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Ml? WM 60 , -.4 W Jf fgwfwi X iq? 5 fa fa M af Lf0 V is !b' Wy j,.wJLj,"i5L,Q' Myjvgkwl rv 0' Wwfawqfgfx F -A BS S'1wX,Q Aggjggd ' Q'-nf'X 96-in Sq.-u"y H1 r - - f ' - , . x . W ..L Q -,:. , , ' , ,: " " -' .. .,.. Y . . , ..4:,.,..-. ... . ..-..,....-..........,-... -..... -.-.. ......-.-.-.-. - ..-......-....-....................-.....-....-...k...,.-.--.-...-.,....... ...s '::4:::z:::':::':':-:--'- --4-vw-A ' -:.... .,- -.,:,,.., .xl:1,3::::L..::L::,xV.,. :::..,.,.-.-...., ..,.,..,.:.,:.L..::. .31,:2.,:.:33:..m.:::..:?A ,,.-......................... .........::..,..n..... .H - ,. -.:. Q ' - -:-- -r-W f---- My 771 2:00154-Wg"WW OQRQ ' ff nfwafff mx ,M WW 5 of - Di:-3,9 9 in WW 6 Q3 fl if , -f r fr 05133 fMU U63 Qomx K4 of 33 5 if xp 55 Q Q5 5 73-fffi5if,,zf2?55x X Qmif-3fg5 W QQf'J5Qpf2H E3 ,d5 Egg at ,aw x a WWW 'NCD .f M , QA Q D Q, -f,w.m1k. 5. 0 'X -uk f,1, W, ,Q - x ,k I-M N ' f-X - x . B B .0 .x, . f f .rf-Q" ' A, 4 ,-yudl f ' L x, ,Q K , F,f.Nj'1U I 'fl fv' 4 I V1 y g k 1 6 Q l L I ' ' K N 1 x sg gx :N -Y' 4 'L fk. , , as P' f ' , A 1 fs-at .i ,, YY 3- i .V ,A Kg! a M B, .1 's ,. TQ1 L,f,fL,.,,f f M7e-fVw- Z , M' pwifpy, , 1 Q, Ma , M4'f, lLl2 EIHPEHI 1940 Georae Stearns e,vw, ,,W......Editor-in-Chief Beverly Akenhead eee.e,e eeeee Literary Editor Eleanor Drake ,,.... ,,,w,o,,.,Art Editor Bud Tozer ...o.i,,or.o...r oo....,,,,,, S ports Editor Chuck Wurmstedt Business Manaqer JF THE MORGAN PARK HIGH SCHOOL Page 3 H TRIBUTE in ini siuninis Taking its place in the limelight this year is Morgan Park's student body. At the end of an outstanding year, there are numerous accomplishments for which the student body justly deserves a "pat on the back." During the first part of the year, all eyes were focused on the gridiron. The team came through with only two defeats of the entire season. Mid-winter saw a successful production of the dramatic club. The Student Association membership reached a new time peak of 1700. Throughout the school year new ideas brought improvement to the school newspaper. With spring came the annual rose sale which climaxed a bigger than ever clean-up drive. Topping off semester exams, the senior prom proved to be a gala occasion for class-weary students. Accomplishments in baseball and basketball were outstanding. ln May the school year was brought to a most successful close by the musical production. This typifies the spirit of Morgan Park students, doing their best in all they undertake, undaunted by defeat, elated with victory, and happy in all they do-outstanding in a new generation. Congratulations, students, for a most successful school year! TO THE STUDENTS WHO COMPRISE THIS SCHOOL WE PAY RESPECTED TRIBUTE Pam IS HERE THAT WE LEA LIVES AND LIVE TO LEARN PRIZE PHUTUS UF THE YEHR Debby M CUHTEHT5 ADMINISTRATION 'A' SENIORS 'k ACTIVITIES ir SP O R T S ir MILITARY 'A' FEATURES Page 8 'kFACULTY-STUDENT RELATIONSHIP UPILS of Morgan Park are given every opportunity to help themselves, to broaden their horizons, and to learn. The faculty is doing all in its power to assist students along each of these paths. Both parties make up vital parts ct the school, with co-operation as the keyword ot their success. ln helping pupils to help themselves, a branch of the National Youth Administration has been founded. This organization assists boys and girls in securing positions after school hours. With an eye to the tuture, a system has been inaugurated by which juniors are given individual advice and guidance along vocational lines. The greatest ettort is being put forward by the faculty to understand the home environment of each individual through the Parent- Teachers' Association. Open house is maintained each year to acquaint the parents with their children's problems. ln return for this vast interest, each individual does all possible to get the utmost out of his school lite both in academic and extra-curicular interests. FACULTY STUD DR. ESTON V. TUBBS NT RELAT IONSHIPS OUR LEADER SPEAKS N the dedications of Empehi yearbooks, generous recognition has been given in the past to principals and to members of the faculty. lt is only fair that occasionally a number should be dedicated to the students themselves. We older members of the school community need to remember that high schools are maintained solely for the purpose of educating young people for the duties of good citizenship. The student should be the focal element in all school activities and planning and since nearly all the material and work going into the annual is done by stu- clents, they are fully entitled to special consideration for carry- ing through this project of their own planning. The members of the faculty of the Morgan Park High School wish you the greatest possible measure of success in everything you under- take. And in the words of Sir Walter Raleigh we would saye- "Bestow thy youth so that thou mayest have comfort to remember it when it hath forsaken thee, and not sigh and grieve at the account thereof. While thou art young thou wilt think it will never have an end: but the longest day hath its evening, and thou shalt enjoy it but once: it never turns again: use it therefore as the spring-time, which soon departeth, and wherein thou oughtest to plant and sow all provisions for a long and happy life." Hail and farewell to the class of l94O. Page ll i'FACULTY STU CAPTAIN G. G. LORENTZ HE most beloved figure at Morgan Park and worthy object ot our respect and admiration! Cnty a rare personality can maintain strict, lair discipline throuqhout a student body, yet symbolize popularity at its best. His is that personality. He has played a tremendous part in our Student Association which has aiven us valuable character trainina, experience and more fully prepared us to meet adulthood. His intense interest and never-tailinq inqenuity are the very core ct our extra cur- ricular system. Many times his ardent cheerleading and cart-wheels have spurred our teams to victory. A fathornless source oi inspiration and understanding, he is indeed our best friend. N T REL ATIO HIPS Eston V. Tubbs Principal George G. Lorentz Assistant Principal Robert C. Antonides Physical Education Lucy E. Babcock Science Claribel Balsdon Art Alma Bauman English Richard Beardsley Mathematics Bessie B. Bell Science Marie Bellinghausen Language Genevieve M. Brook Adjustment Harriet S. Brown English Margaret Browni' Language William B. Calkins Commercial Anna I. Callahan Social Studies Dorothy H. Cella Social Studies Mildred I. Collins Social Studies Lillian Condit Adjustment M. Meroe Conlan Language Leon I. P. DeAlarid Language Loretto R. Delahunt Social Studies Sgt. V. A. Dennison Military Irene R. Dobski Secretary Laura E. Dole Music Helen Downey English Charles Q. Drummond Mathematics Mary Ellen Dwyer English I. Athena Fischer Home Economics lane M. Gahl Physical Education A. Royall Gay Science George T. Grashoff A t Helen E. Greenfield Clothing lsadore Gross Shop Lewis L. Hall Science Guy D. Hartle Music May B. Hartle Music Anna F. Healy Commercial Harriet A. Hecht Language Wallace Hecht Engineer Evangeline B. Hibbard Librarian Mary F. Holland Language Patricia Hoster' Home Economics Edna B. Hotchkiss Art Ethel Houlihan English Marie E. Hoyler Science Ann R. Hughes Ass't Reg. Curtis Hunter Adjustment M. Katherine lordan Commercial Beulah L. Kemp Language Irma S. Kimmel English Wm. Klingensmith Science Rosalie C. Kurz Physical Education Elsie R. Larson English Isabel Levin' Science Mary G. Livingston English Iulia Lorenz English Eugenie Mackin Social Studies Frances W. Malloy English losephine Mangan English Ruth M. Marsh' Science Duncan I. McGregor Physical Education Curtis Melnick Science Celia F. Merry Commercial Edward I. Meyers Social Studies Iennie Milton Mathematics Genevieve Monsch Science lulia Mooney' Language Lillian S. Morris English Theresa Mulcahy Language Mary G. Nealon English Mary E. Nelson Ass't Reg. Ethel R. O'Connor Mathematics Mary O'Keefe Ass't Librarian Daniel l. O'Neill Industrial Arts Cora E. Petty Language Marsha Pfeiffer Matron Felicia Mae Ponte' Physical Education Elwyn Reed Industrial Arts Robert P. Russell Science Kathryn H. Sands Commercial Ruth E. Schachtlie Commercial Henry Schutzberger Mathematics Viola S. Soderstrorn English H. N. Taylor Science Mary E. Thompson Social Studies Richard Tweedie Head Teacher, Branch Laura Walter Mathematics Bessie H. Weber Art Lillian Weislander Mathematics Mabel M. Wilson Social Studies Emma B. Woodfield Mathematics Louise Young Lunch Room Manager 1' Retired ' Substituted Page l3 -kFACULTY STU Ben Clarke Florence Barry Ethel Fashbaugh Walter Henderson THE FEBRUHRY GRHDUHTES S USUAL, graduating seniors found themselves in a whirl during the month preceding commencement. At the head of the activities was Ben Clarke, president, who handled the office efficiently, assisted by Florence Barry, vicerpresident. A fine job of minute taking and cor- respondence was done by Ethel Fashbaugh, while Walter Henderson served as a competent treasurer. - The grand ballroom of the Knickerbocker Hotel formed a distinctive setting for the Prom. This most unusual room with the vari-colored illuminated glass floor was chosen by Nancy Gregson and her Prom committee. Reminiscences and laughter were prevailing at the class banquet given at Miclcleberrys Florence Barry, chairman of the entertainment committee, arranged for solos by Dorothy Winters and Nancy Story in addition to a reading by Patricia Wolff. Further amusement was shared by the school at the senior assembly, "The Wizard of Ooz", produced by Bud Ranz. After momentous debating, Margaret Smith and her gift committee decided a new radio would be of most benefit to the school. ln the meantime, Florence Winkelman was indusiriously selling announce- ments, while Russel Winkless and Donald Nelson were securinq senior rings. As the members of the February, nineteen hundred and forty gradu- ating class stepped forward to receive their diplomas, it was agreed that they were following along in the same road with the same high ideals as their predecessors. Page 14 NT RELAT IONSHIPS Ben Clarke Ruth Burnet l Fritz Minuth Florence Barry 5 FEBRUARY WHU'S WHU IVACIOUS Ruth Burnet is an excellent example of a scholar and an executive. Her long list of extra-curricular activities include membership in the National Honor Society, seven semesters in Tau Epsilon, French Club, Quilpen, Town Meeting, Latin Club, but we could go on forever as Ruth has certainly been very active and efficient. Fred Minuth, athlete, scholar, and executive, has worked hard to obtain the many honors which he may now claim. One of Empehi's most outstanding athletes, "Fritz" was captain of the l939 football team. His other activities include membership in the National Honor Society, Tau Epsilon, Student Court, and Inter-class Council. Success will always follow "Fritz". Chosen by her senior class as the most popular and best-looking girl, Florence Barry was also vice-president of her class. Her ability to Work Won for her many positions. Her cheerfulness and pleasant personality make one want to call her "my friend". These and other valuable characteristics will assure her a successful future. Because of his reputation of being an excellent leader, Ben Clarke received the honor of becoming the president of his graduating class. He distinguished himself scholastically by being a member of Tau Epsilon for four years and a member of the National Honor Society. He will always be remembered for his alertness, efficiency, and Courtesy. Page 15 Azzarello, Ioe S. A.: A. Y. l... 3, 4: Dra- matic Club l: Emblem Club 3, 4: Cvoll Team 3, 4: Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball Team 4. Clissolcl Purdue Bain, Lucille S. A.: A. Y. l.. 3, 4: Social Committee l: Dramatic Club 2: Elmllfelll News 3, 4. Clissolfi Illinois Balwanz. Rosemary S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Peppers 3, 4: Salesmanship Club: Fashions ol the Hour: Room Officer l, 2, 3: Commercial Club. St. Barnabas Burrouqlis Barber. William S. A.: A. Y. l... 3, 4: Zo' oloqy Club 2: Wrestlinq Team l, 2: Golf Team 3: Spanish Club l, 2. Barnard lllinois Barnes, Gustav S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Concert Band: R. O. T. C.: Marcliinq Band: Protective Patrol 4: Track Team. Slioop Wilberiorve Barr, Natalie S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 3, 4: Peppers 3. Forest Ridqe Fox Barry. Florence S. A.: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Shall We Dance? l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3: Zoology Club 3: Grils' Emblem Club 4: Vice Pres. 4: Vice Pres., Senior Class: Pan American Club 2, 3, 4: Inter-Class Council 4: Student Council 4. Fort Dearborn Lindenwood Berger, Iacqueline S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 3: Girls' Glee Club 4: A Cappella Cliorus 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour 3, 4: Vice Pres. 4: Town Meeting 4: Senior Class Council. Vanderpoel Wisconsin Blevins. Bob S. A.: A. Y. l.. 3, 4: PIO- motion Comm., Co-Chair.: Ine tramural Basketball 2, 3: ln- tramural Baseball 2, 3. Clissold Washinqton Bloom. Marion S. A.: Room Oificer l, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Salesman- ship Club 4, Pres. 4: Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 4: Zoology Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4: Fashions of the Hour 3, 4: Board of Control 4: Senior Class Council 4. Clissold Cliicaqo Brandt, Georgian S. A.: A. Y. L.: Salesman- ship Club. Eernwood Unde-ride i Burnet. Ruth S. A.: Branch vice-president: Natl Honor Society 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Quill 6- Scroll 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Empe- lii News 3, 4, Editor 4: Board of Control 4: Executive Com- mittee 4: Senior Class Council. . De Pauw FEBRUARY GRADUATES OF 1940 Page I6 Calder. Lorraine S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 Vice-President 47 Empehi News Staff 3, 4. Ft. Dearborn Little Co. of Mary Carey. Iverne Elizabeth S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop George Williams Clarke. Ben S. A.7 Class President l, 47 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 3, 4, Vice-President 47 Nat'l Honor Society 47 Basket- ball Team l, 27 Swimming Team 2, 3, 47 Student Council l7 Financial Comm. 3, 4. Southerland Michigan Clegg. Forest S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: B. Q. T. C.7 Bowling Club 27 Usher Force 3, 47 Athletic Guard 2, 3, 47 Senior Class Council7 Color Guard. Vanderpoel Oxford Clemens, Iack S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Senior Class Council. Clissold M. P. l. C. Crane, Mercedes S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Sales- manship Clubf Fashions ot the Hourg Peppers7 Commercial Club7 Division Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4j Intramural Sports 3, 4. Mt. Vernon Fox Crockett, Beverly S. A.7 Latin Club 2, 3, 47 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 47 A Cappella 37 Town Meet- ing 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 V. E. S. B. 37 H. R. S. G. 4: Annual Staff 3. Vanderpoel Wellesley Curtis, Gertrude S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Sales- manship Club. Mt, Greenwood Business Daniels, Grayce Iohn D. Shoop Wilson, Ir. Danolic, Evelyn S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Sales- manship Clubg Fashions of the Hour7 Dramatic Club7 Glee Club. Clissolcl Bryant 5. Stratton Davenport, Bazell S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Chicago Teacher Davidson, Lois French Club7 Girls' Glee Club 47 A Cappella 3, 47 Dra- matic Club l7 Fashions of the Hour7 Student Association7 A. Y. L. 3, 4. Sutherland De Pauw Day, Ruth S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 47 Latin Club 7, 3, 4: Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Girls' Emblem Club 47 A Cap- pella 37 Fencing Club 37 Division Boom Ofticer l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 4. Fernwood Milwaukee Downer De Beukelaer, Frances S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 French Club 3, 47 Town Meeting 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 27 Nat'l Honor Society 4, Treasurer 47 Dramatic Club l7 Student Council 47 Room Otti4 cer 3, 4. Sutherland Lawrence Page I7 de Crespiqny, Michelle S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, A Cap- pella 3, Boys' Glee Club iPianistl 2, French Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 3, 4, Information Bureau 4, Business Staff 4, Room Offi- cer l, 2. Vanderpoel Dennison Dickinson. Philip Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling Team 3, Track 7, S. A., A. Y. L. 2, 3, 4, Room Officer l, 4, Emblem Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Student Council 4, Senior Council. Clissold Texas Christian Dixon, Daniel Wrestling, Emblem Club, Spanish Club, Student Court, Protective Patrol S. A., A. Y. L., lntramurol Basketball, In- tramural Volloy Ball, lntra- mural Baseball. Shoop Northwestern Dunbar, Virginia S. A., A. Y. L., Commercial Club, Salesmanship Club, Fashions of the Hour, Dancing Club, Stamp and Coin, Dra- matic Club, Fencing Club, Botany Club. Central Park U. of S. C. Ekloii. Hazel S. A., A. Y. L., Tau Epsilon I, 7, 3, 4, Nat'l Honor So- cicty 4, French Club 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, 4: Girls' Em- blem Club 4, President 4, Board of Control 4, Division Room Officer l, 2, 4, Town Mootiriq Club 4. Barnard M. P. I. C. Ewing. Nancy Division Room Officer l, Tau Epsilon 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, Empelii News Stafi 3, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Ouilpen 3, Treasurer 3, Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Secretary 3, French Club 4, Promotion Committee 4. Clissold Beloit Fashbaugh, Ethel S. A., Branch S. A. Treas- urer, Secretary of Senior Class, Commercial Club, Salesmanship Club 4, Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 4, Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 4, Zoology Club 4, Stu- dent Council 2, 4, Executive Committee l. Clissolcl U. Oi C. Fisher. Dorothy S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Botany Club 3, Treasurer 4, Fencing Club l, 2, Senior Council, Riding Club 4, Fashions of the Hour 4, Promotion Committee 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves l, 2, 3. Clissolcl Frances Shimer Flint. Audrey S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Busi- ness Staii 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, Human Relations Club, A Cappella 2, Girls' Fencing Club 2, Botany Club l, Divi- sion Room Officer l. Sutherland Illinois Fredrickson. Viola S. A., H. R. S. G., Division Room Officer 2, 4. Vanderpoel Wilson l. C. Friday. Bill S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Swim- ming Team 2, 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 3, 4, Intramural Vol- loy Ball 4, Basketball 2. Sutherland U. of Arizona Friel, Mary S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Shall We Dance?, Division Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Girls' Emblem Club 4, Vice-President 4: Fashions of the Hour 4, Presi- dent 4, Business Staff 2, 3, Board of Control 4, Intramural Sports 3, Girl Reserves l, 2. Fort Dearborn Vera lane Modeling School Sutherland Arizona FEBRUARY GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 18 Gans. Marie Girl Reserves l: Dramatic 1: Room Officer l, 2: Tau Ep- silon l, 2: Salesmanship Club 4: Glee Club 4: S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Clissold Business Gordon, Robert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Senior Council: Student Council. Fernwood Wilson Ir. Graham. Everett S. A.: A. Y. L. 2, 3, 4: Hu- man Relations 4. Sutherland Gregson. Nancy S. A.: A. Y. L.: Latin Club 3, Vice-President 4: Dancinq Club 2, 3, President 4: Presi- dent Sophomore Class: Fi- nance Committee 2, 3, 4: Board of Control 3, 4: Inter- Class Council 2: Clean-up Committee 3, 4: Promotion Committee 2, 3, 4. Clissold U. of Wisconsin Grossman, Bemice S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: A Cap- pella l, 2: Fashions of the Hour l, 2, 3: Botany Club: Promotion Committee: Drama- tic Club: Town Meeting: Busi- ness Staff: Annual Staff: Art Staff. Clissold Northwestern Hack, Mariorie S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Botany Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: V. E. S. G. 3, 4: Girl Re- serves l. Barnard Northwestern Hall, Edward S. A.: A. Y. L.: Football 2, 3: Bowling 2, 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Northwestern Hamilton. lack S. A.: A. Y. L.: H. R. S. G. 4: Football l: Track l. Central Park Southern California Hannemann, Ruth S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4: Ouilpen 4: Commercial Club 4: Sales- manship Club 4, Secretary 4: Taxi F "U i " 3, 4: Intra- mural Sports 3, 4. Clissold Chicago Hatfield. Ieanne S. A.: Student Council l, 3: Botany Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres- ident 3: Latin Club '7, 3: Ouill and Scroll 4: Inter-Class Coun- cil 4: Class President 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3: Empehi News 3, 4: Division Boom Officer 2, 3. Vanclerpoel Chicago Hawethorne, Roy S. A.: A. Y. L. 4. Clissold Illinois Heckman, Howard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Foot- ball l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Room Chairman l, 2, 4: Intramural baseball 2, 3, 4: Intramural wrestling 2, 3. Sutherland Duke Hedrick. Edward S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4, President 4: Promotion Committee 3: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 2: Board of Con- trol 4: Emoehi News 3, 4: Track 1, 2, 3. Barnard Wisconsin Heinlein. Edward S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Fernwood Illinois Paqe 19 Henderson, Walter S, A., Branch Secretary l: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Secretary 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, President 47 Board of Control l, 2: Swim- mina l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 47 Boys' Emblem Club Z, 3, 4: Division Room Officer 2, 3: Inter-Class Council 3, 4: Class Officer 3, 4: Student Council 3. Clissold Niaqfirri Heuman. Iune S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 47 'lou Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Finance Committee 3, 4: Student Coun- cil l7 Division Room Officer l, 77 Botany Club 37 Erencli Club 3: A Cappella 37 Senior Council 4. Vanderpool Grinnell Hillman. Charles S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 47 Foote ball 2, 3, 47 Swimming l7 Dramatic Club l: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Division Room Officer l, 3, 47 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Bovs' Emblem Club 3, 4, Clissold Duke Hilton. Robert S. A.: A. Y. l.. 3, 4: Division Room Officer l, Z, 37 Football l, 27 Swimmina 7, 37 Empehi News 37 V. E. S. B. 3, 47 Senior Council 4. Ryder Northwestern Holm. Warren R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 27 A Cappella 37 V. E. S. B. 4. Vrtriclerqiool Unrlecirierl Howieson, Bonnie Lee S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4: Quilpen 2, 37 Fenrrinq Club 27 Room Officer l, 2, 37 Empehi News R, 3. Mt. Vernon Bryn Mawr Iones. Erie S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 37 Stamp and Coin 47 Board of Control 47 Dra- matic Club 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4: Finance Com- mittee 3, 4: Intramural Sports 3, 4. Lawrence Rose Polytech. Johns, Lolita A Cappella. Shoop Wilson l, C. Iohnson Bette S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club: Empehi News: Branch Board of Control: A Cappella, Clissold Wilson l. C. Iohnston. Dorothy S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Fencino Club 3: A Cappella 3: Zooloav Club 7, 37 V. E. S. B. 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4, Treasurer 47 Room Officer 3, 4. Vanderpoel Milwaukee Downer Lauermcm, Paul S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanish Club: R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 4: Division Room Officer 2: Ath- letic Guard: Usher Force: Col- or Guard7 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Purdue Legatzke. Lorraine S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3, 47 Girl Reserves l, 2: Zoology Club 2, 3: French Club 37 Fencing Club 37 Girls' Emblem Club 47 A Cappella 3: V. E. S. B. 4, Vanderpoel Northwestern 'FEBRUARY GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 20 Mathers, Iohn S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball Team: Room Officer 2, 3: Stu- dent Council 3: Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. Barnard Armour Tech. Mathews. Edvthe S. A.: A. Y. L. Clissold Purdue Mathis. Howard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Swim- mina Team l, 2, 3, 4: B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Non-Com Club 2. President Z: Officers' Club 3, 4: Student Court 2, 3, 4: Usher Force l, 2, 3, 4. Vanderpoel lllinois Matthews. Marcella S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Fencing Club. Secretary 2, 3: Ouill and Scroll 4: Division Boom Offi- cer l, 2: Dramatic Club l: Tau Epsilon l, 2: Business Staff 3. Sutherland Purdue May. Robert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Soon- ish Club 3, 4: Zooloqv Club 3, 4: Dramatic l, 2: Basket- ball 7, 3: Tennis Team 4: Golf Team 2: Bowling Team 4: lntrfrmural 4. Clissold Purdue Mcl-Heavy, Charles S. A.: A. Y. L.: Soanish Club: Emblem Club: Bowlinq Club: Baseball Team. Mt. Vernon Illinois McGaughy. Bruce S. A.: Student Court ludqe lBranchl: D ra m a t i c Club fBranChl: Spanish Club: Stamp and Coin Club 4: Tennis Team 4: Intramural Baseball 4: ln- tramural Bowling 4: Golf Team 3. Plisscld Purdue McKee, Suzanne S. A.: Salesmanship Club: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Vanderpoel Michael Reese Miller, Ruth S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood U. of S. C. Mills, Lois S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship Club l, 2: Division Boom Officer l, 2. Vanderpoel Mizen Acad. of Arts Minuth. Fred S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Football Team l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball Team 3, 4: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 4: Class Officer 3, 4: Division Room Officer l, 2, 3. Vanderpoel Dulce Moffat, Ianette S. A.: A. Y. I.. 3, 4: Sales- manship Club: Division Room Officer l, 2, 3. Clissold Chicago Art Inst. Mortimer. Ted S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon, l, 2, 3, 4: Finance- Committee 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4: Student Council 2: Senior Council: Nat'l Honor Society, Vice-President 4: Intramural Baseball 4. Sutherland Dartmouth Moseley. Samuel S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Intra- mural Sports. McCosh Tuskeqee Inst. Paqe 21 Moysey. Bob S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Swim- minq Team 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: Spanish Club 3: Latin Club 2: Stamp and Coin I, 2. Vande-ipoel U. of S. C. Myren. Fred S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer. Mt. Greenwood Naylor. Mariory S. A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 4: French Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4: Zooloqy Club 3, 4: Empehi News Staff 3: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Clissold U. of Chicago Nelson, Donald S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Non-Com. Officer 2, 3: Officers' Club 3, 4: Division Room Officer 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 3: Nat'l Honor Society 4: R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Sutherland Armour Nelson, Iune Bemice S, A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 3: Division Room Chairman l. Clissold Undecided O'Keeie, Evelyn S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Pan- American Club 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 3: Senior Coun- cil. Mt. Vernon Fox Potts, Charlotte S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: A Cap- pella 3: Girls' Glee Club 4: Fashions of the Hour 4: French Club 4: Dramatic Club l. Sutherland DePauw Pringle. Ward Sutherland Illinois Rantz, Robert S. A.: Executive Committee 4: Promotion Committee 4, Chairman 4: Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4: Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, Presi- dent 3: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Ath- letic Commission 3, 4: Board of Control 3, 4. Dixon Southern California Reichert. Ruth S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4, Treasurer 4: Pan- American Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres- ident 4: Ouilpen 2, 3, 4: Em- pehi News 3, 4: Senior Council 4: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4: Divi- sion Room Officer 2, 3, 4. Clissold Undecided Richter, Dorothy S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 1: Salesmanship 3. Mt. Greenwood Undecided Roberts. Edward S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. R. S. G. 3: Intramural baseball 4: Intramural Volley Ball 4: Intramural Basketball 4: Band l, 2: Stamp and Coin 1. Shoop Northwestern FEBRUARY GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 22 Roberts. Florence S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Wilson I. C. Rogers, Nahaz S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. R. S. G. 3: Swimming 2, 3: Track 2. Shoop Hodward Scott, Shirley S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: An- nual Staff 4: Class Officer l, 2: Division Room Officer l, 2: Fashions of the l-four 3: lnter- Class Council l, 2, 3, Chair- man 3: Clean-Up Committee 3, 4: H. R. S. G. 4: Girls' Glee Club 4. Vanderpoel De Pauw Shaw. Betty Lou S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Ouilpen 3: Peppers 4: Salesmanship Club 4: Orchestra 3, 4. Springfield Moser Sloane, George S. A.: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Division Room Officer l, 2: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 3, 4, CoAChairman 4. Sutherland Michigan Smith. Margaret S. A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Financial Com- mittee 3, 4: Student Council 2: Ouilpen 3, 4, Secretary 4: French Club 3, 4: Dancing Club 2, 3: A Cappella 3: Glee Club 4: Division Room Officer 2, 4: Senior Council 4. Vanderpoel Grinnell Smith, Richard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Divi- sion Room Officer Z, 3, 4: Student Council 3: Swimming 3, 4: Tennis 3: Promotion Committee 4: Protective Patrol 4. Sutherland Tennessee Stevens. Dorothy S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Room Officer 1, 2: Peppers 3, 4. Barnard Undecided Story. Nancy S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 1: Girls' Glee Club 4: A Cappella 3, 4, President 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Board of Control 4: Division Room Chairman l, 2, 3: Student Council l, 2, 3. Clissold Carleton Stromberg, Warren S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Football I, Z, 3, 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Usher Force 3, 4: Non-Com. Club l, 2, 3: Room Officer l: Officers' Club 4: Senior Coun- cil 4. Sutherland Duke Trowitch, Robert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Chairman 4. Clissold Northwestern Wachter. Grace S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4, President 4: French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Zoology Club 3, 4: Girls' Em- blem Club 4, Treasurer 4: Board of Control 4: Division Room Officer 4: Town Meet- ing 4, Vice-President 4. Barnard M. P. I. C. Waggoner, Dorothy Lou S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Empehi News 3, 4, Associate Editor 4: Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Secre- tary 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 4, Secre- tary 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Ouilpen 4: French Club 4: Dramatic Club 3. Vanderpoel Northwestern Walsh. Iames Pat S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Base- ball 4: Basketball 4: Intra- mural Sports 4. Poe Undecided Page 23 Bell, Howard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3. 4: B. O, T. C. l, 2, 3, 4. Palos Park Armour Tech. Burnley, Carrie A. Y. L. 3, 4: Iunior Band 2. Shoop Northwestern Fisher. Franklin Sl. Catherine Undecided Gilmore. Vera Lee S. A.: A Cappella l, 2, 3: Division lioorn Officer. Shoop Wilberforre Hagebusch, Herbert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer I, Z: lntramural Sports 2, 3: Athletic Guard 3: lnter Class Basketball 4. 'Zion Lttfherttrt Northwestern Wertz. Mary S. A.: A. Y. l.. 3, 4. Armfnir Chicago White, Mariorie S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: A Cap' pella 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Division Roorn Officer 3: lf. B. S. G. 3: Botany Club 4. Barnard lllirtois Willer, Shirley S. A.: A. Y, L. 3, 4: A Cap- pella 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour 4. Ft. Dearborn Auqustana Winkelmann, Florence S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Nat'l Honor Society 4: Salesman- ship Club 2: Peppers 3: Senior Council 4: Spanish Club 2, Gage Park Fox Page 24 FEBRUARY GRADUATES OF 1940 GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES Iunkune, George S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Brvn Officer l, 2. Clisstlgl Aeronautic xl U. Kaupas, Iulia S. A.: A, Y. L, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Safety Committee 4. Mt. Greenwood Undecided Klecka, Elizabeth S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Dra- mitic Club l. lVlt,Greenwood Centenary Krueger, George Sutherland Undecided Schmitt. Fred S. A.: V, E. S. B. 3: Baseball 4: lntrarnural Baseball 4: ln- tramural Volley Ball 4. Barnard Texas Christian Searles. Barbara S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 2: Annual Staff 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, Z, 4. Clissold Wisconsin Smith, Eva S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship Club l: Volley Ball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4. Shoop Wilson I. C. Wesley, David S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Band 2, 3: Protective Patrol 4: Hall Guard l, 2: Intramural basket, ball 4: H, R. S. G. 4. Shoop Northwestern Yursis. Bernard S. A,: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Intra- mural Sports 3, 4. lVlt.Greenwood Undecided Winkless. Russell S. A.. R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4. Officers' Club 3, 4, Vice-Presi: cient 4: Non4Com. Club l, 2: Tau Epsilon 4: Usher Force 9, 3, 4, l-lead Usher 4: Ath- letic Guard 2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Senior Council 4: Board of Control 3, 4: Student Court 3, 4, lustice 4. Vanclerpoel Northwestern Winters, Dorothy S. A.: French Club 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: A Cap- pella 3. Clissold Denison Wolff. Patricia S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Ouilpen I, 2: Latin Club 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4: A Cappella 3: Board of Control 3. Clissold Stephens Zarth. Betty S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3: Latin Club 4: Cheerleader 2, 3: Dancing Club l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3, Secretary 4: Se- nior Council: Emblem Club 4: Board of Control 3: Student Council 4, Ft. Dearborn Cornell Most Popular Girl ,,.,,,, Most Popular Boy ..,,,rrl Best Looking Girl .,,..,, Best Looking Boy ,,...,,., Best Dressed Girl w..,,,,.,, Best Dressed Boy ,,.,,,,, Girl with Best Line ,..i. ,,c..,,,,,.Florence Barry ,,,,,..,,Walter Henderson ,,,Florence Barry c,.,,,..l,,cDick Smith,Barbara Searles ,..,t..,,Buss Winkless c.c...w...Barhara Searles Boy with Best Line t,.ei,, .,,,.,.w..... B ill Friday Best Girl Dancer ,,,. eee,,.i.,, N ancy Gregson Best Boy Dancer ,,.,ee.e ,,,..eee, .,..,,,.e,.e, B o b Blevins Most Studious Girls e,,e Yee.,.eew D orothy Lou Waqqoner Most Studious Boy .,YY.,,.., .,.,,,.,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,.., B en Clarke Most Bashtul Girl .i,e...,., eew,..i,, D orothy Lou Waqqoner Most Bashtul Boy .,ee ,,.,ee ,,.,ew H owie Heckmann Most Athletic Girl .i,,.,,. .Y.,,,. G race Wachter Most Athletic Boy .ce,. .,,,.....c..,,., ,,.,ccc.,, F r itz Minuth Girl wlth Best Sense ot Humor Y,,. Boy with Best Sense ot Humor .,,,... N . Lutest Girl i,,..,,,,,,.,,i,.,, ,,,,Y,..,,,,,.,, Most Diqnitied Girl ,,..,,... ...mcwelean Hatfield t.,,,.UCharles Hillman t,,,,...,,Sally Guyol ..,,,c,,.Mariorie Naylor Most Diqnified Boy ,..,,,,cw ,,...,.,wc, B en Clarke Hunqriest Girl eea..c.,,.i, ..,t,c. L ois Mills Hunqriest Boys, ,, , .cw,,..,,,,..,icc,,.,i,,,,cw.,i,,,,.. Bill Friday Best Couple ee.c,..e, t,.i.icc S ally Guyol and Bill Friday FEBRUARY HALL OF FAME Page 25 'kI-'ACULTY STUD Bob Van Etten Barbara Mulberry Beatrice Stockdale Bud Tozer lHE IUNE GRADUATES PTEB days packed with new experiences, the lune class stepped forward to receive its diplomas and face the world. There was the allfiniportant banquet given at Miclcelberry's and the never to be for- gotten senior play directed by Betty f-leadland. On that day the entire class put aside its role of sophistication and enjoyed itself in presenting "ZX Day at Morgan Park." The master minds, supervising activities, were Robert Van Etten, president, Barbara Mulberry, vice-president, Beatrice Stockdale, secre- tary, and Forest Tozer, treasurer. Bob Van Btten and "Bud" Tozer, proved they were both popular and efficient. Barbara and Beatrice have had many extra-curricular activities to their credit and are excelf lent students as well. With the opportunity to purchase a recordio as the class gift, the class agreed it would be most beneficial. ln charge of arranging the commencement program was Dick Miller, while lack Spence headed the Cap and Gown committee. Lois Wirtschoreck directed the announce- ment committee. Bidding Morgan Park a sad farewell, two hundred and eighty-three seniors looked hopefully forward into the fgture. P13 26 NT RELAT IONSHIPS Dick Miller Barbara Mulberry Bud Tozer Patsy McCune IUNE WHU'S WHU ICK MILLER combines the abilities of high scholastic stand- ing, athletic prowess, and leadership. He is a member of the Executive Committee, on the baseball and basketball teams, and holds the position of "his royal highnessf' King of Empehi. Patsy McCune is a girl of unusually grand personality. She has been active as second vice-president of the Student Associa- tion and as head of the Social Committee. Her ability as a leader will bring success to her in everything that she shall undertake in the future. When leadership, scholarship, dependability and friendli- ness are mentioned at the same time, one immediately thinks of "Bud" Tozer. Being forced to give up sports because of an injury resulting from football, Bud centered his efforts on cur- ricular activities and scholarship. Smiling, efficient, Barbara Mulberry has been very active during her four years at Morgan Park. It was a pleasure to work under her. The A.Y.L. had a successful year with Barb as president, and the vice-presidency of the senior class was an- other of her many well done jobs. With her ability, Barb will go far. Page 27 Abbott, Mollie S. A,7 Quill and Svroll r, 47 Ouilpen fig Zooloqy 7, 3, 47 Drcrrnatir' Clult 2, 3, 4, Pres ifir-:nt 47 Girls' C-loc Cluli 37 liottrfl ol Control 47 Errrootn News fi, 47 Tau Epsilon l, fl, .l, 47 liiclintg l.It.lf. Vlissrflrl lvlirltiaarr Adams, George fl, A.7 A. Y. lu. fl, 47 lqootliall 3, 47 VVIt'SlllllV4 ll, 47 Hmlloin Clulr fl, 47 lntrarnural Sports l, 7, fl, 47 llorirrr Cltrrirrnrrn fl7 Stuclttnt Cffinnvil. Vtirrrivrrrrtv-l llritiofizierl Adams. Gervaise S. A.7 A, Y. l..7 Btisketlttill. Slioort Armour Akenhead, Beverly S. A.7 Annual Stall 3, 47 l..itrJrrrry llcl ttor 47 Business Stall fi, 47 Zoology Clula 7, fi, 4, llllfffliilllfrl 47 llrtrrrirrtit' Clulf X7 Girls' Glory Clulv 37 Prorno- tion Corrnriittrfo 47 'l'au Eps1lo"i 47 llivisirrn Uliivf-r 77 V. F. fl, H 4. Cliss: l'i lllicrnn Alexander, Doris fi. A.: A.Y.L.f71, 4. Cilltftrt Avarlomy Dillfrrcl Alm. Charles ii. A.: A. Y. l.. 47 Fttcgtltrill fl, 47 Division Hoorn Oliivrfr 47 Wrffstirrfr 47 ll. O. 'lf C. 37 llnnrfrn Hf-ltrtions Se-r v ic'12 innlcl A7 lrark .l. lifirrrarrl Vt'ilson Apkinq, Grace Ioy S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Dancinq Crt l, 2, 3, 47 Emblem Club f' llart-Arnfarican Club 2, 3, 47 Fashions of the l-lour Ili Tau lxrtsilon li, 47 Division Room Cllirer 47 Student Council 2, 4, lrfrt Doarlvorn Vtlr-stern State Kalamazoo Armstrong, Barbara S. A,7 A. Y. L. 3, 4: Girls Cilfxfl Clulv l, 27 A Cappella l, 77 Fashions of the l-lour7 Botany Club l, 27 F ren L' lt Clnli l. Clissolci Michigan Armstrong. Clarence F. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Football 1' ff, f'7 Wrestlinq 4: Emblem Cult 3, 47 A Caopella 47 Pro- 'I wtive Patrol Committee 47 l-asrlwall 47 lntrarnural Sports Fwoorv Willweriorre Baldridge. Charles F. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Bowiinq C uli 3 47 Ernblern Club 3, 47 Vrnv elti News Staff 47 Annual Tfrll 47 Baseball 3, 47 Flocm Cl'ic"1r 47 lntrarnural Sports. Varylcind Southern Calif. Ballwanz, June 7. A.7 A. Y. l.. fl, 47 Sales- 'wf nsliip Club. llZ1"1I7IC'l Little Co, of Mary Bannon. Caroline F. A.7 A, Y. L. 3, 47 Latin i'Lr.b 7, Qi, 47 Botany Cluli 3, - Zooloqy Club 3, 4: Fenvinq Ml.ul7 17 Flountiers l7 'Tau Fri- 'rlfw l, 7, 3, 47 Division Room fAllllf'Pf Q7 National Honor Sr:- t ie-ty. Wt. Vornow Clrioaqo Teachers' JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Ironic 25 Barlow, Virginia S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship. Barnard Art School Barmore. Betty S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Botany Club 3, 4: Division Boom Officer 4: Zoology Club 3: A Cappella 3, Clissold M. P. lunior Bauer, Robert S. A., A. Y. L, 3, 4, V. E. S. B.: R. O. T. C. P. S. l29 O Norwich U. Beardsley, Bob S. A. President fBranchl l: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Boom Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 4: Emblem Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3: Class Officer Z, 3: Nominating Commitee 4: lnterclass Coun- vil 2, 3: Student Council 2. Clissold Undecided Belikan, Shirley S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Floun- ders l: Pan-American Club 3: lunior Band 3, 4: Botany Club 4: Division Boom Officer 3: Fashions of the Hour 4: Town Meeting 4. Fort Dearborn Fox Bell. Bill S. A.: Empehi News Staff 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4, Treas- urer 4: B. O. T, C. l, 2, 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 2, 3, 4: Publicity Agent 3, 4: Division Boom Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Promotion Commitee 4: Zoology Club 2: Tau Epsilon l, 2: Flounders l. Vanderpoel U. of Chicago Benedict, Harry S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: B. O. T. C. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Con- cert Band 4. O'Keefte U. of lowa Benner, Patty S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Clean- Up Committee: Zoology Club 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 4: Girls' Glee Club 3. Clissold Beloit Bergstedf, Mary S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: A Cap- pella 3: Salesmanship Club 4: Dancing Club 4. Barnard M. P. lunior Bingham, Earl S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4, President 4: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Officers' Club 4: Non-Com's Club 2, 3. Vanderpoel Michigan State Blakeman, Lloyd S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Foot- ball 2, 3, 4: Class Chairman 2. Longwood Northwestern Blevins, Bill S. A.: A. Y. L.: Basketball 3, 4: Debate Club l: Division Boom Officer 3: Tennis Club l: Empehi News. Barnard Undecided Boersma, Frieda S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship: Division Room Chairman 3, 4. Central Park Normal College Bogan, Gloria S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Boom Officer 4: French Club 3, 4: Zoology Club 3: Promo- tion Committee 4: A Cappella 3: Glee Club 4: Botany Club 3, Secretary 3: Tau Epsilon 4: Fashions of the Hour 3. Vanderpoel Undecided Page 23 Page Booth, Lillian S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Sales- mfinship Club5 H. R. S. G. Fort Dearhorn Bryant G Stratton Borchwald, Dorothy S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Floun- ders5 SCIlGSIHClIlSlllt7j H. R. S. G. Zion Fox Boylan, Rita S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Floun- dcrs l5 Poppers 7, 3, 45 Sales- manship 3. St, Marqaret Fox Boyd. John S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Spanish Cluh. Vanderpoel Wilson Brantner. Virginia Lee S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 A Cap- pella 3, 4, President 45 Board of Control 45 Flounders l5 Town Meeting 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 45 Dramatic Cluh 35 Photo Staff 45 Division Room Officer 2, 35 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4. Mt. Vernon Chi. Teachers Broersma. Tom S. A.5 R. O. T. C. Band 4: Beqinner's Band lg lunio r Band lg Concert Band 45 Divi- sion Room Officer 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Undecided Brook, James S. A.5 A. Y. L. 45 Staqe Crew 45 National Honor So- ciety 45 Orchestra 45 Tau Ep- silon 45 Protective Patrol 45 Band 4. Harvard Illinois 30 Brudd. Ervin S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Intra- mural Sports 2, 35 Football l5 H. R. S. G. 45 Baseball 45 Tennis 35 Volley Ball 3. St. Ethelreda Undecided Bruhl. Lawrence S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Concert Or- chestra 45 lazz Band 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsi- lon 2, 45 Division Room Chair- man 2, 35 Student Council 2, R5 Zooloqy Club 2. Barnard U. C. L. A. Burton. Latitia S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Sales- manship Club 35 Commercial Club 25 H. R. S. G. 3. St. Barnabus Undecided Carey, Mary Jane S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. St. Barnabus Wilson Carter, Ruth S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 A Cap- pella 3, 45 Division Room Officer 2. McCash Wilson Carver, Alvin S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. l, Z, 3, 45 Concert Orchestra l, 25 Iazz Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Leader 45 Board of Control 4. Vanderpoel Chicago Conservatory of Music Casey. Lucille S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Division Room Officer 2. Barnard Undecided Christly. Lois S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. R. S. G. 3: A Cappella 2, 3. Shoop Northwestern Coburn. Virginia S. A.: A. Y. l... 3, 4: Promo- tion Committee 3, 4, Chairman 4, French Club 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Executive Committee 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Ouil- pen 3, 4, Empehi News 3, 4, Zoology Club 2, Girls' Glee Club 3. Clissold Grinnell Colombel. Jeanne S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Floun- ders I, Stamp and Coin 2, Glee Club 3, 4, A Cappella 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 4, Pan-American Club 4, Botany Club 4. Shoop Wilson Conant. Bill S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, Wrestling 2, Manager 3, Football Manager l, 2, Intramural Sports 4: lazz Orchestra 3, 4. Clissold U. C. L. A. Conquest. Victor S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, lunior Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Pan-American 3, Zoology Club 2, 3, Non-Corn. Club 3, 4. Cook Colorado Conwell. John S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, Business Staff 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager 3, 4: An- nual Staft 2, 3, 4, Social Com- mittee 4: Student Court 4, French Club 4, Promotion Committee 3, 4, Clean-Up Committee 4. Cook. June S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Latin Club 3: Botany Club 3, Zool- ogy Club 3, Flounders l, Tau Epsilon 3: Division Room Officer 2, Town Meeting 2, Girls' Glee Club l. Mt. Vernon Wilson Correa. Carl S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, President 3, Zoology Club 2, 3, 4: Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 2, 3, Board of Control 3. Barnard U. of Chicago Crocker. Mary S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Division Room Officer 3, Zoology Club 2, 3, French Club 3, Empehi News Staff 3, Ouilpen 3: Tau Epsilon 4, A Cappella 2, Girls' Glee Club 3. Sutherland Stephens Crowder. Mariorie S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, A Cap- pella 2, 3, 4, Empehi News 3, 4, Promotion Committee 4: French Club 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour 2, 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Division Room Officer l, 2, 3. Vanderpoel Ward-Belmont Curme. Emmett S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Football 3, 4: Stamp and Coin 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, Intrmaural Wrestling 4: Division Room Officer: Student Court 4. Horace Mann Northwestern Cunningham. Catherine S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 2, 3, Stamp and Coin 2, 3, Vice-President 3: Quilpen 2, 3, Dramatic Club 2, 3, Fashions of the Hour 3, 4: Peppers 3. Mt. Greenwood Normal JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 31 Curran. Robert S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. St. Agnes Purdue Daly. Beatrice S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Or- rliestra l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 3. llarnltrd Acacleniy of Fine Arts Davis. Mcxriorie S. A. fi'JliF'llllt'llS llrifie--1-it-rl Day. Joe S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. lt. S. C. ft, 4: Cfornmeniial Club 2, fl, 4: Salesmarisliip Club 3, 4: Division Hooin Officer l: Stud-:nt Court 4. Zion lvl. P. l. C. Dehninq. Virginia S. A.: A. Y. L. is, 4, H. R. S. C. 3, 4: Commercial Clul: ZZ, 3, 4: Salesniansliip Club li: Division Room Qllicer l: Stu- tl-,-nt Court 4. Zion M. P. l. C. De Novo. James S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Trunk lt: VVrestlinq 4: intramural Sports l, 2. Palos Park illinois De Vries, John S. A.: A. Y. I.. 3, 4. Evergreen Park Undecided Dinnsen, Jack S, A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Clean- Up Committee 2, Chairman 4: Promotion Committee 3: Social Committee l, Chairman 2: Zoology Club, Vice-President 2: Spanish Club l, Z, 3: Board ot Control 3: Student Court 2, 3: Annual Staff 3, 4. Horace Mann De Pauw Drake, Eleanor S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. R. S. G. 3, President 4: Girls' Town Meeting 4, Treasurer 4: Promotion Committee 3, 4, Co- Chairman 4: Student Council 4: Art Editor of Annual 4: Board of Control 4: Division Room Chairman 4: Executive Committee 4. Lincoln Grammar School Washington U. Dunbar, Anne S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Com- mercial Club: Salesmanship Club: Fashions of the Hour: Stamp and Coin, Secretary 2, 3: Division Room Officer: Dra- in a t ic Club: Girls' Fencing Club: Dancing Club. Central Park U. of S. C. Dundon, Virginia S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, President 3: Zoology Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres ident 3: National Honor So- ciety 4: Finance Committee 2, 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 3, 4: Town Meeting 3, 4, President 4: Board of Control 3, 4: Division Boom Officer l, 4. Academy of our Lady Trinity Durrant. John S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Concert Band: Football 2, 3, 4: Wres- tling 3, 4: Boys' Emblem Club 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Division Boom Otlicer 3: Senior Coun- cil: Intramural Wrestling 4, Fort Dearborn Dulce JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 32 Dwyer, Donald Blake S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. St. Margaret Undecided Eckel, Don S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Student Court Branch: Hall Guard I: R. O. T. C. Band 2: Intramural Sports Branch: lunior Band 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Illinois Ecklund, Louise S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Board of Control 3: Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society, Vice-:President 4: Botany Club 3, 4, President 4: Zoology Club 3, 4, 2nd Vice-President 4: Pan-American 2, 3, 4. Huggies Chicago Teachers Eldridge, Peggy S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: H. Ft. S. G.: Salesmanship Club: Commercial Club: Student Council. Clissold Champlain Elliott, J ecm S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour 3, 4: Fencing Club I: Emblem Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 3. St. Margaret Wisconsin Ellis, Shirley S. A.: A. Y. L.. 3, 4: Parl- American Club 2, 3, 4: Botany Club 2: French Club 4: Band 1, Z. Ft. Dearborn Temple U. Erickson, Ellen S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship 3, Secretary 4. Mt. Greenwood Wilson Ernst, Irwin S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer l: Intramural Sports: Stage Crew l. Sutherland Undecided Ewing, Betty S. A.: A. Y, L. 3, 4: Pan- American 3, 4: I-l. R. S. G. 4: Emblem Club 4: Flounders 1: Fencing Club l. Barnard Wisconsin Fardy, Terence S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Com- mercial Club I, 2, 3, 4: Wres- tling l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 4: Division Room Officer 4: Intrae mural Wrestling 4. Clissold Northwestern Faurot, Joseph S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Swim- ming Team l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Prom Committee: Clean-Up Committee: Zoology Club: Stu- dent Council: Student Court: French Club I: Intramural Baseball. Sutherland Purdue Fiedler, Betty S. A.: A. Y. I.. 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 3, 4: Fashions of the I-lour 2, 3, 4: Stamp and Coin 2, 3: Dramatic Club 2: Girls' Fencing Club: Dancing Club: H. R. S. G. St. Margaret Fox Fogelsong, Elmer S. A.: A. Y. l.. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon I: Non-Com's Club 3: Officers' Club 4: V. E. S. B. 4: R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 4: Color Guard 4: Usher 2, 3. Fort Dearborn Illinois Fons, Phil S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Otticers' Club 4, Serge-antat-Arms 4: Non-Com's Club 2, 3, President 4: R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, Usher 2, 3, 4: Athletic Guard I, 2, 3, 4. Vanderpoel The Citadel Page 33 fiat Gascoiqne. Bruce S, A.5 A, Y. L.5 Tau Epsilon lg Emblem Club, intramural Sports l, Z, li, 45 Clefiri-Up Clorriiriitteer 45 Promotion Com- mittee 35 D ti b a t e Club l CBrtinrlil5 Tennis Club l, Presi- rlc-nt fBrum'lil: Basketltall l, 7, Ii, 4. Clissrtlzi Dr unison Gibbs. Eunice S, A,5 A. Y. l. 3, 45 Floun fit'IS l. Petsy Brisas Wilson Gillogly. Carol S. A.5 A. Y. L.: Sgtunisli Cfluliy Glen Clulig Annual Staifg FfISlllC1l'1S oi tlisv Hour: Division Boom Ollicen inter' Class Counr'il5 Cloriri-lip Corn' mittee. Slllllfqliiflfi Crvnne Goede, Frances S, A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Fenvinq Club, i'-lUl1I'ltiF'ISI Vusliions ot the Hour. Sutliorlcinci l'Jlinni1'sota Gordon. Lillian Gloria S, A.5 A, Y. L: Tuu Epsilon5 Sulrxsrnansliip Clul. M'Cosli U. C. L. A. Gosswein. lack S. A.5 A, Y. L.5 Dramatic' Club5 Track Teamg Swimmina Tswrn. Parker Pzavtire Purdue Graettinger. Betty S, A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Quilpen 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 A Cap pellu 3, 45 Botany Club 3, 45 Student Court tBrc1nc.'lil5 Tfiu Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Frenrli Club 4. Clissolci U. ol Mivliiqan H4 Gunderson, Jean S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Botany Club 4, Vice-President 45 Zoology Club 45 French Club 3, 45 Decoration Committee 35 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 35 Division Boom Officer 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Band. Clissold M. P. l. C. Gustaveson, Howard S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 4. Vancierpoel Illinois Guyol. Sallie S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Social Committee 3' Division Room Officer 25 Annual Staff 45 Business Staff 45 Fashions of tlie Hour 3. Vanderpoel Dennison Hallett, Gerry S. A.: A. Y. L. 4. St. Barnabas Northwestern Hanna. Dorothy S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Sales' iniinsbip 4. D. S. Wentworth Fox Hayden. Genevieve S, A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Finan- Ciul Committee, Salesmanship Club 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Kalamazoo Havey, Thomas S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Emblem Club 3, 45 Golf Team 2, 35 Concert Band5 Spanish Club 35 Military Band. St, Barnabas Notre Dame Hcxwkens, Willefte S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Fencing Club7 Fashions of the HOLITI Girls' Glee Club7 A Cappella7 D i v i s io n Room Officer 2, 47 Spanish Club7 Intramural Sports. Mt. Vernon Normal Hayn, Don S. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Swim- minq Team 2, 3, 47 lntramural Baseball 2, 3, 47 lntramural Volley Ball 3, 47 H. R. S. G. 37 Promotion Committee 47 Intramural Swim 2. Sutherland Eurek 'v Headland, Betty S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3. 47 French Club 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 National Honor Society7 Clean-Up Committee, Vice- President 37 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 2, 3, Scribe 37 Ouilpen 37 Vice-President, Sophorvore Class. Vanderpcel U. of Chicago Hedman. June S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Floun- ders l7 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 National Honor Society: Divi- sion Room Officer l, 4. Barnard Chicago Normal Henning, Betsy S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 2, 3, Vice-President 37 Ouilpem Tau Epsilon 27 Student Court7 Pan-American Club: Business Staff l7 A Cap- pe-llo. Clissold U. of Chicago Hensley, William S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 A Cap- pella 2, 3. Washburn Chicaqo Academy of Fine Arts Hershberger, June S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Floun- ders lp Peppers 3, 4, Treas- urer 47 Salesmanship Club 4: Girls' Glee Club. St. Maraaret Fox Hill, Billee I S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 47 Dramatic Club l7 Hall Guard l, 3. Clissold Undecided Hill. Helen S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Emblem Club 3, 47 Intramural Basketball 3, 47 Intramural Volley Ball 3, 47 Zooloqy Club 2. Vanderpoel American Colleqe of Phys. Ed. Hill. Mcxriorie S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Sales- nianship Club 47 Girls' Glee Club 37 Pan-American Club 4. St. Margaret Undecided Hite. Jack S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Pan- American Club 2, 3, 47 Zool- oqy Club 2, 37 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 National Honor Society 47 R. O. T. C. Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 47 Iunior Band l7 Division Room Officer 2. Barnard Chicago Hobe. Fred S. A.7 Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, President 47 Empelii News 3, 47 Editor 47 Ouilpen 3, 4: Board of Control 47 Dramatic Club 37 A Cappella 3, 47 Boys' Glee Club 27 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Nation il Honor Society 4. Cool: De Pauw JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 35 Hoffmann, Heinz S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: lntra- mural Sports 2, 3: Band 2: Orchestra 3: Division Boom Officer 3. Midlothian Undecided Hoiqard. Betty S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: V. E. S, B. 3: Latin Club 3: Zoology Club 3: Division Boom Officer 2, 37 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3. Clissold Undecided Holle, Walter S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Basket- ball l: lntramural Sports 3: Chess and Checker Club 3: Division Room Officer 2. Clissold Armour Hooper. Barbara S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Student Court 4: Division Boom Officer l: Clean-Up Committee 3: Board of Control 4: Student Council: Promotion Committee 3. Vanderpoel Knox Hooper, Blake S. A.: A, Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Ep- silon I, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society: Ft. O, T. C., Com- manding Officer 4: Ouilpen l, 2, 3: Ouill and Scroll 4: Usher Force l, 2, 3, 4: Athletic Guard l, 2, 3, 4: Board of Control 4: Officers' Club, President. Vanderpoel West Point Howard, Charlotte S. A.: A. Y, L. 3, 4: Zoology Club: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Shoop W. I. C. Howard. Ruby S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour. Shoop Tuskegee Hoye, Rupert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Non- Com's Club 2, 3: Officers' Club 4: Division Room Chairman 3. St. Margarets Illinois Huff, Florence S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. St. l-lelairi l-leims Beauty School Hunt. Howard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Bowl- ing Team 2: Commercial Club 3, 4: Salesmanship Club 3, 4. Vanclerpoel M. P. I. C. Ingnersen, Jerome S. A.: A. Y. l... 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Division Room Officer 4: Bowling 3, 4. St. Margaret Wilson Jackson, Peter S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Pan- American Club 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 4: Football 3: Dramatic Club 4: Clean-Up Committee 3, 4: Student Court 3, 4: Non- Com's Club 3: A Cappella 3, 4: Boys' Glee Club 2. Sutherland De Pauw JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 36 Jahn. Charles S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: B. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew. Vande-rpoel Parks Air College Johansen, Evelyn S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Salesmanship Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Division Room Officer 3, 4: Student Council 2, 3: National Honor Society 4: Board of Control 4. Vanclerpoel U. of S. C. Johnson. Milton S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Undecided Iolly, Iohn S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Stage Crew: S. A. Officer at Branch: Band Orchestra: Social Com- mittee: Zoology Club: Class Officer 2, 3. Sutherland De Pauw Joseph. Mathilcla S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 4: Salesmanship 4. Park Manor M. P. I. C. Juneman, James S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: French Club 4: Stamp and Coin 3, 4: Promotion Committee 4: Inter- mediate Band, President 4: Board of Control 4. St. Gerald's Michigan State Keehan. Lucille S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. St. Benedict Illinois Kenney. Barbara S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: French Club 4: Spanish Club 4: Botany Club 4: Business Staff 4: Dramatic Club 4. Rochester, N. Y. Syracuse U. Kirwan. William S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 2, 4: Baseball l, 2: Intramural Sports l, 2. St. Raphael Armour Kistner. Heleniean S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society: Pan-American 3, 4: Dramatic Club Z, 3: H. B. S. G. 4: Ouilpen 2: Division Room Officer l: Flounders l. Barnard Wisconsin Knapp, Marion S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Zoology Club 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3: Latin Club 2: News Staff 3: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Na- tional Honor Society: V. E. S. B. 3, 4: Riding Club 4. Clissold Hillsdale Konar, Thaddeus S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 3: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Wrestling 3, 4. Beale Armour Koukalik. Alan S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Empehi News 3, 4: B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Non-Ccm's Club 3, 4, Pres- ident 3: Officers' Club 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 4: V. E. S. B. 4: Hall Guard l, 2, 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Undecided Krichbaum. Russell S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Basket- ball 4: lntramural Sports l, 2, 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Emblem Club 4. Vanderpoel U. of Michigan Page 37 Pcxqrz I Kullerstrand, Bert S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Fri' lull 2, 3, 4: Annual Stott 4: Drf1rnr1'in' Chili 4: Frnlulorn Cflulv 4: Floundors l: V. E. S. li, fl, 4: Hriwlinq 4: Biszilmzrll 4. Sutlierland Und vfiriei Larson, Robert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, fl: Sl'IlIlP and Coin l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 7, President 3, SE?kfl'E?lflIiY 4: Boys' Glue Child 2: V. F. S. B. 4: Bo-rrcl of Control 3:lnlra- rntiral Volloy Ball 4: lntri mural Bfiskotlnall 4. Clissold llll. FL Cf, Lauerman, Bud S. A., President 4: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Finanvial Committee .i, 4, Chairman 4: Presiderit Lfrtin Clulr 3: Board of Control 3, 4: 'lfxu Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Athletif Corrrmission 3, 4: Exevulive Cornrnittfvo It: Ernlilorn Club 3, 4: Mnrrirzrgwr, Basketball Twain 3, 4: lunior Class Vive-Pres idrrnt. Sutherland U. ot Chi '-r-ga Lees, Jean S. A., A. Y, L, 3, 4: Pan- Arnr-ricrrn 2, 3: Botany Chili 7: Division Room Officer Z: l'rf'nr'h Chili 4: lunior Band 1. Morrill Mar'Murrriy Levering. Robert S. A.: A, Y, L. 3, 4: Fronvli Chili 2: Tan Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Souioty: Divi sion Hoorn Ofliver l. Arthur Dixon Grinnt-fl Lidster, Jean S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: lfrisiiiazrs fil thr- Hour 3: Zoology Clulw 2: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Girls' Glee Chili 4: Board ot Control 4: Division Room Olliver l, 2, 4: Girls' Fmlnlom Clul: Al: Annual Staff 3. Vririflorpoel Denison Lipsker. Lorayne S. A.: A. Y, L. 3, 4: Syrinish Chili I: Tau Epsilon 3, -1: V. F. S. B, l: National Honor Sovioly l: Dramatic: Cluli l: Board ol Control: Latin Cluls 2, 4, President 4. Mt. Vernon Undecided SH Loving, Lucille S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Botany Club 3, 4: French Club 3, 4: Fashions ol the Hour 3, 4, Treasurer 4: Board of Control 4: Girls' Gleo Club 3, 4, President 4: A Cappella 3: CleanfUp Com- mittee 4. Clissold Drake Lowery, Gladney S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Ft. O. T, C. l, 2, 3, 4: H. R. S. G.: Athletic Guard. X:Val'er Scott Undecided Lueder, Verna S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- rnanship Club: A Cappella 4: D i v i si o n Room Offirer 2: Flounders l. Barnard Elmhurst Lumpkin, Marion S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Kansas City M. P. l. C. Lyons. Ruth S. A. Bateman Undecided Manning, Eileen S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Peppers 3: Botany Club 4: H. R. S. G. 4: Fashions of the Hour. St, Marqaret's Undecided Martin, Bob S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4: Golf Team 3, 4: None Com's Club 3, 4: Hall Guard 2, 3, 4. Dundee lowa Martinson, Anita S. A.: A. Y. L.: Fashions of the Hour 3: French Club 3, 4: Zoology Club 3: Town Meet- ing 3: Botany Club 3. Barnard Carroll Massius, Agnes S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Pan- American Club 2, 3, 4: Fenc- ing Club: Ouilpen Z, 3, 4: Botany Club 4: Tau Epsilon. Vanderpoel Chicago Mathiesen. Frances S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club: Flounders, Vice- President: Division Room Officer: Salesmanship Club: Tau Epsilon l, Z. St. George Undecided Mattson. Barbara S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Fencing Club 2, 3, President 3: Board of Control 3: Expansion Com- mittee: Business Staff 3, 4, Sec- retary 4: Annual Staff: Dra- matic Club 3: Zoology Club 3, 4: Promotion Committee 4. Sutherland Stephens McCune. Patsy S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: lnter- Class Council Chairman 4: Secretary Sophomore Class 2: Zoology Club, Secretary 3: Empehi News Staff 3: Tau Epsilon 4: Student Council 3: A Cappella 2: Ouilpen 3. Sutherland Colorado McDonald. Jewel S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club 2, 3, 4: Salesmanship Club 3, 4: Pan-American Club 3, 4: Flounders: H. R. S. G. 4. St. Felicitas De Paul McGa1liard, Florence S. A.: A. Y. L.: Salesman- ship Club: Tau Epsilon. Mt. Greenwood Undecided McMahill. Max A. S. A.: A. Y. L.: Photo Staff, V. E. S. B.: Color Guard, Non- Com's Club. N. l. H. Sioux City Ames McMillan. Donald S. A.: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: National Honor 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Non-Com's: Officers' Club Z: Officers' Club 3, 4: Usher Club 3, 4, Head Usher 4: Student Court 4: Athletic Guard 3, 4. Vanderpoel Florida McNeil. Corinne S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Pan- American 4: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Secretary 4: Glee Club 3, 4: Zoology Club 2: Dramatic Club 3: Latin Club 2. Vonderpoel Lawrence Mead. Edwin S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Emblem Club 4: Baseball 3, 4. Sutherland Denison Meagher. Wayne S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Swim- ming Team 2: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Non-Com's Club 2, 3: Officers' Club 3, 4: Tau Epsi- lon 2, 3, 4: Hall Guard 1, 2, 3, 4: Division Room Officer Z. Vanderpoel U. of Chicago JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 39 Meyers. Jean S, A.: A, Y. L. 3, 4: French Club 3, 4, Fashions ot the llour 2, 3, Promotion Com- rnittoo 4, Editorial Staff 3, 4, Poster Coinrnitteo 4, Social Coinrnittee 4, Vanderpoel lllinois Michael. Walter A. I.. Y. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 3, 4: S. A., Tennis Team l, 2, 3, 4: Division Room Chairman l, 2, 3, 4, Non-Com's Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 4, President Tau Epsilon 4, Board ot Control. Sutherland Purdue Miller, Dick S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4: Chair- man of Athletic Committee, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Basketball 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Executive Committee 4, Football 3, Bet- ter Speech Committee 3, Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Yale Milord. Patsy S. A., A, Y. L. 3, 4, Floun- dors l, Fashions ot the Hour, Fencinq Club. St. Marqarot Wisconsin Minor, Bill S, A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Student Court 2, Usher Force 3, Fire Guard 3, Athletic Guard 3, Ofiicors' Club l: Non-Com's Club 2, Color Guard 2, Tennis Team. Parker U. of Aeronautics Moeller, Lorraine S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon, Financial Committee: Fashions of the Hour, Intra- mural Sports, Division Room Olticer l, 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club, Salesmanship Club: News Staff l. Clissold Fox Moiden. Wallace S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, R. O. T. C. 2, 3, Division Room Officer. Z. St. Stephens Armour Moore. Debby S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Board of Control 4, National Honor Society, Financial Committee 3, 4, Student Court, ludge 4, Business Staff 2, 3, Manager 4, Girls' Emblem Club 4, So- cial Committee 3, Promotion Committee 3: Clean-Up Com- mittee. Mordue. John S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Vice- President 4: Division Room Officer 1, 2, Vice-President of Freshman Class, President of Freshman Class, Tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, Secretary 2, Social Committee l, 2, Chairman 3, Clean-Up Committee l, 2, 3: Annual Staff 3, Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 2, 3. loyce Kilmer De Pauw Mulberry. Barbara S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Pres- ident 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Treas- urer 3, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, Divi- sion Room Ofticer 2, Promo- tion Committee 3, Clean-Up Committee 3: Zoology Club 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Social Com- mittee 3. Vanderpoel Wisconsin Mulligan. Edward S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Zoology Club 2, Division Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Volley Ball 2, Intramural Basketball 4, Stu- dent Council 2, 4, Tau Epsilon 2: R. O. T. C. Z. Barnard Knox Murrell. Frances M. S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Floun- ders 1, lunior Band 3, 4. Shoop Chicago Conservatory of Music JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 40 Nebel. Marion S, A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: A Cap- pella 4, Secretary 4, Vice- Presiclent 4: Room Officer Z: Senior Council 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 4: Zoology Club 2, 3: Fashions of the Hour 3: An- nual Stfff 2, 3: French Club 4. Vanderpoel Dennison Nelson, Eugene S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Photo Staff 3: Division Room Officer 3: Pan'American Club 4: Bowlinq Club 4. Barnard Undecided Nelson, Shirley S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Town Meeting 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, President 4: Board of Control 4: French Club 3, 4, President 4: Orchestra 3: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard American Conservatory of Music Newkirk, Beth S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 2. Lewis-Chomplin Undecided Noetzel, Henry S. A.: Student Council l, 2, 3, 4: Board of Control 3, 4: R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 4: lunior Band 3, Pres- ident 3: Concert Band 4, Presl ident 4: Dramatic club 3, 4: Officers' Club 3, 4: Tau Epsie lon 2, 3. Mt. Greenwood Illinois O'Connor, Yvonne S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3: National Honor Society 4: Flounders Club l: Pan-American Club l, 2, 3, 4: Botany Club 3, 4: Division Room Officer 3, 4: A Cappella 3. Mt. Vernon Undecided Olson, Helen S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Zoology Club 2: Pan-American Club 4. Vanderpoel Knox Orr. Eloise S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Flounl ders 1: Business Staff 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 2: H. R. S. G. 2, 3: Promotion Committee 2. Greenwood lllinois Orwick, Ray S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Class Officer lg Division Room Of- ficer l: V. E. S. B. 3: Student Court 4: Golf Team 3, 4, Cap- tain 4. Vanderpoel Purdue Osborne, Muriel S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 2. Henderson Undecided O'Toole, William St. Margaret De Paul Pcxetow. Charles S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Photo Staff 3: V. E. S. B. 2: Foote ball l. Fort Dearborn Goodman Theatre Guild Palmer. Eleanor S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 3, 4: Tau Epsi- lon l, 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: H. R. S. G, 4. Clissold Undecided Peterson. Herbert H. S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Com- mercial Club 3: Division Room Officer 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3. Clissold Walton Page 41 I Pocock. Russel S. A.: A. Y. L. J, 47 Swim- minq 'I'rvin1 7, II, 47 Frftnvli Cflulu fi. Clifssolfl llricleviclrcl Pond. Constance S. A.: A. Y. l.. fi, 47 Com- riimvitil Club 7, 3, 47 Sales' mcinsliiyi Cluli 47 Ncitionril Ilrinoi Society 47 Tau Epsilon I, 2, Ii, 47 lT'inanc'r: Comrnittoc- 47 Business ROl?l'GSE'fliflllVf' I7 Division Clifiirnirin I7 Floun- flr-rs I. Slllllitllflllfl llflllbflfiftl Powers. Mary A.7 A. Y. l.. li, 47 Triu Ilyvsilon I, 47 l"r1si1ions UI tho Ilour fi, 47 Sovreitviry 47 Zool- cviyCIl1Iifi7 l"rviir'l1 Clulu 3, 47 Town Mfiltllllll H7 Hcitfiny Cltilt 'J Iifunfnrl NC'llIlWlSlflll Prebble. Phyllis S. A.7 A. Y. l.. .i, 47 lloun elvis I7 fllwi Cfltili 47 lA.ClSIIlf!llS ol tlir- Ilriur 47 l'IiIll.A.lllf7llf't1ll ffIt1It47 licittltiy llllll 47 ljir nvli Cfltili fl. filirirwpw 'ltiskoflfv' Pritchard. loe fi. A.7 A. Y. l.. I-I, 47 Ilrill CIufurI7 V. II. S. li. I. fit. Mciififiiv t':s lllinwil' Provancha. Betty fl. A.7 A. Y. l., 3, 47 In-Itrztri CfluliIlintnvlill1n1:sirImiI7 Gills' film' Cluli 47 A C'r17i5.riIIti fig Ikisliions ol tlw Illini fig Divi- s:ir,n llooin Ollivrr 7. Cflisssrulfl IVI. ll. I. V. Pugh. Bill S. A.7 Wll:SlIllI'I Y, fi, 47 lun-nvli Cluli fl, 4, Vit'o'l3rosi- rlritll fly A fiipgu lI'i fl, 4, V. P, 47 llivision lflfrvn Offirrir I, 7, I-I, 47 Annual Stuff fi, 47 Tau lfpsilon 37 Proiiiritimi Cornniit' too ft, 47 Social Committee 3, 47 Bowlinry 'lbcini FI, 47 Studs-nt flllllllfll 7, fl, lifirnriicl Okltilt init: 422 Quast. Robert S, A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 National Honor SoCiety7 Sttiae Crew Q, 3, 47 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 47 Officers' Club 3, 47 News Staff 37 Annual Staff 37 Room Of- ilver l, 2, 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Armour Reinhold George S. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Foot- ball l, 25 Student Council 2. Clissold M. P, l. C. Rocklin. Edwin S, A.7 A. Y. L. fl, 47 Zoolroy Club 3, 47 Stamp and Coin fl, 4, Vice-President 37 Non-Com's Officers' Club 3, 47 Officers' Club 47 Tau Epsilong Division Floom Officer l, Z7 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 47 Board of Control 4. Fort Dearborn Normal Roebuck. Albert S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Fpsilonp Officers' Club7 Na- tional Honor Soviety7 Photo SlUllI V. E. S, 3.7 Zooloay Clulx N611-COIIIIS Club7 Latin Club. Vancierpoel M. P. l. C. Roii. lean S. A.7 A. Y. L.7 Latin Club 77 Zooloqy Cluh 27 Annual Staff 37 Student Court 37 French Club 47 Clean-Up Com' mittee 47 Business Staff 27 Tau lfpsilon Z. Vonclerpoel U. of Chicaao Roos. Mariorie Bctany Club: Secretary 37 'Treasurer 47 Zoology Club 3: French Club 4: Fashions of tlie Hour 47 S. A.7 A. Y. L.7 V. E. S. B. 3, 47 Debate Club, limncli l. Clissold U. of Illinois Rose. Iames S. A.7 A. Y. L.7 Tau Epsilon I7 National Honor Society 47 Non-Com's 3: Civic Chairman 47 Civil' Secretary 2. lVIt. Vernon Wilson, li. Rossen. Henry S. A.: B. O. T. C., Nan- Com's 2, 3, A. Y. L., Officers' Club 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4: Tennis Team 3, 4. Sutherland lllinois Ruskamp. Robert S. A., A. Y. L., R. O. T. C. 1, Z, 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 3, 4, Non' Com. Officers' Club 2, Stu- dent Court 4: Usher Force Z, 3, 4, Athletic Guard 3, 4. Vanderpoel lllinois Rutherford. lack S. A., A. Y. l..: Tau Epsilon l, Football 1, 2, Swimming 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Purdue Scxvidis. Charles S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, President 4: Ouill and Scroll 4, Vice-Presb dent 4, A Cippellfi 4, Empeht News Staff 3, 4, Sports Editor 4, Board of Control 4, Division Room Officer 1, 2. Clissold Lawrence Schoenecker, Kathlyn S. A.: A. Y. L., Tau Epsilon Salesmanship Club. Mt. Gieenwood Undwtdefi Schmitt. Iulius S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4: Football 2, 3: Emblem Club 2, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, National Honor' Society 4, Division Room Ol ficer 1, 3: Baseball 4. Barnard Purdue Schmitt, Robert S. A., R. O. T. C. 1, 2, lun- ior Band 1, 2. Schmitt, Virginia S. A., A. Y. L., Plounders' Club, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Fencing Club, V. E. S. B., Photo Staff Manager 4, Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4: Division Room Officer 1, 2. Barnard New Mexico Seehcder. Wilfred S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, intra, mural Sports 3, Division Room Officer 1, 2, 4. Clissold Northwestern Seger. Louise S. A.: A. Y. I., 3, 4, H. R. S. G. 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Flounders 1, Division Boom Officer 3, Commercial Club 3, 4, Salesmanship Club 2, 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Student Court 4. Barnard Vogue Shafier. Elwood S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Wrestl- ing Team 1, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Empehi News 3, 4, French Club 4, Vice-President 4: Chess Team 2. Clissold Northwestern Shaw. Doris Mae S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Vlfashington Undecided JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 43 Sheehan. Peggy S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Botany Club 35 Fashions oi the Hour ft, 45 Zooloay Club 35 French Club J, 4. St. Leo illinois Sherman. Seymour S. A.5 Empehi News 35 An- nual Staff 45 Ouilpen 45 Foot- ball Manager 3, 45 H. R. S. G. 3, 45 Bowling Team 25 Floun- ders' Club l5 Emblem Club 4. Vanderpoel Wisconsin Shirey. Dorothy S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 25 Fashions of the Hour 3, 45 Botany Club 35 Dramatic Club 3, 4. Barnard Northwestern Siehert. Dolores S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 25 Flounclers l5 H. R. S. G. 3, 4. St. Maraaret Tuohy Singer. Edward S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 25 lazz Band 3, 45 Football 2. Mt. Vernon Hillsdale Smith. Esther S, A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 4: Latin Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 2, 35 Class Officer 35 Zooloqy Club 25 Tau Epsilon l, 25 Division Ftoom Officer I5 lnterclass Counsel. Academy of Our Lady Stephens Smith. lane L. S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Fash- ions of the Hour 3, 45 Zoology Club 45 H. R. S. G. 4. Hookway Normal Smith. Iohn F. Basketball 4. St. Margaret De Paul Smith. Shirley S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Drama. tic Club 3, 45 H. R. S. G. 3, 45 Annual Staff 35 Tau Epsilon 3, 4. Crete M. P. I. C. Smith. Warren S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 35 V. E. S. B. 25 National Honor Society 4, Treasurer 4: Division Room Officer l, 2, 45 Empehi News 3. Clissold Chicago Snip. Robert S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Usher Force 2, 3, 45 Clean-Up Com- mittee 3, 45 Student Court 2, 3, 45 A Cappella 3, 45 Finan- cial Committee 2, 35 Promotion Committee 2, 35 Executive Committee l5 R. O. T. C. Offi- cers' Club. Clissold Kalamazoo Snyder. Mary S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Divi- sion Room Officer. Emerson Undecided JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 44 Sorgenfrei, Dorothy S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club7 Annual Staff 2, 37 Busi- ness Staff l, 27 Sales Com- mittee of A. Y. L. 3, 47 Fash- ions of the Hour 37 Division Boom Officer 47 Equestrian Club 3. Vanderpoel Lindenwood Spence. lack S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, l-lead Librarian 47 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Secretary 47 National l-I o n o r Society7 Non-Com's Club 37 Officers' Club 4. Sutherland Purdue Spiers, Betty S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 47 French Club 2, 37 Botany Club 3, 47 Dramatic Club 37 Glee Club 3, 47 Secre- tary 47 Promotion Committee 47 Ouilpen 3. Clissold Principia Staffelback, Lois S. A.7 A, Y. L. 3, 47 Latin Club 27 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 47 Ouilpen 3, 4, President 47 Ouill and Scroll 4, President 47 Girls' Emblem Club 4, Sec- retary 47 Empehi News 3, 4, Page Editor 47 Board of Con- trol 47 Division Boom Officer l7 Town Meeting 4. Sutherland Arizona Stearns, George S. A.7 A. Y, L.7 Annual Staff 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Editor-in- Chief 47 Zoology Club 2, 37 Swimming Team l, 2, 3, 47 Promotion Committee 2, 37 Room Officer l, 2, 3, 47 Finan- cial Committee 37 Empehi News Staff 37 Board of Con- trol 3, 47 Executive Committee 4j Student Court 3, 4. Vanderpoel U. of Michigan Stewart, Elvey S. A.7 A. Y, L.7 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 47 Division Room Officer 27 Concert Band 2, 3, 47 Military Band 2, 3, 47 Bowling Team 47 Tennis Team 3, 47 B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4. Barnard Illinois Stober. Richard S. A.7 A. Y. L.7 B. O. T. C. Band l, 2, 37 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 47 Concert Band l, 2, 37 Dance Orchestra 2, 3, 47 Span- ish Club 2, 3, 47 Non-Com's Club 2, 37 Tau Epsilon 2, 37 lunior Band l and 2. Clissolcl Northwestern Stockdale, Beatrice S. A,7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 47 Secretary 4, Vice-President 37 Division Boom Officer 2, 3, 47 Student Council 2, 37 Pan-American Club 2, 3, 47 Salesmansliip Club 37 Tau Epsilon. Mount Vernon Fox Secretarial Stodder, David Saint Barnabas Purdue Sumner, Carnell S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Floun- ders' Club7 Salesmanship Club 47 H. R. S. G. Shoop Southside l. C. Swanson, Ted S. A.7 A. Y. L.7 Room Offi- cer l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council7 lntramural Sports. Clissold lllinois Tabar, Anna S. A.7 A. Y. L.7 Salesman- ship Club. Thomas Business Tatro, Pearl S, A.7 A. Y. L.7 Human He- lations Club 3, 47 Commercial Club 2, 37 Treasurer 47 Sales- manship Club 3, 47 Business Representative 2, 3, 47 Fash- ions of the Hour 2, 3. Saint Barnabas M. P. I, C. Telander, Robert S. A., Secretary-Treasurer 47 Boys' Emblem Club 2, 3, 47 Wrestling Team l, 2, 3, Cap- tain 47 Eootball Team 2, 3, 47 Commercial Club l, 2, 3, 47 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, 47 Class Officer 47 Tfiu Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Pernwood Michigan Page 45 Paqe Teninga, Loraine S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 l'-in Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Vive Presi rlftnt 47 Zooloay Club 2, 3, Smfmtary 37 Latin Club 2, fl, 4: Class Officer 37 Division Roain Oflivor 2, 47 Finarive Cornrnittoo 3, 47 Promotion Cornniittoo 37 National Honor Society 4, Sotfrotary 4. Mt. Vernon Walls Texter, Elsa S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Sales- nianship Club 27 H. R. S, G. fl, .t7 Class Officer l. St. Martini llndevirlerl Thomas, William S. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Span- ish Club 2, 37 Tau Epsilon 2, fl, 47 Zooloqy Club 2, 37 V. E. S. B. 3, 47 Photo Staff 47 A Cappella 47 Enipehi News fl. Clissolfi llrir.lot'itle1i Thompson, Edith S. A.7 Tau Epsilon l, 7, 3, 47 Quilpon fi, 4, Vive-President 37 Girls' Enibloin Club 4, Presi- flont 47 Town Meeting 47 Quill and Scroll 37 Frenfrh Club 3, 4, Socrotcxry 47 Fonvinq Club 2, 3, Pros. 37 Empehi News ft, 47 Nationfil Honor Society 4. Sutliorlancl Chicago Thompson. Evelyn S, A.7 A. Y. L. fl, 47 Fash- ions of tho Hour 2, 37 Fencinq Club 7, 37 Coniniercicrl Club 77 Scxlosnianship Club 27 Divi- sion Room Officer Il, 47 Floun- clors' Club l. St. Ethelrecia Southern Crrlifoini 1 Toosley. Margaret S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Class Officer 2. Greenwood Undecided Toppen. Henry S. A.7 Concert Band 47 Con- vert Orchestra 47 R. O. T. C. Band 3, 47 lunior Band 4, Pres- ident 47 Board of Control 47 Division Room Officer 27 Be- qinnors' band 3. Mount Greenwood Traftif' 46 Tozer. Forrest S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4, Secre- tary 47 President 4B Class7 Treasurer 4A Class7 Annual Staff 3, Sport-Editor 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 47 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 37 A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 3, President 47 National Honor Society 4j Baseball Team 3, 4. Barnard De Pauw Trolcmder. Fay S. A. Vice-President 47 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Ouill and Scroll 3: Ouilpen 3, Vice-President 37 Class Officer 37 Board of Con- trol 4, Chairman 47 lnterclass Counsel 37 Dancing Club 2, 3, 47 Enipehi News 3, 47 Tau Ep- silon 3, 4. Vanderpoel Chicago Tweed. George S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 3, 47 National Honor Society 47 Zoology Club 2, 37 Spanish Club 37 V. E. S. B. 2, 3. Tarentum Northwestern Umhofer. lane S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 French Club 3, 47 Zoology Club 3, 4: A Cappella 37 Dramatic Club 37 Division Room Officer 4. St. Marqaret MacMurray Van Etten. Robert S. A.7 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 47 Emblem Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 27 Interclass Council 3, 4: Secretary of lunior Ciass7 Treasurer 4B Class7 President 4A CllJSSj Student Council 2, 37 Treasurer Branch S. A. Clissold Cliicaqa Vaughn. Ella S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Wilson, lr. Vaughn. Rose Student Association, A. Y. L., l-luman Relation Guild. Iohn D. Schoop Undecided Vogan, Alfred Photo Staff, Non-Com. Of- ficers' Club, News Staff, V. E. S. B., Human Relations Guild: Spanish Club: President Bev- erly Hi-Y: Physics Lab. Assis- tant: Student Association: A. Y. L. Fort Dearborn Univ. So. California Walenta. Robert Bowling 2, 3, 4: S. A. 2, 3, 4: A, Y. L. 3, 4: Human Rela- tions Guild 4. Fort Dearborn lllinois Walgreen, Bob S. A. 3, 4. Horace Mann R. C. A. lnst. Wall, Helen Secretary lunior Class, S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Clean-Up Commit- tee 3: Division Room Officer l, 2, 3: Social Committee, Sec- retary Human Relations Guild, Executive Committee, A. Y. L. 3, 4: Promotion Committee. St. Ethelreda DePauw Univ. Wallace. Barbara Student Council l: Tau Ep- silon l, 2, 3, -1: Secretary Band 4: Ouilpen 3, 4: National Hon- or Society: President French Club 4: President Flounders' Club 1: Secretary 4B Class: lnterclass Council 4. Barnard Mic mi University Walsh. Elaine S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L.: Zooloqy Club 2, 4: Division Room Officer 2: Fashions of the Hour. Academy ot our Lady Mount Mary Wanagas, Bernard S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3: Art Staff 3, 4: Division Vice- Chairman 3: A. Y. L. 3. Midlothian Armour Tech Watkins, Robert S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 3, 4: Dance Band 3: Dramatic Club 3: Pan-Ameri can 4: Military Band 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Clean-Up Commit- tee: V. E. S. B. 4: H. R. S. G. 4. Fort Dearborn Illinois Webb. Augustine S. A.: Latin Club: Zoology Club 3: Glee Club: A Cap- pella: Tau Epsilon : Dancinq Club: Division Room Officer l. Shoop Chicago Teachers' College Weinert, George S. A. 2, 3, 4: Financial Com- mittee 4: Commercial Club 3, 4: R. O. T. C.: Student Ex- chanqe: Business Representa- tive. St. Christopher Undecided Weitemeyer, Henrietta Flounders' Club: S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Salesman- ship Club 4: Pan-American Club: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Divi- sion Secretary 2, 3: Business Representative 4. Vanderpoel Bryant Stratton Wesley. Virgil Mae A, Y. L.: S. A.: Human Re- lations C1 u i 1 d : Flounders' Club. Schoop Wilson lr. College JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Page 47 White, Hal S. A.: A. Y. L.: Wrestlirifq 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club: Student Council Z: Intramural Volley- ball: lntraniural Baseball: ln- tramural W r e s t l i n g: Room Clifiirrnan 2: llunian Relations Guild. Van'lerpool Iowa State Wiedal. William Hall Guard: S. A.: A. Y. L. St. Margaret's Illinois Williams. Alberta S. A. 4: A. Y. L. l: Pan- American l: Spanish Club I: Quill and Scroll I: Flounders' Club l: Botany Club l: Li- brary Assistant I. Schoop Wilson Ir. College Williams. Andrew S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3. 4: Photo Staff I: R. O. T. C. l, 2: Basketball Manager: Pan-American Club 3, 4: Ten- nis Team 3, 4. Sutherland Allegheny College Wirtschoreck. Lois National Honor Society 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Com- mercial Club 2, 3, 4: Pan- American Club 2, 3, 4: Sales- manship Club 4: Board of Con- trol 4: Division Vice-Chairman 3: S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 2, 3, 4. Mt. Vernon Fox Secretarial Witt. Marguerite S. A. l, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3. 4: Dramatic Club 2: Tau Epsi- lon 2, 3, 4: National Honor Society 4: Flounders' Club l. Barnard Normal College Woods. Evelyn S. A.: A. Y. L.: French Club 3: Equestrian Club 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Division Room Officer 4: Zoology Club 3. Vande-rpoel Northwestern Wurmstedt. Charles Annual Staff 3, 4: S. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Finan- cial Committee 3: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3: Zoology Club 2, 3: Pro- motion Committee 2, 3: Divi- sion Room Officer 2, 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 2. Vanderpoel Illinois Wyant. Francis R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3: Orches- tra 4: S. A.: Tau Epsilon 2: Flounders 1: Human Relations Guild 3, 4: A. Y. L.: lunior Band. Vanderpoel Illinois Zemke. Shirley Flounders: A. Y. L.: S. A.: I-luman Relations Guild: Sales- manship Club: Tau Epsilon 2: Division Officer l, 2, 3. Zion Lutheran Bryant and Stratton JUNE GRADUATES OF 1940 Bogda. Lois S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer 1: Student Coun- cil. Clissold Undecided Haab. L. A. S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Barnard School of Pharmacy Henry. Bob S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Bowl- ing Club: Golf Team. Sutherland Undecided Laas. Richard L. S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, V. E. S. B. Undecided Thompson. Dave S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. Clissold S. Calif. Thompson. Harold S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Foot- ball l, 2: Baseball l, 2: Intra- mural Sports I: Band l, 2, 3. Shoop Central Y. M. C. A. Thompson. Richard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Clissold Iowa State Walling. Samuel S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Swim- ming Team 2: Track Team 3: Bowling Team 2, 3, 4: Emblem Club 3, 4. Sutherland Northwestern Ward. Eleanor S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Floun- dersr Class Officer. St. Margaret Undecided Wiberg. Ray S. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Division Officer l, 4: Student Council 4: A. Y. L. 3, 4: R. O. T. C. l. 2, 3, 4: Non-Com. Club Secre- tary 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 3. Barnard Armour Tech. Williams. Robert S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Division Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Bas- ketball 2, 3. St. Barnabas Notre Dame Page 43 Most Popular Girlu Most Popular Boy... Best Looking Girl .....,, Best Lookinq Boy ..lrl,,.r. Best Dressed Girl .,,,.oo Best Dressed Boy .,.. Girl With Best Line ........ Boy With Best Line, Best Girl Dancer ...,. Best Boy Dancer ,s,,.,,,l Most Studious Boy .,.,Y,l Most Studious Girl ........ Most Bashtul Girl.. Most Bashtul Boy ..,l,,, Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boys, Girl With Best Sense of Humor .,co,, , Boy With Best Sens e of Humor ,,..,,wt Most Diqnifled G1rl ,...Y,Y,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Most Diqnifiecl Boy Hunqriest Girl ...V..,.w Hunqriest Boy .w..,,,.. Best Couple .,.....,,, Cutest Girl ,,,..,., ...,...,.Barbara Mulberry Tozer ,c.,Y,,Carol Gilloqly .w....,..,..,.Dick Miller Dorothy Sorqentrei ..........Fred I-lobe .c.....Iean Lidster ,c,,,.r.Ierry Mordue .....n...Carol Gilloqly ,.,..,cIohn Conwell r....nBlake Hooper ....Virqinia Dunclon .........wBetty Barmore .,c.,,....m.Ioe Day ......,..Harriet Brown .r.,,r,Bob Telander c.r,,,crMarion Neloel ,.,.mr..Don Hayn w,,,,.,Debby Moore .N....r.Fred Hobe l,r....,..Marion Nebel ,r,Bert Kullerstrand ,,.rm,Bob Snip and Betsy Henning A r,,r,,.,...,......,.,,,. Lucille Lovinq JUNE HALL OF FAME Page 49 Page 'lr SOCIAL - CIVIC RELATICNSHIPS HE activities at Morgan Park are open to all stu- dents. For many years the students have gone out for the different organizations with great zest. The person who doesn't excel in sports or "the arts" may develop leadership in other things. The meek person who sits beside you in your second period class may be the leader in a club or play. These activities help to bring out the talents of the pupils, build character, and instill knowledge. Organizations are fun, they not only en- courage friendships between the faculty, but also among the students. Who doesn't, in some small way, like to know he is part of a group accomplishing something and that he is partly responsible for its success. Every- one has his own idea about which organization, of the many, he wishes to join. Credit should be given to the various officers for the efficient way which they have managed their duties this past year. Another group to be thanked are the members. Their co-operation has meant the success of all undertakings. THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION 'kSOCIAL OIV EVER before in its Zl-year history has the S. A. had a membership of 1700. This year's activities were under the leadership of Bud Lauerman, presidentg Fay Trolarider, first vice-presidentg Patsy McCune, second vice-president, and Bob Telander, secretary-treasurer. Other members of the Executive Committee were Betty Berthold, Student Court chairman: Dick Miller, Athletic Commission chairman: George Stearns, Annual editor, Ruth Burnet and Fred Hobe, fall and spring semester Empehi News editors respectively. Robert Rantz headed the Promotion Committee during the fall and Virginia Coburn and Eleanor Drake took over for the spring. This year the Student Association presented an unusually large free entertainment program which included moving pic- tures, a night football game, "All-Sports Night", a hypnotist, socials, variety shows and many others. This year the Student Association stepped from its usual field of operations in organizing the Protective Patrol to protect the neighborhood on Halloween night. This venture was so successful that it has become a permanent part of the Student Association. Lauerman Trolander lvlcCune Telander Burnet Hobe Stearns Berthold Miller Drake Rantz Coburn Page ELATIONSHIPS Fall Semester Ed Hedrick ,,.,........ George Stearns .... Dick Miller ............ Frank Micus ..,.,..,.. Barbara Mulberry Earl Bingham ........ Louise Eklund ,..,.. Al Carver .............. Robert Van Etten Debby Moore ........ Patty Pullar .,........ Lois Wirtschoreck Erie Iones ,,......,...., Ruth Burnett ......... lean Lidster ......., Mary Friel ..,,,,,,,,,. Nancy Patterson.. Barbara Wallace Shirley Nelson .... Edith Thompson.. Eleanor Drake ..,.,. Daniel Else ..,.,,,.,, Lorayne Lipsker.. Grace Wachter ..., Blake Hooper ,..t., Henry Melin ........., Virginia Brantner ..,...,, ., ,,... . Virginia Schmitt ......... ....,... Lois Stattleback.. Fred Hobe ....,..,..,. Marion Bloom .,.t.. Nancy Gregson .... Donald Nieman ..., Tom Maver ,.,..,,..,.. Betty Berthold ...... Walter Michael .,.. Virginia Dundonn Russ Winkles .,....., Molly Abbott ........ Virginia Dundon.. Club A Cappella ...............,, Annual Staff ...,...,.....,.... Athletic Commission ,,... Athletic Guard ........,..., A. Y. L ...,,.,.,.......,.,..... Band ....,,........,.....,..,,... Botany Club ................,. Boys' Iazz Orchestra ,.,,,,.. Boys' Emblem Club ......, Business Staff ............... Clean-up Committee.. Commercial Club ......,,. Dramatic Club .....,. Empehi News ,..,..,.......,. Equestrian Club ..,.....,,.... . Fashions of the Hour... Flounclers ,..,............,.....,... ....... French Club .,,........... Girls' Glee Club .......... Girls' Emblem Club ,.,,., H, R. S. G ..............,... Spring Semester .Virginia Brantner .....George Stearns .. .,...,,.,,.,. Dick Miller ,.,......,...Frank Micus Barbara Mulberry ,.,....Henry Noetzel .,.....Louise Eklund ........Al Carver O'de1l ........Debby Moore ....,...Patty Pullar ....,....lohn Ulreich ......Barbara Hooper .......,,....Fred Hobe ..........,......Dropped .,...,.....Frances Barnes .Arthur Benjamin .....Sl1irley Nelson ......Lucille Loving .......Ioanne Clay ......Eleanor Drake lunior Band ............. ....... Henry Toppin Latin Club .......,..,...,.......,.,.. ..,........ G erald Smith National Honor Society ...... .. ..,...., Charles Savidis Officers' Club .................... ..,.,.,. B lake Hooper Orchestra .................... Pan-American Club ....... Photo Staff .............. Ouilpen .................... Ouill and Scroll ....,... Salesmanship ............. Shall We Dance? ........ Stamp and Coin ....... Stage Crew ,..,......,. Student Court ...,..... Tau Epsilon ....,,.., Town Meeting ........ Usher Force ,....... Zoology Club ......... V. E. S. B ........ .......Dick Brashler ...,......Ralph Olson ...........Virginia Schmitt ..Guyeda Shields ...........l..ois Staffleback ........Evelyn Iohanssen .. ..Dorothy Allison .......Edwin Rocklin .........Tom Maver .......Betty Berthold .......,.Barbara White ...,....Shirley Franz .......Don McMillan .............Bob De Rose ..........Virginia Dundon BOARD OF CONTROL FIRST ROW: Mulberry, Thompson, Drake, Schenk, Miss Condit, Trolander, Te- lander, Hooper, Loving. SECOND ROW: Allison, Noet- zel, Barnes, Abbott, Eckland, Nelson, Rocklin, Van Etten, Lidster. THIRD ROW: Pullar, Shields, Staffleback, Olsen, Brashler, Franz, Brantner. Moore, Johansen, FOURTH ROW: Smith, O'Dell, Ulreich, Hobe, Maver, Iuneman, Car- ver, Savidis. White. Page 53 STUDENT COUNCIL SOCIAL CIV The Student Council, consisting of all division chairmen, composes the lower house of our student government. The chairman of the Student Council is the S. A. president, Bud Lauerman, and the faculty adviser is Capt. G. G. Lorentz. All rules for the school must first be passed by the Student Council before they may go into effect. The Student Court is composed of the chief justice and five associate justices. They are assisted by a committee of inspectors whose duty it is to see that all school rules are obeyed. The court is not organized to deal out punishment but obtain the co-operation of the student body in the observation of school rules. Under the secretary-treasurer of the S. A., Robert Telander, is a Financial Committee whose duty consists of collecting all S. A. dues and keeping all membership records. All elected class officers are members of the Interclass Council. The purpose of this organization is to help promote all class activities, such as socials and sales. The council is presided over by the second vice- president of the S. A., Patsy McCune, who has charge of all class activites. The Promotion Committee is composed of about forty students who are organized to promote all school activities. Selling tickets, promoting athletic events, and arousing school spirit are all taken care of by the Promotion Committee. . al III aklsii FIRST ROW: Branoni, Right- mire, Curme, Tealandei, Lauerman, Capt. Lorenz, Kats- mann, Lohansen, Eldridge. Giller. SECOND ROW: Hei- decken, Michel, Paige, Corn- well, Dingle, Keddie, Alcock, Eddy, Power, Fall, Mitchell. THIRD ROWI Davis, Over, I-Iedman, Monson, Kohr, Han- sen, Drake, Barnes, Hart, Lambert, Steinhart, Fenaei, Orr. FOURTH ROW: Jackson, Hawthorne, Douglass, Day, Zoellick, Venske, Holle, Blake- man, Pugh, Martin, Burling- ham, Noetzel. FIFTH ROW: Koelling, Larson, Boonstra, Schuffet, Buckly, McGonagil, Mulligan, Karge, Yaap, Cool- man. Page 54 FIRST ROW: Green man, Hen- se-lCo1nelir T . . , ' . is, elander, Mrs Schacktlie, Pearson, Lauer man, Wark, Srnithson. SEC OND ROW: Brown, Shearer Teninaa, Dundon, Turner, Weiert, Gilmore, Pearson, Moeller, Hayden. FIRST ROW: Woolley, Spitlel, Blair, Gist, Coburn, Drake, Grundnian, D a V 1 s , Falls, Gardner. SECOND ROW: Johnson, A d a III s, Lang, Hart, Fischer, Linqa, Stevens, Lasley, Mattson, Otremba, THIRD ROW: Akerihead, Sperapulos, Sharpe, Patter- son, Kullerstrand, Welker, Dyslin, Kleuskins, Harper, Tozer, FOURTH ROW: Klaas, Buys, Iordon, Ekloff, Rutherford, H o W e, Bell, Pugh, Pruter, Meyers, Hed- rick. FIFTH ROW: Bunn, Robinson, O u a s t, Potts, Mauer, Vernon, Dingle, Holle, Crowder, Allison. FIRST ROW: Henninq, Ber- thold M , ooze. S E C O N D ROW: Beardsly, Capt. Lor- entz, Van Etten, THIRD ROW: Snip, Minor. FIRST ROW: Mikesell, Schultz, McCune, Miss Con- dit, Schenk, Schau. SECOND ROW: Hines, Larned, Te- Iander, B o r t a n, Pontius, Shuba. THIRD ROW' Edd ' Yi Potts, Gonaqil, Fryer, Larson. I Ptiqu 55 A CAPPELLA CHORUS OFFICERS Bud Tozer Betty Headland Virginia Branter Bill Pugh ir ANNUAL STAFF OFFICERS George Stearns Beverly Akenhead Bud Tozer Eleanor Drake 'kSOCIAL CIV HE A Cappella Chorus under the able leadership of Mrs. Bernice Hartle is in its sixth year as an organization of Empehi. Organized for the purpose of promoting musical appre- ciation and vocal harmony, it continues to hold a definite place in the school's activities. Any student who has completed, with credit, two semesters of music is eligible for membership in this organization. There were more than one hundred young people who enjoyed the privileges of this unique pursuit in music during the past year. On the day before Christmas vacation, in keeping with the Empehi tradition, the A Cappella Chorus and the Girls' Glee Club participated in the Christmas assembly. They also sang numerous Christmas carols in the halls of the building through- out the morning. The chorus, in collaboration with the other musical organizations of our school, presented the annual spring musical production in Blackwelder Hall. The officers of the fall semester were Forest Tozer, president: Betty Headland, vice-president: lean Lidster, secretary, and Robert Zins, treasurer. The officers of the spring semester were Virginia Brantner, president, William Pugh, vice-president: Marion Nebel, secretary, and Forest Tozer, treasurer. O give the students an ideal Empehi l94U annual was the earnest endeavor of this year's Annual staff. George Stearns was editor-in-chief, and Mrs. Dorothy Cella the faculty adviser. Other officers were Bud Tozer, Sports editor with Bill Pugh and Bert Kullerstrand assistants, Beverly Akenhead, Literary editor: Eleanor Drake, Art editorp Chuch Wurmstedt, Business man- ager: lack Dinnsen, Ad campaign managerg and Ierry Mordue, Treasurer. During the spring semester, a candid-camera contest was held for the purpose of obtaining pictures for use in the annual. Barbara Mulberry and Betty Headland, two of the staff's most efficient workers, were in charge. The pictures chosen may be seen featured in the annual. The purpose of the annual is to present to the student body a comprehensive and candid view of the school activities. The use of many candid photos helps to create this informal atmos- phere throughout the book. The staff extends hearty thanks to its members for their fine co-operation, and hopes that the school may benefit by its efforts. EL TI S IP FIRST ROW: Repp, Wachter, Nebel, Pugh, Mrs. I-Iartle, Brantner, Tozer, Lidster, Woods Andrews SECOND ROW: Billheimer, Mulberry, Headland, Coloinbel, Barton, Carter Fardy, Luther, Iohn. son, Schenk, Swearmqen, Kendall. THIRD ROW: Richter, Clark, Lenz, Scott, Henning, Thomas Farrington, Dyslin, Kleuskens, Webb, Kallqren. FOURTH ROW: Smith, Lueder, Olsen, Rennie Guest, Reinbold, Hobe, Ulreich, Armstrong, Kensley, Jackson, Zoellick. , . Y : is V ' f : " - , ,,. FIRST ROW: Sherman, Drake, Wurmstedt, Mrs. Cella, Stearns, Tozer, Akenhead. SECOND ROW: Mordue, Pugh, Howe, Savidis, Baldridqe, Dinnsen, Guest, Conwell, Kullerstrand. THIRD ROW: Headland, Mulberry, Harper, Gilmore, Robinson, Ekloff, Schmidt, Hawk, Storrs, Mattson AMERICAN YOUTH LEAGUE OFFICERS Barbara Mulberry lerry Mordue Bud Tozer Lorayne Teninga if BOTANY CLUB OFFICERS Louise Ecklund Betty Barmore Marjorie Roos lean Gunderson -kSOCIAL CIV NE of the youngest clubs in Morgan Park, the American Youth League, is unique in that it claims Dr. Tubbs, our principal, not only for its founder but also its sponsor. Mr. Edward Meyers and Miss Anna Callahan are the two co- sponsors. The only requisites for membership are the rank of junior or senior and the desire to join an organization whose object is to make its members defenders of democracy. The aims and purposes of the organization are enumerated in a five-fold program. First, to foster the appreciation of our rights as American citizens. Second, to acquaint us with our responsibilities in maintaining these rights. Third, to encourage our patriotic inclinations. Fourth, to promote international good' will and understanding. Fifth, to bring high school students together in other American Youth League units. The activities this past year include a panel discussion by A. Y. L. members in a neighborhood grade school, speakers for monthly meetings, five assembly programs, the sponsoring of a movie at the Beverly theater, and the selling of A. Y. L. pins. Barbara Mulberry, president: jerry Mordue, vice-president: Bud Tozer, secretary: Lorraine Teninga, treasurer, and the cabi' net, consisting of the five committee chairmen, have done their jobs well. N CLOSING another year, the Botany Club has marked its success with several outstanding events both in the fall and spring semester of 1939-40. Fall activities included the narcissus bulb sale, the bow sale, and the annual trip to the Garfield Park Chrysanthemums Show. The club was aided by the untiring efforts of their sponsor, Miss Genevieve Monsch, who retired in the spring and left a post which Miss Bessie Bell amply filled with her interest and help- fulness in the club's development. The highlight of the spring semester was, of course, the long anticipated trip to the Flower Show at Navy Pier. Louise Ekland very capably led the club as president during both semesters and in the fall she was assisted by Betty Bar- more as vice-presidentg Marjorie Roos, secretary: and Dorothy Fisher, treasurer. The spring semester officers were lean Gun- derson, vice-presidentp Theresa Bell, secretaryg and Marjorie Roos, treasurer. Page 58 LATI S IP FIRST ROW: Coburn, Hooper, Allison, Rutherford, Dr. Tubb, Snip, McCumber, Mattson, Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Headland, Klass, Bunn, Nebel, Howe, White, Rott, Crowder, Beardsly, Wallace. THIRD ROW: Cook, Lana, Hennlnq, Heuman, Jones, Gilson, Davis, Hart, Sorqenirei, Farrington. FIRST ROW: Manninq, Spitler, Roos, Ecklund, Miss Bell, Bell, Gunderson, Perz. Bannon, Butler, Pratt, Guderyahn, Elmore, Miller, Kendall, Prosser. THIRD Cornelius, Hensel, Farrington, Hillstrom, Kenney, Frank, Cook, O'Connor. Sibley, Naber, Armstrong, Clark, Chap, Belikan, Shields, Toque, Wilson. FIFTH Barmore, Allison, Pratt, Wilhelm, White, Brantner, Bergman, Davis, Luther. SECOND ROW: ROW: Williams, FOURTH ROW ROW: Oblinqel Paae 59 'A' SOC IAL CIV BUSINESS STAFF OFFICERS Debby Moore Marilyn Peters Anita Gilmore Peggy Storrs lohn Conwell ir COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS Howard Hunt Lois Wirtschoreck lohn Ulreich Virginia Fisher NE of the most active organizations of the Student Associa- tion is the Empehi News Business Staff. The Business Staff raises enough money, through ads, to help make the Empehi News possible. The Business Staff also sends papers to the other schools on the exchange list and to the alumni. In the fall, two representatives were sent to the National Scholastic Press Guild Convention held in Chicago at the Stev- ens Hotel. During the past year the Business Staff has been managed by Debby Moore, who was assisted by Marilyn Peters. The copywriters were Anita Gilmore and Pe-QCJY Storrs, who did a most efficient and accurate job. The bookkeeping was carried on most successfully by Betty Berthold, Cordelia Hayes, Betty Farrington, and Helen Hawk. lohn Conwell, assisted by loanne Nicholas, has done an excellent iob as Circulation Manager. Audrey Flint, Audrae lones, and Elaine Allroth have compe- tently sent papers to all our merchants and schools on our exchange list. Barbara Mattson has faithfully taken attendance for the past year as secretary. ln closing, Mrs. Dorothy H. Cella, our faculty adviser, has been responsible for our financial success this year. NE of the most active organizations in the school is the Commercial Club. The club was organized in nineteen hundred twenty-nine by Mrs. Ruth Schachtlie, business man- ager of the club. The club has a three-fold purpose: to render service to the school through the Students' Exchange: to furnish commercial work to any teacher or club: to give the students a broader aspect of the business world and to provide more social life for commercial students. All students taking commercial subjects and belonging to the Student Association are eligible to join. The club has been under the able sponsorship of Miss Weislander for the last four years. The officers of the fall semester were: Lois Wirtschoreck, president: Howard Hunt, vice-president: Beatrice Stockdale, secretary: Ethel Fashbaugh, treasurer, lohn Ulreich, sergeant-at- arms. The spring semester officers were: Iohn Ulrich, presi- dent, Virginia Fischer, vice-president: Hilda Stockdale, secre- tary: Robert Hughes, treasurer, Kenneth Bump, sergeant-at-arms. Page 60 I I FIRST ROW: Conwell, Silvesirx, Cornelius, Moore, Peiers, Orr, Egan, Mattson, Rump. SECOND ROW: Peiersen, Storrs, Sibley, Wark, Farrington ,Wells, Llllenqren, Schumacher, Nichols, Kenney, Slaqle. THIRD ROW: Struck, Cooley, Davis, Gilmore, Iones, Martos, Moore, Hawk, Iordan. 41-fx o-was ' Q if-:A 'dfdgik , K v 5 1 il - ' 1 'I FIRST ROW: Rump, Fisher, Stockdale, Hughes, Miss Viieslander, Mrs. Schachtlie, Ulreich Wulschoreck, Hunt, Stockdale, SECOND ROW: Rump, Craven, Pierce, Malinsky, Purdy, Hoeperl McDonald, Tatro, Pond, Iohansen, Tairo. THIRD ROW: Berq, Medmas, Seger, McDonald, Conrad, Dehmnq, Eldridge, Rickert, Lind, Dekninq, Bolel. FOURTH ROW: Hoe-per, Callahan Michael, Reposh, Ulreich, Weinert, Novotny, Gill, Telander, Schlosser, Rohloif, Zoellick, Skxivanl Paae 61 Burnet Shaffer Iacobs Savidis Davis Staffleback EMPEHI NEWS 'A' SCC NOTHER year has past--fanother year in which the members of the Empehi News staff have labored to present to the students of Morgan Park high school the best in journalistic endeavor. ln the fall semester of l939, Ruth Burnet occupied the editor's desk with Dorothy Lou Waggoner as associate editor. Fred Hobe assumed the editorship in the spring and enjoyed the able assistance of Edith Thompson, managing editor. Aided and encouraged by their sponsor, Miss Alma Bauman, the staff members worked to maintain the enviable record set by their predecessors. A member of the National Scholastic Press Association, the EMPEHI NEWS was represented by eight students at the annual convention held in Chicago during November. ln March, l94U, the staff contributed to both the extemporaneous and submitted contests in the annual writing tournament of the Greater Chicago Scholastic Press Guild. P462 IAL CIV I I April saw six representatives at the annual Medill Confer- ence in Evanston. During both semesters, two staff members conducted a newspaper roundtable on the McKinlock campus of Northwestern University. Numerous pictures, cartoons, crossword puzzles and other cuts as well as an ever-improving style in make-up contributed to the tasteful appearance of the weekly. A reduction in size was made during the spring semester to allow for an increase in the number of issues. Greater interest was stimulated by five insert pages carrying special feature material. The staff was assisted by Debby Moore and business staff under the sponsorship of Mrs. Dorothy Cella. FIRST ROW: Kuhns, Shaffer, Davis, Savidis, Thompson, Miss Bauman, Hobe, Jacobs, Staffle- back, Smith. SECOND ROW: Wackholy, Katzrnann, Wiersema, Carlisle, Schrenech, Coleman, Schenk, Swearengen, Murray. THIRD ROW: Woolley, Dahlgren, Hawk, Hart, Blomquist, Vogan, Crowder, Robinson, Slebos, Trolander, Freeman. FOURTH ROW: Bell, Abbot, Vernon, Baldzidge, Maver, Harper, Melin, Kershner, Coolman, Bell, Nelson. Bauman Waggoner Thompson Hobe Page 63 FASHIONS OF THE HOUR OFFICERS Mary Friel Mary Powers Frances Barnes Audrea lones 'lr LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS Barbara Wallace Bill Pugh Shirley Nelson Elwood Shaffer 'kSOCIAL CIVI HE Fashions of the Hour has completed its fourth successful year under the splendid leadership of Miss Helen Greenfield. The purpose of the club is to promote an interest in better taste for styles and to create an enthusiasm for sewing. Any girl completing one semester of sewing and enrolled in the second semester is eligible to join the club. During the past year the club has sponsored the heart sale, celebrating St. Valentines day, and the presentation of Sim- plicity and Du Barry patterns by Miss Elizabeth Show at a style show for all Empehi girls. During the later part of Iune the girls of the sewing classes gave an assembly in which they modeled the clothes they had made. Due to the excellent cooperation of the members, these activities were a success. The officers of the fall semester were: Mary Friel, president: Frances Barnes, vice-president, Mary Powers, secretary: and Lucille Loving, treasurer. Spring semester officers were: Frances Barnes, president: Audrae Iones, vice-president: Corinne McNiel, secretary, and Anita Martinson, treasurer. HE purpose of the French Club is to give the members an opportunity to become better acquainted with the customs and language of the French people. French is spoken at the bi-monthly meetings. With the assistance of the club's adviser, Miss Beulah L. Kemp, the club has accomplished a great deal this past year. Among its activities are two successful bake sales, and an assembly program for the entire student body in the spring semester. Unusual programs of the past year consisted of an elaborate Christmas candlelight musical program, a dramatic program, and a program of French folk songs. As speakers, the following were included: Marjory Naylor, whose subject was her recent trip to Europe, Miss Marie Bellinghausen, who told of her summer in France: Mme. Emilie Starz and Mme. Darling, who spoke at the Mother's Tea. The officers for the fall semester were Barbara Wallace, president: William Pugh, vice-president: Hazel Ekloff, second vice-president: Edith Thompson, secretary, and Grace Wachter, treasurer. The officers for the spring semester were Shirley Nelson, president: Elwood Shaffer, vice-president: Shirley Franz, second vice-president: lane Bickel, secretary, and Virginia Coburn, treasurer. I0 64 I I FIRST ROW: Blnqquast, Monroe, Schfxw, McNeil, Mlss Greenireld, Barnes, lones, Mntxnson Powers, Hoffman, SECOND ROW: Stanyex, Moore, Sm11l'1, Tatro, Hughes, Marsel, Lrnd, Lawson Lovrna, Ericson. THIRD ROW: McAlp:ns, Kleuskens, Berqnxan, Dueshop, Anderson, Howell Mlkesell, Krause, Brown, Rzckerl. FOURTH ROW: Londeck, Hutton, Starz, Powell, Bfellkan, Barnes, Bmedernlann, Moeller, Roos, Chustensen. FIFTH ROW: Slurey, Outlrouse, Alllson, LaRuffv, Roblnson, Sheehan, Elllotl, Clegg. K FIRST ROW: Sweorxnqen Schenk Jacobs Coburn Franz, Miss Kemp, Nelson, Blornqulst, Wallace Shaffer. SECOND ROW: Hmll, Woolley, spmerf Wrenold, Webb, Thompson, Lcvmq, Lndsterl Powers, Wylme. THIRD ROW: Martmson, Carothron, Konecy, I-Ienney, Haedtler, Clancy, Wlersrma, Cornelrus, Hensel, Headland. FOURTH ROW: Fredetle, Mzkesell, Luther, Harper Lumpkm, Slebos, Kuhns, Armstrong, Kleuskens, Shlrey, Roos. FIFTH ROW: Crowder, Moore, Barnes, Iuneman, Robmson, Guest, Coolrnan, White, Ekloff, Gunderson, Graettlnqer, l Rxqe 65 DANCING CLUB OFFICERS Lois Gilson Nancy Gregson Betty Zarth Dorothy Allison 'lr NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS Grace Vtfachter Ted Mortimer Charles Savidis Louise Ecklund 'kSOCIAL CIV HE Dancing Club was formed several years ago with Miss Rosalie C. Kurz as adviser, to promote and maintain interest in dancing among the girls of Empehi. To become a member a girl should know how to dance. Tap dancing, ballet, toe dancing, and acrobatic dancing are all represented and have many enthusiastic admirers. The officers for the fall semester were Nancy Gregson, presi- dent: Betty Zarth, vice-president: Fay Trolander, secretary: Agnes Silvestri, treasurer. The spring semesters officers were Dorothy Allison, presidentp Lois Gilson, vice-president: Virginia Hoffman, secretary, and Agnes Silvestri, treasurer. Miss Felicia Ponte became the sponsor of the club in the spring semester. During the spring semester the constitution was revised and a new ruling made which would permit girls who could not dance, but who are willing to learn, to join the club. Other members taught them to dance. Several members are professional dancers and they con- tributed their help to the club when the assembly was given in the spring semester. The Iazz Band and several vocalists helped present the assembly. N lune, l939, a branch of the National Honor Society for Secondary Schools was founded at Morgan Park High School. It was established to create an enthusiasm for scholar- ship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote worthy leader- ship, and encourage the development of character in the students. The students must have the following qualifications: the can- didate shall have spent at least one semester at Morgan Park, he shall be a member of the senior class, he shall be a member of Tau Epsilon, and he shall have maintained an E average during his first three years in high school, with no grade below G. The Society has given several assemblies for the purpose of inducting new members into the club. This year it has re- ceived a plaque with its insignia in gold leaf on which is to be inscribed the names of all the graduates of Morgan Park who have made Phi Beta Kappa at college. The officers for the fall semester were as follows: Grace Wachter, president: Ted Mortimer, vice-president: Dorothy Lou Waggoner, secretary: Frances Debeulcelaer, treasurer. For the spring semester the officers were: Charles Savidis, president: Louise Ecklund, vice-president: Lorraine Teninga, secretary, and Warren Smith, treasurer. I I FIRST ROW: I-Ioffman, Sylvestu, Miss Kurz, Allison, Gilson, Fischer. SECOND ROW: Roesnei, Schmidt, Ablinqer, Lambert, Speiopulos, Tucek, THIRD ROW: McNeil, Gentleman, Wilhelm, Coburn, Trolcmder, Grundman, FIRST ROW. I-Iuahes Hill, Pond Wallace, Savidxs, Teninqa, Smith, Schaffer, Thompson, Iohan- sen SECOND ROW Bannon Lud Domazel, Knapp, Mulberry, I-Isadland, Moore, Aosked Schmidt, Heclman Mike-sell, THIRD ROW: Warlc, Spence, Nutt, Wilhelm, Lipsker, Dundon, Kuhns, McMillan, Kxstner Price. FOURTH ROW: Miller, Brashler, Witt, Tweed, Wirtschoreck, Whitconib, Smith, White, Larson, Jacobs. FIFTH ROW: Van Eiten, Yaap, Michel, Brook, Rossen, Leverinq Maver, Melxn, Tozer, Ouast. Paqe 67 HUMAN RELATIONS SERVICE GUILD OFFICERS Eleanor Drake Anita Gilmore Iohn Ulreich Louise Seger 'Ir LATIN CLUB OFFICERS Lorayne Lipsker Ben Clarke Gerald Smith Mary Elizabeth Aldrich i'SOCIAL CIV HE Human Relations Service Guild was organized in the fall of 1938. The membership at that time was composed of students of the Human Relations classes. Since that time, how- ever, the constitution has been amended so as to include any student interested in service work. The organization is, to a certain extent, divided into seasons or semesters. The fall semester is composed of the Thanks- giving and Christmas drives. This spring the organization spon- sored a sale of Easter seals to benefit the poor. With this one exception, the meetings were like those of any other club, in- cluding social meetings, and trips to various places of interest in the city. Future plans for the Human Relations Service Guild are a monopoly on a student talent benefit performance at Thanks- giving, Also the organization is taking over the Red Cross work in the school. ln February of this year Mrs. Dorothy Cella, the former sponsor and adviser, found it necessary to resign. Mrs. Harriet Brown undertook the responsibility and has devoted a great deal of her time to the Welfare of this group. HIS year "Sodalitas Latina" celebrated its tenth anniversary. The occasion was the club's annual spring banquet, held on or near April 21, the legendary date of the founding of Rome. The club was organized on April 21, 1930, for the purpose of supplementing the class work in Roman literature, life and customs. The year's biggest job was the distribution of two hundred Latin Club calendars at fifty cents apiece to raise the money for the club's hundred dollar scholarship offered each year to the worthiest graduating club member. The Latin Club, to- gether with the band and orchestra, also sponsored a roller skating party at the Swank Rink on March 25. The club was under the capable guidance of Miss Cora E. Petty throughout the year. Officers for the fall semester were Lorayne Lipsker, first con' sul: Ben Clarke, second consul: Dick Nutt, scribe, and Barbara White, quaestor. ln the spring the officers were Gerald Smith, first consul: Mary Elizabeth Aldrich, second consul: Marion Batty, scribe, and Bob Spierling, quaestor. Prius SB I I FIRST ROW: Wells, Hoffman, Segal, Gllmome, Mxs. Blown, Dlake, Ulrexch, Glundman, Snnth, Champion. SECOND ROW: McDonald, Barnes, Palme-1, J, McDonald, Cook, Mooxe, Cans, Snnih, Dehminq, Eldmclqe, Knapp, Talbelt, Feeny. THIRD ROW: Barqquist, STIPITIIQH, Taizo, Walstem, Tocque, Allxson, Gxlson, Borclfxwald, Zemke, Else-nmann, Auqspuxqe-1. FOURTH ROW: Booth, Wa1-k, Mullen, Rosbarouqlx, Klstner, Ewing, Day, Gxossmann, Nutt, Pruter, Tozex, Whyte. FIFTH ROW: Pump, Sheehey, Watkms, Yaap, Carroll, Mavex, Mlnor, Maurex, Blmss, Voaan, Hunt, FIRST ROW: Lorance, Noetzel, Alduch, Srmth, M155 Pe-tty, Batty, Katzman, Waxk, Campbpll. SECOND ROW: Domazot, Wachalz, Woolley, Cook, Katzmann, Muuay, Kallqxe-n, Butlex THIRD ROW: Spears, Johnson, Willlams, Headland, Roll, Davis, Bannon, Bxown, Gxaemnqf-r. FOURTH ROW: Shaxpe, Brown, Buys, Nutt, Teninqa, McDouclal, Davxs, Whxtcomb, FIFTH ROVV: IAIPSICGI, Malihlas, Kemshnsl, Harpc-1, Malin, Whlts, Swmm, Ackerman. Paqw 69 STAGE CREW lf mu lfillx llmy r SOCIAL CIV ESPONSIBLE for the mechanical success of every assembly, movie, or show presented in Blaclcwelder l-fall as well as the maintenance of approximately ten thousand dollars worth of equipment used in staging productions is Morgan Parks Stage Crew. Working long after the last bell has rung, often before the first one rings in the day, and during free periods, this group of technically minded students does its upmost to co-operate with organizations so that their respective productions may be the best. ln keeping with the custom of the crew to leave some ma- terial improvement for the next year's organization, a seventy- dollar public address system was purchased. Mr. Elwyn L. Reed was adviser of the Stage Crew during the past year in the absence of Mr. Curtis Hunter. Tom Mayer served as manager and he was ably assisted by Charles Iahn. Mr. Real Mavwr alin M l 1 liintgle Brook Horine Iolinson Brown Quast RELATIONSHIPS CONCERT BAND ORCHESTRA HGDTY N0eiZe1 Robert Waikins i' ir Dick Brcrshler Ivan Smigh 'Ir N if James Iuflemfm Grant Nelson 1 if ir Hemi! T01-'Pen Victor Conquest 1 BEGINNERS' BAND JUNIOR BAND CONCERT BAND I X, i'SOCIAL CIV 'Ir HE Band, under the capable baton of Captain Guy D. I-lartle. has completed another successful year. They have played tor the majority of the assemblies presented at the school, and were an outstanding feature of the annual spring production. ln the City Band Contest, the Concert Band received a superior rating for the third consecutive time, and of the nine members who entered the City Solo Contest six of them received a superior rating. They represented Morgan Park in the National Solo Contest. The organization also participated in one of the Parent-Teacher Associations meetings during the year. In cofoperation with the Latin Club, the Band sponsored a very successful roller skating party at the Swank Rink, the pro- ceeds of which were used to buy new music and to repair the school instruments. The officers during the fall semester were: President, Henry Noetzel: Vice-President, Robert Watkiris: Secretary, Barbara Wallace: Treasurer, lohn lollyg Librarian, lack Spence. ELATIONSHIPS 'Ir HE Concert Orchestra is under the direction ot Captain Guy D. Hartle. One ot the chiet purposes ot this organization is to give students, who are fine instrumentalists, the experience ot playing together. The Orchestra plays for the Commencement exercises, as- semblies, and otten for P.T.A. meetings. ln the spring semester the Orchestra entered the Chicago High School Orchestra contest. The results were not known in time to be published in the Annual. Last year the Orchestra received a shield in recognition of its "excellent" rating in the contest. This year the organization sponsored a movie and a roller- skating party, the proceeds of which were used to pay tor re- pairs of new instruments and music. Officers tor the fall semester were as follows: president, Henry Meling vice-president, Harriet Brown: secretary, Dorothy McDougal, and treasurer, Robert Spierling. During the spring semester Dick Brashler was president: Ivan Smith, vice-president: Shirley Franz, secretary: and Beatrice Daly was treasurer. Upon the completion of seven semesters as a member ot the Band or Orchestra, a student is eligible for a major letter in Music. CONCERT ORCHESTRA IUNIOR BAND SOCIAL CIV ir HE Iunior Band, under the leadership of Captain Guy Hartle, was organized to give the students an opportunity for a better understanding of instrumental music before entering the Concert Band. This year the lunior Band has helped to sponsor a movie and a roller skating party, the proceeds of which were used to buy music and to repair instruments. The officers during the fall semester were: president, Dan Else: Vice-president, Victor Conquest: secretary, Ruth Larson: treasurer, loan Clay. For the spring semester, president, Henry Toppeng vice-president, George Buckley: secretary, Dorothy Anderson, treasurer, Iune Christensen. ELATIONSHIPS ir HlS year for the first time Morgan Park has organized its beginners' band into a club-like organization. The name given to it was the Morgan Park High School Intermediate Con- cert Band. The reason for the organization was the extremely large enrollment this year. There are nearly sixty in the band. There are seventeen clarinets, fourteen comets, four French horns, two flutes, one oboe, five saxophones, one baritone, three trombones, one bass horn, and eight drums. The club elected officers at the beginning of the semester to fill the offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. These offices were filled by lames lunernan, Grant Nelson, Hazel Eadon, and Betty Caris respectively. The presi- dent and vice-president have charge of keeping the band room in order and the instruments "at rest" before practice starts. lt is a fine group and We hope that Morgan Park may con- tinue to have an organized Intermediate Concert Band. INTERMEDIATE CONCERT BAND PAN-AMERICAN CLUB OFFICERS Virginia Brantner Ruth Reichart Ralph Olsen Guyeda Shields ir CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE OFFICERS Patte Pullar Polly Gregson Eloise Fisher Tom Rupp ir S OCIAL CIV ,, OOD neighbors" is the policy through the nation. To inspire friendliness, the activities of the Pan-American Club have been giving Empehi's students a better understanding of our good neighbors who live south of our border. Helping the club to extend this understanding were several members of Morgan Park's faculty who gave interesting talks or showed colorful movies of their experiences in Pan-American regions. In order to promote interest throughout the school, the club secured through its adviser, Miss Mary Holland, two sound movies from the Pan-American Airways and the National Rail- ways of Mexico. Also highlighting a year's progress was a trip to a Spanish restaurant. "La presidente" of the fall semester was Virginia Brantner. Ruth Reichart acted as the first vice-president and program chairman. Providing "los refrescos" and holding the office of the second vice-president was Louise Kay. Ralph Olsen was "el secretario" and Peter Iackson "el terorero". Moving up from the secretary's position, Ralph Olsen took over the presi- dency in the spring. Virginia Brantner provided interesting programs while holding the office of the first vice-president. The second vice-president was Guyeda Shield. Barbara Wallace wrote "las minutas" in the spring semester and Ioe Day was the treasurer. HE Clean-up Committee now conducts its campaign through- out the entire school year, instead of concentrating on the traditional week as it formerly did. lts purpose is to promote cleanliness in the school and to impress upon the students that it is their duty and responsibility to keep their school clean and beautiful. The officers of this year were Patte Pullar, president: Iimmy Howe, vice-president: Eloise Fisher, recording secretaryg Polly Gregson, corresponding secretary: and Tom Rupp, as treasurer. Mr. Edward I. Meyers is their faculty adviser. The most important project of the Committee is the Annual Rose Sale which produces the funds to finance the campaign. For their fine cooperation in this venture, the committee extends its sincere thanks to the students and teachers. Valle 76 I I FIRST ROW: Wrrqht, Prosser, Barqqurst, Day, Brantner, Miss Holland, Olsen, Wallace, Shields, Baker, Johansen, Champion. SECOND ROW: Lyles, Wells, Hughes, Johnson, Schultz, Talbert. Kenney, Frank, Martin, Knrpper, Kendall, Inwood, Prebble. THIRD ROW: Scott, McDonald, Stockdale, Tocque, Thorsell, Henning, Gwendaly, Farrington, Jones, Brown, Howell. FOURTH ROW: Barnes, Kay, Faulkner, LaRue, Jackson, Watkins, Bruhl, Crane, McAlpine, Ewrnq, Kistner, FIFTH ROW: Drrscoll, Iones, Maurer, Cyril, Brrqqs, Stoker, Nelson, Carroll, Currrre, Rosen, Byrd, Wrrtshoreck. his-an J A.. raw' .- FIRST ROW: Hoffman, Gardner, Gist, Howe, Mr. Meyers, Pullar, Gregson, Handley, Otrembo SECOND ROW: Hart, Fischer, Nicholas, Austin, Blair, Adams, Brown, Speropulos, White, Wax stein. THIRD ROW: Buys, Lambert, Uordanl, Strack, Stevens, Lanq, Batty, Hensel, Uohnsonl Grossman. FOURTH ROW: Uohnsonl, Schmidt, Rapp, McCaw, Gilmore, Moore, Lillinqren, Lot- qren, Allison, Eddy. FIFTH ROW: Lukes, Speropulos, lackson, Lonqly, Carroll, Buckley, Yaap Potts, tlordanl, Kullerstrand, Puqh. Paqe 77 PHOTO STAFF AND V.E.S.B. OFFICERS Louise Ecklund Virginia Dundori Bill Thomas Warren Colley ir QUILL AND SCROLL OFFICERS Fred Hobe Betsy Henning Lois Staffelback Charles Savidis 'kS.OCIAL CIV HIS year the Visual Education Service Bureau has combined with the Photo Staff under the capable sponsorship of Mr. A. B. Gay. Nearly 952,000 worth of equipment is employed by the V.E.S.B. in affording educational movies both silent and sound, to all classes. Each of the fifty members of the V.E.S.B. has his or her own important task under the supervision of head secretary, Virginia Dundon. and chief operators, Bill Thomas and Warren Colley. There is a secretary for each period whose job it is to check equipment in and out and see to it that operators get the right machines to the right places quickly and silently. The ten members of the Photo Staff share the work of pre- paring pictures for the Empehi News, annual, division records, and personal orders. ORGAN PARKS chapter ot Quill and Scroll, the lnterna- tional Honorary Society for high school journalists, par- ticipated in two nation-wide contests and the Scholastic Maga- zine competition during the school year 1939-40. An editorial submitted by Quill and Scroll in the National group contest received honorable mention. Quill and Scroll sent representa- tives to the All-City press guild. As one of its biggest projects each semester, Quill and Scroll publishes for sale the Ernpehi Bulletin. In this way funds are secured for the club treasury. The annual press banquet at lVficlcelberry's in lune concluded Quill and Scroll activities for the school year. Presiding officers during the fall semester were president, Fred Hobey vice-president, Betsy Henningy secretary, Dorothy Lou Waggoner, and treasurer, Ruth Reichert. ln the spring semester officers included Lois Staffelbach, president: Charles Savidas, vice-president: Barbara Murray, secretary, and William Bell, treasurer. I I FIRST ROW: Katzman, Kehoe, Wilhelm, Colley, Mr, Gay, Dundon, Thomas, Elsenmann, Foertsch Re-pp. SECOND ROW: Clark, Roos, Brantner, Feldes, Lrpsker, DeRose, N1Chols, Parsons, Pratt, Akenhead, Katzmann, THIRD ROW: Walthon, Dasher, Korskalik, Schrnzti, Adams, Guest Bauer, Watkins, Kullerstrand, Burlinqham, While. FOURTH ROW: Zacher, Swlft, Carroll Johnson, Hellman, Harper, Juneman, Halle, Mxcus, Holle, Ouast. FIRST ROW: Swearmqen, Thompson, Bell, Savidis, Miss Bauman, Staffs-lback, Murray, Koukalik, Shatter. SECOND ROW: Schenk, Davrs, Kuhms, Sm1th, Mover, Hobs, Crowder, Jacobs, Henning, Wooley. Page 79 l'llif3'l' NNW: l'x1t-ik, Wtilfllt-1, l liltvwii, l1iiillifitfili,Mr.1 lltll llvr lttvnifi lttirinw Nt-limit Iiilizif-1. 1-:ll r: c 1 N-llJ Howl Iwgzt-gill, I lfiy, Aimzationti, l'i::tli1-i, lliitwliiiu., Cixi, Hut lf-1, Willitiiiiz, lttwltlnli- 'l'l'llHlJ ltllW: lXvl:,tliu flwwlt, Altl :1f'li,LffilHmriii,lT1'lit1ltZ,Mikw :at-ll, lliivyliv-sz, Hwiqzztt-dt, l'4JlIlt't'll lllJlN: l,iltlu'x, llwlfl, I.:-nz, Ktiy, llolniizzoii, Cum i :li-l::iui, Ill,-liitiz, ltiiiqff, Illlii-lflzz 'k l'lllf1'l' HKJWZ 'l'rt-itiv-, 'llli-imp ,.t-n, l'i:1t'lii-i Wttllwy, 131111 Mlfzzz Mfiliqtiii, Slii-Hlcln ffitrvkt-I, li-wllvrilil, Yymtiiw' Mill--i Sl.t'tJNlt FKYJW Slifiip, Wiitiltl, ltrik--1, Mtly flinilli, Cliimfliiitiii, ll -rirlltlurl 1511:-iupiilmz, Gill'-1, Wfilltiwf 'Vllllllt HOW: l'iiilc, llit-it-V 7 f ' lfwppt-l, '-A'-ll:, Krwli, INtfvir:1. Kntipp, Ilttfvt-lisa, tnliiizson Kfilii, tim-ist. l'Hllll'l'll HOW ltuszlwvittntxli, Citiilislw, Sibley livwvliiiviiii Kiilims, 'l'Zif:lfi:1, lltilil:':,,f5IiI17. lliiwk, lliviwii ll.-:lim l'll"l'll HKJVV: Wit-I mtiivti, llillulioiii, Stiillvllmriwli lit-ifqiutszt, Nu-klfiiiz, Alilftiit- Miiuiiti, N- latin, lltwluiuzanri Vliiilc, llft-ii:zvtri iliiiwlliviflffr liltvttmqiii:.v SOCIAL CIV GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Poll Semester Spring Semester Shirley Nelson President Lucille Lovinq Lorroine Colder Vice-President Inez Brown Betty Spiers Secretory Betty Forrinqton Virqinio Boidius Treosurer leon Walther QUILPEN l'i 141-1 BU R ELATIONSHIPS FIRST ROW: Hughes, Katzmann, Akenhead, Ekloff, Miss Bell, DeRose, Wilhelm, Abbott, Bergman, Wackholz, SECOND ROW: Katzmann, Wachter, Wells, Howell, Rodini, Schultz, Foertsch Wienold, Walther. THIRD ROW: Harper, Dyslin, Berg, Ackerman, Kehoe, Tozer, Dasher, Martin W: S P L'ttl H 'lt C rman, Whitcornb Rocklin Wiersema, Brown. FOURTH RO wann, ruter, 1 e, ami on, a , Campbell, Stow. FIFTH ROW: Quast, Smith, Burley, Kershner, Kjellberq, I-Iarper, Maurer Coolman, Olsen, Bliss, HE Zoological Club has successfully completed another in- structive and enjoyable year under the supervision of Miss Bessie Bell. Two interesting assemblies were presented by the club. At one of the assemblies a representative from the Academy of Science spoke and at the other, Sam Campbell, a naturalist and lecturer, presented movies of animals. The annual trip to Turkey Run during spring vacation proved pleasant and instructive, as usual. A good time was enjoyed also at the International Live Stock Exposition. Regular meetings were held every other Tuesday during the ninth period. Several interesting speakers presented at these meetings included Mr. Hall, who spoke on his hobby of raising bees, and a man from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The officers for the fall semester, Molly Abbott, president, Louise Eklund, vice-president: Robert MacGonigal, secretary: and Beverly Akenhead, treasurer, set high standards in the performance of their duties. The officers for the spring semester, Robert DeRose, president: David Katzmann, first vice-president: Alice Wilhelm, second vice-president: Iune Ekloff, secretary, and Beverly Akenhead, treasurer, have done equally well. ZOOLOGY CLUB 'A' OFFICERS Molly Abbott Louise Ecklund Robert De Rose David Katzrnann Page Bl ir TAU EPSILON i'kSOCIAL CIV Michel Teninga White Nutt AU Epsilon, Morgan Park's oldest honor society, was founded in March, 1924. The requirements are a minimum of eleven grade points with no grade below G, and at least four honor points. An honor point is given for each E or S, for holding offices in various school organizations, and representing the school through its activities. A student must renew his member- ship every semester. Graduating seniors who have been in Tau Epsilon for seven semesters are presented with awards, usually in the form of pin guards. The three highest graduating seniors have their choice oi a pin or a book presented by the club. Among Tau Epsilon's activities this last year were two movies at the Beverly Theater, one through the Board of Con- trol, and the other in conjunction with the A. Y. L. The faculty sponsors are Miss Eugenie Mackin and Miss Meroe Conlan. lack Sheehy headed the Publicity Committee for the spring semester. Programs for the meetings were arranged by the Program Committee, headed by Roger Vtlooley. The officers for the fall semester were Walter Michel, president: Lorraine Teninga, viceepresidentg lack Spence, secretary, and Margaret Smith, treasurer. Barbara White, president: Dick Nutt, vice-presi- dent: Marilyn Mikesell, secretary, and Bud Tozer, treasurer, for the spring semester. I I FIRST ROW: Wrrtschoreck, Spence, Tenrnqa, Michel, White, Nutt, Tozer, Mikesell, Gilmore. SECOND ROW: Brashler, Yaap, Meagher, Vernon, Ulreich, Thomas, Larson, Gill, Robinson. THIRD ROW: Berqquist, Van Etten, Melin, Kiaurakis, Nicklaus, McMillen, Ouast, Campbell, Mulberry. FOURTH ROW: Witt, Olsen. Sheehy, Smith, Maurer, Schroch, Kershner, Smith, Tweed, Whrtcorrrb. FIFTH ROW: Helmreich, Kraft, Rossen, Melirr, Mayer, Meyer, Harper, Ulrerch, Brook, White. FIRST ROW: Pierce, Maisel, Rennie, Wallace, Iohan- sen, Ericson, Monson, Hedman, Bannon. SECOND ROW: Stanyei, Dahlgren, Thomas, Vojtech, Iohnsori, Mohr, Aldrich, Clay, Brown. THIRD ROW: Allison, Lud, Rrckert, Faraqher, Knapp, Domcrzet, Naber, Brown, Auqspurqer. FOURTH ROW: Williams, Fiser- rrrarin, Harper, Stewart, Koch, Cook, Shearer, Iones, Grller. FIFTH ROW: Akenhead, Luther, Grant, Tocque, Hedrrch, Bergstrom, Braritrier, Stockdale, Walther. FIRST ROW: Heaclland, Thomas, Mitchell, Berqstrcrrr, Berthold, Pearson, Boqan, Bergman. SECOND ROW. Hanky, Kistner, F. Nelson, Bloomquist, Moore, Dundon, S. Nelson, Grossman, Price, Seehaier. THIRD ROW: Brown, Shields, Olsen, Kay, Kuhns, Martin, Schultz, W. Iorres, Huqhes. FOURTH ROW: Miller, Day, Pruter, Crane, Zoelich, Little, Rocklin, Kehoe, Scott, Franklin, McAlpine. FIFTH ROW: Staftleback, Wilhelm, Lrpsker, Ouast, Dingle, H. lorres, Rosen, Ruskarup, Gia etenqei, La Rue, Nieman, FIRST ROW: Prcmom, Speropulos, Pond, Richter Wcrchholz, Hoge, Kohteldt, Patterson. SECOND ROW: Woolly, Weitemeyer, Muschott, May, Rutherford, Reilly, Shaffer, Campbell. THIRD ROW: Martin, Poeppel, Kohr, Strack, Lrllerrqren, Smith, Steinhart, Downs, Gray. FOURTH ROW: Buys, Sharpe, Loomis, Cooley, Mrlard, Disrrrove, Dcrsher, Guestt. FIFTH ROW: Fischer, White, Giller. FIRST ROW: Barqqurst, Fardy, Powers, Murray, lahn, Gardner, Spence. SECOND ROW: Hoqq, Baker, Smith, Schenk, Swearinqen, Shaffer, Brown, Hoffman, Fall. THIRD ROVV: Huber, Tait, Storrs, Rodenkirck, Grund- man, Hill, Katzman, Walker. FOURTH ROW: Zobel, Freeman, Mortimer, Spears, Allen, Schulz, Glover. K-1 Fall Semester SOCIAL CIVI DBAMATIC CLUB Spring Semester Erie lones President ,, ,, Barbara Hooper Barbara Hooper . Vice-President ,,,oo Bruce Guest Marilyn Mikesell , ,Secretary leanette McGraw Bud Tozer , Treasurer Phillip Harper GIRLS' EMBLEM CLUB FIRST ROW: Fxrlsclr, Peters, Mxkosell, Hooper, Miss Lor- enz, Bruce Guest, .lohnson Huahes, Guest, Hill. SEC- OND ROW: Wieisrna, Ken- ney, Coleman, Boqcxn, Jones, Shiroy, D tr v 1 s , Schultz, Grundinan, Frank. THIRD BOW: Blamqurst, Noetzel, Jacobs, MCCllIttbkWl, Robin- son, Stevens, Buys, Gossf wein, l7'arrinaton, Hn wk, Repp. FlHS'l' ROVV: Kay, Lind, Stlrttlvlvtrvk,'l'l1OxnDSori, Moo 1' 0, Mattson. SECOND BOW: l.utliwr, Durnazet, Hill, llwinq, Biodelrnsrn, Moeller, lllliot, Cltry, Warlitfr, RELATIO S IPS FIRST ROW: Seger, Labor, Talro, J o n e s, Johansen, Erickson, Thompson, Boersl ma, Wirtochoreck, Ballcmz. SECOND ROW: Zemke, Pond, Wurmstedi, Lin d, Moore, Barlow, Weitemeyer, Radius, McDonald, Boulwald. THIRD ROW: Newkirk, Richter, Hayden, Burton, Coleman, Mathiesen, Booth, Eldridge, Delminq, Moeller. ROW 1: Wooten, Day, Mr. Reed, Eqean, Moore. ROW 2: Rodgers, Yaap, Melin, Berthold, Gray. SALESMANSHIP CLUB Fall Semester Spring Semester Marion Bloom ,oo....,.. ..,. P resident ....,,,,,o, ,,o,,Y E velyn lohansen Ethel Fashbauqh ,,,.,,. ,,.., V ice-President .,...,. ,o,,,, D orothy Iones Ruth Hanneman .,,o,, .,,V. S ecretaryo, ,.,. ,o,,.o E lien Erikson Lois Mills ,......,,o.., ,,o,,. T reasurer ,.Y..., ,,..,. P earl Tatro SAFETY COUNCIL Page 85 S O C I A L C I V TOWN MEETING Fall Semester Sprinq Semester Virqinia Dunclon. , , ,, ,President , ,, ,, Shirley Franz Grace Wachter I Vice-President , ,Ruth Hart Hazel Elcloii . , ..,Secretary I , Florence Nelson Virqinia Brantner, Program Chairman Virqinia Dunclon Virqinia Branlner FLOUNDERS VIHST ROW2 Mirrtin, Ltrnq, Adams, Hurt, Miss Wilson, Frtrnz, llrcrke, Uirnlon, Brarrtrrvr. SECOND HOW: Schultz, Deulel, Swearrnqen, Berqrrrfrn. Tlrorripsorr, Repp, Wrenold, Inrrrrbert, Wallace THIRD ROW: Hnqhes, Johnson, Wrersenra, Krllqrerr, Frank, Rirdrns, Cook, Coleman, Wark I'OUR'I'H ROW: Scott, Dornazet, Davis, R. Moore, Luther, C. Moore, Fcnrrnqton, Clark. FIFTH ROW: Stockdale, Arrnstronq, Wilhelm, Wirtoclioreclc, White, Slafiellwack, Nelson, Bloornqurst. FIRST ROW: Monroe, Flrnk, Moore, Pontius, Miss Frsclrer, Benllrrrnrr, Loornls, Firrdy, Mclhrlrll, Wilson, SFCOND ROW: Delrberto, Zunardo, Hanger, Mressler, Pace, Clark, I"Iannon, Wrsnrows M--Mnrnry, 'I'ooIe. 'I'I-IIRD ROW: Marshall, Egan, Birnloc, Rodwnlnnfh, Atkins, Donqlas, Tozer, Vlfrtt, Si'lrLrrnuc:her, Hanke. FOURTH ROW: Holi, Anderson, Wrqqrns, Hrrqlrvs, Buckley, .lllIIl4Ol Mr-Asa, R ilu-f, Opler, Mitchell. FIFTH ROW: Woodrtrll, Lindros, Powell, Seuresst, Kvclrlri-, .lohnston, Iirigrgrz, lsnhnson rr!" Elly ELATIONSHIPS Hazel Ekloff Blake Hooper SCIENCE AWARDS OR the past few years the science department of Morgan Park High School has awarded the Science Medal to honor students. Under the supervision of Mr. Gay, two seniors are chosen a year, one for each semester. The qualifications of the candidate are that the student must have had three years of science studies, two of which must have been laboratory sciences, and two years of mathematics containing algebra and geometry. The student having the highest standing for the period is suggested for the award. lf there is a tie for scholastic standing in science, mathematic grades then become the deter- mining factor. The two highest for this past school year were Hazel Ekloff, of the February class, and Blake Hooper, of the Iune class. Hazel and Blake are both "S" students and have worked hard for this honor. The award is a bronze plaque attributed to the honor student by the Bausch and Lomb Optical Company. Page 87 'lr Mrs. Wallace Mrs. Carman Mrs. White Dr. Tubbs Mrs. Olsen PARENT- TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION ir SOC IAL CIV . --.ggi l CONGRESS parent-teacher association has for its purpose the promotion of the education and welfare of the children and youth. The ideals and purposes expressed by the founders ot the organization 42 years ago are still the aims of the organization today. In the first years ot parent-teacher work the promotion of the education and welfare of children and youth was con- cerned with material needs mainly and took the form of material gifts. The trend of today's promotion is to develop public opinion so that each community will meet its own responsibilities. With that in mind, we ot the Morgan Park Parent-Teacher Association particularly stressed the departments in Parent- Education, School Education and Student Employment. Also, this year, we have had the largest membership in the city and the largest number ot fathers even though we have the second smallest high school in the city. The success of our work this past year was made possible through the splendid co-operation of the Board members and supported by their committees, teachers, students and parents. Page 83 E T I NS IP SOCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Rutherford, Allison, Conclit, McCune. SECOND ROW: Clements, Bell, Robinson, Conwell. PROTECTIVE COIJIMITTEE FIRST ROW: Hayn, Beardsly Berthald, Lauerman rmiqmief, Hooper, vim Ewen. SECOND How: Tel lander, Erickson, Alcock, Armstrong, I-lobe, Miriuth Gascoiqne, Miller. IAZZ ORCHESTRA TOP ROW: Smith, McWilliams, Singer, Bruhl, Iones, Conant. BOTTOM ROW: Ccirver, Wenner, Crane, Kuhns, Evelner, Niendort, Bornemen, Stober, Skip- worth, Baumann, Durran. BICYCLE GUARD FIRST ROW: Purnell, Richter, Rudolph, Price, Bill- heimer, Hanobrok, Flemming, Sherard. SECOND ROW: Barr, Cooper, Rousseau, Teqqular, Hahnberq, Cordin, Landers, Wooten. 'Ir SOC - be Mr. Tweedie i THE CLISSOLD BRANCH , UCH has been accomplished by the Student Association of the Clissold Branch the past year. The fall semester of the SA. was under the leadership of Don White, president, Mar- garet Greenman, vice-president, Carl Lee, secretary, and Laura Gene Over, treasurer. ln the spring, Barbara Fowler took over the office of president While Ray lones, Lorraine McClelland. and Ioseph Branit took the respective positions of vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The year's work consisted of the following: sponsoring of several new clubs, carrying on the work of the Student Council and Court, and presenting numerous and enjoyable assemblies, socials and plays. A fine feeling of co-operation and a spirit of friendliness pre- vailed throughout the year. Barlwarii Fowler Ray lanes loseph Branit Lorraine McClelland IAL CIVIC ELATIONSHIP FOREIGN CRAFTS CLUB SCIENCE CLUB FALL OFFICERS Marjorie lohnson ,..,,. ,,,,Y,Y,,,,,,,,,. , .President Ruth Brown ,,,,C,,,..,r Secretary Nancy Rennie ..r,C,,C,, Treasurer Mr. Robert Russell r.,,,,ir.,,,r,,,r,,,. ,,r. .i,.r,,ir, S p onsor SPRING OFFICERS Girls' Section Boys' Section Marjorie Blakslee ,,,r ,, ,,.r,.. President ,,,..,,.r.. .r... P hillip Moore Patricia Ackerman ,.,..,,,o..I Vice-President ...t... ....... W m. Paqeli Sue Gilloqly, .,,,rr,, L ,..l,,, Secretary r,,,,,, ..... W atson Neft FIRST ROW: Ohlnian, Con- rad, De Vries, Door, Miss Weber, Brueser, Koch, Hia- qins. SECOND ROW: Lyons, Kobr, McCxockin, Peterson Bos, Navy, Boer, Stevenson Swanson. FIRST ROW: Erickson, Blrxkfe lee, Racine, Russell, Moore, Abbott, Cloussen, SECOND ROW: Grosse, Paqels, An- derson, Arquilla, Von Hoist, Davis. THIRD ROW: Burk- hart, Melin, Fisher, Vmtecli, Schmidt, Neff, McKay. Page 91 OCIAL CIV THE CLISSOLD BRANCH STUDENT COURT FIRST ROW: Wqchloz, Lnwl sencc, McCle111umd, Fowler, Slnyfmn, Brcnnt, SECOND HOW: Rm'iqQ1', Kvyos, Jones, Put? Mrvyvx, Kmtwumnxl. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROVV: Drives, Comod I ummm, Alhoih. S Il C O N I7 Fm C' W: Svhmldi, Lamb 11. Mr ye I, PROMOTION COMMITTEE F I R S 'T R O W: Tuite-rsllcmll, Mme Mooney, Hadley, Go:- dcm SECOND ROW: Klum' lm ll, Hull, Hubbuxd. rugs LA I O S IPS l7'lRST ROW: Lane, Mirielees, Scnrunk, Buynitslcy, Mahns, Mrs. W inson, Washburn. SE ' oodfield, Mathis, Phelps, Rob- COND ROW. Burke, Von Holsi, Sorman, Booth, Miedema, Maiworm. Anderson, Gillogly, Slayton, Ilkly, Allroth. THIR DROW: Azzarello, Duff, Barnes, lohnston, Maihias, Cotton, Smith, Sexton, Newbury, Bingham, Sleinhurt, Rumpi. I I ' , CLEAN-UP A V, - THE SOCIAL COMMITTEE ' COMMITTEE ROW 1: Damiro, Sturn, Miss FIRST ROWI Mlfrlelees. Weber, Bayrd, Melin. C ROW 2: Newbury, Slrakshus, Ewma, Clifton. DRAMATIC CLUB SPRING OFFICERS Marguerite Anderson ,,,, A. ......, Presidenr Nancy Slayton ,,,,,,, ,,,,,. V ice-President Nancy Combs .i,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,.. S ecretary Virqinia Allroih ,,,,..,,,, .,,. T reasurer Emma B. Woodfield .,,,, ,,.,, S ponsor Cashman, Hasely, Groskoff SECOND ROW: S ch m 1 dt Barkley, Duiton, Lane. Page 93 Page 94 PROMOTING ATHLETIC LEADERSHIP ORGAN PARKS athletes have given everyone of us something to be proud of this year. Our old records have been broken and new, better ones have been set by an excellent staff of fleet, tough, and courageous athletes. ln football, one of our boys was chosen for the all-section team, and in basketball two players re- ceived the all-section rating. In wrestling we sent three boys to Champaign to the state meet and took two state second places. While our l35 point wrest- ler fought his way to the city championship, Empehi's golf team Won the city championship for the second time in three years. The junior swimming team is as good as ever. Last year's basketball team went to the play-offs for the city championship and this year's team has a good chance. The track team looks very good but hasn't been tested yet. The tennis team has an excellent chance with the three veterans returning and one of these a national junior doubles champ. The bowling league turned out a team which was the best in the city. Due to the fact that their handi- cap was so low, they didn't have much luck in the city championship matches. We, the sport fans of Morgan Park, congratulate the athletes on their great success this year. 'lr Gciscoiqrie Heavy Baslcetbtgll Mi r111 th Pootbull lVlcGoiiiqGl Swi r11111 iii-9 Sr. Van Etteu Liqht Bcislcethmll lluclcley Truck Kems Base-hull Cruel lr. Swim Crwick Golt Pugh Wrestliiiq New XPROMOTING A wk 5 LEWTIC LEADERSH IP Mr. McGregor Mr. Antonides Mr. Taylor NDER the guidance of three expert coaches, Empehi's ath- letic teams rose to stellar heights during this past year. Robert Antonides piloted the football, wrestling, and late in the season, the swimming teams, Duncan McGregor headed the heavyweight basketball and baseball departments, and Tom Taylor coached the lightweight basketball five, the swimming squads for the first part of the season, the golf, tennis, and track teams. "Butch" Antonides, eleven years at Morgan Park, led his gridiron squad to victories over all the contenders for the South Section championship but the Fenger Titans. The grappling team also went places in city competition, defeated only by Crane Tech in the quarter finals. Duplicating the wrestling team's performance, Coach McGregor's heavyweight hardwood quint reached the quarter- finals before meeting defeat. McGregor, who came to Empehi in 1936, brought his team up to second place this season. ln l939, the Mustang baseball nine won honors by reaching the playoffs for the city championship. The outlook in 1940 for Morgan Park's diamond future is bright, for the able hands of Coach McGregor could easily fashion a winning squad. With two first-string men back and several substitutes to fill in most of the vacancies, the pitching staff is the only doubtful spot. Coach Tom Taylor, during his first year as coach of the golf team, brought Empehi another city championship of the links. The tennis, track, and swimming teams also benefited under his guidance. OUR COACHES ir Page 97 PROMOTIN URING the past year the Emblem Club, under the capable leadership of Iim O'Dell, has been active about the school giving service Wherever possible. This group, composed entirely of boys who have earned major emblems in some sport, has undertaken to keep order in the west lunchroom, where two tables are reserved for this organization. Gym officers have been provided to offer general help in both gymnasium and locker room. During the past year the Emblem Club has given two fine assemblies. Members of this group have co-operated by acting as hall guards 6a and Gb periods, by selling tickets to all football and basketball games, and by acting as door guards and bleacher crew for all sports events. For the purpose of promoting school spirit the boys have made appliques show- ing a mustang, with the word "Mustangs" printed beneath. The primary aim ot the club is to aid in promoting Morgan Park's extensive intra-mural sports program, thus interesting every boy in some athletic endeavor. lt is the object of each Emblem Club member to bring fame and honor to Morgan Park both on and off the athletic field, in every activity, be it scholastic or athletic. The work ot this organization shall always be directed toward seeing that the colors of Morgan Park are established in their rightful position, at the top. EMBLEM CLUB FIRST ROW: Kullerstrand, Handbory, Martin, Yaap, Van Etten, Odell, Grange, Graef, Sherman, Bc-ardsley, Karge. SECOND ROW: Bertossa, Brashler, Telander, Pugh, Miller, Alcoclc, Treptow, Mfntm, Smith, Wilson, Brown, Telander, THIRD ROW: Sprout, Mead, Sheehy, Armstrong, Brur-sch, Schuttert, Schmitt, Davis, Minuth, Fryer, Durrant. FOURTH ROW: Curme, Stromberg, Havny, Walker, Carroll, McGonigil, Harper, Baldridqe, Ward, Boorman. Page 98 G A TIC LEADERSH ROW 1: Armstrong, Durrant, Kullerstrand, Heckman, B. Telander, Minuth, Hillman, E. Hedrick Stromberg, Scmitt, V. Telander. ROW 2: Bushn3ll,SBruesgh, VanKeuhlan, Cram, DeRose, Brown, Kruger, F. Hedrick, Handbury 1 ' 'h D k' . Mart n, Hattrel , tow, mit , rc inson ROW 3: Coach Robt. C. Antonrdes, Rholoif, Waxtein, Kellum, Sheehy, Schuffert, Copeland, Boorman, Karge, Bliss, Walker, Nelson, Fitch, Carrol, Rousseau, Jones, Sproul, Frier, O'Dell Hall, Currne. MORGAN PARK O-BLOOM 6 In this, the initial game of the season, Morgan Park's team was light and inexperienced for the most part. Despite these handicaps they let a superior Bloom team know that they were in a tight. The most spectacular play featured Bob Telander in a brilliant run that netted the "green and white" 62 yards. Warren Yaap led the backtield in net gains While Howie Heck- man's blocking ability helped keep Bloom's score to a minimum. MORGAN 18-THORNTON O Slightly more experienced and seeming to hit their stride, the Mustangs defeated a rather beiuddled Thornton team. The touchdowns were scored by Bob Telander, Warren Yaap, and Fritz Minuth. However Bd Hedrick's block of a kick, Clarence Armstrong's recovery ot a tumble, and Warren Yaap's unerring passes, were instrumental in all three scores. Due to a leg injury received in this game, Dinny Sproul was unable to partici- pate in the remaining games ot the season. MORGAN PARK l3-BLGIN 6 A decisive battle in this final practice game oi the season, ended with Morgan Park the victor, and prepared our eleven for its regular schedule of league competition. Although ottside penalties kept Morgan Park's score down when two long runs by Warren Yaap were called back, Don Bruesch came through with a thrilling 55-yard run which resulted in a last minute victory. 'lr Page 99 'A' MORGAN PARK COMPLETES OlljV'll 1 sf,-itmiii THE CALUMET GAME With two practice wins behind them, the Mustangs began their league schedule in a typical Calumet game. Mainly through the efforts of Warren Yaap we succeeded in scoring touchdowns in the first and third quarters. However, due to the costly fumbles and bad kicks, Empehi's goal was crossed in the second quarter but remained untouched the rest of the game. Because of the two preceding victories the student body was very enthused and turned out a thousand strcng. MORGAN PARK 26f BOWEN O At the sound of the referees' whistle, a well organized Morgan Park team immediately took the offensive in the contest against Bowen, through the use of dazzling plunges and tricky reverse end plays. Bob Telander played exceptionally fine football and the Yaap'Hedrick combination clicked repeatedly despite the efforts of a desperate Bowen eleven. The experience gained in this game proved to be a great asset in the games that were to follow. MORGAN PARK 18-A AHIRSCH 6 Backed by four victories, a very confident Mustang eleven marched through a not too strong Hirsch defense. The pigskin took to the air, and with deadly accuracy, was effective in scor- ing all three touchdowns. Outstanding aerial artists of the day were Fritz Minuth and Warren Yaap, While pass snaggers of note were Ed Hedrick, Buzz Hillman, and Iulie Schmitt. Gains of twenty yards were frequently made, aided by the superior blocking of Iohnnie Durrant and Frank Karge. Schuffert f Boorman f Yaap 'I' Hedrick Q Page lUU aUCCESSFUL FOOTBALL YEAR 'lr MORGAN PARK OeFENGER 31 A mid-season defeat was experienced by Morgan Park at the hands of Fenger's championship team. The one bright spot in the game was Fritz Minuth's defensive tactics, and spirited encouragement, and thus he earned the title of Morgan Parks outstanding player. Although not outplayed, Empehi's hard fighting team was greatly outweighed, which partially ac- counted for the lopsided score, Ed Hedrick and Warren Strom- berg, the mainstays of the line defense, endeavored to protect our goal but were sadly overpowered by charging Fengerites. MORGAN PARK llfHARPER O Slightly chagrined, but none the less confident, Morgan Park entered the only game of the season to be played in the Armory with splendid showing of student support. The first quarter yielded three points for Ernpehi by virtue of Frank Karge's field goal. An early advantage was given the Mustangs in the recovery of fumbles by Frank Karge and lohnnie Durrant. Passes were frequently intercepted by both tearns but the game Was decidedly the Green and White's The marvelous snagging of a pass by Fritz Minuth further substantiated Morgan Park's cause. A touch-back later in the game, suffered by Harper, decided the final score. Strombeck ir Bruesch f Armstrong if Dickinson fk Hillman f Durrant Page lOl i' GRIDDERS SHOW THEIR TEET MORGAN 7AtPARKER U The game was played on a rainy day with the muddiest field ever encountered by Morgan Park. Despite several scoring threats by Morgan Park, no points were garnered until the last two thrilling minutes of the game. As the close of the game drew near, the ball rested on Parker's thirty-yard line. The crowd, thinking no score possible, had already begun to dis- perse. However, our valiant Mustangs lined up for a last desperate attempt for a score, and as the ball was centered, Ed Hedrick streaked through the defense, blocked the attempted kick, scooped up the elusive pigskin and galloped twenty yards to a touchdown for victory, and the only score of the game. MORGAN PARK 2UeePULLMAN TECH. 6 Outstanding in his last game for Morgan Park, Captain Fritz Minuth tossed a twenty-nine yard pass to Buzz Hillman for the first score, and later scored a touchdown himself. Bob Telander scored in the final quarter of the game after Durrant blocked a kick, and Ed Hedrick recovered a fumble. Iulie Schmitt, at quarter-back, played super-smart football. Consequently as the gun went off ending the season's last game, we find Empehi terminating a very commendable football season. Kflfqfi' f Telflfldel' f KUl19YSU'CIIlCl f Heckman f Handbury Page I 02 I'O ONCOMING COMPETITION 'A' HIEFLY responsible for this highly successful season and usually in the starting line-up were: "Fritz" Minuth, cap- tain, quarterback, and main spark of the team, whose brilliant headwork was the means of getting the team out of many a tight spot: Bob Telander, whose outstanding line plunges pro- vided countless thrills for the onlookers: Warren Yaap, whose unerring passes and dashing runs were instrumental in many of the scores: Don Bruesch, whose spirited end runs and daring reverses netted the "Green and White" many a yard: these constitute the regular galloping backfield of the Empehi eleven. The regular forward wall of the Mustangs that made possible so many of the successful plays was composed mainly of "Buzzy" Hillman, who never failed to hang to those bullet-like passes, tight spot or otherwise: "Phil" Dickenson, whose superb blocking was the means of stopping many a would-be tacklerg Warren Stromberg, who was a veritable "mountain of defense" and seemed always to be in on the tackles, "Eddie" Hedrich, whose deadly tackles stopped many an opponent before he ever got started: Iohn Durante, whose consistently good block- ing accounted for much of the efficiency displayed by the team, Clarence Armstrong, whose excellent pass-snagging played a large part in many of the games: Howie Heckman, whose per- fectly executed blocks were a decided contribution to the out- come of the team: Frank Karge, whose solid tackles "nipped in the bud" many an opposing "yard-gaining crusade", and "Mike" Boorman, next year's captain, whose accurate and snappy center passes always got our backs off to a good start. Although these boys did most of the playing and received the most compliments and congratulations, most people over- look the fellows that worked just as hard and desire just as strongly to be on the squad, "the fellow on the second string". At all the games he can be found eagerly awaiting the call of his name which will mean that at last he is to play. Falling into this category are: lim O'Dell, Ivan Smith, Rawley Handbury, "Si" Schuffert, Iulie Schmitt, Bob Martin, Bert Kullerstrand, Ralph Kruger, Keith Walker, Emmett Curme, lack Powers, and "Doug" Grange. To these boys who, without gaining any recognition but who gladly took the place of the regulars often, we owe much gratitude. You in the grandstands, watching eleven fellows working as one, seldom realize the grueling practice, the long sessions of practicing fundamentals and the countless number of scrim- mages during six hard weeks of practice that go into the develop- ment of the team. HEROES OF THE GRIDIRON ir Page 103 OFFER OPPONENTS UR 1939340 basketball teams have just seen a very sucf cesstul season. Under the expert coaching of Duncan McGregor, the heavies went all the way to the play-offs for the city championship, while our lights, under Tom Taylor, ended up in a three-way tie for third place in the section. Up to the play-oft games our heavies had lost two games. Hirsch, the section champs, and Calumet each beat us on heart- breaking shots in the last minute. When the season ended, Morgan Park and Calumet were tied for second place in the section. Morgan Park played Calu- met again and this time we won second place. Wendell Phillips High beat us in the championship play-offs by ll points, winning 35424. The lights had the smoothest working team we've seen around here but due to a little hard luck they couldn't seem to click. LIGHTS FIRST ROW: Wilson, lsnnes, Trep tow, Coach Taylor, Miller, Krich b-rum. SECONLDROWZl"lOllvS,BIPV1I1S,NK1Ql9 Wooley, Graper, Oeliner. THIRD ROW: Powers, Wall, Fnrring ton, Vtfilson, Mrlflure, Nolan, Cox' rell, Hayes. ir HEAVIES FIRST ROW: Hughes, Murphy, Far rante, Ward, Gtxscoigne, Kerns Larned. SECOND ROW: Hncksley, Hump Adler, Nlvsrnxan, White. THIRD ROW: Durant, Buckley, Hill Moline, Boocktord, Gill. BASKETBALL Pago IU-1 AL COMPET ITION 'k EMPEHI C A G E R S USS KEBNS, first on our list of heroes, is noted for his miraculous one-hand corner shots. He was one of the two players from Empehi who were voted the best in the section. Dick Miller, the other, was the spark-plug of the team with his lightning speed and precise passing. Co-captains Murphy and Gascoigne, forward and guard respectively, put life and solidness into our heavies. Bob Van Etten, captain of the lights, played a beautiful game until the business world recognized his genius and took him away from us. "Big Mike" Farrante proved, by his long shots, to have a telescopic eye. Buss. "Kris Kringleu Krichbaum seems to have been born with the knack of reading minds, Buss was able to get us many points by his ability to tell where the other fellow was going to pass the ball and then to be there when he did. Irving Ward, our brilliant long-shot center, was judged one of the best players in the section. Gardner Larned, a newcomer to the squad, soon became one of the high-point men. Bob Alcock was always in the thick of the fight and proved a credit to the team. Bob lames and lim Vtfilson, both great as- sets, were also responsible in part for our good record. -er t Q , 1 Page 105 1 BASEBALL l'kPR ASEBALL, like many other sports at Empehi, is always fairly successful. In the l939 season, Morgan Park's dia- mond squad attained heights seldom reached by a Mustang team. One day in the summer of 1939, nine boys from Empehi took the field against an equally successful Crane Tech team in the playoff game for the City finals. Led by Bernard Yursis, veteran hurler of Morgan Park baseball stardom, our team fought a losing battle for seven innings in an attempt to stop the hard-hitting Tech lineup. The Central Section squad proved too much for the Green and White. Morgan Park's play-off tilt followed a good season, with eight wins and only two losses recorded for the Mustang squad. Losses came only in games with Parker and Hirsch, while the valiant Empehites took the rest of their contests in the South Section competition. At the time of this writing, the outlook for Morgan Park's l94O section pennant chances are bright. Pitching seems a settled problem as the discovery of rookies Mike Perrante and lohnson filled the mound jobs excellently. VIHST HOW: lfvrtfxiite, Keins, llvxvss, Kutkmtrn, Millel, Krlchbaum, Btxllentine, Chappell, Richardson. SIICONIJ ROW: Hfxyno, Commello, Hrnxby, Schmitt, Rump, Baldrldqe, Blanchard, Meade, Mathias, Hilbxecht, Deveney. THIRD ROW: Wehle, Waxstem, White, Nterman, Harper, Gruener, Iohnson, Brudd, Nagel, Crow. ' iii? .1 . l ,C ' C Purge I Uh OMOTING AT ETIC LEADERSH IP'k SENIOR SWIMMING ROW 1: Lee, Minard, McKay, Douglas, Gosswem. ROW 2: Rutherford, Hender- son, Coach Taylor, Blakee man, McGonigle. IUNIOR SWIMMING ROW 1: Horbath, Krause, Bo d, l. D 1 . y oug as ROW 2: Thaier, Pringle, Coach Taylor, Graet, Herrod. I HIS year, as in recent years, the lunior team was one of the outstanding teams in the south section. Due to the ineligibility of two of the most excellent swimmers of Empehi, the Iuniors were not as successful in later meets as they were at the beginning of the season. The spark plugs of the lunior team were Bob Graef, free style: Paul Skipworth, breast stroke, and Bill Thayer, back stroke. Ed Douglass, while swimming with the juniors, was an outstanding swimmer, and upon turning senior he kept up the good work. The Senior team although not Very successful during the season came through in the city meet held last April at Boose- velt High School. Lloyd Blakernan showing the greatest im- provement of the season, placed fifth in the ZOO yard free stroke. Ed Douglas, Dave Minard, Bob McGonagil and Loyd Blakeman composing the regular team placed fifth. SWIMMING ir 3 I 1 lu ro-v Page 107 WRESTLING ir PROMOTING AT 1-1E opening meet of the grappling season proved to be an overwhelming victory for Morgan Park with a score 33-13 against an invading Parker team. The following week, Hirsclrs second string mat boys were properly trounced by the "Green and White" in a match which ended in a partial whitewash and a score of 46-16. The third of the wrestling meets proved to be another lopsided victory with M. P. coming out on top with a total of thirty-one points to the struggling Fengerites' tally of fifteen. The state preliminaries were entered by ten members of Empehi's first string wrestlers of whom were loe Thomas, 135 pound city champ, lohnnie Durrant anal Don Bertossa, who qualified in the State and City Finals. Other members who were less fortunate in the outcome but none the less outstanding as experienced wrestlers, were: Bill Pugh of 125 pound classy lim O'Del1, heavyweight "1-larpo" Carrol and Ioe Copeland in the 155-175 pound weights respectively. Following the state pre- liminaries, came the over-confident Bowen "Grunt and Groann champs who fell to the conquering Mustangs in a thrilling finish of an even match meet by a score of 23 to 21. After this close victory Empehi's rnatmen entered into combat with the powerful Calumet team for the title of SouthfSection Champs. Empehi suffered its first defeat of the season to the tune of 23 to 21. The Calumet squad, took the meet and the South-Section Champion- ship. The season ended with Morgan Park having shown their ability to match skill and power with the best teams of the city. FIRST ROW: Bertossa, Pugh, Carroll, Ccryrf-ltrrrd, O'l1v11, Iturrvrrt, tlrvrs, Tnltrnder, lxn SECOND ROW: Carpenter, Power, Cmnt, Blrrkfrmarr, Arrrrstrmra, Halle, Rurnerrs, Bliss, F ln 4 llii. 17111111 ff'11 10111 THTRD ROW: Blancliard, Bornerrifrriri, Nr'-lsori, Roltlaff, 11wrrra, Krrllurstrarxd. 1 rr 1Ut5 ETIC LEADERSHIP NDEB the expert coaching of Mr. Tom Taylor, Morgan Park's traditionally great golf team has won its second city and third section championship in three years. fn 1937 the golf team, paced by Captain Bill Biadner, brought us the city golf championship for the first time in our school's history. Due to the stellar playing of Captain Bay Crwick, Bob Henry, loe Azzarello, and Bob Martin, Morgan Park has captured that coveted title. Ray Orwick, our number one man and captain, was a steady destroyer of other school's title hopes. Bob Henry was number two man and the low scorer of the championship match. He could always be depended upon to turn up just a few strokes lower than his opponent. Ioe Azzarello was our powerful number three man. His drives between 250 and 300 yards every try, and his excellent green-work, brought us many points. Our number four man would have been a credit to any team. Bob Martin was the only member of the team to chalk up the maximum number of points in every match. In the city cham- pionship matches the Mustangs defeated Schurz by a score of l0-2 before nosing out Senn 7V2-4 V2. ln the final match against Lindblom, our boys came from behind and the city champion- ship by a score of 7-5. We may well be proud of our golf team,- the Champs! Mr. Taylor Orwick GOLF Azzarello Martin Henry Page 109 BOWLING -kPROMOTING A 'lr INISHING its third consecutive year, Empehi's bowling league under the sponsorship of George G. Grasshoff again left its mark on the city's season records. Winning 42 out of their 63 league contests, the Zephyrs outclassed any other team in the city so far as averages are concerned. The whole league felt the power of the Zephyr pin shooting abilities in an early season streak which netted the Zephyrs ten consecutive wins. Far from the success gained by the Bugcutters in the sec- tional playoffs, the Zephyrs were stopped in the first round of the elimination playoffs by the Micky Finns of Hirsch's Chelten- ham league. High in Empehi's league, the Zephyr team series of 2963 holds second in the city standings, their record-breaking single game of lO65 ranks third in the city. Bob Zins' 624 series withstood the season's firing for the individual series mark. Bob Martin and Charles Baldridge deadlocked for the high indi- vidual game by toppling the maples for 236. Medals were awarded to the first three teams in the league, gold to the Zephyrs, silver to the Spartans, and bronze to the third place Spark Plugs. FIRST ROW: Gersch, Blanihand, Moysey, Pugh, Spelman, Hagn, Martin, Bartossa. SECOND ROW: Martin, Handbury, Stewart, Sheehy, Urech, Gebo, Kuhns, Faulkner, Day. THIRD ROW: Matthias, Tozer, Mulligan, Baldrldqe, Nelson, Deacy, Driscoll, Kullerstrand. Page 110 ILE TIC LEADERSH IP OUR "PHOTOG" M.P.H.S. 1910 Gene Hartough HE tennis team is expected to take better than second in the South Section this year because so many members have re- turned from last year. The star of the team, Cfardy Larnecl, is cosholder of the National Boys Doubles, He was runner up to his partner in the Boys National Indoor Singles, and he also ranked first in the Western luniors. Others returning to the team this year are Wally Michel and Warren Alcock. When questioned, Coach Antonides, sponsor of the team, said, "The tennis team looks very promising. l think that the team ought to get at least first place in the South Section." BOSPECTS for this year's track team look very good. Among those out for track this year are Paul Brown, Bud Buckley, Fred Steers, Ben Faurot, and Bob Grossmann. Last year, Brown took second place in the junior low hurdles at the City Track Meet. Buckley took ninth in the 44U's. The team greatly felt the loss of Paul Franke, who moved from the city. Paul took a first at the meet last year. Coach Taylor, when questioned about the team's prospects, said, "With most of the fellows back from last year, l think that the team should do fairly well in the City Track Meet." TENNIS ir TRACK Pau Page -k MILITARY -SCHOLASTIC RELATIONS HE importance of the Reserve Officers Training Corps has been recognized by our statesmen and soldiers from the colonial days. The country looks to its educational institutions to furnish men of broad mind and well balanced education. The R. O. T. C. had its beginning in the law of Congress, known as the Morrill Act, of 1862. lts purpose is to qualify selected students for positions of military leadership and ap- pointment as reserve officers of the military forces. In addition it helps to provide an electorate informed as to American tradition, ideals, and institutions, including the pur- pose and necessity of a sane policy of national defense. The R. O. T. C. is a school for citizenship. It enriches our educational courses by affording a training of great value as a preparation for the callings of civil life. lt lays a foundation for good citizenship by inculcating habits of precision and order- liness, discipline, self-control and resourcefulnessp and by pro- moting good physique, correct posture, patriotism, and respect for constituted authority. ir MILITARY SCH if RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS S D nison LASTIC RELATIONSHIP HE Morgan Park High School Reserve Officers' Training Corps, under the capable leadership of Sergeant V. A. Den- nison, has done outstanding Work and has reached great heights in the past years. Last year it was given honor school rating and announced as the third best R. O. T. C. unit in the city of Chicago. Empehi has had the outstanding distinction this year of having two of its members on the Cadet Corps Staff of the city, an honor seldom obtained by any school. The positions were Cadets Lieutenant Colonel and Major. Greatly responsible for the R. O. T. C.'s success is its splendid band. lnstructed by Captain Guy D. Hartle, it has more than titty members and is commanded by a drum major thrice National champion, Norman Erickson. Page 1l5 MILITARY SCH The Seventeenth Annual Military Ball was given during the second semester at the Shoreland hotel which proved to be one ot the most popular dances of the year. A movie at the Beverly theatre was sponsored and many ritle and drill competitions were entered into by the unit, the rnost outstanding oi which was the Annual Federal Inspection, and Picked Platoon drill. Through the scholastic year, the R. O. T. C. operated an efficient hall guard system which kept the school halls clean and orderly at all times. The tire guard, strengthened and im- proved, led the students quickly and quietly from the building during tire drills. The athletic guard and usher force, both picked from the R. O. T. C., proved to be ot great value at foot- ball games and assemblies. tit t itftifltil Witt its it .IASTIC RELATIONSHIP THE Officers' Club is the most active organization within the ROTC. It holds regular meetings at which ROTC theory, future events, and ways of improving the general efficiency of the unit are discussed. All cadet officers are members of the club. The members for the past year are as follows: Lieutenant Colonels Blake Hooper and Donald McMillan: Majors Robert Ruskamp and Russell Winklessp Captains Norman Erickson, Phillip Fons, Wayne Meagher, Frank Micus, Donald Nelson, Henry Noetzel, George Sloane, Warren Stromberg, Alexander Ulreich, and Robert Quastg First Lieutenants Coryden Babbitt, William Bell, Stanley Harvey, Rupert Hoye, Kenneth Iohnson, Alan Koukalik, Walter Michel, Henry Rossen, and Robert Snipy Second Lieutenants Charles Blanchard, Earl Bingham, Forrest Cleag, Warren Ewert, Elmer Fogelsong, lohn Iolly, Howard Mathis, Robert Martin, Norman Meyer, Arthur Mihalovits, William Minor, Albert Roebuck, Edwin Rocklin, lack Spence, and lohn Ulreich. HEADQUARTERS OFFICERS' CLUB Page ll7 "6 .1 1 if-'14 Ex? 'au - in ' ' i v Sit Q , ' -nm 'Ml nn v v 5' U SW Q M Q Mm' WJ in Q ,f V' '3 ,W,'.l 5 2vV . f'WwF' X V . ' . ' Y 5 gi Q3 fi f Q Q 4-3 .1 . W ,Q ' Q ' Nga xg 6 M Q -lfi v , x is 'rx .4 . K ,, "N, , iz 1 15' B V 'H a pw .i?'K Q a ,L mf' ?" 'A' "'-PM -3- 'ff' N- ...- j4i5Qbmi?i3igg??giiifFV' iiga1 wfnf Mff -5 M v fm x.'a fwsg W4iMy LQl Q: fg'gfQQ3QiE?FQ?l?M vi 3 K fe 3 5 9. , 1 5' R, ' 3 3 5 2 f I uf v ,. f H f , I ' lvqix X u KW. u 1 SX z f no ff fm lg we mvQJ Q? h h - - Q. Q V I ' f' ... '-" 1-'fi L 4 -K ' 'f 9 , W I Q ii?-'Ag I 3 79' 2 3, 5 2, N 1 ' I 'F 'Y V 2 ' 4 . -' v Q- 1 . ' wal A bf .5 I. Q X Qgmw .jig . W an vi , hz ...W 35 ,A i 6 F W ' 4 G V 3 39 Q 1 1 . A W 2 ,wa 4 i 1 H I S T U D E N T DIVISIGNS -nu -if "W5"2 ai i 'G 'ii YI 'QF' L 1 .ff P' f Y? 5 an Q 'b , W, A, 1 1' , ,Q Sl ig-ss .Q if Z -lr ' it X1 My Q. V -Y 6' , y kk - ,1 gf W 3 gg mm' X125 ig gk N WY' 'f' UF wir N Q A v ' , - 32, Y A 2 ' H' ..... W' if ' L ' ,. si fi F5 :.Q' E V Q 1 , ,- " . " 'N . H' ,ff X 'vi' k :- z . at . .A:. E ,- -:4Q:::.. 1 , Q , . :,., A 50 Www - ' wil .,. 4 ' X' -Q wr 13, 1, f I " S Li .3 ' " iwf' my 'X Q, : -", ,." : ' Fi 1 3 Q Q , by , if , ' , x L - NI, . 1 K W .Y is 1' 4 4 66.1 12 Q V ,:.,E, gi W vw I 5 f , vmfwm A ,i . MMS Q 1. 1 if . gf. 33 as M iw 'W M' :bg a- Q3 1 ' E u 4? 7 f- 35' gg - , . pf ff, Y . : .,':.,. 'if 'X i Ss 3 , f 2 g HM,?Egg vga Q E . 41,9 555, ' Wa V gs, x L? 1' '.' 'U x ff g QQ G Q Q S 1 FW A1 i X i Vkk- . H I S T U D E N T 1fAUTOGRAPI-IS-k MORGAN PARK JUNIOR COLLEGE 2153 West I IIII1 On Academy Campus 0 REASONABLE TUITION FANNING'S ICE CREAM SHOP "Freezer Fresh" FOUNTAIN SERVICE- SANDWICHES Phone Cedorcrest 5483 2387 W. 111th Street CHICAGO PARTINGTON 8: NEWHALL, Inc. Most Complete Line ot Dainty Sandwiches. Fountain Lunches, Drawing Material, Instruments, Theme Covers and Paper, Maps, College Enirance Book, etc. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Beverly 4238-4239 AMERICAN EAGLE CLEANERS Cleaning. Dyeing and Tailoring 11039 Hole Ave. SWANK ROLLER RINK 2345 W. IIItI1St. NEW KNEE-ACTION FLOOR HERBOLD'S BAKERY For Your Heo1t1'1's Sake Eot I-1erbo1d's TABLE TALK BREAD Bev. 4764 1810 W. 99111 St. T. E. COLLINS FINE PRINTING 1922 Monterey Avenue I"v 'verly Ffffwi SI1ambIey's Grocery and Market 1630 W. Monterey Ave. Fine Food and Service KADEN'S DEPT. STORE 1942-46 Monterey Ave. SMART SHOPPING CENTER for SMART EMPEHITES SINGLER-FLORIST 1532 West 107th Street Corner Prospect Avenue Phone Bev. 2152 BAER'S Dry Goods, Footwear, Dresses Men's Weorr 10234-36 Vincennes Ave. fAUTOG-RAPI-ISf R AY S C H A L K ' S BEVERLY RECREATION, Inc. 20 Modernistic Bowling Alleys 13 Pocket and Billiard Tables Ashland Avenue ot 94th St. Phones: Beverly 7625 -7480 Chicago Ray W. Schalk Geo. H. Foell President Sec. G Treas. Home of Morgan Park High School League MAX FACTOR'S PANCAKE MAKE-UP Lilre a Miracle . . . Hides Tiny Blemishes -Makes Skin Velvety Smooth-Stays Lovely for Hours Price 51.50 JOHNSON DRUG 1835 w. ward si. Bev. 8868 A Good Place to Stop and Shop After School COMMUNITY TOG SHOPPE 1812 W. 99111 si. Bev. 6148 Our ll to 17 Iunior Sizes are sure to please MORGAN PARK CAFETERIA Wirenf- sl Quality Food at Student Prices Bev. lUUl l728 Monterey Ave. Compliments of Division 209XD MISS DOWNEY EVERGREEN FLORIST 93rd and Western Bev. 6680 Open Sundays and Evenings WE SPECIALIZE IN CORSAGES Funeral Work and Weddings WE DELIVER EVERYWHERE THE HOFFMAN HARDWARE 1906-O8 Monterey Specializing in Hardware for the Home and Garden Agents for Sherwin-Williams Paint Products We Repair and Restore Leather Coats, Zippers. Brief Cases. Luggage. Regrip Golf Sticks and Tennis Racquets EXPERT WORKMANSHIP EUGENE MAGISANO 9931 S. Wood Sl. Beverly 5554 FJIZ4 LT I:-1' N" Y SHEFFNER'S JEWELRY STORE Lomphmemsot Hjq11G1-qdg. SHEPHERD SPECIALTY SHOP Watch and Clock Hepa q Mary B. Shepherd Chicaqo, 111. Beve Iy 1184 1825 West 1U3rd Street 1924 Monterey tlllthl Cedarcrest 0611 BEVERLY CLEANERS 81 TAILORS MORGAN PARK Ladies' and Gents' Cleaninq. Dyeing. Repairing and Alterations We Clean Bugs-Beverly 1888 We Deliver 9907 Walden Parkw y Good Wholesome MEALS PARKWAY BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service Perma e ts, St Baths Easy on the purse swfgdirsh Mzglge I3 Iy 0688 9909 Waiden Pa kway THE HERFF-JONES MANUFACTURING IEWELERS AND STATIONERS I. QUALITY GOODS 2. EXPERT WORKMANSHIP 3. DEPENDABLE SERVICE 4. COURTEOUS TREATMENT These poIicies are qreat1y increasing the cirC1e of our friends. Ioin the cric1e THE HERFF-JoNEs IACK CRANLEY, Representative 32 West Rartdo1ph Street, Chicago Te-1. State 2378 :uw Q U pf I Q H. wwf' . K 5 f M, if xk 'Al '., f A3016 1 ww ff a -E ' Mil' v 'ww-iw' W' A :N LE 3 . . 235 fylhf 45 -fm- mf, .,1M-Ilzkivf 5 QS N r K .M :r...... S, if 2, . kr.. mf M 3, 1 2 x W f f ,,i,h.Lq,ffLE.li2V,T I s was wg x E , M Q., X . BNN 1, ,fxgin gugijjfx ' ww. N1 rw R' 'iii . 1, XA.: V wg. Q-...., aw N '41 Z I Q 6 i W ,, W Q Q . x? I sg" , W. 1 . W "1 A ,swag M1li!20-1 w x xx, , WW-5 -mtg gi",nQ J M 1, hw Lxiihg -W 'N an .r . 552 W MV WWW go 37 gf jf MWOJW viTgiWV my if? QMJJMHMW Mi5f?WW QQ? wclffiffw .Q',o'1-cf A-0-wl.L MQPMAQA, Mfu nur " Y N-b.. W,fY,,M, f M 1 llHlliIlll1l QIQII X3 ll H-D, V W? A10 25 EEA 3, 1-4 -- - -- -V1 '4'f:::L::1fQ:- 1- -4-fgifz: nf:::f::::f::L:L:: M . " ' """""' ' '-----'--""""-"4" ..- -.........-..4-..,...v..,.-...,...-...

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