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 - Class of 1962

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Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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I ' Qgvfgm K N Q:g.gX,WgWwi.wMf,.M: N Wf1f1spaw.x :E W " Mwz: ' 3GS55.7Qi'6I::'i .'7i- 7' fT'?' K rx" wif , ffzfQH:m.. ' M Wu , ,'.f., , ' fW,4Zf qQ32ii3W3'M:49f2:'95w x kiW'?"w'f flgmllii-Ei- --mn ' nw 'Was' 2-wifi NM' ,Q wfggwm MW--, W yflmxqh VW xiii H ' -, ,,fM M .. N, ,M M --1 K Q f Lf 5, XA 12" ,f' X- . . X S8 x x Mn ss :fuss if ,ZZ Y -Q M ff X -fx as fp 11 Z W . Q W NE EE W is fm nm pm S w Hx f .1 x .1 Q4 E ,ws 3 Q H N --Q 1962 Benigna Editor .......... Business Manager. . Photography Editor Associate Editors . . Senior Editor .... Art Editor ...... Eaculty Advisor. Susan Burger ohn Viglione rove Stoddard udy Bartoe rank Miller onna Stadinger ilma Bennevvis athy Leyh i r. Daniel R. Gilbert Moravian College Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I PRCDLOGUE As you turn the pages of this 1962 Benigna, you will be viewing our attempt to recapture the spirit of a year at Moravian - the events, faces. names and places that set Moravian apart from any other college. The format of the book has been changed. lt is divided into three main sections which correspond to the three seasons during which we are at Moravian - Autumn, Winter and Spring. The events are re- corded chronologically and the clubs are placed with activities with which they are associated. The copy has been written as one continuing story - the story of Moravian College. This is a new approach. We hope you derive many hours of pleasure with the memories this book will rekindle. We would like to thank the many people who have made this book possible. Especially, do we want to thank john Amos Comenius for his quotation which we used on the cover. The Staff ofthe 1962 BENIGNA TABLE OF CONTENTS Prologue ................... . . 8 Dedication . . . . . 10 Autumn ............... . . 20 Faculty 86 Administration . . . . 23 Winter . . . . 72 Spring .... . . . 116 Seniors ........ . . . 164 Senior Directory . . . . . . 200 junior Directory .... . . . 204 fi Sophomore Directory .... . . . 206 Freshman Directory .... . . . 208 :ig -ggi , W ar C DEDICATION MORAVIAN COLLEGE . . . At i x y situated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania . . . Q eighty-nine miles from New York . . . fifty-eight miles from Philadelphia . . . fl An institution dedicated to the principles of academic growth and achievement. An institution given breath and life by the people in it. MORAVIAN COLLEGE . . . for four years our home away from home. MORAVIAN COLLEGE . . . striving to gain a foothold in the modern world . . . yet clinging to the traditions that provide security and stability. It is to MORAVIAN COLLEGE that this 1952 Benigna is dedicated. 10 ski Somehow, when we look back, we forget how it really was . . . that first year. It passed so quickly and was so very confusing. 'I' n. 8 ,J ,.r , ' 'wma . A'fwx1"" fad - f 'Wm Some of us came by plane or ship, and some came by train: but most of us came by automobile, thumb, or peddle . . . There were trun-ks, bags, boxes, books, stuffed elephants and stuffed teddy bears. So there stood the freshman class on the sidewalk, holding fiercely to their possessions, while trying to look collegiate - waiting. The presentation of the class flag marks the beginning of ori- entation, the first convocation, and most important of all, the recognition of a new class . . . the Class of '65, QIM , . 1 H- -ff" ' s"'Q " E .li f ei. Q ,, , I ,., 5 0 Q wtf' 1 . 4 1 K ,,,.-' -r , f S wr 35, 2 v -I 2511 "" " : gli' P af z Q, , . f X . .19 .,,g:3ii'i':v ls V574 , . Y , 1 2 1? . . 4 . 2 395: -54322 H N- E7 XRS, A Z 1 3 ,S f ' GV ek, , A 'F' 'H -if fff' M M E in Sw XA' 3-1 in r W " 'Sf 1 x e g, 2 :5w,iS'?f,1 , 53,2 5: T 2 flaw-.1,iEa"'?H Even Bill was around during Orienfuiion week. The first week of school is filled with strange faces - pro fessors, advisors, freshmen. In time, these faces become familiar and the process of building new friendships begins. Freshmen and upperclass girls ai' fha Big-Liiile Sisier Tea. The cnd of Lhc first: week lzrouglml thc in- flux of more Lrunks, hugs, boxes, hooks, stuffed clcphzlnls, and slullcd lcddy hcnrs - the upper- classmcn. Unlike thc Frcsllmcrn Class, which established ilsvll' hcforc- sccking out thc world, the uppcrclznssmcn Ich everything where il was - pilcd on thc sidcwnlk :md in amply moms - and ran off to find out cvcrytlming lhm. had hap- pcncd L0 cvcryonc also in the past thrcc months. Rcsull - no one found out II thing, hut it was lun trying. 1 N ur- I.,J..-, 10 , 4 ff ffl' A K -'Qff-7.7" ' f. ' N- '76 2 H. ' . ."-Z ,Maya ,f af. ,N-Ah. 1 ,ww np- 'I 4' x,., II ,' ag ' al 1 ,Q ' du X -I - in , rr -5. 9 ' ,-wifi. Y ' MS .- if-7 . P, , :an-f:v.Q,v-w-+,w7f-1.- 1 f , ,, .- ."'ww may Q . , " . x, ' ' -- .wx w' . P' ' sv I " x ve A I-Qiifvw jf. ',,-JJ - f Q s'a"' ' fr ' Iiirf Q :Sgr ,Y , W I ,I 1 I : 1 ff?" A -'ff , , ' ful, .A TL, "' - 'M f ' QL ., n N ,, .L I, In I ,IIIQII3 IIIII IIII I , , Q ' ' , ? 1''f-,+:f1'wIHfY-'eiivfiitf 3.171 X- 5' W Wg rmyxui . v 3? f2.g.'2ff'- wiv: ' ' M' , fx M , I -III.-43.IkjgI.rigf,QI3Fg,L. -x -' A I I PT I 'X 4547 .2 " ,gs E" fri 'T PM Fifi, . ,A -ir 1 f. Q , 'Ty ' W -' 1 A X., M af,-T - . '-M ,g H-P " r 544 -Q',1lP5?Ji"ff.f212- K ' , H- QQ' ' . - -1 ' 1 ,h .' I IIIIIIII I ggi., . , I, , . ,Q IVA, ,T - 5!f,g.,gqj3 ,I KI ' ffl ' ' AW I , fgjr- Ii 5.0 f K1 v , , ,' . -. M ,' g LQ if ' A ' .1 51? H . 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"Ei1w:'i5i'rS79ag'Y1 U Y K 34 Q Y 1 222: Y dia W , i Q4 W -wiv E -- ' - .B Y Y 'T F 3 2 52332 Q W , K5 .V fri? j " 'WWF A' A' "' dr' ' E 7 ff G-,,I ,,,, A ' gf -25 . ,f X ,If ff f - I v ... .. 4 x f 1 . M g y 1 -'-' " r f Ax A ' ,, XY f Y ,Ilffy-1 'l ii f'5'G"Llf--Qs:-4'f5 " q "' ' '1-'iT 0, A uf. 4 . ' 5- g'f.,:. 3 I , J. ,iw F . . .3312 nz, f I , , , , . ,. 2 f. . aff w:'w?"fim,gy ,Mw ,Q Lv, fn if '- if WL ff I Qfbw 5 if 2 A ' , , Lf 3? ra ?2n.iQ?Sf',wgxqgfN K W ' -A ., 2 5f?'L'lH3125g:,fQ. W M ' if A , " f x qwgw . .f ' ,, , ,- par.-, .6 1 - f I , Q11 f,4.fgs4:g"-', Ig 2 aff. I. .,,vg5gf ,ff X, 5. , - ,aff-3,-"" My . .M .L ,z ,F 'A Y , 2 'K 353 A J , . ,Lf "ef , V ' .A 1 3, Q 'ms 1' '!. fu- ... .Q 49 W' 1 Qw- , 9-sie?-3 x . . f . in fiffifig - f,,f3I , A m .- . : - eg 1 V , A.,- I I 1 ,.,. HL: ,N-M-,-.1 :TJ v - .f -A --ff-231' " ,A -,.4 .Uff-"'-fi-51355115 -1-fm Pgliuf' '.-1 ,wp mfiwl . " - ' Q . ' . J x ':-3fI'f1f.' ki: 'Af--, 'JALQ-5,1-Iii:-m','--gr,:f'! , -1,-.M Ar.. Jfuw ..1 A r ,- 41' ,fy-' 4: -.I . . 1- 'HI f ,-3. 51-1 NET., iff. , ": A ,' ' I ,1 -fg,II'g: ' ' ig:4??Ei:,i 1 3- . '.- p..:' 13,1,ZEf' . , -v' f . "', - - ,.1'g,, '- ,".'r- . ' - d4,,.,.f-. We ,11.'-023' , ' . ....- - . .nw . . f 'H y- ' why ..- ,.w '-""fT-Q was V? gg :514,!.,. Q' 'sa 4-A-" , ' " - 4214 1-La L ' + ' an "1 .' ffm - K-,arse-,-'.l9A.11"-45? " ",, - ' '. " ' f I ' A - XCR A: iiaffif -A-4 ' A T ' g wifi, ,.,- wI?III EMR, Iii- 6 4 Q . W1 ,'I,,',?a-4 'i QI Q .M-1 wh, M, .'-'ru A U'- 'C' -14 5572.1 Q-g Q ,, . j r" I ,J I X, 4 - " , ' 3. 5:6 -e eg .4 5.1.6, D - N ." , n 1 f' ?,4,?gQk L . 'i . f i14'537PTf 1 if 'IP' ' n , , 91 J' 'f"",'2j',- V . Mffli 'lll I-F,-,.f::3,,.:j42 . -' Y-'f"V4 - . " L-, .M-3 , Z ,ff ,,-'f' 'tg.1,A.,-f-M , ,. uw, T-'-1 1 ' ,uf ,.,., V - , , Y A4 ,. ' 'Ar ""'V -,'T-'f-Qf' I ss is 122 3 i .Q i The student conduct within a col- lege dormitory is governed by the dorm- itory council. Division is necessary since the VVOMEN'S DORMITORY COUN- CIL must deal with problems of il femin- ine nature . . . Miss Relimann sealed in her office in Main Hall. l i , 4 i ,i 1 W. LA 'tl' FIRST ROW: A. Ayfcler Hycle, G. Schaible, J. Knepper, B. Hooper, J. Cruger, L. BurneH, SECOND ROW: E. Demullw, M. Dalley, J. Julius, P. Schil- linger - President B. Hicks, P. Fox, K. Leyh, F. Coblens. SEATED: J. Naisby - Chairman, Mrs. E. Fry - Direcfor of Men's Residence, B. Wa+erman -- Secrefary, STANDING C Harberg J McMonagle, D. Hackman, D. Wicltmann. . . . while the MEN'S DORMITORY COUNCIL handles infractions of the regulations set up for the men's resi- dences. In purpose and ideal, however, the groups are united. Mrs. Fry offers food, advice and friendship +o Hue boys In Rau Hassler us. it . my 4. mi, si ve. AFM ufwmz . . . flze season of vigor and ilzfyusfry A U T U M N punqezzf oJor of Lurzzirzq flze Ariqlzf qfow of flze eve q If ,WF Y, J Classes began - it was inevitable - and no matter which way we approached Comcnius Hall . . . from the front . . Ley .- f gif. X 3, 'v fi! 1 . -fc is 'Ls or back . . or if we began our tour of duty in the Science Building it me , ant the same thing - Professors, books, and hours of work . . 7Yln. ALAN F. HERR, Ph.D. LLOYD L. BURKHART, ROBERT T. BURCAW, Chairman, Professor of English Ph.D. M.A. Professor of English Assistant Professor of English ENGLISH wr f- '-Qs' EUGENE H. -IACOBSON, M.A. Assistant Professor of English GERHARD D. ZELLER, M.A. Instructor in English There is a moment of hesitancy before that last comprehensive examination . . . apprehension, anxiety, and determination. W .al lm IW. sw ' fs HISTORY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE OTIS I-I. SHAO, Ph.D. MARY C. KENNEDY, Ph.D. Chairman, Professor of Government Associate Professor of History . T . 5 ..:.: :':.:.-f'- E 4 l 1 I ,." X I ' , H si Knowledge can be sought and found in an atmosphere that is less formal than thc classroom. It need not be less intense. 'V 'Y-A ,rf ,t R 5 is . 1. ms J. RICHARD JONES, Ph.D. Chairman, Professor of History and Government DANIEL R. GILBERT, Ph.D. Professor of History . ,,,,, mv , MARGARET GUMP, Ph.D. PAUL E. MUELLER, Ph.D. JEAN BEECHER, M.A. Chairman, Professor of German Associate Professor of German Assistant Professor of French MODERN LANGUAGE MICHAEL ELIAS, M.A. Assistant Professor of Spanish A language is expressed in a thousand different ways - different MARIA V. AUFFANT, M.A. tones, inflections, accents . . . Audio study can broaden the under- Instructor of Spanish standing at a much faster speed. N I I" ,Elise ' signgiziggims H525 b I E ,,-Siu A ' ga m x Y ,glllnqk GEORGE TYLER, A.B. JOHN V. MACHELL,jR., ALBERT L. BILLIG, Ed.D. Chairman, Professor of Classics Ph.D. and Director of Special Sessions Chairman, Professor of Sociology of Psychology Chairman, Assistant Professor CLASSICS, SOCIOLOGY A D PSYCHOLOGY s 4 I 5 H as B -.-ffm a , is 'Himsa X- a ga .ss Q aw Sistemas -a-Nasa -sfffgsw. wigggesm.. :u'T5'k'?5s1Yvmi' 'f5s,zQN'!f5E ma -Xglwsgsss mQi?gw,..EVW .-was we augvgzifa. ,, .iss 5 s mm-H H, ,H lx E' . s 1-m ' ' mesa ss E E H s ,I Q sr 3,32 26 2 Z 3 ..... . , ss fm an FW-1 swwssasm . nm W. FT! 5 A sw as: umrrxms 1. X s ak-waxa an W- M-a W5 .ta H., simgvia .X M mwigg Tx L5-:xii 2 if -s W ms Q- z ima -ag as ss Ea in ag -si is H X. if W away Ms -.E.,LLQEmmi' H N Si WE, W . Wa ,X my m , . s -A sm. , , P5253 - H K X A M U 515535: E sf E - W uw- a al- -E,Xaza u W- A .s.h an NB .Z.Q N an maxima Purpose and satisfaction in academic pursuits can be enhanced by personal contact with the professor on a more casual basis. Questions of a philosophical and religious nature seem to be uppermost in an undergradu- E1lC'S mind. Dr. McConnell tries to answer zu teleological question presented to him in,an informal discussion. SAMUEL C. ZELLER, Th.D. Chairman, Professor of Religion 5 HENRY A. LEWIS, B.D. Associate Professor of Religion and Chaplain RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY .. A- was m . I53.. '55 ROBERT W. WOOSLEY, AIR., Th.M. Assistant Professor of Religion, Philosophy, and Sociology I div B' is in is fi'-'42 FREDERICK W. MCCONNELL, JR., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Philosophy m gn X Wi, mm kg ww :ZW RICHARD R. SCHANTZ, MGNICA SCHANTZ, ANNA T. RILEY, B.F.A M.S.M. M.Mus. Associate Professor of Art Chairman, Assistant Professor Instructor of Music of Music MUSIC AND ART ww W-ff The range of music is the range of Mz1n's emotions . . 1 N X E There is serenity ' and a contemplative mind . . . f e and there is joy and light-heartedness. we EDUCATIO Student teaching provides an opportunity to put theories into practice It is Z1 lab in life. JOSEPH L. HACKENBERG, D.Ed. Chairman, Professor of Education ROSALIND CROMAN, M.A. Associate Professor of Elementary Education rr W sm E sw -NJ. - Each class draws to an eventual close and math seminar E was no different . . . This was not the time for these seniors to query whether two plus two really does equal four. Some things must be taken on faith. MATHEMATICS MARLYN A. RADER, M.A. Chairman, Professor of Mathematics M xx: -- RUTH M. ROBERTS, Ph.D. JOHANNA S. OTT, M.S. WILLIAM B. MILLER, M.A Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics fp?- ig 4, fr yi W -f ,Q -V nf 'Q 5 wir l- B, fx. "1 75" '5- " ' .1 . -..- - ':' S T' if . V IQ, 5' s -3' L V . -1 Z, :fl . ..:. :.: 3 B , 5 ' jj , , f , no 4 ss R- ESV- :Aff ' F ' A A ALBERT E. H. GAUMER, KENNETH BERGSTRESSER, RAE N. GRIFFITH, B.A. Ph.D. M.S. Instructor of Biology Chairman, Professor of Biology Associate Professor of Biology BIOLOGY AND PHYSICS A moment of camaraderie during a biology lab break. From the brisk pace it seems a cup of coffee is the goal - something to take away the smell of formaldahide. JACK R. RIDGE, M.S. Chairman, Associate Professor of Physics STUART S. KULP, Ph.D. STEWART L RAUCH IR JOHN L MASON MS Chairman, Professor of Instructor of Chemzstry Chemistry Associate Professor of RICHMOND E. MYERS, Ph.D. Chairman, Professor of Geology There is more to Earth Science than book work . . . A field trip means strong legs, good feet, a hot sun or cold wind, and just plain dirt. ' 'Ds Whether it's to learn how to manage your own or the nation's finances. tl Business Administration branch at Moravian IS the department me to choose. Here Dr. Sears is patiently explaining the flner pomts of eco- nomics to one of his classes. BUSINESS ADMIN ISTRATIO --1' xxx' niE26? . G. ALDEN SEARS, Ph.D. JOHN J. GEHMAN, B.A. YOUNG-IOB CHUNG, B.S. Chairman, Professor of Assistant Professor of Economics Instructor of Economics and ' Business A dministration Economics and Accountmg xt,- HARVEY T. D. GILLESPIE, ROCCO CALVO, B.A. JAYNE A. ACKIQRMAN, M.S. Assistant Professor of Physical Instructor of Physical Edueatzon Director of Athletics, Professor Education for Women of Health and Physical Education .Q -H .miie a H- -AWEUE aa Eels- 5 :fm nm, mean gfsmm f E ss :ss .aka PHYSICAL EDUCATIO The Physical Education! Department tries to develop the latter side of the mind-body problem which is present for every student in college . . . and what could be more developing than football? D is E . ss -Q E ,A . ,a B H fe 4 it H is H: Q saieizi ,L s E H a Ex- E ,., N I D H , , , N 4' ' , s. 2 sw- 1 - M Q 1 ' H H H .,,-sa' M4 ,I " 1 xx- am '47 rg A, sf" I. B5 I, Q NOT PICTURED CARL ADAMS, B.S. ELLEN GOODMAN, lVf.A. Instructor ofPl1ysics Insmlffm' 0f Chlld Deuelopnrent HENRY CITRON, BA- VVILLARD R. HARSTIN Instructor of Hzstory BDA' E' Instructor of Religion ERNA FRITZ, B.A. Instructor of German JANE R- HAYNES, MA- Instructor of French JOHN GIARDINIERE, B.A. FLOYD E. I-IELLER B L Instructor of Music for Visiting Professor of Business Elementary Education Law RUTH MYERS, B.A. Assistant Professor of Piano KARLIS SAMTINS, Eng. Tech. Instructor of Russian HELEN G. SEVERS, M.A. Instructor of English LOUISE G. SHERMAN, Instructor of Sociology MANUEL TUBIO, M.A. Instructor of History v'- B ! Sigmlif bi if I si? 'IQQU f .,,,,,g15ggg,,, im. 1 if I f ' XE asm f . fan f . MQU gm, 1 , Within the air-conditioned walls of Colonial Hall resides another branch of the facility - better known to the students as the ADMINISTRATION. It is their responsibility to see that all at Moravian is functioning properly. 5 , Lg ,KI in afa- . H SSB .N iagge new I ,-,n,,:5f,, SJXXM I M an ms am QESW M ,1 .2 Amie asa ' S Emu,- W, RAYMOND S. HAUPERT B.D., Ph.D., D.Sc.Ed., LL.D. President -ll-4 .11 m Y -3 Q E M H E E E E E H E mai H Kgs Q was .M M 1 Why 555539: 5 E., Zmiseewwiegi- 5-,hw H-M H wxmgg EE msiigmsmm :mans m-msnw as-1 E W M nina E, ummm f an ss mn my-lu ss an ai ?mw SMH N34 hx: Ram an gm Ragga? BBE JAMES I HELLER Th D HALCYON SARTVVELL M A RICHARD E IOHNSON M A 'Vice P1 eszdent and Dean ofthe Colleffe Dean of Women Dean of Men and Asszstant P1 ofessm ss M sms gs f SEEK ROBERT P. SNYDER, B.S. Vice-President for Finance and Development JOHN W. WOLTUIEN, B.S. Comptroller rg . 2 Wd AVN! SAMUEL R. KILPATRICK Registrar and Director of Admissions PAUL E. CUNNINGHAM Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds MARIORIE PIERCE SHERRY B A 5. , . , . l . . Associate Director of Admissions .VH .. " M ' ,.-V-we , As. if f, , , ,fg',i5v?,'aF' ,. 5134 Ng.: :yr ,, .. M.-L J vm - 1 Q H , N. 15 , av. 353 M K 4155 2 'IVA' gf: .4 x Aa if Z ' 'Q' A M. .W ,,,5...,.re1'e.,v,,:,!,...s.,. .. A:':1Zx'.s3.Q.l:2wM..i. . 2" K . --U .,,., 'fn:'.?nE'if5wfs.w..j, -www--1 Q yg..,s...,N, , ,, 3 .?..w-Q.. A .... - , - I l , ,,...f-A ,'. Q- 51 . x., RW' ,. O , . . Q V ' I , is QJIZSEHESQ A 5 Q 5 li 355.1 . 1. uw FANNY M. HARRAR, B.A. Assistant Treasurer DOROTHY RUYAK, B.S. Director of Alumni Relations NANCY STROHMEYER Director ofP1Lbl1c2ty The Library Annex wiih ihe Harvey Memorial Library in the background. The LIBRARY . . . the hours spent surrounded by stacks of books. Most of the time we were studying but some- times we interrupted this with a visit with our friends fquietly, of courseij. SEATED: M. SNIVELY, B.S.i..S. - Circuiaiion Librarian: C. LANGFORD, 8.5. - Reference Librarian: A. HUNT, A.B. - Caialoguer. STANDING: E, ROSADE, A. FULTON. HENRY L. WILLIAMS, B.D Administrative Librarian There was a cheering memo- randum to come from the De- velopment Office, however. Funds had been made avail- able which made the addition of an auditorium an immediate possibility. At least we had added incentive to wait. Even before the Union opened the GOVERNING BOARD was functioning The members of this student faculty body were busy putting the flfllshlflg touches on the Constitution for the LTO RAROUND TABLE H Sarlwell Union Dlrecfor C Harberg J Heller J Nansby Chairman. S. Burger - T A..-1-ff' Another change was announc- ed - this time by Chuck Can- l ning, Chairman of the CON- 1 VOCATION COMMITTEE. A new convocation system had been devised, which was a fur- ther step in liberzxlizing the convocation situation. There were to be three required pro- grams a month, with the fourth being a voluntary All-College Worship Service. l. TO R: D, Eiltenhofer, J. Troclahl, I. Vadelund, C. Canning - Chairman. MISSING: R Roberts -- Chairman, R. Schanh, G. Zeller. The students and faculty who attended the first All-College Worship Service were addressed by Dr. Wallace Fischer on the powers of prayer. w-aa- as aw a m ggmm HH?f'l'fEH H 5 aawm ma awa HH agiiiia? E awfaaw s ims ,, mama aw as E aaaaag malaria awawa E wmwwwa , E Kazaa E as maaammra ms aaafaamgazma g M waaaa ,.,.,.: Ex awmmwggsa ms w mxgag Bm a-aa-gas B wawgma E Ennis B Hamas msmsggs awawa mamma a w am as aw ' aw- www , ama -aaama aaaaaw w aw ma wawawaa wawawaw S 81 DS 1 her is 5: T uh.. S Q W ai H . .... 5 5 a mi gg. 1 X mag w a w a a w nl H ai E w a H a B E B 2 ----:-:-:-:-:- -Q aaaa M .txr V Um ... , as fu, ..,, N 5:5 a E. H:-5 35' :-:- -:--.A .... . . H w H w i?g1 Q if:E1 aaa aaa 'aaa E E ,S E E ,S E ,.,..,.,5,.,. f-gif 555 -- -- -,-- . a ,:-:.: .:. ., : : M 5 f mamma w g5gsg1Egmggw. x-:wa aasggiaa H -mamma MBHEEBH E gk xanax E E A .:. .1 sang A sm aa Hum a w awawa gwra w awww B aaa EmEWK w w B B aawaaawwa aaawamamamxh msaawx wamxms . ,ah asm awawag ms wawaaa - EE aawa ilu- ' W E a W wma aw awww Mg aw waw awww W mg: as waaaaggm awaw xmx3g E w a w w waa nw w a USG, the governing organization of the entire student body, was ready for its most arduous task - that of allocating the student activity fee to the various member organizations. FIRST ROW, L TO R: K. Leyh, S. C. Canning, R. Dietrich. Ward-w 4 K STE, aa.a IWZH ulliafia H855-Xaw w-aww -Elsa awga A M w- -w -W wa -- i af E i ma K x a xaa an xx a am a mmf w a We .m. amawsaxxm aw am a w a win aw W aw af aa - aan pa aa Q Burger, M. Young, J. Schlegel. SECOND ROW J Jol1nsion,V Tmnes, C Varga G Elsfranci, E Price THIRD ROW w ia Wil fiuxxxx ia-a 'N G-ia T3 H-fr Ijl"l ' .Lf ,,, 4'p1"r: A .. ,,,,..ue 2-ce,-'-..... SEATED: J. Heller -Chairman, L. Burkhart. STANDING: S. Perlrins, S. Rights, D. Fehnel. USG had several standing commit- tees functioning under it. One of these the DISCIPLFNARY COMMITTEE: was called into action whenever a stu- dent had committed a serious infraction of the college rules. The members had the unpleasant task of determining the punishment accorded to each offender. The job of devising a new organiza- tion for USG was a newly formed committee - the REVISIONS COMMITTEE. Plan after plan was studied by this group until one form of organization could be found to pre- sent to the student body at a general election. The year ended and USG was still functioning under the old consti- tution. Perhaps next year this committee will be successful. L TO R: J. Naisby, S. Rights, H. Cordray, C, Canning, W. Yurchak. The mad scramble to join campus clubs began . . . First meetings were attended and names were added to the roll books . . Many of these became faithful members . . Others were never seen at another meeting. KNEELING: J. Nadler, R. Martin, J. Abramson, J. Kozua, G. Mars+eller, G. Gold. SEATED: C. Herman - Treasurer, J. Karusfis - Pres: denf. E. Wieand. S. Miller, N. Trach, C. Dinsiel-Secreiary. STANDING. FIRST ROW: J. Merola, J. McCarthy, J. Ingber, M, Schwarh B Palenchar, T. Fisher, R. Sailash. J. Shiga-Vice-President R. Lecher. STA NDING, SECOND ROW: J. Sfefanavage, J. Snyder, T. Grammes J G-acco, H. Sibener, D. Jones. RHO ALPHA UPSILON was fortunate to have found stu- dents Who had an especial interest in the organization's main area of activity - the natural sciences. Perhaps, too, these stu- dents who worked with science were glad for the chance to meet with each other at a place not under the stifling atmos- phere of a laboratory. 5 FIRST ROW, L TO R: P. CIarI:, S. Kuehner - Vice-President, Mary Pfriemer - Presideni, S Burger P Long SECOND ROW: G. Billiard, K. Zanelli, A. Woliien, S. Deysher, B. Hicks, P. Peters, C. Apple. THIRD ROW P Fox L Klsllngbury G. Elrsirand, S. Gares, S. Donchez, P. Gehringer, E. Demuih, I. Kasapyr. FOURTH ROW J Whitfield B Yoder R Bricker, J. Albrecht, B. Hooper, J. Cruger, M. Gehman, M. Wallace, C. Rockoviis. Many organizations require special qualifi- cations, other than interest, for membership. The education sorority and fraternity fall into this category. The ranks of KAPPA DELTA EPSI- LON, the national education sorority, and KAPPA PHI KAPPA, the national education fraternity, were swelled by fall initiates as stu- dent teaching and education classes got under- way. FIRST ROW, L TO R: C. Guerrieri, D. Aslheimer, T. Fromharfz - Vice-President, E. Schultz - President D Henderson Treasurer R Bedics. SECOND ROW: J. Haclrenberg, W. Yost, D. Wentz, C. Borsf, C. Canning, J. Dech, D. Nause P Warneice R Gorl R Freed R Wrazien, J. Vigiione. THIRD ROW: W. Rinlrer, T. Ardinger, W, Aydeloiie, L. Lewis. '71"S1fX Z ii' -xixlv if ff ...As :FS 49, L TO R: S. Righfs, S. Burger, A. Bornsfein, D. Howard. B. Hooper - Chairman, J, Schlegel. The BOARD OF COMMUNICATIONS, composed of students from each publication and the radio station, met to iron out any last minute problems that the communications might have had. This body then gave the go-ahead 'to its member organizations. The COMENIAN'S here! One corner of the lobby of Comen- ius Hall became a beehive of activity Friday morning as students picked up their copy of the weekly newspaper. If the supply ran out, a quick bus ride to South Campus and Colonial Hall would probably prove fruitful. 46 .-inn-1 K K 4,4 U L, rv. Em V, E 7. N 1.-, E .3 glgxyfg E was ,gh L N 5 1 . , ., , . . .V - . L HL , W . , Jw ,Q 5, 5' 1 'L L 3 5 19: 73, J h M K MORA.VlAN COLLEGE STUDENT WEEKLY Lxxlgjjq ' 5eMail Glhe Glnmrntan L Bgx Puhlluhed' weekly at Moravian hcoxiege. petlnglmh, ra., 866-1682. A A J L' . F f' ' 4"L 1 0 L A E "" ' ts muon Davxa BL Hbwara 'PQ Auoelate Editor: Paui Reinhard '64 9 N' Business Managers1DEVfQ Cqrlflgiius 'Qgg A- . 3 Z L x do-New. Eauomxfnarbara Dbuyggiggf64,Jji?9Qv1Qfp:gg3une 164 N V E E H . K C0"sP0ffl Eclitdrn Jay Sch51If63. Ted Me1igi1,'63 E W V 0 Photo Editor: Grove Stoddard '63 N? Co-Advertising Mg'ra.x EricAMaueh '63, Gary Sanddrcock '63 I Jay Faculty Advisor: Dr..1Q2nyd Burkhardn Q4 N rumunea at the Gmnqgvriae. Primm-y A A ' EATED, L TO R: S. Righfs, B. Douvanls, H. Pierre, J. Bobelr. STANDING, L TOR: D.. Cornelius, J. I chlogel, J. Scholl. J. James. D. Befhune, J. Siill. P. Reinhard, D. Howard, 61 Sandercoclr, V, Eilcenhofer. G. Sioddard. 'K K1 'i LY 4 JW, 7 , ' J' ANNA? . :uni 1: A V 1.1,-M A E ,E -' wk--LW H .2-IVSXJWI1: V Q W . .. L Mv-Q,1?LgeX,,x97a,ef .ma f Q A YF? Q,:fi?fQ ,, S , 5, 17 fl 5 E . : J- H' iff ' E' "iff M. if ' ,Ei V . f ..,, . H ze '51 fi, if ., . 5. , yr . f A L W .1 G gg z I '51275 1 :A 'E E. ,ff , , figg'z.?QQ',.gf1,fhsgW.5 5 .5 :N E ,fig M be 'wif Q 1. '5'i"3'?SF35 EFKH'-+I-Vg WZ "ff ,si Y .f., . f ' ff E -Aw Qiqivvggggzggxa iq: ,, Egg mf Miw5Z?GaEf:E21w..L -' E re NY iEEf23':.- 1 I I f- A 1 Q F ' 7 1375 Te? V' 3 'QSM' .X f T W T ax 'Tip J' 'imfgni FTW if N V' Q1 3 t fl rw X1 Q X- fi Q ,Q Q W. "D " 'L Lv ,Wm .lin N 2 -l, '- I It was hard wprk toput pub fmpeifef evewf-'week if piper was Ea' bigzfidampt probably the shlpy bi'ii1eQof'te2giLsf7' - the editor's tears, as he 'strug- gled to met the deadline. ., l r . 21 x .fiilsffxnlk ,, . ...yi , 6' -L--FSFQWL ,, 4 ,, mf ' Y' 15452575215-f53z'5Tl5 ,Q .4 5 H' .UUE .LLWQB E-was-,L A r' 'gy ff-zgf??xxE7:,1:fg. 5 .3 M 'M , 1 " W S . 4,3vi.31..-E ,M Q M L' 9' Ji. Kffif-Xfffh, . L :gm 7,g3X,,.,g15Q K f ,. E g.,f,.P,P..f A . 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The opening game of the 1961 season was away - at C. W. Post on Long Island. It was a disappointing trip because Moravian came home with only 19 points from a game having a final score of 21 to 19. This player gof carried away wiih his world f 2 2 22 22 222 'El :Ji -.5223 222 222 22 222 22 2 . , ZW 2: ZZ - "WH E H M 2 22 2222 H M H 222 222 22 M 2 . i H M2222 222 HH222 H 2 2 , ,V Sigsgy 22222 gsgwii H E 22 MQW 7553: E225 N' 4 . :egg 22 gggsgs .-222 5 ggi H 2 ., 2 2 2 222 ,se H - 243 . .22 22222 M agua-55222 M575 Www- E -Q 2 -- .-2 22- ESM, 22 2- 2222 Y' r I 2222 ,, 22 222 9225232-22 5252752222222 E 2 2,-22.. 2 . 2 2MM MfeHU9"'EQ2:: :-:-:-:-:--:-2-2.-2-:2-2-2-:..-2-2-2 7.2.22 ' .22 2 22 gi?5g52 2525222222 22 e m,4g,.2 QQYI2., 2 2,252 W5 '22, 222 2222 222 22 22222 , ,2 2 -' . 2 1222 222222Q-E , Mix - 2 9 - ,' .- 252 222225 22555, msn . U85 E sms sm .V . A. -', . ,mms mms 882222.22222 mms 22232-2222 222 2 - 22 2 -2.22222 -222222 22 2222 2222 2222 22222 ME222 22222Er-We MPWM. W. . 2 -2 22222 22, 22 K22222 . 222 2232 ,22 S- 2 , - - 32, -:- gixsmliqg sims 222525. 2:2 - 3122 25322222 . ,is-2EggiZ,?ZE?Sg ggzgixwgiiviff . H H i-.M.,LQb ,A , -A J . 2 ,w:Yh.2'. W-2-2 , M I A.- 2, 2M2MW -W 25223 '.U, - -, - " 2 2 -1. 1 . -,.,- - ,. -2, ,. , 2 .jing ' . , , 222-22 - -wsw.224'i12222.-22,. .esww .asssm---22.2mww.eems2422m,.22 KNEE? 222- ww . .,!F.1.1.i.-.-.1250-412...!b.v..-.e,.....A21'1--if .52-112-L., .224 .- -2 , -S2 2 22 fri A kwa' X Yi-fig , , 'N m QW 43,3 49, 2U 221 2 1s 31Q 321, 1 ER-'r' 5395, Y2'g"'T"g"7'1?"Zg"9' gf Q 50 51 ' 37 k 42 '14 546. z3.fa,36 20 33 mle izfx gs 1-4 -ik . 1 ,..78A3,Qqg f gv4 f f gg i 3 f2 QQ f a 25, 2 'Q bak , If 'M fl vi " Q vf V i 5 :5 :. Us . .:.:. 1- J - , if :Lit ,. V , . ' . b - V , ' , ., '- , w , :, 1-L v E b F 1 n A - . I .... :.:W .4.. 1. ' - -- g sf7'. HHLETX ,. aakw Ba g as aamH?El mam X , H -,-L--...,-....,m,.,...., 2 F' Q . f 2-Sis" I ,., tak.-3-AA: - .:.:.: . :li 'E f:-.1 W' I-: .aff?ag'fhH1afeQf+m hr'nsai j H-HQQQV am, aaa- ,s, may l ggi X Kansa - 1 E 5 QQ E l wtizw zzsmrzr mvgggn-masangsmmng me H M - egg W if ssizffliflsws N Nuns r M an a mag H Q s is ,.. r- 7 50 ....w Juniaia was no maich for Moravian. sxiigj The first home game was a delight to fans and players alike - Juniata went down to a 19 to 0 defeat. Even more delighted was junior halfback jim Kely- man, who won a place on the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference small-col- lege All-East first team. Ke1yman's play- ing had accounted for two of Moravian's touchdowns. Kiwis egg? an aaa E- FIRST ROW: D. Demelrales - Head Maiorefie, S. Jurman, P. Pefers. SECOND ROW: R. McFadden, P. Jurman, R. Karol. Adding a spark of color to each home football game were the MAJORETTES and FLAG TWIRLERS. The only thing missing was a band. - Q s sr ,www FIRST ROW: D. Eichenhoffer, R. Houser, D, Wilson. SECOND ROW: W. Rinlcer, A. Miller, T. Harlacher, P. Kulclenfz - Coach. Rounding strange corners, up hill and down, across field and city street . . . it is Moravian's CROSS COUNTRY team. Another Fall sport, Cross Country is little known to most Mora- vian students - perhaps because it-is such a difficult sport to follow funlless you are a good runner, and then you should be on the tcamj. Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian The beginning of 'Phe meer againsi' F8tM. RECORD 30-26 47- I 5 32-23 32-23 34-2 I 35-20 30-25 7I-25 35-2l .. . Elizabefhfown Junlaia . t . .,Y..... P.M.C. ,, ..,,., Dickinson r , ...,.. Lafaye'H'e . ,,,...t,..,,..t.,t,, F8cM , ...,,..,, ...........t,,... A lbrighf 4 .. Temple, Haverford .. ., ,.,,... Muhlenberg 'PQ ?'1 ,X 4- ' --. 1 pus pg. 1 E. ,1 fu,- x f I ,W Q r gig EN ni, br' I, ' Q . 125215 FL . J" 2 iff JI!" if 2, ' "Wifi:-iz Q- "nf" f I-w5.j, f N . A , W, If f f , Q sg Q H xx. , ., FJ M' , M - " fa: 55 U K ' " - " limi 'K , 4? 4 ' ' ff 1,-- If Y ' -' 1,131 1 W ' 7 ge: 2, 'ff ,. - ...:E:.:9::.::::2'1:i:'5 . , M f ' , 1 M I .M ,b .fflfgs 4 xx f 9.5-kj -' j my j W , E.: .:.E::.:-2: ,. 1: ,W kv A gr . 4 , f' fl .:::. 5:1 is hx? F ' l , ,fp .:.: :. ni: ,sffaga V 1 , ,I , -, ws-xi: ,A ,f Q Q X. E ' 1 I 4 " . fig I Q fa mm ., - . J mfg? ,Q 1 x A X 1 " ' N ik K ? ', x' ,155 ' T Q 4 ' Q nf .. .... - A ww ,Q . , at ,, I 1 Y 1 ' ,X 5 A S up S , W H QQ sz 5' ff as V B Q x , ss n K . T if .,.. f, '. A li? ' N' " fx:,1iff,f4. J " K 55 ,Y if :7 5 2 " ' fi 'Y is , 1 N Y Mi 5 K K 1, af' ' :sr 5' I ' .531 5' "' -. ..:.:.:.- .-:. W ,. , , f Hifi A . A as ,V ' 3 M ' my . .335 N 4, - , I -- zgfnjghb ,. U e . f 'f"3?' . :- E.: 'F .1 E., A, NWN M. , gh-3 , 5 ,,,.1A ,A ,.. .. 'WX Q Z". .f .J Q. ff 5 r . .-1 "Ml: X' VA Il ,'A f lin., f -.3 s L l E ww Q msn 1 a X Q4 an J 3 F. -1 ,fit MG, .4 , ei My .Wrl,iA -"tix 11 .Y . aff. ' F4 - - ,f X K , 251, f 2 dr! '58 H , 1: I 5 Q? X 5 , a , . . A y ,dl 13 ' ken I T4 .Vx , .L , ., K .aj ns n'. 'o m Wi L. 4' ,gm 5 W '1 X w . '- . Y The Brass Ensemble. Several parficipanls awailing ilweir furn: Ron Del-'aolog Alfrecl Williams, Presidenf of ihe Alumni Associaliong Dr. F. P. Slacker: Dr. Raymond Hauperl: and Rev. Henry Lewis. The Cornerstone Laying Ceremony, held Oc- tober 5, brought the opening of the College Union Building one step closer. Various articles were placed in the cornerstone. Included among these were copies of the Comeninn, the Bethle- hem Globe-Times, a handbook, a Moravian pen- nant, and Moravian Church bulletins. After that, the cement was solemnly placed on the stone. A manson finished the rest. There was an added note of pleasure for a brass ensemble had been organized to play for the occasion. Life went on . . . sometimes even underground! I .M ,Qt img imfiigi- . 1 L'-'gg 5 Kdmzgt . 1 M M 6 Zyl-U-rrffzmgasvw Twi g? if s H A 1. X r Q". A 'gfgvaf ,hlgim we , H F .' 11 .V-1 uw.. w I m Kiasma W -t an an :awe 54 Colin Aldersley explains a roclr 'Formation io 'fellow Spelunkers. If you think you have been in tight spots in your life, you should become a member of the MORAVIAN GROTTO and discover the true meaning of this phrase. This group spent its spare time in caves - explor- ing them or sometimes even mapping them. If you suffer from claustrophobia, you had better think about basket weav- ing. L TO R: C, Varga. W. Bennewis, K. Holiie, K. Moriclz, D. Jacobs, R. Freed, B. Connors. Now this is easier to umlcrstzlntl . . . a bake sale, oe' 1 K l A V A v Judy Adams sells the club's fasfy wares. Every-so-often throughout the year, you would find Z1 group of girls holding 2l bake sale in the lobby of Comenius Hall. If you took the time to ask, you would discover that the girls were members of TAU SIGMA LAMBDA, the service sorority on campus. This group did not spend all its time in the kitchen for it participated in other projects throughout the year, such as ushering for the Community Concerts, giving a picnic for the Wiley House and soliciting for the Cancer Fund. KNEELING, L TO R: S. Donchez, L. Nafash, B. Dirks, J. Scofi, W. Bennewis. SITTING: J. MacDonald Adams -. President, R. Veluce, C. Vargo. 6. :li I, .F tpwu li ...Jw , A- -4 M. Y :- L D I Jr. h-. 1--,V Q QF! ' - f " ' 'if' v-iz, ,- . .5 , ,av L. ,. .. , , ,f ., 1 .. ,., v -V , ' :-: 1, .. .: , .,,,.. ff. - LM- -, 0 M ulil X '-2, . J ... ... fl :Z V 4, 12' JJ Q- sa- w .1-PI 75533 Ji, il.. ri ' is , R. Wahl, J. Cruger Secrefary, J YH Dave Coe iries fo relain possession of the ball in a soccer mafch. The INTRA-MURAL SPORTS PROGRAM began early in the year when the soccer games got under- way. Emerging victorious in these contests were the Titans. As the year progressed, other sports appear- ed on the Intra-Mural slate. Captur- ing the honors in baseball and bowl- ing was the team from Sigma Phi Omega. Omicron Gamma Omega won the basketball title, while the Harriers took first place in the I-M cross country. An Inter-Fraternity trophy is awarded to the fraternity compil- ing the most points in the Intra- Mural program. This year the trcr phy went to Sigma Phi Omega. The fair sex also entered into the spirit of athletic competition in the fall. The GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY team got out their equip- ment and began to practice on South Campus. BeHe Ann Dicltman drives in for a goal. I Joan Raidline fights her opponents for con'l'rol of The ball. Moravian... , Moravian .,,,,. ..,A, Moravian ....., ..... Moravian .,... .,., Moravian w,...w ,..,, Moravian RECORD 2-6 I-I ...., 7-I ...., 2-4 ,...wwo 0-I Y.,., 2-3 . . Elizabelhfown Lebanon Valley Marywoocl Centenary 1 Muhlenberg Muhlenberg The GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY TEAM did not finish the season wearing a laurel crown. Of the regular games, Moravian won only one, while tying another. The girls failed to come out on top in four of the hockey matches. Each year Moravian enters into hockey competition with three other area teams. The teams from Albright, Cedar Crest and Kurz- town met Moravian in two such Sports Days during the l96l season. It was here that Mora- vian's team outdid themselves - they won five and tied one in six games played against these schools. Albright was shut out twice by scores of 2-0 and l-0. Cedar Crest suffered the same fate when they lost by scores of 3-0 and 2-0. Kutztown lost one game by a score of 2-lg the remaining game wound up in a l-l tie. This was an accomplishment that pllt smiles on any hockey player's face. Now if only the regular season had been as good . . . xm"7'rm 1. 7 . .i , "1 1 aa. - l L TO R: E. Chuday, S. Smoyer, S. Wahl. G. Slreen, S. Sussman. STANDING, L TO R: S. Doncl-sez, S. Deysher, S. Yaeclc, K. Klammer, J. Rardlme S B. Diclrman, F. Mong, P. Peters, J. MacDonald, C. Horscrofi. H s 44--s 45 ,i Q- s 1 ,Wj,gumn1 1. mfs ,. News' w s Y E .Q Q mam l I. M lim -arf? may ' 5588 -E W 1 .wr Fe " -5" . .Y LIL 'U as ss uma sm mn ms - assess ,sg Q A ms Elmi- swag kg 5 E " E H E 2 W- Q fs .H H ' E E , 3 fl vc .1 as ax: -5:5-Ia: , ' H n k 5 I 3 KK gg Q E QP F '52 Mm'-QM ' 1 ' 'ff mug I. ,. FF ' - ' Q- mm in Wigs 5 g ,, f 'f H 41 f. 'WU' ij- gm -, I , -m --- ,. V J. .. A . ,xg 3 ' ., gi. , 'l I . ' ::5f.:, , -,::.. :.: :.- .:. .: 4 :,.. ni 1, ,X lv ' I V 5 36 fi .,.. " A YL! if aim.. 5511? - 5 H - A E 6,11 :A w MZ . .. ":L:.,Q:iI 'WWV QF W M55 q fi E- -fy, , A W Jr?-3. , W " . . .:. :.:-..: ,7 w H I 1 Q V Q N .1 A. f P .'5,3ff,,. , :.:. -4 qf.-1 an inlaid-agsy. Q-rl D .ply t 4 ' 4' 1: V' ' I ' F 4 I V 'Qi ,, G P X ' X n ' , .1 xg? A ! ' 3' W xx! ' .-"', 0 4 n f' A ,AA f 4 The entire event was won by the Senior women. This was the fourth straight win for this class, which was just cause for a bit of class pride. The Olympics A'La Mo is under the sponsorship of the WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION fformerly the W'omcn's Athletic Associationj. Any participant in a sport, whether as player or manager, may become a member of this organization of active athletes. SEATED L TO R S Yaeclr R Karol, S. Sussman, P. Long, B. Dickman - President J. Raiclline, S. WaH', A. Aufder Heyde V Tnnnes STANDING L TO R: G. Ziegler, F. Coblens, B. Weiier, J. MacDonald, P. Pefers, S. Kuehner, S Dey sher S Donchez F Mong G Skeen. W1 n is L, 4 3 nu N F X 3 N ms j, ,, fwww Hang ' K-M 11 m -nm P'f'2i+'ww fda if .,,. pak? ilami .,,w,QmQ, E X ,, 1 , 7, - QP- W PRS' , 1, ' . J :X ' ' ,mans ex ,, K . gl . ' J v-T 9 xjm ,, y l 4 fs o 6 I ' '1 v 4 l v A section of the mural in Jolmsfon Hall shown with its creator. The only thing to mar the occasion was the weather - it rained all day. There were still a few brave who watch- ed the football game in its entirety, how- ever. They were cheered, too, for Mora- vian carried a muclclv, wet ball to a 14 to 6 victory over P.M.C. Following the luncheon, parents and students were invited to the lobby of Johnston Hall. Here the portrait of Archibald Johnston was unveiled by johnston's daughter and son. Also on hand was the designer of the new mural in the lobby. This representation of Moravian College, clone in steel, was ex- plained by its creator. Graff wends his way down 'Phe 'field lo gain yard age against P.M.C. The mud was 'loo much for this player as he slip pecl fo the ground. Stephanie Rights being rapped for Triangle. The scene was a convocation in John- ston Hall, and the performers were john Schlegel and Jane Albrecht, the two re- maining Triangle members. These two circled Johnston Hall sixteen times to find the initiates. TRIANGLE HONOR SOCIETY was on its an-nual search for members. While John was looking for the next person +o be rapped SEATED, L TO R: F. Mong, J. Albrecht - Secreiary-Treasurer, B. Diclrman. STANDING, FIRST ROW: J. Friedman, S, Rights, S. Burger, B. Hooper, B. Finn. STANDING, SECOND ROW: J. Schlegel - President Dean Heller, D. Coe, G. Stoddard, D. Turner, R. Garcia. ms mx 'X .Y W g . F , '-,f X-I, . , v rv Y' Yigifll -, - A J R.. J, , f" w ,,. .A . ff . is V .R ,. w ,yq wr-1 1 1 hi -Q h, "L I' ' H' I Q ww . ,. , - A Q:-a1-nl "1-1791 , .. -f-- I7 N r-H X L Q. , L' .fgrift Q , W 1.45 ' ' :EL 7 .a , N1 Lu X a 11 D S5 5 W Z K! X Y H K. .- 1 . :Z . X ns Wm, Y H. Um. Was, in v,g'1ww5 gm-Q W' ii- 1.1. s Q Q -3. nm kk Eg H. -def'-. - 'I wif .:-. ' -fs Q '- . V.: .21 A ...H-.......... E. 5551 .52 E, Vg, 7 .L .4 .. ...........:.f Q mv me rf mg as :g .. ... 3 .,.,5......... E' ws,-ws 3 ,X H xi ij wr .Wm aims sim, . Mu' an - 1 v sf sim wi! If P .:'.' HH' j .,-. - - K ss 13+','.' . .J sw E -ng-V351 K wg- f wa fa . 5.1-I,-:5 H, 5, M., gag 1752 vw . ...x...m.E.,EU. :H 53 .Huw Q. as .. Q Si'XiSi-desi ::: ':I:,IE:lL..:. , ,L in 2.23: :Eat E55 -55 5.. . . , . . .3 V g g? 3 -E51-M55 5, I, Q -Q' , 'asv if I 551. ' S ' FW , , jj , 2,55 1: 2 iff: , B ,..i.:.'5Qg35g2g2fe ,. , is 9 . Q. is 5 .I I, - Lg Q wx Q - :- We J ,S A f X , W L, S 3 Q! ' - A E 5 2 'A v .Q v W ., .rw fi if wifi M , .1 .mm . - . . E 3 Hag W , .Wa 3 gg I Q fn' if , . Q- :E , 1 Kiwi X WN, .4m?',wssKdm1Esfsg - Pi -3 ww - - ' ' Gigi? .i W 5 'V .fig 5 x 4: was 'GQ-: pgs gg. , " 'S bu M ' A , 'Z . , -J ' Tex :gig ., .M , , 4 A I W' I :Lk fly. WE K f 7 . by W , I 'Fiji My: -. .ff 'MET 1 Q- A -f -.11 5.x 'gm -A . ,Ar I 1 an W: . ,n V' h A' V. , X J T v . k 4 Hman ms V .vw arf GUDPK7 AMW if aw.. gyms iggamai , U E'-49? gigs -Q .MY F135 if Eiilrkki 1 mx sf W !! 'E' Kiiipffg-QAWQ 'WM V Q ,Sw I? Q .Qw A L w 2 1 4 , if 5? R. N . Q5 .. pe. if 5 1i'maw'f:. A 'x .uf sf, -gm 'M , 'ss X 1 wiki? iii ff I E H , . . CAV., sv T' .f . t .E . ' ff Q , ' 1 on : in , . 'W' n W ss Qbpwsi "The winner and still Ugly Man" was H Ed Wolfsohn, of the happier but poorer 'Q-'H TKE fraternity. The contest was sponsored by the Nu Lambda Chapter of ALPHA PHI OMEGA, the national service fraternity on campus. This was another of their activities for the betterment of the Campus and Community- Chuclr Canning presenls flue "Ugly Man" plaque 'lo TKE president Dave Coe and Ugly Man, Ed Wolfsolm. FIRST ROW: C. Borsi' - Recording Secrefary, D. Jacob - Corresponding Secrefary, C. Ruth - Vice-Presiclenl, R. Presfon - Vice-Presiclenl, C. Canning - Presiclenl, K. Hollie - Treasurer, K. Moriclc - Hislorian. SECOND ROW: ' R. Schmoyer, H. Williams, G, S+ill, R. Cook, G. Miller, D. Pollock, H. Sibener, D. Wilsey, D. Davis, W. ll1rie, D. Aslheimer, J. Szarlzo. THIRD ROW: H. Smil'l1, S. lobsf, J. Gavin, T. Ardinger, G. Kesler, T, Krasnicke. Certificate recognizing APO's contribu- Hon io 'lhe Pusan Hospital. APO participated in various activi- ties during the past year. Among these were the donation made to the Pusan Children's Charity Hospital and help given in the Cancer Drive. The brothers also decided to make use of the pledge class system to introduce new members to the organization. Harry Smith and Jerry Still begin soli- citing for the Cancer Drive a+ ihe home of Sam Zeller. I ltr fa was if' GES, SEATED: D. Fleming, J. Marlin - President, J. Goldberg, S. Nicholas - Secretary-Treasurer. STANDING R Kod ' novich, F. Jones, K. Zechman, G. Smiih, H. Lewis, B, Weaver, R. Beninger. KNEELING: R. Marlocci, J. Merola, H. Neumann, A. Bornsiein - S+a+ion Manager, J. Goldberg. STANDING: D. Schneclr. R. Lecher, A. Zel-l, C. Borsf. C. Houseman, T. Apiohn, P. Erskine. Going out over the air waves was the news that WRMC, the college radio sta- tion, had assumed co-directorship of the first nationwide college network. This network, called College Broadcasting Affiliates, was to have joint headquart- ers at Moravian and Lehigh. Another feather in the caps of WRMC's broad- casters. W 3? iz S+aiion Manager AI Bornslein gels sei lo broadcast 414115- ,. , I 9 V Y pigiiis ug if l ii Q? ' 73 " K 1 li.-J,"' v ,A 5, , u- f 1. fs' Fv . Hu w 4- Q. .' c -' - fi ' -s.x..gLg 4 'NS-i s To the undergraduate, HOMECOMING is not an event or a specific day. It is a frame of mind which lasts for nearly a week, beginning with the very earliest preparations for the pa- rade and the first thoughts of that big game. .- ,T. , - ... .LW .- a ev- ' , Jw .Q-. , ...., ., no-..g,-:smart ,.-4-. W.-.,,. , ,.t.smf,tfesq 1 'sn V , ,, , if-fa. "t""' , ,-.,..:g21,t "Z""" E? APO's dragon underway. .A , Fw?3 sf ' "mv-'r9i1 AEPI sisters ai' work on 'lhe sororify float, The fact that Albright was undefeated did not seem to matterg in fact, it added wood to the Candidates for Homecoming Queen await fhe announcemenf of rlie lucky girl. From laff ro right rhey are G. Zilko, P, Long. S. Yaeclr, G. Billiard M. Pfrsimor. PJ clad frosh march, wallr and run in fha annual parade. The parade started shortly after seven on Friday evening. The many floats, candidates for queen and pa- jama-clad freshmen slowly made their way downtown. On South Campus, the freshmen serenaded the women's dorms and made a feeble attempt to storm the buildings. rf f 1 W is 1 3 1 ,L ax X .JTWLQ A 2 ff W qi -4112, .' ,- sw ' ' few-'Q wgkiigx ya. -I' ,J'kN, -if f., wr. ,I Ali'-"-fyfffw I 54 'alvi , iw guy. yy jflvj, 43,2 .gyf ,. X if :H W 1 Nfqxfh, 1 ,, wfT,g1f,'-a-2'qf5'.i2?', XXQ1 z..g51f?w:5gf1' fi--5259912 f, 'rgf , .,- -,, Xwsmr,g1i,:,:TfEf' 2, nu -u31:'g45.wa' , H ' --gy 4' X - W--1'f'w:'zif ::: s f:2::1 a : . :" ' ' V ' :--: I " Ak 'f 'E ' ' 1 7 J 5 A-QT gziaf: . ' ,ant I 25" i 'W' if . ' A f Q "g,, ky. f . fgfigf? 'i f,5gig ff --VP' b x , xr V A 5,13-4 1,45 fn 5329 212,51 gffw,W vig gf ,i?ef:,, 3" 'iw lf Q + 5 if wg ,rg wg, 'w f?f f fin. , Al, A J-A -pw. , It . .L L I f-,gy iw ,fy :Aga tx, c +' X 1? sg .llfxfnftsg 3 JR? ,Jil vang FV Why Q Y - 'I 734 if W?-"f -'sw '-f ' BW tifiswffigs-F i w F:vf'f: '5 f ' f ij 'I' A7 ' Af .4 'IA Q1 Ykyfn 'L' "Q y K '-I ff ' "?.g'X1"f Q 4" X , ' N .N-1, Aw' f- "f - 'Q-few ' W i y f QQ, , if x , A-V xg ., mmf, .Af - A?-:A ,, - 5, H.gAggg, EQM :,,u Jig, 3 A .2 - ' 33292 X 3 ww 1 M 44 I ,YQ f, ks' V ' A71 'W ,,- v , U' " 4 ,..--' -fl z Q- ' WEA ,,..31. , xl., 'rw f 9 J L I w- 1 ., X N xii Q -A x xii ' V hi. ' . .X 7 . A Q1 -A 1 ff' 41 . .,.,.,., , M. Wil' , ' , ' u 'ig' X A, .,., , , 'Xi Z , ,W 1, ' w fa - s 1 ,, Nasa Q Y F H ' . Q6 Y .XS-'ffl 5 ' "iw 5 ' 'Q-.,' , -1, 4 Xwsgj 1 'f' , W V 4, 1 'Y X ,- H iiff, ' it . Ap. , I.. ,Z 9 K. ' M5151 I I U -- '5 " ' ', 'l1 W W W ? . u .1 K- ,ml Q , ,gm A Q " 1" ' M "3" - 'N K ' ,, A -A 1' 'X . 5' Q wk V. i A f fn ,. ,v., M . il-'F ,. -- N -,:?V1,' -fl "1'Q:s. 1 E ' 1" '55 . 'Ani ,gm 1 l 5 The freshmen , . . los? 'lo 'Phe . . . sophomores. G-ll 3 ?f' .. Egg 'WMQSTP 1 M R'f '5 ,lNfY5L1SM 9:5-aw, 'wk 'wjbfds-'MAE A Firsf place TKE float s el wi "L fly' W , if 5 rw TH WSTAAQS LD ...l The Phi Mu slsfers +ool: 'lhird place wilh lhis floaf. The floal of Sigma Phi capfured second place. RE Qnmfor . . . ana ffm worU is covereo7 oy foe purify f snow. RRR R Raw E-12935255 MWRRR R R RR RRR RRRRQ RRERRR M RE R RRR RR RR R RR RR R R RRR RRRQR RRREE R RR RQR RR Rang mm R gs R Bm RR RR RR R RR R RR RR RR RR R R R WR RH! R RRR R RR E R 255 R 5 R RRRRW RE RR R R 15. IRR R Rf ERR- FRE R RR. RR RMR SRV RR RR WEE EH? ERR RR:-RRR R RR wig g R R -RRR QRRRR RRR RR RR RR R -RR R R. RRR RRR is R RR R " R. RRR RR ,U W -R R: EE Rv RR R R R R - 1 Raw" - R 5 R R R R R R . R- E R-R: R RR X' R R U NRR R R RR B RR R - x R RR - R R,..M R R R m'R R R BR R -mn R R ER R R RR R R RR RR E ,,,. ERR RR RR R R R R RR R R R fre crisp, cofg air farm Cll ks a noses Ere 5-2: an your remflz lzanqs fike a cfoug aro your R 5 RR R RR R R W - R RR R B-R RR x RRHR RR E RR 0 R RR: RRQ -R R R B. R Rs R.. 2 R XR 1-J RR R RE! R R R R RRR QR I R RI RRY R. R - R RR .R., R R R R mx .-v E X1 1 R H R R R R RR RRR RR- R RR R RR as R R E R E BRRR RR R R .RQ R R R Rg .RR RR RR R R R EE Rm R R R R R E RR, .RE R R R R. RR .RR RRW R RR RR X EE R R R R Hg RR Rug RR R R R QE REE? RR E R R . R-R-' W 1-RR ERR RR R R R R R-R .R- RRRE RR R R R R RR my 2 RRf RR REX ...RQ RR RR. RRR B R. R R RR RE: RRHR RRE RRR . - -1 V M "1 Q 1 -vw. 'f-'Y 'if' . if . .. , Q N 75" H E ----.NIH 'M .5 ,A If- -:W N, V .f'f,V- - V- . '-"E, V -.V-V 'gqafag -2:1 A Q1 If AXW1 'X ' -'f' ' -" 'I .v-. Q V " I ff'-. .' f','11',."' -:-' A- Q, ' -C 'I .wv -Q, . . , -Q V . V.. -. . . 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'ni l K' qt v' N' L ' V' 8 7':'V.'X 1 ' A .1 Kwai' - 69' V ' I I X K 1- FJ .' Sify' III . , "-', .Ig I I. I z- 'Q L.1'.,IIIIfI-II I! 'rIV. . Ix. III :I " ..,' ' ' I ' 'III QMS Q I II I IIQ .I . tg , I,-.QIITM X- .' - V' 'I I , III 5 I II . .4 . .V . . , ,, ...W ., Q. , . ,... . i 3 ' 61 'K " 5 753' ' J ml. Q .A - . , Ae' 3-5. if TEL... -1 - V3 . A. ' ' 5 55' K t - :ai N5 f ' nf- f . ,Fri f Q33 ' I1 . . " I ' II, 'III1f I - if gang' ' 1 f"'V' Q 'Q 'af Y 'L-mi Q 7""i e .4-A Q, , l'e"ffs , YIK V., 4' P I . -.- c, XX X xi s XII X T-. "1' VVS. if Q' , -N 'tk Q. I V V ge. A 5 u fa"'5Q Fl bs 4 V' -f ,SA . rl I ,V-..,. ' 'fb ',. ,IAM . nxt? L' f ,HV ' .., 2 . , '1 f-1.39 . f 'fa .., E ' E32 Our days continued to pass normally or almost normally. 5 x .gm am miss X ms na B mm ma mn ,Hmmm ,wggwagv V Q nga ga B H M . , a mf ' E ss mn ms mn ms m sm ss E mx nm - ' N.-W 155 5.5 ,E H? 23-2 mama SLS M ms as msgs s nm E Q: Emma H B A s mn has mn E nm X is B ww: H-wma-H H H as awww my ss QE 1-:E - Z mm gm A H m ss. E Exam H ms as an s mm Bam xf'-vi" mat an 4- q1'F'9i,. ' J . P I Moravian retained the Blue- Gray Cup by defeating Up- sala, 20-14. The Army recalled the President ol? USG, Ron De- Paolo, to active duty which meant an election to fill the vacant office. The new ex- ecutive committee became Neil Roinanoff, Vice-Presi- dent, Jean Friedman, Sec- retary, Peter Gill, President, and Robert Garcia, Treas- urer. ' in -:-::""' : :F Ha 'wwnr' mm liege igsxwgwgm KE a m w mn nm mm m w sage yum a m Members of EPSILON BETA ALPHA, the business fra- ternity, were busily involved in- their preparations for a trip to New York City. In New York the group visited the Metro- politan Life Insurance Company and the Ruben H. Donnelly Corporation. The organization and operation of these companies were explained to the EBA members - an important supplement to classroom study. U0 'S' Nf 5 ll. X QU FIRST ROW, L TO R: W. YUFCITGR - President, M. Kislow, J. Gehman. SECOND ROW: J. Malloy, M. Garcia, K. Walsh, P. LeI1r, S. l Gilbert, THIRD ROW: A. Sears, R. Garcia, W. Aydeloite, R. Mi-HI. FOURTH ROW: G. Sandercoclc, P. Toth, J. Scholl, J. Keefer, W. Leiclrl. FIFTH ROW: F. Donaielli, R. Yost, J. Schuliheis, R. Miller. Two For Tonight . . . On November 17 and 18 the Blackfriars presented two one-act plays - "At Liberty," which was directed by Jean Friedman, and "The Valiant," directed by Vicki Ann Tinnes. , ua- l i Gloria lJudy De Brayl bemoans her 'Fefe -io her mofher lBeify Finnl. Warden .... James Dylce THE VALIANT Michael Young Frank Miller Faiher Daly William Gilberi The Girl ..,...... A'H'endan'I' ...... Jailor . ...... , Linda Waiers Philip Warnelce Ray Joseph Dylte IFranl: Millerl fries fo convince his visitor lLinda Wafersl fhal he is noi' her broiher X AT LIBERTY Gloria La Gaune .......... . Judy De Bray The Moiher ...... ...e...,..r.. . ...,.... B eHy Finn L TO R: E. Jacobson, V. Tinnes - President, W. Bennewis. MISSING: S. Burger, J. Friedman, L. Waters. After these productions, ALPHA PSI OMEGA, the national honorary dramatics fraternity, was able. to award membership to two stu- dents - Jean Friedman and Linda Waters. Through their participation in a number of dramatic activi- ties, these girls had amassed the required number of points to join Alpha Psi. The initiation dinner was held at the home of the ad- visor, Mr. Eugene Jacobson. J U .,f - r X X ,Q x This quartet is bound fo go far Iwe M.C. Peggy Sfryer and friend. Once again it was time for the I-S Informal. Every year both sororities com- bined forces in an informal show 'put on in the South Campus gym. The entertainment, food, and fun were for all women students. The n-ight was de- signed to help sorority and non-sorority girls come to know one another better. Once a Spelunler - always Spelunlter. And from the smiles on the faces, it looks l as if this year's "Barn- y Yard" was enjoyed by i every one. I It was not long before talk again turned to decorations, courts, queens. bands, parties and fun . . . INTER-FRATERNITY WEEK-END. 23 I OGO's house decorafions for I-F Weel:-End. Each fraternity outdid itself decorat- ing its house to fit in with the theme "Guest Night at Club I-F." Sigma Phi's winning "Club M.C." TKE's version of fhe Peppermini' Lounge "The feam was in a l1uclclle." The afternoon of I-F Week-End was spent at Muhlenberg, cheering the football team on in its last game of the 1961 season. Unfortunately, the cheering was to no availg Muhlenberg emerg- ed the victor in a 33 to 8 game. Moravian scored its points in the last 57 seconds of the game - a fighting finish to the season. S RECORD Moravian ....,... I9-2 I ,.,,,,.,,,,.,, C, W, P051- Moravian ..., I4-7 ,,,,,, ,..,.,--,, W ilkes Moravian .... I 9-0 ,,,, 4,.,,..,,,4, J uniafa Moravian ........ I4-6 ,,,.r,,,.,,,,,,,,.,, P,M,C, Moravian ......,. I4-37 ...... Lebanon Valley Moravian ......,, 8-8 ,-,,,,,,,,,,A,,,., Albrighi- Moravian ........ 20- I 4 ,.,,,,,.,,,,4,,,,,,, Upgala Moravian ........ 8-33 ............ Muhlenberg Jin Franl: fhrows a block for quarferbaclr Russ DeVore. nz l , ful.. I' ' LA. 1 ,.- x V ' I' 'N A. if' i "f"'1 ' 1 , ,fi gi , t ,sc 2' Grablachoff vainly fries 'lo iniercepi' a pass. At the dance that night, Sandy Thomas reigned as queen, with Linda Bennet, Barbara Douvanis and Bernie Rosthowski in her court. Even after the queen was crowned, there lingered a feeling of anticipation. It was at this time that the I-F trophies were awarded also. Omicron Gamma Omega won the athletic trophy, while a happy Bob Garcia displayed the two trophies Sigma Phi had received - the trophies were for scholar ship and house decorations. Bob Garcia proudly holds Sigma Pl'ii's frophies. Responsible for the Inter-Fraternity Week End and the presentation of the trophies was this group of men the INTER FRATERNITY COUNCIL. This councll is composed of two representatives from each of the three social fratermtles It is their duty to regulate the over all POl1ClCS of the fraternities L TO R: W. Smith, R. Fraclt, J. Viglione, J Franlr K Walsh W Leichf in NNN 'N K, xx xx The 1962 Moravian basketball squad en- joyed its seventh straight winning season by registering a record of ll wins to 10 losses. This year's relatively small team was led in scoring by forward Dick Kosman. "Butch" averaged 19.8 points per game. Senior Len Zavacky amas- sed 218 rebounds to lead the team in this de- partment. Up and in for a 96 to 68 win. The BASKETBALL sea- son arrived and once again Johnston Hall became the A gathering place for Mora- vian's sports followers. Bob Mushrush and Bernie Medei double 'team a Lincoln man. Moravian was represented on the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference basketball team for the fourth straight year. High-scorer Dick Kosman was awarded a forward position on the seasonal All-East Small College squad. This was the second season in which Kosman received this distinction. He earned this position by scoring a total of 1303 points in the last three seasons or an average of 20.7 points in 63 games. rf 'f '-fs: - ff Q' M1 :if 0'll -My Q' 2?- Q ew Q .,1gS Q V' hX 31 I X, -., V5 ,, ru F And this was the team that concluded a winning season . . And 84 -:5,i- I . Maw: . . y H an .5 13.5 . mx..Q3fQ 2 X J .1 X I ,L S V- -51133. - H H S 11?-ff' if K.?Qf:fw-A , - K 1.3 55,5 . fa lf,-lr, M ,B - li - H K V E L L ,. K E - Q 5 K - w v W sf x fe 2 w .. . . 2 2 K. f7i'?E7 :ss Eliifiils sszwifiil .g.jqsflfg,... . H M, W ,. sweat lumen. maine ms mu maxima E leigh SKI.. .... si g,-m,,we-1 siwfwmevw FIRST ROW, L TO R: E, Wolfson, J. Frih, T. Marsden. F. Demlro, D. Robison. SECOND ROW: J. Gano, L. Zavaclcy, B. Medei, R. Pfeiffer, R. Kosman. this was the squad that cheered them on . L TO R: R. Wilsey, G. Ziealer. H. Neumann, S. Kovaks - Head' Cheerleader, W. Gilberf. J. Sullivan, W. Brill, F. Miller x 1 :Q -Q gs 1 .1 1 M4 .,4. H ,.... .,,..... . H 5- -- - a 4 511 ,F dsl - U ,ff -O X A.: V., WG . SW 5 ,, ..-S mam ,JW H ,ww -mn E4 mum may may ' nw: mm afmgkmlwg. uma swam ss:-sas mapa H an an an ,E ws um w mlm wa' ami-'P' nw mn gina-f ww gm www W E' .ax :Ff- ,Qff?51gf:f' L ZA' I Vw Eff 54-K3 M ,W KTM may ff K. Nlgmwfg wmffsf ga We K. E .4 mam nf . 2 5, mms mn 1 4' I H 'f.,"'L':m we W .,-M55 55 EM 'MQW' mg Kalb E . 39 1 as Q ,W Q . , '.' WW A-H H wma ms E EZ ? A B E . g, mu .,..,....b, Q ms , Xu-.M - :E"I'I' :'I Egiilfii L41 PM 1 A -2 K mn .Q-wf -as ,. H H. Ls QW 15 E umm, H . ig . :ww V W ,!f"1?'w'?i'K-' iuiii? X ,Egg f fy Af A f ,,. . ...,aa?'l mms- ana: R' c Q24 ang X .J E .Ir S . 5 S? . H ' . w . R' - . . ' . ' f - ' ' .aw .. - . -1 QU "QL E up 5- nr A ' 1x-.,11,.,..,.. F3 4f:.39s.M A cv. 5 Nitin , .,... .,-:. U 5. ,I 'iii :Y - ---' ' R' 12: A iff - ef' H ' E! E' V wig' ' 22, M ' ' J ..., 1 I ' ?,55W:XSFZ 3 ew X' - ,. .... 'W N'-view PM L2 f Q ' .WM L age 4- N ,, H , Em 5 325: S f 5 - e- 551 - 5 . ' f-fl , Y EJ- , Q " if -Ziff? - 2 gg iflgg '1 ssl? M fy' -' "'? ga . , ..., . 1 E ,,,,- ,.1 IN E ' a if gals- . A ' :Jjjf s 5 :., 1 :. f in X K 'Q' X -, . - Q ya it xv., is - if gg? - If ....... , .,.: z . -,, , 4' ':':g ii'-129. ? i w 'xi -Qggwf' wgfxgv L Ky Q35 Q, g ,Q Y? B mm They iudgecl while Frosty gave ouf candy canes. 7. , .v if TP 'lk- Y. 1 . .- Cy ,XM Q l g E3 -' . . . fhe fwisf A busy week was ahead . . There was , my . is xx 9 is B is may it if :HF ZQQYZHIHH if 4 sz gags w , B aw ss mme much to see and do 5:5 mms B sf? ass B ae ss ss iw mums mga- mamma -Q ky, tx me . . it 5, m m m -sw 5 -'E was Et? may was ix and the elem teachers at a tea. Miss Rettmann had a party for the girls in the dorms :.,. entary education majors entertained their master SEATED J Adams K Klammer, A Fresoll, E Gergar, R McFadden. STANDING J Vgllone, J Rublo H Ingram, M Mowrey B Brauhgam, H Kovach, M Auffanf, M Elias, C Varga, M Kraier, L Garo, P Warncle nf aw X Nm sage' .MLW Q-E1 -' : 1? , N ffl' fl w V, December 10 . . . the night of the concert had arrived! The festive atmosphere began at the annual Christmas dinner for all the women students in the South Campus dining hall. The arranagements were made by the WOMEN'S ACTIVI- TIES COMMITTEE. Each class sat together and decorated the tables. The Juniors outshone the others with their version of a Gingerbread House. While Christmas carols were being sung, the Big and Little Sisters exchanged gifts before going on to the church for the evening service. in Wm, The Juniors' gingerbread house, lafer given io a child in the hospital. Members of WAC. L TO R: B. Finn, B. Hiclrs. G. Billiard, J. Knepper - Chairman, J. Sco++, M. Homa. K. Kaprelian, C Lochhead. We 19- gif' '..'. 1 fc, wuz: IIT wid ' Ja M In L ,, : A .A -. , E, 2 . ' . J- U. Y in . . - , , if, 'K v -J-X' , . , . , .... , . . -.Tw 'N' f , if 5 , . -5 X ing -. -- 'A wgggskwuh' 4 4? ing. ,L N I Y' ff 1 if A' and I Q34 Wim, 1 mm www W ,if f u if 2 4 Q Y 9, N, ' ,.- S :Lx f . 4 w am' as Q 5-avg, X 1 -fx K. W A .Qi mga ' - 3 Q f . E 'W -nv Nm ,N . ff 'Nwfww : - pw HQQQQEQQ M N .,.,.,.,., z 1, .,,. gg U5'?? , wgff.. sm ,.. sn.. 1 . yi A P . v , 3 ng ' ' 3, 2 ' v T255 5 A ff. Avi? t Q Q V ' I 0 x was Avy nd l ws ms an maxi? TSHSMTY Q E , an 1 Q- Qsixfi wzmgfxiu WEegiEEHQ mmmwh QI .FEE X95 ifmnxgirl , N M W MEQN seam' xx Wyil W a K Q. sf as mxmxgg l if I 94 BW -ms Nmn . H Chef Kasypr serves AEII's green punch ai open house ,.., .,. , ,,.wimn 1 ,Z ' H Q. :G-,qui f ' x if gift Wm ,Q ,N W1 .. . Sl, BLU 3335 21 JN K' gin..-' P . Q EN M N- f, -W 1' ' inigiflfm, , QQ: w E39 N i Q 5 jj , I im ,. .L I JL' H . E ,sn ss .wma asa ms mm sm mga K if Eau E895 sm mm mn ! ms :wa a S D.. 1 if ia. A fi "- ' W, 'K -s iw - - .mfr ' , -- Q ou.. ah wax- . 1 -.5545 ---4., 7 -L 5 ' ' m'3nm.'.-..,,,Y .Wx ,sy ka-4 'Lg G' Wk aww " -Aww .M Q , 9 'A WWW' gfizgl Ana' once acgmh all wax peaaful ' ,Mu M wi M. ,v , .Ha .mix AHA 2 M W , H 5 J. z, . . - 5- ' . I ' ' --Q M ' ' .fy "' q. :.: ' -M 9' 5 ' , -11, S z. ., ,gfgywww K .n ff- ai 'f ' . "J ' ,. - 1 -' 1' ' ' gig: i1a1-..-- V ' 'A QW 'Y in .Q 'J27' " ' . ' V ' ""'L 1' 'L""5'f Q, My vw u H ,,, ,, asm a. 'fl A if .W 9 Vp , . A Vi j. rl - V . :UL . H , A Q , ,. Lg., yy ' 4, - itil! " as if ....:"fLILefLf? 3,-3fgh.,fk..E,,,.5:Q,1',5xi 'X 1' L--V , ' Q' A ',-,...f .fs if . m Wmfrgsa MK? in b Aux A Q Q J' 2 . r" ., Q, jg' QE sf . f H Q 1555? :XE 1 F 1 --.. K 5 Q ' ' . gag. V3 H + Q n A q Ta ev I ff- Q55 g X . ' 1 : 'Y ' L. X' dk ,, H E i: ..,.: .: Z I EL f U, .Y F " .J 'Q' 59355 -., I' A O x V A -L .- 1 .. Ji'?S?'W ,swf.w'gwwm2s:xsmwfwi'35,E?iE ..enM-iff-was 14 HWsM-wnwqngzsmq if pr- 7 . ' . . V' U if 'VPN V 4 YW? M' V3 QR s 2 A-. Mu I U I li! , R, ,Jn f n ,A.' 2 M ,.,, o A , g .1 ' WN A ,nv , , ,..:.:. -:.: W 4 , 5 . I , g A , ,, ' I 1 ' . 1 W . H . ' . 9' ' -- 4' 4'L .EINQ I, 5 i Pi High on the list of Winter sports is WRESTLING . . Nw-an - tax-ss Freshman Dave Wilson defeats his opponenr from P.M.C. ha-W fs -M is - tm if-.M-Us a we L- '-5 M if-agar: Edesissxs. f ,tween - , .a-WWF Dicl: Bef.-lics loolzs for an opening against his Wilkes opponenf. ai 5...a-rmaaar asoaamsiezaaw an a s 96 Tony lasiello helps Moravian defeal' Lebanon Valley. Y Q.. aaa- sa wnmmnssx saw: sage- mass ab ata T Moravian's wrestling team began the year with an unfortunate loss to Lycom- ing: it was unfortunate because it was the only defeat the wrestlers met. Dur- ing the remainder of the season, Mora- vian's squad posted victories to add an 8-I winning season to its previous string of three successful years. This year's outstanding player award went to Senior Bill Rinker, who wrestl- ed in the 130 pound class. His record for the season was 8-l. Freshmen Dave Wilson, with an 8-l record, and Tony lasiello, with a G-l-l record, were the most promising prospects of the year. RECORD Moravian 5-27 ........ Lycoming Moravian 28-0 ...... Albrighf Moravian 30-4 ...... Lafayel-l'e Moravian I4-I 3 .... Muhlenberg Moravian I 9- l 0 ...,. ......... D iclcinson Moravian 26-8 .. Elizabeihiown Moravian 38-0 ..... ............. P .M.C. Moravian I4- I 2 .......,,s....,,,,,... Wilkes Moravian 25-3 Lebanon Valley The team entered the year's M.A.C. tournament at West Chester with high hopes. Unfortunately, the performance was not up to the usual standards, which resulted in a seventh place. This did not dampen the feeling of victory at having completed a winning season. Y Z sri 'sibsy f Oufsfanding player Bill Rinker and Fresh- man Dave Wilson. Ei? U W V V sasnlaqlii , K Bill Rinlcer has his arm lified in ihe fradifional sign of vic- fory af ine Wilkes maich. Rinlcer defeafed l1is opponeni I2-5. FIRST ROW, L TO R: D. Wilson, B, Connors. SECOND ROW: W. Rinlzer, R. Bedics, D. Turner, D. Wilkins, T. lasiello. THIRD ROW: P. Kulcleniz - Coach, D. Linaberry, S. Rayda, A. Miller. R. Grubbs, J, Mazza, C. Canning, s ' xg I . "'l ,.,. " ' K N 41 p 1 J 'J W IJ' I I 1 K 'x jf- .K . , of-. e - we -1-' sm 1' ' ' ZZ! f 21 -i s I 9 V , H 3 ' I ll, Lf iii f , V A f f FIRST ROW: G. Sfill, R. Erb, R. Schmoyer. SECOND ROW: W. Rinker, J. Casey, P. Kulrlenh - Coach. The Indoor Track Team made three trips to New York City to participate in meets. The first was the Milrose Games, followed by the New York Athletic Club Meet and the Knights of Columbus Meet, all held in Madison Square Gard- en. The only other event, the Inquirer Meet, was held in Philadelphia. A little known sport at Moravian is INDOOR TRACK. The event this sport deals with is that of the mile-relay. Each race involves four men on a team, with each one running one-quarter of a mile. In the meets M0ravian's team was greatly outclassed. They were forced to run against several olympic champions. The men were undaunted and passed the baton as swiftly as they could. Coach Kulrlenh explains an easier and faster way to pass 'Phe baion. 'I' he Fall semester came to an end with final exams . . . A short vacation was in order . . 4 4 MUST- 5 2 ,- qs? ...sf i -sa I Nawaz: was ,Haig ms s Hex mama BSSBEBM H Mm , W mmm we as-ss . E www-as assumes H-H EEE ess was gps., Nissan W emma was yw.5gE2'mH s i s .M M ggsstss W ef' is gre, sgiggs Higgs mt. Regina ami is swinznszss Mes, . NEW s MWMW an mag 5 M. wmixugwm E so 'W New Hsgagfgsgtw H9295 S1gsf3zsgFW-sms ' sus sn.. ' ,Was saw. -.W mir. ,wg...Mh me FIRST ROW: O. Shao, W. Yurchah - President F. Cariier - Treasurer, S. Yaecic, B, Finn - Secreiary, N. Chrisiensen. K. Chervy, E. Schuliz, M. Young, C. Canning. SECOND ROW: J. Willis, S. Nicholas, D. Jacob, L. Kamu, D. Asfheimer, H. Sibener, W. Pfeiffer. The POLITICAL ACTIVITIES CLUB had been looking forward to the break between semesters - this was the time for their trip to Mfashington, D. C. The group interviewed a long The irip's co-ordinaior, Henry Cordray, looks quiie home in a polifical environ. list of prominent policy makers and heading this list was the Attorney-General Robert Kennedy. The informality and warmth of this man im- pressed his guests. fThe Democrats might have gained a few converts in the processj. 'fffai ,M -i ...,f ,- , 6 ..,.A .,., .,.. . fs, , H M X ..:. ,.,... 5 5,5 , .:.:.:. . Q X, ::,, is E , K HJ' . . If S' FS 1? . Q , A E 92 K ' -wggsgsaza - - H X ' H --'- -"- H9333 f .. H Ps H ' 'H WWE- as Z lm Q i w? isis .. '-i5g5f:..l.:. H 3. I . 1- , ., , V 1,.. . A, .. .- H Q iw f H H ,lf mn' 1 B B Q W is WM . H Q 5 5 5 mimi- L ?ge f , H I A W . y 's 1 W E -- gg z W , .ij '7I:If?'5s Q is ' if Z gfgikm E555 U X E 2 HZ my Z2 'Q H X Mg I , 4 f -2- gas 'I' H 1 H me Z xx' ' 'M7rlf5?e Him : H55 A 'EI x' E' 1 -w . I Q Qgglg-as H ,L-Fm H I gn M3 There was always a lor of wanhng for +he governmen+ offucnals H H - " 5 1 L if X H i - Q N S8 I , E L E V K my ,X X ,fav ri fvgiz mfr ZX! - K E 5 4 S8 sv- w 2 Xgwgm Q- ,-gsm -me s C Y S8 QKKEUY I WE Y? W Rims - X mx 2 E xi E nz g 5 ax- 1: Q re, . . H :Ewing is 1 3 x 'Q .14 H ,ff Y Emil- :LW-Q.. QM: X We eg- W :W 'mf - ' : -'erase-M. , -, .MM X ., M . ' . 'M 9 "Wir "M we We vm a4'w-M---7?E5'sf,WW"J"r5rwnd3 I W ' ,..g.,. BW., H ,, 5 M , W M -. Y 'rf-sv-A-sew.-mess-w,,,,.g':5-f ,. P-vvqfbw L":,-gg?-Q,-3-H-BS,-QQ-.--Mee.,, L V V "E':"M' 'N - f M M'---MN-wwe? - M-. 4,-g2s.f,:1vs+54g,541s... M, ,W , M W ""'-'M-:Levi-Q.--..,.-.s-....,. Ag VY-'?"""" ' if - """""""W?:"f'w"'75rwqf'w'iTf' '?2X5'j,:',T-,-fgigigfsfg---:xv .. M E M . f -V fffw-. ' v-L .,-1--N-A 100 Par? of ihe expedifion 'fo Wasl1ing+on. K U if x x Mr. Sorensen discusses 'fha Common Market an was as ' w E M H H E H E E H H :H Bm E H H M H E H E H H M mg E H M H E H E P1 E E ss a X 94 1 ifAJ M mv '-M xiii u Qx D, ' -2 3 wg? H Egger M- ms ms 555 E an fm X x a '1 f as was Q, 5 K nf resulted an Aiiorney General Roberf Kennedy. f i 4 :.: Y 1" , 5 .r ummm a a ss nw B mn a mm nw Bam awww ss 3 H W agua xii' QE Eg Hg gm mn mn amass mam ss a zzgiw 1 mmm 2 H Wd mxgqm mwqfm LQ!!! 'x H? 2 TEia ENE: ,552 B55 mam mx-fm mn mn- magm- ss EE ss, Bam gmiikds mama nw :gym ss-nmig V., H- N wngqm H521 HQEQ amm- mwmmgs a mama a 5 sammy ms ww .Nm W . 5: nw mn Q a ss E Q -....a...,-.- v K ,ggnvv -Q- --49" J-Jesu f:,-A,,,,,,,, f ,-:v,f-...L ef- V,,:.v-iv-I""""'s ., 53 Mgszq f s15QsIi2y .., MY' - " 1 .v TM' 5"-1-fee' ' 4 -' . .vw - fs ' ' .gi is ' '1':'--"f- is-"ff' .' ...-...- - The OGO's snow pile came oui' fo be a mug. "It's Snowingln That meant APO could have the SNOW SCULPTING CONTEST. This year's fun-in-the-snow contest was dominated by the men. As soon as the snow had fallen, the three social fraternities and Pi Mu began piling the frozen water into all sorts of odd shapes and sizes. The judges donned ear muffs and gloves and made their decision. TKE and "Peanuts" came out on top fSnoopy came out on top, too - the top of the doghouse, that isj . Snoopy and Peanuts were a winning combinaiion for fhe TKE's. Dr. Gilberi' greels Sigma Phi s ,f ss: W 9' 3 s giksgiff fig H H mv.: vu , smile qw ., ag? is-f--,set as ,tel-mf s 17 A ii O 9 ld Lady in fhe Shoe." 'tv 'Q 45 Q 1' . I M A ,gh Pi Mu's "Church in fhe Snow The viciorious snow sculpfors. RUSHING . . . to most this word brings a picture of a busy, hurrying world . . . except at one time of the year when it takes on special meaning . . . the fraternities and sororities are having membership drives mim Em mem M a W. Paws WB? H H W m. m. H , mamma gm 5 -a mmirm mmmB5'-EQ- mmmwf E B Hmm M mm - i B m Eggmgmmzx-:sa wn Em gf H m mm - m - mst M rm msmms m . . ' H 2 S EEE!-X ' E HBE S8 E . . m m m m Q1 m mg m mg! m H:-: I mx mm i m BE EBSQ E KE KNTWE ' 'IEE SS :-:- :gzn .- ai! hr E gg m img, H5 mjgm A 51 EE gmt emgmggmrgmw m g .gmmgmmgmg E mgm fmrr H wmv E m , B H H Hmmm' H SKB-Q nl H m-A,-a s 5 'k, .H H Em H H SH Hmmm mrfgmmmm i- mgqmmgm mx is if ms mx . mm m miami m 5 H m gm m m mfmgg.. 1 B H f B ' m mjfmrf S fm Hg E mrmgarmm ,I Q 5 m ' V ' ' B ms mgm mmm: as mm wmmxmws E " m: mm I : is - ' I . H E E H H :am H nl me H : ' .. H ' - ' mam m mm m m m m dm m m m 1-tm , m . V mm mzragq mgasgfmmsmssm Wmmm mm mg ms E gmgmmsmgxgfg agp' 'mm Bm-asm-' , mlsm , ,E . ,F i ,ll K-imgimmggimffaamrm mgmgmm',B:.'.iSkf B er g m an 'm .wmfrm . , Em m m if -Hamm-BQ m Mmwmmmiimem . m. .mi f H -- ' mm, Qi . 1. m mm . E mgggvggmmimwmwm m mx m m M N mm msg Em. mm-'Em f , - E.. J I , t E , E mam smsmmsmw m m m gm mmm m' m' mfmfim ' fr Wm E , . me mnmtt dmv Em Q I, Fray "if ,P Q 'im' ,' - u'-Q' m m m w m m at ,-m . . Y fy 1 1 -,,1 m m mm E . Y.. . . . h , , i ,, ' B m E ' ' 'f v f V4- J 1. - ' "Tl F f m K 44-' ,mr . f ,H -- L V Z., , H m -KYB . 4 . K gm FIRST ROW: D. Howard, J. Kelyman, J. Bowman, D, Turner, G. Sfocldard. SECOND ROW: J. Willis, H. Ollweriher, G. Sandercoclc, J. Frih. THIRD ROW: B. Gulyas, S. Gilberl, B. Mariin. D. Eichenhoffer, R. Lecher, M. Garcia, B. Mushrush, J. Yurema. FOURTH ROW: B. Hill, D, Mowrey, C. Glazier, C. Sfollz, J. Landis. FIFTH ROW: J. VanNaHa, P. Reinhard, R. Mauch, J. Merola, W, Leichl, R. Bedics. SIXTH ROW: K. Walsh. J. Slefanavage, L. Zavaclcy, A, Frable, B. Friebolin, D. Wenlz. OFFICERS, SEATED, L TO R: J. Bowman - Presidenf, D. Howard - Secretary. STANDING, L TO R: D. Turner - Treasurer, G. Sandercoclc - Assislanf Treas- urer, P. Reinhard - Social Activities Chairman. yr' o fre gf ar' ,. ,-, 5'-459' In case you have not already guessed, this fraternity goes by the name OMI- CRON GAMMA OMEGA. The mem- bers of this fraternity make their home at 1305 Main Street. This year OGO took the Athletic Award at I-F Week-End. This year was especially important to the brothers of Omicron Gamma Omega, it was the celebration of its fortieth anniversary. Included in the festivities were an open house and a dinner-dance at Harkers Hollow Coun- try Club in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. A fun-filled time for the OGO's. Ewmfggsmxm JWHQSSEQQME A . ll's all parl' of becoming an OGC FIRST ROW: A. Nagle, L. Horinlco, J, Heller, D. Wilkins - Chairman, D. Davis, J. Clarlz. SECOND ROW: D. Hain J. McClelland W. Griffiih J. Gano J. Graff C. Hanna. THIRD ROW: B. Connors R Pl-EDGES: Miller, C, Houlseman, G. Harishorn, B. Zerfass. FOURTH ROW: M. Krasley, R. Pfeiffer, D. Haclcrnan, S. CTIBCR, A. Grim, D. Vogel. me a a was .I , .5 Q 5 gee? eg Q5 B s H sim? E H ss- gwss tim V-will H .x sas, ...3, aah. -wget s -ss H .J E if OFFICERS, L TO R: D Andrews - Pledge Masier, J. TrodaI'1I - Treasurer, R. Garcia - Presidenf, M. Trumbore - Vice-President, W. Rinlcer - Sergeani of Arms. MISSING: P. Gill - Secrefary. Y The newest social fraternity on campus is SIGMA PI-II OMEGA. This was the last year for Sigma Phi to be Main Street residents for next year the brothers will move into their new resi- dence. At I-F Week-End Sigma Phi was awarded two trophies - for scholarship and house decorations. In the Snow Sculpting contest their "Old Woman in the Shoe" received an Honorable Men- tion. If you went to the Spring Carni- val, you probably went fishing at this fraternity's booth. FIRST ROW: W. Rinlter, R. Bowman, R. Garcia, S. Poiis, J. Schwarh, J. Gavin, R. Fresion. SECOND ROW: W. Smiih, R. Rifier, J. Frank, P. Evans, D. Asfheimer, L. Hilligass. THIRD ROW: J. Mc- BROTHERS, Carly, J. Sabine, R. Andrews, A. Semmel, T. Apiohn. FOURTH ROW: D. Richards, J. Trodahl, T. ' Marsden, R. Grubbs, C. Trofman. FIFTH ROW: C. Berger. D. Linaberry, S. Rayda, S. Iobsi, K. Holie. SIXTH ROW: C. Borsf, R. Smith, P. Merluzzi, R. Nagle, B. Rolhroclc, M. Trumbore. c-" 1 106 51 1 me 1 L. 'kb' . z. -I 1 ii ,.. iv? I Q- H , ea I9 if A-I, ul' , V' , .A 5 ,,-A, . ,I , 3 . ljg., I 5 . N11 H' -- 1 '5?42-,E FX. ffl is eff, P75-.. Nix ' ,.ff' N N' J L f. s I, 1 wi' vw .. v .1 A 5 I xx I," -:fa X . FIRST ROW: R. Ashley, P. Bilan. SECOND ROW: H. SmiI'h, B. Kerman, C. Erwin, T. Iasiello. THIRD ROW: T. Krashniclce, B, Gilbert J. Zeiner, B. Andrews. The Sigma Phi broihers and fheir daies pose ouiside ihe Redwood Inn. This was 'Phe scene of 'Their parfy for I-F Week-End. Behind the door next to the bell reside the members of the only national fraternity on campus - TAU KAPPA EPSILON. This year the fraters finally made ZlI'1'ZlflgClT1CI'lIS to purchase a house on Iron Street: now they will be able to move out of their "temporary" quart- ers. For the second year in a row, TKE captured first place in the Snow Sculpt- oring contest with a replica of Peanuts and Snoopy. Their float entry lor Homecoming also took first place. Most important of all, the TKE's were proud of their "Ugliest of the Ugliesf' Ed VVolfsohn. FIRST ROW P Warnelce D Hunscher L Cohen J Vngllone S Sculley, J. Scholl, H. Hooker, R. Mariocci. W Rlchier F Senclerak SECOND ROW A Bornsienn W Aycleloiie, E. Wolfsohn, N. Romanoff, G. FRATERS Marsfeller J Malloy D Coe J Nacller T Grammes J Kozura R. Atkinson, J. Insigna. THIRD ROW: T. Fromharh J James L Lewis R Gorl L Snyder J Schlegel N Wilson, J. Abramson, B. Waldron, D. Nause, R Freed B Palenchar A Zeli' P Kafowrlz J McCarthy W Grosh, J. lngber, T, Fisher, R. Fraclr. el l use 1 -J OFFICERS' SEATED' D. Coe - Presideni, J. Malloy - Vice-President STANDING: J. Viglione - I-F Council, W. Ayde- lofle - Heuse Manager, T. Grammes - Pledge Trainer, J. Nadler - Chaplain, T. Fromhariz - Hisiorian, L. Lewis - House Manager, N. Romanoff -- Alumni Secrefary, G. Marsfeller - Sergeanf-ai'-Arms. SEATED: S. Levine, J. Long, W. Hall, D. Mefh, F. Laisf. STANDING: H. Neumann, P. Bees, M. Free man, P. Mazza, G. Kesler, R. Badger, D. Freesman, P. Goldm, J. Dra'l'cl1, R. Houser. qw.. fa ,Xang- 1 fm 3 mb . 5 , R 14 'as 4-.fl . ,,,q.:5:.3 v, SEQ "C", J Y Q V , F! Q i . fy jhlf- ,yy nj 'fig-j," gif 5021 A MW' I .I yfyff-.W f .f.,' 'MI Q, - , I ,ff,,,mgg'.f,.,,ff,12 it . X YI- f ',44w,?.zZ4'1,l1if'Jy . , I, ' 6fgfg,g5,'i4vgWQ3lg. ig? Q 'ilIItl,1,W'i.ffi ,, is .v.,,, I Iyiiwfyi-,HW l 3 - I' 7 fig-' 17 gin? - i - ' QL X FIRST ROW: I. Kaspyr, C. Lochhead, J, Albrechl, S. Yaeclr, J. Morecz. SECOND ROW: J. Raidline, S. Anderito, M. . Pfriemer, K. Kaprelian, W. Bennewis, G. Melifo, E. Dickman. THIRD ROW: K. Huff, J, Whiifield, K. Cavanaugh, P. Long, J. Coddinglon, J. Johnslon, M. Wallace, L. Nafash, G. Poulos, D. Sfadinger. FOURTH ROW: B. Johnson, B. Finn, G. Grey, R. Karol, K. Pennypaclcer, P. Gehringer, B, Finn, N. Christensen. B. Pappas, R. ToroIr. OFFICERS, L TO R: J. Morecz - Recording Secrefary, I. Kasapyr - Vice-Presi- cIen+, J. Albrechl - Presidenf, C. Lochhe-ad - Treasurer, S. Yaeclr - Corre- sponding Secrelary. Us I I I ...I These smiling co-eds are all sisters - sorority sisters, that is. The sorority is ALPHA IZPSILON PI, one of the two social sororities on campus. AEPi's se- crets are all hidden in a room in W'est Hall down on South Campus. The rushing season in late March is an important time for these sisters. Vlfeeks are spent planning the parties and getting to know the eligible women students. The first party in Rushing Week fell on Tuesday for AEPi. This night they entertained the Rushees with their annual Minstrel Show. Thefe seems fo be li'Hle hope for fhis sisfer . . 1 'Y v .X Scenes from the MINSTREL K 1 QKXA L n 452:25- 'R l xmm 'fjiw 1 wXXS!'w"ww' .WA KX . .- -1 4 Q., if j quinfei' of Black-faces. ms mn Q ma mi xi as mx ms H mms w,.4i sf E V. H 126 -,, .1 E 0 T A' um Lu -mf as E fm bg ms ss an E ss as wry mms 1 mnmsm nm an ss nm mg E -Q a Q 'SSB7 W EWU mem 1-H4555-j sf - Eg .. ii Mg Y '11,-:ggmam V- YM ,S .., . K , H Q x .: ' ' ms H 5 -M a W' E gg- mimi-3 B W.-:EYE Q I mf: fgf , ,K N5 "HQ" A ' ?,,.,.f W 'X gf In w W - if 'Wg Q mm KX 1 ZX Mm I Q E M zjswmu W ' lg , Mi-3 M, gg 2. H- 5 MQ .H- WE-.i H H' WEE! .X .KSU ,fM"'2Ys.2fH"' gwfw X I ,.5.U umgygggmgik.. My M BU an A X 15,51 I-H sw in Mu -Lzsggggz Q N as-M uma fi New XX ' Him gif nm EM W r f-fr Y7 A f y 43.5.1 x K ,Q ,I 3 sk' S? l S J A i if 2 ' Q? V 1 ig, J, , ---- Y ., V ' -K , ,, . .. ' K .. , -1 - - ' .4 it -W' . y J L , - Q X 'fe 1 N M R J gimme-W.: - 1 .W PLEDGES: Sisfers and pledges al' inifialion dinner. The second night's party was held in the girl's gymg the theme was that of a "Casino," Following this night, the final decisions were made and bids went out. The result was a pledge class of these seventeen girls, FIRST ROW: R. Veluce, C. Franlrenfield, K. Seroclr, A. Aufder Hyde, J. Cruger, ROW: J. Shaver, G. Marlin, M. Mowrey, J. Solivan, M. Dalley, THIRD ROW: C. Dixon, S. Lewin, G. Slreen, P. Donchez. 1 an I Ouigg. SECOND Morf, K. DePuy, X 1 l l 1 ' g 1 ft. A t Q 3 ' . 1 ,V , J J U I? -:,- 4?L- ,ff-1 ,gf7-- jf . ,IW at J . if I ' 2 'XIV ,brim pw I e , qu . L ,Wig N: er. U A 1- M W Izzz ' 3 . 5 , rv -- r . .-- LL. w. 3 :,.. ,s.i , . I J. 1, - X T I I t-i , W ,w iv M E ' 1 " X' I ww 'TM' I' mf fi ur fr Lx Q I L ur gi KA ,I 32 W . K-Egg... IQMI I. , - .gl . . .un 5? - ui- FI yvff. 1 1 P+. I' 1 Wg ' if V ix I A . BZ .. X, Q73 In S' 5 six , v . of '. ,fr ' Tm , H' ,fe .ff ff fees .gi .,, ,, i I H F 4' iii? IT? Y, ,- 'YT'l HH 72.5 ' FIRST ROW: S. KueI1ner, B. Hiclcs, F. Mong, K. Zanelli, SECOND ROW: S. Sussman, P. Peiers, E. Price, K. Leyh, P. SISTERS: Fox, L. Kislingbury. THIRD ROW: G. Billiard. B. Hooper, J. Freeman. M, G-ehman, L. Rinlcer, S. Bei-lel, K. Cornelius, P. Hall. FOURTH ROW: A Wollien, N. TracI1, G. Elcslrand, J. Knepper, J. Sucloralc, J. Friedman, S. Gares. C. Roclrovils. P. Kuii, H. Cadwell, S. Deysher, L. BurneI'l', S. Burger, E. Demuih, H. Georgeou. The other of the two social sororities is PHI MU EPSILON. These sisters also have Il room in lfVest I-Iall, where they meet every other Monday night. Phi Mu had its first rushing party Monday night. The theme of this informal show was "Show Business." OFFICERS: K. Zanelli - Recording Secrefary, F. Meng - Presidenl, B. Hicks - Vice- Presidenf, S. Kuehner - Treasurer. ai E? ' Wa 5 .am T E a ,A a a a I-:Xu YE, ig E NM - mm Ewa a zz a nn -an an M E a as E X a an a Pefer Pan came.+i1rough for fhe performance came fhrough fhe window, +l1af IS e.l There are always awards being made fo "Show Biz" folk . . . a Do you lrnow Huis celebriiy ai' Moravian? iHin+: i'l"s noi' gafaa' ,aaaaaa H xaaaaaa aaa ,, E gamma aaaaa 'M ,ng 'H , aa. a . a a aaa ' ,n 4 aaaa'a-A . a aaa az aaaaag , asus? as miaasmiism aaaaaa-aaaaaa Ewa asmag gaam mEaaag3aQQW mmaaa aa sm sa aamwwwmaaaaaaa W aaaaamamaaaaaaaa aaaamwaaa sa va awww : Vaughn Monroe, aaaa na as aa.. aaaa sa aa- a "Club Phi Mu" and ifs French imporis fnow on 'Phe denori' , Iisil an a S n a rs a a wal aaa aawc- H a Y, f . wyndam SSB as asamx aa a as sa aa aa' aa WE aaa ana aaa a asf,- a 'J a 555W- E5 mam agp -' wid ,N . aa .gl-. wma ai aa .swf 3 4, .a at aaa av- half Ga aa a ,Q E Vin Iniliafion dinner a+ Walps. Phi Mu's second party was in the gym, which was decorated in the motif of a night club. A combo, an import from Lehigh, was the highlight of the evening. l'Vhen it was over, the sisters had a final vote and these eleven girls were accepted as pledges. FIRST ROW: L. Garo, H. Kovach. S. Hodgson. SECOND ROW: L. Wieand, P. Schlllinger, L. Sulera, J. ' Julius, C. Laichaw, C. Borrup. THIRD ROW: L. Slolh. S. Ford. 'sf' P H., ring .... flze season of alzficipafiofz dlld new qrowflz A K , m-, ., wx -mm mmm- V mm mm: m r m W mwm mmm mmm mmm m m ag ani a cofor u fossoms provige flze seffbzq mm mm-:mmmm mmmmmmmm mm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm xmmammmmmsn mmmmmmmwm mmmmmmmmm mimi mm' mmmmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmm mm m ,S mmm M mm, mgiwiilgwwsw BE 1 mm mm mmmmmmm mmm mmmmmmmm mm mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmm mm Fmmmmmm -mmmmm Qmmmmmm gmmmmmmm Em E W m W m-mm mms mm m m m m m mmm mmm mmm mmmrmnmlm' mfmm ,,: m mmmml 1 mmmm. lv , mmmmmm.. -gg N mmmmmm -mr: mmmmfmmeimvf mmmmwmm mmm: HWWWQR. . " And what could be more cially than wzutmg m or checkmg the mam bulletm .vj ff . Wd.. 1:-4' T- I X 9' ,z '- vp , IL. J-O' A , ij, x f ' L ma OI' l'I'1OI'IlCIlt to sms sm F HP'5.?fm am ' . was mmm mm mmm ummm ass ss swan mlsm wma a as a m mmm msn mm ms n ss - a H nmwsrimnmms ,Q :MSM 5? STE Y-YEL!! sfmx :,EU'm H 'HWY-NSA aims ww mmm. Moravian was fortunate to have outstanding scholars visit the campus throughout the year. Among these would be included john C. Benet of Union Theological Seminary. -B ss.-' ., lf ,, .,.:3E.,m3f -1.5. . f aj s .fs 4 ff ..:.: John C. Benei' wiih siuclenis and faculiy in Rau-Hassler Lounge. Arrangements for this gentleman's visit were made by PI-II SIGMA TAU, the national honorary philosophical fra- ternity. Mr. Benet was kept quite busy during the day. After addressing a con- vocation, he lunchcd with various stu- dents and faculty members. The after- noon was devoted to informal discussion groups which ended at Rau-Hassler Lounge. This was another of the many out-of-class learning situations that make college life so meaningful. KNEELING: M. Yozzi, V. Tinnes, J. Friedman, S. Burger. SEATED: P. Toth - Treasurer, S. Beiiel, J. Gleva, STANDING: N. Smiley, D. Beihune, F. Perry, L. Kamu, J. Marks, P. Gill. P. Zimmerman. '55 if Q., ...Z xii ,- W I fm Wi-- lu. ,. C- . l'. .2 3.5 - W--L ... .Y :QM . ...WX i ' 'S . l.,',:EQee 1 . . 2 . QQEQZ -Q. - -in i UEMEEEIK g, 3 W H , ., Qgiaiigiwg EX - S. lgldj' ggaw.-,..H..K.ew H . 1 1 1 In V K Uri..-glg-mire: x Y I D. ,iviggmx Mr' A is I :J V ' '4- l - "C . l in A H ,iziu-L .JJQB GERMAN CLUB, L TO R: R. Rofhroclr, M. O'Connors, E. Beclrer - President, M. Gump, P. Mueller, P. Clarlr J, Sfill, S. Burger. L The GERMAN CLUB and FRENCH CLUB carried their out-of-class learning experiences to New York City. These two groups journeyed to the big city to spend a day visiting shows and dining in restaurants serving German or French cuisine. A tiring but rewarding trip! FRENCH CLUB, L TO R: J. Beecher, J. Troislry - Vice-Presidenl-, J. Johnslon, J. Cocldingfon, B. Braufigam - Treasurer, S. Hari - Secretary, D. Sclwneclr - President It was election time again which called into action the PERM- ANENT ELECTIONS COMMITTEE. Appointed by the United Student Government, this committee conducted all stu- dent elections. . 'll l .Lit ' ue il J'-'limi-'u,u1-wi l al 'Q ' ' ,. If gc ll .Wnur.fcz'c.'y'..fip.-ff fi . ffl'-'X lj X 8vfhufslxcIn'.5aJi.m Filw: . 'll' ff- - , L TO R: H. Cadwell. J. Schlegel, E. Demulh, J. Albrechl - Chairman, J. MacDonald, D. Eichenhoffer, W. Bennewis. If you did not already guess, it was an election for USG officers that caused the This was the third set of fFrance had nothing on L TO R: R. Lecher - Vice-President J. Trodahl - Treasurer, J. P. Long - Secretary. activity in the Elections Committee. executives to govern the student body usj. Friedman - President. MISSING: ,flew The moment for which everyone had been waiting the opening of the COLLEGE UNION BUILDING There to oversee the entire operation was the PROGRAM BOARD, composed of the usual executives plus the chairmen of the six committees created to direct a portion of the total life in the building. SEATED, L TO R: B. Hooper - Secretary. W. Needs - President D. W STANDING: F. Miller, K. Leyh, B. Dicltman, A. Applegaie. illcins, R. Diefrieh - Vice-Presidenf, H. Sarfwell - Union Direcior. : - ', . E Im' .. ,nxvu V3 ,x1.,.- M 'u , 1 fin 4 Q 4' l 4N, N4 0' In M E It ,MMV H11 .. ' A' ' I W: -. , CONCERT FILM COMMITTEE NOT PICTURED: L. Burneff - Chairman. I. Kaspyar R Schanh R Snyder, P Evans, A Herr, ART EXHIBITION L TO P Peiers D. Fe L a a a a I a si H E SSEBEEE a w a asia a nam hnel, K. Leyh - Chairman. M, 1 . I ml "- . ' , .-, . . , JL., , HOUSE-RULES COMMITTEE, L TO R: L. Garo, M. Wallace, R. Mushrush, J. Whiffield, B. Diclrman - Chairman. ' 'QV LECTURE-PROGRAM COMMITTEE, L TO R: B. Palenchar, G. Billiard, D. Howard. RECREATION COMMITTEE, L TO R: A. Aufder Hyde, D. Willrins - Chairman, R. Kara. game ,Q L12 MYR m Q 1 ' 5 an an E L A My a wp K 11-'-L put to good use. . A Hifi Y., ., 126 Lear Neiswender was pleased as puncfh . . . The snack bar with the new student store. .,.:.a4"' -r ,ee The lounge . . . for relaxation i or a. game of chess. The new dining facilities were quite an improve- ment over the Refectory. . ,L qv, Q MW., ,F 1 ..4'1Q!...m sas H35 A S HW QQQQ spying, , , ffm'-. mae 1, nsjgftgg Mmm , I Q www May MM WM W wfigre 33, X55 ' a -4 Aa zz G ss Q 'rx sg5,sQvH1fsM i 1 QQ Q maxaman Q B B win Kgs M- Q ww MQ. .pf ls ' fggewg .1 K , xx ss ss mamma .55 fa . ff F. YQ .ef .psi eff Q, 4' J fi, W, , - 'P 11' UW'5a.' '1 1 A -- 3.-' : Y, B B -:-E mf - gf-1 H ,,,,.,.V ' Nr.-T5-'A A.mX'BmfwJ -Q4 .www ' 1 .fzsuww ,A-ffm :Mlm a as Q w Q4 mm f z v. sgxafxw W: mn uma WH HERB mags 3, nf Us I5 isis WEHMESE 5!i'.4,i5T-1 EB isgrqsam 5 nmgvm mags Nw my w 5 sa H 7, ww igfafisgsw W vm-3211 gawsw Films 58 1 w 1 msn xggw swan if Sai? mwgss mmm xanga me san ss .M wg M sskws 2 .1 3 ak M . -x-am, Xww- w wig H E .Z E Egg gig YE my FW mx nmsmnk maui! E' wwnigigwj yawwg , M5925 -easy-1 w,.m:,v5:E Ex? Q: sz- s!nags'?'SX, bga Us NE nxgh fygp uygm HEX HE M my Q My my wwwwi KWH? Pm M mamma mnfsism mm H EERE Wm HBH M5255 if E W Win W H252 585355 1 xmxmggw is mms H: .-Q xgfawms as xgss H Q mn a n- tgnaizi x W ,Q wg-M ami Q xi was wsgwm -my .ws s Q iv 5 A, , E Q B H..m1'mu'm BW' E wx:LQ?iY QQSQEEEQ EBSQ mam EQ? sm QW: H E HHH ar 54 E mi? gi f t, xmiv smug mugs seam' sms nm. ms M WM H. Mwiwf ww WHEN!! mnmggzagggzxxx mxwmgm mg E H H ,Em New E wmiiz ww:ME HSN!!! www mwwgb M315 mm M MWNS ami-sz 'M""Qs?7 Y Q .H M , ma: mm Simms gxmxmxm ww mm sw mm, ,mn QSM ,n nm an n Us ss., ms Quik W a ss sen wi Ms ma mamma mamma mama :f AN E mx sea Vamumn -an la Q. my EXW xx an a mn as as num m a gm swam W Mm ,Bw W E a ss smxw ass ss WA BEE, Ama BM an Bm mmm V4 at x w visa sw sf The girls in the dorm were a bit saddened by the opening of the CUB because it meant that Nancy would be leaving the Fem. So what did the girls do but give her a party - cake and alll rs,-twf.r,, s , .Y sf "is-e , -'H bf - , MM BQ Lise I' W 2 Y in 1.12, ,. M Qwfgfiifwiigwil 'S' Q ig M umm my gag is ' t ,X H . UE ,K The signs of Spring were becoming more apparent each day. The leaves and blossoms were out and so was President Haupert. It was time to do the gardening, one of the many joys of Spring. Spring fever set in, too. You didn't really think these students were studying, did you? James Michener addresses a convocalion. Responsible for this fine tribute to Western Samoa was a group called the INTERNATIONAL CLUB - an or- ganization with the primary concern of developing a deeper understanding of cultures foreign to our own. The noted author, James Michener, visited Moravian Campus to help pay tribute to the newly independent nation of Western Samoa. Moravian was proud to have in her stu- dent body a citizen from the island of Western Samoa - Lalomilo Kamu. Milo presented the school with a flag from his country as part of the ceremony. TH E W0 Auihor Michener locales Wesiern Samoa on a map in Hue CUB. L TO R: Y. Chung, D. Befhune, R. Bell, A. Zeliff, S. Miyagi, L. Kamu, B. Boyer, O. Shao. John Kohl delivers the speech 'rhaf won him firsi place in 'the Becl: Oraiorical Conlesi, A lot was happening all at once . . On the home front at Moravian, the annual BECK ORATORICAL CONTEST was held. Out of the five entrants, John Kohl came through with the first prize laurels for his speech called "Uncertain Certaintiesf' Jean Friedman was awarded second place, while David Bethune received third place honors. Q' if' "The gang's all here . . . m sg mi., L were UU. M, , X -Hu. and worlcing, foo. 5 1 BENQ xmkxa, Helga-NSPS,-. The news from the nation was not as cheer- ing. The New Jersey coast was hit by one of the worst storms in history. Twenty Moravian stu- dents joined other volunteer workers in their trek to alleviate some of the damage. A tiring but rewarding job. we 'YL A-if E, m nm is Zami mn is was no H Q. 'wgm i 5 wma , .ga-ss, use -- E M g Wm E E Q H P, : 'E 3 gg 5 if H H W fi ,tags if 'f Karim W fl? :if who Www if' '- 5 F3341 W- it H 1 an Q H B it 3 S S? L-5, E .. ..,. . . .. . ,. -'- '-' :..::::-3 A W sis gig gg E 5 B E B nm -Qilggpggmgggni num -Q, w Y 2 nvsiggffwx Bfilafg W Q 'EFEMSWWF' Mm' H 'QHW S in -F ,--my 5 Emma M v -- at 53 5 ' , QE 5 55 2 M Q Wg Q W E xi M 5 W. 5:52 M H gigs S is-gm,-nf' Siwm E E if : xg 4 as ..... Fi Q E is ,.:... ,. mgm shgggg fi ii i Q H ww MBE wan, mgsgggwgs my H 2355531 am .asQf'L' ' sm- Mm V ii wggg H QQEESW'-mwwm H nm 51 is ikmm am, 5 E . E mgmmwiina wmfiiw Q-ss EB? Nvgsw WM-E EEHQQSQKEMEM QEWWM mm W my M mn zm-Timm-me KXEQNHQWHE f ,ET-LffES5m Emgwgwvmwnw .mf Jaw,-QE-E wmwfggvhnyksm fxxxx -' mswgfzwgf mms nuns M :eggs W H H Ugg ,M M MEM ""' ., QF : Ewa ' W if 'f H is H2151 a mn nw ia is W W S8E:M Hi? H. MZ: -Q sm Emifnmmifawgwi Q wligygsi S gmt at 5 'BEM N B nl sind M "mmf WQQE na Wwg E ms . may H jnmtsggfgmsm H . ,.,.,.,.,. . , E E 352 Qgzw ggi qgmmmw ummm .nm E snags ,EL mffsza mwwagggif-mm ms mn. Wi. Qantas E V EBM SS Mft H EZZHQHZE H Z2 . me it mm mm W my B msmmamggggwsgmsm gmmn.wM as-fm AM new E m E S :-: -: :-. z igmm mm gi-XEEW. .... ....,.,. as Q was Q E BM H-ig giiw mam sum was um aw ning assi? 1 mo-igrs an ms .twig it mn mn' ms is nw is mam an gummy missin' ma 'Nw :ma nu E E my mn WM 1' E E amz ww 1 MNWX an msmisi uma ms an s mn mm: gmt smsmgsm we wa mn an 'mf im ms sw 'W ms ia ms mn gm HHH sam 5 , a ws ms QUE: H it EF sm K Kiwis K V E B1 msn ms ms is ms mn ms Exams mm E mazmmsma ms-.z mn mn ms mn ms Since Moravian is suppor by a church, the religious o tones and tradition are qu strong . f wwf? av. ZX-. Qffx ,.w ,..w Overseeing the religious life on campus was the RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL . . ll nl " y I, 4.55325 m siwzx waggi- Sgs i s FIRST ROW: R. Roberls, S. Burger, E. Demulh, J. Friedman. SECOND ROW: F. Jones, O. Shao - Chairman, J. Heller, H. Lewis - Secrefary. Probably the most important function this council planned was held in late March. At this time the RELIGION IN LIFE program was presented to the college. The topic, "Religion in Contemporary Literature and Drama" brought a more academic approach to the week. Four outstanding scholars in the fields of literature and drama were invited to Moravian. These men also represented the three major faiths found on campus - Protestant, Catholic and Jewish. The week was hailed as a success by all who took advantage of the programs. Guest speakers during RELIGION IN LIFE: Dr. Julian Harrl Rabbi Aaron Ilson Dr. William Mueller Dr. Barry Ulanov 1 A-""" Nav' W, 134 N A ff: .lg Lx, me - ing A IN RELIGION? Dr. Mueller lunches wi+l1 sfuclenis. March 26-29, 1952 Moravian College . . . Bethlehem, Pa. 49? swf. fl - "'?s1"s5' I ,W . is h, ' M 'N-.. Dr. Ulanov checlcs his schedule wiill Sam Zeller. If Another organization which ministered to the religious needs of the students was the CAMPUS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA- TION. This task was accomplished through monthly Bible Study, a retreat, holding services at the Blough Convalescent Home and group discussions and forums. The members were very proud of an innovation made in the program this spring. CCA took on the responsibility of a half-hour radio show every Sunday night. The program called "Wonderful Words of Life" was under the immediate supervision of Paul Zimmerman. FIRST ROW: C. Apple - Vice-President R. Veluce, J. Johnston, L. Saderholm, S, Burger. SECOND ROW: S. Nicholas, P. Zimmerman, S. Kelis, W. Pfeiffer. THlRD ROW: R, Joseph - Presicleni, T. Jarvis, J. Wyrhen, Spring means many things to many people . . the blossoming of trees and love . . . sunny mild days . . the approach of the end of another school year To the sports fan it means fresh air . . . for in the spring the SPOITS ITIOVC O'l1l1d00I'S 135 The courts were rolled and the swish of rackets could be heard . . . the TENNIS season had arrived. R .1 a,.aw L TO R, FROM BOTTOM TO TOP: T. Bowman, M. Trumbore, G. Sfoddard. K. Walsh, B. Buffum, W. Groslu J. Landis, R. Spaugh. Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian RECORD ,. . ...,. 8 l ..,...... cancelled ..,.. cancelled .... cancelled .. 2V2'6V2 ---' ..27 . ..27 .,,.. . ..27 ........., . cancelled .. cancelled .. .. 8-l ..... . 7-2 . .. 6-3 .. 9-0 .,... , . 5-4 ...... LaSalle Drew Haverford Albrighl' Muhlenberg La'fayeH'e F 8: M Hofslra , ,,,,,,.,,,, Diclcinson P.M.C. Lebanon Valley Ursinus S+. Joseph Wilkes Upsala The courts were busy once again, as Mora- vian's TENNIS TEAM began its 1962 season. The five returning men, Merr Trumbore, Ken VValsh, Grove Stoddard. Dick Spaugh, and Bill Grosh, made prospects look promising. The season was hampered by rain, which accounted lor the cancellation of five games. Out of the remaining ten games, Moravian won six. 1962 was another successful year for the varsity tennis squad. The best seasonal record was achieved by Senior Merr Trumbore. Merr was the first man to play the top spot for Moravian, and emerge from the season with an unblemished record. In recognition of this, he was presented with the Most Valuable Player Award at the annual Sports Banquet. Merr Trumbore, Mosl' Valuable Player. The GIRLS' TENNIS TEAM, unfortunately, did not match the winning season that the boys enioyed. Moravian was de- feated by the girls from Centenary and Muhlenberg in the only completed matches of the season. . SEATED: M. Dalley, C. Dinsfel, B. Smith, P. Hall. STANDING: S. Deysher, E. Clnuday, F. Meng, P, Peters, S. Kuehner. l37 FORE! The GOLF TEAM had taken to the fair- ways to open the 1962 season. Returning to take the number one position was Sophomore Jim Repasch. Golf fared better than the tennis team as far as the Weather was concerned. Only one of the matches was rained out and that was the one scheduled against Upsala. In the ten re- maining games, Moravian won six to make this another successful year on the golf course. On May 14 Moravian entered the M.A.C. championship games. The team returned from these matches holding the third place position. Sandy Hutchison had come in low man of all the contestants. At the Sports Banquet Jim Repasch was given the Most Valuable Player Award for the second straight year. Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian Moravian RECORD 8V2'9V2 ---- cancelled ......, ,,,...., l6-2 .......... .,....,. II-7 ....... I5-3 ....... ,. LafayeH'e Upsala Haverford Willces Albrighl- I 3-5 ......, Muhlenberg I6-2 .......... ......... H oisrra 7:92-Ish ....... .......... F 81M 8 -9 ...... ........... S cranion IZVZ-SVZ ...... ..... M uhlenberg 5-I3 S+. Joseph SEATED: H. Kelly. FIRST ROW: R. Ailrinson. R. Pasiir. SECOND ROW: H. Cope - Coach, R. Tewell, L. Walzel. THlRD ROW: S. Huich- inson, J. Freiberger, R. Wilsey, J. Repasch. H .... 'n""""" i . , . """'2""-' FIRST ROW: J. Still, M. Garcia - Secrefary-Treasurer. SECOND ROW: R. Schmoyer, D. Wilson, B. Mushrush, R. Rifier, F. Laisf, S. Hufchinson. THIRD ROW: G. Smith, B. Grosh, J. Bowman - President, C. Canning, D. Cornelius, T. lasiello, P. Lebr, R. Houser, D. Eichenhoffer. FOURTH ROW: R. Grubbs. D. Linaberry, J. lnsigna. F. Cariier, B. Beclics, W. Griffiih, R. Gori, R. Wilsey, R. Pasfir. FIFTH ROW: B. Dieirich, S. Raycla, F. Demko, R. Erb, D. Willrins, M. Trumbore, R. Pfeiffer, D. Vogel, T. Harlacher. Each player or manager of any men's sport who has received a letter, automatically becomes a member of the VARSITY "NI" CLUB. Upon entry each member is awarded a sweater. After four years of participation in a sport, the player receives a blanket. it .- Effie? This sleek greyhound was our mas- cot - we say "was" because this year OGO III died. A tribute is in order to man's best friend. 139 mmm - sa.. ,lima M. .N 'Mega 5 mswQdsEm , V Wm... spies?-giisfs stsfsi Ha igws ii :BFS g gui? i 45 1'.. B ',kw wa-a -a an 5 lm :iii are K . a s J E. E53 xgx a as - 1. I 0'5" xv H' The casi' of THE LADY'S NOT FOR BURNING: S. Burger, M. Young, A. Zechman, B. Weaver, B. Gilbert, B. Horwafh, A. Bornsiein, P. Donchez, S. Levine, P. Erslzin, P. Kaiowiiz. Members of the BLACK- FRIARS, under the direction of Eugene Jacobson, charmed and delighted two audiences with their sizzling production of Christopher FrV's The Lrzd3v's Not For Burning. The Lady turns out to be not so much a witch, as she is bewitching. This was the first production that was not held in the South Camnus Chapelg instead, a free- standing set was constructed in Johnston Hall. 140 BLACKFRIARS - FIRST ROW: K. Leyh, J. Morecz - Treasurer, V, Tinnes - Presidenf, E. Jacobson, W. Bennewis - Secrefary. .:mrL was em X ram Ma mwmmmmn an 55 25i V,g -Q 'as Eagan.-agwsssaaexws a wwggw-mfgsanaaa 5 n m?m5S MW is ami gxmskn an a Kwan 41 H 'ln -4 an W? me E .VW 'R MDR Love blossoms beiween Jennef and Tom, while Richard scrubs on. SECOND ROW: S. Burger, C. Canning, J. Friedman, A. Bornsfein, E. Demufh, J. Knepper, AVIAN Slcipps, ihe rag-and-bone merchani, refurns from fhe "dead," THE CAST AND CHARACTERS Thomas Mendip ...... Jenner Jourdemayne Richard ,................,,.. ....... Phil Kafowiiz Pai Erslcine Sieve Levine Alnzon Eluof ............ .. Pai' Donchez Margarei' Devise ...... .Y...... S usan Burger Hebble Tyson ....,...... ....,. A l Bornsfein Humphrey Devise ........ ,..... M ilce Young Nicholas Devise ......,.,. .A Edward Tappercoom The Chaplain ,,,,.....,.,.. Ma'H'hew Skipps .....s Al Zechman Bill Horwafh Bill Gilberi' Bruce Weaver The two social sororities, AEPi and Phi Mu, ioined forces to arrange the yearly Inter-Sorority Dinner-Dan-ce. This year the girls and their dates traveled to the Brookside Country Club for a roast beef dinner. Following the meal, the dance was held in another ro-om decorated in a Spanish motif. The two sororities work together through the INTER- SORORITY COUNCIL, a co-ordinating group composed of representatives from both sororities. This council was designed primarily to control the events pertaining to rushing. L TO R: J. Albrecht - Presideni, J. Raidline. J, Knepper, W. Bennewis, F. Meng - Secrefary-Treasurer. A' . '.!?,'Jmn f V. 1-'V' lj t 1 The time for Easter vacation was approach- ing. It was a badly needed break from the daily routine of work! And anyway, it was Spring and that meant Spring fever. The College Union provided a Welcome change from the bleak walls of a classroom . . . X 2 .ff-i wwf: "qv 1 V P J A: v ,ff , , Av ,df Pak wa Ui -A 5 M 'I ., Q Q X-,131-V :. :.: Q nwgw. 1 H ea"Qr an xmas is am Aw' wma ,sus ?bc, .sw 'rx 'whfifi.Q23w:1lQ gsm wig w-Q25 z- , f-Q ff fa, 1 ' -L 4 Mgvagxwfmm ' ex 1 'LW 5 - Q, gm 'Q w v - . 'j 9 -gi. A-up 4: Wm. J.:-1 xmmiwwg' .,f,L if LESS" Hua 1 1? ,:. Msgs . Q-siwiiy ,Ji?g M 'iid Z, '..a':v:E:- MY V W ,' gms., ,g -my-sm 3? - I QMQSJQQWP mx WNV-f f sun 'lffiui T , ..,-,ww""' 'fa wwf' ,fvqk . In Spring, diamonds take on a new im- I V portance-BASEBALL diamonds, that is . . . :': p A Moravian could be proud of her base- Y L " " ball team. In the fifteen games played, he lXIoravian's nine won thirteen and tied two. Q ' ,Quih-----,- .V Four of the season's scheduled appearances ff 4: - 1 ' had to be cancelled because of unfavorable W 1 ,Q f 'N weather. ' - ' 3' ' N81 , 1 f- K "T: s ky -' P V AQ Alfie is 3 E 2 , V M ,. . '. 7' .-,,,,, ,--'L' - fn 4 . ' ' ' -3- IW ro 3 .x - w QP Y ,, N - --- ., aw.. - - ' " ,AV .H Jr., .45 ,J F H nj .3, "" fel ' .. 'P .T Q.- 4 -1:13:24 John Bowman rounding +l1ird in +I-no game against Swarihmore Q wr ' ' ' ,gfegiha in a 'ffl Q Us Moravian .. I0-I .. ........ Drew Moravian cancelled ...,. F 8: M Moravian cancelled Lafayeile Moravian cancelled ........t Wilkes Moravian cancelled ..... ..,......... A lbriglli' Moravian ..........,... 9-0 .s...,. ...... S warfhmore Moravian .. l3-I3 ...,.,l Temple Moravian ,. I7-7 .... ,........ U psala Moravian ...,.,.....,.. 4-3 ....... .......,... S 'lk JOB Moravian cancelled .,...V ,.,.., M uhlenberg Moravian ............., 9-5 ....... ....... D icltinson Moravian ..... ...... 6 -0 .... ...... M uhlenberg Moravian 8-6 .,., ................. P .M.C. Moravian .,... .... 2 4-2 ........ .. Lebanon Valley Moravian ,.,,. .,,. I 2- I 2 .,.,. ,.............. W aghel' Moravian ...,, .... I 4-0 .... .........w. H averford Moravian 7-I .... ..... E lizaberhfown Moravian ,,,,, ,.,. I 0- I .,,. ........ S Cra nron Moravian .... 4-2 .. , Ursinus The total l57 runs and the .343 total I H ge 5 is-KH ., A , -,six zz si Xa ...qi .,- i ' r s w ii 4 5 is if sf' i-wma 1 will Ea. , H .mr a, if: 7 - . 1 .' i ' .' , I ' A ' .- i'f -' w 4- - '- n i,r"'..1l- Good hiiiing musf be backed by a strong pitching staff Another of flue season's I57 runs abou? io be scored .. si is az' :wa .dash s team average earned for the baseball squad the Northern Division Championship in the Middle Atlantic Conference. Coach Harvey T. D. Gillespie had produced his sixteenth straight winning season in his twenty-three years at Moravian. The team was invited to participate in a post-season game at Farleigh-Dickinson. This offer came from the NCAA to Mora- vian as being one of the top four small eastern colleges in baseball. Encouragement shouted from the bench This year's outstanding player award was presented to Don Vogel. Don, a member of the Junior Class, played shortstop on the 1962 edition of Mora vian's baseball team This hi+ is on ils way fo giving the oulflelders some trouble. FIRST ROW: J. Frih, T. Meixell, D. Vogel, B. Hill, J. Bowman J Gano H Rice M Garcia SECOND ROW R Lemlnger D Freesman V Seaman, R. Zerfass, T. Musselman, P. Riccardi, M. Kashner THIRD ROW G Garschal Asslslanl Coach A Slralca F Carher D Nagle, H. Gillespie - Coach. lt was group picture taking time at Moravian once again! SEATED: V. .Tinnes, S. Burger - Editor, W. Bennewis, D. Sradinger, STANDING: F. Miller, G. Elrsfrand, D. Gilberf - Faculiy Advisor, G. Siocldard - Phoiography Editor, J. James, D. Nause, J. Sfill. J. Viglione - Business Manager, K. Leyh, P. Felix. J. Barioe. Phyl Pefers, Susan Burger and Gail Elrsfrand pose a posed piciure. That could only mean one thing - the staff of the BENIGNA, the college yearbook, was hard at work tat least for two daysj . There were time schedules to meet, professors to placate and tranquil- izers to take till the ordeal was over. To make matters worse, the photographers camera refused to operate on the first picture that was taken. QThank good- n-ess that was the one of the Benigna staffj 'On one ol' the clzlys ol picture taking, the Women's Activities Conunittee haul at coffee hour - silver teal service, lzlce lable cloth, flowers and 2111. 5. v pe -, -- W .ix gms M ,.. K, miss M .Em A-sez E. .wsu mnawx QM s ' sm -nz sms W5 if 5 x ggsbfm mr-we as-E I EE Hamann .xg sssss H ...ffiess s.ssstw W view ss 3 E S - -mx Bu., M 5 arm siss mk l E W -E ss, s isis' stsgsivw ggss,-rw mggmsifi SEEKS Hi J I -A' H P' The college community was delighted by the choir's presentation of one of I-Iaydn's Masses on April 29. This performance was the Thursby Memorial Concert held in Johnston I-Iall. The choir worked with orchestra members from the Curtis Institute of Music to present this piece. ws 2 -H EW ii Moi is s 755553 .inf 1 'mfr it T Y rg await ' ,., usa.-Y ax egrgfgas ramps this 'WEE ,alan .axgg ins sm es.. N ,F ,, fs ' - .. .gtiisyv t Vgfggiqy . if Yi 1: xgqsiw S fnillfpfi Z f Z ,Ss s V a N 21 :M sf 5: 3, ' B H1555 sms seg miss ,A sv -4-ss Q s .iiisgi 5 .r za - .W ,gi f, - f no ergo L As 5 Q2 rs., . N ? ,gi gs .5t.,.5.. 'K 1' bf' g , .. N i 1 -sua a ,. its M H 5 Ya? 5 insular am -s , wg! sn as . ,W - gsm M slats?-L A as -5 5 2 sl Mess! gg fimntlsxl 325.5 img f S35 5 U' 615325 Fez . st Eggs?" '- 1 5? fa g? 'H 91. :fr 's , if-, 5' i si" K i ' -K iiifg-Qi: Q K ' ' Q, , i g v if ss .sr ness? ri is B B W .W . . A W as 51 Zfgwrs. B J-iz Sf an 'rf rw 1, A f . ur ii... s. vzfil iw' R11 X any f nw bil , as -sms-iss Www L l ll mr sas... s fairies rs s s. agsfrgss E, isis is P':EE"iQgETZsi?Eir f . .1222 'if -.f 4 v 1 M., Egg: -5 we Q . gg' .. .. 55231, .,gi..g, , A s ,,g,, Qaffxm . Big, .. 1. "sa, as sg z . f, , 2 M aww ' um r 'sm Z, .Q sa ri ,.ssis..f:f'es.1 iii Sgr MH isgss .. fgissss' -sg ,, Msg! .. a f as -.fs A tr' i 5 1 ' ,A if fl . ' , sa W mg., . . ' ss ,-N-2 r ,z.fg,... 2 1 .1 Masai... . , H Q. , 2 .jL.s,i12's MEM' smg wif mr 1' -s.. was -1? Eg. 5. Q E .ga R In . ,Q a file... imggw n ,from 'Myra an . J. 1 . . ,.. , ,, - Q.. MK, K.. E . 'lplrefw H assi . f 5 inseam wsu.-:mga .W-N 'zqgf-1K..X is Email 'MN sgfv- ,M . 5 . yf 5' : at gy A ssl aw... gps, . fs, V, -. f ' L- ,i , V, X, N ,slag QQ swf: eggs l yy ss ASEE?-Ui.. s .fjw ggi W-2582... siiirgwaij sswsiil 5 ..nm',.'m .. 5215.5--'Z egftafwgsriwa 2'5:'s1sw'f .xi as ..a?3sw..2W'f ,- gum... nfl .13 . is i ZJK5 mmm -2. , ,ar - ragga: -' ,Iv 3 1 -:Hi Q-lst. ' 3 i gif, ' N. Sassy . .Eiga .1 ef, if 5 ss. fr? 5 ,,u. , K , STANDING: Another publication that comes out only once a year is the MANUSCRIPT. The arrival date is sometime in early May for so the editors hope, . In this literary magazine all undergrad- uates with a flair for creative writing were given a chance to see their works in print. The edi- torial board, consisting of two members from each class, read and approved or disapproved of the contributions. Mr. Robert Burcaw was the faculty advisor who oversaw the work of this staff. J. Schlegel - Editor, B. Hooper - Edilor. SEATED: S. Burger, F, Miller, H. Cadwell, H. Pierie, B. Kerman. A a A C 3 a , 1., 2,5-'.t--N PI DELTA EPSILON MEMBERS, L TO R: J. Scholl, G. Sfoddard - Vice-Presidenf, B. Hooper - Secrefary-Treasurer, J. Schlegel - Pres: dent. The end of another year was rapidly approaching. It was now time for PI DELTA EPSILON, the national honorary journalism fraternity, to choose students who had worked faith- fully and well in the various fields of communications on campus. When the names were selected, the people were notified in a convocation. The next step was initiation and a dinner at Walp's. SEATED: G. Eltsfrand, J. Friedman. STANDING, FIRST ROW: D. Howard, J. Viglione, D. Cornelius. SECOND ' ROW: A. Bornsfein. C. Borsf, A. Zeli, C. Houseman. Vicki Tinnes, 'ihe only Indian on ihe ieam, guards Mr. Elias. Jump ball! Once again the girls' basketball team took on willing members of the faculty in a STU- DENT-FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME. The girls, clad in matching burlap sacks and leotards, defeated the luckless faculty. Another point for our side! Tall Dr. Burlclnari goes up io bloclc a shol. This play is only for scienlisls and mafhemaiicians. Sharon Yaeclc goes in for 'flue winning basltei. 150 l 2 i e 2 May 4, l9Ii2 . . . the night of the SENIOR FAREWELL DANCE. . l ' .ww S ' 13535322 .,. THE SOCIAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE, L TO R: J. Abramson, J. Ingber, M. Schwarlz, P. Pelers, R. Ruslr, A. Applegale - Chairman, R. Voelker, V. Tinnes. Q1 A promenade Ihough the gardens. The motif was that of a South- ern Plantation. Under a blue ceil- ing were live gardens, a flowing fountain, wisteria-covered boughs and a garden path. The music of Matt Gillespie's orchestra and .lim- my and the .Vs floated out from under a Spanish-moss covered plan- tation porch. ,I ,I ff is in P ' 55532 '- If , I 'U X. ,V ,. I. 'JI One night - four hours - and the weeks of planning were over. The SOCIAL ACTIVITIES COM- MITTEE, a standing committee of USG, outdid themselves on the decorations for this farewell dance for the seniors. Mah' Gillespie provided music from fhe porch of the planlalion. The queen and her courf. During intermission, the Queen of the Ball was crowned. The lucky young lady was Judith Weiland. Serving as her court were Judy MacDonald, Winnie Hearn, Carla Dinstel, Mary Tretheway and Susan Burger. And the mght and the dance . . and Lhe music wore on. ""??Zl?i if? V Dean Heller greels flue assemblage. On Sunday, May 6, the college held dedication services for the Col- lege Union Building and the new- ly completed Prosser Auditorium. After the program, the visitors were able to view the Berman Art Exhibit. These works, displayed in the lounge urea of the College Union, were of japanese origin, some of them ns old as three hun- dred years. College alumni pariicipaled in fhe dedicaiion ceremonies Three co-eds admire pieces from 'Phe Berman Japanese Ari' Exhibit 11,7 54 iqenq, Us f iw lx SEQ 45 ,E 5 There suddenly was heard thc pounding of hammers and the hum of laughing voices . . . the booths for the SPRING CARNIVAL were being built on the hockey field on South Campus. Waiting for ihe fisherman fo come. No, there was no revival meeting at the carnival. It was just a water-soaked member of PI MU wishing for warmer weather and a poorer shot. The cold night air did not prevent the students from visiting these booths. There was plenty to do . . . shave a balloon, go fishing, throw ping pong balls in fish bowls, drink lemon juice through a candy straw or perhaps invest in a piece of pizza. I s An explanation is in order for those of you who might have missed the carnival. It seems Pi Mu, the pre-theological fratern- ity, had devised a special Satur- day night shower. If a marks- man hit the target with a base- ball, the victim got sprinkled liberally with a bucket of water. Ken Briggs awaits his fate. When they are not involved in water shows, the members of Pi Mu find fellowship in many ways - through Bible study, prayer and discussion groups and retreats. Through this group, the pre-theologians hope to strengthen their convictions to enter the ministry. FIRST ROW: D. Wiclcman, R. Voellrer, F, Jones - Vice-Presiclenf, K. Briggs -- Presidenf, C. Harberg - Treasurer T Minor Secrefary B. Riegel. SECOND ROW: J. Wyrfzen, B. Waterman, B. Pfeiffer, D. Davis, B. Bliclcensdorfer, D. Henclerscl-ieclf, J Griffnfh H Lewis Ad visor, R. Moyer, D. Dech, T. Bowman, R. Coolr, T. Jarvis. THIRD ROW: S. Nicholas, G. Sfraughn, W. Gilbert' R Tesar A Bergmann T Harlacher. Ev, ,, ' Ni Q 7' 1, -x ,H .X y 1 l ti 15 3 Las? year's Miss Moravian, Judy Cavanagh, crowns flue I962 Miss Moravian, Jane Albrecht MISS MORAVIAN AND HER COURT, FROM L TO R 7 5 1 , I Sunday of Spring Festival lN7eek-End was the time for the annual crowning of MISS MORAVIAN, a tradition carried-over from the VVomen's College. The Senior girls, under the direction of the Women's Activities Committee, nominated twelve women from their class who have contributed most to the College. Then the entire female population voted for seven of these girls to be in the court. The girl receiv- ing the highest number of votes became Miss Moravian. This year Jane Albrecht was selected to reign as Miss Moravian. In her court were Barabara Hooper, Bette Ann Dickman, Karen Kaprelian, Faith Mong, Mary Plreimer and Linda Burnett. K. Kaprelian, L. Burneif, F. Mong, J. Albrecht, B. Diclcman, B. Hooper M JV..-.f Mx -'-rt.-Fa " f" I A w3iq5i'l.,?5 J . ips, .-.Lf .. ,t:-. 1 ': f Q-ua 3 Irz Lgig W ....:: TT: s - umuuunm iliiliwiuik' X sql pf?" The Honor Courf flanlcs either side of the courf, while Jeanne ScoH', far righf, announces the cirls' names. The court walked through the daisy chain, held by the Freshmen- girls. Preceding the senior girls was the Honor Court, made up of the two girls from the Junior, Sophomore and Fresh- man classes who hold the highest academic averages. This year these girls were Sue Gares and Susan Burger, Juniors: Barbara Finn and Vicki Vroom, Sophomores: and Lynn Nerrikcn and Helen Kovach, Freshmen. After .lane was crowned, Bob Preston pre- sented a plaque to the group earning the most money in the preceding night's festivities. This was awarded to the W'omen's Recreation Asscr ciation. Bette Ann Diekman, as the groupis President, accepted the plaque. A short skit was then presented to the audi- ence. The students tried to recapture important moments in a four year career at Moravian. After this sketch, the guests passed through a receiving line, greeted the court and Miss Mora- vian, and then had punch. Be'He Ann Diclcman accepis the award The cas+ recalls major events at Moravian. 'For the Women's Recreation Association. N .4 ' 4 'I' 1 W' AE , if . 4 - K' .5-.,. '47 'Qu '. if 4 ,J-jx A 5 it avavdgrf Q ,aafl 9 i 1 ,.. 4 . ',--dm T A15-' , x ' r 2"-32:-2. A f 1. 2 .-Y' . F x, y, lager," 7 A vp 4 ,Z 1:4 ' n.. ' :Q 1 V wi' .- , V, .e.Z".1 'tif K' -w -Q .'1,. KQA. , 3 . 1 44 if , 4 Q S . H 5 sf g. L' ,.. was ,V Jai' H.. To celebrate the close of another year of athletics a SPORTS BANQUET was held. All participants and managers of varsity sports donned their Sunday best and ate a hearty meal in the College Union. At this banquet the outstanding player awards were given to the recipients in each respective sport. -vs P le ' YK .L 9.1 K ., ra, , i i I K Z QVXXX ii , 'fi if I A 2 E K 9 y 3 .gl e .,,' . 1 M A, r 5? il . 171. " Q L TO R: J. Repascli - Golf, M. Trumlaore - Tennis, R. Andrews - Foolball, R, Houser - Traclt, W. Rinlcer - Wresfling, B. Dicltman - Women's Aihleiics, D. Vogel - Baseball. Many organizations were beginning to make plans for next year. Elections were held and the new officers got to try their hands with the gavel. The VETERANS' ASSOCIATION was just one of the many clubs engaged in look- The primary aim of this group is to pro- vide continuing fellowship among the veterans on campus. This is accomplished through social and service activities throughout the year. This club also provided its members with eonvivial ing ahead. surroundings for reminiscing about those years in the service. FIRST ROW: T. Garrify, A. Proctor, C. Canning - Vice-President I. Vadelund - President, D. Henderson -- Secreiarry, S. Miyagi. SEC. OND ROW: L, Bosiiclr, P. Schanfz, D. Egli, R. Dietrich, J. Kilpafriclz, F. Reimer, R. Garcia. H. Kelly, W. Yost THIRD ROW: R. Gardner, J. Repasch, R. Ruslt, T. Vargo, V. Seaman. .v 1 .I Z in 5 t - ' .1 Zag s 'T Z ' A ' s , is hw ' Weir. -Qv rfwvfgicii Q' 55' -' .f Q H ' Nfl K 3 l an rg.. Y .. . y . . f .. H B ..,,, . x., The end of the year and picnic time finally arrived . . . A-it K" 'if 2 C17 SEATED: H. Haros, M. Rosenberg, J. Schlegel - Presidenf, W. Wright, W. Bennewis. STANDING: J. Frih, G. Sfraughm, D. Coe. A. Bornsfein. MU SI-GMA SIGMA, the Sociological Society, had a picnic planned but the weathernian was unkind to them Qand the club's president believed the forecastly. The HISTORY CLUB, a newly formed organization at Moravian, was more fortunate - the sun became an honorary member for a day. So everyone packed up his picnic manners and trouped to Dr. Jones' house for a doggie roast. FIRST ROW, L TO R: A. Barnes, E, Price, G. Eltsirand, R. Bricker, S. Burger, D. Gilbert, M. Young, J. Whitfield. SEC- OND ROW: J. Heller, R. Jones, D. Befhune, J. Yurema. y W . .,., Sw - , 1 s aka ""L:'.. ...- .-IH P.. 'uw ,,,!.,r':,v ' Nw 'Wg' ,' vw. as an '.-Nn 5 , , ,Q I .. ilvifil-Q M. Lsqfypf 'I J' Ulla '- ,MJ. Hwy M. .ll . fy ,vi .X . '55 ,M wi, ,M Vp x Wa my . 'fn .W bra-- aw, 5 .1 Q-iw wi' n ' f E. ,- . W gg mn M. . WBMQWJ, 'mms 'H H H1625-Z., 'wwf , H M - ,, - -. V rms, H 1 ...- wsngmi "-. . H m-. -- Jing-2 ' fam. . lam.. Q. ,I I ...XM . . .A -,. ' 85. H . 4 '4 E. - .-S .I .X 1 1- , . .,m. -H - - - W ' 1' N, 0 E . N. . ' umzuux -In 1 uflllm J" .. , . . ' -DWI:-4 va M .- lun- lnuhn-,l. nw-I rl -..i.44s..4rl , IW..-. x.1. n n-ur.-..4'w-w -I-:I-'H M, n....4..n-4. 4 --- H mug W1i?SJ'TML:'::.'.Yf . B.,......,n,,H,.qu.,.-1rA--- w u Q... -x smiles are any indication ,U,,.,, 10 .s,. v-"1 .Z :'-- l V ' J' F wb. I. GSW' ifsfeli-QSM, if must have been good news. N The only things left to the year belongs to the SENIORS WHO'S WHO, FIRST ROW: S. Perkins, B. Hooper, B. Snyder, C, Lochhead, C. Herman. SECOND ROW: J. Karusiis, S. RigI'xisLJ. Schlegel, L. Burneif, B. Diclcman. THIRD ROW: W. Yurchalr, R. Sallash, F. Amigo. MISSING: J. Albrecht E Demui . Moravian was privileged to have fifteen of her seniors cited for special honor by "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." Five students had led the Senior Class through a happy and busy last year at Moravian. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS, SEATED: K. Kaprelian - Secreiary, D. Coe - President STANDING: D. FeI1neI - Vice President D. Turner - Treasurer, T. Fromharh - USG Represeniaiive. W 4 'pi x Q J X 3 M aaaaa v, aaaaa aaai , fa . A gm F7 if 4240152 M " ff li "' 3 fd-ff' I ' jf' Lf f-fl P YZ,4MAHPf-, f K 5 a Ae I ' 1" 'I N , ,f ,lyffv J A I 7 L- ffl' A- , f Q-N ' . ,f I ' ' X-C ,,f.,1,,.A I ' W 1 Q i. Nl f Q Y aaaa "' K .fa M X an aw. aa. z Yya xlgwffi aaa N .y Q4 x Q a Y- a . T K w, 3. A fa we .9 H L R 1' 1 aa! 9' Ma A f ,, .. W 1: 'x V aaa.: ' 2 -Lia, ' EKU? Q aafa a 71Jf ,-u-1 .'. 5' fy' f '4- ff aaaa- r, - .44-'M P x .N-.. a a!1'h'w X -ff A JE aiu! ff 5 'f -.ima W , ri . Xa f A f ,if if ey? f' A X MX, WW Maia M21 milf-: ww , , . aa aa aa a HB A E E aaaa-gt W ax YM Hgh Y P si? KW! aala ww aaa I Wh :Eau ma Karan, 'Z , f . W M Q22 Si Y? m W T ' I + .- i - i ' I A -1 LQ V V , - . ,. Y Axis? 4-I 541 Ms It ri A N a -, ! Aja gm' Lfggfwf rf W' K a as - . M - f- , M V A Ja! al . . ax - ,- . ' Y ' I Fm ,Ea 4 ,Y f' ' ' I ' A . af mrwfi " QQ? P F,-.' " X' X .P -iivgs X . iX4YQ.X?wa?gXaaf 5 .- 5 , X A 1 - -jihgq :Baa 1 Y .3 ,fgvgisax Sufi' :HW -- . -.wIa'5.,' fa -an a aw u "' Q 31 Maia 'W 5,1 25a2'er2'f af' WYE? ,gag ij" issmifgsaa ,iam A QT? """?iQ-f- k 2' ,ggisaaam N A K- 253.5 '15 wg, aga- R "S I ai Siam!! ' -'ia 1 ' .5 -1 YP' ' W D- 'E N - Q f N ' Y X wi 5 aa. . ,, 1:30 I ' f fr ly taxa. Xia a, a P m B v:aN43. ,VJ my :N Wa Q 'x .,v . ,- .-u ' w -X ah. M ' N , . a Q Mrk K A - Y aa, ,ar ., . n H , E 5kla'4fak,-'s,a,a'!:Hw ' v "' max SQ?lg'jf?g: - ' 4 A Uaa 'WK wa ' w I Q' a Y, ,. l .2 ,gina A ,a '.'u!ie:Q.:in4a43 1 N L-,KM , i-' '.lI.J' ai aa aa a E ,I r B 53555, W aawaaa a - an-as: sand W Pl ,aa aa 5 ,, WEEE sa Kai 15 awga SR fx Wa Yam R, U SSW fx, Hia ELIZABETH JANE ALBRECHT CAROL A. ALTEMOSE Sociology H istory FRANCIS AMIGO GEORGE JAMES ANDRALIS Clam qf 1962 Business Administration T Q- -., f' r September 1958 . 1 Things RICHARD E. ANDREWS THOMAS ARDINGER Mathematics Spanish eginning of our four years at Moravian College. DENNIS EUGENE ASTI-IEIMER General Sludies at then . . . There was no College Union Building, no Rau-Hassler Dormitory, and no statue of john Amos Comenius. RALPH WILLIAM ATKINSON Business Adminislration RICHARD COLBY BELL ALAN VANDAM BORNSTEIN LARRY B. BOSTICK General Studies Psychology Political Science 167 We've changed, too . . N 'm CHRISTIAN C. BRAIG RICHARD KINNEY BRAUN General Studies Business A dministmtion P , , , , 5.33 as w KENNETH BRIGGS History M si 'wma : mm ss Ugra- 5 ,Q any LINDA ROBIN BURNETT GEORGE WILLIAM CARVIS English Elementary Education New gm 3 is H5 3 x is gs s E DAVID ALLEN COE GEORGE RODNEY COOK Psychology General Studies - s -3: H JOAN MARGARET CRUGER BRUCE H. CUMMINGS Elementary Education Business Administration A ARTHUR DAVID CHAP Political Science 52323555 E i X5 E B? ?hFF?Ff .4 is are me Q H Q me w Eu sa, FX E E DAVID CORNELIUS Business Administration Class qi 1962 QQ ss can qf1962 JOHN FRANK DEAK Business A dminisrwnifm .IUDITH DEBRAY Elementary Education EMMA LOUISE DEMUTH Elementary Education JAMES HERBERT DECH DOROTHY M. DEMETRALES General Studies English Ei.,w,5.?M,2--A wWt,cm,W,a .. sm . . M M Vrxm sinh JOANNE DETHOMAS ELIZABETH ANN DICKMAN FREDERICK DONATEELI, JR Elementary Education Psychology Business Admzmstmtzon pu JAMES JOSEPH DORIA ROBERT F. DURN RICHARD D. ECKHART Mathematics Sociology English Many faces have come and gone since our Freshman year. xx E V sssggggfimgs-ff1E'?' Hgfngggigeigfgg Seigsswssg 252 2: H is KB H: H . sf. nl EEE" .MW r MMLMM H. msawm H ms SS-was GAIL EKSTRAND ABRAHAM D. Elementary Education ENCARNACION E s I 51 Z 1 1 i .sm 23.54 3- .EHZR ififif L .mg mn Ymi . .. I YK v U D 2 H istory 9: , , . ri 1 'E is vm A' - u D' I, F ig! ,- Q E w 1, I1 , . E 5 IA- ig W , V H . I pu ws 2 rl C 1 N E u F 3. Y Iw E' SS' .N , W 1:71 A 1 misss wg- , xx,- SNH 1 3 5 , f A Q. f . B MK m L -R ' W .. ww ' lm. .ggi JT in H 251111. ... x ff - nv - .' W ss: Q . jk K ,Ar .w WVU' umm ss ss H m if sms '24, 1 . ei .. ' v f A W - up XM v A Y E4 .3 '.. LL " '91 x-Eiga A Q-'Vai' nsaff-5 wigs! 13:51, 'g ik 1 W xt A-4 Pa ,V 'f 1,5 S ' 1 ' -9 l ' Q. ' : Q 752W fx: F w H. N mm we msgs was -Hifi :SQ ggi K4 H H . me-x m a mu H 'mf NANCY MIDDLETON EVANS Sociology These were the students we chose to lead us our Freshman year. ANTONIO S. FADALE Mathema!z'rs ss mm nu .. f WM nmn:am 'Qf3g DAVID VICTOR FEI-INEL Business A dministration ANDREA D. FIDDLEMAN Elementary Education :ws . -. amass sam mms was nm- a THOMAS JOSEPH FOLEY JR. ALBERT WOODROW FRABLE Business Adm inistrntion Chemistry VASILLIOS FRANGEDAKIS JAMES WARREN FRANK Business Admin istmtion Business Adnzinistmtion THOMAS WILLIAM FISHER C hemistrv ROY A. FRACK Psychology Class 41962 ctw 71962 ELIZABETH ANN FREUDENBERGER Elementary Education THOMAS EDWARD FROMHARTZ History JAMES H. GANO ROBERT C. GARCIA Biology Business Administration ROY GARDNER, JR. TERENCE P. GARRITY, JR. Business Administration Matheinntics ss . I X 'A Kami' ........ .:': K' T,'Q74m :Maim - Li .6-.EEE STEPHEN GASPER ABRAHAM ROBERT CAST HELEN BETTY GEORGEAU PoIit1'cnlSeience S05-iglggy Elementary IfdlIfYlfi0?'l U ,WU M i r ag ., igggfgjrfgis X . , . W Q .fe 5 5mm Q,,,ff s Egg? --e .yq 5,5 Higgggf H - TP- z---fm afszmig WH In a moment of frenzy . . . thereis little dignity, NHQWZW H M M ,gHw: mana y G - 11 r GLENN ARTHUR GOLD Chemistry 5 L Mfwew :-Q ,wuv W E jg 1 - L 5.3 , .SH : -' awww E 5 Wi. N , . 1 W w N-x' M Q ag. B w. ws H- sm B , vm gs ' igxa 'flwfgm ik. is B CAROL ANN M. GRAM Elementary Education B5 mms MFE B' sm my ms ohm Q n is ME Sf M ms a E ss mn an w gnu? Exsf E Sinw EN E EEE 855561 X1 RH- nf S an H H mai, as - was , was an 'PQ W- xx - xx ,Q s x 1 ss an va 53:1 2 Q gm ms na: K: ss ss an AH mn ss- Hmm 2 ss There are many things a person will do to join a fraternity. ms ' mn mn ss Emma! 1 w ms.. Kam Bums mam -u ,Q V mn CARMEN D. R. GUERRIERI BELA JANOS GULYAS CAROLE A. HALL Elemenimy Education Biology Elementary Education B num W 'fx , TH -,Hgh r IQ. .mr E M ss EYE Missa B X sa 1 Q B 7 F!!! LEWIS EDWARD HALLEY, JR. Hislmy BARBARA JEAN I-IOOPER English I KAREN MARIE KAPRELIAN English CAROL JANE HERMAN BRIAN LEWIS HILI Pre-Illedicine Elementary Educrztifm ffl- 4::M FRANKLIN C. JONES, 'II LALOMILO KAMU English wmv - -IOAN MARIE KARUSTIS Biology Clmf M1962 51.1 Our girls won the Olympics A'La Mo - 1 w that year . . . 4 X and they won it the next. . and they won it the next . . and the next . . and the next. ss L ff ROY KELCHNER Biology wmamasfsmkma www. 'wg mama nmnmnma ., KARLA UHL KEMMERER LINDA MVATERS MICHAEL P. KISLOM7 Elementary Education KISLINGBURY Business Administration Elementary Education a ss ,. ss ss ss MICHAEL KISSEL JOAN LOUISE KNEPPER IEANETTE L. KOSLIN Business A rlministmtion English Nursing .Q gals' cfm qfI962 DAVID MONROE LARISI-I ROSEANN LAVAN Ifl6?777!"17flI7'5Y Edumlion Elevnentnry Education ll 'No IOHN FRANKLIN IAYTON, DOROTHY JANE LICHTMAN CONSTANCE PLATT IR. English LOCI-IHEAD linsiness ff-!II7lfl1i.Yl1'fIIfU77 Sf7!l77iSfl One of the brightest memories of our college career . . . Our first Homecoming Week- Encl . , . the bonfire . . . and dance. Q- fi CAROL SUE LOHMAN JANIES GEORGE NIALLOY GLEN ALLEN NIARSTELLER Elementary Education Business Administration Biology 11" l ..-1.1! QM" Lirf x, " ' ' ' ' ' 'MVT . ashes E ggwgwm EWMW was Q Q ss saws-mam WM Mmammm R , s an I 1:5 BARBARA A. STEFANAVAGE RICHARD MARTIN MARTIN . A - Chemishy RICHARD E. MAURER Business Administration Elementary Educatzon 4 M . I, GERALDINE VALERIE JOHN FRANCIS Mf.c,5RTY MELITO Business Administration English ,L - msg . X W? si x n '-GUN 1-N E Q ' 'QfL g:, - REQ? ,Hs E f , sam RALPH MICHAEL NIITTL SHINSHO MIYAGI Business Administration Political Science H5535 EWEQ PHILLIP D. MERWARTH Mathematics Clam qf 1962 ,N FAITH MONG JANET HELLER MORROW FRANCIS MBUGUA MWIHIA Pre-Medicine Elementary Education Business Administration Spring Festival 1959 . . . The daisy chain our girls held while animals danced on the lawn. e ,, . 1 5 ROGER WILLIAM NAGLE Business Administration ' 155 2: PM "1'e3'?a ,xr- Q ss -IAMES VI. NAGY JAMES H. G. NAISBY VVILLIAM C. NEEDS G6H8TUI-qf1ld76S Business Administration History Am -IOSSERERHGAEIRLES GEO15ggfI,HglQfAEL VASILIA BETSY PAPPAS Business Administration Elementam Education Elcmemmmy Edumtmn ww Class 0fI962 5' ROBERT THOMAS PASTIR DANIEL IOSEPH PAVUK General Studies PR?-Af6dIlCi716 Clay! of I962 'R SYLVIA LUCILLE PERKINS MARY MARGARET PFRIEMER Elementary Education General Studies VIRGINIA POULOS ALICE RAMER FREDERICK ALVIN REIMER Elementary Education Elementary Education Elementary Education 5 A 1-:am 2,3 img HAROLD NELSON RICE STEPHANIE INGRAM RIGHTS WILLIAM E. RINKER, JR. Business Administration Biology G6716'?'fllSfHdlES There were many kinds of spirit in college and many kinds of excitement . . MARIE ROSENBERG Sociology like that of the football games leomplete with bandj and that of a demonstration. in SYLVIA EDNA RUBENS CARTER N. RUTH PHILIP SABATINE Sociology Sociology Biology ss By our sophomore year, our ranks were somewhat depleted. ge an a .mes ' FEE E fgxgg: 5 H m Ei' E E E me E 4Q5H me Xena v I-se, sq Eggs HH ms ss an ms Wgog E88 E was , nm ss ms WWF ga:, B .fa xx PHILIP ANTHONY SABETTI EDWIN E. SALADA ROBERT JOHN SALASH JR Pre-Medicine Mathematics Pre-M edi ci 77 e Clam of 1952 1:- PETER WNCENT SANTA HENRY JOHN SCHLEGEL MARIA Sociology Hzstory OHN FRANCIS SCI-IULTHEIS EDWARD CHARLES NORTON DUNLOP SMILE-Y . -IRE . . SCHUPTZ -IR' Mathematics Busmess Admznzstratzon Hzstorv BARBARA M. SNYDER BERNARD JAY STALLER ROBERT M. STAUFFER .Mathematics Pre-Medicine Nursing AT B "YE M - : WAN mgmwga. - mm fm W I n Q V JOSEPH LEWIS STEFANAVAGE Biology mmm W, ww as aww? mx Imwfgww -fm mmm mam College marriages ' were increasing at an alarming rate. RICHARD WILLIAM TEWELL Political Science H " i f SANDRA ARLINE THOMAS VICKI ANN TINNES ROSEMARIE TOROK Elementary Education English Elementary Ecliucation m an ss PRISCILLA JEAN TOTH MARY B. TRETHEWAY MERR W. TRUMBORE Business Adminislmtion English Physics DANIEL DAVID TURNER JOHN FRANCIS VAN NATTA FRED ALLEN VIGLIONE Business A dministmtion Elementary Education Biology Class 11962 JOHN LAWRENCE WACHTER KENNETH DOUGLAS WALSH Sociology Business A dministmtion s sm 1 KR? mg- B, gs 3? 53? W? we .m ss B. aw: new EE msg Ei? ms mx ms as EE, swx ms mn ss 5 . ss-. M MARGARET WERPEHOWSKI ,xx W W QE BE' nes? :QW E W sf me My ma? Q QE Ni Em ss ss N , ss ss T??-'sfiwigiiswigifh 2 ' sm mzwa m me E nina- asm ms "EE Em-A HK H HL H- HE fimmnlw-EEEEHEEEQH-:SHE I H Kim? H QVEE B7 EH H- Si E nl E mam mam QMS ms ms nm-H mums ffm - as and if mfzmxg X dm- if Vgggm: H' ?d .e :- M B N .. ,Y DIETER WE TZ German M Em -gy W' E E mm za- ,NAM gamma wMw museum -' musing QW was V--Amv-B-Hgwv-Q mains xmnrg Haw Mm-mam QB- ms im mums EQE HN B E E Nm H. E EM H mmm mam H, MW W .Mm mm Bi HJHIE H 523: HQEQQIQ Mmm H jam 'jg H WH --H ,fm . "max . M 'way Eg: mania as Wm X. . Us :E E E H WEST? EMMQETEH .H.m. , :Mmm-5-if B H ' H Hugs is E Bm M ,8- X. M sw 2 ,Saw-iii? 1. Emu in -ss as MQEQW. E-msmmslfm m sw -1 my E. . mfg T.: gif. WW ,E WJ, - if ROGER JO EPH WRAZIE Elementary Education . ,- -,...v an nm V ms mn 14 H 5 ss-ss E: w ss Mann ss, Kms min ms ms ss-ss mn E B ms ss- a mm xrifiw' ss Emu a ms WILI-IIILMINA AE WRIGHT ROGER JOHN YOST WILLIAM HOWARD YOST Soczology Business Aciministration General a ms a nw a Bm Here we are in our junior year . . . the last rung on the way to those diplomas. LEONARD F. ZAVACKY RONALD JOHN ZELKO Elementary Education Business Administration MARINO J. YOZZI Mathematics H. . fl, . SN - I WASIL RUSSELL YURCHAK . JR. . . Buszrzess Admznzstratzon NOT PICTURED ATHANASIOS CHRIST HOUIDES Pre-Medicine JOSEPH G. KIMOCK, JR. History JEROME C. LIVENGOOD Music DAVID A. THOMAS English NED HERBERT WAGNER Business Administration ss Four years were gone . . . the Seniors now faced the last hurdle of their under- graduate career - COMMENCEMENT WEEK-END. Friday evening brought with it the Alumni Dinner given in honor of the graduating class. Before the banquet began, there was a brief flag raising ceremony in front of the College Union Building. Jean Friedman and lwo girls from Nicaragua, Barbara Braufigam an impressive array of flags. an ,., 1:- F v l The flag of Indonesia is carefully placed on the pole. Sandy Hodgson, view this 3 is is l A flag from each of the coun- tries represented by a student at Moravian was presented to the College. Included among the flags were those of the United States, Japan, Nicaragua, West- ern Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Okinawa, Kenya, Indonesia, Greece, Canada and the United Nations. '1 After the ceremony, the Sen- iors and Alumni adjourned to the cafeteria to dine on roast beef and to listen to Dr. Gaumer reminisce about the last four years at Moravian. ', " i Three happy co-eds show i-heir engagemenf rings fo Sam Kilpafriclr. "More coffee, anyone?" , ,X , .' ,ff wa' Al Aff? iff 'Q 'M MJ' Q If looks as though everyone was foo busy eafing fo talk. 1 Saturday morning the senior girls breakfasted at Dean Sart- well's. In the afternoon there were caps and gowns to try on, rehearsals to attend, and famil- iar places to bid farewell. 193 When is if fha! we remove our hais in fha service?" The procession io Cenfral Moravian Church, Dr. Herr poinfs our -Phe roufe of ih procession. ' 11 X l x Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny. At 10:30 the graduating class gathered on South Campus to don caps and gowns, while receiving last minute instructions from the Grand Marshal, Dr. Herr. From there the Seniors processed to Central Moravian Church for the BACCALAUREATE SERVICE. In the service the graduates were addressed by the Reverend David MacLenn2m, who presented the problem "If I Should Die Before I Live." Baccalaureate was now over and the Seniors quickly doffed their warm robes and joined family and friends for dinner be- fore the afternoon exercises got underway. The firsf service of ihe day is over Ae -1.94 The day grew hotter . . . and everyone became more excited . . . as the hour of COM- MENCEMENT approached. Bachelor of Aris cancliclaies awaii ilwe calling of iheir nameS .M ..f1?. ww H- ' .332-' 7,5 .si Y -1 4-. -. ' 43" K ,.'. .a -134. :-T' JST ' ,,9"" Q. . V., ., Q. ' f . .. , .. A K ,Ax ms ATAN f Nw I N I r ' ' I , m I V 1 ,. :4"'rr ". WN i4.',:.l. 'f ,..'f"". .' 1. 5 x .V , Q, , .1 QW ' . ' " Jw!" ' - 'sh .-,b', ss- To n . Q ' mf' . '- W 'uksy ' HPI xx j' 4 K I .IAA ,Q fi? and admonished the graduates to make their mark in the world. 198 Sam gave the Commencement Address 71 Soon cvcn graduation was over . . . Then began thc last round of COIlgI'ZlllllEll.iOI1, pictures, and good-byes. And this is how the day cndcd . . . in a mass of confusion and commotion. An ironic touch to four years at Moravian. v This Wesfern Samoan's congrafulafions were especially sweef. :YW ' mg.--H SE IOR DIRECTORY ELIZABETH JANE ALBRECHT Route 5941, Camp Hill. Pa. Basketball 35 Alpha Epsilon Pi l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,45 Inter-Sorority Council 2,4, President 45 Triangle Honor Society 3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Who's Who 45 Elections Committee 3,4, Chairman 4, Comenian 15 Mu Sigma Sigma 3. CAROL A. ALTEMOSE 2705 lvashington St., Easton, Pa. Tau Sigma Lambda 3,45 Political Activities Club 3,45 Comenian 35 Band 1,2. FRANCIS AMIGO 433 E. Garrison St., Bethlehem, Pa. Omicron Gamma Omega 2,35 Who's Who 45 International Club 45 French Club 2. GEORGE JAMES ANDRALIS 2038 Hopewell Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. RICHARD E. ANDREWS 675 Sayre Ave., Phillipsburg, N.J. Football 3,4, Co-Captain 45 Intramural Softball 2,3,45 Intramural Basketball 3,45 Sigma Phi Omega 2,3,45 Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4, Vice- President 45 Varsity "M" Club 4. THOMAS ARDINGER 1205 Eaton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Alpha Phi Omega 3,4, Historian 45 Kappa Phi Kappa 45 Grotto l,2, 4, Secretary 2, Vice-President 35 Spanish Club 3,4, Treasurer 3. DENNIS E. ASTHEIMER 85 West Fourth Street, Pottstown, Pa. Intramural Football 15 Inter-Fraternity Bowling 45 Sigma Phi Omega 3,45 Alpha Phi Omega 3,45 Kappa Phi Kappa 3,45 Political Activities Club 3,4. RALPH W. ATKINSTON Mouted Route 56420, Bethlehem, Pa. Golf 2,3,45 Intramural Soccer 35 Intramural Bowling 45 Tau Kappa Epsilon l,2,3,4, Sergeant of Anns 35 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,4. RICHARD COLBY BELL 735 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Political Activities Clubg International Relations Club. ALAN V. BORNSTEIN 301 Grassmere Ave., Interlaken, N. J. Football Manager 25 Cross Country Manager 25 Basketball Man- ager 25 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,45 Mu Sigma Sigma 45 Pi Delta Epsilon 45 Board of Communications 45 Social Activities Committee 2, Chairman 25 Freshmen Regulations Committee 25 Freshmen Orientation Committee 25 Blackfriars 45 WRMC 3,4, Head An- nouncer 3, Station Manager 4. LARRY B. BOSTICK 1609 N. 19th Street, Allentown, Pa. Phi Sigma Tau 45 Political Activities Club 3,45 International Club 45 Veterans Association 3,4. CHRISTIAN C. BRAIG 2124 Newbold Ave., New York 62, N. Y. Phi Sigma Tau 3,45 Campus Christian Association 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 45 German Club 2,3, Treasurer 3. RICHARD KINNEY BRAUN 734 High Street, Bethlehem, Pa. Epsilon Beta Alpha 2,35 Program Board of College Union Building 4, Treasurer 4. KENNETH J. BRIGGS 514 Greenleaf Street, Allentown, Pa. Pi Mu 3,4, President 45 Choir 3,4. LINDA ROBIN BURNETT 1441 Broad Rock Road, Richmond 24, Virginia Phi Mu Epsilon l,2,35 Who's Who 45 Freshmen Orientation Com- mittee 25 United Student Government Representative 25 Concert, Film, and Lecture Committee 2,3, Chairman 35 Choir l,2,35 Choir Ensemble 1,2,35 Dormitory Council 2,35 College Union Program Board 3. GEORGE WILLIAM CARVIS 146 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Basketball 35 Kappa Phi Kappa 3,45 United Student Government Representative 45 Veterans' Association 23.4. ARTHUR DAVID CHAP l Barrington Ave., Clifton, N. J. Football l,2,3,4, Co-Captain 45 Sigma Phi Omega l,2,3,45 Inter- Fraternity Council, President 45 WRMC 3, News Director 3. DAVID ALLEN COE 617 Ocean Ave., Ocean City, N. J. Football l,2,35 Basketball 1,25 Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Intra- mural Softball 2,3,45 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, President 45 Mu Sigma Sigma 45 Triangle Honor Society 45 Class President 3,45 Class Vice-President 15 Social Activities Committee 2,3,4, Chairman 25 Varsity Club l,2,3,45 WRMC 3. GEORGE RODNEY COOK 105 W. Langhorne Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Pi Mu 3,45 Alpha Phi Omega 3,45 Political Activities Club 3. DAVID CORNELIUS 343 Frankel Blvd., Merrick, L. I., N. Y. Wrestling 1,25 Sigma Phi Omega l,2,3,45 Alpha Phi Omega 2,35 ,Pi , Delta Epsilon 45 Elections Committee 2,3,45 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,4, United Student Government Representative 45 Varsity "M" Club 1, 2,3,4, Treasurer 2: Comenian, Business Manager 45 Dormitory Council 3. JOAN M. CRUGER 23 Rugby Rd., Cedar Grove, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi 45 Kappa Delta Epsilon 45 Tau Sigma Lambda 3, 4, Secretary 45 French Club 25 Elections Committee 35 Dormitory Council 4. BRUCE CUMMINGS Star Route, Quakertown, Pa. Intramural Softball 2,35 Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,45 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,45 Veterans' Association 1.2.3. FREDERICK DONATELLI, JR. 1181 Arcadia St., Bethlehem, Pa. Basketball 15 Baseball l,2,35 Intramural Soccer 3,45 Intramural Foot- I ball 2: Intramural Basketball 2,3,45 Tau Kappa Epsilon l,2,3, Sec- retary 45 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,45 Varsity "M" Club 2,3,4. ROBERT F. DURN 514 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. Cross Country 1,25 Indoor Track 35 Intramural Baseball l,2,35 Intra- mural Soccer 35 Mu Sigma Sigma 3. JAMES JOSEPH DORIA Route 02, Kunkletown, Pa. RICHARD D. ECKHART Route 9541, Walnutport, Pa. Veterans' Association 'l,2,3. JOHN DEAK 901 N. New St., Bethlehem, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,45 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3.4. JUDY DEBRAY 212 Dukes Parkway, Somerville, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2,3,45 Tau Sigma Lambda 35 Social Activities Secretary-Treasurer 35 Blackfriars 2,45 Majorettes 1,25 Dormitory Council 35 Benigna 3, Art Editor 35 United Student Government 2. JAMES HERBERT DECH R. D. 5541, Box 150, Northampton, Pa. Kappa Phi Kappa 45 Rho Alpha Upsilon 1,2,3. DOROTHY M. DEMETRALES 1651 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. Tau Sigma Lambda 3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Band, Secretary-Treas- urer 2,35 Majorettes l,2, Head Majorette 3,4. EMMA LOUISE DEMUTH Box 177, Bowerston, Ohio Phi Mu Epsilon 2,3,45 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,45 Who's Who 45 Permanent Elections Committee 3,45 Religious Life Council 45 ,Archaeology Club 1.2.35 German Club 2,35 Benigna 35 Blackfriars 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Campus Christian Association l,2,3, Secretary 25 Dormitory Council 4. JOANNE DETHOMAS 53 Heckman St., Phillipsburg, N. J. BETTE ANN DICKMAN 5945 Cross Drive, Scranton, Pa. Hockey l.2,3,4, Co-Captain l,2,3, Captain 45 Basketball 2,3,4, Co- Captain 45 Tennis 25 Alpha Epsilon Pi 2,3,45 Inter-Sorority Council 3, Secretary-Treasurer 35 Kappa Delta Epsilon 45 Triangle Honor' Society 45 Who's Who 45 Women's Athletic Association l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Program Board of the College Union Building 45 College Union House Rules Committee, Chairman 4. GAIL EKSTRAND 1628 Dauphin Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. Phi Mu Epsilon 2,3,45 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3.4, United Student Government Representative 45 Pi Delta Epsilon 45 College Union Governing Board 45 Campus Christian Association 2,3, United Stu- dent Government Representative 35 Archaeology Club 2,35 History Club 45 Benigna 3,4. ABRAHAM D. ENCARNACION 1269-D Woodbine St., Bethlehem, Pa. NANCY M. EVANS 2462 Langhorne Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Pi l,2,3,4, Corresponding Secretary 25 Women's Ac- tivities Committee l5 German Club 1,25 Mu Sigma Sigma 3,45 Choir l,2,3. ANT ONIO FADALE 2 W. Chestnut St., Hellertown, Pa. Veterans' Association 3. DAVID VICTOR FEHNEL 1133 Calypso Avenue, Bethlehem, Pa. Cross Country 1,25 Tau Kappa Epsilon l,2,3,45 Class Vice-President 45 Disciplinary Committee 4, Co-Chairman 45 Inter-Fratemity Coun- cil 2,3, Treasurer 3: Grotto l,2, Vice-President 25 Comenian 35 United Student Government 1,25 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3.4. ANDREA FIDDLEMAN 2051-1 Westfield Terrace, Bethlehem, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Pi 45 Kappa Delta Epsilon 45 Phi Sigma Tau 4. THOMAS WILLIAM FISHER 412 W. Ninth St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Basketball 2,3,43 Tau Kappa Epsilon l,2,3,43 Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3,4. THOMAS JOSEPH I-'OLEY JR. 1539 Farmlanc, Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Softball 2,33 Intramural Football 13 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,43 Veterans Association 1. ALBERT W. FRABLE 404 E. Goepp St., Bethlehem, Pa. Cross Country 23 Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,43 Blackfriars 1,2,3,43 Kappa Phi Kappa 3,43 Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3,4. ROY A. FRACK 18 Park St., Nazareth, Pa. Intramural Soccer 23 Intramural Softball 3,43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,43 Inter-Fraternity Council 4, United Stuednt Government Rep- resentative 4. VASILLIOS FRANGEDAKIS 81 W. Goepp St., Bethlehem, Pa. Political Activities Club 23 Epsilon Beta Alpha lj International Relations Club 1. JAMES WARREN FRANK 4 Front St., Glendon, Easton, Pa. Basketball 13 Baseball 13 Football 2,3,4, Co-Captain 2,3,43 Intra- mural Baskctball 43 Intramural Baseball 43 Sigma Phi Omega 43 Inter-Fraternity Council 4. BETH ANN FREUDENBERGER 1023 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Mu Epsilon 1.2.3, Vice-President 33 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4. THOMAS EDWARD FROMHARTZ llll Orchard St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Sports l,2,3,43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, Historian 43 Kappa Phi Kappa 3.4, Treasurer 43 United Student Government Representative 43 WRMC 3,43 Comenian 2,3, Co-Sports Editor 3. JAMES H. GANO 312 North l0th St., Easton, Pa. Baseball 1,2,3,43 Basketball l,2,3,4, Co1Captain 43 Football 43 Omicron Gamma Omega 43 Dormitory Council 13 Rho Alpha Ep- silon 3,43 Varsity "M" Club 2,3,43 Intramural Football 1,2. ROBERT C. GARCIA 5 E. Goepp St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Soccer 2,3,43 Intramural Softball l,2,3,43 Intramural Basketball 2,3,43 Intramural Football 13 Sigma Phi Omega 2,3,4, President 43 Triangle Honor Society 43 United Student Government. Treasurer 4, Budget Committee Chairman 43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,43 Veterans' Association 1,43 Spanish Club 3. ROY GARDNER, JR. North Delaware Drive, Easton, Pa. Epsilon Beta Alpha 43 Veterans' Association 3,43 Choir 3. TERRENCE GARRITY, JR. 542 Second Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Veterans' Association 2,3,4. STEPHEN J. GASPER 227 Broadway, Bath, Pa. Political Activities Club 43 International Relations Club 4. A. ROBERT GAST . ' 532 Goepp Circle, Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Basketball 1,23 Intramural Baseball 13 Omicron Gamma Omega 1,23 Mu Sigma Sigma 2.3.43 Kappa Phi Kappa 43 Political Activities Club l,2. HELEN BETTY GEORGEOU 574 Anderson Ave., Closter, N. J. Hockey 13 Phi Mu Epslion 2,3,43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,4, Secretary 43 Spanish Club 33 Choir l,2,3,4. GLENN ARTHUR GOLD 267 Buckingham Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Baseball 3,43 Alpha Phi Omega 3,43 Senior Chemistry Award3 Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3,43 Band 1. CAROL ANN M. GRAMM 66 Beech. St., Maywood, N. J. Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3,43 Modern Language Club 1,2,33 Tau Sigma Lambda 3,43 Archaeology Club 1,21 Mu Sigma Sigma 4. CARMEN GUERRIERI 330 6th Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Football 1,23 Intramural Basketball 13 Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4. BELA J. GULYAS 224 E. Goepp St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Soccer 3,42 Omicron Gamma Omega l,2,3,43 Interna- tional Club l,2,3,4, Secretary 1, President 2,33 Grotto 1,2,3,4, Treas- urer 43 Rho Alpha Upsilon 3,43 Concert-Movie Committee 23 Dormitory Council 3. CAROLE A. HALL 1810 Washington Blvd., Easton, Pa. French Club 3. LEWIS EDWARD HALLEY, JR. 151 E. Nesquehoning St., Easton, Pa. Intramural Soccer 2,3,43 Intramural Bowling 23 Intramural Basket- ball 2,3,43 Intramural Baseball 2,3,43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4, Secretary 43 WRMC 3. CAROL I-IERMAN R.D. 1, Hellertown, Pa. Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Campus Christian Associa- tion 2.3. BRIAN HILL R.D. 4, Lehighton, Pa. Baseball 1,?J,4j Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,4. BARBARA JEAN HOOPER Lake Mills, Wisconson Phi Mu Epsilon 1,2,3,43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,43 Pi Delta Epsilon 3,43 Secretary-Treasurer 43 Who's Who 43 Triangle Honor Society 43 Board of Communications 3,4, Chairman 43 United Student Gov- ernment 1, Campus Christian Association 1,23 Permanent Election Committee 23 Benigna 2,33 Associate Editor 2, Editor 33 Manuscript 3,4, Co-editor 43 Choir 2,3,43 Dormitory Council 2,41 College Union Program Board 4, Secretary 4. ATHANASIOS C. HOUIDES 641 N. 6th St., Allentown, Pa. FRANK JONES, II 1020 N. 23rd St., Allentown, Pa. Wrestling 13 Pi Mu 2,3,4, Vice-President 43 Alpha Phi Omega 3,43 Religious Life Council 43 Permanent Elections Committee 23 Black- friars 13 Political Activities Club 2,3,43 Band 1,2,33 Choir 2. LALOMILO KAMU P.O. Box 497, Apia, Western Samoa Phi Sigma Tau 43 International Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President-Treas- urer 33 Archaeology Club 1,23 Political Activities Club 43 Campus Christian Association 1,2,3,4, President 2. re-'14, -Jfl' was KAREN KAPRELIAN 12 Burnham Place, Fair Lawn, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2,3,43 Class Secretary 3,43 Women's Activities Committee 2.3.4. ' JOAN M. KARUSTIS 719 Seventh Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Who's I-Vho 43 Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3.4, Secretary 3. President 4. KARLA KEMNIERER 1952 Catasauqua Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. Choir l,2,3,4. JOSEPH G. KIMOCK 1424 Center St., Bethlehem, Pa. LINDA XVATERS KISLINGBURY 12 Berlin Road, Clementon, N. J. Hockey 13 Tennis, Manager 23 Phi Mu Epsilon 3,43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,43 Alpha Psi Omega 43 Campus Christian Associatino 13 Political Activities Club 13 Blackfrairs 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2,3. MICHAEL P. KISLOIV X'Vitko Trailer Ct., Allentown, R.D. 4, Pa. Intramural Softball 1,23 Epsilon Beta Alpha 33 Veterans Associa- tion l,2,3. MICHAEL KISSEL 544 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Basketball 43 Sigma Phi Omega 2,3,43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3.4. JOAN L. KNEPPER 2007 Fairland Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Women's Athletic Association 1.2.33 Basketball Manager l,2,33 Field Hockey Manager 23 Phi Mu Epsilon l,2,3,43 Inter-Sorority Council 2,4, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Women's Activities Committee l,2,3,4, Chairman 43 United Student Government 43 Regulations Com- mittee 43 Calendaring Committee 43 Freshman Orientation Com- mittee 23 Blackfrairs 3.43 Dormitory Council 4. JEANE'I'I'E L. KOSLIN 520 Duwell St., Johnstown, Pa. DAVID M. LARISH 826 Club Ave., Allentown, Pa. Intramural Basketball 2,3,43 Intramural Baseball 2,43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,4. ROSEANN LAVAN 946 Center St., Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Mu Epsilon 3,43 Blackfriars 13 Spanish Club 33 Majorettes l,2,3. JOHN F. LAYTON, JR. 237 Bryan St., Allentown, Pa. Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,43 Veterans' Association 3.4. LARRY LEWIS 305 Center St., Nazareth, Pa. DOROTHY JANE LICHTMANN 53 Stanley Rd., South Orange, N. J. Social Activities Committee 1,2, Co-Chairman 3, Secretary 4g Regu- lations Committee 33 Freshman Orientation Committee 23 Political Activities Club 13 Choir l,2.3.4. JEROME C. LIVENGOOD 2027 Davis St., Bethlehem, Pa. Choir l,2,3,4, Student Director 4, Chapel Choir Director 33 Concert- Movie-Lecture Committee. CONSTANCE LOCHHEAD 68 Truman Blvd., Oakland, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi l,2,3,4, Treasurer 43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 43 Who's Who 43 Women's Activities Committee 2,43 Spanish Club 23 Mmiuscript l,2,3. CAROL SUE LOHMAN 19 Lyons Ave., Newark 12, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi 3,43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,43 French Club 1.2.33 Blackfriars 3,43 International Club 1. JAMES GEORGE MALLOY 321 N. 15th St.. Allentown, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3.4, Treasurer 4. GLEN A. MARSTELLER 1205 Pine St., Bethlehem, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,43 Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3,4. BARBARA A. STEFANAVAGE MARTIN Route 2, Nazareth, Pa. Phi Mu Epsilon l,2,3,43 Political Activities Club 13 Majorette 1.2. RICHARD MARTIN 815 Hess St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Baseball 1,2,4: Rho Alpha Upsilon 3,4. RICHARD F. MAURER 2910 Green Pond Road, Easton, Pa. Intramural Basketball 2,3. JOHN MCCARTY 728 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. Sigma Phi Omega3 Epsilon Beta Alpha. BERNARD RONALD MEDEI Route 5, Bethlehem, Pa. Football 1,23 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,4. GERRI VALERIE MELITO 163 Franklin Terrace, Maplewood, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,43 French Club 13 Blackfriars 3. PI-IILLIP D. MERWARTH Route 1, Pen Argyl, Pa. RALPH M. MITTL 1740 Union St., Allentown, Pa. Baseball l,2.3,4Q Intramural Soccer 3,43 Intramural Basketball 2,3, 43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,43 Varsity "M" Club l,2,3,4. SHINSHO MIYAGI 4-Han Kamiyama, Ginqwan, Okinawa International Club 2.3.4, President 43 Political Activities Club 1, 2,3,43 Honorary Member of Veterans' Association 2,3,4. FAITH N. MONG 5 Locust St., Warren. Pa. Hockey l,2,43 Basketball l,2,43 Tennis l,2,3,43 Phi Mu Epsilon 2.3, 4, President 43 Inter-Sorority Council, Vice-President 43 Triangle Honor Society 43 United Student Government 43 Women's Rec- reation Association l,2,3,43 Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,33 Dormitory Council 1.2.3, President 1. JANET HELLER MORROW 152 South Second St., Coplay, Pa. Cheerleaders 2.3, Captain 33 Alpha Epsilon Pi 3,43 Grotto 3. FRANCIS MBUGUA MWIHIA P.C.E.A. Kihumbu-ini, P.O. Box 81, Thika, Kenya International Club 2.3.4. ROGER WILLIAM NAGLE 713 Fifth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Handball 23 Intramural Bowling 43 Sigma Phi Omega 3,43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 43 Political Activities Club 4. JAMES J. NAGY 438 Third Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Veterans' Association 1.2.3. JAMES H. G. NAISBY Box 245, Franklin, N. J. Intramural Football I,2Q Intramural Basketball l,2,3,43 Intramural Softball l.2,3,43 Omicron Gamma Omega l,2,3,43 Epsilon Beta Al- pha 43 United Student Government Vice-President 33 Regulations Committee Chairman 33 Freshman Orientation Committee Chair- man 33 Disciplinary Committee Chairman 43 Revisions Committee 3,43 Choir 2.3.4, President 43 College Union Goveming Board, Vice- Chairman 3, Chairman 43 Dormitory Council 2.3. WILLIAM NEEDS 222 W. 22nd St., Dover, Ohio Intramural Football 1,23 Intramural Basketball 13 Intramural Soft- ball I,2Q Intramural Soccer 23 Pi Mu I,2.3,41 Omicron Gamma Omega l,2,3,4, Vice-President 33 College Union Planning Com- mittee 2,33 Class President 1,23 Freshman Orientation Committee 23 Campus Christian Association l,2,3,43 College Union Program Board President 4. JOSEPH C. NEIBERGER 1257 Mechanic St., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Soccer 3,43 Intramural Basketball 3,43 Intramural Soft- ball 2,3,43 Tau Kappa Epsilon 2,3,43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,4, Secre- tary 4. GEORGE M. NEUPAUER 220 S. Madison St., Allentown, Pa. Intramural Basketball 33 Kappa Phi Kappa 3.43 Veterans' Associa- tion l,2,3,4. V. BETSY PAPPAS 29 W. 4th St., Bethleham, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Pi 1,2,3,4. ROBERT PASTIR 1032 First Ave., Hellertown, Pa., Golf l,2,3,43 l"ramura1 Golf 1,2,3,43 Omicron Gamma Omega 3,43 Varsity "M" L ab 4. DANIEL JOSEPH PAVUK 115 Jessup Ave., Jessup, Pa. Intramural Football 1,23 Intramural Softball 2,33 Veterans Associa- tion 1,2,3,43 Rho Alpha Upsilon 1,2,3,43 Political Activities Club 2,3,4. SYLVIA L. PERKINS 54 Sommers Lane. Staten Island 14, N. Y. Phi Mu Epsilon 1,2,3,43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,43 Who's Who 43 Disciplinary Committee l,2,3,4, Clerk 2,33 Dormitory Council 33 Choir 1,2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice-President 4, Ensemble l,2,3,43 Cam- pus Christian Association 1. MARY MARGARET PFRIEMER 640 Hillcrest Blvd., Phillipsburg, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2,3,43 Kappa Delta Epsilon 3.4, President 43 Homecoming Queen 43 Dormitory Council 33 Secretarial Club 2. VIRGINIA POULOS 609 N. Hoffert St., Bethlehem, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2.3.4. ALICE RAMER 718 Elmhurst Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Kappa Delta Epsilon 3,43 Phi Mu Epsilon 2.3.4. FREDERICK A. REIMER 173 South Broad St., Nazareth, Pa. Glee Club 1.23 Band 1.2. HAROLD NELSON RICE 2122 Butler St., Easton. Pa. Baseball l,2,3,43 Basketball 2,3,4. STEPHANIE INGRAM RIGHTS 1526 Kelchner Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. Pi Delta Epsilon 3,-1: Triangle Honor Society 4, Who's Who 4: United Student Government 4: Honor System Committee Chair- man 2,3,4: Freshman Regulations Committee 4: Disciplinary Com- mittee 4: Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3,-4: Comcnian 2,3,4, Feature Editor 2,El: Choir -l. WILLIAM RINKER, JR. 1221 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. Cross Country 1,2,4: Indoor Track 4: Wrestling l,2,3,4: Intramurals l,2,3,4: Sigma Phi Omega l,2,3,4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4: Inter- Fraternity Council 3: Varsity "M" Club l,2,3,4: Grotto l,2. MARIE ROSENBERG. 260 Dclavan St., New Brunswick, N. J. Phi Mu Epsilon 3,4: Honor System Committee: Mu Sigma Sigma 2,3,4, United Student Government Representative 4: Choir l,2,3,4: College Union Art Exhibition Committee 4. SYLVIA RUBENS Quaker Church Rd., Dover, N. J. Alpha Epsilon Pi: Mu Sigma Sigma. CARTER RUTH l4ll N. New St., Bethlehem, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3: Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President 2. PI-IILIP ANTHONY SABETTI ' 127 Chestnut St., Roseta, Pa. Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3,4. ' EDIVIN E. SALADA Box 567, Route l, Pottsville, Pa. Wrestling 2: Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4. - ROBERT SALLASH, JR. 33 E. Goepp St., Bethlehem, Pa. Wrestling 1: Pi Delta Epsilon 4: Junior Chemistry Award: Who's Who 4: Class United Student Government Representative 2: Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3,4, Vice-President 3: Comenian 2,3,4. PETER SANTA MARIA 1715 Major St., Bethlehem, Pa. Sigma Phi Omega 2,3,4g Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4, Vice-President 3. H. JOHN SCHLEGEL 141 S. New St., Nazareth, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon l,2,3,4: Inter-Fraternity Council 3: Pi Delta Epsilon 3, President 4: Triangle Honor society 3,4, President 4: Who's Who 4: United Student Government 3,4, Budget Committee 4: Social Activities Committee, Clerk 3: Mu Sigma Sigma 3,4, Treas- urer 3, President 4: Class Treasurer 3: Benigna 2: Comenian l,2, News Editor 3.4: Manuscript 3,4, Co-editor 4. JOHN F. SCHULTHEIS, JR. 66 E. Ettwein St., Bethlehem, Pa. Tau Kappa Epsilon l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3,4: Pi Delta Epsilon 3,43 Epsilon Beta Alpha 4: Freshman Regulations Committee 2: Comenian I,4, Advertising Manager 4: Benigna 2,3, Business Man- ager 3. EDWARD C. SCHULTZ, JR. Carter Road, Butztown, Pa. Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4, President 4: Phi Sigma Tau 3,4, Viee-Presi- dent 4: United Student Government Revisions Committee 3: Politi- cal Activities Committee 2,3,4. A NORTON D. SMILEY Mark Twain Circle, Hanover Farms, Bethlehem, Pa. Wrestling 2,3. BARABARA SNYDER ' 39 Kreider Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Field Hockey l,2.3: Basketball 1: Freshmen Chemistry Award: Al- pha Epsilon Pi English Award l: Alumnae Scholarship Prize 3: Who's Who 4: Dormitory Council 3, President 3: Class Secretarry 1: Archaeology Club l,2,3, President 2, Secretary 3: German Club 2.3. BERNARD JAY STALLER 1757 Euclid Ave., Bethlehem,-Pa. Tennis l,2: Alpha Psi Omega 3,4: WRMC 3,' Founder and Station Manager 3, Chief Engineer 4: Comenian 3,4, Blackfriars, 2,3, Treas- urer 3: Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3: Grotto 3. ROBERT M. STAUFFER G23 N. 23 St., Allentown, Pa. Intramural Soccer 3: Intramural Basketball 3: Intramural Bowling 3: Intramural Baseball 3: Veterans Association 3. JOSEPH L. STEFANAVAGE 715 Eleventh Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Basketball l,2,3: Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,4: Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball 4: Intramural Soccer 3,4. RICHARD WILLIAM TEWELL 64 Washington Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Golf 2,3,4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 3,4: Pi Mu 2: United Student Gov- ermnent 3: Social Activities Committee 2,35 Political Activities Club 2.3,4, Treasurer 3. SANDRA THOMAS 1112 Linden St., Allentown, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2,3,4: Choir 1: Kappa Delta Epsilon 3. VICKI ANN TINNES Annandale, N. J. Hockey l,2: Basketball l,2,4: Phi Mu Epsilon 2,3,4: Alpha Psi Omega 2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 2,3, President 4: Phi Sigma Tau 2,3,4, Secretary 3, United Student.Government Representative 4: Social Activities Committee 2,3,4: Women's Activities Association l,2,4: Blackfriars l,2,3,4, President 4: Campus Christian Association 2,4: Benigna 4. ROSEMARIE TOROK 1716 Nazaeth Pike, Bethlehem, Pa. Alpha Epsilon Pi 2,3,4. PRISCILLA JEAN TOTH 1621 Lenox Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Sigma Tau 3,4, Treasurer 4: Epsilon Beta Alpha 4. MARY B. TRETHEWAY 22 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. Tau Sigma Lambda 3,4: Grotto 2,35 Political Activities Committee 2,3,4: International Club 2,3, Secretary 2,3. MERR W. TRUMBORE 735 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Tennis 3,4, Captain 4: Intramural Bowling 3,4: Sigma Phi Omega 2,3,4, Sgt. at Arms 3, Vice-President 4: Rho Alpha Upsilon 2,3,4. DANIEL DAVID TURNER 220 Meadow Lane, Vestal, N. Y. Football 1: Wrestling l,2,3,4, Co-captain 3,4: Intramural Football 2: Intramural Soccer 3,4: Intramural Softball 3,4: Omicron Gamma Omega I,2,3,4, Treasurer 4: Triangle Honor Society 4: Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,4, Vice-President 4: Class Treasurer 4. JOHN FRANCIS VAN NATTA 15 Mill St., High Bridge, N. J. Football 1: Baseball 2: Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3,-4: Class United Student Government Representative 1: Varsity "M" Club 2,3,4: Band 1. FRED ALLEN VIGLIONE 210 N. Eighth St., Bangor, Pa. Wrestling 1: Rho Alpha Upsilon l,2,3,4. JOHN LAWRENCE WACHTER Route 1, Hellertown, Pa. Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4: Mu Sigma Sigma 3,4: Political Activities Club 2,3,4. NED H. WAGNER - 136 Chestnut St., Hellertown, Pa. Intramural Football 1: Intramural Soccer 2: Intramural Baseball 1,3: Intramural Basketball l,2: Sigma Phi Omega 2,3,4, Sergeant of Arms 2: Inter-Fraternity Council 3. KENNETH DOUGLAS WALSH 921 Confederate Ave., Salisbury, N. C. Tennis 2,3,4: Intramural Basketball l,2,3,4: Intramural Softball l,2,3,4: Intramural Soccer 4: Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,4: Inter- Fraternity Council 3,4g Class Vice-President 3: United Student Government 2,4: Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,43 Varsity "M" Club 3,4. JOHN WILLIAM WATTERS 826 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Pi Mu 3. DIETER WENTZ 911 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. Football 1: Intramural Football 2: Intramural Soccer 3,4: Omicron Gamma Omega l,2,3,4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4: German Club l,2,3,4: Political Activities Club 3. MARGARET WERPEHOWSKI 1512 Englewood St., Bethlehem, Pa. Mu Sigma Sigma: Phi Sigma Tau. ROGER JOSEPH WRAZIEN 7th and Linden St., Miller Heights, Bethlehem, Pa. Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4. WILHELMINA M. WRIGHT 1029 Seneca St., Bethlehem, Pa. Phi Mu Epsilon 2,3,4, Treasurer 3: Mu Sigma Sigma 3,4, Secretary 4: Blackfriars 4. ROGER JOHN YOST 1102 Fritz Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. Epsilon Beta Alpha 4. WILLIAM H. YOST 402 Prospect Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. Kappa Phi Kappa 3,4, Secretary 4: Veterans' Association 3,4: Band 1: Glee Club 1. MARINO YOZZI 911 Ferry St., Easton, Pa. VVASIL R. YURCHAK, JR. 1629 E. 8th St., Bethlehem, Pa. Epsilon Beta Alpha 3,4, President 4: Phi -Sigma Tau 3,4, President 4: Who's Who 4: Triangle Honor Society 4: United Student Gov- ernment Finance Committee 4, Revisions Committee 4: Political Activities Club l,2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Class Treasurer 2. LEONARD F. ZAVACKY 728 E. 4th St., Bethlehem, Pa. Basketball 2,3,4: Intramural Softball 1,2.3,4: Omicron Gamma Omega 2,3,4. RONALD JOHN ZELKO 1740 Butztown Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. Intramural Baseball 2: Intramural Basketball 1,2,4. JUDITH ADAMS 245 Midway Ave., Fanwood, N.J. SUSAN ADLEMAN 19 Kendon Drive, Easton, Pa. ROBERT ANDREWS Box 46, Kregeville, Pa. THOMAS L. APJOHN 7 Melwood Lane, Westport, Conn. ALBERT APPLEGATE Brown's Crossing Rd., Butztown, Pa. WALTER AYDELOTTE Leipzig Ave., Cologne, N.J. ANNE BARNES 904 W. Academy St., Winston-Salem, N.C. EDWARD BECKER 664 Atlantic St., Bethlehem, Pa. RICHARD BEDICS 513 Sixteenth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. SUSAN BEITEL 10 W. High St., Nazareth, Pa. WILMA K. BENNEWIS 812 Miriam Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. DAVID BETHUNE 2949 Washington St., Easton, Pa. GEORGENE L. BILLIARD 711 Itaska St., Bethlehem, Pa. LAWRENCE C. BLAKE 1125 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. PATRICIA L. BONSER 438 Locust Rd., Hellertown, Pa. BYRON BORST Biltmore Ave., Oakdale, N.Y. JUDITH ANN BOWER 1991 Hopewell Circle, Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN BOWMAN Box 914233, Route 9441, Bethlehem, Pa. G. BRUCE BOYER 940 S. Jefferson St., Allentown, Pa. BONNIE BRILL 136 Bullrnan St., Phillipsburg, N.J. SUSAN E. BURGER Route 7161, Wescosville, Pa. CHARLES CANNING- 2938 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. ELAINE CHUDAY 1424 Easton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. MARILYN CLEWELL 115 N. Madison St., Allentown, Pa. JUDITI-I CODDINGTON Fieldstone Rd., Martinsville, N .J. JOSEPH CSORDAS 611 Diehl Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. FRANCIS DARAZSDI ' 1551 Elm St., Bethlehem, Pa. MARILYN DEAN 241 Chipman Rd., Easton, Pa. JOHN DECH Route il, Northamtpon, Pa. CHARLES DECKER, JR. Star Route, Allentown, Pa. VINCENT DENOFA 21 Pinehurst Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. RUSSELL DEVORE 20 River St., Port Pervis, N.Y. SALLY ANN DEYSHER 1625 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT DIETRICH 818 Washington Ave., Bethlehem, Pa CARLA DINSTEL 203 E. Center St., Nazareth, Pa. PATRICIA DONCHEZ 1817 Renwick St., Bethlehem, Pa. JU IOR DIRECTOR STEPHANE DONCHEZ Route 44, Williams St. Bethlehem, Pa. ROGER DUSINSKI 213 Woodside Ave., Nazareth, Pa. DOROTHY EAGAN 1925 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. DONALD EGLI 2914 Shakespeare Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. DONALD EICHENHOFER 1413 Nellis Place, Utica, N.Y. SI-IIRLEE FORD 146 Prospect St., Phillipsburg, N.J. PATRICIA FOX Route fl, Washington, N.J. RONALD FREED Route 5412, Quakertown, Pa. JUDITH FREEMAN 750 Park St., Fullerton, Pa. ANGELINE FRESOLI 1343 South Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN FREYBERGER , 72 Fairmount Ave., Chatham, N.J. CHARLES GLAZIER 847 N. 28th St., Allentown, Pa. JANET GLEVA 612 Twelfth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. PAUL GOLDEN 1139 Spruce St., Easton, Pa. Tl-IOMAS GRAMMES 1704 Elmwood Drive, Fullerton, Pa. LEAH GREENBERG 1445 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. PATRICIA ANN HALL 1636 Washington Ave., Northampton, Pa. MELVIN HAMELSKY 110 N. Tenth Ave., Highland Park, N.J. CHARLES HARBERG 504 Cole St., Watertown, Wis. HELEN HAROS 1250 E. 4th St., Bethlehem, Pa. SHIRLEY HART 4128 Bayard St., Easton, Pa. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS: J. Gleva - Secrelary, J. Nadler - President JEAN FRIEDMAN 506 Carlton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. GERALD JAN FRITZ 236 Lee Ave., Pottstown, Pa. MARTIN GARCIA 503 E. Fourth St., Bethlehem, Pa. SUSAN GARES 52 Ambler St., Quakertown, Pa. ANTHONY GAWRONSKI 1217 Chase St., Camden, N.J. MARY ANN GEHMAN 432 E. Locust St., Bethlehem, Pa. CHARLES GEHRING 1937 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. PEGGY GEHRINGER ELIZABETH GERGAR 432 Linda St., Bethlehem, Pa. STANLEY GILBERT 2549 S. Carbon St., Allentown, Pa. PETER GILL Box 542, Mt. Pleasant Tpk., Dover, NJ Vice-Presidepf, B, Palenchar - Treasurer, G. Billiard - WINIFRED HEARN 818 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. FRANKLIN HELM Route 1644, Easton, Pa. DALE HENDERSON Route ffl, Hellertown, Pa. BETTY HICKS 327 Britton Ave., Staten Island 4, N.Y. WILLIAM HINO 115 W. Floyd St., Shenandoah, Pa. MARION HOMA 221 Palisade Rd., Linden, N.J. CAROL HORSCROFT 710 Eighth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES HOSFELD 915 Center St., Bethlehem, Pa. CARL HOUSEMAN 279 Isabella Ave., Staten Island 6, N .Y DAVID HOWARD 62 Gordon St., Hamden 17, Conn. HEINZ HUHN 1109 Stanley Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID HUNSCHER- Route 5441, Quakertown, Pa. BARBARA JOHNSON 126 Washington St.. Freemansburg, Pa RICHARD JONES 2917 Liberty St., Easton, Pa. RAY JOSEPH P.O. Box l04,St., Thomas, Virgin Islands IRENE KASAPYR 438 Fifth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES KELYMAN 43 N. Sth Ave., Manvillc, N.J. JESSE KIEFER 227 Warren St., Alpha, N.J. KATHLEEN KLAMMER 60 Fifth Ave., Kings Park, N.Y. GILBERT KNUPP 1236 E. Rosemont Dr., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT KOHLER 211 Pennsylvania Ave., Hulmeville, Pa RICHARD KOSMAN Rt. 4, Black River Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. SANDRA KUE1-INER 2040 Michael St., Bethlehem, Pa. PATRICIA KUTI 3062 Shakespeare Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. FRANK LAROSA 2469 Forest St., Easton, Pa. REGINA LAWRENCE 1227 Fairmont St., Bethlehem, Pa. JUTTA LEHEIS 14 W. Garrison St., Bethlehem, Pa. PETER LEHR 1164 Pennsylvania Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM LEICHT 15 Lyman St., Port Jervis, N.Y. KATHLEEN LEY1-I 736 Louise Court, Lyndhurst, N.J. DAVID LINABERRY Route 463, Allentown, Pa. JUDITH MACDONALD 302 E. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM MARTIN Box 199, Route 941, Hopewell, N.J. RICHARD MARTOCCI 101 Garibaldi SL., Roseto, Pa. ERIC MAUCH 409 Roosevelt Ave., Oakhurst, N.J. JAMES MAZZA Bushkill-8: Center St., Stockertown, Pa. JOHN MCCARTHY 253 E. Fairview St., Bethlehem., Pa. PATRICIA MQKEOWN 1313 Iron St., Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES MEIXELL 27 W. Laurel St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOAN MILLER Wm. Penn Court, Apt. 8-B, Easton, Pa MICHAEL MILLER 434 E. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. PHILLIP MILLER Mt. Rt. 40 Church Rd., Easton, Pa. RUSSELL MILLER 75 Heckman St., Phillipsburg, N.J. J. THOMAS MINOR 3427 Anderson Dr., Winston-Salem, N.C. GLENN MORRIS 44 Main St., Windsor, N.JI DWIGHT MOWREY 34 W. Fairview St., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT MOYER 729 Fourth St., Catasauqua, Pa. JOHN MUELLER 449 Fairmount Ave., Chatham, N.J. JOEL NADLER 621 Brookside Pl., Plainfield, N.J. BARBARA NAGY 737 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. CHARLES NAPRAVNIK 615 Center St., Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID NAUSE 36 Rosemont Dr., Quakertown, Pa. JOHANNA NIKITSCHER 1229 Walnut St., Allentown, Pa. VICTOR NOVAK 602 S. Hoffert St., Bethlehem, Pa. PETER ODELL 544 Acorn St., Philadelphia 28, Pa. HENRY OLLWERTHER 737 Fourth St., Secaucus, N.J. BATHOLOMEW PALENCHAR 545 Washington St., Bethlehem, Pa. FLORENCE PERRY 1409 N. New St., Bethlehem, Pa. PHYLLIS PETERS 158 Washington Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. GEORGE PETITO 1040 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM PFEIFFER St. Louis Ave., Egg Harbor, N.J. ROBERT PRESTON ' 113 Main St., Newton, N.J. EMILY PRICE 117 N. Fourth St., Minersville, Pa. JOAN RAIDLINE 206 Washington Ave., Bethlehem, Pa MAX RICHTER 616 Ferry St., Easton, Pa. WILLIAM RICHTER University Hgts., Route 20 Bethlehem, Pa. JUDITH ROBINSON 340 Sigourney St., Hartford 12, Conn. NEIL ROMANOFF 76-16 176th St., Flushing 66, N.Y. ROBERT ROTHROCK 706 Beverly Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN RUBIO Rt. ffl, No. Delaware Dr., Easton, Pa. RICHARD RUSK 1852 Ferry St., Easton, Pa. GARY SANDERCOCK 59 N. Fifth St., Bangor, Pa. PHILLIP SCHANTZ 1340 Union St., Allentown, Pa. DONALD SCHIMMEL 1322 W. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. DALE SCHNECK 108 Seem St., Emmaus, Pa. ALBERT SCHNEIDER 408 Constitution Ave., Hellertown, Pa. JAY SCHOLL 904 N. Bergen St., Bethlehem, Pa. ELAINE SCHRAMM 1849 Easton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. FRED SCHUSTER 1204 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. JEANNE SCOTT 155 Hopkins St., Hillsdale, N.J. FRANK SENDERAK 909 Jennings St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN sH1GO 260 E. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT SI-IORTELI.. 1629 Millard St., Bethlehem, Pa. HARRIS SIBENER 1164 East 23rd St., Brooklyn 10, N.Y JOHN SIEGFRIED 133 E. High St., Hellertown, Pa. BONITA SMITH 1614 Memorial Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. RONALD SMITH 939 N. Seventh St., Allentown, Pa. JANICE STEVER 1149 Highland Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. GROVE STODDARD 9 Sound View Ten-ace, Greenwich, Conn. CHARLES STOLTZ 323 Walnut St., Dover, Ohio JEANNE STRACCIA Box 4, Martens Creek, Pa. GARY STRAUGHAN R.R. 1, Box 57, South Edmonton, Alberta, Canada PAUL SUSANSKY 323 E. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. JOANN SYDO-RAK 1225 Parson St., Bethlehem, Pa. NANCY TRACH 153 N. Whitfield St., Nazareth, Pa. JOSEPH TRODAHL Leonard, North Dakota LARRY UNANGST Route 9941, Box 61, Hellertown, Pa. STANLEY UREVICH 305 Seventh St., Fullerton, Pa. IVAN VADELUND 437 N. Ilth St., Allentown, Pa. THOMAS VARGO 1061 Pearl St., Phillipsburg, N.J. JOHN VIGLIONE 362 S. Whitfield St., Nazareth, Pa. ROBERT VOELKER Box 8, Daggett, Michigan DONALD VOGEL 336 Penn St., Bath, Pa. JOHN WAIDNER 2075 Hopewell Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. BARRY WALDRON Route 9544, Bethlehem, Pa. SANDRA WALKER 1712 Carlisle St., Bethlehem, Pa. PHILLIP WARNEKE 917 Cayuga St., Bethlehem, Pa. JUDITH WEILAND 217 YV. Greenwich St., Bethlehem, P LARRY WETZEL 3201 Oregon St., Easton, Pa. LILLIAN WITTE 1641 Andrews Ave., New York 53, N STUART YVOLNEK 740 Duke St., Lancaster, Pa. ANN WOLTJEN 418 Third Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JOAN WOOD 251-18 Van Zandt Ave., Little Neck, N.Y. JOHN YAREMA 66 Keystone Ave., Emmaus, Pa. PAUL ZIMMERMAN 1025 Monocacy St., Bethlehem, Pa. THERESA ZVITKOVITZ 324 N. Jordan St., Allentown, Pa. JOHN ABRAMSON 1512 E. Washington Lane, Philadelphia 38, Pa. KENNETH ALEXANDER South Church St., Factoryville, Pa. SANDRA ANDERKO 223 Bridle Path Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. CAROL APPLE 3309 Brighton St., Philadelphia 49, Pa. FREDERICK ARBOGAST Mt. Rt. 23, Bethlehem, Pa. ANDREA AUFDER HYDE Cowpath Rd., Mt. Rt. 9561, Lansdale, Pa. JOHN BALLIET 545 Pine St., Catasauqua, Pa. JUDITH BARTOE 111 Ford Ave., Hulmerville, Pa. EDVVARD BEHUM 221 Church St., Catasauqua, Pa. CHARLES BERGER 616 Roosevelt Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. PETER BILAN 841 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. HARRIE BLOOD 1062 Seneca St., Bethlehem, Pa. CRAIG BORST 1412 Uelen Court, Bethlehem, Pa. ERIC BOSWELL Rt. 202 Buckingham, Pa. ROBERT BOWEN 21st 8: Main Sts., Northampton, Pa. DAVID BOYER Route 9161, Hellertown, Pa. ROSANNE BRICKER 107 Alexander Ave., Nutley 10, N.J. WARREN BRILL 218-14 Spencer Ave., Queens Village 27, N.Y. WILLIAM BUFFUM 20 Knollwood Terrace, Caldwell, N.J JAMES BURKE 1216 Fifth St., Catasauqua, Pa. DOROTHY CADWELL 170 Edgars Lane, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. FRED CARTIER Route 9562, Box 324, Dover, N.J. WALTER CASWELL 219 Blackridge Dr. Greensburg, Pa. MARY CAVANAUGH 1036 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOSEPH CHARLES 516 Washington St., Allentown, Pa. KAREN CHERVENITSKI 114 Vine St., Plymouth, Pa. GENE CHONTOS Martin St., Palmer Twp., Easton, Pa. NANCY CHRISTENSEN 1038 N. Kearney St., Allentown, Pa. POLLY CLARK Route 964, Easton, Pa. NEIL CLEWELL 1620 Elm St., Bethlehem, Pa. LAWRENCE C0 HEN 7908 Rolling Green Rd., Cheltenham, Pa. SOPHOMORE DIRECTORY LINDA COOK 1910 E. Fairmount St., Allentown, Pa. KAY CORNELIUS 829 Spring Garden St., Easton, Pa. BRUCE COULL 45 Hillcrest Ave., West Paterson, N.J. ARTHUR CRANE 81 Fox Hill Rd., Denville, NJ. SANDRA DAMIANI Route 9fl, Bethlehem, Pa. DEAN DAVIS 2320 Gaynor Ave., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. VINCENT DELRE 1703 Lansdale Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN DEMUTI-I Box 177, Bowerston, Ohio JAMES DIMITRIADIS Route 41, Hellertown, Pa. HARRY DOOLE1 Mountain Top Rd. Route 942, Somerville, N .J. GEORGE DORER 608 Fourth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT DORNBLASSER 549 Howertown Rd., Catasauqua, Pa. BARBARA DOUVANIS 1026 N. Leh St., Allentown, Pa. RONALD DYSON 1737 W. Board St., Bethlehem, Pa. ROGER ERB Route 9541, East Greenville, Pa. PHILIP EVANS 37 E. Cliff St., Somerville, N.J. MARGARET EVERETT 1714 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM EVERETT 439 E. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. BARBARA FELLER 92 Linden Ave., Springfield, N.J. DAVID FIELD 305 Lorimer Drive, Wyncote, Pa. BARBARA FI NN 1411 New Jersey Ave., Hellertown, Pa. ELIZABETH FINN 1411 New Jersey Ave., Hellertown, Pa MARILYN FISH 109 Summit Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. ROSALIE FODI 110 Main St., Hellertown, Pa. ROBERT FOX 25 Jaegger Dr., Old Brookville, N.Y. JEAN FRETZ 42 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN FRETZ 42 W. Market St., Bethlehem, Pa. BARTON FRIEBOLIN Route 9141, Wescosville, Pa. LINDA GARO 127 N. Clark Ave., Somerville, N.J. JOHN GAVIN 26 Rose Terrace, Chatham, N.J. STERLING GEIGER 1232 Main St., Siegersville, Pa. WILLIAM GILBERT 1206 Miller St., Winston-Salem, N.C. JACK GOLDBERG 1406 Cottage Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. RONALD GORI Route 9141, Wind Gap, Pa. FRANK GRABLACHOFF 609 Jaques Ave., Rahway, N.J. GWYNNE GREY 1516 Lehigh St., Easton, Pa. WILLIAM GRIFFITH 1724 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. ARTHUR GRIM 2012 Steuben Rd., Reading, Pa. WILLIAM GROSH 2 South Broad St., Lititz, Pa. ROGER GRUBBS 715 Seventh Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. GLENDA GRUBMAN 34 Westra St., Interlaken, N.J. DOUGLAS 1-IACKMAN 101 W. Third St., Lititz, Pa. RICHARD HAFNER 310 University Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. IWAO HANAWA 5-15 Hakusanmai, Toride-town, Ibaraki-Prefecture, Japan KATHLEEN HANLON 811 Grant St., Easton, Pa. TERRY HARLACHER 639 Leibert St., Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID HARTMAN 1433 Westgate Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. MARY LYNNE HELLER M.R. 23, Bethlehem, Pa. LEONARD HILLIGASS 569 Ridge St., Emmaus, Pa. GAIL HOLSTEIN 224 Buckingham Dr., Bethlehem, Pa. KENNETH HOLTJE 39 Longview Ave., Madison, N .J. HERMAN HOOKER Bluefields, Nicaragua LARRY HORINKO 727 Lawrence St., Allentown, Pa. KAREN HUFF 173 Morris St., Phillipsburg, N.J. J. C. GIFFORD HUTCHISON Landis Mill Rd., Route 9164, Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM IHRIE 124 Cattell St., Easton, Pa. JEFFREY INGBER 305 Hedgerow Lane, Wyncote, Pa. PATRICIA INGERTO 583 Rockview Ave., N. Plainfield, N.J JAMES INSINGIA Route 9941, Box 663, Newton, N.J. STANLEY IOBST 22 North Keystone Ave., Emmaus, Pa. JEFFREY JACKSON 1324 N. Troxell St., Allentown, Pa. DONALD JACOB 70 W. Elizabeth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JACK JAMES 744 Eighth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. G. TERRY JARVIS 2736 Maplewood Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C. JOY ANN JOHNSTON 2237 Birch St., Easton, Pa. CYNTHIA JUDD Route fl, Hellertown, Pa. PEGGY JURMAN 34 Lawrence Drive, N. White Plains, N.Y SUSAN JURMAN 34 Lawrence Drive, N. White Plains, N.Y. RUTH KAROL 315 N. 27th St., Allentown, Pa. PHILIP 'KATOWITZ 416 68th St., Brooklyn 20, N.Y. W. SCOTT KEI-IS 341 S. Sixth St., Perkasie, Pa. HUGH KELLY 730 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. GARY KESTER 111 Ridgeway St., E. Stroudsburg, Pa. EVERETT KIRSCHNER 660 Hickory St., Westwood, N.J. RICHARD KLEPPINGER 2226 Jennings St., Beth.1ehem, Pa. GEORGE KNOLL 1108 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. H. LUKE KOCHENBERGER, JR. 1224 W. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. CONNIE LATCHAW 444 Oakwood Drive, Fullerton, Pa. KAREN LAUBENSTEIN 536 Lincoln Ave., Coopersburg, Pa. ROBERT LECHER 101 McKinley St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. LAMAR LEISER Mounted Route 19, Bethlehem, Pa PATRICIA LONG 429 Inwood Rd., Linden, N.J. HENRY MARPAJUNG D.J. Angsana 3, Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia TIMOTHY MARSDEN 663 N. Irving St., Allentown, Pa. DOMENIC MARTINO 314 Falcone Ave., Roseto, Pa. ROSEANN MCFADDEN 236 E. Ettwein St., Bethlehem, Pa. DENNIS MCINERNEY Carter Rd., Butztown, Pa. ANIE9 MQMONAGLE J L, t . 7805 Horrocks St., Philadelphia 15, ROBERT MELCHIOR 707 N. 21st St., Allentown, Pa. NICHOLAS MENECOLA 41 Dewey St., Roseto, Pa. P SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: F. Grablachoff - Vice-President, R. Lecher - President, K. Zanelli - Secrefary, R. Mushrush - JOHN KOHL 1621 S. Race St., Allentown, Pa. SUSAN KOVACS 644 Elmhurst Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN KOZURA 582 Lewis St., Minersville, Pa. PAUL KRAM, JR. 152 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. MARY BETH KRATER ll E. Union Blvd. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. MARVIN KUNTZ 2159 Siegfried Ave., Northampton, Pa FRANCIS KWIATEK 1638 E. Fourth St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN LANDIS 420 Linden St., Lititz, Pa. JOHN LAROSA 427 Reynolds, St., Easton, Pa. Treasurer. PETE MERLUZZI 201 Ore St., Bowmanstown, Pa. JOSEPH MEROLA 218 E. North St., Nazareth, Pa. EDWARD MEYERS 135 Northampton St., Hellertown, Pa. GARY MILLER 322 St. Lucas St., Allentown, Pa. DOUGLAS MILLER 1219 Broadway, Bethlehem, Pa. FRANK MILLER Oak Lane, Riegel Ridge, Milford, N.J ROGER MILLER 1436 Chew St., Allentown, Pa. SUSAN MILLER 11 Wahneta Rd., Old Greenwich, Conn. JOSEPH MITCHELL 326 Summit St., Bethlehem, Pa. C. RICHARD MOLLER 1941 Easton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. FRANCIS MOEK 1201 Russell Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JUDITH MORECZ 1745 Rose Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. KENNETH MORICK 510 Hickory St., Bethlehem, Pa. PRESTON MORITZ 1020 Fifth St., Catasauqua, Pa. JACK MUHR 1355 Second Ave., Hellertown, Pa. ROBERT MUSHRUSH 123 Pine St., Catasauqua, Pa. LYNNE NAFASH 905 Banta Place, Ridgefield, N .J. STEPHEN NICHOLAS 664 Marion Rd., York, Pa. SUZANNE ORTH Route 7142, Easton, Pa. KAREN PENNYHACKER 21 Plymouth Dr., Berkeley Hts., N.J. RAY PFEIFFER. Route 722, Coopersburg, Pa. LORETTA PINTER 17 W. Greenwich St., Bethlehem, Pa. HAROLD POUL. TON Mt. Rt. 20, Nace Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. ALBERT PROCTOR 15 N . First Ave., W. Catasauqua, Pa. STEPHEN RAYDA 1422 Wood Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. PAUL REINHARD 220 N . Madison St., Allentown, Pa. LOUISE REINSMITH Route 5441, Center Valley, Pa. JAMES REPASCH 456 Martel St., Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID RICHARDS 1915 Woodmont Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. BRUCE RIEGEL 902 Wyoming St., Allentown, Pa. LINDA RINKER 34 Chestnut St., Nazareth, Pa. RICHARD RITTER 172 Greenland Ave., Trenton, N.J. DENNIS ROBISON 521 Walnut St., Perkasie, Pa. CAROL ROCKOVITS 2205 Washington Ave., Northampton, Pa. LEONARD ROTH 8 Cherry St., Richlandtown, Pa. NEIL RUGGIERO 257 Lehigh Ave., Wind Gap, Pa. JOHN SABIN 5 Cranbrook Ave., Somerville, N .J. LINDA SADERHOLM 94 Russell St., Staten Island 8, N.Y. TERESA SAKS Polk Valley, Hellertown, Pa. GRETCHEN SCHAIBLE 165 Overlook Ave., Boonton, N.J. PATRICIA SCHILLINGER 213 Sea Spray Rd., Ocean City, N.J. ROBERT SCHNEIDER 668 Hayes St., Bethlehem, Pa. GEOFFREY SCHWVARTZ 25-69 42 St., Long Island City 3, N .Y. 207 MICHAEL SCHWARTZ 76-42 176 St., Flushing 66, N.Y. STEVEN SCULLY 223 Hillside Ave., Chatham, N.J. ANDREW SEMMEL 132 Bridge St., Lehighton, Pa. ROBERT SHARER 54 Main St., Freemansburg, Pa. CHAPIN SMITH Brunswick Pike, Route 3443, Princeton, N.J. PAUL SN ISCAK 10th St., Miller Hgts., Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES SNYDER 1967 Hopewell Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. HENRY SOLT Route 9542, Box 102, Bath, Pa. DONNA STADINGER 211 S. Ninth St., Quakertown, Pa. GERALD STILL 760 Pembroke Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. MARK SUSSMAN 1415 E. Upsal St., Philadelphia, Pa. SUSAN SUSSMAN Biery's Bridge Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. ANN TOLLIVER 630 Old Boonton Rd., Trevose, Pa. THOMAS TOTH 734 E. Sixth St., Bethlehem, Pa. REED TREIBLE 176 South Eighth St., Bangor, Pa. ROSINA ABEL 500 Main St., Chatham, NJ. PATRICIA ADAMS 1324 Madison Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. LOUISE AMRAM 1466 Hampstead Rd. Philadelphia 51, Pa. JOSEPH ARCADIPANE Route 6692, Phillipsburg, N.J. ROBERT ASHLEY, JR. Brookside Drive, Greenwich, Conn. RICHARD BACON 650 Columbia Ave., Palmerton, Pa. PHILIP 'BADGER Santee Mill Rd., Box 167-B, Bethlehem, Pa. WALTER BANKS 8 W. Main St., Macungie, Pa. CLAYTON BATES 5 Sunset Hill Rd., Bethel, Conn. EUGENE BATORI 846 Ellinger St., Allentown, Pa. BERNARD PAUL BECKER Route 442, Northampton, Pa. PHILIP BEES 1041 Cherokee St., Bethlehem, Pa. LELAND BEITEL 529 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. DONALD BENNINGER Route 544, Bethlehem, Pa. MATTHEW BENTKOWSKI, JR. 215 Washington Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JOANN TROTSKY 434 Cherokee St., Bethlehem, Pa. CALVIN TROUTMAN 738 E. Fairview St., Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES TURNBACH 338 Hanover St., Bethlehem, Pa. DALLAS VOGEL 336 Penn St., Bath, Pa. VICKI VROOM 300 Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. MARJORIE WALLACE Orchard Drive, South Branch, NJ. LINDA WARMAN 1830 Lehigh St., Easton, Pa. BYRON WATERMAN Route 5943, Norwich, Conn. EDYVARD WEINHOFER 1424 Poplar St., Northampton, Pa. JANICE WHITFIELD 154 Union Ave., Rutherford, N.J. DAVID WICKMAN 954 Texas St., Sturgeon Bay, Wis. ELINO-RE WIEAND Palm, Pa. EDIVARD WILDE 2201 Libal St., Green Bay, Wis. DOUGLAS WILKINS 29 Mekeel Drive, Succasunna, N.J. JOHN WILLIS 38 Flintlock Rd., Morris Plains, NJ. FRESI-IMAN DIRECTORY ALLEN BERGMANN 60515 Cole St., Watertown, Wis. RICHARD BERGSTEIN 3435 Highland St., Allentown, Pa. IRENE BERRY 526 Second Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID BILESKY 825 Fernwood St., Bethlehem, Pa. THOMAS BISHOP 619 Ridge St., Bethlehem, Pa. WILLIAM BLICKENSDERFER 302 E. Main St., Gnadenhutten, Ohio JOANNE BOBEK 747 Crane St., Catasauqua, Pa. CAROL BORRUP 1305 Main St., Glastonbury, Conn. TED BOWMAN Route 9443, Dippen Rd., Winston-Salem, N .C. LAURIE BOYD 2562 Amboy Rd., Staten Island 6, N.Y LAINRENCE BOYER 207 Spruce St., Walnutport, Pa. BARBARA BRAUTIGAM 1002 Jerez St., Bluefields, Nicaragua NORMA BRIERLEY 648 Belvidere Rd., Phillipsburg, NJ. STEVEN BROWN 1429 Juniper St., N.W. Washington, D.C. ALEXIS BUCHANAN' 542 Griffith St., Lake Mills, Wis. RICHARD WILSEY 25 The Fairway, Upper Montclair, N.J EDWARD WILSON 160 Bailey Rd., Rocky Hill, Conn. EDWARD WOLFSOHN 83-15 98th St., Woodhaven, N.Y. JOHN WRIGHT 1029 Seneca St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN WUKITCH 507 Thomas St., Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES WYRTZEN 165 Bryant Ave., Floral Park, N.Y. SHARON YAECK 148 Main St., Emmaus, Pa. BARBARA YODER 136 Garrison St., Bethlehem, Pa. PATRICIA YOUNG 27 W. Locust St., Bethlehem, Pa. EILEEN YUHASZ 1175 E. Fourth St., Bethlehem, Pa. KATHYANN ZANELLI 3 Alan Court, Mine Hill, Dover, NJ. ALLEN ZECHMAN 1955 Hopewell Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. ALAN ZELIFF 43 Howe St., Milford, Conn. ALAN ZELT 922 Stclle Ave., Plainfield, N.J. GRETA ZIEGLER 2474 S. Law St., Allentown, Pa. FREDERICK BUCKENMYER Mountain Lake, Belvidere, N.J. CLAUDIA BUNN Deleware Ave., Rive Styx, Hopatcong, N.J. NANCY CALVO 2324 Woodcrest Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. ERE CASEY 030 Seneca St., Bethlehem, Pa. STEPHEN CHECK 1984 Easton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN CLARK 358 W. Duval St., Philadelphia 44, Pa. FRANCES COBLENS Red Hill Rd., Middletown, NJ. DENNIS COFFIN 718 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. BENJAMIN CONNOR 259 Beaufort Ave., Livingston, N.J. J 1 DVVIGHT COOKE 3 Kent Rd., Park Ridge, N.J. JOHN COOPER 402 W. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT CRAVEN 27 N. Hillside Ave., Chatham, N.J. LOUIS CSONGETO 1203 Mechanic St., Bethlehem, Pa. RICHARD CULVER 48 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. MARJORIE DALLEY 37 Shadylawn Dr., Madison, N.J. JERRY DAMANDL 218 Aurora St., Bethlehem, Pa. DARRYL DECH 1916 Washington Ave., Northampton, Pa. FRANCIS DEMKO 2048 Washington St., Allentown, Pa. JOAN DEPUY 25 Hawkings St., Danielson, Conn. BARBARA DIRKS 236 Memorial Ave., Haddonfield, N.J CAROL DIXON 68 W. Genesee St., Skaneateles, N.Y. ROSEMARIE DONCHEZ 1406 Marion Ave., Easton, Pa. JOHN DRATCH 7901 Hidden Lane, Elkins Park, Pa. DAVID DRISSEL 642 N. New St., Bethlehem, Pa. DOROTHY DUSKIN P.O. Box 268, Washingtonville, N.Y. WILLIAM DYSON 1737 W. Broad St., Bethlehem, Pa. CLASS OFFICERS, FIRST ROW: C. Erwin - J. Heller - Vice-President, N. Olenwine - Sec- K. Zechmun - Treasurer, M. Young - USG Rep- FRED EBERT 2375 Elizabeth Ave., Winston-Salem, N.C. ARLENE EBNER 4th 8: Franklin Sts., Glendon, Easton, Pa. WILLIAM EHRIG 2047 Kenmore Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. PATRICIA ERSKINE 125 S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. SUZANNE ERSKINE 350 W. Ridgewood Ave., Ridgewood, N.J. ROBERT ERWIN, JR. Route 9461, Box 198, Emmaus, Pa. PHILIP EVANS 115 Rambling Way, Springfield, Pa. PATRICIA FELIX 2051 Hopewell Rd., Bethlehem, Pa. RICHARD FLEMING 308 West St., Bethlehem, Pa. AUBREY FORBES 292 Beholden Ave., Bluefields, Nicaragua CHARLEEN FRANKENFIELD Route 9542. Bath Pike, Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID FRANKENFIELD 251 E. Fairview St., Bethlehem, Pa. MARC FREEMAN 1711 West End Drive, Philadelphia 51, Pa. DONALD FREESEMAN 212 Church Ave., Ephrata, Pa. DONALD GALBRAITH 835 Center St., Bethlehem, Pa. ERIC GARIS I 4040 Green Pond Rd., Westwood, N.J. ALAN GARRATT 101 President Rd., Westwood, N .J. JAMES GELLER 115 W. 197th St., New York 68, N.Y. FRANCIS GERMUGA ' 641 Dellwood St., Bethlehem, Pa. GEORGE GILLEN 630 Seventh Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. DAVID COLIN 4 Washington Square Village, New York 10, N.Y. PHILIP GOTTSHALL 515 Hamilton St., Norristown, Pa. LAWRENCE GOZZARD 339 Cedar Rd., Hellertown, Pa. JOHN GRIFFITH 2108 Highland St., Allentown NORMAN GRINAGER 1979 Hopewell Circle, Bethlehem, Pa. ANITA GROENFELDT 1136 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. JA MES GROFF 510 Buttonwood St., Perkasie, Pa. WILLIAM GROSS 33 Markey St., Freemansburg, Pa. JON GRUDEN 1 Murray Hill Terrace, Bergenfield, N .J. DOUGLAS HAIN 542 Gregg Ave., Shillington, Pa. 'WARREN HALL 10 E. Broad St., Millville, N.J. WILLIAM HAMMERSLEY 631 Lincoln Ave., Linwood, N.J. CHARLES HANNA, JR. 505 S. 46th St., Philadelphia 43, Pa. GARY HARTSHORN 83 Jacobstown Rd., New Egypt, N.J. THOMAS HAUPERT 1841 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. ROBERT HAVLICSEK 406 Park Ave., Del. Park, Phillipsburg, N.J. JAMES HELLER 223 E. Church St., Bethlehem, Pa. DONALD HENDERSCHEDT 984 W. Sixth St., Hazleton, Pa. JUDITH IIERMAN 2127 Vista Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. JAMES HERTZOG Route 941, Breinigsville, Pa. HENRY HITNER 447 Brighton St., Bethlehem, Pa. SALLIE HOCH 3 E. North St., Bethlehem, Pa. SANDRA HODGSON Zone, Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua BRUCE HOLLAND 221 American St., Fullerton, Pa. NEVIN HOLLINGER 1524 Garfield Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. LAWRENCE HOMA 221 Palisade Rd., Linden, N.J. JAMES HORWATH 222 Eighth St., Miller Hts., Pa. WILLIAM HORWATH 628 N. Kiowa St., Allentown, Pa. ROBERT HOUSER 1110 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. LESLIE HOVIN D Lincoln Trailer Court, Bethlehem, Pa ROGER HUDAK 1318 E. Fifth St., Bethlehem, Pa. ANTHONY IASIELLO 714 Maple St., Bethlehem, Pa. HELEN INGRAM Estrada St., Bluefields, Nicaragua JOHN JAcoBsoN 202 Kemball Ave., Staten Island 14, N.Y. WILLIAM JEFFRIES 2332-77th Ave., Philadelphia 50, Pa. ROBERT JOHNSON 404 E. High St., Hellertown, Pa. JANE JULIUS 250 Old Mill Rd., Pittsburgh ss, Pa. KENNETH KAPRELIAN 12 Burnham Place, Fair Lawn, N.J. MICHAEL KASHNER 307 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. BRYANT KELSEY 113 Central Ave., Grenloch, N.J. WILLIAM KERMAN 203 Lehigh St., Palmerton, Pa. SAMUEL KERN V 2375 Main St., Coopersburg, Pa. JAMES KILPATRICK 251 Franklin St., Bethlehem, Pa. LLOYD KINGSWELL 401 Sutter Place, Lititz, Pa. DOROTHY KLIE ' 17 Rolling Ridge Rd., Andover, Mass JACOB KODNOVICH Sth st., Miller Hgts., Bethlehem, Pa. 209 HELEN KOVACH 348 Juniata St., Freemansburg, Pa. GLORIA KORUTZ 688 E. 20th St., Northampton, Pa. CYRIL KRAJCI 1106 Seneca St., Bethlehem, Pa. MICHAEL KRASLEY 305 S. 35th St., Allentown, Pa. ANTHONY KRASNICKE 1011 Airport Rd., Allentown, Pa. JEFFREY KRIEGER 404 S. Second Ave., Highland Pk., N.J. FREDERICK LAIST 14 Glenside Terrace, Upper Montclair, N.J. DIANNE LAUBACH Route 5441, Riegelsville, Pa. LOIS LEESON 719 E. Main St., Norristown, Pa. RALPH LEININGER, JR. 3036 Grandview Blvd., Sinking Spring, Pa. STEPHEN LEVINE 947 E. Johnson St., Philadelphia 38, Pa. JOSEPH MARTIN 127 N. Third St., Hokendauqua, Pa. VIRGINIA MARTIN 5 Wall St., Bethlehem, Pa. PAUL MASHO' 14100 Tyson Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. PERRY MAZZA Bushkill X: Center St., Stockertown, Pa. JAMES MCCLELLAND 107 Crestview Drive, Red Bank, N.J. DENNIS MCGINLEY 929 E. Cedar St., Allentown, Pa. DAVID MEGLATHERY Il Colonial Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. LOUIS MELCHIOR 247 Summit Ave., Hackensack, N.J. MARY L. MERRIKEN 8 Clark St., Chatham, N.J. DONALD METH 906 E. Sharpnack St., Philadelphia 50, Pa. GEORGE MILLINGTON, JR. Route 3420, Kline Ave., Bethlehem, Pa 1 SUSAN LEWIN 612 Lincoln Ave., Palmyra, N.J. ALBERT LEWIS Box 82, Beacon 8: Morris, Stewartsville, N.J. JAMES LONG HAROLD PAUL LEWIS Route 92, Newton, Pa. DONALD LIPSKY 754 E. Green St., Allentown, Pa. 26 Elm St., Emmaus, Pa. JOHN LONSDALE 72 Merriam Ave., Newton, N.J. ELWYN MACKOV 125 VV. Bertsch St., Lansford, Pa. RAYMOND MAMMANO Route 9644, Easton, Pa. LARRY MANGOLD 714 Seventh St., Fullerton, Pa. JONATHAN MARKS 117-16 Park Lane South, Kew Gardens 18, N.Y. JAMES MARRA 323 S. Beverwyck Rd., Parsippany, N.J JULIUS MARTENS 3105 Sussex Rd., Allentown, Pa. 4" KARL MONETTI Alphano Rd., Great Meadows, N.J. THYRA MORF 243 W. Hazelwood Ave., Rahway, N.J. RUSSELL MORGAN, JR. 839 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. MARC MORGANSTINE 1350 North 75th St., Philadelphia 51, Pa. MARCELLE MOWREY 34 W. Fairview St., Bethlehem, Pa. FRANK MOYER 203 Victory Ave., Phillipsburg, N.J. GLENN MOYER 900 Center St., Jim Thorpe, Pa. MARCIA MUELLER 111 E. Berger St., Emmaus, Pa. TERRY MUSSELMAN Route 7544, Quakertown, Pa. ARLINGTON NAGLE, JR. Stoucllsburg, Pa. JAMES NEIDLINGER 350 N. 72nd St., Rutherford Hgts., Pa. HENRY NEUMANN 88 Stevens Ave., Little Falls, N.J ELIZABETH NOSAL Route 9941, Lehighton, Pa BARBARA NAN NUSS 811 Belmont Ave., Laureldale, Pa.. MARIA O'CONNORS 427 E. Ettwein St., Bethlehem, Pa. NANCYMOLENWINE 535 N. Law St., Allentown, Pa. MARIE ORAVEC 1726 Roth St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN OT1' .85 Barnida Drive, Hanover, N.J. JAMES PAPAY Route 7391, Slatington, Pa. ROGER PARSELLS 39 Woods End Rd., Middletown, N.J. JOHN PAVELKO 1002 Hanover Ave., Allentown, Pa. ARTHUR PHELPS 427 E. Fairview St., Bethlehem, Pa. I'IARRIE'I'I' PIERIE 1476 Easton Rd., Warrington, Pa. DAVID POLLOCK 540 E. Godfrey Ave., Philiadelphia, Pa STUART POTT 576 Sherwood Pkwy., Westfield, N.J. SUSAN QUIGG 738 Seneca St., Bethlehem, Pa. LYNDA RABB 320 N. 16th St., Allentown, Pa. NORMAN RADICK , Chesterfield Rd., Crosswicks, N.J. JAMES RALPH 25 Old Orchard Drive, Easton, Pa. MALCOLM REID 735 Harrison St., Emmaus, Pa. PAUL RICCARDI, JR. 2404 Province Rd., Wyomissing, Pa. NATALIE RICCI 341 W. Berwick St., Easton, Pa. DAVID RINEHART 1420 North Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa. IRVING ROTHBART 15 Frederick St., Morristown, N.J. CRAIG ROTHERMEL 29 N. Third St., Halifax, Pa. ROBERT ROY Route 9442, Lebanon, N.J. HERBERT RUBENSTEIN 32 N. 18th St., Easton, Pa. PETER RUSH 9 Chatham St.,'Chatham, N.J. VINCENT SANTORO 640 Shields St., Bethlehem, Pa. RICHARD SCHAFFER North Chestnut St., Bath, Pa. DAGNY SCHERBIN 324 Post Ave., Westbury, N.Y. RONALD SCHMOYER 1515 S. Race St., Allentown, Pa. NANCY SCHUON 530 N. Lumber St., Allentown, Pa. VINCENT SEAMAN 1280 Marvine St., Bethlehem, Pa. JESS SEKEY 1212 Memorial Dr., Sturgeon Bay, Wis KATHLYN SEROCK Route 9142, Sellersville, Pa. JOHN SI-IIMKANIN 111 E. Emaus Ave., Allentown, Pa. RONALD SHRAGER 1021 Plainfield Ave., Plainfield, N.J. WILLIAM SILCOX 17 N. Hillside Ave., Succasunna, N.J. GAIL SKEEN Alclenville, Pa. BARRIE SMITH Route fl, Slatington, Pa. GEORGE SMITH Route 442, Rt. 206, Somerville, NJ. GLENN SMITH Route 9144, Bethlehem, Pa. HARRY EDWARD .SMITH 101 Brunswick Ave., Bloomsbury, N.J. HARRY ELMER SMITH Route 1f2, Afton, N.Y. BARRY SMOYER 441 N. Third St., Entmaus, Pa. SANDRA SNIOYER ROUIC 731, Box 270, Nazareth, Pa. JUDITH SOLIVAN 2719 Clermont St., Bethlehem, Pa. . STANLEY SOMER 89-16 183 St., Hollis 23, N.Y. THEODORE ST. JOHN 36 Howe St., Bay Head, N.J. JOAN STAHLER Route 4f3, Wydnor, Bethlehem, Pa. STEVEN STEINER 227-23 88th Ave., Queens Village 27, N.Y. ROBERT STERLING 526 Ellen St., Hellertown, Pa. LYNETTE STOLTZ 323 Walnut St., Dover, Ohio ANDREW STRAKA 2432 Fairview St., West Lawn, Pa. MILDRED STEUBE Pleasing Valley Farm, Nazareth, Pa. NORMAN SUSSMAN 737 N. 27th St., Allentown, Pa. LEA SUTERA 4 Birch Lane, Rainbow Lakes, Denville, N.J. EARL SWEENEY 1445 N. 19th St., Allentown, Pa. JAMES SZARKO 1147 Fritz Drive, Bethlehem, Pa. EDWARD TADAJWESKI Box 372, Route 9143, Nazareth, Pa. NANCY TALABER 622 Twelfth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. RICHARD TESAR 25-65 45th. St., Long Island City 3, N.Y. JEAN THIBOU Box 113, Route 5963, New Tripoli, Pa. JOHN THOMAS 177 Myrtle Ave., Jersey City 5, N.J. MARJORIE THOMAS 17 Oaklyn Ave., Norristown, Pa. ROBERT THOMMA 830 N. Tacoma St., Allentown, Pa. LOWELL TOMLINSON 4858 Central Ave., Trevose, Pa. STUART TOPKIS 1125 Ashhourne Rd., Cheltenham, Pa. KEVIN TRUEX 127 Irwin Place, New Monmouth, NJ. THOMAS VADASZ 1248 E. Third St., Bethlehem, Pa. JOHN VAN GELDER 8949 Sutpin Blvd., Jamaica 35, N.Y. CAROLYN VARGA 2631 Pickertown Rd., Warrington, Pa. ROBERT VELUCE 25 N. Pine Lane, Newark, NJ. RAE MARIE WAHL 1723 Hokendauqual Ave., Northampton, Pa. SUSAN WATT 402 Grove St., Haddonfield, N.J. BRUCE WEAVER 1025 Main St., Hellertown, Pa. KARL WEBER 103 Dewey Rd., Cheltenham, Pa. ELIZABETH WETTER 1818 Palisade Ave., W. Englewood, NJ KAREN WVHITTEN Route 43, Swamp Rd., Doylestown, Pa JOHN WILBUR 397 Prospect Ave., Dunellen, NJ. ROBERT WILKINS 26 Derby Court, Malverne, N.Y. DAVID WILLLAMS 27 Elm Place, Demarest, NJ. JOHN WILLIAMS 136 N. Fifth St., Bangor, Pa. DAVID WILSON 820 Conestoga Rd., Berwyn, Pa. HILDA WOLFF 275 Beech Spring Rd., South Orange, N.J. KEVIN WRIGHT 434 Cattell St., Easton, Pa. MICHAEL YOUNG 548 S. Main St., Red Lion, Pa. KENNETH ZECHMAN 557 w. Third st., Bethlehem, Pa. JEFFREY ZEINER ' 218 S. 17th St., Allentown, Pa. ROBERT ZERFASS 1206 Marvine St., Bethlehem, Pa. GERALDINE ZILKO Route 9545, Box 286, Stroudsburg, Pa. ik W aprftsk x Q Q 9? msn " ' ' ' Eu. , ' T ' --, F wg ,-fi ' Jill-Q .. if-.'-'1'-.-T1'...f-12:15 -,I fg . - , V ' 9 fp'-A f 1' .:E-1?,r'f':','l":h. E2.,!'11"?f-1,ff,'1:f., ,1 '- , -Y -F--.H wx- , w- V f-F' ..-f -:-1mg,f..1--Y,-,.,5g , A h u-1:-,gg-,,': if '-F1 - ' f- 721,451 'li- .K "" . 'g-'f-::f1"- . GEM-..r' 1' 1. ' W -14. -, 1 H5 "'-wffw , L--2:f 4:5 :amz f 1 "m, w-SQBR-U,-, .fs-'fg.f4fs:g1 1a f. H Wy: j',f,Wf:'w, ,13 4 1-A ' 1. ' - 'AH' 1525.1 :Ll ..-L'-LS V - 1 - ' ,I .'v:':.Y,y:,f'f' '.w.1,,-,tni , A 7 , ,lx gi. . Kgs 1 km," xx'31,J wg,-Z a 5 .' M " , " ' 1 E Q ss wir- . sig: Q nga V rlmmnxw w X , ,Y 1 , H K Q' 4' 1 ,.1.J-4, ig,,L. bln rms sf E , M. E, N H w 5 Egg M B W H K 3 Q H Q: E ss nan B. a 1 , ,.- , 1-.-aj: rr.n.j,n,a.gun'-J.-fran Jfgxini X Jgrfqx-7.g:-,., . .qfgffv 'P'j7?':w F ,vf'j'T,'fE'T?'?".'-1 'fr ": A: wwf? -: 1 ' N- 'I' 7??fTf7"1ff7" 1' 'M' ' " I I w I 1 , 1 W ml w l gil 'll .. ..,1g L , .59--' -'A' .. 4.-. 'sexi--kv ,,,..,,v4-.. ' -n.

Suggestions in the Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) collection:

Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Moravian College - Benigna Yearbook (Bethlehem, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


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