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' 1 'XII' 1 2 1 1 4 1 5 3 I 1 I i 1 Y 1 1 1 1 in 1 4 1' J.,f" . A, flu, -E:'T,QfT-'3f: 4 1 L' 7 " 1',f,'1-', 11,1 1, 1 1,1 f 11 Jw, ' i ff 'emi '1 1 " , jj-'1. -,gf W " 'ax jlgru' 11, 1,1 rf' YT: ..:,4V?,1, 4, . , 41 I 3 ., ,V V, 111 ' 6 , , f, -11 3 .!, -1- 1-.V1-12-,gg ,, ' ' 4 'Q f". -2 4 im' f 1 11 1, 4. .1 1 1 ,11.,,,.,i . ,1.,,,.1. ,,.. , 4 "fl-7.1 I7 .,.y 17 1Il.1, Y1 1' .1 5'f'21iy3.'1 .1 , -11.11 .153 2,:'I1r1q"-1 1: WJ"-11' 11-a'- 1 ',,.'---11:.'.,.,j 'F zj1.V:3,g',1I1". 1, 11 L? 1' I -V a lvl' ' ' ' 1 , '1 '1 fp- , 1 t 1 V, lv v , '5f,i'.'. gg , I 1 , D 6 11. , , 5- I i ' '13 "BN 1. , '.-1,5 A K ,7 ' 1 4In 'l1- fi 5' 1'A'iV:if . 1 M 1 51 - 'LI-fs., 2 , 1 ,1 , 1.411M.:,..l ' 1 ' 1 1, .. V' '1' 214:31 'C '12-"1 xy -1. 1 .tg T 'lu iff ' fe i 5 " Y '59, if R ,J,'.., ,Mx 3 I l. 5 ZX lf 1 A X xx b 'Iii - ' M 'f' , 1 ' K 1 C f f uf f ,, 'K X 1 1 rl ff! 1 f If the DER I9S Volume XX Morgan High School SOO S. Riverside Drive NE McConneIsviIIe, Qhio 43756 THERE IS A PLACE CALLED MORGAN M... -it y i,,'zi:.f n wi . ea T- -e ff ..t.:"1jr'f Introduction , Seniors ...... Underclassmen Faculty . .,,. . Sports .....,. Activities .., Advertising ., CONTENTS Along the scenic Muskingum River, just four miles south of McConneIs- ville, Morgan High School is located. Since its opening September I, I966. Morgan has provided a unique concept in that it provides facilities in one Io- cation for all students of high school age throughout the county. Designed for a student enrollment of approximately one thousand, Mor- gan is comprised of thirty-five class- rooms which handle students in grades nine through twelve. Although original- ly planned as a high school only, the addition of a vocational building has proven very beneficial to the facility. A . l 2 I. Morgan High School. 2. James L. Zechiel, Principal. 3. School's Out! 4. Bench presented by the Class of '83, 5. Pre-school recreation. .t 'Wife its 1 I 4 5 The vocational programs offered have provided those students wishing to pursue careers immediately following high school with numerous occupation- al opportunities. The school site occupies an area of 52.23 acres with the buildings covering l24,000 square feet. Original C0nStruC- tion costs surpassed 2.5 million dollars. however, this has proven to be a small price to pay in return for the building of one of the most complete schools for secondary education in Ohio. Since its opening almost twenty years ago, Morgan High School has provided an atmosphere conducive to learning. The personal attention of fac- ulty members has enabled numerous students to establish a foundation upon which to build their educations. lt can therefore be realized that this na- tionally accredited institution of learn- ing has established a new educational era in Morgan County. PLACE T0 WORK Because we presently live in the late Twentieth Century, the importance and necessity of developed work hab- its continues to increase. ln the ab- sence of such habits, job security and educational advancement remain un- likely. lt is for this reason that the im- portance of work is emphasized here at Morgan High School. A definition derived from any dic- tionary clearly expresses that WORK signifies an exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something. As is also expected of an individual in this world of change and struggle, work is an essential requirement of those wishing to succeed while attend- ing Morgan. Students here realize that such efforts increase skills and learn- ing potential. Work not only requires effort, but - , 553 JAP, hu! Ji , f Hi' ,xr 4 W, Y if tg 5 6 also willingness on behalf of the indi- vidual student. The Morgan staff works to provide the incentive needed to stimulate greater willingness. In the classrooms and work environments the personal attention and guidance of faculty members assist the student in developing a more positive work atti mary basis for the formation of im tude. Once this attitude has been es- proved work habits and ultimately fu tablished, the individual can serve asa ture success So In times of rapid more functional part of today's work change and advancement Morgan ing society. High School remains the place to de Personal attention and productive velop effective work skills work environments serve as the pri - 4 l I. Library. V. Glenn, N. Penrose. 2. Cosmo: N. Marshall, B. Roberts. 3. Computer. S. Ferguson. 4. Art. D. West, C. Kuhn, J. Buchanan, A. Line, B. Woodward, G Wise H Kraps L Couts J Shriver 5. Computer: J. Hallowell. 6. Library. M. Hood, J. Harmen. 7. Geometry: K. Curry, K. Gilliland, K. Harris, R. Jenssen. 8. French l: M. Young, T. Dreher, M. Wilson, S. Dye, B. Beer. M Hurst L Johnson D Flood This Page paid for by Elma E Boyd 7 5 The I984-I985 Morgan High School Band had a victorious year. The band marched in performances under the direction of Mr. Kidd. The band, dur- ing marching season, had sixty-two in- strumental, seven flag corps, five ma- iorettes. feature twirler Tracie Foster and field commander David Gallimore. On August II, the band conducted a marching performance around the Ohio State Fair grounds. Tracie Foster performed in the Chio State Fair Band as one of two feature twirlers during the I984 Ohio State Fair. ln the fall months, contests were at- tended. The band received third place the Marietta Band-C-Rama. Senior show was conducted and pro- duced by the I984-l985 Seniors. A lights-out show was performed and was a success. The seniors played the Alma Mater for their final perfor- mance on the field. Pep band consists of twenty-five in- 9 '1 ACE TO EXPRESS . . Li y I itz. strumental members playing for bas ketball game entertainment Concert band travelled to contests throughout the winter months with seventy-five playing members lf, 7 W' ilfjn. .f.l Greg Flood and Melissa Starling were nominated to the I984 All-Ameri can Band +L, mifdxwis sf., ,Q- 55... Morgan Raider Band. . Band Members at work. . B. Weaver, L. McAfee. . Tracie Foster 1 Feature Twirler . David Gallimore - Drum Major. . David Maxwell. PLACE lt was a cool October morning and a feeling of anticipation encompassed the school. As the school bell began to ring on October I, so also began the week of homecoming festivities. Throughout the week, students and staff displayed school spirit and alle- giance. While passing through the halls, one could see many Raiders wearing decorative hats and multico- Iored bandanas. fit was rumored that one student wearing a total of fourteen colorful bandanas was sighted.D As the final days preceding the game arrived, the excitement contin- ued to increase. The school spirit warmed as many attended the bonfire at the athletic field. More celebration followed as all joined hands, formed a lengthy, human snake, and proceeded to dance through the streets. Finally, the long awaited homecom- TO E PERIENC ing day arrived. The school hallways appeared as a collage of blues and grays, as numerous people proudly ex- hibited the school colors. Near the end of the day, many gathered in the gym- nasium for a pep rally and final display of devotion. Across the floor lay the results of the spirit chain contest - the Seniors claiming a proud victory. Time progressed and many assem- bled to witness the homecoming pre- sentation. As the band set the mood, the floats and homecoming attendants and escorts captured the audience's attention. Cheers of support then es- calated as the members of the football team stepped onto the field. Even though a chilling breeze penetrated the air of that October evening, a feel- ing of warmth radiated from the hearts of those who proudly called themselves "Raiders." uffxyzi '? -445' 3' 3 3 This page paid for by Styling Station PLACE T0 DEVELOP Morgan High School serves to offer academic, professional, and social de- velopment to all those who attend. Within the academic area of Morgan. the faculty works to prepare students reer or further technical education im- mediately following high school, Mor- gan's vocational building and its trained faculty assist the individual in developing the necessary skills. for higher levels of education. Stu- dents are able to pursue their own in- terests whether they be art, music, computer science, business and office education, or firm college preparatory studies. For students wishing to pursue a ca- Morgan has become a place to de- velop. Students can develop the per- sonal and professional goals which are of great importance in the life of every individual while taking advantage of opportunities to learn more about spe- cific fields of interest. , if K fins an 3 2 4 D. Stroud. J. Hallowell. 2. S. Ferguson. C, Kurry. K. Gilliland. K. Nessel road. K. Harris. 3. T. Leonard, M. Snyder. K. Sands. 4. Biology Cat. 12 1 1 3 4 FFA Oueen's Court. Fair time! Cheerleaders greet Raid Ronnie Robbins at Fair. Mike at Central Market. Chuck at Shriver's. er Gator 5 PLACE TO SHARE . . . When the first part of September rolls around each year. Morgan County comes alive! It is during this time. that the annual Morgan County Fair takes place. Many citizens of the county attend the fair each year. There are games, rides, races, tractor pulls. and a demo- lation derby in which to participate or just watch. Many come to the fair to see old friends and neighbors. The Morgan County Fairboard does a lot to display the youth's talent and accomplishments through groups such as 4-H, FHA, FFA, and Scouts at the County Fair each year. The Morgan County Fair, for exam- ple, is based almost entirely on the youth of Morgan County. Many business organizations in Mor- gan County are concerned with the welfare of its schools, and their stu- dents. These same patrons who support the school and its activities during the fair also support teen-agers throughout the year by hiring them as part-time help in town after school, and on weekends. -POC I. T. Fisher. C. Burns. 2. Amie Foster. 3. S. Goins. M. Reed. G. Stanley. C. Burns. 4. S. Eckert, K. Harris, K. Gilliland. M. Lawrence. 5. Dana Moler. ir. 1, yr O 3 i i PLACE TO DRE M . When one sleeps, the physical body may remain virtually inactive. howev- er, the mind never ceases to perpet- uate. This mental activity is commonly known as the dreaming process. Dreams are not only a factor of sleep, but also a very important part of an individual's waking hours. In reference to the waking hours, the act of dream- ing takes on a very different connota- tion. The word dream can then signify an aim or goal. At Morgan High School. the neces- sary incentive, opportunity. and guid- ance in reaching dreams, is provided. Well informed faculty members fur- nish the encouragement needed by in- dividual students while the school it- self offers a wide range of applications to academic and vocational work. Within its own boundaries, Morgan be- comes a place to dream and learn how to make those dreams come true. M. King. l 1 W v K. Brownrigg, T., A. Bankes, S., S. Baker, T1 T Bragg. P.: C. Hilaman. V .P. SENIORS ix if 1? Kelly .l. Aber Shawn Altier Lori Ash Regina Bailey Claudia Ellen Baker if Loren W Baker Steve D. Baker ,qnnene ganke, k 5 1 I V I K P I F - Malt Coleman Sean Click Russ Clifton if Tracy Copeland Brian Caler 1 mv! ' ,, YI X , ,s x if x Q . I' A X X H Russell Confer Z Q21 y Susan COX Karen Deann Croston P I r P K I r V W i l P 3 l K L 1 1 7 r l l I i 1 P 1 k n 1 ?.,,. -a-v.-.-Tv Tj-.ii W W...-n.v+1-T-., V-,.,..,-w-wwf v--1 V l 1 I 1 --i-Tvvpwivw..-ii. Q...-v.-W...-,iv .,j.i.,.v Y r w I w W l Y r l V + K l 1 7+-i-T-v.-,.iT1.1.,w. iv1.,........-.i-Y ..i,iii k w 1 w l V k Tracy Copeland, Football I, 2, 3. 4, Basketball I, Track I, 2, 3, 4, VICA 3, 4. Susan Cox, OOEA 3, 4, FHA I, 2, Teachers Aide I, 2, 3, 4, Guidance Aide 3. Karen Deann Croston, FHA I, OOEA 3, 4. James Everette Dearstine, Choir 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4, VICA 3, 4. Greg Dille, Art Club I, VICA 3, 4. Lisa Dille, Library Club I, 2, FHA I, 2. Lori Ann Dille, OOEA 3, 4, Pres. 4, FHA I, 2, Wrestling Stat I, 2. 3, 4, FFA Queen Candidate 3, Teachers Aide 2, 3, 4 Prom Committee 3, Pep Club 2, Office Aide 2. Angela Nadine Dixon, Choir 4, Silver 8 Blue 4, Drama Club 4, Play Cast 4, Teachers Aide 4. Jeff Drake, Study Club 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 2, Intramural Basketball. Missy Driggs, Student Congress I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, OOEA 3, 4, Volleyball 3, 4, Gymnastics I, 2 3, 4, Cheerleader 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Softball I, Football State I, Pep Club I, 2, 3. Ronnie Driggs, Golf I, 2, 3, 4, VICA 3, 4. Pamela Sue Duncan, Flag Corps 2, 3, 4, OOEA 3, 4, Sec. 4. Susan Dutro, Art Club 2, 3, VICA 3, 4. Mary Edgell, FHA I, Spanish Club 2, 3, 4, Biology Club 4, Art Club 4, Flag Corps 3, 4. Loydena Ellis, Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4, Study Club I, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Library Aide 4, Biology Club 4, Vo Ag I, 2 FFA I, 2, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Upward Bound 3, 4. Brian Finley, VICA 3, 4. Kevin Fisher, VICA 3, 4. Sheree Fitch, VICA 3, 4, FHA I, Choir 2, Spanish Club 2, Greg A. Flood, Band I, 2, 3, 4, NHS 3, 4, VP. '4, French Club 2, 3, 4, Track I, Baseball 3, 4, Study Club I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' State 3. Y Amie Foster, OOEA 3, 4, VP. 3, Historian 4, Spanish Club I, 2, Class Officer: Treas. 2, Girls'State 3, Office Aide I, 2, 3, 4, Track Stat 2, 3, Wrestling Stat 3, 4, Fund Raiser I , 2, 3, Float Committee 2, 3, 4, FHA I, OL-'A Regional Contest 3, 4, OEA State Contest 3, OEA National Leadership Conference 3. Tracie Foster, Class Sec, I, Homecoming Att. I, Majorette I, Concert Band I, 2, 3, 4, Feature Twirler2 3 4- Spanish Club I, 2, Student Congress 4, FFA Queen 4, Gymnastics I, 2, Cross Country 3, Cheerleader 3. 4, ook! 3: 4, Girls' State 4. ' Vaughn Kelly Garrett, Spanish Club 3, 4, Football I, Cross Country 3, 4, Wrestling I, 2, 3, 4, Cap, 4, M VL Champ 3. 4, Baseball 2, Track 3, 4, Study Club I, 2. . Melissa Ann Gibeaut, Volleyball I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4, FHA I, 2, VICA 3, 4, Pep Club I, 2, 3, Teachers Aide 2, 3. ' 39 , , J F k I V -..-v- Y-Y-YW ---- ---- -Q - - - 1, --if----v -vi f-vi--W -W -f -,-7 V----.YY - --Y-w.7 -.if-f--.V Y-,,-vv...---W ---5 P r n l r P w l -.i.i...--f... Y .-1 Y .-...wif-i....,, rw-1-vw..,.,.a.w - --v E- EXCHANGE STUDENTS In August of I984, Nina Skammelsrud, an exchange student from Norway, arrived at Columbus Airport and was warmly greeted by her American hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis of McConnelsville. Nina is from Moss, Norway, a coastal city of approximately 26,000. She resides with her parents and one sister who is nineteen. An additional member of the family is Nina's pet rabbit, Bernie. At her home in Norway, Nina enjoys English horseback riding and downhill skiing. While in America, Nina has been actively involved in the girls' volleyball and basketball teams. In her spare time, Nina enjoys dancing, shopping, and says that she loves Trivial Pursuit. An additional passtime, Nina says, is eating American food. McDonald's Big Macs, Fritos corn chips, and pizza are just a few of her favorites. Because of her personality and good sense of humor, Nina has made many friends at Morgan. When asked what she thought of Morgan, Nina replied, "I like the school system. The teachers and everyone have been really helpful. I've enjoyed my stay and hope to return someday." 1 Roy Jenssen, a foreign exchange student from Norway, came to the United States in August of I984 and has been residing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dodrill of Malta. According to Roy, he became involved in the exchange program to try Ll.S. sports, to learn English better, and to have a new experience. Roy is from Narvik, Norway - a city of almost 40,000. There, he lives with his parents and two younger brothers, twelve and fifteen. At Storjord Skole, his school in Norway, Roy enjoyed being a member of the soccer and cross-country skiing teams while playing an active role in student affairs, president of Student Congress. Because of his enthusiasm for sports, Roy has actively participated in several of Morgan's athletic programs. He has lettered in football and wrestling, and is currently on the track team. ln addition to athletics, Roy is a member of the Spanish and Study Clubs, and was recently inducted into the National Honor Society. Over spring break, Roy traveled with a Morgan Spanish group to Mexico. In addition to traveling, Roy enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and dancing. He adds that eating at McDonalds is one of his favorite passtimes. When asked to comment on his stay, Roy replied, "I will miss all of the good friends I've made here. Everyone has been really nice and I will be back one day." After graduation, Nina plans to travel to Myrtle Beach with the Davis family. Her expected return to Norway is scheduled for sometime in early July. Roy .lenssen - 2 Ashild Saetren was a foreign exchange student from Stryn, Norway. During her stay in Morgan County, she lived with Mr. and Mrs. Dana Carley. Ashild was an academic student at Morgan. Her classes included Algebra I, heal-th, physical education, Home Economics II, Art ll, and history and government. She was on the cross-country and track teams, and the FHA and Art Clubs. Her hobbies include sewing, cross-country skiing, and orienteering. When asked what she thought about America, Ashild replied, "It's great even though it is a lot different from Norway. I think the people here are very friendly and they made me feel welcome at all times. I enjoyed staying with the Carley's and making new friendships." Ashild is leaving for Norway at the end of June. I SENIQRS DRESS DOW u yeiiiwifffvkf 3 4 1 KL vs? M V5 + ,,-::. 's MQW' N ,,,L . .L A , .v ,-4 ,Nm I ww- M I , V -f , ur My V, . . an I mil . V A x H-mm SMM ' N 'WU' Z ja M I i I I 4 I SENIOR DRESS-LIP .-uw .i :af ' s IXAX fi rd, ,Sw 4 f 4,.,,,:: . , M6 . I u JU IOR SENIOR PRQM Miss Julie Ann Raines Miss Molly Anne Skinner Mr. Charles Kuhn Mr. Mitchell Morrison 1, 1 Miss Wendy Roberts Mr. Roy I. Jenssen WE'VE GOT TO IGHT M Miss Kimberly Southward Miss Bridget Harlow Mr. Michael Snyder Mr. Steve Scott R IOR SLIPERLATIVES . wi 'fk' If Is is by gif S I If " , I if Q'-7? , A, S ww A ' arf! '37 - K ' 5 fvg ,IQ S . fr , fi ,,'i,,g-Q, TC ' ' 72' . g m? I Q4 , I fwfsfr rx MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT MOST ATHLETIC Chris Hilaman Tracy Copeland Kim Southward Missy Driggs . in EQPHQ s. W LE if' I " ', . 4. as. ' .Qiiii Q WR kk' 3 -if---i 11' Q I Mosr LIKELY TO succeeo My f 'I ' fx, Q Lori Ash ,gg ug' My I '14 4 'U Si Jeff Rhoades I A A V I I N if iiiiii ,, 6 1 f MOST POPULAR Dan Tippett Tracie Foster mffiih ' . L5hfj?f?lew.f4L1 A .a K- ' ff, 5 'S W, Qw- W 'hat 1 if if' 4. " 2 Q- hx-.-, Q 1. gy E ' .IT my U' A 4 F fr 'T as ' AY 4 11- R51 .hx 144. , W 4 x 1 rs '-1 if 1 M Q1 J is " rx as f'??'W,,,' , ,. L' if I. 1 ' f' wf , ' ., ' ,F,,vg,Z',v.'1L .- - I 9 I-rf I I 'j.L', Pi. ' QU 7 I A+' I fu , ' ,Maxis jrvjg-i,,, H5 C f Aiffvjafyf ,lx CLASS CLOWN Chris Hilaman Absent: Mary Egdell 2 1 . BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Missy Driggs Chris Hilaman MOST OUTGOING Lance McAfee Brooke Robinson x BEST PERSONALITY Lori Ash Absent: Branden Woodward A D MORE MOST ORGANIZED BEST BODY Kelly Mclntire David Shook Jeff Rhoades Kristie Kenney T, T, 5 if gm B - l-ff" fx . , W4 , 53 if KW qmmfi i f J V' 1 ,Q A fe em Wi' B Taira: if f A U-JE: J WT T, B ve Wu we K T T ig? 321: K CUTEST COUPLE BEST DRESSED Jamie Tredway S Gene MYQVS Amie FOSTEF Lori Dille absent: Mickey Morrison FRIENDLIEST Bev Steinbrecher Roy Jennssen 1,1 , ., T A V '2fX'l?i ?"' ' ' T ' K M, mi' 'ifrwafolh niii i iyy,y ey H 5 8324263 J ff 'K Zi FM BEST LOOKING BEST HAIR Asqhild Sag.-en Linda Blackburn Steve Baker Brent Smith GOVER ME T D Y COMMISSIONERS Steve Baker, Keith Tope, David Shook DIRECTOR FOR BOARD OF ELECTIONS Lynn Snyder WELFARE DIRECTOR Renee LePomois 50 TREASURER Beverly Steinbrecher ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Melissa Gibeaut SHERIFF Nick Kennedy '1 , "' ' ff ' My U ,L . 4 n og : I W ,,., N, V? w ,,,, 53, 5 , J x A ,- , gg? A- 1 1 ' ,-1.,,,m , CLERK OF COURTS Annette Bankes ENGINEER Ricky Mayle l AUDITOR Karen Brownrigg PROSECUTING ATTORNEY Tony Stroud , l RECORDER Dave Huffman I , 523215 JET ,E It I .tt.t 5 A TREA I ZZRR ' gi I iii TRY: Fil' I F ' . Q gm Ia. 'E A ., at Sfiiiiiffgl. , t 2 ag-L ,E I ' . ,Iggy A E. X avg, . N in 2 1 -5 I .K TLTAVT TWKL . E if X. ' t , , ...t EXTENSION OFFICE Jerry Campbell SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Kelly Mclntire A ARD DAY 7 Tracie Foster. Scholarship. Morgan Co. Republican Women Scholarship, Malta P.T. O' Scott McLaughlin, Morgan Co. United Methodist Ministries Scholarship Rotary Club Scholarship. l 52 Kim Southward. Kiwanis Scholarship. Lynne Snyder. Gould Scholarship. H '1 4 J X 9 AWARDS l to r: C. North, C. Murphy, L. Ash, K. Kenney, A. Gilbreath, T, Foster. B. Steinbrecher. K. Gilliland, A. Dixon 2nd Row: S. McLaughlin. J. Rhoades. G. Flood. S. Baker, A. Godfrey. . V, Z 5 Sill! . 8- W , Qwg 2 V jf-as Q, f .,i M M, K ,, -1 W :fx , 1 ' A ,, if ff K Y - . 1 ,Q ,QW I Wk is Q X, 4 F , , ' -'Mawr' Q ' ' , H , -.,,, Q .. -WX, Vg., U .2 ' . f -. ,.., f .... Ei f A 1 , f "Jw 1 'vmof of , f,.w,3:f:. ,-G 5 f , ' ,Ml M 1,2 r I U we A... Andrew Godfrey. Joy School Foundation Schol- Jeff Drake, Washington Technical College Schol- Matt Coleman, DeKalb Award arship. arship. THE BIG D Y Mr, Jack Mental. Asst. Principal: Mr. James Zechiel. Principals Mr. James McKinney. Superintendent of Morgan County Schools: Members of the Board of Educatiom and Honored Guests. Mr. Tracy Bragg. President of Class of '85. Miss Lori Ash, Valedictorian Miss Mary Raines, Salutatorian. 55 1 I l I C519 JLINIORS LOOK TQWARD FUTURE Albert. Angela Allender, Joey Ball, William Barkhurst, Shena Beer, Amy Best. Dannette Bickley, Tammy Blackburn, Drew Bohl. Richard Bowen. Randy Boyd. Angela Boyd, Peggy Burkhart, Tammy Burns. Charles Bywater, Carolyn Cain, Calvin Campbell, John Carroll. Lana Castle. Jeff Cheadle. Barbara Clark, John Clemens, Billie Jo Clemens, Bobbie Jo Click. Alice This page paid for by Connie's Beauty Shop ONE TO G0 Click. Janet Clutter, Amy Cook. Dan Cooper, Staci Couts, Lori Curry, Karma Curtis. Candy Dalrymple, William Daniels, Billie Davis, Mary Dew. Eric Dickinson. Brian Dille. Brian Duncan, Diane Eades. Mike Eckert, Melanie Ewart, Larry Ferguson. Shantelle Finley, Jamie Finley, Jennifer Fisher, Karen Fisher. Matthew Fisher, Tammy Fitzgerald, Russell JUNIORS' ENTHLISIASM EVIDENT Funk. Gretchen Gilliland. Bruce Gilliland. Pai Goins. Steven Gormley. Shannon Graham. Deborah Greer, Annette Hambel, Lori Haney. Kelly Sue Harman, Jeff Hashman, Angela Renee Heighley, Michael A. Hiles, Cynthia Ann Horner, Amy Huffman. Christina Huffman. Jodi John, .lannette Keller. Lori Kennedy. Bill Kidd. Deanne Kidd. Tamara Sue 4 Klies, Tina Krigbaum, Kelly Kunselman. Cynthia dnl' 'wma- 'MMM ,vw--.....,,,,,, ---...,,.mL,,,w' -4 'Q--...,,,,,-,U an mu 'vi 1 DO YOU REMEMBER? Kunze. Ben Lane. Julie Leonard. Helen Lilly, Lora Line, Amy Love. Tamela Lunsford. John Lyons, Thomas Makatura, George Massey, Tonya Matheney. Earl Matheney, Rhett Matson. Billy Mautz. Lisa Mayle, Brenda Mayle. Eric Mayle, Rodney Mayle. Ryan Manard, Billy Mays. Michelle McCoy. Steve McDowell. Tracy Mclnturf, Lori McKee. Darla JLINIORS ARE ROWDY McPeak, Ken Mills, Renee Mock, Jerry Mulherin, Kevin Myers. Robert Nesselroad, Nancy Nicewanger. Mary Norman. Tim Novaria, Cherie Nunley. Tina Palmer, Jodi Palmer, Regina Parmiter, Michelle Patterson. Terry Peter, Bruce Petty. Donna Pollock, Lynn Powell. Tim Reed. Floyd Reed. Matthew Rhoades, Ann Riffle. Jack Riley, Steve Roberts, Shane ALMOST THERE Robertson, Angela Ross, Jenny Sands, Chris Schmitt, Susan Scott, Kristina Searles. Sherri See, Cindy Shockley. Bryant Shuster, Teresa Smith, Amy Stanley. Gary Starling. Gary Steck. Shailah Strelecki, George Tabler. Rex Taylor, Trevor Thompson. Larry Tidd. Donna Torbert. Jackie Troup. Nancy Van Horn, Sherry Van Horn, Sheryl Vorhies. Julie Wallace. Bryan GNE STEP MORE Weaver, William Weekley, Scott Welch. Mike Wells, Brenda Wells, Gene White, Aaron White, Cheryl Wilson, Marty Wilson, Ryan Winstanley. Kathy Witter. Heather Woodward, Liza Work, Brenda Zechiel, Chad Zumbro, Scott Wentz, Jon White, Jim Wise, Greg Anderson, Tim Bell, Todd Border, Trevor Brannon. Jim Carte. Paul Coleman. Lisa Dingey, Ken Dobbins, Paul Earl, Dean Fluharty, Mark Gallimore. David Gibson, Terry CCAMERA SHYD Hall, Adrian Harlow. Jason Hood, Mickey Johnson, Charley Kincaid, Brenda Lemon, Carol Martin. Virginia Mayle, Jeannie Mills, Renee Newberry, Roger Nichelson. Mike Potts, Charles Reed. Jesse Slisher. Rodney Smith. Becky Stevens. Ricky Stevens. Scott Streight, Glen Thomas, Robin Treadway. Eric Welsh, Dana Wick. Gary Willmarth, Cathleen mqmww wwe! . .. . h -4 . 1' ' 34 J ' Sw 1 ,. 4 . 'K . ,L Ti' . . gg. V Pifer,T5 C. Godfrey, v.P. Qmmby. P. Absent W L. Ruth. .xfqpf . ' Q: .544 V, ',x 2 SQPHO ORES SOPHGMORES FORT Adkins, Brian Adkins, Penny Adkins, Stacie Anderson, Bobby Anthony, Troy Apperson. Erica Ash, Charlene Baker, Kenneth Ball, Brenda Barkhurst, Stephanie Bauer, Timothy Best, Brian Bewley. Marysue Bole, James Lee Bowman. Lynn Breese, Becky Bresett, Tyroan Brownrigg, Mike Buchanan, Joe Burcher, Shelly Burgess. Michelle Burgett, Melissa Burns, Diana Cain. Jeff SOPHOMORES DO THEIR OWN THING Catron. Phillip Chamberlain. Mark Charles. John Thomas Clawson. Keith Clifton, Chad Copeland. Trevor Cox, Robert Crowley. Valarie Curry, Kraig Dalton. Tracey Davis. Angie Davis. Trina Demster. Pam Dille, Dori Eckert, Steve Ellis. Jay Thomas Ellis, Keith Estep, Teresa Eveland, Jeffrey Farris, Kyle Ferguson, Angie Fisher, Chris Fisher. Jody Fisher. Kim SOPHCDMORES: DO YOLl REMEMBER? Foster, Carrie Frash, Lisa Garrett, Tarua Gessel, Becky Gheen, Donna Gibeaut, Michelle Gibeaut, Matt Gifford, Douglas ll Gilkey, Tom Godfrey, Cindy Greer, Bill Greuey, Amy Gump, Charmen Hall. Melinda Hambel, Brenda Hamptcn, Gary Harman, Rhonda Harris. Curt Hart, Jerry Hartzell.WRawleigh Higginbotham. Eddie Hivnor. John Holland. Jeff Hooper, Scott 68 5, W A Q f ,xulflj 1 1 5 ' 4 Vg , 'SZ' RMK!! DREAMING ABOUT TOMORRQWS Hopkins. Zach Horner. Robin Howard. Tracey Hunter. Fred Hyett. Dawn lrvin. Nick Janes, Kyle Jarvis, Michelle Johnson. David Johnson. Macklin Johnson, Velma Jones. Brian Judson. Rodney Kenney. Jamie King. Michael Lawerence. Monika Lemon, Angela Line, .lohn Long. JD. Madden. Cheryl Madden. Marion Marquis. Stacy Massie. Patricia Maison. Tammy SOPHOMORES RELAX INTO HIGH SCHQOL ATMDSPHERE Maxwell, Robert Mayle, Billy Mayle, Ginger Mayle. Tanya McConkey. Jim McCormick. Tom McGrath. Douglas Mclnturf. James McMillen. Trena Miller, James Moore, Andrea Moore, Brian Mullen. Kristi Myers. Casey Nesselroad, Kelley Nesselroad. Tricia Norman, Sara Offenberger, Pam Ohlinger, Cindy Papageorge, Alicia Parmiter. Jeff Parsons, Stuart Pastol. Jimmy Penrose. Natalie SCPHGMCRES SEEK PERFECTIGN IN DIFFERENT AREAS Peyton, Andrew Pifer, Laura Pollack, Brenda Porter, Brad Price. Cheryl Pritchard, Christopher Quimby, Alicia Raines, Julie R 9 tt ay. -co Reed, Billy Reed, Kevin Reed, Michael Reed. Robert Reinstetle, .lohn Rinehart. Paula Roberts. Kim Roberts. Mike R T oss. om Ruth. Lori Schubert, Rob Scott, Lisa Sebring. Bobby Sebring, John Shaw. Wayne 7l SOPHOMORES SATISFY INSATIABLE HLINGER Shepard, Kim Shook, Jeff Shriver, Jodi Shuster, Billi Jo Smirh, Cathy Smith, Mart Spencer, David Spurlock, Melissa Staley, Theresa Stanley. Mitchel Jr. Starcher, Darlene Starling, Brad Steak. Kurt A Stevens. Larry Stevens, Ronald Strode, Darcy Strode, Dwight Stroud, Randall Sweat, Gloria Sweet, Brian Tabler. Joseph Tennant. James Ill Thomas, Erica Dawn Thompson, Nlaurine Tippeit, Rebecca Travis, Randy Trussell, Kellie Lynn Vanliossen, Carlos VanHorn, Dean VanNess. Teresa TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO VanNess. Mike Vincent, Jimmy Wagoner, Lori Wayne, Randall Weaver, Holly Weiss, Lisa West. Dianna White, Joel White. Troy Williams. J. Kirk Wilson, George Winters, Fred Wogan, Hiley Woodward, Brett Young, Troy Sophomores n Bolden, William Crawford, Chuck Dille, Floyd Duncan, Becky DuVaIl, Donald Haney, Kimberly Haney. Regina Klein. William Lemon. Lisa Locke, Tanna Maxwell, John Mayle, Donna Murphy, Mike Neal, Juliet Price. John Pryor, LuAn Ringle. Tonya Schoditsch, Julie Severt, Malia Smith, Angie Wickham, James Woodward. Steph ot Pictured ine 7 i TEACHER AIDES Ist Row: T. Davis. A. Davis. M. Lawrence, A Quimby, C. Foster, C. Godfrey, L. Carroll. A Godfrey. M. Snyder, S. Baker. M. Sidwell, M Davis, D. Graham. S. Barkhurst, K. Roberts. K Zcchiel. D. Strode. Ind: K. Harris, T. White. M. Eades, A. Greuey. K Steck. B. Kunze. K. Farris, L. Mclnlurf, K. Krug baum. D. MtKec. C. Ash, T. Massey. J. Palmer 4. ,,., IDE GUIDANCE AIDES Ist Row: B. Harlow. L. Cours. A, Cvreuey. K. Sands. Ind. B. Cheadle, A. Beer, J. Ross. K. Gilliland. new ffm . 1. MAIN OFFICE AIDES Ist Row: S. Barkhurst. C. Ash, D. Graham, A. Quimby. K. Zechiel. D. Strode. Ind. D. McKee. K. Roberts, J. Palmer, T. Massey. M. Davis. J. Raines. Jw p FRESHMEN FRESHMEN . , GETTING THE HANG OF IT Alexander. Troy Allen. Mike Ashton. Lori Baker. Jana Balderson. Janie Barnett, Tanya Beer. Bradley Bellville. Aaron Bellville. Matthew Blackburn, Pam Blackstone. Missy Bobo. James Bohl, Tom Bond. Bryce Bowen, Jesse Burgett, Shawn Burns. Lisa Bush. Tom Cable, Curt Cain, Tim Campbell. Jim Carney, Junior Chamberlain, Melissa Cheadle, Tim ERESHMEN MEET NEW ACQUAINTANCES Clark, Bobby Clark. Warren Clemens, Bradley Clemens. Matt Chew. Scott Click, Laura Coleman. Kelly Collins. Karen Cooley, Craig Cunningham, Laurie Dalrymple, Carrie Dille, Jeremy Dille. Scott Dixon. Gene Dodrill, Carl Dreher, Toni Dulaney. Tina Durant, Denise fi A 1 54, . 'fi W k ,. Dutro. Amy Dye, Scon Eades, Kristin Eddleblute. Leslie Elliott. Melissa Elswick. Dallas FRESHMEN ADJUST TO NEW ENVIRONMENT Fitch. Wendi Jo Flood. David Eluharly. Jenny Fuchs. Robert Gage. Roger Gavin, Junior Grannon. Shane Greer. Joey Grove. Emily Harris, Stephen Hancock. Amy Harlow. Tim Harlow. Twila Harman. Gregg Hart. Rick Heben. Tiffanie Hensley. Gene Hensley, Victoria Herrmann, John Hiles, Becky Hill. Teresa Hdliobaugh. Randy Hopkins. Brad STILL WET BEHIND THE EARS Hosoin. Beth Hosont. Lisa Huffman. Karelle Kay Huffman. Kathy Hurst. Mason Inman. Staci Jackson. Michelle Janes. Cheryl Jarvis. Melody Jewell, Kellie Jewell. Kristie Johnson. Aaron Johnson. Daxid Johnson. Lester Johnson. Lori Johnson. Trent Jones. Matt Kangas. David Kenney. Annette Killen. Max Krigbauin. Crystal Krigbaum. Kevin Lane. Wayne Lawrence. Michelle FRESHMEN EXPLORE THE FUN AND THE SERIOUS Lones, Holli Love. Gary Manning, Angela Mason, Bill Mautz, Leslie Maxwell, Donald Maxwell. Janet Mayle, Trina Mclnturf, Angie Meadows. Scott Megery. Michael Middy. Christopher Miller, Danny Mills. Michael Mollahan. Teresa Moore. Jennifer Myers. Connie Nelson. Clara Nesselroad. Eric Newsom. John Newton. Tamara Niceswanger. Mike North. Geraldine Oliver. Ray A. lll FRESHMEN LEARN OF RESPONSIBILITY Parmiter, Barry Patterson, Julie Patterson, Misti Patterson, Tony Paxton, Carri Pettet, Gary Petter, Pete Petty, Carla Reed. Brenda Riffle, Shawn Roberts, Kenny Robinson. Gary Ross, Sally Sands, Darrin Sanders. Brenda Schubert, Amy D. Schultz, Jamie Schwab. Floyd Scott, D.J. Scott, Shonie Shonts, Jacqueline Short, Trina Smallwood. Kym FRESHMEN FIT INTO HIGH SCHQOL LIFE Smith, Bryan Smith, Jenny Smith, Monica Smith, Patrick Smith, Tonya Southward. Mark Sparkman, Andy Stevens. Jerry Streight, Mike Sweat, Barb Taylor, Sharma Thompson, Beverly Unrue. Joan VanFossen, Ricky Vanoster, Lee Vieth, Margarette Wallace. Donny Weaver, Bridget Webb. Teddy Wells. Tonia West. Mike Westfall, Samantha Wetzel, Dara White. Jill 82 NEW FACES IN FAMILIAR PLACES Arick, Johnny Dale Azbell, Bart Blosser, Bob Blosser, Scott Carnes, Courtney Coler, Kevin Gillespie, James Gotschall. Susie Gussler, Steven Hampton, David Hill, Richard Jordan, Beth Lamb, Michael Masters, Mike Mayle, Annette Mayle, Susan McBride, Christina STUDENTS NOT PICTURED White, Julie Wickham, Michael Williams, Kirk Wilson, Dustin Wilson, Katrina Wilson, Mindy Wilson, Russell Wogan, John Wright, Jason Young, Mary Zechiel, Kristy Zumbro, Matt Morgan, Lee Norman, Jonathan Pierce, Greg Pryor, LuAn Roberts, Samantha Scott, Bradley H. Secrist, John Shaw. Shane Shepard, Michele Short, Charity Shriver, Shane Slivka, John Smith, Lisa Starkey, Gary ll Stevens, Nate Thompson, Eugene Walker, Pamela Wells. Walter M Of This Page Sponsored By POLLYANNA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE ADMINISTRATIGN AND FACULTY 3 - . ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT David Southward 2. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Fred Sieinbrecher 3. COORDINATER OF SPECIAL PROGRAMS Alma Elliott 4. BOARD OF EDUCATION Front Row: Dick Graham. Janet Sta ford M. Oliver. Back Row: R Doris Powell. 5. COUNTY OFFICE PERSONNEL Front Row: Marcelline Kelly, Janic Back Row: Jean Bailey. Gayle lyn Riley, Neva Callendine. .loa ' 1 ki! 'X GS 41' IM M' I I Yi ii 5 'S 1 fa I Mi 1 ,yi gl "W""B- fm: 41 3 , .',. 1. - ' . ., "'k Mgaf' QQ f. . ' gm ,. f ifiiw-w' , . Z? 9: Q06 S J Reserve Football Cheerleaders: Stephanie Wood- ward. Stephanie Barkhurst. Kellie Trussel, Andrea Moore. Cindy Godfrey. Brenda Ball. Varsity Football Cheerleaders: Cherie Novaria, Staci Cooper. Angie Hashman, Tina Klics. Janet Click, Kim Southward. Freshman Football Cheerleaders: Jill White. Julie White. Samantha Westfall, Melissa Chamberlain. Kristen Eades, Kristy Zechiel. Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders: Lisa Mautz. Shailah Steck, Janet Click. Cherie Novaria, Tracie Foster. Freshman Basketball Cheerleaders: Denise Durant. Beth Hosom, Tori Hensley. Julie White. Michelle Jackson. Jill White. l l l l Reserve Basketball Cheerleaders: Becky Tippett. Jodi Shriver. Andrea Moore, Teresa Staley. Pam Demster, Stephanie Woodward. MORGAN LINKSTERS HAVE SUCCESSFUL SEASQN Golf Team: Row I. S. Baker. Coach Ed Johnstonz R. Driggs, Row 2: M. Clemens. T. Bell. M. Jones, M. Megery. Row 3. A. Hall. B. Starling. B. Kunze, E. Matheney. T. Border. v 'ft Pi Lil 1 JZ - 98 S. Baker 4-year Letterman. Medalist - I984-85. R. Driggs 4-year Letterman. All MVL - i984-85. 3 CLLEYB LL Reserve Volleyball. L, Carroll. M. Gibeaut, B. Clemens, A. Greuey, L. Bowman, S. Ferguson, T. Nesselroad, Coach Eveland, N, Skammelsrud. L. Ruth. l Varsity Volleyball: L. Mautz, M. Eckert, N. Nes selroad, A. Beer, M. Driggs. M. Gibeaut, D. Gra ham. R. LePotois. L. Ellis, Coach Nancy Knapp. Freshman Volleyball. T. Harlow, K. Huffman. M Blackstone, M. Wilson. L. Mautz, K. Collins. Boys Cross Country: A. White, K, Garrett, T. Hensley. B. Beer, D. Tippett. A. Godfrey. K. Har- ris. D. McEIhiney. J. Webb. Coach Paul Medbery. CRQSS-COLI TRY Girls Cross Country. J. Raines, V. Hensley. L. Pifer, T. Garrett, M. Davis, Coach Paul Medbery. HOMECOMING I984-8 Senior Float Winner - Junior-Senior Division Winner-Overall 1 1 i Former Homecoming Queen Jody Robison Dille F 102 Junior Float Sophomore Float Winner - Freshman-Sophomore Division Freshman Float New Homecoming Queen Annette Bankes VARSITY S RESER E RAIDERS D0 WELL ' ' 1" ' M "" ' f W 7- . , , e., , , , -. all 9 Q Wi: . if Q2 9. 5 'il fl Row Row Row Row Row Row I L-R. B. Woodward, J. Parmiter, R. Travis, M. Reed, G. Strelecki, T. Young, R. Matheney, M. Reed. D. Shook 2. M. Brownrigg. B. Moore, D. Strode. M. Snyder, T. Bragg, T. Powell, M. Chamberlain, B. Anderson 3: C. Myers, L. Thompson. M. Weaver, M. Westfall, R. Schubert, T. Leopold. T. White, B. Sebring 4: J. Hallowell, J. Campbell. S. Weekley, B. Woodward, S. Triplet, T. Copeland, S. Gormley, S. Hooper 5: D. Sebring, M. Eades, J.D. Greer, K. Wells 6. K. Tope, C. Zechial, T. Taylor, K. Janes, J. Tredway, C. Hilaman, B. Gilliland m w , New Lex 2. Maysville 3. Coach Weekley at Philo game 4. John Glenn P RENTS' NIGHT 1 I I 4 5 5 I. 2 3 4 6. 7 9. IO. 106 5 8 Keith Tope Mr. S Mrs. Dave Cherie Novaria Andrea Novaria Chris Hilaman Mr. S Mrs. Ted Hilaman Kenny Wells Mrs. Marie Wells Stephen Triplett Bernard Triplett Tracy Bragg Terry and Suzy Bragg David Shook Mr. S Mrs. Claude Shook Tracy Copeland Mr. S Mrs. Dan Copeland Brenden, Brett Woodward Mr. 8 Mrs. Carlos Macklem Randy Travis Mr. E Mrs. Ron Travis Brumage I TR IVILIRALS BOWLING Jodi Palmer. Scott Dille, David McEIhiney. POOL CHAMPION Matt Jones A ,I QM. E . Y ft L-4, V ., f hw,-. Q 4 BOWLING David McEIhiney, James Tennant III, Stefanie Barkhurst. Jodi Palmer. 104 l FALL SPORTS BA OUET BRINGS AWARDS I. M. Westfall. Outstanding Offensive Lineinan. J. Campbell. Outstanding Defensive Lineinani T. Bragg. Coaches' Award. B. Woodward. Out- standing Defensive Backz T. Copeland. Out- standing Back. 2. T. Bragg, Most TD passes in one game. Most passes in one season. 3. T. Copeland. Back of the Year. Morgan Raider rushing record. First Team MVL. MVP 1 U.. 2 3 D. Tippett. 4-year Letterman. Most Valuable Runner. J. Rains. Most Valuable Runner. Coach Paul Medbery M. Davis. Most Determined Runner. K. Farris. Most Determined Runner. S. Baker. Medalist. 4-year Letterman. R. Driggs. 4-year Letterman. M. Gibeaut. MVP. D. Graham, Leading Spiker. M. Driggs. Leading Scorer. 2 3 ASKETB LL . - . V, V , .. .L +-:S 4. ,Qi l ii.- -av t1 cfff1 if? We bbygytfite wk, Q, ,M r 4 f N ' K 'l Varsity Basketball: Coach Ed Johnston, Brett Woodward. Dan Tippett, Chad Zechiel. Bruce Gilliland. Mike Eades, Troy White, John Webb, Scott Weeklu Manager Dana Moler, Kneeling: Trevor Tredway. Tim Taylor. Andy Godfrey. RESERVES S FRESHMEN . -, .,.,45-,,.-.,, 5-:gas .. .g.eQ.,e:, il--Z' .gin X W' Junior Varsity Basketball: Randy Bowen, Mark Chamberlain, Brian Adkins. Drew Blackburn. Kurt Harris, Kyle Farris, Kirk Williams, Brian Moore. Kneeling: Bob Sebring. Coach Dean Clark, Bruce Gilliland. l 3 I Freshman Basketball: Eric Nessleroad, Greg Pierce, Mike Megery, Matt Zumbro, Dave Flood, Mark South- ward. Wayne Lane, Brad Hopkins, Aaron Johnson. Lester Johnson. Brad Beer. Kevin Krigbaum. Matt Clemens. Scott Blosser. Kneeling: Coach Dana Carley. Manager Jesse Bowen. 'l'l'l .l.V. GIRLS BASKETBALL Ist: M. Gibeaut. M. Lawrence, E. Apperson, J. Huffman, B. Gessel. lnd: T, Nesselroad, L. Pifer, Coach K. Bragg, C. Foster. N. Skammels- rud. VARSITY GIRLS BASKETBALL Ist, M. Gibeaut. Coach K. DeVoI. L Chew, Ind. K. Krigbaum. C, Foster A. Clutter, L. Wagner. N, Nessel road. L, Mclnturf, M. Eckert, M Lawrence. 1 w Q L I n r iw - YK - f ah.. gr 1 wxfvyw V51 -' 93 , 3 rr ' 'Q F f I r r ' ' A' ' I. Mickey Morrison K - ' ,V , V 2. Tracy Bragg X 3. Kurt Steck 'I X' -gg 'T . L: :fx Mx 33,-tg rx 53 , 1 v A , X xl XX. xl if H , Q ,, .Q M ,- J X , w f fr .f f K N' 55 . f 4 i ff., K ' 'Q 3 . W .-...., ' 6 'ff -xvjf 'Q' ix s 1. .. A 2 f k + ff f r if a , Y - . wr Q-V, + - .1 lsr: Amy Hancock, Tina Klies, Kim Southward. Ind: Kristy Zechiel, Michelle Burgess. Missy Driggs. Coach Nancy Knapp, Staci Cooper, Michelle Parmiter. Karelle Huffman -. , ,, - ,,,,- .-" H is fmly v r , V fi ' i -F ' ., L , ,,,,, ,, I A 2 3 2. Missy Driggs 3. Kim Southward WI TER SPCRTS A ARD WRESTLING Four Year Trophy. K. Garreth Coaches Award, T. Leonard: Coaches Award. M. Morrison: Most Take-Downs. MVP, T. Bragg. 3 af, -,X.f.Q,g,,g, ...W K.. ,.M.W . Y N391 ' N 3 gg. fy M xv 3573? 2 ff QJQQZY w ff Q ':v5X. . -. az. ww MS- 5 MQW M , wa ,.,f 21 .V mm, f SE. Q, . ,Q , .,,,.,.. , , .X ,A fa 116 GYMNASTICS Outstanding Gymnast. M. Driggs: Best All-Around. M. Parmiter: Most Improved. K. Huffman. I A A ARDS GIRLS' BASKETBALL Best Free Throw Shooter. L. Mclnturf, MVP, M. Eckert, Leading Rebounder. L. Chew, Coaches Award, C. Foster, Most Assists. Most Steals, M. Lawrence. BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Most Assists, Most Steals, A. Godfrey, Coaches Award, T. Taylor, Leading Rebounder, Best Free Throw Shooter, MVP, T. Tredway, Coach Ed Johnston. 117 ASEB LL JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Jay Knapp Ist: D. Pastol, J.D. Long, S. Hooper. S. Ray, J. Shook. Ind. E. Higginbotham, J. Eveland. R. Jud- son, J. Charles, J. Holland. 3rd: K. Krigbaum. T. Gibson, P. Smith, S. Eckert, K, McPeak. VARSITY BASEBALL Istf S. Gormley, J. Campbell, R. Myers, K Janes. C. Weiner, M. Megery. D. Flood. Ind. G. Flood. M. Nichols. M. Westfall, D Shook. B. Bodi. R. Mayle, J. Campbell, M Chamberlain. VARSITY Ist. T. Davis, J. Fisher, M. Lawrence, L. Carroll, J. Huffman, B. Reed. Ind: R. Harman, M. Raines, C. Foster, L. Wagoner, B. Harlow, L. Chew. E. Apper- son. K. Brownrigg. 1 ag- i SOFTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY lst: A. Manning, D. Durant, M. Lawrence, M. Blackstone, K. Mullen. Znd. P. Adkins, M. Burgess, Coach Julia Doran. K. Shepard, T. Garrett. 119 TRACKSTERS BOY'S TRACK Ist: S. Weekley, K. Garrett, K. Spare. B. Moore, B. Woodward, K. Farris. R. Strode. Ind: G. Harmen, C. Dodrill. T. Hensley. L. Johnson, A. Bellville. M. Bellville. M. Zumbro. B. Clark. Bird. M. Nicewanger. M. Southward, B. Beer, T. Alexander. C. Middy. K. Harris, R. Wilson. 4th. R. Schubert, B. Starling, D. Sebring. E. Matheney. T. Leonard, D. Tippett, 5th, J. Webb. R. Jenssen. B. Anderson, C. Pritchard. C. Myers, T. Copeland, S, Triplet. C. Hilaman. Absent. J. Farnswarth. A. Godfrey, D. Johnson. T. Ross, T. Taylor. T20 I GlRL'S TRACK lst: K. Sands, M. Chamberlain. K. Huffman. K. Zechiel, A. Hancock. M. Gi- beaut. J. Raines. K. Curry, T. Dreher. M. Wil- son. A. Schubert. 2nd: L. Lemon. T. Heben. B. Clemens, M. Patterson, L. Pifer, Coach Kelley DeVoI, L. Ruth, A. Smith. L. Eddleblute. K. Krigbaum. V. Hensley. 3rd: A. Saetren. M. Gibeaut, C. Madden, T. Williams, M. Driggs. l' , H . 4 :? ff WN A 'viz-73 1: , . fl V, 112225 W A x,., . ,,,, , A, Aw.. . V. ,,., 1, ,. ge , -54-F-,.a:f5,:f1 1 V.: , .. M,-V h I 11, ' ' - 1. 1. 'E1fMi.,,f H , 1 wwf' .- ' 24,15 +-:lL:,5::,:Tb1,"M,w 1 - ' ,.'f'3:a, Mm, ' ' - +2 ' 1 ,. V '-fr-i f 'L , M . ' , I 'lrlfwn - 1, H ,t , 90 rr-9' 1 w V' ag,-qgw f vw. X:-W-,W . ,. 1ag.k -rfmm' -y fm.-1, ' wx, 'P-'-5 gm-' iuqif' 1 1 . , 1' ' '51, ff ,. . N . ,V , 1.1, I-.. Q., ' :gay gggw if ' 'W a' , milk rzigz-gs:-22 ,. -5' ,iq ., w ww 13, wavy .- - V dab. -5 ' 'W w , -3-N, , 4 4 fn .gf .wwf Nw- Q 4.1, , 3? m M .1-we Wm nf' ww .Q 'G Way .Emma f E . W.-,Q mm rx E Q wmv? SQL 3 61" Wm, if 1 mfr., , 'j'f? ' 1 ff , -f ' ' 'H i' ,X ' I- ' , ' ', ' .if 1 L J Tiili' N 5 ' if -1' i? - f gwi w-:1 H ,ff 1- In .' 'WW ' w.1! w1w: fYf. 4 : he .f -4 . " 11 J w,,Jf'u "W-1-:fb -Wwe ' 1 1 'QL' I, www fwzv . 1 1- 1'9" -' -2 ivl' , :1 'Zh-,.4,,', f ' Tv d,,,.fI-' , Y .wwf-V Mm- JM-,kms 4 .1-9. ,. 4' - - f ' ' " ' 1 2 4:52 1 4 , 3 Q MQW X 1 My f 1 af.: 'WW 'f QW .fi we, 4 Q we kd Tig?-gk:-033 6 P 0 ffl 9gE, vweig, ,f '21' ,V li, :'.w x, ww- Sf 3' ,, sigsyfwfn ,vxi.g.y1 9 'lvl ,w 3: xwiw iff. G SPORTS AWARDS VARSITY BASEBALL Coaches Award, M. Nichols, MVP and Leading Hitter. R. Maylep Coaches Award, G. Flood, Fireman Award. D. Shook. absent. d BOYS' TRACK High Point Hurdler, K. Spares MVP and Dave Osborne Memorial. T. Copelandg Outstanding Field Events. C. Hilamam High Point Distance Runner. D. Tippett. MCRE AWARDS SOFTBALL Coaches Award, C. Foster. MVP. L. Chew. Leading Hitter Award, E. Appersom Hustle Award, J. Fisher F B GIRLS' TRACK MVP. M. Gibeautg Coaches Award. T. Williams, High Point Runner, C. Madden, High Point Field Events, L. Lemon 123 VARSITY FOOTBALL RAIDERS 7 IO 29 23 4I I3 2I 0 4I 20 OPPONENTS Coshocton Maysville West M New Lex Riverview John Glenn Tri-VaIIey Philo Sheridan Crooksville 34 32 28 is 34. All 27 RESERVE FOOTBALL RAIDERS 7 0 I4 6 O 2I OPPONENTS Philo Maysvilie West M New Lex John -Glenn TriPValley i SCOREBO RD RAIDERS eie OPPONENTS .. .... .I I . '36 .iii Mavsville 1 , '89 K ii. Q . We -. .E -. in 41. :fi ,. . .ie lg Athens 3 V . Zifrimblef . I f in . . J., , .. FRESHMAN. FOOTBALL RAIDERS 20 40 2I 6 I7 21 OPPONENTS Philo New Lex West M Maysville Tri-Valley Riverview GYMNASTICS RAIDERS 86.74 79.96 88.30 87.38 65.75 63.05 67.90 69.95 OPPONENTS Franklin Hgts Sheridan Athens - ' Athens. Franklin Hgts - DeSalIes 5 Dublin ,, , , 82.5 8l.49 90.05 84.5 74.45 59.65 A I 95.90 Sheridan I - -- Saas. SS . 46 .eii M W . Lex l 4 .... i .. . A . 141 , .ISIQ ..... if Tri-VSITEYE . A I725 -. li Sheridan . r q 5 111 1 i A Q. ' I7 A . i 1+ if .C'00kSV""-F RAIDERS. QQPONENTS. f . ISS 1 secnahaifi :IIof I 55 :S .Mif3e"a I 838 - . I I 5' MWSVIII9? 2115 4 SO John 3 205 '4 Waf2ffQe! i.5 1,51 . . . Q I . 4 43 RIVUVIQW5. .i. I 23. . I . QQ. ' 47 NQWILCXE, I9 . ss 3 - 29 Philvi 5...5 - 4' A D ' 3 ' 1 46 Sheridgm '24 Q I2 A ' '6 A .4I. , 8 7 42 1 Q in Q . Q f MQ'Z8a:" in . , ik... kg ., I 1 - I I 7' I - ' 1 . . I ---.- - .. - eeefcsvvoewewrse - A we API . 'S' M , .- 1- :s1i'mESE-Q55 . L 5 ii L L jigx i5L A L if ii 311' . .iii W . flil .Fm Frye . A Sheridan fifhild 1 5 . I Crooksvilie- John Glenn I Tigigvalley Riverview New Lex Fdrt Frye Maysville West M Sheridan I PIiIIO Crooksville John.Glenii- TrigVaIley RAIDERS I I 43 32 58 58 26 I BI . , . 1 ,ms ffv- fl.. - -111 - -he Q.. .. mee., .. . . f. X 4 if .,. i, OPPQNENT5 5 A . . Afhp-2051 Q NEWEIQQPC . , I I . 4 . Rid8e9i'?fQffii Si' . f Nh" A we A . we eff'-Valmei ei I5 23 I8 62 SI 24 32 QL . Rivbgview 824. " . . ..,. ee. . ,.... - . . . . . . . . ...SI . S . . . J .. . we . 6 ..SW9fY!ew 'rw' 578+ 44 I A in 1. ...E .1 Invf .7 X . ..... rei. - - A Lkk' Q I iir' I f gs cgwwi . ifygm, W V 4,, ,, , ,, .gy , fe - 'V 15, i , Q p, , , , 5 45,5 " 4 K ' ' , 1 E Wf - rg . -' .. Q J . F , , . , V, , g - . H f wi' , : - f I f-vv' V '- Q .,,. .. f , . ,,,f:w .-- f, - W 1 ff . . . , , , , k , . l yb Aff' ' 'i 3: . ,, .wr ,, L , Ai ,,, V, ,, . A 45, , 1-1 f 2 V6 gwz, 3,3 fl af ,. ,- I 1, 1, f M 5 5,,i,,fQig.,: . , 1 ww f W ' f My .I I 2, 1 f - 41 ,, f fzzukyg v A , 3, f f ,, f ,, ,, Ng, K K f gjrffvf , A - ff ,, ,,,,, 5, ,, ,,, , J f fQ.,?f:wf y THIS 'N THAT VARSITY SOFTBALL RAIDERS OPPONENTS L Fort Frye L Tri-Valley W West M L Maysville L Philo L Fort Frye CDH3 L Sheridan L Crooksville L New Lex L Riverview L Crooksville L Philo L Sheridan L New Lex L Tri-Valley W John Glenn W Dover racy The staff apologizes to its readers, but the Reserve Softball and Varsity and Reserve Baseball Scores were un- available. J.N. - Ed. E.B. - Ad. 1, ,TP - r, ,?1I'sT1.,11k 1 1. , AYIVA M . 9, if , E 5 If was V 4, , ' . T Earl Matheney J I ' . A f ' , , flfi'-125 ' , , T., 1,214- ' -2 ff, - pw? W- i:.:f1:ffa9"1f Q- f -'V' 5.2-,V q ly: 6, a t 'Ag . . V Q, 50,9 :J I 4, f. pe gkazf ,.1, if" 'A ' J ,pi 'T " li ' , . I 3 N' , ' L T 'W 'WZ " T 2 , Wm. u U,,y:,, , iw , , f ,rye , -. -1 . ,gg ,:,, ,,., , ,.,. V , ,..,,.V,,,v . - , K , L . , . 1 V I- saggy U, ,. 7 , ,ggisfw ,W , f ff' i f f '- 'fi ' " Xiu." ' " , '-Jgiz ' I ' f l,.f.wJ ff? 39 - ' ' 1 -aw:-ii 'L 'R A f ir' i 1,1..fLJL:4:wC'fEIiw- M 'ful'-QQ 'ff T, T - T ,V ., . , mfww' '4 ' 3 ' fs f-L T - H . P M -,. .fm , ,A-Q iff V --Q: rf w:nfw '.w:. .. f,, f-4 ,, .Mr J -T f 9 Sf - Melissa Chamberlain ,. 5 ..,, 1 MM- Gvibiimfxuvz-zskzzb,-,, T "1 127 LIR SLIPPQRTI G STAFF J JANITORIAQ STAFF COGKS Ist Row: M. Glenn, M. Shilling. Ind: K. Seamon, S. French, A. Barnes. J BUS PERSONNEL B. Bucey R. Cain I. Clemens D. Gessel W. Hill M.B. Hook W. Horner M. .lanes J. Kincaid S. Lahmers F. Linger M. Manning R. Maxwell P. Mingus 128 A ' if f 'l' ' ,, 95" -Quik., , f' f figZ!g,,, - nj' . V' 23-.2 ' 4544, ., , .. f '. z V'Wf"q 3 ' 6"Esi.iz Q-If ' A H Y ,pf ,L f , ' .. 1 A WWW '-" .4 ..,,....., Q , 4 5 - - if .iiff if . gf. F' , j W l ' I N i, ,nf . , ,, . f I - - I ,i x F f it ' Z ' uf F- T : T 'Z fwshfw A , . 4. sf , I H ' 5 f 55' 5 . . i. . V - 5 I-- . . D. Davis, K. Smith. D. Shilling, P. Clemens, L. Cain. H JM ,L 4, ,warm .. ... J. Montgomery M. McCormick R. McKibben S. Newsom D. North A. Novaria C. Parmiter A. Raines L. Reed S. Roberts L. Smith P. Southall M. Thomas W. Thompson B. Triplet PXQQXWYYYYSS 9335QQaJ6D L? lst. P. Wogan, P. Boyd, C. Bolyard. P. Duncan, N. Pierce, W. Robertson. B. Harlow. Ind: K. Croston. D. Mayle. K. Haney. CLERICAL JuNloRs SENIORS Ist: J. Lane. G. Funk. D. McKee. T. Fish- er. A. Horner, S. Barkhurst. Ind: Kim Bragg. J. Palmer, M. Davis, K Haney. B. Wells. T T . Ist. T. Foster, S. Cox, S. Welch, C North. Ind. B. Steinbrecher, T. Williams. M Driggs, L. Dille. A. Foster. C. Murphy SENIORS Ist. A. Boyd, B. Clemens. C. Leonard, T. Massey. Ind. K. Fisher. S. VanHorn, J. Click. B. Clemens. N. Troup. STE OGR PHY JuNloRs Ist. S. Dutro, A. Johns, A, Bankes, L. Blackburn. K. Mclntire, T. Spurlock, L. Murphy, Bernice Roberts. 2nd. N. Mar- shall. T. Bauer, J. Stewart, K. Brown- rigg, M. Gibeaut. B. Mosier, L. Mayle, JUNIORS SENIORS COSMETOLQGY Ist: Jean Wagoner, T. Kidd, A. Albert. T. Nunley, B. Kincaid, T.Love, S. Van Horn. Ind: L. Lilly, J. Ross, T. Burkhart. C. Lemon. M. Niceswanger. N. Best, C. Huffman. C. See. 7 SENIORS lst. B. Ewart, C. Hunter. P. Hedges, A Mayle, G. Mayle, J. Harlow, B. Bloom- field. Ind: J. Robertson. D. Hunter, J Lowers, Charlotte Callihan. L. Dille. P West. R. Bailey. MULTI- REA HILD CARE Ist: J. Mayle, C. Curtis. 2nd. Sharon Davis, C. Golcar. A. Robertson, A. Greer, J. Finley. K. Winstanley. D. Duncan. Srd: D. Petty. P. Boyd. B. Mayle. JUNIORS sENioRs MACHINE TR DE Ist Row. S. Irving. J. Dearstine, S. Tri- plet. T. Leopold. T. Copeland, M Westfall, R. Smith, P. Roberts. Ind. D. Shuster, S. Locke, R. Driggs. J Kaid, E. Lockwood. N. Kennedy, B Mayle. D. Huffman. Holly Starling. JUNIORS Ist. Row. P. Dobbins, B. Kennedy. M. Wilson. S. McCoy, E. Mayle. K. McPeak, R. Mayle. 2nd. A. Riffle. M. Duncan, T. Lyons, T. Taylor, T. McDowell, M. Welch. C. Cain, G. Makatura, E. Matheney. I ...M I lst Row. B. Bodi, B. Hartley. A. Pettet, M. Papageorge, K. Hansen, C. Albert, K. Spare. Ind: Harold French, E. Martin. A. Stoneburner, D. Torbert, T. Shook. G. Myers. W. Robinson. .1 h UTO-MECHANICS JuNloRs SENIQRS Ist. R. Bohl. F. Reed, G. Stelecki, K Dingey. G. Streight. Ind: C. Potts, J. Clark, E. Treadway, J Wentz, R. Palmer, H. Witter. 3rdf Dale Bailey, J. Harmen, G. Star ling, B. Shockley, J. Allender, R. Fitz gerald, J. White, M. Fluharty. SENIORS CARPE TRY Ist Row. J.D. Patterson. K. Stanley. M Reed. B. Dille. B. Maynard. D. Cook. J Campbell. Ind. B. Dalrymple, C. Burns. J. Bran- non. L. Ewart. L. Thompson, S. Goins, T. Norman. Srd: Jamie White. T. Anderson, B. Pet ret. R. Slisher. B. Wallace. D. Black- burn. Ist Row: Bruce Dozer. H. Miller. B. Fin- ley. G. Dille. R. Clifton. L. Baker. D Gross. lndz J. Bohl. K. Wells. M. Nichols. B Murphy. M. Jarvis. T. VanNess. Srd: L. Lilly. J. Treadway. K. Tops. JUNIORS lst Row: D. McElhiney. S. Gilkey. E Hall. L. Snyder. S. Stanley. L. McAfee. Jnd: J. Hallowell. E. Clawson, R. Con fer. D. Ingram. B, Kidd. A. Matson. 3rd: Roger Calendine. D. Sebring. R Nichols. J. Campbell. T. Smith. R Mayle. D. Moler. JUNIQRS l SENIQRS ELECTRQNICS lst. D. Kidd. V. Martin, A. Smith. L Coleman. Ind: S. Roberts. R. Myers. S. Zumbro. S herin. K. Matson. Lester Sherwood. . i Gormley. J. Mock. E. Dew. K. Mul- VO-AG 4 lst row: J. Drake, R. Hill, T. Medley 2nd: M. Coleman. S. Altier. T. Bennett, J. Clemens, G. White, J.D. Greer 0-G 138 VO-AG 3 lst row: M. Heigley. J. Lunsford, C. White. On tractor: D. Gallimore, B. Weaver, M. Fisher VO-AG 2 lst: J. McConkey. D. Gifford. J. Cain. J. Reinstetle, R. Harman. M. Gibeaut. Ind: B. Porter. M. Van Fossen, J. Hivnor, S. Parsons, B. Reed, M. Nicewanger. Bill Massey. VO-AG I lst. D. Miller, J. Slivka, J. Campbell, J. Herrmann, J. Dille. P. Pettet, G. Dixon, J. Apperson. 2nd. J. Price. C. Robinson. T. Webb, W. Lane, D. Kangas. T. Cain. K Cable, D. Sands. C. Taylor. Bill Massey. FHA 8 FF KEEP GRQWI G 140 lst: C. Weiner, B. Clemens. Ind. C. Petty, L. Frash, A. Lemon. T. Estep, C. Gump, B. Breese, P. Offenberger, C. Nelson, B. Thompson, T. McMiIIen, P. Massie, D. Gheen. Srdz J. White, W. Fitch, B. Hiles, B. Reed, K. Dalrymple. T. Garrett, S. Woodward, H. Weaver, B. Pollock, R. Haney, C. Ohlinger, S. Burchard. 4th. M. Elliott, T. Hensley, D. Starcher. D. Dille, L. Lemon, B. Hambel, J. Raines. T. Van Ness, P. Rinehart. C. North, M. Thomas, A. Smith, T. Dalton, G. Mayle, K. Haney, T. Wells. 5th. K. Collins, S. Ross, A. Setren, R. Horner. E. Thomas, K. Jewell, T. Barnett, S. Inman, L. Hosom, T. Hill, A. Ferguson, J. Fisher. Gth: Anita Eldridge, J. Stevens, K. Coler, J. Norman, T. Bresett, A. Sparkman. F. Hunter, K. Smallwood, R. Cox. J. Stewart. K. Huffman, Elaine Collins. I' Ist. J. Dille, J. Apperson, P. Pettet. B. Smith, T. Cain, G. Dixon. Ind. D. Sands, R. Maxwell, J. Slivka, M. Fisher, B. Weaver, J. Campbell, J. Herrmann, S Burgett. 3rd: J. Greer, J. Lundsford, L. Mautz, C. White, C. Taylor, J. Drake, M. Heigley. 4th: Bill Massey, J. Miller, D. Kangas, R. Hill, T. Medley, T Bennett, J. Greer, G. White, J. Clemens, B. Reed, R. Harmen, J. McKonkey, J. Hivnor. L. Scott. S. Altier. M. Coleman. HERO CHILD CARE OFFICERS B. Ewart. C. Hunter, P. Hedges. B. Bloomfield, J. Harlow. G. Mayle, A. Mayle. Ist: R. McPeak, Pres. Qnd: A. Robertson, Sec.i P. Boyd, V.P. QFFICERS DR MA CLUB AND PL Y CAS f i .5 . 4 L-4. Q., l 'fx 'gf 4 4. is I 8 'll lst: L. Keller. A. ManningfT. Drehef, M. Young. Ind: M. Skinner, S. Scott, M. Sidwell. Elma Boyd. K. Gilliland. J. Smith. A. Dixon. C. O'Brien, S. McLaughlin. J. Rhoades. B. Woodward. Srdf M. Bewley. B. Best, A. Line. B. Greer. K. Ellis. J 142 D B B 4 lst: S. McLaughlin, M. Sidwell. lnd: L. Keller, K Gilliland. J. Smith, A. Dixon, M. Bewley, A. Line J. Rhoades. B. Best. B. Woodward, Absent. A Rhoades. TLIDY CLUB 8 N S K ..4,,,.5ff S - f.. .. . .-. . L. K . - -4 . N,-K, , . . . Senior Members. K. Sands, M. Skinner. K. Southward, S. Baker,zT. McLaughlin, J. Rhoades, G. Flood, S. Fitch, T. Bauer, L. Blackburn. K. k, ,, , .. .,.,.. ...n -.ff Q... u J. Webb, M.,Raines, L. Ash, K. Kenney C Baker M Coleman S J. Stewart. R. Jenssen. lst. J. Rhoades, L. Blackburn, T. Tredway. D. Tip pett. S. McLaughlin. M. Skinner, K. Southward. W Ind. J. Stewart, T. Bauer, C. White. J. Vorhies, A f ' M. Parmiter. C. Novaria, K. Sands. M. Raines, K. I ' 3 Gilliland. K. Kenney. L. Ash, G. Flood. 3rd: M. Eckert. R. Jenssen, R. Wilson, T. Williams, B. Steinbrecher. 4th. S. Baker, M. Westfall. J. Finley. R. Mayle, Sylvia Moore, J. Drake, M. Coleman. SPANISH S FRENC LLIB ,. . .. kr, . if A' Senior Members: C. Hllaman. K. C1arrctt.D. Shook, D. Ttppett. A. Godfrey. S. Baker. T. Tayior. M. Skinner. M. Morrison, K. Southward, M. Snyder. M Sldwcll. M. Raines. L. Ash, L. Hhs. M. Lawns. J. Rhoadcs, R. Janssen. S. McLaughlin. M. Bryan. B. Hart, B. Roblnson. S. Scott. lst. L. Johnson. D. Hood. B. Boer. M. Hurst. S. Dye. L. Eddleblute. T. Drchcr. R. Wllson. Ind: M. Young. M. Wilson, K. Roberts. L. Couts. L. Mcln- turf, N. SkIil11I11CLSl'Ud, C. Cheadle. R. Stroud. Lima ' Boyd. 3rd: J. Newton. T. Heben. K. Sands. T. Wllltatns, K. Kenney. C. Baker. S. Scott. -hh: J. Ferguson. M. Knllcn. M. Gsbeaut. J. Ross, A. White. 'I44 TLIDENTS TRAVEL TO FAR COLI TRIE Mexico, Ist: J. Torbert, B. Tippett, K. Curry, D. Durant, B. Clark. 2nd, L. Ash. H. Spencer, Ralph Morgan, M. Hoffman. R. Jenssen. Peru, Ist: D. Kidd, J. Rhoades. Ind. Ralph Mor- gan. M. Chamberlain. C. Dodrill. Europe. C. Baker. J. Newton, Elma Boyd, L. Eddleblute, absent, P. Boyd. wnqm 3404 LIPW RD BOLI D chiel. L. Mautz. M. Driggs, S. Ferguson L. Hambel, M. Chamberlain. P. Black- burn. J. White. Ind. T. Powell. A. Fer- guson. M. Lawrence. B. Steinbrecher, K. Southward, T. Williams, Thomas Tewksberry. A. Beer, L. Carroll. C. No- varia. S. Barkhurst. B. Gessel. A Greuey. C. Foster. M. Bellville. ry, T. Shuster. T. Gibson. 2nd. J. Campbell C. Murphy. S. McMullen. J. Rhoades, S , McLaughlin. STLIDE T CCNGRESS T'i1,mg,5' "'iA Liii L A . L., .'r Ist. B. Dickinson. S. Steck. L. Ash. K. Cur- Ist: L. Carroll. S. Ferguson. Ind: J. Vor- hies, M. Parmiter. M, Eckert, A. Clut- IBF. GIRLS' 8 BUYS' STATE Vyvyg M i -T Ist: C. Zechiel. G. Strelecki. Ind: T. Border, B. Kunze. 147 PUBLICATIONS MORGANNA Ist: L. Ash, M, Raines. C. Gump. lnd. T. Fisher. L Mclnturf, J. Newton. Elma Boyd. J, Rhoades, C. Ash, N. Penrose, M. Sidwell, J. Kenney. Absent. B. Gessel X 148 RAIDER lst: M. Snyder. M. Skinner, J. Newton. L. Weiss, L Keller. Ind: T. Fisher, C. Novaria. A. Beer, R. Wilson Elma Boyd, L. Mclnturf. L. Ash. R. Stroud. M. Raines 3rd: C. Kuhn. M. Sidwell. S. Baker. QUILL E SCROLL lst. S. Baker, M. Snyder, R. Stroud, L. Weiss, J. New- ton. Elma Boyd. C. Novaria, A. Beer, M. Skinner, K. Sands. S. Welch. lnd. J. Kenney, J. Rhoades, C. Gump, L. Keller, C. Kuhn, L. Ash, M. Sidwell, M. Raines, L. Mclnturf. R. Wilson, T. Fisher. A. Horner. l T :X LIBRARY AIDES Ist: J. Line, G. Wise. L. Ash, L. Ellis, J. Smith, B. Work, J. Rhoades, B. Greer. Ind. K. Janes, J. Vorhies, J. Tor- bert, T. Shuster. Vivian Glenn, N. Penrose, S. McMullen, C, O'Brien, B. Dickinson. T. McCormick. J. Clemens. n ART CLUB Ist: J. Ross, T. Love, S. Dutro, A. Saetren, H. Spencer, L. Snyder, M. Hall, D. West, P. Offenburger. 2nd. M. Johnson, B. Smith. C. Kuhn, L. Hambel, L. Chew, C. Novaria. L. Mautz, K. Shepard, K. Trussell. Srd. A. Line. B. Robinson. S. Scott, N. Skammelsrud, 4th. N. Marshall, D. Johnson, L. Baker, T. Copeland, M. Roberts, B. Steinbrecher, Heide Kraps. 149 . 4 , . Quiz TE Ms 5 cc ssrui Vivian Glenn, M. Skinner. C. Baker, L. Ash, M. Raines. B. Hart, Ab. Vivian Glenn, C. Baker, K. Kenney, T. McCormick, B. Hart. Ab 150 I A VANCED BIOLQGY 8 COE Ist: J. Newton, J. Ross, L. Ellis. L. Ash. K. Kenney. 2nd. K. Sands, M. Skinner, C. Baker, M. Lewis. M. Raines, A. Kangas. Srd: C. O'Brien, K. Gilliland, M. Edgell, N Skammelsrud, K. Sourhward. M. Snyder, T. Leonard. 4th: M. Clemens. C. Kuhn. K. Aber, M. Bryan, B. Robinson, Paul Medbery. Ist. B. Clemens, T. Massey. C. Leonard, J. Click. B. Clemens, N. Troup, K. Fisher. S. Barkhurst. A. Horner. Ind. J. Lane. G. Funk. D. McKee. J. Palmer. M. Davis. T. Fisher. B. Wells, K. Haney. 3rd. C. Bolyard. P. Boyd, P. Duncan. N. Pierce. S. Welch, M. Driggs, T. Williams, L. Dille, P. Wogan. 4thf K. Haney, K. Croston, D. Mayle. W. Roberts. S. Cox. C. Murphy, C. North. B. Harlow, A. Foster. Kim Bragg. B. Steinbrecher. Music, Music, Music BAND AND CHOIR Ist- L Keller L Weiss M Starling D McGrath J White G Starling F Winters G Flood C Clifton T Epp D.J. Scott. D. Tidd, Jearold Kidd. lnd: G. Sweat. N. Penrose, A. Schubert. S. Hammond, S. Riffle, D. Maxwell, Scott, B. Weaver, D. Wetzel, L. Cunningham, L. Click. L. Hoson, T. Dreher. 3rd. K. Smallwood, S. McMullen, Ball. J. Maxwell. D. Maxwell, A. Kenney, K. Neff. D. Gross. T. McCormick. C. O'Brien, T. Howard, M. Jarvis, Jarvis. 4th: K. Haney, T. Wells. S. Severt. B. Mosier. J. Charles, T. Anthony, P. Adkins. L. Scott, H. Weaver . T Davis. B. Tippett. P. Massey, A. Dixon. Sth. R. Haney. R. Johnson. K. Ellis. M. Jackson. R. Schubert. K. Gilliland. Kidd. R. Lowers. D. Hyett, C. Smith. H. Spencer. A. Line, M. Bewley. 6th. D. Gallimore. B. Dickinson. P. Tippett See. T. Foster, L. Woodward, J. Torbert. L. Reed, N. Pierce, K. Curry, P. Duncan. P. Gilliland. C. Sands. 9Y T B M J .C SILVER AND BLUE Ist. A. Dixon. C. O'Brien. D. Wetzel, B. Ball, L. Keller. Ind. D. Gross. C. Sands. P. Gilliland, B. Dickinson, R. Johnson. 152 PEP BAND S ESCORT PEP BAND lst: L. Keller, D. McGrath, G. Flood, C. Clifton, L. Weiss. Ind. T. Scott, B. Tippett, T. Anthony. T. Davis. 3rd: N. Penrose, C. Smith, J. Kidd. 4th. K. Gilliland, J. Dearstine, T. McCormick, C. O'Brien. P. Gilliland, T. Howard. FLAG CORPS C, See, P. Tippett, P. Duncan. K. Curry, N. Piertte. MAJORETTES M. Collins, L. Woodward. J. Torbert, L. Reed. Absent, L. Lilly. .52 153 l 7 VIDEQGRAPHERS lst: J. Campbell , J. Hallowell. D. Moler, Ind: K. Mulherln, L. McAfee. BACKSTAGE CREW YNE3 TXSXS G Phono: 962-4471 MIIHLILIEIR f' IHHUICIK ,927-12716 I QQIIZH 62 South 7th Street McConnolsvilIo, Ohio 43756 Michael M. Huck, Director Richard J. Huck, Director SCHILLING 8: BAUERBACH BUILDERS, INC. Backhoe Service Custom Cabinets Dozer Service Cuatom Homes Ilaaonry Remodeling , TRUSSED ...Lk au-'rsns D '- Q """M' P.0. Box 187 I Rt. 60 South I Beverly, Ohlo 45715 Phone 904-2398 or 749-3474 Ottioe Noun: Monday thru Friday 7 to 4 MALTA CARPET BROCK'S CENTER AUTO PARTS BOX 367 St. Route 78 West Malta, Qhio Malta, Ohio 43758 43758 Phone: 962-32lI FREMARS Central Plaza Beverly, Ohio 984-2310 Under New Ownership Dale S Marge Retterer The Finest Jr. And Missy Specialty Shop ln The Area Best Of Luck LLOYD'S Men's And Boy's Store 55 E. Main Street Women's Shop 62 E. Main Street McConnelsville, Ohio Class Of '85 SEARS MORRIS TIRE SHOP Authorized Catolog Sales Maha Chia Richfrjiijgtson Qualify Tires And Mcconnelsvmet Friendly Service Ohio 43756 962- 3286 Belpre IGA Foodliner 6lO Washington Blvd. Belpre, Ohio Hours: Mon.-Sat.8-IO Sunday 8-9 Evergreen IGA Foodliner St. Rt. 7 East Marietta, Ohio Hours Mon.-Sat. 8-IO Sunday 8-9 M 8 M IGA Foodliner 333 Riverside Dr. McConnelsville, Ohio Hours Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Sunday 9-6 IGA FOODLI ER Seven Locations To Serve You Newport IGA Foodliner Newport. Ohio Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-IO Sunday 8-9 R S R IGA Foodliner Lowell, Ohio Hours: Mon.-Sat. 7:30-9 Sunday IO6 Spooney's IGA Foodliner Central Plaza Beverly, Ohio Hours: Mon.-Sat. 9-9 Closed Sunday Warren's IGA Foodliner 7th And Butler St. Marietta, Ohio Hours: Mon.-Sat. 8-lO Sunday 8-9 Congratulations Senior Class Of '85 'l57 PHIL WISE Chevrolet - Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge McConneIsviIIe Buy the Wise Way Big Selection Mr. Goodwrench Parts and Service BEVERLY FEED 8 EQUIPMENT, INC. St. Rt. 60 Beverly, Ohio 457l5 C6l4D 984-23I7 MORGAN VISION CLINC 48 W. Main Street McConneIsviIle, Oh. 43756 Phone: 962-4567 Kathy's Beauty Nook KATHY NICHOLS, Owner S Operator 60 NORTH 7th STREET McCONNELSVlLLE, OHIO 43756 Phone: 962-3266 Oxygen Permeable Extended Wear Contact Lenses Contact Lenses Soft Contact Soft Contacts for Lenses Astigmatism if A .fi .L L fe f Xxsfgss s ww - :ss s GINNY-LIN FLOWER SHOPPE "Across From The Courthouse" McConnelsville 962-363i BEN FRANKLIN 56 And IOQ Store McConnelsville, Ohio Congratulations Class Of "85" OPERA HOUSE THEATER Staff: Galen Finley, Kelly Aber, Chuck Kuhn Since I89O Saving Accounts Checking Accounts Automobile Loans Home Loans "Your Mutual Friend" MUTUAL FEDERAL SAVINGS I4 South Fifth Street Zanesville, OH 437Ol "The Only Financial Friend You'll Ever Need" W hww, 1 www f ,,,, iid Creative Senior Portraits By Bill Even In A Class Of A Thousand You're One-Of-A-Kind, Your Portrait Should Be Too! CALL NOW Fon voun APPOINTMENT 454-1141 'Qwe G04 PHOTOGRAPHY' 1337 MAPLE, AVENUE Closed Monday: Tuesday - Saturday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. NUBODY DOES IT BETTER CS DENT'S CLUI MALTA NATIONAL BANK ..:x5E5:3.-me Mana, ohio 43756 YEQMODMQ' , 25 O W. ECHO HILL RO Phone: 962-4266 .1-Q-11 MALTA. on-no 43755 -ai-p PHONES 614-962-3l9 Congratulations To The Senior Class Of ,985 DAIRY WHIP A Phone: 962-2726 Malta, Ohio Good Luck To The Class Of ..85,, WHIZ AM-FM-TV NBC Radio And TV Colorful WHIZ Brings You The News First - The Best In Sports - Tops In Entertainment PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY ,xgaisy Tlower in Shoppe Karen M. Huffman, Photographer IOOI N. Parmiter Rd. McConnelsvilIe, F'T.D. ,ilcvlzzixsflfft Ohio 43756 Teleflora Phons962-2844 Ph. 962-689i 962-2552 E - Shnvers Phannacy 9 38 E. Main St. McConnaIsviIIo,0hio 43756 nmov sumvens. n PH cimtos xsves. R. PH. Hours M thru F 8:30 AM-8:00 PM SAT. 8:30 AM-5:00 PM CLOSED SUNDAY EM FOIEASUNDAY ERG CY SERVICE " "' CALL 962-5323 OR 962-4757 - Prescriptions ART DILLE S SONS MASTERSON "Goods Of The Woods We Sincerely Appreciate Your Business Rt. 4753 McConneIsviIIe, Ohio 43756 Ph. f6I4j 962-3267 INSURANCE SERVICE If 45 West Main Street McConnelsviIIe, Ohio 43756 Office Ph. 962-3484 Gene Masterson, Manager Congratulations To All Of Morgan's Graduating Seniors C niral Market SEAR hurmacy Serving You Better Saving You More 83 E. Main St. Your Famiiy Pharmacy 7l E. Main St. McConneIsville. Ohio 43756 WATERFORD COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANK Serving the Community Since I908 Box 65 Waterford, Ohio 984-2357 COCA-COLA BOTTLINC-I CO 7th And Harvey Sts. Zanesville, Ohio MARK REST CENTER "ln business over fifty years. The Mark Rest Center has been completely rebuilt and is now one of the most modern and finest nursing homes in the State of Ohio." 177 df Wand: 0' amenkgwfdauf 77fc'C01uu,6wM,, GAAP 962-622I Your Hometown Store With Affordable Prices And Friendly Service. ,fi"Ii .- ff' -- , L S , . L L, iioo ' iiii -'-'.V' N .. l i " K A A J '-,. , 3 1 A H I . , . . xsu' M has .V i Q, r'r, Q 5? .11 I L- ei,. or ei.eeee l ' "' A :WMS i i P ,. Mig ll ... e..k ,L A Lk ,o,,V. .ie A HERAL a s iff errr l irr e'ee - L . j R.C. Leadigviwee ,j4Q4gi,Q r,re ee L L MEMQRMLS Loc Q Two Locations To Serve You rei Degms or S L. he fi 7'jf'T'W'N' Rf' 60 South - l mile' leffefgeilei eri, South Of MCC0nnelSvill2 H05Pltal'N9fes eie'i 2159 ioeo LQ ie 1 lfws 5 Weather 2 hiih ih DO School Avenue TQ L. I Q Q j fi fil eiii New Lexington, Ohio KQMQHQY Sa fferrisinsi - 5MCQOnl 2! f S ,.. ...,. S 1 feaa, K Y S 3' . ea ho"" X -gi' tiff? rrniv.:-Q . -S, gz. ': :,.,.ffx4- . L L i!f .w sv.xs L, J lii " S ,,1. Q - . ,, GT M, My JW XM, Z7 f 'I-Y A 1 P" , 98 E. LA SALLE STREET 0 S. ZANESVILLE, OHIO 43701 0 6111-Q-QZJZZDJ' Best Wishes To The Senior Class Of '85 MCCONNELSVIL THE "CITIZENS" NATIONAL BANK McConneIsviIIe Ohio 43756 Phone 962 4565 THE CITIZENS BANK Beverly, Ohio A Good Place To Bank Member F.D.I.C. Phone: 984-238l TOTMAN'S LAMPHOUSE RESTLIARANT Featuring Your Favorite Charbroiled Steak And Fresh Boiled Seafood Malta, Ohio 43758 Phone: 962-5444 JACK WORSTALL 8 SONS Specialized Auto Glass Service 7I8 Marietta St. Zanesville, Ohio 4370! 453-05I8 Doing One Thing And Doing lt Well CLEMENS SOHIO Complete Friendly Service Tires - Batteries - Accessories 284 W. Main Street McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 962-2020 GOSS SUPPLY COMPANY 620 Marietta Street Zanesville, Ohio Congratulations To The Class Of "85" THE ZANESVILLE CAMERA SHOP 620 Market St. Zanesville, Ohio 452-7302 For Everything Photographic CLASS OF :VA fs? if ,L 2 Q . BARB'S RESTAURANT I82 W. Main Street McConneIsviIIe, Ohio 43756 Home Cooked Meals 962-2275 ZANN'S FAMILY RESTAURANT 86 W. Main Street McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 962-6829 MARY EVELYN'S GIFT SHOPPE II7 E. Main Street McConneIsvilIe, Ohio Congratulations I985 Seniors PHILIPS INDUSTRIES INC. Malta Division Manufacturing Quality Wood Windows Products That Are Sold Throughout The U.S. From Malta, Ohio WAINWRlGHT'S JEWELRY II9 E. Main Street McConneIsviIle, ohio 962-3360 And Beverly, Ohio 984-2498 Your Class Ring 77277 Headquarter Year Round Sales Representative 3477 Derbyshire Dr. Columbus, OH 43220 f6I4J 876-3652 EARICH LLIMBER COMPANY Dealers In Hardwood Lumber Lawn And Garden Equipment Logging Supplies, Chain Saws, Paint North River Road Phone 962 3256 McConneIsviIIe, Ohio 43756 X, I X60 f fb ewnfo-'L info 8 East Main Street McConnelsville, Ohio 43756 Phone: 962-3463 Roofing Wholesale Architectural Sheet Metal - Metal Deck Erection Hlttle Roofing Systems, Inc. 110 S. 5th St. e Zanesville, Ohio Commercial - Industrial 614-452-4326 Bob Hittle Or President 614-796-6415 Suppliers to the Roofing lndustry COLUMBUS CINCINNATI INDIANAPOLIS f6I4D 486-5376 C5133 8746760 can Toll Free in Ohio I-800282-4737 f3I7D 356-O92l Indiana I-SOO-652-8529 PEQPLE T0 REMEMBER . . . SIGN HERE EEEJ C1 ff fDJl,R.4lf?WN A. mwxojt, b? Cj,cCQf jiLUVmdQco'?+fYQQJqG R . - f6fZ2K2CY -.fK,LAV2L,lCJ QJWN UM +LUQLDwQwfjfu,k?,Q,g5 LQ-z,e4jpC0,nQ ,J ,Q ' L vnbxw -"5 2 3px T19 EP A52 MJ! 5f1",f:!f AO, ,P bf, J,, f!,f,,,fg,n ' ,, f jj w My LXJU ky VU? 1 Kayla -"7 f 11.-gf M In V A N 06.51 IJAJM U! M, X V MV nf' KU KP M fp , Lv' wQr41qn,f f QA xby Cy ',iQ of Q :of ,f , wwf ,W fx , E? df ,RL 5 R1E A HJ f ,. ,, Q W EXW' 32 ERHOFK3 jjwl QQ 'APyM0PbQLWE RL X0 OV, x L, W P W VU Q?54,0Nlj ,QM I Q Q0 Mil WX W gkkwaff M M CEQWUVK fn vi ' Mk ' LLAL' lpfaf Qkwi fJ?QliX'5Uv! X x7 QW' fl W MW EWJSL Q' ' 3204 gf Gqx5fLLQ 4RM+ 444, , "Qm1 I 7 WM' wb 'RQ QJc,3Cf6 2Q H21 i E R Www If U IOSTENS ,.'-I I-QA

Suggestions in the Morgan High School - Raider Yearbook (McConnelsville, OH) collection:

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