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fhwmgg wfewzdf 44,1444 gfgm, ,J mhfwwwwfwqwwy in A M05 4- , Q ,AZ 3 EMWWW 35 sim QWWHWMW 57 fwffgi XBQALQQLADAX wr . f .1 ,il .,,, . -.Lf ff N' 1M" 'LT' vm WN Q-LN-cd 'i ' - H ,'2V kg: 51... V ' WW 9 , ,,,M'f'4'WW ' j,,nf'Ul"7 ,of ,Awww 1 if , n I W Qu ffw W'7 cf on -5 E d. ji. . ,, pb A I ' 'f, v Q 3 2 A ' ,, 3 1 . 1 ' ' 4' ' ' , , ,U s X , g - ggXm qJg w u 'Fr a 'il' 1 .1. 1 1 ,." .- -vi 5571 I . gr 4.,. - fb A ' ,I , flf 1. 4, . , n. , .,, 32 are ff-'ix 1 nu .- 1,4 - - ,J ,mi .41 . I, - Q midi l.j." r-if . Jz. u'. -f .. , n. ' ug i ' Tl. ag QI 5 X Xb fi lv: Y . w A .' , Q4 6 I .Q ' if x N f f ag Q fx? V , 1 f -4. Q ,tp q L! b 1 ,i. v vw '1 , .. ,.f ,5f.ii Y A A j I r+u4 wi, i W1 1 24 u, ii? 9 TIG R 'Li-,. , , .. .E ' 5 by ,,,, x I J.: 5' 5 A X it. EDITOR: Gayle Levy ADVISORSQ ffl . M'.1 ,, Mr F Mrs . Melbaii t han ' Q mm1'gf5L 5 ' - . - ' X -WM W , Ks -Q'Li Q., ,N ,fy YQ, 1 9 , A 1' 'sw X., Lou1s1anaA ' HIGH -,: -, 5 Q5 w- x 3, L. H ' . -' ., ..,,. . -W, ., Y f f fmfwf 5? 4 R f Q h i 31 sim? 'i 2 ff m.. Q g., 1 4, is if .S ff ' 8 EK as 51 ' gk I if xiii? ,H :S f 4 2 3 1 7"' 2' "" Q M 1, -L L ALA' I if j. i t A S 3 ' wwf? Si!! N4 3 1 drgp TIGER, j X 5. QL 4 fi' av 6, Qgi J Z 1' 4 1 S 1 s P1 Qi Q if .gi 1 if ai H 8 5 X 1 4' 'Klip ' Fl K. 4 A i v u .Qi ' 1 ig .Ml 9 1 9 ' ,Q f -u wr-wswrasaf -1' ar-and umm., mm. ,saw ,g V , . 1 'I '33 Q1 , if I. I YY gan DEDICATIO f A' 1 I TABLET OF C0 I CLASSES V ,xl sPoRTs , , S Q- F ADMINISTRATION Q, ' g , v . 1 ,ia TIONS ' ACTIVITIES ADVE V 5 ISEMENTS fs if 3?-'Q "I ,2 ,L 4 . Q Qi 2 4 3 ki 'un ' I zen all I 5 ' ,ry w 1 j - 'gf 232 35,5215 Q figs Q ,, il ly ' f 4 ' 9 I PM ' S Q. I . I I Q 570' , Q I N , kkk. I si 1, S DEDICA T10 We are proud to dedicate the 1962 TIGER to Mrs. Harold Strong, who is known to all for her wonderful personality and willingness to help everyone. An untiring worker, she has earned the respect and ad- miration of both faculty and students. We hope that this dedication will show some small measure of ap- preciation for all the time, patience, and under- standing that she has given us. 4 9, 1 .fy ,- '. fi 1- Q. K .Q X' .Q i Q 4,1 f fx HV wi fy yiffmk? i ,tif Q! as g 'ff 1 xii!! I 'X V f 5. A miie y gy L 5- 5 .kX- , ' 2' A ' , ex . f .. xx K J Q! Q Wm' q ' if Wi' " , 4572 Intex!! z Q: x ig: if if 1 frfif ' X 1 A s 533' 4 IW X, if 'Q .,, 1- A Hifi? , df .V z '55 17355 ' .Q v 5 5 1 .'f" ffw' ., .V M . , , 1' -,J ik' W 'ik 1 9' ,fgpff N .7 4 L' ax N' X'wx'u.u- k X 1 W. MR. HOLME - MR. PELTIER Mr. Holmes, our principal, and Mr. Peltier, our assistant principal, are both capable administrators and teachers. They never cease in their efforts to make M.C. H. S. a better school. MRS. HAROLD STRONG, Office Secretary 6 PE CIAL ER VICE 0 sypfz amd Two of the four special services offered at Mor- gan City High School are the Guidance Department and the Library. Mr. Jarield Francis, guidance counselor, has helped not only in his depart- ment but also in extra curricular activities. Miss Ray Kahn as librar- ian offers invaluable ser- vice before, during, and after school hours. .sri K MR. CA LI -'33, C -i MR. MESTAYER Driver's Education has offered to the students the correct and safe meth od of driving. Mr. Cali and Mr. Mestayer teach this course daily to six classes. The fourth and newest special de- partment consists of navigation and diesel mechanics taught at the trade school and aboard the PELICAN STATE. Captain Wilson teaches navigationg Mr. Ganaway, diesel mechanics. MRS. FRANCES BAZET MR. AL J. BELAIRE MISS MILDRED BLAKELY Bookkeeping American History Home Ec. I Business English Physical Ed. Home Ec. III General Business Home Ec. IV FACULTY MR. VINCENT CALI MRS. MELBA CORBETT MRS. RUTH DANIELS Driving English II Girls' Chorus Biology Civics Mixed Chorus General Science General Music MR. WILLIAM EWING Algebra II General Math Business Math Any future artists? MRS. MARGARET FREELAND MRS. FRANCES HAYES Home Ec. I Civics Home Ec. II Speech I Speech II MRS. CAROLYN FENN MR. JARIELD FRANCIS Typing Guidance Department Shorthand Office Practice i Mr. Louis Holmes Algebra II And when you finish this. . if fire, ' ' Sf . ' , i . H ,f i i i., iz , - I .N."x, MRS, FLORA HUDSON MISS RAY KAHN MR, LEONARD MAYFIELD English I Library Biology English III Algebra I A dva nced Math All in a day's work! Trouble again. . MR. JERRY MCELVEEN MRS. KATHERINE MICHEL MR. LYNN MESTAYER English I Biology Shop I EI1gIiSh II Drawing Driving MR. THOMAS PARKS MR, RONALD PATIN MR, JAMES PEEL Er1gliSh I Chemistry French I English II Physics French II General Math English II This 7:15 will is keep very his early. . . mouth shut. . . MR, C. J. PELTIER MRS. HAZEL ED MR, RICHARD ROBICHEAUX MR. HENRY STECKLEI American History Geometry Band Civics General Math - Geography F General History Si! nD!5's MR. S. O. SWEARINGEN MISS JACKIE THARPE MISS FONDA THOMPSON Shop I Typing P. E. Shop II Business Math Motor Mechanics atch ose Jmmas! MR. RONNIE TRIMM General Science MR. JAMES WALDROP P. E. , so ,..,...' ,y . ,,mE.uM.w...s,.., if ii: is E?:4E1i3TQ H W -"""f"Z"" 'U " " i,f1f:2.z-rw X.,-in , fa www Iv Z.5'if?Z5 f MRS, LEN WALKER English I English III HZ.. Now say it in English! MR. ASA WYMAN Algebra I P. E. 'E' 1 L MR, B. E. BOUDREAUX, Sulbefimefldem MR, H, S. HOVER, SR., MR, NORVELLE HOVER, Assistant Superintendent Visiting Teacher T MAR Y PARISH SCHOOL BOARD A D TAFF 5 ' MRS. ELSIE SCHWARTZ, Secretary MR, JOE D, KIMBRELL, MR. ROBERT J. BOUDREAUX MR, OWEN ROBERTSON, Supervisor of Instruction Supervisor of Instruction Supervisor of Maintenance I4 M. C.H.S. CAFETERIA STAFF AND C USTODIANS .eft to right: Mrs. Boudreaux, Mrs. Aucoin, Mrs. Verrett, Mrs, ieadle, Mrs. Vining. MRS. BRYNES BOUDREAUX Cafeteria Manager Left to right: Jimmy Johnson, Edward Robinson Arthur Long. Edward I5 M rage-gm P. T. A. - T-CLUB - BA DBUO TER The M.C. H. S. football squad appreciates the work of the T-Club. These men, fathers of the boys and men in- terested in the team, worked at the concession stand and on other projects this year to give the squad the annual football banquet. The P. T. A. of Morgan City High School has had many projects this year. However, one the M. C. H. S. students best remember is the cake sales at noon to raise money to supply all of the ., classrooms with fans. Last year the M. C. H. S. Band Boosters worked to get new uniforms for the band members. This year the Boosters worked to increase the treasury for future projects. Mr. Charles Roe was in charge of the concession stand during football season and, along with the other boosters, has done much for the band. l I6 K E 5 4 - 35 e .4 ,f 3 3 , LQ f ' 3 S 5 if I " QQ k fr wx f A ik - he U. 21 ' , If U U, if 1 ' Q' sv g f P y L! v gg . ' my 11 ? QV l','i!x1 1 Q l. WW? ,, f M if 1 fx L E I OR CLASS Garrett Topham, President, Dorothy Gilbert, Vice-Presb dent, Gayle Levy, Secretary, and Clare Broussard. Student Council Representatives are the Senior Class Officers. Not Shown: Cheryl Davis, Treasurer. ROBERT ADAMS Roar Camera Club F. B. L. L. Student Council Student Prints Pelican State CALVIN ALEMAN Football, Captain Mu Sigma Student Council, President Track xc W-"" Wm. M M , M LYNDA ALLEN F. B. L. L. F. T. A. LINDA ALPHA Bank Mu Sigma Roar -if RILEY ARN OUVILLE EMILE BABIN Baseball Basketball F. B. L. L. Industrial Arts Traffic Committee E Q-au.. ,,.,X-W CLARENCE BEADLE BONNIE BOSWELL Student Prints, Editor BECKY BAILEY Music Club MOE BARBIER F. B. L. L. F. T. A. Football, Manager Thespians Track, Manager Traffic Committee SPIKE BARRAS Midshipmen's Club MELVIN BARRIOS Football Industrial Arts, Vice-President Traffic Committee LARRY BROUSSARD Industrial Arts Traffic Committee DAVID BROWN Bank Camera Club Football, Manager F, T. A, , Historian Pelican State Student Council Traffic Committee Yearbook Photographer DONALD BROWN JAMES BUSINELLE Student Council BYRNES BOUDREAUX Football Industrial Arts Thespians, President Track CLARE BROUSSARD F. B. L. L. Mu Sigma Student Council Representative Thespians Tigerettes, Secretary CARLA CAPORILLI Foreign Exchange Student Student Council NELSON CHERAMIE Cheerleader Industrial Arts Thespians Traffic Committee Pelican State GAIL cook F. H. A. F. T. A. Tigerettes DAVID DALTON Mu Sigma Track Q-xl HRW LYNN FONTENOT Student Prints Thespians LOGAN FROMENTHAL Baseball Basketball Football Industrial Arts, Parliamentarian Thespians, Parliamentarian Traffic Committee s-ts fn' I 2I Lb - 'NM' sw--M-wrt CHERYL DAVIS Mu Sigma, Secretary Senior Class, Treasurer Student Council Tigerettes, President Roar DON DOMINO F. B. L. L. Football Student Council, Co-Chaplain DAVID FANGUE Industrial Arts Track Traffic Committee IDA FINKELSTEIN F. B. L. L. French Club, Secretary Mu Sigma Tigerettes Yearbook, Organization Editor AUGUSTINE FREEMAN WIMPY GALLOWAY F. B. L. L. Football Industrial Arts Track Traffic Committee ARTHUR GASPAR Industrial Arts Midshipmerfs Club Traffic Committee DOROTHY GILBERT Bank Mu Sigma Senior Class, Vice-President Student Council, Chaplain SUSAN FREIA F. B. L. L. Student Prints LARAINE FREEMAN F. B. L. L. , President Mu Sigma Student Council, Treasurer Tigerettes, Squad Leader Pelican State CHRIS GLYNN Basketball F. B. L. L. Industrial Arts Track MARY GRAVISS Tigerettes 'Kinsm- BUTCH GUIDRY Football Industrial Arts Presrdent Student Council Parlramentarran Thespians Track MARY ANN GUIDRY STANLEY HAY F. B. L. L. Football F. T. A. Thespians Track J, HEBERT F. B. L. L. ANNA JANE HYMEL REGINA HYMEL F.H. A. .TERRY JETT Baseball Midshipmen's Club Traffic Committee TERRY IETT Football Midshipmen's Club Track BECKY HIGGINBOTHEM Music Club Mu Sigma Tigerettes, Historian GLORIA HULL Mu Sigma Student Council Yearbook JIM JONES Baseball ROBERT KING Industrial Arts Midsl'1ipmen's Club Traffic Committee, Chairman ADDIE LaVERNE Music Club Thespians NORA LEE 'MW' DANNY MCCLOY Midshipmen? Club PAM MERANTA Bank F. H. A. Student Prints X. ,p A. 35'-1 JW A li I LARRY MORGAN BARBARA MURAKAMI French Club HORACE NAQUIN Band, Drum Major Camera Club Industrial Arts, Reporter CLIFF OLSEN F. B. L. L. Football Track Traffic Committee I OE MIDGETT Industrial Arts Midshipmen 's Club BARBARA MORGAN F. H. A. """!r-fm'-f ELAINE PENDAS F. H. A. F. T. A, , Co-Chaplain Music Club, Secretary Tigerettes RONALD PENNISON SHERRY PERDUE DIANNE PICOU Bank Pelican State Student Council Tigerettes DON PRICE Student Council Thespians Track DICKIE PRICE BILLY PISANIE Cheerleader Industrial Arts Midshipmen's Club Thespians Traffic Committee R. D. PITRE Industrial Arts DICKIE PORTH Bank Basketball Student Council CAROL PRESTENBACH Majorette Mu Sigma Thespians ALICE RHODES Music Club Tigerettes CAROL RHODES F. H. A. Music Club Thespians, Historian CHERYL ROBERTSON Cheerleader F. B. L. L. Student Council Thespians TOMMY ROBISON Midshipmen's Club Traffic Committee PAT RAYMOND Thespians PEGGY REVELS JERRY ROCK LENNY ROES Camera Club, President French Club Student Council LYDIA RULF Bank, Secretary Student Council TERRY RYALS Industrial Arts Track STANLEY SLATON HAROLD SMITH Basketball Football JAMES SAUCE Industrial Arts Midshipmen's Club Traffic Committee CHARLES SAWYER KENNY SELLERS Football Industrial Arts Traffic Committee RAYMOND SIRACUSA DONNA ST. GERMAIN Tigerettes, Reporter IANICE SUMMERS Basketball French Club Yearbook, Administration Editor LINDA TALBOT F. H. A. F. T. A. Music Club Student Council PAT THERIOT fc'4w DIANA SOUSA ROLAND STAN SBURY Music Club Thespians . N'. Les--an 1 '- L - BEATRICE THOMPSON F.B.L.L. JERRY THOMPSON Industrial Arts Music Club, President Student Council LEO THOMPSON Midshipmen 's Club GARRETT TOPHAM Baseball Basketball Football Industrial Arts Midshipmen's Club Senior Class President 159+ JULES VITTE Industrial Arts, Historian Midshipmen's Club DONNA WEBSTER Mu Sigma D JAMES TREME PAT VERRETT Midshipmen's Club Track FAYE VERRETT RUSSEL VERRETT LESLYE WHEELER F. B. L. L. Student Council Roar k 9 X I CEOLA WIGGINS YVONNE WIGGINS Mu Sigma RONALD WITCHER Industrial Arts Music Club, Parliamentarian 240 X Z2 1 JULIA WEDAMAN Bank Basketball, Captain Cheerleader Student Council, Secretary GLENDA WELLS ...-as Nw' RUTH WODE F. B. L. L. F.H. A. DAVID WOOTERS Baseball Basketball Football Industrial Arts Thespians BETH YOUNG F. B. L. L. Thespians SE IOR HALL OF FAME Most Intelligent - Most Likely to Succeed DOROTHY GILBERT, HENRY LGEB Prettiest - Most Handsome CLARE BROUSSARD, STANLEY HAY :wu'ma:,'w,,.wula ,wmsvwcf www .,mwm.wvamm,4r:vmn1wUln'xm'41wmae1alras Wittiest DIANNE PECOU, GARRETT TOPHAM Most Athletic JULIA WEDAMAN, LOGAN FROMENTHAL WH! Best Dancers CHERYL ROBERTSON, EMILE BABIN Most Talented DON PRICE, BECKY HIGGINBOTHAM Biggest Flirts LOGAN FROMENTHAL, CAROL PRESTENBACH Best A11 Around DIANNE PICOU Inset: BYRNES BOUDREAUX ,QOW Robert - Pat Puddin Mike if Mousie Burch Stanley - Claire H :Z Roland Speedy Foors 38 x 5 R, ,..Q Chosen as Junior Of- ficers wereg Bonnie Bateman, Presidentg Gail Weber, Vice- Presidentg Maxine Landry, Secretaryg Kathy Le Blanc, Treasurerg Louis Rat- cliff and Betty Gor- man, Student Coun cil Representatives. Chosen as Junior Class Favorites were Bonnie Bateman and Louis Ratcliff. UNI OR CLASS Bradley Achee Phyllis Ackerman Tana Alpha Brenda Angeron Patsy Anslem Murphy Arcemont Judy Aucoin Sandra Aucoin Steve Aucoin Joy Barras Bonnie Bateman Audrey Beadle Lana Arcemont D. J. Aucoin Raleigh Aucoin Evelyn Aucoin Harold Aucoin Jane Aucoin Z. Earl Cavalier Randy Chaisson Sue Cloutier Cheri Cluchey Brenda Comeaux James Comer Mark Billedeau Linda Billiot Carolyn Boling Milton Boudreaux Kathy Buckley Glenn Campos L -. :GH f J Y PHOTO Noi' Availablt Joyce Cook Lynn Cortez Rita Crappell Charles Daigle Judy Daigle Paul Daigle Charles Dalton James Dalton Genie Daniel Pat Dimiceli Corky Downer Karen Duplantis r M1 , A X Ji I Joy Giroir Gaynell Gobert Betty Gorman Toni Governale Wayne Guillotte Linda Hale 1 50 f , Lurlin Duplantis Hortense Dupre Diane Duval Gail Estay Charles Fernandez Karen Forgey Louise Irwin Ed Jones Roy Jones Joe Kimbrell Mary Ann Landrj Maxine Landry xx 'QQ' Harolyn Hansen Linda Hardaway Wilson Hargrave Connie Hebert Carolyn Hinkle Nancy Holland S Q' 'Q Pat Landry Kathy LeBlanc Brenda Legendre Carol Lodrigue David Loupe Judy Manfre Howard May Robert May Theresa Mayon Lois Mier Teresa Mire Eugene Morgan ,x George Percle Kirby Phelps Rosemary Pictadish Noah Pizzo Wayne Plauche Jerry Plessala Ira Morrison Ernest Myers Carolyn Oncale William Paray Sandra Parsons Mary Jane Peebles as ive 'NJ ww-.-..,., -wh..-Q, MW .I 'NJ ,,eubv"' Rodney Richard Anthony Rock Richard Rock Gaydell Roe Gregory Russell George Schlutz r ,We-r New 415 K2 1 r Qr r h 1 y yrh rf. n R im :" 5 Agnes Price Elsie Ratcliff Louis Ratcliff Raymond Ratcliff Barbara Ray Jesse Reynaud -vw V Kay Sewell Zeffie Scott Kathleen Shephard Paul Sigarlaki Connie Siracusa Rusty Stoute K- I , . ' " 5 Q sie i ynl v L H 3 r R E 4 ! 2 If i I Y L 5 i Q SA .g ii Z y If Z Tommy Strong Mike Tabor Michael Thomas Lucy Thompson Claire Topham Freddy Trevino Gail Weber Delores Westfall Dale Andrews Lynette Varnam Albert Verett Leland Verrett Roland Verrett Lucille Vining Barbara Walker "w.....-f SOPHOMORE CLASS The Sophomore class chose these officers: President, Benny Riverag Vice-President, Gwen Eellsg Secretary- Treasurer, Joy Sampayg Student Council Representative, Yvette Guidry. .--I Yvelle Guidry and Jimmy Verrett represent the Sophomore class as Favorites. 3 1. Margaret Abram Joyce Adkins Billy Alfred Delcie Alldredge Betty Anslem Larry Aucoin Patsy Aucoin Sherry Aucoin Barbara Badeaux Randy Badeaux Audrey Bailey Glenda Bailey Judy Barras Vicky Barras Craig Bennett Julia Bergeron Helen Besse Ann Bigler Russell Blanchard Barton Blanco M x g 1 "S-3? A I V h ' '-i' .f,,: Pat Block Carolyn Blum Sharon Bollotte Kenneth Borel ,. is, Rl 5 K . IV -21 . Lee Boudreaux Penny Boudreaux Charles Bourg Lana Broussard ,pug 'S- f PHOTO Not Available Patricia Brown Steve Browning Joe Callistro Cheryl Campos Carl Canty Joe Cavalier Linda Chauvin Isabel Clark Brent Clements Clive Cloutier Jerry Colwart Roy Comeaux Brenda Conner Brenda Crappell Lawrence Crappell Wayne Crouch JoAnn Daigle Roy Daigle Billy Daigle Margaret Dehart Nanette Delaune Linda Domangue Dan Donham Gary Duhon Rosalind Dupuis Ray Dupre Gwen Eells Jimmie Eues Gwen Fanguy Adele Fields Earline Foret Anthony Freia Emmanuel Freia Anton Fromenthal Harriet Giroir David Golden Jeffery Grandin Phil Greene Walter Griffin Linda Gros Gail Guarisco Michael Guarisco Yvette Guidry Mary Lee Hale Billy Hoffpauir Connie Holman Cheryl Hotard James Hotard Diane Jones Martha Ann Jones Donald Iustilian Juanita Justilian Charles Kelly Diana Kiffe Yvonne Klutts Richelle Knybel John Kuntz Rita LaCoste Damon Landry Lanni LeBlanc Richard LeBlanc Gladys Liner Rogers Liner Sarah Ann Loeb Steve Loeb Clifford McDaniel Toni Macalusa Charles Malone Alida Manuel Joyce Matherne Ellery Mayon Terry Mayon Ricky Mendoza Frankie Mendoza Linda Mendoza Jennifer Meranta Evelyn Michel Joe Miller Michael Mire Billy Mier Keith Modenbach Mike Montgomery James Montgomery Jimmie Morgan .,.... f ' K Www - Hn! s i 'gr 4,1 . I 7 1: N '-sf X if 'lx ra- f 1 .,ey, ' 'ur' 'G 'E' 5 if ',,,, Wikia if ' X - Q W Kg. kr' pf 1 if 's MS xx My V F 4 .V .. g ' . 'W-4, :fli- L ' . . " if fx fi lm? ly, K A Gaile Moxley ' AM "', A . I Donald Myers 1 f 'HI' fr.r inf , i 'fax g "' 1 1, . 5 ' 'if xfi ,, . . . M J rila d a David Newman a J i 'el' ' J I if Patrick O Brien gn, E, if - , .V K r1-: f eff V V I ., U , V1-fr . gf-if . 53 Sylvia Pendas Gary Plauche Elizabeth Price Ronald Ratcliff Willard Ray Kenneth Rhodes Anthony Rink Benny Rivera Floyd Robicheaux Rodney Rogers Juanita Romero Janet Sampey Joy Sampey Tommy Sawyer Betty Scadlock Helen Sexton Linda Simmons Earl Slaton Pat Smith Rose Solar Michel Streva Kenneth Tabor Susan Tabor Dick Talbot Georgia Thibodeaux Karen Throckmarton Sandy Timmons Dolores Touchet Geraldine Treme Phillip Uzzo Jimmy Verrett Katherine Verret Romana Verret S. I. Verret Carol Vicknair Ross Waldrop Earl Warrington Glenda Watts Byron White Mary Jane White Dennis Witcher Merlin Canty Louis Crick The Freshman officers of 1962 are: President, Diane Grizzaffig Vice-President, Robert Songeg Secretary, Sally Gougenheimg Treas- urer, "Doc" Picoug Stu- dent Council Representa- tive, E Mike Lind. Diane Grizzaffi and Mike Lind were chosen as Freshman Favorites. FRE HMAN CLASS Mary Alpha Charles Amador Lou Ann Andrus Mike Arcemont Jude Atchley Al Aucoin Carolyn Aucoin Christine Aucoin Deanna Aucoin Gale Aucoin Joseph Aucoin Ronald Aucoin Roy Aucoin Shirley Aucoin Birdie Aucoin ,o. QW sf QQ R S FYR N.,-f ,vt I " H 1 ,K A A E' A i t E. ,fi is "' for KN vow. Q A 31:5 4' s Q 1 5 i aaiz yii' A 1 7 it 3, ve' 'X It K ZW' S1 L ' -.X vi K ' WN: i . . ' ' is x. 5 . . ,., - V. Sam Bagwell Henry Bailey Shelia Bailey Doyle Barnes Earl Barras Linda Ann Behling Ray Lynn Benoit Roger Bertrand Gilbert Besse Judy Bergeron Stan Billings Joyce Blanchard Eugene Bonner C. lay Boudreayx Michael Boudreaux an ,.... .4-al l A , ' J B W B ,, ' was R vw- -Q 'aB..:f 1 V -- r' .vs .- ' A ' B MW' r -"Ni, - . V ' f V- Q A- it ar,-sm, J Q VA i n f B K I me , ' 2?f?g,4n:g 1 5? Q- , B mslrrgs . B .teaser ' . 5' 'f Q B X m gm? BU ' , ,V wmv? 2 B ' i' K I, , B if :QE-QWQB' ,:?s+-iff-243 2 A it ir' it 4 J J if .tqr3,gr.f" was ,,g3.Q:,5,w - ' J -.B , 5 'igggguzzn nigga: 1 B R B , B, , B 5 fqgrt5,:::az,.Q.:faL:1g, ' if J ' r. rzaia,'a1tf:2i1?r.w: :J -1 A ik!! uw Scharlette Christensen Betty Cheramie Beverly Cheramie Judy Cluchey Mike Cluchey Ronnie Comeaux Terry Lynn Comeaux Rose Mary Corrales Russell Crim John Cronier Ernest Daigle Joseph Daigle Kathleen Daigle Terry Daigle ,Richard Daniel Q ,, B I s V k Bs 5. I .0 B 'R Sm B J ff' -, , "' 6 :wa Sf it rats -' 'Q f 'jx fi Ng Rodney Boudreaux Roy Boudreaux Karl Bourgeois Edward Breaux Julien Breaux Darrell Britt Betty Brown Laura Bruno Danny Burgess Barbara Businelle Peter Businelle Melanie Campo Jimmy Castalano Brenda Chaisson Roger Champine wah ,Af ,gui ,M B X 1 aww M 3,-Q., .MB - K .r i irqvw-wvBB ' N '-,eng 1',, r 1' D mf' v,,,n 4 g 5 gal! '.M,,.4, pdl V - Sf, -rff 1 - i W . .,.. f 'WJ J .fht i is . ' to ' tsts Y ' tr " B K tyi ii B B J .'i ' J B B 2 B llls B BB J B -M ,. U1 3 John Davis Sherry Davis Elden Davis Brent Doiron Bobby Dooley Thomas Duffy Fay Dupre Janet Dupre Vincent Dupuis Wanda Durocher Brenda Duval Larry Duval Roland Duval Verna Duval Annie Lou Dykes X r E M P 4 i Q X l it N ,, ii , , gg. , s H K it 3 1 f' u" I Q ,, ww 'Q"'Y Beverly Elliott Eulah Elliott Sherry Elliser Linda Estay Velma Falkenburg Karen Fangue Lydia Fangue Gerald Fields Paula Fields Sally Fields I an Fisher Pam Forgey Dell Fortinberry Wayne Freeman Gerry Froreich f Q-A 'G N S - , , S sf :a ' 'N-' X -i v vi Wim , ,fe S Q ft , hx , G ug.. ' Q it Travis Glynn Cynthia Golden Sally Gougenheim Martha Lee Green Linda Sue Greene Diane Grizzaffi Lorraine Gros Glynn Guidry Wade Gussman Milton Hamor Pam Hammond Carolyn Hazeltine Ella Mae Hebert Howard Hebert Linda Hebert ,, , ., Wai .gf - at get 1 , ,L y Xe Z, yttr Lam 2 '- t -r-, M -, if m gy f 2 i 5 G L 5' N Q 1 . f rl 1 v Q L 'G e e flaw it '48 1 403, 7 Farrel Fryou Frank Fryou Mayola Fryou Roberta Fryou Pam Garber Beverly Gaudet Hilda Gautier Ronnie Ghirardi John Giandelone Carol Ann Gibbs Lee Gillen James Gilmore Peggy Gilmore Mary Lee Giroir Nellie Giroir Grace Henry Louis Holmes Howard James Jane Johnson Carolyn Iustilian V. J. Justilian Gary Keller Alex Kesser Thomas Kimbrell Linda Kinney Kleve Kirby Danny Kullman Norma LaCoste Charlotte Landry Larry Landry -in-,Q A s a Q-'VW 'CTT' 3 -IRA J 44... QP? 4!""' .2 V, wsu X 2' ig , in in 4 QW ,M 39 soil 9 , Vatbglxisl jig? 1521! 4-Ji M I Mg . el? . J' s " rlr y a s ' I , f M. , L a ll 'l K uf Linda LeBlanc Betsy LeBlanc Mike Leger King Lehmann David Lee Ann Levy John Lewis Donna Lind Mike Lind Judy Louviere Mary Linda McCary Mike Mcl-Iugh Squeaky Maitre Peggy Mangum James Martin Frank Parsons Danny Paul Kaye Pendas Rose Pellissier Mary Pennington Douglas Pennison Huey Pennison Lawrence Pennison Ray Pennison Rose Ann Pennison Malcolm Percle Ronald Pickens Whitney Pierron David Picou Stephanie Pitre Ronnie Martin Tex Matherne Glenn Matt Alice Mayon Merlin Mayon Ann Michel Pam Michel Donald Midgett Elaine Miller Amos Millet Bruce Millet Kenneth Montgomery David Myers Helen Ohmer Edward Optiz i s S f g S Donna Prestenback Roylene Prestenback W zzn i f 'V E Sally Price 6' S 'Q Leo Protich , 'EEZ J f Zh, S KTA' Mary Provost 5 l J .r A S .. Q. . N r f A id jj. , . 1 , 1'1" mrcwff Nancie Quarles Linda Raymond Mike Reid Maurice Rhodes 'f-'H-ff D. J. Richard Jimmy Richard Carol Roberts Dianne Robertson Ransy Robicheaux Deborah Roe 'bv' W4 ' it as " -v-f-an my xr 4 X X 15 'Sf N., s s 7' 1 's ' -rr , f i NAI is 1 I KIQ I K V 'w1T:r V' J J ' g rasi if iri 5 rirll J Cathy Romaire Madge Rousso Edward Scadlock Barbara Schaub Shirley Schellhase Ellen Schultz Bettis Scott Juanita Scroggins Alice Sellers John Sharp Michael Shelton Lynn Smith Stephen Soileau Al Songe Robert Songe ,Vw K , ,, Q A 1 Theresa Vining Faye Waldrop Sandra Waters Carol Weber Darrel Weber Archie White Jerreli Wiggins Marietta Woodard Pam Wooters Tommy St. Marie Drake Stansbury Johnny Stramer Ruby Tabor David Tardiff David Thompson Barbara Tompkins Alien Trainer Curtis Verretr James Verretr Loraine Heitman Jane Verrert Irvin Verret Nedra Verret Jared Vidos , x. ,, ,, ,, i K ,i A we A wx. 1, X iw , In A , vff ' . , N Q1 V xv 3' W f A Q , , , X W ,, im m , 1 if Q W1-'Z , X' 47 , gnu -4, ,wugzf 2, E?,"'f"f'fi:l f 1 Lfqfy Ayr-55,2 , ,Q A ,Q ,L,, M I ,V - A fwg,-Fi5g,,fC', fwfr-a,'-4 A M ' me-f QU w 9 V 1. yy ' 2 'YM Q X df V MJ f . V w-'H+ N, 0 , v A za4wS.9vn4-G9 MLHXY H vi' 'RA fbi TUDE Mr. C. J. Peltier, shown here with Calvin Aleman, M.C.S.H. Student Council President, has worked for ten years as Student Council Sponsor and has served for five years as Executive Secretary of the State Association of Students Councils. S ,. rl 5 fi ,saga as g .N el? Ju The Student Council officers are from left to right: Calvin Aleman, Presidentg Butch Guidry, Parliamentariang Julia Wedaman, Secretaryg Tommy Strong, Vice-Presidentg and Laraine Freeman, Treas- urer. These students belong to the Student Council Assembly and Assembly Set-up committees. OUNCIL The Student council is by far one of the largest and most active clubs in school. The Student Council is a very important service club performing such duties as: sponsoring football dances, working with P. T. A. on Tag Day, conducting elections, organizing drives, planning assemblies, presenting the Christmas program, arranging the Christmas and New Years dances, and selling pledge cards for the dances. Student Council members from this school have attended District, State, Southern, and National Student Council Conferences. aw...-f ,,.,-m Q--up ueymm SKK iv' ' VELCUME 5 MARIA CARLA Our attractive exchange student this year is Carla Caporilli, sponsored by the Rotary Club. Carla, a native of Rome, Italy, is staying with the William Leblanc family. Though she is taking a difficult schedule, she still finds time to make friends and to engage in outside activ- ities. CAPURILLI Editor - GAYLE LEVY Sponsors - MR, JARIED FRANCIS TIGEI MRS. MEL BA C ORBETT We, the members of the 1962 Tiger staff, have been working on this book for a year. Now it is time for you, Morgan City High School, to see what we have been working for. The '62 Tiger re- cords the fleeting course of another happy year. In its pages is the story of your associations and achievements during the past year. Its story is told in the midst ofa Southern theme. Business Managers - MRS, MARGARET FREELAND and DAVID BROWN 70 E if as TAFF FM' Artist - ALIDA MANUEL Typist - GLORIA HULL 3. ...-0' ' . 'RHIFWQ The Staff Photographers - DAVID BROWN and CORKY DOWNER fists Here are the Tigerette sponsor Mrs. Daniel and the squad leader Laraine Freeman. The Tigerette officers are from bottom row, left to right: Clare Broussard, Secretaryg Agnes Price, Vice-Presiclentg and Cheryl Davis, President. From left to right on the top row are: Laraine Freeman, Squad Leaderg Connie Siracusa, Assistant Squad Leaderg Mrs. Daniel, Sponsorg Donna St. Germain, Reporterg Becky Higginbotham, Historiang and Michael Graviss, Treasurer. 72 IAR CH 0 This year the Tigerettes have a new sponsor, Mrs. Edna Daniel. Participating in such events as the football ban- quets, the football half-time shows, pep rallies, and usher ing for school meetings make Tigerettes a most helpful ser vice club. 73 5 ,N " i. 'Z .,.,.-wp V 1 2 M5 'MEP' 'HQ f 5 gm E' Q Q J? Q 5 asf' AW 3 W2 if f 5 K' k L N. X M. V bg - ,sh ,Wf l3 ',x.4-V SSIO 1 W 'Q-vwmmw. V, 544 P' 3Ww4 wffE. MESH' 6 219 X U 'M 1 .ag Qs Q A f NMMA,- ,af wwmw ,M M MM ag A, W ,, 4l .. :A .:A , m y gg is 9' Q2 F B. L. L. The Morgan City High School branch of the Future Business Leaders of Louisiana is glad to welcome its new sponsor Mrs. Fenn. The members of F. B. L. L. have been very busy this year. They have sponsored the Twerp Dance, sold pep pins for football games, and prepared their candidates for District and State F. B. L. L. conventions. These are the officers of F. B. L. L. 1 Betty Gorman, Secre- tary, Gail Weber, Vice-President, Karen Forgey, Reporter Laraine Freeman, President, Mrs. Fenn, Sponsor, Maurice Barbier, Parliamentariang and Connie Siracusa, Treasurer G. Roe, D. Talbot, B. Gorman M. Campo, G. Weber, Y. Klutts, C. Topham E. Babin, M. Barbier, S. Sircusa, C. Blum H. May, C. Olsen, K. Forgey, L. Freeman, C. Weber D. J. Richard, K. Montgomery, M. Billadoux, D. Weber L. McCary 78 in U. Aw 8.4119 CIVIL AIR PATROL E3 he---1 K N ,,....-...Q-un-' f in G ii . 1. - -N GQ . v 5 Q E Q I FUTURE H0 The Future Homemakers of America is a MAI ERS club organized to promote household arts, to encourage better home life, t o promote inter- national good will and creative leadership in home and community life, and to further in- terests in home economics. Honorary membership in F. H. awarded to Torben Petersen, our '62 ex- change student from Denmark. A. is being OFFICERS: Agnes Price, Vice-Presldentg Linda Hardaway, Treasurer: Sylvia Pendas, Song Leader Helen Besse, Presidentg Theresa Mire, Secretary, Lynette Varnum, Reporter. Ti ei i 1: 80 THE PIANS ,,.,,.,, 5 'R 35 ,,..' we ' fi, ,... ,,,, 2 .Z Q QW" 48 SW: V5 .i . 72 if as -a.,,,., Ni,, M. ,...l,.,, ., . S, .- f 2 .... Q, l uri W The Thespians again sponsored its annual play. This year the audience enjoyed a dramatized trial entitled "The People vs. Maxine Lowe." Casting was done from the three speech classes at M.C. H. S. , and each did his part well. On the last night of the play the cast presented a beautiful bouquet of roses to Mrs. Hayes, sponsor and director. OFFICERS: Carol Prestenbach, Secretaryg Byrnes Boudreaux, Presidentg Stanley Hay, urerg Logan Fromenthal, Parliamentariang Cathy LeBlanc, Second Vice- Presidentg Carol Rhodes, Historiang Mrs. Frances Hayes, Sponsor. Bl First Vice-Presidentg Cheri Clutchy, Treas- h , K ,pai 4' 3 Y 'H , ,., gf MU IC CLUB OFFICERS: Linda Talbot, President, Carol Rhodes, Vice-President, Elaine Pendas, Secretary, Genie Daniels, Treasurer, Sylvia Pendas, Reporter, Ronald Witcher, Parliamentarian. Les Amis de Musique, the music club at M. C. H. S. , strives to promote better ap- preciation of music among its members and in the school. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Edna Daniels, went Christmas caroling last year and has held both a Christmas party and a picnic. L 1, SQ Mai 83 i 5 MU ICMA These are the members of Mu Sigma: Lenny Roesg Henry Loeb, President, Calvin Allemang Donna St, Germain, Linda Alpha, Cheryl Davis, Secretary-Treasurerg Lydia Rulfg Donna Webster, Carol Prestenbach, Yvonne Wiggins, Mr. Jarield B. Francis, Sponsor, Clare Broussardg Alice Rhodes, Becky Higginbotham, Ida Finkelstein, Dorothy Gil- bert, Vice-Presidentg Diane Picon, Laraine Freeman, Gayle Levy, Parliamentariang Gloria Hull, David Dalton, and Dickie Porth. Here are Mr. Holmes and Mr. Peltier with Valedictorian, Gene Weber, and Salutatorian, Janet Freeman. Mu Sigma is the honor society of Morgan City High School. Becoming a member of this club requires a B-aver- age for five semesters. This year Mu Sigma was sponsored by Mr. Jarield B. Francis. Through his help Mu Sigma members tutor students and type for teachers. These are the top six students of the senior class of 1961: Eugene Weber, Valedictorian, Janet Freeman, Salutatorian, George Picou, Roy Daigle, Francis Tabor, and Sheila Blanco. 84 Henry Loeb taps in Gloria Hull, a new member. MIXED CHORUS CHOR US Becky Higgenbotham, Presidentg Regina Hymel, Vice-Presidentg oy Barras, Secretaryg Karen Throckmartin, Treasurerg Addie ,everne, Student Council Representativeg Pianists, Glenda Bailey, Michal Thomas, Kay Sewell. fy GIRLS' ENSEMBLE FRE CH CL UB The French Club was organized to promote interest in foreign languages at M.C. H. S. It engages in cultural ac- tivities relative to France and her cultural heritage. Mr. James Peel, sponsor, is shown with the Chateau de L'Eco1e Francaise in the background. This college, which during the scholastic school year operates on the campus of the University of Paris in Paris, France, consists of five various language schools. ,J 2: 2 ' 4 A snag , ,1 2 , im Vw 511 ,Q what Yi, M22 haw? MQDQ Rig f ss, , r I it ? as 'S+-rr we-s L .wt , --Fw,,,,sf!,2 mf? a aww" 3 V ,, it 2 ,ms 'Kes The officers of the French Club are: Ida Finkelstein, Secretary, Vance Hamilton, Treasurer, Henry Loeb, Vice-President, James Co- mer, Parliamentarian, Kirby Phelps, President, Jane Johnson, Chaplain, Pam Hammond, His- torian. 86 YELL, YYGERS, YELL! Mike Thomas Julie W d B Hy P S GO! PYGHY7 WYNY FUT RE TEACHER OF AMERICA OFFICERS: Connie Hebert, Secretary, Gaydell Roe, Treasurer, Pat DiMiceli, Chaplain, Joy Giroir, Vice-President, Mary Jane Peebles, President, David Brown, Reporter, Kirby Phelps, Parlia- mentarian. The purpose of F. T. A. is to de- velop a program designed to acquaint students with the history, ethics, and programs of the teaching profession. One of the annual projects of the F. T.A. is the student directory. Often these students are called on to substi- tute at elementary schools when a cer- tified teacher is not available. MR. HENRY STECKLER Sponsor 88 PELICAN S TA TE I MID HIPME 9 CLUB MV, V E . yfsi,,.a.w-yf ,mwe- me if The Midshipmen's Club is an organization of boys from the junior and senior classes who are taking courses in Seamanship, Navigation, or Marine Diesel Mechanics These boys meet aboart the nautical school ship, the PELICAN STATE, to further their studies based on sea- manship and engine room management. Captain Wilson and Mr. Ganaway co-sponsor this club. CAMERA CL UB Becky Higginbotham, Gayle Levy, Lennie Roes, Roland Stansbury, Paul Sigarlake, Robert 'h mh '- Adams, Stanley Hay, Horace Nacquin. MR. L. T. HOLMES Sponsor MR. RONN IE TRIMM Sponsor The Camefa Club is H newly Organized Club ar LENNIE Ross President M.C. H. S. to promote an interest in photography, 90 ROAR EDITORIAL STAFF Editor CHERYL DAVIS Associate Editor LINDA ALPHA Business Manager LESLYE WHEELER Assistant Business Mgr. LUCY TOMPSON Illustrator ROBERT ADAMS The ROAR is an annual publi- cation composed of outstanding poems, essays, and short stories written by the English students of M. C. H. S. The sponsor and super visor of the ROAR is Mrs. Eddie Guarisco. 9l BONNIE BOSWELL, Editor OFFICERS: Peggy Gilmore, Artist, Glenn Campos, Sports Editor, Lucille Vining, Club News Editor, Bonnie Boswell, Editor, Lynn Cortez, News Editor, Kirby Phelps, Sports Edi- T tor, Miss Jackie Tharpe, Sponsor. PRI T DIANNE PICOU, C Co-Editor MM,Wa,,,1W5,r-anis My ,W 325.133, ,,,, "wma AW i , , E STAFF: Gaydell Roe, Carol Rhodes, Pam Meranta, Peggy Gilmore, Sandy Timmons, Martha Jones, Mary Jane Peebles, Lynn Fontenot, Bonnie Boswell Brenda Comeaux, Lynn Cortez, Lucille Vining, Delores Westfall, Karen Forgey, Glenn Campos, Kirby Phelps. Roland Stansbury. 92 A CTI EITIE Imaginative decorations and colorful costumes created an Italian street scene, theme of the Junior- Senior Prom and Banquet. Juniors, seniors, and guests enjoyed the de- licious food at the banquet. Later, they came into full swing as the prom climaxed this memorable evening. ITALIAN TREE X I S? CEE Q W 25246: Y V i22Le.:s,Q,w. af Q, f 5, H .W,f.sf'w'f'V fm if A W 335 if, M, kkyy A 2554437 S'5,,3wf gfwgguf Yiwu iff? he re if 5 Qfiwwi .:fwgf'4L '-:LX gwwf Q gf, an -X513 , xr, . , . . W by ,MM .W,m,,,,g 'W Eff an wig A - ,, My Mmhfak ze Wy, Agn , Wim My wg A WNW E bk 2 H+' ,ffm if , T1 Lk 45 J an Si.. Engle 56 E 'im H M '91, Q51 IJ iik ekmggiv 3, 'pgggvkigx 03' 2 EW 55, E 62? 7741 2 k , 5, W ,iii my gs? ,Q is 4 Q 3, f 21 X ff ,Q Q, 'SS' 2 w.. M s 1- ,Mmm WWW? gfefn ,bJ,, md ' W-sm. s' Q K 1 Q fb W if 5 J Vg --53. GRAD UA TION 1961 THE SONG HAS ENDED B UT THE MELOD Y LIN GERS ON THE 1962 SWEETHEART COURT This is the Sweetheart Court of 1962. Carla Caporilli was elected as the Sweetheart of M. C. H.S. by the student body. Cheri Cluchy, first maid, Clare Broussard, second maid, Gayle Levy, third maid, Cheryl Robertson, fourth maid. Other sweet- hearts of the various clubs were: Laraine Freeman, Linda Hardaway, Carol Rhodes, Ramona Verrett, Betty Gorman, Leslye Wheeler, Joy Giroir, Becky Higginbotham, Kathy LeBlanc, Lydia Rulf, Carol Prestenbach, Ida Finkelstein, Bonnie Bateman, Maxine Landry, and Dianne Picou. ix 'WV Miss Talent was Cheri Cluchy wh. did a hula. 1 HALL Y Dorothy Gilbert - English III District - 5th Place Sally Shelton English Composition Dim-ict Vance Hamilton - English I Grammar District - lst Place State - lst Place John Crouch - Spelling State - 2nd Place Paul Daigle - English II Grammar Ida Finklestein - General History Julie Fields District - 2nd Place District - 2nd Place, State - 2nd Place EHg1iSh PrOHL1HCi21Ii0l'1 District - 2nd Place 99 1 4 ff ' 'I Each year students who have maintained a "B" aver- age for five six-weeks are rewarded with a trip. This year the Hinsdale students accompanied the group to Jefferson Island and Avery island. They were taken through a salt mine, had a picnic lunch, and toured the Jungle Gardens. H O UR TRIP I00 Laraine Freeman Diane Picou Tim Cheramie Robert Adams Dickie Porth Larraine Freeman Diane Picou David Brown Pelican State has its objectives to promote bet- ter citizenship and to give a clearer understanding of state government. The Pelican State delegates, chosen by the faculty and students, were sponsored by the American Legion, P.T.A., Elks Club, and Rotary Club. a M. C. H. . HINSDALE uf' ' 3 4 5 Last year the M. C. H. S. Student Council conducted a domestic ex- change program with students from Hinsdale, Illinois. Through this program students learned some of the school differences. The ex- change of ideas and new knowledge of the way of life in another area of the U. S. made the program well worthwhile. STUDENT EXCHANGE 03 TIGER BANQ UET CLYDE BOUDREAUX President of T-Club " POP" STRANGE Guest Speaker H, S, HOVER, SR, Master of Ceremonies DR, S, J, RUSSO Team Physician C. ALEMAN Team Captain L. T. HOLMES Principal C, ALEMAN Scholastic - T-Club L. FROMENTHAL A11-State Honorable Mention S, HAY Best Lineman - T-Club W. GALLOWAY A11-State Back Best Back - T-Club IO4 it I 2 BANK The purpose of the school bank is to assist students tion. in saving funds for their senior expenses upon grad- uation and to teach adults of tomorrow the practice of regular savings. This plan is sponsored by Student council in co- operation with the Morgan City Bank and Trust Company. Interest paid by the bank is not paid to the students, but is used to defray the cost of opera- Bank tellers are selected from students whose names are submitted to the bank board and voted on Members of the bank board are Diane Grizzaffi, Benny Rivera, Calvin Aleman, Lydia Rulf, Dorothy Gilbert, Laraine Freeman, Mr. Peltier, Garrett Topham. Not shown is Mrs. Bazet who with Mr. Peltier sponsors the Bank. DOG -Q5 f . I A uw 'P' 4' aw ff , if ,. gf ,, , 5 k 1 1 s A qv? fx Fa. jk 531 an xi gi 5 ,T 5 5' 5 Q if 2 I J, , wfhw 5 X ,A , 9 Ez HOMECOMING Q UEEN it if I C D A R O L F I N P K F E E L S S T T E E I I E N I C I R O B E R T S O N C H E R Y L rmx1+1,l?Zs g N s I Q D 4 sg., 53 ,, T . Q W, . I Q.. Ql E . S My 5' 2 ie. x4v" 'X 11 ' A Q I i!! 'H ff? f ,Ai 5 1 R, .Q 1 7 x 5 I s kfijf me r'?f 54 K 3 fn- .fm as . up PQ 5 1 Iii, .. af fn it ,,,, , 'fm 3. ,UM '1 THE BE T OF SCIENCE DAY Mr. Ronnie Trimm, head of the Science Department, has done much to promote interest in this field. These are only a few of the many projects turned in by students for the Science Fair. II4 2 -uw -.v GLM 3' v 3, 80 W N .4 Q W - ,,-WW-m.mW,.,,., ,.,.W, w 9 ' - ? 1- V H . ,M A V -,fs MQ i x 1 my xg, ... f74Eu..,l,J' , A L- L , - , . gy v 4 l,f,xu-1' .41 'wtf 5 , if-C f PJ Q . X vi P rl. i . -as O 4- 'Q ' I v 0 i 'I' Q up Q ' 'T f '5Sf3 :ri 4'-Q' we Rx 1 ,. 5 Q KA ,' ff sh 'rj Wm' rf!" f 'W ff R ga: 51'1jg"1,lfl'l" 2 , . ip sg K 1 x A 'f 'Qi 'Fa if QQ W 3 in A fig? 3 MR. WALDROP - November TEACHER OF THE MO THA D MR. FPJXNCIS - December .wffxrwuff ,Q ' YEAR ' T Ti: .3 ' ff gf '-,A ' 1' U . 1 This year for the first time the Future Teachers of H ,7"?,,.Q'51gXy'+ if ,lt 1 America selected Teachers of the Month. At the end W L ,ff "vt of the year, a schoolwide election was held, and the entire student body chose the Teacher of the Year. MRS. FREELAND - February Lad' I :L A A 4 'uv e-S ,iky H Q 6 , 2 T MISS TRICHEL - January MR. WILSON ' March I .ff 4,11 5 1 Q5 95 jf U Q gy E 2 3 A S WEE T HEAR TS CARLA CAPORILLI Student Council A1 4 .i V 4, fl 4- ,ig I 1 T Q GAYLE LEVY CHERYL ROBERTSON Yearbook Boys' Basketball I I8 'I CHERI CLUTCHY Thesplans CLARE BROUSSARD T igerettes M.C.H.S. SWEETHEAR T AND CO UR T M BONNIE BATEMAN IDA FINKELSTEIN LARAINE FREEMAN Girls' Basketball French Club Football Joy GIROIR BETTY GORMAN F-T.A. F.B.L.L. LINDA HARDAWAY BECKY HIGGENBOTHAM MAXINE LANDRY F- H- A- Camera Club Chorus I I9 KATHY LE BLANC DIANNE PICOU Band Student Prints CAROL PRESTENBACH CAROL RHODES LYDIA RULF Industrial Arts Music Club Mu Sigma RAMONA VERRET LESLYE WHEELER Midshipmen! Club Roar I20 Which one is wet? WHICH ONE? Which one passed her Wm h 1 di dr? Physical fitness test? c is sguste . Which one has the ball? Which one has sense? Which one is going to fall? x lo Which one is a junior? I i Which one has dish pan hands? 121 -illi- ?fCz?1? S YXYXYY F mgwtrwa? 49" Beauty and the books ' ' ' CYou fill in the captiohj ,asm ,-rn., ,rv ,nam 40- f,-9 ,gum ,fs ,www f,--f ,,.--Q. 4 .QF-w ,ng Shakelenny. . . The ole gang The UHPPY life? This it, Becky? 124 But we're not ready! Vi Well, hurry up. Ready for the Op'ry? 'WW 1. - 14.1 Have Mercy! 2 x E ?Y M m4,.X ,. ,,hZ A A , I fl ii. A Twist fiend Wall flowers . . . M152l'fF""'5 'Vp .Q It's just a pack of lies . . Ah, go onl Can't please 'em all! Ten years ago. I give up! Register to votel We're ahead! I26 After a hard day of play . . . Dancing keeps -athletes in shape? if QW Sl Qtr ff? , 2? , w NM Qpnnuguuniw , ,M 3 we , The New Craze'?'? Hi, there! Secrets again . . . These lucky boys. s cl hildh w The 3Stooges econ C OOC mv- ,, fa mmm. -ymnmn Remember . . You eat itl Tree Lovers of America 'wiff-'5-wmevzff ,M I V 3 :Q Resting for tomorrow? We all go native And she's smil ina an Caught! It's really fun Oh! Shucks! It was like this . . . M., N, Helpers Aw, right! Cow girl and cat? We do growwupl A rose is a rose nn Hams! Girls meet dog Please let me come back ini 'cf K' ,QQ 1- ma ,go ff? , PS., ,v 1. 1 figs? 16 P i 1 f ' a. 'K HI 1:8 X T -3? 12 5 , Q , -1, - , , . '1-wp, H A - , . L, H K K 5. , A I ..-- , ..., , 'X - , , ' A A "" " H , x p , .. . .. . " K -- - Q- In . -- -- - , .,.,. ', - U W ., ,V-wa, -, . 5' "il '7"9':Q3k'fIb,A5:E . , , 'f'-., , fs-- 'H " E+ 97 N ':f.+i1. . EE 1' .' ,YZ 5' -- ' V - .. : Him: ' W -- '-: ' . 'flw all L ' .1 Lx 4' ff .Qfffu ' - ,- A ,.,., f f '1".il"Z'2-- ' -Q- fv:s9':.5--'f' .'- , ma-p1gv2:.' H'. . ','1.gii, f 1 'a wwf" N "W , -t"3:,.f,igssn45m?i5, -QW - -- , b - i W5 4 . ' ' f-SW if W"Wv'?i:" Afl235ffQ5'?"W6 7-h' fwbefflf - ff 4 1 y I I - - L , g, J. jwlg, 354:73,N,mg4i1.f3j5i?'f:f,ww-1,4lj flip: 5 ' . .'z'ff'l.Qw-91 'Sift .. . gg, .aff-in jiqgggzf'-gs-,f'f'i?f5M?.,3 wwzi 5.'T523',,,-wfiWf:- - 'Y-ms-gsi-N . V- ' K K hw Q gi,-Q ' 1 ffisf ,,fL1-2:11. iii' - A '--J, :gh X I YV 9 gg K pjihf , L - :SJ 2, ., ' . ff , , H . .2 H fi , - ws.-,L 0 gb Hu V3 Ufeswe - M ,swf ji + -K .L y ifqfm, -1 - 7 , 4 . .ff - Q ' Xifff, Yuki' ilyw- , '67 iQ?l'l 35wei ,AQEL-f3f'5ifI-35?-,Q??Y?5?-fELgQmQgi5K2Lfk"if --L5 ff wi' ,. 4' -5 ' S ,, f v V- -A K ,V 53: W, - , . -,,'f1.,.,iEPa,,,,f,f,4e,ff-, ,m,,,,,-wif ,, K . ,- A in ww .ff . ,. S A ,N----fy y f, ,- V 4 K ,M ,, 1- ., .5 - .R Wipr.,-, -W wfxgwf- f'z..f----Mew., 12 V ' - -f M Q . ,fr -- f- ' ,wg im ,rm f' Hr-5 A 5' H: pa-,K ,--aff sig 137-f' fiff-1v1.gQQf'A,gg9K,L ,xfwa f-53: 1?h ,qv fl ffm, 'f 3 'gag 351 . ,i N., ' N --my ' w, ' W 1. L- M ' f .V If-' ,, . 5 K f xl' V- V ,asa 5 ., ,ff 'P' - 4 if-fs' u.'15'x'f?:'Q'E5'i?f ff- Q2'0"V'7-' 6,1Qh,,.w,,x,,f1g'i L 'L Y - FH' 4 ,, ,,:-,-g 4 , NH 'iff f rg ,DQ I 5 'M ,, 3 Vwfiiff wp-nf H k5Wgw.3,'4 gf, mg,:L,,- -7.495-iRfg,g f, L'gk:g4,,,,.f-,., - gm- f..-:www 1,-Zdgv V ,fm 1 A , ffm ef, g -wi' ff guy 1- A " SEV- M - -gf f S 44' B X.-"""?"f1i-f 4 ew- .iQ?f??g,.'af 'i1'ee-,Sp-Q K wiidaw, AWN Wm? ,f ' " ' 35 K if sy ,gm V ,, ,f 4,4 K, i 4 ex is M ggi? fJL i,wf,gn.. K iw , . M if wi mg, 3, ,lf my I , F an-wg ,Z EW ,U ij? 32 K W ,q,gg , w ,xk ,.e:3SgVmgN,glv I ,MVB W f .gf Y " A -' il, lv--if f'rff! : W., i . ww V521 f'g,f1ji:s,f,. ff 522,-,A ,. -ag? 4 D , . K' ,- ,ff 'M . ,ffiwgs--i', W gg if Q ya, 3,21--2,35 , . W --,a-fe---,. ff,-1,----A -- S iff, ' vm? , ,V kfqififn blink gb ,553 --'ii 'QM .ff 53 K, .35-.,,, KJV J 7 " ' - -f , f, 4- . , f 4, -4, , 4 1-wgx, k 1-V - .aww 'W ,v ' ' ff-- 1 .M ,vw fi, fi , ff , f 1 '- gl JVfM'Z',, " U SKB? 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'ive - 1 ,,, J ' 5 TVQWQQY' kgw sm? , V vf 'ish Q yl I if . 3, ,Q fi 2 f ZW: YYVVYXVKV ,M . .Q ,fig ,W 3 6 Z V aaa X' 1 Y 3 , X4 B3 J QQ . ix 5 fi V . - .5 fi 1 ,111- Q19-s A A My f 58 W-F' Q . J' sf M, vs, ,kd MQ, w Q4 if94.L.,,,. f eg in 'Q 'Ai ,f,.,, Y if 4 ' f ' 'ig 454, ,f IQ. F, nr ,f mpgs y . u, Q. Q .W Q 5 Q 1 f hi i N a These adyer-tisers help to defray the cost.1of our yearbook. , Sincq ghdy 'Supporg us, 1et's suppgrgfthem. A , 1. . . Q' 144 Distributors of JAX BEER "The Real Beer Taste" ROYAL CROWN COLA and NEHI BEVERAGES NICK MANCUSO - Prop. 713 7th St. Dial 459-2629 Morgan City, La . 459-2955 OFFICE SUPPLIES MARY'S FLOWER SHOP Q5 -F 716 Florence I 25 T 459-2465 W 535 L-H PRINTING CO. Wire or I 205 N. Railroad Ave. Local um? Dial 459-2425 Yo11'1'9 mon? ROSSON'S Ahead . GROCERY Fresh Meats and Fruits 602 Levee Rd. 459-5940 BARGAIN STORE 708 Front Dial 459-2316 I emember BLACKIE FONDREN CONCRETE, INC. 201 2nd 459-2286 Sand - Gravel - Cement Concrete Pipe Concrete Coloring Foundation Blocks JAMBOIS O. 8. M. MACHINE SHOP 1501 Front Street 459-4106 459-7663 Let Us Bag Your Job Oil Field and Marine Our Specialty PEOPLES MQRGAN CITY ICE AND STORAGE, INC. SPORTING CENTER 1101 Front S1. 459-2613 'T Dial 459-6391 3' w 1604 Hwy. 90 E. Open 24 Hour s Block and Crushed Ice Sanitary Bags Boat and Commercial Service Distributor for Dexter Post Cards Local View and Advertising PHOTO MART 403 Everett 459-5403 Day or Night Everything Photographic Cameras - Film - Projectors Complete Wedding Service Specialist Oil Field Aerial - Industrial - Construction Progress - Accident - Advertising - Banquet - Portraits OLIVIER Passenger Cars - Trucks Sales - Parts - Service THE ROSE SHOP Ladies' Ready-to- Wear and Accessories We Feature Nationally Advertised Brands Hwy. 90 E. 459-2667 111 Everett 459-2872 X 1 X X X X yy. HENRY lNTERcoAsTAl. QL LOEB SHIPYARD, INC. H up H I IIQA A CO. , LTD. Boat Building and Repairing Steel Fabricating 'i" """' "" 1 A Ai'l I Propeller Reconditioning Dry Goods for Sandblasting the Family Machine Shop Service 612 Front St. 459-2112 Berwick, La. 459-6444 BROWN AND ROOT, INC yi? ff"1,.3w .Q ' f n BEAUGH'S 5416 14 , t o 1' Q Q , TWIN CITY INSURANCE FIRESTONE 'I I V ' STORE INC. Insurance of All Kinds Tires - Tubes - Batteries for Every Need 516 Front St. Dial 459-4464 Specializing in Marine Insurance UNIVERSAL SERVICES, INC. Call Feeding - Housing 459-2366 459-5195 Maintenance Contractors JOHN J. BIBBINS, Mgr. Hwy. 90 E. 459 5018 119 Everett KEGLERS ' FRANICS MOTOR CO. BowuNG LANES Oldsmobile HWY. 90 E. Rambler Morgan City, La . Brunswick Equipment Z4 Lanes Nu There's a Rocket to Fit Your Pocket! Hwy. 90 E. Dial 459-2663 RAYMOND'S PHOTO STUDIO Commercial - Industrial Personalized Portraits 1322 Federal Ave. Morgan City, La. Y Dial 459-2228 ,fb 0 Raytheon Apelco EWAR Berwick La' BIBBENS 8. RICE f ELECTRONICS, INC. 5 Authorize d MOTOROLA SERVICE A.M. - F.M. Radios - Radars All Types Ranging in A P'l - D' ' size From zo Ft. to 87 Ft. uw 1 cts lfectlon Aluminum and Steel Finders Construction Fathometers Custom and Stock Boats 395-3572 459-7481 1608 Hwy. 90E. - 459-8497 SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE 81 TELEGRAPH CO. Telephones for Special Uses Signals for Special Needs Intercommunicating Systems Mobile Telephone Systems Teletypewriter Services 35 926 7th ALE-.lid 459-9011 r CHESTER HENRY B OAT SERVICE Crew Boats - Tugs Modern Equipment Prompt and Efficient Service Experienced Personnel M. C. RESTAURANT Seafood Sandwiche s Banquet Fac1l1t1e s CHARLES MARINO Owner Dial 459 2854 Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 1409 F1-ont 459-7133 HWY' 90 E Morgan City 910 7th 't'tt' EX S Guarisco-Evans N . JEWELRY 3, GIFTS dwg ShoPP1nS Center Diamonds - Watches - china as-Q,-fi? F8501 1 Dial 459-7713 Silver - Crystal f l 5 1-114 ' International Gift 1 " Lunt 8: Stieff Wrapping Z Sterling and Mailing R P' 205 N. Railroad 459-2218 MEN'S FURNISHINGS THE SHOE HOUSE Dial 459-4426 821 7th Street Morgan City OUIDA'S LADIES SHOP Carlye - Nardis Herman Marcus White Stag Mr. John Gift Wrapping 459-2735 8th and Brashear ST. MARY DRIVE INN THEATRE Dial 395-2009 . C:ol1c1MoviC f , Theotu- Toduylf U. S. Hwy. 90 E. Patterson ECONOMY DISCOUNT SALES Q B I M 'Q ii I I S' Q3 YO " X 5- A! Save Money on Nationally Advertised Brands Jewelry - Silverware - Toys Luggage - Sporting Goods - Tools Housewares - Televisions Hwy. 90 E. 395-2638 voun rnousiss 712 O d ir vANlsH nstea avr 115 4 459-9044 i t BOURG BUSINESS SERVICE Bookkeeping and Tax Service FASHION SHOP Junior and Misses' Wearing Apparel Jonathan and Logan Betty Barclay FormfitBrassieres Vision Hosiery 315 Freret 459-4441 C OMPLIME NTS OF FINKELSTEIN ENTERPRISES 504 Front Street 459-2232 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF MORGAN CITY LET US HELP Z S A , I X V . 5 gi Agiigfgiig gi 4V f - V ,f p K s -Big, , 201 Everett Zan Wioweq 459 - 500 8 OFFSHORE BL , Eflfgffffigl Wholesale K J Westinghouse - Admiral - Fedders Air Conditioners for Home Stores, Industry - Office Marine, Industrial, and Oil Field Electrical Supplies Motors and Controls AC and DC Fans Dial 459-5068 809 7th St. Morgan City 215 N. Railroad 459-2862 MORGAN CITY MOTEL 507 Brashear 459-6411 MOONLIGHT RESTAURANT Brashear 459-9147 CEDERIC S. LaFLEUR Distributor of BORDEN'S DAIRY PRODUCTS C. A. BOUDREAUX l k L HARDWARE 458-8758 X I Berwlc ' a Marine Hardware X 3 X ND Household Appliances X K f 5 Johnson Sea-Horse X8 A R5 Outboard Motors I 922 Front 459-2737 FIELDS 81 GUILLOT DIESEL REPAIR SERVICE DUPUIS BRC. Oilfield ESSO SERVICE STATION E Industrial - Marine Twin Disc Clutch Parts and Service Q Allison Hydraulic Gears 459-2763 459-7121 Hwy. 90 E. 459-4007 3624 Front Berwick 0 0 on -Q 9 ,,, LAUNDRY ' UWB? i V nf 6 AND W ' Y y DRY CLEANING U W I - I A .,, -L - 4-.5,. .5 THIBODAUX LAUNDRY Thibodaux, La. HIllcrest 7-3116 Your Laundry Pick Up and Beautifully Done Delivery "Send Your Dirty Duds, to Suds" MORGAN CITY HIGH SCHOOL P.T.A. ll Consecrate Us to Thy Service and to the Service of All Children EveryWhere" MRS. LEONARD ROES - MRS. JOE KIMBRELL - - - MRS. NORA BERNIARD - - MR. S. O. SWEARINGEN ---------------President - - -Vice-President - - - -Secretary - - -Treasurer , 4 1, ' ,,, TSX 1 1 ' X' GWFQP Mx You'11 Think You've Found That Pot of Gold When You Buy From X GALLEY STORES AND SUPPLY co., INC. Finer Foods for Marine Operators 803 First St. Morgan City, La.. l rely fl .WNV Smlmi A ,in-J Dial 459-2605 BLAKEMAN'S SERVICE STATION SHELL DEALER Quality Service Auto Repairs E: . 43 459-4526 Hwy. 90 Berwick Compliments of MORGAN CITY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT MORGAN CITY BANK AND TRUST CO. -c E- 1 , ,i 624 Front St. Dial 459- 6408 CANNATA'S 5 EF' e9 2646236 .L ...1 7 k.! Q. Choice Meats and Poultry QUALITY Fancy and Staple "Name Brand" Groceries Crisp Fruit and Vegetables Frozen Foods Package Liquors Hwy. 90 E. - 7th ' AND VARIETY Dial 459-7024 :iiEG9QK?33f: -- ' - jg A -wg, 911 Ditch MORGAN E375 YE 459-2524 CITY A 44 -at cnoss p g Aj r STUDIO 1' is ' - 4 gg g Motion Picture Supplies UQ S r i 1 and Equipment x Q1 Overnight Photo Finishing f ill!! . -n ,A W H voun ssnncu :uns E 6 ?Ve verything for the Builder Valspar Parts Valspar Varnishes 402 E 45 - 6 Verett 9 201 Dial 459-9097 Children's Fashions Buster Brown Knitwear Retail ' STANDARD Wholesale , A S Ccfxfjcy it-9 Mens Dependabilit Y usrrs 1120-8th MEAT MARKET in 4th St. Dial 459-2325 STORE BERGERON MARBLE Sr GRANITE WORKS Dial 459-2323 Giftg Camel-as Filfn 316 Federal Dial 459-7131 Cosmetics Greeting Cards Baby Needs Wallets MONUMENT5 Sundries F ilm Developing CONRAD INDUSTRIES, INC. Marine Repairs - Ship Builders 459-2579 2. Dry Docks Small Boat Repairs Machine Shop Shrimp Trawlers Propeller Repairs New Construction 1501 Front Street Morgan City, La. 313 Glenwood Dial 459-7173 Morgan City, La. Free Estimates HOME ENTERPRISES Chain Link Fence Aluminum Awnings Doors and Screens TO GREATER VALUES Residential Windows and Door Hoods Commercial Carports Industrial Patio Covers Dial 459-9154 U. S. Hwy. 90 E. at 8th 459-9440 Morgan City, La. TERRY'S Night Wrecker Pick Up and Service U T Delivery SERVICE STATION Wheel Repac king Whe el Balancing Gulf Tires and Batteries Greasing Tire Repairs Washing Accessories DIRECTIONAI. TRIPLE C ENGINEERS SHIPYARD, INC. Aycock Street Wyandotte Dial 459-5128 1325 Front Street xy Morgan City, La. 1 1 1 BESSE JEWELERS 702 Front St jeg Morgan City La 1-3 't 4 4 ,vii , ' Dial 459-27 50 Dial 459-9086 459-7552 fx ' ISTROUMA FOUNDRY AND MACHINE WORKS 2930 Arbutus St. Baton Rouge, La. Specializing in Sand Compliments of JOSEPH R. STREVA FALSTAFF DISTRIBUTOR The Choicest Product d G 1 P of the an rave umps Brewers' Art and Parts 311 2 d S . 45 -246 Dlckens 2-8150 n t 9 3 ROSE BEAUTY SHOP For Lovelier Hair Styling - Waving 701 Freret 459-4161 MORGAN CITY FLOWER SHOP P 'Gr , - '7 ' Y .Q -I . - 0 'T mix' ' ,, 14" f Flowers for A11 Occasions Weddings - Cut Flowers Corsages 1105 Federal Ave. 459-2890 TRI-STATE OIL WELL TOOLS 8r SERVICE Fishing - Cutting Rental Tools SAFTI CRAFT Hwy. 90 E. 459-9008 DUPONT' INC' Compliments of LAMINAR CORP. --' We , If -5. k',?'?i J,:?5 A in ': I PATTERSON Hwy. 90 E. ' 395-3504 LOYLIS DUHCN . fx-3 gill? Y I Nz RICE g REAL ' LM 2 A Rf' , 5-X FARMER -550,2 . M ESTATE f--' , 71' 'M ,Ll - -'rf , if? fffffa ,f"f'fA ' Amelia , Louisiana C OMPLIMENTS OF Front Street Berwick 459-2686 BLUM 8. CASSO FISHERIES Wholesalers of a Complete Line of Fresh and Salt Water Fish and Shrimp - Catfish a Specialty Dial 459-5961 3200 Front - Berwick P.O. Box 206 ED'S MUFFLER SHOP All Types of Mufflers and Duals - Free Installation 15 Minute Service International Mufflers 404 Brashear 459-7510 LAVINE'S SERVICE STATION Service With a Smile Pick Up Delivery Brake Service, Wheel Balancing Wheel Bearings Packed Motor Tune-Ups - Seatcovers Mufflers and Starter Service Tires and Tubes - Keys Made Batteries and Accessories 500 Brashear 459-9159 B AND B BOAT CO. 1 SERVICE MACHINE SHOP You Will Welding and Repairs Save Diesel Engine Repair. Outboard Motor Repair Lathe Work - Threading 922 Front 459-4345 - ,rW "Q' ! M N Inna! P, a w BEl'EfgYYl:1fp Hair Styling Manicuring Permanent Waving By Appointment Amelia, La. 459-4263 1670 Front St. 459-2871 SHEPHERD APPLIANCES J. AND J. FOOD MARKET 1310-2nd St. - 459-7205 Produce 1 U 213 N. Railroad Ave. Meats , .W H Groceries gimp v .v .rag X Dial 459-2880 4 V 1 of 5 I, ' H COLLINS ..:-A,,. 1 ,,,.A ,..,,. i i "Q ul A"'4' 1 """',,A Q1 i, T 6th - Brashear W X1 'fc J General Electric Sales and Service ST. MARY REXALL DRUG STORE 608 First 459-2131 " h B ' M ' " Baby Supplies - TOYS f in. For t e est in ovies Revlon Cosmetics ' ' Photo Supplies 1 2 Pangburn's 5 Everett 459-7093 Choc olate s ' Ari 71:5 : 52513 Don't Forget! FIXIT SHOP " 801 Federal 459-7042 Lawn Mower Sales and Service Jacobsen NSU Motor Bikes N Hwy . CY'S M. C. APPLIANCES 90 E . 459-9004 ZACK C. BENNETI' WYANDOTTE PIPE COATING C O. Shot Blast Cleaning and External Protective Coatings for Pipe Lines Rhoda, La. 459-9806 D. J. AUCOIN STORE General Merchandise 430 Levee Rd. 459-7406 RIVERSIDE SEAFOODS, INC. Shrimp Cooked Headless Shrimp Shrimp It 2. r'WI'IEN INTHE Munn run FINE FWD .JIU Crab Meat Fresh and Frozen Gift Packs Shipped Anywhere Dial 459-2216 P.O. Box 205 Berwick, La. W5 m "-JF" .. I 'I 1' I if 451:31 Aghd my by M ,1FoB nL TRI CITY MDTORS, INC. Thunderbird - Falcon Trucks Authorized SALES 0 SERVICE 301 N. Railroad Ave. Dial 459-5051 Wm. ALFRED Com liments of AND soN P P pwnnmn THEL SMITH 4 L ,.. .x ,XS-fx -I -A PLUMBING Sr APPLIANCES GR "Service - Not Promises" Large or Small - We Take All Complete Line of Crane Plumbing Fixtures Dial 459-7822 459-4661 212 Federal Ave. 459-7151 Q I . 9 22.I5i'3i?y,p"fM1m , S14 K 4 ' mr . -.i' lwvlrwui ,..:., I SACK AND SAVE Hwy. 90 E. Dial 459-6122 Office Phone: 459-7026 Morgan City Louisiana STEPHENS DIESEL DISTRIBUTOR Reliable Batteries R. J. STEPHENS E. T. STEPHENS Phone: 459-2442 Phone: 459-7567 1613 Front St. DON'T WORRY emembgr for ... GET HER GIFT Jewelry iggfg I 1 Watches if 9' Diamonds Nationally Known Brand Names -"4 Watch and Shop at Jewelry Repair DAVE KAHN'S --9 628 Front St. DECHARY'S Morgan City, Louisiana 712 Front 459-7780 Dial 459-2326 GARY 8. ANDY'S -I-WIN Cn-Y TEXACO SERVICE Washing and Greasing Co' Highway 90 East , Morgan City, La . "We Give S8rH Green Stamps With Every Purchase" Phone 459-9222 rw C JOHNNY FREEMAN Berwick, La . g f Everyone Is Talking all Ab o ut A EJ' mx U 1 J 7 ' OUDREY S B elle River Seafoods Served or Take- Out Orders Marine and Auto Service vi: :,, Clothes TWIN CITY for the Family FISHERMAN'S r AND co-OPERATIVE SAVE Assoc1AT1oN .Q-fa-I lf- he AT LEON KAHN DEPT. STORE 600 Front St. 459-2460 l 1lFl1"S cool: roon Ak YOU WAC!!-- Z: Hot Dogs in A ' I ' Hamburgers Roast Beef hys,-A Sf " 1 xl Po-Boys U"-l4Ll.I.IIl! 40 .5 ' - Malts - shakes 0 Sundaes - Cones KING CUSTARD 1000 Front 4594681 1636 Hwy. 90 E 459-4808 SHANNON HARDWARE CO. Wholesale - Retail For All Your Marine Needs Multiple Pulleys - Pumps Sprockets - Compasses V Belts - Paints Chains - Varnishes Lanterns - Anchors Life Rafts - Charts Rope - Fire Extinguishers Search Lights - Locks Coolers - Canvas Goods SALES - SERVICE LEOPOLD LOEB AND SONS, LTD. Ready-to-Wear Dry Goods - Furniture Dry Goods - Furniture died! ' 506 Front St. 459-2154 C. J. CUTRONE INSURANCE For Protection - Not Promises Marine - Windstorm - Bonds Fire - Auto - Burglary 459-2622 Liability - Life and Accident 606 Front 459 5449 ' 912 7th 459-6467 LIQUOR STORE I REI Your Choice of 1 Cigarettes and Magazines ,LT Brashear Ave . 459-7843 HUB CLUB RESTAURANT RATHBUN'S TILE AND PAINT SHOP Ceramic Tile - IIG U S PATD7 Linoleum Venetian Blinds - Pools Patios - Mantels - Kitchens 819 4th St. Fine Food Served Elegantly Steaks - Seafood Chicken - Enchiladas Catering Se rvice Available 459-7112. Hwy. 90 E. 459-9145 F. 8. S. BOAT CCRP. 4281 Francis Berwick, La. 459-5720 1918 6th St. Morgan City, La. 459-9430 Compliments of MIKE FIELDS vlgrf THE SNACK BAR BELANGER DRUG CO. A. B. BELANGER, Pharmacist ALBERT BELANGER, Pharmacist 700 Front Street Morgan City, La. Dial 459-2134 PAUL'S AGENCY, INC. 459-6422 459-7528 All Lines of Insurance Accident - Hospitalization - Automobile Marine - Life - Fire - Bonds Group Hospitalization - Public Liability 514 Front Street Morgan City, La RIO FUEL AND SUPPLY, INC. Marine - Indust 'al Automotive Fuels - Oils G as 1015 Fro t Str et 459-5033 TRIBUTE W ' TO A f W FINE CLASS Q Q-1 . , N ,A IN A GREAT SCHOOL 7 T, ,' L! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES f. 'N non GRANT and JIM Plummn X' ' I ' Box 2'l1,lu1on Rouge J., I ,5 I REPRESENTING R W df W SJW 6 J JEWELRY'S FINEST CRAFTSMEN XX S xi cuss amos Ano rms -cnua mslcnu nl A' v' O' I Menus - rnornlss - nAoues - om.omAs nf? X X X commsncsmsm mvnulons Q!! ,5 -'- - A T. A fs " '?+ 1-'- ls S K gk 1 . Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr . Mr. Mrs Mrs. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. One - 0 s TIGER BOOSTERS La Rue Bateman G. A. Hoffpauir and Mrs. A. J. Summers and Mrs. Ernrst M. Webster Clarence M. Gilbert Anthony Rock, Sr. and Mrs . Harold Strong and Mrs. O. H. Jones and Mrs. Murphy Tabor and Mrs. Cyrus P. Giroir Sidney Babin Melvin G. Dupuis and Mrs . Anton Fromenthal A. A. Shepherd and Mrs. Kirby Phelps and Mrs. Floyd Bailey and Mrs. W. J. Le Blanc . Rita Mae Eells George Eells, Jr. and Mrs. Gus Di Miceli and Mrs. George Picou and Mrs. Earl P. Hale and Mrs. Eugene Corneaux Hour Martinizing x H: r -L , Q NS' f 3 eww Q is 95 6 5 is ' VY - L . I af' 5 . .X ,rv I v 5 K I - 1 I i t K XSM ' ' . ,, . ,J N, .. Y W - . . A . L V . .L'm!','i4L'- 1: . A-1: :S-'sam f ks M ,- mx . A I' 41 MW M D LMCW +'WWWCffM??w mf My ef J Wy Mywyjffwspfo' ,MW 5362 by WWW Q fgbff Q91 V22 Mp My ,+ A V5 xffwgy ,WL My 'ff if Www Hi? M me M if S WUfWWf4Li W Bw W f fiwiiggffm gsww ww Q iw ff QWWWVLMQQ QQM Swyifflfwj W Eswww W W W N I 5 , 1 AIEYTQWU ,qf. 1'-'l' l ,'QQ' Xvgo? -M90 - J. , , 'YM Q' Y' X 047' Go- ""4 Awww- h...,.",,,..1 1944-44 A4-v--4-ff-1-'A Jap,-l4f6vb564A .,lw-an Alu!-J EWU E QW if f Z ."A 1- i S 1 Wm WM, Uipfjffw Wagga f eww 1f .q, W? 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Suggestions in the Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) collection:

Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 186

1962, pg 186

Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 104

1962, pg 104

Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 60

1962, pg 60

Morgan City High School - Tiger Yearbook (Morgan City, LA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 62

1962, pg 62

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