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I M 4 . 41,1 an- 4 Vfwfgi v A ' 'u 7v'5 'UH 5 " I " 'V "iii: 2. . , , ,,a' -ut- 2".x"f5A ' "w .1 . 5 4,1 . W- cj,.v,n5j S ' l arg, nfl' -" I Vw . I n , W N F- vu., ' r L -N ,,"'4. . , V. 3, -. t 1 , ,V lin.. x' ' , ,, --:L ,L .. ' 1' ', .-, ' v Y M 5f4' ' 0' 'ff' A -'uf' -3, , r r 1 Y 41' ' ' ' 5 -vk I fl A . k4'.' - n n U Q nl n Q u , 1 , , - 'I I. 1 VMI o :u,.', . f 5 .I 144' ,-.J ,, ,A . ,t . , ,Vs v'4':f 4 .,.,., "g" 4- yy- g. .. . A -' .' -'f 'QA ,. . 1 , I -Z -,v ", ,lx- 1 f , .s. ., ,JL . . , I -v ' ' " V '94 . -, 1 If' Jn, g . ' . 9 p '4' 4'-' W-gl f ,x , nu Q - :ffl -6 Q1 ' r n 'I' -'nf - ' l vs . ' , 'W ' ' . ' c'-gikmkm ,. . ' L. " 441 21 ., fl ,vs , cs" V-ax!"-'NXJJ 5,' glxfff 5 . "4 n V "' ' Uk ' k n x .m.".-L'2"'f11 , ' ' ,, .'v A f ' s . . U if V1 1 'wr' J , ' U ff!- I 4 " , .,'. .gf -X -'L' "lc, 0 . -. 1 I .. 1 V II, ,V fm '. v' x ,' ., a ' v ,- ,J ,Ll . . . .. .. . W 'Il' I , . ,. , 4 ,., J 1: 'U ,V , 1- 7- , , 7' 4 vl gr '." I , 4, . yu.,-x.. v 'rl .-W.. iff jf' M K. '. 4 ' , ,'5,,4',. . . A 4 , 1' r.1.'1'3iI--im' , U 1 '. 'N In , "1" 0 . - 4 , .vaff f 4 'af s x I' I . 4 I A , .,.,1r ' . 1' nu' t 1. ilf, 4'---HW4 I . 1 ,Ac - ' 7 - s :'. f 1 1 sv gd! Iii. J"v- ld4,1x I1 K. . , 14 ,xv ny m QM lf'-V' 3,4 ' .Lf 1 X4-4.-..-n 'C' .4', . if. -1'-'-.qlc v..''mv.nrlnln!Al ,r ,. 0 J .-ml., 4-. . r ' . .Mn 'f 1 L .,r ,, ' ,, r.A 1'3.. 4 3,1 'M 21. 4 . 1 1' ,.. 4- -' r "'.. 51' " .x A hfaf, l.,, we wi. my .' Q.:-1 - Inn yu ' . . - - ...- 2 -. n -1. n 5 I P .-J.. as . J. . I A ,r .1-r-, r fl' 'x ...M -, L 'N .rx , A. al ,WO I .L . ., , I 17 4 .4s. s, 1 .Q .sg N 'F -. . J 1 . Q, -. . 1 'C y K p, , Sf' T1 1 .u .. 1 J . , L2- :"' 5' ff ,..- ' u L I . I .17-Qu I 'f ' r 1 . , ' x ' " f .1 ,nn '-A ? tru I .ww-Q, A' .X V 3. 'V A 4, , hr. . H+. a gs ,M 'vllgjis 0 .v :.j'5,rl!.-'4..H 1 - 1 2 g ' 4 0 - f .Si'ri"5,'fg' W, U 2 4' n V 'Q' , ' ,-.,,5.,i i-1 ,5 av, 4 5 Y . 0 . ' , ' Q I . M . 9,. .'N M ,L . V 1-'. A r Q 1 u,.' " 1 Q Q 11 V l 5 Q 1 ,s.- 7!-.A , rt' ' x Dedicated to 4 ' ' Miss B1E1'rv JEAN AR KE R ' Q ' , ,, ' ,u 5- ' o . L tl'.yy .V ' " VHHIF-Lf' J ll . .l ' .P r. n 9, Q I Q. v . u f , . ft 5 Q ' ' . I ll g . ' ' 1. ' 4 . F' J' Q A ,X J .N L! W 'n 1 I . . V. ' .0 Q ' f, " lr X X X" ' . ' . , 0 X , ll U 4 1 . ' 4 uf v -, .- , .U ' '. ...Na ,,. 1.-ul ,gh o b.. I Q. wif. L I 1. - . M tl xp: Ov: xr' H I . M 5 . Q 1 A 3' ,Q ' ,ICQ Q-.-T' 'rua I4 is., . 'H 0 i Q 'revs' 1 .."Ap L. "A :K , u I K , I' nw ,V g l l Y .li RIQ N,4. ATXQ. ,if P. Q 1 1 o f "'f -1 1 - nf.. W-'..,,f W , J" .x . . " fm '09 3 .,""'0O:Q-Wi '.1 - 11 Q 'iv H F, F T . .O I 1-"Mi in 13.-'fiL.H 'lvl' Because you are fair in your treatment of each student, Because Because Because Because We the Class you are willing .to give freely of your time and energies you recognize potential, you create interest and inspire endeavor, teaching is a noble profession and you are a noble person, of i964 proudly and gratefully dedicate this volume to you Miss Betty Barker JOI-IJN' LAICDTLEIY' 1X4ECDIR.EII-IIEI.A.D I-IIC5-I-I SCI-ICDCD140SPIli',.A.Y' JN'OI?.TI-I CAROLINA CARILLON 0 JN'IJN'E2TE!ElfN' I-I'LJ'fIN'DIEl',JEIl3 AND SIXTY FOUROVOLTILEE SEVEN 3 - 'fag --'g-- vvziuif, 11:1 , :D , -- Jimmy Ivie . . A Jane.t Johnson Ira Burcham A . Don Hoover . , A . . Steve Wilson . . . Diana Banks . . , Joyce Barnes .,.. Wanda Thomas Randy Gaffney .... . . . Editor . . . , Associate Editor Business Editor Layout Editor . . . . Writer . . , Writer J. I Writer . . . . Writer , , . . Writer TABLE! OF' CONTENTS Salutations . , . 6 Sections . . . . , . 22 Administration . . . . . . 24 Departments . . . . 28 Sports . . , . , . 52 Organizations . . . , . . 78 Students . . . . . .IO4 Ads . . . . . 196 Sensations . . . . .228 PROLOGLTE An annual is merely a reflection of a school, in which you will find pictures of students, faculty, and their environment. In this respect our annual is no different from any other. In putting these pictures into the book, we have tried a few new techniques. Our main division pages are what is known as full color bleeds. The subdivision pages em- ploy a technique known as posteriz- ing. Also there are a few duotones spread throughout the book. Many large pictures and close-ups have been used. You have probably al- ready noticed that the book opens differently. This was done to heigh- ten the overall effect. All of these techniques were used to make this the best annual that our school has had. l hope that you will enjoy this annual and keep it for the future. JIMMY IVIE Editor sALUT6.AT1oNs vvqpug In order that parents may be given an opportunity to visit the teachers, Morehead High School has Open House every year during American Education Week. Mem- bers ot Future Teachers and Stu- dent Council serve as guides to in- troduce parents to teachers. Grades, attitudes, and other special school problems are discussed during these brief interviews, with advice often being given to parents so that they might help the students at home. At left, Mr. Medlin discusses Latin stu- dents while Mr. Colley, bottom left, opens his grade book to Paula Jones' and Laura Overby's mothers. Miss Barker seems to have a deep dis- cussion going about some luckless senior English students. , f lt? f Vi. V, f, f., .,,,-, ... .yy ,Q Extra curricular activities have an important place in school life. lt falls to them to develop those traits which sometimes cannot be developed in the classroom - the ability to work in a group for a common purpose, and the ability to serve as a leader, as a follower. They provide the opportunity for students to serve their school and often their community. The newly-formed French Club, pictured, is sponsored by Miss Slate and Mrs. Owen. The purpose of this club is to take advantage of the many materials available for foreign language study, At the left, the officers of the French Club are: Mary J a ne Stephens, Secretary, Margaret Ray, Treasurer, Dale Manual, Vice- President, and Tommy Woods, President. Here are some of the scenes and the scenes-behind-the-scenes during football season. Pretty Janet and handsome Tommy beam their joy on Homecoming night. Marcia Winn swirls gayly around the floor with debonair Larry Reed, as Sue Wood flirts behind Marcia's back! At right top, Ira Burcham samples the wares at the concession stand which is operated by the Student Council. At for right top, Harold Matthews gives a play-by-play description of the game. Bottom right, Mr. Harris sells tickets before a big game. Bottom far right, Mr. Nassar cleans the coffee pot. M'head M'head M'head M'head M'head M'head M'head M'head M'head M'head 27 Madison-Mayodon O .... Martinsville O .... East Forsyth 34.2 ...Graham I8 .... S. Alamance 25 Sumner I3 ..r.,.. Mt. Airy I3 . . . North Forsyth O ,..... Reidsville 24 .A Drewry Mason O I3 7 13 O 7 0 31 I8 12 I3 ,: is . -4-rg: 'Egfr' fs El zfijuqs ., l aagghi , f In the upper left corner, lab as- sistants learn through experience while they lend willing hands to the biology, chemistry, and physics teachers. Above, the many tedious tasks and necessary errands can be carried out only by an energetic staff of office assistants. To the left, shelving books, check- ing books in and out and recalling overdue books call for competent library assistants. Mrs. Colvin's helpers aid her in keeping a smooth- ly run library. V' 4, Q x x r. '75 ., . 1, . 0 . 1' m In Y rl ' ,,.. -4' Q bf -'-'Q'!7!MBiiMw-X V . - 2 .s ,JA .sz-f hh , -. K ,, . . . K f,,,',, .' ,' 14.4 ,dan-. in ' f -Q ,U "v , .tg 1 -4 .' ,' 7-I-4.'W.... JU-me-euw wa wine-1 libs' ' 4'-me'-an One of the members of the trock teom, Johnny Stegoll tries o high jump in the upper left corner. Next, Co-coptoin Roy Mitchell shokes honds with on opponent to promise o "square" gome. It must Z l be o winning gome judging by l Chief Joyce's high voult. She should be pole-voulting - wonder how Johnny would be os cheer- leoder?l Picture four shows oll the cheerleoders, ond the footboll teom, ond cooches ot the pep rolly before the Reidsville gome. ln the bottom picture, the J. V. Cheer- leoders pose prettily. They ore left to right: Foye Gollimore, Amy Fulcher, Chief Jon Atkinson, Elizo- beth Sweeney, ond Louro Overby. Second row: Borboro Elliott, Dione Miller, Morgoret Roy, ond Mortho Meeks. l l l l i i l Above in the action shot, Mike Harris "vaults a basket" as an un- identified player looks on. In .the top picture is our fine football dressing room. Below it to the left are Frank Setliff and Jim Pyron, our very able statisticians. To the right of these fine fellows are two anxious "young men", members of our track team. . ' 'ff M1 llfg. f f il . U' 5344? -4 1 lm' 3: we .n v 2 Hs: . fx it wk ff 4 'A,, . K if II' .3, t r Morehead High SchooI's audi- torium affords the pleasant sur- roundings and technical excellence which help to make every gathering a stimulating experience, whether it be a meeting of the senior class, a guest speaker, a company of traveling actors, or the senior class production. At the upper left, the studen.t body files into the auditorium to take part in another of its mony areas of learning. At the bo.ttom left, Roy Mitchell and Bill Pace competently control the confusing array of light switches for a stage production. fffww , i 22f' 5 J, ': x:,.f,v:f 5,-K.. "1i,,, NE , -. .1 A 'f A . Af "' 2 ' V X f- if, -v A ' 3 ,lbw I, .Q ,Wai ,sf , J nf i ,. xW' 1 "U-f if-:Q1 Q W-y x,, . 24" we ffl 5 , V ' . f . xt - mi Q -1 ni a ...M s - Q Q. , . .. E, ' v In ! XA 5 i s 0' 'A ...M 1 U ' . -r""'. .. " " ' ' " 'V A , ' -1--Mfi1fQ""'f fvffW?k Even as the halls find no echoes in their corners, there is an awareness of tomorrow's melange of sounds, and even as desks grow cool, a forgotten book is a reminder that they will be back again to listen, to talk, to under- stand, and to know. At left, the 3:15 bell sounds and each s.tudent heads for his particular number on the yellow bus. Here is a place to retrace all of the day's excite- ment, anxiety, and humor. Above, the new play area offers ample space for many recreational activities which help promote .the nationwide physical fitness program. At right, the annual Social Standards Day was opened with a stimulat- ing talk encouraging the growth of the individual. 21 ix SECTIGNS .I 1. Y xi, Pmlv 2 .4 I 1 AY . 5 r T - 711' 1. X ,4. .., .L xv , V, ,.,. v., I -X f' w .HQQJLL , inn-nur: 111 ur. 1, uwlnn -,xvamunr M 1 . ,,"T3.,,' 1 ' .1 4 fe' 'F' '- - K qu 'Y '4 l 'N-,.f ADMINISTRATION 0 LEIAIKSVILLEI TCD VV 1Y'SI-IIP The Leaksville Township School Board is composed of seven men who are elected on a staggered basis by the citizens of the Tri-Cities. The members of the School Board serve a four year term without pay. The duty of this board is to govern the Iocol school system, a task involving an expenditure of literally thou- sands of dollars each year. lt is their intent to provide first-rate teaching, superior facilities, and top-grade administrators for the Leaksville Township area. Recently among their activities has been the promotion of the Community Col- lege. This school will be a two year college situated in Rockingham County. Our school board has viewed the problems of maintaining a sound educational system in the Tri-Cities with an objective and discerning eye. Nothing has been spared in equipping our schools to produce the kind of citizens and scholars of which the Tri-Cities may well be proud. Dr. Gordon Clarke serves as chairman of the board. The im- portance of this work is so obvious to Dr. Clarke that he combines his many school-connected activities with his busy practice to work ini the best interests of the schools. Warren Wilson, pictured at top left, works for Tri-City Pontiac and still finds time to attend many functions of the schools. Bill Goldston, pictured next, is owner and manager of Goldston Transfer. Mr. Goldston has served as chairman of the board and has worked diligently to provide good schools in our area. Zell Ford, pictured third, is employed at Spray Cotton Mills. He is active in many civic affairs. Welsford Bishopric, pictured next, is President of Spray Cotton Mills. He was chairman of SCI-ICJCDIL. EOARD the local effort which successfully promoted the Community College. Clint Frank, pictured first on the opposite page, is head of public relations at Fieldcrest Mills. He energetically works for the schools and is involved, too, in church work and other civic affairs. Pic- tured next is Dick Smith, a gentle- man-farmer. He resides on a large farm and enjoys working there. The Superintendent of Leaks- ville Township Schools is Mr. John Hough who is pictured at right on the opposite page. By virtue of his position, he is secretary of the board. He often makes recom- mendations based on his ex- periences in the school, since the members of the board are laymen. Mr. Hough can call on a vast store of experiences since he was a teacher and principal before going into administration. X AND STIPERINTENDENT Y" lk Xllllkl 1. PRINCIPAL Dedication when affixed to a personality of Mr. Newlin's depth and stature is a wholesome word, denoting ability, warmth, and understanding. He can be likened to a businessman forever working to improve his product through effective management, close co- operation with colleagues and stu- dents, and an abundance of wis- dom. The ultimate responsibility of the seemingly unending stream of problems and decisions rests on his shoulders. We all too often forget the interest that prompts his gruffly cordial "Good morning" and overlook the heartfelt concern that is behind each official task. It is with deep gratitude that we once again remind ourselves of Mr. Newlin's dedication to his business, that is, helping to make each stu- dent a fine product worthy of his care. SECRETARY ' SUPERVISOR. Mrs. Evelyn Banks, pictured at left, is an indispensable citizen of the M. H. S. community. She daily goes beyond the dictates of her job, that of secretary, to be a friend to the students. Her tasks are many, but you'lI never find her too busy to offer encouragement or stern discipline. She is Mr. Newlin's right- hand aide. Our school runs smooth- ly due to her efficiency and kind- ness. Mr. Russell Byrd, pictured at right, is the Classroom Supervisor of the Leaksville Township School System. He works closely with Mr. Hough, principals, and individual teachers. He has a wealth of infor- mation concerning new instructional and supplementary aids. Besides his well-carried-out professional duties, Mr. Byrd finds time to share the interests and achievements of the students. He attends all school events and often is seen chatting in the halls or Iunchroom with stu- dents. As the teachers consider him an invaluable source of information, so the students value his friendship and interest. 27 'Y' DEPARTMENTS MR. BIGGERSTAFF MISS BARKER MRS. IVIE . ...K had-v.. J if 'ifxoj-xi Sv. gif ' ' v, r 1,-,wm.2 , f A-1. X wg. - "f1if1".!.f 4:2 ' . . b jlfgf , ni if 2 ' ' " . ix V QQ? . N ' -sv ee Ne I .fn -. - Ab..- lllblwinlu Q . S' J A . , .f.' , 2 -RJ' R .. , W 5 v MRS. GROGAN 'mf Q P 9 L 3 I L .4 MRS. OWEN 1 ENGLISIEI Prerequisites to graduation, all English courses, were filled this year with the influx of many new stu- dents. A learning and relearning process began as students continued studying grammar. As newcomers, the Sophomores also sampled the World of Litera- ture. Anna and her king became living characters while Silas Marner took a place in every heart. Juniors lived in the world of literature begun by the fiery Thomas Paine and the Sage Ben Franklin. They delved into transcendentalism and touched on modern realism. Career papers and term papers became realities in the Junior and Senior year. Seniors tasted the literature of England. Shakespeare's characters made them laugh, while others made them cry. Below, Mrs. Grogan and Mr, Big teach the basics of grammar. HF! VE 31 MISS ATCHESON Q 'Uh x. ' ' ""'w'e , fa M ca . se 2, ,yd 1-a . SCIENCE Through the microscope, in the test tube, on field trips, and by experimentation, the mysteries of the organic and chemical world come aiive to the senses of every student through the science depart- ment at Morehead High School. Every sophomore faces the tasks of collecting leaves, learning the animal phyla, and dissecting the earthworm, grasshopper, clam, and frog. After the initial contact in biology, most college-bound juniors and seniors are challenged by the often perplexing but always reward- ing formulas and problems in chemistry. Moreover, the time spent in the chemistry lab can be quite in- formative. Last but not least, Physics presents a challenge to any student. The science department presents to the students ample opportunities to stimulate a deep and active interest in science. On the opposite page at the top right corner, Wayne Curry, Steve Bundy, and Jim Pyron perform an experiment. At the bottom left corner, Mike Trent and Janice Rea view protozoa through the bioscope. MR. COLLEY MR, CITTY MRS. SHUMATE L, Q , 7 'Qs Q-uv "x X X 'ff' iff '!!"E'f'A ai 'H MR. RABON MR. WILKES MR. CHURCH LAE.ATI-IEIIBZEATICS If you have ever been told that Pythagorus and Pascal had trian- gles, or if you have been asked to prove that the medians ofa triangle are concurrent, then more than likely you have been a member of a math class. Mathematics is the language of the sciences. In chemis- try, physics or any other science, one must have a knowledge of mathematics so that he may inter- pret data efficiently and accurately and get the correct answers. Math is a logical subject that enables one to put facts together in an orderly fashion. lt is not as ambiguous as history, or as hard to understand as a language. The reasoning process used in math helps the students in other classes. The courses offered are Algebra l and ll, plane geometry, solid geometry and triqonometry, and mathematical analysis. A student who completes any of these has an introduction into the fascinating world of equations, numbers, lines, and limits. On the opposite baae in the top left picture Mr. Church instructs students how to solve word prob- lems. ln the bottom left picture, Mr. Wilkes draws a special con- struction on the board. 35 MRS. BURCHELL MR. MEDLIN MISS SLATE ww, ,,, , 149' if I ' 3335" f X 'ML X? ? i xi'-'.Z1 ' ' 4 U yi .4 , Q, 139 O " -,la 'S Q FOREIGN LANGUAGE There are 314 students enrolled in some course of foreign language study at Morehead. They may select two years of either French or Latin, or three years of Spanish. There are many wonderful facili- ties available for students of foreign language at Morehead, including the language lab. Sometimes the student forsakes the confines of grammar and studies the culture, customs, history, and folklore of the people. Above Mrs. Burchell demon- strates how to use the console in the lab to Donna Endicott while above right the class follows her in- structions. At right Virginia Pruitt and Mary Jane Stephens look over a French display. At far right Jean Craddock uses the lab in her spare time. --.-.., p-q.qqp--u- S. 'e Tel 55 9 t N s . .. f A Lg. X . 3, X -, 1' fl, W ff 4, AL.--M 7 f 37 . .V . ..- . :i ff . f 3 4 , if Ni X if . P if - 1.55 '-'31, i5Eg'??'i ...,.... c... . .. , QL. 2: V 'lx 5 -. U 71 BUSINESS The objective of the business de- partment is to equip students with basic business knowledge and with marketable skills. Before his high school career has been started, a student has an opportunity to learn about the business department from Mr. Nassar and Mrs. Citty who visit the junior high schools before regis- tration of sophomores. By making an early decision, the student then may take advantage or guidance to insure the proper sequence of busi- ness courses. Students who plan to major in business, with the intention of seek- ing employment after high school graduation, are directed toward general business as a preliminary course. Basic business is open to all students but is primarily designed for business majors. These courses may be taken in sequence or either one may be omitted. - - u it y rv-.Aix .. .i,.. . ., X I A-' . f 3533 7 ' . .- All business majors should have typewriting in the sophomore year and shorthand in the junior year. The senior year should include the finishing courses Typing ll, book- keeping, and Shorthand ll. An es- sential terminal course for all business majors is office practice. Morehead's business department is one of its finest. The equipment is superior to that in most schools in the state and the teachers are dedicated to preparing the students for successful employment. Above left, Mr. Nassar instructs Margaret Montgomery in the basics of shorthand. Above middle, Mrs. Best shows Mary Ann Hundley some facet of using the typewriter. To the right, Mrs. Citty attempts to figure out the complicated bookkeeping machine while Patty Gauldin looks on. 38 MRS. LEA MRS. BEST MRS. CITTY Iva MRS. FERGUSON MR. CHERRY J . 2,5- 1141+-' '41,-,L 1 -1 9,045 United States History, World His- tory, Geography, and Sociology are the subjects taught in our social studies department. The total social studies program is concerned with th e development of important understandings, attitudes and skills. Each teacher realizes the impor- tance of reading, outlining, and map study which make for work study habits. History, properly taught, can lead to a depth of perception which will discourage irrational a nd emotional responses to current is- sues. The department tries to develop leadership, research, factual knowledge and a respect for the opinions of each other. Above, Mr. Honeycutt points out a strategic point on the map to Jimmy Talbott while above right, Miss Andrews inspects a future test. s f . L . gt. gf!! SOCIAL STUDIES MR. HONEYCUTT MISS ANDREWS ,ff I Q ji , . , X57 , ff? , an . 1.. .S,S.,. 4 V 3 I E I., 5 is 2 S i 1 I 5 MR. BEST -1 I 1 72" 5 , . ,, , :ff'14--f'l Af ?'?fif':ff. - ff ff 'z,aiJff x. ' "T ,fafiwii A f .-f""' " 'r 1 '4" .ff , ' . if IIMFLTSICI Morehead High is fortunate to have two highly qualified musicians in the Music Department. Bob Fleming, head of instrumental music, has produced a band which has earned a superior rating at state contests. Their skill and originality have entertained us all year. ln addition to giving con- certs, the band also delivers the half time show at football games. Choral Music at Morehead is under the direction of Mr. Duane Best. There are two divisions- girls' chorus and glee club. These groups present programs for as- sembly in all of the schools, Many students have been in- spired by this department to major in music in college. Others have earned an appreciation of a fine art which will be an interminable pleasure throughout life. In the bottom left corner, the glee club practices hard for a future presentation. Below Mr. Best gives directions as the group listens attentively. In the top right corner, four trombonists practice diligently while in the bottom left corner two flautists prepare for a future concert. MR. FLEMING . 333 -..N.,. N- GUIDANCE X ...xi , V 'xc . - ,, v S., 5 X . fx iffy I V at ,'VL..MY . -fu, if V W P iw. . ,. 2 . ms... E A I ' '- Mfr MRS. HINTERNHOFF MR. HARRIS . f . Wg: , If .. K 1 'Iggy Qi.. "W """"""""" i S .W 1 Mrs. Minnie Hinternhoff is a qualified, certified guidance coun- selor who shares personal, scholas- tic and health problems of our stu- dents. Her objective is to provide some of the answers to help the student to solve his own problems. Seniors find her help invaluable in gathering information to help them make a wise college selection. Mr. Lowell Harris works in a different field of guidance-that of special education. He now has all these classes which were for- merly divided among different teachers. His interest, enthusiasm, and professional training highly qualifies him for this position. In the bottom left corner, Mrs. Hinternhoff makes one of many telephone calls. Below Mr. Harris instructs Joan Whetley. LIBRARY The heart of our school lies in the library. The library is the place where all students may go for help on any subject they have. The shelves are stocked with books on science, English, history, art, and fiction for any student who reads for the general enjoyment of a good book. The library also has a display and on file many magazines and newspapers. The person who is responsible for the efficiency of our library is Mrs. Elaine Colvin. We are indeed fortunate to have such a capable librarian. Below four students study history in the library. ln the top right corner Mrs. Colvin stamps a book for Carl Robertson while in the bottom right corner Norma Axsom hunts for a book. llll liiil 'llillllll Bl' Ui llll ,,'--1 - - if I1 MRS. COLVIN ss. s.....m.t :V i, 'sw V Q 'Qi ' .fs-asia, l ? --in J 3 lj , X 'NN vi rm. r 3-3l'fff " , A .uf ' sb , fi A, nr Kgggwx IEiIOfIMEIEl ECONOMICS The study of home economics is one of the most important non- scholastic subjects for girls. No matter what career a girl chooses, one thing is for sure-she will be either primarily or secondarily a homemaker. Although o few girls fall into homemaking gracefully, training in this all-important art is essential for many. ln the course students learn the cooking and planning of nutritional- ly-planned meals. They learn how to preserve foods and how to sew and alter clothes. Above Miss Dixon instructs stu- dents on how to sew, while at right Linda Lewis cuts cloth for sewing. MISS DIXON ,fl DISTRIEUTIVE EDUCATION Distributive Education is a term identifying a program of specialized instruction in distribution and marketing. The course is designed to train and upgrade present and future employees and managers. Leading local merchants employ D. E. students part-time and furnish the practical experience necessary in such a specialized occupation. Classroom study of economics, psy- chology, salesmanship, and human relations training furnish an ade- quate academic background for each student. Above, Mr. Compton points out a chart of productivity. Above right, and below right, Sue Kirkman and Joe Brown are shown working in local business es.tablishments. MR. COMPTON H WSJ?" DRIVERS TRAINING Mr. Dennis Kendrick is a full- time driver-education teacher at M.H.S. He had so many students at the beginning of the year that he had no lunch period! Of course, this was a scheduling error which was soon remedied. We are glad that Mr. Kendrick now has a lunch period, a new car in which to give his lessons, and still boasts of steady nerves. Driver Training is especially im- portant since the new legislation requiring students to have this course in order to obtain a permit to drive at age sixteen. Besides the convenience to students, this course is important for highway safety. This may well be the means of stamping out criticism of teen- age drivers. At least we know they know better! ln the top left corner Mr. Kendrick watches as Mickey Hutchins, Elaine Epperly, and Eleanor Millman change a tire. Below left he inspects Brad Wade's reflexes. EUS DRIVERS Getting our students safely to and from school is one of the biggest problems concerning school opera- tions. Not only are our bus drivers responsible for M.H.S. students but also all Tri-City students. The bus drivers are employed by the State of North Carolina. They must pass rigid driving tests given after two full days of classroom and road instruction. These boys must be dependable and willing to give up time for this job. Before many of us are out of bed they are enroute through all kinds of weather to get students to school on time. Mr. Rabon, bottom left, is the teacher in charge of bus drivers. The problems of break downs, bad weather, sick or irresponsible drivers is a potential ulcer for him. To the right the senior bus drivers demonstrate how not to ride a bus. In the bottom right corner are all the bus drivers. V '. -" V A Sl, l A Y : fs e l ' T L .fi I L , y e I n X Q X5 Q 1 vi ,i" Q Al . ,K .vn A I 3 I grin ,l -N ,, . 4. ' - V 1 ' . ' A Q 1 Y . , A "" A A A 'Y 1 '9'5i""'Af"T"7A -- .'f" QQ, A5 ','f' ij 4 fi ,fl """' f ,rfrr frm-'-mv qggggfwf-e Noam cARouNA PUBLIC SCHOOLS T it it 'iifi,M"i,37,7,igpf "'-Q--.....,, - . i.....4 ' vat' 49 CAFETERIA The cafeteria staff, supervised by Mrs, Dunn, has provided nourishing meals with a limited choice at a nominal fee. At left, three members of the staff are shown preparing our "hamburger-steak" luncheon, while at right, some lettuce and tomato sandwiches are in the making. Stu- dents serve themselves to some dishes as does Peggy Roberts, bottom left. The only problem in the cafeteria is the waiting to be served. The crowd, once seated seems happy enough. Sometimes the wonder is that any of that good food can be digested in all the hub-bub. After such a busy day, Mrs. Dunn has to do her "paper work" before closing up shop. il MAINTENANCE Maintenance is the often thank- less work that goes on unobtrusive- ly around our school both during school hours and after. This work falls to James, Bertha, and Edward. Their jobs make our being here more pleasant. We could also make theirs more pleasant by be- ing more considerate about where we dump half-eaten ice-cream, where we prop our feet, and how we care for our washrooms. To the right, Bertha performs one of her many duties. Below, James works to keep our school warm, while below right, Ed cuts grass. To the far right, James and Ed pose in front of the boiler. . , E A31 ,nag 1 l 1 ,1 -W 1' ii., SPORTS 52 1 E 'J N N, - 3 xp x X -A, 1- llzx-, , 1: ":'w J?-Y' 2 . -.Q .- u 1 1- 'ff-"F 1 v v u v 1 'V Y Y -wi" .l-ev ' 4' ' ' -. vv ' v lv ufrv vv 1' v"l'Jvv' Tv vv rvvv s vv :uaFr:' . pu T P ' www' . ff KS. MK? 5 I f ij E. ' s 1' s v P V 1 , .. U Qiw 1552? wx h. K A ,,f"' ,V+ Mp W . Jive A vw. .fi 79, . o ,,, ' ,. 4 M' :sf el , M' ' K f QT? wx' . ' 1 A mFyW'Qm ygmg W ' SK ' , -M 9 Q ' Wm-,Xian S. A fr JE!-f if ae ' X ., W .. Q ,, ,. t . ,x 2 x 'l 1 x 3 .QF V, . W M . A' -J- I I I 5 KW ff'-nw 33 f" Q 5' I :HN G f-wswgz , -' -'x- -A -.' .AQAQ-vf Q-,,. ,ff-wr-1' I-w vwrwf X-1 Y 4 5.1595 .L . .i .T .. ,M F.. ,. , 1 W vi J: A K , 4 , , 4 '-L J- ,.,,,,Sf' . .' : .1 wummk' ' .3 . I . , .-i.,,.,. 1,..,.,,.4.Q .Q 1- -V --Q " .- ' f Q . 5 f f , .A ,-,Q ,I 4 -.Z - xt h " Q S iw 1. W ff' 41 4, ,A 'f N' 4 ,, f vi 1 ,PK h f .... 1 L Q r 9. xmlvi WN,'5gfEf1:- nlnug-x , 5 x bl ,ik .Q il? iv, ,. Q iii! 55 COACI-IIES Morehead has one of the finest coaching staffs in the state of North Carolina. These six men have been re- sponsible for the suc- cess of the athletic programs at our school. The coaches and the sports they coach are from left to right on the opposite page Mr. Citty, basketball and baseballg Mr, Church, J.V. football and base- ballg Mr. Harris, J.V. basketballg Mr. Wilkes, football and trackg Mr. Honeycutt, footballand golfg and Mr. Rabon, J.V. football. Our thanks and ap- preciation go out to these men. A. 1,4 , ,,,. 30 04 img' fg,,f W ze A -Wm .,,,' ,RSV -4. W f. :P ' .,,.:U ' ,V M 4 M X A 1 1, 5 I. 4- 1 , I . If f ' 1 1 2 X 1 :Wu 4, X' , . 1 74 . 'Q ,I , . ,,, - 2 , ..f.'L. ,-4 , , 1 , , F . ,Q i I , M X , Q 1 7 L! 1 A my 1, -A H N H ,, N M , ,'.,,,X x 1 Y' 1 ' ' x ,I ' ' ' Lf 5 1 ,fix Y '41 iq I 'mi Wtfwdvf V. 1 L X , iff- 1:g da Ji 3, I A I, , , I '96 A , A-3 in ,, ,. -, Ax , K ',-. , . ' . 1 f, v , , ., ' ,- W. . S 5 , V, V, AFI Q, 'Q ., L, M., . , ,,S,,..f , W1 ,N " A ,gm ,L -' . . 'fw , -1 . . .-, ,. , . x ,, , +.,.V, v V, .V A- 1. -. ,Q ' ' Y "v -1 . HE, ,J 1 ff . ., ' V Y , ' Aw. Q, ' i r I v Y i 3 ':, ' ' , .f ,gp V, ,X-an 'ff 1 ,. if ff f 2. Wf X A ,M ug ,N ' ff n , , ,Q . ,fvfil , 'f J 'f f,-4, v .jk ' ,s744q,.1,Qg l,r'v,Z ,yi I . 1 3 3' f-fl V li if N 1' . . Ml, v - ' J, ' l , ,' 4. N. A 'lm ,Avy .rg Mi fi .f This years co-captains are Roy Mitchell and Don Bateman. FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Mr. Church, Jimmy Eggleston, Richard Dyer, Keith Kennon, Gary Gibson, Mike Eggleston, Steve Robertson, Wayne Tucker, Tommy Pruitt, Archie Joyce, Jimmy Going, Wade Carter, Frankie Westmoreland, Mike Kallam. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wilkes, Mr. Rabon, Wayne Fulton, Ray Thomas, Bobby Dineen, Bruce Lee, Steve Howerton, Rickey Robertson, Lee Baliles, Sammy Gwynn, Joel Gerringer, Darryl Richardson, Don Bateman, Claude Simmons. THIRD ROW: Mr. l-loneycutt, Russel Woods, Bill Pace, Roy Campbell, Greg Stegall, Bill Hondros, Mike Dineen, Jimmy McLeod, Jerry Hopkins, AI Cox, Roy Mitchell, Dave Clark, Dennis Gillie, Harold Troxler, Barry Steagoll. 57 fwg, Qkffj , my ' f,4'V 'win " ' ww, fzfwf, Q 2 f i ROY CAMPBELL BILL PACE GREGG STEGALL JERRY HOPKINS 58 As the M.H.S. Panthers opened their l963 football season on September 6, against Madison- Mayodan, they came on the field with fire in their eyes and revenge in their minds. They played as a team possessed and rolled over M-M 27-O. The Panthers out played the Falcons in every phase of the game. They had netted 257 yards rushing while holding M-M .to 9 yards. The next game, at Martinsville, was a completely different story. Loyal fans who had come to the game to see another win for the Panthers instead saw the Bulldogs squeak past l3-O. The Panthers played a good game but mistakes hurt them badly. They threatened to score on several occasions but each time they were thwarted by the Bulldog forward wall. The third game of the season saw Morehead play its finest aame thus far but to no avail, as the Eaales stumbled past 7-O, but not before the Panthers had aiven the Eaales a fight for their lives. Early in the 59 game, the running attack of East Forsyth was held for four downs from the Morehead 4 yard line. The only score of the game came late in the second half when East pushed over from the 33 in six plays. The game was actually a tribute to the Panthers as they had lost to this same team a year ago 27-O. After two consecutive losses the Panthers came roaring back to crush Graham 37-l 3. The game saw Wade Carter score three touchdowns and net l54 yards in rushing to pace the Black Panthers. The game was completely dominated by the boys in black and white. Hometown fans saw the inspired Panther back-field dent the Red Devil line for 292 yards rushing. The game was truly an all out team effort. ln the next game, the Panthers thrashed the Confederates l8-O. The aame was highlighted by the sparkling line play and secondary defense of the Panthers and by half- back Roy Campbell who gained lOO yards in seven rushes. Up front Darrell Richardson, Bill Hondros, Jerry Hopkins, and Roy Mitchell were cited for their fine line play. The following week the Sumner Indians were treated to Homecom- ing - Panther style - as they were scalped before a packed house at Morehead stadium 25-7. The game was an excellent exhibition of run- ning by Morehead "scat backs", Roy Campbell and Wade Carter. Be- tween the two they scored four touchdowns, two each, and compiled 200 yards rushing. The defense was outstanding again, allowing only 3 of ll passes to be completed and giving up only one score. The game was a good example of team work. For their performances in the game, Roy Campbell, Wade Carter, and Al Cox made all state check list. The Panthers continued to move right along as they next defeated Mt. Airy l3-O in a Conference game. Again it was the two C's, Campbell and Carter, who shone on offense, while the defense held as strongly as ever. Campbell and Carter picked up 222 yards rushing while the defense held the strong Granite Bears to an amazing 62 yards rushing. This win set the stage for the Reidsville game which would decide the Conference champion- ship. The following week Morehead's four game winning streak was cut short as they ran into North Forsyth. The only Morehead score came early in the game as the result of a fumble recovery. North Forsyth finally slipped past 3l-l3. The next week Morehead faced a strong, fired up Reidsville team before a full house, as there was SRO. in Morehead Stadium. The winner gained the right to go to the state 3-A play offs against Western Alamance. The Panthers were an inspired team as they came onto the field but the Golden Lions could do no wrong and with Herculean effort they edged the Panthers 18'-O. 60 ,lg DENNIS GILLIE AL COX JIMMY MCLEOD BILL HONDROS 61 I After the loss to Reidsville the Panthers prepared for their last game of the season against Drewry Mason. Drewry Mason scored first, but this lead was soon erased as the Panthers came roaring back and dominated the second half. They were led by the passing of Bateman, the running of Campbell, and the fine defensive effort of the secon- dary who turned in four inter- ceptions. After the go ahead touch- down by Campbell on an electrify- ing 64 yard run, the Panthers steadily pulled away. When the final gun sounded they found they had mauled Drewry Mason 24-12. The Morehead Black Panthers ended the year with a 6-4 record. A great deal of credit for this record can be given to our fine coaching staff, headed by Coach Honeycutt. Mr. Wilkes has been a valuable assistant to him. Also our fine team demonstrated again and again that it wanted to win. Both coaches and players combined for a winning season. ,I .- -4- r . 3 I gy, . .f i . W -, .- '-if 'P-M.. Mft fi , 4, 1'll."'M4' 's, "LH DON BATEMAN 2 wif in Quai' RICHARD DYER MIKE DINEEN DAVE CLARK ROY MITCHELL 63 F r w 1 I f 1 ffxcw, XM ri ? 5' if , !,fg'ir :Al , N fy X W Wxg: 1' NW N -, 1 S+ v 1 g 114 Srila N4 P , 95 5'-...--,f" X35 I '5'hngg"' Jimmy Minter NXA Tru' 'Mtg-G . Barry Tuttle Ronnie Joyce 66 The Panthers of Morehead opened .their season on Friday, December 5, in Morehead gymnasium with high spirits, however, these spirits were slightly dampened by an experienced Martinsville basketball team who only lost one man from their previous year's team which was state runner-up in Virginia Class 3-A finals. The boys in white never gave up but were out played by a better team. Senior Tommy Davis scored l4 points while Sophomore Barry Hopkins netted l3. The final score was 79-60. Undaunted by their previous defeat the boys in black came storming back in .their next game to defeat the Southern Alamance Confederates by 78-33. The Panthers blistered the hardwood with their swift moving fast break and scored l6 straight points before Southern Alamance could muster a basket, Morehead had three men in double figures as Davis hit for 18 points, Dale Manuel for l3, and Barry Tuttle for ll. lt was an all Panther night as M.H.S. chalked up its first conference win. ln the next game, the Madison-Mayodan Falcons fell to the mighty Panthers in a conference game. lt was a close game most of the way but at the end, the game was put on ice by Junior guard, David Wilson, as he sank three free throws to put the game out of reach. Barry Tuttle led the Panthers in scoring with 2O points. The Panthers coasted to their third conference victory in the next game as they defeated Eastern Alamance 72-44. The boys in white had a shooting percentage of 42Wp from the floor as Barry Hopkins burned the nets for l8 points. Tommy Davis scored l5 and Jimmy Minter dropped in l3. lt was an all around good night, and the Panthers could do no wrong on defense as their zone was all but impregnable. The Panther's put another two-loop victory under their belt as Graham and Eastern Alamance fell under M.H.S.'s fast break, but the five game winning streak was broken as the Golden Bears of Mt. Airy, State 3-A Champs, edged out Morehead by 64-61. The boys in black lost another at East Forsyth in a non-conference game, before bouncing back to trample Southern Alamance for the second time by the score of 76-46. The Panthers were led by 6-5 center, Dale Manuel who scored l3 points and pulled down every rebound in sight. Tommy Davis followed closely with I2 points and Barry Hopkins with lO. 79 5Jn the next game M.H.S. fell prey to a mighty East Forsyth team by ln the next game the Reidsville Golden Lions found the going tough as the Panthers began to click again and beat them by 49-33. The Panthers played a slow deliberate gafne and took percentage shots. Tommy Davis poured in l5 points and Dale Manuel popped for l7. Morehead has the material to be a tough team when tournament time rolls around. They have demonstrated good shooting, rebounding, and good defensive play. They have been consistent and should go all the way for Coach Citty. Below is cz picture of this years junior varsity basketball team. These boys have worked hard and they play before all varsity games at home and away. Anyone who watched them play this year can tell you that they play an exciting brand of basketball. Since this team is the nucleus of future teams, they deserve all the recognition they get. FRONT ROW: Johnny Fulton, Bill Kiser, Allen Jorret, Mike Aheron. SECOND ROW: Gary Gibson, Frankie Westmoreland, Bernie Moore, Johnny Self, Gary Edens.'THlRD ROW: Coach Harris, Gary Hundley, Gary Minter, Steve Howerton, Ted Thomas, Allen Hancock. 69 'Wi YZ ,147 ijyvllf .15 'fit f . ? 3 Q, ,, .c Tommy Davis Russel Gormon Dec. 6 Dec Dec Jon. 3 Jan Jan. IO Jan. I4 Jan. 17 Jan. Jan. 24 . 7 Martinsville, Va. Southern Alamance Madison-Mayodan Eastern Alamance Graham Western Alamance East Forsyth Mount Airy East Forsyth Southern Alamance Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Away Away Home 70 Jan Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb. Feb Reidsville Madison-Mayodan Bassett, Vo. Eastern Alomance Bassett, Va. Graham Martinsville, Va. Western Alamance Reidsville Mount Airy Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Away Home Home fs- fx, , , .. , A 1flgx,f,zff:m.,,w, , ,, V fffw. f.. ,r , Q:-.J A . v - at 4 fl Q Qv. Y: I 1 g AX45' it - 479 V 9 6757 5 gp Q smug Q5 A mggyi J ' xy v Na BJ71... 1 ef A i, 9 U S E lf. '- . qw ., ,. , . .5'.f'2:,1, Q " 1 . . .Y-2 ,,,,-X-xi. :Wg-5 M ' ., Q' "'1'f '...:,, f .- 'c,Z,55.,""1-17 ' -' ' - ,Q 'Am e " N. 'As , ff'.'.:- ,. . ,wp Q' - ,.. ., ,L W J -. Jr: Aw' ,i f-is ',,f 'rg' .5 '77 A 'HF f . A' .eff "' -2!' f?5'5g: +4 A . 'jig 5'--?g:N ',41f,..Q- !'. ' , iw 2? ,- --'7' ,, . .. 27419. .1 3 ' "fg'4f ,N - A",:VlP'lif 1- . , -fbff-F' r r .,L'5"" '-isimfifl-"' 4 1, 4 b 'fgnff ,Af .,-1 ff -warp A 7, rg -11, l fi gg 1 -. If- 'gf' 'V 4' . ..fWbZ6fLS' .. V, .- ., f.: if J 7' , ' wr' 'KY' ""' hi " , ' ' .-J' .f f ,f"f.1.'1'-if V ...Lu ,k , 71 .!??Tf""Y'Avo'n.4. im- 1 ,R 1- ,. kvs LU, 1 fr , EA SEIEALL Baseball is coming back into the eyes of sports fans at Morehead. Last year, under the fine leader- ship of Coaches Citty and Church, the baseball team ended the year as the 3rd ranked team in the conference. This year 8 lettermen will return plus a great deal of depth on the bench, to "knock out" a season of l4 conference games in a new and stronger con- ference. Our boys are good, so, the Champs this year should be M.H.S. The players on this page are as follows: top left, Ronnie Joyce, top middle, Eddie Newman, top right, Tommy Davis, bottom left, Don Bateman, bottom middle, Richard Dyer, bottom right, Barry Tuttle. On the opposite page at top is Bill Hondros, at bottom is Mike Hill -:H 4'UM':f,,,fj.5,t,. .ui 3 f' -M. Ms ff f l """ i c ' V H. ' aff ' 1, 1 -. .a',!,- 'li-gf,-"" . 4 ,avi ' ul.: uf, - V Z! ' - ' ', 1, 0 4 527- 1. 1 fii, 1. 4 ,yymza me fl 1 H 2 W " rg: f, f yur f " - .. fig W " 50 . .Fw J' ' H., ., .f' f .V 1.1, --, -. .f . - , fn ':: X ' E- . CG' . Wtf- 1.7, . ,Y 1.- .. . 1. ..- ' . ,f-,-rw... ff- .f ' 4 SMG-' . ' f '- , lffw,1 .f'. -f' , -' V A. ,, ,W . ,, , .1 M.. wr nf' if ft 45.2 ,fr fg f. ' f 34.424'?2,w5ff.,,.1f,,g.yew - rf eff' G, " .ww 5., F 4,-at 4 .' sg , 211 .Z . g.4,',af,.-,,f,.f4Q9i'Us ,A 1 'A ,fwv Jew,-2 qw, . ff . ,H-, t- f s .155 r wh gy, :,v,- 96,-' -.. v- - fu' ii-zfMff Q , fc. .f,.,, f .fn , ,,,f.,,,,,f.z . . s iv 'few 5 rwW54rzf'..n.f'if ' ' .1 - QA All , , . f Gi V ., .'-,3??P,1'?f-gQ,"Q.b:'ffAfM:. , shy, S . A swf: ,I , 1, 6 ff-. . '-,-- f me- " ' . ,. -.1 , ':f N A fy' A 'Q ' -2 1 41, . i -ful , FIRST ROW: Richard Dyer, Eddie Newman, Wade Carter, Bill Hondros, Rickey Minter. SECOND ROW: Mike Hill, Bruce Lee, Don Bateman, Barry Tuttle, Ronnie Joyce, Tommy Davis. THIRD ROW: Butch Taylor, Roger Blackwell, Tony Talbert, Garry Darnell, Mike Reynolds, Phillip Young. 73 , , fe .fi 'n 'N mr 1 rPVdJtB fl' Y Q Q., Q' CID 4 gm!!! i--Jai 21120 , zg5 M - . , '. J.. ' FIRST ROW: Don Jones, Jimmy Going, Barry Martin, Steve Robertson, Kenny Sawyers, Johnny Stegall. SECOND ROW: Jonathan Hall, Mark Wilson, Dennis Gillie, Harold Troxler, Fred Klein, Mr. Wilkes. Tl-llRD ROW: John Slaughter, Joel Gerringer, Mike Hunnicutt, Wayne Darnell, Bill Mitchell, FOURTH ROW: Noel Hale, Benny Dillon, Greg Stegall, Bill Pace, Roy Mitchell, Frank Setliff. 74 TRACK Last year for the first time M.H.S. had a winning track team. With many of last year's members back again another winning season can be expected. ln the top right corner picture on this page Dennis Gillie shows how to throw a shot put. ln the bottom right corner Frank Setliff vaults over the bar with greatest of ease. ln the top middle picture Mike Hanni- cutt gives a mighty effort as the discus-thrower. In the bottom middle picture Steve Robertson and Barry Martin go over the hurdles. i Z .Q Kg! 391 fi ff A ,. -M ix 45-. I ,ff , s f K l 5 G-GLF Golf is a recent addition to the sports scene ot Moreheod. Above, Mr. Honeycutt instructs severol of lost yeor's teom on how to oddress the boll. They ore from left to right, Chorles Moclsooc, George Under- wood, Dick Gombill, ond Archie Joyce. At the for right, Archie Joyce tees off. To the left, Chorles Moc- lsooc blosts out of o sond trop in on effort to get o good position on the green. To the right, Dick Gombill otternpts o difficult putt. sin 1 flf- 1' . A A . M In 4 - ki' ,J '7' fav. as , , ', 5,3 af? 4- ,Wx .. ,.f,,.A ,. fi' A 1 ,. :, , 'y 915.4 -4 1 .1 ,U-I -ern- ffl, ian CI-IEEIQ,L.E.A.IDEIR.S Besides their obvious duties as leaders of the cheers at our ballgames, the cheerleaders are be- hind-the-scenes good-will ambassadors at M.H.S. Much of their work goes unnoticed such as the long practice hours, the time spent making pep tags for students and the pep rally preparations. The big project of both varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders is Homecoming. They do all the planning and decorating, buy and prepare re- freshments, and even clean up after the dance! They give their time and energies happily and each feels a special pride not only for the victorious games at M.H.S., but also for all the students and sports participants of our school. Joyce Cannaday is chief cheerleader this year and has done an excellent job working in con- junction with the sponsors, Mrs. Burchell and Miss Atcheson. The other senior members of the squad are Ellen Marlowe, Janet Johnson, Sondra Hall and Caroline Cunningham. Sherry Johnson is the Panther. The junior members are Skippy Hall, Barbara Hubbard, Trisha Mabes, and Judy Lovell, U i - . ' ,,.. 1 TQ 1 rt. .wa-za R75 ,gglaol-,, ' am, ,FQ BRL MW BE!-' gi'-P1'f1 Y W -T-f1- ----- - "-1 Q. .1 5' - 5: ,, M ,Q :Q as g ,S . ,- ,, w ,, m .. iw 78 ORGANIZATIONS FN '- s., ww ' Aw STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, composed of representatives from each class, is elected to office by the student body. These tireless members meet regularly under the direction of Mr. Odell Nassar, facuLty advisor. Having the responsibility of govern- ing the school, the members must acquire characteristics of leader- ship, and above all, honesty. The Sophomore representatives are in charge of the lost and found articles, which are kept in the Glee Club room. The junior and Senior representatives serve as lunchroom monitors periodically. Throughout the year, the Stu- dent Council sponsors many suc- cessful activities. They attempt to give their fellow classmates enter- tainment and raise money for future projects. The entire Student Council is pictured at the left. To the right, and top, President Roy Mitchell speaks to the Sophomore Class, while his fellow members await their chance in bottom far right. Also, David Wilson is shown es- corting parents around school at open house. To the for right and top are shown the officers: Roy Mitchell, President, Bill Mitchell, Vice-President, Joyce Mitchell, Secretary, and Conway Shough, Treasurer. NATIONAL I-IONOIR, SOCIETY Below and on the opposite page are the members of the National Honor Society. On the opposite page are the members inducted this year. Below in the bottom left corner is a scene from the tapping ceremony. Next are the officers-Diana Banks, Treasurer, Ellen Marlowe, Secretary, David Wilson, Vice-President, and Steve Wilson, President. Next David Wilson signs his name to the N.H.S. roll. In the bottom right corner, Diana Banks lights a candle during the tapping ceremony. On the opposite page in the bottom right picture several students pass through the serving line at the N.H.S. tea. It To be elected to membership in the Sarah G, Dininny Chapter of the National Honor Society is one ot the outstanding achievements open to juniors and seniors at Morehead High School. The purpose of this chapter is to stimulate, encourage, and reward scholarship, leadership, service, and character. lt is on these tour bases that the faculty votes on the eligibility of a prospective member. Candidates must have spent at least one semester at Morehead High School and have a scholastic average of not less than ninety per-cent over a period beginning with the ninth grade. Not more than five per-cent of the junior class and ten per-cent of the senior class may be elected at any one time. These new members are inducted in the fall in one of the most impressive ceremonies held at Morehead High School during the year. The main project of the National Honor Society is to sponsor Social Standards Day each spring. On this day the students have the opportunity to hear outstanding speakers talk on career oppor- tunities in various fields. The National Honor Society also sponsors a tea held to honor the students who have made the honor roll. The National Honor Society sponsor at Morehead High School is Miss Betty Barker. . -4. vii:- F' , K. ff-60' .ot- mf M--.- hui? -40 fn .. In Ki.........,,,,,,.,, 11 Gurney -IQ llll fl .-,,1-we 'X ,ff-1 -....,4....,. u..,.., , M... . ,1- ,uw S - , 'b .K 5 9- A1 J , ,, - XKHIN I 12212 ' 1 A , in TI-IE! CLARICN Covering the news at Morehead High School is no easy job. All mem- bers of the Clarion staff must work together to put out a paper worthy of Morehead students. Assignments must be given out, copy collected, dummy sheets made, and deadlines met. Members work from month to month, writing up news events, games, and editorials. These numer- ous undertakings require more team- work and co-operation than most MHS students realize. Not until the paper is placed in the hands of the students can the staff rest, that is, until the next month. The staff is assisted by Mr. Doug Compton and Mrs. Gloria Best. They work closely in putting out each issue of the Clarion. On the opposite page at the left is pictured the staff of the Clarion. Next Jovita Flynn and Donna Endi- cott, editor and associate editor, examine a copy of the Clarion, To the left, several staff members con- sult with Mr. Compton and Mrs. Best, faculty advisors. 85 The Literary Club or the Aes- thetes, has as its goal the enrich- ment of the students interest, knowledge, and proficiency in the areas of the fine arts. Membership in the elite group is by invitation only although any student may apply and submit the necessary in- formation to be reviewed by the members of the club. Mr. Biggerstaff has sponsored the Aesthetes and was instrumental in their founding 3 years ago. Al- though his ideas have been a boom to the group the members plan the programs and have the meetings twice monthly in their homes. The programs are lively and intellectual- ly stimulating, sometimes including ardent discussions of literature, music, painting and drama. This year the activities have expanded to include participation in the Fine Arts Festival held annually in the Tri-Cities. Below is shown the entire mem- bership of the club. On the opposite page, in the bottom left corner are the officers - Martha Jo Butler, Secretary, Vicki Cole, Treasurer, Kinney Rorrer, Vice-President, and Jimmy lvie, President. ln the top far right corner Vicki Cole reads some original creative writing. ln the far right bottom corner, Mr. Big checks poetry out of the library, through the window. TI-IE! .AEISTI-IIEITEIS maxim M 9? I Z A 5 1 f , AWA. , mf ,. AA . , , T A .tes tis ,, 88 .- ' G-LIEIZEI GLUE .AND GIRLS CBI-ICJIRILTS The J. M. Morehead Glee Club is under the able direction of Duane Best. Performances both in and out of school highlight their year, the chief events being the Christmastime presentation of "The Messiah", a joint effort by the Glee Club and the YMCA Choraleers. The Spring Concer.t is another combined effort shared by the MHS Band. Each year the Glee Club participates in various concerts throughout the state.They have received ratings of "superior" and "excellent" for their performances at these contests. Twenty members of the Glee Club are selected annually to participate in the Ensemble Contest at Duke and a number of the members attend the Festival Chorus held at the University of North Carolina a.t Greensboro. The Glee Club members have the personal reward which comes from a iob well done. In the top left corner are the Glee Club officers-Tommy Davis, Presi- dent, Ellen Marlowe, Vice-President, and Al Cox, Treasurer. Below them is Diana Banks, accompanist. Above is the girls chorus. On the opposite page is the entire Glee Club. .1 '11-s-,Q 'W 5- "N - 'N -' ' -' v'-f 1 Q, fv- ,117 4 A ,-1 - ,- ,Y,,, A ls, -p ,Q 4 Y "fn-v 1? 41 QW - - -,.v.- - - ,4 f4,- , ' A, Wi if' -rm 1 4 W 'Q-v f 45 1 1 4+ 4 -As W A-Q 4 Y- -r.."" 41 ' we A A -A -A 4 , A -r - ,- , 49 -.W -Qin -mv -W-H 'Q , I , 9 ? 54 ....,-Q .,.. M., .. .,. .1 -4w . .M .x . .. ...,.....,...M . . .sw , b P N-,.,--. . J Y ,W - ,.,, .,.,....,...... A- K, . 5 ,ki V .. Ng, j' A .3 1 ev: 'iss ' 1ff?Y5ifg,'.g'g'2f"1?-?f T -'S -n. fiefvff 'F 'V ' ' 'fs s T'ff' . V . 11- S. -una-an "' E4 t .. - --M - iw jfggg-.'ai-ff" , ji ' ,L:',f...5:, ,hxhf , . f. f- ' ' ' f, 'xv-H 'j,""' ' 'lf'-35" TQ..." J ' - V . ,L " ' ,. , 5, Jil,-g 0:-Q 5: , X- Y.my1- x.. , fmiwm.. .. W , 'Wu -1 :A A WW K -, 4. . ' ' -,.. .....,-q.o--i---,Qu-wvngfk.. ' ..-Jw , lm" .Pf4f.T. -VP .3 W . 'iw I h 1 A t -. 2 2 , r N- V Q 3 9 .1 0 f b , g f x rf - 'E ,g -' , ,, - k swag in 7-' , . ' X " . 1 . ' F , A , -4 - f. 1 I - t sh A M - 3' xw, I 1. .. , , ! . v 4- Y Y - -Q ' , . X A - ,E gf' Qs lbj QT l I V, mn- V ,gs-np hr ? X. l Q . M, 4 V Y, .' , 1 ,- , ,W ,Q:.1Jqfvlv'e"y1f" ' ' , 5 ' ,Y' "Q v 5 ' . M , 4 7 V " ' ' . - ,- . - , A ' ,. A K ... 5 . .U X ,. ji 5- A. 5 A, S L ' ' ,- W .. - ......f...., W. ,L . A ,W W, JW ' -.... V -- - .Z ,,:...,1. 1-. ,s'..- 13. A M - W W., A 'Q V, ,,,'.r,,v--- ,L ,nv g- l V' .- H - 'ff , .- M 5 -wt .. J X5 . 1 ..-p-.fav ', Y I , , s- ,A , ' " K 1 k .iffffbw - P . . -, V f Y , if - EQ? i.IfsuQ"" igzwji V Q h M A Y 1 R . X - . Eiglq .0 EVQE.-'I' . -5 9? . , ' 8 . 1- I + - N . fsxzf ,.f- 7'-...H :gj gm.: -,,g. 7- 1-, , r 5 .A V J . Q X- U- .Mew -L E -- -t.:1.. ,W Q-5.4. -U... X , . N M ax.. i H ' L, W .' ' Y ,f 'f1'f'.ZT1Q-'V't 25 ng'fg'f" 1' 1515! Vi: 5 ... N 1. , ,ig u .... , ., V E5-is fum-1 gk A , 'g,,...4Q-Q. H !p,1ff..a..,l ii "'...f-igsjwls.. ,..,.4.iv-vff'I"""',"" -'S ' 'Q--1 :, us" ' , A 1-Q., :- .A V. .--.x. .-az... s ,Q,f,u-f , -vp, ' if" H . H .V:.,..-m.,4- -A , W J., -., -- ,. 1-'0f.3, 7 , 0 f " ' -,Yucv-,"'14'i" VA 52. , , ... v-h':.'- . ' f ' ' - .rr xt- 5, '...,, W , W - I M ,,,..w': . . V- . - ' , cj' "' ....,Q. 'v-' - , -uf" 'I . " X V '-:.A " " -f' nf lf- , 'fwLM.H.' Lg JL .'..f,,,,: V if-f -2 , 4 , 1 ., V" 'f,",,,,-...,..,,-,,:L.' '- ' 'u2'u.'e,1' " ' Q.: -'fiftkk -' 'H + k.."-"Q T" 4 ' " . ' T.. f , Y wh-' Tiff' y " x -f"ff't'i--ffrar'A-51-W1-?-'124-'-'If'V H 'N-N' ' ,..j,F-p4,.:e'S55, H ,. . A H V ,in 1, ,,...l, .K -V xv 75- 1.-. 6' 'A I -s X .i vi I L ,f " L .. . v, 15f'1"'yi.i'w,,1v5Kyf.xi.' K 'Q , . N1 . - -" L--'L- -L--sz." '1' 'P' -'14-Q' .tw -... ' ""- fi. . .f Q.. ,- ' '-' f..' ,sxycfgg -f. 5- , h K. ,, f .lga-.q.f..,.,, L x . xy A. f 1 ,kk Q: tx- . N ,, f -w ffl- . ? . '!sf,,..,m1 -- K. . . Q A ., ,sw ', f-. an ,-,W ,V ,gn ,Q 3- , W 1, ,Q A ,N ap ' ' . K 'f'- . .. -4 A -N122 1, M... , . - - N. '. , Q -, Q.. '- ' , , U.. .gl 5. 1. ' ,,f..,. 4 if 45: ' , --, X 1. ..,x1S M v.-.,.gf5, 4- I . fy-4' i -, ' "M " 5 f - -gj-Nix' ' I- -J.- S ,ff.,,, . .. , M. -:.f'2' . -, 542, ,-g Al ixw- L'f:M,,, H-fx eug igyl? 'g,g,j9.-'f'W'Eg.kiw, L -- gi U, .- W .ina 5.7-A -Q ..f,L'.,,,4--5 Q X-hqgngy -- -, ,A :LA I7 ARSMV k, 5-1' .Mt ,wh EAND On the opposite page at the left, the band goes through one of its many routines. At the top right are the band officers, Mary Jane Stephens, Treasurer, Ronnie Slaugh- ter, President, Mike Burns, Vice- President, and Pam Adkins, Secre- tary. ln the bottom right corner, the pep band performs at a pep rally. Above is shown the marching band, and below, the concert band. The MHS band is divided into three bodies: marching band, con- cert band, and dance band. The marching band, unlike the concert band, cannot sit in nice chairs in the warmth of an auditorium. They must march under weather con- ditions unfit for an abominable s n o w m a n and in a formation recognizable to the fans. Above and beyond this they have to be playing music. The marching band plays at all the home games and some of the "away" games, and participates in the University of North Carolina B a n d Day and the Christmas Parade. The concert band aives a Christ- mas concert and a Spring concert and travels to the State Band Con- test at Greensboro in the spring. , , Z il f l 7 i -l il ii l A lil Q l -nw' ll' x Q' nl F 7, I 4- V 1 -,W I 'I Y 1 fb' pq. 4' ..-1? 15, 1-,a ye ,E . , 'iawg i ,M vga ' -iw n xiiu-Wg. 'Tx' P g . . I 1 7 V635 . ,, !""" ' siafk ' !g"iLi:" i It A'Ff3'i'i 4,4 alia: , ,j,Q6'-Q-'3 'I sf af' 'Q ,.l'. :S - E' 7' , L ,J . ' 44 is ff rf. g 5 X., V1 'gffni ,Q 4. , , asipe- 'fv 'M' 3 i' '33 if ' , " ,ffl 4 2 qi vw W' 'fwufxgf' f -, . 'J 133.15 Ugg . -p, - J ac.. l .. ,M A' .F v :Q xx , ,t V. . , ' 1.2 TH "PA,f.' 41-,vfkv ' .'-'.f,, .I V4 1 as , W- , ,-.f. A-f ' K -'fm .' . ' "tiff ' V - 'W ,f I. 2.1:-. 4, f,v..-- - .,.r ,-I-f,f,, 3. 1", f '15 ' YH' g' .4 N' - , ,1 K' . an 1' i-if H ff ff -:. . 1 1, ',,A ,- - 1 F 4 gl ,fri . ' ,K " A ' u 1 N - .. ' ', ' T. ,. 5 VM, Nm, x ' fs. -- ,., My Y ' - ,1- . A, ,-' . "6 - -. - E , ,Q L -J F3 G, 'Y-1 .V -'rf' ., 1 5 - ,', ,Q x,Q7.,,,u,,. 1 4. 1 .- 4 ., 2. x - ,?4'1'.1 f 'Hsu ', 5 Z , ' "N, 4 '- ' . ff. . If ,. J V, 'i'v J 1 ' f f'I V 4 - JY. """' . ' , X mg ' ,' :""""' -.'-. nf' a -' ':v"4' . -.5 X51-"'T"'l' . , 'L I Q . X, .K ' , f- , . Af L' wx, ',ig,+,.f,,,,' x .V I , ,ff guy 27.7 H vw, ,Q . 1 ,, N ' . HJ " fig?" 'F' ' ' 33" N A-R' 1 ,,174"li'?'!'fJf N -ff' Qixlaflf , N Q- .A I . fix, 414. y 'K . L' 7 7 . fiifiy ., 4 ff - 4 R' ' 7 .. ,ltikpy . Q I Wrxj: 1 -, r. , 1 , .. ,f M E. 0 r 1,5 - ' - -4, - 1 I y' 1 ' i- , 'V . fy .. -A 'M ' ,,' 1 ,ZH 15, 5 fi, - , . V, ,- X J by X, uf.: ' V' ' .'f1,',x,y-, , ww .M A. 77 v k , , . 4 , - , M V . ,.v v , 2- I, .. 1' x . -f . . r' H- , - . ,.w5' - ,,5,:',, ' '-5" , , 1 awk fj -3 Q fbxyfjx-,"b:w!' A- . . K 4 A . Y .lx v-. ' ' . ' ' " . L 1 . ,lf I ' W1 xv 4 'S 2-,'5iM'X5,-.'f if N ' , 1' In ,. . vt-,g AF, .t ' , In Y- :Lx 2 gf, '-mf 'U,V7,.. :qw - ' A f 5 , A ' v ' X . 1-' J - .11 Ax. .,.. 'ff ,fs , A- ' V 'Q '. 5 ,Q 7-51. -AN'-',' X .-' . .f XJ- f'i"'4S -if , Q- ,. . .ak ,' 'f I -- 'N .af y 1 v' -, -V 'l'1,' ' W N.: 1 1' X " M . ' wx' iffy' , , m R .V ,. 'IQ K", 1 - A 'X .' I ? 'J Y ,. if . f , X44 1 l Q ' q, fi 5 K ' Y X, , V x x I ' A 2 xx 4 v - 4, ,--,Q , ., . 1 ,I - 5, 5. .4 A 9 1 . ' K .., I -, f , 'p v- 3 Ja, 4- , , f, X . ' L, ' 's, , -r 1.1, mg, y f ,, , 'f,1ll4l',t.?"'!1 1,4 as 1 . 1 .4 ,-if 4 J' if -QQ, X fwg 1 Viv SCHEDULE TT A Gralmn lTl'luyo. H Wllmli Airy A WNW Rziclsvills A El:0fSVll'- SAlamiul'l sfsggi l"XlL,,a,j,,,, 93 JUNIOR. JAYCIEIEIS The Junior Jaycees are one of the service clubs here at Morehead. Their aim is to serve the school, the students, and the community. They have distributed trash cans around the school and erected a large schedule board for all athletic schedules which is shown at left. Often the club holds parties and dances for the benefit of the mem- bers and their guests. In the top Iett corner picture the entire club is shown. ln the top right picture the directors of the club are shown, They are Jimmy lvie, Bill Kiser, and Larry Reed. In the bottom left corner the officers are shown. They are Gary Stophel, President, Mickey Hutchins, Vice-President, Conway Shough, Treasurer, and Byron Archer, Secretary. The F.T.A. is a club for students who aspire to a career in teaching. Juniors and Seniors who are interested in joining the club are voted on by club members. Some of the goals of the F.T.A. are to interest students in education as a lifelong career, to give students a realistic look at teaching, its many opportunities and challeng- ing problems, and to study and identify the qualities, traits, and aptitudes which good teachers possess. Each student in the club chooses a teacher whom he would like to help throughout the year. The student assists this teacher by grading papers and sometimes by substituting for a short period of time. The F.T.A. has several projects each year. They conduct a car wash, attend the state convention, assist in showing parents around the schools at Open House, and make an annual trip to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to see how college classes are conducted. The sponsors of the Future Teachers, Mrs. Elaine Colvin, and Miss Marie Andrews, give gener- ously of their time to show stu- dents interested in teaching what this profession is really like. The entire club is pictured at left. On the right students consult college representatives on College Day. On the opposite paae, far right are the officers, Paul Thomp- son, President, Ba rry Tuttle, Treasurer, Ellen Marlowe, Secre- tary, and David Wilson, Vice- President. win' r N Fl' Y :uv I . 9 Q M O ff.. FUTURE I-IOLZEEl1NZI.AIiElIR,S H-uw?-1 4 3 6331 The Future Homemakers of America is a club composed of girls who are interested in learning about different phases of home life. The requirements for member- ship in the F.H.A. are at least one year of home economics and an interest in homemaking and family life. The purpose of this club is .to promote and develop a genuine interest in care of home and family. Miss Elizabeth Dixon, head of the home economics department and advisor of the club, gives her time to prepare these girls for their future role as homemakers. She guides them in their projects. Dur- ing the school year the F.H,A. girls attend the District V rally and other state and county rallies. Throughout the year they are responsible for serving at banquets, planning teas for future F.H.A. members, holding a car-wash, and a doll dressing con- test. At the far left Nancy Hall and Sally Johnson prepare a delicious meal. Next, a special speaker talks to some of the members. On the opposite page are the officers: Carol Hailey, Treasurer, Nancy Hall, President, Geraldine Pruitt, Secre- tary, and Bonnie Holt, Vice-Presi- dent. At the far right is pictured the entire club. gf: The Debating Club at J. M. More- head High School is an associate member of the National Forensic League, an organization whose purpose is to promote primary interest in inter-scholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking. Mem- bership is nonrestrictive, but an interest in speech and a willingness to work are generally assumed. All debates, oratory, and speaking are judged, and the participants receive points according to win or loss in debate and degree of perfection in other speech activities. Besides de- bating, members participate in original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, impromtu speaking, and oral interpretations. The main forensic functions dur- ing the year include National Forensic League Congresses, inter- scholastic debating among teams in our debating triangle, and a Speech Festival at Wake Forest College in the spring. The National Forensic League Congresses are designed to acquaint the debator with the current high school debate topic. The first interscholastic debating is done among the members of our debating district. The team having the best win-loss record travels to the district debates. The Speech Festival held each spring at Wake Forest College allows the student to participate in debate and in any other speech activity including oral interpretations and drama. All work is judged and participants receive certificates signifying their degree of excellence. On the opposite page in the bottom left corner the officers- Don Hoover, Vice-Presidentg Steve Wilson, Parliamentarian, Benny Dil- lon, President, Conway Shough, Treasurer, and David Shinn, Secre- tary - discuss this year's debate topic. ln the top left picture, Jimmy lvie receives a debate pin from Mr. Biggerstaff, the faculty advisor. ln the top right picture, two members do research in the Library. In the lower right, last year's varsity de- bate team wonders why they ever lost a debate. The entire club is shown on this page. FORENSIC SOCIETY 4,4 X '1' 4 I i 100 The Math Club, formed in 1962, is a charter member of Mu Alpha Theta, the national high school and junior college honorary mathematics club sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America, the same organization that sponsors the math contest around the Ides of March every year. This 80 minute test has been increasing in difficulty every year since 1951 when the M.A.A. seemingly ran out of easy questions. Mu Alpha Theta is a non-secret organization whose purpose is to promote the enjoyment and understanding of mathematics. The organ of Mu Alpha Theta is the "Mathematical Log," a monthly paper containing articles and problems on mathematics. For full membership one must have completed four semesters of college preparatory mathematics and be starting on a fifth, and maintain at least a B average on all high school work. Full members are entitled to vote on national policies and to receive a certificate signifying membership in the national organization. The advisors of the Math Club are the well- known mathematics triumverate, Mr. Rabon, Mr. Wilkes, and Mr. Church. On the opposite page is shown the entire club. Below are the officers- Don Hoover, Vice-President, Steve Wilson, President, Brenda Stowe, Secre- tary, and Butch Haggard, Treasurer. Below middle, Rickie Manuel looks over the latest copy of the "Mathematical Log." Below right is a picture of the board after one of the meetings. LZIITJ' .A.L.PI-I.A TIEIEITA. 1 1 5' f"1 rv , ,, ,lc g,.I,5V ,fi V '. 'f 4"'715'X "Zi, ,' ., -4-,.Q - Wi , if , f ',g'mw., N , ,344 SCIENCE FAIR. VV INNERS Scott Robertson-first place Tony Ray and David Shinn Don Hoover Ira Burcham Skippy Baliles and Jerry Smith Anne Thomas and Joyce Barwick 102 SCIENCE One of the most worthwhile clubs at J. M. Morehead High School is the Science Club under the leader- ship of Mr. Colley, The purpose of the club is to increase the student's interest and knowledge in the sciences. Membership is open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The meetings are held every other Tuesday, with the programs consist- ing of films and lectures on topics of general scientific interest. The main project of the Science Club is the Science Fair held in our own gymnasium in the spring of the year. The Science Club is in charge of all preparation-layout of pro- jects, arranging for judges, general supervision during the fair itself, and cleanup. Prizes are awarded on the basis of originality, scientific thought, thoroughness, and presen- tation. The winners compete in the district science fair held in Winston- Salem at Wake Forest College. At the top left, Don Hoover, President, demonstrates scientific principles to members. l n t h e middle, Steve Wilson, Vice-Presi- dent, s h o w s members different pieces of equipment. At the bottom, Joyce Barnes. Secretary-Treasurer, weighs a piece of apparatus while members watch. The entire club is pictured at the left, STUDENTS -ou -.-M Q. L "V 'V L- - yfff ,417 md A X L ' Lxyw w, Va f' af Y L ,I . f -14 w J , 2 L1 ' J:2-N , :f f r , f 0 W K 4 X f X , ,LQ 1 A ,ff 42- if . f ' 34,41 ,2 ,lff'4J4:' '- X Vx. Lum 1, L, ,V 1, X 'L+ f' K, , if-'ruff' uigvf ' ' , ' Sfffffz.-Q ff 144 fx ff L? ,. ,,. , X ,. ,lkdfw ff, , , 1 ff , , . ' , '." '3 1 ' 4" ' ' A1"'l.n W" v' A" -' ' - ' ., f' ' .' r.- W X 1 - ' V - " ' '-' '3 '., f - K 1 . -' X342 ' ,Q -' an ,s A v ". "-I .33- 1 . . v '-'-. " .6-I v Nb!-3 . -C Y ' ,, 5-b 1 '. I K I: Qwli, hw- ,wzf Xl . fuk - X - -,N x A b ' g . 1 .Fm -Y 1 wb1.y.,i. .1 4' , Q' .Q . - Q- " .,l . -f unf, ,L fu , ' .. '., X ' ,.,1. f " '71 A 5-. 0- 33 4' 5 'I--, . 4 , ' - - ' , . -x . - .- Q,-'.-9,1 . 'k .3 ' '1. Q, . ' , ' .1 "g li, 1 ' '49 ' jg .'- P . ' .,- -- ,ux' It na Q. 'I 4 ,J Q , . .'5,','i 1' 'ir ,I 'ki . A ' Q.: . .1 R . . . my I ' 1 :-3 ,.. I - ' A 1 I ' .' '. 4 ' ' ,- , '.,,- 1 ' -' 4 2.-m Q- ' .' . ' ' if P":g . ' ' ..t' .. r - - 'L 5,95 5 . ' X . . ., 1 v, ,v 1 l,.' , .,' 3 r .4 -4 ai - E 4 JJ.. , 5' If I .3 . wx' - 1?l'.,.An. '...f r ", I , ' I ., V 'fly ' " jf , W' . L,-. , --'. . -. ,.- . 1 D . ,. mu' ., ' 'x Q -,ik X!-.k.:LA 1f,'v aw ,. . . n "H 'ff ,R F- 106 SENIOR, CLASS REPRESENTATIVES Janet Johnson ond Roy Mitchell NORMA JEAN AXSOM DANNY 1' CLIFFORD BALL DIANA LEE BANKS WILLIAM LOVELL BARHAM JOYCE ELLEN BARNES IO7 CAROL MADELI NE BELL 1 'Uv LEON ERNEST BARTON BARRY EDWARD BATEMAN DONALD GLENN BATEMAN MILTON RAY BENTON wmv' ! FRANK RONALD BRADFORD WOODROW STANLEY BLA Q .n CKWELL MARY ELIZABETH BOYTE CAROLYN FAYE BROWN 109 f '54 1, .Q 5 ., Y , '93-5 , ,K 1 . v 4 ,iv -ff sv' vw IRA ROBERTS BU RCHAM -425' ,M MICHAEL HOWARD BURNS MVN.. MARTHA JO BUTLER 91... . il. "9'im-f4'+' "'-nw LINDA SUSAN BURROUGHS RICHARD LEE BYRD III I JOEL THOMAS CAMPBELL ROY EDWIN CAMPBELL JOYCE KAY CANNADAY 5. PEGGY RUTH CARTER 112 sa," DAVEY HOWARD CLARK BEVERLY JEAN COCHRAN VICTORIA LEE COLE ""lfvw'-r RUSSELL THOMAS CHATMAN STEPHEN DARRELL COCHRAN 113 JENNIFER LEE COWARD MARY BRENDA COX Q 2 5 -an-g,"' DOUGLAS NORMAN COONE, SR. JANICE ADKINS CORUM ALBERT ROY COX II4 JBAEOST SfC3IE1fDC7I.. SPIIQITEJD 'XX JOYCE CANNADAY AND DON BATEMAN .,, ff E b, BEVERLY JEAN CRADDOCK BILLY SUNDAY CRADDOCK MARY FRANCES CRADDOCK LINDA LOU CRAIG SARAH ELIZABETH CROWDER II6 N CAROLINE RUTH CUNNINGHAM CAROLYN JEAN DeHART 453' I -E SANDRA LEE CRUISE THOMAS RUFUS DAVIS II7 - 'Mx LARRY LEE DEN NY -vi' IVK WQX: BENJAMIN RAY DILLON JAMES DAVID DODSON KENNETH ELMER DODSON WILLODEAN MARIE DOYLE IIB 'UQ 'I "3-K no J. ' Q I RITA STRATTON DUNN RICHARD BREWER DYER JAMES ROBERT EVANS CLINTON JOHN FRANK if 3 I? l f ' U 1 H f rg , MA I Ad k F 'X-, 'l :SN I xy V vw s I I fr' T 4' X 5 I A M PAMELA GAYLE EVANS VIRGINIA ANN FRAZIER EEST IDRLEISSIEIID Q .', 3 .' -1,1 ' if 1 Al MARTHA ANNE ROBERTSON AND FRANK SETLIFF '91 "'f""'? CECIL ODELL FRENCH, JR. CLARENCE RUSSELL GARMON PATRICIA VERNON GAULDIN .aw RICHARD LEE GAMBILL MARY CYNTHIA GARRETT 121 L ,di COY CLIFTON GIBSON JERRY WAYNE GILLESPIE BRENDA CAROL GILLESPIE DENNIS EDWARD GILLIE SARAH LOU GOVER 122 I FRIENDLIEST MARY JANE STEVENS AND TOMMY DAVIS s ,V if ' Mffaf 1 ,,,, S' 0, Y , 4--1-. , Nw. , 1 , f" :f ' I . A , 'A ,I ' VV ,, V .V ,f ,E 7.54 f M, '11 ., A ,W I ,wif 4 n 'if eff " L Agffif mfwfwg .?.i",Vf" ,W 4x,jQ,4,,,,,,,, ,.,f MM ax S ,I ' rw, 4s W ffp' , ,-. 'wif I 'Tw 4' 9 n,. if-Egg 4 fzff ' Www y ' V f' W ' ' f f 1' y 4,0-' . ,,, ,ffg 'UW if 4, f W vpn' PRISCILLA SMITH GRIFFITH ARTHUR HUGH HALL MORRIS LESTER HALL, JR -Q1 4 LINDA JANE GRANT CAROL ANN HAILEY 124 1695, 'WS NANCY IRENE HALL RUBY PAULINE HALL SONDRA MELVINE HALL g AN N LQVEE HALLMAN 'I25 LOUISE MAY HAMMOCK 540i 1 A 1 J JBZEOST LIKELY TCD SZTCCEIIEIJD JOYCE BARNES AND STEVE WILSON 'ww ., Jo BEN HANKINS MALCOLM BYRON HICKS IU' '-.L If wiv- .f 7 JOHN WALTER HARDIN WANDA CAROL HARRIS MIKE RAY HILL I27 MARTHA HAIZLIP HOLLAND 'ff I DONALD WAYNE HOOVER 'hue-wif' NNN, JOHNNY WILLIAM HOLLAND WILLIAM VLASIOS HONDROS JERRY LEWIS HOPKINS 128 I LINDA JEAN HOPKINS 17' GLORIA JEAN HOPPER MARY ANN HUNDLEY Pd' V791 ve.-.. W 'Ng-jr 5 ,. y f, BONITA RAY HOPPER LONNIE REID HUNDLEY ,J 'Q---ff ' WILLIAM MICHAEL HUNNICUTT OPAL GRAY HUTSON JAMES WARREN IVIE, JR if -5-ff MICKEY LEE HUTCHINS JOHN WARREN HYLTON 130 EEST LOOKING 'El SUSAN ROBERTSON AND JOHN MQCISAAC SALLY LQPRAD JOHNSON ROBERT WYATT JARRETT TRILBY ANN JARRETT JANET CAROL JOHNSON SANDRA KAY JOHNSON 132 ik? "Q, i RONALD LEE JOYCE JERRY DALE KALLAM JOHN WILLIAM KEATON PATRICIA SANDRA KEATON W 4? f.5,,f 1 --r SAMUEL CLINTON JOYCE 133 an Q v""v 1 E.. ,, A fan, 'J VVITTIEIST SONDRA HALL AND BARRY TUTTLE Wil' d""" IFN '9 A ff Q -'51 W ' au 5.1 -.,. ,, 3 if Q "' MARGARET CAROL KINGSBURY MARGARET JEAN KINGSTON SUSAN CAROL LQMAR aux SUE FRANKLIN KIRKMAN CHARLES ALFRED LAND 4 Riga Q-...Q 5' WALTER CHRISTENSON LAND LARRY ERNEST LAW MARTHA GERALDINE LAW SUSIE CAROL LAW DAVID RAYMON D LAW 136 Arr ROBERT JOHNSON LONG 'G-Marx MELI NDA LUE LEMONS Q. L SAMMY BRANSON LEWIS CHARLES EDWARD LILLARD REBECCA JANE I-UNA QN- W-sf'-v CHARLES JOINER MQCISAAC RICKY LAWRENCE MANUAL ELIZABETH ELLEN MARLOWE , NCW, - JOHN THOMAS MGCISAAC, lll 138 'WX 'Q-01 BARRY GARTHAN MARTIN BRENDA ANN MARTIN SAMUEL EDWARD MARTIN SUSAN GRAY MARTIN TOMMY LEE MCCOLLUM 139 Dx Q? OPEL ARLENE MCCRICKARD KATHRYN ANN MEEKS J :V Vw ,ill JO ANN MCGUIRE JAMES LEE MCLEOD NORMA JEAN MEADOWS 140 JLZECDST INTELLECTUAL Lfx MARCIA WINN AND JIMMY IVIE lk in On fm 'Y ANITA LOUISE MINTER 11 4r""7", JAMES RICHARD MINTER 4' JANICE MITCHELL 14 if-E JOYCE MITCHELL ROY TRUSLOW MITCHELL 'Qin RITA DIANE NANCE '+L '44 I MARGARET MARIE MONTGOMERY CHARLES MILTON MORGAN EDWARD ROOSEVELT NEWMAN, JR I43 l KU? im, ,AQ ROSE MARY NOLAN WILLIAM FLEMING PACE HAZEL ELAINE PRESLEY HARRIET ALEXANDRIA OWEN GERALDINE PRUITT 144 s VIRGINIA ALICE PRUI'I'I' LARRY NORMAN REED MARY ANN PRUITT CAROLYN ANN PULLIAM NANCY EARL REEVE5 145 Y Q f- fx 1' Y fin Uv I Agri? umm 63 WALTER FRANK REID, JR. CARL EDWARD ROBERTSON DONALD FRANCIS RHODES JAMES PHILLIP RIESON JOSEPH KENNETH ROBERTSON 147 7' T' A MARTHA ANNE ROBERTSON SUSAN HARRIETT ROBERTSON an 2 ,fy LINDA LOUISE ROOP CLIFFORD KINNEY RORRER LARRY CLINTON RORRER 148 w!"""'f , . ix CONSTANCE ELIZABETH SAUL FRANK DH-I-ARD SETUFF in -439 1' fm- Af w....,, C37 ITASKA GAIL RUTLEDGE RITA ELLEN RUTLEDGE WILLIAM RANDALL SAUNDERS 149 I HENRY CONRAD SIEGNER RONALD CARSON SLAUGHTER .frd K HAROLD CONWAY SHOUGH BETTY RUTH SLAUGHTER JOHN WAYNE SLAUGHTER 150 1XAICJS'I' DEPENDABLE ,Af .QW 'firm JOYCE MITCHELL AND DON HOOVER KA 44 f-:R 41 wi.. if Si Q., --mf' x DEBRA ANN SMART GREG JAMES STEGALL JOHN KING STEGAI-L 'zbf W ,QSM I JAMES FREDERICK SMITH BARRY MICHAEL STEAGALL 152 Q 1615, A MARY JANE STEPHENS GARRY CARTER STOPHEI. STEVE RAY STRUTTON 'r-M-f'-"" i""'w""' 4 BRENDA GAYLE STOWE TOMMY GENE SWINNEY 153 ff- .I IBZECDST T.A.L.IElIN'T2EID DIANA BANKS AND MIKE BURNS WW 'Dx Qelsese-fav' sw JIMMY BERNICE TALBOTT MARIE AUGUSTA THOMAS ROBERT WILLARD THOMAS YW! DANNY ALLEN TERRY PAUL WILLIAM THOMPSON I55 Www 'rar-'ISP' RONALD LEE TOLBERT BARRY GWYNN TUTTLE alyrf' "5S'ff? GUERRANT AVENT TREDWAY, III RONALD WILSON UNDERWOOD MICHAEL JOYCE VERNON 156 'mx X J IANTHA POWELL WADDELL STEVE EDWARD WALKER MARY ANN WEAVER A W ,wr 4.4 LINDA GAIL WARD JANE CAROLYN WILLARD 157 Q53 LYNDA SUE WILLIAMS STEPHEN THOMAS WILSON 'v'!- JOHN MARCUS WILSON WILLIAM LAWRENCE WILSON KAREN JANICE WIMBISH 158 ILNAICDST POPULAR. 1 JANET JOHNSON AND ROY MITCHELL 4' - yy xg MARCIA MARIE WINN JAMES EURAL WOOD, JR. We regret that we ore unable to picture the following seniors: CAROL ANN BIGGS, HATTIE MARIE CHESHIRE, M I C H A E L MARTIN DINEEN, P A M E LA MARLOWE DOVE, N A D I N E LOU I SE HARRIS, JAMES RICHARD KALLAM, R A L P H JOEL LESTER, ROBERT WENDELL MOORE, JR. LINDA LEE WRAY DONALD PHILIP YOUNG The Senior Class has worked hard this year, but we have had our fun. Along with our fun and frolic, we have studied a n d worked to prepare ourselves for making a lot of money and becom- ing a big success in the future. As seniors, we have been busy doing homework, selling senior candy, tormenting sophomores, and attending our last season of football and basketball games at Morehead. The dances held this year have also helped make this, our senior year, a memorable one. We are now looking forward to being the guests of the juniors for this year's Junior-Senior. Three years ago we entered Morehead as sophomores as if we were lions. By the end of the year we had made many new friends with other students and some teachers. Our junior year was one of confusion and fun. The maga- zine sale, Junior-Senior Banquet, and the arrival of class rings high- lighted a year of hard work. Now that our senior year is al- most over, we can look back with fond memories to our three years here at J. M. Morehead High School. We will be sad to leave because our three years can never be forgotten, but graduation and the future are waiting. As we ap- proach graduation, we know that we have been well prepared to face college, a job, or whatever our future holds. For this assurance we sincerely thank our teachers and Mr. Newlin. The senior class officers are pictured at the right. Left to right they are Marcia Winn, Corres- pondinq Secretary, Dick Gambill Vice-President, Joyce Mitchell, Re- cordinCl Secretary, Paul Thompson, President, and Frank Setliff, Treasurer. I H .Vg ,,. J W -. I, ar- " 'A .1 gf.. '. - 'T f"'f ,, .. ' .. J." v -1' T' - 124- .- if -. . y. -i r " A44-Q '- ' , - ' ,ffl L -' -, , ,- .' - . gg-x..Ay,f ' 2-.' ' A '. ...r M-I f'-G'-0'-'-: . - "4-we ,qv I , fri' Q N v inal- f '3-six 1' " "'-Q, S . , , ' ', pta. ' 1 :I " if ' Hifi- EL- " JH " -' Wifi . 7-'fit-if f' Us " I :J 151,2- SENIOR. CLASS OFFICERS 161 12" I62 JUNIOR. CLASS REPRESENTATIVES LINDA WEADON AND BILL MITCHELL STEVE ADKINS JOAN AMBURN JUDY ARMSTRONG vw TONY ADKINS BYRON ARCHER PAM ATKINS ,TY w.. JOHNNY ALCORN STUART ARCHER BRENDA BAILEY LOUISE BAILEY VERLA BARROW '24-" LEE BALILES WAYNE BARROW WANDA BARHAM C. M. BEACH 3 'cv f .NW CAROLYN BELTON JOAN BOAZ SANDRA BOWMAN VEDA BRUFFY RANDY BURNS -'T Ns! - 'fxrrvif LINDA BIGGS BARBARA BOLICK JOAN BOYTE STEVE BUNDY DONNIE CARTER g""v' ' fqfn-4-' ,- was--sg' ROGER BLACKWELL CLARENCE BOWLING JOSEPH BROWN RUDEEN BURKE BILL CARTER 164 P7 WADE CARTER FAYE CHUMBLEY fC' 1' JEANETTE CHERWATY BEI IY CLARK qv CAROL CHILTON ILENE COLEMAN 'Z LINDA COMPTOM SUZETTE COOKE JOEY CRAIG JOAN CONNOR MIKE CORUM MIKE CRAIG W-un-1 if PAM COOK RICHARD COX MARIE CRANE Wu., BRENDA CROTTS GARRY DARNELL ANN DENNY BABBY DINEEN PL X DIANE CROWDER WAYNE DARNELL LARRY DENNY BARBARA DODSON iw- WAYNE CURRY PRISCILLA DEAN TODD DePRIEST EDDIE DOYLE 166 GAIL DUNIVANT M-vu.-4 v LOUIE DURHAM GWEN EDENS K' Q1 HARRY EDMONDS MICKEY ELLIOT DELANE ETHERIDGE LINDA EVANS DEBORAH FARMER XTX' 41' 0 f f BRENDA EDWARDS RALPH EMERSON STEVE EUBANKS LARRY FAGGE FRANCES FARMER a- 'Vx CAROL ELLINGTON DONNA ENDICOTT KENNETH EVANS ANN FAIR MIKE FARMER 167 TRUDY FARMER DANA FERGUSON SUE FULLER DEBRA FAYNE JOVITA FLYNN RANDY GAFFNEY JOEL GERRINGER LARRY GILLEY ,p-Q 'T rf' BARBARA FERGUSON JESSE FRENCH BRENDA GUALDIN 168 LINDA GILLEY MARK GILLEY JIMMY GOING ELLEN GRIFFEN Ez., t--1' , H3 f PAM GRIFFITH MICKEY HAILEY A15 l w,..,f , JUDY GRUBBS BRENDA HALE SAMMY GWYNN CLARENCE HALE rv- BENNY HALE SKIPPY HALL D. J. HEFFINGER 11 L '+L' NOEL HALE DENNIS HARRIS JANET HICKS Ag JONATHAN HALL TERRY HATCHER BUTCH I-IOGGARD 169 my I ff 0 w"NI- 4 'W'-1-f BONNIE HOLT CHARLOTTE HOWERTON GARY HUNDLEY BILL HUTCHINSON CANDANCE JOHNSON 'J 0 ew' wk... ""f:':,"jj,'T KAREN HOPKINS BARBARA HUBBARD JEAN HUNT PATSY HYLER SHERRY JOHNSON 'Q "' fr 54- Nftfr' Xu . CAROLYN HOWELL FATHA HUNDLEY GARLAND HUTCHERSON LESLIE JAMISON DON JONES I7O 16, . ,gym "ff-"' "' 'ke FREIDA JONES CARLTON JOYCE JULIA KELLY LINDA KIRKS DAVID KOONTZ IU' IRENE JONES PEGGY JOYCE BETTY KENNON FRED KLEIN PAUL LAND Q4 ARCHIE JOYCE JAMES KAPPS WANDA KENNON MARSHALL KNOWLES FAYE LQPRAD 171 fn WT Y PAM LAYNE ,fx BRUCE LEE CAROLYN LEMONS l A-491 ,..-ff JUDY LESTER JOAN LIGHT BOBBY LUNSFORD FREIDA MANGRUM RQ-' V- -.xx YQ-....f" ' "Q" W' I EVELYN LEWIS HERMAN LILLARD PATRICIA MABES DALE MARSH .127 'QSQTTHQE LINDA LEWIS JUDY LOVELL ANNETTE MANESS TOMMY MARTIN I72 'Ng X TTB" 1' LINDA MASON S-.4 'ff JERRY MAYES is 'ci' LINDA MCBRIDE IU' K, I JOHNNIE MCCOLLUM DONNA MEEKS REBECCA MEEKS ,P G34 V BRYANT MCKINNEY IRVINE MEEKS RICKY MINTER 97 if JERRY MCKINNEY PAM MEEKS BILL MITCHELL 173 "fWz, . , K' ' .qv " is, ' 93, if - N! lf, ,N . I 5, , Y "' DAWN MOOREFIELD fin AUS WAYNE MORGAN Q.. BARBARA MOXLEY ,-- .- iam' Ng V, mf' 'T- BETTY MURPHY PAULA NANCE STEVE NEWLIN JOHNNY ODELL ,qw K-ms. BILL MURRY CAROLE NELSON CAROL NICHOLS RICKY ORELL ,1 11N -rwf CATHY MURRY TOMMY NELSON CATHY ODELL ZIZZY OSBORNE LINDA OVERBY wr- JUANITA OWEN -qw-if PAM OWEN I74 I ...Q 'UN SHEILA OWEN PAT PULLIAM HILDA RAMSEY CATHY REECE N wr S 5 --Mfg LYNNE REYNOLDS JOE PORTER NEIL PURDY FRANK RATLIFF Q .1- 'TY BECKY PULLIAM JIMMY PY -f RON pw K ,A 11' UK WE: TONY RAY MIKE REYNOLDS SHELBY REYNOLDS rf DIANE RHODES ,fx VW DARRYL RICHARDSON llll "' 'U K ff" - "fp- JOAN RICHARDSON EDGAR ROACH BYRANT ROBERTS DAVID ROBERTSON MARY JANE RUTLEDGE 'E GAYLE RICKMAN JOHN ROACH PEGGY ROBERTS STEVE ROBERTSON JOY SAMS 'GZ' BOBBY RICHIE JUDY ROACH G. T. ROBERTSON WYVONNE ROBERTSON ANN SAUL 176 - ff: fy, W' "--- f Wm- - f -mv I KC., 1 JOYCE SAUNDERS JIM SCOTT DAVID SHINN MIKE SIMMONS SEWARD SPANGLER -nf-... 4? 4' gf MARY SAWYERS JUDY SHELTON PAT SHOUGH JERRY SMITH RALPH STANLEY KENNY SAWYERS STEVE SHERWOOD CLAUDE SIMMONS MARIE SOYARS SANDRA STEWART I77 fs:-QQ -dvi' SUSAN STEWART TONY TALBOTT BUTCH TAYLOR RAY THOMAS HAROLD TROXLER 63 -.--44 FRED STULTZ JAMES TAYLOR BUTCH TEAGUE ANN THOMPSON VICKI TURNER an-'rf JOE SUTLIFF MARY FRANCES TAYLOR JUDY THOMAS BRENDA TODD GEORGE UNDERWOOD 178 -rC"'7" BILLY VESTAL DONNA WARREN Q5 DONNA WADE R. L. WASHBURN '-nv-1' FRANKIE WALKER LINDA WEADON DANNY WEBSTER FRANKIE WILLIS VV' JOAN WHETLEY DAVID WILSON ,--. IU' HURLEY WILLIAMS KAREN WILSON I79 r"'h SUE WOOD JANICE WOODALL ii, QF, RAY WOODS 5 X swhufxl RUSSELL WOODS '95 BETH WRIGHT KAY YARBOROUGH 35. LINDA WRIGHT I80 Mrs. Julia lvie, the sponsor- advisor of the junior class, has her hands full guiding the many activities of this busy class. Early in the year the Juniors conduct their annual money-making pro- ject, the sale of magazines. Many students earn their S5 class dues by this project, and some earn their class ring, their annual, or other gifts. Nearly every junior homeroom met their goal this year. On the heels of the magazine sales comes the sale of class rings. The arrival of the rings is a red-letter day in the junior year. The junior dance follows, an informal affair held in the cafeteria. Shortly after the semester ends work begins on the junior's BIG project -- the Junior-Senior. Every year the juniors try to provide an original, beautiful evening to entertain their senior friends as o "going-away" gift. After the Junior-Senior in the spring, the juniors have a brief "rest", anticipating their rapidly approaching senior year. To the right are the officers of the Junior Class-Steve Robertson, Vice-Presidentg Burch Hogqard, Treasurer, Byron Archer, Presi- dent, and Linda Weadon, Secre- tary. JUNIOR. CLASS OFFICERS xtr- Z' MTQM-'--V M., ' ,..,......,x 181 tif LZ.: SOPIHIOLEORE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES JAN ATKINSON AND STEVE HOWERTON Af" Y 4' 'W fu '15 JIMMY BEACH LINDA BELTON SUSAN BINGHAM JUDY BOGAN DOROTHY BOOTH HERBERT BOWERS LINDA AARON TONI ADAMS BETTY ADKINS TERESA ADKINS DONA AGEE MIKE AHERON DONNIE ALLEN MIKE ARCHIBALD JAN ATKINSON LINDA AUSTIN ODELL BAILEY BARRY BAILEY JOHNNY BAKER MIKE BALSER ARTHUR BARHAM LUTHER BARHAM NEWTON BARHAM JUDY BARKER PAT BARKER TIM BARKER CHERYL BARTLETT RONNIE BOYD BARBARA BRANNOCK RODNEY BUCKNER VICKIE BURCHAM PAM BUTLER ROBERT CALLAHAND JESSIE CARTER TERRY CARTER RICK CASH JANE CHANEY JERRY CHANEY JEANETTE CHATMAN DEBBIE CHILTON JIMMY CHILTON MORRIS CHILTON PHILLIP CHURCH CAROLYN CHURCHILL MIKE CLARK SAM CLARK BILLY COCHRAN CAROL COLEMAN CAROLYN COLEMAN SHARON COOK ART COX GERALDINE COX JAMES CRADDOCK MARGIE CRADDOCK DONNA CRAFT CARLA DAVIS FRANK DeHART SUSAN DeHART CAROLYN DENNY DONALD DENNY l 9 RONALD DENNY TALBERT DIX RICHARD DIX CAROLYN DIXON DAYL DOUGI-IERTY EDDIE DOWLER JOE DOYLE PAT DUGGINS ELBRIDGE DURHAM MARK DYER GARY EDENS LARRY EDWARDS LINDA EDWARDS LINDA EDWARDS PATSY EDWARDS K JIMMY EGGLESTON MIKE EGGLESTON BARBARA ELLIOTT FRANCES EMORY ELAINE EPPERLY DANNY FARMER JACKIE FERGUSON JUNIOR FERRIS NANCY FORD JUDY FRANKLIN NANCY FRAZIER AMY FULCHER LESLIE FULCHER WAYNE FULTON FAYE GALLIMORE NED GARDNER ANN GARRETT SANDRA GATEWOOD DANNY GIBSON GARY GIBSON COY GRANT LINDA GRAY LINDA GRIFFITH JACKIE HALE DAVID HALL DELORIS HALL HAROLD HALL JANE HALL PORTIA HALL KAY HAMRICK ALLEN HANCOCK NELLIE JO HANCOCK SAMMY HANKINS Qff' K VM J. B. HARRINGTON ANN HAYMORE MARVIN HAYNES GAIL HAYNES TOMMY HAZELWOOD CAROLYN HICKS R. D. HIGGS FAYE HILL MYRA HILL MIKE HODGES rv- 0 JERRY HOLLIFIELD JOE I-IOLLIMAN RINDA HOLT MARY ANN HOOKER ANDREA HOPKINS BARRY HOPKINS BILLY HORSLEY CHERI HORSLEY LEON HOWELL STEVE HOWERTON BONNIE HUBBARD STEVE HUNNICUTT BOBBY HYLTON PEDRO ISLEY BILL IVIE THOMAS JARRELL ALLEN JARRETT EDWARD JOHNSON BOBBY JONES CLEO JONES JIMMY JONES JOE JONES LINDA JONES PAULA JONES GEARY SUE JONES THOMAS JONES KENNY JOYCE MIKE JOYCE TONY JOYCE JOHNNY KALLAM LAURA KALLAM MIKE KALLAM TONI KAPP KEITH KENNON BILL KISER STEVE KLEIN CHARLES KNIGHT BOBBY LADA SHARON LAND JIMMY LANDRETH JIMMY LEMONS PAUL LESTER BOB LEWIS MARIE LUMPKINS JUDI LUNA DALE MANUEL ROBERT MARTIN STEVE MARTIN LINDA STRADER JUDY MCBRIDE KAREN MCBRIDE NATHAN MCCRACKEN CHARLES MCDANIEL BILLY MEADOWS HAZEL MEADOWS MARTHA MEEKS RICKEY MEEKS SUE MEEKS VIRGINIA MEEKS DIANE MILLER ELEANOR MILLMAN WANDA MINTER MIKE MITCHELL JOE MIZE BERNIE MOORE DORIS MOORE RAY MOOREFIELD JIM MUNCEY TERESA MUNDY TOMMY MURPHY BOBBY MURRAY 'ff .mv 'U' JUNE NEAL LEIGH NELSON FAYE NEWMAN JULIA NICHOLS LINDA SUE NOLEN FREDDY ORRIS LAURA OVERBY WAYNE OVERBY KAY PARKER TERRY PHELPS MARTHA PHILLIPS LARRY PLEASANT KENNY POWELL EDDIE PRATT DAVID PRESLEY TOMMY PRUITT CHARLES PULLIAM LQVERNE PULLIAM LONNIE PULLIAM ANN PURDY BARBARA PURDY CAROLYN PURDY DONNA PURDY ELLEN RAKESTRAW JERRY RAMEY MARGARET RAY JANICE REA BETTY REED BONNIE REYNOLDS PAULA RICHARDSON SYLVIA RICHARDSON DAVID ROBERTS DEBBIE ROBERTSON FRANKIE ROBERTSON FREIDA ROBERTSON GAIL ROBERTSON LINDA ROBERTSON PHYLLIS ROBERTSON RICKEY ROBERTSON MIKE RODGERS LINDA ROSS RANDY ROYALLS DOUG SANDS DIERDRE SAVAGE MARGARET SAWYER SANDY SCOTT JOHNNY SELF STEVE SHELTON BRENDA SHIVELY DIANE SHIVELY ROGER SHOCKLEY PATRICIA SIMS JUDY SLAYDON BRENDA SMITH '-j-Fa CECIL SMITH DARRYL SMITH 1 15 "Wi 'X GEORGE SMITH PATRICIA SMITH RONNIE SMITH WAYNE SMITH tfiyff -677 14" lf' ff' 43,1 CARLTON SOWERS FREDDIE SPAIN JANE SPANGLER CAROL STEPHENS WILLIAM STEWART CLAUDE STINSON ANDY SUTLIFF HARRIETT SUTENFIELD ELIZABETH SWINNEY PRESTON TAYLOR AMELIA TERRY DIANE TERRY GARY TERRY CYNTHIA THACKER GENIE THOMAS TED THOMAS WANDA THOMAS CHARLES THOMPSON GLENDA THURMAN CONNIE TOLLEY MIKE TRENT LINDA VERNON CELESTE VESTAL ROBERT VIA BRAD WADE MARION WALKER DAVID WALL PATRICIA WEBB CLAUDE WEDDLE TONY WEDDLE WAYNE WEST FRANKIE WESTMORELAND ROGER WILKES ELWOOD WILLIAMS SON NY WILSON PAMILAR WOODS RACHEL WOODS GENE WOODS TOMMY WOODS BRENDA WRAY LOUISE WRAY BEVERLY WYATT JACKIE TROXLER WAYNE TUCKER BOB TUDOR JIM TURNER WANDA TUTTLE FRANCIS VERNON STEVE WYRICK JAN YODER DAVID YOUNG MARILEE YOUNG KURT YOUNGER The sophomore class at More- head High School is unique in that it is larger than ever before. With the vast swarm of sopho- mores descending upon the school came the ever-present, but al- ways refreshing naivete which finds itself the brunt of many an upperclassman joke. Aside from the re g u I a r schedule of school's academic, sports, and social activities, the sophomores as a class can look forward to class elections, the Sophomore Social in the spring, and finally the day they are no longer sophomores. However, one of the most im- portant tasks each sophomore must accomplish is establishing for himself a comfortable, yet firm toehold in the rhythm of every phase of the schooI's activities. And as the class settles into an accustomed pattern, each individual seems to create around him a spirit of healthy exuber- ance and an outlook full of hope and promise of years to come. At left, the sophomore class officers are: Steve Howerton, President, Charles Kniaht, Vice- President: .lan Atkinson Secre- tary, and Laura Overby, Treasur- er. SOPIEIOLEOIZE CLASS OFFICERS .AIDS Lasley Drugs, Inc The Friendly Store Phone ME 5-6351 Draper, North Carolina IVlize Motors, Inc Chevrolets, Corvairs Chevy ll, Trucks Boulevard Street Leaksville, North Carolina Compliments of Leaksville News Washington Street North Carolina's Largest Weekly 198 Q ficiqil. ,.-ig'm'f' R, ,wf+.mQrt-..- M- .,. .- 3255?-mf?' 'M N .V milfxfgtfgg' t .,i:?.t isis- El V , x. 'tv-V M v a ,, ,:" - ' '1-" s v, WV--1 ' V i'L,.5-it' 'f: 1,15 "" " - 't 2 -2 'wi i5?gifc43fvs"f?'5 A- - P A .1 ,si sf,-g g,5sf51g'iiT5 1 Q D. , ' A' nf' . jsf ' 2 "-5 : ' --':j'fs,2"' . s1gi'f?Q: e f MW,-,,,....... , , g 'X .a .1 t '-- -w -M"r"" ,, -V .WM . 1 -'-::- 4, ,1 ,4--x, 4,-1-1:45, , pf, 1 - flZw:E.i122., J? :J i sfgf I I - - .1 , .-. r 1 f 4 -r ' .L , t1"4xdi: " A fw"I "iw . , neg, . f , V, VV Vg 5 , , . M Jr 1, J r -..--" ' - """'- 1 . Swim b Q P 3 . , 1 - I 1 5113?-5 :j .5 ,. H 'eg-V 7 1? ' .Q lf.-'Fife 1' N , N fs- 1 x Q 1 1' f,tf:gf,?PV 5 4 5 4 -xx 'V ve. , - " pw: . V., ,.,.,,.,,,X ,.f'::-M A 0 r as t ir M BILL AMOS INC. Mer1's Wear MA 3-2331 Leaksville, North Carolina See us for formal Wear WRIGHT'S "Beautiful Clothes for the High School Girl" Washington Street Leaksville North Carolina fa , k , "l just can't face the day without my coffee Compliments of 0' Mansky's Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina ll Women's Ready to Wear" ..,..l K S A L E aefcriufba HICK'S SHEET METAL Heating 81 Air Conditioning MAin 3-7846 Owner: Norman Hicks Manager: Douglas Matthews Tri-City Insurance Agency, I All Forms of Insurance Mutual and Stock Companies I39 E. Washington St. Telephone MA 3-6287 Bridge Street Leaksville, N. C. Phone MA 3-3424 200 "0"""f, e S ' 5 2, 5 4415819 Textile Workers' Union of America AFL-CIO CONGRATULATES AND SALUTES THE CLASS OF 1964 Bi-County Joint Boo rd 100 Pork Rood Sproy, North Corolino Serving the textile worker of the Tri-Cities ,,,., ,MM ,EW il AI p AI, I knew him well " 3 -. ' x hm t 3:1 t Congratulations to the 1964 Graduates On this most important day in your life, Fieldcrest extends congratulations and Wishes for a future filled with success FIELDCREST IVIILLS, INC. JOHNSON-TURNER FURNITURE COMPANY 236 Fieldcrest Road Draper, North Carolina TRI-CITY PONTIAC Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina DRAPER LUMBER COMPANY, INC. West Front Street ME 5-5271 Draper, North Carolin 203 WRIGHT'S MEN SHOP Washington Street MA 3-7064 Leoksville North Carolina I WHERE QUALITY IS HIGHER THAN P NORTH BRIDGE ST LEAKSVILL EVERYTHING FOR LESS" d p rtment Store Compliments of Crall Printers Dial MA 3-6518 Leaksville, North Carolina . and l knew this man personally." O Diana Banks teases her bangs in a new way. Compliments of Pyron 8. Rogers, Jewelers on the Boulevard A. D. Rogers, Jeweler Washington St. CITY DRY CLEANERS ME 5-6401 S. Fieldcrest Rood North Corolino V 4 U X MW' ..,-. 1 A ,--,,. ,'-- RocKlNGl-IAM I ' ' "i'1fG1f'I110l1tLo !!!ICH'Nf C0 OFFICE MACHINES COMPANY MA 3-2965 Leoksville North Corolino Compliments of Mar-Gre Motel and Restaurant N. C. Highwoy I4 MA 3-3174 206 HOUR NEW SYSTEM LAUNDRY 'f-f iiifxiyiic-. lNl '?hun Compliments of Compliments of NEW SYSTEM LAU NDRY Leoksville Droper DU KE POWER COIVI PANY "Live better electrically" serving the Piedmont Carolina 207 Congratulations and Salutes to The Class of '64 TRI-CITY CHAMBER OF CQMMERCE Roadway Express, Inc. lScheduled Transportation over Half the Nation? MA 3-8401 DICK'S DRIVE-IN MA 3-7112 West Washington St. Leaksville Bank and Trust Co. Leaksville, Noni. Carolina Leaksville, North Carolina Boulevard-Spray-Draper, N. C. Get that "Money-In-The-Bank" Feeling 2 A DlQK3rDRlVE'lNm ,J U fir K LITHO WEBB, INC. "rf lt's Printed" Spray Colton Mills BOX '68 Leaksville, North Carolina Operating and furnishing Job Opportunity in the Tri-City Area Since 1896 Spray, North Carolina WALL FURNITURE Spray, North Carolina MA 3-3851 Spray Insurance Agency "C" Garvin Warren Tri-City Pharmacy Building Dial MA 3-3211 Spray, North Carolina 209 Compliments of BUILDERS MART Leoksville, North Carolina MA 3-3194 KIRKPATRICK DRUG COMPANY Monroe Street Leoksville, North Corolino Compliments of GLOBMAN'S Leoksville, North Corolino MA 3-3963 ,X J Jumping rope is no fun without a rope." "Give me an M! . . . Give me on Ol' Lee, Fulcher, White and Hubbard Insurance-Real Estate-Loans Leoksville, North Carolina MA 3-7842 211 Congratulations Class of '64 Home Lumber Company Draper Road Dial MA 3-3748 Spray, North Carolina First National Bank Support our Youth Support Morehead Leaksville, North Carolina All this is, is three clarinetists. What do you feed cz lion cub, Mr. Newlin? lysor's Seallest Dairy Bar and Grill Curb Service Bridge Street Leaksville, North Carolina Home Savings and loan Association Washington Street, Boulevard Street Organized in l909 Leaksville, North Carolina 2 Best Wishes From W l 0 E AM and FM Stereo Studio on the Boulevard Leaksville, North Carolina MA 3-3118 Compliments of Fair Funeral Home Leaksville, North Carolina For Delightful Dining The Twin City Grocery Company Distributors of Fine Foods Leoksville, North Corolino Compliments of Ray HolIingsworth's Studio of Dance on the Boulevard Leciksville, N 214 th Corolino FLOYD HILL FURNITURE CO Boulevard MA 3-3521 Leoksville, North Corolino 4. ,iam J . 3 i ., a, "Yes, marriage is o fine institution, if you wont to be in on "Just osk the mon who owns one institution." 215 if 525 2 Roselawn Memorial Gardens XY ,-A o bw , 0,900 TE Q1 'Q 2 3 QW fig nun Perpetuol Core 216 NORA'S Your Fashion Center On the Front Droper, North Corolino JOHNSON CHEVROLET IN 424 Fieldcrest Rood Droper, North Corolino ME 5-3521 ., 9 ,,,,...-.--1-W ,,.'---"""-'av-'Q 3.-f' '.".d',.Jr.,,.,- -,-,, -Q ' -,..-I .,.-' .? a' , V .Ai Wm M4-,,,,,,,,,.... ...Y .-4""' - Q..-ug .cy X - .fu .X ,lx I v 4 1 5 ' 1 . I N '-lel- 1 Wayne Jones-Ford, Inc Leoksville, North Carolina 217 Mb A, n, Y ' 5 Pfgl' ,513 ,, , I, , .., ,..,.., V:-f Y 'KJ xiieis Blair Burke s Wh , B CQ wi W Ben Franklin Store M ln Boulevard Shopping Center Nationally Known, Locally Owned Shoes For all your school supplies Available in a wide Open Every Thursday and Friday Nights. selection of styles. The shoe that looks and feels wonderful on the foot. Leaksville Shoe Store Tri-Cities Oldest Exclusive Shoe Store Downtown Leaksvi l le 21 8 LQ Mkiii- 1 u r '3 1 N - 5 - 'N 1 ' , X f Nfl , Wm Q ---"' --H K A ,ie A ess I GQ. MEADOW DAIRIES Leoksville, North Corolino MA 3-3161 QUALITY CLEANERS MA 3-7517 Sproy, North Corolino Cooper and Raicliii Super Market 9 Open 8 A.M.-9 P.M. Daily Leoksville, North Corolino -W., TIRES X' 'tw--Hi. '. ""'f---c, Rockingham Furniture Company "Where you con feather your nest with o little down." Monroe St. MA 3-8852 Wall Insurance Agency, Inc. "Your Woll of Protection Since l9Ol." Robert Woll Robert Woll, Jr. Life Car Health Home Bonds Fire IVIE TIRE CO. Bridge Street 220 l Compliments of leaksville lumber Company Leoksville, North Corolino Congrotulotions Closs of '64 Burro" ond "Little Ziz" - two potentiolly great men J. A. Cannaday lumber Company Wholesole Only Diol ME 5-4661 Droper, North Corolino 221 J-'BCJQJ STP HKS Allen's Department Store Bargin Center Belks Dr. M. T. Blanchard Carolina Drug Dr. L. Gordon Clarke Dr. A. B. Council, Jr. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Dr. J. P. Elliott Fagg-Vaughn-Harrington-Fagg Joe Chandler's Pharmacy Dr. Mike Mangum Raymond R. Martin-lns. Agency 222 Modern Barber Shop Dr. Floyd Osborne Carl S. Pedigo, D.D.S. Peoples Finance Co. Sani-Freeze Dairy Bar Smith 8. Lone Appliances Spray Esso Station Dr. C. H. Sugg Tiller's Turner Furniture Co. Dr. Roy C. Turner Homer E. Wright J' M Qu Carl Robertson's "Theory of Relativity", 2: -.lordon's Office Supply C. F. Jordan 823 West Memorial Blvd. Royal Typewrters Martinsville, Va. Sales-Service-Supplies Phone: 632-3832 I LQ JP l 1 G 2 PACE-STONE Low down payment and real estate terms Dial MA 3-2214 Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina "Please Buddha, don't let it hit the groundl" EDWARD'S SUPER MARKET r Boulevard Street Leoksville, North Carolina ,Maw ww-WM ,rw '-NM "Girls, does Or'1ybOdy know what this is?!" "Whqt'5 ygur excuse "Crazy Legs? 224 BARBARA'S BEAUTY sALoN of T ' - - e v ex-, gg Meadow 5-8213 i f""x D ,Nfhc i' N if raper or aro ina A Simi V 3 , - 5 1 ' Photo Service tif ' Dial MA 3 2760 'H Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina Lindsey's Insurance Agency J. Hoyte Stultz, Owner Representing Old Line Stock Companies Since 1926 Phone: MA 3-3523 Phone: ME 5-6494 3 YOU fzdependent Insurance AGENT "SERVE YOU FIRSY' Leaksville, N. C. Draper, N. C. Insure your future with this agency. 225 AQ' ,,, A-...r -LISZEIQEIQEIEE:Eff2::E:E:E:1:1:?:1E2:2EI5F5. - 3:12:53155::-:g:::-:-:-:-1-:7:5:f:C:5:i:I:!:ZgZg1g:3- -- " 7 g .:s7+': 325: 'fray ,.,j-2.5 -: gr f gr.-LN'-, 'f l 515' X S15 , .I 'V xl, :Ill 1 I237232:I3Z5C727I7I32fI:Z515 5' Q -..... 25555555535553525552555553 3:f:1:i:2:3:5:I:I:S , Siisisisisisisgaggf I -225: V 3 If 3.5 v.,.,.:.:.:.:.x :-:-:-:-14 .,.,.,g4.,,,.,,.A.5 , 1 :f -:5:5:5:1:1:f:5.-5:3:3:5:7:515-I'I-I525I5r1:5:7:i:3:2z'i'-' 'fzi 5' L-,."' ' 1-z-:-6555535535552 51:21-rf, 1 'dr' 7i:?:5:1:3:2:i:I :gf11::,:::51:r:r:r1r: .. 'Q - "f:s:s:a::,.. 7'1fP25sS5is2'.ses555Egfgegsgsisgzisisizg. .,." ""- 'M I .,,....,. , ,A.,A... . N A KJ A ,'.- 1-2.1-. 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V , LVVV K .1 ' an sg A rv - X gig I W" V . no 1 ,- e-gb , i W Mr 1" ' j - ' wh' .1 '01, . be JM N Dx ,, Q u V , Q A V VF I, fgrvffgixf x X N N V I X V", , . .Qin .49 v- K ,. Vim., 3- i ef, " xk ,VW - V , ,UV - lx VV, f V Vw. V 1, V 'T' ' ' . X ,,f', A - ' - WW 3 'E q A,,,f9s4' Cf s "" C , f f- a - ' M A il' .V 'A I- My .Aj Ns 1 VVQVV V , V , , , ft . .., I V 3, I. ,, naw? Vi, VJ ,, -1 'N' , -iff ' my S2 ., 'g x -' V N V Vg NHHHA M. 1-V V. VVLVVVVL , ' ' V " V VVVV V V . , + fi, 1 ,,41,,V ,. V xv ni' I V if if ,N .1 Q W E hy' ' 9 vis, h K' .txt A M ' L . Q - " Ap 'A . ' - K 1 . 'fliidiip 5 W'1"f ' ' "Q, V ' l4"+.' QV '11p1V, .U , 'D W f V VV W Ng , V , VV lil: MASQ, N TQEEEQL NV Q Vi 4 Vx V. I 1 , 2 , V! VV ggiigsgji 1 , , .. A a Alu, A , - nf 4. ,fl V , vf' , ev , ,A WMV V . ' ' Y V 'L 1 .A 'fx' ' -Am-A V '1- 9 ' ww 11 MW ' A 1 ' V f -A P ,, V, 'Q W V V V , . M V u F .V A ' .' '- 5 Q ' ' ' 'sw 'A' A ! -Q ,se , ,V V V, l e ' IJ," V " " ' I Vw' 'V V ' ' sf' V 2 V ' ' .X swiifiw W N . ,Jin 41. 5 sl 4 QV. : U lv lk - N f 1 TQ 1 i .Q .fi 4k .A M! K "" A 4 .gre 0 I , - J ' ' V 't , ff ' ' . W 'ix X , '3 4 I 1' ,,.V, " , 4. ,qfx '4 T I9WYff . 5 , 1 1,1 Y' ' ,. r. , il' Q, -,., Yi A K .reg z' , 1 Ii'-'Qgf I L1 1 .f,:,- . ', 'Silk ,gg 4i'.V'V A2 M ,f Q fir .Y ff -3 1-, ' 'J' ' "-1Ei2'?E"f 14-' 'f y , fg ' fm.-f,sF,. ,MW QI 1 ., La. .1 .J .ffi 5: , , .5 .4 me Big iVomos al sur de la frontera! Let's go south of the border! And that we did -- at least in spirit for our junior-senior last year. Joyce Cannaday submitted the theme and was assisted by Mickey Hutchins in heading the decorating committee. Students of both classes agreed that the gym took on the most festive appearance of many years. The colors were gay and bright, as was the mood set by the gala event! We recall vividly being entertained by Judy Lovell and David Shinn dancing the provocative tango, Karen Wimbish singing "Jalousie", and Mary Jane Stephen's pantomin- ing the theme song, "South of the Border." To these performances, the sophomore waitresses added a dance choreographed by Judy Lovell. The program was majestically ended with "el gran paseo", the grand march. Many of us went away 230 carrying souvenirs such as som- breros, castanets, and maracas, but we all went away with a gay "South of the Border" feeling, In the top left corner, Karen Wimbish sings at intermission. ln the middle picture, David Shinn and Judy Lovell dance while in the top left corner, sophomore waitresses also provide entertainment. On the opposite page in the top left corner is the grand march. In the top right corner, students pass through the receiving line. ln the bottom right corner, refreshments are served. ln the bottom left picture is one of the many scenes used in decoration. J UNIOIQ. SENIOR. a 5.63, ur- 4'.f- 232 nf, if jjgigym gr A ' f , W 1' 3? fvjfib' ' ' , lihfif .'?g 1" f 165 ,dwif Pf -. 'ff4.f!,,1L2' YZ1f .-. ' Homecoming for the M.H.S. Black Panthers proved to be one of the high points of the l963 football season. The events began early with an outdoor pep rally held in the stadium. The r a I ly featured speeches by the players and coach- es. The pep band was on hand to provide the music. Approximately fifty cars were decorated during fourth and fifth periods for the parade. The parade during the afternoon added to heighten the feelings although it did have its usual number of over- heated radiators and dented fenders. A After the parade was over and everyone had hastily removed the decoration that had gone on so pain-stakingly just a few hours before, the school grounds were deserted for a while as students hurried home to get ready for the big game that night. The game was the "crowning point" of the celebrations as the stadium was packed with spectators who had come to view the crowning of Homecoming Queen and to cheer on the Panthers. Half time saw six excited young ladies awaiting the decision as to who was to be the l963 Homecom- ing Queen. While the band played in the background, Miss Janet John- son was crowned Homecoming Queen by Mr. John Hough, Town- ship School Superintendent, as her escort, Mr. Tommy Davis, looked on. Queen Janet was surrounded by her court which included Joyce Mitchell, Susan Robertson, Ellen Marlowe, Joyce Cannaday, and Sondra Hall. The girls were escorted by Steve Adkins, Larry Reed, Bill Hutcherson, John Mclssac, and Mike Hunnicutt, respectively. After the game, a dance was held in the gym in honor of the Alumni. On the opposite page in the top left corner students work feverishly to prepare their car for the parade. In the bottom left corner one of many scenes at the dance after- ward ore shown. ln the top middle picture a Morehead player races away from a pursuing Sumner Indian. ln the bottom right picture Janet Johnson is shown just before the parade. On this page at the left, Mr. John Hough crowns Janet Homecoming Queen. ln the top right picture Janet is surrounded by her court and their escorts. 233 I-ICJJMlIJElCCDIlMIIIJN'C3- NORMA JEANNE AXSOM "Norma" 122 Virginia Ave., Spray MA 3-2253 Student Council I, Corresponding Sec- retary 1, F.H.A. 2,3, Homeroom Sec- retary I, Business Staff of Carillon 4. DANNY CLIFFORD BALL "Danny" 431 E. Virginia Ave., Draper ME 5-5223 Junior Jaycees 3,4, Homeroom Offi- cer 1, French Club 4. DIANA LEE BANKS "Banksy" Reidsville Road, Leaksville MA 3-2283 Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer 4, Glee Club Accompanist 1,2,3, Junior Varsity Debater 2, Math Club 3, Future Teachers 3,4, Homeroom Vice- President 4, Office Assistant I, Edi- torial Staff of Carillon 4, Superlative 4, Girls' State 3, D.A.R. Good Citizen 4, Biology Award 2, English award 3, Sophomore Waitress. WILLIAM LOWELL BARHAM "Bill" 1 120 W. Washington Street, Leaksville MA 3-7800 Honor Society 4, Band I,2,3,4, Home- room President 3,4, Basketball 1, Football I,2,3,4, Baseball 2, Mono- gram Club 2,3,4, Basketball Score- keeper 3,4. JOYCE ELLEN BARNES njoycen Rt. 2, Box 182, Leaksville MA 3-2301 Honor Society 3,4, Literary Club 4, Math Club 4, Future Teachers 3,4, Student Teacher 3, Science Club 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer Science Club 4, Homeroom Treasurer 4, Office Assist- ant 1, Editorial Staff of Carillon, Per- fect Attendance 1,2,3, Superlative 4, Newspaper I. LEON ERNEST BARTON HI-eoni. Spring Street, Spray MA 3-7-158 Vice-President Homeroom I, Treasurer Homeroom 2, Football Junior Varsity Manager 1, D.E. 4. BARRY EDWARD BATEMAN ,,BGrry,, 213 Park Ave., Spray MA 3-8267 Literary Club 4, Band I,2,3,4, De- bate Club 4, Math Club 4, Pep Band 1,2,3. DONALD GLENN BATEMAN lIDOnlI 417 Front Street, Draper ME 5-3452 Student Council 2,4, Junior Jaycees 2,3,4, Vice-President of Homeroom 1, Homeroom President 2, Homeroom Secretary 3, Homeroom President 4, Football I,2,3,4, Co-captain 4, Bas- ketball 1, Baseball 2,3,4, French Club 4, Monogram 2,3,4, Perfect Attendance 3. CAROL MADELINE BELL "Carol" Rt. 2, Box I57, Loop Road, Leaksville MA 3-2039 F.H.A. 1, D.E. 4. MILTON RAY BENTON HRGYH Rt. 1, Draper Glee Club I, Office Assistant 4. CAROL ANN BIGGS "Carol" Route 2, Box 260, Leaksville MA 3-3624 Glee Club 1, Library Assistant I, Office Assistant 2. WOODROW STANLEY BLACKWELL "Stanley" 421 Ridge Ave., Draper ME 5-781 1 Perfect Attendance 1, D.E. 3,4. MARY ELIZABETH BOYTE "Mary Lee" 139 Warren Ave., Spray Honor Society 4, F.H.A. I, Math Club 4, Perfect Attendance I,3. 4 FRANK RONALD BRADFORD "Frank" Rt. 2, Box 15, Leaksville MA 3-2495 CAROLYN FAYE BROWN "Carolyn" 618 Robin Road, Leaksville MA 3-2262 IRA ROBERTS BURCHAM Illroll 410 Highland Drive, Leaksville MA 3-7876 Honor Society 3,4, Literary Club 2, 3,4, Junior Jaycees 2,3,4, Math Club 3,4, Annual Staff 2,3, Business Manager of the Carillon 4, Boys' State 3, Science Fair Winner 3. MICHAEL HOWARD BURNS "Mike" 204 E. Ridge Ave., Draper ME 5-7003 Literary Club 4, Glee Club 4, Band I,2,3,4, Band Vice-President 4, Homeroom Vice-President 2, Home- room Vice-President 3, Superlative 4, All State Band 2,3,4. LINDA SUSAN BU RROUGHS "Linda" 216 S. Elm, Leaksville MA 3-7706 Office Assistant 1, Perfect Atten- dance 1. MARTHA JO BUTLER "Martha Jo" Price Road, Leaksville MA 3-3634 Student Council 1, Literary Club 3,4, Literary Secretary 4, Homeroom Offi- cer 1, Office Assistant 4. RICHARD LEE BYRD "Richard" P.O. Box 104, Main Street Ext., Draper ME 5-3041 D.E. 4, Bus Driver 2,3,4. JOEL THOMAS CAMPBELL "Joel" 303 Center Church, Leaksville MA 3-61 16 Football 1, Track I,2,3,4, Library 1, Monogram 3,4, D.E. 3,4. ROY EDWIN CAMPBELL IIROYII Box 85, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville MA 3-6157 Sophomore Representative, Homeroom President 1, Homeroom President 3, Homeroom Vice-President 4, Football I,2,3,4, Track 2,3,4. Monogram Club 2,3,4. JOYCE KAY CAN NADAY lljoycen Cascade Ave., Draper ME 5-7641 Cheerleading 2,3,4, Chief Cheer- leader 4, Student Council 1, Literary 3,4, Future Teachers 4, Homeroom Vice-President 1, Lab Assistant 3, Annual Staff 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Superlative 4. PEGGY RUTH CARTER llpeggyn Rt. 1, Box 244 A, Leaksville MA 3-2717 RUSSELL THOMAS CHATHAM "Russell" Box 15A, Union Road, Leaksville MA 3-6758 Bus Driver 2,3, D.E. 3. HATTIE MARIE CHESHIRE "Marie" 126 Highland Ave., Spray MA 3-8673 DAVEY HOWARD CLARK l1DOVey1l 604 Circle Drive, Spray MA 3-2823 Homeroom Vice-President 1, Home- room Treasurer 2, Football I,2,3,4, Track 2, Monogram Club 4, Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. BEVERLY JEAN COCH RAN "Jean" 101 North Fieldcrest Road, Draper ME 5-7031 Library Assistant 4, Office Assistant 4, Junior Majorette 1,2, Library Club 1, Dramatic Club 2. STEPHEN DARYL COCHRAN "Steve" Route 1, 3rd St., Draper ME 5-4744 Glee Club 1, Library Assistant 2,3, Bus Driver 3,4. VICTORIA LEE COLE "Vicki" 201 North Hamilton, Leaksville MA 3-2224 Literary Club Treasurer 45 Glee Club 25 Band 1,2, Vice-President 35 Math Club 45 Class Reporter 35 Homeroom Secretary 45 Girls Chorus Vice- President 25 G.A.A. 25 Secretary- Treasurer 35 Indiana Girls' State 3. DOUGLAS NORMAN COON E IIDOUQH 309 Carolina Heights, Spray MA 3-3619 Glee Club 1. JANICE ADKINS CORUM "Janice" Daniel Adkins Street, Spray ME 5-3064 JENNIFER LEE COWARD "Jennifer" 208 Williams Street, Leaksville MA 3-3324 Perfect Attendance 3. ALBERT ROY COX IIAIII Route 2, Box 34, Leaksville MA 3-2526 Student Council 15 Glee Club I,2,35 Treasurer 45 Junior Jaycees 25 Home- room President 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,35 Track 1,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. BRENDA MARY COX "Brenda" Route 2, Box 124, Leaksville MA 3-3284 F.H.A. 1. BEVERLY JEAN CRADDOCK lljeonll P.O. Box 367, Leaksville MA 3-6881 Homeroom Secretary 15 Office Assist- ant 45 Carillon Business Staff 45 Perfect Attendance 35 Girls Chorus 3. BILLY SUNDAY CRADDOCK, JR. 1lBiHyll 204 Carol Street, Spray Glee Club 1,45 Homeroom Officer 15 Perfect Attendance 1. MARY FRANCES CRADDOCK "Mary Frances" 204 Carroll Street, Spray MA 3-6277 D.E. 4. LINDA LOU CRAIG "Linda" 207 Adams St., Spray MA 3-8985 D.E. 4. SARAH ELIZABETH CROWDER "Sarah" Route 2, Leaksville MA 3-3444 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 15 Homeroom Secretary 35 Perfect Attendance 1. SANDRA LEE CRUISE "Sandra" 1 15 Walter Chambers Street, Spray MA 3-7460 Newspaper 15 F.H.A. 1,25 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 25 Lab Assistant 35 Library Assistant I5 Office Assist- ant 1,45 Annual Staff 4. CAROLINE RUTH CUNNINGHAM "Caroline" 113 Farrell St., Spray MA 3-2898 Literary Club 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3, 45 Debate Club 2,3,45 Perfect Attend- ance 1,25 Girls Chorus 3,45 Cheer- leader 4. THOMAS RUFUS DAVIS IITOrnmylI 214 Prospect Ave., Leaksville MA 3-3755 Glee Club I,2,35 President 45 Future Teachers 3,45 Homeroom Vice- President 25 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Homeroom President 45 Football 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Annual Staff 2,35 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Perfect Attendance 15 Track 1. CAROLYN JEAN DeHART "Carolyn" Box 20 A, Rt. 1, Leaksville MA 3-3671 D.E. 4. LARRY LEE DENNY "Larry" Route 1, Draper ME 5-4781 WILLIAM MICHAEL DINEEN "Mike" 109 N. Hamilton Street, Leaksville MA 3-3533 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 25 Golf 2,35 Monogram 3,45 Perfect Attendance 3. 235 BENJAMIN RAY DILLON 11Benny1l Rt. 2, Box 72 B, Leaksville MA 3-3822 Literary Club 3,45 Debate Club 25 Vice-President 3, President 45 Math Club 45 Science Club 45 Track 35 Debating Team 2,3. JAMES DAVID DODSON "Jimmy" 519 Ellette Ave., Leaksville MA 3-2202 Football 15 Basketball 15 Track 2,3, 45 Monogram Club 3,4. KENNETH ELMER DODSON ,,Kenny,, Rt. 2, Box 24, Union Road, Leaksville MA 3-2009 Basketball 15 Perfect Attendance 15 Bus Driver 2,3,4. PAMELA MARLOW DOVE "Pam" 210 Thomas Street, Spray MA 3-7529 WILLODEAN MARIE DOYLE "WiIlodean" 410 Gleen Street, Leaksville MA 3-2284 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Girls Chorus 4. RITA STRATTON DUNN IIRHOII 406 Victor Street, Spray MA 3-7796 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 15 Homeroom Vice-President 15 Library Assistant 1, 2,3. RICHARD BREWER DYER "Richard" 108 Irvin Ave., Leaksville MA 3-2668 Homeroom Vice-President 15 Home- room Treasurer 25 Homeroom Presi- dent 45 Football 1,2,45 Baseball 2,3,4. CLARENCE FREDERICK EVANS "Freddy" 1 12 West Maryland Ave., Draper ME 5-5401 Homeroom Secretary 15 Reporter 25 Baseball 15 Bus Driver 2. JAMES ROBERT EVANS "J. R." Rt. 2, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville MA 3-2504 Glee Club 15 Football 15 Perfect Attendance 15 Bus Driver 3,4. PAM GAYLE EVANS Hpomu Route 2, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville MA 3-2504 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 1,2. JOHN CLINTON FRANK, JR. "John" 143 Highland Park Drive, Leaksville MA 3-2663 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Perfect Attend- ance 1,2,3. VIRGINIA ANNE FRAZIER "Virginia" 426 West Virginia Ave., Draper ME5-3732 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 45 French Club 45 Newspaper 1. CECIL ODELL FRENCH "Cecil" 504 Byrd St., Draper ME 5-4423 Basketball 15 Track 15 French Club 45 Perfect Attendance 2,45 Bus Driver 3,4. RICHARD LEE GAMBILL "Dick" 4 Stadium Drive, Spray MA 3-2275 Junior Jaycees 2,3,45 Math Club 3, 45 Class Vice-President 45 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Homeroom President 35 Golf 2,35 Library Assistant 15 French Club 45 Perfect Attendance 1. CLARENCE RUSSELL GARMON "Russ" 321 North Patrick Street, Leaksville MA 3-6481 Class Treasurer 15 Homeroom Officer 15 Football 15 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 French Club 3. MARY CYNTHIA GARRETT "Cynthia" Route 3, Stoneville Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 3,45 Girls Chorus 3,4. PATRICIA VERNON GAULDIN "Patty" 211 Virginia Ave., Spray MA 3-6458 Student Council 15 Homeroom Presi- dent I5 Office Assistant 15 Annual Staff 4. COY CLIFTON GIBSON IICOYII 120 Long Street, Draper ME 5-5602 Junior Jaycees 25 Future Teachers 2, 3,45 Homeroom Vice-President 1,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 French Club 4. BRENDA CAROL GILLESPIE "Brenda" Route 1, Draper ME 5-6013 D.E. 4. JERRY WAYNE GILLESPIE "Jerry" 615 West Forrest Road, Leaksville MA 3-3817 Homeroom Officer 15 Track 15 Per- fect Attendance 1,2. DENNIS EDWARD GILLIE "Wampus" 41 1 Byrd Street, Draper ME 5-5092 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Mon- ogram Club 1,2,3,4. SARAH LOU GOVER "Sarah" 412 West Meadow Road, Draper ME 5-6524 Perfect Attendance 1,25 D.E. 4. LINDA JANE GRANT "Linda" 441 Irving Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-3737 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 15 D.E. 4. PRISCILLA SMITH GRIFFITH "Garnet" 324 Park Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-7930 Band I,2,35 Basketball 15 Science Fair Winner 1. CAROL ANN HAILEY "Carol" Ashby Street, Draper ME 5-7541 F.H.A. 3,45 Treasurer 45 Library Assistant 4. ARTHUR HUGH HALL "Butch" 534 Front Street, Draper ME 5-3551 D.E. 3, President 4. MORRIS LESTER HALL, JR. "Morris" 333 North Hamilton Street, Leaksville MA 3-2310 Bus Driver 3,4. NANCY IRENE HALL nNOncyu Oak Street, Draper ME 5-3153 F.H.A. 2, Vice-President 3, President 45 Math Club 3,45 Future Teachers 45 Homeroom Vice-President 25 Office Assistant 45 Annual Staff 35 Perfect Attendance 1,2,35 Sophomore Wait- ress 2. RUBY HALL llRubyll 103 Park Road, Spray Library Assistant 3,45 Perfect Attend- ance 1. SONDRA MELVINE HALL "Sondra" R.F.D. 2, Box 122A, Leaksville MA 3-8517 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Science Club 45 Homeroom Secretary 2,35 Library Assistant 15 Future Teachers 45 Office Assistant 15 Monogram Club 3,45 Perfect Attendance 1,2,35 Girls Chorus 3,45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Superlative 45 Homecoming Queen Nominee 45 Nurses Club 2,3. ANN LaVEE HALLMAN 1lAnn1l 405 Morgan Street, Spray MA 3-3252 Homeroom Secretary 1. LOUISE MAE HAMMOCK IILOUII Early Street, Draper F.H.A. 1,25 Perfect Attendance 1,2,3, JOE BEN HANKINS "Joe Ben" North Cascade Street, Draper ME 5-6684 236 JOHN WALTER HARDEN, JR. IIJOYII Smith Street, Spray MA 3-6609 Science Club 15 D.E. 3,4. NADINE LOUISE HARRIS "Nadine" Route 2, Box 213, Leaksville MA 3-7941 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,35 Home- room Treasurer 35 Girls Chorus 3,4. WAN DA CAROL HARRIS "Wanda" 854 Aiken Road, Spray MA 3-6772 F.H.A. 1, President 15 Homeroom President 15 Perfect Attendance 3. MALCOLM BRYON HICKS IIMOCII Route 1, Box 130, Leaksville MA 3-2854 Track 45 French Club 4. MIKE RAY HILL "Mike" Rt. 2, Box 54-A, Leaksville MA 3-3305 PATRICIA ANN HODGES llpatll Route 3, Box 178, Stoneville 573-3887 Glee Club 1,25 F.H.A. 1,25 Basketball 15 Library Assistant 1,2,4. JOHNNY WILLIAM HOLLAND "Johnny" 415 Irvin Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-6183 Glee Club 15 Class Treasurer 1. MARTHA HAIZLIP HOLLAND "Martha" 412 Moir Street, Leaksville MA 3-8746 Co-Editor of School Paper 1. WILLIAM VLASIOS HON DROS IIBHIII 1 17 Forbes Street, Leaksville MA 3-2385 Class Officer, Vice-President 15 Home- room President 35 Football 1,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Monogram Club 2, 3,45 Perfect Attendance 1. DONALD WAYNE HOOVER llDonII 110 N. Main Street, Draper ME 5-8971 Debate Club 3, Vice-President 45 Math Club 3, Vice-President 45 Fu- ture Teachers 45 Science Club 3, President 45 Lab Assistant 45 Lay- Out Editor of Carillon5 Perfect Attend- ance 35 Superlative 45 Varsity De- bator 35 Junior Varsity Debator 25 Governor's School Scholarship for Art 35 Football Scorekeeper 45 Newspaper Staff 15 Science Fair Winner 3. JERRY LEWIS HOPKINS IlJerryll 201 Greenway Drive, Spray MA 3-2864 Band 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 45 Class Officer, Vice President 35 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Football 2,3,45 Track 25 Monogram Club 3,45 Bus Driver 2,3,4. LINDA JEAN HOPKINS "Linda" Route 2, Box 170, Leaksville MA 3-3006 D.E. 4. BONITA RAE HOPPER "Bonnie" Route 2, Fairway Community, Leaksville MA 3-3335 Homeroom Treasurer 15 Library As- sistant 15 Office Assistant 15 D.E. 3,4. GLORIA JEAN HOPPER "Gloria" Cascade Road, Spray MA 3-6128 F.H.A. 15 Basketball 15 Library Assistant 1. LONNIE REID HUNDLEY "Lonnie" 424 Center Street, Draper MARY ANN HUNDLEY "Mary Ann" 210 Carroll Street, Spray MA 3-2687 Glee Club 15 Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer 15 Perfect Attendance 1. WILLIAM MICHAEL HUNNICUTT llMikeIl 705 West Washington Street, Leaksville MA 3-3340 Junior Jaycees 3,45 Homeroom Treas- urer 35 Homeroom Vice-President'45 Track 1,3,45 Perfect Attendance 3. MICKEY LEE HUTCHINS "Mickey" 619 Highland Drive, Leaksville MA 3-6264 Literary Club 2,3,45 Junior Jaycees 2, Director 3, Vice-President 45 De- bate Club 3,4, President 35 Home- room Treasurer 3, President 45 Foot- ball 15 Lab Assistant 35 Annual Staff 35 French Club 45 Perfect Attendance 1. OPAL GRAY H UTSON IIODCIII Route 1, Draper Library Assistant 4. JOHN WARREN HYLTON "Johnny" 210 Pine Street, Leaksville MA 3-6219 Homeroom President 1, Vice-President 25 Baseball 45 Track 25 Library As- sistant 45 D.E. 3. JAMES WARREN IVIE, JR. nJirnrnyn 201 Early Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-3571 Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 15 Literary Club 3,4, President 45 Junior Jaycees 2, Director 3,45 Debate Club 3,4, Parliamentarian 35 Math Club 3, 4, Treasurer 35 Science Club 3,4, President 35 Class President 15 Home- room President 1,2, Vice-President 35 Football Scoreboard 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 15 Scoreboard 3,45 Lab As- sistant 45 Editor-in-Chief Carillon 45 Superlative 45 National Science Foun- dation Scholarship to U. N. C.5 News- paper, Sports Editor 25 3rd Merit Scholarship to U. N.C.5 Varsity De- bate Team 35 David King Ricks Memorial Award 35 Mathematics Award 3. 7 ROBERT WYATT JARRETT "Robert" Box 427, Draper ME 5-3682 Science Club 35 Bus Driver 3,4. TRILBY ANN JARRETT "TriIby" 625 Robin Road, Leaksville MA 3-8884 Literary Club 35 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 15 Debate Club 3, Recording Secre- tary 35 Future Teachers 15 Library Assistant 15 Public Speaking Award 1. JANET CAROL JOHNSON lIJOnetII 108 Jefferson Street, Leaksville MA 3-3248 Student Council 1,3,45 Junior Repre- sentative 35 Senior Representative 45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Homeroom Vice- President 25 Homeroom President 35 Basketball 15 Office Assistant I5 Assistant Editor of Carillon 45 Mono- gram Club 45 Perfect Attendance 1, 2,35 Girls Chorus 3,45 Cheerleader 45 Sophomore Waitress 25 Superlative 4' Homecoming Queen 45 Basketbal Scorekeeper l,35 Newspaper 15 Art Club I5 Senior Representative. i SALLY LaPRAD JOHNSON nsallyn Lake Street, Draper ME 5-5891 F.H.A. 3,45 Parliamentarian 45 Math Club 35 Future Teachers 45 Library Assistant 45 Girls State 3. SAN DRA KAY JOHNSON "Sandra" 305 Woodrow Street, Draper ME 5-3184 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,35 Office Assistant 2,3,45 Perfect Attendance 15 Girls Chorus 3,4. RONALD LEE JOYCE "Ronnie" I23 Forbes Street, Leaksville MA 3-2584 Homeroom Vice-President 1,25 Basket- ball 1,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Track 15 Monogram Club 3,4. SAMUEL CLINTON JOYCE "Sammie" Route 2, Box 148E, Leaksville MA 3-8705 Perfect Attendance 35 Bus Driver 3,4. JERRY DALE KALLAM "Jerry" 1000 Johnston Street, Leaksville MA 3-7581 Student Council 15 Homeroom Vice- President 15 Homeroom Treasurer 2, 35 Basketball I5 Perfect Attendance l,3. JAMES RICHARD KALLAM "Richard" Route 3, Box 104, Stoneville Football 15 D.E. 3,4. JOHN WILLIAM KEATON "Johnny" 317 West Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-3495 Homeroom Secretary 15 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Football 15 Basketball 15 Library Assistant 15 Office Assistant 45 Perfect Attendance 1. PATRICIA SANDRA KEATON llpotll Route 2, Box 59, Leaksville MA 3-3500 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Homeroom Secre- tary 45 Girls Chorus 3,4. MARGARET CAROLE K I NGSB URY "Carole" 516 Bryant Street, Leaksville MA 3-2267 F.H.A. 15 Homeroom Secretary 15 Office Assistant 15 D.E. 4. MARGARET JEAN KINGSTON "Jean" Lincoln Street, Spray MA 3-2292 Glee Club 1. SUE FRANKLIN KIRKMAN llsuell 302 Spring Street, Spray MA 3-7815 Glee Club 15 D,E. 4. SUSAN CAROL LAMAR "Susan" 205 Pitcher Avenue, Spray MA 3-3418 Literary Club 45 Science Club 35 Office Assistant 45 Annual Staff 4. CHARLES ALFRED LAND "Alfred" 407 Clarkway Drive, Spray MA 3-7892 WALTER CHRISTENSEN LAND "Chris" 131 Valley Drive, Leaksville MA 3-7993 Science Club 35 Football 25 Perfect Attendance 1,2. RAYMON D DAVID LAW "David" 213 Morgan Street, Spray MA 3-7207 Band 15 Library Assistant 15 Office Assistant 15 Perfect Attendance 1,3. LARRY ERNEST LAW ,,LGrry,, Ashby Street Ext., Draper ME 3-3161 Math Club 3,45 Golf 3. MARTHA GERALDINE LAW 11Gerry11 497 Burton Street, Leaksville MA 3-7278 Perfect Attendance 15 Art Club 1. SUSIE CAROL LAW "Susie" 26 Stadium Drive, Spray MA 3-3956 Literary Club 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Homeroom Officer 15 Library Assist- ant 1,25 Office Assistant 15 Perfect Attendance 1,2. MELINDA LOU LEMONS "Melinda" 109 Prospect Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-3469 Glee Club 3,45 F.H.A. 1, Secretary 15 Library Assistant 1. RALPH JOEL LESTER ,fjoeln Rt. 1, Box 118, Leaksville MA 3-6298 SAMMIE BRANSON LEWIS "Sammie" 124 Lawrence Street, Spray D.E. 4. CHARLES EDWARD LILLARD "Charles" Rt. 1, Draper ruff-- ROBERT JOHNSON LONG "Robert" Rt. 2, 133 Price Rd., Leaksville MA 3-7389 Glee Club 15 Homeroom Officer 15 Bus Driver 4. REBECCA JANE LUNA "Jane" 224 Washington St., Leaksville MA 3-6060 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Office Assistant 35 D.E. 4. CHARLES JOINER MaclSSAC "Charlie" 203 Country Club Drive, Spray MA 3-6415 Literary Club 2,3,45 Junior Jaycees 2,3,45 Homeroom Treasurer 45 Track 25 Golf 35 Annual Staff 3,45 Bus Driver 2,3,4. JOHN THOMAS MaclSSAC, Ill "John" 203 Country Club Drive, Spray MA 3-6415 Student Council 25 Sophomore Repre- sentative 25 Junior Jaycees 2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Class Treasurer 35 Homeroom Secretary 15 Homeroom President 2,45 Football 15 Track 2,45 Office Assistant 45 French Club 45 Bus Driver 2,35 Superlative 45 6th Science Fair 2. RICKIE LAWRENCE MANUEL "Rickie" 5 Cascade Street, Draper ME 5-8184 Honor Society 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Math Club 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Baseball 25 Physics Lab Assistant 45 Biology Lab Assistant 45 Annual Staff 45 Biology Award 25 Boys State 3. ELIZABETH ELLEN MARLOWE "Ellen" 310 West Fieldcrest Road, Draper ME 5-8454 Honor Society 3,45 Secretary 45 Stu- dent Council 3,45 Literary Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Vice-President 35 Future Teachers 3,4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 45 Homeroom President 25 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Annual Staff 2,3, Business Editor 35 Mono- gram Club 45 Girls Chorus 3,45 Super- Iative 45 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Chief Cheerleader 15 Chief Marshal 35 Junior Representative5 Governors School Scholarship5 Choral Music 35 Co-Editor of Newspaper 1. BARRY GARTHAN MARTIN nBorry11 415 Byrd Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-2550 Band 15 Homeroom Officer 35 Foot- ball 15 Track 2,3. BRENDA ANNE MARTIN "Brenda" Route 2, Box B, Leaksville MA 3-3349 Student Council 15 Glee Club 15 F.HA. 35 Homeroom Treasurer 45 Office Assistant 45 Perfect Attend- ance 3. SAMMY EDWIN MARTIN "Sammy" 109 Chatham Street, Spray Football 15 Track 1,2. SUSAN GRAY MARTIN "Susan" 205 Country Club Drive, Spray Glee Club 15 Math Club 35 Office Assistant 4. TOMMY LEE MCCOLLUM 11-I-Ornrnyu 100 Von Ruck Road, Spray MA 3-8735 Football 15 Basketball 1,25 D.E. 4. OPEL ARLEEN MCCRICKARD "Opel" 308 Martin Street, Leaksville Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 15 Perfect At- tendance 3. JO ANNE MCGUIRE "Jo Anne" Route 2, Box 370, Spray MA 3-3041 Literary Club 45 Science Club 45 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 25 Homeroom Secretary 4. JAMES LEE MCLEOD "Jimmy" West Washington, Leaksville MA 3-2859 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 2,3,45 French Club 1,2,3. NORMA JEAN MEADOWS "Norma" Rt. 2, Box 389, Piedmont Avenue, Spray MA 3-6042 Basketball 15 Library Assistant 15 D.E. 4. KATH RYN ANN MEEKS llAnnlf 416 West Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-7746 Honor Society 45 F.H.A. 15 Perfect Attendance 1,3. ANITA LOUISE MINTER llAnnll Route 1, Cascade, Draper ME 5-8313 Girls Chorus 4. JAMES RICHARD MINTER 11Jin-lrnyn 420 West Ridge Avenue, Draper ME 5-5742 Future Teachers 3,45 Basketball 1,2, 45 Baseball 45 French Club 4. JANICE MITCHELL "Janice" 209 Country Club Drive, Spray MA 3-8015 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 2, President 3, Secretary 4. JOYCE MITCHELL "Joyce" 209 Country Club Drive, Spray MA 3-8015 Student Council Corresponding Secre- tary 1, Secretary 45 Future Teachers 3,45 Class Secretary 2,3,45 Office Assistant 3. ROY TRUSLOW MITCHELL IIROYII 159 Highland Drive, Leaksville MA 3-2624 Honor Society 45 Student Council 1,3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Jun- ior Jaycees 25 Math Club 45 Class Treasurer 2, President 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Homeroom Officer 1,25 Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Track 1,2,3,4. MARGARET MAR I E MONTGOMERY "Margaret" 304 Victor Street, Spray MA 3-7648 Student Council 15 Clarion Staff 35 Honor Society 45 Perfect Attendance 35 Carillon Typist 4. ROBERT WENDELL MOORE, JR. llBobII 305 Monroe St., Leaksville MA 3-6279 Junior Jaycees 25 Football 25 Golf 2,35 Bus Driver 2,3,4. CHARLES MILTON MORGAN "Charles" 212 Decator St., Spray MA 3-7505 Homeroom Vice-President 15 Perfect Attendance 35 D.E. 4. RITA DIANE NANCE IIRHOII Route 2, Box 58E, Leaksville MA 3-7921 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 15 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Library Assistant 1,2. EDWARD ROOSEVELT NEWMAN, JR. "Eddie" 314 Meadow Rd., Draper ME 5-0703 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 3,45 An- nual Staff 45 French Club 45 Mono- gram Club 4. ROSE MARY NOLEN "Rose Mary" 107 Walter Chambers Street, Spray MA 3-7067 Newspaper 15 F.H.A. 45 Office Assist- ant 45 Annual Staff 45 French Club 45 Perfect Attendance 15 Girls Chorus 3. HARRIOT ALEXANDRIA OWEN "Sondia" 401 E. Virginia Ave., Draper Honor Society 45 F.H.A. 1,25 Girls Chorus 4. WILLIAM FLEMING PACE IIBHIII 205 West Jay St., Leaksville MA 3-6904 Glee Club 1,3,45 Junior Jaycees 2,3, 45 Homeroom Treasurer 2, Vice- President 35 Football 1,2,3,45 Perfect Attendance 1,35 Lighting Staff 4. HAZEL ELAINE PRESLEY "Elaine" 417 South Early, Draper ME 5-3673 Band 15 F.H.A. 3,45 Library Assist- ant 4. GERALDINE PRUITT "Geraldine" 305 Merriman St., Draper ME 5-3243 F.H.A. 3,4, Secretary 45 Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 35 D.E. 4. MARY ANN PRUITT "Mary Ann" 301 Victor Street, Spray MA 3-7648 F.H.A. 15 D.E. 4. VIRGINIA ALICE PRUITT "Virginia" 400 Meadow Road, Draper ME 5-6771 F.H.A. 45 French Club 45 Girls Chorus President 4. CAROLYN ANN PULLIAM "Carolyn" 107 North Byrd St., Draper ME 5-6031 F.H.A. 4. LARRY NORMAN REED "Larry" 157 Valley Drive, Leaksville MA 3-8307 Literary Club 3,45 Junior Jaycees 2, 3,45 Debate Club 25 Future Teachers 3,45 Basketball 1,25 Track 1. NANCY EARLES REEVES "Nancy" 1 17 Ray St., Spray MA 3-6271 F.H.A. 45 Basketball 15 Library Assist- ant 1. WALTER FRANK REID, JR. "Frank" 123 Prospect Ave., Leaksville MA 3-2395 Glee Club 15 Perfect Attendance 1,3. DONALD FRANCIS RHODES "Donnie" 411 Ellett Ave., Leaksville MA 3-7983 Science Club 35 Homeroom Treas- urer 45 Perfect Attendance 3. JAMES PHILIP RIERSON lljimmyll 213 Fisher, Spray MA 3-8286 239 CARL EDWARD ROBERTSON "Carl" 301 Ashe St., Leaksville MA 3-8237 Student Council 15 Newspaper Editor 15 Junior Jaycees 35 Math Club 35 Football 1,2,35 Track 1. JOSEPH KENNETH ROBERTSON ,,Kenny,, 100 Land St., Spray MARTHA ANNE ROBERTSON "Martha Anne" 313 Monroe St., Leaksville MA 3-6421 Honor Society 2,35 Student Council 15 Clarion 45 Glee Club President 15 F.H.A. Secretary 15 Future Teachers 45 Homeroom Secretary 1,2,3, Treas- urer 45 Lab Assistant 45 Office Assist- ant 1,45 Sophomore Waitress 25 Jun- ior Marshal 35 Superlative 4. SUSAN HARR I ETT ROBERTSON "Susan" 116 Farrell St., Spray MA 3-6597 Honor Society 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Future Teachers 45 Homeroom Secretary 1,2,45 Basket- ball 15 Sophomore Representative 25 Superlative 45 Chief J. V. Cheerleader 25 Jr. Marshal 35 Cheerleader 15 Nominee for Homecoming Queen 4. LINDA LOUISE ROOP "Linda" 303 West South Ave., Draper ME 5-4471 F.H.A. 25 Newspaper Typist 15 Caril- lon Typist 4. CLIFFORD KINNEY RORRER "Kinney" 710 Moir St., Leaksville MA 3-2592 Literary Club 3,45 Glee Club 15 Future Teachers 3,45 Homeroom Treasurer 45 Perfect Attendance 35 History Award 3. LARRY CLINTON RUMBLEY l1LOrryn 314 Carter Street, Leaksville MA 3-2282 Track 15 D.E. 45 Art Club 1. ITASKA GAIL RUTLEDGE IIGGHII 402 Circle Drive, Spray MA 3-6530 RITA ELLEN RUTLEDGE "Rita" Route 2, Box 142, Leaksville MA 3-3008 F.H.A. 1, Office Assistant 1. CONSTANCE ELIZABETH SAUL "Connie" 665 Central Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-3385 F.H.A. 1, Homeroom Secretary-Treas- urer 1, Office Assistant 1, Perfect Attendance 2. WILLIAM RANDALL SAU NDERS "RandalI' Cascade Avenue, Draper ME 5-6513 Student Council 1, Literary Club 4, Debate Club 2,3,4, French Club 4. FRANK DILLARD SETLIFF "Frank" 201 Hamilton Court, Draper ME 5-7392 Honor Society 4, Student Council 1, 2,3, Junior Jaycees 2,3,4, Class Offi- cer, President 2, Vice-President 3, Treasurer 4, Homeroom President 1, 2, Basketball 2, Track 2,3,4, French Club 4, Monogram Club 4. HAROLD CONWAY SHOUGH "Conway" 207 East Grove Street, Spray MA 3-3554 Student Council 1,4, President 1, Treasurer 4, Glee Club 1,4, Junior Jaycees 2,3,4, Director 3, Treasurer 4, Debate Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 3, 4, Future Teachers 4, Homeroom Treasurer 1, Vice-President 2,3,4, Perfect Attendance l,2. HENRY CONRAD SIEGNER "Connie" 313 West Fieldcrest Road, Draper ME 5-3083 Junior Jaycees 3, Track 1, French Club 4, Perfect Attendance 2,3. BETTY RUTH SLAUGHTER nRuthn 904 Johnston Street, Leaksville MA 3-2929 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. JOHN WAYNE SLAUGHTER llujohnn 318 Hollingsworth Street, Leaksville MA 3-2934 Debate Club 4, Track 3. . 5 l 2 2 ,A ' - 'u1z,- 1 --i-T. RONALD CARSON SLAUGHTER "Ronnie" I 14 Devonway Drive, Spray MA 3-2721 Glee Club l,2,3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Junior Jaycees 2, Homeroom Officer 1, Basketball 1,2, Baseball 2, Perfect Attendance 3. DEBORAH ANN SMART "Deborah" North Main Street, Draper ME 5-3154 Library Assistant 4. JAMES FREDERICK SMITH "James" 1 1 Klyce Street, Leaksville MA 3-2447 Glee Club 4, Band l,2,3,4, Junior Jaycees 2,3,4, Clarion Staff 4. BARRY MICHEAL STEAGALL llBorryII 106 Ridge Avenue, Draper Junior Jaycees 3,4, Homeroom Vice- President 3,4, Football Manager 3,4, Track 4, French Club 4, Perfect Attendance 3. JAMES GREGG STEGALL nGreggl1 Route 1, Box 259, Leaksville MA 3-2459 Homeroom Treasurer 3, Football 1,2, 3,4, Monogram Club 1,3,4. JOHN KING STEGALL "Johnny" Route 2, Box 229, Leaksville MA 3-6936 Glee Club 1, Homeroom Officer 1,2, Football 1,2,3, Track l,2,3,4, Mono- gram 2,3,4, Perfect Attendance 2, Bus Driver 2,3,4. MARY JANE STEPHENS "Mary Jane" 206 3rd Street, Leaksville MA 3-7030 Glee Club 3,4, Band l,2,3,4, Home- room Secretary 2,4, Office Assistant 2, French Club 4, Secretary 4, Per- fect Attendance 1, J. V. Cheerleader 1,2, Superlative 4. GARRY CARTER STOPHEL lIGorryll 114 S. Sharp St., Draper ME 5-6502 Art Editor of Newspaper 1, Glee Club 2,3,4, Junior Jaycees 2,3,4, President 3,4, Homeroom President 3, Business Staff of Carillon 3,4, Perfect Attend- ance 3, Photographer Annual 3. BRENDA GAYLE STOWE "Brenda" 404 Circle Drive, Spray MA 3-6025 Assistant Editor of Newspaper 1, Honor Society 4, Literary Club 3,4, F.H.A. 4, Math Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Science Club 3,4, Homeroom Sec- retary 1, Office Assistant 1, News- paper Staff 4. STEVE RAY STRUTTON "Steve" 500 Moir Street, Leaksville MA 3-6665 Track I, Perfect Attendance 2,3,4, D.E. 3. TOMMY GENE SWINNEY lITommyll 508 Cascade Road, Spray MA 3-3719 Perfect Attendance 1, Bus Driver 3. JAMES BURNICE TALBOTT, JR. llJimmyII I 107 Harris Street, Leaksville MA 3-601 1 Band l,2,3,4, Homeroom Vice- President 1, Homeroom Treasurer 2, Track 1, Perfect Attendance 3, Bus Driver 2,3,4. DANNY ALLEN TERRY llDOnnyll 429 Riverside Drive, Spray MA 3-8261 MARIE AUGUSTA THOMAS "Marie" Route 2, Box 266N, Leaksville MA 3-6213 Math Club 3,4, Perfect Attendance 1, Girls Chorus 3. ROBERT WI LLARD THOMAS "Robert" 502 Harris Street, Leaksville MA 3-7331 PAUL WILLIAM THOMPSON Route I, Box 32, Leaksville MA 3-721 1 Honor Society 3,4, Vice-President 35 Student Council 45 Band I,2,3,45 Future Teachers 3,4, President 45 Class Officer, President 45 Homeroom Parliamentarian 1, Secretary 35 Per- fect Attendance 1,25 Spanish Award 35 Boys' State 35 Junior Marshal 35 Superlotive 4. ..-L v . . fi ,E . 3 ' " 1 RONALD LEE TOLBERT "Ronnie" 328 Park Avenue, Leaksville MA 3-7292 Football 1. GUERRANT AVENT TREDWAY, Ill "Guerrant" Route 3, Box 230, Stoneville 573-3891 BARRY GWYNN TUTTLE "Barry" Wilson Street, Spray MA 3-2782 Student Council I,2,3, Vice-President 35 Future Teachers 3,45 Homeroom Vice-President 1, President 2,35 Foot- ball 15 Basketball I,2,3,45 Baseball 2, 3,45 Track 15 Lab Assistant 35 Mono- gram Club 2,3,45 Perfect Attendance 35 Bus Driver 3,4. RONALD WILSON UNDERWOOD "Ronnie" Ashby Street, Draper ME 5-3164 MICHEAL JOYCE VERNON "Mike" Route 1, Stoneville Perfect Attendance 1,2,3. STEVE EDWARD WALKER "Steve" 1206 Bryant Street, Leaksville MA 3-7553 Homeroom Treasurer 1. LINDA GAIL WARD "Linda" Route 2, Box 58-Bl, Leaksville MARY ANNE WEAVER 1rM0ry11 107 Oakwood Drive, Leaksville MA 3-7258 Band 1,2,3,4. JANE CAROLYN WILLARD "Jane" Route 2, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville MA 3-3913 Glee Club 15 F.H.A. 45 Math Club 45 Office Assistant 45 Annual Staff 45 Perfect Attendance 1,35 Girls Chorus 3,4. LYNDA SUE WILLIAMS "Lynda" Rt. 1, Box 410, Leaksville MA 3-6728 F.H.A. I5 Basketball 15 Office Assist- ant 2,35 Newspaper Staff 15 Assistant Typist 45 Literary Club 45 Science Fair Winner 15 Carillon Staff Typist 45 Art Club 1. JOHN MARCUS SHOWE WILSON "Mark" 110 Prospect, Leaksville MA 3-3369 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Homeroom Officer 25 Football 1,35 Track 1,3,45 Perfect Attendance l,3. STEPHEN THOMAS WILSON "Steve" 112 N. Hamilton St., Leaksville MA 3-6655 Honor Society 3, President 45 Literary Club 2,3,45 Debate Club 3,45 Math Club 3, President 45 Science Club 3, Vice-President 45 Homeroom Vice- President 25 Lab Assistant 45 Annual Staff 4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE WILSON "Lawrence" 426 Hamilton Street, Leaksville MA 3-2339 Student Council I5 Vice-President of Student Council 15 Honor Society 45 Glee Club 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Vice- President of Homeroom 45 Golf 3. KAREN JANICE WIMBISH "Karen" Rt. 2, Box 95, Leaksville MA 3-3334 Glee Club I,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,45 Vice- President Homeroom 15 Library Assist- ant 15 Girls Chorus 3,4. MARCIA MARIE WINN "Marcia" 213 Center Church Road, Leaksville MA 3-2515 Honor Society 3,45 Newspaper Staff 45 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Glee Club Librarian 35 F.H.A. 15 F.H.A. Vice- President 15 Future Teachers 45 Class Corresponding Secretary 45 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Lab Assistant 45 Office Assistant 15 Perfect Attendance 2,35 Sophomore Waitress5 Junior Marshal5 Superlotive. JAMES FURAL WOOD "James" Rt. 2, Box H-A, Union Road, Leaksville MA 3-2527 FRANCES GAYLE WRAY "Gayle" 116 Highland Park Drive, Leaksville MA 3-7352 F.H.A. 3. LINDA LEE WRAY "Linda" 110 West Delaware, Draper ME 5-5442 Newspaper Staff 15 Math Club 35 Library Assistant 35 Perfect Attend- ance l,2,35 D.E. 4. SONIA GAY YARBOROUGH "Sonia" 662 Central Ave., Leaksville MA 3-3814 Student Council 15 Homeroom Repre- sentative 15 Future Teachers 45 Bas- ketball I5 Superlotive. DONALD PHILLIP YOUNG "Phillip" 305 Front Ave., Draper ME 5-3384 Student Council President 15 Junior Jaycees 2,3,45 Future Teachers 45 Homeroom Treasurer 25 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Basketball Manager 3,45 Baseball Manager 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Boys' State. Y 2 qgir.. 'iffiim mA'1?7'1 !M'f11Av.x14 new ww f- Y 1.44 M ,,, 1 fm ,unwind-an vmmtggg KM'-n an f""H16m mmm Huw: uw-wma 'man 31 MQ: mm, mwfg 34" ,Q mn nam, f mv N?" . miami 1-mx vw' 'wh 1 M. mama Mmm fflnllw M wwf W' 3,4 ' -,u.... rnzwm :amass :tulsa uma:-an V :li Msn, 'sf me yu' 21.921 4 ,mm an N 'IJ , 44 'Y' -' -' ' 242 In an effort to reflec.t our school ond produce o unique onnuol, we hove striven to give you the best Carillon ever. On the opposite poge in the top left corner is Don Hoover os he tries to figure out how much money is needed. Next in the top row is lro Burchom, business editor, os he takes o few moments off for olgebro. The lost two pictures show how the color on poge 229 wos token. The four pictures in the bottom left corner show the business stoff os they pose for our comero. They helped moke thot poge pos- sible. The third picture in the middle row is Don Hoover os he tries desperotely to moke cosh equol ex- penditures, o hopeless task. The fourth picture shows lro os he tries to help Don. ln the third picture in the bottom row is Sonio Yor- borough os she poses for school pictures. The lost picture in the row is o shot of footprints in the dirt oround school. They depict the clim- less wondering of the stoff. To the rioht. Mrs. Cittv counts money for lro. She wos the one person who guided us through oll 244 poges. 24 CARILLON 3 4 IF sm .c. w -Hi' H2221-H+' ' 3, , ig-gg ' 2 ., .-Ji -. ' lfimi N 'W' ei '1iid4lli2ll' i' 'W2"wr 21 i' 1 J like .i2f.f5?iliiM3ll fi.i. 'Y M-, i 5 z.: ,i,gi?,-.V fgggigfzifwft' . ee ' ir, :sf " .is N N Jil. 5 f ieig, ' " l'll'fflEl7'.'1.,..liZlilwf' Ari ' 'iifgmlgwr , swf-iilzif 1 1 l rw- ' ' 1 - riff f tl, ii .xi f 1 l 2 i1.Q22i'f1fT.eQl:i . W 4 ' N ..g... ---- -1+-tif' j -2 ma i " i ,, -ifff.g'if g:: ' llililii' . il 1 Midi i i ',..mgfi.,fiwflif. 'A i' .imiiililllll Y , L nf ' , iii 1 'xx ' 'e-film .: " ' . f i M V it , As the sun sets, this annual ends. As it comes to its cease, we would like to thank the many people who have contributed so much time, efforts, ability, ideas, and patience to make this annual what it is. Mrs. Joan Citty, who has helped and guided us over all the rough "spots." Miss Atcheson, Mrs. Burchell, Mrs. Grogan, and other helpful teachers who aided us with copy and suggestions. Margaret Montgomery, Lynda Williams, and Linda Roop, who typed this entire annual. J. B. Edwards of Hunter Publish- ing Co., who helped us with the layout. Claude Gillie, who took the majority of-the pictures in the annual. The business staff, who really made the annual possible through selling ads. All the students who helped write copy, work with layout, pictures, and contributed so much, The teachers, who have borne with us while students were out of class having pictures made. To all who helped make this annual possible by giving us as- sistance. To Mrs. James lvie for her patience and understandina while her home was in a state of mass Confusion. To all of you, we' deeply give our thanks. Jimmy, Janet, Don, and lra. 4 tg! l l" . I ' 4 x,,. LF .I A U .,'s'.a gl,t IV5 I f 6.9 LV!! .::4' .,'5- Q Il YQ . v 1 5 40,1 ffifkf url W .QL rl 3. 1? MP5 'r AF' I V ' I P xf 4 , 5, A ,Q " la. f s ,A ' u , . , . M " -H' . w lo . . M -.. rflf, is X . lr-- 1 . . .9 1, F, fC.L' 'r-' Y "f 'J N, 1' , x J I 5-' 1 K -rg' :J Q' ,a g . ,VQAT1 K. Vg 1 . .QQ mf!! ., .1 1'--'f ... . 2.41 sg f'- Ur S . .Jil N I . l .2341 WWW 4 1 .L- ,.,. lb. iffy fn Ex " U3 f, " A 'f V f N1 Wd' G Q yg Jw 4- Ti, 5:14. , 135: xh ' W' f' .jr -H in AY 4 ' Y. Y' Sv' ." Q9 , p ' T' ' -I 5 j"f:F'.K?: Q "L 'lf wg' 'gg -'list ,SSHV rf' I Nm-lm" 'NEW A ..W:f-mfr.: 3" 'fc -'71 1 - VI: Quan' .W -, s--- ' v. ,-g .- fld vfjr gil. ' X A F I 'ru hs..-,y 1 In - m NFNX , I .1 . XXX-':XXS,4 X X . J E'vf,'n-. w, ' XX XV' 'v 1 X X. .-1, I-XAX X .Q u l L 1X!XX',-X ,X"XlX'. I X ,X , : v :HN A-J, sgifik' A u I X I is .,- IX' .FX 5. ff? N 'XL W 2" "',, Q'-0. n. ,W -. aug ,ng - Q ' X , - ,w.,.,3X,'-,ivy X. P W, ' ' -o Iw ,I 4 . '. 1 4 ' ft!'ff !'M Q A .-.W W 1 b ,u,.w- J'.,,'I ,Iw- ".' , 47' AXE:-'vi' 1 Y 'W' - Xmm ,1 X, , ' , f .Fd rin' '1',1.! , gg -JW., ' ,. '+- A n, ii AX X X. XX X . X,k.- .X I , 1 .'. . . , . 'X, H X, ' 'X. . 1 . ' ' Alf H' 1- .' A .' ' . 1- :,,. - .' 4' -, X 'fi -rf. ' 'X'-', . HM' X 'A,X ,AX Y ' ' 0 LX-A Q.. . U, 'Q .Xi 1... 1 Q: Us if 3 an Q I 1 9 , 1' ," ' , . 1 "4 ' . I X xi XXX.,-X:XsXX viz X Q . .s' I "XX' ' Q -L , .x ' ' 1 " ' ' X' X1 'N . .XX 4 "fig X1 X X Q w Q v r 'k ' 3' , V I lc.. ' 1 Z JN: fr. -1:4 lla 1 X ' w - .Q f 'nl , , . I . X n .' ..XX' T '1XX.ff,, E g , 1 r l: ,151 'ff-if ' X N U4'a'n5"'X1 - , .V X ,, .ff X" ..,X g l X 1 . A . - 3 , ' ' v X v J 41 :1:Xn, .0 1 X X X1 '+X,f' , 1 ' . X xX ,' .'u , ,X 1 X -. , ' Xx-.j X1 "L .'. "T , - ' jg ' t "' " . "' 'r if ix' is ' 1 Aviv TT N' I U Q I v . ' ' 4- . ' ' . "i " . , q,.'f 5 s J. - J, " f--".. ., A .,. 'X-fv,"i'Q-,. A , 4 1 :' - 'J X - 44' Vi . J '-'I Q 1 - x - . 4 f .,,f V M .5 .5 ' 'Z ,Af ' I . "'."v ' fry., f" i K 'X vw ' ' X 4' X . X . 5 f X - . nl . 3, .X Y , .-5 . . fg lx: . ' . f ' C , Z ' -,f o . X , ,IA-.X l A XX gf I , .P ,, , Q 1 4 x,-' X 'l,XN ,X rl up ' ' . , vX. ' X L' 5 X w-"' . XIX" X. ,lp-I ' ' ',: " - L. 4.. ' ' -1.7 ' ' " ' .vf '4"' 2 Q ' ' N ' f L'-XlA'l"Fl 5, f ' X .V fvl ' A 16 U5:'jl3'!:x'.5 K .. ', . 1. ., 4 'X-5 f ' 1 'X l . ' Ly Tfff jfg- E I , XX. A 1 If .X :ng':v'wa, I X X ' ' 'r'n'I U ' x Jr: pw.:-11. . 1 . :Lt 'A J-A'-4'.fb'. ' ' 'n ww?

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