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if Q A JEXW Conner ' mls Auth ' dm wcC2,:i,'O U , A H f X If ' Qssjlfiiffxkl Dim? X ff LIBR ' 1 . an F ' MM x x A ,' ' 'W GW!! ' rfw g- SE xexnsni .Ll WM 4f ij' SKC, X fl I qi f - .f f . Ky? M W W W X! 7' ,,, The EMPEHI 1929 MAURENE FREY Editor-in-Clzief WILLIAM LEE B lLSi71CSS Ma1zagcr 55,5 1 M 'W ff -2, Ref if RU N 2 ,Q 639. QZWML I 32' KM 1 ,Ellis f-v M A AN U MOKGAIXI PARK HIGH JCHOOL CHICAGO, ILL. 1929 g Q AY:-.?'-.-: ? -L9..'5T-'.-' Y ff! U X a .v"" 'R XX I ' ' J 'Ibihe parents of the commumgy vflw have watched over us all our lwes and .gwen of lbw tune and counsel who have made eat sacrufwes that We might ve our eveq vnsh who have guided us m our dxf ftcultles and rgmeecl wilt us over our successesmfho have slaunelx belief in a brilliant future before us,we,the students of 5chool,cledicate issywbook. Y' y' 4 Q FOREWORD Ch os forthe new Worldgaagr Platte, as a theme forourl-bmua the Columbman fxposutmon Just as that great exposntion assembled the beauty and aebtevement of the pr Lrgyeafs so we have tned to set forththe phases of OL11' school life which have contributed lasting' beauty and permanent power to our lives. Qythis means we hope to keep alivethememoriesofahapiyyeaa FACULTY ALUMNI ATI-ILETIC5 CLASSES ACTIVITIES XRIT UUR A AUVERTI5ER5 :if -wv 3 THE MORGAN PARK HIGH SCHGOL Page 7 I irq.. , ,,.,, N, xii!! K w , , .A ,. 1 ,s fl V 5 L E B 4? 1 AX if Ii Qi Vw li if 'i 5? xk S: H Qi i gi I if U 22 K 1 1 H ii lr ,lx i M H '1 I .. Ni 'R 'J N2 1? V1 ki jx K i: ,, W. .fi M, ,. , 1 al .,ff.u.1,-.f .h....w ... .N .f -V-. .,.,,,.... ,....,,. ., M... ....,, Av.. --- --M -f-M-n -F-W, ,-w....-.-,+...,.., . .. .,,...4..-.-1'---W.-,.,........ .........5...,-,..,...-.... I-M--f Page 8 qff . L , 1 V , A vi . V , 1 V N, ,N ,A "'M'ifYf::'fif "'ffi.f'f'Q ',Ql,QLfLY , 'Y rf ,fiY.i.fQ."" 'V Q IA ? Ei H 5 i 1 2 N f If E M i 3 3 . 1 if E if 1 lx , 1 w E l E 51 Y W :af . Q 1 P Q53 i V g 35 3 3: 5 Ei QP - 5 fi L 1:41 EJ 1 1 I if 5 i - 1 4 11 Q if 1 ' SE , MR. SCHOCH'S OFFICE KITCHENETTE i lg 'V ' V' Q. ,,,, ',,.4fY1" ' Q,.'.,,,. ,,g..,k, ,... H Y , .QQ:,-QW .. ,Qf.,Q,iQEv1 1 I ' 1 GROWING ROOM ZOOLOGY LABORATORY Page 9 V K ww mQ5YA-.W V V Y,,.,R,,,iY v ,,,,n ,,,,4V If ....,Ywi -..Q-..1. Page IO GIRLS' GYMNASIUIVI CLASS SWIMMING POOL mf.,.,...-f4--.-.-fgw-W. -,fm1,.,-.,wv,.-..:.....-um,-qi-,1,... .---..f:n.r...,--:,. Qvwww, ,lu , ,, T . . -v....,, .Jfv-vvqvn,--?.:,.., T-....:,11:--...-1917:-W - Y? . A UM, ' QT: X 11 -J ,gl '22 12 f! . w ,N , J 1 w w 'w wa' me 4, "N H ,N fi ffl me ,A :fy 11 C! My wx M 'wi gi , gl ZW Li YA 3 M ,IQ 'H if v Vx if , '1 w A Ei il ,M fi p U, w A w 1 w w w v., .v, .. ,Y , ,, 1 - V 1 1 n X lf LUNCH ROOM OFFICE N ,f ..., .....-.sA.,, , -. ., Page II I, x A ., ,,,Q, , , , K. LIBRARY Page I2 STUDY FACU Y , I r if, , 4 rtlr' VVILLIAM SCHOCH Principal Page -rf ., -1 W'-'T Liv Y, 41 -- . . 1 IV 1 .7 Y .....N.--v ag.. ..,. . W . Y- , -. . Y . .- TO OUR FRIENDS5 PARENTS This book, boys and girls, is dedicated to yourparents, who are watching your progress with anxious devotion, never failing loyalty, and an eager will- ingness- to make any sacrifice for your good, to the end that you may grow to be useful members of society. The dedication of this year book to them is an acknowledgment, on our part, of the encouragement and invaluable aid they have given us in our endeavor to "bend the twig as the tree should grow." In this day and generation, when most "chicks believe themselves wiser than the hens," if I may make use of an old adage, it may not be out of place to remind you that your parents are your best friends. Hold them and their counsels ever dear to your hearts! ' Parents, this school is the play ground and the work shop of your chil- dren. Thus it is a most important part of your home and is yours from top to bottom. 'It is, indeed, your grave responsibility, and your greatiprivilege as well, to keep this "home" iniorder. Remember that you are always' more, than welcome here. : U Page 16 W g---P777 -W -Y HW -1- Y 1-f Y- - ..,,,:a-,:f- - -.,7., ,,,,..4..a ,. .,,.,.......-.....-Y.f--s-- ,-L, 7-1, .W 1. . ,.:.,..- .f , .H Y. . - -fur r . 5 4 li' 13 i I, 1 A v 111 V , ,, X 'HS 1 K . I f X R 5 , -.,,Wik,,.,.,,.,..n,,w,Q,,,,,,?f-.f.,, ..,,Q,g:::.,.Y.., R , ' .1,wQv,S...Ek.,,, ,,,W, 1 ,Fm ,.t li? f c ,Q U if! Q E fi U 1, wx H W E W1 i F, ' 5 5 WI 51 , W L 2 152 7? a if E .55 Z N 5 ig E ii M 45 9 4 , , 1,13 UE FE F EE 5 iii 'M W if Q ,ET . FACULTY OF MQRGAN PARK HIGH SCHOOL Q . Page 2-0531: M--. ,.,. , -MM ,,... ,M , H. ,.....,., ,,,,,,A,-,,, .. ,,,,, A .x.. , .,., hYZl5Sffi.2a..AL..3iLL:,'::LF.zi1Z,I.i1LiLL2lI.1.1L2ZQZ..1 Z K,--A 'U' .li-ku '.., .,.4,,.L2g3,g,sAizgzzgfgg2:51132mz:afqLa::.:.r.:b1-SLf.,,C:2Liizxsxz: 1ifx55.i4LAZ.i2G:.3m2Z71i , , A 4 ,PNA ,Q-,Y ----.1:1e,,f,.:v:::-W - ,, if -' 'A' :?4 f'i"4..3:,-11: ' --V -r-,,.-fi, ..-wwwf.-V W.,-.,. O 2:58-1,AW,.,,, ,, - Y 5N.h,u,m,,.M,W,m,,.,W,,,,,,,...,....m..,....... -,,,...,,,,,.,.....,...,,,,,,....-...-....,..,4--,....,..-....-f--- V- ---+ ,,,,,.,- f--. f Y--A -.... , , Page I8 FACULTY OF MORGAN PARK HIGH SCHOOL O Y M A ,uw , , Am., .AY ilk ,,...,..,M..-,.... SE -Q f' ' H x E E , 5 11 2 E I . t F 1 w , ? . E r E E 2 2 E i L 'T 7x 5, E E v 2 .....,......,,-f- ..-...,...--.....-,4.,-,ff-,..A, -v.w....w,.-...M-.-.... ,. ,....,,.n,. M..-..,..,.. .... .,.....-,...,.,, W... '7 ........,,.. M -mv---..-...-,. .W-f O M W..m,sf1QXLULTY,,sO ,,.w Fir.C.31kiu5 K l'Irki2t5Ot1 FACULTY OF MORGAN PARK HIGH SCHOOL Page IQ .3 ff"f,'QLlfj1QiTj1l11f,fl,f.QQT'f,Qf Zin" "'5 7l0f'WQ, A,LQMfilZi1'f 'lffi'lfif ,e, -4 -A--Y rm' --ff f 1-'M-'11 ffafw H if ffrf-f-f QLTEM W,,,.L-,,.,..:--.i.-OyM--O O ,W . , :O .W W4 Page 20 Mizssdonlar. Mrliall Mlssbell' FACULTY OF MORGAN PARK HIGH SCHOOL , :aw ..--seq--,.. -R--...ft-auf-- 7 H., ,-:Tir Hgrsze ' 'ef : Y.:-:, efaf'--1416-1'11i -l' -7 '- lf- 'P l v L ,A-V, ,W -fer,-wig! fi.. f, v-mg Z MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY E WILLIAM SCHOCH, Principal l GEORGE G. LORENTZ 'KCORA E. PETTY LILLIAN CONDIT A Assistant Principal Dean of Girlsj Latin Acting Dean,' English . Lucy E. Babcock Zoology , Richard Beardsley .Mathematics y Bernice Bell Mnsic ' Bessie Bell General Science Marie Bellinghausen French, Spanish, German Margaret Brown L Spanish William B. Calkins Commercial S nbjects 'Q M. Meroe Conlan French, Latin It Loretto Delahunt History X E. Ellen Fuhrman English lv Jennie M. Gahl Physical Edncation Arthur R. Gay Physics, Vocations y Helen Greenfield Sewing 'T Lewis L. Hall Chemistry, General Science Guy Hartle Band, Orchestra " Harriet Arthur Hecht Latin l Mary F. Holland Spanish, English Edna B. Hotchkiss Drawing . Curtis Hunter Mechanical Arts i Irma Kimmel English, Oral Expression 3 Rosalie Kurz Physical Eclncation Elsie R. Larson M nsic, English 5 Mary D. Livingston English, History l Eugenie M. Mackin Civics, Economics, Vocations A Annie Manz English, Commercial Geography , Robert E. Maysack Filing, Commercial Arithmetic l Bertha A. Miller History 5 Ruth Mills Commercial S nb jects f jane Milton M athematics Genevieve Monsch Botany, Mathematics V Dorothy E. Morrin Ojjice Assistant . Ida M. Nicely Ge'neral Science E Lawrence E. Olsen Mechanical Drawing, Mathematics , Henry E, Pam-Qtt Military Training + Ada V. Pearsall H onsehold Science T Bernard Peterson Physical Edncation K iflrene M. Peterson English . Mary Rogers Commercial S nbjects lg Claribel Sheehy Drawing I Margaret Sturgeon English, fonrnalism l Mary E. Thompson History i Dick Tweedie Physical Edncation Laura Walter llflIl'hfE1'l'llZl'iCS E Helen Behm Librarian l Francis Hartley, Florence T reulich Assistant Librarians E iFOn S abbatical Leave. ! l Page 2I 3 O Page 22 UMN ,..........,.,,...fN-c.-.....-,.,.... ,..,....,f.,.a,. V f--N.,-.-....,-,.v..t.. ....,.-. .s.,.........-. .f-....-....-.,....,..-..,...n.....,.,.,.........f Y V g A MESSAGE TO THE STUDENTS You, now, are the students of Morgan Park High School. A year ago, I was a student there and was just completing some of the happiest years of my life. It is you, now, who are going to make the Morgan Park of the future-are you going to make it a better school or are you going to shirk your task? It is your responsibility. Morgan Park has the reputation for being a friendly school, a school where everyone knows his fellow students, a school where all work and cooperate to make their Alma Mater one with a long list of achievements--a school, most of all, that they are proud of and love. Dean B. G. Nelson of the University of Chicago was told by one of the teachers who used to substitute in the high schools, that of all the high schools in Chicago, Morgan Park was the one that impressed her most and which she liked the best. She was impressed by the fine class of students there, and by their friendliness, and school spirit. That is the reputation that your school has. Are you going to carry on? I adjure you-you must want to. From Morgan Park you will get ideals, love of truth, appreciation of beauty and good music- those ideals will remain with you throughout your life and shape your future actions. I owe much to Morgan Park and realize it. I look back with love and a memory of good teachers, cheerful fellow students, and happy times. It was a place of preparation-now in college I am putting into practice the things taught me in high school. I am wishing you love of your school, a spirit to work, and most of all, my former fellow students of Empehi, I wish you the best luck in the world. ARTHUR O'MEARA, Editor-in-Chief, 1928 Empehi, University of Chicago. Page 23 , ..i...v..i..-' - s-f, 11- ...,.-..- ........ A.--H -1- ..--.,,,a,....,.u.....ff +4 an , .... ,..W.., ,-W.-..,...,.-.-aa i..-- ,. .-.......f.t..,....,.. .,a,.u,...... ,V Y V ,NW .,..-...- -. ,,,,, ,,,, .. Y-I -. EQ- H-D -.7 -F fifrfew .. THE VOICE OF THE ALUMNI CHARLES BAKER Denison University Phi Gamma Delta A "If you are looking for an ideal small college, come down to Denison and join the rest of us. I am having a wonderful time' down here among all my friends. Good luck, Empehi, and lots of it." ROBERT CLARK University of Michigan "Congratulations on the '29 Annual. When better Annuals are printed, Empehi will print them." M4ARGERY LILLY University of Chicago "Hello folks at Empehi! Don't make that mistake in high school of thinking that Chicago just isn't a place where you can have' fun, a place that doesn't rate! It is said to be very hard but it isn't! And they say, too, that our football team is the worst there is, but it isn't! Really, the University of Chicago is the best place there is!" LEE DAVIS Northwestern Monocoan Fraternity A "Howdy, how is everybody? You all may have your choice but Northwestern is THE school. ' "I should like to spend my last days at Empehi again, however, especially on the basketball floor, but Northwestern has a basketball floor, too, which I tried out on the freshman squad and hope to try on the varsity. "Here's to your future luck." RUTH VAN DYKE Hope College "Hello, everybody! Congratulations for all the wonderful things you have accomplished this year. I can't imagine that I have been an alumnus for so long and wish many times to be back at Morgan Park. But college is another wonderful ex- perience. Empehi is THE school, though, and when you are all out you, too, will be proud alumni." JACK THOMPSON Bradley "Hello, everyone. H ow's everything? I hear that M. P. is going strong this year. More power to you. In choosing your school next year don't forget Bradley. I t's a great place." FRANK C. SPECHT Business "Hello, everybody. Best of luck to the class of '29, It seems good to be back to Empehi, if only on a printed page. I sure wish I was there in person. Congratulations and sincere' wishes for a successful future." WALLACE DRUECK Crane College "Hello, fellows-Crane is still the' city. That's the only trouble with it, it is too near home to be comfortable. Best of luck !" Page 26 ---In-If-V1 Y -Q f f W ,--- V , QM,-77, ,g,,,,,,,,,,gI.,,I,,L...1'.... ' HERBERT FRIEL L'nive1'sity of Michigan "It wasn't until I graduated that I realized how proud I was of Morgan Park. My bgst wishes to all of you for great success in 'all your undertakings in future years. - NlARGARET HEPPES Rockford College "Hi, folks. Howdy. How about coming to Rockford? It's a great school- for eating! We wish you plenty of luck and you'll surely need it, wot we mean! Hope we'll see you all next year at the right place-Rockford."- ALLEN FLAGLER Denison University Phi Gamma Delta - ' "If you're looking for a school with a lot of pep and spirit, come down to Denison. Best wishes to the class of '29." FLORENCE MCCULLAGH University of Chicago "Although the U. of C. is a wonderful school and I am very glad there, I always welcome an opportunity toreturn to Empehi for a visit.. The longer I am away, the more strongly I believe in the old saying: 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'." WALLACE MICKELBERRY University of Illinois Alpha Delta Phi V "fust a few words of greeting to my friends at Illorgan Park. I hope to see many of you down here next fall because I don't want to see your' education ruined after you havereceived such a' good start by struggling through four years at Empehif' ' - CAROL RAMEVR Monmouth College "Naturally anyone first going to college is homesick, but Monmouth is a pretty keen place to make you forget that. I wish all of you who are graduating from Empehi the best of luck, and I should love to see several of you down here." ROBERT PALMER Northwestern "I-Iello, gang! Tex, Hank, and Wes, and I have it all worked out that the only real remedy for the extremely sad business of leaving Empehi for the last time is to do the sameaet all over again at N. U. That doesn't mean just the journalists, either, but all of you! See you later." GERRIT DANGREMOND Crane Junior College "Hello everybody! Were it but original with me, I would say-'On behalf of the class of '28, I extend my sincerest congratulations upon your struggling through a year without our class.' Congratulations on your many achievements, and best of luck to the classes of '29." Page 27 l gl 1 il, l if i l S ll i 3 if l ll ,L l l I r l l 2 2 l 1 l 5 l l l l I l l. I ,i I li l ---- WL, :m,,,,vx,,.L, -1-fe... ' 'il ff -ft f:,:L2.eLgnL-L-si.. A fr. Qs- ti S 5 : ll, if. l fi r ligase, -fee-4.-.....,,:: A,,m. -fa. -A-sa.-W .ff.:,: D. Q-,sv Y ,.,q.c1, ff, . f-- -'v-1-ff e- ' if-1-lf-vgff-I "I-f4"' f1f--+M- R.. sw. S Q 3 . 2 9 , 1 5 fs ,. i g E 5, 5. is' if ii i 'LE 1: 4. if li. li I ,i v. 1 l if la' ni 5 1 ,.,: ,,b- it .,, lt, :li Ng 1 .3 lui it H it? it E tl ji F il L 1 2 lit ,gg i ROBERT LEE University of Illinois Delta Alpha Epsilon "I-Iello, children. Work hard in high school and then you can have a wonderful tirne in college." DOROTHY ADAMS Dancing Teacher " 'Absence rnakes the heart grow fonde'r', and, dear old Morgan Park, that is true. If I were given a wish it would be that I could be just starting with you again. Best of luck!" THEODORE HERR Employee of Consumers Sanitary Coffee and Butter Stores "Hello, everyone. I have been in the business world for one long year and still say that Morgan Park is a great place. More power to the football squad for next season, and to you fellows who lack stat-ure, I'ni sure' that you will be able to find great quantities of brawn building "Cornflakes" in your nearest C onsurners S tore. M ay I congratulate the class of '29 and may your future hold nothing but success." ADDALAIGN MORGAN University of Alabama Alpha Gamma Delta " 'Hey everyone, how do you do? That's all you'll hear if you corne to Ala- barna. I hope you all wh.o love a good school with plenty of 'it' will corne South, for you surely can have a good time." DOROTHY DIEMER Chicago Normal "Say, it's awful to spend rny days so close to Parker. Here's wishing you the best of luck in every ganie you play." CHARLES DOERR Notre Dame "Howdy, everyone. Best wishes to everybody at Einpehi. Think of Notre Darne when choosing your next school, fellows. We welcorne' you and wish to see more fellows frorn Ernpehfi in our ranks next Septernber." RUTH GARDENER University of Illinois "Hello, everybody. If you're planning to go to college, the best school on earth, next to Morgan Park, is Illinoisll' EDWIN CHAMBERS University of Ohio "Greetings to Morgan Park frorn the Ohio State University where you find the culture of the East and the spirit of the lVest." . Page 28 ju- ---A--H-------1----A 1---- "A--R.. . .--Mr-'fr---V'-gn-A A-WifwA--A--f-ffxrzf---'-2--ff:-""iv.':r" LASSE 1 1 N 4 I 1 i 1 l I 1 1 1 4 Y 1 Senior Message Seniors! The very word suggests a multi- tude of thoughts, pleasant memories of the past, hopeful eagerness for the future, and yet an indescribable longing to stay right here at Empehi and enjoy to its fullest extent that happiness which seems only to have begun. What a curious mixture of emotions we are conscious of as graduation time draws near! At one moment comes the realization that we have reached the top after a long struggle, and the satisfaction of looking down from an ele- vated height, with something of the feeling that an emperor has when surveying his realm for the first time. The ideals towards which we have successfully climbed, we now leave for others to attain. But when we look ahead, all that feeling of security and self-confidence leaves us, and, like fledgelings about to make their first feeble flight, we look timidly around, half afraid to leave the home which has so long sheltered us. But then, after our wings have become strong, and we are successfully on our way, we shall look back with pleasure at our senior days in high school when we were at the same time emperors and fledge- lings. -Helen Morgan, '29. Page 32 It pi February Graduates 'BRUCE LADD President A.3 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 43 Cadet Captain3 Baseball 43 Football 43 Room Chairman 33 Tau Epsilon 4Q Emblem Club 4j Civic Committee 33 Interclass Football 33 Management Committee 33 Senior Class President. Arlington ILLINOIS Tall, good-looking capable, and eficient is our class presidentg besides, we would rate him among the 'worlds prize teases. BEATRICE EAGLE Vice-President "Beane" S. A.3 Management Committee I, 23 Civic Com- mittee 43 Social Committee 43 Nominating Com- mittee 43 Class Vice-President 45 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Snanish Club 43 Equestrian Club 43 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 41 'Tulip Time" 33 "Pickles" 43 Interclass Basketball 3. Arlington NORTHWESTERN Beatie is tiny, 'vivaciou.v, witty, and gayj a musician, f'7l excellent student, with a host of friendsg and aside from all this is our most representative girl. MARION JORDAN Secretary S. A.3 Tau Epsilon 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 43 Room Treasurer 41 Girl Reserves 3, 41 Room Secretary 33 Secretary of Senior Class. Parker junior High CRANE JUNIOR COLLEGE A dainty and petite maiden whose slightness of .stature would be a poor nieasnrement for her place at the head of the class scholastically. NORMAN SILVER Treasurer "Norm" S. A.3 Management Committee 2Q Tau Epsilon 23 Room Treasurer IQ Annual Collector 2, 33 R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 33 Botany Club 23 Spanish Club 21 Slide Rule Club 43 Physics Club 43 Winter Sports Club 3, 43 Interclass Basketball 2, 43 Interroom Basketball 33 Interclass Football 33 Interclass Baseball 21 Swimming Team 2, 3, 43 Interclass Swimming SQ Chairman Budget Committ-ee 43 Class Treasurer 4. Barnard INDIANA Norman is a zfaluable friend, a good student, al- ways dependable and pleasant. EVELYN JOHNSON Annual Representative S. A.3 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 43 Cabinet 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 President 33 'iDaughters of Men" 2Q "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" 41 Board of Control 33 Empehi News Staff 43 Annual Staff 4. Kohn ILLINOIS Ezfelyn, one of the fairest of the fair, is both charming and dignified. Her outstanding dramatic triumph, her literary talent, and her executive ability, have made her both well-known and well-liked. Lv. --I- 1'---rf, -1-1-not -5-5 rs f t-Q Tgf- ve re 'elf' 1'4" I-17 r HENRY BARBOUR S. A.5 Board of Control 45 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Empehi News, Literary Editor 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Spanish Club, Secretary, Vice-President, President 3, 45 Dramatic Clubg "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" 45 Science Club 35 Botany Club 35 Book Club 4. Kohn NoRTHwEs'r1-:RN Foremost in Spanish, high in scholastic standingg with an ever present sense of humor and a feeling for the dramatic that has made him known to every student at Empehi. GLADYS BYERS S. A5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Folk Dancing I. Arlington CHICAGO MUSICAL CoLLEc12 Gladys' lovely brown eyes are a mirror which re- flect a most captivating personality. ROBERT BLACK "Bob" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Football 2, 3, 45 Interclass Baseball 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 Vice-President 35 "It Pays to Advertise" 35 Physics Club Q33 Prom Committee 4. Arlington 1 PURDUE "Babu is that well liked, nonchalant lad who never worries where his next excuse is coming from. RICHARD BEE "Bee.eer" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Captain 41 Officers' Club 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 31 "Pickles" 43 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Interclass Basketball 35 Baseball 45 Inter- class Baseball 3, 45 Football 45 Emblem Club 45 Tau Epsilon 45 Room Secretary 4. Vanderpoel DARTMOUTH Ask Richard to do a thing and you can rest' assured it will be done, with absolute willingness and a, thoroughness which is enviable. A ELLA FRANK S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 35 Civic Committee 25 Room Treasurer 2. Vanderpoel ENGLEWOOD Our Ella, with her sparkling, talking, blue eyes and her beautiful hair would make a decorative ad for "How to keep that school-girl complexion!" Page ss f,-Y YY f- f L - 5-W n4.,4,v 5 5 W , 1, ,W Ar, nw ,, ,.i, .1 -.fl-.ff . ,V Page 34 .. ..,,.. ,,... , ....,.,N-nw-, --....,..,.,..,,....,.....,-M -....',,....-.i-.,.........w..,..t.,,..-.....m,.,...,1.....m....f...-...W-m,'.t-. NM n-..-,.M.....e,....-.......h-..f.-.,..-l,-..f-:4'a-..- N- ,,,...... W. JACK BROUGH S. A.: R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 31 Annual Collector 21 "Contest of the Nations" If Interclass Football 35 Prom Committee 4. Vanderpoel UNDECIDED Jack's mischievous grin warns 'yon before you come in for your inevitable share of his teasing. ROBERT CRANDALL "Bob" S. A.5 Interclass Soccer IQ Zoology Club 3, 41 Room Secretary 3, 45 Empehi News 3, 42 Associate Editor 31 Editor 45 Physics Club 4Q Board of Control 45 Stage Crew' 45 Baseball 42 Interclass Baseball 42 Tau Epsilon, 4. Central Park ILLINOIS "Sport Comment" by Bob Crandall. - We -will always remember this starr sports writer and editor-in- chief as a most diligent and likeable fellow. CHARLES COSGROVE "Chuck" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 35 Civic Committee IQ Physics Club 3, 41 Interclass Basketball I, 21 Football 3, 45 Chairman Ring Committee 4. Barnard ILLINOIS Chuck enjoys life to its fullest, and so do his friends-when Chuck is along to spread enthusiasm. EDWARD HAUBER "Ed" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 33 Empehi News 31 Inter- class Baseball I, 2, 35 Interclass Basketball I, 2, 3, 42.II1tC1'Cl3SS Football 1, 21 Dramatic Club 2, 32 "It Pays to Advertise" 31 Prom Committee Chair- man 4. Arlington NOTRE DAME Ed is that merry wanderer of the night, who by day, furnishes us with diversion from classes that threaten monotony. EISTNICE HENNINGTON . A. Arlington NORMAL COLLEGE Eunice is an admirable student, with a pleasant personality. I yr W -!-V dpnmwin ,-AV Y y,-.,......,,,, ..-,,,,..-. Wa... ..4a......,, .......,.,..,...,..,....-.., ,,,..-.,-...,.--.,u. ..., ,,.,,-..,....,..a.--.-........., . 4 Y, .,, HL, i,,A1,,4Y,,,::.,,,.L...,.f-,war-f-We 1,-aught----A .fi ' H f Q.,-W.--.un--m...1.....,....Ze-:fa-..-........-2,-4-:aff-1....w.a.2..-f -:S a:fa.,...fM-2:-gn-....,.t...,.s, 5'1"-.-' I. . 'W A' 1' Y W 'A f-Q--11- fsgmng.. ,pg .N--1 Y - ..::e. ...-,Mx-v-Y.. ... . ... ..., . .vc W- -. .-..-Y .- CHARLES MCBURNEY "Chuck" S. A.g R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 43 Orches- tra 42 Physics Club 35 Interclass Football 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, "Tulip Time" 3, Stagecraft Club 42 Chief of Electrical Staff 4. Arlington ILLINOIS "Chuck" is an architect, a musician, and a basket- ball player, a rare combination. LILLIAN PETERSON S. A., Management Committee 23 Girls' Chorus IQ Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, "Tulip Time" 3. Calumet BUSINESS Lillian is quiet, and thoughtful, gentle, considerate, and always willing to help others. GEORGE MINER S. A.g R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 4, 55 Picked Platoon 2, 3, 4, SQ Picked Company 2, 3, 4, 5g Corporal 35 Sergeant Major 4, 51 First Sergeant 41 Lieutenant 5g Best Soldier 53 OfF1cer's Club. Vanderpoel BUSINESS WORLD lust a little bashful, a model soldier, and a con- scientious reporter is Georgeg who is seen daily prowling around the ojice on his beat. JAMES HARTLEY "Jim" S. A., R. O. T. C. I, 2, 4, Room Treasurer 3, 41 Empehi News Staff 3, 4, Interclass Football 2. M. P. M. A. ILLINOIS lim has but one incorrigible weakness, his stimu- lating glances, which girls, particularly freshmen, find irresistible. ANNA PEARSON S. A.g Girl Reserves 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 4. Barnard NORMAL A quiet and studious girl with a strong deter- mination to accomplish the tasks she undertakes. V Page 35 :fr-rf -f-Y -V . - H.: a--- ---1.--M--....-e . .....-., ,. . ,. ,V 3 w.......,,e..,..a.m..,....m.,.,,..,-,m...,,,.,..,,:......,...-M ,,,,,,,w.m W W - mmm , WVU, in -fe:-' H 1.-ff :' 1 - --7 we-fu: 'ffr,...'-"i...-..-""-"fa ear'-1---FT'-Lf"..:n-,T"'--.. ,.....-f -ff1...ff.+ A-ae... ' 1..- I-lf, -,,,,?,-S :if-1, W'-rvaa.-5 ' ..-.-B-1 zgsg.. .31 :'f.--.en--: ..,,,, 1 -..f f -4-ni , --L- .,,,,w, H, , ,,,-,c,,,,.a....,,..,,......-+-ki..,,...,a,....,. .,,, .-..,...--.,,-M..-,.,.,.....,....,..-.w-..,,7..Y..a1............1 W- --w-- - - -- ,, N Y. W OL-- ,.,...,,,.-.-W. .- V ,,-- 4----iv--X'-.WM-r -A Page 36 LE ROY PHIFER "Roy" S. A.5 Management Committee IQ R. O. T. C. I, 2, 35 Sergeant 35 Physics Club 45 Winter Sports Club 3, 45 Interclass Football I, 25 Interclass Basketball 2, 35 Interclass Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Track 41 Interclass Swimming 35 Foot- ball Team 2, 3, 41 Emblem Club 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 4- Vanderpoel ILLINOIS "Roy" is always laughing or smilingg whether he is playing football, coaxing friend Ford into action, or strolling happily into division five minutes late. VIRGINIA STROBEL "Ginny" S. A.5 Science Club 35 Empehi News Staff 4. Parker MADISON Care-free Virginia takes life' at its face value, en- tertains no illusions, and harbors no complaints. Her cheery smile will get her by. FLORENCE SIMONS S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 25 Physics Club 2, 35 Science Club 2, 3 5 Botany Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 4. Barnard CALIFORNIA COMMERCIAL COLLEGE Blonde, dependable, and competent! When Florence takes it upon herself to do something, you know it will be done surely and well. THOMNAS SHEMAITIS "Tom" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 35 Band I, 25 Management Committee I, 2, 45 Civic Committee 35 Physics Club 45 Winter Sports Club 3, 45 Interclass Basket- ball 3j Glee Club 3, 4j Emblem Club 2, 3, 45 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 Football Team 2, 3, 45 Captain 45 Interclass Football IQ Baseball 3, 45 "Tulip Timel' 35 "Pickles" 4. Barnard INDIANA Happy-go-lucky Tom possesses a great deal of ability, whether it be on the football and baseball fields, on the stage, or in the classroom. BARBARA GOODWIN "Bobby" S. A.5 Girl Reserves IQ Zoology Club 2, 3, 41 Life Saving Club 35 Botany Club 32 Dancing Club 3. Arlington UNDECIDED There is a twinkling of mischief in the eyes of this fun-loving little miss. She possesses an easy- going disposition and a love for athletics, especially for swimming. Y iiiiri Ymf:1mir,,-gT- I 4fWi-H 4.17 ,,J,,,.1.. . . ig .ze-'ft.Y.nsn,...Jf 5 ' Y 7' 51-"' - ' Y ,ic , guys-A 1. 22:5 v , .:r MILDRED VENECEK S. A.5 Girl Reserves IQ Science Club 2 5 Physics Club 4. . 5 Seymour SOUTHERN COLLEGE Mildred has a mild and refined manner' and dis- position, which affords much pleasure to all her ac- quaintances. MARY TONAR S. A.5 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 3, 4g Prom Committee 4. Arlington UNDECIDED A dazzling smile, and a cheery "Hello" for every- one, as she's coming down the hall-that's Mary! YN HODSON "Kaffe" KATHR S. A. Management Committee 21 Civic Commit- tee 35 Girl Reserves 3, 4Q Tau Epsilon 35 Girl's Emblem Club 45 Empehi News 45 Annual Col- lector 2. Arlington WHEATON "Kack" ejfervesces with ardor and has a heart wholly generous. MARY ELLEN RANDALL "Ran-Ran' S. A.5 Folk Dancing I, 25 Civic Committee 25 Science Club 2, 35 Tau Epsilon 35 Dancing Club 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 35 "Pickles" 45 Quilpen 2, 3, 4. Barnard ILLINOIS Ran's mischievous eyes are always in search of some new prank-even when they are seemingly med- itative. BEATRICE WILSON "Bea" S. A.5 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 Soccer Team 35 Botany Club 41 Spanish Club 4. Vanderpoel ILLINOIS With her even-tempered disposition and her softly modulated voice, Beatrice is always charming. J Page 37 - -T. -'.' -'. l,+ - Q- - 5 - ,. ' - -- 5 V .73 - ,f - --- K VV... 'Tift -v - -Tiki ,L 4 2.77 .- -If - W i.,g-T .,l.,, - ,1i,,-E:'7,:- I P l : .. . L ,- . ,g1:..,.:',e . :LA-,.11. 1:1 J "" gf 1---Y .- :gurls l 1 1 E I 5 l 4 ur l l l if l ' t I l 5 t 1 i 1 l V v ' 1 l i Qi , V Page 38 ARTHUR HAMMAR 5 "Art" S. A.5 Interclass Football IQ Interclass Basketball I, 2, 33 Physics Club 45 Winter Sports Club 45 Budget Committee. Y . Arlington UNDECIDED Here is a boy whom we must' commend for per- seoerence and often even concentration which is a noble feat to accomplish in the southeast corner of Division 201. June Class ROSS WooD C "Woody" S. A.5 Glee Club 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. Lake Forest Academy UNIVERSITY or TEXAS Mia' an .altogether facetious remark with a decid- edly infectious grin and the result is Ross, of course. ERNEST LARSON "Sweden S. A.5 Oflicers' Club 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Football 2, 3, 45 Interlclass Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 5 Interclass Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 41 Inter-room Basketball 3, 45 Physics Club 35 Room Treasurer 2. Arlington MICHIGAN Ernest is that fellow who is successful in every- thing he goes out for, as shown by his ardent support of the band. PETER SAMUELS S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 25 Interclass Baseball I, 21 Interclass Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Track I. Barnard , . ' CRANE Peter is anfindustrious, earnest worker. He always manages to keep his grades up to a 'very high stand- ard and still participate in sports. WALLACE GAULT "Wally" S. A. 45 Inter-room Basketball 45 Interclass Base- ball 42 Glee Club 3, 4. Fenger 1' ILLINOIS Wally, who came to us just in time to graduate hasn't been the least bit slow or dull in making friends among the Empehites. ' +11 -f-,Q -4113. "W ' ' " ----" fri' " pa.. if uf- .,,5:a.gv..:::.,.mWn11-fa-..... A 'eras-2- . 11 ,mug-ww'-f4"":Li.'l'::'T am.-- . .,v. ..,.-..........,...,, .,. .. ...-. ,......,.-.k,........2....,,.....,--M ,, Y..- JACK HALIDAY President S. A.3 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 23 Botany Club 33 Vice-President 33 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 President 3, 41 Literary Club 41 Secretary 4Q "Thank You Doctorv 31 "Good Medicine" 33 "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" 43 Room Treasurer 33 Art Club 43 Board of Control 3, 43 Class Presi- dent 43 'ARobe of VVood" 4. Curtis NORTHXVESTERN life just cannot heifi portraying .lack as a second Barrymore, for he certainly knows his "line" when it comes to draniatics. GERTRUDE FENNEMA Vice-President S. A.3 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Hi-Jinks 32 Secretary 33 Chairman Easter Basket Committee 33 Vice- President 43 Tau Epsilon 3, 43 Faraday Club 43 Secretary 43 Stagecraft Club 42 Girls' Glee Club 3, 43 "Pickles" 33 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 43 Civic Committee 3, 43 Room Secretary 43 Inter- class Basketball 33 lnterclass Soccer 43 Literary Club 43 Class Vice-President 4. Vanderpoel UNIVERSITY or CHICAGO Has anyone ever seen Gertrude out of sorts? Neither have we! To this cheerful spirit, she adds energy and ambition. JAMES PEEBLES Secretary "fini" S. A.3 Hi-Y 3, 43 President 41 Board of Control 43 Mianagement Committee 31 Civic Committee 41 Chairman 41 Emblem Club 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 33 Basketball 3, 41 Secretary Senior Class 43 Fara- day Club 43 Art Club 3, 4. Vanderpoel ILLINOIS ' A fellow who has the true spirit of lllorgan Park, the ability to excel in athletics, studies, and art. MARTHA JANNEY ' Treasurer S. A.3 Civic Committee 2, 33 Girl Reserves 21 Dramatic Club 21 "It Pays to Advertise" 21 Glee Club 3,3 43 "Tulip Time" 21 "Pickles" SQ "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4Q Class Treasurer 4. Barnard . UNDECIDED Our good-looking class treasurer, with her curly hair and rosy cheeks, is a pleasing picture to all. MAURENE FREY Editor-in-Chief of Annual S. A.3 Vice-President 43 Management Committee 33 Civic Committee 23 Dancing Club I, 2, 3, 43 French Club 43 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" 43 Quilpen 3, 43 Oratorical Con- test 4Q Annual Staff 3, 43 Editor 43 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 33 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 "Tulip Time" 33 "Pickles" 32 "It Pays to Advertise" 23 Christmas Festival 42 "Robe of Wood" 4. Calumet NORTHWESTERN lfVhether Maurene be busily practicing to take part in a dancing festival or filling the position of Editor- in-Chief, she is always ejicient, alert, and exacting. 4 L' .5 ,C C eeee .,.. C ssee C 5.31 Page 40 JEANETTE AGGEN "Nettie" S. A.5 Tau Epsilon 3. Central Park ST. LUKE's HOSPITAL-SCHOOI. OF Nunsmc A glowing and magnetic smile characterize ,lean- nette so that there is no doubt as to whom we mean. WILMER BENNETT S. A,5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Lieutenant 35 Cap- tain 45 Major 45 Officers Club 45 President 45 Usher 2, 35 Folk Dancing IQ Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Board of Control 45 Football 35 Physics Club 3. Barnard ILLINOIS Here is an earnest student and accurate marks- nmn, whose jokes always create' mirth. DOROTHY ABBEY "Dot" S. A.5 Basketball 35 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 Room Secretary 2, 35 Room Treasurer 35 Vice- Chairman 45 Annual Collector 45 Civic Com- mittee 4. Arlington Br-:Lo1r Dot with her twinkling eyes is a necessary elixir to all who know her. AUL BETSCHER S. A.5 Band 3, 45 Usher 35 Glee Club 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 42 Stagecraft Club 35 Inter-room Basketball 35 Interclass Basketball 45 Baseball 35 Spanish Club 4. Pullman Tech BELOIT Pant has among his possessions an underlying sense of humor which makes hint an extra attraction to everyone. RUTH ARMSTRONG ' "Annie" S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 35 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Literary Club 42 Emblem Club 3, 42 Life Saving Club 35 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 41 Soccer Team 41 Basketball Team 3. Vanderpoel UNDECIDED Rnth's clear voice and gay spirits add color not only to onr school routine, lint also to our asseinblies and operas. ,J.,-A-,,,-,,.l,x.,,-..,..,-.,.-.-,-a.-..---.....,...A.A, ,YR , - .M A -H --1--A- A of 1 l 1 1 lx, 1 l I, ,, ll x r I 1 l 1 1 x i 1 -.... - ed-, 2 -W U.. ..-f - -Y .Y,,,,..,.. ,,, A---::.,.f,,,..?.-T , f, A.. ,., 4-vu-N.. .-.-,,,.... 2, ,wr A - ,, , , T, ng -- - -N... ,.-.A-..,,,.......A.-f--if---.,.....?,,,..-.r.f-.A----.-.-..Y-4- 1'-1-------A.--...u-W ..,- 1 I 1 1 E 1 1 1 1 3 vt' 1 l 1 i l E1 l 1 A l E I l ' ' 1 El l l , 3 Q1 5 ROBERT BROOKES "Bob" , S. A.5 Glee Club 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road"5 I W Baseball 35 Interclass Baseball I, 2, 45 Interclass 3 , lx Football I, 2, 31 Interclass Basketball I, 2, 35 5 I Management Committee 2, 4Q Social Committee 3: Q ,' Q Golf 1, 2, 35 Track Team 35 Emblem Club5 An- ge. i 5 nual Collector 45 Hi-Y. E351 3, 5 Arlington INDIANA l l 5 15 lflflzether it be baseball or golf, you can well be sure that "Bob' is right there to excel. 517 P l f f l il 5 l 1 5 , 1 r' 2 ' l ll Il 5 lil ,el 5 HELENE BATES Neem" 5 QQ Q S. A.5 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Riding Club 25 Basket- IQ 5 ball 2, 3, 41 Baseball 3, 45 Volley Ball 3, 45 Cap- ,l I tain, 3, 45 French Club 45 "Pickles" 3. ljgl 5 Arlington NATIONAL PARK SEMINARY l ij ,Qi We seem to think of sports, jokes, and "Bates" lfi? at the some time. l 5,11 il l T. ," l i l U Il RUTH CAMPBELL - ll' 15, S. A.5 Science Club 35 Glee Club 3, 45' Spring USE Festival I5 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry fl' of Jericho Road" 45 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Dancing J xl Club 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 4. 9 Q 11 St. Margaret BELoI'r E ,lx l A small, qniet girl 'who is especially talented in her l Elf feet, takes part in many performances as a donseuse. I 41' 1 Vi f Ev 11 Q l l" in I ll lf ill CELIA BERNET "ctw lil lj l S. A.5 Botany Club5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4. E 5,1 l, 5 Barnard BUSINESS WORLD El' I Not too gay, yet not too serious, a rare "good fel- 5 lk ll low" at times of play. k ,N El 3 5 lil il f 2 ll 551. l 5 E l H Eli 11 2 MARY BINGHAM 1 'll S. A.5 Girl Reserves, I, 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 45 Dancing Club 35 Glee Club 3, 45 "Pickles" 35 li, H "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Folk Dancing I. l l1 f Q Vanderpoel UNIVERSITY or CHICAGO 2 f Outwardly, lllary seems quiet ana' bashful, but for Q , 5 us that know her well, she's just the opposite. Q ' s ' X Y l ll Page 4l I ,,..-. 4:.!,f,,. reg! .M I 5 112 .H all lil li: lr tl i I Mi I . f , 2 S tg 'll v l 'lvl li l 1 1, .ll J .ll .. all ll? tif ll? all 4621, ill til ll? ll ,lt fl 1 lk fir lg I l E HH -J 'll J, l l 5. 1 E 5 4 Q 4 .......... -...'vv-.-f.......w.v-f-s....-...........-.f+--...-,-,,.. Page 42 D ..,.....-we-mf-1-.-v.t..t.,..v-aw.,-t,...,,,,,,,...,.,...,........ ..-,.t......,,..f .. ..-.w.,..........-...,...:-f-.M-....-.-..-a..,..-. -,..-.v-M'--ff-f-m.1--sv--- JOHN BAKER "Ham" S. A.3 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 33 Non-Commissioned Oi- hcers' Club 33 Picked Squad 33 Honor Platoon 33 Office Orderly 2, 31 Color Guard 3: Science Club 21 "Contest of the Nations" 13 "Tulip Time" 23 Band 1, 2, SQ Physics Club 31 Chemistry Club 33 Usher 3. Vanderpoel PURDUE "Ham" is one of our gooa'-looking seniors. He loves the gzrls, and the girls love liinz,-who blames them? ELIZABETH CRANE ' "Betty" S. A.3 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 President 43 Hi- Jinks 33 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 43 French Club 41 Treasurer 4Q Empehi News 41 Board of Control 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 42 "Tulip Time" 23 "Pickles" SQ "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. . Vanderpoel RocKroRD Betty, besides being a capable Girl Reserve presi- dent, makes ns all envious because of the constant flow of .Sus on her report card. MIRIAM BLEW S. A.3 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 42 Publicity Chair- ma11 43 Hi-Jinks 43 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Room Secretary 3, 43 Room Treasurer 43 Interclass Basg ketball 3Q Empehi News 4. Arlingtoiv V Y MADISQLL .Miriam corwbines elieerfulness with friendliness. She is quiet and nnobtrnsivfe, and always finishes 'what- ever she undertakes merrily and efficiently. BERTHA DE HAAN S. A.3 Room Treasurer 23 Tau Epsilon 4. Barnard BUSINESS WORLD We are all sure that Bertha will be a marked snc4 cess in business. HENRY CADMUS BIRD "Hank" S. A.3 R. O. T. C. 2, 35 Sergeant Major 43 Botany Club 23 Secretary 33 Boys' Gleef Club 43 Physics Club 33 Faraday Club 43 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 43 Spring Football 3. Vanderpoel An earnest and stanneh worker in everytlzing in which lze holds interest, describes Henry. if if ff 1 . ...N 4, M- -N-,,,,...--,.,Y , Y v A- .. , -,Q--Y,,vf,,. .... ., W.. .Y , --..,. -.-.....---...,,, ..... -,...-v......5, 1gf:'i-zftfm-rr-'zairgaziif-1 -17:22:51 if-'iiiffk ROBERT BRUCE "B0b,' S. A.5 Literary Club 41 Vice-President 45 Dram- atic Club 4g "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" 41 Basketball 32 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Interclass Football 3, 45 Golf Team 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 45 R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Zoology Club 2. Barnard ILLINOIS Some day we all expect to see Bob either famous on the stage or a champion on the golf links. WINIFRED BURNS "Winnie" S. A.5 Civic Committee I, 25 Room Secretary 2, 35 Prom Committee 45 Social Committee 41 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 4j Girl Reserves I, 2. Barnard ART INSTITUTE We all picture this sunny-haired miss who sketches so beautifully, as being surrounded by a crowd of admirers. ROBERT BURNAM "Bob" S. A.5 President 45 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 45 Captain 42 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Civic Committee 25 Management Committee 32 Physics Club 35 Botany Club 25 Interclass Swimming 35 Swimming Team 35 Inter- class Basketball I, 25 Basketball 3. Arlington ILL1No1s Because of "Bob's" prowess in athletics and his great popularity, we have distinguished him with the highest ojice of the S tndent Association. PERRY BROOKS "Sonny" S. A.5 Tau Epsilon 45 R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3Q Office Orderly IQ Room Secretary 25 Swim- ming Team 2j Art Club 2Q Jazz Orchestra 2, 35 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" SQ Aeronautical Club 4. Arlington CRANE JUNIOR Have you any old cars ready for the junk heap? "Sonny" could make a Cadillac out of a Ford. He's our mechanic extraordinary. KATHERINE BRUBAKER "Kay" S. A.5 Spanish Club 2, SQ Stage Craft Club 35 Dancing Club 3. Barnard Although petite and deinure, you may be sure that 'whichever 'way "Kay" is going, the sun is certain to be shining there. ' Paw' 43 .i......,,,-so-.11-at-farm-if.t4NW,..1.f.....,,-,..w...,.....-.-.....,n............. ..,...-.,.....-...s--it rf,-...w....,.....,,.................-..-.,.-.... ..,,, 5, -..,,,,.....,.,,,-.--am-'--.-.......-....,,...-......,..,-f Page 44 - ,Y,,, . ,.., .,,, .c.,--,,....... . . - ,f-v .W . .,..,v,,-,A V,., ..,, .,,,.. . . , OLIVE DAVIES S. A.5 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Literary Club 45 Presi- dent 45 Dancing Club 35 Board of Control 35 Annual Collector I 5 Management Committee 1. Vanderpoel A brunette, dignified, and pretty,' a combination hard to beat, bnt just what yon have in Olive. DOROTHY DOW S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Vice-President 45 "Tulip Time" 2Q "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" '45 French Club 45 Empehi News Representative 4. Arlington . , RocKFoRD I Delightful, laughing "Dot,' has always been among the highest in scholastic records. DORIS CLARKE "Dodie" S. A.5 Civic Committee IQ Girl Reserves 45 Man- agement Committee 2, 35 Room Secretary 35 Sci- 'ence Club 35 French Club 45 Dancing Club 4Q Junior Orchestra 25 Senior Orchestra 3, 45 Board of Control 45 Girls' Emblem Club 45 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Girls' Tennis Champion 35 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 President 4. Vanderpoel MICHIGAN Sedate, little, and poppy, our willing pianist who is always in demand. DOROTHY DOHRMAN "Dots" S. A.5 Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 35 Christ- mas Festival 45 "Pickles" 35 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Quilpen 2, 3, 41 Equestrian Club 35 Folk Danc- ing I5 Art Club 2, 3, 41 Girl Reserves 25 Interclass A Basketball 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. St. Benedict CRANE JUNIOR A member of the Dancing Club and a necessary member at that, having displayed much talent in pro- ductions of that club. AVERELL COLE "Ave" S. A.: Board of Control 2, 35 Room Secretary 45 ' Jazz Orchestra 25 Leader 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Opera 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 2, 4. Arlington Averell and a banjo are synonymous in onr minds! We certainly loved to dance at the sociols whenever "Red Hot Cole and His Little Cinders" were the headliners. . --- .44 .- A- - -- --.Lf ,Jael-A,-,se f-,A -- - A--:- Y: ' , .-1 ' I, WINIFRED DRUECK "Winnie" S. A.5 Girl Reserves 21 Botany Club 35 Zoology Club 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 45 Faraday Club 3, 45 Girls' Emblem Club 42 Spanish Club 3. Vanderpoel ST. LUKE's HOSPI'l'AI, SCHOOL or NURSINIL Animated "Winnie," poetieally gifted is alzvays ready to provide entertainment at the right time. VIOLET ELDRIDGE S. A.5 Folk Dancing IQ Quilpen 45 Room Secre- tary 2. Arlington Violet always has such ofntimistic ideas that it is 'very easy to feel indulgent toward Izer. RUTH DUIARDIN S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 25 Management Committee I 35 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 35 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 "Piper's Pay" 35 "Thank You Doctor" 35 'iHurry, Hurry, Hurry" 4. Barnard - How we en-oy Ruth with her dramatic abilities! Didn't you enjoy her in f'Hurry, Hurry, Hurry"? MARIORIE FETTERLY "Marge" S. A.5 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 Botany Club 2, 35 French Club 43 Interelass Baseball 35 Tau Epsilon I, 21 Life Saving Club 45 Zoology Club 4. Midlothian ILLINOIS Just as soon as "Marge" enters the room we are aware of her presence, because of her low, 1llllSlCl1l laughter. ROBERT VVILLIAM EICHENBERGER "Bill" S, A.5 R. O. T. C. 3, 45 Annual Collector 45 Inter- class Soccer IQ Spanish Club 3. Barnard ILLINOIS His easy-going, agreeable ways, and draw! remarks cannot hide his journalistic talents. W ,,,,,m-,kk -W--N VHQV 4M,,...-,,, ,,,,,Yn Y .,,,-,,,,---.a.,,,b,,,,,--M -..M - Page 45 .fve- ""'i"4Q"""Y""""'fI """""""'htQ33I""""1""--""""1fNf'f"'j'!':L'11'15T""'""f""""""j'j'1""'1""1ffZff'l"'7l"fff"'f"'q"'f""'f""f,""'f"tff"'Z".'ff'1'.f,C.. ,. . ,,.,. ,.,. . .,,,, .,., .M---Y... -- - .. ,gNE5y,,,-, .. ..-,-. .. . . . E. . . f. ww. -.. .-. V 5 mNp,,,,,, W 5, 5, w,,,,,,,.,M5.,,,.s,, ,,,, ,C 5, ,V,,YY, mf... .,,., , --,,,,-,,,, 7.,, ., . 5 -Q fn ll t l l r l 1 .,: 5 'i l v .1- i t l L w ln l 4 1 i E l BEVERLEY FONDA "Bev" 5 Q , S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Ist Lieutenant 3, 45 - 5' I Officers' Club 3, 45 Secretary 45 Picked Platoon 5 gl 3, 45 Picked Company 2, 3, 45 Honor Battalion 25 1 fl 5 Firing Squad 2, 3, 45 Color Guard 35 Usher Force 1 ,J 2, 3, 45 Office' Orderly 2, 35 Dancing IQ Science I l Club 25 Physics Club 35 Dramatic Club 35 Quilpen , 5 l 45 Winter Sports Club 3, 45 Aero Club 4. il l Edgewater, Colorado CRANE 5 l A capable member of the R. O. T. C. whose mili- 3x tary and scholastic ability does not oeiershadow his lf V unusual sense of the comic. l, l Q DOROTHY GADSDEN "Dot" l li 4, S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Spring Festival 25 l 4 5 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Botany Club 35 French Club tl ll- 45 Equestrian Club 2, 35 Interclass Basketball 3, 45 ' " 3 Captain 45 Interclass Soccer 45 Interclass Volley ' 'N i Ball 45 Interclass Baseball 3, 4. 1 l l Vanderpoel ILLINOIS i i "Dot" has a good scholastic record besides being l ,Q 1 an enthusiastic athlete. A .2 A , f LILIAN FOOTE "Lil" 2 if t S. French Club 2, 3, 45 Botany Club 45 Room . 'I 5 Chairman 25 Annual Collector 35 Basketball 3, 42 ' 21 Interclass Champions 35 Girl Reserves I, 2, 35 , l Management Committee 25 Dancing I, 2, 35 Fara- ' 5 ,day Club 4. 4 ' 5 5 Arlington WARD-BELMONT , L5 5 "Lil" is a conscientious and earnest worker, whose ,t 'l laughing, sparkling eyes tell ns that she is at "stack Q W' of fun." FRANCES FISHER ffenmkff l 91 S. A.5 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 45 Interclass Basketball Q 5 . . 1 1 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 "Pickles" 35 "jerry of Jericho l Roadl' 45 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 45 Room Chairman t Q 25 Dancing Club 2, 3, 45 Tre-asurer 35 Room Secre- j ' tary 45 Interclass Baseball 3, 45 Empehi News Q Representative 4. l Vanderpoel COLUMBIA MUSIC COLLEGE Q We like to be with Frances because our cares and 5 5 worries are over-shadowed by her good fellowship, W, E kind thoughts, and fun. - l VICTOR FUTCHER "Vice ' ,lj S. A.5 Boys' Emblem Club 3, 45 President 45 5 if Room Secretary 35 Room Chairman 3, 45 Room l ,' Treasurer 45 Management Committee 3, 45 Board of Control 45 Football 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Inter- 1 x class Baseball 45 Interclass Basketball 35 Faraday PCQID Glee 45 Opera 45 Physics lglub 3. i tl i ar er enior ig ICHIGAN ' 'fl Athletics personified, tlzat's Vic! The sta-r on the baseball diamond and the star on the gridiron! 1 W 1 a 55 Pageflf at .,,, t . , 5 .. C. BSE- . . ' "..,.LgLvL.-f.-A-gs, 44.7-W 'flflll' g-., " :ii f -me A- ' 3 ':--"- .ve -r rr' Y-EW,-1: Vn.1 , wr- v . fr. 3 , - W . 4 ....,,,,,---.f A ...-1--.....-...,,................,--g.,....,--.,..-.-,.,e...,.,.........s.....-- -f-- -- -0 --" ' a fe MARJORIE GOLLER "Marj" S. A.3 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 43 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Cabinet 43 Management Committee 21 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 "It Pays to Advertise" 23 Folk Dancing IQ Dancing Club 2, 3, 43 "Pickles" 33 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 43 Room Secretary 3. Arlington Rocrcronn Our little dark-haired Marjorie has proved herself to be a "shark" not only in her studies, but also as a member of the Delta Chi players. MARJORIE L. GOETZKE "Marge" S. A.3 Girl Reserves 3, 43 Botany Club 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 43 Hobby Club 43 Annual Business Staff 4. Peshtigo NORTHWESTERN "Marge" always manages to be busy with scrap- books or magazines in her spare time. Her cheer- ful disposition is a tonic to all who know her. FREDERICK GARRETT "Freddie" S. A.3 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4j R. O. T. C.3 Non- commissioned Officers I, 2, 3, 43 Physics Club 3, 4Q Interclass Football I3 Room Treasurer 2, 33 "Tulip Time" 23 "Pickles" 3. Arlington MADISON To Fred the world seems a very agreeable place in which to live, for he always looks out upon it with a good-nmtured laugh. CARALUCILE GRAVES S. A.3 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 43 French Club 42 Dancing Club 33 Zoology Club 43 "It Pays to Advertise" 2j Physics Club 3. Mt. Lakeview ' LAKEWOOD fNE'1'TLEHORSTj The Girl Reserves have found use of Carolucileis dramatic abilities time and again, to say nothing of her services to the Dramatic Club. MARY GORMAN S. AQ3 French Club 3, 43 Equestrian Club 3, 42 President 33 Glee Club 43 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. Vanderpoel RosARY COLLEGE Our staunch admirer of "Al" Smith! Haven't you all felt the eject of Mary's radiant smile and unaf- fected style? l 3 l Page 47 1,.,. Page 48 ...,,.-,. W .- , . - .... .... .. V 'Y,. .,.Y.--.-.,,t ,....,.- . ,. V -. .,.-.-Y Y' an--Y.-ve. . --s.-.v... ,. -.- W- V-I-----Y HELEN GRIMES S. A.5 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Literary Club 4Q Room Treasurer 2, 35 Faraday Club 35 Folk Dancing I5 Interclass Basketball 45 Snapshot Collector 4. Vanderpoel 5 . Her dark eyes and hair, together with cz striking fzersanaiity, match perfectly her keen sense of wit. JOSEPHINE HARRINGTON ' ' "foe" S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 35 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 35 "It Pays to Advertise" 35 Spanish Club 45 Zoology Club 45 Secretary 45 Dancing Club 45 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Interclass.Volley Ball 3, 45 Interclass Soccer 41 Interclass Baseball 3, 4. Barnard ILLINOIS Self-reliant "Joe,' has made herself well-liked be- cause of her great interest in athletics and her alert- ness in her studies, MARK E. GUERIN H S. A.5 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 35 Botany Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Secretary 35 Treasurer 35 Vice-President 45 Quil- pen I, 2, 3, 4.5 Business Manager 45 Vice-President 41 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Hi-Y 3, 45 Secretary 45 ,Dramatic 5 Club 3, 45 "Thank You Doctor" 35 Physics Club 35 Division Publicity 45 Science Club 2, 35 Art Club 35 Literary Club 4Q Treasurer 41 Aero Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Picked Platoon 35 Winter Sports Club 2, 35 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Organ Committee 45 Senior Gift Committeeg 'KRobe of Wood" 4. Barnard ST. MARY'S, KANSAS We like to picture Mark as a fiery convincing ora- tor since his dramatic art is known by all. A MARCHAND HALL "fudge" S. A.5 Football 45 Tau Epsilon 45 Quilpen 4. 5 "Delta Collegiate," Hamilton, Ont. ARMOUR His literary ability has won a 'membership in Quil- fven-which shows that we drew a "winner," ANNIE GUNNER "Bob" S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 25 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 Room Treasurer 45 Civic Committee 25 French Club 45 Zoology Club 45 Folk 'Dancing IQ Annual Staff 45 "Pickles" 35 Equestrian Club 25 Life Saying Club 45 Girls' Emblem Club 2, 3, 45 Vice- President 45 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Captain 25 Interclass Baseball 3, 45 Interclass Volley Ball 4Q Arlington NORTHWESTERN Our peppy little basketball guard, with a. trafil of "S's" in- her wake, is also an executive of keen ability. e -- Y-, , . . Y -- , -, . Y-:........- -Y ---- ,:.,,,., . 4. ,. Y . ,, ,Y 1. , ,, . ,, CHARLES HALIDAY "Chuck" S. A.5 Physics Club 35 Faraday Club 41 Science Club 2, 3g Hi-Y 2, 3, 42 Art Club 3, 45 Tau Ep- silon 4Q Interclass Baseball 2, 35 Interclass Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Interclass Football 25 Interclass Track Meet 35 Aviation Club 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 5 "Thank You, Doctor" 33 Empehi News Staff 3, 4. Curtiss ILLINOIS A tghirlwind-and here comes Charlie! Thix dy- nanziic person is the kind whose wit, alertness, and energy keep the school a live one. MARCELLA HEYNEN "Celia" S. A.5 Glee Club 3, 45 Art Club 2, 3, 45 Dancing Club 35 Opera 3, 45 Equestrian Club 3. Arlington ILLINOIS WESLEYAN "CeIla," always in a good humor, has that art of adapting herself ininiediately to her surroundings and seemingly liking it. ' MARJORIE HILLIER "Marge" S. A.5 Tau Epsilon I, 45 Management Committee 25 Glee Club 3, 45 ,"Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho ' Road" 4. I ' Vanderpoel "Marge" is that friendly girl who is so clever and full of fun that we cannot resist liking her. JOSEPI-IINE HEDGES "Jo" S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Music Chairman 45 Hi-Jinks 35 Tau Epsilon 1, 2, 3, 45 Board of Con- . trol 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 French Club 42 Interclass Soccer 3 5 Interclass Volley Ball 35 Inter- class'Baseball 3. Vanderpoel . "Jo's" slow, deliberate thinking, and her talent as a violinist have made her well-known. LUTHER I-IALLADAY "Louie, S. A.5 R. O. T. C. 2, 35 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 45 Jazz Orchestra 35 Tau Epsilon 42 Science Club 45 Basketball 35 Interclass Basketball 35 Interclass Football 35 Golf Team 3, 45 Annual Stall 45 Inter-room Basketball 2, 3. Vanderpoel PURDUE ,Those who have him for a friend mark hiin as be- ing congenial, reliable, and an all-around good fellow. Page 49 - ,-...,.,,,.-.....,,.,,..- ...,...,.,..........n - V ...E W I 1 3 ' 1 ,.1' Q ls :lf l 1 l 11 1 l l li' 1 ,1 l, l 1 K1 ll ie 5. 11 1 1 1 11 1, l ' x l i , 1 ll 1 ll '1 ll El' 1 ,1 ,111 4,1 3,11 'R it 1 1,1 1, ,i il l 1 E I 1 l '1 ,, 1i Sl i E 11f1 5 tl ...,.......f-.--... ,,,,,,,,,..,,,R,f,,,. 1-12, ..-e.p.....-...C+-Q A .,:':...,.,,vv-.-..e, 1? N13 ,V ,, I1 11 21 ll 1 ,, 1 1 1 I 4 l l l l 1 I 3 l ,L I 1 l 1 l 1 f l 5 5 i P ,, E Q ,,.,, , -,,,,v.. .f .fw- Page 50 , --.,..-. .Y .-- GRETCHEN JANNEY S. A.5 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 41 Civics Committee 25 Annual Collector 31 Dramatic Club I, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 "It Pays to Advertise" 35 "Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Prom Committee 4. . Barnard Gretchen, our fetching little gypsy in "Pickles," has won hosts of friends during her four years at Enzfwelii. FRANCES MARY HRAD "Fran" S. A.5 Tau Epsilon 4Q Spanish Club 3, 45 Botany Club 3. Central Park BUSINESS WORLD Fran-ces has a keen mind coupled with the ad- mirable quality of being loyal to her friends. FERN HOLLAND S. A.5 Girl Reserves IQ Interclass Soccer Team 3, 45 Art Club 4. Fernwood Modest Fern is a girl of actions, not words, as is shown by her athletic skill. PEARL JOHNSON S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 41 Spanish Club 3, 41 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 "Contest of the Nations" IQ "Tulip Time" 21 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Chairman Prom Committee 4. Arlington Sweet-z'0iced and soft-inannered is Pearl, who made a name for herself by her excellent 'work in operas. BARBARA JACKSON "Barbs" S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 25 Folk Dancing I, 25 "Once Upon A Timet' I5 Literary Club 4, Vanderpoel MADISON Barbara is our snappy little dresser who is exceed- ingly dark and has a 'wealtli of beaiitifizl hair. -Y e Nu.. .....,..,....,......,-,.-..-,-..,-...,........-i..........,.....-... -.-AQ 7.4.44-.Y - --.B . - V - --YY - V ,--------- H---H+ WV A W Y AM- M. W. . .......,.,.,, .-...1---AAV. Y,-n- 4. - A 4. A. -- , 7- na, .-.fx-W -2- -v--W -M-,mg , .,.,.,...,,,,,,,.,,. ,, ,WNW Ma...,..,,. V.. ,.a..-. .. ,..-Y. W WY-.r-WV - L---A -1- f'-we---W -V--rv -A-A ALBERTA RUTHFORD KILLIE , S. A.3 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Folk Dancing Club 2, 33 Empehi News 3, 43 French Club 43 Literary Club 43 Dancing Club 4. Barnard UNIVERSITY or CHICAGO Highly interested in anything along literary lines is Alberta., and she has inamifested that 'interest a mmzber of times. HERBERT JOHNSON S. A.3 R. O. T. C. 2, 3, 43 Civic Committee 45 Band 3, 43 Orchestra 3, 43 jazz Orchestra 3, 43 Interclass Baseball 2. Bellevue Public School CHICAGO MUSICAL COLLEGE "Herb" is known for his success as the Trax" player in our jazz orchestra. LEWIS LANGDON "Lewie" S. A.3 Management Committee 3, 43 Civic Com- mitte 23 R. O. T. C. I, 23 Lieutenant 3, 43 Picked Squad 23 Honor Platoon 2, 3, 43 Band, Drum Major 3, 43 Hi-Y 3, 43 Officers' Club 3.41 Dramatic Club 33 "Green Chartreuse" SQ Social - Committee 33 Boys" Emblem.C1ub I, 2, 3, '43 Science Club, Sec. 33 N. R. A. Club 2, 3, 43 RiHe Team 33 Boys' Glee Club I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball IQ Track IQ Physics Club 31 Cheer Leader 33 Inter- class Track 23 Golf 21 "Tulip Time" 23 'KPickles" 33 Interclass Baseball 23 R. O. T. C. Track I, 2, 3, 43 Interclass Football 2Q Interclass Basketball IQ CAt West Hi, Akronj FOOtballQ Hi-Y Club3 Chemistry Clubg Boys' Glee Club. Parkside Elementry KENYON "Lewie" stands out to us mostly for his admirable musical talent. Were we not all more than ai little proud of his characterization of Jigo? JOHN KENDRICK "lack" S. A.3 R. O. T. C. I, 23 Art Club I, 2, 43 Physics Club 43 Swimming Team 2. ' St. Albans ILLINOIS .laek's nonchalant air and lazy drawl are the envy of the boys, and his "schoolgirl complexion" the des- pair of the girls. MILDRED KNABE 1 S. A.3 Girl Reserves, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club, Secretary 33 President 43-Board of Control 4: Zoology Club 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 3, 43 Physics Club ' 31 Equestrian Club 33 Art Club 4. Fernwood , . . , CHICAGO Mildi'ed is alive to her fin-ger tips, ardent, eager, and gifted in artistic ability. Page 51 .-1, .,,, are f 1 i i i I P f i P l l l r l l l Page S2 15:4 5 - -4 --.-+,,. .-,,-..u-...s..N-.-- ..........-........+......., - V...-Q ---- Q:-nvzf.. ..-..-Nw.. ,...,.1....M...m...N. .fran ,..--.L.,,.,,..-1...-.---..--..,.,-.- '---.- A YMY, mM,,,,,, ,, , U, , , A ,,.,., . n,,, ,..W.-..,. WAYNE KEPHART "Kep" S. A.5 Folk Dancing 15 Room Secretary 3g R. O. T. C. 3, 45 Physics Club 35 Aero Club 45 Boys' Glee Club 4. Barnard ILLINOIS Way11.e's complete ajfability and happy-go-lucky air furnish amuseinent in the driest classes. ERDMUTH LIENK "Erdie" S. A.5 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Quilpen I, 2, 3, 45 Botany Club 35 Spanish Club 3, 4. Zion Evangelical Lutheran Erdmuth's membership in Tau Epsilon is a true sign that there is good conscientious work behind the grin that always accompanies her witty remarks. JAMES B. KERR S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 35 Sergeant 2, 3. Holy Cross DE PAUL James is always surrounded by an atmosphere that speaks "busy, industrious and beaming" DOROTHY LLOYD "Dot" S. A.5 Vice-President 45 Management Committee 45 Tau Epsilon I, 3, 4g Girl Reserves I, 25 Christ- mas Festival 45 Pep Committee 3, 45 Dancing Club I, 35 Glee Club 35 "Daughters of Men" I5 "Pickles" 35 Dramatic Club 2, 35 "lt Pays to Advertisel' 25 Speakers' Bureau IQ Room Treasurer 3: Spanish Club 35 Annual Staff 4. Arlington NORTHWESTERN Dot's striking personality is set of by her ability as an actress and a dancer. FOSTER LILLY S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 2, 35 Physics Club 3, 45 Aero Club 41 Tau Epsilon 4g Faraday Club 4Q Civics Com- 'mittee 2, 3. Vanderpoel UNIVERSITY oF CHICAGO Foster is that industrious, intelligent fellow upon whom you can always depend to do the thing wanted and to do it well. ,,,,,,-2 .L .Y ,... . 4-7 Y .- REQ?-.,,.., T H .- -D-....,,,-2-..- ....-- --A.. V --A, - -- Y- -- -4 : 5 ----H V .- V , V V ,, - -Aman.-0.71.7 ...F ,W a,:m,v,,L . .. W , A .. Y, ,...,., A,,, r A...-.wa La, v. .... .. Y-r .a,.n.-. .-,... , ,o , ,- ,, .... . - L- ,, . .,..-. WY, -. , ,.,. , ,,...,, , v...,:-fan--G -- 65f,.y ,,WA ,, . . ,. A ,... , ,.,., L ., ,. Q. , l l l I . 5 , r l 2 , f 25 ' ,ll WILLIAM LEE "Bill" 1 ffl S.. A.5 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 45 Management Com- I fl .li 5 mittee 4j Annual Collector 2, 35 Assistant Business . ,li Manager 35 Business Manager 45 "Tulip Time" 25 ll ill "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Orchestra E fl 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 31 Jazz Orchestra 2, 3, 45 R. O. 5, E In C. 2, 3, 4,'2I'1Cl Lieutenant 45 Officers' Club 4Q . I Q Spanish Club 42 Swimming Team 2, 3, 45 3 'L f a uard 2. IE Q Barnard ILLINOIS l ' 55 Q When you want something done well, call on Bill! 3 gl, if r E He's a good student, and a willing worker. L I Q le. 1 ' 1 I r l Y r .il 2 l l' il I ANTHONY MROZEK "Tony" 5 lr fix s. A., Giro Club 4, Dramatic Club 4, Literary Trl Club 4: Emblem Club 45 Hi-Y 45 Football 45 I ill X Interclass Football Coach 45 "Hurry, Hurry, I Q 5,9 FHurry" 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4Q Baseball 4. 1 if 'll enger PURDUE 1 4 b And Ihere is "Tony" onr football hero, whether it 2 e on Me staoe or the field! 2 'I xl l A 3 i' iff , Ill l i 1 Y F l gl 5 ELEANOR LINDQUIST "El" S.-A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 35 Folk Dancing IQ r M ll , Science Club 35 Botany Club 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. Qs l Vanderpoel ILLINOIS " Qll "Elk" sweet temper and kindly manner seein to in ill he magnets that draw everyone into her circle of iff, l friends. 5 . is I :li l ffl CARL LINDEMANN "Lindy" r l EI, s. A.g R. o. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Zoology ciob 42 S gl 1? Faraday Club 45 Stagecraft Club 31 Usher Squad i l gl Q 3, 4,ADiilC6CO1'dC1'ly 25 Non-commissioned Officer J ,ig 3,45 ero 1ub4. QU ,ill Morgan Park Elementary ILLINOIS ' ll You do not know this nnassnvning fellow nntil you j -fi ,iii have observed his left-handed ability with a tennis i racquet. . 1' All I ,1 , CATHERINE MAVON "Cath" 5 l S. .A.5 Girl Reserves 45 Dancing Club 3, 45 I l' ,. 5 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Folk Q ' P, Y Dancing IQ Spanish Club 3, 4. Ir , l , I I Barnard COLUMBIA 1 i,. g Everyone knows "Cath," slender, dignified, smartly dressed, and a graceful dancer. 1 I f II f ll 2 . 5 i I ll? A l f 2 l li ' I i - z 4 Page 53 - -fl , .N .,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,-,M,,,o,-..-.,.-4,,.. .. A--- we---Nfx.. ,,,, -..,'-J-- ,..4------N--1-ff--r-- -H-- --Q------4'---rw-rw-.-----H-- ----- --.Mfr J 1 ggjggggjgii' ffff' jjQ,g,,git 3 , Q.. 2- J iii iii 3 1,g.Qe2C1.'4z.4.,:a1t.1'iaa:..g5Lxo1i--of 111: ::a.11.... iL l v i 5, it 2 i v 1 l l , f l l l fi? l'i L15 ll. 5 . ll' lil VE. lf ,li l, tlf l li tri iw wt Pl ' l is . l .lf lu lf! all lair l alto ,ga LPN 'li l ffl W. Ili 'l il l lil 21, rt! l'l' .,,, lil TW 13 all graqynw file -,,,- -. .L -. . . .L . ,.,, ,,.aM,,,-H- ,,,,,,,, My ,,,, ,.1.-,,M, , 0.1. ......,--.L Ya-1...-.,....,.H ,..,.-.....fs-- ,,,-,.,...........,.......--.V FERN McKEE S. A.5 Girl Reserves 35 Spanish Club 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Folk Dancing 15 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. Fernwood Fern is pretty and independent. Although she may seein rather quiet, give her a chance, and she will prove that she has a very entertaining liue. GENEVIEVE LOGAN "Fueeie" S. A.5 Room Representative I, 25 Dancing Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2: "Tulip Time" 25 Faraday Club 45 "Pickles" 35 Folk Dancing IQ "The Last Penny" I5 Aesthetic Dancing 25 Tau Epsilon 1. Barnard ILLINOIS rKFllZZlC,, with her "tome h1ther" smile is Ernfrehfs sweetheart. HELEN MILLER S. A.5 Girl Reserves 41 Folk Dancing I5 Empehi News Staff 45 Botany Club 25 Interclass Soccer 3. Barnaili BUSINESS WORLD Unafeeted, unassuming, with a sunny disposition, Helen is a friend 'worth having. JOHN MAPP l'Jack" S. A.5 Interclass Football I5 Annual Collector 25 Track 25 Rifle Team 35 Captain 4. Englewood CRANE Here's our "crack" shot! What will the rifle team be 'without its illustrious John? HELEN LOUISE MORGAN "Elena" S. A.5 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Program Chairman 45 Emblem Club 3, 42 Secretary 45 French Club 4g Secretary 45 Annual Staff 45 "Pickleslf 35 Interclass Soccer 3, 45 Cap- tain 35 Interclass Basketball 45 Interclass Volley Ball 3, 41 Interclass Baseball 35 Dramatic Club 2. Arlington CARLETON fluibitious in her studies, good in athletics, and a jzrourziueut member of the Girl Reserves. aff' r 1. li 2 il e tl l.. ,, ll 4 3 ll . 3 5. il' lil. gi, ist' it lr Q. El, Wt it :V .. Sl til 2 .ii ll .i, 21 .Ll il all Ili -1 ill' .4 is I S ,IX 1: .sf ill ll 5. all ll' it Elin if 2 n 1 sl it all ll -l . 'z 5. fl tl' Ll El V5 151 ill ,, sl' I :li PW ,tw -- rust: V-4... ., .- -- ,L,,.,,.,w6V.,,,..Y , -e--...fa-he Y -,,. - -, ,J-P..-.....'-.. --......,..........,..m.-...-.-A....J-..............a-.-..--n...,....f.----M---v-0..v-..-f- swf-e--1--N-Y.-4s,...-.. 1 i emi RUTH MAVON S. A.5 French Club 35 Tau Epsilon 45 Girl Re- serves 4. Glens Falls High, N. Y. COLUMBIA INSTITUTE Her poise and refinement are combined with a wealth of common sense. ROBERT MURRAY "Bob" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Lieutenant 35 Captain 45 Officers' Club 3, 45 Sergeant Arms 45 Physics Club 3, 45 lnterclass Football 25 Botany Club 25 Room Treasurer 45 Annual Collector 45 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Interclass Baseball IQ Interclass Track 2, 35 Interclass Swimming 25 Wrestling 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Emblem Club 3, 45 Football 3, 45 Gold Football 45 Glee Club 45 Hjerry of Jericho Road" 4. Arlington PURDUE "Bob" is that stellar center of Empehi's grid war- riors who was the proud receiver of the Hi-Y's gold football. VIOLET MILEN S. A.5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Glee Club 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. Fernwood Sweet, smiling Violet is always on the spot when it comes to cooperation. EDGAR MURRAY "Eggs" S. A.5 Room Treasurer 35 R. O. T. C. I, 25 Band 25 Folk Dancing I5 Debating Club I, 25 Zoology Club 35 President 45 Board of Control 45 Inter- class Wrestling 3, 45 Interclass Football I, 3, 45 Football 35 Inter-room Basketball 3. Arlington WISCONSIN Frogs, bugs, or what have yon? We all know Edgar as being that fellow so interested in anything Zoological. MARION MINGEA "Mold " QV S. A.5 Girls, Emblem Club 3, 45 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Zoology Club 3, 41 Botany Club 2, 33 Life Saving Club 3, 45 Physics Club 45 Soccer Team 45 Folk Dancing IQ Volley Ball Team 25 Ticket Saleslady 45 Pep Committee 41 Equestrian Club 3. Barnard WISCONSIN One of the pair of 'Wormey and Moldey." Re- member how we cheered for all our worth when 'we were led by Marion's energetic contortions? Page 5 ,,...,m,,,..,,r-,, . ,.,,..........,..,.- 4.,..-., ,, . E. , N- . ,.,,......u-N4..a..,..,,,.....-,---,.,.L,,,,..r....-W-...., -e...-,....,-V,--..-.-ma......w W W., ,7,.,v,..,A 4.4. ., .. .. . Y--V -fa., f f- -.-..-V......,.g ...Z - .Y ,,,,--..,,H-,F--5 - - .43-Vg-2,2 Page 56 MYRON PILBROW "Myra" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Lieutenant 35 Cap- tain 4g Band I, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Baseball I, 25 Interclass Basketball 2, 35 Inter-room Basketball 3, 45 Interclass Football 35 Interclass Track 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 25 Track 35 Annual Col- lector IQ Civic Committee 25 Board of Control 45 Management Committee 45 Otlficers' Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 45 Glee Club 45 Vice-President 45 Emblem Club 43 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Jazz Or- chestra 2. Arlington ILLINOIS He is already known for his ability to burn up the track and for shooting baskets. Besides this he has the reputatzon of being the class "wlsecracker." LEONA MEYER S. A.5 Botany, Club 35 Basketball 3. Englewood ' Cheerful, happy Leona, a newcomer from Engle- wood, has more than proved her worth in sports. V ELMA CASE S. A.5 Girl Reserves IQ Room Representative IQ Civic Committee IQ French Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club 42 Room Secretary 2. Vanderpoel WARD-BELMONT Lovely Velma has always charmed us with her ravishuzgly beautiful style. ADELINE PETERSON S. A.5 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Chairman of Music Committee 45 Zoology Club 3, 45 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. Barnard UNDECIDED A veritable ray of sunshine with her sweet dispo- sition and beguiling ways. VERA PITKIN S. A. 5,.Quilpen 2, 3, 45 Glee Club I, 2, 35 President 35 Girl Reserves I, 2, 35 Jazz Orchestra 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 45 President 25 "Contest of the Nations" I5 i'Tulip Time" 25 "Pickles" 35 Orchestra 4. Vanderpoel NORTHWESTERN An indespensible member of the Jazz Orchestra, because her piano chords can "exhale fahrenheif' and a necessary asset to the Dramatic Club because her acting possesses all it should. .KS-.4-,,-,,..,,F,,, o...n,,.,. ...., -on .VY-V - iw- -- .. . .-. RUTH PADDOCK "Paddy" S. A.5 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Quilpen 1, 2, 35 President 45 Room Secretary 25 Snapshot Collector 35 Tau Epsilon 41 Board of Control 45 Empehi Staff 3, 45 Associate Editor 35 Editor-in-Chief 41 French Club 45 Interclass Yolley Ball 35 Interclass Soccer 42 Life Saving Club 3, 45 Emblem Club 4. Arlington UNDECIDED lfVe all expect to see "Pad'dy's" name listed high in the literary world if she succeeds half as much as she has at Empehi. HENRY R. PARK, JR. "Hank" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 3, 45 Ist Lieutenant Ad- jutant 45 Captain 45 Othcers' Club 45 Ushers 3, 45 Chief of Service 42 Science Club 3, 41 Physics Club 35 Faraday Club 45 Interclass Basketball 45 Win- ter Sports Club 2, 35 Aero Club 45 Glee Club 45 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Chairman Ring Com- mittee 4j Folk Dancing I5 Honor Battalion 25 Honor Company 3, 4. , John F. Eberhardt ILLINOIS Henry is a most oratorieally inclined fellow. Re- member how he defended Mr. Hoover! EDITH OLSON "Blondie" S. A.5 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Social Service Commit- tee 3, 45 Zoology Club 4. Seymour BUSINESS WORLD Edithfs' quiet, subtle suggestion of humor lends to belie her moments of reserve and studiousness. ALICE PIERSMA "Al" S. A.5 Girl Reservesg Social Service Committee 3, 41 Senior' Soccer Team 45 Zoology Club 45 Tau Epsilon 4. Hazel Green BUSINESS WORLD Laughing blue eyes, a comradely grin, and a friend- ly manner make Alice essential to Morgan Park. JEAN RITTENHOUSE S. A.5 Room Secretary I, 35 Snapshot Collector 35 Annual Collector 25 Room Treasurer 45 Civics Committee 25 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 French Club 41 "Pickles" 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Dancing Club 45 Folk Dancing I. Vanderpoel MONTICELLO Red-headed lean, 'with her sense of humor, has rliarmed us all and we are sure she will continue to charm. l i l ' l. l ll 'v i ll .F l Page 57 l A , . ,.., ,,,. . A Y,,,,............Y-. ,7- W. N vni ,W--:,,,.. E f mg v -- .. ,Y ,. , W S. 1 -., .inns 'IQJY i W , I 1 l l I 1 I u I ll I I I l ll l 4 l --..-.-.N-. ,..,.1.-.-........f-rr.:--s-:W ....- ,-..,...m,.,.- .-nie... we-ma...--U-sa.-H... . 22 ,...F,.. . on 2 ,,f- Aa..,,-.-..:.,..: , I 1 l 1 l 1 i S Page 58 --N-a.fN. ...-- ... -.-, .....,,. S . . ,..-.- .-m.,.,.-..., -..,,..,..v..,,.-a..----......-x,,,, A,-,W-,,,. ,,,-.- .- .,., ,,,. .,,.-,,, ,-,mf-. ,,,,,,,.u,-. .... I A,A, ,.... ..,,,v N., ,,,, ,, .-,,,, ,vw .,-M W A . ,P ffl ' 4 CATHERINE PULLAR 1 I S. A.5 Room Treasurer 35 Room Chairman 41 French Club 45 Dancing Club 45 Girl Reserves 45 3 X "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. f L l l Parker Sr. High WISCONSIN I ' Vim and vitality are the principle factors that con- 1 tribute to Catherine's personality. , I Y lv 1 at RHEA RIMES ggl' S. A.5 Girl Reserves 1, 2, 3, 45 Cabinet 35 Secre- lla tary 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 45 Dancing Club 31 43 lit 'iPickles" 35 Opera 45 Civics Committee Ij Treas- ,l f,' urer 25 Secretary 45 Snapshot Collector 21 Inter- class Baseball 35 French Club IQ Second Vice- 55' President 45 Folk Dancing I. 3 Arlington ROCKFORD g t Everyone knows what a good sport Rhea is. Her 5 affinity and prominence in Girl Reserves have shown . ., her to be one of its best workers. lit 2 I lst HELEN RYPKEMA "Dyno" j ,H S. A.5 Spanish Club 3, 4g Dramatic Club 3, 45 "Hurry, Hurry, Hurryi' 45 Girl Reserves 4. j Kohn , UNDECIDED I 5 I I Her genius for rattling of Spanish sets of her strilsiazg individuality. 5 yt :I , ,si HAROLD SENNSTROM "Bud" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 45 Honor Society 45 , I Science Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 35 Physics Club ' il 35 Faraday Club 45 Aero Club 45 First Sergeant j 51? 2, 31 Stage Craft Club 35 Stamp Club 45 Flag . 5. Detail 3, 45 Hall Guard 2, 35 Non-commissioned Fig Ofiicer 2, 3, 45 Honor Company 3, 4. , , Vanderpoel CRANE JR. COLLEGE 3 Harold is our chief chemist.'Although he takes in- terest in all our school activities, this is his greatest iiil hobby. ,I :it if CHRISTINE SCHLEPOWICZ "Giggles" H '5 S. A.5 Spanish Club 3, 45 Empehi Clerical Stan' l 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 4. , J, Arlington BUSINESS WORLD fqlf We could not get along without Christine who is j our Enipehi News typist. She always does her work in so carefully and conscientiously. l 5 me fl I li ll 1 ic--- - ..... .41 W rl, -- A' A ff -- 'YY ELEANOR SEABROOK "El" S. A.5 Folk Dancing IQ Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Girl Reserves 3, 45 Physics Club 35 "Tulip Time" 25 "Picklesl' 35 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 4. Arlington MOSER "El" has been one of the old stand-bys in the Glee Club, and she will be missed by this group of girls. RUTH SHEA "Shrimp" S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Annual Collector 35 Empehi News 3, 4Q French Club 41 Soccer Team 45 Basketball Team 4. Arlington To her friends she is known as "Shrimp," tiny, but packed full of eheerfulness and witticisms. VIRGINIA SCHMITT S. A.5 Art Club 2, 3, 4Q "Pickles" 32 Dancing 2, 35 Zoology Club 45 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 45 Snap- shot Collector 4. Morgan Park Elementary Chatty Virginia has inode herself absolutely es- sential to Morgan Park because of her talent as au artzsf. i RAYMOND SCHULANDER "Rimp" S. A.5 Civics Committee 45 Interclass Basketball 2, 3, 45 Interclass Baseball 2, 35 Interclass Foot- ball 4j Interclass Wrestling 3, 45 Interclass Swim- ming 45 Hi-Y 3, 4g Botany Club 25 Physics Club 3. Ionesville, Michigan BUSINESS COLLEGE l?Vhat one word can describe "Rirnp" better than congenial? Or perhaps jovial would be more ap- propriate! VIRGINIA SLEE S. A.5 Girl Reserves 41 Quilpen 45 Secretary 4: Interclass Basketball IQ Captain IQ Interclass Vol- ley Ball I5 Captain IQ Interclass Baseball IQ Cap- tain I5 Dramatic Club I, 25 "Mrs Late-s" I5 "Why the Chimes Rang" 3 5 Cheer Leader I, 2, 3 5 Lawrian Literary Society 35 President 31 Social Chairman 31 Girls Hi-Y 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 G. H. S. Girls' Quartette 2, 3. Galesburg High School WESLEY MEMORIAL Our afrniable little cartoonist has 'won her way into many hearts during the short time that she has been at Einpehi. ' .,.4 Y ... ",,.,,,,....., ....v....,,.,,..,.,.,........-.,,, ........-,,...a...t...,..i,.-..-,.,.,..,.-,-...,,....,................-,..,..,..........,.,,. ,-f Page 59 W-..,, Y, .... ., . -Y Y - - , - " '-..i" ':":.L"""'r:-'!"--- .......,-, .4 ,L ,A A,-, V,-f Y 12 ,-Q...-fa.--f.,....-...,-..w.'.:..-4:-Y --ee -, .,.. .ff.:..1.... ,..-...-K---:..-.. Page 60 CLAYTON H. STAFFORD "Mudd" S.. A.3 R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 43 Lieutenant 33 Cap- tam 43 Dramatic Club 3, 43 Vice-President 43 Glee Club 3, 43 President 43 Officers' Club 3, 43 Secretary 33 "Pickles"3 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 43 Interclass Football 2, 3, 4g Interclass Basketball ,3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 43 "It Pays to Advertise" 33 "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" 43 Empehi News 33 Zoology Club 43 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Jazz Orchestra 3. Arlington Business WORLD , An opera and with it, "lWuddl" And why uot, for who else has a more souorous voice? BERYL SOMMER S. A.3 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Botany Club 22 Girls Interclass Volley Ball 33 "Pickles" 31 Tau Epsilon I, 2, 3, 43 French Club 42 Empehi News Staff 4. Barnard NORTHWESTERN lBeryl's perserveranee accounts for her readiness to enter into anything and to carry her part well. JEWEL SPECHT "Judy" S. A.3 Botany Club 2, 33 Civics Committee 32 Girls' Glee Club 43 Folk Dancing 23 Girls' Inter- class Basketball 3, 43 "Jerry of Jericho Road" 45 Girl Reserves 2. Morgan Park Elementary She's jolly, she's snappy, and she's our idea of someone who always jinds the best in life. ABRAM KEENE SPITLER "Sufi" S. A.g R. O. T. C. I, 2, 3, 43 Sergeant 3, 43 Tau Epsilon 43 Band3 Debating Club IQ Botany Club 23 Science Club 33 Faraday Club 43 Glee Club 43 "J-erry of Jericho Roadl' 4. Central Park School ILLINo1s Keene, an enthusiastic and talkative chap, is much admired because of his perseverance. DOROTHY STUMP "D0i1Qn S. A.3 Art Club 2, 3, 43 Vice-President 33 Presi- dent 4Q Spanish Club 3, 43 Botany Club. 3g Board of Control 43 Civics Committee 4 3 Junior Volley Ball Team 33 Junior Indoor 33 Senior Soccer 4. Fernwood I U Botlz the Art Club and girls' athletics elazin "Dot as one of their most diligent workers. F,.r...,.....,.,,f-.. , ---.-.--..,...-tar'-S.-..-,.4...,..,... ...,.3.. .......f,..,,,.,.a.............. M,...s ,.1..,a,.....t... ... -, ::w,,...r..- f-.,,,.,,..,, 1 P 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 fi 11 3 . 1 111' 1 i 11 1 1 5l1 il il 1 1 1 L11 111 H DOROTHY STEVENS "Doi" 1 S. A.5 Art Club 3, 45 Girl Reserves IQ Interclass 1, A1 Basketball 35 Interclass Volley Ball 35 Folk Danc- 1 is 1 ing IQ Chemistry Club 35 Science Club 3. 1 1 1 ' Arlington 3 1 J The snnniness of her character is reflected in her 1 1 1 , smile and in the radiance of her red-gold hair. 1 11 1,1 5' 1 11 1 I 1, . 1 l l 1f1 1 WELLARD, STEVENSON O "Win" 111 ' 11 , . A.5 R .... 3, 45 Band 3, 45 rchestra 45 1 1 1 Science Club 35 Zoology Club 45 Physics Club 3. 1' 1 11, '1 Bowen UNDECIDED 1 1 Wl l One of our most capable and dafuntless students-a l, 111 1 good friend to "bank" on. 1 1 l l ' . 1. 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 31 L1 1 1 t ll DOROTHY TAYLOR "Dot" 1 'l 1 S. A.5 Girl Reserves I, 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 3, 45 l I 11 1 Riding Club 2. 1 1 1, 1'1 1 Vanderpoel NATIONAL KINDERGARTEN 1 1l1 I l Pepjiy, 1-eadygof fun, and thoroughly alive is our 1 11, '1 1 concep ion 0 " 0 ." 1 pl '1 i ' '- 1 1 1 , 1 1 . 5 .. l , lx J 1 1 119 MARY STURGES 1 '11 if ' S. A.5 Management Committee I5 Room Treasurer 1 l 1 11 25 Civic Committee 35 Board of Control 3, 45 An- ' 11 - 1 nual Collector 15 Tau Epsilon 2, 3, 45 Folk Dane- 1 -1 111 ing IQ Dancing Club 3, 45 President 3,'45 Girl ,ll Reserves I, 2, 41 "Contest of the Nations" IQ 11 "Tulip Timel' 25 f'Pickles" 35 "Jerry" 45 Empehi 1, 11 News Staff 3, 45 News Editor 45 Associate Ed- 11 if 5 vit? 4' 1 Q C M 1 ll '11 an erpoe RANE, ADISON 1 -1 l11 Mary has been in the limelight at Empehi many ll times becavnse of her notezewrthy dancing, and we all 11 .. ' d her. 1 1'. 11 1 enfoye 1 11 12 1 1 11 11 1 is ht li 1 3 El W 1 ' 'll f BERNARD E. STODDARD l S. A.5 Zoology Club 45 Orchestra 41 Iazz Orches- 1 1 2 . tra 45 Snapshot Collection 45 CAt Tildenj Band 1, 1 51 5 2, 35 Comp. 2, 35 C. I. C. I, 2, 35 Harmonica Club jj' QQ1 2, 35 President 2, 35 Tilden Silvertones 2, 3. 1 if 1 1 Tilden CHICAGO Music COLLEGE 171 1 Bernard's interest in music has been manifested f jli 11 more than once, showing that he has undisfvnted 'f f ability. 5 Q1 1? f 5 Q51 fl l E' J 1 1 U I 1 1 11 Page 61 iw-1 .,,, , .w,.,,.,M,,,, ,,.,, ..,.,e.., .,.,. ,,,.... ,.--.u......,,,,,,,e,.- ..... ...,. ....., ,a.M-.-.---,..a..-...4.44-,.,....E-.-.-.em,,,.e,,?f'J5 1-,Eh ,, , , ,H , ,, M-, W., We .... .,... -H ,,-.,-,,.a , ,, ,,,,.c-.. ,AN . ,.., ,-.- ....-.c, -.t, , . ,,g3,,,.,g,Lg.a,i,.....' " ' '.a':g,.,........"...Z.,,z,i.,,..,...,...1...fe-,e......,.a,,saz,Lz:2gLLg..1- 1 ,z1.g.,..4m...,,,...-....,..........e,..f.:,p.f...,..lW..t.,,s-W..J..,-.lf.'s,.,?p6' .f,.,.s....-....,-s.....,....,. ,, W, .i1TA,..v.':,fw,......,f-..-.W..,....2a?.-.w.-......---V -,-...,...:-fe ,. Y -..,,..---,Q-Q1-2. Y.,...,, --....-.,..,.............-f-v.....,...,4.v...,... A,- .,,,. . bra' li W l ji 1 1 1 A ll ii ,l l v l F l 5 i ll 2 l? ln l l ill ll l 5 , l S 1 if l r ii F 1 V, l ll 5 1 l S ll F , r r r W. 1 3 Z l ,l Rua Page 62 ROBERT H. THAYER "Bob" S. A.5 Science Club 35 Interroom Basketball 4Q Interclass Track 35 VVrestling 25 Hi-Y 4. Arlington D1-:N1soN "Bob" is the good-looking red-haired fellow with most contagious grin. ETHEL VANEK S. A.5 Quilpeu I, 2, 3, 45 Tau Epsilon 2, 35 Room Chairman 1, 2, 35 Civics Committee 25 Secretary 45 Snapshot Collector 4. Barnard Tall, slim, and dignified, with an indejinable charm and quiet graces. ETHEL VAN DYNE "Van" S. A.5 Spring Festival I, 25 Christmas Festival 1, 25 Scribblers' Club 25 History Club 25 Atlanta 2, 35 Interclass Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Interclass Hockey 25 Interclass Volley Ball 3, 45 Interclass Soccer 45 Captain 45 Interclass Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Captain 2, 35 Tennis Doubles 33 Girls' Em- blem Club 45 Room Treasurer 45 Tau Epsilon 3, 43 Science Club 45 Faraday Club 45 French Club 41 Latin Club 2. Oak Park High NATIONAL PARK SEMINARY A competent little athlete, an excellent student, a possessor of a 'winning smile, characterizes Ethel. EDVVARD 1. WICKERSHAM "Wick" S. A.5 Science Club 25 Interclass Track 35 Physics Club 35 Faraday Club 4. Vanderpocl LELAND STANFORD Diminutive in size but monstrous in importance is our famous "professor of impersonationf' FREDERICK VON BERNER "Freddie" S. A.5 R. O. T. C. 1, 2, 35 Physics Club 2, 35 Hall Guard 2, 35 Officer Orderly 2, 35 Interclass Wrestling 45 Pep Committeeg Emblem Club 45 Room Treasurer 2, 45 Manager Football Team 45 Science Club 2, 35 Swimming Team 3, 41 Spanish Club 2. Arlington STANFORD Can there be any doubt that we all know "Freddie" as the happy-go-lucky football manager? gglgigrg.ggii1:1:,,:rg.'g:.iT.,'i':-.rfliggfijiigjigiiifigigiggg. '.', i .1iii1:1i1g:1:rg., 3 53.5 . JL W., , ., . Lf- 4 -W ,We HERBERT WHITE "Herb" S. A.g Civic Committee 3g Management Commit- tee 41 Tau Epsilon 3, 4. Hyde Park CORNELL "Herb" is our good-looking gum chewer. His witty remarks never shake his self-composure, although they are fully appreciated by other people. BERNICE REUTER "Bed" S. A.g Spanish Club SQ Botany Club 3Q Girl Re- serves IQ Girls' Interclass Baseball 3. Arlington BUSINESS COLLEGE "Beau has a personality that predicts her success in the business world. ANNE SMITH "Smiles" S. A.: Soccer Team 4Q Cui Boni Club IQ Thimble Club 25 Bird Club 21 Merciette Club 21 Princess Club 32 Pro Musical Club 3 3 Glee Club 3. Mercy High School UNDECIDED "Smiles" sure was a jolly new comer, and although she just arrived in her senior year, she has set forth her individuality many times. DOROTHY AUSTIN "Dar" S. A.g Zoology Club 3, 4 3 Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4g Stagecraft Club 4. Arlington Dorothy is a 'very capable girl who sees the thing to be done and does it. GEORGE R. BOND S. A.g Interclass Football 2, 31 Interclass Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 35 Manager of Football Team 4 5 Manager Interclass Track 5 Manager of Outdoor Track 3Q Botany Club 2, 35 Glee Club 4. Sargeant CColoradoj UNDECIDED George is discreet and quiet, and many times we are unaware of his presence, but that can be laid to the fact that he's always working hard. .,, ,,..A...4.. A - Page 63 , vl 7 'eww ,,.. Y gil. 'F-A A YAY , v' , ,-,,.. 1,1-,r .,.. ,,Y . .Y ,, ,,, , ,,,,. ,,,,,, Y ,Y ,,,,, , .,.-, ,r-13, ,,-, ,,, H ,, ,,,,,,,,, ,, N Y Page 64 ROY R. JOHNSON "Son" S. A.g Tau Epsilon 4, Golf Team 45 Zoology Club 39 Interclass Basketball 3. . D. S. Wentworth This cheerful fellow, although small in stature, has that art of creating no little amount of amusement by his well-enjoyed jokes. WILLIAM KEEHAN " "Billy S. A.g Class Officer 25 Basketball 21 Football 3, 4Q Interclass Basketball 33 Interclass Football 3, 4. Mount Carmel NOTRE DAME Bill's nonchalance and fun-loving manner have 'won for him hosts of friends. , VIRGINIA WARD "Ginny" S. A.g Basketball 23 French Club 33 Treasurer 4: President 45 Senior Soccer Team 45 Senior Basket- ball Team 4. V anderpoel Quiet and self-possessed as all good athletes are but there is a good deal of jofuialty behind that serenity. FRANCES WILLCOX "Fran" S. A., Botany Club 3, 43 Science Club 3, 4, Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 4. Vanderpoel BELOIT Frances is the whole-hearted type of girl who d0esn't believe in doing things in halves or quarters. She can always be depeiwled on as a good friend. WALTER VVOERNER "Wally" S. A., Interelass Football IQ Room Treasurer I, 25 Football 3, 42 Emblem Club 3, 45 Vice-President Emblem Club 4. Barnard The football team, which will be sorry to lose "Wally," claims him as one of its stars,' in fact, in work or play, "Wally" is always on the job. 1: Y-- .-. . f . ,lA fy-.pu A-ff :' ghyf H , Y ,-g' February Commercial Graduates EDNA KEYS S. A. Class Vote-Best at shorthand. Nokomis BUSINESS WORLD Quiet, dignijied, and 1'e.re1"ved is Edna. ANNE JONKMAN "Annie" S. A.g Room Treasurer 2. Class Vote-Be-st Typist. Evergreen Park BUSINESS WORLD We all know "Annie" as our eficient, typing chain- pion. MARJORY FLETCHER "Marge" S. A. Class Vote-Teacher's pet. Central Park School BUSINESS WORLD "Marge's" stiidionsness has made her a favorite with all her teachers. SYLVIA SLUKA "Shake" S. A.g Room Secretary I, 2. Class Vote-Best sense of humor. Barnard BUSINESS WORLD A cnte blonde with a keen .sense of hnrnor, that is Sylvia Sluka. KATHERINE SCOTT S. A. Arlinggon ' BUSINESS WORLD Katherine is always on the job when it comes to do- ing her part and doing it well. Page 65 Y Y . -Y S..-.W , Y ........11--,-, ,...---...Y-Y - ...2..,-f ,......-s. . A ..,. ,.......,....f mx-.1 -.Y H., ,.SL...Y - - -- -W --:.41v1 ' A ' ' 'TI-- ' f ' gg, ' ff ' '1' rj" - itilgrgg. , 4 f,..i Page 66 TIQIEEESA HAUPTMANN "Tracy" Barliarii "Tracy's" quiet way of going about her own work, will win favor in the businexs world. EVELYN FOREST "Evie" S, A.g Room Secretary I. Class Vote-Best dressed. Fernwood BUSINESS WORLD "Evie's" neat clothes and pretty hair combined with a quiet personality, have won for her a place in all our hearts. MARIE RICKERT "Weasel" S. A.g Civic Conpgaittee 2. Class Vote-Most popular girl and girl with the best line. Baxln-ard Vivacious Marie is a carefree girl who has that love of dancing. v .rr 7 R -35 ' Y'Yf 'V --- A ...,.,.,..,S, ,..-we ---V. E, .Y .,... . .. a,,...., ...E ,..,..,...............,.,.,...,,-.. June Commercial Class DOROTHY GEMEINHARDT "Dot" S. A.g Interclass Baseball I. Zion Evangelical Lutheran School ENGLEWOOD NIGHT SCHOOL Dot, athletic, and fall of pep, enlivens a baseball game. ALMA SCHINKE "Al" S. A.g Girl Reserves 2. Fernwood ENGLEWOOD BUSINESS COLLEGE "Al's" nnfailing good cheer is known to all her classmates. QMINNIE PIERSMA "Min" S. A.g Girl Reserves I, 2. Hazel Green School BUSINESS WORLD A loyal Girl Reserve, "Min" will be missed at the meetings next year. ALYCE M. NICHOLS "Nick" S. A.g Tau Epsilon 23 Room Treasurer I. Central Park ENGLEWOOD BUSINESS COLLEGE "Nick" is a demnre miss, who hides an intelligent mind underneath a mask of polly brown eyes and merry giggles. CAROLINE GRUBER S. A.g Girl Reserves 2. Vanderpoel ENGLEWOOD BUSINESS COLLEGE Miscliievioits and jfnll of fnn, Caroline is on loyal Girl Reserve. Page 67- 5-:e.Q...1.,,.,,,,,,Y,,,A,,,,,,,..,...........,,,....- .,., .,,,,.,.....--1...,Y V ,, W. ,W L. .--Q f-A-,...-.....,.- W .Su 2- -. . , -A:-2-np--f-.--0....,....-.--S.-,e,,..,,,x4-xrmfv..--S A-4-ur---4.E,u - ...- -- .... , , . , -,-,,,.- ..-.. Page 68 BESSIE BARD "Bess" S. A.g Management Committee IQ Room Secre- tary I. Academy of Our Lady BUSINESS WORLD "Bess" is our Titian haired beauty, quiet, but with e.reeuti'z1e ability. ANN FLYNN "Ness" S. A. St. Kilians BUSINESS WORLD Quiet and reserved, Ann's dignity will make her an ideal employee. CARL BERGQUIST "Bergy" S. A.g Civic Committee 2Q Room Treasurer IQ Ticket Salesman 2. Central Park ENGLEWOOD NIGHT SCHOOL "Bergy's" ability to stick to his job will serve him well in the business world. AMELIA MOCHA "Mele" S. A. 5 Girl Reserves 2. Len Small School, Midlothian BUSINESS WORLD Dependable, enthusiastic, and a good sport charac- terize Amelia perfectly. MARION CARLSON S. A.g Civic Committee IQ Girl Reserves I, 2. Central Park . BUSINESS WORLD Quiet Marion is so full of fun that it is a pleasure to know her well. .W - W , W A Nga, Q aww H - Wa, ,, nfsslrn ,i ,,,--..,....., l 1 l ' r l F 1 I 6 l i ttf 'IH 'r l l El. 'ill W 5 5 I 'i gil ,.: ill Xl R. i lil il! fl hi! ill ill wt M Hs ll? Hi Yi lil! lit V55 fl? ll? tg, lsf 'Q 271 li iT l. Big Q. Q . ata. , ft. HELEN YURKAS S. A.5 Management Committee I 5 Civic Com- mittee I. Central Park School BUSINESS WORLD Helen's executive ability will serve her well in the business world. GRACE WEMLINGER, President "Gokey" S. A.g Management Committee IQ Room Secretary IQ Annual Collector 25 Dancing Club I, 25 Opera 21 President 2. Barnard BUSINESS WORLD Pretty, peppy, and popular "Gokey" has danced her way into our hearts. ELSIE JOHNSON, Secretary "Johnny" S. A.5 Civic Committee IQ Management Commit- tee 25 Tau Epsilon 25 Secretary 4. Fernwood BUSINESS WORLD "Johnny" has showed her executive ability by her service on the M anagenient and Civic Coinrnittees. PETER VAN BEEK "Pete" S. A.5 Civic Committee 2g Room Treasurer I, 25 Ticket Salesman 2. Central Park School ENGLEWOOD NIGHT SCHOOL "Pete," our jolly treasurer and ticket .s'ales11'za1z, will be niissed by a host of friends. MARION THOMAS "Mare" S. A.5 Civic Committee IQ Room Secretary IQ Botany Club 21 Basketball 2. Barnard BUSINESS Woman Ernpelifs loss will be the biisiness worldir gain, lllarion is vitally interested in everything. A at I ,.,,,,v,,, ,Y,,, 4 W, t A Y,,,I ,,.,.,.. .. ,,,,.,,,,, .,,, ,I ,,., W, ,.,. - ---......,,,4 4, .,,r ,,,..- ..-MV--V.. giidjyfhl .. . .. , . .I .. ,. ., ---- .I,.,.,,. .,,,.,.. H A -mg,-,1x.,,.. ......f,..-.,......A-..,...,.........,.-...m..a......m-.,..M-en- ---.L ,.,u..... ...I .Wm S .1-1....v....,..t. , Y ,WM-, -,,,.e-- L ,ew ,,- ,,,, -.., .f..- . . 41 wean. L WL.-.-:A 417,--'-rw --ffl: . V1 -2 liii . ll 'H . 1 I 1 , l T HAROLD OETTER "Twin' ii , S. A.g Room Secretary 25 Ticket Salesman 2. Il Q Morgan Park Elementary School ' ENGLEWOOD NIGHT SCHOOL 1 ' This is Harold, of the fannous twins who have if T mystified all of us with their similarity. Qi T HOWARD OETTER, Treasurer "Twin" 1, 'i S. A. 3 Room Secretary ZQ Treasurer 4. Morgan Park Elementary School iQ ' ENGLEWOOD NIGHT SCHOOL . "Howard,' the other half of the twins is always ' ready to entertain us with as never ending "line" of . X stories. li l v Ni H li 1, BERNICE H. SEMMER, Vice-President "Pet" J' T S. A.g Management Committee IQ Tau Epsilon 2. fx Sutherland METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE . A faworite with both teachers and students. Bernice r X has distinguished herself by her scholarship. 5 X 1 i T 2 pl 5 LORNA WHITE ' 4 S. A.g Room Treasurer IQ Dancing Club 2j Bas- ' ketball 2. T Barnard BUSINESS WORLD +I i Athletic Lorna will be missed in the girls' gym 1, N classes. lr ' V . al 1 l F V r A T H l' . 3 1 . s ,sl Q 1 l ,i N . ik l ': Q Page 70 vgirwfg. , ,H WMS.- , A, L-f Y-if ...,:f1r,.L.L.-. W.. 1...Junun3if ' f W f- an-I ,WT , W " -f awe:-'F-H-:migf W- W ark 2 f' Lie" f ' SENIOR IMMCJRTALS - FEBRUARY CLASS ,L Best-looking Boy ........ 1 Best-looking Girl .,,,,,... L Most Popular Boy ....,.... Most Popular Girl ...,..... 1 l Best Dancer, Boy ......,,.. r Best Dancer, Girl ............. , Boy with the Best Line ...,,... l Girl with the Best Line ........ i l .,.,,,.,.James Hartley ..........Evelyn Johnson .........Thomas Shemaitis ...............Beatrice Eagle Brough Mary-Ellen Randell ........Edward Hauber Mary-Ellen Randell Mr Best Dressed Boy ................... .,........... E dxvard Hauber W l Best Dressed Girl ..........,.....,...,,,........ ...,.,.. M ildred Venecek l' 4 Boy with Best Sense of Humor ..,.....,,,, ............,... R obert Black il Girl with Best Sense of Humor ....,.. ......... V irginia Strobel l Most Representative Boy ................. ..,........... B ruce Ladd , Most Representative Girl ....,,.,,.,.,. ..,....,. B eatrice Eagle N1 l Class Bum ...............,.,...,,,..,.,,. ..,,,,,, R obert Black , r l ltr N la l 3 x wk vs vk wr Wy ' ll lli 5, ll SENIOR IMMORTALS-JUNE CLASS V til: r Best-looking Boy ...,.............,......,,,................,......,. Wallace Gault Best-looking Girl ...,.,..... ........,...................,... M artha Janney l Most Popular Boy ....,.... ........... J ack Haliday, Bob Burnam l Most Popular Girl ...,.,..,. ..... ' 'Fuzzyu Logan, Maurene Frey A Best Dancer, Boy .........., .................................. R obert Bruce W Best Dancer, Girl ,,.,...,..........,...,,......,............. Genevieve Logan M' Boy with the Best Line .,.,,.......,. Ross Wood, Robert Brookes 'Il' Girl with the Best Line .... Ruth Armstrong, Dorothy Lloyd I l Best Dressed Boy .........,...................................... Herbert White il Best Dressed Girl ........................,V,........................... Ruth Mavon ll Boy with Best Sense of Humor ..........,...........,. Robert Brookes l Girl with Best Sense of Humor ..........Y.....,,,. Ruth Armstrong rg g Most Representative Boy ...... Robert Burnam, Jack Haliday 'll l, Most Representative Girl ....,. Maurene Frey, Dorothy Lloyd' R l Class Bum ,........,,......,.....................,.....,.,......,............,.. Ross Wood l 1 l 1 E I ,l l ll l A l W Y Y A , , ,An , , ,,,,..,....,,..------W I--.. H., ,--,....--ML, rf- --N ---N N., , ,W ...A L ,--, A V - D ,A, . Z,.,a..,, ,., :,,,.....,,.....a Mei? MS- 1, ,H Maritim XM my Page 72 u 1 5 , i -1 . G L 2 f e in ,,,,,-A,,,,,,,. ,Maw .Q-..........4. ...4.....,.f....5....,,,.-.A - ........... .. ... ..AfLx,.,f.a,.-.m.-.W---Q,.wfu,,.. 3 I z XVI-IO'S WHO, FEBRUARY 1929 BEATRICE EAGLE Although small, every inch of "Beatie's,' five feet two is bubbling over with energy and carefree friendliness. These are the characteristics which have made her so popular throughout her four years in Empehi. "Beatie" is an excellent harpist. We have all sat spellbound while she played her harp at our assemblies. Her musical talent has also been shown in the chorus Work of the last two operas. As a result of her work, she has been a member of Tau Epsilon for four years, and now stands with the second highest average in her graduating class. As a further pinnacle of popularity and executive ability, in her senior year, she was chosen by her classmates to be their vice-president. When we lose "Beatie" we feel as if a large bit of gladness and enthusiasm is gone, and yet we all heartily wish her the best of happiness in the future. BRUCE LADD A genial personality and a remarkable executive ability have won Bruce a lasting place in Empehi. His popularity and leadership led his classmates to choose him for "Who's Who." Throughout his four years in high school, he has been unusually active in school affairs. In his third year, he was a member of the Civic Committee and the Management Committee 5 and in his senior year, he belonged to the Emblem Club and Tau Epsilon. He has been in the R. O. T. C. for four years, and, due to his good Work in that organization, he was promoted to the rank of Cadet Captain. Bruce has also been vitally interested in athletics. When he was a junior, he played on the interclass football team. In his fourth year, he proved himself to be a fine addition to the football team, winning his major letter. The February graduating class of 1929 showed their appreciation by elect- ing him president. Bruce's friendliness and capability will long be missed at Empehi. Page 73 , . H ' ,., ,.,.,,.....,.:Q 4....,..,.....,....--..-..,... .,...,.-- ........s,.,. .-,...,,..... ,M i i l 4 l Y l. 1 l , t l l l l r w 1 l l l u fi' 2 . ,, ,Mm .- ..-NW .,w,,w..- W , ,W .-, . .. . -.-A--W1 . E WHO WHO WHO'S WHO, JUNE 1929 ROBERT BURNAM A quiet manner often masks the rare ability of a leader, and Robert Burnam has proved this to be a fact. His interest in the school helped to make him a valuable member of both the swimming and basketball teams, a Captain in the R. O. T. C., and a member of Tau Epsilon. In his sophomore year, he became connected with the Student Association, as a member of the Civic Committee, during his third year he served on both the Management and Social Committees. In recognition of his administrative ability combined with popularity among his fellow students, the school conferred its highest honor upon him last June, by electing him president of the Student Association. Bob has been a popular president because of his dignity in conduct- ing the assemblies and because of his democratic attitude of friendliness toward all his classmates. DOROTHY LLOYD There are few people at Morgan Park who do not know Dorothy Lloyd. She is one of the most popular, efficient, and representative members of her class. As a result of the prominent part "Dot" has taken in school activities, she was elected Vice-President of the Student's Association in her senior year. During her last year she was a member of the Management Committee, Tau Epsilon, the Annual Staff, and the Pep Committee. She also took part in the Christmas Festival. - For a long time, "Dot" has been known as a dancer and actress of excep- tional ability. She was a member of the Dancing Club as a freshman and junior, and being an active member of the Dramatic Club, held an important part in the production of "It Pays to Advertise." ' "Dot's" personality is the secret of her success and her great popularity is due to her leadership and keen sense of humor. Morgan Park will always be proud to claim her as one of its students. P1192 74 - 4 .1 '--Q. . ' WA Y H i ' ' ,,..,j,4j,f,j 'T',..,.M ig-. 'TT' ':.Mi1,'jI.. . V XVI-IO'S WHO, JUNE 1929 JACK HALIDAY Undoubtedly everyone in Morgan Park knows of -Iack's acting ability. Since his Freshman year, he has been very much interested in the Dramatic Club, and has been president of the club for the past two years. jack's acting in "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry," and "Thank You Doctor" convinced us all that he was fitted for the stage. However, as interested as he was in dramatics, he did not limit himself to one activity. He was the secretary of the Literary Club, and a member of the Spanish Club, and of the R. O. T. C. Jack's popularity with all who knew him, together with his calmness and capableness in handling any situation were influential in gaining for him the presidency of the senior class. p Morgan Park will no doubt hear of jack in future years still gaining fame and popularity by his dramatic ability. MAURENE FREY Maurene with her striking personality, enthusiasm, and capability, was des- tined to become popular at Empehi. She has fulfilled that destiny beyond a doubt. Soon after her arrival at Morgan Park, Maurene's delightful dancing ability was discovered and put into immediate action in three of our operas. Nor is she lacking in talent as an actress, this is evident to all of us who saw her with leading roles in the Dramatic Club's production "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry." She also won first place in the Oratorical contest last year. Besides being extremely well versed along artistic lines, Maurene is a member of Tau Epsilon. She was Vice-President of the Student Association in her senior year, as well as being a member of Quilpen, the Dramatic Club, and the Dancing Club. As a fitting mark of esteem, she was appointed Editor-in-Chief of this annual. Maurene is indeed a representative student, as all of us well realize, and is worthy of the appreciation which her class has shown by electing her the most representative girl. We are proud of Maurene-she is a student of great merit. Page 75 -wah , ,WN 7 V ,.. -,...,--, .,-X., -av ,..,e,.x,..l-- -.,,,...ff...,.,.....-. -------N,.... . .. ----- --- -f DIVISION lOl WHAT THEY REMIND US OF 'FLyman Gilbert, Chairman Ruth Billings, V ice-C hairrnan Jeanne Marriott, Secretary Wesley Wilson, Treasurer Barringer Baker, Annual Collector "fFrances Allen William Alexander Ross Beckham . Dorothy Berlin 'Baldwin Bingham 'Margaret Bird Helen Brookes jack Budge Ruth Mary Dare Sara Dearborn Stuart Duffy Alice Fitzroy Evelyn Grage Harry Harlow Bernard Hauber Robert Heiskell Frank Henke "Dorothy Hopkins Dorothy Innes 'kKathryn Kirn Ernest Larson John Liver Phil Mavon Mary Morrow Joseph Thompson 'Constantin Tziolas Dan Whitehead john Whitehead Herbert Winsor Norma Yarline 4' Member of Tau Epsilon. Page 76 ..,,.,.,,..,.,....r----.. ..,,,..,,.-..?..,.,,.....-.--,-..:,..-1..- --M --N- Spanish Club. Galli Curci. Peewee. Motorcycle. Chief Bugle Blower. Ambition. Business. Fire. Petite. Football. Tweet, tweet. Water. Midget. Dresden china. Sally in our Alley. 63rd Street and Halsted Hazel Hawksley. Quilpen. Virginia O'Meara. Al jolson. Botany Club. Von Steuben. Buick. Studies. Katydid. Trombone. Water in a gas pipe. Peg Henderson. A blonde. Fred Stokoe. French Club. Violin. English. Hi-Y. Red. DIVISION 301 Charlotte Bennett, Chairman 'Theodore Christensen, Vice-Chairman 'kEdward French, Secretary Madeline Rummler, Treasurer Constance Wurmstedt, Annual Collector Russell Baker Doris Brown Edward Christman Gladys Kroenig Frances Lowitz Richard Manger Marjorie McLerie Claramae Miller "'Robert Mitchell Helen Mostyn Dora Murphy Christopher Murray Robert Olmstead William Paden Marion Peterson Paul Piech Forrest Porter 'kArleen Pritchard "Caryl Rathje George Rigby 'Thomas Smith John Snedicor ":Kathryn Swanson John Wallace Charles White ff Member of Tau Epsilon. WHAT THEY REMIND US Ol" "Saugy" Bingham. Dough-boy. School-Girl Complexion. Sugar. Raccoon coat. Red. A good sport. Happy-go-lucky. Athletics. Fine penmanship. Alice Anderson. Pep. Musician. Tennis. Curly hair. -Iollity. Aloysius Bartholomew. Red Grange. Fritz Kreisler. Charming smile. Gentleman. Butterfliesf S's. Refinement. Blushes. Fred Stokoe. Industrious. Sparkles. Giant. Freckles. Page 77 i . .. .......,.,.-..... .. ,,.,, -..,,..,,.,-.....,,...,,..- ., .W....,,.......,.-..-,....,.-..W,.., ,.....,.............,, .,.,-..,.,....,.,.,.,. ,.., . 'wh E !,w...... n........,....,.,, ,,,- ..J .l, 5 NIORS I I w A Nl ,V fs ,, H H yi Page 78 ,W,,......, .,......-.... h1:.,u..h,..-,.. ........-- .....,...........,. -,-...WM....,,,...y,..,,-...,.....,...-..,.-q,.....,1.......,.,,,, .. , , 73 L K Q uk ,,f J! ,s I M 15 x . 14, 1 1, q Y W1 ,x a WF 5 11 K 3 F ,Q-fha-, ,, V 5 I 1 A z V 5 li T F , Qw 1. ,V , ,f 1 2, gr N w Y? 1 3 . Y M 1, Q , 4 El M 41, QI: 14 1 ,J 1, H' ut, fl 4, 'Ei W H I f v I J .ng ...-...,-w.....u-.- W-----' -XS ' x , ,, V Qqj, W, , 1 I ,i T2 .L a ,I il' s 5+ gr 1, I S HS wx I 45311 :wx 1 1 3 li 1 2 , I if li 3 L 1 1 5 Page 79 ' T i! Page 80 r pix junior Message juniors! What joyous, grand, and glorious days are experienced by us who have two full and pleasant years of school life to look back upong two years of hard study and deep concentration that formed the steps by which we climbed to our third year, the most bril- liant and productive of all. What whole- some pleasures we have enjoyed during this, our junior year, what special favors are be- stowed upon us as we change from sopho- mores to upper classmeng juniors, who in their pleasures and activities, are just the very peak of school life. They are looked up to by the freshmen, who are exceedingly inexperienced and who long for the distant day when they too will be juniors. Sophomores go their way, re- joicing in their superiority over the freshmen, but trying very hard to do and say the things that juniors do and say. Even the seniors, dignified and imposing as they are, serene in their much admired and looked-up positions, when confronted with the thought of all that lies ahead of them after graduation, look back with a touch of longing and regret at those good old days when they were juniors, too. Jean Anne Slocum, '30. ---' J ' A 1- A' 7' T'---ri . ' , .:-as-eaai- Y N.: .. -a:, . - , ,,-V ,.,,. ' DIVISION IO3 Peg Henderson, Chairman 'Mary Brennan, Vice-Chairman Randolph Iverson, Secretary Ruth McKnight, T1'ea.rurer' Ted Lowenthal Annual Collector Foster Abbott Isabel Allman Frank Anderson Marion Baker West Briggs Florence Brown Eugene Coleman Tommy Ellis Gene Furneaux Allan Hopkins Helen Hubbard Jasmine Hughes Howard Johns Lawrence Kordewick Irene Moore Lillian Nickel Betty Palmer Alene Pennington Harold Reuter Betty Storkel Agnes Wuehrmann Robert Van Valkenburg DIVISION 115 Edgar Toerper, Chairman Horace Gaston, Vice-President Robert Penson, Secretary 'Elizabeth Bohn, T1'ea.vm'er Frances Sheils, Annual Collector Mable Allen Mildred Burgess Winifred Campbell Eugenia Dubbs Eileen Foell Walter Gannott George Gray Edward Grosscup Lillian Hudson Florence Jones Earl Kerr William Kleinz Helen Louise Knaff Marion Mathie Virginia Molloy Carl Murray Constance Noble Lorraine Nyberg Robert Perry Eleanor Pfeiffer Otto Sauermann John Silverhorn Everett Smith Clyde Spittler Virginia Thyer Lillian Szalay Charles Younger Harold Zink 'k Member of Tau Epsilon. Page 82 A To To To To To To To AMBITION invent a black dye for red hair. be a co-ed at West Point. be an aviator. eat, drink and be merry. bum around the world. create a higher standard of profane language be an aviatrix. To lbecomeia star Major league hurler. To get thin. . Hunting ducks with an aeroplane. To To To To To To To To To To To To To To become a great artist. earn a lot of money. be sittin' an' a whistlini all day long. wear a college fraternity pin. own a f'hoss" ranch with lots of "ho-sses. become a swimming teacher. pass all my subjects. drive a car a hundred miles. be a West Pointer. own a night club. be the first woman president. be a dancer. l cook for a certain person: be the cadet major. A lady of. leisure. ' To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To Ha To To To To learn to do a back dive. A fire Jack West. AMBITION be a blacksmith. be a great manufacturer, like Uncle be a rich bachelor. capture my millionaire. be a bootlegger. have that person let me drive his car come to school only twice a week. own a certain red and white roadster. drive "our" car. win a golf championship. sail around the world. graduate- from school. drive a new Studebaker. be a lawyer. I like to argue. be a school teacher. see the world through a porthole. own a Chev. coupe. be a nice old maid. have a good report card. be a movie critic. make a million. be First Ladv of the Land. hunt wild animals in Africa. be a second Rockerfellow. own my own car. be an engineer. be an army food distributor. make mv million on Broadway. ve three lunch periods. get an "S" in Geometry. ' have classes omitted from school. be a success. be an auctioneer. Henry alone. f--...,.,?--.....,-...,-........-..- ,Tn -, - ,,-- ...,.u.,..-... .,... ,..,.,.-- , . ni. AL ....,....., ..Y, .3,..,-... DIVISION II7 John Hanna, Chairman 9tGordon Stow, Vice-Chairrnan Jessica Gault, Secretary Charlotte Stenger, Treasurer Ruth Coleman, Annual Collector Nathalie Anderson D9-rothy Beckwith Helen Bradley Marjorie Burnett Duane Colburn Violet Conrad Dorothy Davidson David Fornell Seth Fornell Howard Hannapel Walter Harding Virginia Knight Dolores Lagerstrom Freeman Morgan ':George Pagels 'Betty Pence Gwendolyn Rauch James Repp Ruth Richardson Clifford Schmitt Harry Schuck :'Lucille Smock Robert White Carroll Wohlfarth DIVISION IIS 'kRuth Palmer, Chairman 3"Roger Boylan, Vice-Chairman Ruth Coleman, Secretary Lillian W0-ida, Treasurer Katherine Haigh, Annual Collector Edna Bergstrom iMac Louise Burnham Michael Dominick Gertrude Dickman lfGladys Fox Alice Frizzo Ruth Goebel Tim I-Iarrison Helen Hawksley Theresa Hauptman janet Herriott Dick Hudson Paul Ingerson Hazel Iewett Letson Joor Robert Kirchoff Malcolm McCallum XHelen Moberly Mary Nicely XLouise Pflasterer Ella Duwaine Reed Edward Reynolds Marie Rickert "fMary St. John Mary Ada Tibbles George Voris Jack West 'fMember of Tau Epsilon. f-....,....-..,,, ,, . ,a..,,.,..,. ,,,,...-......,,,,,..,..,--.....,,-....,..-+.,..,..-...--.,-....,. f,--H . V .ave ' .-..::,. is -YY.:z......-- YA '- V ---ef' AMBITION To be an army pursuit pilot. To be something like a11 architect. Mfaking my sculpturing more popular. It's hard to say. To make everybody pay up for the Annual. Merely a musician. To get to school on time some morning. travel through the Orient. know French verbs like Miss Bellinghausen To recite without shaking. To- see us win the next band contest. To become ambitious. Intensive study and research. To know my Latin without studying it. To meet the "Kansas City Kitty." ' To be a second i'Lindy". To become a stuck-up senior. To be my own boss. To go to Annapolis. Est-ce que je sais? To be in the French Diplomatic Service. To talk louder than my neighbor in division. To play the shoe horn in the rubber band. To become an interior decorator. To be a great man. To- find that lost desire. To be a commercial artist. To make teachers do homework. To kind the song of songs for me. To To AMBITION To get a free airplane ride to Mars. To find that girl. To graduate sometime in the future. To be a great singer. To be a ballet dancer. To beat Helen Wills. To save up enough money to pay for this. To write good excuses for Miss Sturgeon. To have a complete Paris wardrobe. To beat my dad in a game of golf. To be a good cook. Ask my mother-I'm too young to know. To write something good. I'll tell some day. To get out of school. To play roulette at Monte Carlo. To be a bum, humming California. Don't ask me. An English teacher, I s'pect. Feeding peanuts to the bears at the zoo. Don't hesk. Ctsk tskl. To be on the sanitary district payroll. To be a corporation lawyer in Rock Island. To get everyone's autograph in my annual. To be a great portrait painter. To be a journalist like Herrick. To beat Tilden in football next year. To make my Spanish grade. To be a first rate newspaper writer. To be a dancer, just cause. To make an Olympic team. To direct a "talkie". f - 4-, if .,...........7.-..-1-f-- -ref.. - 1:-.sw-Le -A----- 1-4 M- :Q A:-me 5 A, Page 83 154311:-.M.,-..-we-M-M...-N'e+.fe,.......e-r..-.....,..--....'Ln' "t"" A aamamin ....-...K Wa. u" he X. if. 5. 5, wb' ia! ll ! 1 fr if lv' l'! ,,.,4,...f:ne::aa.Az::..e 1 v v vi ll! 3.1 ul 3 2 z X! a ' s va li Q! tn 'r U1 BY. r ll ui l ! 1 I in le V , : r 1 t 4 i ! ll gl il! l yi ll if ! fl .E as Y !? yt y! wi lg! if lv K li ls li ll! 1-, 41 le li RH J!! L! it QLL ' 1. H? is v 3 E sv DIVISION ROOM 203 tElaine Jacobson, Chairman Major Stephens, V ice-Chairman Dave Patton, Secretary t!'F1oreuce Edwards, Treasurer tMary Louise Heald, Annual Collector Alice Anderson 'kMarie Barts 'klohnnie Farrar "'Polly Flint Wayne Gierman Verna Halverson Frances Harrison Edyvard Havey Verna Lohman Eugenia Loomis Constance Lovejoy John Mason Lourene Mokstad Frank Reuss 'Helen Sawyer Dorothy Schumacher "Bernice Simons James Shepherd '!'Morrin Smith "fSidney Stevens Lillian Thorne Elizabeth Trowbridge .Glenn Winnie Jack Wright ,Juliet Woodward Olive Whitford DIVISION 307 "fWilliam Hoffman, Chairman Elizabeth George, Vice-Chairman Charles Spangler, Secretary Frances Reynolds, Treasurer Kenneth Coughenour, Annual Collector Ray Alexander Eva Lou Bongbaugh William Bowman Milla Clark :Edward Clauter Fred Clifton Margaret Clithero Frank Donnelly Jane Ehringer Dorothy Fleming Betty Grimsley John Grimsley Ruth Johnson Mildred Kock Gilbert Krause i'Member of Tau Epsilon Page 84 .NM Q YAYV in wing, ..... .. .. . ,, , ...,. - gig fmhmy K Y A H , .,. . AMBITION be a second Helen Wills. write the big story for the "Trib." To spear the Atlantic with Linberger. To be a violinist and a good interpreter of music. A society reporter. To be the most loved poetess of the country. To be an efficient typist. invent bobby pins that hold! be a candy sampler at Mrs. Snyders. To To To To To be a second Rockefeller. To be the best organist in the world. To study organ interpretations and playing. To be a doctor--so I can take Jack Wright's tonsils out. To be equal to Pavlowa in my dancing career. To be able to write stories, since I couldn't for English. To drive my own roadster. To be a flyer-the nearest I'll ever get to the "Pearly Gates." To be an interior decorator to smash my fingers and break peop1e's pictures. To be a bootlegger-safe and sane in Chicago. be a commercial illustrating artist. pass Spanish. To To To obtain a perpetual pass! To borrow the Street sign at State and Madison. To be in the Olympics, and later to play on a harp -tee-hee. To be a civil engineer. To be a model with "Dot" Hopkins and Margaret Rider. To be a painter and paint the world's most beauti- ful CFD girl. To be a famous automobile designer. It's a secret! Havey knows but Won't introduce me. To be the presidentys wife and have lots of dogs. To study dramatics because it is so interesting. AMBITION To become the American Golf Champion. shrink. get through college. To stretch-and how! play a good game of golf. be deck-hand on a submarine. To be able to really dive. To win the golf championship. To get better grades. To play upon a winning baseball team. To get my radio to work. To have my dreams come true. To have four stars on my shoulder straps. To be a toe dancer, because I enjoy nothing more. To be a librarian who really meets people. To To To To To To go around the world. be admiral of the Swiss navy. A hairdresser-so I can help old maids get husbands. To be a Spanish interpreter, if I can ever master the language. To get a letter in sewing. -I 'A Mm ,mai ,mLg?,g,,,.gg,,,,...g 1. HY, ef. ,Le Ya fa, -aa --we--..-.a, a-s-.-...........-n-.ff-.-f f-:.....w-nu us--.... .s,.-w..s...w,.-a.vH-mm.,-.vwwwnmdaewwaa -,..,,,,,,...:i.. . . ...-a,....,... ,.f.a.....l,-.,. Wasp ,..,.,f DIVISION 307 cC07lf1l1'lM4?dJ Bertha Mayer Edna Mertes Dorothy Miller Kelsey Milner 'Foster Palmer John Rafferty George Savidis Fred Stearns Fred Stokoe Ruth Tansley "Jessie Weed Caroline Werstler 'Elenor Young DIVISION 315 John Handbury, Chairman John Winsor, Vice-Chairman Marcella Sheils, Secretary Jean Ann Slocum, Treasurer John Rankaitis, Annual Collector Norris Bishton Alice Bloomquist Robert Carr Fred Cauble 'George Christie Joseph Cobb Mardon Cook Myra Cumming Jack Eichenberger Emma Gedmin Grace Harvey Martin Hemingway Howard Hobson James Hoffer Charlotte Hohman Donald Jacobson 'Willard Johannsen Leila Libby 'Dan Moore Willard Morton Betty Miosnat Margaret Rider Emma Shemaitis Marie Simmons Jeanette Steinhauer Alice Stevens " Member of Tau Epsilon. AMBITION To see some more pictures as good as "Close Harmony." To be "Somebody's Stenogf' To get through the University safely. To be a retired business man when I graduate from college. To travel abroad. To play half-back at Notre Dame. To be a retired banker. To be a peanut roaster at State and Michigan. Me for the free and easy life of a high-class bum. A teacher-so I can give everybody E's. To ride in an aeroplane at 150 miles an hour. To sketch very well. To be the National Girl Reserve President. AMBITION To see Morgan Park win a basketball championship. Same as John Handbury's ambition. I haven't decided. To be a foreign newspaper correspondent. get good marks and be eligible for the team. be a publisher. To be a designer for some large store. To be one of Morgan Park's alumni. To be a surgeon and cut people up, you know. To stay in Miss Walter's division. be a successful woman hater. be a window washer for Morgan Park High. To To To To To demonstrate how to chew bubble gum. To be a woman hater and howl To be an excellent stenographer. To be first "Lady Babe Ruth." To be eligible for one whole year. To travel around the world at least once. To be the world's premier outboard racer. To travel all around the world in an aeroplane. To be a great civil engineer in South America. To become a star basketball player. Boy! You'd be surprised! ! ! To be an aviator. To be the champion flag pole sitter. understand men. be on the "S" list and beat Elaine Jacobson at tennis. To run in Pyle's bunion race. To abolish the study of the French language. be a first-class stenographer. be a school teacher and "do unto others as To To To To Page 85 . 1--rsaagef: fs V -r DIVISION 325 I ack Pittsford, C hairmau 'Grace Graver, Vice-Chairman 'Genevieve Stoker, Secretary Robert Longley, Treasurer Lillian Smith, Annual Collecter Dorothy Anderson Dorothea Brookes James Coen Meredith Davis Fred Diamond , Helen Fetterly Daniel Gale John Guderyahn Lillian Jorgensen Erwin Klemman Harriet Mason ' Herbert Nelson Irma Palmer Winifred Russell Esther Sauermann Rose Smith Clyde Soellner Katheryn Stevens Marian Storrs +B'etsy Swift ' Agnes Viall Winthrop Warren Edith williams Frank Porter Catherine Robertson Margeret Robertson To To To To To To I d To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To To AMBITION be a good room chairman. be a detective on murder cases. - teach Mr. Gay's kids physics. be a traveling bum. be a dress designer. be a stenographer. on't tell my secrets. graduate from high-school soon. be a spinster school-marm. ' be an air-mail pilot. ' get a real Wind blown bob. ' be a day watchman in a night clubj be a sailor. . ' I be an English teacher. , be successful. be a great foot-ball player. be my own boss. become a lunchroom instructor. be an electrical engineer. ,bg la great violinist. be an aviatrix and own my own plane be a high-school principal. . , , a successful nurse. .a successful gangstress. be be pass Latin. 1 do something unusual. ' be an electrical engineer. l write my ambition clearly. be honorable and ancient. . get an "S" in Spanish. be an author and write English books. ' l 'Member of Tau Epsilon. Page 86 E W, -,.,.--....f-:- ,f--AV ,.....-.-..w.,.. .1-f ------ -........-,-..m5..,V fn .- V .-Q '-. -w...-.-..,.. x. s "' LL LL- I L. I... L. 1... ad U Qbcbx fm J NBORS ESQ G Tiff W 1 f , f V-.MMM . .-I .3 f fi 1 "'!"'iXf 'Wm-4. . ' Q.,- . f..:e 0 4 il, G, 3 'kffi ff Jylgl F fi isa, 5 'gfgv' Y 'AVFQ ' . IJ: . A . .,.MAl 521.5-139: - :. . K M nr V 5 Ex E ? A K 4 H 'T , ' 3' " ,A ' ahh if S3 5? iw L' .ri 32 T3 R Qmwgy x V X EN Page 87 QQ ,.,,,., ,.,W,K..,.,., 1.,Y..w-W, ,,.,....1,,,,.,....,...u..,,,-A-.-...,..,...-..-.. -,.,,-, .... --A ....... ..,. ...........,,::i-MMMMM-A:T,,,,,w,,,..,.tT..,T,fQ,,.,. ,-k,..,,Lg,f,-,l,,, , --va Y 'Agfa ,AF 1 ix 1 1 i 1 lr qs 1 fs SW H1 dk gi ily eh 1 wg ff fi 13 JU , X. 13 fl ji Eil , M i X :If ? ii' 13 1 Ei, . W 'Fx Z, .iq ,21 , 1. 1', 1 I Il, 1 J 1 1 3 ll 3 ?1' df' , Q, 5 41 , 41 3. 'H EW '1 na ,y 131 ,U 14 L-.L THE Foun Mv5mz'resr2.s" Page S8 Pl-10 RE , 4 ... r 1 'iff ll. ll QI .f "'?L . 'A-.1 ' 4 . ., --f.s1-2fr v..f ,N ll L i 'I 'l'f-g i!4'JuU1 li 'NR I I .5 .! , af-'gg ' A - 'Ti' A ., Ls? -rf ff' 4' ,. 0 .. -mx 2 ' . V , ,, ,,,, ,l,,,4 f for - -'- -,fgffr-'f g-V :--'--- ' 1 f as -L g .rf-ga-if P1 A Y V, A 1 Vlktnwl A Sophomore? joy No longer must I bear the jeers, Flung at the lowly Freshman's doorg No longer feel their woes and fears, For I'm a mighty Sophomore! I pass up Freshmen in the hall, I can even pass my prof, I guess Ilm What' you'd like to call, A quite sophisticated Soph! I've passed the first milestone, and now, I might improve my score, Fm proud as Lucifer-and how! I love to be a Sophomore! Fm sure when I'm a Senior great, And, at the struggling Juniors scoff, I'll never of my glories prate, As now when I'm a Soph! So, class mates true-come sing with me, Our anthem upward soars, A joyous hymn, because, you see, We're glad weire Sophomoresl Betty Pence, '31. , -- 1:. Y -- ,, v ' DIVISION 123- 4'Frank Todd, Chairman - Carolyn Stevens, V ice-Chairman Robert Schermerhorn, Secretary Roy Pitkin, Treasurer Mabel Zeder, Annual Collector Sadie Bush . Elmer Fashbaugh ' Donald Goe Marvin Hill Austin Howard Pearl Janes Frank Muench Virginia O'Meara Eugene 'Palermo Byron Pereira Dorothy Peterson Norman Rathje Rosalie Reeman 'Elizabeth Reid Lucile Schuessler Lois Siebert Arthur Simpson Frederick Smith Hazel Snider "CCharlotte Stephens Consuelo Sutherland David Taylor Edward Thiele Bertha Toppen Ruth Watson Thelma Watkins DIVISION 201 "'Herbert Gunner, Chairman Virginia Eagle, Vice-Chairman "Bernice Glass, Secretary 'tDorothy Goller, Treasurer Betty Eldridge, Annual Collector Wendell Anderson Bennett Austin 'Shirley Bogg Velma Bond Edna Brown William Curran George Elliott Elsie Erickson Gerald Fitzgerald Cora Frizell Mary Golland George Grosscup ,FI-Iarriet Harrison l'fFlorence Johnson William Johnson Florence Judson Joy Mac Mahon Mary Jane McAllister it Member of Tau Epsilon. Page 90 FAVORITE HOBBY Trying to break the ice with my head. Thats' tellin'. Breakin' hearts of the fair sex. Riding Cand pushing! motorcycles. Vacations all year 'round Dancing-"y como". My hobby is to play golf. Kidding the girls along. Amateur radio. Making the Honor Society. Books, books, and more books. Marble playing. Walking home from school. Model airplanes. Dancing with a keen girl. Getting "S" in Spanish. Watching the clock. Running for the train. Riding horseback. Eating peanuts. Having just gobs of fun. Being last into class and first out. Driving our car into a couple of phone poles Washing dishes. Teaching math. to a'Scotehman. My hobby is playing baseball. Sleeping late. Hunting a hobby. Swimming 'cause I swim like a rock. Damping and swimming, of course. Making pastry. FAVORITE HOBBY Basketball in our gym. Saving pennies. Writing letters. Playing tennis. Dancing in the opera. Making whoopee. Anything but work. Swimming in our pool. Reading good books. Driving-a Graham Paige. Playing football. Sleep till seven-Oriental at eleven. A good movie. Baseball-play ball! Tennis at Hamilton Park. Flying in an Eagle Rock plane. Playing a good game of football. Roller skating. Go places and do things. Being late for school. Anything but school. Roller-coasting-ooh ! Going up in the air. ,Ag .,.-, , , - -, - Bez,-fb, wr ,,. .:r LL. . . . if 1: W DIVISION 201 Dale McDowell "1Agnes Oliver Ivan Porter DeWitt Rapp William Roderman "'Mildred Roney Bernardine Schulte Alice Taylor ' tMadora Weir . "'Madelyn White Alfred Wilson Winifred Wright 1 ' ' 'DIVISION 215 C Continued J 'William Watson, Chairman Mary Nell Bort, Vice-Chairman Betty Roby, Secretary Kenneth Arneman, Treasurer Kenneth Carver, Annual Collector Bill McBride Helen Arnold Marjorie Black Ann Boorman Morris Brewster . "Evelyn Christensen Harry Cleveland Frank Coen . Evelyn Drathring Mary Flanigan George Goehst Dana Howard' Mary Jerome Norman Lilja Arthur Lukens Karl Lukens Harriet Moody Gertrude Miller .Laura Pierce Lois Porter Marshall Shields Ruth Smith Cheston Statford Preslie Turner Raymond Ulm Susie Usborne V DIVISION 222 'kDorothy Flanigan, Chairman Joe Stephenson, Vice-Chazrrnan Bernadine Turner, Secretary FAVORITE Espanol-y como. Caesar's Commentaries. Aeronautics. Chewing gum. Doing nothing. Eating ice cream. Loafing out of school. Caesar-et quam! Horsebagk ridi11g. Le francais, et comment! Doing homework. Dramatics. p FAVORITE HOBBY Talking, but not in school. Oh my, sleep. ' Going to baseball games. Hunting and flshing. Ditcliing school. Practicing Spanish. ' Writing letters-long ones. Driving a car. Walking on long walks. ' Nothing much and plenty of it. Drawing and lots of it. Eating and sleeping. To go thru study period without getting bawled out. Reading a good book. Seeing how long I canstay up at night. Ancient History Outlines. Tennis with a good player. A thrilling roller-coaster, with tht certain party. Selling tickets for the Spanish fiesta. Seeing a good show. Looking for buds. Leisure time after school. Swimming in Minnesota. My Latin lessons. Playing my sax and tennis. 4th period lunch hour. Swimming, especially in M. P. H. S. pool. Playing the bugle. Baseball in M. P. school yards. Ice skating and hocky. A good game of basketball. HOBBY FAVORITE HOBBY Horseback riding Weapons-Yes, I'm from Chicago. Anything nice-especially homework. P'Ben Byers, Treasurer Miss I-Iolland's Spanish class. fFBetty Lou Bills, Annual Collector "Jack Allen ' Member of Tau Epsilon. Eating ice cream. Hiking and camping. Page 91 f-L A -ff ww ff 1 -re-fer--ee, f'eff'Y.,:i'ff lr ll i.1.vM:......s........-a...aA,s..e.-.a:..-v-..Q-...f..,...e.1 .f-w. .:.?.., ,--,lv -'fe'-we' -- ' e the a . f lt, ifflf l I 52 lf, lil i ll: iw llf l I .lf wg: 'tl ll 3.x arf 'tl l l Q aff 12: lf. in w 1 F l 'L ll .U lf? sltf i. ll ll, .lfg ill 1 lei lla all ai. llf a E. Ha lp ll l J l ll I 2 gl l,f 'l iii ,. pl l l l lt? ill 'Elf li ,gl pl li 3 . lf u. l,f i. s ll. ,i gs , Page 92 DIVISION 222 CContinuedj George Warren Anderson George William Anderson "'Armour Armstrong Frank Ballwanz George Bender Kathryn Bennett Betsie Blount Milton Boersma Virginia Bolin Norman Britt Margaret Bruce 4Marjorie Camit Helen Carver Jeanette Cenfield 'Phillip Crane ' Uulia Davis 'Georgine Davenport Eleanor Deadman May Eldridge Josephine Erickson Roberta Frederickson Bill Gorman Steven Massias Virginia Osborn Catherine Pexton Robert Phillips Albert Roser Eleanor Schultz Frank Secord Ethellou Sheehy Dorothy Stephenson Kenneth Stump Elsie Thomas Marion Witt Harry Wright DIVISION 225 Ralph Morgan, Chairman 'Eugene Grossman, Vice-Chairman Doris Grosscup, Secretary Don Davis, Treasurer William Davies, Annual Collector 'Edith Bergstrom Frances Borrman Veronica Brennan Mildred Brugman Eleanor Christensen 'Rudell Cox Jean Coyle William Foote Leo Frizzo Alba Ganz Wanda Gavalis ' Member of Tau Epsilon. ---.,--.,,,..g,......--.a.--.........-.-.G-a.-....-.a.... f----Q... .-.---N--v-..--.-Mun...--M L, -JM- FAVORITE HOBBY F ishing+for fish. Athletics-especially basketball. Doing homework in classes. I like golfing-Calonej I'm for baseball. Horse-back riding. Travelling in the mountains. Mr. Beardsley's geometry class. Reading in the library. Magic tricks. ' Eating bananas. Collecting specimans for botany. Watching Bobby draw. A hobby horse because it's easy to get on. Taking amateur motion pictures. Sports, of course. . Reading good books. Going to shows. Math.-it's good for the brain. Boating in Michigan. , Raising goldfish. Golf at Hickory. Playing football. Studying in 230. Swimming in our pool. Playing in the band. Fishing for trout. Science-all kinds of it. Swimming and boating. Dancing with-l-? Tennis at Crescent Park. Model airplanes. Almost anything-not quite. Reducing. Making the swimming team. FAVORITE HOBBY The study of horsefeathers, O.K.M.N.X. Horses and basketball. Trying to cover my wall with signs and posters. Thinking up bright answers for these dumb questions. Chewing nails and eating rock candy. Going for automobile rides. Going to the theater. Staying away from school. Lilsltening to Guy Lombardo play "Deep ite. My hobby is dancing. Taking long hikes in the country. My hobby is sketching figures of pretty girls. Swimming one-hundred lengths of the pool. To watch bashful girls blush. Breaking records-then telling Mr. Gay. all about it. Dancing with ul-." , ---- ........-.-A-wbffe-,, ,, N...-,.x,f4.:f,f-r,..1-,,.-1 A. . . -a..- ....-,,, . . , . , -Y .,,--,,- M- --Y W ..,,.. ,-.mMW,,,,,.-.,,,.Ng,,g ,,,..,,........x..M.,,M,-,.. in--.,...,..- M-....-:1f:--1----e-t- --M v -.V ...,.....-..--115.-.4-a'-ra-,-.,ng-s-P--,',......--..-M.1wwvf-s.-,w..n..,.....t-,.,--.,v--u-,-,-- I .,...nL .,nn-,vw ..4H,y,,, gm DIVISION 225 Dorothy Grimes Betty Henderson Hildred Hall Wallace Illiffe 'tBarbara Imhofl Edward ,Ioblecki Russel Jones Harriet Lagerstrom Robert Law Eunice Loseff Marion Long Blanche McGillivray 'Muriel McClure Robert McKay Lillian Mills Dorothy Manke Elizabeth Musser Gladys Park William Pierce Fred Sauer Betty Thexton Frank Warden Eleanor Widule Ralph Wilson CCo'ntinuedj DIVISION 226 'Carol Luthur, Chairman Peter Van Beek, V ice-Chairman Harold Oetter, Secretary Darrel Hart, Treasurer Grace Wemlinger, Annual Collector Verna Andrews Bessie Bard Florence Benkendorf Carl Bergquist Louis Bonnema Dorothy Bourret Martha Buchbinder Ruth Bush Marion Carlson Ann Flynn Dorothy Gemeinhardt Edith Grieshaber Caroline Gruber Mildred ,Iockisch "'Elsie Johnson Marion Kling Annamarie Lombardi William MacBratney La Verne MacDonald Amelia Macha 'Alyce Nichols Svea Nelson Howard Oetter Stella Palka " Member of Tau Epsilon. FAVORITE HOBBY That certain dream date. Going to dances with someone. Arguing with Julia. Seeing a major-league baseball game. Going swimming and dancing. I am for football. Music II and its teacher. Coin cellection, oh yes! Collecting Litzinburg unused stamps. Counting the days 'till vacation. All kinds of sports. Raising different kinds of flowers. I collect the colored paper linings velopes. Homework--oh yes! in en- Reading anything but general science. Planting and growing flowers. My hobby is home work. Oh! How I love it. Nothing in particular: everything in general. Tinkering with motorcycles. Winning band contests. Listening to Coon Sanders. Going to dances with Lester Belshaw. Dancing with a keen partner. Playing baseball and watching the Cubs play. FAVORITE HOBBY Playing the piano. Swimming in our pool. Eating everything. Flying an airplane from the ground. All kinds of music. My hobby is eating. Walking everywhere. Driving a car. Shining goldfish. Playing basketball. Doing homework. Collecting pictures of the stars. Playing soccer. My hobby is reading. My hobby is working out cross-word puzzles for the Tribune. Chewing gum. Reading good books. I like swimming. My hobby is dancing. Me for basketball. Taking out the car. Collecting old coins. Baseball and swimming. Bowling in tournaments. My favorite hobby is to Preparing sales talks. Ice skating. Swimming in our pond. I like to hike. read. Page 93 1 w,mm,...,-.,,,,., ,,,,-.,.-.. .- M,,e..,.-.. .--T .v..-.Y..a., .,., ..-s..,.....- aff--. -.-----E 4' .....a.....- ..-, ..... , ,. ,,,,..... ...L ...- -..Wow-.,..-.,.-.....-.. ..........,,L...,....a...-.,,,,.,....,,4...,.... -............w..-..,....,,,.....,....,........,.-K-., ...,,....,.2..,:---.W i-......--.. .,.. ... -a...,- - Yrrgg- :- ---f -. --frog - 1:1-f-3,4.:' DIVISION 226 QCOntinuedj Daniel Paterson Minnie Piersma f Alma Schinke Helen Schmalhaus Lillian Schondorf 4'Bernice Semmer Cornelia Sluiter Marion Thomas George Witt Lorna White Helen Yurkas DIVISION 303 "'George Umhofer, C halrrnan xRichard Gehrer, Vice-Chairman Kathleen Churchp Secretary Frances Baum, Treasurer Frank Minton, Annual Collector J olgn Anderson Agnes Behn Jeanette Berlin Evelyn Bills William Bollenbach John Conner Margaret Duffey Douglas Flaws 'Beth Griswold Mildred Goldsmith William Hagenbuck Laura Hall Helen Hayn Edward Hippner Genevieve Hubbell :"June Huebner Richard Janes Raymond Janus William Johnson Henry Koehler June Knight Ralph McMillan Edward Messinger Bruce Miller Marjorie Mills 'Virginia Morris Dante Simonato George Smith DIVISION 306 Dorland Gray, Charirman Marjorie McKee, Vice-Chairman Lois Hough, Secretary Jane Korten, Treasurer . Alice Goe, Annual Collector TMember of Tau Epsilon Page 94 FAVORITE HOBBY Baseball at all times. Tennis for me. My hobby is drawing pictures. Good story reading is my hobby. I like to dance. My hobby is peppy dancing. My hobby is reading the Empehi News. Teasing Grace. Jumping rope. Good story reading. Playing volley ball. FAVORITE HOBBY Collecting pictures of movie actors. Attempting to play baseball. Collecting good jokes. H.orse-back riding, especially falling off. Playing golf with cannon balls. Singing with the Knights of Notes. Reading Shakespeare's books. Scrubbing floors. Going shopping. Anything concerning riding motorcycles. Acting out "Shylock." Going to- the lectures at the Art Institute. Collecting oddities. Conducting blindfold cigarette tests. Driving a Packard Eight on an unpatrol way. Roller skating in between falls. Annoying people. Studying Latin. ed high- Trying to sell old golf balls for good ones. Talking in class. To write notes. Playing tiddely winks with man hole cove Getting a thirty day vacation. Studying Espanol? and howl Getting dismissed. Collecting tadpoles. , Collecting pictures of movie actresses. Collecting coins. Aeroplane pronellers. Selling tickets for Salesmanship. Using big words. 1 Moving when I don't want to. Skating and making a three-point landing. MY HOBBY Tennis tournaments. Walking in the dunes. Dreaming-but not in class. Driving through vacant lots. Eating, drinking, and sleeping. 1'S. in, . tvwf SH V f it ll .lg t. Ni lit lt ,tg lla . will ,, 1 l if l .il lf fl ll r l t E. li N. txt' w. fl l l w E jg H ia . .. I ...11 va L., --E -5 -f Y griqgip, fifi' aff- DIVISION 306 CC0llf1'11.146dD Kenneth Austin Willard Beauprie Lester Belshaw Viola Blackmer Gertrude Brown Edith Caplinger Oscar Cooperman John Dalton Kathleen Dieffenbach Caroline Erickson Marion Faulbaum Roberta Gorsuch Esther Hall Walter Hohman Edward Horvath William Johnson Hazel Jones Lewis Kelley ' Rosamund LaVee Marie Lehbrink Grace Malinsky Eleanor Mansfield Martha McClure Wesley Mills Marjorie Mnchell Evelyn Moore Frank Moses Melburn Murray Clementina Newhart James Nichols Lorenette Pettit Walter Sabe,l Kathryn Shields Virginia Wakely DIVISION 308 'Florence Whyte, Chairman Edward Sandrok, V ice-Chairman 1'tBetty Weller, Secretary Warren West, Treasurer Dick Kephart, Annual Collector Martha ,Bartee Eric Batty Dorothy Beese Rodger Bishton Alice Comstock Merritt Cook Edwin Cowan Leonard Evans Jay Farrell Bernard Florence Merlen June George VVilliam Gilbert X Member of Tau Epsilon. FAVORITE HOBBY Stall, tailspin, washout. Doing English. Slot machines. Drawing is my hobby. Sailing when the ocean's rocky. Ice skating-because I get a lot of spills. Boxing is my hobby. Listening to Miss Monsch rave Cabout flowersj. Making fudge when it turns out right. Piano playing--without the practising. Going to a talkie. I like to sing for pleasure. Going to basketball games. A red hot football game. Golhng in the hot sun. Dancing and such. Practising my piano lesson. Chewing gum and talking in division-land howl. Swimming in the ocean. Salesmanship-don't take it! 'Chewing gum in Miss Monsch's room. Don't try it! Playing golf on a private link at Diamond Lake. Sleeping late in the morning. Putting the accelerator to the floor boards out in the "Wide open spaces". My hobby is landscape drawing. Music, Ilm professio-nal, too. Going on trips after night. Building radios. To lie in bed and read a book. Reciting Spanish. Trying to drive other people's cars. Finding nickels. Horse-back riding-'cause it has its ups-and-downs. Jumping rope 'cause it's good exercise. FAVORITE HOBBY All athletics because I like to keep going. Eating pickles, cucumbers, and ice cream, then no school the next day. Swimming because we have such a nice pool. Playing golf-because it's such great fun. Baseball, becausg it's a real snappy game. Saving Indian pennies. Tennis-there isn't a better sport. Petting-my dog. Making whoopee with the women. Collecting signs, etc. from? Admiring-most anything. Building model airplanes. Thinking of 3:21 P. M. Saving arrowheards 'cause Dad gave me a start with some he found. Marbles-you don't have to be eligible to play. Making whoopee. Swimming, to see the other fellows ducked. Page P5 r .14 Y 'rg,c,., . Y.. W.. 'I- -......f.. .f - V 1. , DIVISION 308 fC0ntinuedJ John Haab Henrietta Halladay Raymond Haskins John Hazelton Johanna Hille Maxine Klontz 'Della Kock Merle Mulligan Dorothy Murphy John Pearson Franklin Reed William Reed Virginia Stitt Alson Taylor Dorothy Troughton Donald Van .Valkenburg Verner Velander Henry Wieck John Wyant DIVISION 310 Godin Gadsden, Chairman Tom Le Messurier, Vice-Chairman James Caldwell, Secretary Betty Marriott, Treasurer James Cresap, Annual Collector Eloise Abbott Margaret Anderson Armandine Babcock "Wallace Blackford Eleanor Bradshaw Hope Brown James Caldwell Janet Crosby Edna Dickson Howard Geib Dorothy Gemmer Virginia Gneiss Ainslie Gray Hazel Hawksley Gertrude. Lammedee Sally Patterson Alice Patton Earl Pennington Helen Pierce Dorothy Robinson Hazel' Simpson Harry Schaar Burton Schwind Bonnie Schulte Doris Swann Eugenia Swett Jane Van Curen Jessie Wassner 'Member of Tau Epsilon. Page 96 FAVORITE HOBBY Music-in all its syncopated forms. Dancing and swimming, they keep you going. Fishing-just for the heck of it. Running because it's hard work. Riding with--. Driving the car-just because. Spending money-that's the reason I'm al- ways broke. Hunting-exciting. Horseback riding-lots of bumps. Baseball-trying to hit the ball. Motor-cycling--fast and furious. Playing the pipe organ. Taking souvenirs from places. Playing basketball, because it's a peppy game. Books and Gary Cooper. Stamps--so much variety. Tennis-cause it's so fast and snappy. Latin. It's so hard. Archery, because it's fun. FAVORITE HOBBY Turning the clock ahead. Listening to Cubs' games. Sports of all sorts. Listening to Guy Lombardo. Following the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes Watching my ship come in. Academy baseball-why? To spend the winters in Florida. Gippin' the barber. Sewing, if it goes right. Riding bucking bronchos. Sports of all sorts. Going to the Equestrian Club. Trying to talk less. Shoveling snow in summer. Something snappy and perhaps educational. Golf and oil painting. Going swimming. Turning the electric clock. Driving 80 miles per hour. Dancing, I guess. Rough sailing. Watching good baseball games. Playing checkers. Playing saxophones. Working to get through. Trying to speak German. A goodhot game of baseball. Reading good books ,of all sorts. Trying to Hy. Learning a peppy dance step. Watching Empehi's high lights. Ice cream and ginger ale. w--r-.-,'sa.....m.,m.-- Y-.-wuz, .......,.q:-'mfAeaarmmwsamasnz.,:3affff---.:-qp.uw-f..a-Q--,qrs::..Lf-...- .fr .---- ...: -,.-1-tai?-n.,.,fY.....f ---:: --U- SOPHOMO RES -.........,... 4 Page 97 MW,-. .,.1f.....,,, .. 7.7 Y ,.,-,2.L4A,n1 T:,,A-1.17, ..Y. f .-..,.-.,. tp . 1 5 2 1 L 2 1 X m 1 i E 5 2 s 5 4 Af...-.fl 1-w1em,,Tgq-g2.Q.:f,,-...-qzn-. .,,,,Y,v- -1, -T-41: , -'....f--....,,,.,...-,.,Y -'-Q.:-fr L.+ -. I i ii? m zff ,Li 5? g SQPH omoreas f 'Y' .I 'G 3 -735 3 as 2 ' O ' QQ : R , .sm 'H' 35 , - x I .3 9 5 Ns 'iw , A rf I M :S l ' 'A JG Q Q ,lm aw 3' Q4 F 4 N E' A -, ,.,. 2 .,.. I -, V 'A L1T'f'iE Page 98 Q 1 X 3 . F 1 'L 5 v i Y . H :T 1xX 4. , 1 il 3? is if 35 1 lk Z. 45 Ea az in fi si 9 il if W. . , 11 tx i. X. if A gi i. li f'4 If il i. fi W fi ,Y ! H 23 gl il f, kg KJ Lsjedg, , . -,N,,,,,A Wk, ,KY V, ,, -. ,, ,.,,-, ,,.,,, qi---......-,,,M, K, , , ,, - ,VY .,, ,. -Mm ,,,,,-.,., ,-..,...-.-v.,,..-. , .,v, wwf? gyLQI4.M.4...,...!.1,,..i,,.xILI.1LLLLg..-,,lLQ.,.Z,L,.,.w,-':. ' ' m.4....v..Q4f:ws.z,:g:.:g3J.::::L.:::::p::.:4g...gLp1.LLZL,L,.J3g,gg.1:.Mg... ...Q-g.2,..I..l,-IN I ? H' Y Q, if 1 If ga 1 W- W, - - V-7:7 V Y ,-Y 5 1, -.,,.,,,,....,.,i-if--.....-.-.-+ Y Y W - --iv -- - - Y-V W W ,Wm ,,.. .,.a , V M ff 1 N ' . s, , H OPHOMORE-.S w, r W 33 U W' 1 Z A 1 L 1 . Us Q 2 4: sr M A ,Q 5 e1 ffi E - I M ' z rl? I 2 5 5 E ' F ' l 1 S Xi 1 3 Y v 1 w E f Q N .,: .: N ' w 25 ! s L I " 'Z , - 5 1 lg M 5 - f t .,.. Z ,gi Nl A iff Q i 1 ' if " -Y 5. - Q s E -3 x f - bl E if 1 ff f Vi? Y Q . 1- 5, if - 2 ,E ' 1 2' - 7 ' E! L f 11 A - V ' ' , gy- Jw: L, ,M gf" V ' MW. I , 'az 1- ' 5 i Q 3 W gk: -f ' -. 'A l 3 V. P Q i' : gl X . 45 3 . !f f ' 1 i , 3 ' H 3 I I A , aw, A , . P99599 ,fy 22-ffEiTM' "' 'i" " 'f'l'TT""'T'7 UTY? W -""'H"T7H'f ' YA"Twill9gg-5 IQI.1QgQLS5.Qf1fQQgQL111QggQ.iil2LQ11QQ,?lb! .,,.,.......,..v X5 W SEQ! ceffaneous I DRIDG Page 100 -.....4 A 1.-4.1.-u,-,Q Q. H- .JAY Y 'Ii ' 1 -- -- QW . f 1 e e 'w ie ' 1 Q ' 4 III 3 L, -i'411'IF. Fmdw 'i N , XMf,'X '-- "ali" vlvg -ff '1 if . "' ii rr- Tl 'iglig F' f e f K 1 S0 There! We're only Freshmen now, you know, We may be small, but we will grow. And, Seniors, in a year or two We may know more than even you! While you now walk, or take the train, Why, we'll come in an aeroplane! While you take field trips to the dunes, We'll take them to the stars and moons! When our lessons we would learn, Then to the radio we'11 turn. 'Twill tell us all the science news, While television gives us views. You tease us now because we're smallg It's nothing wondrous to be tall! S0 don't you think we're smart as you? Just wait till 1932! -Mary J. Guerin, '32 , .::l:v- 1 , DIVISION ROOM 119 Eleanor Herzog, Charirnwxn Nickolas Van Beek, Vice-Chairman Adeline Cecka, Secretary Felix Zitkus, Treasurer Margaret Van Arkel, Annual Collector Viola Ballou Sophie Basinski Aurelia Boris Iona Brobst Paul Copeland Erna Glawe Russell Grether Gertrude Horner Richard Johnston Alice Jones Edna Kay , Signe Larson Minnie Lodewegen Anna Macha Lenore Marting Julia McClellan Dorothy Mezger Beulah Nichols Helen Nickols Lorraine Prior Genevieve Rafferty Thomas Roche Louise Rothermel Edward Sass Cleopatra Spurlock Virginia Stark Edwin Stoehr Ruth Strombeck Virginia Suor Emily Walko Nathalie Wendt DIVISION I2I Everett Bragg, Chairman Robert Rummler, Vice-Chairman Virginia Voris, Secretary James Miller, Treasurer Arthur Norris, Annual Collector -Ellis Beaven Queen Esther Blake Earl Brosius Henry Cantrell Margaret Coleman Lenore Connors Richard Ferguson Ernest Foley Marcellus Foose Selma Gaspar Annie I-Iennington Maurine Hogencamp Ralph Jonsson Dorothy Larson Edward Lavett Bessie Lowe Page 102 FAVORIT Oh, well. Yea. I should say so. Aw, gee. That's the bunk. And how! yet. Oh, yea? Cracked ice! Oh, gee, gee. Hot darn! Oh, gee, gosh. Aw, gee. Good grief! Hot dog. Oh! well. Oh, heck! My word! , My gosh! That's swell. That's great. E EXPRESSIONS Now isn't that funny! Hot diggiIy! Oh, dear. Jumpin' jellybeans. Jumping Jiminy. Oh! boy. AW fish. Whoopee, oh, joy. Aw, gee. Good gosh! Oh, golly! You old fool. Don't ask me. Whoopee ! Aw. I Hey, you ! , h FAVORITE IzXPREssIONs Curses. ' Y I I Oh! cooky-no not your dog biscuit! Oh, yah! . e v I ainlt got none! Oh, for Pete's sake! Dempsey is champion! Now, is that nice? Me-I-don't-no-me. I don't know. I Yads! Don't know! Fer garden seeds! Friday-fish! Leave me o-ut. Hot tailspin! I can't think of any! Oh, why worrv! So's your old man! She's a big sized gal, M. J. G. Fer cryin' out loud! Let's go places and I'll be doggoned! do things! 1, 1, -fr IT, ,,-gulf' ,,,,,,i,L A, ,Ira App 7 ,-,, L ,-g1f4 YV - ,g 1'E-" 'Q-A ,, ' 4' V :V --: , - '-'-' r 'Y mifff- Y I 171-7 ' DIVISION 121 Glad Mead Sophy Michel Frances Minton Margaret Pliasterer Pauline Plankis Seth Ranson Lillian Reuss Margaret Robbins Albert Watkins Charles Wincup Virgil Zenker CCOrLtim1edJ DIVISION 122 'Betty Hanna, C harirman Ralph Laycock, V ice-C hairman Jeanne Lawrence, Secretary Herta Katzurek, Treasurer William McKnight, Annual Collector Kathryn Gassler Elizabeth Gaston Harriette Gentle Betty Gour Evelyn Gorman 'Mary J. Guerin Helen Haedtler James Harris Robert Harwood Marjorie Hayn 'Robert Haythorne Marjorie Heldman Richard Henry Sherwood Hill John Hinkel Chester Hockert Paul Howland Roger Hubbard George Hudson Rita Judd Northy Kahn Pearl Kaiser Louise Katzurek Carol Kephart Margaret Kimmel Antoinette Kiselius Norman Kohler Jane Krebs Dorothy Lueder William McComis 'James McConnell Eugene Meyers Thomas Palt James Spillman " Member of Tau Epsilon. FAVORITE EXPRESSION The name please? Don't be flat, don't be sharp, always be natural You'd be circumnavigated! Gee, I love him. Gee, I donlt know! I'll be derned! You wouldn't know if I told ya! My Pilgrim fathers! Hot dog, oli rose! Tweet, tweet I'm a mocking bird! Doggone the luck! FAVORITE EXPRESSION Room please come to order! May I please read the announcement? Oh! Sunshine! Oh! Pickles! That's keen! I could sink through the floor. Where were you last nite? You asinine creature! I think you're horrid! Oh! Ham! Oh, you beast! Oh, yeah! Aw! Shut up! Another woman driver! Oh tell me too! I give up! I'rn busy! I don't know. Horse Face! You don't mean to tell me! An' how! Ho-ly Cow! Ain't that sumpin! Et Quam! I must have left it somewhere. Fur cry-ei! Oh, gosh I don't know! You folps! No! Whooppee! I'll say! I'm studying. Cute! No bunk? I don't remember! Do tell! Oh, skate away! Oh, rats! Gee, another D. . Page 103 4, Y- Y f A 1 ,, 1, - - -YW ,gm , ,, , , W, -a ---an -ef ---'-e-f DIVISION 125 John Theis, Chairman Gerald Molloy, Vice-Chairman Dorothy Schroder, Secretary V Anne Troedson, Treasurer William Schulz, Annual Collector Betty Bornhausen Bertha Bush Frances Chiesa Elizabeth Curtis David Evarts Alfred Farrar Mazie Fay Charles Gardner Norman Gierman Alfred Hahn Mana I-Iodapp Jane Hopkins Walter Jerner Margaret Johnson Jennie Ligtvoet Olga Michel Josephine Monroe Harry Olson Edwin Oswald Harold Payne Stuart Simons Arthur Studer Richard Todhunter Charlotte Upp Lorraine Watkins Alvin Wienold John White Harry Zichterman DIVISION ROOM 208 'Thelma Overstreet, Chairman Jerome Koenig, Vice-Chaiirnwn Richard Janson, Secreiary ' 5"Albert Velander, Treaxnrer Floyd Whitford, Annual Collector Edith Adamson Frank Arnold Geraldine Atwell "'Maxine Baird Josephine Bitten Betty Black Charles Butler Marion Coleman 'Evelyn Ehringer Franzen Elling Frances Fox Veto Gabriel William Geist Edward Gray Arnold Gurgel Esther Hilke Ralph Kinkead 'Member of Tau Epsilon. Page I04 FAVORITE EXPRESSION Well, well, well and well. VVell I'l1 be ................. You'd be surprised. Aw-w-W-w-w. Ditto and how! Aw-w-w Gee. Oh yea? Et quam. I know my hairpins. Holy cow. Oh yea? ' Good gravy. Who cares besides you? Yea? Oh yea? I don't know. Aw-heck, you dou't mean lt. Fer-the-love-a-mike. Horrors. ' You don't say. Applesauce. Oy-oy. Oh-uh. Oh-Yea? Y como. And I don't mean oherdukey. Balony. Go kiss a donkey. Aw-W-W-wwait a year. You're full of canal water. So's your old lady on stilts. Oh, dear. Go run up a stick. FAVORITE EXPRESSION Guess what-P Oh you dumbbell. You ain't seen nothing yet. Who said so? I I can't recite. Goodness, gracious, mercy sake! It cannot was. Och! veal ,qoot tink. Oh mother! Ye gods! I'se 'regusted. I should worry. Don't bother me. Horrors. ' Ah! Wah! Huh? I donit know. Har! Har! Looke thet! Pa, kin I have a quarter? Did the Cubs win? It ain't so good as it used to was How, when, where, what, why? Give 'er the gun. Y. . .. .....,--- . - .. .K ,W .. iffrijw 1, 3,7 ' ,T .L YY,V,Y 47 'TITS' L rj W if -in " ' .. -V r DIVISION 208 fC0ntinuedj FAVORITE EXPRESSION Q!! Dorothea Marquardt Oh boy, let me dance. ' , Carter McIntosh No spik English. Rolnert Moore Aw g'wan.. Avis MQortenson Fun? More people were killed! Robert Patterson Hot-shot! . iHelen Pyne ' You're the type. Dorothy Rogmson Good gravy! Paul Schermerhorn Hot-shot! Edgar Sflott H0 hum-, Ruth Spitler Donlt ask me. Grace Stewart. Oh Ahie, It ' Xiglarfwiqqrduln Ylfhen do. wel eat? .1 5 ert ite am't goin' o it. ll l It ! . Ill I - l ' DIVISION 217 FAVORITE EXPRESSION I ' Margaret O'Connor, Chairman Luscious! 4 ' George Morgan, Vice-Chairman No more ditchill. '. Norval Robinson, Secretary O! Rats, 4 X I Richard Moberly, Treasurer Hi-doll. W 1 y Margaret Morrow,Annual Collector By gum! By golly! v l ?o1roi1y Adtler gotand bothered! . ' o n war l eesash. X Marion Carter By golly! M ' Frances DillOI1 Calm yourself! Wi' 5 Ernest Drenthe Ai11't that suppin? N 1Pgus3eg?Ellhs Yeah? ' l re ra am A 1 , N Marshall Grant Nglghiliitlce ! Gerald1neHennessy Who cares? I l Eudogwhf Hffiid Lemme copy your homework. X' oy osnel er N0 ga! X4 YiWii21lfiJOl'lI1SOI'1 N0 QOOIEII ! rvm ass H .1 C t .l Martha Klein Bfnfna aqfil Q Thomas Krause None of your business. w Chaflef LCC Don't be like that! James 14eBeau Ye gods! ' Jack MlcDonald Yea! ' .EUC MLZGEVCFH Beans wit you. . H ary c overn Oh! D 'L J l 101111. McLean What?aI?uh? ,' Xlfqillzaln Melanchuk Oh! Heck, ' l ilton Moore Boloney. E ViCf01' Mjllifel Gwan home. , ' MaryPh1l11ps Don't you care, God loves you. E ?obe1itagRhauch Is that so? , I osep c auer Curses. , l l Mary L. Spillman She's funny that way! l t l Billy Stapleton Horsefeathers. 'l X Virginia Strom Oh! Tishal. l l Francis Thyer What is the name please? Lenora Winslow Now listen. IM Samuel Wilson I don't know. y l .Nt 1 ! l C l w! X! "' Member of Tau Epsilon. N ti Page 105 x! l 'TWV "l"O"l'ili"-5'i15TO" or os'iiir's., a figs f -fr in r:iii2iff.....-'f'ir - f - 'gif-V -gate... , W . . ,, .H I-1, VYV, . ....-......,......,-C..-. Q ...-...f ..-.....,,a: . , , W7 , ,. . - -' -1lr. .. . . ,, . ., .W Y .,m..s. .,.... - . -.,.-.. v.,,,,........-........,,-,.W Y. DIVISION 221 Milton Carlson, Chairman Luella Barnes, Vice-Chairman Crystal Hammer, Secretary Dorothy Turner, Treasurer Bernie Almquist, Annual Collector Fannie Bolt Valeska Burke Davis Carson Richard Curtiss Ella Dil Margaret Dunlop Glenrose Hayes Victor Hendrickson Madeline Hasterok Jeanette Hessenius Grace Holm Violet Lucas Marion MacBratney June McGary Irene Malen Helen Mudinas Ruth Nelson Mhry Neal Caroline Phillipp Anna Pels Genevieve Pels Marguerite Smith Ida Slater L0la. Stump Evelyn Thompson Audrey Van Alstyne Marguerite Johnson DIVISION ROOM 224 john Carney, Chairman Jack McCormick, V ice-Chairman Bettie MacGregor, Secretary Herbert Phifer, Treasurer Billie Holman, Annual Collector Helen Abbott Jeanne Allshouse Patricia Babel Eileen Cord Page 106 FAVORITE EXPRESSION It won't be long now until I'll have to get up in the morning. I don't know and I don't care. Boy! and how. , Oh! Dear. It won't be long now until I'll be able to say: 'Tm boss, Do what I tell you." Did your watch stop when it dropped on the Hoor. Oh, for Pete's sake. Yes! You know what I mean. M. P. H. School. Oh! Hail. And how yet. I'm wild about horns on automobiles that say: "Let's go for a ride." Yould be surprised. It won't be long now. Aw! Pull over and butter yourself. Papa, buy me one of those. I won't break it. And how yet. Oh! For John's sake. Think you're smart, don't you? For the love of St. Peter. O. chee viz, un how yet. Oh! Go-sh. I know it. She don't wanna. You know what I mean. You'd be surrounded. Yea for M. P. H. S. I hear they've stopped sending mail to Washington. I wonder why it is. Here comes the bride. ' Ye gods, and no fishes. For the cry'n out loud. Oh! Hector. Don't be like that. Aw gee. Take it easy. Well, look who's here. FAVORITE EXPRESSION No Bunk. Horsefeathers. Hold everything. Oh, ya! Battie about--! How do you do, my lady. Oh, my dear. You'd be surrounded. Oh, my word! - -' ' 4 Y f---J.-efcfi 59111 '- l l 1 ! l. l l I l I 4 I F l ! ! l l ! E ! 5 l l Y. W. ,'l- - -- :Y ir' W.- - - -- . .'l-- .Yagi DIVISION 224 Isabelle Crane Ted Dahlstrom Fred Fowkes Laila Gierman Wilbur Groebe Dean Harris Jean Hatfield Ruth Hobson Jack Hofmann Billy Kline Betty Le Messurier Margaret Liebenthal Edward Lucius Isabelle Longley Francis McMahon Paul North Marjorie Shelier Eleanor Schreuder George Stankow Mabel Swift Helen Tidball Jack Tipler Jack Van Antwerp Bruce Wallace Ruth Wallich Katherine Wulfing DIVISION 230-0 Leon Taylor, C hairman.. Lillian Reddick, V ice-Chairman George Pannell, Secretary Thomas Michel, Treasurer Henderson Leonard, Annual Collector Bertina Williams Myrle Avery Myrtle Avery Clarence Berthel Julia Bivin Minnie Bohannom Verna Broadnax Walter Brown William Bush Yolanda Carr Jules Carter Ellen Clemmens Wm. Cunningham Julia Franklin Bertie Green Minnie Hall Joseph Harden Ralph Harris Lela Johson Mosetta Johnson Clara Jones -...,...-.-- -- -.. ,....-...,- CContinuedJ FAVORITE EXPRESSION Schro-nge! I don't know. Oh! Oh, here and there. Heck, no! Hey, What's coming off here! Oh, this, that, and so and so. I Oh, heavens. Ham, yes! Go slide down a razor! Oh, now and then. And how yet and don't forget yet! Or what have you! YVhy? Tsk, tsk, tsk! Darn your hide! Auch Hausenfer. Holy, biddy. I haven't a cent with me! Pardon me fo-r living. I'm all hot and bothered. For ,Iohn's sake! , I'll be a horned toad! Holy Moses! Quit yer kiddin'. Oh, wowie! FAVORIT Shorn nough. Okmnx. Aw, gee take it easy. Funny that way. Got back. Tite like that. O. K. Doc! Do tell. Well, I'll be doggone. E EXPRESSION Say, calm down will ya. Swimming of course with Mr. Tweedie. What's the matter, son? Oh quit it now. Lone Wolf, take it slow. Oh! you, Hooey! Baby, if I were King. Eating is a great pleasure. Ain't that somep'n. For crying out loud. In the British. Ain't that somethun. Pipe down, will you Oh! My, yes. Don't be foolish. Don't be like that. You'd be surprised. please? Page 107 4 v--V v . i 1 I DIVISION 230-0 CContinuedj FAVORITE EXPRESSION Edna Lewis Wesley Mickle Alma Miller Daisy Mitchell Alfred Morgan Edith Neal Monroe Presley Gladys Randolph Marguerite Robinson Wm. Shamberger Ella Smith Edward Walker Charles Ward Earnest Williams Lucille Williams Shelby Williams DIVISION ROOM 230T Walter Kleinmann, Chairman Gaylord Norton, Vice-Chairman. Steve Frizzo, Secretary Donald Crapser, Treasurer Laura Belle Anderson, Annual Collector Ruth Potts, Camilla Anderson Henry Bush Peter Chapis Hazel Collins Alina Daniel Dorothy Delaney Burton Drathring Charles Eldridge Ray Fleming Forbes Giles Henry Henke Oswald Hesselbacker Ruth Hodson Fannie Ellen Hogg Charles Kammerer William Kenny Fred Meisel George Oetzman Charles O'Keefe Vernon Peterson Marjorie Pritchard Mason Redman Deloris Reif Paul Root George Russell Frances Savidis Ma-rgaret Vandenberg Leslie VValker Alfred Weed Josephine Willey Bernard Wirth Russell Swanson Page IOS You would ask that. What you got, Bro? Be on time. Oh! 'get away. Ah quite it. Good night nurse. Pipe down. Oh, yeah? Blow me down. Ah, get it fixed! Oh! you will, will you? Iise regusted. Ah you flop head. I ain't going to do it. Dog-bite-it! Boloney. FAVORITE EXPRESSION A million coises, foiled again! I ca'n't give you anything but love. When do we eat? Hey! What period comes 11ext? My gosh! My soul and body! Curses! Lunch time. Holy cow. Applesauce. Oi Abbie! Oh gosh! I hope to graduate before 40. Yah, I ainlt fussy. What's the lesson for tomorrow? Illl think. Why? Great grief! I'se regusted. Wait a minute. 'Tis late be gory! Oh! Oh! hold everything. What comes next? Let's go girls, I'm not particular. Baby face. Going to the show tonight? And how! Ye gods. Do tell! Iise regusted. Wanna iight? Oh heck! Oh cows in the pasture! It woinlt be long now. I can't, I gotta wash dishes. Yours truly. I'll think about it. Morgan Park! Mt.. -V -,"'fe-1.41, v-. 14 L--,.,g,-Q...a-, -- -- -Y 1. V ,W 4, -H 4 A , A ., tc, ..,.,A, . , -, -W-- - -., .- ...,..,,q,.,-,....H -..,.,...........,,.,-.........- f-.......,,,.....a ...f-...,- -U v.. ..,,,-., ... ,..i..,,,. DIVISION ROOM 309 Earl Wayland, Chairman Richard Beardsley, V'1-CE-C1lGIl'1IZG1l Helen Alexander, Secretary Jack Odell, Treasurer David Lane, Amzual Collector Robert Aoskad Mary Catherine Baker Grace Bronkema Virginia Buckham William Carhart Robert Carter Alleyne Cheney Burton Cook Gardner Coughlin Catherine Danolic Clifford Downing William Hazelton Elizabeth Hemmens Earleen Hughes Eunice .Ierstrom Henry Modeen Oliver Olson Howard Oury Gertrude Redman Donald Richardson Howard Rufe Norbert Schenk Jane Thayer Frances Tibbits Mlargaret Van Cott Robert Wallace Helen Mary Wiiisor DIVISION ROOM 312 Frank Mock, Chairman Russell Thatcher,l7ice-Chairman glean Moore, Secretary Howard Rhode, Treasurev' Eugene Ordas, Annual Collector Virginia Miller Lois Morrison Walter Morris Marion Murdoch Geraldine Normoyle Fred Orgel Esther Paddock Charles Paden Delniar Peterson Lucille Pfeiffer 1'fHelen Quast Ann Rankaitis Virginia Rice ,FElizabeth Riddle '!cRobert Roesch 3"Ruth Sawyer Robert Shanks 'I Member of Tau Epsilon. . FAVORITE EXPRESSION Cut up rats! For cryin' out loud! Hold me tight! Holy sailor! What's it to you? Holy COW! It's a gift. Por supuesto! I don't say. much, but- Thatls my business. Still and how. Oh fish hooks! DOn't he like that! I dOn't know. Good grief! Gee whiz! Hello Cook. For ,Iohn's sake. Oh 1l'lLll'ClCI'3.tlO1ll Superinoligaflopsious. None O' your guff! I haven't any. For cripes' sake! Quit your kidding. Go button your nose. DOn't bother me. Search me! Tickle me when to laugh. YOu'd be surprised! Dar1Ied if I know! Don't get grabby. Gee, this is too sudden. FAVORITE EXPRESSION That's a girl for you! Yea! Gee-whizzle-trickers. Hot tailspins. Holy Mackerel!! Hello! How be you? Oh, deah! Oh, heck! Oh, for the love of niud! My stars alive. M-M ain't that sumpin! Oh! you're dumb. Oh, yeah? Oh! Oh! that's nIy Waterloo! Oh! I'm funny that way. Oh ohh! And how! yet. Don'tcha care honey? Deah! Deah! he he. Yah! Shure! Ah! Your kiddin nie. Aw! Tiddlesicks. Page 109 .-.s-f -Y '- .eq Ji- -Wa I 2 DIVISION 312 CContinuedj FAVORITE EXPRESSION Roger Smith Wallace Smith Jane Stevens "'Warren Swett Robert Swett Arthur Trever Sylvanus Tyler Lois Wallace Louise Warren Adelia Wibly Florence Wilson Marion Wilson Mlargaret W'oods Mayde Wuehrmann Baynes Elmeris DIVISION 322 Gladys Stanyer, Chairman When elephants roost in trees. Who cares! Oh! my word. Aw! for crying out loud. You'd be surrounded. Oh! BUNK! It's too bad about you. Oh! Gee. Too bad. That's too bad! Your so original! Oh! Shux! Donlt tell me! You would! You don't mean it. FAVORITE EXPRESSIONS .Whoa Tillie. Mary Jane Goodspeed, Vice-Chairman Gee's Kids. Jean O'Connor, Secretary Robert Wells, Treasmfer Kathr n Warden, Annual Collector Y Ruth Bennis Bernard Berg Robert Bethke Edythe Davies John Dubbs Jean Durfee Hannah Kish Myrtle Fredrickson Alice Hafifner Grace Johnson John Krichbaum Allen Lloyd Patricia Long Dean MacDonald William MacDonald Steve Melehes Anita Mense Dorothy Niendorf Jeanette Plantinga Dorothea Quinn Helene Warner Jane Whitman Martha Woods Oh, yeah? Oh fer cryin' out loud. Okamalooy. Any dum thing. Sufferin' sunnsh. Oh gee. Now listen. Holy smoke. Well, any-way-. My kindest personal lilicitations. How did you guess it? And how. ' Oh my gosh. Ye gods. I'll bite. My cow. Hoot mon. Hot darn. Och mine heart. Oh shoot. Oh mi gosh. Aw-gee-olly. Aw gee whiz. Gaspin' Goldfish. Good night. Da-gumit. I r 4' Member of Tau Epsilon. Page no A-1211 " 'LW' A 1 4: 4 -re, ,W -.1--1,--4,, 7-f-Aj...-..f-" ,. 7--, , , 5' 1, 5 Y ' ,iT Y, 14: 5- , ' xi" W. 1 DIVISION 326 Frances Holmes, Chairman Angelo Dominick, Vice-Chairman Mary L. Martin, Secretary Dorothy Engstrom, Treasurer John Roch, Annual Collector 'Roberta Davis Violet Ballou Carl Baxa Marion Burgess Zelma Coston Marie Del-Iaan Cecelia Donlon Efhe Eizenge Jessie Entrop Henry Galaher Mary Grace Lula Hughes Irene Humphrey Ruth Iverson Genevieve Jezerski Ruth Jacobson Mary Kreis 'Marie Landis Marie Mauge Lucas Mitchell Genevieve Nicholson Twyla Orkman Leona Paschal Mary Plonis Pearl Poss Grace Roser Lorraine Scharf Dorothy Schardt Martha Smidt Margaret Smith Myra Scott Eleanor Stolz Evelyn Wallick Anna Wetzig Jessica Warrington Mlary Zybert "' Member of Tau Epsilon. FAVORITE EXPRESSION Long-disconnected drink of water! Blow me down! Dearie, oh dear! Oh, my stars! Of all the nuts, you're the shell! Thanks! You're so kind. And how yet. Oh yea, pa. Of all the nerve! Et quam. You're crazy! No kiddin'. Go cook a turtle skin! So's your old man! Go gnaw a bone! And how! Y como. Well, what a deep subject. Rats. Don't be like that. I don't know. I'll bring my excuse tomorrow. For cry I. For heaven sakes. It's tight like that. Laugh! I thought Iid die. Ye gods! I'm tired. How do you do? O dear me! My land! Jiminey crickets. Oh yah! Hey, hey, savvy that. Boy, I'll be glad when school is out. For vocalizing in such a deafening manner. Oh, heck! You're funny that way. It's tragic alone on a moonlight night. You've got bats in your belfry. Oh, shoot. Page II 1 - 1 Y .siq g,"'- 31" . ' Ji. litter -"T1'- .. ' Mx: 1" Q, .. . -:l,.. ' 1 -7- ...Me .EY -. ..- DIVISION 329 , '!'George Donnely, C hairmzm Vivian Ashline, l7ice-Chairman Q - 'John Beeby, Secretary N orva Cosgrove, T7'E'GSlU'6l' Margaret Barnhart, Animal Collector Ned Allen Marion Alward Clark Bailey Virginia Baker Marjorie Beuebe Doris Berger Stig Berggren +Gertrude Blanchard 'Helen Bogg ' Elaine Bruhlman Mary Burson Marjorie Byers George Claussen Walter Clissold Purlier Cobb Harriet Coughenour Burton Dahlstrom Dorothy Dasher 'William Dow "Dorothy Doyle 'Betty Drueck Herbert Davisson Ruth Eakin ' Harvey Ellerd Gordon Erickson Blanche Escheman Nestor Falk s Ellen Foster Thomas Gadsden, Ir. Dorothy Gardner Virginia Gorman Robert Holdsworth John Jorgensen 'Member of Tau Epsilon Page I I2 FAVORITE Q EXPRESSION Jumping Iehosephat! Oh! .Boyl . I-Ieavings. Pickles. Really? Ferwlohnls sake. Good Gravy! By lingo , Behave yourself. - Wipers. Your full of skips. Hit him again he's Irish. Jimniiny Crickets. Boy! That's keen. Horses? How can you tell? Oh! Yea. It won't be long now. Oh! Yah! By gum. Oh! you really think so? It could be worse! Hot zig! for dogl. Truly so! For pity sakes. D,o tell. - And the farmer hauled another load away For pity sake. Well what of it. Get a horse. You don't say. Chaas! . Oh for Pete's sake. Smatter? links! What does that make me? My gosh! And how, yet! ' - - . ,1 .W--1 V .V ,, 4-1 11 - V 7 Y il,1l. 1' ..,..,-,..,....,.........,... . 4.-,...,,,. m.,,,.,,,.ffH-.f-.......,, - vw.-.,....., ,,.- ,..,...f.1,....x...,..,,.-N...14.-Q..-.,,v..--...--,N..,,,.-...M ,,, FHESHHEN X- Am, I ,' ' W 4 A-v ' - , A, . l i 'g r , 1 1. 1. - 33-i2 '43 ' 5-"k""t:9'-Tim." fu' K Q I Vw uf. . N. .5:::,, T3 .5-4f':fwf' A s . ' za A -. " , .4 A ':.,,.-,q . ' v:,,, L, I X 1 5. .. 4051'- ,iff ' 5 ei' ' at i , 4 S ' g'f','.1,k t ' . J ' ' W 7 11-1 E'-Li K J i , 1 ' ...... - V, M mv. . .. 1 , f Q'-:::.,.5'-W - f .. 'fa 4 , f -ap, pf' ,,j.,.,w-::::.r:g1 -F .5 ' Y ' A .ISA wi' if -1 V H ".- ' ,-, x ,I W a, , A. . , ,. .. .cr ., . a .3-fx K4 --,gg-n ,f 'Q '. 5 2' MCXEEP KOOL " gg" 51' Q V isrux' ' ' Wit.: ? "FK fa ":f:f?1 - sf- I , '- .- - ,fm -1 l "f1ocsuz's GALLERY" Page I -M-.x-.---.-.,-.......-.- - ,......-,,..v.,,,.., ..., ,- .. ff, ,..... ,.-..5....-..f.. ...f- L V X Page II4 W x "l"""'1'Uf' an-AL Al nb 1 0 -K x. .., rl fv I Q , W, 3:7 - ff: ,, -- ' -, :Y 'Q , , - A wg Elf . - W , --Y-'--- -- .,4,,,,..,,,,,,-,,, .,,.......-......-.-.-i,-.,.,, , ,,,...,..,., ,,,...-.-..L,.,-....,.,.... Y ,-,,,, ,,,-f.. W M., ..-.-N.. ,,g-,,,,-,,,...,,. .--,,.....--,.,.....,.-. ..-..--- -.--.m,, H. T ,,,, L, ---, ,-,,r,,,.L,,,,J.,..,., -, .....,,, ,,.. I- Burnam Lloyd Bingham Iohannsen THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION By MARJORIE GOLLER ROBERT BURNAM ................................................................ President DOROTHY LLOYD ........... ....... F irst Vice-President BALDWIN BINGHAM .........., ...... S econd Vice-President WILLARD JOHANNSEN ...... .......................... S ecretary MR. MAYSACK .................................................... Faculty Treasurer The Student Association is open to the entire school. Each june the students elect a president, first vice-president, second vice-president, and secretary. Mr. Maysack is the competent faculty treasurer. The president presides at all the assemblies and over the Management Committee. The first vice-president is the chairman of the Board of Control. The second vice-president is the head of the Social Committee. Each semester, each division room elects a room-chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, and annual collector. The room chairmen form the Manage- ment Committee, of which Mr. Schoch is the judicious faculty adviser. The vice- chairmen make up the Civic Committee under the clever leadership of Miss Mackin. One chief project of this committee is to direct the annual clean-up campaign. The secretaries of the divisions take the attendance, the treasurers collect the Student Association dues, and the annual collectors have charge of the subscriptions for the Annual. A The Board of Control, composed of the presidents of the organizations of the school, must pass on all business matters. Captain Lorentz is its helpful counselor. Every student should feel it his duty and privilege to join the Student Asso- ciation. The dues are a dollar-fifty a semester. Membership gives one a weekly copy of the Empehi News, the opportunity of attending all the social functions of the school, and the privilege of belonging to any of its activities. Any surplus funds are devoted to school projects. Page 117 l t MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Top Row-Bingham, Handbury, Burnam, Whyte, Pittsford. Second Ro'zcLMock, Hanna, Hoffman, Gilbert, Lloyd, Bennett. Third Row-Overstreet, Umhofer, Donnelly, Lee, Wayland. Fourth Row-Theis, Johannsen, Pilbrow, Brookes, Herzog. Bottom Row-Jacobson, Henderson, Palmer, Flanigan, Hanna. . CIVIC COMMITTEE Top Row-Norton, Christensen, Stephens, Winsor, Stephenson. Second Row-Stump, Thatcher, Messurier, Van Beek, Sandrok, Fennema. Third Row-Billings, Gaston, George, Boylan, Stow. Fourth Row-Koenig, Laycock, Janney, Gehrer, Morgan. Bottom Row-Rummler, Dominick, Eagle, Brennan, Bort, Molloy, Grossmann Page IIS E i 1 l l ii, lv- L lt? ,,. 4 Q23 lil uz ll. IS' if bi 44 llf H. ill t lrff tb li ll lv lf, ill, lr ,,. E, 'Z gi: lb sae 't il ll' il I, 4-5 l rs ,y ra ,R ui lil lf! zu U5 .ll ,M I il-X lla l, lf 222 lig Lf: ig 5 l Hx rr, -. l --,.-.....,,,,...-.,...,...-11.-,.-..-.,-..,W...-.....n...f,,.,,..,.mn My ..,.....,.,...-,.,.-- .f.........,.,.,........,..-...f,,.....-..:rmr-,....-....,'-f x -4"-V - -nw-j-A-er'-"n Q Sr T011 Row-Alexander, Burnam, Heiskell, Haliday, Futcher. Second Row-Capt. Lorentz, Knabe, Rathjle, Brooks, Crane, Christie. Third Row-Weed, Ward, Grage, Paddock, VVhyte. Fourth Row-Frey, McKnight, Johannsen, Davies, Rummler. Bottom Row-Bennett, Stump, Lloyd, Shemaitis, Pilbrow. THE BOARD OF CONTROL The members, with the organizations they represent, are printed below. First Semester Second Semester 1 tl l I Dorothy Lloyd ......... ..............Cl1UIl'll1l1ll..,...,.... Maurene Frey .................. ........... A uuual Staff ........ Robert Heiskill ........ ...........B0tauy Club.....,...... ,,...Dorothy Lloyd .....,....,..........Maurene Frey ...Robert Heiskill Clayton Stafford .......... ....... l ioys' Glee Club ..,..,.. ..Clayton Stafford blames Peebles .......... ........... C izfic Couzuzilfvc ....,.. ...,.,,,.... I ohn Winsor Ruth McKnight ...... Girls' Stagecraft Club ,,..,.., ,...,..... R uth McKnight Mary Sturges ........... . ............ llauriug Club ........,.,. .,,.... F lorence Whyte Jack Haliday .......... ....,......... D alta Chi .,............. ,.... .... I a ck Haliday Charles White ........ ........... E u1ble1u Club ...... ..... V ictor Futcher Robert Crandall .......,. .......... E mgfvehi News ....,,, .... R uth Paddock Constantine Tziolas ,....,,, t.......... F rcfuclz Club .....i. ........ V irginia Ward Caryl Rathje ,..,...,....,,,, ....... G lrls' Glen Club ....... ............ C aryl Rathje Emma Shemaitis ,.,...... ...,,,, G irls' Emblem Club ........ ......... E inma Shemaitis Elizabeth Crane ....... ,......... G irl Res01'Z'L's .......,,, ...Elizabeth Crane Ruth Paddock ,,,,,,,,, ,,,.,.,,,,.......... Q uilfveu .......,.... ...... i Evelyn Grage Avei-ell C016 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,i., I ag: O1'Cl18Sl7'H .........,.. ..,.,.... H erbert Johnson Hargld Smith A,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,, O ffifem-' Club ......,,, .,,,...... W ilmer Bennett Vllilliam Padden ..,... ....,.,..Orfl1esfru............ Josephine Hedges Everett Smith ,,i,,,,,,,, ,,,.,,,,. P fb C01uu1iff0c .,....,..... .........i. E Verett Smith Frank Donnelly ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,, .....,,.,. F nrfulay Club ................,, ....,.. F ralik DOH1lClly William Alexander ,,,.,.., ......., I fuys' Stafrecrnff Club ........,, .A Henry Barbour ,,,,,,,, ....,..,,,,. Sl f7G11lA'l1, Clllll ..,.........,..... ...'..',A M lldfed KU3hC Dm-is Clark ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, .,,.,,,i T nu Ehsilou ...,,,........., ..,.,., G eorfze Christie Fdgar Miirrayf -.,,, ,,,,,,,i, Z onlofw Club ......,. ......,... I eSSie Weed 'fames Peeblesi ---,-- ,,,,,,i,, H i-V ,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ....... I-T erbert Winsor D01-Orhv R+-imn --,,-,,,, ,,,,,i,, A rf Club ,...,... ...,. D orothy Stumn Myron Pilbrow ....... ef 4, .- ,,.-.... ,.,...-- -,..,.......-....,,.. ,,,.....,,..,..Bn11n' Li!e1'a1'3v Club ,...,.. ,k..,,f-4...,f...........1f Y--T,-1 - -,..,-4-.. ...,.,.Y 1.-A.-e...-L... -,:... 1: Z, -- ,...,V Y, -rv ...Mvron Pilbrow ..i.,....Olive Davies Page IIQ --,..L,,-.,..wa.,..-. Agfgigw...-......A.-. -......-m-,..t.m,0q,-....,,.,.-......4-1.a-.m,m...,....,ft-.-.,,,- t ..f..,..,W1-.,1..V.,.,., ..,,,,4,,W1a,,.-11... ,twuw l if-1' ,r ull lil lr ,li nl if I Hi or 'll ,lla all ,la ,lf ull ,lg l ll f lvl :fi ,ff M, fl l Wig .5 'Sl np' lr, lff l .l we li ll? ,IU ll? ,l, gli ME I 1 lf, lv l si l l l l i l r l l. 1: l ll ,Il 1 ,M C ll l M l 1 1 l ., l ll ll "1 I I r ,l, ll ,ll ROOM SECRETARIES Top Row-Schermerhorn, Vanek, Penson, French, Caldwell. . Second Row-Shulander, Turner, Stoker,-Fisher, Sheils, Roby. Third Row-Janson, Gault, Coleman, Hough, Glass. Fourth Row-Marriott, Hammar, Schroder. Voris, Grosscup, Moore. Bottom Row-Martin, Lawrence, VVel1er, Church, MacGregor. ROOM TREASURERS Top Row-Van Dyne, Longley, Futcher, Wilson, Davis. Second Row-Pitkin, Korten, Heald, Stcnger, Slocum, McKnight, Woida. Third Row-Turner, Arnaman, Byers, Rhode, M. Rummler, Reynolds, R. Rummler Fourth Row-Velander, von Berner, Phifer, Bohn, Marriott, Troedson, Goller. Bottom Row-Baum, Katzurek, West, Engstrom, Cosgrove. Page 120 r--- -' - -A ' rr -- ' H f A eg:-n:,fff:e'f, -,npr ,:- -L+ ,:..f" . 1, , 4 - , , , . .. ,M , ., . , , l lmn...x..s...x.Ai TAU EPSILON By FRANCES FISHER GEORGE CHRISTY ' President DOROTHY Dow Vice-President ELAINE jAcoBsoN Secretary EDWARD CLAUTER Treasurer T Tau Epsilon, Morgan,Park's honor society, has brought to a close its fourth successful year. The increase in membership has highly surpassed the expectations of everyone. The party for the new upper classmen, given October second, was, as usual, the society's opening social affair. Dr. Gilkey, of the University of Chicago Chapel, honored the society by speaking for an assembly january eighth. The whole society took part in the birthday assembly of March first. Songs, representing the various classes, were sung by the entire society. Some of the students made short birthday greetings, and Miss Nicely, of the faculty, spoke. Two movies were given, the proceeds of which were presented to Mr. Schoch for the benefit of the Scholarship Fund. i Tau Epsilon wishes to express its 'sincerest appreciation to Miss Conlan for her helpful sponsorship, and to Mr. Schoch for his constant encouragement. Page 121 f' f -- E ff -f R' Af R W' 'T-or ?'?Lf:EI,,,f'f1--- Top Row-Blackford, Allen, Donnelly, Watson, Bragg, Crane, Gehrer. Second Row-Todd, Huehner, Pyne, Ehringer, Umhofer, Gunner, Whyte, Johnson Third Row-Bogg, Weller, Blanehard, McClure, Flanigan, Kock, Christensen. Fourth Row-Baird, Weir, Harrison, Roney, Glass, Davenport, Oliver. Bottom Row-Miss Conlan, Griswold, Moore, Bogg, Larson, Hanna, Overstreet, Top Row-Bergstrom, Davis, Drueck, Davis, Gray, Cox. Second Row-Velander, Nichols, Cenheld, Reid, Stephens, Johnson, Byers. Third Row-McConnell, Landis, Semmer, Herzog, Swett, Van Beek, Beeby. Fourth Row-Goller, Roesch, Dow, White, Armstrong, Grossmann, Haythorne. Bottom Row-Guerin, Quast, Camit, Bills, Imhoff, Riddle, Sawyer. TAU EPSILON-FRESHMEN AND SOPHOMORES Page 122 ,.,..-.. ..........,,,..,. ,.....-,..--,.....--...,...e., . ,.,..,ff.., ,...-., .. . 1.f...,.,... .. ...,. ,.,.,..,........,..L ,..--,i.:,f..-. .. ., ....., ,.,.i.-a....QW M-N--...... ----....,- WJ.. Top Row-Sommer, Heald, Morgan, Young, Rathje, Rimes, Bird, Smock, Harrington, Pritchard. Second Row-Weed, St. John, Lienk, Ward, Gunner, Stoker, Van Dyne, Fisher, Stump, Goetzke. Third Row--Hopkins, Pllasterer, Miller, Edwards, Fox, Piersma, Luther, Barts. Fourth Row-Swift, Goller, Bingham, Farrar, Simons, Murphy, Pence, Campbell, Moberly. Bottom Row-Sheils, Grimes, Mavon, Lloyd, Hrad, Yarline, Palmer, Brennan. Top Row-Spitler, Christensen, Mitchell, Stevens, Palmer, Hall, Halladay, Burnham. Second Row-Smith, Christie, Bingham, White, Moore, Hoffman, Lilly, Brooks, Lee. Third R0'w+Gilbert, Mingea, Kirn, Sennstrom, Pagels, Johannsen, Clauter, French, Stow. Fourth Row-Fennema, Hillier, Bohn, Jacobson, Dow, Clarke, Rittenhouse, Sawyer, Anderson, Tziolas. Bottom Row--Bennett, Boylan, Swanson, Paddock, Blew, Allen, Graver, Crane. TAU EPSILON-JUNIORS AND SENIORS Page I23 LL.. ,... A---Y-ZW, -- .........-f-'-,:.-e::-,..w-aa'v- Vrvr -Y . ,.,. :f1:w'...L -.,Y,.1?-,av ..-v.....:.:ix ...W , f - v.-- . ..,., J-M-d.-.,, Y, .-L+. Ff sf, A l l tl is , 4 .f l l 5 fl 1 1 L" ri f a I li ,M 1 Q it rt xi il l at 1 5 Sql 1 El, 6 gp fl ,gl 1 Vi' ,Qi ll ,., lil, t-I lv 1 .1 J: al fl ll E '7' gl f 'l sl jr 3 5:- 5, si of ti 'v , l Ji 14 it 'R ' :"?l2.? -'..+z.'S...-' ' - '--- -v-- --V--W v. . .csv -W ,Y , R, Y W ,, Page I24 -.,-.-- V V .. ,Y-,,- ,A-,,..........,A,V Y.. , - V - V 1-.......,Y , Y M,,,-, ,,, ' - ram., ,,,,..,,.. .,.. W- , M,--,,,nnVvmd , basl:-.:'::'T""'ik,:'7A'4' ..- ' l 1 Z E f V a 5 Q 2 ,,.'f.'f':3.lz, l 9 E E 5 I I ii I 5 z t 7 ie e rl Vi 4! I ia E l 1 l i if its 3 il I 3 e . li, 1 V i i . f i I i 23 E l 5 1 F l 4 5 5 2 I I li it Y i l t a .......,,.,..,,....,,..,.-A....-,...,..,..,...-...- ,Y --V ,,.V...., Y, ..,e...-.....,. .. .....,,,,-,, Nw,..-..a-.....,.-..............,.--...,..,a,...--- a--f---:G-W-'---- Top Row-Boylan, Smock, Bird, Stephens, Stevens, Fornell, Alexander, Dohrman. u Second Row-Schlepowicz, Young, Slocum, Harlow, Pittsford, Ward, Heald, Haliday. Third Row-Jewett, Herriott, Rider, Patton, Christie, Jacobson, Clauter, Miller. Fourth Row-Miss Sturgeon, Brennan, Jacobson, Moberly, Aoskad, Dearborn, Reed, Cobb, Porter. Bottom Row-Blew, Gilbert, Grage, Sturges, Paddock, Iohannsen, Killie, Shea. THE EMPEHI NEWS By WILLARD JOHANNSEN "By Bob Crandall", a phrase frequently seen in the columns of the Empehi News during previous semesters heralded stories by the editor in the fall semester, the phrase originated on the sports page, but last fall, occurred at the beginning of an assortment of news stories as wide as the fifty-seven varieties of Heinz. Assisted by a dependable staff, Crandall essayed numerous journalistic stunts for the entertainment of the students, and maintained their interest in the newspaper financed by the Student Association. National events appeared in the columns of the Empehi News during the year. On Thursday before the presidential election, a straw vote was held by the Student Association between the two leading candidates, Smith and Hoover, and a special edition of the newspaper, the following day carried the results. The Christmas issue featured a six page edition containing short stories of the season. During the second semester, once a month, an extra two pages were added to the regular size of the publication. The business staff during the first semester, opened an advertising campaign in which they stressed the value of high school newspaper advertisements, but refused the "charity" advertisements. To improve the value to advertisers, Barringer Baker secured a cut service to illustrate the advertisements. The Page 125 ':f11ii3T"'M'a's""m" M ,L I 1 fl I 1 lr l ,, 4 1. ll J. ll k. on 1 1 l i V i 'l l 1 i r il .4 A .il l i vi 'l it l I 1, , l l 1 r l , . g i li 1 i i I f E v Q I .x ii I l i i 3 1 t i 1 i I I 'r"""""' 'r"""rr' "4r'r""""'N"t4 'Nr""' "' f""""'f' "" ""' 'M""E3 4' tt? second semester under management of William Alexander, the business staff increased the revenue from advertising and systematized the accounts. ' At the meeting of the Illinois State Press Convention, November 22-24, I . Morgan Park was represented by Ruth Paddock. Two previous issues of the lg Empehi News were sent to the meeting and distinguished rating was awarded it. Q ii I In the spring Morgan Park was always represented at the journalism meet- I p ings held by Professor H. F. Harrington at the Medill School of Journalism, jf t of Northwestern University. With the majority of the high schools in and gl about Chicago sending delegates to the meetings, ideas were exchanged and as j a result, some of the suggestions were put into practical use in the Empehi l News. 1 l E ' Miss Margaret Sturgeon became faculty adviser of the publication at the ll , beginning of the school year. Election to the office of president of the Illinois , j State Association of Teachers of journalistic Writing is proof of her ability to 1 oversee the work on the Empehi News. 4 Ruth Paddock succeeded Robert Crandall as editor, when the latter was L graduated in the middle of the year. The new girl- editor set out with the jj j right idea, by promising to publish the best paper ever seen in Morgan Park. U l One of the experiments was competition between the boys and girls on l the staff. The former group managed the iirst of the two papers, and covered , such meetings as the Girl Reserves, and other girl activities. The latter group published the following issue with an extra two pages. One of these-on the 5, , 'customary sport page-was entirely devoted to fashions. ll Because of the mid-year graduation four members were lost for farther lg g work on the paper. Besides the editor, Robert Crandall, Virginia Strobel, lj ' conductor of the Student Opinion column, Henry Barbour, the literary critic, 2 and James Hartley, circulation manager did hard work on the newspaper. Ruth l I Paddock, editor, Mary Sturges, associate editor, and Miriam Blew, society ij , editor, compose the group of journalism workers who will discontinue their fl , work on the Empehi News because of graduation in june. l , The Staff during the first semester was composed of: Robert Crandall, 5 editor-in-chief, Ruth Paddock, associate editor , Mary Sturges, news editor, I Willard johannsen, sports editor, Alberta Killie, copy editor, Ruth Shea, head- 1 Q 5 line writer, Mary Brennan, desk manager, William Alexander, Chaff , Virginia l 1 Q Strobel, Student Opinion, 'Roger Boylan, features, Helen Miller, editorial ll j writers Henry Barbour, literary critic, Sara jean Dearborn, What's What, g Ivan Porter, Blotter, Sidney Stevens, sports ,. Christine Schlepowicz, typist, il E Lyman Gilbert, proof reader. The business staff consists of: James Hartley, lj circulation manager, David Patton, assistant circulation manager, Barringer jj , Baker, advertising manager, Mary Louise Heald, school advertising, Marion g Voigt, advertising copy writer. P 5 l 5 In February, the members of the staff were, Ruth Paddock, editor-in- ij j chief, Willard Iohannsen, Mary Sturges, and Sara Jean Dearborn, associate li editors, Evelyn Grage, Lyman Gilbert, and Ruth Shea, assistant editors, Mary , E Brannan, Roger Boylan, Ella Duwaine Reed, news editors. The departments jl j were in charge of: Major Stephens and Sidney Stevens, sports, Alberta Killie, E literary, Miriam Blew, society, Jean Ann Slocum and 'Charles Haliday, Chaff, 3 l Emma Rehling, Student Opinion, Margaret Rider, features, Ivan Porter, art. ij The business staff consisted of William Alexander, business manager, li j Helen Miller, exchange editor, David Patton, circulation manager, Harold 1 Zink, assistant circulation manager, Mary Louise Heald, advertising managers , V l ,Tack Pittsford, assistant advertising manager, Christine Schlepowicz, and Irene I Q Moore, typists. 5 5 I I l j Page 126 i Q 4l.'ifi7'i:' ' ' fu' i' f.l."5SQ2T7 fl? ii if-:lZl"fAf'7' -12l::I,.:.2i.E13f1fll3l 'ii' f llffkiul.-5-LIQ 5-ffliisl-1-iii...-4vaL J i H l ! ..-s-...,,... 6... .,1.v. . , aa. ,,.-.....,. M..-..i-.,........,.,.....s,,W:,.,..... .-.,,.f--.-wy---....,..,....a-..,....,,-.-.Nl Top Row-Watson, Halladay, Palmer, Mrozek. Second Row-Tziolas,'Fennema, Gannott, Pagels, Iagobson. Third Row-Miss Behm, Berlin, Frey, Grimes, Armstrong. Boffom Row-Bruce, Davies, Guerin, Haliday. THE LITERARY CLUB By OLIVE DAVIES OLIVE DAVIES President ROBERT BRUCE Vice-President -TACK HALIDAY Secretary MARK GUERIN Treasurer The Literary Club made its debut this semester, and developed into a help- ful and interesting organization. Its object is to promote an interest in books. authors, and other lines of literature. Judging from its increase in popularity, its object has been reached. The Literary Club intends to keep its membership low, so that it will seem more of a social gathering than a club. Round table discussions are often a way of attaining new information and ideals. There are two meetings a month, one is informal the other formal. When the meetings are prepared, speakers are generally secured from the outside to speak on subjects of interest to the club. During the semester the club plans on seeing all of the important plays, and attending lectures which are given by well-known authors. The Herald and Examiner run a contest for high school students who wish to make contributions. All book reviews that are written may receive a ten dollar reward. The club owes its existence to Miss Behm who has so willingly given much of her time, and who has made everyone so enthusiastic over the work. Page 127 jf. Q .4 '-.w..vl . 3-45 . 1 ji rr is .f 15 l ll .5 1. l 3. 3. il ? i 'i J. xl l i 2 i l 1, i ii a l : l s l A 1 f i 2 2 l .3 s l l 1 I 3 Y 1 l i i 1 1 ll 'i Q 2 .T 1 ,, Nr Il is :ig jf s xi 'F M5219 'N ..o D 44 fo + ee 1 if 'fm 4- ed sz qua Q 4. mf. Jac, 15,0 cvglga Q10 I . 4 9 N . , R J J, 4 12 4. Vo . T951 'bo 0 ix sf-Huff frm W, ,4n11u Marlon! y1f,w1,uf X wxov- we on-gp-:Ana -for-3 If-nnfgoxmfe was M 11011 mm C'xwy.efeA no miie Qxyea eo xnsgnxq xv xx. M6 no qos gfoffm. X vmv gfaxxq 'oem xomeyxsexq Sonzfcenea Sn Rvws. Besi- ewmu no ,xx nw 91x-1.2 fmmu. V x nm-.,cs wx, xo Q owamxaz ies qw: scmoex me w Q-:wa oi. sn. eww nop,-,vw iaofvwa ww v www vi f-WMV! vP'7"""""" W 0" X you unv- Bwo-cox-3 QWW- E .W won G M1 "" W own rihu lr! -.F --1 'lr ,l2KA4f7b Au 'Dil - 'I yi ' f 7 N a g ,Z A-, e 12 Z., rf- 8 Bd, ,AS-:gt Bun. YYY - ' Q BPH-fs ,Y Y wh -f Y I' fi Y " 3, ,h , jr- ,IMF -V 0 , T43 .1 , , 1 22.5" ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . A 1 L 1 1 1 1 1 W1 11 11 1 1 15' 11 1 11? 1 11, 11 111 1 11' 1 11 11 ,. 11 11 111 511 111 1 11 11 11 11 111 1 11 11 111 11 11 11 'X if Top Row-Eldridge, Burnham, Hall, Dohrman, Alexander. Second Row-Vanek, Guerin, Christie, Libby, Paddock. Third Row-Slee, Young, Pitkin, McLerie, McClure, Miss Larson. Fourth Row-Harvey, Frey, Griswold, Bogg, Reed. Boffom Row-Spitler, Flint, Grage, Anderson, Li-enk. QUILPEN By EVELYN GRAGE First Semester Second Semester RUTH PADDocK President EVELYN GRACE MARK GUERIN Vice-President MARK GUERIN LEILA LIBBY Secretary WILLIAM ALEXANDER MARK GUERIN Business M anager LEILA LIBBY Quipen, a literary club, was first organized four years ago with the purpose of advancing literary interest at Morgan Park High School. Under the leadership of Miss Lillian Condit, the faculty adviser at that time, the society published the first "Quilpen" in january 1928. Since then a magazine has been published each semester with the prize winning articles of the contest- ants, and other material of literary value, written by members of the club. It is the only club in which membership may be obtained by being a prize winner in a contest conducted each semester by the society. Until this semester only a few students have been eligible for membership each semester. At the beginning of the year, Quilpen introduced a new method by which students may become associate members by applicationg that is, the student must have an excellent grade in English and must write three papers which are to be submitted to the club. Under the able leadership of Miss Elsie R. Larson, Quilpen has striven to maintain its purpose in promoting interest in writing among the students. Page 129 ,,,, ,,.,,i,,W,,,,, M A ,L i iii, M. ...,,, i L, is U , ,,, ,, ,., ,. YJ: ,..,-fs 1 115211 1,411 11: 'LS .,, il 1 11 11 Q1 11 E1 1 1 -1 gl 11 .11 11 Qi 'f 1 1 -l 1 1i 111 114 111 115 151 15 111 '11 11 1 , J, 1 2 ,l , Q, 11 ,1 l i 5 1 1 I 1 gg, 1 11 .W 1 1 1 1 -1 1 U1 3.1 1 11 111 1 ff, ,11 11 111 V1 ,il 41 -1 -LE? Ili Q'-. i l Eli L ? I ,I I 5 , .1 ,- 1. 1 i I I I, It ,V lbw si? lj? at ,ri fl J ,i wi he l ill ll ,Zi All ,ii , 2 'Ml fl iii Hi 'I il All ,ii lyli ,wwf Ill i, 153 'vii is I? lil 15- V5 iii lm sa, :ii fi wig wg ill ,. it QE vii S! dl wx tl E 'S i 4 I s isfllffiigii.. . 1929 ANNUAL STAFF I MAURENE FREY Editor-in-Chief WILLIAM LEE Business Manager DOROTHY STUMP Art Editor JANE MILTON Faculty Adviser EDNA B. HoTcHKIss Art Faculty Adviser Miss Milton, our faculty adviser this year, has spared no pains in trying to make our book a success, and to her we own all our encouragement and inspir- ations. Miss Peterson, the Annual faculty adviser is traveling in the Orient. She kindly started us on our way the first of the semester. We are indebted to many who helped to form our book by their contribu- tions, but the following had charge of various sections: Elaine Jacobson, facuityj Dorothy Lloyd, aiunftnig Helen Grimes, Annie Gun- ner, Jean Rittenhouse, Mary Louise Heald, seniorsg Dorothy Innes, juniorsg Betty Pence, sophornoresg Dorothy Abbey, Elaine Jacobson, freshnienj Helen Morgan, Mark Guerin, activities, Jack Haliday, music and drarnag Dorothy Lloyd, Marjorie Goetzke, Ernpehilarityg Frederick von Berner, athleticsg Robert Brooks, Luther Halladay, Mary Louise Heald, Jack Pittsford, David Patton, business, Carl Mur- ray, Ralph Morgan, cartoons, Adeline Peterson, assisted by Ruth Dujardin, Mar- jorie Goetzke, typists. ' Page 130 - -t-,..-...,.,--, , :- W - f---, ,A 1,-H V W gt, :JEL-1a...:e.--.,., 11:-a-,:,,..,,e, 1-4'--f-,-4-1-i.,..,.,,,.,-FV.--...M-sg-fe-f,-1:ning-A914 .f--Q...,-F ,,,a,, ,,,-.--Y--.--,Lr-,...V-L,,,,.,..,,.--- ... , ,...........-.. ......,.,,,...,,,.....-.,.., ,,, ANNUAL STAFF Top Row-Stump, Haliday, Lloyd, Guerin, Heald. Second Row-Abbey, Grimes, Herriott, Morgan, Miss Milton. Third Row-Peterson, Haliday, Brookes, Innes, Goetgke, Von Berner. Bottom Row-Jacobson, Pence, Frey, Gunner, Rittenhouse. ANNUAL BUSINESS ORGANIZATION Top Row-Patton, Pittsford, Alexander, Rankaitis, Baker, Sheils, Eichenberger. Second Row-Heald, Hofman, Ordas, Norris, Coughenour, Cresap, VV'urmstedt, Abbey. Third Row-Lgne, McKnight, Morrow, Wemlinger, Colmgn, Minton, Leonard. Fourth Row-Wilson, Haigh, Carver, Edwards, Goe, Eldridge, Davies. Bottom Row-Barnhart, Wardeii, Bills, Lee, Anderson, Van Arkel, Zeder. ..,,............. M- .,....,L.,,.- f -..M ., . .......,.i.,. ...,.,,,....v.,.. ...,......,..-.-..,.,..,,..,...m,, .W-.M ,.,- -., ,-. , -..M- Page 131 -,...,.,,..,.......-,.,.,-..., N. ,.... ,. ., ..f+.,...,.,. ...,,,.,-.......,,...,. 1, W,--W ..v...............,... .. -...nv-. ,.....,-mv.. at-J .YV,. . --...... ,..-...- -1. :...:-,.. ,..,1:-2-. - Top Row-Reed,,Wilson, J. Haliday, Smith, Colburn, Shields, Dohrman. Second Row-Mosnat, Ward, Kroening, Smock, Jorgensen, Brown, Christie, Kendrick, Piech. Third Row-C. Haliday, Christman, Burns, Younger, Coyle. Heynen, Hawksley. Fourth Row-Murphey, Pflasterer, Beavan, Davis, Sawyer, Fredrickson, Morgan, Lowitz, Miss Hotchkiss. Bottom Row-Foell, George, Loomis, Patton, Stump, Stevens, Schmitt, Holland. 1 THE ART CLUB By DOROTHY DOHRMAN DOROTHY STUMP President WINIFRED BURNS Vice-President BETTY MOSNAT Secretary The Art Club is under the direction of Miss Hotchkiss, instructor of the art work at Morgan Park High School. Originally, this ,club was formed for the purpose of making drawings for cuts and mounting pictures for the Annual. Now the work also includes cartoons for the "Empehi News," and posters for all the school activities, particularly the yearly operas and clean-up campaigns. A novel project, one of interioftdecorating was undertaken this last semester. A committee under Betty Mosnat planned the color scheme of the social room and decorated the social kitchenette. Two interesting assemblies were presented: a chalk talk by Dudley Crafts Watson, and a talk on sculpture by Lorado Taft. For originality and technique in the treatment of the "World's Fairf' the theme of the Annual, special mention is due to Dorothy Stump and Edward Christman for the senior panels 5 George Christie for the fine lettering, Franklin Reed, Alfred Wilson, and George Smith for their assistance in lettering the di- vision pagesg Helen Hawksley for the mounting of senior panels 5 and Winifred Burns for the snap-shot pages. Page I32 1 1 i l i 4 1 i I U 4 f N E 1 x K .a.-..-,......,,,,,,,..u.....,.,..,.,...,,,...i..... ..............,.,,,,,,,.,,-..,:m.11.......,,.... .,...,W-fa..,4t:z'........a...-...,,.a...,..i....u., WM:-1.-.,W....,a...m....w..,-,.,.,..,,4,.,-'g.,.., rm---H V - - - f A- --V - f- A , -147.7115 l: ' A -.. -ls - v Y W Y W ,. v - W -f GIRL RESERVES E By ELIZABETH CRANE ELIZABETH CRANE President GERTRUDE FENNEMA Vice-President RHEA RIMES Secretary CHARLOTTE BENNETT Treasurer GERTRUDE FENNEMA ' Membership Chairman JOSEPHINE HEDGES Music Chairman R MIRIAM BLEW Pnblicity Chairman HELEN MORGAN Program Chairman CARYL RATH J E Refreshment Chairman EVELYN JOHNSON, MARIORIE GOLLER Social Chairman ELENOR YOUNG Social Service Chairman ADVISERS M1ss LILLIAN CONDIT Adviser Miss BERTHA MILLER Assistant Adviser Girl R,eserves are always striving for higher ideals. Chief among these is the ideal of service. It is the aim of the Girl Reserves to extend service work both in school and out. Their newest service to the Community was a Valentine Party given to the children of the Morgan Park Home for Dependent Children. They are continuing the work of furnishing the social room in order to make the room a comfortable meeting place for clubs in the school. They want their contributions to the scholarship fund to help more than one student to continue his education. In doing this work, the Girl Reserves try to live up to that part of the Morgan Park -Creed which says, "May we ever reach for that which is a little beyond." i P092 133 R sew fee ffaffa 7754: or nv R -A A Lair . . , . , --2 fr , 5.4. THE RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING CORPS By MARK GUERIN The Reserve Officers' Training Corps of Morgan Park consists of three companies and band. Governed by the Oflicers' Club, made up of all commis- sioned officers, it supplies the school with many important ,details such as the hall-guards, traffic squad, office orderlies, and telephone operators, ,flag detail, usher force, lire guards, and locker inspectors. 3 During the year, the R. O. T. C. participated in all the city contests both in drill and in riflery. The band placed first in the concert competition of class "D" bands, and competed in the marching band contest. As the following list shows, the R. O. T. C. was also very active socially. It gave a community Hallowe'en party, the annual military ball, the Armistice Day programs, the Memorial Day programs, the P. T. A. program, the program for Major General Malone, two movies, and the Boys' Day celebration. It gave its services at the Notre Dame-Navy football game, the Lincoln celebration,as a guard of honor for the crew ofthe Graf Zeppelin and for the Anzacs, and at the funerals of war veterans. In recognition of its services, the Officers' Club was entertained on April llth by the American Legion. Many contests were held within the battalion, and a number of cups and medals awarded as a stimulus to the spirit of the organization. The unit feels that under the leadership of Majors Smith and Bennett, it has completed a most successful year. Page 134 Y , A.. . . ,, Y ,,,......... V A WA A Y Y Y vm-.W A ,A,,,A,f Y :twig Y Yi . 'Q 4 1 ., H-I fjwrgp, ,, ., ,, , ,W ,,.., .NYJ H . --, ,. l I x I 'S 9. 'm 9 A 1 5 , : , , V 1 , 1 'fffiliffm . if Fxlfifi FWKFF 'S S' fiilgfi. rf .L is . R Sd ,L lu? i al ,M ll i lr j l 41 t . ,' COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ' f Top Row-R. Murray. Repp, Baker, Fonda, Park. lf 'W Second Row-Bishton, Bingham, Mitchell, Pittsford, Savidis, Spangler. li 1 Third Row-Penson, C. Murray, Snedicor, Stow, Burnam. fl Fourth Row-Morton, C. Murray, Spitler, R. Alexander, Stafford, Reuter. ,, Bottom Row-W. Alexander, Moore, Bennett, Donnelly, V n Valkenburg, Beckham. if iQ Q Q - X k 1,3 5 ll l All . V K X2 L 12 1 I1 1' hug 5. l li f lf f L lf 1- A fi . li , l li 1 li V l V ? ll 5 NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ' I 2 T015 Row-Guerin, Conner, Palmer, Gray, Miller, Soellner, Stevenson, Boylan. A Second Row--Cook. Reed, Pagels, Stapleton, Rigby, French, Reed, Umhofer. Third Row-Austin, Gaston, Arneman, K1einz,, Coughenour, Longley, West, Stearns, Spitler. Fourth Row-Caldwell, Baker, Valkenburgh, Blackford, Hagenbuck, Gehrer, West, Lindemann, Pierce. Bottom Row-Clifton, Hoffman, Christensen, Bird, Anderson, Hanna, Stafford, Anderson. l it ' Page 135 if Ai , , dijggife.,-af-.-,.,.. ,.....-.,,,-,.. .,,.., .f.. --.V-...,...... ..,,.. ,,, ...... r---..-.,,-A.,-,,,,,--.....-a.,,.,,.,.....,,,,-v., .---Y,,..,.,...,,..,,,,,-.,,,...,.-,,, ... if RU' ----r .1-W -...K ,g......:5n ---, ie, A f ,-fix- fr---uf--a:a.......... -a...........,, .- ,:-Egg H ' . .ggi "-M3154 :gl F: ..,... 41' A' eff. ..,g5..,, naw., I . UJHEE5 . P'2,,Zix Qi DFVA 12.4 Page 136 Top Row-White, Langdon, Peebles, Abbott. Second Row-Wright, Haliday, Baker, Grosscup, Mr. Beardsley. Third Row-Cook, Christie, Bingham, Mrozek, Brookes. Fourth Row-Smith, Stevens, Guerin, Pilbrow, Hudson. Boltom Row-Thayer, Lee, Hemingway, Winsor, McBride, Piech. HI-Y By HERBERT VV1NsoR First Semester A Second Semester JAMES PEEBLES ........ ...,..... P resident .............,. ........ H ERBERT W1NsoR FosTER ABBOTT ....... ...... V ice-President .....,.. .......... R UssEL BAKER RUssEL BAKER ........i ,......... S eeretary ........ ....,... M ARK GUERIN RUSSEL BAKER ................................... Treasurer ...........................,.... JOHN HANDBURY Twenty-six boys composed the total membership of the Hi-Y this year, nineteen of whom were taken in as a body in September. The purpose of the club is to promote cleaner thoughts, better sportsman- ship, and higher Christian character among all the boys in the school. Since February, the club has been under the direct sponsorship of the Central Y.M.C.A. which keeps in constant touch with it and its affairs. The fellows have had a lot of fun like week-end trips to the dunes, along with their duties. This year the Hi-Y has not been quite so active as it has been in preceding years. Since so many new members came in at once. co-operation was not worked up until rather late in the year. Some of the things done were the pre- senting of a gold football to the most valuable player, the giving of two Christ- mas baskets, and the planning of an assembly in April. The plans, under the new rules of the club, are to take in from tive to ten new members in June, all of which must be juniors or seniors. Page 137 1 1 i wi vw r i 1 il I 3 , o-:"f'f"""'i"T"""'nW-wfH--'w-"f-:-e-1f-e-vt- rr""'-fm: fffgr-M Pea: -3gZu.g4A--L4'!'lf:.f. 7 M fi LLA!fM:iifi1l7iJ'331Allen"-W-"w3:T7""7'?i' l 0 0 ii Q 0 0 " ' ' fired 0 0. 4 g ag---M www--ef-m-'W' M W MfL,C,9,g .li 3 2.1 il '-0 C11 3 PP: 3959, 'sag Siam? l f wt... pa, H- OH QQJSQ l R28 : agen QRXRJ ' N , ci. 1 g1gEg.S,253gE.gS isa? il E9 S' Q 9 'Q :QUE 5Ia"U3'gfaE'E.fU 55 iii? V' 220. 5' 9-1 FWD f-I0 0021 l H- ,-- U15 Q ..- Saf ff U'8rf'm:'.2 552 wie? V1-5-0 Eigtbwv-h5o"' P451 58345. i 'tw r-hfbv-Q, "1 "' '-OWUQ 1 H-oe me fe Qs' Z2 ez-9' Qi Bag, 553.33305 rn -WSW iga. .-JN: 0.7'O-e- 5: W vu 9, li :vD'Uq 0fD5E...wO H71 v--I QQFH 335 rn 3-W-Q 0005-715 -fgig ay H133 fbgwmsefrfo. Zz I Egfr- it B 5104 ' 0 E w e U2 :ii Q-fain' f-rOSDE,: ZF rn gQE"T 't 0:1-"-H FHCUN cn 2-J I pq W U1 :HTG ' 05.91 'yawn wgm : w ke KO 5'-L5-Q F H Z boon- 0 5 : .91 H- N036 wo sw U'03 55 E C: Piwuai' l F, :r 'U'-frcim O'-HYQ :: 37 : cr' Q94-D :ya-fer --gi, - - 0 L-1-5 'Www 1 :sam 5,-,gg 5203.5 EE ig U, N5-25 Ig 95 4 'N4 BH' l i " 5 iz, 'UCL "' :vii ' MN 1 2 13 '-l ifjfveffg 1 3.925 0035. U"'3 51 2 pd Cf'-Eff 5 W: "HT :i 2-'Em E : F1 ,., 55543 i f-v ru nm D-Q-A was : 5 tj D, 09,5 5 DA G1 :..OQ f-+3 E : f W ,V 020- maria F gi: GZ anna i LT' QU' ,- FDU' : : Z 0-' :gn I ge-Cf. Uqvgg Q0 -z , rbrnfvm '-' '-: 1 . l - -'- Ef? wise we fi 5 Q all 'bfi-5 UTD-510 223- 5 E an E02 If 550 PUSH? ,225 s ' C' 22 ,... UQ k4 ps 05,6 -'cn : 3 QQ: ,,, H0-:s 51: UQ W 0 I owe fpgtgg- 5305993 ggqr-h I i 'QD' ' L sn .-P -- 1 1 .' ..,,...'-1 i-o-.E5- 1'-' Q : 5 fl P0 fn X0 ' H E-Q0 ,Q-Pegii gmw QPU rn 5 Game: r-if-umm 03-xr N2 E 5- '-: "DTD Q.. G, Q gn who O' OU. f-12. 'fi ff O w "N-+ U-EW :Q 94 531321 fbi-.EGO fn'-Pg gg - ix 4 mmm 53-Edaqfig QF-. Yr- ' 1 msg- 9,UQ,,,,f-r rum N 3 gi-5 mE.1r5: RMU' 1 3 Sem 0-frQ""' SSW l " 595: as-See :fi 1 F555 :14 0.0 o.?.N ,V i XL.. yi : 44 1,1 of guiding, posting, and cantering. Last june the club enjoyed several delightful two hour rides in addition to the regular program. During the few months of winter the girls eagerly look forward to the spring when they can again ride like the wind over the soft bridle-paths or trot along at an easy comfortable pace. ' Page 138 11-iii. "" "Ziff-zz:-z.1g.',. ' 1: ' Q.: -if -,4:, '+f.,.,,g,,,,g,,Y,.lgwsgmmtlwl,:w3-,gl,mr,.,,WMwnvmvhWM:,,V-H Top Row-Patterson, Christensen, Fisher, Dohrman, Morrow, Kock, Tibbles, Pexton. Second Row-Dickson, Mavon, Rimes, Brookes, Hennessy, Dare, Stenger, Lammedee, Baker. Third Row-Gardner, Mead, Haigh, Rider, Gneiss, Pullar, Herriott, Sturges, Campbell. Fourth Row-Gour, Halladay, Goller, Potts, Rittenhouse, Berger, Voris, Comstock. Bottom Row-Micholson, Eldridge, Whyte, Miss Kurz, Dow, Lohman, Grosscup. DANCING CLUB By MARY STURGES First Semester Second Semester MARY STURGES President FLORENCE VVHYTE BETTY ELDRIDGE Vice1Presid ent DOROTHY Dow FLORENCE WHYTE Secretary BETTY ELDRIDGE FRANCES FISHER Treasurer VERNA Lon MAN Faculty Adviser, Miss KURZ One of Empehi's most popular clubs is the Dancing Club. All girls who love to dance, and have had enough experience to enable them to pass the entrance requirements, are eligible for membership. "The Christmas Dance Festival," a unique collection of dances, was staged last December by the club. All kinds of dolls, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Russian, and Frenchg teddy-bears, a marionette, an'd clowns together with fairies, elves, and Santa Clause, charmed their spectators with many gay steps. Various types of dancing, clog, toe, interpretive, folk, and asthetic, gave variety to the program. Dancers from this club play a very important part in the school operas, as they make up the ballet. The Dancing Club has done a great deal towards making our opera, "jerry of Jericho Road," a success. Page 139 .........,..u.,,..,,.,.,.f..,,,., ..,, .-..,.f.,,- e-.,,..........,..s.s,,...,,..i.,.,...,,...,.A..,,....-,.a,g.L,.,..,g..,,..,...,,na..,.,,.u-.,... . ..,...,,...,......- ,.,.,,F,...... ,, ,. ,,,,,, Y " A ' " ' , 1.'t ' Y -W 'Y 'Az ,i . 1, ,.x ,, he ,1--, L,-7-,1 f ,,,,VN,, Top Row-Miller, Mitchell, Baker, Christensen, Fornell. Second Row-Hobson, Kelly, Longley, Bingham, French, Sandrok. Third Row-Bragg, Reuss, Roser, Wieck, C-our, Brennan. Fourth Row--Campbell, Roderman. Baker, Carver, Verduin, Ruminler, Evans, McDowell. Bottom Row-Grossman, Lagerstrom, Goetzke, Stephenson, Campbell, Reid, Dalton. THE HOBBY CLUB Ey Joi: STEPHENSON JOE STEPHENsoN President HOXN'ARD HoBsoN Vice-President JOE COBB Secretary DAVID FORNELL Treasurer The Hobby Club was organized last semester, as a medium through which collectors of stamps or coins could find others Wishing to exchange with them. The Club has been fortunate in securing Miss Livingston as faculty adviser. It is a good place, not only to get interested in a hobby, but to start one. The members are only too glad to help others start a collection, if it is the same as theirs. Anyone interested in making collections, such as stamps, coins, china, antiques, glass, Indian goods, relics, and weapons are especially welcome, as there are more members collecting these things. Many stamp companies give special reductions to clubs, and we, of course, take advantage of this. As a result, many fine stamps are bought at much lower prices. Next semester, the club plans to take several trips to places of interest, such as the Chicago Historical Society, the Art Institute, and the Field Museum. From time to time, many interesting talks have been given on the making and water-marking of stamps, history and secret markings of money, and United States Mints. Page I40 x .... .,.. ..... . ....... .,.. - .,,.. . ...-. .... --..........,,,,.. .,.. . ,,.. --.-...--., ...A-..--,,.,M... .... -,. ,... .... QI kj! A 'KA "..... ' "' L I.IiL...5.1ZL?g:ZaZ1'sf"-ll..Q.L1l.T.ZZ.Z:.gZ.Z.1...lLLZILL-T'-ua.m,iz:g3p.griziwZwzzmfgnsaarig.:::1.2y4-1uL.1..L.::::g,gggg1,,.:LL,1L1:3e,LZ.1 il dl AP. m..W..s,..,E,....M..,...,:......M.,,.R.fa.?...:,,.e,,,.,.,,-, M.-- ,.. , 7 , . ,-A,,,...,,. W- 7.7 -.A , ,X 6 o F 'Q Top Row-W. Alexander, Sennstrom, Norton, Park, Kinkead, Fornell, Fonda. Guerin, Gray, Van Valkenburg. Second Row-Donnelly, Stokoe, Kammerer, Kephart, Gurgel, Piech, Baker, Grosscup, Stow, Harris, Gaston. Third Row-Pitkin, Mason, Porter, Jacobson, Shemaitis. Mingea, R. Alexander, Spangler, Kerd, Toerper. Fourth Row--McCormick, Gadsden, Schauer, McConnell, Odell, jones, Dow, Whitehead, Thompson, Clissold, Swett. . Fifth Row-Hofmann, Foose, Reed, Haliday, Brooks, Mr. Hunter, Davis. Hanna, Cowan, Lindemann, Milner. A Bottom Row-Crane, Claussen, Beeby, McKnight, Swett, Kass, Palermo, Porter. EMPEHI AERO CLUB By PERRY BRooKs PERRY BROOKS ,,..,,,.,,,.,,,,. .... ......,,....... ............. P r e sidewt CHARLES HALIDAY ....... ....... V ice-President DON DAv1s ................. ................ S ecretary FRANKLIN REED ,.,,. ................,.... T reasurer JOHN HANNA ,,,.,,,.,,...,, ....... B usiness Manager CURTIS A. HUNTER ..........................,..................... Faculty Adviser In order to keep abreast of the times, the Empehi Aero Club has been organ- ized. The object of the club is to promote interest in aviation among the students of Morgan Park High Schoolg to assist and encourage members in building model aircraftg to enter scale and Hying models in competitiong and to study gliders. There are club members interested in the building of both original and demon- strated model airplanes, all of which have been shown in trials and contests. Instruction is afforded the club in the fundamentals of aviation, by its efficient instructor, and the members are much indebted to Mr. Hunter. It has been planned to build an approved type of glider. This glider, it is hoped, will be of interest to the community as well as the school, and may lead to the formation of a glider club. Page I4I w 6 1 N l l l 2 Y l ' 141 N214 v N l i 1 l 1 1 1 I i i 4 l A l 1 l 1 w l l w l I Z I i M V l , l 5 1 4 i S 2 4 5 l . 1 1 if .....o-----.-, .,....,. .,-,,..r any ,... -,.---.,-.,-,n-, ..., ,,,,,.W,.,,-W,-,.A,,,-,,,,,umM,,affg st! -Q--A-----' -A-----4--M -V-ef----e A--we-H 'r--an---hw----A---VA.A,,.,...--..,.x-.ik-,. ,..,,.,.,-M-0... ,... -.- ,,,,.,,- M -.. Y - Y A- -dia ...., .Q -......,,....:,,,v,,,,,,,A - Y A-H ....-344:-e.:,-,.-.f.:...f:-v---H : - ' ,.ff- Agua- -,Y -Aww -w W ., -...,,, 1 i r 1 l l A E 1 l I, t 5, T T x f K i r - w 1 ,t l 1 I Q. l ',r A il u w l. fit l. it l 6"'S'ft1i1l':Z:Eiii1',i'EfZfi1'1'2'::1:.:i"i'Z:'1'I:i:. ..LZ.:Ti-::':'::iiJ:f :.l1ff'ffr5:"l"""f""" .,,, ,jdgi 7 f,-f 'f:m""fit'f" ":?"'f'. ' 'T"T.Tr """""' iff'- -- W.. -. ,.., ., ..... .A,,, , ..,.,,,...,.. ..-e....,,, ,,,,,, ..s,.-mv., ..,- .. ' 1 it rg 2 A ll ul if . l l li il 4 l ll K 4 . l iw Q 2 l 1 5 ' 1 ' il l l ? f . l, I , ' f 5. . it 5 T, fl l M A A ' T Q fl T L I l Tit tl, Top. Row-Morton, Tansley, Kock, Todd, Patton, Palina, Palmer, Pastor, Stevens, Murray, Y Betscher, Schermerhorn, Milen, Blew, Miss Holland. , ' Q lf 9 Second Row--Harvey, Barts, Hughes, Schumacher, Byers, McBride, Christie, Gilbert, Clifton, l Wk Pereira, Umhofer, Baker, Allen. Q ,l X Third Row-Dearborn, D. Jacobson, Herriott, Sheils, Lee, Huehner, johnson, Burgess, Beese, l QQ l Christensen, Kock, Brennan, Minton, Moberly. gl, ji Fourth Row-Yarline, Lienk, Rider, Langerstrom, Bradley, Harrington, Spitler, McMillan, ,E Hoffer, Gannott, Lilja, E. Jacobson, Hrad. P TN' 4, Bottom Row-Bort, Johnson, Foell, Miller, Allen, Knabe, Miss Brown, Miss Bellinghausen, ,f be l Shlepowicz, Fox, Peterson, Anderson. ,ll tl , gl: I THE SPANISH CLUB , 'li 'Q L gp l By LYMAN GILBERT 'ft ft I First Semester Second Semester l, sb., I HENRY BARBOUR ....... ......... P resident .......,.. ............. M ILDRED KNABE ,I ,l ' l LYMAN GILBERT ........ ....... V ice-President .,...... ...... E VELYN CHRISTEN SEN Q ll NORMA YARLINE ,,..... ............... S ecre-tary ............. ............. M ARY BRENNAN I , + MILDRED KNABE ........ ..,,.. . dssistcmt Secretary ........ ............. I AMES I-IOFFER lg , , ERDMUTH LIENK ....,. ............... Treasurer .... ........ ................. D E LLA Kocic li ' li MARGARET BROWN .......,................ Faculty Adviser ........ . ............... MARGARET BROWN H l L i l ' l "El Circulo Espanol" was organized almost two years ago. All students itll who have completed two semesters of Spanish are eligible for membership. 3 , In the fall term, it had a Spanish picnic in Palos Park, and for an assembly, E l . l gave a Spanish play representing a street scene. In the spring term, the club 1 ' gave their annual Fiesta which is a banquet, attended only by those who wear ln , S anish costumes. This was to commemorate the life of Mi uel Cervantes the lf' . P . . g 1 I l l great Spanish author of "Don Quixote." 1 I ll! 3 Under the capable leadership of Miss Margaret Brown, the faculty adviser, l l, the club has steadily advanced and has been able to donate several gifts to the . ,I I E I school in the way of money and a picture. il F 5 I f lr 5 Page I42 f 4 v...flf1.2lfff:fPiiIIff:imf:1Iffffl"fff:l1Qiff...Qfifff,ffllIflffi1L"ff, A'ff" ''G'ilfQQ11:ffl1Qlf,i1Il:,lfflllfg. A--3, ..... Y - f f 1- -- '-Y -f -.L -1:1154 if- --- Y Y ----ff ' -'-V H- Q.--:---f-3 -,A-.4. r -- f" H' Top Row-Rimes, Crane, Beckham, Gilbert, Palmer, Pagels, Davis, Hedges. Secogd Row-McLerie, Innes, Pflasterer, Sommer, Van Dyne, Gunner, Griswold, Trowbridge, orman. Third Row-Paddock, Morgan, Murray, Fetterly, Pullar, Pritchard, Tziolas, Gadsden. Fourth Row-Bates, Shea, Dow, Hopkins, Rittenhouse, Burnett, Pence, Iewett, Gray. Fifth Row-Usborne, Bond, Clarke, Miss Conlan, Miss Bellinghausen, Ward, Miss Condit. Whitehead, Cox. FRENCH CLUB By CONSTANTINE TZIOLAS First Semester Second Semester CONSTANTINE TZIOLAS President VIRGINIA WARD DAN WHITEHEAD Vice-President RHEA RIMEs, FOSTER PALMER LOUISE PFLASTERER Secretary HELEN MORGAN ARLEEN PRITCHARD VIRGINIA WARD Treasurer ELIZABETH CRANE FOSTER PALMER, GEORGE PAGELS Public-ity Committee GEORGE PAGELS The second semester of existence of the "Cercle Renaissance Francais," or as it is commonly known, "The French Club," has assured a glorious future for this organization, as was proved by its new undertakings. Thanks to our untiring adviser, Mlle. Marie Bellinghausen, the French Club has very successfully put over an assembly, the first of its kind ever to be given in Morgan Park High School. Although it was conducted entirely in French and had an absolutely French atmosphere, it was enjoyed by the audience who either through Latin or Spanish, succeeded in understanding many words. The use of only the French language in all meetings was especially em- phasized this year, and the results on the ability of Huent French speaking by the members have been great, according to Mlle. Bellinghausen. Page I45 Y 'U' ' l I Top Row-Stoddard, Iversen, Schermerhoru, M. Murray, Fornell, Gray, Rankaitis, Stevenson, Janes, Winnie, Reuss. Second Row-Harrington, E. Murray, Ganz, Shemaitis, Mingea, Reed, Kelly, Pereira, Perry, Lindemann, Noble, Goe, McMillan, Milner. Third Row-Viall, Minton, Peterson, Stafford, Wakeley, Halverson, Knabe, Jacobson, Molloy, Harvey, Piersma, Gaston, Porter. Fourth Row-Miss Babcock, Robertson, Bills, Olson, Baum, Dalton, Schmitt, Comstock, Wood- ward, Lilja, Austin, Hagenbuck, Bombaugh, McKee, Miss Bell. Fifth Row-Church, Hubbard, Bates, Van Dyne, Gunner, Abbey, Weed, Goebel, Robertson, Szalay, Burgess, Trowbridge, Richardson, Herriott. Bottom Row-Carver, Jones, Bender, Stow, Cleveland, Hoffer, Roderman, Umhofer, Cowan, Grossmann. THE ZOOLOGY CLUB By JESSIE WEED First Semester Second Semester EDGAR MURRAY .......... ............ P resident ............. ....................... I ESSIE WEED JESSIE WEED ,.,,....,., .,,.... V ice-President ........ , ........... .... .... H O RACE GASTON HORACE GASTON ........,........ ......... Secretary .......... ........ J OSEPHINE HARRINGTON KENNETI-I CARVER ................................ Treasurer ............................... CONSTANCE NOBLE The Zoo'ogy Club has lived up to its reputation as a scientific organization. ln the fall, Miss Bell was our faculty adviser, then in February, Miss Babcock returned to fill her former position. The club has successfully managed several excursions, among them the semi-annual trip to the dunes and a trip to the General Biological Supply House. Two assemblies at which movies were shown, have been given this year. The first was "Sea Birds and Coral Sandsf' furnished by the Lincoln Park Museum of Natural History, and the second one, supplied through the Isaac Walton League, showed various phases of fish propagation. In the fall an etching, "The New York Battery," was presented to the school for the collection being hung in the halls. Page I44 .....,.,..... , .. .........,...........-ef. -... -..,,..,..,.aa-Q.. .. ...............,..--.,..-., .:,.,,i...m ,.....,.. -on t,.,.......,,,..,,.-t,t,A-..,,....,... . . 4-"t, O 41' R ,-t 4 YE 1 4 4L l 3 4 4 E4 44- ,, l 4 2 ,, 4 A 4 4 4l li 5 K ! , I 1, F v" ll il 3, l Q4 ll I4 4 ! 4 E 4 ,I l 3 K 5 l i l l is 1, il 9 -..,...x., . . T! I 2 a l 4, 1, 4 lu l I i 1 ,.,- ,,,,.-.,..,,.,,...,-...-a... .-.....--.. M, ,, ...,,...-....-..-,W--v......,..,.a--. . .. .... -.,...a. 11 ,.,... .....--............. ....,........v...-.f.,.-.-t fu-------V V- Top Row-Turner, Knight, Stoker, Meirrell, Muench, Hazleton, Stephenson, Farrar, Simons, Simmons, Knight. Second Row-Zichterman, Erickson, Klontz, McClure, Brown, Nicely, Willcox, MacMahon, McAllister, Turner, Thomas, Goetzke. Third Row-Moody, Judson, Hohmann, Stevens, Goebel, Hough, Robertson, Pennington, Bogg, Dubbs, Smith. Fourth Row-Miss Mcnsch, Sweet, Simons, Eldridge, Halladay, Musser, Taylor, Brown, Dead- man, Cenfield, Cobb. Fifth Row-Bogg, Kimmel, Reed, Swann, Beebe, Heiskell, Pence, Brown, Anderson, Gentle, Ashline. Bollom Row-VVhii'e, Miller, Fetterly, Richardson, Camit, Robertson, Losetif, Farrar. THE BOTANY CLUB By ROBERT HEISKELI4 First Semester Second Semester ROBERT HEISKELL ............. President .......... ROBERT HEISKELL JACK HALIDAY .............................. Vice-President ....... ........... B ETTY ELDRIDGE FLORENCE SIMONS .,.............................. Secretary ....., .........,..... I OHNNY FARRAR NIARK GUERIN, FRANCES WILLCOX .... Treasurer .................,.. HENRIETTA HALLADAY Under the able supervision of Miss Monsch, faculty adviser, the Botany Club has passed another milestone in its attempt to inspire the students with a love of nature and admiration of its beauty. The most important trips of the year were the ones to the chrysanthemum show at Garfield Park, to the sand dunes, and to the Hower show at the Sherman Hotel. The club has also heard some very fine lectures, among them being one by Eldred Green ,Z7, a former president, and an illustrated one by Robert Heiskell on his trip abroad. The annual Flower show, the terrarium, aquarium, and model home show causes the club to feel that it has passed through a most happy and prosperous vear. Page 145 g . V i A 1,,. wmvfff,-'-+ --1 W -, ,N-,,,1,..,..: -.fa-1 Y--:--LV.,-nmfvfmrqveai.-.,.:.e . W... , gf... ... .1......,-AEM.. v -ffq .f 1-f v., -- ---ev-"""' , . A Q21 R fri? fi. i 1 i i l il M yi l E i il li il 'f 'E l i r it 5 i .. x P I l i 5 fi 1 'Q I i 1 1 2 1 1 w i f E 2 1 . 1 E ,i n li K ri i ii l i l Top Row-Mavon, Reynolds, Rankaitis, Christensen, Stevens, Heiskell, Wallace, Baker, Fornell, Paden, Mapp. Second Row-Brooks, Reed, West, Beckham, Fonda, Mrozek, Bird, Hall, Moore, Carr. Third Row-White, Van Valkenburg. Park, Lilly, Guerin, Eichenberger, Perry, Stevenson, Spitler, Abbott. Fourth Row-Richardson, Nicely, Sturges, Mostyn, Farrar, Fetterly, Simons, Sawyer, Lohman, Allman, Logan, Baker. Fifth Row-Smith, Bingham, Winsor, Rigby, Donnelly, Alexander, Mitchell, Pittsford, Budge, Hauber. Bottom Row-Whitehead, Peebles, Bruce, L. Halladay, Iversen, Liver, Zink, Piech, C. Haliday. FARADAY CLUB By MARK E. GUERIN WILLIAM ALEXANDER .President ROBERT MITCHELL Vice-President GEORGE RIGBY Secretary JACK PITTSFORD Treasurer The Faraday Club, a combination of the old Physics and Chemistry Clubs, is an organization new this year. With Mr. Hall and Mr. Gay as its faculty advisers, it has become one of the largest organizations in the school. The club has aimed to present to the student the interesting and practical sides of physics and chemistry, and it feels that it has been very successful in fulfilling its aim. Although few in number, the speakers have been of such quality that they amply made up for their scarcity. The club was fortunate in obtaining such authorities as Mr. Peterson of the chemical department of the American Medical Association, Mrs. Behm from the Quaker Oats Company, Professor Parmelee of the Department of Ceramics of the University of Illinois, and Dean Penn of the Engineering Department at Armour Institute, all of whom had first-hand knowledge of their subjects. The fact that the club has a membership of one hundred twenty-three is evidence of the enthusiasm with these speakers were received. If the Faraday Club can continue with as large a membership as it has at the close of this year, it will feel that it is a success. Page 146 ! .N J in I 1 ly fl ik if, ll V il ll li fl , i. I W, i,,, vi if ,l I' lil li I,,. fix. lil i faq ilf 1: ii fl ,l El lil! !v', 1' fix ,. ilr T4 Ml sw iii is .N '4 l ii l ill 1. i , 'F .-'nj 5 X 1 - ..:.A,.-Y - , ..-:..-- wiv, f- Y ::,f,.. Y.Y, -HL C-, -, . -L ,,F:..f:p-. fx, T .. V, Y, g-....f-- ., ., . . e, Top Row-Bennett, Longley, Harlow, Christie, Stoddard, Mingea, Ehringer, Baker, Sennstrom, Anderson, Coleman. Second Row-Reed, Reuss, Johns, Messinger, Palmer, Thayer, Diamond, Mason, Patton, Eichen- berger, Henke. Third Row-Mr. Gay, Snedicor, Spangler, French, Morton, Jacobson, Wright, Havey, Clauter, Cauble, Kephart, Mr, Hall. Fourth Row-Krause, Milner, Schwind, George, Coughenour, Hoffman, Kirchhoti, Whitehead, Stearns, Alexander. Fifth Row-Loomis, Jackson, Lindquist, Peterson, Vanek, Fennema, Hedges, Van Dyne, Stoker, Weed. Bottom Row-Grosscup, Porter, Lindermann, Hopkins, Hoffer, Johnson, Cobb, Wickersham, Thompson. FARADAY CLUB fContinuedj Mr. Gay and Mr. Hall have also endeavored to create in the Faraday Club members a personal interest in physics and chemistry. Their success is shown by the fine research and experimental work done by individuals. In the Physics de- partment a complete telegraph outfit has been built and three telephone sets in- stalled. Members have brought in many appliances, both electrical and other- wise, for investigation and study, and much useful information has been derived from them. Some of the members have built an apparatus from which they ex- pect to obtain nearly two million volts of electricity. Another group has written some very fine papers on such widely separated subjects as Claude Neon lights and Einstein's relativity theory. In the chemistry department, students have even gone so far as to equip private laboratories in their homes, in which they not only do their regular school work, but also much useful and interesting experimental and research work "on their own hook." , Morgan Park High School is fortunate in having an organization which en- larges on the regular college preparatory work of the physics and chemistry classes. On account of the work of this organization and that of its faculty advisers, stu- dents are made to realize the magnitude of the fields these subjects encompass and are given a liking for them which they could obtain in almost no other way. Page 147 --,,..,. .- .,., .,,.,. ,.,.i-----N .- -..- -H,......,..,..-.....-.-..,,,.z,., ..,.. ,...-.-..f...,..--..4..--.....,....,.,-....f....-...-...,..,...,-d,,.,,,,..,.,,,,,,.,,-4, ...,,,.-.A,.....,..,....,.M,,,,.- ....,.,.,.........m-.,.....-..................,mm,,,,.,..,,,.......,g,,mA,,,,M,,.,,,,,,,.Mi.m..,,,vW,,,,,,,,Q,,,4 --- - A A W- 1- - e--- f - -if -f-- ,Y - 13 -e .x.-.:.:,- A--f Y,:..,- Y Ya--if-aQ,.,,.V...,.-E.,---Z ffgyti, fan, .,,. ..,. . ,.V,, . .. ,,.. .. .. ..,..,,,.-............,-..,.x.-,-.a-..a-...-,..,-fe-..--r.t,.-.1-1.. - N.-, f:. Q--.9-............-...,, N.. -1.f-':.,-- -Q.. ..,... -.....--wx..-.-...-...-.wwf----.v... k i L1- .,4V , 1 1 11 11 '1 1 1 1 1 1 Fl '1 1 1 '1 11 Fx.,,,. 111 '11 1131 w M .11 151 1 111 1 1 11 111 1 1 1,41 111 111 1 11 11, 111 1111 1111 111 1. 111 111 111 ,Ei 111 1'1 111 X11 111 1 . 1111 111 111 111 .11 .1 1111 111 .1 1 111 111 11 11111 Z1 1 1111 1' 111 Top Row-McKnight, Mokstad, Ehringer, Beese, Wilson. Second Row-Lagerstrom, Gault, Werstler, Stitt, Klein. Third Row-Duffey, Mostyn, McGillioray, Pennington, Thorne, Hopkins. Bottom Row-Marriott, Frizzo, Mrs. Sheehy, Dasher, Austin. STAGE CRAFT CLUB By RUTH MCIQNIGHT RUTH MCKNIGHT President DOROTHY HOPKINS 17 ice-President JEANNE MARROTT Treasurer The Girls' Stage Craft Club was Organized two years ago by Mrs. Sheehy for the purpose of giving the girls a chance to learn about stage craft and cos- tume design. Since the club has been organized the girls design costumes for the Opel as and the different entertainments during the year. There are no requirements necessary to belong to the club although if you know any thing about design, it is interesting to create the design for the cos- tume, and then Work it out until it is a completed costume. The Stage Craft class meets every day eighth period. and the Stage Craft Club has only special meetings when called by the faculty adviser or the president. VVe hope that soon we can establish a regular Wardrobe room for the school and add costumes from all the entertainments. By doing this we hope to elimin- ate some of the work at times of preparations for our stage productions. Page 148 Qwaramaawnmaaaexwm,Wauaauanmwnrai 1 11 1 13 '1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 Fax TT 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 ag 1. 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 11 ll 1 1 1 1, 1 1 I. .1 Jil 51 if 111 Lil 111 1 11 11 11 111 1 1, 11 111 11 111 1 N 11 1 Z 1 Lb! 1 1 1 1 Music - DRTMMA CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL Page ISI fy as eeee A 11131.-A ,414 .eff-i,. Trp? ep 1 l 1 l w l 1 l THE BAND A By JAMES REPPV The R. O. T. C. Band hasymade remarkable progress during the past year under the direction of our energetic and capable bandmaster, 'Captain Guy Hartle. Captain Hartle came to Empehi from Lindblom High School, Where he was assistant director of the band. Our band assisted the Morgan Park Woman's Club Chorus at their concert, and played at the lecture given by Bennett J. Doty vat the Community Center on March 19. Entering the preliminary concert band contest at the Marshall High School on April 10, Morgan Park Won first place, playing, "The Hungarian Comedyf, and "Ballet Music" from Rosemunde. In the final contest held at Crane junior College, April 17, in which our band competed against bands of 135 pieces, they placed fifth in the entire city. Considering that our band numbers only 40 pieces, they have brought quite an honor to Empehi. The latter part of the semester has been spent in preparation for the March- ing Band Contest, May 29, followed by the Memorial Day parade, May 30. On June 14, the annual Band Concert took place in the school auditorium. The ticket sales were backed by the Parent Teachers Association, which helped to make the concert. Proceeds are to be put toward a fund for equipping the band with the finest instruments available. In preparing for next year's contests, Captain Hartle hopes to increase the membership to 70 or 80 pieces, which will make the largest band Empehi has ever had. The success of our band this year is due to the untiring efforts of Captain Hartle, whose leadership has instilled the spirit of co-operation among the membersy Page 152 W Y' 1? ' ' 'ilw W Y-, I -LY ,7 ,lfr ,, ' ' ,1,fL , ,-:E. Y 'Y 4 Y. Y -- ,raw v . .. - wwe- SENIOR BAND Top Row-Janes, Stow, Moses, Larson, F. Anderson, Stafford, Lee. Second Row-C. Paden, Arneman, Spitler, Iobleeki, Armstrong, Fowkes, Pilbrow. Third Row-Whitford, Bragg, Miller, Gray, W. Anderson, Austin, Ordas, Murray, Captain Hartle. Fourth Row-Gurgel, McIntosh, McConnell, Fitzgerald, Gaston, Oury, Crapser, Rurnmler, Haythorne. . Fifth Row-Stevenson, Shields, W. Paden, Johnson, Reed, Stapleton, Sauer, Mitchell, Repp. Bottom R ow-Thatcher, Hagenbuck. JUNIOR BAND Top Row-Groebe, Van Antwerp, Carney, Bethke, Kuchbaum, Giernian. Second Row-Berthel, Wayland, Moore, Drenthe, Rhode, Harris, Mr. Hartle. Third Row-Cook, Sehermerhorn, Beeby, Hill, Roche, Sauermann, Pitkin. Bottom Row-Thyer, Gadsden, Berg, Dahlstrom, Jorgensen, Peterson, Entrop, McCormick. .,....LL.Q, -. .,.. ...HM .-.,,,,. Q, ,. AMN. .... ., - ......,..... ...f..., -a..,.........,...::II,1,. L,...l.. ... ',..... --V'-l.,f ..'.3,..L.'41,.--..,.,...L...f-f .... .,,,,.,.f Page 153 ' QW . 4.,...,.anf-.,,. Top Row-Stapleton, Schaar, Thatcher, Johnson, Reed, Repp, Stevenson, Larson. Semd Row-Schmitt, Garrett, Nicely, Robinson, Lee, Arneman, Shields. Third Row-Connors, Reed, Pitkin, Clarke, Kock, Mr. Hartle. Fourth Row-Hedges, Smith, Lagerstrom, Upp, McIntosh, Noble, Edwards. Bottom Row-Stoddard, Whitehead, Erickson, Clissold, Haythorne, Riddle, Sawyer, Sauermann. THE ORCHESTRA By ELLA DUWAINE REED Morgan Park High School's orchestra has again come to the end of a year which will be recorded as one of the most successful music years our school has ever known. VVith this year came a new orchestra conductor, Captain Guy H. Hartle from the Chicago Musical College. Captain Hartle has in one year proved himself an absolute necessity to both the school and orchestra. For the various activities at the school and the community center, the orchestra has always willingly given their assistance. Besides the task of our opera "Jerry of Jericho Road" which was a tremendous one in itself, the orchestra alternated with the band for the Friday assemblies. The orchestra is composed of forty-two members. For the fall semester William Paden was concert meister, while in February Josephine Hedges was chosen for that honor. The accompanists for both the September and Feb- ruary semester, were Ella Duwaine Reed, and Doris Clarke. Page 1 54 4 1 l 1 l l l i I 1 I' l 1. I I , 1 i E 1. il '5 'e .K S ,E PE i 11 it JS .H Xi 1 , l l t 5 f t 3 .l 3, :ii .5 2 l 5 . i 2 l a l li l tl l I 1 t 1 l li 2 f 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 l 1 1. ,, -1 '1 1 I E 1 1 1 ,, l 1 1 I 1 l l 1 'E1 1 1 1 1 1 TiffwTf""m'7i"""'i'ifITT"'W'M' "m"'W"'71fii7W'mffifw' li 31 1 t, l--. .- ll 1 t an 1 11 3 Q1 ,1 11 ll l ll 71 1 1? 3i l W1 f El 1 . i l 212 1 3' i 1' 1, l 151 ' l Stapleton Johnson Boylan Cole , 1' Morgan Pitkin I it T ,ft H1 1 1 1 1g , 1 if 5 THE JAZZ ORCHESTRA 11 11 1 1 ,fl By VERA PITKIN S 1 ll, I 5 1 Q During the school year of 1928-29, the jazz Orchestra played for the socials, yl l performed at assemblies and outside meetings, and furnished music before and after the regular monthly lecture in the Forum. At the beginning of the season, " ,I . . . . . . . . i ,EE this organization thrived under the leadership of Averell Cole, banjoist. This l 1 . . A '- Im group was then known as "Ave Cole and his Red Hot C1nders." The latter 'f part of the year, Herbert Johnson, an able saxaphone and clarinet player, de- ' 1 1 voted his time and lent his excellent musical ability to lead the orchestra to fur- ll l ther success. 1 if 1' ' 3 ' l l . . . . . . . . . l 1 The 1an1st, Vera ane Pitkin, is the first irl to hold this OS1t1OD for three Q Q' ,yr E P S P 4 consecutive semesters. She, and two other members of the orchestra, graduate ' ,Q ,ll 5 in the June class. The year is closed-an eventful and interesting year. The 'ii membership roll is as follows: Roger Boylan, Averell Cole, Herbert johnson, ff 51 George Morgan, Vera Pitkin, and Billy Stapleton. ' 1V l fi' t :rl 12 f Qi I l, 1 Page 155 1 1Z1if:5gi,g1Q: ,tg p up jig ,451t:1gQggg 'agi THE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB By CARYL RATHJE The Girls' Glee Club has always been one of the most active and most pop- ular organizations at Morgan Park. Last fall the girls worked very hard in the preparation of "Rain" by Curran, and Treharne's "Softly Oh Midnight Hours," which were the two contest num- bers sung at the City Contest at Orchestra Hall, january 16, 1929. True to all expectations, they brought home the first place honors. They also helped the boys in the mixed chorus singing German's "O Peaceful Night" and "Morning" by Speaks. The chorus placed first in the chorus under 100. This fall the Glee Club sang at the lecture given by the Count Felix Von Luckner, and on several other occasions. On one occasion, they sang so well that the Women's Club gave them five dollars with which to buy music. After Christmas, work was started on the opera, "Jerry of Jericho Road." Under the skilled leadership of Miss Bell, the opera easily surpassed previous productions. THE BOYS, GLEE CLUB By CLAYTON STAFFORD The musical organizations of the school have always been outstanding. The Boys' Glee Club has proved its worth in living up to this reputation. On January 16, the boys went to Orchestra Hall and placed second in the city-wide Glee 'Club competition. Also, in conjunction with the Girls' Glee Club, they won first place in the mixed chorus. It was the lirst time the Boys' Glee Club had ever entered the competition with the exception of the mixed chorus. The Club has sung on several other occasions and has made a very creditable showing. P5195 156 C M. l 1 I 1 VH 4 1 mln I li, ,lf ti l tl' 'fr W .LL YJ fff' ,f' ..,. ' jlff .if:1fi"""' ' W ,,,LI,I,,,f "" f',':"f1" ' f' -' ""' " .Til CYD, H Y W " if ,.L, , . Q f' . Qji -:li , ,- 1 - -.. ,C .- -,d,.,,.. ,wk-M--. DT- 'I lk. ll? M tg P ill l L it ,. .ml .yk til N. .L ill in 15? 's .gf All ll .RQ .ev 4,1 .Lt if ti ,tix .1 . ll :E H1 lei s v V ' in 1 lx E53 'il 1 , il tif .El lui iii W: tg is ,fe l Et if E tri l E I . l E . H i P l ,E E te fi El it 5 GIRL'S GLEE CLUB Top Row-Simons, Libby, Trowbridge, O'Donnell, Rathje, Crane, Fennema, Billings, Milen, Specht. Second Row-Graver, Hillier, Viall, St. John, Coleman, Gorman, Heald, Colman, Armstrong, Janney. Third Row-Bort, Henderson, Wright, McKee, Sheils, Johnson, Peterson, Pettit, Heynen, Miss Bell. Fourth Ro-w-Abbott, Campbell, Jerome, Slee, Bergstrom, Davidson, Pfeiffer, Thyer, Bingham, Moore. Bottom Row-Palmer, Smith, Flint, Anderson, Ianney, Eagle, Bohn, Mason. BOY'S GLEE CLUB Top Row--Langdon, Cook, Penson, Janes, Shepherd, Stephens, Baker, Zink, Beckham. Second Row-Spitler, Murray, Betscher, Peebles, Sandrok, Bird, Mrozek, Futcher, Park, Simonati. Third Row--Miss Bell, Guerin, Gadsden, Anderson, Belshaw, Savidis, Davis, Longley, Kephart. Fourth Row-Rigby, Wood, Morgan, D. Howard, Clifton, Hudson, Batty, Toerper, Simpson. Bottom Row-Pilbrow, Kephart. Patton, Miller, Stafford, A. Howard, Brookes, McMillan. Page I57 -Qfmwr. .....1.,.,,..,.,,.1. D ...n,.-v...,v.,..-,..,.,..,..........,,. - - in .... W-, --Y..-.., ...-.-Y..-, .-.. , Y . ,fn--...,.-............W,,..,,,.....,.,. .... M..-....u,,.,,.m,, ""-v"'T:::fli3e'i:' -'fewer'-'1""''H5rff:3ff""T'N""r""""r'- evfffaf-+W5 31-rfw. rmffferff-f-. r.:g::':f75.g5 'KJERRY OF JERICHO ROAD" WEDNESDAY EVENING CAST - FRIDAY EVENING CAST Page 158 I I,,,, .,,,,A W, , Y,.. . ,,, .,,, ,,,,, D.. ---......,,gkv,,k ,, ,,..,. . , .,,,..,,.,.Y -7. -- " ev- --Q Y if' Vi ,-e,,,:r,, , -Y Y W -:nf l l Myron Pilbrow ......... Barringer Baker ....... Ruth Armstrong ......, Mardon Cook ............. Mary Jerome .....,.,.. Eloise Abbott ......,...... Mark E. Guerin ....... Dick ,Moberly ............. Marion Peterson ...,... Grace Graver .......... George Rigby ............. Marcella Shields ....... Dick Hudson .......,. "JERRY OF JERICHO ROAD" CAST Uncle Pete ,............Alan O'Day........... Geraldine Bank A .,.... John Drayton ....... .. Dora ,......,C0rnelins' Bean......... Arno.: Bank .........Lettice Bank....... ......,.,Sandy Bank........ Hunter .,,,......Chinarnan 'George Savidis ,.,,, ,,.,.,,, Oriental Prince Dante Simonato ......... .........-- H oboer ....----. Alice Anderson ......... ............... M exican Girl ................ Dorothy Dohrman ........ .. .............. .Indian Chief .........,..... Averel Cole ..,,...,,,..,,,,..,,., ...,.... B oss of the Req? River Ranch .......-.. Andrew Lombardi .......... Ralph Morgan .................. Stage Coach Mary Baker Mary Jay Guerin Eunice Loseif Pearl Kaiser Eloise Abbott Elizabeth Bohn Mary Nell Bort Ruth Campbell 'Virginia Eagle Alice Anderson Ruth Armstrong Edith Bergstrom Mary Bingham Ruth Coleman Marcella Heynen Martha Janney Pearl Johnson Leila Libby 'Fern McKee Dante Simonato Carroll Wohlfarth Henry Park Robert Penson James Peebles David Patton Lester Belshaw Ralph McMillan James Shepherd 'Howard Rhode Paul Betcher Mark Guerin Ross Wood Robert Longly Eugene Ordas Mexican ..........Old Fashioned Girl........ Letter Girls Marjorie Byers Franzen Elling Roberta Fredrickson Fanny Ellen Hogg Eugenia Swett Elsie Thomas Florence Wilson Campers Grace Graver Marjorie Hillier Gretchen Janney Mary Jerome Evelyn Moore M exieans Elizabeth Crane Dorothy Davidson Gertrude Fennema Mary Gorman Margaret Henderson Caryl Rathj e Bernice Simons Mercella Shields Jewel Specht Mary St. John Cowboys Austin Howard Dana Howard Keene Spitler Myron Pilbrow Dick Hudson George Savidis Don Davis Eric Batty Edgar Toerper George Morgan James Miller Edward Sandrock John Anderson Henry Bird Major Stephens Keene -Spitler ..,...............Lewis Langdon ........Margaret Henderson Clayton Stafford Virginia Eagle Elizabeth Crane Rosa Wood Robert Brookes .-...........Pearl Johnson Nell Bort -,....Austin Howard ........Martha Janney Eric Batty Edgar Toerper Ralph Mprgan Marjorie Hillier ---W----A----...D0rOthy Goller M innet Vivian Ashline Frances Chiesa Harriette Gentle Margaret Kimmel Harriet Mason Ruth Palmer Madeline Rummler Lillian Smith Virginia Thyer Violet Milan Catherine O'Donnel Elenore Pfeifer Lornette Pettit Marion Peterson Elizabeth Trowbridge Bernadine Turner Agnes Vial Winifred Wright Ruth Coleman ' Robert Murray Godin Gadsden Mardon Cook Clayton Stafford Robert Brookes Richard Moberly Richard Janes Ross Beckham Anthony Mrozek Victor Futcher Barringer Baker Lewis Langdon Fred Clifton Arthur Simpson Morris Brewster Page 159 W, i M.- , ,3., ,.-.-,....w. ...M , . . -Q...... . ..,.. ..-..... ...-,. .. ...,.....w...,......,,.............-.....v.,... -..--..-f. ..,....,..... ..--4.---...,. , .,.-.. .,...-.-.- ,.,...,....,..--. .. -N.. ---N... .. .,.,. ..... Page 160 GIRLS FROM THE RIO GRANDE COWBOY CHORUS FROM RED RIVER RANCH .... -' ..g.,....-.:,-'YYV ' ' " ' Fi MJ .-Mx 1 ,ff ,.-, 5 1 N 1 V ix 1 1 J f, iv x 31 I i I w 2 5 R X x ,1 V li 1 ? M X H 1, 4 E 1 ,4 4, ,z r I N ,. '45 .1- X1 .R UV 1? W F t, ye lL UR U ZIP .. :.:-9-- -Y ......,..,,-,- ,Q-fi,-gi-:.....--4? L,-1-.-...M - ,agen-...UCL ---- - - Y - - -A --,-,...a-. -Y----,-up L..-' lu. ,....,,...-N.. -..n.f...-----. ,,.,f....f-.v.. .. . H..- -v .,. --fmvwp-.. L - ,- .,,, .,.m..,-.,,-, ., --..-Q:-,.-.,.... Y, 1 we JERRY OF JERICI-IO ROAD" BALLET Page 161 F! I ' f Ill 'lf X 1 4 i R gy lp l 1 1 , x a i ll lr. ill is ,, l flu lv il it tip' T it gl. Qrlv 1 in all 52, lil 5: l X I ali all liw lm no 1 r l tal lil Hi l l I5 'I ,, , y We , f l,.- i w, - 1 lf l lil ll! Us P N.. - .,,--M,....,..-f....,-. .,,,, ,. . A-,-ff,-W H. . JAZZ ORCHESTRA AND TOURISTS "JERRY OF JERICHO RGADD BALLET Mary Sturges ..,,.,. Ruth Patts ..,...... Edna Dickson Virginia Gneiss Majorie Goller Henrietta Halladay Betty Gour ............-.....-...-. -----,---, Helen Hubbard - Alice Patton Margaret Morrow Virginia Voris ......,, Edith Adamson Isabel Allman Florence Whyte ......... .--... ,-,------ Evelyn Christensen Dorothy Dohrman Verna Lohman .,...... Doris Berger Alice Comstock Page I62 1.:j.3g..4:.Z.a5g.,'1,Qv-L45 ,.,i, 3111.3 ,gi'1,. CRYSTAL DANCE Pagoda Lone Betty Eldridge Crystal S010 ..................,...Charlotte Stenger Group Albert Killie Catherine Pexton Catherine Pullar Margaret Rider INDIAN DANCE Group Louise Pflasterer Gertrude Lammedee Virginia Baker KANSAS CITY KITTY Solo ...,..,.....,..... Group Doris Grosscup T OREADORS Group Della Kock Catherine Mavon Glad Mead JOCKEY DANCE S010 Group Dorothy Dow Dagger Dance Solo .......... .La Paloma Sola ,......... Grace Weiiilinger Katherine Haigh Sallie Patterson Josephine Harrington ..........Geraldine Hennessey Shirley Bogg Janet Herriott Emma Shemaitis . .......... .. Virginia Voris Jean Rittenhouse Ethellou Sheehy ...........Ruth Mary Dare Rhea Rhimes Melen Brooks Winiiifred Campbell Dorothy Gardner Genevieve Nicholson .,.f...24.... ..,..-.........,............,.,...,a... ,...:t4., Na.. .... .,...m,.-...A.n.......,.,....,,.,.. .-..........-f -----W M-.. -Q, V..W.....n,....g,,..... Y ,-x.,........-.... ,.......,....,.. ...:,...-......,.v.,..4.f---...Hp-.... - - ...fe--f-.. ,--.,3t,,,,.:.e ...4.........,..s.,-.-..........., ....,.,.,.,..,.,,........,.-.....w.......1-...,,, .,.. ,,.... .,... fsuligii " V w K L 1 9 w R I l 31 I V ill VE if ll l lr if tl ff it pl fl fl I l I it l tl 1 .S .lg ll ll l lr it J lr ll tl? ti tl sl WN J! lx l tl fl S2 li xlg 1 4.-. Top Row-Smith, Bruce, Guerin, Mrozek, Langdon. Second Row-Smock, Gilbert, Rypkema, Wright, Mokstad, Murray. Third Row-Haliday, Anderson, Whitford, Pitkin, Morton, Bishton. Fourth Row--Farrar, Frey, Dujardin, Case, Pierce, Stephenson, Mrs. Hecht. Botiom Row-Ianney, McKee, Haliday, Stafford, Lovejoy, Goller. DRAMATICS B y JACK HALIDAY Self-expression is one of the chief aims of education. Among all possible means to that end not one is capable of greater results than dramatic art. Amateur theatricals may not be a magic wand but training in dramatics is invaluable. Not only the students but the people in the community have welcomed the opportunity to witness the plays that the Dramatic Club have presented. Two per- formances of "Hurry, Hurry, Hurryf, and a performance of "The Robe of Wood," by John Golden, have marked the high points in this years' work of the club. The course in dramatics and the production of the plays is under the competent direction of Mrs. Harriet Arthur Hecht. This year's National and International Oratorical Contest, was also on the list of activities sponsored by the club. The prizes, a f1ve dollar gold piece, presented by the De Walt Mechlin Chapter of the D. A. R., and the regular pin that the Dramatic Club presents each year, went to Willard Morton this year's winner. The club also purchased a stage door and fireplace for the school, and pre- sented a check for two hundred dollars to Miss Conclit, to be used towards the purchase of a new rug for the social room. Page 163 Wilt if we H xt it it ll fu l el it El Q? is' fa it lt lil lt' ll tt it lx? ll ls il ft lt ll . P H E tl tl l fl ll' EE' lst ll- " P' il 5 151' .Ita E l, ty w 'L f S ,i 1 L il 4' 4 lf tl S' I' Nt ll :4 1' Z El ll is ft if 134 .t ng Ei tt qi i, S.: tl Q Q, 2 pq ' .. . L.,, . , . ,.,.,.,.wc M-. - ah... ,.,,., ,.. .X--. 3,7 Y, M ,s,, , . K .,-....f- . , ff? QQf'.fQifit"iQ1fQ'Qc,,,cg. G .Mc 1 A a as A Q? 'Ei Page 164 UI-IURRY, I-IURRY, I-IURRYU FRIDAY EVENING CAST THURSDAY EVENING CAST -...wk--.-.-... ...V--,..,-....-..,,,.-,..-..-a.,. ,.. . , ... .-.... ,.. .,.-.. t,.-...-........-..l. .,...,-iw -,....fn......-.... -. ..a..........,,..- ......0v............--.....-......,.....--,-....- "I-IURRY, HURRY, HURRYH Cast Thursday Friday Clayton Stafford ........ ...... J ack Crandall ...... ......... J ack Halidayli Lyman Gilbert ..... ........... M r. Hooker ........ .......... M orrin Smith? Willard Morton ...... .,..... S tejahen Hooker ....... .,...... X Villiam Piercex "'Anthony Mrozek .,...... .........,.,... T ed Stone ..........,... ............ R obert Bruce Christopher Murray ............r flloysins Bartholomew .... . .,... ........ H enry Barbourx ":Evelyn Johnson .......... ...,.. F loy Hooker ......... . .......... Maurene Frey 'kOlive Whitford ...... ...... L etitia Brown ..,... ........ W inifred Wright Vera Pitkin ......... ...... M rs. Hooker ...,.. ............ R uth Dujardini' ":Helen Rypkema ...... tk-All Star Cast Rita Marion Faulbaum p"Hurry, Hurry, Hurry," by Leroy Arnold, was presented in Blackwelder Hall, on December 13 and 14. Two casts were used and an All-Star cast selected. Both casts gave exceptionally fine performances. PRESENTATION OF DRAMATIC CLUB PIN ,.i.t,..,.n..., .-,. , ,,., aa YYYV . ,..,, X , ,-,, -W-r-1-:wma -f V Y- - --1---..,.-.,. -.. Y W--fd-ff--rem., Page 165 , 4 Y ,U W- -.-4- -ff-.----.-...fa-1., . V- -,--- Y,-..-.v v -, ,---,A -.Tera ,...,-.W A? ,v. 6 g.....,..,.A....,,,.,,,,,,.,.,...,.,,.........,.....,,,.,.. .W .....,f....,,..W,,..,,W.. ,..r......-.........--wa.. ......---. f v--f----'H"""'-"--1-f----"1 z -3? ,f ,W .- '4 1 x 1 l i 3 n l Fl 5 J 5 I 1 5 l T "ROBE OF WOOD" Cast Jack Haliday .......... ...... T he Mandarin ........ ..W00 Hi Yin ' William Pierce ...... ........... T he Guard ....... Won Su KOITI " Maurene Frey ........ ...,. T he Lily Flower .... Suey Sin Fah T Charles Haliday ....... ..... T he Wood Carver ...... .. ....... Tai Loy Jung f Vllillard Morton ...... ....... T he Play Actor ...... -San Git Sing iii "The Robe of VVood," a one act play by John Golden, was entered in the ' Chicago Drama League Contest, which was held at the Goodman Studio Theatre, ' May 31, 1929. This was the high school section of the Little Theatre Tourna- l ment. ' i "The Robe of Wood" won first place, receiving a silver cup and twenty-tive i dollars. The cast was excellent and the acting of a very superior grade. The honor , of winning was still greater considering the high standing of the competitors. l . l f E , P 166 Y, ff? , ...,,. M ,.-,a,,4 ,,,- ,......... -. ff fi".g.'...,..,........ ,, ...-. .t...-.-a..,...-...-...,.s.,...,4-is.-,,.f-... ,.................,........,..... ,-....--.--lv-'--V w-. -.-A A I HLEI 'ICS THE "PEP" COMMITTEE B y EVERETT SMITH June 1929 brings to a close the second successful year of the f'Pep" Committee. This organization was formed for the purpose of giving proper support to the different athletic teams. Through speeches, part-programs in assemblies, and ticket- selling, the conflicts between our teams and our rivals have been made known throughout our school. The committee is made up of seven students appointed as follows: Everett Smith to represent the boys of the school 3 Dorothy Lloyd, the girls 5 James Peebles, the Boys' Emblem Clubg Marian Mingea, the Girls' Emblem Clubg Frederick von Berner, the football team, Philip Mavon, the basketball teams g and Edgar Murray, the baseball team. 1 Due to the efforts of the committee, the attendance at all the athletic games has been increased by a good hundred per cent. Because of the loss by graduation of our cheer leaders, Charles Heineman, Frank Wymer, and Tom Shemaitis, the committee held another elimination contest to pick the best cheer-leaders in Morgan Park High School. The winners of this contest were Harold Zinc, Ralph Morgan, Robert Rummler, Eugene Grossman, and Robert Oury. Page 169 -Q..--Y. -..., ..,,... . -,,,-..--.1-.-.......-c . .,.. ....,.w-a-- ...,.-,,- ,M,,,-.,.....-., ,,,,-,.- ... ,,-0, ,.R,.,....,.,.,,,. --,,,,,,,,, -hum Wa, if --4, E3 C 1 I n , 4 f r i x I5 ..-,...-..-...-4v.,,.- ,,.....a,.....,,a,.....,...,,,:, .,,r:,i,,,,......,,a,.......,.,,..,,...,..,..-..g...-.--..,.....Q.,.-A-...,...-....,,...t.......t...,.......a3?,,,.,f War,--A, 14' -Y: H- 1... - -AW -- Y- - - -L V W Y-A H-W - - L....... ---V--'Y-Ga.-.vaff ---x --e - ----A-f-H - -'---- W--H -----'--h-f'- . -,..,Y . ,.Y-rf,--H-'..,.e.-,.,,,, .,k, ,....L ,,.,e ..,..,-..H-...WYw,,,,,,,,,,i, ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,, r FOOTBALL By GEORGE CHRISTIE While the 1928 football season was not what could be termed a complete success, the team showed the characteristic fighting spirit of Morgan Park. Three of the mainstays on the 1928 team were Captain Tommy Shemaitis, end, Vic Futcher, quarterback, and Bob Murray, center. Shemaitis, who com- pleted his third season under Coach Peterson, was converted from a half-back to an end during the season. His work in this new position was very good. Futcher and Murray were both chosen by the coaches of the south section, for the all-south section eleven. Murray was presented with a gold football by the Hi-Y, who considered him the Most Valuable Man to his Team. Nine regulars who received their M. P.'s in the 1928 season are graduating: Captain Tommy Shemaitis, Le Roy Phifer, Vic Futcher, Bob Mur- ray, Frank Ruess, Tony M Mrozek, Ric h a r d Bee, Bruce Ladd, and Harold Deadman. The only league game won by M. P. was the final contest, played on a muddy field against Cal- umet. Page 170 T-i'iT1?Lf ff-1.'ZZ13i'QEET'.'i??l?'-fef' ' ,,TIff5aiai1+f,+..." fr, ff - f , .,-N -- ..- M.. -.,.. V ,,,,,..,,..-........,,,.......,.......,,.,..,a....,f....--.f- X H, . Top Row-Coach Peterson, S. Shemaitis, Hohmann, Futcher, Christensen, Bee, Ladd, Wallace, Deadman, Mrozek, Murray, Woerner, Manager von Berne-r. Middle Row-Baker, Wilson, Reuss, Phifer, Cosgrove, Cauble, Rafferty, Kleinman, Smith, Keeham, Bingham. Bottom Row-Grosscup, Stow, Harris, Guderyahn. Captain T. Shemaitis, Stephens, Duran, Hall, Abbott. SEASON'S RESULTS Morgan Park .... 6 Thornton .............. 14 Morgan Park .... 6 Fenger .............. 31 Morgan Park .... 24 Lindblom Sophs.. 6 Morgan Park .... 0 Philips .............. 6 Morgan Park .... 0 Joliet Heavies ...... 22 Morgan Park .... 0 Parker .............. 12 Morgan Park .... 6 Alumni ................ 12 Morgan Park .... 7 Calumet ...,.....,., 0 Baldwin Bingham was elected by his team-mates to captain the l929 football squad. A Those who earned their major letters at the Emblem Club assembly are: Captain , .i W J 'e.2gta.:g5gg 5 5 -,-W, ,gl I 4 jigagifgilwy' 5 U , .A ,,, , ,i,,,, ,,,r , ,,,, Smith, ends, Phifer, Ladd, 'if tackles, Wallace, Hohman, Bee, guards, Murray, center, S. Shemaitis, Mrozek, fullbacksg Bingham, Rafferty, half-backs g and Futcher, quarter-back. I if rl H, A . F57'QfH:,1 .S . i5sQ :',1f,'Qg+ lf X . A ' ,.,. , is . .,..,. V H if, S if A ' rm :f4,g g5:, g5N ,- N Mkzj yrq w sm- wcw,,a,,,,,,1g,w fr f,,,,,.a, ,,,,f4,ffiglr,f, Page 171 'T ul V- ' X JL ' T --- -me--LL , , fi.- - - ' . L1'i""-'e:f.LflgfA'x""'"J...?"-if-j:53':'.1j,?,g,-e2LL"T'Ahi", -if ---"Tig .mea ...V--Y.:-.:..,,.e1 : ,-:::-,.L...1::2f:g:t--,-,,f,m-..n:n.-...LY--,.-....Y- fi -,-,,:.z:waQ...aQ-2-we...i.-ew ear- -1-vga:-wie- mr .ftariding-Mariager Mavon, Peebles, Reynolds, White, Coach Peterson. Szttmg-H. Winsor, Hemingway, Captain I. Winsor, Captain Handbury, Rankaitus. HEAVYWEIGI-IT BASKETBALL By WILLARD JOHANNSEN The 1928-'29 heavyweight basketball team started the league season by win- ning nine out of its ten practice games. Before a large crowd, Morgan Park won its first league game from Parker. Empehi won only one moregame. Two ties, one with Bowen, the other with Parker, put the team out of the section competition. The team was built around the co-captains john Handbury, and John Winsor. john Winsor filled the center position, while Herb Winsor and John Handbury played at the forwards. Captain-elect Hemingway of the lights, played running guard for the heavyweights. John Rankaitis Won his letter at the other guard osition. P Several of the games that were lost, were due to the fact that Morgan Park had few substitutes. Minor letters for heavyweight players were awarded to james Peebles, Charles White, and VVilliam Bowman. John Handbury was re-elected at the close of the season, to lead next year's team. John Rankaitis will be back for the whole of next year, while john Win- sor, Herb Winsor, and Martin Hemingway will graduate in February, and therefore, may play football. LEAGUE GAMES Morgan Park ...... Parker ...,.......... Morgan Park ,..... 15 Parker ,, Morgan Park ...... Fenger .............. Morgan Park ...... 19 Fenger ,, Morgan Park ...... Bowen ....,......... Morgan Park ,,..., 14 Bowen ,, Morgan Park ...... 29 Calumet Morgan Park Calumet Page 172,.. A ,,,,,,-.L E ,f:"'W""'f"' 3272511 " .1':7:ii'?i"ZLT:-e::.:r:ipf,-:vw-f .:.:1"c'c"f1'f '5'-W-'r-'-f--'gf if ---if--W , wait. ,, , . 4 , it if li l s , i Qsilr I , ! i il , ,V V 7? 1? a in f . ,rf if. I lzi is liz .W , i H11 1, , 2' H lie 'L E if l S 1 E Y 1 iii 4 . ,Q 1. Ml 1, iii Vx , ,. lil iii tilt Elf all 155 rc? ,v, ,pi 1,71 ,KV .vfi l :il I ff'-M T012 Roto-Wright, Byers, Ellis, Frizzo, VVinnie, Clauter, Eichenberger, Pilbrow. Middle Rowe-Manager Mavon, Havey, Henke, Captain Hauber, Klephart, Johannsen, Coach Peterson. U Bottom Row-Gunner, Kraus, Pierson, Hopkins. LIGHTWEIGHT BASKETBALL By WILLARD JOHANNSEN Starting the 1928-'29 lightweight season, with an entirely new team, Morgan Park did nothing of special merit in the south section. After having won seven out of nine practice games, they lost their first four league games, On the second trial against the south section school, Empehi won two out of four of the games. Three of the league games were -lost by two points or less. . Major letters were awarded to Bernard Hauber, jack Eichenberger, and Myron Pilbrow, forwardsg Thomas Ellis, and Dick Kephart, centers, Edward Havey, Willard Johannsen, and Frank Henke, guards. Captain-elect Martin Hemingway was over-weight, and so Edward Havey was elected to be captain of next year's team. During this yearls league season, he played every minute of the thirty-two quarters. Myron Pilbrow is the only player to graduate this year, but because of the weight requirement, and graduation next February, Ellis, Hauber, Eichenberger, Kephart, and Henke will not play with next year's lightweight team. LEAGUE GAMES Morgan Park Parker .............. 23 Morgan Park Parker ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 11 Morgan Park Fenger .............. 20 Morgan Park ....,. Fenger ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 22 Morgan Park Bowen .............. 22 Morgan Park Bowen ,,,,,,.,,,,,,, 28 Morgan Park ...... Calumet .......... 23 Morgan Park ...... 13 Calumet .......... 22 - -J -E.. . -- ,-- V ...Q 4-Ja...--,Q Page 173 .F-'--., 2 M ffm. 2' si-....,.-.. ... ..,.., ,, , in 4,. H.. 129,52 l I -5 x14 ' i f i I l VF li .E ill 's ,i Vs .5 il ,l l Mi K I ,, Wt X , i la i i i i 4 L35 EH wil iii I iw 'll iw, p , t ,,q, 1 I ,ly itil YW tri v S lil li ,lag ill ,il il Ml :ii-7 l l,- 'il l ,fi ,ng i 15 ft? .ai .,.-aL.E:'.v fp-1 v,-Q-v-nw .,4,.,.,f-1..f-n............,4-..- -R-,,,.........,,-W.-.....mwf ....v....,,,.,..,-w.,........... .......,...,.,,....w.-R .4 .N ,.. ,.,,,. .N -...W-...,...,,, ...--why XS, . ,, , "ff, 1? Q 1 l 1 1 4. i i W 5 j i 1 i i 1 5 2 1 i l l l 1 ! E I I lt ll i l 5 ,..,...,.....,,, Z r i 1 9 .e, ,iw xl 1 w 5 11 ,ll 1 .N i 'w ll i. F W 1 1 1 Q N ', .f.f'.",,iffif,f '!.,' ,A H 7 , ,',' ' ' lf, l E 2 F El i . 1 l 3 ' E 1 5 H l il 2 , il l r Top Row-Murray, Florence, Gray, Hohmann, Mrozek, VVoerner. N Second Row-Todd, Thatcher, Bingham, Smith, Anderson. Q it Third Row-Lindermann, Toerper, Duffy, Ellis, Henke, Zitkus, Krause. 1 5 Bottom Row-Manager Murray, Kephart, Handbury, Captain Christie, Hauber, Clauter, Coach ' E Peterson. 7 I R i BASEBALL 5 i 5 By EDGAR MURRAY i .1 The other sport teams this year lost men by graduation and ineligibility, and , lt, the baseball team had their share. , ep There were only three letter men back to make a new team. They are Captain Christie, catcher, Clauter, shortstopg and Handbury at third. Victor g A Futcher and Bob Brookes were lost to the team because of the eight semester lp ruling. The team has only a fair chance to win the section title this year with so ' ii many green men playing. -The team is handicapped by not having a good dry l field to practice on. The squad consists of: Captain Christie, Hauber, Clauter, 2 fi Handbury, Grey, Duffy, and Todd, inheldersg Anderson, Ellis, Kephart, Zitkus, i ly Smith, Linderman, and Florence, pitchers 5 Murray, Toerper, Woerner, Krause, g , Havey, and Bingham, outhelders. 1 Last year the team got a slow start, but finished in good style. We won four games and lost four games, ending in third place in the league. The scores Q I of last year's league games were: Q i Morgan Park .... 6 Parker ....... .... 3 Parker forfeited to Morgan Park I Morgan Park .... O Bowen ....... .... 4 Morgan Park .... 4 Bowen ............-- 1 Q Morgan Park .... 2 Fenger ....... .... 3 Morgan Park .... 11 Fenger ...........--. 10 i , Morgan Park .... S Calumet ............ 13 Morgan Park .... 1 Calumet ............ 3 E 3 Page I74 4 g , Y, QgQgQ2QZSS2S.IQQ2......e......,-fizizii.......3QL2...57gr..,..,...T-i3:21t,fy Top Row-Winsor, Murray, White, Grosscup, Moses, Zllgna-ger Moore, Stephens, McBride, C l 0 eman. Second Row-Howard, Wright, Gunner, Laycock, Krause, Bingham, Coach Maysack. Bottom Row-Crane, Bender, Thyer, Morgan, Rummler, Grossman, Armstrong. THE SWIMMING TEAM By EUGENE COLEMAN The splash squad of Empehi has completed another fairly successful season. Struggling under odds of ineligibility and mediocre material, out of five meets, they defeated Calumet twice, Hyde Park, and St. Leo. Their only defeat was credited to Calumet g Empehi was swamped that time. The second semester they were especially handicapped by the loss of Tom and Stan Shemaitis, Richard Bee, William Lee, Norman Silver, and the ineligibility of many junior and senior stars. Their loss was greatly felt by the team. There was a poor turnout for practices, but it is very certain that there are many swimmers who should have been out for the team. Next fall, we hope, the aquatic defenders will have as successful a season as this last one. There will be many youthful aspirants then eligible for the juniors, and many junior stars Will be doomed to hold down senior berths. MORGAN PARK RECGRDS, 1928-1929 juniors Time Eugene Coleman 40 yards free style 21 Eugene Coleman 100 yards free style 1:02418 Dan Moore 40 yards breast stroke 313f5 Major Stephens 40 yards back stroke 29 Seniors Time Tom Shemaitis 40 yards free style 212!5 Stan Shemaitis 100 yards free style 1:02 3X5 Dick McEuen 100 yards breast stroke 1:18 Tom Shemaitis 60 yards back stroke 42 Stan Shemaitis 220 yards free style 2:55 Page 175 Top Row-Mavon, Hohmann, Wallace, Rankaitis, Winsor. Second Rows-Murray, Langdon, Mrozek, Handbury, Peebles, Mr. Peterson. Third Row-White, Smith, Christie, Winsor, Hemingway, Reuss. Fourth Row-Hauber, Brookes, Rafferty, Ellis, Henke. Fifth Row-Eichenberger, Woerner, Futcher, Bingham, johannsen, Clauter. Bottom Row-Kephart, Pilbrow, Havey, Von Berner. THE BOYS' EMBLEM CLUB By V1c'roR FUTCHER First Semester Second Semester Charles White President Victor Futcher Herb Winsor Vice-President Walter Woerner John Handbury Secretary and Treasurer Baldwin Bingham The Boy's Emblem Club, under the direction of Coach Peterson, is an organization composed of all boys, who have Won major emblems in some field of sports. The purpose of the Club, is. to promote clean athletics and fine sportsmanship in our school. The scholastic standing of the members of the various teams is looked after by certain members of this organization who Warn the players in case of possible failure in a major subject. The club sponsors such sports, as the alumni football, baseball and basket- ball games, and the interclass football, baseball, and track. The advertising of Empehi, was successfully carried out during the last year by the sale of stickers, football, and basketball buttons. The profit of these, along with the profit of the athletic games, goes to pay for the equipment for the teams, and emblems, and numerals which are awarded at the close of each season. The club urges all boys who are able, to turn out for some form of athletics and help keep our standing high in interscholastic sports. Page 176 1 1 1 l 5. pl ' 1 I 'lvl sll 1l'1 1 1 rf .. Ni' if l ii: M. 111 11' 1111 H. x1 1' 15. eb i lt 1 gmt 3!,1 it llg si, '1 in lil lv ell I l. lil lint 1151 51 13,1 'rl FE' .1121 '11 l A511 ll il it il Ml lui 1111 E6 i1 5? W, if Q11 .11 if .le if it 111 lil 212 rl 1' 1 Tiki E1 l Fl l ll: ll 121 1 'FV I tl, ll' ffl Us laws Top Row-Weed, Van Dyne, Paddock, Whyte. Second Row-Miss Gahl, Clarke, Robertson, Frizell, Armstrong. Bottom Row-Mingea, Shemaitis, Gunner, Morgan. G GIRLS' EMBLEM CLUB By ETHEL VAN DYNE EMMA SHEMAITIS President Vice-President Secretary ANNIE GUNNER HELEN MORGAN The Girls' Emblem Club is made up of the girls who have Won their major letters in sports, Each one of these girls has made manifest her ability in at least one field of athletics by earning her emblem. It is the natural result of the high sporting caliber of the club's members that the Girls' Em-'blem Club should be the natural leader-of all girls' athletics in school. During the past year the club has been Very active in promoting girls' organized athletics, and has sponsored interclass team tournaments in soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, and tennis, and a school tournament in tennis. The girls who participated in these tournaments, not only became more skilled athletes, but also gained experience in the practical application of good sportsmanship. Since it is the desire of every girl to become at least a good sport, if not a skilled athlete, and since the Girls' Emblem Club has helped many girls in this respect, the club feels that the past year has been a successful and encouraging one. Page 177 Wa. ..,.. . , -- -...M W-..-sf1-A ....,-.,,........,-m,.-........,....a....,...,....-...Q-g,-...--.. ....-1.....v---.-.............-..,...,.,-......................1,--f1-. , ,. J., D 1? 11 1 l 1 f 1 F li 4 l N li J, 1. 1. 21? 'll 11, Hi 1 l11 1 Er' '1 I1 4. ll 11 15' ,. li' ii it ll I 'l J 1 2 1' 1 1 i - 1 '1 V Mg V ..1...,,,....A.i,,,,,,,,, W ..A..,,.-,H . ,.,i..iTq-1'f.a.-N,,,-,,, ,,,,....A ..,.--.. ,, -..,,,-,,,,,,,,,,, ,. .- .,,,,,,,,,..,.,..,.,.,,,, .WMN,,.,A,,,,,,,,-s,,A-,,x-kk,T,,:1,f Y 1,5Qg,.,,.L.,,....J:.':gM,. Wu., ,....,....W..f'igg,law?-.:.,.-wg-.,,.,- ""2.42241',.::.11ZZ7..X.mus..4a13Q:zr:'rg:,1g3ggg:.21gC2:f5:..'..T,T.:zftQ:':,j,,,,171' I 1 1 Ki SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM Top Row-Shea, Specht, Van Dyne, Morgan. Second Row-Gnnner, Ward, Brown, Bates. Bottom Row-Fisher, Harrington, Captain Gadsden, Clarke. SENIOR SOCCER TEAM Top Row-Holland, Stump, Paddock, Mingea, Fennerna, Ward. Second Row-Shea, Gadsden, Coach Miss Kurz, Morgan, Armstrong. Bottom Row-Piersma, Harrington, Captain Van Dyne, Smith. Page 178 !1,..,--.,.,,....,-.,,,. nw- .,.-,- ,--..,,-...M.,...-,.1..,,.r.,,--..-......,,-.,,......,..,,m.-.........-,..,.....-.-...,.,.,...-,..E.,.w..---..,..-..,--.-...-..,.. i v .t --- -- V ' gf 3- 2 . fM-.,z53 ..,.A Y' ' , U H L ' MW 1 "rr : ' i ' X H . 1 5 g. . - fg v , A-ge im 115' .N .3 1, 11 ir L' Vi ' ii ,ii 3: .1 ?ii , iii EEA ijif ii rf' T' 5 5+ 1 W. zi J if I iii Ui .M 1 ,vii iii .Wi ,I L xi ini ff? ,ii iw ,,,, , L Y A 'i 'MY J iv 11 5151 fn bi 1 if' il? ii i i JN SENIOR VOLLEYBALL TEAM G 3 1 11. 5 Top Row-Holland, Fitz Roy, Mingea, Paddock. in iz, 1 Second Row-Morgan, Coach Miss Kurz, Bates, Harrington. j il Bottom Row-Gadsden, Stump, Van Dyne, Gunner, 5 Q 4, w ' 3 1, . , ' V4 . li :Pi h 1 I . if ia I f 1, ,L ,i S , . wi 2 f i 'Er U31 ii' wi Ari vii Q 4 wg :Q- ivy 1' Qlf ,L L, in , ii 3 iii my gd 1 4 ,J- L 1 lv' 1 s iii' '. is i f 2. J fl i 3, :ig 3 3 "' 1 1 ui M ix Ii! li i A is if r ii 1 si yi i 3 ii I g. , I 1 i E . iii! 1 1 , Ti iii L- L g i ' 5 .2 E TENNIS TEAM gg i 5 1 I ' Top Row-Edwards, Shemaitis, Van Dyne, Gneiss. 1 ii i ' Second Row-Gunner, Norrnoyle, Rider, Gadsden, Bates. gf V' Bottom Row--Goller, Brown, Frizell, Jacobson. g Page I79 i Von ,, LWLLL .N ,,n..- W, ,,., ,---.. ,.,. -,....,L-,,-L.ff-L--..--K -L.-... ..,, .-.,.........,.,..,,.ff? . . . -W ..,..,. -. LL., -. L ,L :-x-L- g S jf: Q LU, ,, H.. L ,,,,L,,, ,.-,.-- A--,.,L.-, ,. L -.. ,- ,A Am, H,,,,,-...,,LMA V ,I , ,,.,,,, L LM.. .- , ,A f, ,,,,f,.AX.....,!itx '-.42 'q53g,,..A..,,.,........-. .. ..,...,...u ...T:,.,.,,,,,N,,...-..1-f-:-v:--- A A Y, -..AH ,.,,.,.'1f E. A -.-ff.- - - - L-....,,2.,....,--.,.,...,............w4-c.....-.a.,,iw-2.-4-M.-L..f...f' Page X80 K a., ,.,,....N.,.....,.,,,,,,,,.....-........-...,.....:..-M.-,..,....,.....,,4.,..., w.-.--..--.-,.,q.,.,Q......x......-..,M. .....,..-.,..ff-M-f-.-..,......W..,-......1,,,--f...w,..-., 1' IEMPE-Hl'LARI CALENDAR 1928-1929 " 'A.' ' :uae 5 ' s E555 N uncm f W 1' v ' wages, -4-' -sf' 25571 A- . Sept.4.-School begins. Burnam succeeds Baker as S. A. leader. Sept. 28.-First social of season. Oct. I.-Empehi staff moves from 303 to IIS. D YE THIN K THA r Nov. 2.-Hoover scores great victory in Empehi election. Hot debates delivered by aspiring students. Nov. 10.-Morgan Park scores over Calu- met in exciting football game. Nov. 22.-Annual .and Empehi news re- ceived distmgulshed rating at Illinois. Dec. I0.-Lorado Taft models at special as- sembly. Dec. 13.-Delta Chi's "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry." huge- success! lJCC.2I.-GOld football awarded Bob Mur- Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. rayg Sougy Bingham elected y2Q captain. I3.-Empehi heavies defeat Parker in thrilling game to win first game played. 16.-Mixed chorus and girls' club win First places in fourth annual contest. 18.-Quilpen assembly. Grand prize' win- ners, Virginia Slee, and Ella Duwaine Reed. 184-Senior Prom. Fair maidens in formals, gallant escorts. jan.25.-Spanish Club assembly: "What Ian. Jan. Ian. . .--.. ........f.,.,..... -.......,........... L..-.v-.. -...-.. ..........-.... ... -...........-.. ,., rn. A Happinessu . featuring. serenade scene with the trick guitarist, presents truly Spanish atmosphere. .9 sr-- . mf l' at M ' f fi1"2f ..e we .15 io' Day. Semi-annual 25.-Senior Kid opening of toy department. Grand dis- play of ancient, medieval, and modern toys. 30.-Senior assembly. V. Strobel and T. Shemaitis entertain. 31.-Mid-SCH1CSl6f commencement. Sen- iors take care of yourselves in the cruel world. Page 183 CALENDAR 192 8 -29 Magi.-'K cg I . 'l 'ii a in ' A P Z '4 X , ZW tl 9 v ' xl I x I ' Q ' Q ig: X 6 4 a ,S 2 '. f 'Q-14' 1 -:Elma 4 qfmf, 4,-ici: ' YL: ,-wa... ,ag X 'L ,JEAWQQEQ 4- ff- 7151 14 3 Mus 'xfqiifvi fb, gl 'Il Feb.2I.-Military Ball. Grand March- enter Betty, Eldridge and Wilmer Ben- net. Brilliant turnout of War Depart- ment. March 8.-Freshman Party: "Whoopee." April 5.-Oratorical Contest. Willard Mor- ton places first and wins five dollar gold piece. .7 4 A 6 V U ' Y gag aj g gf p 4, .L " Twig ' -'C pm "H, -ef hg z Q51 S, ' at X ,l 49"l3. . Lw9x ,Q 'Qx,,,1x les affix: .' , : nu' April I5.-Initiation of Cadet Ofiicers. Ask the men who know: Mitchell, Snedicor, Stone, Spitler. Page 184 HMQOUJ 7 'SEKO OISTRIOUTER sifo sawen Q ' P I -NA1-rn POHPf :,, ' PLY-WHEEL o Ji' ' ':Q'NT'CAN " ' .gpg N ' lNT'URUCH "riff -POP-1-'oiqgtv 4 xl wont N ER 5 W ,gqbik - foam.. tiihgefafiws ' K - I K. E555 ii A L D - k I-57. J " fwlllllllllllll lil l I Egg - ltvl ----t- ' ' X fmp, 4 1-fi 4 1 . ' D f , A. 'W , . " C F211 A I 1. - Jgxx X f g April 21.-Clean-up Campaign. Brooms and mops take front seats followed by Gold Dust and Sapolio. May 29.-Opening night of Opera. "Jerry" and cowboys enthusiastically welcomed by pleasure seekers. ' June 7.-S. A. Dance. Reward for paying dues. June 27.-Commencementg beginning of the end. Here's to a grand and glorious summer. . 4 I X l DIVISION I0 CBasementj ......-.4,f,:--1.mpf..r- - A, -- .w-sie -All 1-aa? -. -24.--,Vx-W.. - xi. -724---y -'A nf-- f--f,.,.--- -anna:-' -- -. ---' , ..,Y -..,.,-....h.....,,,.7.-.. .. ., - ,.....,,.....-....,, ,-... ........Y-. . .. THE EMPEHI SNOOZE THE DISASTEROUS FINIS OF ANNIE Bill Gorman's white and black Jersey Cow was struck and killed when ing to cross at uoth street, train. This means bad luck for milk route every morning through school. Several of in the' neighborhood will Postuin at their meals. "Annie was' a good cow, covering his face with his n she was attempt- by a Rock Island Bill, who runs a to pay his way the poor childrer have to drink wailed Gorman. lily-white hands "and I loved her dearly." Bill had let several shrieks when he saw his cow spread over tive acres and a piece on every lamp post. "Mare blood ran down the sewers," stated Mary Nell Bort when telling a group of friends of the incident. The impact was so great that Annie's tai' Ruth Mary Dare: "Did you notice that insolent conductor looking at you as if you hadn't paid your fare?" "Cath" Mavon: "Yes, and did you notice me looking at him as if I had?" lk 41 Ik OUTLOOKS ON BUSINESS Paperhangers-going to the wall. Tailors-everything indicates pressing busi- ness. ' 1 Bottlers-business will be corking. Florists-outlook rosy. Chiropodists-going to the dogs. 211 Ik It was knocked off and swung around the neck of Roger Boylan and would have strangled him, had not the engineer run up and cut it off with his Scout knife. When interviewed Bill said, "I always reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet CHence his boyish tigurej although I'd run a mile for a Carmel." Bill is one of these boys who eats oatmeal for dinner and uses Lifebuoy soap to wash with. You won't find many boyslike Bill and it certainly is a shame that his life's work has been shattered on a railroad track. R. B., '3r. 4-41+ ON THE RUN "Whatchagotna packidge?" Student Bill McBride William Davies George Morgan Mary Nell Bort Roger Boylan Bill Gorman Harold Zink Betty Thexton Jean Lawrence Dan Gale Favorite Occupation Eating ice-cream. Eating ice cream cones. Eating chocolate ice- cream cones. Eating chocolate ice- cream cones with a strawberry on top. Eating double ice-cream cones with a razzberry on bottom. Eating orange ice, ice- cream cones with the peelings left in. Having ice-cream for de- sert. Having ice-cream cones for dessert. Having c. i. c. c. for des- "Sabook." A "Wassanaimubitt ?" "Sadickshunery, fullinaims, l Wife's gonna gittaplicedog angottagitta- naimferimf' if 4: 4: Ross Wood, using phone: "Give me 22 double 2." Central : H2222 ?" Ross: "Yeh, step on it, babe. I'll play train with you afterward." sert. Playing with my dog. iusoapylu 4: lr 4: Mr. Gay: "Now, students, is it the law of gravity that keeps you on the earth?" Evie Smith: "I guess so, but how in the heck did we stay on before it was passed?" Pk if lk 'iOur Chinese laundryman has named his son after Lindberghf' "What's that, Charlie Fly ?" "No. One Long Hop." Page 185 .....,-,......... ,., ..,.,.-..,.,--ft-Av-.,........ ,,...-....-'--.,.........,,,,,,,,,4,,,,...,,,......., ,,,,,.,,,--,,,,M-Q,-,,,,....,,-,,.,,, ,,,. ,.,.,,, ,, .,,,a M- - V ,NM , MW A-.MM ---.,--,...--....... ........-,..........-....,...,...,..,,.R...,..-.. -.., .,....,.,.-.........-, .,-..,-.,...,..--........-,,, ..,.,,..,........,...- ..-. -M-.-.,.A..., ,,. a.,---,,,.,.....,k ,,,. -a..,:L., - .-.aa-:W -ffm --M f--V---fx-2, 1, ., -Qui: ,,,.,..,g--s-,W .Jima-f 4 ,efI-J.,,af-...-1-...fma-a.......,.a,.aa....,.f. xg tix ff. tr-1 lu! tu ttf :li tu att My at :il lil W' tty 'f W til M4 wt tl? w if' t 1. tri. ft" at t f. I .35 lli tilt l ll gitj lit fl nl ugw ' 1: 5, H gif 1 l tl 4 in tit 'lil i l' . 'E A il? if la '. Ll E 1 . it .iw Y E51 Sli ill? ilt: l tilf I th 1' l l i Eli 411 1? 4. lt gl J' I l i l ffgi-V-v-f--F.-,..,....,,-.--.fl -,.--f. .1 if 1,1 .1 i1. I 1 11111 11 1111 1111 1 1 13 11 11 1 1 1 1 1111 1111 .41 1 11 1 1 111 , li ,111 111 .Vx 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 11 1 11 1 11 1 111 11 1 111 11' 1i '11 1,1 '11 1,1 111. 11 1 1 1 11 THEIR POST GRADUATE CAREER Jack Haliday who was most popular- still is-he's a bootlegger. I-Ienry Barbour who had to use a pony for his Spanish classes, cleaned up on the race track. Bob Black, the high school dumbell, is a gymnasium teacher. Victor Futcher, who was a quarter-back, now hands them out from the ticket office. Richard Bee, who loved solitaire, is still doing it-in Sing Sing. Herbert White, who always kept his shoes shined, has gone to the dogs. Norman Silver, the best fudge maker, has made a mint. lk lk lk JUST SUPPOSE Henry Barbour were in the dancing club. Fire drills happened when you wanted them. The chemestry lab. was next to the lunch- rpom. Everybody ran from the depot to school when the train was late. Teachers didn't give homework. We didn't have to bring notes for absence. + 11: x Miss Milton: "What is a circle?" Dumb Sowfmore: "A line that runs around and catches itself again." 11: Pk wk -Flunking student, after taking Geometry eight times, decided to write a book entitled, "Geometry Teachers I have Met." ff ff za If a body sees a body Thinking in a quiz g If a body helps a body, Is it the teacher's biz? Page 186 f:-...: Y..-A-me-:L-.....-Q1-f-nfwlwfue.-L-xl ...mama .seas-a-1 :ue-.. .-,,, -...L ,e-za: - Y... ...:.- ..-fs: 'A ,I vanted to puy a cigar, so I vent by der cigar store and said to da girl vat vas dere. "Hai you Perfectos?" Und she says, "No, I haf bunions l" 4: Dk wk Boyibus kissibus pretti girlorum Girlibus likibus wanti somorum Papibus hearibus bigi smackorum Kickibus boyibus outi back doorum Boyibus limpibus alli way horum Swearibus kissibus girli no morum. lk lk lk Professor Cunwrapping package in class- roomjz "Today I intend to show you the inner workings of the frog." Students: "Why Professor, those are ham sandwiches." Absent minded professor: "Why that's strange., I could have sworn I ate my lunch a few minutes ago." ' 211211112 UI guess I've lost another pupil," said the professor as his glass eye rolled down the kitchen sink. .f.. - -.f,q.,, 1 V , 4 Zfigy' , rh 5' kiln.-ilk ' s ...f'5Zi':1,'M5!111l111 i -: .yy lm. x : 111- 1-up b ' M W I llvdwibf 4 ll Mr. Henderson: "The next time .that that rascal, Mavon comes around, Ilm going to sit on him." Peg: "Oh, Dad, won't you let me do that?" -Q..:,.1.......4-2,,.u-..- ,f, ,....1.,-... 1-....-x.-. , .... ,LQ...-.. 1 A- feefgrz ,ved -- --M ....-. ..--gg., ... 1 -:..,.+-q-M 1 .1 ..1. .... .71--, -A-.- --A--gigriffm 'rw .1 1 1 111 1l11 1 1 111 11' 11,11 11' 1,11 111i 1,11 11 11 111 H, 11' 1141 11' 11V 1 1 1V 11' 11 11 1 1 111 1'1 11111 1,111 111 111 111 11 M 111 ,1 1 111 11 1-11 11111 11: 1 171 111 1117 15, 11' ,111 11 1 11' 111 1 1111 1111 1111 .1114 fl..--.........-...-,fw--0-Q..w...a-....,,,.......,---..-..,,.,,,.. Y WAY BACK VWHEN Gosh, kids, d'ya 'member . a way back when, For a penny we got a bag full of candy 'n then All the rest o' the kids usta tease ya 'n tease 'N we'd give 'm One piece if they'd get on their knees? Gee, them was the days when we had lots of fun, And ya didn't fall down 'count o' tight skirts when ya run, An' 0, 'member the time when ' Jim stuck a pin in'May Bell? 'N she jumped outa her seat an' let out a yell, A.n' the teacher tho't Jim had been pullin' May's hair. V 'N she made Jim go up an' sit in, a chair? ' Gee, them was the days when we played lots o' tricks An' got spanked for our pains with the teacher's wood sticks But all o' them days hasn't gone by us yet, Seems the older we are, why the worser we get. -E. D. R. '30 Pk ik Ht- THE SENIORS WANT TO KNOW: Where's the school a going? And what it's goin to do? And how's it goin to do it? NVhen the seniors all get through. lr 1 x "Ye gods and little fishes."-Seniors and Freshmen. . lk no- :v Henry Barbour: "Miss Mackin, there's a student in the class who's making a fool of himself. When he's through I will commence." WE WOULD LIKE 'TO KNOW: Is Ruth's-Armstrong? Could Grace be any Graver? Does Henry often Park? Is Robert Black? Is Margaret a good horseback Rider? Where is Norman's Silver? When was Fern in Holland? If "Winnie" Burns her love letters? Is Harold a Deadman? Is Bruce a good Ladd? Will Ruth Mary take a Dare? Does Maurene Frey? , Do Robert and Helen fish in Brookes? 1F'lk HF "Many things have come to pass," sighed the teacher as she gazed at the incoming class Pk Ik 41 ADVANCED ALGEBRA Let X equal the boy. Let Y equal the girl. Let Z equal the chaeprone. X plus Y plus Z equals misery. X plus Y minus Z equals bliss. lk lk lk "WHERE LOVE IS" Verna Lohman-Averall Cole Winifred Burns-Everett Smith Lorna White-Harold Smith Velma Case-Bob Bruce ' Vera Pitken-Herbert Johnson Gertrude Fennema-"Vic Futcher Constance Noble-Frank Reuss Marjorie Goller-Norris Bishton Grace Graver-George Morgan Elaine Jacobson-"Bern"Hauber Genevieve Logan-"Mart" Hemmingway Florence Whyte-John Handbury Page 187 .5-a..,gl3:2.3L:E4:,,,,,T , .cn -2:- -f-,,:.....s....,:-a--,.3:f.....,,,.5+...,.s-.-.2455 --ff -:Y 4.. :f,,:w.:-----,L-...wg-Y. f- -,,....-- aak.,,.,.-.W-I l -............-..,.-... ..,.--.. ....,,. ...,..v..-..,.,-.. E .. .,,,h - ,.., - ,,,,4 . ,,.,,-W,.,-...g,,,,W, ,,,, MM,.-.- M-- X 1, ON RAISING MONEY We decided to cel candee and peenuts and eskimo pies at basketball games so we cud make monee for the annual staff-I mean four the annual fits public casionj and so I thot it would B fun to cell cuz then I cud get in to the game Free and also eat all the stuff I wanted. However, things weren't lik they seamed cuz we were so bissie celling that I couldn't eat anything until bizness died down, but it didn't until everything wuz sold and so i couldn't eat nothing then. Well then i thought I'd watch the game but our facultie advisor, Miss milton fshe is no re- lation to the famiss poitj told me to pick up the boxes 'n paper and other things which were scattered on the tlor and after I did that the game wuz about ovur but i thought I could cee sum of it eneway but there were so many people in front of me that it was impossible. Sum one told me after the game wuz over what the score wuz cause I had no idea. The next week when I wuz asked to cell stuff i found too my great disappointment that i had to go home and practice my dancing lesson. D. L., '29 lk 4 il "Bern" Hauber: Ought one be punished for something he did not do? Miss Milton: Indeed not. "Bern" : Well, I didn't do my math. lk lk lk If all the world was flooded, And I was left to die, I'd camp out on my Latin Because it is so dry. 41 Ik lk Squire: "Did you send for me my lord ?" Knight: "Ay, make haste to get me the can openerg I have a flea in my knight clothes. lk lk lk Mart: "A penny for your thoughts." Fuzzy: "Sold, I was wondering how I was going to get home on six cents." Page 188 A THE FRESHMEN'S LAMENT Multiplication is vexationg Subtraction is as badg Addition gives me a headache, And division drives me mad. is lk lk Can't study in the fall, Gotta play football. Can't study in the winter, Gotta play basketball. Can't study in the spring, Gotta play baseball. Can't study in the summer, Gotta girl. Ik lk lk THE EMPEHI SNOOZE ODE TO LATIN All the people dead who wrote it, All the people dead who spoke it, All the people die who learn it, Blessed death, they surely earn it. 4 4 -r BOOKS AND THEIR AUTHORS Babes in the Woods .......................... Freshmen Comedy of Errors .................... Football-games Great Expectations .................................. Exams Art of Conversation ............ Herbert Johnson Fearful Responsibility ............ S. A. President The Reign of Terror .................. Report cards Hard Times .................... Collecting S. A. dues Paradise Regained .............................. "A Sub." Queen of Hearts .......................... Fuzzy Logan The Common Lot .......... Those without voices Weighed and Wanting .... Advertising Money Fame and Sorrow .......... The Editor-in-Chief S0 Big .......................................... Ralph Morgan M:--n W----M --M --Q -s..aQ..,.Efaa,,,,, Lag.-L-if : ..-F: ez-Haas: ,uf-2-if . -f ..-:J .U MGSER SHORTHAND C OLLE GE A Business Scbool of Distinction '- High School Graduates Only Are Enrolled -. MUNSON on GREGG S1-IORTHAND Bulletin on Request 116 So. MICHIGAN AVE. Twelfth Floor RANDOLPH 4347 CHICAGO ....,.......,,1,.........,..,...,..,..,:gA:Z. " ......:..,.. ,..:::sg:g--...,....,..-,,,,,,.k,.,......,..,. .,,,, Page 191 ' ' K '31-16 -real.,-,-1. ETRO I- ' P 1 1 v j , r . .1 A If 1, 1 hi If The Leading School Established 1873 Let Us Prepare You for the Better Paying Positions Secretarial, Accounting, Stenographic and all Business Courses SPECIAL ADVANTAGES FOR HIGH . SCHOOL GRADUATES Send for Our Folder "Metro. Factsn l 1 304 Three Convenient Schools .' WEST 6 31113 STREET 6309 SOUTH ASHLAND Phone Wentworth 2227 Phone Prospect 2805 37 SOUTH XVABASH AVE. Phone Randolph 2637 AVE rlll'lS'C0l,lLlNSmlul?RllN1fllNG 'E env- GENIEIRALGB l30NllNlIEl!l3ll Al, PRINTING Phone Beverly S751 I 103 3 Hale Avenue CHICAGO PHONES BEVERLY 4021-4022 ELMER E. FULTZ Grocery and Market Prompt Deliveries 1824 West 1o3rd Street Chicago, Illinois Page 192 OUR LABEL IS A PERSONAL GUARANTEE OF THE QUALITY OF OUR PRODUCTS AND THE CONFIDENCE IT BEGETS, IS THE BASIS OF OUR SUCCESS SCHOOL SUPPLIES - SODAS - LUNCHES "Not von Any Corner, Always on the Square" cw-9 PARTINGTON 8: NEWHALL, Inc. 11049-S1 Hale Avenue CHICAGO, ILL. P119 93 ' f ., V 7 C V---fl ,I PQ'-:fi--jfs'--T. - e.....2f ..,-..-..............,-E... ff .., 1 2 2 2 K Q T T i J G s i Q l -wwf-'v---af!-. M--mn... -.fw.,.w.,-..-...w..--....-.-.,.-..-11..,1.,.,,.A-, ,..-...,.,,...,.....,...a,,.,,,,,,..?,.-.-.. --v-W 2-,,.,-,,.,,, - -f4......-N. , 1., 5 a x Y i 1 3 1 i i 1 , E 2 3 R :Q v I 4 T 31 1 T E 1 5 ff 1 9 X S Compliments 2 . Mor an Park 5 Drugs of Qualzty g g Cash Market 5 . g LONGWOOD DRIVE AT IIITH ST. O' J' Kordewlck E Phone Beverly 4184 -- 2 1 TRY OUR DELIOIOUS 1947 Monterey Ave , SODAS AND SUNDAES I E Come to the drug store Where you al- ' Ways get quality merchandise and Phones: Beverly 2561-8 802 prompt and courteous service. J YE AMBER LANTHORNE 7 B 1830 WEST IOQRD STREET A I Phone Beverly 3672 3 T C0mPli"'e"t-' LUNCHEON 1 CAKES f P1Es f gf SALADS 3 MERRIMAN 1' 4 and DINNER SERVED IN TEA ROOM g Evenings 5:30 to 7:30 i Sundays 12:30 to 7:00 1 1 .sl Reservations may be made for 5 Banquets, Luncheons and E Afternoon Parties f 3 by Page 194 .Q ,M T 335 Eh? See Amador For a Complete Line of SPORTING GOODS Bi THE AMADOR SWEET SHOP Class '25 1 9 0 0 Monterey Avenue Page 195 ,M . pu. .-f 1111 1-.:. T I -wvsan-ey...-E-'---2.-1 iff...-...f:g.--Trier.- , few., Avg:-.:.-, ., . -0+ V ' ..,:-'rf-..,f-,-r,. - -iz-H -. Phones Beverly 8 23 1 - 8 2 3 o Phone Beverly 8 8 6 8 MASON DRUG CO. Prescription Druggists 1 75 1 WEST 9 STH STREET 1 8 3 5 WEST 1 o3RD STREET CHICAGO Everything That Is Best in Talking Pictures You Will See and Hear Best at the STATE THEATRE MICPIIGAN AVENUE AT IIOTH PLACE Monarch loo? Pure 'Paint Electrical Supplies Martin,s IOOZ Pure Varnish 'Electrical Appliances W. P. MCCONNELL HARDWARE We Deliver 1948 Monterey Ave., Morgan Park Phone Beverly 0915 S I N G L E Re Florist Telephone Beverly 2 1 5 2-3 8 26 153 8 WEST 1o7TH STREET Corner Prospect Ave. ' HARRY W. THAYER Insurance in All Forms I34 South La Salle Street Franklin 7300 Beverly 0568 Page 196 - l 2 LfljlfflIlllillffQ1fI1T.IfII'l11f i1T1f"""""''"""""S"'0T"'T""""""""""' "" """M' Ig W -, ,.....Y.., ,, A -ee-eve v,---eg-ifve-A 1. -L:-- T V- .,,::E- fa T1-EEE? TLB., 1: -A-21221--Kiki?-f,.M..:: Compliments of the Beverly State Savings Bank 103rd St. at Loomis Fresh Air in your home with an o' IRMASTER o 2' X Custom-Built Ventilator 3 JD i f N 3 e 75 V ylllllillll E l"""" y . ' O d J d L- For free home demon- EA fi X , stration call Randolph 1 1 ie 1200, Local 235. ,Zig-ilu f CoMMoNwEAL'rl1 EmsoN 1 CoMPANY if f T ,gf ' - 72 West Adams Street and Branches Page 197 IIE Jil 1,2 .,----........,...,.... ......,, .,.f.-,.,,..,...,.....t...,-.ww .-e-AQ... ..-..-.,..-....,..v,-...,-.v.,,.vp- ...,...-f.....E...-.,,...I--.Q-W -I---I. -- .. ,...e.. ' f -N31 'L S , In Selling or Buying Real Estate See ,N I KISKADDON REALTY COMPANY I I 1 J We Write I FIRE AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE I REPRESENTING SEVERAL HIGH GRADE COMPANIES Q- 3 I 11047 Hale Avenue I H Opp. 111th St. R. 1. Sta. Phone Bev. 76467 I 5 I 1 - ! 5 I THE LONGWOOD GROCERY 86 MARKET I ' Q i I 8 I ELMER E. FENDER, Proprieter ' I 5 PHONES 7 E Beverly 6300 Emergency, Beverly 8251 1759 XV. 95th St. lg 5 1 I 2 "Headquarters for Keds" 155 HERMAN BAER at SON ' 5 f I DRY GOODS - FOOTWEAR - HABERDASHERS I I I I 10234-36 Vincennes Avenue I I 3 I I if I lg f Loving Bros. Grocery and Market 'Ii ' a , l I I ' 3 IE 1740 West 99th Street Phones Bev. 5900-I-2 I Y I I 42 I 5 Q 1 Latest Croquinole Method I PERMANENT WAVING AND FINGER WAVING I I We Make Them All Look Good fi ARCADE SHOPS I I I I 1037 Hale Avenue Phone Bev. 0666 I Ii If y Page 198 Lg--. -A ...A.,.,,.i ...Y .,,,.. ,,,.,..f -.,, Y. .,,.. ,. E. . ,.,. Y- . ,---A-----...-..,,,,v,,C,,,..s.V .f,..w-, .,,, M-. .,Y.... V, ,, .,,.,. --- ,,,,-..-...--Vt- .-,- Y A .. ....--.--V.,-....A, ,,-.,.,. LJ S ., .f ,B -ggZ.,,...........4-.W-............-.................:......f.,,-As..,..-,....-...I..A.-......l.-....:s:.a4,:.:E:..............,v-f-1::.:.:g,.,..:-......g-n.n.,,,,.:-eenhmwmw-.AEMA-13... my A , A - , :- A .,,. .-,....f.f,- .4 5... ...W -n.....',...... - H am... -H.,-P.-an-em.. f-aww.-.. ,M . ......,.-.,. ..,........ .. -.,.,..-.....,...., .. .fu ,,. sf M..-. wmv- --- --nva- -w.-.-....,,.- ,I 'NNN ,,,, . A .. ,..,. ,, , -I ,. ,, W W , 'g Morgan Park Trust 8: Savings Bank Longwood Drive at 111th Street Y Twenty-Four Years of Successful Banking on the Ridge CAMP MILHURST-ON THE FOX Camp Milhurst, Plano, Illinois For Girls from 12 to 20 Register at Board, 510.00 GIRL RESERVE OFFICE Camp Season Carfare, 52.95 203 N. Wabash Ave. july 9 to Sept. 4 Page 199 fl I rrrr as rr .rra l ...qw -..-....v........ .....:- .,--...... ..-..........-..-A-..,,,,..-.-. N -Q 1 W Y. ......f-vs ,-.- --.. -0. . . . -1 -A-.-4 awry. -rx--1 ,,,,, ..,...,. ..-mm ,.,. V-A. ,,.......... .., , -.-. ... a..,,...... . .. .,....-f... ,.,.t..-........... ...,.....-g.......-.. W. . ...-M--,.,.....,,..,.. ... ...N -.,.,,a... ...,,.-. .-4. wt--,,.. DERBY FOODS IN GLASS Cooked and Ready For Use Get Them From Your Grocer Boneless Chicken Boneless Turkey Ox Tongues Lunch Tongues Vienna Sausage Sandwich Delight Boneless Pig's Feet Meadow Farm Chicken Broth Chop Suey Chicken a la King Sliced Dried Beef Imported Style Frankfurters Deviled Chicken Deviled Ham Deviled Tongue Peter Pan Peanut Butter THE FINEST FOODS YOU EVER TASTED X WITHOUT FUSS OR BOTHER OF PREPARATION E. K. POND CO., Chicago Denny's Shoe Repair Shop FINE SHOE REPAIRING 9505 Wood Street Bev. 0248 NORMAN ROBINSON Special Representative THE A. NASH CO. Suit or Overcoat Made to Your Measure Over Two Hundred Samples 11200 S. Irving Avenue Bev. 080.3 Page 200 Camp Traverse of the MORGAN PARK MILITARY ACADEMY Purpose--A summer of outdoor life- non-military. Opportunity to make up scholastic work with tutor. Sports - B0-ating, fishing, canoeing, swimming, golf, Woodcraft, etc. Location-Camp Traverse, Reservation of 80 acres, with 12-mile shoreline on Spider Lake, near Traverse City, Michigan. For Information Address COL. H. D. ABELLS, Supt., Box C Morgan Park Military Academy C H I C A G O 1 ra 'I it I Ji lm Ei y ii i I 11 fi 'A ti fl '1 Ei -N J: ii ia 1. 3? . .i il I! K4 ve H .J i il xl ie 5 M . ill .iq ,fi I 4 1 it fl ii In fi is ii fs I 1 1-1 I l ii 13 if Q? 5 1 1 1 1 U 2 1" 5 1. .31 , 1, I 1' 1 J if ii .wi I f. K. 22 irjl , -,...e..... ..,- .. . ......--...,,,,,,,,,,,r,,..a..- I A., -,.,..,..,.,. .. ,,-,.i: ,..,.:.f1 il .4 --..,..,.-fanaqy ff-. ...NN ...-.-v4wnr-A..,.- -. ,,.,... y...-f...v-.,n..e,.,,.,,.,,,,..,,,.,4 -ef .JL1 -...- ,AA-A-1,-, ,.--also-Q- -ae 1 - ---..,.,,,4,,,,,,,,, , , , J W I i --N..v..f.,,.....,..-....,....-... . W. .--- ..-...,.. ,. ---..........-..-9 3,,......a w -.. -.--a...........,.,. ..-..........,.,.,.:,.-r-,...,,-. ..,.,....,.-......-,,...... 4,,,....,. 1 .,,,. ,,,, A W ,,,,,,.. , ,. ,M,..-.-...- A, ,, ...,, , .,.,,,.,,,,,4,, .,,. . V. , .W .- - tw Morgan Park High School Lunchroom ow The Best Meals at Lowest Prices l Page 201 Y --9....,1,---7- -- ::,f-:LW -f--Aw: J.-.,, ...Ne -.,, ,,...f:- -5.1-f.. - A. B. GCDLD ASSER 1 1062 Vincennes Avenue A Complete Line of School Supplies Less Than Two Blocks from the Building BOYS' AND GIRLS' FURNISHINGS AND THE LAST WORD IN NOVELTIES MODERN BANKING A man Without a bank account to- -1 1 ' 5 ' ff ifffg ' . . . f E. day IS almost hke a man wxthout a ' Jill . country-he has no attachment. The qs,- L' rf gygjq gl I ' r Mtg I , , Q 1 ' Z? modern bank furnlshes a good refer- ! 1 1iTeiaTlT..' ' , ls . . yy ence when credlt IS sought. It also lllllllll g j' ll lends money to worthy applicants. A., 1 'V -.yf.,,: A Jai'- QJG ,Q , 'Nt' ' ' ' .We 1nv1te you to select the Mld- -F5 y y-ii. ffj xigy Q 1- Crty Trust and Savmgs Bank for your L.,r,1Qlf+g, A 1 fi " . J M P if Bank. A11 busmess can be done by 'film l S ll X A Correspondence. Address the "Bank- ing-by-Mail Department." MidfCity Trust St Sayings Bank Madison and Halsted Streets Page 202 i ,, V ffm 1. ,l I l 1 1 l is l 1, ll 1 H 5 l 5 f I 14 fi I. ll H pf 1:3 Qi R l l ll ,K QI! ll ri 4? xg, '1 ' 1 I M? L, Y ...U-,,,-..... ...n-.,..-.....f,. W, .- ,.. Y ,,.h , N 4A,.,4 4,q,,,V W E ,,,,w,,A,,,,- WE-, , A,,, ,U ,,,,,,,E ,.., , E 2 M 1 E 32 1 T in 1 IW r U 2 23 E iv T' I 2 If 1, il 1? 2 if 3 YH F FH if E H W W' 4 3 ' ? M in Q H A 1 l Ly 'A 'lf ,C T i , , M T w T E u 1 4 E5 1 3 M ' H . 5? .fi T f ff? ff T I HK MORRISO 6 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Studio Open Sundays with Elevator Service ii T Phone Central 2719 gig Special rates to the Families of Morgan Park Students as 1 , if 5 1505 GARRICK BUILDING 64 WEST RANDOLPH STREET Ha CHICA o ig G P 2 A age 03 7 E' !Q ffE "'NT"gQff7' in55Lf3i-I '95 if? E, EEETfE- --gigiggf? Rock lclhnq ilzrouqll 6' olorado Rockies off Gfoflouf Vaamon ff!!! Paid ln full from Chicago ony'-5 Including round tnp rail and Pullman fares dining, car and hotel meals com fortable room, auto service An outing ln the shadow of the majestic Rockies two delightful weeks' Choose your own time for an ascent of Pikes l eak and visits to the principal scenic glon' Lnjoy a trip through Denver s in splrlng Mountain Parks up Lariat Tx-all down beautiful Bear f reek Canyon Every auto tour a revelation ln grandeur Comparative rates from other points 0ther All Expense Tours ax ail able varied in price and plan to meet all requirements For detznled lnformutton concernzn planned vacauons mall coupon below th I 0 ! 1 f oo 9 . I 1 I ' 5 ' attragions of the Colorado Springs Ile- - ' , . -L . .! - . . ! TH! R040 01' UNUSUAL SERVICE Rock Island Vacation Travel 683 Service Bureau 723 La Salle St. Station, Chicago, Ill. Please send me free booklets describ- ing: lj All-Expense Colorado Tours, D Colorado, D Yellowstone, lj California fcheck hook or hooks desiredjg also full information regarding low summer fares and through train service. Name ,--,, , - , Address - Page 204 Compliments 0 f HOYT AND SAUER Monterey Pharmacy H. A. Launspauch, Prop. QUALITY DRUGS Dependable Service We Specialize IN Goon CANDY AND FRESH Nurs TASTY SANDWICHES and REAL SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Phone Beverly 8 2 5 2 1 9 5 2 MONTEREY AVENUE MORGAN PARK M N' - f- - A + f' E1. , - - 1' 11-,mf f l 5 The House 0 RIGHT ee STREET -.4gUgf...- Class Pins, Class Rings, Fraternity and Serority Jewelry Medals, Badges, Belts and Club Emblems -..,gU34...- 223-25-27 WEST 62ND STREET CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 5 I Q Page 205 T QQ T I5 CCEC E C E fig: ff Elf A E I' A-' - --- ----W A- - - --Arn:-3-,fgw mam., -fair ,,a..,. -if-J-if:e:Y .:::.-www-Em :E+-...,f,---be .nmn5E,,.vL...,.F..W.. Y , 4.,..i..,v.w.-.L,..,W .,. ..- , ,.,, , .,,,,,,.,, .. E. ,..,,Q,Q, I s 5 , I I If ffrv W- E. . ,, EMD- .,w, Wm Vvig we MORGAN PARK GROCERY Edw. P. Lehmann, Prop. I HN' 1 'X Phone Beverly 049 3 and 8801 1949 Monterey Avenue A CHICAGO, ILLINOIS I 1' I ax ,W F I Q I 1 4, A A GRAY 6? CO A 'N o o o 'pq ADVERTISING A 1 1 W I I 59 176 WEST ADAMS STREET 3 AL CHICAGO, ILLINOIS V 'h A. A. Gray In G. W. Gray Ri t A. P. simis M f A. Schampel CM.P.H.S., l923J ' ' r I 1 A RIDGE FRUIT, AND VEGETABLE MARKET 2 I FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES DAILY A Free Delivery Along the Ridge I 1 I I Phone Beverly 7523-7524-0271 1977 West Illth Street 'X I Qi I H1 NL 2,15 Page 206 QE 55fOlQ:gEDig..1Ef5?Ef57ll?524iffW-'-T A ,QD A 2 af Wx I ff f ff , W ' W e Wa fx I 'fi-tk MT-EX W1 W . KX' My f 'I' I H pax?- . , E , ' ,I s y, 1- gh :Q N v . w iw.. - sr J., X , f' - Y , IWW' - ,Qrlfagi gi, ff- ,,gi:'f, gal, ' I.. Vg, fm get l -if L.-fi'-"I 1 'E 55.2555 T X W-.,. wi 5 11151.-'E E: zz 1+ 3 ff- I f 1, 5 ' 5 nznlrznn Q K ' ,V .L-,g L',,f hIV gl'lf!,1.zZ 'E 5.4 -Nil I rg, '11 TJ! 2 ,,4-I-ffl' 'Tk gy. Y K 5' ,L d - L-smfs:-I 3Q',l1y iEf,5iiEr5l- K.. ' I' "K ' : :-' Banking System" The Federal Reserve System has been referred to by leading economists as "thc world's greatest banking system." It divides the nation into twelve districts. The head- quarters of each district is an important city Where a Federal Reserve Bank is located. The banks are con- trolled by a Federal Reserve Board assisted by a Federal Advisory Council. This great banking sys- tem is Well worthy of study by every student inter- ested in financial subjects. All national banks are members of the system. This institution, on April 15, became a national bank under supervision of the United States Government and therefore automatically a member of the Federal Reserve System. In savings deposits, this Bank ranks seventh in Chicago and first among all the banks south of the Loop. feoples JlQzz'z'omz! Bank and Urusi Company of Chicago 47TH STREET AND ASHLAND AVENUE H. C. Lixvcocx, President MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM The World's Greatest REGULAR MEMBER CHICAGO CLEARING HOUSE ASSOCIATION Page 207 X -.f....,a,......-.,..........r..,..,,amm--. E.-.,aT,,,, .,, , ,,,,.,,,,v,,, XMVYEB -'nal i P 1, 4 1 ii Is .1 l 5 , i 3. ,I 'U l , ,I F l 41 ii 3 if I fi f 3 TI 2 ' 1 I X. .L , y. l l 2 5 Q A 3 1 w I if 4 4 l fl l 1 V-New --aa -- A----aw-N......s.,-..w .... ..i,,, ..., ...., W,.q15 J """"'t'-1' "2-'S ' ""' 'H-" 'E' W---W - e---- -r ..f.,,.-f--....we,....,.,.,,,.,,,.. . ,,,.,.. .,., ,,... -. V-.. . ,ig-1--AW, 22,7" ,1--..s...............-..-......-ns.-.....,,.,,...,t R-. .....v.C,ss,.,-....-,,.,1.,.-Y.1.C. .X .Nc .,, ..,A,,,T,,,:,,.,. Y,.,...-,.,,,,,, 'ii ire' -A-'A' "' 'L dw- M" '-,v-lr-- ---W --W ' A f-- A--,4-f-v--.--.fy Muze- Ar,-...ww-.qw.,,--ww.. 'AEVERYTHING MUSICAL" BEVERLY Music SHOP 1744 WEST 95TH STREET Phone: Cedarcrest 1660 THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION AIMS AT 100 Per Cent Membership 1 It Stands For Co-operation of the Faculty and Student Body THE SUPERIOR FOOD SHOP Everything Good to Eat LUNCHES DELICATESSEN Phone: Cedarcrest 1885 1748 W. 95th Street The Beverly Hardware PAINTS, GLASS, KITCHEN FURNISHINGS Authorized Dealer Martin's 100722 Pure Varnishes 1755 W. 95th Street Phone Beverly 2038 Page 208 -after, 1... -- ,....,,ef,-....,.. H ,,,,,.,, W, .iff -2-+I' W,-5 - --t V ----.e-W.-.,...-W,-.-...,..' V, -.,J-rv..-..,.,.-.Y,,-.,.,,,.-.-..4,.-m...,...-,m.,.,.. -ma-r,.,,mv.,......-V.,-....,,,..L... .........,,....-1.,.,.1-.,,.f..,,,LMMYNm-rm,,,1,.,N ,, 4. .E......f,,,, .- . -, ,Y ,,, , , W,,-..,........,51mr.....y--f. 1-.I....1,,..,,,,m,..e.,,A A'-S-----A----V -Y --bl e--- Y-Y--A-M.. ,..,, ,. ,-.-., ,,,..,.......,,.:m,..T , ,Y W T, , , 70 YY --A.-a 34-.pw2.L....if1-.-.-4.7 1 -inane, ...,-..,n..1,.a:f,..-.,..- 1, , fa-..-,, . . ma... .....-..,,- Jna. . cr., ..,...--.ew-.-au. ,, --N - -V-..aa.A,-, .... -- l, ...ww MV- t-4'--...........-..- -.MN . . -- hey Tang E the 1 .f, u N old resident of a small southern city remembers when the bell on the village hall was rung to announce the arrival in town of a farmer with fresh meat. Today this city is supplied with fresh meat through Swift 8: Company's nation- wide car route system. A network of "car routes" now carry direct refrigerator car shipments to retailers in thousands of smaller cities and towns throughout the country. By this economical and effi- cient method of marketing, these towns are supplied with the same variety and quality of fresh meat and farm products as the larg- est cities. Swift 8: Company's 'system of wholesale distribution serves retailers at a cost of less than five cents per dollar of sales. This is the lowest selling expense we know of in any line of business. , Our profit from all sources averages only a fraction of a cent a pound Swift 81 Company After Graduation If your school days are over and you are seriously considering entering the business world, your First thought will be to align yourself with the right kind of an organization. If you would like to associate and work with men who are guiding the destinies of one of the world's greatestindustries, if you are interested in free educational advantages, if you would like to work for anrm that is quick to recognize and reward ability, talk the situation over at any time with our Employment Department, General Office, Union Stock Yards. c Swift 8: Company ...,.-.,............... -nur, Page 209 'WWEQ Wu 1. 1 A 12- if nl SM 417 ,I stil iii If! I I Ui lil lfi 5 . iff ,ga :ai 21: li 513 NL is ix, ,fl tl ,li ill Q! rx fi. 131 lil ill ill Q , ll li xx in ,gli l if 5 l l ilk lx. ,Q ll, gif 'r all ,nf ,m I l . -W' --f'--'em "f ' -'M A f' '11 ' - - -- f -'V--f e V - -'---- - - -----1.2" C. J. MURPHY GROCERIES AND MEATS Phone Bev. 5700-5701 1451 W. 103rd Street Chicago Phone Bev. 0735 GEORGE W. MCCULLAGH PLUMBING AND GAS FITTING JOBBING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO 1917 Monterey Avenue Chicago Morgan Park Service Station Geo. I. Myrick RED CROWN, ETHYL AND SOLITE GASOLINE PENNSLYVANIA, MOBILOIL AND POLARINE OILS Homewood at Monterey Avenue PRINTERS OF "THE EMPEHI NEWS" EDWIIN H. ANDERSON A LINZOTYPE QOMPOSITIQN S 1544 W. 63rd STREET CHICAGO Prospect 4298 FLEMING BROS. FINE GROCERIES AND CHOICE MEATS A Store of Quality, Service, Satisfaction Bev. 0305-6-7-8 1031 W. 103rd Street Empehi Girls! Motor Through Europe in 1930 Party of 10 L. E. BAB COCK l0754 S. Hoyne Avenue Phone Bev. 0880 Page 210 li I 1 1 c , 1 A L4 5, 'v ffl A S R s. Qi uh 'N w X, r x r l fi, i if ill ,Y . Q .1 'l f Qailflnu FREtj3lSili1dlju?ship 9 S W THQ, 'ogfsuiitso' if i, i is ii -n M Ni I li :if i 1 I . lx W ll" ,lil ii? M I vw 1 H F , u .1 W fl ' 4' 000 0 I l P + , Q 1 9 lv Q Qvgsgess Ffffvg 'Q 0 i il? T S Q QQSQJAIAEFP-0 1,1 Q lv Q 0 . . A E I . gggff Q5 'gg-QE Y., , X' v 3, if gg:5e ful gg: ' Ngo ew 4 57 fr- or ff H1 Q fm in 9, ' ingot. . g?53gi,E mi 2 ,I i ly Q ,,. it it Qi ' fl zligx Q Q . it M 9 sf, fe is Q 9 :QW if Q' e f K A I Sf iii IJ 1 , Q lg fi fl 0 N 1 ' S iw ff ll . f lf ,se ' v ll f' N ' D Eff vel ' . 11-ii 'li if ' ,srl 1 oung men and women of discrimination choose 1 ll? this school to complete their training for business success. W- V N il l Why? . . . . . Because it merits Business leaders call for Bryant gl the confidence and recommen- S1 Stratton graduates to fill pre-V 2 if Q3 dation of College Presidents, ferred positions because then fi' if High School Principals, Faculty they are sure of capably trained W Advisors, Student Body and Assistants of superior calibre. l L if 1 BUSINESS MEN. ' ' W 'l M Courses include Busi- 1 w T , he l' Many ofChicago's lead- Summer ness Administration l iii ing executives are gradu- Secretarial Executive Secretarial l l 5 it ates of this school: James Course Training, Accountancy, K ' Simpson, Pres. Marshall A secretary touches Stenography, Stenotypy 3 if it, L Field SL Co., H. A. An- 2glju211,'QfjSa2jf,Q2Qjj and Public Speaking. I, V, L derson, Vice-Pres. First 35212156212 213353 G d .t. ij!! 'll National Bank, Cl'liCagOQ mer course equips t OCA P351 Eons guar' lg 5 and MPS-Jetta Smeg, Chi' Zgicaaiflfcgiliii an ee gm ua es' B lib E, l cago Daily News, among V01 53525: gafxlfhs Visit, phone or write U f thousands of others. U ' for details and catalog. H w' The School Where a Business Atmosphere Prevails. if li' f 1 f ii 4 l 'lf rw B o Q o Eff? 1, 1 , , W I an lil UI1 it if 1 I J 3 wr' gs 1 ,ng f +1 la Ill -- 5, k ' 1 W ' C0llIiGli 5 fr ,,.. if ,XY 1' 1 'f lf' 1' 4 VC' N' 18 s0.Mimiq1mAw. 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A cover that is guaranteed to be satisfactory and is created and SMITH-CRAFTED by an organ- ization of craftsmen specializing in the cre- ation and production of good covers. What- ever your cover requirements may be, this organization can satisfy them. Y Send for imformazfion and prices to THE S. K. SMITH COMPANY 213 INSTITUTE PLACE CHICAGO Page 213 i -J-.W i,,,-f..Tg:7.-f-...-...Taj - -YY- -- V - ---...,...,f -W V - ..-- , , , --,WIC ,,,, ,Y J, ,,.,,.-- Y' V l TL 1 Z 1 E Z L em 1: iii Ig fl ll 4 1 I I 1.4 E Ie l 5 I. 1. 4. 1, l. .1 .lx 1 gl.: lil Ill li ,, ll 'll l yi V1 ll 1 e, l I. l if I. .fl fl l. nl' 'il fe li I 111 21: I ii 1 i lm l r l Compliments Of UP TO DATE LAUNDRY COMPANY BEVERLY REALTY 85 INVESTMENT Co., INC. HOMES DESIGNED, FINANCED, AND BUILT TO SUIT ARCHITECTURAL SERVICE I7S7 W. 95th St. Beverly 7200 W Q 1 ,f , A1 .X xl! V CD-. P FY 1 7 , 3 ,YU 'IX CHAR .VAN S MIA Reg. Optometrist of Van Sipma Bros. 11114: SO. Michigan Ave. Rqselqnd .Q.v.w.m. Chicagq Ill. I A A BERNY'S BETTER CLOTHES just One Price One just Price THREE BUSY STORES IN CHICAGO Cor. North 85 California Ave. 1229 Milwaukee Ave Cor. 113th St. Sc Michigan Ave. Compliments of Ernest E. Lee Company MERCHANT ENGINEERS Page 2I4 ........-,..,...:,.,.,,,. ,L-yagf-, ,E-,-E----L., .1 iz,--,1,,, ,eff------e..Y ----H ---'-"'-'--- - --:Q 44-ff:-E-21,-Aff.:-f,k 7'1" V . H- A... ,, M ,,,, , Y- ' ' ' -- W-V - f- "" 'xr Y-"W W ,www Y -31A1,,if' f..,,- , 11, 4 i Y , Y -'lf , M, K, Compliments Ofe Fisher Ice Cream Compcm Page 215 g.,q,L1jiU:,, 1 Y,f, ,4 1,v:,1,LY: YY.Y , :X-M 52, ll, 15 2125: wwqwiyk 1-7 f,,,,jmT-.Q-,:,....Qk,:Ap.Lm..m 41"-:fi f':fif1:e:f"2-L1-zfffzffba-fri 'H ,ff'S?fff-----f2:f'f-imarnr'-V-1G'f W- 1-9-af,-1? +?11f" -,fig---41:54-eg-n.-' -A::,:--44:1-m 1 1 li' W' -- '1-'ff - 1 ' MJ:-.4 "' A ,... V ,....-, ,-- ,Y gil. Page 216 f-Q-lin-7 -L-

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