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rx ' 1 , I -' V , 1 1' NN X , ' If Ab , ,, , ,ES+ Y g it ' 4 tix! fTQrf,1j-f A Q ' if 2 A 'E fi' 1' ' - 5 ' -11551 4 F" A , z 1 ECA WJ Y i 'ff Q f. 1 , M , xp M 'A ' i 1 Q fy D' ,. h ,J J X X X 795. K, 1 1' xg j J gl mf! . 5 X I 4 s- x 1-Q1 L 5 x' ' Ax f fa Sf X cf R 11- 1 " . if R 'H c ' Q , .41 l -'P ,gi A A. 1 J, 'L-nl' RL, 4 ' .4 Lx, W .-.X - . . if V , A Y "" V : fr' ' m - 1-f ,, -- . V , 7 k c'x,gn L! X - fi' if 3? 1,3 . KQV r 12 Q .., kr' .1 f ' if ,-fbjwzf f b-.f 1? 'ZD V,, " ' ' f Q ., of N1 Q5 fv 7563 2 N f ,, , fl -W f X2 A MLW V' pb nj gMf1' Q, f W X 9 X , ff ki S SF I iggzfw if H31 Ex ga W W 5 'xi WTF ia E, MOR PFIZ I-HZ SCHOOL 1 9 4 4 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . . BARBARA PHELPS LITERARY EDITOR . . MARGERY LAWRENCIE ASSISTANT LITERARY EDITOR . LOUISE MOHR SPORTS EDITOR ..... RAY ROBINSON ART EDITORS . GEORGE FRYER, HUGH HUBER BUSINESS MANAGER .... ALAN HEXVES Ille- mlaeki, we are A vc, . . . . mlaeki, g?mlaeAi, we are froze We will fight for your colors flying For the green, for the white, and for you. When our team rushes into the battle We will fight for a victory and fame Empehi we are ever faithful And proud of your glory and name. ga?-E. l 9 5552, ln WI , mn " -:al H E X R j l E13 I Ee uumn all Ng lg 1' 5 Q ni 2? 1 Ill ll! i an ill.. L1 hm U - -will .2 -4 U L S se slim .JQEN lu u .ew ll nw ll gl so fl l We 'V .Y 5! A J: -. . ' LQ. V E f 1-1 V-4 5 Ihlkif 5 -T 4 :fi L5 llfilu -:--- uf ' 1 5: fe Z:-gg :fe fa, :- lm uf .y elgeul ' 95-fiwa ri alll 5?-.2 L ,Q :Ai gf gg: Q Mt? ff E ly! gli, il- 3 ee lilew Li m? gig-E ? by . if for-5 5 A I Q12 Q' ei VPU H ' Q r 2 4 .i .ll -0 ewi hgkfkr your CUAM . . . RICHARD GEORGE EHRLER '33 Ist Lieutenant, 106th Cavalry "Dick" EDWARD LARSON Private, Infantry HOWARD M. MATHIS '40 Private, Infantry "Howie" JOHN GORDON MORDUE '40 Carpenter's Mate Second Class Seabees IIJ e r ryll BURTON NOLAN '36 Lieutenant, Navy Air Corps "Burt" Page 4 It is with bowed heads and silent hearts that we thoughtfully dedicate our 1944 Empehi to those fellows who trod these familiar halls at Morgan Park not too long ago, but have, now, given up their lives on earth to Someone beyond. Does it seem, sometimes, as though they have imparted more than a share to the tremendous effort in which our country is now engaged? Well . . . it does make us wonder if, perhaps, there isn't something more we could be doing to speed that glorious day of victory. Each one of these gallant gold star boys was a friend or loved one of some of us and cannot easily be forgotten. The familiar characteristics, his individual personality and tastes enshrine OSCAR S. OLSEN '32 Master Sergeant Bombardier, Army Air Corps llonell RICHARD AARON ROPER '35 Lieutenant, Army Air Corps llmckll efi ' ,pf-nic O jZ. Z ,Z if I. A. e' sank Xe -Z .. XZ him in our memory. Thus it becomes difficult for us to come to the realization that they have lived their lives. The following words by James Whitcomb Riley seem to echo our own con- victions . . . "I cannot say, and I will not Jay That he if dead. He is just away. II7itb a rbeery Jmile and a wave of the hand, He bar wandered into an unkzzouvz land." Shall we, as we dedicate our yearbook to our gold star boys, consecrate our own lives to the furthering of our American ideals and creeds so that, as Lincoln impressed upon us, our dead shall not have died in vain? GEORGE JAMES SMALL Seaman 2nd Class, Navy GEORGE T. STAFFELBACH '36 Captain, Army llT0mll JOHN DICKINSON STEARNS '36 Co-pilot, Army Air Service ll-Ioell EDISON SCHLEGELMILCH WILLIAM EDWARD WEBBE III '36 Gunner, Navy llslugll Lieutenant, Navy IIBEIIII ROGER RALPH SCHWAIGHART '38 DAUMONT WILLIAM VALENTINE Sergeant Pilot, R.A.F. Private, Tank Corps llRogll llDoell Page 5 DR. ESTON V. TUBBS In completing his eighth year as principal of to the Morgan Park students and he feels that Morgan Park high school, Dr. Eston V. Tubbs they are a real contribution to education and has striven during the past twelve months to have a definite place in the United States. keep the school as undisturbed by the war as possible, and to carry on the educational pro- May he continue to be proud, as he now is, gram as if under normal conditions. He be- of our successful self-governing student body. lieves firmly in democracy and higher learning, In holding the admiration and loyalty of stu- and stresses to the students in his Human dents, faculty members and parents alilc Relations and International Relations classes combines friendliness sinc ' the importance of tolerance, open-mindedness helpfulness ' 'ind truth. Dr. Tubbs introduced these courses Paqe 6 'e, he , . erity, diligence and with executive ability to make him- self a friend of whom we are very proud! THE MEANING OF LIFE l. All of us are born with certain endowments which should be fully developed to the utmost limits. As the great artist gives himself unreservedly to the perfecting of his talents and abilities, so we, too, should approximate their unswerving devotion to those disciplines which lead to high attainment. 2. The four years of high school are most important for it is at this time that the basic patterns of life are being fashioned-either for success or failure. 3. We live in a co-operative society. Learning to work with our fellowmen in the spirit of harmony and good will is fundamental to human progress. 4. To be respected, we must be respectable. We can win favorable recognition only by our own true worth. 5. Man has been given the great responsibility of free choice. He can raise himself to a position only a little lower than the angels or debase himself to the level of the brute. What each one is to be is the most important decision any individual ever will be called upon to make. 6. One of the most important things we can gain from high school is an overall determination to follow the truth wherever it may lead. 7. Civilization has been built upon honesty, integrity, truth, justice, cooperation and brotherhood. Today, these great, constructive forces are locked in mortal combat with the forces of evil. The kind of future we shall have depends upon the final issue of this world-wide conflict. Will peace lead us to a brighter world of the Four Freedoms or shall we be plunged into a new Dark Age? The answer will be determined in large measure upon the qualities of heart and soul of the youth of today. True worth is in being, not seeming,- In doing, each day that goes by, Some little good-not in dreaming Of great things to do by and by. For whatever men say in their blindness, And spite of fancies of youth, There's nothing so kingly as kindness, And nothing so royal as truth. ESTON V. TUBBS, Principal. Page 7 ADMINISTRATION Wfe students of Iimpehi salute our teachers, to whom character is as important as teaching the three "R's." The student teacher relations are unusual in their display of friendliness. The teachers excel at interpreting the lessons in their own field. lt is with their invaluable aid that the schools many extra-curricular activities are carried out, lor without their able assistance it would be dillicult for the student government to func- tion smoothly. As sponsors for our clubs and committees, they stimulate our interest outside the classroom. They often aid students in making choices as to their high school course ol' study or a suitable college. The work of the Placement ollice has been Page 8 invaluable in this war-time emergency. In addi- tion to its aid to the Seniors seeking positions after graduation, the placement counselor has placed many students in jobs, thereby directly or indirectly helping the war effort. Wfhen problems arise over his schoolwork, the student carries them to the adjustment otlice where the ditliculties are ironed out. The P.T.A. fosters closer relations between the parents and teachers. Through the workings of this organ- ization many improvements have been made on school equipment. Xllfith a faculty as interested in the student body as ours is, it is a small wonder we can adopt a slogan such as "Tops in Everything XVe Undertake." EMPEHI FACULTY ESTON V. TUBBS Principal GEORGE G. LORENTZ Asst. Principal ALMA BAUMAN English RICHARD BEARDSLEY Algebra JOSEPH H. BEDALE Chemistry BESSIE B. BELL Biology MARIE BELLINGHAUSEN Languages GENEVIEVE M. BROOK Adjustment HARRIET S. BROWN English WILLIAM B. CALKINS Commercial ANNA J. CALLAHAN History LILLIAN CARLSON Mathematics DOROTHY H. CELLA Social Studies MILDRED T. COLLINS Social Studies LILLIAN CONDIT Vocational Counselor MARY M. CONLAN Languages LEON J. P. DeALARID Language LORETTA R. DELAHUNT Social Studies BERNARD DES CHATELES Industrial Arts IRENE R. DOBSKI Secretary CHARLES Q. DRUMMOND Mathematics TWALTER M. DURKIN Physical Education MARY ELLEN DWYER English J. ATHENAITISCHER Home Economics JANE GAHL Physical Education 'FPAUL R. GLENNISTER Science A. ROYALL GAY Physics 'F Substitute 'I' In Service :FMORRIS P. GOLDMAN General Sciences GEORGE T. GRASHOFF Mechanical Drawing HELEN E. GREENFIELD Clothing GUY B. HARLTE Music MAY B. HARTLE Music HARRIET A. HECHT Latin WALLACE HECHT Engineer EVANGELINE B. HIBBARD Librarian CECILE J. HOBAN Clerk MARY F. HOLLAND Spanish EDNA B. HOTCHKISS Art GOLDIA K. HOXVES Science MARIE E. HOYLER Mathematics CURTIS A. HUNTER Industrial Arts "'ANN JABUSCH Physical Education IRMA S. KIMMEL English ROSALIE C. KURZ Physical Education ELSIE R. LARSON English MARY G. LIVINGSTON English JULIA LORENZ English RAYMOND LUSSON Commercial MARY S. LYONS Asst. Librarian DUNCAN I. MCGREGOR Physical Education THERESA McINERNEY Matron PW. A. McMURTRY Art FRANCIS W. MALLOY English JOSEPHINE MANGAN English CELIA F. MERRY Commercial EDWARD MEYERS Social Studies JANE MILTON Mathematics MARY E. MOLITOR Music THERESA MULCAHY Language MARY G. NEALON English ETHEL R. O'CONNOR Mathematics HELEN O'ROURKE Commercial ELIZABETH L. PAPE English CORA E. PETTY Language TELWYN REED Industrial Arts MARY K. SAGE English KATHRYN H. SANDS Commercial RUTH E. SCHACHTLIE Commercial AGNES W. SENDECKE Home Economics MILDRED STANEK Physical Education MARY E. THOMPSON History DICK TWEEDIE Physical Education E. VANDE ROOVART Biology LAURA WALTER Mathematics W. A. WATSON Science CPL. GILBERT WALLACE Military BESSIE H. WEBER Art EVELYN WENIG School Treasurer EMMA B. WOODFIELD Mathematics YT. C. ZAYNER Physical Education 4'FRANK VOKAC Physical Education Page 9 It requires a rare combination of abilities to hold the position of Assistant Principal dealing with discipline of various degrees of intensity, while at the same time showing an inspiration and leadership to the entire student body. These rare abilities are depicted in the personality of Captain G. G. Lorentz, known to the students as "Cap." It is truly said that around his char- acter the Morgan Park spirit is formed. It may he "Caps" snappy brown eyes, his winning smile, or most likely, his uncanny ability to take in a situation at a glance and discern the best course of action to follow, which gives him our sincere admiration. Proof of his love and trust in the younger generation has been demonstrated in his work at Camp Roosevelt and as director at Camp liagle Crest, his camp in Sawyer, Wisccinsin. Page 10 ,CAPT. G. G. LORENTZ "Cap" has always shown willingness to par- take in many assemblies demonstrating his tal- ents such as magic and acrobatics. His sense of humor makes his performances in assemblies something to which we all look forward. "Cap" has been at Morgan Park since 1919, acting first as a R. O. T. C. and physical educa- tion instructor until he obtained the position he is now holding. Those who are puzzled as to the authenticity of his nickname might be interested to know that he was a Captain in the Army Air Corps in the last war. "Caps" unfailing attendance at football games and splendid school spirit has spurred football and other games on to victory. Truly his popularity with Empehites has no equal. C1-XNDIDS ,ge-as fke green, Ar fke w Lfe, an Alf' you . . Rv V ii ., ' 1,4 ." ,ly H W 'V l 'Riino' TEIZWFQ, . N 'ffl' - :2 The theme of the '44 Empehi is the school song. The fourth line fits this section of the book best because Morgan Park's organizations are "FOR THE GREEN, FOR THE WHITE AND FOR YOU." They all work together to make our school a better place and their past efforts have made Empehi what it is today. We are proud of Morgan Park as it is, but the clubs and organ- izations will keep striving to make us even prouder. The war has altered the activities of the clubs somewhat. Almost all of them are doing their part for the war effort. The following pages will tell about the workings of our organizations. May our motto "Tops in Everything We Undertake" always be true. ACTIVITIES Page 13 HERMAN TENINGA BETH CHATTERS JEAN SHERFF FRED GROSSMANN ANGUS COTTON ANNETTE DARLING BARBARA PHELPS BOB FAIRBANK DONALD ALLEN CHARLES WEEGE DICK HENSEL STUDENT ASSOCIATION "Put the S.A. Over With a BANG!"-was the fall theme for the Student Association, and was successfully carried out during the school year. The activities of the spring semester revolved around the theme "Flying High With the S.A." Although the year book is the clnnaxing feature oHered to the Student Association members, there are many others equally as important. These highlights, movies, dances, basket ball games, and the weekly Bsue of the Ihnpehi Plews ranked high in popu- larity with the S.A. members. Arranging and carrying out the entire S.A. pro- graniisthe Execunve connniUee,conqxBed ofthe four S.A. otticers and the heads of the major organ- izations. The Student Association oiiicers were: Herman Teninga, presidentg Beth Chatters, hrst vice-presidentg jean Sherff, second vice-presidentg Fred Clnasmruinn,secretarywreasurer.IDuring due faH semester these officers were assisted in their duties by the Executive committee composed of Dick Hensel, Chief justice of the Student courtg Bob liairbank, Athletic Commissionerg Annette Dar- ling, editor-in-chief of the Empehi Newsg Barbara Phdps,edRor ofthe Annuah and Angus Codon who was the Lieutenant Colonel of the R. O. T. C. 'These pewons renunned in cd ce in the spnng semester with the exception of two: editor-in-chief of the Empehi News, Don Alleng and R. O. T. C. Lieutenant Colonel, Charles Weege. Page 14 Eleanor Scheineman BOARD OF CONTROL Stan Matthias .... Barbara Phelps . . . Jeanne Wilson . .. Robert Worth . . . Paul Lacke .... Ken Iohnson .... lim Webb .... Dorothy Dose .. . Gloria Hunter . . . Ken I-Iolstrom Emily Tatqe ..... Annette Darling .. Irene Moschel . . . Iune Smith .... Stan Hall ....,.. Edward Delano . . . lean Lyons .... Betty Booth . . . Iohn Baker ....... CAPPELLA .....ANNUAL STAFF .. .....BEGINNER'S BAND .....BIOLOGY CLUB .....BOYS' EMBLEM CLUB.... .....BOYS' IAZZ BAND..... ...HBUSINESS STAFF CH EM ASTERS .......... .....CLEAN UP COMMITTEE... .....CONCERT BAND .....CURTAIN CLUB .....EMPEHI NEWS .. ...HFLOUNDERS .....GIRLS' GLEE CLUB.... .....I-I.R.S.G. .....IUNIOR BAND .....LATIN CLUB . . . .Spencer Francis . , . .Barbara Phelps . . . . .Ieanrie Wilson . . . . . .Bill Slcrivan . . . . .Louise Mohr . . . .Fred Iacobeit .....Iim Webb . . . .Dorothy Dose . . . .Ed Carstens . . . .Gloria Hunter ....... .Bill Voqele . . . . .Barbara Wenner ........Don Allen . . . . .Iune Lennon . . . . .Iune Frary . . . .Margie Nevin . . . .Don Loving . - , .lane Michel . NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY .......,.. Bill Stanley ...UORCHESTRA Angus Cotton ........... OFFICER'S CLUB ....... Virginia McKenna ....... PAN AMERICAN CLUB Iuliana Cotton ........... RED CROSS COUNCIL ..... Bill Voqele ............. PHOTO STAFF ........ - Ioan Gemeinhardt ........ QUILPEN ........... Tom DeButts .... Dick Miller .... Bob Litzkow ............ .....OUILL AND SCROLL... .....SIGMA Steve Schrock .....,.... TAU EPSILON . . . . . and Paul Lacke V.E.S.B.... . . . . .Steve Schrock . . . .Charles Weeqe . . . .Matt Turner . . . . .Kurt Kluqer .........Bill Voqele . . . .Marge Lawrence . . .Ioan Gemenhardt .... . . ...Dick Miller STAGE CREW ............ Bob Litzkow Ginny Dawson-Smith .Eleanor Scheineman and Iames Chapman BOARD OF CONTROL ROW I: Schrock, Nevin, Wenner, Chatters, Miss Condit, Grossman, Lennon, Michel. ROW 2: Gerneinhardt, Phelps, Lawrence, Francis, Skrivan, Allen, Chap- man, Turner. ROW 3: Wilson, Dose, Voqele, Scheineman, Mohr, Webb, Lovinq, Miller. ROW 4: Weeqe, Iacobeit, Carstens, Stanley, Dawson-Smith, Kluqer, D. Allen, Hunter. Page 15 STUDENT GOVERNMENT The students have governed Morgan Park for many years. The individual is represented by his division chairman, all of whom make up the Student council. This body has the task of nominating class officers and Student Associa- tion officers. New laws originate with the Stu- dent council and it passes on suggestions and ideas to the Executive committee. The Board of Control consists of the club presidents. All clubs must earn a number of points through various activities to retain mem- bership on the board. The first vice-president of the Student Association presides and Miss Lillian Condit sponsors this organization. In june the Board of Control holds an annual ban- quet where the new S.A. officers are formally installed and the newly elected club presidents introduced. The Student Court has the duty of seeing that the school laws are obeyed. The Chief justice, Dick I-Iensel, had four judges work under him and they in turn supervised certain commit- tees. Margie Alcock, Stephen Schrock, Bar- bara jones and Hugh Huber served as judges and jane Michel was clerk. Captain Lorentz is the faculty sponsor. Included in their com- mittees is the Probation committee, an organ- ization designed to cut down suspensions and aid suspended students. joan Gemeinhardt had charge of this committee. The S.B.I. chairman and his cabinet made a valiant effort to prevent thefts and restore stolen goods. This year Dorothy Jacobs headed the Exterior Service committee, which is responsible for the outward appearance of the school. The Interior com- mittee, in charge of Kay Dwyer this year, main- tains the Hall Guard system and an organiza- tion to maintain lunch room order. The officers of the four classes make up the Inter-Class council and are represented on the Executive committee by the Student Association second vice-president, jean Sherff. The council works for co-operation between the classes and promotes school activities. Better assemblies since its formation has been the achievement of the Assembly committee. It is a group composed of fourteen students and teachers, headed by Virginia Dawson-Smith and the first vice-president of the Student Associa- tion, Beth Chatters. They arrange the assembly schedule and all the programs presented to the student body must have their approval. Page I6 ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE L Mrs. Cello. ROW 1: Mr. Hunter, Dawson-Smith lx Condit, Chatters, Mr. Meyers. ROW Wenner, Mrs. Hartle-, Tame, O'Rouike F bank. ROW 3: Allen, Miss Lorenz Iilz 03 1 i if in E Q if md 925 4, A I ' K is P ,K 3 Q2 33 "!,'Z if Q A 3-'L I ? 1 A .':-' " 6 Y . T IZ. in I v A .f V, A lm I 'Q H+, 3 ff . w i ,Q - an W 4 1 ' 15+ A 2 fe , U , N wi 12 A' Sf? K ,sy jx, V, V f 'fi f vv f ' 'Y YY Q 5 I 5 ,E il . fAW V Q -Q' af v Q ,Q i, 1. E z -l A . , W A S - f " Q Y ' K . - f riwffvf S Lf ,- 'Y K, ,Q ,4 .,. . Q if W ANNUAL STAFF HOW l: Robxnson, He-Wes, Phelps, Mrs. Cella, Lawrence, Mohr, Huber. ROW 2: Hunks, Wliqht, ZlClCtJIlbO1'i1, O'Hnl1oran, Wenner, Mueller, Voqele, Litzow, Fan- tucci, ROW 3: Blaicher, Wardell, Spedrfor, Scott, Embs, Draper, Nelson, Mc- Kenna, Errinrvton. ROW 4: Dose, Iohnson, Scherneman, Rada, Goodman, MCA Whortvr, Hunter, Menezes, Blew. QUILL AND SCROLL ROW 1: Bldiclxer, Nevin, Gemelnlmrdt, Miss Bauman, Carstens, Lennon, Fantuccl. ROW 2: Zickenberq, Flasher, Mrchel, von Holst, Chatters, Sherff, Dose, Soder- strorn. HOW 3: Lorance, Phelps, Heffron, Lyons, Robert, Hunter, Henderson, Hobxnson. Paqe 18 ANNUAL STAFF Editor-in-chief ...... Barbara Phelps Literary Editor . . . . Margery Lawrence Asst. Literary Editor ..... Louise Mohr Sports Editor ....... Ray Robinson Business Manager ...... Alan Hewes Art Editors .... Bud Fryer, Hugh Huber Annual day is a big event at Morgan Park. The editors and the staff have worked hard to make this annual something to be remembered. Wartime restrictions have made the work more difficult at times, but the staff believes that all their efforts have been worth while. The task of putting out the 1944 Empehi started last fall. The editor-in-chief, Barbara Phelps, has been ably assisted by Marge Law- rence, literary editor, Louise Mohr, assistant literary editor, Ray Robinson, sports editor, Al Hewes, business manager, and Bud Fryer and Hugh Huber, art editors. The stad was larger this year than it has been in past years. Nearly thirty persons volunteered, both in the spring and fall semesters, to serve as a staff. This staff did its part to make the annual a success by doing the odd jobs, such as, typing copy, soliciting ads, and doing some literary work. The theme of the annual, which is the school song, was decided upon first, and plans de- veloped rapidly from there. Photographs of the February graduates were taken as early as Octo- ber. During the first part of the spring semester june graduate pictures and club pictures were taken. Much credit should be given to Mr. Gene Hartough who did the professional photography. Most of the candid shots were done by Empehi's photo-staff, Tom Thayer, Rus- sell Fantucci and Bill Vogele. Clubs were very co-operative about getting their write-ups in on time. All co-operation on the part of Empehi's clubs was greatly appre- ciated. Last, but definitely not least, the staff wishes to thank Mrs. Dorothy H. Cella, adviser, for her help which has proven invaluable. Now everything is over and the 1944 Empehi is out. QUILL and SCROLL Fall Spring Tom DeBurrs President joan Gemeinhardt Joan Gemeinhardt Vice Pres. Edward Carstens Sue Blaicher Secretary Marge Nevin Donald Allen Treasurer Edward Lennon Quill and Scroll, being an international hon- orary society, has always maintained the highest of standards. Each year, several of its members prove their ability by bringing honors to Mor- gan Park either by winning a prize in a journal- istic contest or by some outstanding service to the school. During the past year, the Morgan Park chap- ter has participated in two contests, one national and one citywide. In the national contest, Gloria Hunter and Margie Nevin received hon- orable mention in the feature and editorial groups, respectively, while Edward Carstens was a second place sectional winner in the sports reporting division. To be admitted as a member of the Morgan Park chapter, a student must be of good scho- lastic standing, have sixty-five inches of "string," be at least in the 5B semester, have good jour- nalistic ability and a recommendation from Miss Alma Bauman, the club sponsor. Besides editing the class prophecy each semester, Quill and Scroll edits and sells the Empehi Bulletin from which the club treasury obtains its funds. Towards the end of the spring term, the club sponsors a Press Banquet as its final event. This past year, the club presented an as- sembly, sent the Empehi News to our alumni in the service, and put out a school handbook containing general information for the school. Officers for the fall semester were Tom De Butts, president, Joanie Gemeinhardt, vice-presi- dent, Sue Blaicher, secretary, and Donald Allen, treasurer. During the spring term, executive positions were held by joanie Gemeinhardt, president, Edward Carstens, vice-president, Margie Nevin, secretary, and Edward Lennon, treasurer. Without the able guidance and encourage- ment of Miss Alma Bauman the club would not have been able to carry out its many activities. Page 19 NEWS STAFF Fall S prin g Annette Darling Editor-in-Chief Don Allen Angus Cotton Assoc. Editor joan Gemeinhardt Nancy Evans Literary Editor Nancy Evans Gemeinhardt, Allen Page Eds. Lennon, Nevin Heffron, Carstens Heffron, Carstens This year, the Empehi News has endeavored to provide the school with the best, up-to-date paper possible, containing all the news, the best of features, especially those promoting the war effort. The staff was capably guided through both semesters by Miss Alma Bauman, the ad- viser and journalism teacher. Mrs. Dorothy Cella ably assisted the business staff in their job of financing the Empehi News. During the fall semester, Annette Darling was the editor-in-chief, with Angus Cotton as associate editor, Nancy Evans as literary editor, joan Gemeinhardt as first page editor, Char- lotte Heifron as second page editor, Don Allen as third page editor, and Ed Carstens as sports editor. The assistant page editors in the fall were Jeanne Flesher, Barbara Bevins, first, Edith O'Meara, second, Sue Blaicher, Ed Lennon, third, and Russ Fantucci, fourth. Don Allen took over the editor-in-chief's position in the spring and had the much needed assistance of joan Gemeinhardt, the new asso- ciate editor and Nancy Evans, who continued as literary editor. The page editors were as fol- lows: Ed Lennon, first, Margie Nevin, second g Charlotte Heffron, third, and Ed Carstens, fourth. jane Michel, Gloria Hunter, jean Lyons, and Russ Fantucci were the assistants. During the holiday season, the staff put out a Christmas issue dedicated to the Empehites in service. Other special issues put out during the course of the year were the two bulletins and the two class prophecies, at the beginnings and endings of the semester, respectively. Page 20 SIGMA Fall Spring Richard Miller President Richard Miller Evelyn Kennedy Vice-Pres. Evelyn Kennedy Margie Nevin Secretary Catherine Hamilton Shirley Wheeler Treasurer Joan Baker Rolland Tozer Sgt.-at-Arms Shirley Wheeler Sigma, the Greek letter "S," stands for Serv- ice with a capital letter. As one of Empehi's most important clubs it gives the school not only financial support but also the time and energy of its members. The aim of the club is to render voluntary service to the school, to give students a broader outlook of the business world, and to provide a more social life for commercial students. To be eligible for membership a student must serve the school without pay or grade credit a minimum of five periods a week, and at the same time maintain at least a "G" average. Thus membership in the club is limited to the highest rank of students-those who volun- tarily aid their school and are still able to keep up their studies. Until the beginning of the spring semester, the Students' Exchange was under the sponsor- ship of Sigma and through its sales, funds were raised which Sigma presented to the school in generous donations. Chief among this year's contributions were the sums given to the mathe- matics department for a "Transit," to the Eng- lish department for a set of "Public Speaking" textbooks, and to the music department for a new instrument. Presiding over the fall activities was Richard Miller as president, assisted by Evelyn Kennedy, vice-president, Margie Nevin, secretary, Shirley Wheeler, treasurer, and Rolland Tozer, ser- geant-at-arms. Sponsorship of the club was in the able hands of Mrs. Ruth Schachtlie. Richard Miller and Evelyn Kennedy retained their positions in the spring with the other ofii- cers as follows: Catherine Hamilton, secretary, joan Baker, treasurer, and Shirley Wheeler, sergeant-at-arms. Mrs. Mary Sage capably took over the position of the club sponsor when Mrs. Schachtlie left the school. EMPEHI NEWS STAFF ROW l: Henderson, Carstens, Heffron Allen, Mlss Bauman, Gemeinhardt, Lennon Fantucci, Kluwer. ROW 2: Blaicher, Flesher, Blaicher, Gunter, Gardner, Reimer, Errinfi ton, Dose, Lovejoy, Baldwin. ROW 3 Pe-arson, Cleo , LaRoss Maurer W n G , , well, Lorance, Voqele, Hayn, Voqele. ROW 4: Menees, Bauman, Phelps, Grlson, Jones McWhorter, Lyons, Robert, Hunter, Davrson EMPEHI NEWS STAFF ROW 1: Robinson, Hunter, von Holst, Glade, Munns, Lardley, Wrxqht. ROW 2: Wenner, Falrbank, Mehaltey, Sherft, Chatters, Henke Carlson, O'Halloran. ROW 3: Mclntosh Nevin, Zlckenberq, Hoye, Hoppe, Marshall Waqner, Howat, Sundland. ROW 4: Embs Michel, Soderstrom Evans, Lember Dra 4 V - fl' P' er, Wlnlecl-ce, Marloth, Cotton, Lawrence. SIGMA HOW 1: Wheeler, Kennedy, Miller, Mrs Sage, Hamllton, Baker, Zobel. ROW 2: Neaver, Harmelxnq, George, Chester, ?l'lCk6, Carnes, Holmes. ROW 3: Nevln vlclfenna, Sochtleben, Boese, Windl-cerst Vebow, Shape, Wakefield. ROW 4: Behnke Nernlntski, FllCh, Geymer, Coble, Curtis: Dasher, Glade. 1 I v Page 21 BUSINESS . STAFF ROW l: Honlu-, Zwkf-rrlvexrr, Dosb, MIS. Cells, Munns, B. Benoit, N. Barrfxtt HOW LZ: Forqnfsmt, Stone, Blrnuhr-r, Gerth, Senechdlle, Haylold. ROW 3: O'Hf-xl lnmn, Wnnnf-1, Gnhl, Wrllf-tt, Mrlienn, johnson, Ketth. ROW 4: Hondnxson Gondnmn, MHC:-nna, Ifrrintyton, Duke, Grrymor, Whitmer, Kluqex. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW 1: Muy, Anstrn, Snnth, Dawson-Snnth, Watson, Stanlrvy, Censtens, Voqelo Danqmmond, Merrick, Hayffs. HCDW 2: Beckley, Nvvrn, Hunter, Sherll, Chatters BldlClTGI', Fitch, Flfzsher, Soderstrom, Mason, Hunnlton. ROW 3: Mdddock Cluvver, Mxrhe-l, von Holst, Eorton, Mchlan, Anderson, Brodene, Boer, McKenna Hr-nss. ROW 4: Miller, Phelps, Hanley, Huber, McKay, Mars, Goodman, Meardon Scrhoinenman, Whooler, Tatqn. ROW 5: Grtdley, Seen, Lennon, Fantucci, Robert Hunter, Koehler, Lfvrenco, Hdqlund, Curtis, Schrock, Dashor. Page 22 BUSINESS STAFF Fall Spring Dorothy Dose Manager Dorothy Dose Beth Munns Assistant Manager Beth Munns Betty Zickenberg Copywriter Betty Zickenberg Beth Munns Circulation Barb Barrett Bill Henderson Don Girth Secretary Don Girth Lois Roberts Exchange Joan Geymer The Business staff, a small but indispensable organization of which the students of Morgan Park are quite unaware, plays an important part in the publishing of the weekly paper, the Empehi News. The most important duty of the Business staff is in the soliciting of adver- tisements. The money obtained from these advertisements helps to support the paper. The staff is also responsible for the weekly distribu- tion of the papers to the students, and the send- ing of the papers to advertisers. To become a member of the Business staff, a student must be a member of the Student Association, and during the semester he must sell at least three column inches of advertising. These ads are sold for 35.40 per column inch. The manager of the Business staff is a member of the Board of Control and thus has an active part in everything going on in the school. In the fall, Dorothy Dose was the staffs manager. Betty Zickenberg acted as copywriter, assisted by janet Errington. Beth Munns handled circulation, while Lois Roberts took charge of exchange. Bill Henderson, assisted by Don Gerth and Glenn Stone, acted as secretary, took charge of mailing the bills, and collecting the money each month. The spring semester started off with a bang! Dorothy Dose continued as manager with Beth Munns as assistant. Barb Barrett and Bill Hen- derson took care of circulation, and joan Gey- mer was in charge of exchange. The secretary was Don Gerth and his assistants were joan Keith and Glenn Stone. With the aid of Mrs. Dorothy Cella as faculty adviser, the Business Staff has passed through a most successful year. NAT'L HONOR SOC. Fall Spring Betty Booth President Bill Stanley Paul Grasse Vice President June Smith Annette Darling Sec. Virginia Dawson-Smith Nancy Slayton Treasurer Edward Carstens During the spring semester of 1939 a branch of the National Honor Society was founded at Morgan Park. This society, running mate of Tau Epsilon, is the high school's counterpart of the college's Phi Beta Kappa. It was estab- lished to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leadership, and encourage the develop- ment of character in the students. , The requirements for entrance into the soci- ety are as follows: the candidate must have spent at least one semester in the school, he shall be a member of the senior class and of Tau Epsilon, and he shall have maintained an E average throughout his high school career, having received no final grade below a G. It has been the custom of the society to give an assembly for the purpose of inducting new members into the club. This year, however, this formality was combined with the regular awards assembly which took place at the close of the semester. This year, too, the members of the incoming senior class were taken into the club with the status of "new members" after the second marking period. This was done to cancel the abrupt break in the society at the end of the semester as has happened in the past. Under the leadership of Miss Kemp, fall adviser, and Mr. Watson, spring adviser, the organization has carried out a limited program in keeping with its purely honorary character. Members have received small gold pins and are eligible to have a small gold seal placed upon their diplomas. Ofhcers during the fall and spring semester, respectively were: president, Betty Booth, Wil- liam Stanley, vice-president, Paul Grasse, june Smith, secretary, Annette Darling, Virginia Dawson-Smith, treasurer, Nancy Slayton, Ed- ward Carstens. Page 23 A. Y. L. Fall Spring Jeanne Wilson President Jeanne Wilson Stan Hall Vire-President Steve Schrock Eleanor Scheincman Ser. Eleanor Scheineman Paul Lackc Treasurer The American Youth League, founded by Dr. Eston V. Tubbs on November 26, 1956, has the following aims: IJ to foster the appreciation of our rights as American citizens, 25 to acquaint us with our responsibilities in maintaining these rights, 3J to encourage our patriotic inclinations, fij to promote international goodwill and understanding g SJ to bring high school students together in other A.Y.L. chapters, The requirements for membership in the A.Y.L. are the rank of junior or senior, and a desire of becoming a citizen our country can be proud of. Especially today we realize the need of citizens who are better acquainted with the history, problems, and ideals of the United States, and who can take an impartial attitude toward current questions. As a project for the year the A.Y.L. has pur- chased three Service Honor Roll plaques that are hung in the vestibule just inside the main entrance. One plaque, commemorating the ex-Empe- hites in World War I, is green with silver letters. The other plaques, honoring former Morgan Park students in World War II, is green with silver letters also. Sigma and the February graduation class have both contributed money to the purchase of the plaques. A canvas of the neighborhood to get all of the names of former Empehites in the service was sponsored by Mr. Meyers. For the fall semester the officers were presi- dent, Jeanne Wilson, vice-president, Stan Hall, secretary, Eleanor Scheinemang and treasurer Paul Lacke. In the spring semester Steve Schrock took over the job of vice-president. Miss Callahan and Mr. Meyers, as well as the founder, Dr. Tubbs, are the sponsors to whom the club owes so many thanks. Page 24 RED CROSS COUNCIL Fall Spring Juliana Cotton President Kurt Kluger Vern Hotzfield Vice-Pres. Pat Hayford Evelyn Olsen Secretary Mary Ann Behnke George Garland Treasurer Don Kamin The Junior Red Cross Council, organized in 1942, has been very active in the school. The council managed the Red Cross Membership Drive, totaling approximately 35400, which was contributed by the students at a movie on Blood Plasma. They also managed the Red Cross War Fund Drive, which netted over 35100, and the Valentine Book Campaign at which over a hun- dred books were collected and sent abroad. Among other activities, the council has made an afghan. This was made possible by various students donating yarn which was knitted into 6-inch squares by the girl members of the coun- cil. With the help of Miss Bell the squares were sewed together to make a large afghan which will be presented to the Red Cross. The council plans to make another afghan. The council is limited to 24 members from the sophomore, junior and senior classes with Mrs. Brown as sponsor. Four delegates repre- senting Empehi attended a Junior Red Cross meeting of all Chicago High Schools at the Y.M.C.A. the first Saturday of every month. This group is also very active in Red Cross work. The delegates are Julianna Cotton, Vern Hotzfield, Don Kamin and Vivian Senechalle. These delegates reported any points or plans discussed at the monthly meetings that might be of interest to our council in helping to carry on Red Cross activities in the school. Officers of the spring semester were Kurt Kluger, president g. Pat Hayford, vice-presidentg Mary Ann Behnke, secretary, and Don Kamin, treasurer. During the fall semester Juliana Cot- ton and Vern Hotzfield acted as president and vice-president, while the ofhces of secretary and treasurer were held by Evelyn Olsen and George Garland. Meetings are usually held every other Friday at which plans for various drives are discussed along with any other projects to help the Red Cross. A. Y. L. ROW l: Gilson, Cluever, Merrick, Wilson, Dr. Tubbs, Schrock, Scheinoman, Willis, Mason, Huber. ROW Z: Poche, Kleinz, Olson, Dose, Vanderbilt, Geary, Macnab, Richardson, Mohr, McWhorter, Wheeler. ROVV 3: Wood, Mars, Jones, Frary, Gronau, Nlendort, Tatqe, Lennon, Cleqq, Draper, Pearson, Zemke, ROW 4: Seen, Hunter, Henderson, Gridlcy, Robert, Menees, Curtis, Koehler, Gmneinhardt, Lyons, Kerqer, Tcninqa, A. Y. I.. ROW 1: Wrifzht, Hunter, Lehedelf, Carlson, Henke, Hewos., Tenlnqa, Grossman, May, Rossen, ROW 2: Blaxcher, Wenner, Nevin, McKenna, Fitch, Blaicher, Flesher, Griffin, Chatters, Sherfi, Zickenberq, Gothard, Muel- ler. ROW 3: Lawrence, Boer, Ford, Iacobs, VVheel'er, Hamilton, Soderstrom, Williams, Beckley, Michel, Embs, Lawrence, von Holst. ROW 4: Maurer, Lewis, Kennedy, Nichols, Gardner, Reimer, Fall, Errinqton, Landers, McManus, Marcheschi, Small. RED CROSS COUNCIL ROV! 1: Kamin, Bernke, Kluqer, Mrs. Brown, Hayiord, Clancy. ROW 2: Sherlf, Pearson, Tatqe, Behnke, Olsen, Cotton. ROW 3: Wedderspoon, Teninqa, Snyder, Heise, Winter, Miller. Page 25 Page 26 FLOUNDERS ROW 1: Gershon, Lauiparlex, Marihorsi, Lennon, Mi. Goldman, Holmes, Collins lnniss. ROW 2: Kok, Fox, Boese, Moeller Saundes, Iacobson, Gaxrette, Millor, LaSota ROW 3: Tatqe, Schumacher, Morris, Eqqer! Broun, Elliott, Lee, Kay. ROW 4: Slayton McMahon, Keller, Kluwer, Lamm, Gaudas Thilmonl, Kramer. FLOUNDERS HOW l: Tliompson, Huber, Miller, Max nguardt, McKenzie, MCFranklin. ROW 2 Tuibett, Armstrong, Wlebe, Bowers, Resare Parenti, Hue, Lee. ROW 3: Shevlin, Pringle Lanqe, Cassidy, Tarbox, Snyder, Zabisky liuzns. ROW 41 Christensen, Bikle, Rydiu Hicli, Cook, Krueger, Hovel. CURTAIN CLUB HOW l: Qlivlwnberq, Tozer, Weuner, Mizz? lmionz, Fall, Clmpinian, Munns, Trimble NOW 2: La-dley, Sharp, Hart, Hoyo, Garner Zwllol, Williams, Nevin, McKenna. HOW 3 Moriarty, Vllerner, Marlolli, Parker, Hayford Iohnston, Dose, Seitz, McManus. ROW 4 Toyoma, Fold, Landers, Lewis, Kennedy Gardner, Brownlow, Auqus, Tatqe, Straub HOW lv: Spurqin, Goodman, Gricser, Kluqer Lewis, Forquson, Loranco, Koehler, Curtis llwulton, Monees. I FLOUNDERS Fall Spring Irene Moschell President June Lennon Marilyn Mooney Vice-Pres. joan Holmes Tom Pruter Sec.-Treas. Laurel Marthorsr Flounders, the only club in the school exclu- sively for freshmen, was founded by Miss Athena Fischer in the spring of 1937 with the aid of its first president, Barbara Wallace. The name "Flounders" suggested by Barbara and Mrs. Wallace, means to orientate the new in- coming freshmen. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the new members of the school with the many different clubs and organizations and to make them feel that they belong here. All members of the Student Association are eligible to become members if they are in their freshman year. At each meeting there is a representative from one of the various clubs, the Student Court, or the Student Association to explain the functions and purposes of the different or- ganizations around school. They also have entertainment in the form of freshman talent. The playing of the accordion and the piano, singing, and dramatic ability have been found among the talents of the members. Refresh- ments planned by the social committee also add to the enjoyment of all the meetings. The officers for the fall semester were Irene Moschell, president, Marilyn Mooney, vice- president, and Tom Pruter, secretary-treasurer. Spring semester ofiicers were june Lennon, pres- identg joan Holmes, vice-president, and Laurel Marthorst, secretary-treasurer. The club was guided and advised during the year by its two able sponsors, Miss Marion Castle and Mr. Morris Goldman. CURTAIN CLUB Fall Spring Emily Tatge President Barbara Wenner Ramie Schobinger Vice-Pres. james Chapman Gwen Fall Secretary Gwen Fall Rolland Tozer Treasurer Roland Tozer The Curtain Club holds its meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month in the Social Room. The president presides over the meeting and after the business, the students have a social meeting with various forms of entertainment. Occasionally the students get together and work up a short play. The club was organized for students inter- ested in dramatics and is maintained for that purpose. This organization has served the school in that it gives assemblies regularly or puts on plays to help raise money for worth- while organizations. The club has a sponsor, Miss julia Lorenz, who is a worthy and capable leader. Miss Lorenz, at various times, has obtained tickets for the students for both professional and college plays. In the fall semester the Curtain club gave, in an assembly, a one-act comedy entitled, "The Undoing of Albert O'Donnell." This play was for the benefit of the Children's Aid. They re- ceived over 3100 from it. Another of the activities of the fall semester was the sponsoring of the play "Tomorrow the World." About 30 students went to see the play, it was termed "wonderful" by everyone. To obtain membership in the Curtain Club, the student who is interested must try out before a group of picked judges, usually the officers. Those who are accepted are invited to join. In the past year the membership has been kept well up in the forties. Officers for the fall semester were: Emily Tatge, president, Ramie Schobinger, vice-presi- dentg Gwen Fall, secretary, and Rolland Tozer, treasurer. Elected in the spring were: Barbara Wenner, president, james Chapman, vice-presi- dentg Gwen Fall, secretary, and Rolland Tozer, treasurer. Page 27 BIOLOGY CLUB Full Spring Paul Lacke President Louise Mohr Louise Mohr Vice-Pres. Barb Tilson jean Maurer Secretary Mary Ellyn Mars Barb Tilson Treasurer Mary Jane Worvd The Biology club, under the leadership of Miss Bessie Bell, is one of the oldest and is now the largest club at Morgan Park. The purpose of the club is to give students a chance to further their interests in this held and to take part in its many activities. Besides holding its regular narcissi bulb sale and poinsettia sale at Christmas time, the Biology club, assisted by the biology classes and the junior Red Cross, made an afghan which is to be sent to one of the Army or Navy hos- pitals. The list of contributions made by the Biology club includes donations to the Chil- dren's Aid Society, lnfantile Paralysis fund, Red Cross drive, Wforld Wfars I and ll plaques, the Social room fund and a contribution to Quill and Scroll for sending the Empehi News to the alumni in the service. Two of the outstanding programs of the year were a talk on the "Raft" by Harold Gatty, pre- sented by Mr, Vifatson, and an interesting chalk talk by Mr. C. C. Denham of the Inter-State Narcotic Association. The biggest event of the year, however, was the appearance of Frank Buck, the famous wild animal hunter, sponsored by the Biology club and the Morgan Park Mili- tary Academy. Louise Mohr was in charge of all ticket sales at Empehi. This presentation was enjoyed by the entire community as well as by the students. T The officers for the fall semester were: Paul Lacke, president, Louise Mohr, vice-presidentg jean Maurer, secretaryg Barb Tilson, treasurer. Spring semester officers include: Louise Mohr, president: Barb Tilson, vice-presidentg Mary Ellyn Mars, secretaryg Mary jane Wfood, treasurer. CHEMASTERS CHEMASTERS HOW l: Hunter, Dluovr-1, Cienstons, Mr. Bedale, Merrick, Stanley, Fitch. ROW 2: May, Wlwolc-r, Maddoek, Sodersirom, Mars, Masin, Tatqe, Phelps. ROW 3' Fan- tueum, Blow, Kvnnellcy, Robert, Kotternann, Grxdley, Davenport. ROW 4: Weoqe, llrfllirn, Allen, l'UI'lll52OU, lmrrgieriiormrl, Soon, Dashor. Page 28 BIOLOGY CLUB ROW l: Blaicher, Moriarty, Hale, Tharp, Menees, Hotzfielcl, Winter, Henke, Van Horn, Thorsell, Else, Koerber, Iensen, Matney. ROW 2: Searles, Enyart, Kutt- nauer, Soderstrom, Fisher, Fricke, Kenney, Lane, Marquardt, Zobel, Wenner, Zickenberq, Blaicher, Iohnson, Singer. ROW 3: Lorance, Hickerson, Kirwan, Wedderspoon, Larson, Kinnear, Kock, Linden, Clancy, Kamin, Stansbury, Lebedeit, Geary, Macnab, Sorensen. ROW 4: Senechalle, Gehl, Iensen, Werner, Anderson, Irwin, Calhoun, Tatqe, Sherlock, Scheineman, Boqumill, Poust. ROW 5: Country- man, Lawrence, lolinson, McKenna, Errinqton, Anderson, Bailey, Browlow, Boer, Ford, Sharpe, Mueller, Carlson, Gothard. BIOLOGY CLUB ROW 1: Elsner, Trimble, Tatqe, Mars, Maurer, Mohr, Miss Bell, Tilson, Wood, Pearson, Vanderbilt, Draper, Lennon. ROW 2: Wardell, Gardner, lacobs, Steele, O. Sylvain, R. Sylvain, Hodqes, Campbell, Hill, Whitmar, Bochman, Keith, Mason, Bracy. ROW 3: Burney, Terry, Cluever, Wheeler, Hayes, Merrick, Skworch, Passaiiume, Moldenhauer, Grieser, Garner, Mosher, Heise, Fitch, Goodman. ROW 4: Sharpe, LaRoss, Dawson-Smith, Hughes, McWhorter, Melill, Crockett, Gerth, Walker, McDade, Harper, Glade, Vaqtborq, Voqele. ROW 5: Snyder, Ecklund, Koehler, Kennelley, Roberts, Curtis, Voqele, Baker, Gemeinhardt, Hunter, Glade, Seen, Allison, Bauman. Page 29 Page 30 QUILPEN ROW 1: Lawrence, Auqus, Skwoxch, Hunter Lawrence, Miss Manqan, Giidley, Munns Mohr, Gememhardt. ROW 2: lacobs, Iones Gllson, McWhorter, Sharpe, Keith, Tatqe Newbury, Bochman, Hooper. ROW 3: Mer rick, Barber, Uphani, Ptllunqton, Ferquson Glade, Carline, Gerth, Robert, Wappler Warner. ROW 4: Kamin, Clancy, Curtis Harper, Lorance, Hnlaburt, Voqele, Menves Garrity, Teninqa. QUILPEN ROVV l: Nevin, Carner, Spence, Slolp llenlce, Tatqe, Michel, Zickenberq, Hil brecht. HOW 2: Chatters, Shertf, Merrith Fiske, Forsythe, Hart, Kuttnaner, Laidley ROW 3: Huber, Steele, Brownlow, Iohnson Sharpe, Hanley, Soderstroxn, O'I-Ialloran Haqen, McKenna. ROW 4: Blaicher, Gard ner, Haytord, Iohnson, Nelson, Marmotti Love, Hill, Tatro, Mars. ROW 5: Kennedy Gxeiser, Little, Mason, O'Connor, Synder Munich, Marthorst, Terry, Lee, lohnson. LATIN CLUB RONV l: Nevin, Lawrence, Fairbunk, Michel Miss Potty, Mrs. Hecht, Fitch, Tatqe, Mohr ROW 2: Scheineman, MCK-een, Gehl, Goth ard, Mason, Mars, Huber, Haunehnq, Camp bell, Bond, Emhs. ROW 3: Senechalle Wriqht, McManus, Landers, Spurqin Chester, Moldenhaner, Hill, Grieser, Fall Blaicher, Love, Hanley. ROW 4: Scheine- rnan, Kennedy, Maurer, Whitmar, Tatqe Keith, Clancy, Kannn, Gerth, Voqele, Fergu- son, Sherff. ROW 5: Phelps, Sharpe Hunter, Gilson, Iones, Garner, Mosher Lyons, Dawson-Smith, Miller, Lennon Teninqa. QUILPEN Fall Spring Joan Gemeinhardt Pres. Margery Lawrence Sue Blaicher Vice-President John Gridley Joyce Fairbank Secretary Beth Munns Jeanne Flesher Treasurer Glen Stone With the arrival of our 1944 year book, Quil- pen has completed another successful year of club activities under the capable and companion- able leadership of its sponsor, Miss Josephine Mangan, with our membership list totaling 102. The goal of our club is the furthering of creative writing at Morgan Park, not only through the class room, but in our club meetings and we have stressed this purpose in our meet- ings. Those students who submit an acceptable piece of creative writing and have received an "E" or better in English are welcome to become members of Quilpen. The activities of the club have been varied and outstanding this past year. The club's fall visit to the theater was made when we attended "Tomorrow the World" in November. A con- tribution of forty dollars was made to the school Honor Plaque fund through our "Bow Day" held just before the Christmas holidays-on "Bow Day" all Empehi fteachers, tooJ was bedecked with the gay tissue bows. The yearly assembly, which featured the jazz band and students picked at random from the assembly, was presented in January under the able direc- tion of Joanie Gemeinhardt. Our plan to attend another theater production was realized, for on June 14, forty of our mem- bers attended that play of plays "Oklahoma" Through the efforts of member Lorraine Obrecht we secured the forty tickets and there was quite a race to see who could remember to bring his money before all forty were gone. The officers in the fall semester were the fol- lowing: Joanie Gemeinhardt, president, Sue Blaicher, vice-president, Joyce Fairbank, secre- tary, Jeanne Flesher, treasurer. In the spring semester the above officers were replaced by Margery Lawrence, president, John Gridley, vice-president, Beth Munns, secretary, and Glen Stone, treasurer. LATIN CLUB Fall Spring Jean Lyons 1st Consul Jane Michel Virginia Dawson-Smith 2nd Consul Pat Fitch Eleanor Scheineman Scriba Emily Tatge Jane Michel Quaestor Joyce Fairbank Sodalitas Latina, founded in 1930 on April 21, the legendary date of the founding of Rome, has been functioning for the past fourteen years as the largest language club in Morgan Park. The purpose of the Latin club is to stimulate interest in the language and customs of the ancient Romans. To raise money for the Latin club treasury a "Penny an Inch" drive was conducted during the fall semester. Each member gave a penny for every inch of his height. The drive met with a big response from its members and over 3513.00 was collected. A donation of 157.50 was given to the Social committee from this col- lection. Latin club meetings are conducted partly in Roman style. The officers have Roman names, and are addressed as first-consul, president, second-consul, vice-president, scriba, secretary, and quaestor, treasurer. A Roman initiation is held when new members are brought into the club. They must do various consequences. They carry on conversations in Latin, answer ques- tions pertaining to Latin mythology, and then repeat the solemn pledge of Sodalitas Latina. Officers of the fall semester were Jean Lyons, first consul, Virginia Dawson-Smith, second consul, Eleanor Scheineman, scriba and Jane Michel, quaestor. Aediles included Norma Gil- son, Doreen Embs, Gloria Hunter, and Emily Tatge. The spring semester officers were Jane Michel, first consul, Pat Fitch, second consul, Emily Tatge, scriba, and Joyce Fairbank, quaestor. Betsey Lawrence, Edward Lennon, Margie Nevin, and Clark Ferguson acted as aediles. The aediles prepare interesting pro- grams and refreshments for the club meeting. Sometimes a quiz program is the order of the day, and sometimes there is a celebration of a Roman feast. There is a tradition that the President is a despotic ruler at his last meeting and then he becomes a Roman sacrifice. Page 31 CLEAN UP COMM. Chairman ..... . Gloria Hunter Rose Sale Chairman ..... Shirley Elsner Assembly Comm. Chairman . . Louise Mohr Publicity Chairman .... Joan Gemeinhardt Elem. Schools Chairman .... Doreen Embs The Clean Up committee maintains its ac- tivities throughout the entire school year at Empehi, but its special heyday is the annual spring Clean Up week. This year a new project, "The Available jones Club" was launched whereby willing souls in the student body signed up to do odd jobs around the community dur- ing their vacation, for a slight nominal fee. The public contacted the club and much elbow grease was expended in the cleaning of untold numbers of cars, windows and yards. Baby- tending was thrown in as a sideline of this unique organization. Despite a stormy spring, April 20 brought the traditional rose sale, which annually pro- vides the campaign funds. Also an assembly was presented by the committee that included a Cleaner Community for Cutler Kiddies Chorus and a few acts that were vaguely reminiscent of a stormy session of "Hellzapoppin." Numerous posters carrying out the "Clean Up More in '44" slogan greeted the students throughout their halls all during April and this publicity campaign was maintained throughout the year by articles in the Empehi News and posters concerning fire prevention, paper sal- vage, etc. The trusty green refuse barrels out- side the school, originally instituted by last year's committee were increased in number by a group of civic-minded students. Mr. Meyers was the Clean Up committees capable sponsor and Gloria Hunter acted as this year's chairman. Instead of the other usual parliamentary ofiicers, the inter-committee chair- men conducted the various activities. Shirley Elsner was Rose Sale chairman, Louise Mohr, assembly committee chairman, joan Gemein- hardt, publicity chairman and Doreen Embs, elementary schools chairman. Dorothy Mc- Whorter and Marion Howat handled the poster displays. Page 32 V. E. S. B. Fall Spring Eleanor Head Sec'y. Eleanor Scheineman Scheineman Paul Lacke Head Operator james Chapman Paul Dasher Mechanic Paul Dasher The Visual Education Service Bureau, better known as the V.E.S.B., aids the faculty by teach- ing through sight. Slides and films are available to all teachers who desire to use them as a means of rounding out their educational pro- gram. Secretaries and operators are recruited from the study halls, but are able to do some study- ing in the V.E.S.B. room. This room is at the front of the chemistry laboratory. Each period finds at least one operator and a secretary on duty. A schedule is posted each week to show when and where the films are to be shown. The secretary sees that the weekly schedule is fol- lowed, and checks lilms in and out, and the operator shows the films and sees that the equip- ment is in order. Under the able sponsorship of Mr. Bedale, the club has had a big year. The addition of the branch cameras in the spring semester brought the number of cameras to three sound and three silent. There has also been an increase in the number of films shown. Eleanor Scheineman was head secretary and Paul Lacke, head operator in the fall semester, while Eleanor Scheineman continued in her posi- tion and jim Chapman was head operator in the spring. Paul Dasher iilled the position of chief mechanic. Everyone, whether he has heard of the Photo staff or not, has come into contact with its work. It is they who take, develop and print the pic- tures for the Empehi News. They also take pic- tures for the annual. Photo staff headquarters is a dark room in the front of the physics lab. This year's Photo staff was endowed with Bill Vogele as manager, Mr. Gay was the capable sponsor. CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE ROW 1: McWhorter, Gilson, Henke, Hunter, Mr. Meyers, Mohr, Michel, Lebedeff, Stansbury. ROW 2: Blaicher, Dose, Goodman, Vanderbilt, Elsner, Linden, Macnab, Geary, Embs. ROW 3: Clancey, Iones, Lyons, Merrick, Kamin, Gross- man, Gemeinhardt, Kluwer, Hewes. ROW 4: Henderson, Kirwan, Huber, Reid, Miller, Hotzlield, Stanley, Harper, Allen. V. E. S. B. AND PHOTO STAFF ROW 1: Stanley, Fautucci, Dasher, Scheineman, Mr, Bedale, Chapman, Litzkow, Voqele, Heideman. ROW 2: Tharp, Menees, Miner, McDade, Hunter, Mink, Medinas, Sanders, Zickenberq. ROW 3: Brandon, Beckley, Scheineman, Kelly, McKenna, Errinqton, Reimer, Peaison, Ge-ymer, Schulor. ROW 4: Birkenbuel, Dosland, Sahel, Staehle, Kirchhotf, Bauman, Rushton, Hunter, Ecklund, Harper, Wheeler. Paqe 33 Page 34 TAU EPSILON FRESHMEN Row 1: Kauzlauch, Georqe, Hraha, Lee Huber, Shevlin, Wardell, Rempert. ROW 2 Hite, Boese, Elliott, Baker, Moeller, Totten Fencken, Hale. ROW 3: Robinson, Morris Lee, Weir, Connolly, Sanders, Scott, Sharp Holmes. ROW 4: Weber, Matthias, Cosart Dunn, Reitinqer, Tliilmont, Sharp, Marseille Ranz, Hattner. TAU EPSILON SOPHOMORES HOW 1: Fricke, Fisher, Forsythe, Hillbrecht Miss Conlan, Shertt,, Pearson, White, Gray Wendt, Olson, Spears. ROW 2: Hayes Flynn, Zacher, Burd, Kerqer, Enyart, Rees Johnson, Singer, Glaski, Carner, Wernintski Grieser. ROW 3: Little, Haytorcl, Iohnson Bamberqer, Brownlow, Baker, Chester Mooney, Haqen, Marquardt, Poust, Hooper Behnke. ROW 4: lohnson, Be-dale, Lyons Kxrchhoff, Wiley, Carline, Barber, Kotte mann, Hanson, Newbury, Moldenhauei Irvin, Calhoun, Fricke, Scheineman. ROV 5: Clancy, Ecklund, Rada, Lyons, Lisle Halaburt, Gleason, Voqele, Glade, Pruter Kamin, Morthcrst. THU EPSILON IUNIORS ROW l: Teninqa, Ferguson, Post, Sener Post, Gerth, Tait. Kuttnauer, Laidley, Mari otti. ROW 2: Sharpe, Jackson, Iacobs, Mar shall, Hope, Lawrence, Munns, Lorenz Maddock, Iensen, Love, Hodges. ROW 3 Bond, Harmelinq, Campbell, Kenney, Land ers, Spurqin, Tatqe, Kennedy, Lewis Blaicher, Van Horn, Hart. ROW 4: Hughes Heise, Garner, Keith, Whitmer, Northstrum Hill, Nielsen, Muench, Drummond, Skworch ROW 5: Mosher, Henderson, Turner, Wal stroxn, Glade, Lauqer, Auqus. This june, the oldest honorary society of Morgan Park, Tau Epsilon, completed its twen- tieth year with a membership of 250. In March, 1924, when first organized, Tau Epsilon had 60 members. It is now one of the largest organ- izations of the school. To become a member of Tau Epsilon, a stu- dent must have at least eleven grade points in the final marking period and four honor points. These last are awarded for final grades of or "S"g perfect attendance, ofiices held in division, class, or clubs, representation of Mor- gan Parlc in contests- musical, journalistic, artistic or athleticg being of real service to the school. In order to promote scholarship and participation in school activities, membership in Tau Epsilon must be renewed each semester. The club, sponsored by Miss Meroe Conlan and Mr. Charles Q. Drummond, renewed its tutoring service this year. Students of Empehi desiring tutoring applied to Tau Epsilon and TAU EPSILON Spring Fall Stephen Schrock Pres. Virginia Dawson-Smith Joyce Fairbank Vice-Pres. Douglas Allen Don Kamin Secretary Beverly Bond Dayne Tatge Treasurer Tom Carline were assigned to a tutor for their particularly troublesome subject. In this way Tau Epsilon tried to help others raise their marks and thereby raise the scholastic level of the school. In the fall semester, Tau Epsilon sponsored a movie. Twenty-five dollars of the profit was given to the school to help buy service plaques on which the names of servicemen from Mor- gan Park in both World Wars I and II will be placed. Because of the war, certificates were issued at both graduations to seven-semester Tau Epsilon members instead of tangible awards. The ofiicers during the fall semester were Stephen Schrock, president, Joyce Fairbank, vice-president, Don Kamin, secretary, Dayne Tatge treasurer. In the spring semester Vir- ginia Dawson-Smith was president, Douglas Allen, vice-president, Beverly Bond, secretaryg and Tom Carline, treasurer. TRU EPSILON SENIOR5 ROW 1: Tilson, Hunter, Lebedeff, Sherff, Chatters, Borton, Dawson-Smith, Mr. D u o d S hrock Phel s Rossen Faniucci Lennon, Lorance. ROW 2: Fitch 1' mm U 1 C I P 1 1 I i Zobel, Wenner, Nevin, McKenna, Maddock, Maier, Flesher, Blaicher, Michel, von Holst, Beckley, Soderstrom, Hanley, Hamilton, Anderson. ROW 3: Brociene, Mehlan, Ford, Boer, Huber, Mason, Mars, Smith Clue-ver, Merrick, Scheineman, Rada, Draper, Henss, Weeqe. ROW 4: May, Meardon, Lennon, Tatqe, Goodman, Hayes, Laqlund, Kerqer, Mohr, Frary, Gronau, McWhorter, Iones, Voqele. ROW 5: Risse, Austin, Staehle, Bracy, McKay, Stanley, Curtis, Lyons, Allen, Carstens, Robert, Hunter, Dasher, Gridley, Miller, Seen. Page 35 GlRL"S GLEE CLUB Fall Spring June Smith President June Frary Helen Dunbar Vice-President Joan Augus Dorothy Beiderman Secretary Betty Lennon Louise Mohr Librarian Nancy Evans The Girls' Glee club, in its twenty-fifth year as one of Empehi's organizations, is conducted by Mrs. Bernice Hartle, our skillful director. The purpose of this organization is to attain a deeper appreciation of the great choral works along with a higher understanding of vocal harmony. Any girl desiring membership must have had Music I and Il. There have been cases, how- ever, when persons with high musical qualifi- cations have substituted four years of Glee club for these requirements. Very recently the rules have been revised and many girls have taken a music major, that is, one period a day of both Glee club and A Cappella. These girls were, of course, advanced in the field of music and were rated as students in each of their other majors. Although both major and minor credits are given to its members, this organization is repre- sented on the Board of Control. This year the club, along with the A Cappella chorus, presented the annual Christmas as- sembly which has become a tradition here at Empehi. The organization represented Morgan Park in the city choral contest in January re- ceiving a rating of As a final project the Glee club joined the A Cappella chorus and the instrument department in the presentation of the spring production, "The Two Americas." The ofhcers for the fall semester were: June Smith, president, Helen Dunbar, vice-presidentg Dorothy Beiderman, secretary, and Louise Mohr, librarian. Officers for the spring semes- ter were June Frary, president, Joan Augus, vice-president, Betty Lennon, secretary, and Nancy Evans, librarian. Page 36 CAPPELLA Fall Spring Stan Matthias President Spencer Francis Shirley Hayes Vice-President June Kann Stephen Schrock Secretary Jeanne Flescher Jeanne Flescher Librarian Reg Shemaitis Ray Robinson Having celebrated its tenth year as a regular activity at Morgan Park, the A Cappella chorus continues to flourish under Mrs. Bernice Hartle's tutelage. The appreciation of good music and vocal harmony is the purpose of the chorus. The many public appearances made by the group develops poise and stage presence in the student. Many fine programs were presented by this organization during the year. Christmas music was furnished for the P.T.A. by the group. A fine collection of appropriate music was pre- sented at the annual Christmas assembly which was as beautiful as ever. The school resounded with the lovely carols sung in the halls the day before Christmas vacation. The A Cappella chorus sang for a meeting of the Morgan Park Woman's Club in January. Another special program was given on the evening of May 9, at the Crystal Ballroom of the Sherman Hotel for the Illinois Federation of Women's Clubs. The climax of the year's activities was participation in the never-to-be- forgotten annual Spring production, along with the Girl's Glee Club, Concert band, Orchestra, and Jazz Band. To be a member of the A Cappella chorus, a student must have had two semesters of music with no final grade below a The chorus meets daily for a forty minute period and one- half credit is given for the completion of a semester's work. The officers for the fall semester included Stan Matthias, president, Shirley Hayes, vice- presidentg Stephen Schrock, secretary, and Jeanne Flesher, librarian. Equally capable were the officers during the spring term. Spencer Francis was president, June Kann held the job of vice-president, Jeanne Flesher was secretary, and Reg Shemaitis and Ray Robinson were the librarians. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ROW 1: Spears Trimble, Lennon, Frary, Mrs, Hartle, Auqus, Smith Taqler, ROW 2: Hale, Wesley, Hart, Austin, lensen, Wendt, Mariotti, Cavett. ROW 3: O'Halloran, Werner, Rokus, Koch, Sharpe, Nichols, Wheeler, McKeen, Cotton, ROW 4: Scott, Davies, Ketcham, Davis, Bauer, Hayes, Teyema, Soderlinq. ROW 5: Geymer, Frank, Smith, Clinkscale, Skworch, Tatqe, Hayes, Coble, Thilmont. A CAPPELLA ROW 1: Forsythe, Hart, Flesher, Francis, Mrs. Hartle, Shemaitis, Mohr, Richards, Wickham, Koerber, ROW 2: von Holst, Cavett, Wenner, Nevin, Mueller, Gill, Mariotti, Holmes, Hayford, Smith, Zobel. ROW 3: Dellahay, O'l-Ialloran, Fall, Harmelinq, Mason, Mars, Teyema, Heidenrich, Fitch, Mehlan. ROW 4: Laidley, Shevlin, Stolp, Tatqe, Auqus, Hayes, Peterson, Lewis, Hughes, Smith. ROW 5: Saunders, Roqers, Gerth, von Holst, Biegler, Fidler, Walker, Issacson, Reinhold, Miller, Robinson, Schrock. Page 37 Page 38 ORCHESTRA Fall Spring john Baker President Stephen Schrocl Stephen Schrock Vice-Prerideul Alice XY'inieck4 Alice Vifiniecke Secretary Dorothy Merricl Charlotte Heffron Treasurer Everett Hagluni Alison Wfalker Librarian jane Syfer The Morgan Park Concert Orchestra holds 1 position as one of the school's most importan activities. The orchestra is the foster child o the Parent-Teacher Association, who througl donations and contributions, has built up thi supply of instruments. The Parent-Teacher As sociation has purchased five cellos and one flute it has paid for innumerable repairs. The moth ers have supported the orchestra to the fulles extent. The membership of this instrument groul has increased almost twenty-five per cent, thi string sections having received the most nev members. The members of the orchestra ar as follows: violins, Baker, XVirth, Haglunc Clark, Dangremond, George, Zobel, Hibbotf Forsythe, Grant, McMahon, XViley, Wfooten violas, Spurgin, Lorenzeng cellos, Schrocl- Drummond, Northam, Heffron, Cravenei Steenson, Gehl, Wfhitnerg basses, Syfert, Griesei Keith Sharpeg horns, Merrick, Kitzmillei Henssg clarinets, Wfallter, Doring, Yahn, Di gram, Henning, oboe, Wfinieckeg flutes, Spencf Solbrig, Draper, Neil: drums, Sener, Staehlc Curtis, Allison, trumpets, Anderson, Sabe Mueller, Clancy, Hibbottg trombone, Browi lowg piano, Pearson, McLaughlin. The ofhcers of the fall semester were: pres dent, john Bakerg vice-president, Stephe Schrockg secretary, Alice XXfinieckeg treasure Charlotte Heffrong and librarian, Aliso Wfallaer. For the spring semester the officer were: president, Stephen Schrockg vice-pres dent, Alice Wfinieclaeg secretary, Dorothy Me rick, treasurer, liverett Haglund, and librarial jane Syfert. The repertoire of the orchestra has increase to include such new and modern numbers a David Rose's "Holiday for Strings," "Sona day," and such classics as "jean de Paris" b lioieldieu and "Rosamunde" by Franz Schuber Besides playing for the january graduatio exercises, the concert orchestra has played ft the Fathers' Night Program, participated in th annual Christmas assembly, the spring produt tion, and the annual orchestra concert. CONCERT BAND Fall Spring Kenneth Holstrum President William Vogele Eugene Smith Vice-President Eugene Smith Raleighnae Patterson Sec'y Alice Winiecke William Vogele Treasurer Earl Eiserstedt Charles Curtis Librarian Fred Stahle The honor of being one of the outstanding amateur bands in Chicago has been rightly given to the Morgan Park high school Concert band. It is the personification of school spirit for through its untiring efforts and co-operation with other departments it is the finishing touch at all scholastic and civic activities. The story behind the curtains of a concert or production is not as frivilous as many might think. These undertakings are the result of hours of hard and unselfish work on the part of the students and their most capable director, Capt. Guy D. Hartle. Talent is gleaned from entering freshmen who become members of the Beginners band, pass on into the junior band, are trained fur- ther and finally exhibited in the Concert band. Under Captain Hartle's inspiration and en- couragement the officers of the Band for the fall semester, Kenneth Holstrum, president, Eugene Smith, vice-president, Raleighnae Pat- terson, secretary, William Vogele, treasurer, Charles Curtis, librarian and those of the spring semester who were William Vogele, president, Eugene Smith, vice-president, Alice Winiecke, secretary, Earl Eiserstedt, treasurer, and Fred Stahle, librarian led the band on to further zonquests. For the past six years the Concert band has received an "S" rating in the city-wide band zontest. The present group kept in mind the standards of its predecessors, and Morgan Park and Lane became the first schools to have a Superior band for seven consecutive years. In retrospect one must come to the conclusion :hat this organization and its accomplishments would be impossible without a talented and imbitious leader. The faculty, parents and stu- ients are deeply indebted to Captain Hartle. Page 39 Paqe 40 BEGINNER'S BAND Prexizleul . . . Xwilliam Skrivan Vile-Pl'L'SillL'lIl . . . Peter Wfoll Secrelary . . Robert XVirth 'l'reasurer ........ Hugh Ferguson Beginners band is open to any student inter- ested in instrumental music. Previous knowl- edge of music and its background is not neces- sary for enrollment in Beginners band. This is the tirst step toward promotion to Concert band or Orchestra. Wfith the aid of Captain Guy D. Hartle and student instructors, the student may learn to play the instrument of his choice. The Morgan Park High School Band associa- tion owns quite a varied collection of instru- ments. The following instruments are avail- able: B tlat clarinet, alto and bass clarinets, tenor and baritone saxophones, bass saxophone, cornet, oboe, trumpet, French horn, baritone and euphonium, bassoon, Hute, trombone, bass. snare and bass drum, and tympani. For the people who are interested in strings we now olfer violin, viola, cello and double string bass. Members of the band pay a small rental fee each semester for the use of an instrument owned by the school. The instrumentation of the hand this semester is the best ever assembled. Othcers for the spring semester of 19-i-1 were as follows: Wfilliam Slxrivan, president, Peter XVolf, vice-president, Robert Wfirth, secretary, and Hugh Ferguson, treasurer. The band consists of the following: clarinets. Barbara Wfhite, Melvin Dixon, Howard Denton. Howance Sponer, Shirley Childs, Larar Dulce. Leo Spillman, Haminan Carter, Richard Brill, james Mack, Carol Wicltlleg saxophone, Lionel Striclxlandg French horns, Ray Rushton, Don Carnahan, cornets, Myron Vlfalling, Richard Drew, Hartley Philp, Norbert O'Conner, Byron Talcolt, Floyd Lenz, Arthur Olson, john Kur- gan, James Sims, bassoon, Linton Keith, Etta Passatiumeg trombones, George Marseille, Rob- ert Sims, Betty Seitzg bass, Carlton Dangre- mond, Hugh Ferguson, Charles Dose, drums, Gerald Farwell, john Jeffry, james More, Ralph Thompson. The student instructors are Rob- ert Xllfirth, Robert Tuttle, Bernice Bochman, Nathalie Spense, Nllfilliam Sl:rivan, and Robert Feikema. JUNIOR BAND President . . . Don Loving Vice-Pn'.rirlc11t . . . . Bill Franz Secrelary-'l'r'eas11rcr . . . . . Louise Wagner The junior Band is the second and last group to which students go before entering an ad- vanced organization. The aim of every member in the junior Band is to become good enough to panm Ure Ckmncert Baird or Cioncert Clrchestra. Under the able instruction, guidance and cor- rectnmn inf Clrpt. Cluy ID. llartle, eaclr n1en1ber .mf the junior Band is a loyal supporter for the Concert Orchestra and Concert Band contests when nrconuesto buying and seHing dckets hm the course of study, special books are ,ised for the student to develop a perfect em- uouchure and technique for his or her respec- 'ive instrument. To give practice in ensemble whqdng in snndl and large groups,4duet books ire used. Marches and overtures are also used o acqtuunt Hue student with sonme of the hner works of the idclrnasnxs and to devehup an qwpreciatnmn for syinlamoruc n1usic. The junior Band is a necessary organization, 'or whenever vacancies occur in the Concert Jrchestra or Concert Band they are filled by nembers of this group. The members of the junior Band are as fol- ows: Don Loving, presidentg Bill Franz, vice- vresidentg Louise Wfagner, secretary-treasurer, larinets, Dolores Calhoun, Barbara Young, lleida Slagle, Betty Galinvaux, Donald Mon- on, Don Isles, Rudolph WCllS21Ildf. Thomas lenny, Wfilliam Flesher, David Olson, Edward lbnduun, Cden Ckenueux, Bdl Franz,I1enry lay, Anthony Ruggio, David Moore, Wzilter Daniels, saxophones, Louise Wagner, Bill Mil- .rrg violins, Angelica Merritt, Milton jossayg aritone, Bob Vogeleg bassoon, Bernice Boch- ran, Etta Passitiumeg trombones, Burt Kecldie, 'rank Ranz, Charles Reitinger, George jarcusg 'umpets, Don Loving, Elaine Lotz, Roger Saun- ers, Roger XX'ilson, Roger Curtis, Dick Camp- ell, Donald Lochow, Francis Meenan, Edward turns, lidward Connor, Ronald Fortner, Arthur Vittgren. Page 41 IAZZ BAND The curtain opens and the audience cheers and claps as the melodious strains of "The Spirit ls XVilling" glide smoothly out over the happy students of llmpehi. This song is in- stantly recognized as the theme song of the Morgan Park jazz liand. This organization is sponsored hy "Cap" llartle and for the past year has heen under the capahle leadership of jim Wfehh. The hand consists of ahout I3 of the most talented musicians in the school, who get to- gether up in 517 each day during the ninth period and practice the most popular songs of the day. The group puts on an assemhly of its own each semester and furnishes hackground music for various other cluhs that sponsor as- semhlies. The jazz Band also furnishes that soft smooth music that all limpehites listen to at the SA. socials and dances. The main event Patil? 42 each year is the spring Production in which the jazz hand takes a leading part. These shows are written and produced hy Captain and Mrs. Hartle. Graduation always takes a heavy toll from the hand as some of the hest players graduate at the end of each semester and it is necessary to hegin from scratch and train a younger stu- dent to take his place. "Boys jazz hand" has formerly heen the name of the organization, hut this last semester has hrought ahout a change in the way of a girl saxophone player. Her name is Harhara john- son and the hoys in the hand think she deserves a lot of credit for her swell co-operation when the hand needed players so hadly. The jazz Band looks forward to many more semesters of as much fun and excitement as the hoys of the hand have had this semester. H.R.S.G. H. B. S. G. ROW l: Lebe-deff, Zickenberq, Henke, Nevin, Miss O'Rourke, Wenner, Fall, Carlson, Gothard. ROW 2: Moriart , Gra D i W d O'C S l y y, av es, oo , onnor, tee e. Draper, Lennon, Grieser, ROW 3: Hamilton, Embs, Kennedy, Reimer, Errinqton, Dose, Goodman, Linden, Gxlson. ROW 4: Anderson, Gronau, Niendorf, Mohr, Wood, Geineinhardt, McWhorter, Hunter, Henderson, Kluqer. Fall Spring STAN HALL President MARGE NEVIN BETTY MIRRIELEES Vice-President BARB WENNER MARGIE NEVIN Secretary IDA MARIE HENKE MORAG MacNAB Treasurer GWEN FALL Autumn, 1938, found the Human Relations Service Guild being organized here at Empehi, its purpose-to assist in collections, charity drives, and other service projects in the school. Since then it has grown in size and scope until now it contains almost fifty members, each pledged to give his full support to all under- takings of the club. Membership is open to any student who has completed his freshman year and is interested in service work. A new plan was instituted this year, whereby at the beginning of each term a pledge must be filled out by every member in the club, stating that he will do his part in helping to further the worthy projects under- taken. This method eliminates all who become members for the name only, leaving those who are truly interested in the club and its work. Consequently, much has been accomplished these last two semesters. During the fall semester, the activities of the club included the School Children's Aid collec- tion, the Christmas Fund drive, and a collection of second-hand clothing for the Montefiore cor- rection school. Spring activities consisted chiefly of the Infantile Paralysis drive and a "Doll Day" during which yarn lapel dolls, made by members during several meetings, were sold to raise funds for Empehi's Honor Roll for World Wars I and II. Ofiicers of the fall semester were Stan Hall, president, Betty Mirrielees, vice-president, Margie Nevin, secretary, and Morag Macnab, treasurer. Those in charge this spring were Margie Nevin, as president, Barb Weiiiier as vice-president, Ida Marie Henke as secretary, and Gwen Fall as treasurer. Sponsorship of the club was in the able hands of Miss Helen O'Rourke. Page 43 PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT ........... MRS. ROLAND ALLEN FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT ...... MRS. ALEX ROBINSON SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT . MRS. ROLAND LAXWRENCE THIRD VICE-PRESIDENT . . . DR. ESTON V. TUBBS RECORDING SECRETARY ...... MRS. WALDO LISLE CORRESPONDING SECRETARY . . MRS. R. G. PILKINGTON TREASURER ........ . MRS. A. F. MIRRIELEES As a theme for this year's program the Parent- Teacher Association chose "These Things Are Ours." Witli this in mind, Mrs. Alex Robinson built the programs around the activities of the school. As a result each program was out- standing because it brought a closer relation- ship between the parents and the teachers, The outstanding event of the year was the completion and opening of the Industrial Arts laboratory. Started two years ago, construction was resumed when the necessity of training boys for military service was seen. At the February meeting the laboratory was opened so that the members might see the equipment and the work that had been done. Dr. Louis V. Newkirk, director of handwork and elementary science, was present to open the room ofhcially. Because of the increased necessity for better lunchroom facilities outside of school, a com- mittee headed by Mrs. lfrank liiederman was appointed to investigate conditions and suggest means for improvement. At the March board meeting, members volunteered to work in the high school during the lunch hours for a trial period. Probably the most beautiful program was the December one at which the Morgan Park Glee- men, the Vanderpoel Mothers' Chorus and the A Cappella Chorus combined to portray "XVor- ship Through Music." The hoard of the l9'i5--Isl year was as tol- lows: Mrs. Roland Allen, presidentg Mrs. Alex Robinson, hrst vice-president, Mrs. Roland Lawrence, second vice-presidentg Dr. Eston V. Tubbs, third vice-presidentg Mrs. Wfaldo Lisle, recording secretaryg Mrs. R. G. Pilkington, cor- responding secretaryg and Mrs. A. F. Mirrielees, treasurer. Page 44 STAGE CREW Manager ...... . . . Doug Allen Assishnll . . . Russ Fantucci Terlauiciuu ....... John Hannaford The audience hushes, curtains rise, lights dim, and a scene of wonder sparkles in the eyes of a Blackwelder Hall assembly. Behind the scenes, a group of persons, called only "The Stage Crew" stands and hopes with tense earnestness, that each planned phase of the proceedings will go off exactly as hoped. For this staging stands for long hours of labor, and the best praise of work, is the realization of a job well done. ln order to appreciate the efficiency of this organization, one must know the ofhces and oihcers who control its activity, they are: Doug Allen, managerg Russ Fantucci, assistant, and John Hannaford, technician. These constitute the heads or executives. The unmentioned are the real backbone of the crew and are referred to as tlunkies because of their ability to apply themselves to any situation. Service, which is a word in the crew vocabu- lary, can be stretched by all until members of the student body and faculty feel free to call on this group for aid in any situation from lock- clipping to assisting teachers with sprained ankles. Sponsoring the organization, is Curtis A. Hunter, adviser and severest fas well as most helpfulj critic of their work. When pinned down he will coyly admit that the Stage Crew is the finest organization in the school. DOUG ALLEN RUSS FANTUCCI BOB LITZKOW JOHN HANNAFORD BILL BLEXV TOM PILKINGTON BILL DOSLAND EMERSON LISLE MR. HUNTER 'tw 'N L.4- 59' va 7 ' 1 I 3 MM. 4,1 . V , W 1 , 1 -, QQ y -L 4 - ' ' 9' ap Q9 B 4 if -r N373 k ff- -1- . .f 'H' . A W in xx! I! 'V ,QT V -- ' WS? f 'Q Q 'YH Q S ff fg Y, W PAN AMERICAN GIRLS EMBLEM PAN AMERICAN CLUB ROVV 1: Blaicher, Chapman, Merrick, Turner Johnson, Curtis, Mohr, Blaicher. ROW 2 Errinqion, Reimer, Iohnson, Wesilund, Cal houn, Morthorst, Muench, Somes, Fitch ROW 3: Gemeinhardt, Auqus, Talcott, Pas safiume, Bochman, Hillstrom, Martos, Nien dorf, Gronau. ROW 4: Cluever, Wood Enzenberqer, Lewis, Hughes, Rada, Baker Gualterio, Barber. PAN AMERICAN CLUB ROW l: Spence, Wood, Larson, Miner, Meehan, Munns, Laidley. ROW 2: Fricke, Rees, Van Horn, Thorsell, Else, Hart, Hoye Kuttnauer, Williams. ROVV 3: Tilson, Friclce Carlson, Henke, Vanderbilt, Scherer, Kleinz von Holsi. ROW 4: Zeisler, Nevin, Mc: Kenna Cravoner, M ers, Samuelson, Mar- ' Y shall, Wagner. GIRLS' EMBLEM CLUB HOW 1: Tail, De Vore, Miss Kurz, Parker, Hunter. ROW 2: Henke, Wheeler, Gronau, Campbell, Karsirand, Passafiume. R.O.T.C. Continuing its rapid pace in face of the Army need for trained men, the Morgan Park Re- serve Officers Training Corps has taken many strides toward making this "one of the best." Under the able leadership of Cpl. Gilbert Wfallace, a graduate of Morgan Park, the unit has won new recognition from the school and community. The main social event of the year was the twenty-first annual Military Ball, held at the LaSalle Hotel. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of Beth Chatters as Honorary Colonel. Those who received special certifi- Paqe 48 cates as members of the court were julian Cot- ton, Jeannette Dehning, and Pat Kelly. The entire unit participated in the Armistice Day ceremony and dedication at the Military Academy. A special review was conducted at Abells' Field, with the Morgan Park unit as guests of honor. Also in the fall, the picked platoon began drilling for the annual competition which was held in the Northwest Armory. Under the leadership of Captains Skrivan and Lennon, the platoon tied for eleventh place in a held of 29. A new organization, the Safety guard, a com- .1 A i'?"7 ' Y? - . rf. E . ,hx 1-, A- L - 1 4, .. , qv T ' F2 4 l M Q , i Q9 3. 2? 3- 2 f 3'-9 -2, ..- V , Q . , , , A . .,.. -- w 4. g . . -W In .' ' -' A12 I Ts- wa. 1 Sf 'J' - 5- "' Pi' 'ffe f" ' nz. 3 'yn 195- 1,Q,." 1-,,.' Q9 , . ' 1 . l, .9 5 1 -- ' . A 5, - x- 1 .ny ,xg "1-. ..,-E. fi-' 'gr' in if 'go' ,ifhzig Q ' A I , U 1 - . M XA-v , ll -. 3 1 . eff .9 .3 3 - X . ix- . . 3 5' 2 . KK ' " u ' V 1 -. Q' . f : ' - - lv 1 ' , 1 f ' , 'I L M . , .1 -Q . . -, ,- X I 1 O s "' - . . . , I i v' 1 -.Z mu ' ' I 5' l if f'v g ' 3-'f-A . -53 ith : ' QLD, , D fm '--1 -'--f ff- f M W M mr ., i 2 2 Q '3 3l31 3 :his ,S-b ,Q f 'N ,ff . , I' A 'I ,Alf :2" l 46 ' ' ' 3 . . .1 3 Q- ' ' 'gg J A QW ff . ug. S .1-. W- -I , I .V R' t'., lx. 4 I Ez. :"..-. ' Q31 -33. 31 3- A -Q 3- 'HQ-if ' 521 1. 1 ' :E ' 'P in 5 V Cm' I. EL.. wg ' -37, 'ff E A , Q' I T f- an - hyv. ,NE af ,av .tg 21. , A X y ,Q 1 it I ig ij, . k X . fn 1-0 kv' Vp X X 5 nf. , itll in Mtg 'rv' ,-At A 1 ! W In I Mzy, 1 ffa 1 9 fu' 5 3' 3 M 5 3 S' 1 5 1 Q M I 1 ig i' -" ' . V . 5 3 - Y A - . Q I ' , , w rug V b , ' 1 L . . I 4- 3- 35- K4 3. , K + , 7 ,p - ' : 9 9 ua 1 . ' ' ' " ' 'A -at 8 8" .Q 3' Q : - 3,-- ur- . w- , QI...--12'?" H 3- b - t." . ' - yy' 'uf' 'ff' Q, J!" "f-' "- 3 - -'- Iv Q 4 ' - - t . -wf .9 , QA- An. :AA,'. Z' U. 9 ', 5 V, 3 "' ,, .I 3 'ff' if 11' xilkl U ' yd V: 1 xf "' V' V . - . . .. ,':. 1, ..f- I M. Z' ff- -if lf' lf' 11' Xl va' --Q' -win' 11- 'S- K aw e .o G' 13+ 5 19 4 N . ,, vg UI w- if, 'Yi " if . AL 5 N S+ -4 - -- 2- 1- -H f X f i Q . A N --.3 x a ,:' g ,g ? EEAK 5 , 3 :gm .. QM an 'gg 'rt 3 ? fi - i wkif. ,,,'.',. 3 .-1 'si if V -' ' ,QL . .b wi' -N. . 7 .Y 'r ' l ' ,Q yy , .W qv. - yy.. .XL .' .-.3 "',. Avy? .wr yi. y ,-' -Y ff' . ."""1 - "3 ,, .,1. I V , ' 4 . 1 13 ' -Z' l . , 4 V . . ni.-V 'Ill V, . U . .. N 'I qu- I S1 gp 'V g ,N W v ' ' V ,, ' I ag., ix., Q4 I , - '. '. . 1 . V S, V S, , Q L .Z s V . . I I . ,. - J - ,. . ' 'IGP' . , . I - '5 1- is ' I ff' , my , fi "X x 1, -pq xi' MG Q. S MORE CANDIDS Qlfl Olfllf' iednfl IFDLJAQ5 . . 'ML wi! hgkf mfg ffm Laird . . or cz Uicfory anvlfame V 0,f Um mm - Hamlin ' 4. 'rex :ix 'X ' , v ,A 0.-A fwfx rv- SVVN ve., "YH """' -4... -74" KDLSC' ,, I- U--f - .Arun , F, Y . I , If i'Q T ff - T4 f Y ,T X , ' ln keeping with the theme, "WHEN OUR TEAM RUSHES INTO THE BATTLE WE WILL FIGHT FOR A VICTORY AND fAME" stands for the sports at Empehi. These lines of "Empehi" mean the basketball, swimming, wrestling, and baseball teams as well as the football team. When our teams rush in we all fight for a victory and fame-the team, the coaches, and the spectators. The cheerleaders, always on hand to spur the teams on, are an important element of every game, too. The teams have shown great sportsmanship in their games. They have fought hard, have done their best and have not let the school down. Although they aren't champions this year, Empehites think they are "tops." SPORTS Page 53 CHEERLEADERS COACH MCGREGOR COACH ZAYNOR COACH VOKAC Page 54 HLETICS BURT SCHMIDT BILL STANLEY GEORGE LA ROCHELLE CHUCK GLEASON BILL SCHAU BILL MILORD r Page 55 . ., 'QQ'-Qjbp! I A N, .S 'Q Q Q 0 ' 1 K 'gras .K 'dk' 1, I A I , ., A . 5 ' v ' Y 'Mug J., .4 . fu ' . . ,K 'edt J ff 15'-:C i h . M v ' ' , 2 5' 6. A 5 M,-f ' K F -' ' 1 . Ill ' ' N T 'Z N25 9 - ,, 'S PN Q, J X13 A 1 ., J, . , - . ' 1: ,Mr b M 4:5 -w. s s.-4,-1- 1.1 ' . , i pb: 1,1 4 4 fi?"-. I ' X 4 Y 'W W' 5 ,X sg 'nl ' ' ,Q Y . , x 5'm'5 Q' 'N Q' vi I X X ' . ,Q rg ' . 1 - Wf 4J,"1,:L,,MVf - ' , ,H-www '15, fi- ""'1if f'3fm'f H 'N ,xv A P Vb I 1--rl . f " mmf-w Q-, ,AA 1. p 1.4 ' . 'XM 1'-G' ,t-gy r . 1 Y . wp? H at 1 nfs 4 i I .80 m t A 1 . 9 , A 9 5 , V 'I 'six Q r - . U . I ' 5 six' - Q " ri ,yn A x' 5:69 0 I Q , WM.: gp . 5 .rig 0 0 x o " PU. 'fx mf 3,41- IQ r ,xx lg , , Y FOOTBALL One of the most powerful high school teams of recent years took the field for the Green and White last season, crushing eight opponents and bowing only to Fenger. The team rolled up a grand total of 212 points, while yielding only 53. It averaged over 21 points per game. That, in brief, was Empehi's '45 football machine. Shadows of events to come were seen when Morgan Park outran Steinmetz in a pre-season night game. Speed and line power defeated the West Section champions, 19-7. A lightning aerial attack won the day for the Mustangs in their first season tilt, when they defeated South Shore, 20-0. Severe penalties held the score to 14-0 when the eleven conquered Bowen. Then, on the hottest day of the season, Fenger re- peated its performance of the past 10 years, defeating Empehi 24-0. The Mustangs were the favorites as the game began, but after a bitter first quarter, the Titans led 6-0. The Mor- gan Park line stiffened and held until the second half, but Fenger drove over again in the third quarter and twice more in the last to win. But one defeat didn't stop the Mustangs. They re- taliated by smashing Harper 15-0, and the fol- lowing Saturday, under a cloudy October sky, the smoothly co-ordinated eleven polled up the record score of 50-0 against a stunned Parker team. Topping their own record the Green and White steamrollered the small Pullman Tech team 58-0. All 58 points were scored by Capt. Burt Schmidt and his winning of the section scoring championship was assured. Rain and mud did little to stop the Mustangs when they ended the official season by crushing Hyde Park 19-6. The last contest was a post-season battle with the Blue Devils of Tilden Tech, city champs for the past two years. The game was referred to by the Tribune as the consolation championship, as both teams were very power- ful. It was bitterly fought, but our line cracked the Tilden defense and the season ended with a 19-16 victory. Page 57 FOGTBALL TEAMS VARSITY TEAM ROW l: R4-vi Slicninitis, Cotton, Black, Lane, W. Temnfxa, Schmid! Foyer, Roq Shemaitis, Iohnston, Copeland, Huber. ROW 2 H. 'I'e:ninqn, Delano, Kerwin, Fryer, Fiedler, Metzen, Sealander, johnson, Lacko, Snyder, Miller. ROW 3: Coach Vokac, Pontius Winter, Dashor, McLaughlin, Crider, Wells, Scheidt, Fairbank SL-imon, Douqlas, Ahlenc, Main, Ouebbenman, Coach Zayner. Page 58 SOPHOMOHE TEAM ROW l: Bur-ye, Ciowhurst, Black, Rumpf, Herrera, Hovel, Fore man, Boulion, Metzger, Kullerstrand, Carlson, Ecklund, Parker ROW 2: Ladd, Reilly, Rees, Tozer, Street, Blatchford, Kamin Clancy, Richardson, Lauder, Burroughs, Herriott, Mack, Haynes Sirois. BASEBALL An inexperienced but game nine took the field for Empehi this spring. Suffering from the loss of many good players, the team started slow, but there is good material there, and under the guidance of coach Duncan MacGregor, a good season is hoped for. After warming up on two practice games, Lindblom and Hyde Park, the squad met Fen- ger. The superior batting power of the Titans led them to a 11 to 5 victory, Kolofa being the losing Empehi hurler. In the next game, Parker defeated Morgan Park and Shemaitis to a tune of 6 to 3. The following week the Mus- tangs met Chicago Vocational, and again the diamond men fell, 6 to 5, another loss being chalked up for Shemaitis. The only returning veteran of last year's first squad is the fast little infielder, Bill Milord, who is also this year's captain. Coach MacGregor's biggest problem seems to be to ind mound talent. Not one pitcher remained from last year's staff, and this year's green hurlers have not been too successful. Although permanent positions have not yet been assigned, the latest lineup is as follows: Shemaitis has taken over the mound duties for the Mustangs. Wangrow's good hitting and consistent catching provide a good backstop for the squad, and jacobeit's long arms cover the first sack very efficiently. Milord was shifted from his shortstop post to the second sack, and Clement picked up Milord's duties at shortstop. A hard fought battle is being staged between L. Post and Teninga for the third sack post. The fast, hard hitting trio of Foyer, Wallstrom, and Sealander patrol the pastures. BASEBALL SCORES M.P. .... ....... 3 Fenger .. ....11 M.P. .... ... 3 Parker ,... .... 6 M.P. .... ... 3 Chi. Vocation. .... 6 M.P. ...4 Bowen ....12 M.P. ...6 Hirschm.. ....8 M.P. ...3 Harper ...,U M.P. ...7 Harper M9 M.P. ... ... 0 Hyde Park .... . ....16 M.P. .. ... 0 Fenger ....... ....25 M.P. ...5 Parker ....... M.P. . . . . .. 7 Chi. Vocational. . . . . . . I M.P. 0 Calumet ..... 9 M.P. .. ... 3 Calumet .. .. .... 4 M.P. ...7 Hirsch.... ....l . -..- ....r.---mg l BASEBALL TERM ROW 1: Kolofa, Bridqe, Billik, Post, Miller, Parker, Milord, Thoma, Shemaitis, k H M'1l P t B k W ll trom Shemaitis. ROW 2: Teninga, Fairban , anson, 1 er, os, a er, a s , Wells, Smith, Huber, Wanqro, Clement, Sealander. ROW 3: Plummer, Gershon, Suncllund, Scott, Mantra, Rees, Richardson, Iacobeit, Mirrielees, Foyer, Grant, Metzel. Page 59 SENIOR BASKETBALL lll'.AVY liASKli'l'HALl. M.P. . ...ZH llarpcr ....A, ...27 M.P. . ...IG Hyde Park .,.. ...23 M.P. . ...-H Parker ...,.. ...M33 M.P. , . . 67 lfnglewood ... ....,?iZ M.P. .. .,.3fl Fenger .... .....3l M.P. . ...EG Hirsch .. .....26 M.P. .. ...fll liowc-n .. ...M55 M.P. .. ...NJ South Shore .....53 M.P. . ...48 Vocational ... . , .27 M.P. .. ...30 Calumet .....27 M.P. .. ...34 Gage Park ... . . .27 M.P. .... .. .. ....23 Harperu.. ...,..27 Under the leadership of its captain, George La Rochelle, the M.P. Mustangs experienced a most successful season, reaching the semi-finals of the city playoffs before being eliminated by Harper. In the section race, the cagers swept all opposition before them until they met South Shore, the city champions. The seasons opener was a one point victory over Harper. Next to fall before the fury of the Mustangs attack was Hyde Park, and in rapid succession Parker, Englewood, Fenger, Hirsch, and Bowen were left behind. Empehi's hopes were smashed when they were outplayed by a fast, smart South Shore team, 55 to 59. On went Morgan Park, Chicago Vocational being next to fall before them. Coming out on top in a close game with Calumet, the Mus- tangs entered the city playoffs as runner-up in the section. Victory rewarded the cagers in their first tilt, and Gage Park fell for a second time, 34 to 27. Again Empehi met Harper, and the team that had given us our first win, gave us our last loss. The final tally was 27 to 23, and the season ended for one of Morgan Park's best cage teams. SENIOR CAGERS ROW l: lflortci, Ruhl, lfmont, La Rochelle, Hannemann, Burnley, HOW T: lkirikliouzwr, Pfarzaon, Honninq, MacKenzie, Gregson, Cfiifatviizz. Page 60 JUNIOR BASKETBALL The light weights, playing under a jinx of LIGHT BASKETBAU- 2 SCHEDULE bad breaks and worse luck, suffered a very poor M.P. ... .... 16 Harper ..... season, losing all ten league games, and finish- ing last place. Captained by Bill Schau, veteran of last year's first string, the Ponies opened the season with a hard fought battle, which ended in a victory for Harper. Their next tilt was one of those one point heartbreakers of which there were three during the season. It was a close race all the way, but a free throw in the closing seconds gave Hyde Park its 21st point to beat Morgan Park's 20. After two losses to Parker and Englewood, the Ponies, for the second time, fell by only one point, when Fenger won 27 to 26. The next week it happened again, and the final score of Hirsch's victory was 23 to 22. M.P. ... ..,. 20 Hyde Park .... MP, ,. ,... 23 Parker ...., M.P. . . .... 17 Englewood M.P. .,. ,... 26 Fenger ... M.P. ... .... 22 Hirsch ... M.P. ... .... 28 Bowen ... M.P. ... .... 20 South Shore M.P. . , . .... 28 Vocational . . . , MP, ... .... 28 Calumet .,.. ...33 ...2l .....67 .22 ...27 ...23 ,,...-45 ...-14 ,H35 ...39 The remainder of the season was uneventful, the lights bowing to each opponent in turn. The outlook for next year is much brighter, however, for the team was composed mostly of freshmen and sophomores, who should be good for another season with the ponies. IUNIOR CAGEHS ROW 1: Wheeler, Zinnqrabe, Schau, Saunders, Keddie, Clay. ROW 2: Smith, Outlaw, Iohnson, Giller, Chapman. ROW 3: Hansch, Minich, luillard, Page 61 SWIMMING Under the leadership of captains Bill Stanley for the senior team, and Chuck Gleason for the junior team, the Morgan Park swimming team experienced a fair season. Don Allen and Stan Hall shared the 100 yard back stroke honors, while Bill Blew swam the 100 yard free style. Bill Stanley filled the 200 yard free style spot, and Steve Schrock and "Hump" Teninga competed in the 100 yard hreaststroke event. Don Magee, Steve Schrock, and john Andrews composed the three man medley, while the four man relay team was made up of Bill Blew, Bill Stanley, Hump Teninga, and Don Allen. The diving depart- ment was handled by Don Magee. juniors Smith and Grajek competed in the 40 yard free style and 40 yard breast stroke, respectively. Gleason, the teanrs captain, par- ticipated in the 100 yard free style event, while Lowell Embs and Harris shared the honors at the 40 yard back stroke post. Harris, Grajek, and Smith composed the three man medley for the juniors, while the relays claimed the serv- ices of Jahn, Dennis, Harris and Gleason. Page 62 SENIOR TEAM Fantucci, Blew, Allen, Seliiock, Blatch- tord, Andrews, Stanley, Mack, Maqeu, Fislior. IUNIOR TEAM ROW l: lvlcDade, Dickson. ROW 2: Smith, Gleason, Iahn, Dennis, Harris, Campbell, ROW 3: Brown, Embs, Clin' ryan, Kedclio, Gmiok, Hanson. WRESTLING Although they did not equal the record of preceding Morgan Park grappling teams, the wrestlers of '44 upheld the tradition of Empe- hi's good sportsmanship and fair play. Under the guidance of Coach Zaynor, the team met and conquered some of the stiltest opposition the section had to offer. Outstanding members of the team were the Shemaitis brothers, Reg and Rogg Williann Flesher, and Lester Smith. These stars were the veterans of last year's squad, and were con- sistent in their victories. Both Rog Shemaitis and Lester Smith won steadily throughout the season, reaching the city meet, and hoth took third place in his class, The regular lineup was composed of Dave Moore wrestling in the 95 pound class, Williaixw Flesher taking care of the 105 pound division, and Lester Smith as a 115 pounder. Reed Bur- rows competed in the 125 pound weight spot, jerry Fox the 135, and "Windy" Tozer held down the 145 pound spot. Rog Shemaitis grappled as a 155 pounder, and Reg Shemaitis took care of the 165 pound classification. john Gridley fought as a 175 pounder, and Fred jacobeit wrestled heavyweight. WRESTLING TEAM ROW 1: Berry, Moore, Parker, Flesher, L, Smith, Dunston. ROW 2: Medias, Isles, Windsor, Carline, Burch, Fidler. ROW 3: G. Smith, Burrows, Tozer, Fox, Noetzel. ROW 4: Roq Shemaitis, Gxidley, Req Slllitlldlilfl. i Paqe 63 TRACK TRACK TEAM HOW 1: Lwwizz, BQ-1-4.stmx1n, Quarst, Ldllqllllbelil, Wallmq. HOW 2: CBIIIIIU, Hlnc'kA lxdrg--, iinuth, Cfrowhunst, Burch, NVadu, Pvrxy, ROW 3: Pxutvr, Stdnsfisld, Fmnz, BOY'S EMBLEM C BOYS' EMBLEM CLUB HOW 1: Clancy, Smith, Huhl, MULQU-glxlm, Req. Shvmuills, Ifxcubuxt, B. Faubkmk, Mulmci, Sclmu, G. Fdirbunk. ROW li: MaA1eP, Fidlex, Ouebbemmn, Sicmou, Shmlvy, Ll. Sxmth, VVIHIQI, Mxller, Zlllllljldbu, Suundexs. HOW 3: Skuvkm, Schexdl, 'vhuck M1 tzf lx W " A' ' ' ' ' ' d' .Q , . . In-nlnqq Blew Gwqgun lohnbun,foyu1 HOW -1 Buy Cx, l!ln1IlA1l,'Wf!llE3, Hn-rxrgixm, HO1'l'k'I', Kifwnn! Muclw, Gxidley, Main, Black. 'HOW 5: Huw S-In-nmntizs, Dasln-r, Uouqlas, Hnnxmxmxn, La Rochelle, MctCwom.1al, Hulwx, H. 'IK-lxnlxqkx, Page 64 Le- mo STILL MORE CANDIDS mlaeki we are ever .fdncllarou f...frf.f. . . Olfllf' 9 Olf' Gilfl FLOUWLQ Last, but most important, are the seniors. The seniors- Morgan Park's leaders. They set the pace for the rest of the school, head the important organizations and have shown much ability during their four years at Empehi. They are leaving now, but many have left an indelible impression on the minds of teach- ers and fellow students. Their achievements will not be forgotten soon. The seniors themselves have many wonderful memories of four grand years at Morgan Park. They are going on to bigger and better things, but Empehi will always occupy a soft spot in their hearts. Also in their hearts will ring these words: "EMPEHl, WE ARE EVER FAITHFUL AND PROUD OF YOUR GLORY AND NAME." SENIORS Page 67 Page 68 PAUL LACKE BETTY MIRRIELEES ANNETTE DARLING ANGUS COTTON PAUL LACKE CHARLENE ARTHUR ANNETTE DARLING ANGUS COTTON FEBRUARY CLASS OFFICERS February, 1944, saw its class off in grand style with the familiar commencement program, arranged by Ken Johnston. On graduation night seniors donned their caps and gowns, secured through the efforts of Herb Adler, and, to the strains of "Pomp and Circumstanceu proudly took their places in the assembly hall for the last time, as students at Empehi. Prior to graduation the social events planned by the seniors came through in flying colors. The Senior banquet, held at the Nantucket on Wednesday, january 26, 1944, was planned and presented by Phyllis Biggs and Laurette Hamilton. Truly a gala affair was the Prom on Tuesday, the 25th of january. The scene was the Hamilton Hotel and the orchestra, Harvey Klyde. Fellas and the girls alike were dressed in their very best and looked it . . . a good time FEBRUARY Endowed with a great deal of journalistic ability and a will to work, Annette Darling headed the staff of the Empehi News her 4A semester. Before her editorship she was very active on the business staff. Besides her outside activities, she ranked very high scholastically and was the salutatorian of the February class. Annette's classmates showed their faith in her by electing her the secretary of their class. Angus Cotton was the head man around the military oflice holding the one and only position of Lieutenant Colonel. His journalistic ability is evidenced by his position as Associate Editor of the Empehi News. To show how varied his activities were, Angus was secretary of the Emblem club and received four sets of letters for his football playing and wrestling. He also held the position of February class treasurer. There are few Empehites who don't know was had by all. Lois Pascoe, Betty Mirrielees and their loyal committee were the ones to be gratefully thanked that the plans for our Prom ran off smoothly. There were many anxious moments when the committee won- dered whether or not they could meet expenses, but Empehi came through and the Prom of '44 was a huge success. Paul Lacke assumed the duties of class president, Betty Mirrielees of vice president, Annetter Darling of secretary and Angus Cot- ton came through in his job of treasurer without too many headaches. Due to illness Betty Mirrielees was away several weeks of her last semester so Charlene Arthur took over the vice- presidencyduring Betty's absence. Stan Matthias handled announcements, Charlene Arthur or- dered the class rings . . . and they all did a great job. WHO'S WHO and admire Paul Lacke, although he transferred to Morgan Park as a 3B. A willing spirit is shown in the important jobs he held as presi- dent of the 4A class, vice-president of the Em- blem Club, treasurer of A.Y.L. and several others. Also active athletically Paul played foot- ball and ran on the track team. You might think that so much activity would hamper Paul scholastically, but he stood in the upper quarter of his class. A winning smile, plus capability, characterize Charlene Arthur. During her four years at Empehi, she held various class offices showing her executive ability. A fine little promoter of student activities, she was a member of the pro- motion committee and the Clean Up committee. That she stands high in the eyes of her class- mates is shown by her nomination as an out- standing student of the February Class. Page 69 SENIOR ACIQIQIIMAN, l'A'rIuc1m NA., Al .l.., Pan American Club 31 liiol- ogy Club 3, 31 Promo- tion Comm. 2, 51cillJ-lll- llp Comm. 21 Div. lim. Uilicer 21 Dramatic Club 1. Clin rulil Kfmx AN'rIIoNv, HOR'I'lENSli S.A. Sbuufr liiil: BIzvINs, Bmumim S.A.1 Quill anil Scroll 41 A Cappella 2. 3, 4, Treas, 31 Tau lipsilon l. Z, 3, -11 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 41 Curtain Club 3, -11 limpehi News 3, flg French Club 2, 3 l'i1z1dwfmi'l Du Pillllt' S S.A.1!A.Y.L. 3, 111 Quill I AoI.IzII, IlI2IIIII1II'I' AIIIIIaNo'I', RoIII2II'I' AI.I.IIo'rII, VIRGINIA ANnI2IIsoN, DKDIIIS S.A. S.A.1 Biology Club 21 S.A.1 A.Y.I..1 Student 1g,,,i,,,,,,,1 NIH. Clean-Up Comm. l1Div. Council 1, 21 Class anil Scroll 3, lreas. 41 Div. Rm. Otiicer 3. 5,41 Senior Councilg Sports liil. limpelii News 31 Animal Staff 41 Tau Iipsilon l, 2, 3, 41 Class Ollicer 31 Nal'l Hon. Soc. 4. l '.n1rli-'rjuzcl Ulinoir Aivrrioix, CIIAIILIQNIH S.A.1 Class Pres. 11 A.Y.l.. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 31 Class Treas. 31 Tau Epsilon 2, 31 Senior Councilg Annual Staff I1 News Staff 31 Inter- class Council l, 31 Clean-Up Comm. I, 2. Alt. l'i'rnf1r1 l5II2nIiIIMANN, DoIIo'rIIY S.A.1 Biology Club 2. 31 limblem Club 31 Girl's Glec Club 3. fl, Sc-c'y 41 Fashions of the Hour 2, 31 Tau lipsilon 2, 3. Slllfiwirlllzf lllirlfiginz BARNES, JANICIE S.A.1 Biology Club 21 Pan American Club 2, 3, 41 lnterclass Council '11 A.Y.L. 31 Financial Comm. 21 Promotion Comm. 21 Tau Epsilon 71 Senior Council 41 Dramatic Club l. Sutberliznd Ki11.1n1.1,:fw Brees, PIIYI.I.Is S.A.1 Latin Club 2, 33 A.Y.l.. 3, -11 Flounilers 11 Social Comm. 41 Div. Rm. Officer 1, 31 Tau lipsilon 3. l 'inzdcrpnvl U. of Crlfrlrhlzfn Rm. Chairman 11 Stul dent Council. Snflu'rl.1r1d Cjflllllkldfl BIeAsI.I2Y, MARY Loursia S.A.Q A CklppCll1lQ Stu- dent Council. Gllllllfwfl Hn 1l'.H'tl BINGIIMI, ANN S.A.1 News Staff 3, 41 Biology Club 2, 31 Latin Club 21 H.R.S.G. 3, -11 Poster Comm. 2, 31 Quilpen 21 Ditching Comm. 31 Tau lipsilon 1, 21 Dramatic Club fliranclij. Cliriuld Sec'y '11 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 31 Annual Staff 11 lnterclass Council 41 Clean-Up Comm. 21 S.B.l. 11 Assem. Comm. l. liiziiruws, Enrrii S.A.1 Flounclers I1 Pep! pers 1, 21 Fashions of the Hour 31 Glee Club 4. lil. 17L'.ll'bIH'Il Fox Sefr'uIin'i.1l Boizasrm, ANom.INE S.A.g Foreign Craft Cliranclij. Mr. Greerzrwmd lf' J. 'I 1' 153'-Q... S.A., H.R.S.G. 2, 3, 4, Clean-Up Comm. 2, 3: Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Ditching Comm. 3, Pos- ter Comm. 3, Dramatic Club 1, 2. S lrilzerlmld Beloit DARLING, ANNETTE S.A., A.Y.L., Empehi News Staff, Bus. Mgr. 4, Ed. 4, Class Officer 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. Sec'y 4, Board of Con- trol 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Executive Comm. 4. Vrznderpool Drake SA., Div. Rm. Chair. 1, Div. Rm. Sec'y 3. Shoop lVil.Ion jr. DAVIS, BARBARA S.A., Bus. Rep. 4, Div. Rm. Officer 3. Ml. Greenwood Fox S errelafial BCOTH, BETTY BROXVN, IoA BURKE, IRIS BUYNITZKY, CHARLOTTE CHRISTIAN, LA VERNE S.A., Tau Epsilon 1, 2, S.A. SA., Latin Club 2, 3, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 33 Shoop llfillm-fm-,-,I 4, Quilpen 3, Biology Senior Council, A.Y.l.. Club 2, 35 Sigma 3, 4, 3, 4, Board of Control Girl's Glee Club, Tau 4, ACappelIa 3, Finan- Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, cial Comm. 3, Quilpen Nat'l Hon. Soc., Div. 3, Nat. Hon. Soc. Pres. Rm.. Officer 1, 4, Dra- Slrlbwlizzlfl DL'P4Ill1l' mftlc Club .l- I A Clzuold A'lIt'L71,Qd71 CoNI.IaY, Lois CoTI'oN. Arvous CURTIS, JOANNIQ SAA, S.A., Football.TeaIn I, SAA: Tau Epsilon ly 3' Shoop 3. 3. 44lWI'SSfl1H8TC11l11 3, 4, Curtain Club 1, 1, 2. 3. 4, Emblem Club 3, 3, 45 Rhythm Club 2, 3- 3- 43 ElUPehl ,News 3, 4, Pan American 1, 2, 3. -4, Associate lzd. 4, 37 45 Blology Club 2, Otlicers Club 3. 4, Pres. 3' 4: Board of Com,-Ol 4, 4A Class Treas., 4B 43 Nafl Hon. SOC- 43 A Class Treas., Executive Cappella 3, 4, gjggllijl, j,1RE.,fgi. gf If.,,..f.,,,,,,,01 M0,,,,,0,,,I 2, 3.4, Lt. Col. 4. SIl1hL'1'l.H7l1' 101121 DAVIS, WII-MA DAY ROBERT DE BUTTS, THOMAS S.A., Div. Sec'y 2, Red Cross Rep. 4, Bus. Rep. 2. Sboop W'if.f0n fr. SA., Basketball Team, Promotion Comm., Pos- ter Comm.: Concert Band, Student Council, Div, Chairman 3, Floun- ders, A.Y,L. l"al71LJL'ff10E! Illfllflil' S.A., Empehi News, Ass't Page Ed. 3, Pub- licity Ed. 4, Quill and Scroll, Treas. 3, Pres. 4, Board of Control 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 3, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Ten- nis Team l, 2, 3, Quil- pen 2, 3, 4, Safety Council 1, 2, 3, 4. l3.n'11.n'zl Prinrefon ..FEB DUNBAR, HELEN FAYE S.A., Science Club 1, Peppers 2, Div. Rm. Officer l, 2, 3, Fashions of the Hour 2, 3, Pres. 3, Board of Control 3, Biology Club 2, 33 Girl's Glee Club 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood U.S.C. FIELDS, JOAN S.A. Shoop RUARY 1944 Page 71 l:lilZDE'I"l'lZ, linwfuur FRY, Giaoitmz lfiwlzlt, Giioiuni ciAlll.AND, Giaonmz Gmzwian, -lm S.A., Flounders. S.A., R.O.T.C. I, 2, 3, S.A., Football Team l, S.A., jazz Band l, 2, 3, SA., Baseball Team 3. 5,1 MJ,-W,-,, A,-,,,, -1, Non Comm. Club 3, Otlicers Club 4, Air Raid Guard 3, Al, Fire Guard 3, -lg llslier lfoiu' 3, 4. Iiuifurl GAY, Rtmpk-1 In Giaia, liAiuxAnA 5,53 jf, H,m.1, Curtain Club 2, 3, Al, ' Quilpen 2, 3, 4, Cam- Sfmnp era Club 3, fi, Vice- pres. 4, Sec'y 3, A.Y.l., 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Biology Club 2, 3, Ll, Clean lip Comm. 2, 3, l.atin Club 3, 4, Girls limblem Club 3, fl. Mulnm Pulzlir lNl0!'1bll'l'llL'l'II lIM.lin, MAIHLYN HAI l.. STANLIQY S.A.,A,Y.l..3,'1gClean- S.A., lfmblem Club 2, Up Comm. 2, Biology 3, 4, H.R.S.G. l, 2, 3, Club 2, 3, Pan Ameri- -1, Treas. 3, Pres. -lg can Club 2, 3, Promo- A.Y.l., 3, 4, Vice-Pres. tion Comm. 3, Rhythm Club 3. Sullwrlaml Millikin 4, Senior Council, Ten- nis Team l, Z, 3, Clean' Up Comm. l, 2, 3, Hi- ology Club 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Swim Team I, 2, 3. 4, Cap't 3, 4. l'.lf1:Iw'f1ml Army Air Corpi Z, 3, 4, limblem Club 2, 3, Al, Annual Staff fi, Assem, Guard. Hrlfflilflj Cnfrnklzfu Gimssif, Pfxoi O. S.A., Nat'l Hon. Soc., Vice-pres., Tau lipsilon l, 2, 3, Al, lreas. 3, limblem Club 3, 4, Swim. Team 2, 3. -l. Mgr. fl, Student Court -lg limpelii News StaH' 3, -l, Utlicers Club 3, rl, Quill and Scroll 3, -lg Safety Council l, Z, 3, Al, H.n'r1.rrd Nfll'fll1l'L'.lfL'1'lI H A M I l.'I'0N, Latina ia'r'riz SA., Tau Epsilon 3, Al, A.Y.l.. 3. fl: Clean-llp Comm. l, Latin Club 2, 3, Annual Staff lg Student Court l, li S.B.l, 2, Senior Coun- cil, Flounders. Vrzrldurjmtl De l'.1n11' Al, Concert Hand l, 1, 3, -l, R.O.T.C. l, 1, 5. -ll Non Com. Club 2, 3, rl, Tau Epsilon 21 Red Cross Council 3, Al, Clreerlczulers 3, -l, Sen- ior Council, Div. Olliner l, 2. mln llvm' llixfnz lllLl'l'l7.Hlf rllarim i CilKlfliNl5, llVIZl.YN S.A., Gift Comm. Ai, Glee Club 3, fl. Arlftllt' I7i.x'n11 C.'liirr1gf1 'l'u.n'fu'r r llrwias, l'tlillNlCF S.A., Div. Rm. Ollicer l, 2, l, Slmnlfr fir! ll, Quill and Scroll 3, Al, Football Team Al, Senior Council, lntra- mural Sports 2, 3, -l. Slzllrwltzfzrf Hfirmii GRoi1Niwc'A'iifix, ll'AN SA., lau lcpsilon 2, 3, -lg Biology Club 2. 51 French Club 2, 3, H.R, SC., Student Council, Div. Rm. Officer, Senior Council, Furl IULJIJFIHII Ilfizlrlii HiaNnriasoN, LA VifnNl2 SA., A.Y.l,. Slwnp C.rlf1fvlw1l wr- 44 v lllass, TNTARAIORIE HOFMANN, ROBERT HOLLAND, MARY ELLEN S.A., Queen Rollers S.A., Flounders, Basket- S.A., Biology Club 2, 3, T,,,j,,,t 1:,,-,-Syl-,.,,,,,jdj ball Team 1, Student 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, Council 3, Senior Coun- Rhythm Club 4, Pan cil, Probation Comm. 4, American Club 3. lflfCfCl2lSS C0l1f1Cll 41 Sullverltnzd Illinois' Div. Rm. Chair. 4, Commencement Comm. 4, Hall Guard Inspec- tor 4. Bt!1'IIt1fd Arm, Air' Corfwr JACKSON, EVELYNE JOHNSON, DONALD JOHNSTON. KENNETH S.A., Bus. Rep. 1. S.A. SA., Student Court 4, 5l,,,,,p 115,21 15,,,,,,,,d Student Council 4, Inter- Elllfffmf Rt'tw'1't' Corfu ?1l.ZZinClIlnT2ill3? tling Team 5, 4, Track Team 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, Z. 51 Div. Rm. Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Class Om- cer 4. Furl DL'tI?',1lJ1'!I Ntll'J'A1!'f,-l1f'f7t KRUEGER, DOROTHY I.AcKi2, PAUL l,ANE DEXVITT S.A., lnterclass Council 2, A.Y.l.. 35 Div. Rm. Otncer 3: Promotion Comm. 2. 3, Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 4, Biology Club 2. Sullwrlrmd Steveru SA., Biology Club, Pres. 4, Emblem Club 5. 4, V.E.S.B. 3, 4, Head 4, A.Y.l.., Treas, 4, Foot- ball Team 3, 4, Track Team 4, S.B.l. 4, Vice- pres. 4, Tau Epsilon 4. Arwlnn Park Prinfifwm S.A., Football Team, Emblem Club. Clit fold ' .FEB HOLLSTROLI, KENNETH S.A., R.O.T.C. l, 2, 3, 4, Non Com. Club 3, 4, Beg. Band 1, Con- cert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Orchestra 2, 3, Board of Control 4, Air Raid Guard, Div. Rm. Otlicer l, 2, 3. Vunderpoel Alillllflllltl KENNDFY, FLOYD Picked Platoon, Non Com. Club, Color Guard. H.1Vyc'i' MfIItlV'l'J' LARNED BARBARA S.A., Class Otlicet' lg Clean-Up Comm. 2, Latin Club 2, 3: Stu- dent Court 2, Div. Rm. Otlicer 4, A.Y.L. 5, 4, Hall Guard 3, 4. Vtznderpocl HOLTZ, DORIS SA., Floundersg Pep- pers 2, Fashions of the Hour 31 Bus. Rep. Z, 3. Bttrntznf KiL1.Etutiiw, JUNE S.A., Curtain Club 1, 2, I.atin Club 2, A.Y.L. 3, Promotion Comm. 1, 2, Clean-Up Comm. I, S.B.l. I. Clit 111111'ir14Q I.AuscH, Brzrrn S.A. Slzllzwltlrzd RUARY 1944 Page 73 SENIOR l.lNS'I'RA, livm.YN S.A,, l:IlSllllH1S of the Hour 3. Ml. G'm1'1111'mnI Fox Sz'wL'l.41'i.1l MARSllAl.l., Lois SA., l:l0llFlQlCIS l, A.Y.l,. 3, fl. l '.l!It!L'l'fHlt.'l Miami MCM1 lllll AY, jliAN lZ'I"l'A SA., Tau lipsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc., A.Y.I., 3, 4, Senior Counfil, Div, Rm. Sefy I, Z, 3, ll, Flounilers l, Rhythm Club ll,, SG. 2, 3, Peppers l. li.n'l1.H J Nfll'1Z7ll'L'lfL'Ill I S - lagciiow, liiiuizu I.x"1'l,l2, JOAN NIAIIONIEY, ,Minas lXlAlW'0llM, DoaoTHY SA., Smoking Comm., S.A., A.Y.l.. 3, Business S.A., A.Y.l.. 3, Al, jazz .ll5'lN Assem. Comm., Ditfh- Staff 2, 3, Dramatic Banil, Biology Club 2, SA., Latin Club 2, 3, ing Comm, Club l, 2, Rllytlim Club 3, -1, Class Vice-Pres. I, liquestrian Club Z, Sec'y, 13,,,.,,.,,.11 N,,,.,1,N.L,,,L,,.,1 -1, Promotion Comm. 2, Tau lipsilon 3, Senior lfinancial Comm. 3, 31 H.R.b.C1. 2, Poster Comm. 2, 3, Biology Club 2. li.l1' Miami lblA'I"l'HIAS, STANLIQY MHIIIS, J1iANNF'VI'li SA., Tau Epsilon 2, 5, 4, Concert Band 2, 51 News Staff 3, 4, Div. Rm, Olficer 2, 3, A.Y.l.. 4, Promotion Comm. 2, Equestrian Club 1, 2, 3, Board of Control 2, Pau AlnL'riL'an Club 2. 3. SA., A Cappella 2. 3, 4, Pres. 4, Div. Rm. Chairman 2, 4, XX'res- tling 3, 4, Pres. of llfilllfll SA., Stuclent Council 2, 4, Baseball 3, lloanl of Control, Senior Council. li.lrnin'1f A'lf.llllf 5,,1l7w-l,,,1,j Hplnjf Mlil.'I'IJN, Mmumnm' MEYER, HELEN s.A,, can-Q Club, Div, SA.: THU Epsilon 1, 1. Rm, Clxairman. 3, fl, Nzg'l.Hon. Soc., Sf H,.:1 Quill an Scroll 3, -l, map H News Staff 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Quilpeu 2, 3, Biology Club 2. 5, 4, H.R.S.G. 2. For! DLJil1',Jf11'Il Fox Sc'fn'I,lr'i.1! Council, Non Coin. Quilpen 2, 3, News Club 2, 3, -l, Driving ' ' Staff 3, -l, Quill aml Comm. Serollq-l, A.Y.l.. 3, 4, l'.H1KjL'7!IIlL'l ,"lii'f.lIl1'fll lim lilwllllll- Sl1l!ll'!'l.llI.l lmli.n1.1 AIAZZOCIII, Cixuiua MCIJN, Svnrwv SA., Peppers 2, Faslm- 5,-A-3 BUS- RUP4 11 ions of the Hour 2, 3, lflUl1mlU'5 l- Queen Rollers 2, 3, -V""'f' VlCC-Cl11lll'l111lll 1, Floun- alers 1. Ml. liimnzl Miss, Rosmmm' lNllliRlEl.lZlZS, BIi'l"I'Y S.A.1 Fluumlers ll Div. A-Ysl---FM 'll H-K Rin. Ollicer 1. 3, -l, Viee-l'i'eS. 42 1',,,,,,1,,-f,,,L11 Div. Rm. cJlllCCl' l, 3, ., , s r , -I, -lA Class Otliccr, lnlilll bnllm ll luill anal Srroll 3, fl, A Q Cappella 3, News Stall 3, Al, Rllytllm Club 3, Business Stall 2, 3. Cli.l.mllf Slupfwzzi 5-. V f, - Mrr'rEN, ROBIZRTA lNlOllNS, BIARILYN hlOO'l'llIE, FLOYD MORTENSON, BETTY S.A.1 A,Y.l., 3, 4, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4g Fashions of the Hour 2, 3, Pres. 33 H.R.S.G. 2, 33 Rhythm Cluh -'lg Pro- motion Comm, 3, Board of Control 3. l3.rrf1.11'd Cbirog o U. NEWBUIKY, KENT S.A.g Marching Banil 2, 3, 4, News Staff 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, -lg Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4g Nat'l Hon. Soc. fl, Orchestra 2g jazz Band 43 Pan American 2, 35 Otlicers' Club Al. Sulbvrlorzd PASCOE, Lois S.A.g Curtain Cluh l, 2, Rhythm Cluh 3, -1, A.Y. L. 3, -13 Promotion Comm. 1, 2, 3, Quilpen 31 Tau lipsilon 2, 3, -11 Div. Rm. Chair. 1, 23 Senior Council -lg Clean- Up Comm. 1, 2. Cliruold P01111 lloll SA.: Clean-Up Comm. 2, 3, A.Y.l.. 3, 43 Board of Control 33 Quilpen 2, 3, Equestrian Cluh 2, 3, Pres. 33 News Stall 3, Div, Rm. Officer l, 53 Dramatic Cluh fliranchj 3 Biology Cluh 2, 3. Sutber Lim! 1371150 Non1.Es, LIILDIUED S.A.g Pan American -ig Bus. Rep, 1, 3, Biology Cluh 25 Div. Rm. Sec'y 3, fig Flounclers 13 Div. Rm. Chairman 1. Shoop Norfmfl l7AT'l'EllSON, FERNE S.A. Shoop Pom S.A, S.A. Gofzlfzwin llnlllflll O'DONNEi.L, FRANK S.A.g Baseball 3, fl, Tau Iipsilon 23 I, 2g Color Guard lg Div. Rm. Othcerg A.Y.l.. 3, 4, Biology Club 2. Clirrold A1'lI1vl' Air Corfu I'A'rTEusoN, RALIZIGIINAE S.A.g Latin Club 2, 31 Con. Bantl 1, 2, 3, -l, Sec'y fig Orch. 3, 4, Tau Iipsilon 2, 3, Biology Cluh 2, 3, Production 1, 2, 3g Flounders 1. ll1,cl.l'bifIKQ1U7I jr. High Cbftlllqn .FEB O'lNlEARA, EDITH S,A.g Curtain Cluh l, 2, Tau Iipsilon l, 2, 4, Quill and Scroll -ig Pro- motion Comm. 1, 2, 3g H.R.S.G. 2, 3, 43 Clean- Up Comm. 23 A.Y.L.g S.B.I. lg French Cluh 3. Kellogg Dl'PzllI1l' PAYNE, FLOYD S.A.g Concert Orchestra 1, 2, 3g jazz Band -'lg Div. Rm. Chairman 1, 25 S.B.I. 4, Hall Guard 3, 4, Protective Patrol. Shoop Illifbiginl NAVE, AIAMIZS S.A., Flountlers Cluh lg Hall Guard lg Biology Cluh 2. Shoop PAGIZLS, WILLIAM S.A.g Nat'l Hon. Soc., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Non Com. Cluh 3, Oth- cers Club 5. 45 French Cluh 2, 3, Biology Cluh 2, 5 4, R.O.T,C. 2, 3, -1, Div. Rm. Oflicer l, 2, 3, Air Raid and Fire Guartl 3, 4. Clit llllfll 1'll'l1IfIllf PEARSON, GLENN SA., Intra-mural Swim- ming I, Camera Cluhg R.O.T.C. 1, 2. 3, 4, Usher Force 3, -lg Hall Guard lnsp. 4. Ii.1rmu'd Army RUARY 1944 Page 75 SENIORS- l,lZ'l'l2RSON, Lois S.A.Q A.Y.l,. 2, 5, -lg Curtain Club l, Z, 5, -lg Tau lipsilon I, 2, 3, -15 Nat'l Hon. Soc. -1, Pan American 3, l'i'oniotion Comm, 2, 3, l.atin Club 3, Biology Club 2, 31 H,R.S,G. I, 2, 3. lfnfl '71'tl!'!1lH'?1 I Ailtlllll ll. RYDIN, Tian S.A.g Tau lipsilon I, Z, 3, 4, Football 23 Div. Rm. Otliccr 31 Student Court fl, Senior Coun- cil, Assembly Comm, -1, Promotion Comm. fliranchj. Snllwrlarld Purdue Srgiiitoiznisa, l5ii.i. S.A., Div. Rm. Ollicei' lg Clean-Up Comm. l. Alou!!! Cl-?'L'L'!Hl'l1Il!! RADDATZ, Roismvr S.A.1 Beg. Band I 3 Con, Band 2, jazz Band -lg RHniNiiiaitcER, MAiuoN S.A.g Tau Epsilon l, 2, H.R,S.G. 2, 33 Rhythm Roscitovrl, Maacaiuzr SA., Biology Club 31 Fashions of thc Hour H.R.S.G. 5: Red Cross Club 3, 4, Treas. -fl, 2, 33 Div. Rm. Otficer Council -1, R.O.T.C. 2, Red Cross Rep. 4. 3, 43 Student Council 3. 3- 4' H.1v'tIt1rd llljlllljl Cfhirzfd lll.P.f.C. NI. IYCYIIINZ Pllfzfllt' Scincxuric, Ru'rii Sciioraa, Bon Scimior, Bum' 5-A-L Flounders 1 SA. S.A.g Football 1, 2, 3, if .ID L b . C i, A1AI3,'fA'A Capt. 4, Swimming In en mn on l Team 2, 35 Class Treas. 2, Pres. 35 Emblem Club 2, 3. -lg A.Y.L. 3. 41 Social Comm. fBranchl Q Div. Rm. Otlicer l, 2, 31 Science Club fllranchj. Sllfl7L'?'lJ7ll1, Illinnii SCOTT, l.0lS SIQHASTIAN' I,AWltENrjl2 SLAYTON, NANCY SA. 5,A,3 A,Y,l,, SA., Tau Epsilon I, Sbffflfl P"U1'l1ll"lH' li.1f'r1.11'd flfllllllll' 2' 3' 43 A'Y'l" 3' Ali Nat'l Hon. Soc., Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Dra- matic Club 1, 2, Bi- ology Club Otiicer 2, 31 Board of Control 31 Chairman Social Comm. flflranclil 3 Senior Coun- cil. Citi irffif C.lI'lc'I1ul RUMPF, ,IoAN S.A.g A.Y.l.. 3, 4, Div. Rm. Otficer 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon, Soc., Curtain Club 1, 2, 33 Board of Control 3, Equestrian Club Treas. 2, Pres. 3, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Senior Council 4. Clit mia' u,'II!1.lft.'7' SCHRANK, Biz1"i'Y JANE SA.: Peppers 2, 3, Pres. 3, H.R.S.G. 41 Dramatic Club 1 fBrancliJ. llwzdrirbt Soar-MN, lklaiw Lou S.A.g Biology Club, Pan American, A.Y.l.., Tau lipsilong Sigma, Div. Rm. Otlicer, Business Staff. THAYER, THOMAS THOMAS, EIWIN TOZER, WENDELL TRICK, PAUL TWlNEHAM,Sl1ZANNE S.A.3 Glee Club 2, 3 A Cappella 2, 33 Quil pen 23 Latin Club 2. W1111 Iler S.A.3 Camera Club 1, 2, S.A. S.A.3 Promotion Comm. S.A.3 Floundersg Air 3, Pres. 2, 33Photo Staff M,K,,y UWYUAIAIFA 2, 33 Basketball Team Raid Guard 2, 3, 43 2, 3, 45 Board of Con- 1, 2, 33 Track Team 43 A Cappella 3, 43 Cur- trol 2, 3, 43 R.O,T,C, Emblem Club 43 Floun- tain Club 33 Rhythm 5,,,1,e,1d,,d 1, 2, 3, 43 Con, Band ders, Vice-Pres. 13 A.Y. Club 43 A.Y.L. 3, 43 1, 2, 33 Orch. 43 jr. L. 3, 4g Probation Hall Guard 2. Band 3. Comm. 3, 4g Div. Rm. Bd,,,,,,.d NJN, Fm., Dmfbom Qihcer 43 Senior Coun- Iuuu Smte ul 4- Barmzrd Chicago WACHOLZ, ARTHUR WELLS, DONALD WILLIAMS, BIEATRICE WILSON, DoLoIms S.A.3 Bus. Rep. lj Tau S.A.3 A.Y.l.. S.A. S.A.3 A.Y.L. 3, 43 Epsilon 13 Basketball Shady Side Amdemy Shoop I-l.R.S.G. 23 Promotion Team 2, 3, 4- CHPT- 43 N0,41,wg,,e,,, Comm. 2, 33 Business Senior Councilg Emblem Club 3, 43 Athletic Guard 3, 4, Capt. 43 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Illiflflfl' Staff 33 Poster Comm. 2, 35 Rhythm Club 43 Flounclers 1. Barnard Illirmil N0 PICTU RES DUNGILL, HARRII5T'I'E LAMBERT, FRANK LODEWEGEN, ELIZABETH MARBLE, JOHN Div. Rm. Chair. 1. Shoop HILTON, JOSEPH S.A.3 Football Team 1 33 Senior Council3 Divl Rm. Chairman 3. Ryder U.S.M.M.C. S.A.3 Student Council 13 Student Court lg S.B.I. 2, 3, Chairman 43 Clean- Up Comm. 2, 33 Promo- tion Comm. 13 Assem. Comm. 13 A.Y.L. 3, 43 Curtain Club 3. S.A.3 Div. Rm. Officer 2, 4. Mt. Greenwood Beverly Bu,riz1e.I.I - -FEB S.A. Danville, Ill, VAN DAM, VANNETTA S.A.3 A Cappella. For! Dearbum WARNOCK, CLIFFORD Sullverlund Illinoir RUARY 1944 Page 77 FEBRUARY HALL OF FAME Page 78 A Most Popular Girl .... Most Popular Boy .... Best Looking Girl .... Best Looking Boy .... Best Dressed Girl .... Best Dressed Boy .... Girl with the Best Line Boy with the Best Line Best Girl Dancer ..... Best Boy Dancer Most Stuclious Girl . .. Most Studious Boy Most Bashful Girl .... Most Bashful Boy .... Most Athletic Girl .... Most Athletic Boy ..............,. . Girl with the Best Sense of Humor .... Boy with the Best Sense of Humor .... Most Digniiied Girl ............... . . .CHARLENE ARTHUR .........PAUL LACKE . . . .DORIS ANDERSON .........PAUL LACKE LAURETTE HAMILTON . . . . .FRANK LAMBERT ..VIRGINIA ALLROTH ............BOB DAY . . . .IOANNE CURTIS . . . . .STAN MATTHIAS . . . . . .HELEN MEYER . . . .WILLIAM PAGELS . . .MARGE ROSCROW . . . . . .KEN JOHNSTON .MARY LOU SORMAN . . . . . . .BURT SCHMIDT . . . .IANICE BARNES ............BOB DAY . . . .BETTY MIRRIELESS Most Diqnitiecl Boy .... ....... A NGUS COTTON Hunqriest Girl ....... Hunqriest Boy .... . .IEANNETTE MATHIS GRASSE Best Couple .... .... L AURETTE HAMILTON-BURT SCHMIDT Cutest Girl .................... DOROTHY KRUEGER SCIENCE To the graduating senior who ranks highest in his class in science and mathematics goes the Science Award. This is one of the highest honors bestowed upon a Morgan Park graduate. Mr. A. R. Gay, head of the science department, decides what student will receive this honor. To qualify for the award, the student must have had three years of science studies, two of which must have been laboratory sciences, and must have had at least two years of mathematics including algebra and geometry. The highest science grades determine what student will re- AWARDS ceive the award. In case of a tie the determining factors are the mathematics grades. Helen Meyer, besides being valedictorian of her graduating class, was the honored student of the February class to receive this award. In the june class, three boys tied for this honor. They were Bill Stanley, Bill Vogele and Stephen Schrock. All three boys have had "S" finals in their science and math courses. Each year the Bausch and Lomb Optical Com- pany present this award, which is a bronze plaque, to the top honor student. MEYER STANLEY SCHROCK VOGELE Page 79 Page 80 BOB FAIRBANK PAT FITCH MARGERY LAWRENCE SPENCER FRANCIS HERMAN TENINGA BETH CHATTERS PAT FITCH STEVE SCHROCK IUNE CLASS OFFICERS Empehi has seen many seniors, individually and collectively, rise to excel in leadership those preceding them, but the june class of 1944 had an extra fine foursome as its officers. Bob Fairbank ably and efiiciently performed the duties of president of the class, assisted by vice- president Pat Fitch. Pat headed the social com- mittee and took care of all social functions of the class including the senior banquet. Marge Lawrence recorded the minutes of each class meeting, carried on class correspondence, and in many other ways proved her worth as class secretary. The budget was balanced by Spencer Francis, class treasurer, who handled all the funds. The co-chairmen of the Assembly committee were joan Gemeinhardt and Bill Pontius. They had charge of the senior assembly. Margie Alcock was in charge of seeing that all seniors received their caps and gowns. Barb Phelps and Steve Schrock took care of the ring and ticket and announcement committees. jean Lyons was responsible for choosing the graduation an- nouncement cards. IUNE WHO'S WHO Herman Teninga, as president of the S.A., held the highest and most honored position in the school. His ability as a leader was further displayed as chairman of the Student and Inter- class Councils. "Hump," an outstanding mem- ber of the football team and Emblem Club, gained additional honors as a member of the Swimming team. Outstanding leadership and a high scholastic record are the distinguishing qualities possessed by Steve Schrock. In line with his musical ability, Steve has been president of the Orchestra and a member of A Cappella. He has been president of Tau Epsilon, to which he belonged four years, a member of the National Honor Society, the Swimming team and Emblem club. Steve acted as secretary of the 4B class and is acclaimed for his work as student court judge. Energetic Pat Fitch has spent a busy four years at Empehi. Pat has held numerous ofiices as president of Quilpen and Girl's Glee club, and vice-president of the Latin club. In addi- tion, she has claimed a membership in Tau Epsilon all four years and was a member of the National Honor Society. Pat headed the Social committee in her senior year and has been a class officer for the past three years, ending up as vice-president of the june 4A class. Beth Chatters, starting out by being S.A. president at the Branch, soon found herself in the second highest oliice of the student associa- tion, that of first vice-president. Beth is well prepared for a journalistic career having been a member of the Empehi News Staff, Quilpen, and Quill and Scroll. She has been a member of Tau Epsilon every year, and of the National Honor Society. Beth, elected honorary colonel by the R. O. T. C., ,has a rare combination of beauty, brains, and executive ability which per- haps is the reason for her classmates voting her the most popular girl of the june class. Page 81 S E N l 0 R S ' ' A ' - A AiiNifi.l, ViziiNi:'i"l'ii Aiciocjx. lNlAnui3 Ai.i2xANmiii, lisiiiific Ai 1 ifrw, DllN.'XI.lJ ANIDICIISON, lii4'i"rY JIQAN S.A.1 Biology Club, S.A,1 Pan Ami-rican 3, S.A.1A,Y.l.. S.A.g limpulii Nuys S, SA.: Floumlurs I1 Tau lfloqiiiiilc-:xg Dix: Rm. -l, Pics, 3, Vice-pres, 3L Slmal' f'l4'nli,,l Y -I, lfil.-iii-fliiuli -ig Quill lfiwilon l, 2, 3,-l1Quil- Utlicui. Class Otliccr 31 judge of anil Scroll -i, Tix-as. -ig pi-n 1, Ag Pan American Yiwu lixturior 41 Tau lipsilnn Swinuning Tcam -lg lim- 5, Biology Club 31 I, Z1 Board of Control blcni Club -lg Tau lip- H.R.S.G. -I. 31 A Cappella 2, 31 silon 2, 3,-l1Nat'l Hon. 13-,,,m,Af MA,1lj'C' Glue Club 1, 21 Clean Soc, -lg Ollicufs Club -lg llp Comm. lioaiml of Control -11 lfx- Kyjfuw Iljjmm cciitivc Comm. -l. fI.llffl1'Ql, N. Y, INi.lI'1 flir Carlin Awniziwow, HIQLEN Airs'i'iN, DilNAI.lT AUSTIN, Roiuiivi' Ii.-xxizic, ,lonN li.-xxilii, Roiufiri' S.A.1 Biology Club -l1 S.A,1 cll1L'll1LlSlL'I'S -11 Bi- S.A,1 Tau lfpsilon 11 S.A.1 Tau l2P5llUI1Q Ur- S,A.1 Flounilcrs, Vice- Nat'l Hon. Scif. -lg Tau ology Club 2, 31 Tau Football 2, V.Ii.S.B. l, cliwtra 1, 3. -i, l.ibi'arian prnsg Tau lfpsilon Z1 lfpsilon -l. lipsilon l, 2, 3, 41 Photo lg Pan American 2, 31 3, Prcs. -lg Olliu-r'x Club A.Y.l..1 S,l3.l. 31 Div. ML G,,U.,,11-ffm! Staff 2, 31 Camera Club XX'rcstling 21 Div, Rm. -I1 Safi-ty Ciuaulg Iii- Rm. Olliccr lg Hall f",,,,l, C,,,,,,,, Illllpl l, Z, 31 Student Council Otliccr1 Air RaiilCiuai1l1 ology Clubg Pickul Pla- Ciuaixl l, 23 R.O.T.C. 1, U! Nlmmq 31 Non-Com. Club 2, Firc Guard. xoon1 Non-Com. Club 21 Class Rm, Olliccr ' 3, Div. Rm. Olliccr 3. y,,,1,,.,,jA,,,d 31 Beg. Iianil 21 Board l. 3. l',lIll!c'P'f7llt'l NI17'fl7Il'L'lfm'7Il of c"'mlA"l 'lA l'.n1Ji'ijmi'l Nm'lf11r'iilw'11 'l.lr1'.m! ll. uf Cfflr1r.1.10 lllfllfljl1I1il.ufiliLi'fl. liaicxiiic, CATIIIERINIE l'rAl!M,-XNN, l'lli'l"l'Y llifcixirv, Roisifiim iiiiirw.-x, Al isifn'i'.x lil airiiific, Suri S,A.1 Div. Soc, -31 Pep- 5.A.1 H.R.S.G. l, 21 S.A,g A.Y.l..1 Div. Rm. 5.A.1 IR-ppl-1-5 1, 25 5.A.1A.Y.l.. 3, -lg Nat'l pi-is 2, 31 Tau lipxilon. Fkl5l1lll!15llflllL'HlTUl'2Q Olliccr 31 Tau lipsilon lflounili-rs 11 liasliions Hon. Soi. IQ Tau lip- -S'l,f,'fip'f11iy1J Coiicurt Band 2, 3, 41 2. 3, -'l1 Nat'l Hon. ofllIclloul'l1Dixglliii, silon 1, J, 5, -l1 Social 15L.,,L,,.11lg,,,mt,,, Comm-rt Orchestra 3, 41 Snr, -l. Ollicx-ri A.Y.l..1 Qin-un Comm. -i1 Ncws Staff, lu-g, Band, ScC'y,Trc-as.1 51,,,,,!, N,,,,j,,,.L,,,,,,, Ri-Ili-rs 2, 3. limi' Aw. -I1 Cfolululfs lfmpulii NL-ws -1, AIA G'H,l,Hu,Hmj I-Rl. -I1 Div. RIN. flll'lCcl' Ifimfnzd Drury CL,LfL,, Num c",,,.!,, I. 1, 3: Quilpi-n 1, 5. -li A Cappulla 3. If i Hlrlllzf IUIl1r1i.i' .f iii' 'X Bou1.ToN, ALAN llouiuus, GRACE BOYLE, ALICE 5.A.g Curtain Club 4: Ollice Practice -lg Stamp Club Al. Clffx mfrf C,'!m.rqo l'11i1u.:ifr1 Iiruxrrm, 'l'uoruAs S.A.g Footballg Student Council 2. 31 Div. R111 Otlicer 2, 3, 4, Intra- mural Sportsg XN'restling Team l. lf1rrgfr'u1 l'.u'l Air fjllfffl CAM l'lil?l.I., l'll?VliRI.Y SA.: A.Y.l.. 31 H,R. SG ' 151: lwmarllzrf I,nlf1w'.u1 llnllcilfllll SA.: Peppers 1, 2, 35 S.A. l:lllll,llLlQl'5' CfUl'U1rUZ:f, Ohio Sl. C,i11ct.n1 Bfflillll run! Sl7'.lfflII1 l'nllllIfMAN, VIRGINIA Burms, INIILES 7 leppers 25 Fash- ions of the Hour 2 h.A., S.A.g Cheerleader 3, 45 Intcr+Mural Sports I, 2, A.Y.I..g Div. Rm. Orii- Div. Rm. Otflcer 2, 5: for-, Bowling League, Slnlirrlamf -Sf' ML"'Xf"e"' lftrrrli Bnrim.-i CI.-xRs'rriNs, liowfxnlm CAR'l'l?R. JUAN SAA: Tau lipgilryn lv 3, SA.: Tau Epsilon, P.If. 3, .13 NMI Hun, gnu Leader 43 Div. Rm. Treasg News Staff, Chairman 4g Pan Amer- Sports Ifrl. 43 Quill and lcan 33 CU'0Pef3UVc Scroll 3, 4, Vice-pres. 4, fvmln- Clic-masters 4, Basket- Slmnp U, 11fCbir',1fqo ball 3, 4, Mgr. 41 Fm- blem Club -lg Intra- mural Sports: Boart Cforltllrl Al K4 Hogg l of firrur xlir Corfu BRACY, ZANOBIA S.A.g Tau Epsilon, P. E. Leader, Art Institute Rep. 1, 2, 3, 4g Latin Clubg Biology Clubg Class Chairman: Div. Rm. Otlicerg Business Rep. Slmop Ar! Ifrrlifulu BURKHARDT, XWARREN S.A.: Air Raid Guard 2, 3, 43 Fire Guard 2, 3, 4g Safety Guard 43 Hall Guard 1, 23 Picked Pla- toon 2, 33 Non. Com. Club 4g Officers Club 4. Zion Lutheran Pzmlue CHAPMAN, JAMES S.A.g Pan American 2, 3, 4, Tre-as.g Biology Club 2g V.IE.S.B, 1, 2, 3. 4, Pres., Curtain Club 4, Vice-pres.g Bas- ketball 4, Mgr. Binvzinzf JUN IiRoD12N12, Lois S.A.g Tau Epsilon I, 2, , . 3, 4, Al .l.. 31 Natl Hon. Soc. 41 Floundersg Peppers lg Quilpen 3. l".lmfef'f1r1c'1 BL'I'L'7',,1 Hlnjllcrr BlIRKHARD'I', PA'rrucrA S.A.g Div. Rm. Officer lg Biology Club 3. Clif rala' Lrm'rem'c CHATTERS, Brrrrr S.A., Pres. fBl'2lI1Cl1,, lst Vice-pres. 4s Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Aedile 3, Treas. 3, Quilpen 2, 3, 4, Vice-pres. 2g Quill and Scroll 3, 4g Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Ep- silon 1, 2, 3, 45 Execu- tive Comm. 1, 45 Board of Control 1, 3, 4, Chairman 43 V.I2.S.B, 3, Chairman 35 Class Offi- cer 2. Cliould Ixl1lr1r11.1:no E 1944 S E N I O R S - - - f.llI-FVFIK, KQI AYIIIN LI ,-una, CfII,I.IaIaN CIFIIIQ, DORIS CI.INI4s11AI.Ias, GIENFVA CI,IIIfvIfII, Dmus NA., l,.ll1 AIl1t'l'lCiilI1 l, SA., Cun. Orclicslrn 5. SA., A.Y.l.. 5, 4, Tau SA.: Glue Club 4, SA., Pain Aim-I'i4.III 3, J, Hg l'llllIll1lL'l'N l, Otli fl. lipsilun l, Div. Rm. Fluundcrs l, S.B.l. 2, -I. Soc. -lg NaIt'l Hun. WIN flllb 3. All l,lClCl'll l1,,,,,.l,,,,Q 1',,1,i,,.bj!, Officer 2, 3, 4, Curtain Business Rcp. l, 2, Div. Soc. -lg Biulquy Club 3, Plillllllll l, 1, S, Fira- Hwy, Sl1,Q,,,j 111j,,,,j,, Club 2, 3, News Staff Rm. Ulliccr 1, 2, 5, -I, H.R.S.G. lg 'lliu lip- C9n.rril I, 2, 4, Al, Air ' 5, 4, Rhythm Club 2, 5. vl-in I. 2. 5. -lx Finan- li.IId cillrllll l, 2, S, -l Culnl' fillllfll 5, Ilirilngy Club J, Div. Rm. Olli- u'I' -l. lfllflrlllxf llllflflfi UINNIIIIY, LA VlfIlNli SA.: l' L'Pl"L'IN 2. Sl. Ill.lI'4q.nI'li l:rIX"YII1'L'I.ll'fill f.IIIII'Ix, C,IIAI4I.I2s SA., A.Y.l.., Curiccrt llzllul l, 2, 5, rl, Html l.ibrIIrian 4, Tau Ep- silon l, Z, 5, fl, NaIt'l Hun. Soc. 41 liiulogy Club 2, 5, 4, Quilpcn 2, 5, 4, Curtain Club 3, Al, P.In American 4, Ind Vice-pres. 4, Olli- LCYIS Club 4. lin minf fllfr l7I'Q.l7l l,NVll4N, luis liIil'lY DAVIS, l.0lS l.. S A., l'.In AlIIL'l'll'Llll 2. SVA-1Uifl'S GlL'CCll1lW 5. S, ll.R.S tl, -lg Div. Rm. rl: Gym lk'11llC'f 2, 51 Scfy 53 Div, Rm. Chair Illilll il, Stu Q dc-nt CIIIIIIIII -l, l.lll lzpsilnn 71, -l. lin 71.11 K I Ill ll'fl'l Iinifrlwi Scninr Council, Biulugy Club l. Sllflflfl Cbiriziqu l'rIl1derfH1c'l Helo!! DANQIIIQIIIUNII, JAMES SA., NIIt'l Hon. Soc. fl, Chcinnstcrs 4, V.E.S.B., Tau Epsilon, Usher Forcc, Safety Guard, Orliccfs Club, Air Raid Guard, Picked Pliiumn. Cliiirllcf Illjlllljl DAVISIIN, lfI3X!'ARlJ SA., liquc-striain Club J, 3, Clczin Up Comm. I, 2, News Stuff 4, Div. Rin. Ofliccr, Bumincss Rup., Flnundcrs l, Track 2, Board of Cun- tml. l 'Ill1Je'1'pm'l 'I4c'x'.u fl. G N. Class Rm, Ollifcr l, 1, A.Y.l.. -l. Sfmnfr ll"iH1Irfo1'I'4' DASlllill, l,Alll S.A., Nat'l Hun. Soc. -li V.l5.S.B, Mgr. 2, 711 Sigma 5. -lg ,l..lll lip- silnn, lfl11l'1lL'l'l1 Club, Plintn Staff, lioard nf Cuiitrul, Fnntlmll Tcain l, 2. -l, Chain, l..Ib. Asst. -l. Cilll wld Ix'.Il.1111.Igrm Dfxvisum, blAl5l7l ll? SA. 1 Ai .l.. 5, rl, Flnun- dn-rs l, H.R.S.G., Stu- dent Cuunfil. l'.u11lw'fmI'I S.11'.Il1 I.III1 !'L'IIIc' cial Cumni. il, Chciniis- tcrx -l, 'l4fL'.lS.1 A.Y.l,. 3. 'll blbklill Cnnirn. 2. Sl1lfIIv'f.1l1If lllirznii DAVIINIJUIIT, FIUIIN SA., Air R.iid Cilldhll Fiiu Gu.II'd, liinlngy Club 5, il: CllL'll1AlSlCl'S Al, c,l'CllCSll'.l lg Crmcurt lldllkl 2, 53 V,lf.S.B. 3. H.I1'll.H'1l Illim1I'Iul.I LMWSIIN-SIIIIII. VIRGINIA SA., SL'L"y fl'll'.lI1Clll1 Quilpun 2, 3, Truus. 3, l..Itin Club 5. 4, Acdilc 5, Vice-pres. -I1 Tau lip- silon l, 2, 5, -l, Pros. -lg NrII'l Hun. Soc. -1, Scdy -lg liiuliugy Club 3, -l, Glu- Club 2, 3, linairnl nf Cnntml il. Assn-Inblv Cninni. rl, cillillllllilll -1, Studunt Council 3. il. Cfffyilllul Sfllflfl A N dmv 3. DIELANO, EDMOND S.A.3 Football 2, 3, 4 Emblem Club 3, 4 Student Council 23 ln- tramural Sports 2, 3, 4 Wrestling Team 2. l'I1ndw',!vmAl Te.x'.1.I U. DRlSClJl.l., bflAliY JOAN S,A.3 Clieerleader 2, 3, 4. Capt. 33 Div. Chair man 33 Flounders3 Sig- mag Peppers, St. M.rr,q.IrcI ENYART, joIIN S.A.3 Con. BaI1d3 Div Rm. Otlicer 4, Bd1'IIJ?'d' M.P.f.C DI'rcIIIE, ELAINI1 S.A.3 Queen Rollers, Treas. 13 A.Y.L. MI. Greenwood Beverly Bu.rineI'.I DIIDLEY, STUART b.A. Hcl7'I'tlfd ENZENBERGER, HELEN S.A,Q A.Y.I., 33 Pan American 43 Flounders 13 H.R.S.G, 43 Div. Rm. Otlicer. l'II21d0rp11e'l Milrflllzvmq DONOXVAN, GLORIA S.A.Q Flounclers 13 Latin Club 3. St. Btzrmzbar Nurrefr Training DYEIQ, RussIsLI. S.A.3 Quilpeng Div. Rm. Otlicer3 V.E.S.B.Q Stu- dent Council Air Raid GUllfdQ Non Com. Club. Ciliriold U. S. Ntzry EVANS, NANCY S.A.3 A.Y.L. 33 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 43 Tau Ep- silon 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 33 News Staff 3, 4, Lit. Ed, 43 Quill and Scroll 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Librarian 43 Busi- ness Rep. 1. l'I111dw'puel lNl01'!b!l'L'.IIc'l'Il Dosn, DOROTHY S.A,g Board of Control 2, 3, 43 Photo Staff 2, Head 2 gBusiness Staff 3, 43 Mgr. 3, 43 H.R.S.G. 3, 43 A.Y.L. 3, 43 News Staff 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Curtain Club 43 Div. Rm. Otlicer 2. Slftbwlinld Grimlcll EISERSTEDT, EARL G. Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 43 R.O.T.C. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Brzrvzard FAIRBANK, Boi-I S.A,3 Football Team 1, 2, 3, 43 Emblem Club 3, 4g Tau Epsilon 2, 33 Athletic Commissioner 43 4A Class President3 Executive Comm. 43 Board of Control 43 Div. Rm. Otlicer 1, 2, 33 Student Council 1, 2, 3. I:U?'L'.If Ridge Illinois DOYLE, JACK S.A. SI. Cbfiifrlfrfwcr' lfl.SNER, SHIRLEY S.A.Q Con. Band 2, 3, -lg Biology Club 2, 3, 43 Curtain Club 33 Auto Reg. Comm. 3, 43 Ex- terior Comm. 43 Proba- tion Comm. 3, 43 Clean Up Comm, 43 Tau Ep- silon 13 News Staff 3. Sufber'1.I11d' flltlrfllllrmy FISIKEM A, RoIIIzR'I' S.A.3 Div. Rm. Olbcer 1, 2, 33 Empelii News 33 Student CoIIncil 33 Board of Control 43 Football 23 Safety Guard 2, 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 13 Non Com. Club 2, 3, 43 Biology Clllb 2, 3. Fmfef Park Illinuii E 1944 lfiannusnw, jmm W. Fismzn, Gunnar Fmill, Pfmucm Ifmx, Mfumi Fuzsuizii. VIIEANNIZ S.A,gCl1emasters 4gQlli- SA., Div. Rm. Qtlieerg SA.: Nat'l Hun, Sue. SA., A,Y.I.. 3, -lg Pan S.A.g A.Y,I.. 3, -S1 Quil- eer's Club -15 Safety Hall Guaril. -lg Glee Club 1, 3, Vice- Ameriean 3, Peppers 31 pen 2, 3, Al. Treats. 4, Ciuartlg Usher Fnrceg lgL,,.,,A,,.Lj pres. 2, Pres, 3, Class Tau lfpsilnn 2. News Staff 3. fl. Ass't Stage Crew 2, 3. Qtlieer 42, 3, -lg Div. yt,,,Lj,,.f,,,,1 1gL,1,,f, Page lid., Staff Clerk 41 Surlwrlklml IlvS'A.Al1I. Rm. Otheei' be-e'y I, 1, Quill and bernll 3, fl, 3, -lg Quilpen, Sea"y 2, Tau lipsilnn l, 2, 3, -lg Pres. 3, Tau lipsilnn I. Nat'l Hun. Sue. -lg Div. 1, 3, 'lg Latin Club 3, -l. Rm. Otlieei' 3, -tg A Aetlile 3, Vice-pres. -1, Cappella 2, 3, -l, Li- I'.n1.f.-,-fw.-l Iielnil limi-lli -1. SLU' 41 Swim' Cnuneil. Cliimhf lllizmii Fox, lllil.liN Fnamcas, Sviawiimi FRARY. JUNE - Gifmw, Gmiua il?MIiINllAllDT, jo,-iN SA., Sigma 3, A.Y.l.. SA-1 A C2lPPCll-I l. 3. SA., Div. Rm. f,lllCCl' S.A.1 H.R.S.G. 3, -Ig SA., Flnuntlers l1A,Y. -5, 3, fl, Vice-pres. 3, Pres. l, 2, 3, 4g Glue Club Clean Up Comm. 2, 3g I.. 3, Al, Quilpen 3, fi, Nmhm Hvlui, -1, Class Otlicer -lg l. 2. 5. 4. PWS- All A Pan American 2, 3,Div, Pres. -lg Quill and llilmllfizll CUIUIH- 'll Cantjellaq -1, A.Y.l.. 3, Rm. Qllieer l, 2. All Sernll 3. -l. Vice-pres. -1. liuurel nf Cnntrul fl. lftlllllfll-I Ulfrnuai, lil-1i'1'Y 4gHH,4,l,y. 5115.3 L SA., Tau lipsilnn I, 2, SAA: liinlngy Club 3' A3 32 c,lil'lW5lfil l. 2, 3. 'll lfquestrienne Club l, lg Latin 2, 3: PCPPUTS l. 3- Pan American 3, 41 51-H-""1-'lhff Seninr Cuuneil -lg An- Cf1jf,1tqUfN'n1'1f1,1I I1UAll Sfilff ZQ Flllilllflill Cumm. 31 Tau lipsilnn 2, 3, Sullm'1.n1d lirmffunl ff. Cffllvluu -ig lau Izpsilnn 1, 2, 3, l, Latin Club 2, 3, lfi nlngy Club 2, 31 Quil- pen Z, 3. Iiinflanf I". nf f.l1it'.1gf1 9nAN'i', VIENIDA S.A.g Flnunnlers lg Div, Rm. QJHTCCI' 2, liiulogy Club 2, 33 A.Y.l,.g Ur- chcstra 1, 2, 3, fl. Sfillflfl lIu14u1f'rJ'I'. A.Y.l.. -lg A Cappella 2, lixterinr Cnmm. 4, Bi- nlngy Club Z, 51S,l5.l. 2. filjlllllll C'fllU7'.l1fu Inav, li1.l,A ATAIZ SA., Business Rep. 21 Div. Chairman, Biology Club, Class Chairman. slump H11 zum! Pres. Al: Student Cnurt 2, 3. -I. Chairman Prn- batiun Cnmm. -i1 Buartl ivfCUl1Il'Ul -lg News Staff 3, Al, Page litl. -1, As- sneiate Iitl. -1, Senior Cnuneil -lg Glee Club 2. Zinn 1.1fflu'r.n1 K.1lt1r11.1:f1n ilillHl,liY, -IUHN S.A,3 Tau lipsilnn, Nat'l Hon. Snag XX'i'estling Teamg lfmblem Club, Sneial Cnmm., Quilpen, Vice-pres. -S1 Curtain Club, A.Y.l.. -11 Chem- asters. Kellngg Nurlfwwltwx NX. nv- e 7 Gaoufxu, JEAN SA., Al .L., I-I.R.S.G., S.B.I., Pan American, Quilpen, Tau Epsilon, Girl's Emblem Club. I 'inldtvylrmfl llrifllhllll llnnmli HANNIQIIIANN, JULIUS SA., liaslcetball 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Emblem Club 3, fl, Elountlers, Pres. lfimnml Army Air Cmfvi IlAIID'I'I.l?li, joAN S.A., Pan American 3, Glu: Club I, 2, 3, Olli- cer 2, 3, A Cappella 3, Div, Rm. Olhcer 4, Flountlers 1, Tau Ep- silon 2. lhlllzlz zjwrl Ill,P.j.f.'. GIKCASSMANN, FRED S.A. Sec'I-Treas. 4' A L I , - Y.I.., Financial Comm. 4, Student Council 1, 2, 4, Board of Control 4, Inter Class Council 2, Clean Up Comm. 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, Ex- ecutive Comm. 4. SlIfbcII.lllll Illizmii HANNEMANN, GRACE S.A., Elounders 1, Class Rm. Othcer, Div. Rm. Ofhcer, Financial Comm. 4. If I umm! Hc'I't'll,l' Hlliflleii HEEFRON, CHAIILOTTE SA., Business Rep. 1, 2, 3, News Staff, Page Ed. 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Tau Ep- silon 1, 2, 3, Chemasters 4, Quilpen 2, 3, 4, Cur- tain Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 2, 31 A.Y.I.. 3, 4, Kuflrzgg fqllljllfb HANLEY, Doius SA., A.Y,L. 3, 4, Quil- pen 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Sigma 2, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Ep- . 7 4 silon 1, .., 3, . Zinn Lllf47t'l'.l71 ll. nf Clrimgn HMS, MARIAN I'lC7WA'l', MAIIIAN S.A., Tau Epsilon lg Quilpen 2. l"'.I?1llLJflfJflE'I S.A., News Staff 3, 4, Pan American 4. Clit Inld Beloil HECKEIL, AMELIA SA., Financial Comm. 2. Barnmd George W'illi.1m.r HAMILTON, CATHERINE S.A., Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 4, Sigma 3, 4, Sec'y, H.R.S.G. 4, A.Y.l., 3, 4, Flountlers I, Busi- ness Rep. 2. lfI'e1'g1'vu1 Par! HORTER, ROBEIIT S.A., Football 1, 2, Bas- ketball 3, 4, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Biology Club 2, Div. Rm. Ofii- cer 1, 2, 3, Emblem Club 4, Clean Up Comm. 2, 3, Exterior Comm. 2, 3, Track Team 4. Cfirmld IUffl0fJ' -IUN HAYES, SIIIIILIZY S.A., Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 1, 2, Quil- pen 2, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Vice-pres. 4, Glee Clllb l, 2, 3, 4, A.Y.I.. 3, Biology 4. Hmmm! lleniirnz HAGLLIND, EVERETT S.A., Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Orchestra Treas., Div. Rm. Officer. Clirmld lllfllnfi IIIII. nf Teffl. HOCII, BETTY SA., Elounders 1, Tau Epsilon 2, Pan Ameri- can 2, 3, 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 2, Rhythm Club 42 A.Y.I.. 131111117141 U. nf Ariznrm E 1944 SENIOR lln i.s'i'itoM, lll3'l"I'Y NA., Pan American 4, lflountlers l, Clean Up Comm. 3, Business Stall l, Tau lipsilon l, Z, 3, Fashions of the Hour 2, 5, Div. Rm. Otlicer l, 3, Curtain Club I, 2. llmfzwft Vlvllllffllllll jr. lliwin-it, Muium. SA., A.Y.l,. 3. 4, Quil- pen 2, 5, 4, Sigma 2, 5, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Iipsilon l, 2, 5, 4. Zion I.ull1uf.m Il. of Clllliilgll irfnxiws, Mmnis SA., Queen Rollers l, 2, 3, Flounders l. flll. lrffflllll Cade! Nurse Corfu ' s S Hui, Dlil.l'llYNI2 Hiswns, ALAN HIENSIQI., DICK Human, Hoon D. SA., Div. Rm. Utliccl' l. SA., Football 2, Div. Rm. Otlicer 3, Annual Shmp lV'.fi1 l".1, Suze SWE 4- BUSUWSS MRI'- 4, Social Comm, 4, Clean Up Comm, 4, A. Y.l.. 4. Sllllicfflillltj Nr1rIl51r'4'ilc'fIl HuN'risit, SHIRLEY HYDE' ANNE S.A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Quilpen 2, Latin Club 2, lfmpehi News Staff 4, V.F.S.B. 3, 4, Chem- asters 4, Promotion Comm. Z, lixterior Comm, 4. .S'ullferl.n1a' Ohio SIJIH QIUHNSUN, Doioitns S.A., Div. Rm. Sec'y 1, -l, Business Rep. 2. All. G'rrenu'c10d S.A., A.Y.L., Div. Rm. Otlicer 2, 3, 4, H.R.S.G. 3, 4, Biology Club 33 Promotion Comm. 3, Clean Up Comm. 3, Stu- dent Council 1, 4, Social Comm. fliranchl , Girls lfmblem Club 4. Clit told L.m'1em 4' -loiiNsoN, PAT S.A., Biology Club 2, 4, Quilpen 2, Curtain Club 2, Flounders 1, l.atin Club 2. 'Jil Boil' llllrmli' - SA. ,A Student Court Cliiet justice, Class Pres. 51 Tau lipsilon, lixecutive Comm., Board of Control, Student Council, Basketball 2, Golf Team 3, Baseball 4. SuIl1:'1l.1mal li-5 INoAi.i.s, Sumrisis S.A., Girl's Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4, Sec'y 2, French Club 2, A Cap- pella 2, 3, 4, Tau Ep- silon 1, 2, 4, A.Y.I.. 3, Senior Financial Comm. l'izml'npoi'l Rorkfrml jorws, lktfxmiii S.A. Shoop Pelefi liuiiueo College SA., Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Court judge, 5.B.l. 3. 4, Cartoonist limpehi News 2, 5, 4, Annual StaH 4, Class Otlicer 4, Clean Up Comm. 4, Emblem Club 5, 4, Baseball 4. fillimlif firm y Alf Curpi wlacoiinir, From SA., Football Team 2, 5, 4, limblem Club, Pres. 4, Board of Con- trol 4, Baseball Team l, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling Team 2, 3, Intramural Sports. H.Il'IlJHl lllllmii K.-xNN, JUNE SA., Board of Control 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, A Cappella 4, Vice-pres. 4, Div. Rm. Otbcer 3, Biology 2, 3, A.Y.l.. 5, 4. Barnard Murzdeleirz 530. P . A' A KARs'rItANIx, lNlARIl.YN S.A.3 Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4, Capt. 41 Flounders 13 Peppers I3 Fashions of the Hour 23 Kay-Que Rollers 33 Div. Rm. Officer -13 Girls Emblem Club Ll. Sf. lielnil KERNEX', HIQIICE S.A.Q Flounders 13 French Club 1, Z3 Stu- dent Court 23 Tennis Team 2, 3, -i3 Bowling Team 3. lflrldnpml ll. S. N.1I'y Koic, JFANlf'l"I'E S.A. MI. Cluefliwzfzzf KEANE, VIRGINIA KEARSE, FD KENNEIIEY, ROBERT S.A.Q Div. Rm, Oriicer 13 Librarian l. SI. C.1p1.:in lNlrH'ffl1l'eu!c'Hl KETCHAM, BETTY S.A.3 Quilpen 23 Div. Rm. Chairman 1, 33 Class Treas. lg Student Council 1, 33 Flounders 13 Glee Club 2, 3. 43 Pan American -1. Einmml l'. uf Ari,:w1.1 KoI.oIfA, XVILLIAM S.A.3 Intramural Sports3 Bowling Club. Sf. M.n'g.n'el .At'I'IIIl.ll1fiA'.ll ll. S.A.3 Class Rm. Otiicer. Shoop KIIQWAN, JOHN E. S.A.Q Student Court 2, 3, 43 A,Y.L. 43 Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 43 Swim- ming 23 Emblem Club 3, 43 Div. Rm. Officer 1, 2, 3, 43 Student CoIIncil3 Clean Up Comm.3 Biology Club. Clfimfu' L'. S. N.41',Il Reierre KOTTIQMANN, JAMES S.A.3 V.lE.S.B. 1, 23 Pan American 23 Tau Ep- silon 43 Cliemasters 4. CHIIOIKJI S.A.3 Hall Guard I 3 A.Y.I.. 33 Chcmasters 43 Biology Club 43 Air Raid Guard 2. Htlfllalflll l7.C.'.l..A, Krsmz, SUSAN S.A.3 Biology Club 31 Glee Club 2, 3, VlCC- pres. 33 Quilpen 2, 33 Pan American 3, 41 A.Y.L. 43 A Cappella 33 Flounders lg Senior Council, l'.n1de1'.1mel liefufl LA Rocnrrrr, Gaouoia S.A,3 Basketball Capt. 43 Emblem Club. St. Tbefn1'm'e - IUN Krauna, Bois S.A.3 Tau Epsilon. Gary, Ind. Nnlre Dizme KoEIII.I2It, XXfAI.'l'Ell H. S.A.3 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 33 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 43 Curtain Club -13 Pan American 43 A.Y.I.. 3, 43 Otlicefs Club 43 R.O.T.C. l, 2, 3, -13 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Div. Rm. Otlicer 2, -l. lfimrnld Iflfllufi IVIII. uf Terk. LA Ross, JOAN S.A.3 A.Y.l.. 33 Clean Up Comm. 33 Financial Comm, -13 Div. Rm. Otliccr 43 Biology Club 2, 3, -13 limpelii News 3, -13 H.R.S.G. 31 Quil- pen 2, 3. Clin M1141 Dellfifurnl E 1944 SENIORSA I.AWRrsNcr2, MAFGI3liY l.Iil!EDEFF, SUE l.EMON'I', GHOIIGE LEWIS, COLLEEN LINDBERG, EDNA 2-.AQ3ug1lgnlgP53lU2 SLA., A.Y.L., Social S. A., Vic 0 - p r c s . S.A. 3 .Curtain Clubg Pan SA., Postcr Comm., 4: A PII li Ip Comm. fliranchj 3 fBranchJ g Basketball American: A Cappella. Fashions of the Hour. Fa U rigptalmitixl dlmiz' 5qucstrranlChlub 1,Sec'yg Tcagi 3, 4, limblcm Mfcmf, N,,,.,b,,,L,,,,.,.,, S11-adwz ' . l 3 ' iuflillfl C U 2. 31 Tau Clu 4. C Cbirxrgn .At1ldt'lll1' 4, Ch. 4 3 .'.l.. , : .- . . .. , ' 4, liolalrlilnrlr? Ciilrdrol 431 cillrmld NONE Dimlii of IWW AHA Class Otticcr 45 Social 43 deaf, Up Conamf Comm: 43 Intc-r-class 3, 4. cflflnfll 3' , Slzlbwlrrnd I4l14'Vt'7lVL' Clrrrald Dannrmfz lJCH'I'19N5'l'l5lN, JANE LORANCE, ROBERT TFW I.ovrNo, DONALD l.YONS, JEAN LTACNAB, MLJRAG SA., Poppers lg Floun- dcrs lg Tau Epsilon 1, 2, Queen Rollers 15 Div. Rm. Chairman 1, 2, 33 Fashions of thc Hour, 2. Ml. G'ft'l.'7I1l'0Ud M.P.1.C. b4ADDOCK, HELEN SA., Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Epsilon 43 Chom- astcrs 43 Concert Band 4 f,iIif1l'Il0d, Ohio S.A.g Nat'l Hon. Soc., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, Cur- tain Club, Picked Pla- toon 33 Latin Club, Ofticcr's Clubg Non Com. Club, Safety SA., Floundcrs lg Hall Guard 1, 2, Tennis Team 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. l, 2, 3g junior Band 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Board of Control 4g Football 1. Clifmld U.S.C. Guard 3. E.llll071d Cbizxrga U. TWAIN, BARTI. lWAwIFR, HELEN S.A.g Football Team 3, 4, limblcm Club 4, Div. Rm. Officer 1, 41 Fire Guard 4, Air Raid Guard 4. l"rlmfc'rp0c'l Navy Air Corps' SA., Tau Epsilon 4. SL'b7lL'iKl'67' SA., Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Pri.-S. 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 41 Quill and Scroll 4, News Staff 3, 4, Ass't Page lid. 4, Board of Control 41 Financial Comm. 43 V.F.S.B. 2, A.Y.L. 4, Scnior Coun- cil. S141Zwfl.n1d Carleton lYfAllESll, ROBERT SA., Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, Yulv Aw'of1.111lir.1l U. A S.A.1 Clean Up Comm. 23 H.R.S.G. Trcas. 3, 4, 3, 4, Pan American 2, A.Y.L. 3, 4, Biology 2, 3, 4, Ex- terior Comm. 3g Curtain Club 2. Sl4tl1w'l.111rf Dmke' TWARS, TNTARY ELLEN S.A.g A.Y.L. 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 4, Quilpen 4, Biology 2, 3, 4, A Cap- pella 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Ep- silon 1, 2, 3, 4, Div. Rm. Otticcr 3, 4g Glue Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Ilmwr jr, High U. of Chirxrgo . fra ,l V., s' rs. QQ N 34 w. to vu Nga ,TN 3,512 M 'uv , Q Y t J MARTOS, EVELYN S.A.5 Pan American 41 Biology 2, 35 Latin Club 25 Div. Rm. Otlicer 32 Tau Iipsilon l, 25 Quil- pen 2. Clfiiuld Cliff! Ninn' Corfu lWAY, Gzoiusr S.A.5 Tau lipsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 Nat'l Hon. Soc. fig A, Cappella 3. Ex- terior Comm. 3, -15 Foot- ball Team 25 Div. Rm. Othcer 1, 3, News Staff 35 A.Y.I.. 5, ll, H.R.S,G. 3. Slzlbnlzrlrf Kiflllj' Air Crnjo IVTACKIZNZIIZ, jIII.IIi SA. 111141 DI'IlI'y . I MAsoN, Doroiuss MAsoN, Doxoriiv MASON, ROLLAINE SA.: Fashions of the S.A.5 Fashions of the S,A.5 Nat'l Hon. Soc, Hour 35 Peppers 25 Kay-Que Rollers 35 Div. Hour 35 Peppers 2 Queen Rollers 3. Rm- Ufiflflff- Alzgelz Beluil Allgelt Beloit MCCARTIIY, RICHARD S.A.5 Football 2, 32 Wrestling 15 Quill and Scroll: Div. Rm. Otlicer lg Senior Council. Sf. ill.n'g.zre1v U.S.A.A.F. INICKENZIE, Mom S.A,5 A.Y.L.5 Div. Rm. Otlicer 1, 2, 33 Lunch- room Inspector 3. Sutl1erl.1nd Army MACDONAI.D, jov S.A. Cook lNlCMASTER, TOM S.A.5 Concert Band 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 25 Bas- ketball 3: A.Y.L.g In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Councilg Div. Rm. Officer 25 Baseball -l Lmzgfellrzw U. nf Alffbf-Q.lIl Tau Epsilon5 Quilpen Latin Club5 A Cappella Glee Club5 A.Y.L.5 Bi ologyg Chemasters. Cliimfd lflifluli MCINTOSII, LOIIIIAINE News Staff 4. Clii wld MEAIIDON, SHIRLEY ANN S,A.g Nat'l Hon. Soc.5 Tau Fpsilon5 Biology Club. Clfllffill. N. j. Mid:1'lvb1nQI. Vt. 'IUN S.A.5 Curtain Club 23 lNlA'I"l'SON, RQSEMARY S.A.5 Queen Rollers' Div. Rm, Otiicer -l. c'1f..fI1d lNlCKlENNA, VIRGINIA 5,A.5 Pan American 2, 5, 4, Sc-c'y 3, Pres. 45 lioartl of Control 45 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 45 Tau lipsilon l, 2, 3, 45 V.l2.S.B. 1, 2, 3. 41 Quilpen 4 5 Business Staff 3, 4, Curtain Club 41 Biology 2, 3, 4. l '.l!1dw'f1r1cl Ll, of Ari:ur1.I INIEENAN, FRANCIS S A Ilafper E 1944 w SENIORS lNlIiliILlCK, Doito'i'iiY SA., i.lic'inastcrs, Vict-5 pros, -lg Nat'l Hon. Soc. -l, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, -l, Stutlcnt Council 3, fl, Quilpcn 2, 3, 4, Pan Aincrican 3, 4, Vico- prcs. 4 , Financial Comnt. 3, Con. Band Z, 3, 4, Con. Orchestra Sec'y 4. l '.1f1Jnpm'l lunar Sian' Miroko, Blu. SA., liasc-ball 2, 3. 4, Capt., Bowling 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports I, 2, 3, 4, Assembly Guartl, limblcm Club 3, 4. SI, ill.1rg:IreIJ Muitoawovn, BYitoN SA., Intramural Sports, Football Team I, Div, Rm. Officer, Quilpcn 2. lff. I7t'.n'l1unl Purdue Mizviatts, Bia'r'rY Minarovirs, Eurrn Mn.i.iea, EARL lbllI.l.IiR, Ricrmaim E. SA., A.Y.L. 3, 4, Pan SA., Business Rep. 3, SA., Basketball Team SA., Latin Club, Sigma Amcirican I, 1, Biology 4, Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, -1, Intramural Sports 3, 4, Pres, -11 A Cup. J, Clean Up Comm. 2, Class Chairman 3, A 3, 4, pt-lla, Hoartl of Control Promotion Comm. Z, Cappella 3, Glen, Club A1,Af,',H.,,,,.,,,ml -1, Studc-nt Council 3, Div. 5, UI U, Mjunmj M, Vfnmu Rm- Qfhfsf 3' 43 CU' Midlurlzitzn opcration Comm. 4, lux- tcrior Comm. 4. l'.zm1'erpuel I..1u'r'r11tt' M'TCH'5U-- DAVID Mirciinri, jacic NUHR, LOUISE bf0RIARl'l'Y, Main' 5-A-1Af1'RH1dC-Wd 33 SA., Non Com. Club, SAA H.R.S.G. Z, 3. -ll SA., H.R,S.G. 3, Bi- Firc Guard 3, Exterior Comm. 4, Photo Staff 1, 2, V.E.S.B, 2. Umderpoel NESSINGER, LORETTA SA., Flounders 1, Div. Rm. Officer 3. SI. Margaret: Fo.x'B14iimfo Flounders. Shoop Cif7fl'.l'g'!l NIENDORF, JEAN S.A.,A.Y.L.4,H.R,S,G. 4, Pan American 2, 31 Div. Rm. Officer 4. lfrnderpoel llneileqy, Nurting Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Quilpcn 2, 3, 4, Biology 3, Vice-pres., Pres. 4, A.Y.L. 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Asst Lit. Ed. 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Board of Control 4, Div. Rm. Otlicer l, 2, 5, 4. B.o'l1.n'd Dr Prlllll' Noitrusrkum, Cimartzs SA., Floundcrs 1, BL ology 2, Div. Chair- man, A.Y.L. 4, Exterior Comm. 4. l7!.Dr.ofmr11 Culrnudu ology 3, A.Y.L. 4: Camera Club 3, Div. Rm, Officer 3, Sigma 3, Quilpen 3. Bt'.IllJ1l'fN Illirmir O'HA1.t.oRAN, PM' S.A., A Cappella 3, 41 Glcc Club l, 2, 3, 41 Div. Rm. Chairman 1, Student Council 1, An- nual Staff 4, Quilpen Z, 3, 4, Business Staff 2, 3, 4, News Staff 3, 4. Him AI.1u'r L.m'rer1re .a ii' l let! iN OI.sIeN, EVELYN OI.soN, MARILYN RUTH S.A., Red Cross Council 3, 4, Sec'y, Camera Club, Biology, Quilpen, H.R.S.G., News Staff. Sutherland Brigham Young S.A., Flounders 1, Glee Club 2, A Cappella 2, Pan American 3, H.R.S.G. 5, Red Cross Council 4, Clean Up Comm. 3, Probation Comm. 4, Biology 2, 3, 4. EHIIIIVILJ Dv Pnuu' PAYNE, KATIE PFRKIS, JACK S.A., Gym Leader 3, 4, SAA.: A.Y.L. 3. 4, Ass't Class Leader 4. Sz. Margarer Shoop Army Air Corp! PONTIUS, XVILLIAM QUEBBEMAN, GEORGE S.A., Football 1, 2, 4, Emblem Club 3, , Swimming Team 3, Wrestling Team 1, 2, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Div. Rm. Officer 2, 5, 4, S.B.I. 3, Interior Comm. 2, 3, Exterior Comm. 3. Varzderpoel Michigan 5, 4 S.A., Div. Rm. Officer, Emblem Club, Intra- mural Sports, Assembly Guard, Football Team, Mgr., Board of Control, Track Team. St. Margaret U. S. Army OVERFIEI.D, JOHN S.A. Sl. lgnafiu: Pmocowsxi, RICHARD S.A., Basketball, Intra- mural Baseball, Intra- mural Basketball, Bowl ing, Div. Rm. Officer 4 Intramural Volleyball. St. Margarel RADTKE, HENRY S.A., Baseball Team Intramural Sports. PARKER, ELNOR S.A., Promotion Comm., H.R.S.G., Business Staff. McKinley Slevenr - 1' . 'N 2 Cf PAsIc, LORRAINE S.A., Business Rep., Div. Rm. Sec'y. IWI. Green wood PIIELIIS, BARBARA POCHE, AMELIA S.A., Annual 4, Ed-in- chief 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, News Staff 3, 4, Quilpen 2, 3, Sec'y 3, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Board of Control 4, Executive Comm. 4. Suiberlufzd Carlelon Reiss, THOMAS S.A., Div. Rm. Officer, Senior Council, Tau Ep- silon. Kokomo, Ind. Farlbam .IUN S.A., French Club 23 Flounders 1, Class Rm. OHicer l, A.Y.L. 4. Shoop REID, JIM S.A., Picked Platoon, Safety Guard, Wrestling Team, Usher Force. Sntberlimd C bimgo 74l'clL'f7l'7'.f E 1944 SENIORS Rliis, Pfwiucm Rmcosu, VENICE RIZTZFL, LEONE SA., Girls Lilac Clulw S.A.gTa1u Epsilon 2, 31 SA., Floundcrsg Fush- 3, 4. Flounders lg Girls Glee ions of the Hour 2, Bi- Clulw 2, 53 Business ology Club 3. Stuff 2, News Staff 3. BL,,.,,L,,-d Vugug Ifinmrzd' IvfIf1bIl'L'lfC7'II Ricxfum, CARD! Russia, RALPH ROBERT, I-015 SA. S.A.1 Tatu lipsilon SA.: Nat'l Hon. Soc. -ig Sf. Gumv' Roiuus, LOKILAINIZ SA., Glue Club fl. Sl. C.Ilbz'fillU ll1t'Cll!'?lliL'k Roos, Gusmviz Quill and Scroll -ig Tau Epsilon, Quilpeng Bi- ology Club, News Still? 3, 4, Exchange Ed. 4, A.Y.L.g Chemastcrs -1. ll".1.o bington U. of Cbitllgli Rouiuua, VERNA MAE T. S.A. Mi. G'7't'CfIll'llIld I 'ul,f1.1r.ziJ 11 RICHARDSON, Lois RICHARDSON, SALLY SA., A.Y.L. 3, 41 Tau Epsilon 3, Clean Up Comm, 5, Biology Club l, Flounders .11 S.A.g Flountlcrs lg Bc- ginners Band 11 junior Blind 23 Fusliions of the Hour 2. H-R-5-CL 3' 33 Fxfcfllff Einmml Nlming Comm. I3.u'n.1rd f1l'i,2Il?I.l ROBINSON, RAY Roorstins, Dol,Aiu'rE SA., Treiis. fBf1lI1Cllj1 Quill :mtl Scrollg News Stuff 3, 4g Sports lid. Annual 4, Div, Room Chairman l,3,1'l3 A Cappella, U s h c r Force, Board of Con- trol, Football l, 2. Clii wld S.A.1A.Y.L.g Latin Clulw Al. Cw'p1nCfvri,ili Illirmiy Rllsxmxi ir, linwmum RYAN, JACQUIHLINE SA., Bowling Teumg Safety Guard. l'.u1a'vrj1m'f Ilfil1aiJ S.A.: Rhythm Clulwg Bi- ology Club. Html uxzli Illinois . ,.,, ..., . , 05 fa 5 . , X it M 6 .,Q.. Q 3 RYZM, DOROTHY SCHEINEMAN, ELEANOR SCHNEIDER, IRENE SCHNEIDER, JANE SCHNEIDER, JUNE S A Tumi SCIIoRINoER, RAYMONDE SA., Curtain Club 3, 4, Promotion Comm. 3, Clean Up Comm. 3, Rhythm Club 3, A.Y.L., Quilpen 3. Kale SLM' Stephen! SHEMAITIS, REGINALD Swimming Team, Wfres- tling Team, Football Team, Assembly Guard, Lunch Room Guard, Emblem Club, A Cap- pella, Hall Guard, Intra- mural Sports, Baseball Team. Fart De.Iv'b0rn U.S.A.A.F. SA., Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, A.Y.L. 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Aedile 3, Sec'y 4, Quil- pen 2, 3, V.E.S.B. 3, 4, Pres. 4, Biology Club 2, 3, Annual Staff 3, 4, Board of Control 4. Clirmld Carleton SCHOLL, BEATRICE S.A. O'T0ole SHEMAITIS, ROGER SA., Swimming Team, Wfrestling Team 2, 3, 4, Football Team 2, 3, 4, Emblem Club 3, 4. For! Dearborn U. S. Army S.A., Glee Club. Grant Elfrzluzrft SCHROCK, STEPHEN S.A., A.Y.L. 3, 4, Vice- pres. 4, Swim Team 2, 3, 4, Emblem Club 3, 4, Orchestrax2, 3, 4, Sec'y 3, Vice-pres. 4, Pres. 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-pres. 3, Pres. 4, Student Court Judge 4, A Cappella 2, 3, 4, SeC'Y 33 Class Sec'y 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4. Ciiuoid Oberlin SHERFF, JEAN SA. 2nd Vice-pres. 4, Executive Comm. 4, In- terclass Council Chair- man 4, Div. Rm. Officer 1, 2, 33 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Nat'l Hon. Soc., Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Aedile 33 Quilpen 2, 3, 4, Vice- pres. 3, News Staff 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4. Clirmld Grinnell S.A., Flounders 1, Fash- ions of Hour 1, 2, Bi- ology Club 2, 3, An- nual Staff 3. Zion Luiberan Ar! I mlilufe SEALANDER, EDWARD S.A., Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Emblem Club 3, 4, Vice-pres. 4, Assembly Guard 3, 4, Class Rm. Oflicer 4, In- tramural Sports 2, 3, 4. Clirrold U. S. Marines SIEMAN, GEORGE S.A., Football Team 2, 3, 4, Track Team 3, Emblem Club 4, Div. Rm. Officer 3, 4, As- sembly Guard 4, Intra- mural Sports 3, 4. Minneupolir U. S. Mariner ' IUN S.A., Pan American 6, Biology 2, Flounders. Zion Luzberan Cadet Nurxe SEEN, RICHARD S.A., Nat'l Hon. Soc. 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, Non Com. Club 2, 3, 4, R.O.T.C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 2, 3, 4, Chemasters 4, Div. Rm. Oflicer 1, 2, A.Y.L. 3, 4. EJ mond Purdue SMITH, EUGENE S.A., Wrestling Team, Baseball Team, Emblem Club. Barnard Illinoir Plzyr. Ed. E 1944 Smrrir, FlrANr1l2s SMITH, ,IUNE Somins'l'uoM, S11m1.rY SA. SA., A Cappella 1, 4, SA., Biology Club, Cami' 1.1.ufC.'f1ir.i,qv Tau lipsilon I, 2, 5 4, Nat'l Hon. Soc., Latin Vice-pres, 4, Nat'l Hon. Club, Quilpen, Quill Soc. 4, Latin Club 2, and Scroll, Empelii A.Y.l.. 3, Red Cross News Staff, A,Y.I.., Council 3, Treas. 3. Tau Epsilon, Chem- li.n'r1.1n1' Illiuoii i15fCf5- V V Cfli milf I'.nfC.lv1m,uff S'rANsiumY, lNlAlllURlIi SHUI I., liuirvrz,.l. VERNUN SA., Div. Rm. Otlicei S.A. SAA. l, 2, 3, Biology Clulw Alf. G'l'c'U111'uml ,A -- I , - , 1 funlm muh 7 ,a ll ilu Allllfilfj Btlnll Clean llp Comm. 3, 4, A.Y.l.. 71, 41 H.R.S.G.1 A Cappella 2 Q Ulee Clulu 'ag Promotion Comm. 3. Cllimld lflinuii SYl'lfli'l', FIANI1 SA., I, Z, 5, 4, Uriliess tra l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American 3, Biology Clulw Z, Senior Council 4, Glen- Club 2, Div. Rm. Rep. 3, fl. llll. lil'7'lIll71 llvififnl lr. Coll. R n 9 be 4. Y 'l'iaNlNc,A, llrmmw SA., Pres. 4, Sturlent Council Chairman 4, A,Y.l.. 3, 4, Football Team 4 3 Swimming Team l, Z, 3, 4, Inter- elass Chairman 5, Clean Up Comm. I, 2, lim- hlem Clulw 2. 3. 4, lix- eeutive Comm. Chair- man 4. Slrllnwfarld l'1n'Jm .,, 1' V N ,fs 'l'rx'rrie, Aruaifx SA., Sigma 5, Stumleiu lixeliange 3, Mgr. Zinn lmflwmrz Nnrwi Tmirzing S'mrerrr.rQ, Fiuzmarucx NA., Concert Band l, Z, 3, -l, Concert Orch. 1, 2, 3, fl, R.O.T.C. Hand l, 2, 5, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 5, 4, V.l2.S.B. 2, Photo Staff 2, 4, Div. Rm. Ollicer 4, Student Council 4. Furl IjL'tl1',lIH'I? M.I'.'I.C. Smlrgkl AND, Room, SA., Curtain Clulw, Footlwall Team, Business Rep. l7i'll"ill, N. Y. 'l'iioM.'xs, lfMfN-IVNF SA., Div. Rm. Cliair- man l. Sfmufl ll"fH1L'l'f1Jf4'c' ff: S I'ANI.FY, lllI.I. SA., Nafl Hon. SoC. Pres. 4, Tau Epsilon 5, 4, Board of Control 4, Swimming Team 3, 4, Mgr. 4, Capt. 4, Em- blem Club 3, 4, Senior Council 4, Probation Committee 4, Chem- asters 4, Sec'y 4, Tennis Team 5, 4. llfniaxl. N. Y. Crlrllell bui.i.ivAN, lXATlll.lEI5N SA.: Peppers 2, 3. Sl. Cln'islir1.1 BL'1'c'Vf1 lillsfflell Tu sox, BARBARA SA., A.Y.l.. 41 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 41 Tau Ep- silon S, 4, Biology Clulw 5, 4, Treas,, Vice-pres. -lg H.R.S.G., Pan Amer- ican Clulw 4, Clean Up Comm. 3. Slllllwitlllul De Panic' l 'I'oNrsY, Ennis MAE TRUDEAU, GLADYS TUTTLE, ROBERT SA, S.A.3 Class Rm. Officer S.A.3 Non Com. Club 2, Shoop 23 Div. Rm. Officer 43 33 Ofiicers Club 3, 43 File Clerk 1, 23 Lunch Service Guard 2, 3, 43 Rm. Bookkeeper 33 Flounders 13 Concert Mimeo. Oper. 4. Bargil 2, 3, 41 R.O.g.C. m I-l Sta 43 Hall Guar 1, Mldlmum 23 Picked Platoon 3, 43 Marching Band 2, 3. I 'rIf1d61'j70E'l A7'Il1j'AiI' ffarpi Voourz, XX'i1,1.lAM VON HOLST. MARION XXIAINWMGHP MAX R' s.A.- R.O.T.C.' cfm. SA. Treas- tBr2mchJ: 5A-?FO0fballTf1'm 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4g Photo staff Mgr. 43 Nat'l Hon. Soc. 43 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 An- nual Staff -lg Empehi News Staff 43 Inspector of Interior 43 Biology Club 2, 4, l 'mldrfrpoel WALLER, IAWRENCE S.A.3 Non Com. Clubg Officers Club, Service Guardg A.Y.L.g Hall Guardg Picked Platoong Usher Forceg Student Court. E!J?fb.II'f Nat'l Hon. Soc.3 Quill and Scrollg Tau Epsilong Latin Clubg Pan Amer- icang Quilpeng News Staff 2, 3, 4. Szztlzwlizrzd Colwuzab WARD, DON S.A.3 Class Rm. Officer 3. Sulburliznd INYlI1'l!2ll'b',l1Lif7l 23 Baseball Team 2, 31 Wrestling Team 1, 23 Band 23 Flounders 1, 23 Biology Club 33 Curtain Club 4. Ei mom! U. 0fNe1'.1d.z VUASHBURN, Hanky S.A.3 Automobile Regis- trar. Cliimld Army VALCKE, JEAN S.A.g Tau Epsilon 23 Biology Club 2, 35 I-l.R.S.G. 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Div. Rm. OHicer 23 Promotion Comm. 23 A.Y.l.. 3, 43 V.E.S.B. 3. 43 Clean Up Comm. 2, 3. H1111 bam l,r1u'rw1i'c' XWAKEFIELD, Lois S.A.Q Div. Rm. Officer 43 Sigma. VALCKE, JOAN S.A.3 Tau Epsilon 23 Clean Up Comm. 2, 3, 43 H.R.S.G. 3. 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Quilpen 23 Biology Club 2, 33 Div. Rm. Officer 23 V.E.S.B. 3, 4g Exterior Comm, 2, 3, lllllibnm Lau'r'c'!Iz'c' WALKER, Ai.i.isoN S.A.3 Concert Bandg Concert Orchestrag B,rg,,,,d,, Equestrian Clubg Floun- dersg Div. Rm. Officer. Ermrmd U. of Chicago WASHINGTON, RUBY XVATT, BETTY Loi: S.A.3 Floundersg Class SA., H.R.S.G,3 Rhythm Chairman 2, 3. Clubg A.Y.I.. 3, 43 E,,,,,,,,,d Floundcrs. H41 nizru' U. nf Miami ....:::lUN E 1944 S E N I O R S ' ' YV!-.IiGlf, Cmuulfs XX'1ilN121t'r, l,ll,IlAN XX'llla121.12u, B1z'1"l'Y JEAN VUIIITCOMB, ANN vl'll.l.lAM, CQRACIZ C. S.A,g Tuu lipsiluug Olll- SA., Div. Rm. Otliccr S.A.3 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, SA., lfqucstrigum Club lg SA., S.B.T.g Pam Amer- tcrs flllll1QBlllllllllfcjllll- 5. 51 Biulugy Club 2, 3, 4: Frcuch Club 2, 3, Al, icgmg Curtzuu Club, tml, lixcfutivc Comm., Sf, Cjlnjtzflplfyr Latin Club I, 23 Chcm- Biulugy Club 3, -1. A.Y.l..g Flmlntlwsg A l.t. Culum-I of R.O.'l'.C.1 151 I'L'7'l'l Iinmimtu ilSfL'fS'lQN1lf'l Hon. Soc. 11L,,Am,-Lf 11jj,1,,j, Cappella, Class Rm. Arr Raul-l'1rc C1u.lrtl, f.l1l'IUAlSlL'l'S -'lg Div, Rm. Ollucrg llickctl lllntmvu, -lg lflountlcrs,ll. 3, Ll, A.Y.l.. 3, 43 Div. Rm. Olllccr l, 2, 3, Al. Omfcr. Sfmnp Illinois' Clit will Nf11'!ffl1'n'lltr'Il lit Nlrifld HL Init Wu 1 us, RuN,u,n XX'u.mN, ACATIIA XX'll.SUN, DIISANNE WINM-KF, AHCE w'Om,' MARY JANE 5.A.1 A.Y.l..: Rlflfll-ff SA: Div. Rm. Ofllfrr' S.A.Q A.Y.L.. PWS- 41 SA.: Tau lfPSilun 2. 3. S.A.:A.Y.I..1PnuAmcr- lkmtl J, 5, -lg lliclictl I, 21 llalll Clllhlfkl I, Z, Floundcrs, Vifu-pres., .13 Q,,,,u.,-t Blind 1, 2, 3' mm .gl H'R.SlG' 43 Bi, lllilfllllll 'M 'll Nun Cum, 5, tl, Stutlcnt Cuuucil Board of Control Al, lit- 4. 5055, .35 01-CIL 3, .qv Ulngy Club 1' 3x 4' Club '12 5-Ifrty Patrol 5. I, 23,l. 2, 5, Al, ulogy Club 2, 3, Latin guy 4' Via-.pfcgv .32 'I'rmS- ,iz Div. RmA -li ,lJl7Y lf-lllkl 3. 4: CDH- Fire Guaml. Club 21 lntcrcluss Cuun- lrlullmlcl-5 13 Quilpm 33 Umirnmn. cert lldlltl. Slmnlf, Iy'j1j,L.,f,,,.H, cll 2, -lg Stutlcfnt Cuuu- Latin Club 3: NCWS Bllnmmj Illhmif fflinwlfl llliunix fill 41 Tw lilwllfln 13 zl Staff All CHl11lNL'llCL'l1lQl'll A 5-ll-lr? DIV' Rm- Olllffl' Cumm. -ig Prmluctiuu l, I. 3, 3, 4. 13.-i. I l.llf7.ll'.If.fll Ofviu Shilo l',,,1JL'p-ffm! Il. uf c,'!7jl'.l.Qfl Wmnmll. Dmus Wcmm, .lllANl'IA XX'uouwAmw, f.OllNFl.lA XY'mfma, l:I.ORlNli SA. SA., Class Rm. Olllcct' SA., lfluumlcrs lg Pun SA., l:l0lll1LlL'fN lgQuil- Xfwmll llnlftnll fly -I: A.Y.l., Amcx'ia'.ll1 3- PCN l- 32 AAY-In Sfmufv 'fluff 'Qu' 1,f1f'iFIg lflltkl SIJIL' ll.H'71.ll'd Ihzulm limimmr BATTS, ANNIE MAE Belfy Ron Wilron jr. HAMILTON, MABEL Shoop JACKSON, DOROTHY S.A. Shoop IVIUIOH jr. N0 PICTURES BLAIR, Rosle MARIE CULVER, JACK HALEY, DELLA MAE Emzond S.A.g V.E.S.B. 2g Golf S.A. Team 2, 5: Bowling Shoop Wilmn Team 2, 33 Usher Force 2, 5, 45 Div. Rm. Ofli- cer 3g Student Council 33 Non Com. Club 2, 35 OHicer's Club 43 Safety Guard 2, 3, 4. Barnard HARRIS, EVELYN HEALEY, DICK Sfjggp Fl. Dearborn JACKSON, S.A. Shoop THOMPSON, RUTH S.A.g Flounders. Btlffhifd lVilJon Ir. New Mexico ROBERTA LINDE, EUGENE S.A.g Golf Team 3, 45 V.E.S.B., Biology Club 3, 4, Hall Guard Inspec- tor lg Smoking Comm. lg A.Y.L. 43 Assembly Guard. Altgell lllinoii WALLER, LAWRENCE S.A.g Non Com. Clubg Officers Clubg Service Guard, A.Y.L.g Hall Guardg Picked Platoon, Usher Forceg Student Court. Eherharl INN1s, MAEEI. S.A. Shoop STEVENS, DOROTHY SA., Hall Guard In- spector. Midlolhian Chi. Ezfangeliyiir Inf! IUNE 1944 Page 100 IUNE HALL OF FI-IME Most Popular Girl . .. Most Popular Boy . Best Looking Girl . .. Best Looking Boy . Best Dressed Girl . .. Best Dressed Boy Girl with Best Line Boy with Best Line Best Girl Dancer .. Best Boy Dancer .... Most Studious Girl Most Studious Boy Most Bashful Girl . .. Most Bashful Boy . Most Athletic Girl .... Most Athletic Boy Girl with Best Sens Boy with Best Sens Most Dignitied Girl Most Diqnified Boy e of Humor e of Humor I-Iunqriest Girl ...... I-Iunqriest Boy .... Best Couple . . . Cutest Girl .... . . . . .BETH CHATTERS . . . .I-IUMP TENINGA . . . . .MARILYN OLSEN . . . . . .HUGH HUBER . . . . .IEANNE WILSON . . . . .DICK MCCARTHY . . . .GLORIA GEARY . . . . .IOHN GRIDLEY ..........MARGIE ALCOCK ...............GEORGE MAY . . . . .VIRGINIA DAWSON-SMITH . . . . . . . .STEPHEN SCHROCK .......IEAN SHERFF . . . . .DUKE LEMONT . . . . .IEANNE WILSON . . . . . . . .FRED IACOBEIT . . . . .IOAN GEMEINHARDT ................HUGH HUBER . . . . .VIRGINIA DAWSON-SMITH . . . . . . . .STEPHEN SCHROCK . . . . .IOAN GEMEINHARDT PONTIUS IEANNE WILSON-I-IUMP TENINGA CHATTERS AUTOGRAPHS HERFF JONES Chlcago Incorporated Manufacturing .lewelers and Stationers Qualaty Goods Expert Workmanshlp Dependable Servlce Courteous Servlce Our Fnends Iom the C rcle HERFF JONES Chicago William Camp llepresentatlve 32 West Randolph Street Clucago Telephone STAte 2378 Oldest Druggrst On The Ridge PARTINGTON 81 NEWHALL Inc HEXAI. DRUG STORE Phone BEVer1y 4338 4339 11049 51 Hale Avenue BEVERLY PHARMACY I. B. crow. nrh. H. 1. Mark, nrh. 1751 West 95th Street Fountain Service and School Supplies BEVerly 7211 Prompt Delivery Call Beverly 8252 or Good Drug Store Merchandise The Best Equ pped Most Modern and Fmest Drug Store on the South Side MONTEREY PHARMACY 1952 Monterey Ave Morgan Park H A Launspach RPh Luncheons Dinners Sandwiches 10459 South Western Avenue BEVer1y 4061 Complete Lme of Moccasins Loafers and Sport Oxfords for Girls BEVERLY BOOT SHOP Look lor the Florshexrn Sign BEVerly 8570 1648 West 95th Street KADEN S The "Friendly" Department Store 1942 West Monterey Ave. BEVerly 0534 DRY GOODS WEARING APPAREL YARD GOODS SHOES n 1 . f 1. ' . 2. ' 3. ' . ' Then Policies Are Greatly Increasing the Circle ot P M Page 102 GROEN DRUGS Prescrrptron Druggrst Henery H Groen RP11 Phones CEDarcrest 3726 3727 1808 West 99th Street THE HOFFMAN HARDWARE Prompt Delxvery Servrce Specralrzmg m Hardware for the Home and Garden Phones BEVer1y 0420 0421 1906 08 Monterey Ave Chxcago 111 J RAY DAVIS Complete Real Estate Servrce Insurance 1715 West 95th Street Phone BEVer1y 1875 1876 TH E HALE PHARMACY Prescrrptron Druggrst Phone BEVer1y 0257 Your Frxendly Nerqhborhood Drug Store lf lt s Prmtrng-Call TOM COLLINS BEVer1y 5751 E Colhns Prmhng Co 1922 Monterey Avenue BAER S .lumor Department Store The Lxttle Store Domq A Bq Busrneu 10234 Vmcennes Avenue 10245 Beverly Avenue Phone BEVerly 8296 We Delrver DOROTHY MILLER SHOP Beverly Hrlls Newest and Smartest Dress Shop SUITS a COATS Q DRESSES o HATS 0 ACCESSORIES Iumor Sxzes 9 17 0 Mrsses 10 20 0 Women 12 40 BEVerly 1394 1915 West 103rd Street ' 1-:. 1. Former, nm.. D. 1. Wm. nm. I O C I ., . . i . T. . ' ' ' . Page 103 Call and Delrvery Servrce BEVERLY CLEANERS AND TAILORS 9907 Walden Plry o Phone BEVer1y 1888 Rugs Cleaned SUPERIOR TEA ROOM 1757 West 95th Street CEDarcrest 1885 Luncheons Dmners LOVING BROTHERS Qualrty Foods I G A Sore Phones BEVer1y 5900 01 02 1740 West 99th Street Free Delrvery Where .lunrors Love to Shop Alter School COMMUNITY TOG SHOP 1812 West 99th Street BEVer1y 6148 Our 9 to 17 Iuntor Sues Are Sure to Please Fresh Frurts and Vegetables Fancy Grocerres and Qualrty Meats 1819 21 West 103rd Street Phone BEVer1y 7867 68 69 Free Delrvery FELTMAN 8: CURME 1758 West 95th Street Beverly 2126 Shoes For All The Famrly Non Ratron Play Shoes KISKADDON REALTY CO 22 Years Dealing in Morgan Park and Beverly Property Specializing In Fire Wtndltorm and Auto Insurance 11047 Hale Avenue o BEVer1y 4400 PEECHER S Beverly Beauty and Grit Shop Phone BEVer1y 0962 1367 1911 West 103rd Street Chxcaqo ' -". . . e " - ' ' HAI-IN BROTHERS l.G.A. Page 104 .wt .f3kl..,g1 551i - X. . Q1"'.L':. w ,, .. ,na -5:1 W .., -f V iw ee r. ,,-x,-, az . I . 1. R -a if . ,. . tr 11.5- ., 'T ,7 :. .1 'i1.s1"f,w:"Xl,'. ,.., ., .,. . H 1 A . ii -' 'K 3'1'fU:?'.-T' .5 - ' ' .-, iff, L ,iq ,,,, ,V ..iA:,1k -vjlip f-- A,,,S1?i:4' f ,..n 1, T. ..6..,. .V ' " 'df-.TFL-F-' Y Ay- .1 fail , K :lr 1" Ea. :Iii 1, ' 4 vs. 1 ,. . 4 't:1.v '- 1 -fn..' '1.,'fl' ,- .. Y fm. . ., , ,. - ,ff 'S . . V. x s,.... .J , 'JS-, W" ,Ei zu '- "1 'Ti-,rs -fi-Z"f'z-gZ'., - ' 1, I, 6-7..,a:,.,v, A ,U ,. .jp-an "1- H. 1 ing.. :A 1- 1: -.11 'T -Y ' ,' fr f J-f nf- xi, r.. N5, v ., bf' N f 1""..JL , - J is , 4 4-. 4 17-3 ' o. ff: " J: . 1.1 f ,... f"vT.M ' . .,--1 js: v P If ' ' Qwii 7 , : J . rg N '3l'ff??' r , lF'i.f'1, 1' :":'f'-.F '. .W 'I I E.. l w1'::, , 1g4.,. :Q , In x " . 1' .Lxi .n.- 4.1, 1 . 1, ,V ..-fa -ww- ,,. .3 - ,..f. . , 'mf ,ef .'fA.:.e ,. -'- . -' "F-.,," A GE-X k . , ' ' 4 -Hx " , gym 2iugw434Vm. WW 1 Yiifgfiif mi Vfggjfggs R K 9 gb xi! 53 f,l,,.,,y,,,5, f,,11,9, , ggi 0 WZ pk? WA E E V '-,X f ' ,. wi 4:1452 U MS u, GX U ii A Ei Q if M, ij 1519? Mix xx

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