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THE U ITA 0F 1957 MORAVIAN PREPARATORY SCHOOL BETHLEHEM, PENNSYLVANIA ',- . .- -'Aw 1 MISS MARGARET SCHWARZE 'J IN APPRECIATION Of your guldance and of your long en durmg patrence wrth us and wrth our troubles rn gratrtude for your deep mterest m our class and for your excellent work as our ad vrsor we the class of 1957 are happy to dedrcate our yearbook to you Mrss Schwarze THE MAIN BUILDING THE GYM M P S IS growing' The signs are everywhere all the time But this year they appear chiefly in the property which the school has acquired on Church Street thanks to a fund raised by a drive still in progress among parents alumni and friends The Helen de Schwernrtz Building 1S named for Helen de Schweinitz beloved teacher of French and German at M P S for almost forty years It is fitting, therefore, that her Building contains two well-equipped language classrooms besides a lan- guage library and listening room. No less important are the class rooms for mathe- matics and the fine chemistry and physics labora- tories. Most of the work in the post-graduate de- partment of M.P.S. is now carried on in the Helen de Schweinitz Building. 3 HELEN de SCHWEINITZ BUILDING I' RD OF TRUSTEES SITTING Mrs Edwa.rdC Perkms PTA Representatlve Dr J Walter Gapp Headmaster Mrs D1cksonFa1r back PTA Representatwe STANDING Mr John Halght Mr Theodore Hartman Mr Robert E Ashley The Rev Dr Walser Allen The Rev Sta.n1eyR Woltjen Mr CarlB Schmlckly MISS MYRTLE MEILICKE ASS1St3Ht to the Headmaster FACULTY Mrs Clessner Mr Presley Mrs Worth Mrs Fox Mrs Lmdtne! Lbs wagner Mr Waterbore Mrs Nmedeck 6 "rf 1 Jn 4, C B0 I7 5,4 'Unfi- vr 5 -1 Off! b 'udb I' 1.11 ,- .41 1 U4 Q U fxgaw a faq 1 n N br fur uw rw f A u u Lf' s Y 1591 Jn fs A v -, H91 , 5 .1-.. I +C' fn 'Nfpf 141 I xv, ll JL I fm 1:-9 J 5 il 'I s i u .44 I' nxl' off' ,wg Mel. . +.- 2311" gud V-,grq ' 1 ,wi- 'S , . vga, M' Emery' Mxss Schwarze Mlss Leys Mrs Crlswell Mrs Slmmons Mr Glasser Mrs Tyler Mxss Olver 1 37292 ' D- " . ,-L :I - 4 ' , ' 'R ' . , A 'Z12 '13 -' A 4'-lk ' J' P. ik ' , ' f 5165 , " I.Lq.,, if 2:-Hr Q A --V, " '.-L-, av... 7 J '. . .SU . 3513, ' 'idf' -.z" 4' '4 . firgf.. ., f, .7 7, 4, .t ,.,-. ggi.- 11.1" 44255 . ' rr.. -4' ' .1 1 fl?-'. J u, f.1f.-:- Zrgy. wg- gih . .., ,, "PS f . . Gjfb ' ,-1 . - J 2 1: .-515, 1' ' ., ,n. Q , 5,4 . . . .,S, ,4. 45. p 1:31 3 Tl I 1. 1 7 is,-'L "lg '..- W O1 R, , .0 fa, Lib .t ..,, :f 'Z 1 I F Sr -u43!L ..- ' E, 3" - R- Lv r 4 -l Gt? M .'. 1 .'. ' o fun f - -1 --f : fi ami' - ' I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Act well your part for there the honor hes Presrdent Merrrtt Brown Alexander Pope Vrce Presrdent Anne Pool Secfetafl' Gefmlde Smull Class Flower Yellow Rose Treasurer Davld Knecht Class Colors Blue and Gold 8 MERRITT WEAVER BROWN Our happy go lucky class president can usually be seen crouched behind the wheel of his little M G Mind Of all his lnterests perhaps road rallies top the list In his spare time if not bear hunting he can usually be found eating Spanish spinach A great guy and full of fun Merritt will always be remembered as our Matchless Emperor Road Wander IO Class President 4 Glee Club 2 4 Yearbook Photogra Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 Dramaucs 4 pher 4 or whistling his favorite song, "I Almost Lost My Student Council 4 er. SUSAN HARLEMAN CLARK The newest member of the senror class Susle adopted M P S readlly and so we took to her Known far and wrde for her loads of books and thrrsr for knowledge she rs a frrend to all and especrally well lrked by the P G s and vets Her pet peeve IS classes rn whrch there are grrls Susre IS ambmous We are sure she wrll succeed 1n whatever she does ll French Club 4 Dramaucs 4 Art 4 lj s E r it ev DIMITRI E DIAMANDOPOULOS Our future M.P.S. representattve at Lehtgh, D1m1 tr1 can be recognlzed by hrs black 1vy league hat and lus sparkhng personaltty. A fast talker and qurck thmker, he IS never at a loss for an answer. Among hrs many mterests, stamp -collectmg, hockey, and raclng, rank hrghest. He w11l always be remembered for h1s great performance and clever ad 11bb1ng as Covet Sprmg, the sly old man 1n our class play. 10 Glee Club 2,4 French Club 3,4 Art Club 3 Dramattcs 4 Hockey 3,4 Baseball 3,4 , X lg Q,agj'i4 5g3,5g3Ql1c'5 Q' N , i5tw.?fg3,, f V I qv lu , , A 'f agffyfg fsws-,Q gl, , ' f . ,., ',x-. 'L' .1 w,.ff-.-f , -2 H ifi ,. Q ,mfft 1311. Q - ,I ns,-,1", tt 1 , lj , ' .. If . Glee Club 4 Art 4 Hockey 4 GEORGE STEPHEN HUDIMAC Wrth all the luck ln the world he rushes mto h1S homeroom at 8 45 A M but that s George for you If not dr1v1ng around 1n h1s deadly black Studebaker he can be seen combmg hrs Sl 000 O00 wave When not domg the Mlckey Mouse Mambo he rs usually saddle -soaprng hrs brown leather jacket Always ready for fun our ex -Cover Sprmg w1l1 be remem bered for hrs terr1f1c sense of humor 13 A psi? Q 4 - , 5 , . 1 ' I . . ., . 1 I I ' - .. - H - 1 . I - will-.a-sail ERNESTINE HOPE HUTCHESON The baby of our class and perhaps the best liked all around Tina can usually be found ordering num her pet peeve IS make up through the efforts of her friends she lS slowly adopting the habit of using make up She is the only one of us who is looking forward to a trip abroad before entering College We are sure that Swnzerland w1l1 benefit from her visit 14 Class President 2 Class Secretary 3 Vice President of Student Coun 4 French Club 3 4 Basketball 4 Dramatics 4 Art l 2 3 4 Co editor of Yearbook 4 Art Club 2 ber four dixies or driving her "hot" Chevy. Although Student Council 2,3,4 Class Treasurer Glee Club 4 Dramatxcs 4 Basketball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Hockey 3 4 Football 3 4 4 DAV ID OLIVER KNECHT Our money mad class treasurer and one who de serves a lot of credlt for behllld the scenes work for hrs abtlrty rn sports and love of football games he IS usually seen w1th Jack or D1m1tr1 Dave plans to enter East Stroudsburg and take up CO3,Cl'llIlg In hrs spare tlme he works at hls father s candy store but we doubt that he samples the merchandrse Dave 15 ambruous and w1ll some day make some lucky gxrl a wonderful husband 13 if. ' is Dave, our tallest member - 6'4. Known chiefly JOHN A OYER Wanted for Steallng the Semor Class play Jack Oyer He can usually be found lrstenrng to Beethoven s Frfth Symphony or wrth Dave or Merrrtt We all enjoy hrs w1t Because he can keep a strarght face Jack grves the appearance of belng complete ly lnnocent of any crlme Among hls favorrte sports are baseball and basketball Jack IS worth kllOWlllg and a good sport tn every thrng he does We know he wtll cultlvate many frlendslnps as he goes through l1fe lb Glee Club 4 Baseball 3 4 Basketball 3 4 Football 3 4 Hockey 3 4 Dramaucs 4 qu., it f ' x . , N Q . ' 1 , . . 3 . ' 1 ' 1 1 - Q , Class Secretary 2 Class Treasurer 3 Class VICE Presrdent 4 Glee Club 1 3 4 French Club 3 Dramatrcs 4 Art 1 2 3 4 Co Edrtor of Yearbook 4 ANNE ELIZABETH POOL Although her harr do fand IIS colorj may change constantly Anne herself rs always the same good humored and frrendly She vets along well w1th everyone especrally the boys She 15 a clevertalker always on the ball never wrthout a reply Her fa vonte sayrng 15 I m not klddlng If not rn Clara Luncheonette she can often be formd ln the Pub11 canons Room slavmg away w1th Tma on ourUN'ITAS After graduauon Anne plans to go to Hood College and become a reglstered nurse 11 ,WV , A I - .. . - . . . D . 7 7 I . ' I I 1 U ' ' . . . . .,, , . . ,,. . ,S s I u 9 . I' ' l 9 o CERT RUDE LOUISE SMULL Gertre Lou the brarn of our class and presrdent of Student Councll can usually be found wrth Chans or Futz Although she eats on the average of f1ve cheeseburgers aday she rs the Lhtnnest member ofouf class She clarms that chorr pract1ce IS her favoute attends the same pracuce Gertre w111 Jom h1m next year at Morav1an College 18 Class V1ce Presrdent 3 Class Secretary 1 4 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Glee Club Presrdent 4 Dramatrcs 4 Presrdent of Student Councrl 4 Secretary of Student Councrl 3 Presrdent of Mlssronary Socxety 3 V1ce Presrdent of Mlssronary So clety 2 Art 1 2 3 MPS Staff 3 4 Honor Socrety 3 4 Prep o gram Staff 3 4 pastime, the reason being that Johnny, her steady, Bef-hlehem YOUITI COllDCi1 3.4 Class Presrdent 3 Class V1ce Presrdent 1 Class Treasurer 2 Glee Club 1 2 3 4 Student CoLmc11 1 3 4 Secretary of Glee Club 3 Dramatrcs 4 Art 1 2 3 MPS Staff 3 4 Prep o gram Staff 3 4 Honor Socrety 3 Jah-Q CHARIS WARNECKE One of the most actlve members of the Sen1or Class Charm seems never to have a spare moment She has a favorrte sayrng that tops all sayrngs when surprrsed she exclarms I ll be dag numrned' Usually rn a SCIIOUS frame of mmd Charrs IS ahard worker and Ih1S 1S good because many people de pend on her as edltor of the Prep o gram She puts down as her favorlte pastrme spylng on Leonard Hall and I guess rt has pard off COI'lS1dC1'1l'lg that her steady boyfrlend Emre 11V6S there 19 W . , Q - - nl - ill 1 I ' as 1 -- . fy n , 1 1 n s 1 0 E WERE YOUNG 'Yu 'v i 3 was-,.J' sung 06 I ,W ."'.. r' ry in i ' 2"" 1 Ili! it 71. -Q. s ?Qf7rQ,,"!S3: , ,7-fx? . mx 5. nf, V v 'ff' , ,, ? 1- Ja J. 'i 3 'xx 'E 4-34 ,ns -1 Q s N Geme Lou Smull 1C the only member of the Senror Class who has been at Moravran Prep ew er srnee 1944 uhen she entered Mr Ayres kmdergarten Not untrl srfcth grade d1d another member Jorn the class Tina Hutcheson, mth her lrttle blond prgtarl Jorned us rn Mrss Waters room In 1901 me mere rn Junror hwh school wrth Mrss Merlrcke as our teacher Some ofthe members of our class then were Ded1e Ambler Crndy Bennett the twrns Jane and Mary Dodson, Lenore Soulrs He1d1 WCllll1Ck, Becky LOV1IlgOOd Brlly Mayberry and Fred R1ley Some of never forget those classes In the mlddle of the ewhth grade me greeted Charts Warnecke who came to us from Newark New Jersey In the nrnth grade Anne Pool Jorned our class At the end of the nrnth grade Ded1e Crndy Jane and Mary Lenore Herdr Brlly, and Fred left us t attend other schools As we began senror hrgh school me welcomed Merrrtt Broun A thrs pornt Merrrtt was the only male member of our class Becky left us after tenth grade ln our Junror year Merrrtt was relreved to see Dave Knecht and Jack Oyer 1956 Senrors at last' Thrs year broufrht to us Susre Clark D1m1tr1 Dlamond and George Hudlmac Thrs was a year of work but also of fun We shall new er forget our Senror Class Play and how everyone enjoyed rt It was also rn thrs year that we frrst used our new build mg the Helen de Schwemrtz Burldrng whrch greatly xmproved our school Yes, rt has been 1 long hard struggle but 1I has beena wonderful experrence too The class of 1957 shall never forget rts days at MPS - V V . . . .O . V. X . . us began studying German under Miss Helen de Schweinitz. We can . .D U V . , ' ' , ' ' ' . t - . 1 . D . , . . . CLASS PRUPIIECY On operunff our evenrng newspaper The Bethlehem Herald last nrght we were struck by the headlrne Susan Clark Sees Future By Capsule The artrcle sard that she had combrned rngredrents rnto a capsule so that a person wrshrng to see twenty frve years 1nto the future need only swallow one wrth a glass of water and srt back com fortably for a half hour when the desrred rnformatron w1ll begrn to arrrve She asked for volunteers to try the capsule and we volunteered A few days later we swallowed the capsule presently these prct ures of the Class of 1907 flashed 1D front of our eyes There 1S Moravran Prep w1th 1ts new mrllron dollar gym donated by Dave Knecht and desrgned by that famous engmeer D1m1tr1 Dra mond who rs now plannrng a brrdge to span the Medrterranean Sea What IS that strange lookrng obJect'P Why that s the new 1983 Jet propelled car the Mustrn whrch Merrrtt Brown sells Isn t that 7 Why yes rt 15 It s Gerue Lou Smull and she teachlng the f1rst grade at the Beverly H1115 School She even has Thrs IS Indra' What are we dorng here? Now we know George Hudrmac the Vrce Presrdent of the Unrted States 15 on a good w1l1 mlsslon to Calcutta the mctropohs of the East Help' Someone IS gorng to shoot lum' It s all rrvht Anne Pool a supervrsrnv nurse rn a New York Hos prtal wrll take Hood care of lum Pans next wrth IIS Erffel Tower and the Sorbonne, IS the home of Trna Hutcheson She teaches French there and spends her spare trme at her summer home ID Swrtzerland Charrs Warnecke rs rn the Hawanan Islands teachrng Englrsh H1 Church School and runnlng a small newspaper Aloha Charrs' There s the Caprtol and the Whrte House and 1sn t that a parade? Why ll s rn honor of Jack Oyer the frrst man to fly to Pluto And then we were back rn Bethlehem rn the laboratory with Susan Clark the head of the chcmrstry department at Lehrgh Umversrty As the effects of the drugs wore off we wondered rf any of thrs could ever happen 13 L I O n 1 I ' Z .. I ' I I . , . . . . - , . . - , , , . . . ' . . . . .. , ' ' . ' ' 's movie stars' children as pupils. . ' . - . . Y . . , . . 1 - - - ' - o ' I o 1 D ' . , . . . , . . N , . . . .. . . . a . . ' . L . - - - . l I ' . , . . , . D i I V . . . l , 5 . . LH' WILL ll TE 'FAME We the class of 1957 of Moravran Preparatory School berng of sound mrnd and body and possessrng no marerral wealth do make and de clare tlrrs our Last Wrll and Testament bequeathrng as stated below certarn prrzed possessrons to our herrs Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle Artrcle I V V V V IX Merrrtt Brown leaves hrs hot rod to Frrtz Susan Clark wrll her love of 1 good drscussron to Mrs Lrndtner Drmrtrr Drarrrond leaves hrs romantrc forergn manner to Howard l-larrre hrs dog Trde Trna Hutcheson leaves her love of makeup to Judy Srndel Davrd Knecht wrlls hrs ab1l1ty rn sports to Steve Jack Oyer bequeaths hrs cool crew cut to some lucky Junlor Anne Pool leaves that certarn somethrng to that certarn somebody Gertre Lou Smull leaves the German class after srx long years Charrs Warnecke wrlls the edrtorshrp to Jrmmy Tyler ' 1 T L . I . . . l . H . S L . . n . H .... . . . ' Q IV George Hudimac wills a shoestring to Buster Brown and . H . .. .. . HI . . . UN IORS 'n lil 1 n ss' Q sg' x:d 1 l.l . Q TOP ROW, left to nght Frank Jones, Rrchard Morgan, Steve Edraney, James Walkow, James Tyler, R1chard Walkow, James Insh BOTTOM ROW Fntz Hartmann, ppy Dodson, Momca Thomas, Cmdy Low Noel Althouse, Judy Slndel CLASS OFFICERS Cmdy Low Presldent Steve Edraney Vice Presrdent James Tyler Treasurer Judy Slndel Secretary 'lm J' 1 K N, A 1 i dv 'Q L ,J . V- Q --Qs S. , T 3 ' , x y f ' . 'QV t x 4 J N ,' N' ' X jfuf k',X :- y 1 ' 1 o 15.18 , In 3 f .Q , 1' if l .Q ..'l.0 .. at 'Q I, I l jp ' ' ' . : ' Ha ' , . SOPHO ORE TOP ROW, left to right Ellen Hutcheson, Sally MacNamara, John Kolb, John Painter, Howard Hame, Helen Cortelhru, Jean Worth, Vrrgmia Iviartin BOTTOM ROW Joan Hulbert, Leah Green berg, Lynn Pearce, Jan Norns, David Wheaton, Linda Eberhardt, Kate Bamberger CLASS OFFICERS Ellen Hutcheson - President Jean Worth - Vice-President Helen Cortellini - Secretary Virginia Martin - Treasurer 27 FRESH A TOP ROW, left to nght Rusty Cox, Manlyn Maltzer, Katlue Mnnhe, Rlchard S1nde1, Mernll Knabe, Robert Moyer, Rlchard We11, Sandra Mease, Sandra Hannon, Lmda Mease BOTTOM ROW Susan Daley, Jean l.and1s, Joan S1nde1, R1chard Flemming, Betsy Fox, Jamce Loonns, Regma Low, Ethel Althouse, Barbara Yoder Vlfglnla Laube CLASS OFFICERS Susan Daley Pres1dent Regma Low Vlce Pres1dent Lmda Mease Treasurer Vlfglnla Laube Secretary P8 X- EIGHTH GRADE 185 milf' l?1lIl TOP ROW, left to nght Jeanette Zug, Shella Long Ameha Schwartz, Henry Franzreb, Harold Camp bell Margaret Smull, Samuel Thomas BOTTOM ROW Samuel Martm, Bradford Owen, Dorothy Tvler, An1ta Groenfeldt, Judy Pool, Carol Gould Virglma Drachmas CLASS OFFICERS Judy Pool Pres1dent Dorothy Tyler VICE Presldent Jeanette Zug Secretary Amta Groenfeldt Treasurer 29 SEVE TH GRADE ? ahh TOP ROW, left to nght W11.L1am Martln, Eugene Polgar, M1CllC1e Re1s, Dlane Me1l1cke, Susan B1ck ford Thomas Trembley, Donald Barnum MIDDLE ROW Robert Phelps, Davmd Eddy, I.1nda Se11sk1 Debrot Brown, Jean Campbell Scott Moore, Barbara Kllpatncl BOTTOM ROW Dav'1d Hartmann Robert Knouss, John Cox, Jeannemary Soul1s, Sandra Rooklm Carolyn Law, Carohne R1chardson Gary Fulmer, Howard Ehason MISSING Stephen Denzel Ohvla Cnswell CLASS OFFICERS Robert Knouss Presldent Scott Moore Vlce Presxdent Ol1v1a Cnswell Treasurer Carolyn Law Secretary '30 STUDE T COUNCIL 'N 'Q TOP ROW, left to nght Wrllram Martrn, Fntz Hartmann, treasurer, Charrs Wamecke, Momca Thom as Crndy Low, secretary, Gertre Lou Smull, presrdent, Merntt Brown, Steve Edraney, Happy Dodson, Scott Moore, Robert Knouss BOTTOM ROW Dorothy Tyler, Judy Pool, Sallre MacNamara, Ellen Hutcheson, Regrna Low, Tma Hutcheson, v1ce presrdent, Amta Groenieldt Jean Worth, Kate Bam berger, Susan Daley HO OR SOCIETY MISSIO ARY SOCIET TOP ROW, Left to nght Happy Dodson James Walkow, James Tyler, Fntz Hartmann BOTTOM ROW Charls Wameclte, Susan Clark, Cmdy Low Noel Althouse, Gertle Lou Smull LEFT to RIGHT Kate Bamberger, secretary, Happy Dodson presrdent, Steve Bdraney, treas urer, Jean Worth, vrce presrdent 4 f-T 'W , ! 1 . X C Q f W - N ' - , , f ,'f pp , I rf! Q' 4 V . . ff I 3 . YEARBOOK STAFF ning 0 STANDING, left to nght Anne Pool Co edrtor, Merntt Bromm Photogra pher, Davrd Knecht Busmess Manager, James Insh Photographer SIT TING Ernestme Hutcheson Co-ed1tor M P S. STAFF Chans Warnecke Edrtor, Crnthxa Low Assrstant Edrtor, James Insh Cuculatron Manager, Kathenne Bamberger Art Ed1tor, Helen Cortelhni Art Edrtor, MIS Margaret Schwarze Adv1sor PREP 0 GRAM STAFF Chans Warnecke Edrtor, James Tyler Assrstant Edrtor, Kathenne Bamberg er Art Fjrtor, Helen Cortelhm.-Art Edrtor, Judrth Srndel Judy's Journal, James Insh Crrculatron Manager, Momca Thomas Typlst, Mrss Margaret Schwane Adv1ser al 33 ' Y s ,f-1 V 1 A s s' , A ,F I g 4. 'W 5 'I . if . N - , ,Q 4' O s V ' ' n at ' f Q l . , ' - 1 K ' ' ' .'. A 3 fxhf . . V .X ,' ., 1 ' r 1 ' ' . I 1 . . Q . 1 o o I ! s . ' GLEE CLUB I , , v ""l,f ls, 0' -1-ma-...f.l"""' M1 Y,- B K IRQ 1-al ! :ful I' MEMBERSHIP E hel Althouse, No lAltl ouse, lxathtrine Bamber er Mtrritt Broun, Harold Campbell Harold Cochran I-'elen Cortellini Susan Daley, Dimitre Diamoni Henrietta Dodson Viroinia Drachmas, Linda Eb 1 har it Stephen Edran y, Jael Eisenhauer Betsv Fox Hen y Fr mzreb Jol1n Fretz Leah Greenber Anita Groen Q Q 4 " I . , . ! 4, 1 A . X " J . D f I , , t E ' as 1 , ,H , .f 1 t 1 ly 1 A ' , ' L S 4 1 lf an l Q- bf, ' -1 A sa' ' .1 Q . . y.. 5 1 6 , 'fi I A J , .. yvyltgw In f A ,,, it ,"3 1 ' 5 i I Ax f - ' . A4 1 ts l ' A I , "3 , 1 J ' M Q 1" , , f I A v 154 if 1 5 it' 1 1 is ff 1 , by 1 I Q 1, K in ,' 1 W ,Q f L 1 'K Q , , x a ' , , , ,j 3 . J Q 'iw ' ' f x 1, .5 5 4,4 1 i 'V A V I 13 1 i" ta ' s M 4. ,rt ,, I, Q 2 ,. , , W L 7, 4 ' f 1 ,5 X . N 1 if , ' to 1 'fs 1' A fl I ti Lt' ' 1 A , 1 J A , , I 6 ' f M ' 1 ,., 1 ' ' 1 J : I . . .Y G 1 . J. 7 -1 . , 5.3 , 1 . . Y . . . , 1 ' " T 1 I Y L l L1 3 s :Q ' Q" feldtjl-loward Hain, Sandra Hannon, Frederick4HarAth1ann, George Hudirnac, Joa,n Hulbert, Ellen liI,utcheson,Frank Jones, Merrill Knabe, David Knecht, Jean Landis, Virginia Laube, Sheila Long, Janice Loomis, Cinthia Low, UQ.. T, .Y 1, .I Y . .5 D . ..- I 7 A .Q 7 V 7 V3 I I 7 Y , , J .J 17 r , , - I . . Y 7 S , A. 1 ,.k ,, , ,y . ., , ,, . , . , L- ! , ' Lu , 1, ,M--' , r . :L if, , ., ' T. Ly tr, at , .S d dl , , 'A rgt ".lQON'l'I'I1l,i."'-'lil zdz' h-s.2-'- '. yzltlze ,la M " l . A r-1 4' f A et: pef' ' E1'1Ch' za 'zjes 1 l' S1'r:1Lf , 1 r. I'11der1ht'tl1r"11o1uf?x1r..Xx11g11cr,st1'd'1t, ' rl: 1 14-ti -r :ts a xell-orfggtazizetl grnip. I' tl rl" -- C 1h t1t-1,1hArsandtl1t'sel1u11ft-trlade-p se11s'of pride ll1IllClI G111- Slllh. Rervina Lou Marilyn Maltzei Vu' inia Martin, Sally McNamara, Linda Mease, Sandra Mease, Katherine M1111 fre Richard Morean Robert Moyer Jan Norris, Jack Oy er Anne Pool, Judith Pool Amelia Schw artz, Joan Sindel Judith Sllldel GEIIIUJC Srnull, Margaret Smull Monica Thomas, Samuel Thomas, Dorothy Tyler Jan Tyler Rathleen XN aqner James Walkoyx Richard Walkoxx Charis Warmckt R1ehard Weil Jean Worth Bar bara '1 oder Jeanette g W11t11 Mrs Norwood Wagner orrlmztd tht Gltt Club 111 Iehr111rx 1301 thtrt xycrt wtf eh membtr an stu t11ts had to be ll ed ro 10111 N 11t RIS Matt sxytl c 10111 ax mem tr ire selecttd' Thro11v1 years mt Glet C,1t1b tas earned a t 1111 1t1u11 or rxctll 1 ro1111:11ees 111 t t r1s11n1s Xtst r Cl 1d Ile J111,, CTONCL 1 LL 1 s ' 1 L 1 Q MO 11 L le x 1 BU lk Gltt ll I l L L et e C il 1kS ART CLUB "Florida Keys" by Sam Thomas of the eight grade captured a gold key in the Tempera division of the National Scholastic Exhibit held during March in Philadelphia. Those who received certificates of merit were Diane Meilicke and Carolyn Law, each receiving two certificatesg Jean Zug, Bradford Owen, Kathy Minifie, and Sheila Long receiving one. A letter from the Regional Director of the National Scholastic Competition advised Mrs. Quirk that "due to the high calibre of the paintings submitted in the Prep School portfolio they were further honoring us with invitations to enter the European Traveling Art Show Among those who had paintings so selected were Micki Reis Millie Schwartz Robert Knouss Judy Pool Dotsy Tyler and Kate Bamberger MEMBERS Katherine Bamberger, Helen Cortelhm, Ruth Cox, Betsy Fox, Henry Franzreb, Carol Gould, Ellen Hutcheson, Robert Knouss, Carolyn Law, She1la. Lon Bill Martin, Virguua M:-Lrtm, D1ane Meihcke Katherme Mlnlfle, Scott Moore, Bradford Owen, Judith Pool, Caroline R1chardson Michel Re1s, Ameha Schwartz, Linda Sielslu, Samuel Thomas, Jeanette Zug i' 'riff' 5-a 24' 35 . , . : . . . - 1 . - - n Q a 1 u n A u a n u , 1 1 I . . . , . , ,iw-nw"x " 1 fe"Sj,frtf "" ' , I fr V ,r , 4, . x, in V, V l 5- 1 W' ' Nav i Aww . Q K 1' r ea D . n.. an "i gr X ' I FK , 4 l . 'if r- M, ik! ki 'QW FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS Noel Althouse, Kathenne Bamberger, Ruth Cox, Susan Daley Dmntn Dlamond, Henrretta Dodson John Fretz, Ellen Hutcheson Ernestme Hutcheson Vugrm Laube, Cmthra Low, Regma Low, Manlyn Maltzer, Joan Smdel, Judlth Smdel, R1chard Smdel, Momca Thomas, James Tyler BOY S HOCKEY TEAM FIRST ROW left to rlghu R1chard Well, Rrchard Walkow, Fntz Hart mann, Jack Oyer SECOND ROW Steve Edraney, D1m11:re D1amond, Rrchard Morgan THIRD ROW Dav1d Knecht, Memtt Brown, James Walkow BOY S BA KET BALL TEAM FIRST ROW, left to tlghtt Sarnual Thomas Steve Edraney, Fntz Hartmann. SECOND ROW Rrchard Werl, Jack Oyer, Mr Fredenck Blum coach THIRD ROW Robert Moyer, Davld Knecht, James Walkow, Davrd Wheaton 3 235 I The Long Voyage A Vamlla DIXIC Please One Two Three, One Two Three .a-4" The Well Known Cast From "THE LAND OF THE DRAGON' 37 5351 35 'C . ik. 4 v 15- 1 s mmf rv .' , A -.,,- C ,ps QL. gm 4: Q .Q . . - - -n. 1 .1 A lsffw' ' ff K I r- ,f, 4, 1 ,' ' 50 . . 'V . v - -P' . ' v ,- W. D. 1 . ' 'D ' - A ,,,. X! 1 TQ vo x."'-,::-.A Z. I W.. , . V The 12 O'c1ock Rush Ou: Car Crazy Class Presmdent ,y The Bxg ? Three i C10 1, X1 The Useful School Marker Mrs Glessner and the Guls Y-'M E.. X N ,::. 'Q Hi FOR A STRONG HEALTHY BODY AND A KEEN MIND EAT THE BEST FOOD ALWAYS AVAILABLE AT WISSER S FOOD MARKET ROUTE EES BETHLEHEM PENNA AT WYDNOR THE BEST IS ALWAYS THE CHEAPEST CLARA S CQMPLIMENTS THE PERFECT SPOT FOR A QUICK SNACK AIR PRODUCTS THE MORAVIAN BOOKSHOP INCORPORATED BOOKS AND GIFTS 9 OF ST. U - Xxx Rx,

Suggestions in the Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) collection:

Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 9

1957, pg 9

Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 6

1957, pg 6

Moravian Preparatory School - Unitas Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 10

1957, pg 10

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