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a p , Q A A s rw 3 fs T, 5. , , 1 l .. , ,,q..,.. ,Q FW 1-if QWQQ in f 'TWH 'A ,,,, E5 'M 2-qw A- 3 L .3 I 1, Q' fg ' F E-1. ,1 ,QI ,X-.,A1uwf2 ,T -,Q N X, Aa - , W min' A , f A ,- 13, M . .'-51533 f. 1 3.5 41 k Happenings w m volume 24 Morenci High School Morenci, ATIZOHU X T Looking into M H S Happenings Our school is a kaleidoscope of happenings. For MHS is made up of people and people make happenings. We see, we hear, we experience the sights, sounds, and emotions of our school ..... . the smell of formaldehyde from the biology lab . . . the sounds of laughter . . . the whisper of a shared secret . . . the echoing gunshot at the end of athletic games, followed by the thrills of victory or the agonies of defeat. We are youth, emotional and easily influenced by fast cars . . . psychedelic music . . . the unusual. Everyday school occurrences mold our personalities, develop talents, make us curious. We solve equations, mix chemicals and by lifting a book from the library shelf we discover the past events that made the present. Not only do we make happenings, but happenings make us. is -Q B. 'f x 4 -sw, Y z f-4 . , . , , i ' f .Ili Z M Happenings Of The Year Activities Athletics Curriculum Classmates Community 6 26 48 68 98 - 138 - , LN A FLIP OR BOUFFANT? P. Rodriguez combs shako for marching debut, above. DISCUSSING SCHED- ULE for final year, D. Ruedas,,L Ponce register, below. pw, Q LOST OR FOUND department at soc-hop. Right: "WHATS THE JOKE?" wonders L. Ham as K. ' Pelusi, J. Wood jest at Student Council Party for new teachers. X Sunbathers Become Students Treasure memories As abruptly as it came, vacation left, taking with it suntans, Teen Nights, and lazy days. Despite the usual complaints and confusion, students readjusted and looked forward to new adventures. Class meetings began the year and sparked competition for the Outstanding Class Award. With brooms and a bucket brigade of whitewash, Frosh transformed a faded "M" into a shining emblem. Flash-startled students returned to English classes, . as a camera continually clicked on Mug Shot Day. All were grieved at the death of Gary Giddens, after a football injury. and anticipate new ones . i We 1 t .M I f. l 4 A ' f' r Mg , 95 at xl ' 4 ' W , . . f A LAST MINUTE encouragement is given to departing Wildcats from cheerleader, J. White. Below, TEAMCLOWNSposewhileR. Cervan- tez and Coach Friedli loadfootballequipment. WITH SCISSORS, GLUE, and paper, cast members, M. Finton, D. King, C. Luna paste posters for class play Pigskin Season Leaves half-time heroes, full-time students 'WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE PSAT standsfor?"CarlEn- rico takes a breather before continuing with dwicult test. 8 Chilly winds heralded the arrival of colorful October, and a glorious array of fall fashions and school sweaters soon appeared. The weeks flew and the first grading period brought pleasure and tears. The calendar was crowded with pigskin games and an almost disastrous encounter with Clifton was saved by a rally in the final 52 seconds. Retention of the ingot was ours for another year With the selection of "Arsenic and Old Lacei' for their class play, seniors faced the cold reality that they were in their final year. Thrilling to the sights and sounds of the World Series and Olympics, students and faculty caught noon glimpses on the study hall television. I , a 5 'af if? HALLOWEEN high jifllfS-l R- Brooks wedges FOLLOWING NATIONAL events, F. Hughs marks Tigers' win in ifll0 locker during All-GiflS' Coslume Puffy- World Series, above. OLYMPICS are combined with homework. 1" . , ' 'FUTURE teacher: R. Dochihs helps at caf- - I ,gig wash. Len. PROSPECTIVE frosh, M. Finton, A if 4 , g I 1 C. Luna obtain data at College Information Day. jg I I 9 . Q 9 n I ' " Autumn Splendor Fades into winter, reflected by fall formal Amid fallen leaves, November found students at school only fifteen days. To the joy of students , A 0 'flflll instructors broke routine with AEA Convention. i ,.,. Then Veterans' Day and f A Thanksgiving holidays added 5 af A , to our free time. K Forgetting past struggles, upperclassmen Q A made down payments on junior rings and y I senior announcements. F' Wildcat Field saw its final football game, and A 'ii NEA Week found inquisitive parents Open House visitors. A proud queen, Alice Romero A GREATDESIGNER! D. King paints the bulletin board. was crowned at the Sports Dance, while CROWNED by R. Cervantez, Lettem1en's Club president, is sports queen, A. Romero, below. OPEN HOUSE during National Education Week is visited by parents, below right. the Girls' League Formal captured autumn's splendor. ,f..-....h.. .. e, Q 7 1 N150 CEORCEOUS GEOHCES?No,.l. Hughs andA. Sego- via doing a skit atpep rally. BALANCING ACT by G. Rains helps decorate gym for formal dance, right. E f 51 gnfx L a-J f ' I7 .4 1 of 1 5 ME vw 4 Wi 1 A GLAMOROUS DANCERS and their dates anxiously await grand march en- trance. PRETTY flowers for pretty girls are given by the Girls' League re- ceptionists, Lena Armijo and Patsy Estrada, left. 11 TRIMMING TREE are Student Council members. Holiday Fever Brings Christmas festivities and Hong Kong Flu epidemic xx . g :lf I C C 1 ij WEI GH TED down with G. L. greeting cards is C. Serna. 12 Christmas spirits invaded classrooms and so did the Hong Kong Flu. But a crowded schedule was not to be ignored. Moved by the yuletide season, student council trimmed the traditional tree, and harmonized voices echoed through the auditorium practicing for the annual Christmas Concert. Songs of foreign tongues delighted all as Spanish and French Clubs went caroling. Mother Hubbardis cupboards were picked bare by students donating to the Annual Canned Food Drive. Donned in their Sunday best, seniors received classmates' compliments during Dress-up Day. Leaving school Friday, we anticipated two weeks of winter fun. vflwrvi . --W? FIGURE keepers during open-house ball game are volunteer statisticians. L ss 2 Fi to C... C. s .yts C g J +1 -:if.i . -..' 1 ltei..s eets ' iii. i S' jg L1 .,., ..,,,....... c A Vrgy M Z c 2 1' . . 'ff 1fQ', ,, -.. IN HARMONIOUS agreement Concert Choir sings yuletide carols. A PINATA awaits its end. Below, AFTER a good nighfs carol- ing, members relax. li' MUSIC SENSA TIONfrom the U. ofA rizona entertain stu- dents with hit tunes, above. ANCIENT INDIAN hierogly- ph lbS are studied by Wayne Brooks on an FTA hike, below. 1 WILDCAT CACERS leave for Coolidge, hopingfor a double win and elevation in A4 Conference standing. New Year Finds Wildcats struggling with semester tests Full of vacation spirit we returned to school, making resolutions and plans for the new year. But the holiday gaiety gradually dwindled and preparation for the dreaded finals began. With hoop season in full swing, varsity cagers added another trophy to the school display case. Hopes were turned to being conference champs. Somewhere between basketball games and homework, we found time to watch the Inaugural Ceremonies, take Mental Maturity Tests, and audition for the Dramatics Club plays. Then the U. of A. choir provided a welcome break ll'1 school routine with an hour of song and comedy. , f K F Q- A 1 , af ' -'Lf K QL f Af fl ' ' 7 'V I . ,,Q?f1Mg4?Qff?,E-'I X W4 I 5',wf,-ff' ' Y, - i FLA' ' ' Q.: - - xf, '-fy, is . - i, it '- if wt l - . , . REQ 3 - 7411 uf . WMA-57. ' . ,N . it . . M ig... , ...gin My-,Is 1 .- - f I , 1.1 I 41'f.,'gv v "."'4 if A' 5. i1f5Qpi,'7,', ., V , V- 1 4. I' I . 1 1 f ix. , 41 k fifwgy f ' I CN. f Aja, .A V. , --fA,1,'-" - 'iw' 4, I , A , FADS AND fashions are very evident around school. Right, WHO'LL GIVE ME. . ..'DebatingSociety holds auction. FINISHING UPforfashion show is C. Saenz. SECOND PLACE TROPHYfrom E.A.C. Holiday Tournament is presented to IVIr. Lemons by Basketball Squad. I5 ' A February Highlights if SELF-SA TISFIED C. Luna is measuredfor mor- larboard, above. 'I LIKE MINE BEST!",Iuniors compared and admire newly received rings, right. DUNCE CAP OR CROWN? Mischie1'ous prank- 16 ster is crowned H. Gilliland and T. Posteher. Tx X NHS ceremony, Drama i. ,f x I Mfffff ,fl 1 'I-9-6-9" Seniors rejoice over spirit yell results. Club plays, Career Night, junior rings The birthday month drifted in gently with spring rains, but quickly changed to a turmoil of activity. Loud-mouthed seniors won the first class spirit competition. Later they were measured for caps and gowns and hopped a bus to tour the local mine. Proudly displaying their new rings, juniors began practicing for their annual play and elected prom royalty. Five exultant scholars were inducted into NHS and football letters and trophies finally arrived for athletes. Competing orators came for the district meet and Drama Club presented an assembly of one-act plays. C uest speakers visited classes and for the first time underclassmen received Career Night invitations. Sophomores honored royalty at Valentine Dance. SOPHOMORE SWEETHEART, O. Arguellez, is given boutonniere by L. Ham al Valentine Dance. MOST inspirational player, voted by team, is J. Todacheeny. RUIVIPUS IS caused by G. Lunt in Drama Clubplay, above 'WE COT THE CHOST!"exclaim R. Broolfs,.l. Clemons Q lg it a , 5 5, 3 sstl ,,,,,, ,L fgQf:? a s .af 6 Q 17 s t 51 AN EA GER beaver librarian, PattiForsythe, works ' , we ' before school. Right: GIRLS' TRIO members, who , 4 won superior ratings at State, EA CMusicFestivals, " 'W are: Sylvia Easley, Audria Hogg, Vicki O'Neal. wg, is x ef? 1 'Tm N33 MI 45 43,5 Q f idk. N tha 'ffgt , L M L? J Q 1 with it , 1 4' was 5' ' eg L, '3 W '-35 F' L- f --.. ,ff vt A A ,,ss A L1 as A Li i , ,. A... 1 of 3 wt ,M ,,L, 7 , Q www -2-Mt W qw, ,N , f My if , Q N, W, , g J,-4..,, A. f A A ' A- ""f'--' 1. 'Y ' , 4' HW" 'Mr' WARM weather brings athletes and spectators to baseball, track events. FOR THE RED! Mr. Henderson leads eighth grade in a cheer. E Left, IN NATIVE COSTUIWE, Zabi spoketocommunityclubs. f V-f ' - , steer.-A . ,,,, E ., ., W . K6 " ,, '.-:'f2a',:. ,E , .5 .,,., , 4 f , , ,f . H Q ,mt 5325, L 1 ,f , ' A 1. 1 I ' 'K 'A f -1 7 t. it . ,, . , . - ' N s- li? ' ' -' gn,-,,g1f' 1 ' 5,5':iP 3 ff 7 sex, , ze W mfs., tty N me fr-sf 7 K : - Q ggi?-'5WVz53ik 3 eiwfk . L.: - M Kite Season Brings Auction, Sweatshirt Day and junior play Bright-colored kites riding on the breeze announced the arrival of spring. Unfortunately many of them became the victims of villians, known by "Peanuts" comicstrip fans, as "kite-eating" trees or telephone lines. .loyous yearbook staff members met their final deadline with a sigh of relief. An epidemic of spring fever, that teacher-dreaded malady, struck. Students gazed glassy-eyed out the windows with faraway dreams of picnics, lazy days, and other summer delights. Spring festivities were highlighted by the Slave Auction, Western and Sweatshirt Days. After many long rehearsal hours, juniors presented their play "We Shook the Family Treew, and skilled seamstresses modeled their creations at the annual fashion show. CAREER NIGHT VISITORS, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wood check program for next session. FINE ARTS SPEAKER, Dr. Broelfema lectures on talent, below. 'HERE COME the judge." Mr. Sorres enter- tains students during national assembly, left. DRESS-UP days held for all classes, senior winners are J. Provencio and G. Rodriguez, center. LONDON BRIDGE in Morenci? No, just I. Snyder and K. Pelusi teachingfor a day. 19 Community Welcomes Janice home, Zabi for From Germany, Thailand and now Afghanistan, students have been welcomed into Morenci High School. Zabiullah Merykhil, quickly nicknamed Zabi, reached Kansas City by plane and arrived in Arizona by bus August 14. Gary Rains and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Rains, became his American family and met him AFS STUDENTS introduction to facullyand studentbody. in Phfienix- Zabi lives in Kabul, Afghanistan, where the educational program is open mostly to boys and very few girls attend school. He is one of twenty-eight AFS Students now in Arizona, who attend twenty-six schools. Janice Wood, daughter Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Wood was the first local student to study abroad under the same program. She lived with a Dutch family last summer in Laren, Gelderland where she attended school and took courses in Dutch Culture and Government. HS fx .5-"" "HAPPYBIRTHDAY."'. . . . . at the surprise party. INTERESTING stories of overseas, told by Janice. 20 - r+- ' X -. S M5544 f ,Wt W k if .Q 2 V l We , . " QE. .-1 65,5 at '21 -iN'iK,'.xi R K5 Emi xx we A Q' 4, ,ef 1 f t 1 L f jj elm m K , f 'E 'E one year in Morenci p .K 'mei - -. wk , X Y . U" .Q f .k ft Y M Q! ff-Q ,,,, If g'W' 3' J V f fr -4 f l sig A 555 1. ,Jie ii , If 1 fs Wt , A IN VESTI GA TIN C pulleys in a physics class experiment. 'EVER Y PARTY HAS a candidate, " explains S. Luna. OUT TOLUNCH?No,ZabiMerykhiljoins the noontime sack lunch gang before 'Lights Out" Senior Play matinee. 21 xx, , N33 y ,. L i v- Gigi an Danny Robles Toni Ramirez, Junior Prom Queen Girls' Leogue King Roberi Navarreie, Junior Prom King SPORTS QUEEN attendants are Jacque White, Rhonda Nlassingill, Janet Fox, and JoAnn Flores. fi gg Tal? E 1: JUNIOR PROM attendants are, Brenda Cockerham,HalCilliland,Debbie Grady, Andy Robles, First Attendants ,lane Richardson, Carl Rnricog Dolores Perez, David Gomez. Popular Students Crowned at formals, lead grand marches Traditionally, the choosing and crowning of the royal courts are important parts of the year. The third Sports Queen, Alice Romero, and her attendants, one from each class, were se- lected by the Lettermenls Club and varsity foot- ball squad. She received roses and was crowned at the dance preceding the Ray-Morenci game. "AutuIrm Leavesf, theme ofthe Girls' League Formal, set the mood for an enchanting evening. Council members nominated candidates for king, and the following week Danny Robles was elected. The Junior Prom royalty were Toni Ramirez, Queen, and Robert Navarrete, King. First at- tendants were ,lane Richardson and Carl Enrico. l 'Maki' 'f'!'?-at Alice Romero Spo rts Q uee n Final Month Brings Yearbooks, prom, banquet, caps and gowns Each warm, sunny day carried seniors nearer to the conclusion of their high school life. Wistfully they recalled the joys and hardships of gp their past four years. Spring elections touched off preparation aj for the '69-'70 school year and study M for final exams began. The delightful scent of flowers permeated L the air and the gym was transformed 1' T into a kaleidoscope of colors as young couples gis- danced the night away at the Junior Prom. i it J The momentous day finally arrived . . . . . . . 'W' i i r GRADUATION l Seniors registered mixed emotions. The future beckoned ANXIOUS Eighth Graders await commencementexercises. as they marched SIQWIY down the aisle- wm , K n- ,, , .. W N 41. F Vrk- yi p K Q asi -ia r as , e s r M .. 5' U i 45. T -1' sim .. K 1 U, sm 1 wh if iz' 0. 3' E is 3 il 1 A . ' 'f X if ' is t 4 , Q s. :Sf J if ,Q ,X ff ..-,ameri ii , A t t ,,. , . A K F yies 1 V e, D- - A g f:21.s. X i , I M , f . , fx it is , -,, is g I K x, l L ie .- 'U , f . -W, psf.-,, ' . , , , WITH VICTORY smile, proud eighth grader wins All-Girl Relay at Jr. High Track Meet, STREAMING DELIGHTIS experienced by prom decorators, left. ACCOMPLISHED Journalists enjoy annual Quill and Scroll Banquet, below. fig 'E Q 1 Cl J , 'I X .11 S 155 i F i 'x I asf 5 u.,,,,,M.W, A,.. ,,., .f11M, S ,b,, W, ,,.. ,,i:.Y,i. ,,,, .,,. . ,, , , .,,W,.M,.M,,,W,u.M..,,A.L ,. I 95553: ' 151. f SK-Q1 L AL,fi,,3 L , W M 53? , QSM ygfj22fgm:,xxfswffwggffgfggf- X, W wfsggfwlf.MU-51,-wr:-ff N., 1 an I : M new- - ,'-fm, f, ,, Huw, :X Qwiiggrfl- Q sg Z, , ,gi W Rf 953 P b y Q ,Q- +. rg' X if 1 . 4 :fer-l.2.s:15f?E A 'I HM ' f 41 ities Novice Debators Serve as hosts at District Oratorical Meet DEBATING SOCIETY OFFICERS: Louis Garcia, v.pres- identg Gary Lunt, sergeant at armsgDiana Gonzalez, presi- dent, Katie Pelusi, secretary, Lynda Ham, point chairman. "ls the Russian school system better than the American Education System? Should schools give grades?', Many of these statements could be heard as Diana Gonzalez, Debating Society president, assigned topic for debates and dis- cussions. Every other Tuesday, approximately thirty young orators invaded Mr.Zoeller's room to attend the meeting, facing fellow students' opinions on local, state, and national problems. The Society provides opportunities for speech experience, stimulates current affairs interest and helps prepare interested students for the Or- atorical Contest. The district meet was held in Morenci with the club members serving as hosts. Membership included a 2.75 grade average and required participation at most of the meetings. Ending a successful year, the Society held a banquet for all active students and the sponsors. ENTHUSIASTIC MEMBERS of Debating Society include, Front row:M. Baca, L. Ham and H. Middleton. Znd: W. Hogner, R. Brooks, D. Bartee, K. Sircy and C. Sudler. 3rd: Y. Cohn, M. Rivera, S. Wood, J. Hair, M. ggnton and L. Garcia. 4th: M. Maese, D. Martinez, W. Brooks, G. Lunt, C. Wood, K. Pelusi and J. Wood. F.T.A. MEMBERS Front row: S. Subia, D.Hernandez,.l. Weisling, L. Ham, B. Pine, R. Harbison, D. Perez. 2nd .l. Richardson, Y. Cohn, S. Wood, C. Luna, K. Sircy, J. Pelusi, C. Sudler, C. Hogner. 3rd: K. Scheier, J. Hair D. Alvarez, J. Castaneda, M. Tysoe, J. Wood, I. Snyder, J. Tuell, M. Finton. 4th: M. Armijo, W. Brooks, T Serna, K. Pelusi, M. Swick, G. Lunt, E. Tuell, S. Tysoe, and E. Harbison. NOT PICTURED: P. Forsythe F. T.A. Mem bers Visit schools, become "teachers for a day" "Where are the dry rags?" shouted FTA mem- bers as they worked at car washes to earn schol- arship money. Sore backs, arms and legs were cheerfully endured by all. The only qualification for the scholarship is that the senior plans to en- ter the teaching profession. As a result, many students hoped they might be the chosen recipient. The weekly meetings of the tape club held many surprises from correspondents from Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Idaho. Also, slides of her trip to Holland last summerwere shown by .lanice Wood, Morenci's first foreign exchange student. New projects planned included dances, bake sales and hikes. County FTA members were guests of Delta Kappa Gamma at areception fea- turing talks by local and EAC exchange students. Highlights of the year included a play given for the Morenci Teachers, Association and "practice" teaching at the elementary schools. Sponsors are Mr. Edward Pfeifer and Mrs. Roberta Troxell. STELLA MILLER F.T.A. CHAPTER OFFICERS ARE: E. Harbison, historian, C. Hogner, parliamentariang G. Lunt, 2nd vice-president, K. Pelusi, secretary, I. Snyder, trea- surer, M. Finton, president, and J. Wood, vice-president. 29 DRAMA CLUB Front row: E. Luna, R. Brooks, D. Hernandez, M. Balderrama, J. White, S. Subia. 2nd: C. Smith, D. Alvarez, J. Wood, S. Tysoe, T. Posteher, C. lley, ,l. Castaneda. 3rd: M. Conzales, R. Hansen, M. Aguilera, S. Yazzie, M. Martin, L. Sanchez, .l. Caxiola. 4th: M. Armijo, L. Paz, M. Maese, K. Martin, A. Paez, D. King, R. Garcia, P. Forsythe. NOT PICTURED: M. Pennington, D. Gonzales, and K. Lunsford. Drama Club Cast Presents two one-act plays to student body Students in the halls could hear Patti Forsythe presiding over the Drama Club meetings every first and third Wednesday. During these gath- erings, comedy skits and pantomines were per- formed, giving members confidence before au- diences. One excellent example was "What if Dracula Went to Hollywood." Written by anov- ice playwright, Cary Lunt, il presented the Count as a screen and stage star. Any student with a sincere interest in theatrics may join the Club. A number of plays were discussed for the as- sembly on February 5. Sponsors decided on "A Rumpus on Rampagev, "The Laughing Chostf' After auditions, casts were chosen and rehears- , als held in the afternoons and evenings. Young thespians not only had the problems of memoriz- ' ' b ll f ' ,f THREE NOVICE actors, BarbaraBrooks,MargaretGon- mg lmes and Stage moves, ul l 6 urmlure or zales, Estelle Harbllson fly0Ulf0f 'A Rumpus on Rampage. " Scenery had to be found and the make-up applied' 30 ?3?Q"M ix ,k.,,.,, ' Q A A 'L Q ' 1 5 41 ,am ,. ee wtggf .1 nn... ,. X DRAMA CLUB OFFICERS: Jacque White, secretary,Patricia Forsythe, president, Sally Subia, publicity manager, Douglas King, treasurer. Not Pictured: Ida Snyder, v. president. Left: DURING IMPROVISATIONS Louis Paz gets tongue tied, turns towards the audience for a suggestion. .qu 4... YOUNG THESPIANS include, Front row: Dolores Perez, Arthur Ortiz, Monica Aguilera, Chris Serna, Jody Pelu- si and Christine Perez. 2nd: Beth Salyer, Terri Posteher, Debbie Grady, Brenda Cockerham, Judy Stapp, Bar- bara Brooks, Jerilyn Gordon and Patty Walden. 3rd: Patricia Johnson, Sylvia Easley, Arlene Yazzie, Eleanor Stock, Jane Richardson, Terrie Morfin, Carol Florez and Charmaine Hogner. 4th: Jackie Clemons, Mary Uli- barri, Audria Hogg, lda Snyder, Estelle Harbison, Gary Lunt, Wayne Brooks, Ellen Tllell and Michelle FiIlt0H- 31 I f r ii H, fi J , K J 2 gerc ,,,,, 3 WILDCAT STAFF, Front row: F.. Hancock, and T. Meek. 2nd: Ft. Myers, V. O'Neal, typistg T. Posteher, typ- istg D. Ontiveros, V. Cervantez, and M. Sierra. 3rdE S. Wood, typistg J. Bradford, R. Hansen, typistg D. Mar- tinez, F. McPhearson, P. Estrada, editor-in-chief S. Luna, assistant editorg and S. Benavidez, sports editor. Newspaper Staff Led by new advisor, reports school news Reporters worked steadily to cover school ac- tivities and the latest news, while members cut stencils, wrote headlines, and operated the mim- eograph. Under a new advisor, Mr. Ralph Lara, the staff decided to try some new ideas. Among them were larger pages, eight and a half by four- teen, which increased the news per sheet. A new masthead was chosen from drawings submitted in an art class contest. Doug King designed the one presently used by the staff. ln many issues an inquiring reporter surveyed students' opinions. Throughout the year, guest columns were writ- p ten by the department chairmen and the special 5-QUT NEWS IS mimC0gf0Pfwd by Dennis Martinez- holiday additions were printed on colored paper. Young Journalists Review year, using words and pictures It was a year of firsts for the Copper Cat staff with two separate classes. During the first six weeks the fifth hour beginners studied the funda- mentals of yearbooking, while the sixth period worked on class layouts, advertising and sub- scription sales. Bargain hunters paid for their yearbooks during the first subscription drive to save a dollar. Besides two classes there also were two co-editors, Arthur Paez and Ida Snyder. The staff received news that the '68 book had received the sixth consecutive All-American, taking its place beside the '67 book that received the All-Arizona plaque at the awards assembly. MUG SHOTS placed by B. Pine and J. Broderick. Saturdays finally became holidays, asfhel-ist Below: MONEY COUNTERS check subscriptions. pages were mailed and the Van Dyke proofread. .M COPPER CAT STAFF includes, Front row: B. Massingill, L. Ham, subscription manager, B. Pine, C. White, freshman section editor, A. Salcido, C. Valdez, C. Perez. 2nd: L. Williams, assistant sports editor, .l. Gor- don, M. Finton, class layout editor, L. Vincent, advertising layout manager, K. Sircy, C. Sudler, C. Rodriguez. 3rd: R. Garcia, head typist, M. Aguilera, senior section editor, M. Day, R. Lucio, sophomore section editor, P. McLaughlin, head photographer, M. Tysoe, D. Bartee. 4th: M. Maese, managing editor, T. Hendrix, .l. Broderick, K. Ciddens, advertising sales manager, K. Giddens, junior section editor, D. Naccarati, A. Paez, co-editor in chiejf A. Mahan, eighth grade section editor, I. Snyder, co-editor in chief, L. Garcia, sports editor. 33 li "' M A 0 ... MEMBERS OF THE SPANISH CLUB Front row: D. Ontiveros, A. Ortiz, A. Owens, R. Ortiz and J. Weisling 2nd: E. Stock, .l. Pelusi, D. Grady, B. Brooks, S. Estrada, R. Rodela and J. McConnell. 3rd: B. Meek, A Segovia, D.Comez, S. Espinoza, C. Loy, C. Florez and M. Bull. 4th: E. Hancock, M. Armijo, T. Gomez, D. Robles, M. Aguilera, T. Serna, V. Martin and D. Florez. NOT PICTURED: T. Morfin and L. Seballos Los Gatos Rebeldes Learn Spanish carols, sing for townspeople f Qi t 5, gli ,. ,V .1 ' ws. :mf-er?--f-we 1: if -'Lifes 5 4 ff Ji ft 1 - . . A . LOS GATOS REBELDES' active officers: Dolores Perez vice-president,-Tony Ramirez, president, Rebecca Duran secretary-treasurer, Danny Robledo, publicity chairman. 34 7 Commencing the year with elections, the Span- ish Club devised plans to promote interest in the Spanish culture and language. The first activity of the year was intiation of new members held on October 22 in the Home Ec. room. A skit about a Thera-Blem commercial, in Spanish showed the audience that teenagers are alike the world over. After the initation new and old club mem- bers had an opportur1ity to get better acquainted. With the coming of the holiday season the club organized a choir and began learningtraditional carols in Spanish. After several hours of prac- tice, the choir caroled in Stargo and at the hos- pital. Following the serenading, a Christmas party was held where members could eat, visit and finally break open a pinata containing candy. ff W VMW.g,, f9,,,es-.Avvgl ga Q .. x.' ,, , 'RY , 4 M eq-QQ? ly 47,0-I' T-r . 0949999-22 ,525 o no o 0 0 s, M' .. .L A DANCING TO a lively Mexican corrido are Spanish Club initiates Vernell Martin and Leon Ramirez. Right: 'MAY I HA VE a ride inyourautomobile?"inquires Christinelsoy of driver JoAnne McConnell, as sponsor Ralph Lara watches. SPANISH CLUB members, Front row: Dolores Perez, Kathleen Aguallo, Grace Fierro, Barbara Lizarraga. 2nd: Sylvia Martinez, Arthur Ortiz, Leon Ramirez, Terry Fierro, Sally Chavez. 3rd: Sally Suhia, Toni Ramirez. Re- becca Duran, Monica Aguilera, Chris Serna, Jacki Jo Clemons, Valli Ann Johnson. 4th: Danny Robledo, Terry Casias, Richard Moolick, Ruben Cervantez, Larry Serna, Linda Alvarez, Martha Rivera and Crace Rodriguez. 35 Le Cercle Francais Acquires new sponsor, plans club schedule SINGING POLLY WOLLYDOODLE in French, initiates become full-fledged club members, above. VE TERAN MEIVI BER C. Luna, right, blindfolds new French Club member. 36 An ominous snowstorm on French Club initia- tion night seemed to warn new members of a tor- menting ceremony. Nevertheless, the brave ini- tiates arrived, and after a "torture" introduction by Janice Wood, were required to sing American folk songs in French. Blindfoldednonsingers had to feed each other bananas as a punishment. A peanut rolling relay race followed with losers sa- voring limburger cheese. As a grand finale sec- ond year members danced a cancan while the new French teacher, Mr. Nichols, sang "SOO Miles". With sister organization, Spanish Club, LeCer- cle Francais serenaded townspeople with Christ- mas carols sung in the romantic language. Cele- brating National Language Week, the two organi- zations presented an assembly to the studentbody. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS are Front: P. Rodriguez, president, R. Garcia, treasurer. 2nd: J. Wood, pub- licityg A. Paez, secretary, G. Flores, vice-president. ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE French Club include: Front row: C. Luna, B. Hoffman, L. Vincent, K. Burgess, P. Zamora, and C. Estrada. 2nd: S. Martinez, J. Castaneda, J. Wood, .l. Cuyrl, R. PBCZ, L- Garcia, and K- Scheier. 3rd: L. Martinez, G. Flores, J. Richardson, S. Tysoe, E. Harbison, P. Walden, L. Vanaman, and S. Wood. 4111: R. Garcia, A. Paez, M. Swick, D. Robles, J. Tibhits, P. Rodriguez, J. Lusk, and M. Cuthbertson. MEMBERS OF LE Cercle Francais include: Front row: R. Massingill, B. Pine, A. Salcido, M. Baca, C. Perez, and M. Balderrama. 2nd: A. Munoz, T. Posteher, J. Cordon, C. Baughman, D. Bartee, G. Loya, and C. Val- dez. 3rd: D. Alvarez, D. Baxter, C. Simms, C. lley, J. Jones, D. Walden, C. Sudler, and E. Stock. 4th: I. Moreno, J. Stapp, R. Roman, J. Gaxiola, G. Lopez, A. Carbajal, M. Tysoe, K. Sircy, and R. Rodriguez. 37 Girls' League Chooses King and attendants for gala fall formal Orange and brown decorations set the scene of the "Autumn Leavesv theme at the Girls' League Formal. Amid fallen leaves, Danny Robles was crowned king. Attendants were Ruben Cervan- tez, Jesse Smith, James Hughes and Tony Serna. Girls in a conglomeration of costumes invaded the high school at the All GirlParty. After a pot- luck dinner in the Home Ec. room, the girls des- cended to the gym where class skits and live mu- sic were featured. Prize winners were Linda San- chez, Mary Morales, Vangie and Christine Sierra. Girls earned trip points by coke and program TWO CLOWNING CLOWNS,Carla sudzef, Kathy sift-y, Sales at varsity foofball games, Selling Christ- enjoy themselves at the annual All Girl Halloween Pony. mas cards and decorating gym for the formal. 2 A ' I si9:EL1L1:i'f5?4- Mf r 2 1 ' is east , - 1 Q lrrls s A s r tasiiiq of .. sans, -- , N-t ..'--'r - , . i i - :ggi H1t:swffe?sfzgis fwffztxl fr 5 ' 1. H " rf' -'A ' 3 , 1 9,-fiffiifs ft 2? MEMBERS OF THE Girls, League Council including class representatives, Front row: Becky Duran, secretary, Rosie Romero, Diane Hernandez. 2nd: Mary Munoz, Willie Hogner, Kathy Sircy, Denise Bartee. 3rd: Carol Florez, vice-president, Sharon Wilson, Patsy Estrada, president, Emma Martinez, treasurerg and Mary Martin. 38 t . IJ W J 1 Jw 'ill 'T'-Q V ,ffl 5- i KING FOR A NIGHT, . . Danny Robles receives his crownfrom Girls' League President, Patsy Estrada, at formal. 39 WOOD wind section: Front row: J. Wood, D. Perez, E. Stock, C. Hogner, J. Cuyn, C. Baughman, R. Harbison 2nd: C. Simms, J. Clemmons, C. Martinez, K. Scheier, N. Armijo, M. Bull, C. Vasquez, C. Serna, C. Wood 3rd: W. Jim, A. Owens, L. Martinez, J. Medina, A. Cervantez, C. Gonzalez, V. Martin, K. Sanchez, C. Nori ega, G. Flores, E. Harbison. 4th: A. Cruz, P. Zamora, A. Ramirez, li. Rodela, L. Alvarez, S. Espinoza, J Marin, A. Armijo, A. Owens, B. Sorrell, B. Duran. Students not pictured are D. Gonzalez, and M. Pennington .M DYNAMIC sophomore drum major, P. Rodriguez, and cute baton twirler, C. Luna. 40 Polished Musicians Perform for public at games, concerts "And now, we present the Morenci High School Band." This statement brought every young mu- sician on the field to attention. With instruments at their sides, they marched and performed many unforgettable pre-game and half-time ceremonies. This year, the music-makers attended the Saf- ford and Clifton out-of-town games. Their pres- ence always promoted both fan andteam morale. After the football season ended, band members participated in many activities, the annual high- lights being spring festivals at Tucson and EAC. After competing with many other Arizona groups they returned triumphantly with superior ratings. At the year's end, the members were reward- ed for many hours of long, hard practice. The sophomores received a bell lyre, juniors a silver pin, and four year veterans, the. coveted gold pin. OFFICERS ARE: Front row: C. Dockins, president,A. Ra- mirez, vice-presidentg and J. Marin, supply officer. 2nd: S. Espinoza, supply officer, J. Tibbits, supply ojfcerg and M. Armijo, treasurer. 3rd: P. Rodriguez, supply officer, N. Armijo, treasurer, K. Pelusi and J. Wood, librarians. WITH A big beat, B. Hoffman provides drumfor pep rally. LM: BRASS SECTION includes: Front row: C. Subia, A. Ortiz, R. Espi- noza, W. Brooks, J. Brooks, C. Dockins, C. Tapia, and G. Alcar- ez. 2nd: R. Brooks, R. Manzanares, G. Wood, D. Robles, K. Pelu- si, D. Weatherholt, B. Meek, and R. Martin. 3rd: E. Salcido, J.Pe- lusi, B. Hoffman, D. Robledo, A. Robles, J. Tibbits, P. Rodriguez, L. Gale, L. Ramirez, and M. Winkler. Notpictured is G. Fierro. -1.93551 f.- Q THE BUYS QUARTET MEMBERS include: Front row: M. CONCERT CHOIR MEMBERS meet daily Cox, .l. llughs. 2nd: L. Hull, D. Thorne, C. Cale, G. Rains, C. during second hour Front r0w! .L RiChHI'd- Farrington, M. Mortensen. 3rd: C. Lunt, B. Perry, D. Day. 5011, C- Gilliland, M- Clllff, D- Th0U19, An. 1 - A Q GIRLS' CHOIR Front: M. Lujan, C. Cilliland,E.Myers, B. Ray, T. Posteher, R. Duran, E. Salcido. 2nd: C. Mar- tinez, K. Scheier, C. Serna, C. Flores, .l. Hair, E. Stock, C. Noreiga, M. Bull, D. Hanna. 3rd: J. Richardson, L. Martinez, V. O'Neal, E. Durr, .L Tuell, K. Pelusi, M. Einton, J. Cuyn, R. Rodela, L. Alvarez. 4-th: M. Armijo, C. Gilliland, E. Tuell, M. Archer, A. Mahan, .L Wood, A. Hogg, S. Easley, L. Alvarez, C. Vasquez. 42 fm A . Y . A X R. Moolick, C. Gale, M. Mortensen, C. Dockins, T. Posteher and D. Hanna. 2nd: C. Serna, V. O'Neal, .l. Hair, J. Bradford, G. Lunt, L. Hull, G. Rains, C. Farrington, L. Alvarez and B. Duran. 3rd: C. Gilliland M. Archer, E. Tuell, D. Day, M. Swick, M. Cox, ,I. llughs, B. Perry, B. Brooks, A. Hogg and S. Easley Talented Vocalists Win high ratings at EAC Music Festival Performing for the annual Christmas concert, the Vocal Music Department presented atwo part program. The first was a religious performance. After intermission, the two scenes were a busy downtown street with singing shoppers, groups visiting with Santa. The evening ended as all the choirs sang, We Wish YouA Merry Christmas. ln addition to traditional choirs, Miss Eliza- beth Stutzman, new instructor, enlarged the de- partment by adding two madrigals, four quartets, and two trios. Late arrival of patterns and ma- terial for the girls choir and glee clubs costumes postponed the group pictures until late October. When second semester started, practices be- gan for the spring concert and the music festival. Several groups competed at EAC and received su- perior ratings. As the year ended, seniors made a final appearance with groups at baccalaureate. . :il af ,I A GIRLS TRlOS are seated: Ellen Tuell, Audria Hogg. 2nd Marsha Cluff, Sylvia Easley, Vicki O'Neal, Becky Duran. 43 Local Music Groups Receive standing ovation from Rotary Club GLEE CLUB meeting daily third hour includes: Front row: F. Armijo, A. Munoz, D. Wagley, S. Estrada, D. Padgett, and T. Dodd. 2nd: P. Garcia, A. Lara, D. Chavez, N. Price, G. Esqueda, and I. Moreno. 3rd: C. Lujan, B. Roman, J. Provencio, A. Wagley, D. Crawford, M. Tomlin, and N. Balderrama. 4th: P. Johnson, G. McBride, C. Baughman, F. Durr, K. Martin, C. Saenz, R. Durr, and C. Vasquez. Not pictured: W. Hogner. SIXTH HOUR Glee Club includes Front row: R. Ortiz, A. Velasquez, T. Carnes, M. Lujan, T. Fierro, and C. Estrada. 2nd: R. Brooks, B. Lizarraga, E. Myers, C. Simms, M. Fierro, K. Meek, and E. Nunez. 3rd: D. Crawford, B. Ray, H. Middleton, G. Flores, R. Tapia, and C. Macias. 4th: R. Rodela, T. Posteher, B. Green, S. Moore, L. Martinez, P. Forsythe, B. Butler, V. Johnson. Not pictured: D. Oden, V. Weatherholt. 44 L MEMBERS OF MADRICAL A include Front row: J. Richardson, J. Hair, C. Gilliland, M. Cluff, C. Gilliland, and T. Posteher. 2nd: D. Thorne, R. Moolick, B. Perry, M. Cox, C. Farrington, G. Gale and M. Mortensen. MEMBERS OF THREE MIXED QUARTETS: Frontrow:EllenTuell, Clay Dockins, Audria Hogg, Marsha Cluff, Vicki O'Neal, Sylvia Easley, Debbie Hanna. 2nd: Larry Hull, Gary Rains, Mike Swick, Mike Cox, Bill Perry. MEMBERS OF MADRIGAL B include: Front row:E. Tuell, S. Easley, and A. Hogg. 2nd: C. Dockins, B. Du- ran, C. Serna, V. O'Neal, L. Alvarez, and D. Hanna. 3rd: C. Bains, L. Hull, D. Day, J. Hughs, and G. Lunt. 45 MEMBERS OF STUDENT COUNCIL Front row: Arthur Ortiz, Lynda Ham, Clay Dockins, Toni Ramirez. Znd: Salvador Luna, Vicki O'Neal, Zabi Merykhil, Brenda Cockerham, Arnold Segovia. 3rd: Michelle Finton, Mark Aguilera, Janice Wood, Ida Snyder, Philip Rodriguez, and Debbie Grady. 4-th: Arthur Paez, Patsy Estrada, Hal Gilliland, Katie Pelusi, Tony Serna, Ruben Cervantez. NOT PICTURED: Patti Forsythe and Diane Gonzalez. rw Y , - f fe - , 4 0 "' in Q Z3 fi :IEZ Ih - t, K ., , . ,, - -- Young School Leaders Host birthday party and surprise Zabi A busy year for the council began when mem- bers met to plan a welcome party for Zabi Mery- khil, the new AFS student. A reception on Sept- ember 19 greeted the new high school teachers. The first Thursday of each month, the teenage politicians met and approved suggested activities with aid from the principal and Mrs. Vandervort. All helped the guidance office plan Career Night and trimmed a Christmas tree in the lobby. The youths sold note sheets featuring the local mine to help raise money for the AFS Fund. Every- one was invited to Clifton for a county meeting and in December, the four executive officers and Zabi attended a state wide convention in Tucson. THE EXECUTIVE Council includes: Arnold Segovia, presidentg Janice Wood, secretary Katie Pelusi, treas- urcrg Tony Serna, vice-president. Bottom: ACTIVITY calendar is made by Arthur Paez and Mark Aguilera. SENIORS CAN UNDERCLASSMEN! A. Segovia and T. Serna stack 'mountains' of food ajier a competive drive. 47 :fy ' 53,95 52225 is 1 0 9 51 ff ,, ?v'3fHT'w14'fi'm' , ' AI 'ft-'Q fffffm'-YfW'19L E w2z: Q!KZ82Q BX WMSi'QiZSWf11,-Iv .N '-f3nf.uW5fL',.1f.' 1. X, -1 '11 . 75 gm Mg: ..,'f.f.sff,: Aw M53 QM, Q,Q.,W,A, "H-.. GRA CEFULLY ending a cheer, Barbara Brooks performs the splits. , S NN-fa A .:" , L K D ,V F - L n i l: I 'X P in x. . Q .si !' w'R .if I THE JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS are Front row:B.Bal- lard, B. Brooks and J. Pelusi. Mzkldle: M. Martin. Top:E. Martinez. Lefi: VARSITY Ieaders: .I. White,,I. Florez, D. Grady, D. Baxter. With Bonfires, Chants And rallies, pep boosters raise team spirit Tension and sore muscles are a major part of a cheerleader's everyday life. The pepsters and Wildcat Mascot, Leslie White, sister of Varsity Cheerleader .lacque White, practiced long hours to perfect new cheers and variations of the oldies. They led yells at pep assemblies, games and at several assemblies, had competition yells between the different classes. The girls, with the help of Pep Club, decorated goalposts, made posters and signs for the field, gym, and bulletin boards. Be- fore basketball season, ten pom ponswere chosen to perform at the pep rallies and half-time at all home basketball games. The Junior High cheer- leaders were chosen to complete the three squads. .ii 1 ., . i , ,- X i 5 R .A a. , .X C , , , - . . K - it K , 9 , ,p si 1'-'X it sk... WW , ' wg? , is-.fz,: ,f5L2E'g2ff?f , my r df' ,, 'xx , A . . . WV C . p.. ,., N , , , : - gi, 5 ,Vi un X ,. 'Mein , k , .a.,..-.J-I EIGHTH GRADE pep boosters, Elizabeth Rodela, Charlene Chacon, Gloria Ortiz, Doylene Conyer, and Denise Smith. SPARKLING POM PONS, Front row: T. Posteher, E. Stock, E. Luna, K. Scheier, C. Luna. 2nd: J. Stapp, J. Cordon, R. Roman, B. Cockerham, C. Martinez. Right: WILDCAT MASCOT, Leslie White, performs many cheers with varsity cheerleaders. 51 its HIGH SPIRITED jester, Arnold Segovia, jokes with class- mates ot the pep-building bonfire before the Coolidgegame. PEP CLUB Officers are: Jacque White, lreasurerg Brenda Cockerham, president, DeAnne Baxter, vice-presidentg Chan Far- rington, supply ojficerg Debbie Grady, sec- retaryg and Robert Sorrell, supply' officer. 52 Pep Builders Hold rally, bonfire, burn Coolidge Bear Striving to spark school spirit, pep club mem- bers participated in many morale building acti- vities. Pep buses were taken to several athlet- ic events including the first away varsity foot- ball game at Superior and for the first time bus- es were planned to accompany the baseball team. Signs were also prepared for pep assemblies and for opening ceremonies at home football games. Competing for points, classes collected wood from all parts of town for the bonfire before the Coolidge football game. Adummy Coolidge bear patiently awaited its end, while Chan Farrington fruitlessly tried to start the blaze from the top instead of the bottom. A torch-bearing deputy saved the day and the rally was soon under way. dvr' ts... ,K ,, , ., M f W., ef - --5 EYE nj' fi: , : min. .1"1xsi t ip 'sn ' 4 ii r . ,W 1 " f C' C!! A LETTERMI-IN'S CLUB, Front row: R. Garcia, L. Cisneros, E. Flores, T. Bolles, J. Todacheeny, R. Ortega. Znd: S. Benavidez, R. Villicana, M. Nabor, R. Martin, T. Serna, C. Enrico, A. Segovia. 3rd: L. Trujillo 5 G. Gale, R. Cervantez, R. Sorrell, C. Farrington, N. Armijo, K. Draper. 4th: J. Todacheeny, W. Begay, F. Sanchez, B. McGaha, R. Ruiz, J. Hughs, H. Gilliland, M. Swick, P. Rodriguez. NOT PICTURED: J. Sigala Lettermen's Club Elects Sports Queen, films football games True to tradition, the Lettermen's Club re- quires athletes to letter in a varsity sport for membership. This organization encourages en- thusiasm, sportsmanship and loyalty to school. Mums were presented to the mothers of foot- ball players during the opening ceremonies ofthe Morenci-Ray varsity game. The club also pur- chased films for home game movies. To pay the expenses, they had concessions at all the home basketball games and sponsored many soc-hops. During basketball season the members became gardeners. They cleaned the areas around the basketball sign to advertise all games whether they were at home or in another part of Arizona. FNTHUSIASTIC LF.Tl'FRMEN'S CLUB OFFICERS include, Ruben Cervantez, president, Hal Gilliland, secretary-treasurer, Chan Farrington, vice-president. 53 -5 s if FOOTBALL ROSTER, Front row: Peter Cisneros,Wayne Gray, and Tommy Bolles, managers. 2nd: Frank San- chez, Robert Navarrete, Lester Wright, Kevin Giddens, Kenneth Draper, Chan Farrington, Arnold Segovia, and David Gomez. 3rd: Kenneth Griddens, Richard Garcia, Albert Baca, David Naccarati, Fernie Chavez, Ruben Cer- vantez, Bill McCaha, ,lohn Tibbits, Hal Gilliland, Dennis Reeves, and Andy Robles. 4th: Max Nabor, Lorenzo Peshlakai, ,lames Todacheeny, Kenneth Butler, Bernabe Morles, Robert Martin, James Ponce, Danny Robles, Steve Marietti, Carl Enrico, Bruce Patton, Eddie Flores, and Raul Villicana. NOT PICTURED: Gary Ciddens. DISPLA YINC EFFECTIVE pass rush,.lames Todacheeny and Kenny Draper hurry the quarterback 'S aimless throw. 54 Wearing New Uniforms Gridders greet new A-Conference rivals Although the Wildcats ended with a 3-5-1 rec- ord and were plagued by injuries, thelocal squad was a fighting team. They usually played bet- ter during the second half than the first quarters. MHS retained its Class A Conference member- ship, but enrollment increases reclassed trad- itional rivals into Classes AA and AAA,s. There- fore new schools appeared on the local schedule. Wearing new uniforms, the Wildcats displayed good teamwork, "hustle", and sportsmanship. Awards were presented by the football coaches at the annual Football Banquet sponsored by the Boosters Club: Most Valuable Back, Ru- ben Cervantezg Most Valuable Lineman, Chan Farrington, Best Defensive Man, Kenneth Dra- per, Most Inspirational Cridder, James Toda- cheeny, Most lmproved Player, Max Nabor. The seniors received a trophy for their fine effort. The death of Cary Ciddens following an acci- dent duringthe second week of actual practice gave players a morale handicap with which the cour- ageous team and coaching staffstruggled all year. DUNCAN, 28-0 In the opening season home game, the home eleven literally tore up the hard fighting Wildkats. Although passing attack was rusty, squad rush- ing proved too much for the inexperienced Duncan team. A fantastic 76-yard run by Hal Gilliland in the third quarter widened the lead, keeping Morenci ahead and obliterating Duncan hopes. SAFFORD, 12-20 Determination almost proved to be a factor in this hard-fought battle. Statistically, the local squad led Safford with 191 yards total offense compared to the Bulldogs' 120. Points were won from a Bill lVlcCaha-Bob Navarrete pass com- bination, good for 25 yards, and a 10-yard run by Ruben Cervantez, both in the third quarter. SUPERIOR, 13-0 The season's encounter resulted in an easy vic- tory over Superior. The home team rolled ahead early in the game when Raul Villicana received a pass, running 35 yards for a touchdown. The Pan- thers kept the local gridders from rescoring un- til the third quarter, Ruben Cervantez drove from 3 yards to tally another score. The squad's blood- thirsty defense held the Panthers scoreless only allowing two penetrations within the 20-yard line. CLIFTON, 20-20 The customary encounter almostbecame an up- set as Clifton dominated most of the first half. The first Trojan scores came from twotouchdown passes in the first and second quarters. Later in the second quarter Clifton recovered a Wildcat fumble, running all the way for the third score. When the half ended, the tally was 20-0, Clifton's X. TACKLINC ELOY all-stater, Ben Malone, are Fernie Chavez and Carl Enrico, above. AVOIDING linebackers, Ruben Cer- vantez and Chan Farrington, Bearcat makes completion, right. "MAN, WHAT A SKYSCRAPERV' tense opposing gridders wait to snatch pigskin. favor, and a very dejected team left the gridiron. Dressing room sessions are secret, but a re- vived squad began the second half! lmmediately the Cats scored, as Ruben Cervantez romped 20 yards for a touchdown. Another touchdown came when Hal Gilliland plowed seven yards to score. The minutes ticked away. The home gridders trailed by 6 points. A desperate pass was thrown to Robbie Martin, but in his anxiety, he missed! Time was running short. Another desperate at- 56 Second-half Surges Make heart breaking defeats, 3-5-1 year tempt was made. This pass to Robert Navarrete proved advantageous as he crossed the goal line tying the score. The PAT failed, the score tied. COOLIDGE, O-46 Defending champions Coolidge overcame the visiting squad. Offensively, Coolidge domi- nated the game tallying 341 yards total offense. Defensively, it was the same story. The impreg- nable Coolidge defense credited Morenci with on- ly 46 yards total offense during all four quarters. RAY, 18-6 A third victory was won when the Cats romped over the Ray Bearcats on the home field. The first half was dominated by defense as both teams were held scoreless. Early in the third quarter, a weakened Ray eleven allowed Hal Gilliland to plunge 3 yards for a TD. Minutes later an in- tercepted pass by Raul Villicana was returned 50 yards, adding another touchdown. Ray's only score came from a fantastic 75-yard TD pass to Jesse Calderon. The local eleven's final touch- down came from a Segovia-Chavez pass attempt. WILLCOX, 7-13 The Morenci-Willcox encounter added to the Wildcats miseries as the Cowboys sneaked over them in the third home game. On the first play, the Willcox squad received a kickoff, running it 65 yards for 6 points. Afterwards, both teams displayed a rugged defense until in the fourth per- iod, Bill lVlcGaha's 5-yard sneak slapped on 6 points for the home team. The conversion at- tempt was made. The Cats led, but only shortly. After a bad snap from center, they lost the ball, setting up the final touchdown for the opponents. The tired defense could not halt the onslaught of the rugged Cowboys. Came ended in their favor. 'sf .,...,a' .H . - A : 1 A. f. f -. - - , - ggM,,g?,t,,. ggQf,,f?3eY.g3 , K A . V iz.. 'J Mt 2 , if ' , f f l TACKLED afer pass interception, Chan Farrington SAN MANUEL, 0-6 A fourth loss came to the local gridders from the San Manuel Miners. Defense told the story in the first half as neither team scored. ln the third quarter San Manuel recovered a fumble on the Wildcat 4-yard line. Although another ball was recovered, the Cats lost that ball in the next play. The hard-hitting defensive squad was un- able to prevent the 1-yard plunge and the Miners kept ahead to the final seconds, though outplayed. SANTA CRUZ, 0-27 The second place Dust Devils romped over 385 long yards and 27 points on Wildcat field to give Morenci its fifth loss. All State candidate Ben Malone overwhelmed the Wildcat defense by scor- ing 3 of 4 TD's obtained. Although Santa Cruz dominated, they had to struggle for every yard. GAINING SUBSTANTIAL yardagefrom local rivals is B. McGaha, right above. WITH the aid of a block, R, Villicana springs into opponents territory, right. vw 3.4.2 . ' -paw it Yi 1' , ,1 Vg . -i. - , M is e X A Q . , 4' f 'Y I P LW, gy K my Q ,X K V . 1 5- , 1 4' if Q. 3'.f'.3" f 5 Q ' ff 1 1 X 1 , ' x , f . ' gains valuable yardage in Duncan rendezvous 1."s'fMf"g7.14fr'a.'Wz1g1rfi1:"w1ws,.,fw wa. .L-:nt--,w..' 'W A ' f it H g - - 1 ' 'A "... LA 3 --" ,. 3.3 , ,-.,., ' . M f -ua. f..,-L-..p -,,1, I g it .... y gl N5 ' Q Y W 9 f. . Q , . + 1' 5232 'B Q-si? 5 ' ,Lf 11 S S L' ' 'W x mf, 'wqahgm f fa as .+V U iv I -f ww EJ 'yfisaf "ff'::1T . " . A A- . 1+ ,W , wtf Q all SSP K , 1 , fs , x i vw -. 45' K' its-n M M 5, Y W, H J ... el F X 4 """ """ P lm 'Q in le ,V 1 'mf : ' M vt 1 ,lx il ,, -N f 4 S rf Q X f X 'ZF 73' Q R 'P in M I fig .5715 f" ., k - k L A .: . 'Jffmfyw' K' Y v-Af ., , ' N K M , fs. m,.,..,U,, 1, . , V. W, , . .W flr",1Sy,i?' if 1 Ll -f - jj.,-z'1,sg,ftif-f": at 5. f. M 'X 55531 f f - -r K , , 2' -. xg ' N., fsAgf.'f': Q '.7'f .S swfwzulifk, .v ' 'K 4 Q-AQ, -., gm- -Y-,g,,,Wrf,7g,,s U ,,..,f.f.1-- Y'q5,r-3-Q j. ' M .azfxmff GPM mf,i',Q41:f-my-we 1su,fv,p:2Qs...m-5 afmfev am'--H9rf,:Qx Y 5 .4-4 4 Qt, , ' 4' "' A . fiiwgygm r.fwe'?,1:fmu., . , Wigffvl L l ' l l, V, 5, .sung mi ...f ef if V ,f--k 5, 3 .gy 15,15 fl:-5, ew A my 5 ' Y' ""fW'fiff . , 7 1 G 'V ' f , : , , . - 7 Time V- 'figL'fNmQ."YiH 'iff la 'EW QA . ,mt M - ' ' -- se. Kb' , .v . 1 E M.. MQWA .4 mg G' Mm- - QQ - i 5 X r i-l'1w A ' e -we-, ,E uf , "L ,- 'r I 'bf I .. . - -, ' . 1 ta? mv TF " -' ' K' -:via v if'f1...,,g t g .N 3 53. , f lllik 5-.ed mm.. . ., V ' m' . is ,gefigs 1 3 - A K' ' - ---. gif we f f" .. f,.-, f ffwm - ,- -5 :ji -f . . A-di i V Tv-N LOPING AROUND the right end, Bobby Ortegagains substantial yardage. Bottom: TOUCHDOWN! Hus- tling junior varsity ojfenseplows through Duncan's line. ,T A. ' ' ky ' . ,gzvgf , J 1 Q ew Fi" i ft if ' f ' .sf -f Mi" ' eil ' a W . df gf ' ' 1 2 513 "" K fy E '5 4, f?"f'f ' f at 3 ffl: "fk: wx! ' 3 K 4' ,-fib ilwifxh ' 4 - A Y ' K A K 'ai ff A 'J Z' ' ' H' K", . -. E. .mfr A? F' if " K A 'iii e 'Z b lip V A' F' 'W 7 Qt M L". xg.-i f ' Y 2' ' Hi " ' . 'K 1 ,. 1 r ' in -ff , A 1 fr . J e fl y is ,VC " A, -' .ask if N. 3 - ra- , 'fri-5 ' 'J figfa' 'fl G " if f 'ia 'A' I 1 ,kv 1- 1- ,AH x A fab s 1. 1 3. .uv , p ,K lv c ' K 'f 'f t.'. e A ' ttt 'e 1 , 1- ,- 1 3, 'g g fzgwrf ..?gfxWJ 2 vu ' ..- ---Y -K . fu .1 I .5 3,1 .4 , A ' v Y J? U ap, W 5 g iw f lit Q ,i I V sf if E gk 5 we . - 7 ' I If f ' . - -- ' fx J zf' V - ' W ,Z ,ff . .5 ,cy ,A my - - H- W f . , ,,, W-Q, wt. '52, an 1 s 1 ' , li A at lf ' ,...: . "'1 ' . ' 51 V 9 "jf t - . - :Zi ,. , 'S :lzl t I H . A f .. ..': : Q . 1 ' ' 1 ' ml V . ' ,, .,. ,,,., f ,E N.-'IL 4,-m, 9' yur' lk: ...iw X 1 f- a' -trt W :" f A Q '," fsf,, f'.SW'w" , ff 4 A 5343 . . ' 7, Llfrfif , "Y ' -1 f J. V. Scoreboard Morenci 0 Safford Willcox They 16 12 12 19 Duncan 6 31 Clifton 6 47 Duncan 0 20 Clifton 6 13 Safford 0 MORENCPS aggressive defense races, hoping to stop the Willcox Cowboys' onrush by penetrating their backfield. 58 4 -Q-,fs .JI ' -ftafw Flag, wr. I . . Af- ,, Q ru.,'.v- .' ,L wdruf' ' 'i ..ifix.Q,5? Jzagflvgivjkv'-l 'jqjx ' I r .5 - , '. .' ' , W... .1 , Vai.. Lf! . ff' ,f, 15" we 'P . 1-V+' .,. Elm ff wr JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD are: Front row: G. Alcarez, B. Rodriquez, B. Trujillo, G. Sierra, J. Seballos, A. Cruz, F. Nabor, E. Nabor, F. Grijalva, D. Romero, T. Vigil, O. Arguellez, D. Najar, R. Mool- ick, and J. Arguellez. 2nd: J. Baker, L. Trujillo, P. Chavez, W. Bruce, G. Lopez, R. Sanchez, M. Garcia, P. Hunt, J. Landrum, C. Tellez, D. Hayes, G. Maldonado, P. Daniels, and G. Gaxiola. 3rd: M. Gonzales, man- ager, L. Paz, F. Hughs, I. Paz, T. Hendrix, B. Perry, L. Garcia, F.. Chavez, D. Rodriguez, J. Peralta, T. Barriga, D. Sierra, C. White, manager, and A. Salcido, manager. 4th: M. Winkler, P. Rodriguez, R. Stacey, L. Williams, M. Jackson, G. Moreno, J. Marin, B. Ortega, N. Armijo, J. Lusk, J. Brooks, and F. Romero. .l.V. Underdogs Upset favored Bullpups, end a 5-1-1 season The Junior Varsity ended their season with a jk, .iii 5-1-1 record. The only loss was against Safford, M H W g .W with a score of 16-0. The second game ended in j VA?,j iiffxh lf. if ,,, ilyl ililili lilii A F dlil M a tie with Willcox. The Cowboys had the home N A x fi if P ,L team down by one T.D., but in the last 40 sec- 5 ' 'N ' onds Joe Marin connected with Philip Rodriquez .J 4? ' .fit J 'fi' 'f4""5', ti to get the eleven down field. Roy Stacey caught its i p I Alf ,,,,,, a 25 yard pass from Joe, tying the score. After j ...,. 5. .., these two encounters the team went on to win the f r- next five games. At the second Clifton game the offense compiled a total of 495 yards. With ven- geance on their minds, the novice eleven upset the favored Bullpups, 13-0. This was the first i 4 O. r , time in four previous games. Outstandingrusher I . s s t t t for the season was Bob Ortega, who was award- ed the trophy f0I' the IIIOSI valuable .l-V- Player- ENERGETIC Wildkittens warm up before Clwon game. 59 1 . EIGHTH GRADE CACERS include: Front row: R. Cisneros, manager, A. Sigala, F. Rios, A. Benavi- dez, A. Duran, and R. Marin. 2nd: D. Carbajal, manager, A. Garcia, IVI. Tapia, B. Wright, T. Paz, T. Breshears, C. Cuerreo, and Coach A. Chaney. JUNIOR IIICH SCOREBOARD W E THEY 67-35 Solomon 33-19 27-33 Clifton 55-43 56-61 Duncan 12-43 33-43 Safford 57-40 .I I 'NIOR VARSITY SCOREBOARD WE THEY 45 Safford 64 38-59 Santa Cruz 27-42 45-33 San Manuel 40-44 42-42 Wilcox 43-48 62-54 Clifton 19-65 62-63 Superior 58-45 34-50 Coolidge 42-46 56-47 Ray 54-42 91 Thatcher 40 82 Duncan 71 OUT LEAPED by Clqton opponent on tip ogis Char- lie Guerrero. MANEUVERING PAST Trojan player, Robert Marin, right, dribbles toward a Wildcat goal. Junior Varsity Squad Proves skill, compiles 11- 6 Winning record Proving their skill and agility the Junior Var- ton, who avenged an early A13 point defeat,the jun- sity compiled a season record of eleven wins and ior cagers ended a successful year. llot gun for six losses. The team opened the season with a the team was Robert Ruiz, averaging l-1 points. loss to Safford, 45-65, winning the next two en- Compiling a winning Junior High record forthe counters easily. A one-point loss to Willcox did second consecutive year the eighth grade squad not discourage the Wildcats as they went on to finished a season of five wins and three losses. win four out of their next seven games. Winning The cagers gained valuable experience and skill. their following four games, until upset by Clif- Blaine Wright and Robert Marin led in scoring. 'WHO HAS THE BALL?" Roy Stacey, Robertffuiz attempt interception. IN A DRIBBLING predicament, right, Bobby Joe Peete tries to out-maneuver opponents downcourt. 68-69 JUNIOR VARSITY basketballplayersare W.Bruce,Coach E. lledges and F. Maldonado. 2nd: C. Moreno, W. Peshlakai, F. Hughs, J. Marin, N. Armijo, and J. Brooks. 3rd: M. Gonzales, manager, M. Cox, manager, J. Broderick, D. Ballard, R. Stacy, R. Ruiz, R. Melton, R. Martin, J. McBride, S. Montoya, and T. Hendrix. WE VARSITY SCOREBOARD THEY 37 Safford 55 55 Santa Cruz 1-0 66 San Manuel 43 67 Willcox 60 70 Clifton 41 77 Thatcher? 47 64 Fort Thomas? 62 61 Round Valleylf 85 41 Superior 43 62 Coolidge 60 56 Ray 68 66 San Manuel 53 45 Santa Cruz 47 71 Willcox 67 54 Ray 58 72 Coolidge 62 76 Thatcher 39 64 Superior 60 65 Clifton 45 88 Duncan 67 USAC lnvitational TENSE CAGERS watch basketball tear away from net as R. Ceruantez Knot seenf tallies two crucial points. HARASSINC RA Y dribbler are J, Toda- cheeny and H. Navarrete, left. SNA TCH- ING ball,.I. Tibbits takes a bead on hoop. Determined Varsity Squad Forces three overtime gamesg Win 1, lose 2 Q- The local five, like the autumn gridders, con- fronted new opponents on their home floor and traveled to unfamiliar places, but the problem was met valiantly. Losing their first game to Safford, the Wildcats were not discouraged. The young team, mostly juniors, took on afour game winning streak beating Eloy, San Manuel, Will- cox, and Clifton. At the EAC lnvitational, the cagers won the first two games. The encounter with Fort Thomas was a clincher as the Wildcats edged the Apaches, 64-62. A loss with Round Valley forced the local quintet into second place. The following conference game with Superior was disappointing, the Panthers winning in the last 2 seconds, 41-43. Retaining the taste of de- feat, they battled Coolidge to H tie, f0rCiHg an EATING UP THE BASE LINE, Ruben Cemmtezdfibbzes overtime and Winning. The neXt day Ray beat andfakes, setting up an easylayup andscoring two points. HUDDLED AROUND THE VICTORY BASKETBAl,li,young anddeterminedteam include: Front row: ,lames Edd Hughs, Coach Stephen Hudgens, Wesley Begay, and Ruben Cervantez. 2n,d: Robert Sorrell, llal Gilliland, Tom- my Hall, Bernabe Morales, Bill McGaha, Jones Todacheeny, and Lorenzo Peshlakai. 3rd: Dennis Reeves, man- ager, Kelly O'Neill, Frank Sanchez, .lohn Tibbits, Lester Wright, Robert Navarrete, and Tom Bolles, manager. V .. wp. --ffwwwuwawwwm-ew-W-w-sffg: HOURS of practice enabled R. Navarrete, B. McGaha, and H. Cervantez to execute precision shots from floor. GAINING control ofthe ball, leading rebounder, J. Tib- bits outmaneuvers Hay opponent and attempts two points. 64 New Wildcat Coach Takes young cagers to gain 14-6 record the exhausted Wildcats. The local cagers, in an easy victory, again licked San Manuel. Avenge- ful Eloy, having lost only to lVlorenci,won on an overtime. The state tournament hopes were re- tained when Willcox was overcome, 71-67. The following week, Ray outlasted the Wildcats in an- other overtime encounter. All hopes of going to state had been shattered. Coolidge and Thatch- er, lVlorenci's next opponents, were defeated. Determination in the last 15 seconds enabled a Cat victory over Superior, 64-60, forcing a play- off for first place between the Panthers and Eloy. The current season has been the most success- ful season since '58, when Coach Harry Reeves' squad cinehed third place in the state tourneys. Leading scorers were Robert Navarrete with 232 points and Jones Todacheeny with224. .lohnTib- bits was the outstanding rebounder for the Cats. Racket Squads Hope For a Winning season, practice many hours MEMBERS OF THE BOYS' TENNIS team are Frontrow: Steve Hayden, Art Dixon, Drew Isaacs, Paul Zamora, Tony Gomez, Phil Harris, Matt Cuthbertson. 2nd: Tommy Hall, Mike Mortensen, Louis Paz, Danny Robledo, Mr. Bill Caddell, coach, Ricky Garcia, Kelly O'Neill, Mike Krass, Leon Ramirez. Not Pictured: Danny Robles. GIRLS INTRAMURAL and varsity tennis teams, Front row: Marilyn Notah, Kathy Burgess, Teresa Montoya, Ruth Ann Cates, varsity, Roberta Manzanares, varsity, Toni Ramirez, varsity, Virginia Montoya, varsity, Cecilia Martinez, varsity, Sallie Chavez, varsity, Stella Lujan. 2nd: Adelia Owens, manager, Linda Alvarez, Gloria Notah, Amelia Owens, Vernell Martin, Christine Loy, Martha Rivera, .lennie Buffo, Carol lley, Sally Subia, Mary Ben, Gloria lioya, Anna Cruz, .lan Weisling. Not Pictured: Cathy Smith, Arlene Yazzie, Sharon Wilson, varsity. 65 BASEBALL SQUAD FOR 1968 SEASON. Front row: B. Sorrell, B. Garcia, C. Cooper, S. Marietti, A. Segovia, B. Rodriguez, L. Wright, and C. Enrico, manager. 2nd: B. Paz, S. Harris, J. Todacheeny, J. Todacheeny, R. Navarrete, R. Villicana, S. Benavidez, J. Baughman, and H. Gilliland. 3rd: C. Paz, manager, S. Trent, B. Archer, F. Aparicio, R. Ruiz, F. Sanchez, C. Farrington, D. Lopez, B. Mcflaha, and S. Salcido, manager. 51 ,K A M ROSTER FOB 1968 CINDEBMEN includes: Front: B. Morales, N. Armijo, P. Rodriguez, B. Martin, A. Bo- mero, B. Ortega, M. Nabor, C. Bodriguez, and L. Cisneros. 2nd: L. Trujillo, manager, D. Rodriguez, E. Flores, B. Tucker, J. Herrera, B. Durr, F. Romero, J. Johnson, T. Hernandez, F. Vasquez, and D. Garcia. 66 Spring Sports Teams luggers Win eleven, thinclads enter nine With luck on their side, the Morenci Sluggers ended up with an 11-7 season.Determination and stamina drove them to clinch third place in the A-4 Division. Outstanding in both fielding and batting, the team was led by pitcher, Ruben Paz, who pitched a 7-2 season, and Steve Trent who attained a .308 batting average. Receiving spe- cial recognition at the annual awards banquet, Ru- ben was named the Most Valuable Player, while Steve was recognized as the best batter. James Todacheeny was presented with the Hustle Award. Lady Luck did not smile on the '68 cindermen this season. Attending nine meets, the team only excelled in the lnterdivisional, where they placed 3rd, Morenci high pointers at the meet were Le- roy Cisneros and Robert Martin who ran the 100 yard dash in 10.5 and 10.6 seconds, and Robert Ortega, who placed in the low hurdles with 22.5. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD WE THEY 15 10 1 0 Clifton 3 5 2 4 Willcox 5 1 1 4 Flowing Wells 5 3 0 1 Nogales 1 O 8 3 Safford 10 5 0 2 Buena 5 1 6 0 Bisbee 2 2 3 6 CDO 2 2 3 1 Duncan . f QM ' fi f ggi, :ei',i.g if W-,ef " ' ' it SL ' Q L' 'Wi . f.ggQ,755iAl :L'3'-gk . , k. f I , S - V, ' f A 1 A ' - , .: : V 'H 39- i y ' 4- " . 253 1 e fm ff i r ,,,f A g is 4, .. A W' ' r ' "':71""'r """ f :L f- , - f F' u1'a?'iP:1.q-:s7a-a-,- f- W-'?,'-,'w,,. . .. . ,.,,,,.- "' ' -J ' . , -,f . -wa-.....-.c,,..a M..-x - . N, .. F. , r xv ,AL 1 ,,i,,,7!l1E,.,-.,, ., 1. - -, . 41- 1- .Qy'i',rw. , ..-,-e- -.,,- --..sysk.'ff'h,.,.? fi-32.-.. -f f-it-i . w -ff xii' s. .51 , 'QF-,,1' . -- -',-..-:fu":m. wr-,g.:"+. -' ' -- H ,X 1.-Q. W- . ,,--3,-,,,,., v . ,-1' ...-swf. J- , ia " , ,. , , 1 we . 5-Q't"11E"'ef..-. tt' J - 4 ' i 4 " :Skis " I , .. ' A , H .... . . .. , , -- -- ' -- -f , 6. is ,, ,. A -- -, , 1 ' ' Q , .' . .. TW - 6 5- 'Q' ' - -' 5' i ig ht' ' 4- z gf' ,. t F1351 f S is' - . E' , -f Digi-2 Q f f" - ' -5 , - 1.1, Lf-fi 4 , 'aff sftzg,-15' .-- s e w .- .. -vi' W' -its-M s-'-:N R r-"1-.2-sf', mx- W -2. f--,JW . -f H - r: 1 's"':. '- M-'WNYF--:Sf?'f 'i:.s"1'f" e- , " ' ' ,,, ff A - .W rw- . 2 +srfwf-f-P-' sfir -M t'?fifss',w-HMS, ' 4? SAFE! Hal Gilliland adds another point to M orenci 's score. POTENTIAL OLYMPIC shot-putter, Kenneth Draper, heaves a 16pound shot. Left: STAR SPRINTERS, Robert Martin and Leroy Cisneros break ahead of Clmon runners. 67 is sa 5 3? m 5? E F i. u P i a r K6 ff , A , 19 Y My 434 4: fm? f , 2 Vi .,,. M 4, I h , AW,.W,,.W , , 712, ,. .V 4 1 Board and Administration Cope with budget, hire faculty, set policies, The most important project of the year for the Board of Education of the local district was the plan for a new school to replace the old Fair- play School. Early in the year the Board began planning the financing for the new middle grade building. The superintendent and Board mem- bers met with the architects before the blueprints were approved and the contracts could be signed. Much of Mr. P. H. Davidson's time was occu- pied with securing teachers to carry on the ap- proved school curriculum. The current shortage of instructors and the draft of would-be faculty members, left Mr. Davidson interviewing poten- tial instructors until the first of the school year. Mr. Davidson received his Bachelor of Science degree from Daniel Baker College and his Master of Arts degree from Sul Boss State. He is an ac- tive member of the Presbyterian Church, Rotary Club, American Bed Cross Home Service, Save the Children's Federation, the Greenlee Traffic Survival School, and the Greenlee Country Club. Mr. P. H. Davidson Superintendent of Schools "Q-4-fak- Mr. Claude C. Tuell Mr. John Cuthbertson Mr. A. L Alexander 70 President Member Clefk begin planning a new grade school building ln his third year as high school principal, Mr. Paul Lemons faced many problems--the organi- zation of classes, attendance records, as well as student and faculty problems. Sports activities took much time: scheduling games, seeing that AIA requirements were met and referees present. Mr. lemons is especially interested in help- ing all local students get their high school diplo- mas and does everything in his power to talk po- tential drop-outs into continuing their education. Seldom is there an activity where Mr. Lemons' familiar face is not seen in the crowd. ln addi- tion to his various administrative duties, he is a co-sponsor of student council, a part-time ran- cher, and a member of the Clifton-Morenci Ro- tary Club. He also enjoys hunting and golf. He and Mrs. Lemons have three sons and a daughter. Mr. Lemons received his Bachelor of Arts and Masters degrees from Arizona State University. Mr. L. P. Lemons High School Principal QUESTIONS, prob- lems are dealt with at fall registration for the current school year. CAUGHT unsuspectingly in light cage is Miss B. Vote. Ruth H. Shaw--B.A. from Paterson Slate College, M.A. from Columbia University: Guidance Counselorg and Co-sponsor ol the Freshman Class. Roberta Troxell-.B.A., Bethel Col- lege, MA., University ol Arizona: High School Librariang and Co-spon- sor of Future Teachers ol America. C. L "Doc" Richards Business Manager 72 t Photographers Catch Faculty in informal after hour activities Teachers come in all ages, sizes, and person- alities, each as different from the others as the vehicles they pilot, whether motor bikes, jeeps, or Mercedes. The subjects they teach, whether metal shop or fine arts, and their hobbies, from weight lifting to art and tape recording, are as varied as the teachers themselves. But in one aspect they are all alike--all are never too busy to aid a puzzled student or assist with school act- ivities. This year ten new faculty members were welcomed to the high school building. They did graduate and undergraduate work at universities from Wisconsin to Texas, and Illinois to Arizona. Both office staffs give friendly assistance to the faculty members and the students themselves. 00000 ...... ' In costume, Miss E. Stutzman, Miss C. Springerjoined in the Halloweenfun at theflll Girls' Party. 'lfefa' .f ,f'- t :, 5 , N' .unmet A LA YOUT BASICSfor yearbooks are explained byMissM Johnson, guest instructor at E.A.C. Publication Workshop. X x. 'l . f We HO WDY PARDNER! Mr. D. talks to ayoungLemons, top. BLUE RIBBON WINNER at Art Guildshow was "Trees", by R. D. Cojfey, local art teacher, below. fs ' L Ruth Clemmer Ethel Beck Rosalie Gilliland Secretary Secretory to SCll00l B00l4l499PeV Principals Office Superintendent FUY9 Hefldef50" Roland Olney Juanita Alexander SeCV9lUVY Attendance Officer School Nurse pflnclpolls Olllfe KNIT ONE, PURR TWO! Mrs. S. Hudgens enjoys friendly cat at Lemons-Student Council Party. 73 N., STILL LIFE composition is oil-painted by Douglas King. 7'T f X ff 'aww ""'s.,mk , MIXING inks, Art Istudenrs, Doug Day and Ronny Ara- gon, dabble with interesting colors. FINISHED masterpiece! Vicki O'Neal views printfrom linoleum block, below right. ROBERT D. COFFEY-B.A. from the Uni- versity ol Miamig Art I and ll, Mechanical Drawing: High School Art Department Chairman: Co-sponsor ol the Senior Class. Q Amateur Artists Exhibit creations to Open House visitors Documentary slides were shown to the would- be artists, to acquaint them with many fine arts masters. Art history, although not readily ac- cepted by the students, ranged from ancient ar- chitectural structures to panels painted in oils Neophyte artists worked with the primary col- ors to produce the desired tincture. Linoleum blocks appeared to be a main hazard among the students of the Art l class, but after mastering the carving blades, this became a minor incident. The second-year pupils worked with oil paints, meticulously painting canvases, which were even- tually to be displayed on the study hall's walls. The Greenlee County Fair invited local ama- teurs to enter their drawings and paintings for competition with others from the county. Top lo- cal winner was Doug King. Various art projects were enjoyed by visiting parents at Open House. CUPBOARD CLEANERS, A. Romero and R. Tapia. Future Homemakers Model mod fashions for family, friends Tempting aromas filled the halls as the girls in Home Economics experimented with the four basic food groups. The girls worked with their ingredients and carefully measured the amounts needed. In December, some girls prepared and served a holiday meal for manyfaculty members. Young seamstresses not only learned to operate a sewing machine, but to select suitable fabrics. Then they picked patterns, cut their materials out, matched notch A to notch B, stitched accord- ing to directions, and eventually completed out- fits that ranged from pantsuits to evening wear These were modeled at the spring fashion show The girls also studied the basics in home and child care. Through films and demonstrations, they learned the importance of home management. ,fry NINA B, WEISLING-B.S. from A.S.U , versilyg Home Economics I and Ilg Co-spon- X sor of Freshman Class and Girls' League if N fl Q , iz,-ff 'Yu rf, ,K if l xx tif TEA BREWERS are C. McBride, A. Montegomery, above. CAREFULLY PRESSINC each seam is L. Vanaman, below. 75 and M.A. from Western New Mexico Uni- l ,...- ,,...- ,.. ,E 5... i 5. la FINALLY! I Marin, above, succeeds in outscoring J. Tuell, A. Urtiz in Typing I class. COMPARING VARIOUS credit cards in Business Ec- onomics are, right, P. Ontiveros, M. Nunez, A. Romero and I. Chacon Business Education Explores vocational Business plays an important part in everyday affairs. Six different courses in business are offered: Bookkeeping, General Business, Busi- ness Economics, Shorthand and Typing land ll. The classes of Business Economics and General Business aid students in being wise and efficient consumers. Bookkeeping students kept personal and financial records. Future secretaries, work- ing to learn the alphabet in Shorthand classes, memorized strange letters with the help of speed contests and "dictation spelling bees". Typingl students began typing words on the first day of class and were soon typing sentences. The ad- vanced typists worked on the various office ma- chines which included the new IBM "Selectric',. Mr. Robert Bartee, guest speaker at some business classes, lectured on Data Processing. CAREFULLYAVOIDING THE INK, DebbieLoy, left, removes her stencil from the mimeograph machine. and personal areas, develops ALPHABETIZINC names in Typinglllls Nhryllfhnoz. THE KEYS DON'T JAM!!! L. Williams discovers on thenew "Selectric". quick fingers MARJORIE JOHNSON-B.S., Boll Slate Uni- versilyg M.S., Universily of Arizona: Typ- ing I and ll: Chairman Business Educalion Dopurlmenl: Adviser of lhe Copper Culond Co-sponsor ol lhe Quill and Scroll Society. SANDRA HUDGENS-New lo Facullyg B.S., Bradley University: Business Economics, Typing lg Cosponsor ol the Junior Class. ROY W. FAULKNER-B.S. from Ashland College: General Business, Bookkeeping. and Shorfhandp Record Keeper lor lhe Cop per Calg Co-sponsor of 'lie Senior Class. 77 EDWARD HEDGES-New lo teaching stuff: B.A. from A.S.U.g Drivers' Education and Geographyp Co-sponsor ofthe Junior Class: Assistant Basketball Couchp Track Conch. CAREFULLY EXAMININC ENGINE PARTS are Rar- bara Cisneros, Cathy Smith, and Norma Balderrama. Behind Wheel Practice Stresses techniques for car care, safety "Can you afford a car?" This was one topic discussed in Drivers' Education classes. The owning and operating cost per month was estab- lished and most found that they could make-do with their parentis wheels! They also learned that drivers, regardless of their age or exper- ience, must quickly recognize danger and act ac- cordingly. The novice drivers found this takes much co-ordination between the mind and body. Over 200 Students, eager to obtain their driv- ing permits, enrolled in the two semesters of Drivers' Education. In addition to spending ap- proximately three hours behind the wheel, they took tests for glare recovery and braking time. The students were assigned reports on safe driv- ing essentials and took part in demonstrations. v-pgs Nik WITH ASSISTANCE FROM Port-A-Clinic, Mr. E. Hedges gives M. Perry reactlbn time and glare recovery tests. 78 Students in English Classes Increase oral skills The seniors bid a farewell to an MHS faculty verteran when Mrs. Arnold, English department chairman, announced that this would be her last term in Morenci. She began the year with many drills on sentence grammer and prepared the stu- dents for the ACT Test. Afterbeginning work on vocabulary and literature, seniors were urged to subscribe to "Cavalcade," a literary magazine. Imaginations grew as students found themselves trying to write book reports on unread material. Junior English provided pupils with an insight into American literature. By reading about the land and the men that developed the nation, stu- dents learned about America's literary history. Along with studies on grammar, sophomores found themselves reading "A Tale of Two Citiesf, Tape exchanging has caused freshmen to take greater interests in reporting. The enthusiastic students mailed tapes, eagerly awaiting answers. Speech pupils started by giving pantomines for fellow classmates. In February, an ASU guest speaker lectured on topics selected by students. The proper taking of notes and studying for tests were the other phases the speech class covered. with tapes, discussions HELEN T. ARNOLD--B.A., Butler Univer- sity, M.A., Columbia University: English lVg Ccrsponsor ol National Honor Societyg High School English Department Chairman. K,-.. ...m FRANCES GALUSKY-B.S., M.S., West Vir- ginia Universityy Eighth Grade English: Co-sponsor of the Wildlritten Newspaper. SHARON l.. DERBONNE-New to faculty stattg B.A. from the Northwestern State College of Louisiana: Practical English I X and ll: Co-sponsor of Sophomore Class. 5 SOPHOMORE CollcgeEnglishstu- if dents hold panel discussion, below. ll! Ill all lil 'TEACHERS ARE THE HARDEST PEOPLE to pleasefn M. Naccarati, R. Baca Search for book report materhll. Required English Courses Stretch vocabularies, develop writing style is gk BETTE VOTE-B.A., Colorado Stale College: "L' College and Praclical English ll and Speech: Co-sponsor of Debaling Sociely and Dra- ,,. malics Club: Jr. Diredor of Class Plays. VERNON SCHULTZ-B.A., Narlh Central College, M.A., U. of A.g College Englishl and llg Co-sponsor ol lhe Dramalics Club. rrsrs cnsnvl smneenemw facully null 5 A or L member: B.5., Universily of Wisconsing '-fk 35 ' K 'R E Pradical English lll and c0u.g. English Ne ws in lllg Ca-sponsor ol Pop Club, Senior Class. ll , 'W N, J I EDGAR P. DAVIDSON-B.E. and B.A., Mary Y ff Harding Baylor, M.A. from Sul Ross Cal- ' - A V' y lego: Eighth Grade Rsadingg Co-sponsor In so x 'N ii of fha Jr. High Newspaper, lhe Wildlxihen. V. CO'-rectout- 80 A lineform in English IVisM. Bull. GUESSIIVC GAMES IN SPEECH CLASS? Wayne Brooks, Elizabeth Alvarm perform pantomines for students. ,V ,t,. ,., I? Q . - ' 1 Q ' f f' 13' 1 ,W ' .,,l.TyQff Y .-, ,. , , .,. Q Km Wmgmmm K fm fag I ' COULD IT BE SONNYand Cher?JustTommyHendrix and .Ierilyn Gordon recording tapes for friends in Illinois. 81 RALPH P. LARA-B,A. and M. Ed., Uni- versity of Arizona: Spanish, Journalism: Sponsor of Spanish Club: Wildcat Advisor. EDWARD NICHOLS-New to Faculty: B,A., University of Oklahoma: French, Sponsor of the French Club: Co-sponsor ol Pep Club. 'MA YBE IT WILL BE RIGHT this time."E. Tomlin, sec- ond year French student, worries about French translations. 'H 'THIS IS THE CITY of Guadalupe. "Jenny Benavidez Language Curriculum Emphasizes correct speaking, literature The conquering of accents and becoming ac- quainted with unfamiliar words were problems faced by all beginning language students. Every- day classroom procedure included dictation, oral drills and sentences to be translated. The begin- ners found French and Spanish to be two enor- mous tongue-twistersl A reading knowledge of the two languages, and acquaintance with French and Spanish cultures are the primary objectives. Eagerly students began their second years of both languages. In these they became much more familiar with verb tenses, sentence structures, and continued their struggle with pronunciation. French III, offered for the first time in several years, stresses conversation fluency. French literature was introduced to the class during the second semester, increasing their vocabularies. fa. if '. A ,... T' I , i 2 ' L 39' TW 'L T f""l W-+f"' y and Tony Gomez locate Mexican town on map. INTERESTING PICTURES of old Mexico are shown to Yvonne Mad- rid by Alice Moran. Left: TRYING TO grasp tongue-twisting syllables in discussion are French I students. 83 'fr Bill F. CADDEL-B.A., U of Ag Assistant 'Qi' 3 3 Band Director, Elementary lnsirumen- ' tal Music Instructor, Boys' Tennis Conch, ELIZABETH STUTZMAN--New to the foc- ully staff: B.M.E., M.M.E. lrom Dralxe Uni- versilyp High School and Jr. High Vocal Music: Co-sponsor ol the Junior Class and Pep Clubq Sponsor of Vocal Music Groups. THOMAS G. BRAEUER--B.M., Butler Uni- versity, M.A., Columbia University: High School, Jr. High Instrumental Music: Band Directory Co-sponsor of the Junior Class. Voice, Band Entrants Win high ratings at EAC Music Festival Full of exuberance, the music department be- gan practice on their various activities. The band spent mornings for the first several weeks re- hearsing for football half-time programs. Dur- ing basketball season the pep band played at the games to boost the morale of fans and players. The vocal music department and 110 students welcomed a new teacher, Miss Elizabeth Stutz- man. The Glee Club, Concert Choir, and thejun- ior high music classes had warmups followed with fun and popular songs, then their concert music. Concert Choir went caroling at the Humboldt and Coronado schools with the help of Santa Claus, alias Cary Cale. Throughout the second semes- ter various groups performed at the EAC Festi- val, baccalaureate, and eighth grade graduation. WITH JUST ONE LICK, R. Brooks becomes a happy consumer during sidewalk scene at Christmas Concert. ANN OUNCING at Christmas Concert is K. Pelusi. L - ,Vx , V .i .Vp,,V J EN PUZZLINC OVER next step in the reduction ofcopper ox- llie are chemistry students Debbie Grady, DeAnne Baxter. Natural Science Classes MEASURING THE PULL of weights on the wheel and axle, both simple machines, Katie Pelusi in Physics. Gam understanding Having suffered the usual casualties of broken test tubes, burned fingers, and clogged drains, the Science Department slipped through another year. Students of chemistry were introduced to "open -end experiments". An open -end experi- ment is a problem where a student starts from scratch, records his own data, the procedure used, the apparatus used, and what the report proved. The technique teaches a student how a scientist conducts, records and performs a task. The biology students made many incisions into the study of life, by dissecting crayfish, pigs and other such specimens. Although not agreeable to the eye, young biologists found it interesting. Students of physics spent much time solving problems while experiments supplemented class- room activity. General Science classes became involved in all science fields, not a specific one. through films, eXhlb1tS .fb 2 . TONY souNG-.B.A. and M.A. from A. S.U.g Eighth Grade Science-Health, Math, i'i' My Co-sponsor of the Jr. High Student Council. KENNETH SEAMANS-A.B., University of Tulsa, M.S., Oklahoma State University: Eighth Grade Science-Health, History-Civ- ics: Co-sponsor of Jr. High Honor Society. incisions Into Life Made as students dissect pigs and crayfish PROBING INTO The Microscopic World, James Sebal- los observes the tiny paramecium in General Science class. JOSEPH GALUSKY-B.5., West Virginia Wesleyan, MA. and M.S., West Virginia University: General Science, Chemistry, and Physics: Co-sponsor ol the Freshman Class, and ol the National Honor Society: High School Science Deparfmenf Chairman. Ell.EN VANDERVORT-A.B. lrom the Ne- braska State College, M.Sc. from the University of Nebraslxap Biology, General Science: Co-sponsor ol ihe Sludeni Coun- , lx 1' ,S 2- . cilg Sponsor ol the American Field Service. as gf .S Riggs 2 , .JS .. . , iight Q5 me som me as film 2 he . K2 . ' fig - ini 5 , 1 w t. g,,g,,-fg,1gi,M V. wi, . f Ps , Q ie Mft.,.ff.H fm, S . Q. 5 " " Y' H' 15 f wedfyff is 1 ' T51 ' .JZNQQQ ' ve K , 221, 1 .krk ONE OF THE MANY WONDERS ofthe biology lab, a deer's skull and horns, are investigated by L. Garcia. APPLYING drying tube to hydrogen generator in ex- periment are R. Espinoza, R. Villarreal, M. Rubio. idx K7 f, QM' 554 ,565 if ' 'E ,rg nm: H, 'SEE THE HEART beat and the lungs expandfw' Mrs. Vandcrlsort dissects, exhibits the internal organs :ja fmt., 87 Boys' P. E. Classes Add Weight-lifting, girls enjoy team sports MARY OUTZS--New to lacultyp B.S., H GI'- ding College, M. Ed., University ol Ark- 'Q F ansasy reshmen girls' as., sway Hull NORALEA GALE-B.A. from A.S.U., M,A. lrom New Mexico Western University, .- Junior and Senior High School Girls' P.E.g K, , A 4 Sponsor ol cheerleaders, pom ponsp Co- 4 'K sponsor ol Girls' League and Senior Class Developing and co-ordinating muscles was the goal set by all physical education classes. To reach their goals they participated in vigorous sports and strenuous exercises. The boys took part in football, crab soccer, basketball, volley- ball, gymnastics, and softball. This year, for the first time, weight-lifting became a regular part of the program. The Marine Corps Physi- cal Fitness Test, including push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squat thrusts, and the 300 yard run, was taken by all boys in Physical Education. Volleyball was fun in the Girls' Physical Ed- ucation classes! The girls also engaged in bad- minton, volleyball, hockey, basketball, speed- ball and other sports. Eighth graders partici- pated eagerly in the annual lr. High Track Meet. W4 'Sin Ax A, , ,. TRYING F OR a field goal in a vigorous game of speedball is Gloria Diaz, guarded by opposing team members. 88 ATTEMPTING TO CO-ORDINA TE PUSH- UPS during physical education classes are junior high school students. Q sg QUICK REFLEXES and skill are necessary in speedball. H1652 VERNON F. FRIEDLI-B.S. and M.E., Uni- ' versity ol Arizona: High School Boys' iii P,E.: Head Football, Baseball Coach: Co- sponsor ol the leHermen's Club: Chair- man ol the Physical Education Deparlmenl. MARTIN W. JOHNSON-New lacully stall member: B.S. Ed. lrom Mayville Stale Col- lege: M, Ed. from the Universily olAri1ona: Eighth Grade Boys' P.E.: Co-sponsor ol the l.eltermen's Club: Assistant Football Coach. ONE LAST CURL is attempted by D. Najar, above. TRYING TO BEAT OWN record is P. Collins, below. I - 89 ODELL HENDERSON-B.A., Grand Can- y0rl College: M.A. from the University ol Arixona: Eighth Grade History and Civics: Co-sponsor ol the Jr. High Honor Society. NEIL ZOELLER-B.S. from Simpson College: M. Ed. from University of Missouri: M.B.A. from ASU: Chairman al Social Studies Department: Sponsors Debating Society. STEPHEN L. HUDGENS-New to Faculty: B.S. from Bradley University, Ed. M., Uni- versity ol Oklahoma: U.S. History: Co sponsor l.ettermen's Club: Head Basket- ball Coach: Assistant J. V. Football Coach. HARRY H. REEVES-B.S. from Hays Kansas Stale College: American Problems and Ge- ography: Co-sponsor ol the Junior Class. STUDY HALL BLUES! Students, above, work on reports. Right. CASTING SAMPLE BALLOTvotel1sDouglasKing. 90 SH UPF LING through periodical file are P. Garcia and T. Casias. Election Year Gives Opportunity to vote, hold mock elections Keeping students well-informed, the Social Science department helps to form a background for problems facing today's world. Pupils be- came familiar with world situations through the aid of films, tapes, and the overhead projector. Discussions allowed them to express their per- sonal opinions. The past was linked with history in the making as students made frequent reports on current events. A mock ballot was tallied by seniors in October. Unlike the national vote, the class of '69 elected Hubert H. Humphrey. Eighth grade classes took a field trip during the second semester: reporting their observations. They, together with American Problems classes, saw the televised inaugural ceremonies of President Richard Nixon. Discussions on issues followed. tw: E, S-V51 Zi! 'L f'YQTS75?liQ3Tif'5Yf2fT?fiQ7'?.'fafiir Thi 1 E2 iw? 1 3 7 . Saw-1M,fE3SQguS5gL5q,aQsK7 A -, J A- - V ,L .wh was 2 .fig J ,fifag ,fir jgg 'V Iv - . gf A .Q ' 5 iw if ' f 1 law' -.viii -1-:V-Szsf - ix y . ' ,, ff - ' - -- . 'ik 752 Y 'fi' '53 -' , . 41wuw,2jg:'? , L . K "h' 1 J a '?f'C'f x'-A ,f 1-1+ .QP J sv I ,Y ,gf f ,qv af f Y ' 4 if ,J f' .1 f f r I 'I ffj. ,,' 1.4 4- wx I, "I DON'TTHINKI'dvoteforhim,"FranlfZamora and Gavino Rodriguez discuss candidates on the sample ballot 91 . av- -E ROD L. CROWDER-New to locultyp B.S., U' 7,1 Sul Ross State Teacl1er's College, Meinl -My Shop, Cosponsor of the Freshman Class KENNETH scHElER.s,s., from N.A,U.g wma shop I and Ilp Technical Aid Adviser. 92 PRECISE DRILLING is shown byl. Bradford. ELBOW GREASE gives a smooth finish su-YS K. Draper, left. Industrial Arts Students Make useful objects from Woods, metals The industrial sounds of hammering, the hum of the lathe and sawing could be heard whenever shop classes were in progress. Students learned the basics of carpentry as applied to the use of wood and metal. The transformation of strips of metal and blocks ofwood into useful objects and sometimes good fingers into sore ones, was com- monplace as students applied their knowledge to various projects. First year students increase their knowledge of tools, machines and mainten- ance, second year utilizes more complex tech- niques. Safety procedures are always emphasized. Besides workbook constructions, designs were made for a student patio in Mechanical Drawing class. Phelps Dodge guest speakers, lVlr. Tony Enrico and Mr. .lohn Brooks gave students an insight into the problems ofprofessional drafting. APPLYING A varnish finish to his Woodshop project is J. Peshlalfai as J. Montgomery' and K. Draper watch. DEM ONS THA TINC the safe method of sharpening plane blades to RaulRuiz and Kenneth Butler is Fernando Chavez. ASSEMBLYINC waste paper basket from sheet metal are Metal Shop I pupils T. Castenade and E. Flores. 93 owAvNs wluARo-B.s. from the unavef. f f I b y sity ol Arizona: Plane Geometry, Gen- Q 'V ts r X Q39 ew tgp, ml Qs? M dw as M my at QQ Q s.,,,-, L . - . eral Math and Algebra llp Co-sponsor of V'-- ,, I' V the Sophomore Class, LeHermen's Club. I in it we LARRY GOODNER-B.S. from Grand Canyon ,Q College: General Math, Advanced Math, .K A ' Algebra llg Ccrsponsor ol National Honor ' 1' Society, Copper Cat, and Sophomore Class. K BLACKBOARD demonstration, right, Barbara Hoffman, Lynda Ham solve a rhombus problem for geometry class. SPA CECRAFT or desk lamp? Bottomg Rhonda Massingill and Gilbert Alcarez scrutinize Apollo Module and imagine the thrill ofcruising at the speed of20,000 miles per hour. Mathematics Classes Study number World Math plays an important partin our lives every day. The courses offered by the mathematics department always emphasize the practical uses of numbers and include General Math I and II, Algebra I and ll, Geometry, and Advanced Math. In general math classes, the students learn the basic fundamentals of arithmetic, while Algebra I acquaints them with various equations and un- known variables. Geometry, taught between the two algebra courses, deals primarily with planes and all their surface characteristics. Algebra II leads the students into a broader search for un- knowns and the usage of graphs. Advanced math pertains to polynomials, unit vectors, and other fundamentals of trigonometry. This year, the department used an overhead projector to further explain problems and give the students oraltests. for earth, universe , P' '.:s-- EDWARD J. PFElFER-B.S., M.E. lrom SO. Thomas College: Algebra I ond Applied Mafhg Cosponsor of the Sophomore Class and the Future Teachers ol Americog High School Mathematics Department Chairman. v-91 K,,,,-H GEORGE HEARN-B.A., Arizona Stale Uni- versity: Eighth Grade English and Muthg Co-sponsor ol the Jr. High Student Council. "rv -vm., '-45 i C 1 i . Q.,,f.f-wg, ' V 'V lawwxt pu- av iff! i -Q16 Z .1 5 5 i 5 C ., if TOYINC with a king-size slide rule, topg three freshmen learn how to find square roots quickly during an Algebra I class. EYE-CATCHINC device, leftg the over- head projector was first used by math department as a teaching aid this year. 95 .mm STUDENT Librarians Front row: M. Ayze, L. Armijo, D. Perez, R. Ortiz, D. Hanna, B. Pasley, R. Romero D. Morfin, A. Romero. 2nd: P. Johnson, P. Hansen, D. Alvarez, W. Hogner, S. Aparicio, M. Munoz, M. Fi erro, B. Hernandez, S. Subia, T. Montoya, C. Perez, M. Balderrama. 3rcl: H. Middleton, C. Loy, M. Tom lin, Y. Cohn, A. Diaz, B. Cockerham, C. Gilliland, S. Estrada, B. Salyer, C. Serna, C. Hogner, M. Sierra 41th: E. Myers, C. Lujan, l. Moreno, R. Roman, J. Hair, C. Moulder, C. Gilliland, B. Ray, B. Serna, R. Di az, J. Benavidez, A. Moran. 5th: R. Tapia, J. Jones, S. Yazzie, P. Forsythe, I. Snyder, G. Lunt, P. Estrada E. Tuell, J. Castaneda, E. Harbison, J. Tuell, L. Gonzales. NOT PICTURED: N. Balderrama, and S. Moulder COMPETENT custodians are B. Nabor, Z. Rodriguez, P. Mendoza, and C. Flores. WWW Adult, Student Helpers Perform the necessary chores for everybody With more than a thousand students going to the lunchroom each noon, huge quantities of food must be prepared by the six cooks. Eighty doz- en tortillas, 100 poiuids of beans or 200 pounds of potatoes may be used at one time. In addition to preparing hot, nourishing meals for students, the staff fixed meals for the Morenci Teachers- Lions Club dinner and the.I lmior-Senior Banquet. Household chores are performed each day by the efficient custodian staff. Whether by fixing broken windows or sweeping floors, these com- petent workers keep our school running smoothly. Many students donate study halls to work in the guidance or principal's office, or in the library. The clerical helpers run errands and record the daily absence lists. Library aids not only check books in and out, but make repairs and help stu- dents find material for papers and book reports. LUNCHROOM STAFF is: A. O,Neal, W. Henderson, L. Kerr, H. Treadaway, G. Winkler, E. Thornton. OFFICE HELPERS with Mrs. R. Clemmer: K. Scheier,,l Richardson, A. Hogg, B. Hoffman, J. Flores, almost hid- den is Y. Gomez, above. GUIDANCE OFFICE helpers S Easley, R. Hansen, B. Begay, J. Tibbits, J. Todacheeny 97 359113185 Eager Eighth Graders Elect officers, hold traditional September brought confusion for this year's eighth grade. Along with locker combinations came room numbers and teachers. Also with the confusion, came student council, class officers and representative elections. The students were eager to meet the duties of these offices as they learned basic procedures of student government. Pep Club was the only club to whichthey could belong, and weekly meetings often found a ma- jority of eighth graders present. The Wildkitten, sponsored by Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Galusky, was published by the staff once every six weeks. When the anticipated commencement ceremony finally arrived, awards were given to the class leaders for outstanding leadership, scholarship, citizenship and the best all-around boy and girl. track K A - if 1 L I iiii i if y xt! t X g f ' e it meet Edmund Armiio Edward Armiio Martin Alvillar Lynn Acosta Fred Aragon Sammy Benavidez Charlene Chacon Andrew Benavidez Joe Benavidex CLASS OFFICERS: Front row: S. Benavidez, 8-S president, M. Alvillar, 8-G vice-president, C. Scarbrough, 8-D president, V. Trujillo, 8-G sgt. of arms. 2nd: R. Rios, 8-0 vice-president, L. Elliot, 8-G secretary-trecr surerg C. Morfin, 8-B vice-president, E. Villicana, 8-S secretary-treasurer, J. Malloque, 8-D vice-president. 3rd: K. Orozco, 8-O president, C. Gonzalez, 8-O secretary-treasurer, S. Walden, 8-D secretary-treasurer, M. Conlogue, 8-H presidentg P. Robles, 8-B secretary-treasurer. 4th: M. Tapia, 8-G president, A. Hamilton, 8-H secretary, C. Guerrero, 8-B president, T. Breshears, 8-S vice-president, D. Blackman, 8-H vice-president. lO0 lydia Barriga Larry Barela Wayne Ballard Debbie Blackman James Bond Tommy Breshears Tommy Chavez Daniel Carlauial Rudy Cisneros Mary Conlogue Charlolle Cox Debra Cox Angelina Cruz Doylene Conyer Vickie Cufhberlson Chrisline Daley Terry Diaz Thomas Diaz Jewely Dixon Raymond Dockins Terry Dorsey K sf ,A ' v , fs. he sy. fi 'mil ,. 5, s 5 ,I w X ,iff .y ia I A S 3 , ,K I 'W ,l Tis, ww Y, Wm, Archie Duran W V A at I Laurie Ellioll f .T V. if' 9" 1' ., , ' V Joann Espinoza 5TM.5' , ' . 1 . .f L' 13 Joe Espinoza j f , -ui .lip , -H, Nellie Espinoza V v-A,.. t ., V T 'ii ig "" I A , -ii i -' K Raymond Fl""e' l a w A T :Al :,, i.. W li fl ' Yi - 5' Xl Chms Fo' i .i' f E -' 5 if ' ' i T ' T E A f i T - Greg Galuslxy I " Arnold Garcia Ahrrk if 7 T' Z.. ' i'. ',., S Cynthia Gilliland ij my "i A .i I if 'ff Debbie Gomez f .A pl y A T. T I Q ,, ' ' I grip T Della Gomez f ifffjvjyvw V ,ii ' K 8 I kr '--Y , A 1 - i Jerry Gonzales I i ,i,i X ' i K if 'lx x 1 Q' fe, i V, Cecilia Gonzales it ii, ' A ' 'K 'X y X " ' is ix ' A L X seiis T Liz Gonzalez N e ii K , ,. T Gary Gray ' gs 'f S L gp 'ii' iq, I ' , ii T Charlie Guerrero " 1 iii ,J -' 'K -' " 'I f Marshall Hagan iff - T T f i f K' Y f N Rufh Hair J is y A if Q , M G " Shana Ham 2 .,,zL Aka? V TT Ili 4 ,gin , Zee Z Alvin Hamillon V - , 29 i ik M ,l, . ' - ,f'.. T 2 .,A . li . it I 25 yyyy V In i W H' My It V w my fy .5 - " is 1 V5 T J 3 T eir T, A fz' it , T l J T 2.5 Q' if 'Q 1 1, , V ' T Ag T 5 "'- -,:-:ii ' ., .. 'i'Yi ' i ' Q. f K. i,:iT1,9FH r at i y ,mg '53, f T , H T A T' if T e f gg, 4, amy im' J -A J l 1 ii K 'ff '-f" A , Susan ie' ' 1. . f y Jacob 4+ ' ,Q yi y 1 fr "CS f 'gf Y 1 fr .y A gg, T ,Ts , T NOT Picrukso T .ziiw :-- I i by V' Q ' V7 ik T , V, Rulh Quinn :, . 'iiii i,. ,K ' 1- it iiin " 41 N V "sim W, Rose Marie Quinn TW "TE A pg, K V912 t Q5-353 : I we . , Mem Anice wqgley Armando Rosales Mary Sieve Thomas Noel David Emma Sylvia Carolyn Flanagan Jimenez Harbison Harvey Hughes Isaacs Jim Jimenez Manuel Slerm James lnez William Gloria Robert Dalia Carol Mary llmenel Krass Lara lemons Lopez Lopez luian McBride lOl EIGHTH GRADE NEWS COLLECTING WILDKITTEN STAFF includes, Front row: C. Galusky, .l. Bond, G. Wood, and A. Du ran. 2nd: E. Rodela, R. Quinn, C. Ortiz,B. Rodriguez, and K. Wagley. 3rd: T. Romero, D. Cox, A. Cruz, S. .li- menez, and M. Conlogue. 41th: D. Lujan, D. Scheier, T. Serna, M. Jimenez, R. Riggs, C. Ransom, D. Smith Cheryl McCarty Tommy Mackey Raymond Madrid Becky Maldonado Joann Malloque Robert Marin Charlene Mariinez Roberl Merino Alonzo Mifchell Kalhryn Mitchell Sleven Miichell Cheryl Morfensen Irene Moran Genevieve Morfin Roger Munoz Tomas Paz 'lO2 Henry Nabor Gilberi Pena Virginia John Elaine Gloria Pal Kalhy Nolah Naccarali Nunez Orfiz Nalaor Orozco Rhonda Candace Dale Frankie Ruben Palricia Riggs Ransom Ray Rios Rivus Robles Paul Romero Becky Rodriguez Elizabelh Rodelo Diane Rodriguez Jimmy Rodriguez Thomas Romero Daniel Romero Darlyne Scheier Cafhy Russell Patrick Saenz David Sanchez Craig Scarbrough Ch risline Serna Mary Lou Salcido Frank Sierra Marlha Sorrell Alberf Sigalo Karen Sexlon Denise Smilh Bruce Swick Sfephonie Slock Mario Topia Sondra Truiillo Manuel Uzuelu Socorro Torango Sandra Tapia Veronica Truiillo Elsa Villicona Blane Wood Kay Wagley Greg Wood Darrell Wes! Calhy Wilmolh Suzane Walden Blaine Wrighl J- gkgffi, f 4 7215 I . ,wi A K KV f E 25 ,ff Five A . lx il i on f E, - ff- Q. 1. in , A A W if . 1 ff' 'Q l'- ., ' N . . 3 7 M, -E F , Z N , .L 5 . l K i'.,'.i. KK! of I W .sw ,V . M , . . mn Ana I 1' ar ,ahh lbs , , X I' ' Q Q W. , f" R ' , , K .QQ i R ., I AQ., 1 VV, A gi iq 'Q' K A iyilf. .. f SEER Q . l A ' 3 'K lg R E sis -f" A! V4 ' - A -. ., .-. IVE: V. wo' i ffy E F wr " R Ee. JUNIOR HIGH Studentfloun- eil: Front row: A. Benavidez, - A. Duran, president. Znd: E. R 0 d el a , secretary-treasurer. G. Ortiz, vice-presidentg D. if le e Rodriguez. 3rd: T. Romero, T. Paz, C. Lopez, B. Wright. 103 A i ,Q X 2 ,A n T 1 Q ,i ,t yn NM 2 J l wi--4".l 1 .i- , :, .+-ei -' af fn -,f M, , ,A - -.,, fi ,sf ww 1 ' . if wk, 3, :xy Q Viv: . 55,21 M Xxx - T '7 T W , ,Q , lb lr s ,f-251 fr x E xg in YB I 1 H . - V f. :G5xfE' - ' A Q V 3 B 23 3 45423, ' . , ' A ' 1 lm-5iZZ"342ftzil iv 104 ,f f x. f 'D G15 -- fe ,,sff':ff :n we lf eff 2 . .. Nz' 5' , x . . it A Ms, r M .. i?fSi'?:faT 5 -2 .9 fu.. .Q K lo X " yn.-, .1 ,A Y 53 1 HR 'R +' X X 33 ,M io l. 1 Q Epi? 3, A p . mi' ez , Kathleen Aguallo Monica Aguilera Margie Allamirana Rachel Alvarado Della Alvarez Ricardo Aparicio Jennie Aragon Dolores Ayze Carla Baca Mary Ann Baca Roberfo L. Baca Mirna Balderrama Tony Bonillo Becky Ballard Tony Barriga Denise Barlee Carol Baughman .lohn Broderick Rhonda Brooks Barbara Brooks Walden Bruce Tony Caslenade Virginia Cervanles Joe Chacon Katharine Burgess Della Chavez Frank Chavez Lupe Chavez Sally Chavez Jackie Jo Clemons Anna Cruz Chris Conyer Gloria Diaz Pol Day Ari Dixon Mike Day Roberla Diaz Renay Durr Lupe Espinoza Yolanda Diaz Georgiann Esqueda Greg Gilliland Carole Estrada Mary Theresa Fierro Manuel Garcia Marlin Garcia Gillaerl Gaxiola FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS: ,l. Pelusi, treasurerg .l. Stapp, secretaryg standing: A. Ortiz, president, and L. Ramirez, vice-president, discuss plan cards. e B' 1 'B' 'sv l .Q ,am f' . ,s 55 " L . S, 3 ji i ,Lg e - i,',y i fall I B ll 1 A lv , a if pil T ,4 392 V 4 if V M ov i- 9 Av '. V " i any A 1 f fs?f?2fffi5?JifvfTQf A . 51' 2 i '57 :sim M K My 'Mi B ii jill! 'B ii" Eg ,A f l 'A M ' -- G " , if 1 ff. 7' V' ,f 'W f- , ' , , are -fill 4 Miguel Gonzales ' 1' , , Ralph Gonzales f- V V X 'K Q, Lory Gonzales K 1 I . I' L 5 A - ,Q I Jerilyn Gordon 1 f X WE . .me ' , ,, A to .of t a as ,G it Pauline Hansen vf-f t . M , V - ,,. -. Rita Harbison ' . K A - ,, , --it ,, ty X f 4 Jimmie Harvey Phil Hunl f. , IV, I -5 iam Eva Hernandez 4 ,, L' V W ff ' X ' '54 fx . f" - Tommy Hendrix "L l , W," t -ff - ' .Q -1- David Hayes ' W- .vii W" 'ws' 7 Sieve Hayden K K M E. Stephen Hulsey , gg I K' h Y X N X Frank Herrera , Q M I !' 5 is C I Il y l '?li5'if --lf, I qi , aro ey "gg, ,, M 1 ivk Wilhelmina Jim I ' ' I ih h i , A al Danny Kemplon f A -A if n I rl Lli - gf I "1 :'-- ',. ' Jeri Jones K' V-,i1:' ' 3 'lili . . ' 7, . SlaceY Johnson is i"" - Tis IYX' iliiiiiiii if 1 li Lf,'- i 3331 Dennis Jimenez , Kg if "' ' .- . f"'? 'id' i' 'Q M 'gk I 5 ,,.,.- 7 re . , .. t K, XX ' " , L Q 9 , Drew Isaacs 'B IQ- is I 1 Q, f f ,, t all we W V .. f, Dail McBride -A ' t ' , ' 'V V K Scoll Kerr EQ?-1 I VW 4 lf 11. i j ill . Je""Y l-Grldrum f. 1 i ' . t M at l,ie if. fiat -ff Florila Little N V? 5 A t i I ' i f if in Barbara lizarraga "i iliil - ,If to i George Lopez X 5 ' 17 - - -, .f Christine Loy ,ik t 1 aaa L,,LQ ,V l G L ' 'A ' NOT Q- ' Plcruksn E rAoo,le c Jerry McBride Allison t iif W ' r , Stella luian Wagley V ' lli' i iiil' K i I Jo Ann McConnell Wayne if ' George Flanagan i i Mckeynolds, lr. Cl10rl0l'le Calhe rine Macias Tmldrlleeny Sieve Madrid Carl Krass , Michael I M Krass Frosh C ass em bers Become acquainted with high school routine After eight years of elementary school, fresh- men accepted high school status with enthusiasm Eager to participate in extra-curricular activities they quickly joined various clubs and kept school traditions. Frosh boys hiked up "Av Hill, where the "M" awaited its annual whitewashing. Under the guidance of class sponsors, the crew soon had the stone letter sparkling. They descended to the blacktop where the Frosh girls has fixed a picnic lunch to feed the always hungry boys. The tradi- tional 'Welcome Dancev, given bythe sophomore class, concluded their day's activities. A thank- you dance was held on Octoberll and tenth grad- ers were the honored guests. As the year ended, the followers anticipated the last three school years. 'WE SOCKED IT TO THEMF' Arthur Ortiz proudly ac- cepts eighth grade track and field plaque from Virginia Paz. l O5 'Flft 1 "Pr sv. Y v X 1 3 X , 3 .451 , K I 1 - g '91 , I iv: ix. .E "- V' ' fy , of A ff W ' J ' .. 'lrfFi f2.: K fgfjgw gg- , Q 'af Q S f 3 i :fair lf, M 'z fi 5 5.5 if A t. N ii i , Q a . V l ,L 3 J 4 . i as K v ,Q av K .V V , fx 5 I I 559 ni rf ' 1 K 5 1 .,y. X nll ef. . MM X Ii .ff 'W.K ,3q?'i'fw.g ,' 3 Vg jk gkii i wi-ev uikb !mmA ,luis fmw ' J '--, ,lag fr if l,iR X FQ PX 3x2 if 4 if X 93, ,iff J J 6 Mary Maese Frances Maez Gabriel R. Maldonado Carolyn Marin Vernell Marlin Mallhew Marlinez Sylvia Marlinez Rhonda Massingill Jenny Medina Billy Meek Hallie Middlelon Rulh Monloya Rocky Melton Sonny Monloya Richard Moolick Alice Morales JoAnn Morales Debbie Morlin Carolyn Jean Moulder Cathy Naccarali Vicloria Morales Gloria Nolah Elizabelh Nunez Mark Naccarali Delia Onliveros Arlhur Orliz Adelia Owens Marien Orliz Debra Padgell Gary Parra Amelia Owens Brenda Pasley Virginia Paz Jody Pelusi Marcia Jo Penninglon Alberl Perez Joe Peralla Anna Perea Chrisline Perez Wallace Peshlokai Trudy Posleher Belle Pine Norine Price Leon Ramirez James Ray Rene Reyna Marlha Rivera Grace Rodriguez Harry Rodriguez Dicky Rodriguez David Romero Jack R. Ross James Seballos Ruben Sanchez Slellu Sanchez Teresa Sanchez Nordella Saenz l.arry Serna Alberla Serna Dennis Sharp Demecio Sierra Gillnerl Sierra Chrisline Sierra if of Y i ., fe .ig W ii . , e,'l 2??3sfki,ZV1--' ' ."iri V M we ' . 1 . l.yAe 5 S -'e. 'lx I K J S e es e . 1 f N? C J . 1 S N- me er s Jil: fi J A igliwifs d i l ilk Mi! V f 1, I my K sia,ii e X 1 i.,Q:Q1 53 15 K-an ,,-me euiiy TEA CH ERS co unt future frosh heads before grad uation, NOT PICTURED Allison Wagley Carolyn Simms Barbara Sorrell Judy Slapp Katherine Sircy Carla Sudler Benny Subia Solie Subia Gilbert Tapia Chano Tellez Roberl Thorne Andy Torrez Johnny Trujillo Mary Tysoe Mary Helen Ulibarri fl Michael Urreo Cecilia Valdez Tony Vigil Sleve Wagley Deborah Walden David Wealherholl Debra Zepeda Paliy Walden T. ..,i 4 .. yse M.:-'fl FRESHME fzflfwv 1 , eggs 7 eaae , e 2 T if if gi ii Y 4" 5 ,S V he-- f-'Z n 1, f i e ' if f -wa, fi 'ls H1 f .1 ,ix Q "' ' - 21 N gye ., ,ee M . i H 2, F .H .z, V , T, A5 Q K-, y ,.,,. , ffi-JTM . f 'i ,Ji -. ffl , y ' r r 'flfig 'llxiia-:' ' 'Q ,ga THE MORENCI tradition Freshmen mix whitewash to give the RM" a new coal . . . Girls bring a picnic lunch. T07 Sophomores Welcome frosh with soc-hop the first Week STAG LINE AT the sophomore soc-hop turn girl watchers. Mike Acosla Gilbert Alcarez Robert Anclazola John Aragon Mike Aragon Ronnie T. Aragon Roy Archer Johnny Baker Joe Arguellez Oscar Arguellez Nick Armiio Orasio Armiio Richard Baca Sleve Baca 3' in 2' xxx J X if X4 . The class of "7l', entered familiar doors to be- gin their second year of high school. Sophomores found both their prestige and status increasing as they participated in school activities with enthu- siasm. The first week of school found them pre- paring for the "Welcome Frosh Dancei' held on September 7. Fledgling leaders began to emerge as class members served on activity committees. While pre-registering in the spring, they found a variety of courses available. Driver Educa- tion classes overflowed with anxious tenth grad- ers ready to apply for driving permits. Others had their first introduction to laboratory science. Sophomores attained a degree of confidence and for many, the anticipation of the coming years. .rc W . ' J -0 ii l ttts i fi' 'if-Ti 1 . , X K : Ax . M115 yjl I 2 sk F, A .waieQgQ5a?igQg it Kal f ' 3 ... A 5. sitc rcissfii 7 Q J iiQf'?f:5fEi""' K Ti f Danny Bullard . T R I Kim Blair F Q 6 A fi i VW :Y D S K hifi ' Gary Brinkley " 3 Vi vlvf "' -W9 13 I . Jim Brooks M j ., I M4 K1 - 25 by A viii Jennie Buffo S ,1 mf ,Q W N A VAKL , Meow- fgct- - JJ a aaa :.u, Kf- - e '11-mm C1-S'-MQ isa, tl! .1 , l it 0 ' U7 , "" i Q7 ' ,Y . L, Arlene Cervanlez Ernest Chavez Peler Chavez Ruben Chavez Paul Collins Sleven M. Conyer Andy Cruz Mall Culhberlson Diane Delgado Grace Fierro John Figueroa Deborah Florez Ruth Gates Janet Fox lO8 4+ P' if iii-7'-N 'JN Liri fr -5 'i ,.- fi Jw. .... . .yyyy g .Q . x J ig.Q so lsr .ft .5 if l t.'i 3 - 1-P4 ., N 'Ei i A l , . .Q 'ffl A f 2 1 - , so ,. N ,ar 'gui I M- , if ' J if Q 2 f ,F F ff ? - 1 ig g 5+ .U X U V A -I Q SB lx Xi' f X 4-Jil kg gg I 4 1 l A is W . J xx A Q, 2 JM 7 , new Q sk 56 ,Z 14- X 1 X me i y y , , if , yy? ,,,, is 'I i f J J ..,.yQ ' 3' , ., T i if I i . : in lf! D J J ,A f 1 I f if f f M W ' . , AV as ,aak 1 ,s is , Z. av, M , so A i it W, VA . Lt I, , , xx K A WAL , ,gy .,k X W", r i QM- A 7":, ik -1 1 V x4.k:- 3, H ff! ,Ni L 5 7,3 IEE! X W . f f Vw, -fm V' V . E VKVV: E 1 if Qi , ,, A - l , Q N , l iii V eh J V 2 2611, U fi' . -- ,1. VVVA ' fb , , 2 ' ff ' rrrrrr J V in "'- W , 3 T, VV L VVgk A- -. :M P ' i W X 32 c i J ' If ff" l X fs 4 , by if ,,, 1 :1 if , , r-r F G ,, J Z- ,, y ,4 A.:, A y X l f ef- H 'li ,J ar' 2 ,. Gi f ' .- f 47 Za fi" ,, f ' ' J J L,L,, ' J y i as H xg? 11- , wi A , . J 1 i Ml, , , - ' f li in , 1 ikar f i Yolanda Gomez Louie Garcia Norma Gaxiola Diane Gomez Dwighl Gomez Cecilia Gonzalez Margarel Gonzales Frankie Griialva Jamie Guyn lynda Ham Diana Hernandez Barbara Hoffman Feller Hughs Ronald Hicks Marly Jackson Kalhy l.iHIe Billy Jacks Palricia Johnson Eslela l.oya Gloria V. l.oya Jim Lusk Mary Luian Clarencio Lara Calhy Lunsford Edilh Luna Frank Maldonado Tony Maldonado Berlinda Maldonado Anne Mahan Raberfa Monzanares Sieve Marielli Joe Marin Karen Marlin Mary Marlin Roberl Marlin Emma Marlinez EvereMMifcl1ell Pal McLaughlin Danny Milchell Angela Monlgomery Gregory Moreno Lydia Marlinez lnez Moreno Mike Morlensen Sharon Moulder Aurelia Munoz Ellen Myers Frank Nabor Ernesl Nabor Rachel Paez Danny Naiar Bobby Orlega Priscilla Orfiz Mary Ann Orliz Ignacio Paz Louis Pal Bobby Joe Peele Richard Reed Bill Perry Mike Perry James Wesley Price Freddie Pellman Sleven Ray 109 SOPHOMORES Mike Robledo Daniel Rodriguez Pal Rodriguez Philip Rodriguez Roberl Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez Ruben Rodriguez Rebecca Roman Fred Romero Roberl Ruiz Jesus Saenz Arfie Salcido Eva Salcido George Salcido Kalhy Sanchez Glen Sallis Ramon Salcido linda Sanchez Richard Sanchez Melecio Ser na Celina Subia Willard Smilh Roy Slacey Calhy Smilh Elvis Tomlin Melba Tomlin Bobby Truiillo Leonard Truiillo Linda Vincenl Carol Vasquez Aurora Velasquez Jan Weisling Marilyn Wes! Carl While Pele Willbank NOT PICTURED Marilyn Rose Nolah David Ocon Diane Wagley .. ii x . y X 'G . 1 A3 R+. J, M J. yyyy QQ-KD Q is ' K X 1. 'Z I . C., aggly eklkjh 1 ,:,i ,fe . H :,. in 'R 1 1 .-H' . 9.13 . R x 1 rzye I .ff S Q. ak K' fr Q , if .Q -1 a is X if if V: K XUQX Qi' 'jg ,, 5 H Q ' ' I- P., Shirley Yauie larry Williams Craig Wood Mille Winltler D f R . 1 Xxx i W 1- - Y Q, 's f w g,, Ewen '-3:4 A ." .V-HJ., , . fam.. Y Paul Zamora CLASS officers plan danceg E. Salcido, secre- taryg L. Ham, president. Standing: B. Hoff- man, treasurerg E. Martinez, vice-president. HO Q -'mv nf x l Q 3 . , if ,. - . il " ' ' ' fgifinff! . . .'-Fiffliiif , . . . .: .. , 1 ' S khyy ty t .asf f . . Q M .1 In H , s- .ia E ... M- , . , T. lg.,-V. .ji 1. E Junior Class Members Present a gala prom, struggle with P AT Proud of their status as upper classmen, the juniors began, the school year with undaunted enthusiasm. Much to their surprise, teachers still assigned homework and gave tests. Plung- ing into text books, they prepared for the Nation- al Merit and the PSAT exams. While the expand- ing fields of limitless opportunity in todayis mod- ern world were shown to them at Career Night. Class rings arrived in February and were dis- played with beaming pride by their owners. in the spring, drama buffs rehearsed for the class play and programs were printed and tickets sold. After much preparation decorations were or- dered for the prom and the long awaited spring evening finally arrived with its jillions of colors, music and memories never to be forgotten. Ervin Brady 2, I if in Brenda Bruce 'Vg " ' Jenny Benavldez HK A , Tom Bolles 7 ff Wayne Brooks ix M Barbara Butler t Arthur Carbaial Theresa Casias A Q 3 F, Ida Chacnn ' ' "' . N . K Fernie Chavez x V ' , V, , Peter Cisneros l KT K -f ll -K Sharon Chavez :M L ' s 1. Marsha Clult . K Brenda Cockerham rQsffas'vg.,.,3l. .f xg :,,f's1g,, seem. 1 --f. V H . Q. . , . .. . yn Z . YV onne Cohn K s Z' Mike Cox Diane Crawford Paul Daniels Ramona Diaz Donna Crawford Theresa Dodd .' I, 4 -ez, V , Flo Durr Becky Duran Kenneth Draper Rudy Espinoza f 1 X Linda Alvarez Mike Altamirano Rene Arriela Sally Aparicio Maria Arguellez Randy Armiio DeAnne Baxter Bobby Baca Albert Baca Daniel Begay t t- - - x .s-fs. if . tai ttisti K Kiii 3 sy x ., f . fr ,., P ii A L . t fk , WE Az.. .if as xg , , r 1 . ,., A '23, ii - . 21 - Nor Picruneo 53 Charles Joe Wagley 'ggi Edward Robinson X . lll .IUNIORS OFFICERS: H. Gilliland, president, D. Perez, secretary. 2nd: B. Cockerham, treasurer, and D. Sexton, vice-president. 112 Carl Enrico Sammy Espinoza Suzanne Estrada Sylvia Easley Eddie Flores Carolyne Florez JoAnn Flores Daniel Garcia Ricky Garcia larry Gale Kevin Giddens Kenneth Giddens Charlene Gilliland Chris Gilliland Hal Gilliland Gilbert Gonzales David Gomez Debbie Grady Beverly Green Joyce Hair Wayne Gray Edward Hancock Vivian Hernandez lydia Huizar Debbie Hanna Willard Harbison Charmaine Hogner Estelle Harbison larry Hull Sharon Jackson Rudy Jimenez Daniel Lopez Angie l.arc Ruth Ann Lucio Dennis Martinez Gary Lunt lrene Maldonado Mike Maese Linda Martinez Viola l.uian Virgie Montoya Bill McGaha Tony Merino Kathy Meek Bernabe Morales Mary Helen Morales G -ff is 5 il 3 5 L, l l W y Tw , yy 1- ' f Q l R fs ss, has 41, - L , 1 f A A -if f y J if xi V il' ' I . X I . 4 li Y J I, qjmw 1 Y I .4 'LV' 'V F' E, '. -1? Q-'iv f ix, f M L R yi in 5 di f,3n,2f 'iii I A , ,g r y ... M gil mi J? fln fi L RCE' Alice Moran Arlene Moreno Terrie Marlin Roberl Nabor David Naccaraii Rober! Navarrele Kelly 0'NeiII Peira Onliveros Joe Orozco Rebecca Oriiz Bruce Pallon Linda Paz Mary Rulh Paz Dolores Perez Lorenzo Peshlakai Toni Ramirez Marcia Ransom Dennis Reeves Andy Robles Jane Richardson Danny Robledo .luan Rodriguez Rosalie Rodela Allonso Romero Velia Salcido Richard Romero Rosie Romero Manny Rubio Sonny Salcido Raul Ruiz Belh Salyer Frank Sanchez Gary Scarbrough linda Seballos larry Serna Duane Sexlon Mary Sierra David Thorne David Snodgrass Roberi Sorrell Vangie Sierra Eleanor Slock Jones Todacheeny John Tibbils Gloria Truiillo Janel Tuell Danny Velasquez Rosalinda Villarreal Glenn Wood Ross Villarreal RaulVillicana Beverly Wagley Lesler Wright Sharon Wilson .2 ,A-. Q B3 fx 4 Ph N ,.. Y 6 Ml, 'si ,a fli nr xg if R f s 'K l ffwme11m,11 , Ni lm ,SF 4 4, , igiifg l, f ,ji , R 'ia M .T if ' V aff ,V :X 3:-wage, tiffnfli i ff' wfulw, an Q Y 5 fl 3 , , ,v 7? I 113 Junior Drama Buffs Stage 'We Shook the Family Tree' in March TRYING to recover his pantsfrom A. Robles is W. Brooks. Sounds of hammering and sawing were heard as the ,lunior Class play was readied for produc- tion. Performers were recruited by Miss Vote, who also directed the play. The inexperienced actors were soon in the midst of developing their best showmanship, as leisurely evenings turned to dedicated play practice. Soon students were veteran performers no longer stumbling on lines. The theme is based on how simple problems of teenagers can grow until they effect everyone near them. The characters are cast into a hectic turmoil started by one girl who desires to be pop- ular. As the play progresses the townspeople decide that her father must be a drunk and she is a freak. But her good intentions are realized as everyone eventually discovers his mistake. MEMBERS OF THE JUNIOR PLAY CAST include: Front row: D. Perez, Hildegardeg E. Stock, Jillg T. Morfin, Mrs. Dolsong R. Ortiz, Paigeg and C. Hogner, Sally. 2nd: M. Maese, Mr. Shermerg W. Brooks, Bobg A. Bob- les, Freddieg K. Giddenshlimmyg E. Harbison, Ellie Mayg D. Gomez, Mr. Dolsong and S. Easley, Mrs. Shermer. H4 BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATERS are seated: Tony Serna, Katie Pelusi and Janice Wood. Standing: Arnold Sego- via, Wesley Begay and Arthur Paez. Georgeanne Griffith also attended Girls' State before she moved to Idaho. Honored Juniors Attend Workshops at Girls', Boys' State, Last spring, a faculty committee chose a list of juniors to attend Boys' and Girls' States and Anytown. These students met certain qualifica- tions of character, personality, leadership and scholarship. Local civic organizations chose stu- dents from the groupto sponsor attheworkshops. Boys' State was held at Northern Arizona Uni- versity while Girls' State met at the University of Arizona. After holding campaigns and elec- tions, meeting the Governor, the boys formed a third political party, the Independents, and at- tended lectures given by elected state officials. This was the twelfth year for Anytown, the hu- man relations workshop held in Prescott. Any- town stresses both religious and racial tolerance and helps students to appreciate other cultures. ANYTOWN representatives were Ida Snyder and Mike Swick, above. WORKSHOP alternates were: Melinda Armijo, Ruben Cervantez and Diana Gonzalez, below. Anytown Z5 ,aw ft? l.. Five Initiates Become NHS members before parents, student body t. 'YOUR RIBBON is crooked. " J. Wood watches bison comes to the rescue and sIraightensD. Per I I ia ez 'S ribbon. as E. Har- Five thrilled students were called from third- hour classes and tapped by the NHS members on February l7. A week later, a solemn and im- pressive ceremony before proud parents and stu- dent body, formally inducted theminto the organ- ization. Members made speeches on the Society's requirements and lighted the traditional candles. The guest speaker, Mr. Richard T. Moolick, the .Nssistant General Superintendent of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, Morenci Branch, was intro- duced. Following his talk, the initiates received their hard-earned pins and signed the charter. Juniors making the honor roll H times and sen- iors 18 times were eligible for induction at the first semester's end. These students must also be outstanding in character, leadership and have contributed to both the school and the community. if. Q,- Tlllf NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NTENIBFRSHIP: Frontrow: Dolores Perez, Suzanne Estrada, Janice Wood, png Gloria Flores. 2nd: Diana Uonzalez, Estelle Harbison, :Xrthur Paez, Debbie Grady, and Nlelinda .-Xrmijo. l l I AX H ON ORAR Y GUESTS EX TEND congratulations to initiates, above. ADMINISTERING THE OA TH to initiates is Arthur Paez, top left. ADDRESSING THE STUDENT BODY isMr. Richard T. Mooliclc, guest speaker for the ceremony, cen- ter. HAPPILY PINNINC THE INITIATES are Mr. Joseph Galusky and Mrs. Helen Arnold, NHS co-sponsors, below. tv THRILLED by tapping ribbons are NHS initiates: Dolores Perez, Suzanne Estrada, Debbie Grady, Estelle Harbison, Gloria Flores. THE PIED piper? D. Gonzalez provides musicfor ceremony, left. H7 I I l PRESIDING as master of ceremonies is L. Reyna. THE NATIONAL Spanish Honor Society includes, top, Front: D. Perez, L. Reyna, J. Alcorn, D. Gonzalez. 2nd: H. Tru- jillo, D. Grady, M. Morales, R. Lucio, ,A. Saenz, A. Ar- mijo, D. Gomez. THE INITIATES are, bottom, Front: S. Martinez, J. Alcorn, I. Salcido. 2nd: .l. Benavidez, S. Ca- macho, G. Cooper, M. Maese, M. Aguilera, S. Tanner, C. Luna. Not Pictured are A. Ramirez, A. Segovia,P. Segovia. Spanish Honor Group Administers oath to eleven at ceremony Eleven students were initiated into the Rose Berra Chapter of the National Spanish Honor So- ciety last May. The organization was established on March 30, 1966, is sponsored by the Ameri- can Association of Teachers of Spanish and Por- tuguese, and named for a former MHS teacher. ln a serious and significant ritual, club mem- bers escorted initiates to the master of ceremon- ies for the oath of the Society. New members made Spanish speeches before signingthe charter. The qualifications for the honor include high grades and an interest in Spanish aswell as good citizenship and participation in other activities. - at -1 4 i -fi l ii A il X 1. . 3 H " A if I .Q Vt x - i ti ' Y 1. 5 ' 5 5 FA 2 I , 2. i ttt. Q 5 , nl ef 2 Y ' -i't S 5 , A a in gg QL ETL? l 'I 8 f 5 l l V QUILL Sr SCROLL members: M. Finton, l. Snyder, A. Paez. 2nd: M. Baker, P. Rice, ,l. Bradford, S. Tanner. Quill and Scroll Initiates six novice journalists into society Last Spring, after careful consideration, the Copper Cat and Wildcat advisors announced six students for induction into the Quill and Scroll So- ciety. These students ranked scholastically in the upper one-third of their class and excelled in staff work for a period of two or more years. A solemn and impressive ceremony inducted those six persons last May. The initiation fol- lowed the annual banquet for the Copper Cat and Wildcat staffs, sponsors, and honorary guests. The new members were: Mary Ann Baker, lim Bradford, Michelle Finton, Arthur Paez, Peggy Rice, and Ida Snyder. The eveningis entertain- ment was provided by a vocal trio who sang two songs. An address by the Reverend F. G. Dod- son followed the "pinning', of the new members. "I HAD SOME of them in my classes. "Mrs, Davidson and Reverend Dodson visit at the banquet, above left. YOUNG journalists are inducted into Quill and Scroll. l l9 M. PA TIENTLY WAITING for afumbledsentencaprompter, .Ianice Wood, follows each line and corrects cast members. ELDER-BURYING WINE is served by the well-meaning aunts as D. Kingarrives and prevents the thirteenth death, right. BLASTING his way into many unexpect- ed laughs, G. Rains blows bugle, above. Senior Class Selects A classic comedy for October production With a comedy of errors, senior actors pre- sented the class play, "Arsenic and Old Lacev. Make-up supplies never arrived, therefore girls frantically dug into purses for lipstick, mascara, and hairspray. After dress rehearsal, the main characters invaded the home of the bachelorette director to attend a special session for lir1e mem- orization. During the matinee, a power failure blanked the stage causing chaos and all doors to be opened. With the predicament explained to the audience, the actors continued. Props insisted on falling at every intermission and boys were en- listed to hold the flats upright. ln spite of all mis- haps the performance was liked by the audience. "-rw ' 1-P . SENIOR PLAY CAST include Front row: K. Pelusi, Ujicer Brophyg M. Finton, Officer Klein. 2nd: G. McBride, Ufficer Rooneyg V. O'Neal, Aunt Abbyg J. Castaneda, Mr. Gibbsg C. Serna, Ojicer 0'Harag C. Luna, Elaineg C. Dockins, Dr. Einstein. 3rd: D. King, Mortimerg P. Forsythe, Aunt Marthag A. Paez, Dr. Harperg R. Garcia, Mr. Witherspoong G. Rains, Teddy. Not pictured: T. Serna, Jonathan and the twelve anonymous dead bodies. GRINNING proudly, Aunt Abby accepts kiss from nephew Mortimer. ASSISTING Policewomen, M. Finton and K. Pelusi, G. Rains assures his villainous brother's departure to prison. 121 Michelle Finton DAR Good Citizen Award FTA Scholarship Quill and Scroll Society Katie Pelusi Elks Leadership Scholarship General Academic Scholarship Northern Arizona University Diana Gonzalez Salutatorian National Honor Society Betty Crocker Homemaker General Academic Scholarship Arizona State University Janice Wood Valedictorian National Honor Society General Residence Scholarship University ot Arizona Melinda Armiio National Honor Society General Academic Scholarship Arizona State University Arthur Poez National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Society General Academic Scholarship Arizona State University Senior Honors Include Wood, valedictoriang Realizing the importance and cost of an educa- tion, college-bound seniors began applying for scholarships and entrance early. Others began seeking work for the following summer in nation- al parks and local youth employment programs. While these endeavors succeeded in producing funds, the most advantageous was that of grants or scholarships. But these required extra time and effort in maintaining a high grade average, mailing applications early, and taking entrance exams. As seniors were notified of their admit- tance, scholarships also began to arrive. These ranged from the general residence scholarship to a West Point alternate report. Local groups also awarded scholarships. One of these was the sen- ior classis Gary Giddens Memorial Scholarship. Lynda Vanaman General Residence Scholarship University of Arizona Arnold Segovia West Point Alternate Ida Snyder Quill and Scroll Society General Academic Scholarship Northern Arizona University Carmen Luna General Academic Scholarship X Northern Arizona University Gonzalez, salutatoriang college scholarships Patsy Estrada Quill and Scroll Society Girls' League Scholarship Chan Farrington Gary Giddens Memorial Scholarship from Senior Class Gloria Flores M.T.A. Joseph Fair- banks Scholarship Junior Rotarians September - Arnold Segovia December - Milne Swick March - Danny Robles October - Ruben Cervantez January - Wesley Begay April - Mark Aguilera November - Arthur Paez February - Robert Gomez May - Rudy Garcia ea 1 ef T In Spring Elections Seniors Elect President Aguilera, Vice- President M ly Ay B ld Byron B g y Mary Ben Wesley B g y wal'-lv", D H Herbert Aguilar .lohnny Alvarado Elizabeth Alvarez Fernando Armiio Martha Archer Marla D. Aguilera Fidelina Armiio JI? tgp White, Secretary Paez, Treasurer Finton C O UN TING names, Rose Lee Hansen types play p rogram. After registering for the twelfth straight year, 118 seniors realized that they would have but one more year in which to form memories and pre- pare for the future. Applying for scholarship . . . . . registering for entrance .... . ordering announcements . . . planning senior banquet . . . rehearsing graduation exercisesg these were just a few of the many heart-breaking reminders that kept seniors aware of their approaching conclu- sion. A mock election in the social science class provided a feeling of responsibility as the results of Election 68 were awaited and compared. Senior Dress Up Day arrived with ninety-five percent of the class represented. Considerate seniors also supported their class as competition grew tense during the annual food can drive. Theirlast year ended much too quickly as the seniors found them- selves at their final activity-the ever sad and nos- talgic senior banquet followed by the junior prom. Rose Brady Steve Benavidez William Breshears Keith Butler Kenneth Butler Jackie Bradford Myrna Bull 125 'X il 'H ,., ,. ': Ii ,xf W VIEWING SCHOLARSHIP DATA are senior class officers, .lacque White, vice-president, Arthur Paez, secretary. Standing: Mark Aguilera, president, Michelle Finton, treasurer. Four Year Veterans Ponder futureg hopefully unravel university Michelle Finlon Clay Dockins Patricia Eslrada Chan Farringfon Kalhi Drew Arlene Diaz Mary Helen Fierro Palricia Forsyihe Rudy Garcia Gloria Flores Richard Garcia Joseph Gaxiola Gary Gale Priscilla Garcia l26 ef-455 ...4--vi' fr ""1a.s '-of Irene Camacho .loe Casfaneda Ruben Cervaniez Karl Cabrera Danny Chavez Barbara Cisneros Leroy Cisneros Douglas Day entrance and scholarship application forms 1 Z I Gu Joe Gomez Gary Giddens Deceased Sepiem ber 1 I, i968 Diana Gonzalez Rebecca Hernandez Phillip Harris James Edd Hughs Senior Class Sponsors Lights-Out atinee, outstanding Dress-Up ' Sylvia Marlinez Lorenzo Luian Yvonne Madrid me E Thomas Hall Robert Gomez w Rose lee Hansen W, A 'Hara wi' Wilhelmina Hogner Clara Harvey Audria Hogg .f-,...,,, Douglas King Cecilia l.uian Debra Loy 'M ,gn 72:2 Mary Helen Lozano Valli Johnson Johnny Hunl Carmen Luna fp-dun., ' Day, mine tour, Gary Giddens Scholarship rrii :QV f,ll1-ra, ' lrrll H Salvador Luna C, Cecilia Marlinez 4 1, .,g':1Q5,.,yf5,,:, Eugene McPhearson Graduates of '69 Crowd final monthsg order announcements 7 Mary Munoz Vicki O'NeaI W I M a fer oya Doris Ann Oden Barbara McBride Zabiullah Merylzhil Thomas Meek John Monfgomery Teresa Montoya Gail McBride Max Peru Nabor plan for sprlng festlvltles, class assembly Robin Rainbolf James Ponce cle Leon Katherine Pelusi Jennie Provencio John Lee Peshlakai Arthur Paez Mike Romero Leonard Romero Danny Robles Gavino Rodriguez Alice Romero Gary Rains Bonnie Marie Ray Danny Ruedas A msg Kihl Sh J s eh Rosiia T p Ida Snycle Mike Swicli Ellen men as Vicki Weaiherholi Suzy Tysoe Charity-minded Senior Class Takes honors in canned food drive, donates 584 of total 1,251 Jacque White Sharlene Wood Arlene Yazzie Leroy Yazzie Frank Zamora NOT PICTURED David Sanchez Jeff Ransom Christine Serna Manuel Serna Connie Saenz L James Todacheeny Tony Serna Johnny Sigala Janice Wood Lynda Vanaman Frank Vasquez TRADITIONAL crowning of junior king and queen, LaDellParkhill and Steve Benavidez, byformer royalty Mary Rains, Hector Luna. SENIOR RECORD A AGUILAR, HERBERT M. AGUILERA, MARK DANIEL Activities: Dramatics Club 34. Class Play 34. Copper Cot 34. Section Editor 4, Student Council 4. Spanish Club 34. Offices: Class President 4. Honors: AIPA Schol- arship 3. Spanish Honor Society 34, Quill and Scroll 4. Transferred from Clifton 2. ALVARADO, JOHNNY ALVAREZ, ELIZABETH TELLEZ Activities: Girls' League I234. Draf rnatics Club 2, Librarian I2. Concert Choir I. Glee Club I234. Girls' Choir I. Madrigal 4. ARCHER, MARTHA LEE Activities: Girls' League I234. Pep Club I234. Spanish Club 24. Vocal Music I234. Glee Club I234. Girls' Choir I234. ARMIJO, FERNANDO ALVARADO Sports: Track 23. ARMIJO, FIDELINA B. Activities: Girls' League i234. Librarian 4. Pep Club 3. Girls' Choir 4. Glee Club 34. ARMIJO, MELINDA CHAVEZ Activities: Band I234. Girls' League I234. Dramatics Club 34. Spanish Club I234. Class Play 3. FTA I234. Pep Club I. Girls' Choir I234. Honors: Anytown Alternate 3. Band Award 34. Honor Roll I234. NotionalHonor Society 34. Spanish Honor Society 234. Offices: Band Secretary 4. AYZE, MARILYN Activities: Girls' League I234. Librarian 4. Pep Club 2. B BALDERRAMA, NORMA LOPEZ Activities: Librarian 234. Girls' League I234. Pep Club I23. BEGAY, BYRON A. BEGAY, WESLEY Sports: Basketball I234. Football I23. Honors: Boys' State 3. Junior Prom Attendant 3. Letterman's Club 34. STUFFING his loosejitting costume with a ham sandwich, Arthur Paez prepares for senior play. BEN, MARY JEAN Activities: Girls' League I234. Sports: Tennis 24. BENAVIDEZ, STEVE ROMAN Activities: Spanish Club 2. Wildcat 4. Wildcat Sports Editor 4. Honors: .lunior Prom King 3. Letterman's Club 234. Sports: Baseball I234. Football I23. BRADFORD, JACKIE L. Activities: Wildcat 34. French Club 2. Sports: Football 34. BRADY, ROSE ANN Activities: Girls' League I234. BRESHEARS. WILLIAM LEE BULL, MYRNA LAVOY Activities: Band 34. Pep Band 3. French Club I23. Girls' League I234. Class Play 3. Librarian I. Pep Club l. Spanish Club 4, Vocal Music I234. Concert Choir 23. Glee Club I. Girls' Choir I234. Honors: Band Award 34. Honor Roll 3, Typing Award 3. Sports: Tennis l. BUTLER, KEITH LYLE Transferred from Clifton 3. BUTLER, KENNETH D. Sports: Football 4. Transferred from Clifton 3. C CABRERA, KARL R, Sports: Football 2. CAMACHO, IRENE Activities: Girls' League l234. Vocal Music 24. Concert Choir 4, Glee Club 2. CASTANEDA, JOE VENTURA Activities: Draniatics Club 4. French Club 34. FTA 24. Librarian I234. Pep Club l. Class Play 4. CERVANTEZ, RUBEN Activities: Band I2. Class Play 3. Pep Club I234. Student Council 34. Spanish Club I2. Sports: Basketball 234. Football I234. Honors: Boys' State Alternate 3, Letterrnan's Club 234. Offices: Class President 3. Letterman's Club President 4. Class Vice-President 2. CHAVEZ, DANNY L. Sports: Baseball 2. Transterred from St. John, Arizona, 4. CISNEROS, BARBARA ANN Activities: Class Play 3. Girls' League I234. Pep Club I234. CISNEROS, LEROY E, Activities: Pep Club 234. Sports: Football 234. Track I234. Honors: Letterr'nan's Club 34. D DAY, BURTON DOUGLAS Activities: French Club l. Concert Choir 4. DIAZ, ARLENE VICTORIA Activities: Girls' League I234. Librarian I234. Vocal Music I234. Concert Choir 34. Glee Club I2. Fn- semble 2. FTA l. DOCKINS, CLAY BRYAN Activities: Band I234. Stage Band 23. Pep Band 234. Class Play 34, StudentCouncil 4. Vocal Music I234. Concert Choir I234. Ensemble 34. Honors: Band Award I234. Offices: Band President 4. Band Supply Officer 34. DREW, ANNIE KATHRYN Activities: Dramatics Club I2, Debating Society I23. Girls' League I234. Class Play 3. Pep Club 3, Span- ish Club I. Glee Club 3. Honors: Honor Roll 3. E ESTRADA, PATRICIA ANN Activities: Girls' League I234. Librarian 4. FTA I. Pep Club I234. Wildcat I234. Editor-in-Chief 4, Assis- tant Editor 3. Typist 2. Student Council 4. Spanish Club I2. Offices: Girls' League President 4. Girls' League Vice-President 3, Council Member 4. Honors: Quill and Scroll 4. F FARRINGTON, MICHAEL CHANDLER Activities: Class Play 3. Pep Club i234, Spanish Club l. Vocal Music l4. Concert Choir l4. Sports: Baseball 34. Basketball 24, Football 234. Track 2, Honors: Junior Prom Attendant 3, Letterrnan's Club 34. Offices: Letterman's Club Vice-President 3. FIERRO, MARY HELEN Activities: Girls' League I234. Pep Club 23. Glee Club 34. Librarian 234. FINTON, NOLA MICHELLE Activities: Debating Society 234. Copper Cat T234. Class Layout Editor 3. Layout Editor 4. Assistant Adver- tising Manager 2. Drarnatics Club 234, FTA 234, Girls' Choir l234. Vocal Music l234. Class Play 34, Student Council 4. Spanish Club l23, Pep Club 4, Girls' League T234. Vocal Ensemble 2. Offices: Class Vice-President 3. Treasurer 4, Debating SocietyVice-President 3, FTA President 4. Parliamentarian 3. Girls' League Council Mem' ber 2. Honors: Junior Prom Attendant 3. Quill and Scroll 34. DAR Good Citizen Award 4. AIPA Scholarship 3. FLORES, GLORIA Activities: Band l234. Pep Band 4, French Club l24. Class Play 34. Vocal Music T234. Girls' Choir T234. Glee Club 4. Accornpanist 4. Honors: Band Award l234, National Honor Society 4. Honor Roll I234. Offices: French Club Vice-President 4. FORSYTHE, PATRICIA ANN Activities: Dramatics Club 234. FTA I34. Girls' League I234. Class Play 34. Librarian 234. Glee Club 24. Spanish Club l23. Vocal Music 24, Offices: Dramotics Club Vice-President 3. President 4. G GALE, GARY LAMAR Sports: Football l23. GARCIA, PRISCIILA P. Activities: Girls' League T234. GARCIA, RICHARD ARNOLD Activities: Pep Club 4. Sports: Foot- ball T234, Honors: Letterman's Club 34, GARCIA, RODOLFO BELTRAN Activities: Copper Cat l234, Section Editor 3. Assistant Sports Editor 2. Head Typist 4, Drarnatics Club 4. French Club l234, FTA l, Class Play 4, Offices: French Club Treasurer 4. Honors: Quill and Scroll 4. GAXIOLA, JOSEPH R. Activities: Dramatics Club 4. French Club 4. Librarian l23. Class Play 4. Sports: Track 4. GOMEZ, JOE Activities: Pep Club l. GOMEZ, ROBERT Activities: FTA l. Pep Club 3. Sports: Football l, Track l. GONZALES, CARMEN LINDA Activities: Girls' League I234. Librar- ian 4. Pep Club T234. Class Play 4. Sports: Tennis l234, GONZALEZ, DIANA LEE Activities: Band l234. Ensemble I34, Pep Band 2. Solo and Ensemble 34. Debating Society I234. Dramatics Club l23. FTA 24. Girls' League T234. Class Play 34, Oratorical Contest l24. Student Council 34. Spanish Club T234. Offices: Stu- dent Council Parliamentarian 4. Debating Society President 34, Publicity Manager 2. Honors: Spanish Honor Society I234. lst Place District Oratarical Contest 2, State Oratorical Contest 2. Band Award T234. Honor Roll l234. National Honor Society 34. Girls' State Alternate 3. Music Festival Scholarships l2. H HALL, THOMAS JAMES Activities: Band I23. Pep Band l23. Pep Club l234. Offices: Band Supply Officer 2. HANSEN, ROSE LEE Sports: Tennis l. Activities: Dramatics Club 234, Girls' League l234. Class Play 34. Librarian l2, Pep Club l2. FTA l24. Spanish Club l2. VocalMusic I23. Glee Club T23. Wildcat 4. Typist 4. HARRIS, PHILLIP R. Activities: Pep Club 4. Sports: Tennis 4. HARVEY, CLARA M. Activities: FTA l. Girls' League l234. Pep Club 2. HERNANDEZ, REBECCA MARTINEZ Activities: Dramotics Club 234. Pom-Pon 3. Girls' League I234. Librarian 24. Pep Club l234. Spanish Club 2. Glee Club l23. Offices: Girls' League Council Member 3. HOGG, AUDRIA Activities: Band l. French Club l24. Office Girl 4. Drarnatics Club 34. Girls' League l234. Class Play 3. Pep Club 234. Vocal Music T234. Concert Chair I234. Ensemble I234, Girls' Choir 234. Glee Club l. HOGNER, WILHELMINA RAMONA Activities: Debating Society 34. French Club l. FTA 4, Girls' League l234. Librarian l234. Office Girl 2. Pep Club 34. Spanish Club 3.Glee Club 34. Sports: Ten- nis 34. Offices: Class Treasurer l. Girls' League Council Member 4. HUGHS, JAMES EDD Activities: Drarnatics Club 4. Class Play 34. Concert Choir 4. Sports: Basketball 34. Football 34, Honors: Let- terman's Club 4. Junior Prom Attendant 3. Transferred tram Dim' mm, Texas 3. HUNT, JOHNNY G. Activities: Copper Cat l23. Typist 3. Section Editor 2. French Club l2. Pep Club 234. J JOHNSON, VALLI ANN Activities: Girls' League 34, Spanish Club 4. Glee Club 34, Transferred from Clifton 3, K KING, DOUGLAS GLEN Activities: Debating Society l23. Dra- matics Club T234. French Club l2. FTA 4. Class Play 34, Offices: French Club Vice-President 2. Dramatics Club Treasurer 4, DO-IT-YOURSELF addict, M. Aguilera applies own make-up and eye shadow before junior play. SENIOR RECORD L LOPEZ, JOHN CHRIS Sports: Baseball I4. LOY, MARIA DEBRA Activities: Librarian I34. Girls' League I234. Pep Club I34. Concert Choir 3. LOZANO, MARY HELEN Activities: Cheerleader 2. Dromatics Club 3. FTA I2. Girls' League l234. Librarian 3. Pep Club I2. Pom- Pon 3. Glee Club 2. LUJAN, CECILIA Activities: Girls' League I234. Librarian 4. Pep Club 3. Girls' Choir 4. Glee Club 34. Honors: Junior Prom At- tendant 3. LUJAN, LORENZO Activities: Debating Society 3. Sports: Football 3. LUNA, CARMEN D. Activities: Girls' League 1234. Class Play 34. French Club I234. Office Girl 3. FTA 4. Spanish Club 3. Pep Club l234. Dramatics Club 234. Vocal Music 24. Girls' Choir 24. Band l234. Pep Band 4. Twirler 34. Sports: Tennis I. Honors: Music Outstanding Quartet I. Superior Ensemble 23. Superior Quartet 3. Bond Award I234. Music Festival Outstanding Solo I. LUNA, SALVADOR BELTRAN Activities: Librarian 2. Pep Club 2. Student Council 4. Wildcat 34. Assistant Editor 4. Mc McBRIDE, BARBARA Activities: Debating Society l. French Club I. Girls' League l234. Librarian 23. Pep Club 3. McBRIDE, GAIL ANN Activities: Drarnatics Club I. Girls' League l234. Class Play 4. Glee Club l234. McPHEARSON, FORREST EUGENE Activities: Wildcat 4. Honors: Honor Roll l. M MADRID, YVONNE MARIE Activities: Dramatics Club 34. Pep Club l234. Girls' League l234. Class Play 3. Spanish Club 34. FTA l234. Vocal Music l. Glee Club l. MARTINEZ, CECILIA ANN Activities: Cheerleader 2. Pep Band I2- 34. Band l234. French Club l. Girls' League l234. Vocal Music I234. Girls' Choir l234. FTA I. Pep Club l234. Honors: Band Award 34. Honor Roll 3. Sports: Tennis 34. MARTINEZ, SYLVIA HORNELAZ Activities: Copper Cot I23. Section Editor 2. Subscription Manager 3. Debating Society 3. French Club l234. Girls' League l234. Spanish Club 34. FTA 3. Pep Club 23. Honors: Spanish Honor Society 3. Honor Roll l234. MEEK, THOMAS EDWIN Activities: Wildcat 4. Honors: Honor Roll l. MERYKHIL, ZABIULLAH Foreign exchange student through the AFS Activities: Active participant in all school clubs. Transferred from Kabul, Afghanistan. MONTGOMERY, JOHN ALUE Transferred from Clifton 3. MONTOYA, TERESA ANN Activities: Girls' League I234. Librarian 4. Pep Club 3. Class Play 4. Sports: Tennis 3. MOORE, LINDA SUE Activities: Girls' League l234. Pep Club l234. FTA l. Girls' Choir 3. Glee Club I234. T36 MOYA, WALTER SAIZ MUNOZ, MARY JOSEPHINE Activities: Girls' League l234. FTA I. Librarian I234. Spanish Club l234. Pep Club 34. Offices: Girls' League Council Mernber 4. N NABOR, MAX PERU Sports: Football 234. Track 34. Honors: Let- terrnan's Club 34. NUNEZ, MELINDA TERESA Activities: Girls' League l234. FTA I2. Librarian I23. Class Play 4. Pep Club I2. Vocal Music I23. Glee Club I23. O ODEN, DORIS ANN Activities: Dramatics Club 34. Girls' League l234. Pep Club I234. Spanish Club l. Girls' Choir 3. Glee Club I234. FTA I. O'NEAL, VICKI LYNN Activities: Girls' League l234. Class Play 34. Librarian 23. Office Girl I. Pep Club I2. Student Council 4. Vo- cal Music I234. Concert Choir I234. Ensemble I234. Girls' Choir I24. Glee Club 3. Wildcat 4. Typist 4. P PAEZ, ARTHUR S. Activities: Copper Cat l234. Editor-in-Chief 4. Managing Editor 3. Section Editor 2. Dramatics Club 34. French Club I34. FTA l. Class Play 34. Pep Club 2. Student Council 4. Offices: Class Secretary 4. French Club Secretary 4. Honors: Boys' State 3. Honor Rall I234. National Honor Society 34. Quill and Scroll 34. Typing Award 2. U ot A Outstanding Boy 3. PELUSI, KATHERINE MARY Activities: Band l234. Pep Band 234. Stage Bond 2. Debating Society l234. Drarnatics Club 3. French Club I2. FTA 234. Girls' League I234. Class Play 34. Student Council 34. Vocal Music I24. Girls' Choir I24. Offices: Band Secretary 3. Librarian 234. Class Treasurer l. Debating Society Vice-President3. Secretary 4. Girls' League CouncilMember I. Stu! dent Council Treasurer 34. Honors: Band Award l234. Girls' State 3. Honor Roll l234. ASU Outstanding Girl 3. PESHLAKAI, JOHN LEE JR. Sports: Track 3. Football I2. Basketball I. PONCE DE LEON, JAMES Activities: Pep Club 2. FTA 2. Sports: Basketball I2. Football 24. POSTEHER, TERI LEE Activities: Drarnatics Club 4. Girls' League 4. Pep Club 4. Vocal Music 4. Concert Choir 4. Girls' Choir 4. Wildcat 4. Typist 4. Pep Club 4. Transferred from Carlsbad, New Mexico 4. PROVENCIO, JENNIE P. Activities: Girls' League I234. Pep Club I2. Librarian 2. FTA I. Spanish Club 2. Vocal Music 234. Glee Club 234. Honors: Best-dressed girl 4. R RAINBOLT, JAMES ROBIN RAINS, GARY LEON Activities: Dramatics Club I234. French Club I2. FTA 4. Class Play 34. Pep Club I2. Vocal Music I234. Con- cert Choir l234. Ensemble 34. RANSOM, JEFF Activities: Pep Club 4. Transferred from Merino, Colorado 4. RAY, BONNIE MARIE Activities: FTA I. Girls' League l234. Li- brarian 34. Spanish Club l. Girls' Choir 34. Glee Club l234. ROBLES, DANNY P. Activities: Band T234. Pep Band 234. Stage Band 2. French Club 34. Class Play 3. Spanish Club T234. Pep Club 3. Offices: Band Supply Officer 34. Sports: Football 24. Tennis 3. Honors: Band Award T234. Letterman's Club 4, RODRIGUEZ, GAVINO Honors: Best-Dressed Boy 4. ROMERO, ALICE Activities: Girls' League T234. Librarian 4. ROMERO, LEONARD W. Sports: Track T. ROMERO, MIKE S. RUEDAS, DANNY A. Sports: Football 2. Track 2. Tennis 4, S SAENZ, CONNIE Activities: Girls' League T234. Pep Club 2. Vo- calMusic T234. Glee Club T234. Spanish Club T2. SAN CH EZ, DAVID SCHEIER, PAULA KATHLEEN Activities: Band T234. Pep Band T234. French Club T234. Girls' League T234. Class Play 3. FTA 4. Office Girl 34. Pep Club T. VocalMusic T234. Girls' Choir T234. Honors: Band Award 34. Sports Queen Attendant 3. SEGOVIA, ARNOLD Activities: Band T2, Pep Band T2. Stage Band T. Student Council T234. Spanish Club l24, Offices: Class Pres- ident T2. Student Council President 4. Vice-President 3. Sports: Baseball T234, Basketball l2, Football T234. Honors: Baseball Honorable Mention 23. Band Award T. Boys' State 3, Junior Prom Attendant 3. Honor Roll T23. Letterman's Club 234. Spanish Honor Society T234. SERNA, CHRISTINE Activities: Band T234. Dramatics Club T34. FTA 34, Girls' League T234. Class Play 34. Librarian T4. Pep Club T. Spanish Club T234. VocalMusic T234. Ensemble 4, Con- cert Choir 34, Girls' Choir T234. Glee Club 2. Honors: Band Award T234, Music Festival Outstanding Solo 234. Honor Roll 34. SERNA, MANUEL SERNA, TONY BAILON Activities: FTA T234. Class Play 34. Li- brarian T23. Pep Club 4. Sports: Basketball T. Football T23. Ten- nis 34. Track 3. Honors: Boys' State 3. Letterman's Club 34. SIGALA, JOHNNY SIGALA Activities: Pep Club T. Sports: Basket- ball T23. Football 234. Track 24. Honors:HonorRoll 2. Letterman's Club 34. SMITH, JESSE W. Activities: Pep Club 234. Sports: Football 234, Track 34. Honors: Letterman's Club 4. SNYDER, IDA RUTH Activities: Copper Cat l234. Editor-in-Chief 4. Manager Editor 3. SubscriptionManager 2. DromaticsClub T234. FTA T4. Girls' League T234. Class Play 34. Librarian 34, Student Council 4. Spanish Club T23. Offices: DrarnaticsClubVice-President 4. FTA Treasurer 4. Honors: Anytown 3. Honor Roll T34. Quill and Scroll 34. Publication's Workshop Scholarship 3. SWICK, MICHAEL DALE Activities: French Club T234. FTA T234. Pep Club T234, Spanish Club 34. Vocal Music 4. Concert Choir 4. Sports: Basketball Manager T3. Football Manager 3, Honors: Any- town 3. Letterrnan's Club 34. T TAPIA, ROSITA MARIA Activities: Girls' League T234. Librarian 24, Pep Club 234. Vocal Music 34. Girls' Glee Club 34. TODACHEENY, JAMES Sports: Baseball 234. Basketball 23. Foot- ball T234. TUELL, ELLEN LOUISE Activities: Debating Society 2. Dramatics Club 4. FTA 234. Girls' League T234. Librarian T23. Pep Club T34. Class Play 4. Spanish Club T24. VocalMusic T234. Concert Choir 34. Ensemble T24. Girls' Choir T234. Girls'Glee Club l2. Madrigal, Trio, Mixed Quartet T24. Honors: Music Festival 34, TYSOE, MARGOT HELEN Activities: Dramatics Club 4. French Club T234. FTA 4. Pep Club 2. Girls' League T234. Honors: Junior Prom Attendant 3. Typing Award 3. V VANAMAN, LYNDA JEANNE Activities: Band T23, ClarinetQuar- tet T2. Twirler 3. French Club T234. Girls' League T234. Pep Club T4. Student Council 3, Spanish Club 34. Vocal Music T23. Girls' Choir T23. Girls' Glee Club T. Offices: Class Secretary 3. French Club President 3. Secretary 2. Honors: Clarinet Quartet Excellent 2. Outstanding ClarinetQuartet T. VASQUEZ, FRANK R. Sports: Track T234. W WEATHERHOLT, VICKI ANN Activities: Girls' League 34. Girls' Glee Club 34, WHITE, JACQUE CARLA Activities: Band T2. Twirler 2. Cheerleader T34, Dramatics Club 234. French Club T23. FTA T24. Class Play 3. Pep Club T234. Honors: Honor Roll 23. Junior Prom Attendant 3. Offices: Class Vice-President 4. Dramatics Club Secretary 4. Girls' League Council Member T. WOOD, JANICE MARIE Activities: Band T234, Debating Society T234. Dramatics Club 234. French Club T234. FTA T234. Girls' League T234. Class Play 34. Pep Club T. Student Council 234. Vocal Music T234. Girls' Choir T234. Honors: Band Awards T234. Girls' State 3. Honor Roll T234. National Honor Society 34. Out' standing Vocal Group T3. U. of A. Outstanding Girl 3. French Award 4. Offices: Band Librarian 234. Class Vice-President T. Treasurer 2. Debating Society President 2. French Club Vice- President 3. Secretary 2. Publicity and SocialManager 4. FTA Vice- President 4. Student Council Secretary 34, WOOD, SHARLENE ANN Activities: Dramatics Club 4. Girls' Lea- gue T234. Pep Club 4. Y YAZZIE, ARLENE ANN Activities: Drarnalics Club 4. Girls' League T234. Pep Club 4. YAZZIE, LEROY Z ZAMORA, FRANK R, JR. Sports: Football 3. 'WIYMS V 'W' "'PfX.j21i'f5 'fzxkffigkifg 'A "'59?,'f,b i " .fg:, - xi .. .-J r.. ,H-,, '-5'ff5"' 5' ? K J ' 15 eil: L25 7 1' i 62: -gfl FZ-:'37: , - : an K 4. M . V . f W 'WW -151' 4 3 -1. 3541 ' 1 WM 1533! Q "'Q,.ffif.1v,:1' 'i,gw,g,f,g-' SE, jg 4 wx 452 X ., F Y Wig M2663 ,k F wf?'W M Q8 if -2 Ry , Z, , Q 3 ., , . ' my 4 ,Q Kgs , .. .M Www, V,,W A, .su-i. I g'1,w 1, -M -ff fvsw,M,,mQ'4g,g ,f - Y f Qi 1 ,wiwinzgplgsv-' is "1 ' .P-iifix 3'32i,,' FLW xlf'w7Lf': . ' k I :'ff1?Z?i7?fi4iiiY3fL 1 fm- ,li A :fi i ' ' ' , . , . S Nh ,. ,gy zueikiulf gm L4 wf"'f SNK V - ' if?Gfi5' 7 ,. M . . .- wvswnfsfak QQ :aw f XP ' amsig, , , v ,N I V, ,mm -M W- 1 -wwf " 1- f . Q, . aw - Q K ,F - -L: ki' Q ' ,R- A MW N fW'fIr'E, , , Qa11,1slM', 5,5 if, fb as H 4, x J ' an iii 3 16 , K my ef , K .N Sul yy JLJQI im lm pw T S AQ W1 A kgrs PATRON'S: ABC Market, Clifton A8gW Drive' ln, Safford Awalt's Texaco Service Station, Clifton Bellman's Department Store, Safford Center Market, Morenci Clifton Laundromat Cut 8. Curl Beauty Salon, Clifton Gaudino's of Safford Holloway Trim Shop, Safford J. C. Penney Company, Clifton J. Green's Men's Wear, Safford l.ane's Chevron Service, Clifton Manor House Restaurant, Safford Mary's Florist and Craft Shop, Clifton Merle Norman Cosmetics 8. Fashions, Safford Modern Dress Shop, Safford Morenci Barber Shop Morenci 5 8. 10 Morenci Tortilla Shop Pierce Jewelers, Safford S8.S Sporting Goods, Clifton Spear's Western Store, Safford Western Auto Associate Store, Clifton CLIFTON FLOWER and GIFT SHOP VILLESCA'S SERVICE y B and D AUTO SUPPLY "f -'. 'S A Texaco Products CQ TIres, Tubes, Battenes, Accessorres Mrs. Lee Mow, Owner CHASE CREEK, CLIFTON, ARIZONA NAPA Jobber Pwk Avenue CLIFTON, ARIZONA CLIFTON, ARIZONA 864-4251 SANFORD COLLEGE OF BEAUTY CULTURE Owner Thelma Sanford Phone: 428-0331 201 Main Street Safford, Arizona A FUTURE COVER GIRL? Maybe. Lynda Ham is anxiously await- ing a glimpse of Maggie Perez's styling. 141 ' Custom Upholstery I n Furniture and Auto ..'Av" 2 ,re ,.,.. 2 AV,., .A-.. 911 Thatcher Blvd. ---'M-':-f. , -,-.E-M" PENNINGTON UPHOLSTERY Telephone 428-0804 It it's a little nicer it comes from . . . M335 jg LAUNDRY X X . CLEANERS inn-1 LINEN SUPPLY New Morenci Shopping Center AJ-Lf Of CASH AND CARRY Mmencg PHONE 865-3303 RlSDON'S STUDIO For All Photographic Needs Clifton, Arizona 1 42 Phone 864-3332 ESTES DRUG COMPANY, I C. MZ...-J' If wwf SEE US FOR FOUNTAIN SERVICE RECORDS, COSMETICS, CANDY, GIFTS, AND PRESCRIPTIONS MORENCI ARIZONA 143 i PERFECTO'S BEAUTY SALON Cuca Perfecro, Proprietor - Beauiy ls Our Business Clifton, Arizona 864-3682 6 THRIFTEE MARKET i in f A fi .,.- g Q, -- . . .V ,-x' I A :JA 'H is MARKET , L72 55 , 3: . A if , A ,Q - " 4 - JL Lowest Pnces .13 J Eastern Arizona ir-9 7 ' A n A fi . . 'TQ-Amis Y A ' P , , ssis Across form Southern Pacific Depo - lm, '- Ill! ' 33. -2' "H-W ,,,,k mm. . 1 .,,, . ii '.., 'X , " ' ' . W 'G ' f f --- A ciiii W i A s 3 or Safford, Arizona JOE AND FRANK NACCARA CHEVRON STATION . STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Phone 865-2421 Morenci, Arizona .IOE'S FURNITURE CO. l ,om Magnavox 9 . . . for the best In everything: school Supplies and Equipment, Athletic Equip- ment, School Transportation, Duplicating Supplies, Equipment and Maintenance, Office Supplies and Equipment, Theatre Equipment, Church Supplies, Sporting Goods. ,lusf Call . . . THE MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY , 3209 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE 1 279-9301 Headquarters for Furniture, Carpets, T and Home Appliances Clifton, Arizona 864-4l55 DANENHAUER I A INSURANCE COMPANY Rajiv rm-. E7 A 4 I 1 I ' T -Z!-v te ion NC! v , Kc Msgml ,EX ne N Dm MMM Insurable Risks My lil 1.-v,' f'Y::lx I -:L5'11if.fff I - A91 - I iififfvf fmt' . ff lil 'ff' fur: Ybgsgxfjr 7 0 A Clifton and Morenci i ' 1,9 irq' ff llll 9 K , l" ll l A ' T 'X 145 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND Co, EASTERN ARIZONA A COURIER 64161, .,,, ,. at ,. ilk, '- Published Weekly Covering Grcxhcirn and Greenlee 864'4' 88 Counties No. Coronado Blvd. SAFFORD AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY Clifton, Arizona RIETZ'S Clifton, Arizona - Fine Furniture Phone 864-4138 vr f WEBSTER'S MORENCI TEXACO SERVICE Stargo Road 865-263'I RICHARDS Music ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY COMPANY cuFroN Mews ooRM Compme Music Semce 5 Auto, Life, Homeowners l 4 x 9 Fire, Commercial ond Comfortable Living 404 Main Sffeef Hedlfh LOW Prices Sufford, Arizona 428-2442 Clifton 864-3222 320 Chase Creek 147 4? fu Lv N- , iii? f 'JH ., KM W,,,g, V71 , f gh, ,f szirfff, . , -ww 'A , f YS wi, 3 ,f,f"' ,W 4 if 'L A' ,H A, o. 1 w :JSF ea Morenci Open Pit Mine Phelp Dodge Corporation x Mew fo To Keep Up With the Local News 7719, ' T ,' E, ,Y 1 N A A , .Q-eff QeWws53wwe emsLf:f,1f1'::i X lx See The COPPER ERA Printed By The Gila Printing Company Satford and Clifton Arizona FLOYD'S UPHOLSTERY Free Estimates Pick-up and Delivery 808 Elm Street MORENCI, ARIZONA 865-4467 STUTE'S JEWELRY Home of Keepsake Diamonds Bulova and Wittnauer Watches 509 Main Street Safford, Arizona For Fine Foods Served ln A Pleasant Atmosphere COPPEROOM Morenci, Arizona 865-4471 HUNGRILY STUDYING menus are C. Enrico, J. Todacheeny, H. Gilliland. ' 'WW-., 1... 5 NN lst UO M-W-f.......,,,MA Friendly Help from all Employees SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION Service to Clifton 8t Morenci Districts BUFFO JEWELRY Moren Watches Diamonds Silverware Arizona S I ll Q: N, mx l l O CLIFTON 5 8. 'IO Chase Creek Clifton, Arizona CLIFTON LUMBER COMPANY fl ' r 'i-5 Everything for Building Y :X 1 1 a s Q -a ll 1 ami . V E I Ks! 5 4 ir A 4 l 3 N x i OFFICE FURNITURE Fgi FFFFQ QFH FFFFFF I FFFF .. VUMORE COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS OF OFFICE 81 SCHOOL PRODUCTS serving arlznnas - - ' MT' mg uifines-snhunls I ' - - - I--5 -I , ' I Z I I . Q I XE IIISIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS I V' f K! Q 0 -: 15.2 ' 'I S Ee- Liege SCHOOL SUPPLIES Pix' SCHOOL EQUIPMENT L-giggs? BUSINESS MACHINES -MM-I EH" W lr ' W.-A .::,1:.V, 5 I ,,,,,,,g,,,,,,.,,......w, OFFICE SUPPLIES f?ffj I 2 ' EOUIPMENT g?:?g jg g MOFSDCI, Arizona Phone 865-4031 .IESSIE'S BEAUTY SHOP 1,5 Operoforsa Jessie Porro, Jessie Ponce, Vefto Mcue HQII, Mary Porro, Theresa Perez FOR THE BEST STYLES OF TODAY AND TOMORROW IN A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE I5I ll I l 37 4 Member Federal Deposi! Inmrarzce Corporation oaandotlie V VOJQQQIJ, : Look to your nearby Valley Bank officefol friendly guidance as you enter the business worldi We are vitally interested in you, for tomorrow's Arizona leaders will come from your ranks. We want you as a customer, and will appreciate your account however small. Your banker can servi you all your life, so join the bank that offers more, the bank that gives yon the finest personal service in Arizona MORE THAN 100 UFHCES ' Deposhs Over S1 BHHOI . v- fs? .4 is s 64,4 . Compliments ot . . . ZENA AND HOWARD MITCHELL RILEY'S DRUG STORE L I Prescriptions Veterinary Supplies All School Supplies 864-2252 Clifton GREGG ACADEMY OF COSMETOLOGY The Finest in Basic Training and Hairstyling Safford, Arizona 152 WHELAN JEWELRY Diamonds - Watches Silverware - Crystal Complete Gift Department Clifton, Arizona Phone 864-3742 MPTY PEPSI BOTTLES await cleanup crew at Zabi's party. taste that beats PEPSI-GDLA BOTTLING GOMPANY gtgi pours it va. on the others cold... Pepsi fi Q ! R. I . V. ' T? Shri' - MORENCI WATER AND ELECTRIC X C H M Districts N 'Eg coMPANY ei J Y .M Sewing Q D Ii on- orenci ' t " PROUD PLAYERS ofthe week llfax Nabor and Danny Robles receive B0oster's Club shirts for outstanding per- formance in San llfanuel and Eloyfootball games. Awarded by President Buddv Stapp and llfr. AI Ouackenbush. Booster's Club Buys Projector outfit for the athletic department Various projects were tackled by the most ef- fective l3ooster's Club in several years. Bi- monthly meetings were held to plan for a most successful year. Dances were held after many home football, basketball, and baseball games. Special stadium cushions picturing the Wildcat emblem were ordered and sold. Profits made went to the purchase of a new Kodak movie cam- era and projector outfit for the recording of var- ious games. Trophies were awarded to each sen- ior football player and varsity cheerleaders re- ceived small gifts in recognition of their support. Players of the week received a shirt from Phelps Dodge Mercantile Company. Enthusiastic offi- cers were president, Buddy Stappg vice-presi- dent, Ed Navarreteg secretary-treasurer, Betty Enricog special events officer, Gwen Wright, and chairman of youth activities was Lester Wright. MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN, C. Farrington, re- ceives trophy from Coach Boling at Football Awards Assembly, Below, RECIPIENT OF THE Draper-King Memorial Plaq ue, R. Cervantez accepts congratulations. This page donated by Phelps Dodge Nlercantile Company GRAHAM COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS WATERS' SERVICE Sgllmd DOYLE CLUFF MOTORS CURTIS MOTORS MOIOI' -I-Une UP Oldsmobile, Cadillac Chrysler, Rambler Plymouth Cliffon, Arizona O S S - A I MOTOR COMPANY MORRIS MOTORS HWY' 666 Chevrolet-Buick Volkswagen Virgil Wqfergl Owner GOODMAN MOTOR COMPANY NORTON MOTORS Mercury Datsun HAL SI-IORB-Ford CLIFTON SHELL SERVICE For a fine selection of Shell Producis 5 3 fl, T S I Q ' 'Q jf S X' Dillard Clonfs, owner Norih Coronado Boulevard 8611-2589 This space reserved for senior autographs by LEWALLEN MORTUARY Clifron, Arizona Index , ABC MARKET - T40 Acosta, Lynn - TOO Acosta, Mike - T08 ACTIVITIES DIVISION - 26 ADULT ASSTSTANTS - 96 ADVERTISEMENT DIVISION - T38 Aguallo, Kathleen - 35, T04 Aguilar, Herbert - T24, T34 Aguilera, Mark D, - 30, 33, 34, 46, TT8, T24, T26, T34 Aguilera, Monica - 3T, 35, T04 Alcarez, Gilbert - 4T, 59, 94, T08 Alcorn, Jane - TT8 Alcorn, Jean - TT8 Alexander, A. L. - 70 Alexander, Juanita - 73 ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY - T47 Altamirano, Margie - T04 Altamirano, Mike - TTT Alvarado, Johnny ' T24, T34 Alvarado, Rachel - T04 Alvarez, Della - 29, 30, 37, 96, T04 Alvarez, Elizabeth - 42, 8T, T24, T34 Alvarez, Linda - 35, 40, 42, 43, 45, 65, TTT Alvillar, Marlin - TO0 Andazola, Robert - T08 Aparicio, Frank - 66 Aparicio, Ricardo - T04 Aparicio, Sally ' 96, TTT Aragon, Fred - T00 Aragon, Jennie - T04 Aragon, John - T08 Aragon, Mike - T08 Aragon, Ronnie T. - 74, T08 Archer, Archer, Martha - 42, 43, T24, T34 Roman - 66 Cockerham, Brenda - 23, 3T, 46, 5l, 52, 96, Archer, Roy - TO8 Arguellez, Joe e 59, T08 Arguellez, Maria - TTT Arguellez, Oscar - T7, 59, T08 Armiio, Edmund - T00 Armiio, Edward - TO0 Armiio, Fernando - T24, T34 Armiio, Fidelina - 44, 96, T24, T34 Armiio, Melinda - 29, 30, 34, 40, 4T, 42, TT5, TT6, TT8, T22, T24, T34 Armiio, Nick- 40, 4T, 53, 59, 6T, 64, T08 Arrniio, Orasio - T08 Armiio, Randy - TTT Arnold, Helen T. - 79, TT7 Arrieta, Rene - TTT ART DEPARTMENT - 74 A8.W DRIVE INN - T40 AWALT'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION - T40 Baker, Johnny - 59, T08 Baker, Mary Ann - TT9 Balderrama, Mirna - 30, 37, 96, T04 Balderrama, Norma - 44, 78, 96, T24, T34 Ballard, Becky - 46, T04 Ballard, Danny - 6T, T08 Ballard, Wayne - TOT BAND - 40 Barela, Larry - TOO Barriga, Lydia D. - TOT Barriga, Tony - 59, T04 Bartee, Denise - 28, 33, 37, 38, T04 BASEBALL V 66 BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH - 6I BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY - 60 BASKETBALL VARSITY - 62 Baughman, Carol - 37, 40, 44, T04 Baughman, Jerry - 64 Baxter, DeAnne - 37, 50, 52, 85, TIT Beck, Ethel - 73 Begay, Byron - 97, T24, T34 Begay, Daniel - TTT Begay, Wesley - 53, 63, TT5, T23, T24, T34 BELLMAN'S DEPARTMENT STORE - T40 Ben, Mary - 65, T24, T34 Benavidez, Andrew - 60, T00, TO3 Benavidez, Jennie - 82, 96, TTT, TT8 Benavidez, Joe - T00 Benavidez, Sammy - TOO Benavidez, Steve - 32, 53, 64, T24, T33, T34 Blackman, Debbie - T00, TOT Blair, Kim - T08 BOARD OF EDUCATION - 70 Boling, Tony - 85, T53 Bolles, Tom - 53, 54, 63, TTT Bond, James - TOT, T02 Bonilla, Tony - T04 BOOSTERS CLUB - T53 BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE - TT5 Bradford, Jackie - 32, 43, 92, T25, T34 Bradford, Jim - 25, TT9 Brady, Ervin - TTT Brady, Rose Ann - T24, T34 Braeuer, Thomas G. - 84 Breshears, Tommy - 60, T00, T0.I Breshears, William - T24, T34 Brinkley, Gary - T08 Carbaial, Daniel - 60, TOT Carnes, Tracy - 44, T08 Casias, T heresa - 35, 90, TTT Castaneda, Joe - 29, 30, 37, 96, I2T, T27, T35 Castaneda, Ramona - T08 Castenade, Tony - 93, T04 Cervantes, Virginia - 32, T04 Cervantez, Arlene - 40, T08 Cervantez, Ruben - 7, T0, 35, 46, 53, 54, 55, 63, TT5, T23, T27, T35, T53 Chacon, Charlene - 5T, TOO Chacon, Ida - 76, TTT Chacon, Jae - T04 Chaney, Arthur - 60 Chavez, Danny - T27, T35 Chavez, Della - 44, T04 Chavez, Ernest - 59, T08 Chavez, Fernando - 54, 55, 93, TTT Chavez, Frank - TO4 Chavez, Lupe - T04 Chavez, Peter - 59, T08 Chavez, Ruben - T08 Chavez, Sally - 35, 65, T04 Chavez, Sharon - TTT Chavez, Tammy - TOT CHEERLEADERS - 50 CHOIRS - 42 Cisneros, Barbara Ann - 78, T27, T35 Cisneros, Leroy - 53, 64, 65, T27, T35 Cisneros, Peter - 54, TTT Cisneros, Rudy - 60, TOT CLASS DIVISION - 98 Broderick, John - 33, 6T, TO4 Brooks, Ba rbara - 30, 3T, 34, 43, 50, T04 Brooks, Jim - 4l, 59, 6T, T08 Brooks, Rhonda - 9, T7, 28, 30, 4T, 44, 84, T04 3T 4T BT, TTI, Brooks, Wayne - T4, 28, 29, , , TT4 Bruce, Brenda - TTI Bruce, Walden - 59, 6T, T04 Buffo, Jennie - 6 BUFFO JEWELR 5, T08 Y- T50 Clemmer, Ruth - 73, 97 Clemons, Jackie Jo - T7, 3T, CLIFTON 58- T0 - T50 35, 40, T04 CLIFTON FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP - l4l CLIFTON LAUNDROMAT - T40 CLIFTON LUMBER COMPANY - T50 CLIFTON Cluff, Ma MEN'S DORM - T47 rsha - 42, 43, 45, TTI ITT, I T2 Coffey, R. D. - 73, 74 Cohn, Yvonne - 28, 29, 96, TTT Collins, Paul - 89, T08 CONCERT CHOIR - 42 Conlogue, Mary - T00, TOT, Conyer, Chris - T04 Conyer, Doylene - 5T, TOT Conyer, Steven M. - T08 Cooper, Gary - 64, TT8 COPPER CAT - 33 COPPER ERA - T49 COPPEROOM - T49 Cox, Charlotte - TOT T02 Cox, Debra - TOT, T02 Ayze, Delores - T04 Ayze, Marilyn - 96, T24, T34 B AND D AUTO SUPPLY - T4T Boca, Albert - 54, TTT Boca Bobby - TTT Baca Carla - T04 Baca, Mary Ann - 28, 37, T04 Baca, Baca Baca Richard V T08 Roberto L. - 80, T04 Steve - TO8 'Made honor roll 3 or more times first 4 six weeks T56 Bull, Myrna - 34, 40, 42, 80, T25, T34 Burgess, Katharine - 37, 65, T04 BUSINESS EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - 76 Butler, Barbara - 44, TTT Butler, Keith - T24, T34 Butler, Kenneth - 54, 93, T25, T34 C Cabrera, Karl- T27, T35 Caddell, Bill - 65,84 Camacho, Irene - T27, T35 Camacho, Socorro - 37 Carbaial, Arthur - TTT Cox, Mike - 42, 43, 45, 6I, TTT Crawford, Diane - 44, TTT Crawford, Donna - 44, TTT Crowder, Rod s 92 Cruz, Andy - 40, 59, T08 Cruz, Angelina - TOT, T02 Cruz, Anna - 65, T04 CURRICULUM DIVISION - 68 CUT 8. CURL BEAUTY SALON - T40 Cuthbertson, John - 70 Cuthbertson, Matt A 37, 65, T08 Cuthbertson, Vickie - TOT D Daley, Christine - l0I DANENHAUER INSURANCE - I45 Daniels, Paul - 59, I I I Davidson, Edgar - 80, II9 Davidson, P. H. - 70, 73 'Flores I35 , Gloria - 35, 40, 42, 44, II7. l26. Flores, JoAnn - 22, 50, 97, II2 Florez, Carolyne - 3l, 34, 37, 38, II2 Florez, Deborah - 34, IO8 Day, Douglas - 42, 43, 45, 74, Day, Mike - 33, IO4 Day, Pat - IO4 DEBATING SOCIETY - 28 Delgado, Diane - IO8 Derbcnne, Sharon L. - 79 Diaz, Arlene - 96, I26, I35 Diaz, Gloria - 88, IO4 Diaz, Ramona - Ill Diaz, Roberta - 96, IO4 Diaz, Terry -IOI Diaz, Thomas Olivas - IOI Diaz, Yolanda - I04 Dixon, Art - 65, IO4 Dixon, Jewely - IOI l27, I35 Florez, Raymond - IOI FLOYD'S UPHOLSTERY - I49 FOOTBALL JUNIOR VARSITY - 58 FOOTBALL VARSITY - 56 FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT - 82 Forsythe, Patricia - I8, 29, 30, 3I, 44, 46, 96, l2l, I26, I35 Fox, Charles - IOI Fox, Janet - IO8 FRENCH CLUB - 36 FRESHMAN CLASS - IO4 Friedli, Vernon F. - 7, 89 FUTURE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION - 29 G Gale, Gary - I3, 42, 43, 45, 53, I26, I35 Gale, Larry - 4I, II2 Dockins, Clay - 4l, 43, 45, 46, I2I, I26, I34 Dockins, Raymond - 9, I0l Dodd, Theresa - 44, Ill Dodson, Rev. - I9 Dorsey, Terry - IOI DRAMATICS CLUB - 30 Draper, Ken - 53, 54, 55, 65, 92,-93, I I I Drew, Kathi - I26, I34 DRIVER EDUCATION - 78 Duran, Archie - 60, lOl, IO2, IO3 Duran, Rebecca - 34,-35, 38, 40, 42, 43, 45, I I I Durr, Flo - 42, 44, Il I Durr, Renay - 44, IO4 Gale, Noralea - 88 Galusky, Frances - 79 Galusky, Greg - IOI, IO2 Galusky, Joseph - 86, II7 Garcia, Arnold - 60, l0l Garcia, Daniel - 64, II2 s Garcia, Louis - 28, 33, 37, 59, 86, IO9 Garcia, Manuel - 59, IO4 Garcia, Martin - IO4 Garcia, Priscilla - 44, 90, I26, I35 Garcia, Rick- 53, 54, I26, I35 Garcia, Ricky - 64, 65, I I2 'Garcia, Rudy - 30, 33, 36, 37, l2l, I26, I3 Durr, Randy - 64 Easley, Sylvia - I8, 3l, 42, 43 EASTERN ARIZONA COURIER - EIGHTH GRADE - IOO Elliott, Laurie - TOO, IOI ENGLISH DEPARTMENT - 79 ,45, 97, II2, 146 o4,112, 149 Enrico, Carl - 8, 23, 53, 54, 55, Espinoza Joann - lOl Espinoza, Joe - IOI Espinoza Lupe - I04 Espinoza, Nellie - IOI Espinoza Rudy - 4I, 86, Ill Espinoza, Sam - 34, 40, 4I, II2 Esqueda, Geargiann - 44, IO4 ESTES DRUG COMPANY, INC. -43 Gates, Ruth A 65, IO8 Gaxiola, Gilbert - 59, IO4 Gaxiola, Joseph R, - 30, 37, I26, I35 Gaxiola, Norma - IO9 Giddens, Gary - 54, 55, I28 Giddens, Kenneth - 33, 54, I I2 Giddens, Kevin - 33, 54, II2, II4 GILA LAUNDRY - I42 Estrada, Carole - 37, 44, IO4 Estrada, Patsy - 32, 38, 39, 46, 96, II6, I23, I26, I34 Estrada, Suzanne - 34, 44, 96, II2, II7 F Farrington, Chan - 42, 43, 45, 52, 53, 54, 55, 57, 64, I23, I26, I34, I53 Faulkner, Roy Wesley - 77 Fierro, Grace - 35, 4I Fierro, Mary Helen - 44, 96, I26, I34 Fierro, Mary Theresa - 35, 44, IO4 Figueroa, John - IO8 Finton, Michelle - 8, 9, 28, 29, 3l, 33, 42, 46, II9, I2I, I22, I26, I35 Flanagan, Carolyn - IOI Flanagan, Wayne - I05 Flores, Cuca - 96 Flores, Edward M. - 53, 54, 64, 93, I I2 Gilliland, Charlene - 42, 43, 45, 96, II2 Gilliland Chris - 42, 43, 45, 96, II2 Gilliland Cynthia - l0l Gilliland Greg - IO4 Gilliland, Hal - I6, 23, 46, 53, 54, 55, 56, 63, 64, 65, II2, I49 Gilliand, Rosalie - 73 GIRLS' CHOIR - 42 GIRLS' LEAGUE - 38 GLEE CLUB - 44 Gomez Gomez , Anthony Dwight- 34, 65, 82, IO9 .David - 23, 34, 54, II2, II4, I I8 Gomez, Debbie - IOI Gomez, Della - IOI Gomez, Diane - IO9 Gomez, Jae - I28, I35 Gomez, Robert - I23, I29, I35 Gomez, Yolanda - 97, IO9 Gonzales, Jerry - IOI Gonzales Linda - 96, I35 Gonzales Lory - I05 Gonzales, Margaret - 30, IO9 Gonzales, Miguel A 59, 6l, I05 Gonzales, Ralph - I05 Gonzalez, Cecilia - I00, I0l Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Cecilia - 40, IO9 Diana Lee - 28, 30, 40, 46, II5, II6, II7, IIB, I22, I28, I35 Gonzalez, Gilbert - I I2 Gonzalez, Liz - IOI Goodner, Larry - 94 Gordon, Jerilyn - 3I, 33, 37, 5I, Bl, I05 Grady, Debbie - 23, 3l, 34, 46, 50, 52, 85, II2, II6, II7, II8 Gray, Gary Steven - I0l Gray, Wayne - 54, II2 Green, Beverly - 44, II2 GREEN, J. MEN'S WEAR - l40 GREGG BEAUTY COLLEGE - I52 Griffith, Georgeanne - I I5 Griiolua, Frankie - 59, I09 GUADlNO'S OF SAFFORD A I40 Guerrero, Charlie - 60, I00, IOI Guyn, Jamie - 37, 40, 42, I09 H Hagan, Marshall - I0l Hair, Joyce - 28, 29, 42, 43, 45, 96, II2 Hair, Ruth - I0l Hall, Thomas - 63, 65, I29, I35 Ham, Lynda - 6, I7, 28, 29, 33, 46, 94, IO9, IIO, I4l Ham, Shana - IOI Hamilton, Alvin - I00, l0I Hancock, Eward - 32, 34, I I2 Hanna, Debbie - 42, 43, 45, 96, I I2 Hansen, Pauline - 96, I05 Hansen, Rose Lee s 30, 32, 97, I25, I29, I35 Harbison, Estelle - 29, 30, 3l, 37, 40, 96, II2, I I4, I I6, I I7 Harbison, Rita - 29, 40, I05 Harbison, Steve - lOl Harbison, Willard - II2 Harris, Phillip - l2B, I35 Harris, Steve - 64,65 Harvey, Clara - I29, I35 Harvey, Jimmie - I05 Harvey, Thomas - IOI Hayden, Steve - 65, I05 Hayes, David - 59, I05 Hearn, George - 95 'Hedges, Edward - 6l, 78 Henderson, Faye - 73 Henderson, Odell - 90 Henderson, Winnie - 97 Hendrix, Tammy A 33, 59, 6I, Bl, I05 Hernandez, Diana - 29, 30, 38, I09 Hernandez, Eva - I05 Hernandez, Rebecca - 96, l28, I35 Hernandez, Tommy - 64 Hernandez, Vivian - II2 Herrera, Joe - 64 Herrera, Frank - I05 Hicks, Ronald - IO9 Hoffman, Barbara - 37, 4l, 94, 97, IO9, IIO Hogg, Ariana - ia, 31, 42, 43, 45,97, 129, I35 Hogner, Charmaine - 29, 31, 40, 96, II2, II4 Hogner, Wilhelmina - 28, 38, 44, 96, I29,I35 HOLLOWAY TRIM SHOP - l40 HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT - 75 Hudgens, Sandra - 73, 77 Hudgens, Stephen L. - 63, 90 Hughes, Noel- IOI Hughs, Feller - 9, 59, 6l, IO9 Hughs, James E. - Il, 42, 43, 45, 53, 63, l28, I35 Huizar, Lydia - II2 157 Index Hull, Larry - 42, 43, 45,112 Hulsey, Stephen - 105 Hunt, Johnny - 129, 135 Hunt, Phil - 59, 105 I Iley, Carol - 30, 37, 65, 105 INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC - 40 Isaocs, David Lee - 101 Isaacs, Drew - 65, 105 Jocks, Billy - 109 I Jackson, Marty - 59, 109 Jackson, Sharon - 112 Jacoby, Susan - 101 JESSIE'S BEAUTY SALON - 151 Jim, Emma ' 101 Jim, Wilhelmina - 40,105 Jimenez, Dennis - 105 Jimenez, Mary - 101 Jimenez, Rudy - 112 Jimenez, Sylvia - 101,102 JOE'S FURNITURE COMPANY - 145 Johnson, Mariorie - 73, 77 Johnson, Martin - 89 Johnson, Patricia - 31, 44, 96, 109 Johnson, Stacey - 105 Johnson, Valli - 35, 44, 129, 135 Johnson, Juby - 64 Jones, Jeri - 37, 96, 105 JOURNALISM - 32 JUNIOR CLASS - 111 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY - 114 K Kemptan, Danny - 105 Kerr, L eola - 97 Kerr, Scott - 105 King, Douglas - 8, 10, 30, 31, 74, 90, 129, 135 Krass, Carl - 105 Krass, James - 101 Krass, Michael - 65, 105 Luian, Lorenzo - 128, 136 Luian, Mary - 42,44, 109 Luian, Stella - 65, 105 Luian, Viola - 112 Luna, Ca rmen - 8, 9, 16, 29, 36, 37, 40, 42, 51,118,121,I23,I29,136 Luna, Edith - 30, 51, 109 Luna, Hector - 133 Luna, Salvador - 21, 32, 46, 129, 136 Lunsford, Cathy - 30, 109 Lunt, Gary - 17, 28, 29, 31, 42, 43, 45, 96, 112 Lusk, Jim - 37, 59, 109 Mc McBride, Barbara - 131, 136 McBride, Carol - 101 McBride, Dail Ellen - 105 McBride, McBride, GaiIAnn - 44,75,121,131,136 Jerry - 61,105 McCarty, Cheryl - 102 McConnell, JoAnne - 34, 35, 105 McGaha, Bill - 53, 54, 55, 5153, 54, 112 McLaughlin, Pat - 33, 109 McPhearsan, Eugene - 32, 129, 136 McReynoIds, George Jr. - 105 M Macias, Catherine - 44, 105 Mackey, Tommy - 102 Madrid, Raymond Jr. - 102 Madrid, Steve - 105 Madrid, Yvonne - 83, 128, 136 Maese, Mary - 106 Maese, Mike - 28,30,33,112,114,1I8 Maez, Frances - 106 Mahon, Anne - 33, 42, 109 Maldonado, Becky - 102 Maldonado, Berlinda - 109 Maldonado, Frank - 61, 109 Maldonado, Gabriel - 59 Maldonado, Irene - 112 Maldonado, Tony - 109 Meek, Tam - 32,131,136 Melton, Rocky - 61, 106 Mendoza, Pat - 96 Merino, Robert - 102 Merino, Tony - 112 Merykhil, Zabiullah -18,20,21,46,131,136 METAL SHOP - 92 Middleton, Hallie - 28, 44, 96, 106 Mitchell, Alonzo - 102 Mitchell, Danny - 109 Mitchell, Everett - 109 Mitchell, Kathryn - 102 Mitchell, Steve - 102 MITCHELL, ZENA AND HOWARD - 152 MODERN DRESS SHOP A 140 Montgomery, Angela - 75, 109 Montgomery, John - 93, 131, 136 Montoya, Ruth - 106 Montoya, Sonny A 61,106 Montoya, Teresa Ann - 65,96,131,136 Montoya, Virgie A 65,112 Moo1ick,R,T. - 117 Maalick, Richard - 35, 43, 45, 59, 106 Moore, Susie - 44, 130, 136 Marales,AIice - 106 Morales Bernabe - 54, 63, 64, 112 Morales, JoAnn - 106 Morales, Mary Helen - 112,118 Morales, Victoria - 106 MORENCI BARBER SHOP - 140 MORENCI 58.10 - 140 MORNECI TORTILLA SHOP - 140 MORENCI WATERELELECTRIC - 153 Moran, Alice - 83, 96, 113 Maran, Irene - 102 Moreno, Arlene - 113 Moreno, Gregory - 59, 61, 109 Moreno, Inez - 37, 44, 96, 109 Martin, Debbie P 96, 106 Martin, Genevieve - 100,102 Martin, Terrie - 31, 34, 113, 114 L Landrum, Jerry - 59, 105 LANE'S CHEVRON SERVICE - 140 Lara, Angelita - 44, 112 Lara, Clarencio - 109 Lara, Inez - 101 Lara, Ralph P. - 35,82 Lemons, Lawrence P. - 15,71 Lemons, Will- 101 LETTERMAN'S CLUB - 53 Little, Florita - 105 Little, Kathy - 109 Malone, Ben - 55 Malloque, JoAnn - 100, 102 MANOR HOUSE RESTAURANT - 140 Manzanares, Roberta - 41, 65, 109 Marietti, Steve - 54, 64, 109 Marin, Carolyn - 106 Marin, Jae - 40,41,59,61,76,109 Morin, Robert- 53, 60, 102 MARSTON SUPPLY COMPANY - 145 Martin, Karen ' 30, 44, 109 Martin, Mary - 30, 38, 50, 109 Martin, Robert A 41, 54, 56, 61, 64, 65, 109 Martin, Vernell - 34,35, 40,65 ati, John - 102 Lizarrago, Barbara - 35, 44, 105 Lopez, Daniel A 64, 112 Lopez, George - 37, 59, 105 Lopez, Gloria - 101, 103 Lopez, John - 135 Lopez, Robert - 101 Loy, Christine - 34, 65, 96, 105 Loy, Debra - 76, 129, 135 Loya, Estela - 109 Loya, Gloria V. - 37, 65, 109 Lozano, Mary Helen - 129, 135 Lucio, Ruth Ann - 33, 112 Luian, Cecilia - 44, 96, 129, 135 Luian, Dalia - 101,102 'Made honor roll 3 or more times first 4 six weeks I 58 Martinez, Cecilia - 40, 42, 51, 65, 129, 136 Martinez, Charlene - 102 Martinez, Dennis - 28, 32, 112 Martinez, Emma - 38, 50, 109, 110 Martinez, Lindo - 112 Martinez, Lydia - 37, 40, 42, 44, 109 Martinez, Matthew - 106 Martinez, Sylvia - 106 Martinez, Sylvia - 35, 37, 118, 128, 136 X Morten Marten sen, Cheryl - 102 sen, Mike - 42, 43, 45, 65, 109 Moulder, Carolyn Jean - 96, 106 Maulder, Sharon - 96, 109 Moya, Walter - 130, 136 Munoz, Aurelia - 37, 44, 109 Munoz, Mary Y 38, 77, 96, 130, 136 Munoz, Roger - 102 MUSIC DEPARTMENT - 94 Myers, Ellen - 32, 42, 44, 96, 109 N Nabor, Bill - 96 Nabor, Ernest - 2, 59, 109 Nabor, Frank- 59, 109 Nabor, Henry - 102 Nabor, Max - 53, 54, 55, 64, 131, 136, 153 Nabor, Pat 5 102 Nabor, Robert - 113 Naccarati, Cathy - 106 Naccarati, David - 33, 54, 113 Naccar Naccar ati, Mark - 80, 106 MARY'S FLORIST AND CRAFT SHOP - 140 Massingill, Rhonda - 22, 33, 37, 94, 106 MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT A 94 Medina, Jenny - 40, 106 Meek, Billy - 34, 41, 106 Meek, Kathy - 44, 112 NACCARATI SERVICE STATION - 144 Naiar, Danny - 59, 89, 109 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY - 116 Navarrete, Robert- 22, 54, 56, 62, 63, 64, 113 Nichols, Ed - 82 NORMAN, MERLE COSMETICS ZLFASHIONS - 140 Notah, Gloriaf- 65, 106 Notah, Marilyn Rose - 65,110 Notah, Virginia - 102 Nunez, Elaine - 102 Nunez, Elizabeth - 44, 106 Nunez, Melinda - 76, 130, 136 O Ocon, David - 110 Oden, Doris - 44, 130, 136 Olney, Roland - 73 O'Nea1,Ade1ia - 97 P O'Neal, Vicki - 18, 32, 42, 45, 46, 74, 121, 130, 136 O'NeiII, Kelly - 63,65,113 Ontiveros, Delia Y 32, 34, 106 Ontiveros, Petra - 76, 113 Orozco, Kathy - 100, 102 Orozco, Joe - 113 Ortega, Bobby - 53, 59, 64, 109 Ortiz, Arthur - 31, 34, 35, 41, 46, 104,105 Ortiz, Gloria - 51, 102, 103 Ortiz, Marien - 106 Ortiz, Mary Ann - 76, 109 Ortiz, Priscilla - 109 Ortiz, Rebecca - 34, 44, 96, 113, Ouzts, Mary - 88 Owens, Adelia - 34, 40, 65, 106 Owens, Amelia - 40, 65, 106 Ransom Padgett, Debra A 44, 106 114 Paez, Arthur - 30, 33, 35, 37, 46, 115, 116, 117,119,121,122,126,131, Paez, Rachel - 37, 109 ParkhiI1,LaDell - 133 Parra, Gary Y 106 PATRON'S - 140 Pasley, Brenda - 96, 106 Patton, Bruce - 54, 113 Paz, Carlos - 64 Rice, Peggy - 119 Paz Ignacio - 59, 109 Paz Linda -113 Paz Louis - 30, 31, 59, 65, 109 Paz, Mary -113 Paz Ruben - 64 Paz, Tomas - 60, 102, 103 Paz Virginia - 105 PBSW - 151 Peete, Bobby Joe - 109 Pellman, Freddie - 109 134,136 Perry, Mike - 78,109 Peshlakai, John - 93, 131, 136 Peshlakai, Lorenzo - 54, 63, 113 Peshlakai, Wallace - 61, 106 Pfeifer, Edward J. -95 PHELPS DODGE CORPORATION - 148 PHELPS DODGE MERCANTILE - 153 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT - 88 PIERCE JEWELERS - 140 Pine, Bette - 29, 33, 37, 106 PlNE'S - 142 POM-PONS - 51 Ponce de Leon, James - 6, 54, 131, 136 Posteher, Terri- 16, 31, 42, 43, 45, 51, 130, 136 Posteher, Trudy - 30, 32, 37, 44, 106 Price, James Wesley - 109 Price, Norine - 44, 106 PRINCIPAL, HIGH SCHOOL - 71 Provencio, Jennie - 19, 44, 131, 136 Q Quackenbush,A1 - 153 QUILL AND SCROLL- 119 Quinn, Ruth - 101 Quinn, Rosemarie - 101, 102 R Rainbolt, Robin - 131,136 Rains, Gary -11,42,43,45,115,121,131, 136 Rains, Mary - 133 Rodriguez, Becky - 102, 103 Rodriguez, Daniel - 59, 64, 110 Rodriguez, Diane - 103 Rodriguez, Dicky - 106 Rodriguez, Gabby - 18, 64, 91, 131, 136 Rodriguez, Grace - 33, 35, 106 Rodriguez, Harry - 106 Rodriguez, Jimmy - 103 Rodriguez, Juan A 113 Rodriguez, Pat - 110 Rodriguez, Philip - 6, 36, 37, 40, 41, 46, 53 59, 64, 110 Rodriguez, Robert - 110 Rodriguez, Robert - 37, 59, 64, 110 Rodriguez, Ruben - 110 Rodriguez, Zeke - 96 Roman, Rebecca - 37, 44, 51, 96, 110 Romero, Alfonso - 64, 113 Romero, Alice - 10, 23, 75, 96, 131, 136 Romero, David - 59 Romero, Daniel - 103 Romero, Fred - 59, 64, 110 Romero, Leonard - 131, 137 Romero, Mike - 131, 137 Romero, Paul - 103 Romero, Richard - 113 Romero, Rosie - 38, 76, 96, 113 Romero, Thomas Samual - 102, 103 Rosales, Armando - 101 Ross, Jack R. - 106 ROYALTY - 22 Ramirez Ramirez Ramirez, , Anthony - 118 ,Leon - 35, 41, 65,104 Ransom, Candace - 102 Ransom, Jeff - 136 ,Marcia -113 toni - 22, 34, 35, 40, 41, 41165, its Rubio, Manny - 86, 113 Ruedas, Danny - 6,131,137 Ruiz, Raul - 93, 113 Ruiz, Robert - 53, 61, 64,110 Russell, Cathy G. - 103 Pelusi, Jody - 29, 31, 34, 41, 50, 104 Pelusi, Katie - 6, 19, 28, 29, 41 , 42, 46,84, 85, 115,121,122,131,136 Pena, Gilbert- 102 Pennington, Marcia Jo - 30, 40, 106 PENNINGTON UPHOLSTERY - 142 PENNEY, J. C. COMPANY - 140 PEP CLUB - 52 PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY - 153 Peralta, Joe - 59, 106 Perea, Ann - 106 Ray, Bonnie - 42,44,96,131,136 Ray, Dale A 102 Ray, James - 106 Ray, Steven - 109 Reed, Richard - 109 Reeves, Dennis - 54, 63, 113 Reeves, Harry - 90 Reyna, Elizabeth - 118 Reyna, Rene - 106 Richards, C. L. "Doc" - 72 RICHARDS MUSIC COMPANY - 147 Richardson, Jane - 23, 29, 31, 37, 42, 45, 97, 113 RIETZ'S FURNITURE - 146 Riggs, Rhonda - 102 R1LEY'S DRUG STROE - 152 Rios, Frankie - 60, 102 Rios, Ruben - 100,102 RlSDON'S STUDIO - 142 Rivas, Ruben - 101 Rivera, Martha - 28, 35, 65, 106 Robison, Edward - 111 Robledo, Danny - 34, 35, 41, 65, 113, 123 S Saenz, Abel A 118 Saenz, Connie - 15, 44, 133, 137 Saenz, Jesus - 110 Saenz, Nordella - 106 Saenz, Patrick- 103 SAFFORD AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY - 146 Salcido, Artie - 33, 37, 59, 110 Sa1cido,Eva - 41,42,110 Salcido, George - 110 Salcido Irma - 118 1 Salcido, Mary Lau - 103 Salcido, Ramon - 110 Salcida Salcido Sonny - 64,113 Velia - 113 Sallis, Glen - 110 Salyer, Beth -31,976,113 Sanchez, David - 103 Sa nche z, David - 133 Sanchez, Frank - 53, 54,6 Sanchez, Kathy - 40, 110 Sanche z, Linda - 30,110 Sanchez, Rick- 110 Sanchez, Ruben - 59, 106 Sanchez, Stella - 106 Sanchez, Teresa - 106 3,641,113 Perez, Albert v 106 Perez, Christine - 31, 33, 37, 96, 106 Perez, Dolores - 23, 29, 31, 34, 35, 40, 96 112,113,114,116,117,118 Perez, Maggie - 141 PERFECTO'S BEAUTY SALON - 144 Perry, Bill - 42, 43, 45, 59, 109 Robledo, Mike - 110 Robles, Andy - 23,41,54, 113,114 Robles, Danny - 22, 34, 37, 39, 41 131, 136, 153 Robles, Patricia - 100, 102 Rodela, Elizabeth - 51, 102, 103 Rodela, Rosalie - 34, 40, 42, 44, 113 54, 65. SANFORD BEAUTY COIQLEGE - 141 Scarbrough, Craig - 100, 103 Scarbrough, Gary - 113 Scheier, Darlyne - 102,103 Scheier, Kathleen - 29, 37, 40, 42, 51,97 2 137 Scheier, Kenneth - 92 Index Schultz, Vernon B. - 80 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT - 86 Seamons, Kenneth B. - 85 SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY - T46 Seballos, James - 59, 86, T06 Seballos, Linda - 34, TI3 Segovia, Arnold - TI, 34, 46, 47, 52, 53, 54, STUDENT COUNCIL, Jr. High - T03 STUDENT COUNCIL - 46 STUTE'S JEWELRY - T49 Stutzman, Elizabeth - 72, 84 Subia, Benny - T07 Subia, Celina - 29, 30, 3l, 35, 4T, 65, 96, TTO Subio, Solie - T07 Sudler, Carla - 28, 29, 33, 37, 38, T07 SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS - 70 Villicana, Raul - 53, 54, 56, 57, Vincent, Linda - 33, 37, ITO VOCAL MUSIC - 42 Vote, Bette - 72, 80 VUMORE COMPANY - T5T 66, 86 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE - T40 64, T T5, TTB, T23, T32, T37 Segovia, Priscilla - TT8 SENIOR CLASS - T24 SENIOR CLASS PLAY - T20 SENIOR HONORS - T22 SENIOR REGISTER - T34 Swick, Bruce - T03 Swick, Micha el Dale - 29, 37, 43, 45, 53, TT5, T23, T32, T37 Tanner, Susa T n-TT9 Topia, Gilbert- 4T, T07 Tapia, Mario - 60, TOO, T03 W Wagley Allison - 44, T05 Wagley, Anice Merri - TOT Wagley , Beverly - TI3 Wagley, Charles Uoel - TI3 Wagley, Diane - 44, TIO Wagley, Kay - TO2, T03 Wogley, Steve - T07 Walden, Deborah - 37, T07 Walden, Patty - 3T, 37, T07 Walden, Suzane - I00, T03 Serna, Alberta - 96, T06 Serna, Chris - 3T, 35, 40, 42, 43, 45, 96, I2T, T33, T37 Serna, Christine - T2, TO2, T03 Serna, Larry - 35, T06 Serna, Larry - TI3 Serna, Manuel - T33, T37 Serna, Melecio - TTO Serno, Tony A 29, 34, 46, 47, 53, TT5, T2T, T33, T37 Sexton, Duane - TT2, IT3 Sexton, Karen - T03 Sharp, Shaw, Dennis - T06 Ruth Hanna - 72 Sierra, Christine - T06 Sierra, Demecio - 59, T06 Sierra, Frank - T03 Sierro, Gilbert - 59, T06 Sierra, Manuel - TOT Sierra, Sierra, Sigola, Sigola, Mary - 32, 96, TI3 Vangie - TT3 Albert- 60, T03 Johnny - 53, T33, T37 Tapia, Rosita Y 44, 75, 96, T32, T37 Tapia, Sandra Lee - T03 Tarango, Socorro B. - T03 Tellez, Chano - 59, T07 TENNIS - 64 THRIFTEE MARKET - T44 Thorne, David - 42, 45, TI3 Thorne, Robert - T07 Thorlon, Ester - 97 Weatherholt, Vicki A 44, T32, T37 Weatherholt, David - 4T, T07 WEBSTER'S MORENCI TEXACO SERVICE T47 Weisling, Jon - 29, 34, 65, TTO Weisling, Nino B. - 75 West, Darrell - T03 West,Morilyn - TTO Tibbits, John - 37, 4T, 54, 62, 63, 97, TI3 WHELAN JEWELRY - T52 Tucker, Simms, Carolyn - 37, 40, 44, T07 Sircy, Katherine - 28, 29, 33, 37, 38, T07 Smith, Cathy - 30, 65, 78, TTO Smith, Denise - 5T, TO2, T03 Smith, Jesse - T32, T37 Smith, Willard - T10 Snodgrass, David - IT3 Snyder, Ida - T9, 29, 3T, 33, 46, 96, TT5, TT9, T23, T32, T37 SOCIAL SCIENCES - 90 SOPHOMORE CLASS - T08 Sorrell, Barbara - 40, T07 Sorrell, Martha - T03 Sorrell, Robert - 52, 53, 63, 64, TI3 SOUTHWEST GAS CORPORATION - T50 SPANISH CLUB - 34 SPANISH NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY A TT8 SPEAR'S WESTERN STORE - T40 SPORTS DIVISION - 48 Springer, Cheryl - 72,80 S8.S SPORTING GOODS - T40 Todacheeny, Charolette - TOT Todacheeny, James - T7, 53, 54, 55, 66, T33, T37 Todacheeny, Jones - 53, 62, 63, 66, 97, TI3, T49 Tomlin, Elvis - 82, TTO Tomlin, Melba - 44, 96, TTO Torrez, TRACK Andres - T07 - 66 Treadaway, Hazel - 97 Trent, Steve - 64 Troxell, Roberto - 72 Truiillo, Bobby - 59, Tl0 Truiillo, Gloria - TI3 Truiillo, Johnny - T07 Truiillo, Harold - ITB Truiillo, Leonard - 53, 59, 66, TTO Truiillo, Sandra - T03 Truiillo, Veronica - TOO, T03 Robert - 25, 66 in White, Carl - 33, 59, TTO White, Jacque - 7, 22, 30, 3T, 50, 52, T32, T37 White, Leslie - 5T WILDCAT - 32 WILDKITTEN STAFF - T02 Williard, Dwayne - 94 Williams, Larry - 33, 59, 77, TTO Wilmoth, Cathy - T03 Wilson, Sharon - 38, 65, TI3 Wiltbonk, Pete - lT0 Winkler, Gerry - 97 Winkler, Mike - 4T, 59, TTO Wood, Blane - T03 Wood, Craig - 28, 40, ll0 Wood, Glenn - 4I, TI3 Wood, Greg - TO2, T03 Wood, Janice - 6, 20, 28, 29, 30, 35, 40 4T 42, 46, TT5, T20, l22, T33, T37 Wood, Sharlene Ann - 28, 29, 32, 37, T32 Stacey, Roy - 59, 6T, TTO St0PP, Budy - T53 Stapp, Judy - 3T, 37, 5T, TO4, T07 Stack, Eleanor - 3T, 34, 37, 40, 42, 5T, TI3, TT4 Stock, Stephanie A T03 STUDENT ASSISTANTS - 97 1 weeks T60 Mode honor roll 3 or more times Iirst 4 six Tuell, Claude C. - 70 Tuell, Ellen - 29, 3T, 42, 45, 96, TI3, T32, T37 Tuell, Janet - 29, 42, 76, 96, TI3 Tysoe, Mary - 29, 33, 37, T07 Tysoe, Suzy A 29, 30, 37, T32, T37 U Uliborri, Mary Helen - 3T, T07 Urrea, Michael - TO7 Uzueta, Manuel - T03 V Valdez, Cecilia - 33, 37, T07 VALLEY NATIONAL BANK - T52 Vanaman, Lynda - 37, 75, T23, T33, T37 Vondervort, Ellen - 86,87 Vasquez, Carol - 40, 42, 44, TTO Vasquez, Frank - 64, T33, T37 Velasquez, Aurora - 44, TTO Velasquez, Danny O. A. - TI3 Vigil, Tony - 59, T07 Villarreal, Rosolinda - TI3 Villarreal, Ross - TI3 VILLESCAS' SERVICE STATION - T4T Villicana, Elsa - TOO, T03 T37 WOOD SHOP - 92 Wright, Blaine Y 60, T03 Wright, Lester - 54, 63, 64, TI3 X Y Yazzie, Arlene - 3T, 65, T32, T37 Yozzie, Leroy - T32, T37 Yazzie, Shirley - 30, 96, TTO Z Zamora, FrankJr. A 65, 9T, T33, T37 Zamora, Paul - 37, 40, TTO Zepeda, Debra - T07 Zoeller, Neil - 90 Memo from the editors Beginning our term as editors, we wanted to produce the entire story of the 1969 Happenings! Contrary to popular belief, a yearbook is not a one-man job, but requires the combined efforts of countless individuals. First, we wish to thank Miss Marjorie lohnsong with- out her patience and guidance, this book would never go to press. Also we wish to thank: our thirty fellow journalists, who believe our vocabulary consists only of "re-do" and "refit" . . . Mr. Paul Lemons and all the faculty for their understanding during deadlines . . . . Mr. Roy Faulkner for keeping the financial records . . . . Mr. Larry Goodner for supervising candy sales at home football games . . . Mr. Frank Cabusi for taking pictures and "last minute" rush jobs . . . . Mr. Forest Martin, Camelback yearbook advisor, for lending us his fish eye lens . . . Mr. Ed Pfeifer for the aerial pic- ture on pages 98 and 99. Most ofall, we wish to thank the people of MHS for making this book a Happening. if SCI ,N ll MHC H Sl '55 iff : 11-.Q QA zo QB S' . V :.. W 'JJ 5 - ' ll! A : qi? 1 if -o W' Ei! lilllfj 4 3 gg". 2-f - ' A x M .MJ xi 'rs A 5 509 FET' YISSUCUSQ Co-editors-in-Chief

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