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' THE PEHI of 193 Morgan Park H1gh School ChlC3gO I For Irulh and wisdom. foremost of the brave: Him glory's idle glances dazzled nor: 'Twas his ambition, generous and great. A life Io Iifc-'s grcar end to consecrutv. 0 Percy Bysshe Shellvy 0 DEDICATION 0 Our history's informing page Records both "highs" and "lows," And each widely circling age Has had its joys and woesg But just when nearly everyone United in a whine, The clouds were broken, and the sun Once more began to shine. So fervently we dedicate - fWe hope its no transgressionj Our 1932 Annual To "Farewell, depression!" 0 Herbert C. Dauisson '32 O He lives, ever lives in the hearts of the free, The wings of his fame if"-Y-Q sprend across the broad sea: K X He liucs where Ihe banner of freedom's unfurled. 1 -. f The pride of his couniry. "6-5 Jw the wealth of the world. C Allred Tennyson V 732 -10 DEDICATICDINI 0 FOREWORD 0 The Staff hopes that for you this year-book may be an interesting diary of your good old Morgan Park high school days. In the years to come, when many of Life's golden oppor- tunitiesf have inevitably turned to gray, and you rummage through some old chest, and drag this book into the light and curiously finger its forgotten pages, may it bring to you some tender or amusing recollection of the care-free days, never to return again. elvmsnt of Amcriran greatness. Q The Elia! love of Washington for hs mother is an attribute of American manhood. a badge wh ch invites our trust and conidence and an indispensable 0 Grover Clewland 0 S T A F F 0 Editor-in-Chief Walter Clissold Business Leonard Cummings, Manager Marguerite Ray Jean Moore Advertising Edwin Carpenter, Manager Art James McConnell, Editor Isabelle Longley Literary Herbert Davisson, Editor Betty Copeland Jean Hatfield Gale Freeman Humor George Carroll Editor Robert Banger Typists ClementineNeWhart MarieLehbrink Washingrcn's nlcgriiy was most pure. his jusnrc most inflexible: no moriues of interest. or con- sanguinily, or hatred bring able lo bias his derision. He was. in every sense of the word, a wise, a good, and a great man. 0 Thomas Jefferson I L '1iN C 5q'Q' i my .ila '54 g, ,TP- Where may the wearivd eye repose. When gazing on the great, Where neither guilty glory glows Nor despicable slate? Yes-one, the first, the last. the besr. The Cincinnurus of the West. Whom envy dared not half, Bequeathed the name- of Washington To mahc man blush there was but one. 0 Lord Byron 0 CONTENTS 0 School Act1V1t1es Athleucs O Features ' SCHOOL ' FACULTY SENIOR CLASSES FEBRUARY AND JUNE Reason and e per ence both forb d us to expect of rel g ous pr nczple 0 Wash ngton September 17 1796 0 x 1 I that national morality can prevail in exclusion 1' 1' 1' ' . i , , . X T 'lf' I' Y 1 I W 'V W' nl' ' f - .n 1.1" Ax- -.V 1 lg V ,,.. f ff' 4 1 4 ,- 4 Mr. Antonides Miss Babcock Miss Bauman Mr. Beardsley Miss Behrens Miss Bell Miss Brown Mr. Calkins FACULTY Mr. Schoch Principal Mr. Lorentz Asif Prinripal Miss Condit Dean of Girls Miss Callahan Miss Callis Miss Cavoit Miss Conlan Miss Delahunt Miss Doran Mr. Drummond Miss Fischer Miss Fuhrman Miss Gahl Mr. Gay Miss Greenfield Mr. Hall Mr, Hartle Mrs. Hartle Mrs. Hecht Miss Holland Miss Hotchkiss Mr. Hunter Miss Jaques Mrs. Kimmel Miss Kurz Miss Larson Mrs. Lillis Miss Livingston Miss Mackin Miss Manz Mr. Maysack Miss Merry Mr. Meyers Miss Miller Mrs. Mills Miss Milton Miss Monsch Miss Nealon Mr. Olsen Sergt. Parrett Miss Patterson Mr. Peterson Miss Petty Miss Reeser Miss Rogers Mrs. Sheehy Mr. Specht Miss Sturgeon Miss Thompson Mr. Tweedie Miss Walter Miss Wieslander 77 W ' rp" ' 9 'x an wx I J ' nu, February Armour Armstrong "Bud" manages to get in and out of more scrapes than any two other boys. George Bender "Skinny,' h a s s a v e d many a basketball game with that unerring eye of his. Kathryn Bennett Tall, dignified Kay is the envy of every girl be- cause of her lovely clothes. Edith Bergstrom "Edie" spells "dependa- bility plus" to the Empehi News and Tau Epsilon. Betty Lou Bills Betty Lou is "pretty, peppy, popular and persis- tent in pursuit of her studiesf' Evelyn Bills Beneath Evelyn's re- served exterior one Hnds her .1 capable and conscien- tious worker. Betsie Blount "Bets," with her sweet disposition a n d c h e e r y smile, is quite indispensable to her friends. Edna Brown Dark-haired Edna, with her quiet smile, is an asset to any organization. Tttfclw -1.1 . -3 ? 'T f . if .7 5.3 7 . E1 , Q, . '-:5'- . BNI7 F. . H75 i i 'R - 3' AQ .ali ., ' . it ,- 7 ' X39 E' r 'U R fi? -if .,, .gifs .-'Hifi ' V Y, J' N -4: I., 1 1 x: X . L , 554 ' .G s Q, ' , ' 'N '., f '13 is N ' 'fl ' - nd X .i l A :Q . A f ' a '7 -' , E 2 . , - 5+ .1 AJ: E , iis W yup.. will 1? 'iff "" 4' I J? 6' .' lg .ak ' in-if 1- , .gg Class William Burfiend We remember talkative Bill as a whiz on the bas- ketball floor. Ben Byers Ben's humor combines with his general cheerful- ness to make a decidedly optimistic disposition. Marjorie Camit "Marj's" lack of size does not prevent her doing big things-in a journalistic way. Helen Carver Helen's willingness and cheerful aid have never failed her friends. Jeanette Cenfield A vivacious brunette with a perpetual smile. Add her scholastic ability and you have-Jeanette. John Chambers In one semester, this future aviator's good hu- mor made him "one of us." Francis Coen Irrepressible "F r a n k" possesses eternal good hu- mor which keeps us all in a gale of laughter. Rudell Cox Ruciell's quiet efficiency has left a trail of careful work behind her. Jean Coyle Jean possesses an unruf- fled serenity. With her musical and drawing abil- ity she will go far. Philip Crane "Phil's" ability to carry out anything he under- takes has gained him many important positions. Don Davis Dependable, congenial Don unobtrusively accom- plishes anything he deter- mines to do. Julia Davis A blonde who takes a sincere interest in every- thing pertaining to schol- arship or school affairs. Evelyn Dormeyer "Evie's" dancing eyes and ready wit keep her in the midst of a laughing crowd. Josephine Erickson "Jo" is that little blonde who efficiently performs her many duties as class vice-president. Jay Farrell Jay is quiet and unas- suming, but always willing to cooperate in any way. Dorothy Flanigan "Dot" combines t h e qualities of a good sport. an excellent student and a splendid dancer. iz . ' xw .. fig Ki' . -ev lf ' P-g - i t .- at - . Q, "":1-f 4--- r 8 .. 9,61-, ...ape '2-Q-ff.. 6 if.. 5 Y A4 fe tx X -,. vs , .V Q. ', '41 N ., , . '- qvgzag-..-a. wg, ' . .5 . . ,f , iv :'. 'S it , 4- - 3, . " wi ex 4 . "1 ,, X, -ss- Q "K i L I X : .SN .'. 'il C J" .gg X .sb - -. .Q f N., L i:i v 1' 1. 1: " 3 S 'RQ ! . . S-1 ,J , ... ' 9 sg. " -:Q F: 'Z A lf. A 2.55 '45 -' .- ' Q, 5 Q A if Y I' 35335: Q- Q fr . it W' --.if ' . -g t :.. S: . 1 . 1 Roberta Frederickson "Bobbie's,' t ale n t is shown through her feet and her fingers-in danc- ing and drawing. Godin Gadsden A quiet chap with real ability shown in the many important offices he has held. Alice Goe Alice's three major let- ters show her ability and interest in all things ath- letic. George Goehst George is usually dis- creet and quiet, but with a little encouragement he will prove himself most amusing. Dorothy Grimes Tall, pretty, dignifiedg a good student and a depend- able one-that's Dot. Eugene Grossman "Gene,s" a b i l i t y and willingness to help make him constantly in demand. Ralph Hagendorn Ralph possesses capabil- ity, willingness and a great sense of humor. Esther Hall Esther has become indis- pensible to the "Empehi News" staff whose stories she types so etliciently. Tlzirtecn Barbara Imhoff Perhaps it was ever- cheerful"Barb's"prepared- ness that made us depend on her. Russell Jones Happy-go-lucky, w i s e cracking "Rus" has .1 de- termination t h a t accom- plishes whatever he at- tempts. Harriet Lagerstrom Modest Harriet, with her exceptional artistic ability, is constantly kept busy at something or other. Marie Lehbrink Personality, sense of hu- mor, and a good disposition and always willing to help. Eunice Loseff Eunice is a "journalistic lady." She excels in writing and cartooning. Dorothy Manke ' ' D 0 t ' ' demonstrated ability to see a thing through by her work in the lirench Club. jack McDonnell jack kept everyone split- ting with his jokes and his snappy wisecracks. Robert McKay Mischief and McKay be- gin with HM". In "Bob's" ease it seems synonymous. Ifnzzrfrmi 45' .Tl x .., ,L if in fl xl ig' ' "N- 2 A 1 ...K 3.f3-:war-.5-: 'Qt 6' 23- .,,, 1-w g'T." n -9 K. KA z 19 ,E A Q x l X -cl 1 1 fag 0 -x . f-fp L 1 a fa V 'H Z E .9 ef 1 Ni 4? -.J N, 6- A ii fill? l ' - rr . 1 .1 f.. , A . . ' , 7. r A Frank Minton It certainly is proved that Frank's plumpness and jolliness is one. Virginia Moffat Virginia is a conscien- tious worker not only in her studies but in various clubs. Luella Monroe Luella, with her life in Argentina,-has become Z1 whiz at Spanish and on horse back. Ralph Morgan Diminutive "Junie" can be found behind most the merriment. Melburn Murray Tall, quiet Melburn hides a great love of fun behind .1 dignified exterior. Elizabeth Musser Elizabeth's sense of hu- mor and her ready smile have endeared her to her many friends. John Nichols He's a serious, aggressive chap, with a reason for every argument. Daniel Paterson "Dan" is identified by his red hair as he dashes down the basketball floor. Dorothy Peterson "D o t ' s' thoroughness a n d dependability w il l carry her far in whatever she chooses. Roy Pitkin "Buck" s h i n e s in so many activities that it is not a wonder he was chosen for class president. Norman Rathje "Beef" modestly refuses to refer to his splendid record on the football held. Rosalie Reeman Rosalie's modesty hides her talents, but she shows her real ability in whatever she undertakes. Elizabeth Reid Elizabeth c o m b i n e s scholastic ability and an interest in school activity that makes her well liked. Lillian Reuss Quiet Lillian's talents are diversified and she is always in demand. XY'alter Sabel This tall blond has the knack of never appearing troubled. Frederic Sauer "Fred" can make a trum- pet perform in more ways than tongue can tell. gf' f. 2 . ,- ,4 'P' 7 R I 'E' f i l '.-.Cy l I .A 4' x - 'Pr' ' X211 . I 3 A -.Nts A l Env I-.ll yi ev , Na Jr, 3 fi -A N- i Robert Schermerhorn Happy-go-lucky "Gus's" grin puts joe E. Brown to shame. Lucille Schuessler With her smart clothes and her sophisticated man- ners, Lucille is an asset to the social committee. Frank Secord Tall, dark-haired Frank has made many friends with his unaffected smile. Lois Siebert Lois, popular as she is pretty, etliciently performs her multitudinous tasks. Cheston Stafford Cheston tends to his own business and lets the test of the world go by. Charlotte Stephens Weill always remember "Chan, standing by with an "Ev, an "S" and a SI'l'lllC. Carilyn Stevens "judy's" charm of fea- ture and her winsome smile have endeared her to us all. Consuella Sutherlin Shy and reserved. Con- suella has devoted herself to her studies and excels in them. Fifteen: Mallen Tatge "Mal" is a good pal and possesses a keen sense of humor and an interest in all school activities. Elsie Thomas Elsie's enthusiasm a n d beauty have won her well deserved popularity. Virginia Voris "Gin" has made a name for herself by her excellence in sports. Ruth Watson Ruth's quiet capability a n d congenial disposition make her well liked. Theodore Effertz Ted's effertz have won success. Joseph Schauer "Joe" is known by all of us for his quick wit. Frances Fox To gentle ways she is in- clined. Marjorie Hayn Her cheerful and friend- ly air makes her a favorite with everyone. Eleanor Mansheld Eleanor has been one of the leading equestrians dur- ing her term at school. Si.rfccn . .,. wwf.. vi' -fr s,......, , 47 1 , -- "' lo-fx 'x W. ? ' Q5 . , i, . 'x ,' 4 - 'ig gp, , 1" Q - ,133-Nj., r V 1 3, . 'iff .1 V V, .., 4- ' -.Q 'Ev F' L -iff i ,t me-9 ff 1 s "' , 55 . Frances Tibbets Frances, though deliber- ate, is always "there with the goods." Arthur Trevor A good student, Arthur is always ready to help those who are not so for- tunate. Mcdora Ray Medora has worked hard at Empehi, and has won a place for herself. Roberta Rauch We have all become ac- quainted w i t h Roberta through her lovely poems in the Empchi News. Harry Wright Harry attains perfection in whatever he undertakes, be it scholarships or foot- ball. Winifred Wright "Winnie's" striking per- sonality a n d exceptional dramatic ability have added luster to our operettas and plays. Mabel Zeder Mabel, with her per- petual smile and gay spir- its, is a joy to see. Jack Allen What more can be said but that he attained the highest honor possible for a student in school to attain. Kenneth Stump "Kenny" may be hard- boiled in a Dramatic Club play, but off the stage he's a regular fellow. Eileen Meredith Curly, black hair and real literary ability have made Eileen known to Empehi. Sue Pratt Sue, a newcomer to Em- pehi, is known to be very eilicient and quiet. Margaret Woods Quiet, petite, and with many friends, "Peg" finds time to be a good student. 4A CLASS OFFICERS-JUNE 1932 at 'SQ ie as 6 thi L 43,5755 'L ' WILLARD XTAN ETTEN! Leadership in athletics, scholastic and social activities have "Bill" worthy of being our Class president. WALTER CLlssoLD: "Gog" has been our eiiicient editor-in-chief, our class vice-president and one of the glee club's nightingales. BETTY COPELIN: Etlicieney and thoroughness in every project she undertakes has made "Bets" desirable as class secretary. LEONARD CIUNIINJINGSZ In the short time "Lenny" has been here he has endeared himself to all of us enough to be elected the class treasurer, and captain of th football team. "lVligfJfy Arr Tlnj Tlmf Lf'm1"" Zileh ANNUAL STAFF Row 1-Davisson, Carpenter, Clissold, Cummings, Carroll, McConnell Row 2-Ray, Longley, W'insor, Newhart, Copclin, Hatfield, Quast Sc:'m1fvm1 Dorothy Adler Dorothy is one of the striking, well dressed pair of Johnson and Adler. Edith Adamson A firm believer in the power of silence. Marian Alward Happy Marian just played her way to fame at Empehi -on the piano. George Anderson Under a cover of bash- fulness, you find a real friend. Frank Arnold Witli his original ideas, Frank is always up and coming. Vivian Ashline Our v iv a c io u s little French girl, who holds a high place in our Student Association, and in our hearts. Clark Bailey Easy going, agreeable and indispensable to the R.O.T.C. Virginia Baker Snapping eyes, dancing feet, and a happy grin for everyone. Here c o m e s "Ginny" Hlvilllfffll V' i jf? - r 9 is V Q11 ,i li 1 x 1 , WF' jl 'Rfk 6 fi 2 ' i X l l l ."'f's. A fi g 'if' 'i ' 79 fr ' fa ., 1-H' -v XS' N 1 l i I wtf: 'nf .,.. f "' l Al .s John Beeby In Chemistry he does excel, in other things he does as well. Milton Bennet Quiet, sincere and studi- ous, Milton will be a suc- cess in life. Ruth Bennis Cheerful "Benny" is a real value to the Spanish and French Clubs. Lester Belshaw We all know and like energetic "Les," Doris Berger Doris is our champ when it comes to ice skating. Josephine Bitten "Jo" put the "jo" in jolly. Betty Black Very fair is Betty B., and sweet as any girl you see. Helen Bogg Her ability to stay on the "S" list has marked Helen through all her years at Empehi. Billings Brewster Coming from New York. "Bill" has brought some of the old traditions with him. Norman Britt 'Tis the little things that count. Elaine Bruhlman Interested and active in athletics, and having also the ability to be num- bered among our scholars. Muriel Bunn VVe all know and like cheery Muriel. Marion Burgess Tall, slim, Marion gives an impression of quiet etiiciency. Mildred Burley Mildred is that friendly girl with the cheery smile. Charles Butler "Chuck," one of the mainstays of the wrestling team, is also a good scholar. Marjorie Byers XY'ell dressed, peppy, and one of Empehi's b e s t dancers. -I ' I'-Q w is 4. SEMI. Q as .Pl .vf ..l 3 Li . not ,V .QS -v' 5' e ee tg., Q35 .44 K' ? 'I i + I sf? L 4 gl is I E. -' 4 fl N- I- 1 I 'ff' I 'Sill 'ii is 3 is M. if Vera Campbell A newcomer who has impressed us all with her sincerity. Edwin Carpenter Unsurpassable artistic ability, carefree personal- ity and a keen sense of humor. Bruce Carr I don,t let my studies interfere with my educa- tion. Adeline Cecka Quiet but always smil- ing. George Claussen The "Lilydale" flash has athletic and scholastic abil- ity as outstanding as his red hair. Alice Comstock I may be small, but my ability is not judged by that. Norva Cosgrove A stylish and stunning blonde, hides an amiable and likeable disposition under an air of dignity. Burton Dahlstrom Easy going "Burt" has made a name for himself by his prowess at checkers. Xiiltfftir Roberta Davis Great modesty often hides great merit. Herbert Davisson An all round good fel- low with the boys, and a handsome favorite of the girls. Eleanor Deadman Eleanor is one of our good students. George Donnelly "Tex" is one of the faithful standbys of the stage crew and manages to stay on the "E" list. Cecelia Donlan Dark, petite, and full of joy, that's Cecelia. willll.1ll1 Dow Although "Bill's" e .1 r takes a lot of his time, he manages to be an excellent student. Betty Drueck For cuteness. a winnerg for flirting, a sinner. Evelyn Ehringer Danger! Blonde ahead. 7"Zi'e11fy x , 19-rv 'T' nt i, ' rl 'af'- e-:Q x -45:19, f , -S .1 .N xy' 3. ss 1. 2 .rs- Gai, 1'T'f 'neat 9. was er. V .06 -65 ' i J, 6. 1.53 1-1-.-1 'P 6 .,S .F cf 75- F A lx.: if is 4 E ,fgbf ti , I 35? sg! In .3 gg. ii 1 f t fl K- ,I ? l si S 0 'I Q30 , L2 Lillian Eisha Lillian's quiet air proves her to be an earnest worker and a sincere friend. Harvey Ellerd His easy-going, agreeable ways, and efficiency in the army do not eclipse his journalistic talents. Dorothy Engstrom The cute blonde who is one of the leading song- sters in the glee club. Robert Fishbaugh Bob is known for his ability as a pianist. Frank Flannigan He came from Tilden and we are glad he did. Ellen Foster Quiet, conscientious Ellen is booked for big sue- cess in the library world. Fredrick Eowkes Another blond! If there is a good orchestra, Fred will be in it. Gale Freeman What! No girls in heaven! Then leave me here. Thomas Gadsden Tom goes quietly about his business, with a dig- nity that cannot hide his many likeable qualities. Dorothy Gardner Empehi will miss Dor- othy's stories in the Em- pehi News and her grin. Elizabeth Gaston W'hen there's a job to be well done, call on Betty! She's a good student and a willing Worker. Henry Gallaher Hardworking Henry has a pleasing personality. NVilliam Geist . Bill is known to us as :i promising Paderewski. Evelyn Gorman Evelyn is a most con- scientious student and an ever dependable friend. Roberta Gorsuch Our friend from Fenger has won many friends at Morgan Park. Edward Gray Ed has reached the high- est peak in scholastic abil- ities. 1 i I i i 'F 'lf X 1' ' '-:" fc- - '32 6 .Ra 6. if-4 1 . v' ! Y Pg ef f ' is ev I -1: .IW :E sf' l l z lil f W 1 l i i J i A kill x F fi 6' 2 T 59 fd f i I L 3 " i iz: ve :"' 5 sl eff-7 ul L . --- gs. Hildred Hall When wc hear Hildred's name, we think of the Dramatic and Glee clubs. Betty Hanna The swains voted Betty our best dancer. Doris Hanson Doris is the blonde girl who gets such high marks. Robert Haythorne Bobis consistently high marks prove his ambition extends to more than the R.O,T.G. and musical ac- tivities. Betty Henderson Betty has shown her ability not only in the Dramatic club, but in cap- tivating "Mac.', Marjorie Heldman Marjorie has .1 decided- ly "diiTerent', air which marks her as .in individual. Ann Hennington Ann combines scholastic ability with tidiness. Richard Henry Dick hides his efficiency as a golfer under .1 scholas- tic appearance. Tzrmzty-Om' W ' rp" ' 9 'x an wx I J ' nu, Eleanore Herzog High grades have not kept Eleanore away from Empehi's social life and activities. Esther Hilke She doesn't say much, until you get her started. Sherwood Hill "Sher" is one of the best sports we have at Empehi. Chester Hoekert A good fellow among fellows. Frances Howe Slim and quiet, thatX Frances. Ruth Jacobson One of the Jacobson, Donlan, and Landis trio. Grace Johnson "Grace" is the quiet girl with the dark, curly hair. Robert Johnson Though small of stature, he packs a bundle of knowl- edge and good spirit. Tzvrnify-Y':.-n ......... Q 1 af tht- ki fi l "5 ao- ' is .ix K . 'af -1 If 'W K -2- 3 T qiqxf F"-Q ir 1 if l K ll 4 '-35 36 se' 453 .,, , , Q 256' ii QF 'af' ar. ' gl N il ' ilu .3 5- of 36 4- -- ,T . Vivian johnson Vivian is a loyal friend, a good student, and always dependable. Charles Jones We 'have seen Chuck at the head of all R.O.T.C. movements. Norothy Kahn Always ready for a good time-that's Norothy! Marguerite Kallgren Slim, quiet Marguerite. with her golden hair, Canlt be beat. Herta Katzurek Herta, without appar- ently worrying over any- thing, is one of our star athletes and scholars. Herbert Kent Coming to us from Til- den, Herbert b r o u g h t friendliness and capability. Carol Kephart Light hearted, humorous, and a keen kid, that's "KfPPi"'- Margaret Kimmel Peg's sophistication and beauty have won her a host of friends and admirers at Empehi. Myrtha Klein Myrtha is the happy-go- lucky athletic type. Marie Landis Marie is a shy. quiet girl with a lovely personality. Dorothy Larson The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. Ralph Laycock "Rally," with his quiet good manners, has made his mark here at Empehi. Robert Law Bob, with his big horn. will be missed at our socials. Ralph Lidster Look for a smart coupe and Helen. You'll find Ralph. Dorothy Lueder Those who know her well mark her a congenial. reliable, a n d all-'round good friend. Margaret MacGregor Margaret's winning smile gained her many friends at Empehi. x l S if' N' 'Q' V""s 4 Q ,zm,'LN i 'ig' avi l Q ' 7 5 Q I , I ,A 3,5 I if 5 L ...- ' .J : R' -Tiff ff , P Q J 6' Q' 5 S 'I' 5 y I '35 L. if B NJ 6' is I 'R' 4 .: 3 5 Q . f L, -af Ai '- T5X5- T i all i lfl john MacLean John is the stalwart Scotchman from Midlo- thian who has the unusual ideas. Grace Malinsky W'e,re sure that our tal- ented little pianist will be a success in anything she undertakes. Mary Lucille Martin Mary is that girl who is a success in everything she goes out for. Lenore Marting This r a r e ly disturbed. good-natured blonde h a s made many friends at Empehi. James McConnell , As cartoonist and editor, James has been indispensi- ble to the Empehi News. Carter McIntosh Carter is the fellow who makes up his own Scotch jokes. XVard Meyers A newcomer from Ohio. XVard brought good looks. scholastic and a t h l e t i c ability. Gerald Malloy "Jerry.', our Hrst base- man, has humor which has made him well liked by all. Tzvrzlty-Tfzwf Jean Moore jean's gray eyes, curly hair, and ability are a source of envy to us all. Roswell Moorman "Og" is known for his ability as a basketball player and as an all-'round fellow. Lois Morison Lois is known for her dramatic L1 b i l i t y a n d "bright cracks." Margaret Morrow "Pegs" curly blonde hair and laughing eyes tell of her happy disposition. Frank Muench If Ifrank never appeared except for basketball, we'v.l all know him. Marion Murdock A southern drawl, a clever remark, Marion is our own "Sweet Sue." Helen Nichols Helen's quiet way of doing work really well will bring success in life. Geraldine Normoyle All Empehi k n o w s K'Jerry's" beautiful b 1 brown eyes. Tzeeuty-Ifozir AG- 4,-04" 21 - Q Q I 'Z' ,-4. nfa ,1 -fx I .f s -x' ,, ,...- ! 4 ' 3 i .Ji s f F ll l 'fi 6- gg, Ki., i M Q i A 'uf' al iv 6 5 i l ' 1 ' . 1 i I 4 i '79 5 ll ,f :Jr Bl ,452 - l il' 3 " a x ' 1 f' Z .Q K I .a 'if' , E-T J -lu- J -cf F l mas' e' it 431, er Margaret O'C0nnor She's president of the Glee club, "Jerry,s,' pal, and an all-round girl. Eugene Ordas "Gene's" trumpet h as been the medium for his successful career as a mu- sician. Thelma Overstreet Thelma is a true friend, and has' that something called "scholastic abilityf' Esther Paddock: A smile, a Comeback, dramatic ability - that's Esther. Charles Paden Leadership in the band and orchestra doesn't keep him from being a good student. Eugene Palermo "Gene" has held a prom- inent place in the R.O.T.C. Byron Perrira "By" is a regular fellow and has many friends at Empehi. Delmar Peterson Here's the army ofhcer who Can tell everything about anything. Lornette Pettit Lornette, with her de- pendable ways, has been a good pal to many of us. Lucille Pfeiffer Lucille may seem a bit cold, but we who know her know differently. Pearl Poss Pearl has a whimsical outlook on life which takes her out of the ordinary. Lorraine Prior Lorraine is quiet as a mouse, but oh, my! Helen Pyne Let men say whate'er they will. Woman, woman rules them still. Helen Quast Her good marks and loyalty give Helen a high place in Empehi. Anne Rankaitis Ambitious Anne has been invaluable to the Empehi News. Howard Rhode "Bud', is a leader in the R.O.T.C., band, and scho- lastic work. -we-i fs: f 'E' C i 1 EN . xg Q . 6 as ef . eg gif . km A ii. if l ls? gf x R Sy' IX 1 ae 5 'Rn 6' fd Asia Ee 5: ' 1 , 5 e fe 34.6 3' l X 'xii 115 4 -2 wr A 3 f-- 4-F: 5' 5, Q -E3 is-' A 2 F , Q-A if .as 12:1 y ........ . -TQ? Q .sv ' Q N 11533 Robert Roesch An ardent backer of in- terclass basket ball is non- chalant "Bob." Philip Sautier Philip's nonchalance and fun-loving manner have made him many friends. Ruth Sawyer If she plays the violin, makes good marks, and chatters in French, itis Ruth. Ruth Schmidt Ruth is the kind of girl we "go for in a big way." Robert Shanks Likeable, unassuming Robert takes an active part in the R.O.T.C. William Shepard Although quiet, he will be missed by Empehi. Robert Schermerhorn Good old Bob has won plenty of friends during his stay at Morgan Park. Calhoun Smith "Cal" is the tall, hand- some fellow that all the girls eventually "fall,' for. .4.,Y 'L' K Tiwzlty-1a'it'c Roger Smith "Smitty" is liked by all who know him. Mary Louise Spillman "M, L." is an excellent student and we're sure she'll be prominent in the world. Ruth Spitler Little heads much learn- ing may contain. Helen Stevens The other half of "Fire and Fireman" proves th a t "beautiful" needn't mean "dumb" Edwin Stoehr The commercial club's loss will be the business world's gain. Ruth Strombeck This staunch supporter ofthe commercial club will be a big success in the busi- ness world. XY'arren Swett XVarren is "ace high" at managing football teams. David Taylor A fellow who can be de- pended upon to do any job well. TZt'i'11t-i-,X'i.1' -"ii si r 'il I se 1 ..1 ,W 9 yifj , 5. .QA nr wif-2 RN' ,V ,ns - Ms- 'QQ' Qs 'Q qi V FT 1 l asf, f Rn., V x I VW tw.. N. Viffi x J Russell Thatcher "Rus" is a "keen guy" and he surely can rattle I1 snare drum. Edward Thiele "Squeak" is that popu- lar, nonchalant lad who never worries about where he'll get his next excuse. Francis Thyer He just arrived, but he has proved his ability in one semester. Sylvanus Tyler A good baseball player, Sylvanus can also make the "E" list. Charlotte Upp "Sharky" has amazed us all with her musical and scholastic abilities. Albert Velander "Al" is a good fellow, a stout hand on the stage crew, and a reliable "Sarge" in the army. Emily XYiLllliO Happy-go-lucky Emily is a staunch supporter of our commercial depart- ment. Thelma W'atkins She is content who has enough. Louise XVarren Louise won a permanent place as the court dancer in "The Court of Naishapurf' Henry XVendoriT "Henn" is a good fellow who has made a reputation for dependability. Mary White Mary is P.Q.R.S.: poised. quiet, refined. and sens- ible. Floyd XVhitford You can trust him in the dark. Adelia W'ibly Conscientious, willing "Dee" is known to us all. Florence Wilson Lots of curly hair, huge blue eyes. It's our pep dynamo, Florence. N . sip- 5 iff' ' Q 1 is D Q r ' 4 '. .4 'Zi 6 I-Sf ' K if lla? I ' ,is a ',.r ,V ' g, , gg .. ,P A' gig- ! J ' t x Kenneth Davies The girls are never both- ered by him. P. Juanita Wilson Juanita is quiet and dark, and you can always Hnd her with Evelyn Dormeyer. Marian Wilson Quiet. observing, help- ful Marian is always wel- come. Ralph XVilson Ralph looks like a major- leaguer when he gets out there on third base. Herman Wilz The Empehi News will have to hunt far to hnd as good a sports reporter. Marion Witt Ma1'io11 shines in any class. Maxine Baird Not much to her has been denied, yet she excels in sewing. Tztwizfj'-Si'1'i'i1 WHO'S WHO ELSH3 THOMAS Besides having won the admiration of many Empehites for her good looks, Elsie has attained the honorable position of class secretary. She has been a faithful member of the Glee Club and has maintained a high scholarship. ROY PITKIN . "Buck" has won a reputation for clean sportsmanship and has thrilled us all with his performances on the basketball floor. The February class thought so well of his abilities in other lines that he was honored with the class presidency. X7lVIAN ASHLINE With Vivian goes one of Empehi's most versatile students, a bundle of efficiency, charm and popularity. Perhaps this is why she has been such a successful Vice-President of our Student Association. One of l'Viv's" accomplishments is her fine record as last year's French Club president. BETTY COPELIN Betty is one of our outstanding girl students and has won a place in the hearts of all of us. She was the quiet executive that accomplished so much with the Literary Club last semester and who has served so efficiently as class secretary, and as recorder of the Judiciary Committee. JACK ALLEN Jacks conscientious labor as presiding student ofiicer of the school has won him the praise and admiration of his classmates. The person who carries on in Jack's place will have a high example to follow. Besides pursuing his duties in the Student Association administration, Jack has won his major letter on the football squad. XVILLARD VAlNf ETTEN "Bill,' has made a record that anybody might be proud of. He has given service to the school in many lines, athletics, scholarship, and activities. Everybody likes the dependable president of Hi-Y, the president of the June class and the chairman of the Student Court. HALL OF FAME JUNE GRADUATING CLASS OF '32 Guns Kimmel, Normoyle, Donlan Ashline . . Hanna, Byers, F. Xvilson Kimmel, Murdock, Hanna Adler, H. Stevens Kephart Copelin, Quast, Sawyer H. Stevens, Cosgrove Heldman, M. Wilson Cuivsf Sue Murdock Yitwlzlwx'-lf1'gflif Bm! Iamkizzg Mos! Pofuzlar Brxz' Dancer Bexf Lim' Bax! Dressed Most Hzmzorons Most' Sfmfioux Moxf Dignifieif Mos! Baslwful Bots Allen, Van Etten, Meyers Allen, Van Etten, Cummings Laycock, Davisson, Van Etten Cummings, Theile Laycock, Davisson, Brewster Cummings, McConnell Brewster, Stoehr Davisson, Geist, Brewster , , Allen, Van Beek Class Bum Ed. Theile ' ACTIVITIES ' Acnor' not words are the true crztenon of the attachment of one s frzends I Washington December I5 1779 Jigs ' 1 1 x. , - , 3. ' "u .L c I ,T 1-A N no A u - x r -f .., ,- .v I . , 9 -f A 1, txt I STUDENT ASSOCIATION FA 'Qu STUDENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Jack Allen, Vivian Ashline, Helen Stevens, Bill Carhart Mr. Maysack, Mrs. Morgan STUDENT UNCIL E 5 7 1 , ' if I 'fi , JUDICIARY COMMITTEE W'illard Van Etten, Chairman: Bill Cnrhart, Jeanne O'Conn0r, XValtcr Clissuld, Betty Copelin, Recorder ' i Tlzirfy-One K U L xv. i 'Y I -0. ' Al STUDENT COUNCIL AND r BOARD OF CONTROL Cyp S'I'l.'lJl-. NT 'HOLY NCIL Row 1-Slcvum, Axhllnc, XYXI-mm. Ikmlq, klnhmnm, Ifsclmcman, Malls, Lane, Carlmrt, Allun. Row l1l'n.lL,Ilkl1CI', Rcnuvlcr, H.1nm1.1r, Urulm, Oxburnc, U.1stmu1, glulmson, Dean, Grinndml, ilmnc. Row 3-Mcllulluglx, XY'lnslmv, Kl'ICl1b.1llI'l1, U'Mcr.1, NVcbbc, Brick, Buardslcy, Schenk, Black, SCIIVVJYY. Ruw 4-Allcn, Nlxllcr, Crmnmn, Cflwinncll, liullcr, lhrrnll, Buyer, Pcndlcmn, Hlmdu, Clusmld, Nwhitc. BOARD Ol: CUNTROI. Rnw 1-Davis, Allen, Stuxcns, Aslwlinc, Cxarlmnrt, Nlcflurc, Cupclm. Hatfield, Ray. Ruw :fUrd.1x, H.1mm.1r, Sl.u1xlmry, O'C'1mu1ux', PfllCI1.ll'd, Shark, Hughes, W'ilsun, Longley. WYJYYCD Scill, l'llcrd. Row x-liuwlm, Huslmcll, V.mI7ttcn, Fmvlwx, Xlclunnull, Vcrduin, Downing, Donnelly, Dahlqrgm Guin, C lxswld, Xlnmw. 7'11i1'f-x'-Tim 5 'Q J 'li lil TAU EPSILON Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row 1 L.,- 1 3 JUNIOR TAU EPSILON -Dow, Launspnch, XY'illy, Hayn, Burkhardr, Hochfcldt, Nichols, Ovfoolc, Ohmans, Hcagetcdt Cummings, Kohr. -Minuth, Turpin, Renevier. Long, Bartosh, Shark, iNlJCNUill, Stow, Iinrncst, jones, Hillman, Pcncc Hoffman. -Lydon, Orlowski, D, Carroll, Thompson, Fisher, Dibos, Slebos, Evans, Mcliinlay, D. Allen. Black Brick, Springer. -Alt, Nabcr, Gasslcr, R. Luxen, Van Valkunburgh, Gardner, Vfoclfcr, Pattison. SENIOR TAU EPSILON -Longley, Hatncld, Drueck, Lueder, Davis, Geist, NIlSSCOI1l.1I'1, Herzog. NY'ibly, Cheney, Upp Hogg, Copelin. -Gaston, Prior, Nichols. Bobbin, Polls, Bruhlman, Hanna. Crane, Bogg, Moore, Paddmk, Murison Sawyer, Knllgrcn, Sc-itbz, Swift, Rankaitis, Stump. -O'Connor, XY'arrcn. Overstrrct, Foster, Qunst, Liebcnthil, Henry, Donnelly, Roesch, Bcardslcy Bcthkc, Schenk, McClure, Allrhouse, Pritchard, jcrstrom. -Danolic, Hemmcni, McConnell, Brewster, C.irh.1rt, Butler, Verduin, Arnold. NY'ilz. Vclander Haythorne, Tyler, Gray. Tf1iVfj'fT11r'i'r TAU EPSILON Rmx' Row Row Row Row Row Row l l SOPHOMORIE TAU l-LPSILON Lung, Baumann, Jacobs, McKnight, NX'illi.1ms, Hutchins, Dominick, Holtsberg, Cobb, Van Huskirk, Shea, Gault. XV.1twn, j.Haydcn, B.H.1ydcn, Viall, Paddock, Van Dyke, Ifvanw, Hertwig, Klcknmp, W'hitc, Inglnnder, jolmnsun, Keck. Clautcr, F.1lk, Miller, Brown, Blcvini, Mckyhsmrter, Hillicr, Mnpp, Flanigan, U.C.1rrull, Colburn, FRESHM AN TAU IQPSILON -Hare, Holmes, Meyer, Stansbury, B. Rogers, H. Rogers, Rusk, Strcetcr, Allan. Hemingw.1y, Hcrtwig, Kent, Symoni, Dean. Bennett, Henry, Todd, Bailey, Slvidis. -Tupes, Blevlns, lietlxke, Andcrwn, Ilitcp, Claxper, Taylur, Pmcnnix. -Scl1w.1igl1,1rt, Duffner, Cnrlettc, Schenk, Coyle, B. Mnlmlnun, Heck, Reynolds. Tl1if'lj'fl'Au1n' Cx ! wi ' 7 P J XJ My I .hy I Jr , X I,-" ,ey ws STAFF AND SPA ISHlELUB,,'C fi , i '-4 " 15' i' Q Nl fi 'X' ,' V' NEWS STAFF Row 1-Murdoch, Bush, McClure, Hatield, McConnell, Pritchard. Liebentlial, Quast, Vfilz, Row -Potts, Pringle, Smith, Richardson, Eidmann, Luxen, W'ilkins, Spangler, Miss Sturgeon. Row Row Row Row Row Row Hochfeldt, Long, Renevier, Massias, Van Buskirk, Richardson, C.Nicl'1ols, Shark, Newlurt Allshouse, -Orlowski, Boardman, Lovell, Baugher. SPANISH CLUB Pallas, Wibly', Johnson, Miss Holland, Miss Brown, O'Connor, Gallivan, Davis, Underwood. -Brummerstedt, Abbott, Graver, Danulic, Jerstrom, Rauch, Kinney, O'She.1. Hahn, miller, Scott. Laird, Fort Willy', Kay, Yager, Barnhardt, Scott, V.1nCott, Troedson, Potts, Kimmel, Hanna, Harskey. -Carhart, Knmmercr, Arnold, Blount, Young, Molloy, Mieburgcr. T111-7'fj'-FI' LITERARY CLUB AND QUILPEN LITERARY CLUB Row Illarxlff, Pms, Ray, Xxfilson, Mrs.Hibb.1rd, Cnpclin, XVinsor, Longley. Ruw 1 Ram' ' is RUXW' Ruw 2 Rnw z- Bruwn, kluxmci, WVCKII, Crane, Kcplmrt, Frccmnn, T.1IIy, Stadclnmn, Ovcritrcct, julmnxun. Lucdcr, Qumt. Illllflxlllfkjl. Xvibly. Hnflcld, Curtis, Vfilly, Brnntncr, Schrcudcr, Mortensen QUIL1-lax I1NiEc,IUl'C, Uiumcr, Stanycr, Hatficld, MlssB.1ul1mn, Hanger, H.W'ilson, Fisk. xy.lI1HLl"-klfk, Pcncc, Pritchard, Alt, Luxcn, Bush, Brubaker. Humphreys, Harlcr. Hcnug, Swift, Cf.1rh.1rL, Schenk, Vfnrk. Buyer, Carroll, Dnisson, Colburn. Tlzirly SU' x' GIRL RESERVES ""!mef:u1rr X 4 f . 4-Bw - 35 Row Row Row Row I I1 1 ERESHXIAN GIRL RESERVES CABINET Rowe, Hayn, Miss Bell. Allan. Ristncr. Hammar, Senior Advisor: Grccnwimd, K. Cummings, Dick. SENIOR GIRL RESERVES CABINET Hammar, McClure, Miss Condit. XVilsnn. Handbury. Stevens, Lqngley, Chcazlc, Maclicnzic, Crane. iffy-5' HI-Y SENIOR HI-Y Ruw 1-Ball, Molloy, McConnell, R. Mnmrman, Mr.l5u.1rdslcy, Van lfrtcn, llixwld. Raw :-Tl nclc, Rich, Mournmn, Myers, Cummings, lluwlin, Davissnn. Rim' L-Hcardslcy, Lucius, Rubin, Swett, Kline, Binglmm, Carlurl, Freeman. PRI-QSHNIAN HI-Y Row lfliarkcr. lirics, Vfclulnc, Owlcs, Doyle, Ingram, Smith. Row :-Xvmrdun, Sturm, Iillkuw, Carroll, Allan, Guvcdnrc, Picrcc, Snydur. jolimnn. Rim' K-U.u'iw, XYnlluy, liun1.xmin, C-YUNIITJIT, Olsen, Smith, Iuirson,, Smith. 'l'l1irl,x'-lfiflllt U .Lift 5 .x 1 J -if 1 ffl 1 'semi - - J 'Q' K ll Y PHYSICS CLUB fl we f-1 .vu Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Row First Picture Robinson, Barnett, Brick, Banger, Carrell, Orlowski, Knapp, Gierman, Coughlen, Turner. -Chinell, Schenk, Richardson, Launspaeh, Downing, Mr.Gay, Mr. Drummond, Carroll, Black Bethke, Rich, Beardsley. Odell, Anderson. Bittner, Sweeney, Born, Thatcher, Baird, Hudson, Hemmens, XYulfing, Wells Meliinlay, Hitz. Pattison, Ivcrsen, Johnson, Hagenbuck, Haigh, livans, Harrison, Lonnehill, Peterson, NY'olfer XVinslow, Ehrler, Thompson. Heissc, Bohlen, Stitt, Lampman, Zichterman, Harris, Shepard, Pope, Brewer, T. Dahlstrom. Second Picture Gassler, Alves, Swanson, Buchnell, McKnight, Ball, Metcalfe, Secord, Taylor, Schulte. -Vferner, Smith, Alward. Turpin. Mr. Gay, Hochfeldt, Tattershall. Cheatle, Terry. Dean, Gilford, Iiidmann, Naber, W'ilson, Lane, Fahrenwald, Stankow, Gardner, jones. -Young, Alt, Lamm, Pyne, Vfilsun, Couch, Rodgers, Havleton, Cook. Kenney, NY'allace, Hofmann T11I.l'f.l".X,l71 Fnrfy ff:-A ,.,, Stella Shark John Thais Mary Gcres Alfred Heilsclicr Virginia O,Toole COMMERCIAL CLUB 14' CQ! In 'VW Prvsidwzf V in'-Prvxizf wif A111 Juni Sc'r'1'vfa1'y Sl'l'l'l'fdl'j' Tl'L't1Slll'L'l' Row Row Row Row Row Row COMMERCIAL CLUB .-4, . 4 4 ' y -31,4 X A - x ,L K COM XIIQRCIAL CLUB CONTESTANTS Clmpbcll, Buwslx, juhmnn, Reinhardt, Nlaugc. Gcrgolla. Rogers. Hcrshbcrgcr, Rnuch, Landix, Katzurck, C.Nmcl1nls, XYvl1ilCCllLlfCh, Lydun, H.Niclx-mls. Strumbcck, Rcncvncr, O'TUnle, Ceres, Hcrlsclxcr, Nllss Milli, Thcic, Slurk, Slcbos, Nelsnn son, jacobmn. Puss, Poetnmn, Gruoner, Turner, Bclm, Yidlliclx, Maxwell, Frucnun, Long, Slubm, L. Stump, M, johnson, I. johnson, Vfiggins. Hilgcndurf. D.Cummings, Engstrom. Hcrmg, Lydon, N1Nchols, Bartmh, Landis, S Lamm, Rhlmiky, Lorenz, Schimanski, Buinski, Burkhardt. Kline, XY'.1ll.1cc, Sclmuaiglurt, Van Beck. Pctcrsnn. XY'hitc, Snmhr, Klcnn. Naughten, K. Stump, Alt. X L , Thomp- HAFICI, chondorf. Luxcn. l".ff'f,x--Om' fm U - s -yy: ,mx 0 'zkifb v z "" ru: J V f , , Q ..,, MH. 'f '."'ff'lr- fx' , Y., D, V I.: M, il.. A", .,f'Q':'.' 2315 'QT 5 ' A , ' x 1 - ' mi. ' . X 1, A U s W . I Y- f'A9Q53?Ql 1 . '--'Lg ' , 1 . .. g. ' ivw vi ' 'L I 7 In MORGAN PARK 1-11c,1-1 JCHOQL C1MCAGO,ILL. 1932 A , C.. auf-E LATIN CLUB ,, .vb , Q i U' I ,qi fa' i - .ar -. J Q , ,a 3 5:11 A .1 . . , , ' 1' 2135? .E , ' .,..,L2-1-',.-".31,nf Marguerite Ray Jean Pence Julia Grnvcr Mabel Swift 1, , N, X . .As w I r Y 43 Hs' .IQPTEN X X at Y. rl? flil X .-,..J Presizhvzf Scfond Consul Sz'vrvIury Trmiszlrer Row I-klonci, Swift, Pence, Nlrs.Hccl1t, Miss Putty, Miss Behrens, Ray, Groebe. ROW 2-Dickinson, Xvyngardun, Wnlxli, Brown, Stow, XlncNcill, Allison, Overstrcct, Curtis. Row 3-Dow, jack, Longlcv, Allen. Bailey, Donnelly, llaytlmrnc, Crane, Launspacli. Fnrfyr Tn-ii N 4 Q 1- FRENCH CLUB gfx A .f FW i ? ef' , sw r r -s fe' Q Y' is ,Q fi, H N, ' 1.1 fr AM 5 X M . Marjorie Seitz Fannie Ellen Ho Prrsidvlzf Firsl Vin' Prvsitlmzf SS Jeanne Allshouse Sfcofm' llift'-P1'f'Sftl't'lIf Billings Brewster Trrax1u'm' David Taylor Serrefury Row 1-Gallt-rneau, XY'arren, Potts, Smith, Bruhlman, Engstrom, Targa, Sauer, Ylferner, Stewart, Xvarrcll Row Row Row Row 3- Kahn. Taylor, Allshouse, Bennis, Hogg, Seit7, Miss Conlan, Davis, Pritchard, Sawyer, Kallgren, Brewster F. XVilson, Poss, Larson, Massias, Boblltt, Kiaclienzic, Thatcher. Upp, Hammar. Ayers, Curtis Swift, Crane, Ovcrstrect. Chochole, LeBosquet, XVoods, Schurdcr, Baker, Hanna, W'asl1burne, Hughes, Ashline, Rankaitis Stadclman, Byers. Tally, Van Buskirk. Berger, Xlforrell, XVinsor. Liebenthal, Bcthlic, Smith. Lidstcr, Philips, Buckley, Denccn. DeBv:ukelaer, Copelin, Hatfield. Forty-T1111' ZOOLOGY CLUB in Q , ' al' ' -,f 'SX ,gi , W --' EQ -I . al " I '- WA r Q ., ' ,,,, A I X M51 X dr Isabelle Longley P1'c'Si4fc'Iif Robcrtn Davis Vim'-Plvxizfwzf janet Dow Sa'w'4'fn1',y john Gifford Twrzx-11r'f'l' 1 Row I-PLIIINIULIII, lhlk, Wfnrd, I'.xLtisun, Bruwn, Culmnings, Smkc, McAfee, Iiuthwcll, Mapp. Mics. Ruw 1-Ncwlurt, llnfiuld, Lunglcv, lkzvis, Nliw lklbungk, Ciupclm, Quasl, Foster, Licbcntlul, Danolic. Row 3-Dow, Duurr, R.Aycrs, XY'.1lsl1, LQ.1mblc, l.cBusqucr, XYv.ll'I'CI1, Uurfcc, Slow, Mclinight, Jacobs NLIFIIII, LILTNIFUIII. Row 4-Dicnwr, Iicrgrccn, I.cun.1rd, XY'clls, Hublltl, R.xnk.1iris, Abrams, IQ. Ayers, Lung, Tibblcs, Brown Lewis. Row S'FI.lI1.lg.lI1, Durrant, Hlllnur, buff-ard. Hunnunm, hlulmnsnn, Lmulr, Duwnlng, Hanger, Wills, Bcthkc Carlmrt, NIJCRCIIIIU, lixulmrdsun, McXY'l1urtcr. lllwly-Ifmlz' BOTANY CLUB ' i -: " V E Y? ' ' Q T. M A A f-5 fl .V :S ', , , 'ff 5 ' . , , 3 1. if 1 A " ,. A f T93 ' ' ,iw 'Q 2:2 -r gi i Arr 1 'L,,, ' -"::gk:E? V A ll - ik ,gels ' Y fm ff! ,N x X ' -rx Q ,. X X A Il ifrr, ' 3 N K?-+1 'KY ' . 2' X v , Q5 1' - . . ---' fir. , S .f',."'-: Willard Verduin Pl'L'Kitfl'I1f Julia Graver Firxf Viva'-Pwsifzlwzf Jeanne Keck SUFOHLI' Viva'-Pl'vsiffz'11i Mary Diemer Svfrviary Francis Fahrenwald Twaxzzrvr' Row Row Row Row 3- 4- Allshouse, Turpin, Hcersma, Verduin, Graver, Dicmcr, Falmrcnwnld, Keck, Adamson, Brantner, Reynolds, Koenig, Talbert, Fougere, Minutli, Recs, Blackmcr, I-Ialtom, Brubaker, Erb, Vander Hoek. Brubaker, Hough, Viall, Gallerncau, Jack, Sclircudcr, Burns, XVulfing, Silver, Camit, Knapp, Simmons, Templeton, Orlowski, Nabcr. Cook, Scott, Gallivnn, Adams, Crawford. Forty-Ffrr 1 - A mx Ei 3 Huw Ruw Row Row R UXV Run DANCING CLUB AND ORCHESTRA JL.. DANCING CLUB NX'.1rrcn, Upp, Rcncvncr, l'I.ll11lN.'lI', Pulls, V.1nGurkun1, Pcncc. Bal-wr, Grrur, Gentleman, Miu Kun, Targa, Adamson, Hillman, SavidiQ. ORCHESTRA Ramlmv, Hurlwig, Gcrcs, Pclcrwn, Cnbb, Minullu, Bcnmn, Stnnsbury, Bailey, Tenini. Snape, Henry, Slambury, Hnwcx, Pmcntknwski, Olsen, Knapp, C,.1pt.1in G. D.Hartl6. B, Bmilcy, Ifrccmnn, lhvis, Snack, Smcck, Greenwood, I..1t7, Pnterson, Tupcs, Pnnchyshyn klnhnssm, Rmrt, II.1x'llmrnc, Law, 1:Nl'f-X'-.SqIl.l' I .. pn BAND 413' '-ff 5 49 1 A ,i if -. BAND OFFICERS Fred Fawkes. Gene Ovdds, Charles Paden, Gene Palermo, Carter Mclntosli, Robert Bethkc X 'x Row Row Row Row CONCERT BAND I-Palermo, Black, Clautcr, Slnpard, Lohman, Hannigan, Hucn, R. Nlohlnmn, R. Robson, S. Brown Todd, Fowkcs, Bauer. '-Crapser, Lindsted. VC'all, Sahel, Howard, Barnett, Gibson, Ordas, Nicholas, Dinwiddie, Bethke Pattison, Brick, Dalilstrom, Johnson. -Tally, Underwood, Curtis, Larson, Erickson, Arnold, Gamble, Hahn, Greenwood, Smith Moore, E. Gamble, Glenn. 4-Latz, Fowkes, Blanchard, Law, Haytliorne, Miss XV.Molilman, Padcn, Mclntosh, Hillier. Furly-Sr .IT GLEE CLUBS r AflRSf'i3I1RNICIi BELL HARTLE 4 l BOYS' GLIIE CLUB Row I-Falk, Anderson, Cliemld, R-nbinson, Skrcntny, Bmrdiley, Schenk. Row 2-Geist, D.u'nwn, Ihiluy, C..1rl1.1rt, Mlmultc, Slcbos. ROW 3-Knapp, IWIIIIPIUJII, Lindt. Plnllips, Ifrcemnn, Blount, Rout, Skipwurtlx Row 4-Mrs. H.lfllC, Mclicc. Vflmitc, Young, Bushnell, Lidstcr, M. Alward. lfmlj'-Iffyflll GLEE CLUBS Y Row I- Row :- Row 3- Row 4- Row 1- GIRLS, GLEE CLUB-3RD PERIOD Radius, Poss, Dickinson, Longley, XVarren, Mrs. Hnrtle. Hammar, F.XVilson, Xvest. Chochole, Charpier, Ballard, Larson, Boblitt, MacKenzie, Danolic, XVinsor, Ray, Stevens, Abbott, Hoffman. Martin, Crowley, Barnhart, Johnson, Meflley, W'ibly, W'illey, Stanton, Ball, Stadclman. Thompson, Evans, Gruoner, Dobberman, XY'orrcl, Bools, Hough, Hammer, Goolsmith, Sawyer, Brown, Jones. GIRLS, GLEE CLUB-9TH PERIOD Adamson, Ashline, Brantner, Alward, Mrs. Hartle, M.O'Connor, Hogg, Farrell. Osborne, Mac- Gregor. Row 1-Stump, Hutchins, Kimmel, Tally, Graver, Byers, Scott, Shut, Hasse, Snape, Hobson, Hemmcns. Row 5- Row 4- Berger, Solras, Engstrom, Herzog, I-Ieldman, Gorsuclw, Holgom, Hall, Mortenson, Foster, Turpin, I-Iayn, Tattershall. Normoyle, Strombeck, Kahn, Stansbury, Allslwuse, Gasslcr, Baker, Paddock, Mirlowe, Lueder, W'ilson, Stanyer, Schuider. Forty-Xin: DRAMATIC CLUB l A V N L ,r M ,V .as ' -- - ' f, A15 'Q its "M 6 PF 6 ,,x, A? ax! "' ,pw ,a , , , , .4 2 of X - f . ' A S Quia. , x 1 Earlecn Hughes Prvsidmt Lois Morison Vin'-Prr'sirlw11f Esther Paddock Sz'trc'fary Gladys Stnnyer Trvaszlrcr Mrs. Kimmel Adl'fSOI' R ow Row Row Row Fifty , l"""l 'Sf 1-Lelwbrink, Stanyer, Paddock, Morison, Stowe, Hughes, Hanson, Sclmreudcr, Dsvis, Fisk 1-Burkhardl, Lueder, Underwood, Aslmlinc, NV.ul1burne, Mrs.Kimmcl, Brummerstcdt, Ru.l1ardson Savidis, XVilson, Stump. 3-Launipaclm, Berger, Kahn. Engstrom, Gassler, Baker, Liebenthal, Moore, Byers, Hall Hogg R. Baker, Kimmel. 4-Carlxart, Hayrlmrne, Murray, Falmrcnwald, Gardner, Thiele, Allen, Davisson, W'ark Banger Taylor, Boyer, Brewster, Hendrickson, Clissold. Carroll. ' ATHLETICS ' We must not despazr the game zs yet m our ou.n hands to play xt well zs all we have to M ASM! if 6 1-P-in W EMBLEM CLUB s X . N 5' , x , '-' A .f wwf- - -, 1 Jack Bushnell Prvsidwzl Jim Moorman Swv.-Trfvzs. Row Row Row Row I- 3- BOYS' EKfBl.ENl CLUB Guderyahn, Giles, Brick, Ball, Bowlin, Nir.Pctcrson, Bushnell. Swett, Nloornun, Bctlikc, Black. -Schuemann, E.Gudery.1hn, Hub, Mulluy, Gasslcr, Mucnch, Maisel, Clissold, R.Moorc, Rich, D. Carroll, R. NVils0n. Christie, Olsen, Winslow, Kleinmann, Bailey, Rogers, Carroll, Florence, Cummings, Lucius Bingham, Narbutas, Ketcham. 4-james Overman, W'hite. ffl-lfj'-7'l1v'i'i' 1 , SWIMMING TEAM ANQ BEJIOTBALL TEAM ,M , f v I A . fy, - f , !.,,'.x,-f , V ,L V , . I-'iffy F01 X v'lK"' J a- Q K Eanrl ' ,, Pu. Ween '15 ff -- . ee, Kay Bohm was ck Fn2mK "Len" Fifty-F BASKETBALL g, K! M 'xx Q I Na Y! , ,H L, X, 1 f f M xi? qq . Q! "S gud!! If "Edd sf. n xx y , 1 ' ,. N V v 1 ,.. K Q x r Q yi , 6 M X ' fam In . : , li .,.,. v Q ri-f L i :vi . MX ,j 'I V -1. " F ., U K .I .,.. :IQ i V ,,,' , , iuhzl A wa- ts ' and 2 ' 'Tip A X A, K !,,, A . .Q h .Q ' X ' . ' f J A,V,., ' 5 5 A xx ns u , H UF w N Willy' gall Fiffy-Seffen K5 v fs 9 3 . F V ' nu Q, Q. l A ig.. 'ffaicg g 5 . .. W, 1 Q36 f' si? : q 'Q - mn fif 'Lu YN C. hw.. f ' A ' '- , ,. In f , Yfisslfl 1 fm ,JM :Cm :TS G su. a f-gi I 3 3 ? ' 1- 2..,nf"' 'A Q ""V 2 1 'Q Q fag I 'u 't- I N ' " Q H 'L - -..I . ' 'A 'P' K xy' N' ik ' A I ' -. . ?.s 1 U5 uf S s B . gg' -. ' ' - J V , 0 5 - , ff A fri . ..-V " . . f . , I ff- ' gms PM . ' 1 A J K . ., 'Q : f' ' , yfkav ' ,Qs ff, Q , 55: " 32554 Q :Q ' 1' ' ,I 1 my I , Q 1. fvgk, 5 K 7-S 'Qin ., 1 . F f , . 4 P - - Y : H 12-V, ., Q Q - ' Q 2 ' ,, . R V ' . i I f .gl , PE A L v"' lf. A s - 15 ml f -, " .. X , 'lj Q :Qi ., 4 ,f ,Qt N .AN i', ' ' A J 1 , " by, 1 Li' ff , 5'H'F1't.4.i - A, -X-' ff ' :ll . ' s V Y Y ' Y ' ' ' "' Y' '-" ' 1 lllir-Y ' , I-'iffy-Eigflzr ff !"'N., ' FEATURES ' If we cannot learn wzsdom from experzence zt 0 Washzngton November I0 1787 is dz'fHc'ult to say where it is to be found. X x fza X D X X ,L IH W 4 .,1 . -'f x 4 .JJ -A' .1 5 . ..l:1:.r 'LT-2'.'L.::.!.51P ..: .. .x , ,. -4 Q. I. f , ' 4 'fu ,g ' J .-,.gv- . nu - 8 '- ' '. 1. ' , x- .?+Qxh,.-+,,,3, . , . . , ., , W ,r H Ju- I . , ' I, ,-'W' -.w:,'..-W-.L"f" 'j,' MHP. .4 A ,V .MQ ,nf V Ning J., A , y 5 V ' w , 4 , , 1.4 - .f . x ' , ,.,.,- ,r 'J .' , .' . x. X I' V, I 1,0 .. 1 Uv,- ,UQ V.. 'Wy . . . , I .5 .. ,v.vf!' umm 1 ' in-:nfA1arr -uurrn-val Q v, ,. u, w " '., , f M .i ' r,, Ji -X v 1' 1 ' x 15. w .N1 ,A Y 4 1 .Hn xx, ,,gf,I,l f ' I ' f, rff: 5 'EQZQZSHI Ghz mnfbi 3110052 Vol. 1. No. 1. April 1, SENIORS GRADUATE DESPITE OPPOSITION TEACHERS ELATED In spite of the almost unheralded op- position on the part of the faculty one hundred some members of the Senior class graduated this June. 1932. Of this number several managed through special concentration of their intellec- tual powers to complete the course in three and a half years ftwo year coursel. Of the four year students a few actually passed in their subjects but the great majority were asked by their teachers to leave, self preserva- tion being the first law of nature, and even some were almost forced to marry their teachers. The teachers, having done every- thing in their power to prevent the graduation, finally decided to have a party to celebrate freedom from the awful horde. Two lollypops were the refreshments-each one of the faculty taking one lick. Due to an extreme lack of vigilance on the part of several of the leading universities a great percentage of the members of the class are to continue their education at more expensive in- stitutions of athletic endeavor. Two scholarships in baseball, one in foot- ball, and one in basketball were re- ceived hy members of the class. The great majority of the members of the class forgot tu appear at the commencement exercises but it really didn't make much difference since the engineer forgot to open the building and Mr. Schocli and the speaker of the evening went to XYalgreens and got a malted milk. THE WHETHER Colder today probably followed by tomorrow. Sunrise at 6:00 P. M. Moon will rise in the west for a change. "'XVeather cold Or weather hot, XVe must have weather, XVl2ether or not." 1932 M. P. H. S. STUDENT PRINCIPAL IN OFFICE .-Xt last! The principal's office has been filled with one of our kind. liobup McKayskioutdedoorski has succeeded to the chair. tXYhoops and other ex- clamations of joyl. Do you know what that means? No more lessons. Immediately upon entering his office this morning he issued orders that the teachers hereafter would do the study- ing in order to earn their pay. Miss Fuhrman will receive a discipline card. Also pupils will be required to come for only two classes a day. One of these will be to teach the teachers what they don't know land never willi, and the other will be lunch. Friday the pupils will receive their SNOOZES free fthe teachers will furnish thesej. lf this rule is not liked the teachers will be put back in charge of the school. AWARDb"M. P.'s" TO CHEWERS At an impressive double assembly held during the lunch period on Tues- day three HM. P." letters were awarded to members of the Senior class who best represented their class in the guru chewing contest which has been going on during the past four years. The first emblem was awarded to ,lack Allen who, it is estimated by Lenny Cummings. demon estimator of the annual staff, chewed enough gum to generate one million, two hundred and two foot pounds of energy or enough power to raise Mr. Schoch. "Bernie" Peterson, Miss XYalters, and Mrs. Hartle to the top of the chimney. The other awards went to "Viv" Ashline and "Beef" Rathje. The HM. P's." are keen things consisting of astick of spearmint rampant on a bright red field. They were designed by ,lim McConnell. LOST Answers to the name of Jane. Sweet disposition, blue eyes. dark white hair, small teeth, slightly dis- large ears, colored by age. Finder please keep girl and return Pliemtor pin. Sixty- nt W W? ew H MTW Q rf - 5? wg Mmm wwf 35 gJlWm3 fQ2Q X 1 gfQxf25OgW my, iajg' xx INN gy W -. xg V351 ff. fog ff. ' X Qftfli .0-f WMM ' " . fllf, ' 'Li N v f Q .5 J X ,Q N fy X M A53 jo mg ,iff lax Lf LJMQ fam X 4Qw?QfWi U LWWIA Page 2. THE EMPEHI SNOOZE The Empehi Snooze Staff "D" SOCIETY Edif0I' .............................. ,.Gt'OI'gC Cal'1'Oll "Squeak" Thiele Assistant Editor ..,..,,,...... Robert Banger Mushnioutli Moorman Assistants to Them .,.... Banger, Carroll Rane? krlchbaum H ' ' """" ' ' ' C Cl Llyde Pendelton 'iwists G L Lorentz Bin s ho 1 Bob ketchum VOL. I. NO. I. The Guderyahns "Braddy" Idemann Dedicated to: The revival of Empehi Spirit BIG PLAY IS GIVEN "The gathering of the nuts" by Bill Schoch-speare was presented at the Goodman Theatre last Tuesday. The scene is in front of Moor1nan's saloon. The hero's brother is shot in a poker game by One Lung Pete. The hero and his girl with the help of a farmer nail One Lung Pete. Cast Hero .......,,....,.,,.,,.,,,,....,,, "Heath" Bowlin His girl ......., ,.,..,,,,,.,.,,.,..,... ' 'Yiv" Ashline Hero's brother ,..,.................. -lack Tipler One Lung ..,,..,,,,.,,.., Kanery Krichbaum Farmer ,............................,,..... Bob Banger Saloon keepers ..., The Moorman Bros. Bartender .,.........,,...,..,.... "Horatio" Rich Salesman ......,,,,..,,,......... "Hi" Cummings Frenchman, rlelnxe.,L'i51arfaee Brewster Grandnia ..,,..,,,.,,..,...,....,.. 'tIssy" Longley Drunk ...,......,,...,.,,,,....,........,. "Tease" Ball Dancers and women about saloon .... ....uLlOSlllC5tlCH IYasliburne. "Loud mouth" Abbott, and "Gab" Byers General Nut ,..,,,............,,..,.,.,,., Ed Thiele CLASSIFIED ADS Torrid lfanines! ONLY THE BEST thoroughly mustardized and pickil- iated. BlI.L-lltl-13 Hermosa. Ye modernistiilne beantie slioppe. COS'I'MI-ISTI XVASHHURN TEACHERS SPEND SPRING VACATION Mr. E, Meyers spent the week in the state of l'nconciousness from marking so many senior papers. Mr. "Greeter" Gay spent the week in Kanakee. his hometown. HAR! HAR! HAR! The boy stood on the burning deck His head was in a whirl. His eyes and mouth were full of hair, His arms were full of girl. S' :lv-Two Dick Bowlinski "Tease" Ball Bill McKnight "Simon Mckay jack McDonnell PERSONAL COLUMN This is to certify that on and after June 15. I. Betty Copelin, will do- no more of Leonard Cumming's home- work. Pullleeeeeezzzze don't get caught tying my clothes in knots or copping them from my gym locker, because the next guy I catch is gonna get his neck rung. I have had to argue all together too much with "ButTalo" Bill for be- ing late to yodel with Mrs. Hartle. Robert E. Banger GHAFF-CHAFF-CHAFF r' zixfi .mst aff! affif , Issy tat dancel: "Shots, you're' a dear tonight." ' Shots: "Xope. I'm a stag. I haven't the doe." Mother: "Do you know where bad girls go?" Gladys: 'AYes, they go everywhere." Her: "Oh! my football hero, my man of iron-my Fighting spirited scrapper, where did you get that black eye?" He: "The bench turned over." CVoice at the door at 2:00 A.M.l: "Does Ed Thiele live here?" Old man Thiele: "Yah, carry him . U lll. Mr. Schoch: "If there are any dum- bells in this room. stand up." IA long pause then McKnight stands upl Mr. S.: "Do you consider yourself a rlumbell?" McKnight: "No, but I hated to see you up there all alone." FILL THE TROPHY CASE THE EMPEHI SNOOZE Page Three BILL SURPRISES ED A surprise kid party was given to Ed Lucius last Tuesday by "Appollo" Kline. "Airedale" Cummings enter- tained with his jazz band. Among those present were Gramma Longley and E. Billings Brewster, Dick Bowlin and Cvladass Stanyer, "Swede" Myers and a girl from Calumet, little Sadie and a flock more girls. Someone called up during the party and said to get all the water they could in the pots and pans right away, that the water was to be turned off But it turned out to be only that nasty little playboy of Empehi, Len Cummings. And then the lights went out and our correspondent thinks it was that nasty little cutup Ed Lucius. Any way they all went out for the rest of the evening for who would stay in a room with the lights out. A good time was had by all. BOYS HOLD STAG DANCE A stag dance was sponsored by the Senior A's in the little gym, XVed. Being a stag dance many of the "girls" stepped on their partners toes. During the dance a group of girls. having heard about the dance, tried to crash it but no luck! The dance was a huge success without women so all the fellows have decided to bar women from all the dances hereafter. PEAR TREE "Viv" Ashline "H." Stevens "ls" Longley "Sissy', Bushnell Dick Bowlin "Howdie" Myers "Gogh Clissold Jane McKnight Jeanne O'Connor Jack Allen "Pat" Stanton Jimmie Moorman Jean Moore "Apple-boy" Freeman "Irish', Lehbrink "Marg', Graver Harriet Wilson "Fuzzy" Wilson Dawn Harrison Norva Cosgrove "Kay" Warden Don Carrell Bill Brewster "Ideal" Davisson "Bucky Pitkin Bill Whyte "Tarzan" Ball Bill Sproul "Willie" Van Etten Rose Baker Maxine Baird Don Davis "Bet" McGregor "What-a-man" An- derson D. U. C.'s The Academy "Some people like the academy, ELEVENJS THEME SONG NVQ are the boys of the football team, NVe're not as good as we may seem, Although we don't win all our tusslcs You ought to feel of our big muscles. 2 NVe don't smoke or we don't chew, And we don't go with the girls that do, Our team can't be beat. Even if you stand Cal on their feet. MR. TWEEDY GIVES STRONG ARM ACT Mr. Dick Tweedy gave a strong man act at the Hi-Y meeting the other day. He performed feats that astound- ed everyone present. His chewing and bending of spikes were good. After showing each member that the spikes were real and not rubber, Mr. Tweedy stuck the spikes in his mouth and bent them. Then he started chew- ing them, and within two minutes the spikes were completely chewed up. Mr. Tweedy next performed his bend- ing of spikes. He said that he had a wrestling match with "Strangler" Lewis the night before and his hands still hurt. At the end of his act the boys asked Mr. Tweedy how he came out in the match with Lewis. Mr. Tweedy gave them a look of disgust and walked out of the room saying that he had never been so in- sulted before in all his life. JUST IMAGINE-i Ed Thiele speaking to a freshman? McConnell in a kitty car? Ketchum without his "M. P." sweater? Antonides in the follies? Moorman not shadowing Rich? Banger with nothing to say? Mr. Schoch working on the railroad? Jack Allen with nothing to do? Eidmann president of the S. A.? Mr. Gay as mayor of Chicago? Helen Mary Winsor saying something sensible? "Shots" Carroll and Jack Allen not hungry? Empehi with a good football team? Miss Fuhrman and an S? C. Anderson giving any guys a ride in But we don't like the academy his Car? When Cummings is the president - There won't be no academy." FILL OUR TROPHY CASE Sixty-T111 t L Page Four. THE EMPEHI SNOOZE B. R. CBUND PETERSON WINS FAT MAN'S DERBY "Bernie" Peterson carrying an ex- cess weight of 125 lbs. with a hop, skip, jump and a roll won the greatest fat man's derby ever held in the mid- west. He left the rest of the field tif- teen rolls behind him. Sports writers from all over the midwest chose him for the coming Olympics and said they believed him the best dash man in the city. XYhen the call for entries was issued Mr. Meyers. the promoter was swamped by a lot of aspiring gazelles, so eliminations were held which brought forth the following: Mr. Schoch, Mr. Hall, Peterson, Parrett and Maysack. This event took all day, for the quarter mile was so grueling that rest periods were necessary and they took up most of the time. Hut finally and eventually the end came and Pete says he won by using trig strategy. These trigonometry tactics found out the shortest distance to finish. BOWLIN'S MOB VS. KETCHAM'S MOB Away hack in October Howlin's gang was completely delnoralized by a volley of tomatoes, cabbage. etc. No wonder tiaptain llowlin was away with "lit-ef" Rath-ie getting more tomatoes and squash. The sides then united and snake- danced down Longwood drive. Among the leaders were "Bud" Robey, ,lim Moorman, Varroll Cihistie, Klinenmann. Hanger and French. After interviewing Hill Fchoch about his goatee and mustache and the gigo- loes at limpehi the general trend of the march was toward the beloved academy, After daintily painting one of their classmates cars with tomato juice and in an effort to dodge a Polish ice man in an orange truck the pansies of lfmpehi strolled through a few back yards and Cresent park. A good time was had by most of us. Hall of Fame Best looking ...............,....,....... Bowlin Strongest ....... ........ Brewster Most talkative .,...,. ,.,,,... 1 ack Allen Neatest ........ ....,.............. lt lcConnell Best student .......r.,..,, .lim Moorman Best athlete ,,,, Lousy freshie Carhart Bill lYebb FILL OUR TROPHY CASE .S'i,rly-Pour "BABY FACE" RATHJE WINS JACKS CONTEST "Come on Rathjef' yelled the Empe- hites in the stands as Rathje bounced his way to victory. As a close second came Hob McKay. "But," said "Tease" Ballbahy, t'Bob should have won. He fell over twice trying to pick up his jacks. and he puntured his ball." The game took place in Jack Allen's field last night. As referee Ballbaby marched out with the contestants- Rich, Moorman. Bowlin, McKay, and Rathje. The crowd cheered wildly, but they yelled mostly at Rathje when he came out in his sky blue outfit, and orange pants. He succeeded in cap- turing a jack in the tirst inning. His banners Hew high in the second, when he got two more. However, in the third inning he was about to fall on more when he fell and scratched his lingers dreadfully. THE EMPEHI SNOOZES' ALL AMERICAN ELEVEN After all the coaches north of the equator, south of the north pole, east of Suez, and west of Cicero, untangled themselves from their annual banquet with the help of a bunch of dumb sport writers picked this new and original team of All American football. Pos-Player-School l..lf.+Loads of Kale. l..T.-Roses o'Picardy. LG,-Bells o' St. Marys. C.-Spirit o' seventy-six. RIS.-Nuts o' Kankakee. R.T.-Rathje of Vassar. R.lf.-Runs of Socks. QB.-Oodles of Dough. H.l7l.-East-of-Cicero. H.l1.-Smell o' Limburger. OH! GIRLS! "Swett, di you, get those girls off the tackling dummy," shouted the sweet, blond, blue eyed Antonides. the coach. lVarren Swett, "Swettie" for short. the plump little manager of the football team, made a feeble attempt to obey. The dames swung on. Straddling the top of the tackling dummy were Carol Kephart, Issv Longley, Myrtle Hott- man, Ana Groebe and Helen Mary VVindsor. "Swettie" was blushing. Shame on you girls for treating "Swet- tie" thus! He called for aid from Mr. Antonides. As the girls ran from the talckling dummy at the sweet soprano voice of Antonides. Swett waved a sack of footballs in token of victory. ITIOSSI' 'S' The Business College with the Univer- sity Atmosphere-Famous for the High Type of Employees it Develops O N L Y Q FOUR YEAR HlGH SCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS EMPLOYED 'l'l6 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 H- .1..,.1..,.1l...1..l.1.,..1....1l.........Z.l.-....1....-,..........-...,-..,.-..-. H1 u1..-l...-.,,..- Ifmi- IJi'i1lc1w XVIII Clin' You Ifxfnwf i,i,1...,1,.i.1.,.i1..,.1W,1...,1.,.i1.m1..,.1...,1..,.1..,.1...1...,1. 1 .1 1.1. 1 1 Q1-1-i.1,. 1 .1...1- , .Eh I VESTAfCONSOLl DATED PlatefLockecl Batteries STOP THE CAUSE OF OVER 75' or BA'I"I'IiRY lf,-llLUKES.' pl.izc-buckling, short-circuiting. Sec him 17 Ba! lurj Srrz im' llIXIRlX Nlomiu, IN4.. Sami S. .X-lxl.iml .Xu-. l5lYrlx'91.4.4, V E S lllllill NxsHSxiis P14 XY. with Ni. Cfinrcxt igim IIQNINIIAU Xiiisu 5 r BATTERIES X-4 1 3 N. .'Xihl.iml .-Xiu. lil x fly '7'4 QUAUTV ,mcg l.,7 ,xml .iviwid battery worries. xilbiilx .iXL'lVK' Rx IL Y'Il1 S lmmlix1Nl'gur.bTR1.1l1g.1l1i.iS3 xc Y 1, xlcAc.r ii 1 Let E1eCtI1C1ty r Ariel Serve You l ill f Ekfgllg fi l i Wil ll f- 1-V ,i , , , , For Information W 'Ag' Telephone Randolph 1200 -J ' Loral 535 ECOMMONWEALTH EDISON S 8Sf1W'ZEiT6f:,A:iEgfEET mia s6uTH Micuicfw AVENUE 4- ..., 1 ,.,. - .... - ,.,. ..,. 1 ...-.-....-..,.....-.... - - - - -.. 4. Siili Nm' The Pl..-Yl-l -l,OfK guxrds against chafing. thc plain .irc firmly lwukcd in pl.1ce-cven- sp.1qud+prmucrcd .igninsr wear and tear. Iqurp now with .1 Vcsr.1-Conwolidatcd- .g...-... 4- 1' 111: L- QT fb- Only the Fine t that will add to the charm and beauty of youth-That will wear exceptionally well and FUR priced to meet all purses can be seen at the salon of- RAMSPERGER gl LARSONJIIC. 55 E. WASHINGTON ST. PHONE RANDOLPH S177 Si.1'l,x'- N 11 1.1....1...1,.,,1,.,,1.,.,1,,,.1m.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.1.1m.1.,..1u..1y...1ui.1..,.1....1.,..1 IL , June fl l , 'I F Pgwf I KN 1 K. ' fr 'x ,,,, ,L W . N, It F S , C , . 'F Q -' ' v A N 1' r .9 Y . 'a V .41 'Q .. . 'Q 1- we f , l, N V -. M Emu BQ-5 " fxif w WL. ' Ni if Y !1"'v 'wo k.f J 'fig 5 V Ahbxx A 5 X f f . Lf f'X, g i g f x jg Wii-W3 -"- faq i' aff' 'K -, I ""-'..."-' B A X... 31 ff f - , 1 I Q. ' , ,, ,, '-f' -' L4 ' LGJJ . S ., , 3, ! ,- , , .At , f 'N N! xv 3 .,. x AX S . 1 M. In uv. "JH R 1 A " 5 , sf rx-Iiiyhl M 'g ' "1 O' if f"Y'ff' .. 41, Ha- Jw' .frffiff ' ' Q f ' X f V 'Q if "' wifi MJ!! ' A ' I 1 LUNCHROOM STAFF . . Eat 4 . at the Morgan Park High School Lunchroom Better F0011 af Lower Prices C0 lplingfs I jwl Fis her Ice Creamyfbo 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 11.1u.11u..1....1....1....1,...1...,1.,..11..1 1...1 ..1...1 .1 1 1....1.. WILSON'S M E AT S and M E AT F O CD D PRGDUCTS V V Jxitmamcamfwamywrwna A Sazfngs Account in this Bank is always Worth its face value - gives you ready money for any emergency. THE MUTUAL NATIONAL BANK Halsted at 79th Street S Wwglf WWW H 'QW owe, we Jr Vg 6 Semorplaj f wi Tcmfpmlon HPI' L F001 'U 1 ' ' " '," ' I ' ' ' ' H ' ' V' Q ' , 45? h - ,T 1 1 Q ' ' 1, LL :I ,K - 11..'!'ll U V 9 b . tl x--5" h' 9 fb. I h l ef' Q Y' H7 ff dw Xl A , e 2 ' N , XL .,- AV 4 - i if 2 vc 1 9 6-X ni.-.,...1.1-.11--.1m....,,.-...,1.mi ,1...1...,1....1.....- we If , V 'K . Q I. QELWEKSS lx Lfv' ',-5, uuhgznls ewcli S MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE GROCERS C A G E D A A JOHN SEXTON fr CO. 1 .-.vtK.-1.-t1....1f.,.1,,..-.i,..1.i.i1...,1n..1.,,1.,.,-..,,,1.. Bring Your Used Books to the STUDENTS EXCHA GE "QU Qu SOMEONE NEEDS THE BOOKS AND YOU MAY NEED THE MONEY! Conzplinzezzfs Of G1NoCc:H1o BRoTHERs Wholesale Produce O89 159 South W'nter Market CHICAGO Telephone Roosevelt 2 6 03 In ,September Attend THE CH1CAGo JUNIOR CoLLEGE 71st and May Streets Complete two-year Liberal Arts Course-Medicine. Dentistry, Law, Nursing, Normal, Music, Commercial Curriculums. High Standards, Qualified Ficulty, Low Cost,-Credits Recognized. For further information and catalog write: ' l"REDI'RICK H. XYVEZEBIAN, Prvsii1'm1f 71st and May Streets ,S'i"I't'1zfj'-Y 11 P: I2 Q' 15541 X- 4.1, V -wk figs, 911, ,Ef- V. 2-3 4, ,-q 1 bij? YF? di Afm-:ur 'MQ YJBELQ-i-snaww' !fLNdsLFfia!!' - l,..4i Am , ' Ei w ,X . 'N X ' -4- A 5 ,W .W-A 'Y wi- .ff x af I -e me N . Q ,S-3 .5 9 235:75- if' 'f'7,'f'3 Q51 If-E" " Q " . fill- -g A ,. - ,, -,:53iLga+ ? ,A . . . ., A A 1 L' ilk' i ' v if . 1 ' I 1 5 Q .1 31- x , x x w jrflt? i Q W - ' N- I g Q I e.. Y i ,akxvh . . , L 'i ,iz rf ! I ng? Nth Q - --x ' 1 I' 4 f U if . 'J ' "www , A. Q ' 'Q ' f. ' , :f Q. 1 1-ri Q V ' ' ' s .1 1 w 2 f 1 '-+"'Q 1 '- "w 'Z Q ,K f-'N L53-. P-. X f 'I '- Zgzufz "f YNIHX' Kb J at aff .Jn nifslfxiff, , .. Q Jun Paseo LUN - .X'vt'c11fy-Ifnlu' 56'l'?4'P!!D:ErZ'9fN7lV.9!3iR K!!! l5'SZ'h!Kd3i3l4L ' UAE . 9400 Automobile Parts of Mr. Schoch's Lizzie, Empehi Spark that which keeps life in the school Cummings, Allen. Engine that which always runs smoothly Student Association. Differential that which runs in grease Banger's hair. Wheel base that which means length Kenneth Stump. Muffler that which is silent Ed Lucius. Tires the ones that never blow up S. A. Oflicers. Frame that which upholds the school Mr. Schoch. Gasoline that which makes things fMcKnight, Ballj run Capt. Lorentz. Rear system-that which brings up the rear the funds. Hood that which keeps the bad material out Miss Petty fthe poniesj. Clutch the thing which keeps us from going out hall guards. Transmission that which shifts us forward or backward report cards. Universal that which keeps us joined together Bill Van Etten. Brake that which keeps us from moving . Miss Fuhrman. Emergency that which gives help when badly needed the faculty. Lights . that which may go out at any time certain student friends of Bumper . that which we run up against without damage tests. Carburetor that which must be fed to give good service Shots Carroll. Radiator , that which muSt be repaired to give good service funds. Steering gear that which shows us where to go the matron. Windshield wiper you can never tell when it will work Thiele. Horn . that which makes itself heard Carhart. Lorentz will do. License , ,that which tags around Student Court. Crank self explanatory too many suggestions from six year seniors. Capt. 1ln1uu1u iiiu1i...1....1nn1iin1n..1 I1un1im1im.-...ii.miiiii11.4.-....1i.n1.iiiinii ln.-11.1.1 ... 1 Tm, Where Shall We Eat? AMAID IIS 1900 MONTEREY AVENUE Sandwiches f Sodas 85 Sundaes SUI' 4.'JIfj"1T1' 4- -m-- -------- ----- -------- - - -- -1- CALL BEV. 02 85 umm? Beauty Shop for FREDERICS VITA-TONIC PERMANENTS 355.00 56.50 157.50 SOC Rates-Mon., Tues., XVed., Thurs. Complinzwzfs Of Morgan Park Tea Room 1758 Monterey Ave. MRS. MARGIE M. BASON, Nluzzelgw C I' ' I C!l!lIIIlillIt'V1fX Um!! Nm H S , 0 of f BND WALKERS 8a FOOD SHOPS GOULD INC. 18458 XV. 1o3,rd Sl. 1904 Monterey AVC. A1L'l1111gS Bev. S379 Bev. S588 CXDQIS 2 'I'lMW.uu1u,I'mp LYSTLR H,xiu:1s,Pm11. 5813 XXVI-N'l'XYOR'l'lI AYLNUE LIDGXD Phone XVentwor'th 2450 Chicago Open 7500 A, M, to 10:00 P, M. Including Sundays Sl Holidays 4. nn ---- -- - -H ---- -.- - -....- .... -...-.-.,,.- .-...-....- .,.. -....-..,.,-.W-.. I N llf'Y'.SAl..I' CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS lDlllEGlES dz, CLUST 185 No. Wabash Ave. CHICAGO Makers of the 1932 Class Rings NEW HYORK-BOSTON-PITTSBLlRGHiNENV ORLEANS MEDALS TROPHIES Walden Garage Beverly Veterinary Hospital 9916 Walden Pnrkwly 10418 Vincennes Ave. Bevel-ly 9700 . Beverly 7690 THE XVAYTE LAUNDRY COMPANY 2-H3 COTTAGE GROVE AVE. Telephone Calumet 0803 I Higb Graa'e Ltllllldfj' XVE SATISFY Sr'z'm1fy-S 1 lp1nn1u..-1111111111 -1- ------ ---H ------ -+ Cmlgyys Shoe Rebuilding Shop HATS CLEANED X BLOCKED SHOE SHINING Q1 Prim' in Fil Ifzw'-x' Prim' XVIQ CAI1. 8 DIQLIVITR A11, XYORK U1.'.'XRANT1'1'.17 11053 Hale Ave. Ccd. 3659 Om' Lnbvl Is 41 Pfrsozml Gzzanzfzfvv of flu' Qualify of Our Pruzfnds, and flu' Cozzjidwzrv If Bvgvfs, is Ibm' Baxis of Our SHt't'l'XK SCHOOL SUPPLIliS-SODAS-LUNCHFS PARTINGTON' 86 NEWHALL Inc. IJRUGGISTS Sul fm Aux' C.urm'r, Alzmyx un flu' Sqn: 11049-51 Hale Avenue Chicago COMPIJMIQNTS DECKERS QUALITY M E A T S GTD S51 W1 103rd St. ufy-Ifiyhf LIDGXJ Couzplinzwzix HOYT SC SAUER 1938 Monterey Avenue GXJLID MONTEREH' PHARMACY S. B. Launxpach, Prop. QUALITY DRUGS Dz'fu'r1iIi1l1lI' SI'l'z14'1' NVQ Spccialivc IN Coon Cxxm' .xxn FRisH NUTS TASTY SANDXVICHES and REAI, SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone Beverly S252 1952 IWONTEREY AVENUE MORGAN PARK 1 1 1 1 1 1.1...1.,.,1.1 1.1...1.,.1.1. H are Your Tennis Racke! Resirzuzg By LEN CUMMINGS LOW PRICES CTIltlI'l1IIfL'l'l1 VL70Vk 24 Hour Service 9600 S. HOYNE Avia' CED. 3352 ADVERTISERS IN THIS ANNUAL HELPED MAKE IT A SUCCESS KINDLY PATRONIZE THEM THANK YOU THE STAFF VV Pbofograpfyiv W01'k Done BY CONTINENTAL PHOTOGRAPHIC SERVICE 2949 Washington Boulevard Chicago, Ill. .S'4'1'i'11fy- X 111 lin Memoriam ROBERT AOSKAD, '33 lll FINIS In this great human drama of life, we must each H11 a role, either that of the actor or of the spectator. At times we may be lost in the mobs, may be disguised in a make-up, an exterior which renders us for the moment unknowng but again we emerge -our real selves, -not the actor but the man. If each of us delivers the best that is in him, gives his fullest voice and ablest hand to his special part in life's drama. then, and only then has he achieved success. We cannot all stand in the limelight: some of us must be in the chorus, must even shift the scenery and clear the stage. It is he who plays well his part, however small or mean, who is the king-the greatest and noblest actor. May each of us play the part for which he is best suited-but better yet, may we each find happiness and true contentment in the role fate chooses for us. We wish to extend our appreciation to the P. T. A. for their pecuniary interest in the Annual 44 44 44 lfigllzfy ':'-vm , 'fn New .v ,' 'J i",-V f' ,- -dfcunl-,.Qff" aff" w L x MM? f 1 I ff-"URI"-1 VE' -' 17 A' V-I My ,QNX !l"r41f'w -f ,vm A 1 . 11 N-5, 'QV :F xy Jw ,ar'r,vL f- . . -. V lil' ' gil' vi? -.QIEH l :1"'Y"-I x., ,, N, 'W If . 14.7 1 w ! if 'f'!:"i ight-'11, L an, 1 U -M 5 rf,'5..4'l,'I 2 H :Mf- I' y Vp' 'b!,wf1'6'l Aix Y IT - .W 'J .mm XF' F 4 'ffl if - QI.. "ff ' .H 'J ',.g.L,f-nv 'Lf . .g I.. ,fn It ,,r5:Qf.Ji Q' i 'fnjlllr PQ' 1 ,, -"W 4' ' 1.' I .1 if-' ss f-" 1 1 , ., 'ui fr f. 1 Ng , , . 5, W vs 31 'fm ,L -xiafyv-.H pf,- 'ff ' V 1'-An g,,,..V ' ' v'. -"' ' 7CxPf',n" 1' ,' ' 'flwh I W. I, um I, vd u-V I uf n ' ,-, 1 .. I-:W .. xii, 4 ,,L3'mv avI w1'2?.f:.g,:. i W. 'LY I ""'l .9-KJ, .Valli ,lf V M4 V- L. .. f .Y . 3 ' 'fl ..c'.,'-q' N - H J fr A ' .45,,'u - if -' NA., ,. ,l' Qfgfgw ' 5111" W4 ,J mf .,,"L',', . ff' I , ,1fVww.L5'A91f,f ifyiw xw' , .V , - I 'Krfi ,wi mf, , - , 45", . 'T -:If-" '2.fi9'V1 ' W .,u ,,,, . , ' I f- '. mx.,- ' 1'-'ark' '4 A-4, u x ,. 1,1541 ,"'1aK.' N, ml, Q-1, W L. wh!! fr .", YH' ',lI-1 Q -:rj "Ti, 14 M ' -Y, ?"u wwe.-1! f.2'i? ' 14 rn. p uc' 4 r'- + A 0 M ,I r ni , 5-3.6, 3 fu ""'f, , 29:15 Tai: THE EMPEHI 1932 a lustre on all around him. 0 Archbishop John Caroll .B He was invested with a glory that shed 5 Y H Xxx ...boi-' ' ,I e f f , ' ..-f-,,.,".'l-" ! 21+- ,-.542 ,- 9-1i-. v ? i ':'-vm , 'fn New .v ,' 'J i",-V f' ,- -dfcunl-,.Qff" aff" w L x MM? f 1 I ff-"URI"-1 VE' -' 17 A' V-I My ,QNX !l"r41f'w -f ,vm A 1 . 11 N-5, 'QV :F xy Jw ,ar'r,vL f- . . -. V lil' ' gil' vi? -.QIEH l :1"'Y"-I x., ,, N, 'W If . 14.7 1 w ! if 'f'!:"i ight-'11, L an, 1 U -M 5 rf,'5..4'l,'I 2 H :Mf- I' y Vp' 'b!,wf1'6'l Aix Y IT - .W 'J .mm XF' F 4 'ffl if - QI.. "ff ' .H 'J ',.g.L,f-nv 'Lf . .g I.. ,fn It ,,r5:Qf.Ji Q' i 'fnjlllr PQ' 1 ,, -"W 4' ' 1.' I .1 if-' ss f-" 1 1 , ., 'ui fr f. 1 Ng , , . 5, W vs 31 'fm ,L -xiafyv-.H pf,- 'ff ' V 1'-An g,,,..V ' ' v'. -"' ' 7CxPf',n" 1' ,' ' 'flwh I W. I, um I, vd u-V I uf n ' ,-, 1 .. I-:W .. xii, 4 ,,L3'mv avI w1'2?.f:.g,:. i W. 'LY I ""'l .9-KJ, .Valli ,lf V M4 V- L. .. f .Y . 3 ' 'fl ..c'.,'-q' N - H J fr A ' .45,,'u - if -' NA., ,. ,l' Qfgfgw ' 5111" W4 ,J mf .,,"L',', . ff' I , ,1fVww.L5'A91f,f ifyiw xw' , .V , - I 'Krfi ,wi mf, , - , 45", . 'T -:If-" '2.fi9'V1 ' W .,u ,,,, . , ' I f- '. mx.,- ' 1'-'ark' '4 A-4, u x ,. 1,1541 ,"'1aK.' N, ml, Q-1, W L. wh!! fr .", YH' ',lI-1 Q -:rj "Ti, 14 M ' -Y, ?"u wwe.-1! f.2'i? ' 14 rn. p uc' 4 r'- + A 0 M ,I r ni f 11, M- "?','-7' 'v'v ,. " ' v t 1 ISI Q 9 S .I W lf ' . , Q A ':'-vm , 'fn New .v ,' 'J i",-V f' ,- -dfcunl-,.Qff" aff" w L x MM? f 1 I ff-"URI"-1 VE' -' 17 A' V-I My ,QNX !l"r41f'w -f ,vm A 1 . 11 N-5, 'QV :F xy Jw ,ar'r,vL f- . . -. V lil' ' gil' vi? -.QIEH l :1"'Y"-I x., ,, N, 'W If . 14.7 1 w ! if 'f'!:"i ight-'11, L an, 1 U -M 5 rf,'5..4'l,'I 2 H :Mf- I' y Vp' 'b!,wf1'6'l Aix Y IT - .W 'J .mm XF' F 4 'ffl if - QI.. "ff ' .H 'J ',.g.L,f-nv 'Lf . .g I.. ,fn It ,,r5:Qf.Ji Q' i 'fnjlllr PQ' 1 ,, -"W 4' ' 1.' I .1 if-' ss f-" 1 1 , ., 'ui fr f. 1 Ng , , . 5, W vs 31 'fm ,L -xiafyv-.H pf,- 'ff ' V 1'-An g,,,..V ' ' v'. -"' ' 7CxPf',n" 1' ,' ' 'flwh I W. I, um I, vd u-V I uf n ' ,-, 1 .. I-:W .. xii, 4 ,,L3'mv avI w1'2?.f:.g,:. i W. 'LY I ""'l .9-KJ, .Valli ,lf V M4 V- L. .. f .Y . 3 ' 'fl ..c'.,'-q' N - H J fr A ' .45,,'u - if -' NA., ,. ,l' Qfgfgw ' 5111" W4 ,J mf .,,"L',', . ff' I , ,1fVww.L5'A91f,f ifyiw xw' , .V , - I 'Krfi ,wi mf, , - , 45", . 'T -:If-" '2.fi9'V1 ' W .,u ,,,, . , ' I f- '. mx.,- ' 1'-'ark' '4 A-4, u x ,. 1,1541 ,"'1aK.' N, ml, Q-1, W L. wh!! fr .", YH' ',lI-1 Q -:rj "Ti, 14 M ' -Y, ?"u wwe.-1! f.2'i? ' 14 rn. p uc' 4 r'- + A 0 M ,I r ni

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