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A QXJQWMM Dedicated To MRS. SYLVIA SHELTON GROGAN Because you have . . . A winning smile A natural sweetness of disposition A quick sympathy A faculty to see to the very heart of things A quality of worthiness of the confidence intrusted in you An assuring manner equal to that of a Sunbeam on a winter day For these, we, The Senior Class of 1963, dedicate our CARILLON to you M rs. Grogan .lohn Molley Morehead RODNEY SNOW BETTY OWEN MRS JOAN CITTY Hrgh School ra Norlh Carolrna Carrllon Volume Ad Sn V, l ., ..,....,......Editor 'eEditur ELLEN MARLOWE .......,,,,. B ' ess Manager . ..............,......, visor Foreword With unrelenting crescendo, the symphony of our high school life replete with melodic progression hastens to its finals. Each of us needs in his heart's treasury the memory of this career, to renew fellowship and to give strength. We hope pages of this book will become flesh that will dwell among you-and, in- deed strengthen you to use knowledge, truth, and friendship to higher levels of achievement. The uncertainty and vagueness of the nuclear threat has set this year apart from the ordinary dangers and hazards of everyday life. We have, therefore, chosen as the underlying theme of our 1963 Carillon-The Future. We, the annual staff, have endeavored to capture the aspirations of our student body, enriched by some phrases and pictures of lasting truth and beauty. Perhaps, in years to come you will he able to discover afresh, from these pages, that experience gained from actual life is the nature of wisdom. table oi contents . . . 1, fw Ji 1. , ' ft .qi,'Z'-2,5,A:':3E. 'gage aiizilgf . 5 , andQ,:",.'zQ!.5':,,f::.'i.- 31 1--vf'ff,,,i-, 1- I rf- Azsf wish? is 3. t Q ' .uazit ' as K iiiif ri' a , fm- administration Illlglg JOHN MOTLEY MOREHEAD .ENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL BOARD .. . MR. HOUCH PRINCIPAL I . . SECRETARY ..i. SUPERVISOR . A . DEPARTMENTS . , . CUSTODIANS , . . 3 organizations HONOR.HXHETY.. STUDENT'COUNCHJ CARlLLON'STAFF NEWEPAPERSTAFF AESTHETES .....4. GLEE CLUB ..., BAND ..,A........ FliA. ........,.,. . JUNIOR IAYCEES .. YFORENSICS ..,..... MATH CLUB ....,.. FUTURE TEACHERS SCIENCE CLUB .... activities OPEN HOUSE A . IUNIOR-SENIOR HOMECOMINC . SUPERLATIVES . SCIENCE FAIR A 355- if-7 jfh-f 1 -ti'Sf'ffirif'i'm 5 f' ,, 1, wiv J KU " ff"4?:E A . ,, I "lId51f5m.,,,,,.""""'f+u ,nil NU X J ? . ' ' ":- ..... wg V, 4ibnn!ib4c-' ,. 5 r.. , - , ,.. 'ma-,. -If-' Jiffy- !2..7:sgf?51?:+n5.'F-'a:z-,pp QL .xr "',' R -Ag . .4 -. Y-f-1.4.,j . 1,L1f'f-Sffff-A-1"f:f ' .2-A '51-i 'rf' "!,'j,'Lf.'. ' f athletics COACHES H. FOOTBALL .. BASKETBALL M TRACK ....,.,. CHEERLEADERS classes SENIORS ,s.,.ss.....s..s,, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IUNIORS .......,..,. ,. I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS ..I.,I SOPHOMORES ,,.....s,....,... SOPHOMORES CLASS OFFICERS ff Y 7 advertisements aQTmimi5'iEm U imnn E, U D -- F--. f--, -'-1 r -- f y,gg4mW1 w -Y--A WWWMM I ,l 5' lx , IW 1 -'--Lyn!! TTT M " ' 'i'f'1m:75 " ' :"i77'f:i'r-2 ' .. ,jjrrnr-f '- -- M -.,- ,,'f""'Auf':ff -- W- , LNM --A W- ,,gY A ' 7' "4-1 1 .A - --2.-A - 1 ' N V YY-.- w,..fL-1 -V ,f ---g.,m ...IA ,.. V, . -.-M W Y v. -ir M- N104-1' ' N' N , .. A J .1,I',,---ME 7 "E,y-if 30", , f, ' ,ffm- Qmrg ' -. ,fX'--.AJ:',Q,'Y'3 1- A , In Y -. . zw ,g,i.y., ' ' ' 'ji-f.'5'e.3g,,g1gx ' 'Pi-gififri '5'rf1i'ir,: . 9 - wfr.-."jj'+t-Fl," K A' 1 'J J . .,, 1 .. 431-L "1 f- ' 'JH 'V v ... .:.'- ,:.,, LA ' ' f, , X -'4"'vr1 Q' x , I A hyd !-'rs-sl. 1 , I f rr , Q ,Lf V v . A , 1 X. .I-X, - '--- rr Opening the expansive doors to the future for eager stu- dents requires competent leadership with ingredients of patience and endurance. Each member of the administrative unit has been trained in a special way to fill a particular niche in the educational work. The key man unlocking the doors to good organization is Mr. john M. Hough, the superintendent. Working diligently, he and the school board seek to maintain and to improve the educational center for all students. Mr. Wendell Newlin, the principal of john Motley Morehead High School, shows a gen- uine interest in each individual who passes through his doorway. Across his desk come words of encouragement, understanding, and concern. Teachers and counselors set the brisk pace in the vast field of learning. They must be seekers after truth, inquirers of know- ledge and adepts in the finest of all arts. Rooms are prevaded with an invigorating atmosphere of mental development, thus, students become more intelligent, more thoughtful, and more courageous. It is only through hard labor and constant effort and by grim energy and resolute courage that each member of the administrative staff has aided in the building of the great insti- tution of learning. Miss Blanche Norman, principal of Burton Grove School, shows new books to four of the School Board members at Open House. They are Messrs. XVarren WVilson, Clinton Frank, Bill Coldston, and Welsford Bishopric. -LA Mr. R. I. Smith and Mr. Zell Ford share a light moment, but both gentle- men take their school board positions seriously. They have repeatedly demon- strated their interest in the schools through years of service on the board. xl-.. W eww-., 1 ' 1 ,-, , -,-f - - L Mr. Russell Byrd and Superin- tendent Hough work closely in formulating policies for the school system. Top: Although Dr. Clark has a busy practice, he finds time to work for the good of the public schools. Bottom: Mr. Dallas Cywnn has served on the Board in the past, having fulfilled his tem: in December. :fl 't1l"49fir -Q ,Tl v All Mr. John Hough, superin- tendent of Leaksville Town- ship Schools, checks his schedule before making a commitment. Mr. Hough is always in demand to discuss his progressive plans for our school system. Mr. Hough dictates a news letter to his Girl Friday, Julia Carroll. -Presenting the many faces of our principal, Mr. Newlin, we look in on a few of his school moments-He is at once grave with the burden of his duties but gentle in dealing with his charges, wise in making decisions but patient in helping discipline problems, stem in his demands of us but quixotic in his aspirations for all young people. All of his character- istics are tempered with his robust good nature, his ready sense of hu- mor, and his love for all people. 10 - 1 w 1 1 w ni Top: MR. RUSSELL L. BYRD 'Well qualified for the task assigned" Supervisor of Leaksville Township Public Schools Westem Carolina Teachers College Columbia University, Womanls College of the University of North Carolina By keeping teachers informed of new instructional supplies and helping them to secure these aids, Mr. Byrd is present in almost every classroom every day. He is an avid fan of Morehead students, following their sports activities as well as their scholastic achievement. B0tf0m: MRS. EVELYN BANKS "I should have to think long if I were asked to name one who had done more valuable service" Secretary King's Business College Mrs. Banks is an indispensable "Girl Friday" at Morehead. She keeps all the records of the sch0ol and manages the financial affairs of each class and club project. She is the official hostess, receptionist, nurse, office manager, and a true helper in every phase of school activities. 11 V "i'AN MR. RALEIGH R. BIGGERSTAFF "He is gif-ted with the power of expressing his knowledgei' Lees McRae College The University of North Carolina The University of Rochester A. A., A. B., M. E. The creative urge is captivated through all phases of communication, and oril through practice may it be perfectecli Steve Bundy undertakes one of a series of organized oral compositions in sopho- more English. Now the question is "Will the golden voice of Steve produce the twentieth centu.ry's William Jennings Bryant?" are-is . 4 ' '-me as Cultivation to the mind, is as necessary MRS, JULIA S. IVIE "She is possessed with the most delicate intuitionsv Junior Class Greensboro College, Woman's College of the University of North Carolina A. B. "Biit Mrs. Ivie, I thought 'The Migra- tory Flight of the Dodo Bird' was an excellent theme titlef, sa ' .. z 'waz I 12 X MISS BETTY JEAN BAHKER "Her modesty is worthy of wide imitation" Honor Society High Point College University of North Carolina A. B. Senior English is a pleasure judging from the pleasant expression of Dian Cook. Miss Barker creates an atmosphere of pro- fessional friendship in her classroom. She willingly gives of her time and help before, during, and after school. as food to the body Cicero MRS. SYLVIA SHELTON CROCAN MRS LYNNETTE M OWEN "She has lovable qualities" Woman,s College of the University of North Carolina A. B. Pictured above, Mrs. Grogan portra role of a helpful English teacher. 13 y e Mrs Owens English students plctured X-' ki A ' fa "-' 'H-M Az., fy . N 6 MR. CARROLL LEE RABON "There is something very likeable about him" Bus Drivers, Math Club High Point College, Florida State University, University of North Carolina B. A., M. E. Above: Mr. Rabon is shovsm demonstrating the proof to a simple Solid Geometry problem. MR. BOB WILKES "He is always in such perfect good humor" I. V. Football Coach Appalachian State Teachers College B. S., M. A. Above: Now people, after this, we will have a short quiz. 'YVW iii' uf me Top: The inadequacy of certain features of our College Alegebra books require constant repair. Because of Mr. Rabon's efficiency, it seems the pages are always there, unfortunately. Immediately above: "But Mr. Wilkes- how?" Pure mathematics do remedy and cure many 14 defects in the wil and faculties oi individuals - Bacon MRS. SARAH G. DININNY "She is o person whom I always recall with pleasure" Woman's College of University of North Carolina Mrs. Dininny came out of retirement to teach until Thanksgiving this year. She is always welcome at Morehead because she is such an excellent teacher. Students stand in awe of her wisdom. When asked in years to come which teacher is most outstanding in your memory, you will surely say without hesitation, "Mrs, Dininny." Words are inadaquate for this truly admirable woman. MR. WILLIAM C. CHURCH "He made a most delightful impressionv Appalachian State Teachers College B.S Mr. Church relieved Mrs. Dininny at Thanksgiving. He has proved himself to be a real asset to the faculty. Besides his regular math teaching duties, Mr. Church has aided Mr. Citty as assistant basketball coach. Top: Mrs. Dininny pauses to have lunch at her desk. She is famous for never hav- ing wasted one school moment. On oc- casion, she was known to have students in for conferences and share her lunch with them. Bottom: Mr. Church supervises a student's work. He has rapidly become a faculty favorite among the students. We hope he has found a home at Morehead High. 1 15 MR. VOICT F. MORGAN "H e possesses a mastefly understanding of the subiectu Science Club, Senior Play Elon, Appalachian State Teachers College, Radiation Studies-Duke and Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies A. B., M. A. Top left: In his own inimitable Way, Mr. Morgan is constantly striving to mold the character of his students. Top Right: Unknown to his chemistry students, the "mad scientist" is concocting ,mm a potpourri to add to the pungent H.2S. 'sew . MR. CARROLL L. RABON 1 Bottom Left: "What fools these mortals be who do not understand my explan- ' ations." Bottom Right: Mr. Rabon is pictured grad- ing an inexhaustible supply of physics papers. Ignorance is the curse ol God 16 1 M- Q l l my U ill" Q az Ja. -A...--,url-"'t" 7' 'M-,gm iff, 4 1 ' lv MRS. LOUISE SHUMATE "An air of quiet unaffected assurance" Greensboro College A. B. Top Left: Mrs. Shumate uses the visual- aid chart to advantage in explaining the parts of the paramecium to her biology students. Immediate Left: Biology, a required course for all sophomores, is quite time consuming, as is demonstrated by two thoughtful students. MR. HUGH ELMORE CITTY "He has the highest ideals of fine, clean, strong manhoodi' Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Elon College, University of North Carolina B. A. Bottom Far Left: Propped upon his usual immaculate desk, Mr. Citty delivers a lecture to his biology class. Bottom Left: Porifera, causing unusual difficulty for many students, is explained by Mr. Citty to be a relatively simple phylum. knowledge IS the wme wherewith we lly Io heaven - Shakespeare MRS. TONI FLANAGAN BURCHELL "She is a charming person to set people at their ease" Cheerleaders Woman's College of the University of North Carolina B. A. Mrs. Burchell monitors students in the language laboratory as they imitate native Spanish speakers. Marked progress in speaking ability has been realized since the installation of this lab two years ago. a n 1 'x"3Q'94SXlwif"g? f --E if ' , gffggefw'-,,,,-W. . , , - -'-1 :. V- view Jzggzygqwzg t-,Jn 1, . - , ' , , , , 352,- .Q -H, , -nw-.-'. 411: ,, ' 1 3 -gg:-4 ww xx gp Age 1 K6 rf - rar.. t x,,-t , 1 - f-1 wg 1 , :-- ,X Ni,,Q:,mu - A . , ,. v 4 f V fsr, r:,::,j.-err. N sy: sag.:-if 'UMNH ' - 1 ,C ,Q nfl' :-- . 'Q 1 . 5 Jil' ,ZZ ll 'Ci '1".1:,":. , 1 -ff " 2--1 '- Lrg ff " " "iris l : 2''fr-iff'Y-I-'--Qwriifa . Q Q ' if' fi 11' J V ' r we fffisfe fwi- "'-'Env , Vg, ri E 1 ' . A .,11,f,1,,zf 1 Q , if f 4: , ,r + 4, -ff or M . . 5 "This " . . . and as I canoecl down the test!" lake... 18 won't be on the MISS ELLEN LYDIA FRENCH "She has a good word for everyone Meredith College Agnes Scott Colleg Miss French, in a characterrstlc pose smiles her acceptance of her Latm students responses -- 15. x lm s u ' all A' wr 'W' Y A I AL' Adrem...toth at hand. Foreign language learning is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Mrs. Owen makes this necessity a pleasurable experience for her first year French students. VI A "Co ahead! I promise it won't bite." "It's all in how you hold your tongue." 19 It was Greek to me - Shakespeare it 15. ,. , -1 .f '. P X - X fy bs. Y A fe Q, - ' W1 'f of ,Q . W' , ' ssc: ixillfx 'A Q' x g 3,1 Sf? ' r , 1 F-I-Vf,,J,Vf?1.,Qj.i Top: "Where did all these ants come Top: "What do you mean from?" you can,t hear?" Bottom: 'KAnd on the other hand . . ." Bottom: The south end of a northbound bull. 'I 6809960009 gf , l""' ,nv ... . MR. ODELL I. NASSAR "He has an air of husinesslike decisioenessn Catawba College Woman's College of the University of North Carolina B. S., M. E. Mr. Nassar's pleasant and easy manner in the classroom encourage initiative in his prospective secretaries. The variety of business courses offered by the secretarial sequence of study prepares students for immediate employment upon graduation. -"X a- .0 .V .,-,f . Ja, Y,,, 4 e l .W -- . j . 5 A Y ,fu , x, , 1jl5Fi..!?5',s1, Q .f rf 1 f f-r -' f 1-af" if frw A F' ' 1 ' - Ui'-'ivy lI'v,f r . f, l..i,la"""A 1 -r ee Q i ' 5 ....,:.i :mf 4 C l l . HY MRS. IOAN GRICCS CITTY "A countenance which beautifully ex- presses a deep interest in all things good" Woman's College of the University of North Carolina B. S. Mrs. Citty beams from behind the business department's latest addition-a Monroe President Posting Machine, one of the twenty office machines which the students learn in their terminal course in the busi- ness department. V p 20 Rw- .xxx ,R 'tlxa vp ,bun MISS BARBARA ROSS "There is something captivating in her manner" I Lenoir Rhyne College B. A. Miss Ross illustrates a symbol to her beginning shorthand students. Shorthand, like a foreign language, requires drill and memorization. MRS. DOROTHY N. LEA "She is truly regardful of the interests of others" Lees McRae, Appalachian Teachers College, XVoman's College of the University of North Carolina B. S. General business is a course open to all high-school students, designed to acquaint the students with common, everyday busi- ness knowledge. In the picture above, Mrs. Lea emphasizes the need for strict attention. .. l 4 Business needs more oi the professional spirit Henry Ford -7 "WT L. I . . ., ,. L-gal X Top: David, it stands to reason that this can be done. Second: Wishful thinking! Third: Copy, Mary Ann-don't draw! Bottom: Figuring it is easy. It's the interest that gets you. "Every great writer carries with him tor thousands oi years, a portion ot his times" Where are all those history papers you're supposed to be grading? "Oh, I'm so sleepy." MRS. SARAH HUNT FERGUSON "A woman whose life is rich in unselfish seroiceu Womanls College of the University of North Carolina Columbia University A. B., M. E. Below: "See, I told you it was there!" 22 landon MR. MOTT E. PRICE, IR. "He would shun to break the bounds of courtesy" Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach Davidson College, University of North Carolina, Wake Forest B. S., M. E. Below: In his own easy manner, Mr. Price makes anything simple. MR. J. C. HONEYCUTT "A man whose merit equals his reputationv Football Coach Appalachian State Teacher's College B. S., M. A. Below: . . . "and then they sneaked around behind 5171 Vin . gig 5 . 0 v ,. .:.'T.:':L. ON SATURDAY EVENING ME5SR2.DAVlS.BDl'KlN,KEhTl - Ji. n w ' W-..T ..,. ., .,.,A .V ff V. 5 ,xx l - ,.-IJ? KNQQIVQ ir-3 1 . -it 'N .:'-Ai". l Aiming A ,. ,AN . l Y l +L?-A 5.4, .4 Q - i ,.,. vig . N Y - ' L I 1 I al Rl 6 A 1 -S - "7gZf'v,'lz -- I 1 I it K ll Q? 1 , It Top: Current events? Top: Disgust, personified! Second: Note this down, Second: What is it? A medieuil verbatim. castle? MR. JAMES RALPH CHERRY "He possesses a certain suaoity of manner" Appalachian State Teacher's College B. A. Below: "Now janet, I can't quite believe that!" p.. ,f. , 37 x-.fxffww . ' . P' im -.TN X .J MR. ROBERT DUANE BEST "H e has the talent of dispensing pleasure" Glee Club Wake Forest, Appalachian State Teachers' College B. S. "When I say fly, fly!" MR. ROBERT THOMAS FLEMING "He is irresistibly funny" Band East Carolina College B. S. "Once again . . . altogether now!" 24 Il music be the food Dependable Ronda Proffit is always on hand to supplement our assemblies with music. We are very fortunate in having a beautiful piano given to us by Mr. john Motley Morehead in memory of his wife. Immediate Right: But jerry, Mr. Fleming said not to puff your jaws out. Far Right: I am afraid he is indulging in a futile hope. Immedkzte Right: In spite of all our optimism, the evidence is overwhelm- ing that he isn't singing. Far Right: It calls for talents of rather an unusual order. ol love, play on! Shakespeare if-fun:-N, I, X se f ls 3 ffl .' 8 1 . t ' mem-v 2 ii L-f"r V f ,. x . if .',' ,iight L a,cfg,',-'g'.r4:,f' -.Sr W' . .g.',i'i'2sjj , 1 4-.4 'Q el is J swf - e W .A , I P iw MRS. MINNIE PRICE HINTERNHOFF "When you speak to her, you are assured of a civil answer" Salem College, Columbia University Appalachian State Teachers College Quite aptly named, the guidance department is an important part of our school system. Preparing transcripts, advising students as to choice of appro- priate courses, taking care of cumulative folders, administering tests, giving student help for scholar- ships and selection of college, and just giving advice are some of the many duties which Mrs. Hintem- hoff performs. Always ready with a kind word, she is constantly prepared to give her time in assistance to others. SE: :eww ... In the top picture, jimmy Law is discuss- Top: Flirting with writer's cramp, ing the possibility of his competing for Cumey Farmer compiles one of the John Motley Morehead Scholarship. MR. ERNEST LOWELL HARRIS "A sensibility as tender as it is refreshing" Appalachian Stagelgfeachers College Mr. Harris, newest member of the More- head faculty, previews cummulative fold- ers as he quickly falls into the school routines. the many lists needed in the guidance department. Bottom: Interruptions are a com- mon occurrance in the everyday routine of Mrs. Hinternhoff. Io be or not Io be - Shakespeare 26 MISS PATRICIA ELAINE HOLT "She labors in a simple and straightforward manner" Pfeiffer College A. B. The librarian is often the answer to ar seem- ingly unending flow of students' questions ranging from "Who was Shakespeare?" to "Where do I find a simple explanation of Einste-in's theory of relativity " More often than not, Miss Holt can direct students to exact references for answering such queries. My library was dukedom large enough - Immediately Below: The muffled movement of feet, books, and paper are good proof of the librury's effec- tiveness in helping to develop active minds. Below: A library assistant busily checks in-coming and out-going books. 'fx A llllll 1 Shakespeare Miss Holt sneaks a pre- view of one of the new books added to the library's shelves. Bottom Right: "Well, Betty, if we took a raft from here . . . " ful , ' J V7 ffilli-. ' I 1.155 4 'life ff W 752 1 l , 'Zig , . X-3.3, 'tj ' , 4 l l g. ,if ' 'ii . - , r H1 ix I -1, -1 rr!! lhrirlri M Q r , , . q .. ... 4 ' 34- I .Q 2 . V ', , . I -M , -V kc.J,f""rff. -f ' 1 - 2 V' 1 I. Q I4 1 I rx -nq iff ' V' " N 'Q -1 1 -s' if ' " ' I ',,. we X .. '- 'ei fr V ' ' , iff: ,f 5. ' Jain: 61 ' 5 ', " ,. if 'AQYVT ' jg' A " . , Q U -QRNTT AL I-riff' 27 MISS ELIZABETH ANN DIXON "She is full of generous sympathies" Future Homemakers of America Mars Hill College, Meredith Woman's College of the University of North Carolina A. B., M. A. Supervising young girls in the art of good cuisine and the talent of becoming accomplished seamstresses is one of the many facets of home economics which Miss Dixon enjoys. At Left: Several of Miss Dixon's proteges sample some of their own home- cooking. Occasionally, fac- ulty and other students are invited to enjoy products of the home economics kitch- en. 28 Maids want nothing but husbands and when they have them, they want everything - j Shakespeare Far Left: Nirnble fingers and a steady hand help turn a simple pattem into a lovely creation. Left: Not only good food but also an attractive table add to the enjoyment of a meal. Business is a and mort Immediate Right: Morn- ing classes prepare Dis- tributive Education students for the various aspects of jobs and job opportunities. Following classes, the students go into the field to exercise their practical training. Far Right: Lan'y Patter- son familiarizes himself wth merchandise before exercising his salesman- ship. combination oi war - Andre Maurois Right: Ray Lewis deftly stacks shelves with a practiced hand at a community grocery store as a part of the Distributive Education program. , 29 si ' si- Q, iff -. --I --------.- ... , . , Y -'--'j,,,.. MR. SAMUEL DOUGLAS COMPTON "He is a perpetual surprise even to those who know him best" Newspaper, Distributive Education Clubs of America Lenoir Rhyne, University of North Carolina A. B., M. A. Not many years ago, high school students found the task of locating a suitable job insurmountable. Today, however, with the aid of Distributive Education and its competent advisor, students may leam to appreciate the challenge of holding a responsible job. 0 what tools these mortals be Immedikltely Below: The bus drivers find that under the capable leadership of Mr. Carroll Rabon, interest is spurred by exact knowledge of their responsibilities and duties. Bottom Left: Our competent bus drivers are Kbottom row, left to rightj, jimmy Chandler, Sherman Holt, Charles Yarborough, Charles Maclsaac, Cecil French, Cumey Farmer, Richard Cates, Richard Byrd, John Stegallg fstandingj Mr. Rabon, Bryan Winn, Reggie Denny, Jimmy Talbot, Kenneth Dodson, Jerry Hopkins, Bob Moore, Morris Hall, WValter Hylton. Immediately Below: The mechanic makes periodic checks of all busses to insure safety and uninter- rupted service. Middle Picture: Mr. Newlin assists Mr. Rabon in offering suggestions and advice to secure good driving performance as Bryan Winn listens intently. Bottom Picture: And once more the 3:15 bell releases the surging charges of the dutiful bus drivers. Lid 30 Immediately Below:Bus driver Reggie Denny seems to keep any sit- uation well in hand by advising a student of conduct expected on the bus. Bottom Right: jimmy Chandler knows the need of keeping a neat bus as well as a safe bus. :.m.l Sweets to the sweet - Shakespeare Directly Below: Mrs. Dunn cheerfully and conscientiously supervises the preparation of not only wholesome but also tasteful meals through the school cafeteria. Bottom left: The able cafeteria staff begins its daily routine preparing both plate lunches and a la carte menus. Bottom M iddle: " . . . and then I made the basket from center court with three seconds to go . .." Barry and Guy find that morsel a bit hard to swallow. 31 Immediately Below: You mean you can really eat that hot dog in two bites. Bottom Right: just like Mother used to make. Good order is the loundalion -ol all good things - Burke 2 e James has become an institution at Morehead. Not only does he carry out his several duties in a capable manner but he also lends a friendly air to the halls, greeting students and faculty in his gracious manner. He is the important man behind the scenes, and he has a genuine interest in our school. lr- fm-"""""' -. .fitbffxzx JW N A iz:--W ,x i....m-5 N r Edward is a junior at Morehead, being in his second year as custodian. We hope, however, that he will not graduate next year for he, too, is important in keeping the wheels turn- ing to insure that we have heat, hot water, lights that bum, and clocks that tick. 82 Bertha is a gentlewoman who quietly executes her duties as both upstairs and dovmstairs maid. She keeps an excellent house for the oftentimes careless faculty and students and has a nice word for everyone. I , 1 l r Top: Iames pokes the stoker-We wonder how many times he has poked his head on that pipel Bottom: Edward loves the great out-of-doors. He is shown with one of his less favorite means of passsing the time, a lovely Crafts- man mower. U:-'YN na A 4 QDUFQQUHUMUWN Organizations play a vital role in the lives of the students at Morehead High School. All students have an opportunity to join the clubs which interest them. The Future Teachers and Future Homemakers learn to prepare themselves for both a profession and home life. A particular interest in subject matter is stressed by both the Math Club and Science Club. A keen interest in acting, debating, and reading is shown by members of the Drama Club, Morehead Forensic Society, and Aesthetes Club. Excellent leadership ability and good academic achieve- ment are essential qualities for the members of the Student Council. These members, elected by the students, work closely with the faculty to voice student opinions and to maintain an efficient student government. The other service organization at Morehead High School is the junior Jaycees which has recently been formed. The National Honor Society membership is based on achievement, but, at the same time, counts all phases of the individualis personality as important. All these organizations give us students an outlet for self expression and leadership growth. We learn by sharing ideas through programs and various activities. With the able guidance of teachers as sponsors, we enlarge our knowledge of subjcets and develop the responsibility of leadership and service. Honor's a sacred Iie, - Hop Picture: Mr. Edwin Wilson, Dean of Men at Wake Forest College, challenges the student body to higher aspirations in the verwhelmingly complex future in the space age. Mr. Wilson's eech opened Social Standards Day with a provocative and ' ely message. Vmmediately Above: Mr. Newlin and Miss Barker join the mem- ers of the Honor Society in welcomin honor roll students who ' E Save maintained a B average to a tea in their honor. Below: Honor Society officers are Bet? Owen, Treasurer, Gloria Young Secretary, Paul Thompson, Vice-Presi ent, and Katie Howe, President. in-1 r Above: The friendly open manner of Mr. Charlie Phillips, a favorite guest at Morehead High School, stimulates interest and enthusiasm in students on Social Standards Day. 33 a i 5 'c A the noble mind's distinguishing perfection, that aids and strengthens The true spirit and zest of youth is idealistically exem- plified in the standards of individual achievement set by the National Honor Society. Members, who are in the top scholastic percentage of their class, are chosen on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character are received in an impressive tapping ceremony. The Honor Society, under the capable guidance of its advisor Miss Betty Barker, sponsors this year the Honor Society tea for honor roll members, and Social Standards Day, which gives students an opportunity to learn more about their chosen vocations. Above: Honor Society member Susan Tiller watches as newly tapped member Carolyn Wood lights her candle from the symbolic flame of the National Honor Society. i Above: Rodney Snow and Corky Anderson stand by as new member Jimmy Ivie signs his name to the selective list of Honor Society members. At right: Anne Thomas lights the candle of Character as she prepares to speak on behalf of one of the four qualities of the Honor Society. 34 virtue where it meets her, and imitates her actions where she is not - lk., X.:-c Abooe: Ellen Marlowe chats amiably with a fellow honor roll student as others relax in the infommal surroundings of the Honor Society tea. Above: During the tapping cere- monies, Betty Owen, treasurer of the Morehead High School Honor Society, delivers an ex- planation of the meaning and functions of the National Honor Society. Addison Above: The Honor Society tea is a refreshing break as well as a time for honor roll members to be made more familiar with the activities and atmosphere of an organization to which they may one day belong. Above: An impressive group of students accept the honor placed upon them and stand as a symbol of youthful enthusiasm and achievement. Left: And another student feels relieved of anticipation as Sandy Allen's hand offers her a solemn honor. -..... Honest siaiesmanship is the wise employment ol Bill Duckett offers a sweater from Lost and Found to its owner. This service is performed by a different member of the council each week. Advisor Nassar and President Law discuss which lunch period gets music. The Student Council is composed of representatives from each class elected by the student body. These students must have a B scholastic average and must exhibit qualities of leadership and character. These tireless workers are led by Mr. Odell Nassar, a faculty member capable of inspiring high ideals and hard work. Order out of chaos is the endeavor of this group of council members and cheerleaders as they decorate the gym for the homecoming dance. 4' Councilmen Duckett and Murphy monitor the lunch lines. 36 7 individual meannesses lor the public good - lincoln lf ll i x I Iimmy Law, president, addresses the student body. ,J li 5 i Members of the Student Council are as follows: fseated left to rightj Donna Meeks, Lynda Farabee, Yvonne Robert- son, Pat Yount, Janet Johnson and Ellen Mar- lowe, Istandingj Wayne Hall, Jimmy Law, Billy Duckett, Steve Holmes, Tommy Murphy, Barry Tuttle, Frank Setliff, Roy Mitchell, and Byron Archer. Talking to President Law are Vice-President Barry Tuttle, Secretary Lynda Farabee, and Treasurer Tommy Murphy. l 37 Work is begun early in the fall to prepare your annual. Here some of the staff cluster around Mrs. Citty's desk to discuss ways and means-and there never seems to be enough of either! sn N s I . 534 Full of wise saws and modem . I P 7, 4 4 'U 4 L I 1 K w , 9' if fe 4 2 1,27 " ,.., K life ,Mft Advisor Mrs. Ioan Citty refreshes the exhausted staff at one of the hun- dreds of all-day ses- sions. This book would never go to press but for her ability to over- see the work in a way that makes the staff want to do the best possible job. Ioyce Cannaday, a member of the business staff, isa mad money- counter. No doubt she is thinking about the new dresses these bills would buy. V vi .nm-K ' School pictures must be made early in the year since The staff listens attentatively as Mrs. Citty admonishes them to "get on the their purchase is another means of financing the annual. stick." Her words must have been profound-even Editor Snow has turned Susan Powell poses prettily for her senior picture. to heed them. 38 instances - Shakespeare trawl-W 1'-:yt t 'Fl Business Editor Ellen Marolwe, Associate Editor Betty Owen, and Editor Rodney Snow take a breather and discuss the layout. """""' fi, Members of the business staff are Skippy Hall, Thelma Swindell, Nancy Hall, Ellen Marlowe, Donna Meeks, Glenda Cooke, Joyce Cannaday, Lynda Purcell, Peggy Lasley, Ronda Proffit Betty Barker Barbara Lee Alice Kirk atrick Donna Endicott I Smith , . 7 1 , ' P' 's 1 VY s X Dick Gambill, Cary Stophel, Tommy Davis, Charles Maclsaac and Ira Burcham. Ellen has discovered an adding machine far more accurate than the Clary-the hand. She fixes a finger to indicate one annual. How would she indicate eleven? 39 Right: Mr. Douglas Compton, able and energetic advisor of the school newspaper The Clarion, helps bring all phases of school activities to the attention of the students and faculty. His avid interest and participation in school affairs make him a natural. "But how," he asks, "can I get any work done if you've broken my thermos?" Above: Editor Betty Ivie keeps nimble fingers at work to meet a deadline for The Clarion. They are the abstract and QNX ' B 455m --li' Above: Members of the editorial staff, Iovita Flynn, Betty Ivie, Lynda Farabee, Toni Black, and Weldon Cox, combine talents and efforts to produce a newspaper worthy of Morehead High School. 40 briei chronicles oi the lime - Shakespeare Gu ai" sr- 9 I Above: Every six weeks the end of seventh period becomes a time for catching up on school news. But Tommy Davis doesn't seem to under- stand that joke about the ambidex- trous midget. Above: "All right, you wise guys, what do you think this is, a puppet show?" Above: Exchanging newspapers with other high schools brings new ideas to the newspaper staff. The job of mailing the newspapers falls here to Thelma Swindell, Mary Ruth XVillard, and Gloria Young. x..- The Clarion is the voice of Morehead High School, carrying to its readers timely editorials by Mr. Hough and Mr. Newlin, student commen- taries on vital school affairs, up-to-date coverage of school events, and an occasional line of humor. Being very popular among the students, The Clar- iorfs publication every six weeks doesn't seem to come often enough. ani - Egg E l 'Ji Q ffl Yi if its 'Qi' R. k . if' is Above: Mr. Compton relates a bit of "news" to his staff, Iovita Flynn, Toni Black, Dannie Matthews, Thelma Swi Ruth VVillard, and Gloria Young. 41 Bettie Ivie, WVeld0n Cox, Wayne Hall, ndell, Lynda Farabee, Pam Roberts, Mary The Aesihetes: "WhaI's in a name! That which we call The following students are members of The Aesthetes: Ifirst fowl Faye Higgs, Thelma Swindell, Betty Ivie, Barbara Lee, Alice Kirkpatrick, Katie Howe, Ivy Smith, Iane Kirby, fsecond rowl Carolyn Wood, Trilby Jarrett, Martha Io Butler, Anne Thomas, Corky Anderson, Joyce Cannaday, Ellen Marlowe, Nancy Morgan, Betty Owen, I third fowl Benny Dillon, Kenny Rorrer, Jimmy Ivie, Steve Wilson, Ira Burcham, Charles Maclsaac, Tommy Murphy, Mickey Hutchins, Ray Blackwell, Rodney Snow, and Mr. Biggerstaff. Trilby Jarrett busily composes an ode to a skinless man or "You're an ole Bag of Bonesf, One of the purposes of the Aesthetes is to encourage budding writers. Mr. Biggerstaff is the sponsor of the Aesthetes. Between breakfast and lunch nothing is as Aesthetic as a peanut butter sandwich. This group is well-rounded. Not only do they study great literary masterpieces but also they're quite adept at twisting judging from this posterior shot of President Rodney Snow, and his partner Thelma Swindell. The arm and foot belong to that famous twister Ellen Marlowe. 42 a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - Shakespeare Confidential: Mr. Big prefers Alfred E. Newman to Shakespeare. L Mr. Biggerstaff is superbly equipped to serve as advisor to the Aesthetes. Coupled with his interest in students in general, he has the ability to single out the especially talented in speaking and writing and to develop these often untapped resources. He is pictured at left browsing through the books which the Aesthetes sell. Many books of current interest are studied by the literary club. If i 1 1 Music appreciation, too, is an integral part of the Aesthetes' aims to enrich their lives. jane Kirby plays as some of the members sing. Doubtlessly, the layman could appreciate the choral group! dent Rodney Snow as he smirks a point. 43 ..,..-- Betty Owen, vice presidentg Tommy Murphy, treasurerg and Betty Ivie, reporter. Watch Presi- Officers of the glee club, VValter Iohnson, Jimmy Fair, and Pat Yount hamionize on "Does Your Chewing Cum Loose its Flavor on the Bedpost Ovemight?" 4 1 l ii "little dew drops of The crystal sounds emitted form the music room are the products of these lovely ladies, the Girls' Chorus. S I 'A 5 A E f , l ' , .gf :Q-- . ., , fiuaigria if R'-f i lgiil y 4 lawn. f'x??,iqaf: f 2 ,'lE": Eg' lvl film Q ' f Y: lr, 7 Mr. Best casually directs from a stool, "a "Tell me truly, will I really make the 'Met' next season?" la Como." 44 celestial melody," - Carlyle the A Under the direction of Mr. Duane Best, the Clee Club and the Cirls Chorus are vitally important parts of the curriculum of our school. Although he is relatively new to the teaching profes- sion, Mr. Best brings a new enthusiasm to the art of teaching music. He is a fine director, and Morehead is indeed fortunate to have this skilled musician. He is rapidly gaining recognition throughout the state, having recently been elected first vice presi- dent of the State Choral Society. Pianist for the Glee Club is the talented Diana Banks. The Glee Club performs on important occasions at school, makes guest appearances at civic organizatiions, and joins the band in presenting S . I 1 . . . prmg Concert, an eagerly antrcipated productlon. l ill 45 ll perfect". ,Q li , . X . . C' T E Q 5 i i i Chief Majorette, Betty Silver, struts for the More- head Panthers. Q s 5 QR N sc X. "'f'Iif:'i'ff, xi' , ' The Morehead Concert Band is certainly a good example of the cliche "practice makes Marching, rushing to noisy pep rallies, having endless night re- hearsals, and enjoying every frantic moment of it . . . this is the band, directed by Mr. Robert T. Fleming. Although band is about 902 hard work and 102 performance, all frustration and worry seem to melt away as the director raises his baton and music begins. The average person sometimes takes the band for granted, but take it away and then is an emptiness that can be filled only by the zest of the musicians and their ability to bring forth melodious harmony. Well Katie and Corky, let's see you play that onel 46 Music is the harmonious voice oi creation, an echo ol the unvisible Glenda Thurman, a shapely strutter, is proud to be a part of the Morehead Marching Band. Nancy Morgan and Larry Fagge disprove the old theory that a junior and a sophomore can't make beautiful music together. world, x-L,r,gL"' 'zu' . 1 f, fn" "fL""Y fr 'I+ lf' g.. .' . 31, .l ' rv ,. ll- n I NL ' Q5 , fs -V -.oi . 1- 2, A' -V - L- "l'i'U"1"F .. ,i:,2'f?"' reef 'xgb r s . 'HA The band members are the unsung heroes of our school. They work long hard hours after school to perfect routines for half-time shows during football season. During the spring, they join the Glee Club in producing the Spring Concert. feng The officers of the band are Ronda Proffit, presidentg Katie Howe, vice presidentg Dian Cook, secretaryg and Ronnie Slaugher, treasurer. 47 R one note oi the divine concord which the entire N 1, Cathy Reese is a perky miss with a disarming smile. She is carrying on the ever-popular Reese name at Morehead. Ann!!--V S .- ' .,, - .-ann.. , , ' h ,.. - 1, . , 'v -. 1 I . ,. .. . ' . I .Q ".!.J.i. fi- 4 , -.s . Top: Barbara Elliott, a charming girl with a warm smile, is a spirited lass who is a nice addition to the majorette squad. Bottom: Pat Barker lifts her baton high, smil- gig her pleasure at being part of the marching and. 48 I F universe is destined one day to sound." - Mazzini TV "Even I could think of a better place to park my chewing gum!" Constant practice is necessary to maintain the high standards of the Morehead Band. cl-...J Ms- I Y 11-7 . i ix. i ' . s - 2 The pep band, seen here in one of its more formal poses, is auindeed a welcomed addition to Morehead's spirited pep r 'es. 49 .4 . xwT"7-f' -1 Fashion shows, Cooking, Sewing - Future Homemakers F2 55 is ga E2 lx 5 F F I 1 i 4 f 1 4 I r 1 Above: The future of homes of tomorrow could be no less than bright with this outstanding array of lovely young ladies. ,pp jf' Above: The spirit of Christmas is resplend- ently captured in the doll show displayed by F. H. A. members. ,. xv 'ks ,,,-lf' Above: Gloria Agee and Nell Thornton put theory to practice as another dress takes shape. 50 The Future Homemakers of America is a club com- posed of girls who take a genuine interest in the home. The varied phases of the club include cooking, sewing, family life, and other related topics. Through- out the school year worthwhile activities including serving at banquets, and attending the district and state F.H.A. conventions give members of the F.H.A. a chance to display their enthusiasm in developing wholesome and valuable talents. Above: Vicki Hopper, Ronda Proffitt, Peggy Lasley, and Nancy Hall take a coke break while discussing their respective duties as officers of F. H. A. "Girls we love tor what they arep young men lor what they promise to be." - Goethe The Junior Jaycees, an active arm of the Tri-City Jaycees, prove once again that the energy and enthus- iasm of young men can be willingly channeled when attached to purposeful activities. As the Jaycees help beautify the community, so do the Junior Jaycees plan projects which will aid the school in physical improvement and with many services including parking cars at games. 9 u r-VN Above: Dick Gambill, secretary-treasurer, John Maclsaac, Above: The Junior Jaycees find that work can be fun even when attack- vice-president, and Cary Stophel, president, fsmilinglyl take ing the stadium scoreboard with a fresh coat of paint. a breather from their round of duties. Above are shown members of the Junior Jaycees who join forces in executing invaluable servlces for school. 51 .gl Above: The directors of the Jun- ior Jaycees, Jimmy Ivie, Mickey Hutchins, and Conway Shough organize and promote projects which will enhance the appear- ance of the school. "Suit the action to the word, the word to Members of the Debating Club: Kseatedj Marie Crane, Betty Murphy, Trilby Jarrett, Caroline Cunningham, Debra Farmerg fstandingl Toni Black, Mickey Hutchins, Don Jones, Marshall Knowles, Larry Denny, David Shinn, Conway Shough, Mike Simmons, Anne Thomas, fthird rowj Randall Saunders, Don Hoover, Benny Dillon, Steve Wilson, jimmy Ivie, and Clarence Beach. :X 3 N EX NZ ,WM .,..w,,,,,.r..,,,,,i..,,n. W- A -4 7- --Q--M::mL,L-L--N-N----V-b....,,...:,,.w Mickey Hutchins seems calm and self-assured, two prerequisites for a good debater. the action." - Shakespeare The ladies get in on the act, too, and Trilby Iarrett is a capable represenative of the fair sex. Don Hoover looks on approvingly. si Ten handsome men set out to conquer the world-they "And let me tell you one more thing . . . " couldn't look more serious if this were their aim. 52 N1 S 1 "Thoughts are but dreams till their ettects be tried." - Shakespeare I tt I I The Math Club, a nationally affil- iated organization, is new to More- head this year. Membership is open to juniors and seniors in their fifth 55 ,fi This leamed group is the Math Club. Diana Banks looks like a girl with an angle. semester of math. The members act as tutors to students who need help in this field. They meet at school on altemate Mondays to discuss problems that have stumped the experts during the week or to hear a speaker. The officers are Tommy Murphy, president, jimmy Law, vice president, Anne Thomas, secrefaryg and Jimmy Ivie, treasurer. Iimmy Ivie explains a problem to Mr. Rabou, who still can't rmderstand what's going on. 'lil-n4e,,,g lYr'2ss -,Y 1'-3'?'Irl:-,-'-"""""" , Z-lla.. One of the more intricate prorects of the club how to support Weldon when it s his tum. 53 fs '-517249 lj. XT "9'1'bi:' 153: 2 "The true aim ol everyone who aspires Io be 3:52 ' ' " Members of the Future Teachers: fseated, left to rightl Karen DeHart, Anne Thomas, Lynda Farabee, Dian Cook, lane Tulloch, Dannie Matthews, Barbara Lee, Karen Mize, Gayle Camp- bellg fstandingj Jimmy Minter, Tommy Davis, Carolyn Wood, Coy Gibson, Advisor Elaine Holt, Paul Thompson, Kenny Rorrer, Corky Anderson, jane Kirby, Nancy Morgan, and Joyce Mitchell. College Day is planned and executed by members of the Future Teachers. Field representatives from colleges all over North Carolina and some from surrounding states are invited to council students on requirements for entrance and specific courses of study. Schedules are arranged to allow students to talk privately with several representatives for ten minutes each. Carole Kingsberry, Leroy Swinney, and Jimmy Minler have ganged up on this Pfeiffer representative. 54 -, a teacher should be, The Future Teachers of Amer- ica is a nationally affiliated club composed of students who in- tend to enter the teaching pro- fession. Through membership in this organization they learn more about the profession and actu- ally get experience in the class- room. Many of the group are assistants to teachers and help by checking papers, serving as lab assistants or tutors to stud- ents who need special help. Led by Mrs. Ferguson and Miss Holt, this group has many Worthwhile projects. In the spring they visit a college and observe classes in their special fields of interest, they sponsor College Day, and they have a tea for the faculty and keep their classes while they attend. The money-making project of the Future Teachers is the sta- tionery sale. Dannie Matthews keeps a typing class. She's quiet-vrdsh we could see the studentsl noi to impart his own opinions, but Io kindle minds." - F. W. Robertson -li. ...use .fe . ---I1- ' BL sounnmm J I e :urs 1 - .- ,off 1 , , Officers of the organization try to get receipts and money from station- sg ' ' ery sales to balance. It'll never happen with Wayne Hall, treasurer, 1 . i manning the adding machine. President Jane Kirby corrects the machine's errors, aided by vice president Ellen Marlowe. Betty Owen, President of the Future Teachers, Jane Kirby, has a Variety recording secretary, and Lynda Farabee, corresponding secretary, of interests which could easily be channeled into several lend moral Support' classrooms. Here she ably conducts Spanish class. Another group of Future Teachers prepares for College Day. They are Kseatedj Gloria Young, Diana Banks, Barry Tuttle, Mary Ruth Willard, Virginia XVood, Peggy Lasley, and Cathy Hol- man. Standing are Steve Holmes, Larry Reid, Alice Kirkpatrick, Jimmy Law, Pam Roberts, Ellen Marlowe, Advisor Mrs. Sarah Ferguson, Betty Ivie, Wayne Hall, and Mike Howerton. miiiiiiiiiiiilliiil liiiiiiilii. iiiiilllilwll 55 Knowle ge is the eye ol desire and can become the pilol ol the soul." - X X iii-:sr we ,. 2-. sir:-srl. If-'ifff' e -r ' X- J: H . ,... X' X, tg - r , e ,.-. ""' Above: The Science Club assembles active young minds which have a common- mterest, broadening their knowledge in fields of science, pure and applied. 1 I 56 Will Duranl C l Top Right: Scott Robertson's first prize Science Fair project illucidating Van De Craaff's generator is big. Immediately Above: Members of the Science Club congregate around a student demonstration. Far Left: Mr. Voigt Morgan, sponsor of the Science Club, makes the far-reaches of science a challenge and a joy. The members look to their chosen mentor for inspiration and enlightment. Left: Science Club officers Tommy Murphy, Scott Robertson, and Jimmy Ivie aim to the future of science by helping to promote genuine interest in Science Club activities. ,Q-nfmgrmfi-if V: EMMU U J :1 L D r h V V N , I I I., 1 uf' ,n X f.- r f ' ' r r I 1'-:frm If V - .,. t "' 4,711-Z. V.-:Ca 7 -pk: 1- f -'zu' -Q -: A s we project our thoughts into the tomorrows, all the yesterdays must be accounted for. We are the products of our experiences, tomorrow is the result of today. Will there ever be a day as exciting as this, will any moment be as warm as now? But another day falls upon today, and moments tick on, and we remember. Crisp fall days full of battling players and cheering spec- tators tumble into somber winter, warmed and excited by dances, holidays, and a feeling of oneness. How quickly passes a sem- ester packed with football and basketball games, Homecoming, and the junior Dance. Imitating her sister seasons, spring bursts with renewed spirit as the competitive urge takes form in the annual Science Fair, the district debates and the Senior Play. Spring marks a finale for graduating seniors as another school year culminates in a blur of joy and regret. But for those who will return, the past serves now as moments reminiscent of things to come. Open House - A chance Io look, confer, and reminisce! 4,9 'Qi House. Above: At the annual Open House, Mrs. Hintemhoff explains to parents her guidance program and discusses the problems of further education for high-school students. hm Above: Mr. Odell Nassar and a par- ent exchange views on student growth with mutual tmderstanding. 1.1 - W.. . . l " il run l THE ' Above: Mrs. Sylvia Grogan explains that school can be fun even though at times students may indeed be on thin ice. 57 Above: Mrs. Ioan Citty evaluates a student's progress as a pair of interested parents take time to appreciate the full value of Open Top Right: Open House is a stimulat- ing and informative affair for all con- cemed, parents, teachers, and students alike. Immediately Above: The round of classroom visits culminates in refresh- ments and informal conversation as another Open House achieves its mani- fold objectives. , r Q E L, l "Welcome to the land of the Dutch!" 3 ll Il 3 Elv li, ll ml ap lst ll' l F ,.l:'1"XL-4'f"' I p 'TH "K V ...a,ae'r'm"' ,, , 'ff 5'?'WY, K 1 ' sw' , .,,,, s,ss,-sewing! 'V ff-fi--"""'M Top: One of the highlights of junior-Senior is the Grand March, a parade of dignitaries from the host class and the guest class. Under a ceiling of crepe paper the honored couples weave in and out making a colorful and gala. picture. Bottom: Honored platform guests and sophomore waitresses listen to last years senior class president, Frank Barron as he greets the guests. Queen of the festivities, Betty Ivie, watches from her throne. Susan Powell, a Dutch milk maid, dances prettily on toe during inter- mission, Entertainment is provided by talented members from the junior class who work long and hard to carry out the theme and present a fine demonstration of student talent. 58 The Junior - Senior - Now only a pleasant memory. jimmy Fair and Patricia Yount "Tip- toe Through the Tulips." ,R Y .. As president of the senior class, Frank Barron leads the Grand March with his partner Ian Thomas. They are followed by the president of the junior class Jane Tulloch escorted by Jimmy Griffith. The Iunior-Senior is a beautiful lingering mem- ory in the hearts of More- head students. For many years to come we'll look through the program and read autographs, we'11 dance in our mind's eye under a sky of crepe pa- per, we'll relive the hectic and happy moments of preparation, and, whatever the theme, we'll remember it as an "enchanted eve- ning." 59 'WWIEK' ro me et mrrcr-r The entrance to the gym boasts of gay flowers, a windmill, travel posters, and a hearty welcome to the land of the Dutch. The two receiving lines are composed of members of the school board, faculty, and students. Sophomore waitresses are selected by the steering committee for the Junior-Senior. Last years milk maids were Nancy Mor- gan, Marcia Winn, Ioyce Mitchell, Nancy Hall, Martha Ann Robertson, Ellen Marlowe, Alice Kirkpatrick, Diana Banks, and janet Johnson. 5 ll, i 5 6 L Q I h -r r , 5 y, t l H' '.' K, l V3 , UZGME 'xg 6? T56 si. ex K of .,., Q, tis X 1, Hard work is rewarded by a successful Homecoming! Homecoming is a series of exciting events-a parade through the Tri-Cities featuring cars from each homeroom, the game with its half-time show and the presentation of the nominees for Home- coming Queen and the crowning of the queen, and a dance culminating a glorious evening. Reigning over the festivities and creating much speculation are the girls who are selected by the senior class as nominees for queen. At left is the 1962-68 court, Karen Mize, Lynda Farabee, and Susan Tiller sur- rounding queen Pat Yount. At the dance, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Murray demonstrated all the latest steps from the slop to the twist. How did the "civil bop" get in? Morehead wins lirst game of season! Superintendent John Hough crowns Pat Yount who was so excited she could hardly stand still to receive the crown. The parade gets under way as stud- ents spill over the sides of paper-decked cars. A prize is awarded to the car which has the most original decorations. Mrs. Ferguson's homeroom copped the prize. Far Right: Chief Sallie Kiser boards the J.V. Cheerleader car. Toni Black, Patricia Mabes, Barbara Hubbard, Donna Meeks, Glenda Cooke, and Skippy Hall have been waiting for hours. Ah! Civilization is restored. There's hope for the world. Far Right: A football team decorates the back of this car. Trilby Jarrett, Melinda Lemons, and Rose Mary Nolen beam sup- port of the Panthers. I1 1 . If Ai gsxv :Z U . 1 , fee 5 it S - X 'Q 'N 1,Q' , '--f5a"2iZ.I.' J 41 , C ' will A BEST ALL AROUND James Burnette Betty Owen -w-Af., ' 1 'S MOST INTELLECTUAL Billy Duckeft Katie Howe fy -uf D1 .af Q' . u .db 'Q- sa MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Lonnie Clark Gloria Young 3. X gk 1 . 'IIV - 'TZ N J 4" -Q 4 1. 's MOST POPULAR Jimmy Law . F , Lynda Farabee L4 '1 1 MOST DEPENDABLE Wayne Hall Susan Tiller if x B I-N L MOST ATHLETIC Billy Martin Iane Tulloch BEST LOOKING Philip Price Patricia Yount '23 5 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Rodney Snow Betty Ivie BEST DRESSED Tommy Murphy Karen Mize MOST TALENTED Jimmy Fair lane Kirby rI ,, il A AAAA Lam-xrfm-4,-mm I 'I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I ,Wm -fm WZ D1 Y F RIENDLIEST Billy Roach Gayle Campbell F52 443' WITTIEST Mike Howerton Linda Purcell "Ari is Ip science is we." - Claude Bernard Above: The annual Science Fair offers a challenge to science students as they enter projects to be judged. Corky Anderson, first place winner in the 1962 Science Fair, graciously accepts her prize. Right: Katie Howe, second place winner, proudly shows her display of the effects of vitamins in grow- ing organisms. ma., I I i f .RTSTSIJ Nmwn me Fiqh' fsiw, J,- Above: During the Science Fair the gym is Above: Dick Gambill and John and Charles Maclsaac place transformed into an area of bustling activity third with a diagram and model of a modem sewage disposal as rockets and fungi take over the floor. plant. 74 QEHUHQUEQQS E-N.- i 5 . i I . I Qne of the integral parts of extra-curricular activities at any school is Interscholastic Athletics. Throughout the years, Morehead has participated in the following sports: football, basketball, baseball, and more recently, track. Not only have we participated, but we have brought great honor to our school by winning state championships in football and basketball and have won numerous conference titles in the same sports. Our physical facilities for conducting an athletic program are inferior to none. We have a stadium and field house which are the envy of any school in the state. We have a spacious gymnasium, adequate practice fields and an excellent baseball diamond. In addition, our teams are furnished with the best equipment that money can buy. We feel fortunate in having a coaching staff consisting of C. Honeycutt, Hugh Citty, Carroll Rabon, Bill Church, Bob Wilkes, and Mott Price who have distinguished themselves in the coaching profession as well as in the classroom. As participants, we gain from athletics many values which can be used in later life. Athletics teach us the proper care that is needed for superior physical condition and proper care of our bodies. They teach us teamwork which is essential if we are to succeed. And with teamwork comes credit not only to our athletic program but also to our school. For our student body, Athletics provide us with many pleasant memories, the thrill and excitement of winning and the sadness and despair of losing. They enable us to develop sports- manship and school spirit, and have made us proud to be a supporter or fan of the Morehead Black Panthers. Yes, Athletics are a must in our overall education. We will continue to be proud of our teams, win or lose, and to look with pride and great anticipation toward future teams at More- head High School. gy? 1 1 ' 1 A-Z f i 5 Y 5 , i',",f, if 3. Y g 'S X X T y 14: -wh L. , nut 3 I I, l ,. ,, ,mtv fa 'fy' 'Qld-,,,, res, fr. ,, I 4. f 2 ,111 5411+ ,pw 'A - .. me l . 4 1 7' M-.e fr. f " ff, Q ,M t , .1 ., W , . , V' , ,l W ,,, Sf 1,6 .1 ,. Q , f, .. 1 fi ' x ,F .4 ' C, , , s ' 'C V' ' 1, f f '- . V we fer. .. ,yr-',,', 72-af, " flirt , V ,- L , : . , ig' , .-. : - .... t 'Mi ,. 5 4 'JJ'-'.,r es, if or - .,,,,.. . . ,Mum 5 rw -f'-vt ei, ,, K- wil-, - .,1," 6 nh -1-Q X, 1 is ,F , ,,. ,, ' f. .h,?:l'w 7 My 1 :-, I Q5 W W X ' ' eghf K ' ' we " P -' 1' ' , rf, fr . . Q' A " -- 1, -..: , , - ' .,lv Morehead Black Panthers - Men broad-brained Morehead's Black Panthers suffered a crushing blow to their morale on the night of the opening game. Traveling to Madison with perhaps a little too much confidence, the boys in black and white were caught by surprise when a Falcon jaunted 70 yards to score the first touchdown. Even with a rock-hard defense Cupper leftl and Bill Martins kicking and running flower leftj, the Panthers just couldn't get rolling. They did manage one score but failed to get the extra point. This handed Morehead a 3-A conference defeat. 76 Over 3,000 fans saw a much improved team go down for their second straight defeat during Morehead's first home game. The Martinsville Bulldogs found the Pan- theris line almost impenetrable but the end was a differ- ent story. With wide plays piling up yardage, the Bull- dogs overcame the Panthers with a 14-6 defeat. Martin, rated as a tiger on both offense and defense, is shown being brought down in the upper right picture, after a ground gaining play. Because of their outstanding actions, Lonnie Clark and Bill Martin were chosen top players for the week. was L '.!-L N-Zvi 17,3 'lv Above, Sitting: M. Dineen, I. Bumette, I. Stegall, B. Barham, D. Richardson, R. VVo0ds, A. Joyce, B. Lee, XV. Carter, S. Gwynn. Kneeling: K. Sawyers, L. Clark, D. Cilley, R. XVoods, 1. Emory, D. Batfman, I. Hopkins, B. Pace, S. Holmes, B. Archer, F. XVillis, N. Hae and broad-shouldered for the task! The night of September 21 brought the morale of Morehead to a new low. Lead by 13-0, the Panthers started the second half with fire in their eyes and the drive to match it. After a series of ground-gaining plays which took them to the Eagles one-yard line, they were finally stopped. East Forsyth, which later proved to be one of the top 3-A teams in the state, trounced Morehead to a 27-0 defeat. it - ' "J .lf K if MJT tw", V' SWF r l - ' :- -- -ff" ., 'sv A. 'gl rr -:I " 'LF-L gr" 11, Ar.. Standing: T. Tilley, M.VVilson, P. Price, B. Hondros, R. Mitchell, A. Cox, D. Clark, W. Curry, I. Griffin, R. Campbell, B. Martin, P. Simpson. The Reidsville Lions, a long-standing rival of More- head, truly came out for a revenge match for the Pan- ther's fourth game. The boys in black and White did not even get started. Before everyone had become settled, the third play found a Colden Lion running 58 yards for a touchdown and the tuming point of the game which ended 33-0 Cupper lefty. "Remember boys, it's just a friendly gamef, But from the look on Coach Honeycuttis face fupper rightj, the game must have been anything but friendly. "Sell conquest is the greatest ot victories" - Plato T Morehead Panthers cheered on by students and alumni fought through rain and mud fleftl to bring Morehead its first victory of the season. The Panthers lead 7-0 in the first half, urged onward by the vivid excitement of the homecoming fans. With energy to spare, they left the field for the half-time activities only to retum with even more enthusiasm to hurl Morehead on to a 20-0 victory over Southern Alamance with two electrifying dashes to touchdowns. The Southern Alamance team met with an air-tight defense and hard playing on Moreheadis part. Because of their outstanding performance in the South- ern Alamance game, Roy Campbell and Mike Dineen were chosen as players of the week. Their efforts helped immensely in the exciting victory. The Panthers played to the bitter end against the Whippets of Bessemer, on October 12. The Whippets set up a rock-hard defense which the Panthers were unable '78 R Qfigf . ts, 3 . . --'y.ziS.Fw.v t -, 51.32 'g 1 5 +1-1 1 -s get s t - t ' "f F'?efSgifr?s , sf wi" r - .. it . sf , rx .T 'sf q A W :Qi-.L 'dgsgiik-Y f 'tl ll '- Nxt ef.-N-H3 fi ' . li 1. r 4 : - '- Q .s K. pf-X.-sw to penetrate, The Panthers played well, but were defense- less against Beseemeris charging line. The second quarter brought new hope as the Panthers came back with a drive of their own and began to gain ground only to have a fumble regained by the Whippets. Although the Panthers lost 13-0, they fought a hardy, robust game. Iimmy Griffin and jerry Hopkins were chosen players of the week after their combined efforts in the Panther- Bessemer game. In the center picture, one of the fine senior players, quarterback jimmy Burnette, prepares for one of his well-known passes. Opposite Page, Top Right: Senior player Philip Price-Tackle "Can't you get any lower, Phil?" Second: Senior player jimmy Bumette-Quarterback "Keep your eye on the ball, Jimi" Third: Unsung heroes of home football games-the concession stand workers. Bottom Right: Senior player Steve Holmes-End. What kind of position is that, Steve? miie L N .b l-4, ,.,, !l , 1rN- .'.1"' Sn- SJ ff ' ' ' ' N55-f'iW1L 2 r" mqgtdfl-f2Pfa'K'1-wa, -"fif'-'- Trl' 1, " 4 ,f 'lr X-N19 :gm-.,, ,gs ,. A, .wx ,Ml H1 UA, , ', 'ff I, i"f'r' . --fs 2jin'1i.:" '- 4 - :weie5re:L4A1i 'fgjgfl lj,-I A . 4 term . lf"-I1 aw e "L,p,-'fi-2,--Dfw 7 , vt: T9 Gctober 19th brought new hope for the Panthers as they played their way to victory over the Mount Airy Granite Bears. The two teams had the same record and began an offensive battle. In the first half the Bears recovered a Panther fumble and darted down the field. The Panthers, determined not to be? triumphed, came back with a 58-yard run for their first touchdown fupper leftl and by the end of the first half the Panthers were leading 14-7. The second half brought more touchdowns for the Panthers, bringing them to a 27-7 victory and the end of a conference schedule with a 2 and 3 conference mark. Roy Mitchell and Don Bateman were selected for their outstanding performance in the Mount Airy victory game. In the upper right picture, the excellent Morehead co-captains, Lonnie Clark and Iimmy Griffin, look toward future games with hopes of victory. For a bright manhood, there is no Tony Tilley flower leftb, Bill Martin flower center? and Pete Simpson flower rightj, three of our senior players have been extremely beneficial in the Morehead lineup throughout the '62 season. Their efforts were respected by all players and students alike. The game against the Northwest Falcons on October 26 brought disappointment to the Morehead fans. The team out-played the Falcons except for two mistakes which cost them the game. The Falcons' running attack was difficult to stop as they pushed forward to a 12-7 victory over the Panthers of Morehead. It was jim Grif- fin who brought the Panther,s ball to the 9-yard line to bring a touchdown by Bill Martin. After the exciting game, it was Bill Martin and Al Cox who were chosen players of the week for their fine per- formance in the game. 80 '- - 'f'f such word as fail" - Bulwer - lytton I Upper Left! Pat Yount, chief cheerleader. I Upper Rightj Morehead cheerleaders whip out rain bonnets and scarves when a driving rain begins to fall at the Panther-Grayhoimd game at Bowman-Cray stad- ium, on November 2. Patricia Yount, chief cheerleader, displays a unique method of beating the weather as she finds shelter under her megaphone. Although the Panthers lost by a score of 14-6, they played a fine game. Throughout the action-packed con- test, the players showed a remarkable improvement in both team play and team spirit. The Panthers were able to stay in the game until the latter part of the fourth quarter when the Hounds scored on a 68-yard drive. ILower Leftj Picture is Morehead's I. V. football team. The J. V.'s, coached by Bob Wilkes and Carroll Rabon, represent the Black Panther's future grid-iron stars. .-T-"" ,. ir' . Q7 KLower Right! Johnny Emory, one of Morehead's senior guards, ilcmonstrates his defensive technique used in the tcamys hard-hitting IHC. Morehead's Black Panthers ended their 1962 football season with a 12-6 victory over the Drewey Mason squad. The game was full of penalties made by both teams, but Morehead came out on top in this division. The Panthers made touchdown number one in the first quarter when Roy Campbell made a fast 18-yard run. Martin took the second half kickoff and ran 77 yards for Morehead's next score in the game. The Drewey Mason Spartans remained scoreless until the fourth quarter when they received a Morehead punt and went over for their first and only score of the ball game. f'f"' 'f -' SZ x' bf .L i wed 81 ,rw "One who in a perilous Number One: We're from Morehead, couldn't be prouderf' cheers Ellen Marlowe. Ellen is a junior this year but she isn't new to cheering. She was a junior-varsity cheerleader last year. Number Two: Sondra Hall, also a junior, is all set to yell, "Shout, students, shout!" And they do on this favorite cheer. Some of the yells are old stand-bys, while others have been composed by the squad this year. emergency thinks with his Iegs" - Bierce Number Three: Gloria Young, a senior member of the squad, is a superlative girl-most school spirited. She holds her arm in the "Fight, fight, with all your strength and might" position and this was her heart-felt plea during the games. Number Four: Most athletic lane Tulloch was caught in a scowl, a most unusual expression for this vivacious member of the cheerleaders. i , 1 '1 Ve! adv. ' , .' , ' gr X . I v , E H . -. , .-: ,4 4. -H, 'QM ' fb" 5533?- , :ug 'I Q , 5 :ge :R K ' un , , .vlwxli lx-t,.:'I.L ' , A s " 1 ' ' Q 1 .I 0 1 1 f 2. l 1 g2i : ' x I g ik A i I . 451. , A I- i f K I V , - . , 1 N .1 X ' ' . X ' g 1 N264 . i UL.. '! ' Q' if 4 f l v i A 1 f fi I , , ,uf A .V ' .5 xg," - . ., ',-I-qi Q' Qllvfv' Vivacious and agile - cheerleaders Left: Barbara Lee says, "There ain't no reason why we can't yell!" Please don't tell Miss Barkerl Right: Gayle Campbell looks much better in a skirt than in the panther suit she worc last year. Whatever her attire, she's a spirited Morehead fan! .W '4 r ph ..,e . ' c :. ' ,M - 5"i2:'f,' we v l f . fig., lg'Q,g'?'i.f fl'f'!ib"3f fi-.A",ll",11:l'l1 fm., "-,, .' r:zs55iZ4r?rBfe!.f':rl,,nlas?? 5939. 1 2 2, T915 Joyce Cannaday claps out Morehead. She couldn't be prouder to represent her school and to lead the fans in rollicking yells to spur the boys on to victory. 85 Coach Hugh Citty, during pre-season practice, was reluctant to predict what his team would do. However, with three start- ing seniors, averaging six feet three inches, on the squad, high hopes were well founded. Thanks to a fine coaching staff, good re- sources, and plain hard work, these hopes are coming true. Nine of these players, seniors, are pictured as follows: Bryan Winn, Billy Duckett, Tommy Murphy, Wayne Hall, Wade Rorrer, jimmy Law, Dwight Manuel, Tony Tilly, and Freddie Hicks. The remain- ing part of the squad includes the following juniors: Coy Gibson, Barry Tuttle, Eddie Newman, Guy Jones, and Tommy Davis. December 11, found Morehead's Black Panthers beginning their season with a good start. Curry went down a 43-20 defeat, giving the Panthers confidence for the many games to come. However, the confidence was a bit premature. East Alamance gave us our first loss of the young season, 52-46. The game was a tough one for the Panthers to lose, but the best of teams profit from their mistakes. 86 On December 18, the Panthers on their home court with Wentworth, demon- strated their power to disregard previous disappointments and come back with a fine ball game. With the passing of the holidays, the inactivity of the team showed up in their next game with Northwest. The highly rated Falcons took advantage of one of our off games to topple the Panthers 51-40. During the fourth quarter, utilizing a zone press, Morehead pulled to within three points of the rapidly becoming rattled Falcons. Nevertheless, Morehead's burst of energy wasn't sufficient to upset Northwest. , . v., , ,kv -.'.r :.v1:E? fs ' , . .U -v-'33,-, - , 1 .. I - K S w ' ,' '. ' V ' 1 1 A .., '- . v -f 1. .V V. y .. :- ,,, ,U , . , 'I .ilu -.41 , " ,A z." . . ' Z' :- W V I . . . . f A 1 5. l ' 'vp N W A Sherman Holt and "Squeaky" Young, fpictured at left, opposite pagel have proved to be an invaluable assistance to the coaches this year. Sherman and Philip, old hands at this, seem to enjoy all the hard work. These two managers certainly deserve a note of thanks! Qawp I Conquered! In the action shots below, Morehead's Panthers demonstrate offensive and defensive play at its best. Lots of stamina and agility are basic requirements for one who does well in basketball. Our boys certainly demon- strate these qualities well. Although it is only mid season, the coach- ing staff, the team, and the spectators are looking forward to a victorious future. Our basketball team has made great progress coming from last place at the end of last year to being tied for top honors in the con- ference. Along the way, the Panthers showed us some thrilling games. In the Reidsville game the Panthers gained revenge for slight margin by which Reidsville gained their victory on the Lion's home court. 89 'I Top Left, Kneeling: S. Holmes, F. Ratcliff, R. Campbell, D. Brum- beloe, J. Law Standing: J. Campbell, B. Pace, C. Maclsaac, S. Archer, W. Rorrer Lower Left: Lonnie Clark, better known as "jelly-Head," demon- strates the position for discus throwing. Center Top: Now Tommy, you have to get this broad jump just right for the photographer. "Aw, Coach." Middle Center: S. Archer, B. Pace, D. Brumbeloe, and I. Law prepare for this season's track events. Center Bottom: R. Mitchell, T. Murphy, P. Price, and D. Gilley look on as Coach Price explains the fundamentals of discus throwing. T op Right, Kneeling: R. Mitchell, T. Murphy, T. Hall, L. Clark Standing: B. Martin, D. Cilley, P. Price Right Middle: Broad iumper, Tommy Hall, puts plenty of space between launching pad and landing. Right Bottom: Speedy dashes prove to be excellent practice for future track meets. Q l , l LJ, Q M fix -if -.wg .. ,., -' , I V -3- V A ,MK 1.1.-ri, ' ,Kai ,j i JS! , 1 -7,4 ,F L ybyi vi 1 f 9 1' 2 ,La .sri H' V H. -' M' If VI,-' . ' :- . 1 'ff' wg : , r- Y ' ' .V , A -, , ' 1 lx Azffgfgi -.1,si.,L' xfmfl' V' Ag, W , 'fs , 'tg -W' ' ,, 4. V- : Q34 'iiffryf it 71 - Y- .. l W r S I4 , ,, f f ' f :QW L .' ' I" " Q Lv f s 4 1, t ,f fr as rw it r y - , f-' ti, fs: , 6.5.3, 433 ,' ,Hb ,Q f ' ig, ,P ' effigy, i i . i i i t 'V - "'i ' .I -1 V ' 1 "0'.2H .-,ff ,.1tVffi'f'v Y .1 .. ,Mgt-1 , M-w.eff1M.,,. f , . .V , ,, L was 1 w,t7,:g,, 53.354, Q Z-1. - .412 C-...sf fwfr, -'fmt-f'f ' ff- V-'MM -- :gp e'4q-zf"22-9,1221 'wr ,mu -Wa 'fQ'.M?tf!i.f' .,z' 5211651 ' ff ' "fine " ' . .1 ' ll l l l r R r v w 1 l 90 -M--rr H, Nw, r I A , U X V rt lx . . A N: . Q.. A , . ., , 4 .,,.,x ' V . thx .. .X t I v 'wx ' as-tv Q A horse, a horse, my kingdom ior a horse" - Shakespeare rx? mei-4 - v .,-ff Z fini?" , ,,.,L ,i ,, ,,,, ,fwf:.ffQ1y: lf xgifzlw.-,'-.'1 -2,55,,1::5A1g:--zejj My ,- .V . , - , . . f , ,,f.5- :Psa r ffm. ,, . - ,-:f:1'.", 11 wr ,'L':4..1p 'Ji ",5-:Q1'f,g 35113- jwzy , .--5,1 ,Q ,,,,,. , ,, "' rd--4 4-N. :fi 'Wx' 11 .' .,r 'llc .fm 3' ' F -.' - . ' 1 f v ., ,.. a-,fsrgryfjf ',f'gaf-Phifigwz 5,gfjg'.4,'.3 , ,, ,. LV., ,,,, .,f. I l 1-,J-.,,,L-,nv ,,,-S. 1, -,, 1, .., . .. 'A-..'.,f-, ,M-,.f,,.,,.,,. . r -. f , cr, H f , ' f"f'f'f"vr'f"" ,yi ,: --J.: . +3 54' 41 ah. :YQ 4:5 'fl Half, , .. 411.1?'23325z65Nz5?aalf5 f , , ,, f J , an ' unix:-3 e., f., .-: 41 Q , 3 . ,fur L-l.f7,,., 4, J .r,,y. -, LZ, , . , i,l,..f-,ao all-.fy--f-: lm" v- - I ,I-1.1--7.5,5'fhggg,Cf 1 1 Q 4 ,?'fnf,fl .1755 E:'31fj5TE2ff F' , tag: -51:5-yawn ' L'-f,':ff-,fm-'. " F- -'ff4Hgr,5s:f 'atm , 1 7 ,f 1,51 nf llliffpi'i,Q'3f,ff5f.f J 1 n'2Qg-,"'111G'L gi 3 A ff: 'rff,f" cf, 16- yfziniw f 'ai-'fgff 13-11 -Q.-1,1 gf125'Q?ff ' .. fefffiw ,, V, ,,',. ,.. , .' , . -.,. V ,... 4 , , ,,. , ' ,wh-2, ,A ., fl. . '. . ',..f . , ,, ' . ,. 4. - 'fi:F:i'f' 5 'I L J , rf 1, ' ' N ,- . , , . .1 -'.-. .- , ...,.. f faiilfhhve anfimpoffaht' E' fjobggat ' Moreheadf, It Qfallsr to themrto prof ' ' frrrijfe'fgQod'j"s4pirit,1 winjorl ,lose,' in and Q 3'oiitli7of "football arid- basketball season. 1 "' L ,V A '1Zhey'Qare ',A"' tr'aq1itional'ly'- admired, by- the 'ifotlieifl-sltnglentsx'because they 'give unsel- ffiffishly' ",' o ffftheir' time, energyg talents- 71 thernselyesl Beeaiisej of the .stem "eff-,'demtariils onj-their itirne, they must have . f1Eifja'.'.high scholastic average in orderto be , fAA,' 'elegible 'for the ,cheering squad, They -have tofbe. able to manufacture, time 'Q 4 'y'. tosdothe-,rnany tasks to Which- they are v li assigne'd,fand' todo them uncornplain- Inspite. of theuworkythey always T t ,eonsidertheirf positions an honor, because if .they hare 'being' allowed to A-serve the 1 ,sehool and, 'at thesarne t1me,'to repre- sent, it as ladiesrtand as' loyal Morehead f fans. ' 17. -n . - -N f twomanl' - Go it , .fg?j??f+,R . S , -xy , ' fl 1-1.1 N' A sl :sl N' ,E QQ ' ' :SS .h i x V' X H55 '-Q .tV2, ffl 5 ,A,r t l ' .t H ,qfgni 1, -- , y r ' - r - I l of , l It ' , " V. N x AM. J- Q Y S , . A . 'Z elhe ,"NTf. Y xo l . ' K M- 4 Y .f ff ..4 4" " X u 97 fb' Q kzlefmrvl I"- ---, I Mked emotions prevailed as the school year 1962-1963 began at Morehead High School. Many students felt that the summer had slipped by too quickly, others rejoiced as they renewed friendships, some carried books with an added sense of pride and determination for the challenging year ahead. Obviously the main topic of conversation concerned the Sophomore Class. A state of chaos reigned as the upperclassmen watched the bewildered, yet eager, sophomores find their place in the senior high school. As the year progressed, the confusion disappeared and in its place came understanding. Mingled with the inquisitive atmosphere of the Sophomore Class was the apparent hustle of the junior Class. The year held much for these members-rings, prom, and the pride of soon becoming a senior. Such a goal had been achieved by the Senior Class Whose members walked the halls with dignity. At last the seniors had come to realize that Commencement was only the beginning of a wonderful life. Years at Morehead High School had been filled with abundant opportunities for academic growth. The future now extends before all classes with a beckon- ing call for additional learning. 5 . Seniors is-, r 1 'fre' QQ W GLORIA IEAN AGEE "Gloria" 218 Davis Street, Spray F.H.A. 4g Clee Club 3, 45 Nurses Club 35 Bible Club 4. afa- MONA KAY ALDERMAN K!Kay!! 1205 Harris Street, Leaksville Ma'3-3272 F.H.A, 4g Carillon business staff 4g News- paper Club 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2g Nurses Club 23 Science Club. , . WW SANDRA ANNE ALLEN YVONNE ALLEN "Sandy" "Yvonne" 1311 Morgan Road, Spray 102 N. Church Street, Spray Ma 3-6760 Ma 3-7395 Honor Society 3,45 Literary Club 35 Library Assistant 2. Science 3,45 Clee Club 3,4g Math Club 45 Office Assistant 25 Homeroom Secretary 2, 3. 93 CORELLA ANDERSON sccorkyxa 201 College Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3766 Band 2,3,4g Future Teachers 4, Honor Society 3,45 Science Club 3,45 Literary Club 3,4g Math Club 45 Homeroom Secre- tary 4. eniors Jo ANN BARHAM U10 Annu Summit Road, Spray Ma 3-6981 F.H.A. 4. BILLY MARSHALL BARRETT ..Biuy,, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville Ma 3-6729 Basketball 2, D.E. 3,45 Perfect Attendance 2,3, 94 BETTY CAROL BARKER "Betty" 1208 Harris Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7994 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g F.H.A. 4, Carillon business staff 3,45 Office Assistant 4, Bible Club 3. Q55 ,puri- JOYCE LEE BA RWICK QI-Br, WAYNE LEE BARROW 405 Damigog-Ssfft' Spray GLENN RAY BLACKWELL "sva,me" . -'Ra H s C1b3,4gMr1 Clb4gH Y 105 N' Lee Street' Draper Sgggg? 4g ljunior Maisllal 3? Sopholggrjei Highland Park Dl'iVC, I-f9akSViu6 MB 5-7972 VVaitress 2g Homeroom President 3g Home- Literary Club 45 Track 25 Homeroom D.E. 3. room Treasurer 4. President 4. Seniors I ks- A li l PATRICIA JANE BOYTE "Pat" 105 Shedd Street, Spray Ma 3-7263 ..--Q. lbv TV"'tr ,, mmf Qmwnn JOHN LEE BRAMMER "Johnny" Route 1, Stoneville Road, Leaksville Ma 3-8654 D.E., I.E.C.A. Seniors MARVIN BRINCEFIELD GEORGE RONALD BROWN DAVID LEON BRUMBLELOE "Fish" "George" "David" , 113 Grand Oaks, Spray 404 Pitcher Street, Spray 409 Greenwood Street, Leaksville Basketball 3,4. Ma 3-2925 Track 3,45 Hi-Y 2. 96 i i 11 ii I, I i i i Seniors JAMES CORNETTE BURNETTE ulimmyn 527 Maple Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3319 Football 2,3,4g Track 2,35 Monogram Club 3,4g Physics lab assistant 4g Homeroom Treasurer 25 Homeroom President 3. we W GL gr? DONNA DIEEN BURROUCHS "Donna" 216 South Elm Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7706 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Bible Club 3g F.H.A. 4g Perfect Attendance 2. 55 1 N . " 22, MURIEL BRYANT BURROUGHS "Muriel" 1.35 Jefferson Street, Spray Ma 3-8112 Tri-Hi-Y 35 F.H.A. 4. 97 .1- LUCILLE GAYLE CAMPBELL "Duck" 1008 Harris Street, Leaksville Ma 3-8686 Future Teachers 3,45 Dramatic Club 4g Cheerleader 3,43 "Panther,' 35 Monogram Club 3,4g Homeroom Secretary 2,3g Stud- ent Council Secretary 35 Secretary of Sophomore Class 2. IOEL THOMAS CAMPBELL "Joel" 303 Center Church Road Ma 3-6116 Hi-Y 25 Track 2,3,4. CED 'W' IRISH FAYE CARTER "Faye" 571 Overlook Drive, Leaksville Ma 3-6982 Red Cross 25 Bible Club 2. ,wwf-.,,,M SANDRA GAYLE CARTER "Sandra" 610 Church Street, Spray Ma 3-7714 Nurses Club 45 Band 2,3,4g Homeroom Secretary and Treasurer 2. 98 .I 1 F ! MARY LOU CARTER "Mary Lou" 301 Overlook Drive, Leaksville Ma 3-3630 Glee Club 2,3,4g Latin Club 35 Nurses Club 3g F.H.A. 2,3,4g Homeroom Treas- ' urer 2. Jinx 1 i 3 l I Seniors CURTIS YVILLIAM CASSELL "Butch" 405 E. Virginia Avenue, Draper 2 Seniors RICHARD OWEN CATES "Ricky" Duke Power Village, Draper Me 5-6944 Bus Driver 3,4g Perfect Attendance 2,3. . V ERNEST DWIGHT CHILTON "Dwight" 809 Aiken Road, Spray Ma 3-7470 99 JAMES BONDURANT CHANDLER "Jimmy Route 2, Box 266-C, Joyce Street Spray Ma 3-2702 Bus Driver 45 Homeroom V106 Presldent 7 L. Qu .,. ogg, , .L Av 'Tv 'su be uv A-3 Seniors CAROLYN CHRISTLEY "Carolyn" Route 1, Box 226-C, Leaksville Ma 3-7762 by 'Nun-u-nw BILLIE JEAN CHRISTMAN LONNIE CRAY CLARK MARY EVELYN CRAIG ,COLE "Billie" "Jelly Head" "Evelyn" Route 1, Box 269, Leaksville Route 2, Box 76, Leaksville Route 2, Leakgville Ma 3-8203 Ma 3-3713 Ma 3-2860 F.H.A. 3, Office Assistant 3g D.E. 3,44 Hi-Y 3,4g Monogram Club 3,49 I.E.C. 3, D,E, 3,4, Vice-President D.E. 4. 353 Football 2,3,4g Co-Captain 4, Track 100 4 Seniors BASLEY RAY COLE ..Ray,, Route 2, Leaksville Ma 3-2860 73.47 DIAN RAE COOK "Dian" 907 Morgan Street, Spray Ma 3-2704 Band 2,3,4g I rture Teachers 4g Dramatics Club 45 Latin Club 3, Girlls State 3, Sophomore YVaitress 25 Secretary of Band 4g Homeroom Treasurer 35 Homeroom Presrdent 4. L ' X. BRENDA RUTH COX LAWRENCE WELDON COX "Brenda" "Slim" 501 Moir Street, Leaksville 309 Moir Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7806 Ma 3-3412 Red Cross 3, D.E. I and II 4. Band 2,3,4g Glee Club 43 Pep Band 2,3,-lg Newspaper Staff 45 Library Assistant 2,35 Homeroom Sscretary 2. 101 RACHEL ANN CRAIG "Rachel" Route 1, Box 230, Leaksville Ma 3-2011 E. 44 Nurses Club 3. A!9""'w., RENDA DALE DeHART "Renda" Route 2 Box 137, Leaksville Ma 3-3075 102 I REGIELAND LEE DENNEY ..Regie,, 10th Street, Spray I.E.C. 3,4g Bus Driver 3,4. i-4 ' i""'i- ROGER VVAYNE DENNY "Roger" Reidsville Road, Leaksville Ma 3-6383 ff" , 3' I fri Q LOUIS ISHMAEL DEW "Louis" 122 Prospect Street, Leaksville Ma 3-2896 F N Q, x M, . lvl?- V ing BILLIE JEAN DILLON "Bill" 125 W. Maryland Avenue, Draper Me 5-3633 Nurses Club 25 F.H.A. 2,3. 103 Seniors Seniors WILLIAM PAUL DUCKETT, IR. ..Biuy,, 903 Washington Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3708 Basketball 2,3,4g Football 2, Baseball 3,4g Honor Society 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4, Chemistry Assistant 4, Boys State 35 Homeroom Officer 2,35 Iunior Marshal 3. IGIE MARIA DUBOIS " Route 2, Box 353, Leaksville Ma 3-2751 IUDITH SHANNON EAST aludyn East Virginia Avenue, Draper Me 5-6381 Band 2, Dramatics 4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Girls State 3, Tri-Hi-Y vice-President 4. L 104 ALFRED HENRY ELLINCTON "Alfred" A 215 Irving Avenue, Leaksville Ma 3-6096 Football 2, Homeroom President 2. RONALD LEONARD EVANS "Ronnie" Route 1, Box 130, Leaksville Ma 3-7218 Clee Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3. JOHN COY EMORY, JR. uiohnnyu 317 Irving Avenue, Lealcsville Ma 3-6451 Football 3,45 Baseball 35 Hi-Y 2. -ill- 5 JAMES MATHENV FAIR Mummy., 305 Boone Road, Leaksville Ma 3-7526 Clee Club 2,3,45 Junior Jaycees 35 Presi- dent of Clee Club 45 Vice-President 35 Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Jaycees 3. 100 Seniors LYNDA LEE FARABEE "Lynda" Washington Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7934 Future Teachers 3,45 Student Council 3, 45 Dramatics Club 45 Newspaper Club 3, 45 Senior Representative 45 Homecoming Nominee 45 Class Officer 2,5 Sophomore Waitress 25 Student Council Representa- tive 35 Secreary 45 Future Teachers Cor- responding Secretary 4- Dramatics Club Secretary 4 Homeroom President 34 MARIE ODESSA FERGUSON CURNEY CARLTON FARMER "Marie" BRENDA FAYELFOLEY "Cumey" 211 South Lee Street, Draper "Brenda Church Street, Spray Me ROIHC 1, BOX 38, IJB2,kSVIl.le Clee Club 45 Bus Driver 2,3,4g Latin Club Cheerleader 2g Tri-Hi-Y 35 F.H.A. 2,45 Ma 345867 3. I D.E. 4g Secretary-Treasurer of D.E. 4. Nurses Club 35 Red Cross 3. ffm! if JOAN LESLIE FRANKLIN uloann Draper Road, Spray F.H.A. 45 Nurses Club 3. Seniors i I IAMES WILLIAM FRAZIER nlamesn Sunset Drive, Draper 4. s, . 1' 'is.....f ELOISE LIVINGSTON FREEMAN HEP, 315 Moir Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7819 F.H.A. 2,35 Clee Club 2,35 Band 2,3,4. D,E, 3 DAVE ERNEST FRITH "David" Union Road, Leaksville Ag French Club 2. IN 'Nair-I ---" . 'Qin L . ALLEN RAY GARDNER 4fAuen,, Duke Power Road, Draper Me 5-6631 D.E. 3,4. 107 Seniors m,x,.t.4m I PHYLLIS UNDERWOOD GIBSON "Phyllis" 105 Walter Chambers Street, Spray Ma 3-2560 F.H.A. 4. Seniors "'f.'?'2 "-m....w- EUGENE EDWARD CILLEY KENNETH DON GILLY WILLIAM ERNEST GILLISPIE "Eugene" "Ken" "Billy" ' 415 Riverside Drive, Spray 313 South Fieldcrest Road 615 West Forest Hill Road, Leaksville Football 3. Ma 3-3817 108 Seniors JIMMY GRIFFIN 316 West Avenue, Leaksville Ma 3-7449 Glee Club 43 Football 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Track 3. 5 Q, I-M. MACK LOUIS GRIFFIN EDGAR MCCOY GRUBB BERNARD VVESLEY CUSLER "L-OuiS,' "Eddie" "Beanie" 607 Summit Avenue, Leaksville 605 Victor Street, Spray Route 1, Box 127, Leaksville Ma 3-3356 Clee Club 4. Baseball 3,45 Homeroom Treasurer 2. 109 VVILLIAM SAMUEL HAILEY DARRELL HARLAND GUSLER -fgiuf' Darrell Lake Drive5- Spray 304 Carolina Heights Leaksville Ma 3-2922 DE 34 Hi-Y 253,45 D.E. 3,45 President Hi RICHARD WAYNE HALL ..Wayne,. Cascade Avenue, Draper Me 5-6743 Future Teachers 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Honor Society 45 Newspaper 45 Basketball 2,3,4g Student Council 2,45 Spanish Award 35 Boys' State 35 Junior Marshal 35 Class' Treasurer 35 Class President 45 Treasurer of Future Teachers 4. 110 -Y tant in Office Practice 4 LAURA JANE HARRIS "Laura" 618 Church Street, Spray Ma 3-2681 Bible Club 35 Nurses Club 35 Tri 2,3g Red Cross 3. Q' -Hi-Y Seniors JAMES EVERETTE HATCHER "-Iimmyv 921 West Virginia Avenue Me 5-6642 Football 2,34 Monogram Club 39 Baseball 2g Sophomore Representative 2. ffm!" LINDA ELIZABETH HAYNES "Linda" Route 2, Leaksville Nurses Club 3g Science Club 45 Math Club 4g Perfect Attendance 2,3. 111 ff" HARRY BEN HAYNES, JR B." 215 Hodgers Street, Spray Ma 3-6192 l7'Y Q,-so., Sensors IEWELL DEAN HENSLEY "Deanie" 602 Cedar Street, Leaksville Ma 3-6164 F.H.A. 25 Nurses Club 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Librar Assistant' 4 r Red Cross 34 Y 4 I - Secretary-Treasurer of Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. FREDDIE LEE HICKS GEORGIA FAYE HIGGS "Freddie" "Faye" Stoneville Road, Leaksville Route 1, Reidsville Road, Leaksville Ma 3-6071 Ma 3-3502 Basketball 2,3,4. Literary Club 4, Library Assistant 4, Bible Club 3. 112 fbi IUDITH LEE HICCS llludyh . 858 Aiken Road, Spray Ma 3-7713 Perfect Attendance 2. Seniors BETTY SUE HODGES ..Betty,, Price Road, Leaksville Ma 3-3087 ?., 1, 'Nw JOYCE HENSLEY HODCES PATRICIA ANN HODCES CATHERINE ELOISE HOLMAN "Ioyce" "Patricia" "Cathy,' Church Street, Spray Route 3, Box 178, Stoneville Price Road, Leaksville Tri-Hi-Y 25 Bible Club 3. 573-3887 Ma 3-3811 Clee Club 2g Nurses Club 3, F.H.A. 2,35 Flltufe T03ChefS 3,43 HOTIOF Society 3,4 Library Assistant 2. Homeroom Secretary 2,4. 113 STEPHEN FOSTER HOLMES "Sherlock', Route 2, Draper Road, Spray Ma 3-8155 Football 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4g Basketball 3,-1, Track 2,35 Future Teachers 4g Homeroom Vice-President 35 Home- rioorn President 4, Senior Representative SHERMAN HOLT "Sherman" 3rd Avenue, Draper Me 5-7701 Bus Driver 3,44 Baseball 2, Basketball Manager 2,3,4g Monogram Club 3,4. 1' 1' ' we Seniors VICKI LOU HOPPER "Vicki" Route 2, Box 74, Leaksville Ma 3-6120 Annual Staff 2,4g F.H.A. 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Nurses Club 35 Office Assistant 4, F.H.A. Songleader 2, F.H.A. Treasurer 3, 45 Clee Club Librarian 3. 114 CAROL MARIE HOPPER "Carol" 119 Riverside Drive Ma 3-6128 F.H.A. 2,3,4g Ir. Red Cross 3. 1 KATIE JEAN HOVVE "Katie" 519 Monroe Street, Leaksville Ma 3-2242 Band 2,3,4 Vice-President 45 Math Club 45 Science Club 3,45 Literary Club 3,45 Honor Society 354, President 45 Latin Club 35 Vice-President 35 Lab Assistant 45 Biology Award 25 English Award 2,35 Band Award 35 Perfect Attendance 2,3. Seniors 1 MARGARET IRENE HONVERTON "Margaret" 112 Virginia Lane, Spray Ma 3-6050 Nuses Club 3. wtlni CHARLES EDWARD HUBBARD Charles 501 Highland Drive Lealcsvllle Latin Club 3 Basketball 34 Science Club 3 i 113 MICHAEL DANA HOWERTON "Hoovie" 1217 Dunn Street, Leaksville Ma 3-2391 Future Teachers 45 Hi-Y 3,45 Bascbal Homeroom Treasurer 4. fr Qs. K 'ix X l N ' N I l SJ R .Cy ,V all tl FREDDIE BOONE HUDGINS "Freddie" 101 Clarkway, Spray Ma 3-6671 Hi-Y 3,45 D.E, 45 Treasurer of Homeroom 45 Vice-President of Homeroom 2. Seniors ,nw-4 JAMES MICHAEL HUTCHERSON VVALTER MOYER HYLTON "Mike" "Walter" 602 Circle Drive, Spray Route 2, Box 137, Leaksville Ma 3-3608 Ma 3-7485 Football 2,35 Track 25 Homeroom Secre- Bus Driver 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3. tary 2. 116 ANNIE ELIZABETH IVIE 'Betty" ' 510 North Hamilton Street, Leaksville Ma 3-6989 National Honor Soriety 3,45 Future Teach- ers 3,45 Literary Club 3,4, Treasurer 3, Reporter 45 Science Club 35 Latin Club 3, Newspaper Club 2, Editor 3, Editor 45 Vice-President of Junior Class 35 Cor- responding Secretary of Senior Class 4 Girls State 35 Sophomore Waitress 2. OLIVER JACKSON JEFFRIES, JR. "Oliver" 613 Harris Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3386 D.E. Club 3,4g Baseball 2. ibn' ROSA FAYE JOHNSON nFayen Route 2, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville Tri-Hi-Y 2g Bible Club 3. Chair- GEORCE NVALTER JOHNSON, JR. "Walter', 305 VVoodr0w Street, Draper Me 5-3184 Football 2,4g Bus Driver 2,35 Dramaticsr 4g Baseball 4g Jr. Red Cross 3g Clee Club 3,4, Vice-President 4g Homeroom Vice- President 2. 117 Seniors CHARLES WELBORN JOYCE "Charles', 810 VValnut Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7346 Band 25 Latin Club 35 Math Club 4. KENNETH LARRY KENDRICK DAVID ALTON IOYCE PATRICIA ANN JOYCE "Larry" "David" upattlfn 852 Meadow Summit Road, Spray 116 Hill Street, Leaksville Apt- 2, COODEYS Apts-, Ma 3-7874 Ma 3-3959 Hickory Street, Spray Glee Club 2,39 D.E.g Homeroom vice Latin Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,34 Band 2,35 Bible Club 3. President 3,45 President D.E. Club. Seniors 4hvnuunw-W' 4 . qmw., ,f h 5 ,.""" ' C X LARRY LEO KING llLaI-ry!! 221 Cedar Street Ma 3-2933 Baseball 35 Basketball 3. ELIZABETH JANE KIRBY "Jane" 503 Hamilton Street Ma 3-6126 Future Teachers 3,44 President 4g Glee SUSAN BERYL KOONTZ Club 4g HomeroomdSecretary 2,34 lim- 1-Susan" matics Club 44 Presi ent 4g Literary C ub , 4 ,, . , 3,44 Recitation Declamation Award 3g 559 Overlook' Ledkwllk Junior Carolina Playmakers Scholarship 34 MH 33534 Iunior Marshal 3. Nurses Club 34 Homeroom Secretary 2. It MARGARET RUTH LASLEY ..Peg,. 409 East Virginia Avenue, Draper Me 5-5671 F.H.A. 243,44 Secretary of F.H.A. 3,44 Future Teachers 44 Latin Club 3g Carillon business staff 44 Assistant business editor 44 Secretary of homeroom 3,44 Sophomore Waitress 24 Tri-Hi-Y 3,44 Treasurer 34 President 4. Seniors 119 CHARLES LEE LAND "Butch" 209 Park Avenue, Spray Ma 3-3750 D.E. I and II. I' . MO. Seniors BARBARA EMERSON LEE "Barbara" 145 Highland Drive, Leaksville Ma 3-6535 Monogram Club 44 Future Teachers 4g Honor Society 4g Dramatics Club 44 Math Club 44 Cheerleader 2,44 Carillon business staff 44 Latin Club 3g Literary Club Sec- retary 4g Homeroom Vice-President 2,3. JAMES ARLIE LAW llJiInmy II 213 Morgan Street, Spray Ma 3-3207 Sceince Club 3g Math Club 44 Vice- President 44 Band 2,34 Glee Club 4g Track 2,3,44 Basketball 4g Honor Society 3,44 Student Council 3,44 Vice-Preisdent 3, President 44 Homeroom President 2g Band vice-President 3g Chief Junior Mar- shal 34 Biology Lab Assistant 4g Super- lative 4. IUDI IVALENE CHAPMAN LEMONS .iludiv 208 Winston Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3662 F.H.A. 34 Bible Club Treasurer 3. 120 '-rfrzrff' ,E RAY LACY LEWIS ..Ray,, . 124 Lawrence Street, Spray D.E. 3,44 Hi-Y 44 Basketball 2. NELLIE KENNON LONG "Nellie" 412 Virginia Avenue, Draper F.H.A. 45 Nurses Club 3. Seniors 1, 1 we xx S Y, L f' x Keg' REBA MAY LUMPKINS LESTER RAY LUNSFORD, IR. DWIGHT KEITH MANUEL "Reba" testes' K-Dwighff 535 1Vest Carolina Avenue, Draper Route 1, Reidsville Road, Leaksville Cascade Avenue, Draper F.H.A. 3,4 Reporterg Clarillon staff 4, Ma 3-2752 Me 5-3124 Typist- Basketball 2g 111-3. Club 3. Monogram Club 23,45 Boys stare sg 1:21 Basketball 2,3515 Carillon business staff 3. IDANTHA LYNN MATTHEWS .cD3.DHlE,, 154 Highland Drive, Leaksville Ma 3'-7791 Future Teachers 4g Newspaper Staff Dramatics Club 4. , , j W MXL I .C A. , ,- r , LARRY LEE MOORE 44Larry1n 104 Ewell Street, Spray Ma 3-3278 D.E. 3,4. 122 KAREN IRENE MIZE "Karen" Valley Drive, Leaksville Ma 3-6506 Cheerleader 253,45 I. V. Chief Cheerleader 25 Homecoming Nominee 4g Treasurer of Dramatics Club 4g Homerqom President 2g Superlative 4. LARRY XVHITE MORGAN "Pete', 215 Decatur Street, Spray Ma 3-7505 SHARRON ELIZABETH MURPHY "Sharron,' Route 2, Box 183, Leaksville Ma 3-2520 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Nurses Club 2,3g F.H.A. 4. f 770 1" x JESSE THOMAS MURPHY "Tommy" Box 231, Leaksville Ma 3-2667 Track 3,4g Basketball 2,3,45 Latin Club 3g National Honor Society 45 Student Coun- cil 4g Math Club 4g Literary Club 45 Science Club 3,43 Iunior Marshal 3g Treasurer of Student Council 4g Treasurer of Literary Club 4g President Math Club 4. K' -C I rx ym 4 CAROLYN ANN NANCE "Carolyn" 109 Hickory Street, Spray Ma 3-6349 Band 2,3g Homeroom President 4. i I Seniors .4-. V w j . KELLY BURKE NANCE KlKel-ly!! 1203 West Washington Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7893 F.H.A. 45 Homeroom Vice-President 4. KENT EUCE NE NELSON "Nick" 433 Greenwood Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3895 Hi-Y 2,35 Perfect Attendance 2. BETTY ANNE OWEN ..Bet-ty., 100 West jay Street, Leaksville Ma 3-6868 Literary Club 3,45 Vice-President of Lit- erary Club 45 Future Teachers 3,45 Re- cording Secretary 45 Honor Society 3,45 Associate Editor of Carillon 45 Treasurer of Honor Society 45 Homeroom Treasurer 25 D.A.R. Good Citizen5 Perfect Attend- ance 2,35 Superlative 4. 124 , gggzggg A We Seniors CATHERINE ELIZABETH PARKER "Beth" 305 West Fieldcrest Road, Draper F.H.A. 4. Me-5-5681 Seniors Zi? IUDITH LANE PARKER llludyll 101 jackson Sfieet, Spray Ma 3-3797 E 4' LARRY WAYNE PATTERSON LINDA SUE PATTERSON CHARLES FRANKLIN PERRY "Larry" "Linda" "Charles, 905 West Virginia Avenue, Draper 220 Washburn Avenue, Spray 1007 Manning Street, Leaksville Homeroom Treasurer 4. Ma 3-3239 Ma 3-2383 Red Cross 25 Bible Club 2g F.H.A. 2. Library Assistant 3,4g Golf Team 35 Per fect Attendance 2,3. 125 JOHN CHRISTMAN PORTER alohnnyv 406 East Delaware Road, Draper I.E.C. 3,4. ,517 'Q- SUSAN HOLMES POWELL ffsusann HAZEL KAY PRICE 110-A Street, Leaksville "Kay Ma 3-3329 110 Chatham Street, Spray Dramatics Club 4g F.H.A. sg Tri-Hi-Y 3, M21 3-6962 Perfect Attendance 25 Latin Club 3. PHILIP KING PRICE llphillf 425 North Patrick Street Ma 3-3382 Monogram Club 3,44 Football 2,3,4g Track 3g Junior Representative 3g Homeroom Vice-President 3g Superlative 4. 126 Clee Club 2,3,4. Seniors MICHAEL PRIDDY "Mike" 104 Tumor Street, Spray Clee Club 2,3,4g D.E.C.A. 4g En qlvpx Seniors glish i..,.,...........4. :5 Yum.- - -. RONDA GAYLE PROFFIT "Ronda', 306 Draper Road, Spray Ma 3-7887 F.H.A. 4g President 4g Band 2,3,4g Carillon staff 2,4g Latin Club 2g Nurses Club 35 Newspaper 2g Perfect Attendance 2,3g Sophomore Waitress 2g Band Librarian 2, 4g Band President 45 Homeroom President 2,35 Homeroom Vice-President 4. LINDA FAYE PULLIAM "Linda" 105 North Gordon Street, Spray Clee Club 3,4. 127 i Y.,.-.,iVv -. ..... LINDA CHERYLE PRUITT "Linda,' 400 West Meadow Road, Draper Me 5-6771 F.H.A.g Red Cross. QA ..l --i.. If 54 QQ?" CECIL EDWARD PURDY "Cecil" 204 Hodges Street, Spray Ma 3-6544 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Carillon business staff 2. LYNDA JEAN PURCELL "Purcy" 203 Van Buren Street, Spray Ma 3-7979 Carillon business staff' 4g President of Girls' Chonrs 4, Superlative 4. Seniors ,, 1 .y .J k GERRY LYNN RANKIN FRANKLIN LEE RIERSON HGSTFY, "Fra.nkie,' Hopper Trailer Court, Draper Road, Spray 106 Grove Street, Spray Ma 3-8518 Ma 3-3446 Hi-Y 2,3,4g Hi-Y Treasurer 3,45 D.E. 128 3,4. L 4 PAMELA JANE ROBERTS ..Pam,, 1159 Manning Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3264 Future Teachers 45 F.H.A. 4g Newspaper Staff 3,45 Homeroom Treasurer 3,49 Homeroom President 4. - ,hier --f a..-11--N'-1" "-' ':. ' W N -Y Y WVILLIAM JOHN ROACH ..Biuy.. Route 2, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville Hi-Y 2,35 Baseball 25 Homeroom Officer 25 D.E. 45 Superlative 4. Seniors fai fa "Uh li'- ROBERT WADE RORRER CALVIN LEONARD SEALS "Booty" "CalvinU 323 First Street, Leaksville 317 Riverside Drive, Spray Ma 3-2711 Ma 3-2830 Band 2,3g Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 24 Track 3,45 Math Club 4g Perfect Attend- ance 2,3. 1:29 , 1 i 1 V I 1 I 1 w 1 R I A 4 I BARBARA ANN SHROPSHIRE "Barbara" Ferry Road, Box 173, Draper Egger: w -VW" BETTY NAOMI SILVER ..Betty,, 300 Lawson Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3362 Band 2,3,4g Majorette 3,4g Chief 45 Homeroom Treasurer 4g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4 Secretary. FRANCES ANN SMITH lIAnnIl 200 Third Street, Lealcsville J.V. Cheerleader 25 Sophomore Represent- ative 2g Homeroom Officer 2,3. 1130 GLENN HENRY SIMPSON, IR. "Pete" 328 Klyce Street, Leaksville Ma 3-3930 Monogram Club 2,3,4g Annual Staff 25 Football 2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Homeroom President 2g Homeroom Vice-President 3, 4. Seniors 1 5 1 RICHARD IVY SMITH, III ..I ,, BRENDA JANE SMITH Box 30gyDraper Bffngg L k 51 Me 5-3681 Route 1' Bo: t ea SVI e Science Club 3,45 Literary Club 3,45 Latin Ma 0-7537 7 Club Treasurer 35 Concession Stand 3,45 F.H.A. 3,45 Homeroom Treasurer ... --'MAE' 1 -9 1357 ' I Y .. W f , v J . 52 I 1.5 'YF' Light Crew 45 Boys State 3. RODNEY VVAYNE SNOW "Rod,' Stadium Drivc, Spray Ma 3-6382 Carillon business staff 2,35 Literary Club 3,4, President 45 Science Club 3,45 Latin Club President 35 Honor Society 3,45 Math Club 45 Editor of Carillon 45 English Award 25 Superlative 45 Concession stand 3,45 Biology Lab Assistant 35 Chemistry Lab Assistant 45 Homeroom President 2,3. JANET CELESTE STANLEY alan.. Price Park, Forest Road, Leaksville Ma 3-2743 Glee Club 45 F .H.A. 35 Perfect Attendance 2,35 Homeroom Office 35 Office Assistant 45 Library Assistant 4. 131 Seniors Seniors '3 LEROY EDWARD SWEENEY, JR. ..LerOy,, 1215 Dunn Street, Leaksville Ma 3-6763 Golf 3,45 Science Club 3g Boys State 34 Chemistry Lab Assistant 4. ,fri ... ,41- ARLENE CAIL STOWE "Arlene" 309 Willow Avenue, Leaksville Ma 3-3514 Clee Club 2g Debating 2,3g Library Club 2g Principal's List 2. THELMA KAY SWINDELL ALVIN WAYNE TAYLOR "Thelma" "Alvin" ' 411 Patrick Street, Leaksville 436 Front Street, Draper Ma 3-3573 Me 5-8363 Clee Club 4g Literary Club 3,45 F.H.A. Science Club 4. 45 Ir. Red Cross 35 Carillon Staff 2,3,4g Newspaper Staff 2,3,4g Band Librarian 2, 3. 132 Seniors MOLLY IO TAYLOR "Molly Ion 402 Pitcher Avenue, Spray Ma 3-6666 BARBARA GAIL TAYLOR "Barbara" 409 Aiken Road, Spray F.H.A. 2,45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Homeroom Secre- tary 4. '5- ANNE CLEMENS THOMAS "Armen Route 1, Box 145, Stoneville Ma 3-3394 Science Club 3,45 Math Club 45 Latin Club 45 Art Club 35 Literary Club 3,45 Future Teachers 45 Office Assistant 2,35 Biology Assistant 45 Honor Society 3,45 Sophomore XVaitress 25 Junior Marshal 35 Debate Club 2,45 Homeroom Treasurer 35 Secretary of Math Club 4. 133 nr-- A Qlvfrr' 'Wm--f ROBERT XVILLARD THOMAS "Robert" 502 Harris Street, Leaksville Ma 3-7331 EVELYN NAOMI THOMPSON "Evelyn" 129 N. Elm Street Ma 3-6567 Pep Club 2g Clee Club 2,3,4g Girls Chorus 45 F.H.A. 35 Honor Society 4g Dramatics Club 45 Gastonia Music Scholar- ship 2. wwf V Seniors RAMONA JUNE THOMPSON dRamona" 115 Clarkway Drive, Spray Ma 3-6449 NELL MARIE THORNTON "Ne1l,' Route 1, Box 43, Leaksville Ma 3-6943 Cirls Chorus 4g English Club 35 F.H.A. 2 4g Science Club 43 Home-roomLSec5etary 2 PAUL RUSSELL THORNTON "Russell" Route 1, Box 43, Leaksville Ma 3-6943 134 SUSAN ELIZABETH TILLER "Susan" 123 Patrick Street, Leaksville Ma 3-702.9 Newspaper 2,3g Honor Society 3,4g Latin Club 3g Cheerleader 2g Biology Award 2g English Award 3g Sophomore XVaitress 25 Iunior Marshal 35 Homeroorn President 25 Secretary junior Class 3g Recording Sec- retary Senior Class 45 Superlative 4. Seniors TONY LEE TILLEY ..T ,. Draper R223 Spray JERRY NVAYNE TRENT Homeroom President 25 Football 2,3,4q hm A Baseball 25 Basketball 2,3,4g Monogram Route 2, BOX 195, Le5lk5VlllC Club 2,3,4. Ma 3-7839 mul Y 'Q't',7 IRMA JANE TULLOCH l ujane., 112 Park Avenue, Leaksville Ma. 3-3243 Clee Club 25 Student Council 2,3g Cheer- leader 45 Monogram Club 45 Future Teacher 3,45 President junior Class 35 Vice-President Senior Class 4. gps, ills t1'f"'9N l .'A'. I 1 I ll ll '1 10: x Seniors GLORIA JEAN UNDERWOOD "Gloria" 208 South Fieldcrest Road, Draper Me 5-5451 Future Homemakers 2,3,4g Nurses Club 3g Jr. Red Cross 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Homeroom Officer, vice-President 25 Tri-Hi-Y Officer 3,4. SENQRA YVQNNE VICK CHRISTINE BOWERS WALL BETHEL GREEINE WASHBURN IR "ViCkig,, 30035 N. Bridge Street, Leaksville 635 Lincoln Street, Spray D.E. 4. 107 Grove Street Spray Ma 3-7182 Homeroom Vice-President 3. 136 , -Lu-M. fu-,ff-nw :ngg'::.,:.-n-n1"::::r:.-11? :, . WM, , 7,7 , :W Seniors JUDY FRANCES WEAVER ..Judy,, 107 Oakwood Drive, Leaksville l Ma 3-7258 Qx furffr- E'- H, 'mf as if . g i 1 IENIFER XVYNNE XVEBSTER ISA AMELIA WHITLEY MARY RUTH XVILLARD "Cin" "Amelia" "Mary Ruth" Price Road, Leaksville 501 Moir Street, Leaksville 212 XVest Maryland Avenue, Draper Ma 3-6701 Ma 3-6976 Me 5-58:24 Band 23 Future Teachers 4g Homeroom Future Teachers 44 Newspaper Staff 3,4 Secretary 2, F.H.A. 4: Latin Club 3g Glee Club 4 Math Club 4g Office Assistant 45 Home: room Vice-President 4. 137 , BRYAN LEE WINN ..Bryan,, JOAN FRANCES WILLIAMS Spring Street, Leaksville DIXIE JEAN WHITT "J0apie' Ma 3,7909 I "Dixie" 106 Carolina Heights, SPIHY Carillon Staff 4g Bus Driver 2,3,4g Basket- 114 I-11100111 Street, SPFHY M3 3-6505 ball 2,3,4g Latin Club 3g Treasurer of Ma 3-2446 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Bfible Club. Senior Class 45 Homeroom Officer 2,3. Mm :f' Sensors C CW? , C CAROLYN ANN WOOD "Carolyn" Route 2, Morgan Road, Leaksville Ma 3-8935 Spanish Club 2- Future Teachers 4- Liter- ary Club 4 Natlonal Honor Soclety 4 Secretary of Homeroom 4 VIRGINIA EVELYN WOOD "Virginia" 513 Early Street, Draper Me 5-6783 F.H.A. 23,45 Future Teachers 4g Honor Society 3,4g F.H.A. Parliamentarian 4. is -7 A Q, GR.. ,.. ,,,,-,..,.. . .,.n...- ....--.1 HARRY LEE WRAY 'iluniorn Route 2, Box 354, Leaksville Ma 3-8374 A CHARLES LEWIS YARBROUCH "Charles" 109 Fraker Place, Spray Ma 3-6830 Clee Club 3,45 Bus Driver 2,3,4. CAROLYN ANNE WRIGHT "Carolyn,' 519 North Monroe Street, Leaksville Ma 3-2242 F.H.A. 2, Nurses Club 35 Latin Club 35 Red Cross 35 Science Club 3,45 Office Assistant 25 Homeroom Treasurer 4. M Seniors EUGENE DOUGLAS YOUNG EDWARD WARREN YOUNG Doug "Butch" 111 Gordon Street Spray 430 Ashby Avenue Draper Ma 3 6713 Me 5-3182 H1 Y 234 Football 9 3 Basltetbal Monogram Club 2. PATRICIA BOSWELL YOUNT "Trisha" Pierce Street, Spray Ma 3-6795 Glee Club 2,3,4g Student Council 4g Mon- ogram Club 3,4g Cheerleader 2,3,4g Chief Cheerleader 4, Homecoming Queen 45 Junior Representative 3g Glee Club Treas- urer 3,45 Superlative 4, Homeroom Officer 3,1 Senior Representative to Student Coun- ci 4. 140 GLORIA DEAN YOUNG ..Legs,, 316 Virginia Avenue, Draper Me 5-4833 Honor Society 3,45 F.H.A. 3,4g Future Teachers 45 Science Club 3g Girls Chorus 4g Newspaper Staff 3,4g Latin Club 3g Cheerleader 2,4, Secretary National Honor Society 4, Secretary Homeroom 25 Home- room Treasurer 3,4. lli' .,1' i 2 f,:I 31:1 'i"ir -ri ti iait - '- "'.1 V.., 'll' 2 s ,,., '.,: , ,r , C in iam A ' ' Allvlik Q Seniors Senior Class Ollicers Only a. few short years ago we stepped into the unforgetahle realm of Morehead High. In those years we grew from inexper- ienced sophomores into confident high-school seniors. But now with our feet on the thres- hold of the future and our eyes scanning a vast new world of in- dependence, we cannot help feeling that we each left a part of our lives within the walls of our dear Alma Mat- er, We shall never erase from our memo- ries the candy sales, junior-Senior trip, Sen- ior dance, and last but by no means least, the most eventful day of our lives, GRADUA- TIONl l Senior class officers Ileft to rightl: Presi- dent, Wayne Hallg vice president, Betty Ivieg recording secretary,Sus- an Tillerg correspond- ing secretary, Jane Tul- lochg treasurer, Bryan Winn. Q. ..,'e, A.. ,.f. . ...Q . su - mf' N ,.z ,LMI ffm 6 'V fad J mf, , 7493 'fn -mv Q'-1 Ziff? 5 P ...- 1 Neg: LH :V sex. N S 'WUI r., fn, .,ff' Y , 1 , d" W ' "eff - 1 gc-, f'. 14. ,A-f.. 0335 V r ', I 5' 'f "1'+1"+"'w '4' f' Hen. 7 f -. , A 2 1. f,f ,.-f 11, ,, 43,12 ,igfim I 1 V .1 Juniors LEON BARTON DONALD BATEMAN CAROL BICCS l MYRA ADAMS TONY ADKINS STUART ARCHER NORMA AXSOM DANNY BALL DIANA BANKS BILL BARHAM JOYCE BARNES F, 144 BARRY BATEMAN RAY BENTON STANLEY BLACKWELL 'GH' Q..- Q r SAMMY BORRIS FRANK BRADFORD IRA BURCHAM LINDA BURROUGHS MARY LEE BOYTE CAROLYN BROWN MICHAEL BURNS MARTHA BUTLER Juniors 145 XV! 10:1 X. JOHNNY BUCKNER ROY CAMPBELL PEGGY CARTER 'V xx.-Yl l' N A I 1 , 1 1, Q f ' Nm RICHARD BYRD JOYCE CANNADAY RUSSELL CHATMAN MARIE CHESHIRE JEAN COCHRAN JENNIFER COWARD BILLY CRADDOCK ,ag DAVEY CLARK STEVE COCHRAN AL COX JEAN CRADDOCK Juniors 146 MARY CRADDOCK VIRGINIA CRADDOCK LINDA CRAIG SARAH CROWDER SANDRA CRUISE CAROLINE CUNNINGHAM LARRY CURRY CAROLYN DeHART MIKE DINEEN JIMMY DODSON TOMMY DAVIS LARRY DENNY BENNY DILLON KENNETH DODSON in-ff Juniors ANN DOOLEY RICHARD DYER PAMELA EVANS Lf? Q" Avvq' S. RUF? 147 WILLODEAN DOYLE JAMES EVANS JOHN FRANK Q'-,' Pi " y 4... Qfm -' f SUE FRANKLIN CECIL FRENCH CYNTHIA GARRETT COY GIBSON Q 'T- 2, ,.- W... VIRGINIA FRAZIER DICK GAMBCILL RONNIE GAULDIN BRENDA GILLESPIE ni' I FCI 'LIP Juniors 148 ...Q ,f 'xf .' wr- - JERRY GILLESPIE DENNIS GILLIE SARAH COVER LINDA GRANT PRISCILLA GRIFFITH CAROL HAILEY ARTHUR HALL MARGARET HALL NANCY HALL SONDRA HALL DORIS HALL MORRIS HALL RUBY HALL ANN HALLMAN I ""f 'V s is th X Q...- Q N T' T ' , 1 'X .gy-,x 'Y . JS lr,-,hkgws , Juniors 1' ' A Q' V LA 'Q'-nv' LOUISE HAMMOCK JOE BEN HANKINS I. W. HARDEN NADINE HARRIS REBECCA HARRIS WANDA HARRIS 149 MALCOM HICKS JOHNNY HOLLAND DON HOOVER LINDA HOPKINS MIKE HILL BILLY HONDROS JERRY HOPKINS BONNIE HOPPER ,Y 4? I f , 1 :4 3 qw... .... 5 5 vs .13 1 x .5 ... - . fikiifs , , ,Y-E. -j ' 'fjqln f M ,. 'fi Mfg W 1.1 3219? nm. , :T"',Ii'3'n MM f 1.193 1' 11: ,A ng- -srl, 1,9-41:2 44 fy 1'ffTjg2f?A.xm, If , - fran'-fe"2 , . ' I Juniors 150 GLORIA HOPPER MARY ANN HUNDLEY MICKEY HUTCHINS LO NN IE HUNDLEY MIKE HUNNICUTT OPAL HUDSON 1109 fN .bn B i- I' i'-M f. 1' LA.- Wu,- J E! -. I 'I 'Q' X -nu., 3... Juniors if v in 2- l 5!s-1 JOHNNY HYLTON JIMMIE IVIE ROBERT JARRETT TRILBY JARRETT JANET JOHNSON SANDRA JOHNSON GUY JONES SAMMY JONES 151 RONNIE JOYCE SAMUEL JOYCE JERRY KALLAM RICHARD KALLAM JOHN KEATON PAT KEATON X. Mlm., W 21- s Ml, ff' JR CAROLE KINCSBURY JEAN KINGSTON ALICE KIRKPATRICK SUSAN LaMAR ALFRED LAND CHRIS LAND SALLY LaPRAD DAVID LAW Juniors 152 GERRY LAW MELINDA LEMMONS SAMMY LEWIS QMS W.. If n. of-V LARRY LAW IOEL LESTER CHARLES LILLARD 'H'--I vw-r ' fi i .. Q "PLN wr-Aw' ANN LONG ARTHUR LONG IANE LUNA CHARLES MacISAAC IOHN MacISAAC RICKY MANUEL ELLEN MARLOWE PAM MARLOWE Juniors 153 77 BARRY MARTIN BRENDA MARTIN SAMMY MARTIN SUSAN MARTIN TOMMY MCCOLLUM OPEL MCCRIKARD 4l'Y""m IOANN McGUIRE NORMA MEADOWS ANN MEEKS TONY MEEKS ANN MINTER JAMES MINTER IANICE MITCHELL JOYCE MITCHELL Juniors 154 ROY MITCHELL MARGARET BOB MOORE MONTGOMERY NANCY MORGAN CHARLES MORGAN RITA NANCE EDDIE NEWMAN JENNIE NEWMAN ROSE MARY NOLEN BILL PACE PAULETTE PATTERSON IANTHA POWELL Tv SHIRLEY PATTERSON RONN IE PRATT ELAINE PRESLEY VIRGINIA PRUITT CAROLYN PULLIAM MARY PRUITT BECKY PULLIAM DENNIS PULLIAM L 1' f' F K' Juniors g an 21.47 If 155 FRANK RATLIFF NANCY REEVES WAYNE REYNOLDS DONALD RHODES 2? LARRY REED FRANK REID IAMES RIERSON CARL ROBERTSON 'lawn-+'-' 92:- 'WV Juniors 156 "av fy' KENNETH ROBERTSON MARTHA ROBERTSON SCOTT ROBERTSON SUSAN ROBERTSON LINDA ROOP KENNY RORRER RONALD RUMBLEY RITA RUTLEDGE MICKEY SAUNDERS FRANK SETLIFF 41 'Q ,Q--. GAIL RUTLEDGE CONNIE SAUL RANDALL SAUNDERS BOOKER SHECKELLS t W1 La .S lar' .paw Juniors 157 175 ff! ,au I ' xjgf CONWAY SHOUGH CONNIE SIEGNER JOHN SLAUCHTER RONNIE SLAUGHTER RUTH SLAUGHTER DEBBIE SMART JAMES SMITH BARRY STEGALL GREG STECALL JOHNNY STEGALL MARY JANE STEPHENS GARY STOPHEL BRENDA STOWE RITA STRATTON Juniors STEVE STRUTTON TOM SWINNEY JIMMY TALBOTT DANNY TERRY MARIE THOMAS PAUL THOMPSON ., 3 ur., -r 158 4:31 Y Juniors .lik Qx has Aka' hs ctr VW, V.. RONALD TOLBERT GUERRANT TREDWAY BARRY TUTTLE RONALD UNDERXVOOD MIKE VERNON PATTY VERNON STEVE YVALKER LINDA WVARD 159 MARY WEAVER THOMAS WEBB JANE WILLARD LYNDA WILLIAMS LAWRENCE WILSON MARK WILSON ' F E H I I I ,, www if I , 1 Y, 155 iff H fig STEVE WILSON KAREN WIMBISH JI MARCIA WINN JAMES WOOD if GAIL WRAY LINDA WRAY QW SONIA YARBOROUGH PHILIP YOUNG 5 E H lx L - , ,,,,,. HL, -. -Win Y ,M-WY. d ,..+,1-f L, 9 Juniors 160 li' :if fig. ,.... 15.4 fe 1 .- sw- 14 5-4 .- T1 .--1' l K Juniors, under the supervision of Mrs. Iulia Ivie, entered their most hectic year at More- head High School. It was filled with a tre- mendous amount of hard work, for the juniors not only carried out the magazine sales, but also were entirely responsible for the execu- tion of the junior-Senior Dance. Although the material rewards were few, the vast accumu- lation of new experiences was priceless. But the. greatest advantage of being a junior carne the day that the class rings arrived. Junior-class officers are from left to right: President, Roy Mitchellg vice president, Frank Sutliffg secretary, Joyce Mitchellg and treas- urer, John Maclsaac. Junior Class Officers '-T ,- A, 2 w 2 "Hey Mott, somebody just took our pic- ture!" Indescribable S L s Z W "VVhere are those books, boy?" i 3 5 ! i r I Oh really, Carohnel Wxth a sardomc gnn. 39 162 This is what being annual advisor will do for you. xfizf'-.". Y p " rf . i 'A A ' - 9 V up . 5 'fav U ff 'X 6 V tif figure ,ii r N-Y if " , mix" X ll uf -4. N I ' LEX , f' L f ii-, X 4 " , 3L, A 4 A , lf. , f. 1 ust knew I'd have troubles with these false teeth. ' h H I 4v'K. " Aaaaah! Lackadaisical Sharron and industrious Susan. 163 Organized Confusion "'n'rlE"LITVT-1-vsaL::.ff Q V. . Y . ,, Say. .Q faq..- A' :Wav 190 if i fi 2 if 'Pj A . . Nh '7 1 I 'hu-.f.,...f 'W' , gg: N : 'T N M mv H. ns I f,. ,M J' STEVE ADKINS JOHN ALCORN PAM ATKINS BRENDA BAILEY VERLA BARROXV WAYNE BARROWV TONI BLACK IOAN BOAZ LARRY BRAMMER IOE BROWN , , , l , v v-1-594' IOAN AMBURN LOUISE BAILEY CLARENCE BEACH BARBARA BOLICK VEDA BRUFFY 164 ,xgx 'Sv-..' Q'-r BRYON ARCHER IUDITH ARMSTRONG VIRGINIA ASHWORTH LEE BALILES WANDA BARHAM JOHN BARKER CAROLYN BELTON BARNITA BIGGS LINDA BIGGS CLARENCE BOWLING SANDRA BOWMAN IOAN BOYTE STEVE BUNDY RUDEEN BURKE RANDY BURNS Sophomores DONNIE XV. CARTER CAROL CHILTON IOAN CONNER RICHARD COX DIANE CROXVDER ,,-- . K XVADE CARTER XVILLIAM T. CARTER FAY CHUMLEY PAMELA COOK MARGIE CRADDOCK XVAYNE CURRY 5 Cf! BETTY CLARKE GLENDA COOKE I fs- 'N 1 '1- g - 5 A- 0- .1 1+ 4' UW E I .- X Q ,- ,I -QQ i DIANE CHANEY HAZEL COBB SUZETTE COOKE HAROLD CRAFT JOE CRAIG GERRY DARNELL WAYNE DARNELL xQ .fl QU' A I S V A ,fm 7-' 'J-in 3? I6 X 1 'W 11 ' Q. ' , - J '4' dn f , , v-5 IANE CHANEY ILENE COLEMAN MIKE CORUM MARIE CRANE KAY DAVIS M. -ff 4'1- W . YV 'SV' ka rf fr Sophomores JEANETTE CHERTVVATY LINDA COMPTON WAYNE CORUM BRENDA CROTTS PRISCILLA DEAN , x 45. T, X N :Q 1 qi -:su 61" - So- X' wg' . 5" i. fi 'nga' .- A LIS? , A " Vfqi " ' 0 . - r 1. ' in-... VP I 165 ,Q Sophomores ANN DENNY EDDIE DOYLE BRENDA EDVVARDS DELANE ETHRIDGE DEBRA FARMER LARRY DENNY TODD DePRIEST CAMELLIA DUNN PATRICIA DUNOVANT ELIZABETH EDXVARDS CAROL ELLINCTON STEVE EUBANKS KENNETH EVANS FRANCES FARMER MIKE FARMER ,vw- vs Niwwf iw e sa mx 1' QQ' 4 ,qs nn b Q...- -010' .0 BABBY DINEEN LOUIE DURHAM MAURICE ELLIOTT LARRY FAGGE TERRY FARMER - 1411.9 BARBARA DODSON GWEN EDENS RALPH EMERSON ANN FAIR TRUDY FARMER BILLY DOMINA HARRY EDMONDS DONNA ENDICOTT VIOLET FAIN DEBRA FAYNE Lviwv .,,,f. Q. Y'-, jew dw 7' 1 ,CN iv- ' I' wr' -yr -1 I . ., 'X lo -A , l U Q4 '... , BARBARA FERGUSON SUE FULLER MARK GILLEY BRENDA HALE PEGGY HANDY DANA FERGUSON BRENDA GAULDIN JAMES GOING CLARENCE HALE DENNIS HARRIS IACKIE FERGUSON IOEL GERRINGER ELLEN GRIFFIN DENNY HALE DANA HEFFINGER it fs '54 ..,, IOVITA FLYNN RICHARD GIBSON PAMELA GRIFFITI-I GEORGE HALE JANET HICKS 167 QM.. ,- .,, , , . 4-T -I x 'H sb' LAVERNE FOLEY GENE FOSTER LARRY GILLEY LINDA GILLEY JUDY GRUBB SAMMY GWYNN MIKE HALL SKIPPY HALL FAYE HILL THOMAS HILL Sophomores fu., 17- f xv'-"" A:A' 3 . 15 . idk 1 z,4, , . 1' ,. , ,., 1,-ff I , 1, W wi ly. . ,kia fi 4 I f M Qew Q ,Q .nf 7' 5 Q fav' ,Q-A ' ,--u u lv, ,sm -f Nl-uw f i ,nr 1. ff. 4- .i Q sw., vzidfeav' TERRI HODGE JUDITH HOPKINS JEAN HUNT SHERRY JOHNSON CARLTON JOYCE Sophomores "Yr-fi?" "1-uf A f'MsmxN1 Q . rm Q. W . ry BUTCH HOGGARD MYRIAM HOPKINS GARLAND HUTCHERSON DON JONES PEGGY JOYCE 4. '1 w -v ,X .. s 'ner -4 1 I J v 5 1 V ' ' V ,rf Q , I. , 6. I ff , Hrr V .. ,ur A- Q. sg'1:" I' 1 I 1 P Q - N JOE HOLLIMAN BARBARA JEAN HOLT BONNIE HOLT RINDA HOLT CAROLYN HOWELL CHARLOTTE ' BARBARA HUBBARD GARY HUNDLEY BILL HUTCHERSON HOWERTON LESLIE JAMISON CANDICE JOHNSON FRIEDA JONES PATRICIA HYLER IRENE JONES ARCHER JOYCE JAMES KAPPS JIMMY JONES JULIA KELLY BETTY KENNON LARRY KASTEN 168 NVANDA KENNON PAUL LAND CAROLYN LEMONS DAVID LONG FRIEDA MANGRUM T27 ' I :Ig ' 1: -I I 1- . LINDA KIRKS FAYE LnPRADE IUDY LESTER JUDY LOVELL DALE MARSH 44 . 15 'r r I '- ' 0 'f i, If ' '- 1 - ,.. Q. g-Q! 4. I 1 fs- 111, sd, SALLIE KISER LINDA LANV EVELYN LEXVIS BOBBY LUNSFORD TOMMY MARTIN fm 16' U' L K, R' A s... FRED KLEIN SUSAN LANVSON LINDA LEVVIS BENNY LYNCH LINDA MASON S' 4 .- E ,- , nv' an I K A I 1 X-- 1. 'Ji MARSHALL KNOVVLES PAM LAYNE JOAN LIGHT PATRICIA MABES JERRY MAYES I if ' L.- if -Q4 , f W. 4 I ,M J' ' r 'A-F L. -I iii 1 Sophomores DAVID KOONTZ BRUCE LEE HERMAN LILLARD SHARON MANESS LINDA MCBRIDE Q, sr ff' 'ZA " 4, 1 - ' .5 f' g. 1' I ai, L Sophomores IOHNNIE MCCOLLUM MICKEY MEEKS IAMES MIZE BETTY MURPHY THOMAS NELSON 4 ,U v ' " . aw- . . ' fm 1 I ' hg- PATRICIA MCCRACKEN BRYANT MCKINNEY PAMELA MEEKS MARGERY MOORE CATHY MURRAY STEVE NEWLIN -I: f ' :H 1 .,.. . , - ,f G ' .H M A If HB'- f a WW' fpr MQ!" REBECCA MEEKS DANVN MOOREFIELD WILLIAM MURRAY DIXIE NEWMAN IERRY MCKINNEY RICHARD MINTER LINDA MOOREFIELD JAMES MYERS CAROL NICHOLS 'I'-Q? "Wh-uf W-w DONNA MEEKS MICHAEL MITCHELL WAYNE MORGAN PAULA NANCE PAUL O'BRIEN A nw Name , . V A-s V -' 1- ' mi ,f A .1:,.:.:W 1 ,Q ', 170 piv. I' bs fl'- IRVINE MEEKS BILL MITCHELL BARBARA MOXLEY CAROL NELSON CATHY ODELL xx" m ' 'W Q w . M' 8- . Q Q- IOHN ODELL IOE PORTER HILDA RAMSEY DIANE RHODES IUDY ROACH -6' 5- . ,Dv ,,,,. f., Ru xgll! AL- A I 'fr'-w. X. . ,... A 4-.'l 3510 1 ' ,cr , 9 . N . -f- 'S' f" 'XSL' if ', M A T75 Q Y -ram '25 f' . ., ' T' lnpuyv ,-H., ROGER ORE RICKY ORRELL ZIZZY OSBORNE LINDA OVERBY PAMELA ONVEN ROSE PRICE LaVERNE PULLIAM PATRICIA PULLIAM NEIL PURDY JAMES PYRON IERRY RATLIFF CAROL REDMAN CATHY REECE LYNNE REYNOLDS MIKE REYNOLDS IOAN RICHARDSON DARRYL RICHARDSON MARY RICKMAN BOBBY RITCHIE EDGAR ROACH WAYNE ROACH BRYANT ROBERTS PEGGY ROBERTS G. T. ROBERTSON SAMUEL ROBERTSON Sophomores 171 -ev ' -, QI - f , V W: , 1' l 1: I, lv J QQ!! 1335- V -1- ,fx , ' ' ' f fp. 1' - ,J . tw- 2 ,.- Waf '75 ' ,- ,1 C V, 5 4 Q 33 -'ii Q 'ff , ,: M -D gig 651 J, ff 2 -I , A f fx , - A 24 ,,,q - f v QA. .41 ' if .A !""' 'R' A ,Y Q " . 5 , ' 4? A, ax fi YN 7' 32 1 1 W Q V I A., " 1" Wa ' 1 4 1 H f' I pl? H954 'Msg-1:1 34" ' 5' 475g Q92 -tb ,,,. ., 4 sg., STEPHEN ROBERTSON YVONNE ROBERTSON LOUISE ROCK MARY JANE RATLEDGE JOY SAMS JOYCE SAUNDERS LOCKSLEY SAUNDERS MARY SAWVYERS RAY SAWYERS RICHARD SCOTT STEVE SHERWOOD DAVID SHINN PATRICIA SHOUGH MICHAEL SIMMONS SHERRY SIMPSON JANICE SMITH JERRY SMITH MARIE SOYARS CEWARD SPANGLER JANN STANLEY SANDRA STEWART SUSAN STEWART FRED STULTZ DEWEY STUMP JOE SUTLIFF Sophomores 2 is 1 ANN SAUL JUDY SHELTON CECIL SMITH RALPH STANLEY TONY TALBOTT MARY FRANCES TAYLOR ANN THOMPSON DONNA XYARREN IOAN XVHEATLEY IANICE XVOODALL BUTCH TAYLOR BUTCH TEAGUE HAROLD TROXLER GEORGE UNDERWOOD ROBERT XVASHBURN BRENDA WILLIAMS RAY WOODS LINDA NVEADON FRANKIE WILLIS RUSSELL WOODS 11 -rr I . r S 7?-'1' ' i Nr- '1' ,. , , , . N - .u A fr' .R IANIE THOMAS BILLY VESTAL DIANE XVEBB DAVID VVILSON BETH WRIGHT hw W 4, ,simi- IUDITH THOMAS DONNA WADE BILLY WEBB KAREN WILSON LINDA WRIGHT ff Kb UM, . fy, i w V -:ag '. , Ali" ., 51,5 ra 9 'Q' , .v UN Z. A " ,..1 . 3 4 , 5 'E , rv " i f"'5 Sophomores RAY THOMAS FRANKLIN WALKER JERRY WEBSTER SUE WOOD KAY YARBOROUGH Q"'1 hm, inns. I ff C: Us Qs: ' Bw P h . M. av M 4' r 5. V I 'lx - A, U. 1 , uf' - Sophomore Class Olliceres Sophomores, new faces and light hearts, came into a fascinating world as they launched forth in a new life at Morehead High, This strange new place filled with unusual ideas and high hopes for the future was wonderful and exciting. The class officers worked hard to bring the class an exciting and eventful year and they look forward to their junior year. Class officers Kleft to rightj President Bill Mitchell, Vice President Wayne Curry, Secre- tary Linda Weadon, Treasurer Beth Wright. fav' , . r A fs" fw yrs' 'ri L , , I-rf 5,4 1, 1 f ' 4,4 ht 'Y un , ti-ui-W: um'.5i'L f""+.1M!K'm .ma '- ff-....v'2lf"'y..aHWiSl 3 DO N T ENTER .if 3 vi' . li f N 9 ' v ' 1553 Q, ,,N - 'I K S , ,. 5 , . ,L fy! 6 ' f' 74'-, "So sad, so fresh, the days that are no more." - Tennyson Only one who has had experience in publications can possibly realize the vast amount of time and tedious work which is entailed in the composition of a high-school annual. The 1963 Carillon was compiled due to the combined efforts of a small group of people who gave so graciously of their time and knowledge. Without them, the task would have been insurmountable. Therefore, we Wish to express as a small part of our gratitude A NOTE OF THANKS To Mrs. Ioan Citty, our advisor, who so often sacrificed her time, energy, and pleasures, in order to guide, and in so doing, found a place in our minds and hearts which can never be erased. To Mr. and Mrs. Pr. R. Snow, who, in the last few Weeks of preparation, surrendered their house and food so that we might work undisturbed and in comfort. To Miss Atcheson, Miss Barker, Mr. Biggerstaff, and Mrs. Burchell, who, endowed with a rapid pen and im- measurable creativity, contributed so much and so beauti- fully. To Reba Lumpkins, who relinquished her time and 176 energy to type the enormous amount of copy. To Claude Gillie, of Gillie Photo, who took time to listen to our problems and advise. To I. B. Edwards, of Hunter Publishing Company, who Worked with us in the early stages and impressed upon us the importance of design and copy perfection. To Sue Kelly and Peggy Lasley who found themselves practically living at the Snowis over the Thanksgiving holidays. To Ellen Marlowe and her business staff, who gave their time and energy so that we might pay for our annual. To the innumerable students who contributed their thoughts, ideas, skills, and time. To all the teachers of Morehead High who relinquished their class time in order that the hundreds of pictures could be taken. To all who made possible this 1963 Carillon by giving so unselfishly of their time, effort, and support . . . thank you on a iob well done. Rod and Betty advertisements The future is paved with numerous pleasures and necessi- ties, many of which would be scare and almost impossible without the businessmen of our community. The products and services available in the Tri-City area warrant our interestg in like manner, the businessmen who supply them deserve our hearty thanks for the part they took in bringing to you The Carillon for 1962-63. Their generosity has helped to record and to preserve precious and warm high school memories. We know that our future can only be brightened by the existence of our community's businessmen. MEADUW DAIRIES Ice Cream BORDENS Milk Leaksville, North Carolina Main 3-3151 MIZE MCJTORS INC Chevrolets, Corvairs, Chevy II, Trucks Boulevard Street Leaksville, North Carolina 177 .- E ,. ' ig i ln l Congratulations in Lasley Drugs Inc. Cm of '63 The Friendly Store ing InnnberCknnpany PHONE ME 5-6351 Q Draper, North Carolina F 1 ln. i il i Q ,r lil!" in ! M c r' Vg 'rug . All r 1 Youngefs 5 T 1 S . r r S, 51 to 31.00 STORES F V r 1 l rr ,I i, al QM Civ DRAPER 'lv and Els Y LEAKSVILLE 11 e. e,. .B 'i if rl 5 Draper Road Dial MA 3-3748 Spray, North Carolina "Piano lessons were never like this!" Pace-Stone Karastan Rugs Sugg-Harris Low Down Payment and Real F r al H 0 Easy Terms 208 Boone Road Dial Main 3-2214 Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina Leaksville, North Carolina sw Quahty Cleaners X 9 One Day Service 8 N I ' "Quality First" Dial MA 3-7517 , - Church Street - - --- Spray, North Carolina 179 1" zf. ZZZWFVH' z i 2 N s 1 i "Head 'em up and move 'em out." 1 ' 1 3 AGENCY All forms of Insurance "Your Wall of Protectionv Leaksville, North Carolina M if, ' 180 Nl U Before an Congratulations to The Class of 1963 visit 1oHN's d after school for fountain service and good sandwiches J O HN ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT .Ax 1' 'CEC Owned and Operated by john - K Corner Ridge Ave. and N. Fieldcrest Draper, North Carolina HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIAT Safety Transit Lines ION 117 Bridge Street Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina Boulevard Street Local, Inter-city - Charter Service Main 3-2434 Organized in 1909 Leaksville, North Carolina "If it's a group, It's Smarter to Charter 181 7 JQWLLQD cuflffvgf VZTQMVWMTT 1' I ?'f?ZXjiI25' ww fain mi'-mf N e w , Le ca ksv I I le 5 y s te m , W o ole n M I I I K Lca u n d ry I igerylc do -We Jw-154g-If -Hgnjc Aera 'I nc. I 'Tor All Your Laundry and Cleaning" 182 Johnson Chevrolet Inc. Telephone ME 5-3521 424 Fieldcrest Road Draper, North Carolina Tri-Cities Oldest Chevrolet Dealer Sales-Service-Parts since 1930 Rockingham Office Machine Company MA 3-2965 302 N. Bridge Street Leaksville, North Carolina SALES - SERVICE if i nj K "'-Q. - L E K "I told you I forgot my glasses." 183 ii 2 if MQ! QW fzaf 4a4M,MJf55zhmAmwMf5fZ5 0222 f i i i !M?f4e5f ii Billie Pheie Service I 4 i The Best in Ph t g phy i I iii iii ,E ,i i .ii ii i .U 'i , ii ii i ,i ,ii il' ii ,i i ri Fi Ll P t t i C S ppl 1 ig Phe F h g ii i i i Q. i iii is 184 y Best Wishes to The Class of ,63 Barbarzfs Beauty Salon ME 5-8213 Draper, North Carolina Compliments of Leaksville News Washington Street North Carolinals Largest Weekly Compliments of Globman's Leaksville, North Carolina Dial MA 3-3963 Congratulations Class of '63 Let's Co Bowling at the Bowling Center "Fun for Everyonev fnzwyw 4 1 W l i l v 'r ,- ., F... ,, lu .,y,,,. ahyl -.QQ , Best Wishes From WLOE AM and FM Studio on the Boulevard Leaksville, North Carolina MA 3-3118 "All right, who rolled the gym " .,,p1w,.' -,J', .f?'t5'23g" . f A .., Q 4 .', m 'A A , . . ,L iw' ,' ,vw 45.1-'f-AQVL5-fl Q' bidi' ' "Boy, do those ants bite!" Compliments of Peoples Finance Company 218-22 E. Washington St., Leaksville ALT-, W., . - H v l-,.-.Q, ,-Q-fe. - - V f c ii mf W A if " A .1 K lf-1 f ,, 1- 'f I 4 2 1, ,ww - J, ,Lf Maw- My -, 5'1'?f4?7 A 6 fZ?5MfMMfii4 ff i 4? ,Aye Wm 4 gi,4'7 fm,a!ZsQ Wg! ,ve ongratulgufionstff 35544 2156 4446? X164 'Af C'LHM C 1 ,ff 4-1005 'ZQM 11 ,744 ' fyjafx ,f 1 4, J , Class of 63 ff J. A. CANNADAY LUMBER COMPANY Wholesale Only Dial MEadoW 5-4661 Draper, North Carolina MAR-GRE MCJTEL AND RESTAURANT N. C. Highway 14 Leaksville-Spray-Draper, North Carolina Dial MAin 3-3174 Hot Water Heat Air Conditioned Television and Telephone in each room Swimming Pool 187 F K if 5 E r r r sq E if ' 5 L1 tho W ebb, Inc "If it's Printed" Box 168 Leaksville, North Carolina D "I hate to tell you how to run your school but . . . " I E f Compliments of A11en's Leaksville Bank g Department Store and Trust Co. D ? i Quality Merchandise Leaksville, North Carolina r l d-S -D , N. C. , Dependable Prices BDU evar pray raper Get that "Money-In-the-Bank" Feeling Leaksville and Stoneville T l North Carolina gi E 23 W Y A21 ,llffr "fiff" V if 4-, -, Q.. .:':fQ-gf3'qL.L? ' i'.r.,..J.- f- 4' Y D D CAN EEUU! IUUlEN"E.'AI IWW M! E l.. "I must admit, Babe, that's a pretty unusu +I 12. Xt. :Lx :..!.,t .1 ' ,whiny 3 . --.. 1 .-1 'J'--...pq 1 . Sl " ' , 5 al technique." Bears Discount Store, Inc. "Where Quality is Higher than Price" 424 N. Bridge Street fAcross from Meadow Dairiesj Leaksville, North Carolina Congratulations to the Class of '63 from Stophel Cabinet Shop 114 S. Sharp Street MEadoW 5-4222 Draper, North Carolina ' 159 Qgvipn-P .-:5L..!.LPfN'xA,. . E: LJ Crf-,-,X-SX Xb,-X. E Ep : ,QA pm M Eva fi Ex LAX Textlle Workers UHIOD i'5i.-B Ywkgpot. 3x4-t,,x,J., N V is gym. .Kali of America Qmxiybxmm, .NN.B-ug, Guy-L, Quxs, Q. R3 1 -.jg Egg Qxgxrg., N-Xisfu, b.fST..D.-.5 Q3-A . ' X' ' u MAS- X . V T3 x. ' 'xx Ltl , - 'X' ' I N i35tmw. -ti.x-J-QR S- Q.-A., 'QB5 9 ,S 'pixgbhuf-Jlbi-x. WAX Qmymuxi I Congmtulates and Salutes the Class of 1963 K I QQY3 'tQJ'NEn3q,-,Sl QL: . V " ' ' sh' N X' it L' 5 Bi-County Joint Board kiwi 100 Park Road - AMAA ESQ,-,m.,gSpray, North Carolina ,T7gXServing the textile Worker of the Tri-Cities "I said smilel" 190 -- , ,A , , , , ,,,-f-1-+,f.-..,g,n- - - Compliments of Vogue Beauty Salon and Una's Shoppe H. J. Williams and Son Inc. Sealtest Dairy Products Phone MAin 3-6111 Leaksville, North Carolina Spray Water Power and Land Spray, North Carolina Dial MAin 3-7952 Congratulations and Salutes to The Class of '63 Tri-City Chamber of Commerce I 4 4 1 1 1 w 1 I 1 1 U ll 1 1 1 11 1 I 1 v 1 1 1 1 1+ xr Ik 1 1 Ju 4 , U . ,. L , Ei ,s pe, 11 1 1 U o! xl! Q 1 41 l X SPRAY COTTGN MILLS Operating and furnishing job Opportunity Wri gh ts Men's Shop Washington sneer MAin 3-7064 Leaksville, North Carolina in the Lee, Fulchcr Tri-City Area Since 1896 Spray, North Carolina White and Hubbard Insurance-Real Estate-Loans 117 Monroe Street Leaksville, North Carolina Dial MAin 3-7842 192 Compliments of Lcaksvillc Paint Co. Frank Woody, Proprietor Phone MAin 3-6291 Leaksville, North Carolina ,r N p L 3 ,xx , H I I . x fr 5 . , L21f"L 5 i . has l I ' 7 2 . 'jj i w -' . 4 ' -.425 ' A' A l ff ' l I ' -' f 5 al' ,- S ' swf, ' 1. it-d r aj . J. I-5' fee' f V- " .1-r 11 1 .rs fa: ii , ,':,g,1,, af 1. 595 "What do you mean you dropped my Dr. Pepper? , , City Dry Cleaners "Our Quality and Service speaks for Itself' Serving Leaksville, Spray, and Draper Dial ME 5-6401 South Fieldcrest Road Draper, North Carolina P f I' - I a ,. U 1 . 4 sg I Nora's "Your fashion center" for the High School Girl On the front Draper, North Carolina 5 f div" Auf 5-uf-f My C! ZW' :da WM AJ 7, f-5-Mfg ff YW' Office Machine Co. Virginia-Carolina Dial Ml-Ercury 2-3832 823 W. Memorial Blvd. Martinsville, Virginia aiu: Cooper and Ratcliff Super Market Open 8A.M.-9 P.M. Daily Leaksville, North Carolina jf "You want to speak to Wendell who! P I" Chandler Drug Company Washington Street Boulevard Street Leaksville, North Carolina 194 , , U Congratulations to the Graduates! We join you in your pride on Graduation Day and wish you every successful achievement. Yours is an accomplishment worthy of praise and Commendation. May other honors continue to come to you. The world needs you and the ideals, courage and knowledge that you possess. As you step into the world of the future with all of its challenges and possibilities, we extend to you our very best wishes for success and happiness. f' FIELDCREST Mu.l.s, INC. f 195 u Compliments of Builders Mart N. Bridge Street Leaksville, North Carolina Phone MAin 3-3198 'K 1 9 l' i f x x ' fx Raymond R. Martin Insurance Agency Corner of Hamilton and Center Church Road Leaksville, North Carolina Business: MAin 3-3168 Residence: MAin 3-3169 "For All Your Insurance Needs" Fire, Auto, Casualty, Life and Hospital Insurance Bonds, Glass iff 1 I X .' x A 1 x Compliments of Leaksville Shoe Store "Young Hearted Fashions" 111 East Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina Compliments of S Q 9 O Man sky s Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina "Women's Ready to Wear" 196 pi in "This, boys, is a football!" If , Johnston-Turner Furniture Co. 236 Fieldcrest Road Draper, North Carolina Phone ME 5-5212 Home of Lane Cedar Chests Low Down Payments And Easy Terms A Complete Line of Furniture and Appliances "THE SEALTESTD Dairy Bar and Grill Curb Service Bridge Street Leaksville, North Carolina "Okay, get to work, Cinderellafl WJQWQQ J VW by ' W, , E POWER alilwlry 9 if w,jyCoMPANY "Live better electricallyn Q serving the Piedmont Carolinas ,- S, jx," , AQ fly N nfl-1 -BLS ' D' GA XS 'gg lm . i ri we 'ERI-X ITY 1 o39' 0385 I I ' X WINSURA AGENCY W lv ' 35 f' ON ' 'X M W - Agents for QJPB QSSYMOJI "Ill Qv 'P 'fp PX . Life-Fire-Casualty P if xy xy Mutual Insurance Saves N-PD QU' ff! Your Premium Dollar 1' S 'Qfls WX l f f J 139 E. Washington Street Leaksville, North Carolina Phone MAin 3-6287 198 -- rr' ' ' ' " ' 'W' ' Draper Jewelers Draper, North Carolina Certified gemmologist American Gem Society G. Purdy H. L. Siegner Compliments of Wayne Jones-Ford, Inc YOUR AUTHORIZED FORD DEALER OF THE TRI-CITIES Leaksville, North Carolina Bill Amos Inc. Men's Wear MAin 3-2331 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA See us for Formal Wear Kirkpatrick Drug Company Monroe Street Leaksville, North Carolina 199 ir va ' A.: . Y Q ' rf ,, by. I' ii wt: 1 pu x ', f fn' 1, 5' . "4 4" ji '4Q1f',f, " Wynn v .I .1 ixx, Frank Egglciton 1 X" yf1'ife.C,ompany, Inc. .w ' - ' N f' J! A, Draper Road, Spray I , .1 ,f ' S Dial Mmn 3-3968 ya "Say that was your favorite tie?" it M'--..., 3 E11 S 1 "A little volunteer work?" Spray Insurance Agency "C" Garvin Warren Tri-City Pharmacy Building Dial MAin 3-3211 Spray, North Carolina 2 Y i 1 4 Compliments of EDWARDS SUPER MARKET Leaksville, North Carolina The Twin City Grocery Company R2 , "PLE:-zinc Q Gnocimzs ' MAKE MEALS ENJOYABLE' RSE q vor "-751 .. Y " l 1' nn PUMPKL, -X ' , 'WY' - AT Nucnsonnoou stones SAVE PLEEAZING COUPONS FOR VALUABLE GIFTS J-A V K - ' il ' -M f stemm- iw! W vx D N Y Wholesale Distributors Ivie Tire Co Fisk Tires-Retreading Leaksville, North Carolina 2 l l l 1 l 1 l 1 l ', 4. 'l Tl l l" ll V ,, 1. il- rl l v. ll ll lla I all le ffi If l l ily '.l ll l Ll l, ,II 'L l ly 4 3 XQ 1259" Nl at JN' Q o , y lilloflila fe ee Wet or I f f' .XJ SQOJ' MQ, V df GNN U W fbllhl' MLC lr My WM 3 at of e ll well we l Qlllllflltf tl J we W Kew +9 . 'kv lla Clldg O Q Q J hokqxllpasllljllz nltu W ly? WQBKQIJL yygxsgbyi North cey?h. dWK5y X l Xa f lj l l 4 X 1 NW lull hlmliwh 3-sail N pf ,Ny S JVC gffhvyg Q' 5 P V l pie Hilltagglgn jx Through the help of the untiring and loyal efforts of QI Ajlj OF wg? M gglzieleaiatlalnpldns, yearbook fyplef, THE CARILLON met el? glggiffifp QQ or M Q C' CQ ull 1 , Q. , ,l Blair Burke's ,I - ,I N , OOBEN FRANKLIN STORE ' In Boulevard Shopping Center Nationally Known, Locally Owned For all your school supplies Open Every Thursday and Friday Nights. 202 Owen Realty and Insurance Company 100 West jay Street Leaksville, North Carolina All Forms of Insurance Tri-Cities' Oldest Real Estate Firm Telephone MAin 3-6868 Compliments of G. B. Green and Son Inc. Ready-Mixed Concrete Draper Road Spray, North Carolina MAin 3-2650 Compliments of Craft Printers Dial MAin 3-6518 Leaksville, North Carolina Best Wishes From Draper Lumber Company, Inc. W. Front, Draper Dial MEadow 5-5271 Draper, North Carolina 2 as as . Hicks Sheet sMetal ' Heating Bt Air Condition Headqumsfor the t Roadway Express, Inc Tri-Cities QScheduled Transportation over Half - J the Nationj MAin 3-7846 ' MAin 3-8401 Owner: Norman Hicks Q Manager: Douglas Matthews 1 J My M WM' , PU yv Z A ,fl I! I V, JU ff ifgsfwfiggfwq , f fs of ,f emorial Gardens S., ' Perpetual Care at ni "Well-everybody needs a buddy." V , 51 ,T t5 ef 204 L as as new QJIV- .wwf :MA .3JMfW,.5wo,qi,,Mf"" 'QF Mwamwv, SLZIZASVLHC 5,4 aw ff, Lum 6f"Company Leaksville, North Carolina Boosters AVONLEA SERVICE STATION BARGAIN CENTER BLACKWELL RECORD SHOP CAROLINA DRUG CATO'S CHERRY INSURANCE AGENCY DR. L. GORDON CLARK COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. DR. A. B. COUNCIL, IR. DRAPER SHOE STORE FAGGE-HARRINGTON-VAUGHN-FAGGE FAIR FUNERAL HOME DR. GEORGE A. FERGUSON HOPPER OIL COMPANY I. CHANDLER,S PHARMACY LIB'S BEAUTY SALON DR. I. A. O'LEARY STACY,S BEAUTY SALON DR. C. H. SUGG TILLER'S MEN SHOP DR. C. F. TULLOCH, IR. DR. ROY C. TURNER . . . And only echoes fill a hall so often trod by scuffling, shuffling feet. 2 Autographs H fm. . W I .lx X3 , QI ,wkx x, wk ' 5 - Q ,L,L:,1:Jk,v NP-Q AQ vig.. HL-x,,7v,f.,k-Y' WY.-gli. Q?v.l'T5l,.N,xg.f,x.j1Y - ,Qvjx,,kj. .9 3 flip, 4,9 ff.-als Qvklir Lihffyrlbl R. 'IN' V KVA! :XX-jk-'vi 1.x ,.,-1: VQXNNLXXEF-Aikkhxka , Gkfrxm .DJ :L-is MJ1m,,5.,., vm. :.. N, 1. gut QL. NJ k"'gBmJ gTx"'S'iQ'3'J'-' 'K""ui""'x-.J fm.,-.3 cmd '?RM'Qk5' Uhskwu "P53""l' Eff-MQW' N-Q-1.-3u:E.5-Q.,-.ix..' Q, XSLX ix Na QKJQN6--1',lL,,7 '.,n,31,I::.,..l 1 Cbzmm 'Ah-ru' NLR, QB-KJ tm v,L4.4,4w.., -LH?-4--s. . " X5 i Tia , IVXQLK MLDMQ CN TYKQ-ki QICXQ-X"-J-Q-Q,,w:QQ.' hd'-H-ft G-lf'-A 'AML O3-M. J Mm . Lyn, mu. W 0. Qftxxw ,Soap ck u3oraA.1-,iub Qlkbgmbjjjiz 9 721 QQQQQ UL Ntsv.: 'NLo.o.fg XML gkwbmu 0 HA- X'-D-PL L-UQ EGJL L-+L SMLEAQBA . iw, MMU V f 7 V . , v M k,,g,,QQYmQ,g,' MQ, q W JXLZADZ l'2fvQ,eJ of M QQ!! X M4 nqfr O W41 X gf C941 Q!C,L4, QW wxkjfggfi L0 'fm wvwwg, x4PfW1 206 xQ U A Autographs " 1 x 1 1 I A Qi M., . , xl " " J ' '- ' Q- ,i ' ' ' -'P "W A 'J i V .4 1 .0 1 1 ' n N - J 1, . 4 A F , n W l N- ' url L 'T M' n If wk iw-A -'-, 1' , 5 ' ' - . L fx-1, x .lg ,L , K , 1- .s ,W x 1 - h , I- K-xiii, ,, '-X1 . , Q , y 4 lx .X V. 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