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iv- Aczomsun IQLQ Published By THE SENIOR CLASS of MOREHEAD STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE Morehead, Kentucky 5195 ?'UIDfFW'Xwfw f f 'X' fit X'-X X 4 . A f 4 Lver 25 THROUGH THESE HAL! CRETE, STEEL AND Mc: ENDING FORCES THA MAN, FOR THROUG LEARNING, WE ARE HTHE BUILDEF I .ll 6 1 fi Z I X ffm Q 2 r :QUT-H . I-V' Zi! W. 5 JT 'n TU!" 7 f 4XVf9fRfwAT ' Af mx f - su 'I f ' , TTT'- ,,,,,, if WW 4 3 4 7 M T TQW V 5 i 2 E .jf - X V + 5 f A b 1 71 43? A A T T if A XFX? f T TT TEE T E T TV, 'T 2- - J L T- E Q E C Z L 5 - 5 J i- I Dm Tw,J"1" A -En 3 E E T :-ra.-E-,, , ,- TT .... ig' - " 'N L- 3 H- X F W Q1 ,. . QQ - --J 1 ,hy . ,W-- ---- jlilg ln 1.5 Z 5 TE TIIE u f . 1111111111 , - T7 ' Zigicpgzy I I 'f A ' W. :::. . ' P, M T Birthday U DF INANIMATE CON- 'AR PASS THE NEVER TUILD THE FUTURE GF 'HE INFLUENCE OF OUR OF DESTINY" 5l ,.,, ,v 4. f -r w f f-aff". Q 7 ZW Z: , my sf iz - f V frm T VUL 2 4 ' 4 T 'vi' N ? f Z 'E .. U Z E - -f an A. ' .sw ' T- 5 E -'fr " 64' - X I' I: IE.- " ff f - , J f A A I I L X E . J 2 ,, ----1 -'-+,i ln" V' Z 6 g - 5 .. F fif I - 'Tl MX 4: Zicggghhf "-N '-gum '7E f2 T' ia V, ul. -'D g EJ ..',, C 5 I 2 , XI Q T JL EMU gf' A N 6 BCZDK ONE TCD OUR BUILDERS WE SALUTE OUR FOUNDERS FRANK C. BUTTON We salute the first president of our col- lege, Dr. Frank C. Button. To him we owe an immense debt of gratitude for getting the college started effectively. The noble ideals and the sincere character of a great leader like Dr. Button ought to live forever in the institution that he helped to shape in its early years. ALLI E W. YOU NG We honor the late Judge Allie W. Young who is responsible for the founding of a col- lege at Morehead and for all the support he gave at later dates. Without the aid of Judge Young the college could not have conceivably been established here. Many of the improve- ments in the college were the results of his efforts. ll .wi-X ki Inez Faith Humphrey Cam e . n Hem, cu 1-M996 rme L. Braun WE SALUTE OUR FACULTY Most companies set aside days to honor those who have served for exceptionally long periods of time. We now take the privilege of honoring three of our instructors who have earned five five-year medals in service of the school. Miss lnez Faith Humphrey has been at Morehead since 1916, from 1916 to 1922 with the old Normal School and when the present college was founded she was appointed as head of the Department of English, in which capacity she served until 1940. She organized the Quill and Quair Club in 1933, a club which published a literary magazine until 1940. Miss Hum- phrey is still teaching in the English Department and is an active member of two leading organizations of women who are outstanding in Education, the American Association of University Women and Kappa Delta Gamma. Mr. Henry C. Haggan came to Morehead in 1923 to organize the De- partment of Agriculture which is still under his capable guidance. For six years he was Dean of Men, and for one year he was acting Dean of the col- lege. For five years he was chairman of the Athletic Committee and was responsible for the acceptance of the college in the S.l.A.A. As chairman of the Landscape Committee he has done outstanding work in beautifying the campus. He is now sponsor of the Agriculture Club and co-sponsor of the Senior Class and Raconteur. Miss Catherine L. Braun is the other member of our college who has kept the wheels of education rolling smoothly for a quarter of a century. She organized the division of geography and geology. Miss Braun formerly sponsored the Y.W.C.A. She has been outstanding in conducting field trips not only in the community surrounding Morehead but also throughout the state of Kentucky. Miss Braun is an authority on Kentucky. These three have devoted twenty-five years to the people of Eastern Kentucky and they deserve a hearty salute. We are proud to have such ex- amples of perseverance in our midst! P 1"4llf'f F' i.a 1-J HUBERT J. McSHEA, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.-Associate Professor of Education. OCTAVIA GRAVES, A.B., A.M.-Associate Professor of Education. HUGH M. SHAFER, B.S., A.M., Ph.D.-Professor of Education, Head of Department. WARREN C. LAPPIN, A.B., A.M., Ed.D.-Dean. JESSE T. MAYS, A.B., A.M.-Dean of Men, Assistant Professor of In- dustrial Arts, Head of Department. RUTH SICKAFUS-Clerk, Dean's Office. WILHELM EXELBIRT, Ph.D.-Associate Professor of History. HERBERT HOGAN-Comptroller. LUCY GARDNER, M.A.-Assistant Registrar. VIRGINIA HUDGINS-Clerk, Registrar's Office. Q1 , i , I p-a KEITH HUFFMAN, A.B., A.M.-Instructor in Music. HELEN GREIM, Grad. Music, B. Music, M. Music-instructor in Music. FLORENCE CARPENTER, A.B., M.S.-Instructor in Music. JOHN THOMAN, B.S.--Instructor in Music. NAOMI CLAYPOOL, A.B., A.M.-Assistant Professor of Art, Head of De- - partment. THOMAS D. YOUNG, A.B., A.M.-Assistant Professor of Art. RIENZI W. JENNINGS, B.S., A.M.-Associate Professor of Commerce, Head of Department. VERA SPEARS, B.S., A.M.-Assistant Professor of Commerce. ROSS C. ANDERSON, B.S., A.M.-Assistant Professor of Commerce. DOSHA ROBERTS, R.N.-School Nurse. 7 J'- S haf ggi.. -id Mildred Giles, LB.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher, Fifth Grade. Mary Clay, A.B., A.M.--Assistant Professor of Home Economics, Head of Department, Virginia Rice, B.S.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher in Home Economics. Helen Barbara Hunt, B.S., M.S.-Assistant Professor in Education, Super- vising Teacher in Home Economics. Emma O. Bach, A.M., Ph.D-Professor of Modern Foreign Languages, Head of Department. Gabriel C. Banks, A.B., B.D., A.M.-Assistant Professor of English, Acting Head of Department Ruth Schmitt, A.B., A.M.-Assistant Professor in English. Ethel 'Ma' Kessler-Field's Hall House Keeper. Kate Hill-Dean of Women. ' ,lit its-uc 1 James Gilbert Black, B.S., M.S.-Instructor in Industrial Arts. Hazel Nollau, B.S., M.S.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher in Science. Juanita Minish, A.B., A.M.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher in Foreign Language. Monroe Wicker, B.S.-Director of Admissions, Director of Training School. Sam J. Denny, A.B., A.M.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher in English. Thelma Evans A.B., A.M.-Assistant Professor of Education, Supervising Teacher, First Grade. Blanche Waltz, B.S.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher, Fourth Grade. Rebecca Thompson, B.S., A.M.--Assistant Professor of Education, Super- vising Teacher, Sixth Grade. Amy Irene Moore, B.S., A.M.-Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher in Mathematics. Edna Neal, A.B., A.M.--Instructor in Education, Supervising Teacher, Second Grade. ', ,, .417 3331 'Wh-ff' 4 LINUS A. FAIR, A. B., A.M.-Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Physics. PAUL C. OVERSTREET, A.B., M.S.-Instructor in Mathematics and Physics. MARGUERITE BISHOP, B.S., 8.5. in Library Science-Assistant Librarian. IONE CHAPMAN, A.B., A.M., B.S. in Library Science-Librarian CLIFFORD RADAR, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.-Associate Professor of History and Political Science, Head of Department. CLYDE F. REED, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.-Associate Professor of Biology. ILEE SMITH-Director of Cafeteria. BERNARD CLEMONS-Assistant Director of Cafeteria. VIRGINIA CAUDILL-Secretary, Comptroller's Office. IVA MANNING-Bookstore and Post Office. DR. J. M. ROSE MARCUS REDWINE BOSWELL HODGKINS ROY CORNETTE MRS. ALLIE YOUNG BOARD OF REGENTS During the last twenty-five years Morehead College has proved to be one of the most successful Kentucky institutions of higher learning. This success, as does that of any institu- tion, has depended to a great extent upon the high calibre men and women who have served the college as Board of Regents. Without the guidance and counseling of the Board of Regents the success of this college could not have been achieved. William Jesse Baird, From The President 8'5" Ms" LLB' Your Alma Mater graduates you in the high hope that you will strive to make the world of tomorrow a better world. ln college you have learned the value of freedom, but you have also learned that there is no true freedom attained without rigorous discipline and definite individual responsibility. You have learned there is no grecxt achievement without great labor. As college men and women, most of you will be serving on the home fronts. On whatever front you may be-home, school, government, industry, farm, church-you will be standing for what is right, and not for what is merely expedient. As true sons and daughters of your Alma Mater, you will prove yourselves ambassadors of good will, and serving as creative and productive citizens. In college you have had opportunities beyond the average American citizen. To you, much has been given and from you, much may be right- fully expected. As you take your places on the various fronts, you will know that you do not stand there alone. You may draw upon the strength of that goodly company of college men and women who are working to make Q life richer for an ever increasing number of people. Too, your Alma Mater will follow you with admiration, hope, love, and high expectations. Wm. Jesse Baird CLASSES 5 Duerson Barnes Presidtrlf 'W .leane Thompson r smell' Y f , . I Merl Fair ViC'P-Pyn-idrni Beffy E lfwood Tffagurer SENIOR CLASS One of the greatest of many prides of the Seniors of 1948 is their publication of the his- tory of the college year-in pictures. Perhaps their ,revival of the publication of the RACON- TEUR, after five years without it, is one of their greatest achievements but their wise and unfaltering guidance in many other activities can not be overlooked. Throughout the year the JEANE THOMPSON Morehead, Ky., Area in Art, Junior Class Treasurer, Beaux Arts Club, '45, Vice-President '46, President '47, '48, Home Economics Club, '-45: Crescendo Club, '45-'48, Kappa Delta Pi, '48, Dramatics Club, '46, '47, Chorus '44-'47, Who's Who, '47, '48, Trail Blazer Business Manager, '46-'48, Raconteur Editor '48. DUERSON BARNES Mt. Sterling, Ky., Area in His- tory, "M" Club, Football and Basketball, '39-'4l, Campus Club, President '48, Raconteur Business Manager '48. various organizations and classes of Morehead State have turned to the Seniors for leadership. By their untiring efforts these "Builders of Destiny" are blazing their trail to success. Even after marching proudly down the halls of learning, they will go on blazing trails in many other fields and activities. MERL FAIR Morehead, Ky., Area in Home Economics, Freshman Class Treasurer, Junior Class Presi- dent, Home Economics Club, '44-'48, Beaux Arts Club, '44- '48, Mystic Club, '46-'48, Crescendo Club, '45-'48, Kappa Delta Pi, '47, President '48, Mu Phi, '45, '46, W.A.A. '44-'48, President '48, Cheerleader '44- '48, Band and Chorus, '44-'47, Who's Who, '47, '48, Racon- teur '48. BETTY EARWOOD German, Y.W.C.A., '44-'48 W.A.A., '44-'48, Beta Ch Creenup, Ky., Major: Chem- istry, Minors: Mathematics, Q I Zeta, '44-'47, Mu Phi, '44- '48, Treasurer '48, F.T.A. '48 CHARLES SICKAFUS Huntington, Ind., Area in Music Crescendo Club, '46-'48, Cam-I pus Club, Vice-President '47 Treasurer '48, Band, '42, '45l '48, Chorus, '42, '46-'48 Trail Blazer, Photographer, '42: '47, Raconteur, '42, '48, Col- lege Players, '42, Veteran' Club, '45-'47. GLEN L. REYNOLDS S Globe, Ky., Major: Agriculture. FRANCIS JOHNSON Ashland, Ky., Major: Agricul- ture. CHARLES RAYBURN Emerson, Ky., Majors: Mathe- matics, Physics. WILLIAM E. THOMPSON Gimlet, Ky., Majors: Industrial Arts, Economics and Sociology, Veteran's Club '47. ELVA C-LYNN JONES Banner, Ky., Area in Science, F.T.A. '43, Beta Chi Zeta, '48, Y. M.C.A. '43. URSULA MARCH DAVIDSON Carrie, Ky., Majors: Biology English, Beta Chi Zeta, '47 Vice-President '47, Home Eco- nomics Club, '47, Y.W.C.A. '46-'47, Kappa Delta Pi, '48 CHARLES F. PLUMMER Cesling, Ky., Majors: Agricul- ture, lndustrial Arts, Agricul- ture Club, '47, '48, JACKSON LAWSON Kimball, W. Va., Major: Math- ematics: Minors: Commerce, ln- dustrial Arts. MARTHA ESTI LL Morehead, Ky., Area in Com- merce: F.T.A., Secretary '48: - Kappa Mu, '48. WILLIAM S. HOWELL Ashland, Ky., Majors: lndus- trial Arts, History. ARNOLD MOLLETTE Beauty, Ky., Area in Social Science, Major: Commerce. 20 EDWARD SMITH Hazard, Ky., Majors: Com- merce, Agriculture: Agriculture Club, President '48: Kappa Mu, Secretary, '48: Veteran's Club '47 PAUL MADDOX Bruin, Ky., Major: Biology: Minors: Chemistry, German: Beta Chi Zeta, President '48: Y.M.C.A. '46: Who's Who '48. ARTHUR L. HOWARD Paintsville, Ky., Majors: Com- merce, Economics and Social- ogy: Veteran's Club, President '46: Mystic Club '46-'48: Vet- eran Speaks, Business Manager, '47: Junior Class Treasurer, First Quarter. JOSEPH WALTER STAPLETON Flat Cap, Ky., Majors: Agricul- ture, Geography: Agriculture Club, '40-'42, President '46. IRA J. FRANCIS, JR. Hazard, Ky., Major: Biology, Minors: Chemistry, History, Beta Chi Zeta '48. , JACK POBST Georgetown, Ohio, Major: Phy- sical Education, Minors: lndus- trial Arts, Agriculture, Veter- an's Club '47, Mystic Club, '47, Vice-President '48, Basketball, '45-'48. KENNETH COX Morehead, Ky., Majors: Mathe- matics, History. HAROLD Q. WEBB Olive Hill, Ky., Area in Corn- merce, Veteran's Club '46, Kappa Mu, Vice-President '46, President '47, Campus Club, Secretary '46, Vice-President '47, Junior Class Secretary, First Quarter. SAMUEL EMERSON WHEELER Morehead, Ky., Major: Agricul- ture, Minors: Biology, Chem- istry, Agriculture Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer '4l, '42, Trail Blazer '47. PHYLLIS ANN JAYNE Morehead, Ky., A.B. in Elemen- tary Education, Band '45, Cho- rus, '44-'48, Crescendo Club '46. CHARLES ROSE Hazel Green, Ky., Major: Agri- culture. JAMES TURNER Morehead, Ky., Majors: Mathe- matics, Physics, Mu Phi '46, '47, President '48, F.T.A. '48, Kappa Delta Pi '48. 21 CHARLES WILLIAM EVERHART Uniontown, Pa., Major: Physical Education, Minors: Mathemat- ics, Biology, Football, '40, '46, '47, Basketball, '40, Who's Who '48, Raconteur Associate Editor '48. ARTHUR STEWART Morehead, Ky., Majors: Mathe- matics, Industrial Arts, Beaux Arts Club '46-'48, Campus Club, Secretary '42, '46-'48, Band '40-'42, '46, '47, Mu Phi '46-'48, Tumbling Club '42, Raconteur Photographer '48, Who's Who '48, PETER PAWLOWSKI South River, N. J., Major: Chemistry, Minors: Mathemat- ics, Geography, Football, '42, '46, '47, Mu Phi, Treasurer '43. CERTRUDE DRAUC-HN Leburn, Ky,, A.B. in Elementary Education, W.A.A., Secretary '45, Mystic Club, Secretary '46, Kappa Mu '45-'48, Secretary '45, Junior Class Vice-Presi- dent, First Quarter. 22 GARLAND WILKINSON Wheelwright, Ky., Majors: Phy- sical Education, Biology, Sopho- more Class Vice-President, Campus Club, '47, '48, Veter- an's Club '47, Trail Blazer, '47. LARRY D. WORKMAN Fort Gay, W. Va., Majors: Phy- sical Education, History, Foot- ball '4l, '46, '47, All KIAC '4l, '46, '47, Honorable Men- tion, Little All-American '4l, Campus Club, '46-'48, Presi- dent '48, First Quarter. JOHN PHILIP SMITH Morehead, Ky., Area in Com- merce, Kappa Mu '46-'48. Joi-IN RPUFRT jrucxsn . Cmcm - N, Ohio . nati, Oh Oakrligidfnf Vwpffffdmflo LLEY TOMMY cm Metkgelsilteretucky Lemngfon- KeFF'N Sa SgCfEfd7y WANDERINE ISON Relief, Kentucky WILLIAM JAMISON Central City, Kentucky JEWELL BLEDSOE Morehead, Kentucky JUNIOR CLASS nfll T reaxuref cky JAMES DONNELLY Los Angeles, California MILDRED HORN Inez, Kentucky JOHN MALONE Maysville, Kentucky f' -3' I -if wi" W LMI, If V. HM ' -JH!-Univ 1,7681 ., I 'gd' .' -""-we 'RGY5' fo? f Uikfg , 'V I , 'V 24 'I CHARLES O' BRYAN Estill, Kentucky DOUGLAS VAN HOOSE Nippa, Kentucky, CHRISTINE PAWLOWSKI Inez, Kentucky LEO OSBORNE Load, Kentucky LLOYD HAMPTON Jeremiah, Kentucky H I RAM ELY Morehead, Kentucky JAMES E. CLAY Morehead, Kentucky JOHN M. BOGGS Webbville, Kentucky FRANK GALLENSTEIN Maysvi Ile, Kentucky VIRGINIA ROBERTS Morehead, Kentucky JAMES N. DANNER Haldeman, Kentucky VIRGINIA JOAN CECIL Morehead, Kentucky CHARLES THOMPSON Morehead, Kentucky DREXEL R. WELLS Morehead, Kentucky NARD V. STAPF Greenup, Kentucky FORD W. FIELDING Olive Hill, Kentucky EUGENE FOX Jackhorn, Kentucky CLAUDIE ROWLAND Relief, Kentucky CALVIN HUNT Yale, Kentucky LUCILLE C. WALTERS Nickell, Kentucky CHARLES WALTERS, JR. Nickell, Kentucky CANN ISAACS Topmost, Kentucky LAN PENCE Vanceburg, Kentucky CLINTON JOHNSON Morehead, Kentucky LAURIE L. WHITE Culver, Kentucky NANCY HOLBROOK Morehead, Kentucky WILLIAM BENTLEY South Shore, Kentucky NELL FAIR Morehead, Kentucky WARDIE CRAFT Coney, Kentucky CLIFFORD CASSADY Inez, Kentucky will K- 4 Jag .i,,1,1.f1' ,iirprawf 1 1 25 .4-y Q G1 Qin EVELYN MOORE Prestonburg, Kentucky MELVIN OTTEN Dayton, Kentucky MYRTLE V. MAY Morehead, Kentucky THOMAS HOWARD RAMEY Nippa, Kentucky MILLARD MAXEY Ringos Mills, Kentucky JULIUS A. CROCKER Miami, Florida CLEMENT HALL Olive Hill, Kentucky WILLIAM CLARKSON Catlettsburg, Kentucky WATT WH ITE Stephens, Kentucky JOHN F. CARSON Manchester, Ohio VlOLET W. ROSE Campton, Kentucky Thomas Queen President is H ine Madden: erman Wheele paul T I' Secfctafy 'FU-l'7lfL'f RALPH LAY PEGGY BOWLES CLARENCE CLAYTON SOPHOMORE CLASS JACK HOLLY CLYDE I. WEAVER WANDA FIELDING 3 'oi 'Q' NAOMI WALKER WILLIAM GROSS LOIS JEAN WHEELER MELVIN BAILEY JOHN EDWARD ALLEN WILLIAM L. PLUMMER ESTILL E. GREENE ANNA M. STATON ROY cRAvEs RL MARTHA SUE CAREY 1 F" 1 I , '63 GEORGE w. JACKSON aw f . . QQ? MILFORD WELLS , if L -.,.-I' Ha i? I"- -PQII '3 - , , 311145 . ALVIN E. MARTIN WILLIAM J. BENTLEY WILLIAM J. MENGES HAZEL SMITH ROBERT CUNNINGHAM CLYDE MacLAUCHLIN ELDON DAVIDSON JANET PATRICK BILLY CLINE EDMUND CRAFTON LEO THOMAS WILLIAM LASTINCER ARLIE COX DORIS ZIMMERMAN OLIVER ROGERS EDSEL JOHNSON JEAN CHRISTY JANIS RUTH CAUDILL 65 Y 'Z 1- '4 'T' ., ,. .::,,1.1 .x. 1. 'l" 'JM W J ' dim F ,4 X:-.fx I GEORGE L. ROGERS YVONNE GREENE D. A. WATSON GOLDIE S. FUGATE BRADLEY J. STUMP EVELYN DAVIDSON RAYMOND L. KRING LAWRENCE E. KINNEY JAY GALLION CHARLES PELFREY, JR. THOMAS M. DOBYNS JEAN SLATER WALTER PROKOPOVICH CHARLES E. CHATTIN FENTON MORRIS ROWENA KELLY NELL HAMILTON DALE K. FANNIN HOWARD KISER CALEN S. BROWN LOUISE P. BROWN ISABEL ADKINS IMOGENE ZORNES JASPER W. HUFF, JR. 1 8 s tw. .. .-.x 5 5'N 5,77 5:7 of-W .. L 9'N CAROLINE PARKER NORMAN H. ROBERTS RUBEN WATTS HOMER G, BICKERS JOE C. TAYLOR CHARLES P. MCKENZIE DONALD R. GRAHAM ALMA V. CARL JAMES M. NICKELL LOUISE BOCOOK CANDACE BANKS JOHN RAY CONLEY ANDY PAUL WHEELER MARY ELIZABETH REED RAYMOND OSBORN FRED NETHERLY BARBARA STRANGE THOMAS F. MEAGER WILLIAM VANHOOSE WALTER DAVIDSON ?""'s5fff" "' - ' f I ' 15i'VF'i19-"'F"'Yif21I Tyfv, 15.1 , ,aft :K 131,914 I - "th I QL? , 5 , Tiff" iff- 2? I 13435 I if w gifs . 41 , ' . 'I"'f ff . ,. ma- f , f ,ii A , , ,, me - ,lf ' I ' - I 'if' ' 'x.'f1-gm? - ,. '- g21.'i,f1!:f ' - 1 ,v . :sffjfsfw I-ff A I fs, .p:F" 5 x:::f5!fJ1:14 . .:l j:::::::i!'r:. '.?:'f' 1315 , :T Q5f5:'55:'?5:f fx Q 34 JUANITA BAIRD EDWARD E. COX COLUMBUS C. BOGCS JEAN I. HUTCHINSON BAIRD CONLEY BRADFORD ISON LOIS ALLENE CAIN LUTHER RISNER THOMAS LYKINS TOM HARRIS .lu 'N -ff' Irene Haney Tfediwe' ROBERT E. THOMAS JUANITA CANTRELL RENOS ROARK k Hooker wi"ia"' HWS. Jr. J ac . President Vive'-Prexiden! Earle se edl, Secrefgfy ouse FRESHMAN CLASS CARL W. FAIR v-Q, lf. 133 MYRL SKACGS 'QQ X JAMES E. WEBB Q? 4:1 HENRY T. SPARKS JAMES H. MAUSER HAZEL MUSIC THOMAS R. CURTIS BOBBY G. FRIZZELL BENJAMIN HAYS RICHARD BAILEY BETTY LASTINCER HENRY GLOVER CHARLOTTE EMOGENE HALL PAUL H. JOHNSON NORMAN DALE MEEKIN LLOYD M. JONES VERLA M. WEBB ROBERT L. GREY ELIZABETH HARTLEY DOUGLAS BICKERS JOHN HOFFMAN CLEO ASHWORTH WILMA REED VERMON HAMMOND CHARLES JOHNSON BARBARA JEAN SPRADLIN MARVIN MAYHALL JOYCE MOBLEY RICHARD ROY BERNARD KOZMA WILLIAM REDWINE RAYMOND WHITE EMMA DELORES HACER fa f -.42 F , gif 2-':::ffwm : ' ,,. , and .....:g-r. A - . f."'-...rrif -,vu 5' :' '-'!,'15fE:f- If Za" 1:3 ..., . vu -v , ... 'Ulu vlf W., .IV aging, I 49- ""..'EP N. J f o 5 I V I I 1 "'-3 ra ,X I .. , 1,,-,,:x3T.,:'p3? L. . 5' fx qi.. kt , 1 NJ 'zz' I I II I N6 T g xi 3-J '13 :Q -0' I If i I W if . ii IN'-ur" ! 's X. 'A if 4. ..-. u . .,.., -,. . f Q BRADIS ARNETT DORIS FAYE LEWIS REICN H. SHIPLEY ORBIN D. HACKWORTH WILLIAM R. BALL JAMES F. CARTER DONALD I. CONLEY ADNA JONES BALLARD WICKER JOHNSON W. RAZOR GLEN CONRAD CRUM WILLIAM E. SHEPHERD CALVIN WHITT ARLIS WHEELER EARL GREENE WOODFORD KASH ELEANOR GULLETT RUTH DELONC LANDON MAYNARD ROBERTA LEWIS JAMES EDSEL VAN HOOSE ARTHUR JOHNSON WOODROW SLONE CREED ARNETT PAUL M. BROWN CURTIS L, REDWINE VIRGINIA L. MULLINS DOLORES OWENS , CHESTER MALONE PEGGY LOU CHRISTIAN Lewis cox A I - .. WILLIAM Music I li., Li, JOHN BURTON A. l -I 1 I, .SI . . I'!I'L I A I ' I I.,-It I Wifi I M" Fa 1, ' .Ilgg :EI Iyffi: 40 MARY LOU JOHNSON MILAN PERPICH PAUL BEIL SAMUEL SIPLE GEORGE M. COMBS KAY DAVIS SKAGGS EARL P. LYONS CARROLL GENE HALL BETTY RHEA PACE THOMAS A. COLLETTI BILLY LEE HARMON ANITA S, PAYNE VERMON LEE RAMEY JAMES W. MULLIGAN WILLIAM T. BURKE ANNETTA ARNETTE ESTA S. SALYERS JACK D. ELLIS RAYMOND JARVIS CALVIN RISNER MARGARET SUE CORNETTE RAY DORTON ROY C. RANEY PATRICIA A. LAMB EDMOND E. WHITE JAMES T. CARROLL 1 JERRY WING RUTH KEES PHYLLIS ANNE ALFERY FRANKLIN H. MORICLE WILLIAM J. DAY GORDON B. JOLLY FLORA BENTLEY GLENN T. WHITAKER ROBERT E. DYER ALMA LOIS ELLINGTON MATT E. PRYOR HARRY ALEX BANKS CHARLES W. HANGER VEE VEE RICE VIRGINIA LOUISE ELLINGTON FRANK L. PRATER JOHN F. O'CULL MINNIE G. GREEN GEORGE C. THOMPSON SUSIE E. ROBINSON GORDON S. KIRTLEY DONLEY M. CUZZORT RUTH DICKERSON SIDNEY J. SUTPHIN Bm., 7 '1 V L.. :M ' " " ,V I "' I r ,A L A K-Lx wi' ' 1 - . 1 w 46 :1 :ls i? 1 " ' ' . . , f m g'-ii' ' iw 7'3" P? , Q7 vp. '47 -laura N In ' ' 1,5 . ,, ,..r., .4 pw 1.2 1- 1- 1 mf , 1 , . , 'Q 1 1 .As .Is N "S. F, r ,ix -A 7 ,. . . QCD!! TWO IICIIVIIIIS Among 'rhe major concepls of college fraining are knowledge, and social acfiv- ify. Knowledge we gel' from fhe classroom: social acfivify from sfudeni' organi- zafions. I+ is The duly of every college siudenf fo be an acfive member of some organi- za+ion. , Morehead sludenfs have falcen advanfage of 'rhe wide opporfunifies offered for parficipaiion in afhlefics, dramafics. musical, iournalisfic. and many ofher acfivifies. Organizafions emphasizing parficular subiecf-ma'r+er inieres+s are promo+ed as well as various clubs having social ac+ivi'ry as fheir goal. The success of fhese organizafions in recenf years speaks for ifself. First Row: Day, Haggan, Smith. Second Row: Arnett, Cox, C-reene, W. Plummer, Jarvis, Holbrook, Roe, Kiser, Maxey. Third Row: Daniels, Reynolds, Rowland, Phillips, Osborne, Watson, C. Plummer. Fourth Row: Davidson, Roark, Conley, Smith, Whitaker, Gallion, Sloane, lson, Caudill, Risner, Kinder. AGRICULTURE CLUB Edward Smith ........ ................... P resident Billy Day .,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ................... V ice-President Charles Phillips ....... ...... S ecretary-Treasurer H. C. Haggan... .......... Sponsor The Agriculture Club was organized in l938. Since then this club has participated in landscaping several buildings on the campus and improved the landscape in general. Its main purpose is to improve rural living and environ- ment beautification. The past two years the club planted over 5000 flower- ing bulbs, planted many flowering plants, and furnished half of the collection of the hybrid Rhododendrons, A goal is set up each year by a project com- mittee and each year this goal has been met. l l l . i E l '11 First , , . ow: nderson, F. Bentley, Lafferty Zimmerman, Caudill, Johnson, Barndollar, Christy, Estill, Elswick, Jennings. Third Row B. Bentley, Staton, Lamb, Branham, Draughn, Skaggs. Fourth Row: Banks, Clay, O. Rogers Carrol, C. Rogers, Dortan, Pence, Wheeler, Mollette, Spears. Not Present: Bowles, Gullett Stump. KAPPA MU Row: McKenzie, Smith Walker Webb Second R A Naomi Walker ....,,..., .....................President Harold Webb ..........,.. ........Vice-President ' Pauline McKenzie ..... ...........Secretary Edward Smith .................. ........ T reasurer Sponsors R. W. Jennings R. C. Anderson Vera Spears The Kappa Mu, Commerce Club, was founded in 1938 under the direc- tion of R. W. Jennings, head of the Commerce Department. The club is the third oldest on the campus and has as its objective the correlating of social activities with programs of commercial interest. Guest speakers at banquets, trips to various business houses in some of the larger nearby cities, and other social activities are exam le f h p s o w at the Kappa Mu has done since its organization. First Row: Wilkinson, Barnes, Sickafus, Cross. Second Row: Stewart, Scroggins, Carson, Malone. Third Row: Staff, Prokopovich, Moricle, Perkhiser, Tucker, Queen, Mays. Not Present: Workman, Webb, Griffin, Keadle, Chattin, CAMPUS CLUB Duerson Barnes ......... ............................. P resident Garland Wilkinson ........ Vice-President Bill Gross ...................... ...........,. S ecretary Charles Sickafus .A.., .......... T reasurer J. T. Mays ........................ Sponsor "The college is a better institution with these men a part of it." This, plus other slogans and high ideals, is the reason why the Campus Club is one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus. Since l933, the club has promoted leadership and honored outstanding male students of the campus. And, since l936, the club under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Mays, has become a promoter of campus activities. At the beginning of this year Larry Workman was President, and Harold Webb was Vice-President. Both graduated in December leaving the remaining activities of the year to the present officers. Along with the most tolerant informal and picturesque formal initiations, the Campus Club is proud of their "Dance of the Year" reputation. ' First Row: Christy, Ellington, Salyer. Second Row: Bledsoe, Cornette, Delong, Cecil, Fair Strange, Clay. Third Row: Gibbson, Patrick, Robinson, Caudill, Hunt, Carey, Powlowski Not Present: Kelly, Morrison, Alley. HCME ECONOMICS Joan Cecil ................ ..................... P resident Jewell Bledsoe ........... ........ V ice-President Ruth Delong ................. ............... S ecretary Barbara Strange .............................. Treasurer Sponsors Pricilla Cibbson Mary Clay H. Barbara Hunt Mrs. W. H. Rice The Home Economics Club is one of the best girls' organizations on the campus. It includes in its membership those students who are either majors or minors in the field of Home Economics. The purpose of the club is "to give opportunity for members to develop active leadership and responsibility, to bring students in closer touch with the Home Economics organizations of the state and nation, and to create and stimulate interest and education in Home Economics. First Row: Stewart, Barnes, Thompson, Everhart, Fair. Second Row: Claypool, Sickafus, Hol- brook, Haggan. Third Row: Wilkinson, Collis, Hooker, Vanhoose, Hays. Not Present: Perk- hiser, Wilson, Parker. RACONTEUR Jeane Thompson ...... Bill Everhart ......... Duerson Barnes ..... Garland Wilkinson ...... ------ ............................Editor ...............Associate Editor ................Business Manager .Asst. Business Manager John Collis ............... ..................... J unior Editor James Perkhiser ........ ........... S ophomore Editor Jack Hooker ......... ...... F reshman Editor Marvin Wilson ...... ......... S ports Editor Merl Fair ................. .............. C lub Editor Nancy Holbrook ....... .................... F eatures Editor Charles Sickafus ....... ................ P hotographic Editor Arthur Stewart ......... ....... A sst. Photographic Editor Drexel Wells ........ .......................Photog rapher Bill Vanhoose ....... .............................. Writer Bill Hays .............. ............ W riter Everette Parker .... ............... W riter Mrs. Naomi Claypool ....... ........ C o-Sponsor Henry C. Haggan ........... ........ C o-Sponsor After five years with no publication of the Raconteur, due to shortages created by the war, the Senior Class has once again, through struggle and strife - and fun, come through with a Yearbook. We hope it is a good one and that through our efforts the precedent of publishing the Raconteur may be re-established. A. ..i"','.i I sis ft - in is' ,. A fl s ' I 1 First Row: Walker, Cantrell Moore, Staton, Banks. Second Row: Barndollar, Delong, Cain Draughn, Strange, Lewis, Haney, Salyer, Johnson. Third Row: Mullins, Greene, Davidson Robinson, Lamb, Kclly, K. Skaggs, Bentley. Not Present: Hamilton, M, Skaggs, Wellman C Y.w. c.A. Evelyn Moore ..... ................. P resident Anna Staton ...A.......,.. .,..... V ice-President Juanita Cantrell ....... .......... S ecretary Candace Banks ....,... ...,...... T reasurer Mrs. Kate Hill .....,. ........ S ponsor h The Young Women's Christian Association is one of the oldest organiza- tions on the Campus. Its major purpose is to keep alive the religious spirit of the youth of the campus and to furnish a wholesome form of social life. Their programs consist of guest speakers, discussion panels, student worship services and wholesome recreation. This year the Y.W.C.A. has sponsored a Christmas Vesper Program for the faculty and students, which is hoped to be made an annual tradition, We have also sponsored a series of programs on spiritual guidance, and a candle- light initiation service tor new members. We plan to sponsor an all-school picnic, make a donation to the World Student Service Fund, and sponsor an Easter Sunrise Service. Several members will represent Morehead at the Ken- tucky Area Y.W.C.A. meeting in Berea. First Row: Cecil, M. Fair, Thompson, Bledsoe, Second Row: Slater, Alley, Walker, Hutchin- son, N. Fair, Caudill, Parker, Zornes. Third Row: Young, Fielding, Lay, Hooker, Meager Webb,.l. Collis, Prokopovich, Stewart, Claypool. Not Present: Dobyns, Thomas, Wilson, D Collis, Mobley, Patrick. BEAUX ARTS CLUB Jeane Thompson ..... .....,,.,... ..,.,. P r esident Janet Patrick ....,. ...... V ice-President Merl Fair ....,.........A ......,,.... S ecretary Joan Cecil .,............,.,...... ...... T reasurer Sponsors Mrs. Naomi Claypool Tom Young The Beaux Arts Club was organized by Mrs. Claypool in l935, for the purpose of giving students the opportunity of learning how to appreciate art and to participate in art activities whether they are art students or not. The name Beaux Arts is French tor the beautiful arts, the brushes and palette are the symbols representing the tools of their workg red. blue and yellow are their colors. The activities of this group deal with the making of art objects, sponsor- ing art entertainments, and studying about the works of fine art. Two of the high points in their program is the Annual Beaux Arts Ball, which is a costume affair, and the bus trip to Cincinnati to see the art of the Museum. Terminal. Rockwood Pottery and other points in the city. First Row: Maddox, Hartley, Strange, Lamb, Johnson, Holbrook, Robinson. Second Row: Reed, Clarkson, West, Shipley, Francis, Maxey, Bentley, Watson, Sammons, O'CulI Grey, Caudill, Stoops. ' BETA CHI ZETA Paul Maddox ...,...,.,....... ................... P resident William Clarkson .... ...... V ice-President Barbara Strange ,..............,........ ....... S ecretary Sponsors F. T. West J. A. Stoops C. F. Reed The Beta Chi Zeta is an organization for students who are majoring or minoring in Chemistry, Botany or Zoology. Students who have had tour hours in any one of these fields may become associate members. The purpose of the club is to promote greater interest in Biological and Chemical sciences and to increase and promote friendship among students and faculty. The club meets on the first and third Tuesday night of each month. The program for the first Tuesday is planned and given by students. One of the sponsors then has charge of the next meetings. JN Firsf row-Johnson, Creech. Mobley. Jayne, Moore, Wheeler, Cain, Laslinger, Pafrick, Second row- Kirby, Baile, Menges, Wilson, Fugeli, Meekin. Whiff, Carroll Hall. Hays, Carpenfer. Third row- Roberis, Barber, Skaggs. Dickerson. Ellinglon, Fair, Haney, ller, Lamb. Fourfh row-Clemenr Hall. Sickafus, Arneff. Cox, Crocker, Prefer, Osborn, Shipley. McCann. Malone, While. Noi proton!- Dobyns, Hammond. CHGRUS The MSTC chorus, conducied by Miss Florence Carpenrer, in 'rhe absence of Mr. Marvin E. George. has grown rhroughouf ihe year lo forfy members, mos+ of +hese are maiors in fhe music deparimenf. buf lhe chorus is open +o everyone in rhe college who likes lo sing. The purpose of ihe chorus is 'lo give an opporfunify 'ro all who enjoy ensemble sing- ing lo become familiar wi+h various fypes of good choral music. The g ro u p presenis af leasf one assembly program each quar'rer, and also works wiih church choirs in +he communiiy on greaf sacred works like "The Messiah," presenfed a+ Chrisfmas. and "The Seven Las'r Words," presenled on "Good Friday." Occasional performances our-of-fown are also enioyed by 'rhis group. The unusually large proporfion of men in rhe chorus 'rhis year led fo fhe formarion of a male chorus, whose musical selec- fions len? varie+y +o +he programs +ha+ were pre- senlecl. Flufe: J. Mobley Clarinei' Meekin Shipley Wheeler Wilson Moore Malone Green Creech Wood Bass Clarineh M. Mobley Oboe: Crocker Bassoon: Lamb Concert Band Cornefz Baile Fuggeif While Osborn Whiil' Clayion Kirby French Horn: Banks ller Graves Cain Trombone: Hall Dobyns Cox Barifonez N. Fair Day Menges Sousaphone: C. Fair Arneif Shing Bass: Enzinna Percussion: Graham McCann Hays Saxophone: Sickafus Direcfor: John Thoman Firsf row-Thoman, Tolliver. Lamb, Hays, Graham. McCann. Mobley. Second row-Creech, Green. Wood, Wheeler. Meelcin, Shipley, Hall, Huffman. Siclcafus, Cox. Third row-Malone, Moore, Wilson, Baile. Fugeff, Banks. ller, Cain, Graves. Fourih row-Mobley. Crocker. Kirby. Osborn, Whill. While. Claylon, Fair, Menges. Day. Fifth row-Arneft Enzinna, Fair. Marching Band The Morehead Sfafe Teachers College Band has enioyed ouisfanding success +his year. The march- ing band. which plays af all afhlelic evenfs, has dis- played precision, versafilify and musicianship in lheir performances. Much praise has been be- sfowed upon fhis unit bofh locally and abroad. The purpose of 'the concerf band is 'rhal' of pre- senfing and promoiing inferesl' in 'rhe besf of band music. This unif presenls many concerls on 'rhe college campus. including an ouldoor concerr series. This year a successful concerf four of nine ciries in +his area was made as part of 'rhe educafional pro- mofion program of +he college and also To creale a greaier in'reres+ in fhe music program of fhe sev- eral schools. Sealed-Parker. Sfanding-Hays. Thompson. l-loolcer. Timko, Vanhoose. Noi presonf-Varney, Puri:- TRAIL BLAZER hiser, Bradley. Joane Thompson .. William Vanhoose. Alonzo Varnoy .... ...... Business Manager . . .. . Circulaiion Manager .. . . . . .. Sporis Wriier William Hays .. ..... Reporier Jack Hoolror .. .... Reporter James Purlmhiser. ..... Reporier Emme'H Bradley .... ..... S ponsor The Trail Blazer has gone ihrough fhis year againsf numerous odds. Despiie fhese difficuliies which normally befall a college publicaiion, 'rhe paper has made ifs regular appearances on 'ihe campus +wo Wednesdays of each monih. Many people have passed favorable complimenfs +o ihe grind of ihe enduring siaff, and of iheir sponsor. Mr. Bradley. This is +he eighfeenfh year of publicaiion of ihe Trail Blazer and we are proud io know ihaf we have lcepf +he frail blazed for The iuiure siudenis. The Trail Blazer is a member of ihe Associa+ed Collegioie Press. Naiional Press Associaiion, and Kenfuclcy Press Associaiion. li' is represenied for nafional adveriising by The Naiional Adveriising Service, Inc. ff" l Firsf row-Bledsoe, M. Fair, Creech. Bowles. Second row-Horn, McKenzie, Cecil. Reed. Slaier, N. Fair, Zornes, Zimmerman. Parker. Carey. Third row-Bafison. Morris, Lyons, Malone, Prolcopovich. MSTC iMysiicl Club Jack Pobsf ...... Peggy Bowles ..... Marl Fair .......... Doroihy Hilliard ..... The Mysfic Club was organized in 'rhe memory of Coach Len Miller in ihe Fall of l945. This is ihe "Pep Club" of 'rhe campus and Hs duiies include 'rhe supervision of eleciing cheerleaders, and plan- ning all pep rallies on fhe campus. H' fosiers keen inieresf and pariicipaiion in all sporfs. H' is a 'rraclifion of fhe club +o sponsor an annual Vice Presideni' .. . . . Secrefary . . . . Treasurer . . . . Sponsor Valeniine Ball, which was given on February 7 +his year. Wiih +he .money cleared af lhis dance a bas- lceiball +rip or anofher acfivity showing loyalfy 'lo 'rhe school will be enioyecl by The club. All aihlefes are auiomaiically honorary members ancl may become acfive members when 'ihey pass fhe inifiafion service. Q Firsf row-Hammond, Shipley, Fair. Turner. Earwood, Lylrins, Cox. Second row-Pallxo. Graves, C. Fair. Thompson, Johnson, Donnelly. Lay, Grey, While, Fair, Biclcers. Noi' presenf-Hackworfh, McCoig. Sammons. Thomas. Hays. MU PHI James Turner ..... ....... P residenf James Donnelly .... .. . Vice-Presidenf Nell Fair ....... ..... S ecrefary Belly Eerwood ........... .. .... Treasurer Sponsors Linus A. Fair Paul C. Oversfreef The Mu Phi Club was organized fhe second ierm relefed +o Mafhemalics and Physics. Each program of I939. Hs membership consisis of fhose sfudenis is followed by a social hour a+ which refreshmenfs who are inferesled in Maihemafics and Physics. If are served. meefs rwice each monfh for discussion .of Topics 62 Firsf row-Fair, Gallensiein, Blaclc, Wellesly. Second row-Evans, Price. Jaclrson, Thompson, Wellesly. Denny, Graves. Third row-Turner, Shafer, Wesl. Noi presenf--Mary Ella Lappin, Joyce Wolford. Ruby Kinder G-rigsby, Lofiie Glover, Meia WhiH. Margarei Howard. KAPPA DELTA PI Meri Fair ........ Frank Gallensfein .. Mrs. Jean D. Blaclr Mrs. W. M. Wesley Dr. Hugh M. Shafer .. Epsilon There Chapfer of Kappa Delia Pi was insfallecl a+ Morehead April 7, I942. This Nafional Honorary Frafernify is open fo oufsfanding siudenis in +heir iunior. senior, and gracluafe years. The organizarion is primarily inieresrecl in fhe promorion of science. fideliiy 'ro humanify, service. and scholar- .... . . .. Presidenf .... Vice-Presidenf . . . Secrerary .... Treasurer ,.... Sponsor ship. Membership cons+i+u'res a mark of disiincrion in +he feaching profession. The organizarion was esfablished fo encourage high professional, inrellecrual and personal sian- dards, and +o recognize ouisranding con+ribu+ions ro educafion. E 63 -" , Sealed-Haney. M. May, Pace. Sfanding-Earwood, Jolly, Dr. McShea, Hoolzer, Lay, Johnson. Turner and L. May. Members noi presenf-Pence. Wafson, Kiser, and Esrill. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Gordon Jolly .... Marihe Esfill .,. Belly Pace ......... Dr. Hugh J. McShea .... .. The Fuiure Teachers Of America is a professional organizafion composed of prospeclive +eachers. This chapfer is an imporfanl' par? of 'rwo greal' organizafions. namely, +he Nalional Educafional Associafion. The' purposes of our organizafionz +o develop leadership, praclical 'rraining experience in working 'rogefher in a democra+ic way on +he problems of our profession and our communifies. lo enrich The .. . . Vice Presidenf . . . . . Secrefery .... Treasurer ...........,Sponsor spirii of college life. and To esfablish a professional cifizenship which every member will wish fo conlinue so long as he is a feacher. "li ever rhere was a cause, if ever lhere can be a cause worihy 'ro be upheld by all of foil or sacrifice fha? fhe human hearf can endure. ii is ihe cause of EDUCATION." -Horace Mann f 1 .. A H, f,g.5,-fi. wg WW-,, f-I-rn f ' ..'1s:-Mir-si '- w,yw'i.M V X ,iii-iLs,i,r:7 rim: Agn 24' Wiiifl'-vc -'fn L4 V" ' :I-'f,,..lL. je, .'.i,N1Tff,'. 'R , . , Q .UZ Firsf row-N. Fair. Wheeler, Moore. Menges. Second row-Mobley, ller. Lamb, Kirby, M. Fair, Wilson, Thompson, Menges. Griem. Third row-Meelcin, Arnefl, Cox, Shipley, Osborn, Dobyns, Carpenfer, Carroll Hall, Baile, C, Fair. Whiff, Fugeff. Noi' preseni-While, Crocker, Grahamn, Hayes, Molone, Siclcafus, McCann. Clemenf Hall, Cain. CRESCENDO CLUB Lois Wheeler ... Nell Fair ........ Evelyn Moore .... Bill Menges Helen Griem .... The Crescendo Club, one of ihe mosl' aclive musical organizarions on rhe campus. was organized in I944 for 'rhe purpose of furrhering musical infer- esis and enriching +he musical life of +he siudenrs. The club is engaged in various ac'rivi'ries includ- ing: supplying ushers for concerrs on lhe campus, ........ Presidenf . . . . Vice Presidenf . . . . Socrefary . . . Treasurer . . . Sponsor sponsoring luncheons for visiling arrisls, giving an annual Chrislmas Parry. sponsoring a spring dance from which rhe funds are used ro purchase equip- mem for lhe music deparrmenl. - Acfive membership is limifed +o Those working Toward a maior or minor in music. 65 Firsf row-Sfafon. N. Fair, M. Fair, Bledsoe, Pefriclc. Second row-Zimmerman, Mckenzie, Benlley. Slafer. Well- man. ller. Lewis. Third row-Johnson, Sfrange. Parker, Haney. Morrison, Horn. W. A. A. Merl Fair .... Jewell Bledso .... Noll Fair Joan Cecil Gold Capfain- Blue Capfain- Sponsor-Miss Hilliard The Woman's Afhlefic Associafion is an organi- zefion open 'lo all women sfudenfs inferesled in par- ficipafing in any form of physical acfivily. The club meefs every Monday nighf from 6:30 +o 7:30. Tour- 66 ..... . .. Presidenl . . . . Vice Presidenf .... Secreiary .. . .. Treasurer namenfs for fhe various sporfs are held during fhe proper season and playdays, invi+ing o+her colleges. are held every so offen. ATHLETICS Firsf row-Brogan. Burke, Perpish, E. Lyons. B. Workman, Pryor. Mauser. Wing. Dyer. A. Schlepfovich Belz. Ball. Second row-Everharf. Griffin. Burfon. Keadle, Weaver. MocLaughlin, M. Lyons, Queen F. Moricle, Roselli. L. Workman, Walker. Third row-Radiunas. Johnson. Laughlin, Barber. Galbrallh J. Moricle. C. Schlepfovich, Kirfley, Siple, T. Lyons, Merediih, Hoffman. Powlowslci, Love, Collis Carfer. Foo+ball Season I947 Kenfucky "B" .... 2l Morehead . Offerbien . . . . . 6 Morehead . Marshall .. .... 34 Morehead . Murray . . . .... I3 Morehead . . Kenfuclcy "B" .... 24 Morehead . . Wesf Liberiy .... I8 Morehead . Georgelown . . . 6 Morehead . . Easfern . . . .... 34 Morehead . Wesrern . . .... 2I Morehead . . Bull Everharf ..i Pew Powlowslil LarrY Wo,kman The gradualion of 'rhese fhree mainsprings of the off because of fheir femporary "leave of absence" Eagle gridmen leaves no small vacancies in +he wi1'hl'he Armed Forces. Morehead line up' They all shared honors by being selec+ed on 'Phe Each one a veferan ball player. fhey refurned +o all KIAC feam fhis year. Morehead in order +o finish where 'lhey had lefl Coaching Sfaff End Coach-Bob Laughlin, Head Coach-Ellis Johnson. Lino Coach-Sfanley Radiunas. 'Mfg vm . x I ' U ,4, 1 Hutchinson, Allen, Lay. Ball. Lyons. Martin, Fraley, Pobst, Mudd. Scroggins Battson Players noi' plc 'lured-Hoffman, Kirtley. Tucker. Mayhall, Risner. Cedarville ....... West Texas State . West Texas State . Marshall ....... Western ....... Ky. Wesleyan .. Wheaton ..... Evansville ..... South Dakota ..... Furman University Georgetown ..... Hamllne University Union ........... Evansville . . . Eastern .... Murray .... Murray .... Berea ....... Cedarville .... Ky. Wesleyan . . . Union ....... Georgetown . . . Eastern ...... Dusquesne . . . Marshall . . Western Basketball Season I947-48 . ............... 47 Morehead ....... . . . . .62 Morehead . . . . . . 54 Morehead . . . . . .62 Morehead . . . . . .78 Morehead . . . . . .54 Morehead . . . . . .70 Morehead . . . . . .67 Morehead . . . . . .65 Morehead . . . .78 Morehead . . . . . .45 Morehead . . . . . .74 Morehead . . . . . .51 Morehead . . . . . .37 Morehead . . . . . . 51 Morehead . . . . . .71 Morehead . . . . . .70 Morehead . . . . . .55 Morehead . . . . . .56 Morehead . . . . . .45 Morehead . . . . . .53 Morehead . . . . Morehead . . Morehead . . Morehead . . Morehead . . Morehead . . Sonny Allen, Guard Jack Pobst, Cua fCapfainI Tom Lyons, Center Dick Scroggins, Cua rd rd Bill Martin, Forward Frank Fraley, Forward Don Battson, Guard Stewart Kirlley, Bill Ball, Guard Luke Risner, Center Ellis Johnson, Head COOCP1 Bob Lauqhlin, Assistant Coach Marvin Mayhfall, Center Bob Tuclcer, Forward Guard JOl1I'1 Hoffman, Guord LEMUQLS JUANITA CANTRELL PEGGY BOWLES JEAN SLATER JUANITA BAIRD MARY FRANCES BARBER DICK SCROGGI NS JOHN COLLIS JACK POBST WILLIAM JAMISON RALPH LAY HANDSQME My .,1 -Im . ,f,,,,. . .vt . . V' - Mx," " . .5 ,,.,, 'N-an-a0 ,, I' ,I. A H Yr 'Z- el -v I 35,5 gk II. POPULAR in W5 I PAULINE MACKENZIE BETTY CREECH MILDRED HORN PEGGY BOWLES JEANE THOMPSON 'D BILL MARTIN BILL EVERHART DICK SCROC-GINS ROBERT TUCKER TOM LYONS POPULAR WAR "Ty" VERSATILE JEANE THOMPSON JW' 'x v :S fl. A 5 "'f3fav MERL FAIR f CHARLES SICKAFUS VERSATILE JOHN COLLIS WHO'S WHO Every year outstanding students from Morehead are chosen to represent the school in the National publication, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. These selections are based upon notable records in both scholastic and extra-curricular activities, The success which these students have achieved speaks for itself. These are the students of which Morehead State College can justly be proud, l JOHN COLLIS BILL EVERHART ARTHUR STEWART PAUL MADDOX MERL FAIR NANCY HOLBROOK EVELYN MOORE RAY HEINISCH JEANE THOMPSON NELL FAIR Fi -r - M, .4-f' , Q' v ff far? ' v , - ny-... 5,2 . . 5 'S J' 'I 5.1 'Z I Y X s .:.. , X ww ,4,1'4t-'I 'N 'ff A xinbxi . , tv. in " ' ' . A ... Q xyxl: I M 3- ,L 9 O 1 56,5 4 Iaimmnl 4 , f' rs-ww' has '-W' 1 14 x. 1 In ju. .l ,W I , v R ' I -1 X NX sf - 'A 'l' r,',1:Q.'l,f:' .,.,j ' '.' . ' ' -, - .Q f ' -,Q M132-'m YK4 J ..,,N ',,-- 'W 1 YR Q' "' S Aiqiulf Q JU "MQ, ' as 1 fm -d 'fnz1f. xi mc? B-. bu, 22 ,Xt in . 'IQ 1 'EJ' "X AUTQGRAPMS 4 , MWW ff' SNN-N f NN. N - 'S- X x . , I l FQ . f-Z TM END Martindale Furniture and Hardware o We feature HOT POINT Refrigerators, Ranges, Dish Washers, Ironers, Washers, Disposals. Also PHILCO Radios, Refrigerators and Deep Freezers. We Meet Advertised Prices t L Monarch Supply BiHiard Store Hall O O 'A Complete Hardware Store" Satch Meadows, Owne Morehead, Kentucky Morehead, Kentucky mc! parm lair? You Can Whip Our Cream - But You Can't Beat Our Milk CUR ICE CREAM IS SUPERIOR IN QUALITY BHUIIE'5 Sc, IOC and SI .OO STORE TRY OUR SODA FOUNTAIN AND LUNCH COUNTER Morehead and Olive Hill Battson's Drug Store The Friennd of the Students Morehead, Kentucky QJJQQ RECOC-N IZED For The Brands We Keep HYDE PARK CLOTHES -- CAMPUS SPORTSWEAR - ADAMS HATS CATALINA Sweaters, Swimsuits, Sportswear - JARMA SHOES - ESQUIRE SOCKS - WING SHIRTS -- MOJUD HOSIERY - BOBBIE BROOKS FROCKS - LAMPL SPORT FROCKS -- GEORGIANA DRESSES - SERBIN CAMPUS FROCKS - DONNY BROOK COATS and SUITS - TRUDY HALL DRESSES - BLUE SWAN UNDIES - FORTUNE DRESS SHOES - FRIENDLY SPORT SHOES. Two Great Stores GOLDE'S COLDPS Store fOr Men Department Store The Eagle's Dixie Nest Grill 0 - V 0 Home of Ciood Food" A C-ood Place to Eat i v Serving This Connmunity's Drug Needs For Over . Half A Century 0 C. E. Bishop Drug Company Established Since 1896 1. G. A. Thelfig GROCERY 58100 Store Owned and Operated by Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kegley THE - FRIENDLY -STORE Morehead, Kentucky 7 - IMPERIAL CLEANER Phone 302 - Morehead, Kentucky Best Wishes to the Students and Faculty of Morehead State We Appreclate Your Patronage We rrr il 4 v 4' J 1, TRUCKS SERVING THIS IUIHI1 :HAIHT .,., .,-..,.. ,-.-,.,..,,.,. - . -. I . ..f. 5 or LUN' 8 Gleamm 6 Home Owned .and Operated By C. E. TURNER SPORTING GOODS AUTO ACCESSORIES ' 0 ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES RADIOS AND RECORDS ALLEN'S MEAT 'EMAR-KET . PHONCE 'seo --Welc0me--- v 'A Faculty WE DELIVER and I Students Elam Greyhound Grocery Company Restaurant Wholesale Grocers 4241 - 4-26 East Main Street 'L ..3I Morehead, Kentucky FRANK LAUGHLIN, Prop. ROWAN COUNTY FROZEN LOCKERS And JOHN SON'S GROCERY G6 r Mee t Your Friends at the Kentucky Morehead, Ky. Here's to a B Chops Lunches Short Orders . Steak Dinners Sandwiches igger and Better Morehead Model Laundry and Dry Cleaners Phone 116 Morehead, Ky. IMMORTALS BOF THE-LOST CAUSE Mtlralpainling in BATTLE ABBEY, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA .' 'rysafrvf In this great picture, General Lee is shown on Traveller, the horse which was his faith- ful friend and companion during all the War and the years following. General Lee is surrounded by his officers and brothers-in-arms. At the extreme left of the picture are Generals B. Hood, Wade Hampton, R. S. Ewell and John B. Gordon. The tall man on horseback looking in the direction in which Fitzhugh Lee is pointing is Stonewall Jackson, whom Lee called his "Right Arm.". A. P. Hill stands beside the tree. General Lee, scanning the field of battle, is the center of the group, dominating the picture. Following on to the right, the man with the field glasses, beside Traveller, is General Longstreet. The three horsemen next are Generals Joseph Johnston, Pickett, and Beaure- gard. Standing by his horse at the extreme right is General E. B. Stuart, the dashing cavalry chieftain of the Confederate Army. Lee C lay Products Company Incorporated f Manufacturers of SEWER PIPE, FLUE LININGS, WALL COPING AND CI-IIMNEY Tops, FIRE BRICK, FIRE CLAY AND GRATE BACKS, SEPTIC TANKS, DRAIN TILE I CLEARFIELD, ROWAN CoUNry, KENTUCKY ioo r CTOIIAI. YE IOOKS MYERS CO. mtmml Quan TDPFKA s I

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