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A A A -'- vu A ,wil - A A A Af ,uf Af,-H5221 w .5 ,av,, fW,AbW,xAzgZmg-ff.-2 .wx - -4+ .A ,paw my Ng- Ag,W 2 K' I A ' " W A af . f ,fffffe liffilfx 1 QA. '1AJf1Af H ' is- ' wf W . ' f ' ' ' deff if f 'f P' ' ' 'ff . ,Q Ll I A - nf ' ' ' , gi- ' A X ' I1 ' 'A - "'L A' g r 'fi A' V A ,fir ,5MffaAv' rf X A 1 A 3 - A --35? 1 f 'Aff "- df ' A' fi r' X 1 1' 5 A W I ':A'.'f'!1, 4' Q f W xA 3 f ' Q . Fi! 3 ' L A 'QQ ,ig " . ' ' -- nw gif' J YA ' ' ' H- A' o' x ff A . J - ' ' A3 .A,f,5,g ' QW ' 1 f my Ti N 1 5 A A - :wifi A A- A -Ak A' :Up A. - An , Af AA 'TAL J y'A5.A1-h jig-in-5 A 4 - CL . A D u C xq ' -, A AA--:W Im- ' A iihfi ' " Aff - ,A In At ,.,k QA., A AJQAQ , Q.. ,V ifww-5 '1 Sl' ffffx. , A' Af1.fggx.4 A' ' - A S .xS:iQi"V'A .Kew f 1 .fAV:ggQAfvfi, .' f ff M paw' 'V A A A ,- , ,Q Al' if fi A If ' : A .Aw G J ' fig A ,ff .Mk 'f 12' s ' '- ' ' gf' gig? A A1 'A 4 f 1,-A If A a r - I Effgflb If .A f T , A A A iv iw' 3- A--.1 4 5 ,ry AM+E1 ,i.A: -A -' ' 'I A- Q Z - QA A A V all-JATT' MSX ' ' - of xx., P - Q ,-T 635' ' LDA, A me 9 9 i A A-ilk N - 'A 1, 'll' ffi. A A -29 ' A Aa 1 - QA. .A Q A ff +3 ' -- Q72 'si "Jil f A .-.- ' Q4 3 j Aj 25:1 AA A A jc A pq ww' x A . 2 AA A .A A A, .X . -, . Af A QQ , Q X I L A 2 all ff 5 7 'Q a A ' ,A 91?lgEfiQQ'.T 375' A' if f' vw 40 A AUM A WON ny AN .1191 . 1: 1 ff A 3 ' ' ' 12315 . f -iL'755X" gf JD' 57' . .rl lgifgrb " vm-"1": ,-fu' vp a -:A ii OW Q ' Z2-Q3 - Q .5, f -2:34 A A A A Aw ' A ' ' 2 A -1.- . ,A A' 4 - - - -a Ex ,Z A, A A f iw - AVA ,A Qs A ' A, ff A , -Ap Aj A A A-"Vf'Y". f44h f3wA , 'gy , 4 vv K Av V' A , Apu- 1 N 'R X ' A gjfiqg-A4 yi 8 A A K I -MA WA fr- . .5 4 dr V ' r '.".f?-EL? n A Ax --rf - . AA 4, A- A .1 A Aw A- Ax ' ' 'az' AA fl 1- Ari'- Y., A,4A:., :.g.1,ffv A,,,W,, I , A 1 .A MAA A A An, f N MA. :AA ' A A AAA -fig 121, - LA A -' ZA 13112, -ew'-v '41,4hgw..mmmgg5,2'Lwis.A.ug1mQA-M-A-f'wv4A'QAa,z4Lg,AA+QaggEgg,g,Q,m43Z,ya-1AA,1f.5 ,.,m vf' 1 I. Q, nl. Mjfw NQWJRZQQM-Q69-1f+wL QAMJVQQVF JSCWQ MK , 'ww is U 1 WR 1 X9 ' ' Qjvlfuiwvi L Z' ji P ' V Q44 A vf Q! 4 W ig? M452 M W WWW 5 K ,, X X . x ' ' 1 Y , r 5 , . , f f .QL r f :H j .QQWQQV K A! AP M TW? X HQQMAH vp 'H2ffif4fQW gi adlfwg ff 'J MMM ' my ifgff WWQ W WL 1 J ww WWW fj M' W M W H MMI THE STAFF MARCIA CRUSE BARBARA MILES ELIZABETH MORTIIN ELAINE ANDERSON ARTHUR E. OSBORNE IR. ,Tip wi fn i S 29- M7 f,,1,mfvWo4W.lQ fv'J,- 'f' f I . ' "wg, ,X f J' ' L . . ,M 1 lx Q U 'NJ ,401 QNX" Q "fx A A fi RIN ',JY!ljiN,,1,1'!J4'l' 'fklh ,fm ,, ff M x,,ff'f" Qu-Q-Lb - 4. r K 1 WH ing!! 23 W yu' J Ay , . W fl W Y! V? Wmff ry .,-if , 'aa i ' ff My f A b J Lf", .. , X J "AJ uid . .iff EK7 is B4 Q f x ' k ' t gi . ' 1 L ' cy X1 Q Q J.. - XF- iwkr Kg, ",.' "'l' VW! Xu cx ' 7 S Roy X ' i " - - , s . , "G ,I Nxxfl - J' J" " 3 A f UPPY X f ,SSB XX , Ni to 1 ,U ,, Y D' X if if + fi ' , .Xl , Q n. xf .. R . D A f ,ix MRS. DOROTHY H. CELLA fyymwg 1W5Q ' - , X 'Ja A ' I if . XJ A , MAP V7 if X Q99 ft - 1 if g sf M , fff?,Q .D l , ,,A,, f't INV 2' .QEWl ' ' fW'r jfft g g v ft 4 rv J I ,Ny 15, I L X sy 'V . ,,:, ,. V, ,,.,:.:-...:5,g :li ,.5:. :,:,55:E:,3 LJ AM I A . V2 D t df? A dskw F! 5 ff . , ,y t f K JM ,I ,J ,f i f as t la Jil , M .- dit ff .I NI uf L il. C ,r jjj VJZ6 DEDICATION To the many students of Morgan Park High School who have learned to admire and esteem her, Mrs. Cella is the personitication ot patience, loyalty, cheerful helpfulness, sincerity, and good humor. For three years she has been Senior I Class Adviser and tor the past tour years has worked untiringly with the Annual and Business Statt. In appreciation of the many hours she has given we affectionately but without permission, dedicate this volume to her. ,QA FOREWORD his, ihe i939 EMPEHI, has iried ia mirror the events ai the past year in ari informal Way qivina the siuderiis a pic- ture of everyday life ai hiqh school. H ihis book will bririq back fond memories af 1938 and '39 iis siaii will ieei amply rewarded. C pi.. ONTENTS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS ACTIVITIES MILITARY S P 0 R TS FEATURES f' E AI S , I I ,E , To 5 Q SX X , ' .p1:Q. Xxx K , Qi X. :W TX 2 Qfgoe V mme N Y . 3 .Q X Q X Y ,.g -f : .2559 - If . ss, -ws lf-1-,,1 f.-i , PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE "THE CRITICAL PERIOD" ohn Fiske, the historian, Wrote a very significant book on, "The Critical Period of American History." This message is directed to a consideration of a most important period in the lives of young people of our high school. I Wish l might impress upon our young folk the great im- portance to their future of their years in high school. In a very real sense, this period is the most important time tn your lives. Thomas Carlyle once said, "Our clocks strike when there is a change from hour to hourg but no hammer in the horologue of Time peals through the Universe when there is a change from era to era. Men understand not what is in their own hands. As calmness is the characteristic of strength, so the Weightiest cause may be the most silent." Every high school student understands perfectly clearly what is meant by the ringing of the bells around Empehi. But how many have any conception of what is going on in their own lives? What about companionships which are anything but helpful and uplifting? What about ditching school, flouting traditions which the experience of time has regarded as being worthy and in all respects commendabley the formation of habits and attitudes which are harmful and inimical to success- ful living? These are the great, silent forces in high school which are surely sowing the seeds of failure in the years that lie ahead. Their oppositefwholesome friendships, the habit of hard work, co-operation, and right living are likewise silent influences but they are of tremendous potency. These are the traits which spell success. Let us all be sure we are building our lives in such a way now that there may be no question about the future. Page Eight TU i l l l i I L l l 3 4-ss... - I' :" - L .,i.f:2:eeik, 53 296, 1 ' ' 5' ' 5 ,It .tr .gf I v ' if, 'is ' f t' . ,.f:f2f::A i " 'z ., T. GEORGE G. LORENTZ t requires a rare combination ot abilities to hold the position ot Assis- tant Principal dealing with discipline ot Various degrees of intensity while at the same time showing an inspiration and leadership to the entire student body. Captain Lorentz has completed his twentieth year at Morgan Park High School. This man, with the humorous twinkle in his eye, shows a keen interest in all the student activities. His cheer leading, at which any pep meeting would he incomplete, has inspired our tearns on to Victory. ln his popularity with Ernpehites he has no peer. lt is truly said that around his character the Morgan Park spirit itseli is torniol. Page Eleven FACULTY Eston V. Tubbs Principal George G. Lorentz Assistant Principal Robert C. Antonides Physical Education Lucy E. Babcock Science Claribel Balsdon Art Alma Bauman English Richard Beardsley Mathematics Bessie B. Bell Science Marie Bellinghausen Language Genevieve M. Brook Adjustment Harriet S. Brown English Margaret Brown Language William B. Calkins Commercial Anna I. Callahan Social Studies Dorothy H. Cella Social Studies Mildred I. Collins Social Studies Lillian Condit Adjustment M. Meroe Conlan Language Loretto R. Delahunt Social Studies Sgt. V. A. Dennison Military lrene R. Dobski Secretary Laura E. Dole Music Helen Downey English Charles Q. Drummond Mathematics Mary Ellen Dwyer English I. Athena Fischer Home Economics Iane M. Gahl Physical Education A. Royall Gay Science George T. Grashoff Art ROSTER Helen E. Greenfield Clothing Lewis L. Hall Science Guy D. Hartle Music May B. Hartle Music Anna F. Healy Commercial Harriet A. Hecht Language Wallace Hecht Engineer Evangeline B. Hibbard Librarian Mary F. Holland Language Edna B. Hotchkiss Art Marie E. Hoyler Science Ann R. Hughes Ass't Reg. Curtis Hunter Adjustment M. Katherine Iordan Commercial Edmund T. Hyzy Mechanical Drawing Beulah L. Kemp Language lrma S. Kimmel English Rosalie C. Kurz Physical Education Elsie R. Larson English Marshall I. Lipman Science Mary G. Livingston English Iulia Lorenz English Loretta Macauley History Eugenie Mackin Social Studies Frances W. Malloy English Iosephine T. Mangan English Duncan L McGregor Physical Education Celia E. Merry Commercial Edward I. Meyers Social Studies BERTHA MILLER, Retired 9 38-1939 Iennie Milton Mathematics Genevieve Monsch Science Iulia Mooney Language Lillian S. Morris English Mary G. Nealon English Mary E. Nelson Ass't Reg. Ethel R. O'Connor Mathematics Mary O'Keefe Ass't Librarian Kathryn O'Meara Social Studies Daniel I. O'Neill lndustrial Arts Cora E. Petty Language Marsha Pfeiffer Matron Elwyn Reed lndustrial Arts Robert P. Russell Science Kathryn H. Sands Commercial Ruth E. Schachtlie Commercial Ruth E. Schmidt English Viola S. Soderstrom English Iohn R. Specht Head Teacher, Branch H. N. Taylor Science Mary E. Thompson Social Studies Richard Tweedie Physical Education Laura Walter Mathematics Bessie H. Weber Art Lillian Weislander Mathematics Mabel M. Wilson Social Studies Emma B. Woodfield Mathematics Louise Young Lunch Room Manager S .,' rw , l I I lrf"" ' f V . f a , , ry I f ff --N - : ,-.- ,g ..'. 1 ......,.. 21:1z:::afs:a:g ,..:41:':::ff,: : av . ar-""' Y'-W x iff 'lf , V. . ""Ei355525,5EzE3E:2:25251gi3:5-,:-.5.j-g:,:515:5::5:::1:1::52:4.--,:,::::-.:- 1 mr-' ,f ,. Z, 11 151522521,:2:2:::3:'-115232121131-:E:225'5:vF'-'-'-""'-'-"-- ' f f,1:2:1: -' - ,::2:' ..A. f 5' 1 r en iam 1 I , . I f if X - ,w . 5 . , , 1 i " . X 1 9 fr I 1 k I . I' I XV .'y v g , vi - n fx M 4 Ax , 1. " . N X I F ,I'.4 I ' , . A Y. z J 1 , 1 , 1 , ' 1 1. A i ! ,. .L.1fk is X '- "-' ,kxtix I Q ., t 'N l if V-41 sr, X Qt - ,lf 6 ,. . E: .Q aw K.. V 5 ' . A LF' s t """'l' Y .ju 'f W S1 I Brashler, Fisher Stiqgleman. van Gorkom THE FEBRUARY CLASS OF'39 mpehi's loss in the class of February '39 was the world's gain, for that group combined intelligence and personality. All class business was managed by an efficient quartette of officers and Well-chosen committee chairman. Presiding was Ted Brashler assisted by lane van Gorkom, vice-president. Efficiently acting as class secretary was Henri- etta Fisher and balancing the budget was Iames Stiggleman, treasurer. The prom Was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Medinah Club with Carl Schreiber's orchestra providing the music. The success of the prom was due to the Work of Virginia Nichols and her committee. The class play under Robert von Behren presented their version of "Cinder- ella" at an assembly the Wednesday before graduation. A modernized Cinderella presented many entertaining moments. Under lane van Gorkom the social committee gave a banquet at Mickle- berry's instead of the customary social. Those who attended enjoyed the evening of companionship and entertainment. The Gift committee headed by Thelma Donop started a fund to provide new curtains for the auditorium. It was hoped that the forthcoming classes and various clubs of the school would add to this fund and make their ideal a reality. When the seniors received their diplomas and turned to face the world and accept responsibilities, they were sure the memories of the days spent at Empehi were never to be forgotten. Page Fourteen AWWA 55 5' jf IME. 'iff 2 8lfLL0l"f5 Page Fifteen Helen Artus Vanderpoel Minette Bass Dorothea Berthelsen Fort Dearborn Dorothy Berthold Florence Bertossa Robert Blackburn Sutherland Dorothy Boocldord S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Room Officer 3. Vanderpoel Chicago Margaret Boocktord S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Botany Club 3, Dancing Club 2, 3, Room Officer 3, 4. Vanderpoel M. P. I. C. Charlotte Bossi S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4. Sutherland M. P. I. C. Olive Brammer S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 4, Photo Staff 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, V. E. S. B. 4. Fort Dearborn Wilson Ted Brashler S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, 4B Class Sec'y, 4A Class Pres., Golf 3, 4, Tennis 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4. Barnard Undecided Ruth Brewton S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Salesmanship Club 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4. Shoop Wilson Richard Briggs S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C, l, 2, 3, 4, Non Comm. Club 3, Dramatic Club 4, Athletic Guard 3, Baseball 4. Vanderpoel M. P. I. C. Ruby Lee Brubaker S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Room Officer 4, Student Council 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 3, 4, Senior Council 4. Barnard lllinois S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Room Officer l, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Botany Club 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 4, Town Meeting 4, Pres. 4, fr. Band 2. Miami S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Board of Control 4. Barnard American Conserv. of Music S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Room Officer l, Fashions of the f--W. Hour 4, Dramatic Club 4, Zoology Club 4, Botany Club 4. Dana S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Student Council 2, Business Staff 4, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Empehi News 3, Room Officer l, 2, 3, lunior Class Sec'y, Fashions of the Hour 4. Barnard St. Lukes Hospital S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4, Sales- manship Club 3, 4, Room Officer l. Barnard Bryant and Stratton Chicago F' rep. spwgf " i ' . . , Iluy lylu, .,.............., , ... V .. "4 - ,-,fs Q79 Q A, 2 ,vu-Q ge, N Helen Chapel UU S nlNu' ,x F "" - 1 g--. s: ...,.,. A ijzw i' fi ' ' A -:Ng 3. 5 ,' .Q X ' :L 4-5 fr 5 .,., 5,L.Q, G Y- 'Iii .Q ,,e- 3 K Beverly Byrne S. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Business Staff 27 Spanish Club 37 Boom Oiiicer 2. Clissold Illingig Don Campbell S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Basketball 2, 3, 4, Captain 47 Baseball 3, 47 Athletic Comm. 47 Track 37 Emblem Club 3, 4. Sl'1OTlTidQ9 Northwestern Robert Campbell S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Bowling Club 47 Zoology Club 37 Wrestling 47 Golf 47 Intramural Sports 4. Sutherland Undecided Darrel Caris S. A.: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-Capt. 47 Swimming l, 2, 3, 47 Boom Officer 37 intramural Volleyball 37 Basket- ball 3j lazz Orchestra 3, 47 A Capella 37 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3. Vanderpoel Honolulu Mary Iane Case S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 3, 47 Dramatic Club 3, 47 A Capella 37 Botany Club 37 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4. Fort Dearborn lndiana Marian Cavanaugh S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Boom Oiticer 37 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 Student Council 37 A Capella 47 Senior Council 4. Sutherland lllinois 'Aim Gi? S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 3, 47 French Club 47 Botany Club 3, 4, Treas. 47 Zoology Club 47 Student Council 47 Dancing Club 2, 3, 47 lnterclass Council 47 Dancing Club 2, 3, 4. Vande-rpoel Northwestern Sylvia Correa S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon Z, 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Club 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 A Capella 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 47 French Club 4. Barnard Chicago Charles Custer S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Stamp and Coin Club 2, Business Bep, 3, 47 Senior Council 4. Vanderpoel Miami Doris Damrow S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Dancing Club l, 2, 37 Stamp and Coin Club 2, 37 Salesmanship Club 2, 37 Room Officer l, 2. Sutherland Wilson Bernard Daniels S. A.7 Salesmanship Club 27 Room Oiiicer 4. Vandorpoel lllinois Marie Desliloches S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Boom Officer l7 Commercial Club l7 Dancing Club l. St. Margaret Chicago Clara Diesel S. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Zoology Club 47 Spanish Club 2, 3, 47 Botany Club 3, 47 Room Officer 3, 47 Dancing Club 3, 47 Vice-Pres. 47 Intramural Basketball l, Z, 3, 47 Intra- mural Volleyball 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Club 4. Fort Dearborn Northwestern Thelma Donop S. A.7 Tau Epsilon 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Treas. 47 Annual Staff 2, 3, 47 Business Staff 2, 3, Auditor 37 Dramatic Club 37 Senior Council 4. Sutherland Washington 5 8 l"lflf6'Ll" Page Sixteen iz. endow Evelyn Erickson Senior Council 4. Vande-rpoel William Erickson Nancy Ernest Vice-Pres. Warren Fairbank S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4. Clarence Finley 2, 37 Intramural Swimming 3. Henrietta Fisher 4A Class Sec'y. Verna Fogelsong S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Botany Club 3, 47 Dramatic Club 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 French Club 37 V. E. S. B. 4, Sec'y 4. Fort Dearborn Undecided Virginia Franck S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Ouilpen 3, 47 Zoology Club 3, 4. Vanderpoel Northwestern Norman Glenn S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 R. O. T. C, l, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 47 Non-Com. Club 3, 47 Room Officer 2, 3. Fort Dearborn Chicago Anna Gordon S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Room Officer l, 27 Student Council t7 Ouilpen 3, 4, Treas. 37 News Staff 3, 47 Zooloqy Club 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Club 47 Ouill and Scroll 47 French Club 4. Barnard Wilson Florence Greenleaf S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Concert Band 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 37 Ouilpen Club 37 Orchestra l, 2, 3. Clissold De Pauw Ioe Greenwood S. A., 2nd Vice-Pres. 47 Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 37 Basketball 2, 37 Emblem Club 2, 3, 47 Band l, 2, 3, 47 Cheerleader 2, 37 Iunior Class Pres.7 Sophomore Class Treas.7 Social Committee 4, Barnard illinois lean Gregory S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra l 2 3- Soanish Club 2 3 4' Zoology Club 2 3 4 Barnard Princioia Amce Griffin Paqe Seventeen S. A.: A, Y. L. 3, 4. Clissold Beauty College S. A.7 Room Officer 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Fox S. A.7 Tau Epsilon 3, 47 Room Officer l, 27 News Staff 3, 4, Art Editor 37 Zoology Club 2. Clissold WilSOH S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Room Officer 27 Sophomore Class Sutherland Northwestern Vanderpoel Northwestern S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zooloqy Club 2, 3, 47 Latin Club Shoop Illinois S, A., Branch Treas. l7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Room Officer l, 2, 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3' Mt. Greenwood Undecided . CT' :55E5QQf'12 X .J X X .sf sv v npwkik ,,, vs si '- - ik L ' ' x Q I X119 S .1 XX .PD x .Q an W x f A 'Wat ,ff . ,. O ,LA my 1' "'.A:7g1'if?75iwi5. -- .5 - 71 ffl? :.:s-zs525Izs:::.E' ul ' 1 Smith Gwin S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 2, 35 Promotion Committee 2, 35 R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 45 Non-Comm. Club 2, 35 Usher Force 2, 35 Boom Officer l, 2, 3. Clissold Purdue Reinette Hall S. A.5 Tau Epsilon 35 Promotion Committee 4: Quilpen 45 Quill and Scroll 3, 45 Zoology Club 4, 2nd Vice-Pres. 45 Business Staff l, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Mgr. 45 Annual Staff l, 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Stephens Charles Hamilton S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 R. O. T. C. 3, 45 Photo Staff 3. Vanderpoel Purdue Iames Hamilton S. A.5 Room Officer 35 Football 35 Student Court 4. Vanderpoel Washington and Lee Harriet Hanson S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Room Officer l, 2, 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 4. Vanderpoel Evangelical Hospital Evelyn Havlick S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Fencing Club 45 Fashions of the Hour 35 Room Officer 3. Sutherland Fox Roy Heilscher Officer l. David Hill Glee Club 35 Student Council l. Barnard Andrew Hoigard Cliss old Eleanor Holle Peppers 4. Clissold Clarence Homan S. A.5 Room Officer 3, 4. Clissold Charles Iackson l, 2, 35 Intramural Basketball 4. Shoop Alice Iohnson Raster Ethlyn I. Iordan S. A.5 A, Y. L. 3, 45 Zoology Club 2. S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Zoology Club 2, 3, 45 S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 4. S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Commercial Club l, 25 Room Barnard Northwestern S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Room Officer l5 B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 45 Non-Comm. Club 2, 35 Zoology Club 3, 4, Treas. 45 Stamp and Coin Club 45 Promotion Committee 35 Boys' M. P. l. C. lllinois S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Room Officer ly Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 45 Fashions of the Hour 45 Undecided Purdue Orchestra Michigan Walton S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Dancing Club 35 Town Meeting 4. Fernwood Normal College .7 8 l"lfLOLl" Page Eighteen eniom 1 Page Nineteen Iohn Kuikman S. A.: A. Y. L. 3 Vanderpoel Elaine Laird S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Student Council 4, Room Officer 3, Senior Council 4. Vanderpoel Gerrit Ligtvoet S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Baseball 4. Fernwood Arline Loesche S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, 4, Boom Officer l, 2, 3, 4, lunior Band 3, 4, Photo Staff 4, V. E. S. B. 4, Senior Council 4. Fort Dearborn Frances Mansfield S. A., Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Boom Officer l. Clissold Beverly Marson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, Botany Club 2, Salesmanship Club l, Sec'y l, Commercial Club, l, 2, 3, Room Officer l, Senior Council 4. Vanderpoel Robert McNeil S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, lntramural Sports 4. Vanderpoel Rosemary Meridith S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 4, Financial Com' mittee 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 3, 4, Stamp and Coin Club 4, Treas. 4, Town Meeting 4, French Club 4. Fort Dearborn Marjorie Kay S. A., A, Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 4, Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 3, 4. Barnard Chicago Iames Kennedy S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Intramural Sports 4. St. Christopher Armour Robert Kennedy S. A. St. Margaret Undecided Annamary Kirckhoif S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Officer 3, 4, Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 3, Town Meeting 4. Barnard Undecided Iean Kissel S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Room Officer 2, 3, Student Council 2, Senior Council 4. Gunsaulus Moser Vivian Kock S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Boom Officer 2, 3, 4, Fashions of the l-lour 3, 4. Barnard Fox 4, lntramural Basketball 4. Undecided Nursing School Undecided Carlton M. P. l. C. M. P. l. C. illinois Butler I Wim, 44 If an X 'W wt they Yi? , 1 ,. ,.. .,., f ff 74,1 ,Q 4, f,. f,, f 35,553 elf C1 fi, V . f W ."- if Z ' ' 1. 6' , . .. ' e .::' . -...if ya. ' '25, li .. 2? . i .,.4.,., if V f f 7,4 ::'.3355::Eg.,2- 7 Z 7 2g::E:'..g-5,.g51'- , 7:14. ...,:5.,:,1-::..:. -sm.:-:,, .. .L Thomas Miles S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 47 Ouilpen 3, Vice- Pres. 37 A Capella 37 Boys' Glee Club 47 Dramatic Club 47 Zoology Club 37 R. O. T, C. l7 Football l. Fort Dearborn Northwestern Russel Miller S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 F.. O. T. C. 3, 47 Non-Comm. Club 47 Usher Force 3, 4. Vanderpoel Chicago lane Morgan S. A.7 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Financial Committee 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 3j French Club 4, Sec'y 47 Boom Officer 2, 37 Dramatic Club 47 4B Class Vice-Pres. Sutherland Beloit Iosephine Morgan S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 4, Shoop Fox Thomas E. Mostyn S. A. Midlothian Northwestern Alda Narbutus S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4- Fc-om Officer 2, 3, 47 Senior Council 4. Mt. Vernon Moser 1 Shirley Nelson Fort Dearborn Virginia Nichols S. A., Sec'y and Treas. 47 Tau Executive Committee 47 Board of Council 17 Finance Committee 2, 3, Club 2, 3, Pres. 47 Latin Club 2, 3, 47 Vanderpoel Iames Nugent S. A. Iulian O'Connor S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Football 2, 37 ball 4. St. Margaret Ileane Olsen 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Dramatic lNadsworth Frances O'Shea ship Club 47 Boom Officer l. Academy of Our Lady Spelts Parker Fernwood lack Pearson Officer l. Sutherland S. A., Znd Vice-Pres. 37 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 47 Sopho- more Class Pres.7 Iunior Class Vice-Pres.7 Spanish Club 47 Dancing Club l, 2, 37 Student Council l, 27 Executive Committee 47 lnterclass Council 2, 3. Chicago Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Control 47 Student 4, Chair. 47 Botany Room Officer l, 2, 3. Chicago Illinois Basketball 47 Base- Undecided S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 47 French Club Club 3, 47 Business Staff Z, 37 A Capella 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 4. Chicago S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Commercial Club l, 27 Salesman- Moser S. A.7 Business Staff 3, 47 Boom Officer 2, Ames S. A.7 Promotion Committee 37 News Staff 47 Boom Art Institute 3 9 I"lfL6Ll" Page Twenty "gif endow, 7 7 .lvl gf.l'f,fN,li.l."" Q7,3f"f J Li . 'f y K, x .tl 7 .mf ? 2. , I . l 1 'L i . .-v Q lf' Face Twenty-one Marion Peterson 47 Room Officer l, 2, 3. Vanderpoel Rosalie Phillips 47 Room Officer 3. Sutherland Norma Pitts S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Sydney Pope Vanderpoel Iohnnie Lee Purvis Hour 37 Girl's Glee Club 4. Shoop George Quick class Baseball 2, 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Dorothy Reinmuth S. A,7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 37 Fencing Club 47 Room Officer 3. Sutherland Fox Charlotte Renevier S. A.7 Commercial Club l. Central Park Undecided Brad Reynolds S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Stamp and Coin Club 3, 47 Senior Council 47 Room Officer 37 R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 47 Photo Staff 3, 4. Vanderpoel Miami Mary Robinson S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 37 Concert Band 27 lazz Orchestra 47 News Staff 2, 37 Quilpen Club 2, 3. Clissold De Pauw Mabel Rodger S. A.7 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Annual Staff l, 2, 3, 47 Business Staff l, Z, 3, 47 Room Officer 2, 3, 47 French Club 3, 4, Pres. 47 Board of Control 47 Ouill and Scroll 4, Pres. 47 Ouilpen Club 47 Promotion Committee 4. Sutherland Grinnell Frank Rohman S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Baseball l, 2, 3, 47 Wrestling l7 Emblem Club 47 Room Officer 37 intramural Sports 2, 37 Athletic Commission 4. Fort Dearborn Alabama Cynthia Puqqemeier S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 3, 47 Botany Club 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Club 4. Sutherland Northwestern Fred Schicklinq S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Basketball 37 Tennis 47 Commer- cial Club 27 Room Officer 3, Fort Dearborn lJl. P. l. C. S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club Z, 3. S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 2, 3, 47 Botany Club 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 3, Pres. 47 Finance Committee 2, 3, 47 Student Council 37 Board of Control Chicago S. A.7 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Treas. 47 Finance Committee 3, 47 Dancing Club 3, 47 Zoology Club 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 French Club 4, Treas. 47 Promotion Committee Chicaqo Undecided Vtlilson S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Botany Club 47 Fashions of the Fisk S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 lnterclass Basketball 3, 47 lnterf lndiana .. fx ,N x r x F MQ I 1 mi' I ' :" , , , 14'1 1 t fl ' , Charles Schroll S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: R. O. T, C. l, 2, 3: Spanish Club 3: Room Officer l. St. Christopher Armour Vernon Scotti S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3: lntramural Base ketball 3: Intramural Baseball 3: Zoology Club 2, 3, 4. Shoop Wilberforce Margaret Smith S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: A Capella 3: Girls' Glee Club 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4. Clissold Hillsdale Iohn Snyder S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 4: Boys' Glee Club 3. McKinley Undecided Herman Sorem S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2: Radio Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 2, 3: Room Officer 2, 3. Sutherland Purdue Paulette Starz S. A.: Branch Vice-Pres. l: Room Officer 3: Concert Band 2: News Staff 2, 3, 4. Madison M. P. l. C. 'CTX' Ioy Stevenson Mx: . as-, WZ", Nm. S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Spanish Club 2, ez Q 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Dancing Club 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Ouilpen Club 3, 4: News Staff 3, 4. lx D Clissold Chicago . so lames Stiqgelman Council 2, 3. Vanderpoel Thomas Thompson Club 4. 'Dx Wg' Shoop Dick Thornally Russell Treptow Fort Dearborn Mabel Trever the Hour 3, 4: Spanish Club 4. Sutherland -we Hardy Trolander 3, 4: Room Officer 3. Vanderpoel S. A.: Tau Epsilon l, 2: R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 4: Non-Comm. Club 3, 4: Officers' Club 4, Pres. 4: Photo Staff 3, 4: Room Officer 2, 3: Board of Control 4: Student Purdue S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Track 4: Basketball 4: Boys' Glee Wilson S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4, Capt. 4: Base- QA ball 3, 4: Wrestlinq 2, 3, 4: lnterclass Council 4: 4B Class Pres.: lntramural Baseball 2, 3: Intramural Wrestinq 2. Barnard Montana Lowell Tozer S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Barnard American Conserv. S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Non-Comm. Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 3: Officers' Club 3, 4: Athletic Guard 2, 3, 4: Stamp and Coin Club 2, 3. Purdue S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Botany Club 3, 4: Fashions of De Pauw S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Radio Club 3, Sec'y 3: V. E. S. B. Purdue 15. an Page Twentyvtwo I"lfL6LI"y it if A . L.. eniom Page Twenty-three Ruthie Mcxe Tyler S. A., A Capella 4, Girls' Glee Club 4. Clissold CWCGQO lane van Gorkcrm S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Treas. 4, Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Botany Club 2, 3, 4, Finance Committee 4, Board of Control 3, 4, Room Officer l, Z, 3, 4, A Capella 3. Fort Dearborn ChiCCIQO Wallace van Kempemu S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Radio Club 4. Fernwood Illinois Grace Veldhuizen S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood WGlSOH Marion Viall S. A., A. Y, L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, 4, Town Meeting 4, Room Officer 3. Barnard lower Mona Viking S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, 4, Botany Club 4, French Club 4, Peppers 4. Vanderpoel Principia Robert von Behren S. A., Branch Pres. l, Tau Epsilon 2, Program Corn- mittee 4, Room Officer 3, 4, lazz Orchestra 4, Concert Orchestra 3, 4. Sutherland Purdue Milton Weaver S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Intramural Baseball 4. Vanderpoel Wilson Iames West S. A., Tau Epsilon 3, Stamp and Coin Club 3, 4, Photo Staff Mgr. 4, Room Officer 2, Intramural Wrestling 3, Boys' Glee Club 3, 4, Board of Control 4. Vanderpoel Illinois lack Whitfield S. A., A, Y. L, 3, 4, R. O. 1. C. 2, 3, 4. M. P. M. A. Mitzen Academy of Art Robert Woods S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Wrestling 3, Bowling League 3, Room Officer 2. Vanderpoel Undecided Evelyn Young S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, Latin Club 3, 4, Room Officer 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4. Sutherland Beloit X KN X 1 's A .9 Amee SENIORS WHO WOULDNW "4' H x V Xe I .... Iohn Berner S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. St. Benedict Robert Burqoyne S. A. Clissold Michael Endres S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Clissold Donald Farquhar FACE THE CAMERA Undecided Walton Undecided S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Stamp and Coin Club 2: Zoology Club 2. Sutherland Ralph Fons S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 45 Football 3, 4. Vanderpoel William Harper S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 45 Room Officer Barnard Gordon Sheridan S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Barnard William Thiele S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Sutherland Earestine Wilson . S. A.: Girls' Glee Club, 3, 4. McCosh Estelle Winter Normal College Aero Tech 3. Northwestern Undecided Undecided Provident Hospital S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Volleyball 35 Baseball 3. Forest Ridge Bryant and Stratton 5' 8 l"lfL6'Ll" Page Twenty-four FEBRUARY GRADUATES FACTS AND STUFF ON endow Page Twentyefive Most Popular Girl ......... .. Most Popular Boy ...,..,..,..,., Best Looking Girl .........l...l. Best Looking Boy ....... ,.... ........Shirley Nelson .......Ioe Greenwood .Ruby Lee Brubaker ............Ted Brashler Best Dressed Girl ..r...,..,...,,......, Virginia Nichols Best Dressed Boy ...........,... Girl with Best Line ,.r.,.,.,... .Robert von Behren ...Dorothy Berthold Boy with Best Line .............. Warren Fairbanks Best Girl Dancer ......... .......... R osalie Philips Best Boy Dancer ........ Most Studious Girl ....... .. .........Spelts Parker ...........lane Morgan Most Studious Boy ................ Robert Blackburn Most Bashful Girl ............... .....Marion Peterson Most Bashtul Boy .......... ........ I ames Kennedy Most Athletic Girl ............ Most Athletic Boy ...................... ..........Clara Deisel Dick Thornally Girl with Best Sense of Humor .... Nancy Ernest Boy with Best Sense of Humor..Brad Reynolds Most Dignified Girl .................. Mary lane Case Most Diqnified Boy ...,............ Hardy 'Frolander Hunqriest Girl ................ ........ M argaret Smith l-lungriest Boy ......,...........i..i.....r.... Darrel CCIITTS Best Couple .....,.. Helen Chapel-Bob Campbell Cutest Girl .................................... Th9l1'T1CI Donop fggwm 42 awk gl K , ' V I ff. . ,,i . I CDI , XY l 1" V if .J ,fr -.-xxl' 1 W J' 1 ' a '-ft . K - .gf -X 3. f f PZ -' rt' fkwl ,.w,,, , . fs 9 ' 9 1 x 5, A- A , ,W Greenwood. Nichols N elson. Thornally FEBRUARY WHO'S WHO loe Greenwood combines the abilities of leadership and high scholastic standing. He was second vice-president of the S. A.: class officer for two years, vice-president of Tau Epsilon, and has worked with the band four years. We know that Ioe will be a success wherever the future may lead him. Virginia Nichols, a girl of unusual personality, has been active in the S. A.: Latin Club, Student Council and the Finance Committee and has held offices in all of these organizations. Her ability as a leader has brought success to all that she has undertaken and will bring her future laurels. "Tops" in popularity best describes Shirley Nelson. She in- cludes in her career vice-president of the S. A., lnterclass Council, Tau Epsilon, Sophomore Class President, the Executive Committee, and Student Council. Her poise and charm will insure for her a hearty welcome in whatever future activities she may undertake. Dick Thornally, the best all-around athlete that Morgan Park has produced, was captain of the 1938 football team and was chosen as the best center in the city. Dick has been active in baseball, wrestling and was 4B Class President. Lucky will be the university that enrolls you, Dick! Page Twenty-six Q. P Page Twenty-seven X xii 4' N i '. r . Q," 4 ' 1 , A - 'L ' ' x ' 1, ' X N 2 . -us, ' L1 ' fx ls K if ' E R A V 'ff' :.,1r:r:r:r-MEA, Y. I 5 f, -I - ,I ' ' - 1" A G' .1 i Q .,., l - T A .1 , . . fi ,. i - 'Q - A 'E 5 ,' f 5535- -A .'1::z1..-+1f:res:::.-1-'-1-- -'-4 -"- r -- O V. Moore, Kuehne Arthur, Hecfdtler n THE JUNE CLASS OF '39 he thirty-second class of seniors left the halls and class rooms of Empehi this lune. The business of the graduating class was efficently handled by the quartet of officers, led by Robert Moore, and was aided by Elaine Kuehne, vice-presi- dent: Ardell Arthur, secretary, and Robert l-laedtler, treasurer. As the class preferred a banquet rather than a social, the Social Com- mittee, under Elaine Kuehne fulfilled the desires of the students by arranging the lune, l939 Senior Class Banquet. The chairmanship of the committee on commencement arrangements was given to Marcia Cruse. The Gift Committee under Barbara Miles increased the fund established for the purchase of curtains for the auditorium. Ring orders were handled by Robert Palmer, and the com- mittee that selected and distributed announcements was under the supervision of Marie Westphal. Elaine Anderson had charge of the cap and gown com- mittee. The Senior play, directed by Robert Geoghegan, was a sample of the lune, '39 student talent and it was a splendid success. The seniors Wish to thank those members of the faculty who gave their help and interest to the class in carrying out its activities. Again a group of fine young people have graduated from Morgan Park High, never to forget the fun, companionship and education which were theirs at Empehi. Ebba Agren S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 3, Dramatic Club 4, Peppers 4, A Capella 4, Bontany Club 3, Com- mercial Club 4, Boom Officer 2. M Mt. Greenwood Undecided if 'A p , ' ,, Hiirley Allison 3 X -- .' 4 U K A., A. Y. L. 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, 4B cms Sec'y, L., iv X! 'Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Sec'y 3, French Club '4, Q Spanish Club 4, Vice-Pres. 4q Em,pe-h-i4News 3, 4. ii. 'f '-Blarna-rd , f. ' , "5 ' Ward Belmont y , 4 Elaine Andersonal fill . - I H ' ' 5 s. A,.,,.rQu',Epq-tion 3, 4, French Club 33 4, seay 3, A - Otiillrand Scroll'3, 4,,Sec'y 3, Vioe1Pres. 4, Business Staff ' wtf-2, '3, 45, Asst Mqr. 2, 3, Mar. 2, 3, Mar. 4, Annual Stott :l,,Qf'3, 4, Zoology. Club 2, 3, 4, vtcerres. 3. 'fs .Sutherland Northwestern ' . Paul Anderson s. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. o. T. c. 1, 2, 3, 4, Non-Comm. Club 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 4, Boom Officer l, 2, Track. Barnard Northern lllinois State Teachers Colleae vy Eleanor Andre , 9 .,Qi',,,.. S. A., A. Y. L, 3, 4, French Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, A ' " n Zoology Club 2, Dancing Club"4. ' ,. Richmond g T' f Northwestern ' A Ardell Arthur i- S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Treas. 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, Commercial Club l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 2, Treas. 3, Board of Control 4, Ouilpen Club 3, 4, Pres. 4, 4B Class Vice-Pres., 4A Class Sec'y. Mt. Vernon Bryant and Stratton Ianet Catherine Atkins S. A., Peppers 4, Room Officer 3, Intramural Sports 3. Clissold 'Wilson Sonia Bartosh S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, A Capella 3, Fashions cf the Hour 3, 4, Emblem Club 4, Intramural Sports 3, 4. Mt. Vernon Enalewccd Roy Bloom S. A., A. Y. L. 4. Sutherland Texas Dorothy Bloomquist S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Room Officer 2, 3, Ouilpen Club 4, Commer- cial Clulz Z, 3, 4, Pres, 4, Board of Control 4, Student Council 3, Financo Committee 4. Midlothian Bryant and Sfrattcn Elizabeth Bolton S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Salesmanship Club 3. Shoop Yfilscn Shirley Bolton ,A I ,lf ' S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Elpsilo-rr l, i?3,Ntf,lXDromatic Club Z, 3, 4, Botany Club 233, 4,b'tU',.v-Prest 4, Latin Club 2, 3, Photo Staff 4, Boom Offiorer t, 2, 3, 4. Clissold De Pauw Dudley Bonitz S, A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic' Club 3, 4, lrl. B. S. G. 4, Boom Ofticer 4. Vanderpoel Ohio Bob Borchers S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, Pep Committee 3, Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 2, 3, Promotion Committee 3, 4, Commercial Club 2- Spanish Club 7, 3, Swimming Team 3. Vandorpoel Southern California l Q , I -.. DLVLQ ,,-.. Page 'lwenfy-cioht I 8lfLL0l"Zl Page Twenty-nine Iames Bourke S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2, 3, V. E. S. B. 4, Student Council 3, 4, Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4. Clissold M. l. T. Willard Branit S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 4, Room Officer 3, 4, Student Council 3. Hale Carnegie Tech. Marjorie Bronson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, Dramatic Club 2, Salesmanship Club l, Empehi News l. Clissold , . A Northwestern pf .- ff Helen Browere ,x A ' - 'W ' Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Town Meeting 4, Drarnatic'CTC-b, Br., Tennis Club Br., Annual Staffi4, Fashions ,ol,'t'e Hour 3, 4. Paul Bruesch S. A., Baseball Team 4. Clissold Undecided ' .Q 'KV ji Robert Buell tm h .'f5I'.f"" S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C. l, Z, 3, Band l, 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Boys' Glee Club 2. Sutherland Michigan William Burdette S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Stamp and Coin Club 3, 4, Stage Crew 3, 4, Manager 4, Board of Control 4, Room Officer l. Vanderpoel Northwestern Gertrude Burke S. A., Spanish Club 3, Dancing Club 2, 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 3, 4, Room Officer 3. St. Margaret Undecided Viola Butler S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 7, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, A. Capella 3, lntramural Basketball 3. McCosh Chicago Teachers College Robert Caine STA., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Promotion Committee 3, 4, Chair- man 4, Board of Control 4, Executive Committee 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Social Committee 4, lazz Orchestra 3, R. O. T. C. l, Z, 3, 4, Officers' Club 4. Vanderpoel iowa Harriet Carlson S. A. Mt. Greenwood Century Edith Carlson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Room Officer l, 2, Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Peppers 4, Commercial Club 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Undecided S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, 4, Girls' Fencing A 1, Clissold A Kirlcsv!lle,!Missouri h Howard E. Brown S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4. Shoop Vtfilson Murdock Bruce S. A.: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 4. . Barnard Undecided - , .. l wi' 1 Y. W. ,fl-A "" : 5. ' -'-", ' 5 1 , Q . ..... We 5 i Q . U U , l' 9 it O-ff Jr, 1... , , -gg, -,: 4 ok.-Q.-' 's:5-. 'Ig' - .ws ggi. '55 1 .7336 " " il!-1 . Betty Carroll S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club 3, 47 News Staff gf H. Fl. S. G. 47 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Pres. 47 Board of Control 47 Town Meeting 3, 47 A Capella 3. Glen Flora Illinois Roberta Chapman S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Sales' manship Club 3, Vice-Pres. 37 Commercial Club 3, 4: Dancing Club 2, 3, 47 Vice-Pres. 3. Vanderpoel Academy of Fine Arts Marge Chochole S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club 47 French Club 2, 37 Spanish Club 47 Dancing Club 27 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 A Capella 3. Vanderpoel Wisconsin Olga Cibulsky - S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club 47 Botany Club 47 Town Meeting 47 Dramatic Club 47 Girls' Glee Club 47 Peppers 4, Pres. 47 Empehi News 4. Congress Park ' Illinois Patricia Clark ' , S. A.7 A Y. L. 3, 47 Fashions ot the lzisur 2, 37 Giralgv' Emblem Club 47.. Room Officer 3, 4. - ' Fort Dearbornsf ,. WiS5COHSiH . iq 4 , 7 Margaret Clements - A S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanish Club l, 27 l-l. B. S, G. 47 Empehi News 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Northwestern Iames Cleveland S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Dramatic' Club as I .5 7 15.4 7 . VZ ly 527117 Aww- K t 1 f 'I rm' 'QE stiff 27 l.1ZZ Orchesfr 1 I 7 3, 47 Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 47 lr. Band 3, 4. 1 Clissold Wisconsiri v-1851 F ' Harry Cochran S. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 B. O, T. C. 2, 3, 4, Memorial lr. High Notre Dania: Marette Connell Sutherland Dorothy Conquest Katharyn Cooper Shoop Oziel Cooper Shoop Charles Correll Virginia Cortese ing Club 3, 4. Barnard mural Sports 2, 3, 47 Room Officer 3. S. A.7 A, Y. L. 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 37 Girls' Glerv Club 47 A Capella 47 Annual Staff 47 Business Staff 4- Ernpehi News 3, 47 Room Officer l, 2, 3. illinois S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Latin Club 47 Drarnatic Club 47 Town Meeting 3, 47 Fencing Club 3, 4, Cook Undecidei S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 37 Sqlesmanship Club 4. Central S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 47 Latin Club 3, 4: Dancing Club 37 Orchestra Z, 3, 45 lr. Band l, 2. Howard S. A.7 A, Y. L. 3, 47 Student Council 37 Emblem Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 47 Board of Control 47 Football Team l, 2, 3, 47 Baseball Team 2, 3, 47 Wrestling Team 3, 47 intra- Clissold 'Washington S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Fashions oi the Hour 2, 3, 47 Danf- Vogue 'Q-51 'SQ' ffl lfLlfL8 Page Thirty V eniom fa: Q JLAJC V ' ' s aft, 'tt 9 Page Thirty-one I lv ' I 1 4 : e ' a 4 Loring Cox ",, . :' 4 5' " A ' 5 ' S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Dramatic Club l: Radio Club 3: Boom Officer l, 2: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Tennis Team 2, 3, 4: B. O. T. C. l. Clissold Dennison Betty Crow S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Zoology Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Fashions of the Hour 4, Pres. 4: Vice-Pres 4: Town Meeting 3, 4: Board of Control 4: A Capella 3: Boom Officer 2. Barnard Undecided Marcia Cruse S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Sales Committee 4: Tau Epsilon l, 3, 4: Annual Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief 4: Board of Control 4: Executive Committee 4: Business Staff 2, 3: Promotion Committee 3, 4: Clean-Up Committee 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4. Clissold Northwestern Charles Curtis S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: V. E. S. B. 4. Mt. Greenwood Northwestern Ruth Daly S. A.: Boom Officer 3: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: lr. Band 3. Barnard Undecided George Dasher S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: B. O. T. C. l, Z, 3, 4: Usher Force l, 2, 3, 4, Ass't Head 4: Officers' Club 3, 4, Sec'y 4: V. E. S. B. 4, CoAChair. 4: Football Team 3: Zoology Club 3: Boom Officer 4. Clissold Cl'1iCGCIO A . Barbara Davis I if-,TP 4. ' ,Z s. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Ep lon 3, 4, Zopieqy ciub 2, 3, Treas. 3: French Club 4: Xmatic Club-Br.:"-,Ouilpen Club 3, 4, Sec'y 3, Treas. 4: own Meeting 3, 4, Vice- Pfes. 3, 4, News staff 3, 4, V. 1-3. s. B.,3,.f'4, 'Ssdy 3: fi: Clissold 's Y lVlcAlliS1er Gretchen Yvonne Davis " 1 S. A. Clissold Stevens Bob Davis S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Zoology Club 3: B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3: Boom Officer l, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club l: Radio Club 3. Clissold Purdue Doris Deahl S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Bonnet M. P. T. C. Robert De Novo S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3: Promotion Com- rnittco 4: Stamp and Coin Club 2: Boom Officer 2, 3, 4: Baseball Team l: Nominating Commitioe 4. Patios Carnegie Tech Bette De Pue Fashions ot the Hour 2: Dancing Club 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club , 4: Salesmanship Club 3, 4. ' ierland Denner X. S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2: Student Council l: obert Dinnsen S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, Treas. 3, 4: Student Court 4: Social Committee 3, 4: CleanfUp Committee 3, 4: Boom Officer 4: Annual Staff 4: Boys' Clee Club 3: A Cappella 3. Horace Mann De Pauw Paden Dismore S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Stamp and Coin Club 2, 3: V. E. S. B. 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4. Clissold lllinois 5 1 45 X '11 5 V! St V1 O 1 4,5 5 ... if-2 f. . -' G ,- l I 4 ga Q. dn '1':- :- 1 X 'A ,t ,al k XL A like 51,47 4? . -A-4 I 5 .gf e , "" 724 'v-T355 Mary Helen Dix S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Zoology Club 45 French Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 45 Fashions of the Hour 35 Girls' Gloe Club 3, 45 A Cappella 3. Sullivan Robert Dodge S A- A Y L 3 45 R. O. T. C. l,,2, 3, 45 Officers' Club 45 Usher Force 2, 3, 4, Head Usher f45 Swimming Team 35 Emblem Club 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 2, 35 Student Court 45 ludge 45 Glean-Up Committee 4. ..,..., Vanderpoel Harriet Doran S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 45 Botany Club 35 Fashions of the Hour 25 Dramatic Club 4. Sutherland Kathleen Doyle S. A.5 Empehi News 35 Room Officer l, 25 H, R. S. G. 4. St. Christopher Ralph Eickhoif S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3 Barnard Ruth Ekstrom S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3 Clissold fs 55055. itfiiifiiifi, J 5.-is 2 H. 3231, .ge is N. ., . li Q 57.- '3 it 5 indiana De Fauw Art institute Utah Undecided Undecided Matt Englander S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Room Officer 35 Football Team 25 Baseball Team 35 intramural Sports 3. St. Barxrrbus 'Wilson Arnold Erion S. A.5 A, Y. L. 3, 45 R. O, T. C. l, Z, 35 Eniblom Club 3, 3, 45 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 2, 35 Dra- m.:tir Club Br,5 Senior Council5 Athletir' Guard 3. Clissold Armour Bernice Eurevich S. A.5 Salesmanship Club l, 2, Clissold Bryant and Stratton Adeline Falk S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Salesmanship Club 45 Room Officer 35 Student Council 3. lvlt. Greenwood Bryant and Stratton Violet Fiske A.5 Salesrnanship Club 3, 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Fashions of the Hour 3, 45 Room Officer l, 2. Si. Barnabas Moser George Flanagan S. A.5 lst Vice-Pres. 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Vice-Pres. Freshman Class5 Social Committee 2, 3, Chair. 2, 35 lntor- vluss Council 3, 4, Chair. 45 Board of Control 4, Chair, 45 Empelii News 3, 45 Football Team 2, Trainer 25 Executive Committee 4, Barnard Northwestern Patsy Foote S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Sophomore Class Sec'y5 Promotion Committee 45 Clean-Up Committee 3, 45 Business Staff 25 Girls' Glee Club 45 Dancing Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Room Officer l, 2, 3. Bryn Mawr Grinnell Dorothy Forsyth S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Prog. Chair. 45 'lau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Zoology Club 2, 3, 45 Latin Club l, 2, 3, 45 Town Meeting 45 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 45 Board of Control 45 A Cappella 2, 35 Student Council 3. Sutherland De Pauw tg, IXLVLQ Page Thirty-two ,t eniom 1 x I . : 7 f X A , V , l ,, . Y 2 l . . , 1 . t 1 ,F l?d'Q9VTlii1ity-tliieg ,A W t Y A Q Q7 s I Clarke Gage VU S. A., A. Y. L. 3, , u psilon 4. .Ag Wilgfnn 1 Antioch halina Eglinski 2 Siggyr f Mary Iayne Gea Bob Geoqhegan biem Club 2, 3, 4. Marilyn Gist Club 4, Boom Officer 3. Herbert Graver Art Grotto S. A., A. Y. L, 4, Student Court l, Boom Officer l, Mi. Vernon Aeronautical Lois Gruoner S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Salesmanship Club 3, Commercial Club 3 4, Room Officer 4. Sutherland Thornton Bob Haedtler S. A., Tau Epsilon l, 2, 4, B. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 3, 4, Non-Com Club 2, Vice-Pres 2: 4A Class Treas. Ouill and Scroll 3, 4, Pres. 4, Empehi News 3, 4, Ass't Ed. 4, V. E. S. B. 3, Pub. Mar. 3. Vanderpoel Chicago Dorothy Hahn S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 3, Salesman- ship Ctub Z, Commercial Club Z, Peppers 4. Zion Lutheran Bryant and Stratton Rector Hain S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, B. O. T. C. l, 2, f 3, 4, V. E. S. B. Z, Svrnlun M, P, l. C. Caulyne Hall S. A., A. Y, L. 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, A Capella 4, Boom Officer 3, lntramural Sports 3. Shoop Chicago Mariorie Hall S. A., A. Y, L. 3, 4, Pres. 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Social Committee 7, 3, Chair. 3, Student Council 3, Board ot-Control 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, Eashions of the Hour 3.31: Elnpelii News 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 3, 4. Vandorpoel Grinnell Florence Hanna S. Af, A. Y. L. 3, 4, Exshions of the Hour 4, Town Meeting 4, lntromural Sports 7. ix D?fTTlDOIIl Chicago Teach s r ff Qfjjjyyf' ,wt S. A., A. YR ,3' alesmanship Club l, Boom Officer , f, ,, 1 Sp rty 3, 4, Emblem Club 4. M ' enwood Northwestern S'. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Sales Committee 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, A Cappella 3, Promotion Committee 3, 4, Social Com- mitiee 3, Student Court 3, 4, Annual Staff 3. Clissold Duke - Q. S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Sophomore Class Vice-Pres., Clean- Up Committee 3, 4, Student Council 2, 3, Boom Officer 2, 3, Basketball Team Z, 3, 4, lntramural Sports 3, 4, Em- Sutlierland Georgia Tech S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Town Meeting 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Fashions of the Hour 4, Business Staff 4, Girls' Glee Vonderpoel Grinnell S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Room Officer 3, Football Team l. Sutherland Michigan V t .5 ,,,: . 4. 0 " A V I 4 Wg, f .- -,.t-.. 4 L In 4' . fl 11 1 f' t t 4 if f 'E Q f at-if 3 S 1 " fa 4 -31: F ' 3 1537? 5 ' -ami '-. , 'X 5 ,. ,, . wir -4. .. , 4 , L Y.. , .0 ..,. I "NL A' .,.,. X, . eg' .3 ' . ., - 1-,pw .-..., , . 1 YK: , V .-,-- I .. all I ,.-z... -sr.-9, .,7,,,w,.,..,,,, 4 . , --,.,.,.,.: ..... Q I 5 O 'N Q X I 4 E O V . X 4 5, 1 -xi' pg -4-xxxw X Y 4 x 4 5 5 3 v' ' s if f Q s ti' ,1- .- .7-:e.,...w.-we .AEI -us- Parker Harlow A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanisii Club 37 Ftocin Officer 3. Port Dearborn Undecided Lorraine Harm S. A,7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Egisilcn l, 2, 47 Spanish lflulz 2, 47 Commercial Cluli 2, 3, 47 Saiesxnanship Club 3, 4, Vive-Pres. 4. Zion Lutneran Bryant and Stratton Willis F. Harps III S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4: Cl'ieerlcif1c.lei' 4. St. Rita Olgio State Florence Hart S. A.7 Girls' Cflee Club 3, 47 Orcliesira 4. 4-..-.... Undecided C Ted Hatfield in S. A.7 A. Y. L. 47 Spanisii Clue S7 Concert Band 2, 4, Tre-US, 3, R. o. T. C. t, 2, 4, V. E. s. B. 4. 7 Gariielcl M. P. I. C, wigfjh, fi C 'Y Q-sw' Eleanore Havice S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 'K C ll 1 f, 47 lr, Eflllfl 3. New Hubbard De Pauw Iohn Haxby S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 47 Zooloay Ciuio 47 mural Sports 47 Room Officer 4. Sutfzerluncl Lorraine Hendrickson slut.: Clulw 4, Seoy 4. f V xt QQ! aw... .aw Footlmll 'loam l, 2, 37 Basketball Team 2, 3, 47 intra- Clissold lowc Iohn Headland S. A.7 Y. L. 3, 4- Hosni Officer 7, , S'::irnr11in.: Count l, fl, 3, 47 Eniziieni Cut. 2, 3, 47 lnfr::xnui'al Sports 7, 3. Vanderpool U. C. L. A, Alice Heffley S, A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Prcincfion Czznintittee 4: Annual A, Staff 3, 47 Draniaiic Clul f Nfirsnai Coileoe 5. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 lau Epsilon l, 2, Qi, 47 Salesman Clissolcl Eryini :md Stratun Edgar Herrod S. A.: A. L. 3, 4- fzu Lyvsilcn 47 Rfzvii' Otfiier l, 2, S, 47 Student Council l, 7, 47 Basicetrball Team 27 intra- ' niural Volleyball 2. A Clissolfl U. Of C. . , Henry Hervey . , f s, A., A, Y. L. 3, 4, Zctfiwy Club 2, .7 L4-,fm club 2, O1Ci'I1i-5'IL1 l, 7, 2, 47 ln'rf:niurr:l Tennis Snoop: fliincis Mary Ann Hewes Q72 Q..-4. 74 S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Vino--Pres 54, Sec'y 47 Botany Club S7 Fashions of .. . tlic ilour 37x O ' l and Scroll 2, 4, Treas. 47 Etziyrelpi News 3, 4- Clrvlies' 2, 3, lr. Bfxnci 3, M, ,f 7 Clissclfl ,I ' " l.l. P l. C. W' in Q, 'J . . . Elairlq Hocker i .7l A. Y, L. , 47 Tau Epsilon l, 7, lt, 47 Latin Club 2, 37' 7 'l'Q.wnSXA etinq 47 Lnilulem Club 47 lbwmii Officer K: yzkzt 3, A L Q A L Veinin fl Nursing , ,il '--W, Wg.. IXLVLQ Page Tliiiiy-irur fi endow Page Thirty-five Roger Hodges S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, Non Comm. Club 3, 4, Officers' Club 4. Barnard Northwestern Lee Hodson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, Usher Force l, Athletic Guard l, Spanish Club l. Clissold M. P. T. C. Irvin Hoeper S, A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C. Z, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood ' Undecided ' Cvjif. Kenneth Hohhof ', - ' 'Q 1 s. A., R. o. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, dffigefqctub 4, Pres. 4, Usher Force 4, chief 4, Athleliq catftffd 2, 3, 4, Non Comm. Club l, Z, 3, Stamp- and Coin ,Club 4, Pres. 4, Board of Control 4, Student Court 4, Wrestling Team l, 2, 3, 4. Vanderpoel Wilson Robert Hooker S. A. Clissold 'f Aeronautical U. Georgia Hough , S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, ,Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Town Meeting 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, A 'Capella 3: Eimqyehi News 3L 4, Room olfrrfef 2, 4. 1 ' Barnard' , , - lovnvfa . I - FY li Z !!! ff ix X 2 sb S f fffw 4 fw f -aff' ff . I wgWyf S ,-"., y izq' ..l. - I ll, 0 ff 9 ' ' z. - . 4 f ,M 4 2 if 4 4 . , .,4 , . 1 Betty Howe A A Y L 3 4 Girls G Club 3 4 CleanUp Committee 3 4 Room Officer l Sutherland Dennison Letty Huber S A A Y L 3 4 Zoology Club 3 4 Spanish Club 4 French Club 4 Girls Glee Club 2 4 A Capella 2 3 4 Vrce Pres 4 Town Meeting 3 4 Stamp and Coin Club 3 Student Council l 2 Fort Dearborn MacMurray Dorothycmn Icrcobson S. A., A. Y. L. 3 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Zoology Club 2, 3, French Club 3 4, Dramatic Club Br., Town Meet- ing 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Board of Control 4, Stu- dent Council 2, Room Officer l, 2. Clissold Beloit Herbert Icrcobson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Ernpehi News 4. Central Park Undecided Emery Iett S. A., R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 4, Band 7, 3, 4, lazz Band 3, 4, Orchestra 3, Student Council 3, Board of Control 4, Dramatic Club Br., Stamp and Coin Club 3. Clissold Purdue Eunice Iohnson S. A., A, Y. L. 3, 4, Business Staff 4, Advert. Manager 4, Annual Staff 4, Ouill and Scroll 4, Senior Council 4, Room Officer 3. Barnard Grinnell Lois Iohnson S, A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, Zoology Club 2, Latin Club 2, Fashions of the Hour 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. Sutherland Vtfheaton Edwin Iohnson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Boom Officeri2, V. E. S. B. 4. Vanderpoel Chicago 4-'Fin --we wimp- 'E I ,-Q A . l l f. NO f EEE' 5 S . X 4 3 . NWN ' 'Q ' T X5 .4 Mariorie Iohnson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Eusilon 4, Room Officer l, 2, Clissold Undecided Florence Iones S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 47 Barnard Gene Kammerer S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. T. C. l, 3, 4, Swimming Team l, 2, intramural Clissold Harold Kammerer S. A., R. O. l. C. l, 2, 3, 4, Non Conirri. Club 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 3, Officers' Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Uslier Force 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, lunior Class Treas., 4B Class Treas., Promotion Committee Clissold Ioyce Keigher S. A., Zoology Clul: 2, Spanish Club 3, Latin Club 2, Sale-smanship Club 3, Intramural Sports 3. fn' Vlladsworth Richard Ketcham S. A.: A. Y. L. 4: Vanderpoel 59's MQW r-'UW .xv L2 has 'Qin "W .iv Aff?- Spanish Clulu 3. Tuskooee Swimming 3. Oxford fully 3, 4, Room Officer l, 3, 4. illinois M. P. I. C. PZ. C. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4. Mirinesoia Marjorie Konecky S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 4, S ianisl. Club 3, 4, F1'GI1l.'l1 Club 3, 4, Dramatic' Club 4, Ouillpen Cluk 2, 3, 4, Treas. 3, Sec'y 4, Room Officer 3, 4, Empelii News 3, 4, Ouill and Scroll 4. Morrill Chicago Rudy Kottemann S. A., A. Y. L. 4, Tau EI,SilOl'l l, 2, 3, 4, V. E. S. E. Q. Clissolcl 'Wisconsin Esther Krauss S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Botany Ciul, 3, 4: Emlvlem Ciur 4 St. Isaac' St. Lakes Holden Krone S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, lr. Band 7, Base- ball Team 2, Ass't Manaqer, lntramural Wreslliria 3. Barnard Northwestern Elaine Kuehne S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Vive-Pres. 4- French Clulv 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres. 4, Quilpen Ciul 3, 4, Pres. 4, Town Meeting 3, 4, 4A Class Vice-Pres., Board of Control 4, Student Council 4, Room Officer Q, 4 Clissold Missouri Roy Larson S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Commerriai Club 3, 4, Salesman- sliip Clul 4, Stump and Coin Club 4, Golf 'llefxni 4. Clissold Northwestern Roger Iohn Law S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. O. l. C. i, 2, 3, Non Comm. Club Q, 3, Zoology Club 2, Promotion Committee Busy ness Sxftfi ff- Suanisli Cluli 7, 3, Room Oftifer T 2, E- Siudenf Council l. S1 Bzrntiluas i Harrieite Linaweaver S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Pastiic ns of the Hour 3, Peprvers 4. Ftuaaic s vtlfilscf. ,J -am , . ,np , . lflflfle Page Tliirty-siy ld' 'V' Q. 'JP endow Z ,t ru, e i'1'lG Dorothy Lindgren 1 S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 lntitznlurai 3, 4. Barnard 'Wltcwztcii Leona Lindholm S, A.7 A. Y. L. li, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, S, 47 Salesrriansnig: Club 4, Pres. 47 Girls' Enilleni Club 47 lnterclass Base- ball 3. Clissold lllincis Katherine Lombardi S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Commercial Club 3, 47 Finance Committee 37 Room Officer 7, 37 lnterclass Sports l, 2, gf Girls' Emblem Cluh 3, 4. S. A.7 A Y. L 3 Expan ' 2Com it .e -"Pf?iiuEpsi5'f son 7, 3, 47 Mt. Vernon DePaul Geraldine Loomis 5, , ' S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Latin Club 47 A Cari laol2'Boogf' Officer 3. of if Sutherland ,jf t- fhlinois t, 7 , Beverly Losefi X , 7 y'- J 4 is 5 - . I I N 7 -4 fffmtiwfl' 'A 1 vi-gli 3,7 ll 7 1 , .1 .4 at. fr f" ' K 4 f 0 I ' jf! ' ', 3 I 'of ,L agywgffcii spanish. W Cluh 4, of tone our 37 Dtarnat' Clu Dang:- mqciub Ac94!1G3.,f. 4 7-Ldf. 1 1 .7 Q 1 7 f . J . fj I ittc-eg2,-2? 4 h curb 't' 43 1 Y I , 'J . ' Dulce 7 aj 1 ' 3 EJ. Anita Mack 47 ' S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanisli'Cluk F7 Eashions of the Hour 37 Commercial Cluh 2, 3, 4, Treas. S, 4, Midlothian Bryant ana Stratton Iane MacKimm S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4, Sales Committee 3, 47 Zoology Cluh 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 3, Pres. 47 Board ot Control 47 Clean' Up Committee 47 Promotion Committee Q, 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 Annual Staff 2, 3, 47 Business Stail Z, 3, 47 Auditor 3, 47 Ouill and Scroll 4. 1' Ltr! A Zvidconsinj D ' ' . ' f x . ' y 4. I 1. " Lly' 4,0 1 J l ,J ' J' -I .L ' .1 s 1 , .,- , , . ,Q ,i', 'lv' l, 4 if v" .1 ' . Bryn Mawr DePauw Robert C. MacNeeley S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 B. O. 'lf C. l, Q, E7 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club Z, 3, 4, lst Vice-Pres. 47 Latin Club 3, 47 Stamp and Coin Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 47 Zooloqy Cluh 47 Board of Control,4. Barrtird .f 1 7 " - Arizona Marilyn Martin ' . A-.7 A. Y. L., Expansion Comrnittec Chair. 47 flau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Zoology Clul3"'4-fr Spanish Cluh 47 French Club 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Cluli 3, 47 Dancinc Clulv 37 A Capella 3, 4, Sec'y 47 Ernpehi News 3. 7 Vantierpoel ' " ' 3 V L Ohio 'lack-'Massey S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 R. O. T. C, Cornn.ercial Clul. 3, 4, 'Pres 47 Board of'Control 47 Boom Officer I, 4. 'I Arlwor Park Kathleen Mathiesen S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon I-, 47 Commercial Cluh lt, 47 Salesnrznship Clul' 2, Q, 4- Girls' Clive Clulv its Undr' vided 47 A Capella 4. Bryn Mawr Howard McNeil Undecided S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilcr. if Zcoloqy Cluli 37 Stamp :Incl Cfzirx Club 3, 47 Annual Stfzff Q7 Svcininiing 'learn 7: lr. Band 37 Staqe Crew 4. Vf1Il'JC7iil"OGl illinois Ora Melton S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zooloay Cl'.iL Z- Bctahy Llur: 3: Salesnianshigiv Club 3, 47 Girls' Glee Clul' 4. SBOOD Central Q 55 .iw K NS 5 5 N A. 'x x tisx. X I i , t . . if . Barbara Miles S. A., Pres. Br., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Sales Committee Chair. 4,, Tau Epgilon"l, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Town Meet- ing 3, 4rf'Y,ice-Pres. 3, Social Committee 4, Clean-Up Committee 4, Promotion Committee 4, Annual Staff 3, 4. Cl-fssold lllinois Kobert Mitchell S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. G. T. C. 4, Boom Officer 2. Sutherland Chicago Iune Moll S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Boiany Club 3, 4, Social Chair. 4, Fashions of the l-lour 3, 4, Dancing Club l, Z, Boom Officer l, 2, 3, 4. Buggies M., P. I. C. Mary lane Moore S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 3, Town Meeting 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 3, Finance Committee 4, Promotion Committee 3, Business Staff 3. Barnard Pennsylvania Robert Moore S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Sec'y 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 4, Empehi News 4, Editor 4, V. E. S. B. 4, Supt. 4, Board of Control 4, Executive Committee 4, 4A Class Pres., Student Council 2. Sutherland Chicago Robert Moorman S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, Football Team Manager 4, lnterclass Wrestling l, Board of Control 4, Emblem Club 3, 4, Student Council l, 2. Vanderpoel Harvard Audrey Mork 2, Peppers 4 Elizabeth Morton Helen Morton - ees. 'YPK KY fe!!! .3 ,ear .annum ., -M!?"'ft I S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Fashions olll' i the Hour 3, Commercial Club 2, 3, Salesmanship Clulvdx! I ' St. Margaret Undecided S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 3, 4, Botany Cl ' 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Treas. 4, Annual Staff 4. Art Editor 4, Town Meeting 2, 3, 4, Dancing Club 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, A Capella 3. Sutherland Kalamazoo S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 4, Girls' e Wallace Morton ' lean Ann Murray A Capella 3, News Staff 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Estella Nave Carl B. Nelson Sports 3, Emblem Club 3, 4, Sutherland Club 4, lr. Band 2, 3, Concert Ban 3, 4, Sec'y 4, r- chestra l, 2, 3, 4: Girls' Emblem Club 4. Horace Mann t A ' Northwestern s. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, R. o. T. c. 1, 2, Photo staff 2, 3 4,44 A v. E. s. B. 4. y Y .l Clissold Purdue Neil Murphy .1 . N I S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Commercial Club 3, Football Team l, Wrestling Team"xXl,"Baslcetball 3. - l St. Barnabas . Springhill S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 4, French Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 4, Town Meeting 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Coe S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, A Capella 3. lVlcCosl1 Art lnstitute S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Commercial Club Z, 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, A Capella 2, 3, 4, Track Team l, 2, 4, Swimminf., Team l, 2, 3, 4: Manager 3, 4, ll'1TT,IIl'lLlF.Il lllinois x ZIJA-C440 Mi lftlfle Page Thiriy-eight 6 , fmgsw 44-9- endow ww 4Qfi' rn? fi LaVerne Nelson S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Room Officer 27 lnierclass Basket- luali 3. Clissold Moser Wanda Newton S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 47 Dramatic" Club 47 Room Officer 3. Longwood Purdue Leonard Nickels S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Room Officer 27 Basketball Team 3. St. Peters Illinois Iean Nyberg S. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 4. Fernwood Undecided Norman O'Meara S. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Room Officer Z, 3, 47 lr. Band 37 Football Team Z. Vanderpoel M. P. l. C. Arthur E. Osborne, Ir. S. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 H. R. S. G. 4, Pres. 47 Board oi Control 4, Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor 47 Promotion Committee 47 Room Officer l, 2, 37 Baskeball Team 37 Swimming Team 27 intramural Sports 3, 4. Sutherland Grinnell Mary Osborne S. A. Pres. 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 37 Freshman Class Sec'y7 Sophomore Class Sec'y7 Sophomore Class Vice- Pres.7 lunior Class VlCO'PTGS.j lunior Class Pres.7 Clean- Uo Committee 2, 37 Chair, 37 Social Committee. Sutherland Chicago Macile Pacette S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Zoology Club 27 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Dancing Club 3, 47 Girls' Gtee Club 3, 47 Room Officer Z, 3. Midlothian Maclvlurray Robert Palmer S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Zoology Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 47 Latin Club 2, 3, 47 Ouaestor 3, 'W Aodilo 47 Dramatic Club 47 Stamp and Coin Club Z, 3, Se:"y 2, Vice-Pres. 37 A Capella Z, 3, 4. Barnard illinois Elaine Patterson S. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour, 4, Se::'y 47 Peppers 3. Thornton Purdue Kenneth A. Pecher S. A.7 Spanish Clulw 37 Room Officer l, 2, 37 Boys' Glee- Club 2, 37 Bowling Team 47 intramural Vlfrestling l, 2. Vanclerpoel Purdue Iean Pemberton S. A.7 A. Y. L, 3, 47 Zoology Club 7, 37 Fashions of the Hour 47 Latin Club Z7 Town Meeting 3, Prog. Chair. 37 ll. li, S. G. 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 47 A Capella 3, Lincoln lVliz'liigau Harry Plowe S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Stamp and Coin Club 37 Concert Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Troas. 47 lazz Orrgliestra 47 lr. Band 37 Football Team 2, 3, 47 Swimming Team 27 Emblem Club. Glen Oak illinois Ruth Poor S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 'tau Epsilon l, Z, 3, 47 Zoology Cub 7, 3, 47 Town Meeting 47 Executive Committee 47 Student Court Br., Empelii News 3, 4, Editor 47 Quill and Scfvfl 3, 47 Board oi Control 4. Cussold Chicago it-1 YW . o '-'- ,y 1 , 'KJV' 7 1 7 5 ' 3. ig., 1., - 2 .,i1XffQs f ,-,. .... 7, 'Wnf 413115 xl ":i2f:-71' Earl Potter S. A.7 Bofiny Club 37 Cainer: Club 37 Radio Club 2, 3, 4. Clissolyl Mary Iane Powers S A A Y L 3 4 .., Club 47 Salesmanship Club 37 Eishions of the Hour 2, 57 Dancing cfltlll 2, 3, 47 Qreas. 47 Room Officer l, 2, Purdue 7 Tau Epsilon 2, Z, gf Commercial 1 .,'- Clissol i Denver ROY Pyle 7 s. A., A. Y. L. 3, 47 R. o. T. C, 1, 3 4. "4' Mt, Greenwood N I ,' , Undecided 5 Y'rginia"'Redde' Q 6. f f--. i I' . Y,'fL. 3447 Spanish Club -if ,Beatty Club 47 T3'.'Qf14T9lQ941Il4Z1 47 Dramatic, Club Bi. ' ' pf 'Jn,,, 5. .:' 'f1j151'., ,--:".,' 4 X It 7 5,5 :,,, .AQH , , .,.,, . ",. if 'H i Iean Redman 7 S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Student Council Z, 47 Room Offi- cer 2, X 3 , ,Wx X4 Q x 'YQ Q XX , , X X! it -X KX g 4 X X "X 5 x X X X i X X a V X XX X Xx c 7 .S rx T9 W X., G. TSQQ . , r - ' Illinois 7 ' Ciissoid Moser , ' 1 Margie Redman ' s. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Room oiftfef ' Ciissold Moser 1 -.4 KNO . g W- w , me ,:',A? A .i M. A 7 ra :Q li. . Q l fa A' r TW' mai V . ..XX :iff ai Q Q - ,S -ffjam 1,447 . V-1-op "xi" its , 4' 0 , 4 'Sz 17.7 . L ' S 17. 2 , 5 j"fP.,'if-3:23 Ir' 1:2511-:. . M ,yg5.,j,,g, : ,:,.:.. . 22 We Ieanette Reinhardt S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, -17 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club Z, 3, Vice-Pres, 37 Commercial Club 47 Salesman- ship Club 4, Treas. 47 Room Officer l, 47 Orchestra 2, 37 lr. Band l. Zion Lutheran Bryant and Stratton Mildred Retzel S. A.7 A, Y. L. 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 4: A Capella 37 intramural Sporfs 2, 37 Girls' Emblem Club 4- Rcom Officer l. Barnard Undecided Iean Rich S, A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Stamp and Coin Club 27 Room Officer l, 27 Vlrestlinq Team, l, 7, 37 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3. Ciissold Purdue Leah Richard S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4, St. Nicholas Chicaao lr. Mary Ann Richardson S, A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club 3, 47 French Club 47 Fashions of the Hour 37 A Capella 47 H. R. S. G. 4 Room Officer 2. Barnard De-Pauw Milton Robinson S. A.7 R. O. T. C, l, 2, 3, 47 Non Comm. Club 2, 37 Officers' Club 47 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Social Commit- tee 47 Clean-Up Committee 47 Swimming Team l, 2, 3, 47 Empelii News 3, 47 Quill and Scroll 4, SeC'y 4. Sutherland Chicaao TeE1la Robinson S. A.7 A, Y. L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Clulv 47 A Capella 3. Shoop 'Wilson Warren Roesner S, A.7 R, O. T. C. Z, 3, 4, Captain 47 Officers' Club 3, 47 Band 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres, 47 lazz Orchestra 3, 4, Pres. 47 Orchestra 3, 47 Board of Control 4, Room Officer 47 Swim- ming Team 37 Emblem Club 3, 4. Vanolerpofil Undecided DLUQ I I I 3 Y one rj. . -.i M nCggi - . A.: . Y . 4: '- 'QU' endow X .1 5 U 1 . t 1 Page Forty-one pm, wwf' .,,..f Louis Rowe S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Room Officer 4: Ir. Band 2, 3. Vanolerpoel lowa Iohn Ruhl S. A.: Treas. Br. A. Y. L. 3, 4: Room Officer l, 2: Eoof- ball Team l, 2, 3: Baseball Team 2, 3: lr. Band 2, 3. Clissold Cornell Barbara Rupp S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Promotion Committee 3, 4: Clean- Up Committee 3, 4: Annual Staff 3, 4. Michigan Grinnell Dan Scrmmons S. A.: Room Officer 4: Baseball Team 2, 3, 4: Basket laall Tecm 2, 3. St. Phillip Neri Georgia Irene Betty Samu S. A A.fY. L. : Ta Epsilon? 2, 3, 4: Zoolo Club 2, 4: irls' lee C u 3: .hi News 3: O ' en 3, 4: ram ti lub Br. issold Illinois A H 3 au L n , 3, 4: Zoology Club Z, 3, 4 Girls' e Clu : Empe i News 3: Ouile pen 3, 4: ramatic ub . Clissold Illinois Ruth Schaeder S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Town Meeting 4: A Capella 3, 4: Room Officer 2: V. E. S. B. 4. Eort Dearborn M. P. l. C. Gene Schobinger S. A.: R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4: Officers' Club 3, 4: Usher Eorce l, 2, 3, Head 3: Executive Committee 4: Student Court, Chair. 4, Board of Control 3, 4: Athletic Guard 2, 3: Swimming Team l, Z, 3, 4: Captain 4: Emblem Club 2, 3. Vanolerpoel Michigan Dorothy Anne Schroeder S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Botany Club 4: Salesmanship Club 4. Barnard Chicago Mary Semprevivo S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Dancing Club 2: Room Officer 2, 3. Barnard Fox Mozena Sevier S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Barnard Dorothy Shaffer S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Botany Club 3, 4, Treas. 3: Pres. 4: Dramatic Club 4: Town Meeting 4: Empehi News 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Room Officer 2, 3. Clissold Northwestern Margaret lean Sheahan S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4, Sec'y 4: Town Meeting 3: Empehi News 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Ouilpen 4: Student Court Br. Room Officer l. Clissold Medill lean Shields S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4: Tau Epsilon 4: Town Meeting 3, 4, Pres. 4, Sec'y 4: Empehi News 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Clissold Chicago xg? S.r' ,sa 43- . .535 3 I Y is ':iE 'f.'s iff 5 qt. . ':,Lil9--:iff ' K .. ".-ft' v. Shirley Siebert S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Student Council 25 lntramural Sports 3. . Vanderpoel Moser , f , Arnold Silvestry 1 0 . s. A., A. Y, L. 3, 4, Sales Committee 4, Promotion i 45, Committee 45 Clean'Up Committee 2, 35 Swimming Team 1, A it .555 25 Basketball Team 2, 3, 45 Emblem Club 3, 45 Boom 'L . Officer 3. I bs 5 Blue lsland Northwestern Im D ly Ioyce Simms ' E S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Zoology Club 2, 3, 45 Town Meet- ing 45 Dramatic Club Br.5 Fencing Club 2, 3, 4, Pres. 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, Board of Control 3, 45 Tennis Team llbbv N Br.5 Empehi News 3. Cornelia slebee ' S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 French Club 3, 4, To n Meeting 4, omit end Scroll 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, c'y 45 Girls' Glee Club 45 Empehi News 45 ,Qi Boom cer 4. 1' ete - Undecided as. Snelling .,..,, 3 SB Y. L. 3, 45 B. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Zoology Club ' I an . 4 .,.,. .V. , X Shoop Wilson ett Sodersirom .5 A, Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 35 French Club 45 Botany 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 Girls' lazz Orches- P. raB ,445 Ernpehi News 3, 45 Ouill and Scroll 45 V. E. V? 'Q' Clissold Undecided 113395 Q4 Robert Sooy S. A.5 A. Y. L, 3, 45 B. O. T. C, l, 2, 3, 45 lntramural Basketball 35 Student Council 35 Room Officer 2, 35 Ouil- pen 3. Sutherland Southern California Evelyn Sorensen S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 lou Epsilon l, 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Salesmanship Club 45 Commercial Club 3, 45 Peppers 4. Zion Lutheran Vlfilson Frances Spence S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Zoology Club 2, 3, 45 Spanish Cluh 45 French Club 3, 45 Town Meeting 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Sec'y 45 Orchestra 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 45 Girls' Iam Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Board ci Control 4. Sutherland L 3 .ref l Knox yn 1 .ft , ' tw, Mary Spitler VV Ly S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Bala Club 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 Girls' Emblem Club 4. ldlt. Greenwood Vfheczton Mary Stcrnderline S. A,5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Zoology Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 35 A Capella 3, 4, Sooy 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Sec'y 35 Boom Officer l, 4. Suthorland MacMurray Carl Steitz S. A.5 A. Y. L. 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Boom Officer 45 V. E. S. B. 3, 4. Clissold Armour George Steudel S. A.5 A. Y, L.5 Sales Committee 45 Basketball Team 3, 45 Emblem Club 3, 45 Student Council 3. Sutherland Georgia Iune Stoker S. A.5 A. Y, L. 3, 45 Positions cf the licur 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 3, 45 A Capella 45 Boom Officer l. Vanderpoel Northern State Teachers fs' .ff o te t .ll 'x.." lfLlfL8 Page Forty-two 7,7 , ' 74? "4"'7' eniom Page Forty-three lane Strombeck S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, 37 Commercial Club 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Dancina Club l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 2, Cheerleader 4. Clissold Wilson Don Swanberg S. A.7 R. O. T. C. l, 27 Promotion Committee 47 Execu- tive Committee 47 Empehi News 3, 4, Sports Ed. 47 Ouill and Scroll 47 Athletic Committee Chair. 47 Baseball Team l, 2, 3, 47 Emblem Club 3, 47 Room Officer 4, Clissold Northwestern Don Swanson S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Boys' Glee Club 37 Room Officer l7 Concert Band 2, 37 lr. Band l7 Marching Band 37 Base- ball Team 4. I It Clissold ndecided Ellen Tatqe S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Promotion Committee 47 Social Committee 37 Dramatic Club 47 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 47 Room Officer 2, 3. Barnard Chicaao Peggy Taylor S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Zoology Club 3, 47 Spanish Club 47 French Club 3, 47 Town Meet- inq 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 47 A Cappella 3. Fort Dearborn Wisconsin Robert Taylor S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Sophomore Class T1'9CIS.jSGl9S Committee l7 Room Officer l, 3, 4. Sutherland Wisconsin Frances Teninqa S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 47 French Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. 47 Latin Club 3, 4, Sec'y 37 Promotion Committee 4, Chair. 47 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Pres, 3, Treas. 47 Board of Control 4. Mt. Vernon Wells lack Thompson S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tiru Epsilon 47 Promotion Committee 37 R. O. T. C. l, 27 Latin Club 47 Ouilpen 47 Empehi News 3, 47 Ouill and Scroll 37 Business Staff l, 2. Sutherland California Barbara Thiele S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Fashions of the l-lour 3, 4. Sutherland Wisconsin Iohn Thiele S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Promotion Committee 3, 47 Social Committee 27 Clean-Up Committee 2, 37 Sophomore Class Pres.7 lunior Class Vice-Pres.7 Room Officer l, 27 lntra- mural Baseball 4. Sutherland Lawrence Zenobia Thomas S. A.: A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Nursina School Richard Thornbury S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 French Club 47 R. O. T. C, l, 2, 3. Fort Dearborn Undecided Helen Tooker S. A.7 A. Y, L. 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 47 A Cappella 37 Annual Staff 2, 37 Business Staff 2. Sutherland U'HdGCid9fl Bertha Tucker S. A.: A. Y. L, 3, 4. Shgop Undecided 9 hx XX x NN N,-lv .i Q J 7 3' .. tif? ,f , .xi 11"it..'- N- s uv: Sv A VW' E s 9 7 fl: tit 4' X vi' L I, ' Ot I -9 ., . f- 'Q I. - f 7 4 713-' Virginia Tweed S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 3, 47 French Club 3, 4, Sec'y 47 Latin Club 3, 47 Dramatic Club 47 Ouilpen Club 3, 47 Girls' Glee Club 37 A Cappella 4. Tarerxturn Undecided .w,,w'f' Nancy Tyler S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 47 Zoology Club 37 Town Meeting 3, 47 V. E. S. B. 47 lntramural Sports 37 Emblem Club 47 Room Officer 4. Clissold Unclecidoi Russ Wall S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 H. R. S. G. 47 Student Council l, 3, 47 Football Team l. 2, 3, 47 Wrestlina Team lj lntr :- mural Sports 2, 3, 4. St. Ethelreda Grinnell Beverly Walter S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Fashions of the Hour 3, 47 Room Officer 2, 47 Student Council 47 Baseball Team 37 lntra- mural Volleyball 3, 47 Emblem Club 3, 4. Mt. Vernon Southern California Louise Warren S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 4. Shoop Undecidefi David Watt S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 47 R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 3, 47 Empehi News 3. Barnard M. P. l. C. Mary Lou Webb S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Spanish Club 47 Dancina Club 47 lr. Band l, 77 lntramural Sports 3. Shoop Undecided -.0-7 F' Lois Wiese S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon 37 Commercial Club 3, 47 Salesmanship Club 2, 3, Treas. 47 Room Chair. 3, 47 Student Ccuncil 3. Bennet Tnorntcn Ruth Wellestat S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 lntrarnural Sports 3, 4. Vanderpoel Moser Bonnie lean Wells S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 French Club' 3, 47 Town Meeting 47 Room Officer l7 Student Council News Staff 4, lst Paae Ed. 47 Ouill and Scroll 4, Pres 4- Board of Control 4. Clissold Chiccrcrc, Vivian Wenzlaif S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Room Officer 2. Fernwooci Undeciaea Marie Westphal S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2, 47 Salesmanshin Clul: 3, 4, Pres. 47 Commercial Club 2, 3, 47 Room Officer 2, 3. Zion Lutheran Bryant and Stratton Iean White H S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Town Meeting 3, 47 V. E. S. E. lj' West Pullman Chicaao Normal .-if Rufus White S. A.7 A. Y. L. 3, 47 Zoology Club 7 37 Swimmina Team l, 2, 3, 47 Football Team l, 2. Sutherland D'.xl-ic' QF vm..-4 lfLI'L8 6 , Q-.ft Page Forty-four 5 Betty Whitman S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 4, Zoology Club 3, 4, Latin Club 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 4, A Cappella 3, Room Officer 3, 4. Fort Dearborn Undecided W WT Robert E. Williams S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Zoology Club 4, R. O. T. C. l, 2, 3, 4, lr. Band l, 2, A Cappella 4, H. R. S. G. 4. x Shoop l-lerzl Robert Wazniak S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 4, Room Officer 3, Basketball Team 2, 3, Baseball Team 2, 3, intramural Sports 3, 4. P 'mf , 'Nfl' 'NN xt? Barnard Undecided George Yanku my S. A., A. Y, L. 3, 4, Boys' Glee Club 4, Orchestra 2, 3. - Fernwood Undecided 11 3 l - 'F . ,Ei ,.,, O DQQ. I 1,51 ' .eff ef I-'fPi'?' S '- ' ' 5' , ff. I my f 'I , ":i- lfqi' I . 112: , I 'wifi f-tr., '- 734: z- " 5' 4255 mem. ls Y l 7 x kk I Sophie Zayka S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon l, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 2, 4, Salesmanship Club 4, Room Officer 3, 4, lrtterclass Volleyball 3, 4. Mt. Greenwood Northwestern N0 PICTURES Roy Ballwanz Charles Moroney S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, l-l. R. S. G. 4. S. A. Barnard U. C. L. A. St. Rita Undecided James CUTGY Gerard A. Muyller S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. SI AII AI YI LI 3I 4I St. Barnabas Aeronautical U. Chssotd Undecided Chalmer Carpenter James Rudd S. A., Football Team l, Q, Wrestling Team 2, R. O. T. C. I I , l, 2, 3, 4, Officers' Club 3, 4, Treas. 4, Usher Force 3, 4, SCIIE' L' 3' 4' Track Team 4' Iowa Athletic Guard l, 2, 3. I Vcmderpoel gmmqo Walter A. Schissler Williqm Driscgll CISB 3A.4Y. L. 3, 4, Football Team l. 2, 3, 4, Emblem S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, B l' L 4. u ' ' ' St. Maroaret OW mq euque Undecided Sl' Marqmel Undecided Grover Elmore S. A., A. Y, L. 3, 4, Room Officer 3, Swimrninc Team 3, 4. Sutherland Alar ama Iohn Skworch ft fl o 4, Officers' S. A., A. Y. L. 4 R. O. T. C. l, 1, Club 3, 4, Baseball Team 3, 4, Golf Team l, 2, 3, 4, Emblem Club l, Z, 3, 4. Evelyn Gordon Clissold Pufdugt S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Salesmanship Club 4. ICICI! SilVeS'lJ.'Y McCosh Vogue SI AI: AI Y, L, 3, 4, Richard Hupe Blue Island Undecided S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Tau Epsilon 3, H. R. S. G. 4, Foot- Dorothy ball Team 2, 4, Baseball Team 4, Emblem Club 4, Ath- SI AI letic Guard 3, 4, intramural Sports 3, 4. I II I MII Greemvood Undecidpd Barnard Unaeciaea Ruth Kleeb Georqe Stack S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4, Room Officer 4. S- A- West Pullman Unaeciaed Sf- MCITQUYGT T' C, U, Dolores Kmze Sarah Sublette S. A., A. Y. L. 3, 4. SI AI Oak Lawn Michael Reese SL Benedid minojg Elsie Lenegan s. A., A. Y. L. S, 4, Fashions of the Hour 2, 3, 4- 101111 VCR Beek Commercial Club 2, 3, Salesmanship Club 3, Dancing S. A., Room Offiver 4 Bf1Sk91k'Llll T 3: intramural Club 2, 3, 4. Sports 3, 4. St. Barnabas 'Ufilscn Mi Greenwood UI1d9CidGd ,. . oe r crty-five gr ' .iff-1'11.1"' 5 ...,' ,,., , ,Ib 1 If X Z ft J I ' f L L 10321 r .,.-55 - 5 J -.-.!. X Z f f 2 , f 77 fzT1f2? ?2 5 PERSONALITIES OF THE IUNE CLASS Most Popular Girl... Most Popular Boy... .......Mary Osborne .............Bobert Moore Best Looking Girl .................. Mary Standerline Best Looking Boy ........ Best Dressed Girl ..... Best Dressed Boy ........ Girl With Best Line ........ Boy With Best Line. Best Girl Dancer ...... ............Edgar Herrod .........Marcia Cruse ..........Bob Dinnsen .........rBarbara Thiele .............Iaclc Thiele ............Barbara Rupp Best Boy Dancer ...................... Arthur Osborne Most Studious Girl .................. Dorothy Shaffer Most Studious Boy.. Campbell MacNeely Most Bashful Girl ...,...................... Mary Spitler Most Bashtul Boy ......... .........George Steudel Most Athletic Girl .................... Frances Spence Most Athletic Boy ..,................. Charles Correll Girl with Best Sense of Hun'ior..Olga Cibulsky Boy with Best Sense of Humor .................. Harold Karnrnerer Most Dignitied Girl .................... Elaine Kuehne Most Dignified Boy .................. Milton Robinson Hungriest Girl .......................... Marette Connell Hungriest Boy .................................. Rufus White Best Couple .... Marjorie Hall and Geo. Steudel Cutest Girl ...................................... Marjorie Hall Page Forty-six pf ,,,,v-o'g"'?"" jar W M: I If if P I nl is 1 ,swf 21" Moore, Osborne Cruse, Schobinger ,Q ., ' K WHO'S WHO IN THE JUNE CLASS The Senior Class chose Robert Moore as their president and they could not have found a more competent boy. He was editor-inschief of the EMPEHI NEWS the second semester, superintendent of the VESB and was president of the 4B Class and secretary of the AYL. Robert's scholastic ability ranks With his leadership, 'nuff said. The most honored position in the student body was held by Mary Osborne this past year, president of the S. A. She was a class officer her first three years and has Worked energetically in most of the committees. Her enviable record shall long be remembered at Morgan Park. The credit of this year's EMPEHI goes to Marcia Cruse, the editor-in-chief. Marcia's activities were not confined to Work on the Annual for she was also active in the Promotion Committee, Board of Control, and the Executive Committee. She invites a successful future with her combined per- sonality and ability. Eugene Schobinger as Student Court Chairman held one of the most difficult student positions which he filled with dignity and success. He Was active in R. O. T. C., the Executive Committee and Board of Control. Eugene could easily be termed as one cf the "shining lights" of the class. Page E r yse en , -. Sf . X rx' a x K 1 Q 'X ll W U ., ,2 wr f if -1-:f.,.gg .9':,., EI '1.'2:'I5.'.v:-,f . zz: fa . 4,1 tal,-. :, ' Cfllfl i185 ' 'if We , . iz H y Y I I f 3,3 0 Q Q. 5 W "1 ' 5, W Q 4 4,14 T wc ' A I 1 Qvs S' 7 Q ' J : 0 U U 54 533 Q . A 'QF' 2 5525 3 Aw WV' N 4 5 'g New We , 2 .2 I rw ' I ,, 1 . 'AJ ,., -Lb A' .f , 1 A Q 0 3' ', P- KJ 1 I ry' - 1 5 K I V4 , , ,,. -I- f 1 rf fl I 1, JA as Q.. THE STUD sf ? . ' '- .2255 "' ' Mile 5 NW gf ENT ASSOCIATION wenty years ago the Student Association was organized for the pur- pose of promoting all school activities and school spirit, and to co- ordinate all activities into one unit. During the course of twenty years the Student Association has improved to a great extent in its organiza- tion and program, with the help of the faculty adviser, Captain Lorentz. This year it has been under the leadership of Mary Osborne, president: George Flanagan, lst vice-president: loe Greenwood, 2nd vice-presi- dent: Virginia Nichols, secretary and treasurer. The Student Court has been under the able leadership of Eugene Schobinger. The Promotion Committee was presided over by Frances Teninga the fall semester, and Robert Caine the spring semester. Donald Swanberg was the chairman of the Athletic Commission. The two honorary members were the editors of the annual and the newspaper. "The Hit Parade" was the theme used for the membership drive in the fall semester. The spring semester, which was based on the twentieth anniversary theme, the membership cards were in the form of booklets enclosing tickets for the various attractions. A free entertainment policy carried out by the Executive Committee included moving pictures, an "All Sports Night," Concert and Swing Bands, Variety Shows, evening and afternoon socials, and other forms of varied entertainment. The EMPEI-ll newspaper and annual are distributed to members of the Student Association without cost. The membership included over l,58U members. This year the Student Association has been very successful in pro- moting athletic activities. Never before in the history of the Student Association has there been such school spirit to encourage the football and basketball teams. ln addition to the re-organization of the Social Committee and the lnterclass Council, an all year Clean-up Committee, for the benefit of the community and the school, was organized. Page Fifty BOA Fall Semester Robert Palmer ,,..,,.. Marcia Cruse Marjorie Hall ..rrY,erer Russell Treptow ssss,,sssv,,,, Robert Caine ..o,,o,,oo Marion Peterson Warren Roesner ..oooo...,oooo Robert Swift t,,..lww Elaine Anderson lack Dinnsen ....oo..,ooo.....oo. Dorothy Bloomauist ttt.,,,. Ruth Poor Y,........,,,,,,,,,,.,,l,, Mary Carr ...l,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Barbara Mattson tt..,.r,.... Mable Rodgers .,,,,t.ll,,,.,., Dorothy Forsyth ,t,,,,,,,,.,,, Frances Spence ..,o.......Y.. Arthur E. Osborne, lr ...,. Henry Noetzel v,..,.,,,w.. lane van Gorkom .,.l,,...... lames Stiggleman l,,,t,,... Minette Bass .,,...,,,,.. Ardell Arthur ....,.,, Fay Trolander ....r... lames West .,.l,,,., Elaine Kuehne l,,,o, Robert Haedtler ..v,,,,, Marie Westphal ,..,........., Betty Zarth ,,t...w,t,..,,,,,,,...t. Campbell MacNeely ..l.,, Gene Schobinger ........,,,. RD OF CONTROL Club Spring Semester A Capella Cl'1Orus .....,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,r, Nancy Story A1'11'1L1CIl w....VVV..Y,..V.YVVVVv....,,,.,,,...l, Marcia Cruse American Youth League ,,t..... Marjorie Hall Atl'1lGtiC Guard ..w.l.V..,,....,...i Russell Winkless Band ........l....YVVVVYV........,,.,,,,,,, Milton Robinson Botany Club c.,,,,...Y,.,...cccc.i,icc Dorothy Shatter Boys' lazz Orchestra rcccY,vc,,,,,,..,,,r,, Emery Iett Branch ...,,7....,..,,,,,..,.lc...c Mary Emily Dasher I Business Statt ,...,,.tt.r,,,,r,,,,,, Elaine Anderson ' 'bli Clean-up Committee cccccccccc,c,ccc lack Dinnsen ' 5 f Commercial Club ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,, lack Massey ' A ' Empehi News ,,,.,,cc,...cccc..iccc Robert Moore XM yyyx t,,:g- Fashions ot the Hour ...ccc.....,,...rc Betty Crow H Fencing Club ,,.t,.,i,,,,,,,tl,..., loyce Simms Flounders ,...,,,l.,,,....w,.,.tt...,w,w.. Harry Gruener French Club .,.,,,..l,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,.t., Elaine Kuehne lhyx omg' Glee Club ,..,..,,,,,t,... Betty cmoii Girls' lazz Orchestra ,,tt,,,,t.,. Frances Spence H. R. S. G .r,r.rrr...rr...l Arthur E. Osborne, lr. ' lunior Band ,,,,,,,,,,,,rr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........,, Hal Briggs Latin Club r,,t,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,,,, Edward Lauerman z Officers' Club .........l....,r..r... Kenneth Hohhof :. A ttiy Orchestra .o....roorrr,or,.rrr...rrrrrrrrr Shirley Allison Pan-American Club ..,.rr.,,,..,r,,,... Carl Correa Peppers r.,,,,,rrv,l,rrrrr,,.l r..rrr.... O lga Cibulsky ,:1lt ,-,-::.: f zzt- if, Photo Staff .lrr.rt.rr.... r,r..,,,V H oward Dennis "'l"'l"" Ouilpen ......,,,.t,,,..i,,,,,...,,,,......... Ardell Arthur Quill and Scroll ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bonnie lean Wells Salesmanship Club ,,r,,,.,l.,, Leona Lindholm Shall We Dance? ....rr..,rr,rrrr Nancy Gregson Stamp and Coin Club rr.......... Robert Larson Student Court ..r.rr........oooooo Gene Schobinger B111Bufdetf9 --'---VVVVVV,V,-,-A,-- Stage Crew ,,,,,Y,,rrrrVrrrrrrr....rlY,,.,,,r Bill Burdette Walter Henderson ,t,,..,.. :Tau EpSilOr1 ..VVVVV-V ..rrvYV...VVVV V iTQIlT1iCI DU1'1ClOH Helen Artug aaaaa,,,,,,,aaa4,,a,,, Town Meeting .,,...lttt.. Dorothyann lacobson Kenneth Hohhot uAAA,,,,,,,,,, Usher Force rrrr,rrr....rr....,roooooo...l Robert Dodge lang. MgCKjmm ,7Y7Vv,,,,,,,,,, Zoology Club ,..t,,,. ,,,,,......,.,,,. B obert Rantz FIRST ROW: Hall, Lindholm, Spence, Nichols, Miss Condit, Flanagan, Mulberry, Correa, Wells. SECOND ROW: Osborne, Arthur, Allison, Ekloft, Wolff. Iacobson, Simms, Crow, Carroll, Anderson, Cibulsky. THIRD ROW: Hohhot, Massey, Gregson, Kuehne, Shaffer, Winkless, Rantz, Dundon, Story, Burdette. FOURTH ROW: Iett, Lauerman, Briggs, Schobinqer, Moore, Dodge, Dinnsen, Cruse, Love, Robinson. Page Fifty-one FIRST ROVV: Borton, Schultz, Johnson, Lotgren, Osborne, Capt. Lorentz, Nichols, Zarth, Fiske, Domazet, Martin. SECOND ROW: Mitchell, Swanberg, VanEtten, Kamm, Rickert, Brashler, Redman, Clancy, Stock- dale, Day, Nelson, Bickel, Tyler, Perry, Gunderson, THIRD ROW: Bogda, Schmitt, Schuba, Angstrom, Bornemann, Haugebrok, Singler, Miller, Wall, Kuehne. FOURTH ROW: Noetzel, Wiberg, Carroll, Schuffert l-lerrod, McGonigal, Mathers, Gordon, Mauer, Hoesner, Vernon. STUDENT COUNCIL xd' -not i VC X '.,, I sg , - A A "" he Student Council, composed of the chairmen of the division rooms at Morgan Park High School, is the lower house in our Student Govern- ment. The chairman of the Student Council, is the Student Association president, Mary Osborne. The faculty adviser is Captain Lorentz. lt is through the Student Council that the program prepared by the Executive Committee for the students, is approved. lt is the council's duty to legislate for the benefit of the school, The Student Council has proved to be of real value to the Student Association by promoting its membership, co-operating with the newly- organized Clean-up Committee, improving the conduct in the Assembly Hall, and aiding in the Safety campaign. The Student Council meets only when there is sufficient business, and therefore has no regular time of meeting. Many helpful suggestions have been made by the members in regards to the activities of the Student Association. Through these suggestions and criticisms, the Executive Committee of the Student Association has been better able to offer to the students a great variety of entertaining assemblies, and many unusual attractions. The Student Council is an important part of the Student Government, for it is through them the Student Asso- ciation is better able to contribute to the general Welfare of the students. Page Fifty two FINANCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Moore, Heuurdn, Custer, Nrchols, Mrs, Schochxlre, Lguermon, Bert- hold, Bloomgutst, D. Moore, SECOND ROW: Morton, Gregson, Mortrmer, Clarke, Stearns, Yfurrnsteclt, Tones, Dundon, Srrrth, Tenrnrrz. PROMOTION COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Mrles, Anderson, Cruse, Rontz, Caine, Geary, Pearson, Adams, Grossmgrm. SECOND ROW: Berthold, Vcmlitten, Adams, Foote, Schenk, Loving, Teningo, MocKimm, Drmkwoter, Lomoree, THIRD ROW: Stearns, Kcrmmerer, Hutchins, McCumber, Dundon, Pugh, Borchers, Robrnson, Guscorgne, Tozor, Wurmstedt, Dodge. CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE FIRST ROW: Berthold, Howe, Cruse, Dinn- sen, Pullotr, Mr. Meyers, Heodlgnd, Vcrn Etten, Grossmonn, Murray. SECOND ROW: Foote, Snrp, Whlte, Mrles, Moore, Hooper, Anderson, Orr, Rupp, Aoskod, Sorgentrel, Drlnkwoter, Palmer, Dodge. THIRD ROW: Custer, Gregson, Loving, Mulberry, MCA Curnher, Borchers, Henning, Mordue, Scott, Mgclirmm, Robrnson, Idckson. STUDENT COURT Left to Right: Snip, Dodge, Gregson, Scholmnger, Anderson, Lgmoroe, Dmnsen. Page Frfty-three FIRST ROW: Lidster, O'Connor, Bennis, Standerlme, Story, Mrs. Hartle, Palmer Andrews, Woods, Berqstedt. SECOND ROW, H dl d ' ea an , Mikesell, Schultz, Colombel, Billheimer, Bogon, Hughes, Tweed Christly, Carter, Hall. THIRD ROW: Pugh, Henning, Nelson, Clemorn, Walther, Winters, Blevins, Richardson Mulberry, Barmore, Brantner. FOURTH ROW: Kehoe, Mullen, Iackson, Nebel, Hempenius, Hobe, Snip, Guest, Hedrick, Willer, Greattinger. A CAPELLA CHORUS I I I 9' A f . - ' U ff I n 1 l Q 'iss 55.5, -' - V V f-. ,,, 55:55 ' , he A Cappella Chorus under the able leadership of Mrs. Bernice Hartle is in its fifth year as an organization of Empehi. Organized for the purpose of promoting musical appreciation and Vocal harmony it continues to hold a definite phase in the school's activities. Any student who has completed, with credit, two semesters of music is eligible for membership in this organization. There were more than lUU young people who enjoyed the privileges of this unique pursuit in music this past year. On the last day before Christmas vacation, in keeping with the Empehi tradition, the A Cappella Chorus and the Girls' Glee Club participated in the Christmas assembly as well as singing numerous Christmas carols in the halls of the building throughout the morning. The chorus in collaboration with the other musical organizations of our school, presented the annual spring musical production at Blackwelder Hall. The officers for the fall semester were: Robert Palmer, president, Letty Rae Huber, vice-president and Marylin Martin, secretary. Those officers elected for the spring semester were: Nancy Story, president, Bud Tozar, vice-presidentg Mary Standerline, secretary, and Robert Zins, treasurer. Page Fifty fo Jr AN NUAL STAFF he members of the Annual Staff did not tie themselves down to the standards set by former years when they began work on the year-book. We started work on the annual earlier than ever before with new ideas and higher aims. There has been an excited buzz coming from 3l5V2 since the beginning of the school year, the home of our own "EMPEHl". The staff has been unusually large this year with most en- thusiastic members. Marcia Cruse, our very competent editor' in-chief, was assisted by Barbara Miles, literary editor: Betsey Morton, art editor, Art Osborne, sports editor, and Elaine Ander- son, business manager. Due to the new ruling by the Board of Control the office of treasurer was added, George Stearns and Charles Wurmstedt jointly filling this position. Much of the credit of the annual should go to Mrs. Cella, our faculty adviser. The purpose of the Annual this year was to show Morgan Park life in an informal way. The photo-staff was most obliging in helping us to carry out our plan. The write-ups have been short and snappy, the color on the pages most attractive, and our friendly little "Guppy" adds the necessary humorous touch. The Student Association, on its 20th anniversary, joined the Staff in presenting to you the outstanding Annual of l939! X TT T P -,.,..,....::-M? 'I X X,":,f,?" I ,,,.,.,, ,v':.'?"' FIRST ROW: Johnson, Custer, Stearns, Wurmstedt, Anderson, Mrs. Celia, Cruse, Miles, Morton, Osborne. SECOND ROW: Browere, Adams, Tatqe, Gillogly, Stanton, Sorgentrei, White, Lidster, Smith, Akenhead, Orr, Anderson, Cashman. THIRD ROW: Drake, Rupp, Pugh, Ruff, Nebel, Abbott, Theile, B. Dinnsen, I. Dinnsen, Connell, Mordue, MacKimrn. Page Fifty-five AMERICAN YOUTH LEAGUE X X N Q li K I V5 W? is F ' 1 SQ gf, K: N mx '-" ,'?:'I'.:5:,Ef ff ' Q A3 'Ei' lllisfigv' 3 Sli A W S 4 X if ,Q t . it S wx he American Youth League has just concluded its third year as an Empehi organization, and is one of the foremost clubs in our school. Founded in l936 by Dr. Eston V. Tubbs, the American Youth League Was begun as a movement to awaken the interest of students in rights and privileges that they enjoy as citizens of the United States. The purposes of the American Youth League are fourfold: to ac- quaint students with their heritage as American citizens, to encourage students to know their own country: to help students understand civic righteousness, and to create in the students a proper appreciation of what other people of the world have done by way of contributing toward human progress, culture and civilization. For the past year, the A. Y. L. has been led by Marjorie Hall, presi- dent, Bob Dinnsen, vice-president, Robert Moore and Walter Henderson, secretaries, and Ardell Arthur, treasurer. The cabinet also includes the five committee chairmen who assist in the organization's activities, The sales committee headed by Barbara Miles, conducted the semi- annual sale of membership cards and pins, and the sale of movie tickets for "judge Hardy's Children." Dorothy Forsyth, heading the program committee, arranged interesting monthly meetings. Of these programs, the students most enjoyed "Crinoline and Candlelight," a play given by the cabinet in commemoration of George Washingtori's birthday, and the stirring movie "The River." Marilyn Martin and the expansion committee arranged spirited programs to be given in other schools. Harold Kammerer took charge of the pamphlet distribution as head of the supply committee. Looking back on a prosperous year, and facing a bright future the American Youth League feels it is well on the way to success. Page Fifty six BOTANY CLUB he Botany Club had a highly successful year during the fall and spring semester of l938-39. Guided by the interest and helpfulness of their faculty adviser, Miss Marie l-loyler, the members succeeded in everything they attempted. Miss Hoyler kindly accepted the position in September, l938, when it seemed as if the organization might be discontinued for a year during the sabbatical leave of its regular adviser Miss Genevieve Monsch. The principal aim of the club during the year was, of course, to bring lovers of nature together and give them an outlet for their con- tinued interest in botany after completing the course. Many interesting and educational meetings were planned by the program chairmen: Lucille Loving and Barbara Armstrong in the fall, and continued by lune Moll and Lois Smith in the spring. A trip to the Garfield Park chrysanthemum show and a fall flower show at the school, two annual affairs, had their place in the program. Marion Peterson led the club in its activities during the fall semester. Other officers were Betty Soderstrom, vice-presidentg Betty Barmore, secretary, and Dorothy Shaffer, treasurer. in the spring installation the office of president was given to Dorothy Shaffer: that of vice-president to Shirley Bolton: secretary, Gloria Bogan, and treasurer, Betty Barmore. K 45 '5 t :piss vii' I .. - zviillzriz. L 1, ' x 0' . .,.- , ' X.. -:I t f , f5:,:555i55i5s '-5'1" .-.slxlflffiriiip X 1 ,MII-' 5 xx -:::.- vgpfgs. ,,sgsa.':. ,.::-:5- 5 B s Q:.,. X - ..., V x YV. x, I Q X UNM. FIRST ROW: O'Connor, Powers, Bogan, Barmore, Miss Hoyler, Shatter, Bolton, Cook, Bannon, Miller. SECOND ROW: Garretson, Brown, Stanyer, Loving, Ericson, Kendall, Armstrong, Brewers, Soderstrom, Rehr, Ferger, Hawk. THIRD ROW: Martinson, Shirey, Outhouse, V. Loving, Smith, Agren, Miles, Vaniitte Roos, Sheehan, Moll, FOURTH ROW: Mikeseil, Christensen, Greattmger, Spiers, Willer, Hack, Whit Morgan, Pratt, Ecklund, Fischer, Anderson, Krauss. U, 91 Page Fifty-seven MWTP BUSINE 'E ,v FN l . . lo ig g f 1:-'Q,1 SS STAFF he Business Staff is an indispensable organization created prine cipally to lend financial support to the EMPEHI NEWS. Through the soliciting of advertisements, sufficient revenue is raised to make possible a weekly publication of four pages. ln addition to the responsibility of distribution of the papers to the teachers and students Within the school, members of the staff are appointed to handle the sending of papers to various other schools and individuals on the exchange list. The list is limited to approximately fifty subscribers. ln November representatives were sent both from the editorial and the business staff to the National Scholastic Press Association Convention in Indianapolis, lndiana. As a result several of the advertising projects suggested at the convention proved to be suc- cessful. With the aid of Mrs. Dorothy Cella the Business Staff has been under the supervision of Elaine Anderson who acted as business manager for both fall and spring semesters. Debby Moore and Betsy Henning filled the position of assistant business manager for the fall and spring terms respectively? lane Macliimm, as audi- tor for both semesters, took charge of the billing of advertisers. ln the spring she was assisted by Betty Berthold. Eunice Iohnson has been copy writer for both semesters and Audrey Flint, ex- change manager. Iohn Conwell, who worked last semester under the direction of Beinette Hall, took over the position of circulation manager, the second semester lean Spence, loanne Nicholas and Betty Orr were his associates. lip' 5L AJ Q B , Page Fifty-eight 'R COMMERCIAL CLUB ne of the most active organizations in school is the Commercial Club. lt has a three fold purpose: to render service to the school not only through the Students' Exchange but by furnishing commercial I Y t work to any teacher or clubq to give the students a broader aspect to Lf , .,"' the business world: to provide more social life for commercial students. The club was organized by Mrs. Ruth Schachtlie, business manager f T of the club. Miss Lillian Weislander takes care of the social activities. Students taking commercial subjects are eligible to join. Each semester the club goes on a tour. The tours for this year were to the First Continental Bank and the Monarch Food Company. Parties 'L "E at school made up a majority of the social calendar. Z Every semester ten per cent of the Students' Exchange earnings are donated to the general school fund. ln the fall, stop watches, filing cabinets and donations to several funds were given to Empehi. Twenty- five dollars was awarded to Henrietta Fisher, a commercial student, the valedictorian of the February class. hmm The officers of the fall semester were: Dorothy Bloomquist, presidentg ft 'Wm , l ...., . -Z .... , ..,, , i : ' ,.,' ff if ii lack Massey, vice-president, Katherine Lombardi, secretary, Anita Mack, treasurer, and Robert Hughes, sergeant-at-arms. The spring semester officers were: lack Massey, president, Beatrice Stockdale, vice- presidentg Lois Wirtschoreck, secretaryy Pearl Tatro, treasurer, and Arthur Neff, sergeant-at-arms. FIRST ROW: Pond, Iohansen, Bloomquist, Mack, Massey, Miss Viletslander, Tatro, Neff, Wirtschoreck, Stockdale. SECOND ROW: DePue, Hermann, Chapman, Reinhardt, Fashbaugh, Powers, Sorensen, Fardy, Mork, Carlson, Agren. THIRD ROW: Fiske, Hahn, Palmer, Eldridge, McDonald, Neison, Perry, Dehninq, Hannemann, Bloom, Strombeck, Gruener. FOURTH ROW: Burton, Westphal, A. Utreick, Hoe-per, Larson, Ulreick, Dillon, Telander, Hughes, Mathiesen, Harm, Fisher. Page Fifty-nine t f P A 4 Nl Xh ali ww EMPEHI NEWS X f A. I at .I ' O9 - """' ""' , if If .,5f-Ji. ,, , .:..,.... nce again, members of the EMPEHI NEWS staff have striven to give the students of Morgan Park high school a first class scholastic paper. Ruth Poor took over the editor's desk in the fall of 1938 and carried on the enviable record of previous semesters. She was succeeded by Bobert Moore, who led the staff through the spring semester. Both editors were aided by the help and co-operation of Miss Alma Bauman, faculty adviser, while Ruth also had the valuable help of a second adviser, Miss Mary Nealon. As a member of the National Scholastic Press Association, EMPEI-ll NEWS was represented at the l7th Annual N. S. P. A. Convention at lndianapolis, Indiana, held in early November. Ruth Poor was sent by the News staff and Elaine Anderson represented the Business staff. The Annual and the Quill and Scroll chapter of Empehi also sent representatives. ln the annual Writing tournament of the Greater Chicago Scholastic Press Guild, of which the EMPEI-ll NEWS is a member, the paper made several entries in both the submitted material and extemporaneous division. Fourteen members of the paper competed in the externpora- neous contest, held on McKinlock Campus of Northwestern University in April. The appearance and interest of the l939 EMPEI-ll NEWS was greatly enhanced by pictures, cartoons, crossword puzzles and other cuts of various types. Largely responsible for this was the Business staff, whose hard work in securing extensive advertising made it financially possible for the newspaper to use more cuts. lt was under the leader- ship of Elaine Anderson, and Mrs. Dorothy Cella, faculty adviser. Representatives from both Business and News staffs were sent to the Medill Press Conference at Northwestern University in Evanston. Page Sixty EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ,,,,..,., ---w,.,,,,,--w, R Ot-,eff Moore FlI'Si PCIQQ Editor ,,,,, ,,..--,, B Onnie 35511 Wells Assistant ,.....,,,.,,.. VV,Y,,Y,,,,,Y,---------V,- P fed Hobg Second Page Editor X,,,,, YVYYVV,YYA,YY,YV,Y,-A-YY.----- R uth Poor Assistant ..-.-,...., ,,,,,,,, D orothy Lou Waggoner Third Page Editor ,,,,,,, Aw,,,,,,,YY,V,,VV,,A, E lame Kuehng Assistant VY........ .,,,,,,.,,,,,.........., R uth Brunet SIJOUS Editor ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,v,,,,,,,,,,V D on Swqnbefg ASSlSlGl'lt ............,,... ....,, , ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,A,A, ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, E l W ood Shaffer Proof and Copy Readers ,,,,...,..,,, ,,,,,A,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,AAA,,,,,,,, B l ake Hooper in charge, Q, 7 4 "": l' Dorothy Winters, Mary Crocker, Betty lohnson, Lorayne Lipsker, lean Ann Y Murray, Dorothy Shatter, Edith Thompson, Marjory Crowder, A X I I Chief of Headline Writers .,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, ,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, B e tty Soderstrom Q Exchange .,... ,...,,,,,,,,,.,,....i,.,, ...r, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,i,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,... L o i s Staftelbach Chaft .,,,,,....... ,.,.. .,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,, M a rgaret lean Sheahan A nlli Do Tell v,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,., ,,.,,,..,,Y.,,,,,,..,..,,,,,,,,.t M a rjorie Konecky Assistants ,,,,,,, ,,,.,,..,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,....,,..,, M arjorie Bronson, Cornelia Slel-'DOS Star Reporters ..........,V,,,Y,.Y.,,.......,,Y,,Yi.iV,......................VVV.......,...,........vVV...... Marjorie Hall, Marjorie Konecky, Margaret I. Sheahan, lean Shields, Betty Soderstrom Staff Reporters ......,,..........,,,,,..,,.,,.,......,,,,,i,.,,,,.,t..,..,.t,.,.,.. Molly Abbott, William Bell, Bill Blevins, Marion Bloom, Mary Crocker, Ethel Fashloaugh, lean Hatfield, "':l:i 5 v,.,l. Blake Hooper, Bonnie Howieson, lohn Tolly, Erie Iones, Alan Koukalik, 'l5"fjl5f5iEg2 Lorayne Lipsker, Marcella Matthews, Patsy McCune, Robert Quast, Ruth Reichert, Robin Robinson, Charles Savidis, Dorothy Shaffer, Seymour sift' I Sherman, Cornelia Slebos, Warren Smith, George Stearns, Bill Thomas, -l ---'-' Edith Thompson, Fay Trolander, Dorothy Winters, Virginia Coburn, Marian Knapp, Olga Cibulsky ' ESSEX Typists ...,..,.,,,,,..,...,,...,, Shirley Allison, Marion Bloom, Lorraine Calder, Margaret ,rh. ,KN Clements, Ethel Fashbaugh, Georgia Hough, lean Meyers, David Watt G7 N Art Staff ........,,,,,...........,,,,,,,....... Herb Jacobson, Robin Robinson, Bernard Wanaggs fz, ,,,., .,,,,.,,,,., A , ..:- 5 W Editorial Adviser ,,,,.. ...,..........,,.,.,........,,,,...,,.,.......,....,....,,., M iss Alma Bauman A " BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ,,,,,,,.... ,.., ,,,......,,,,,,,,..,,....,,,.,.,,,, ..,., , . E laine Anderson Asst. Business Manager ,,.... .....,,,.. B etsy Henning Copy Writer ,.....,.,.,,,,,,,.,,.., ,,,, Eunice lohnson Assistant ,,,i,,i,,,,,,,,, ,......, D ebby Moore Circulation Manager ,,,,,, ....,, I ohn Conwell ' ,lean Spence ,Audrey Flint lane McKimm ' Betty Berthold Assistant ...,....,,,,...,....Y,,,,,,,.......,,,,,,,,,. ....,Y,,,,.......,,,Y,,,.,.....,,,,.............. Assistant ....,,..,,, .... ..... Exchange Manager ,,..,,.. ..,... Bookkeeper ,,,i.,......,,,, W .,,,,,,,......,.,,,, ,,..... . . Business Staff ,,i..i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i.....,.,,,,..,........ Beverly Akenhead, Dorothy Deufel, Elaine Ferger, Glorea Fitzgerald, Dorcas Gallivan, Helen Hawk, Evaline Howell, Marilyn l-lurron, Audrae lones, Barbara Mattson, Barbara Miles, Ioanne Marilyn Peters, Kay Piper, Ruth Rohr, Suzanne Schenk, Dorothy Schmidt, Nancy Swearingen, Ken Vernon, Shirley Wacholz Business Staff Adviser ....,,,,,.......,,Y,........Y,,YY..,.,....,...,,,,.......,,,,,,......, MTS. DOrOthy Cello FlRST ROW: Sherman, McCune, Burnet, Wells Moore, Miss Bauman, Poor, Kuehne, Swcrnberg, Waggener, Hobe, SECOND ROW: Staitelback, Murray, Davis, Sheahan, Thompson, Iohnson, Hatfield, Hall, Fashbaugh Reichert, Soderstrom, Konecky, Winters, Allison, Knapp. THIRD ROW: Shatter, Calder, Ouast, Wanagas Blevins Bronson, Coburn, Trolander, Meyers, Koukalik, Iones, Hooper, Bloom, Cibulsky. FOURTH ROW Stearns? Caldwell, Shatter, Lipsker, Slebos, Abbott, lacobson, Bell, Thomas, Smith, Hough, Crowder, Matthews, Robinson. Page Sixty-one FIRST ROW: Stanton, Burke, Goede, Powers, Patterson, Miss Greenfield, Crow, Hough, Berger, Pacatte, Grossmann, Milord. SECOND ROW: Lander, Elliott, Shirey, Provancha, Maisel, Fashbaugh, Armstrong, Loving, Lidster, Retzel, Dix, Iohnson, Glass, Malinsky, Nickels, Martenson, Sheehan, Bogan. THIRD ROW: Bartosk, Umhofer, Ewing, Moll, Sorgentrei, Gillogly, Allison, Potts, Moeller, Fiske, Tatro, Rickert, Browere, Simms, Outhouse, Moore, McDowell. FOURTH ROW: Goforth, Sorman, Walter, Hawkins, Nebel, Friel, Willer, Froemke, H. Armstrong, Barnes, Carr, Davidson, Starz, Taylor, Bloom, Pemberton. FASHION x so X Rs? S E mas.. S OF THE HOUR he Fashions of the Hour Club has completed its third successful year under the supervision of Miss Helen Greenfield, the club's sponsor since its organization. Fashions ot the Hour was organized to promote an interest in sewing among Morgan Park High girls. To be eligible tor membership one must have had one semester of sewing and be taking the second semester. The club meets regularly on alternate Mondays in the social room. Among the various activities oi the club this past year have been to sponsor a Bow Sale and a successful movie with the A. Y. L. at the Beverly Theatre. Miss Imogene Lapp, representing the School Sewing Service oi New York, gave two style shows to all Empehi girls at special assemblies, one in the tall semester and one in the spring. Members of the club modeled all the clothes shown. Each year the girls ot the sewing classes give a style show in which they model the clothes they have made. This style show was presented lune l3 to both the student body and the Parent-Teacher Association. The otiicers oi the fall semester were Mary Carr, president: Betty Crow, vice-presidentg Nancy Ewing, secretary, and Thelma Donop, treasurer. Spring semester oiticers were Betty Crow, presidenty lacgueline Berger, vice-presidentg Elaine Patterson, secretary, and J fS . , t z ,,.. r "'i' " X Q -... A -' T Georgia Hough, treasurer. Page Sixty-two LE CERCLE FRANCAIS he purpose of Le Cercle Francais is to give the members an oppor- tunity to become better acquainted with the customs and language of the French people. With this aim in view the club, guided by Miss Beulah L. Kemp, holds bi-monthly meetings, which are conducted in French, and at which members take part in games and songs, and listen to interesting addresses by outside speakers. Among these guest speakers were: Miss Helen Griswold, who showed movies she had taken in France, Maurice Landis, president of the French club at Hyde Park high school, who spoke on the French Expositiong Madame Emily Starz, who at the semi-annual Mothers' Tea, spoke on French education and customs. Meetings, which gave an opportunity for creative expression, included a dramatic program and a musical program consisting of vocal solos from French operas and piano solos by French composers. The French club presented two assemblies: first a movie, the second a sketch representing American tourists at a sidewalk cafe, being entertained by French country folk. The officers for the fall semester were Mabel Rodger, president: Betsey Morton first vice-president, Elaine Kuehne, second vice-president, lane Morgan, secretary: Rosalie Phillips, treasurer. For the spring sem- ester: Elaine Kuehne, president: Frances Teninga, first vice-president: lean Ann Murray, second vice-presidentg Virginia Tweed, secretary: Betsey Morton, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Allison, Naylor, Anderson, Tweed, Kuehne, Miss Kemp, Murray, Morton, Slebos, deCrespigny, Wallace, Cruse. SECOND ROW: Potts, Soderstrom, Dix, Andre, Spence, Powers, Thompson, Geary, Loving, Armstrong, Konecky, Wells, Iacobson, Miles. THIRD ROW: Doran, Ewing, Rogan, Winters, Teninga, V. Loving, Umhofer, Shirley, Martinson, Sheehan, Ekloff, Wachter, Richardson, McCune. FOURTH ROW Taylor, MacKimm, Iacobs, Nelson, Burnet, Smith, Huber, Poor, Crowder, DeEeukelear, Davidson, Spiers, Meyers, Davis. is I Q . if NSN WJ YW X NI xjl an Ml Wph ,.,4Jb7,,:.,7h9?,:,5:.,y,- . faq, , A Z Q lj. 'yQ'5?,y,mfwa-:msn 'Ng LT? V, ny ,f Wg! Fi, .---, "'t" -, ..., avi-3Ts1'i5'f I ef ' f 3 :- , v --'-WW mm: ,,,, Zh, .Z : ,v A-.W J j M I Page Sixty-three is FIRST ROW: Davies, Schleicher, Champion, Clancy, Miss Fischer, Gruener, Headlter, Feeney, Crow, Kohplelt. SECOND ROW: Botel, Winketmann, O'Connor, Skevlin, Knapp, Young, Dormitzer, Flaws, Crapser, Williams, Schau, Chapman, Harris, Koch. THIRD ROW: Nelson, Ralston, Skrivan, Dueshop, Talbert, McDonald, DeBus, Carts, Grundman, Wells, Giller, Woods, Hansen, Pruter, Colombel. FOURTH ROW: Carlin, Punter, Hummel, Tocque, Radz, Fitch, Callahan, Maurer, Nierman, Schwickrath, Berg, Barnes, Hagebusch, Stewart, Hillstrom, Turloy, Gentleman, Patterson. '11 r' O C2 Z G rn PU cf: 114 M , , : I " ....,.,.A. . -r "' .,.., ' ' . fi, "" ----- 1. . 'V 7 "V or the benefit of bewildered freshmen, the Flounders, now one of the largest clubs in the school, was started. Miss Fischer, with the splendid co-operation of the Flounders' first president, Barbara Wallace, founded this club in the spring of l937. The name "Plounders" which was suggested by Barbara and Mrs. Wallace means to orientate the new incoming freshmen. The purpose of the club is to make the new members of our school feel that they have a part in the organization of our busy school and that they belong here. We also try to acquaint them with the many different clubs and organizations. At each meeting we try to have a representative from the various clubs, The Student Court, or the Student Association to explain the functions and purposes of their individual clubs. We also have entertainment in form of freshmen talent. The playing of the accordion and piano, singing, and dramatic ability have been found among our members. Refreshments, planned by the social committee, also add to the enjoyment of all our meetings. All members of the Student Association are eligible to become a member of the Flounders provided they are still in their fresh- man year. The club's membership at the present time is about eighty-five. The officers for the fall semester were Fay Baker, presidentg Lois Adams, vice-presidentg and Frank Kunkel as secretary-treas- urer. Those officers elected for the spring semester were l-larry Gruener, president, Marjorie l-leadtler, vice-president, and lanet Clancy, secretary-treasurer. Page Sixty-four GIRLS' GLEE CLUB he girls have completed another successful year under the able leadership of Mrs, Bernice Hartle. The purpose of the Girls' Glee Club is to promote choral Work for the better understanding of vocal harmony. The club represents the school in vocal productions, contests, and entertainments. Any Student Association member may obtain membership in this club by passing the vocal test given by the instructor in music. One must have two credits in music exclusive of the band before she will be admitted. During the fall semester the girls entered the city wide contest in which they sang "Children of the Moon" by Elinor Remick War- ren, and "ln the Bleak MidWinter" by Katherine K. Davis. In the spring semester the girls participated in the first Chicago high school music festival in which they sang "Prelude" by Landon Ronald, "Thanks Be To God" by Stanley Dickson, "My Master Hath A Garden" by Armstrong Gibbs, "Children of the Moon" by Elinor Bemick Warren and "Valley of Dreams" by Percy E. Fletcher. Officers of the fall semester Were: Dorothy Forsyth, president: Mary Iayne Geary, vice-president: Mary Standerline, secretary, and Rosalie Phillips, treasurer. Those of the spring semester Were: Betty Carroll, president, Mary layne Geary, vice-president, Mary Lamoree, secretary, and Frances Teninga, treasurer. X V t C, 3 v,-- ,,,. V , ..,... .. X f :-Eff :" FX X F ,i,. 3 z,y f ,,,.' ' 5 z :::." ' . --.,A,,-4 .:..:1-W ' ....... 1 .-:5:1: -':-:::::-2 :1. .g5gz:5:5E52::'Eff:3y5:5:,15-, FIRST ROW: Dix, Hershberg, O'Connor, Forsyth, Standerline, Mrs. Hartle, Geary, Carroll, Lamoree, Gaus, Spitler, Waggener, Cruse. SECOND ROW: Calder, Hough, Colombel, Davis, Repp, Iohnson, Welsh, Cook, Loving, Armstrong, Potts, Headland, V. Loving, Miles, Mulberry, Schenk, Taylor, Elliot. THIRD ROW. Berger, Crockett, Benner, Hoigard, Knapp, Crows, Pemberton, Mikesell, Davis, Radius, Trolander, Coburn, Morton, Whitman, Abbott, H. Armstrong. FOURTH ROW: Smith, Stoker, Connell, Danolic, Nelson, Roesner, Scott, Anderson, Davidson, Melton, Mathisen, Paige, Murray, Morton, H., Iacobs, Gunderson, Spiers, Mathiesen, Slebos, Huber. Page Sixty five 1 . , ' E M -xv IA "! 3 1 f ,LM fi,-' W3 FIRST ROW: Freidkickson, Sherman, Thiele, R. Wall, Mrs. Celia, Osborne, H. Wall, Smith, Drake. SECOND ROW: Nichols, Hayn, Scott, Berton, Seger, Texter. THIRD ROW: Bonitz, Froemke, White, Lowery, Williams, Harlow, Crocker, Robinson, G11- more. he Human Relations Service Guild was organized during the fall semester from the Human Relations class and it is one of the latest clubs to be admitted to the Board of Control. The purpose of this organization is to establish and promote charit- able activities throughout the school and community. To become a member one must take the Human Relations course. The officers, Art Osborne president Russell Wall vice-president, Barbara Thiele, treas- urer and Helen Wall secretary have worked very hard in promoting it These students held office for two semesters because the club was not organized until late in the fall but hereafter officers shall be elected twice a year. The membership this year has been very large amounting to about sixty in number. Mrs. Dorothy Cella is the sponsor of the club. The Christmas Drive the purpose of which is to collect food, old toys and clothes for needy families and the lnfantile Paralysis Drive were sponsored by this club. The drives this year have been more successful than in previous years. The Guild joined with the Clean-up Committee in the spring to help with the Annual Hose Sale. The H. H. S. G. is comprised of a Wide awake group of students and you can expect more activity from it in the future after the fine start it HUMAN RELATIONS SERVICE GUILD ., A - 5 I - QZAI ' . I l I l I ' I I ,.,.. , , 1 5, Kqfwzif' :gli KZ ' V: , has made this year. Page Si LATIN CLUB s one of Empehi's three language clubs, the Latin Club has a definite purpose. lt is to give its members a better idea of the language and customs of the ancient Romans. To become a member of it, a pupil must be studying third or fourth year Latin or have passed his 2B semester with the grade of 85 or better. S' I V year, in April, to celebrate the anniversary of the club's organization 3 , ,IA if s N S49 5am 252 miie 5:1 -4 s-tQfD ogg, 5352 ,Da S22 Cr- mat: Coos EEF, CLL39. Egg aww 5.49 532 cn:- 'Ugg 52049 CD22 EVD5' time 'QS UPQQ 332 :WET Q cu :Es- ij.-mtg 533 :rmw ficla 0400 gm Q05 :VEGJ ffbiliiff ' y ' and the founding of Rome. The Latin Club, along with the French and Spanish clubs, sponsored an assembly during the fall semester, at which travel movies were shown. Miss Cora Petty, the club's adviser, has brought the club success- fully through another year. There are now about fifty members. The officers for the fall semester were: lane van Gorkom, first consul: Edward Lauerman, second consul: Edward Mortimer, scribe: Barbara Mulberry, quaestor, and Charlotte Bossi, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. The spring semester officers were: Edward Lauer- man, first consul: Nancy Gregson, second consul, Betty Headlancl, scribe, Edward Mortimer, quaestor, and Campbell MacNeely, chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. FIRST ROW: Depew, Tweed, Palmer, Mulberry, Gregson, Miss Petty, Mrs. Hecht, Lauerman, Headland, Mortimer, Zarth. SECOND ROW: Davis, Wark, Domazet, Cook, Wolff, Oudshoff, Nutt, Bannon, Hoiqard, Hayes, Aldrich. THIRD ROW: Forsyth, Willer, Whitman, Greattinger, Teninqa, Lee, McDougal, Day Conquest, Lipsker, Whitcomb. FOURTH ROW: Bingham, White, Clarke, Marchett, MacNeely, Crockett, Smith, Mehn, Noetzel. Page Sixty-seven ra CONCERT BAND The Band, under the leadership of Captain Guy D. Hartle, has completed an eventful year. During the year they played for the majority of the assem- blies presented at the school and were an eminent attraction in the school prof duction "Encore" ln the city band contest, the Concert Band received a superior rating. ln the city solo contest nine members entered and four of them received a superior rating. They were: Warren Ewert, clare inetg lean Spence, truiripety Shirley Slcrivan and Norman Erickson, baton twirlers. They will represent us in the national solo contest. During the fall semester, through the assistance of the Banstra Association, uniforms were purchased by the mem- bers which added to the appearance of the organization. The Concert Band participated in the music festival which Was held at the lnternational Amphitheatre on March 28, 29, 30, l939. A Band member is eligible for a major letter if he has completed seven semesters and has served as an officer or librarian for one semester, or if he has Won a city solo contest. The officers during the first semester were: president, Robert Caineg vice- president, Warren Roesnerp treasurer, lean Gregory, and secretary, Helen Morton. For the second semester the officers were: president, Milton Robin- song vice-president, Warren Pioesnerg treasurer, Ted Hatfield: secretary, lean Spence' Page Sixtyfeicjri ,Xi .. , N. ' ,, ' :': l 6 A -1- . wr - Q'.. A. ' 555 , 'P V' ' f 1" ' x ' , 1 ' - 5, ,M 'Y ' 'Z 7 imp' A. . ' .L 3.91 , '-A"'-A rm ' - is L'-f iii,-'4 ' he Orchestra, under the direction of Captain Guy D. l-lartle, has been suc- cessful in giving the students an oppor- tunity to display their talents and to give them a better appreciation and under- standing of music. Last fall the Band and Orchestra sponsored a movie at the Beverly thea- tre, the proceeds of which were used to buy new music and repair school instru- ments. Every year the Orchestra plays at the Commencement exercises, plays in the spring production and takes an active part in the Parent-Teachers' Association meetings. This year the Band and Orchestra played in the Chicago Public School Music Festival which was held at the International Amphitheatre, March 28, 29, 30. This was the first time that the city high schools had held such a festi- val. All members of the Orchestra are eligible for a maior letter after they have completed seven semesters of instru- mental music. The officers of the full semester were: Minette Bass, president: Robert von Beh- ren, vice-president, Shirley Allison, sec- retary: and Ted Brashler, treasurer. The officers for the spring semester were as follows: Shirley Allison, presidentg Fran- ces Spence, vice-president, Loring Cox, secretary, and l-larry Plowe, treasurer. Page Sixty-nine FIRST ROW: Allison, Hewes, MacNeely, Arthur, Miss Holland, Miss Brown, Correa, Ecklund, McGoniqal, Dinnsen. SECOND ROW: Olsen, Spence, Jones, Doran, Werterneyer, Ellis, O'Connor, Reichert, Gillogly, Sheahan, Bloomquist, Barry, Lees, Dix, Hatfield, THIRD ROW: Stockdale, Erantner, MacKimm, Taylor, Kistner, McDonald, Massias, Ewing, Scott, Standerline, Belikan, Hawkins, Mordue, Stewart, Lipsker. FOURTH ROW: Hite, Custer, Shaffer, Schrader Westphal, Thomas, Smith, Williams, Watt, May, l. Dinnsen, Bingham, Reade, Wirtschoreck, Harm, Rantz, Olsen, Tweed. PAN-AMERICAN CLUB ince its recent affiliation with the Student Pan-American League, the Pan-American Club of Morgan Park has found the students have more interest in its activities. Among these are numbered the yearly sale of doughnuts, the advertising and showing of movies depicting Hispanic life and customs, and correspondence with students in other countries of the continents. The "razon de ser" of the Pan-American League is to promote under- standing, good feeling and the All-American spirit among the North and South American nations. The club was duly entered and chartered on December 8, l938, and has since sent delegates to the regular meetings downtown and allied themselves with the league in a number of their activities. V! Under the leadership of Ardell Arthur, president in the fall semester and Carl Correa in the spring semester and the guidance of Miss Mary F. Holland, the adviser, the new Pan-American society has made great strides in better understanding the need for tolerance and broadminded- ness in keeping that peace on the Western continents that is so sadly lacking in Europe, The other officers for the fall semester Were: Camp- bell MacNeely, lst vice-presidentg Georgia Hough, 2nd vice-president, Mary Ann Hewes, treasurer, and Robert Dinnsen, treasurer. Those who held office in the spring were: Mary Ann Hewes, vice-president: Shirley Allison, 2nd vice-president: Louise Eklund, secretary and Bob Mc- Mi' -431 af' 6 X gt "-- 1 gy " is -.ilitg -- ti'-H!-,ri2' Gonagil, treasurer. Page Seventy PEPPERS s the third Week of September of 1938 rolled around EMPEHI saw the dawn of a new clubethe Peppers. Through the efforts of Bud Rantz and Olga Cibulsky a constitution was drawn up and accepted by the Board of Control. Mrs. Claribel Balsdon spon- sored this organization, the aim of which is to give EMPEI-lI'S ath- letic teams moral support as they fight on the gridiron. Fay Trolander, president: lanet Inwood, vice-president, lane Strombeck, treasurer, and Olga Cibulsky, secretary were the club's first officers. The second semester Olga Cibulsky was elected president: lanet Hill, vice-president: Verna Leuder, treasurer, and Barbara Davis, secretary. The girls wore white sweat shirts and dark skirts as uniforms. Under Bud Rantz, master of drill, the Peppers gave cheers and executed drills at the gridiron games. Their little mascot, Pepper, a Yorkshire terrier, contributed his share of pep. Since there were no football games to attend during the second semester, the main object of the club was to build up the treasury. To do this, a number of money making enterprises were held. lt was during the spring semester that the club gave its first creative assembly, which consisted of talent found by the Peppers. . 'r't ' 7 I: f 4, X e .P Qs N5 wifi tv- grirzr.. ff i l ff '1,1:., l, - , 1 - 4531 ' t-ff 'Hifi 5 ' ' 'Zi FIRST ROW: Monson, Armstrong, Cibulsky, Mrs. Balsdon, Rantz, Davis, Lueder, Domazet, Bogda. SECOND ROW W' k l L' Sh h T t Cl Bo h an Lawson Sem revivo R ' Hershber er Burke : in e mann, inn, ee an, aro, ay, c rn , , p , eim, g , . THIRD ROW: Stevens, Handbury, Boylan, Krause, A. Armstrong, Sorensen, Shaw, Hahn, Agren, Winkel- mann, F., Burke. FOURTH ROW: Chapman, Nagler, Skrivan, Linaweaver, Hill, Strombeck, Barr, Atkins, Crane, Carlson, Ianks, Mork, Shivlin. QRGA4, Q :MA 1 PARK lwvb Page Seventy one lnanscm 9 3 ' , 59199143 A QM 5 IX R' KN fftfi, v . 5 :S rw Nr.. sax xg, 2 41 5' A ,mfiwdt 1 f i Mft ' fm " PHOTO STAFF AND V. E. S. B. A. Li L 41124 L X Z 7 wmgg Q V ' X if f ' . - 7 f . j iri ' , ji ,i .,,. he photo staff of Empehi has done much to promote school inter- est. During the past semester the stati has taken several Color movies, photographed each freshman separately for the oitice rec- ords, taken all of the division pictures and candid shots for the annual, done copy and printinq work, photographed the S. A. entertainments, and taken pictures used hy the Empehi News. Mr, A. Royal Gay is the iaculty adviser and Howard Dennis the rnanaqer. The Visual Education Service Bureau is a newly formed depart- ment oi Empehi which has charae of all visual education work in the school and all equipment is in their care. Page Seventy-two QUILL AND SCROLL he Morgan Park Chapter of Quill and Scroll, Which is the lnter- national Honorary Society for l-ligh School lournalists, was represented at two national press conferences and entered a number of city and nation-Wide contests in addition to regular school activities during the school year l938-39. Four club members attended the National Scholastic Press Associa- tion Convention in lndianapolis in November. Fourteen delegates at- tended the Seventh Annual Medill Conference at Northwestern Univer- sity during spring vacation. Contests entered included the bi-monthly contests of Quill and Scroll society, the Greater Chicago Scholastic Press Guild Association Sub- mitted and Extemporaneous contest, and the Scholastic Magazine contest. The biggest project each semester is the editing and sale of the EMPEI-ll Bulletin. lt is from this sale that the club obtains all money for its treasury. The concluding event of the year Was the annual press banquet held late in May. Miss Alma Bauman is sponsor of the society. Officers for the fall semester were Robert Headtler, president, Mabel Rodger, vice-president, Elaine Anderson, secretary, and Mary Ann Hewes, treasurer. ln the spring semester the officers were president, Bonnie Iean Wells, vice-president, Elaine Anderson, secretary, Robin Robinson, and treasurer, Ruth Burnet. Q gif' . if NM tw.-' fuf 1 S FIRST ROW: Moore, Headtler, Anderson, Miss Bauman, Wells, Robinson, Burnet, Cruse. SECOND ROW: MacKimm. Sheahan, Thompson, Waggener, Shaffer, Hewes, Hall, Soderstrom, Konecky, Berthold, Iohnson. THIRD ROW: Shaffer, D., Matthews, Kuehne, Hooper, Poor, Hobe, Abbott, Slebos, Naylor, Henning, Trolander, Swanberg. Page Seventy-three : 'Q STAGE ,cfkliw f.. I ew organizations in the Morgan Park high schobl are so responsible for the maintenance of a high standard of efficiency and dependability as is its Stage Crew. This group, composed of young men in the high school, includes in its regular activities the maintenance of stage equipment, the programing of assemblies and stage productions, assistance of the engineering group, and is ready aid to both fac- ulty members and members of the student body in Whatever capacity they may be able. The crew may be divided into two divisions, the specialized and general groups. The first includes the electricians, technicians and their assistants. The remainder may be subdivided into two groups, the seasoned mem- bers and the "flunkies." During the time of apprenticeship, which lasts one semester, the flunky acquires a general knowledge of stage organization and use of equipment. After this period he is known as a seasoned member ac- tively participating in stage work and enjoying what- ever privileges his fellow members may have. He may, if he so desires, specialize in the electrical Work or technical work after this elementary period. A scholastic average of "G" or better is necessary in order to join and continue as a member, most fel- lows joining in their freshman or sophomore year. In summarizing, the crew should like to offer praise and appreciation to one of the few schools in the public school system to include in its extra curricular activities the maintenance of a group devoted to stage work and the betterment of the school. 'iizfif Burdette, Mr. Hunter Maver Blanchard , 5 Iolly. Mathis f X El, Horine, Quast V McNeil, Iahn Dingle Y Q I "5 -. .... X - i , l Page Seventy-four has completed another successful year. two annual assemblies: an animal movie, "Wheels Across Africa," and a lecture by Mr. Bob Becker, noted dog and nature lover. Both were enthusiastically welcomed by the student body. were: Mr. A. A. Wachholz, who brought and lectured about his three prize dogs, Dr. C. D. Frank, University of Chicago professor, and Mr. A Weygandt who spoke on "rabbit raising." aays, hiking, swimming, dancing at its annual trip to Turkey Run, and lndiana State Park. ZOOLOGY CLUB nder the very able supervision ot Miss Bessie Bell, the Zoology Club The club has over one hundred members. This organization had its Regular bi-monthly meetings were held. Some interesting speakers During spring vacation the Zoology Club spent two enjoyable spring Officers ot the tall semester were: lane MacKimm, president, lack Dinnsen, vicefpresidentg Lorraine Teninga, secretary, and David Hill, s so ,f 4 Blf X sf-'7'YSSf 'f 3:90 Ls N... x MS. we in 5 ,ll Y wr" ., . . -' , . ff . , Inlzi treasurer. The officers of the spring semester were: Robert Rantz, presi- dent, Virginia Dundon, vice-president: Patsy McCune, secretary, and Betty Berthold, treasurer. FIRST ROW: Spence, Dix, McCune, Palmer, Berthold, Miss Bell, Rantz, Dundon, Thomas, Powers. SECOND ROW: Mattson, Hughes, Depew, Correa, Peters, Katzmann, Andrews, Murray, Geary, Fashbaugh, Wachholz, lohnston, Bannon, Cook, Heinold, Bergman. THlRD ROW: Howell, Shtrey, Began, Urnhofer, Headland, Domazet, Browere, Deufel, Swearingern, Simms, Legatzke, Clay, Martinson, Sheehan, Sklotf, Wachter, Vvfells. FOURTH ROW: Knapp, Day, Hayes, Wiersma, VV'alther, Cooper, Roos, Davis, VanEtten, Bloomquist, Nelson, Benner, Hoigard, Schultz, Aldrich, Taylor. FIRST ROW: Kallqren, Kehoe, Spencer, McDougal, MacKirnm, Dinnsen, Teninga, Akenhead, Trolander, Franz, Cruse. SECOND ROW: Barry, Standerline, Thomas, Bicke, Wahlgren, Thomas, Lewis, Anderson, Niernan, Rocklin, Whitman, Bloom. THIRD ROVV: Williams, Custer, Nebel, Quast, Tweed, Olsen, Deveney, ludd, Eklund, Richardson, McKay, Smith, Spierlmg, Campbell, Matthias, Coolman, Poor. FOURTH ROW: Forsyth, Vernon, Wurmstedt, Crockett, May, McNeil, McGoniqal, Harper, Hunter, Meyer, MacNeely, Kershner, Matchett, Abbott, Poor. Page Seventy five 2? -Hs if M 'T 'S' W W Henderson, Kuehne TAU E me Xi 1 ,fi 112: N- V , "" Dundon, Mortimer au Epsilon, Morgan Parlds honor society, was founded in March, 1924. lt has had a dual purposefto provide recognition for those stu- dents who do excellent work, and to provide an incentive for those who do average work. Since its founding, Tau Epsilon's membership has increased five- fold, from sixty to approximately three hundred members, making it one of the largest organizations in the school. ln order to become a member, a student must merit four honor points with eleven grade points and no grade below G. One point is given for each "E" or "S", and others for participation in school activities, for perfect attendance, and for serv- ice as officers of clubs and division rooms. ln the last year the society has sponsored a successful movie at the Beverly Theatre, given two assemblies and engaged in several other activities. Also, the semester awards were given to the graduat- ing seniors who were members of Tau Epsilon for seven semesters. Much of the club's success is due to the helpful suggestions of the faculty sponsors, Mr. Drummond, Miss Maclcin, and Miss Conlan. The officers for the fall semester were: Walter Henderson, president, Elaine Kuehne, vice-president, Warren Smith, secretary, Betty Head- land, treasurer. For the spring semester they were: Virginia Dundon, president: Ted Mortimer, vice-president, Suzanne Schenk, secretary, and Richard Brashler, treasurer. Page Seventy six FIRST ROW: Dix, Boies, Mortlrner, Brashler, Miss Mackin, Mr, Drummond, Dunbar, Schenk, Geary, Anderson, Cruse. SECOND ROIN: DeRosa, Augspurac-F, CIIIUCYV Grund- man, Fiske, Gregson, Freeman, Fashbauqh, Bannon, Fischer, Correa, Cricson, Brown, Ewing, Davis, Dornazet, THIRD ROW: Bol- ton, Allison, Baker, Beithold, D, Allison, Brown, Aldrich, Clay, Fink, Bloomquist, Elliott, Ekloft, Dorn, Arthur, Davls, B., Blew, Bourke. FOURTH ROW: Ekenmann, Ekloti, Greattinqer, Burnet, Gaae, Dinale, Dickenson, Clarke, Burgas, Mf:Ne1l, Hehe, Binaltatti, Disrnore, Alilene, Forsyth, Le- Beukloar, Bloozt., Fisher. FIRST ROVW: Kafzrnann, Lgndholni, Hodqes, Louis, Hendrickson, lohansen, Hedntan, Hughes, Hewes, Hall. SECOND ROW: Kust- ner, Headland, Hoiqard, Lovina, Leaatzke, Konecky, Iones, Hermann, Henman, Iacob- son, Knapp, Hawk, Harper, Barry, THIRD ROW: Lamoree, Lipsker, Kuohne, Iacobs, Schultz, Bickel, Kay, Hillstrom, Kuhns, Iudd, Kehoe, Lee, Landeck, Ia Rue. FOURTH ROW: Little, lohnson, Lauerman, Ecklund, Hockert, Laueinian, P., Harper, Kershner, Hath, Abbott, Campbell, Herrod, Coolrnan, Hooper. FIRST ROW: Miles, Morton, Murray, Pond, Henderson, Harm, Hayes, lohnston, Hanne- mann, Metcalf. SECOND ROW: Lofqren, Morqan, Palmer, Lind, Moore, McAlp1ne, Pearson, Monson, Malinsky, Montague, Mikesell, Oudshott, Cook, Moore, McDonald, Nelson. THIRD ROW: Moll, Meaqer, Nayler, Olsen, Nieman, Pruter, Taylor, Nutt, Olsen, R., Poor, Ouast, McMillan. FOURTH ROW: Matchett, Palmer, Maurer, Leverinq, Mac- Neely, Nelson, McGonaqil, Moore, Maver, Meyer, Michel, Headtler, Melin. FIRST ROW: Pratt, Vtfestphal, Swanson, Scheader, Tyler, Richards, Smith, Trolander, Vanlftten. SECOND ROW: 'vVxlhelm, Statz, Smith, Thomas, Shatter, Smith, M., Thomas, White, Sheehy, Spierlinq, Ruskamp, Wink- less, White, B. THIRD ROW: Whitcomb, Schrock, Savidis, Watt, Rutherford, Rossen, Ulreich, Yaap, Ulreich, Vernon, Wirtschor- eck, Witt, Smith, G. FIRST ROW: Wienold, Spence, F., Gardner, Wooley, Smith, Wachholz, Wallace. SEC- OND ROW: lohnson, Pierce, Stewart, Shearer, Buys, Spence, Crane, Sharpe, Dashei, Shevlin. THIRD ROW: Thompson, Wark, Sheahon, Westerberq, Stanyer, Naber, Wells, Welh, Kleuskens, Hawk, Davis, Waqqoner. FOURTH ROW: Dyslin, White, Lorance, Tweed, Srnzth, Love, Harper, Whitman, Morgan, Teninqa, Tweed. Page Seventy-seven FIRST ROW: Mattson, Peters, Wolif, Noetzel, Miss Lorenz, Iones, Slebos, Akenhead, Andre. SECOND ROW' Shirey, Repp, Mikesell, Oudshoft, Konecky, Ewing, Iohnson, Tweed, Davis, Gassivein. THIRD ROW: Shaffer, Bonitz, Standerline, Bolton, Fischer, Boqan, Kiotner, Iacobs, Pugh, Rantz, FOURTH ROW: Spiers, Lipsker, Savidis, Froenike, Palmer, Abbott, Bingham, Naylor, Gilmore, Coburn. FIRST ROW: Andre, Spence, Barry, Hockert, Eklotf, Wachter, Lindholm, Retzel, Spitler. SECOND ROW" Leqatzke, Sodeistrom, Iohnston, Thompson, Zarth, Krauss, White, Atkind, Chapman, Sorenson, Bartosh Simms. THIRD ROW: Wells, Day, Walter, Hill, Shaffer, Fuel, Clark, Poor, Staffelbach, Strombeclc, Tyler Hill, Hcxnneman, 9,9 X FK 1' 35145 R 3:3 ' v O Wffwp , lil 4 DRAMATIC CLUB Fall Semester Silvia Correa ...., ,,,..,,,, P resident ..., Richard Briggs, Erie Iones ,,s,,.,,,, Patricia Wolff i,,, Vice-President, .,r,r,Treasurer,,,, , ...., Secretary ..,, , GIRL? EMBLEM CLUB Pall Semester ,,r,L,L,President...,r Vice-President L,,L,,i Treasurer .L,Y,, .,...,SeCretary,,..,, Spring Semester r,.,,Patricia Wolff ,.,,n,L,.,,,,Erie Iones r.r,,Cornelia Slebos ...,,Henry Noetzle Spring Semester Y,...,....,.Hazel Ekloff r,,L,,Florence Barry Grace Wachter ..,,..Elaine Hockert Paqe Seventy-eight Page GIRLS' FENCING CLUB Fall Semester Barbara Mattson rrr,, ,, Helen Browere ..,,, QUILPEN Fall Semester lliaine Kuehne ...... ljdythe Thompson r,,,, ,,,., Barbara Davis ....t Nancy Ewing .,.,,, A ..,, President o,,, , Vice-President o,,,, ,,,,,oPresident,,, Vice-President ,o,,, .,..Secretary,,,,, ,..v,.Treasurer , 'm Spring Semester .fg--f:t . "qi A 'N vmurloyce Simms Q W I ' .Wal-lelen Browere ,, , ,,,, , .,'.l A -',,,. . S -'iS :E A vtfi sig, ,r t "'-- N tttr Spring Semester o,,.m,,Ardell Arthur ,,o,,.,l7ay Trolander H-HBUYIUUTU WQIIGCQ , m,t.oBarbara Davis FIRST ROW: Thompson, Browere, Simms, Mr. Grasshoii, Wright, Grossmann, Magler. SECOND ROW: Pratt, V, Dunbar, G. Shields, Lawson, Kenster, Hawkins, Ianko, Morgan, White. FIRST ROW: Davis, Wooley, Hodges, Ewing, Trolander, Miss Mangan, Arthur, Kuehne, Wallace, Massias. SECOND ROW: Headland, Waggener, Berthold, McCune, B. Samuels, Oudshotf, Crocker, Andrews, Singleton, Tweed, Cunningham, Sheahan, Thompson, McDougal, Kistner. FOURTH ROW: Hanneman, Henning, Coburn, Rantz, Burnet, Abbott, Hobe, MacNeely, Bell, Smith, Hooper, Bloomguist, Samuels, Greattinger. l Seventy-nine l x 1 gl K. 4 L T' ,Y FIRST ROW: McKee, Hendrickson, Wiese, Lindholm, Mrs. Gaus. SECOND ROW: Mathiesen, Seger, Perry, McDonald, Mork, Dehming, Hannemann, Erickson, Johansen, Hayden. Hunt, Dillon, Larson, Nelson, Galinski, Falk, Dunbar, Cooper, FIRST ROW: Linn, Zarth, Gregson, McNeil, Silvestri, Lambert. Trolander, Barry, Allison, Singer, Singer, W., Apking. 'f -7, . W 1? .':',-E2 " g . N V .... 1 ,f--v., Y f ..... ,,,, E :V 'QQ g?i? Z l inezii :Ei ,.l ii'1 ""' E A ,-2'2W2, ,,.,.1 i-':-' ' " " ' 'WJWW' J I R6VW Wilhelm i 1 K SALESMANSHIP CLUB ruff I Q F Fall Semester L X li Spring Semester Marie Westphal ,,.,,, rc7i,i. P resident .,.c, ,..YY. ..,i,. L e ona Lindholm Boberia Chapman ,.7i,i, .7v., V ice-President .,.,.. i..v..... L orraine Harm Lois Weise ...c,,,,,,,r..., ,cY...i T reasurer ,7..,..r i,.c,...ic. I eanette Reinhardt Beverly Marson ,,,.i, i,i,., S ecretary ,,,... ,i,i.i,i L orraine Hendrickson SHALL WE DANCE? Fall Semester Spring Semester Betty Zarth ..i,.,...c,,,v.. .,r.,.,,, P resident c,...,,,. i,i,i. N ancy Gregson Boberta Chapman .,,,,,.t .,...,, V ice-President ...,... ..,,,i C orrine McNeil Florence Barry .....i.i ,..,.... T reasurern, ,7,,..,. Betty Zarth Elsie Lenegan ......i ,,,.... S ecretary ...., .i.,i,Agnes Silvestri Page Eighty SCIENCE MEDAL TowN MEETING A'W'A R D RUDQLPH KOTTEMAN wwf 1 w ff fw' X u. Wil' , uv H, '. it Fall Semester Sprinq Semester Helen Artus A,,A.,,,AA...YE,... ,..... P resident E,.,.,. ,.... D orothyann Iacobson. Dorothyann lacobson ....,. t...... V ice-President ,...tV. ....., B arbara Davis Virginia Brantner s,s,., ....Y...., S ecretary ,s,...r,...s.. .,...., l ean Shields Barbara Davis .,... ,w...,. P roqram Chairman ..,s,s i,,... E laine Hockert FIRST ROW: Brantner, Spence, Powers, Hockert, Davis, Miss Wilson, Iacobson, Thompson, Ewing, Tyler. SECOND ROW: Wachter, Miles, Martinson, Sheehan, Umhofer, White, Wallace, Browere, Simms, Wells Headland, Ekloff, Cibulsky. THlRD ROW: Kuehne, Allison, Burnet, Nelson, Schaeder, Slebos, Poor Crockett, Berger, Forsyth, Hough, DeBeukelear, Dundon, Morton, Shaffer. Page Eighty-one IAZZ ORCHESTRA STAMP AND COIN CLUB FIRST ROVC: 7l,emi:u, Lizzfz. "'4:1:1x1gh..1Z.., Mrs. Bxooks, Dlmbfn, ffluff I. SECONI' HOLY: Iffvyex, IVIf:IIIx1'1S 32351111-. RYIHTT Imnbrzx, V., Hohhof, C'lf1:.1i.:r., 'Tzs:Cr1. SOCIAL COMMITTEE FIRST ROVJ: Dluusmx, E-111.3 'Z,nu:1eri, Wlordue, C164-ilvvocd. flfflfif Rffvfvyi Glea- zshm Ccshlncn., M0013 A11 rzi T. moi. 'IIC Mdes: Mulbcrzy Tw- -V1 INTERCLASS COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Txolfmdf: . Qxnvy, Ou, siyerwi, Tflisi Cozzdit, Gi' Qi H:11i.fQd, Schfwxk, Bfury, IXIPISUII. SIMON. RCW, Vu: IYTGII P1 dfxy, Ilefxdtlei 1"':e1 Minus, Mrzuxvx, I-Iuiclun, Artlmt, QQ. 'r F Ji!" Eicqhiy tw: LITTLE THEATRE AND RADIO WORKSHOP During the last few years many cf our colleges and universities have entered the field of radio and some are using their own radio stations. However, until recently, it has been a bit unusual for high schools to devote time to the study of radio. But today several high schools have classes in radio: and a few have practical workshops for writing and production. Morgan Park High School, recognizing the possibilities of such work, has organized such a workshop and is devoting class time to the work of writing and producing radio programs. Members of the Little Theatre Group are given auditions by the Radio Council of the Chicago Public Schools. The group also presents plays for school assemblies, and this year presented a play in the Music and Drama Festival. The Little Theatre Group broadcasts once or twice a year, since the airways are the newest fields for dramatic production. Through the auditions and dramatic training many eligible voices have been dis- covered for profescional work on the radio. These fortunate individuals have gone on after graduation, into the higher fields of learning and are already distinguishing themselves in the field of radio and the legitimate theatre. Mrs. Harriet Hecht, instructress of this project, deserves a great deal of credit and thanks for her splendid ability in bringing out and enlarg- ing the talents of each student. The Radio Workshop of the Little Theatre Group went on the air over station WLS on May l3th of this year, presenting the play "Romany a one-act gypsy play arranged under the able direction of Mrs. Harriet Hecht. The music was arranged by Mrs. Bernice Hartle. Dr. Tubbs gave a short talk at the beginning of the broadcast. lt is the hope of the faculty and the student body that this organiza- tion continues their good work in radio and dramatics. "a+-nf ', ' it .... ..,........ .R ......y,,.., Ft Pofge Eighty thre-' Mrs. Peters Mrs. Ellis Mrs. Brcrniner Mrs. Forsyth Mr. Tubbs Mrs. White Mrs. McCaw PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION id you know the Morgan Park High School Parent and Teacher X .B ji' 1. Q jx F Q 'X mats Association is one of sixty-five locals Cof which seven are high schoolsl comprising the southwest district which covers one-fourth of the city of Chicago? The membership in our school is 604 and our membership in lllinois is l5U,UUU, while in the entire country, it reaches about two and a quarter million. The above simply shows the interest shown by parents and teachers in belonging to such a group whose sole purpose is to promote the welfare of students and develop a closer relationship between parents and teachers. With this in mind a program was planned as follows: at the monthly meetings the students from Morgan Park High and Clis- sold Branch gave short talks on the various school activities while the teachers also gave short resumes of work being done in school, This was followed by educational and stimulating speakers. Eve- ning community meetings were held to keep parents informed as to the changes in our school educational system. A number of informal teas were arranged for the mothers of freshmen, sopho- mores, juniors and seniors, followed by discussion periods in school matters. Financial support was given to other organiza- tions active in student welfare and for our own high school needs. The board of the 193839 year were as follows: Mrs. Frank H. White, lr., president, Mrs. lohn S. Brantner, first vice-president, Mrs. Henry McCaw, second vice-president: Dr. Eston V. Tubbs, third vicefpresidenty Mrs. H. A. Olsen, recording secretaryg Mrs. P. Y. Dodge, corresponding secretary, and Mrs. B. E. Ellis, treasurer. Page Eighty four Page Eighty-five THE CLISSOLD ighlights in this year's activities Were the operetta "lt Hap- pened in Holland", presented during the first semester, and Youth Week activities during the second semester. These enterprises represented the concentrated efforts of the entire student body and faculty. The operetta, a money raising venture which furnished funds for the purchase of a sound movie projector, gave sales- men, craftsmen, artists, actors, and singers a chance to display their talents. Youth Week was featured by an Open House for parents. Each club exhibited its projects and conducted meetings for the benefit of guests. While the parents were enjoying a three act play "Speeding Along", the students were having one of the grandest socials of the year. A wonderful spirit prevailed throughout the term. Many de- lightful socials and numerous interesting assemblies were pleasant agencies for relaxation. To mention all whose effective leader- ship and active support made this year an outstanding one would be impossible in this limited space. Those splendid student execu- tives, Whose ingenuity was responsible for a Well balanced pro- gram of activities, and the loyal student body which make every venture a success, have set a standard of efficiency and achieve- ment which will challenge all who follow in their footsteps. Swift, Orr, Ciemens. Brown Dasher. Love, Otrembcl, Buys fi BRANCH it X QQ T .-:'f5'1i-'2..:'- ..'. , 525' if ,, BOARD OF CONT , WMU, XN T OAi2O.O. STUDENT COU -J ' -A Q .44 X X f ,. - re . T -my QA .37 4x .TE 554 s ..-mf" . ., ,A 0 , ..,. X x O X fy - A j "V 5 I X X X Q? - WK.. X NX ipsum-p X X C XXX ZKAMQRSNX YV NW XX , .4.,.,. Q 5 ix ' ,, , is fy, ROL STUDENT COURT F-lcrbfn, Sm 331, Lzzlrf: LQ1::1::e2 STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROTN: Love, Otreztzbii, LI: Sp Buys, Fish?-1, Adler. SECOND RQYT: 'Y' Whuw, Fenqm, Maven, Over. BOARD OF CONTROL FIRST RO'N: Pratt Nus:Tu.att Lili Sodeizsfiotti Qtislzzii 1, H Iifner I SECOKIIJ RONV: Halt, Ruth 11-115311, H Herroci, Muurw, Ball rsh, Shuxzys, Page E1 1 x RLS' GLEE CLUB rganized a year ago, the Girls' Glee Club of the Olissold Branch is one of the various club activities offered to the students. Membership is extended to those who may have either outstand- inq musical talent or a desire to enjoy a pleasant year of music study. Although the club is regularly assigned to bi-weekly meetings, the girls frequently gather for practice at times other than those on the schedule. Under the direction of Mrs. Frances Marroy the singers have taken part in several of the school activities. Participation in the operetta, "lt Happened in Holland", given during the first semes- ter, was one of the outstanding appearances. At that time Estelle Sharpe sang the role of the Burgomaster's daughter, Lois lohnson and Carol Lasley were bewitching Dutch maidens, while other members of the club made up the chorus. A millcmaids' chorus and the Qypsy maidens were particularly charming and colorful. During the second semester the club appeared on the programs of several assemblies and for Open House night. At these events they sang groups of three-part songs. This year, for the first time, the girls decided upon a uniform which would distinguish them as a group. White shirts and green blouses, to be worn on club days, as Well as when appearing on programs, was the result of the choice. The officers of the club are: president, lean Pratt, vice-president, Lola Elmore, secretary-treasurer, Betty Guderyahng accompanist, tune Kohr. is-avi-f X S 5 3 A ..., .s:5:i,5'5q5-'.5E:, Q . I il'i I :V-1,5 -ii' ai FIRST ROW: Branorn, Flanagan, Kohr, Miss Malay, Pratt, Elmore, Guderyahn, Knipper. SECOND ROW: Martin, lohnson, Giuenwald, Conrad, Bunn, Dillman, Davis, Chap, Peiz. THIRD ROW: Lasiey, Greenrnan, Saqotz, Schweers, Ballou, Hart, Muench, May, Sharpe. e Licnty seven FIRST ROW: Meyer, Campbell, Nabel, Stevens, Mxss Weber, Muschott, Iohnson, Boersema, Petersen SECOND ROW: Davts, Stetnhart, Holltday, Rtchter, Musser, Kapala, Ekstrorn, Kennedy, Hoqe, P1erce, H. Boererna. THIRD ROW: Dyslln, Knles, Zuxdema, Stem-er, Adams, VanK1rk, Feld, Langland, Steffa, Denis, Sllazas, Small. FIRST ROW: Rennie, Moore, Sm1tl1, Emde, Mr. Russell, Hanson, Harper, Brown, Griswold. SECOND ROW' Lamoree, Parsons, Grxsperllc, Spruner, Snyder, Barry, Guest, Iohnson, Manton, Kranz, Blatchford, Hamilton THIRD ROW: Litzkow, Robinson, Spietlxnq, Cromble, Melin, Smlth, Stoffer, Desprez, Ackerman, MCCCIW Btllxnqs. FOREIGN CRAFTS PresidenlY.,.,,,s,,, C, ,,,Charlotte Muskott Vice-President s,,, ,s,, B arbara lohnson WJ? Secretary ,,,, ,.,,, B etty Naber ,,,,,,, f M Treasurerm D, ,,,, Ieotnne Stevens f President ,,,s aaa,a P hilip Harper VicefPresident,, s,,,. Bob Hansen Secretary w,.,,, ...,s,, B ill Ende 'I:':':":: I " '::'t': I "" :"' :': ' "" " Treasurerw, ,,,,,Artl'1ur Smith Page Eiqhty-eight REA President , A., Secreiary ,..,, RADIO CLUB Presrdent .....,.... , Vice-President 4. ,, ,.,.,, Secretary ....v Treasurer ..,..,. DING CLUB nn,Daaamar Welker ,,Y,,,,Iudy Gardner Rebecca Dehninq .snlack Billish Charles Carmen P ' 5 x X ff M LF L 'iii 39' 'Y A 'rw O' - ,.... .,,, : 'T 5 - Ss? ,gifs '.:f:,::- -A . ,E-5 gi ,c,c.Cusk Iordan ,r,,c,,Bob Stiaall FIRST ROW: Stitt, Veldhuzen, Crescent, Eddy, Mrs. Soclerstrom, Brlhsh, Cushman, Keefer, Katzmann. SEC- OND ROW: Clark, Rissler, Burrows, Carman, Alcock, Sehrewin, Lee, Fiske, Devonald, Heffron, OESEY1 Page Eighty-nine , V " I Q5 A K H, I "'f'f41: Z f ..Q...,4,,. Y ,H E W3 1 51 '5 E Qi. ni X AQ jk ,1 :Q X 713115, I? 'wus Alu... 'ml , bt sy ,, igivw .wig RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORP X N l R4 gg X. 'S ' A I I 1 - XO . X-4 -K C - ' - he Morgan Park High School R. O. T. C. unit has, ever since its origin, been highIy respected and praised for the very fine work it has done and is stiII doing. The unit has participated in many memoriai parades, reviews, and has competed against other schooIs in driII and rifie competition. Each year the cadets spon- sor a movie at the neighboring theatre to raise funds for various expenses that arise during the year. The cadet officers yearly sponsor a MiIitary BaII, an event which is becoming as popuiar with the reguIar student body as it is with the cadets. The Cfficers' CIub and Usher Force are organizations Within the R. O. T. C. The Officers' CIub hoIds reguiar meetings at which they discuss certain activities in which they take part in and out- side of their reguIar duties as weII as R. O. T. C. theory. The offi- cers of this cIub for the faII semester were: Iames StiggIeman, presi- dent: Eugene Schobinger, vice-presidentg George Dasher, secre- IConiinued on page 959 Page Ninety-two UARD COMPANY A COMPANY B COMPANY C COMPANY D L N taryg Robert Moore, treasurer, and Robert Snip, sergeant-at-arms. Those ot the spring semester were: Kenneth Hohott, presidentg Harold Kammerer, vice-presidentg Robert Snip, secretaryg Chalmer Carpenter, treasurerp and Warren Roesner, sergeant-at-arms. The Usher Force otiiciates at all assemblies, meetings, movies, etc. The members ot the Force deserve to be commended highly tor their excellent work and ability in this capacity. Kenneth Hohott headed the Usher Force during the fall semester. Robert Dodge ably took over this command during the spring semester. These two organizations have done much to keep high the standards ot the H. O. T. C. during the past year. Sergeant V. A. Dennison has, during his tirst year at Morgan Park, done a iine job at the post ot military instructor. He has become a friend of every boy, girl, and teacher at Morgan Park. May he long remain at Empehi and continue to do as fine a job as he has this passing year. HEADQUARTERS OFFICER'S CLUB ge Ninety-five BAND NON-COMM. CLUB ATHLETIC GUARD USHER FORCE P 'N x as w 'C Q x 5 AW :'?9' 'MA' .nil '32 99' 1 N. 4 ...,, H .gow a 'lr Q1 -bc x Hip' ki .,.,,,,.T,, A Egg, ii ,, , 6 I A.-'frpgi :uf s 4 :lt KL I i 5, . f,Qf Jil" A . wfazg. X 3 G 1.13. t Elia. -55' .:i'-5-it--Xia: K -i .-:sf---asxzi g, - -. .fi " SM ,.E7T:f!'a53'g4' l . Audi... The excellent playing and fine sporzsinan- ship displayed by our fellows, together with the wonderful turn-outs and tremendous sup- port given to athletics by the student body, will long be remembered by loyal Enipehites. Congratulations to the Morgan Park ath- letes. May they ever strive to conquer greater heights. Jdflf fam 4 CHE eww. be 0 f Harps Stockdale Strombeck, Zarth Rcmtz ER LEADERS nother year has slipped by in the history of Ernpehis Cheerleaders. This last tall, a very successful football season, proved that the cheerleaders in "counting the score", marked up more points than any season within the last iew years. Darrel Caris and Robert Rantz were this year's co-captains. Other mem- bers oi the squad Were: Betty Zarth, Willis Harps, lanet lnwood, Fay Trolander, lane Stronibeclc and Rita Roper. This corning season will mark the iirst anniversary oi the "Peppers", a new student yell section iorrned by the cheerleaders. Many new cheers have been added to Morgan Parks collection as a result oi this new organization. Acro- batics are now included as regular routine, yet the rnost active cheer is still the traditional Hslcyroclcetu. Halt oi the squad will be back next tall, all in anticipation oi the coming spirited football season. -Q -3 by -.A.... is N.. .,.... S ,six 'W' -. " 'E'i2::1::::z., ff:-: -g1::5:5g535555:5:::'-1.1. 1 .XZ .123 5 r: 5 .LV iii-t5:Q5:,fIf33: fra :. 4 , 1-5 A it is Page One Hundred I I , " K ? Q ,E f . 'KJ 5,4 COACHES obert C Antonides came to Empehi in l929. He coached the l932 'ust GREEN and WHITE squad to a city championship in , J four years after his arrival. His genial personality has won him a host of friends and the respect and loyal support of the entire student body. Dick Tweedie made his appearance here eleven years ago. He organized our first track team and since then he has been coaching the track, swimming, golf, and tennis teams. Behind his pleasing personality, and friendly greeting for every- one, lies an unquestionable fairness and understanding of boys. Tom Taylor has given the lightweight squad new spirit and pep since his arrival at the beginning of the season. His manner of approach has won hirn wide recognition and a winning light- weight team. Congratulations Coach, may you continue your fine work, keeping the laurels of EMPEHl at the top. Duncan McGregor came to EMPEHI at the start of Qctober, l936. He has coached the heavyweight basketball and baseball teams. Strenuous workouts and continued practices have devel- ' ' th h these oped strong te tac ams for competition. Coach McGregor, roug tics, has built up teams hard to beat. Page Ono Hundred One mam g4qsSw-- I :',.Q,QQ:,: FIRST ROW: V. Telander, Miller, Nelson, Treptow, Correll, Mr. Taylor, VanEtten, Te-lander, Alcock, Swanberg, Moorman. SECOND ROW: Dickinson, Yaap, Wall, Durrant, Summon, Greenwood, Hedrick, Boorman, Henderson, Mmuth, Lauerman. THIRD ROW: Guderyahn, Skworch, Havey, Williams, Heckmann, Geogheqan, Erzon, Hupe, Schuffert, Stromberq, Adams, Hecldland. FOURTH ROW: Mathis, Roesnei, Yursis, Dodge, McGonagil, Plowe, Mathers, Schobinger, Schissler, Stearns, Hillman, Rich. he Emblem Club was reorganized in February, l939 by a few far-seeing athletes. The ball started rolling with the election of Charles Correll as president and Robert Van Etten as treasurer. Coaches Robert Antonides and Torn Taylor are co-advisers of this organization. The purpose of the club is to promote a feeling of unity among the emblem winners. The meetings are held regu- larly every month. lt is under the guiding hand of the cabinet which is composed of the captains of each team. Any fellow desiring to become a member must first earn a major letter in some sport. At the present time the membership is about sixty-five. The "boys" are trying to promote their idea Af: .5 'Q .ns . ....., y 'W fx of taking over the athletic guard. This job was formerly done by Q X i IO if the R. O. T. C. lt consists of keeping order at any athletic contest ...E 5 and general handling of promotion of such an affair. The one 'n outstanding aim of the club is to promote intramural sports through- A K out the school and to urge all boys, who are able, to participate tr "" "" A in some form of athletics, thus keeping the interscholastic standing '12, ,Q of Empehi at the top. The boys responsible for the re-organization E. , E .,-, .f of the club deserve a great deal of credit for undertaking such a ll project with the resulting success. Page One Hundred THE EMPEHI GRIDMEN his year Morgan Park has again been "put on the map" through the fine playing of the football squad. Although another championship Was not acquired the team rated second in the south section, which is some- thing to Write home about. Captain Dick Thornally, one of the mainstays of the team, was honored with a place on the Chicago All-Star team, which included the suburbs around the city. We cheered the excellent playing of such stars as: Russ Wall, a quarterback hard to beat on any team: Charles Correll, the halfback, who punted and ran many of our points: Warren Gudreyahn, the guard who crashed in and nailed his man everytimeg tackle, Ray Blake, opened a hole for his running team mates: George Adams, the end who caught many bullet-like passes for large gainsg Walter Schissler, the guard, injured early in the season but who played a Wonderful game While able, Richard l-lupe, halfback, that seemed like a brick wall on center plunges. This all sums up to a team hard to excel in any high school league. l might mention at this point, a fellow Who gained little recognition and applause, but deserves much credit, a certain Bill Thiele. Through- out the season he coached the reserve team while Coach Antonides showed the green and White regulars how to Win. Seeing that blue ribbons are in order I Would like to command Robert Moorman, manager of the football squad, along with his assis- tants who also were in the background but did their job Well. ge One Hundred Three m,,w . X1 gn if M, :WY QQ ps ,ff Y N s si" , 5 awww? A' ' nr, 'fy' Q q .mv xg V W f . K QQ, nd ,x M .QQ 0' ,W ,fa in 'U in Q A 5 4 -il 4 x , ,. 1,4 kk .V L Mi, 'vi I ONWARD MORGAN PARK The Green and White squad started the season by defeating the Calumet eleven 7-O. Charles Correll led "our boys" with amaz- ing feats of running, kicking, and passing. These fellows played at high gear every second of the game. Empehi encountered Bowen next and thoroughly trounced them to the tune of 13-O. Wallace of the Clissold Branch led the victory march by scoring the two touchdowns. Hedrick ran a short pass for the point after touchdown. Our next victim was Hirsch, and again Morgan Park admin- istered the final blows by winning l7-U with Correll and Hedrick scoring the points. ln this contest the linesmen of our team came through and showed the onlookers what they were really able to do. Our only defeat of the season came from Fenger, who went on to win the City Championship. The score at the end of the game stood: Fenger 34 and Morgan Park O. Although our squad played well, Fenger's Don Griffin seemed almost uncanny in his feats of running. We again took the victor's crown by defeating Harper, Z6-6. Bob Tealander seemed to outshine the "gang" by scoring twice. In this game Russ Wall, Rich Hupe, and Charles Correll terrorized the opponents throughout the entire game. ln the last game of the season the "Empehi Rangers" again struck a win on our slate by defeating the Parker eleven. Through- out the entire game both teams played an evenly matched contest. In the last quarter the Green and White squad scored a touchdown. The players who carried Empehi's banner down the field were: Russ Wall, hard smashing quaterbackg Charles Correll, deer-like running halfback, and Captain Rich Thornally, the big center. The foregoing games ended our official season with a total of five wins and one loss, putting our squad in the second position in the south section. COMPLETE GAME STATISTICS M. P. Opp. First downs ...........,,.,........,... .,,,.,.. 4 7 35 Yards gained .,..,.,.,,..........,,..... ..,,.... l 226 lO57 Forward passes attempted .....,,. .,,,, 4 8 55 Forward passes completed , ,.... ..... l 8 l6 Number of penalties .,.,..r,,.,,...,, .,.., l 7 l5 Yards penalized ,,,,,,,.,,.,...,. ..,,, l 75 l4O Number of punts ,,,,,,,.,,........,.,,. . 33 26 Average distance of punts ...i.... ..,.. 2 9 31 Number cf kickoffs ,,,..,,....t,,,.,,, .,,,. l 7 lU Fumbles .,,,,,,.........,,,.,,,,.......,..,,,... ,.... l 7 19 Own fumbles recovered ...,,,,,.,.......... lU lO Opponents' fumbles recovered .,.,.,,,,, 9 7 Page One Hundred Five ,KF I ,Pl f 4 'E- .Ll . 2 ' "" """ I ' H ' f , ' My .ff 34.43 . ,,.,., u 21.2 ::f:5:5:5:55ggg55555: . 1- 5 fmt:-:' ,Q .-:- : Q M Vx f If .f .1 f. f! Q J . 'S I ,,. k l J I' F I. V M - i.. ry -my ...v 6 -X 5 5,11 'inf , xg Rx ix Q x , S Q ' 4 , x 1: .3 xx. in v, - 13.-1 I' 14 ' ,lg 4101 r-iebx MEN 0F THE WOOD e salute you, hoih heavyweiahi and liqhrweiqhi learns, for the sporisrnanship and spirit always present lhrouqhoui the enrire season. You, The nien of the wood, have kept The slaie oi EMPEHI un' znarked another successive year by clean and iair playina. Althouqh you didn'i win every qanie, you displayed a winner by your aciions. Nice aoinq, we know you fellows will Continue ihis feai in years io corne. Pcqe One- Hundred Six This year's heavyweight basketball team started out with a bang, but at the same time they seemed to lack the "umph" that it takes to Win. Early in the season they lost Capt. Don Campbell through graduation. The team ended the season with tour wins and tour losses. Tom Stigall seemed to till in the gap, and to keep the team going with his ceaseless scoring and pep. Empehi lost two players, Bob Geoghegan and Iohn Mathers whose loss will be telt greatly in the coming season. At the same time the lightweights finished third in the south section with tive wins and three losses. The "Ponies", each and everyone, played a "bang-up" game every minute. George Stuedal, Bruce Gascoigne and Arnold Sylvestry made a trio that battled the oncoming opponents. l might add that Arnie and George will both be missing in the line-up next year because of graduation. All in all, the entire student body shakes your hands fellas and says, "Nice Going". VARSITY PONIES LI MJ . X X '- ' 'L 5 li-3' as 'A i-i' ' -- J, - Q' .' li 1 in M' if it , 02 3 s, . -Y, Pag One Hundred Seven ml A - . Ga' -, W 1 ., if :ff ff . MQ I? Ei, igu, 3,,,5 .ixf My A ' A ra Hvfij Qg A BOWLING TEAM WRESTLING TEAM SENIOR SWIMMING TEAM IUNIOR SWIMMING TEAM P O I I BOWLING TEAM he Bugcutters, Winners of Empehi's Bowling League, gained the championship after holding first place for sixteen consecutive weeks. The team was composed of: Bill Pugh, capt. Bert Kuller' strand, Ted Brashler, Bill Page, and Bud Tozer. Winning Empehi's league, the Bugcutters were automatically in the running for the city championship. In their first match of city competition Tilden was defeated two straight games. In their second scheduled game they drew a tie, and the following week triumphed over Hirsch. Due to stronger competition three games decided the winners, again Morgan Park. In the playoff for the south section, the sup- posedly big threat team Calumet was beaten by games of 968 and 989. In city title competition the Bugcutters were defeated two out of three games by Lane Tech who won the city championship. WRESTLING TEAM he matmen of EMPEHI finished in third place with seven wins land three losses. The captain of the wrestlers this year was Robert Telander who grappled at the l45 division. Morgan Park also showed up well in the city meet with Correll, Anderson, Telander, Guderyahn and Odell. In the state meet Charles Correll won second place in the l65-pound division. The team, for the first time, matched their strength and skill with that of Morgan Park Military Academy matmen and won by a huge margin. From all indications next year's team will excel this year's team because the majority of contenders are remaining at EMPEHI. SWIMMING TEAMS nder the direction of Coach Dick Tweedie and Capt. Gene Schobinger, EMPEHTS senior swimming team has once again up- held the school's fine record. I-Ieadland, through-out his career has lost but four races in his event, the IOU-yard backstroke. Hender- son has been a consistant winner in the fancy diving division and in the ZOO-yard swim there was always keen competition between Caris, Moysey, Schobinger. Under the co-captainship of McGonigal and Stearns, who placed first and second in their respective events in the fall city meet, the junior team has had one of its most successful years. Other mainstays of the team were: Polcock, Martig, Graef and Minard. Thorughout the entire season the cooperation and good sportsmanship displayed by all was both teams' greatest asset. Page One Hundred Nine x fl A KX. ! U! wb' x K xv, .Eg 'E Q' x f FN L EH S ...... , 1 C BASEBALL TEAM Empehi's baseball crew of 1939 has clicked this season like a big league team. Capt. Bernard Yursis, tall left-handed pitching ace, has led his team to victory upon victory. Chuck Correll, Empehi's great backfstop, has teamed up with Yursis as one of the best batteries in the city. A most efficient infield lends its support to Yursis, with Dick Miller holding down third base, lohn Skworch at shortstopg Fritz Minuth play- ing at second base, and Russ Hearns holding down first base. The outfield, composed of Adams, Muyners and Swanberg, have been valu- able to the team all season. W'ith a string of 5 straight wins, the team led the section until a 3-l defeat at the hands of Parker dropped them to second place. At the time your annual went to press they had an excellent chance of winning the south section championship. TENNIS TEAM Morgan Parks Tennis team prospects are the best the team has seen in many years. The racquet swingers are captained this season by Walter Michel who plays in the No. 2 position. The mainstay of the team and playing in No. 2 position is Gardner Larned, one of the best junior players in the country. At the time your annual went to press two doubles teams existed. The first consisted of Howard Mathis and Warren Alcott, and the second was made up of Dick Nutt and Larry Alberti. Since the start of the season the entire team has been practicing at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club every afternoon. The "boys" are being coached by Tom Taylor, who is rounding out a team well worthy of carrying home to Empehi a tennis championship. Go to it, boys! GOLF TEAM This spring, with two great seasons behind them, Morgan Parks fairway crew, winners of the city golf title in '37 and runner-ups to Lane Tech in '38, gunned for their third consecutive south section crown. Despite losing such outstanding players from last fall's troupe as Ted Brashler, Emery C'Dell and Bob Campbell, the locals, coached by Tom Taylor, at this writing looked forward to another fine year. Although the scores did not range in the par brackets, the team presented a formidable attack with every man capable of shooting in the low eighties and high seventies. Heading the foursome was Captain Tohn Skworch, a veteran of three seasons, who graduates. in the No. 2 spot was Boy Larson, also a lune graduate. Playing No. 3 post was Bob Thierman, and at the "anchor man" position was loe Azzarello. Bay Crwick, as first alternate, saw action in a number of matches. TRACK TEAM The reorganized track team of Empehi, under the able guidance of the recently appointed coach, Tom Taylor, and Captain Carl Nelson, began its spring practice for the thirty-nine season on May lst. The boys, led by individual stars of last year, are showing great promise and are proving themselves assets to our school as a team. Those returning from former years are Franke, Cioni, and Watson in the sprintsg Nelson and Buckley return to their distant events. The new boys out for the team will get their big chance in the City Track Trials, at the University of Chicago, on Tune 3rd, Page One Hundred Ten BASEBALL TEAM TENNIS TEAM x-. GOLF TEAM TRACK TEAM CIE S5 , AVS : . fx gt X Y if X S V sf QOL flfllneff DIVISION S DIVISIONS DIVISIONS DIVISION S DIVISION S QO DIVISIONS DIVISIONS DIVISIONS DIVISION S DIVISIONS H d dlfifleen DIVISION S DIVISIONS DIVISIONS DIVISION S DIVISION S Q DIVISIONS DIVISION S DIVISIONS DIVISIONS DIVISIONS The above illustration, reproduced for the first time, is a copy of a painting in the offices of the Fred Klein Company. Mr. Walter E Klein, after much painstaking research and expense, commissioned an artist to paint this authentic composite of all the departments in an early print shop. The work was done from some of the oldest prints in existence. The Fred Klein Company extends to its many school friends and customers an invitation to View this beautiful and authentic painting. EEED KLEIN CO. 732 WEST VAN BUREN STREET ALL PHONES MONROE 6363 caicffeof 1LLiNois C-00 General Commercial Printers WQWQIGPTQHEEQ?topfmhe and School Annual Specialists Page One Hundred Eighteen N 'J mme 0110 I-5111'1fi14 41 Nm: te' AUTOGRAPHS COM PLIMENTS OF The Collegiate Cap and Gown Company I07 NORTH WACKER DRIVE CHICAGO, ILLINOIS MORGAN PARK JUNIOR COLLEGE OFFERS TWO YEARS OF FULLY ACCREDITED COLLEGE WORK Low Tuition-S75 per Semester Fall Semester Begins Sept. I I, I939 Write or TeIephone Visitors WeIcom tor Cataloq 2I53 WEST IIITH STREET Beverly 2222 MacKIMM BROS., Inc. PURVEYORS TO HOTELS, CLUBS, RESTAURANTS. INSTITUTIONS Finest Quality Meats and Poultry We deIiver to any part ot the country- All shipments packed in Dry Ice UNION STOCK YARDS 3727-29 South Halsted Street CHICAGO AII Departments .... YARDS 2400 BEVERLY PHARMACY J. B. CROW, R. Ph. H. I. MARK, R. Ph. I75I West 95th Street PHONE BEVERLY 72II CHICAGO FREER'S FRESH FROZEN CUSTARD 9540 Western Avenue PHONE BEVERLY 8252 MONTEREY PHARMACY H. A. Launspach, R. Ph. I952 Monterey Avenue Real Eats and Service at our Soda Fountain THE STORE FOR STUDENTS' NEEDS EVERGREEN POST 24-IO W. 95th Street EVERGREEN PARK, ILL. SPECIALIZING- HALF FRIED CHICKEN, BARBECUE SANDWICHES AND SIZZLING STEAKS JOHN R. O'CONNER CORPORATION REAL ESTATE BUILDING I663 East 79th Street 50- SHORE 7300 Page One Hundred Twenty-one AUTOGRAPHS ITIOSGF COLLEGE 'S' The Business College with the Univer- sity Atmosphere-Famous for the High Type of Employees it Develops ONLY FOUR YEAR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS EMPLOYED H6 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 NFO' the PeO'i"e who sl-iEEENER's JEWELRY STORE BEVERLY CLEANERS AND TAILORS HIGH GRADE Cleaning, Dyeing and Tailoring Ladies' and Gents' Garments Remodeled WATCH AND CLOCK REPAIRING 9907 Walden parkway Beverly T838 Bev. II84 I924 Monterey Ave. lllth Stl KADEN's DEPARTMENT STORE MORGAN PARK CAFETERIA lVlRENE'Sl "QUALITY AT A PRlCE" QUALITY FOOD AT STUDENT PRICES l942 MONTEREY AVENUE BEVERLY lOOl l728 MONTEREY AVE. PARTINGTON 81 NEWHALL Inc. Most Complete Line at Dainty Sandwiches Fountain Lunches Drawing Materials, Instruments, Theme Covers ancl Papers, Maps, College Entrance Books, Etc. Prescription Specialists Beverly 423 8-42 3 9 JULE'S BEAUTY BOX BEAUTY CULTURE HOSIERY Phone CED. 2344 l8OO W. lO3Td St. HAHN BROS. GROCERY 8: MARKET BEVERLY 7867-7868 l8l9 W. l03rcl Street FREE DELIVERY Page One Hundred Twenty-three 746 GQRDQN HEPBURN STUDIGS V Off 1 Ph h F EMPEI-II fiziivfifiwk MW AUTOGRAPHS L31 .... Muff af Mffbfwiqfg 5Z2iZ,afZf2- f . ifwf, WZ? wil 0bw.e,w4. Vywwiiff THE HERFF-IONES MANUFACTURING IEWELERS AND STATIONERS l. QUALITY GOODS 2. EXPERT WORKMANSHIP 3. DEPENDABLE SERVICE 4. COURTEOUS TREATMENT THESE POLICIES ARE GREATLY INCREASING THE CIRCLE OF OUR FRIENDS. IOIN THE CIRCLE THE HERFF-IONES IACK CRANLEY, Representative 32 West Randolph Street, Chicago Tel. State 2378 FENDER'S GOOD THINGS TO EAT" 1705 West 95th Street All Phones Beverly 6300 A FRIENDLY PLACE TO SHOP Morgan Park High School LUNCHROOM "Good Health and Good Sense are two ot life's greatest blessings" and both depend on the food a man eats. YOUR SCHOOL LUNCHROOM SERVES GOOD FOOD. PREPARED ESPECIALLY FOR YOU COMPLIMENTS OF GOOD HUMOR vmcn. MATHEWS PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS RIDGE WATCH AND OPTICAL SHOP 1804 West 95th Street LOOMIS VOGUE 8957 South Loomis Street SI'IEPHERD'S SPECIALTY SHOP 1825 West 103rd Street LONGWOOD BEAUTY SHOP 10709 Hale Avenue PATRONS IVIACKENROTITS GROCERY 5: MEAT MARKET 1835 West 95th Street FERRA VALET SHOP 9508 Vanderpoel HOWATT STUDIO 1861 West 95th Street PARKER HARDWARE 1804 West 103rd Street Page One Hundred Twenty-six 1 I I ' 1 i ,ffi X aj 5 I figlzl VV ' , if 1 ' Q l 4 I ,P I x Lfiflff ' ff! I , , A . ' w xwbam' fi: " 1 I 1 ffl' ,. f , J ' 4' I I P - X A isg xxxx Q L, -f , " ., I J ,WV ,Jw ,WL 'wJ " bf A.,A,. wif 1 fb' f e f Page One Hundred Twenty-seven S A. QQ' L, LJJL fl .u MV W qw!! 4 jj , ff ' 8 f' 1 1 1 ,, If-A n Xu Ex 4 I . CR 1 N. K XX E X' I X V J X. Q 1 sq ' 77:27 3 'E S X -w X, Q gg X xi 5?J XM WW EQ 'x 4 3, N "fic V 'f' A Vx Q I - -:S Hx. ,lg ,M , Q65 - ,.," 'fy .. 3 Y, W we e 1 We .1 , Ya -1m "A X. g , V: 2 , X 4: ,, N . af' ' Lx E i gy, .f f 4- : , ..- A 1 ,.- ' ,' 3411 R sf mfr, fum: MRA D EM, W A CRM 'fad ,Q ,kk mf Qffwx R. 1. vi 1, x, .. .f ' ' i -' 5 , A'4' i 5 Q1 ' vga W ww L di f' , KW iw fm QU! . UQ X M Ag M 58 k W? ' , f , WW 7cfm,c fwfvwk Ka, WN MMM . ii Q Mem! J QM .3 1 , 1 ZM fMW S , gigifgfiijwfaf EX? M Qi M MX f ,, W f 1-1 3 ..l.L4J

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