librarian 2 Clissold American Academy of Arl Halaburl, Eugene Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3: Slage Crew I, 2: Red Cross Coun- cil 2: Ouilpen 2, 3: Clean-up Commillee 4: S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: S. B. I. 4: Senior Class Offi- cer 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Seqy, 4: Ernpehi News Slafl 3, 4, Assl. page 4, Co-edilor 4. Sl. Margaref Loyola Univ. Harcus, George Biology Club 3: Hall Guard I: Wreslling leam 2, 3: S. A. Vanderpoel M.P.J.C. Heclmarlr, Marion S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 2: Tau Epsilon 4: H. R. S, G. 3. 4: Concerl Band 2, 3, 4: Band Officer 4. Sufherland lowa Wesleyan Henderson, Barbara Pan American 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Lalin Club I: S. A. I. 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: Division Room Officer 2, 4. Clissold Iowa Wesleyan Henderson, Belly Pan American 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club I: S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: Divi- sion Room Oflicer 3, 4. Clissold lowa Wesleyan Hill, Malcolm Class Chairman I: Wresllinq leam 3: Track leam 3: S. A. I, 4: Hall Guard I, 3. Shoop Herfzl Hullinger, David S. A.: Division Room Chair- man: A. Y. L.: Hall Guard: V. E, S. B.: Produclion: Exle- rior Commillee: Arl Club. Zanesville, Ohio Undecided Jaap, Charles Rogers Illinois Jackson, Fannie Flounders, I: S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.I.. 4: Youlh Builders: Hall Guard: Class Cliairman: Bio' loqy Club I: HeaIIl1 Improve- menl Commilleei Business Rep, I: Pan American. Shoop Univ. of Illinois Jaclrson,Tl1omasine S. A. 3, 4: A. Y. L. 4: Waslv room Inspeclor: Gym leader 4. Shoop Pefers Business JaI1n,Marl'in S. A.: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Concerl Band, Pres. I, 2, 3,. 4: Orclweslra 2: Board of Con- Irol 4: Swimming leam I, 2, 3, 4: Capl.: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Fire Guard I: Division Room Officer 2. Barnard Norfhwesfern Jol1nson,Rober'I S. A.: Hall Guard. Cherry Sf. Jr. High Undecided Jones, Dorolhy S. A.: Hall Guard 3, 4: Divi- sion Room Officer: Exferior Commillee 4: Senior Council, For? Dearborn Monficello Kennedy, Irene S, A.: A, Y. L.: Hall Guard. Shoop Roosevelf Kirclllwoff, James Class Presidenl 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Pres. 4: Ernpebi News Slall 3, 4: Sporls edilor 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Secy. 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Sophomore Class Olilicer: Concerl Band I, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Ouilpen 3, Treas. 3: S. A. Barnard Kniffen, Pairicia S. A.: A. Y. L.: Pan American Club 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Flounclers I: H. R. S. G.: Division Room OI'licer 2, 3 Clissold Rockford Koolrer, Nancy Bus. Mgr. Jr. play lNev.l: Hoclcey Team lPa.l: Jr. Var- sily Hockey Team IMd.l: Var- sily Hockey Team lMd.l: Arl Club: Tau Epsilon 9 sem.: Hall Guard 9 sem.: War Slamp Rep. lMd.l. Philadelphia, Pa. Fox Secrelarial School Koflemann. Jack S. A.: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Vice'Pres. 3: Latin Club 2, 3. Pres. 3: Empelii News Slafl 2, 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 4, Pres. 4: Senior Council 4: Bio- logy Club 2, 3: Sfudenl Ad- minisiralion 2, 3: Division Room Officer I, 2, 3: Board ol Conlrol 3, 4. Clissold Washinglon Univ. Laninga, Jeanne A Y L 3 4 S A I 2 3 4 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Na- lional Honor Sociely 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4: Division Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4: Slud- enl Adminislraiion 4: Youll! Builders 4. Vanderpoel Norfhwesfern i Lenz, Floyd Flounders: Division Room Ol- licers: S. A.: Foolball 'ream 3, 4: Emblem Club: lnlra- mural sporls: Wresilinq Ieam 3: Hall Guard 4: Business Re- presenlalive: Jr. Band, Vice- Pres. Forf Dearborn Navy Liille, Bonnie Jean I-lounders I: Biology Club 2, 3: Lalin Club 2. 3: A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. R. S. G. 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Empelwi News Slahl, Assl. 2nd page Edilor -'g Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Division Room Ollcer 2: Ouilpen 2. Vanderpoel Univ. of lllinois Lorenz, Mariorie S. A.: Flounders: H. R. S, G.: A. Y. L.: Empelwi News S'aIl, Exlerior Commillee, V. E. S. B., Secy. Barnard Dralce Lyons. Donald S. A.: Tau Epsilon I, 2: Divi- sion Ollicer I, 2, 3, 4: Con- cerl Band 2, 3, 4: Jazz Band 3, 4: Orclieslra 4: Senior Ban- quel Commiliee. Vanderpoel Norfhwesfern McCoo,James S. B. I. Inspeclor: Swimminq leam: Wresllinq leam: Fool- ball Ieam: S. A. Shoop Lalladega McCracken, Mae S. A. Ml. Greenwood Wilson J. C. Minick, William Division Presideni I, Quilpen 2, Tau Epsilon I, 22 S. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Concerl Band I, 2, 3, 4, Mili- fary Band I, 2, 3, 4. Esmond Oklahoma A. rmd M. Mooney, Marilyn S. A., Secrelary ol Freshman Class, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4, Siudeni Aclminisiraiion I, 2, 3, 4, A, Y, I... 3, 42 H. R. S. G. 3, 4, Quilpen 3, Empehi News Slaii 3, 4, Bioloqy Club 2, 3, Flounders, Serv. Vande-fpoel Norfhweslern Mueller, Roberf Baseball 2, 3, 4, Baslnelball 2, 3, 4, Capi. 4, Emblem Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, S. A. Annual Slail, Empehi News Siafl 3, 4: Concerl Band I, 2, 3, Dance Band 3, Board ol Conirol 3. Vanderpoel Elmhursf Newbury, Emily Empehi News Siaii 3, 4, Assi, Isl paqe edilor 4, Co-edifor 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, An- nual Sial'l 4, A Cappella 2, 3, Quilpen 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: H. R. S. Cv. 2, 3, 4, Secv. 3, Curlain Club 2, 3, 4, Pan American 3, 4, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4, Nafional Honor So- cieiy 4. Sufherland Indiana Univ. Paiferson, Mariha S. A., Tau Epsilon, Division Officer, Exierior Commiiiee, Pan American Club, Biology Club, Curfain Club, Produc- lion. Vnnderpoel lllinois Paxion, Joan S, A., H. R. S. G. 3, 4, Board ol Conirol 4, Glee Club 3, 4, pres.4, ACappeIIa 4, Quilpen 3, Empehi News siafi 3, Siu- deni Council 4, Biology Club 32 A. Y. L. 3, 4. Vande-rpoel Monficello Pearson, Virginia S. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4, Na+'I Honor 4, Pan American 2, 3, 4, Vice-pres. 3, Pres. 4, Orchesira I, 2, 3, 4, Conducior 3, 4, Vice-pres. 3, Pres. 4, Div. Room olziicer I, 2, 3, Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Empehi News sfaii 3, 4, phoio ed. 4, Board oi Con- irol 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Sufherlcind Carlefon Peebles, Melesfine S. A., Gym leader, Chairman of class, Ass'l Chairman of class, Hall Guard 4. Shoop Herfzl Peschel. Jeanne S. A., A. Y. L., Siudenl Ad- minislraiion, Inferior Commii- lee, Div. Room officer, V. E. S. B., Flounders. Sf. Barnabas Liffle Company of Mary Peierson, Nancy Empehi News siafi 3, 4, Ass'+ 2nd page ed. 4, 2nd page ed. 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Ireas. 4, H. R. S. G. 2, 3, 4, ireas. 3, Quilpen 2, 3, 4, sec'y 31 Pan American 3, 4, vice-pres. 3, Nafional Honor Socieiy 4, ass'I Ireas. 4, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4, Curtain Club 2, 3, 4, S. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Coun- cil 4. Kellogg Beloif Pruier, Thomas S. A., Business Rep. 4, Floune ders, vice-Pres. I, Div. Room Chairman I, 2, 3, 4, Sludeni Council I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Council 4, Tau Epsilon I, 2, Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Ex- ierior Cornmiflee 2, 3, Infra- mural I, 2, Traci: ieam 2. Barnard Univ. of Colorado Puinam Neil Paiin Club pres. lbranchl, Business Represenlaiive, Div. Room ol'Iicer, Hall Guard, S. A., War Bond Represenlaiive. Sufherland Undecided Ray, Marcelle S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Siudenl ACI- minislralion 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Class officer 3: Hall Guard 2: Flounders: Biology Club. Snoop Dillard Univ. Reed, Charles Flounders: InIramural 3, 4: S. A.: Beginners Band: Hall Guard. Shoop Undecided Reed, Marshall Flounders: Foolball: S, A.: Beg. Band: Junior Band: Hall Guard: Picked Plaloon. Shoop Loyola Rees, Gwendolyn S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Pan Amer- ican 2, 3: Sec'y 3: NaI'l Honor Sociely 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Quilpen 3: A Cappella 3: Flounders I: Cornmencemenl Cornmillee 4. Clissold Carlelon Robbins, Juanifa S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Business Rep- resenlalive 3: Classroom Chair- man: Div. Room officer: Hall Guard 4. Vanderpoel lllfnois Roberfs, Delores S. A.: A. Y. L. Snoop Chicago Musical College Roberfs, Jean Div. Room oflicer 2, 3, 4: Gym leader 4: S. A.: Queen Rollers: A. Y. L.: Class Room officer 3. Morrill Robinson, Bruce S. A.: A. Y. L.: Produclion: R. O. T. C.: Singing Cadels: Hall Guard: Div. officer: Arr Club: Concerf Band. Sufherland Undecided Rupiah, John S. A.: A. Y. L.: lnlrarnural Baseball. Vanderpoel Illinois Sabel, Herberf Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Pres. 4: Pan American 2: Exlerior Commit- lee 3: Wreslling leam 2: Board ol Conlrol 4: Div. Room officer 2: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-pres. 4: S. A.: A. Y. I... Barnard Purdue Sanders, Doroihy S.A.: Ari Club: Concerl Band: A. Y. L. Clissold Fox Secrefarial Sanders, George Hall Guard: S. B. I. Shoop Undecided Schusfer, Rosemarie S. A.: A. Y. L.: Queen Rollers: Siudeni Adminisiraiion. l:-ll. Greenwood Sherff, Margaref S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Naiional Honor S04 cieiy 4: vice-pres.: Class oliii- cer 2: Inierclass Council 2: Div. Room officer I, 2, 3: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Youihbuilders 4: Sec'yI Laiin Club I, 2, 3, vicespres. 3: Bioloqy 2, Seoy. Clissold Grinnell Sisk, Alma S. A.: A. Y. I.. Kenwood Wilson J. C. Smirh, Beverly S. A.: A. Y. L.: Queen Rollers: Div. Room officer 3: Class Room officer I, 3: Spanish Club 2: Sfudeni Adminisira- 'rion I, 2, 3, 4: Ari Club Ii Librarian I. Clissold Lawrence, Wis. Smifh, Richard Baslcefball ieam I, 2, 3, 4: In- ierciass Council 2: Division Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4: Swimming ieam 2: Emblem Club 3, 4: Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3: Exierior Commiiiee I, 2, 3: S. A. I, 2. 3, 4: Inferior Commiiiee 2: Siudeni Council 2, 3,. Suiherland Michigan Speropulos, Emily S. A.: Tau Epsilon 2: Biology Club I, 2: Flounders: V. E. S. B. 2, 3: Division Room Oiicer 3: Exierior Commiiiee 4. Vonderpoel Univ. of Colorado Sleeves, Roberf A. S. A.: A. Y. L. Hancock Voc. Sfuarr, James S. A.: Division Room Officer. Mi. Greenwood Undecided Swanson, Pauline Flounders: S. A.: C u r I a i n Club: Cheerleaders: Division Room Officer. Forf Dearborn Undecided Talcoff, June H. R. S. G. I: Siudenr Ad- minisiraiion I. 2, 3.4, Pres. 4: S. A.: Spanish Club 2: Board of Conirol I: Flounders I: Business Represeniaiive I, 2: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Vonderpoel Illinois Teender, Yvonne S. A.: Business Represenialive: Flounders. Porfoge Park Knox Thompson, Daniel Thompson, Jael: S. A.: Division Room Ollcer: lnlerior Commillee. Ml. Greenwood Undecided Turney, Nancy Nalional Honor Sociely: Em- pelii News Slall: Tau Epsilon: Business Represenlalive: S. A.: A. Y. L.: Slamp Represenla- live: Quill and Scroll: Nau- lilae: Biology Club. Horace Mann lllinofs Valeniine, Jacqueline Inferclass Council I, 2, Pres. l, 2: S. A.: Tau Epsilon l, 4: A. Y. L. 3: Division Officer l. 2, 3, 4: Social Commillee 3, 4: Assembly Commillee 4, Secy.: Glee Club 4: H. R. S. G. 4: Financial Commiflee, Barnard Univ. of Colorado Valeniine, Margarei Business Represenlalive 3, 4: S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Division Room Officer 3: Arr Club 4. Treas. Mi. Greenwood Ari lnsrifure of Chicago von Holsf, Doris Nalional Honor Sociely: Tau Epsilon: Quill and Scroll 4: Ernpehi News Slafi, Isl page ediror: A Cappella 2, 3: Lalin Club l, 21 A. Y. L. 41 S. A. Sufherland Colorado College Wafson, Cafherine S. A., 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Ad- minislralion 3: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Youllibuilders 4: Classroom Oliicer 3: Hall Guard 2: Li- brary Service 3. 4. Shoop Midwesf Business College Welclians, Roger Conceri Band l, 2, 3, 4: R, O. T. C. Band l, 2, 3, 4: Ol'licer's Club 4: S. A.: Pan American Club 2, 3: Division Officer I, 3, 4: A. Y. L.: Sludenl Coun- cil l, 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Drum Maior. Clissold lllfnols Wellsandl, Rudolph S. A.: Concerl Band 3, 4: Or- clieslra 3, 4: Librarian 4: Hall Guard 2, 3: Junior Band 2, 3, Wend+, Phyllis S. A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 41 Nafional Honor Sociely 47 Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Pres. 4: Board ol Conlrol 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Lafin Club 2. 3: Flounders: H. R. S. G. 3, 4: Ari Club 4. Barnard Cornell, Iowa Werninlslri, Joyce S. A.: Quill and Scroll, Vice- Pres. 4: Empelii News Slaii 3, 4: 3rd page edilor 4: Biology Club 2: Quilpen 3: Laiin Club 2, 3: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3.4: Sludenf Adminislralion l, 2, 3. Kohn Belair Wesllund, Gloria Pan American 2: Flounders I: Clean-up Commiilee 4: H. R. S. G. 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 4: Biology Club 2: S. A.: Busi- ness Represenlalive 2. Esmond While, Mariorie Lalin Club 2, 37 S. A. I, 2, 3. 4: Tau Epsilon I. 2, 3, 4: Bio- logy Club 2: Division Room Officer 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Curlain Club 3: H. R. S. G. 3, 4: Auio Reqislralion 4: Senior Class Council. Barnard lndiana Univ. Wozniaix, Louise Laiin Club 2: S. A.: Assi. Li- brarian: Tau Epsilon: Class- room Chairman. Mf. Greenwood Zacher, Jean S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Naiional I-Ionor Socieiy 4, Treas.: Vice- Pres. Senior Class, Pan Amer- ican Club 2, 3: Pres.: Board of Conirol 3: Siudenr Admin- isfraiion 2, 3, 4: Secy.: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Flounders I: H. R. S. G. 4. Clissold Sfonford Univ. ?. 6' 51111-Hwdi Alexander, Thelma McCosh Wilson J. C. Carlin, Daniel S. A.: A. Y. L.: Clean-up Com- miliee: Red Cross Council I: V. E. S. B. Barnard Knox Franks, Eliza befh Henderson, Alfred Band 4: S. A. I: Inirarnural Volleyball: Class Chairman: I-Iall Guard 2. Foresfville Herfzl Jr. Killebrew, Donald S. A.: Exierior Guard. Cfissolo' Colorado Slaughfer, Adolph Senior Council: Hall Guard Inspecforg A. Y. L.: Youilw- builders. Doolfffle Dubuque Univ. Wiening, Marilyn Laiin Club 2: S. A.: Tau Ep- silon. Clissold Page 23 Page 24 Bob Nelson Helen Dacey Colette: Shevlin Marvin Haan 4Qun.e6laM,U' The many acTiviTies ThaT preceded graduaTion were direcTed by RoberT Nelson, presidenTg Helen Dacey, vice-presidenT1 ColeTTa Shevlin, secreTaryp and Marvin Haan, Treasurer. The senior banqueT. long looked Torward To by The graduaTes, was aT- Tended To by Helen Dacey and The Social commiTTee. They did an excellenT iob. The all imporTanT CommencemenT commiTTee was under The direcTion OT Donald STeder. They arranged The graduaTion program. RoberT Hand had charge oT The GiTT commiTTee. The commiTTee ThaT selecTed and dis- TribuTed The announcemenTs was under The able supervision oT Vivian ScoTT. Rhea Tyler had The big iob oT measuring each senior and ordering Their caps and gowns. The budgeT was balanced by Marvin Haan, who was assisTed by The Financial commiTTee. AnoTher precedenT was seT in lvlorgan Parlc's hisTory This year. A Junior- Senior Prom was held May 29, in The CrysTal Ballroom of The Shoreland hoTel. AnoTher unusual TeaTure oT The Prom was The cooperaTion oT The sTudenT body in supporTing The dance by deposiTing money on The bids Three monThs be- Tore The Prom. The June I947 graduaTes wish To Thank Those members oT The TaculTy who have given Their Time and inTeresT To help The oTTicers and commiTTees in carrying ouT The social acTiviTies during The year. The mosT imporTanT posiTion in The sTudenT body was held This year by Joan Holmes. Joan has also been presidenT oT The STudenT AdminisTraTion and vice-presidenT of A Capella, Red Cross Council and Flounders. She was also a member oT Tau Epsilon and NaTional Honor SocieTy. WiTh Joan's personaliTy and TalenTs she will no doubT go Tar. RoberT Nelson, presidenT oT The June class is a boy oT varied TalenTs. He was presidenT of A Capella, assisTed on The sporTs page oT The Empehi News and did a very capable iob as sporTs ediTor oT The Annual. Bob was also Treasurer OT The Branch S.A. and parTook in many oTher acTiviTies. Being elecTed vice-presidenT oT The Branch S.A. iT was ineviTable ThaT Torn Johnson should become Isl' vice-presidenT when a senior. Tom was capTain oT The lighTweighT basl4eTball Team and a member of many oTher clubs. He was also elecTed The mosT popular boy OT his class. Vivacious Audrey Lange, voTed The mosT popular and cuTesT girl oT her class, is anoTher senior persona-liTy. Audrey was Chief JusTice of The STuclenT CourT and served on The PromoTion and lnTerior commiTTees. This year Audrey was also elecTed queen oT The MiliTary Ball. gum? .. Tom Iohnson I can Holmes Audrey Lange Bob Nelson Page 25 Alexander, Delores S.A.: Hall Guard: Classroom Chairman: A.Y.L.: Gym Lead- er: Classroom Vice-Chairman. Shoop Fisk Allison, George Concerl Band l, 2, 3, 4: Vice- Pres.Jazz Band I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 4: Empehi News Slaii 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: V.E.S.B. I, 2: Orches- Ira 3: Fire Guard I, 2, 3, 4: S.A.: Promolion Commillee 4. Sufherlond Wilson J.C. Allman, Jeanne Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: I-IR. S.G. 2, 3, 4: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4: Pan American I, 2, 3: Clean-up Commillee 4: Probalion Com- millee 4: Tau Epsilon I, 4: A.Y.L. I, 2, 3, 4. Vonderpoel Arlon, Ary John S.A.: Tau Epsilon: Arl Club: Glee Club: English Debaiinq Club: Classroom Chairman. Augusfo, Lo. Norfhwesfern Armsfrong, James S.A.: A.Y.L. Sec'y 4: Div. Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4: Wresl- ling Team 3: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: Sludenl Council 2, 3: S.B.I. 3: Youlhbuilclers 4. Vonderpoel lll. lnsf. of Tech. Arfus, Carl Dance Band: Concerl Band: Fire Guard: Air Raid Guard: Hall Guard: SA.: V.E.S.B.: Conc. Band Oiiicer: School Bugler. Vonderpoel Univ. of Michigan Ausfin, Dorofhy S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 2: Inf. Comm. 3, 4: Exler. Comm. 2, 3: Washroom Ins. 2, 4: Smok- ing Comm. 3, 4: Probalion Officer 3: Sludenl Admin. 2: V.E.S.B. 2: Div. Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4. Sufherlond Sfevens Baker, Joanne Tau Epsilon, Sec'y. I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American, Vice-Pres. and Pres. 2, 3, 4: Vice-Pres. Youfh- builders: Treas. Sigma I: Bio- logy Club 2: Sludenl' Adminis- Iralion 2, 3, 4: I-I.R.S.G. 3, 4: Sludenl Council 3: Division Chairman, Sec'y. 2, 3: A.Y.L. 3, 4. Esmond Illinois Beclrley, Marilyn S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.I..: Clean- up Comm.: V.E.S.B. Clissold Fox Business School Boese, Marion Flounclers I: I-I.R.S.G. I, 2, 3, 4: S.A.: Pan American I, 2, 3: Tau Epsilon I, 2: Biology 2: Sludenl Adminislralicn I, 2, 3: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Sigma I, 2. Esmond Moclvlurroy Booih, Jack SA.: Tau Epsilon 4: R. O. Bowling Team. Ml. Vernon Illinois Bradfke, Jol1n Dance Orch.: Orch.: Assembly Guard: Assembly Comm.: S. A.: A.Y.L.: Hall Guard: Paper Comm. I, 2: V.E.S.B. lllinois Bridge, Roberl Baseball 3, 4: Baslcelball 4: A Capella 3, 4: Inferior Comm. 42 SA. I, 2, 3, 4. Suiiwerlnnd Illinois Brill, Richard S.A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4.- Esmond Univ. of Chicago Burlte, James S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 2, 3, 4: Div. Room Officer 2: Hall Guard Ins. 4: Exferior Guard 4. Sf. Cajefan's Undecided Burns, BeH'y Inez Flounders l: Tau Epsilon I: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4, A.Y.L. 3, 4, Curlain Club 3, 4: H.R.S.G. 4: S.B.I. 3: Hall Guard I: Gym Leader 4. Snoop Roosevelf Cassidy, Be'Hy Lou S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.l.. 2, 3, 4: Youlhbuilders 4: Pan American 2, 3, 4: l'l.R.S.G. I, 2, 3, 4. VicefPres. and Pres. 4: Board of Conlrol 4: Sludenl Adminis- lralion 2, 3, 4: Flounders I: Biology Club 2. Clissold Illinois Chrisiensen, Alfred S.A.: A.Y.L.: Promolion Comm. 3, 4: Div. Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council l, 2, 3, 4: Football 2. iiiinierpvel Norfhwesfern Clark, Howard S.A.: A.Y.l..: Div. Room Of' ficer. Suiherlcind Illinois Clemens, Thomas S .A . : V.E.S.B.: lnlra-Sporls: Div. Chairman. Clissold Undecided Cole, Hugh S.A.: A.Y.L.: Concerl Band I, 2, 3, 4: Jazz Band 2, 3, 4: Con- cerf Band Treas. 4: Div. Room Officer: Slamp Club I: Tau Epsilon 2, 4: Swimming Team 3, 4. Kellogg Corlefon Collins, Jeanne Ouilpen: I-lall Guard: Orches- lra: S.A.: A.Y.l..: Pan Ameri- can: Flounders. Shoop Howard Cook, Marilyn S.A.: Flounders: A.Y.L. Mf. Vernon Undecided Curry, Fawn Q. Annual Slaii, Edilor-in-Chief 4: Lafin Club 3: S.A. 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Empehi News Slaii 3, 4: Board of Conlrol 4: Execulive Com- miffee 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Exlerior Commillee 4. U. of C. High Corlefon Curlis, Diane Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4 lPres.l: Concerl Band: Curlain Club: Lalin Club: Biology C I u b: Youlh Builders: A.Y.L.: S.A. Barnard Beloif Curlis, Rachel S.A.: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4: Youlh Builders 3, 4: Inferior Commil- lee, 3: Pan American, 2: Gym Leader, 4: Service Main Ol- lice: Loclcer lnspeclor: Sludenl Adminislralion 4. Holy Name of Mary lllinois Cusac. Jean Tau Epsilon: S.A,: Sluclenl Ad- minislralion, I, 2, 3, 4: Class Chairman: Bond and Slamp Salesman. Clissold Dacey. Helen S.A.: Elounders: A.Y.L. 2, 3, Vicesllres. 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Nalional Hon- or Sociely. Sufnerland Grinnell Darensbourg, Shirley S.A.: A.Y.L.: Assl. Class Chair' man: Sludenl Adminislrafion, 4. Corpus Clvrisfi Wilson Jr. Deal, Thomas Swim Team, I: Wresllinq Team, I: Ar'r Club lBranchl: Promolion Commilleei Busi- ness Represenlalive, I: S,A,: Tau Epsilon: A.Y.L.: Division Chairman. Mi. Greenwood Undecided Uoring, John Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4 lPres.l: Concerl Orch. I, 2: Board of Conlrol 4: S.A.: R. O.T.C. Officers Club 4: Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon. Clissold illinois Druley, Roberl' S.A.: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4-I Nalional Honor: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3: Pholo Club, 4: Pan American 3, 4: Librarian: Sludenl Ads minislralion. Fi. Dearborn Illinois Dunbar, Beverly Business Represenlalive: Div. Room Officer: S.A.: A.Y.L.: Concerl' Band lMaiorel+el. Mr. Greenwood Undecided Durham, Helen Gym Leader: S.A.: Sludenl Adrninislralion: Tau Epsilon. Vanderpoel Carbondale EIIioH, Lila Jane Ouilpen 3, 4, Vice-Pres.: Pan American, Vice-Pres.: I-I. R. S. G.: Pholo Slall 3, 4: Girls Glee Club 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor 4: Biology Club 4: A Cappella I, 2, 3: Curlain Club, Esmond Monmoufh Elser, Barbara Tau Epsilon I: H. R. S. G.: Clean-up Commillee: Sludenl Council: S.A.: Smolcinq Com- miflee: Hall Guard: Exlerior Commillee. Zion Morgan Fark Jr. Elsner, Rufh S.A.: A.Y.L.: Sec'y. Branch S. A.: Sfamp Club: Exferior Comm.: Clean-up Comm.: ln- ferior Comm.: Div. Room Of- ficer. Sufherlond Ames, lowo Ewing, Beffy S.A.: Division Officer: Tau Ep- silon I: Sfudenf Adminisfra- fion. Clissold Undecided Farrelly, BeHy J. S.A.: I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I6 sem.l: War Bond Salesman I, 2: Div. Room Officer I. Mf. Greenwood Feeley, Anifa Concerf Band 3, 4: Marching Band 3, 4: Orchesfra 3, 4: Be- ginners' Band 2: A.Y.L. 3, 4: S. A, 2, 3, 4: Ari Club 4. New York Cify, N. Y. SI. Mory's Fenciren, Carol Tau Epsilon: A Cappella 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Orches- fra 3, 4, Sec'y. 4: Lalin Club 2, 3: Empehi News Sfaff 3, 4, Ass'f. Paqe Ed. 4, Page Ed. 4: Business Represenfalive: S. A. Clissold lncliono Univ. Ferguson, T. Hugh S.A.: Div. Room Officer: Class Officer: Ouilpen: Base ball Team: R.O.T.C. Rifle Team: Officers' Club: Usher Force: Fire Guard: Piclced Plaloon, Suiherlond Nolre Dome V..--.. . M . , 5 si , I Q .,-:gm if J' , 3q:: ...,:..Q,,.::. K . , .. . Q if A. HEP? I I. . E M. in . I . ' 'i ri -A W.- . ifwfilf '.',. t i-if j, - Ferraui, Eugene A.Y.L. 3, 4: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Fire Guard 2, 3, 4: Rifle Team 3: Assembly Guard 2, 3: Usher Force 2: Div. Room Officer I, 2: Hall Guard lnsp. 3, 4: Class Room Officer 2, 4. Sf. Barnabas Undecided Finch, Mariorie S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Div. Room Of- ficer I: Exferior Comm. 3, 4: Inferior Comm. 3, 4: Clean- up Comm. 3, 4: Smoking Comm. 3, 4: A. Y. L.: V. E. S. B. I. Sufherlond Knox Fink, Barbara Lafin Club 2, 3, 4: I-I.R,S.G. 3, 4: Sfudenf Adminisfrafion I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: A.Y.l.. 3, 4: Orchesfra 2, 3, 4: Concerf Band I, 2, 3, 4: S.A.: I 2 3 4: V.E.S.I3. I, 2: Pholo siafi 3i Barnard I llinois Flanigan, Mary S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: S.B.l.: A.Y.l..7 Exlerior Comm.: I n f e ri o r C o m m.: Flounders: Bioloqy Club: I-I.R.S.G. Suflierlond Siephens Fleck, Lillian S.A.: Sfudenf Adminisfrafion: Bond Salesman: Red Cross Represenfafive: Classroom Of- ficer: Children's Aid Rep.: A. Y.L. Barnard Morgan Fork J.C. Forfner, Ronald S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Social Comm.: Inferior Comm.: Division Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Council: Flounders: Jr. Band Officer 3, 4: Hall Guard Insp. 4: A.Y.L. Vonderpoel Illinois Fox, Bonnidelle Tau Epsilon 4: S.A.: Sfudenl Adminislralion 4: Con cerl Band 2, 3, 4: Flounders I: A. Y.L. 3, 4. Sufherlond Mc1cMurray Gallagher, Richard S.A. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball Team 2, 3, 4: Pliolo Sfaff 3, 4: Board of Conirol 4. Kenwood Illinois Gaudas, LaVerne S.A.: A.Y.L.: Sludenf Adminis- Iralion 3, 4: Ouilpen 2, 3, 4: Lalin Club I, 2: Curlain Club 3, 4: Pliolo Club 4: Flounders I: Tau Epsilon 4. Vonderpoel Illinois George, Diane Sludenl Adminislrafion I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres.: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American 2, 3, 4: Tau Ep- silon I, 2, 4: Youllibuilders 4: Div. Room Officer I, 4: Floun- ders I: Emblem Club 4: I-I.R. S.G. 3, 4: Biology Club 3. Sf. Barnabas lllinois Gormley, Doris Flounders I: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Clean-up Comm. 4: Bioloqy Club 2: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4: Ex- Ierior Comm. 3, 4: Inlerior Comm. 4: I-I.R.S.G. 2, 3. Clissold Sfepheris Gofllard, JoI1n S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Quilpen 2, 3: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball: Tau Epsi- Ian I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Club: Inferior Comm.: E x I e rio r Comm.: A.Y.L. Kellogg Undecided Graff, Lois S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I 2, 3: SludenIAdminis1raIion I 2. Ml. Greenwood Gray, Anna Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: l.aIin Club I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club I. 2, 3: S, A. I, 2, 3, 4E Div. Room Officer I: Sludenf Adminislralion I, 2, 3, Clissold Norfliweslern Greenfield, Gerald Sludenl Adminislralion: Hall Guard 3, 4: Inlra-mural Sporls 3: S. A. Sf. Margorel Undecidcd Gronau, Arfl-iur S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Inlra-mural Sporls: Slude nl Council: Div. Officer I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L.: Flounders I: I-Iall Guard I, 2. Vonderpoel Illinois Gruener, Roberf SA.: A.Y.l..: Assembly Guard I: I-ire Guard 3, 4: I-Iall Guard 4: Class Room Officer I, 2. Forl Dearborn Undecided Guderyahn, Shirley S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4. Clissold U.C.L.A. Gusfavson, Howard SA.: A.Y.L.: V.E.S.B.: Usher Force: Fire Guard: Board oi Conlrol: Hall Guard: Lib, Service. Suflierlond Amer. Television Gufhneclr, Be+'Iy S.A.2 A.Y.I.. Lewis Chomplin Haan, Marvin A.Y.I..: Pan American: Tau Ep- silon: Business Rep: Div. Room Chairman: S.A.: Hall Guard: Nalional Honor Socieiy. Ml. Greenwood Wilson J.C. Haiiiner, Roberf S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball Team 3, 4: Wresllinq Team 3: A.Y. L.: Exlerior G u a rd: Inlerior Comm.: Flounderst Tau Epsi- lon I: Clean-up Comm. Sulherlond Purdue Hagberg, Richard Voolball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4: Emblem Club: Siudenl Coun- cil: Exferior Comm.: Div. Room Ohficer I. 2, 4: S.B.I.: Inlra-mural Sporls: Wresllinq 2, 31 A.Y.L. Mi. Greenwood Minnesoio I-Iagemann, Graham S.A.: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: Baseball 2, 3. Vonderpoel Illinois Hale, Gioriana S.A.: Tau Epsilon I, 2. 3, 4: Nalional Honor Socieiy 4: La- Iin Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3: Pan American 4: Girls' Emblem Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: Board oi Conlrol 3, 4: Div. Room Oi- iicer I: Siudeni Adminislraiion 2, 3, 4: A. Y, I., 4. Suflwerlond Grinnell Halford, Richard S.A.: Hall Guard: Classroom Chairman: Fire Guard: R. O. T. C. Bowling. Clissold lllinois Hall, Roberi Foolball 3, 4: Baseball 4: Em- blem Club 3. 4: S.B.I: Div. Room Officer: A.Y.I...: Exlerior Comm.: Inferior Comm.: SA. Sufherlcnd Morqueffe Hand, Roberi S.A.: A.Y.I..: Lalin Club I, Branch: Science Club I, Branch: Biology Club 2: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 4: H.R.S.G, 3, 4: Baslreiball 2: Div. Room OI- iicer I, 2: V.E.S.B. I. Clissold Frincelon Hanson, Alfred A.Y.I..: SA.: Exlerior Comm: Baskelballg S.B.I. Golesburg, lll. Univ. ofAlC1. Harringfon, Dale Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: A Cap- pella 4: S.A.: Clean-up Comm. 4: Div. Room Officer 2. Forf Dearborn Harris, Paul Swimming Team I, 2, 3, 4: Foorball 2: Emblem Club I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council: S.A.: lnlerior Comm,: A.Y.L.: Div. Room Officer: Youllwbuildersp Clean-up Comm. Clissold Indiana Hari, Lawrence Fire Guard 3. 4: Hall Guard 3: Classroom Officer 2: S.A. l, 2, 3, 4. Ml. Greenwood Army Hawker, Pafricia S.A. l, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 4. Sf. Morgoref Undecided Haxby, Donald Baskelball 2, 3, 4: Exlerior Comm. 4: Emblem Club 3, 4: Alhlelic Guard 3, 4: Assembly Guard 4: Hall Guard I, 2: Paper Comm. I, 2, 3: SA.: A.Y.L. Esmond lllinos Hayden, Joan S.A.: Hall Guard. Ml. Greenwood Dallas Avia. Sch. 6 Air Col, Haynes, Barbara Pan American: A.Y.L.: SA. Shoop Pelers Commercial C. Haynes, Charles Slage Crew 2, 3: S.A. 2, 3, 4: Picked Plaloon 2, 3, 4: Fire Guard 3, 4: Uslner Force 4. Glen Ellyn, lll. Univ. of Cinn. Haynes, Louis Foofball 2, 3, 4: S.B.l. 4: S.A. 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: Track I: Emblem Club 3, 4. Shoop lowo Hewes, Raymond S.A.: A.Y.L.: Red Cross Coun- cil: Vice-Pres. 4: Hall Guard lnsp. 4. Sufherland lllinois Hife, Henry S.A.: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Slamp Club 2: Classroom Ol- licer I: German Club 4. Esmond Univ. of Chicago Hife, Jeanne Flaunclers: A Cappella 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: H. R.S.G. 4: A.Y.L. 3: S.A.: Biolo- qy Club 2, 3: Sludenl Admin- istralion: Red Cross Council 2. Esmond Morgan Park J.C. Holmes, Joan S.A. Presidenl: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor So- ciely: A Cappella, Vice-Pres.: Sludenl Adminisfralion, Pres.: Sludenl Council: Girls' Em- blem Club: Flounders, Vice- Pres.: Red Cross Council, Vice- Pres.:!Board of Conlrol. Sacred Heorf DePauw Homan, Virginia A Cappella: Quilpen: Tau Ep- silon: A.Y.L.: SA. Glen Oak Rockford Horn, Fredrick SA. Ml. Greenwood Huber, Leah SA.: Nalional Honor Sociely 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2. 3, 4: An- nual Slai'i, Lil. Ed. 4: News Slafl 3, 4: Div. Room Officer 2, 3. 4: Financial Comm. 4: Lalin Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Em- blem Club 3. Vice-Pres. 4: Business Slalil 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4. Zion Son Jose Slole College Hullinger, Barbara SA. Zanesville, O. Sf. l.ulce's Hosp. Isles, Donald SA.: A.Y.L. 3: Foolball Team 3, 4: Wresllinq Team I, 3, 4: Emblem Club 4: Track 3: Flounders l. Esmond llinois lwema, Lois SA.: A.Y.L.: Sludenl Adminis- iralion 2, 3. Ml. Greenwood Beverly Bus. Jackson, June S.A.: A.Y.L. Sl. Feler Cloner Xavier Univ. Jensen, George S.A.: Exlerior Comm.: Smolce ing Comm.: Classroom Officer: A.Y.L. Sufherlond Illinois Johnson, Barbara SA. Sec'v.-Treas.: C o n c e rl Band l, 2, 3, 4: H.R,S.G. 2, 3: Sludenl Council 4: Board of Conlrol 4: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, Sec'y 3, 4: Pholo Slalil 2, 3, Edilor 3: Annual Slali: Tau Epsilon, Barnard Sloule lnslilule Johnson, Thomas SA.: Isl Vice-Pres.: Vice-Pres. Branch SA. I: Social Comm. 3: Assembly Comm. 3: Assem- bly Comm. Chairman: Board ol Conirol, Chairman 4: Bas- lrelball Team I, 2, 3. 4: Cap- lain 4: Emblem Club 2, 3, 41 Youlhbuildars 3, 4: Sludenl Council: Baseball Team 3, 4 Clissold lllinois Kamm, Alberi Business Rep.: Div. Room Ol- licer: Fire G u a rd: Usher Force: SA. Clissold Wilson J. C. Kauzlarich, Lorraine V Treas. Lalin Club: Sludenf Adminislralion: SA.: Tau Ep- silon: Classroom Officer. Ml. Greenwood Nursing Sch. Keddie, Burfon Foofball 2, 3. 4: Baskerball I: Wresrling Team 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2. 3, 4: Exierior Comm.: In- Ierior Comm.: S.B.I.: Srudenl Council I, 2, 3: S. A. Clissold Undecided Kennedy, Joseph S.A.: Fire Guard: Assembly Guard: Usher Force. Sf. Chrisfopher Undecided Kluger, Dolores Annual Slaff 3, 4: Empelmi News Sfalif 3, 4: 2nd Page Ed. and Ass'+.: H.R.S.G. I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American 3, 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Pro- bafion Comm.: Business Sfaff 2, 4: A.Y.L. Barnard Maclvfurray Krueger, Joan S.A.: Sfudenf Adrninisrralion: A.Y.L.: Pan American 3: Pro- morion Comm. 4: Clean-up Comm. 4. Mr. Vernon Am. Acad. of Aff Kubik, Phillip Inira-mural Sporls 2, 3: Wresi- ling 3, 4: Foofball 3, 4: Ex- Ierior Comm. 4: S.A.: Emblem Club 4: Hall Guard 3. Beverly Hills Kunes, Wilfred Emblem Club 3, 4: Eoofball 2. 3. 4: Wresiling Team 3: Exferior Comm. 3, 4: Hall Guard 3, 4: Sfudeni Council 2, 3: A.Y.L. 3: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Mf, Greenwood Lang, Harvey Concerf Band I, 2, 3: Jazz Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orclwesira 3, 4: S.A.: A.Y.L.: Hall Guard: Inferior Comm. Barnard Wisconsin Lange, Audrey Sfudenf Courr Chief Jusfice: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Flounclers I: Biology Club 2: Pan American 2, 3: Sfudeni' Council 4: H.R. S. G. 3: Promofion Comm. 3: lnlerior Comm. 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4. Fr. Dearborn Colorado Col. Lee, Nanefie S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4: Quilpen 2, 3, 4: Flounders I: Srudenf Exchange 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 4: Healih Improve- menr Comm. 3: Business Rep. I, 3: Inferior Comm. 2: Div. Room Officer 2, 4. Fernwood Goodman Theafre Lennon, June H.R.S.G. 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Flounders, Pres.: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Sfu- deni Courf, Judge: Biology Club 2, 3: Proba+ion Comm. Head: Inferior Comm. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4. Barnard Illinois Lochow, Donald S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Fooiball 2, 3: Exierior Comm. 4: Emblem Club 3, 4: Promofion Comm. 4: Hall Guard 3: Paper Comm. 32 S.B.I. 3, 42 A.Y.L. 3, 47 Aflrileiic Guard 4. Barnard Illinois Longfield, Eugene Ari Club 4: R.O.T.C. Choir 4: Foolball I: Baseball I: V.E. S.B. I, 2: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4. Mi. Greenwood Valparaiso Macfarlano, Carolyn S.A. 3, 4: Pan American 4: Curfain Club 3. 4: Promolion Comm. 3, 4, Chairman: A.Y.L. 3: Tau Epsilon 3. 4: Div. Room Officer 3. U. of C. High Florida Southern College Macnair. Carol Sludenl Adminisfrafion 2, 3, 4: Pres. 4: Arf Club 4: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Pro- molion Comm. 4: Board of Conlrol 3. 4: Sfamp Club 3, Pres.: S.A. 2, 3. 4. . Arlingfon. Va. Norfhweslern Marseille. George Donald Nalional Honor Sociely, Treas.: Tau Epsilon I, 2. 3. 4: Swimming Team 2, 3, 4: Biol- ogy Club, Pres. 3: Board of Conlrol 3: V.E.S.B. I: Traclc Team 4: Annual Sfafl 3, 4: Fire Guard: Hall Guard. Sufherland Illinois Marvin, Joan Tau Epsilon: A.Y.L.: Quilpen Vice-Pres.: Curlain Club: Em- pehi News Slafl: S.A. Sr. Cafelan Loyola Mafflliu, William Vice-Pres. Soph. Class: S.A., 2nd Vice-Pres.: Social Comm. 3, 4, Chairman 4: Baseball 4: Promofion Comm. 3, 4, Chair- man 4: Baslrefball 3, 4: Fool- ball I, 2: Tau Epsilon I: A Cappella I, 2. 3, Vice-Pres. 3: Sludenl Council. Clissold Norfhwesfern Mayfield, Pafricia S.A.: A.Y.L.: Hall Guard. Shoop Wilson J.C. McCue, Roborl A.Y.L.: S.A.: A Cappella: An- nual Siall. Business Manager. Rollins McDonald. Willelte S.A. 3, 4: Hall Guard: Wash- room lnsp.: Gym Leader: A. Y.L. Shoop Philonder Smith Miller, Roborl Flounders: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4: S.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Inlra-mural Sporfs 2, 3. 4: Hall Guard 4: Assembly Guard 4. Mr. Vernon Nofre Dame Miller, Glenn S.A.: Exlerior Comm. 3. 4: Annual Slaii 3. 4: Empehi News Slaii I lBranchl: Busi- ness Slaii 2. 3. 4: Div. Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 4: Youlbbuilders 3, 4: Inferior Comm. 4: Smoking Comm. 3, 4. Ml. Greenwood Rollins Col. Miller, Leafrico Classroom Officer I: Curlain Club I, 2, 3, 4: Pres.: 5.A. I. 2, 3. 4: Produclion I, 2, 3, 4: Biology Sec'y. 2: A Cappella 3, 4: Gym Leader 4: Div. Room Officer 2: A.Y.L. Toledo, O. Goodman Thealrv Miller, Lois S.A.: A.Y.L.: Concerl Band. Ml. Greenwood George Wm. Miniel, Geraldine Div. Room Officer 3, 4: Sfu- clenf Council 4: Curfain Club 3, 4: Clean-up Comm. 4: Promofion Comm. 4: Inferior Comm. 4: H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Slu- denf Adminisfrafion 3, 4: 5. A. I, 2, 3. 4: A.Y.L. 4. Ohio Ohio Wesleyan Mink, Ronald' S.A.:' ljl.R.S.G. 3: Co n ce rl Bandiil, 2, 3, 4: V.E.S.B. I, 2. Barnard Illinois Moeller, Jane - H.R.S.G. 2, 3. 4: Pan Ameri- can 2, 3, 4: Flounders I: S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Adminisfra- lion I, 2, 4: Hall Guard 3: Gym Leader 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor So- ciefy 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Esmond Michigan Sfafe Mohr, Lee Diane S.A.: Sfudenf Adminislrafion: Flounders: A.Y.L.: Div. Room Officer: Classroom Officer: Girls' Volleyball Team. Barnard Vogue Munro, Alex Concerl Band I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 4: Jazz Band 2, 3, 4, Leader 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4: As- sembly Comm. 4: Div. Room Officer 2, 3: Marching Band I, 2, 3, 4: Board of Confrol 3, 4: Sfudenl Council 2. Forf Dearborn DePauw Morris, William S.A,. I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 4: Concerl Band I, 2: Bas- lrelball Team 3, 4: Traclc 3, 4: Infra-mural Sporfs. Clissold Morgan Park J.C. Morllworsf, Laurel S.A. l, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 4: H.R.S.G. 4: Pan American 3, 4: Floun- ders, Sec'y. I: Curfain 'Club 3, 4: Biology Club 3: Sfudenf Adminisfralion I, 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 4. Sf. Barnabas Illinois Myers, Mildred , Flounders I: Pan American 3: I-l.R.S.G. 4: Ari' Club 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 4: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Adminisfrafion 2, 3, 4. Vanderpoel Vogue Nelson-, Reber? I Social Comm. 3, 4: Youflw- builders 4: A Cappella, Pres. 4: Sfudenl' Courf 4: Annual Sporls Ed. 4: Empehi News Sfaff 3, 4, Ass'+. 4l'I'm page Ed: Ouill and Scroll 4: Sfudenf Council. Sufherland Monmoufh Nickell, Ralph - - S.A.: A.Y.L. Ray Undecided O'Connor, Thomas-i ii I In S.A.: Inlra-mural Sporfs: Class- room Officer. ' V Mr. Greenwood Undecided Onayo, Samuel G. . A - Emblem Club: S.B.I.: Hall Guard: S.A.: Inferior Comm.: Exlerior Comm.: Baseball Team: Aflwlelic Guard. Shoop U.C.L.A. Perry, Jeanefh SA.: A.Y.L.: Flounders: Slu- d e n f Adminisfralion: D iv. Room Officer. Sf. Barnabas Undecided Philp, Hariley , SJR.: l,2,3,4: A.Y.l.. 2: V.E.S.B. 3: Piclced Plafoon 4: Non-Com. Club 4: Fire Guard 4: Assem- bly Guard 4: Usher Force 4: Flounders I: Exferior Comm. 3, 4. Esmond Undecided Pofe, Laverne SMA.: fN.Y.L.: Promofion Comm.: l n f e ri o r Comm.: Youflvbuilders: Sfudenl Admin- islralion: Clean-up Comm.: H. R.S.G. Sf. Cajefan Illinois Powless, Ramona - S.A.: A.Y.L. Offawa, lll. Undecided Pringle, Jean . SA. I, 2, 3, 4: Flounders I: Inferior Comm. 3, 4: Exlerior Comm. 3, 4: Business Rep. 2, 3: Div. Room Officer 4: A.Y.L. 3: Clean-up Comm. 4: Sludenl Adminisfrafion. Clissold Colorado College Ouebbeman, Jerome SA. l, 2, 3, 4: lnlra-mural Sporls 3, 4: Hall Guard. Sf. Margaref Undecided Radz, Alfred . SA.: Hall Guard 4. Sf. Margaref Undecided Ramsluaw, Lyle MV SA.: A.Y.L.: Inferior Comm. 4: Exferior Comm. 3: Clean- up Comm. 4: Div. Room Of- ficer 2: Flounders I: V.E.S.B. I: Baslcefball Team I. Vanderpoel Illinois Ranz, Frank SA. I, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Foofball 2: Wrestling 4. Esmond Illinois Reid, Charles SA.: Hall Guard. Shoop Reid, Francis SA.: A.Y.l..: Hall G u a r d: Classroom Chairman. Shoop Wilberforce Remperf, Donald - -.-4 is ' - T SA.: A.Y.L.: Sludenf Council: Div. Room Officer 2, 4: Class- room Chairman 2, 4: lnferior Comm. 3.' F Forf Dearborn 'Norfhwesfern Remporl, Geraldine S.A.: Tau Epsilon I. 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely, Sec'y. 4: Div. Room Officer 2: Slu- denl Adminislralion 2: Libra- rian lBrancl'1l I: Ouill and Scroll 4: News Sfafl 3. 4, Li- lerary Ed.: A.Y.L.: Gym Leader 4. Nazorefh Ev. Lufh. College Univ. of Chicago Renevier, Lawrence b.A.: Hall Guard 4: Foolball MI. Greenwood Service Rich, Phyllis S.A.: A.Y.L.: Tau E ps i l o n: Flounders: Ouilpen: Concert Band: Concerl Orclweslra: Be- ginners' Band: Empehi News Slalf: Business Slail. Kellogg Eorlhom Richlar, Allan lnlra-mural Sporfs 2. 3.: 5.A.: A.Y.L.: l'l.R.S.G.: Sludenl' Council: lnlerior Comm.: Hall Guard 2, 3. 4: Foolball 2: Swimming I: Exferior Comm. Clissolcl Colorado College Ripley, William S.A.: Tau Epsilon I, 3. 4: La- 'lin Club 3. 4: A.Y.L. 3. Esmond Michigan Sfale Roborls, Mariorie Lee Promolion Comm.: S.A.: Clean-up Comm.: Probaiion Comm.: A.Y.L.: lnlerior Comm.: Sludenl' Adminislra- lion: Social Comm.: I-l.R.S.G.: Exlerior Comm. Vanderpoel Vogue Robinson. David Lalin Club. S.A.: Boa'd ol Confrolz Tau Epsilon: Arl Club. Vice-Pres.: A Cappella. Sec'y. and Librarian: Promo- 'rion Comm.: Lalin Club Pres. and Sec'y.: A. Y. L, Sufherland Norfhwesfern Robson, Thomas Foofball 3. 4: S.A. 3, 4: Ex- Ierior Comm. 4: CI e a n - u p Comm. 3: Assembly Guard 4: Emblem Club 4: Inlra-mural Sporfs 3. SI. Murgarefs Illinois Rock, Mary Ann S.A. I. 2. 3, 4: Pan American 2, 3: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard I: S+udenl Adminislra- lion. Holy Name of Mory Wilson J.C. Saliluar. Maxine S.A.: A.Y.L.: Siudenl Adminis- 'rrafion 2, 3, 4: Arl Club: Tau Epsilon. Sf. Geralds Am. Insfifufe of Fine Arfs Sanders, Roger Quilpen: V.E.S.B.: C o n c e rl Band: Dance Orclneslra: Tau Epsilon: S.A.: Sludenl Coun- cil: Div. Room Officer: Lafin Club: Piclxed Plaloon. Mr. Vernon Illinois Scofl, Vivian S.A.: A.Y.L. 3, 4, Trees. 4: Girls' Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Lib. 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres. 4: Board of Conlrol 4: H.R.S.G. I, 2, 3. 4: Tau Epsilon I, 4: Div. Room Officer I. 2.3: Clean-up Comm.: A Cappella 3. 4: Sfudenl' Council. Barnard Illinois Shanahan, Margaroi S.A.: Library Service. Mr. Greenwood Shaver, Rachel Flounders I: Tau Epsilon I, 4: Ouilpen 2. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3: Laiin Club 2: A Cappella 4: Empehi News Slail 4: S.A.: Pan American 4: A. Y.L. 3, 4. Clissold N. E. Mo. Sf. Teachefs Col. Shavlin. Coleffa H.R.S.G. 3, 4: Clean-up Comm. Chairman 4: Laiin Club 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Red Cross Council 2, 3, 4: A Cap- pella I, 2, 3, 4, Lib., Sec'y.: Nalional Honor Sociefy, Pres.: Sfudenr Adminisiraiion: Floun- ders I, Vice-Pres.: Siudeni Council I, 2, 4. Sl. Margaret l Illinois Singer, Adrienne Laiin Club 2, 3, 4: S.A. 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Naiional Honor Sociefy 4: Arr Club 4: Sludenl Adminisiraiion 2, 3, 4: Promolion Comm. 3, 4: Lai'- in Club 3, 4, Pres., Vice-Pres.: Div. Room Officer. Sf. Caiefan Beloif Singlar, Sally Sfucleni Adminisfrarion: S.A.: A.Y.L.: Biology Club: H.R.S.G. Sufherland William Woods Slayion, Wendol Fooiball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Wreslling Team I. 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4, Pres. 4: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Board of Con- 'rrol 4: Exierior Comm. 4: S.B. I. 3, 4: Exierior Comm. 4: Sfudenf Council 2, 3: Siudenf Court Judge 4. Clissold Munich Univ. Smisek, Dolores Financial Comm.: S.A.: A.Y.I..: Siudeni Exchange. Earle Iowa Wesleyan Smifh, Janef Orchesrra I, 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 4: Div. Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L.: Flounders: S.A. Barnard lowa Wesleyan Smiih, Jean Hall Guard I, 2: Gym Leader 4: Service 3: A.Y.L. 3, 4: S.A.: Bond Salesman I. Holy Name of Mary U,C,L,A, Soiaf, Mary S.A. 2, 3, 42 A.Y.L. 3, 4: Siu- denr Adminisiraiion 2, 3: Na. iional Honor Socieiy: Tau Ep- silon 2, 3, 4: Biology Club 3, 41 Board of Confrol 4: PI-:aio Sfaif 4: Pres. Biol. Club 4: A Cappella I, 2. Clara Barron Wilson J.C Somos, Donald S.A.: Slage Crew I, 2, 3, 4, MBU- 47 Assembly Comm. 4: Board of Conirol 4: Officers' Club: Fire Guard: Cade:- Siaili Shop Ass'i.: Track 4. Kellogg Undecided Spillman, Loo S.B.I.: S.A.: Smoking Comm.: Classroom Officer: I n I e r I 0 r Comm.: Exlerior Comm.: Hall Guard Insp. Holy Name of Mary Anfioch Spiller, Edi'I'l1 Lafin Club I, 4: S.A. I, 2, 3: 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Socie- Iy 4: Biology Club 2, 3: Ger- man Club 4: Sludenf Adminis- frafion 3, 4. Ml. Greenwood Wilson Cify College Sfeder, Donald A.Y.L. 2, 3. 4, Pres. 4: Social Comm. 3, 4: Promofion Comm. 3, 4: Clean-up Comm. 4: Em- pelwi News Sfafl 3: Officers' Club 4: Sfudenf Council I, 2: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Usher Force 2, 3, 4, I-lead: Fire Guard 2. 3, 4, I-lead. Forf Dearborn Wilson J.C. S'I'een, Melvin S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball I: Hall Guard I: Beginners' Band I: Jr. Band 2: Orchesfra 3: Jazz Band 3, 4. Timofhy Ev. Lufh. Univ. of Calif. Sfevens, Warren S.A.: Baslcefball: Inlra-mural Sporfs: A.Y.L.: Hall Guard. Esmond Illinois Slier, Kennelh C. S.A.: Usher Force: Eire Guard: Officers' Club. Esmond l.l.T. Slrakshus, Anile S.A.: A.Y.I..: 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Arf Club 4: Sfudenf Adminislrafiong Div. Room Of- ficer I, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer. Mi. Greenwood For Secrefarial Sundland, Kennefh S.A., Afhlefic Commissioner: Baseball Team I, 2, 3, 4: Em- blem Club 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L.: Slu- denf Council: Execufive Comm.: Div. Room Officer. Barnard Swan, Jo Anne H.R.S.G. 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 2, 3. 4: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Clean-up Comm.: Inferior Comm.: Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Flounders: Div. Room Officer. Forf Dearborn Illinois Tarbox, Jeanene S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 3, 4: Youfhbuilders 4: I'-l.R.S.G. 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Pan American 2, 3, 4, Sec'y.: Flounders I: Sfudenf Adminis- Irafion 3, 4: Biology Club 2: Div. Room Officer. Clissold Monmoufh Thilmonl, Dolores Flounders I: Ouilpen 3, 4, Pres.: Pan American 2, 3, 4, Sec'y.: Girls' Glee Club I, 2, 3. 4: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4' Nafional Honor Sociefy: Cappella 3: Curfain Club 2: Board of Confrol I, 4: S.A. Sf. Barnabas Wilson J.C. A Thompson, Richard S.A.: Baslcelball 2, 4: V.E.S.B.: Clean-up Comm.: Arl Club: Promofion Comm.: Div. Room Officer 3. Sf. Efhelrecla Illinois Thornlon, Ann Arf Club 4: Lafin Club 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club, 2, 4: A Cap- pella 2, 3, 4, Sec'y. 4: Sfudenf Adminislrafion 3, 4: S.A.: Pro- ducfion: Div. Room Officer 2. Kellogg Kafherine Gibbs Trinske, Joan SA.: A.Y.L.: Board ol Con- lrol: Arl Club: Sludenl Ad' minislralion: Ari Club lBranclwl. Sf. Chrisfine Aff lnsfifuie Turner, Lawrence Hall Guard: Foolball Team: S.A. Shoop Wilson J.C. Turner, Marilyn Flounders I: Tau Epsilon 3: Ouilpen 2, 3: Business Slarl 3, 4, Man. 4: A.Y.L.: S.A.: Busie ness Rep. 2, 4: Board ol Con- lrol 4: Gym Leader 4: Hall Guard 4. Vanderpoel Carroll Col. Tyler, Rhea Pan American I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4,: Board oi Conirol 4: Promolion Comm. 4: Social Comm. 4: Tau Epsilon 2: A Cappella 2, 3. 4: S.A. I, 2, 3. 4: Clean-up Comm. Sludenl Adrninislralion 4. Sufherland lllinois Van Dyne, Charles Swimming Team 2, 3, 4: Em' blem Club 3, 4: V.E.S.B. It Tau Epsilon 2: S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard I, 2: Elounders I: Assembly Guard 4: lnIra-mur- al Sporis 4: Div. Room Ol- licer 2. Clissold Denison Vlaclz, Sydney Willrens Tau Epsilon: H.R.S.G.: Youlh- builders: Promolion Comm.1 Social Comm.: Curlain Club: Ar'r Club: Pan American Club: Business Rep.: S.A. Los Angeles Illinois Wageclx, Joanne Inferior Comm.: Siudenl Ad- minislralion: Div. Room Or- licer: Clean-up Comm.: S.A.: Pan American Club. Evansfon, Ill. Colorado Waggoner, Roy S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Slaqe Crew 2: Shop Foreman 3, 4: Orcheslra 3, 4: Beginners' Band 3, Siu. lnslr.: Jazz Band 4: Div. Room Orlicer 3: Hall Guard I. Sufherland Drake Wainwrighl, Carolyn S.A. I, 2, 3, 4: A.Y.L. 2, 3, 4? lnlerior Comm. 3, 4: Exlerior Comm. 3. 4: Clean-up Comm. 3, 4: Red Cross Council: Ser- vice. Harvard Undecided Wangerow, Richard Baseball Team: Foolball Team: Wresllinq Team: E m ble m Club: Tau Epsilon: S.B.I.: ln- ierior Comm.: Exlerior Comm.: S.A.: A.Y.L. Forf Dearborn Illinois Weber, Jack Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3: Div. Room Officer: S.A.: Library Service: Hall Guard: Phoio Club: A. Y.L. Forf Dearborn Purdue Weir, James Div. Room Officer 2, 3: Pan American Club 3: S.A.: A.Y.L.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely: Hall Guard 4. Forf Dearborn lowa Sfofe Wendriclr, Nancy S. A. I. 2, 3, 4: Quilpen 2: A.Y.L. 2: Div. Room Officer 2: Pan American Club 2: Slu- clenl Adminisfrafion 4. , Loring School Monficello Woinialr, Marianne S.A.: Pan American Club: An- nual Slaff: Promofion Comm.: Hall Guard. U. of C. High 5 51145 Zobac, Dorofhy S.A.: A.Y.L.: Gym Leader 3 4: S f u d e n f Adminisfrafion Classroom Officer. Forf Dearborn Page 42 Beovich, Theresa Librarian l. Ml. Greenwood Bibbs, Arfhur SA. Shoop Wilson J.C. Brown, Julia A.Y.L. Shoop Undecided Carfer, Hammond Hall Guard: S.A.: Classroom Officer: A.Y.L. Shoop George Williams Chafman, Elmer Basliefball: Hall Guard. Holy Name of Mary Wilson J.C. Clay, Eugene Baslceiball Team 2. 3: Emblem Club 3, 4: S.B.l. 2, 3, 4: A.Y. L. 4: lnfra-mural Sporfs 3: Hall Guard 2. 3: Classroom Officer 2. Shoop Dunghill, Gloria Shoop Fihgerald, Dorofhy S.A.: A.Y.L. Shoop Undecided Hirschman, Pafricia S.A.: Curfain Club: Concerf Band, Maioreffe. Barnard Jones, Luvenla SA. Shoop Wilson .l.C. Ouflaw, John S.A.: Baslcefball: Hall Guard: Smolxing C o m m.: Classroom Ofhcer. Oklahoma Tyson, Roberf S.A.: Baslrefball: Hall Guard: S.B.l. Shoop jim Mosf popular girl . . . Mosf popular boy .,.. Besf looking girl . .. Besf looking boy ,... Besf dressed girl . , . . Besf dressed boy . . . . Girl wifh flue besf line . .. Boy wifh fhe besf line . .. Besf girl dancer Besf boy dancer . .. Mosf bashlul girls .... Mosf sfudious boy .... Mosf bashful girl .... Mosf bashful boy .. . Mosf afhlefic girl . . . Mosf afhlefic boy ....,..., Girl wifh besf sense of humor Boy wifh besf sense of humor Mosf dignified girl .... Mosf dignified boy ..,. Hungriesl girl ,... . Hungriesf boy . . . Besl couple . .. Cufesf girl ,... Jlallngjamn, . . . .Barbara and . .Margie Lorenz . . .Jim Kircl1l1o'Ff Marlha Paflerson . . . . .Lowie Embs . .Jean Bradshaw . . . . .Lowie Embs .Jackie Valenline . . . . .Floyd Lenz .Jackie Valenfine .....Cl1uck Jaap .Joyce Werninlski . . .Herbie Sable Belly Henderson . . . .Neil Pulnam Joyce Werninfski . . . .Bob Mueller . .Margie Lorenz . . . .Ari Barber . .Carol Newbury . .Bruce Robinson . .Doris von Holsl .Jack Kollemann . . . .Jean Bradshaw 81 Jim Kirchhofi . .Jackie Valenline Page 43 .WHL QW Wall- DK- Mosf popular girl . . . Mosf popular boy .. Besf looking girl . .. Besf looking boy . ,. Besl dressed girl . . Besf dressed boy , . . Girl wifh fhe be-sf line Boy wifh fhe besr line Besf girl dancer .. Besf boy dancer 4 4 Mosf sludious girl . 4 . Mosf sfudious boy .. Mosf basnfulxgirl . 4 . Mosl bashful boy . . , Mosf afhlefic girl . . . Mosf afhlefic boy . . . Girl wilh besf sense of humor . . 4 . Boy wilh oesf sense of humor . . . Mosf dignifed girl , , . Mosl dignified boy 4 Hungriesf girl .... Hungriesf boy ..,. Besf couple ,. Cure-Sf girl 4 . 4 Page 44 . . .Audrey Lange . . . .Tom Johnson .. . .June Lennon ... . ,Bob Nelson . . .Helen Dacey . . . . .Don Steeler . .Sydney Vlaclc , . . .Bob Hand" 4 . .Leafrice Miller . . . .Tom Clemens . . . . .Anna Gray . I . .Marvin Haan BeH'y Lou Cassidy . . ,Windy Slayfon . . .Gloriana Hale- . 4 .Berf Keddie . 4 .Leafrice Miller H '... Bah Bridge ..,.June Lennon Hoavaa Robinson .mmafgie Finch , . 4Windy Slay+on 4 . . , .Lealrice Miller 8: Warren S+evens . . . .Audrey Lange Herberi Sabel ColeHa Shevlin Science rqwalzcli Every year ihe science deparimeni besiows on ihe highesi ranking graduafing senior in ihe science and maihemalical deparimenls, Jrhe Science Medal. The award is a bronze plaque aiiribuied 'ro +he honor siudeni by The Bausch and Lomb Oplical Company. For fhe pasf years iwo seniors, one from each sernesier, has been cho- sen for l'his award. Mr. A. R. Gay is in charge oi piclcing Jrhese sl'udenTs. Qualificaiions for This award are fha? lrhe siudeni' musl' have siudied science for Jrhree years, of which iwo years musi have been laboraiory sciences: he musi have a minimum of Jrwo years in maihemalics including algebra and geomefry. The highesr science grades deiermine +0 whom The award goes, buf in case of a lie, lhe mafhemaiics grades are ihe deciding iaclor. This award represenis more rhan iusi high scholasiic aifainmeni in science sfudies, ii slands for greai inieresi and enlhusiam in science. ll' is presenred 'ro siimulare inleresr, Jrhe imporrance and necessiiy for ihe siudy ol science, and is a high honor lo achieve. Of 'rhe January graduales, l-ler- berr Sabel was selecied as ihe winner and Coleiia Shevlin was chosen from ihe June class. Page 45 lx gl 1' F Q 'if' ga, ,Y ka.: K Usa-'g J Ui? ' Hu" A X , 1,-', t. . .: W ,4 v I R if 7' 1, in ,uffl V ' 'g 1f4"f' A J H Wfffyfzj W f ' ' Ml!" x , I r X 0 I M ' , 'ggi' ' y f ,, , ':1' ":'?".-M A' NQM Q, 'M 'f 'f f W ' ':,, 'iw X' 'R iff! ,I X' will f 5 f WW 'Q ' "' 'fa' " k Sl 'I' 74 i f , MQ , ' an '- Q 1 A 'Q' f ,J Q' AI' 'Af XX W y" 'rg ' gg pw ' 1 XX ' A '1' " I q, in' "1 i"'f W1 'ff 'A ffl W NWN' W, ,, w I' , R 'mf 'Nfl' ,Hu ap! uinw VM ','1g,iL 'fl Mb, WW RN M 15M . 1 r .X .,, , IW Elk 1 . ' 'u:' 15Q w i .l ff 1 , ' . l ya f ,. X .1 M ' 2 "L'f 1,-M-, 2' X 'E "ML'W Wfxik x ef' N Mn! EV X 1 llgermkin X MN W, W 'LW "U 3 , MX X . NRM . A! ,QW .X ' -Nhmxp up 'un -' WX, ' X Mwxxtle 1 UMW, 1' , W WE , ,E M x W v ww ' ' Wx. tk ' ,,'X' .1 , wx' 'Y ' "- 'A xx ? Nwx M ' P' " ' M N "'fM We W' A ff 55519 ' Ma" X VS ly W1 497.52 XX "' 2 1' 'N'.:x. 1, 'fn x lu - ,I , ,M wx. M W 1 .yw 1 ,,1fANt'w.i, , , Tx ' I 'U3 If .MQ f 34 ,I X ' 'ww :Z 755' Qffk X vl ' x my lx, U 'I I 1' We 'f' ,M 1' .K ,HQ J yi Il' Qfcfmw r M fP "+"f"1f" " ' N3 ,f",Jf" ' W 'QM' fi ' j 1' W fr M V , r 1' n l 'nqffggff f Z3 ' 9,41 x K 9 F25 J' 67 'QQ Lmzazw 141.2014 '47 Ioan Holmes Z . . The STudenT AssociaTion is The governing Torce oT Morgan Park. Backed by a membership OT l3OO persons, The "S.A." sponsors all clubs and school organizaTions, dances, movies, The Empehi News and climaxes The year wiTh The publicaTion oT This annual. In The I946-47 season The S.A. sponsored a Junior-Senior Prom, inTroduced a SuggesTion Box, and gave To The members a new, more adequaTe consTiTuTion including some major changes such as The meThod oT nominaTing and elecTing The oTTicers oT The associaTion. The ExecuTive commiTTee conTinuing some policies, discarding oThers, and esTablishing new ones, planned and execuTed The year's S.A. pro- gram. The commiTTee is composed oT The S.A. oTTicers and The heads oT The school's major organi- zaTions: Gene l-lalaburT and Cary Newbury, co- ediTors oT The Empehi News: Fawn Curry, ediTor oT The annual and Bob Larson, major oT The R.O.T.C. The spring semesTer saw Nancy BarreTT as ediTor oT The Empehi News and Hugh Ferguson as major oT The R.O.T.C. Joan Holmes, as presidenT oT The S.A. presided over The ExecuTive commiTTee and STudenT Council. The TirsT vice-presidenT, Tom Johnson, oTTic- iaTed as chairman oT The Assembly commiTTee and Board OT ConTrol. Bill MaTThias, second vice-presidenT, oversaw The Social and PosTer commiTTees. As secreTary-Treasurer, Barbara Johnson bal- anced The budgeT and direcTed The acTiviTies oT The Finance-PromoTion commiTTee. Audrey Lange presided as ChieT JusTice oT The STudenT Court. The AThleTic Commissioner, KenneTh Sundland, managed The S.A. TickeT booTh and The sale oT all sporTs TickeTs. A sTaTT oT specialized sponsors backed These sTudenT oTTicers. Mrs. DoroThy Cella sponsored The S.A. as a whole and also The Annual STaTT and Fi- nancial CommiTTee. Miss Alma Bauman is The ad- visor oT The Empehi News and Miss Laura WalTer oT The STudenT CourT. Miss Lillian CondiT and Miss Marion CasTle guided The Board oT ConTrol and Assembly CommiTTee, respecTively, while Mrs. T-lelen Corcoran sponsored The Social and PosTer CommiTTees. Mr. CurTis Melnick worked wiTh The aThleTic commissioner during The year. Tom Iohnson lim Armstrong Bill Matthias Barbara I ohnson Ken Sundland Audrey Lange Carol Newbury Gene Halaburt Nancy Barrett Favim Curry Hugh Ferguson Bob Larson fnwzt Row I: Lanqe,Mrs.CeUe,Iv1iss Wal1er, Hindmarsln Row 2: Baker, Shyfnn, Lennnn, Wilsiwn, Payne. gxmm gp Rowl: Kennedy, Sfayfen, Miss Walfer, Hnqberq Wangerow. Row 2: Sorensen, Hoge, Burke, Haffner, Bowers. ROW3: Foreman, GUI, Payne, Mmnr. Unhzfubn, fn Row I: Bridge, Nelson, Miss Walfer, SYay1er1,Wan qerow, Gill, Swan. Row2: Pofe, Miniaf, Roberfs, Wafqeck, Wada Snevlin. Row3:Payne, Hoge, Riclnier, Foriner, Wain wriqhf. fxfhwm Row I: Campbew Arkema, Mr, Calkins, AuNworm Row 2: Enyari, Shannen, Lee. Page 49 il, my New , ' 0, Q 'fi 3 .V E iw, ,mn w fb ' 4 A - Q 0 f " an -me Q LY I f ii Q , ff' 5 ' wig - 3 Q., L .Q 1,1 f f,, phi ,gp eg gi? M ,,,, .vvv rs v " f Wag IS' 5 K, f' 31 -gf V, A 'ff . ',.., 3, I ? A- gp Q 'J "' l Y Y' V sm? z J ,Q "' ,K S. ,, Q , 5 M m i V 3 'Lsks vw N ,VV. Li 'km li"- w w-1, " x- A 5, -Wim . may L- 1 N 'S 0. A N' V m f 'I' gf, M Lg, ps pm-31W . M - ww H 1 l nr ff N, ,. fx T nf V4 N' 'ff up if v' 9 V Q r Q2 . k . r I ws. V . w I ' " tg. 'ji' A 'Q ' fa 79 'Q 3 ' 'P' 4 ff '- 'vik 'B A 'rf' A -., ,Q .., V fl YZ 15 if W K, V' ff I H Q' ,, ' ' eg 1 S1 'gf gf ", af ffnssw T' 'Q sis v sw . . K ' M XE 5 V. Q 1.5 Q LR in in A V -9 gf I H 45? ' olv W. 949 m 5 V ,EQ -Wm lu hd Q fi yi, U' A V 'Xl' 'D uw 'V K . aujn L 1 k as N W ' my My R ,s ....-- . ,...,- he Env - STudenT governmenT which has exisTed Tor many years aT Morgan Parlc is The medium Through which The ideas and wishes oT The sTudenT body are reached. WiTh The adopTion oT a new consTiTuTion There were numerable changes in The organiza- Tion oT The governmenT. The STudenT CourT TuncTioned as usual wiTh The acTiviTies oT The S.B.l. and Pro- baTion commiTTees whose iobs are To locaTe missing arTicles, reporT illegal pracTices and aid and help Those sTudenTs placed on probaTion. Due To lack oT pracTical use Tor an lnTer-class or Civic Council and a Financial commiTTee The Two were abandoned. The Tall Financial CommiTTee recorded dues and handled The money under The supervision oT Barbara Johnson The secreTary- Treasurer. A well rounded year oT social evenTs including dances, movies, all-sporfs niTe and The inauguraTion oT a Junior-Senior Prom was presenTed by The Social commiTTee under The leadership oT William MaTThias and Mrs. Helen Corcoran and TaculTy sponsor. The STudenT Council served an added purpose This year in acTing as a sounding board and discussion group Tor The sTudenTs' problems. All manner oT subiecTs were broughT To lighT and debaTed upon, The main legislaTure accomplishmenTs being The TormaTion and adopTion oT a new STudenT AssociaTion consTiTuTion and The approval oT S.A. candidaTes. IT TuncTioned under The guidance oT Dr. Tubbs. The sponsor and Joan l-lolmes, iTs chairman. The Assembly commiTTee which was headed by Thomas Johnson oTTered a well rounded assembly calendar Tor The year. Composed oT an opTional buT equal num- ber oT sTudenTs and Teachers, The commiTTee musT pass on all assemblies beTore They are presenTed. lTs aim is To provide boTh enTerTaining and educaTional assemblies which The sTudenTs will enjoy. Due To a re-organizaTion in The governmenT, The PromoTion commiTTee is now called The PosTer commiTTee. lTs duTy is To provide publiciTy in posTers. dance deco- raTions and bids. lT is under The managemenT oT The second vice-presidenT. A new commiTTee was Tormed To relieve some oT The duTies oT The old PromoTion and Finance commiTTees. Deriving iTs name Trom iTs purpose, iT was called The Fi- nance-PromoTion commiTTee and was supervised by The secreTary-Treasurer, Barbara Johnson. IT is responsible Tor promoTion oT The S.A. sales, Through publiciTy in The newspaper, bulleTin noTices and personal visiTs To divisions. X, o Q22 1' LQ i-4 r I ' A 1 ff? T 'EM r f .lf ii , lil J , 7. A'1 .- 2 .WN VPCIQE' 51 Rowlz Guslavson, Kollemann, Kirrhholl, Johnson, Miss Condil, Johnson, Sabel, Munro, Sleder, Robinson. Row 2: Hale, Shevlin, Barrell, Carey, Paxlon, Emerson, Pearson, Curry, Brown, Tvler. Row3: Tiinslrn, Wood, Newbu ry, Mannair, Soial, Thulmonl, Connor, Onllaqher, Slaylcin, Somes. Bound of, fnnbwl, Rhea Tyler. .. Eawn Curry .,.. Joan Trinske.. Donald Sleder. . Jessi Lou Emerson . Mary Soial ...... Wendell Slaylon.. Alex Munro .... Pauline Burd.. Colella Shevlin. . . ......CAPPELLA....... ...MANNUAL STAFEH... ......ARTCLUB...... . .,..,. A.Y.L. ..,,.. .. MBEGINNERS' BAND. . .. . .... BIOLOGY CLUB ...,.., .. ... BOYS' EMBLEM CLUB. . .. ...BOYS' JAZZ BAND. . .. ...MBUSINESS STAFF. . . . .. CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE .... . Marlin Jahn.. ... ..., ....... . . ...CONCERT BAND. . . .. June Carey... ............,., .. . CURTAIN CLUB..... Gene I-Ialaburl 81 Carol Newbury.. .. .. EMPEI-II NEWS. . ., Elise While ............. . .. .. ...... ELOUNDERS. . . . . .. Gloriana I-lale.. Joan Paxlon.. . Nancy Barrell.. James Connor.. David Robinson Jaclc Kollemann. Virginia Pearson Ralph Bauman.. Dale Bainard. .. . Diclc Gallagher.. Dolores Thilmonl.. James Kirchholl.. Shirley Brown ..... Donald Somes. Carol Macnair.. . Elerberl Babel .... I-Ioward Guslavson David Baker. . . Page 52 HGIRLS' EMBLEM CLUB.. ..GIRLSI GLEE CLUB. .. . ..,... I-I.R.S.G. ......,. .. ...JUNIOR BAND....... LATIN CLUB .... . ...... ORCHESTRA .,..... . ..H..OFHCERS'CLUBM . .PABIAMENCABICLUBU .. PHCNKDSTAFF ..... .. ..,... QNMLPEN .... . . M ounLANDscRoLL.. Rmnonossoouncn. ..U.STAGECRBN.H.. STUDENTIADMINBTRATKDN .H..UTAUEP9LON.H. H N.M.H.UVESBM.U H.n ...YOUTI-IBUILDERS. .. .. .Roberl Nelson ....Eawn Curry .....Joan Trinslce ....DonaId Sleder .Jessi Lou Emerson . , . . . .Mary Soial . .Wendell Slaylon .....AIex Munro ...Marilyn Turner . . . . .Rhea Tyler ......John Dorinq ..,.Lea+rice Miller ....Nancy Barrell' ....Joan Van Beelc .Laurel Morlhorsl ..,,. Vivian Scoll ,Belly Lou Cassidy . . . .James Connor ..... Anna Gray . . .Collella Shevlin NAnoNALHoNoRsocmPrfi ..T . .... Jacqueline Cravener ...I-Iuqh Eerguson ..,,RuIh Aulwurm . . .Dick Gallagher .Dolores Thilmonl ..Erances I-Ielders . . . . .Shirley Brown . . . .James Nyberg . . . .Carol Macnair .....Diane Curlis I-Ioward Guslavson . ..... Jerome Davis Q KHPPPIIQ KIMM Empehi may be proud ThaT iT has on iTs TaculTy such a capable musical direcTor as Mrs. l-larTle, under whose guidance and leadership The A Cappella has compleTed iTs ThirTeenTh year. The A Cappella was Tounded by Mrs. T-larTle Tor The purpose oT giving high school sTudenTs The beneTiTs provided by such an organizaTion. To apply Tor membership a sTudenT musT have compleTed a year oT music and have mainTained a "G" average in all maior subiecTs. As a resulT oT The various musical programs presenTed by The A Cappella This year, The sTudenTs parTicipaTing have acquired poise and a sense oT sTage presence while giving The audience excellenT musical enTerTainmenT. Early in November The chorus was honored by being inviled To malce a recording suiTable Tor use on a radio program sponsored by a naTionally known womens organizaTion. An excellenT colIecTion oT TradiTional music was presenTed aT The annual ChrisTmas assembly, and again The school rung wiTh beauTiTul carols sung in The halls The day beTore ChrisTmas vacaTion. Climax- ing The year's acTiviTies was Morgan Parks annual spring produclion. In The Tall The oillicers oT The organizaTion were Tilled by Rhea Tyler, Jim KirclchoTT, ColeTTa Shevlin, and Bob Nelson, who were presidenT, viceepresi- denT, secreTary, and librarian respecTively. The oihiicers oT The spring semesTer were Bob Nelson, presidenTg Francis T-lelders, vicefpie-Qidenlq Ann ThornTon, secreTary, and Jeanne Wilson, librarian. Row I: Reilly, Dangremond, KirckhoTl, Tyler, Mis. T-larTle, Shevlin, Nelson, McCue, Hobson, Row2: ScoTT, Sexlon, Carlyss, Nesbii, Nelson Fenclcen, Macnair, Jansen, RiseTTer, Thomas, Dillabay. Row3: QT-lalloran, Menagh, l-loimes, Kay, Philp, Ferguson, Thilmonl, Ulirhammer, Vxfilson, Thornlrin, KnighT, Emshrill. Row 4: Holmguisl, Grolz, Sorenson, ScoTT, Holmes, Philip, Finlc, Ulinslci, King, l-larringTon. Row 5: Shaver, HayTord, T-TiTe, T-lelders, Hrvman, Bauers, Weavei', Wilson, Carey, Miller, Pogo 53 . is X5 ?"'xq 5 1 rr usp' fbi li Lggl Page 54 Row I: Klein, Mueller, Mrs. Cella, Mr, T-iarTouqh, Curry, Huber, McCue. Row 2: Brown, Wojniac. Mooney, l-lelders, Miller, Bonham, Newbury, Marseille. Row 3: Pearson, Johnson, Holmes, Kluger, This year, as in all pasT years, The annual sTaTT has Tried To creaTe The biggesi' and besi' annual possible Tor The sTudenTs. Due To prinTer's and engraver's requesTs Tor an early deadline, picTures and wriTe-ups had To be in as soon as possible aTTer The second semesTer sTarTed. PicTures were Taken The TirsT weelc in January, while individual senior picTures were scheduled in OcTober and November. We would like To Thanlc Those clubs ThaT meT Their wriTe-up deadline on Time. The sTaTT decided To conTinue lasT year's splendid idea oT procuring padded covers Tor Those bringing paper To school. This year, however, The amounT was raised To TiTTy pounds per person, To Take care oT increased cosTs and To provide a Tund To procure some maTerials needed around school. We oTTer Thanks To Those who helped in This successTul drive. The whole sTaTT would like To express Their appreciaTion To Mrs. Celia Tor her excellenT help and guidance in publishing The annual. We are glad ThaT she was able To be in our club picTure This year. Some people who were oT excellenT help To The ediTor were Carol New- bury, Glenn Miller, and PaTricia Bonham. They made major conTribuTions in geTTing The annual ready Tor publicaTion. This year's sTaTf included: Fawn Curry, ediTor-in-chieTg Leah Huber, liTerary ediTor7 Bob Mueller, sporTs ediTorq Larry Klein, arT ediTorq and Bob McCue, business manager. Bob Nelson acTed as sporTs ediior during The second semesTer, aTI'er The graduaTion of Bob Mueller. we Klub The Arf Club is a newly founded organizafion under The sponsorship of Miss Edna B. l-lofchlriss. The purpose of The club is To prepare posfers Tor ofher acTiviTies of The school, acquainf The arf members wifh The differenf fields of arf and The differenf schools of advanced Training in The arf fields, and To respond To any requesfs in The school for arTisTic producfs. Besides organizing proiecfs To beaufify The school The club serves as a basis To promofe beffer sfudenf cooperafion among ifs members. ln The fufuro Miss l-lofchlciss plans To have ex-Empehifes and prorninenf speakers lecfure on The opporfunifies for advancemenf offered in This field. No sfudenf is eligible To membership in This club who has nof received credii' for af leasf one semesfer of arT in high school or iTs equivalenf in an accredifed arf school and has nof received af leasf a final grade of The meefings were held every second weelc in The social room during The fall semesfer. During The spring semesfer The club held ifs meefings in room 3Ol. The club sponsored a Chrisfmas card and Tally sale To raise money for a Traveling arf exhibif from Monficello College. This proiecf was very successful. Officers for The fall semesfer were: Joan Trinslme, presidenfp David Robinson, vice-president Nancy Koolcer, secrefaryg Elaine Valenfine, Treas- urer. Joan Trinslce was again elecfed presidenf in The spring. OTher officers were Ary Arlon, vice-presidenfg Maxine Salihar, secrefaryg and Eugene Long- field, Treasurer. XJ 1 1 iT OG ' 'ra !,.?w. wr Q, r. T sa' i ffjlll li If X xx-SQ ,fi- fl 41,1-, T li, T fifv 7 f W I sf Row I: Gray, Longfield, Valeniine, Trinslce. Miss Hofchlciss, Robinson, Koolser, ThornTon, Arlon. Row 2: Siachel, Myers, Fleming, Peferson, Burgess, WendT, Evans, Vlaclc, Sfralcshus. Row3: Huber, Singer, Feeley, Drews, Dunlap, Nyberq, Ulinslci, Salihar, Lefhen, Macnair. Page 55 ilk eil AH-. fix. hi. ii 14 313 Page Row I: SherTT, Balmer, Balmer, Mrs. Calla, Dr. Tubbs, STeder, Dacey. ArmsTrong, ScoTT, Row 2: Slaughher, CurTis, POTQ, larbox. George, STyles. Crowhursh Cassidy, Allman, hlayTord ROW3: Burdeiie, Carr, FlemisTer, Laninda. Walson, Johnson, Carey, Keddie, Campbell. Row4: Vlaflc, lrwin, MiniaT, Llimblebv, Davis, Lipp, Nelson, Miller. Johnsen. a.f14...f.wL you aswdw, The American YouTh League was organized Tor The purpose oT develop- ing in The minds and hearTs oT The sTudenTs oT Morgan Parlc a deep appre- ciaTion Tor our counTry and Tor all ThaT iT represenTs. The underlying purposes oT The A.Y.L. are as Tollows: I. To TosTer The appreciaTion OT our righTs as ciTizens. 2. To acguainT us wiTh our responsibiliTies in mainTaining These righTs. 3. To encourage our paTrioTic inclinaTions. 4. To promoTe inTernaTional good will and undersTanding. 5. To bring a+her high school sTudenTs TogeTher in oTher A.Y.L. chapTers. Miss Callahan and Mr. Meyers, as well as The founder, Dr. Tubbs, are The sponsors To whom The league owes many Thanlcs. The oTlicers Tor The pasT year have been: Don STeder, presiclenly I-lelen Dacey, vice-presidenTg Vivian ScoTT, secreTaryg Jim Armslrong, Treasurer. A branch OT The American YouTh League is The YouTh Builders. lT is The policy malcing commiTTee oT The American YouTh League. Following The Torm oT New Yorlcs YouTh Builders l'To learn by doing" is iTs main purpose. The worlc oT This organizaTion consisTs oT Three main principles, namely, discussion, invesTigaTion, and acTion. AT The presenT Time YouTh Builders has ThirTy members and is under The able guidance oT Mrs. DoroThy Celia. Raising money Tor The aThleTic Tund was The proiecT oT YouTh Builders lasT semesTer. The oTTicers oT The Tall semesTer were: David Balcer, presidenT: Joanne Balcer, vicefpresidenTq Peggy Sherhf, secreTary. To guoTe Mrs. Cella, YouTh Builders fills The gap beTween The concepT oT democracy and The pracTice oT iT. asubzvqi, gm The Biology Club oT TiTTy members, is composed oT sTudenTs especially inTeresTed in Biology. The group has had several excepTionally inTeresTing meeTings. Dr. Thompson, senior naTuralisT oT Coolc CounTy l:oresT Preserves, spoke on planT and animal liTe along The Trails in The preserves. Dr. Young, presidenT OT The fXnTi-CruelTy SocieTy, Told oT inTeresTing animals which he has TreaTed. One oT These was The elephanT T'Deed a Dayi' boughT and owned by The Boy ScouTs. The club presenTed an assembly aT which Sam Campbell gave anoTher oT his inTeresTing lecTures. The lecTure was accompanied by picTures Taken in The norTh woods. Some oT The members aT Halloween arranged an inTeresTing exhibiT oT leaves, gourds, cornsTallcs and pumplcins in The display case on The TirsT Tloor. The club had iTs annual chrysanThemurn sale aT Thanksgiving and The poinseTTia sale aT ChrisTmas which neTTed TwenTy-seven dollars. Some oT The money was given To The Red Cross Council Tor giTTs Tor soldiers, March oT Dimes, AnTi-CruelTy SocieTy, AniTa Blair wiTh her seeing eye dog, Childrens Aid and The SocieTy Tor PreservaTion oT Wild LiTe. IT is The sincere hope oT every member ThaT The Biology Club will cone Tinue To be as enjoyable and inTormaTive in The coming semesTers as iT has been in The pasT. Miss Bell and Mrs. Howes are The sponsors. The oTTicers are: Mary SoiaT, presidenT: Carol Wood, viceApresidenTg f'XnneTTe King, secreTary, and David Glade, Treasurer. fefffimzm Row I: Maiseiilo, Tinlca, lrvwis, Clade, Sifial, Miss Boll, W-i-Tcl, Kirin, KiVi7il?, Pnddiirlv, Ry7ni, Tlailinii. Row2: MeTcalTe, Miner, Hiller, Que, Balmer, MiirTh.vrsT, Jiihnsrin, PayTes, Harmeling, Maynard, Vvidule, Brannon, Curres, Meyer. Row3: Huber, WhiTe, O'Meara, Parlcer, BohneTT, RolroTT, Munroe, Serie-chaTle, Alexander, Zuegel, Church, Jansen, WlaTcomb, Shaddow. Row 4: Jaclcson, Lipp, T-larnilTon, Mohr, Foyer, Aulwrum, Thomas, ElliciTT, RuShTon, l'loTTman, Wiclcleiw, Phommer. TBFMJKZ' 57 . HI - I .f X. Sv 01 ' f T' M 5 13,2154 .19 . "' T 7 T as ykL'lN Page 58 Row I: Zuegel, Friclce, Burd, Mrs. Cella, Turner, BarreTT, T-lamiITon. Row 2: VVerninTslri, Pierson, HoTTman, Brown, T-layne, Widule, Seavoy, Condon, Baldwin. B . The Empehi News business sTaTT, composed oT a well chosen group oT oTTicers and capable salesmen, aids in The Tinancing oT The school paper and wiTh iTs disTribuTion. To remain a member oT The business sTaTT one musT sell aT leasT Three inches oT ads ThroughouT The semesTer. Salesmen who show greaT inTeresT in The sTaTT and sell a greaT many ads usually become oTTicers The Tollow- ing semesTer. The ads oT The paper are noT resTricTed To The surrounding communiTy Tor The sTaTT has handled adverTisemenTs Trom New Yorlr and oTher large ciTies. Mrs. Cella, sponsor oT business sTaTT. has proved a greaT help in encouraging The members. The manager is a member oT The Board oT Con- Trol and Through This organizaTion learns oT The Tinancial needs oT The paper and how To manage Them. Pauline Burd was manager ThroughouT The Tall semesTer. Marilyn Turner assisTed her as secreTary and Treasurer. Nancy T-lamilTon did a Tine iob as circulaTion manager TogeTher wiTh her Two assisTanTs, Joan Fricke and Joan Zuegal. Nancy BarreTT proved worThy oT her posiTion as copywriTer. During The spring semesTer Marilyn Turner presided over The sTaTT wiTh Carol Widule and Joan Zuegal acTing as co-secreTary and Treasurer. The circulaTion deparTmenT was again Taken over by Nancy T-lamilTon, while Nancy BarreTT conTinued as copywriTer assisTed by Shirley Brown. The business sTaTT hearTily Thanks Those who consenTed To paTronize The Empehi News. 6"61M6 Curlain Club has iusl compleled ils elevenlh year, under The capable direciion of Miss Julia Lorenz. lls prime prrpose is To slimulale inleresi in lhe slage and provide an oullel for lhe dramalic abilily ol Morgan Park sludenls. fxny sludenl is eligible lo 'fry our before a iudging commillee llhe olilicers and soonsorl and prove his abiliiy. "Elmer and lhe Lovebugf' a one-acl comedy, was lo have been pre- sonfed in lhe fall somcilor, bel due ro unavoidable complicalions, was carried over 'lo ihe sorinj, vhen il: was presenheil. The casl included: Carol Keddie, Sydney Vlacla, David Dalier, Peggy Ann Bennell, Laurene Pelersen, Joan Thomas, James lfoonlz, llay Johnson, La Verne Gaudas, Lois While. A greaf deal ol experience was gained by lhe many hours lhey labored on ihis prodcclion. Curlain Club sponsored Jrrips fo many sfage plays, including "l-lamlelf' ln lhe fall, 75 members ol Curlain Club saw lhe English movie 'll-lenry V.'l Clever enlerlainmenl and lighl relreshmenls characlerized The aclors' semi-monlhly meelings. Presiding over lhese meelings in lhe fall were: June Carey, president Carol Keddie, vice-president Joanne Bohnefl, secrelaryg Marion Zolinslci, ireasurer. During lhe spring semesler Lealrice Miller acled as presidenl, Joan Thomas as vice-presidenl, Rulh Miner as secrelary and Janice Eclcharl as lreasurer. Row I: Thomas, Gaudas, Vlaclr, Bohnell, Carey, Miss Lorenz, Keddie. Zaluslcy, Bennell, Pesrhel, Mason Johnson. Row2: Brannon, Haylord, Johannesen, Parenli, Geisler, Ulinslci, Payles, Miniai, May, Miller, Bierson Miner, Vlaclc, Droege. Row 3. Cassidy, Nielsen, Morlhorsl, Tarbox, Balzer, Barren, Burns, Turbefl, Bowers, Weaver, Whifs, Parker, Pelersen. Row4: George, Rolroil, Balmer, Kennedy, McMahon, Slaylon, Keller, Risefler, Kinzie, l-lindmarsh Laiininqa, Ellioll, Nilsen, Maciarlane. Row 5: Kooniz, Koonlz, Virschman, Williams, Gridley, Kinzie, Beyer, l-lolzlman, Alexander, Wilson Merlhorsl. m, 'Y 6953 xx! V yr of i, Pffqo 59 R+! Qi xi' ,. cs' f' ,,, , A 8,6 U f iii, Z l w ff . i 1 i -n ' i L1 x Tl ,. Page UU Row I: Pearson, Remperl, Rees, Newbury, Miss Bauman, l-lalaburf, vnn l-lolsl, Peferson, Wern nlslc Kirchhohf. Row 2: Fenclren, Culver, l-lelders, Nyberg, Marvin, Kluger, Turney, Bradshaw, Keller, Nelsnn Row3: Huber, Johnson, Shaver, Barrell, Thompson, Zaluslcy, Cravener, Rich, Mooney, Kay. Row4: Allison, Curry, Saunders, Kennedy, Lindros, Slaylon, Hindmarsh, Laninqa, Lamm rn 9100511311 Miss Alma Bauman again capably sponsored The Empehi News lhis pasl year. Fall slall appoinlmenls were as follows: co-edifors-in-chief, Carol Newbury and Gene l-lalaburlj lilerary edilor, Gwen Rees: lirsl page edllor and assislanl, Doris von I-lolsl, Nancy Turney and Delores Kluger: second oage, Nancy Pelerson, Carol Fencken and James Nyburgg Third page, Joyce Werninrski, Frances Helders and Jeanne Keller: lourlh page, James Kirchhofl Bill Nesbil and Bob Nelson. The Empehi News received an lnlernalional Firsl Place raling from Quil and Scroll, inlernalional honorary sociely lor high school iournalisls. Bll Nesbil, as a represenlalive ol The journalism slahf, won lirsl place in an all cily radio scripl wriling conlesl in November, sponsored by The Communilv Chesl' Fund. Carol Newbury and James Kirchholrl were delegales lo lhe convenhon conducled by The Illinois Slale High School Press, held in Urbana, lllinos in Seplember. Nancy Barrell and Carol were members ol lhe Keen Teen Press conference, sponsored by The Chicago Daily News. As usual, Morgan Parlc enlered lhe submillecl and exlemperaneous div: sions ol The annual Chicago Press Guild conlesl, palricipaling in all classes ol wriling. An increase ol over 60 per cenl in prinling cosls forced lhe slalsl 'ro limil The number ol edilions during lhis school year. Several issues con 'rained inserl pages ol piclures subrnilled by Empehiles. Mrs. Dorolhy Cella advised 'rhe business slall in ils iob ol helping lo linance 'rhe newspaper. jlowulefm, Flounders is The only club aT Morgan Park exclusively Tor Treshmen. ThereTore To Them IT is The mosT imporTanT club. The only membership requiremenT besides being a Treshman is To be a member oT The STudenT AssociaTion. WiTh The aid of Barbara Wallace, TirsT presidenT oT The club, The need Tor a club Tor Treshmen in which They could learn abouT The rules, clubs and sTudenT governmenT oT Morgan Park high school. This year Flounders has once again achieved iTs purpose. AT The meeT- ings which were held during TenTh period in The social room, The members discussed Morgan Park's various clubs, The sTudenT governmenT rules and how iT TuncTions and oTher rules of Empehi. T Miss McShea, Teacher oT English, Took over The duTies of being Flounders new advisor during The Tall semesTer. Miss McShea has been a very able and conscienTious advisor and The oTTicers and members wish To express Their graTiTude To her. The oTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were: Elise WhiTe, presidenTg Skip Greenwood, vice-presidenT3 Paul Lampadius, Treasurer: and JaneT Olowecki, secreTaiy. Spring officers were: Joan Van Beek, presidenT: Tom BurkhardT, vice-presidenT: Barbara Vlack, secreTary: and KaTharine Tharp, Treasurer. Row I: Burkhart Sexlon, Harris, Johnson, Olowccki, Miss McShoa, Whifo, Zimpil, Kinzie, Hoekshra Really, Hail. Row 2: l-lolrlman, Gibbs, TrusT, Karas, Harper, Perdue, Walker, l-lowaT, STroThman, LeTTsome, Seavoy Gibbs, Van Beck, Beyer, Mason. Row 3: Branom, Tharp, STiTanelli, Cravener, DursT, Burke, Combs, Wagcek, Clegg, Campbell, Mahon Jnhnson, Provancka, TrepTow, McGill, Kinzie, Langdon, DeVries. BriTTain. Row4: Faulkner, RoberTs, Arlen, MarquardT, WhiTmer, Van Dyke, l'lenss, FiTch, WendT, Weaver Seaman, Vlack, Dyslin, Sabel, STephens, Shields, T-lendren, Hendry. Row5: Zeissler, Bain, Weinleld, Migoly, Janson, Johnson, Barber, Kunkel, Wurl, Lodick, Kaselau Lovey, Zobac, Welser. cd" 3 f, ,Q fmkfo g E., . rpg- l c Ly V , r i l ' l ' fl Hfisri' ll l'lhl !rix KL' N Page 61 fiul T x 'wc 3-4 " f .Q T543 Poge 62 Row I: Wendi, Lanninga, Miss Sibley, Hale, Lanninga. Row 2: Huber. George, Morfhorsr, Widule, Barreii, Rees. Row 3: Newbury, Fricke, Burd, Paxion, Cravener. ywiugmazm gm In order 'ro become a member of 'rhe Girls' Emblem Club, a girl mus'r acquire a Jroral of 750 poinis in her physical educarion class. li any sfudenl has had one or more semesiers of swimming wirh a passing grade, she needs only 500 poinis io receive her lerier. A chevron is given for each addirional 250 poinis affer rhe original emblem is earned. There are numerous means by which a girl can arrain The required number of poinrs. Tweniy or lhiriy poinis are given each semesier for a final grade of "E" or "S" respeciively. Tweniy-live poinfs are given for perieci inspecrions. Ten poinis are given for periecr airendance. ln The Tall semesier, rhe girls' physical educaiion deparrmeni gives a sei of lesrs called apparalus lesrs. A girl receives Jrwenry-five poinrs for each class she passes. Before a girl can receive her leiier, she musr have fweniy-live poinis in posrure, liily poinis in games and Jrwenry-five poinls in borh apparaius and proficiency 'res'rs. The oiher poinrs are oprional. This pasi 'Fall rhe main proiecr of The club was To help rhe cheer-leaders sell programs for rhe foorba l games. The programs sold ar five cenis apiece. During The Tall semesfer Gloriana l-lale was president No oiher officers were elecied. M' Him, gm The Girls' Glee Club is in iTs TwenTy-sevenTh year as one oT Empehis mosT enjoyable organizaTions, and is conclucTed by Mrs. Bernice T-larTle, our skillful direcTor. The purpose oT This organizaTion is To aTTain a deeper appreciaTion oT The greaT choral works along wiTh a higher unclersTanding oT vocal harmony. Any girl desiring membership musT have had Music l and Il. There have been cases, however, when persons wiTh high musical gualiTicaTions have subsTiTuTed Tour years oT Glee Club Tor These reguiremenTs. Very recenTly The rules have been revised and many girls have Taken a music maior, ThaT is, one period a day oT boTh Glee Club and A Cappella. These girls were, oT course, advanced in The Tield oT music and were raTed as "E" sTu- denTs in each oT Their oTher maior subiecTs. AlThough boTh major and minor crediTs are given To iTs members, This organizaTion is represenTed on The Board of ConTrol. This year The club, along wiTh The A Cappella chorus, presenTed The annual ChrisTmas assembly which had become a TradiTion here aT Empehi. The assembly was aTTended by members oT The P.T.A. as well as sTudenTs. The organizaTion represenTed Morgan Park in The ciTy choral conTesT in January, receiving a raTing oT The officers Tor The Tall semesTer were: Joan PaxTon, presidenTq Vivian ScoTT, vice-presidenTg Mavis PeTerson, secreTary: and Joan Holly, librarian. OTTicers Tor The spring semesTer were: Vivian ScoTT, presidenT: JaneT Wilson, vice-presidenT: Barbara Hock, secreTaryp and Jeanne AlTman, librarian. Row I: Heidenrich, Hlavacek, Pelersen, PaxTon, Mrs. l-larile, ScoTT, l-Tolly, Swan, McGowan, Kalch- brenner. 'gigg- Row 2? Thompson, Lennon, Gray, FiTch, Reeder, Johnson, PayTes, ParenTi, BarreTT, King, l-liTe, Jackson. Row 3: STier, Lawrence, RoTroTT, Larson, Herzog, Philp, Geisler, GuTberleT, l-loch, WendT, Beyer, AlTman. Row4: Cremieux, Gridley, Kinzie, Sabel, Wilson, Kepner, Travis, WaTson, Sorensen, MorThorsT. Row 5: McGill, EllioTT, Laninga, ThilmonT, RushTon, ThornTon, Eisner, Nilson, Aulwurrn, Jennings. Page 63 ,1 Row I: Huber, SherTT, l-ledmarlx, Cassidy, Fleming, Mrs. Corcoran, BarreTT, Balmer, Bowers, l-liTe, Weir, Whilnell. Row 2: Lamm, Mohr, Vlaclc, PaxTon, Lennon, AlTman, TurbeTT, Balmer, George, Dixon, Swan, ParenTi, Johannesen, MorThorsT, Row 3: Lanninga, T-lindrnarsh, Sorensen, Friclco, Mooney. WendT, MiniaT, Thomas, PoTe, Johnson, Burns, Shevlin, Zaluslcy. Row4: l-lamIlTon, WhiTe, ScoTT, Williams, May, Fleming, Zuegel, Herzog, Cravener, WaTson, Payies, TfllioTT, Ericlcsen. Row 5: Kennedy, Clarlco, RiseTTer, l-libboTT, Balmer, Burd, PeTerson, Billson, Kluger, Finlc, Zacher, WesT- lund, Marx, Saunders, 1.6.5. 5. The l-luman RelaTions Service Guild, since iTs organizaTion in The Tall oT l938, has become one OT The mosT acTive clubs in Morgan Park. lTs purpose is To collecT Tor chariTy drives and oTher service proiecTs in The school. Any upper classman who mainTains aT leasT a "G" average, and is 2,1 inTeresTed in chariT worlc, is eli ible Tor membershi in This club. This ear Y Q P Y XA . . s A N The membership lisT exceeded sixTy. rg " lm' The principle acTiviTies in The Tall semesTer included collecTions Tor The V-5 ,N fy' School Childrens Aid SocieTy, The CommuniTy Fund and The lnTanTile l Ai Paralysis Drive. During The spring Term a sale oT EasTer seals Tor crippled -l children and a yarn doll sale was held. These drives were very successful, r1Q I li, Thanks To The willingness and eTTorT displayed by The members, and also To Page 54 The supporT oT The sTudenT body. OTTices in The Tall semesTer were held by Nancy BarreTT, presidenTg BeTTy Lou Cassidy, vice-presidenT: Nancy Fleming, secreTary. and David Balcer, Treasurer. Those who Toolc charge OT The posiTions in The spring were BeTTy l.ou Cassidy, presidenT: David Baker, vice-presidenT: DoroThy Saunders, secreTary, and Joanne Fleming, Treasurer. The club would lilce To Thanlc Mrs. Corcoran Tor her very able sponsorship in helping To challc up anoTher successTul year Tor l-l.R.S.G. ' Svulatq, The NaTional Honor SocieTy was Tounded aT Morgan Parlc high school in The spdng OT T939 and is The high school counTerparT oT The cohege PhiBeTa Kappa. The purpose oTThe dub B To pronude characTen schobr- ship, leadership and service in iTs members and in oTher sTudenTs oT The school To become a member oT The organizaTion one musT be a senior and have a schobshc average oT MEN. ide nuwT be above average in characTen give aTleasT one pedod oT service To The school each day and prove ThaT he hasleaderdnp quahhes A rnember oT The Nahonal Honor SodeTy E enHHed To wear The membership pin, To wear a gold Tassel aT graduaTion and To have a gold sealon hh dkioma. ForTwo yeam,The organhahon has been underTheleadersHp oTlMrs Sage, who conveded iT honw a purdy honomny socETy To an achve organhahon. The induchon ceremony is beconung a 'HadHion aT hAorgan Park Members, iniTiaTes and Their parenTs have been impressed wiTh The candle- hghhng ceremony. The oTTicers oT The Tall semesTer were: Jaclc KoTTemann, president Peggy Sherg, Wce-preQdenT: Joan Baker,secreTary: Jean Zacher,Treasuren OTTices in The spring were held by ColeTTa Shevlin, presidenT, Marvin Haan, vice-presidenTg Geraldine RemperT, secreTary: Don Marseille Treasurer. Row I: Turney, Huber, Baker, SherTT, Mrs. Sage, KoTTemann, Zacher, Flynn, Rees, Werninlslci, Row 2: Moeller, Singer, Holmes, Friclce, Pearson, Laninga, Wendl, von HolsT, Burd, Shevlin. Row3: Remperl, STralcshus. SpiTler, PeTerson, Newbury, ThilmonT, EllioTT, SoiaT, Dacey, Hale. Row4: Barber, Marseille, KirchhoTT, Sabel, Haan, Druley. i.--- ,T dogg, ia A l ii lc. -I Page E55 Row I: Hanley, Main, RoTh, Mac- Tarlane, lfllioTT, Bainard, ThilmonT Herzog. Collins, Leuri, Spurgin Haan. Row2: lnniss, Jansen, Drews, Pep per, Wainialc, Lipp, WhiTcornb Mary, Gallagher, Parsons. CurTiss Druley, Row3: Sabel, Ericlcsen, Uhrham mer, Holly, Simmons, HamilTon Arlcema, LeverTy, Kluger. DeBus PeTerson, Newbury, Jennings. Row4: WaTson, Kuchar, Geasser, Paulson, Miller, Underhill, Rem perT, PiTTz, MorThorsT, Nelson Trnlxa. Rowl: Grane, Richie, Fleming May, Hanusa. Wagcelc, Munro Darker, MeTcalTe, RoTroTT, Tyler Polacelc, Row2: Balmer, Ludwig Wilson Howard, WiTT, Lelzorge, PeTersen Weir, Hague, Vfood, Weir, Hale Row3: Abel, Archibald, Wells Thomas, Henderson, Henderson Pearson, Moeller, LamperTer, Pa renTi, MorThorsT, Tarbox. Row4: Miller, Shaver, Hlavacelr Cassidy, Heidenrich, Hayicord Brannon, Hays. BarreTT, Hoch KECTCTTS. VViTlrop, Geifrqe, .Wm ' 6116 The Pan American Club, a charTer member oT The naTional Pan American STudenT League, was organized in I938. The Tollowing years have seen iT grow To be one oT Empehi's largesT clubs wiTh a rosTer numbering more Than one hundred members. The new consTiTuTion inTroduced lasT year provides ThaT in order To become a member a sTudenT musT have compleTed one year OT Spanish wiTh no Tinal grade below "G" and musT be a member oT The STudenT AssociaTion. To acquainT iTs members wiTh The language, cusToms, geography and hisTory oT all Spanish speaking people is The purpose of The club. This is done by means oT slides, moving picTures, lecTures, recordings and plays. Money collecTed Trom The boolc sales was used To buy a phonograph and several Spanish recordings. WiTh Tunds Trom The same source, boolcs, magazines and newspapers have been purchased Tor The use oT The Spanish classes. OpporTuniTy was also given The sTudenTs To aTTend Spanish movies, To hear naTive spealcers on record and To lisTen To The music oT l.aTin America. Every year The Empehi SpiriT Cup is awarded To The club ThaT is mosT acTive, has sTimulaTed The greaTesT inTeresT and accomplished The mosT scholasTically. The Pan American Club had The honor oT receiving The award lasT year. OTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were: Dale Bainard, president Lila Jane EllioTT, lsT vice-presidenT3 BeTTy WhiTcomb, 2nd vice-president Dolores ThilmonT, secreTary: AlTred Herzog, Treasurer. For The spring semesTer They were: RuTh Aulwurm, presidenTg Sue ErnsT, IsT vice-presidenT1 Joy Weir, 2nd vice-presidenTg Thomas Singer, secreTaryg KenneTh CurTiss, Treasurer. 'gwr On April 2l, The legendary daTe oT The Tounding oT Rome, The LaTin club was Tounded aT Morgan Park in The year l930. For sevenTeen years The club, under The LaTin name SodaliTas LaTina, has worked To build inTo The lives oT iTs members a greaTer respecT Tor The ToundaTion in language which LaTin gives Them. Through The years This organizaTion has helped worThy sTudenTs To go on To college by giTTs Trom iTs scholarshi Tund. During The war all Tormer members, who were serving in The armed Forces, received a personal message Trom The club in The Torm oT a ChrisTmas card. l.asT spring word came oT The deaTh oT RoberT Jacobs, a Tormer oTTicer oT The LaTin Club, in a German rison camp. The members voTed aT once To conTinue his memory by esTablishing a memorial Tund in his name. WiTh This Tund Tour under-privileged boys were senT To camp Tor a week lasT summer. In order To conTinue The proiecT This year The club sponsored a sale oT ChrisTmas book marks and an April Fool's Tag day sale, under The direcTion oT Mrs. l-larrieT l'lechT, TaculTy sponsor. The oTTicers have The names oT Roman oTTicials. For The Tall semesTer They were: David Robinson, TirsT consul: Adrienne Singer, second consul: Sally RiseTTer, scriba: John C5oThard, quaesTor. During The spring semesTer Anna Gray was TirsT consul: Frances l'lelders, second consul: Richard Singer, scriba: John GvoThard, quaesTor. Row l: LeThen, Kinzie, Thomas, Singer, Robinson, RiseTTer, Singer, R., Gridley, ThornTon, Foyer. Row 2: Huber, Wallis, CurTis, l-lelders, Hafner, Gray, Fink, BohneTT, l-larmeling, GuTberneT, Hale, EllioT. Row3: Kepner, SpiTler, Goldie, Jones, Hobson, Baldwin, Schwaar, Clarke, McMahon, Johnson, Curry, Knight WerninTski. V Xtirr 511. 1 i,i X, sl si., l Page 67 1' My gp Poge 68 Rowl: l-loman, PeTerson, EmshoTT, Haip, Heidenreich, ThilrnonT, Miss Mangan, RiseTTer, Hlavacek, Boclen, Shaver, Carlson. Row2: May, Waison, Collins, Cravener, Snyder, Gosswein, Droege, MiTchell, Carey, Scherer, Barrerf, Gmberler, Johannesen. DursT, Andrews, Row3: Glade, L.ewrTy, FiTzpaTriclc, Kuchar, Mason, Larson, Richie, Hease, SommerTeld, Blaclcsher Berg, Bradley, QsrhaTz, Nyberg, Row4: Hanley, RemperT, Miles, Mohr, Lee, Wilson, Williams, Erickson, Gridley, Uhrharnmer, KuesTer, Hamer, Seydel, Wenrhell, Underhill. Row 5: CurTiss, Thomas, Elliolh Nilson, Laninga, Gaudas, Tradwell, Domlce, Shissler, Keller, Lipp, Clarlce, Johnson, Simmons, Darling. ,MX S if Quill and pen lscraTchl, Quill and pen lscraTchj, See how They wriTe, see how They wriTe. We use our brain-cells To produce a Theme, We Thinlc and we ponder and almosT Turn green, When all oT a sudden our pen inTervenes. Quill and pen lscralrchi, Quill and pen lscraTchl. This Iirrle song, sung To The Tune oT "Three Blind Micefl comes TluenTly Trom The ThroaTs oT all Quilpen members. iT has been The aim oT This club To promoTe an inTeresT in creaTiye wriTing, and perhaps The words oT This, our Themesong, express The very process ThaT members acTually go Through in composing Their masTerpieces. Membership is granTed upon submission of an original composiTion, and recommendaTions by Three Teachers oT English. The semiAmonThly meeTings provide members wiTh programs ThaT are boTh educaTional and enTerTaining. ConTesTs, discussions, planning assem- blies, maTinee Tours and conTribuTing To "Quilpen Corner" are some oT Their acTiviTies. Quilpen's TradiTional l'Bow Day" was held on QcTober 3l. All EmpehiTes were bedeclced wiTh The spooky and colorTul Tissue bows. IT was a grand success. The proceeds amounTed To 534.65 Under The capable leadership oT Miss Josephine Mangan, Quilpen has compleTed anoTher successTul year. We wish To express our graTiTude To our sponsor. The oTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were: Dolores ThilmonT, presidenTg Joan Marvin, vice-presidenT, Sally RisseTer, secreTaryg BenneTT Underhill, Treasurer. QTTicers Tor spring were: Dolores ThilmonT, presidenT: Lila Jane EllioT, vice-president EdiTh l-leidenrich, secreTaryg RoberT Winchell, Treasurer. u1ZLand,.5c1wlL This year Quill and Scroll, The inTernaTional honorary socieTy Tor high school iournalisTs, sponsored Three publicaTions and one assembly, and as- sisTed in The iudging oT Empehi manuscripTs submiTTed To The All-ciTy wriTing Tournamenlx During The Tall semesTer The Tollowing 4A's served as oTTicers: James KirchoTT, presidenTg Joyce WerninTski, vice-president Gene HalaburT, secre- Tary, and Nancy PeTerson, Treasurer. AT Their Tormal iniTiaTion, held aT The home oT Doris von l-lolsT, seven new members were admiTTed. QTTicers Tor The spring semesTer we re Frances l-lelders, presidenTq George Allison, vice-presidenT: Barbara Johnson. secreTary, and William NesbiT, Treasurer. These oTTicers were in charge oT The annual Press BanqueT held in June. Quill and Scroll has been responsible Tor The ediTing oT The pasT Two publicaTions oT The Morgan Parlc Handbook. Since The presenT handbook is ouTdaTed, The club began work This spring semesTer in planning a layouT Tor a new ediTion. IT is The hope oT graduaTing members ThaT nexT year's or- ganizaTion will carry Through wiTh The plans. To become a member oT Quill and Scroll, a sTudenT musT meeT The Tol- lowing requiremenTs7 a record oT 65 or more inches oT prinTed maTerial, e scholasTic average oT "G" or beTTer, a semesTer or more OT work on sTaTT, and a characTer recommendaTion by The sponsor. Miss Alma Bauman is The sponsor oT Quill and Scroll Row I: l-lalaburT, WerninTslci, Miss Bauman, KirchhoTT, PeTerson, Newbury. Row 2: NesbiT, von l-TolsT, Helders, BarreTT, Rees, Pearson, Johnson. Row 3: Allison, Curry, Turney, l.iTTle, Kluger, Funlchouser, .r . .K 4 ..,, , . P if. ,- e 54v,gx I.. :Sf TV, N0 Q, w s. ., f l If f r Tu f Pcmo 09 Jil 5 i Page 7U li. Rowlz HerrioTT, ErnsT, Hewes, Mrs. Brown, Brown, Spurgin, Holmes. Row 2: Shevlin, Downs, HayTord, WhiTe. Zaluslcy, Pearson, Behnlce. Row3: Embs, Suria, Fales, Cree, Pearce. Hai 611044, fnuncll The Junior Red Cross Council oT Morgan Park High School, which was organized in I942 as a chariTy organizaTion, Tuhfilled iTs obiecTives This year by The ChrisTmas collecTion. WiTh The money you EmpehiTes so generously donaTed, The Red Cross Council boughT giTTs Tor our wounded servicemen and also were able To donaTe several dollars To The commiTTee in charge oT enTerTaining servicemen. Several OT The giTTs were senT To The UniTed STaTes Naval I-lospiTaI. A Tew oThers were senT To Tamilies of service men, and were disTribuTed Through The Red Cross. The Council puT on iTs annual spring drive, which was as successTul This year as iT has been in The pasT. Joan I-layTord and BeTTy Downs, under The leadership OT our capable presidenT Shirley Brown, and our sponsor Mrs. Brown, have aTTendecl The meeTings oT The Junior Red Cross Council oT Chicago. Through Them we have kepT up wiTh The acTiviTies OT The oTher Councils oT Chicago. The oTher oTTicers oT The Tall semesTer were: Ray T-lewes, vice-presidenTg Sue ErnsT, secreTaryq Diclc Spurgin, Treasurer. The Council reTained Shirley Brown as presidenT in The spring semesTer. and elecTed David T-lerrioTT as vice-presidenTg Jack Suria, secreTaryg Audrey WhiTe, Treasurer. Photo Service To The Teachers and pupils oT our school is The main purpose oT The phoTo sTaTT, under The able direcTion oi Mr. A, Royall Gay. This ore ganizaTion phoTographs The various clubs and groups oi our school Tor The Empehi News. Some OT These picTures have also been published in The daily papers-a TeaTher in our phoTographic caps. PrinTed in each issue oT The Empehi News are picTures Talcen by The sTaTT. The process oT phoTographing, developing and prinTing These picTures, oTTers valuable experience To amaTeurs wiTh an ardenT desire To enTer This proTes- sion or merely To enioy The hobby. Each Spring, The sTaTT assisTs a proTesf sional phoTographer in The process OT Taking individual picTures oT The sTu- denTs, gaining, in This manner, much experience in The arT oT posing models. in Technique and in lighTing. On alTernaTe Fridays, This group meeTs in The physics lab To discuss Their experiences in This Tield or iusT swap ideas on phoTographic problems. The sTaTT endeavors To have a represenTaTive equipped wiTh camera and Tlash bulbs, aTTend each school sporTing evenT To Talce angle shoTs Tor our publica- Tions. NoT The leasT among our acTiviTies is The snapping oT The candid shoTs appearing on our OTT-seT page-occasionally To The discomTorT oT The vicTims. PhoTo STaTT members Tor The pasT year include Carol Wood and Dick Gallagher, co-managers, lvlary SoiaT, Lila EllioTT, Jimmy KoonTz, and Dan MuschoTT. Rowlz Gallagher, Wcvod, Mr. Gay, EllioTT. Row2: MuschoTT, SoiaT, Koonlz. f' ' . 3 . 1" fre., .4 .aff y PVTCIP 7 1 Row I: Row 2: Wendi, Row 3: Row 4: Row 5: X '29 P . "' T 'Z 'px-ifafi, , i, nd' r sa? Q Q? Huber, l-Tale, l-ledmarlc, CurTis, Dacey, Sabel, Dangrernond, BnhneTT, SherTT, Rees, GoThard Valenhne, Koolrer, Mooney. Ericlce, Flynn, Pearson, Balrer, laninga, Gray, Gucleryahn von l'TolsT, Curry, LiTTlo, Morris, Druley, Weir, Einlr. Holmes, Singer, RemperT, STralrshus. Spiller, Vlaclr Shaver, WesTlund, Macnair, Salihar, Werninlslri, Thornhiin, Kluger, Turney, PeTerson, Balmer, Burd Sanders, lfolharnann, Kirc'hhoTT, Marseille, Haan, Sher, T7-irinri, We-ber, Elliml, SoiaT, Zarher Jmpmm Tau Epsilon, Morgan Parlcs local scholasTic socieTy, has compleTed a noTher successTul year, iTs TwenTy-Third since iTs Tounding in March, I924. Erom a club OT sixTy iT has grown unTil iT now boasTs 285 members. Eligibility in Tau Epsilon is based on The Tollowing requiremenTsg no Tinal grade below and aT leasT Tour honor poinTs. The laTTer may be ob- Tained in The Tollowing ways: one Tor each Tinal grade oT "E" or one Tor perTecT aTTendance ThroughouT The semesTer. one Tor holding oTTices such as division or class oTTicer, and one Tor service To The school or membership in any oT The service clubs. l-lonor poinTs are also given Tor represenTing The school in inTer-school conTesTs. Membership in Tau Epsilon musT be re- newed each semesTer. Tau Epsilon's purpose is To bring honor and recogniTion To Those sTudenTs who show special scholastic abiliTy a nd To Those rendering service To The school. Une oT The organizaTion's mosT imporTanT TuncTions is ThaT oT honoring aT graduaTion Time Those sTudenTs who have been Tau Epsilon members ThroughouT Their high-school days by presenTaTion oT cerTiTicaTes. QTTicers Tor The Tall semesTer were: l-lerberT Sabel, presidenT7 l-lelen Dacey, vice-presidenT1 CarleTon Dangremond, secreTary1 and Joan BohneTT, Treasurer. Eor The spring semesTer oTTicers were: Diane CurTis, president Warren Eales, vice-presidenT3 Evelyn Jansen, secreTaryg and Ronald Wells, Treasurer. The club was under The capable sponsorship oT Mrs. Goldia T-lowes and Miss DoroThy Landers. TAU EPSILON TJUNIORST Row I: MiTrhell, Gosswein, Siier, Parlr, Haus, Condon, Mason, Philip, Err2clr2ric'lc, ErnshoTT, Brannon, If rli, XNh'Te, T'layTiii'd. Row 2: Hlavafelr, Hobson, Blaclcsher, Abel, Singer, Anderson, Wells, SommeiTeld, Paulson, l'liTT, Tfiiif-gf-, Ferguson, Ulinslri, Greisler, Kubilc. Row3: Biden, Downs, Eilzpairiclr, Uhrharnmer, Milas, Shissler, Se-els. Glasser, Se-ydel, Richie, Bom b ern, Murray, Larson, Lyfle, Bradley. Senechalle. Row4: Brown, Kuchar, lCuesTr-i, Hrlhne, Mezger, Kniqhl, Hanisr n, Pvmpeil, Johnson, Ryznw, Carlson, Wiisiin, Mfirllniirsl, Tredweell. Row 5: llniririi, l'lfinle1y, Cuiiiss, Sirririsle-r, GUI-llc, Dawson, Sniilli, lwvifily, I'ilflilili, llriliriirrirli, lilf,ni'r. lrl"s vi, lffiirii-ii-,lri-, li-lln-ii. lliiilnrni nd, ilnclr-iliill, .loliiisi-ri. n Q ,Q 2 A R: 3 M, high it? if gf' ft LLVV ' , M M., I Q5 SEQ Q X YJ 5' up or K ' v . Y,-K .OWS ME' 'f Q Q 5 '15 as V- :gi , p X? 2 X. . 5 'R f , - Q 4 v 4 kk W :KM . , .5 ' " X, , if! m atfgg ' ' Q T3fLt3f Q 1 ,L ,W W yy 1 'ff ' 1 K .f 5, ,gf vi Q sa. ' 'ij' A Vg +0 ,i xg A 312' A g.Q gf: F A J 0.4 ,L X ' "2 ',, ff 'N , ,, .M in 1 , H ,, 'M' iw I K K' A ak ' ,.. W , a - ff' 0 A. NK ' - 3 rf X' L V4 '57 Ni? 'if 'ff -V Q A m f, Rf L,LV K W9 , V ' N M ' X , w js ro if ty' E- 9 I Jig 'f,, JET, 1: 5 ' ' .ff va--1 Q I f - 5 V 4 'f l ' U ,f ,va Y' Q .ff W sf 17: Q. A is M if 4-ff' QP M Q E x Jen 'wa LA Q'-f sf, Q A 'S 'i " , -r W 0 L7" - A - W E1 5 Q, ' :r: "'x fs Yf'E9rf.r :sf K :fr x EM k . my W ,' - .gi 2 my I KT? V, . .g, 'ww 3 7 1 ff: it S5 ,. if' W X s , - 1Q-X P f V Agn , J if-,g-CN 4. , 4 J H , y H T in Q In nb , H f, A -j f , 5 I 1: as .. .x . , QF 354 in Q- -y ff 1 4 Y N ,pf xlfr "' egg X Q M ,. ..f ,., Q 'W -QQ 'H-if -fs -V ' ff , s ' -a , ,, ,, ,aj 19' ,W L Eu wx 925356 457A K JE Row I Row 2: Row 3. Johnson, Miles, Falls, Carlyss, GusTavson, Miss Pape, Saunders, CrosseT, l-laney, Paulso Sanders, Singer, SrniTh, Carr, Sanders, Clapper, Underhill, Nyberg, Preissner, TaiT. Schroeder, Rosaves, Daye. Mclieen, Finn, KrueTzer, Hill, Bibbs, SexTon. ROW4: Doornewerrd, Williams, Sabel, Rice, STraTTon, Reilly, Pilz, Wahls, Pildihih. TTS 109, K my, T Nkxfx 4 .g.s..4s1 The Visual EducaTion Service Bureau, beTTer lcnown as The V. E. S. B aids The TaculTy by Teaching Through sighT. Slides and Tilms are available To all Teachers who desire To use Them, operaTors show Tilms and see ThaT The equipmenT is in order. ,... V idx keg 1 w. - 1 , .. i lN,.,,H5. Iwi., y ifyqiuxfalgylg x. 'J ' T649 ,'f'i. L ' TJ T Page 74 UM We are aTTempTing however, To obTain more equipmenT, ln The pasT year The bureau has sTriven To give Morgan Park The mosT eTTicienT and courTeous service iT has ever had. Through The diligence and The hard worlc oT iTs sponsor, oTTicers, and members, iT has lcepT in sighT oT This goal. We oT The bureau who are graduaTing look Torward To coming back some day and Tinding ThaT The bureau has aTTained a goal Tar beyond our expecTaTions. WiTh The help and cooperaTion oT The TaculTy and The sTudenT body we are posiTive ThaT This goal can and will be achieved. OTTicers were: l-Toward C5usTavson, manager: Norman Saunders, assisT anT manager: STanTon Carlyss, head operaTor3 George CrosseTT and l.ayTon Miles, Technicians. To supplemenT The sTaTT oT operaTors who worlc in Their own classrooms secreTaries and operaTors are recruiTed Trom sTudy halls. Each period oT operaTion has aT leasT Two members on duTy. A schedule is posTed each weelc To show when and where The Tilms are To be shown. The secreTarues see ThaT The weelcly schedule is Tollowed and check films in and ouT. The Under The capable sponsorship OT Miss ElizabeTh Pape, The V. E. S B has had a big year. The organizaTion has Three sound proiecTors, Two silenT proiecTors, one balopTicon, Three slide proiecTors and Two sTrip Tilm proiecTors wg M v 1 EL fm Q Q ,ar-.. A W: A ra . 2 -'-: L L : 'L :'A nn' f . 2 .df W? 2 A if Yi rd 'gi M at an X in . 9 A ,.. A ..7.. , ,x, 3 in i , 1. .Q -.f iv : nf 4 , f'f+ 1 if wg- M , Q , A , Ag V I 3-'f E 129 75 45 f-ww N' '4 1 H Q -J, X,i,,. ' ' 11 S 2, ' ., A if , ,132 XV 5 310, if 6 v if Q A K ww Z4 'QW '-:GQ ' A E We W ' an-ff K eff ig , Ti' ' Y mm' W f "xV, 1 W ? ,K ,,. . vlzlvz E V , aa m iw Q yi? . vi yr 2 9- 'if JB . Q. 15 32525 Q' I ' Hifi:- wff .f W - A wiv Q-220 K an. Z 'if xv -si B, :WV 5- YW ' mi .Q ' N Q ' 4 ,f A ' ,.-4' ,x . . . , 6. x .vu ' I -fi ff 4 5 r 'MM 3 . UMW. E. The musical organizaTions aT Morgan Park oTTer The sTudenTs excellenT opporTuniTies To develop Their musical abiliTies, and supporT The school. Any sTudenT who is inTeresTed in playing a musical insTrumenT, buT has never had any previous insTruc- Tion, may enroll in The Beginners' Band. lnsTrumenTs may be renTed from The school iT The sTudenT does noT possess his own. This year The Beginners' Band was separaTed inTo Two classes, one period Tor wood- winds anoTher Tor brass, To provide Tor more Thorough insTrucTions. The sTepping sTone beTween The ConcerT Band and The Beginners' Band is The Junior Band. In This or- ganizaTion, The players are groomed Tor The ConcerT Band and ConcerT OrchesTra. IT is here ThaT The Tiner poinTs oT insTrumenTal music are sTressed, and The Technique of playing is perTecTed. STudenT insTrucTors are used in This class and are a greaT aid To CapTain T'larTle. STudenTs who succeed in passing This course are Then allowed To enTer eiTher The ConcerT Band or The ConcerT OrchesTra. The ConcerT OrchesTra is one of The mosT acTive organizaTions in Morgan Parlc. Under The direcTion oT CapTain D. l-larTle, The orchesTra received an "S" raTing in The lasT ciTy conTesT enTered. The orchesTra has been sponsoring violin classes in The Tollowing grammar schools: Barnard, Clissold, SuTherland and Van- derpoel. William Fuhrburg, a violin Teacher. has been assigned by The music deparTmenT of The Board of EducaTion To Teach These classes. Reprdgerjiing The ConcerT OrchesTra, a violin Trio composed oT Beverly l-libboTT, Joyce McMahon, Jacqueline Cravener, and Their accompanisir BeTTy Harper, has played aT P.T.A. meeTings To sTimulaTe inTeresT among Theg parenTs, and To urge Them: To begin Their children's musical ca- reer in grade school. Incoming Treshmain Then have The chance To enTer The advanced band or orchesTra because oT Their previous experience. ' The ConcerT Band is., well known around Morgan Parlc noT only Tor The high spiriTed playing aT The TooT- ball games, buT also Tor, The snappy marches and impressive numbers ThaT are played aT assemblies, P.T.A. meeTings and The producTion. The band members are very proud oT Their eighT consecuTive "S" raTings, which They have won in The ciTy conTesTs. Their worlc in The annual producTion and ChrisTmas assembly has been oT superior qualiTy, which is largely due To The eTTorTs oT Their direcTor, CapTain D. l-larTle. OTFicers of The ConcerT Band and OrchesTra are as Tollows: Pres., MarTin Jahn John Doring Vice-pres., Roger Welchans George Allison Sec., Marion Hedmark Alex Munro Treas., Carl ArTus Hugh Cole ' :ASW Lib., ArThur Barber ' Ronald Mink I is as 6, , T Q ' 's l iii' Pres., Virginia Pearson s y fllrijzll ff Jacqueline Cravener ' 3 4' 1 fffli , Vice-pres., HerberT Sabel A WN fi William SmiTs Sec., Helen Lee Cravener JaneT SmiTh Treas., Carol Fenclcen Carol Widule Lib.. Rudolph Wellsencl Ralph Lewis Page 76 33, Kami l-lighlighling Jrhis seasons schedule of assemblies was Empehi's Jazz Band. Under Jrhe capable leadership of Al Munro and sponsored by "Cap" Harlle, 'rhe Jazz Band has risen To new heighfs by playing arrangemenfs of such famous bands as Slan Kenron and Tommy Dorsey. Sparked b fhe line from- bone seclion, consisling of Don Lyons, Hugh Cole, Bill Minick and "Skippy" Greenwood, Jrhe band displayed a professional fouch lhaf is aflained only by hard praclice. Due lo ihe conslanl' changing of personnel, if is hard lor lhe seclions lo become well coordinaled and if is exlremely dilificull for 'rhe band as a whole lo develop a "s+yle." Because of fhe lack of players ihere has devel- oped an overbalance of brass over fhe reeds. The 'rrumpel' seclion has done a splendid iob, even ihough fhere were new men in +he secrion. Led by George Allison, and consisfing of Carl Arlus, Ray Waggener, Melvin Slein and Bob Miller, ihe seclion has cooperaled wilh fhe rhylhm seclion in composing The backbone of The band. The rhyihm seclion is led by John Braike and l-larvey Lange. I+ is complefed by Norm Haney, Fred Fischer and Rog Sanders. Providing +he melody, background of 'rhe band, was rhe "sax" secfion, consisling oi Don Sfurner, Jim Groves, Rich Beckman, Doug Fry and AI Mun- ro. The vocal deparfmenl was ably handled by Sylvia Phillip. As a whole, Jrhe Jazz Band has done a marvelous iob, and deserves a lol of credit 9 ,na il lfzif 15,2 if X , I 1 1 Pcrge 77 - -f :VIR X Ex A K U f s ' ""N.m F K Q' 931 8 X lv sf X . .,... ,Q ' pun-Qox"4 ,. - . , bu ,xlxd - , .. , . ..,. , . 1 , Q tw? 7i'::-Eff"Y ' f ,Qui :QQ iff I Y V 'Iii 2 v , A a.u ,,z 4,4-, V' ' A 1 1 ,,N , i i X . ii?-lfkfsirqff' :QQ 4 if , r 4,v. an - , ' N ,f ' X24i?9 ,, ,, A "'a'f,.r QWMMM 1 ny. ax K, ' T' ' -H'-mdir... --Y X ww ml-wr , ' 7J .w-0sf:'-I-,. 'V 'L ., . 1 .2 wifi-Q! Sp: , wsfw-main Y, Mfwmwiwfx ' 1-rg- ?""'E!9-W xx W 'Nov diff L! W.. uiwk WWW N A 2 was QS Ma- , Egg" gy L . 'l H550 55 mf ,M .12 A 1 4 Q ff ie Si' spkgi Q V fi wnffbfp, . , A -Jfxlffi A JCPQLJAQ ali 'Q-iff QS' CONCERT BAND CONCERT ORCHESTRA if BEGINNERS AND IUNIOR BAND QXQEHC, .C I I 9 5 rlswu! C LA N 51919-'L Knew WhaT organizaTion operaTes The sTage during assembiies and produc- Tions, clips Tocks each seme5Ter, runs errande Tor The TacuTTy, and does many oTher use-TUT Things around Empehi? The sTage crew oT course! Responsibie Tor The eTTicienT running oT The sTage crew are iTs oTTicers. During The Tall se-mesTer The oTTicer5 were: Don Somes, manager: Dick QuasT, assisTanT managerq James Nyberg, eTecTrician: and Dick PageTs, Technican. The oTTicerQ in The spring semesTer were: James Nyberg, managerg Ray John- -icn, eTecTrician: and Dick Pagels, Technician. The duTies oT The manager and his asSiisTanT include designing fieTs a d 'supervising during as5emToTies and producTions. The elecTric' The TighTing eTTecTfa and The Technician runf Th hapr- even more crediT should TJ riien To oTTice T3 T W . n , ian Takes care oT i e arc 3poT in The booTh. Pei- e given To The "TTunkies'i, Those who have noT u who work hard and weTT. The TacuTTy zponsor, Mr. G. A. arner, iss ever ready To give help and advice whenever his a:xsi':Tance ia ,Z , 4 AT T ,refgf GEN at ,f"'9 T Q PTEWTN TH c ,T T141 J ,X fffw' f ff If ,gf ,f 'il' T'OrienTaTion'-"ThaT sTudenT, parenT and school relaTions aT The high school level be well inTerpreTed" was chosen as The Theme and aim Tor This years program. Three evening meeTings were held in The audiTorium. AT a large com- muniTy meeTing sponsored by The P.T.A. and The League oT Women VoTers, civic responsibiliTy was sTressed. ':LegislaTion As IT ATTecTs The Schools" was discussed by The Aldermanic candiclaTes and The V.P. oT The lllinois Congress oT ParenTs and Teachers in charge oT educaTion. An "open house," when The acTiviTies oT The school were presenTed To The parenTs helped promoTe beTTer sTudenT, parenT and school relaTions. YouThbuilders in acTion was presenTed Tor The TirsT Time To The communiTy, sTressing "Modern lnTra-Curriculum Techniques." Some phase oT The school was presenTed aT every meeTing. Teachers were presenTed and parenTs were given an opporTuniTy To meeT Them during The social hour. The new social room was used Tor The TirsT Time This year Tor all aTTer- noon meeTings, and iT was indeed a ioy To meeT There. A 'TVarieTy Show" presenTing proTessional and amaTeur TalenT, was a success Tinancially as wel as building more communiTy spiriT and good will. Our membership reached iTs peak This year, even Though The enrollmenT in The school was smaller. Every e'lTorT was made To build a sTronger school spiriT among our parenTs and The Tine cooperaTions oT oTTicers, chairmen, parenTs and Teachers has made our year's work possible. P. J. Q. FirsT Row: Dr. Tubbs, 3rd Vice-Pres., Mrs. Richie, Pres,g Mrs. Harper, Rec. Sec. Second Row: Mrs. King, IsT Vice-Pres., Mrs. Meany, Cor. Sec.gMrs. Lyons, 2nd Vice-Pres. TM K T e bs Tl Page 82 Paqels, Kamm, BurlcharT, GusTavson. Morgan Parlcs Reserve OTTicer Training Corps, an acTive and imporTanT school organizaTion, has Tlourished under The able leadership oT SgT. Frank Vareschi, miliTary insTrucTor. ln This lasT year, an enTirely new sysTem oT grouping and insTrucTion was inTroduced inTo Morgan Parlcls R. 0. T. C. The new syslem, coupled wiTh The increase in R. O. T. C. TaciliTies has speeded The Training program. NoT only does The R. O. T. C. Teach cadeTs The TunclamenTals oT miliTary subiecTs, buT iT serves Morgan Parlc in many ways. The Fire Guard. Usher Force and Assembly Guard have perTormed Their duTies well This year, in seaTing The audiences aT imporTanT evenTs and in saTe-guarding The lives oT Empehi's sTudenTs. The Piclced PlaToon, Bowling Team, and oTher acTiviTies represenT More gan Parlc ouTside The school. The Piclced PlaToon won second place honors aT The souTh secTion plaToon compeTiTion. Every spring The enTire R. O. T. C. uniT is given a raTing aT The annual Federal inspecTion. Cur uniT having received honor school raTing Tor The lasT Two years indicaTes The eTTiciency and Teamworlc oT This smooTh worlcing organizaTion. SgT. Franlc Vareschi, insTrLcTor OT The R. O. T. C. has been in service Ten years and besides duTy in Europe, served in China Tor Three years. SgT. Vareschi sTarTed insTrucTing R. G. T. C. Three years ago. AbouT The new Training program he says, "RecenTly The program oT Training Tor The R. O. T. C. has been revised To give more balanced course oT proTessional insTrucTion. CareTul aTTenTion was given To malce provisions Tor Training in leadership and civic responsibiliTies. CiTizenship as well as miliTary and physical developmenl' being an essenTial parT oT The course. The wafchword is "a sound mind and a healrhy body." v L 1 -N A wiv! if ml I , V I ., L , W ' o 4. A, ,ff ne , K ' KAW? Air, L, ' ffxf Aif- Atv. Wi. Q53 Q , ,ii 1' K Iii , K, .V n V 'mfr' - V ,l i K - iw. K Y 1 K 'F K M, in . T L Q l QR my ff ,A , by A. , v , Qt, lw' W-V - K' V 451 Q Y 'fi if if ' Rf? Q x Q - . . . L A ' .. " TWA '55 sf . 'L . 'L-'YM , Q W A i'?fg ff fm , ww f all 5 Eff A 1 M- ,ff bf- 1- M fs . J, E Q Ziff- - - + . f 1 , f a. , A , xii., ' ' ' 4: . 'h.g4': ' . 7, Hx, Ay? in I f'VQkm4 f, N Y - . - ' . H .y . . Y I " V W 'W' .qjw -,, 1 - ,f fl - V .. A gp L - , Af , A ,Ky M 'tif - . - , . . If H . ' . H wyf. an . Qs ll' fi! 4 I 1 F K. EV , V , 32. , 1 V gi W ff ' K ,ff lv f was ' 2 ' ' ' A K, M 5 , ,rf ,,,,TA y n 5 515395 f , , .QL A 'D 2 Q75 , J 1. f N' - 'HQ . W Y , . 'gf 'ff W fm , , - ' ' Q gn 5 , ' ' ' ' . LL I Q iw Q A . , fn, af A MQ . .A 13, , FY- V' . . , , wg. fb f-- Sw.. v K. ,. 4 - V - 1:5 1 ,. 'V' 'V -'fi V' ' U' M' A' 'V 3 " ' ., , lf? g x W, R Mk lim? W-A ,fgfv Q W l ' 1 4 1, WW .kv-' Iigfylfl 'f7ve' ,x - iff W, ff. , ' .1-3. H. wg. ,,, ,Q ww fd. H ' A . In x . . Q V , A W I j f '11 M. '4 . " Wg Q , , 4 A J aim. ty up V : 1, gil' ru! W' , 'v' 'W' ll 'lif , H - 37" aw ,1,,,,,, 4 LW Msg, ms with Q, A A: g My f fr W gk. 9 mm S . Q i we 1 A V- ,Tl - 4 Q2 ' Q M-4, L ' W' a 'L if an. MM. . ' 'J ami- , - Y ' Q 'Q - ' w., ' ' ' Y.. .yy M, L, , gi 5? yy, yy, . ,sag , I Ng. .xi I , ' mn. ' . H ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' M , 5225: :QL 7 Q ,. , ' il Y , - 1 , N 1 4 .QL 55? f- - if 'H V. -V151 .-1? ff t if' H ' ' Q15 ,QS - Y . ' j ' ' I ' - Q V Q,-,tpi A f i W - ' A 'lr - L ' - ' ' A 4 t if - . . . . ' ggi. Qflfg 'V 'fp pr, K Km... 15" 4 M - K A F , 1- " k ff1,,f,Qk "' 'QV J Lr,k .iv g f, wvf 5 fx . , V Q wifi? H K Ti ,rv s K . b A In rm Q 4 ,Qfr .if A 75 , I A K In .. sy V Q7 25-fix ' . , V. 4 u K mg : ' . A ire" H wifi? ff -Q - ,wig W 5 4 - U, kg x. . Q ,T A V , , , . 0 A, h A D . . , . i if i . Lv' ' L - M - V' W1 YQ , a. , 61+ ' Ny: Q . 4 F 5 In x . . ily I , , , 'J t l ,. 1 ' img U l V 1 fm ' -,' v I he U S A JH, my vw. 'f ,fy W. - iv -wv, .wwf ".,,f :Q 'V' 1. ' 9 ' f 1, f "W, wa -"-4 . M, . . .. in , ' ' - mm f- ' f- , ' J W.. A ' A I Mf' A . Q S, ' , if Q Q '1 ' M W 'x Q wa 1 . Qu . ,, ' gp f A A gh 5 4' Ak .a .5 Leading The Morgan Parlcs R. O. il. C. uniT is The CadeT STaTT. In The Tall, The CadeT STaTT under The leadership OT CadeT Major RoberT Larson, deTachmenT commander, included CadeT CapTain Ralph Bauman, personnel, plans and Training oTTicerg CadeT lsT lieuTenanT Bruce Robinson, inTelligence oTTicerg CadeT 2nd lieuTenanT Donald Somes, supply oTTicerI and CadeT lvlas- Ter SergeanT Dale Bainard, deTachmenT sergeanT-major. Ns ln The spring The CadeT STaTT was headed by CadeT lvlaior l-lugh Perf 'L guson, deTachmenT commander. The sTaTT included CadeT CapTain David gh, I Baker, personnel, plans and Training oTTicer: CadeT lsT lieuTenanT RoberT J", l:lernisTer, inTelligence oTTicerg CadeT 2nd lieuTenanT Donald Somes, supply ., , oTTicer, and CadeT lVlasTer SergeanT Dale Bainard, deTachmenT sergeanT- Aw! major. ' 'w S 3 Qfi 'Z 'A On December 6, The OTTicer's Club sponsored The 24Th annual Morgan l. 4 INS Park R. Q. T. C, lVliliTary Ball. IT was held aT The Shoreland hoTel wiTh music by Roy lvlilTon and his band. This year, Audrey Lange was chosen as The X queen oT The MiliTary Ball. I-ler courT consisTed of Corrine Kennedy, BeTTy k 114 4' N Jo Nielsen and Sally Dyslin, junior, sophomore and Treshman, respecTively. 'LAM AnoTher group ThaT has worked Toward The beTTermenT oT The uniT is The non-commissioned oTTicers club. The OTTicers Club planned The mass maneuvers To be held aT Dan Ryan's Woods and Palos Park, Tor insTrucTions in exTe-nded order drill and map worlc. The ouTward loolc Tor The year as a whole is excellenT. !,Zica1m,'6'lulz and Kadd. Rowl: Somes, Bauman, SQT, Vareschi, Larson Rowl: STier, STeder, Larson, Sql. Vareschi, Bau- Robinson. man, Ferguson, Robinson. Row 2: Druley, FlemisTer, Bainard, Schwaar. Row 2: Baker, Saunders, Doring, Somes, QuasT. '10 Page 85 :M it ,ff2.'T.. -Q :L M, w LL I ' Q sr il' i f 'I , - In ww-,QA . I 7 . , M Q' ,,.. -V A , QF gg 1 5 ff . - , . . .f.,W, ,VM wwmw sw f if my I 9 , an , l fam N 2' V- V. 5 9' 'EEE K, ' ffwy 1 i QA .. 3 4 ' ,M I ,AQ 9-elf, " W ' 1 Av. 4v,M'3I W V , .4 X , m. -Nm' JY H Q, 5 5 iv. v . . 'Q , 4? ,',-V ,, .x ,f L. I ! ' W . ,, , ' ff' wa k H 3 J ,C yay., ,an ni , ' ov A '4 ,nf p fa A 51 ' ,sa . , i V K4 '5. Q, E. W +- 3- 5 , VQ, Q LARRY KLEIVN V41 Vririe l7hL Il Empehi was well represenTed on The gridiron lasT Tall by a TighTing MusTang Team ThaT was ranked among The Top Teams in The ciTy. Under The spiriTed leadership oT CapTain BurT Keddie and The able coaching oT RoberT AnTonides, Morgan Park won Tive OT six league conTesTs in The Two pre-season games, The MusTangs won The TirsT and losT The second. The season opened wiTh an easy 25 To I2 vicTory over Kelly. Louie Haynes made The TirsT Touch- down on a wide sweep Trom The Three-yard line. The oTher Three scores were made by BurT Keddie on passes good Tor 28, I2 and 59 yards, respecTively. A Turious second halT rally enabled CalumeT To deTeaT Morgan Park 2l To I2. Floyd Lenz and Roger CurTiss scored on line plunges To give Empehi a I2-poinT advanTage aT halT Time. In The league opener Morgan Park rolled over on ouTeclassed Harper eleven by a score oT 24-6. Bob Hallls passing and running sparked drives ThaT neTTed Touchdowns Tor Empehi in The second, Third and TourTh guarTers. Hyde Park was also beaTen T9 To 6 by The MusTangs. The score is no indicaTion oT The True balance oT play however. The MusTangs scored Ten TirsT downs To Hyde Park's one in The TirsT halT and iT was only againsT The second and Third Teams The ApaTchus were able To score. BurT Keddie scored Two Touchdowns on passes Trom Bob Hall and Louie Haynes scored The Third on an I8-yard dash. NexT Morgan Park wenT on To Trounce Hirsch T4 To 6. There was no scoring unTil The Third period when Floyd Lenz broke over his own righT guard Tor 25 yards. Louie Haynes neTTed The oTher Touchdown midway in The lasT guarTer. The MusTangs mainTained Their hold on TirsT place, wiTh Fenger, by whipping SouTh Shore T9 To I3 The Tollowing 5aTurday. The Tars were unable To score unTil lafe in The TourTh guarTer on a des- peraTe passing aTTack. In Their lasT vicTory oT The season Morgan Park crushed a highly raTed Bowen Team 25 To 6, Louie Haynes scored Two Touchdowns and CrowhursT and Keddie one apiece. The championship hopes oT Morgan Park were drowned in a sea oT mud The Tollowing 5aTurday. Unimpressed wiTh our sTring oT vicTories a scrappy Parker eleven nosed ouT The MusTangs I2 To 6. Morgan Parks' lone Tally came in The second period when Bob CrowhursT scored aTTer a 75-yard drive lin The lasT game oT The seasonl. FT Tl .f""-'M ig :. 'V Q, .5., . Q Tk A ' 1 il, rg 1 ' 0 'i lll' 'Thx M N' ' I i f y X lr of 'N ' X ix 4, Jw T' " il il' W ll-5 T'.3"i ll ii- A 'tizfhh ,nw h x .xiii YQ. ' ff Q 'TWH' 11,4 - X T Wll l f T ' ,, gn lm ,T JH 05" menu jfwzsh, -Svph Jnni Ball More aTTenTion was given To The Trosh-soph grid Team lasT Tall. As The name implies. The Team is composed oT Treshman and sophmores. IT is im- porTanT Tor The boys To learn The basic principles oT The game and To gain The valuable experience oT playing wiTh each oTher and againsT oTher Teams before enTering varsiTy play. Mr. AnTonides is also given a chance To loolc overnew maTedaL Don Lochow, wiTh The help oT Mr. AnTonides, managed and coached The Teanm The gdddem pbyed dxregdahon gameswNHh oHmrschook and wound up wHh a.5OO average. Some oT The boys who showed promise were lvloTley, Guille, Jueder, Brannonm Harcusand Robeds The hoshsoph Teanm bear waTching asiTssuccessis ourindicahon OT The TuTure hAusTang elevens. Page 90 Row I: Campbell, Keddie, Carey. Row 2: RoberTs, Bainbridge, Swanson, Jones, PeTersOn. Row 3: Shadden, Kubilq, Peschel, Nielsen, Kaselau, Clwrishansen 6 We've gOT a Team, We've gOT a yell! These are The words shouTed by our cheerleaders who lead The crowd. and cheer our MusTangs on To vicTory. You will Tind The cheerleaders righT On The iob, rain or shine, in Their green and whiTe uniTorms. Up unTil recenTly iT was raTher diTTiculT To obTain as many cheerleaders as Our various sporTs required. This job lilce anyThing else where perTecTiOn musT be Ob- Tained, requires many hours OT weekly pracTice, noT To menTion The Temporary loss ol your voice. To be a cheerleader is sOmeThing To be proud OT as Trom The TOTal number OT girls ThaT Turn ouT, only a small percenTage are finally selecTed by a group OT Teachers as judges. ATTer The cheerleaders have been selecTed They in Turn elecT Their capTain, who This year was Carol Keddie. Carol wiTh The help OT Their sponsor, Miss Josephine Sibley, Trained The cheerleaders in Their various rouTines and acTions perTaining To each individual cheer. Thecheerleaders This year did a mosT remarlcable iob. Their work was in almOsT absOluTe unison which was whaT They sTrived Tor. LeT us all give a cheer Tor The girls who have done Their iob well, and have made our spOrTs more inTeresTing To all OT us. Page 91 ef' QW cb E0 ll if i f I f -. -. i f ' iz figiiiesf "1 yr' X X Z - xt' T ' . Y ,, ,Q ff , . l 3 Pcxge 92 KLEUQNW7 Row I: Crider, Johnson, Hawkins, ChaTman. Row 2: Greenwood, Fewkes, Morris, Coldman. Row 3: Scholar, BerqsTrom, DurranT, Pfrommer. A3aAlmL Ball ' CapTained by Tom Johnson, Morgan Park's lighTweighT Team had a Tairly successTul season This year. AlThough They were vicTorious in only Three oT eleven conTesTs The ponies losT Tour of Their games by only one baskeT. This year's Team was made up oT Tom Johnson, Jim Crider, Arch Haw- Kins, Dick SmiTh and Elmer ChaTman. When SmiTh, who was The leading scorer unTil February, gradL:aTed, Bill Morris Took his place. In Their league opener againsT Gage Park The ponies losT a very close game by 38-36. The ponies also losT Their nexT Two games, To Bowen and SouTh Shore by scores OT 26-38 and 22-39. The MusTangs sTarTed clicking in Their nexT game and beaT VocaTional 4I-32. SmiTh dropped in a Tield goal in The closing seconds OT The CalumeT game To give Morgan Park Their second vicTory. The Harper game was The slowesT, lowesT scoring encounTer OT The season. NeiTher Team seemed able To peneTraTe The oThers deTense. Harper came ouT on The Top wiTh a score oT I8-I6. Hyde Park Tound no Trouble in The ponies deTense and They piled up 74 poinTs To The MusTangs 3I. Morgan Park won Their lasT game againsT Englewood by 35-3I. A Tree Throw in The lasT Tew seconds gave Fenger a 33-32 vicTory. Parker Topped Empehi 43-32 and The season closed wiTh a hearTbreaking 39-31 loss To Hirsch. Baakni Ball Jlcauiaa, The heavyweighTs suTTered a poor season This year, losing all oT Their Ten league conTesTs. The Teams oTTensive eTTecTiveness was crippled when CapTain Bob Mueller and high scorer Dan Thompson graduaTed in January. NexT year's prospecTs are somewhaT brighTer because oT The number oT reTurning leTTer men. These include Don WhiTe, NaTe Williams, HarTly Bond, Egar Chapel, Don Franklin and Diclc SimesTer. Three pre-season games were played. The TirsT Two Teams were com' posed oT TooTball players and alumni, respecTively. The oTher game was played wiTh Gage Parlc oT The CenTral secTion. A Team oT boTh ponies and heavyweighTs were enTered in The STagg TournamenT and were eliminaTed in The TirsT round by TaTT. Bowen whipped The MusTangs in Their TirsT league conTesT by a score oT 42-30. SouTh Shore, considered To be one oT The besT quinTeTs in The sTaTe, swamped The MusTangs by a score oT 62-37. ATTer leading Chicago VocaTional aT The halT The MusTangs collapsed and again wenT down To deTeaT. The resT oT The season was The same, The MusTangs bowing in Turn To CalumeT, Harper, Hyde Parlc, Englewood, Fenger, Parlcer and Hirsch. Mor- ganhparlc was also beaTen in a Thrilling game All SporTs NighT by ChrisTian Hig . i AZ f nf 1 I f 'Wv-1 K 'TW R Z fitml Qw l Q C T 5' 154, A l 'ey 1 ! , IQVUX nf! ,f amy, Xexf fo! , ,l i E yi T , U ,l li, X T lll xxx T x rmxyyw x N I is Q l X . Y 'Q T 1" YE:- ' lg gi till L if! V , TTT J- IL! SCORES Bowen ,..,. ..... 44 Morgan Park .,,... ...3O SouTh Shore .. ..... 62 " " ... ,...37 VocaTional ..... 3l " " , ...,2I CalumeT ..... 87 ,,..42 Harper ...... ..,.. 3 I .... 29 Hyde Parlc ........., 45 .... 20 Englewood ... . ,... 44 ....2I Fenger .... ..... 4 6 ..,. 35 Parlcer ..... 53 ....39 Hirsch .........,.... 78 ,...52 Row I: WhiTe, Band, Mueller, FlemisTer, Williams. Row 2: Haxby, Buclc, MaTThias, STovens, Franklin, Haxby. Row 3: Duggan, Chapel, Bridge, Gallagher, Hanson, Simesfer. vffizf ' fx' . IA! '47 Page 93 p ' n qm E . V v -., V1 Row I: J a h n, Marseille, Spoolslra, Reeder, Har- ris, Schmidl, Calhoun, Van Dyne, Andrews, Ro- seen, Deal, Kooker, Par- sons Sw.. Bofh of Enwpehis swinnning learns had a average season fhh year. Nhx Dick Tweedie, as he has done in previous years, did a line iob of coaching lhe boys. The iuniors, who were caprained by Dick Spurgin in lhe fall semesler, and Jack Fewkes in +he spring sernesrer, managed +o deleal' four learns, Lindblorn, Gage Park, Parker and Sourh Shore, while being downed four limes. Capfmn hAady Jahn,and aHer hh graduaHon,co4nplams Henry Van Keuhn and Chuck Van Dyne, lead lheir senior lankers in viclories againsl Gage Park, Calumel and Himch. The Muslangs foughl Parker To a lie and los+ 'rheir remaining meels. Row I: Spurqin, Zoellick, Bauer, Beeby, Bridge, S m i l h, Melill, Zalusky, S m i 1 h, Manning, Cale, Burkharl, Fry. Page 95 fwavx in 5,6 .22 -:.g ffdemfv 'inns ,i, 5- 4 I -1 'r .l R - 'rr 'F ' K,gnv'q7 As in recenl years The wreslling leam lhis season was composed chiefly ol boys who are inleresled in loolball and wish lo keep in good condilion. Allhough lhe season didn? lurn oul lo be quile as successful as had been hoped 'rhe grapplers proved lo be a sliff compelilion lo all comers. Al lhe close of 'rhe season Jrhe leam had compiled a record of fwo vicrories as againsl six defeals. The lwo slar members of lhe leam were Al l-loqe, who wreslled in 'rhe l75 pound class and won in all eiqhf meels, and Bur'r Keddie who won six malches, lied one and losl one on a close decision. Ofher oulslanding mem- bers of 'rhe 'ream were John Brown and "Windy" Slaylon. The boys were again very experlly coached by lvlr. Roberl Anlonides. Page 96 Row I: Chisholm, Felqenhauer, Kubilc, Curliss, Lacey, Sahel, O'Connor, Herzog, Golley, Haqenboolc, Block, Maclcawialc, Smirs. Row2: Kuroelc, Oldenburq, Gloclcner, Wahls, McKee, Collins, Willner, Copeland, Keddie, Hoge, Isles, Millar, Slayfon. Row3: Johnson, Singer, Wells, Clarke, Mallson, Smilh, Weslun, Bryanl, Brown, l-lall, Richardson. Row I: CurTis, Gill, Keddie, T-larris, SlayTon, Mueller, Wanfierf-ivf Sprugin, Johnson, Blafrlwff-rd, SmiTs. Row2: l'laTTner, Kubilr, Sundland, Slriclcland, Crider, Ernbs, CivwwhrfrsT, T-Ta nes, Fffreman, Bmwn, Y Row 3: Andrews, Lee, Johnson, Morgan, T-lagberg, Miller, Lenz, Zoellirlr, Kunes, Johnsen, Rriseen. Row4: Rf-bson, WhiTe, Hall, Laihow, Funlchouser, FlemisTer, Van Keulen, Kunes, Haxby, Isles, T-Toqe, Payne. A6'n1pL'fn1Mam Klub The Boys' Emblem club is an OrganizaTion, The purpose OT which is To bring The aThleTes OT The school TOgeTher inTO one group. ln This way They can promoTe beTTer inTeresT in The inTramural sporTs. baskeTball, baseball and TooTball, and in oTher ways serve The school. In Order Tor a boy To become a member he musT have won a mai leTTer is some spOrT, be a member OT The STudenT AssOciaTion and conducT himselT To The sTandards OT The club. One OT The mosT valuable services is The aThleTic guard. Club members lceep Order aT The TooTball games by keeping sTudenTs OTT The playing Tield during The halves. The boys who seT up and remove The bleachers aT The baskeTball games are also Emblem club members. AT T-lalloween They aid The police Torce in lceeping order. The club has a special pin, a green and whiTe shield wiTh The gold leT- Ters, M. P. E. C., across The TronT. The pin is a new addiTion This semesTer. The OTTicers OT The club, which is sponsored by lvlr. Duncan MacGregor are: Wendell SlayTon, presidenT3 KenneTh Sundland, vice-presidenT, and Don Lochow, secreTary-Treasurer. 'Windy'l and Don are also members OT The E:cTeriOr commiTTee and Ken is The aThleTic commissioner OT The school. The same OTTicers presided during The Tall semesTer. fx J J ,ir-sf 5 Page 97 Bmwqll 7 f f " ff ' f X , f Y " ' KLEI lx! 47 Row I: Washlnqtun, Simpsun, Bridge, Herzog, Andrcws, Haqbcrlg, Lmmbardu. Row 2: ZaWcl'w, Ncison, Morgan, -----f. Miller, Ncsbif, Row 3: Keddio, Hall, Obricdwf, 5und1and,WiHcens, Wanqerow. Page 98 Page E953 Wm. H. 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