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Azwf 52 My 16005 S2 Id f dw of My teenage W yt f W l ll M Jwfjljiwy ab :lea it we 5 is Cb 9 From the beglnnmg of hlstory the mlnd of man has shaped fl pk own 'I I fr of-P to h1s envlronment He has conquered new lands and tamed the wllderness to create the world of today From long ago when the earth was thought to be flat to the tlme of men on the moon and E1nste1n s Theory of Relatlvlty tlme and peo ple have lnfluenced our l1ves Down through the ages the ldeas of men have shaped the world that we llVC 1n today e ven as we ourselves now shape tomorrow One of man s most mfluentlal 1deas 1n the past 200 years has been the Unlted States COHSt1tUtl0H The men who wrote lt foresaw a natlon where all men could be free and enjoy the beneflts of Justlce Today we are stlll trylng to make these ldeals reallty Our country has become the meltlng pot of the world a refuge for human rlghts Clfffbu: OA' f ffl 'LANG 'Q nq Xlftzffpv-gf, im' l"4P'- ln-u L ii ' in M I-ts 6 A A gig? V , ' 0 0 SQA ' fiend Wm' Q 'S K4 L fa H, 5 0? . ig 1 A I .Q Q 1 . 7 V W N . Q. U ii , w fig? Q , g r QE D . . .w - X A! QU . , I 5 I , Jxqjl 'X gk. 2 if . I xmel K .A x, '-' : ,I .v A 0 , I' 51 . . , .J 4 .9 rg ' 1 Q I . 'L 1 ' 1 v , 0 1 ' 4' 4, I . fa "Mix T:-mm.. - ff., 1 ., A l L2-N I, gf vi I ll 1 . 72,1 mx g A R X X f? X A X 1 1 -4 '- Q x ' '- I i f ,f ' L fyf, ffl Q 1 Mi V2 L 1. 21' ki 04 1- Xm . '4 x j .-- . . J' rf . ' . 'A '.f:"'q?'h- .. - t 1-. A.-ft-11+ - H ' " A A -.f ,gr . x, x I ,Y .fi -, A xx Xl. f' In x'. al A K " Fi' -' : Ja . , -' 'Y 3 1 4 I D, ' -an V1 ui. 5 A-. ax is . 35 vsp' ., ' Xl A " Q , . '- "' v "' ff, ' X' X ' xx 'I - Q xi' x 11 I 3 .X X X - 'N . l ' '4".f'-.W - Vsa. . - . , - , ., , ' -. ' ,, K ' .' I 4. A Q" . 1"7'f . ' 1- :X X ' Q 1 -, 4 Q3 Lic "X 1- 4. f 'J 1. N , . wp. ' - .. 2 1 , +4 ,M ml X1 5- K, K , nl I I., X '1- tix If - p . f .1 k.',"'1x, 'x..gH - Q X 1, . 1 ' L ' X- v 5 X x, "Xin ', If If ,, ,X 1' ,X 7 5-J f n .1,,.x.4fY .fl 'V,'qJ-YV,,5:,. -Ak I VL l 'YN ..,.s-.-A J, X- JV' . D 4 275,14 Z4 ' ."" . x., .,fg.,14k,T,4Aj1j-HL In V 7, f I, 'k,f3'Li:' X24 2' Lf' f fx 1 1.1 " a 5, K 1.113 fx ff 1 ' " 1 J M 1-'Lf ff' LJ . . ., --, f -QA- ,ff ,ff ,W ,V . ,,-'-'Lf . 5 , , I '-'fJk.,eif- rf K. Sim dx'ovOSyp,q?f wif YSJWWG MQ 95 592595 0,41 QQWW jx ' xxx 2 . NL, l 1.1. . , 'H ' - A , .,., N, , Q QW? u7Q E. f'Xr, WV, K aww? ,X . .- WU: Q x LJ A X QM D LJ fs, t Fgbiiufx Q I , . S5 Qi' A R M X35 ' ,tr 'CQ , V I f Q ., - U SL E96 W mfzw A GX Q53 is if QSM Q? Q' f A J f QQ X . P Q G LL yy XA Qk g 'A, V, , UQ Q? SVN ci bb M5 wj g Q55 57 N I I SX LQ W IQ yy OLU-ri XX ff' 'eo 2 'Q 55 E E Z ul ? Zo 3 U76-1916 o EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Lynn Brubaker ADV ISER Marjorie Johnson W-Affmwmumrvwffm W M ,..r, , ,. 5 Y if Copper Cat 1976 Volume 31 Morenci High School Morenci, Arizona 85540 weqhe Ye-arbook-Staff Dedicate This Year's Bicentennial Copper Cat to. . it AT A GREENLEE COUNTY trischool council meet, Mrs. V. chats with a county advisor. g , 1 H X Q . L ,Q I This year's yearbook is dedi- cated to one of the best teachers Morenci has, Mrs. Ellen Vander- vort. Known by many students as "Mrs, V.", Mrs. Vandervort has taught in Morenci for 20 years. After receiving her A.B. Degree from the University of Nebraska, Mrs. V. taught Botany at the U- niversity of West Virginia until coming here in September, 1956. ln her 20 years at Morenci High School, Mrs. Vandervort has giv- en and shown her teaching abili- ties and talents of understanding to many students. Whether disec- ting frogs, locating human bone structures on a skeleton or just reminiscing about early teaching days, Mrs. V. did not bore her classes, but made them exciting. Also a Student Council sponsor for many years, Mrs. V. boosted the meetings with her happy en- thusiasm and uplifted the "faint in heart" with her encouragements. With her sponsorship many acti- vities and special days have been added including Sloppy Day, Slave Day, and College Visitation Day. AFTER BECOMING "Arizona Teacher of the Year", Mrs. V. was introduced to Mr. Jenkins, if Z President ofthe State Board of Education, by Superintendent of Public Instructions, C. Warner. Mrs. Ellen Vandervort Mrs. Vandervort, ur Friend. .Arizona's Teacher of the Year Active in educational and local Mrs. Vandervort organizations, is a member of Theta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma and served two terms as president of the Mo- renci Education Association. Al- though living north of Duncan, Mrs. V. has retained her membership in the Morenci Chapter 39 of the Eastern Star and became Worthy Matron in January. Mrs. Vander- vort is also a member of the Dun- can Town Planning Committee. Named "Biology Teacher of the Year" in I966, Mrs. V. was hon- ored this year when she became "Arizona Teacher of the Year". Students and fellow teachers alike crowded the library to watch her as she appeared on "Today in Ar- izona", a state television program. Mrs. V. was nominated for this honor by the school's administra- tion, teachers, and student body. Mrs. V. will retire this year. Though Mrs. Vandervort will be missed very much, she will al- ways hold a special place in the hearts of her students, the faculty and all her many, many, friends. I 1 I l FACIAL expressions shown by former biology students indicate Mrs. V.'s teaching qualities. FORIVIERLY from the old hospital, Henrietta, one ofbtwo gift skeletons inhabits the biology lab. v , X SHEDDING TEARS of joy, Mrs. V. re- ceived the "Biology Teacher of the Year Award" in I966. BELOW: STUDENTS PARTICIPATE in Slave Day activities. if Nineteen Hundred Seventy-six Celebrating the Bi-Millennium of the Southwest With our nationls two hundredth birthday here, it's time to reflect on our own area's history. Ar- chaeologists have determined that Arizona has been inhabited for at least 10,000 years. This makes Morenci's heritage rich and varied. The early residents of Arizona were nomadic hunters who entered this area in 9500 B.C. They e- volved into three distinct groups: the desert-dwelling Hohokam, the Anasazi, and the Mogollon in the White Mountains. By the 1500's, when the first Europeans arrived, there were fifteen separate tribes. After Spanish adventurers con- quered Mexico, opportunists be- gan to explore northwards. The first white man to set foot in Ari- ' .4 a 'VH - . V 6 f..,w..,,, ,V vf,h K '.,,,w , 4 W H , . , .. M W A .af , , , , .. .,.g .Q W , H 'Hf'-,',1 ' ., , V, g. .5 , H. ly ' ,.. w , . 3 f EARLY mining techniques included ore trains hauled by mules and horses from the mines. Colorado River begins to cut the Grand Canyon 2,000,000 B.C. First Inhabitants migrated from Asia 15,000 B.C. S3 .EQ ee 6 Q l B b 6 Slew zona was Fray Marcos de Niza in 1739. False tales of wealth led Coronado to launch a major expe- dition. He returned two years la- ter knowing much more about the Southwest. His expedition put an end to exploration for forty years. The next explorers were led by Spanish priests in 1609. The em- pire of Spain had begun to spread northwards. Father Eusebio Kino, one of Arizona's early pioneers, started a chain of missions in 1687 that spread to the Gila River. Af ter Kino died, Arizona was lected until the Jesuits came. friars of St. Francis were next 1767. All of the tribes except Apache, who came to be a received missions in The first years of Mexican pendence through 1830 were ful, because the Apaches had calmed. Land grants brought miners, ranchers, and During this period, mountain came to Arizona. These were advance guards of English-speak ing pioneers, who contributed t the impatience felt with the la Mexican rule. This growing dis content, as well as other factors erupted into the Mexican-America War in 1846. By 1848, the terri tory north of the Gila River wa the property of the U.S. The re mainder of the state was acquire in the Gadsden Purchase in 1854 Even though the Arizona are claimed to be southern sympathiz ers, Charles Poston was able t pass a bill in Congress to mak Arizona an official U.S. territory President Lincoln signed the bil on February 24, in the year 1863 By 1886, various governors had brought order and civilization t the territory. Postal routes, tel OLD TOWN AS IT STOOD in the early I900's. Most of it has been swallowed up by the continued growth ofthe Morenci Open Pit Mine. ,N 'NIA ' -QT: I ly. , "W 9 ' . +QW3'Q"1 .s .. . . X' 411 ,. K.- tgt,-L 1-551 AREA RESIDENTS of the early I900's. A CATTLE drive down the San Francisco River was not an uncommon event many years ago. Big game hunters enter the Southwest Divisions ofthree major Indian tribes Coronado's Expedition 9500 B.C. 900A.D. I540A.D. ,. ffregi f " .qi 1 4 S- Ki an A A ,, 5.5. 0 Q, t . K " t .,.Y -, ,, P K K Ki? ,K :K as 1 blog. ' F ' . f' , M0 1 .r'."V,. ,. 11 . - 9 1 Uh- W .AES 30110 ,v 5 7 -in - i ,I ' ' R 'fe X .,551f.g ,F t. ti I ,, . . ,.K,..,,1.1 .,k K 5 '-wg, '-'- 1 ' f - - f e '-" 'Xt K A i w e i.. 1' X ' . ', ' K K A K' - 'MOIQSICI 1 K 1, - .K 2 if srubac I 3 -s., w1g.givf9a 1z i: was -- msn, fwfr 'iqififg . 3 .w J A , K' N 'if - A rf ! ff if ' H - - I 9500 B.C. , O Morenci. . .A Mosaic of Time and People egraph lines, and railways were set up. A. P. K. Safford set up the first public school system in 1877. Copper found at Morenci, Bisbee, Ajo, and Jerome, along with silver at Tombstone, enticed settlers. Most of the tribes were placed on reservations, and the marauding Apache Chief, Geroni- mo, had surrendered. The first university was founded in Tucson. As the wealth and population of the territory increased, several bills aimed for statehood were in- troduced into the U.S. Congress, but were voted down. In 1903, a joint statehood bill with New Mex- ico was introduced, but Arizona legislators refused to consider it. They vowed to fight any policy that would cost Arizona her name, i- dentity, or history. An enabling act signed by Taft, the constitution drawn up, and Arizona became the THE DESERTED club and garden of old Morenci soon will be gone leaving only memories. The Arizona Territory Major Copper Strikes 48th state on February 14, 1912. Since Arizona's birth as a state, it has grown to over two million people. Arizona .is noted for its' agriculture, tourism, and mining, but it is mining that has become the backbone of the state's econ- omy. Arizona is the major cop- per producer in the U.S. today, with Morenci contributing more than 12.8696 of its' total output. The Morenci area in 1902 was producing around 675 tons of pure refined copper each month. By 1912, the town had survived a ma- jor strike, and had rebuilt after a large fire. Closing the mines in 1931, the depression stopped the boom. The town returned to life in 1937 when Phelps-Dodge began stripping for an open pit mine. It was dedicated in 1942, and pro- duction was up to 425,000 tons of ore a day in 1943. The moving of the picturesque town three miles down the mountain, and the open- ing of the Metcalf Open Pit Mine in December, 1974, are the latest developments in Morenci's history. Greenlee County Founded 1864 A.D. 1870 A.D. 1909 A.D. 1-.1 Dimmu vm g ' 'X ' cutout.,-Q W. i - V C. N.. ,. I x l 5 ..... - ....,- HA i Y f 1 to., , 1- , My ff F "H . fs. . , . - Orff R s. . .4 . .,.,,.f,G I r .Wim - .,. L,.,1,1 ,, ., ,b T. f. In 1 ,I 4, Q ,.1 K P 1 HN x ' Il. 1 A , is. .ws-"" 4, 1 wt 1 ,if L' .1 Y 41. I!!! Q" 500 B.C. IAD THESE ARE THE FACES OF MORENCI the people who have lived and worked in this community, reflecting the people of the past Arizona Statehood Feb. 14, l9l2 A.D. :fig 3' I -af! e t .rf ' A 'iff' .2 me .X 'F X W is W ' R' glww . V' ,." ....,.'.T'x Nix. ' war' ' ' renee fme., -is -. ....,..., ..r,,5iW..3.,.t.t. ,,,.. M A... .,,. 4 .R wi . Q -nf, A , ..,, .,....,. ,E V Q, R1 S' ee -A 'LW .. , X Mx... -4, W Morenci Open Pit Mine first opened l940 A.D, F l lll,,l pp The People in any .k,.. .. ,ff A ,,K,v kviafivfr YW ,A 'gin qw, Knowledge . . Q 'jji-ggjff My -, - M-f.. M, , K 2 Friendship . . . . , .I ,gfmhyg 2' t . U, elf. ML ., - 'ff Ekpg li A ', fig 4: "qi i The Community 'Q 43' , Q f N Vx. Nl , ,itz 'fi f ,s ,QV 1-' V r ,Q , , Y W ' 915651 1 '-2-.fifw .V ini ' 'I W' ff' 1 Q.5zj " f .'. '11 'km v ", ' M ,, egg - . V -9 Y Q mx in at 1 f "Mn sum Q tis wr my v '- f ,K 3- 356 . FIM 5' :Q .. ' .e .Ah fe A A .3 .V 3,11 5 my V i fEf9'?1 3iibQC53-H5 ' o"' " f. , Raw " 976 Bicentennial School Year Begins Revenge Against Clifton Completeg Ignot Home The early days of fall. . . hot weather and homework. . . then students and teachers alike settled into the school routine. Volleyball and football teams were organized, as were many clubs, and initiations began. Freshman initiation was an all-school event when frosh wore tags stating 'Fm a punky freshmanf Copper Cat sales got off to a good start in early October as more than 300 books were sold in three days. The football team promoted school spirit by singing the alma mater at a pep assembly: the win over Clifton, 29-0, helped a lot, too. Students were released early one afternoon because of a cancelled VICTORY! Coach Martin's expression says it all! Safford Bulldogs were defeated, 30-2l. national assembly ai . ' c .1- ' - ' l T DEJECTED photographer George Johnson rests a minute while organizing group pictures ABOVE. CROWNING Girls' League King Kenny Joe Blackman, wife, Vivian, presides, LEFT K - K, ,..k ,- Q . - ,- - -.L , 4- , b tf.-Mitt, fa , 5 5 , L - I: kgy. , ...:k., .L W ,, A AT THE SECOND GAME ofthe year, Morenci Wildcat Marching Band performs intricate figures under the direction ol'Tom Braeuer THESPIAN lNlTlATlON! People, play-acting and partying get together as A.Jacoby and L.Brubaker sample food, ABOVE. BONFIRE before Salford game keeps spirit high, RIGHT. i A W '- ,KX 3...- kl X... K A ' ,fn INDUSTRIOUS .IUNIORS spent many hours blowing up and tying balloons for a Homecoming float, only to have them float away too soon. October and November Bring College Visitation Day, Award for Annual Staffg October 16 brought repre- sentatives from colleges all over the state as seniors . considered their futures on College Information Day. A Medalist rating was awarded to the 1975 Copper Cat by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Morenci High School also received high honors in the Veterans Day Parade when the Senior Class float took 2nd place and the Marching Band took 3rd. Wildcat pride took on a new dimension when Mrs. Va ndervort became Arizona's Teacher of the Year in October. Later in November, she appeared on the Today in Arizona show. Thanksgiving vacation helped to relieve the agony of defeat when Page took away all chance of AMID confusion of the band bus at State Fair, P. Provencio puts away coat. Slatfb, 26-0. The float placed second in competition. 'E . , Xxx A Z J I X f . . vt ' , . Q. . "Mx 5 t . 7, . T X,,e . s E 3 3 i fs 5, ORCHID FOR a favorite teacher' In honor of being chosen a finalist for the M I' S V H O n Arizona Teacher ofthe Year award, Mrs. Vandervort was given a corsage. I I fi-Q si '- M 1 Q3 3 ' 1 p asf' e' Q SPIRITED POM PONS perform during halftime to entertain crowd, above. REPRESENTING the IGAA, Judy Montoya crowns Marty Bradford Homecoming King during ceremonies, left. Winter Months Bring Return of the "Wildcat", Semester PUBLIC EPA HEARINGS were held to allow citizens to discuss the problems of pollution. Exams, ACT, Amid Christmas planning, practice, and studying, students found time to collect food for the annual charity drive. This was weighed at the Student Council Christmas tree de- corating party. With 437 pounds the seniors won. Both basketball and wrestling started with triumphant vic- tories over Clifton. As the spring play, "Arsenic and Old Lace" was cast, re- hearsals soon began. Tests came next, seniors with the Betty Crocker and ACT, andjuniors with ITED. The return of the "Wildcat" after Wa V ' , ,+ ,. vg-:iff '- 5 1 ' if HANGING CHRISTMAS decorations in the halls, A.Ortiz and A.Edwards. ,riveting it WEIGHING in food at the annual charity food drive, Dennis Sorrell and Edmund Lopez. xx EPA Hearings an absence of two years was , greatly appreciated by the if faculty and student body. Though Phelps Dodge has spent several million dollars trying to meet EPA standards, many problems still remain. Cit- izens and students flocked on December 16, to voice opinions. The traditional Christmas con cert was again given after a years lapse. Then. . .came the long awaited holiday break. Reluctant students returned in January to the challenge of semester exams and the game with Safford. SHOOTING FOR TWO, Steve Perry puts it up against a tough, aggressive Deming defense, MADE WITH NaHCO3? Chemistry students bake a cake for Mr. Galusky's birthday, below. lx V, jf ' esqg ' ' I M T-5, , 'U --,rt vJ,M.U k I , 5-,,O.. A sg: ,JR V "3wgj..iz1if1 ' N Ji . . C-BUG .for . X N ..,,, i Ti. ,' ' . 'lit '- -,,!Sx-.1 -,-.xl i r. lfffllj Sfmncsk Clubif lri'X0lt'tKiq r 4 iqcx liiapreciawm s fire' THANKSGIVING APPRECIATION gift is presented to K.McCain by Spanish Club members STUDENT council members trim tree. . E 5 i i I 5 5 2 ' 2 .QL 3 ff., f Qt PRESENTING trophy, is Rebecca Deyo. PERFORMING ROPE tricks, magician Jerry Winn and student volunteer A. Edwards ' H -xy -- Winter Includes .. , , f - ,- 4 r iw ,, - V.,-4.'f' 1 A t l"'Q5t,Q -ree gl t 1-P -guy-Q T',,j1j"" 4 -'H Q- ,ast ,aff f ,Y C t P d V u. 'T 'gif vrss - i 8 Nsilfgt n a e B 5535 . " 1 ' 1-1? 5:"2 , " 'TIF it I ' . . . ' f g f .fftivn Early in January a magician 'L K Q . qvygftwg, .fur Z tg- -ffffffg. . ,.tl .g 1 "f it-1 'fktfx . . "T I J N . . 1- l"r ' . 'j1'4fw, appeared in the second National 0 -., " ig-1 - f .. v ' -la - .11 lT'S HERE! After waiting nearly a year. students got their first look of the "Wildcat" bus. Assembly to perform rope and card tricks. Graduation seemed nearer to seniors when, with their parents, they prepared graduation lists and ordered announcements. One minute, which the 'Cats didn't have, might have pushed a fourth quarter rally into a victory over Salford, but they lost 8l-79. During the second weekend in February the wrestling squad went to Marana forthe "A" south divisionalsg and two ofthe wrestlers continued on to the state tournaments. Severaljuniors were honored when Boys' and Girls' State representatives were chosen tContinued on page l5l Nh g 'Mag K 9.4 1 ua fr' X1 ve. -Q awEA?h! LLLLM VANDERVORT ARMONA EACHER YM TEACHER OF THE YEAR, Mrs. Ellen Vandervort, rides on the Delta Kappa Gamma float during the Bicentennial Parade held in Clifton. New Pep Bus the juniors voted on the prom royaltyg and National Honor Society initiates were announced. Excited sophomores ordered class rings, while budget minded parents despaired at their cost. Six delegates to the annual Model United Nations held at the University of Arizona represented the country ofGuyana. At last, after a year on order the new "Wildcat" Activity Bus arrived. School was dismissed early so that students could see the inside, while the band played the school songs. Morenci's first girls' basketball team brought home the first place trophy after winning the Divisional at Sahuarita. 1 ? mf I g A-f WHAT COLOR stone should I get? Sophomores picked class rings during English classes. l r st if 115 NOVICE SPANISH National Honor Society Spring Brings DECORATING for Junior-Senior Prom, B k S I K.Shupe stretches to staple streamers. a el Y. uf- 'f I , y'1' ' 4 l 1 AFS SPONSORED BOOKSALE was a success as many community members participated. members sign membership roll during initiation Easter Vacation Spring began with a flurry ofexcitement! While athletes were nursing sore muscles and sunburns from baseball, tennis, and track practices, drama students were frantically getting their play ready for a grade school matinee. AFS helped the community chapter hold a book sale, which also included plant cuttings and records. Anxious eighth graders were able to pre-register and choose extra activities before the much needed vacation of Easter arrived. M lvullll Jfdfxlluwfss - t,,1Q--- .A i , , v1vrfwrrr55rrvr,?,1,, M , t. . t, . BASEBALL COACH Clifford Martin speaks to Boosters during the Spring Sports Banquet, later honor trophies were awarded to athletes. DIXIELAND Band members entertain during annual Quill and Scroll Banquet. 'Ne-wo... X XM ettets 'Nb A M L?-Ti. iff.: 1 5 FOOD! A.Ortiz and T.Williams enjoy themselves at Pep Band party. KING AND QUEEN, S.Perry and D.Rodela are crowned. Students Return for Spring Play, Exams, Long Awaited Graduation frm THIS IS IT! Staffers Jerry Chavez and Donna Rodela enjoy signing the finished annual. l Y AT AWARDS ASSEMBLY, D.Gaskin is honored for her excellence in French III. SENIORS BOOGIE during their assembly. They reinacted a 1940's style dance rr Rested students and faculty returned from Easter vacation to finish the school year. Outstanding students in Publications were rewarded with Quill and Scroll keys at the annual dinner and initiation. Others were initiated into Spanish National Honor Society for their diligence and interest in the Spanish language. Happy Copper Cat staff members distributed their Bicentennial edition at the annual signing party. Excited couples, dressed in their finest, attended the Junior-Seniors Prom. Classmates fretted over final exams, then sighed with relief when they were all over. Many awards were announced at the Honors Assembly. Later Seniors received their long- awaited diplomas with parents and classmates as their guests. ,al If 1 fiiiiiiwf W X 44 1- Q .uk gl i., gig 165' 1 Q, ACHIEVEMEN I O I A large part of Morenci's acti- vities centered around the church. The first service was held in 1885 by a minister who served Clifton, Morenciggand Duncatnf-,.t1.By 41886 the Rev. regu- lar services ini tyhetfflschoolhouse, and gbyyl9Ql 'thelMorenci Presby- terian was qgdicated. The Cath01ifi EE2????LPfCh b6gf1Ei?5??iiQ'2i5010- manvillei Wmission in 8 Later, after the Sacred Heart'Parish was established in Clifton, that church took over the mission in Morenci. Rollerskating was introduced in 1885, and a large rink was built. It was later used as a gymnasium, indoor baseball diamond, and for 1 on N X. 4 li My "'Z"J5 Y , -R. :aura 13 , ! ' Q .. 'iz .,, .... 53.3898- 3 -.'..i-amiysg ., ., 5' 5 ' l. Construction of new shopping center. 2. Constructing first of two smokestacks. 3. Early labor strike. 4. A 4th of July celebration. 'rg ix? .jr N ! :V 153 moving pictures. Large crowds were drawn by cock lights, a pop- ular pastime. One less desire- able form of recreation was the saloon, some with dance halls at- tached. These establishments did much to give Morenci the reputa- tion of a 'hell town'. Other, more genteel activities also abounded, including several music societies, and a Literary and Social Club. Many fraternal orders and com- munity service clubs were active by l9ll. In the l920's, the copper companies kept baseball players on the payrollg Morenci boasted of a local semi-pro team. Later sports became a school activity. fggvgp- r-as ' ur' L ll' 1 Wm- it ' 5 Coronado Trail. 6. New activity bus. KSN. ms 12 N'94ffi'.l' 77' EJ: -AY5'1'1 rs ! STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: James Conant, Dolores Bustamante, David Garcia, Shelly Forstrom, Mary Ann Casillas, Patrick Chavez and Diane Casillas. 2ND: Janet Farrington, Shelly Hendrix, Dena Gojkovich, Sandy Morgan, Pam Gale, presidentg Albert Ortiz, vice president: Donna Rodela, recording secretary, Judy Montoya, corresponding secretaryg and Lynn Brubaker. 3RD: Caro- line Rodela, Donna Brice, Hubert Williams, Dennis Sorrell, Donald Goodman, Alan Edwards, Richard Romero, and Edmund Lopez. Student Coulncil Attends Convention, Sponsors Winter Food Distribution With the student-lounge in its second year, the Student Council members expanded their noontime sales to include ice cream bars. At College Visitation Day in 2 October, members hosted repre- W ccyiiii sentatives from the Arizona Col- leges and three Universities. At the State Convention, the lo- cal chapter received an award for Ji outstanding work done last year. Members volunteered to help Mrs. V. label the large collection Y of rocks, fossils, and other bio- i ,I Q logical exhibits that have been given to the biology department. As the year progressed many class competitions were held, in- cluding Pumpkin Day, Homecom- ing Floats, the annual Christmas Food Drive and Spring Spirit Week. STUDENT COUNCIL ADVISER, Mrs. Vandervort, helps members pop corn before games. Girls' League Stage Formal Dance, Theme, " ance With Me" Traditionally the Girls' League members sold pop and programs at the home football games, thus earning activity points. Others earned them by bringing ice to the games and also by selling cards. The annual All Girls' Halloween Party started off with a potluck dinner held in the Home Econom- ics room. Afterwards, everyone went to the gymnasium where cos- tume judging and skits were held. The Girls' League Formal had a theme of "Dance With Me" and .4 ,,.,i f at was decorated with the colors of fa-' Wwflieilr i V- .M r- lime green, sunshine yellow, and . ,ai if H I ,infra Y s g! x . fp ,H ,W I ' 4, vb mx f, ., x peach. President Vivian Black- ., 4 ,,,vf, i . mx man crowned Kenny Joe Blackman wa., l ,174 W iigaai ,j -as., f-fj.,'-I king. After the crowning, couples Ma n Y N 'Wm then danced to music by HUSH. M.. Selling sodas and cards paid off . as the girls with the most activity Points enj0yed a weekend trip to " ' ., i Ph0Cf1iX 10 SCC 2 Stage Pf0dUCIi0H- COUNTING MONEY FRoM cokesales, President Vivian Blackman and Sylvia Gonzales. l975-'76 GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS INCLUDEZ FRONT ROW: Terry Perea, freshman representative, Diana Casillas, sophomore nrepresentativeg Vivian Blackman, president, Dilia Najar, junior representative, and Carol Gonzales, sophomore representative. ZND: Cindy Gomez, senior class representativeg Sylvia Martinez, secretary, and Shelly Forstrom, freshman representative. 3RD: Sylvia Gonzales, senior representativeg Cindy Copeland, junior representativeg Mary Chavez, treasurerg and Debra Alvillar, vice-president. Ya 3 gas? W,,a.5-,igy-iaft1:1ia,.5,4-"C..?i?e ,W wr , I Spanish Club Members Present Appreciation Basket to " 4 F' 4" SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS ELECTED for the current school year are: Gloria Ruiz, vice- presidentg Edward Frasquillo, president, and Emily Bustamate, secretary-treasurer l - L - Q r. K. McCain The annual initiation was the first Spanish Club activity, but this year it was held on the foot- ball field instead of in the Home Economics Department. The in- itiates participated in a variety of games, including a tricycle and an egg race. Afterward they enjoyed spanish food and soft drinks. All students taking Spanish may join. During the year several very successful bake sales were held for the scholarship fund. This is awarded each spring to a gradua- ting senior. Some of the money was also used for a holiday party. At Thanksgiving club members pitched in to collect canned food and bought a turkey to present as an appreciation gift to K. McCain. SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Terry Stinson, Evelyn Rodriguez, Brenda Kay Nelson, Dilia Najar, Yolanda Val- dez, Judy Hernandez, Anna Rodriguez, Linda Stacey, and Bertha Moran. 2ND: Katherine Montanez, Evelyn Bustamante, Jeannie Mal- denado, Debbie Urcadez, Barbara Ann Marin, Diane Reyna, Cynthia Peru, Perri Lynn Walden, Alice Vargas, Cynthia McCormick, and Emily Lozano. 3RD: Patricia Martinez, Elizabeth Lucio, Alva Saenz, Katherine Ruiz, Denise Medina, Debra Alvillar, Shelly Herdrix, Hope Rogers, Darlene Segovia, Alicia Settle, and Shelly Montanez. 4TH: Peter Provencio, Esther Perkins, Carol Rodela, Christine L. Martinez, Teresa Padilla, Gerra Spivey, Edward Frasquillo, Diania Ontiveros, Sylvia Martinez, Frank Subia, and Alan Klem Zale. 5 , I 'Xt -ll In ll ii 'P 'Q F 1 Y Q62 I has luv' SPANISH CLUB MEMBERS ARE: FRONT ROW: Stacey Blackman, Philip Perkins, Annie Carabeo, Marie Carabeo, Debi Chacon, Erin Delaney, Gloria Ruiz, Rosalva Tellez, Kathy Rogers. ZND: Annette Duran, Stephanie Chacon, Lucy Gallegos, Michelle Guerra, Kathy Florez, Barbara Bailon, Maria Bustamante, Mary Chavez, Emily Bustamante. 3RD: Sylvia Garcia, Evan Bustamante, Barbara Bar- quin, Mike Guerra, Shelly Forstrom, Josie Candelaria, Laurie Espinoza, Pat Chavez, Tom Gomez. 4TH: Don Goodman, Harold Alex- ander, Ben Smith, Arnie Espinoza, Vivian Blackman, Carol Gonzales, Dena Gojkovich, Rick Benitez, Loretta Allen, Mark Grijalva. it My COMPETING in tricycle race, T.Pena. ,ry 1 SPANISH CLUB INITIATES JUMP OVER tackling blocks to become members ofthe club. French Club ill-em-b-ers Raise Money by Car Washes, Selling Stationary The annual initiation held at the football field was the first event of the year for the French Club. New members were required to take part in competitive events, including a three-legged race, and a treasure hunt. The initiates re- ceived activity points for their participation during the games. Several fund raising activities were held to provide money for parties and the proposed trip to Canada. These included collect- ing aluminum cans, car washes, bake sales, and selling stationary. Also at Christmas the club col- lected food to give to the needy. The officers elected by mem- bers were: Cheryl Baxter, pres- ident, Lisa DeVaneyg vice-presi- dent, Jacque Armijo, treasurer. EXPLAINING THE RULES of the three-legged race to the initiates is Mr.John Washington. .. Q in A dh - A A. FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Kimberly Hardcastle, Pamela Major, Donna Sue Marsh, Katherine Harrington, Tammy Vanaman, Kathy Rogers, Rhonda Holliday, Lisa DeVaney, and Janie Sutton. 2ND: Sharon Towle, Veronica Harbison, Vicki Holliday, Tina Kline, Sandy DeVaney, Emily Beth Bauhman, Phyllis Lynn Knott, Patricia Laney, Lorrie Bradshaw, Robert Hampton and Calvin Hardcastle. 3RD: Jeffery Cluff, Bruce Campbell, Joe Baber, Debra Filleman, Cheryl Baxter, Jacque Armijo, Deborah Gaskin, Pamela Gale, Donna Lynn Brice, Steven Carl Conger, and Steven Mullen. 4TH: Edwin DeVaney, Dixie Redelfs, James Ham- ilton, Wade Wagley, Dennis Simms, Cheryl Jones, Karen Paetz, Anita Jacoby, Steven Enrico, Linda Smith, and Diana Ontiveros. AFS aises Money AFS began the year with a car ash, book sale, and sold tickets or a EAC dramatic play to raise oney. Meeting every two weeks n a Tuesday at noon, the Amer- 'can Field Service Club helps to bring a foreign exchange student to Morenci by providing money. hess Club Has outs at OOH Meeting every Friday noon, the hess Club began the year with a ournament scheduled for Safford, ater canceled. Others were held. layers quietly strove to advance o the top five by winning two out f three games in local play-offs. 1 l f . l to ,M , kkff it ,,t MEMBERS FRONT ROW: Shelly Forstrom, Leslie Hetrick, Kim Wagley, Lisa DeVaney, Phyllis Knott, and Sandy DeVaney, ZND: Paetz, Lynn Brubaker, Tina Kline, Mary Ann Casillas, Cheryl Baxter, Emily Baughman, secretary: Alicia Settle, and Maria presidentg 3RD: Rally Discipulo, Bill Nunez, Peg Simons, Cyndi Copeland, Sharon Towle, Donna Brice, Heidi Towle. 4TH: Hamilton, Debbie Shurtz, Anita Jacoby, Karen Paetz, Dennis Simms, Selma Shurtz, Rob Bartee, Linda Smith, Dena Gojkovich. UITPKJ NH' A CHESS CLUB MEMBERS participated in two tournaments, FRONT ROW: Terri Stinson, Sandy DeVaney, Bruce Campbell, Selma Shurtz, Sharon Towle, ZND: Phil Perkins, Bob Vasquez, James Hamilton, Bill Nunez, Dennis Simms, John Campbell, Rally Discipulo. 27 'T i ..,' .b Qs X STUDENT ACTION for EDUCATION members: FRONT ROW: E.Perkins, T.Stinson, M.Casillas, R.Holliday. 2ND: R.Hampton, P.Owhiler, T.Kline, L.Brubaker, V.Zale, P.Simons. Ms ,L 2 PEP CLUB MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Edmund Lopez, Vice-President, Kim Fahey, President, and Cindy McCormick, Secretary-Treasurer. ZND: Annette Duran, Charlotte Morgan, Susan Ulibarri, Lucy Gallegos, and Robin Buxton. 3RD: Joanne Van Pelt. Larry Nabor, Steve Russell, Steve Conger, and Diane Ontiveros. 4TH: Priscilla Begay, Judy Hernandez, Mary Shupe, Barbara Fahey, Terry McLaughlin, Lisa Hamm. 3RD: D.Brice, S.Shurtz, A..lacoby, D.Gaskin, L.Smith, E.DeVaney. SAE Members Plan to Teach Student Action for Education an organization which was lished to allow students, who to become teachers later in lives, to acquire experience in variety of educational SAE met every other W in the science and chemistry Pep Club Aims To Raise Spirit School spirit! That is what Pep Club is organized to On days preceding basketball football games, members of Pep Club are working very to make colorful posters the posters are finally they are hung around the l 1 ildcat Returns No newspaper had been publish- for two years, so the new ad- Miss Snell, had to teach journalistic writing. Class also had to learn to cut stencils properly and operate the machine correctly. Their mimeograph had not been for two years and the cylin- had been tipped over and left months. Miss Snell and her members had to take it apart piece by piece. Eventually it was clean and it would work properly. Since no funds had been included in the activity budget for newspa- per supplies, members sold chan- es on a Thanksgiving turkey to raise money for their first issue. his was printed and published as ' Christmas present for the stu- ent body. During the second se- ester the staff published a pa- er twice each month. They also repared a page of school news or the Copper Era each month. STAFF members make final corrections. tai.. x,Q' 1 LL.- WORKING HARD, Anita Jacoby, Co-Ed- itor, types up copy, ABOVE. ALMOST CLEAN! Wildcat advisor Miss Snell and Stephanie Chacon, Ronald Simms, and Dave Taylor put mimeograph back toge- ther, LEFT. Other staff members are P.Laney, T.McLaughlin, H.Rogers, R.Grey, and Rita Martinez, Co-Editor. er Two Years As Student Bod Christmas Gift l. J , ,i Iliff s THESPIAN MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Fernando Gonzales, Laurie Espinoza, Tina Kline, treasurerg Priscilla Begay, secre- taryg Mary Ann Casillas. ZND: Cyndi Copeland, Peggy Simons, Patricia Laney, Denise Medina, Lynn Brubaker, president: Vera Zale, Grace Espinoza. 3RD: Deborah Gaskins, Judy Brinkley, Emily Bustamante, Jerry Espinoza, vice-president: Theresa McLaughlin, and Billy Nunez. 4TH: Sylvia Martinez, Linda Smith, Philip Perkins, Mark Grijalva, Anita Jacoby, Robert Benitez, and Connie Ramirez. Pantomiming Thespians Welcome New Membersg Organize Spring Pla DISPLAYING HER ROPING talents, De- nise Medina performs during initiation. Weird antics and laughing faces were visible when the Thespians held their autumn initiation. New members were asked to present pantomimes for their contribu- tion to the night's entertainment. Auditions for the spring pro- duction, "Arsenic and Old Lace," were held in November. In this comedy, two nice little old ladies commit murders as a charitable deed. Pam Gale and Lynn Bru- baker were picked to play the lead parts of Martha and Abbey Brew- ster. Money earned through food sales was used to pay for the cos- tumes. Several members of the play witnessed a performance of "Arsenic and Old Lace" staged at a Tucson theater on December 6. A WIDE ASSORTMENT of costumes were worn during drama club initiation. Among the representatives were a farm girl, pirate, football player, Spanish dancer, and pumpkin. 'Y' xlgfly , 7- I 5 5 hal TRAGYC CLUB MEMBERS who plan activities to promote traflic safety include FRONT ROW: Ruth Franco, David Garcia, Ronald Simms, Veronica Harbison, Sylvia Garcia, Deanna Sabin, Laurie Espinoza. 2ND: Eddie Mortensen, Bill Jones, David McReynolds. Emily Baughman, Sandy DeVaney, Paula Ohlwiler, Lori Gray, Christine Kline, and Dennis Jones. 3RD: Selma Shurtz, Sharon Towle, Kathy Paetz, Anita Jacoby, Shelly Hendrix, Judy Brinkley, Kathleen Shupe, Peggy Ann Simons, and Dale Shupe. 4TH: Karen Paetz, Dale Lucio, Dennis Simms, Donna McPhearson, Donny Goodman, Joe Goodman, Mark Brinkley, John Campbell, and Debbie Shurtz. TRAGYC Sets New Membership Record ith Thirty-four TRAGYC, Traffic Representa- tives of Arizona's Governor Youth Council, set a new record as it entered its second year, by sub- stantually increasing its member- ship. Meetings were on the first and third Mondays of each month. Members studied ways they could help highway safety. They also planned programs for kindergar- ten and the elementary children. Early in October Paula Ohlwil- er, Shelly Hendrix, Judy Brink- ley, David Garcia, and Jim Con- ant attended a statewide TRAGYC conference in Tucson. The meet- ing's theme was the effect on driv- ing by alcohol and other drugs. TRAGYC OFFICERS are FRONT ROW: Paula Ohlwiler, chairman, John Camp bell, treasurerg Peggy Simons, secret ary: ZND: Shelly Hendrix, co-chairman I Kathleen Shupe, scrapbook chairman VG 3'5" 31 7 p P gin' Q- +C THE WILDCAT CONCERT BAND MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Evelyn Rodriquez, Janet Farrington, Peggy Ann Simons, Anita Jacoby, Mary Dolores Bustamante, Stephanie Chacon, Kimberley Anne Hardcastle, Patricia Lynn Laney, and Charlotte Ruth Morgan. ZND: Barbara Fahey, Cheryl Jones, Barbara Bailon, Kathy Ruiz, Karen Paetz, Rhea Descamp, Tina Kline, Perri Walden, Geraldine Rodriquez, Rodolfo Porras, and Carol Rodela. 3RD: Jean Maldonado, Pamela Major, Sally Wagley, Sharon Begay, Alberta Williams, Linda Smith, Jacque Armijo, Debra Alviallar, Emily Bustamante, Jo Ann Manzanares, Kathy Ingram, Jane Aguilera, and Susan Hair. Wildcat Band Marches and Performs at Half-Time: Presents Yearly Concert BAND OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Lupe Balderrama, supply officer: Sally Wagley, lib- rarian: Al Ortiz, president: Debra Filleman, librarian: Bruce Campbell, supply officer ZND: Paula Ohlwiler, treasurer: Peggy Simons, secretary: Billy Nunez, Robbie Duran supply officers. 3RD: Anita Jacoby, librariang John Campbell, vice president, Rey naldo Peru, supply officer: Dennis Simms, supply officer: Jim Hamilton, supply officer. The marching band performed during half-time of all the home football games. Getting ready for Friday night games meant Thurs- day night practices. Sometimes members found this resulted in chattering teeth and cold hands. To prepare for the annual State Fair Trip, the band practiced new music. Before leaving everyone turned in signed permission slips. The pep band played at all home basketball games. The band could not prepare for the concert until the close of basketball season. The last show of the year was graduation, when the proud sen- iors marched across the lield to the silent strains of the band play- ing "Pomp and Circumstancef' 4, .1 ONCERT BAND: FRONT ROW: Eric Armijo, Don Bertoldo, Rhonda Holliday, Debbie Merino, Veronica Harbison, Sharon Towle, Sandy eVaney, Verna Begay, Deanna Sabin. ZND: Selma Shurtz, Kathy Paetz, Bruce Campbell, Ellen Thomas, Carol Sanchez, Cheryl Baxter, icki Holliday, Terri Stinson, Lillian Espinoza, Paula Ohlwiler, Debbie Shurtz, 3RD: Dolores Chavez, Sandy Morgan, Emily Baughman, illy Nunez, Dennis Zanin, David Zanin, Johnny Campbell, James Terry, Jerry Espinoza, David Baca, Pamela Gale, and Steven Medina. 4. 12,1 l l . .. . . v E l laae 7 H, -X., .. K V C1 Q E - T :--v 3 v? f - .1 lk RFORMING CONCERT BAND MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Darlene Sorrell, Priscilla Begay, Donna Sue Marsh, DebiChacon, enda Kay Nelson, Ronald Simms, Jim Shoptaw, Andrew Romero, and Donnie Trujillo. 2ND: Ricky Espinoza, Josie Candelaria, Danny erino, Stacey Blackman, Lorene Jim, Debra Filleman, Christine Martinez, Leslie White, and Albert Ortiz. 3RD: Mary Lou Proven- , Dennis Simms, Timothy Daniel Galusky, Don Goodman, Reynaldo Peru, Robbie Duran, James Hamilton, and Guadalupe Balderrama. Isllitstewtttitktimanat2tt,l.l,lat,a 3' si .Zi ,X Wvxm .. tbytxxtxg-.s ll l lIllllllll.ltlliltllliltll -te it me HX Band Members Travel to Fair Sleepy band members bc the busses early on the mc of October 25, for their a visit to the Arizona State F After a six hour ride the arrived late and had to hurry get ready for their concert. f I I I l I I I R I XX X live I lF,R1,i'ti It tertained by several bicent i i I I it X I I by Q N RH gqlflt pieces and country rock the ,. ,I 5 tg . .. Q i X gi I T gave a large around of app t ' 'S K Cl, ' K t 'N F.. K . Q 35 ' , 'L X . ' ' , .i E Q th r vt g I 1 g X Then changing their clothes, Q lily?" 3 :dvr 'K -, ,Q band members had a half day , A , 3 3 3 ,' A I N--. I I 5 I 'x' g K the fairgrounds. Some me If r I g f .I '91 i f t , A y rode the thrilling rides, I , . I 1, I I I 7 I is Q I I I ' games, and admired the many I I gt I I I g b r teresting exhibits. Exhausted i , g' - A I s y , y g gyyg iq , qggi'- g ter a long but fun day, the 3. ' ' g I F I r i g X y I members loaded and boarded I i H 1 I up i tx t . F . 1 I . busses, for the long trip ll lll T 37 I I 7 v Q Almost immediately everyone I , 'tl' ll g ' it f, F3 . XX asleep, people who stayed f I g R 1 1 Q ls X , A , g .X g talked most of the way home. i ti f I I gy 'L I1 1 Q A , , ev, gt t 1, lj '2 busses arrived back in M I I l t wt . 1 fl 3 if ' s K It - X lt Y 'i as ' 'r to 'X morning, where they were . , 1, WHEEIIII EXCITING ride is enjoyed by hand members who fly down giant super slide. and unlodded for the dst 5 I TIRED BAND member Bill Nunez boards bus after a great day for the trip home. 34 VUDGI BEAUTIFUL NIGHTTIME MAGIC created by the bright, glowing lights of thc State F 412' J f . Q Q 1' ' 0 3 mi gg , ' I , N" 55. ,r K ALX1 , , I. . , 'Q Q' jg 4, :"-g"'fN fm. 'f'iZHt'bf fz xv. x hunt v , K - I 4 V L'f--- W ,'- W W 'k"', N .23 Sw :Ea "" kg A I 5464? 6 L F. '-'NVQ :N H-.'f1?53 'Y' x.J FL GLEE CLUB: FRONT ROW: Bernice Sarracino, Kim Severin, Robin Buxton, Connie Baca, Suzette Marshall, Sandra Luna, Shelly Mon- tanez. 2ND: Sylvia Gonzales, Lydia Bellamy, Lucy Gallegos, Cecila Valtierra, Rosemary Padilla, Kathy Rogers, Gloria Ruiz, Cindy Delgado, Cecil Fierro. 3RD: Heidi Towle, Connie Daniel, Mary Chavez, Kathy Giacoletti, Alicia Settle, Alva Saenz, Joanne Van Pelt. Vocal Music Department Resumes Traditional Yuletime, Spring Concerts CHOIR MEMBERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Kathy Harrington, Patricia Wright, Kathie Benavidez, Patricia Lujan. ZND: Gera Spivey, Cyndi Copeland, Carrie Romero, Joanne Paz, Denise Medina, Judy Tomlin, Jane Aguilera. NOT PICTURED: Jo Ann Manzanares. Two classes meet regularly in the Vocal Music Department, the Concert Choir and Glee Clubg both groups spent most of the first se- mester working on music for the Christmas Concert which was held on December 18th. Occasionally they also enjoyed popular music. For the Christmas Concert, a double duet sang "O Holy Night." Several Spanish songs, accompan- ied by Aguallo and Vargas on the guitar, were included. As a fea- ture number, the Concert Choir and Glee Club combined, singing "A La Nanita Nana" accompanied by a Brass Choir. Other songs were Give Me The Love, Christ- mas Hymn, and Wondrous Love. The beginning of the second se- mester, small groups were form- ed. A Spring Concert including bicentennial tunes was planned. Vocal Music Students Form Choir Groups, Attend Spring Music Festival With most of the pressures and headaches of the Christmas Con- cert out of the way, the vocal mu- sic classes were able to sit back and relax, practicing some music just for their pleasure. However, these pressures soon returned be- cause the groups planned a Spring Pops-Concert. All of the music sung by these groups was either Tunes, Folk Songs, or Some of the songs for the Concert included, "Come Morningj' "Never Can Good-Bye," "Mandy," and Your Own Kind of Music." A Boy's Quartet of Bruce Tay- , Mike Walk, Terry Williams, Chris Lee was formed early the second semester. At the ame time Cyndi Copeland, Judy omlin, and Patricia Wright be- an practicing as a Girl's Trio. The members of the Girl's Con- Choir were early risers on 27th when they went to the Music Festival in Tucson. e festival the girls sang, "Ave " and "Three Folk Songs." i 'K if 'Si I " If ' K t 7- z. , 5' f v ' .GV 5 t 5 s 'W l Q' fi f ' 'I ' r I il " " .,,-' th I I - it rr, - his Q .-an ...a .......... .... - , f--nl T BEFORE THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, a program of familiar Christmas music was presented by the V PROVIDING instrumental accompaniment at Christmas Concert, J.Aguilera and A..lacoby ocal Music Department w...e S 3 3 l975-76 COPPER CAT STAFF members: FRONT Curriculum Editor: Phyllis Knott, Sophomore Editor: Annette Duran, Co-Managing Editor: Nancy Nelson, aging Editor. 3RD: Ed De Vaney, Esther Perkins, Brice, Photographer. 4TH: Dennis Sorrell, Sports ,. ,- '.-t ROW: Lynn Brubaker, Editor-in-Chief: David Garcia, Paul Gonzales, Kim Hardcastle, and Priscilla Begay, Class Section Editor. 2ND: Robert Hampton, Dena Gojkovich, Subscription Manager: Donna Rodela, Senior Editor: and Calvin Hardcastle, Co-Man- Connie Ramirez, Junior Editor: Emily Baughman, Advertising Manager: and Donna Editor: Mike Wilcoxson, Photographer: Rob Bartee, Photographer: Rudy Porras, Assistant Sports Editor: Philip Perkins, Freshman Editor: and Sharon Towle. NOT PICTURED: Timothy Galusky and Eileen Sierra. Copper Cat's 31st Year Covers Events and Celebrates Bicentenni lift Ckmwr mf- . , 1. HOW MUCH lS THAT STIX? Copper Cat staff members sell candy at football games. Copper Cat staff members gan the year by selling adve ments in the Morenci-Clifton and Safford. Candy was also at home football games. E ning freshmen were taught the damentals of constructing a year book. Saturdays before dead staff members worked furi to finish pages. For the first ever, the staff had their own r All award certificates won i950 were framed and then The 74-75 Copper Cat rec a Medalist Rating from Colum Press and also a First Class ing from National Scholastic Association. Future photog ers took a short course in phot graphy. Near the end of the year layouts were begun for next year The yearbooks arrived in May then were distributed and si Rat AMUN Representatives Attend Annual Meetings at University of Arizona A delegation of six students at- ended the Arizona Model United iqations on February I4 and l5, at 'he University of Arizona. Repre- Lenting Guyana, a country located n South America, the delegation Eucceeded in passing one of the esolutions proposed by the group. The purpose of the A.M.U.N. s to increase understanding of he United Nations and its tremen- ous responsibilities. With about 0 Arizona High Schools partici- ating, the many different points f view help the students gain an nsight into the reasons for con- icts in the U.N. The sessions lso help the participants to un- erstand different people and their ultures. The necessity for diplo- acy and cooperation during these onflicts was also demonstrated. .M.U.N. PARTICIPANTS: FRONT OW: Shelly Hendrix, Lynn Brubaker, nd Emily Baughman. 2ND: Rudy Por- as, Anita Jacoby, and Calvin Hardcastle. tat Girls U Y A N A G UYA N A eep Records for All Basketball Team Members Sports minded girls competed at the beginning of basketball sea- son for positions as statisticians. In keeping statistics for Varsi- ty, Junior Varsity, and Freshmen teams, the girls learned to keep track of the number of field goals, total scores, attempts, fouls, re- bounds, passes, and assists made by each individual team member At the end ofthe year, the scores are totaled, making it possible to determine whether any new re- cords were made. The girls also traveled to the out of town games. STAT GIRLS: FRONT ROW: C.Ramir- ez, D.Ontiveros, T.Vanaman, C.Mc- Bride. ZND: B.Moran, S.Forstrom, D.Goykovich, E.Bustamante, B.Marin. Energetic Squads Support All Athletic Eventsg Stage Pep Assemblies THE ENERGETIC VARSITY ChCCl'le3dCl'S include: FRONT ROW: Darlene Segovia, Gloria Ruiz, and Dixie Redelfs. ZND: Cindy Lujan, Debra Filleman, Rosalva Tellez. "GO WILDCATS, FIGHT!", was heard first at every game. Many new cheers and pompon routines were performed during the season. Both the cheerlead- ers and pompon girls experimen- ted with many routines learned when junior varsity and pompon girls attended a summer camp. Bake sales at lunchtime were hectic when the girls delivered their orders of food. T-Shirts were also sold to raise funds. The varsity cheerleaders tradi- tionally decorate the teams lock- ers every Thursday to wish the athletes LUCK before the games. Prior to the all important Safford football game, the boy's locker room was decorated with red black crepe paper and pc SPIRITED POM-PON SQUAD members include: FRONT ROW: Cindy Gomez, captain: Anna Rodriguez, Christine Martinez. ZND: Elkins Rodela, Nancy Nelson, Perri Walden. 3RD: Leslie White, Carolyn Romero, Danette Archer. STANDING: Kim Fahey, manager YO JUNIOR VARSITY cheerleaders include: FRONT ROW: Debbie Chacon, Kelly Fuller, ENTHUSIASTIC cheerleaders and pom- manager: Brenda Nelson. STANDING: Brenda Gomez, Loretta Notah, Geraldine Subia. pons cheer the Wildcats to victory LT RI: SMILING WHILE PERFORMING at ' State Fair, L.White and C.Martinez. FRESHMEN: Susan Rodriguez, Stacey Blackman, Darrlyn McClellan. TOP: Olga Moran. Lettermen and Lettergirls Select Homecoming Ro altyg Sell Refreshments , ' ' "mf: e ,zirfsomq f If In order to gain membership in kg M ,. R+ the Lettermen's and Lettergirl's Clubs, a student must earn a let- i ter in a varsity sport. This takes X many long hours of practice. Al- so he must go through the torture of initiation where many hilarious stunts had to be performed. One such activity was transferring ma- nure from one bucket to another! To the Lettermen and Letter- girls go the honor of selecting all Sports Royalty for Homecoming. Crowning the King and Queen dur- ing the halftime ceremonies were Albert Ortiz and Judy Montoya. Refreshments were sold at all home ball games and one day ham- TAKING part in Lettermen's Club initia- burgers and hotdogs were cooked tion, Rick Aragon, LEFT. OFFICERS: A. during lunchtime to earn money- McCormick, R.Aragon, A.Ortiz, TOP. This year the Olympic 260 Club lf' 44 LETTliRMEN'S CLUB: FRONT ROW: Reynaldo Peru, Pancho Espinoza, Ronnie Gonzales, Albert Ortiz, Calvin Hardcastle. Dan Brod- erick, Rob Bartee. ZND: Bernard Chavez, Richard Romero, Marty Bradford, Ross Bacho, Lupe Balderrama, Danny Chacon, Chuck Hampton. 3RD: Alan Edwards, Marc Malloque, John Hughs, Ben Sanchez, Casey Saenz, Mike Lopez, Ray Lujan and Steve Perry. 4TH: Kenneth Blackman, Brady Bruce, David Gibson, Kevin Wright, Ricky Aragon, Larry Marin, Steve Lopez and Alan McCormick. LETTERGIRLS INCLUDE: FRONT C.Gomez, D.Mursh, R.Tellcz, K.Ro- and J.Farrington. 2ND: S.Wag- K.Whitby, C.Martinez, .l.M0n- K.Florez, P.Gale, and D.El- 3RD: G.Ruiz, S.Chacon, J.Ar- D.Ontiveros, N.Nelson, and C. McBride. 4TH: D.McPhearson, D. i'lem.xn, D.Redelfs. E.Bustumante, dL C.Romero, and D.McBride. added to the Weightlifting pro- A person must be able to press 260 pounds three con- times to fulfill the re- Other Clubs include 20 and 250. All earned a let- atch to wear on their sweater. . fl., YK HTLIFTING CLUBS INCLUDE-220 CLUB: FRONT ROW: .l.Terry, A.McC0rmick, and T.Gomez. 2ND: P.Allen, D.Tucker, quillo, J.Aguilera, and R.Benitez. 3RD: B.Sanchez, S.Quinn, M.Vigil, A.Edwards, R.Peru, A.Ortiz, R.G0nzales, L. i , v and W.Wagley, ABOVE. 250 CLUB: FRONT ROW: A.McC0rmick, E.Frasquillo, and R.Benitez. 2ND: M.Vigil, A. S.Quinn, A.Ortiz, and L.Balderrama, BELOW RIGHT. 260 CLUB: A.Edwards, A.Ortiz, and K.Blackman, BELOW LEFT. Varsity Football Team Smashes Clifton, Brings Copper Ingot Home, End DURING THE copper ingot game, Alan Edwards stops the play in the backfield. The Wildcat team was ready to play their first ball game after a hard month of practice. Mud and rain awaited them at Cobre, N.M. The Wildcats took possession and marched the remaining distance for a score. Reynaldo Peru had the honor of scoring the first TD of the yet young season. Morenci exploded during the second quar- ter. Rick Aragon romped for two touchdowns, including one follow- ing a spectacular run covering 78 yards. Peru also scored another touchdown on a pass from Bertie Williams. Rick Aragon ran for 112 yards 'during the first battle. The following week was for the battle for the Copper Ingot. The grid unit was out for revenge af- ter last year's 14-0 upset. Mor- enci jumped out to a 15-0 halftime lead. The ground attack of Larry Marin and Albert Ortiz netted the two scores for the gridders. The 1 gridders played good defense dur- ing the second half, holding Clif- ton to 16 total yards. Larry Ma- rin crossed the goal strip for the second time. The defense played well all night keeping the Clifton total yardage under 80 yards and recording the second shutout of the year. Marin had 100 yards rushing for the Morenci gridders. The Silver City Fighting Colts came to 'gThe Hill" to face Coach Martin's Bad Black. Stopped by Si1ver's defense most of the game the 'Cats were able to keep Silver in check. Control of the score- board changed hands many times with the Fighting Colts leading at the half. Morenci took the lead when Gil Tapia plunged over from one yard. Silver City managed to get into field goal range to add three points. Then with 3:13 left to play, Albert Ortiz scored from the one yard line to win the game. g A: 1 " , W A A F3 M, , -Ti 'dig' "i9'ff""9f' A 'TZ M f-. :N ENN! Sl: N Ugg, 3: 65550 A at v sniff" if , wg X 1: Z, 2 1 Q. J .3 A M' ,.-'-- H- I . . F, .t 1, I .1 .- . .vi siffwgz-,s A! is. ' W I -fr : -fs, . - frgr V . ...if afar, ,gi - - A-SOUTH CHAMPS: FRONT: Steve Smith, Larry Marin, and Mike Vigil. ZND. Alan McCormick, Dan Broderick, Donnie Turman, Al Ortiz, Danny Marin, Ross Bacho, Ron Gonzales, Mike Lopez, Rick Benitez,,and Steve Perry. 3RD: Ed Frasquillo, Danny Moreno, and Lorenzo Espinoza, Phil Allen, Richard Windsor, Rick Aragon, Dennis Tucker, Bob Castaneda, Ray Lujan, Bob Benitez. 4TH: Hubert Williams, Alan Edwards, Brady Bruce, Benny Sanchez, Reynaldo Peru, Kenny Blackman, John Hughs, Dom Giacoletti, Gil Tapia, Ken Lee. 5TH: Kevin Wright, manager, Bruce Redelfs, Lance Boling, Wade Wagley, Bernie Chavez, manager, Calvin Hardcastle, manager. Nine Year Winning Streak for Safford Bulldogs The San Manuel Miners came to Morenci. The Wildcats drew first blood when Richard Windsor kicked a 26 yard field goal. On the first play of the second frame Larry Marin turned the corner and ran 54 yards for a touchdown. San Manuel returned the ensuing kickoff for their only score of the game. The 'Cats controlled the second half when San Manuel was only able to run 17 plays for the half. Albert Ortiz scored the fi- nal TD of the game when he ran ll yards to cross the goal. Ma- rin was the leading rusher with 110 yards. Morenci had 306 to- tal yards compared to just 173 yards for the San Manuel gridders. The Bisbee Pumas were next isited by the Bad Black. The in- tial drives for Morenci ended in umbles, but they soon got it all ogether. Larry Marin went out- ide and raced 78 yards for a TD. orenci struck again twice dur- ng the second quarter. Rick Ara- on scored following a 80 yard march and Reynaldo Peru scored on a 19 yard pass from Broderick. Following the halftime intermis- son, the offensive scoring mach- ine ran the total up to 39 points. Ortiz, Tapia, and Marin scored once. Larry Marin again was the leading rusher with 118 yards on 8 carries. Morenci had 323 total yards. Bisbee was allowed 139. The conference rivals, Safford Bulldogs visited the local gridi- ron. Safford struck first follow- ing a drive. Morenci then scored first on a Richard Windsor 35 yd. field goal, then on a 34 yard pass from Dan Broderick to Steve Per- ry. Safford began the second half by scoring a touchdown. Rick Vil- lalba then scored his third touch- down of the night, early in the fi- nal frame. Then the Bad Black began a comeback. Larry Marin took a lateral and raced 80 yards for an unharrassed six points, and then the defense did what they do best. They forced Safford to punt but the snap was bad. Alan Mc- ECEIVING A SCREEN PASS, Albert Ortiz hunts an opening behind Phillip Allen's block. Cormick fell on the pigskin in the end zone for a TD. Peru scored the insurance touchdown on a 20 yard pass from Dan Broderick. Marin had 125 yard for the 'Cats. The Bearcats of Ray were des- troyed by the Wildcat gridders. Using abalanced attack from the backfield, Morenci rushed for a total 200 yards. The Wildcat de- fense held the Bearcats to only 111 total yards. In the first half Reynaldo Peru and Larry Marin scored for Morenci. Late in the game, Benny Sanchez recovered a Ray fumble in the end zone to conclude the scoring. The vic- tory ran the season record to 7-0, and a record 11 straight victories. PLAYING against the Safford Bulldogs, Larry Marin grinds out tough yardage. 45 BEATING CLIFTON defender, Steve Perry receives pass for a first down. LEADING punt returner, Rick Aragon watches for opening. Bad Black Sq-uad Clinches A-South Crown by Stomping Mustangs The 'Cats extended their win- ning streak to eight games by de- feating the Miami Vandals. Lar- ry Marin crossed the goal late in the first quarter. Reynaldo Peru then got behind the Vandal defend- ers and scored on a 38 yard pass from Broderick. Richard Wind- sor made the halftime score I6-0 when he kicked a 33 yard field goal. On the initial drive of the second half, Mike Vigil plunged 9 yards for a score. Windsor add- ed the extra point. The Wildcat defensive unit held Miami to 127 total yards. Morenci's gridiron squad had 327 total yardage. Lar- ry Marin had 119 rushing yards. Sahuarita was then attacked by the Wildcats. The defense inter- cepted seven Mustang passes and ran three of them back for scores. Within a minute and a half, the Bad Black had put 20 points on the scoreboard. Larry Marin, Brady Bruce, and Albert Ortiz were the ones responsible for the effort. Dan Broderick ran for a 10 yard TD, and Danny Marin and Rey- naldo Peru each ran interceptions back. In the third quarter Albert Ortiz and Steve Perry finished smashing the Mustangs. Albert Ortiz accounted for 104 rushing yards. The Wildcat defense held Sahuarita to 80 total yardage com- pared to Morenci's 341. Marana was the last conference opponent of the 'Cat gridiron team. Rick Aragon began the scoring when he ran a punt back 65 yards. Gil Ta- pia then scored from the one yard line late in the first quarter. Rey- naldo Peru was on the receiving end of a Dan Broderick pass and he cleared the goal line for the TD. Richard Windsor concluded the scoring by kicking a 31 yard field goal. Larry Marin and Al- bert Ortiz were the leading rush- ers with 101 and 90 yards each. The playoff jinx struck the 'Cat squad again. Playing Page, the gridders were unable to move the ball and Page was able to strike against the tired Morenci defense. End of the season sports awards were presented to: Albert Ortiz and Al Edwards, Captains Awardg Most Improved, Dan Broderickg Most Valuable Player, Larry Ma- rin, All Round Player, Richard Windsor. Other honors went to Steve Perry, Benny Sanchez, Gil Tapia, and Kenny .lo Blackman. Receiving All Conference honors, Offense, Broderick, Tapia, Peru Marin, Blackman, Windsor, Ed- wards. Defense, Sanchez, Peru, Edwards, and Perry. All-State honors, Defense, Edwards, Per ry. Offenseg Edwards, Blackman t it 9 f . A I '. " . I ITA V, aj .,., , g DROPPING BACK TO PASS, Dan Broderick looks for downfield receiver, top left. AFTER CARRYING OUT HIS assigned fake, Gilbert Tapia looks for block, top right. ALL-CONFERENCE KICKER Richard Windsor demonstrates his Wildcat record breaking form, below. Varsity Scoreboard We They 27 Cobre 0 29 Clifton 0 21 Silver City I5 I7 San Manuel 6 39 Bisbee 0 30 Safford 2l 2l Ray 0 23 Miami O 55 Sahuarita 0 23 Marana 0 State Playoff 0 Page 26 Record I0-l QUICK COUNT!!! Wildcat squad warms up before tough game with the Safford Bulldogs. F ff 9x X . 'N ay S ,-',3-,gas ,Jw ,7U-ggi? , 2 Qf33ee ,796 , -B9-gg an t 1' C JV TEAM: FRONT ROW: Jobe Smith, Mgr., Tommy Gomez, Rick Espinoza, Pat Chavez, Gary Gomez, Danny Morales, John Borjon. 2ND: Eric Armijo, Mgr., Paul Gonzales, Randall Rogers, Anthony Encinas, Sirildo Lopez, Arnie Tellez, Steve Lopez, Pancho Espino- za John Mena. BRD: James Terry, Mike Hendrix, Robert Romero, Tim Galusky, Chris Glodis, Bill Roche, Scott Dodd, Joe Baber junior Varsity and Frosh Teams Work Toward Varsity Skills, Finish Seasons 0-6-1, 2- JV WE THEY I4 Globe 20 8 Silver City 38 0 Deming I4 18 Safford 28 0 Safford 40 0 Miami 8 6 Willcox 6 1-'sawm- SCOREBOARD- F R OSH WE 8 Globe 6 Deming 0 LaPlata 6 Duncan 14 Safford 0 Miami 6 Willcox , ,,,., pawn 5 - ss! -twa- THEY 34 20 8 2 20 28 0 Coached by Thomas Powers and Aaron Isaacs, Steve Chavez and Ron Kalmbach, the furious Junior Varsity and Freshmen football teams started the season with dai- ly practices in order to prepare themselves for the tough season. Their schedule included a variety of schools ranging from Class AA to Class B, with two AAA schools coming from New Mexico. What- ever the size the Wildcats gave their opponents stiff competition. The Junior Varsity ended the disappointing season with a 0-6-1 record. However, most of their losses were by narrow margins. They lost to Globe by a mere six points, 14-20, and to Miami by only eight points, 0-83 tying Will- cox in the final game, 6-6. In the apparent runaway victories for the two New Mexico teams the Wild- cats had more yardage gaining 360 DIVING FOR THE reception, Pancho Es pinoza completes pass by Johnny Borjon and 186 yds. against 183 and 105. Chosen as the Most Valuable Junior Varsity Player at the Fall Sports Banquet was Arnie Tellez. Like the JV's, the Freshmen too were plagued by bad luck, how- ever they were able to win two out of seven games. Led by Herman Armijo, the fighting Frosh slip- ped pass Duncan, 6-2, and Will- cox, 6-0. Against LaPlata, Sil- ver City the Wildcats dropped a close game by only eight points, GETTING by one man, Jimmy Urrea en- counters more as he tries for a substan- tial gain, Left. OUTREACHING his rival, Johnny Valdez intercepts the ball, Right. 0-8. Although they lost to Safford the Freshmen squad gave them a tough game, leading at one point, 6-0, then tying it 14-all before they were overcome in the closing seconds by the Bulldogs, 14-20. Because of his outstanding per- formance Frank Lujan was named Most Valuable Freshman Player. . AP' ..,, f' 2 1 1' QW! -J '23 K s. If FOOTBALL: FRONT ROW: R.Martinez, Mgr., G.Villanueva, D.Billingsley, F.Lujan, .l.Valdez, H.Armijo, D.Guerrero, L.Ramirez, D.Garcia, Mgr. ZND: H.Provencio, J.Urrea, D.Altum, T.Brinkley, T.Corbell, A.Pomroy, A.Romero, E.Bust- d 'd E D V B M B 'd D.Goodman, M.Martinez, A.Zuniga, A.Espinoza, B,Buxton. ante, R.Lawrence. 3RD: C.Ma ri , . e aney, . c ne, ,J J. . W ' ' '!':,f8'- :uqw ' A 7. . 1558- . .M -A 1. 1- 'Ti' ,H ,K .,T,,m.,.li,3?.TV, ,4q,',r .. ya 55111, ,g,r:,l,,xk'1..f LAW, lfgwf. Arm M Mug , Q my A D v ,,, ag, ,I . 5. . h4zW',,, H, ,H A ,- V.-.,,,, W r. ,xl I 'xl it M - . ., , F l,v.'r,,,',. I ,::ff:"'t gg, 4 ,. N . I , , . Q f, ,Z 1,4 . . - '- . VARSITY VOLLEYBALL: FRONT: Mary Ann Casillas, managerg Mrs. Gale, coachg Kathy Florez, manager. BACK ROW: Irene Pro- vencio, Annette Duran, Corinne McBride, Diane McBride, Donna McPhearson, Dixie Redelfs, Pam Gale, Judy Montoya, and Kathy Whitby. .Y0E'.b?ll.Te.'?.L.T'5 Have Successful Seasonsg A-Squad Goes to State The "A" squad began with three returning starters. After many hard practices, they placed sec- ond at district and gained a spot at state. At state, however, they lost to Dysart and Chinle. Their overall record was 4 wins and 8 losses during regular season and 2 wins and 3 losses during tour- nament play. Dixie Redelfs was named to lst team All Conference and Pam Gale was named to the coaches 2nd team All Conference. Other honors included Lillian Es- pinoza, Most Improved Playerg Dixie Redelfs, Most Consistent, Pam Gale, High Pointg and Kathy Whitby, Most Dedicated Player. All volleyball teams had suc- cessful seasons with the,"C" team going undefeated. The "B" team suffered 3 losses against 8 wins. PREPARING FOR A block. Lillian pinoza reaches high above the net. GE TING READY TO spike the ball, Cindy Lujan awaits a set by Irene Provencio. Lin Willcox Clifton Willcox Duncan Miami Miami Duncan Thatcher Safford Sahuarita Marana Marana Ray Safford Dysart Chinle V. VOLLEYBALL SQUAD: FRONT: Anna Zepeda, Brenda Gomez, Cindy Lujan, Mary Ellen Maez, Diana Casillas. BACK: Cecilia da Filleman, Christine Martinez, Debbie Shurtz, Kathy Paetz, Carol Rodela, Shelly Hendrix, Esmeralda Maltos. FROSH SQUAD: FRONT ROW: Annie Carabeo, Dolores Morales, and Nellie Casillas. BACK ROW: Barbara Marin, Pat Mar- Sandy Morgan, Loretta Allen, Paula Denton: manager, Alberta Williams, Erin Dunagan, Dolores Chavez, and Jean Maldonado. l975 Volleyball Scoreboard VARSITY J.V. 6-l5, I3-l5,I3-I5 l5-ll,6-l5, 16-I4 5-15,12-I5 I5-7,15-6 I5-13,15-7 I7-19, I6-14, I5-7 8-l5, I3-I5 3-IS, I5-9, I5-8 l-l5,l5-ll,l5-7 ll-l5,l2-I5 7-15,5-I5 I3-l5,l5-3,15-I2 . I5-8, 7-15, 13-I5 I5-8, I5-6 3-15, 5-I5 I5-2,8-15, I2-15 I2-l5, I6-I4,9-I5 I0-15, ll-I5 I5-6, I5-7 I5-I. I9-I7 I5-6, I5-7 I5-5, I5-l DISTRICT TOURNAMENT I5-8, I5-3 I5-2,6-l5. I5-ll 4-l5,5-I5 STATE TOURNAMENT 8-I5,8-I5 I5-l3,9-l5,5-I5 FROSH I5-3, l5-4, l5-7, 15-4, 8-l5, 15-8, I5-l I5-5 I5-I I5-9 I5-6 I5-4 , I5-5 l0-l5, I5-l, I5-6 I5-5, I5-I0 i 1 SCORING ANOTHER POINT, Dixie Red- elfs spikes down a set by Annette Duran. VARSITY TEAM: FRONT: Marc Malloque, manager: Mike Lopez, Terry Williams, Ken Lee, Naldo Peru, Steve Perry, Casey Rudy Aguallo, manager. ZND: D.J. Marin, Dan Chacon, Michael Lopez, Coach Hudgens, Bert Williams, Larry Marin, Rob Varsity Basketball Team Defeats Cliftong Squeezes by Deming in Thrill ENDING a successful fast break, Naldo Peru goes for a lay in against Marana. The Wildcat Basketball squad started the season by winning the opening season games. The Tro- jans were the first to be defeated as Larry Marin and Naldo Peru teamed up to score 38 points and all the 'Cats scored. The Dem- ing game was the first real con- test of the young season. After leading most of the game, the lo- cal team ran into trouble as Dem- ing began a comeback. But in the closing seconds, they held on to the two point margin. Larry Ma- rin and Steve Perry canned 26 and 20 points each. The first loss of the season came the same week- end to the Silver City team. The Colts dominated play and despite the 18 point and 20 rebound per- formance of Reynaldo Peru, they defeated the 'Cats by l0. Moren- ci then attended the Deming In- vitational Holiday Tournament. The Deming Tournament was a disappointment to the team. won only one game to take s place. The first two games tough contests as the opp scored over 90 points. The den game was highlighted by play of Steve Perry who scored total of 29 points and grabbed rebounds. In the second game was Reynaldo Peru turning in outstanding play as he canned points and brought down I3 b In the final game of the Peru and Perry teamed to 48 points and grab 26 rebounds lead the Wildcats to the v Morenci began their conf schedule against the Safford Despite playing their finest since the Deming contest, S outdistanced the 'Cats most of way. Morenci played a defensive game but could not tain the Bulldogs. Highpoint was Reynaldo Peru with 23 i Varsity Squad Starts a Confer Morenci played Silver City for the third time, and again lost to the Colts. Larry Marin and Rey- naldo Peru each scored 24 points. The Wildcats got deeper into the conference schedule. The Bear- cats of Ray were the first to go down in defeat as Reynaldo Peru put 29 points through the basket and Steve Perry added 24. Miami was the next opponent for the mo- mentum gathering 'Cats. Work- ing as a team, the squad defeated the Vandals in a close and hard fought game. In the fourth quar- ter Morenci pulled out a 9 point lead. Reynaldo Peru was high- point man with 21 and 15 rebounds. Steve Perry was also a major fac- tor while contributing l2 points and 9 boards to the overall effort. Clifton attempted to revenge an ence Winning Streak by Beating Ray earlier loss to the Wildcats in a midweek game, but Morenci would have no part in it. Steve Perry came through to grab ll rebounds and to score 25 points. Also in double figures were Larry Marin and Terry Williams with l2 and 10 points respectively. The Marana Tigers came to town looking for a victory but the 'Cats dominated the rebounding and Marana didn't have a chance. The big men for Morenci grabbed 52 boards, Peru had 18 and Perry 21. Perry was also high point with 21 and Lar- ry Marin added l7. The defense lapsed the next night however as Deming scored 98 points. It was a balanced effort for Morenci as Mike Lopez scored 16 and Danny Marin and Reynaldo Peru added 15. Peru also grabbed 18 boards. AVOIDING VANDAL DEFENSE, Larry Marin passes for assist over opponents. l l i DRIVING TOWARDS THE HOOP, Danny Marin dribbles around defender. TYING UP VANDAL, Robbie Bartee uses the full court press. GOING FOR TWO, C.Saenz draws foul. Varsity Squad Crosses 100 Po PUTTING UP a free throw, Kenny Lee. i 4 1 1 ON THE WAY to victory, Steve Perry drives around Vandal defenders on way to hoop. int Margin Twic The highest scoring game for Morenci was against the Sahuarita squad. The 'Cats missed the re- cord for most points scored in a game by 6 points, while Larry Ma- rin tied the school record of 38 points in one contest. Most of the firepower came in the final half, and 45 points were scored in the wild fourth period. Morenci also dominated the rebounding as Rey- naldo Peru pulled down 22 of 66 'Cat rebounds. Other landmarks of the season were 30 recoveries and 31 assists, 12 of which belong- ed to Larry Marin. In double fi- gures were L. Marin 38, Perry 24, Peru 18, and Lee added 10. Morenci then went to Safford to revenge a loss earlier in the sea- son. Despite late rallies in the late part of each half, the 'Cats fell short by 2 points. Larry Ma- rin continued his markmanship as he poured in 26. D..I.Marin and Naldo Peru put in 13 points each. Morenci went over the 100 point margin against the Ray ball club. The Wildcats set a season high of 44 assists, 11 were collected by Danny Marin. High scorers were Peru 24, Saenz 21, Danny and Larry Marin 19 each and Bert Williams canned 12. Morenci fi- nally pulled out an overtime vic- tory against the tough Miami team. The 'Cats scored 15 points in the extra time period to only 2 for Mi- ami. Perry had a 23 point night. Continuing the winning streak, the squad rolled over the Marana Ti- gers and the Sahuarita Mustangs. During the Marana game, Naldo Peru was the man of the hour as he scored 31 points and grabbed 16 boards. The Wildcats ended the season by beating Sahuarita while using a new line-up. Peru was high scorer with 18 while 4 more 'Cats scored over 10 each. Cager Squad Places Second During Districtg Falls to Mingus In the Divisional Tournament, Morenci received a by of the first round. Marana won their game to play the 'Cats. The Wildcats were cold in the first half, but af- ter the halftime intermission were ready to play basketball. Steve Perry and Larry Marin started swishing the cords to lead the 2nd half surge. High scorers for the game were Perry 27 and Marin 21. In the finals Morenci played Saf- ford, but the season jinx couldnit be broken. Safford won despite the comeback efforts of Morenci. Perry was again high scorer with I5 points. Morenci attended the State Tournament as the number two team in the conference, but EVADING Mingus defenders, L.Marin, the Cats could not get past Mingus Union. At the end of the first per- iod the score was tied at I4 and at halftime Morenci held a narrow 26-23 lead. However the Mingus Union squad broke lose in the 4th quarter and downed Morenci by 4. Peru scored high with 24 points. At the annual awards banquet four Wildcats received the honors. Larry Marin received five of the awardsg Intentness, Most Assists, Best Free Throw Percentage, the 5-D Award and he was chosen as Co-Captain. Steve Perry received the Boosters Club Award and Co- Captain. Casey Saenz was select- ed Most Improved and All-stater Reynaldo Peru led in rebounds. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD WE THEY . 83 Clifton - 54 83 Cobre, N.M. 57 84 Deming, N.M. 82 6I Douglas 71 75 Silver City, N.M. 83 78 'Gadsden, N.M. 94 87 'Silver City, N.M. 98 74 "Colne, N.M. 56 V 62 Safford 74 60 Silver City, N.M. 76 93 Ray 76 65 Miami 56 92- Clifton 59 63 Marana 53 85 Deming, N.M. 98 132 Sahuarita 60 79 Safford Sl 124 Ray 79 64 Cobre, N.M. 50 86 Miami fovertimej 73 88 Marana 68 91 Sahuarita 5l 72 "Marana 58 54 ""'Safford 64 -58 """'Mingus Union V g 62 'Deming Invitational "A-South Playoffs """'State Championship Overall Record I5-I0 Conference Record 9-3 l DURING DISTRICT championship, Naldo Peru grabs rebound. AGAINST Mingus Union, Casey Saenz goes for the basket. j.V. Basketball Team Has Very Rough Yearp Hustles to an 11-8 Recor AGAINST THE COBRE lNDlANS,l:rnest Ruiz hustles to get one of many rebounds. J .V. Scoreboard WE 1 , THEY 72 Clifton 32 70 Cobre 47 60 Deming 82 6l Silver City 73 65 Douglas 5l 60 Safford 73 69 Silver City 75 77 Ray , 73 53 7 Miami- X 51 88 Cliftbht . - 32 77 Marana 80 61 Deming 65 51 Sahuarita 37 59 Safford 70 75 Ray 36 50 Cobre 43 73 Miami 38 36 Marana 70 66 Sahuarita 4l Although having a rough season, the Junior Varsity gained valuable experience for future Wildcat bas- ketball action. Behind the coach- ing of Dwayne Willard, the J.V. cagers hustled to an ll-8 record. The Cats opened with a defeat of the Clifton Trojans. Traveling to Deming, New Mexico, the Wildcats suffered their first defeat, 82-60. Cold-shooting hurt Morenci as they lost to Silver City. Miami proved to be a difficult test as the cagers squeaked by them, 53-51. A highlight of the season for the local boys was a 75-36 defeat of Ray. The Cats celebrated victory in the final game of the season a- gainst Sahuarita. Chosen as Most Valuable Player was Chris Lee. l975-76 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Tito Vargas, Harold Notah, Gary Gomez, Johnny Borjon, Ernest Ruiz Pancho Espinoza. ZND: Coach Dwayne Willard, Henry Martinez, Ricky Dodd, Dale Lucio, Chris Lee, Chris Glodis, Randall Rogers -WW ' 9 :I:!:I:2: . dzizlslzizlz I I I V I 40 0 l O 0 I till' A 1 l reshmen Basketball Team vi mv -vlnv rl uv... l'llr n r... H. H.. ..,, ru l ir, BASKETBALL: FRONT ROW: R.Hampton, Manager: G.Villanueva, .l.Cluft', L.Wonner, H.Provencio, F.Lujan. J. aldez. 2ND: C.Herrera, Manager: R.Lujan, H.Armijo, A.Espinoza, D.Goodman, M.Martinez, L.Sorrell, Coach Steve Chavez. ecords10-8 Seasong Overwhelms Sahuarita b 64 Morenci's Freshmen basketball team had a fair showing this year on the way to a l0-8 record. The Frosh started their season on a good note, beating Duncan, 95-37. Mexico teams were tough as Wildcats lost to Snell in a low- defensive battle then lost Deming in a very close game. It was a long journey back from as the cagers lost again. visited Wildcat Country afterwards wished they hadn't the mighty Cats overwhelmed Mustangs by 64 points! The N.M. team that did not beat local boys was Lordsburg, 60- Traveling in the new Activity they again lost to Snell. An arlier loss to the Miami Vandals as revenged by the Cats, 70-54. Fruosh Basketball Scoreboard 4 Duncan Snell Lordsburg Deming Thatcher . Douglas T Safford Duncan Miami Deming Sahuarita - . J 'Safford Lordsburg Snell Thatcher Miami Duncan . t Sahuarita THEY 37 5l 57 68 67 69 63 41 59 74 43 6l 41 6l 60 54 43 39 AN OPPONENT ATTEMPTS to block a jumpshot put up by Arnold Espinoza. -for fig? i975-76 WILDCAT WRESTLERS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Ronald Simms, Mgr., Dave Taylor, John Edwards, Scott Dodd, Anthony cinas, Steve Enrico, Eddie Gomez, Tommy Gomez, Bernard Chavez, Mgr. ZNDZ Jimmy Urrea, Steve Medina, Danny Morales Lopez, Richard Romero, Paul Sierra, Lupe Balderrama, Peter Provencio, Dave Gibson, Joseph Maese, Dennis Simms, Benny Wrestling Teams n H A P5919 Trounce Clifton, 40-24, 36-155 Send Two to Stat MORENCI WRESTLING-DUAL MEET SCORES VARSITY WE THEY 9 Deming 51 40 Clifton 24 15 Ray 49 27 Sahuarita 39 3 Marana 54 3 Safford 65 36 Clifton I5 X H In their second year under coach Lynne Nuttall, the W Jv wrestlers began the season V25 . THEY daily practices by first lea lg 233225 the basics and then advancing I5 Clifton 15 the fundamentals. Although it lg , gfilfliiflfflt 3 a rebuilding year the Cats im 0 Nfaxxga' 29 ed over. last yearis record by 0 Saffgfd 30 ily beating arch-rival Clifton 4 Cllfwn 3 in dual matches, 40-24 and 36-l This was the first year for J DEMONSTRATING A SU PPLE, Steve Lopez flips Paul Sierra during practice, top. T TO TURN over his Clifton opponent for a pin, Benny Sanchez works against the clock, Varsity wrestling. Coached Samuel Walter the team gained experience, which will future Wildcat wrestling. he JV never let up, tying Clifton nce and finally beating the Tro- ans in the last match of the sea- on by the narrow margin of 4-3. The wrestlers placed exception- well in several tournaments e them being CDO Bisbee nson. The Wildcats came 19th of 25 schools in the tough Tournament. A the A-South the team finished fifth. Balderrama and Benny San- both placed 3rd in their re- weight classes. Jimmy rrea and Dennis Simms placed sending them to State. How- they were both eliminated in first round of the tournament. pgs. STARTING second period, S.Lopez gets the advantage, top. PRACTICING wres- tling move called mare, D.Gibson, right. tj rm V , f f' Q1 if 'Wt Rs -. sz-1. f ? if Q 1 . r 5 . Q .. i fl .. N lrt. ks A-.i,, il wisfftiu-'fffigffixffl-1-' .I 1: ' 1' - gig, -if sf -W .. . f sf, I , ,We b Q .- . Etta.-. , I , .5 fix WORKING TO TAKE down Clifton wrestler, Jimmy Urrea takes a tight grip around his oppon- ent's waist, top. FLIPPING teammate, Lupe Balderrama practices different moves, bottom. E Varsity Baseball Team Defeats Parker, ."' ' ,. f 7 ' if 4 . ff' 'Jew 'T . W , t 7 ' V I A . ' . Y, fr , , ,. , . E, , C M , 1 -' .V W ', if i 5.. .rf AWAITING THE PITCH, Kevin Boling. 5-4, Loses to Eloy at State, 4-17 Morenci started the season by playing Cobre N. M. However the Wildcats dropped the opener, l-8. Safford pushed across a run in the second inning but Morenci tied the game in the fourth. The Cats took the lead in the fifth when Ray Lujan batted in Jeff Walden. The Bulldogs again tied the game be- fore collecting the winning tally in the seventh inning to win, 2-3. The diamondmen exploded for seven runs in the fourth inning as they evened out their conference record by beating Marana, l2-l. The local squad hosted Clifton for another rivalry game and sent the Trojans home with a 12-3 loss. After nine innings the Wildcats pushed across a run but Marana tied the game in the bottom frame. Craig Sircy slammed a two run homer in the tenth inning to help pull out a 4-l win over the Tigers. The home team pushed across eight runs in the first inning and never looked back as they downed the Cowboys from Willcox, 12-3. The Wildcats took a brief lead in the first inning when .lim Del- gado scored on a double by Kevin Boling. However Cobre scored seven runs in the lirst three inn- ings on their way to a I0-l victory. The two teams traded shutouts until Ray pushed across two runs in the eighth inning to win, 0-2. The Wildcats crushed the Will- cox Cowboys for the second time this season but with a 9-5 score. Three hits and two Vandal er- rors accounted for four runs as the local team claimed their third conference victory, 4-l. The only Miami run scored was unearned. The Wildcats next dealt with Sa- WILDCAT baseball'tcam: FRONT: R.Bacho, J.Delgado, R.Adams, .l.Owens, .l.Chavez, Mgr. ZND: C.Filleman, R.Aragon, D.Gib son, D.Broderick, R.Lujan, M.Lopez. 3RD: J.Ruth, Mgr.: B.Bruce, J,Walden, K.BoIing, G.Tapia, A.Edwards, G.Terry, Mg ' I READY TO SWING THE BAT, Rick Aragon waits on the low pitch. USING ALL his might huarita, handing the Mustangs a ll-4 loss. Morenci collected I3 hits while spacing their run pro- duction over the final six innings. Deming N. M. cut the Wildcat winning ways short by taking both ends of a doubleheader. They won the opener, l0-6, while taking a close nine inning finale, ll-l0. The diamondmen wasted no time in scoring four runs against Mi- ami. However the Vandals came back to push across three runs be- fore Pancho Espinoza closed out the Miami rally. The local squad added an insurance run in the sev- enth making the final score, 5-3. Sahuarita grabbed a l-0 lead in the first inning but Jimmy Delgado scored on a double by Al Edwards, and Brady Bruce sent home Ray Lujan to put Morenci ahead. The Mustangs deadlocked the game in the seventh. After fifteen innings the Wildcats pulled out a 3-2 win. Kevin Boling had six consecutive base hits to tie two state records. The local team pushed across three runs in the third inning as the Cats shutout the Trojans, 3-0. Alan Edwards and Gilbert Tapia scored in the second inning fur- nishing the Cats with a 2-1 lead. The Bearcats scored four runs in the third and the fourth innings to make the final score, 8-2, Ray. The local team took their ll-7 record against Parker and came out victorious with a 5-4 score. They next encountered Eloy in the semi-finals. However, the Dust- devils had something else in mind besides victory as they trounced the Wildcats, 4-I7, and went on to take the State Championship. Jeff Walden received the Most Improved and the Most Valuable Players Awards while Kevin Bol- ing was given the Captain, Lead- ing Hitter and the George Awards. 4. , .... , Q . Kevin Boling hits a grand slam against Clifton. -1 TAKING A LEAD OFF lirst base, Alan Edwards cautiously watches the pitcher. l975 Varsity Baseball Scoreboard WE THEY WE THEY l Cobrc 3 10 Sahuarita 4 2 Safford 3 3 Safford 0 12 Marana I 5 Deming I0 I2 Clifton 3 I0 Deming l 1 4 Marana I 5 Miami 3 I2 Willcox 3 3 Sahuarita 2 I Cobrc I0 3 Clifton 0 0 Ray 2 2 Ray 8 9 Willcox 5 5 'Parker 4 4 Miami 1 4 "Eloy 17 'Divisionals "Semifinals D iff, A"f"i- l . . , -as-qi s as ffl WXQEE-3 514, 1 ,Q ' .- V 2 Whg lil, s I 5, .-: A r--in 1 t - , 1? . Hr s A If ,, I 3 1. f li la' 'Q 2 We -2 2 gg , t A iff g ,,,g.QW4f"4 5 t yay A RH. : '1 Q 3: friznt 0 K -' f -sg.. ,sixty .l.V. BASEBALL TEAM: FRONT ROW: Dennis Tucker, Kenny Mickel, Mgr.: Gary Gomez, Mgr.: Pat Christie. 2ND ROW: David Morales, Scott Dodd, Eddie Gomez, Don Turman, Anthony Encinas, Steve Lopez, and Arnie Tellez. 3RD ROW: Coach Dwayne Willard, Eddie Frasquillo, Steve Smith, Benny Sanchez, Hubert Williams, Edmund Lopez, Wade Wagley, Robert Castaneda, and Frank Espinoza. j.V. Baseball Team Finishes With 'I2-2 Record: Whips Duncan, f""l .ga-r-D HOLDING runner on base, Frasquillo. SAFE AT FlRST'? Wagley makes a hit. '75 J.V. Baseball We They 18,16 g Thatcher 7.8 8,14 Cobre ' 0,9 6,3 Safford 1,0 13 Ray 0 4 Clifton 5 2,17 Miami tg l,7 5,0 ' Sahuarita 80,14 19 Pima 5 19 Duncan 0 , -. , '- Q5 '15,-f-4'-ivy .,j,,,---2f'g:, D .K l , -. -t--lg'-:Ai-" , ' . -s--vi-'Q it-Lf-Q . fi. . 5555? -F rg' 'ie-. - 5 - :Q- ri , W . ,, . i -IX The J.V. baseball team start- ed their season by conquering the Thatcher Eagles, 18-7 and 16-8, in a twin-bill. The Wildcats then went on to shutout the Cobre ln- dians, 8-0. Safford was the next victim as the Cats beat them 6-l. The batsmen won their fifth in a row against the Ray Bearcats, before bowing to the Clifton Tro- jans in a 4-5 thriller, but the lo- cal boys came back to beat Miami, 2-1. Next, the Cats shutout the Sahuarita Mustangs, 5-0, and then beat Pima by the score of 19-5. The team rolled off three more consecutive wins before losing the iinal game of the season to Sahua- rita, 0-14. This year's team had a successful 12-2 season record. Chosen as Most Valuable Player was Frank Espinoza, who played part of the season on the Varsity. Q XMS 5' NWS jg 'AW' BASKETBALL: lst: Anna Zepeda, Sandy Morgan, Dodo Chavez, Alberta Williams, Annette Duran, Dianna McBride. 2nd Tina Theresa Ocon, Jean Peshlakai, Lillian Espinoza, Sharon Towle, Shelly Forstrom, Barbie Marin, Priscilla Begay, Miss Deyo irst Girls' Basketball Squad akes Ray Tournamentp " " South Conference A highly successful season with n overall record of 7 wins and 3 sses was made by the exciting irls' Basketball Team in their rst year. Two of the three los- s were against the Clifton team. A week before going to division- ls the girls attended the tourna- ent at Ray and drew the bye in e first round. The girls made eir way to the final game by de- ating Globe. They played the ay Bearcats and won the game. his was the first loss Ray had t their tournament in nine years. In the following week the girls aveled to Sahuarita for division- ls. By defeating Sahuarita, the 'rls secured a playoff berth at ate. Once again they faced Ray d defeated them, taking the ti- e of being "A South Champions." At the state playoffs, they play- Lake Havasu in the first round d beat them, advancing to the mi-finals. For the third time ey faced Ray, only to have the earcats hand the girls team the ird and final loss of the season. V -Girls' Basketball T lffpi i r " L QQ tiie ji? ,Clifton e49f L f54:.,f 5 Lordsburg I8 80 ' San Simon 28 37 ' ' ' San Simon Q 25 3,5 s Clifton 49 Iii- . Q Rav Tournament , g , g --.. '.,f..., . .. ,,.,,.,, g f - gg- - . ,,,. .48 Vra. ..,..,,, . . . . ,V 5 --Divisionals g V . 48 1 Sahuarita 23 49 Ray 46 ly if ,A .V State, Tournament g A ,Lake Havasu ' T Ray ' . ' Y ".-- f i S- 4 . TRYING TO pass against Trojan defend- ers, A.Zepeda looks for a teammate. af' 1 5. Sm -. 44 f Q1 , 63 1975 TRACK TEAM: FRONT: Patsy Garcia, Mgr.g Troy Hudson, Dave Alcarez, Bob Rodela, Peter Lopez, Tom Whitby, Ernes Calderon, Todd Alexander, Manuel Chavez, Tony Aguilera, Edison Sorrell, Raymond Nabor. 2ND: Steve Conger, John Edwards Mike Lopez, Karl Towle, Pete Provencio, Marc Malloque. Dan Chacon, Casey Saenz, Larry Marin, Rob Bartee, Andy Dominguez David Subia. 3RD: Paul Sierra, James Terry, Chris Glodis, Steve Quinn, Robert Romero. NOT PICTURED: Richard Romero Track Squad p Captures Tenth at Stateg Mile Relay Places First Under the leadership of a ne coach, the squad completed thei best season to date. The 440 yd and mile relay teams and Manue Chavez placed first in the Saffor Tourney. The Greenlee event was completely dominated by th Wildcats as they totaled 86 points At the Benson Tourney, the mil medley and mile relay teams se new meet records. The 440 yar relay and mile relay teams, an Manuel Chavez ran record time to set new marks during the an nual Morenci Rotary Invitationa During the divisional tournamen Manuel Chavez placed first in th 100 and 220 yard dashes and Ka Towle took first in the mile ru The mile relay and 440 yard r lay teams took first and secon During the state tourney, Manu Chavez placed 3rd and 4th in th 220 and 100 yard dashes. Me - bers of the mile relay team we CONFERENCE C1-rAMP1oN MILER, Karl Towle paces the competition early inthe race, declared the Class A champion fmt ,f limi Q Elma.. OING FOR THE championship, Troy Hudson pushes for speed in the mile relay, ABOVE. TTEM PTING TO CLEAR eleven feet, T.Aguilera strives for more power, ABOVE RIGHT. BREAKING THE TAPE, M.Chavez wins preliminary heat during State Tourney, BELOW. ' Q . 4 ff 5-22 f , 1 5 - . x - ,, K - , v 1 1 t . .N.'- K: x f v mg. M cr ' lg g ,A Q . I it i if . f ri 9 '- F 1 11 ' -+ 1 Vi 3 ,.,..-v S' , 1 'S 1. i ' . . I A ix . xp 4 v X. I ' , . wr - X -...sf-I .LL,., 2 kk If X I I ' ,X - If ' L, ' Q' 1 mi'r4i'fi5l . 5 - 'K ' 4 l it " t A f , t - ff ,i,, Q. QAQQ7 . ye ','i I A F se? 's'i 'li A . K SWR -Q-QV, We srautaiis V KWAFLZ . l'sl . I .141 '.-' 3 .,vy:.iei7aif 'ft Q' f'.+uA Wifi' '-3 i-', ' 3 W .f ' t,s:,eg,a.51,4W I t. .fa 1975 TRACK SCOREBOARD Safford Invitational 3rd Greenlee Tournament 1 st C. D. O. Invitational Sth Ray Relays 7th Fighting Colt Relays 8th Benson Invitational 3rd San Manuel Invitational Sth Morenci Rotary Invitational 2nd Divisional Tournament 3rd State Tournament 10th uwmmxf. STATE CLASS "A" CHAMPION mile relay team with a time of 3:27.42 FRONT: Manuel Chavez. 2ND: Robbie Bartee, and Dan Chacon. BACK: Troy Hudson. ,pdl"' 5 iq Q .p ,V X " iss., v -y as is ,iff l ' 4' 1 ' Q ,. f' 'ii'i4i15Qi:ki N-.,,..:.4.., 4.-4 ru 3 1 0 Tennis Team ATE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS: FRONT ROW: Charles Hampton, Managerg Calvin Hardcastle, Johnny Campbell, Tim Rodolfo Baeza Porras, and Alex Lozano. ZND: Terry Lee Williams, Michael Anthony Bertoldo, and Jerry Mendoza. aptures State Squad and Doubles Championship t 41975 . i ssls I SCOREBOARD SHOWING form, R. Porras aces rival. Success came early to the ten- nis team. After the only loss on opening day to Willcox, all other opponents were defeated. Clifton was the first victim. Convincing wins over Safford, Duncan, and Miami were highlights of the sea- son. The next competition was the divisional tourney with titles going to the duo of Williams and Campbell and Mendoza for first place in doubles and singles re- specitively. Alex Lozano placed second in singles while the team took the top title with 24 points. At the State Tournament, Terry Williams and John Campbell de- feated all competition to become state champions. Awards were presented to John Campbell, the Most Consistant, and Freshman Alex Lozano, the Most Improved. ACADEMICS... Early Morenci had few chil The first school, in 1890, was - I one room schoolhouse. low, with both high school and ementarymwas built sA.s 1 902 at Cost ' of lsl. .r1S25ig000. 'life south of Vthe'Hotel Morenci. students enrollyedgin school 1908 had ..w.i gqgehoice. merry.. .ll ialifibraf ical gsdgfiiiihy. erature. latin, study physiology.. land the curriculum include stenography, typing, shops, .. By was expand and lab 191 ed Fairplay was built to house the ementary, and in 1919 a new .Q:j...5 tv ',kV tgp. V :Wm . -W - A .... L' - ' if -29 t-391 ' 2. 17 , -fi? Q- . Q .1 ' I AA.: I ,-L.-J...'.gg:j3r 9 ' Will - -- .2 g f i jim. ui by i f 'ii t-H ":t ' "- 5:52 1'4L'2I'f'7': i - ' C: wg. e,:-lilSlii'Elll.lSa,i12z' f I I f K f :2':.:...........-fe " . . 1 L , ' .5 .""' " l. The first schoolhouse. 2. The old high school, l9l9. 3. Morenci High School. 4. Shop students. 5. Program of first chool was built, eight half-stor- es, each with a ground entrance. ongfellow was moved to Plantsite nd the current high school was uilt by 1949, with Humbolt raised the old building's site. In 1956, was built in East Plantsite. airbanks was completed in 1971. e Morenci schools of today a broad course of study, and professional teachers who 25 colleges and univer- throughout America. It has the varied viewpoints of the staff that has helped Mor- to change with the times, and given her students an up-to- and well-rounded education. Gammtating Exercises... u I000 Morenci PublicS ll if lvemnz M c , 4 .f -if N V - , . W,,.11-1-f hool ,L X rt",-4' '11, MN j e,r, fl, 1 ff fi , A Z fleti i , 4' If , 6. A student library helper. ' , M L ,A -,..,1'r-?"':" Mayan-s. f S "' 3 V. m,.f-"""' f sm! MW ' 44 l ,ff "H -nq,,vNm Q' Q School Administration Responsible for Establishing All School Policies Responsible for the operations of our school system is superin- tendent Tony Boling. He employs qualified teachers and under the supervision of the board of educa- tion establishes budgets and financial procedures. This a Morenci Public Schools to operate efficiently. Mr. Boling received both his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Arizona State University in Tempe Mr. Gilbert Weisling acts assistant superintendent in school district. He received B.A. degree from A.S.U. and M.A. from New Mexico We School system regulations made by Board of Education 1 bers Mr. Paul Crow, Mr. R Bartee and Mr. Carl Fors Always alert to the needs of community and the school Mrrony Boling Mroiibenweisiing their services have SuperintendentofSchools AssistantSuperintendent the quality educational Mr. Paul S. Crow Mr. Robert Bartee Mr. Carl J. Forstrum Member, Board of Education Clerk, Board of Education President, Board of Education in." Wanting Morenci to be tops in very endeavor is Principal John lodis' first wish. His regular uties include maintaining disci- line and morale among both stu- ents and faculty and carrying out he wishes of the school board and uperintendent. He also attends any school events and hopes hat contributes to a winning tra- ition in both academic and non- cademic areas. Mr. Glodis has een principal here for two years nd received both of his degrees rom Northern Arizona University. Sharing responsibilities with r. Glodis is assistant principal r. Don Johnston who has been this position for five years. ncluded in his regular duties are hecking attendance and schedul- g all athletic contests. He re- eived both his B.A. and M.A. om Arizona State University. lodis, Johnston Tey -'ll N, FOR THE LONG TRIP! .... Mr. Glodis checks list to make sure students get on correct bus as they head for Cobre, New Mexico orks to M aintain S chool' s Winning Tradition .it Q . ta, A 'Haig Mr. John J. Glodis Mr. Don Johnston High School Principal Assistant Principal MHS Welcomes Five Teachers, Adds Journalism, Resource Program DON ROTH-B.A. and M.A. Western New Mexico University: Sponsor of the Student Council: M.H.S. Guidance Director. ROBERTA TROXELL--B.A. Bethel Col- ege, M.A. U. of A.: School Librarian, Public Library Board Member, Secre- tary Greenlee County Association for Re- tarded Children, and Delta Kappa Gamma. LAWRENCE ROCHEvB.A. California State: One of the Resource Teacherg Mem- ber of Board of Directors, Greenlee County Association for Retarded Children. FRED REDDONAB.A. and M.A. from U.M.K.C.g is new School Psychologist. PAT HUFF-B.S. from Northern Ariz- ona University. Is a new Resource Teacher. 72 f ........ I is 1 5 AT THE BLACK AND WHITE SCRIMMAGE Miss Gale accepts towels as admittance fee. This year there has been insti- tuted a resource program which provides specialized assistance to exceptional pupils. They are helped in small groups or indiv- idually, according to their cap abilities and limitations. In tion in this program is regi scheduled, and for specific periods. The new school 13 ologist, Fred Reddon eval these students, and Pat Huff Lawrence Roche who instructs This year there are three teachers Joleen Snell, E1 and Journalism, Samuel W Mathematics, and Roberta C bers, English and the Vocal M The Iowa tests of Educai Development were given this to all students in grades 9 thi 12. The ITED is an achieve test which is intended to me the actual ability of all the stui The addition of new stacks search desks, and bright has given the library a new CONDUCTING the band is Mr. T. Braeuer. INNING ALGEBRA students working with Miss Cramer conduct a experiment in volume. TAKING TICKETS at home ball games. 7 ,. .1 - Ii ei ' rf -1 A 4 Q 7 x , f' :Q A 5 I a flx 'nvvm ' Y Q ff X V fs , -av o s . -5 ? fkrfvlrff F Q 9 - y . dex.. ls ' :A A.t-, 'P Y A t A , .. . ,, F231 X 73' ' tx MN K A K y 4 ' -, .tt' '--l is if 'fi 1 A E ' 'TAW' 'T' . ' mvuiff' '22 1 1, in 1415+ .... Sue Filleman Rosalie Gilliland Secretary Secretary to Principal's Office Superintendent Nora Gonzales Louise Rathbun RN. Bookkeeper School Nurse Marian Hunt Roland Olney Clerk Typist Attendance Officer the nurse as he hears each sound, Andy Dominguez takes a student hearing test. p f li ,-Q-ff WORKING MAGIC WITH CLAY, Mary Ann Casillas shapes the clay into a handle for stoneware mug to later be glazed and Red Door Gallery Students Explore Art Worldg Paintings, Sculptures, Crafts S was ROBERT D, COFFEY-B.A. University of Miami, M.A. from A.S.U.g Teaches Artg Sponsor of SAEQ President of MEA. xffy Q ' Q as , J ,W 1. The colorful world of pain and sculpture was investigated all students who enrolled in I duction to Art. While this wa book course primarily, stui who took the crafts and cera classes were soon elbow deep paints and clay. Colors be important to all, whether used in glazing or in yarn for wea In the fall several students tended the Fine Arts Day at I Interior Design classes wc with dimensional room plans planned colors and furnisl FINISHED AND ON DISPLAY, art jects located in the Red Door Art are examined by student, Michael S Music Department Expands Band, Presents Annual Winter Concert Many mornings band members went to the football field to march and to learn new routines for home games. After the season ended, practice began for pep band and the concert presented each spring. The instrumental department also offered two guitar classes. Many who signed up were novices. Film strips showed students pro- per fingering and chording needed to perform many favorite songs. Two classes of vocal music met daily. The vocal director, Miss Roberta Chambers, helped stu- dents develop proper voice tech- niques. The Glee Club, Concert Choir, and small groups gave the annual Christmas concert. Plans were made for the annual concert which was given in the springtime. POM PONS perform with marching band. ,6- -I THOMAS C. BRAEUER-B.M. Butler Univ., M.A. Columbia Univ., Marching Concert, Beginners Band, Guitar Ig Spn. of Pep, Marching and Concert Band. ROBERTA CHAMBERS-B.A. University of Northern Coloradog College English I, ll, Vocal Musicg Sponsor of senior class and of the Glee Club, and Concert Choir. ff W INSTRUCTOR IN THE MUSIC DEPARTMENT, Miss Chambers directs singers and brass instruments during Christmas Concert. T' ,J '1 fffii-. , sf'-Iii? ' tl' itz," .I .X f 7 -Q . S' 3' 5, V 5 JP-. MARJORIE JOHNSON-B.S. from Ball State University, M.S. University of Arizonag teaches Typing ll, Office Machines, and Publications: Sponsors Copper Cat, Photo Lab, and Quill and Scroll Society: Chair- man of Business Education Department. ROY W. FAULKNER-B.A. Ashland College, M.A. N.A.U.g Bookkeeping, Typing l, Shorthanclg Co-Sponsor -of Copper Cat, National Honor Society. SANDRA HUDGENS-B.S. Bradley Univ. M.A.T, West. N. Mex. Univg Business Economics, General Business. Typing lg Sponsor of Cheerleaders and Pom Pons. ACCURATE FIGURES are very important to Bookkeeping students M Ray and R Martinez Q at Expert Auto Repairs Emil Bust ' d G MW s..-fl" My y amante an len Clark check the investments Mrs. Hud ens totals th ' . h cquire Stock ata in their journals and ledgers. Students taking General Busi- ess learned how to fill out check- ooks correctly and also balancing eheckbooks. They also studied anking accounts, budgeting mon- y, and insurance. Visual aids ere used to give the students a etter understanding of the busi- ess world and the opportunities or career education. The Busi- ess Economic classes purchased tock in Levi Strauss, Dr. Pep- er, and Schlitz, then following eir purchases on Wall Street. The Shorthand classes studied e shorthand alphabet and then racticed writing letter, words, nd shortly sentences. They la- r became ready to take dicta- on which was later transcribed t the typewriter. A chart was ept following speed increases. g e points on t eir purchases if 'H BEGINNING TYPIST, Terri Stinson, uses typing bingo to review word spacing and placement. VERNON B. SCHULTZ- B.A. from North Central Col., M.A. from University of Arizona, Practical English I, Col. Eng- lish III, IVQ Sponsor of Oratorical Contest. JO SNELL-B. SE. Emporia Kansas State Col.g Col. and Prac. Eng. III Journal- ismg Sponsors Freshmen Class, Wildcat, CATHERINE LEGGE- B.A. University of Minnesota, B.S. Univ. of Minnesota: College English I, Practical English llg Sponsors Drama Club and Junior Class. REBECCA DEYO- B.A. Arizona State Univ.: College English II, IV, Practical English IV: Sponsors Sophomore Class and Drama Club: Girl's Basketball Coach. English Department Stresses Literature and Grammar: Q93 Quixote by Miguel De Cer- vantes and ApgQgy by Plato were included with the Old English Lit- erature book of the seniors. Gram- mar was also thoroughly reviewed. Developing their minds through writing was stressed by the jun- ior English faculty. Students wrote journals, compositions, and a term paper on an assigned author. This included the author's life and also a story or poems by him or her. Sophomores plunged immediate- ly into class activity by studying grammarg they also read and an- alyzed stories in literature. Weekly spelling and vocabulary tests were taken every Friday. Journals and notebook pages written on many topics also had weekly deadlines. English basics including verbs and nouns were the first concern of freshmen. Literature provided them with everyday experiences, also suspense, drama and poetry. Activity Concept English mater- ials were used for the first time for the Practical English courses. Students paid 57.90 for the A.C.E. kit and received paperback books and other materials including subscription to Scope mag: In all the classes book re were required every nine vs some were written, others if H , I 1. I as . I . . 5 t 1 I-ur Q , F . . 4 - E PRACTICAL ENGLISH students out colorful posters they made in fi, IN ,K A 1 fri 5 if 1 sf ii swa- '-W'-ui" sf AN EXCITING ORAL BOOK REPORT on The Enemy was the lirst one of the year given in College English IV by Ronnie l :Vi X E E T" 2 ? , .W I 'O x O T Z G F 1 T f if g ' l , V , iq, mi - f, I .4 2 it A f A K E . ,W . , i' Q ' ' f M- 1 'W I' K . in 2 ,V , , Wfaygx Ai . . 3 'W T -- - A' I f H iz , -' l I i , H ' Q o e 1: Z-5 P 3 3' 5 vf-4 5 by '57 if :,I I 5 ' b - f A OKING THROUGH THE PAPERBACK SECTION in the library for an interesting book for a report in College English is Tony Salazar Language Students Perform in Skits, ncrease Speaking Vocabular Bewildered beginning lang students were baffled by the miliar words. Second year dents became reacquainted with for i gotten vocabulary and began to more Spanish and French v I, . in their conversations with ot lf if Q They found that customs of countries were fascinating. ing a grape on each stroke of night on New Year's Eve was A that surprised Spanish stuc Both modern language c presented skits and television mercials. "The Three Bears" Adx one skit given in beginning Sp , v.-f Slides of Europe, taken by Washington while in the mil were a welcomed change of Once a month, French Ill dents cooked a meal. Class bers are still debating whether not they liked the flavor of REINACTING "The Three Bears" in beginning Spanish, Vivian Blackman and Donnie Trujillo. with mushrooms and .4 x' ,ga-,v,gf',,'y-t B," Q' 'yfflffefz S: Wm A 'NM ..... N ' .X NOUS COMPRENNONS! One way French I students studied was to write questions and answers on the nm' ,...m..,,.., ..,,.,,,, -I gee COOKING! James Hamilton checks onion soup. VEAL with mushrooms is prepared by Vicki Holliday and Veronica Harbison J RALPH LARA-B.A. University ol' Ariz., M. ED. University ol' Ariz,g World His- tory, Cultural Studies, and Spanish llg Sponsors Sophomore Class, Spanish Nat- ional Honor Society, and Spanish Club. STEVE CHAVEZ-B.A. A.S.U.: Geo- graphy, Spanish Ig Spn. of Junior Class Spanish Club, and Letterman's Club. Frosh Football and Basketball Coach. JOHN WASHINGTON-B.A. University of Ariz., M.ED. University of Arizona, French l,ll,lll, Basic Biologyg Sponsor of Freshman, French Club and A.F.S. IN the scoreboard, Tim Pena keeps the class informed on the World Series. . it if f rt' in- 4 7 ' 5 A 5 I i 4 5 f ' 1' - pf" i n 1 -.Jr , he if f' X 3 . ff? f ' Q ., I ,f 1 ff . HARRY REEVES- B.S.F. Hays, Kansas State: Graduate work U. of A., N.A.U.3 American Problemsg Sponsor Sr. Class. Qu si:,s '- WILLIAM B. SENNE- B.A. University of Arizona, M.A. University of Arizona, U.S. History, Sponsor of Chess Club, .luniorVClass, and Model United Nations. A .Bi " A Social Science Students Attend IN AMERICAN PROBLEMS, classes learned about the federal government. Here, dents keep track of daily proceedings in Washington by reading Congressional EPA Hearings, Stud Past to Understand Toda Social science classes studied world and American history and cultureg also the workings of the government and business world. U.S. History covered material from colonial America to today's industry. Once a week, students studied Newsweek, learning about current events. Also, a farming game helped the classes discover the hazards and rewards of farm- FARMING, AS IT was in 1880, was the background for a game in United States History. Mr. Senne explains its rules. VITALLY INTERESTED students attended community EPA hearings on smelter smoke. -.ff nv w fi F il , sxk.,-ff" ing in the early nineteenth 1 ry. Lincoln's assassination events surrounding it were : on videotape. Students Iii their Spring research papers every nine weeks a book rn Ancient cultures were cc in Word History. Material cluded the development of 4 tianity and the invention of Filmstrips of great mast ces in art and ruins revealed past. Also, historical char were covered in special re Cultural Studies aimed to students understand how pe behavior, beliefs, and trea of the fine arts helped shape cultures of the world. Geog was an additional course of The Constitution and its ai ments were studied first in 1 ican Problems. The legis executive, and judicial bra were studied in depth. Free terprise was examined second mester. Business terms and initions were learned and research for projects ass TEACHERS CHATTER while waiting to be served at the annual Christmas Spanish Dinner Home Economics Students NINA B. WEISLING-B.S. Arizona State University, M.A. Western New Mexico University: Home Economics l,ll, Bache- lor Survival: Sponsor of Girls' League. Learn Proper Techniques of Sewing and Cooking Four classes were offered in the Home Economics Department. They were: Senior Special, which . 5 were senior girls who have not taken any Home Ec.g Bachelor Survival for boys to teach them how to take care of themselves when they are away from motherg Home Ec. II which was a follow-up of the be- ginning course. Sewing units be- gan by learning the parts of the sewing machine and various types of material. Then they were on their own making a garment for themselves, selecting their own material and beginning patterns. Then it was time to learn about the four food groups and nutrition, so off to the kitchens. A Turkey Buffet was cooked at Thanksgiving ime, and how to carve a turkey as demonstrated. For Christmas tudents prepared candy and each lass gave a Christmas Spanish inner for the faculty members. Two Special guests visited the etl fef erre ' t epartment early in the semester. gi. rs. Castaneda showed hair care 'e'i'e T iiiiiiiiiiii I iiiiii nd the latest hairstyles and Mrs. s oronado demonstrated make-up 3 nd skin care. During the second emester the students also learn- . ...E d about child development and amily relations and baby care. , L -was M, , , W, . MAKE-UP kits were passed out during the demonstration of applying make-up and skin care CLIFF MARTIN-B.A. Arizona State University, Drivers Education, Sponsor of the 220, 250, 260 Clubs, Lettermen's Club: Varsity Football, Baseball Coach. sv" x S, . ,pia- DEMONSTRATING HUBCAP removal, Mr. Martin shows C. Ramirez how to change a Student Drive rs Discover Need for Traffic Rules Operating an automobile and ap- everyone. Applicants should plying for the first license is an at least fifteen years and seve "IS THIS HOW lT'S DONE?" asks C. exciting and scary experience for months to get a driver's permit. Ramirez, attempting to jack up car. Learning Safety rules, signs and self-control were ed in Driver's Ed. Films on cidents caused by drunk drug users, and careless were shown, helping students avoid careless situations such these. They were also taken Auto Mechanics to learn the different parts of an How to deal with situations included blow-outs, skidding loose dirt, water, and on surfaces, were discussed. seeing films on poor driving its, .they discussed how these uations could be prevented. actions and timing in these situations were also studied. Var ious important things that e one should know are how to 4--e-0 the oil, water, and to change a me WORKING ON reports for Driver's Ed. are M.Grijalva, W.Wagley, S.Turman, D.Marin. Math Department Students Acquire New Skills in Use of umbers Inequalities, equations, poly- nomials, positive, and negative numbers confronted the Algebra I classes as they learned to solve for the unknown. Algebra II stu- dents found quadratic equations, trigonometry, simple calculus, and square roots awaiting them. The Geometry classes became acquainted with the puzzling world of rays, points, segments, lines, planes, and angles. Proofs, geo- metric drawings, theorems, and postulates were easily mastered. Trigonometry, geometric and arithmetic progressions, calcu- lus, geometric means, and all the general theories behind the math- ematics were conquered by all the Advanced Mathematics students. In General and Applied Math- ematics classes, freshmen and seniors developed skills in addi- tion, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals. Applied Math seniors devoted the second semester to a study of con- sumer mathematics and education. MAKING a mixture, T.Pena, C.Mc- Cormick, and D.Brice add M8cM's. ,ff 4 sw., I. .. , ie.. Cal' I if ...rg 1 . .. ' . " ,' f ,. ., tiai ...I r . '-.f,.f af?w1.fef.,.x2.!ws1f2w ,"'. LUCK and concentration were needed when G.Dodd met Mr. Glodis in Cribbage championship. .1 ails.. .... Q ......,,, A - IT, 5 ., My L . pmuszii 'gli I' . I , ' 1 v l 1 ' r l v N ,Q 1 'Rf A , 'vw 'Q X W1 tb XFN. 2 Y. 3 Ss- . ... g C 'i .ar A X. J PROVING geometric equations: R.Porras, T.Galusky, P.Perkins. 1 Qu-Ulf 5 M Q GLORIA CRAMER-B.S. Kearney State College: Basic Algebra, Algebra I, Ap- plied Math: Sponsor of the Pep Club. SAMUEL WALTER-B.A. from U.N.C.2 teaches General Math, Algebra II, and Advance Math, .I.V. Wrestling Coach. DWAYNE WILLARD-B.S. University of Arizona, M.A. Northern Arizona Uni- versity: teaches Geometry, Algebra I, and Basic Algebra Ig Senior Class Spon- sorg J.V. Baseball and Basketball Coach. JOSEPH GALUSKY-B.S. West V. Wes- leyan, M.A. and M.S. West V. Univer- sity: Earth Sc., Chem. I, II, Physicsg Spn. of NHS, and the Freshman Class. ELLEN Z, VANDERVORT- A.B. Neb- raska State College, M.Sc, University of Nebraska: Basic Biology and Biologyg Spn. of Student, Council and Americans Abroadg Arizona Teacher of the Year. WITH HELP FROM BIOLOGY students, Henry the friendly skeleton joins Sloppy Day activi- ties, left. BLAST OFF! Priscilla Begay fires rocket fueled test tube made in Chemistry Il, right. Physics Students Give Oral Book Reports Pertaining to CAUTIOUS STUDENTS, T.McLaughlin, L.Espinoza add acid to hydrogen gener- ator, NEW HAIRDRESSER? Do like L. Brubaker, use the Van de Graff machine. I Qhwii f , If fl' ' ' " 4 ' 1 .. 'K X K , klyxh Ei 1 V-.. .X .-,.l' , , BASIC BIOLOGY STUDENTS sift dirt ..... deposit treated soil into terrarium ..... Atomic Power With a combination of lectures, and lab work, students in came to understand the that move within the uni- Experiments played a tre- role in learning. Deter- the specific gravity of li- and solids, parallel forces, working with the Van de Graff were some of the exper- Oral book reports were on related ideas of the atom. The study of properties of the lements was the main concern n Chemistry I and II. Individual nd group elements were elabor- ted upon. To keep the class in- ormed, articles in science jour- als were often read. Movies on he practical use of chemicals in veryday life were also viewed. "What's your blood type?" Are ou RH positive or RH negative?" mt t .H,,,,t,t,, ss ' ifgirlif' L. of 'liixfv ' """"a M1 A -cm in .1 f. vt' .2 rt 4 . I 'Q ' 5- it - fx,.,,w -"I, 1, and plant corn and beans to watch them grow .ta i USING MAN-MADE electricity, Rally Discipulo and J. Hughs-experiment with puffed rice top. REDUCING copper oxide, Dennis Simms performs experiment in Chem I, below. One of the highlights of the year in Biology was testing for blood types. This was a real test for courage as students closed their eyes and pricked themselves. At the beginning of the year students began to realize how complicated living things are. Genetics was studied for two weeks. Pigs were disected towards the year's end. Studying about fossils, primi- tive man, and the earth was fas- cinating to Earth Science students. Experiements were also performed. 'Q' 'tw' teisrizfgggmwr - : f ,f?F'+wf F 3 , 1 Q s 4 NV 5 KENNETH A. SCHEIER-B.S. and M.S. Northern Arizona Universityg Woodshop l, ll, Drafting: Sponsor of Soph. Class. Wood, Metal and Auto Shop Students Continue Learning Manual Arts 'Q STUDENTS TAKING AUTO MECHANICS study the basics ofthe internal combustion engine. METAL SHOP STUDENTS, Pancho Espinoza and Jim Conant work with the metal ff' Q. i .w,jggi1-,qs Lf.. rift li ' 1 ,FQ-fir ' .gmffss-I gs, , i iiowi A a is ,mr 'M' . WOOD SHOP STUDENT Mark Brinkley i assists Kathy Garcia with diiii Press. AUTO MECHANICS, Chris and Kenny Lee, use tuning equipment while working on a car. RON KALMBACH-M.A. Maricopa Tech. College, B.A. Bethany Bible College: Auto Shop I, Il: Frosh. and Boy's Ten- nis Coachg "A"-South Tennis Coach of the Year, 74-75g Named Tennis Coach of the Year, by Arizona Prep Magazine. nil-44 THOMAS POWERS-B.S. Sul Ross St. University, M.A. from Northern Ari- zona Universityg Metal Shop I, Il: J.V. Football Coachg Junior Class Sponsor. if 2 lil SHOP STUDENTS, WORKING ON assigned lathe projects, glue and clamp the wood. H 1 ..,. l 7 .A NORALEA GALE-B.A. Ariz. State Univ., M.A. Western New Mexico Univ.: Girls' Physical Education: Co-sponsor of Girls League: Volleyball, Girls Tennis Coach. LYNNE W, NUTTALL-B.A. Western New Mexico University: teaches Health, Physical Education: Assistant Football, and Head Wrestling and Track Coach. STEPHEN HUDGENS-B.S. from Brad- ley University: M. ED. from Oklahoma university: Teaches Boys' Physical Ed.: Sponsor of the Letterman's Club and Pep Club: Head Varsity Basketball Coach. Gym and Health Classes Train Minds and Bodie Physical fitness was stressed in the gym classes. Students in Boys P.E. participated in such activities as football, basketball, . 1 . K .Vi x xx, softball, tumbling, weightlifting, paddleball, and running. The Ma- rine Corps Fitness Test was also given. The girls were presented a curriculum including volleyball, basketball, tumbling, badminton, tennis, and softball. During the fall and spring months, all pupils were able to go swimming and play waterpolo. Athletes were offered the chance to train for their sport during the classes. Health Classes taught students how to handle ac- cidents and emergency situations. The dangers of drugs, drug alcohol, and smoking were sed in detail. Pupils learned handle patients in shock, ing, burns, and how to artificial respiration when Also special reports were on drugs, tobacco, and AN ESSENTIAL part of weight Bobby Castaeneda uses lat pull to LlFTlNG WEIGHTS TO BUILD STRENGTH, Benny Sanchez raises weights to shoulder. SERVING FOR POINTS, Darrlyn Six xg, iwwwwm, r 1 K W BACKBOARD FOR improving tennis skills is used by second hour girls physical education class. Classes also meet in the gym 'AA xi H: , 'G ,, fy g,sf2x,::, Y x ,N I, arf' yv , ' Z,. ,Q ' f5 g V W ' 'Q i , ,, J .W fi? g h .. ,Qi 1' ' Q '91 K -fi . f ,, f if ff 4 1 42 gif I L x m K if C The dependable custodial and staffs seem to be con- at work. Even before the year began, the building cleaned and waxed. Besides floors, many other house- duties were performed daily. it was fixing broken win- cleaning desk tops or clean- ng the gymnasium after the many asketball games, the custodians ept the building in top condition. The lunchroom staff was always usy cooking to satisfy the big and earty appetites of the Coronado nd high school students. Enough ot and balanced food had to be repared each morning to serve he hungry crowd coming at noon. k,,.,-I ustodians and Lunchroom Staff eep the School Clean, Prepare Good Hot Lunches hard preparing hamburgers in the lunchroom are Emma Flores Winnie Henderson Erma Tellez Irma Day Clara Hayden FR E DSHIP ,Jie sr X .9 ixj ...qua W 'x School teachers horseback riding. 2. The Milk Wagon. 3. Employees I I O The mosaic ol Morenci peo came from many sources Vari countries gave us pioneers M ico yielded Spanish and Mexic workers Twice groups of Ch ese were contracted for mine bor Cornish miners arrived the early l900 s, as did Italia World War II s large copper ne employed Navajoes, Apaches a emmlgrants from the Dust Bo The 1970s influx came from bee, as the Lavender Pit clos Below is the breakdown today the MHS faculty and student bo Spanish Mexican American lndtan Blackfoot Cherokee Chickasa Crow Hopi Navajo of Zorillas Market 4 A moving day and Shawne . wi vw- rf' 5 An early . I , . , . . 5 . 7 5 ' g. . , , gfk gg lg ,T xr JJ, ff ,ef e f. ' 1 ' , SP 1 A C a. lf ' T . his .3 r-s, :7f.1.,rf 55 4 X.. , , ff riff., Wi','M'k , .Q -HAH '. , .Tiny C if 'L :Ti in It xi .JE dr Q X Gigi. 1 I a t s ,, i . . . .gvfii....r... .,:....!. f .,., A, HM V ' gi : "Vi: U W A N" Q 'j 'ers H lg I B , 1 erman . . . rish ....... 'nglish ..... utch . . . rench . . . colch . . . elsh . . . lalian ...... ithuanian . . wedish . . . ungurian . . . ollsh ...... anlsh .... . . . hlnese ....... zechoslovakian ussian anudian ..... ilipino .... awaiian . . . oravian . . , orwegian ..... andinavian . .. dVlC ........ ISS ..... 6. NHS initlales Skip down hall "M" Painting Canceled f Incoming Freshmeng 4,1 1- -'." f :vin ,xg ' 65' fagxtwi ,"5 fi-, ff'i1::,. If D E 2 i as , t F' it I in 1 1 Xt " N 'z -t 'xr yi H ll Ol' ame Tags Are Substituted The traditional painting of the "M" was cancelled because some students were burned last year by the whitewash. Instead the Stu- dent Council decreed for initiation, that name tags would be worn for one whole week to introduce the freshmen to students and faculty. Many freshmen were troubled by jammed lockers, tardy slips, and homework. However, most of them solved these problems. A bicentennial theme was cho- sen by the inexperienced frosh for their first excursion in floatmak- ing. Mother's cupboard and the store were raided for napkins and frame wire collected. Time ha- rassed the iloatmakers as Home- coming approached, but their ef- fort was rewarded when they re- ceived third place. Arnold Es- pinoza and Barbie Marin were se- lected as their sports attendants. Class members took part in many activities, including girls' volleyball and basketball, and al- so boys' football and basketball. W w, ii . ' B +30 QFTQ 3 J, . if V W ' N N . -. "- ' . , , " "V - 'w c ' . V5 A Uh 'X '4' l- - I 4 ,, -, , Q? .six . . . - l' A 2 , ' ." 'ff if ,., if x - , Q . I "Ji ur'-V . t 1' - W:-J ,J . , : g ,gf gd' ' " .- ' 5. . H Wyfgxwm . da i ' . If . q . Sf a--f 1 i' 9 K I . Q .l K, A 1 , V , n It .1 . , nr sa. . "'1-s ' 4 . .. 5 Q . ' t y L4 1 y l 'vi . T ,z , f ' W -,', 'irifx fif fzwf V .la , l . t... , , . f., y if ,L , , . A.. Y k i- J S .M f , 1-Q-., in -4,1 ,I tem. af '9 t ,' 1 T S .SAM - . f.. N' Q 412, ggi! Annie Carabeo Nellie Casillas Rosa Casillas 0 . W ,., " H Delia Chavez DoloresChavez JeffreyCIuff K V 3,7 "" LN , Travis Curbell Brian Cox ClintCrotts . ' i' A -af". ' '11 , 1 I 1:33 Connie Daniel Kent Davis Paula Denton . K . ,.i, - - Q.:- V if! iw' A f ' . ,V A I , 5 A , wmv-ON I Q 1 1 fs 4' . - -Q, -. 'vw miie l 'B ' . ' " - Mfr A M 9, 1 -,tlq,'f:. gig: It D' . K A - ,. ,. , .Q ,, ff! ei t '-:Silas-f ' I ,, "Z-,'Wr21:1 V. 3 . ',fvi1 lZLMl' S 'Kg KIWINL-i Harold Alexander Danelle Archer David Baca Lydia Bellamy Stacey Blackman Evan Bustamante William Buxton Loretta Allen Herman Armijo Verna Begay Donnie Bertuldo Lori Bradshaw Evie Bustamante Bruce Campbell Dennis Altum Randy Armijo John Bellamy Dilvia Billingsley Terry Brinkley Robbin Buxton Josie Candelaria Z . Ex at ir, fe if "THE WILDCATS ARE Coming" was the frosh float, but the horse almost lost its X Wi . 6 'f'tl'1 Nr, N- ,. 'li .L W W .,. af 1 f A, Q fi- ', t J, A " ,Z 'F I y Y f ,., ,1 G 5 5+ 4, I , , ' Q T ' Iv . K . 3 W, I 2, 1, ,, ' ,ze ,Q , r ' -Mfr ,fs , , A1 M15 e li fi' t . 'xii '54 . g K. ii 1- wf 1-. 1 I m 4' ' '- wr: ' X23 ff., ws. f- v W of A 'Leif E - 423 f- il x if l 1, AA rpg- ef- . ' fx" QQ-v' lidwin DeVaney lirin Dunagan Arnold J. lispinoza Shelly Forstrom David Garcia Donny Goodman Danny Guerrero Conrado llerrera . -, V t A 5' it Yi: .IA ' I X . 4 Sandy DeVaney Bohhy lineinas Grace Espinoza Ernie Franco Dena Gojkovieh Ted Grooms Lisa llamm Leslie lletrick 2 v K I 'tm " 3 Mk '53 'Rift l ,sw To f ff 4 S35 i'.'hz5 K- V 1 Q N if N. e. ' ui f W 'fs N rl' 3 X Sandra Dominguez Arnold Espinoza Dee Dee Fahey DavidGamhlin Paul Gonzales Mike Guerra llob Hampton Terry Hodge FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS and representatives include: FRONT: Leslie White, sec retary. ZND: Stacey Blackman, treasurerg Sandra Morgan, presidentg Donald Goodman 3RD: David Garciag Dena Gojkovichg Sharon Towle, vice-president: .4- and Shelly Forstrom :vvfx-gmrff -t . A -ff .W bi x M K ' Pl, li A K vt ,qs x uf? , - it wp .Q EA M . , g, tt-Q if A A L 6 Z er... iz I .3 W I N -0 M , A-I' 1 ' 5 RQ if .- Q A at-if x ,. ' 4 - tt, ,A at , x r K f L it 1 ,K we , , it M r,. 1 - Q v fi, A ' z -' ,,,... W . . . 1 S , f v V- I V , F, My or , b z S, y my E W I e ,rf ,S X 'F i f ' . - J . ,W "W , i 1? A , , L 4- " 4 ' Sei . it . 'L Jntkll . o -t ,Q 'Q tk- V gy O ' iz' s I : vt , Q A H' 4' 'A al il' A .F A4 . ,. M- Q . 472. Q . an -f., 7.'.'.'l1-, . " f , W' " W , , 'we "- H' .. ,,.,, :A ,, ,r,m!ftxgiL 9. I ff ' 1 1, 1. ..., ' K .4 H ' KX , M ,. ' 'A , lx ' ' ' Y' ii. , - l ami, J, 5 ,, r if .. 4 it ,, GT, Ay . 53 ,f Vg I I I lv ,fx nj V-19,1 1 . My .3 kv R gr yt . ,v 5 1 f Lorene Jim Cheryl Jones Randy Lawrence David MeRcynolds Charles Madrid Jean Maldonado Darlene Little Frank Lujan Sandra Luna Anita Lucio Richard Lujan Billy McBride David Lueio Lillian Luna Darrlyn Meflellan Danny Merino Fred Miranda Mara Maling Barbie Marin Mark Martinez Pat Martinez Carol Marin Ronnie Martinez Dolores Morales Freshmen Z' 5 f jr , A , ef 2 il J . E l- .P lltyy sg ut A , xii ' , tv ' I' t .fm 1, ' fl ' '41 1 ,, J , i , 1. ,gg .J .V Q 1 'fad it I 1 ,A 'mx 2 " - .AA Olga Moran Gary Mott Karen Paetz Esther Perkins Alan Pomroy Diana Reyna if Q W as' i .dy I ii KJ JZ 4 4 A A l ,M V .ff-Q. A to . ' 4 Ig .. "1 ,mn-v-I 1 , f K6 A if-Us W , 'f L, A 'QL fl ,r,, , , T 4 - I ' ,. , ,- . 'fi L14 ' K 552 H 1 n n iff . V , Q X v -v rf . , 3 .A l -. K ,ti 'ze ag- I ,.. - ble .. it 5 -M 71,7 .. . V - . . 1 4. 1 '- " f- :abt iz fe rw f' V ,- 1- F "1 Q twin ' of W ' V 'fy J . ' 1 ' , nl ,,, .V I I, , -.. .A as f ' f 'N W fi j ' 5 Z , 1 , K ' T u p ' 1' L.. ' .Q , 4 , .lgwxflhvxl fqu, J . ,,.,, , r il? - Y. "?', inf ill WV J ., . , e,, ,X et J - f-'f Q ,fs , 'h , ,. .: , Y my Q, .J I da, 45 x :+ve . 4-L New I fl ! , Z pf' ,rims . ,wi A . iffcf V A H , , NK 1- '- A' .tw ' 1 . ' Q 2 " , -f' lf J ga lv J . 1 f 'fe ai J 3 7 1 J Q - L 5,2 5 ' K - X 51N 4 Q I Susan Rodriguez Andrew Romero Theresa Romero ' K Yolanda Ruii Laura Russell Alva Saenz x - V Alicia Settle Kim Severin Selma Shuru 1 A f ' ' . EileenSierra RonaldSimms RogerSingletary Benny Smith Linda Smith Lawrence Sorrell Sandy Morgan Randy Mortenson Teffi Stinson Ellen Thomas Sharon Towle Teresa O'Con Dolores Peralta Cindy Peru Hector Provencio Evelyn Rodriguez Rosemary Padilla Terry Perea Mike Petty Louie Ramirel Geraldine Rodriguer NOT PICTURED James Cook Robert Rose Berry Suzanne Windsor T x A 5, ,.,. 1. , 1 . 'Q' , Q ' wh' Q' A 4 W, 4' W, , if -. W V rg . A .Ml jg ,I , J V 'Neil is J S R' V X in Aa.. I 'S 4 - -.N , , X " 2 i' ' ., V Q, f le r ' n ll me Susan Uliharri Johnny Valdel Larry Vasque7 Carla Waite Donnie Trujillo Jimmy Urrca Lisa VanPelt Kim Wagley David Wiggins Larry Wonner Alan Zale ll 1 in at .ga ,4 yt . x . f .A vi x A 5 1 '- my r 1 1 Dllll, itll A, nan, .a ' ae lv t4 X A .4 , I Dehhie Ureadez Cecilia Vallierra George Villanueva Leslie While Alherla Williams Alejandro Zuniga FROSH CHEERLEADERS PERFORM at Wildcat Field as freshman team encounters Globe. Sophomore Class Members Sponsor Bake Sales, Build a Class Float Sophomores cooked past bedtime to get things ready for their sev eral bake sales Some students got out of class early to help ar range the food while others de livered food to hungry teachers Last minute items were brought in by mothers When the lunch bell rang chaos began But in 15 mmutes everything was sold and then it was time to get cleaned up The Liberty Bell Float took a . lot of hours to make flowers and more hours to put the flowers in to the chicken wire Meanwhile the boys started the frame The sports attendants for Homecommg were Ernest Ruiz and Debi Cha con who were chosen by the Let termen Club and the Lettergirls a I 'L T.: Lili SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS FRONT ROW: Terry Padilla, secretary. ZNDZ Brenda Nelson treasurer Carol Rodela president: Perry Walden, vice-president. 3RD: Pat 'Wa Chavez .lim Conant representatives Donna Brice and Diana Casillas, representatives. ' tr nr Jef" T: ei 1 ' 'D' .. A "i' 7 ' S15 QQ?" ' r Nh- K T ,T f ' C V' fe C gf' 1 't"l l ' A ms ' " .T 1:51 N jg me mf yy r f t t iff W T f M E P? 1 T a . Q vw - a "" ' I - l f' Wy! 0, at , :sea T ' - , ' tr TT Z. ' C T 4' ' '1 T Z. Q W T1 ,Ll f. ' TT l T1 K ij" ai E A:u'bH! ,.,- TT lylxult 'ff T --"U 2 Donna Brite Johnny Borjon Mark Brinkley Diana C islllas eddy Alvillar Barbara Ballon eilia Anlolola Lrnest Baca nny Aragon Joe Baber is, Xrmijo hmily Baughman Debi Chacon Jim Conant Steve Conger David Cervantes Kathy Candelaria Patriek Chavcl Scott Dodd Erin DeLaney Syliva Delgado I , - . , fe I . ff 7 l , - 2 ,I K T E ,,,,r.. T, T ofa' li? A 1 5 ' 'V T ,V E' . T ' i t 2' ' ' aft r. " T i . - f , ,4,, . , T , 3 v . f - ' Ti is T T. r il QT if tw f' . if ff af V' Z' i 'li-'lf 2 . IW' " ' , 12? ' H - 1 'rl T e erie f ' rt , K - ' ' A 'W " ' W gill X I , T H in . K ,F 'in . Xl' 1 I A, I ' T -' 'iQ'z'2fi"'l 'Hgh ,ix " ' EA 4' 1 Tfvf , N, ,W r T X S T --: K ' T f L . ' rirtt - L e l -PM " rs - g ' Ty X fi, V ia Yi ' " ef M ' mf .V Av YM 737. Ti I :ET ,ii K I kykk. 7 M ,Linh JV J, . N s. V X U ll 'll C ff ta K 'X I 'ff ' l' t A ' A V , - - 1- V' k 'L ru.r 2 To T- 2 V a 1 T V' 'N feziflfp , if I , T T 1 'T .J 5 3 Q K fn " ' u T fr .Q, .. . . V I I .I I 14, A ' 4 1 4 'v Andy Dominguez Louis Dominguez John Edwards Anthony Encinas Steve Enrico Frank lispinola Ricky lispinola Lillian lispinola Patricia lislrada it v , 5-Q4 , ' 1' ,,, 'Y' it, 'X an ... A u Q A ,,.. f-.- or 'JS f . if Yi .. 'iii 4 ' 'mr' ' nl i . 1- , qmj I my ,. Q, " V' . .Y ck T H, VV :gn I r ,f tw- 1 Hi' ' Ji I AI MLQ K ,,. ff ,V ,af I V ff ' fel K ,J Linda Filleman Kathy Florez Tommy Gomez Lucy Gallegos Tim Galusky Damion Garcia Kathy Giacoletti Chris Glodis Brenda Gomez Eddie Gomez Gary Gomez Kelly Fuller Carol Gonzales Fernando Gonzales Tom Gordon . iii"' 21 I ' - , i ' ' ' ,, A r , y Q L. 0 S-, t ,N Q L, flag, it ,Nb ,. 'W KVM. ,lvl l ' V ' ' " M Z' VVk'V A zf9:W1e 5 z ' Zfifl? ,wb , C' A i i K aw-ff I I "ju g F WN ' ' V9 r i igj f 2 -S 'ffl H r A, if r i S , .ti Wg, t , I l W f' ,jig I . if-+ T 'L 1 - ' 1 ff, K A i 75 ' f L . s A 'A' so L yiyy ,gf tiff" tu t iiii I' 4 ? f , -. , :ri fs- 'sy V V' f ,f ,T -Fla 3 1 I if W " 5 ' V if " ' A Q, ,,f' '1 - . My I J "' ' H W V, 'V ,ff - , 4, K, + If , ly 'H K ' f '.., i aw. , U. ' 2-np wr' i qw k r f? 'Ihr J ,iN 7 V' ,Qty ,ww M L if A ,.I, -1 f 'WMI F A ,. ,vim 3 f-47 i , 'z . . xx ,' , V. 51,9 A 'A' A :,, ., , g L , I f t ,aa , my r it f i L i it W A ' L 34 ' 'E 'X five' Qe 6' 1 2. ' -W 'li 'f ',,,: ,V 'I f its L W yilviif Sze A as 1 it e , , fx 5 le'a iia, ,' GerriGrijalva JoAnn Harvey PhyllisKnott Michelle Guerra Rhonda Holliday Patricia Laney 'l Susan Hair Mike Hendrix Sirildo Lopez ,HV ' 1' 'T L Kim Hardcastle Mark Hillard Steve Lopez ,-.3 5 , A 'X Kathy Harrington Dennis Jones Alex Lozano K 'SWAT 'f 'K V f - . .iff , rex taia ' i ette fir 'Zfjf' , V g 1? to i 1 - 5. 1 f Nt 0 . , M 1 , , ix ur --62 H I ,. W' 1 5 ,gi M If . W. I ' fi ' . 1 ,viii , ' ' if Cfiil ' ' ' H 'I l .f Bill Lusk Steven Medina Charlotte Morgan HOMECOMING ATTENDANTS E.Ruiz and D.Chacon represent sophomore class. Cindy McCormick Mary Ellen Maez Esmeraldo Maltos Henry Martinez Lorrie Martinez Bobby Medford Jerry Medina Johnny Mena Debbie Merino Edmund Merino Kenny Mickel Danny Morales Terry Morales Bertha Moran Toni Mott Steven Mullen Harry Nahor Coy Norris Brenda Nelson Loretta Notah llarold Notah if 'W' ,K 3, sp.: 1 A 31-7 Sophomores NOT PICTURED Bob lluuser Lee Thomas Cathy Chandler .lack Hamilton Clayton Magill Eddie Romero Edward Yelman if W 1 few tw 'fi N ., t L 5 T- if ras if ' I adv' I ' 15" f Y' 'LIBERTY BELL" Homecomin float was dis la ed in Veterans Da Parade and at ame. . , 4 y y IZ , f '2' 1 , ' ,Y a 'ds mx ,A 0.2 -gs .. . ,' 'VM K. r lk. ,- Us ' f r -Q " vs 'G ' " .-K r ,+ -4- . L A ,fs ,, A- ,uf .- - . , D ' ' V f ' V I I ' , l f' ii f' 'Q' fw E , " I ' , S A if ,. ,, . A T , R ag iv . -W . - , . . T , , I A Z Q 4-Aj, vt, , Q K " . f, is i T . X - s I ' Q-ft , : , fn . P K 'Q w may ,- , P- if X T ' 1 .' 1, 2 f if 'T the -, 'L' PT he ,-lf" " 39' G, 1.1 NA ' V y mil? . Av , ii I ' . " fr V 0 A rv vs ,fl y X T ,V . T A -' l . -- B .e - s - M " he 'Hr' - t' ,. 1 . , A .t , , L f' - ,A ,At . . "- " - fi' ' ,, , .-if ' ' N . K. f W. ,f fg,,gH,-, , , ,V ,. if . ., 4 , Q ' 5 fig kk X ijt: 1 . f , 4 , A . Q 3 4 ' ff, 'Wh A W ,I 2 N . - WL .N 5 wt -fe --X 2 ,S sz, T ,S if 'QA e .1 'BPS , " ' . K I, "' If . .- 'I Q ' J, "' - L' .V A ' 1, I Vi' ' " 2 R V , 5, . t,,, , X 4 , x x , . 2 V th 1' , A if f X - T- .. , my , as V ' -:Ax ' ' , M ,V K K X .K H . ff ., -5 'QQ ,Q ,N Y 1 , ' as ' F I A g -,- Uni? H, 34 k ' 7' f" U9 ,. rk,- M 'L ., V A V is ' -e y 'f '1 LL it 2:1 "K V - , if W 2- I? 'KQV X ,,, , if 'f,, V ,F , be at ' i' ! 2 Z' ' :lbw N i ll W Eddie Valtierra Arnie Tellez Alice Vargas Mary Shupe James Terry Mike Vigil Terry Padilla Luis Proveneio Bill Roche Gilbert Rojas Kathy Ruiz Carol Sanchez Paul Sierra Heidi Towle Perri Walden Tim Pena Steven Quinn Carol Rodela Anthony Romero Steve Russell Bemlcc SiU"UClU0 Glyn Smith Lisa Weiland Peter Trujillo Philip Perkins Rudy Porras Mary Lou Proveneio Terry Reams Peter Reyes Bruce Redelfs Andy Rodriguez Hope Rogers Randall Rogers Robert Romero Dora Ruiz Ernest Ruiz Deanne Sabin Eric Sabin Wade Sanders Kenny Severin Jim Shoptaw Dale Shupe Linda Stacy Geraldine Subia Brenda Taylor Joanne Van Pelt Dennis Valle Steve Whithy Charlotte Winas junior Class Members Win Spring uSpirit Week"g ra as ,Z it V M, , 'fa fe 4' gi f' aj "' Q v , ,', "' .- . -1. Mstszfr, riQgi'9i'gp f -, . -. , W. rffmrie- ,av r- P ,K . if , . ., N - . U 'WL 2 .s , J '42 L 'N ,J X1 gf I ,v 6 i Qg, 25' "1 , "vis-if-'giiii ' ,, mmm,-fr,A,,,,. V. L -.Qi V.,k ji g Y A' if . ga l a .A ss s s, 1 R .1. ,Jw:.-f' . f -Q. gr? at, at if x F af gi 7 ' 3 sg,-, t fl N S ap Rodolfo Aguallo Debra Alvillar Connie Baca Barbara Barquin wa at N I John Aguilera Emil Armijo Terry Baca Cheryl Baxter l , W 1 P iw is e t , ,Yi r c Jacque Armijo Ross Bacho Sharron Begay is . ,W af . . ff fa.. ' A nga? 4: . .rirr ii. , fi Phillip Allen Y J 1 ff l .ZH Qi at , 1. 7 .- .QQ "W " V , 1 zi N! . m ay Y, N- ..,,,. J., M. ,,, fi 14" X ,ff . 2 f .Ja .9514 1, A , , L L R,-fig , V 4 2 4, in , 1, 6, 1 .G V . 2 ..,. iQ ' fi 1 5 Y it ' if 4 , s T- i , -ic 1 , V , X ll' l l if th is-iff .2 , .Y r ' -' Er' ,, -f f ,lf W 2 A' ll 'Zvi .Uv- tel , r 1 la -s-1-,M . wwf ' ' W , I ' 652 ' t V . . ,gs A af. 4' ' . ' ,, ,-,f diiill ii 1 ' , ,3' 5'-t pg, , t, F 7,5 gi n -r ,V V, K t sf, X. V, 'Jai aryl 20 ' I 15 'A 'E '4 - ' files 'M . 7 "ii 'W' . ,tr in L 2 l J -s I -' , Stephen Bell Kathy Benavidez Rick Benitez Lance Boling Dolores Bustamante .lohn Carabeo Stephanie Chacon Bernie Chavez Cindy Copeland Ron Cox Jim Delaney Cindy Delgado Float Places Second The class of "77" became in- volved in many school activities. Spirit was there as class com- petitions were held throughout the year. As sophomores, the class participated in the spring "Spirit Week" and placed first after two weeks of preparations. Also, in spring, class rings were ordered. Eventually paint, napkins and rolls of chicken wire became the class float. Working at night at the home of Ed Lopez produced a replica of the boat used to cross the Delaware. To celebrate our country's birthday, it was titled "Onward To Victory" taking sec- ond in competition. Homecoming attendants for this year were Ter- ry Williams and Shelly Hendrix. . 1?-Q"iLfaI.11j'f: ' ' 'l """ fiifiifiiifi is ,gary A VW W sass ltwi 4-rw ' 4425+ ' ft-vs A ,,L, K,L,' . ., 5 if' igr 4 I M V E i t . 4 . L l ' , "' " ' ' V 3 ,..s y t fy . N' ' K if , ' ,gy Rhea Descamp Lisa DeVaney Annette Duran Laurie Espinoza Cecelia Fierro Ruth Franco Kathy Garcia Sylvia Garcia Ricky Dodd Lorenzo Espinoza Ed Frasquillo Joe Goodman t V L fi If l 'tA, . R : kt 1 . ..1'F'Q ,V fm' ", .fmnQffQFtZ?l Q , i ' , VV VV .. I. . A VVVV VK VV 1 I fx ,f, 1 ii-2 ,Q 61- up Vpltfx - V ,V N' 5 Y '5 ,A . ti Z i i ffl P W .V -W V , K RYA U, , 4- " V, A W. A' K ti wh 4 I A V Q' km ,t ,Q t fill ' V Y V 1 .A ' 1 'sa ce Vg , . . ym V. 'X .., i M "1.q3,s,4. .-. A be -X 'Y A A vs x . , gi V -sf f 5 Q . 4 Q . , ' W at fa-,4V. ,,,Vl ,i , W. -4 4 4 V , :B , V. V V . I xv f l Lori Gray Charles Hampton Shelly Hendrix Billy Jones Chris Lee Micheal B. Lopez Dale Lucio Patricia Lujan Mark Grijalva Veronica llarhison Vicki llnlliday Terry .Innes lidna Little Michael M. l.opeL Cindy Lujan Dora Luna . ,, ,, e - t 1a , A ,- . 'ff Vve Q1 . V .. P, V V 1 e 1 I . .....4r' - A ' ' v I I ,-'C Nx ,, N, ,Q 4 8 V c, ,V James Hamilton Calvin llardcastle Scott Jackson Michael Lara lidmund Lopez Milly Lolano lirnest Lujan Clary Lusk f t a 0. ,, - x AQ , f A ln ,, N A .V V V VVQWVX , Q, ' t- J.: 5 1 Q.. li , -f , ' , , 3 V. VV l ' , w v, i v X l "' be , f 'W "" 'ei Z..- ,X , I X- -,ef . , N, f V, V WV D , V V V r, D ff V ff 7 ' 4, N . t f' ff , Ffa: ' 1 ,,, ' . 5 l ,. ' Q at lf' 1. , 1, ' , 1 V '. 4"it"'2 ' N5 im ,. 7, ., , ' Fw- ,V '-. ,"'-5 'N it t "" '- I ,fu ,. 41:1 C ,i , f' . I 1 ,.,, Lg 1 P ' gg' - ' Q - fl , Q 'f -' vit VVV V, if V V AV TV., VV KQV ,,,,,wV g Vi Vai., . M , my J F' V ' A, " 4 X L l V' 1-fa r J i JA ' fi' - I .v 1-H Dianna McBride Alan McCormick Terry McLaughlin Steve Merino Kathy Montancl ShelIyMontane1 Donna McPhearson Pam Major Danny Marin Danny Moreno Eddie Mortensen llilia Najar Christine A. Martinez Christine l.. Martinel Sylvia Martinez llerhert Notah Kathy Paeu Rcynaldo Peru JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS INCLUDE: Darlene Segovia, secretary: treasurer: Edmund Lopez, president: Connie Ramirez, vice-president: drix, Hubert Williams, Richard Romero, Dolores Bustamante, 'VS fa '4- 4. Annette Duran Shelly Hen representatives .wav juniors NOT PICTURED KathyChandler BruceTayl0r JohnTaylor AEA 1- mv' .. , ' x . 2 XXL J, in . Y Q . ,.uf Q if 5. . 4, S 1 Jean Peshlakai Connie Ramirez Hector Rodriguez Benny Sanchez Robin Sexton Dennis Simms Glen Clark Tony Salazar Robito Grey 1- N ,... 'L ' ss Wig H , K K fa I I .. l . 5' iw 'wi " ,fi ,hh V V ,Ui 'Y' li fm Mon 1 g f.. 7 KRT? " i ? fx, fs A' v Q Barbara Perkins JoeRivera Linda Romero Darlene Segovia Debbie Shurtz Mike Singletary 1: -' wife. '.'i ' FY' X' JUNIOR "l95 1 fin ' .S V ' xl. V- V km k fa lui 'il I Q' , '57 ' 5 wwf .. L., , -V i" . 'if , A , fei' ' , L11 -f'- K 5. a n 914 '2 f. if iff-r " f ' fist? A .. 'A Q , 1 . . ff" fl. - AJ", . fi' v .. 5 .. Qi- it . Z ' 2 Irene Provencio Shirley Rivera Richard Romero Don Severon Racheal Sigala .lobe Smith Steve Smith Mike Sponsel Judy Tomlin Dennis Tucker Antonio Vargas ""3 . if i.. 0 BAND" POSES before giving their performance at the spring Spirit Week. . I ff I1 .,-3 'vt M -5 'V Q Wi ag 2 , ' gg 3:4 ' -1- 'Z T' A -' .Q 'f ' "Ar 5 Q2 'JV ' ' T, ' X' I MJ W' l G lm i':r 1- ' Y' '4 ,V E " 0 A . . J g ' f ' X 4 V -nf' . .Wap Q V . 1, 'LA V K i 1 . 1. 1 " 'f of .. 4f-W if if - Mike Wilcoxson Hubert Williams Terry Williams ' . .5 2 Al , ' Patty Wright Dennis Zanin Anna Zepeda 4. iv tg ' , 1 - .. i 'ive ZW X X Q lilliimmvt il! .g 5' 73 . 'll . i f f F oi Darlene Sorrell Kevin Spreitzer Darlene Tracy Don Turman Wade Wagley Gera Spivey Dave Taylor Ruben Trujillo Sam Turman Mike Walk ATTENDANTS FOR SPORTS Royalty: Shelly Hendrix and Terry L. Williams. NE EYRE" Spring Play members included: Kristina Kline, Peggy Simons, Albert Ortiz, Karl Towle, Stephanie Glodis, Lynn Bru- er, Daniel Gatlin, Kathy Tellez, Jerry Espinoza, Terry McLaughlin, Laurie Espinoza, .lanet Farrington, and Mary Ann Casillas. espians Stage ane Eyre" As '75 All School Dramatic Success Jane Eyre", a gothic mystery three acts, was chosen by the ma Club for their spring play. dapted from Charlotte Bronte's sic novel of the same name, play combines the best ele- ts of humor, romance and sus- e. It was given 'two nights. he community hailed the pro- ion as the best play staged by hool cast in many years. Re- sals for the all school cast n in the month of November. ur main characters headed play: Jane Eyre played by Ka- Tellezg Rochester, Danny Gat- Mrs. Fairfax, Lynn Brubaker, Leah, by Mary Ann Casillas. e actors had many laughs as practiced. They remembered s when the English accent they trying to learn came out as ish or southern! Kathy and y had trouble with their love s, too, especially when the cast members laughed. The was directed by Mrs. Cathy e and Miss Rebecca Deyo. gfviat, 5 5 'S .,,z,...L . WATCHING the storm are Mrs. Fairfax and Leah, the housemaid, played by Lynn Brubaker and Mary Ann Casillas, left. TIMIDLY, Jane Eyre meets Rochester for the first time, right. I , , fs' ANYTOWN delegates:FRONT1 Dixie Rcdelfs, Mary Casillas, Anita Jacoby. ZND: Alan Edwards, Dennis junior Delegates Set up Model Governmentg Stud Racial Issues SJ a ' V? I I GIRLS, BOYS STATERS include: BOTTOM ROW: Pam Gale, Lynn Brubaker. TOP: John Campbell, Robert Bartee, Dan Broderick. NOT PICTURED: Debra Filleman, Alternate. Ten junior class members honored by being chosen to sent Morenci at Anytown and and Boys State. In early the interested juniors applications to the principal May the delegates were their acceptance and of Boys Staters stayed at NAU the girls met at the U of A. tions for county and state ment jobs were held on the of a two party system, the eralists and the Nationalists. ter waging their campaign for fice, the delegates had gaine better understanding of ipolit Upon arrival in the Chirica Mountains, the Anytowners fo themselves faced with many pr lems, including choosing lea and organizing of cabin comm ities. Group cooperation pro to be one solution for these pr lems. The Anytowners inv gated racial issues and searc for answers to overcome th ANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY initiates who received pins last May are: FRONT ROW: Arnie Tellez, Gloria Ruiz, Carol Ro Debbie Shurtz, Sylvia Martinez, Diane Ontiveros, Barbara Bailon, and Patrick Chavez. ZND: Sylvia Garcia, Bertha Moran, John Borjon, Mark Grijalva, Armando Rodriguez, Philip Perkins, Tommy Gomez, Kathy Florez, Diana Casillas, and Margaret Porter parish N-ati-o-na-l-Hor1orIGr-oup eceives New Membersg Celebrates Anniversar The initiation of I8 pupils into he Rose Berra Chapter marked he tenth anniversary of the Span- h National Honor Society. Mr. ara gave a short history of the rganization and gave recognition Mrs. Berra in whose honor the hapter was named. Then Span- h Club president, Susan Fran- o and immediate past president anny Gatlin presented a beauti- lly decorated cake to Mrs. Rose erra. Due to Mrs. Berra's ill- ess she was not present but Mr. erra accepted the honor for her. Spanish potluck dinner followed. The special speaker for the oc- sion was Father Liem Leahy of the Holy Cross Parish. He gave an account of his own native cul- ture and stressed the importance and beauty of others to retain the Spanish culture and its language. The initiating ceremony began with the senior members of the honor society naming the past and present members. Then the in- stalling president, Karl Towle and vice-president, Dan Gatlin began the official ceremony. Present members presented each initiate with a red and gold ribboned can- dle which they lit. They then re- peated the society's oath and pro- mised to devote themselves to the studying of the Spanish language. BLOWING OUT CANDLES, Mr. Ber ra helps celebrate tenth anniversary . cr R . 'k . D I D , , AFTER A HEARTY LUNCHEON WHEN MEMBERSHIP scroll is signed, initiate Darlene Sorrell becomes an official member. member Dan Broderick goes National Honor Society Pins Initiatesg Enjo Lunch and Guting Fifteen National Honor Societ initiates were paged by the mem bers February 6th during secon hour. Later fourteen excited jun iors and one senior were pinne with the colorful NHS ribbons an told to wear them for two week as part of the initiation. After th pinning ceremony the group wen downtown to celebrate the 0' sion. They enjoyed a luncheon the Qgpper Kettle and they spent some time playing and bowling at the bowling Parents, relatives, and members were invited the ing Monday to the evening ting ceremony. Senior gave short speeches on the nal principles of the i Scholarship, Leadership, if ter, and Service. The i tion's history and emblem it if also explained by NHS memh Th t k M . J INITIATION SPEAKER: Mr. Juan Gonzalez, RIGHT: Annette Duran receivesthe NHS pin. e gues Spea er' r .kr . Gonzalez, extended his congratu- lations to the initiates and thanked Mr. Galusky and Mr. Glodis for he invitation. Mr. Gonzalez, a 1948 Morenci graduate and a for- er NHS member, told of his own igh school life and how the Nat- onal Honor Society affected him nd the other deserving students. Mary Ann Casillas led the ini- iates in the oath and Mr. Glodis resented the initiates with their HS pins. The ceremony ended ith the new members signing the embership scroll. They were ongratulated afterwards by many. reception, in their honor, was eld in the Home Economics room. The old members, unsatisfied ith the initiation called a meet- ng and made extra plans. They ade newspaper hats and finally ecreed the novices should wear hem with their pants rolled up. he initiation week ended with a ew dress fad and a lot of laughs. . em, J B K" . ff J' 3 :fs Ls . f ea Q, 5, Q . . .t , ,J Xxx ' ,M X up N , 1 L 1 . A ,,sgffw X .zum 't ' vf ga- 1 - gaffyrx -sf --Vft ff '-L .t .. : gig If I W" "'x N' ' , - ' Fz'rl,1.,g..., -- . . Ei I ,. 1 3gggfNfgf fHt'e """ illlilllllllllll I 4 RECEIVING CONGRATULATION, James Hamilton shakes hands with principal, Mr. Glodis NHS MEMBER S INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Initiates: James Hamilton, Debbie Shurtz, Darlene Sorrell. Shelly Hendrix, Lori Es- Kathy Paetz, Veronica Harbison, and Calvin Hardcastle. ZNDZ Melva Davey. Debra Filleman, Priscilla Begay, Rita Martinez Valdez, Mary Casillas, Donna Marsh, and Lynn Brubaker, 3RD: Anita Jacoby, Dan Broderick, John Campbell, Rob Bartccl Edwards, Steve Smith, initiate: and Pam Gale. NOT PICTUREDZ Initiates: Maria Carabeo and Annette Duran. Debbie Gaskinl I ..,,a P QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS: P.Begay, D.Brinkley, R.Rodela, M.Smith, Quill and Scroll Society am ,ses D.Sorrell, C.Sircy, L.Brubaker, and E.Calderon Initiates journalists, Honor Adviser With Gift I CORSAGE AND GIFT from staff pleases P.Begay and Miss Johnson at banquet. 1 M, .L-., , INTERACTION munication was as a part of good com discussed by L.U pton. Quill and Scroll Society is a international organization devote to the recognition of outstandin journalism students. This yea marks the twentieth year in Mor enci High School. The initiatio was performed by veteran mem bers Ernie Calderon, Craig Sircy Dana Brinkley, Mark Smith, an Miss Johnson, advisor. The ne members were Priscilla Begay Lynn Brubaker, Robert Rodela and Dennis Sorrell. Special re cognition was given to Jerry Cha vez for his work on the staff. Be fore the ceremony, entertainmen was provided by the Morenci Dix ieland Band under the direction o Mr. Tom Braeuer. Speaking o "Communications", Larry Upto manager of the Clifton bank gav an interesting talk to the new an old initiates. The evening ende with Miss Johnson opening a gi given in appreciation by the staf x xx K J x X, u a N EXCITED UPITRCLASSMEN receive multicolored National Honor Society pledge ribbons. Melvu Davy pins Maria Curuhco . K l ' 1 Q Vh., y H ng I ,4,i . y 49,52 ' '.-3Jf5"llif ?1f-,af f '- ' gi milgyf-et Q -tu s ? Lf5sii.22"4 . , . 5'-1, V W 'rw 5: . K 4 Q ' 3 .A V Qs' ,5:l' 2-. 'fait . ww',,- f ':-sr' H' -V., .ga-ilfii .am 35, -ff ,a .2 ga I if' 53,22 , - 4 5, PROM royalty: FRONT ROW: l.Provencio, C.Ramirez, S.Martinez, D.Segovia. ZNDZ S.Smith, D.Marin, W.Wagley, M.Lo fs 31, fy 4' JO ff' . ,,..-. . K' z PROM king and queen: Cynthia Lujan and Reynaldo Peru. Popular Students Rule at Prom Royalty was chosen by vari clubs, classes and organizatio Kenny Blackman was chosen Girls' League King and recei his crown from his wife, Vivi president of the Girls' Leag During the exciting Sahuari Morenci Homecoming game, Sports' King and Queen were p sented their crowns by the pr dents of IGAA and Letterme Clubs, also choosing attenda The Junior class started pl ning their annual Junior-Sen Prom, to take place in the e' spring, last fall. The gym decorated in bright yellow and ange, with the theme Tequila S rise. After receiving roses their crowns, Queen Cindy Lu and King Reynaldo Peru, led grand march. Their attenda were chosen by popular vote. fore the prom, Seniors held a b quet honoring the Junior Cl' Kenny Blackman Girls' League King I-I O m m I n g SPORTS' King and Queen: Marty Bradford, Cindy Gomez. WJ 4,25 f-L. iy' SPORTS' ATTENDANTS INCLUDE: FRONT ROW: Debbie Filleman, seniorg Shelly Hendrix,junior1 Debbie Chacon, sophomore, Bar bie Marin, freshman. ZND: Ronnie Gonzales, seniorg Terry Williams, juniorg Ernest Ruiz, sophomore: Arnold Espinoza, freshman Student From Philippines Rally, Comes to Spend Yearg Rob and Maria Go N W ENJOYING THE scenery, Rally rests from hiking while on a camping trip in the mountains. Rally Discipulo, our foreign ex- change student, arrived from the Philippines in August after a for- ty-eight hour flight. I-Ie is staying with his foster brother Bill Nunez. Living with an older brother and sister in the town of Echange, Is- abela, Rally attends a school of 8,100 other students. The high school there begins with the ninth grade and goes through college. After a day at school, instead of visiting, sports, or cruising, the students go out to work in the rice fields. Almost every family owns a field and raises their own rice. Rally hopes to pursue a pro- fession in the field of agriculture. Enjoying everything about Mor- enci, Rally especially likes his fos- ter parents and his favorite class is Physics. He was happy to see Morenci's first snowfall because he had never seen snow before. Rally is friendly, well-liked, and has been welcomed by both the students and the community. ,pf 1 1 is ,s.jg1tff pp , -e-----.-...L LENDING A HAND, Rally helps with an experiment in Physics. TIMING is the secret as Rally juggles balloons at Drama Club Party, Un AFS Trips Rob Bartee and Maria Carabeo, both seniors, were able to partici- pate in the AFS summer program. Rob spent the summer working on a farm in Fyn, Denmark. His foster father was a farmer, his mother a nurse, and he also had T a brother who was eighteen. Dur- ing Rob's stay he says he raised a calf! A ten day tour included a short trip through East Germany. Another week was spent in a Boy Scout Camp outside Copenhagen. These were among the highlights of his two month summer trip. Maria went to Ghana, Africa. She was the lucky recipient of the Readers Digest Scholarship which paid part of her expenses. Her foster father was an accountant, her mother a housewife, and she also had eight brothers and sis- ters. At an installation of a chief, Maria was treated as a princess. She met high officials, bishops, and the head of state. Maria also met juju men who are similar to witch doctors and visited a day in the home of Shirley Temple Black, the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana. AT THE MARKET PLACE, Maria selects material for a dress. AT TIVOLI GARDENS in Copenhagen, Rob Bartee poses with his AFS friend Cindy Subletle. l s .A , AT HER AFRICAN home she poses with her foster mother and sisters Top Ten Percent Bicentennial Senior Class Are Honored for Scholastic 'Lynn Brubaker 'John Campbell 'Melva Davey 'Robert Bartee National Honor Society National Honor Society National Honor Society National Honor Society Quill 84 Scroll Society Valedictorian Quill 8L Scroll Society Salutatorian National Merit Commendation l 'Debra Filleman 'Alan Edwards National Honor Society National Honor Society JUNIOR ROTARIANS Pam Gale Steve Perry Mary Ann Casillas John Campbell Lynn Brubaker Melva Davey 8a Robbie Bartee Dan Broderick 84 Anita Jacoby Alan Edwards 8a Debra Filleman 'In upper IOLZQ ofclass. September November December January February March April May me-. NHS PLEDGE RIBBON isgiven to Annette Duran by senior member, Debbie Gaskin. Achievements As graduation rolled around, there was a special sense of pride and honor among the Bicentennial Class of 1976. Because this is a very special year, to rank in the top ten percent of the graduating class was an added bonus for all the hard-working honor students. A change in application regula- tions for college and university scholarships required that 1975 tax information be included. This caused many to be awarded late, although some scholarships were announced by commencement day. Another added feature of our country's birthday was the crea- tion of Bicentennial Scholarships and other awards given especially to Morenci's only class of 1976. The top fourteen students of the class were leaders in every sense. Many community activities, or- ganizations and churches were helped by their assistance. These people not only maintained high grades, but were the leaders in sports, cheerleading, and band, the head of the student body, the editors of the Wildcat, and Copper Cat, and several club presidents. 'Donna Marsh Tammy Vanaman National Honor Society Betty Crocker Award 'Priscilla Begay 'Rita Martinez N2iIi0l'lHl Honor SOCiCly National Honor Society Quill 8a Scroll Society D.A.R. Award 'Pam Gale 'Mary Ann Casillas 'Anita Jacoby 'Deborah Gaskin Honor Society National Honor Society National Honor Society National Honor Society Class of '76 Receive Diplomas and Awards During Bicentennial Year "We're Seniors at lastlu re- joiced the Class of 76 as they re- gistered for their final year. With eleven long years behind the class they looked forward to their last one and ahead to marriage, uni- versities and vocational schools. During their four years of high school, they participated in many activities. In their previous years activities. In previous years their float received three third places, but as seniors they placed first. As sophomores, rings were chosen. The picking of prom royalty and the planning of dance decorations were the main events as juniors. Only when the senior pictures were made, the ACT Test taken, caps, gowns and announcements ordered, could members of the class really believe they were em- barked on their last year. Then came scholarships, financial aid applications, and last of all mea- surements for caps and gowns. Finally ...... the night of May 28 arrived. With mixed e- motions, seniors donned their red and black caps and gowns. With the receiving of diplomas from the Board of Education, the class was proud that no other Morenci class would have diplomas like theirs. Only this class would have the bi- centennial emblem on the front of their diplomas. At last, the high school career ended for the Class of 76 . . . The Bicentennial Seniors. Jane Aguilera Joey Aguilar Rick Aragon Lupe Balderrama Janie Bancroft Bobby Benitez Priscilla Begay Rob Bartee Anice Benavidez Kenny Blackman Vivian Blackman Tony Bonilla X N 1 A Gi Marty Bradford 'W' N. P E ' Judy Brinkley Dan Broderick .gi Brady Bruce X I K, ff? ' xv W i- x G . v Q bl in t X E. .il V as . - . . . ,. . least. I - 9 .k-L ' A f' Lynn Brubaker wx , Emily Bustamante Maria Carabeo l! John Campbell X? i - 6 Dennis Chavez Mary Ann Casillas "P-+ Danny Chacon Bobby Castaneda x.,,,' .4 SENIOR SPORTS Attendants Rfjonza- RECEIVING THE MOST consistent player award at the fall booster banquet, D.Redelfs. les escorts Dfmeman at Hamegomingh Melva Davey Robert Corbell John Conant M ary Belle Chavez Tom Delaney Jimmy Delgado Rally Discipulo Liliann Delgado Robbie Duran Gerald Dodd Rubin Encinas Alan Edwards Janet Farrington Sammy Florez Jerry Espinoza Kim Fahey Debra Filleman Pam Gale David Gibson Andy Espinoza David Gherna Debbie Gaskin Dale Hilliard V""' l Dom Giacoletli Sylvia Gonzales Cindy Gomez Judy Hernandez Ronnie Gonzales ior Class Members ost Juniors Before Prom at Traditional Banquet v lrilill YU ggw J IOR PROOFS ARE IN!! Mary Ann Casillas picks hers up from Editor, Lynn Brubaker. 3'-1?r'IjiL-frigqgesiratg-Psi ?lLAgEIi2nT':l::- Seniors Have Portraits Takeng Win First Place With Float ,r at -X f s A11-'jfzf yf flu' D :Qgi3,gag1i9 f::65YEl0A5X3' 'gli W- 'ro STATE ,af na- .. 5 'W . 4, O it Q f as vi 5 f. i 5 . lg gif' fri? gf if i fi HOMECOMING SPORTS king and A COVERED WAGON, birthday cake, andthe bicentennial sign all appeared on the senior float. were Marty Bradford and Cindy 'ff U g ag ' L' A ., . W ,dw vw Kathy Ingram y 1 35 Anita Jacoby ' QM O ii R g gs..q,f John Hughs if , 1 ' Robert Hoefelte R A ,V ,A S: L -I ' , A ! ,tl 'lf' f v J V V afgiixf I 'K H i 4 fzviazf ' gf' A X , F 4' 51. 1 ,ifbiv uw: A, I -Q ,A -Ha. fx .... 1,- Ray Lujan Tina Kline Mary Helen Lopez Kenny Lee H+ A k' 3 Q X Q '. 5 L GGG, K it le G Joe Maese Martin Lubojacky Ernie Maldonado Frank Luna '-+- .f N-.I Larry Marin Joann Manzanarez Marc Malloque f Donna Marsh Corinne McBride Nellie Mena Denise Medina Rita Martinez WF' XWW Y T.Will1ams buys a cupcake Mr- Willard at fha Semof bake Sale- SENIOR CLASS MEMBERS perform in noswlgic'5o's skit during last Spring's Spirit Week. Spirit of 76: Leadership Felt in Sports, Academies, and Clubs HERE COMES THE SPIRIT OF '76l Mary Ann Casillas and Rita Martinez lead the class bicentennial entry in the homecoming pa x Jerry Nabor Judy Montoya Wayne Mortensen David Morales Nancy Nelson John Nelson Bill Nunez Larry Nabor Veronica Ochoa Dianne Ontiveros Paula Ohlwiler Albert Ortiz EdisonLOwens Joanne Paz Peter Provencio Steve Perry Anna Rodriguez Marvin Ray Anthony Rios Dixie Redelfs Gloria Ruiz Kathy Rogers Donna Elkins Rodela Carrie Romero 1 king ind queen are Albert Ortiz and Judy Montoya Richard Ruiz Clint Russell Bicentenn SA .fs ' ia... Q5 V, A V . . .. .kk ,. C it f : 5 a s .i Niggfg, TT, ' 'lip'-l .Q ii' , -f' 'R Qqfrxpvlfr wqfxrfiz. . . Lif ' " .+H1's?e- 1 ' uw if l 'N A Y H ...Q f X it , Ne ., 5 t P' . , , Nat, -., gt., 4 A- I1 . Z2-.xgxii ls '-.z?' -fx r , '. sf? 5" - ft ":ff., -R 'i 54 A 544 ' ' , . N55 . ly +'l- v- F Q. 1 r N si '4 1, 'ts ial Class 'YK v M, 'M ' gli , V' wwf gg Q, r 'el' ' H 1 Q ,. a 1' 47 it ,, 9 7' M -' an bf n , A.,o0.Lu-fl SENlOR CLASS OFFICERS include: FRONT: Fillemang treasurer, Dennis Sorrell: president, class representativeg Mary Casillas, Lynn Brubaker, Alan Edwards, Janet Nancy Nelson: secretary. ZN . . Albert Ortiz: vice-presid Anxiously Awaits Graduation, Ponders Future Casey Saenz it it Frank Subia Peggy Simons Kathy Shupe Dennis Sorrell Brian Sedgeman Gilbert Tapia Tim Snyder 126 , :Vis .- . 151' 'i P A 033' ,N . ...Ei QM s-N A X5 " i i ,,. . ' J fi N we -1595 , fl as R , y . L xn xx: O 5 V - x 5 , it Jr? "1 it , "1-v..,, x Fm. 1 en 5 1 V Rosalva Tellez Gordon Thomas Lance Thomas David Ulibbarri Brett Ulery Jerry Tomlin Tammy Vanaman Yolanda Valdez Sally Wagley Kathy Whitby Luke Weiland Robert Vasquez Richard Windsor Vera Zale David Zanin Kevin Wright Calvin Hasty Martha Romero SENIOR REGISTER A AGUILERA, JANE VIDALES ACTIVI- TIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 4. Dra- matics Club 4. French Club 1234. SAE 14. FNA 1. Girls' League 1234. Pep Club 1234. Concert Choir 4. Girls' Glee Club 12. HONORS: Band Awards 1234. AGUILAR, JOEY A. SPORTS: Foot- balll23. ARAGON, RICK RUIZ ACTIVITIES: Band 123. Pep Band 2. Stage Band 23. OFFICES: Class President 1. Student Council I. Letterman's Club Vice-pres- ident 4. SPORTS: Baseball 1234. Bas- ketball 1. Football 134. HONORS: All Conference Baseball 3. H. M. All Con- ference Football 3. Letterman's Club B BALDERRAMA, GUADALUPE LOPEZ ACTIVITES: Band 1234. Pep Band 123 4. Stage Band 2. Chess Club 1. Pep Club 12. SPORTS: Baseball 1. Track 2. Wrestling 34. HONORS: Letterman's Club 234. OFFICES: Band Supply Offi- cer4. 34. BARTEE, ROBERT BRUCE ACTIVI- TIES: Chess Club I. Copper Cat Staff 34. French Club 12. OFFICES: Copper Cat Head Photographer 4. Photographer 3. French Club Vice-president 2. SPORTS: Basketball 1234. Football 12. Track 12 34. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. HONORS: Boys' State 3. Honor Roll 1234. NHS 34. Letterman's Club 1234. ASU Medallion of Merit Award 3. Quill and Scroll4. BANCROFT, JANIE L. ACTIVITIES: Library Helper 1. Office Helper 34. BEGAY, PRISCILLA ANN ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 1234. SAE I. De- bating Society 123. Drama Club 24. FNA 12. AFS 2. Copper Cat 134. Pep Club 14. Spanish.Club 1234. Girls' League 1. OFFICES: Copper Cat Class Section Ed- itor 4. Copper Cat Sophomore Section Editor 3. Debating Society Secretary 2. Drama Club Secretary 4. FNA Secretary 2. Girls' Basketball Manager 4. HON- ORS: Honor Roll 1234. NHS 34. SNHS 234. AIPA Scholarship 3. Quill and Scroll 34. BENAVIDEZ, MERRI ANICE BENITEZ, BOBBY JOE ACTIVITIES: Thespians 4. SPORTS: Football 1234. BLACKMAN, KENNETH JOE ACTIVI- TIES: 220 Club 3. 250 Club 3. 260 Club 3. SPORTS: Basketball 12. Foot- ball 1234. Track 3. HONORS: Letter- man's Club 34. BLACKMAN, VIVIAN LOPEZ ACTIVI- TIES: GIRLS' LEAGUE 1234. Library Hel- per 34. Office Helper 4. Spanish Club 4. Concert Choir 23. Girl's Glee Club I. OFFICES: Girls' League Council 34. Girls' League President 4. BONILLA, ANTHONY L. BRADFORD, MARTY L. ACTIVITIES: French Club 123. SPORTS: Basketball 1. Football Manager 2. HONORS: Let- terman's Club 234. ROYALTY: Sports King4. BRINKLEY, JUDY ANN ACTIVITIES: Thespians 4. SAE 12. Girls' League 124. Library Helper 1234. Office Help- er 3. TRAGYC Club 34. OFFICES: TRAGYC Regional Secretary 4. BRODERICK, DAN D. ACTIVITIES: French Club 12. Band 12. Office Help- er 4. 220 Club 34. SPORTS: Baseball 1234. Basketball 12. Football 1234. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. HONORS: Boys' State 3. Honor Roll 12 34. NHS 34. Letterman's Club 34. BRUBAKER, IDA LYNN ACTIVITIES: Band 123. Dixie Land Band 3. Rock Band 2. Chess Club 12. Copper Cat Staff 1 234. Dramatics Club 1234. Debating Society 12. SAE 1234. Girls' League 1 2. Pep Club 12. Student Council 34. Wildcat Staff I. AFS 24. Dramatics Club Spring Play 34. Handbook Com- mittee l2. Interclub Council 2. OFFI- CES: Copper Cat Editor-in-Chief 4. Copper Cat Managing Editor 3. Copper Cat Business Mgr. 2. Copper Cat Ad- vertising Mgr. 2. Debating Society Pre- sident 2. Drama Club Publicity Chair- man 3. HONORS: Honor Roll 1234. NHS 34. Quill and Scroll 34. Music Festival Outstanding Solo 3. Girls' State 3, AIPA Scholarship 2. Typing I and II Awards 12. U of A Outstanding Girl 3. National Merit Letter of Com- mendation 4. Top 1016 in Division State Math Contest 23. BRUCE, JAMES BRADY ACTIVITIES: 220 Club 4. SPORTS: Baseball 134. Football 14. HONORS: Letterman's Club4. BUSTAMANTE, EMILY D. ACTIVI- TIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 4. Thespians 4. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 4. Pom Pons 3. Spanish Club 124. OFFI- CES: Spanish Club Secretary-Treas. 4. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. HONORS: Lettergirls' Club 4. ' C CAMPBELL, JOHN ROBERT ACTIVI- TIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 234. De- bating Society 1. Chess Club 1234. SAE 1. French Club 12. TRAGYC 4. OFFI- CES: Band Vice-president 4. Band Sup- ply Officer 23. SPORTS: Tennis 1234. HONORS: Tennis State Doubles Champs 3. Boys' State 3. Honor Roll 1234. Let- terman's Club 12. NHS 34. French A- wardl2. CARABEO,MARIA DEL ROSARIO AC TIVITIES: B.H.S. Flag Girl 3. Girl. League 4. Oflice Helper 4. Pep Clu 1234. Student Council 3. Spanish Clu 1234. FBLA 123. AFS 34. B.H.S. Fo lies Cast 3. OFFICES: Junior Cla Secretary 3. AFS President 4. HO ORS: Girls' State 3. Honor Roll 123 AFS Scholarship 3. AFS Foreign E change Student 3. Girls' Basketba Statistician 4. Transferred from Bi bee High School 4. CASILLAS, MARY ANN ACTIVITIE Chess Club 3. Debating Society 23. SA 123. FNA 123. Thespians 1234. Girl League 1234. Student Council 4. Spa ish Club 123. Vocal Music 12. Conce Choir 2. Girls' Glee Club 1. Spri Play 3. Teacher's Aid 3. OFFICE Debating Society President 3. FNA Pr sident 2. Girls' League Council SPORTS: Volleyball Manager 4. HO ORS: Anytown 3. Honor Roll 1234. NH 34. SNHS 1234. Spanish Award 2. Co gressman Conlan Scholar 3. CASTANEDA, RAUL ROBERT SPORT Baseball 34. Football 4. Track 1. A TIVITIES: Band 123. Pep Band 12 HONORS: Letterman's Club 34. CHACON, CHRIS DANIEL SPORT Football I. Basketball 1234. Baseball I Track 34. HONORS: Letterman's Cl 4. CHAVEZ, DENNIS WILLIAM ACTIV TIES: Wildcat Staff 1. SPORTS: Foo ball 12. Basketball I. Track 2. CHAVEZ, MARY BELLE ACTIVITIE Girls' League 123. Library Helper Pep Club 4. Spanish Club 34. Girl Glee Club 124. OFFICES: Girls' Leag Treasurer4. CONANT, JOHN WARREN ACTIV TIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 1234. Sta Band 1234. OFFICES: Class Vice-preside 1. SPORTS: Baseball 12. Football 2 Track 12. HONORS: Band Awards 1 Music Festival Outstanding Solo Transferred from Paradise Valley Hi School2. COR BELL, ROBERT D DAVEY, MELVA ANN ACTIVITIE FBLA 2. GAA 1. Med-Start 23. HO ORS: Honor Roll 1234. NHS 234. Pri cipal's List 3. Transferred from B bee High School 4. DELANEY, THOMAS JOHN ACTI TIES: Yearbook 3. Drama Club SPORTS: Football 23, Basketball 1 Transferred from St. Andrews High Sch 4. DELGADO, JIMMY G. SPORTS: Ba ball 1234. Basketball 1. HONORS: L terman's Club 34. All-Conference S ondTeam 3. DELGADO, LILIANN MARY ACTIVI- TIES: Girls' League I234. Library Helper 3. Office Helper 4. Girls' Glee Club I2. DISCIPULO, RALLY PEDRO ACTIVI- TIES: AFS 4. AFS Exchange Student from Isca Philippines 4. DODD, GERALD WAY NE DURAN, ROBERT ACTIVITIES: Bandl 234. Pep Band 234. Stage Band 4. Li- brary Helper 2. SPORTS: Basketball I24. Football I. OFFICES: Band Sup- E EDWARDS, ALAN RAY ACTIVITIES: Office Helper 34. Student Council I234. 220 Club I234. 250 Club 234. Olympic 260 Club 34. SPORTS: Wrestling 234. Baseball I234. Basketball I2. Football I234. HONORS: Anytown 3. Honor Roll I234. NHS 34. SNHS 234. Letterman's Club 234. Most Valuable Wrestler 23. Outstanding Defensive Lineman 3. Foot- ball All Sate Award 34. OFFICES: Let- terman's Club President 3. ply Officer 34. ENCINAS, RUBEN ARNULFO ACTIVI- TIES: Band I2. Pep Band 2. SPORTS: Wrestling 234. Football I. Football Man- ager 23. HONORS: Letterman's Club 234. ESPINOZA, ANDREW M. ESPINOZA, GERALD D. ACTIVITIES: Band I234. Pep Band 34. Stage Band 4. hespians 34. French Club 24. SAE 2. Drama Club Spring Play 3. Senior Play ast 4. OFFICES: Thespians Vice-pre- sident 4. HONORS: Band Awards I234. F FAHEY, KIM ELIZABETH ACTIVI- TIES: Debating Society l. Thespians 3. SAE 2. Girls' League I234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club 234. Concert Choir 3. Girls' Glee Club I. Pom Pon Manager 4. OF- FICES: Pep Club President 34. Honor Roll I2. FARRINGTONN JANET RAE ACTIVI- TIES: Band I234. French Club I2. SAE I2. Girls' League I24. Pep Club I. Pom Pons I2. Student Council 34. Spring Play Cast 3. OFFICES: Girls' League Council I. HONORS: Lettergirls' 234. FILLEMAN, DEBRA ACTIVITIES: Band I234. Cheerleader I234. French Club I234. Girls' League I234. Office Hel- per 4. OFFICES: Band Librarian 4. Class vice-president 2. Class Trea- surer 4. HONORS: Honor Roll I234. NHS 34. Lettergirls' Club 4. FLOREZ, SAMUEL JAMES ACTIVI- IES: Library Helper4. G ALE, PAMELA KAY ACTIVITIES: Band I234. Cheerleader I3. French Club I234. SAE I. Girls' League I234. Office Helper 4. Student Council 234. OFFICES: Band Librarian 3. French Club Vice-president 2. Girls' League Council 2. Student Council President 4. Student Council Representative 23. HON- ORS: Girls' State 3. Honor Roll I234. NHS 34. Lettergirls' 234. French A- ward l. Volleyball Second Team All Conference 3. SPORTS: Tennis I234. Volleyball I234. GASKIN,DEBORAH ACTIVITIES: Thes- plans 24. French Club I234. SAE I234. FNA I2. Girls' League I234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club 24. OFFICES: SAE Secretary 34. FNA Treasurer 2. FNA Reporter 2. FNA Scrap. Book 2. HON- ORS: Honor Roll I234. NHS 34. French Award 3. GHERNA, DAVID J. ACTIVITIES: Of- fioe Helper 234. Spanish Club 3. SPORTS: Football I23. Track I2. Trans- ferred from Bisbee High School 3. GIACOLETTI, DOMENICK ACTIVI- TIES: Student Council I2. SPORTS: Base- ball I34. Basketball I234. Football I24. HONORS: Honor Roll I. Transferred from Bisbee High School 4. GIBSON, DAVID LARKIN SPORTS: Baseball I234. Wrestling 234. Football I2. HONORS: Letterman's Club 4. GOMEZ,CYNTHIA DARLENE ACTIVI- TIES: FNA 3. Girls' League I234. Pep Club 24. Pom Pons I234. Spanish Club I2. Girls' Glee Club I2. OFFICES: Girls' League Council 4. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. Sports Queen 4. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 234. GONZALES, RONALD T. ACTIVITIES: Band I234. Pep Band I2. Stage Band I 234. Spanish Club I2. OFFICES: Band Supply Officer 2. SPORTS: Basketball l. Football I234. Track I. HONORS: Letterman's Club I234. GONZALES, SYLVIA B. ACTIVITIES: Girls' League I234. Vocal Ensemble 2. Girls' Glee Club I24. OFFICES: Girls' League Council 4. H HERNANDEZ, JUDY B. ACTIVITIES: Girls' League 4. Library Helper 34. Pep Club 4. Spanish Club 34. SPORTS: Track I. HONORS: Honor Roll I2. Transferred from Safford High School 3. HILLIARD, DALE L. ACTIVITIES: Li- brary Helper l2. SPORTS: Football I2. HOFELTE, ROBERT HUGHS, JOHN COOK ACTIVITIES: Band I2. Copper Cat I2. Debating Society I2. Spanish Club I2. 220 Club 234. 250 Club 34. SPORTS: Baseball 2. Bas- ketball l. Football I234. Track I. Wrestling 234. HONORS: Honor Roll I34. Letterman's Club 234. I INGRAM, EVA KATHLEEN ACTIVI- TIES: Band I24. Pep Band I2. Girls' League 4. Library Helper 4. SPORTS: Girls' Base- ball 3. Volleyball 3. Transferred from J JACOBY,ANITA CATHERINE ACTIVI- TIES: Band I234. Pep Band 4. Debat- ing Society 2. Drama Club 34. French Club I234. SAE I234. Girls' League 2 34. Wildcat Staff 4. TRAGYC 34. OF- FICES: Band Librarian 4. Band Initia- ting Officer 2. Debating Society Vice- president 2. SAE President 4. Editor- in-Chief of Wildcat Staff 4. HONORS: Antown 3. Honor Roll I234. NHS 34. K KLINE, CHRISTINE MARIE ACTIVI- TIES: Band I234. Pep Band 4. Chess Club 3. Copper Cat l. Debating Society 2. Dra- ma Club 234. French Club I234. SAE I234. FNA 123. Girls' League I234. Spring Play Cast 3. Pep Club I. TRA- GYC 34. OFFICES: Drama Club Trea- surer 4. Drama Club Vice-President 3. FNA Vice-president 2. FNA Secretary- treasurer 3. HONORS: Honor Roll I34. L LEE, KENNETH GRANT ACTIVITIES: Library Helper 3. SPORTS: Basket- ball I34. Football I4. HONORS: Honor Roll I2. Letterman's Club 4. Trans- ferred from Tyrone, N.M. 3. Cumby, Texas 4. French Award l. LOPEZ, MARY HELEN LUBOJACKY, MARIN D. ACTIVITIES: Chess Club I2. Copper Cat I2. Copper Cat Photographer I2. French Club I. SAEI. LUJAN, RAYMOND SPORTS: Baseball 234. Basketball I. Football I234. HON- ORS: Letterman's Club 34. All-Con- ferench First Team Baseball 3. LU NA, FRANK BELTRAN MAESE, JOE GONZALES ACTIVITIES: Chess Club 3. Copper Cat I. SAE 123. Library Helper 3. Pep Club I. Spanish Club l23. SPORTS: Wrestling 234. Football 2. HONORS: Letterman's Club 3. MALDONADO, ERNEST P. SPORTS: Baseball 234. Football Manager 23. MALLOQUE, MARC ALAN ACTIVI- TIES: French Club I. Library Helper 4. Ol'- Iice Helper 3. SPORTS: Baseball 2. Basketball l. Basketball Manager 34. Football I2. Track 4. HONORS: Let- terman'sClub4. SENIOR REGISTER MANZANARES, JOANN S. ACTIVI- TIES: Band 1234. Girls' League 1234. Con- cert Choir 4. Girls' Glee Club I. Pep Club 4. MARIN, LARRY R. ACTIVITIES: Band 12, Pep Band 12. Spanish Club 2. OF- FICES: Band Supply Officer 2. SPORTS: Basketball 1234. Football 1234. Track 34. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. HONORS: Letterman's Club 4. MARSH, DONNA SUE ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 1234. Drama Club 2. French Club 1234. SAE 12. FNA 2. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club I2. OFFICES: FNA Reporter 2. French Club Social Chairman 1. SPORTS: Volleyball Manager 23. HON- ORS: Honor Roll 1234. NHS 34. Let- tergirl's Club 34. MARTINEZ, RITA GUADALUPE ACTI- VITIES: Office Helper 4. Pep Club 3. Pom Pons 3. Spanish Club 23. FBLA 23. OFFICES: Spanish Club Treasurer 3. SPORTS: Girls' Basketball Manager 4. HONORS: Honor Roll 1234. NHS 2 34. Transferred from Bisbee High School3. MCBRIDE, CORINNE E. ACTIVITIES: Girls' League 1234. Pep Club 1234. Spanish Club 3. SPORTS: Basketball Statistician 1234. Tennis 234. Volleyball 234. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 234. MEDINA, DENISE LEE ACTIVITIES: Drama Club 4. Girls' League 123. Pep Club I. Spanish Club 4. Concert Choir 4. Vocal Ensemble 2. Girls' Glee Club 123. MENA, MANUELITA ARQUELLEZ AC- TIVITIES: Girls' League 1234. Pep Club 4. Girls' Glee Club 23. MONTOYA, JUDY ANN ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 1. SAE I. FNA 1. Girls' League 1234. Library Helper 13. Of- fice Helper 34. Pep Club 12. Student Council 134. Spanish Club 1234. OF- FICES: Class Treasurer 2. Student Council Secretary 3. Student Council Treasurer 4. Spanish Club Vice-presi- dent 2. SPORTS: Basketball Statisti- cian 23. Tennis 1234. Volleyball 234. ROYALTY: Sports Atendant 2. HON- ORS: Honor Roll 14. Lettergirl's Club 34.SNHS 1234. MORALES, DAVID ACTIVITIES: Band 12. Pep Band 2. Office Helper 4. SPORTS: Baseball 23. Basketball 1. MORTENSEN, ALVIN WAYNE AC- TIVITIES: Library Helper 23. N NABOR, JERRY C. SPORTS: Wrest- ling4. NABOR, LARRY M. - NELSON. JOHN OLEN SPORTS: Foot- ball 1. NELSON, NANCY LYNNE ACTIVI- TIES: Band 12. Cheerleader I, Copper Cat 1234. French Club 1. FNA I. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club 12. Pom Pons 34. OFFICES: Cop- per Cat Business Mgr. 4. Copper Cat Subscription Mgr. 234. Class Vice- president 3. Class Secretary 14, SPORTS: Basketball Statistician 2. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 4. NUNEZ, WILLIAM ABRAHAM AC- TIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 234. Stage Band 4. Chess Club 1234. Drama Club 4. Senior Play Cast 4. AFS 4. OFFI- CES: Band Supply Officer 34. SPORTS: Football 12. Track 2. HONORS: Band Awards 1234. Honor Roll I. Letterman's O OCHOA, VERONICA VALTIERRA AC- TIVITIES: Girls' League 12. Library Helper 2. Spanish Club 2. Transferred from Clifton High School 3. Club 3. OHLWILER, PAULA ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 4. French Club 12. SAE 1234. Girls' League 1234. Pep Club 14. TRAGYC 234. AFS 34. OFFI- CES: Band Treasurer 4. French Club Public Relations Officer I. TRAGYC Of- ficer Co-Chairman 3. TRAGYC Chair- man 4. HONORS: Honor Roll 14. Mu- sic Festival Outstanding Solo 3. ONTIVEROS, DIANE A. ACTIVITIES: French Club 14. Girls' League 124. Li- brary Helper 1. Office Helper 4. Span- ish Club 34. Girls' Glee Club 2. OF- FICES: Class Secretary 3. SPORTS: Tennis 1234. Volleyball 12. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 34, ORTIZ, ALBERT LUJAN ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 234. Stage Band 234. Spanish Club 2. OFFICES: Class President 23. Class Vice-president 4. Band President 4. Band Vice-president 3. Letterman's President 4. SPORTS: Football 1234. Basketball 12. Track I. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. Sports Attendant 1. HONORS: Letter- man's Club 234. Honorable Mention All Conference 3. OWENS, EDISON, JOHN JR. ACTIVI- TIES: Office Helper 4. Spanish Club 1. Wildcat Staff 1. SPORTS: Baseball 123 4. Basketball I. Football 1. P PAZ, JOANNE ISABEL ACTIVITIES: SAE 1. FNA 1, Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 3. Pep Club I. Pom Pons 3. Spanish Club I. Concert Choir 4. Girls' Glee Club 12. ROYALTY: Junior Prom Attendant 3. HONORS: Letter- gir1'sClub4. PERRY, STEPHEN DOUGLAS ACTIVI- TIES: French Club 12. SPORTS: Base- ball l24. Basketball 1234. Football I2 34. ROYALTY: Junior Prom King 3 HONORS: Letterman's Club 234. Sec- ond Team All Conference Basketball 3 Second Team All Conference Football 3. PROVENCIO, PETER ACTIVITIES: Li- brary Helper 3. Spanish Club 234. Wild- cat Staff I. SPORTS: Football 12. Wrest- ling 34. Track 34. HONORS: Letter- man'sClub4. R RAY, MARVIN EUGENE ACTIVITIES: Concert Choir 2. Wildcat Staff I. OF- FICES: Wildcat StaffJoke Writer 1. REDELFS, DIXIE L. ACTIVITIES: Band 2. Cheerleader 1234. French Club 1234, Girls' League I23. OFFICES: Band Supply Officer 2. SPORTS: Ten- nis l234. Volleyball 234. ROYALTY: Sports Attendant 3. HONORS: Most Points Scored Volleyball 3. Third Place in Tennis District 3. Anytown 3. Hon- or Roll 12. Lettergirl's Club 234. RIOS, DAVID ANTHONY RODELA, DONNA ELKINS ACTIVI- TIES: Cheerleader 1,Copper Cat Staff 1234. Sophomore Class Layout Ed. 2. Junior Class Layout Ed. 3. Senior Class Lay- out Ed. 4. French Club I2. SAE 23. FNA I. Girls' League 1234. Office Hel- per 34. Pep Club 12. Pom Pons 34. Student Council 1234. JV Basketball Statistician 2. OFFICES: Freshmen Class Representative 1. Sophomore Class Representative 2. Student Council Corresponding Secretary 3. Student Council Secretary 4. ROYALTY: Ju- nior Prom Queen 3. HONORS: Letter- girl'sC1ub4. RODRIGUEZ, ANNA MARIE ACTIVI- TIES: Girls' League 1234. Library Hel- per 34. Pep Club I. Pom Pons 4, Spanish Club 14. Girls' Glee Club 1. ROGERS, KATHY SUE ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 123. French Club I4. Girls' League 123. Office Helper 34. Pe Club 14. Spanish Club 4. Girls' Gle Club 124. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 4. ROMERO, CAROLINE C. ACTIVITIES Girls' League 123. Office Helper 4. Pe Club 234. Pom Pons 34. Vocal Musi 1234. Concert Choir 34. Vocal Ensem ble 23. Girls' Choir 34. Girls' Gle Club 12. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 4 OFFICES: Pep Club Secretary 2. RUIZ, GLORIA ALICE ACTIVITIES Cheerleader 1234. Girls' League 1234 Library Helper 24. Pep Club 1234 Spanish Club 1234. Girls' Glee Club 124 OFFICES: Spanish Club Vice-Presiden 4, ROYALTY: Sports Attendant I HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 34. SNHS 4. RUIZ, RICHARD ARGUELLEZ SPORTS: Football 1. Track 134. RUSSELL, CLINTON T. ACTIVITIES: Library Helper 13. SPORTS: Football S SAENZ, CASEY NUNEZ ACTIVITIES: Band 123. Pep Band 1. Spanish Club 2. SPORTS: Football l. Baseball 12. Bas- ketball 1234. Track 34. HONORS: Hon- or Roll 12. Letterman's Club 34. 12. SEDGEMAN, BRIAN MICHAEL AC- TIVITIES: Chess Club 1234. Debating So- ciety l23. Library Helper 4. Office Helper 3. HONORS: Honor Roll 124. SHUPE, KATHLEEN RUTH ACTIVI- TIES: French Club 12. SAE 12. FNA I. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club I. Concert Choir 23. Girls' Glee Club 1. OFFICES: SAE President 3. SIMONS, PEGGY ANN ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 4. Debating So- ciety l2. Drama Club 34. SAE 1234. FNA 12. Girls' League 1234. Pep Club 14. TRAGYC 234. AFS 234. Spring Play 3. OFFICES: Band Secretary 4. SAE Vice-president 34. SAE Secretary 2. TRAGYC Secretary 4. HONORS: Honor Roll 134. SNYDER, TIMOTHY J. SORRELL, DENNIS ACTIVITIES: Class President 4. Copper Cat 1234. Pep Club 23. Student Council 4. Spanish Club 12. OFFICES: Copper Cat Sports Editor 234. SPORTS: Football 1. ROYALTY: Girls' League Attendant 4. HONORS: Honor Roll 134. Anytown 3. Quill and Scroll 34. SUBIA, FRANK DAVID ACTIVITIES: SAE l. Library Helper 23. Office Hel- per 4. Pep Club 123. Spanish Club 123 4.SPORTS: Football2. T TAPIA, GILBERT ACTIVITIES: Libra- ry Helper 2. Wildcat Staff 12. SPORTS: Football 1234. Baseball 1234. ROYAL- TY: Sports Attendant 3. HONORS: Let- terman's Club 34. Most Valuable Play- er J.V. Baseball 12. Most Valuable Player J.V. Football 2. Honorable Men- tion Baseball 3. TELLEZ, ROSALVA S. ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader 1234. Girls' League 1234. Library Helper 2. Office Helper 34. Pep Club 1234. Spanish Club 1234. Gilrs' Glee Club 1. OFFICES: Class Secretary 2. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club34. THOMAS. GORDON W. ACTIVITIES: Copper Cat Staff 2. Copper Cat Photo- grapher2. THOMAS, LANCE KIMBALL ACTIVI- TIES: Rodeo Club 12. Transferred from Cholla High School3. TOMLIN, JERRY WAYNE ACTIVI- TIES: Band 123. Pep Band 23. Stage Band 2. OFFICES: Band Supply Officer 3. SPORTS: Wrestling Manager 34. Track 24. ULERY, BRETT CHRISTOPHER ACTI- VITIES: Band 1. Library Helper 3. SPORTS: Football Manager 1. ULIBARRI, DAVID J. V VALDEZ, YOLANDA PAEZ ACTIVI- TIES: Office Helper 34. Spanish Club 124. Girls' Glee Club 1. HONORS: Honor Roll 1234. NHS 34. SNHS 1234. VANAMAN, TAMARA R. ACTIVITIES French Club 124. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 34. Pep Club 14. Girls' Glee Club 1. Basketball Stat 34. Class Treasurer 3. HONORS: Honor Roll 134. VASQUEZ, ROBERT MORENO AC- TIVITIES: Chess Club 34. Library Helper 124. SPORTS: Football 12. Wrestling W WAGLEY, SALLY GAIL ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Cheerleader 123. French Club 123. SAE 12. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club 12. Student Council 12. OFFICES: Band Librarian 4. HONORS: Lettergirls Club 4. 34. Track 4. WEILAND, LUKE DUANE Transferred from Bisbee High School 4. WHITBY, KATHERINE ANN ACTIVI- TIES: Cheerleader 13. French Club I. FNA 23. Girls' League 1234. Office Helper 4. Pep Club 1234. Girls' Glee Club 12. SPORTS: Volleyball 34. HONORS: Lettergirl's Club 34. WINDSOR, RICHARD LEE SPORTS: Football 1234. Track 4. Tennis 2. Wrestling 124. Transferred from Bis- bee High School 4. WRIGHT, KEVIN GENE ACTIVITIES: French Club I. SPORTS: Football 1234. Football Manager 4. Track 4. HON- ORS: Honor Roll 1. Letterman's Club Z ZALE, VERA JEAN ACTIVITIES: Band 1. Chess Club 3. Debating Society 23. Drama Club 234. French Club 1234. SAE 23. FNA 23. Girls' League 1234. Spring Play 3. Office Helper 3. OFFI- 34. CES: Drama Club Sec-Treas. 3. FNA President 3. FNA Secretary 2. SPORTS: Tennis 2. HONORS: Honor Roll 12. FNA Award2. ZANIN, DAVID VIRGIL ACTIVITIES: Band 1234. Pep Band 4. MAKING FLOAT FLOWERS, D.Re- delfs and seniors fold paper napkins. COMMUNITY .W vial-few Bl ' nf' - ig-S, I .. J ,- - 4, r .. .' ' 'f -H A I-fi - . -ew . . . i::f,fff,ff:'w'ff: , . . f., " ,.,, 1 ll! Wir' 7 rr-:,f'l' -vm-" Jar'-xiii: 4 .:.i-5 "-1-3. -I " ' - V j - 9' V LHR:-' '-. f fx. . . '31 Isefw- f 'rf LW.-, HL 'A 1, f ' - . . Nr K th.:'x,.-3.Tijff '3p 5.4 Z. AYWTT W' .. 'e 11" fffigg-+ 1 M. 5 -an ,.f L- T... 4 1 -A f .Wine Q ng-ir O I The oldest business in Morenci started in a company store set up by William Church in l885. It was located on the site ofthe old Roy- al Theatre. The Morenci Water Company came next in 1898, be- cause of typhoidyand 'dysentary in the towngywaterlwas ,pumpedffrom Eagle eCreelc.i The Morenci limi provement Company began work in 1900 to alleviate the housing prob- lem. As a center of activity, the Morenci Club had a bowling alley, gymnasium, and other features, built in 1899. Phelps-Dodge built the four-story stone mercantile in l90l, with the Hotel Morenci com- pleted the same year. Many bus- l Inside old PD store. 2. Town of Morenci, l897. 3. Old Morenci Theater. 4. Metcalf workers. 5. Early smelter in the I9 1 f 5,-li' messes had offices ln the Hotel one was the new Glla Valley Bank whnch came to town m 1902 Dur mg the Depresslon Morencn was .1 ghost town but came back to hfc when Phelps Dodge began work on the open pat Resxdentlal sectnons ln Stargo and Plantslte were fm lshed after 1938 A new hospntal was bullt near Falrplay Canyon nn 1940 The Old Morencn Plaza be came the focal pomt of trade after bemg built ln the 1940s As the p1t expanded however Old Mor encn began to be consumed The Plaza became the shoppmg center 1n New Town by I968 and most of Old Morcncl had moved by l976 tv!! N41 me :mil Z 7 I 9 1 H ' , . bf a, 1-:ur-1 . 4--5 ' , jf' ,mail that , ,wif ,xi - J-ig, 5? :nav Y. 1451? Klfiqiglgeff A A. at "5 34 .4 K "'. ,H ', I gi-1 Old Morenci Hotel. 7. AFS sale. Patrons Cars leaving Wildcat Field after Safford foothall game. Arnold Shoes 430 Main Street, Safford Awalts Texaco 325 Coronado Blvd., Clifton Bctty's Big Dipper 307 South Coronado Blvd., Clifton Coronado Inn Cafe South Coronado Blvd., Clifton El Charro Cafe 320 Chase Creek, Clifton Gilbert and Thelma Estrada 188 South Coronado Blvd., Clifton Holloways Trim Service 1208 Thatcher Blvd., Safford KCUZ Radio Station 1 Wards Canyon, Clifton Layton Yardstick 617 lst Avenue, Safford Lucky's Saddlery Thatcher Blvd., Safford Nlontgoniery Ward 622 Central Ave. Morenci Barber Shop Shopping Center, Morenci Woods Electric and Refrigeration Lic Contracters 621 7th Avenue, Safford I . 'gg' 2 ' X ix Et ,, , mimiglllif ff ,. ' Y'1 'fir 'l 'Arw- Shine., , """ --C. .-.. , ix Ei A Q, .H i tix. D Q- 6' O l , im me ,ff 3 I ,, KM it - -X i ' 4, rf? .fl ,T I '.'.: M 'J ff 4 ' ,A,, 44" X, sl? 9 If it's a little nicer it comes from . . . Pine? of Morenci , :ii i LQ .SAA 1 3 xii 4 ' f Sf NEW-MORENCI-PLAZA Phone 865-2702 BALENTlNE'S OFFICE SUPPLY Phone 428-0840 612 Main Street, Safford, Arizona .X MORENCT -4 DEPARTMENT AND VARIETY Shopping Center Phone 865-2633 Morenci, Arizona ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY Auto, Life, Homeowners Fire, Commercial and Q o Health 2647311 Clifton, Arizona Phone 864-3222 THRIFTEE MARKET Lowest Prices in Eastern Arizona Across from Southern Pacific Depot 718 Central Avenue Suflord, Aizona Phone 428-1844 135 ELECTRICAL Sc PLUMBING SUPPLIES 136 Park Avenue Next to Lewallen Mortuary CLIFTON FLOWER 84 GIFT SHOP I LEE MOW, Owner-Manager P.O. Box l565 Phonef602b 864-4251 Clifton, Ariz. 85533 Day or Night Chevrolet - Chevy II North Coronado Blvd. Phonezx 864-4188 Carter Motors North Coronado Blvd. Clifton, Arizona Phone 864-4135 CLIFTON NEW CAR DEALERS Mustang - Falcon - Fairlane - Ford ffhnndcrbird Copper State Motor Co. 415 S. Coronado Blvd. Clifton, Arizona Phone 864-4195 rg' HARDWARE - HOUSEWARES POWER Toots SAFFORD BUILDERS SUPPLY ACE HARDWARE 707 SIXTH AVENUE SAFFORD, ARIZONA 85546 PHONE 428-1033 D TSII PRODUCT OF NISSAN Mullins Motor Co. 170 S. Coronado Blvd. Clifton, Arizona Phone 864-3972 SAN FORD COLLEG P 428 331 ' 'S 5 1... QQ 1 OF F: 2 .la A ft BEAUTY CULTUR Safford, Arizona hone -O tMine Phelps Dodge Corporation Carmen Buffo, Deanna Buffo, Bonnie Castaneda, Angela Padilla Love ls a Giving Thing TIMELESS STENNIS RACHEL SONNET ee sake BU F FO REGISYERED DIAMOND mms Morenci, Arizona Phone 865-2070 Caldwell Funeral Homes Clifton Phone 864-4597 5 Y- E H ' gl CALDWELL I FUNERAL Hn --efziiI'3JQQ Safford Phone 428-1740 e 0 out of our wa for you. Valley National Bank Member FDIC 'I38 Clifton Lumber Company wwf 3 Dick Villescas, Edmund Smith, Ida Mae Smith, Victor Baca, Arthur Tellez 403 s.c0f0nad0 Blvd. EVCl'YthiUg f0f Building Since 1912 Phone: 2464-3363 Y Congratulations Yamaha of Safiord Rr. 1, sox 210 - Eesr Hwy. 70 Sofford, Arizona 85546 Soles - Service - Ports Service on other models - - Ted CM, phone Serving Arizona Schools ow'-ef 426-6161 We' csomezday, yotflllown a years COLE'S PIZZA A., f 1- 9fd'S Canyon Phone 864-5291 ' iff Sa ' 7 I1fton,Ar1zona 'ig ' - -1 - NG PHONE:934-3259 WW GQ I , ,- X. 351 5 fi 1 i - 7 I, M 0 n ' 1 ii VALLEY wssr MALL - 59TH Ave. a. NORTHERN - GLENDALE ELECTED BOOSTERS CLUB OFFICERS ARE: Mike Goodwin, Treasurerg Ray Mil- ligan, Vice Presidentg Charles Boling, Presidentg and Jerry Bishop, Secretary. Aiiiwi JU BILANTLY RECEIVING Most Improved Award for tennis, Jacque Armijo. Boosters Raise Money, Support Team The annual membership driv of the Boosters Club unites int one organization the sports-mind ed people of the community wh help sponsor all athletic events. Money donated by the Booster Club helped provide the colorfu programs sold by Girls' l before each home football game Occasionally teen dances ed home athletic events, and ed both as a student get and a useful fund raising project. Award dinners were held at close of each sports season outstanding athletes were ed for their abilities by trophies. Sponsored by PHELPS DODGE MERCANTILE CO I I .A X Estevez s PHDNE S64 2589 ff ' I' J Beauty Salon 1 .1 , .. CLUNTS SHELL AK Managed by Olga Garcia AUTCI REPAIRS - LUBRICATIDN ' GCICIDYEAR Ann SHELL TIRES - TUBES - ACCESSORIES Phone: 864-3I22 HWY. 666 CLIFTON ARIZ. B5533 229 S.Coronado Blvd. Cllfton Ar zona W -di i ,z, A I I A A A E ,gg ..,.---.-,--e.M:: ra ,' .V ,' - 1 1 A. DANENHAUER INSURANCE COMPANY Phone 864-3142 Clifton, Arizona G H A M C O U N I Everyone Approves of Q I fs W 1 . f NEW CAR DEALERS cfflnlfllfvgflogbgTOOCWHFIZTIIC. KafY'S DFCSS 311019 Curtis Motors-Chryslers Products . Oasis Motors-General Motors 404 Mam Street all Clothes Purchased ji' Phone 428 4170 Safford Arlzona in is 'Muii' 142 if Nw 5 A if 1 ESTES DRUG COMPANY PHONE: Cosmetics: 865-3171 Morenci Shopping Cent Prescriptions: 865-3112 Morenci, Arizo I-24,1 E.. gm 1. . 1-gg ffm'-air . Q fxfw, D' K. -I I. ,V W. .A lv., Q . ..u...3f,.,.a. .,.,,,,,g,,4.,,,,4,ju, L.: . Q ..- . Va, JOE'S FURNITURE C OM P ANY N. Coronado Blvd. Clifton, Arizona Phone: 864-4155 P QYXQQ- s ax f-X! I f K WwWW For the Best Food in the Country Come to MA U D 'S D R I V E INN JOE AND ROSE GUZZO I . FOOD AND DRINKS Clifton-Morenci Highway Phone: 864-5551 bsw I OFFICE 8: SCHOOL PRODUCTS KAREN s. semen Advertising Co-Ordinator IOQI 5859 O S I 2 d h B500 NACCARATI S 401 Main Street Salford Arizona Phone 428-4671 WESTERN AUTO N. Coronado Blvd. Clifton Clifton, Arizona Phone: 864-32l2 SERVICE STATION New Morenci Shopping Center Morenci, Arizona Phone: 865-242I 143 CURATING RAPES A FUR Ll E oclern dress shop T TOWN House S Furniture 411 Main Simet Phone 428-0056 ' i Safford,Arizona JDSEPHA RDBIN 9 FT 1 QQ? SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATICN Villescas Texaco WHIPPLES SEWING CENTER Service For All Sewing Supplies Cl fl A Safford, Arizona Phone 428-0454 Ph 864 3913 T44 MORENCI LANES Morenci Shopping Center Phone 865-4343 mga, g.::s5?Ef.1..,.,:5:r'Fv +I-5' fgfffr-5 ARIZONA K' QQ '.4....,., . . ,.,.... , , ,.A.,.,,.,,,A T '2e'f ..A,.... iSf:5:5k1Ef5'fE5f if '5lZ..,', ,ii H: ,:,,,, gg, Af- 203 E. MAIN ST. f SAFFORD, ARIZ. 85546 -- P.O. BOX 667 W '4,-,v, :,:,:,:,,,,,,1,1gg 5555155555 ' I, 'L YQ- TELEPHONE 16025 428-2560 ,M Covering Graham, Greenlee and Northern Cochise Counties--which H 'f.. " '- -:f,- includes Safford, Thatcher, Pima, Ft. Thomas, Solomon, Morenci, Clifton, Duncan, Willcox, San Simon, Bowie, Ft. Grant - Bonita area, Sun Sites - Pearce area and Kansas Settlement- Dos Cabezas area. 311 S. Coronado Clifton, Arizona Phone: 864-4186 .T SURPLUS CITY -ff OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Phone 428-2747 CLIFTON AUTO SUPPLY NA Olga Ponce, Barbara Estrada, Lucy Sanchez, Theresa ann-JUN ink 4 - YoIandaCarrasco CO. , tl ,inf N W Q OLGA S N.Coronado Blvd. My ' V Clifton, Arizona . L- 1 My EX Phone: 864-3562 gEt I E D Sf Morenci, Arizona Phone: 865-369 Pl 0 N E E R R E U N T 'Serving Greenlee County for Over 40 Years' 5 3 2 ,T 7 R I ETZ ' S phone ,,,, is FURNITURE-APPLIANCES-FLOOR COVERINGS - f GIFTS AND CUSTOM COVERINGS 428 0734 WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL :i ..-'..:, V - T ' P.O. Box 1327 146 141 Highway 70 East Thatcher Clifton, Arizona S5533 Phone: 864-413 sTuTE's 1EwELRv .',,,,N G 55 N soon - . S and S Sporting Goods Everything for the Sportsman Diamonds, watches, and gifts CLIFTON, ARIZONA 509Mai"S"eC' S ff d A Box 1626 PHONE 864-4440 Phone: 428 2901 85546 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1976 Phone 864-3252 Mrs. Cy Gomez Phone 865-2729 since was Park Avenue Service to lndustry Clif A Q 1 ton, rlzona l ' :- 5fea!L!!E.:.E9 :sy S - INDUST AL LNEN RE TAL ENGINEERS so CONSTRUCTORS ia 22223515 LINEN SUPPLY GF DEPENDABILITY SIN OPPER INDUSTRY INSTALLATIGNS Mofenci Plaza Phone: 865-3303 CENTER MARKET Plantsite Phone: 865-9951 1 JI -:nl A A.J. Bayless, Revco, Angel's Pizza Parlor, Sterlings, Carol's Hallmark Shop, Ortega's Sprouse Reitz, Washtub Laundry, Totem's Department Store, Avco's, Jerry Lewis Cinema I l9l8 Thatcher Blvd Merchant S Association Safford Arizona EMIL CROCKETT INSURANCE AGENCY RI LEY'S DRUG Prescriptions, Veterinary Supplies Cosmetics Safford, Arizona Phone: Cosmetics 864-5441 Prescriptions 864-2252 Clifton, Ariggn 427 Main Street 428-3840 148 Best Wishes to the Class of '76' PRINTING AND PUBLISHfNG COMPANY MAIN OFFICES: 518 MAIN STREET, SAFFORD, ARIZONA Phone 428 3570 518 Main St Safford Az 85546 Member of Arizona Newspapers Assoc For All Your Prlntmg Needs See Us' Serving Graham and Greenlee Counties "73!!i Q:-L. if 1-1 f 1-7? :s"9'A Phone 864-3162 Clifton Anz 85533 Q ug , Q 0 0 0 ll I I ll -.-. -...N -,I X. - x,w.4- Vx I I ..-S ..-. Y Ls - I -W 31 - , - - 1- ' b F! . I- Sf 3 I - ' L' M - ' f""o-H - "' Q -' .. '., ', .5 . x' . 44 - 8 rl' - 1 ' .. . . 5 ,'-gf.'?" r "' J' "' " " ' '---m- , . -P-1 .135-1' l , ,f ' 13294 E "' 1' Q o , O V A PEPSI ov PEPSI Com B OTT L I N G C O M PA N Y Safford, Arizona I the Pqps: People feelm'free! WEBSTER'S MORENCI TEXACO SERVICE Stargo Road, Morencl Phone: 865 - 5g Sanitary Market 54,05 ,fOur Best Reference C 5.1 SSS CLIFTON 5 8410 251. X . ls Local Preference" ll? gi Ml , fx ' O U I is Chase Creek Phone X n"' 8643688 L D , 'Ji - f ff' Z9 f- Clifton, Arizona 253 S. Coronado Blvd. Clifton, Ariz. WHELAN'S L 1 Q , ff Complete gift department I Diamonds-watches L'31and.Ag'geS ROSS Kg I , . 1 1 X--W Silverware-crystal M0fSEl?,gArf20f1L Xl-5 Clifton, Arizona Ph 865 4944 qil Phone 864-3742 one ' jf Operatorsg Toni Magallanes, Eloisa Polanco, Pat Castaneda, Dodie Peralta, and Cuca Perfecto PERFECTO'S BEAUTY SALON Wigs and Wlglets Open evenings by appointment COr0nad0 Blvd. Phone 864-3682 Clifton, Arizona 151 ,Z .E is Manager: Billie Davis MCRENCI Pv1CDT1EL Phone 865-4111 Morenci, Arizona Zena WATER'S SERVICE fe and erm ,X i HOW' obil M' Mitchell , ,ia 5 42 Phone 864-4332 Clifton, Arizona Phone 864.494 ul1ll""" w i The New Morenci Theatre manager, Frances Snyder, and staff invite you to enjoy a relaxing night at the movies. Try our delicious popcorn, your favorite drinks and candies at our concession counter. ShowtimeswMonday through Saturday 6:30 P.M. Sunday matinee at 2:00 P.M. Matinee-Saturday for G pictures only, at 2:00 P.M. 152 l f 9 QTATES . .cl - , S X ,V Q ,S Q' ff .M . . '- ,, F: ca ig, H if pm, "Sign on, young man, and sail with me. The stature ofour homeland is no more than the measure ofourselves, Ourjob is to keep the torch of freedom burning for all. To this solemn purpose we call on the young, the brave, the strong, and the free. Heed my call. Come to the sea. Come sail with me." .lohn Paul Jones The Navy building on a proud tradition for 200 years. Fair winds, smooth sailing, and following seas to you, the class of I976 United States Navy Recruiting 1900 Thatcher Blvd., suite I0 Safford, Arizona L 1 M-f,,,,.s CABLECOM GENERAL .. W rm ,,L.,- ff I N C. Morenci, Arizona .. 1 Phone: 865-4031 Morenci Water and Electric Arizona Phone: 865-3681 BONANZA DRIVE IN Call Ahead A d Waiting CI ft A Ph 864 5561 Memo From the Editor: The time has gone so quickly. All of a sudden it's the end of the year, the last deadline, the last page. So I linger, not quite know- ing what to say. This year has taught me so many things, I have had to make decisions, coordinate twenty-five individuals, and keep ahead of human nature. It's hard to keep a staff working towards a common goalg it's even harder to smooth out the differences among them. I know that I have achieved something more than a yearbookg the kids on staff have taught me, and have helped me to grow. Al- though I am sad to know that this book I have worked so hard on is done, I am ready to go on, I look forward to whatever may come. There are many people I would like to thank for this year, people who helped me make the 1976 Cop- per Cat a good book. First of all, many thanks to the Administration for our own room. Thanks also go to Mr. Scheier, who made us frames for all of the yearbook a- wards. I would like to especially thank Mrs. Troxell for her "His- tory of Morenci, Arizonan, which was the background used for most of the theme. A big 'thank you' to Roy Faulkner for keeping track of our books, and to Miss Snell for supervising candy sales. For the lady that makes the Copper Cat, Miss Marjorie Johnson, a big hug. To Robbie Bartee, my head photo- grapher, and to my other photo- graphers, thanks for the good pic- tures. Now for my staff: WE DID IT! I'm really proud. This has been a good year, in spite of the problems and hassles. Thanks to all of you, the Copper Cat is done. Editor-in-Chief y 2 N Ely K !ctr1LUMBI 'X H' mag- w 21 , .. sf-f iq a, -.Q ii Egfpij-Wi .ig - 3 5 .--B ij ' Mil H-ww., E A ACADEMICS 68.93 ACTIVITIES 22.39 Adams. Ron 60 ADMINISTRATION 70.71 ADVERTISING 137153 AMLRICAN HELD SERVICE AFS STUDENTS 114115 Aguallo Rodolfo 52107 Aguilera Tony 64 65 Aguilera Jane 37 35 36 37118 Agullar Joey 118 I 8 Agullera John 43 107 Alcarez Dave 64 Alexander Harold 75 96 Alexander Todd 64 Allen Loretta 25 51 96 Buffo. Carmen 138 Bu ffo. Dean na 138 BUFFO'S JEWELRY - 138 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 76,77 Bustamante, Dolores- Bustamante. Emily- Bustamante, Evan 25.49.96 Bustamante. Evie 24,96 Index Discipulo, Rally 27.87.11-4.120.129 Dodd, Gera1d-- 85.120.129 Dodd. Rick - 56.102 Dodd. S0011 48,58,62,99 Dominguez. Andy 64.73.99 Buxton. Robbin 28.36.96 Buxton.Wi11iam 49.96 C Calderon. Ernie 110 CALDWELL FUNERAL HOMES 138 Campbell. Bruce- Campbell, John -27,31,32,33.66.I06.I08,1 16.1 19,1211 CandeIaria.Josie 25.33.96 Allen Phllllp 43 44 45 107 ALLSTATE INSURANCE CO Altum Dennis 49 96 lvlllar Debrl 73 74 37 107 lvlllar Freddy 99 ndazola CLLIIIJ 5199 NGELS PIZZA PARLOR 148 NYTOWN 106 ragon Danny 99 ragon Rlek 47444660 61 118178 Archer Danette 40 96 rmlyo Emi 107 rmlylo Erie 33 48 99 Candelaria. Kathy--99 Caraheo, Annie 26.27.51 Carabeo .John 102 Carabeo.Maria -25.I08.111,115,l19,128 CAROL'S HALLMARK SHOP 148 Carrasco. Yolanda' -146 Casillas. Casillas, Diana 22,23,51,99.l07 Nellie 51.96 Casillas, Mary Ann 22,27,28,30.50,105,I06,108.116.119, I21,124,126.I28 Casillas. Rosa 96 Castaneda, Bobby - 19.129 Dominguez, Luis 99 Dominguez. Sandra 97 DRAMA CLUB PLAY 105 DRIVERS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT 84 Dunagan. Erin 51.97 Duran. Annette 25,28,38,50.51.63,102, 103.108, I 20 Duran, Robbie 32.33.129 EASTERN ARIZONA COURIER 146 EDITOR'S MEMO 154 Edwards. Alan I2,22,,6I,106.I08.I16.120, 126,127,129 Edwards.John 58.64.99 EL CHARRO CAFE- 134 Encinas. Anthony -4858.62.99 Encinas. Bobby 97 Encin1ls.Ruben- 120,129 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT 78.79 Enrico, Steve 26.58.99 Espinoza. Andy 120,129 Armlyo Herm ln -I9 57 96 Armlyo Jaeque 76 37 43 66 107 rmlyo Randy 96 RNOLD S SHOES 134 RT DEPARTMENT 74 UTO SHOP 88 89 RCO SERVICE STATION 148 WALT S TFXACO SERVICE STATION Castaneda. Bonnie-138 Caslaneda, Pat 151 CAVE.THE 152 CENTER MARKET 147 Cervantes, David 99 Chaeon. Danny 42,52,64.65,119,I28.129 Chaeon, Debi 12 Chaeon. Stephanie 25, Chambers, Roberta-75 Chandler. Kathy 101.104 Espinoza. Arnold -25, Espinoza. Arnold 97 Espinoza, Frank 56.62.129 Espinoza. Grace 39.97 Espinoza. Jerry' 30,33.76.105,I20 Espinoza. Lillian 33.50.6199 Espinoza. Lorenzo 44,102 Espinoza, Laurie 25.30.3l.86.I02.105.108 Espinoza, Pancho 42.48.8899 Espinoza. Ricky 33.48.99 ESTEVEZ BEAUTY SHOP 141 aber Joe 76 48 99 dL-I ACJ ZICJ 3Cd ZICJ Connie 36 102 David 33 96 Ernle 99 T rrl 107 Victor 139 Chavez. Margie 36.66 Chavez, Bernie 42.411.58.102 Chavez. Delia 96 Chavez, Dennis 119.129 Chavez. Dolores 33,51.63.96 Chavez, Jerry 60 Chavez. Chavez. Manuel 64.65 Mary Belle-23.25.119 Estrada. Barbara 146 ESTRADA. GILBERT AND THELMA 134 Estrada, Patty Jo 99 F Cluff, Jeffrey' 26.57.96 GILA aeho Ross 4744 60107 allon Barbara 75 37 99 107 aldcrrama Lupe 37 33 42 43 58 118 178 ALENTINI' S OH-ICL SUPPLY 135 aneroft Janie 118 8 AND 37 33 34 35 arquln Barbara 75107 artee Robert 57 70 arlee Roh 773847 6465106108 1151161 8 ASEBALL JUNIOR VARSITY 62 ASEBALL VARSITY 6061 ASKETBALL I-RESHMAN 57 ASRETBALL GIRLS 63 ASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY 6 aughman Emily 76 77 31 33 18 99 axter Cheryl 76 77 33 102 AYLLSS A J 148 egay Sherron 32 107 egay Verna 33 96 ell Stephen 107 ellamy John 96 llamy Lydtl 3696 navldez Anlee 97 118 128 navldez Kathie 36107 nltez Bobby 30 44 118 178 n1te1 Rlck 75 4344107 erra 1'e11x 107 rtoldo Donnie 33 96 rtoldo Mike 67 ETTYS BIG DIPPFR 134 llllngxley D.lv1d 49 96 ishop Jerry 140 Iaekman Kenny 8 47 4344112118128 lackman Staeey 75 3341 96 97 Iaekman Vlvlan Lopez 8 73 75 80 118 178 ollng Charles 140 ollng Kevln 6061 ollng Lanee 44 107 ollng Tony 70 71 onllla Anthony 1181 9 OSTERS CLUB 140 or-lon Johnnv 48 56 99 107 Y S STATL 106 ruee Brady 47 44 60 119 178 rad ord Marty 1147117119 77 7 radshaw Lorl 76 96 raeuer Tom 9 77 75 Chavez, Pat 22,25.48,99,l07 Ch11vez.Ste1'e 57.81 CHEERLEADERS. FRESHMAN 40-41 CHEERLEADERS. JUNIOR VARSITY 40-41 CHEERLEADERS. VARSITY 40-41 CHESS CLUB 27 Christie. Pat 62 C1ark.G1en 77,104 CLASSES-- 96.131 CLIFTON AUTO- 146 CLIFTON Sand I0-151 CLIFTON FLOWERS 136 CLIFTON LUMBER COMPANY 139 CLIFTON NEW CAR DEALERS 136 Fahey. Fahey. DeeDee 28.32.97 Kim- 28,40,120,129 Farrington. Janet 22.32.43. 105.1 20.126, 129 Faulkn Fierro. er, Roy 76 Cecilia 36.102 Filleman. Carl 60 Filleman. Debra 26.32,33,40,43,106,108,1 12.1 16.119, 120.126.129 Filleman. Linda 51.100 Filleman. Sue 73 F Iores, Florez. F Iorez. Emma 93 Kathy 25.43,50.100, 107 Samuel 120.129 FOOTBALL, FRESHMAN 49 FOOTBALL, JUNIOR VARSITY 48 FOOTBALL, VARSITY 44,45.46.-17 Coffey. Robert 74 COLE'S PIZZA PARLOR---139 Conant.Jim 22.88.99 Conant.John--119.129 Conger, Stephen 2618.64.99 Cook,James 99 Copeland. Cyndi 23,27.30.36,37.I02 COPPER CAT -38,149 Corhel1.Robert 119,129 Corhe11.Travis 49,96 CORONADO INN CAFE -134 Cox. Brianf96 Cox. Ron --102 Cramer,G1ori1l 85 Crotts. Clint- 96 Crow. Paul 70.71 CURTIS MOTORS- 141 CUSTODIANS 93 D DANENHAUER INSURANCE CO. 141 Daniel, Connie 36.96 Davey. Melva- 108.1 I 1.1 16,120,129 Davis, Billie 153 Day, Irma-93 Davis. Kent - 96 Delaney. Erin 25.99 Delaney, Jim 102 Delaney. Tom 119.129 Delgado. Cindy 36.102 Delgado, Jimmy 60. 120.129 FORE IGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT 80,81 Forstrum, Carl 70.71 Forstrom.She11y 22, FRENCH CLUB -24.25.26 Franco. Ernief97 Franeo.Ruth 31.102 Frasquillo. Eddie 24.43,44,62.102 FRESHMAN CLASS 96.97.98 Fuller, Kelly'-41.100 Gale. N oralea-50.90 Gale. Pam - I6.120.129 Gallegos, Lucy- 25.28,36,100 Galusky. Tim - 33.38.48,66,85,l00 Galusky, Joe 13,86 Gamhlin. David 97 Garcia, Damion 100 Garcia, David,97 Garcia. Kathy 89.102 Garcia. Olga 141 Garcia, Paul 64 Garcia, Sylvia- -25.3 1,102,107 Gaskin. Deborah 26.28.30.I08,116.121.I29 Gatlin. Danie1-- 16.105 Gherna. David- 121,129 Giacoletti. Domenlck---1-1.121.129 Giaco1etti.Kathy' 36.100 Gibson. David-- 42.58.60,120.129 VALLEY LAUNDRY 147 rlee Donna 77 76 77 78 38 99 rlnkley Judy 3 1 9 7 rlnkley Mark 31 89 99 rlnkley Dana rlnkley Terrv 49 96 roderlek Dan 47 44 47 6010610811917 ruhaker Lynn 9 22 77 78 30 38 86105 106 108110116 119171126128 1 A 27 ' -f - . .128 ' , I .2 ' ' :lu:".-135 ul' M I "f 7- K- -.fQ.'.. . -.140 - ' Q " 1 ' .134 I e' 2 - 1 , - .12 I 5 - --I -. . . , .1,12x i f - f T ' .5 ASKETBALL, VARSITY 5253.54.55 egay',Prisci1I1i -28,,86,108,110.116.l18,128 - In I Q 7 ' 1" . - fi' fd. lf .1--.l-8 ' 5-5531 7.1.11 ' if ' 1 110 i -i...,..-x Delgado. Liliann 120.129 De1gado.SyIvia 99 Denton, Paula 51.96 Deseamp. Rhea 32.102 DeVaney, Edwin,97 DeVaney, Lisa 26.27.102 DeVaney', Sandy' 26.27.3l.33,97 Deyo. Rebecca 63.78 Gilliland. Rosalie 73 GIRLS' LEAGUE 23 GIRLS' STATE 106 Glodis. Chris 48.511.64.100 Glodis. John-71,85 Glodis, Stephanie 105 Gojkovich, Dena 22,25.27.38,97 Gomez, Brenda 41.51.100 Ronnie 42,43,44,78,1I2,119,121,129 Gomez, Cindy- 23,40,43.112,l21.122,129 Gomez, Eddie --58,62,I00 Gomez, Gary 48.561.62.100 Gomez, Tommy --25,43.48.58.l00,107 Gonzales. Carolyn 23.25.100 Gonzales, Fernando 30,100 Gonzales. Nora '73 Gonzales, Paul 38,48,97 Gonzales, Gonzales, Sylvia--f23,36,l2l,I29 Goodman, Donny 22.25.31,33.49,57,97 Goodman, Joe--31,102 GOODMAN MOTOR COMPANY 141 Goodwin, Mike 140 Gordon, Tom 100 Gray, Lori 31,103 Grey, Roblito -f29,l04 Grijalva. Mark 25.30,103.I07 Grijalva. Gerrie-e8-4,100 Grooms, Ted 97 Guerra. Miehelle 25.100 Guerra, Mike f25,97 Guerrero, Danny 49,97 H Hair, Susan 32.100 Hamilton, Linda 127 Hamilton..lantes- 26,27,32,33.81,103,l08 Hamm. Lisa 28.97 Hampton, Bob 26,28.3K.S7,97 Hampton,Chuek 42,66,I03 Harhison,Veroniea 26,31,33,8I,I03,108 Ilardeastle. Calvin 26,38,42,44,66,l03,I08 Hardeastle, Kim 26.32,38,l00 Harrington,Kathy 26.36,I00 Hartey.JoAnn - 100 Hasty, Calvin f 127 Hayden, Clara f93 Henderson, Winnie '93 Hendrix, Mike 48,100 Hendrix, Shelly --22,24.31,51,103,104.108.1 I2 Hernandez.Judy 24.28.121,I29 Herrera, Conrado 57,97 Hetrick. Leslie 27,97 Hilliard. Dale -121.129 Hilliard. Mark 100 H0dge,Theresa 97 Ho1Iiday,Rhonda 26,2X,33,I00 Ilolliday, Viekif 26,33,81,l03 HOLLOWAY TRIM SERVICE 134 Hofelte. Rohertf 122,129 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT X3 Ilouser, Boh 101 Hudgens. Sandra 76,77 Hudgens. Steve -f52,90 Hudson, Troy 64,65 Huff, Paly 72 Hughs,John 42,4-1,117,122,129 Hunt, Marianf-73 INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT' 88,89 Ingram, Kathy -32,122,129 Jaekson, Scott 103 Jacoby, Anita f9.,32,39,106.l08,116, 122.129 JERRY LEWIS CINEMA 148 JOE'S FURNITURE 143 Jenkins. Steve ---2 Jim, Lorene 33,97 Johnson. George- 8 Johnson. Marjorie 76.110 Legge. Cathy -78 LETTER GIRLS 43 LETTERMEN'S CLUB- 42 LEWALLEN FUNERAL IIOME 147 Little, Darlene f97 Little, Edna 103 Lohr,Margaret 66 Lopez,Edmund- 12,22,28,62,I03 Lopez, Mary Helen 122,129 Lopez, Miehael--42.44,52,60, 103.1 12 MoraIeS.Terry 100 Morales.Tony 93 Moran,O1ga 41,98 Moran, Bertha 24,100,107 MORENCI BARBER SHOP 134 MORENCI LANES 145 MORENC1 MOTEL 151 MORENCI THEATER 152 MORENCI VARIETY STORE 135 MORENCI WATER AND ELECTRIC COMPANY I Lopez. Michael M. Lopez. Peter 64 Lopez, Sirildo -48,100 Moreno. Danny -103 Morgan,CharIotte 28,32,100 Morgan,Sandy 22.33,5l,63,97,9t4 Lopez. Steve 42.4X.58.62. 100 Lozano, Alex ff67,I00 Lozano, Milly f2-1,103 Luhajacky M. 123.129 Lucio. Anita 24,97 Lueio, Dale 3 1.511.103 MORRIS MOTORS 141 Mortensen, Eddie 31,103 Mortensen. Randy 98 Mortensen. Wayne 124,130 Mott. Gary Mott. Toni 98 100 Lucio, David 97 LUCKY'S SADDLERY 134 Lujan, Cindy 40,50,51.I03,112 Lujan, Ernest' 103 Lujan, Frank 49,5737 Lujan, Patrieia 36,103 Raymond 42.43,44,122,129 Lujan, Lujan. Riehard 57,97 Luna. Dora 103 Luna. Frank 123,129 Luna, Lillian 97 Luna. Sandra 36.97 Lusk, Bill 100 Lusk. Gary 103 MT. GRAHAM SHOPPING CENTER 1411 Mullen, Steven 26,100 MUSIC DEPARTMENT 75 N Nahor. Harry 100 Nahor,Jerry 124,130 Nahor. Larry 28,124,120 Nahor.Raymond 64 NACCARATFS CHEVRON SERVICE 143 Najar,Di1ia 23,2-1,103 NATIONAI. HONOR SOCIETY 108.109 MC McBride. Billy --49,97 McBride. Corinne 43.50.66,123,130 McBride, Dianna 43,50,63, 103 McCain, Kenneth I3 McClellan, Darrlyn 41.90.97 McCormick, Alan 42.43.44,85,103 McCormick, Cindy 24,211,100 MCGLOCKLIN. BILL. FORD INC, 141 McLaughlin, Terry 28,29,30,K6, 103,105 MePhearson, Donna 31,-I3.50,I03 MeReynoIds, David 31,97 M Madrid.CharIes 49.97 Maese,Joe 58,123,129 Nelson, Brenda 24.33.-11,99,I00 Nelson.John 124,130 Nelson. Na ney f38,40,43,l2-4,126,130 Norris. Coy 100 Nolah, Harold 56.100 Nolah, Herhert -103 Nolah, Loretta 41,100 Nunez, Bill 27.30.32,33.3-1,12-L125, 130 Nuttah. Lynne 90 O OASIS MOTORA 141 Oeon,Teresa 63.98 Oehoa, Veronica 124,130 Ohlwiler, Paula 28.31,32,33.124. I 30 0LGA'S BEAUTY SAI.0N 146 Olney. Roland 73 Onate, Fillieana 93 Maez, Mary Ellen 51,100 Magallanes, Toni 151 Magill, C1aytonfI01 Major, Pam 26,32,l03 Maldonado, Ernie 123,129,130 Ma1donado,Jean 24.32.5l,97 Maling, Mara 97 Malloque, Marc 42,52,6-1,123,130 Maltos, Esmeralda 51,100 Manza Marin, nares.JoAnn 32.36.123.I30 Barbie -24,51,63,97,1l2 Marin. Carol A 97 Marin. Danny -44,52,8-1,103,112 Marin, Larry 4Z,44,45,52,64,123.130 Marsh. Donna -2o,33.43.I08,116,123,130 MARSTON'S SPORTING GOODS 139 Martin,Cli1'f 8,8-4,102 Martinez, Christine A. 4I,43,66,l03 Martinez, Christine L. 24.33.-I0.5l,92,103 Martinez, Henry 56,100 Martinez. Lorie - 100 Martinez, Mark 49,57,97 Martinez. Pat -2-l.51,97 Martinez, Rita -f 29,76,I08,I l6,l23,12-1,130 Martinez, Ronnie 49,97 K Johnston, Don 71 Jones, Bill 31.103 Jones,Chery1 -26.32.97 Jones, Dennis 31.100 Jones, Terry 103 JUNIOR CLASS 102,103,104 Kalmhach, Ron 89 KATY'S DRESS SHOP 141 KCUZ RADIO STATION 134 KOPPER KETTLE KAI-'E 151 KIine,Christine 26,,ti3,105,122,l29 L Laney. Patricia- 26,29,30,J2,100 Lara, Michael -f-103 Lara, Ralph 81 Lawrence. Randy 49,97 Lee, Chris 37,56,89,103 Lee, Kenny 44,52.89.l22,I29 Knott. Phyllis 26.27,38,100 Martinez, Sylvia 23,24,30,I03,l07,1I2 MAUD'S 143 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT 85 Med1'ord.Bohh 100 Medina, Denise 24,36.30,I23,130 Medina, Jerry -100 Medina. Steven -33.58.100 Mena,Johnny f-48,100 Mena, Nellie 123.130 Mendoza.Jerry 67 Mendoza, PatW93 Merino, Danny 33.-14,97 Merino, Debbie 33,100 Merino. Edmund 100 Merino, Steve 103 METAL SHOP 88.89 Miekel. Kenny 62.100 Milligan. Ron 140 Miranda, Fred 97 MODERN DRESS SHOP 144 Montanez, Katherine 24,103 Montanez, Shelly 24,316,103 MONTGOMERY WARD 134 Montoya, .ludyf -1 1,22,43,50,66,76,124.125,130 Morales, Danny 48,58,100 Morales, David 63,124,130 Morales. Dolores 51.97 Onliveros. Diane 24.26,28,-13.66.107,124,130 ORT1iGA'S SHOES 1411 Ortiz. Albert I2.22,,44.-15.105,124.1 130 Owens, Edison, Jr. 60,125,130 P Padilla. Angela--,138 Padilla. Rosemary 36,98 Padilla, Terry 24,913,101 Pztetz, Karen 26,27,31,32,98 Paetl, Kathy 27,31,33.5I,l03.I08 Paz,Joanne 36.-13,125,130 PBSW 143 Pena. Tim 85.101 PEP CLUB -28 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 150 Peralta, Dodie -151 Peralta. Dolores 911 PerIect0,Cuea-A 151 PERFECTO'S BEAUTY SALON 151 Perea. Terry 23,98 Perez. Theresa 146 Perkins, Barbara 104 Perkins, Esther- 20,2-4,324,916 Perkins, Philip -25,27,30,38,145,10l,I07 Perry, Steve 13.42,-44.46.52,I25,l30 Peru, Cindy 24,98 Peru, Reynaldof 32.33.-32,-13,4-I,- PERSONNEL' 72.73 Peshlakai.Jean 63,104 Pctty,Mike 98 PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION 137 25.126 PHELPS DODGE MERCANTILE COMPANY 140 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT PIONEER CAFE 146 Polztneo. Eloisaf 151 POM I'ON'S 40.41 Pomroy,A1an 49,911 Ponce. Olga 146 Porras, Rudy 32.38,67,X5,10I Powers, Tom 89 Porter,Margaret 107 Proveneio.Heetor 49,57,98 Proveneio, Irene 50,104,112 Proveneio, Luis 101 Provencio. Mary Lou 33.101 Proveneio, Peter 10,24,58,6-4,125,130 90 QUILL AND SCROLL SOCIETY 110 Quill. Steve 43.64.101 R Ramirez. Connie 30,38,103.I04.1I2 Ramirez. Louie 49.98 Rathhun. Louise 73 Ray, Marvin 76.125,130 Reams. Terry 101 Redden. lfred 72 Redelfs. Bruce 44.101 Rcdelfs. Dixie 26.-10.43.50,51.66. 106.1 19.125.1 odrig Reeves , Harry 82 RENEE'S 143 REVCO 148 Reyes. Peter 101 Reyna, Diana 24.98 RIETZ FURNITURE STORE 146 Rios,Anthony 125 Rivera,.Ioe 104 Rivera.Shirley 104 Roche, Roche. Bill 48,101 Lawrence 72 Rodcla. Carol 22.2-t.32.5I,92.99. 101.107 Rodela, Donna Elkins Rodela. Rohert 64.110 odriguez. Anna 24.40.I25.130 odriguez. Andy 101 Rodriguez, Armando 107 odriguez. Evelyn 24.32.98 uel. Geraldine 32.98 odriguez. Heetor 104 odriguez. Susan 41,98 ogers. Hope 24.29.101 ogers. Kathy 25.26.36.-13,125,130 ogers. Randall 48.56.101 ojas. Gilbert 101 omero. Andrew 33.49.98 omero. Anthony 101 omero, Carrie 36.40,-13.l25.130 omero. Eddie 101 omero. Linda 104 omero. Martha 127 omero. Richard 22,42,58,64.103.104 omcro. Robert 48.64.101 omero. Theresa 98 oseherry, Rohert 98 oth, Don 72 OYALTY 112.113 uiz, Dora 101 uiz. Ernest 56.100.10I.lI2 uiz. Gloria uiL.Kathy 24.32.101 uiL,Richard 126,130 uil, Yolanda 98 ussell. Clint 126,131 ussell. Laura 98 ussell, Steve 28,101 uth,Je11' 60 AND S SPORTING GOODS 147 ahin. Deanna 31.33.101 ahin. Eric 101 aenl. Alva 24.36.98 113111. cm, 42.s2.oi.1zf,.i31 AFFORD BUILDERS SUPPLY 136 alalar. Tony 79,104 anchel. Benny 42.43.- anehcz. Carol 33.101 anehez. Lucy 146 anders. Wade 101 ANITARY MARKET 151 arraeino.Berniee 36,101 cheier. Kenneth 88 chultl. Vernon 78 EARS ROEBUCK AND COMPANY 136 CIENCE DEPARTMENT 86.87 edgen ian. Brian 126,131 egovia. Darlene 24.40.103. 104.1 12 ENIOR CLASS 118.1 I9.120.l21.122.123.17 127 ENIOR REGISTER I28,129.130.131 ENIOR HONORS 116,117 cnne, ettle. William 82 Alicia everin. Don 104 ererin, Kenny 101 everin. Kim 36.98 exton. Rohm 104 hopta hupe. hupe. hupc. huru. yu 33.101 Dale 31.101 Mary 28.101 Kathleen 31,126,131 Dehhie 27.3I.33.5I.104.I07.108 Selma,98.l36 hurtz. ierrzt. Eileen 38.98 erra. Paul 58.64.101 30.131 -4.125. Sigala. Rachel 104 Simms, Dennis 26.27,31,32,33,58,87.104 Simms, Donald 29,31,33.58,98 Simons. Peggy Ann Singletary. Mike 104 Singletary, Roger 98 Sirey Smith, I 10 Benny 25.98 Smith, Edmund 139 Smith, Glyn 101 Smith, Ida Mac 139 Smith. .Iohe 48.104 Smith. Linda 26.27.Z8.30.32.98 Smith. Mark 110 Smith. Steve 44.l04.108.112 Snell, Mary Jo 29.78 Snyder, Tim 126,131 SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT 82 VALLEY NATIONAL BANK 138 Vallierra, Edward 101 Va1tierra.Ceei1ia 36,98 Vztnuman.Tammy 26.116.l21,l27.131 Vandervert, Ellen 2,3,1 I,22,86 VanPe1t.Lisa 98 VanI'eIt..1oanne 28.36.101 Vargas. Alice 24,101 Vargas. Tito 56.104 Vasquel. Larry 98 Vasquel.Rohert 27.127.l3l Vega. Rudy 93 VigiI.Mike 43.44.101 Villaneuva. George 49.57.98 Vil1est:as.Diek 139 VILLESCAS TEXACO 144 VOCAL MUSIC 36.37 SOPIIOMORE CLASS 99,100,101 Sorrell. Darlene 33,I04.108 Sorrell. Dennis l2, Sorrell. Edison 64 Sorrell. Lawrence 57.98 SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION 144 SPANISH CLUB 24.25 SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Spivey,Gera 24.36.104 Sponse1.Mike 104 SPORTS 40-67 Spreitler. Kevin 104 SPROUSE REIT! 148 Stacey.Linda 24.101 GIRLS' STATE 39 STI:ARl1'S ROGERS 147 STERLINGS 148 Stinson.Terri,91I STUDENT ACTION EOR EDUCATION '28 STUDENT COUNCIL 22 STUTE'S JEWELRY 147 Suhia.GeraIdine 41,101 Suhia. David 64 Suhia,I'rank 24.126.I3l SURPLUS CITY 146 Sutlon,Janie 26 VOLLEYBALL 50.51 Wagley Wagley W .Kim 27.32.98 .Sally 32.43.127.I31 Wagley, Wade 26.43.4-1.62.8-1,194.1 I2 Walden. Jeff 60 Walden. Perri 24,32.40.99,101 Wa1k,Mike 37,104 Waite. Carla 98 Walters, Samuel 85 Warner, Carolyn 2 Washington.John 26.81 WASIITUB LAUNDRY 148 WALTERS SERVICE STATION 152 T Tapia. Gilbert,13l Taylor, Brenda 101 Taylor, Bruce 37.104 Tay1ur.John 104 Taylor. David 29,511,104 Tellel, Arny 48.62.101,107 Tellez. Arthur 139 TelIeL, Kathy 105 Tellez. Erma 93 Tellez. Margaret 93 Te11eL. Rosalva TENNIS. BOYS 67 TENN IS. GIRLS 66 Terry. George 60 Terry, James Thomas. Ellen 33,98 Thomas. Gordon 127.131 Thomas. Lance 127.131 Thomas. Lee 101 THESPIANS 30 THRIFTEE MARKET 135 Tomlin. Jerry 127.131 TomIin.Judy 36.37.104 TOTEM DEPARTMENT STORE 35.148 Towle. Ileidi 27.36.101 Towle. Karl 19.64.105 Towle. Sharon TOWN HOUSE I-'URNITURI1 144 TRACK 64.65 Tracy.Darlene 10-I TRAGYC 31 Troxe11.Roherta 72 Trujillo. Donnie 33.80.98 Trujillo, Peter 101 Trujillo. Ruhen 104 Tucker. Dennis - Turman.Don Turman.Sam 84.104 TWO I"IIfTY CLUB 42 TWO SIXTY CLUB 42 TWO TWILNTY CLUB 42 U Ulery. Brett 127,131 Uliharri. David 127,131 Uliharri. Susan 28.98 Upton. Larry 107 UNITED STATED NAVY 153 Urcadel. Dehhie 24.98 Urrea. Jimmy 49.58.98 V Va1de1..Io11nny -19.57.98 Valdel. Yolanda 24.I08,l27.131 Valle. Dennis 101 WEBSTERS TEXACO 150 Weiland.Lisa 101 Weiland. Luke 127,131 Weisling.Gi1hert 70.71 Weisling.Nina 83 WESTERN AUTO 143 WHELAN'S JEWELRY 151 WIIII'I'LI: SEWING CENTER 144 Whi11ay,Tom 64 Whithy,Kathy -13,50.l27.13I Whithy. Steve 101 White. Leslie Wiggins. David 98 Wi1eoxson.Dehhie 98 WiIeoxson,Mike 38.104 Willard. Dwayne 56.63.85,123 Wil1iams,A1herta 32.5I.63.98 Williams. Iluhert 22.44 52,62,I03.l04 Williams. Terry 37,,123 Winans.CharIutte 101 WILDCAT 29 Windsor.Riehard 44.-47,127,131 Windsor.SuLanne 98 Wonner, Larry 57,98 WOODS ELECTRIC COMPANY 134 WOODSIIIP 88,89 WRESTLING. VARSITY 59 Wright Kevin 42.44.127.I31 Wright, Pat 36.37.104 Y Yamaha 139 YARDSTICILLAYTON 134 Yetman.I:dward 101 Z Zale, Alan 24.98.127 Zale. Vera 28.30.131 Zanin. David 131.33 Zanm.Dennis 31.I04.127 Zepeda. Anna 51.63.104 Zuniga.Alejardro 49.98 :I H ,nf I. ff' J, f. 1.1 14"-.. fra is XX 4' x2"j-qi5 -gy . , I Q X f N H , Y 2 ff ff? 5,51 wud? Nj? Q- px Q6 if ffff f 5 A , NX - gif .XJ -s J in yr-I U' f f"'? im, .5 I' PP I 4 - x ax -Q X' . " W Q A-74? my f "X H521 6' X N L.Lj w 'XCJ ' KN "" Pff gif -1' fm, V ' 9 81 Ne? Q f Q Q , FX X . x ' X- X I "N . 0 -fbxx 0153 UQ .MCXOX IW , P - ' YWU f . 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Suggestions in the Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) collection:

Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Morenci High School - Copper Cat Yearbook (Morenci, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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