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,VAT 'C 5 '7 6 M W I 'ri fl R 7 Q F . . X U ,X Xi V ,ff X lf! N 4 QA, fxfs n 1 'rgillt NG A V GZ WF 3. fy, 'SQ Q? Q NX 5 0 C J 'J Q Nb QQ ,OCD C9 K 06 QWYCM " 9 9' '90 M C2 'Q A 5,9 - ' f ' ,V ' 4 WA fx H C! fvx X X40 ,L AN CDC fic' Zu I W v " ,, 5 S, , -I Y , X IV M ta? :kk 1 ,NDT W , X r'l E K l L Lv -- x V' , I H ,Q X, ,A K V Lk N X' , A , . 3 M bn. 2 , E , , , jx . . - ' ' Q X X 1 L, 1 " I . J l I - , I N Y,f . ' K Aw L' -. Vkv V1 I fx. X lx, ' ,VJ J 1' , X 4- . L X 1 J' 1 X I' K ls, v , V W vw, X n 1 , Y N, , X Lf' - W . I .sd ., ., , L . ' 1 X ' 1 ', . ' ' IW , ' , kv xvk 3 Xiu., K J' ff . ' xi . I F ', a, X 5 I. 4 ye Ag P2 QZMZ, 066 ffyfbqfgfvf fp JMU 72 C00 CE! Q71 G' ja 1' f7 !7f flcfc, Cf Qing 367 4 1 7,501 04,04 X" CDPPER CA 83 XV Morencl, Arizona 85540 fl ff x 1 X 'hq Xiu rn' Volume 38 ON ww y X l V-QP lb ,W fpbjqa A A XVU3 iygw F I ihxr5.L,1 pw Cf A . I, 22' l 1 Q lr Q flux: fliyiy E LIL .,-5 U, Zi- QC-Gigi KZ? MLA fafofccqf X Q 'jp' Vtll CC.f'W' vga-ff ,Zin 'wcufyfjv 1"' will N' A X I ' Y. xi - 1 X s 50 keen A004 'L' 'L KXVW my M' Le Q y Q 1 1' L: - Q!! ar! jdygf., 12 " ' N, X AIU ' C 4 Q-,J L'c,f,, 1 A712 . 'L iv X X y f ,QA JK lk X4 xxx cw, k "4 'x fox - 4? 4, M46 51"-4 L. 3 Benjie Aguilar Kelly Baker Co-Editors-in-Chief Sandra Hudgens V,gl, A L ,, ,ixl 5 A X Adviser vee ,.,.,.,f.1 ,rf g'.mWN,lg4f f Q 4 Xl W x IVAV ' - +.,. a - 4 A roly-poly Irma Paz tries to fit through her classroom door on Halloween. "Muppet" characters, "Miss Piggy" and "Kermit," ride in the senior float at the foot- ball homecoming pep assembly. The seniors received first place for their efforts in the wagon float competition. Spectacular fireworks acld a festive air to pregame ceremonies at all home football games. e Year' 423455353355 thietics' l e Activities Student Body Seniors Juniors ophomores Freshmen Commu 'ty 2-WERE STILL THE ONE Q W? lfiy 41 i 7 HW! 0 . 26 42 64 8 cfiisl i f me wwf-ra' M. me YYY,QXW.4,l uxzullq ac., l-C M., HP...t Q ow ll 8W4,vs-XUxA-fifwwvl ROVWWW , . F..-t1r1mitm.lriWl0 We re Still The One Kwik' MM' WMM it Uk N,-M ixlpmwdqftvt' Cfx"MC'1 Pride, school spirit, Wildcat though you're going to leave the Vllvoliw l-law f"CY' U lQwS'2 magic-it's still intact! physical surroundings behind, Despite the complications and don't forget to take the pride with headaches of moving to a new you." Evidence that students fol- school, it did not dampen our spirit lowed her advice can be found in or change the uniqueness that sets such accomplishments as: a confer- MHS apart form all the rest. We V ence championship for the volley- moved from Class A South to ball team, national recognition of Class B East, welcomed a new the Copper Cat, and hosting and boys' varsity basketball coach, and sweeping an invitational chess adapted to a new band director. tournament. Pride in the new high Sharing in the thrill of dedicating a school and loyalty to MHS were grand football stadium, we also ini- also brought by the throngs of peo- tiated an impressive gymnasium ple who turned out for the fall laden with old banners of previous open house. Wildcat conquests. f Even though many physical al- Estermae Lopez, One of the terations and adjustments have 1982 commencement speakers, been made, it's obvious to all - admonished the students: "Even WEJRE STILL THE ONE. Punk rock spirit is shown by Cristina Rome- ro and Brenda Carabeo during the week be- fore the Clifton game. At the dedication ceremony for Lawson Stadium, Mrs. Walter Lawson unveils the plaque honoring her late husband. Superinten- dent Tony Boling and school board member Hector Ruedas assist. WERE STILL THE ONE-3 "Plgglng out" on large sundaes at the Dairy Queen, a popular spot during the summer months, are Grace Franco, Lorraine Moya, and Lisa Franco. Archer Reed Goodwin practices for an up- coming tournament at the Southwestern Ari- zona Archery Range located by the Morenci corrals. s f Q, ' ..m..f,l.. .Ay A - by X' gff5,,V.Q,.. ' W, ,", A jf. -w.. - .. I ,L y- - 'L ...Nerve-"I f . . ...f 4-SUMMERTIME 'fM...,.. l Mft, Under The 5 un Students enjoy a variety of activities Summertime-a time for sun- ning, swimming, and just plain hav- ing fun. Swimming was the number one way of beating the sweltering sum- mer heat. If they had wheels or could find a ride with a friend, stu- dents enjoyed going up to the Mor- enci pool. "I liked going to the pool to swim and to get a tan, but check- ing out the guys was fun, too," admitted Lisa Smetanick. Sports were also very popular. Many stu- dents participated in softball and slow-pitch leagues. By the end of summer, several co-ed slow-pitch teams were formed. Competing in a local tournament, the "Dukes" placed fourth. "Playing on the co- ed team was exciting," said Julia James. "The girls showed they could keep up with the guys." Not all students spent every mo- ment outdoors, however. A favor- ite pastime was watching the "soaps". "I was able to catch up on everything I had missed during the school year," said Paula Jones. "I can really get into the soap op- eras because they have all the stuff that makes life intriguing." Movie going was also popular. Since the local theatre was closed, students had to go to Safford, Phoenix, or Tucson to see the la- test hits. Tops on the list were Q The Extra Terrestrial, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and Annie. "I love E.T. -he's soooo cute," sighed Francie Rodriguez. She also admitted to being one of those who cried at El "I've seen the movie three times and I flooded the the- atre every time." Regardless of the activity, most students enjoyed whatever they did during the summer months. As freshman Beatrice Denogean com- mented, "I'Iaving fun was what summer was all about." un a AVG"--I ra ,fi-fffgg' if Z y ss 54.481, if 1' 'U all 'WM' if 4 .M ,fi W--...fiW'yf.1"f '41 5 if 443 , hx . Sw ,M ,,, Q, ,we if -Us 3 wi ,, 5" 'VPQWR , WW, , Yi Vw I M K' 49? an-fu W L A il, V , af A , Finding a way to beat the heat on a hot summer day, Christina Dingman, Becky Peru, and Shelly Ruedas enjoy a dip in the muddy San Francisco River. Sophomore Barbie Martinez visits the corrals on a daily basis to run her horse. Rounding third base, senior Mick Ruiz heads for home in one of the Dukes' co-ed slow-pitch tournament games. SUMMERTIME 5 i Digging in, Mick Ruiz and Andy Chaff com- ' pete in the pie-eating contest at the 1982 Junior Olympics. Ex .KI 'li 'radix icii f Gift wrapping" a truck, Willy Imrich plays ' a practical joke on a friend. Wdeo Games fpell Fun PAC MAN gobbles up students quarters Symptoms: Glassy eyes sore shoulders stiff wrists and aching fingers. Diagnosis: Video game addic- tion. Prescription: A pocket full of quarters and an arcade with all the latest video games. Yes it s really true! Many MHS students became addicted to play- ing video games. Even though the local economy was hard hit by mine layoffs, video game lovers had little trouble supporting their habit. As Andrea Jones stated, "I'd do almost anything to get the mon- ey to play Ms. Pac Man." Although there were no arcades in town, the bowling alley and Cole's Pizza offered students sev- eral games on which to spend their hard-earned quarters. The most popular games were: Centipede, Defender, Tempest, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac Man, Tron and Missile Command. Considering himself to be quite proficient at Centipede, Ricky Perkins attributed his success to lots of quarters and great determi- nation. His recommendation for improving one s score was: . . . shoot the mushrooms! It makes the Centipede move slower. While video games occupied much of the students time new events in the 1982 Junior Olym- pics provided added interest for the annual spring activity. Scoring the highest number of points were the juniors, the class of '83, "Beat- ing the seniors was great!" screamed Frances Peru. "I loved seeing the anger and disappoint- ment on their faces. We really rubbed it in!" Both junior tug-of-war teams de- feated the seniors, and junior Mick Ruiz won the pie-eating contest. "My only competition was Andy Chaff," recalled Mick. "I tried to eat and watch him at the same time. I finally started slurping the pie to get it down fasterg it was all over my face and up my nose by the time I was done." 6-FUN 'N GAMES 9. 3 C' W." is Mrs. Noralea Gale. iff' fp -vv wh JN", outsmart the machine as Kathy her chance. Fun ' Game x Fr ' A disbelleving James Petty is zapped in an . Atari game of Defender. Tom Stinson and Chuck Boling observe the action. ' Participants in the 1982 Junior Olympics, Joey Feinstein and Cristina Romero, are pre- pared for the toilet paper race by faculty member A fan of Dig Dug, Samantha Stewart trys to Ulibarri awaits O X, FUN 'N GAMES-7 , 1 2 3 4 . 6 'I . 8 L lL 9 . 19, II- 5 An AMIFM radio tape deck, ap- proximately S250, is a must for all music lovers. Style and curl your hair with a blow dryer and curling iron. Just a dream, but what student wouldn't like to own a racy '83 Trans Am priced at 315,000 "Junk food" A-a favorite lunch. And, to save on calories, a Diet Pepsi. i School rings, custom made in yel- low or white gold, priced from S130 to 5220. Terrific smelling products' for all occasions include shampoo and conditioner for great hair and lotion for soft skin. A 5 To continue the video craze at home, a portable Pac Man game selling for 3565. Students walking to and from school need a book bag to relieve the pressure of a heavy load of books. A calculator is a must for physics and advanced math stu- dents. Whatever music style you pre. fer, albums and tapes are a necessi- ty even at 88.98 each. Jugta pinch between your cheek and gum gives you great tobacco flavor. .4 Basic necessities to go in a girl's purse include: makeup, nail polish, and perfume. f W A 0 .. 15 5 'i 'Q . S ,L i Q wwlfir' 'Mbg '1 "'2:'f?'?75fs 'lii A-...g'?llg A ffl , ,va Its Only Money Being a teenager can really cost Money. So hard to earn but so easy to spend. Just what did stu- dents do with all the mula ? Most of it went for clothes. Hav- ing an in look was costly. In ad- dition to needing just the right clothes basic necessities for girls included: cosmetics perfume curl- belts nail polish and hair accesso- ries. The male wardrobe was less involved but still excessive: blue jeans tennis shoes OP shorts and shirts and cologne. A lot went into cars especially if it was your very own. Popular ex- tras included tapes and tape decks mag wheels and speakers. With gasoline hovering around the 31.20 mark just cruising was very expensive. But since most students didnt have to drive to the new school some money was saved by walking or riding their bikes. Weekend activities gobbled up the bread. Movie admission tick- to 33.00 a person and popcorn cokes and hot pickles were equal- ly costly. Football and basketball games pizza and video games also ate up the bucks. Each student spent hundreds of dollars during the year but looking back it was probably all worth it. After all it was only money. Y 0 Y ll 77 7 Cl 71 9 7 ll lf Y 7 ing irons, jewelry, purses, shoes, ets in Safford ranged from 32.50 7 l l U Y l I 7 Y Y 5 7 5 9 7 3 6 l ff l lr r WM., Aim im-l I I z Clffirim we 1 i' " m Wlllliiillf Lu im ,-,, Q Z: l lg' EXTKA 'M ci fee, 5 -.- , . J FLEX 'W M , 4 8. I gm , and ws ., up V- fiflffzlgtlllitlffifll ,K , H" "'1ffn,l.ef.,, , .L j mi-,fu . Q t 1 lily! if lx' I0 fab 1 Alley 9 L 5 ' A , -I. Www., 3 , kwf IR M J.- . A. , PRO 1200 fi 1 ,gf A - ., ,,. ,, df" J , ' A M aw , A V Ak , 3 n,,.as.'.':a:n Ii E K iZg?j,4g, M MHUINIU , f yy: f M' ii 1 6 v A 5 A M, ,XD 'Ln Q., gh ' - ' . ,,'f'ff"'.U' df! TQ". ' , I -A 1 A l L .u' ,fffizgvtfzfiaz ' sf:-',:f:fv:.' . :zmv-',f,-ww' Y, , ,A.. ,A ,, s1i5:?f:f5:5ifff:1:V-af:-3-fffzfzf ' H , cz-., fa .1 firf'.f' fl. 'ffl 1, 14 u 2'ifgf.g-fx .f34.5,j,-3.4315-:i,1j,.f,j..f5ujsjf, 2 :f.f'-.4523427141,ffy','.fw',-1,ff' 1 55-ww -f 1 My -1.1,-f'...,,, 1,.f,f,f, .-1 A 1' vfM2"11'2f,fjJf':, fiffmq- f ,w M my dmv ffff - , ,fffyw --f ffufw .p,,v5y,f'.w A 1.44, -.f,,,w,,,,g. 2 .. ,, ,fffiffqfff .f ff , ff, -.f 4' 1 V f -1 sf, f ,, K wirV-wffyzfff-pcfziiwffgzv-fcffp,1: ...f QV.v,4v',4j,Avgf,f','rw.fgff fi" gp- ylvfyv-1 ,!,,9..1,f,3,-I, fp., wif:-HT ,f5ffz.f1ff,'-'+R f. fffof'f:f:v?wQ+7 ' , Panasonic X E -,, fm Q ' EX AN MN'-f. , "S-...M ' , R 5 .af ' fig' ix 0 ,,,. Q AA P091 CQ 'Ingres 4 ix if 'QW QEX, ff i 'K Y rg' F fa bs' C 2 Q lk ,,1 'WN Q I wfwx sr M xv + r0.3-mix 2,5 . gs , "do: A 4 A M ' :C 'K kkmeiigkg .,,. P - .M ,:,: .N wi - - -. U . www , X """'3ff li Q 'N 'F ' P K ' - g 'W 'N M F A Jam Wi wmv-1' 'Visas :"2:.5f S i f 1 ku., -, 1 f ' 'V B . fi ni 'Inq f X 5035.51 ,W Q X i X ."9 4 . ist 5 -, ,. 5 '- ' H X - ,MN 2 ' N ,,,-1. M . . jj W , 4. ' QL? N , is h ., . -X 5 Cm S vs 3 Zi... ...ff Bringing the "GQ" look to Morenci, Chris Rodriguez wears a style popularized in the magazines, Gentlemens' Quarterly. Fans of the preppie look include: FRONT ROW: Leigh Ann Owen, Ernesto Llamas. 2ND: Cristina Romero, John Lee. The price range of the shirts is from 514.00 for the inexpensive TG 8a Y brand to 530.00 for the lzod Alligator. A bold striped mini-skirt is a hit with fresh- man Brenda Beltran. Fashion Flash F 9. I Pets On Parade Prepple look Includes animal decals Alligators dragons horses and foxes were all a part of a style very popular with Morenci students To dress prepple students wore a sports shirt which had a small am mal decal on the left side A turned up collar and a rolled up bandana around the neck complet ed the look The animal decal made it easy to Identify the brand of shirt When asked why she wore the more ex pensive Izod brand Leigh Ann Owen replied Llke wow I know the difference between the J C Penney fox and the Izod alligator Other often seen decals were the Sears dragon and TG 8: Y horse Many girls preferred the femm ity of the prairie look They re really pretty clothes and Im glad they came back in style declared Renade Kline The ruffled blouses and full skirts with a petticoat peekmg out added a real chic flair to the campus Bold striped mimskirts were a contrast to the longer prame skirts When asked why she liked the mlm style semor Brenda Carabeo re plied because I have gor geous legs I want to show them off Shorts were worn by some stu dents the first few months of school OP s and the athletic and bermuda styles were popular A very new and different look worn by many of the girls was the tuxedo style A ruffled shirt bow tie cumberbund and pm striped baggles were all necessary for the total look I think it s a very classy and dressy style commented Kim Gulllion You dont really feel overdressed just fashionable Ballerina type shoes in many dif ferent colors were worn with all kmds of clothes Bright colored socks and leg warmers were added in the cooler weather CQ ' If ' ' 9 9 1 ' ' Cl v 71 - y . . . . . 44 , . . . ' ' r n - - 1 . 1 v 44 I . 9 D ' 1 ' ' 1 7 ' . 73 . as . . 1 71 . ' J . . . . 44 5 u GC 0 0 77 If 7 ' 4 77 7 - - . . 77 . 7 A very classy and dressy "tuxedo" look is worn by Cherie Chappell. Colorful flats to go with all types of dress are the most popular style of shoe. Costing about 57.00, the cloth shoes are the least expensive. The leather flats range from 516.00 on up. TDTFILLV TUBULFAR Totally Awesome Facility freaks out student body Students were anything but eat before I have to start back." "grossed out" at the new facility A big change from the old high when school opened in August. school was the lack of windows in "Like oh my Gawd" could well the new building. "I hate not hav- have been the motto for the year. ing any windows," remarked sen- Words were hard to come by when ior Michelle Maldonado. "There's discovering the innovative details no way to escape from boring class and awesome planning that went assignments." For others it wasn't into the new school. much of a change, though. As Those first days in the fall were freshman Beatrice Denogean stat- "bizarre" as students gradually ed, "It really isn't any different came into "total" contact with the since the middle school doesn't school. Whether it was automatic have windows either." shut-off faucets in the bathroom, Another feature of the new I folding walls in classrooms, or real- building was class lockers located , ly dark "darkrooms' '... the over- in different sections. Each class had I s all effect was: a lot of students its lockers in a separate hallway. were "totally blitzedf' Seniors especially liked having Yes, the "new wave" language their own location. As Donna Cha- had hit the campus by the time vez stated, "It adds to the feeling T3kI'l9 advantage ofthe shade, Hawld school started. Favorite expres- of senior pride to have our own Buckne' and Joelmrlch ea' their lunch in an sions used by the students includ- section and it gives freshmen some- alcove of the pam' ed: "Gag me with a spoon," thing to look forward to." Chris "That's beastie," "Like barf-out," Rodri uez disa reed sa in , "I Senif' K?'hv Causef eniovs an Iceueafm "Like bag your face man," and liked fghe old arrgngement llmeger. It ZgsxjgnslnaxhlsgrgzfxrggiggrK1?1Th.Whlle "That's TOTALLY out of it." "It's made it easier to walk your girl- great talking like this," remarked friend to class or to share a locker I V Paula Jones, "because you get lots with her." l ' of laughs." "It makes me feel bilin- By far the biggest complaint gual," added Rodrick Hogg. about the lockers was their size. With the opening of the new fa- "They aren't big enough for any- cility, only students from Stargo thing," remarked Kathy Ulibarri. 9 and sites 1 and 2 were bused to The double deckers created a 3 . school. A few rode bikes and some crowd between classes, too, as stu- UX I drove, but the most used method dents tried to get at the upper and of transportation was by foot. lower lockers. 34 While some students preferred By far the most humorous as- Ji to eat their lunch in the multi-pur- pect of the new building was the Q pose room or on the patio, the bell system. "They're weird man!" majority walked home. "I like to laughed Steve Brannon. "I don't get some of my mom's good hot know quite how to explain them." food," explained Bonnie Lopez. Leigh Ann Owen knew just what Senior Debra Vasquez had another they reminded her of, ". . . a hos- reason for hurrying home. "It gives pital when they page a doctor." me a chance to watch one of my Still another idea came from facul- I favorite soap operas." Preferring ty member, Mrs. Sandra Hudgens. to stay at school, Lisa Franco com- "Everytime I hear them I expect mented, " . . . by the time I get someone to open an elevator door home, I only have ten minutes to and say, 'What floor please?' " 12-NEW WAVES TDTALIJ' IQASPY flf ZIJQWJMW After designing and building their high- rider bikes, Donald Horn and Javier Salazar often use them to ride to school. Students Qhaff, Rocky Davis, Leonard Morales, and Miyiglkgigggolgt-i, converse while waiting to get to their lockers during a class change. ' Keeping busy before the 1:10 afternoon bell, Chris Saiz tries his skill at sliding down the railing. Richard Martinez, Johnny Valdez, Charlie Romero, and Jorge Monge watch the action. S ti fl If 'S Members of the court applaud Prom Queen, Mona Rodriguez, and King, Armando Tellez, following the crowning ceremony. A smiling Patti Delgado receives a rose from assistant principal, Tom Powers, at the last graduation in the old stadium. Enjoying the music of "Fame" at the '82 prom are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edens. 14-REFLECTIONS I Kool Departure Channel I0 films graduation ceremony On a cool windy evening in May an overflowing crowd watched as 110 seniors marched across the football field The graduation ceremony was the final school event to be held m the stadi um and the class of 82 became the last of 32 classes ever to graduate from the old school on the Hill Anxxous semors were inter viewed by Channel 10 KOOL TV as they prepared for the ceremony marking the end of an era lt was exciting with all the TV people there but the cameras made me nervous for a while commented graduate Cindy Espinoza Mr Joseph Galusky a science teacher at MHS for 29 years was also interviewed on camera I told them that leavmg the old school was llke getting nd of an old palr of shoes remimsced Mr Galusky I felt very comfortable there and was very nostalgic about leaving Aloha was the theme for the 82 Jumor Prom the last dance to be held in the old gym The deco rations made the gym look like a dreamworld in the tropics com mented starry eyed senior Mary Helen Medina 0 f , . 7 ' Y s . . . 44 y as . . U , . . an . as . . yy . . - ca as . 9 . - 7 - me . Lt - - . . . - . as , - 1 ' 1 . gs . , . Graduate Estermae Lopez, representing the top ten percent of her class, speaks at the '82 commencement exercises. Royal partners, Armando Tellez and Mona Rodriguez, enjoy a dance together at the '82 l Junior Prom. Attendants Tony Castaneda and Michelle Maldonado participate in the Grand March preceeding the Prom, I REFLECTIONS-15 Juniors Nancy Balderrama and Jacquelyn Wright take a break while building the water- fall for the 1982 Prom. Hanging on, Sylvia Avalos gets a ride from her sister, Sarah at the roller skating party held in the old gym. 16-UPS S "Sometimes lt's just too hard to stay awake on Monday mornings," confessed Shawn Adair after he fell asleep during his French class. Q ni., N s ni' 'gy " iw -4' X ' f .V ' iv' 'Lf' ff tuna Trials and Tnbulatlons Students admit life IS hard As a student you had to take the bad with the good The bad times usually occurred during the week like having a pop quiz in earth science on a lecture you didn't listen to, making up tardies after school, or having to throw away a juicy, new stick of gum. Then there was the privilege of at- tending a four-hour band practice, walking a mile to school when you used to catch the bus just behind your house, or sitting in an "air- conditioned" classroom with sweat rolling down your face. As if that weren't enough, you always got three hours of homework when you had only one hour to study. It was hard to get used to the Monday morning "blahs" with all those unfinished assignments, AND DOWNS cranky teachers and lockers that wouldn t open Usually by Wednesday you were familiar with the routine and would begin look ing forward to the Thursday volley- ball game or the Friday pep assem- bly. For sure, that 3:12 bell on Fri- day afternoon signalling your "re- lease" for another week was a wel- come sound. Weekends were a time for fun. Attending football and basketball games gave students an opportuni- ty to release inner tensions. Stu- dents also found relaxation in go- ing to a party or watching cartoons and American Bandstand on Satur- day mornings. Yes, being a student had its ups and downs, but almost anyone would say it was time well spent. A Greek in tennis shoes? Attired in appro- priate dress, Danny Mullen hurries to his next class on "Toga Day." Giving their class yell, the seniors compete for the spirit stick at the first pep assembly held in the football stadium. A comfortable Sherry Trujillo completes a homework assignment while sprawled across the bed in her room. A A-vw, ,II ' ' 'ls vu 'ifff fl A V 3: Crowned Queen and King at the 1982 Homecoming ceremony are Michelle Maldon- ado and Tony Castaneda. Qs ,.,., , A . - During the annual initiation of freshmen, Cerena Mingura and Cindy Harris play "air- raids." Lurking behind the table, Steve Gaethje prepares to pounce on an unsuspecting victim on Halloween. Better Than Ever Community praises new high school Excited and proud was the only way to describe how students and teachers felt on starting school in the new eleven million dollar build- ing. At the three-hour open house held for the community in late Au- gust, over 2,000 people viewed the new facilities. "I was amazed at the large number of people who kept flooding through the doors," exclaimed Student Council Presi- dent Kelly Baker. "The secretaries had planned refreshments for ap- proximately 800 people and they were out in 45 minutes." Comments about the new plant were overwhelmingly favorable. Many alumni were overheard say- ing: "I wish this had been here when I was going to school." Named for Walter Lawson, a former Phelps Dodge general su- perintendent and Morenci School Board member, the new stadium was dedicated at halftime of the annual Copper Ingot game with Clifton. Representing Mr. Law- !! 1' 1. 'sn' M .5 .1 M son's family were his wife Alice, sons Tom and Phil, and their re- spective families. Students yelled for joy when the PD callback was announced in mid- September. After a five-month shutdown, townspeople were quite apprehensive over the future of their community. When the call- back came over the radio, it was put on the school intercom for all the students and teachers to hear. "My heart stopped when l heard it!" shouted Cristina Romero. "Better than Ever" was the theme for the '82 Homecoming festivities held in October. A pep assembly was held in the new gym- nasium and each class paraded a float built on a children's wagon. Taking first place was the senior's entry entitled "On the Trail to Vic- tory." At the Homecoming football game, the Morenci squad fell to Duncan, 6-0. :L- "' S ,t '. 'f st X ' I' .gt , if t ,X . fsf'.vr.l's X 5 xi 7 4 'Q Q 'sg , ,'s.-L lf ' Y f s lbs.- 18-FALL STUDENT LIFE "- ' 'I A ' 4g,I,,wm. f, 'Liv ! my .mn jf o r i " A ,, Ugg, 5135. - af , A ,. . "' Royalty for the 1982 Homecoming in- cludes: Elisa Barela, Debbie Burt, Lorraine n"-'Nb No 'nr Moya, Queen Michelle Maldonado, Erma Vil- lagomez, Priscilla Baca, Kelly Baker, and Cal- lie Maldonado. -nt At the first dance held in the multi-purpose room, Rodrick Hogg, Elisa Borjon, Martha Denogean, and Albert Cordova enjoy the mu- sic of K'Destiny." Assisted by Melissa Romero, Lori Fuller bobs for apples during the lunchtime Hallo- ween festivities. FALL STUDENT LIFE-19 , Q 2? .. -f -1 if av , - - r '3- 'rr-is is ll rl .- , S , X , 5 s l l Q5 Receiving her crown, Priscilla Baca accepts the title of 1983 Basketball Homecoming queen from the 1982 queen, Nancy Navar- rete. Characters Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit are portrayed by Benjie Aguilar and Vera Ra- mirez in the Drama Club's presentation of Dicken's classic, "A Christmas Carol." Finalists and their escorts for the '83 bas- ketball homecoming include: Joe Subia, Kelly Baker, John Lee, Darlene Lizarraga, Ar- mando Tellez, Desiree Leonesio, Joey Fein- stein, Priscilla Baca, Joey Merino, Liz Peralta, Gabriel Garcia, and Carolina Espinoza. 75' E' 1 20 WINTER STUDENT LIFE I .35 '53 dl , Asia., ,ffeftfiau W 519,z'g'f"-32' r 6 Q9 9 12:15:30 li N' -tp ,wigs dawg- r fem? na -Q, , to ,QE iw W T' 3- fl Q' vga w .fir :bn I Ri? . 3 xg A ,W 'if -15 9 'ig V , ., .ry 5 A S S? Q32 I 'W . , I "lf, I telic. A ,V rg-sf .-. W1 V A I 5 3 3 'fr aw ,gag ,ie QQ QW Q W 6 A ii- I 9' Q Q' T' A N? if M44 iffy, Time MII Tell Extra mmute granted between classes Following a proposal by Student Council an extra minute was ad ded to the passing time between classes beginning second semester This is on a trial basis stated principal John Glodis and if the students abuse the extra time we ll go back to three minutes. What was the students reaction to the four-minute class change schedule? "It's great!" commented senior Michelle Maldonado. "I ac- tually have time to go to the bath- room between classesf' Not as popular was the in- creased penalty if students were tardy. "I like the added minute but I'm not too thrilled about having to stay 30 minutes instead of 15 for a tardy," complained Tony Tedla. "Nostalgia" was the theme for the fourth annual basketball home- coming The class of 82 had the most alumni present at the after noon assembly and received passes to the game that evening Mrs Pete Miranda representing the class of 35 was presented with a plant for being the earliest gra- duate present. Fifteen girls from various organi- zations and classes were chosen homecoming attendants. Following the selection of the six finalists by the student body, the boys, varsity basketball team elected the queen, Priscilla Baca, who represented the senior class. Reflecting on her hon- or several weeks later, Priscilla said: "I was proud at being select- ed, but now I get embarrassed be- cause my friends are calling me 'your highness' and bowing to me in the hall." A happy "Scrooge," played by Rodrick Hogg, is thrilled to discover he has a second chance to better his life in the Drama Club Christmas play. Carrying the flowers and crown at the Basketball Homecoming are little attendants Jennifer Hudgens and Jason Nuttall. ,V xr t is is gl ,ax E Guest speaker at the Basketball Homecom- ing assembly, Mr. Steve Hudgens speaks on enthusiasm and school spirit. WINTER STUDENT LIFE-21 ...I Graduate Marcy Goodwin delivers the invo cation at the 1982 Commencement Exercises in the old stadium Lickety plits Council prepares sundaes for faculty Honoring the staff by hosting a Faculty Appreciation Day members of Student Council pre pared banana splits for the teach ers It was a perfect way to end my long diet commented English teacher Virgil Cork The sundae was almost as exotic as my favorite sandwich bananas peanut but ter and pickles Converting the multipurpose room into a garden the Junior class sponsored the 83 Prom Choosing A New Beginning For You and I as their theme the juniors also se lected Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gale s You and I as their song Relgnmg over the festivities were Lorraine Moya Queen and Fred Sanders King Preparing to have the royalty pictures taken for the yearbook the girls were surprised when Al bert Cordova a member of the court presented the queen and each of the attendants with a red silk corsage I was very pleased' exclaimed Lorraine Moya I-I showed us what a sweet guy he really is tl IIZTI4 Working on the hut for the '82 Prom, Jose Subia steadies the frame while Marty Martinez hammers the pieces together. Talking while dancing at the Prom are Michelle Batiste and Richard Gonzales. 22-SPRING STUDENT LIFE ts Q I I ' ,s-ff - .e i X 5? E Competing in the tug-of-war in the 1982 Junior Olympics are Vincent Chavez, Fred Sanders, and Andy Chaff. The class of '83 beat both the freshmen and the seniors to take first place in the event, Elected by the juniors to reign over the Prom are Lorraine Moya, Queen, and Fred Sanders, King. ?"""-t '83 PROM ROYALTY includes: FRONT ROW: Melissa Verdugo, Lori Fuller, Sherry Trujillo, Liz Peralta, Melissa Romero, Mary Ann Lopez, Anna Lopez, 2ND: Ernie Bar- quin, Brent Roman, Albert Cordova, Andy Chafi, Frank Maldonado, Leonard Morales, Stephen Mendoza. . F U3 X K 1 A ,fs Y Y Q - ' X.. ,r y K. A. 1 ' f ,t l - S x F O l ,.. ...t K 1 A O KN Khi' O 'Y . 0 tia' '- Getting a little help from her friends, Mi- chelle Maldonado hangs on to Mona Rodri- quez and Nancy Navarrete at the roller skat- ing party in the old gym. Attempting to blow the peanut across the gym floor, lgnacio Blanco tries to win the annual event in the Junior Olympics, SPRING STUDENT LIFE 23 E "" Actor Henry Fonda died on August 12, 1982, following the release of his latest movie, On Golden Pond. Football fans protesting the first inseason strike by NFL players, let off steam in front of the home of Gene Upshaw, president of the NFL Players Association. A big fan of E.T., Francie Rodriguez exhibits some of the ET, paraphernalia she has accu- mulated. Economy Top Story Unemployment climbs to record height Undoubtedly the top story of the year was the U S economy struggling through IIS worst year In decades Unemployment clImbed to double dIgIt fIgures the highest percentage sInce 1930 MOIGHCI was hard hit by the re cession as the decrease In copper prices resulted In Phelps Dodge layIng off over 2 000 workers In AprIl of 1982 It wasn t untIl Octo ber that operations resumed on a reduced basis and 1400 employees were called back to work Tension In the MIddle East con tinued when on September 16 Is raelI troops sealed off the Palestm Ian refugee camps of Chatilla and Sabra and allowed Lebanese ChrIs tIan Phalangist mllltlamen Inside to clean out the femalnlng guerIllas Hundreds of PalestInIan CIVIIIBDS Including women and chIIdren were slaughtered CyanIde laced Extra Strength Tylenol killed seven people In the Chicago area In late September After determining the poIsonIng occurred locally and not In the manufacturIng or dIstrIbutIon of the drug authorItIes started a na tion wide search for those respon sible Copycat tampering wxth a va rIety of other products led to the cancellatIon of Halloween actIvItIes by worrIed parents In several com munItIes throughout the country When asked about the Tylenol deaths Shelly Johnson replIed How could anyone kill Innocent people like that? Now consumers will never be sure that anythIng they buy IS safe Princess Grace of Monaco was killed In a car accident In Septem ber and PresIdent LeonId Brezh nev of the Soviet Umon suffered a fatal heart attack on November 10 A 61 year old retired dentist Dr Barney Clark of Seattle Wash Ington made the news In De cember when he became the fIrst human to receive an aYtlfIClal heart ln sports the St Louis Cardnals defeated the MIlwaukee Brewers In the seventh game to win the World SGTICS Football players went out on strike after the second regular sea son weekend The shortened sea son resumed after the Stflke was settled on November 16 and the players found themselves compet Ing In less than full stadIums as many disgruntled fans stayed home I dont thInk the players should have gone on strike saId a disgusted Joe Fletcher They make enough money as It IS In Super Bowl XVII the Wash mgton Redskms beat the Mlaml DolphIns 27 17 A new profes sional football league, the USFL, began IIS Inaugural season the first weekend In March Demonstrators stand In Lafayette Park across from the WhIte House protesting un employment which found more than 12 mIl lIon Americans out of work WI' WANT 3 it ""' IOM -rim? AU I 0 - 1111 .- ,,. ,I 2. 1 Cyanide-laced Extra Strength Tylenol cap- sules were responsible for the death of seven people in the Chicago area. Korean boxer Duk Koo Kim lies unconcious with fatal head injuries suffered in a lightweight title fight with "Boom Boom" Mancini on November 13, 1982. I IN THE NEWS-25 WE'RE STILL THE ONE 26-ACADEMICS ACADEMICS With the completion of the new building, MHS possessed one of the best learning environments possible and added to its reputation of aca- demic excellence. Large carpeted rooms gave stu- dents a quiet, comfortable place in which to learn. Labs were a major improvement in the foreign language department, and combination micro- wave and conventional ovens were a first in home economics. Art students enjoyed a room which opened to the outside giving students a maximum amount of light when needed. Shop classes were held in areas called "some of the most mod- ern and efficient in the state" by the North Central Association. Considered the heart of the school was the large beautiful library in which students had the advantage of individual study spaces, contempo- rary furnishings, and a sense of spa- ciousness which lent itself to further independent study and research. A chem-physics lab was equipped with an emergency eye-wash fountain 1 1 gg, . nw A , N E , v,,vl W., N fd and shower, a fireproof chemical stor- age room, exhaust hoods and fans, and abundant storage space. The publications photography staff had a large darkroom in which to develop and print pictures for the school year- book, the Copper Cat. It seemed that not a corner was overlooked in planning and designing the new building. All individual class- rooms added to student motivation because of their increased size, color coordination, temperative controls, and functional storage space. 5,-"iw Reading the part of Emily in the play "Our Town" is Joey Feinstein. Carving a bar of soap, Annette Lizarraga makes various shaped crystals in her earth science class. Using his artistic talent, Larry Rodriguez brings Christmas cheer to the school by paint- ing a nativity scene on one of the windows by the office. The art department also painted store windows in the Plaza. ACADEMICS 27 Rain, Rain Go Away Storm exposes leaks in new building While preparing for a visit by a North Central Association team of educators, administrators had to cope with a leaky roof and flooded rooms only days before the evaluation team's arrival. An extremely dry fall had made finding the inevitable leaks very difficult When the first heavy rain fell in early November, serious leaks were discovered in several areas. Water flooded the art room floor and seeped into the library storage room and the teacher's workroom. "We really weren't worried about what the North Central team would say about the problems with the building," ad- mitted Principal John Glodis. "We knew they were professional enough to realize that these are things you just have to take in stride in a new building. Actually, the rain did us a big favor by exposing all the leaks in the roof so they could be repaired by the contractor." The visit by North Central resulted in high commendations for MHS. "There were several areas needing improvement that were called to our attention and these are being acted upon," explained Mr. Glodis. "Over- all, however, the team was especially impressed by the quality of our stu- dent body and staff." At the roller-skating party held in the old gym at the end of the '82 school year, Mr. Jack Edens appears at ease as he skates across the floor. Secretaries and bookkeepers at the ad- ministration office include: Marian Hunt, Jean Ruedas, Rosalie Gilliland, and Becky Navar- rete. Not Pictured: Carol Navarrete. Responsible for the smooth operation of the high school are John Glodis, Principal, Tom Powers, Assistant Principal, and Jack Edens, Guidance Counselor. 28 ADMINISTRATION 8: PERSONNEL 'i- XXX X XXX ljklxg XX XX 7. '- --vf-- 3 xt xx R, x 'r 3 X W-vwqsm f if N A e ', ' W ft .' ' . rm 'r pw-,146 4. O R Q, z 4 4, f.r,, f M , Reviewing plans for the swimming pool are members of the Board of Education: Hector Ruedas, Larry Ross, and Bill Richardson. Overseeing the school system are Don Roth, Director of Special Servicesg Tony Bol- ing, Superintendentg and Gilbert Weisling, As- sistant Superintendent. '37 Aiding the faculty and administration are: FRONT ROW: Sue Filleman and Mau- reen Windsor, secretaries. 2ND: Ophelia San- chez, attendance officerg and Wanda Johnson, school nurse, Speaking at the dedication ceremony for Lawson Stadium is Mr. Hector Ruedas, a member of the Morenci school board for six years. ADMINISTRATION 8: PERSONNEL-29 i Edward L. Bouriaque-Teaches Computer Science, Algebra I, Applied Math, Sponsors the Sophomore Class. jVirgll Cork-Teaches Practical English II, IV, English Il, Sponsors AFS, Senior Class, Coaches Girls' J.V. Basketball. Roy W. Faulkner-Teaches Shorthand, Gen- eral Business, Typing I, Bookkeeping, Busi- ness Manager for National Honor Society and Copper Cat. Mayre C. Ferro-Teaches Practical English III, English III, Sponsors the Freshman Class. Michael E. Fleishman-Teaches Basic Math I, Basic Biology, Earth Science, Sponsors the Drama Club, Science Club, Pep Club. William l. Foltz-Teaches Auto Shop I, Auto Shop II, Sponsors the Freshman Class. Noralea Gale-Teaches Girls' P.E., Sponsors IGAAQ Coaches Varsity and Freshman Volley- ball, Girls' Tennis. Joseph Galusky-Teaches Chemistry I, II, Physics, Earth Scienceg Sponsors the National Honor Society. Sandra Hudgens-Teaches Typing I, II, Of- fice Machines, Publications, Sponsors the Copper Cat, Quill and Scroll. We Y 6, ,ef iffy 4 Z 71x JJ! Hoofin It Some teachers prefer to walk to school With the location of the new high school, it was possible for many teachers to walk to school. "Walking is more convenient for me because I only have one vehicle and my wife takes it to work," explained Mr. John Lechtenberger. Mr. Joe Galusky enjoyed the chance to get some exercise and didn't even mind walking on rainy days. "I just wear a raincoat and get wet," he laughed. When asked if stu- dents teased him about walking, he responded, "No, students never tease me! Some even walk with me when they can catch up." Another advocate of walking, Mr. Bill Senne, enjoyed the company of his son on the way home from school. "After a long day of work, I enjoy the relax- ation of walking and talking with my son," he confided. 30 FACULTY A solitary Mr. Joseph Galusky walks up the hill after school. V, gg' 1 my ., 6 W N 44 - Wi lg! Happy flapper, Nina Weisling, blows a kiss to her students on Halloween. Leading the sophomores and juniors in a cheer during the basketball homecoming as- sembly are coaches Bruce Kinneberg, Tommy Navarrete, and Dave Woodall. Bruce Klnneberg-Teaches Driver's Ed., Health, Boys' P.E., Sponsors the Letter Club, Coaches Varsity Baseball, Football, Frosh Basketball. Ralph Lara-Teaches Current Events, Span- ish I, ll, Sponsors the Spanish Club, Spanish National Honor Society. John Lechtenberger-Teaches English IV, Practical English IV, Reading l, Sponsors the Student Council. Roger Rodriguez' Munoz-Teaches Band, Jazz Band, Guitar, Chorus, Sponsors Band. Lynne W. Nuttall-Teaches Boys' P.E., Coaches Varsity Football, Track, Sponsors Weightlifting Clubs. Gilbert Padilla-Teaches Metals l, II, Coaches J.V. Football, Wrestling. Lawrence R. Roche-Teaches Resource, Coaches Boys' Tennis. Kenneth A. Scheier-Teaches U.S. History, Current Events, Woodshop, Drafting. Spon- sors the Junior Class. Georgiann Schneider-Teaches Remedial Reading, Reading I, Resource, Sponsors the Junior Class, Coaches J.V. Volleyball. FACULTY 31 Presenting a ceramic pig to Mr. William Senne is Mrs. Mayre Ferro. The award for being 41 Male Chauvinist Pig was well earned according to Mrs. Ferro and the female stu- dents of her English classes. Vernon B. Schultz-Teaches English I, Eng- lish ll. William R. Senne'Teaches U.S. History, World History, Sponsors the Chess Club, Model U.N. Roberta Troxell-Teaches Library Science. Gary Walton-Teaches Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra ll, Advanced Math, Sponsors the Sophomore Class, Coaches J.V. Boys' Bas' ketball, J.V. Football. John S. Washington-Teaches Modern Biol- ogy, French Ig Sponsors French Club, Nina B. Weisling-Teaches Home Economics l, Home Economics II, S.F.Y.A., Healthg Sponsors the Senior Class. szeiefzaemd KWMALZ. 5 Dwayne Willard-Teaches Geometry, Basic Algebra, Sponsors the Junior Class. Linda Willard-Teaches Art. David Woodall-Teaches American Prob- lemsg Sponsors the Senior Class, l.G.A.A., Coaches Girls' Basketball, Boys' Track, 4'-11135 ,fa X x 1 32 FACULTY Battle Of The Sexes Chauvinist teacher meets his match Although chauvinism is not the hot issue it used to be, the battle contin- ued on the local level with two faculty members. Combatants included Eng- lish teacher Mayre Ferro and U.S. History instructor William Senne. With classrooms located across from each other, frequent arguments carried from one room to another, and it wasn't long before students were also involved. "Mr, Senne makes me so mad," said an exasper- ated Dee Dee Baray. "He says that men are the superior sex, and he's always cutting down women saying 'they're best when they're beaten."' "Well, I was only quoting out of a book belonging to Mrs. Ferro," an- swered Mr. Senne, conveniently for- getting to add it happened to be a book of general quotations. Who won the classroom debates between the boys and the girls? "We did, of course," bragged Chris Ding- man. "The girls usually just gave up." One notable exception occurred when Cary Bishop gave up chauvin- ism during Mrs. Ferro's third hour class. "The girls were pressurin me too much," admitted Cggry.. ia'-'gigwi Betting on Mr. Senne's replyf'Mrs. Ferro held him at swordpoint one day threatening "your chauvinism or your life." Proving her intuition was cor- rect, Mr. Senne responded: "Take my life." In honor of Mr. Senne's attitude of masculine superiority, Mrs. Ferro and several female members of her classes presented him with a ceramic pig carved with the letters M.C.P. fMale Chauvanist Pigl. Unabashed, he replied: "It is undoubtedly the highest award I have received the entire school year, and it is certainly the most deserved." "l'm not worried," said Mrs. Ferro. "God is going to take care of attitudes like Mr. Senne's because I know SHE cares." Approprlately attired for "Toga Day" dur- ing Spirit Week is Mr. Bruce Kinneberg. Band director Roger Munoz accompanies Chuck Brooks at the "exit luncheon" during the visit by North Central Association in No- vember. FACULTY 33 Pure Imagination English students design creative posters Sophomore English students put their creativity to use by designing posters to go with their oral book reports. As teacher Virgil Cork ex- plained, "lt gives the student a chance to use his imagination, which in turn helps him in his other assign- ments." Posters were used to depict the setting, characters, or theme of the book. A new language lab, located be- tween the French and Spanish class- rooms, was a definite plus for the foreign language department. "It's a very useful tool in the teaching and learning of a language," commented Spanish teacher Ralph Lara. The lab gave students a chance to hear the language spoken, speak the language, and to do special written and oral exercises. "It makes it easy to learn,', added Lisa Franco. In addition to a new classroom, art students also had a new instructor, Mrs. Linda Willard. Asked to com- ment on the facilities, she said, "They're excellent! We have good storage and lighting and the patio area can be used for things that re- quire ventilation." Several student artists entered their work in the Greenlee County Fair. Blue ribbons were won by Larry Rodriguez, Callie Sutton, and Robert Gonzales, whose entry was also judged "Best of Fair." Sophomore Carrie Short looks in the card catalog for sources to use in writing a research paper for her English class. Spanish students Veronica Morales and Callie Maldonado listen attentively to thetape being played in the language lab. Weaving a basket for one of her art pro- jects is Becky Espinoza. mfff 'SA In ' v r i MM, f ' W ,xxr A" 'I W,J,,Qm , W M V If . ,... 11. .3 34 ENGLISH, FOREIGN LANGUAGE 8: ART f, M7451 ' ' Rf f s,," ?a9i5.z N . X1 fa Q, f .w E . i ,, , X' EVM.. wx. i 3.35, , Q. ,,.,. .. ,, ,. ii if QQ, 1' gg ,..- .-, ,ig-if "1 . ,,, z Sis., ,ig .misfit gifisa 5 is .. Q . . .Q if - ii? W -f ff . if . F N ff, gig- s : . 1. at .. ss.. is i i wi fi M i wx .f-3 VW, English Il students, Diane Mendoza and Anna Martinez, hang another poster for the assignment "Things that go bump in the night." Manning the controls of the language lab console, Mr. Ralph Lara monitors the stu- dents' responses. lN,N"'- .. Forming another ring to add to his clay cup is art student George Balentine. Portraying a blushing bride, English lll student Don Cates awaits the wedding scene in Thornton Wilder's play, "Our Town." A Donkeys Skunk Elephants Democrats defeat Republicans in election In keeping with the November na- tional elections, mock balloting was held in U.S. History classes. Student results were a sweep for the Demo- cratic Party as they voted overwhem- ingly for incumbents Bruce Babbitt for Governor and Dennis DeConcini for Senator, and Jim McNulty for Re- presentative. The results represented the way the state voted as all three were elected for office. Seniors in American Problems each invested a mythical 52,000 in the stock market. "The students could in- vest in stocks and precious metals" explained instructor David Woodall. "They are free to buy and sell when- ever they wish and in May we will see who has done the best." Vincent Peru decided to put his money into Bendix Corporation after reading in Newsweek that the com- pany was going to buy another firm. "I made a quick killing" bragged Vin- cent. "The stock went up 17 points in just one day when the purchase was announced." Not as fortunate was Becky Marin. "I bought McDonalds and it was doing fine until Burger King came out with their commercial: 'The Whopper beat the Big Macl' The price dropped quickly but l'm hanging on. Maybe l'll regain some of my loss." New labs in the science department were smaller than in the old building. "I actually prefer the old lab because it was longer and taller," said Mr. Joe Galusky. "The only thing better about the new facility is the storage areas, especially the fireproof chemical sup- ply room." An excellent exhaust system en- abled the science department to get rid of smoke and fumes quickly. "Our smelly concoctions don't drift down the hall in this building," laughed sen- ior Lori Stoner. A new teacher, Mr. Ed Bouriaque, headed the computer science pro- gram. The school's three computers were housed in a room behind the regular classroom, which Mr. Bouria- que explained, had come to be called the "fish bowl." Responsible for coin- ing the phrase was senior Will Laney. "lt just looks like an aquarium to me," he laughed. Completing a theorem proof on the chalk- board is geometry student Duane Sanders. A wide variety of campaign material is dis- played on the bulletin board in U.S. Hiitory QP cf Voting during the mock electgm ing U.S. History class are gary Bishgp, Anthony James, and Andy Chaff. 4 X' classes. -. g urns .?2'1Q,,,h , , Ji 'iw mf, N. in grids in. mi ui 6 36 MATH, SCIENCE 8: SOCIAL STUDIES Q 52 ,----- ,:.-:N-6 Y ,. 8. e ,A V x- . L1 5 Q 4 .L-- - - -X -sg J WX ' " . x f p I ww if . ,W A X 9 3 rf, fk.- N mr. 1. Mn- f ' Q r ii F wi S 1 ti 'W-A. KT 5 D E4 . Survival students Danny Mullen and James Holman scrub their faces to remove a facial mask applied as part of a lesson on good skin care. -1 Using one of the three new microwave ovens in the home economics department, Cheryl Price bakes a chicken. Practicing her newly acquired CPR skills is health student Tammy Esparza. z, l it X als, K I S X - A 5 i up Typin Stadium Third gym filled with typewriters Able to hold 55 students, the new Typing I classroom was sometimes re- ferred to as the third gym by instruc- tor Sandra Hudgens. "If we moved all the desks out, we could play basket- ball or hold indoor track meets," she laughed. "Don't forget bowling," ad- ded Mr. Roy Faulkner. With double cabinets running the length of the room, storage facilities were more than adequate. "I wanted to make sure we had enough space to put everything," explained Mr. Faulk- ner. "I didn't realize just how big the room was going to be, however." Colorful walls and tables made the home economics department a cheer- ful learning situation. Commenting on the blue walls and orange and blue tables, Anna Lopez said: "I really like the bright colors. They make the room a fun place to work." Home economics students also en- joyed using the new microwave ov- ens. "I hope I have one some day," remarked junior Melissa Verdugo. "They cook much quicker!" A hungry Kathy Clayton was quick to add, "They're nice to use in class because we get to eat more." I-Iealth classes were taught by teachers Nina Weisling and Bruce Kinneberg. Students learned CPR techniques and the l-Ieimlich Maneu- ver. Recalling the CPR lesson, Duane Sanders said: "I felt a little strange kissing a dummy, but I learned a life- saving technique." 9' -is-Vi". ,wb QQ: Q. ,fi .2 , ff ff - tw t ,.,- I me , , ,,,-- is ' ff, ff - f , . Y-Hi' v ww-a:"L . f. ,w W V -f--'Jgj ,W .Qu L. is Q ' gmt, , '17 V. I MM... .. H ...em has Beautician Luwana Duckwilder gives Cheri Foltz a stylish haircut in home ec. Keeping eyes on their books, Typing I stu- dents complete a lesson on Toga Day. A frustrated Paul Zale tries to balance his monthly receipts in bookkeeping. BUSINESS EDUCATION, HOME ECONOMICS 8: HEALTH-39 I" Swea ting lcicles RE students work out in cold facilities Complaints about the cold gyms were commonplace during the winter months as the contractors struggled to perfect the heating system. "We don't wear shorts in P.E. anymore," groaned Amalia Calderon. "Every- one wears sweats to try to stay warm." Nominated for the coldest place in the building was the weight room. "It's freezing in there!" com- plained Anna Chavez. One attempt at turning on the heat in the weight room resulted in the fire department being called. "It hap- pened after school during basketball practice," explained Coach Kinne- berg. "When they turned on the heat- ing unit, it evidently burned off the paint on the inside of the vent. When I went in the weight room, there was smoke coming out of a tile in the ceiling so I called the fire department. Fortunately there was no damage and the players all resumed practice." Shop area in the new high school were praised by the North Central Association as being some of the most modern and efficient in the state. A vacuum system in the woodshop area automatically removed all sawdust and scrap articles. A '68 Chevy Impala was donated to the auto shop and, as a class pro- ject, Auto Il students stripped the car down to the frame and rebuilt the engine and transmission. "When we're done, we'll have a fully oper- ational vehicle which will serve as a class training aid," explained new auto instructor, Mr. Foltz. An '82 Chevy Impala was pur- chased by the district to serve as the driver's ed car. "There's a definite advantage to having our own car," stated instructor Bruce Kinneberg. "Now we can begin driving much ear- lier first semester rather than having to wait so long for the car to arrive." - Metal ll student Danny Adams grinds a piece of metal to be used in a stapler he is making for the office. 40-P.E., X Sanding his project for Woodshop l is Mau- rice Sandavol. Practicing parallel parking, Ev Gordon is observed by his Driver's Ed classmates. fp-is .fss - r ffwaw- DRIVER'S ED, INDUSTRIAL ARTS illsff-e WJ iii 3.-, Turning a hammer handle, Dean Horn works on the lathe in Metal I. Lifting weights in her P.E. class, Patricia Prather is spotted by Christina Parsons and Celina Krug. Working on the training aid they built in Auto ll are Javier Salazar, Rey Gonzalez, Manny Gomez, and Mick Ruiz. Wkk 'Y L' :hu-2 THLETICS Compet1ng for the fxrst year nn the B East conference the Wlldcats faced many old foes m addntlon to hostmg several new opponents Games wlth prevxous non conference rlvals such as Clnfton Duncan and Thatcher took on added nmportance as all were now members of the same conference as Morencr Whlle the varslty football team struggled for vnctones the gurls vol leyball team walked away w1th the conference champlonshnp Wrestlmg provnded Morencx w1th a state cham plon as jumor Andy Chaff won the heavywexght d1v1s1on The gurls varsnty basketball team came w1th1n one pomt of bemg the Class B state champs when they lost to Thatcher ln overtnme of the t1tle game Boys basketball provlded many thrnlls for fans as the varsnty won two exc1t1ng one pomt vlctorxes over Clnfton before losmg to the Tro Emotions vary as players on the sldelme watch the actlon 1n the Cat s 24 3 loss to the Clnfton Trojans Returning the ball wnth a forehand Rhonda Duran scores a pomt ln the match against her Duncan opponent Putting the shot Don Cates competes ln the Rotary lnvltatlonal Bumplng the ball m a match wnth Duncan IS Kr1st1 Mermo The frosh squad won nn two games 15 6 15 7 ln the air Armando Tellez goes up for two points ln Morencls 89 66 vnctory over the Safford Bulldogs 42 ATHLETICS Jans m the semn fmal game of the d1v1 slonal tournament Wnldcat teams pract1ced and com peted ln outstandmg fac1l1t1es wlth the completnon of the new stadnum mam gym aux1l1ary gym welght room and tenms courts Regardless of thelr slze few schools nn the state could boast of havlng such an outstandmg athletnc complex nn addntnon to bemg so suc cessful ln their overall athletic pro gram fa' My -Jw., if M E:- . , . I I U v , s - v 1 ' 1 9 1 1 1 1 1 Q ' 1 . 7 . . . . . - 1 Y v v . . 1 Q u Q , . . - f -wr sf, - , ,, A J ,139 ff T f -ag V i, E, A, 'Nagy , Y. Q ,,,,,r,, fy f, V 1. Y tw' Handling 1 'V 4,4 I r - .., 1. ,W I ' . A I -5:91 if V da I lwf' ' ,f , , f fr, f'fw"vf.,f L ' ' A Us, 1 rs ,L QQ, , r . . 1 ' 3 i 4 . f 1 L . X .- ,,, . wx! . me we . -n, , 'V -- l' .fl V ' - ,n 7 H .tl W l , I , I WMW,,, W. MN ...M .,,, 4 ,,,, A 1 " ' 4 Q -Q i 'Mm 'l Defensive coach Bruce Kinneberg gives I hand signals during the Cats 24-3 loss to the Clifton Trojans. Behind a wall of blockers, junior running back Cory Licano, 312, turns upfield for a small gain in yardage against Clifton. . .1 Q irii ,i,,, ' . . 'i iii A-i,! P Ygix Vigg n , tj Mw,2,Q,if3 , .f , r e W T1 Q A- C ,ff 4? if TW 'fligfffi ff"' .ff V26-frssfe' 72-X fire ne t' J G STAT , ii? '.,Qf:Wf.qfsQWj J, - ..-. -as I M' f ' " - ' 1 ' - . ' yy 5,44 VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Don Cates, Angel Rodriquez, George Con- nell, Gobby Gonzales, Clay Flowers, Marty Martinez, Tony Castaneda, Joey Merino. 2ND: Mick as Ruiz, Manny Gomez, Andy Chaff, Stephen Mendoza, Cory Licano, Steve Gamblin, Dan Prather, Kevin Clemmer. 3RD: Tomas Borjon, Leonard Morales, Kenneth Bahschnitt, Fred Sanders, tw, Vincent Chavez, Tony Tedla, Ernie Barquin, Chris Scott. 4TH: Michael Burkett, Johnny - Merino, Troy Trujillo, Brent Roman, Frank Maldonado, George Balentine, Anthony James. 5TH: Coach Lynne Nuttall, Brian Clemmer, mgr.g David Rodriquez, stat., Jimmy Saiz, mgr., 1 V Coach Bruce Kinneberg. r ov-'Y' hi VARSITY FOOTBALL uns 16 Mus o M1-is 0 uns za Mi-is 3 Mus 17 M1-is 0 Mi-is -10 Mus s wows 'Conference Ganxe A Turnovers Pro ve Costly Cats receive rough initiation to class B Plagued with turnovers throughout the season, the Wildcats finished with a dismal 3-6 overall record. Turn- overs were a problem even in the Cats' opening victory over Superior. They were extremely costly, howev- er, in Morenci's second game against the Safford Bulldogs. Out of elever fumbles, two were converted by Saf- ford into touchdowns. With two inter- ceptions and 150 yards in penalties, the offense never got off the ground. The end result was a 23-0 Safford victory. Opening league play as a new member of the B-East conference, Morenci met the Thatcher Eagles. Un- able to score in the first half, the Cats were down by 16 at the half. A 75- yard run by Joey Merino early in the third quarter provided the Cats with their only score. "We could have beaten them but we were psyched out by quarterback John Alva," said a disappointed Marty Martinez. Coming back against Benson, the Wildcats' defense held the Bobcats to minus 14 yards rushing. The Cats scored twice on short runs by Fred Sanders and led at the half, 13-0. ln the fourth quarter, Stephen Mendoza kicked a 16 yard field goal. Benson's only score came on an 80-yard pass. Junior running back Cory L mo scored again for the Cats on the last play of the game. The annual Copper lngot game with Clifton took on added meaning since the Trojans were a conference foe. The evening also marked the dedication of Morenci's new athletic facility, Lawson Stadium. The Cats scored first on a 27-yard field goal by Mendoza. A fake punt by Clifton's Armand Merino netted a 25-yard gain for the Trojans and led to their first touchdown. From then on it was all Clifton as the Wildcats were unable to put any more points on the score- board. Against Tombstone in another B- East game, sophomore tailback, Louis Lopez, rushed for 111 yards while the Cats' defense held the Yel- lowjackets to just 116 yeards rushing and 27 yards in the air. With a 17-7 win, the Cats' record was 3-3. A win against Duncan in the next game would have kept Morenci in the race for a playoff berth. Although holding Duncan to only 6 points, the Morenci offense was unable to push the ball across the goal line. The Cats best chance came early in the fourth quarter when Morenci had the ball first and goal on the seven-yard line. The Duncan defense held, however, and the Cats walked away empty- handed. "It was a tough loss to take for us seniors!" exclaimed Gobby Gonzales. "lt killed our chances of going to state." Out of the playoff picture, the Cats had one conference game remaining against the Willcox Cowboys. Al- though Morenci lost, they put some points on the scoreboard with a 40- yard field goal by Mendoza and a 45- yard touchdown pass from Tomas Borjon to Tony Castenada. Ending the season at home, the Cats took on the AA Douglas Bull- dogs. Down 21-0 at the end of two quarters, the Cats played tough de- fense and held Douglas to only one touchdown in the second half. "Al- though they were a lot bigger than us, we pretty much shut down their of- fense the last two quarters," bragged Andy Chaff. N On Parent's Night at the Douglas game, junior Andy Chaff presents his mother with a corsage and a kiss. VARSITY FOOTBALL 45 Tomorrow's Stars Frosh and .l. M 's prepare for greatness With successful seasons on both the freshman and J .V. levels, football and volleyball players prepared for their days as varsity athletes. Losing only one match to the Will- cox Cowgirls, the J.V. volleyball squad had a 13-1 season. Most con- tests weren't even close as the talent- ed squad won 11 of their 14 matches in only two games. In addition to Will- cox, only two other schools, Clifton and Safford, provided much competi- tion for the local squad. Handling Clif- ton easily in the first game, 15-3, the Cats were surprised when the Trojans stormed back to take the second, 10- 15. An exciting 18-16 final game for the Cats resulted in another win. Losing only to Safford, the frosh volleyball team rolled up a 9-1 re- cord. The lone loss came in the sec- ond half of a doubleheader. "They were out to get us since we had beat- en them in Safford," explained Erma Villagomez. A lack of personnel forced the frosh and J.V. football teams to com- enough sophomores for two separate teams," commented Coach Gilbert Padilla, adding: "Most of the players on the squad were freshmen." Opening the season on a successful note, the young Cats readily beat Su- perior, 27-6. Following a loss to Saf- ford, the squad handed Thatcher an 18-6 defeat. The win was costly, how- ever, as Wildcat players Marc Ruedas and Duane Sanders were both injured and lost for the remainder of the sea- son. Marc suffered a broken collar bone and Duane had a broken finger. One of the Cat's best games was against Douglas. "Down 20-6 at the half, we came back strong and almost beat them," explained Coach Gary Walton. "Although we lost 26-20, we were pleased with the way the squad played against the undefeated AA Bulldogs." In the final game of the season against the Safford Bulldogs, sopho- more David Williams nailed a punt for 68 yards. "I could tell when I hit it that it was going to be a good one," exclaimed David. bine into one. "We just didn't have fl - 1 - x . P . Q 1 .lf K-1 -at I qi MMNWMH 1- -ff-YS r' " . zwgqjvgl 'f ukin . 'T . 4,3 4 -,BB,.-.P ,U ee45.f-,asm 7 xgsggxgln, 2115- . J.V. FOOTBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Steve Chavarria, Mark Gaxiola, Johnny Velasquez, Raymond Moran, Steve Brannon, Jon Kiesling, Sergio Urcadez, Danny Mullen, Hector Salazar, 2ND: Kent Crotts, Timmy Miller, Kenneth Price, Brian Lobby, James Holman, Chad Bates, Steve Biles, Clint Burke. 3RD: Eddie Chavez, Rudy Andazola, Steve Gojkovich, Artie Marin, Eric Brooks, Robert Carrasco, Ricardo Valdez. 4TH: Jimmy Robledo, Justin Flowers, Gilbert Valenzuela, Louis Lopez, David Williams, Ev Gordon, David Mullen. 5TH: Brian Vallejo, Marc Ruedas, Duane Sanders, Chris Herrera, Joey Yarger, Jesse Ballesteros, Fred Campbell, Jon Varela. 6TH: Raymond Romero, mgr.g Coach Gary Walton, Coach Bill Cuthbertson, Coach Gilbert Padilla. Not Pictured: Steve Moya. 46 FROSH 8: J.V. VOLLEYBALL 8: J.V. FOOTBALL J.V. VOLLEYBALL Duncan 15- 7, 15-11 Willcox 15-12,' 16-14 Thatcher 15- 4, 15- 8 Animas 15- 2, 15- 2 Benson 15-10, 16-14 Clifton 15- 3, 10-15, 18-16 Lordsburg 15- 1, 15- 5 Willcox 7-15, 6-15 Safford 15-13, 13-15, 15- 8 Tombstone 15- 1, 15- 4 Animas 15- 5, 15- 8 Safford 15-11, 15- 5 Duncan 15-12, 15- 7 Clifton 15- 6, 15- 4 WON-13 LOST-1 FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL Duncan 15- 6, 15- 7 Willcox 15- 0, 15- 9 Thatcher 15- 5, 12-15, 15- 3 Benson 15- 6, 15- 2 Willcox 15- 9, 9-15, 15-11 Safford 15- 4, 4-15, 15- 9 Safford 15-11, 15- 8 Safford 9-15, 15- 1, 15-11 Safford " 14-16, 10-15 Duncan 15- 3, 15- 6 WON-9 LOST-1 J.V. FOOTBALL S MHS 27 Superior 6 Ml-IS 6 'Safford 7 MHS 18 Thatcher 6 MHS 25 Benson 18 MHS 7 " K Duncan 57 MHS 20 Douglas 26 MHS 12 Willcox 0 MHS 0 Safford 14 WON-5 LOST-3 10 J.V. VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Donna Saiz, Traci Flores, Elisa Borjon, Martha Gonzales. 2ND: Amira Maza, linesmang Carol Mena, Claudia Valenzuela, Marlo Garcia, Julia James, Sandra King, linesman. 3RD: Coach Georgianne Schneider, Marla Ross, Erika Baca, Carolina Espinoza, Melissa Rocha, Lorraine Gonzales, Barbie Martinez, Callie Maldonado. - - 1 lim -l is 7 4- ff 2 z. , Getting lead blocks from his line, running back Danny Mullens carries the ball for a sub- stantial gain in the Cats' 26-20 loss to the Douglas Bulldogs. "Digging" the ball for a set in the J.V.'s two game victory over the Thatcher Eagles is Donna Saiz, FRESHMAN VOLLEYBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Stephanie Feinstein, Karen Licano, Shelly Ruedas, Debbie Rodela, Evelyn Flores. 2ND: Veronica Flores, Becky Peru, Lorraine Varela, Kristi Merino, Erma Villago- mez, Annette Rocha, Coach Noralea Gale, Anna Navarrete. FROSH 8z J.V. VOLLEYBALL 81 J.V. FOOTBALL-47 I Makin ' It Cats roll to B-East conference title Playing for the first year as a mem- ber of the B-East conference, the var- sity volleyball squad shocked their competition by walking away with the conference championship. "We had the league title sewed up two weeks before the other teams even finished their schedule," bragged senior setter Cathy Quinn. After winning their opening match against Duncan, the Cats then lost to Willcox before going on a streak that resulted in nine consecutive wins. Highlight of the season was a first- time victory over Thatcher. Reflect- ing on the win, Coach Noralea Gale said, "That really gave us the confi- dence we needed to know we could play with the best." Probably the most exciting match was the one in Clifton. Losing the first game 8-15, the Cats fought back with two 15-11 victories. "The girls knew they had to win and they did," com- mented Coach Gale. The last two times the local squad played Clifton, however, the Trojans came out on top. In the final regular season home match against Clifton, the Cats fell 13-15, 15-12, 9-15. "I think they wanted revenge," ex- plained Bernice Grtiz. Meeting.Clifton again in the first round of the divisional tournament, the Cats lost in two games. "Maybe we were too confident since we al- ready had a berth in the state tourna- ment," confided Debbie Burt. A successful season was ended pre- maturely at the state tournament at Mesa Community College. Facing Ray High School in the first round, the Cats fell 4-15, 10-15. "Everytime we spiked the ball, they were in the right place to return it," said an exas- perated Martha Denogean. After receiving the ball in a game with Clifton, Priscilla Baca bumps it to a setter. Morenci lost two out of three games and fell to the Trojans in the home match. Watching the action in the Animas match is Coach Gale, Marianne Padilla, Debbie Burt, and Donna Chavez. Ready for a dig against Animas is senior Martha Denogean. 48 VARSITY VOLLEYBALL ff r .ELL ' ., 4. -wx' fr4?'fWw ,.,,..-- VARSITY VOLLEYBALL includes: FRONT ROW: Marianne Padilla, Bernice Ortiz, Donna Chavez, Liz Abril. 2ND: Brenda Carabeo, mgr., Stephanie Harper, stat., Angie Espinoza, Priscilla Baca, Liz Peralta, Nancy Morgan, Martha Denogean, Cathy Quinn, Jacquelyn Wright, Debbie Burt, Coach Noralea Gale, Frances Peru, stat., Carol Mena, stat. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Duncan 15- 8, 5515, 15-12 Willcox 5-15, 12-15 'Thaiclwr 15- 3, 10-15, 15-11 Animas 15- 6, 15- 8 'Benson 15-10, 9-15, 14-16 'Clifton 8-15, 15-11, 15-11 Lordsburg 15- 9, 15- 5 'Willcox 15- 7, 15- 9 'Tombstone 15- 7, 15- 2 Animas 15-13, 15- 3 'Duncan 15-14, 15- 8 Clifton 13-15, 15-12, 9-15 'Clifton 10-15, 11-15 'Ray 4-15, 10-15 WON-10 LOST-4 'Conference Match 'Divisionals ""'State Tournament .WM "-' - 1 -e- WW" Setting the ball for a spike in the Cats' victo- ry over Animas is 34, Liz Abril. Teammate Donna Chavez, 314, awaits the outcome of the play. Senior Jacquelyn Wright bumps the ball to the front row for a set in a match with Tomb- stone. The local squad won in two, 15-7, 15-2. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL-49 Chaff Chafes Opponents Heavyweight takes state championship Concluding a 23-3 season, junior Andy Chaff pinned his first two oppo- nents before beating Heaton from Fredonia, 8-6, in the state champion- ship match to win the heavyweight division title. Wrestling for only his second year, a modest Andy com- mented, "I'm really surprised at how well I did this year." Also placing at the Class B-C state tournament were Kenny Bahschnitt, who took second in the 1793 divi- sion, and Rocky Davis who finished fourth at 145112 All together, the Cats had seven wrestlers place high enough at divi- sionals to earn a trip to the state tour- nament. Others included Johnny Ve- lasquez, Steve Vallejo, Paul Zale, and Frank Maldonado. When asked if he was disappointed with the Cat's sixth place finish at state, Coach Padilla commented: "I had hoped we would do better, but injuries to Vallejo and Zale, along with Velasquez failing to make weight, really hurt us." Overall, the 4-2-1 season was one of the best records ever acheived by a MHS wrestling team and there were many "firsts" for the squad. An open- ing season win over Safford marked a first-time victory over the Bulldogs. It was followed by a 66-6 thrashing of Thatcher which resulted in the Eagles cancelling a return match. The fastest pin of the season came against Thatcher when 1321? senior, Geoff Stevens, pinned his opponent in eight seconds. "I didn't realize the time until it was over and I saw the crowd screaming and yelling," re- marked Geoff. "When I looked at the clock, I couldn't believe my time!" Competing in the Cobre Tri-State Invitational against teams from New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, the Wildcats claimed their first tourna- ment victory. "lt was a great feeling," explained Johnny Velasquez. "We felt like nobody had faith in us as a team, so it was great to bring home that first-place trophy." Trying to maneuver away from Clifton wrestler Mark Murillo, Leonard Morales goes for a pin in the Catls 30-30 tie with the Tro- jans. About to stack his opponent, Rocky Davis keeps a tight grip on the wrestler from Cobre. A WRESTLING DUAL MEETS Mus 36 isaffora 32 MHS 66 Thatcher 6 MHS 36 Cobre 27 MHS 32 Clifton 36 MHS 36 Cobre '31 Ml-IS 18 Benson 57 MHS 30 Clifton p 30 WON-4 LOST-2 TIED-1 INVITATIONALS Bisbee 3rd Cobre lst Douglas 6th Benson 10th TDURNAMENTS Divisionals . 3rd State 6th lbw- fffvt , 50 WRESTLING XV, VARSITY WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Paul Zale, Johnny Velasquez, Oscar Bel- tran, Donald Storie, Ramie Sanchez. 2ND: Anthony James, mgr, Martin Calderon, Vincent Chavez, Frank Maldonado, Steve Vallejo, Rocky Davis. 3RD: Coach Gilbert Padilla, Marc Ruedas, mgrg Fred Sanders, Andy Chaff, Kenneth Bahschnitt, Mick Ruiz, Anthony Tedla, statistician. Not Pictured: Assistant Coach Bill Foltz. - .,. . .,,,,.,.,... . .. .... . .. -. , ,,,, ...... . ici- A t . . .. ,... F s 1 ... a i igfs f A fi . A 'W A 'W 1 ,ts ..,, Q ,.ks A 'Di 15 e lim f " s i -- -'- . . tw Q-IYWUW . -'., ,fer A ,.. : i 'l A? fi 7 ssrft 'F ..,. Q i? jf ., 'F F ' ABREIQ X 1 -ri . X . .15 . --f ' PESTL 5? . is J ' A 'Q 51 8531165 "95f"L"'? ll A if f F- if Q it misfit :Hwy llilm-'MVF iiiimillil if rtiiiifkfv J.V. WRESTLING TEAM: FRONT ROW: Victor Ruedas, Ricardo Valdez, George Oll.eary, Chris Saiz, Kelly Wyatt, Jimmy Galvin. 2ND: Fred Burt, Ernest Luna, Robert Carrasco, Jesus Luna, Alfredo Baca, Leonard Morales, Jerry Bishop. 3RD: Coach Gilbert Padilla, Dennis Ontiveros, Mike Burkett, Geoff Stevens, Jon Varela, Brian Vallejo, Marc Ruedas, mgr, Anthony James, mgr. Not Pictured: Assistant Coach Bill Foltz. Summonlng all his strength to lift Pat Ko- tecki of Clifton, Frank Maldonado works for a takedown. Going for the half, Steve Vallejo attemptsia pinning combination on his Cobre opponent. is BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL includes: Coach Tom Navarrete, Charlie Bolmg mgr Richard Martinez, Armando Tellez, Tomas Borjon, Joey Merino, Joey Feinstein, Xavier Deno gean, Gabriel Garcia, Tony Castaneda, Michael Navarrete, Cory Licano, John Lee, Jose Subia Sergio Urcadez, mgr. Junior forward Gabriel Garcia, 300, drives to the basket in the Safford game. Dribbling around his Lordsburg opponent, Joey Feinstein looks for a hole in the Maverick 449 defense. Driving to the basket, 410, Michael Na- varrete, manuevers around the Benson defen- i w' sive player. BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL MHS 89 Safford 66 MHS 102 Douglas 81 MHS 94 'Benson 66 MHS 81 Safford 67 MHS 59 'Thatcher 61 MHS t 66 "Ft, Thomas 40 MHS 89 'Safford 64 MHS 55 'Clifton 62 MHS 79 Lordsburg 52 MHS 96 'Tombstone 52 MHS 76 'Duncan 57 MHS 97 Willcox 64 MHS 61 Clifton 60 MHS 55 'Thatcher 69 MHS 73 Benson 56 MHS 63 Duncan 54 MHS 61 Tombstone 48 MHS 63 Clifton 62 MHS 85 Willcox 69 MHS 91 "'Willcox 55 MHS 56 "Clifton 65 WON-17 LOST-4 'Conference Game "EAC Holiday Tournament ""'Divisional Tournament 52-BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL .x. . Close But 0 Cigar Trojans edge Cats for tourney berth Three area teams battled through- out the season for the B-East confer- ence championship and a berth to the state tournament. Clifton, Thatcher, and Morenci all suffered defeats - but only to each other. Under new head coach Tom Na- varrete, the Wildcats won two of their four games with the Trojans but their second defeat to Clifton was by far the most costly. The 13-point loss in the semi-finals of the divisional tour- nament meant the Wildcats stayed home and Clifton and Thatcher repre- sented B-East at state. "It was a sad ending to an otherwise successful sea- son," commented a disappointed Tony Castaneda. Morenci's first encounter with the Trojans was in the finals of the EAC Holiday Tournament. Poor rebound- ing and free-throw shooting were mainly responsible for the Cats' de- feat and Morenci finished runnerup in the annual event. The second and third games with the Trojans were "classics" as Mor- enci won both by one point. Playing before a full house in Cislaghi Gym, the Cats led by five at the half. Clifton fought back in the fourth quarter, however, and it took two free throws by Wildcat Michael Navarrete to pre- serve the victory for Morenci. "I real- ly enjoyed winning down there," re- marked senior Armando Tellez. "Itls always more fun to beat them in their own gym." In Morenci's third contest with Clif- ton, the Cats were behind until the fourth quarter when they finally man- aged to take the lead with two free throws by Navarrete. Clifton had a chance to win the game in the closing seconds but a Trojan player missed a crucial one-and-one at the line. Joey Feinstein grabbed the all-important rebound for the Cats. "Playing Clifton was a pain in more ways than one," commented John Lee. The Wildcat senior was referring to the vaccination the players re- ceived because of their exposure to a Clifton player who had hepatitis. Loaded into the school van for their trip to the local hospital, the players called it "the longest road trip in his- tory." Morenci's two games with Thatch- er were also exciting with the Cats losing by two in the first contest and by four in an overtime thriller at home. At EAC in Thatcher, the Wild- cats led by one at the half, but were outscored by the Eagles, 14-12, in the third quarter. Some key turnovers in the fourth stanza spelled disaster for Morenci as Thatcher built a seven- point lead with 2:09 to play. With nine seconds left, Morenci cut the Ea- gles' lead to two points but Thatcher managed to retain possession and run out the clock. In Morenci's second game with the future Class B state champs, the Cats threatened to run away with the con- test leading by ten points midway through the second period. The third quarter belonged to Thatcher, how- ever, as they outscored the Wildcats by a margin of 18-12. In the fourth stanza, with the Wild- cats leading 61-60, Thatcher's Paul Mott sank one of two free throws to tie the score at 61. A missed shot by Navarrete with three seconds remain- ing sent the game into overtime. Mor- enci never led in the extra period, losing 69-65. Scoring two of his twenty points in the Cats' 96-52 victory over Tombstone is Ar- mando Tellez. BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL 53 GIRLS' J .V. BASKETBALL MHS 32 Safford MHS 34 Pima MHS 25 Benson MHS 36 Safford MHS 26 Thatcher MHS 46 Douglas MHS 38 Silver City MHS 38 Willcox MHS 40 Willcox MHS 50 Duncan MHS 35 Thatcher MHS 47 Duncan MHS 38 Pima MHS 35 Tombstone WON-11 LOST-3 ' BOYS' FRESHMAN BASKETBALL MHS 50 Safford MHS 82 Douglas MHS 63 Pima MHS 40 Safford MHS 61 Thatcher MHS 45 Safford MHS 47 Thatcher MHS 72 Duncan MHS 52 Duncan MHS 48 Thatcher MHS 47 Thatcher MHS 59 Duncan MHS 93 Pima MHS 73 Duncan MHS 77 Safford WON-13 LOST-2 BOYS' J.V. BASKETBALL MHS 63 Safford MHS 83 Douglas MHS 66 Pima MHS 74 Safford MHS 45 Thatcher MHS 72 Tombstone MHS 63 Duncan MHS 71 Willcox MHS 82 Clifton MHS 53 Thatcher MHS 63 Pima MHS 73 Benson MHS 57 Duncan MHS 72 Pima MHS 57 Clifton MHS 94 Willcox WON- 1 2 LOST-4 Using their defensive skills, Veronica Flo- res and Becky Peru try to trap a Benson Bobcat player. The local squad lost the game, 25-57. BOYS' FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Coach Bruce Kinneberg, Kent Crotts, mgr. 2ND: Steve Brannon, Tim Miller, Steve Gojkovich, Johnny Loya, Daniel Lopez, Martin Gherna, Chad Bates, Eric Brooks, Hector Salazar, Jaime Palomino, Orlando Abril, Mark Gaxiola. fra 'N L3 GIRLS' J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Michelle Ruedas, Marina O'l..eary, Kristie Merino, Gerrie Velasquez, Erma Villagomez, Celina Krug. 2ND: Frances Peru, mgr.g Stephanie Feinstein, Amalia Calderon, Veronica Flores, Shanna Gash, Christina Dingman, Elisa Borjon, Coach Virgil Cork. Winning Ways I .l. IL's and Frosh post successful seasons Carrying over a winning attitude from the fall sports season, the girls' J.V. basketball team and the J.V. boys and frosh basketball teams all had highly successful seasons. Posting the most successful girls' J.V. record ever, the junior Lady Cats were jubilant after winning their final game of the year. The 35-22 victory over Tombstone marked the tenth consecutive win for the girls fol- lowing early season losses. With a squad comprised of eight freshmen and only two sophomores, the team constantly improved throughout the year. According to Coach Virgil Cork, "The only disap- pointments of the season were two narrow losses to Safford and a sound thrashing at the hands of the Benson Bobcats." "We almost got Safford the second time we played," reflect- ed Erma Villagomez. "They just had a lot more experience than we did having quite a lot of sophomores and juniors on their team." "We won our last eleven games," boasted proud freshman Mark Gax- iola. Playing Safford four times, Steve Brannon admitted, "They were our biggest rival. We lost our first two games against them and would have considered our season a failure if we hadn't been able to beat them the last two times." Both Safford and Thatcher proved to be tough opponents for the boys' J.V. team as the squad's only losses were to those two schools. "We should have won our first game against Thatcher," moaned a disap- pointed Gilbert Valenzuela. "We were only down by two points with about a minute to play, but we choked and started fouling to try and get the ball back. Unfortunately, they made all their free throws at the end and we lost by seven." BOYS' J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Joe Ortiz, David Williams, Jody Rodriguez. 2ND: Coach Gary Walton, James Petty, mgr.g Louis Lopez, Gilbert Valenzuela, Junior Villagomez, Johnny Merino, Michael Moreno, Clint Barry, Brian Clemmer, Mike Deno- gean, Ignacio Blanco, Greg Aguilar, mgr. Putting it up for two, Xavier Denogean, 415, scores in the J.V.'s 25-point victory over the Clifton Trojans. Freshman Hector Salazar, 314, makes a move on his Thatcher opponent in one of the Cat's four victories over the Eagles. F GIRLS' J.V., BOYS' J.V. 81 FROSH BASKETBALL 55 Here We Go Again Cats play Eagles six times Winning only one of their previous five games, the Lady Cats thought their luck might change when they met Thatcher for the sixth time in the finals of the Class B state champion- ship. "I really thought we would beat them," reflected senior Bernice Ortiz. "Surely their luck had to run out sometime." Unfortunately for the Cats, howev- er, the Eagles' good fortune lasted for one more game and the local squad lost a one-point squeaker in overtime. The Cats did manage to scare the Eagles, keeping the score close throughout the game. With only one second remaining on the clock, Morenci's Liz Peralta threw the ball inbounds to Becky Peru who put up an eight-footer to tie. the score. As Liz explained, "I was supposed to throw the ball to Jacquelyn Wright but she was so closely guarded I couldn't get it to her. I knew the refer- ee was counting off the seconds and when I saw Becky was open, I threw the ball to her." Was the freshman worried? "I was scared to death!" Senior Martha Denogean, if15, shoots for two points in the Duncan game. Martha's game high 26 points was her best effort of the season. Attempting to steal the ball in the Lady Cats' 23 point win over the Willcox Cowgirls is Jacquelyn Wright. admitted Becky. "I knew I had to make the basket or it was all over." In the extra period, the Cats lost by one when another closing second shot failed to go through the net, Opening the season on a winning note, the Lady Cats beat Safford for the first time in three years. "I felt like we could beat anybody after that," admitted Martha Denogean. During regular season play, the Cats led the conference until their game with Willcox. Discussing the 44- 46 upset loss, Priscilla Baca said: "We weren't as intense as we should have been having just beaten Tomb- stone by 27 the night before." The loss to the Cowgirls put Mor- enci in a "must win" situation in their second regular season game with Thatcher. Double figure scoring by five of the Eagles was too much for the Lady Cats to overcome, however, and the girls lost by 21 points. An end of the season playoff be- tween Thatcher and Morenci became necessary when Thatcher was upset by Tombstone in their final game. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW Frances Peru mgr Rose Goseyun mgr 2ND: Melissa Rocha, Bernice Ortiz, Coach Dave Woodall Liz Peralta Angela Espinoza 3RD Leticia Espinoza, Carolina Espinoza, Becky Peru Martha Denogean Jacquelyn Wright Priscilla Baca. 1 56 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL if . wif, fe 'N xiiilif W , , , g,y L Z I 'E - 45' L,,,,,.,f,,.weffffA ' 32 : 4 r H m " ,iI,' ' Setting up the offense against Benson is junior Liz Peralta. Honoring her parents on Senior Night Priscilla Baca pins a corsage on her mother GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS MHS WON-19 ut-t an 46 Safford 42 57 'Clifton 43 45 'Benson 42 46 Safford 48 40 'Thatcher 37 55 Douglas 41 47 "Ft. Thomas 32 46 'Safford 39 42 'Thatcher 55 51 Silver City 44 63 'Tombstone 36 44 'Willcox 46 54 'Willcox 31 72 'Duncan 40 53 'Thatcher 74 60 'Duncan 39 47 'Benson 36 49 'Clifton 34 57 'Tombstone 42 44 ""Thatcher 55 67 "Duncan 53 53 ""Toml:-stone 33 44 ""'Thatcher 53 51 """Florence 31 46 ""'Blue Ridge 43 43 """l'hatcher 44 LOST-7 'Conference Game 'EAC Holiday Tournament Conference Playoff Divisional Tournament """State Tournament ,, R 4 Eyeing the defense, guard Bernice Ortiz V V J ' 400, looks for a way to break the Duncan full ,I ,,u. ,,,ii 7 i . court press. ffrrrs GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL 57 Mmm I Whipping a forehand over the net in a 6-4, 4-6, 5-7 loss to his Vandal opponent is Ernesto Llamas. . gg 'JK 7 M' .4 VV' ,.- if ,9- -X. ,-241, - "'5J'fW'-ft 5 Mfr -,,-.,.--U.. rag'-, , rwif..-fig..-A 3? '--,,,Q QWE -fiifgay ,ff ' i'37fSQ ,gg :Fir - -fiilsze , Mswwa , ,ry ,,,o mfmrglgg ae., -begs, -. I 1982 BOYS' TENNIS TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: James Petty, Ernesto Llamas, Xavier Denogean, Ricky Perkins, Joe Cross, Gary Jim. 2ND: Robbie Burgher, Keven Sterling, John Lee, Danny Hernandez, Clay Flowers, Benjie Aguilar, Joe Subia. Not Pictured: Coach David Dickerson. wr ' 1, ,Q 3 .- sig, . ,. 7 K Qi Q kk S. . s if i Q-,iii :aff l 1" ' ' 5 7- xi'-J '+ if fa , Q, , . . ., .. -5 . ,fa ,. x.. - ig . 5. W. ,. . f' f 2 .. . -I , , N Y , , , 1 .gif ,M -if-gi: f - . i. . - -A ,. W- g. k N, gf h Qs, , ,E AMSk.iji.k.. .S ri I 5 k I 4 sg . . . . ,t -- Q it - . .s - ,gg V n - .Nat ,L S X kk V ' ' 'N 'kk S - V i - ,1 -N I . rf , . , X .K , 15' S sy .2 it 1 I X t N 4 T ii: Doubles Do uble U82 'ms' Mus , ,ssi 6, if iinuacgiif , 3 1, MHS , ,,,,4 j 8, Bisbee , 1 Boys drop doubles crown at state MHS J .gt t Www . ,t 0 - , . . . lll, , , , S H . For the first time in five years, a Gale, "this is the first trophy we've . . .D:g,:a? 3 Morenci duo failed to win the doubles ever won." MHS , , 2. 7 ,Miami L7- title at the state tournament. Repre- Team points were collected by , MHS 4 f Saffordbi 7 ,5 senting the '82 boys' tennis team, Ke- doubles partners Donna Chavez and , G 4 , glam' 7, 5 ven Sterling and John Lee lost their Cristina Romero, who lost in the finals , g , 7 s 5 - ,, umm A first-round doubles match at state, 6- 7, 3-6, to a pair from Apache Junc- tion. "If only we had won the tie- breaker in the first set,', lamented Ke- ven, "the momentum would have been on our side and I think we would have won the match." Danny Hernandez also qualified for the state tournament by placing fourth in singles competition at divi- sionals. At the state meet, he lost his first-round match to opponent Todd Heng from Coolidge. Two second-place finishes by the '82 girls' tennis team in the Cobre Invitational netted the Cats a first place trophy. "I'm very proud of my girls," said an elated Coach Noralea 1-6, 1-6, to a team from Mayfield. C.C. Owens also finished second, los- .7 7 -Q worms-.5 -Losm . ing her final match, 4-6, 2-6, to a girl from Alamogordo. At the divisional tournament, C.C. 7 ' 7 - Owens again finished second, beating Debbie Teso from Sahuarita in the 7 . ,.198216lRLS' TENNIS g . semi-finals. Owens then lost 6-3, 6-7, O itwl fgqgcgn 24 ' 5-7, to Tammy Roberd from Miami in MHS ' A 47 li flhateher 2 7 S the finals. Brenda Carabeo also MHS 5 3' -1553509 26 A earned a berth in the state tourna- fl ' if ment by finishing fourth at divisionals. 'MHS 7 1 , ,Thatcher 8 S At the Class A state tournament MHS A 1 .5 - jouncan as 7 4 + held at Casa Grande, Brenda lost her MHS A 37 2 'Miami Vt '6 C first round in two sets to an opponent MHS V 7 7 Vtl' 535024 - F 2 ' from Coolidge. C.C. made it to the 7 77 , 3 finals where she fell to rival Teso, 6-3, 77 ' 7 7- - -7 77 4-6, 3-6- worms 7 7 7 LLOST-52 A f 58 TENNIS Nw. Preparing to return a lob in their 10-2 win over their Duncan opponents are Keven Ster- ling and John Lee. Working on her forehand skills in prac- tice is Callie Maldonado. is .M .5?"'x TENNIS 59 '-A mfs, SQ- Stretching out at the rope, Traci Flores fin- ishes a close third behind her Wilcox oppo- nent in the 100-meter dash at divisionals in Morenci. Teammate Kathy Crotts placed first in the event. '. , , 5g2Lj5,5,j , z i it we i 'f '12 j l., ,. ,, vi .,,, . f 1 1, ' - " 4 ,. V I 1 V ck I A , 5: A V A V , MK M r, , , gf ,E ,, ,Z , ,gs ,J W T ., Q X 2 , , ',- I 2 :1 L of f - 'Wm ,,,,..W ' v 1. .0 H , f M r i ,. - , , , H- ,. ,,, , 7' f f y Jr i ir , ' 3 Mfg 'MQ ' , A 5 ,V , , , f M M, , 2 ., x , ,fu Z , L ,gg iw: ii ,ag M we I ,I f ,, . g V ' . 5 2 -- ' I 1 , , - 2 2 , 'L i f rr 4 i ,,V,. , A 5 . - ,, , 7, , ,, . 1 , ,, . , , ani' W, -iv, 12 M -, g . , , - ,g , f gl, t' 7 gf . , 7 gg ' 1 1 g 'M -' - I .f- 1 ' 7 ef , ' -f ' , V f ,Y AFT Z , gi V' V It . lc g L L , V, L P' it , A f i,V,, E r,,,,, A 1 i - 5 L , i...4:'f-f""'3 , ' f f L ,W W' ' i ,,,. 1 W , g , gi ' ' 1' '- ' Q 5 , 5' 2 n.. .M L ,f lf . f , 4, I 1982 GIRLS' TRACK TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Darlene Lizarraga, Priscilla Baca, Cindy Espinoza, Kristy Boling, Jacquelyn Cooper, Donna Saiz, Estermae Lopez, Janeen Onti- veros, Lorraine Gonzales, Traci Flores, Lisa Malloque, Stephanie Espinoza, mgr. 2ND: Coach ' Jack Edens, Martha Denogean, Erika Baca, Michelle Batiste, Leigh Ann Owen, Kathy Crotts, I Elisa Barela, Linda Villagomez, Liz Peralta, Carolina Espinoza, Jackie Connell, Cathy Quinn, Michelle Maldonado, Kathy Ulibarri, mgr. vz QI!! Mvgw . kt at il f"' ' ' . '11 ,X M5 ,, .WW , ' Cliff? H -mr., Su. M- ' x 33 Q Q51 saw? Q 392 Pr- f"' 2 51.2 gl M, i' .ga , ' ff 12" , , 1? I M 4 - Q i , I -i"'V"X' ,J-:gf c I ,1 M! Elin! : A :1"'hr T F 4..+- it Attempting to clear the bar in the high jump at the Morenci Booster's Invitational Tournament is Johnny Merino. I Distance runner, Leonard Chavarria trails Javier Estrada of Nogales in the 1600-meter My run at the Bisbee Invitational. Estrada, who went on to win, handed Leonard his only de- feat of the season. 60-TRACK ff, 2 , , ,, ff WFWMMMW? H W M' i ,W ,df , , 1994? , , W 'W im, w .Z M W' ,M-1-"f"'f' V K V- snag. ,QQ may cf: WMF ,,,, Wy, ' T"lfTf4 WN t fs..-...s 1932 novs' umclc I Meet j 1, Place Ray Relays ' Morenci Boosters Invitational Safford Dual Meet I Safford Invitational Willcox Invitational . Cobre Invitational ' Safford Quadrangular - Silver City Invitational , Bisbee Invitational' Morenci Rotary Invitational Divisionals, . . State Tournament, - - 1982 GIRLS' TRACK, if A lst ISC A lst -3rd 1st lst 2nd' lst 3rd 1st 2nd 7th Tra cksters Trip Great expectations unfulfilled at state Following on the heels of a season which netted seven first-place tro- phies, the '82 boys' track team was naturally disappointed with its sev- enth place finish in the state tourna- ment. "Hardly anyone did as well at state as they had done earlier in the season," explained Jimmy Barquin. Jimmy spoke from experience, having broken the school record in the long jump early in the season. Ending the year with a personal best of 22'2", he was rather disappointed with his 20'6" jump at state. As a rejected Jimmy confessed, meets the year before, we again placed second in the conference. The girls improved throughout the year and were very competitive by the end of the season." Traveling out of state to compete in the Cobre Invitational, the Cats brought back the first place trophy. "We would have taken first at the Silver City meet too," declared Mi- chelle Maldonado, "if only our bus hadn't been late." Without the Mor- enci entrants in the 400 meter, Silver City contestants placed second and third in that event, and eventually edged the Cats by four points for the meet title. Two school records were tied dur- ing the season. Cindy Espinoza went 5'1" in the high jump, equalling Erika Thomas Wright's best effort. The 400 meter relay team-Priscilla Baca, Kristy Boling, Traci Flores and Cathy Quinn - also tied a school record with a time of 52.3. At the state meet, Priscilla Baca placed fifth in the hurdles, Liz Peralta got fourth in the discus, Cindy Espin- oza placed seventh in the high jump, and the 400-meter relay team fin- ished third. Meet l mme "Scratches were my spoiler." A Morenci Boosters A, I -5th Leonard Chavarria ended an out- Safford Dual Meet A f. 2nd standing four-year career by winning Benson Quadrangular j j 3rd gold medals in both the 800-meter Safford lflvifaffonil , e 591 and the 1600-meter run. l 5, A 5 Ziff lglqzerall, l,was leittremely pleased be safford Quadrangmar - 2nd wi e eams ac eivemen s, com- Sijver City Invitational 2nd mented Coach Dave Woodall. I feel Bisbee Invitational . 8th we might have peaked too early MUYGHCI Rotary Invitational 3rd though, which may have hurt us at the DlVlSl0nH-ls ' 2nd state rneethf' State Tournament , 10th it . . . 79 . - Definitely a surprise, said Coach T Jack Edens in summing up the '82 girls' track season. "Even though we had graduated practically all the girls who scored in the district and state A ,"-' -'-, - ,554-sql: l Av - V- " J 1 V T' 5 222 ' S ' f "J i 'ei' J .a" Q 2 55' A Le........' .v its s tt O .ji .-.- - 1 - t iret 1 - I- ,'vi at -. l -5 Q vf , 3 'WG f ri ' rfl . V 'Q . 3 5 s I 23 - f.. l .. 1 J' J . ' 1 W - , V V l X A I Ig, E 7 rvr y ar ix- A ,V gl ' ' , l V ,, Q Y Q .. .,.,, H " I 4 sn.. .A Me' , 1982 BOYS' TRACK TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Coach Dave Woodall, Leonard Chavarria, Ignacio Blanco, Gene Zale, Everett Gordon, Andy Padilla, Marty Martinez. 2ND: Gilbert Suarez, Jimmy Saiz, Tomas Borjon, Angel Rodriguez, Andy Chaff, Cory Licano, Dennis Giacoletti, Ernie Barquin, David Torres, Eddie Chavez. 3RD: Brian Taylor, Joey Merino, Joey Feinstein, Ray Gaethje, Ron Chaff, Mack Copeland, Don Cates, Johnny Merino, Rudy Vega, Sergio Uracdez, Assistant Coach Bruner. Not Pictured: Jimmy Barquin. TRACK 61 plit Ends Doubleheaders prove to be Cats' nemesis Doubleheaders proved to be a problem throughout the season for the '82 varsity baseball team. Out of the six doubleheaders the Cats played during the season, only once was the team successful in taking both games. "Our concentration never seemed to last two games in a row," explained catcher Mick Ruiz. For the second consecutive year, Morenci won the local Lions Invita- tional Tournament. After drawing a bye in the first round, the Cats had to come from behind to beat the Miami Vandals in the second round. Facing the Thatcher Eagles in the champion- ship game, the Wildcats got an early lead. A five-run outburst in the fifth inning put the game out of reach for the Eagles, whose only run came in the sixth inning. Tied with San Manuel at the end of the regular season, the Cats met the Miners in a playoff game to determine the if 2 seed to the state tournament from Class A South. Ahead 5-2 in the top of the seventh inning, Morenci fell behind allowing 4 hits, 2 walks, and 5 runs. Rain had caused a twenty min- ute delay in the game. "If it had rained ten more minutes, the umpire would have called the game in the sixth and we would have won," moaned Coach Kinneberg. A triple play in the Miami game was the highlight of the J .V. season. With bases loaded, the Vandals tried for a squeeze play. Catcher Vincent Chavez tagged the runner coming home from third and threw the ball to Junior Villagomez who caught the player from second in a rundown. Ju- nior then threw the ball to center- fielder Frank Maldonado who came in to tag the runner at second. Reflect- ing on the game, Vincent remarked, "It was great. No team around here had ever gotten a triple play!" Leonard Morales was named the MVP for the junior varsity squad. Pitcher Leonard Morales, 411, throws a curve in the J.V.'s 9-17 loss to Bisbee. First baseman, Tony Casteneda awaits the throw from the pitcher in the Cats first game of a doubleheader against the San Manuel Miners. Sliding home, Armando Tellez scores a run in the Cats 8-1 victory over the Thatcher Ea- gles in the annual Lions Invitational Tourna- ment. 62 BASEBALL ...., ,. . . is I .........-...45,. 'ff X WV' V f - V---7-7 -wo: rnioifgr-A-33AAAe9g-v Www-- ""7'?"7fQ ffffiuzf :i"":jffTff2""7f i'fff.llZll',IE QmM1iQlQQLfgf.TlfLfl' Z'?'fll iff- -"' fi "" ij. iff , ' . 'A ,"'riii::if:: .,,' . ' mf 's W4U'4 ':MMi.:g -lil-N W' 7,,, i IJWLLT il-I 1-.17-1 llrrw-33ST'r'?'L'..1'.T.. TT.-'-LZT'J-'-'af-7--L-gn.-'.?TAT-'J 1.-.f..' I La, S ,-., ..,1'..,E'3,s eseff,-,,:,f,j3A,,: .'.,,,pg,eeee, '... -m-mlm.,-.1 any A y en M fn- wal.,-ma.-Q,-v., .aww-.-..v,vwm 4 asm un ........... iw .. ft ,.. :EW at .ze H , , . A ' 'V LK,: :-g, ,. i- -A . 15 1' fr .g if-, , A nsauvfuvuuk 5 , gi Q ,, . 1 3 nv , .ul . .7 7 Plc lbrhw ff f' 1 if 7 NJ aff, Q 1- r L, lll., El Q5 l ' ,f , gum: ffl' -uk 'lf f":5'ri,, fZ., ' 'ff ya, A . H Y W V, 'dj .. f" l L, " as Q-VHL, V1-if .- , f M 7 7' Q' . .t ' " A 'za '-i" l'r- R mlm' it A at ' , J ,, :ww vi jg I . NB .mimi , ,LC ! . f U, ,, -at , 3 'eff' f t V 4 Ig I W c , .' ' -' f . f 7 wc. . ' " ' 'tr , , A 'M' ,.,i. '. ma' aw - is be 1 7 f' fu., 1. x 1- I' ' .4 1982 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Paul Dunagan, mgr., Kevin Clemmer, Gijo Verdugo, John David Ramirez, Leo Aguilar, John Barela, Todd Hammett, mgr. 2ND: Andy Gonzales, mgr.g Armando Tellez, Michael Navarrete, Stephen Mendoza, John Armstrong, Fred Sanders, Manny Gomez. 3RD: Michael Castaneda, Scott Ross, Tony Castan- eda, Mick Ruiz, Tommy James, Coach Bruce Kinneberg. .xv , :T l 5 . '. 1- Y.: i B sf 'sift-'f,fr. as 1982 J.V. BASEBALL TEAM includes: FRONT ROW: Damian Tellez, mgr.g Jody Rodri- guez, G , Leonard Morales, Anthony James, Vincent Chavez, Louis Lopez, Johnny Velasquez. 2ND: Coach Tommy Navarrete, Junior Villagomez, Dale Garner, Clint Barry, Kevin Farwell, Gabriel Garcia, Gilbert Valenzuela, Frank Maldonado, Brian Clemmer, mgr. A a 1982 vmxsrrv BASEBALL it s MHS 13 Duncan T 77 7 MHS ,J -7 t Safford 18 MHS, 2,11 , Willcox, 3,9 MHS' W A1 Thatcher , 2, A MHS' 9,0 ' San4Manuel 2,9 MHS fl: Thatcher ,0 , MHS , 5,3 Miamir - 4,6 Mus, 79, saffprd, S 4 ,L MHS 1,7 Douglas A 2,2 MHS 7 Clifton il 2 MHS 1,7 - Bisbee A A ' 4,6 'MHS 8 Miami . 6 'MHS 8 Thatcher 1 MHS 7 Clifton A 6 ' MHS 3,6 Sahuarita '130 'MHS 5 1 ,Sarrllanueltt 117' A L J 'Lions Invifaiiqrial ' 7 I . Q, :"Ccvhference'Playoff'i A WON-14' r A LOST-8 1982 J.V. BASEBALL - gg MHS, 15 Duncan 0 MHS' '1 f Safford 7 MHS 12,8 ' Wiilcox a , 8,4 7 MHS 7,6 Thatcher 4 1,4 MHS 7,5 7 Miami , 5,6 MHS 10 Thatcher , 4 ' MHS 4 Safford R3 MHS t 2,2 Douglas 9,7 MHS , 9,11 Bisbee 17,1 MHS 10 Thatcher 5 WON-10 LOST-5 ,J A A On a close play at first, Fred Sanders reaches for the ball as the San Manuel player dives for the base. Unfortunately, the ball was not on time and the man was safe. ,WWW fm, fa-wh W1 , ' ffl? 1 57' cp? Q, '4 ACTIVITIES Despite a declining enrollment be- cause of the mine layoffs, school or- ganizations and activities seemed to flourish throughout the year. Honors were won by the "Pride" Band which received a "superior with merit" rating at marching competition held at Eastern Arizona College. For the second year in a row, the Copper Cat won All-American honors from National Scholastic Press Association. Because of the yearbook's excellent reputation, the publishing company, Josten's American Yearbook, select- ed the '83 Copper Cat as its repre- sentative book throughout the South- west. Student Council sponsored a com- munity open house which drew more than 2,000 visitors to the new school. In addition, they hosted College Visi- tation Day with the Clifton seniors. Along with presenting their annual spring play, Drama Club put on "A Christmas Carol" for the children of Longfellow School. As their gift to the community, the "Pride" Band held a Christmas concert, their first in many years. Several students also joined band director, Roger Munoz, to form a rock band which occasionally played at noontime and at school dances. Spanish Club, French Club, and AFS joined together to hold their sec- ond annual international bake sale which featured foods from around the world. Pep Club made a comeback as students donated their time to help make posters for basketball games. All in all, it was an event-filled first year in the new school. N-Q Representing National Honor Society at the Basketball Homecoming is Lisa Smetan' ick, escorted by Sergio Urcadez. A variety of expressions appear on the faces of Grace Franco, Lorraine Murillo, Tammy Esparza, and Leticia Espinoza as they perform during the band's Halloween halftime show., Pointing out a picture in the yearbook to Brenda Carabeo and Nancy Balderrama is Cristina Romero. Accompanying the choir at the Christmas concert are Mrs. Betty Windsor and senior Donna Chavez. ACTIVITIES 65 ..,,, A,,, ,..,-'P---m,,.....,, '-" A . r .4 K Z I 5 M' :Z M ., . ,,, , fr 7 , F V f.., Q, 5 W' ANYTOWN REPRESENTATIVES: FRONT ROW: Kelly Baker. 2ND: John Lee, Benjie Aguilar. 3RD: Cathy Quinn. S GIRLS' STATE AND BOYS' STATE RE- PRESENTATIVES: FRONT ROW: Mona Rodriguez, Michelle Maldonado. 2ND: David Torres, Rodrick Hogg, Clay Flowers. Adorned in a toga, Whiskers takes a few minutes to enjoy a dance with Gerrie Velas- quez at the spirit leadership workshop. STUDENT COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Anna Navarrete, Francis Borjon, Michelle Maldonado, Evelyn Flores, Gerrie Velasquez, Francie Rodriguez, Mona Rodriguez. 2ND: Erma Villagomez, Elisa Borjon, Erika Baca, Lorraine Murillo, Sherry Trujillo, Melissa Romero, 3RD: Marina O'Leary, Leigh Ann Owen, Cristina Romero, Melissa Rocha, Martha Gonzales, Anna Lopez. 4TH: Hector Salazar, Joey Yarger, Benjie Aguilar, vice-pres., Kelly Baker, pres., Debbie Burt, treas., Rodrick Hogg, sec., John Lee, Becky Peru, K. x . . XX N 'rl W he W .il ,xi gmqg' ah' owl-.r"v' fs -frfsgfr 3, Wdqlzg 3 gg, wr we A'-'SM 'Nh' B P if .2 Council Causes "Stampede" After viewing the film "Stampede" at the state Student Council conven- tion in Scottsdale, local council mem- bers were excited when they booked the production for an all-school as- sembly. "We thought it would be something that would appeal to every individual," explained student body president Kelly Baker. The film dealt with patience and improving one's self-control. "The music was great and the message it presented was pretty good, too," re- flected sophomore Shelly Johnson. Although the student body over- whelmingly enjoyed the assembly, several teachers reacted negatively complaining that the music was "too loud." As Mr. Roy Faulkner re- marked, "The music was blasting and the students were too wild." P.E. in- structor Lynne Nuttall disagreed say- ing, "We should have one of these every other week." For Anytown delegate John Lee, the week at Sky-Y Camp in Prescott was a shattering experience. "First of all," explained John, "I accidentally broke a mirror in the boys' restroom while I was banging on the wall. Then two days later I broke a huge window in my cabin when I slammed the door too hard. Luckily I didn't have to pay for any of it.', At Boys' State held at NAU, toilet paper was a scarce commodity be- cause pranksters stole all the tissue in the restrooms. "I didn't appreciate having to waste my money buying my own toilet paper, said an angry Da- vid Torres. Michelle Maldonado, a representa- tive to Girls' State, was appointed sanitation commissioner of her city. "I got to collect everyone's trash," groaned Michelle. "I realized that the life of a garbage woman is definitely not for me." Fixing his toga during a break at the State Student Council spirit workshop in Mesa is Joey Yarger. Technician Randall Fujikawa explains the operation of the projectors to Kelly Baker and Benjie Aguilar at the "Stampede" assembly. Selecting a treat at the Student Council Halloween party are Rodrick Hogg and Mrs. Joyce Gray. STUDENT COUNCIL, ANYTOWN, GIRLS' 81 BOYS' STATE 67 Sweet Smell Of Success The formal Nl-lS initiation ceremo- ny turned into a sweet-smelling affair when initiate Dave Torres accidental- ly broke a bottle of perfume. "The sleeve of my gown knocked Sherry Trujillo's purse off a cabinet," ex- plained David. 'LA bottle of perfume broke in her purse and when I picked it up, the contents dripped all over my hand and arm." Following the pinning ceremony on February 1, the initiates and members got to play "hooky" and go to Cole's Pizza for lunch and a round of video games. Some found it difficult to tear themselves away from the arcade to return to school in the afternoon. "Tony Tedla and Ernesto Llamas al- Lighting the candle of service during the formal National Honor Society initiation cere- mony is Jacquelyn Wright. A proud and happy NHS initiate, Ernesto Llamas, is congratulated by senior member Mona Rodriguez. most caused us to be late," com- plained Leigh Ann Owen. Defending his reluctance to leave, Ernesto said: "I had just put my quarter in when they said it was time to go, and I didn't want to lose my money." S.N.H.S. initiated 16 members at its ceremony held in May of 1982 at the Morenci Club. "lt was the largest number of initiates we've had since requiring that students receive an honor grade in Spanish II or III," ex- plained sponsor Ralph Lara. Dr. Webb Goodman, chairman of the foreign language department at EAC, was the guest speaker. Ronda Campbell and Estermae Lopez were the installing officers. SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INITIATES include: FRONT ROW: Nancy Navarrete, Michelle Maldonado, Angela Espinoza, Lorraine Gonzales, Lorraine Moya, Melissa Romero, Diane Baray. 2ND: Barbara Moya, Sherri Grimes, Kim Gullion, Martha Denogean, Michael Castaneda, Brenda Carabeo, Bonnie Lopez, Claudia Ochoa. Not Pictured: Sherry Trujillo. if NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS include: FRONT ROW: Mona Rodriguez, John Lee, Benjie Aguilar, Clay Flowers, Donna Chavez. 2ND: Cathy Quinn, Lisa Smetanick, Paula Jones, Jacquelyn Wright, Kelly Baker. l 68 N H.S. 8 S.N.H.S. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY INITI- ATES include: FRONT ROW: Sherry Truji- llo, Leigh Ann Owen, Lorraine Moya, Kathy Causer. 2ND: Ernesto Llamas, Eric Yetman, Tony Tedla, Ricky Perkins, David Torres, Hu- lon Hayes. Lighting their candles from the "mother cancllew at the S.N.H,S. initiation are An- gela Espinoza and Lorraine Moya. "Hurry up!" Kelly Baker, Paula Jones, and Lisa Smetanick impatiently wait for Jacquelyn Wright to unlock the restroom door at Mor- enci Lanes after their trip to Cole's Pizza fol- lowing the pinning ceremony. 5 5 3 s a 6 W nj Wt. , , , , . , . An, W I 1, 5, Catching that Pepsi spirit, staff members prepare to conduct the Copper Cat spon- sored "Pepsi Challenge." Presenting a special award to Rodrick Hogg is Sharon Clark. Rodrick was given the uRoll Award" because of his ability to make rolls disappear quickly. Q I ,ffl .' li M' is 1" ,, ' 4 'zz www M COPPER CAT STAFF: FRONT ROW: Ricky Perkins, David Annis, Elisa Borjon, Debbie Rodela, Annette Rocha, Sherry Trujillo, Lorraine Moya, Michelle Ruedas, Francie Rodriguez, Beatrice Denogean. 2ND: Steve Gamblin, Grace Franco, Barbie Martinez, Veronica Morales Cristina Romero, co-senior section editor, Michelle Maldonado, co-senior section editor, An- nette Lizarraga, Steve Brannon, Shawn Adair, 3RD: Ernesto Llamas, Pam Willard, Leigh Ann Owen, Francis Borjon, head photographer, Joey Yarger, Martha Gonzales, Christina Dingman, Robyn Shupe, Benjie Aguilar, co-editor'in-chief. 4TH: Charlie Boling, Michael Moreno, Kevin Farwell, Shelly Johnson, Tony Tedla, Rodrick Hogg, junior section editor, Kelly Baker, co- editor-in-chief, John Lee, co-sports editor, Clay Flowers, co-sports editor, Paula Jones, sopho- more section editor, Becky Peru. Not Pictured: Teresa Padilla. 70-COPPER CAT 8: QUILL 81 SCROLL 'gill' 'W-P H 1982 QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Cindy Berry, Ronda Camp- bell, Lisa Stacey Romero, Sharon Clark. 2ND: Kelly Baker, Nancy Navarrete, Michelle Maldonado, Eric Hayes. 3RD: Benjie Aguilar, Rodrick Hogg, Paula Jones, Clay Flowers. During her tour of the school, Carolyn Warner, State Superintendent of Public In- struction, chats with subscription manager, Shelly Johnson. Head photographer Francis Borjon devel- ops film in one of the rooms located in the new darkroom facility. Hym offifif' K. 1.3 lt's Hard To Be Humble ,y Receiving an All-American rating from NSPA for the second year in a row provoked smug comments from members of the yearbook staff. "I was happy but not surprised," said senior John Lee. "After all, when you're good, you're good." Because of the mine shutdown and the uncertain economic future of the town, a worried staff began making plans to cut production costs of the '83 book before the '82 school .year was even over. "In order to take ad- vantage of a lower-cost program, we chose the cover and endsheets in May," explained co-editor Kelly Ba- ker. "We also planned our color spreads so we could make an early color deadline in addition to cutting 30 pages out of the book." . Interviews for new staff members were held at Fairbanks Middle School in May. "I was so scared before my interview that I practiced what to say," recalled Debbie Rodela. "When the time came, though, my mind went totally blank." An unusual problem with the color pages occurred when some of the staff's negatives were destroyed in a plane crash. "We needed some en- largements and the negatives were on their way to a color lab in California," explained adviser, Sandra Hudgens. "The plane carrying the film crashed and our negatives were destroyed in the resulting fire. We had to reshoot the pictures and start the process all over again." A new school meant a large dark- room located next to the publications room. "I love it!" exclaimed head photographer Francis Borjon when asked about the new facility. "After working in that old bathroom for three years, this is heaven!" Because of tight funds, the '82 Quill and Scroll banquet was held in the home economics room in the old high school. f'We decided it was more important to save money for the '83 yearbook rather than spend it on food," explained co-editor Benjie Aguilar. "In spite of our rather shab- by surroundings it was still fun," re- called Michael Moreno. "I hope we can afford to go back to the country club for the banquet this year,l' added senior Rodrick Hogg. 4'We're a classy organization and we deserve some- thing better than the home economics room." COPPER CAT 8: QUILL 8: SCROLL-71 PA Nix rim , AMUN: FRONT ROW: Sherry Trujillo, Kelly Baker. 2ND: Eric Yetman, Ricky Perkins, Wil- ly lmrich, David Annis. FRENCH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Kathy Clayton, Yvonne Moreno, officer, Desiree Leonesio, Shawn Adair, Evelyn Flores. 2ND: Tammy Hoopes, Becky Marin, Michelle Fletcher, Danene Kost, Jenny Johnson. 3RD: Samantha Stewart, Murl Easley, Gisela Ko- vacs, officer, Jacquelyn Wright. 4TH: Gina Franco, Pam Williard, Linda Kovacs, John Lee, Paula Jones, officer, and Lisa Smetanick, officer. Not Pictured: Hulon Hayes, Peggy Scheier, Claudia Valenzuela, Julie Chavez, Will Laney. Preparing to represent Panama at AMUN, Kelly Baker, Ricky Perkins, and David Annis color in the names on their placards. 72 AFS AMUN, FRENCH 81 SPANISH CLUBS 1 'W x 1 X was V W ,,.,,,', AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE: FRONT ROW: Francie Rodriguez, Bernice Trujillo, Lisa Terry, Cherie Chappell, Desiree Leonesio, Christina Correlejo, Carrie Short, Beatrice Deno- gean. 2ND: Linda Kovacs, Beth Phelps, Shanna Gash, Veronica Flores, Kathy Ulibarri, Sa- mantha Stewart, Tammy Hoopes, Robyn Shupe, Frances Peru. 3RD: Charlie Boling, Jenny Johnson, secretaryg Gisela Kovacs, vice-president, Christina Dingman, John Lee, Kelly Baker, Stephanie Harper, Rhonda Duran, Becky Marin. 4TH: Lisa Fuller, Willy lmrich, Kim Gullion, activities director, Benjie Aguilar, Lisa Smetanick, Rodrick Hogg, Paula Jones, president, Lori Stoner, Andrea Jones. SPANISH CLUB: FRONT ROW: Joann Sierra, Yvonne Moreno, Shirley Romero, Mirna Monge, Irma Paz, Lorraine Moya, presidentg Mona Rodriguez, Nancy Balderrama. 2ND: Becky Delgado, Anna Martinez, Sandra Sierra, Anna Dominguez, Margaret Tellez, Francis Borjon, Lorraine Murillo, Theresa Denogean, Callie Maldonado. 3RD: Michelle Maldonado, Rachel Saiz, Teresa Padilla, Martha Gonzales, Carol Mena, Stephanie Feinstein, Cecilia Bustamante, Maria Cordova, Terri Anderson, Lorraine Varela. 4THf Vicki Sanchez, Kim Gullion, secretaryf treasurer, Ernesto Llamas, Albert Cordova, Cindy Harris, Amalia Calderon, Cristina Romero, Brenda Carabeo, Martha Denogean, Frances Peru, vice-president, Debbie Burt, Lisa Franco, Joey Feinstein. Not Pictured: Roberta Morales, Donna Chavez. f ,, . fa!! 'v,f,"L My ,:,,.v 5 it Clubs Clean Up Their Act Holding the annual French and Spanish Club's initiation party in the multi-purpose room instead of on the football field forced the clubs to clean up their act. As Lisa Smetanick ex- plained: "There weren't any shaving cream fights, thank goodness. We had a lot of other events instead of spend- ing all our time wrestling each other trying to get shaving cream all over the initiates." Without a foreign exchange stu- dent for the second consecutive year, AFS members had a slow year. "We've had trouble getting any sup- port from our adult organization," ex- plained club president Paula Jones, "and we can't do anything without their authorization." AMUN delegates caught up on both world and national events when sponsor Bill Senne forced them to listen to continuous news broadcasts all the way home from Tucson. "lt was inhumane torture for three hours," said a music-starved Eric Yet- man. "How embarrassing," 'said Mr. Senne over and over upon discover- ing he had accidentally taken a strang- er's luggage from one of the dele- gate's motel room. "He thought it was either mine or Sherry 'l'rujillo's', explained Kelly Baker, "and didn't find out otherwise until he picked us up at the University. Someone else had put their luggage in the room before we had actually checked out and turned in our keys." Upon learning of his mistake, Mr. Senne rushed back to the motel to return the luggage and to explain to the management what had happened. "lt just goes to show," laughed Ricky Perkins, "you never really know where your luggage has been." Carefully balancing an egg on a spoon, Linda Kovacs and Debbie Burt lead off in one of the races between the two foreign language clubs at the annual initiation party. Arranging the display of Christmas cards for sale by Spanish Club members is junior Kim Gullion. AFS, AMUN, FRENCH 8: SPANISH CLUBS 73 Here Come Rogefs Kids Following the resignation of Mr. Bruce Allen, MHS alumnus Roger Munoz was named director of the "Pride" band. ln order to acquaint himself with members of the band and to prepare for the first performance, practices began in mid-August. "I wanted to break in the freshmen be- fore school started and get every- one in shape for the corps-style marching we would be doing," ex- plained Mr. Munoz. In late October, the band earned a "superior with merit" rating at the EAC Marching Festival, which quali- fied them for the State Festival at Mesa Community College. On the day of the state contest, everything seemed to go wrong for the band. Scheduled to leave at 5:30 a.m., many band members almost over- slept due to a local power blackout. Several boosters and band members called students and went to their homes to make sure they were awake. Once up, getting ready posed still another problem. "Have you ever tried to take a shower by candle- light?" asked junior Chris Dingman. After the long ride to Mesa, the band's troubles continued. Thinking they were late for their performance, members ran to the starting point. "I felt like I was going to faint" recalled Annette Rocha. "All the other bands arrived in orderly lines while ours was sprinting across the track" added Me- lissa Romero. Problems continued after the PA announcer gave the signal to begin and the drum majors started to open the show. 'LJust as we were ready to blow the whistle to start the first num- ber, Mr. Munoz waved at us to stop," explained senior Rodrick Hogg. "The judges weren't ready for us to start our show." Disappointed with their "good" rating at the competition, members vowed to do better next year. "We'll work hard and show them what we're made of," promised Sherry Trujillo. ': . '95 T? ,,' :i ' y V 1, I. if fp "VA: I i . . V' .L at 1' 1 I . Ti' Q V I' Q " YN. . - , L ,K 4-nf ,f ' ' if ' .Y .V " ' JMX '. 5' Vs if f 'Af ' ' .. C ' , . W3 kg, ' Q gf 5 hy ii iyi -ff . ,j,- i . .- - ,Yr I' h ' , yt. Y . in H rr my E WOODWIND SECTION: FRONT ROW: Sherry Kingsley, Joann Sierra, Gerrie Velasquez, Traci Flores, Penny Pingleton, Robin Saiz, Marlo Garcia, Kristie Sorrelman. 2ND: Sandra Sierra, Yvonne Ponce Moreno, Melissa Rocha, Theresa Denogean, Roberta Morales, Andrea Villarreal, Marina O'Leary. 3RD: Veronica Flores, Kathy Ulibarri, James Petty, Sherry Trujillo, Melissa Romero, Michelle Romero, Stephanie Harper, Rhonda Duran. 4TH: Sheri Durr, Deana Martinez, Nikki Stoner, Kim Guillion, Francie Rodriguez, Mark Brooks, Jody Rodriguez, Ricky Perkins, Frances Peru. "Annie", portrayed by Kristi Merino, marches in step to the music during halftime of the Douglas game. Soloist Michael Moreno is featured during the band's performance of "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." 74 BAND a , Mgr tg ,,i, 4, W "1 M Attired in togas, the flag girls practice on Toga Day during Spirit Week festivities. PERCUSSION SECTION: FRONT ROW: Beatrice Denogean, Christine Rodela, Evelyn Flores, Jacque Sanchez. 2ND: Darlene Lizar- raga, Annnette Lizarraga, Geoff Stevens, Chris Dingman. 3RD: Frank Benavidez, Brian Looby, Damian Tellez. 4TH: Jacquelyn Coo- per, Anna Navarrete, Ev Gordon, Lisa Mallo- que. uno, 3 E 'E TWIRLER AND DRUM MAJORS: Kristi Merino, Brenda Carabeo, Rodrick Hogg. Not Pictured: Missy Lopez. Saluting the crowd following their perfor- mance during halftime of the Douglas football game are seniors Will Laney and Joey Fein- stein. BAND-75 Providing some lunchtime entertain- ment, Jeannie Snyder, Leticia Espinoza, and Theresa Denogean perform for students in the multi-purpose room. "The toys will all be for me!" Brenda Tomlin and Erika Baca argue over the posses- sion of toys during the performance of "A Selfish Carol." Suddenly It Was Christmas As soon as marching season ended, the band began preparations for a Christmas concert which came up much too fast. "We really didn't feel ready," admitted sophomore Darlene Lizarraga. "This whole year has seemed so rushed." Presenting their first concert in the new multi-purpose room, some mem- bers of the band felt like they were repeating a previous experience. As Callie Maldonado explained, "lt felt just like my eighth grade concert in the multi-purpose room at Fair- banks." "Sounded like it too," laughed Traci Flores. Featured soloists in the concert 76-BAND 8: CHORUS BRASS SECTION: FRONT ROW: Tom Stinson, Callie Maldonado, Pam Willard, Paula Jones. 2ND: Benjie Aguilar, Anthony Humphrey, Diane Mendoza, Shane Milligan, Justin Flowers. 3RD: Eddie Chavez, Joey Feinstein, Carol Mena, Debbie Rodela, Michael Moreno. 4TH: Andrea Jones, Clay Flowers, Lori Stoner, Will Laney, Jesus Luna. .4 ,,": ' f " ' 1. fi. CHOIR: FRONT ROW: Deonna McBride, Nita Stone, Missy Lopez, Dana Stone, Annette Florez, Deborah McDowell, Terry Baber. 2ND: Aurelia Miranda, Bonnie McBride, Jeanie Snyder, Erika Baca, Cindy Ashcraft, Sandra King, Mary Mendoza. 3RD: Brenda Tomlin, Cheryl Price, Veronica Tapia, Tammy Hoopes, Sharon Windsor, Susie Fuller, Callie Sutton. were Benjie Aguilar on the piano and Donna Chavez on the flute. sv, Joining the band in the concert was the choir which performed six num- bers. Erika Baca was featured as solo- ist in the song entitled "Joy in the Sunshine." Providing a humorous note were Callie Sutton, Tammy Hoopes, Erika Baca, and Brenda Tomlin, who joined together to sing a carol about wanting all the gifts for themselves on Christmas. Rushing to change into her costume during the short break between numbers, Erika Baca confided, "I was still trying to get my shoes on when they were opening the curtain." 'T Nb'- 'alfw' ,k ex: ff, Y ' 6 "".2' ' f t . ,g 1 f r f f 1 K Q .. L.,. 5 1 H f ' N Q , T Q f , .q,. r , 1 J r . . 1--: 1 sl F -1 3, g 5, P . . H' ' I Q., , n . he vs P, Qi-: S 3 - rf lk - L, ,.- Y e - t 4 e FLAG GIRLS: FRONT ROW: Christina Correlejo, Desiree Leonesio, Carri Short, Cherie Chappell, Lorraine Murillo, Becky Delgado, Chris Gallegos. 2ND: Rachel Saiz, Irma Paz, Lisa Smetanick, Lisa Terry, Beth Phelps, Tonya Price, Grace Franco. 3RD: Michelle Fletcher, Elisa Barela, Jennifer Thomas, Tammy Esparza, Gaylene Adams, Anna Chavez. 4TH: Annette Rocha, Veronica Morales, Barbie Martinez, Leticia Espinoza, Ann Mendoza, Tracy Perez, Samantha Stewart. French horn players Pam Willard, Beatrice Denogean, and Lisa Terry concentrate on their music at the band's Christmas concert. Choir members Missy Lopez, Erika Baca, Jeannie Snyder, and Aurelia Miranda lend their voices to a carol being sung at the Christ- mas concert. , .,,, . , -. , BAND 8: CHORUS-77 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS include: FRONT ROW: Michelle Maldonado, Leigh Ann Owen. 2ND: Michelle Batiste, Nancy Bal- derrama, Mona Rodriguez, Bonnie Lopez, Cristina Romero. J.V. CHEERLEADERS include: FRONT ROW: Patricia Prather, Robyn Shupe, Chris- tine Rodela. 2ND: Andrea Villarreal, 3RD: Gloria Valdez. Not Pictured: Sherry Kings- I ley. W . ,.,t K 'ITT4 M iQ . .rl. Q i'lfW" MW'lT1fggfQf.1..,, W i ln. 4 I . f ' Q . , N E .-.-,,..a.,ai' is ,..-.,.,,,, ' llil ---1403 ! . W, JJ, ,.n -.-ii M-, ' 4 , A ' sr , .' ' P M E: l Z I :fi if , .. 4 X51 'R .Aff N,-f of yt ' fr'-'-x 'W - N. Serving as the mascot "Whiskers" are Priscilla Baca, football, Kelly Baker and Kathy Causer, basketball. A delighted Brooke Nuttall enjoys partici- pating in pregame festivities with Lady Cat, Cathy Quinn and Whiskers, Kathy Causer, at the Tombstone basketball game. 78-SPIRIT LEADERS BAND iw- .1-uun ff 0 Place To Call Home Despite the new facilities, the cheerleaders still had a difficult time finding a place to practice during the winter sports season. "We had been practicing in the multi-purpose room during football season," explained Leigh Ann Owen, "but the wrestlers took that over once their season start- ed. We couldn't practice in the gym either because the basketball teams were there." After trying to practice in the hall, the girls finally ended up in the gym balcony behind the reserved seats. "Now we have to be careful or we hit our heads on the lights when we do our stunts," moaned Cristina Romero. For the first time, the varsity squad entered a state cheerleading competi- tion held at ASU. The local squad competed in the "small varsity cate- gory" which included squads of seven and under. "We came in second," boasted Mona Rodriguez, "which was pretty good considering the other squads were all from AAA schools in Phoenix." "And," added Michelle Ba- tiste, "it was a good experience be- cause it gave us a chance to meet other cheerleaders and learn new and different routines." Instead of the usual separate J.V. and freshman cheerleading squads, the groups were combined into one unit. "When the freshman football program was cancelled, we joined to cheer for the J.V. team," explained Patricia Prather. "Then, during bas- ketball season, one of the sophomore cheerleaders quit so we combined the two squads again." Five of the six J.V. cheerleaders were freshman. Was it hard cheering two games straight? "Yes!" exclaimed Robyn Shupe. "We got tired but it was a lot of fun, too." A new Lady Cat, Traci Flores, joined four-year veteran Cathy Quinn. "We try to promote school spirit by helping to get the crowd into the game," said Traci in explaining their function during basketball games. In addition to "Whiskers," the Lady Cats were another attraction for little kids. "They like to play with our tails and ears," laughed Traci. Performing a pom routine to the"Theme from E.T. " is senior Bonnie Lopez. A dejected Nancy Balderrama watches the closing minutes of the Cat's 6-0 loss in football to the Duncan Wildkats. Lady Cats for the basketball season are Cathy Quinn and Traci Flores. SPIRIT LEADERS 79 Respect At Last After five consecutive losing sea- sons, the Wild Knights chess team fin- ished the regular season with a 7-1-1 record. "We've gone from being one of the weakest teams in the southern region to one of the best teams in the area," said a proud Ricky Perkins. "It felt really great to beat CDO and Uni- versity High School," added Eric Yet- man. "They used to always maul us." For the first time in three years, Morenci hosted a chess match. With Buena, CDO, and Santa Rita compet- ing in a four-team "quad," Morenci went 3-0 and swept the match. "I think we did better because we didn't have to get up at 5 a.m. to make one of those long trips," reasoned sopho- more David Annis. Veteran players Eric Yetman and Ricky Perkins qualified for the '82 state individual chess tournament held at Corona Del Sol High School in Tempe. "Having them qualify was a surprise since no one from Morenci had ever made it that far before," commented sponsor Bill Senne. With only an eight-member cast An exasperated Gillian Holroyd, portrayed by Kelly Baker, shows her irritation to Nicky, Brian Short, in the Drama Club presentation of Bell, Book and Candle. and stage crew, the Drama Club pre- sented Bell, Book, and Candle in the spring of 1982. The play was per- formed in the round in the front of the old auditorium. "lt was the best cast- audience interaction I've ever seen," remarked director Michael Fleish- man. "The crowd was really into the play and the cast responded well to the audience." Student actors had the usual open- ing night jitters. "I was so nervous my lip started twitching," recalled Kelly Baker, who played the leading role of Gillian Holroyd. Another cast mem- ber, Gisela Kovacs, sprained her an- kle the morning of the first perfor- mance. "Someone told me to 'break a leg' and I almost took them literal- ly," laughed Gisela. ln December, Drama Club presented A Christmas Carol for the students of Longfellow School. "We actually got ready for the play in just a few weeks," said Will Laney. "It was done with few props as the actors were supposed to project their character through panto- mime and delivery." 2 I . ' i -".. 1 X I - am.............. . DRAMA CLUB: FRONT ROW: Yvonne Moreno, Darlene Lizarraga, Cissy Ballesteros, Cherie Chappell, Irma Paz, Carrie Short, Beth Phelps. 2ND: Sandra Sierra, Renade Kline, Samantha Stewart, Desiree Leonesio, Christina Correlejo, Tammy Hoopes, Theresa Denogean, Jenny Johnson. 3RD: Benjie Aguilar, Kim Gullion, Kathy Ulibarri, Veronica Flores, Kelly Baker, Robyn Shupe, Paula Jones. 4TH: Rodrick Hogg, Lisa Smetanick, Pat Scheier, Chris Gallegos, Gisela Kovacs, Linda Kovacs, Eric Yetman, Willy lmrich. I 1 I l I l I 80 CHESS CLUB 8: DRAMA CLUB , 0 X 3. J' 21 ' ,fvv fl lr Q gl, ir f , I ""Bsw - f ar f, A CHESS CLUB: FRONT ROW: Peggy Scheier, Pam Willard. 2ND: David Bouriaque, Ernesto Llamas, John Lee, Willy lmrich, Brian Page, David Torres, Eric Yetman, Ricky Perkins, Pat Scheier, David Annis, Joey Yarger, Ignacio Blanco. B18 19 VIH.. gulf e 'Kea BW .3 f all N fa S W Pulling the Drama Club's float in the parade at the football homecoming assembly is David Torres. Contemplating his next move, John Lee considers the possibilities at the match played in the multi-purpose room. Waiting for his secretary to answer the phone, Shep Henderson, played by Jules Bry- ant, responds to a question by Gillian Holroyd in the play Bell, Book, and Candle. J" - - - 5 I x 2, of . i CHESS CLUB sl DRAMA CLUB 81 at 1 51 CLASSES Individual class pride prospered in the new school as each class enjoyed having its lockers located in separate areas. Side hallways were equipped with various colored lockers designat- ing the four different levels: seniors - yellowg juniors - bright orangeg soph- omores-burnt orangeg and fresh- men - rust. Carrying the tradition of spirit com- petition to the new school a large freshman contingent was often able to outyell the other classes and was awarded the spirit stick at the first pep assembly held in the gym Homecoming floats built on chil dren s wagons replaced the single A proud Michelle Lara smiles after receiving her diploma at the 82 Commencement Exer cises Richard Martinez get their first look at the 82 Copper Cat Displaying freshman class spirit at the first pep assembly of the year are Kent Crotts and Raymond Romero Dressed for his part as a bridesmaid in an English class play is Chris Rodriguez 82 CLASSES larger float used previously in the football homecoming activities. The senior class took top honors in the float competition, followed by the sophomores, with the juniors and freshmen tying for fourth place. Sen- iors Tony Castaneda and Michelle Maldonado were elected king and queen. At the fourth annual basketball homecoming Priscilla Baca repre senting the senior class was chosen queen Other attendants and the classes they represented included Annette Rocha freshmen Darlene Lizarraga sophomores and Veronica Morales iumors As the school year progressed, stu- dents finally became familiar with the location of classrooms in the new building. Sophomores ordered class rings and the juniors haggled over the date and the band for the Prom. Fol- lowing the cancellation of "Cut Loose," the group originally sched- uled to play, a local band agreed to be the replacement. Claiming the honor of being the first to graduate from the new school were the seniors the class of 83 As the leaders in the school they added new traditions to the already present ones to be carried on by the under classmen in coming years s........,Nk isfgbn 54 oi, ,,4"' 4f,,.nn--wmv-""' ',,,...-'- Q' . . , Y .V , . . , - - - - , . Y . , - . . . . . Z . , ' - , L 1 - . Y 5 ' - , . . . - - , . . - K. ef . K . V kWwm.,f-Giga C liz At the autograph party, Jimmy Wright and 0 . -'-"' 5' . 0. Q Q t ' M4 ' A ' so 1 U U A l if s,-,,,. WE RE STILL THE ONEI I-9-8-3 lVe're the best there'Il ever be' M glue - if .N r f if-1'-'ff g ,W , 4, ,Mg . .Wm i , .. , v' K . ,-- W 'Q f V t W ,,,,, fr 4 -,Ir Seniors gather in front of the gym for a picture by the local newspaper. Posing for her cap and gown portrait is Me- linda Cole. Representing their class at the Homecom- ing festivities are Debbie Burt and Marty Mar- tinez. 84-SENIORS GRADUATION Remember back in the first grde, We thought we were so old. The day that we had "show and tell," And brought in some "fool's gold." Remember a few years later, We thought we were divine. We teased the first grade babies, At the ripe old age of nine. Remember back in eighth grade, We looked at HIM with a sigh And dreamed of all the coming days ln a brand new Morenci High. Now it's eons later, As graduation day draws near. We think of bittersweet memories And remember yesteryear. Remember the hellos and laughter, When we talked over all our fears- Reflection, learning, and sharing Before the goodbyes and tears. L' W lXf' U of lA ls Number One' Tucson s University of Arizona was the number one choice of the majority of students in the top ten percent of the senior class Kelly Baker recipient of the U of A s President s Award of Excellence said she chose the U because they beat ASU in football Serious ly added Kelly I chose Arizona because it has the best engineering program Clay Flowers hopes to become a doctor so choosing Arizona was logical since it s the only universi ty in the state with a med school Only one of the top eleven stu dents planned to go out of state to continue his education I m going to attend the Pontifical College of Josephmum m Columbus Ohio to study to become a priest plalned Benjie Aguilar O 1 . . . . . . - ca . . a . . . . . ,, . . a , - T!! we E s, . s rl lm ifllllll, i . I - ll - - - an 9 . as as . . . . 7 7 Y Y 4 . . . 1 ,I Y7 - .. . , JUNIOR ROTARIA N5 Kelly Baker, Benjamin Aguilar .......,.,....,,.t . . . -September Lisa Smetanick, John Lee ....,. .... O ctober Ramona Rodriguez, David Torres .,...., .... N ovember Catherine Quinn, John Clayton Flowers .,.. .... D ecember Francisca Borjon, William lmrich ,....,. .... J anuary Jenny Johnson, Michael Navarrete . . . . .February Michelle Maldonado, Eric Yetman ...... .... M arch Jacquelyn Wright, Donald Cates ..........,.. . . ,April Donna Chavez, Deborah Burt, Kevin Clemmer . , ..,. May Scholar Paula Jones presents her speech on character at the NHS ceremony. ai Kelly Baker Kathleen Causer Paula Jones Lisa Smetanick Jacquelyn Wright Donna Chavez John Clayton Flowers John Lee David Torres Eric Yetman SENIORS TOP TEN PERCENT 85 Benjamin Aguilar Benjamin Aguilar Priscilla Baca Kelly Baker Nancy Balderrama Elisa Barela Oscar Beltran Francisca Borjon Brian Brinkley - ..,, for 'asa' inf-sag-17' ,aft Not Pictured: Gary Baca 0-'Y was , . Football homecoming attendants Elisa Barela and Don Cates are introduced to the audience. 86-SENIORS Benjamin Anthony Aguilar: AFS 234, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Jazz Band 134, Chess Team 12, Class Secretary 2, Copper Cat 1234, Co-Editor- in-Chief 4, Co-Managing Editor 3, Drama Club 234, Drama Club President 3, Science Club 234, Science Club Secretary 3, Student Council 34, Student Council Secretary 3, Student Coun- cil Vice-President 4, Tennis 34, Outstanding Sophomore for Band 2, Outstanding Concert Band Member 3, Rudy Porras Award for Tennis 3, Anytown 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Ju- nior Rotarian 4, Letter Club 4, Quill 8: Scroll 34, Typing Award 1, Scholarship to State Student Council Camp 2. Gary P. Baca: Transferred from Silver City High School 4, Track 4. Pris- cllla Marie Baca: Whiskers 4, Class Secretary 4, Drama Club 4, Play Cast 4, Basketball 1234, Track 1234, Volleyball 1234, Football Home- coming Queen Attendant, 4, Junior Prom Attena dant 3, Basketball Homecoming Queen 4, IGAA 1234. Kelly Charlene Baker: AMUN 234, AFS Member 234, AFS President 3, Marching Band 123, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 123, Whiskers 4, Class President 1, Copper Cat 1234, Co-Editor-in-Chief 4, Co-Managing Editor 3, Subscription Manager 2, Drama Club 34, Drama Club President 4, Drama Club Secretary 3, Play Cast 34, Stage Crew 34, Science Club 1234, Student Council 1234, Student Council President 4, Student Council Vice-President 3, Student Council Treasurer 2, Football Home- coming Attendant 4, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 234, Anytown 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Quill SL Scroll 34, U of A Outstanding Junior Award 3, DAR Good Citizen 4, 2nd in State Math Contest 1, Top 1011 in State Math Contest 23, Publications Workshop 2, Junior Rotarian 4. Nancy Ann Lopez Balderrama: AFS Member 3, Marching Band 123, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 123, Cheerleader 134. Drama Club 234, Spanish Club 1234, Track 12, Honor Roll 24, IGAA 4, SNHS 234, Junior Prom Attendant 3. Elisa Yvonne Barelaz Marching Band 34, Cheerleader 1, Drama Club 4, Play Cast 4, Choir 34, Baseball Bat Girl 1, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Honor Roll 4, Track 34. Oscar Paul Beltran: Football 12, Track 4, Wrestling 1234, Letter Club 34. Fransclsa Irene Borjon: Marching Band 2, Class President 3, Class Representative 14, Copper Cat 1234, Head Photographer 4, Pho- tographer 123, Student Council 134, Spanish Club 4, Tennis 124, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 14, Honor Roll 4, Quill 81 Scroll 4, AIPA Workshop 2. Brian Scott Brinkley: Baseball 1, Baseball Manager 2, Football 1, Football Manager 23, Marc Jeffrey Brooks: Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Jazz Band 1234, Wrestling Man- ager 2. Deborah Ann Burt: Marching Band 123, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 123, Class President 2, Class Representative 13, Student Council 1234, Student Council Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 34, Basketball Statistician 123, Football Statistician 12, Track 124, Volleyball 134, Football Homecoming Attendant 14, Ju- nior Prom Attendant 3, Honor Roll 4, IGAA 234, Outstanding Marching Band Member 1. Martin Eduardo Martinez Calderon: Base- ball 1, Football 2, Wrestling 1234, Letter Club 234.Brenda Roms Carabeo: AFS Member 123, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 12, Whiskers 3, Class Treasurer 4, Spanish Club 1234, Spanish Club Secretary 3, Tennis 234, Volleyball Manager 4, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 3, All-Conference Ten- nis 3, Most Improved Tennis 23, Honor Roll 1, IGAA 34, SNHS 34. Eric Anthony Castaneda: Baseball 1234, Basketball 1234, Football 124, Football Homecoming King 4, Junior Prom At- tendant 3, Letter Club 4. Donald Clarence Cates: Transferred from Saflord High School 1, Basketball 12, Football 234, Track 1234, 1000 Club 234, 1200 Club 34, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Junior Prom Attendant 3, Letter Club 234, Booster Award Football 3. Kathleen S. Causer: Transferred from Greenway High School 4, Whiskers 4, Tennis 4, Honor Roll 4. Cherie Ruth Chappell: Transferred from Sat- ford High School 2, AFS Member 34, Marching Baad 24, Drama Club 34, Stage Crew 4, Honor Ro 4. Another Page in Washington Winning first place in the '82 Arizona History Day contest the first year any Morenci students en- tered, senior Brian Page's essay, "Eli Whitney and his Contribution to America," was automatically en- tered in the national competition. Local organizations donated mon- ey to finance Brian's trip to Wash- ington, D.C. Brian, accompanied by his parents, flew from Tucson to the nation's capital for a three-day visit in June. Explaining the competition, Bri- an said, "The judging was divided into four areas: essay papers, vid- eo displays, panorama displays, and skits and plays. Since my entry was a paper, all I had to do was be thereg I didn't have to present any- thing before the judges." Events for Brian during his first day in the capital included a visit to the Smithsonian Institute where he and his parents toured the newly completed air and space branch. "My mom checked out the rockets while my dad and I toured the air- Reading his paper that received a superior rating in the Arizona Historical Society's His- tory Day competition is Brian Page. plane section. I was especially im- pressed with the workings of a jet propeller engine on display." A get-acquainted party for all the contestants was held at the Uni- versity of Maryland the first night. "I met three girls from Texas whom I ended up spending quite a lot of time with," admitted Brian. On his second day, Brian toured the University of Maryland campus and watched several of the contes- tants present their skits and plays. "I wasn't that interested in touring Washington because l had been there before and had already seen most of the city." On the third day, the contestants met in the huge University of Mary- land gym for a three-hour awards assembly. "Unfortunately I didn't win anything at the national level," lamented Brian. Summing up his trip, Brian said, "I really liked going to Washington and meeting everyone. It made writing the essay worth all the trou- ble I went through." Marc Brooks Deborah Burt Martin Calderon Brenda Carabeo Tony Castaneda Donald Cates Kathleen Causer Cherie Chappell SENIORS 87 Donna Chavez Kevin Clemmer Melinda Cole George Connell Christina Correlejo Caroline Curtis Martha Denogean Rhonda Duran Robert Echave Leticia Espinoza Joseph Feinstein Not Pictured: Harold Dominguez 88-SENIORS Donna Ann Chavez: Marching Band 123, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 123, Class Representative 23, Student Council 23, Spanish Club 1234, Tennis 1234, Vol- leyball 1234, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Junior Rotarian 4, IGAA 234, SNHS 234, Spanish Award 12, Outstanding Junior Band Member Award 3, Best All-Around Band Member 3. Kevin Wayne Clem' mer: Transferred from Buena High School 1, Spanish Club 23, Spanish Award 23, Baseball 234, Football 24, 1000 Club 4, Letter Club 34, Cochise College Baseball Scholarship 4. Melinda Dehn Cole: Transferred from Wellington High School, Texas 2, TRAGYC Club 2, Choir 23, Vol- leyball Linesman 3, IGAA 3. George Al- fred Connell, Jr: Baseball 1, Football 124, Wrestling 3, All Conference Punter 4. Christina Marie Correlejo: AFS Mem- ber 4, Marching Band 34, Drama Club 4, Choir 2. Caroline Curtis: Transferred from Flagstaff Junior High 1, Basketball Manager 4. Martha Elena Valencia Denogean: Spanish Club 1234,'Basketball r 1234, Track 1234, Volleyball 1234, All- Conference Volleyball 34, AllvState Vol- leyball 4, AlleConference Basketball 34, IGAA 234, SNHS 34. Harold Lawrence Dominguez:TransferredfromCliftonHigh School 4. Rhonda Ann Duran: AFS Member 4, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Tennis 234, Honor Roll 234, IGAA 34. Robert Car- los Echave: Copper Cat 12, Baseball 12. Leticia C. Espinoza: Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 1234, Jazz Band 4, Class Representative 12, Bas- ketball 1234, Track 124, Volleyball 12, IGAA 1234. Joseph Anthony Feinstein: Marching Band 34, Concert Band 234, Pep Band 3, Chess Team 1, Spanish Club 1234, Baseball 12, Basketball Manager 12, Football 1, Basketball 34, Track 34, Letter Club 34, Freshman Baseball MVP Award 1, Most Improved Band Member 3. John Clayton Flowers: Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Chess Team 12, Copper Cat 1234, Co- Sports Editor 34, Football 1234, Tennis 1234, Boys' State 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Letter Club 34, Quill and Scroll 34. Susan Theresa Fuller: Choir 1234. Steve Raymond Gaxiola: Football 1. Gerrie Diane Gedig: Volleyball 1, Hon- or Roll 3. Manuel Gomez lll: Baseball 1234, Basketball 1, Football 1234, 1000 Club 234, 1200 Club 34, B-East Honor. able Mention Football 4, Letter Club 34. Andy Z. Gonzales: Transferred from Salford High School 3, Baseball Manager 3. Rey Margarita Gonzales: Trans- ferred from Deming High School 1, Base- ball 1, Basketball 2. Robert M. Gonzales: Baseball 1, Football 234, Letter Club 4, Drafting Award 2, Art Award 3, Perfect Attendance Award 3. Cara June Go- seyun: Transferred from Ft. Thomas High School 1. Melody Lea Hampton. Ro- drick Lee Hogg: AFS Member 1234, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Jazz Band 3, Drum Major 4, Class Treasurer 3, Copper Cat 1234, Junior Section Editor 4, Drama Club 1234, Drama Club Vice-President 4, Play Cast 24, Stage Crew 3, Science Club 1234, Student Council 4, Student Council Secre- tary 4, Boys' State 3, Honor Roll 124, Quill and Scroll 34, WOW,History Award 3. Tammy Garrett Hoopes: AFS Mem- ber 4, Marching Band 2, Drama Club 4, Stage Crew 4, French Club 14, Choir 4, Donald C. Horn: Football 12, Wrestling 3 . Ev, , bf 1 Clay Flowers Susan Fuller Steve Gaxiola Gerrie Gedig Manny Gomez Andy Gonzales Robert Gonzales Cara Goseyun Melody Hampton Rodrick Hogg Donald Horn Not Pictured: Rey Gonzales Alri ht freshmen, air raids' Contmulng what has become an annual tradltlon members of the semor class lmtnated the freshmen durmg the second week of school Semors were often heard yellmg alr raxds freshmen as the mm ates were told to get down on the ground and pretend they were shootmg at alrplanes Another favonte actnvnty was having freshmen boys get down on thelr knees and propose to a semor gxrl It was pretty funny laughed Marty Martmez because some of the boys got really embarrassed havmg to hold a semor glrl s hand It was a lnttle embarrassmg Will you marry me? asks Steve Moya The proposal to Nancy Balderrama came dur mg freshman IIIIIIBIIOD week for some of the semors too ad ded Nancy Balderrama I dldnt know what to thunk when a fresh man boy came up to me and asked lf I would marry hlm I looked around and everybody was laugh mg I felt lrke I was being lmtlated Several semor boys contmued the lmtlatlon ln thelr P E class by hands and sklp around the gym I wont mentlon any names of course laughed Paul Sierra For semor Mary Mendoza the freshman lmtlatlon week was lots of fun I felt llke the boss bemg able to order them around I 9 . . , . ,, , - ' ' ll u 7 , . 44 . . 77 - - -- l . . . . . . ,, ' ' ' W""- requesting some freshmen to hold 1 ' Cl . - 7 f . V. A ! - LL H ' 77 - . , , . . CC ' 1 Y CC ll , . . I . . . s ' ' cc . . 11 KK - - . . . . . l 77 SENIORS 89 Tammy Garrett Hoopes William lmrich Thomas James it -' W' Jenny Johnson Paula Jones William Laney John Lee Desiree Leonesio Bonnie Lopez Besembling a vampire on Halloween Francis Borjon. 90-SENIORS "vt1:g'i'TS' ,Aw ? M-y Q , William Vaclac lmrlch: AMUN 234, AFS 4, Jazz Band 4, Drama Club 234, Stage Crew 2, Science Club 234, Baseball Manager 1, Track 24, 1000 Club 34, Honor Roll 123, Junior Ro- tarian 4. Thomas Lee James, Jr.: Baseball 1234, Basketball 12, MVP J.V. Baseball 2, Let- ter Club 4. Jenny Lou Johnson: Transferred from Evergreen-Junior High School, Utah. 1, AFS Member 1234, AFS Secretary-Treasurer 4, Drama Club 1234, Drama Club Treasurer 3, French Club 4, Choir 1, Basketball Homecom- ing Attendant 2, Honor Roll 2. Paula Laltie Jones: AFS Member 1234, AFS President 4, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Copper Cat 234, Sophomore Sec- tion Editor 4, Drama Club 1234, Drama Club Vice-President 3, Drama Club Secretary 4, Play Cast 24, Stage Crew 23, French Club 1234, French Club Chairman 234, Science Club 1234, Science Club Vice-President 34, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Quill 8: Scroll 34, ABIEC Free Enter- prise Workshop 3, ASPA Publications Work- shop 2. William Patrick Laney: Marching Band 124, Concert Band 124, Pep Band 124, Jazz Band 124, Chess Team 1234, Drama Club 124, Play Cast 124, French Club 1, Science Club 12. John Edwin Lee: AFS Member 1234, Chess Team 1234, Class Representative 124, Copper Cat 1234, Sports Co-Editor 34, Quill 8: Scroll 4, French Club 1234, Science Club 123, Student Council 1234, Student Coun- cil Treasurer 3, Basketball 1234, Football 1, Track 1, Tennis 234, Football Homecoming At- tendant 4, Junior Prom Attendant 3, Tennis All- Conference 3, Anytown 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Junior Rotarian 4, French Award 2, U of A Scholarship 4. Desiree Ann Leoneslo: Transferred from Noanaloa High School, Ha- waii 1, AFS Member 4, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 12, Pep Band 12, Drama Club 4, French Club 4, Choir 3, Basketball Homecom- ing Attendant 4. Bonnie Nadine Lopez: Marching Band 12, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 1, Cheerleader 24, Pom Pons 3, Class Vice-President 3, Class Secretary 2, Spanish Club 123, Basketball Statistician 2, Tennis 12, Football Homecoming Attendant 2, Junior Prom Attendant 3, Honor Roll 1, SNHS 3. Alan T. Lucio. Ernesto Luna: Football 12, Wres- tling 124. Michelle Yvette Maldonado: Marching Band 12, Concert Band 12, Jazz Band 12, Cheerleader 34, Pom Pons 1, Class Secre- tary 3, Class Representative 4, Copper Cat 1234, Sophomore Section Editor 3, Senior Sec- tion Co-Editor 4, Student Council 4, Spanish Club 1234, Basketball Statistician 2, Football Statistician 1, Track 1234, Volleyball 2, Foot- ball Homecoming Queen 4, Football Homecom- ing Attendant 3, Junior Prom Attendant 3, Girls' State 3, Honor Roll 1234, IGAA 1234, Quill 8a Scroll 34, SNHS 34. Rebecca Ann Marin: Spanish Club 123, French Club 4. Mar- tin Joseph Martinez: Spanish Club 1, Basket- ball 12, Football 1234, Track 1234, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Letter Club 234. Mary Yvonne Mendoza: Choir 1234,' TRA- GYC 12, Track 2. Joseph Richard Merino: Basketball 1234, Football 1234, Track 1234, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Letter Club 234, Kl234, Track 1234, Football Home- coming Attendant 4, Letter Club 234. Mary Yvonne Mendoza: Choir 1234, TRA- GYC 12, Track 2. Joseph Richard Merino: Basketball 1234, Football 1234, Track 1234, Football Homecoming Attendant 4, Letter Club 234. Kelly Sue Miles: Tennis 1234, IGAA 1234. Manuel Perea Morales: Baseball 12, Football 12. Nancy Ann Morgan: Marching Band 12, Concert Band 12, Pep Band 12, Span- ish Club 1, Basketball 12, Volleyball 1234, lGAA 34. Ronnie Paul Moya: Transferred from Bell High School, California 3. Emest Micheal Navarrete: Baseball 1234, Basketball 1234, Football 1, Junior Prom Attendant 3, A- South All-Conference Basketball Honorable Mention 2, A-South All-Conference Baseball 2nd Team 2, A-South All-Conference Basketball lst Team 3, A-South All-Conference Baseball 1st Team 3, Letter Club 1234, Basketball Cap- tain's Award 2, Basketball Booster's Award 3, Best Batting, Average 2, Pitcher's Award 3. Juggling housework and homework For senior Tammy Hoopes, there was never enough time in the day as she struggled to keep up with both her household chores and her homework. Married the summer following her sophomore year, Tammy dropped out of school second semester of her ju- nior year. After deciding she really wanted and needed her education, Tammy returned to school last fall. "I'm having to work hard to make up what I missed so I can graduate with my class. An average day for Tammy meant going to school all day and then going home to cook dinner W -ff 6 KW APM X9 M . , fav ,,., , " iirr V. r rref fire I I . A ygsi j H .. ,K L L , ' ,,,f:X' 1 'L' , il' .- af ,,,,1,..e .. X fffifilrff :I , ir, Q' rs, ffl? ,, ,,,.,WW Axgzr W I ig' , ?--swf, Zz.. is ', , Comparing prices Tammy Hoopes looks for the best buy at the meat counter. and to clean house. She also had to find time to fit homework into the schedule. "I have to miss a lot of school activities because there just isn't time for anything else." Financially, it has been hard for the young married couple who are expecting a child in June. "Bill lost his job during the five-month PD shutdown so we had to move out of our trailer and in with his par- ents. When he got rehired by the company in October we moved back into the trailer. I-le got laid off again in November and now we re just trying to stick it out until I graduate. After that we ll just have to move somewhere else. Alan Lucio Ernesto Luna Michelle Maldonado www,-fi Rebecca Marin X ifqa 2 . r ff, I f' 0-0" or F? 10 Martin Martinez Mary Mendoza Joseph Merino Kelly Miles WW ' ' Manuel Morales ' ' , Nancy Morgan Vg, A S, Ronnie Moya " if Ernest Michael Navarrete F.. fu' SENIORS 91 X l 5, BG? A spooky Eric Yetman plays the ghost of Marley in the Drama Club's presentation of "A Christmas Carol." Dennis Wayne Ontiveros: Baseball 1, Football 12, Wrestling 14, 1000 Club 34. Bernice Ortiz: Basketball 1234, Track 1, Volleyball 1234, lGAA 234. Marianne Padilla: Transferred from Clifton High School 2, Marching Band 3, Concert Band 23, Pep Band 23, Spanish Club 34, J.V. Football Statistician 2, Volleyball 34, Wrestling Statistician 2, IGAA 4. Brian Scott Page: Chess Team 1234, Science Club 1234, 1000 Club 34, Honor Roll 1234, History Day Award 3. Frances C. Peru: AFS Member 34, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Spanish Club 234, Spanish Club President 3, Spanish Club Vice-President 4, Tennis Manager 34, Volleyball Manager 234, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 3, Honor Roll 1234, IGAA 34, SNHS 234. Vincent M. Peru, Jr.: Basketball 12, Football 1. Mary Lujan Perez: Choir 123, Spanish Club 1. Tracy B. Perez: Marching Band 4, Choir 4, Volleyball 1. Daniel James Prather: Transferred from Northshore High School, Texas 2, Football 4, Wrestling 3, 1000 Club 34, Letter Club 34. Catherine Ruth Quinn: Marching Band 123, Concert Band 12, Pep Band 1 Lady Cat 234, Class Vice- President, 1, Play Cast 4, Track 1234, Volleyball 1234, First Team All-Confer- ence 4, Anytown 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Junior Rotarian 4, IGAA 1234, Eva Ann Ramirez: Cheerleader 1, Choir 12, Baseball Bat Girl 12. Angel Paul Ro- driguez: Basketball 12, Football 1234, Track 134, 1000 Club 234, Letter Club 1234. Christopher Steven Rodriguez: AFS Member 12, Chess Team 12, Drama Club 14, Play Cast 4, French Club 1, Sci- ence Club 12, Science Club President 2, Football 12, Track 12. Honor Roll 12, Let- 5 .,., A . , , K' '. Dennis Ontiveros 'ne' ?...f ' , Bernice Ortiz , - 5 V,V.g..f53Q,:7i Marianne Padilla , st re- V Q., Dan Prather A M i,, , 1' ' , 1 ' Mary Perez Tracy Perez Frances Peru Vincent Peru Not Pictured: Brian Page 92-SENIORS idk 'rife If .7 ter Club 234, Drafting Merit Award 3. Lawrence S. Rodriguez: Basketball 12, Football 12, Football MVP 1. Manuel Da- vid Rodriguez: Marching Band 123, Cor? cert Band 123, Pep Band 123, Jazz Band 23, Baseball 12, Football 123, Football Statistician 4, Letter Club 34. Ramona Lisa Rodriguez: Marching Band 123, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 12, Jazz Band 123, Cheerleader 34, Class Presi- dent 4, Class Vice-President 2, Class Re- presentative 3, Student Council 34, Span- ish Club 234, Basketball Statistician 2, Football Statistician 1, Volleyball 2, Junior Prom Queen 3, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 1, Girls State 3, Honor Roll 1234, NHS 34, Junior Rotarian 4, IGAA 34, SNHS 234. Arlene R. Romero: Choir 123. Cristina Campbell Romero: Marching Band 12, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 12, Cheerleader 234, Class Re- presentative 234, Copper Cat 1234, Freshman Section Editor 2, Junior Section Editor 3, Senior Section Co-Editor 4, Spanish Club 1234, Tennis 1234, Volley- ball 1, Basketball Homecoming Attendant 234, Honor Band 1234, IGAA 234, Quill 8: Scroll 34, SNHS 234, Cheerleader Cap- tain's Award 3, Tennis Outstanding J.V. 1. Michelle Eileen Romero: AFS Member 3, Marching Band 24, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 24, Pom Pons 13, Spanish Club 23, Most Improved Band 2, Honor Roll 24, IGAA 4. Michael Ray Ruiz: Trans- ferred from Sunnyside High School 3, Baseball 34, Football 34, Wrestling 34, Letter Club 34. Eddie Saiz: Football 123. Javier Ernesto Salazar. Jacqueline Susan Sanchez: Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Track 12. Leslie Kay Sherk: Cheer- leader 1, Copper Cat 1, Honor Roll 4. 'Ze Look mommy, there s Whlskers For most little kids the best thing about going to a local foot ball basketball or baseball game was the chance to see the Cat s mascot Whiskers Little kids get really excited claimed Bren during the 81 football season They want to touch you and they try to see who s inside the head Not all kids were thrilled at be ing close to Whiskers however As Priscilla Baca the mascot dur ing the 82 football season ex plamed Sometimes I d make the little kids cry when I got too close as the mascot beacause gave me a chance to act stupid With that costume on nobody real ly knows who you are and you can do all sorts of crazy thmgs The most negative aspect of be itself It s so old it s falling apart complained Kelly Baker basket ball Whiskers I almost had to drive home with it on one night because there were so many pins holding me together I couldn t get the head off The smell inside the head is awful too added Pris cilla l think the school needs to buy a new outfit 's,.'b 3 5 Stuffing Kelly Baker into the Whiskers costume is Priscilla Baca QQ f ' ff ' ' , " , , . it M A - . I , 'QM . ' ' , ' I as an as as ' I , . ay . - . I - ' K -' ' A da CHYHIJQO. Wh0 WGS the maSC0f mg the mascot was the costume M ,gy 7 z - 7 - ex 9 . 7 . n 'jxxjyfl' , cc I . , 7 - - 77 as - 77 cc , 5 WM , . 9' ,Jr . . . X . a - sa u . . X In - ,irinlfflf '. - cc . 9 . . 1 , , ,H - .I E . . . 44 . as I . as ' H ' Priscilla enjoyed her experience 1 F 5 I I .6 iw' I. ,f if 4 fs' r sa?" 2 5? 6 Catherine Quinn Angel Rodriguez w Cristina Romero Michelle Romero Mick Ruiz Eddie Saiz Jacque Sanchez Leslie Sherk Y. Not Pictured: r Eva Ramirez Arlene Romero Javier Salazar SENIORS 93 Christopher Rodriguez Lawrence Rodriguez Manuel David Rodriguez Ramona Rodriguez Elizabeth Shoptaw Paul Sierra Lisa Smetanick Gerald Spivey Keven Sterling Geoffrey Stevens LV 44 Oh these if 'Zwfif ff lockers Being tall has definite advan tages if you re a basketball player But for six foot five inch Rey Gon zales height is a problem when you have a bottom locker I get tired of having to bend over all the time commented Rey On the other hand Cherle Chap pell at five feet two inches tall had a top locker Cherle commented I suppose anyone who is taller than I am would appreciate a top locker more than I do All in all the new double decker lockers were not well liked They re too close together and too small," observed Mona Rodrl Someone in the office wasnt thinking when they assigned lockers to Rey Gonzales and Cherie Chappell guez I m always getting squlshed between people and the person above me is forever dropping books on my head when I try and get in my bottom locker Still other complaints lnvolved boyfriends taking up needed space when they escorted girlfriends to their locker And added Ro drlck Hogg someone near me purposely spreads her body over an exorbitant amount of space and blocks several lockers l never thought Id be thankful to be tall and skinny laughed Paula Jones but I guess it s an advantage when It comes to getting to my locker " OO . . . 1 ' ' cc s . . . 1 , 1 ' f a fr ,Q as . ' J M K . as . Q . l - as I . . 7 ' 8 l , - - - - so as v 7 ' 9 ' - - GC ' 1 v ac - 71 11 as . ' 9 Y l . . as - ' ' ' Q 9 ac a I cc . a 94 SENIORS M' Working on the scenery for the '82 Prom My are Angel Rodriguez and Joe Subia. 2 Elizabeth L. Shoptaw: Marching Band 23, Science Club 1, Drama Club 1, Track 1. Paul Andrew Sierra: Football 1. Lisa Michelle Snietanick: Transferred from Beaver Area High School, Pennsylvania 2, AFS Member 234, Marching Band 34, Drama Club 234, Drama Club Treasurer 3, Drama Club Secretary 4, French Club 234, French Club Chairman, 34, Science Club 234, Science Club President 4, Science Club Treasurer 3, Basketball Statistician 23, Track 34, Basketball Homecoming At- tendant 234, Honor Roll 234, NHS 34, Junior Rotarian 4, U of A Scholarship 4. Gerald D. Spivey: Marching Band 12, Pep Band 12, Concert Band 12. Keven D. Sterling: Chess Team 23, Basketball Manager 1, Tennis 234, Tennis All-Confer- ence 3, Honor Roll 4. Geoffrey lan Ste- vens: Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Jazz Band 34, Chess Team 3, Track 2, Wrestling 4, Hon- or Band 1234. Samantha Lynne Marie: Stewart: AFS Member.4, Marching Band 34, French Club 34, Choir 23. Juanita Charlene Stone: Choir 124. Lori Anne Stoner: AFS Member 234, Marching Band 1234, Concert Band 1234, Pep Band 1234, Jazz Band 34, Drama Club 12, Sci- ence Club 12, Honor Roll 234. Jose Al- berto Subia: Copper Cat 1, Basketball 1234, Track 4, Tennis 13, Letter Club 4. Callie Marie Sutton: Pom Pons 3. Choir 4, Track Manager 3. Mary Veronica Ta- pla: Marching Band 23, Choir 1234, Track Statistician 3, Brian Leslie Taylor: Dra- ma Club 1, Play Cast 1, Football 12, Track 1234. Armando S. Tellez: Baseball 1234, Basketball 1234, Football 1, Junior Prom King 3, A-South All'Conference Baseball lst Team 3, A-South All State Baseball 2nd Team 3, A-South All Confer' ence Baseball 2nd Team 2, Letter Club 234. 41' S ftw 40' Samantha Stewart Juanita Stone Lori Stoner Jose Subia Callie Sutton Veronica Tapia Brian Taylor Armando Tellez SENIORS 95 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND REPRE- SENTATIVES include: FRONT ROW: John Lee, rep., Cristina Romero, rep., Michelle Maldonado, rep. 2ND: Brenda Carabeo, treas.g Priscilla Baca, sec., Jacquelyn Wright, vice-pres., Mona Rodriguez, pres., Francis Borjon, rep. On Parent's Night, Clay Flowers pins a cor- sage on his mother, Mrs. Gail Flowers. I 'X Margaret Johanna Tellez: Transferred from Safford High School 2, Choir 3, Spanish Club 234. Aaron Francis Thomas. Tanya Lorraine Tice: March- ing Band 123, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 123, Jazz Band 2, Honor Roll 124, David Anthony Torres: Transferred from Eaton Jr. High, Virginia 2, Chess Team 234, Drama Club 4, Play Cast-4,4 Track 34, Boys' State 3, Honor Roll 234,- Junior Rotarian 4, ASU Medallion of Merit Scholarship 3. Ernest Valenzuela. Ste- ven J. Vallejo: Transferred from Clifton High School 1, Marching Band 12, Concert Band 12, Pep Band'12, Wrestling 1234, 1000 Club 4, Letter Club 1234, Drafting 'Award 3. Debra Ann Vasquez: March. gangs ing Band 123, Concert Band 123, Pep Band 123, Cheerleader 1, Basketball Stat- istician 234, Football Statistician 2. Dan- iel L. Vaughn: Wrestling 4. Jacquelyn Jean Wright: Marching Band 1, Concert Band 1, Pep Band 1, Class Vice-President 4, French Club 1234, French Club Presi- dent 3, Basketball 1234, Track 13, Volley- ball 14, ,Honor Roll 1234, IGAA 1234, French Award 12, Best Freethrow ok 12, NHS 34, Top 10076 State Math Contest 3. Eric Benjamin Yetman: AMUN 34, Chess Team 1234, Drama Club 1234, Dra- ma Club Secretary 3, Play Cast 1234, Sci- ence Club 1234, Science Club Vice-Presi- dent 3, Honor Roll 234, Chess Club Cham- pion 1234. as ,sf ex, git" .A d Margaret Tellez Tanya Tice David Torres Steven Vallejo f Debra Vasquez Daniel Vaughn Jacquelyn Wright Eric Yetman Not Pictured: Aaron Thomas Ernest Valenzuela 96-SENIORS ,Af ,, On the phgne again Even though students com- plained of being swamped with homework every night, most still found time to talk on the phone. When asked if she spent much time on Bell's invention, Kim Gullion re- plied: ' Are you kidding? I talk con- stantly. Melissa Romero admitted to spending an average of four to five hours on the phone every night. Not to just one person though she was quick to add. As Lori Fuller explained There just isnt enough time to talk to everyone you want to at school. Spending too much time on the phone often caused problems with Rather than doing her homework Kim Gullion talks to a friend on the phone. other family members. "My mom is always telling me to get off the phone," sighed Melissa, "so I tell whoever I'm talking with to call me back in about ten minutes." Parents were not the only ones to create interruptions. My broth- er used to hang up the phone on m explained Lori. My sisters tell on me if I ve been on the phone too long added Melissa. Phone addiction wasnt for ev- eryone though. A nonuser Ricky Perkins stated: I never have any- one to talk to because no one ever calls me. Even the operator hangs up on me when she hears my voice. Da y Ad Gayle e Adams T ri Anderson Cindy Ash aft u A d Ba Erlka Bac Ken th Bahschnitt 4 4 4 1 1 1 1 4 4 e 1 Ji i . s I f 1 1 1 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 4 4 1 4 4 , f S"-N5 W 1, 1 1 1 1 1 Elizabeth Abril Q N nn ams V' , n if " ,r-,, 4 gy Q M 1- -. ff R Ifre o ca k .K Q a ne ' r e I .5 I . , i Geo ge Bal ntine ,N Bay JOA Ba tl tt Mich I Bat' fn- Tom s Bo j Michael B kett Diane ra Ernie Barquin nn r e h 4 X e Ie iste K jf Gary Bishop N a r on Nw 3 5 U, Andy Chaff , ,. T, 2 is A f , ar L 5 la.. '74 Vincent Chaver Kathy Clayton Albert Cordova Rocky Davis Danny Delgado Chris Dingman Tammy Espana Angela Espinoza Becky Espinoza Carolina Espinoza U JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS AND REPRE- SENTATIVES include: Sherry Trujillo, rep., Lorraine Murillo, rep.g Lorraine Moya, vice- pres., Donna Saiz, sec., Melissa Romero pres., Anna Lopez, rep.g Leigh Ann Owen rep.g Erika Baca, treas. 1 1 JUNIORS-97 98-JUNIORS Kevin Farwell Lisa Franco Lori Fuller Steve Gamblln Gabriel Garcia Michael Giacoletti Lorraine Gonzales Rose Goseyun Kim Gullion Gary Gray Hulon Hayes James Holman Anthony James Jack Kiesling Darwin King Gisela Kovacs Cory Licano Paula Licano Ernesto Llamas Anna Lopez Mary Ann Lopez Dennna McBride Deborah McDowell Frank Maldonado Richard Martinez Tommy Medina Stephen Mendoza Johnny Merino Aurelia Miranda Bobert Montoya Leonard Morales Veronica Morales Lorraine Moya Danny Mullen Lorraine Murlllo Leigh Ann Owen Andy Padilla Christina Parsons Jacque Pasley Liz Peralta Ricky Perkins Paul Peru Cheryl Prlce Tonya Price - Jimmy Robledo Brent Roman Charlie Romero Melissa Romero Marla Ross Victor Ruedas Donna Saiz James Saiz Fred Sanders Patrick Scheier Chris Scott Jeannie Snyder Bryan Taylor Tony Tedla Brenda Tomlin Sherry Trujillo Troy Trujillo Kathy Ulibarri Johnny Valdez Claudia Valenzuela Monica Vasquez Domingo Vega Johnny Velasquez Melissa Verdugo Junior Villagomez Gary Wene Sharon Windsor Paul Zale the f!!9s.I. , hA .9TU?..'?I!fl shansed You 're Ia te-go get Being late to class - for some it s a rare occurrence- whereas for others it s a daily problem. The excuses students use when sent to the office for a blue slip are limited only by the person s cre- ativity and originality. Considered an expert by his peers at invent- ing reasons is junior Michael Gia- coletti. With all the construction people in the building this year I used the excuse about someone blocking my locker a lot. Appro- priate on a rainy day I stepped in if change. By far Michaels most original was: lgfell off awledgemone night end .W.9K'i,.HP ,,t, Qf1.-S9tf12On2 I Following a daily routine Michael Giaco- letti goes through the process of filling out one of his many tardy slips. e1Sei.R9rf5h t!1Q11f?2sE.!I12!.r11,r!9- .Bv I was late for sch , lue slip Secretary Maureen Windsor has heard them all. The two most common excuses in the mornings are my car ran out of gas and my alarm didnt go off. Office aide Carolina Espinoza has also heard students offer a large variety of excuses for tardiness. I like the one about a dog chewing up an assignment and the student had to chase after it to get his paper back laughed Carolina. Many classes provided students with ready-made excuses such as: dressed in P.E. or I had to stay late in home ec to help clean the kitchen. Do the excuses work? No! ex- claimed Mrs. Windsor. We mark them all unexcused anyway. 7 CC 7 7 7 C 7 G 7 777 7 KC 77 I GC 7 Y KG , 77 17 , ll Y a mud hole and had to go home to "I didn't have enough time to get 77 7 77 GC ll , 77 7 KL 77 ' li 77 , 77 . 9 Cv .- , ,gt ..-...-..........,,.,-...-., fl ,I K SLWFS. Pe b I i ff 1 Homecoming attendants representing the junior class are Lorraine Moya and Leonard Morales. ln the wagon float competition, the jun- iors' entry tied for fourth place with the fresh- men float. JUNIORS-99 It was just too irresistible With trillions of little rocks cov- ering the grounds outside the new high school, the temptation to throw or kick them onto the sidewalk was sometimes just too great to overcome. "I got bored so I started throwing rocks," admitted one offender, sophomore Todd Hammett. Another student Joe Fletcher said he .. . was just messing around. Whatever the reason for throw- ing or kicking the rocks the penal- ty if caught was time spent pushing a broom. When l got caught for the second time I had to sweep rocks after school for a week Fulfilling his sentence Todd Hammett sweeps rocks off the sidewalk after school. complained Todd. "Sweeping wasn't fun at all," added Kelly Wy- att. "I wished I hadn't thrown them." Still another complaint came from Joe Fletcher. "Everyone was going home and there l was sweep- ing sidewalks. A few of my friends were very glad to help me out by kicking more rocks onto the sidewalk. In addition to agreeing that rock sweeping was boring the students all had one other complaint: This school needs bigger and better brooms. The ones they have don t cover a big enough area. 9 A c 1 3 1 9 y r 1 4 4 c 4 1 7 9 7 1 9 7 r hon a cres Gre uilar Lisa Alter K 9 David Annis f 'fx err er ' V Hector Baca Jesse Ballesteros , , , . T V rar f H 1 ' -i R d A 9 AQ ' T y Bah Clint Barry Jessie Bejarano Bruce Bendel Jerry Bisho P Ignacio Blanco Charles Boling Elisa Borjon David Bouriaque Harold Buckner Fred Burt Amalia Calderon Fred Cam bell 4' A P 0. Ernie Carrasco X Brian Causer Anna Chavez I ' -I I l Eddie Chavez " Brian Clemmer Jacqueline Connell John Cannell Jacqueline Cooper Mike Denogean Xavier Denogean - Traci Flores I Annette Florez Cheri Foltz Lisa Fuller Chris Gallegos Jimmy Galvin Jason Garcia Marlo Garcia 4 ,fri N , w ,- . , V. .3 ,W ' -- - -1- -rss wa 'Q - Safe f 25 , 5 .mf ffm 4 . -WH , 1. Paul Dunagan Joseph Fletcher I' M I , . VV V 1 J l 5 av x .A is W M " W " 4 1 4 . 4, My W ls y ' 4 H ,I 'rff ' E Qty? PM QR T331 '-J kj I W Alice Gonzales 100 SOPHOMORES ,V W1 , r 'J 3' -'ee fe J 4 r fffw LHXH 1 X . .Q Martha Gonzales Reed Goodwin Everett Gordon ' ' 7 Robert Gutierrez ' ,Qi Scott Hale Todd Hammett wi33'X Stephanie Harper Y ' Will Harris Chris Herrera Leon Holliday Allan Horn Julia James X X it llll. -X X Shelly Johnson Andrea Jones Sandra King Sherry Kingsley -N. as Renade Kline Linda Kovacs Jimmy Leaman Darlene Lizarraga Louis Lopez Kristie Maddern Callie Maldonado Lisa Malloque fi Anna Martinez ' K Barbie Martinez , Q. , Stephanie Medina A S X Ls T' N Carol Mena 33 - ,, f, ,L , . Diane Mendoza . , 5,3 , . Shane Milligan i A 1 . ' I acres Mor-se 5 h- ' " 'i " " ' -F on d Moran i I i ?ii?'?'i',i , .MQW Q 'O' ffxx F. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES include: FRONT ROW: Jody Rodriguez, vice-pres.g Damian Tellez, treas.g Joey Yarger, rep. 2ND: Gerrie Velasquez, rep.g Traci Flores, sec.g Elisa Bor- jon, rep.g Melissa Rocha, pres.g Martha Gon- zales, rep. A wagon float, the sophomore's entry in the Homecoming parade, is pulled by Callie Mal- donado. The float placed third in the new competition. SOPHOMORES-101 ag-xx Homecoming attendants representing the sophomore class are Callie Maldonado and Duane Sanders. Showing their spirit at the first pep assem- bly of the year, enthusiastic sophomores give their class yell. Michael Moreno Yvonne Ponce Moreno David Mullen ., Janeen Ontiveros 1 Jorge O'Leary X Joe Ortiz V, Anna Pena A 'I f Joe Peru Penny Pingleton April Plum 0' W f David Reyes Melissa Rocha Jody Rodriguez Marc Ruedas Ramie Sanchez Duane Sanders Carrie Short ' Joann Sierra 1 5 it 'Q Sandra Sierra I -1 fjifjm ' David Smetanick KG. Kristie Sorrelman ' ' 'i Q Mike Spezia Q' Tom Stinson W'- Dana Stone L Mu -, Arthur Tapia " ' Y W 1- Damian Tellez 1 t ,v , fly Lisa Terry V, ,. .. E e DeWayne Torres - . Bernice Trujillo ,g "V Z2 fl Gloria Trujillo 4. hw l Sergio Urcadez I , .QM Gilbert Valenzuela Brian Vallejo Gerrie Velasquez Stephanie Villescas David Williams Jimmy Wright Kelly Wyatt Joey Yarger ' 1 102 SOPHOMORES I James Petty if N Sweet, sweet success -ss. Ks Nlbbllng on some of her merchandise is Jennifer Thomas. Local candy lovers have turned an experiment into a small business for the Thomas family. When Mrs. Thomas decided to try making a few suckers for her family no one guessed what a suc- cessful project it would become. The suckers were such a hit with everyone explained Jennifer Thomas that my mom decided to start selling them. When Jennifer returns from lunch each day she brings a bag of suckers with her. The same peo- ple usually buy from me every day she confessed. Pac Man was the best-selling shape and hot cinnamon was the favorite flavor. We make the suckers in ten different shapes and 24 flavors explained Jennifer who sometimes helps her mother by pouring the candy into the molds and wrapping the hardened suckers. It s kind of a family pro- ject on the weekends she laughed. 'Us 1 as is r cc s 71 4 Xi wsiiik Q Q 1 cr as 1 4 , ' u 77 2 as , H . Je 1 3 r 7 ' X yes-.sro -vw was s ' 3 N t X Nh as 1 77 1 . -he FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS AND RE- PRESENTATIVES include: FRONT ROW: Evelyn Flores, treas.g Anna Navarrete, rep.g Francie Rodriguez, sec.g Erma Villagomez, pres.g Becky Peru, rep.g Marina O'I.eary, vice- pres. 2ND: Hector Salazar, rep, Not Pic- tured: Julie Chavez, rep. 5 Orlando Abril Shawn Adair Rudy Andazola Richard Aragon Sylvia Avalos Jorge Baca Richard Bader Cissy Ballesteros r B N R "l?"7 flx N ' as ,N 4 l X W 6 -2 .QR s - Adam Barela ' ' Chad Bates .v . E K Donald Baughn ' Junior Bejarano Q Brenda Beltran ffl- Frank Benavidez ' fllf ' 1 Steve Biles J th gf Steve Brannon - if X f fig- .Q ' '---v ' - exe. ' .-si: 9 , lf,-.VJ Eric Brooks Clinton Burke , Cecilia Bustamante Robert Carrasco Bobby Castaneda i .s ,N N' A 5 1 Doreen Cervantez gr Steve Chavarria Julienne Chavez Margi Cole Maria Cordova Kent Crotts Rebecca Delgado Bea Denogean Theresa Denogean Christina Dingman Anna Dominguez FRESHMEN-103 Representing the freshman class during the Homecoming festivities are Erma Villagomez and Hector Salazar. John Dominguez Sheri Durr Murl Easley Susan Eversoll Stephanie Feinstein Michelle Fletcher Evelyn Flores Veronica Flores Justin Flowers Gina Franco Grace Franco Q g Steve Gaethje I A gt Shanna Gash ' ,, 7, Mark Gaxiola ti ,, St Martin Gherna I Stephen Gojkovich f Roger Griffin Thomas Griffin . Chuck Guillory Cynthia Harris - , Chris Hicks Dean Horn . W Paul Horn q-'.,:- i- 5 Anthony Humphrey -' 1 Joe lmrich Kevin Jordan Jon Kiesling Danene Kos! Celina Krug Melissa Legatzke Karen Licano Annette Lizarraga ill-1 -FRESHMEN Read y, Along with adjusting to being in high school, freshmen also had to learn to move faster in the halls. "We had four minutes between classes at Fairbanks," explained Christina Dingman. "We used to be able to talk in the halls and do things like go to the bathroom. Agreeing Becky Peru added It s a racetrack in the halls here. The bell at the end of a class is like a starter s gun. Does one less minute really make that much difference? Yes! said Annette Rocha. The only reason I haven t been tardy is because most of my classes are in the same area. Brian Looby ad- ded That s vvhat made it easier at Fairbanks. Almost all the eighth hall. Here everything is more spread out and it seems like there s more people. Shelly Ruedas summed it up best, saying: I guess I need to bring my ten-speed bike to school. set, go IEW? Qs' . srss Running late Patty Pena sprints to her typing class. 77 CC 3 Q , , X s 7 77 CG 77 KG 7 3, CC 7 5 ! at grade classes were in the same ,Q Q EE X si si' 77 mx N cc S-NA Y! ,.. . 1537! L 'ls -Q. X ts S 7 3' Q. yi r Q as I l , I ' . .,....,, l W- eigno 5 F A tg W ..- i 3 K l 4 x t A "A - .va K? in. L-A , .file i. Q g -1 .. i R . - .Q ,M N e. , .af if we ,, as Y . iggfji- 'if ' ' frm 5, ' i X 0- S r 9 E- - .- sr fr W at K,,, f ' rx 'LLL , , L .A L... - X W . R Y, - S f we , V 165 ,fa i .list s Tom Vaughn Erma Villagomez Andrea Villarreal Pam Willard Alvin Williams Not Pictured: Matt Buckner Walter Christopher Aaron Dosela Kathleen Rosenquist Marnie Lock Brian Looby Daniel Lopez Joe Lopez Jose Lopez Melissa Lopez Johnny Loya Theresa Lujan Jerry Luna Jesus Luna Bonnie McBride Arturo Marin Deana Martinez Amira Maza Ann Mendoza Christina Merino Kristi Merino Timothy Miller Serina Mingura Mirna Monge Roberta Morales Raymond Moran Steve Moya Anna Navarrete Marina O'Leary Teresa Padilla Holly Parsons Pat Parsons lrma Paz Stanley Paz Patricia Pena Fred Pennington Becky Peru Lawrence Peru Beth Phelps Patricia Prather Kenneth Price Steve Quiroz Julia Reyes Annette Rocha Christine Rodela Debbie Rodela Francie Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Raymond Romero Shirley Romero Shelly Ruedas Chris Saiz Rachel Saiz Robin Saiz Hector Salazar Vicki Sanchez Steve Sanderson Maurice Sandoval Peggy Scheier Robyn Shupe Nikki Stoner Donald Storie Jenniler Thomas Keith Thomas Gloria Valdez Ricardo Valdez Jon Varela Lorraine Varela FRESHMEN-105 'ww ? ,W A CDMMU ITY Desplte the uncertam future of Phelps Dodge Corporatnon and the town xtself the commumty contmued to support school functlons and fund rarsmg actrvutnes Fireworks donated and set off by Mr Francrs Waldorf of Estes Drug were the hrghhght of the pre game f6StlVltlGS durmg football season Ro tary Club contmued hostmg 1umor ro tanans and Lxons Club kept up nts sponsorshnp of the annual sprmg hugh school baseball tournament Local electrlclans donated their trme to put up Chrlstmas decoratnons m the Plaza when Phelps Dodge was unable to do so Santa Claus clrnven throughout town by the volunteer fxre department made hrs yearly vlsnt to the chrldren of Morencl on December 24 and the Amerrcan Legion passed out hundreds of Chrrstmas stockmgs at the tree m the Plaza Cltlzens ln the commumty carrled on showmg therr support by attend mg school athletrc functnons band concerts and open houses Patrons also supported varlous school orgam zatlons by buying raffle tlckets cheese sausage and other ltems sold to ralse money Athletlc boosters gave therr mvalu able time to sell concesslons durlng sporting events and sponsored three banquets durmg the year Band boosters also sold concessrons and helped chaperone on band trnps All ln all the past year was one of perhaps even stronger more umfled commumty support spurred on the shaky employment sltuatron the commumty Mgr x N-s lwib' 'ii --QM Explaining some old MHS momentos to Mr Glodls and Mr Powers are Mr and Mrs Pete Mrranda Mrs Mnranda graduated from Morencn nn 1935 Following the mine shut down Phelps Dodge Chairman of the Board George Mon roe speaks to hundreds of land off mmers at a commumty meetrng Junior rotarians for the month of January Francis Borjon and Willy lmrlch are present ed wnth their certnfucates by Mr Erlc Spencer Rotary Club Vnce Presrdent While sitting on Santa s lap at the Llons Club Chrnstmas party a wlshful Krm Gullnon asks Ole Samt Nnck for a new camera COMMUNITY 107 D l 7 5 ' Y ' ' 1 Y - , S - - Y v ' 1 v , , by . , . m .M-wmv. " WLM s-mama M l L ' '15 , F X r . l ., t r U , U . A , 4 i X V , ' ' X ,5 K -,V 9 X , , I , 1 - X , A K 4 ,fs-" ' Mies ,Jr rr. ' Y ' Q' Y V r fa 5 . ' . . . z X , 4 - - s I . P . D ' ' ,Q -3 Q. . - , , 1 . Y K C , v . ' . ' X X r U . V l , ' - , . L, ' ' " ' I., . . . . CXKX by K g J , . . HONDA HACIENDA AND YAMAHA 918 Thatcher Boulevard Safford Arrzona 428 4700 CONSOLIDATED TITLE COMPA N Y 605 Ma1n Street Safford Ar1zona SA FFORD BUILDERS SUPPLY ACE HARDWARE 707 SlXth Avenue Safford Arxzona 428 1033 OLD TOWN GIFT SHOP Chase Creek Cllfton Ar zona Frank 8: Cam lla Major Owners PA TRONS D 5 H MOTORS 107 Seventh Street Cl1fton Ar1zona 865 2202 POLLOCK S WESTERN 8 CASUAL WEAR 610 5th Street Hwy 10 Safford ATIZODB 428 0093 R 5 R GLASS Sales and Servnce 202 N Coronado Boulevard P O Box 1716 Chfton Ar1zona 865 2262 MORENCI BARBER SHOP Alex Vasquez Owner Morenc1 Plaza MOYQHCI Arnzona CLIFTON FLOWER SHOP Park Avenue Cl1fton Ar1zona 865 4251 EL CHARRO CA FE Cl1fton Ar1zona 865 2907 5AL5pL,4C5 CULE S PIZZA Co ed Gym Chase Creek next to B1ke Shop E Wafd S CHHYOH Phone 865 5291 Cllfton Arlzona SHOP 411 Man Street Safford Arnzona 85546 Phone 428 0056 high' 11 gl 1 gm th 1 b hp MODERN DRFSS 7 . B 108 COMMUNITY Y , . . - I ns i 7 , . u . i 7 i Nl S 7 .1 l 7 i i i , I . , . 1 , - I 1 - 9-inning -fa 1, 'T 1 ' . 1--".+'. ,.: 1- 1 , M 'WL' W-1-111111---1 111. - Lmgila-uwlll""'W I , 5 5 I ' ' h 1 l l - - 1 -Q 1 J I l Q P . 'f 9 . Pus n mself to the mit, Don Cates strug es to ift the wei on e inc ine enc ress. gf B kyP bb' P V - RELIABLE? 1037 PRESCRIPTIONS Fountaln 865 3171 Prescrlptxons 865 3112 SEE U5 FOR ALL FAMILY NEEDS Cosmetlcs Perfumes Glfts Cards Baby Supplles and Prescrxptlon Drugs COMMUNITY-109 B AND D AUTO SUPPLY NAPA .IOBBER . N , , , F Q 8, n,, ff S: ACT ILHAIRCUTTERS , 1 -- 4 A ffrff' ' PAPP ' ' A S' 01807 THATCHER BLVD. .w"f."'4 1 X sAFFoRD.ARxzoNA 85546 j 2,433 'PHONE 42:3 6462 Wa FT HE ! ' A 7 .. . .. PEW A-?77 Snacks for W ' ' K' ' , E every taste. ' P e 8 A EASTERN e P eeke AMZQNA 200 N. Coronado Boulevard Clifton, Ar na ,S Phone: 428-5773 IVANHO MOBILE HOME PARK 8 SALES MOBILE HOME PARK Tvanho Mussu mmf sms WHILE HGNES FUR SMI I ,KVVNLXM East H'gh y 70 Safford, Arizona Ph 428 3828 1 10-COMMUNITY ' '47, CONGRATULATIONS AND BFS T WISHES CLASS OF I983 Compliments of Frank Alvidrez MORENCI VARIETY V Motenci Plaza .Q 'I L. T Pm-mx 5-2633 MCD0l'l3ld'S Q .lOE'S FURNITURE CO. I 'I I I i 1 ,MQW 1 ' 1 mai' ' J? , . gee V up ff iq fp fi W, ff :M 4 552 'W 571 A4 . Ji ' A11 5112 - 4 1 . ' " 5125 fi V azz- L5 Restocking the shelves, senior John Lee stamps prices on the individual items. Morenci Plaza Morenci Arizona i Phelps Dodge Mercantile Your One-Stop Shopping Center f Q'Vi','..Z f I 51,1 2 4? ,f" ,E f is , fp .K , -fikwgf i 5 i fr r L Pushing a long line of shopping carts out of the parking lot Javier Salazar. 112-COMMUNITY f'N l X . -gf' N l Starfire diamonds bring , 0 lqiuend Diamond lug Give the gift of love because you want the best. We are proud to offer you beautiful ways BEST WISHES GRADUATES you guaranteed line quality, d N 0 beautifully mounted in 14K ,fo annojnce Vim. ar MI. Jafjkle D. COOPCI' yellow or white gold...with 0 Ove an new , egmmngs' permanent registration. Carlson Craft Wedding Stationery ggi- Greenlee County Superviser BUEFO JEWELRY and WATCHES DIAMONDS SIL VER WARE 5 DAVFS BODY SHOP 117 Hill Street, Clifton, Arizona 862-2548 Mrs. Helen J. Cooper gc Family Sears Roebuck 6? Co. 174 Coronado Boulevard Clifton, Arizona Phone: 865-4551 Morenci Water And Electric Q..-ur-'L'F" xf '::'1'l1S,"'N New ' Located above the crusher is the No. 1 water treatment plant built in 1972. The No. 2 plant was completed in 1980. lflorenci, Arizona Phoner 3553631 COMMUNITY-1 13 like-agood Q ' Nice Change Salon neighbor, 5 4 State Farm ' ZEKE HERRERA Agent 176 Coronado Boulevard P O Box 1236 'S 'hem' ff 1 R' fa We specialize in complete E . A , I, .ff y , N 5 l 5 hair care for men and women . """- vi " A i 0. ,g M , nu 1 Jrfl'-h F- I I wf- 5 l l cu ft A essss X T 369 Coronado Boulevard Phon S ATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES , , 2 ous offices sioofwfvo rofv, ILLINOIS CllflfOl'l, ATIZOYIH CENTER MARKET Daily 9 a.m.-6:30 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Meats-Produce-Ice Canned Goods CENTTE IQQEWARKET RlI.EY'5 UNITED DRUG STORE i r Cosmetics: 865-5441 N fe Prescriptions: 865-2252 Clifton, Arizona Mak i A F .. ing change for a customer is salesclerk Sissy Middleton. 1 14-COMMUNITY Morenci Motel Restaurant Hours Saturday 5 30 p m 10 p m Phone Sunday Frlday 5 30 a m 10 p m 865 4111 CAROL 'S HALLMARK SHOP Mt Graham Shopping Cen ter CHEEYEON J' Q R in I490 on your radio dial 15, cm 4' 428 6211 CHEVRON Service 8a.m.-8p.m. Tires and Accessories . . S I E' Y dL' Sh d ' f Hwy. 666, Railroad Boulevard, Chfton, Arnzona 3:22332 Lfrkiimjfggsa 'Z Optaw span thelraterschool hours L COMMUNITY-115 'lbmorro has a place for tho who demand more of themselves toda Natlonal Bank More than 220 nelghborhood oftice throughout Arnzona Member FDIC Holladay s Photo SER VICE Cameras Photo Supplres Frames 5 N Weddmg Portraxts 8: Announcements Semor Prctures and Announcements Preparing to ha e their picture tak n by photographe D le Holladay at the 82 Jumor P om a e C st Romero and F gto Peralta 1 16-COMMUNITY U P , 0 NACCA RA Tl 5 5,,,,,0,,,,,,, Morenci Center 429 Main Street Safford, Arizona Phone:428-0206 Congratulations! You're the if "lt Pays to Shop at Reays SANITARY MARKET fi! me , Meats-Produce Groceries conservation generatifjn. Daily: 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Phone: 865-3688 Sunday: 12 noon to 6:00 P.M. Clifton, Arizona Use energy a , efflclently for a 'm,,, w,9 rl SUNIC brighter future. x DRIVEJN SIIIITIIIIIEST lills WBFURITIUII 0 Clifton, Arizona ":1: A .8 2 i A' 1' ":i Q' A i lT:'9?5?' f+': , , ,, N- lf. 4-S - ravi my ..1.., . we in --ta 21 42: : it ii -'31 yfm ll.'h' 'A f E? : ' rlll ' f: i' , :,,: U A . if iflslli bgll A lll. ff s ii ,L . W M AVAL ,A A li I ..'v iv y LV A A A 8 ' A 8 ' llllt ,.,, !l l . : , tt wi A 42 . S E wfawii rg: Danenhauer Insurance Agency Box 1328 Clifton, Arizona COMMUNITY-1 17 Y., ,, fa.. 5 , t. ,U M --ya ,ks M , , if Q57 - - - 5 ' ,Q-egg' ' N. 6 N N we-vv Kai... xr ,. an X Ox C4 N 4 X X , , ' W X " x X- fC, t, - , W.-f, Ab' ' ' Q X x ,. . 5 5 5. - .. 'EPYTQNQ-. as . . -Lg R I Ni H , A .7 5 rqxl ' f -WN- , . ' are -f 5, I of ' 5 or PM WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE N Coronado Boulevard Chfton AFIZODB Phone 8653212 FASHION SQUARE Photography Troph1es DC s Dlsco FIESTA WHELAN FLOWERS JEWELRY DAVID S Complete Gift Shop Wedding Flowers Diamonds Watches Wedding Stationery Tuxedos Wedding Chapel D,,,,,e,wa,e Silver Crystal Flowers For All Occasions 325 Chase Creek Cllfton Arlzona GREENIEE PRINTING Phone 865 2161 Phone 865 3742 ALI.STATE INSURANCE P O Box 697 Cllfton AIIZODB 85533 www Fire Commercial and Health Cllfton Arlzona "-523332 Phone 8654557 Agent Don Sorrells 118-COMMUNITY ! f Y 5 7 . ' ' ' - 3 7 ' ' , . 7 . 7 . ' 9 Auto, Life, Homeowners Six p 1, ' " C211 -vu? . . divx. P I . , PEPSI BOTTLING COMPANY Mt K 14354. LW, ,f,A,, ,A 35517 K djs, ,, t f ry ., 1 , , is 'if f' is ' A. :'A V . i " ,Vi I if K .,,m . 6 '15,-N . oV""" ' An awesome assortment of students pose with Pepsi distributor Jeff Montgomery on "Punk Rock Day." Catch th t Pep i Spir't D 'nk it in! COMMUNITY-1 19 Lowest Prices In Eastern Arizona Blue Ribbon Service Family Owned And Operate 718 Central Avenue Safford Arnzona Phone 428 1844 STUTES JEWELRY T OFF 5 SUCH Special Order Sporting Goods Keepsake I Rss r redD an g SIJGCIHIIZITIQ ln Golf Equipment Town Team Unlforms Sefvlce 9 30 A M 5 30 P M Nlke Pony Adldas Shoes 509 Mann Street Phgne Safford Arrzona 428 2901 Steve Hudgens Proprietor Phone 865 4078 KOPPER KETTLE KAF E En yiga d t ClyFl yShp Mt h Managers Leo Agnes and Larry Ross Phone 8654944 MOYCUCI Plaza 120-COMMUNITY CLIFTON LUMBER AND IMPROVEMENT CO EVERYTHING FOR BUILDING SINCE I9I2 GREENLEE COUNTY DO IT YOURSELF 5 GARDENING CENTER 403 S th C 865 3363 Q ' ,ER VA N LEU VEN AWARD 8 NEW HORIZONS PUBLISHING COMPANY Greenlee County Manufacturers Designers Engravers Je M Kot k Publ he Trophies Plaques Medals Ribbons E ther Tal' S Gene al Ma a9ef Name Plates Executive Gifts 525 Main Street Safford Arizona 3162 N D t t 8654 47,4 D006 We Care About You Best Wishes Catalog Service Class 983 C H 8654561 from the Faculty and D tHOm UPS DI y Administration . F COMMUNITY 121 O ou oronado Boulevard Clifton, Arizona Phone: - va f 1--1 . V C- - , fi MonENclLEAnzn...a nuucm VALLEYNEVS A -4 . an . ec i, is r ' o o o ' s i on, r n , ' ' . 1 ' . Office: 865- ews epar men : - 737 - O a 0 O O irec e eiver Q? F. WW gf ,I -1 . fi? n F .. . ., ..,-,.! -... 1 it V MV. 1 Q .f 5.3" Q , b irr- 'Ll' : 'Q k ' ':9 i , , -235. Q +- 1 - ' Wim. 'gk 'Tx . . 'aww . 15. wa, rw- .- if-Q V bg? krky X ". 5 . if . Q-1. All-P' ' -f?QfNffiXsfAs3:,f-V...sw 25.55-.r 1 ' A X Ab . Q Mae:-,s 5 TQ' A f - . .V ,N X Af . A-.A, .L nv k. s .5 ,Q ,-' Nr xlfxw., 435' ' 5 ,,..o- at 3 K ' 1 ug. .. . 5- 'wi - k 'ally ' ' . ,, LT ' T""- .. ,K fe -1... -WS1-fm.,... fy W . sv 1.-yfzdfw fa'-N fr.. A, -- .J -if ,.,,.....- N, , . .-f,,..LL. ,F kflq- + .W ,Q tr ,.,,,,, Q -C' 3-,Q gg 3, ,x .hw ,.- -M ...Q -s ,331-,:.'r ,,, , fgywr w-.,,,g-11.-. .,-+' 4 5 -4 , ,,,-- , .. M A g, M- E.. - N ,, ,. -,Y ,-J, , Nr, .,, :N -1 .1,f,i,,,4, ,r.L:.J-ae' . 5 .. an-jj"9v,4,,.,, 'W gb, - 'ir . 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' Q ! 1- 5 ': ff 'Bi Jn, if 'Q EQ.. if is .... 0 Wu ?f ts a I ttle m FUNERAL HOMES P ' h z 1, Comesfom Cllfton Anzona Owner 'R it Phone 8654597 Ray C Luster 112 E Mam Street Safford Arxzona Funeral Dlrector Phone 428 1740 Mlles Stauffer NA BOR 5 CORNER BARBER SHOP hase C ek Phone l fton Ar zona 865 5392 Rosemary Ed a d Max and Elolsa Selecting a sweater s f eshman Grace Franc BALENTINE BURGER OFFICE KI NG PRODUCTS INC GILA VALLEY 612 Mann Street PLAZA Safford Arlzona Phone 428 0840 Waiting on a customer s salesclerk Den s G ggs P O Box 226 Phone Safford Arlzona 428 6171 S ng K rby Hoove Eureka Be ma F lter Queen Pfaff Walneck s Safford Sewmg Center Authorlzed Smger Dealer 302 Highway 70 Safford Arxzona 85546 Phone 428 0494 We sell the best and servlce the rest Cllfton Morencl Extermlnators I96 5 Coronado Boulevard Clifton Arizona E Howell s Copper State Motors Inc 415 South Coronado Boulevard Cllfton Arizona 85533 Di an 8212 dp LOCALLY OWNED AND OPERATED Residential Commercial Industrial Service Dont Get Stung Call The Local Crew Phone 865 5193 pl F Rdg yTdl dA YELLOW V SMARTY' t d AND S' d CHECKER AU T0 Q t..:,e,, , "Your Famrly St Danny Merrill Agent Rky 124-COMMUNITY 0 O O v 1 7 1 . :sr 5 . I I y .s 3 . Cl 7 77 " JJ- H S 1 -XS.-ff '---Gut, Nr A ' MAP A ' . ,,Mr W .,Qi.l.-ref-- e..-J Q I - Office manager, Dee Dee Thomas, prepares the monthly statements for the firm's customers. f O . ur ng e yearbook ad sales cam a gn, rancie o ri uez, ic . . Perkins, Ton e a, Grace Franco, and Davi nnis pose in front of an 9 ' or ickup. lf you're a student getting "B's" or better, you may qualif for 7 Farmers- in the form of special bonus lower rates on your auto ' insurance. Call o ay and get the facts on Farmers money-saving Good u ent Auto Policy. , rnmzns y ' msu nccyx , lfgx .-J ,4-Q ' .H ' 7, ore , ' Y BALDERRAMA FASHION SALON MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS "The Place for the Custom Face" Fashion Jewelry 8: Gifts 96 A South Coronado lifton, Arizona 85533 865-4062 EASTERN COURIER ARIZONA Printers and Publishers P.O. Box 667 Safford, Arizona ,,,, I maxim mmwummi Am . C s J' ,.ii' A- ' ' f-'f flfil ' . 1.-5 'Z I iif' 3' A I I CABLECOM OF CLIFTON-MORENCI YOUR HBO 8: CINEMAX HEADQUARTERS Morenci, Arizona 865-4031 TRAINED 24 HOUR OXYGEN ATTENDANTS SERVICE SERVICE Lewallen Fzggeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE TRIPS ANYWHERE PHONE 865-3252 PARK AVE., P.O. BOX 997 CLIFTON, ARIZONA 85533 GERRY GOMEZ OWNER Robert's Service and Dunlap North Coronado Boulevard Clifton, Arizona -1 dar: r ni k kill Balancing a tire is David Chavez. COMMUNITY-125 Super Boosters An active Boosters' Club continued its support of local athletes by spon- soring three banquets which were held in the multi-purpose room at the new high school. The Club also pre- pared a luncheon for the faculty, ad- ministration, student committee members, and North Central Associ- ation team members when the group of educators evaluated MHS. In addition to operating concession stands, hats and cushions were raffled at every home football and basketball game. "The new concession facilities have helped us considerably," stated Virginia Saiz. "They're much easier to work in." Ramon Saiz, serving as president of the club for the sixth consecutive year, was presented with a special plaque by an appreciative class of '82 at commencement exercises. Club officers included Ramon Saiz, president, Tigi Verdugo, vice-presi- dentg Bill Kingsley, secretary, and Vir- ginia Saiz, treasurer. At the '82 Spring Sports Banquet, Bill Kingsley presents Priscilla Baca with the Booster's Award for girls' track. Congratulating Gene Dunham on winning the raffle for a shirt and hat is Dada Saiz. Club president, Ramon "Moose" Saiz, pre- sents Mike Looby, manager of Phelps Dodge Mercantile, with the award for Booster of the Year. 126 BOOSTERS' CLUB W six? g .-.ii if- til Photo raph y Credits CHUCK BOLING 54B ELISA BORJON 2TL 13TL R 17TL R 21BR 34BL 38TR BR 52TL B 53 55TL BL 65TL R 67BL 72TL 75BL 81TL 90BL 94B 99BL 101BL 110B 125T FRANCIS BORJON 5BL R 9 18T BL 19T BR 20B 22TL 23M TR 28 29TR BL R 30BR 31TR 3313 35TR 37 38L 40 41TR B 44 45 46 47TL BR 48BL R 49TL 50 51TL M B 52TR M 54T M 55BR 58L 59 62T 64 65B 66 67TL 68TR BL BR 69B 70T BR 71 72TR M BL 74BL R 75TR BR 76TR M BR 77BL R 78 79BR 80 81TR BL BR 82TL R 84BL R 85TL 86BL 92T 93T 96 99BR 101BR 102TL 103TR 104TL 107TR B 112 113B 114 117 119 120T 124T STEVE BRANNON 79BL 99T 102TR 103TL 104'l'R 115T 123 STEVE GAMBLIN 3L 4 21TL 32T 35TL BR 39T BL 62M 63M 106 SANDRA HUDGENS6 7 10 11 14 15 41TL 107TL 116BL 125BL LEIGH ANN OWEN 1 2TR 3R 8 9 12B 13B 16TR 17B 18BR 19BL 2OTL R 21TR 22BL R 23TL BL 26 27R 29TL 31Tl. 33T 35BL 36M B 47TR BL 48TR 49BL R 60BR 62T 67BR 68M 69TR 70BL 72BR 74TR 75TL 77T 82B 83 84T 98B 94 95 100T 108 109 111 113T 115 116BR 120B 124B 125BR EDITORS NOTE We would lake to glve our special thanks to Sandra Mom I-luclgens Phd Dermg Roy Faulkner Vxrgxl Cork Roger Chavarrna Ernest Luna Paul Sxerra Angel Rodrlguez the faculty admlmstratxon and last but not least our brothers and sxsters the staff Co Echtors nn Chnef General Index O - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ,, . . . . . . . . . , , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 - - KEVIN FARWELL-2BRg 12Tg 27Lg 34BRg 36Tg 39BRg 51TRg 62Bg, 63Bg 69TLg 733 76TLg 79TLg 87Tg 91Tg 1 1 1 1 1 - , . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' Q 1 Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Q . Y - 1 1 u SC 3, - . 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 I 0 . 1 , 1- 1 AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE-72' 73 Baber' 'I'Bn,y,76I 100 I Anduzola, Rudy-46, 103 Baa. Allredo5l, 97 ' Anderson, Terri-72, 97 Baca. Connie-57 Iligators, horses, and foxes my 361:20-6221 HI. 100' 124 E- Efvmbgv, 66. 16. 11. 97 1 , , oc or' adorned the shirts worn by M111 Rmfd-103 Bw- 1011+102 ,, ARIZONA MODFJ. UNITED NATIONS-7 Baca, Priscilla-19, 20, 49, 56, 57, 60, 78, 86, 93, 96, 126, 129 preppies on campus. Arm-f-111.111 -63 Bm. s1mo"'57 ART DEPARTMENT-34, 35 Bader, Rlchaxd1103 . Ashcnh, Cindy-76, 97 Bahschnltt, Kenneth-44, 51, 97, 129 L7 ATI-ILE'I"ICS DIVISION 6542, 43 Baku' K,IIy,I9- 20k 66' I 68' 69' 10, 71' 72' 13' go' 35' 36 Avalos, Sarah-16 BALDERRAMA FASHION SAL0N1l25 Abrll, LL:-49, 59, 97, 129 Avalon, Sylvia-16, Baldemsma, Nancy-16, 65, 72, 78. 79, 86, . 29 Abfijl 01I,md054, 103 Balentlne, George-35, 44, 97 AQADEMIQS DIVISION PAGE.26l 21 BALENTINE OFFICE PRODUCTS INC.fl2 5.111111-11111, cluyso, 103 Acres, Rhonda1I00 ACT V HAIRCUTTERSIIO Bulluleros, Jesse46, 100 Acnvmss Dlvlslow PAGEJ14, es ahaha splits, pl'0Vided by sAum4. 15, ve, 77 Adm, Shawls, 31, 70, 72, 103 Bmy. DIAM68. 97 M-1-1. vmww. 97 the Student Council, a...1., A.1.,...w:1 111.111, c.y1m.v1, 97 umm, Elisa-19, so, 11, as ADMINISTRATIONZB, 29 satisfied the sweet tgoth gf a.11l.,.1.1rm4s3 uilar, Beniierzo, 58, ee, 67, es, 70, 71, 72, 76, 80, 85, as Bvqvln. F-mf'-23. 44. 61. 97, X29 ..u.1,G11g,ss.1oo faculty members, Barry,Clint-55.63.1413 Aguxlar, Leo63 Bartlett, JoAnne-97 Ak... Lisa-100 BASEBALL62, sa ALLSTATE msurz BASKETBALL, masrmsw sovssa, ss nmam, F1 . a s. D Auto SUPPLY-H0 za SKETBALL. J.v. aovssa, ss GENERAL INDEX 127 , -l.V. GIRI554, S5 BASKETBALL, VARSITY BOVSSZ, 53 BASKETBALL, VARSITY GIRI566, 57 Bolts, Chad-46. 54. 103 810122. Mlchelle-22. 60, 78, 97 swam. Donald-103 Bclnnno, Jxeavllll Bchnno, Margarita Jr.-103 Beltran, Brtndal0. 103 Beltran, Otelr-51, 06 Bsnlvldnz, Fnnh-75, 103 Btndel, Bruce-IND Berry, Clndv-71 Elsa, Stephan-46, 103 awwp, Guyes, 63, 97 Bishop, Jmysz. 100 Banco, lgmclo-23, 55. 61, 81, 1111 Bollng, OsucImv7, 52, 72, 100 Bolrng, Kristy-60 Bollng. Tony-3, 29 BOOSTERS' CLU8126 Borjon, Bla:-19, 47, 54, 66, 70, 100, 101 Borlon, Frand966, 70, 71, 72, 86. 90, 96, 107 Borjan, Tomas44, 52, 61, 97, 129 Bourlaquc. David-81, 100 Bourlaquc, Edward,30 BOYS' STATE-66, 67 Brannon, Slevs46. 54, 70, 103 Brinkley, Brian-86 Brooks, Eric-46, 54, 103 Broolu. Man:-33, 74. 87 Bnmner, .Iotm-61 Bryant, Jule:-B1 Buclmur, Harold-12. 1111 BUFFO JEWELRY-113 BURGER KlNG123 Burglm, Robb1e58 Burlu, CII:-1137, 46, 103 Burlmtt, MIchael44, 51, 97, 129 Burr, Deborah-19, 48, 49, 66, 72, 73, 84, 87, 129, 133 Burl, Fred-51, 100 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT38, 39 Bustamante, CcdIla'72, 103 ay Flowers and Kelly Baker received the two Elk's Club scholarships for General Index COPPER CAT-70, 71 COPPER ERAJ21 COPPER STATE MOTOR CO.-124 Cordova, Alben-19, 23, 72, 97 Cordova, Marla472, 103 Cork, Vlrgll.30, 54 Con-alega, Chrm1fw72, 77. 80, 88 Crou. Jof58 Crom, Kathy-60 Crotts, Kon!-46, 82, 103 Curtis. ChroIl1m88 Cuthberlnon, H0146 avid Torres was selected by the Rotary Club's youth exchange committee to be a foreign exchange student to Sweden. D 8: H MOTORS108 DANENHAUER INSURANCE AGENCY-117 DAVE'S BODY SHOPAU3 DAVlD'S FASHION SQUARE-118 Davh, Rocky13, 50, 51. 97 Delgado, Danny-97 Delgado, Patti-14 Delgado, Rebecu'72, 77, 103 DUWUUU1- Beatrice-70, 72, 75, 77, 103 Denogun, Martha-19, 48, 49, 56, 60. 68, 7 Denogean, Mlke-55, KX? Denognn, Theresa-72, 74, 76, 80, 103 Denogean, Xavler58, 100 Dmgmm, chu,-15, 97 DIngrr1an.ChrlsXlr1n-5.54, 70, 12, 103 Domlnguu, Anna-72, 103, 129 Domlnguoz, Harold-129 Dominguez. Johrmy104 DRAMA CLUB-80. 81 2, 88, 129 DRIVER'S EDUCATION DEPARTMENT40, 41 Duckwlldel, Luwanm39 Dunngan, Paul63. 100 Dunham, Gene-126 DUNLAP'S CLIFTON SERVICE-125 Fletcher. Michelle-72, 77, 104 Floras, Evelyn47, 66, 72, 75, 104 Florls, 'I'rn:147, 60, 74, 79, 100, 10 Floras. Veronica-47. 54, 72, 74, 80. Flora, Annette-76. 100 Flowers, Gall-96 Flowers, John Clayton44, 58, 66, 68, 70, 71. 76, 85, 89.96, 120, 129 Flowers, Justln46, 76, 104 mln Chen-39. 100 Foltz, Wlll1am.30 Fonda, Henry-24 FOOTBALL, J,V.'46, 47 FOOTBALL, VARSITY-44, 45 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPART M ENT' Franco, GM!-72. 104 1, 129 103. 104 34,35 Franco. Grace-4, 65, 70, 77, 104, 123, 124 Franco, LM4. 72, 98 FRENCH CLUB72, 73 FRESHMAN CLASSl03. 104, 105 Fuillmwn, 11....,1.11a1 Fuller, Llar7Z, 100 Fuller, Larl-19, 23, 98 Fuller, Susle-76, B9 raffltl soon covered the hills and garages surrounding the new high school. Gaelhje, Ray-61 Gaarhlc, Steve-18, 104 Gala, Noralu-7, 30, 47, 48, 49, 59 Gallegos, C'hr1v77, 80, 100,.1oeeph-30 Galvin, .nmmy-51, 100 Gmuun, srm44, vo, 95, 129 Glrda, Gtbr1tl'20, 52, 63, 98, 129 Garda, Juan-100 Garda, MArlo47, 74, MD Gamer. DaIef63 Guh, Shannaf54, 72, 104 Gaxlola, MarI146, 54, 104 Gnxloll, Slave-89 Gedlg. Gerrle-89 Cates, Don-35, 42, 44, 61, 86, 87, 108, 129 Greenlee County. CABLECOM or CLIFl'0N,MORENCl'12S ctumn, mmm, 12, 100 enum, mm1rs1, av. 129 cnumweu. Funmw. Homasm cmplnu, mums cmpuu, Ronda-71, mo Carabeo, Brenda-3, 49, 59, 65, 68, 72, 75, B7, 96, 129, 132 CAROL'5 -115 Canaan, Ernie-100 Carrasco, Robert46, 51, 103 Casunzda, Bobby-103 Caslamda. MlchaeIb3, 68 Cuilneda, Tor1y.15, 18, 44, 52, 62, 63, 87, 129 Duran, Rhonda42, 59, 72, 74, 88, 129 Durr, Sharl-74, 104 .'l'.: The Extra-Terrestrial was the movie chosen by students as the year's best. ww, Murl,72, 104 usrenw Amzom coumsn-125 EASTERN ARIZONA rows SNACKS110 Ghema. Mmm,s4, 104 Glaoolem, Dennis-61 Glaoolarti, Mlchnl-13, 98, 99 0.lLllmd, Ronin-28 GIRLS' STATEL6, 67 Godll, John-23, 107 Golkovich, Slave-46, 54, 104 Gomu, Manny41, 44, 63, 89, 129, Gonzales. Gonzales. mac.-100 Mayes, as Gonzales, Lorraine-47, 60, 68, 98, 1 Gonzales, Gonzales, Mar1hn47, ss, 70, 12, 10 Ray4 1, 94 Gonzalu, RlchardfZ2 Gonzales, Robert-34. 44, 89, 129 Goodwin, Marcy-22 Goodwin, Recd-4, 101 Gordon, Evemt-40, 46, 61, 75. 101 Gouyun, Can'B9 Cauaar, Brian-100 Calucr, Kathy12, 69, 78, B5, 87, 133 CENTER MARKFI3114 Ccrvantu, Dorecnf103 Grail, NMIY6. 13, 23, 36, 44, 45, 51, 61, 97, 129 Chdl. Ron-61 Chappell, CharIe2, 11, '12, 77, 80, 87, 94 Chavarrla, Leonud60, 61 Chavlrrll. Steven-46. 103 Echnve, Rober188 Edens, Jack-14, 28, 60 Edens, Ann-14 EL CHARRO CAFE108 ENGLISH DEPARTM ENT-34. 35 Espana, Tammy-38, 65, 77, 97 Hmmm. Ana1e49. 56, 59. 68, 59. 97 Espinoza, Becky-34, 97 :mm-..cm11n..zo, 47, se, eo, 97, 129 boys' varsity basketball rom the hill to the hole, Ch-wax, Oliva, Chavez, Chavez. Chavez. Anna-77. 100 Dlv1d+124 Donna-48, 49. 59, 65, 68, 85, 85. Eddie-46, 61, 76. 100 Julio-103 Vincent-23, 44, 51, 63. 97, 129 Chavez, 78, 79 CHESS CLUB80, 81 CHORUS-76, 77 Clark, SI1Arorr70, 71 129 cuym, :muy-59, 12, 97 Clemmcl. Brian K,-44, 55, 63, 100 Clcmmn, KAVIQ144, 63, 88, 129 CLIFTON FLOWEI SHOPQIOB CLIFTON LUMBER AND IMPROVEMENT CO.-121 CLIFTON-MORENCI EXTERMINATORS124 Cole, Mug-103 Cole, Melinda-84, 88 COLE'S HZZA4108 COMMUNITY DIVISION PAGE-106, 107 Connell, George-44. 88 Connell, Jackie-60. 100 Connell, John-100 CONSOLIDATED TITLE CO.-108 cm,-m, Jackk+113 Cooper, Jncquellne60, 75, 100 Copeland, Mmm 128-GENERAL 1NDEX Esplnou, Letlcln-56, 65, 76, 77, 88. 129 Explnun, Stephanla60 ESTES DRUG109 Estrada. Junior-60 Evursoll, Sman-104 but still on top! FACULTY 30, 31, 32, 33 FARMERS INSURANCE-124 Farwell, Kevln-63, 70, 98, 129 Faulkner, Roy-30 Felmtdn. Jmephf7, 20, 27. 52, 61, 72, 75. 76, 88. 129 Fdnsfcin, Stephanlu47. 54, 72. 104 Ferro, Mayne-30, 32 FIESTA FLOWER 8: GIFT SHOP-118 Fllleman, Sue-29 Flclshman. Michael-30 Fletcher, Joe-100 Goseyun, Rou56, 98 Gray, Gary498 Gray. Joyce-67 GREENLEE PRINTING-118 Grlffln. Roger-104 Grlllln. Thomas-104 Griggn. DenLwAl23 Grlmex, Sheri-68 GullIory,01uck'104 131 29 1, 120 Gulllon, Kkmbcrley-68, 72, 73. 74, 80, 97, 98, 107 Gamma, Robert-101 epatitis threatened the team following Clifton player. Hale, Scott'l01 Hammett, Todd163, 1.00, 101 Hampton. Melody-89 Huw, sf.p1wm49, 12, 14, 101 Ham., Cindy'l8, 12, 104, 129 Hum, Will-101 Hayes, Eric-71 Hayes, Hulon-69, 98 HEALTH-38, 39 Hemandu, Danny-58 contact with a Herrera, Chris46, 101 Hicks, Chris-37, 104 Hogg, Rodrick-19, 21, 66, 70, 71, 72, 75, 80, 89, 132 Hcliaday, Dale-116 HOLLADAY'S PHOTO EMPORIUM-116 Holliday, Leon-101 Holman, James-38, 46, 98 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT38. 39 HONDA HACIENDA AND YAMAHA-108 Hoopes, Tammy Garret!472, 76, 80, 89, 91 Hom, Allan-101 Hom, Dean4l, 104 Horn, Donaldslfi, 89 Ham, Paul-104 Hudgens, Jennifer-21 Hudgens. Sandra-30 Hudgens, Steve-21 Humphrey, Anlhony76, 104 Hunt. Marian-28 nitiatlon of freshmen consisted of marriage proposals and air-raids. lmrich, .Ioe,12, 104 lmrich, WlLlys6, 72, 80, 81, 90, 107, 131 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT40, 41 INTERSCHOLASTIC GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCXATIONJZQ IVANHO MOBILE HOME PARK AND SALES-110 rf unla food from the Stiucleaaic Gp Council concession was popular ai no-on with the absence of a school cafeteria. - I,-v--ft,-4. Y J Hx R CHEVRON115 James, Anthony'36, 44, 51, 63 James, Julia-47, 101 ima, Tommy-63, 90 Jim, Gary-58 JOE'S FURNITURE C0411 Johnson, Jenny-72, 80, 90 Johnson, Shelly-70. 71, 101 Johnson. Wandn429 Jones, Andxea'72, 76, 101 Jones, Paula-68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 76, 80, 85, 90 Jordan, Kevin-104 JUNIOR CLASS97, 98, 99 l.G.A.A. MEMBERS: FRONT ROW: Mona Rodriguez, Kelly Miles, Traci Flores, Lisa Mallo- que. 2ND: Liz Peralta, Michelle Maldonado, Bernice Ortiz, Debbie Burt, Donna Chavez, Liz Abril, Lorraine Gonzales, 3RD: Cathy Quinn, Nancy Balderrama, Michelle Romero, Rhonda Duran, Cristina Romero. 4TH: Priscilla Baca, Leticia Espinoza, Frances Peru, Brenda Carabeo, nockoant by "Boom Boom" Mancini killed Duk Koo the WBC lightweight title fight. ITCUZ RADIO STATION-115 Klcsluig, .lack 98, 129 I-healing, vlonaihannli, 104 Kim. Duk Kocv25 King, uafwinss King, Sandra-47. 76, 101 Klngsley, BIll41Z6 Kingsley, Sherry-74, 78, 101 Klnnebug, Bruce-31. 33. 44, 63 Kllnw. Renada-80, 101 KOPPER KETTLE KAFE-120 Kosl. Danene,72, 104 Kotecki, Pat,51 Kovacs, Ciwla-'52, HU, '75 Kovacs, Linda-72, 73, HO, 101 Krug, CvItn.i'41, 54, 104 fly' 5 Trying to restrain their giggles, Anna Do- minguez and Cindy Harris attempt to pass the lifesaver at the French and Spanish Club initi' ation party. I Martha Denogean, Jacquelyn Wright, Nancy Morgan, Carolina Espinoza. GENERAL INDEX 129 General Index Manga, Mlma'72, 105 Monroe, Georgee107 Montgomery. Jeff-119 awson Stadium was dedicated at halftime of the Clifton-Morenci football game. LADY CATS-79 Laney, wsu-75, 16, 90 Lara, Michelle-82 Lara. Ralph-3, 35 Lawson, Walter Mrs.3 Leaman, Jimmy-101 Lechtenbergcr, John-31 Lev, John410, 20, 52, 58, 59, 66, 68, Lcgnuke. Melissa4l04 Leonaalc, Dcsiree420, 72, 77, 80, 90, 133 LETTER CLUB129 LEWALLEN FUNERAL HOME-125 Llcano, Cory-44, 52. 61, 98, 129 Llcauo, Karm47, 104 Lhzano, Pauls98 Llmrraga, Annette-27, 70, 75, 104 Llzarraga, Darlene-20, 37, 60, 75, 80, 101 Llamas, Emesto10, 58, 68, 69, 70, 72, Bl, 98 Lock, Mamie-105 Lwbv. Looby, 1-vw. I-Oper. Lopez, Lopez, I-ow. l-0991. I-vw, Lopez, Lopez, Loya, J Brlan-46, 75, 105 Mlke-126 Anna'66, 97, 98 BonnIe65. 78. 79, 90 Daniel-54, 105 Esterrnas-15. 60 .loo,105 JoseA105 Lnuis46, 55. 63, 101 Mary Ann-23, 98 Magma, 77, 105 ohnny,54, 105 Lum, Alan'91 Lujan, Ths1esa,105 Luna, Emasnr51, 91 Luna, Jerry-105 Luna, Jesus-51, 76, 105 ine lay-offs at Phelps Dodge caused severe economic problems for the town and county. Maddern, Krlstle101 Maldonado, Callle-19, 34, 47, 59, 72, 76, 101, 102 Maldonado, Frank-23, 44, 51, 63, 98, 129 Maldonado, Mldlelle-15, 18, 19, 23, 60, 66, 58, 70 Mallbque, Llsa-60, 75, 101, 129 Marin, Arhe-46, 105 Mann, Becky-72, 91 . 71. 72, 78, 91, W-X' Mavilnez, Anna'35, 72, 101 Marllnzl, Barble-5, 47, 70, 77, 101 Mlrllnel. Deana-74, 105 Marllntl. Marty22. 44, 61, 84, 91, 129 Martina, Richard-13, 52. 82, 98 MATH DEPARTMENT-36, 37 Mala, Amlra-47, 105 McBride, Bonnle-76, 105 McBrlde, Deanna-76, 98 MCDONALDS1 1 1 McDowell, Deborah-76, 98 Medlna, Stephanie-101 Medina, Tom-98 Mena, Carol'37, 47, 49, 72, 76, 101 Mendoza, Ann-77, 105 Mendoza, Diane-35, 76, 101 Mendoza, Stephen-23, 44, 63, 98, 129 Mendoza, Yvonne Mary-76, 91 Merino. Merino. Chnmna-105 Janna-1 ss, so, 61, 98, 129 Merlno, Josephf20, 44, 52, 61, 91, 129 Merino, Kr1sl142, 47, 54, 74, 75, 105 Middleton, Sissy-114 Mlles, KeIly'59, 91. 129 Mlller, Tlm-46, 54, 105 Mllligan, Shane-76, 101 Mlngura, Serina-18, 1.05 Miranda, Aurella-76, 77. 98 Miranda, Aurora-107 Mlranda, Pete'107 70, 72, Bl. 85. 90. 95, 112. 129 96, 129 Montoya, Bobert-98 , Mama, Lwmd-13, 23, 44, so, 51, 62, 53, 98, 99, 129 Morales, Manuel-91 OLD TOWN Gll-T SHOP-108 0'Leary, Jorge-51, 102 0'Leary. Marina-54, 66, 74, 105 Ontlveros, Denn1v51, 92 Ontlvaros, Janean60. 102 Ortiz, Bdrnlce-49, 56, 57, 92, 129 Morales, Roberta'74, 105 Morales. Veronl1:a'34, 70. 77, 98 Moran, Raymond-46, 105 Moran, Ron410l MORENCI BARBER SHDP-108 MORENCI MOTEL-115 MORENCI VARlEfl'Y-111 MORENCI WATER AND ELECTRlO113 Moreno, Mlehael-55. 70, 76, 102, 120 Moreno, Yvonne-72, 74, 80, 102 Morgan. Nancy-49, 91, 129 Moya, Barbara-68 Moya, Lorraine-4, 19, 23, 59, sa, 69, 70, 72, 91, 98, 99 Moya, Ronniee91 Moya, Steve-46, 89, 105 Mullen, Danny-17, 38, 46, 47, 98 Mullen, Davld46, 102 Munoz, Roger-31, 33 Murlllo, Lorraine-65. 66, 72, 77, 97, 98 Murlllo, Mark-50 Ortiz, Joe-55. 102 Owen, Lalgh Ann'10, 60, 66, 69, 70, 78, 97, 98 Owens, Cedl1a59 epsi was the winner over Coke in the "Pepsi Challenge" sponsored by the yearbook staff. Padilla, Andybl, 98 Pudllla, Gllbert'31, 46, 51 Padilla, Marlanne48, 49, 92 Padilla. Teresa-72, 105 orth Central Association gave MHS an excellent rating during their November visit. NABOR'S CCRNER BARBER SHOP423 NACCARATFS SERVICE STATION-116 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-68, 69 Navama-re, Anna,47, 66, 75, 103, 105 Navarrete, Becky428 Navanute, Mlchael62, 63, 91 Navanste, Nancy-20, 23, 68, 71 Navarrere, Torn-31, 52, 63 NlCE CHANGE SALONr114 Nuttall, Brooke-78 Nuttall, Jason421 Nuttall, Lynne-31, 44 Page, Brlan981, 87. 131 Palomlno, Jamie-54 Uaraons, Christina-41, 98 Parsons, Holly-105 Parsons, Pat-105 Paslsy. JacqueA98 Pu, lrma-2, 72, 77, 80, 105 Pax, Stanley-105 Pena, Anna-102 Pena. Patri1:iaA104, 105 T ENNEY, 110121 remngm, Fred-105 PEPSI BOTTLING COMPANY-119 Peralta, Flglto116 Perm, L11-20, 23, 49, ss, 57, eo, 93, 129 Perez. Mary492 Perez, Tracy-77, 92 Perldna. Ricky-58, 69, 70. 72, 74, Bl, 98, 124 PERSONNEL-28, 29 Peru, Frances,-49, 54, 56, 59, 72, 74, 92, 129 Peru. -1oe4102 Peru. Larry-105 Peru, Paul498 Peru, Rebecca-5, 47, 54, 56, 66, 70, 103, 105, 109 Peru, Vlncen!192 Petty, James7, 55, 58, 74, 102 Phelps, Beth,72, 77, 80, 105 pen House for the community attracted over 2,000 visitors to the new high school. Ochoa, Claudia-68 ...sw up PHELPS DODGE CORP0RATION4122 PHELPS DODGE MERfMNTlLE-112 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT40, 41 PlNE'S123 Ptnglalon, PennyA74, 102 Plum, April-102 POLLOCK'S WESTERN 8: CASUAL WEAR-108 Powers, Tom-14, 28, 107 Prather, Danf44, 92 Prather, Pan-1:1a41, 78, 105 Pfam, Cheryl-sa, 76, 98 'kwa ,QS re 19' r 281 Y N me W vas hs.-.. N, rf fl l MODERN mass sHoP-los . fa ajrxfeinqqn :A The old high school is rapidly being buried under tons of waste from the huge open pit copper mine. 130-GENERAL INDEX x F! 'Iii '90 .W 3 'N M ,Jo -13,101 -flung, ' -1 M92 'ge as QW A H - - Q 9 1 IQ X, , , "ff -' ' ki. X 'Vs Pda. Kenneth-46, 105 Prlbe. Tnnya'98 uality points for classes were hotly debated by both teachers and students. QUILL 8: SCROLL'70, 71 Qulnn, Cathy-49, 60, 66. 68. 78. 79, 93, 129 Qvlroz. Stcvr10S oom numbers throughout the building were stolen by a mysterious banditfs. R 3: R GLASS108 Ramirez. John-63 Rlmlra, Vlra-20 Rtyu. David-102 Reyes, Julla-106 Richardson, Bill-29 RILEY'S UNITED DRUG STORE-114 ROBERTS SERWCE125 Roblmdo, Santiago Ernesto-46, 98 Rocha, Annette-47, 70, 77, 105 Rocha, Melina-47, 56, 66, 74, 101, 102 Rocha, Lawrence, 31 Roman. Wllllams, Davld46, 55, 102 Rodela. crtrasnnas, 18. 105 Rodula, 1mm-41, vo. 76, 105, 109 Roarsg-lu, Angel-44, 61, 93, 95, 129 Roarsgw, cr-r1s1o, az, 93, 129 Rbdrlguel. Oavld44, 93, 129 Roar1gm,Fw-derss, 10, 72. 14, 103, 105, 124 nodfsgw, Jody'55, ss. 14. 101, 102 Rodngw, Larry-27, 34, 93 Roanguu, Mfmxn, 15, za, es, sa, 12, 18, 93, 96, 129 Rodriguez, Robert-105 Bren!-23. 44, 98, 129 Windsor Romero. Charlle-98 Romero, Crlstlna'3. 7. 10. 59, 65. 66, 70, 72, 78, 93, 96, 116, 129 ' Romero. Llsa Stacey-71 Romero, Mellssa-19, 23. 66, 68, 74, 97, 98 Romero, Micheile-74. 93, 129 Romero, Ray46, 82, 105 Romero, Shirley-72, 105 Rom. Lv-fry-29 Ross, Marla-47. 98 SEARS-1.13 SENIOR CLASSS4, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 sem,w1111.m-32 Shark, Leslie-93 Shoplaw, Llz-94, 115 Short, B1lam80 Shorb Cam-34, 72, 77, 80, 102 Shultz, Vemonf32 snupe, Robyn-70, 12, 18, so, 105, 120 Sierra, Joann-72. 74, 102 Sierra, Paul-94 Slerra. Sandra-72, 74, 80, 102 Smetanlck. David-102 Smetanlck, Llsa65. 68. 69, 72, 77, 80, 86, 94 Snyder, Jeanle-76, 77, 98 SOC1AL STUDIES DEPARTMENT-36, 37 SONIC DRIVE-lN-117 SOPHOMORE CLASS-100, 101. 102 Sornlman, Kristie-74, 102 SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION-117 SPANISH CLUB72, 73 SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-68, 69 Spencer, Eric-107 Spula, Mllwl02 Splvcy, Gm-ald'94 STATE FARM INSURANCE CO.'114 Starling. Kwon-58, 59, 94 Stevens. Geo1frcy.51, 75, 94 Slswarl, Samantha-7, 72, 77, 80, 95 Stinson, Thomas7, 76, 102 Stone, Dana-76, 102 Stone, Nlla'76, 95 Sloner,.l..orl'72, 76, 95 Stoner. Nlkkl-74. 105 Slorie. Donald-51, 105 STUDENT BODY DIVISION PAC-E82, B3 STUDENT COUNCIL-66, 67 STUTE'S JEWELRY-120 Suarez., Gllbert-61 Suhla, Jou'20, 22, 52, 58, 95, 129 Sutton, Callie-34, 76, 95 ime between classes was lengthened to four minutes in January. A Tlpa, Arthur-102 Tapla, Veronica-76, 95 Valdez. Rlcardo46, 51, 105 Valenuzela, Claudla-47, 98 vmmmlr, Gilbert-46, si sa, 102 p Vallejo, Brian-46, 51, 102 A Vallejo, Steve-51, 95, 129 VALLEY NATIONAL BANK-116 VAN LEUVEN AWARD AND ENGRAVING-121 Varela, Jon-46, 51, 105 Varela, Lorraine-47, 72, 105 Vasquez, Debbie-96 Vasquez, Monlca-98 vwgrm, DanleIf96 Vaughn, Tom-105 Vega, Domlngo98 Vega, Rudy-61 Velasquez, Gen'1e,54, 66, 74, 101. 102 Velasquez, Johnny46, 51, 63, 98, 129 vqrduga, 6151963 Verdugo, Melissa-23, 98 Vlllagomaz, Erma-19, 47. 54. 66. 104, 105 Vlllagomaz, .lunlof-55, 63, 98 Vlllagomu, Unda-60 Vlllarraal, Andrea'74, 78, 105 Vlllescos. Ske'phlne'102 VOLLEYBALL, FRESHMAN-46, 47 VOLLEVBALL, J.V.46, 47 VOLLEYBALL, VARSITY-48, 49 ildcat Gym was dedicated to the of deceased students. WALNECK'S SAFFORD SEWING CENTER-123 Walton, Gary02, 46, 55 Warner, Caro1yn.71 Q 11 4. .1 memory Washington, John-32 Welsllng, Gllbert-29 Wlollng, Nlna,31. 32 Wena, Gary98 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STOREJ18 WHELAN JEWELRY-118 WHISKERS78, 79 Willard, Dwayne-32 Willard, Llnda32 Wlllard, Pam-70, 72, 76, 77, 81, 105 Wllllams, Alvin-105 . BeltyH65 Taylor, Brianil, 95 Taylor, Bryan-98 Tam, Anwny-44, s1, ss, 10, Qs, 124, 129 Tedla, MonaA59 Teller. Armandoll 15, 20, 43, 52. 53, 62, 63. 95 Tellez. Tellez. Damunsa, 15, 101, 102 M.rgm1.12, 96 TENNISSS, 59 alentine's Day carnations Ron. Se-an-63 Rucdm, Hector-3, 29 Ruudu, .lean-28 Ruulas, Marc46, 51, 102 Rucdaz, Ruodas, Mlshellzlfv. 47. M, 70, 105 Victor-51, 98 Ruiz, Mkzk-5, 6. 41, 44, 51, 63, 93. 129 tudent Council members painted graffiti covered garages during spring vacation. SAFFORD BUILDERS SUPPLYJ08 Sak. Clmrlslfi. 51. 105 5111. Dada-126 San, Donna47, 60. 97, 98 Sm, Eddu-93 Salt, James44, 61, 93. 129 Sall, Rachel-72, 77, 105 Sell. Ramon-126 Snlz, Robln'74, 105 Salazar, Hector-46. 54. 55, 66, 103. 104. 105 Salual, Javier-13, 41, 52, 55, 112 SAL'S PL ACE108 Sanchez, Jacque-75, 93 Sanchez, Ophelia-29 Sanchez. Ramla451, 102 Sanchez, Vlckl-72, 105 SUIUUS, Duane36. 46, 102 Sanders, Fred-23, 44, 51, 63, 98, 129 Smdcrson. Steve-105 Sandoval, Maurtcz'40, 105 SANITARY MARKET4 17 Schalzr, Kenneth-31 Schein, Pa1rirl180, 81, 98 Schalar, Pzwy-81, 105 Schneider, Geolglanno-31, 47 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT36, 37 Scott, Chris-44. 98 Terry, ua-12. 11, 102 Thomas. Den Dee-124 Thomas. Jannller-77, 103, 105 Thomas. Keith-105 THRIFTEE SUPERMARKET-120 Tlcn, Tanya-77, 96 T-OFF lt SUCH-120 Tomlln, Brenda-76, 98 Torres, David-66, 69, 81, 85, 96 Torres, Dewayna-102 TRACK-60, 61 Trcxnll, Roberta-32 Trujillo, Anna-23 Trujillo, Bemke-72, 102 Tmpuq, Glo:-la'102 Trujillo, Sherry-17, 23, 66, 69, 70, 72, 74, 97, 98 Trujillo, Troy44, 98 tility bills in the new building caused the administration much distress. Ullharri, Kathy-7, 60, 72, 74, 80, 98 Urcadcz, Serglo46, 52, 61, 65, 102 were sent to many students by their admirers. Valdez, Glorla478, 105 Valdez, Johnny113, 98 Windsor. Maureen-29 Windsor, Sharon-76, 98 Woodall, Dave-31, 32, 56, 61 WRESTLING-50, 51 W"591'f- JHCQUIIYYPI5- 49, 55. 68. 69. 72, 85, 96, 129 wfegm, Jlmmy'B2. 102 wyan, Kelly-51, 102 elling by students at the "Stampede" assembly upset many faculty members. Yarger, Joey-46, 66, 67, 70, 81, 101, 102 YELLOW FRONT-124 Yetman, Eric-69, 72, 80, 81, 85, 92, 96, 115 ooming in front of the school was halted by the presence of speed bumps. Zale. Gene-61 Zale. Paul439, 51, 98 GENERAL INDEX-131 iii' "I love you," signals Rodrick Hogg at the Clifton-Morenci basketball game. An impromptu version of the dominoes cheer is performed by students at one of the girls' basketball games. 00N7 . f'4Rf 62" vw Lbqqogn A good-looking senior, Brenda Carabeo, dresses up on "Punk Rock Day" during Spirit Week. "We're lil!" shout the seniors at the football homecoming assembly. "Charge!" shout seniors Kathy Causer, De- siree Leonesio, and Debbie Burt during the Wildcats two-point home victory over the Clif- ton Trojans. 132-WE'RE STILL THE ONE ty. The transition from the old to the new high school has been com- pleted. become used to strange-sounding bells, windowless rooms, segregat- ed halls, and the sudden, "Pardon And finally . . . r . the dream has become a reali- the interruption. Mr. Knutson, Mr. Knutson, please report to the of- fice," All in all, it's been a productive year for MHS students as victories have been claimed not only on the athletic fields and courts, but also in the classrooms. Students and teachers alike have vii' P V e x , 'G 1 1 3' rm if it 3 WH 5' 4 ' fflrff H Q 'Q 7 357 21" fl K V ,uv I I ,.,,.,,14ff2fga?f" " 'fi fix ,Www 'WWW -Q WE RE STILL THE QNE 4 X , ' 4 'e I M. , 7 t . Y ' ' 'Q-N .li'CVCv' .!CJx. C'v'NCL'ZLLf 1CUQi4Cf www, moms mg w +0 pwlqqa, wif' 0640006 prijnf 635115 9116065 +,bQw,-.L q,1Q0,V, +41 ewfug MAQJ3 LQCLQQ-2 Krieg QOOK cmmd QTWKQ 'V' plcubcfx x5V'kCV'NCX P EK t yyxyxi YO LE ggcxuavxmb gf qw Q03 3 WA 1 . , Q I 37 lf 2 W K WW W df mv N X YL U4 QM Q X4 fr N xf J W --. v Socmidb ff' U QL Uv x. k- L mx QX Q. W vx w 'QQ he XM 6 "X ix. X Xn X X 'Rx at XX Q Af QL? 'ffzq P cw Q' f 65-Qva? Y cf 'Q fi C 'P Lv CW' f K4 K 'W .Ng 'i 'Q-E-., 676452 Q6 fiom dad Q mm S? Q A Q, CY A A R? Q if Q 2 fs O if 1 '43 5 TX 3 X Q Q. :Q Q m R W Q 55 E'-DQ X 'RQ Q X X JRJ fVllKQf f29iJfQ!?J 14 70007 -Fffiewff 1915? I LG ICHUW1 G55 ff ff I' f0177-HMG. 1,7979 V00 50009931 if Oi 2 1,-fe fdui aMfJu4fOI47 I hope? Uog A Kenny whffd 5645 w'ffN'ff6dQd V ,Ads lbvfldffmffvrs-'ilfdia 54' 66137 '9 07f.,tUff1fZV'YV 60 fufxfhladcfafbf bi' iM? 12 ffouf' yofjfff 56 fn CIM mlUH'MafE J WV74 Up' 'Hgwef G good f50MwLec."T jGVLcLldof1LP V 'ack wwf Cicll' Zinc' 13 H, Q Q' S A ' 'XL1 500 nuff 'lb AIXXITBQO and Q'-gm GAO 67 wwf 7, J 4-1, lf C52 .' 2 - Q ,'-5' . 49.5 X ,TQ Q Ok -Frglgnd '7Ff'lL6, f7df c:'f' j7f111'1QM"H'HS MQAQKQ. 1+ iydgf Tw: Summa? NQQC1? we have wwf,-g,-.amy Ad, fvx X KQQ X ,. 0 c- 035 +n'm 65 'G1'poffcfT3a Q7 XNQ QQO SMP nn-X15 ' lfwxug v7f1c',AQ of fhgmq-4,155 X fa ITG' l'fh6cu'y WMD ZQJUQ- OW? an 0xuJVxxK.Q SU707VV7k6V' ' . A,, ww LLMX1 QM 'f'f'gWG1f17W W LUYGQA XF K Kevxvvf myqbtx ldqboiir QAXWL7 'S-JQQXX W TSA? xlew AXQWD MVN? bU,,g,V, Kwan wwe NMA szfw kwx KQWS Q5 wcsjgils gxacy as .xQ.xB.fl.fS :wg wrexj, WL ,1,.,,LQ .22 M410 jk LQZZ4 fy-Jxjff Cfldfx-Q Maki? do A744 41? Swwi Qing Eb vu-ef WWM Od deew 420 ' ff. A54 pf ' Jf X Ig, u . '1 1., 4 Q, A WLWULQ Q JQW5, YQ, LQ ffwfgl W FE, , KJ! KVM MV if W K few 33533 , kj? C! X f QQ Q9 V f M2 Q K of ,L. gf Q :gk O SNS ,L ' !,f I 76: M S- x ' Cathy k' Q1 Cf' UI Of mf U'IUi D GfUlPln S az XJ' X G":1 . mQ,fLD'md3yLLL 53pXM ' PS LO! - All V r,fL9JUl- ww V ,I C YQ QW 5 IM A A W ff 692 X1 ,Xl Q, ,W I ! ,, X , W N V! 2 f W ww LW W ,Q ,AX ,L QW? f4fAQ,,z,,W, M N uv if , , y . ,wwf W wg M 77 MfWff7MM QV aw D DJ N W7 Wfnjfwj iff QJN Q, ,fcffvqlff ,CXZKMLC an 'W fpffwwhwwfg if, XJ 5 XQGJYQ ' jf 'kg-1-LL ff? fzwwf ,QS V 5 Q W ,. Xxx Sb K IRQ XX L fy?-CICLZLLM QR VK h N 5 'UH KY B J, ff L , xi . N gxxx ,Ly 'QQ 4 N. " L, J --QN L .X YN Lux, X N ,NN Qebffw' U Y A go xr v'-xy YS - GH-vw IS. 4, 'XX' of n ' 1 1 ,f X, 1 x fx f1f6A,fu" f A fig i X A' ' ffm? IZWZL K f WZ, XL Z MMWQMMMMM , ,f f f I X 4 M I ff 47 , ,, gfiifgw ,4f4fc"1Q. 5:4424 1 gf 5 Fi? fs Q xy WJ SPXQSDQS. so Q?G5rg1Y55SsSQ 9 TQYSSVWBS Fw SQQQSQ SQ 26555 igww M mpg Q? gsm? 'SS QJEQQMS QS WEL Whfiwff gf WjfMffyyJfN.1W! VWWNWHVJ J M 'W WA ww: ,JF Wu MMMMW 5222? 5 32 2535553 33 52 'QQ gf I J Q0 232532 ???ggggf 4g53C4Q0?f W 1 Q 1 ' M .5 X Q3 fQ JM xlggxgyxixg W YF NN Nb -4,1 L ' Dv PI W NA X- Q V X N X JN' xg! s ,Q -I 4 oU .,1 1 - Qc' A , fa.: af Q fx .J-2 it-Q 11 vo Xl if ix Q! 3,2 af LCC' Q, 'fi T fj QQ, J, 9X f 'A E 2,35 Kg , '+R X., 2 F fag X A 5: 25 , Nh kt, 5- ,ff keb ' ff F' fy PK: P W U XP- r L, ,fa ig gn O NC, X KD - 4. Z 51,5 if Q ?E,-gg,g5"2f?gj1Xg?g - O Sw 7 ax kb N-J Cb Q, b pf ig 'Eg E f Rf fag' Q iff? L92 'iw Erfqy , L . 2 - 'X' if V 55 H g+2 ?ifg, Sim Qfflvi xx KE gr PC Q. fig, if' X? Q5 'x5QN.iL +0B7sAQ,kq,AgUg1'g fx RO HX' fi' Q GQANLQA cw XO Q, K-LN E? gg' Q5 gg 1 N5 FN R. ,Q wx qu he fa Cfixvf f g Ti. Q L ' AF.. Z E Y X. X Q- E, 'Y ,R-QP YT V- if 4 217 Qi. if-l Q Uwgi - Ti FQ 'Q XE' '-.Kffii EQ EA 'Q , P '15 Cy , A Ei , Ch. 'E -- - X vi' asc xiii lxf- EA . T 'I'-3 YQ h QV' ' 'XC crm 'B Xi., Q3' X T,-5' '5 'Tx 'QQ K? 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Suggestions in the Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) collection:

Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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