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A Y r 4 7 . V 4 . 1 A 7 1 V . A . V llllllllllllllllllllp' Q .AIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Y lqzy IllllllllllllllllllllllllllIl V . r 4 r .Al .ll .Al 7 A Y r A e" A A A A . A . . 1 2-22---2-!-----------n N 1 W - N ll O l , O QW Q, Q STUDENT LIFE 18 N ACADEMICS SPORTS 202 qrmla TS ADS 250 4 4 ' V ' S' ,,.,W N . xx - -C. M T T, - . -.,,gw.,:Q, AQ, A , f H ' " l -fin. , . ,,,' PEOPLE 70 M ' ' tOk"Z'W-22:22. . N '- 5 j "shi-CK, . " 'M M5 . '.-f-3, .wif ..Mfy'w't2m:a.,, , 'amy W gi "WQif3f'5w f A iff' A -- - -V --:Q-fmt' 1. nu? 1 H KX , Qlergggkk, Q ?a"g"Z,i?g1.,k - . W'f1a..,,,-N 'n - -L1 Q -.934 x,,L?5'55:?i'?,?w ., Q .gy ,K J':Q3?fQ' ' 3 L' A .N 329-7':k" v fix? .," ffrcx U f 9. wi-gigs.: GET , , ii , 1 ga 1, .nl 5 6 S .. I . . 43m.M'f4:,,jfEgv,, rf N J ,K , 1 .yy -s f. , f. W. ., v,,fU:fg,wl1:?'!! N 5 t f 5 Q ' v ,'59f1?"L'11g,2 A X X x, 1-Q5 - , .. N ff fl fa W qi- ' , ei .1 Q of AJR YY!! 3 ff ' mil' .fa ,4 0 ,Q '1 I 'QC V? Q1 . y A N 9 I N Q22 ff' The Fr eshman class class elected Mk secretary-treasu Steve Libby S a ch lfi Leavitt as class princess. hhlrlci is the rer and runs for cross-country. Her escort was . teve was on the Freshman football team. Dixie H eerleader for two years, won Sophomore Prince mott was her escort. Representing the Ju Mendoza. Stephanie has been in volv years and has played girls b Paul Hormel Jun' Maggie A arrison ss. Tom Mc nior class w ed with stud aslfetball ior class Re P guilar was h was Junior cl Fur Der- as Stephanie ent government for two and baseball. Escorting her was presentative. Senior class Wee P onoured as one of the Senior P ass Secretary- Treasurer. Senior long escorted Maggie. Gordon year. nhl! Hckard Senior cl Princess. Jill wa baslfetb l - resident, rincesses. Maggie spirit coordinator, Gordon has played soccer since freshman ass President was chosen as the other Senior s Junior class President and has participated in girls al and cross-country. ASB. Senate Leader, :hm Santiago es- corted Jill, :hm too ran for cross-country and was a representative junior year. Hnally, representing all of Moreau as 1983 Homecoming Queen is A.S.B. Vice-President, Heidi Uhxson. Heidi was a Junior class Repre- sentative and has been a cheerleader all four years. The 1983 Home- coming King was Pat Downs. Pat has been a football player since freshman year. a , Mendez 12 . the . Sfepfffl' 63236855 ,junior PHI: PauIq50S2nior Jim San' ul r QSCOY me' sC0rt A uilar d he - Q3 here ie 9 -th gomgcomgnilings t?nCe55 Maggance :gn Jil Plckargeniof Pr ecomlnlfll Ffesh rf I o H0m I ng- GSC. . 0. the rO her . vagmes atcgordon Fam and rincess Dwi' re scoff l ki L98 orep MCD? hef 9 Ss Nlkwygophomort Toni Home' - CQ ' ' SC hje giggle Ifxbbr? and herofd- hmlws the gang tt S I , 1 Pa - 5On meco f m0 ing jigflg Mr- Wlxomes Hon!! cg, Pao com, life' . 1 bec Quee ekt of hls r Heldlking and dance Chgeckard daughtefll Thidi WiXs0neSS Jill Ewisks ueen' d He. princ fiag gie gowns Z3 Senior rt Jim SarQ1Ol Magthe chest- I her Qsjgnce H003 mug for as he IQH Ezzvifway tg gordon Fur uilaf an 5 P I l 'T If l f '1 D F 4 4 '1 H 5 r 1 1 ye- F 9 0 .nw ' L--, . 144 -, ve 'CV -. nv .X- - ,. 1 X H ..., ,xr- 7 -.-5 . X - Rs X X 1 if 1E'k"O' . :w 0' if ig .. F VY' -Hn, vi fs- 1 K .Tx th . Q Q R551 qi . ' .V - 4 ' ii? S" f , . Ag-,wtf . ku- C"'H . A, I ' "' V454 A IX3: . ' ,. 'ttf Q jim . Q ' 5 , nw " :A KU. I' if 5, W 'Q . v 4 - Q' ' I fa ...xii Y ww RIT l kg 7 , ,, f ' ' 5.1, wifi? w ,-'Z h . x i + 5' ' , V sp ' 9 an ' 1 4 ! 'Y 1 Q gum? W ww Qu Q Bs! kiwi, 'A AU.-:X I I ill Senior crowd goes radical at Spirit Week rally, l2l Juniors show pride in Moreau by S displaying football player in Spirit Week hall. l3l Juniors show enthusiasm in rally. y Y Q' It OREAU SPIRIT, HIGHER THAN EVER Entertainment was the theme for the class of 1987 during Spirit Week. The hall decorations included stars and large, flashy signs indicating that you were in Hollywood when you strolled through Freshman hall. The Freshmen put up a good fight but ended up fourth overall. The Sophomores did a good job with their hall decorations, which included tra- pezes representing their theme of Sopho- more Circus. The Sophomores tied with the Freshmen for third place on game day and third place over the freshmen in the overall competion. Juniors spiced things up by winning game day and gave the Seniors a run for their money. The theme of Junior Holidays gave the Juniors quite a variety of dress- up possibilities and certainly added many different moods to their hall decorations. The Juniors won dance attendance but still came in second place behind the Sen- ior class. Superfriends proved to be just that-super for the class of 1984. The Seniors domi- nated Spirit Week by winning skit, dress- up, penny jugs, and hall competition. Su- per Seniors win the Spirit Stick again! - --- ..- I OM ,E Q Y 4 , fav. ,W , flww, M ,,, V .4 i V, If . in is ,W ', 2 r , f f rw ,A me ' x W 'Wu cf' writtl ill Senior Shannon Rodrigues leads Spirit Week rally. Q21 ASB displays their talent in skit. l3l Mr. Ingram rocks the gym back to the 50's by playing "Why must I be a teenager in love." l4l Gordon Furlong shows how difficult games can be. l5l Debbie Soto is ready for the rainy season. l6l Sophomore flies with greatest of ease in hall decorations. S Q I wi 4 4 ,, it 2 Lawn .... .' , f n-E -,Y-W 1 1 ff. f Q 1 -l .v v 1. V t ".,.' R x .. qu 5.15. XA? 'YUQQQQ 15"- EY!! 395.7-,5Y,,, Moreau's 1983 Fall Drama production was Harvey, a comedy by Mary Chase. Set in the 194O's, Harvey is centered around Elwood lf Dowd, a man with a 6 foot plus invisible rabbit, Harvey, as a friend. Elwood lives with his sister, Veta Louise Simmons, and he daughter, Myrtle Mae Simmons, both of whom would like to send him to the sanitarium to end their embarassment. Veta goes over the Chumley's Rest, the local sanitarium, to have Elwood committed. There is a misunderstanding, however, and Vet ends up committed instead. Everything gets more confusing from that point, but ends happily, with Elwood, Veta, Myrtle, and Harve all going home to live peacefully, maybe. Directed by Mrs. Catle Laufer and student director Mia Shandera, Harvey production began in October, and, after much har work by both cast and crew, Harvey opened for the first of its five performances on December 2. There were only a few minc problems, such as the opening night run-on appearance by "That Black Cat," demanding recognition for his first year at Moreau After each performance, most of Harvey's cast and crew would go out together to relax and unwind. They would gather for parties a homes of cast members, or go to public places such as Farrell's, making heads turn while still wearing stage make-up. Enthusiasm for Harvey prompted Mrs. Laufer to form a Drama Club for those wanting to learn more about and get involved i various aspects of theatre. Just Hanging Around X Cast Myrtle Mae Simmons . . , , . ,Kim Krupka pf, Veta Loise Simmons . , , ,,., Kerri Smith Elwood P. Dowd . ,.,.... Leonard Carty Miss Johnson , , . , ,... Mary Cummings U A Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet , . , .Erika Baerwald Ruth Kelly, R.N. . , ,.,., Tania Marker ,, Duane Wilson . , . . , John Hatheway A' 'HF Lyman W Sanderson, M.D. Leonard Dandurand ' ' William R. Chumley, M.D. , , . . . ,Rick Vogel Betty Chumley . .,,. Wendy Braga A Judge Omar Gaffney , , . ,John Bliss i E.J. Lofgren , . , John Weaver J i , . December 4 Matinee Miss Johnson . . . ,.,. Allison Smith Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet .... Mary Cummings 1. Veta tKerri Smith! tells Dr. Sauderson lLeonard Dan- durandj about her brother Elwood. 2. Dr. Sanderson holds his head in desbelief after Nurse Kelly Q'l'anla Markerl says something inconceivably stupid. 3. Nurse Kelly, Dr. Sanderson and Dr. Chumley Click Vogel, prepare to commit Veta. 4. Dr. Chumley is reminded about a cocktail party by his wife fWendy Bragaj. 5. Mrs. Chumley writes a note for Harvey from Elwood fLeonard Cartyl. 6. As Judge Gaffney Uohn Bllssj and Myrtle Mae fKim Krupkal listen, Veta tells of being treated as a psycopath at Chumley's Rest. 7. Wilson Uohn Hathewayj and Dr. Sanderson'look on as Elwood explains the seating arrangements at Charlie's Place, where Dr. Chumley is currently having a drink with Harvey. 11 During a Moreau half-time show, Greg Biela and Mike McCrossen play a solo. 21 Showing-off her clarinet playing is Helen Sheridan. 31 Despite being plagued by the heat, Dori Tehada still manages to play and march easily. 41 The brass line takes-off with Beth Johnson at the rear. 51 The awesome Mariner drum line takes-off on some notes, 61 Being a hot drum line requires lots of practice. 71 The Mariner color guard perfects some of its moves. 81 During a two-day band camp, Joanne Vanden Broek and Heidi Adrian learn some new moves. 91 The Mari- ner band at practice shortly before performing at Cal State Hayward. 101 Lisa May, Keith Van Wetter and Paige D' Angelo await the beginning of the St. Anne's Parade in Union City. lGlenn1 if if Band Goes Through Changes This year has been a very difficult year for the Mariner Band and ' Color Guard, partly because of the change in directors and the loss of many principal players. ln the wake of Gary Gilroy, the former director who helped develop the band and guard into a respectable musical group over the past four years, newcomer Donald Moore tried to hold the band in its tradi- tional placing in the top four bands in the state, but was finally re- placed by the more successful Daniel McCrossen, a graduate I of the class of 1983, who was the director for the last two weeks be- fore the band's final competition the Music Bowl. Under the miracle-working of Daniel McCrossen, drum major Margaret Stevens, drum in- structor Scott Johnson and col- or guard instructor John Mor- oney, the band and guard were given solid leadership and instruc- tion and managed to place eighth out of 23 at the Clovis Band com- petitions. Playing at a rainy and muddy Music Bowl at Logan High School in Union City, the band made finals finishing ahead of sev- eral bands that were formerly placing ahead of the Mariners at the beginning of the season. AI- though credit is due to the instruc- tors, much of the credit is due to the members of the band and guard, who despite all odds man- aged to overcome the overwhelm- ing obstacles that faced them at the beginning of the season. Other leaders include drum line leader Mike Pangelinan, color guard captain Annette Mergel and Assistant director Patrick Mester. lGlenn1 I I I H I ll At an overnight band camp, Johna Escobar makes sure that Beth Johnson marches right, while Dori Tehada stands at attention. 2l Much of the work put into this year's field show was handled by assistant director Patrick Mes- ter. 3l Chris Newcomb prepares to lead the color guard through some moves. 4l Some Mariner band seniors pose for a picture. 5l Bass drummers Shelley Johnson, Den- ise Quintana, and -Craig Dunlap put in some practice. 6l The Mariner band steps-off at the St. Anne's parade in Union City. lGlennl T s in A - .5 N.--ii-.-J f P. gun-.-.... ,B I A X K' Q 5' I N 5' ,' 4' lg -v4wM.s,W.,,Wx., ' ,fi As-Irfan JH Q is vs at r 3 S. 8, Q' fi ' a it ls K5 'gm S 5 is S yr - w ea f .s if V M JM' . ' , I U, 4-J' I' " K. -w -fr 1- ft! V 32 :ff-t of 3 xx Q l' li - 'X L I. V 4" wqgpvw- Music Moves Indoors The Symphonic band has also ex- perienced a change in leadership. Under the new leadership of direc- tor Dale Wolford and returning assistant director Patrick Mester, a Winter Pops concert in February and a Champagne concert in March were held, featuring both the symphonic band and the jazz band. The band also attended nu- merous C.lVl.E.A. festivals where they were judged both in the areas of concert performance and sight reading. Selections played this year included i'Selections from E.T.," "The Music Man," and "Grand Seranade for Woodwinds and Percussion." KGlennl Band Director: Dale Wolford Assistant Band Director: Patrick Mester Student Conductor: Margaret Stevens ll Some odd noise from the trumpet line seems to have caught Johna Escobar's attention. 2l The flutes prepare to play. 3l Director Dale Wolford prepares the symphonic band for a musical warm-up. 4l Percussionists Lisa Quintana, Siob- han Moroney, Mike Pangelinan and Chris Martin count their rests. lGlennl li Assistant director Patrick Mester helps out on his horn. 2l John Bliss takes-off on a solo during the Winter Pops concert. 3D The trumpet line man- ages to play well despite the early morn- ing rehearsal. 4i The jazz band takes a bow during the Winter Pops concert. 1GlennJ J,ae K i - vf', ,V . .,. tt f 1 Jazzy! This year, the Jazz Band has re- mained largely the same. Under the direction of Dale Wolford, the group consists of twenty-one musicians that meet everyday at 7:30 in the morning to rehearse. The Jazz Band is mainly com- posed of musicians drawn from the larger symphonicfmarching band and the color guard. Be- sides performing at the various concerts with the symphonic band, the Jazz Band performed as a pep band during the Girls' Varsity Basketball Team's victo- rious playoffs with Bishop D'Dowd. The Jazz Band reper- toire included "Matchpoint", "Birdland", "Bad Burn in Po- teau", "My Heart Belongs to Me", and "Conquerors", a piece composed by senior John Bliss. The 1984 Jazz Ensemble: Flutesg Rousalyn Partido, Ele Lo- zares, Saxophonesg Sharon Vil- larreal, Craig Dunlap, Helen Sheridan, Marjorie Martin, Johna Escobar, Trumpetsg John Bliss, Tony Retodo, Ricky Valenzuela, Carlos Soria, Beth Johnson, Trombonesg Mike McCrossen, George Watters, Tubag David McCrossen, Pianog Mike Miu, Terri Amouroux, String Bass: Glenn Parado, Drurnsg Janine Martin ya' .Lx sw: J-ff' z ill David Villarreal sings at an all- school mass. f2l Raymond Wong does his "Thrill- er" impersonation. f3l Mr. Schweickert-Starry leads the discussion. C41 The Freshmen get to know each other. I5l Mr. Mikula demonstrates his ex- pert karate moves. iw . Camp-u Ministry "We want to present Christian Unity as a life-changing relation- ship with God. We hope to give more than the academic side of religion," says Campus Ministry Director Wally Mikula. He be- came director after Michael Schweickert-Stary assumed leadership of the Christian Com- munity Service Program. X Also involved were Juniors Da- vid Villarreal and Denean D'AngeIo, and Seniors Saul Ro- driguez and Tracey Telles. The team planned at least two or three activities each month. These included retreats, all- school masses, the Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Christmas Gift Drive, and the weekly Mission Collections. The Campus Ministry Team is al- ready looking forward to next year and new activities. These ac- tivities include a "Break Away" program and the new Theology in Ministry class. 'ai ill Judy Madge and Vanessa Crone sing along with the group. f2l Saul Rodriguez and Denean D'Angelo make plans for a retreat. l3l Saul Rodriguez and David Villarreal watch over the group. l4l Mr. Schweickert-Starry talks with the Freshmen on their retreat. l5l Roseann Sullivan and Cheri Bartholomew try to find the right page. - l V of l yr iii . ei 8 , ...... l ' 'wmsxam ' Vice-President Heidi Wixson u at Hoser" if Q6 Activities Commissioner Shannon Rodrigues "Headbanger' t f ssiissii siss School Historian John Hatheway t i . "The Can Man" The ASB under the new direction and guidance of moderator, Ms. Virginia Saenz, designated "Breaking Away" as their theme for this year. This theme represented a goal in which the Council strived to serve the student body by breaking away from tradition and meeting new challenges and at the same time, setting and maintaining a standard of excel- lence. i'Commitment is what turns dreams into realities." And the Student Council which consisted of 47 offi- cers worked together to achieve and succeed in the planning and organizing of "behind the scenes activi- ties," such as the annual book days and freshman orientation program. ASB sponsored events included Spirit Week, Christmas Ball, Powder Puff Football, Blood Drives and other social activities. The Council sought individuals who normally do not get involved to participate in the activities. The Leadership Class consisting of the ASB officers and some class officers also had the opportunity to meet and talk with the Principal, Bro. Joe, about upcoming activities and school issues which con- cerned the student body. .EMM-gs retary-Treasurer ndrea Varnl "Anarea" Senate Leader Jlm Santiago "Slimmy Jimm yn Joselyn Yuson The Top Banana" -- f President ' in Ll if ay 2 aw J 2 W , .7773 .af-pale , Q9 it ff dv' ffgwggfs 'lf , 414 A' ff, - .. I iffifwi' . av ,J-, Communications Commissioner 'M' Terri Leavitt Qfa.,o...-, Brooke ,He d Q , afOun J st hangm V U UT he Ex ecutw T e e Coun Sena e or t c1l and wtth e ca ei Senate do tt a I for you- orea then mo erator r. Patterson, po era 3 nstie a uel and Brooke-ali di and Terri are vogue again. 42 J practzce to be t e future cover pe student government ro ses as An os. H ' ople 01711. drea, eldi and Jim on the walls of the S U. GR Jana Heinlein, Barbara Tassielli, Susanne Altermann, Andrea Varni, Mr. Bob Col- lins, Moderator, Viveca Valeriano, Geral- dine Kayas, Esperanza Licad, Arlene Guerrero, Kathy Smith, Tish Scott, Mari- na Sun Crow 2l Kathy Zapotoczny, Karen Zamzow, Sharon Villareal, Janice Tso, Julie Tsai, Estefania Licad, Laurie O'Con- nell, Laura Pargett, Gretchen Wyman, Angela Jackson, Elise Russo, Enny Hal- kyer, Denise Quintana, Lisa Yee Crow 3l Tony Rems, Leonard Carty, John Hatheway, Orinda Schneitman, John Bliss, Tony Retodo, Jim Gallagher, Phil Saylor, Kris Vonderahe rf- 1 is F513 C.S.F. During the 1983-84 school year, Moreau's chapter of the Califor- nia Scholarship Federation had a total membership of 197 stu- dents, composed of 82 seniors, 55 juniors and 60 sophomores. Once again, the CSF members successfully spearheaded the tu- toring program by contributing their intellectual abilities and time. The Chapter also spon- I sored two excellent field trips to Stanford University and U.C. Berkeley. The 1983-84 CSF Officers: Vice-Presi- dent, Andrea Varni, Tutoring Co- coordinator, Jana Heinlein, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Kathy Zapotoczny, Tutoring Co-coordinator, Estefania Li- cad, President, Barbara Tassielli The 1983-84 Interact Officers: Moderator, Dr. Mitchell Sill, Assis- tant Sergeant of Arms, Steve Pin- eda, Sergeant of Arms, Paul Hor- mel, Vice-President, Michelle Rai- mondi President, Beth Hormel, Sec- retary-Treasurer, Lisa Yee. The 1983-84 Interact Members: Front, Mike Singer Middle Row Kim Tetsall, Michelle Raimondi, Beth Hormel, Lisa Yee, Joselyn Yuson, Cecilia Udall Back row, Kristine Markell, Brenda Cher- mack, Kevin Staszkow, Steve Pineda, Paul Hormel, Cathy Chow, Stacey Hendrix, Dr. Q Mitchell Sill. Interact 'Service above selfn is Interact's notto. Interact is a medium be- ween a social club and a service zlub. Although work is involved, here is fun for all as well. interact clubs all over the world sponsor festivals, dances, cook- Juts and other events to raise noney for community projects. Every Interact club plans at least :wo projects each year - one to serve the school or immediate community and the other to ad- vance international understand- ing. Each Interact Club is seIf-govern- ing and self-supporting, though it follows the by-laws of the interna- tional Interact constitution. Each club is sponsored by a rotary club, which provides advisors and works with others to whom the club has obligations involving school, organizations, and auth- orities. Any student can be a member of the Moreau Interact Club. He or she will be recognized as a mem- ber once the 31.00 fee is paid and at least SOWO attendance is maintained. IIllllllllllllIllllllllllllIllllIlllllllllllll' Alll IlllllllllllllIllllllllllIlllllllllllllllIllP' Allll llllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllIV .AIIIII lllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' ,lllllll lllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllf' Allllllll IllllllIlllIllllllllllllllllIlIllllllll7 .AIIIIIIIII IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllll' Alllllllllll IllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIP' AIIIIIIIIIIII IllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllIlllV .AlIllllllllIll IlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlll' .lllllllllllllll IllIllIlllllIllllllllllIIIllllIII' 4llIlllllllllllll IllIlllllllllllllllllIllllIlIll? .AIllllllllllllllll IllllllllllllllllllIllllIllll!' 4llllllllllllllllllI IllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIY Q 4llllllllllIlllllllll IIllllllllIlllllIllllllllllV .AllllllIllllIlllllllll IlllllllllllllllllllllllI!' 4llllllllllIlllIllIllllI IllllllIIllllIlllllllIllY AlllllllllllllIllllllllll IlllllllllIllllllllllllV .AlllllIllllllllllllllIllll llllllllllllllllllllll' 4lllllllllIlllllllllllllllll llIlIIlllllIllllllllY AlIlllllllllllllllllIlIllllll lllllllllllllllllllV .AllllllllIlllllIllllllllllllll lllllllIllllIllll,' 4llIlllllllIllIlllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllf AllIlllllllllllllIllIIllIllllllll llllIllllllllllV .dllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llIllllllllllI' AlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllll llllllllIlllV AlllllllllllIIlllllllIlllIlllllllllll lllllllllll' .AIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllll' 4lIlllllllIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllIll IIIIIIIIV AllllIllIlllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllllll llllll!V .lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllll lllll' AlllllllIlllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIll llllf AIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllllllll Ill' .IIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllIllllllll IP' 4llllIllllllIlllllIllllllIlllIlllllllllllllIllll ' AlllllllIllIIIllIlllllllllllIlllllIllIlllllIlllIl .lllllllllllllllllIllIllllllIlllIllllllllIllllllIlI 4llllllllIllllIIIllIIIlllllllllllllIllllIllllllllllI AlllIllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllll .llllllllllllllIlllIllIllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllIIll 4llllllllllIllIllIlllllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllll AAIIIIIllllIllllIllIllIllIllllllllIlIIllllllllllIlllllIlll .llllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllll llllllllllllllllll 4lllllllllllIllllllllIllllllIlll llllllllllIlll .AllllllllllllIlIllllllllIllllll .llllllllllllIlllllIlIIIIIIIIII 4llllllllllllllllIlIlllllllllll .AllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllll llllIllIllll ? IlllllIllllllllllllllllllllll Vs. .. .1 fn n Z 'gffffwf-5: V r, ., V2 ,V ,f ,gf T QW' rs. A, ', 1 9 f A 'P 9. an , V H ' Qu , - im, . , , - W in . , ,H W f -Q 1 5? 4' ,V S-fgixi f.-ff IJ .mag 4-qw A, - I ,1VJ1f?Q1.s.v QVQ 1' ii' f YV, k f ,Li f . .VM k V . W 1 I k " l QRW' 1 0' ' Wim 2 fy Y A i W ' Li 1 " 'Mm Q- M J A V VV ,.... AV V ,VL V . A V , 'V 2 ,Z , i ,VV w. V V VV , 3 , 31,4 .VV V V' VV ,V V V '31 if-gglqx in ,, VX' .QV h h , - ' V . i 'W A-,Z - ' ' - , K . V if 'F' 1 V gf., n .gf fu - 5 ' X 'fa sir N 3 MAA' . 1 5 ' 3,7 '?v . L53 ..Vy3?,:,!'?f 8, L iK.x 4 , ' , 3' 4 .XNS. y" I . H 1 .V .. . K. ' . LQQTQ. arf' :f V V . V . VZ 5 1 4. ff . , Q , J L.. ,, fy ,, , V ,, . Q gf ff.-4 fqgd.. s . 'Q 'N .,' ':' 5 ' ' "t ' J-lf' , L W-3 M' L 4 4? My T4 ' . ' 1 1 f ' V? -at . 5 , V .,, i V 'VV' 1 .gi . M V L , "" ". . ' I ' 'X' ' ' , 5 f' ifgiii' . ' " A - - Q ip. V, V,n s., VV F , . ii fl. 1 V Q V4 VV V .V V . - VV . V V 1. V .FV V I. V Q". 'I' 'L ' X 4 "4 f-j-H 5?-if-fs? S 3 if Gig? ki ' " V A" , . f ' ' ' QV Y ff., fi V f l 4: ,,:,g'f l .5 V' 1!?'?i",'ff,, 4 f '- cg. J VS ., ! V24 -av 1' ' V2 1:4 ,f if A V V xt v ' yi W-1 iw , ff A ,. . :V A . .fy ' V ' 'QV in ' R - M Y, Q :.e . -. , S I My L- . ,n , w . V ,, 7 ,- - , k 2 2 1 A mv ,gi "' ,. jf 1-4 ,,, ,,,,, vs ' ,4 xp, IJ I 1, q,., 'gf a, A ,1 V ' 7 , .gy 7 ,V Q ,U 5 4 N Q1 .,,,, 1, .,. W V. A .. -ng? ,..f- , . - , 5. 4 Q . Vw . V I V V. .VV V V' 4, I 'V X , ZVAMW, .. , , wr VV 51, . . . 2 1: .... . , 13 ,,, ,V , , 5 H, ,. 'J 'H' , , .., 1,1 n,..v""': n I x 154 Qt' ill Carrie Kowalski beams at the dinner table the final night in D.C. l2l Amber Morelli is pleased to meet Congressman Pete Stark. i3l The power of freedom of the speech on the steps of the Capitol, l4l The beauty of Georgetown. l5l Con- gressman Pete Stark gets his point across, l6l A big "Hi y'all" from Louisiana. C.U. In D. . This year the Close-Up program was moderated by Mr. Maxwell. Though only a few attended, those who did had a valuable ex- perience meeting new and inter- esting people and learning about our government. From their arri- val on January 29 to their depar- ture on February 4, the students were able to attend seminars and workshops designed to help them understand what goes on in our nation's capital. Some topics in- cluded a briefing on defense, in- ternational relations, the judicia- ry, and a campaign forum. Much time was spent being shuttled around on a bus going from semi- nar to lunch and to another semi- nar. On the last day, the students were able to do what they would like to do. They had six hours to cram in as many sights as they could. After all this free time, they were treated with a final banquet and a dance. i f , 39, 4 -..-f 29-11 Iggy, r Qi es . W? SWF? ,- 214,15 P if ' 414: f! , . 35?"..Qf 5. ,Rl Y HQ -x' 'VL 3375 'MIA 4,2 rw ,'gfgq.:,' Staff Box Editor-in-chief: James Hoover Assistant Editors: Robert Zielinski, Chris- tine Davis, Allison Smith, Janice Tso, Lloyd McKee Staff Writers: John Bliss, Aina Engalla, Sharon Heffron, Angela Jackson, Pete Lopez, Robert Nunes lThe Shadowi, Helen Ring Photographers: Cam Berlogar, Tim Silva iFront Rowi: Ana Salgueiro, Christine Davis, Angela Jackson, Kerri Smith, Jenny 0'Connor, Diane Teixeira, CSecond Rowi: Janice Tso, Isabel Ford, Lynnette Cardwell, Allison Smith, Robert Nunes, Keith Clayton, Pete Lopez, Linda Fereira, Marie Chikhani, Cristina Celotti, Susan Dorrance, Mr. McEntee fmoderatori, lThird Rowi: Marlene Nei- deffer, Stephanie Smith, John Bliss, John Stone, Tom Neuerburg, lBack Rowi: James Hoover, Shannon Rodrigues, Robert Zielinski, Quinn McArthur, John Nolting, Charles Pierce, Cam Berlogar, Robbie Hendrie, Brian Fokes, Joe Davis, Robert Abele and Mike Klein Ji li -- CD The Shadow, Robert Nunes, observes and takes notes for his delightful column. 121 The Explorer editors: Robert Zielinski, James Hoover and Christine Davis The -Explorer - Mr. McEntee's Journalism class ino returning staff mem- bersi made up the 1984 Explor- er staff. Six members of the class shared editorial responsi- bilities. This year, changes were made in improving the physical ap- pearance and the content of the newspaper. The school paper took the appearance of a com- mercial newspaper. Editor-in- chief James Hoover envi- sioned the paper's purpose as belonging to the whole school and not as the staff's paper. In its implementation of this theme, the Explorer staff cov- ered mostly school issues which were of great interest to the stu- dent body. In addition, the staff encouraged the student body to express their opinions by writ- ing the Editor. Another colorful aspect of the paper was the return of The Shadow with his fascinating in- sights and impressions of the Moreau Community. l i of an unbounded universe.5 ve- ctc.. or nZ lQ or " f p 'T .f.e m1..: mxmm ' X are ""N-,, -Mr. is 55, 'ir s ' ' r asp ation ,-,g is c Park Bench Philosophers Park Bench Philosophers is a new, interesting club which was founded by Rick Vogel and Leonard Dandurand to serve as an open fo- rum for students' interests. This club follows no conventional rules except for an established meeting day, time, and place fWednesdays after school in Senior Parkl. It is an easy club to join fjust show up at a meeting and you're a memberl. It is also very easy to belong to, because there is no man- datory attendance of meetings. There are no elected officers due to the club's motto that all club members are created equal. An- other unique feature of this club is that the members do not disobey the first law which states that all french bread shall be cut with a knife! Mrs. Krisman, the moderator, fully supported the clubls purpose of bringing together students to discuss topics of interest and at the same time giving them the oppor- tunity to speak and be heard. ill The club's founder, Rick Vogel 121 The Park Bench Philosophers: fsit- tingl Mrs. Krisman fmoderatorig ffirst rowi Bill Stahl, Leonard Dandur- and, Christina Pretto, Karl Swartz: lsecond rowi Bill Deridder, Jay Austin, Joselyn Yuson, Jay Ken- singer, Joan Svetik, Bill Huston, Rick Vogel and Barbara Tassielli fnot picturedl 131 The club's co- founder, Leonard Dandurand Ill Working quickly on his yearbook lay- out, Glen Parado tries to meet his dead- line. C25 Chris Madsen focuses on taking a clear photo. f3l Joselyn Yuson and .- Joan Blancher flip through an old year- ! book for new ideas. WW N l lf T 1 M oyager Staff "Yearbook is fun, but requires many hours of hard work out- side of school," explained staff member Dominica Garcia. With only one staff member re- turning from last year, the Voy- ager staff had many new things to learn before even thinking about what this year's book would be like. It was also Mrs. Suzanne Higgins first year as the yearbook moderator. To prepare herself for this big proj- ect Mrs. Higgins attended a yearbook workshop held at the University of Santa Cruz for a week over the summer. Many changes took place with in the yearbook class besides having a new staff and advisor. We also changed companies and have once again decided to have a spring book instead of having to come back in Septem- ber to pick up your yearbook. Senior Viveca Valeriano de- scribed the class this way, "Yearbook is a good class with much tedious work involved." QLisaD ,.... BBW Hwwmvvww Ma...- 3 .11 ' if , ,, p . f. my . 413 . -gag Milli mmf. " 111 Kathy Farnan reads over her copy for mistakes. l2l Mrs. Higgins helps Joan Blancher and Darla Barlow with their yearbook layout. l3l Looking for some pictures, Vlveca Valeriano sorts through the clutter in the yearbook room. l4l With ruler in hand, Tom Pratt is ready to draw a layout. l5l Dominica Garcia works on the yearbook display for Meet Moreau Day. 161 Lisa Hansen and Darla Barlow have some fun while proof reading the copy sheet they are going to turn in. 1. The French Club- lbackl Arlene Bie, Esperanza Licad, Arlene Guerrero, Danielle Flores, Suzanne DeHaven, Joselyn Yuson, Maribel Dizong lfrontl Mrs. Siegel, Kathy Ritzman, Judita Nipay, Lisa Yee, Estefania Licad, Dixie Roldan, Mary Cummings 2. President: Estefania Licad 3. Vice- President: Andrea Varni 4. Secretary: Mary Cummings Foreign Connections Moreau is not just a site for lectures, books and exams. The student activi- ties program includes a variety of or- ganizations. Among them are the French Club and the Polynesian Club. Each club has,its own unique style of preserving culture and having fun. Christmas carols sung in French echoed down the halls of Parkmont Convalescent Hospital in Fremont one day in December. It was the French Club. Along with the Polyne- sian Club, they brought a little sun- shine into the hearts of the elderly by alternately singing in French and then in English. Later in December, an ap- preciation of the European culture led the French Club to San Francis- co's De Young Museum to view the Vatican collection. Greetings of Aloha lwelcomel and leis welcomed the guests at the Polynesian Club's Fifth Annual Luau. Brightly colored deco- rations and Hawaiian ballads playing in the background set a festive mood for the evening. The cuisine and en- tertainment were a combination of Polynesian-Filipino culture. Ad- vanced planning and hard work made the evening a night to remember. Some of the proceeds from the luau were donated to the Community Re- sources for Independent Living. One club member summed up the event by commenting, 'il did a lot of worry- ing and moved a lot of tables. On top of that, we ran out of food, and I think all in all it was great!" As you can see, each club has their own specific na- tures, and both are fundamental to- wards the introduction of new cul- tures into students' lives. Wivecal X .1 -1... " - I - 5 . flip' 'N A , L- , -.-I af., vs' J f 1. lBackl Gilbert Criste, Mrs. Hansen, J.B. Yuson, Marie Guzman, Ariel Mercado, Rick De Ala, Robert Tatad, Shonya Fernando, Anthony Manaois, Mr. Maxwell, Raquel Balauro, non-member, Cheryl Campos, Ron Cabusorag llviiddlel Philip Balauro, Joselyn Yuson, Nellie Montero, Michelle Padilla, Cecilia Villanueva, Ju- lie Demonteverde, Judita Nipay, Lucy Suson, Janet Evangelista, Lynn Macalolooy, Diana Serquina, Jon Lolag lFrontl Mark Gordon, Arlene Bie, Mell Dizon, Cori Baldoza, Dixie Roldan, Jeff Lola, Geraldine Kayas and Viveca Valeriano 2, Ron Cabusora is caught in the act of cooking. 3. The Polynesian Club Moderators and Officers- lStandingl Mr. James Maxwell and Mrs. Joanne Hansen, lsittingl Treasurer, Geraldine Kayasg Secretary, Dixie Roldan, President, Jeff Lola, Vice-President, Viveca Valeriano: Sergeant-At-Arms, John Gor- don 4. Part of the Island entertainment at the luau, J.B. Yuson "shakes it" for the audience. 5. Greeting people with a smile, Robert Tatad and Julie Demonteverde welcome guests with leis, 121 Stacy Collard, Sandy Mittlebuscher, Frau Harper, and Greg Frates stand in a line-up. C31 Frau Harper gets ready for a meeting. O95 955. - 9 Q99 ss 3 i'g'6 my L. , .. ,,,,,,,'.r 1 az iw 4 Wacrriz 1,-mari f ' Spanish And German Clubs Both of these clubs spent time exploring different cultures. The German Club attended cultural events, including exhibits, restau- rants, and various events in Berkeley. Led by moderator Frau Harper and President Erin Stuart, Vice-President Deborah Rosso, and Secretary- Treasurer Hee Sook Yoo, they explored various aspects of Ger- man Culture in American society The Spanish Club is comprised of students who have taken interest in the Spanish language and cul- ture. Club activities included visit- ing Mexican and Spanish restau- rants and Spanish entertainment. The officers are President, Renae Rodrigues, Vice Presi- dent, Victor Benavidez, Activi- ties Commissioner, Scotia Ri- venes, Treasurer, Sandy San- chez, Secretary, Diane Teix- eira, and Publicity Advisor, Mia Shandera. 111 Mr. McClure observes the class. 122 Howard Hess and Victor Benavldez pay close attention during class. Q31 Sharon Villarreal shows off her book. l4J The Spanish Club. 151 Renae Rodrigues conducts the class. lhllvii ii N53 Chess Club The Chess Club meets on Wednes- day of every week. Chess takes a lot of patience. If you don't have patience, you are always going to lose. It is also very challenging. The length of a chess match varies in time. Mr. Breiger is the moder- ator, the co-moderator is Mr. Breeves. Mr. Breiger says about the club, "I think itls great!" The Computer Club, also known as the Apple Masters are doing great this year. They have over 30 games, which are played every Fri- day. According to Allen Stein berger, "The club is fun, but tt school should get more disk drive to compensate for the number 1 computers." The club also teachc the students graphics and pri gramming. -.- -- ----- 1. The Chess Club of 1984. 2. Mr. Breiger challenges Dino Gambina. 3. Kenny Fong snickers at a bad move. 4. Leonard Carty visits the Computer Club. 5. Anthony Spangler takes time out for a picture. 6. The Apple Vlasters of 1984. 1 pple Masters i 814 S i Ji X N li . I I . , , X .Q ., l " X 1. Mark "Bubba" Johnson laughs be- cause he's not at Moreau like his friends. 2. Mike Schuyler puts on safety glasses before working on an engine. 3. Steve Nahm wishes his car looked that good! 4. Rodolfo Lagman, Don Flnkes, Dan Benttencourt, Mike Schuyler, and Ricky DeAnda take a break to smile for our camera. 5. Ricky DeAnda works hard on an ens gine. 'iff ,M.1 x E Q n s, Horsepower!! ROC lRegional Occupational Centerl offered a wide variety of classes this year for people who wanted an early start in planning their future. Classes such as com- puter programming, auto me- chanics, upholstery, Cosmetolo- gy, and many others. Moreau students who took ROC attended 3 classes at Moreau and the rest of their time at the Re- gional Occupational Center in Hayward. The ROC program offers classes beyond textbooks. It offers the opportunity to develop skills and experience working with tools and equipment often used in everyday working situations. .-alla. ' .1 I Z . 3 0 ' N' T' . - 7 ',d', ,f, X -x l i 1 2. 3. 'fflig ' David McCrossen and Sharon Villeral are working during join a club week. Sandra Mittlebuscher and Shar- on Villareal pose for the camera. The Silver Spurs, from left to right: Dee Dee Lauler, Orinda Schneitman, Diana Lile, Diane Janssen, Jim Gallager, Sandra Mittlebuscher, Sharon Villar- eal, Christina Roberts. 'TEV 'id A new addition to Moreauls student activi- ties program the Silver Spurs, a collec- tion of equestrian enthusiasts who hope to share their love of riding. Cutspokm The Moreau 1983-84 Bike Club was moderated by Mr. Larry Long, who is now in his sixth teaching year at Moreau. The Bike Club makes the trips to places such as the Russian River, Big Sur, and Lake Tahoe. About 5 to 15 students participate in each trip. lJohnl ll Mrs. Long takes a short break on the way to Lake Tahoe, 2l Jay Austin, Chris Lowe, Joseph Schneitman, Mi- chael Miu, Raymond Wong, Bob Sandhu, and Ron Avisa take Hthe pause that refreshes" in the wine country. 3l Greg Gahagan, Scott Campbell, Raymond Wong, Jay Austin, and Renie Wong all seem to be saying, "Let's get on with it." 4l Mr. and Mrs. Long and friend are ready to peddle off into the sunset. 5l Ron Avisa rests against his bike. x ' .Ng .5 - ,Q-ig ,r me .,,7 r- , f M 4rr, 2,3 S f new ruin' 'J . Q 5 . V aff f i . ,L ., 4 . is v-' , 1 . 1 K I Q 3 will if r , 1 . 1 A 4 3 f :Q " f ' ff' J tw T i W 4 'li f 'gg' nr Q ll' if ,Q 3' 'F '1 , JN, i " 26 L M. v -.A fs . . K v Q U, - ff 3' N Ari ' ' ' fggfffg..,s.,,,uH3 'V . . . R 'V ' , A Blood Drive t . gnnnnulrlb fr -af 1 I :My,.,. f,,, n 41 ,.-.,..-1:1 4 1 I Moreau's first blood drive of the 1983-1984 school year occured on Tuesday, October 4. A total of 159 students, parents, and faculty members each donated a unit of blood, which is to be used through- out the community. At the end of the school year, any unused units will be given to Operation Relay, which donates blood to needy con- valescent homes and childrenis hospitals. A second blood drive was held on Tuesday, March 6. 1. Annette Vait has just "given her all." 2. Ramon Montemayor checks his temperature. 3. Beth Hormel recovers. 4. Given the circumstances, Mr. Weiss would rather be in Cleveland. 5, "Thank goodness it's over!" ll Dave Jupina, John Dutra, and Omar Rodriques after a quick run at Squaw Valley. 21 Joan Blancher, Sharon Heffron, An- gela Jackson, and Luisa Costa wait for a chair lift. 3l Joan Blancher, Luisa Costa, Chris Moore, Omar Rodriques, Mary Galvin, and Oscar Pena, finally reach the summit. ""'l Skiing Mariners QA f W4 xx! "l i WWE, X ,., .Il 4 , JA . i--.svglr X .,. ,fsyl ' 111 ll .g f K ,W - X ni r Ai. l xx .o' :iw Altogether the 1983-84 Moreau Ski Club trips were very memora- ble. The first trip was to Sierra Ski Ranch. With blizzard conditions the skiing was not at all enjoyable but the bus ride back to Moreau made up for it. The second trip to Squaw Valley was made during a sunny and clear day with the unexpected occur- ance of wind at the summit. It was a perfect day for beginners to learn and for advanced skiers to fall down. The next trip was to Kirk- wood which proved to be a perfect day. The snow was a bit soft but did not keep anyone from return- ing with a full face sunburn. There were ski trips planned for April with the hope of fantastic warm spring skiing. No matter what the skiing conditions were, the Moreau Ski Club made the most of it and was not likely to have a bad trip. 11 Quinn McArthur beats out the sound of there talent show. 21 Lead singer of the hot group Tensity, Jamie Clark. 31 Host and hostess, Mike Rice and Mary Macpherson an- nounce the next act. 41 Lisa Santos shows us what she's got. As the curious and unexpectmg audience sat waiting before the closed curtain the tension be higher Dancers were practicing their numbers the bands were setting up their infinite amount of equipment and the Flying Di- luccios were limbering up to perform their amazing feats of skill and courage. At last it began. The shows host and hostess Mike Rice and Mary Macpherson p peared on the stage to intro White Lighting This opening band led the way for the excite ment that was to follow Acts like Running with the Night with Shelly and Mia Digiulio the Flying Dilluccios and P.Y.T. with Laura Caeton provided a fun filled night for . . . , a j hind the curtain grew higher and duce the first act, Moreau's own , ' all 1. The Peppers: lbackl Cathy Chou, Stacey Hendrix, Philip Balauro, Kristine Martell, Brenda Cher- mack, Sandy De Costa, and Janelle Beckerg fmiddlel Laura Braun, Terri Peyton, Lourdes Pasion, Debbie Kearns, and Esperanza Licadg ffrontl Estefania Licad, Geraldine Kayas, Maribel Dizon, Samantha Hinson, Arlene Bie, Lisa Yee, Vi- veca Valeriano, Terri Galbreath, Judita Nipay, and Arlene Guerrerog fkneelingl Rosanna Malanum. 2. The Moreau Pep Club's Sports Spot- light board. 3. Viveca Valeriano and Lisa Yee let the spirit of friendship shine through. r E! K Catch The Feeling Promoting overall school spirit is the main function of the Block M Club and the Pep Club. Each does it in their own special way. Comprised of varsity letter achievers, Block M works to instill school spirit in athlet- ics. Being athletes themselves, they realize the importance of the fans' support in competing in a game. Rais- ing funds for the various sports and inspiring teammates can make all the difference in continuing the success of school sports. An added attraction to decorate Moreau's walls is the "Sports Spotlight" board put togeth- er by the Peppers. Plans for this sports' Hall of Fame were begun by last year's club. Sports coaches ap- proved of the idea because of the need for Moreau's fine athletes to be recognized by the student body. After a dozen coats of green paint and hard work put in by this year's Peppers, star athletes of 1983-84 were ready to be honored for the year. Their names in the Spotlight were just ex- amples of what perseverance, prac- tice and sportsmanship can do. Not only do both organizations spreac spirit to the Moreau community but also to others outside of Moreau. Dur- ing the Christmas season, the clubs banded together and paid a visit to St. Rose's Convalescent Hospital ir Hayward. Lead by moderator, Mr Don Morneau, the clubs sang carols and brought gifts for the elderly, ex- emplifying the true spirit of Christmas by making someone's day a little brighter. fVivecal 1. Larry Kevin provides his support for the Moreau girls at the Omega Rally. 2. Gordon Furlong and Dave Jupina cheer on the Moreau cheergirls in compe- tition. 3. The Block M Officers Cleft to rightl John Curran, Michelle Szto, Sue Mullan, and Kim Pesicka. 4. A dedicated and allvaround guy, Mr. Don Morneau looks over some club notes. hs.. . . iii -lZ'9i,,Si s 3 .... LCS?-lf! .. i W., gy The Block M Club lback rowl: Jane Sweeney, Bob Canalas, John Cur- ran, Dan Bowen, Scott Sizar, Pat Downs lon topl, Mike Janes, Jeff Rei, Rick De Anda, Joe Grasso, Rick Vanderostyne, Mark Libby, and Erica Hess lfront rowl Pua Santiago, Lisa Puccini, Maria Canalas, Steph- anie Mendoza, Jana Heinlein, Jenni- fer Watson, Robin Clayton, Michelle Szto, Sue Mullan, Marla Williams, Donna Kaylor, Mr. Don Morneau. Q' Pessv Spirit squads work as hard as any team in the school. Unlike athletic teams, they have no coaches to help drive them on. Their function is to promote school spirit, and they certainly accomplish that, indeed. The Varsity Cheergirls do not just cheer on the teams during Heidi s , T games, they spend after school hours painting colorful support- ive posters as well as practicing their routines. The girls repre- sented Moreau at various com- petitions. For the second year in a row the Cheergirls placed a stunning first. By winning at Omega, Moreau was chosen as Regional Champions for North- Kathy ern California. Because of their tight schedules, the squads were unable to represent the area in Orlando, Florida. The girls did journey to Los Angeles for the Miss Drill Team International Competition, and placed eighth. tVivecaD Can't Be Beat! 1. At poster painting party, Varsity Cheer get ready for Omega 2. Sue and Chris clown it up at the painting party. 3. Moreau on the way to the top. 4. The 1983-84 Varsity Cheergirls. lbominical l - "Go Moreau! Beat .4 L" A lot of talent combined with awe- really hard and were very support- some spirit. That pretty much ive of the Varsity squad," com- sums up the perception of the mented Varsity songgirl Monica 1983-84 Freshman and JV cheer- Granados. Many of the cheer- leaders. "Both squads worked leaders feel that cheerleading is fun, but a lot of hard work. It is a full time commitment, bringing out a great sense of dedication. Their future looks to be quite incredible. L1 ii s x 1 5 Moreau's Spectacular Varsity songirls from left to right: Clariss Carbonel, Kim Lyon, Darnell Tureaud, Gina Allen, Monica Grandados, S ' Shelly DiGuilio, Karen Wenzler, Cory Baldoza, and - S' Stephanie Orozco. ' if Y . ,f . A ,IZ-3, ..- ' ps4 , X A : . ' .ls 50.1 S if ., H. , wr' 4 J .1 " " " - ' , , S ,', 4. .. 0, ' F my Q . , Ln, X Rl' 58,1 . ? l ,kwin :F , X v V wx , , 1. .A wk' M '- Song Leaders 1. "Wouldn't Gina look better green?" 2. i'We Feel good- Oh we feel so good- Ughhh!!" Mike McDonald, Ron Proto and Gordon Furlong, lead the crowd in their favorite cheer at Omega. 3. The squad gets ready to show the crowd what lVl.H,S. is made out of. Smiling faces, a jazzy beat, and well choreographed dance steps characterize Moreau's Songirls. They dance their way into the hearts of the judges in the com- petitions they entered, as well as those of the student body. A combination of good luck and days of practice added to the success of the girls at the Ome- ga Rally. They received 3rd place, and also with a combined score with the cheerleaders, were given the "Sweepstakes, award. This meant that because of their school spirit, songirl score, and cheerleading score they had the highest overall to- tal. At the Miss Drill Team Inter- national Competition, held in Los Angeles, there were girls from as far away as South Afri- ca, Japan, and Australia. They 4. Peggy Lynch and Monica Granados announce Moreau High School with pride. 5. Monica and Shelly sigh in relief as they finish a well done routine. 6. During the excitement of Omega, Kim Lyen gives it her all. performed flawlessly and missed first place by only 3 points. According to Gina Allen, "support from the athletes, teachers, parents, and friends gave us the extra spirit to per- form well." The key to a shining season was definitely the avid support. 7' 'f ., 'sw' if Egypt- Mmm' f' Yrs . . as QD The girls line-up and wait for the ball to be hiked. j2l Mark VanLoon decides who was in the wrong. t3l The Juniors get ralled-up before the game. 141 The Senior cherrleaders do their routine ending in a pyramid. Three weeks of practice with bumps and bruises paid off for the senior "Clash II". The game ended with a score of 20-12. The Silver and Black Junior Attack played a good game but it wasn't good enough to beat the seniors. Touchdowns for the seniors were made by Laura Milano, Sandy Sanchez, and Jana Heinlein. Touchdowns for the juniors were made by Shanon Galloway and Mary MacPherson. Both teams played well. Entertainment at half-time was provided by the cheerleaders with on-field water fights. The ju- nior guys in their black shirts and .,, .W N ,J 'W 4' uf, seniors in red provided laughter to the spectators. The juniors, coached by Mr. Crosthwaite, and the Seniors coached by Mr. Serrao, will noi have the chance to battle agair but the juniors will be back tc take on another class in anothei game of Flag Football. lDarlaJ Powder l?uff . .J .131 m!:z.g,"' Wo' . f EY 1. The junior cheerleaders show their support as they do their routine for the school. 2. A few seniors made a sign to support their players. 3. Debbie Frischer hikes the ball to Peggy Lynch during one of their after school practices. 4. Cathy Radecke, Elaine Clancey, Stephanie Snyder, Lisa Puccini, Mr. Peabody, and Steph- anie Mendoza are the crew that did all the sideline jobs. 5. The players line up and prepare to attack. rg-5, 1- x -1.-,-f:'..',,,,e 'M wiv a ...y We 'ttl ..E'.f2L.+mf4i :-: lim.-'ff' : mari' , H - it ',:m?'iie ,,. v . K 'mg ,4 "riff December To Remember The Christmas season is charac- terized by cold weather, crowd- ed shopping malls, light-hearted feelings, and gatherings with family and friends. The Moreau community waited in anticipa- tion for the beginning of Christ- mas vacation. On the last day, an all school mass reminded the student body what Christmas was really all about. To celebrate the holiday sea- son, many Moreau students at- tended the Christmas Ball at the Oakland Hyatt Hotel. Students, from Freshmen to Seniors, danced to music provided by a D.J. from "the Quakefl Christmas trees decked with candy canes and mistletoe hung in doorways set the mood for a fun-filled evening. Romantic mu- sic and friends enjoying each others company were evidence that it was going to be "A De- cember to Remember." x.w,,.M i C13 Peter Bluemle and Dana Hyde go out on the dance floor to show their stuff. 121 Jim Santiago and Mia Shandera dance to the sound of the Quake at the Christmas Ball. C35 Mike Rossi and Stephanie Orozco watch their friends dance as they consider joining them. C49 Scott Ryan, Dixie Harrison and Jeff Feuerstein decide to sit this one out. C55 Leonard Dandurand and Barbara Tassielli demon- strate a unique pose that shows their character. C61 Joe Baalman and Donna Kaylor enjoy each otheris company at the Christmas Ball. C75 Beth Hormel helps Quinn McArthur make last minute touch ups before taking pictures. C85 Appreciating the atmosphere at the Christ- mas Ball, Kim Lyen and Mark Libby sit this one out. C95 Taking a break during a fast dance, Darla Barlow, Tony Camara, Chris Polk and Heidi Paulo have their picture taken. 110, Mr. Serrao shows that even teachers can boogie at a high school dance. 1 so-'--. - V .1 N Barefoot In Th Park "Barefoot in the Park" was the theme of this year's Father- Daughter Dance. With music provided by "The Sound of Mu- sic", girls and their dads could dance to anything, including polkas, countryfwestern, and songs by Michael Jackson. "lt was a good chance for girls and their dads to have a good time together," commented Ju- nior Darla Barlow. Lori Albright and her dad dance a slow one, Andrea Krassa and her father take a Pepsi break. Father sweeps his daughter off her feet, MaryAnn Guesnon and her dad clap to the beat. Roseann Sullivan dances ubare- foot" with her dad. Cheryl Long and her dad sit this one out. Elise Russo and her dad smile for the camera. Michelle Bauhofer and her father dance to the "Sound of Mu- sion. Gretchen and Jennifer Wyman share their dad. Cindy Robinson and her father share a quiet moment. R IlllllllllllllYllf11 1 1 1 -l-llHHllI f I 1I l1F.f-1P I ill 1llll I::::::llllllll1!l!lIl!l JHIIQIIIHIII Y I 1HllIl!llI lllll Jllll IllllIllIlllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll IlIllllllIllIlIIllIIllllllIllllIIllIlllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll IlIllIIIllllllllllllIllllllIllIIIllIllllllIIllllIllllllllllllllll IllllIllIllllIIlIlIIlllllIIlllllIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllll IlllllllllllllllllIIllIllIIlllllIlllllIllllllllIlIllllllIlIllllll IlIllllllllllll lllllIlllllllf1llll 1llllWllllllllllf1l lllllll llllllIl Alai I-I J-Ll-Ll III-IL I I Lllhdildh I I I lllll llIIIIIIIllllllIlIllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllll First Black Miss America. . .Dimming IIIIIII Watt. . .1984 Primary Presidential Elections . . .Sally Ride, First American Woman in Spa- ce. . .Barney Clark: First Artificial Heart Reci- pient. . .Queen Elizabeth visits San Francisco . . .Clickl Ma is Ringing Off. AT8zT. . .The Day 1:55:55 After- Nuclear Nightmare. . Flashdance- What! A Feeling. EEE!!! EIIIIIIuniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" fi--+fff---+f-------- IIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIII I EEEEEEEEEEEE E Illlllllllll I llllllllllIl I IIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIII ' IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII Illlllllllll IIIIIIIIIIII lllIllI lllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll llnlllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllnllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllll llllllllullllllllllunl IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IlllllllllllIlllll!!!! llllll ll mnnInIIIIIIIIIIIII- Pj, llHBlllllllllllllllllll Iii Illllllllllllllllllllllllllll Ill dllllllllllllllllll lllllIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllll D-Day In Grenada. . .Dark Clouds Over Leban- aon. . .Aftermath Bloody Beirut. . .Assassina- tion of an Exile: Benigno Aquin. . .Vanishing Act: Andropov Misses A Big Rally. . .Sing A Song of Seeing: Rock Videos. . .Michael Jack- son: Why He's A Thriller.. .Cabbage Patch Craze. . .AlDS. . .Deaths of 1983-1984. . .Jes- sica Savitch. . .Gloria Swanson. . .Ethel Mer- man. IllllllIlllllIlllllllllllllllIllllllIllllI llllll IllllllllllllIlllIllllllllllllllllllllll llllllll IlllllllllIlllllllllllIllIlIIlllIIllll lllIllllll IlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllI Illlllllllll IllllIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllllIlllllll IllllllIlllIlllllllIlllllllIlIlll lllllllllllllll IlllllllllllllIlllllIIlllllIlll lllllIlllllllllll IllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllll lllllllllllllllllll 1IllllIlllllllllllIlIllllIl lllllllllllIlllIllllI IllllllllllIlllllIlIIllll lllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllIlllll lllllllllllIlllIlllllllll !llllllllllIllllllIIl l lllllllllIlllllIllllllIl IlIllllIllllIlllllIl lllllllllIlllllIllllllll IllllllIllIIllllll llllllllllllllIllllllIl IlllIllllllIllll lllllllllllllIIllllllll Illlllllllllll llllllllllllllllllIIll IIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIII lllllllllllllllIlIlll Illlllll I lllllllllllllllllllll IlllllI lllllllllIllIIllllll Illll lllllllIlllllllllll Ill llllllllllllllllIlI I lllllllllllIIlllll l llIllllllIllllllll Il llllllllIllll ll llllllllIllI ll llllllllIlll III lllllllllll Ill WWWv lllllllIlll Illll IlllllIlll Illll QM! llllllllll Illlll M llIIlllll IIIIII lllllllll Illllll llllllll IllllIl llllllIl Illlllll lllllll Illlllll Illlll iIlllllll lllllI Illlllllll lllIlI Illlllllll lIlllI IlllllllllI llll lllllIIIlll lllll IllllllIllll llll IlllllllIIll llll IlllIlllllIIl lll IlllIIIllllll lll lllllIllllllll I IllllllllllIlIl IllllllllllIlIl llllllllllllllIl lllIlllllllllllll llllllllllIllllll IIllllllllllllllll llll llllllIIIlllllIlll llllll Illllllllllllllllll IIIIIIU IllllllllllllllllIl lllllllll IllllIllIlIlllllllll lllllllIlIl IllIllllllllllllllll llllllllllIll lllllllllllIlllllllll lllllllllllllll llllllIlIllllIlllllIl lllllllllllIllll IllllllllllllllllllIll IllllIlllllllllllI IllllIllIllllIlllllllll lllIlllllllllllIllll IlIllllllllllIIllIlIlll lllllllllllllllllIllll IlllllllllllllllIlllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll IIllllllllllllllllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllll IllllIllllllllllIllllIlll llllllllIllllllllllllllllIll IlllIllllllIlIlllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IllllllllllllllllllllllllI IlllllIllllllllIIlIlllllllllIll IIlllllllllllllllllllIllll IlllIlIllllllllllllllllIllllllllI lllllllllllllllllllllllllIl llIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIl IIllIlllllllIlIllIlIlllllIl 'llllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIlII IlllllIlllIlllIllllIllllllllIIIIlllllllIlIlIllllllllllllllllllllll IllIllIllIllllllllllllIllllIllllllIlllIlllllllllllIlllllllllIlllll IIIIIIIllIllllIllIllllIIIIllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIlll IllIIIIIIIlllllllllllIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIl IIlliillllllllllllIlllllllIlllllllllIIIlIlllllllllIllllIllllllllIl IllllIllIllllIIlllllIlIlllIllllllIlllIlIIIlIIlllllllllIIlllllIllll . i 2R, W , 25 gnu X il? K gif' F.. N J ' gina! ml .N v Xe R A AW? X I I ill Freshmen watch cheerleaders perform at a spirit week rally., l2l Nicki Leavitt andrlirista Rendbn enjoy an ice cream after their lunch. l3l Freshmen girls relax at the Freshmen Box Social. l4l Laina Chikhani and Lisa Ashley visit while eating their lunch. C55 Bob Robello explains an assignment to a fellow classmate. Freshman Class Officers QU Spirit Coordinators Darlene Teix- eira and Laina Chikhani. l2l Secre- tary-Treasurer Nikki Leavitt, Presi- dent Tim Avila, and Vice-President Mike Lyen. l3l Representatives Monica Wuelfing, Percy Sales, Amy Wixson, Eric Vizcaino, and Shelly Martin. Class Moderator: Mr. Michael Steeb. Vs i 'S J .- .X MJIJ I 'Q 3 . r N ,Q V r.- 'L 5 'M If t rri Q if-Af 5 'S -l 4, ,, 1 ff 5 rr .. i - ,Q aff f 4' Q A ,NNW-Q-eq., Me M ei, i s Carrie Abascal Maria Abreu Ronald Agatep Claudia Aguilar Jason Aguirre Shannon Alamillo Kathleen Alessandro Richard Alexander Michael Alvarez Jesse Alves lll Jill McCormick, Rachelle Jones, and Jeanne Knoth wait expectantly for their dates at the Freshman Box Social. l2l Aina Engalla and Charlotte Chung catch up on some last'minute homework during lunch. Lisa Alves Terese Anas Margaret Andaya Petrina Angelides Don Aniano Stacy Arhontes Lisa Ashley Elizabeth Assum Anna Atayde Kelli Attinello Simon Attwood Timothy Avila Rita Avisa Gerry Ayupan Steven Azevedo Milarose Baleva Kenneth Baltutat Angela Banchieri Katherine Banks Michelle Barbano Scott Barbour Joaquin Barreto Cheryl Bartholomeu Elisa Bauhofer James Berio t F .1 Kg: H QQ, Lk . 1 : ki. if - 'ag ' ' fuk-my Visas? Zi A dj its ,fs S o t Q LW 'sr 'SN 'Q gwar B ' 'iilsfiffl gif L' ' f - ' ii ii S. , ,Q - 5 Y I U . ' i sstt y .. 1 'iii Si fy! Q t . X X xx 6 1 -, nf , ,i.i yr' ' M' l. ,V 1 5 I ,, J if X gX.- ., ' W' .... ' M - +: ' .L k,,' 5 . i , if is '13 5 .. .. J' , Y 'Y i Q C532 M S X 5 'W Qi' Qi is 4 2, f A Ei 1625! 3 4 - ,, W wr itil ' " I , 1. , , A , I V f, ' 9 ll -, l . A ll ,, is Q. g E Wil' ,ia J X N ,,, 5 t r tg' f ,,:, , Qi Ac eww 5 is i 'kg 15- , . , ,. i 'eaififf ,.gv.g ' 'i , .' X x E, Q it i + llll " at wg ef ' it 4575 f l '21 v ,Qs Charles Bettencourt Michael Bierly Michael Blasquez Christopher Blubaugh Andrea Botsford Michael Brand Laura Braun Mary Bredderman Victoria Breves Robert Brink 1. Jeannie Knoth, Darlene Teixeira, Rita Rodriguez, Nellie Montero, Melissa Ferrer, Patti Vasquez, and Bridgette? flash their award' winning smiles. 2. Sarah Brodie and Dennis Me- dieros take time to smile at the camera after a good meal at the Freshman Box Social. 3. Lynn Macalolooy, Rochelle Cello, and Debbie Hirayama take a rest after a night of danc- ing. 4. Hayme Lake tries a game of Peek-A-Boo at the Freshman Retreat. fVivecaJ Carlos Briones Sarah Brodie Brent Bustos Peter Candelario Kimberly Cardoza Tracy Cardoza Renee Cariveau Bryan Carroll Benjamin Castillo Rochelle Cello Christopher Cermak Carol Chao Christina Cheney Brenda Chermack Sandra Chevalier Jennette Chicoine Laina Chikhani Jeffrey Chimienti Catherine Chou Vivian Chu Charlotte Chung Karen Clarke Stacy Collard Heather Cook Erika Cooper Vanessa Crone Patrick Crossett Dennis Curran Paige D Angelo Karen D Souza tempt to hide from l at ite r H iii f M ,. t if in i Wa if ll ,trh j l Nllt 75 rr' C . ,,i. :' 'iii 'C l' 1 ff ' f,V , I V V I I r W , V,i, , ' . t 41 ' f' it i a or if tttt gy if 4 fr Anne Loggins and Klersten Vandenakker at- the camera. ' X Fr - fi , i we fi si, , hifi 2 V 'ia' if 1.5! ,.,,-,,f. - -' W ,,..,, 1 Q .-5111 '-. .If dw" 'X I CQ 4 It .X wb .nl Q w lofi: x g F ' M3-2 3: 1.511 V , Brian Davis Matthew Davis Denise DeCoite Sandra DeCosta Cesar DeSousa Pinky DeVera Jason Debley Dale Delfierro Paul Delucchi Julie Demonteverde Angela Der Mia Digiulio Alfred Dileonardo Thomas Dorsey Charlene Dougherty rs. Leavitt protects her little kitty, Nikki, at the Shelly Martin expresses to a friend the fine art of alloween Dance. eating Moreau french fries. Timothy Downs Jonathan Drumeller William Duarte Gregory Dubney Teresa Dunlap Dino Duque Lynette Duran Christopher Eccleston Ma Concepcion Engalla Helen Erickson Marie Escobar Paul Espejo Pedro Espinoza Maria Estrada Enrique Evangelista Janet Evangelista Jennifer Evans Shonya Fernando Melissa Ferrer Anne Ffrench Mike Lyen dances the night away at the Welcome Dance. A Freshman girl can't believe the news today. Pat Crosset asks an unseen friend, "Are you sure there's nothing in there?" Nora Lynch can't believe what is going on in the corner. The jollies of a Freshman Eng- lish class. The Freshman class gets rowdy. Freshman class officers prove that they've got the look. K T . , N . W 1 y . eg . I - -ss , --f . 1'i Q W nl' Q. I sg, '23 - A .. f- Y we uk X . K ss Y tif Q is s T -.. -K, 'ik a 'Q rx desvg, ' lf T T if A ,, . AW,- G mf -My . .3 9 - Q4 f" - " I l, ' " in "W Q W ' fl ' zzff, K, f, , w w -, 5 ' P- - wh Wgrg, X .MH F F I 5 l i W Gary Fickes Carol Fleischman Susan Flores Kevin Forde Monica Fowler Michael Franzwa Scott Fraser Gregory Frates Matthew Fratus Glenn Furlong JoAnne Galvin Charles Garcia Luis Garcia Michael Garcia Michelle Garcia F1886 Scott Gier il Darren Gomez 1 Richard Gomez -. James Gonsalves A ,.,, Susan Gonsalves - Angelica Gonzalez Shelly Goodale Richard Graves Patricia Griffin Robert Grubbs Thomas Grywczynski Margaret Gudino Elizabeth Guesnon ' . Marie Guzman ., Shedeh Habibirad X Joan Hallett Dagny Haman :- Josephine Hanna Gregory Hannemann r.. - ' Heather Hardy X 5 N i 1 gi, Q ' xl- . ' ,. i s l I 'WG' x li? . ,.,, ,J is l T " 4 1. Maria Abreu is watching the man of her dreams. 2. Freshman girls talk about high school at the Fresh- man Family Barbeque. fDominicaJ g K be 3' J rwwax qv 4 M. If ' 954. "1 K.. J Virfir' ' ' rf V Q , " 'Hy I 1,11 , V EWU ' 1 ' . . - - M 'sbt 41, l J avg: , fa Brian Harley W J Alan Harter John Hawkes Donovan Heinlein A ' Stacey Hendrix 1 t J Victoria Herrera 5 Q Deborah Hirayama Gayle Holley 99 l " Laurie Hollingworth ' , J 'V Y, Ronald Holtman J J - , 1 . 'V 7 J 1 - aff fs l' ff J M fr 'www i l Eff! gt ,J -, fi 1. Amy Picha drys her nails at lunch, 2. Lynette Duran is amazed at the gossip she just heard from Jill Mc Cormick. fDominicaD r of as i x X an , X it - A 2 :fiat Y' if 51: E . Riff! N 1 Q' I 'av Kelly Homa , . ' Michelle Hurley ' V J Joyce lldesa VIPV John llmberger . James lvaldi 1 it , , Kirsten Iwanaga - V r Mignon Jackson , Scott Jacques 5 ik, P ,Q Julieanna Jardine J ' A -' Antonia Javier Beth Johnson Alessandra Jones Stephanie Jordan Attila Karaszi Keith Kato Michael Kaylor Deborah Kearns Diana Kelly Keddy Kenery Michelle Kensinger John Kilgour Jean Knoth Bryan Knowlton Clarissa Krings Kristine Kuwata I oi f Wm J ,Q H64 sd Sl 1 is .Qx f an Q il i Q- M ,. S va ll Y Q 'N fra ' awww' is x 5 -I l 1 X 1 in .g . ff- fr ragga: X JW . ,f ff 3-, 1 ., s. 'iff i , ,:, , . 4 filth! Hayme Lake Jessann Larez Nicole Leavitt Angela Ledesma Eric Lewis Steven Libby Matthew Lillie Mark Linn Marc Lobdell Christine Lockhart Angela Loggins Jon Lola Claudia Lombana Estella Lopez Dannette Louis Lisa Lovett Eleanore Lozares Erik Lund Nathan Luzny Bridget Lydon Michael Lyen Nora Lynch Rosalynn Macalolooy Renato Madamba Michael Maddock 1. Freshman Patrick Crossett dreams of the day that he'll finally be a senior. 2. Danielle Maze tries to find her secret admirer in the crowd. 3. Doris Wagoner and Sr. Den- nis Burigsay share an elegant dinner at the freshman box so- cial. Judith Madge Staci Madrid Candace Magann Anthony Manaois Kristine Martell Edwin Martin Michelle Martin Andrew Martinez James Martinez Steve Martinez Gina Massey Lisa May Danielle Maze Margaret McArthur Donald McDaniel Monique McMearn Jill McCormick James McCue Jacqueline McKean Michael McKeon Darin Medeiros Dennis Medeiros 3 , . .-. : .: . : L . .,, . , t 4 t I stss s , Q E- 'mv to .L Y is ' Y 4 - tt.: .sf t ' 1 K . i ' he t ,Q f. --: :L ,--- kb I 7 5 kk ff ,, t ggi? .es Q --as -ali? Q if 4-c Craig Staszkow and Janet Zamzow are sur- prised by the camera. Bobby Thomas, Claudia Aguilar, and Shir- ley Young sit out a dance. I kk,. 3 . 'fix , QQ , if ,,, ra t vm:-. an " .P ips 2 ' Nik. K ., 1 ll or it ,fr .fr 3? . Zi. ,3.t . , . ,, Q f A , A I K, i bs , Q X x Zi fi V, n. Jw x He- J 'M' rr Q xr E v I ll KL P5 -2., 5. Q 2 ,f, . qi it H- ! -. g 9 Zh. , '- tk ina 14 ,,.i X fi- J Y fi? Q E' , .We 'Ai-,- 'HX F' K We eff ..f"""' Arlene Medellin Christy Medellin Eric Meclellin Jeffrey Medinas Attila Medveczky Ariel Mercado Vanessa Merz Maureen Meyers Audrey Milano Mary Miller Kevin Mintz Ann Montemayor Leonela Montero Stephen Moore James Mootz Michael Moresi Robert Munoz Karna Navarro Joanna Nelson Tommy Grywczynski, Shaun Noonan, and Stephen Moore decide who to dance with. Maureen Meyers and Denise Vandervort discuss the latest gossip over lunch. Christina Newell Shawn Noonan Brock OHarran Trinidad Ojeda Mary OKeeffe Shannon ONeal Belinda Ordenana Clifford Ortiz Daniel Osanna Robert Padilla Antony Pando Maria Pardorla Peter Parenti Ludy Pasada Gorden Pascale Lourdes Pasion Deborah Pasquale Kimberley Pattison Cara Pauly Thomas Paynter Catherine Peacock Kenneth Peffer Mark Perez ia, Q ? 6 N X is .. X Q l X 44 if I V A K K ,S 'X , ,+I yi, W it ' ii' . i i r 4 g V 1 L Q U 1-. ' .C if P f , i X X' t M i 1 ,f fi: n i V f 5 j ,4 r j, 5 :V S . . ki .E .... .:- fy. ,i.Eii'i " 't P 3 .sr'i 7 i tirsss P SX. :.:, J . E .L is , F W a --221: r wzfio fxff. 1 if lll What did you say? l2l Who is that guy? n- X X 5. in aff je ,, if if f ,M Lv,. W , H I . V. ,V we 1 , ,, ia Q ,M-1 , "1 I - ti T 1, ,f iff? 'wi V, , Q ,. . L . . V2 M, f ,, A ., ,aww ' iivy ,ff J in 4 A ' P' wr if .rr ag, z 1 if 4? V22 j '. ,,,, , V. P ILZ ,Z Wa? Y it , fu M A I see you. 1 Michele Perreira Theresa Peyton Amy Picha Jenifer Pike Brian Pine Steve Pineda Paul Placido Wendy Poletti Felix Poquiz Darryl Pretto Joel Proto Christopher Pucci Marylou Purisima Nanci Quinones Julian Ramirez Ill Darren Ravazza Paul Rebello Albert Retodo Daniela Rible Stephanie Richter Robert Rios Daniel Ritzman Robert Robello Christina Roberts Colleen Robinson Annabelle Rodriguez Rita Rodriguez Timothy Rogers Anthony Rojo Diane Romo Peter Rosen Anna Rosette Daniel Royal Percy Sales Marnie Salido Daniel Sanelli Clifford Schenkhuizen Joseph Schneitman Erika Schuh 1. Mark Perez and Mike Alvarez pose for camera while eat- ing lunch. i l 1 W j K i Q ,f 'Hi , 5 riiiiii i y it ay A V- W Q. .g li vv lf' XX . V: I -V I l In if l eillifwi lll C 'W iii i i iir ti iii i i iiiitr , i -all , Y r2'lLgTJ. til e ii f i oii , g r 4. 271 ,aww gg, QW - it ' f S R A af, 55:35 S by 4 l 1 klk' :SES R 1 .. ,,, I . . K r 'Q' 'SS 'E A.. si M'- if X , , X I 'C S -nfl E i Z . 6 .- 12 ,.1. . ir, x Q Erica Schulte Christopher Schusske Michelle Schwenger Paul Seitz Lisa Sell Diana Serquina Donald Shinn Lucinda Sison Timothy Slone Patrick Smith Robert Smith Sean Smith Susan Sornberger Anthony Spangler Robert Specht Rebecca Spencer Lorinda Spillers Jennifer Stafford Brian Stanking r ,KX V A fa' 44 2 ,fx , lg s is ,W if P 1. Close couple dances at the Freshman Dance 2. Vicki Herrera looks lost as she tries to find her way around Moreau. Laura Stanley Craig Staszkow Valarie Stonich Kathryn Stricklen Mary Sullivan Robert Swarts Matthew Taylor Darlene Teixeira Myron Tejada Laura Templeton Bill James boogies on down with his tuba at band practice. Robert Thomas Larry Thomsen Michelle Tom Elizabeth Torrisi Kevin Trutner Cyril Udall Monica Ulrich Kiersten Vandenakker Denise Vandervort Christopher Vasquez 1024. K TA ag E :i,,. f T, T I ,vm . as T I K T ,,,W,, T Nj W , T. K aww AH., A T, . f - 2' f' 'M' L5 f- fr T4 L ,T KT TT T yyyl T T T A C ' Vli ' f?" ' A ' ,i,. T S . rTT,,.4fw N A ,T Q ' ' i X .T Y A i T KA I T I f ,xr T , MMR? l T ss K A . -wrifpi . cr" Q "ff: 4 , R' Y! 6 T. T. I 2 lg 3 it 35: Qi 'Q l Za Qi ,ff 253, ATTT 'ofa' W x 9 6' T Q 2 5 T 4 1 Z 1 T T QSM, if T 42? W, QM was .4- Tl " Picture I Not .f 'S Available L .1 4- -ef Q 14 if 'Y Q-anti W f M' gm If fy, ,A TffT1TfTfTTg"v f lx . T ' Q at I 4' 1,178 6 Tim Avila shows his feelings about the Fresh- men's placement in Spirit Week. n 4 'mi' ,f 4-Y,,.,.,. lxsxs -.M A "'M,f" KN, NN'- Patricia Vasquez Julie Vigil Cecilia Villanueva Eric Vizcaino Doris Wagoner Craig Watega Janal Watkins Stefan Weber Gia West Wendy Widing Wendy Wiersma Anthony Williams Thomas Williams Elizabeth Wilmurt Benjamin Wilson Amy Wixson Wendy Woehl Leslie Wolfe Raymond Wong Russell Wong Todd Wong Stephanie Wright Monica Wuelfing Jennifer Wyman Deborah Xavier Loraine Yamaguchi Shirley Yang Theresa Young Sergey Zaderey Janet Zamzow Paul Zendejas Andrew Ziola , V . i ,ff l or .J -,.. S A Picture Not Available ll K bg nf 9 Wir 2 J V gap f 'il l s fi x r l if K f , .. 2 ff' , -im i- 9 Y X I ,, R96 l E? Ellie 2,35 it -ae K.- r ' gg B7 'li y' , sa X 5.1 l 5 N ik 1. Eric Lewis and Eric Vizcaino meet th Craig Staszkow smiles for the camera. eir dates ll Freshmen perform skit at Spirit Week rally. 2D Freshmen class turn their hall into Hollywood Blvd. 3l Freshmen class at rally. 45 Cesar DeSousa smiles at freshmen box social. 55 A group of fresh- men spread the latest gossip. Sophomores crkffo 1995 4' V KJ .nfl K v 3 'Q Uh .5 4 4T: ?5g . , ,l g R. .D ' h ID Sophomores go crazy at a Spirit Week Rally. C23 Nicole Ormsby is embarrassed to have her picture taken during class. C35 Noele Abella and Bob Zumwalt enjoy a fast dance together. C43 Scott Ma- chado takes it easy at a sophomore retreat. C53 Dan Squires gives a mean look because the photogra- pher has interrupted his studies, Sophomore Class Officers ill President Brennan Harmuth, Secretary-Treasurer Debbie Pager' lin, and Vice-President Robert Ta- tad. C2l Spirit Coordinators Christina Pretto and Michelle Marasigan. C33 Representatives Erin Sullivan, Deb- bie Soto, Nancy Ferreira, Kim Ro- man, and Brenda Loggins. Class Moderators: Br. Tony LaTorre and Mrs. Linda Wolf. 5-.- wg Picture ' of sssr Available A , 3 'Ss . 3+ 5 if in X. we-1+ v r Q' Q- A fl Noelle Abela Erich Ackermann Vincent Aguilar William Aliski Gina Alonzo Patricia Alvarez Theresa Amouroux Carla Andalis Nestor Andaya II Derrick Anderson Donna Anderson Jennifer Anderson Kelly Andrews Alfred Antonini Lisa Aquino Eric Archuletta Gary Arpon Christine Arthur Cindy Arthur Dennis Ault lil Matthew Neideffer Charles Mattoch Eddie Fernandez, Darrin Vallone and Da vid Marshall take time out from their lunch to pose for a picture. l2l David McCrossen feels sick after eating cafeteria food Jean Brantome Valerie Bridgeman Yvonne Brown George Brumm Sabrina Burigsay Ronald Cabusora Laura Caeton Niko Cagaanan Mark Camerena Guy Cameron Scott Campbell Cheryl Campos Christina Canalas Kevin Cannella Danyette Cardwell Randy Cariveau Anthony Castiglioni Renza Celotti Catherine Chao Catherine Chicone Alvin Chu Kenneth Chung Sun Chung Sandra Colthharp Peter Consos Jr. Ruth Laureta does some last minute studying during lunch. 4177 M ,,. l 2 ,JS ,,. .ri-, 9 5 an 4, 159 7 .QM Y X, ...Hitman ' A 'ar -1 uf ,l A H Photo No Available , ,f V 5 K -. 15. ,f J. Jeff Marshall and Jay Austin Edward Azevedo Mark Azzarito James Baker Raquel Balauro Rosa Baldoza Peter Banchieri Charlton Barreto David Bartalini Marc Bartholomeu David Bashinski Chandra Bathwal Michael Batongbacal Tina Baugh Glenn Baxley Monica Benard Andrea Bennett Paula Bernardo Anthony Betonio Heidi Blair Christopher Bordman Laura Boyd junior Mary MacPherson enioy their break together. Annalissa Convento Joanne Cordova Anita Corona Mary Cumming Jonathan Cummings Ricardo Deala Rhonda Degraw Suzanne DeHaven Francis DeJesus Arnold Delmundo Marcia Denham Kenneth Der William Deridder Kevin Desmond Lucia Diaz Lisa Dietrich Minh Dinh Shawn Downey Victor Dungca Andrew Eberhard Arlene Ellis John Eom if P . ,L . , S x Q-fa -assi Q E gt t .ttt 1.'ii,.ff f 'Q i t - ,,k. if V ii' . .... . .ws . ,, - . ,W fi . , isis , - AQ E FQ ti? is E f -.-fe Wok' . , , .Q . . . ., r 41:30. S C. 1 . . ,i ,gs i 5 Sw xp W ,.t,5 st,i ill? Vt Rf,-'f f rir,rr,iiri r no .5 is f 92 A1 i 'A'L iirv i x 5 iiii , fr' . - . - , ,.,,f,m F ei ,ff xi! this 4' ii 5 iii , we - A wx Q X an 2 '55 K U, y :VJ , F 1' fy EA O i f f ...,:"' ' ,fr ,,,!4 4 f WZ if ,V ,, it ? EW fifgg f f W if f if an' 13' 1' 7' '. f W wiv 244 'Q if 2 IAM- I 1 .- and Judith Erlandson Johna Escobar Ann Escorcio Mark Everett Debra Fagerlin Maura Farnan Joseph Farrish Priscilla Faso Stacy Fegard Eddie Fernandes Darlene Fernandez Michelle Fernandez Nancy Ferreira Jeffrey Feuerstein Dennis Finkes Maria Finkes Jeffrey Fisher Julianne Fitzpatrick Paul Flores Laura Fokes Peter Franco Edward Franzwa Denise Freitas Kristine Freitas Lisa Fuchslin ill Nancy Ferreira, Kim Roman and Erin Sullivan keep an eye on things at the Blood Drive l2J Peter Roman stands by as David Sulll van examines his lunch Douglas Gagle Gregory Gahagan Lea Gambina Lisa Garcia Amanda Geister Melissa Gjestland Jeri Goldt John Gomes Pamela Gomez Diane Gonsalves Jacqueline Gonzales Lee Ann Goulart Timothy Graham Maureen Grgurina Stephen Griffiths Marlo Groves John Grubbs David Grywczynski Angela Gudino MaryAnn Guesnon Monica Guitron Maria Gutierrez Ramona Gutierrez Timothy Hall Tisa Hall i 7 , ,- W X if 4 'V ' 4 W 'QL' i i ,ff 1 ' H f , ,,,Lgi.1fiz L l Q f ' 1 1 gf f E, 5 - lf' 2 V , 'V , f 'f 'rf V 5 1 ' ,.? .We r rr 1. Steve Johnston and Michelle Nolan express their joy of life. 2. Eric Hartmann does his version of "Flashdance" during P.E. 3. Erin Sullivan alias Little Bo Peep has just found one of her lost sheep. Wivecal Debora Halloran Judith Halper Robert Ham Mark Hammerschmidt Tanya Hammond Michael Hansen Susan Harmeyer Brennan Harmuth Dixie Harrison Patrick Harrison John Harshbarger Cambra Hart Kenneth Hartman Eric Hartmann Gregory Heffron Steven Hempler Lisa Hernandez Erica Hess Alison Hickey Gregory Hicks Wilfred Hinson Joseph Hungerford William Huston William James Susanne Johnson Steven Johnston Daniel Jones Frank Jose Pamela Kato Raymond Kayas Theresa Kaylor Jeffrey Kearney Loren Kensinger Louis Kesthely David Kim David King Michelle Koskella Jamie Kress Laura Kroeckel Linda Kuo lan Land Julie Villarreal shares a coke and a smile. Brennan Harmuth displays his GQ profile. - v- f J if ethic .9 N. ...., ,Q ,,,,,,.......,, ...,.. ,.,..... ...,,, 17 5 a Q . L iioos 4 E-A lii-' 1' J 1 iii -- l ' ,, WV 1 , . if fi. ,, JJWJJ J J FZ,aE,,,4, IM, 0.. V- . in 4 l' ' if l I if as , Q55?f'iili'5 I f, V' L as f if E 4 AA 3 .EL L ik Craig Lang Suzanne Lang Ruth Laureta Robyn Lema Stephen Leonesio Sandra Light Brenda Loggins Gloria Lomas John Looney Brandon Loose Melissa Lopez Roko Lucin Joan Lynch Philip Lyons Nanette Macapanpan Sandra MacArthur Scott Machado Margaret Maguire Walter Malattia Mary Malpede Emily Mamaril Michelle Manick Michelle Marasigan Tamra Marchetti Theresa Mariano li Tina Canalas takes a nibble of her sandwich. 21 A group of intel lectual Sophomores play a game of chess during lunchtime David Marshall Jeff Marshall Beverly Martin Christopher Martin Lisa Martin Marjorie Martin Hector Martinez Charles Mattoch Richard McBride David McCrossen Thomas McDermott Mary McKeon Courtney Meekma Ivan Melean Sylvia Mena Denise Mergel Renee Mesquita Courtney Meyer Teresa Meyer Trudi Meyer Paul Middione Cynthia Milam Emmanuel Miranda Anna Molina Yolanda Moreno , f ' tl. " ,,, , " , .0 4 v 6 C QW gf aw " I if if i ig, Ein W' at , 'W t 5 in of it E, .e M, 5 r ,,, 'rf im ,, , A fn N i '- is WL 'f rdf' 1 nt. 7 :1 A 1 Fira F V Xi t " .7 S". ,L-c LL-.4 Qt , 3- ,NN w 5- X is 125 'Qc 5 x wi- P -s ' 1 I ifscyqfit Picture Not Available fx is 'j . . 5 2 it l i sf 1. . 2, . 3 L- K. ., F XX S V, . g ,f X' gk Q ff' gg " 3 izf , Monica Murga Richard Navarro Matthew Neideffer Susan Neuerberg Michelle Newman Vanessa Nightingale Michelle Nolan Richard Oberman Dan Jones delights in Moreau gourmet. . .. ij .a Riff -VY d txf fl l, ll Brendan O'Neil James O'Reilly Paul Orella Nicole Ormsby Edgar Pacrem Michelle Padilla Patricia Padua Roy Palatino Daniel O,Connor Liam OlConnor Timothy O'Connor Gregory Ojeda Michael O'Leary Jennifer O'Neal Darryl Parr Rousalyn Partido Carrianne Pendley David Pereira Charles Perrino Stacey Pierce Rachel Piper Andria Pledger Michael Polk Tom Pratt Christina Pretto Cyrece Puccio John Quill Kathleen Quinn Denise Quintana 1. Sophomore girls flash'em a dark tan. 2. Noelle Abela holds up the wall in P.E. 3. Carrianne Pendley and friend watch a Varsity football game. lDominicaJ , 241: ,i ff-we , , ,... - W, . W ., 5' . ,, . V , W' fd"t . I- I REM uh - fy ,,., i. Picture Not Available .ff Wizar- 'A ff-W . J rrr. .wwrw ' .- i of l V 1 , M n mr, , ,, , z , 412 Picture Not Available ' ,, ' 2,-fn ,. st - ' -, Y P , " if 3' W l 4 if x if V Vfiimilf , ' YV r r i' , ,Ei it f W S as fr: ",,- g""' 5 2 if L 'f M ff' M ,, f , 1? is 3 bw f z i Q f fu ,mf ,.,s., 1? V M 'Z 1 13 f' 4 1 1, J W 1 ,,,- QQ If 3 4 tx 'L i , K , .2-V, 11.1 Q W z, Q , , y r Stacey Raimondi Sheryl Raines James Redmond Roy Remedios Krista Rendori Allen Retodo Anna Reyes Ramon Rois Paul Rizzo Cynthia Robinson David Roddick Theresa Rodriguez Kimberly Roman Peter Roman Susan Rose James Rosette Michael Rossi Craig Rowe Lisa Ruibal Mark Runnels Scott Russo Scott Ryan Sherri Saavedra Stephanie Sah Toni Sanchez Bernadette Sanchez Carlos Sardiello Heidi Sausedo Phillip Saylor Erik Schenkhuizen Herbert Schley Tanya Scotlan Mary Beth Scott Stephen Searles Lesley Seipp Antony Sell Rebecca Serpa Kimberly Severini Irene Shukman Ernest Silva Stephen Silva Michele Simas Christine Singer Aaron Smallwood Edward Smith Elizabeth Sollitt Maria Songey Deborah Soto Catarina Sousa Michael Souza Carrianne Pendley is shocked by Scott Machado's gesture. , , ' J tri Ir 5 gy .e y is F 'W ' Q -1 Q 53 E be , 0 i at S 5 m PB .. M xii . R-J 3+ X ft 1 T U 3 'Q -I F gs , w we S 4 sss l z X at f lPicture S i Q Not F 1- si' Q Avaaiabiei ' f k f g S S o S E ,, L . Q ,, f E if Ia- ? , L 'W 'Z r by f' . .i mt., . r I s -V 1 431: K 5. A x 5. " r . I K .1- 'is-f 1 . ' ' ' 'T L J-M 9 C3 mi -' '--.x i ' y . I If x ififg ggrrfi- ::::YY?lf'Pf 1 - t--' .0 4 ' -- -f-Q Q'mi,.":-A l'gggjgg53ff.fL1g" sg 3 .. S . ff m.,. if.. M- aff gfigsrzdrsIi::::::::f:I-2:55 ' I ' 1 ' 'I' Isvflfa-'fra-xliliff V.: SESEFIQ15?f!::::::::52fAsll: X if 5 ig s is ll li 8 s QQ .if ' Xrfk I ' .- V " x V V - -Q K ' . :x.,: X 1 ,- W. x f X J, Ka X 5 t .. .i we N um.. ,f I , 'H QW- George Brumm is in deep concentration as he challenges his opponent in a game Dan O conner eats his first sarclme sandwich and looses his appetite chess Darlene Specht Peggy Spence Daniel Squiers Kevin Staszkow Arnold Suliguin David Sullivan Erin Sullivan Patrick Sullivan Karl Swartz Stephanie Szilagyi l-lanny Tan Robert Tatad Nanette Tavares Dori Tehada Kimberly Tetsall William Thomas Jaqueline Thomason Elizabeth Torres Lisa Troutman Julie Tsen ...ay-f I I v S 1 6 . j ST I . ifr , - S ttt t 4 to S a S o , , i S . X V 'Q .af Kent Tucker Nikita Tulchinsky Tina Twite Tiffani Tyler James Ubarro , 1 'il 9 Y Q Nz Christian Uy Richard Valle Robert Vallone JoAnn Vanderbroek Margaret Vega Carmen Velasquez Ji Paul Vennemeyer V Dina Vescera ' ' C Monique Vianna ' 4 E" , Christine Villaluz 'Q l l' I if l J r lri i in r l iiir n 4- ww, Q 'f i' l l 1. Jennifer 0'neal is happy for the end of the day. 2. Caroline Walters seems ready for vacation. V fy I i - ,A MZ 5 . ' ... r 'A 2 fix 'lil V ' ' ' ff .A,A ,- - ,J , l ,rf l . pn i "" 2 VZ? r V JV' M s 2 Aa ,AQ-,f -. f ,-.1 QW C 1 ,. , S, ,rr . ,, f ,, I. 5 0' if ff 6 t Q C , ,W . , ., I .,. 3 Et hh' W4 rf C aj Julie Villarreal Eric Vogel Kristian Vonderahe Frederick Walsh Caroline Walters Carolyn Ward Mark Wargo Bridjet Warner Robert Warren Jennifer Watson Richard Weaver Michael Wenzler Cristina West Martin West Robert Wieland if 'Cfi 1. That Black Cat, Moreau s new mascot 2. Cindy Arthur gets down Uohnl Marla Williams Mary Woelffer Lawrence Jr. Wolff Stephanie Wright Edward Jr. Wuelfing Ill A friend is helbing Mike Al- varez with tuition. l2l Gina Alonzo and friend get to- gether after school. Veronica Xavier Hee Yoo Susan Young Timothy Young Carlos Zertuche Robert Zumwalt l i A - In f.. . Je. ,,., l 'e f ., jf .-P' 1 '.,, f . -1 ,f Qigil i a, c'l ' . - 5 ,i l , W fig", Twfrf, W W1 lt' .4', 1 f f l K f , i I 2 ' o f f f ga -5. ' ' . .i 5522 .. Q "' G h 'KM YW fi f A fl Y 1 4? it 1 I a 4 f W Q f .FV 4.3 4 ,gf , , M ' Z x '-u.. is -si--.5 -1.4 1 KU OK. where is John? f2l But look Mike! C31 Don't be so shy. Q41 What do you think you are doing? Q51 Don't say anything! Juniors ,I -if mg gyms: . " ,fx f flirt T9 gf . f: I I y .. A i ,x I X1 it K Y - v 3 ' , K I ' r +-+ ZQWQ.-5 W' n i Ili Jamie Clark, Tim Williams and Wally Placido start a new dance craze, l2J Clarisse Carbonel smiles while listening to the morn- ing prayer. C37 Juniors show their love for 1985 at a spirit week rally. UU David Fox poses for a more serious shot during his morning class. l5j Lisa Henry has had enough lecture for one day. Junior Class Officers ill President Lisa Puccini, Secretary- Treasurer Elaine Clancy, Vice Presi- dent Stephanie Mendoza. C21 Spirit Coordinators Mary MacPherson and Scott Sheppard. C37 Representatives Paul Hormel, Erin Willet, Judita Nipay, Christine Aflague, and Mike Rice, Class Moderators: Ms. Sarah Simon- ian and Mrs. Susan O'Neil. ali Picture Not Available is HE Barry Abella Christine Aflague Jennifer Aliski Erin Almond April Alvarez Lois Amaral Camille Anderson Janet Anderson Jocelyn Antonio Sheila Arce Yolanda Arellano John Armada Michelle Arthur Jacqueline Augello Joseph Baalman lll David Borghi dreams about last nights football game and wonders if the next game will be as good. l2l Karen Wuelfing takes time to practice for her future modeling career. Erika Baerwald Rena Bains David Baptist Caryn Barbour Deborah Barbour Darla Barlow Michelle Bouhofer Frances Belda Daniel Bettencourt Peter Bluemle Rowena Bondacl Erica Borges David Borghi Deborah Bosso Andre Brantome Sean Brennan John Briscoe Kimberly Bromley David Brower Janice Buchanan Arlene Buerrero Paul Burchfield ll rii f," E , it ..,, 'aff f l +A, Jr 5 W f l Z 1 f sg 5 5? S if 4 5? S of , irr' i ,f "rf ,,v, K , if f -11' 1 1 , , 5212 'ff S if ,,.,., Z' . r,: M! will Lfif . 2 if K. 5 ' Rf, -- , if, David Fox works intensely on the P.S.A.T. test. aa, M, , .V - i, M , ' 3- rw ,, . ,N 2 . if if ir ill' 1 r Wg-, -f T4 A B ki K kk r , SW X 4 ,, ,,,., if- 1 'Z ,QQ fir r ,ir . , L, q mi, ,, , ,, W I W! ,,,, K .V M, 5 f i ' "" 2 B V - ii " , '- 1 . ,g, I 5. K3 -,,,- ' V , A , . me W 'ff sfairffgrr :,,dg,r.. i , B N K - 5 C Y . N? ri Qc ' ,, if 1. -f l gsffaq, ., , Q-ACQQE H Qsrwrftlfxmrf- E g.4:xQr'bQ.tvfu:1.1fri2 is, A fi wif:-:LX-is XX E 3 S Ex r ' W x Q X E k ,, ' .f as, Q r g - K N af Q, V! Frankie Cabrales Sharon Cabrera Shannon Cadinha Robert Canalas Maria Canlas Kim Cannova Clarisse Carbonel Joseph Carson XX 1 Chris Madsen looks worried while taking the P.S.A.T, test. st. fn iisse - i n- .11 .. aarr , aa ' n 'ueof fffatf Monique Castagnetta Frank Cava Aileen Chanco Ingrid Chase Darrell Choy Elaine Clancy Cheryl Clark James Clark Gregory Cocard Nora Contreras Daniel Cooper Janet Correia Steven Coulthard Lonnie Crosby Fernando Cuebas Brian Cunningham David Cunningham Rhonda Cunningham Leonard Dandurand Denean Dangelo Enrique Deanda Romeo Decastro 55 ? Fl ,jv- ig., ll? ' va X 5- i . Q. fs - , . i ii: 1 li' 5 ci-N x X ' 4 Ab. Q r ai. l ww N? X i X sr 5 ia fiiii 'I Yi' 9' . 2 z ve if ga W, 5 ,- Q - Carmina Defazio Roberto Deleon Catherine Desa Joseph Devane Terrie Diehl Thahn Dinh Sabrina Dodaj Katherine Dungca Craig Dunlap Kenneth Dunlap Scott Sheppard and Wally Pla- cido try out some new dance steps. Carole Dunnock Mary Dutra Kathryn Eberhard Diane Econome Cynthia Elam Sheila Ernst Gina Escobar Lynn Felsenthal Veronica Fernandez Lesheia Ferreira Pearse Ffrench Cleo Flores David Fontanilla Julian Fountain David Fox John Franco Teresa Frates Robert Fratus Albert Freitas Karen Freitas Darcy French Mary Frey Karie Friedenthal Terri Galbreath Brian Gallagher Shannon Galloway Ronald Galvan Claudia Garcia John Garcia Maria Gill I 1' 'rf U il L ' il f - .... . . V 5 ff 5 CI' 1. Juniors stand for prayer. 2. Sabrina Dodaj sees camera. Q XXX' :f"'i K1 , 1 , if!! X . g No Picture Available ., ,f,, 4,1 f Q .f,' fG:'w 0 Z Lug, xiii. mfg ' 1:,,,, W a 3. ' vys I f .,. x ff: N" ' pi I 127651 "W :W T A, 4, ,wwe ' V- i Rosemary Gipson Patricia Goldhammer Richard Gomez Janis Gonsalves Diane Gonzales Bridget Goranson Cecilia Granados Richard Graw Arlene Guerrero Karen Guesnon Paul Guesnon Sholeh Hamedani Mark Harper Sarah Harris David Harshbarger Amber Hatter Cynthia Hawkes Torri Helmick Paul Hempel Brian Henderson annum vig 1. Siobhan Moroney twirls her baton 2. Lisa Quintana stares into the distance Lisa Henry Denica Hernandez Eric Hewell Mark Hirayama Todd Hollingworth Paul Hormel Anthony lnocentes Lisa lvaldi Joseph Jacques Arthur Jamison Janet Correia, Erica Borges, and Rosemary Gipson laugh at the idea of being in the yearbook. Christina Kabitzke Zoltan Karaszi Maureen Katen Michael Jayme Mark Johnson Moira Kelly Anneliese Ketterer Michael Keyser Jerry Kinnaman Kevin Kirk A! Wi? f if fa- , 4 Q e fa M ,rn .sf M, , f f K a 'fs Picture o Available ff 5 ' fs.. ". r H .Wm Perry Knowlton III Leonard Konecny John Koslosky Janis Kovacich Andrea Krassa Kimberly Krupka Michael Lanza Ellen Lanzone Timothy Laufenberg Kierdre Lawler Deborah Leslie Darren Lewis Denise Lewis Jeffrey Lewis Esperanza Licad Roberto Lombana Thomas Lombard Cheryl Long Melissa Lopes David Louis 1 l ""' A 1. Karen Freitas and Amber Morelli look for friends at the dance. 2. Kathy Radecke experiences another exciting day of typing. lll Juniors show their enthusiasm Q-1 Brian Lozano Kimberly Lyen Jennifer Lyon Mary MacDonald Belinda Macias Mary MacPherson Christopher Madsen Dominic Magadia John Mahoney Stephanie Maloney Chris Manos Joseph Marasigan Mark Mariano Tania Marker Kathy Marquez Douglas Marshall Belinda Martin Janine Martin Paul Martin William McCormick Brian McDonagh Michael McDonald Michael McFarlane Todd McGrew Megan McCormick 5 E 4 ' 15: Q .kV,,, Desiree Medeiros Nicole Medveczky Janina Melgarejo Stephanie Mendoza Stephanie Meneze Linda Merrigan Mark Mestrovich Teresa Michaels David Miguel Elizabeth Miller lll Michelle Bauhofer shows Ja- net Correia, "Look, no cav- itiesl' Gary Miranda Kelly Mitchell Pamela Molina Gerald Montegani Amber Morelli i ikiiliilii 'i Casey Moreno Siobhan Moroney Kevin Mouton Diane Muser Steven Nahm Robert Nelson Judith Newcomb Chad Nightingale Judita Nipay Laurie O' Connell Arthur Odgers Christine Oliva Allan Clson Amanda Olson Patrick O'Malley Y ' ' ' YW' Y "'1f""iW'i' W' Q-L" lll ' XZM ff , ZW 9 , l' ig J 5? 4 4 S' E ' N . -wg X tt ei ,, Albert Freitas, Lynn Felsenthal, and Torri Helmick are just too shy to dance. David Villarreal sings his heart out at a school mass. Wivecaj Picture Not Available , N., - ,, W, ,, 329 9 4? is V Y Q f f ,W 'L i kai XLR? ,,f f. gig is Z f dy P fm n al Ji lt' I is -W i 'A , V I ' - f 1,5 fa ,. K ws, sv. lm , ,Q fm .- ,-' Q .lf gf Q-,MA J D , f qw-. if XG . ,f , i :Sr f V vs. li V - L, It N l Available du-jf f ,if Q ' Picture " Not gk X aff! e . 52 E 2 ,re f ,,, W J ff -wr M M :Nw X, f 1 ,X S , I Terri Galbreath doesn't seem to find the joke as amusing as Judita Nipay does. Tim Williams, Paul Guesnon, and Robert De Leon are on the look-out for any danger- ous-looking ladies. It's so hard to be in demand! fVivecal we i iff 412, , J or Vg, ,i", Q ii I Megan O'Neil Stephanie Orozco Douglas Osanna Lisa Owen Laura Pargett Debbie Paris Kevin Parker Allan Partington Heidi Paulo Monique Pavon Daniel Pearce Theresa Pelicas Kelly Peters Kim Petersen Pam Petit Harold Pickell Walter Placido Thomas Plowman Myron Polivka Frank Potesta Michelle Prager Joanne Prepoutse Kathrine Profumo Sheri Promes Lisa Puccini Michael Quebbeman Rose Quigley Lisa Quintana Kathleen Radecke Wendy Rager ll In deep concentration, Natalie Uribe, previews a magazine. 2l Tom Plowman is itching for the bell to ring. 3l Perry Knowlton and Ken Dunlap absorb some so- lar rays. 4-l Ron Rebello is startled at his grade. Sl Megan O'Neil is overjoyed after winning her tennis match. Michelle Raimondi Elaine Raymundo Michael Rebello Ronald B. Rebello Ronald J. Rebello, Jr, Carol Reed Anthony Rems Michael Rice Stacee Richardson Perla Rimando em N ,, A , Q X sk ii as f i . . sa :xiii '- ' . . . if 1.. fs. ' fs 0 M - Y X 5 F X El X- X i N. Xi Q .i X, gn kg -Sffwg-r. i rf 2 if . Y ' s R I K .ig .I ,I I. we -- ws- -vm' --4 Q , .. at .i'. I. Sells?-1 A '. .5 Q. t ' Q Picture U all W ' Not I I Available , ' 'i x is f L if wg H ,, v 'LE ,z "' My Q - R e i 3 cg, i 2 i i 712' W. ,, ! , Q W it is haw Q. xx 9,19 J if 52 ,,, f,.,.ima-- gig! f W Nw L K I f K! f Q , L L. ,,,, fl Mr Q W QW 5 7 , 4 1 W P5 4 if 7 Picture Not Available D4 i, X .KKK 's' ' Q.. -4 I Luz Rios James Ripley Kathleen Ritzman Scotia Rivenes Jennifer Rivera Richard Roberto Michelle Rodrigues Christian Rodriguez Mark Rodriguez David Romo Tami Roschewski John Rosen Kenneth Rubino William Ruby Robert Rusk if i i s. . wwcwiwf f V x 1 ff , f ll 2l 3l 47 Michael Salido Esperanza Sanchez Christopher Sanger Puanani Santiago Troy Scarpitti Kathleen Schmitt Michael Schuyler Kathleen Seishas Steven Sellards Shawn Sharp Kathleen Taylor wonders, "Where's my ring?" Mike Salido and Glenn Bax- ley get ready to chow down at Freshman barbeque. Karen Wuelfing takes a break from chemistry. Mr. Wilder's class answers the call, "Please stand for the pledge." Scott Shepard Helen Sheridan Tom Shih Randy Sierra Ernest Silva Sharon Slater Monique Smith Stephanie Snyder Carlos Soria Darlene Specht Marlene Specht Simone Spranger William Stahl Allan Steinberger Erin Stuart A X ' W X5 Q as s if af, W f' 1f" K If Y X rw.. Q x W LE 3 W rr are f fr eq , mln A iw 1 f 1 45 N, -L ,,' -. ,N wa-,,a9p,w ,, 1 l H ffl' R 5' . .W WWW . H A F, iavzinif -f .J ' 2 5 i if 4' 1 ff " " 'i v f lt sy -tg., i ss .y n a., " , 5 --Q W 'ir 'Ls Z fl? 'vfigffg 7, 59 n,. 1 if 15 f Qu if View 52. Q an " ' ,U U? in , V4 K f in aww f 5.2, , A-V, - Nancy Stump Catherine Sullivan Jane Sweeney Wendelyn Sylvia Judy Tabimina Kathleen Taylor Paula Taylor Deborah Teilh Vernon Temple Russell Thompson David Tien Gregory Tom Sandra Trippi Pauline Troiano Darnel Tureaud fs , , I 'Nm in M: -r ,K fag H vl, ,g V my " 4rc'Zir?J' , , fi 1 . V , W-M if lf , -- 3, . f g ' , ,. ' ' 1 15:4 ,V S ' ' .V . ., 2 no if , f ,Q if Ei 5, ' . , . i , ,T L fe A,, VV AV Cecilia Udall John Ulrich Natalie Uribe Kamie Valdez Ricky Valenzuela Edward Vales Richard Vanderostyne Keith Van Wetter Tina Vasconcellos Leslie Vigil David Villarreal Evelyn Villegas Katrina Vizcaino Zaira Wagner Gina Wallpe Charles Walters Michael Warner George Watters John Weaver Karen Wensler Helen Wentworth Jessica Wesela Gregory White Erin Willett Tim Williams Toni Wilson Rhonda Wirzberger Craig Wolfe Craig Woody Karen Wuelfing Scott Young Jose Yuson - - if rritMEiQiE lE5'r3aexrs uffst? ' " ilia my A M saw? Siobhon Moroney asks, "Is this right?" Stephanie Orozco and date dance the night away at the Christmas Ball, Mike Mc Farlane alive and well after giving blood at the Fall Blood Drive. Mike Mc Donald is asked to spit out his chew before taking pictures at the Welcome Dance. Clarisse Carbonel poses on freedress. Darnel Tureaud smiles in spite of the rain and cold at the Omega Rally. fDominical is hmm: 555, 1 wa, . K :H - 1251 59. .S .. . ' ' ie E 81? ik El sz -- .,, , C17 Seniors get together for a group picture. l2l Tracy Telles smiles while doing an imitation at a sopho- more retreet. 131 Larry Kevin is concentrating on what his teacher is saying because he knows he will be tested on the material soon. l4l Sue Mullan is excited because she has no computer homework over the weekend. l5l Viveca Valeriano rests during her 7th period class so that she will be energetic at the spir- it week rally. .. Senior Class Gfficers Ill VicePresident Maggie Aguilar, President Jill Pickard, Secretary- Treasurer Mia Shandera. C2l Spirit Coordinators Erin 0'Reilly and Gor- don Furlong. l3l Representatives Peggy Lynch, Verna Rodriguez, Dana Hyde, Jenny O'Connor, not pictured, Maria Canalas Moderators: Mary Ann Udoutch and Fred Barreiro. :Q bv' Robert Abele Ursula Abella Kristina Adams Ridlard Adams Q' A '-x J Heidi Adrian Eva Aguilar Cynthia Aiello Christine Alaniz Lxviprt, p Lori Albright Gina Allen Susanne Altermann Becky Alvarez 'iflwv Gloria Alvarez Marilee Asvitt Patricia Atayde Peter Avila 'Q .fe 'J- Ronald Avisa Robert Baker Philip Balauro Maria 33111028 ' 'I "' ,,,5I?5f1,ff..- Gina Bartholomeu Jessica Barto Michele Bauer Janelle Becker f 5 , r x v' nk Victor Benavidez Frank Berlogar Olaf Besgen Arlene Bie . !, Greg Biela Kelly Bitz Joan Blancher John Bliss W7 J Paul Boothby Kelly Bosset Olaf Besgen takes a break from band practice Hi f 5' ,4 'nf-7 A ' ' , Daniel Bowen Wendy Braga Eric Brumm Vicki Brusco Dennis Burigsay Mark Cabusora Timothy Camacho Maria Canalas -' 2 'J Annette Vait and Tracey Telles pose for the camera. Lynnette Cardwell James Carrizo y i 'B ii: Leonard Carty John Caviglia Anthony Celebrini Cristina Celotti Laura Cheu Rodney Chew Marie Chikhani Keith Clayton Robin Clayton Michael Cooper Catherine Cordeniz Anthony Corral Nav-P ., 'Tv Luisa Costa Gilbert Cristg Eileen Crowley James Crowley Deep in thought, Robert Zielinski tackles a tough problem. John Curran Rex Das Christine Davis Joseph Davis Michael Dearborn Dante Deguara Carl DeHaven Susan Dorrance Joseph Eom .N A- mi .. rv'-'Ma 1 iw 3 Maricel De Leon Michelle Digiulio Maribel Dizon Patrick Downs Gerhard Drexel ll John Dutra Edgar-do Evangelism Kathleen Farnan Kevin Farnan ,G f ,,,. V vb- CE? A A , M. ,X J. W. A Linda Fereria Frank Fernandes Donald Finkes Danielle Flores Q - Qu R 1, ' ' W inn' X' .v ' ' Brian Fokes Ken Fong Isabel Ford N Lisa Fumero Gordon Furlong Michael Furnary James Gallagher l ,.539m'?"i Mary Galvin Dino Gambina Dominica Garcia Mark Garcia John Gendreau Roderick Geoghegan Sharon George Brian Glasky Jordan Glasmacher Ernest Gomez Chris Moore that X bt- , 4' q . . K . , ----I-24 . r?,n'ar.n.., ' ""2t"'f-'-ssh--V P- ,il f gf.. A .,.. ' A ' L'b'ff"5'W'7 - Y V ,M-v.. .0...-.,-.,-, f ffrfsx-ew--,-,,.Sg,.,, ,-, v Y L, , .,. frm ir. . 1' . s V Q .W W "-Q . A - 'i .1 I X i , R b X X XX! N S v. , 1K-, 1 Q' A 1? X A X Ja' I il' N: . 1' I Ay. Y vf. l s ,wif WJ wg w Y L J k,.. 4' .K ,fu 2 , 4 it 4 7 JN 15? My X I 4 , ' TL ,A 1 h I A' Q, ' pq 'K A ' V' Q ' .' Q, ' . Wm 1 .k ' - '4 P .al 'aa A K . Ti' ' , If 4' ---. ,A . A r f ' 1 7 F W 0- f' T ,NX q 0 f gl, a 5' - ., - y-f 'tw T -A R V E J .Wg X ,imma xg ,Q ' , l Q 1 " x qt if h' ibm? K. Ai-IQ Ay! 4 K - ' Mi f " 4 if I' KQ 'I Q any M0 ' 0 1 gl f fr l .il J 4 f V x w .1511 ' ' ' . V W0 ' ,M ',f.,.4A.,S ...N- -eyf, f 3-5 , W 4 nat.-,.,:,, ,--. 1 . ' . Jessica Gomez Greg Gonzales Joseph Grasso Douglas Gray Future seamstresses, Donna Kaylor, Elise Russo, Lisa Shellcrosslee, and Cathy Cordeniz pose for a shot. John Gordgn Monica Granados Michael Griffiths Jan Grywczynski Patricia Gudino Enny Halkyer 11: l 4 . 'll' 6 fi Q Eh lin 948' an lb .3 as: A MW .5 MW? 'ff W kv I ,nv iv ff fl X l S I. ,rf ' 2' 6 xr t.. Robert Hendrie Keli Henson Howard Hess L, James Hoover Beth Hormel Michael Hudgins Dana Hyde Martin Imahori Paul lvory Samantha Hinson 'En Michael Hulsmann Angela Jackson V Michael Janes Shelly Johnson Staci Johnston David Jupina f:i im James Kearney Vivian Kester Sean Kane Marlon Kasberg Geraldine Kayas Donna Kaylor Donna Kaylor and Erin 0'Reilly take time off from their strenuous studying to pose for the camera 'K Lawrence Kevin Michael Klein Joan Koslosky Carrie Kowalski Georgette Kristof Gail Lacy Rodolfo Lagman Brian Land N1 Heidi Adrian quizzes a friend. Christopher Lang Michael Lang x Z! V nf- ,.-xfi' 35- X X, f fax, A- . fy P ,W ,, V - M H W mf Edward Lara Lisa Laureta William Lavine Teresa Leavitt 'Ei ,df -,- A VL.: - L. ,. Ryan Lema Kathleen Leonesio Mark Libby Estefania Licad Q Diana Lile Lori Lim Nicholas Lobato Jeffrey Lola 4... "ff-ffl W X Peter Lopez Christopher Low Margaret Lynch Scott Lyons Qi' in-nv' 'n""" Susan Maduell Rosanna Malanum James Malpede Kathleen MBICOS Paul Martin Michael Martinez Quinn McArthur John McCarthy ij' has Q Ni-. 1 , 1 - f - - q . Robert McCorkle Michael McCrossen Frances McFadyen Michele McMearn Carole McNeil Ricardo Medina Richard Melim Lisa Meneses Yvette Mercado Sandra Mendoza Terry Leavitt listens to music while rearranging her notebook. Annette Mersel Laura Milano Paul Minnihan Sandra Mittelbuscher Michael Miu Ramon Montemayor Christopher Moore Laura Moreno il' , e M , Margaret Stevens is intently absorbed in her calcula- 5 . "' h r.r , M tions of a Physics problem. Shawn Morte Wilma Moynihan j Wu. ok V ,bf 1 .Y A WY1 , 'F Susan Mullan Marlene Neideffer Lynn Nelson Tlwmas Neuerburg Christine Noia John Nolting Robert Nunes Brian O'Boyle Jennifer O'Connor Julie O'Connor Mary O'Connor Cathryn Oliver Robert Olshaskie Eamon O'Malley Erin O'Reilly David Orozco n John Palazzotto Michael Pangelinan L20 Parado John Pal'iSi n Mike Klein proudly sports his Class of '84 cap. Oscar Pena Peter Penso ir? Kimberly Pesicka Christine Peterson Jill Pickard Charles Pierce Wag' Stephen Plmentel Jennifer Pratt Maureen Plevin Christopher Polk Peter Pomeroy f 1 Ronald Proto Mark Puppo Geetha Rajan Norma Ramirez Jeff Rei Anthony Retodo Helen Ring Michelle Rios Jonathan Rita Renae Rodrigues Shannon Rodrigues Susan Rodrigues Diane Rhodes Marianne Ritzman Vincent Rodrigues lll u Omar Rodriguez Saul Rodriguez Verna Rodriguez David Rojas 351135 V Dixie Roldan Edward Rose Jennifer Rosentreter Robert Rotiski 'L John Gordon looks confused about last nights home- work. Elise Russo Ana Salgueiro SL -2.1, ', N N QNX Nm 3 Q "F X 1 W Q " ' 'M 1 ,. W ' . 1 Y P 1 ' nilffvfiw e 1 5 - 'W ' Roseann Sampson Sandra Sanchez Terri Sanchez Amardeep Sandhu . ff' ,i, f' 3 James Santiago Lisa Santos Debra Schaller Orinda Schneitman ' 'N""'!-HMS Peggy Lynch, Linda Fereria, Cristina Celotti show their friendship during Government. Letltla Scott Melissa Serpanchy Mia Shandera Lisa Shellcrosslee Lori Shouts Timothy Silva Elena Silvestre Timothy Simmons Eric Sine Michael Singer Andrew Singson Katherine Singson Scott Sizar Allison Smith r' wig P V -.-" W M 'WL U. eg V ' ,mi , , ' ,, ,z fy - as J.-.112 - , uw Nw www Kathleen Smith Kerri Smith Stephanie Smith Douglas Snarr Aileen Songey Anna Soria Timothy Soto Maria Specht Nichole Spief Margaret Stevens John Stone David Straub Brian Sullivan Marina Sun Kevin Talan Barbara Tassielli migigfg Diane Teixeira Tracey Telles Joan Svetik Michelle Szto L Christine Taylor Judith Teilh Chris Polk quenches his thirst after an exhausting calculus exam. F NY e E , Q v .G . 'S 1 -wa A Eugene Tay Michael Trask Julie Tsai Janice Tso 4 , . fm-'N 'QM-4,4 Y .Z Christina Uranga Annette Vait Viveca Valeriano Geni Valdez James Hoover contemplates a test question. Patricia Valdivia Mark Vanloon 31 '5'1'i',-SJ?-2 V Andrea Varni Lisa Waiguchu iff Joyce Widdows Kathleen Vega Dennis Walsh Jeffrey Williams Joanna Villano Sharon Villarreal 45" Celeste Wenzler Jeffrey White Gretchen Wyman takes over Honors English as Mr. Zegura attends to his "dean duties." N ,wi W, Jeffrey Wilson Heidi Wixson Gretchen Wyman if il Y-L 1 Seung Yoo Joselyn Yuson Karen Zamzow Lisa Yee Kathryn Zapotoczny Robert Zielinski Seniors Nw Q, i. . t it jf ,,-f-f"".r4 lll Rich Pedersen grins as he comes up with a great thesis for the research paper he is writing. l2l Smiling for the camera, Kathy Farnan is relieved to know all of her yearbook work is completed. l3l Terri Leavitt an Tracy Telles pose for the camera during their English class. l4l Displaying true friendship, Dana Hyde and Jenny O'Connor smile for another rough math class. l5l Using her time wisely, Lisa Hansen studies the dictionary in an attempt to increase her vocabulary. l6l Olaf Besgen shows his serious side during band practice. l7l Enjoying a slow dance, Ma- rina Sun and Brian O'Boyle make the most of the Senior Box Social. Surf's up in Santa Cruz and so was the spirit of the Class of 1984's Senior Favorites. Despite the forecast for rain, the untimely breakdown of Chris Noia's car, and the morning traffic, no one could complain that a break from school for a day wasn't just what everyone needed. The city of Santa Cruz developed around the mission for which it is named. Prior to receiving its charter, Santa Cruz served as an important port on Mon- terey Bay, from which lumber cut from the neighboring red- wood forests was shipped. Now, Santa Cruz is renowned as a popular beach resort. lt houses one of the few seaside amusement parks left in the world. Redwoods are pres served on the University of California, Santa Cruz, one of the youngest campuses of the U.C. system. The various sites of the city provided backdrops which matched the qualities for which the Senior Favorites were cho- sen. U.C. Santa Cruz's Porter College was chosen for one of the photo sessions because of the modern art decorating its courtyard. West Cliff Drive provided a scenic look at the Pacific Ocean. The sight of the rolling waves and surfers fespecially for the girlsl had the students literally hanging out the windows. The Cocoanut Grove during its heyday was where popular jazz artists of the 40s per- formed. Downtown Santa Cruz was the last stop before heading for home. Lunch and a quick stroll 'through the shops ended the day. The Senior Favorites represented only a handful of the various personalities of the class. They were picked because of their qualities which the class admired. They are just like everyone else when it comes to being fun-lovin' and sun- lovin'! QVivecaD Fun In The Sun' H-...,,,.,.g Nicest Smile .lk The Voyager Staff 1983-84 Monica Granados 81 Pe I ,, fi 45: ! Ea vw' if Z Most Likely to Succeed Joselyn Yuson 8: Jim Santiago 1 vu ,..p-viii Best Dressed Ron Proto H l Most Dedicated Shyest Dino Gambina Jill Pickard 8a Dan Bowen Most Talented Gene Toy .ly .5 if X , My f, U lllllaiillil-1.71 E1 Mark Libby reminisces about the 'HYQ f ', Most Talented Margaret Stevens Y i X . E Best Looking 3 John Hayes 81 Kathy Vega if fa 2 auf' 5 ani Biggest Flirts layton 8a Keith Most Creative DiGuilio 8a Do Most Intellectual Robert Nunes 8: Julie Tsai :A1nw-fi ,,,, ,J Most All-Around Peggy Lynch 8a Gordon Furlong Most Unique Laugh Mark Libby 8: Angela Jackson I -V , , ' ,,,,,,.,, .gi f w x Most Spirited Mike Furnary Sz Diane Texeira Nicest Hair Omar Rodrigues 8: Joan Blancher pie-. Most Athletic Saul Rodrigues 81 Kim Pesicka or Viveca Valerlano manages to get Sunny Skies and rolling Waves some Sleep- signify that "Surf's uplffr , " Most Talkatlve O'Reilly 8: Mike Klein? ' V XC CP' ..-. - .qu ww .J wg ' 2- f , ,nm dministration Mr. Edward Mclntosh Vice-Principal, Academics 'LEschew Obfuscationn iStudies Office Mottol "Curioser and curioserf' said Alice. Bro. Joseph Connell The Governing Board fSittingl: Mr. Sam Avolocino, Rev. James Schex- nayder, Sr. Anne Russell, O.P., Mrs. Barbara Crosby, Mr. Douglas Uchi- kura iStandingl: Rev. James Keeley, Mr. Frank Cerruti, Mrs. Kaye McCann, Bro. Joseph Connell, C.S.C., Mr. Robert Miller, Rev. Thomas McNally, C.S.C., lNot Pic- turedl: Bro. Larry Sandstrom, C.S.C., and Mr. Richard Espicha, Chairman Anyway - People are unreasonable, illogical and self-centered. Love them anyway. If you do good, people will accuse you of ulterior motives. Do good anyway. If you are successful you win false friends and true enemies, Succeed anyway. The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway. People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs. Fight for some underdogs anyway. What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway. People really need help but may attack you if you help them. Help people anyway. i Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway. T Mr. Petar Zegura Assistant Principal, Dean of Men C.S.C. Principal "History is not kind to idlersf' Mrs. Marian Taylor Administrative Assistant Mrs. Maureen Barreiro Assistant Principal, Dean of Women 4LThe greatest gap in "lf I had- to do it all education is between 0V9f again r A I the end of the pencil W0Uld- and the paper. Write on! Mr. David Laufenberg Ms' Duane lngmtfl Director of Business Director of Alumni Affairs and Public Relations "My overriding concern is seeing that the academic curriculum stays on course- a course of excellence- to insure students are well prepared for the future." . X75 xr f--r I Ak 'L we A' Q x fx xr ' as 1 sw . 1 ' ' V RS r 1 ge .fi r s ,- l .....-- , i .W--,sr . 3, '7' 4 3 4' ,, - X : - r X sf ai l sg.. . ktmf- c or 1. Mrs. Linda Erickson Director of Curriculum Mr. Ray Braves Director ot Physical Plant "Got grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot changeg the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference," Mrs. Kathy Joseph Director of Athletics Mr. Michael "Athletics is the other Schweickerbstaw half of education." Director of Campus Ministry SQWHQJ Mr. James Bowen Director of "There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit." "Let go and let God." Development "A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand of the one who gives you roses." Mr. Peter Peabody Director of Student Activities S, English he-Q, Barbara Glass Marek Breiger Honors Junior English, Science Fiction Junior English, Sophomore English, Writing Workshop e J he ' Steve Showers Suzanne Villarreal Honors Sophomore English, Public Speaking, Biology Freshman Religion, Catholocism, Sophomore English Nancy Geenan Science Fiction, Shakespeare, Junior English, Freshman English gym 1' 2? is Annemarie Cota Study Skills, Freshman English We S , wi Robert McEntee Journalism, Accelerated Reading, Freshman English Marlene Candell Junior English, Literature and Film, Twentieth Century Literature, Writing Workshop rt Comes Alive Mr. Glenn Watson Art and Mechanical Drawing 3 Mrs. Cathleen Laufer Soph. English and Drama E Q , E V Q ,,,k i 4, . We in Q .K 1 ai ZQ e ff.,-f wif:-: Q. fzf, A ,," It :I 'K :AE ,gfffji ' I 2 LV, S 3 ,Hi I. F' 5 A ,, X . , EE Mr. Dale Wolford Band Director Mr. Pat Master Music in 1 5 E 2 .mUV"' Ms. Suzanne Higgins Art, Typing, and Yearbook Q 5 i 4 9 f i: 2 -,"vv i ,f 2 4 ,ww rw W ? ow nd Then 'S' Al N Av My 2 N31-1 its Jerry Sheets World History, Algebra Cal. History, World History, US History Philip Wilder 1. .... . ' 1 , . if wi 56 zf W W in ' W5 i if Maureen Barreiro Geography, Social Justice, Dean of Women Robert C012 Robert Kossick U-S History, Honors US- History Government, Contemporary Issues Marilyn Washington Cal. History, World History, Psychology .ooonoyl,11ogno Q oooo i. oyoo 58' E ' ' liffivf' X, Tony Dorado Cal. History, Psychology, World History l Barry Weiss Government, Contemporary Issues if .4-we Don Mofheau Allen Acord Sports and Society, PEfHealth 9 World History, US. History Theolog W img. .W K K E g , E Kevin McCarty Matthew Hill Religion Religion A i Virginia Saenz Religion i if W' . Suzanne Villareal BYO- TOIIV I-3f0l'l'0 English, Religion Religion 4 K 5 it :- 2 Ei Z Michael Steeb Algebra, Religion Wally Mlkula Religion 2? f :ll . V W ,.,, Q L... .M Rich Dutra Religion gf ,M .,oio .- Larry Long Fred Crosthwaite Religion Religion P.E. nd Science A o o . sm Y jg' a Il IJAP z , John Boyett Christine Krisman Physical Education, Driver Training Physical Education, Driver Education ' is ' "H K 'll' fl ff lu Q- 2-wfEi.sfrg1- N 1 gi f F x ,.- ,, .itv L - P a..,"N M. :wr ,. ,. X . ,uni . ,ix X. :-ggggag .Nga 7. . i gif 'v ,Eg Ii s ,L-. .- fi, f- s . 3 J XI- .3 wk ' I k fi 'f f'- ' i TW" - 1. V 'l :All 5,,ws-ww at LVVK ' ll , ,, cc M., N fi W " if W e 1 W'-"' , I a Janet Chrisman Physical Education, Health Judy Larsen Chemistry, Science Kathy Kyle Biology, Science ui David Fryman Janita Gee Physics, Science Biology, Science Keys 8: ' . ig X i F4 3 5' I . ,V K :kk Q K f . A ' T K A r A Tim Walsh MaryAnn Udoutch Algebra, P.E. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry 5, 3 mf fi - 35L,,,1- i ,W sz . Equations ..r V ,Er W5 ,f 1 ig, mf? rg' V5 Uv 'VV gr in If , Diane Mathias Fred Barriero Analysis, Calculus Algebra A in Foreign ffairs ' ffm:-.w -f I xf fir N,.. . A , i , , Margarethe Harper German '15 :,,,iy. . ,, ? ,A ,,,, il yi- fi, H ,K . W fi ,- 'H-,, g, AE ,, is W ZZ f ff f wr W, H - Richard Smith French, Spanish mg, we .5 John McClure Department Headg Spanish L L i , L ff ..... , 5 K ' 5 ?"V5', . ' J Y fp ,",, -Q - ' , K Q I .Egg .-K, 2 5 fe J, V , 8 een ' eeee e eeee i i i" f 9 in i p . V A' Yolanda Moran ,p J , Spanish ' A 1 ff ,,1? -4 ,..i ' , ........ .. 3 iipa Q , S ,. . ii, 134, 4 French ' Debra Siegel in rw 4, g gf QQ, f 2 1 W K K X 5 My " tw Tin y. 2-'F' , ,ir if , James Patterson PersonalfAcademic lFreshmen-Sophomoresl James Maxwell Co11egefScholarships Joanne Hansen Career Guidance v,,,,...,,----'-' Mary Bertrand, Director PersonalfAcademic QJuniors-Seniors! Busmess And Home Ec W 4' Busmess Busmess Enghsh 7555 . l Wx y Bonnie Gallogly Home Economics - af.. Sarah Slmonlan Susie 0'NeIll Home Economics-Typing Home Economics Support Staff Bro. Lawrence 0'Brien Susan Geiger Bookstore Librarian PHOTO AVAILABLE s oo o Louise Bettencourt David Widmayer Reproduction Dept, Business Office Madeline Isaacson Dorothy Libby Receptionist Registrar ,K si Jean McElhinney Sandee Hansen Asst. Librarian Dept. of Development Theresa Hlrstein Bernadette Puccini Business Office Business Office f 'air Q ,. , tty ,te . gvrf Q ' A A 5 1 W 'R K 'X' .:iL' Q ,,,, SJSIZAE 7 - N! ssssss ,f L Rae Gan Carmen Souza Attendance Dept. of Development .... ee 1. Cliff Rogers is playing the drums. 2. Clau- Ben losafa dine Duke and Manuel Pacheco are from the Maintenance Maintenance Department. Tony Pacheco Brian Phillips Cliff Rogers John Rodrigues Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance Pat Rogers Marilyn Miguel Linda Rodrigues Pat Batteate Maintenance Cafeteria Staff Cafeteria Staff Cafeteria Staff C, J' Carmelita Cahill Joe Cordova Mary Ackerman Cafeteria Staff Cafeteria Staff Cafeteria Staff 9098 4 ' ' LF , . A ,TEX 3151. in .i ,3ii'4i- Q", :S ' ' 55 1.3 -, QA f, 'Q W f f " 2- . E , i- H .LLxX vw + X sf LY? A N Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau 20-21 23- 0 17-14 20- 0 27- 6 0-28 16-40 ' 18-19 3-28 27-13 Tennyson Sunset Washington Alameda JFK iFre.i St. Pats DLS St. Mary's BOD Salesian N A-- 111 121 131 141 Mike Salido returns to line after gaining some yards on the last play. Moreau stops Salesian for no gain and prevents a touch down. Coach Tim Walsh thinks intensly about the next play. Joe Devane fights off the opposing team while Joe Jacques comes to assist. K 1- ,fins , , ln assi? .0 at ief L Varsity Football ffWe played in the toughest league tin the East Bay. We were, despite the 5-5 record one of the top 5 teams in the County. By beating Salesian in the last game we proved our worth, and the Seniors gained some much deserved re- spectn Tim Walsh Among the heroes of the team, Junior Mike Salido received the most valuable player award. Sen- ior Mike Trask was honored with most improved. Most inspirational was Senior John Curran. The teams most valuable back was vot- ed to be Junior Todd McGrew. Senior Mark Vanloon was voted the most valuable defensive play- er. Most valuable defensive line- man was Senior Joe Grassog and Senior John Caviglia was most valuable offensive lineman. Sen- l iors Eamon O'Malley, Mike Trask and Paul Martin received honor awards for keeping a high GPA during the season. All-league players were John Caviglia, Ea- mon O'Malley, Mark Vanloon and Mike Salido. All County players were Mike Salido and Eamon O'Malley. The All-East Bay player was Mike Salido who also received the Back of the Year Award. Chad Nightengale prepares for the snap. Pat Downs concentrates on the game and doesn't even move for the camera. l3l Top Row: Eamon O'MaIley, Mark Van Loon, Charlie Pierce, Pat Downs, Joe De- vane, Chad Nightengale, Joe Jacquez, Jeff Lewis, Dave Borghi. Second Row: John Cur- ran, Eddie Vales, Dan Bowen, Glenn Baxley, Harold Pickell, Tim Williams, Nick Magadia, Scott Sizar. Third Row: Will McCormick, Mike Trask, Todd Mcgrew, Dante Degura, John Caviglia, Brian Land, Myron Polivka. Fourth Row: Mike Salido, Chris Manos, Tom Odgers, Rick Vanderos- I tyne, Tony Delgado, Jeff Rye, Paul Martin, Casey Marino. Fifth Row: Joe Grasso, Mike Re- bello, John Garcia, Ron Galvin, Ron Rebello, Troy Scarpetti, John Alrich, Mark Libby. Peter Bluemle lnot picturedl, The Moreau J.V. football teamg llst rowl Steve Hemplerg Scott Russo, Tim Young, Fred Walsh, Pat Har- rison, Pat Sullivan. l2nd rowl Frank DeJesus, Jim Antonlni, Robert Warren, Ken Chung, Erlc Archuletta. l3rd rowl Coach Dug- gan, Coach Sheets, Mike Rossi, Joe Farrlsh, Jeff Feuerstein, John Grubbs, lan Land, Martin West, Coach Megulre. l4th rowl Dan Squlers, James Clark, Rich Valle, Scott Ryan, Hector Martinez, Jim Redmond, Ken Hartman. l5th rowl Dan Jones, Bob Wieland, Jeff Marshall, Dennis Ault, Paul Rizzo, Jim Rosette, Craig Rowe, Mike Wenzler. 1, Coach Sheets is contemplating strategic moves. 2. Frank DeJesus prepares himself for a big game. 'U 1- 'vc ij? League Victories ll' R i Moreau? 18 kl,. fi sklrl. . . I7 Sf- Refs r 12 Moreaul' ' 17 if il V' all ii Q .i'. Moreallii' . 17 . , Salesian, fl R 7 ll fr L?59'F9iYl9t0Fl95 if 'Moreau J 35 C '74, 16 .vMoreau. 24 . Sunset T 0 1. -all 5 i , , , , 5 kj l 1 , , . H , an X N' pislossesl' not recorded ll' Q' R J R 'sw ,, i f gg: ' 1- , , N I I , ,yn N5 W or-mf .. W YH Future-Moreau Champs "Our productive football season was based on wins, morals, and attitude", according to Coach Sheets. The J .V. Football team ended the season with five wins and five losses, and a three to two league record. The team is looking forward to an even bet- ter year when they contribute to the Moreau Varsity program in the fall of next year. Among those honored with spe- cial awards were, Steve Hempler, who received the award for most valuable player. John Grubbs was voted the most improved player, and there was a tie between Mike Wenzler and Jim Antonini for most valuable lineman. Players like these represent only a handful of the team. Teamwork is really what makes a game successful. "Coach Walsh's program is really taking root, '84 and '85 will be Moreau years in CAL!" exclaimed Coach Sheets. n..,4 'r-- 4 s 37 . 5' an -sr.- John Looney and Jim Antonini dis- play different opinions about the game. Watch out for Dennis Ault, John Armada, and Joe Farrish because they're out for blood. Coach Tim McGuire is trying to fi- gure out what his team is up to! ,mth Tim Downs waits patiently for the official's call. Coach Serrao looks disgusted with the last play. Jeff Chimienti prepares to return the ball for a big gain. Pat Smith plans his next move. The Frosh Football Team: 5th Row Chris Cermak, Bobby Robello, Tom Dorsey, Darren Ravazza, Joaquin Baretto, Eric Medellin, Jim lvaldi, Brent Bustos, Pat Smith, Scott Fraser, Cyril Udall, Tony Garcia, Tim Slone lCaptainl. 4th Row: Ken Peffer, Mike Lyen, Scott Jacques, Brock O'Harran, Paul Espejo, Myron Tejada, Jim Berio, Dan Osanna, Hayme Lake, Trini Ojeda, Bob Swartz, Jeff Chimienti QCaptainJ. 3rd Row: Bob Grubs, Bob Smith, Mike Garcia, Ceaser Desousa, Charlie Garcia, Coach Jon Moser, Head Coach Rich Serrao, Coach Mike DiGuilio, Steve Pineda, Don Shinn, Tim Downs, Chris Eccleston, Jamie Gonsalves. 2nd Row: Greg Dubney, Jason Aguirre, Tom Paynter, Greg Hanneman, Matt Davis, Jim McCue, Pete Espinoza, Jeff Medinas, Darren Gomes, Steve Martinez, Eric Lewis, Paul Zendejas. lst Row: Steve Libby, Al Dileonardo, Chip Beggs, Brock McDaniel, Al Mercy, Tony Pando, Don Aniano, Matt Fratus, Jeff Nooze, Butch Retodo. A Championship Season! The Frosh played exciting foot- all this year on their way to the AL championship. Led offen- ively by Jeff Chimienti and im Downs, the Mariners ran y their opponents. The defen- ive unit, led by Tim Slone and at Smith, frustrated many worthy offenses. The champion- ship game was played in a rain- storm where the spirit and unity of the entire team manifested it- self and lead the Frosh to the title. I-lead coach, Richard Ser- rao, congratulates the team for a fine season. 1 2 3 Frosh Football: 1983 CAL Champs Moreau 2 7 Moreau 13 Moreau 2 7 Moreau 14 Moreau 12 Moreau 7 Moreau 10 Piedmont 24 Alameda 0 Sacred Heart 0 Encinal 1 4 De La Salle 6 St. Mary's 0 Salesian 6 Record: 6-0-1 Paul Zendejas guards his Salesian oppo nent like a glove. Mia DiGiulio instructs fellow cheer leaders on the next cheer. Tim Downs goes for the gusto! . Lk " a N W +2 Tl. " . -un-nr Ps . . I fi' Q paw, ,vc 1. Allen Olsen leads the pack in the straight away. 2. The junior varsity girls charge down the hill at Garin Park. 3. Deb- bie Soto attacks the hill at a home meet. 4. Joanne Cordova strides her way through Garin Park. 5. Cross Country statsg Heather Harmuth, Denise Hendersong and Carole McNeil, pause long enough to be photographed. 6. Departing seniors Anna Soria, Mark Puppo, Teri Leavitt, Jim Kearny, Donna Kaylor, Ernie Go- mez, Dana Hyde, Andy Singson, Tim Soto, Helen Ring, and Pat Sullivan pose for a team picture. 7. Brian Henderson after record breaking run at Garin Park. 55 I in 1. Tom Pratt and Jeff Kearny race for the finish. 2. Krista Rendon sleeps after a long race. 3. Anna Soria smiles because the results of her race were favorable. 4. Pat Sullivan, Brian Henderson and Eric Ackermann head for the finish line. 5, Dar- ren Vallone stands after a race. ,Z iii? Y , tiff rw, ' . if -if J. sg QREA N. K A ii Q Q, is wr a I ls . M . 'Qgfgt .A .li Boys And Girls Cross Country The 1983 Cross Country season was one of the most successful in the history of Moreau. The boys varsity team finished second in the Catholic Athletic League, first in the C.A.L. meet, fourth in the North Coast Sectionals and third in the Meet of Champions. The girls varsity team finished fourth in the C.A.L. and tenth in the N.C.S. The boys junior varsity, soph-frosh and the girls junior varsity all fin- ished second in the C.A.L. All C.A.L. performers for boys varsity were sophomore Scott Machado who placed first, junior Bob Canalas who finished sec- ond, senior Mark Puppo who placed fifth and sophomore Eric Ackermann who finished ninth. All C.A.L. for girls varsity were Amber Hatter and sophomore Krista Rendon. 11 1. Row 1. Judy Halper, Michelle Raimondi. Row 2, Jane Sweeney, Mary MacPherson, Megan McCormick and Ms. Chrisman. Row 3. Gretchen Wyman, Lee Ann Goulart, Mary McKeon and Elise Russo. 2. Concentration by Jane and Megan is the key to Moreau's success. 3. Concentration pays off as Mary MacPherson sighs with relief over a winning shot. 4. Gretchen skies over O'Dowd to slam home a winner. 5. Voted Most Inspirational, Lee Ann Goulart cheers on her team mates. Hits And Misses High spirits and vigorous play- ing placed the young Mariner Volleyball team third in the Girls' Catholic Athletic League. The expertise of the returning players contributed to the team's winning season. Al- though the team suffered a loss at the GCAL playoffs, they knew that they had played a great season. The Varsity team was made up of two returning seniors, Elise Russo and Gretchen Wyman, four ju- niors, and three sophomores. Elise was named the Daily Re- view's Prep of the Week. She was voted to the CAL All League Team. Gretchen was TV Facts' Athlete of the Month. She received Honorable Men- tion for the CAL team and made CAL Highls All Tourney team. Both players were nomin- ated Most Valuable Player by their fellow teammates. The Mariner Volleyball team, ledbyCoachJanetChrisman, represents a fine example of dedication, friendship, and most of all, teamwork. The team sym- bolizes what Moreau Athletics are really all about. QDomini- cal - , jf ' klrrlf - l Y YYYYYYY.YY. We Y.- .V .... r-....... .v..... --.-...o- ... .... ... -.-,... ..,. ----- --..--- ....,.-.. ...., her position by pushing a teammate out of her way. 4. With an outstretched arm, Mary McKeon prepares to spike the ball. tDominicaJ ,1- W AL if s . sw 'hn- Front L to R: Monica Ulrich, Michelle Schwenger, Maria Abreu, Lisa Alves Row 2 L to R: Jennifer Wyman, Coach Ms. Annemarie Cota, Capt. Courtney Meekma, Margaret Vega, Capt. Anita Corona, Dannette Louis Back row: Nanci Quionnes, Cathy Peacock CD Just one of the few successful blocks. f2l Nanci Quionnes spikes it. C31 Nanci Qulonnes spikes it again! 147 Dannette Louis pounds it past the other team. f5l Jennifer Wyman shows she can spike too. l6l Monica Ulrich puts it over. f7l The powerful serve of Dannette Louis. They re so awesome lt s dlsgust m They were mcredlble Those are a few much deserved words sald about the J V Volley ndefeated! ball team Once agam coached by Ms Annemarie Cota They were great It was a total sur prxse She IS refermg to the teams mcredlble season of 14 wms and no losses Our champs rolled over teams from Carondolet and Notre Dame The outlook for next year s varslty team ns great as many of the players are expected to be on the team Perhaps we wnll be lookmg forward to another sea son undefeated LL Y . 7 . - , ' n 1 - Cl 7 . . g. . . CL - - !7 1 77 - I . 1 1 . . - at ec"""' ill The Girls' Varsity Basketball Team: Elaine Clancy, Stephanie Mendoza, Jill Pickard, Stacey Pierce, Lisa Puccini, Maria Canalas, Stephanie Snyder, Kathy Radecke, Theresa Frietas, Cindy Elam, Stephanie Meneze, Ka- ren Wuelfing. ill Stephanie Meneze gets serious as she takes careful aim toward the basket, C2l Stephanie Mendoza takes down the net at the Coliseum after an NCS victory over Northgate. 135 Elaine Clancy concentrates as she prepares to shoot a free throw in the CAL play off against O'Dowd. l4l Moreau bench watches intently as the Mariners are victori- ous over Northgate. "blog," Champions "Because of the great way the team got along our season was very, very suc- cessful," said junior Stephanie Mendo- za. Part of the success that Stephanie is talking about is the girls' undefeated league record and their 30-2 overall re- cord. The varsity team set a goal at the begin- ning of the season and that was to reach the North Coast Section Play-offs. But they did better than that - the team won the NCS. An even more impressive statistic is that the Varsity Girls also be- came the first team in Moreau's history to win an NCS title. Though the team had a great year, and worked well together they did suffer one bitter disappointment. Senior Jill Pickard was plagued by a knee injury and was unable to play, but nonetheless Jill attended all the games and was ex- tremely supportive of her friends. She was very much a part of the team. Besides having an awesome league re- I - cord the girls also had an undefeated tournament record. The Mariners par- ticipated in the Irvington Tournament, the Granada and Foothill Tournaments during Christmas vacation, and then the ever impressive CAL finals. Last, but definitely not least the team also went on to win the North Coast Section. Elaine Clancy summed up the season this way, "We had a really great year, and l think that our coach, Paul Phelps, is the Coach of the Year." W Z, .e.,..,,.... lll Stephanie Snyder goes up for two in the play-off game against Bishop O'Dowd held at Cal State Hayward. l2l Maria Canalas searches for a teammate while being closely guarded by her oppo- nent. 131 Coach Paul Phelps watches his Mariners execute their offense with per- fection. C43 Stephanie Meneze demon- strates the correct way to play tough zone defense as she stops her opponent from scoring. J.V. Girls' Basketball: Season Scores X Moreau VV4, 557 aLAA V Irvington pk , MUQQBU 26 l:Amador aali r Mdigau 5353. .l-093W A Moreau 35 Newark , Moreau 29 Washington Mrigeau 33 Logan Mgieau 36 Foothill Moggfeau 355 San Joaquin Mem. A Mofeau 28 Amador Moreau 38 Foothill Moreau 54 Presentation Moreau 34 Bishop O'Dowd Moreau 42 Holy Names Moreau 39 St. Elizabeth Moreau 63 Presentation Moreau 41 Bishop O'Dowd Moreau 54 Holy Names Moreau 46 St. Elizabeth 1. Speaking words of wisdom, the girls listen to Coach Jon Radecke's helpful tips. 2. Niko Cagaanan utilizes all her efforts to block an opponent. 3. Amidst a hushed crowd, Rachelle Jones prpeares to shoot a free throw shot. 4. Kim Cardoza prevents a St. Elizabeth player from scoring. 5. A friend from the audience compliments Vicki Herrera and Lalna Chlkhani on their basketball expertise. 6. Flanked on both sides by opponents, Sue Gonsalves attempts to score for Moreau. W,,,,,..r W-A 'ww is ?'.Nh , ,A ,,,. fm, ,. fm ,M N. Q is r f , .f... ---1f' 'lll . k y y 5 rsa . ' A S i it ..,, ' gg! Q is ,,,,... . , - Hooping It The sport of basketball is much more than shooting a ball into the basket. This sport requires hours of practice and team- work. Most of all, the sport has to be enjoyed and loved by the player. The J .V. Girls' Basket- ball team has definitely shown their love of the sport with an excellent season marked by 18 wins and only 3 losses. Com- -., 1 prised of 5 sophomores and 8 freshman, the Mariner girls con- tributed their basketball exper- tise throughout the season. Niko Cagaanan's personality was honored by being voted as Most Inspirational. Vicki Her- rera's hard work and practice was recognized as Most Im- proved player. Christina Rob- erts and Carolyn Ward's exhibi- tion of their fine talents were voted as Most Valuable players. One team member summed up the basketball experience by commenting, "By belonging on the team, I got to know the oth- ers who enjoy basketball as much as I do and worked with them. This will always be an im- portant part of my life." Nivecal . rm? M...--1 skis. s g . R il lag' Y ! S ,,5,-s Q ,n,g ...., his 1, Michelle Tom utilizes some fancy footwork while dribbling the ball. 2. The team exhibits some basketball talent dur- ing a game against St. Liz's Mustangs. 3. The J.V. Girls' Basketball team: lbottoml Michelle Schwenger, Susan Gon- salves, Christina Roberts, Amanda Geister, Michelle Tom and Lisa Rul- balg ltopl Carolyn Ward, Rachelle Jones, Niko Cagaanan, Coach Jon Radecke, Kim Cardoza, and Vicki Herrerag lnot picturedl Lisa Fuchslin and Lalna Chikhani ll The Mariners put-up a tough defensive fight against their opponents. 2l The var- sity team plans out their strategy to over- come the opposing team. 3l Sitting be- neath the cheerleaders' supportive ban- ners, the crowd anxiously awaits for the game to begin. 4l Shortly before the game, Tim Williams puts in a few prac- tice shots. 51 Overcome by the abun- dance of talent, Mr. Acord looks on in amazement. 61 While practicing a couple of shots, Mark Puppo notices the num- ber of flies in the gym. Effort nd Sportsmanship! The 1983-84 season has not been 1he best for the Boys' Varsity Bas- ketball Team, but it did end-up with Eome positive aspects. Although he team worked hard, they finished with more losses than wins. In terms of effort and sportsmanship, the ariners came out ahead. Says oach Acord, "Although we were not very successful as far as wins and losses go, we were successful in sticking together and continuing to work hard throughout the season." Among team stand-outs were John McCarthy, who made All-League Honorable Mention, and Larry Ke- vin, who was voted Most Valuable Player by his teammates. lGlenn1 il.. ,pump aura My Ria' 1101460 germ, 1 '38s ran ,,,.q. ,nw ' ,. j 1 V, ,F 1 I 1. alfa grppn h 9451240 1, iils 1, naman ii ., 'NK 1 'ltonmff WREAU 11 N A' rf 'M Q 1 1 X I J' ig L11 E 4 t nnnyi 1 E U A 1 gi sft rgj .1 nn,n,, Q- 'ene- 11 The 1984 Boys' Varsity Basketball Team. 21 Captain- Larry Kevin 31 Joe Devane 41 Mark Puppo 51 Brian Lozano 61 John McCarthy 71 Dennis Burigsay 81 Tim Hig- gins 91 Darren Lewis 101 Saul Rodriguez 111 Casey Moreno 121 Greg Tom 131 Paul Martin 141 John Palozzato im' 2 5 QQSREAU if aryl ' J 1693540 1 N is if Q 3' rs. , . vi,-' . 0 rl ' 653540 ..... Siil Xl ' ,sgniry 3 3 , - so ill The Boys' J .V. Basketball Team: lback rowl Glen Bax- ley, Greg Heffron, Tim Slone, Bob Zumwalt, Andy Eberhard, Mike Hansen, lfront rowl Joe Ferrish, Hec- tor Martinez, Steve Johnston, Tim Young, Carlos Zertuche. f2l Going for two points Mike Hansen graceful- ly drives up the middle for a lay up. C3l Winning the jump, Tom Slone tips the ball to a teammate. l4l Playing tough defense Andy Eberhard stops his opponent. , W rf 43 . Nmjw ff? ,. ,. 15' gg-be fa- am 1 ,Q W at 0 ,af , i' ae Q ,' ,W W. M ..w,v.,,k ,,,, ..,, W. , J .V. Basketball It was a tough season for the J.V. basketball team as they came into league play with a record of 10-2. They expected to be contenders tor the league championship, but unfortunately they suffered the loss of a few key players to injuries and sickness. The Mariners did, however, chalk up a number of wins in order to claim first place of the Fremont Christian Basketball Tournament. As a reward for outstanding play Bob Zumwalt was named the MVP of the tournament and Glenn Baxley and Greg Heffron were both named to the all-tourna- ment team. The J.V.'s also won the concellation game of the Liver- more Tournament. One of the highlights of the season was the victory over De La Salle in the last league game. Being named the Most Valuable Player was Bob Zumwalt. The most inspirational player was Tim Young, and voted the most im- proved player was Eric "Skeet- er" Hartman. Coach Tony Dorado gives the team new instruction during a timeout. f2l up before the big game, Joe Ferrish and Carlos Zertuche do some exercises 131 Tim Slone concentrates while shooting a tree throw, 141 Hansen gets fouled while shooting for two. Boys Basketball .L Y'1'f:-- , - , A- - , ' '- -'22-in-as rf ms-fre-w -W C11 Teammates Bob Robello and Steve Libby look on as Eric Lewis knocks the ball out of an opponent's hands. C21 The Mariner 1983-1984 Frosh Basketball team: lBack row1 Jeff Chimientl, Eric Medellin, Bob Robello, Darren Ravazza, Matt Lillie, Robbie Brink. lFront row1 Craig Stasz- kow, Eric Lewis, Paul Zindejas, Steve Libby, Russ Wong, Brock O'Harran, Hayme Lake. 131 Matt Lillie looks for the open man. 141 Matt Lillie is tired after a victory. Entering high school is a scary and excit- ing experience. Many of the freshman boys were apprehensive about just join- ing high school basketball. However, for many of the freshman boys who made-up Frosh basketball, it was a time to get to know others. At first, the team members played as individuals rather than for the team as a whole. Eventually, they learned that their own talents combined with working together contributed to success at many games. Coach Jeff Fingerut was a very understanding person and brought out only the best in the team. The season came to a close with an awards banquet night. The team was hap- py because they had placed second in the C.A.L. The team members were all awarded with Most Valuable Player. This reflected that team work is the key to success in basketball. ""' , ,f f-.0 ww' 'f' ,,...v"' ' '4 .K . 5. Q -1 f . Pj 'igqiiygfcggig L agoa. ,ss i . ' . . - . 1 1.zfi??f7l' K ME His. S , N Wa wi . ,iss i -- if uw! ""' 1 Robby Brink is ready for a free-throw. 2 Steve Libby concentrates on a difficult shot. 3 Coach Jeffrey Fingerut. 4 Coach Fingerut gives the players a few tips 5 The players await their presentation at a rally As the level of talent and com- petition in girl's soccer through- out the East Bay has improved, Moreau's team has kept up with the pace. Behind four year Varsi- ty team members Georgette Kristof, Jana Heinlein, and Patti Atayde, as well as excel- lent playing from senior Verna Rodriguez, Rosie Sampson, and sophomore goalkeeper Jen- nifer Watson, the Mariners Goa! . kept the soccer spirit at Moreau alive. The first girl's soccer high school tournament in the East Bay was held at Moreau, which allowed the team to display their individual and team talents dur- ing two shootout wins against California High and Carondelet High in route to winning the first place trophy. Peggy Spence and Mary Beth Scott were named to the All-Tournament list which set the pace for their team's leading scores during the rest of Moreau's season. Overall, the Mariners finished 17-2-1, losing to Carondelet 1-O in the last match of the season which prevented them from ad- vancing to the North Coast Sec- tions. 1. Lisa Dietrich fights to keep the ball. 2. A few team members take a break while preparing for the rest of the game. 3. Verna Rodriguez prepares for a game saving kick. 4. Scotia Rivenes watches the ball carefully to make sure it stays away from the other teams goal. r Ei F Jana Heinlein goes towards the goal as goalkeeper Jennifer Watson comes to assist. Jana Heinlein looks for an opening to make a possible goal. Anna Atayde is displeased with the referee's call. Scotia Rivenes fights with another player to keep the ball. Rosle Sampson jumps for the ball to pass it to her team. TOP: Coach Mark Rich, Peggy Spence, Scotia Rlvenes, Mary- Beth Scott, Verna Rodriguez, Georgette Kristof, Jennifer Wat- son, Lisa Dietrich, Jana Heinlein, Cyndi Hawkes, Zaira Wagner, Coach Sandra Klester. BOTTOM: Anna Atayde, Susan Soren- berger, Susan Flores, Cami Hart, Pua Santiago, Patti Atayde, Sandy Sanchez, Rosle Sampson, Veronica Fernandez. Q4 ,vm if f , .Q ...w ., N 1 42 , M245 4 W , " ,g kly CD The opposing team struggles to catch Harold Pickell as he dribbles down- field. C2l Mike Warner isn't too happy with the final score. f3l Coach Clark Bales gives the team a pep talk before the game. Q41 Mike Janes wonders if the offense will ever get close to his goal. l5l Joe Jacques shows off his expert ball- handling. l6l Craig Woody, Jan Grywczynsky, Harold Pickell, Paul Hempel and the coach walk off the field after a victory. Boys' Soccer l l The Varsity team was predicted to be iumber one in the Catholic Athletic eague, but were disappointed in a qeartbreaker when they tied in regu- ation time but fell 2-1 in penalty kicks against De La Salle. The season was mainly transitional or the team, getting used to new :oach Clark Bales. Behind one of he best scorers in the Catholic Athle- ic League, senior Kevin Talan, and the tough defense of Gordon Fur- long, Joe Jacques, Jan Grywc- zynski, and Craig Woody, the team finished with a record of 16-4-2. The Junior Varsity team, led by Coach Joel McCrea, was successful in winning their league. Their Most Valuable Player was Robbie Ham, Most Improved was John Hawkes, and Kevin Ford was named Most Inspirational Player. . Q41 lll Three unidentified fans watch the Mariners at work. i2l The Junior Varsity team-lback rowi Rob Ham, David King, Ben Wilson, Glenn Furlong, Kevin Ford, Scott Campbell, Sean Nunan, Coach Joel IVlcCrea. lfront rowl John Hawkes, Danny Osanna, Brennan O'Neil, Scott Ryan, Jim lvaldi, Scott Jacques, Mike Maddock. C32 Coach Joel McCrea watches with enthusi- asm. at Q, f' ll Mr. Morneau smiles after a tee shot. 21 Paul Delucci and Tim Downs wait to tee off. 31 Paul Delucchi, Mr. Momeau, and Tim Downs do what they do best for the camera. Aw 4 11 s F 5 Q' Mm QA 3 f Q 9: Q iii e 46395 t t h 'Qing-Q, A . i-. A r L' 'X sf hifi' YH ' - -cm ' 'L - -L'L Q golf. ll Mr. Morneau shakes at the thought of nine more holes of 2. Mr. Momeau and Paul Delucchi are warming up before a few holes of golf. 3. Tim Downs practices his swing before tackling the course is-5-Q . ,. . . ,s if -'.- . . . - . Mariners Birdi To Victory Expectations for the 84 golf sea- son were tantalizing. A blend of seasoned veterans, 2 seniors, 3 juniors, 3 sophomore returnees and 5 fresh eager newcomers reported for opening workouts. Senior Dave Jupina was se- lected as captain for the 84 sea- son. The Mariners were hoping to improve on their 16 and 4 1983 season. That included a 10 and 4 C.A.L. record and a 2nd place finish behind power- ful S.T. Pats. Joining captain Dave Jupina were senior Ryan Lima, juniors Steve Sel- lards, who was 83 C.A.L. champ and he also qualified for N.C.S., and also juniors Dave Baptist, Rich Graw, sopho- mores Bill Aliski, Dave Kim, Dave Marshall, and newcomers Paul Delucchi, Tim Downs, Bobby Smith, Phil Saylor, and Louie Kesth- eley. 5- 3 I ,,..1,43 "' 1. The Moreau Girls Tennis Team. 2. Kathy Smith laughs at the thought of losing. 3. Vicki Breeves shows off her forehand. 4. Annette Vait laughs in dis- gust at the judges call. 5. The Moreau Boy's Tennis Team. 9 b'g 8 O90 50 Ni e e T-X' . t. I 0' t "' s .322 0 53? ii gl " Q0 'vt 9' 'Q L. 3 xffoffyz . t ig, All's Fair In Love And Aces T l Tennis anyone? The Mariner Girls' Tennis Team challenged many schools in the CAL with that question They played a fan- tastic season, too. The season was highly competitive and stren- uous but basically full of fun. Working hard at the sport and enjoying it was a combination that catapulted the girls from a last place finish a year ago to stunning second this year. Ac- cording to Enny Halkyer, "A part of our motivation to get on the tennis courts and practice, was the opportunity to check out the Chabot soccer players and baseball players." The practice evidently paid off. A banquet and awards night wrapped up the season. Marina Sun garnered the Coach's Award as well as Most Inspirational and Co-Most Valuable Player. The Most Valuable Player award was shared by Annette Vait. Kathy Smith was chosen as Varsity Most Improved Player. Pam Molina was chasen as Ju- nior Varsity Most Improved Play- er. The team members will re- member their year in tennis not only because of the success and even the agonly of defeat but also the family-like feeling of be- ing part of the team. Rejoining the year's athletic cur- riculum was Boys' Tennis. Mak- ing a swashbuckling debut, the team was determined to be rec- ognized by the community. The revival of boys' tennis was made possible through dedicated and interested parents and eager ten- nis athletes. One fund raiser was a car wash held by the team members. The hard work in- volved to get the team going al- lowed them to have better facili- ties. During the season, the ath- letes could be found practicing at the Fremont Tennis Center two hours everyday after school when not playing in matches. The results of the games played by the team reflect their dedication to the sport. While working with the players, Coach Nancy Geenan also worked on her tan. The coach recommends, "It's a great way to work on your sun- tanll' The team's success is due not only to practice but also to the individuals who make up the team. According to doubles' player David Tien, "There's not just one or two good players but a lot of deeply talented play- ers on our team." Although many of the members did not know each other at first, they did have one common interest-the' love of tennis. This in itself was enough to go against all odds and bring boys' tennis back to Mo- reau. 1. Kathy Smith returns an opponents shot with a pros touch. 2. Marina Sun gets ready for the serve! 3. Enny Halkyer slams it over the net. J A as 1 Szfssffi ifwr s was ,, . .4 . r . or- f,-,. .. gl rf sr. .3 Y X ,vi s-fy. S Dino Gamblna looks like he's unsure about whether or not to bowl. Mr. Showers Greek God? Phil Balavro shows us the only way he knows how to bowl. Tom Lombard prepares himself for a powerful strike. Gilbert Criste looks like l'l2,S used to the camera's and spotlights. Tom Lombard looks intimidated by Ed Rose's bowling. year's bowling club ventured out to Holiday Bowl in Hayward ev ery Thursday for two hours of bowling and recreation. The bowling club went beyond a mere two hours of throwing a ball down a lane. They had a chance to meet and compete with new Headed by Mr. Showers, this The bowling club was an outlet for students to break away from the daily routine of school As Tom Lombard put it it gave us a chance to have a good time and not worry about what went on in school that day." A good time was shared by everyone. I 'D I W1 people. Bowling Club 1. The bowling world is shocked by Doug Osanna's style. 2. Gilbert Criste shows off his form. 3. Robert Menoz shows the bowlers what it should look like. 4. Gilbert Menoz laughs because he knows he can't be beat. 5. Chris Schusske concentrates on his mark. Shaving the hair off their heads began as a joke for some of the iwrestlers at Moreau. In one sense this act symbolized their unity. The shorn hair, however, was not the only thing that brought them to the attention of the community. lVloreau's wrestling team was suc- cessful again this year. The team was made up of some excellent wrestlers. Most Valuable Player Mike Martinez was the first in Moreau's history to go to the State Tournament and placed 12. Most Valuable J.V. player was Jaime Gonzales. Most Valuable Fresh- man was Anthony Rojo. Most' Improved was Joe Baalman. Most Improved J.V. Player was Bobby Rios. Don Finkes was nominated as Most Inspirational. Dan O'Connor was nominated as Most Inspirational J.V. player. "The Mariners' success in all tour- naments for the fifth year in a row is attributed to the consistently good program and the back up support," according to Coach Rich Dutra. QVivecaJ 1. Row 1, Nestor Anadaya, Roy Palatino, Joa- quine Barreto, Myron Tejada, Ed Smith, Tony Garcia. Row 2. Paul Espejo, Jamie Gonsalves, Butch Retodo, Charlie Bettencourt, George Brumm. Row 3. Ben Castillo, Jimmy Martines, Jim Moote. 2. The Mariner Mat Stats. 3. Scott Sizar looks over his victim before the next round. 4. Rich Navarro positions himself for the next move, 5. Rick goes for the take down. 6. Anthony Delgado goes all out to pin his man. tDominicaJ 41 vm 'qegiip 3 ,-,,ii3,5r..5..:i 75.1, ww. igz,..,1igV, 5., ' 4. f VA' if if . . Q V 3 f' vvff : f ,, wt .U ' f ff iQQ,w1fgiQg,.k , f 2 lgggzfi, 1-, ' . 1 g Q f 6 J .4.w.?fz'Mf Q-,W.,., A K A A' V ju., V, me ,,,. ' .. L, W, M- . .si .. .M l ., ,, M., MWWMW, ,, W-.rr X' ' i me -ee-:rs-ff 4: X4 if if 4 .- 1 it ,. ,. Amk, ,,,,,4 .,.,L ,,L., P . . ...W , . 1 . C r 'B W . . . ' A '1 ,wiv wiiwlsf 'I' ' . . A ff- fi i i . IL 'mlvinh 11 Lori l-lollingworth, Chris Villaluz and Krista Rendon run to keep fit. 21 Michelle Szto concentrates intensely as she begins hurdle jump. 31 Brenda Log- gins gets ready to throw the discus. 41 Sue Mullan jumps successfully over the hurdle. 51 Brenda and Annie Loggins and Donna Kaylor watch as Jennifer Watson practices her throw. 61 Camille Anderson, Donna Kaylor and Cathy Desa are happy to finish the day's wor- kout. 71 Coach Chris Krisman smiles as she watches the team practice. 81 Beth Guesnon passes the baton to Michelle Szto in relay. . .-My: K N4-Nf-- . 3 We M-' -'-- -A me . ..,, 1 H e---- f--- V 1 E 'f .. V . , r . .... .f'f ' i. . ' 'G VT," 2? .. . . ff . gn 1 I5 ,ff an ' V , ' 1 gy' wi-, . UQ ' - fl, , "lf vw: 1' 12 . F151 r -fi W 1' D , '-" k , "wif.:91.a' ' ' ' . ii sg.-. 1 , 1 , ,, 1-0- ,ph 'PW' Qt ng? ,W M A Imaam! . s W Lt as - V fa y is M2411 Girls' Track The Girls' Track Team has been close to winning the League Championship for three years now. Nineteen eighty-four seems to be the year that the team hoped to achieve that goal. As Coach Chris Krisman claimed, "The team is young, but has leaders in several events to provide the strength and direction for the rest of the team." Seniors Michelle Szto and Sue Mullan returned for their fourth year in the hurdles and mile relay and both hoped to make it all the way to State Meet. Juniors Ca- mille Anderson and Aileen Chanco returned in the sprints. A talented Sophomore group was led by Joanne Cordova in the jumps and 400, and Krista Ren- don in the 1600-3200. But per- haps, the strength of the team lay in the throws with Senior Donna Kaylor, Sophomores Jennifer Watson, Brenda Loggins and Erica Hess, and Freshman An- nie Loggins. The team anticipated a fine sea- son't performance by hopefully leading the South County in sever- al events and by sending several athletes to the Meet of Champi- ons. , x The 1984 Girls' Track Team lfront rowl: Petrina Angelides, Aileen Chanco, Ann Montemayer, Mary Anne Gues- non, Beth Guesnon, Rachel Piper, Andy Botsford lsecond rowl: Sheila Arce, Heather Harmuth, Paula Ber- nardo, Darlene Fernandez, Rita Avisa, Annie Loggins, Donna Kay- lor, Karen Guesnon, Dixie Harrison, Coach Krisman lthird rowl: Cami Hart, Michele Szto, Lori Hollingworth, Joanne Cordova, Brenda Loggins, Jane Sweeney, Cindy Elam, Desi Me- deiros. lfourth rowl: Saundra Kerster lAssistant Coach,l Kathleen Allesan- dra, Liz Sollitt, Christine Villaluz, Kathy Vega, Krista Rendon, Erica Hess, Kelly Homas, Lisa Deitrich, Erica Shu, Jennifer Watson, Cathy Desa, Molly Woelffer, Camille An- derson, Carole McNeil flvlanagerl 4' xi: ' 'Zn V Q v rw., pref- Q Q' X V , 1 v -My i is JT' Running Strong This year's team was one of the largest in years. The team prom- ises to be one ofthe best teams in the South County and the N.C.S. 2.A. There are many outstanding individuals on this year's varsity team. Some of these top per- formers are: Mark Puppo, Bob Canales, Scott Machado, ldis- tancel Mike Salido, Jeff Chi- mienti, Dan Osanna, and Chad Nightingale, lsprintersl Antonio Delgado, lpole vaultl Dan Squires, Howard Hess, and Dan O'Connor, lvveightsl andLarryKevin,ChadNightin- gale, and Bill Lavine ljumpi. The soph-frosh team looked very strong. The young talented team promises to be a strong varsity team in the future. Brennan Harmuth jumps out of the blocks for the first leg of the 400 meter relay. Ricky Deanda pushes for the finish line. Scott Machado talks with Bill Lavine about his last long jump attempt. Mike Souza strides to victory for the JV relay team. Jeff Chimienti, Mike Rossi, and Brennan Harmuth congratulate themselves on a fine race. ill Karen Freitas gets ready to release the ball. l2l Yes, Shannon it really is caffeine free. f3l Michelle Tom makes her way off the bus to the next game. 141 Kathy Leonesio cannot believe the call. l5l A vital part of the team is its manager, Cathy Cordenlz. t6l The most dedi- cated Mariner fan, Grandpa Freitas, at- tends every game. l7l Varsity coach Mrs. Sue Galloway, takes her eyes off the team just for a second. l8l Ace pitch- er, Karen Freltas, takes a breather. l9l Michelle Schwenger awaits the next ball. Softball The 1983-84 season for Mor- eau's Varsity Softball team got off to a successful start. The team lost a heartbreaker ex- tra inning league game to St. Vin- cent's, who was their greatest competition. With only a few games played, the team's expec- tations were high. The Mariners planned to qualify for the NCS playoffs. They were the second best team in the area based upon their pre-season record. There were seven returning play- ers with three freshmen on Varsi- ty. There was an all Seniors out- field: Kim Pesicka, a four year playerg Kathy Leonesio, who also catchesg Kelly Bossetg and "Utility Sam" Hinson. Though the Seniors will be leav- ing, the remaining players will be Q solid and ready for next year. The 1984 Varsity Softball Team. Front Row: Michelle Schwenger and Kelly Bosset. Row 2 CL-Rl: Stephanie Mendoza, Dagney Haman, Puanani Santiago, Shannon Galloway and Cathy Cordeniz. Row 3 IL-Rl: Kathy Leonsio, Mau- :-aen Kayton, Shannon O'Neil, Karen Freitas, Kim Pesicka and Samantha nson. -JIM. -' b ' 1, xx, . -ff LTf.f17QM1f'l' V-' ' " 1 I V -4 V ..f..., .7 . Bowen Ball! ln the beginning, there was Billy Ball . . . Next came Barry Ball . . now, watch out! Here come Bowen Ball! After the departure of former Coach Barry Weiss, the Mariners were un- der the direction of Coach Jim Bowen. With the dynamic coaching of Jim Bowen, the 1984 Varsity Base- ball Team showed great promise for the 1984 season. Coach Jim Bowen hoped to develop the team to their fullest potential. There was an abun- dance of talent and good sportsman- ship displayed by the team, which proved to be a great asset. Coach Bowen exclaims, "All of the members deserve applause. They had great heart and gave more than anyone could have expected them to give," This year's goal was to take the team into the top two spots in the C.A.L. The coaching staff for the 1984 sea- son included Mr. Richard Dutra, Mr. Robert Kossick, and Mr. Jim Bowen. lGlennl ll The 1984 Varsity Baseball Team. Back Row: Coach Richard Dutra, Brian Land, Mike Trask, Dan Bowen, Joe Jacques, Joe De- vane, Joe Davis, Dave Borghi, Darren Lewis, Tim Simmons, Head Coach Jim Bowen, Coach Robert Kossick. Front Row: Mark Hirayama, Ron Rebello, Mike Re- bello, Doug Marshall, Fernando Cuebas, Brian Glasky, Saul Rodri- guez, Paul Hempel, Glenn Baxley. 2l "Working with this team has been a real pleasure," exclaims Coach Bowen of the Varsity team. 31 The 1984 Mariner Baseball Staff: Coach Richard Dutra, Head Coach Jim Bowen, Coach Robert Kosslck. 4l Paul Hempel loosens up before a game. risly X . X 51 , . X . xxgixf17'Zkx . X. 1 V alas? Ya ,J ,Xl ll "i 1,4 l W '75 l we V , , V. V V , . .LL.,, V V V V , A VV VV 'L 1 V K ,, .',- f 'V , , K ,, WWW V , ' ,i 4-V M af . V1 , VVVwVw..fs1.J - V 1V - .,,l1, Q , 1 mi V ,,A.1.i ,1. V- .e,,M,, 4, . , I X , Mpwif ,mf , , . A ., ,2 .., M - V V 'V , - V V V ,M , ,A , H wa 'V ' V- , .vs V- VVV 1 ---- A ,V ,V f ' ' i ' ' ' " - - i V' 1 VVVV w " f A V V 4 . VV W i , V . , a, Winnie ll The Mariners against Tenny- son at Mariner stadium. 2l Team ff mates watch intensely as a Mari- Y- ner goes up to bat. 3l Mike Trask and Dan Bowen straigh ten-up the dug-out before going out in the field. 4l Doug Mar- shall anxiously waits to go up to bat. 5l Mike Rebello prepares to go up to bat, lGlennl 1 .sf 2 zs1mi Qmxsss3e.1.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 The 1983-1984 Moreau J.V. Baseball Team and Stats. Tom Odgers leaves the cage. Coach Jerry Sheets watches the action. Bob Robella walks toward third base. Coach Robert Cole goes to bat. Robert Zumwalt glances away from the team huddle. 1 . G w..erf , - M- " W ' f"m 4. M ' ' ., , n 1 ,jg WW itwwt.-, t t V 4 .f graffiti' :oy L:P"'?fZi' 1 ' ,cw .EY Hifi! Fl.5'Z1fll'Z'gi5i5l2l-Sl: ., z, xxifwf'wx''fc u..f1f"wi :f:.?3f1w'.---,G +1"it4 as term: 'wi "fbfqfwrz: .49 1141 fa .M ., ,W . 1 , fy: 'fam' ' -vtiqwwfg , 4.5 :fm . 5'i' If ' 5 lv f- B.-is-,fl 1: Simi 95'-fifcZ,""'i,.fl X". .lp ff. of,f'..t......c A A' wi . - . 1 """"l ""' fu k 'X ' , 'z,.tt:"t,, fy 3 if ' ' fl 4, ' V ,kt ,,V,1,' ,yi ft ,,,, f . 'Wu Q f V ' It W q '13 Vtmijtqsv, :N W With spring comes sunny weather, April love, green trees, flowers, and . . . the All-American sport of baseball. Comprised of very ener- getic players, the 1983-1984 J.V. Boys' Baseball team had an over- all good team attitude. According to J .V. coach, Jerry Sheets "The key to success at the games was team contribution as com- pared to just individuals." Each of the team members contributed their individual talents. Their hard work led to a good season. Q 'P 5'J5aj I L ' lx W X ii . . Baseball r , gil W I Moreau Moreau Moreau Moreau 1. J.V. Baseball equipment. l 6 St. Patrick 3 De La Salle 13 Bishop O'Dovvd 13 St. Mary 2. Coach Jerry Sheets beams as he plots the next game plan. 3. Getting up strength for the next game, Bob Zurmwalt downs his lunch Swimming Mariners The 1984 Mariner Swim Team, in their second year under coach Rich Serrao, was looking forward to a great season of C.A.L. competition. Swimming well for the Mariners this year were Joe Baalman, Patti Goldhammer, Mike Dear- born, Kathy Radecke, and Mike Klein. There were about 40 swimmers on both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams, Moreau's highest total ever. Varsity Swimmers in the above team picture are: From left to right the front row: Kathy Ra- decke, Patti Goldhammer, Mary McKeon, Noelle Abela, Nicole Ormsby, Maureen Grgurina, Bridgit Lydon, Lisa Ashley, row 2: JB Brantome, Mike Dearborn, Bill Ruby, Mike Mckeon, Tom Paynter, Alan Harter, Andre Bratome. row 3: Ian Land, Jim Red- mond, Scott Russo, John Ul- rich, Joe Baalman, Mark Lib- bv, Back row: Eric Hewell, Will McCormick, Rob Fratus, Mike Klein, Chris Manos, Vince Rodrigues, Coach Rich Serrao. .W Us .sa li Kicking her way through the water Nicole Ormsby swims down the stretch. 21 Mike Mckeon smiles as he comes in from a hard days practice. 3i Moreau Mariner swimmer backstrokes her way to victory. 41 The Moreau Mariner Junior Varsity swimming team. llllllllIllllllllll llllllllIlllllllll llllllllllllllllll llllllllIlllllllll 'f""f' Yam 'IIIIEIIIIIIIIIII' llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllIIl M lllIlllllllllll llllllllllIllll llllllllllllll llllllllllllll lllllllllllll ll lllllllllllll III llllllllllll III lllllllllll llll lllllllllll lllll lllllllIll lllll llllllllll llllll lllllllll llllll lllllllll lllllll llllllll lllllll llllllll llllllll lllllll lllllIlll llllll lllllllll llllll llllllllll lllll llllllllll lllll lllllllllll llll lllllllIlll llll llllllllllll lll llllllllllll lll lllllllllllll ll llllllllllllll fqx l llllllllllllll As,4i lllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll QAAHMQQV llllllllllllllll Q,-M llllllllllllllll 'X llllIllllllllllll llll lllllllllllllllll llllll llllllllllllllllll llllllll lllllllllllllllllll lllllllll lllllllllllllllllll lllllllllll lllllllllllllllllIll lllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllll llllIlllllllllllll lllllllllllIllllllllll llllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllIllll llllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllIlllllll lIllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllIllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllIllllllllllllllll lllIlllllllllllllIlllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllIlllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ::::lIll::llllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll lllIlllllllllIlll llIIlIlllIIIlllIlllIllllllllllIIllll llllllIlIllIlllIlllIlllllllIllIIlllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIll llll!llllllllllllllIlllIlllllllIIlllllllIIllllIIlllllIlllIllllllll lIIE!!lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIlllllllllllllllllll lIIEEUlIllIIlllllllllllllllllllIlllIllllllllllllllIllIllllllllllll lIlE!lllllllIIlllIllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllIlllllIllllllIllll IIlllllllllIlllllllllllIIIllIIIIIllIIIlllllllllllIllllllllllllllll llIIlIlllIllllllllllllllllllllll k Z , f w:a,':,':i.'Qi "7 T 'P k f'-,z7i,3sl"M 5 4 -y -1 .M . 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Box 21388 Concord, CA. 94521 14151 835-3639 Twenty Four Hours Party Trays 81 Catering Available and SIIIIIS SWIKHIH :Ddl Class of 84 14837 Washington Ave. San Leandro Calif To Save Your Time SAVE THIS CARD 21087 Cabot Blvd X51 415 785 5175 Many prescriptions can be filled thru a phone call Hayward CA 94545 415 785 5176 For Refills: Phone 352-1155 You can then pick them up at your convenience M F 9 A M to 8 PIM- Prescription No tri volley reolry Bus: C4155 487-3040 Res: 14151 471-7978 RIZ DE ALA TGIBPHOHG 01151791 2939 REALTOR ASSOCIATE - NOTARY PUBLIC 30502 UNION CITY BLVD., UNION CITY CA 94587 Joe Elam Landscaping Residential and Commercial Lawn Maintenance Complete Landscape Services Design 'Shrubs Sprinkler Systems 'Rock Sod Lawns 'Low-Maintenance Gardens Let Us Take Care Of Your Landscaping 14151 792-7695 CLASS UF 84 SUPER FRIENDS if if uk A1 17 DRY t t 7825 San Leandro Street - Oakland, CA 94621 - C4151 632-3467 KIPW IXSO EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT , Congratulations Good Luck Dancmg Class of 84 Bear Love, Love, Mrs Bernie Pucclnl The Garcia Family BUFFING PINSTRIPING WAXING CARPET SHAMPOOING POLISHING NEW VINYL TOPS DeLuxe AUTO DETAILING nt App . u q .S prsG9 'gov f415l 786-3090 women -1595 14158858662 1428 AVE. 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COMPETEN T 8: ENTERTAINING DISC-JOCKEYS SOUND OF MUSIC disc-jockeys are qualified to handle various situations, even difficult ones. An- ticipate the mood of the crowd, and adjust our personalities and music to keep the pulse of the party movin'. We don't just play records, we are entertainers. As with live music groups we also get involved and participate actively with your group. Our expertise in a variety of music types and styles, along with our personality and knowing what to do next, will assure you and your guests a successful and exciting day of fun and entertain- ment everyone will enjoy, ,Z SX tiff - lim 4 9 Ii 7 f- Terry ' 9 - i707l 644-4607 A- 0 Mike K r-FQ h A f ' ' t4l5l 791-1264 - Best Wishes arid lilikiv-,Q Thanks for Supporting I, T awe' your Bookstore ' " 56 H ' -T L I A T419 In 255 - vp' Wy! wif X HIGH , Q0 4, 0 ' Q if of 1 SME X T it . ,v so ,f 4 2 0 , . 0 . V0 J E ti The Moreau High Bookstore Brother Lawrence ALAMOR INC. REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT A. J. 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PROTOTYPES ' MOLDMAKING - MOLDING Congratulations Class of 1984 Wayne Harshbarger ue f J 5 "SERVING THE HAYWARD AREA EOR ovER 30 YEARS" CREATIVE PORTRAIT 8: COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PASSPORT PHOTOS WHILE YOU WAIT PHOTOS FOR: U CITIZENSI-IIP U LICENSES E IMMIGRATION U VISAS D ID.'S OVERNIGHT BLACK 8: WHITE PROCESSING K.. f' CREATIVE ON-LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICE ADVERTISING PURLICITY CONVENTIONS FOR THE MOST MACHINERY - CONSTRUCTION QITPSSIJRATHQEQAY PRODUCTS - LEGAL - INTERIORS BANQUETS - FAST PUBLICITY GLOSSY SERVICE FEATURING THE STORYBOOK - WEDDING ALBUM Steve Rubnolo photography 0 Wedding Photography 1022 R. STREET, HAYWARD, CA 94541 lI1I:Is:1!Eu.:1n5lSrI,icial Effects - w dd' I 'I I- SINCE 1953 . Rle,l2innSLfI HAYWARD 538-2212 A'-50 1022 B STREET FAMILY PORTRAITS I-fION,PRI. 9-5130 SAT. 9-1 RESTORATION OF OLD PRINTS SENIOR PORTRAITS FREMONT SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY 792-2212 4245 PERALTA BLVD. MON.'FRI. 10-5 CLOSED SAT. 2, -2 ,fm ... 22 . 22. . 2 . J " ' ,. ,, .... M. 2 -2 H , 2- ----- rrrfr .222 2z:2fz'gK-ww-frgg22s2 ggg,:1 fc uf ,..L 2, ., k,,,,,L. .,,,,N, , , , 2- 2 2 iii "W f i E' ,,. 25 'Y 17 f-2:2 f , 2-'.i.'L'Q, .L-2222222s4:,fZg21i r -W ,N x x 1 -W 'k" 'iii ' ',:1 -:2 77-- 1 5.2 Lf , . lu22,,z'272 WW 222135422231 2?f?'i'2f35i'I'4U Y L W,,,,, QL! 2 -,ggijgifgqjfi :jgQ,2Sg Q. .2 j2Qj,2jEg:,:,Jj :5:v,E2,2 Eiiii. A MJ" ,f 2.-22' . w,.:a2- 22,12 .212 y,gn.,w 2, my-2222 222 - fimskf W"' ' 2 :fx g- V vig -ggi jg,p..g222-2553, -. 5 K Rfifiin3:?fi':iefY7"' ----- " 2 224,2,f,,f .ref 22:2 2. -12222 S W .. ,2 ff aww--2 v H2121 22:22:25 1v2 2:12-W5' mf 2, x . ,,,,,,,,,, 2-2.2221 2. x x , .. ,, .W , 2 ,, ..,., ,W .. ,- 2 ,...22 , Yj,gi,.:..Qg.2g2 X , . 1 2 Q ., .:,,, ,, ,,,,,.,. ,, .,,. ,W ,W 2. 2 5 2 , 2 X if L 2 222.2122 ' Y z1.12225.2?2J4gi',.2, . 2222 2 Q f,,,:,L,L :,, ,L.. L:,: 2 Z 1 .4 M , , ...,. , my.. ,, 6,222 , ,mg 4 1" ' ' ffff' f ,:2 422 22-222..,22u,,z,2' uve, :swf W-2222-2:,e ww-2-22222 22-..fw, wi. :ff www' .. . 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Ui K 5 , 2 X E 2 J S S S X la L 2 x Y S 2 , H 5 7 x C 2 w f 5 x f K e . 5 xi Af- ' s 1 .r , 2 2 2 X A , as K 2 , 2 J L 2 4 X X i 4 K' SP' 2 2 2 1 ,, K J Q X Q K , 2 ,w s u X ' ua H 2 2 4 Ka 1 5 x 4 1 2 1 K A f L 2 2 , X f -'QS CONGR AT Ckoss of ULATXONS 49 SA!! Especiokw To Danielle Flores B I.,-sea ,K in x . i - "Every move younmakell gg "Every stepl you take" . The yearbook staff has been watchingfthe Moreau com- munity since September and hopes that they have cap- tured gawithlnggthe covers! of this bookyalli of the special moments that Q have taken place throughout this school V33l'f',sg s For the class of 1984 thisends their trek through Moreau. We have been "Watching You", classof '84, grow from timidrskeptical, scared freshmen lwhoovercame the tra- ditional senior sales pitch for elevator passes, pool passes and lightbulbs for your lockersl to confident and classy seniors Watching You as freshmen we remember the fun of the Freshmen Family Barbeque and the excitement of gettmg better acquainted wlth your classmates at the Freshmen Box Social Watching You become sophomores we remember the fun of the Soph Hop the honor of not coming in last m the Sprit Week competition and the privilege of finally be coming upperclassmen Watching You rise to the occassion of being upperclass men was interesting as you were shocked by the require ment of serving 40 hours to your community Then there was the awesome Jr Clash powder puff team You were the first juniors in Moreau s history to ever claim a victory over the semor team Junior Hospital was the theme for Spnrit Week Of course we couldn t forget the romantic night of the Jr Prom held at the Rheem Theatre in Mor aga Setting the mood for that special night was the theme of We ve Got Tonight Watching You rule the school as seniors there are many tone for a big win during Spirit Week We couldn't forget the Powder Puff game when Clash ll struck again Finally there was the excitement of the Sr Ball the anticipatnon of the Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation and the thrill of attending Grad Nate Though the class of 84 s years at Moreau are ending there will always be a friend Watchmg You Lisa Hansen fs 5 S ilu ' u ' rr I so n K W K' K K s y n s g . K , I K S , .L : ., 9 - 9 K ' i . . . sc an hd J Urol I J A on .K up g pkg sci s up wonderful things to frelcalll Senior sSuperfriendS set the ' Y 1 V , as - in 'riff 1 K kg Q

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