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Ia Y 3 'fr' - ' ,X!',7,gy1 . - - j' '1-We A s I C is ,.--V fp f: 1 .. ir? ' S,:'p.'f f "-.,.?-ggwrv'--":,s -'F W -7' f-251 g 1-,.:'.,.51:-Mai, ,rm-1 ,- - f1f3' ' - . Q ff u . 'J-'rw r 1 ' fu f ff-"H :f-.- - ,-'zu f 1. - -3 .aa ' 1 ' - ' Y' Y ' . Q, -' -wr 'F' 1 , A . -. -4 .A1 .X , . , . H I N , ' 53 . 1' ,rr-.b...uN:--., -- ' in 1 vi - sv u , .ii 1. 1 1 -A A 1 A - 1 -, 1 W .. -Y . ,1- - T44 ,A x Y: ' , Qg. V 3 - 3 - -:Q . .Lf Q +.. ,ff 11 A .1 f I .iiwif f:-' ' - Jia, rf: iq ggi,:g,3,g ,5f,fg?ji2,.f ff, , f .'!l'fT"3?'.,f1." X , V - .-V V, " - ' - 71 Nw.. s an--1, f ' ,, - " -4- , ,1-2 or-V A X 1 A w .4 1. p 'P x 1. 95 1 ,R Af , 4 J da., 5 11 F v Q ' r 1 ' M ." 34- ff... ef ri L 'f -K .1 . , ' 73 1 J Q 211' -' I 'V Q 4 5 Y NA' 4 ' ,- f 4 5 'Y 4 1 + ,w 31 'N' . , Y ,-' ,V ' wg-15?!1'5+ I.,-if ' 5, A " ., , ' ug, ,-1::- :5.Vg.le.5+.-1 , " fafigfsg' iq'--f-I 1.5 I 1-LFQTQZE 'Yi??E'T', "L t"1'L.'.4,- ' L' '-3 . A , ' ' .20 - - ,. ,.1,,i,.3 ,TU 1- Y 1, fx S., -. ,, A, ,, L':?5"- l ag. f . c mi -G 4 , - 4 , ,gf ."i,Eff ' 31. ?' e preoenf . . . ? f7'i2 , :V sf . JZ Q Nfl! QSQTW. -W Ag ' saUg3g 2f5 sLg: Q x 5 , ,I ,Q Il A,.Q,,..,-,ff A- H? 1 f 1 I ik! .sk x aw", , W f . N M X RIF, 'MM ' x fav ., X glue 1959 earillon XIISS ,IOAN CIHICCZS yI'l1I'lIOOlx' Arlrisoz ANNE I3.'XRKSl1'Xl,l'f mul CARY XIICICKS l3u.x'im'.y,s' C0-1f1li!0r.s CI.-Xlil, RIIUDICS Ifrlifm'-in-Clziwf To the right of this column is a photograph of john Motley Morehead High School-your high school. As you turn the pages of this yearbook, you will see that the Carillon staff has endeavored to record all the facets of life at Nlorehead. We have tried to turn back Time and let you see all the wonderful things that happened during one of Morehead High Schoolls greatest years. Think about the events of the period, and you will de- termine whether we have done our task Well. There are too few lines to mention every person who has aided us in our work, however, I do think that a vote of appreciation is due to these individuals in particular: Mr. Raleigh Biggerstaff, whose thoughtful suggestions and comments have been most helpful in our layout work, Messrs. Claude Cillie and Harold Francis, whose skill and patience in photographing the yearbook snap- shots have made the Carillon more complete, Frances Ilairfic-ld and Carolyn Newman, who typed and cor- rected our annual copy, Lloyd Dillon, whose splendid art work you will see throughout the Carillon, and Miss -loan Griggs, our yearbook advisor, who worked harder than anyone on the many problems we encountered. XVithout the splendid work that all these people did, I would have given up long ago. My thanks go out to all who have taken an interest in the Carillon. You, the students, deserve a vote of appreciation, because if you had not achieved such an outstanding scholastic and athletic year, our yearbook would be nothing. Use this yearbook in the future years to recall the work you did and the fun you had during 1958-59, Moreheadls greatest year. vlorc-:head High School , ,nb The sophomore enters Morehead High School with a purpose-to seek and flourish in all his high school life. He does not recognize this purpose, until the upperclassmen point it out by their example. As the sophomore begins to fit into life at Morehead, he begins to try to do his best, he ma- tures as he is called upon to face new problems and perform new tasks. The year passes quickly, and the sophomore be- comes a junior-and then a senior. He then imparts his influence on the lowerclassmen and points out the purpose- it is always the same-seek and flourish. This is the tradition at Morehead, and because of this tradition, our student body has been the recipient of many honors, both scholastic and athletic. Through this tradition, the individual student re- ceives not only knowledge of subject matter, but knowledge of life in the world today and preparation for it. eaclerohip Qageo 10-17 if E'-gf.. .A -53 . E 3, M... .x 1 , s Q 5 CLQSSES 5 " 5 5 MEN TS cholarohip 'Pagu 18-71 F q 19 if if LI r 'FY 'N IJ 0RGANiIZATIONS Sportomanohip gznageo 90-103 ii f---f 5x 6 X Ste waralohip cpageo 72-89 FE aw gy, -f"" ' ,f Q . xg, , X xx , w 1 1 ATHLETICS sf , H gellowohip Cpage.. 104-11 i , Ik M I L s ...M K 5 5. 1 un.: 1 xxx . ' 'a ,'.,, n 4 I 1,9 fe'- wx:-1, u .Jry ix I 1615" . J P A V, AQQQV r, A . . , N , , - f,,1-.FY X K n . at xx 'xx' x S, A ' :gms rienclohip cpageo 112-136 e geclicate . . . The Senior Class proudly dedicates the 1959 edition of the Carillon to a man who is at home either in the classroom or on the athletic field. Many seniors remem- ber his history classes, and many also remember his "writs," tool His ability to make us think and draw conclusions from what we read helped us to enjoy social studies much more. He is the man who molded our Panther linemen into one of the best gridiron forward walls in the state, a big factor in Moreheadls 1958 Class AA champ- ionship. He also coaches girls' basketball and assist in baseball. To MR. MOTT PRICE, for making our life at Morehead much happier, we dedicate the '59 Carillon. Mr. Price uses au map in one of his U.S. History lectures. Page Eight Dodo Davis and Daphne Fair take basketball warmup exercises under Mr. Price's direction. ggi I If N' 1 V. , ff Lg 45, f -' V , W 5.5 A L , mf M , ,-N 5 4 ' ,Q f ' . , fwifax. MA E Q ' 1 K yr X V f, K , -5 5 - 'I 'V-H f 4.446 swfikf , 'S :- Q M Page N ine 'age Ten eacle rohip Mrs. Minnie Hinternhoff, guidance counselor advises C' xrl Rhodes and Charles Ferguson about planning their college careers We students at Morehead High School are fortunate in having such an outstanding faculty group. All our teachers are well-trained in their respective fieldsg however, a student does not learn pure facts alone, because our staff memhers take a personal interest in each student. As one of our teachers said, "I have lea1'ned that a good teacher has to he everything from a dictionary to a love counselorf' They have dedicated themselves to our service, and each of us should give them a vote of thanks as they strive to seelc and flourish in all phases of leadership. , v JOHN xr. HOUCII ,All V1 fm- -. ,+L Pane Twelve School Board Supervisor Superintendent R. I. Smith, jr., Harry Davis, Melvin Moore, Chairman, John Hough, Superintendent, Dallas Gwynn, T. M. Kirkpatrick, jr., Welsford Bishopric, and Zell Ford. til Principal M R. NVENDELL NEWLIN P L! Secretary MRS. EVELYN BANKS Supervisor '59- -.1 RUSSELL BYRD 'XE Director of Training Center HENRY RAHN Page Thirteen 6 High SCh00l Faculty RALEIGH BICCERSTA FF English MRS. SARA FERGUSON Social Studies 3 DOUGLAS COMPTON 3' Q Distriliutivc Education N ,Qin I xv 'S if ROBERT FLEMINC Music '27 Lf' Fx MRS. SARAH DININNY Mathematics MISS ELLEN FRENCH Foreign I an uages fi - Y ILM X age F ourtcen 111 Atl . N MISS ELIZABETH DIXON Home Economics WILLIAM FULCHER Science 'U bfi Q ,- ., P. K' O! ig r High School Facult MISS JOAN CRIGGS Business Education NIRS. MINNIE HINTERNHOFF Guidance, English MRS DOROTHY LEA Busmess F ducafmn I. C. IIONEYCUTT Social Studies MISS XIISS PEGGY HOHNER Business Education High School Facult ODELL NASSAR Business Education 'C' MISS FAYE ROBERTS English MOTT PRICE Social Studies MISS PRISCILLA SWINDELL English, Foreign Languages CARROLL RABON Science 1? iff T7 --4 BOB WILKES Mathematics Ie A ' - , '15 'fi'-1 3? ii flip -Q .. MAX RHODES T gggg-.,l f 2 'RD "' I ' Social Studies if-..1gQ3'Qf::, " ,, . --1Z'n:- 2.1.2 '-' S - I ,L i s ' '-- , ,gi in 2 if we-S L-it :J " I Page Sixteen Industual Center Facult GEORGE LAW Machine Shep GORDON SILER Machine Shop MERRILL SNYDER Electronics ROCER WORTHINGTON Drafting Page Eighteen Scholarohip QF' 1 Students use the large Morehead library as a source of factual infor mation and reading pleasures. Through the efforts of the faculty and through the examples set by many honor students, the Morehead High School student body had an over-all high scholastic average. With seek and flourish as their motto, they worked hard to prepare themselves for graduation and the tasks beyond. This year the students have really teamed as they backed our athletic teams and helped support fu11d-raising drives. Congratulations to the Classes of ,61, '60 and '59 for making this year Moreheadis greatest! 0- , ,- 1. 1 , -.,,. .i A , ,, . ,A 'Sq . ri' l. 1. r ' .- X 1 4: I , .- I Y.: AR N xl,-,.i,.-N . .Agni-k,.,..-.. 5, , 7,1 , ' f Seniors Page Twenty 'i,,,3-. Seniors enjoy their final year at Morehead High School as they work and play together for the last time. Highlighted by the Ir.-Sr. banquet and dance, the candy sale, the Senior Prom, the Senior Trip, and graduation, the senior year at Morehead is one to remember always. As college prep, business, general, and vocational students work on their separate subjects, they are bonded together by the name senior, those who are about to reach an important milestone-graduation. X 595-fx-M an . . Slum , , gmgwgjs is 253 - :fi'Pff'X'i: 'I -ww-e "" " nf-QWQ Z f V N --- 'WS fi J 6 FM if ' W ' Ee-K "" 1' """' . " rf-l1':-2-f:f2:1-Fi: --'--- V i,.,,.1?!aGm'?aa'4xY'23-ZXeRif.5 El-Mia ga rx , i A Hsgsx ,sf- Ygf , f' Kihe- al. , .. X .,.-. T .sg , . fi I , 1 if is sg p 3 , - gs .:.. . it E5 if 2,2 '-.fIf',f','..:.,,'fQ.':f E F' Q , X J, ii Y "mi 5 1 ,Q , 3 gr: it ,Q 3 is 23.113 iii Q? 2 i ig E? Q si E5 2 iii x s 'C if , 1 V 2 ii in 1 51 I K h Q ii Q gi E fi ii X I . i I Ei I .N 4 s ii ll Q i ...:: - : , .' --.:f, v:-',.' ' ,. 'f:', ."--' i .Is ','. s -,.' ,,,, ' - '- -'-' 3 -:'-, 1 Q .,...x. ..,., ........,.. ,, . . ,..,.......,..,,.:... , .,..........:.,.. V ' lkl " 'f:.reM-'fe l , A ,,,, :::: , ::':-:v -:,..'. Q 13.5.9 :,-E -M .,.,' , M "" "-: --2'.: W, mm .,., .. . L.-I -'--- ""' 41112 "" - if -:.E,i,. Class Officers Seated: Martha Stephens, Corresponding Secretaryg Frances Huirfield, Recording Secretary. Standing: Cary Meeks, Treasurerg Dick Powell, President. Not present when picture was taken: Morris Ianney, Vice-President. pn nn T annnh .rain Tx -Q--1 59? Tm:-ntu-Two PIIILLIP BAKER ANNE BARKSDALE BREN DA GAY BARRETT NIARCARET BRENDA BARROXN NORMAN DILLON ACEE IIILDA CRAY ALLEN BILLY LEE ALMOND ELIZABETII A NN BAILEY 'R' -If Senior x ag . 1U'- Qs rf X I , 'A 19- 'S Q . ,, , Class RALPII M. BARTON PATSY ANN BELCHER RONALD EARL BELL JOSEPH BRIAN BENSON inane .fuk '-s :J I ZONA JOSEPHINE BENSON GENE ARTIIELI. BLACKBURN NORMAN ERNEST BLACKNVELI., RONALD LEE BLACKWELL v. 'D,.,-A T. .nk Nga 5'-5 ll if--A -r ,'1?,i" HI' 'item JUDITH LACKEY BRYANT VIRGINIA LEE BURKES PEGGY ANN BURKS FRANCIS MERIL CAMPBELL LLOYD CARLTON BOLT BRENDA ROSE BRAME THOMAS WILLIAM BRAME JOYCE MARIE BRINCEFIELD Senior Hw- :Ai A 1:7 Class THOMAS MAXELLE CARTER ZOE CARTER WAYNE CHILTON MICHAEL MAURICE COWARD gs, Q L 'Dm Q1- , aw.. ARLENE CRADDOCK MARGURETTE CRAFT CERALD DONNIE CRAIG SHARRON ANNE CRIDER kg' 7-2 Page Twenty-Five T' 'H-ug - ace Twentu-Six IOHN HAROLD DENNY CAROLYN IUANICE DILLON LEWIS EDVVARD DISHMON VIRGINIA LOUISE DISHMON Senior JOSEPH HENRY CROXVDER EVA IOANN CRUISE MARY ISODORA DAVIS SANDRA FAYE DQHART 1? 177' f .JQN "N tvs t? Class PEGGY JEANETTE DODSON PIIILLIP NVILLIAM DUKE IOHN ROBERT DUNIVANT IANET XVILSON DYER sw mm, JIMMY DYER REBECCA ANN EDENS LINDA LOU EPPERLY JOHN WILEY EVANS S., T27 Page Twenty-Seven -45 'N Aww Q, vin All v, in 'QQ 1 is 9 age Twenty-Eight ,f TEX RANDALL FLINCHUM MICHAEL RAY FOSTER FRED LEVVIS FUNDERBURK BETTY STEVENS CILLEY NELDA JEAN EVANS VIEANETTE DAWN FAGCE RONALD FARGIS CHARLES M. FERGUSON Senior .QS S-9 ndihunu., 'Z S- ELM, 9 fs af, fi 1rz:."J7 1? V, Class DEXYEY CABELL GILLEY, JR. NORMA JEAN GRIFFIN BETTY HAILEY FRANCES RUTH IIAIRFIELD A 1-Q 11" 'ZIV -T -wir ffuu. R -17 L., A CLYDE II. HALL, IR. MARILYN NVORTHAM HALL Pl 1YL1,lS jEAN IIANKINS ALTON JAMES HARRINCTON JN Qi R4 Page 'I' 9' Q FRANCIS RANDOLPH HARRIS ,S c:15uALD KENT HARRIS N K CORNELL-X VAN HARVEY A KURTIS CLAUDE HESS Page Thirty N I A RY li LIZA BETH HOBACK PATSY ANN HOLLAND OLA MAE HOPKINS MARION CARLTON HOXVERTON, IR. Senior Qs .Qi Class xmm' x1,xGDALENE HOWLETT -IANICY JUSTINE IIUNDLEY XVILLIAM HOXVARD HYLER XYAYNE MORRIS IANNEY 'S' WA in-. ' Q 41'9b BIA RY FRANCES jARRETT 'RQ NIARVI N XVAYNE IEFFEBI NIARTIIA SUE JOHNSON WILLIAM MACK IOHNSON :Q f- 'Q I' f hs.-0 3 ..--f j LYNDA SHELTON JOHNSTON RICIIARD IIOUSTON JONES Ib JAMES FRANCIS JOYCE LARRY ODELL JOYCE SARAH PAULINE KESTNER DANNY KING DORIS NADINE JOYCE EDXVARD XVADE JOYCE Semor 4-.-.-sq" ' x,.,.,:, Class GEORGE NEXVTON KINGSTON KENNETH EUGENE KIRKMAN MARGARET CAROLE LAND NORA ELAINE LAND xx.-AQ-f" K A Ga- afwi Aww Q-vw? 'QV ,EE DELLA de HARRIET LANE FRED RAY LAW, IR. KENNETH 1. LEE BRYANT DELANOR LEMONS X' N...- il? 17717 L H.. 15 ., -y ? SIIIRLEY JEAN MANESS NIIGIIAEL TROY MARTIN GARY ANDREVV MEEKS RONALD EUGENE MODE DORIS IEAN LESTER BARBARA ANN LIGHT DEWEY LONG, IR. JUDITH FAYE MABES Senior X27 'Inf- is' 'z-rr Class SAMUEL IIENRY MONTGOMERY JACKIE R. MOORE GENE ARTHELLE MULLIS JAMES D. MURPHY xi- A L. I 1 tug. S.-2 "Mug LINDA MARIE MURPHY RICHARD DILLARD MURPHY THOMAS VVAVELL MURRAY FLOYD HERMAN MCCULLOUCH Q4 Wv--'v li . 'Zn ,- 1777 'AG P Tlzirhhqix- S.. 'Mx if N3 L. .IAMES ARNOLD NEXVMAN RUSEMARY NEXVMAN LINDA LEE OVERBY FLAVIA MARY PACE AGNES ELAINE MQDANIEL JOYCE REBECCA MCCUIRE PATSY ANN NEW CAROLYN ANN NEXVMAN --'ff Senior sm....,sw '17 Class ,XL LINDA IOYCE PATTERSON A eg BRENDA DOLORES POWELL ff 'V A X A fm "' jUD1TII GREER POXVELL LARRY JACK POXVELL gs, A . l 'PA as I ,W V , if, ,IG A ig., '54 on gf 5ln-..- 'QA 'PNY ROBERT RICI IARD ADAMS POVVELL DELL POXVELL .,f's 'I 'N BILLY PRICE 48 .V WILLIAM Y' ff' H. PRICE, IP.. s... any Y' ' MARVIN LEE RABE 1 V. ,. 156 Y?' GLORIA IEAN RATLIFF PEGGY JEAN RATLIFF JANIGE CARREE PYRON Senior BETTY LOU RICKMAN CARL DOUGLAS RHODES, IR. 'E' L l SANI BUCK RHODES III NIAUDE ELLA ROACH 0-5' N Q. .Y7, -En' 234. l Class x. MARVIN RAY ROBINSON KENNETH ANDREXV RODD ICDITII ANN RODCERS PIIYLLIS RUTH RODGERS vb? 'vm 'La CLENDA GAIL RORRER .I OHN E. ROTHROCK JACK WAYNE SHELTON CAROLYN ANN SHOCKLEY Q 'in 'lib- hw" ,f 1? 9?-f if Lv! 'fifty I IIENRY MITCIIELL SMITH MARY ANN NVILSON SMITH NORMA RUTH SMITH PATRICIA CAYLE SMITH AARON BISHOP SHOUCH WAYNE MARION SHROPSHIRE Senior XVILLIAM CLOVER SHOEMAKER, JR. CECIL HERBERT SLAYTON IK-I 'EE' ob.- YV M., Class VERNON LARRY SMITH CYNTHIA ANN STANLEY 5'-S , T RONALD GENE STANLEY NANCY CAROL STEARNS CLENDA FAY STEGALL w..,,,, MARTHA FRANCES STEPHENS 'Q'-'7 MYRNA LEw1S STEPHENS Lv BILLY GENE STEPIIENSON 'l'TT'7 ?"-vvq Sig Page Forty-Om: x J 1 -Azz. T7 'WI 'Q an 'H A Sv g c Forty-Turn Wm BISTTIIL JANE SXVINDELL BETTY IICAN SWVINNEY CLLICNDA FAYE TAYLOR GRACE CAROLYN TEACUE Senior CARLTON EDNVARD STENVART MARY KATHRYN STENVART NANCY CAROLYN STRATTON jERRY HAMPTON SUMNER L. FPN4' T' 5 K Class JUDY MAY THOMPSON WILLIAM ELDRIDCE TRENT, JR. LINDA LOU VOSS .IERRY XVAYNE IVADE T? GN -Q mpg:- REYNOLDS ALBERT WADE MALCOM EDGAR WALKER ROBERT MARSHALL VVALKER CHARLES RICHARD WARNER Page F arty-Three Senior Class BRENDA LOU NVARREN GLORIA JEAN XVASIIBURN CAROLYN ANITA NVEADON ROBERT LEE XVI-IITT, JR. 'Qui' 'sr -:fa -fe MARY FLORENCE WRIGHT JAMES ALFRED CARY GRANT YOUNG YARBROUGH ilim Q"g Class Snaps Mr. Morganls Chemistry Class, Period I. Miss Dixon's Home Economics Class, Period II. ,, .4---""' l ' 1 :W . , j Y Ag - g ' p V . U Mr. Fleming's Band Class, Period V. Mrs. Dininny's Solid Geometry Class, Period II. Pictured above are some shots of classes at work. These are only a few of the numerous subjects available to the students at Morehead. Senior ,rw at ii' Ilrl H fi' FRIENDLIEST Henry Smith and Becky Edens MOST INTELLECTUAL Carl Rhodes and Martha Stephens MOST DEPENDABLE Norman Blackwell and Linda Patterson Superlatives MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED joyce Brincefield and Dick Powell --A BEST DRESSED Ceeil Slayton and Frances Hairfield F A Wg, x 3 1 ep V L MOST ATHLETIC Myma Stephens and joe Crowder L-gag,-,,,: . MOST POPULAR Isadora Davis and Henry Murphy Senior WITTIEST Becky Edens and jackie Moore qui MOST TALENTED D. C. Cilley and Rosemary Newman Superlatives BEST ALL ROUND Linda Patterson and Henry Smith MOST SCHOOL-SPIRITED lla Mae Hopkins and jimmy Harrington BEST LOOKING Beth Hoback and Frank Campbell Page F orty-N in Juniors Page Fifty For the junior, his year is filled with two main projects: The Maga- zine Sale, a fund-raising drive, and the Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance, sponsored by the juniors and financed by the sale of magazines. A Iuniofs course of study varies, as some take plane geometry and chemistry in preparation for college, and business students begin shorthand and typewriting. Juniors are Morehead's happiest group because their Sophomore' year is behind them and they look forward to their greatest year-as seniors. X1 ,J ff' Class Officers Seated VlVldI'l Ray, Txeasurer, Sana VV1ll1.1ms, Secretaly Stamlmg Ronme Craddock, Vlce Presldent, Glenn Ogburn, President J ' W s P iw. ' 'rs' ' ' we jg .Q M , 1 , , A 2 i ' ,Q 5 L- f -A J A A Q V ,. f A 5 5 'V . 3 Q A - 1 L V . , L L A 1: N 7 fi N X L, TJ' sf . Dunn 17:1 3 -A Vx R X R-'L l.g'lQ. xx - ..,g w .1 ,YL I. -' , 1, iv- . , 4 Wim ls 41145 1 3,, J ln-in f, 2.5. Ig 1. in L W I 'Egxigx' li Q.. X A,..,,5 . EX 41 Ta.. 4 S - 4 9, . Qu 1"v . -'Q Q - 1 V4 ,v Q 'NTP -.4 K 3 , I ' ""l ,151-'Sl . , 1 ls . I my V 7,614 .'.4'-YE.j0i,P, vi A-. 11.46 .I f :Euf1'2,, 1'-W 1. 5 :F LW? AJ. .1-Zffm "1 V, -,' A" 1 " 'A 9: ' X .fyw-1. ' Cm- - ,gPG.,u"f1'19.'?-vL'l1'f1'. Qu? .f -if, :frf .1 g,-:,m1g'I,- 1... .' -- I emff. sf . Page F ifty-Two LI"w su.. s gl' Juniors TOMMY ALLEN J. R. AMBURN JACK BRAMMER BILL BROWN MARIE BAILEY WILLIAM BALILIS NEVA BROWN ROMONA BRYANT SHELBY BARKER NANCY BARRETT JERRY BUCKNER PHILLIP BURGESS HENRIETTA BARRON DOUG BARTON DOT BURNETTE DON CAMPBELL LARRY BENSON N CHARLES BOULDING MELVIN CAMPBELL PATSY CHATHAM ,mm Q an GX.. L. s Nw ,QL A me in-F SLM, ' :hx 'rv' 8 v-1, Q Qi-. I. 'C' gg if A IIW A 4 lfffi six. iq. ' 5 ,Y Q 'R A -bs 'CI ,X I ',. 'Wh Wg . Q--, v '55 'fr.." in 154 C.. I L. , in-vw. p"'H .4---I nxtx. - it AJS .,, Juniors JOE CHEEWATY 5? EUGENE CHEISTLEY 713'-If 1, RONNIE CRADDOCK FAYE DALLAS LARRY CLARK KENNETH CLIFTON LAURA DANIELS DORA DeHART ' -v , ,txt t ELEANOR COCHEAN Y BETTY COLEMAN IJ 'F' A iq, EARL DeHART EUGENE DeHART JOHN COLEMAN JUDY COLLINS iihxi. , JV Q R! JOHN DINEEN ' Ji JANE DUGGINS JERRY COVINGTON MARY ANN COX -5. BETTY EGCLESTON DAPHNE FAIR Pane Fiftu-Three Juniors 1 . if V -j ,Q Er-' I ,J ,, ' JOY FARABEE M ' F9 "' I l 1 GEORGIA FARGIS J f .- ,', ' 'Y . vm J V JOYCE FUQUA sYLVIA GALLIMORE 4 JANICE FARGIS 'I' " I SARA FOLEY so--9, 'R C5 I BARBARA GAULDIN DONNA GAULDIN JOHN FREEMAN BETTY FRITH JIMMY GILBERT JIMMY GILLEY .NNN .mv 'F ,,-,X -I DAVID FROHMAN I BILLY FULLER Nw. SAMMY GOING CAROL GRIFFIN Q ,. JAMES FUNDERBURK JIMMY FUQUA 5, 5 .V X 3, -vu Ii, Q .., - , 5 Y j I ix AXE F ' 'wr ine' .. C' "3-Q. - .r 'UN 'fix -- Page F iffy-F our FRANCINE GUSLER CAROLYN HALE 4. Y.. We TR 'Q Qi Qin. s... 4' Q.-27 PQ V-T' 'Y li inf' ! , Juniors L- ANNETTE HALL BARBARA HALL A. is -, V I sUE HA s ll ' RRI . MARY LEA HAWKINS xx., N r DANNY HALL 1 f i"5Aw"' hA A-.A , .5-A Z, GLORIA HALL Y I "O 'f i wr. Q RONNIE HAWKINS A1 V , CLARANCE HAYMORE , .. . gX,, ,,f, A AA,A A A I' 2 'i zi fault V, 5 kv ' iiidmhw. A A 51 Wax ign- fiiwf, 'ii 'lp f 1- ' 3151 H M .,L, A 6 JANICE HALL '17 IIMMY HALL A ,X fx 5,3 'S FRANK HENSLEY 1534 ' A , RONNIE HICCS 'N-'fx , .. W -' E A fi g A OTIS HALL G. A. HARMON SARAH HOLLIMAN DAWN HOOKER MARGARET HARMON as 33 SANDRA HARRELL S RONNIE HOOKER L m BARBARA HOPKINS K 'Mu Q' 5 in lr A. A M , k. U 4. VS, .kk W 6. if A . X V 10 Dn nn I' l ff-X I 'A -.x X . "cf fi? , K. ,X .ix !".:I,,. 's '75-Y I- ww-'xv 4 If? Page F iftg-Six 'f-2.2 J un1Ors BURTON HOPKINS LINDA HOPKINS CAROL JESTER BILLY JOHNSON JOE HOPPER LINDA HORTON EUGENE JOHNSON SHARIE JONES WAYNE HUBBARD JIMMY HUMPHREY JAMES JOYCE CAROLYN KALLAM SAMMY HUMPHREY GARY HUNT DOUG KALLAM DICKIE KELLY EDDIE HURST TOMMY JENKINS MARIE KING ERNEST KNIGHT F91 av-,X x ,I '17 " Ziff. -S' LW Ei I s is -114: cv- 3 PCN v ,, I I Q 35 K Q Us . S R .-N. . 'QI ,"'R' .x x - 5 K gn .L-if "tl-' V. Jaxxif D 1, -my I' hx. gf, .u'. 1 Q1 YL F Aw av-' 9 Juniors L 'Q 'Q 4 2 WV . 'Viv ur . K -Q lg. is X .1-m' as I I, 5 -I tv "M A s XxQEE1S::,-1. ' w v .n ' - ' :-ESP'-'-N - ' S 'I 'J ff ' I ' 7 bk .. A . z. A sg: .1 1 N' 'fix v 'M I 21:-Rx--'i-Q., ff I X3 PI A . ,my xu f ,N I 5 W ' , 115 si I A ,E :..f YA' 3' 1 'fr' xnxx ' I '31 ' Q'-QSI5533 'Q 'afvu I Ns .1 ERNEST LAMAR DIANNE LAND ELLA MASSEY BRENDA MEADOWS RAY LAND JAMES LAW MILDRED MEADOWS RANDAL MEADOWVS BILLY MARLOWE NANCY MARLOWE CALVIN MEEKS CAROLYN MEEKS HARRIET MARTIN JUDY MARTIN RON N IE MEEKS BARNIE MERRITT TONY MARTIN ww. . xfs D ffil - -- 'm gf nf AER KN-N sk R5 fl t ' 'S iv I if Q SQ is X KW 'kd QI: ,Q E by Q ,F -"' ' ' "4 " Tabu ., -, "5vf 1-'. 5 K .. Q, , , REL, if 'S s 5 :xg In ,331 . A ' Q. Y Mx , 'VN ,K s 5+ , 'H Q... , K " fig? . Q? i x .IM L' 717 I A .g5:,,.Ig nf ,ki Eg 4 I A- iiv f ",. I :M"fm 5 ,, My ,ws-xl vw, T Q1 51 , -mv., 'K uw, E Q if x E f' 1 5 S. 3 ggfju, 3 Q 9: , , is 'im nf 1 Wm r 5 -A4 4... 595 ff Y i ' 1 T' Hn . WAYNE MARTIN CATHY MOORE REBECCA MORRISON w4"X, ,gy-MA Fm wmv ji Il , nQ7"' wg. 'n....A r' an Juniors ?l? vu-.-r 11.7 if K CHARLES DAVID MOORE A SUE MOOREFIELD A J., I , LINDA PLUMMER JIMMY POWELL MARY SUE MCCOLLUM MACK NELSON CALVIN PULLIAM JAMES PULLIAM ANN NEWMAN LETITIA NOWLIN WALTER PULLIAM BRENDA PRUITT -unq- GLENN OCBURN NORMA JANE OVERBY DAVID PRUITT JOHNNY PRUITT CAROLYN PATTERSON WILMA PERGERSON A -9,-'K w . iw? Mikal? N f M aw R n Y L1- Q kk vX,.vq4F 'Q if u , 5 . x X 'AW i. I w..- , x , 4- . .- ,"!. -... . I .4 .X ., ,.. . 4 ' . fi 2555? :wr l 'iiin H, -41 fgfgf 53' .3 gn 42 ,Q , . Il'., 2, 1,1 x' 417' ' ' ... N ,. ,wb ,Viv '- 4 E524 -f A , ln in -' . I-,,, fi " 5 Vw Q: Rv xi , at Q 1. ,I - 5 s XA .Jay . V K V E I " f ' 1, '24 . fi W 11 1--5 nn .X I Y-4. ' Ag 'QR - as R V' Lis Q . r 're Pane Fiftu-Eight WAYNE PURDY VIVIAN RAY 65' 1 M' Juniors M 5-A QL ALICE REECE fy L 'wx -w I TOMMY REESE ,M A s MALCOLM RUMBLEY BETTY SALMONS X . ., .WM .yy xv 'W DAVID RICKS JAMES RIGN EY 'VR ,I 'ay BARBARA SANDS GEORGE SANDERS '4 mi .A-L f Q 5 I ,x . 'GTR IANETTE RICNEY Q R7 Q, Ai., ,N l kg. LARRY RITCHIE 45 .QA 1 "T "" R, 2 in IVN T5 X 90 EJ:-vs 5- CHARLES SAUNDERS DELMAS SAUNDERS MARVIN E ROACH GEORGE ROBERTS PRISCILLA SAVAGE ANN SCHAUB LINDA ROBERTSON MAYNARD RODGE RS LINDA SCOTT BARBARA SEARCY 4 T" 5' 'N .... 11. xg, I ss... , Q L Q Page F ifty-N ine I-- W-.I ,wx 12' A Ui Tx - Juniors KENNETH SEARCY PEGGY SHERVVOOD 1,1NDA STOPHEL JUDY STOVALL HOBBY SHELTON ROBERT SHORTER JUDY SNYDER KENNETH TALBERT JERRY SLAUGHTER JUDY SLAYTON f ov ,Q W M. l T r X , .. ai!! R f 'S 4' ""' 'w , it its Ii. X'7'f'4fJhn-A, ,rum i Page Sixty YM' JULIA TAYLOR BLENDA THOMAS CHARLOTTE SMITH gi I5 ,gg g- - PAT STANLEY fi! ' ""-9 In I., kt' . HAROLD THOMPSON 1 ' CURTIS TROLLINGER XIVXQIK . - VX I X. 1 . X 'NX I ' IRR 'E f, A xX':'?X -E ' vi CAROLYN STEVENS NAT STEWART SHIRLEY TROXLER GERALD THURMAN y is '1 f ,...,,- ' I Juniors 'Q fx TONI TULLOCH DAVID TURNER 'ZR LINDA WILKINSON KENNETH WILLARD ,yah Jag. by ., A, I I ,III M DON TURNER I Q g- LINDA TURNER in N . r GERALDINE WILLIAMS SARA WILLIAMS LINDA TYSOR JANET UNDERWOOD EDDIE NVILLIS EDXVIN WOOD BETTY VERNON DUANE WADE CAROLYN WOODS RONNIE VVOODS T-'Rf Q MACK WASHBURN CURRIE NVHITLEY JOHN WOODY MACK YOUNG , ,.., 'v . A 1 Rim R . . 'Q , , Y , ,ri X ,. :K , 1 5 5, I.. I.,-1 5. . n L fr ,i 3, Im:-f A ' .f,,, . if?-, 4 ' --5 . ,. 1 - ,L .- It ' U , U '15 2 'im '73 I I Ls S Ig- R. ophomores Sophomores take a little time in getting familiar with the building layout and class schedulesg however, after about two weeks, they settle down to begin senior high school work. Sophomores begin at once to branch out as students contemplating college take Algebra II and history, and business students start business math and typewriting. But all sophomores are alike in one respect: they are required to take biology. After getting used to the aroma of formaldehyde, sophomores look ahead to the next level of work as lumors. 1" 'kv' Y' I 1 "' '-,W ir if 'U '- Z-R K-1 -im , M -3vXyX2 w--,., ' X . A 1 5 i S S If ik J K Class Officers Seated: Carol Marlowe, Secretaryg Marsha Stephens, Treasurer. Standing: Dal Gwynn, President joe Lindsay, Vice-President. S, 1 5... KN .B A .. "-...Q 112,27 We-3' Q9 fi -'Ns A 1 B1 , an .div 1. 4... A A., . 'Q g. ,AA Y. fir' :fs -:z wx 552115 , , 1 fi ,- A A A ' Q A Ewa QE' 4 ,X .L wf5??:-Wi? :Fr iQ13i1.:1.:A., ,f 75,194 1 -va - . 4. , is 'Q' rw G Sophomores JOHNNY AARON NEAL ADAMS STEPHEN ADAMS JUDY ADcocK CABOLYN ALCORN MARTHA ALLEY SHERMAN ALMOND HUGHIE ANDERSON NANCY ARCHIBALD KENNETH ATKINS CLAUDIA BAILEY DORIS BAILEY BETTY BANKS CODY BARKER WATT BARROW JAMES BARTON JUDY BIGGS MIKE BLACKBURN JANICE BLACKWELL JIMMY BLACKWELL VVALLACE BLACKWELL CAROL BOOTH KAREN BOULDIN ANN BOWERS JOHN BOYD LARRY BOYTE BILL BRAMMER LOUISE BRAMMER KEENE BROCKUS DOUG BROWN Sophomores BUDDY BROWNLEE LINDA BRYANT JANET BUCKNER ALTON CALDVVELL LINDA CAMPBELL CECIL CARPENTER LINDA CARTER MARTHA CARTER NANCY CARTER FRANCES CHANEY FRED CHILTON MILDRED CHUMLEY GRACIE COBB MARY ANN COCHRAN RICHARD COCKRAN PAT COMER F REIDA COOK MIKE COOPER TEDDY CORUM G1 21: Q W f. . ' 'lb if N1 sw , Q I , , R if ,,.CA, . an 9. . Y - . kr 'Q-w' x I W' y 'T' ve f -511' CAROL cox TOMMY cox I3 S R 5 " I' I .5 LARRY cox N- N., :Q A.- SAMMY cox A I IW Q, X ' A I WAYNE cox El gl Ye kig, .0 it I A I ff' H M 5! Jos CRAFT ff 'A QWAAYQQYAYWW A , :Q 4.5-A 11 . A 7 1 .Y - S .I I l i 1. -A A I F . V X tl r, r A - I 5KffffiY Q " 4 A ffm wi Ll. 2 A wg: .- " JERALDINE CROWDER f Qi,-A l ,Sr A .M JUDY DALTON NORMAN DENNY LLOYD DILLON !N XY xx 'Y 2, 'LAN A 'I 95 ' I CL-.ff Q A ,Yi ..- 1 FX, YfXV'x,4i'Y Y A ,.q,: it -,5 XA ff2'irf'M? iXX1 A I . ,Xgmxxxx A X Q I 1 X wr' M3 2,1 4 , 9 0. mx! Q , Q . 455, X ,, xg if Q24 9 , . sy, I J IJ xx YS 'ann Ai". ,L 'H Q-...ev Sophomorcs BONNIE DODSON WAYNE DUCCINS ROGER DUNCAN NELL DYER RUFUS DYER BRENDA EARLES KATIE EDWARDS THOMAS EDWARDS RAVEN ELLIS HELEN EPPERLY GAIL FAGGE JOHN FAULKNER JANET FAYNE ALVA FLINCHUM EILEEN FOLEY RONNIE FOSTER BRENDA FRANKLIN MELVIN FRAZIER LARRY FUNDERBURK GLADYS GAULDIN GLORIA GAULDIN JAMES GIBSON BUZZY GILLEY FRANCES GILLEY JANICE GILLEY LINDA GILLEY MARY GILLEY NADINE GILLEY PAUL COVER GENE CRAY Sophomores NANCY GRUBBS DAL GWYNN ALLEN HAILEY MARY FRANCES HAILEY VERONICA HAILEY MELINDA BALI-3 FRANKIE HALL BOBBY HARRISON PHYLISS HARRISON IRVINC HATCHER LOWELL HATCHER JIMMY HAWKINS NVAYNE HAZELWOOD BUDDY HICCS BILLY HIGGINS VERYL HILL PATSY HODCES RUTH HOLLAND SANDRA HOLLAND MARIE HOLMAN ELMO HOPKINS LINDA HOPKINS PHILIP HOPPER PAUL HORNE WILLIAM HOWE LINDA HOWELL CORNBLIUS HOWLBTT RONNIB HUNDLEY SHELBY HUTOHERSON CAROL IARRELL 1, , Kr -, Vt- ' ,f ,4 A 5, E . U 1 E, I xj Y, Mi' i E' Y 'M 1 Q. if , yu ,G .V in SXSW in ,A '4' QQ Sophomores GAIL JARRETT TOMMY JEFFERSON ROBERT JOHNSON DEWEY JONES FONDA JONES LENA JOYCE LINDA KENNON BETH LAMAR JEFFREY LAND KENNETH LAND MALISSIA LAND SAMMY LAW PATRICIA LEMONS ARTHUR LEWIS PATRICIA LIGHT JOE LINDSEY ARTHUR LONG J. WV. MANUEL CAROL MARLOWE DOUGLAS MARLOWE CEYLON MARTIN DIANE MARTIN LARRY MARTIN LINDA MARTIN DABNEY MAUS JOYCE Mus LINDA MEADOWS GERLAD MEEKS JAN MEEKS LEONARD MEI-:Ks ophomores RITA MERRITT CORNELIA MOOREFIELD ROGER MOOREFIELD LEROY MURPHY MARGARET MURPHY CERALDINE MURRAY GARY MCBRIDE JIMMY MCBRIDE KENNY MCCOLLUM CHARLES MCCORQUODALE LALIA MCDANIEL TENNIE MCCUIRE JIMMY NELSON EVONNE NICHOLS NVAYNE NOLES LINDA OSBORNE CLENDA OVERBY DRUCILLA OVERTON JOANN PENN BECKY POWELL DONALD POWELL JOHNNY POWELL LARRY PRATT MYRA PRATT BONNIE PRICE FAISON PRICE LINDA PRICE IVA LEE PRIDDY BECKIE PRUITT RUSSELL PRUITT as 4. 4, 4' K 'Q ag'- S 3? YV P' A . ff? 1 fC . VK.. Ak gpm. E In il qt' 3 G. --- ' f A ll ,S , I"-5 ii, I: -5: B7 A ff g Tefgfg21'f 1:- it xw 'C'?"1u , '5- JL , IVV' an -Ji' S. ,,, 5 Du nn Q Al I , nf ,J 'S 1 7+ Y l.' 5. of -Q kk L' li 1 ' -4: . -W .:, -+1 ff ' ".:' 3 . , "fi x If , I : , .,,, . A A I ' A 'O' f L R 411 ,L q.,,- E MOR ,.'u,,fA, .5 sr: 5, X , R", in If .' E, LI.. H. .v S - Eg-. 3 E. 1 . , '4 fm - v is i A - Esc. E IR- H55-:5,, V. Nw ' AH' 9. R i F g J f in 1 3:2 E :NST X- w-. N A i x 3 N ' Y Aix Ax Y' v Ls.. Sv-fv fm V, A M, In AV r C - NIJ' IX M U Sophomores BRENDA PURDY ALVIN PULLIAM CAROL PULLIAM PHILIP PULLIAM CENITH RATLIFF DONALD RAY JIMMY REESE GALE RHODES TOMMY RHODES DONNIE RICHARDSON JOHN RICHARDSON CAROLYN RITCHIE JOE ROBERTS NORA ROBERTS BRENDA ROBERTSON RONALD ROBERTSON SYLVIA ROBERTSON CLARENCE ROGERS MARTHA ROLLINS LINDA RORRER DIXIE RUTHLEDGE BUFORD SCOTT OCIE SCOTT BOBBIE SHOUCH DELEICH SHROPSHIRE FRANK SILVER SUE SIMPSON CECIL SMITH DAVID SMITH DIANE SMITH JERRY soMERs SANDRA SPENCER ELMA STANLEY JUDY STEGALL MARSHA STEPHENS Sophomores LYNN STEPHENSON RONALD STEVENS ANNE STEVVART RONALD SWINNEY MARGARET TALBERT MARY ANN TAYLOR JOE TOLBERT FRANCES THOMAS MARY THOMPSON RUSSELL THORNTON EUNICE THURMAN ANN TRENT BRENDA TRENT CATHY TUCKER DORIS TURNER NATA UNDERWOOD JANICE VAUGHN FRANCES VERNON BOBBY VESTAL JIM WADE MICHAEL WADE LINDA WALKER JORETTA WARD TED VVATKINS SHIRLEY WEADON JIMMY WEBB DOUGLAS XVILLARD LOUISE VVILSON EDDIE WOODLIEFF KAY VVOODY ARLENE WRIGHT YVONNE YOUNTS BRENDA CAROL YOUNG KENNETH YOUNG LYNDA YOUNG Ste warclohip Dickie Kelly and Iimmy Gilbert prepare the school pictures for dis tribution. Organizations at Morehead have their purpose-to seek and flourish in stewardship. Through various projects, they perform school services such as College Day, Career Day, and other special events. Each club has a faculty advisor who has knowledge of the club's field of interest. The organizations at Morehead provide hours of- interesting participation for students, and gives them an opportunity to follow their interests more extensively. ational Honor Society GOBBLE UP A NEW BDDK E OFFICERS Dick Powell, President, Henry Smith, Vice-President, Linda Patterson, Secretary, and D. C. Gilley, Treasurer. The National Honor Society is an organization whose members are in the top scholastic percentage in their respective classes. Members are selected in an impressive tapping ceremony and chosen by their good traits of scholarship, character, service, and leadership. The Honor Society, whose advisor is Miss Faye Roberts, this year sponsors the Honor Society Tea for honor roll members, and Social Standards Day, which provides students with an opportunity to learn more about their chosen vocation. eff' Seated: D. Powell, L. Patterson, H. Smith. Standing, First Row: Stephens, C. Jester, L. Murphy, V. Ray, B. Whitt, I. Brammer. Myma Stephens, S. Williams, C. Stegall, C. Newman, L. Hall, Back Row: M. Iohnson, F. Pace, C. Ogbum, C. Ferguson, M. Foster, L. Overby, A. Barkesdale, I. Brincefield, D. Fair, P. Chatham, P. Dulce, C. Rhodes, B. Barrett, C. NVeadon, B. Hailey, I. Benson, S. Harrell, L. Wilkinson. Second Row: S. Going, B. Powell, Martha D. Ricks, M. Jarrett. Page Seventy-F our tudent Council The Student Council is made up of representatives elected by the student body. Ahly led by Mr. Odell Nassar, advisor, and Norman Blackwell, president, the Student Council serves the school by directing the lunch lines and assembly procedure. The Student Council also sells Morehead "State Champn plates and sponsors a dance. Through outstanding leadership and untiring ser- vice, the Council is one of lXlorehead's most effective organizations. OFFICERS jack Brannncr, Vicc-Prcsidcntg Daphne Fair, Secretary, Norman Blackwell Prcsidentg Linda Patterson, Treasurer. Seated, Left to Right: 1. Brammer, N. Blackwell, D. Fair, H. Smith, L. Daniels, M. Ianney. Third Row: R. Ellis, D. Marlowe, L. Patterson. Second How: H. Thompson, 1. Biggs, B. Hoback, D. Powell, R. Craddock, D. Gwynn, G. Ogburn. Pnun Qnnonhnp Future Teachers of America The Future Teachers of America is composed of members of the student body who plan to make teaching their profession. These members must have """' a high "B" average. The elub has three definite projects: stationery sales, sponsorship of College Day, and a trip to XVoman's College to see teaching methods. Members of the eluh also go to the junior high school for observation and serve as substitute teachers there. Club sponsors are Mrs. Sarah Ferguson and Miss Priscilla Swindell. OFFICERS Charles Ferguson, President, Sarah XVilliams, Seeretaryg joe Benson, Vice- Presidentg joe Crowder, Treasurer. Front Row: j. Crowder, S. VVilliams, I. Benson, C. Ferguson. Second Stephens, D. Fair, Myrna Stephens. F?th Row: F. Funderburlc Row: L. Johnston, j. Bryant, P. Burks, B. Swindell, J. Brineefield, P. Duke, V. Ray. Sixth Row: C. llhot es, H. Barron, J. Powell A. Barksdale. Third Row: I. Davis, A. McDaniel, I. Martin, M. Jarrett, L. Daniels. Seventh Row: J. Fuqua, M. johnson B. lliekman. Fourth Row: H. Smith, C. Kallam, J. Pyron, Martha L. Patterson. Pane Seuentu-Sir Scrcnce Club The Science Club is for those students whose chief interest is in the sciences. The members sponsor the Science Fair i11 March and have always sent winners to the district and state contests. Directed by Mr. Voigt Morgan, the club hears lectures on science and math by members of the Fieldcrcst Mill staff and others. Most members of the club usually go on to major in the sciences at college because of the interest that the Science Club generates. - l 2? Inst How L Murphy J Btnson D Poxwcll S Williams D Martin Proc, M. johnson, L. Patterson, S. Law, M. janney, I. Woody, C O bl rn I luqur Sczon1lHou, C Oxtrby I Brlncefleld C Adams. Buck Row: C. Ferguson, R. Dunivant, D. Frohman, Sttgll J Brunxncr M lrtht Stcphcns I llnrficld H Thompson Sumdcrs, I. Cherwaty, R. johnson, C. Rhodes, D. C. Gilley, S llhodcs Ylmcl How M Clllcy Myrna Stephens H Anderson Dillon, S. Law, S. Cox. Palm Qmmnn.. Q- 1 l l l l, Annual Typists, Carolyn Newman and Frances Hairfield. The Carl Rhodes, Editorg Anne Barksdale, Co-Business Editorg Gary Meeks, Co-Business Editor. Page Seventy-Eight S. YVeadon, P. Duke. EDITORIAL STAFF-Standing, Left t0 Right: F. Dallas, V. Ray, M. Jarrett, M. Hailey. Second How: H. Barron, G. Hall, J. Powell, T. Tulloch. Third Row: D. Kelly, Carillon 1959 ANNUAL LAYOUT STAFF Seated: Vivian Ray, Honey Barron, Mary Frances Jarrett. Standing: Lloyd Dillon, Phil Duke. BUSINESS STAFF H-cz: ' Q wi :.Q 'JF- gr- 'VH E52 F-'N PUC - aa ICD E? T' vw FU E F:-' IJ' UU Cin 5' :Q 2:5 Q. gf B. qw? 'fa ?'9 cu Q5 gs? E. T32 5511 '1 En: fa In ' O 23:- Sw F' 9? D-4 E? ,Qr E-... ET. - I FE FEEL' SS ,,- O PV' VEWWEKE 387 W, 6 ,- Pane Seventu-Ning The Clarion .-it Tlu Clarion is tht voice of BlOI'LllL'ld lxeaust it leiturms u'cry tvcnt taking plaec in and arounc t 1 rf ' 4 f it r r . 1 s 1 5 r 1 th . ,J "'-'J lngli st-liool. The Clarion also features editorials hy outstanding leaders in our area. Tliere's nothing like reacling a copy of tlie Clarion every six weeks. Lecl by Nlr. Douglas Compton, faculty advisor, and Davicl Ricks and Morris janney, co-editors, the Clarion is Fl 9 1 A i?'?H1 very popular among Morehead students. . , P .,.. 53 Q. , .lr K ..-I '.' Ify W- U' ...-- -4 1... M If Lf' 4 'X Morris janney and David Ricks, eo-editors. A QF . nfl' ax- Q. ? ff W if . lx my i, if i th es' on in u .Q -Q .fm ibn!-If 5 G G . Q 5 R 'Q e . ' Scnfwrl: 1. Bryant, C. Hale, I. Taylor, B. Swindcll. Standing: G. Overby, M. Janney, D. Fair, D. Ricks, P. Chatliam, I. Hopper, C. XVeadon, L. Patterson, and J. Murphy. Page Eigllill Bible Club A group of the students under the supervision of i Miss llorner organized a Bible Club for the year 1958-59. ln October they joined with the Draper Baptist .,,,, Clmreb for a masquerade party. Carnes, prizes, and refreshments were enjoyed by everyone. ln lanuary they listened to Mr. Bob Smith, a N,-,,,, ' Q-Q missionary from Liberia, who gave an interesting talk any 2, 1,p4"f' about the country and the need for Jesus. One of the elub's many goals is to reach a better ,ff understanding of the Christian faith. uf , ,5 X, 42 1 ' A X3'4".w OFFICERS Front Hour Carolyn NUXNIIIZIII, Seen-tary. Agnes Mellauiel, Clmplain: Mary llowlett. News Reporter. Burk limb: Gerald Harris. Treasurer. Billy Almond. President: Kennetlr Talbott. Yiee-Presiclent. 5 f P p C . sst is . r I"ir.s't Rout ll, Almond. C. Newman. M. llowlt-tt, A. McDaniel, ml. Pyron, M. lloaell. Fifth Roni: L. Carter, l. lilaeliwell, Y. Nieliols, C. Ilarris, K. Talbott. Seeoncl Iioir: l.. Overby, E. Rogers, S. Dellart, T. Tulloeb, A. lleese, C, Hall, S. Coing, H. Smith, D. Kallam, P. New. D. -loyee, M. Craft. li. Newman. P. liurks, O. llopkins, M. McCollum, 1. Underwood, K. Stewart. Sixllz Hour: D. Hooker, I". Xliiglrt. VI. Dyer, B. Cilley. C. land, D. Lane. Third Rolf: B. Iidens, li. llobaek, J. Smith. S. Hutcherson, l.. llobertson, S. Kessler. P. Bela-lier, l. Purdy, C. Murray. S. llarris, C. Meeks, I.. Kennon, C. Cobb. P. Comer. M. 'lwll0lll17S0ll, Al. Cilley, bl. Penn. ll. Young. P. liatliff. B. Meadows, C. Smitb. M. NYalker, P. Dodson. Seventh Row: I.. Plummer, R. I-Iiggs, j. Manuel, J. Slayton, l"our1l1 Hour: B. Shougli, 'l'. Metluire, L. XYilson, A. NVrigbt, D. Cauldin, B. Brame, B. NYarren. D C. VVeadon, B. llielunan, I. Savage, B. liarles, M. Cox, I. Cruise, pimp Finhm-Om f Page urses Club Cirls who are interested in the field of nursing P make up thc Nurses' Club. These girls have programs on various phases of medicine and nursing. Each member works a certain number of hours at the Tri-City Hospital. Mrs. Lea is the faculty advisor for the Nurses' Club. Ziff OFFICERS Seated: Mary Cilley, Reporter, Frances Turner, President. Standing: Peggy Ratliff, Treasurerg Linda Robertson, Vice-President. Absent when photo was made: Linda Kennon, Secretary. G First Row: M. Craft, j. Blackwell, L. Carter, j. Mayes, D. Martin, M. Cilley, P. Savage, B. Powell. Third Row: C. XVilliamf, E- MVHSSCY, H. Martin, L. Holwrtson, C. Overlay. Second Row: K. Stewart, B. Searcy, C. Stevens, A. Newman, B. Lamar. I. Fargis, L. Young, R. Bryant, P. llatliff, L. Murphy, F. Pace, C. Stcgall, F. Turner, L. llorrcr, M. Holman, C. Crowder. Eighty-Two Monogram Club Outstanding senior club members are: Martha Stephens, basketball, Ola Mae Hopkins, cheerleader, Frank Campbell, football, Donnie Craig, basket- ball, and Norman Blackwell, baseball. The Monogram Club is composed of boys lettering in basketball, baseball, and football, and of girls lettering in basketball. The members of the club highlighted their year with a banquet at which time letters are presented. Members also help in the con- cession stands during athletic contests. First How: ll. Barrow, VI. Bryant, D. Davis, T. Tulloch, C. Hall, Martha Stephens, I. Pyron, Nlyrna Stephens, D. lfair, j. Farabee. Craddock, B. Stephenson, C. Harris, C. Ferguson, R. Mode. Fourth Row: XV. Martin, E. johnson, N. Agee, T. Reese, H. Murphy, Second How: XV. Chilton, j. Crowder, J. Harrington, F. McCulloch, C. Ogburn, I. Fuqua, K. Clifton, F. Funderburk, D. Craig, I.. Hatcher, D. Hall, C. Harmon, D. Powell, A. NVade. Third Row: M. Coward. R. Bell, j. Shelton, R. Woods, F. Campbell, 1. Yarborough, R. Pane Firvlihllfhfaa Band In r- QI: , 'J--u " ra 'AT' -if ' iv 4222? fell -..1 -lf 'I' ' ",vi5" rd ,,j1x'.x!w' ' . .. HA- ,Q ...J "X, 3, , . I A Y A j . fn. Q 1 ', wifi. ef First Row: M. Hailey, M. Gillcy, J. Fuqua, J. Martin, H. Anderson, A. Shough, C. XVeacl0n, Martha Stephens, N. D. Agee, K. Stewart Myrna Stcplmcm, J. Snyder, D. Maus, D. Martin. Second Row: B. Marlowe, N. Adams, T. Allen, B. Higgs, L. Pratt. Robert Fleming, Director, Aaron Shough, Prcsidentg MAJORETTES-Carole Jester, Judy Bryant, Linda Johnston, Bettie Jane Swindell MYFIH1 SWDIICIIS, TFCHSUYCYS Joyce YOUUI-1, S6CfCt?l1'Y9 Absent when picture was taken: Bettie Banks. Martha Stephens, Vice-President. Page Eighty-Four ,, ... 'Vvt Crlee Club The Band and the Glee Club provide music and merriment for Morehead Iligh School. The Band has really put forth this fall as they played for all the football games, the favorite show being "junior joins the Bandf, The Clee Club has presented several concerts for our enjoyment. ..,.... ,, Carolyn Kallam, Clee Club pianist. Mr. Fleming leads the Glee Club. First Row: O. Hopkins, G. Horrer, C. Alcorn, Z. Carter, P. New, K. Talbott, L. Dillon, I. Barton, F Price, M. Roach, P. Hankins, S. DeHart. Second Row: P. Belcher, D. Rutledge, li. Newman, M. Jarrett, S. Weadon, T. Nurray D. Kallani, K. Kirkman, D. DeHart, D. Davis, A. Bowers, Duggins, L. Hopkins. Third Row: S. Kessler, C. Harvey, J. Powel, D. Lane 1 -1 B. Eggleston, J. Crowder, li. Bell, R. Higgs, R. Mode, B. Brame, P. Burks, V. Burkes, C. XVeadon, B. Rickman. Back Row: M. Craft, B. Hopkins, C. Ratliff, W. Pergcrson, M. Cox, J. Faulkner, H. johnson, M. Coward, I. W. Porter, B. VVarren, N. Smith, M. Alley, I. Stophel, L. Johnston. Plum Flirflihi- lv' Future Homemakers of America l si R if kv I-n-S' .. , x fwwrmph' pf? OFFICERS Serllefl: Linda Patterson, President, Laura Daniels. Vice-President. Strmrling: Maude Roach. Treasurerg Barbara Hopkins, Secretary. The Future Homemakers is a club made up of those girls who are interested in learning about better phases of home life. They have programs throughout the year about cooking, sewing, family life, and re- lated topics. The Future llomemakers have several projects, in- cluding service at banquets, a student dance, and attendance at district and state F.ll..-X. eonventions. 6 First Rout C. Hall, C. XXX-arlon, B. Hopkins, L. Patterson, L. Daniels, N. Roberts, 1. Fargis, M. Harmon, L. Turner, S. Barker, C. Te mum N. Overby, l.. Plummer, M. Roaeli, C. lNIarlowe. Second Row: A. Reese, C. Ritchie. Fourth How: B. Powell, S. Robertson, A Hull L. lloplcins, P. Chattliam, -I. Stovall, D. Lane, D. Smith, I. Martin, -I. Cilley, E. Massey, XVeadon, A. Bowers, P. Lemons, B. Overton N. Brown. D. Cauldin, j. Slayton, P. Hankins, J. Brincefield. Third B. Swinney, B. Edens, L. McDaniel. Rnnr. P Qhnmn K1 I-Inlnv-in P ffnnwr-r N1 Cillflv I.. KPNDOU. Distributive Education Luft to Right' M Washburn C Taylor J Hundle C G 'ff' . . . , -. . , . y, 1. ri rn, C. Hall, B. Hopkins, J. Pulliam. Fourth Row: R. Meadows, J. Law, P. Rogers, J. Fagge. Second Row: L. Benson, G. Saunders, B. H. Denny, G. Mullis. Back Row: L. Joyce, S. Stewart, L. Powell. Lemons, J. Joyce, R. Barton. Third Row: T. Flinchum, H. Wood, 1 -I - -I I -I l -I - -I - ll -' 1 . ll The Morehead D. L. Club IS a charter member of the :. Distributive Education Clubs of America. 1 D.E.C.A. is a national organization sponsored by 1' the largest chain stores and retailers in the United States -l to insure an adequate supply of salespersons in the 1 Distributive field. E Students are employed by local merchants who act Il as trainers and their classes are geared to a future in : retailing. 1 This club functions under the supervision. of Teacher- : Coordinator, Doug Compton. 9 - 'A' ',v7. ' ' Lf.-'a.1"i , ' An"'f. '- Q., ' f ji' f. . .59 -1.l I 5 .. , .v OFFICERS Holding door is Vice-President Larry Powell, Justine Hundley, Secretary-Treasurer, Larry Benson, Presidentg Gene Mullis, Publicity Mana . ge, Pat-Ze Eiehtu-Seven The Forensics Public Speaking gives students who are interested in speech training and speech writing an opportunity to participate in various speech activities. Forensics events are held throughout the school year including oral interpretation of literature, debating, radio announcing, dramatics, oratory, impromptu speaking, pantomime and parliamentary procedure. R4 Q .S""-rf' OFFICERS Seated: Brenda Powell, Vice-President, Martha johnson, President. Standing Ioyce Brincefield, Program Chairinang Beth Hobaclc, Secretary-Treasurer Harry Wood, Parliamentarian. may 1' vcr-"'1'A"' l ss BY Kneeling: M. janney, H. Wood, H. Smith, I. Craft, C. Bouldin. M. Johnson, L. Plummer, M. Pratt, Mr. Biggerstaff, advisor. Standing: 1. Bryant, N. Evans, B. Powell, J. Brincefield, I. Pyron, Page Eighty-Eight E """ -lvl Bus Drivers Front Row: M. Johnson. Second Row: W. Martin, J. Fuqua, Mr. Rabon, A. Shough. Third Row: R. Bell, I. Moore, Mr. Izumey, H. Wood. Fourth Row: B. Price, VV. Chilton, I. NVoody, D. Powell. Fifth Row: VV. johnson, D. King. M. Jeffries, J. Humphrey. Sixth Row: S. Howerton, B. johnson. . sri: Office Assistants F. Hairfield, B. Edens, N. Smith, I. Davis, E. Land, B. Coleman, C. Patterson, F. Dallas, S. Harrell, H. Allen, 1. Powell, L. Voss, G. Willaims, P. Burks, R. Newman, L. Johnston, C. Ferguson. i . V.. fl, I E "T ' A lf- Q3 -- 1 ifzilxfl-5 ' C if . fi 2 W.. - . ,L-,.i,Qv,.. - GDBBLE UP A ,, ,,,. X. , . Us .5 1 a a Library Assistants First Row: N. Roberts, P. Sherwood, B. Light, j. Taylor, C. Hale, C. Meeks, B. Barrett, J. Hall. Second Row: M. Chumbley, L. Bolt, D. Turner, J. Hawkins, T. Allen, I. Law, W. Shropshire. Page Eighty-N ine Page Ninety Sportomanohip Coach Honeycutt and the boys celebrate after beating Canton, 14-7, in the Western AA finals. Morehead High School's football team tore the gridiron up this fall as they roared to a 13-0 record and the State Class AA Championship. As this section of the Carillon went to press, the girls' and boys, basketball teams were slowly showing signs of progress on the court. Congratulations to Mr. C. Honeycutt, Mr. Mott Price, and Mr. Max Rhodes for Moreheads, fine athletic showing during 1958-591 As Q x 'N Varsit first Row, Left to Right: Frank Campbell, jimmy Harrington, joe Yrowder, Lowell Hatclier, john Boyd, Dick Powell, Coach Bob YVilkes. iecoml How: Bill Brown, Manager, NVayne Martin, 'l'ommy Reese, james 'arborough, Eugene johnston, XVayne Chilton, jim Fuqua, Ronnie VVoods, Zoach Mott Price. Third Row: Fred Chilton, Dal Cwynn, David Pruitt, 1 L age Ninety-Two Left: I-lead Coach 1. C. Honeycutt with More- head Co-Captains joe Crowder and Frank Campbell. Right: Mr, Honcycutt receives con- gratulations from More- head fans after the Panthers won the '58 State XA Championship by beating the Rocking- ham Rockets, 12-0. The Panthers, undefeated throughout the season, compiled the year's best record in the state by winning thirteen games while losing none. 1 I i I ! 1 H n Ronald Mode, Wayne Noles, Fred F underburk, joey Talbert, Coach I. C. Honeyentt. Fourth Row: Mike Coward, Henry Murphy, N. D. Agee, jack Shelton, Ronnie Bell, Buzzy Cilly. Fifth Row: Cleen Ogburn, Charles Ferguson, Ronnie Craddock. Ql :football JAMES YARBOROUCH N. D: ACEE FRANK CAMPBELL 2,2-rffff f N J A , gmg if JACK SIIELTON THOMAS CARTER W. BONNIE MODE FRED FUNDERBURK DICK PQVVELL JIMMY HARRINCTON JOE CROWDER QP f1 'E IX 1' Q CHARLES FERGUSON Ml F, QQXXXSS 4. s' 499' N 1 ... "gf, 35.4.14 . Q" fa QQ ll 22. v? ! is mg . 7x1 Q 'C Q- 1 r- 4 ,lJ AX 9, BLACK PANTHERS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE - 1958 September 5-Northwest . . . 21-6 September 12-Martinsville . . 9-0 September 19-Hanes ,....V. 25-6 September 26-Walkertown .... .... 3 2-0 October 3-Reidsville .... 28-0 October 10-Paige .,.,. 19-9 October 17-Griffith . . . 20-6 October 24-Mt. Airy ,.A,....,..... 19-0 October 31-Mineral Springs 19-6 November 7-Gray ........ 26-7 North Carolina State AA Champions, yes, that is the proud title that the Black Panthers of Morehead High have eamed for themselves during the 1958 gridiron season. The long struggle began back in the hot broiling sun of August, when the Panthers reported to practice. The town had prepared itself for another mediocre season, but the Panthers had other ideas. Joe Crowder and Frank Campbell, two boys who wouldn't give up until they had won, were elected co-captains. The season was filled with many new spectacles: the Panthers, with Ogbum at quarterback, for the first time were a passing threat, the three C's were becoming a local legend, and the Morehead defense was unsurpassed. The Panthers went through the regular season un- defeated, with at least one Panther being placed on the all-state checklist each week. Coaches Mott Price, J. C. Honeycutt, and Bob Wilkes In the first game of thc play-offs, the Panthers coasted to an easy win over VVest Mecklenburg. Now it was time for the true test, Canton, the team favored to win the title, was to be faced. The Panthers met and defeated them and yet there were those who still doubted that Morehead would go all the way. The Panthers had the leadership, the determination, and the man power. Thanksgiving Day will long be remembered in the Tri-Cities because on that Day in 1958 the Morehead Black Panthers once again went to the field of battle. The foe this time was a powerhouse from the eastern part of the state. They were known as the "Rockets," but it was no day for launching a missile, instead the 6,000 fans braved the cold to watch the Panthers growl. It was a long season but the people of this area a1'e proud of the Panthers and they will always remember them as-The Champs. Pnun Min an .L IFJ QT f -: .. Vt if ..'? 3 K Q t 2 I ' P. l' l l 24 F 23 33 A J, 20 as is A Y j Q i' ll f"w1'f I u A, V i 5 N X' 1' 'g2 K I2 X IA Kliwriiiiil, lmff to Hlvjfllff Billy lflullvr,ills-i1iiUglmrii, Donnie Marlowe. Craig, f:lLU't'IlL'L' lloqm-rs, liiiteh Cfarpeiitf-i', Ken Cflilitmi, and .-Klint-rt Nwiiiqiii I3l.n-lun-ll, Dzniiiy' Hall, ilvialtl llarris. Slumling: Phil Baker, Xllitle. Nlanager. Statistic-iaiiz tIli.ii'l4's l"4-miisniii, Lloyd Dillon, Km-iinetli Land, Donnie The Black Panthers, defending AA Champs, had rough going this year as they failed to gather enough steam. Craig. Hall, and Blackwell provided the big scoring punches for Morehead. Fin- ishing in a second-place tie for the con- ference, the Panthers handed Mt. Airy one of the Bears' two defeats. Taking third place in the conference tourney, the Panthers entered the Dis- triet AA playoffs with a 14-9 total record. I . Q10 Baske Craig and Kit. .'Xiry's Ilamlin sc-rap for a rehoiind. lilaelxwi-ll is c-lowly igliarded hy Hanes' Cox. Pnm' Ninrrfu-Sir BRENDA BARROW Se fl O I' S Q I N, fn if 'Q X K K K ISADORA DAVIS K, E ' ,f "N-NX "SNK X, f in . NK K X21 M-H. M.H..K A M 4? 12 MJ-I. UDY BRYANT b K, , ,G K J,Q:,g43i,gii:,1f2Qf2,fi'5g3g.jQ K MARY HOVVLETT A ':,i'35PffFff::1'gf Q+":"'-5'5"-"-'i 'HzL1 141- , 5l'Ef.'f ""?:":?'Jg 9:4211-. E -:-",:,."fv:-vw::.-::- ' '."JQ4.:jf' if .f I . A' -1'-'12:'..5- ,. " "?3 " 'Qi' K 3.5, . J A,v'iys-,..-..-- '--:T:4--- vw- ' .- ,-fx. " " -5Qgf 5.f-.532-'5'Q:2:f-A-.,. .. -5.1.1, ,K ...aff Frygng' :K,,,,, :::....: p"...- 4... --q:4st gqiiagi-D3 ,qw . 611, r ,, .-,-..,,,,A..., ,, - , 1-,...,-f -..ff -1-xx ,qw .,,, , 1, ii 4.9131 3 -5?',3,jf, 02111 f-2 -"N 1 311- .111-51113121554 iv Q41 . . U ff p 1' .ff fn .--x ,amen 1 N - ' an , E , Mi' 44Pffa:'f::f2r.f:::.:-sir. -:f'.f.f3-1---.-':-- --v.24:S.f-K:Sx'qu4:.f' " .QQ P' "9f:,1,'vv,::a-f',e,, u1,,',-f- ff '.- - 2' "--1-.AA ,:2::l.a-.xxilqhjqs-.4,-,g. 'N-,J . ' f' "" ju' fffffw, ff'ff1n- Q' ' 'Q ,.,..4- f- .',, !"x:l"11"' ,x .1 'L Y 'Ev ,Wf24?f5' " A "' f ,. , , . H" A " ' :"'5iw'F"3-X-ea. 'fr '.'1.,1f ,f,'f..",' " 3:1 A 1-, . - 1,-.-.x-M. -1-' I 4. .'1'4' t'lr" '. ' -.,f'f-,', f. N 1-gn-CA - ' N-' . '+A ' 1 ,ja314Jn9'f' ,,'.,3ffFg.' -'ik xt.,.fJfA Aw ,--A.-5,-.--,-,, NNN, 'pre n ,.,fm'Hf,f+..f-,' M,-,-4j.w.-gf A N .Q ' -.-MQ .".+'-w', 'nk ' Dx' -:zu -,A J.-.f A -1,-,. ff,,f- .-5 .a.Kg.A- -' -' 1 "H . , wg, ', '-5 -'- 'fit M .ff f f M A f! N - ' f' 'T'-in -i'x-:SUM K- 3" A , f H' A iff 4 1 -A :N f f -A ' AS.. ,, f,.'g., ,jf "nf -f,',f,f A '.--V53 3,1 ,-1.33 fn X4 X j 434-f.Q', ,312 , ' A - f A ' ., ' f-F5 R ,.j.- l':'K1IxaK-.I111',gg. ' x, I, AL - , - 'Vx .LQQ1 Tg"".1'Q',1-"'.N',., 'N' ' ., 1, - . V- l, A - ., .05 nyf H, K3 .fdvoxxv -:v X ,, ,, -, V .. -. K., . . . . ,, rr"f' V L -. - ' ' . NK' N,x""'N'1':'.w"'::TxoS? f', 2 . . - , N , W ,.f-wg-n,,mg'f,:,xwx,. f +'vf .Y fn' X ' ,M-""'K-'Hx' ' .r,f9'fffrf':f"- . ' L!! f yy -,f0,','f:!.z ,A - ' 1. ix my-.43 ' :Ziff-?x1xX"x53 K M?:'L.,,1QQfKfK. 'AK-Q Kf ,Q , 'UK giifvgfgi . ,F A'.f.j3.-xg.:-K-W-K,:f.,u:x 2d. ,:r'1:15n,,fl',: , if 5 :fain :.::::,,5,,,::J, , K .. .K, ,GQKL 5-Kv-.,::,,i . '., f . 0 H4 sr-we A a. . 'A ' A -A H MARTHA ,.'fJ"'A2 , . ff mf- Q-+--Q.-J!!:t.gfff A 5 A fwifiiev-A-:.v:XX ,QQ vu,l,,j:yaff'- ,. .7 1 'gag sfzgzgvfzunu J L X 1 gx u:0+x'N,K.:,,'Q 9 . 1, E.f' A .nun . 1 .M up 1 1 ,Ji fY'!,2fffxyl ' - F, ,inf-vvvguuqny I 'A,w. -Tv'Xa1','EQQ.v. .nQ',,f,gh.-:,f.,' J A Nunn nuns! ' I A .C-,,,x' g ,uxx " , 719.1 g We s,f.'.ggf'g 351.-A + E . v A-Shi.-+2,Z.2,b-ff Ng. 1 we,1f. j fu 5 my ' - AA ' 4, A M ."' 'j lsaffqf- ,fr A il. Q ff". 1f"f'u-:ern-"f5Q" . W UN. 'ff-'E19"xxV H9-' xi STEPHENS "1 t ' W'-if A ' ' ' f"?.','f'1' Xi i'Hr',-'r ALBERT VVADEJ '1V3x"rf-s'.'?9 - x - 'N' -H e .'Y'f'r,f"u "uv Iii nf-"ff .N . M www 0--'vu'C-P1 ' 1 1,vdfR,v.'w, 9 H' ,',-'1- ' X H f K Lvwgfv,'?.Qs,1,',Qm 1' fit Af!g'1K,l:fQf?fQL-K ' ' AQ - -'L it 1-Q K'-A 'KJt1x:v,,1,"ixK Nu .,,n1f, 1 ,gf "NEB A 1, . . 1,31 K.ZfK f ,-LK .,,,,,,K.',K,lxh, "f,11. J, 'mxvm v, .K .K ,l . Q . -4 H .1 I K, , . U ig ,av .4 wx iw. , ' f, . . .E , ply? f fiffrgffp , Q3 k , - w,fKf,211.,'Kaq1' - - - . --fa -.nv ' L Liu jf, K t M,-1. H nlflxa t'fM'i3!:' iT .wg Q . 1....t,'..f',.2-,ls iiamg KQIK 1 A5 H pv,,n,,,s lfrkfvg ifvfs'3'.-H2 VN.'f"1"':',1fX"'. 'Q ' .- KAW. 4 in 4,b,,.,. ,vi . f. . , ,,,.,K,.,1'vL X A .,, ,, A Q ASSE , E A -,'--,',1f:,:?rgf'1'f Q' fx K A-3QQQQ521jfffJ',:'-haf-,W ,Q "'-A ' 'l'1,.alI,lv,,S"'KKQQ 'VL V S 'f P ' ' '5",j': !'vi5-Lxix , j g fffi' f' ' ' JZ? X- A 1 .5, af!s1i'3iQ2i'3f'4 Ui P' ,'1"gg1,f9jf3-A' . 5 my K ,3 wus: . 7.,a.,-4 E gfj ,,,gfii?f3ti'UEn' .' z 4- AP,.11.Xfg- if - ' ,Q ",' ff.- " - '.G"ff,s"1 HL' ':i'?S:f6w,'1' ,L 4 K- .5 Kjgfkif' zfyf 4 . y , Q 5' f' 1 , 1 - ' iw -w:M:Hy.,. DONNH1. CHAI . . 9, up K K . , - f W I 'S S A 1 Q 1 T " E ., I A 1 n A p f A -gT?,'.g,K'k K K KL K K f A , 5 K3Kh.,.L 4 GERALD HARms K,EyAifi,Ef KEN CLIFTON A fm., A 7 'A 5' A . A ar - f T 7' WN ,FK n. , I X 2 ' . .5 I K J K K ,A K -ME! ' -1 51- K - , , . A 1 ' 7 I 4 A , X NORMAN BLACKWELL FTITVTX kfff-PHT T RFU E 4 .N CHARLES FERGUSON 75,4 BOYS' BASKETBAIJ, I K XIur'r'llc'.lCl 69 .Wh -n xfUl'C1'I1'QlCl '17 ,,,, 1 Xirmrvhr-:ul 36 W 3 XfOI'!'Il!'.lCl 62 I ' V XIOI'C'lH'.lfl 551 rw rl' Xfur'v11z'41cl 47 A lzggffff' X1UI't'lIl'.lfI 51 g ga Z Nforvlnurrl -ll 1 h 'Mx I Nlorr-luxxcl 533 " ' if - , 5 N? , XIorc'l11'41cl -Dfw A Xfcvrvhc I A Niurvln I Xiorwlrr ENA Vorvhf iiff X-forwhr ' Xfnrwlu Xforvhm Xfurvhf ..' X1liI'l'1Il :ul 53 xul 60 'url 57 mul -1:2 'alll 60 -.rd .ul 'ml 58 2141 32 'acl -15 SCORES Northwwi Xinrlirrwillr' Bzrswit IM-icIsx'illv Panic' Niarrlimvills- N. Dnviclsmm C-my Kit. Airy llamm-s Ih-iclsvinv Ycwtlrwmwl Illlll' Kiraly XY. IJAIVHISOII XY. D.rvic1srm N. I7.1x'iclsm1 Xit. Arry IIXIIIUS CorrforCnc'c' 'I'Ulll'lI21ll1C1lt' XI.l.f'.Il1v' . ,Y Cf11': K2 X1 ' 'gf' fa': N11 X1 DA", by . Mir!!! UWM' ur yrult .I mlm Ir Irx Rlmrlm, X ll rly fwulr 1 UH lrlu vowlwml in Rmdwilhx XfUI'l'lH'ild -1,2 Mt. Airy X1f7Y'l'h1'2lfl '17 XY, I,.lYiilQUIl Junior Varsit Team 45 u 46 GG .Nw na S38 56 50 50 56 5l -17 62 -il 41 -12 -12 GS 51 .Jr -17 58 .34 n 1 , 1... Krxwrlingz, Irfl in rirflrt: lidwin XVuod,CI41ry Ilunl, Szrmnry Going, David Moore. Slllllllillgli Frrmk Silver, jimmy Hurnphrcy, 100 Hopper, Bully Klrllvy, illltl llrl llwyrrrr. Snaps -x-:eww ,, Craig 11110 F4'1'!US0ll Will? ll Cray l'Ul70IllNl. Blackwell takes Ll jump versus Rviclsvillc Otis Hundley, Mert Warren Ctwo rabid Panther fansl, and Coach Rhodes watch the warmups. l Q llllI1DS OVOI' RPltlSVillPlS lYl:lI1lvx' fwrflmnrn cfm-H-lwnc Fnr fm Nlfn-flu TW-nfifll-nn II.,ll ,l..:., ..l. ....,.:,,..L yn 4 - Girls' Basketball Knrrling, Imf! to Higllii: joy Farahr-0, Indy Bryant, Myrna Stephens, Bnrncttc, Mary Howlett, Mary Lea Hawkins, Mott Price, Coach, Toni Martha Str-plums, Daphnr- Fair, Carolyn Ritchie. Standing: Dot Tulloch, Gloria Hall, Isadora Davis. The starts-rs hnddlc- during a PIT'-g'All1M' lmrivfing. Tho girls played fine ball this year, and even tha-ir losses we-rv by a fow points. Tha-y look forward to a great year in 1959-60. Morehead Nlorchc-ad Nlorohcad Nlorc-lu-ad Niorvlwad Morehead Morolivad Morvlwad Morehead Morchvad SCHEDULE Northwest 48 Rcidsvillo ni? N. Davidson Mt. Airy 39 R1-idsvillv North wvst XV . Davidson XV. Davidson 63 N. Davidson 35 Mt, Airy X A . , , 12 V iw? Vi L Cheerleaders ll ' A spcctaiciilzu' mliut ol the woiirlerfiil girls who lecl our tc-zum to victory Biirka, Surah XVilli1iiiis, Beth Holmck, juzly Martin, Peggy Sherwood tlirmigli the 15958-59 scaiwii. Center: Olii hlill' Hopkins, chief cheer- Betty Hgglcstoii, and Karen Boulclin. lender. lfrmii top rwmliiig z'lm'k1L'ise: tliiil Faigge, NlDI'lI11l Overlay, Peggy A ,.. Q' All the cheerleziclers seem happy as they prepare to cheer the Panthers on to the State AA clmiiipioiisliips. A r-rw Merelieacl und WVest Mecklenburg cheerleaders get together during the half of the Pieclmont playoffs. Morehead won, 28-0. State Champs in Basketball 84 Football. tv llkiorelwncl High won the Class AA State Chmnpionship in Durham by edging Kinston, 56-54, thus lmving won four state buslcetbnll clunnpionships in six yours. Lrft to Right, Knot-lillgx tl. Oglmnrn. Mr. llny llllozlus, float-lm: ll. Clmtltlot-k. Sfrlnzling, lfirsl Ilmr: A. NYutlt', D. llzlll, N. liluckwvll, -I. Eggleston, ll. Stein, D. Craig, M. Oakley, li. Dunn. Burk Row: U, Hopkins, ll. llalrris, K. Clifton, l'. liatkt-1', G. llurris, Cl. A. l'Illl'lll0ll. Frank Campbell takes Ll Rockingluun punt as jimmy Glenn Ogburn eluclcs at Rocket tuckler and rolls out to Harrington get ready to block Rockets' end Mel Gibson. the right. . ,. ,. Yi 'giixi fil j 'gb ,'.A':p1 ng.. :lk -i','3..:E'- I iguqag- V t QQ ymmift. ,. .,qf.f-.JT fax, i., ,,,5,.,- N ,A ,'fi"f! ' l 1-'QIPW yi, .:,",f,,rfg..,'f"fj',yi,,g it 5' ' E ,' N' 'Pix W NPL: "'s"fll"l"51l5. -.fQ.i'l,Y-M." : . l ' t Ie-'WN' i ' ' bl cu 4 fun' 1 rt f L f 'X f , rn 4 Q c ,L N' r .gfgten K' +R' r, ,HLA :K ft .ned -Q! 4 . ,sg , . :T v.f .,1.': -, fn - v yi I 9111- Y vt. I M 1' - A . X - AA, M k ,A V NM? S ,A,...v,.?: .1 . e f f" f ,Laa- .g"Tf7.?f Ff1 lf-.f 'N ez """"5f5' V e... a f- , ' A-Jhlwefefkp e. J,Mml t, A ' K , .5 .".w "" '- f -0- H- WN' F" 3 4.f'f2Z"lff7.i 1 .A ' ' QQ f : o ""' a e Ifrank Campbell tries to get away from those big Rocket At last, we won it. Coaches and Co-Captains accept the hnemen. trophy from "Hap" Perry, President of the NCHSAA. Morehead's Panthers roared through all opposition during the fall of 1958 as they completed a 13-0 Season and WOII the Stan? Cl12fnDi0hChin ghnxxln nlinvn arp cnnnn cnnnc Fu-nrn I-l-an AA gellowohip Alumni and student body members enjoy the homecoming dance Throughout the year, the Morehead student body enjoys many activities, such as dances, fund-raising campaigns, and special events. These activities make the year much brighter for all. The events are sponsored by the various Morehead organiza- tions. WVe have given two-page spreads to the Homecoming and Junior-Senior spectacle, which are the two most important events of the year. Page One Hundred Four 3Our 1958 Homecoming ueen s. - ik. ,.... Q 4 .--A 3 K I - "Z A -Nfl Q2 " C1 gf -I' tv , 4!' ' L fo' ,f- ,, ef Q wf,hf" "'- is Q 5 9-.,.,' , "..--Xe ws 3 m x Q Us-ni , ., M a ' ' 'ax P MISS ISADORA DAVIS 1958 Homecoming Queen at Iohn Motley Morehead High School age One Hundred Six Homecoming Snaps Nominees for Homecoming Queen-Beth Hoback, ,Indy Bryant, lsadora Davis, and Ola Mae Hopkins. 4 1 H Hi J- . P . Senior Float in the Homecoming Parade. Sophomore Float in the Homecoming Parade. 3 Nb - KHk:i,.Qw'N,1 tx -If I - A Y . Qyewi an Y Y W Cheerleaders ready to cheer Morehead to Victory. 566116 fr0m M0reh621d-Paige game. Score: Morehead 19 Paige 0. if 5 he Alumni enjoy refreshments in the band room. Old "grads" get together and talk about good times at R1I'n..AL,...,1 The 1958 Junior-Senior Banquet and Dance Seniors and juniors go through the receiving line in the gym lobby. ii, .f ll ft l 3, - ll f l , Q! A 2 d il 5 3 if 2 ,Q A ' I X f . 'ui X 1 q l li Ks su ' 5 I X l n V an . . A , U 1 c 1 1 Mr. Newlin welcomes everyone to the 1953 junior-Senior Banquet and Dance. io 1 x if I .X f 1 a ' l f llt' ff f, S 5. r bg. Q wi 1 lil, ' ff '41 1 K 'ix , ill? 1.2 x 3, I, V Miss Judy Bryant, one of the performers in the intermission program. Scene in the band room, where everyone enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Page One Hundred Eight Faculty members relax after the big banquet. Theme1"From Here to Eternit " At last! The big dance! ,Maw ,--V my, A Scene from the Grand March, one of the intermission prograun features. The Southerners, who provided the music for the dance. V ,,..f-fr--Y . f.. 1 Q ,.... -....,..,.., V - 'N HV!! .1 , S- Lf, . 225, 1 N S., V5 w . ,fl-'ff'-I ' ' J ' 5 "'if ' e - 1-. , X, J -. ,, f ' , N .x ', .A ser. , ' N Q' "" A ' ,, af f . W QLZJ-Lagwfa. If Q 0-5 1 :52 ' 'W W favs' ' - PC Another Scene from the Grand March, as Iimmy Coldston and Cdlflflrlflg FPTGIIQQU lfxflfl i'I1P 'I1Tf'lf'PCCif1Tl Spcici al 5 I: N an L4 , ,, q. . 9-pq--i1"'1i. 4 A If -v.:4-ff f ' A JL - v 1' ' M. 6 1 . if i,, A ' L if E . Lf 'i 5 fxi L . 4 N 3 'fi M H . ,, . 4 wr "1 ' 'Y . 4 I X - had , .I -X .v A f,.,g,.f, ig ,,,,f4"'Q' ' :fn we-ffewm 1 -5 X iw pzwn- V -N.-r-M.. .,. h x,,,q,,,,..-an W 43,1 ,JJ i-457-ff ."'f N- fa' ' -f ' if ' " 1 ' . 1 . , - ,wf I J .. ,, J., ,qv , fy. .9"' . Q 3 1 I if 11 .rxww sf it ' ,, . X :iradi XX'illignns shows Sammie Rhodes her winning ntry in tliv Sciviicc- Fair. X 'Q V . e ,- 5" . . - ' 5 9 fif' K I Daryl VVilson examines Lindsay Pattcrson's rocket ignition methods wit ai skeptical cyv. 1 IX1l'.SDYdC'TSh0VVS guests an oscilloscope at OPCII House. Hr. Viviliiliq vxiliiiiis Q1 limi i'i'l'lll'il liorn to Upvn IIOIIV x'isit'ors. i N4!EqQ mrfgyiihlfgb 14 f 'uronts discuss thi-ir c'hild's progress with the instructor during Xlr. lhilin und Xlr. XYoltllil1gtmi prvpzm- ilu- rrfllillillg Cla-ntm-1' mfr nr womn f,,' CENT ! . 5' Events n' ' 'S in xx' Q - I K if 1- 'L ,THE Ronnie Cmclclm-k, Cllcuu Oglvum und Sara XVilliauus cxauuiuc tllc lilmuy bulletin board whic ll'illlll'K'S ilu' lllilgillllll' sailcs. wid Ricks, Vivian Ray and Charles Bouldiu tabulate the percentage nu the magazine sales. Over-all view of College Day. S, ls discuss their Q-Ollvgc plans yyifh the representative from The Pfeiffer advisor talks to ll group of Studi-nts about life 0 1, rjilrlllilhlfl fililllxffli fl1ff l'i'lV'l"lV'XIlU riendohip Cary Meeks lays out the ad copy for the Carillon The following pages contain words of congratulations from our friends over the Tri-Cities. We are grateful to them for their support. These people are interested in the scholastic and athletic achievements at Morehead. They make up the outstanding group of merchants and businessmen in the Tri-Cities. We have only three words to say-Patronize Our Advertisers! Pan One Hundred Twelve X-',':'f'f'f'f'f'r'f'r'f'i'f9'iS96'3'3'f'f'i'S'f'Yi'i'b'i'i'b'i'S'5'S'S'i'S'S'W'F'r rx VS'r'i9 996Q! 1 Z: 2. tx K S 2' sf 8 2: Qx 8 Qx yx sk tx xx xx xx sx xx xx xx xx wx sk xx sk xx sk sk wx 64 sx Sk yt ,A yt xx st xx sx xx xx xx xx xx PHONE MAin 3-3161 ,s ,x K '4 '4 Vx 14 x MEADCW DAIRIES v V 'x Z6 V v 7 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CARGLINA I IZ Y? 32 Is V V Grade "Av Pasteurized Dairy Products and Quality Ice Cream I0 I v 3399SQ6YvSS 999S699' A " A L k'Y' YK1SSS1 ' ' N gf,v44'fxxxxrx,f,vx,saaafmssfxsssxxfssxxxwssqf f,f,+,v,wxxmfymm,m1,fx,Qx,gwe vxwesqg Z5 2- I? sx 'R 5' yx YA 'A xx Ft 'x Rx ' X S v' S, sf s' 'x 52 72 Wx X 5 'x 'R 5' '+ X R A Y M O N D P I nr 'x Wx X xx x, , '- PACE-STONE S Q2 zf xx 2- H BUILDING 'I x V V I' 12 'I 'I 9 3' Vx xx y5 '- '2 TRACTOR Wx yd yx SK X 55 St xx y5 SK X yt 1, Karastan Rugs X ,K yt :x Rx :Q :Z Dial Mmm 3-2342 gt ' u . as A It We sell to sell agam. gg :E s A 32 22 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 3 xt 4: 0 I: I4 It .8 .5 ,4 X YZ fi Vs V y, X 44 v' vs 0 'x :x xx X -4 4 - 1-g,99g,g,vi4,-4,4,4,g,4,4,g'g Page One Hundred Fourteen S9fv99b999XkfbSvN 8''fS9fb'39'?'i6'f's'i696'f'E96 A A A x f X 24 xx if K K x' s' 1' JOE CHANDLER'S 1' V x' 0 w' xt xi 5x Wx " DRAPER " wx w' 0 x' wx S' 5 5 -. PHARMACY A Z- X ,- 2+ :2 zt w' . . . v' :I PI'6SCl'lPtl0l1 Ch8mlSt gf If If ft , '2 v v 12 CLASS OF 59 zi x ' 'x Y: E: , I It DRAPER, NORTII CAROLINA 3 S 'S 1: E2 5 :I VVR Wish You Continued N Ig Success in the Career , K It Of Your Choice A vt ,A Ig Z3 In 7b9fxx4:sswxxwrswssssa'ssff'mwwwasssx,f,f,'X 5,'sfxx'vsfsvsfm'x,c's'm+:fm'sfm 'NXNXQXX 3 1- :4 :I Q' ws v' Y' vt W: Wx Wx wx wx SQ Wx If It 1' C 1' " xx omp :ments of :A K It lg 'I X S 54 s' s " CRAFT PRINTERS 'Z 'Z I- IA xt N2 I: If 5 5 It Dial MAin 3-6518 32 :Q :Q Q, 21 LEAKSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA 32 xt yz I- Is ' 0 1: I- Z xx xx xx w' W7 wx I Ys I xx xx A6SQ9x 9996'oWN5fXxvSQ94XKi9YXrW9faff S XXS'XYXS4S'SfS'5'3'5'Sf,6'Wf Xxfffif Xi'sf'S'W""3'f'S'XfwQ! ,A x ' 5 23 IE sC xt X X Wx SK If '- sf A "TURNER FURNITURE 1' K st Vx yt X X 'S Tx I' '- + COMPAN Y :- K K W W it 0 xt xt It ZA S, N' X 'I Wt Ss YA Wx 2+ .. , I4 22 Eoerythmg For the Home :I 15 IE 5 yy QI Draper Road is wt Q Eg SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA E1 Wx A . s Ig MAIR 3-7952 2: I' I4 xx 55 wt yt w y, w' 0 wt ' ,, ,S zbssssfxxf I A ,smsf+sev,'x,swx,fx,f,o'xii X, 'i's'i' 9999fi99999999'SVNA66?' 'I 5 51 uf A Wx 5: Y s If :2 Wx ys K x 1- :- wt yt 1' MIZE MOTORS 1- Wx 55 N: ,S xx xi wx 0 IA ZZ N' 5 :Q CHRYSLER - DODGE Ig W' In s' 4 31 PLYMOUTH 23 ,, v It If W If Phone MAin 3-3158 I3 .x s It 25 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 5A y Is If is wg s' 0 wx 0 wt Q9 W4 yy N 0 v S xx xx Ft s FSSSSSXA N999999YXf5fi9?95ff5fi9fSfv'vfvfv'rfK 'n-.., rx.. L 1 3:'i'r'r'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'Q99'r'r'r'r4'r'3'i'i'i'i'i'54Xl' 54'54r439'39f?f K K Y Y Cnmplimenfs of s' s' xx x s 9 0 K K W W x x x x x x x s xx xx S K xx xx wx s x xx x x v x K K x w x x x s xx x W x x 5 5 x x 'x wx 'x xx st Y xx xx wx xx K xx xx xx xx 'I s xx xx K x x x x x xx xx 'K JQHN a SAM 's SMITH II MAin 3-2111 :g 1.mKsv11.1.,1f:, Nolmel CAROLINA If I- I' :I I xx :2,sw,f,vx,f,sfx,of.-f,fx.w,sv,-fff+fxxx,fxfsf+fx,fxf,vi? xv' f"f'r""'f9'f'ff'ff'fi'f'5'S"'i'f543'ifS9f'SS'Q'5'SI26Q1 :I :I is w' s' 0 xf ,K xx S5 xK ,K s' x' 5' 0 w' ss x' 5' -' FUNDERBURK -I xt vt yK yK V 5 s' ws x' y? w' 0 xx Ss x' it x , 1' Is wx S5 xt V: 1, N ew, Used Cars and Service Zz 0 3 :I :I 5 1 5 lx Phone M Ladow 5-6461 Is K K Sr E: It Fieldcrest Road xg x' sb 'I Q x yf wt DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA Z2 s :I 3 st S Wx , ws ' 'x xx xx 3596OYif4i99Yrfr9S3faf699fvYi94VifSfKv95vSf!iSKb9!5!Kv'ffr'g D... n-- u....,1-...1 c.f.....,... 5z'S'S'X'S'54i'596's'5'S6'5'29994W'fS9'S69"S9'ifs'i'5"i'5'S'5?! xt x 95 It xx :I :I ,S xx , S IS Complnnenfs of xx I Y: I: I: It Ix xx I1 SNOW SUPPLY -: If '- xS xK x X Yi Qs 5x Qx '- COM P A N Y '- If I4 5: yt 5, wx 'x Vx fx 14 . . ZS A Wlde Selectxon of Guns lx :Z 'I Wx 5 I- Z? xt Draper Road st Wx Yi SI It ,t SPRAY. NORTH CAROLINA 1: I: 'x S4 Wg Y Y W' x5 ws xx xx Afw9Mi9966Sf56':Kf'X6'69fXfff!f?a9fXv'vff'f'aQ f XXX' X34 fi4f'v's'f'5'fS'r'r'f'f59'v9'.a'r4f'.r454r'r'5'5'i'S69'S?1 K w It ,, H: fx 3. is 5' xx xx YP xx xx xx xx 9 vi 0 'x 't V S I' COGPER 8: .- ws 5' s' ,S St 55 w- 5' 'I RATCLIFF " Wx ys YK yy SR ys wk ,S 'I SUPER MARKET -' S4 yt SK 5' S5 ,S gi xx VZ 'I W , .g Open 8 AM.-9 PM. Dailv Ig s ' , +2 12 wx ss LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Qc Q4 W x5 Q Q s' x, vt Q9 wg gf v Q Q xx xx xx 0 Q wwwwwxmxw,sw,f,f,',',Q g,'wvwvw'S'f4WW NX?f gEA ao0cvmwvmwQwwfsw's44cQf Y 94 ,S xx :I :I :f :I sK 55 xi xX w' WI 5' s' xi x! xg xt K x x :I :I :I :- :I :I :I :I w' w' v' Compliments Of w' 'I . . :I 'I :I xx xx xx xx w' SI s' w' S X K K xx wx 'x 1- s N s - 1- :- 'I 'I 'I 'I xx lx :x xx xx xx xx x' YK w' v' It QI QI QI xx xx xx xx if Seflltest Dair Products 'I 'I ,, , , 'I QE 1 y IE QE N. C.s Largest Weekly Paid QI x v y 0 'A - It 'z N we Ja Jer Circulationn 't :I Phone MAm 3-6111 :I 9 -1 I 5 , 5 :I :Z :Q W ' W 5 It LFIAKSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA LEAKSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA Z3 2? If If 9 5' W9 xt s' 'x 24 1: 't If if I' I4 wt ' vt y Y W If A :I 2bssssxx1sssfafxw ',sfxsfm'swmxxxmfxffffxf? Bbssssxfwsssxssfxsfwxxfxfsfxffx,f,',sf,vx,v,4,'R :frwvmfscef,'f',',wfwac wvxQf fwfmfsafrxmcafwvwccoco"sfsfao'm'rs's0'fs's'sQ: wk ,K Y 9 x 'f 22 S 5' s 0 W: 0 s' QI I+ QI 'I , ' rc V 22 IS :I Be Smart, Buy at It 'I 'I :I -I It lg 1- Builders Mart It 'x I4 S 'I wx ' Wx x X :I MERT'S DUG OUT 'I 'I :I St Y xi 7 y 'I 'I 'I 'I Wx 7' wt x' 1' ff 3 1' MART INC 't st A good place to meet wt xt 1 - It y W y y, xx , 5? xx x :Q after the game., :Q E1 QI It QI Hardware Pamts 22 wt I Fx yt Q' I- Phone MAIN 3'9127 If lx Buildmg and Farm Suppl1es 23 :I 3 :Z 2 wt - f 0 O SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA W ' 9 2: A Q1 WHOLESALE AND RETAIL gg wt 57 9 y I: 3 2? 1, :Q LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA xx s Q :I :I 9 Vs wg S I: A -: wt X w y reassure ssss'xxxsfwss x4xfff E zbssssx, I9999'Q3x9995?Yvfafv69fpfpf,'d,'3Q Page One Hundred Seventeen xr'f'f'f'f'f'f'r'r'r'r'r'f'v'r'f'v'r'r'i'f"i'r'i'ifi'S'i?9fi'Y+ 5 x st , 2- :I s' ,K I3 'I s' X w' X wt , X - WRIGHT S :- s' ,S 5' K s' X N' :S xt 1 ,K zt LADIES T RE -z ss X xx :K 5: 55 2- :I S I- 'I N' X xt x at I I s QI Beautzful Clothmg For :Q x' ,K 5 1 . 1 It The Hugh School Gzrl, QI It Z3 I- 'I It VVashington Street It ' W xx Q IE LEAKSVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA It It Wx yt 31 3' .- 8 :I 3 P2vfvSr'v'v99frfa3Wv999959'v?a'rfvfr'rff'v'ffvfv99fr!fSfff5XQ Q69'v'r'r'r'b'S'i'f'6'i995'i'rfa4S'i'?94X"s'XfYX96E345!i6SSQZ 5, 0 S :I 0 4 I' 2' Q' 0 yi xx Us 5' 'I 'I I, s, If Z- I: Compliments of 11 S: QI Z4 Is 5: 0 SK , 55 St y, I GLOBMAN S '2 St ys xt yt Wx yi 2- .. ,, I4 3 On The Boulevard wt st :4 I- 'i , V :Q LEAKSVILLE., NORTH CAROLINA zz If 23 w' . . Q Dlal MAm 3-3963 yt If I4 w' Q s' 44 It ,A 2- 22 xx 0 xx ,s II V xx ,, ,N I Page One Hundred Eighteen 5,4',9wfrwawvx,+,'x,fxQfffffx,fxfws'weaossQz K ,K S I Z- , If 35 1: xi :x ss sn ,4 A at I' I TRI CITY FINANCE -I 'Z ' 'I ZA Is 22 'I S K -I COMPANY 1' if 2- K S 3: 3: 1: 1: ZA I- nt st S cc . y It Auto Loans F01 xt S S ,x . . xx QI The Inclwzdualf' :Q S K I- I- Ws it gt LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 3: K 15 1: 1: 1: Is ls yt yt 'S S Ig it 1' 44 9 6 ilwsswxxfsssxfsvxfsv,eswx,ef,'xxx,',',f,svfwxfR 'f fmfrxxxxsfmvxfxffxmfrssfsfswsfwsfsefwvxxsssqr -2 ' 3 xx I If if Er W5 s' 32 21 BENSON gs s' s' 0 v' 1 sg CABIN ET CO. it 3 22 22 :Z 'S st E2 KITCHEN CABINETS gt 9 If Q C. E. APPLIANCES It :K 25 STORE FIXTURES 31 2: ir 606 Washington Street :A :Q LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA A K 3? is A W w,s,s,sfx,v gwwxwwraswma f A R 6 22 'Z X X X GORDONS BEAUTY SALON ix QI Z: "Where Styles Are Created S 3: . . . Not Made." Ez Q: gt MAin 3-2328 E: I2 Stadium Drive C fx ,x yt SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA E: ft if :Z 0 , YY3VS95V3'f'i69 ,A ,x ,S wx QS Vx xx THE FIRST fi 32 Ts NATIONAL BANK E: xx Y: Member Federal Reserve Bank 5: Q: Member FDIC 44 ,S Q it LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA fx IS Ii fx 0 S 9 x X9999x VQvYa '39959999 f. f. L yf vy- xx , X S 4 s 55 DEH A RT 8g :t ,Q : A w S0 UTH ARD :5 t I2 sz lx I4 :Z OROOERIES, PURINA OHOWS SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINT I S SEEDS AND HARDWARE 22 sr I' 9 s Morgan Street S T- 'Z is SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA 2: 1? 2 V r A A YXf'XafXf666fvfXvSfSfvffYv'sfv ' 'i'f 'BS99999 04S6Q1 IE X It 2: x V EZ 1 S WRIGHT S gt Z: 12 X 1 xx fr MEN S SHOP 55 5: Q If 25 VVashington Street It if E2 MAin 3-7064 ZZ lf LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 3 Vx yz ' 9 T , ' Is 24 ,S gg If 12 Y A 9'6fr. Pnna Quo I'-lnnrlm 4'Qi 452'4'3k's"fi'1'Z98's'4'?4"s'APJAR' ' 'S' 4 403 '59 E' UQ N O 3 Q I , C 3 9- . Y Q a. -1 2 Q 3 . Q . x x Y . X X x x X X X X , X 5 Y L x F 4 K xxx ffffffff fffffnffv-f 'V-A xv- 'V ff ff! f ff f fvffvvvvvv- nf-1-f-f fff fkfffffffffff xxx-fffffffvv Vw f CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '59 FROM J. A. CANNADAY LUMBER COMPANY WHOLESALE ONLY Dial IVIEadow 5-4661 DRAPER NORTH CAROI IN X X903 V 'Osh sf AAQQGYCQ ' a 'JQAVAY 'Qs V V AYAVAZVAV ' X?"'P'3599949949'r9"f'i'f'S'Sf3'f'i'f'f'f'r'f'r'E'i'i'5'v'S'S59'S'i'i'i'S'59'i'3'599'73'i'fS9'3'S'3'39'r'S'3'5fS'i'3'S'S9'i'S'5'5'21 X Z- :Z S: xx x x' 9: xx w. Q: ht x x 1 x' Wx yt x' B I ' x' SK ys S' xx xt x5 Ss xt xx xx xt xx xx xg x xf sf x5 xx x5 xx x2 YK if xx x2 I' IS x' x5 " ON THE B LEVARD 'z x' x S' x5 xt x5 xt x5 " ALL YOUR SCHCOL SUPPLIES 'L Ig F O R z2 Wt xt xx xg xx xg ,, 3 L' N E D ' NATIONALLY KNOWN-LCCALLY OW xx 8 'x xx x9 xx xg lx Is xt x9 xx I' . Rb L L 999fKv ' 'ff SS9GfKi9Qfnmmm"'x' ' SS L' ' fvSi?:9fi9'r'v'f'vv? Q 3P'i'S595fXXS9fF'39'W95999'XfXSfi5x994Vi9xQ9 rX5fS9 x . r X X fir X L 9 QS SK :Q 21 x' s: 'I SK :Q it wx fx yx X 6 SQ Vx Lx 6 YA wg g. . . Q C omplzments of x Zx I 3: : gt 1 K K 3: I L I L I L I Ez 3: S xx x 22 IL st Boulevard Street x 7, Q 2x x V L zf LEAKSVILLE NORTH CAROLINA , xi I xx Lx Wx f 'x I' W xt V 'x 'x 1- - Xwm f',fAssf,s ff,wx,w,sf,wfw1wfx,1,fxxx,fx,wsssfwfwx,ssss,w,fx,f,f,Q2 Page One Hundred Twenty-One X' Va 'Va '1XvX'XsA 'XV' X X X X X X XSXVVQX XXX!!! XXX!!'!X!5XX'XXXXXXXXX XXX!!!!!!XX! ! !!!!!!!!!X XX!!! VXXXXXX !5XX X! XXXX 'X'X'X-X'X'X!X' 'X'X'!'!'XV X XXX XX X XXXX X XX 1XX CGNGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS CDF 1959 Visit the Soda Shop Before and After School For Fountain Service and Good Sandwiches DRAPER SODA SHGP Next to the Post Office DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA 'U E O S E f 5 cu Q. "1 S m 3 'T 2 e 4,0iY'fvv' ,fvffffffffffffff x30 0 QQ' V Ahh' Ali 3 P 5 5 Q 5 3 5 A Y vavvvvvx- . - .. C L .,,L. O O Br r r I 1 r r r'af3'f"a'f'2'r'p'p'S'S'3'r'f'r'f'r'r'r'r'r9fr9'r99'3'r'a5'f r 33'Xr'a'35'7W'XYr9'r4a'f99? 'S94a'a'S'59'21 ex :5 53 x X 2' T W U A A FL C I O I if I ' if 35 Q Y CONGRATULATES AND SALUTES vi ,S THE CLASS OF T959 st 0 ,s TEXTILE WORKERS Union OF AMERICA v' S BI-CGUNTY JOINT BOARD Nt V QS 100 Park Road SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA 52 "Servicing the Textile Workers of the Tri-Citiesv I' 'A P5 A A mfsssfvx' I 'fw,w,w,af,f,s,f,fxf'xAf,ff9 ssfm,w'xxx Q gsccwwswrwcf4sswwsswfxwww wefwA, A X I I I ,O I swwvwogi K zi :2 if 3 'I DRIVE CAREFULLY 3 if 1 3: w 0 v Z3 I 31 3 WE CA N WA IT 32 Q2 :Z vi 22 1 If w' IE RO S ELAWN ' Y: E: 9 Ig I Shaw A Ssssssxxxxx, 'S' 1 'v?999Q99999SfKKkYvfi999x99S 99399fi9fv9'v99J? Page One Hundred Twentu-Three ff' 4'4'fQrl-64 fl-fra 4 l'f'IX N4'4 4X4'4rlX4N4-4' - e - e X Q Q Q Q Q Q gf P P5 P f I 0 r I r Q 1 0 r r p Q p if r f r r f r 1 f a'f'f'r'r5'3'5'r'i'S'f'39'r9'3'3'i99'?'f5'r'f3'r'a99'35 9'39'5990Q1 V Q 54 X 1 V 5 ,Q ,Q ,Q C Q 24 Q X Q zQ Q' ,Q Q' Q CITY DRY CLEANERS '2 Q w ,Q QS I2 QS ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q ,S ,S ,S ,Q ,S ,S ,S ,Q ,Q ,Q ,Q We Serve Leaksville, Spray, and Draper Q fi SQ SQ QQ sQ Z. 'I X X 'Q sQ SQ X SQ 2. 2: , Q X X 'Q 'Q Q Phone ME 5-6401 ,Q 'I I ls Q DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA if 2. ,s if ' 9 Q QQ Vs 'I 3 QQ Q4 92 X I, ' ff9?r99x99ffYI X 4 f,Offfx,f,s,f,9f,f,94,4x,f,',fx,gs,g4,gxx,sxgg,g,s,s,Q4,f,4,gx,f,f,4,4,f,4,g,w2 3S'i'?6'3fSS' 'v696'5'sVB'i'iS'MW9'i99'i9 , Q Q Q Q Q as ,Q Q Q Qi V Q: . Y: ,Q ,Q fi . :X Complzments of Q2 '4 Zi :Q r I 22 I 21 B EL K C LI N E 5 5: y Z: ' 2: I cc sa I Home of Better Values 1 V A LEAKSVILLE ,Z 92 2 BOULEVARD , K A V S S DRAPER Q 25 Y SK ,Q gi Q' v 3a99b 9S6Q?9S0fvfi'ffrS9fv rfff.vYvSvSXvSKr!1Srf4vfv!r4rSr f9SKXff' ' SSSSSVQS Page One Hundred Twenty-Four 5596939"S'i9'i'i'b'r'r'S?54f'r'r'r r QS 'x 'x Vx GRIFFIN .IEWELERS lx 'I 1: 1: .. 2: All leading nationally 5 if advertised linesf' 3 :I The finest in quality, 'I It service, and dependabilitv x 1 It xx :I Terms and prices to suit xx SS everyone It it M organ Street SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA S Is ,s xx xx xx xx 'I 5 r Vx45S'Ii 99'Xr?ffi9s9SsYKv5Xvfr 3r'343'3fS'545'3'r'i'i'5'5'5'i'F'PfP'543943'?s Q' 22 ,4 OILLIES PHOTO SERVICE gg PORTRA ITS WEDDINGS it PHOTO FINISHING 15 Q CAMERAS :x xx :E On the Boulevard Y gf LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA lx E: It xx xx 'I n ' wfxsfwfssxssxsvwwxx, A x w x w x v xx S W xx A x v xx x Qx xx xx xx ,Q xx xx '2 3 55 xx 0 55 S W xx ,s ,s ,A 'I 5 s lx 32 w 9 5 s IZ 9 W 'x Sf K y, K y, A y, A y, x y, C W1 x x x 5 xx x w Q yx Q, 'I 's lx X Z6 xx ,S 'Z v y, A 12 QI ,A zk 22 V V gif3'X'X4SfS9f39'W'S9599'X3fB9'Sfi'S'S4X'SfS'S'S99'X6999Q1 'I O . . 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'I 9 , , .I 'I f Q x Z1 5 'I:c,.:f:f ,. 1' " 1 f 1' 'I 45' ' 'f 1 fr" 'I 'A ' "' Q' l X xx Q f sg wt .1 sf wx Q wx 32 Wk Y V, 59 zx 1 A FLYN N S A S, wg ls Zs A: -z Ig s I :Q YOUR FASHION CENTER 12 NI x2 NI Q, sz ' 34 Dlal MA 3-7392 , I Ig On the Boulevard v 6 S' 0 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA VA ,S 9SS9'oSfXifXif61ffaffSwXXvfrfv'vfr YSfX'SfSfS'S5'5'b'i'i'5'i'b'M'29'B"399'S'S'X'X9NSfS'Vs5 25 xi 35 fx 'A by V A WALL INSURANCE 55 4 x I 1- ZA 'I GENCY 55 ,I :Q E3 Y W s' 55 ZS :Z :A :X QI "Your Wall of Proteotionv :Z 22 E5 Automobile, Fire and Group X Sf Accident Insurance gg Z2 3: 3 Dial MATH 3-3164 Ez SI ' LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 2? 2 4 12 I ,s 999S'Kn'X59fKXAfXXiS?aYv39fv'v4r 'n-.., A-, r ,, rn 5.f'S'f'XA699'P'f'f'i'f'f'2'i'z9'S9'B A , K :I E2 12 :I :I :I 'S K ROGERS JEWELRY sg V' :A st S5 COM P A N Y K E2 23 If 35 S: Registered jeweler I 4 :Q Certified Gemologist 1' 'A 12 American Gem Society x' 0 wr 3 5: Our Only Location :I wt qt DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA Q f 2: 8 1- 8 It I ,Q 7b93iN' 9699fbSYKbfr'SfXf'ifr'64fXXbVvfrfvfvfr v 'S'S'3fl'3'r'i'35'r'r'r'i5'i'a9'i'3'S'3'3 - r'i'5f Q1 K Is ,4 It V' :Q S' 55 wt 0 sf v9 w' W w' v5 vs 1 w' ,K ,K .A M A U D S .I V' wg ,K 'K x' sf st st y :A S4 W' " . ' Ss ,z Sma1t Fashions ,z xx ys If For the High School Girl E2 Y R' ,, 5 12 and her Mother. gk 9 v9 s' is Q: +2 It 2:26 N. Fieldcrest Road Y wx ' :I DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA st I 'x X X X X X 's 'x 3 ,Q 9 9666fi6Yf9SfXfSSXiG'6fr94v'r Page One Hundred Twenty-Six ss 'I f s IS W Z? :T 6 Com limcnfs o IN I7 v' ' w' 1' YZ wg Y, wt Z' Z- A It A I ,' W if DRAPER :E 1? 'I W s' ,s sr 4 w' :S 4 A Q4 '- as Ie 0 ,Q 9 S 6 'H 0 SS Q' If sf 5 at I4 Phone ME 5-4273 It Q2 s 1: DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA w y xt 2 ir fi 12 ' 5 Is A N95E9'vS?W99x99?99!XbSYafrYr'rfr ' '66'Sf3'S99'5'S'i'i'S-'?59'Efi"3'S9'Wf "S450'SQi S lx xx t 'i Q: Y: Q: DRINK COCA-COLA gg Wx 55 if IN BOTTLES :I y. x vz 1: If .. If ig The Pause ,A +1 ,, Is :I That Refreshes :Q If 32 YQ Sx 5 ss ti DANVILLE " ZA S as ,s 4 s X - xx 'I COCA COLA " ,Ig 54 X si If 22 BOTTLING CO. 'Z 0 :A -2 ,S In SE wx 7 V- 23 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Y , 22 I K ts 'f 6 9 ,S S5 ' x99S9x1iS'NX9999YXW69SSQffffffff'3t ' X59 v- wwf 58 A if E1 ,A A EE JOHNSCN-TURNER :I ag FURNITURE CO. ff 52 ZS Low Down Payments And Real Easy Terms sf yi gg Dial MEadOw 5-5212 Y Fieldcrest Road K , DRAPER, NORTH CAROLINA xx A S: Sgssssxx wwwwwmmx,.' Ss434i'X43'S'i'NS's'i' 9434X'Sr . E: v sg 5' vt if KIRKPATRICK Q , X Z 55 DRUG COMPANY 22 xx ss X x s' I ,A , s , ,Q ss t , W X W 78 6 Monroe Street N S2 'I LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Y 'I 'I 'Q , 's X X X X 's If , 3 Y ,s basses XwYY IQ4NYWXa - Arnfs A xx K I4 'I sf Y: I 1, A 'I 'V A Ir A 'Z if Compliments of Q2 I v 4 E: E: LEFTWICH BUICK R 6' W S2 v2 :A :s at st Is V4 Ez Phone MAin 3-6283 Q , 55 S 9 xx 5 fs X 22 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA it K 52 if 5 'I ,s 'Z ibssssm IssfxfssafNwxx,sssx,f,f,f,f, d f:QvWwf'f'fWvxmwswfmswvmwc?1 2: fi It 2? Compliments of lx R: 1. Ya S 72 3' Vs 7 it ALLEN 5 fi at S 5 if DEPARTMENT :Q st If If Is It S R E IE Is Z6 9 Q 65 94 gl Quality Merchandise 32 V' 9 Dependable Prices Wg S 32 zz LEAKSVILLE, and STONEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Q X 3 0 Q , I6 ibssssxf s 99X 335?f3SS3v?6fI, ' Pape One I-lunrlmrl 'I' I X30'f'ff''r'i'r'r'i'r'r'v'rfr'f'a'S'f'fifS5fi'af5'5'Ki'5'b'!X'S45SQ1 1 x s 5 Wx ' sf IK wx ,K xx 0 xx ,K wx 0 Wx yx xx ,S 'x Ft Is Complzments of lx s' ,K sz ,K xx ,t If :- 3' FROHMAN'S It W: ,N X ,t s st :N sz ,N wx ,N xx ,N :N u as xt On the Boulevard x. 5 0 w' K wt Y 1 at LEAKSVILLIZ. and STONEVILLE, Iv s ,K S' 9 5 . . xx Dial MA1n 3-3856 2: K 1: 1? It In 1: 12 vs yt wx 0 1- f' ,. ff xx 32r9fv9'vfvfvfr0fvfffvfv?vfrfvfffvfffv4rfr7r'r'r'r'ffffr1v ffvfffvfQ bf?'I9"""fv9'P'r'5'f'i'i'r'afr'r'ififnfX996'Xr9SfE9S' 31 Q: S: X y Y, wt 'x Rx YA xx wx x 'x 't wx x wx x' '- SPRAY " Qs yx 'x 't 22 Is .- DRUG COMPANY it S: wx yt Ss Q, is 55 is Q5 Wx yy S yy S: Q: S n as sf The Rexall Store Ig It I4 x 5' vi . +- zx MA1n 3-2216 Q ff S: Q 2- if Q Mercantile Building yt I' I4 st yi It SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA 'K x , 9 W Y xx xx xx ' ' ' ' A 6S 09S99ff9S9 - Page One Hundred Twenty-Eight xl'f'flfdf?Pff4S6IP4f4fJf,',I4ilf4f'f'I,I'xf4l'I!f'f4?4fs'fs'x0xMsV 2 It K xi f K 23 2- 6' 9 6' w' 5: st w I s +2 Complunents of 'I :A :- S' N' 9 Q' S 55 S K AOUALITY CLEANERS " If I' x! 'K S' wt 'I x :K f 1 l It F 1 . tx!! :Q xt Qua z y us ,z :K :K 'Z 'I lx Phone MAin 3-7517 It K 2: 1: 2. Church Street lx 0 9 xi xk Q SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA 2' v' xt 'K xx xx 'I 'Z yi ,S 'x 'x KK is Vs Vs N V s' 6 'I 'Z W V rkmsvssswmswxosawwwsv,',',v,','f,'f'fw4":Q xr'E'i'fi'Sfi4X35'5'i'Xifififi'r9'i9'ififb'Xff9'X'Xf5fS'6f3S9QQ! K :x xx 4 ,K V Q' Y' -I Y 1 zz xr -f HOME 12 8 :- M xt A as ,- . wg A S VINGS " A xx , x, A x, ASSOCIATION - 1 , x, A xx , x, A f Washington Boulevard , f Street Street xx xx xx x N , YK ' x w , xx xx x S xx x ,R HORGANIZED IN 1909n LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA 'x 'x Y x w xx xx xx x 'x Y xx 4' 22 W xx xx xt sg '2 Y xx xt xx S2 S xx ,s 'R 5 xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx 'X W xx A v' 12 'X ' A W ' 'N' f,sf,ov,v,ssssssw,':t ' O I J I 4 I N - X . . . x b, , , , , ,a,4'a'4,a,4,4,44554,444,54,54'4,a,4,4,f,4'54xgk95sQf A x xx xx x xx 'I SPRAY '- xx w xx xx x INSURANCE AGENCY I xx xx xx 'I xx x xx xx xx xx xx xx "C" GARVIN WARREN xx Tri-City Plmrmucy Building ' x MAin 3-3211 SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA xx s xx xx xx K s x Y xx K V xx xx xx xx A xi x xx K 5 xx K Y K Y xx K W xx xx xx xx xx K 5 xx K 2x S Y xx xx 'I Y xx xx K Y Al . n Q All Kmds of Insurance 5 xx 'I Y 'I 5 K Y xx X Y xx K Y xx xx xx xx 'I xx 'I Y xx S Y xx xx Y s ' S 30909'r'-vffrff994:999'f'vbff99'r'ff'f'f'r'r'Xrfr9fffKf'rff'h 's'4'l,4,d'4'4,454'4'454'4,4,4,4'I'I'4543f,l54'45I54,f545l5fgf5Q4 Qf K z- " xx xx xx xx x w xx xx 'I w A lx xx xx xx xx xx 'I 2- STOP-N-SHOP It :I -' xx S Z4 It 'I if Quality Meats Fresh Produce Nationally Known Brand Names xx x x K 5 x Y x s xx xx xx xx xx xx x w 1 5 xx xx xx xx xx xx x S: xx xx 'I fx S lx 'I It Morgan Street xx K It SPRAY. NORTH CAROLINA xx If 7 x xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx It xx 'I S21SS1S!vSafv!v!v f!a!aSa9!AfMafKf9!r9ffSfSv9Sa!SSK5SXrfx'Q xr'r'r'r'r'f'r'i'r'r'i'i'r'r'r'I'fr'i'r'r'a'r'v'Q'r'v'v'1'r'f'v'v'695'+Q1 S: 9 K ig Is 'I 'I W X 'I 'I 3. 1. xi xx xi xx xi xk xi xx xK xi xK xX S: xt Z1 :- 'I 'I W N 9 9 wt st 1: 1: y v . . xt Westmghouse Machines If Is :- Nt Wx Wx . . 9 wx Dllll MA1n 3-2344 'I Y 9 :I 9 5' wt Morgan Street Q V W 9 Q 5 x gt SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA It It I- w 9 xt xx S 1: 1: Y wt I' I- 9 9 9 xt P5 fr9!rVrfKvKv5f'f'rfr9999'r'r'f'r'r'r'n'r9'r'r'r'r'r-'r'Px 99 XI54'S'f'Xr'5'i'i'i'f'r'r'f'f'r'r'i'r'r'i4afv95'r'i'r'r'i'a'4',f35f5?f N x Z' Z- xi xx st ,I x v' I' W: xx wx 0 Wx xx Vx 9 x Q W: Q: QI Complzmenfs of QI x ax 9 0 Ns yx it 7 5' W 9 9 ,K 9 0 9 Q wt 0 x ,N 9 ,K " BROTHERS '- 9 0 wt ,K xx ,K xx ,I W . wt Washmgton Street Is x x :I , 3: xt LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA xx x 2' 2- 9 Q 9 ,K 9 ,C 9 yi 9 ,S xt x5 x x 9 :4 xt ,S wx Q w Q5 ' fiirbfibivfffvbfffffair'n'v'r'r4f9fr'v9fbfa'fff'22 Page One Hundred 'Twenty-Nirw 'r'f'i'r"XXi'5ff4S9'Ki'J9fi9fXi96Xx 35 3 z- - 54 g CHAN DLER 3 DRUG COMPANY S' 5 Z5 33 22 22 NVashington Street 4 fi Boulevard Street xx LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA :E ff ,S , 32 2 'Z 1 - 1 w,w, ,wx,w,s,sw.sss 'ffmfawwmsfmwwaf N Z zi 3 DU K E POWER 5 sf COMPANY 2 3 "Live Better Electrically" ez 5 Q Serving the if Piedmont Carolinas 4 3 Zz 4 2. Page One Hundred Thirty VV? ' ' 'r'AW XX'9999fXl if . 32 25 s 'Z , 3-6857 3-6857 yx You Call . . . We'll Haul 1, z S 2 2: 92 Owned dz Operated by z, X W: x x 54 ' H ARRY D. Ig xx X WOOD, Ill 1 Q 3 94 'I gt 210 N. Henry Street 9 s 5 LEAKSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Y' W5 ? o 33 Z4 " SKAT 'fiSaSr9ff'rfv9fvSf99fiQfffw gWAW NX 4 1 gi xx S wx 54 V vi Compliments of A MOREHEAD 1 yx x if SPRAY, NORTH CAROLINA if 2 3 g 4 ya vw it 'l X 9 5 x x lx I4 v ,s v2 4 COTTON MILLS 2+ ,S lx 4 OUR BOOSTERS A. D. RODGERS LASHLEY DRUG AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY LAWS HOME SUPPLY AVONLEE SERVICE STATION LEAKSVILLE BANK and TRUST CO. MR. and MRS. JAMES E. BARKSDALE LEAKSVILLE FURNITURE BOULDIN MOTOR COMPANY LEAKSVILLE SHOE STORE BOULEVARD TAXI DR. MIKE MANGUM BRYANT'S PASSENGER SERVICE MURPHY'S CENTRAL SERVICE CAROLINA COAL and OIL COMPANY STATION CAROLINA DRUG COMPANY J' HAMPTON PRICE CENTRAL SPRAY BEAUTY SHOP DR- J' A' OIIIEAIIY DR A B COUNCIL IR ROCKINGHAM MACFINE COMPANY DeHARTS 5 and 10 II- F- SAMBIJESON DYERS PLUMBING and HEATING SMITH and CIIEWS DR. ELLIOT SMITH and LANE APPLIANCE FAMILY SHOE STORE SPRAY MERCANTILE COMPANY MRS. ALEX R. STANFORD DR. J. F. THOMAS TILLER'S MEN SHOP GRAND THEATER TRI-CITY PONTIAC DR. GEORGE A. FERGUSON FLOYD HILL FURNITURE FRANK EGGLESTON TIRE COMPANY THOMAS S- HARRINGTCN TRI-CITY SELF SERVICE HARRY FAGGE DR. C. F. TULLOCH, JR. DR. R. C. TURNER DR. UTLEY B. W. WALKER HATLEYIS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS HOBBY HOUSE HODGES SERVICE STATION WEAVER'S LADIES and CHILDRENS JAMES E- HOLMES READY-TO-WEAR JONES HARDWARE WHOLESALE HOUSE KENDRICK CHEVROLET WILLIAM'S CLEANERS f-f-f-, if., f.fv,f.,4f-fv A, '-, nf-f-fy. fs .fy-xf.f.,f.f-f . . . .Af.f.f-f.f.f.f.j.f. .f.f.f-f.f.f.f.f.f.f ,f.f.f.f.f . . . . -AAAI Af'f'!'f'f'bA!'f- ' 'Aff' 'WAX' COMPANY WAAAXS 'ff - -f'f'!'AAA!5 'X-A!'!'hf'!-!'!-Aff' VfAWAf'f'hfV'6Af'6AAhfV XAAXV 'Af'f'AAAf3f3AAA vSAf 'Af XV!!-f'!!AAf'f'bA S 'A I: -.f. Page One Hundred Thirty-One g'f'fV' 'f'f'f'f'fv4f'!'f'f'!'f'fVSf' f'f'f'f'f'f7'f'!' ' 'X'f'f'f'f'f'f'f'f777'4Af'f'f'f'f'f'f'f'!'fVV' V V9!'!if'!'f'! ' '!+f'!v!'f.f.,4f-f- ck 3 3 X X 2 Q 2 5 5 5 2 ' E X , , 1 5 t HAIL TO THE GRADUATES 3 X X Q Smcerest good wlshes as you reach an important milestone. The Q Diploma lS a symbol of work accomplished. Yet, it signifies not an X Q end but a beginning. E Q We have confidence in your abilities and determination to X . . X make your place in the world and to contribute your part toward X 2 making a better community, state and nation. X . . Q Fleldcrest IS proud of you, members of the Class of 1959. May X X ou realize the fulfillment of our ever ambition in the ears to come. Y Y S 1 X 5 5 2 Q 0 Q . . . 9 0 5 X ' rw X X X X X X X X X X , E 1 is X X X X X X Q X X X "X - - - - - wx-f-,f-,4 -f-f-f-A -nf '--"-- f - vff-f-A -f-f-f-f vw- V'f'!V'f'f'Af' -Afafvvafaf wwf -f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f'f'f- '- ' ' 'f"f Page One Hundred T hirty-Two Senior Directory NORMAN DILLION ACEE 207 Morgan Street, Spray Football 2,3,45 Band 2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Baseball 4. HILDA GRAY ALLEN 102 North Church Street, Spray Office Assistant 4. BILLY LEE ALMOND 110 Morgan Street, Spray Basketball 2,35 Vocational School 25 Hi-Y 2,45 Bible Club, President 4. ELIZABETH ANN BAILEY 311 East Delaware, Draper Bible Club 2,3,45 Driver's Education 3. PHILLIP GLEN BAKER, "Phil" 301 Ellett Avenue, Leaksville Eli?-sagub 3,45 Bible Club 2,3,45 Baseball Manager 25 Basket- a , . ANNE BARKSDALE, "T00tie', 618 Highland Drive, Leaksville Future Teachers 3,45 Honor Society 45 Annual Staff 2,3, Co- Business Editor 45 Library Assistant 4. BRENDA GAY BARRETT Route 2, Ridgeway Road, Leaksville Library Assistant 4. MARGARET BRENDA BARROW Draper Road, Spray Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.H.A. 35 Monogram Club 3,45 Basketball 3,45 Honor Society 45 Library Assistant 4. RALPH M. BARTON 405 Spring Street, Spray Baseball 2,35 D.E. I and II 45 Homeroom Officer 4. PATSY ANN BELCHER 205 Aiken Road, Spray Glee Club 45 Bible Club 45 Nurses Club 4. RONALD EARL BELL Wesley Park Road, Box 157, Leaksville Football 2,3,45 Track 2,35 Hi-Y 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Baseball 3. JOSEPH BRIAN BENSON Route 1, Box 111, Leaksville Future Teachers 3, Vice-President 45 Honor Society 45 Science Club 3,45 Debating 35 Homeroom Officer 35 Voice of Democ- racy Contest 2,3. ZONA IOSEPHINE BENSON Route 1, Leaksville Nurses Club 2. GENE ARTHELL BLACKWELL 603 Church Street, Spray NORMAN ERNEST BLACKWELL 225 West Carolina Avenue, Draper Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Homeroom Officer 2,35 Student Council, President 4. RONALD LEE BLACKWELL, "Ronnie" 539 Front Street, Draper Hi-Y 2,3,4. LLOYD CARLTON BOLT 312 East Meadow Road, Draper Library Assistant 45 Drivcr's Education 3. BRENDA ROSE BRAME 102 Willow Avenue, Leaksville Tri-Hi-Y, Historian 25 Rainbows 25 Glee Club 3,45 Nurses Club 25 Bible Club 45 Driver's Training 2. THOMAS WILLIAM BRAME 525 Cedar Lane, Leaksville Hi-Y 45 Baseball 2,4. .IOYCE MARIE BRINCEFIELD 304 Delaware Avenue, Draper F.H.A. 2, Parliamentarian 3,45 Bible Club 2,3,45 Annual Staff 2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Library Assistant 25 Homeroom Officer 45 Superlative 45 National Honor Society 45 Public Speaking Club 45 Science Club 4. -IUDITH LACKEY BRYANT 833 Aiken Road, Spray Bible Club 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Youth Family Life Council 2,35 Newspaper Staff 35 Annual Staff 35 Rainbows 2,3,45 Girls' State 35 Monogram Club 3,45 Basketball 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Science Club 45 Maiorette 35 Homeroom Officer 3,45 Debating 4. VIRGINIA LEE BURKES, "Jenny" 218 Park Avenue, Spray Bible Club 2,35 Glee Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. PECCY ANN BURKS 100 Ayden Road, Spray Cheerleader 2,3,45 Bible Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. 3,45 Glee Club 3, 45 Homeroom Officer 25 Girls' State 35 Office Assistant 45 Annual Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y, Historian 3,45 Rainbows 2,3,4. FRANCIS ERIL CAMPBELL, GFTGHICI, 180 Westerly Park Road, Leaksville Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Track 2,35 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Home- room Officer 2,3,45 Bus Drvier 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Superlative 4. THOMAS MAXELLE CARTER, "Tommy" 106 VVasl1bum Avenue, Spray Football 3,4. NAOMI ZOE CARTER 413 West Ridge Avenue, Draper Nurses Club 2,3,45 Bible Club 3,45 Youth Family Life Council 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. MARVIN WAYNE CHILTON 809 Aiken Street, Spray Football 2,3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 Hi-Y 4. Page One I-hmdrml Tim-0 Tl. v Senior Directory MICHAEL MAURICE COWARD, "Miken 208 XVilliams Street, Leaksville Football 2,3,45 Monogram Club 3,45 Glee Club 45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Bible Club 2,35 Library Assis- tant 25 Track 2,3,45 Homeroom Officer 3. MARY ARLENE CRADDOCK 322 West Clarkway Drive, Spray MARGURETTE CRAFT 535 West Fieldcrest Road, Draper Bible Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 45 Nurses Club 2,3,45 Library Assistant 45 Homeroom Officer 3. GERALD DONNIE CRAIG 538 Front Street, Draper Basketball 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Student Council 2,35 Baseball 35 Homeroom Officer 4. SHARRON ANNE CRIDER 1211 Dunn Street, Leaksville Cheerleader 25 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Glee Club 2,35 Band 35 Driver's Education 3. JOSEPH HENRY CROWDER, HJOGH Route 2, Box 80, Leaksville Football 2,3, Co-Captain 45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Superlative 45 Boys' State 35 Junior Class Vice-President5 Homeroom Officer 4, Student Council 25 Glee Club 3, Vice-President 45 Hi-Y, President 3,45 Bus Driver 3,45 F.T.A. 45 Track 2. EVA JOANN CRUISE 117 Gresham Street, Spray Glee Club 35 Bible Club 45 Basketball 4. MARY ISADORA DAVIS, "DoDo" 201 Carolina Avenue, Draper Basketball 2,3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 Bible Club 2,3,45 Nurses Club 35 F.T.A. 45 Glee Club, Secretary 45 Office Assistant 45 Homeroom Officer 45 Superlative 45 Homecoming Queen 4. SANDRA FAYE DEHART 208 Grove Street, Spray Glee Club 2,3,45 Bible Club 45 Drivers' Education 45 Home- room Officer 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. JOHN HAROLD DENNY Route 2, Box 407, Spray D.E. 3,45 Vocational School 2. CAROLYN JUANICE DILLON 203 Lawrence Street, Spray Homeroom Officer 2,3. LEWIS EDWARD DISHMON. "Kit,' Virginia Avenue, Draper VIRGINIA LOUISE DISHMON Virginia Avenue Ext., Draper PEGGY JEANETTE DODSON Union Street, Leaksville Bible Club 2,35 Glee Club 25 Student Council 35 Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer. PHILLIP WILLIAM DUKE, "Phil" 307 Ash Street, Leaksville Hi-Y 25 National Honor Society 45 Annual Staff 3,45 F .T.A. 4. Pm Dam Heuuluui Thlrtu-Fmn JOHN ROBERT DUNIVANT 651 Central Avenue, Leaksville Science Club 4. JANET WILSON DYER 153 Price Street, Leaksville Glee Club 25 Rainbows 25 F.H.A. 25 Bible Club 45 Annual Staff 45 Homeroom Officer 2,45 Library Club 3. JIMMY DYER Irvin Avenue, Leaksville Vocational School 4. REBECCA ANN EDENS, "Becky" 304 Church Street, Draper Bible Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Driver's Education 25 F.H.A. 45 Office Assistant 45 Rainbows 4. LINDA LOU EPPERLY 159 Draper Road, Spray JOHN WILEY EVANS, "Buddy" Route 1, Price Road, Leaksville D.O. 35 Vocational School 2. NELDA JEAN EVANS 102 Land Street, Spray JEANETTE DAWN FAGGE Clarkway Street, Spray D.E. I and 1I 45 F.H.A. 2. RONALD FARGIS 226 West Ridge Avenue, Draper D.E. 3,4. CHARLES M. FERGUSON Stoneville Road, Leaksville Football 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Basketball 45 Student Council 35 Junior Class Presidentg F.T.A. President 45 Science Club 3,45 Monogram Club 2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 DeMolay 2,3,45 Boys' State 35 Homeroom Officer 2,45 Junior Marsha5 Annual Staff 3. TEX RANDALL FLINCHUM 206 Washbum Avenue, Spray Glee Club 25 D.E. 4. MICHAEL RAY FOSTER, "Mike" Meadow Road, Spray Hi-Y 3,45 DeMolay 35 Honor Society 4. FRED LEWIS FUNDERBURK 4 Thomas Street, Spray F.T.A. 45 Football 2,3,45 Track 25 Boy's State 35 Homeroom Officer 25 Hi-Y, vice-Presdenr 3, President 45 Monogram Club 2,3,4. BETTY STEVENS GILLEY, "Bunny" 212 Louise Avenue, Leaksville Bible Club 45 Annual staff 4. DEWEY CABELL GILLEY, JR., "D. C.' 628 Bridge Street, Leaksville DeMolay 2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 National Honor Society Treasurer 45 Hi-Y 35 Band 2, Treasurer 35 Youth Family Life Council Vice-President 35 Homeroom Officer 45 Science Club 3,45 Annual Staff 4. NORMA JEAN GRIFFIN 111 Union Street, Leaksville Senior Directory BETTY HAILEY Lake Drive, Spray Bible Club 3, Homeroom Officer 4, Honor Society 4. FRANCES RUTH HAIRFIELD 309 South Fieldcrest Road, Draper Bible Club 4, Nurses Club 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Science Club 3,4, Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Corres- pondent Secretary, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Superlative, Homeroom Officer 2,4, Office Assistant 4, Junior Marshal 3. CLYDE H. HALL, JR., "Buck" 534 Front Street, Draper Vocational School 2,3, D.E. 4. MARILYN FAYE WORTHAM HALL, "Lynne" Thomas Street, Sprav Cheerleader 2, Bible Club 2,4, Junior Class Secretary 3, Na- tional Honor Society 3,4, Nurses Club 2, Annual Staff 3, Junior Marshal 3, Homeroom Officer 4. PHYLLIS EAN HANKINS I 313 Irving Avenue, Leaksville Bible Club 2,3,4, Rainbows 2,3, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Clee Club 3,4. ALTON JAMES HARRINCTON, ulimmyi' 119 Lincoln Street, Spray Football 2,3,4, Track 3, Monogram Club 3,4, Superlative, Baseball 3,4. FRANCIS RANDOLPH HARRIS, "Frankv 527 Coleman Street, Leaksville Homeroom Officer 3, Cafeteria 2,3,4, Hi-Y 3,4. GERALD KENT HARRIS 310 Meadow Road, Draper Basketball 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2, Monogram 3,4, Bible Club 4. CORNELIA VAN HARVEY 325 Ridge Avenue, Draper Bible Club 2, Clee Club 4. KURTIS CLAUDE HESS 902 Church Street, Spray Band 4. MARY ELIZABETH HOBACK, "Bethn 203 Irving Avenue, Leaksville Bible Club 2,3,4, Library Assistant 2, Cheerleader 2,3,4, Stu- dent Council 4, Homeroom Officer 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Vice- President 4, Public Speaking Medal 3, Superlative 4. PATSY ANN HOLLAND, "Pat" 705 Cedar Street, Leaksville Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Bible Club, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Secretary 3,4, OLA MAE HOPKINS 207 South Avenue, Draper F.H.A. 2, Bible Club 2,3,4, Glee Club 2, Treasurer 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Cheerleader 2,3, Chief 4, Library Assistant 2, Mono- gram Club 3,4, MARION CARLTON HOWERTON, JR. 109 First Street, Leaksville Vocational School 2,3,4, Bus Driver 4. MARY MACDALENE HOVVLETT High Street, Ext., Draper Bible Club 2,3,4, Nurses Club 3,4, Basketball 4. JANEY JUSTINE HUNDLEY Route 1, Draper Bible Club 3,4, Clee Club 3, F.H.A. 3, D.E. Secretary-Treas- urer 4, Homeroom Officer 2,4, Annual Staff 4. WILLIAM HOWARD HYLER 109 Fieldcrest, Draper Vocational School 2,3, WYNE MORRIS JANNEY 108 Hickory Street, Spray Student Council 2, Vice-President 3,4, Science Club 4, So ho- more Class President, Senior Class Vice-President, Basketballl 2, Bus Driver 4, Clee Club 2, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Homeroom Officer 2,3, Public Speaking Club 4, Newspaper Staff 3,4, MARY FRANCES JARRETT 332 Virginia Avenue, Draper F.T.A. 3,4, Clee Club 2,3,4, Rainbows 4, Honor Society 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4. MARVIN WAYNE JEFFERIES Box 129, Route 1, Price Road, Leaksville Bus Driver 3,4, Flag Duty 3,4. MARTHA SUE JOHNSON 301 North Hamilton Street, Leaksville Bus Driver 3,4, F .T.A. 4, Honor Society 4, Library Assistant 2, Science Club 3,4, Annual Staff 2, Driver Education 2, De- bating Club 4, Public Speaking Club President 4. WILLIAM MACK JOHNSON, "Billy" 619 Bridge Street, Leaksville Bus Driver 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4. LYNDA SHELTON JOHNSTON 429 High Street, Draper Bible Club 2,3,4, F.T.A. 4, Glee Club 4, Office Assistant 4, Homeroom Officer 2, Annual Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4. RICHARD HOUSTON JONES 212 Flynn Street, Spray D.E. 3. DORIS NADINE JOYCE Route 2, Leaksville Bible Club 4, Homeroom Officer 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Clee Club 2. EDWARD WADE JOYCE 508 Lawson Street, Leaksville Vocational School 2,3,4. JAMES FRANCES JOYCE 116 Hill Street, Spray Vocational School 2,3,4, Hi-Y 4, Student Safety Engineer 4. LARRY ODELL JOYCE 810 Walnut Street, Leaksville Driver's Education 3, D.E. I and II 4. SARAH PAULINE KESTNER 228 West Ridge Avenue, Draper Bible Club 2,3, Glee Club 2,3,4. D--- fi..- YJ-....!..-J Pl' Senior Directory DANNY KING 212 Ewell Street, Spray Hi-Y 2,3,4, Bus Driver 3,4, Vocational School 4. GEORGE NEYVTON KINGSTON Route 2, Leaksville KENNETH E. KIRKMAN 302 Spring Street, Spray Glee Club 4. MARGARET CAROLE LAND 1406 Morgan Street, Spray Bible Club 4. NORA ELAINE LAND 512 Church Street, Spray Bible Club 2,3,4, Office Assistant 4. DELLA DE HARRIET LANE 117 East Meadow Road, Draper Glec Club 2,3,4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Bible Club 4. FRED RAY LAW, ER. 497 Burton Street, Lea 'sville KENNETH LEE 212 Harris Street, Leaksville Vocational School 2, Physical Education 4. BRYANT DELANOR LEMONS 201 Lyard Street, Spray Vocational School 2,33 D.E. I and II. DORIS IENE LESTER Route 1, Box 118, Leaksville Bible Club 3,4, Annual Staff 4, F.H.A. 2. BARBARA ANN LIGHT 108 North Gordon Street, Spray Library Assistant 3,4. DEWEY LONG 133 Price Road, Leaksville Vocational School 2,3,4. IUDITH FAYE MABES Route 2, Leaksville D.E. 4. SHIRLEY IEAN MANESS 427 Maryland Avenue, Draper Band 2,3, Nurses Club 4, F.H.A. 2. MICHAEL TROY MARTIN, "Miken 701 VVashington Street, Leaksville Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vocational School 2. GARY ANDREW MEEKS, "Mickey" 507 Moir Street, Leaksville Class Officer, Treasurer 4, Annual Staff 3,4, Co-Business Manager 4, Bible Club 4, Hi-Y 4. RONALD EUGENE MODE 404 Irving Avenue, Leaksville Football 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Monogram Club 2,3,4. SAMUEL HENRY MONTGOMERY 304 Victor Street, Spray Pane One Hundred Thirtu-Six jACKIE MOORE, "Montana" 203 South High Street, Draper Bible Club 4, Bus Driver 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4. GENE ARTHELLE MULLIS 207 Victor Street, Spray Library Club 3, Treasurer 3, D.E. 4, Publicity Agent. JAMES DOUGLAS MURPHY, "Jimmy" 411 Victor Street, Spray Vocational School 2, Newspaper Club 4. LINDA MARIE MURPHY Route 2, Box 183, Leaksville Future Nurses Club 2,3,4, Science Club 3,45 National Honor Society 4. RICHARD DILLARD MURPHY, "Henry" Draper Road, Spray Football 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Superlative, Track 2, Hi-Y 2, President 2. THOMAS WAVELL MURRAY, "Tommy" 1316 Morgan Street, Spray Glce Club 4, Annual Staff 3,4, Hi-Y 3, Newspaper Staff 2, Homeroom Officer 2. FLOYD HERMAN MCCULLOUCH 413 West Fieldcrest Road, Draper Basketball 2,3,4, Baseball Manager 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, Mono- gram Club 2,3,4. AGNES ELAINE McDANIEL Q 217 West Carolina Avenue, Draper Bible 2,3,4, Chaplain 4, Future Teachers Club 3,4, Youth Family Life Council 3, Annual Staff 4. -IOYCE REBECCA MCGUIRE, "Becky', Route 2, Box 370, Leaksville Bible Club 2,3,4, D.E. I and II 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4. PATSY ANN NEW 114 Harris Street, Leaksville Bilile 2,3,4, Glee Club 2,3,4, Homeroom Officer 4, Newspaper Sta f 4. CAROLYN ANN NEVVMAN 228 F ieldcrest Road, Draper Bible Club 2,3,4, Newspaper Reporter 3, Secretary 4, Cheer- leader 3, National Honor Society 4, Homeroom Officer 2,3,4, junior Marshal 3, Annual Staff 4. IAMES ARNOLD NEWMAN 514 Bridge Street, Leaksville ROSEMARY NEWMAN 314 Meadow Road, Draper Glee Club 3,4, President 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Reporter 3, Sergeant at Arms 4, Bible Club 4, Nurses Club 2,3, Basketball 4: Girls' State 3, Office Assistant 4, Superlative 4. LINDA LEE OVERBY 115 West Delaware Avenue, Draper Bible Club 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4. FLAVIA MARY PACE 322 Klyce Street, Leaksville Future Nurses Club 2,3,4, Science Club 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Monogram Club 2,3, Basketball 2,3. Senior Directory LINDA JOYCE PATTERSON Cascade Avenue, Draper l".H.A. 2,3,4, Vicc-President 3, President 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Science Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Bible Club 2,3,4, junior Marshal 3, Cliicf 3, Student Council 3,4, Treasurer 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3, Chaplain 3, Homeroom Officer 3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, Secretary 4, Superlative 4, Clarion Staff 4, News Editor. BRENDA DOLORES POWELL 207 South Fieldcrest Road, Draper National Honor Society 3,4, Youth Family Life Council 3, Order of Rainbows 3,4, Office Assistant 2, Annual Staff 2, Debating Club 3,4, Public Speaking 3,4. ,IUDITH GREER POXVELL, "Iudy,' 328 VVest Meadow Road, Draper Bible Club 3, Annual Staff 3,4, Future Teachers 4, Office Assistant 4, Glee Club 3,4, Panther Mascot 3,4. LARRY ACK POWELL Highland Avenue, Spray Library Club 2,3, D.E. Club 4, Vice-President, Bible Club 2. RICHARD ARCHIBALD POWVELL, "Dick" 110 Highlands, Leaksville Football 2,3,4, Demolay 2,3,4, President 4, Bus Driver 2,3,4, National Honor Society 3,4, President 4, Junior Marshal 3. ROBERT DELL POWELL, "Bobby" 118 VVest Avenue, Draper BILLY PRICE 305 Morgan Street, Spray Vocational School 2,3,4. I WILLIAM H. PRICE, IR., "Bill" 431 North Patrick Street, Leaksville Basketball 2,3, Hi-Y 2,3, Bus Driver 4, Homeroom Officer 3. JANICE CARRIE PYRAN 515 Bryant Street, Leaksville Rainbows 2,3,4, Basketball 2,3,4, Bible Club 4, F.T.A. 4, Science Club 4, Monogram Club 3,4, Public Speaking, De- bating Club. MARVIN LEE RABE 902 Church Street, Spray Baud 4. 119 Greshim Street Spray Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Glee Club 3, river's Train- ing 3, Bible Club 4, Homeroom Officer 2. GLORIA JEAN RATLIFF c , D PEGGY EAN RATLIFF 500 Gordon Street, Spray Sire Club 3, Bible Club 4, Nurses Club 4, Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y BETTY LOU RICKMAN 108 Ellett Avenue, Leaksville Glee Club 2,3,4, Science Club 3, F.T.A. 4, Bible Club 2,4. CARL DOUGLAS RHODES, JR. 327 Greenwood Street, Leaksville National Honor Society 3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Youth Family Life Council 3, Science Club 3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4, State and Regional Hi-Y Delegate 2,3, Band 2,3,4, Superlative 4, Annual Staff gg, Editor 4, Lab Assistant 4, Basketball and Baseball Scorer SAM BUCK RHODES, "Sammy" 411 Ellett Avenue, Leaksville Science Club 3,4, President 4. MAUDE ELLA ROACH 508 Carolina Avenue, Draper Glee Club 2,3,4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Bible Club 4, Library Assistant 4. MARVIN RAY ROBINSON 206 Dameron Street, Spray KENNETH ANDREW RODD 208 Harris Street. Leaksville Hi-Y 4, Driver's Education 3. EDITH ANN RODGERS Long Street, Draper Bible Club 4. PHYLLIS RUTH ROGERS Route 2, New Street, Leaksville D.E. I and II 4. GLENDA GALE RORRER 323 First Street, Leaksville Glee Club 3,4, F.H.A. 2,3. IOHN E. ROTHROCK 104 jay Street, Leaksville JACK WAYNE SHELTON General Delivery, Spray Football 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4, Hi-Y 3,4. CAROLYN ANNE SHOCKLEY 5389 N. Hamilton Street, Leaksville Bible Club 2,3,4, F.H.A. 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Office Assistant 3. AARON BISHOP SHOUCH 311 Warehouse Street, Spray DeMolay 2, Band 2,3,4, Band President 4, Hi-Y 2, Bus Driver 2. WAYNE MARION SHROPSHIRE 413 Glenn Street, Leaksville Hi-Y 2,3,4, Library Assistant 4. WILLIAM GLOVER SHOEMAKER, IR. 438 W. Meadow Road, Draper CECIL HERBERT SLAYTON 513 West Front Street, Draper HENRY MITCHELL SMITH 312 Seymore Court, Leaksville Vice-President 2, Basketball 2,3,4, Football 3, Bible Club 4, Vice-President Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 4, Student Council 2,3, Public Speaking 4. MARY ANN WILSON SMITH Route 1, Leaksville NORMA RUTH SMITH, "Yippy,, 134 Warren Avenue, Spray Bible Club 2,3,4, Glee Club 3,4, Nurses Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Office Assistant 4, Rainbows 2,3,4, Driver's Training 2. PATRICIA GAIL SMITH, "Patsy" 509 Bryant Street, Leaksville Library Assistant 4. VERNON LARRY SMITH 105 South Avenue, Draper Page One Hundred Thirty Seve Senior Directory CYNTHIA ANN STANLEY, "Cindy" 403 Second Street, Leaksville F .H.A. 2, Girls' Chorus 3,4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Bible Club 4, Driver's Training 4. RONALD GENE STANLEY, "Red,, 403 Second Street, Leaksville Glee Club 2,3,4, Hi-Y 2,3,4. NANCY CAROL STEARNS 204 South High Street Bible Club 4, Homeroom Treasurer 4. GLENDA FAY STEGALL 259 Lawson Street, Leaksville Bible Club 2,3,4, Nurses Club 2,3,4, Science Club 3,4, Honor Society 4, Newspaper Staff 4, Office Assistant 4. MARTHA FRANCES STEPHENS 614 Morgan Street, Spray Basketball 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Band Vice-President 3,4, F .T.A. 3,4, Science Club 3,4, Science Club Vice-President 4, Honor Society 3,4, Superlative 4. MYRNA LEWIS STEPHENS 614 Morgan Street, Spray Basketball 2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Secretary Band 3, Treasurer Band 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Science Club 3,4, Science Club Secretary 3, Science Club Treasurer 4, Honor Society 3,4, Superlative 4. BILLY GENE STEPHENSON 208 Elliott Avenue, Leaksville Hi-Y 3,4, Baseball 2, Monogram Club 2,3,4, Homeroom Presi- dent 2,3, Bus Driver 3,4, Football 3. CARLTON EDWARD STEWART 531 Carolina Avenue, Draper D.E. 3,4. MARY KATHRYN STEWART, "Kay" 411 Meadow Road, Draper Band 2,3,4, Nurses Club 4, Latin I Club 3, Office Assistant 3, Bible Club 4. NANCY CAROLYN STRATTON 201 Park Avenue, Leaksville Bible Club 2,3, F.H.A. 2. JERRY HAMPTON SUMNER West Washington Street, Leaksville Hi-Y 3,4, Tri-City Young Men's Motor Club 3,4, Basketball 2. BETTIE LANE SWINDELL 411 Patric Street, Leaksville Band 2,3,4, Majorette 3,4, F.T.A. 4, F.H.A. 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4, Office Assistant 3. BETTY JEAN SWINNEY Route 1, Cascade, Virginia F.H.A. 4, Bible Club 2. GLENDA FAYE TAYLOR Lincoln Street, Spray D.E. 4. GRACE CAROLYN TEAGUE 302 Circle Drive, Spray Bible Club 4, F.H.A. 4. JUDY MAE THOMPSON 115 Clarkway Street, Spray WILLIAM ELDRIDGE TRENT, JR. Route 2, Box 185, Leaksville D.E. 3,4. age One Hundred Thirty-Eight LINDA LOU VOSS 109 Hill Street, Spray Office Assistant 4. JERRY WAYNE WADE 526 Maple Street, Leaksville Hi-Y 2,3,4. REYNOLDS ALBERT WADE, "Porky" Second Street, Leaksville Basketball 2,3,4, Monogram Club 3,4. MALCOM E. WALKER, "Mack,' 229 Front Street, Draper Science Club 3,4, Bible Club 4, Hi-Y 3,4. ROBERT MARSHALL WALKER 501 Fieldcrest Road, Draper D.E. 3,4. CHARLES RICHARD WARNER, "Rick" Box 4, Leaksville Hi-Y 3, Tri-City Young Men's Motor Club 3,4, Homeroom President 2. BRENDA LOU WARREN 6 Meadow Road, Spray Bible Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, President Tri-Hi-Y 4, Nurses Club 2,3, Glee Club 3,4, Homeroom President 3. GLORIA JEAN WASHBURN 609 Victor Street, Spray Homeroom President 2, Bible Club 4, Glee Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3,4. CAROLYN ANITA WEADON 501 South Byrd Street, Draper Bible Club 4, Band 4, Glee Club 3,4, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Honor Society 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4, Girls' State 3. ROBERT LEE WHITT, JR. Lincoln Street, Spray Marshal 3, National Honor Society 4. HARRY DuPREY WOOD III 210 N. Henry Street, Leaksville Band 2,3,4, Bus Driver 3,4, Basketball 2, Annual Staff 4, English Club 3, Public Speaking Club 4, Debating 4. HOMER VERNON WOOD 513 Early Avenue, Draper D.E. I and II. VERNELL WOOD 403 Moir Street, Leaksville Nurses Club 2, F.H.A. 2. BOBBY CANIES WRAY Ashby Street, Draper MARY FLORENCE WRIGHT, "Fl0Ssie" Route I, Cascade, Virginia Nurses Club 2, Basketball Manager 2, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dfini, 2, Homeroom Vice-President 3, Office Assistant 3, Bible Cu 4. JAMES ALFRED YARBROUGH Route 2, Leaksville Bus Driver 3,4, Football 2,3,4, Baseball 2, Hi-Y 3, Monogram Club 2,3,4. CARY GRANT YOUNG 103 Reservoir Street, Spray I . x f , f S , -5 .mi , .gw , ". . Mx ' if Y. rf' ,, L Y ' 1 farm u ax.. 1, , . .N B- L X , i 1 ' 0 1 .- 4.: ' .' J. 4 n 5 Q 1 Y, WW ' ff -W Q Z ' I 1 WW my 1 N 1 1 , 1 ' 1 1 ' 14 . .,". I' N A -L, Qgufig-y, , P I .1 wi 3,35 Fd' I ", Autographs M Hy, Wfffm MQW 7vifjgQQT'ffW WM af' Oglkdfffv'-ffLQ,al+4,7!.lvvb1fff3f-fc' Hwwfwwjc mf, wa ' , WV " Lanz '-cds' HL 1, flfw W 'Vkf LDUULA lfpx, . 'qc Unohliuadrad Fatty toraphs I WWMW W! WW3 ef WWMMZJMWJKWQ ZWWMWWM W .9 EMMA WW Aug ' 0f?'W,w'9 ZWJVWIQIM M M ' ff MMM W W MQW' jww JWMZMWU QWJW W Fw? WW f J Auto ra hs 5NXfx.6Xlx.:xsmmu, g P 3. Hmvusvwkwou -fxhxmd Sk,m.: CAJLQQ X S X qgjgmhw S.srxm.vQ Clqlb mmf' Qu-Wxmxb gbx 4 imma mms mx, fjfjfgwfw mm Mmm Kf'Xb'uLN'N-Qwwubkg W53TE.S,SJ1.vrm-N5 SWK mummy Y-M mm. QAESQLL QR QNUSTQ1 . 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I A-I' 1 .. . . . ,. .III, ,Y ' ".- gf- .2 .1 v -- g SII I . .I :I 'II'q:,,I 5 . 'T ' L .v,.L2 .12 . , JI MIA I I ,Y 4 L M-. . - . ILHI, , 153 . If' 'f , ' ' ' ., ,2.f,,,w . . I, . I .gf-1--, jf . -,+'..-. 1 ' ,-. 1 T .ff-S.. .' ' m..x..: I I ZX .-. kw, nf .fy ,. . pf-Q Tr., ' fu J..1 lin? rf- .j is 'Z-J Ari 4 'J ,J '15 1- ..L .gi .-V - f . 53-. - 4- 5' '31 . ' ' ' Q ' 5- 1" , I 5 -45.3. . . I-, Q., If -JA -. 19 I x . ,-1 . V '2 ' 1 -f . ,., - 'S-aff ' . V "fl" W L 1. ' 4.7 ,-vg,. . , ' ' qrw-, -. L..-1 , ,M 3, I I ' f- 'vfi Q II ..- K -W "' 4 .. - . 4 .Q I . qw. Y 'q,.,:r -. 'ii' I "ff ' ., . ' ,gf ., - v , .1 I. 'ff ,I 1. 5,fTf":?' , . 4. ...naw .-5, - ,,,::-r':- . 71'-II , ' 'I QQ? 1. , ' 'f " ' wr . r ,., . . . f .ga . . , . .. a ,, A . . - , -a- ,. -If 4- W.-gi? . - ' 'F 1 41 ' , A J . -L: '- f' N. ,. '. . I ,.I.II:,II .Img .I f . 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