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5-fan-f-A .T--2 gg L -, - -, - -..V- . --, I . We Elf N11 CNHI 1951 N M 7 xx X u . 55 7 W H 1 -A 1 - E H iam Colonial Hodl . . . Chapel . . . South Hall Lkayiif? JN ff , XJ, ju Apjvx If is-M304 ff if F 4 W 5 Qfmcw K A We WW CC figqfg, J 'f O 81 x, b f W? THE BELFRY . . . atop the beautiful old Central Moravian Church QXMQMAI Mft TER . Where the heltry looms majestic In the storied Bethlehem town, Where melodious trombone glory From the stars comes granclly down, Stands our stately alma mater With a story fine and old: We salute thee, queenly mother, Hail, the Purple and the Gold! Fair Moravian, we revere thee. Mother of our tender youth, We have caught thy heart's affection, We have learned thy mind's great truth Thou hast wrought eternal friendships, Filled our souls with joys untold: Hail, beloved Moravian College, Hail, the Purple and the Gold! Though We live where glow the tropics Dwell where shines an icy sea, Like thy green immortal ivy Our fond hearts shall cling to thee: Banisher of care and sadness, Guardian of the Light of Old, Hail forever, dear Moraviang Hail, the Purple and the Gold! -Wlorcls by Charles li. Meschtet' -Music by T. Edgar Shields FQ EWQKD. There is a satisfaction in completing a bit of handi- work, say, a sweater for example, and it is with an emotion much like this that We inspect this yarn which We have knitted at Moravian. It is evident that We have dropped many stitches, but we are proud that We had the stickfto-it-iveness to pick them up again and continue. For some ot us the pattern has changed in four years, for most of us it is just the beginning of our work. From here We hope to graduate into many in- teresting and useful endeavors. Thus We look on these college days as perhaps a practice piece, hoping that our experiences have been such as to prepare us better for our varied futures. Through the theme oi knitting, which We feel is so typical of the college girl, We have tried to knit and in spots just tied together With rather lumpy knots the fruits of our four years at Moravian. S2331 K M tt Q XX s XX Q Tile Weinfands Our President, Dr. Weinlcxnd, cmd his family on the spacious lczwn of their campus home Crt Green Pond jpeckcation We, the class of 1951, say thank you, Dr. Cooley, for being all the things which typify Moravian to us. For thoughtfulness, in each time you remembered our birthdaysp for tradition, as each year you taught us to sing "Morning Star"g for understanding, in the years you helped us plan our courses: for inspiration, as We sat in your classes to absorb only a small bit of your vast resources of information: for courtesy, while we behaved like school girls, and for your patience, your interest, and your Christian spirit which you have ex- tended to us on all occasions, we can only say thank you for being our Dr. Cooley. Dr. filffzllll' Coofey V 4.-J AMPS. Josepfzine Curtis Our Class Adviser We thank you, Mrs. Curtis, for your sincere interest and friendly attitude which made you a perfect class adviser. Your Willingness to co- operate inspired us to many college successes. We are very qrateful io you for playing "mother hen" to a motley crew of chicks. HD N L WUIIMSTWXOWX W J fx? if K X RI, im, Eiga X DAVID E. WEINLAND A.B.: B.D.: S.T.M. President Professor of Religion EDITH JANE STAUFFER B.A.I M.A. Professor of Education ARTHUR S. COOLEY B.A.: A.M.g Ph.D. Professor uf French, Greek and Latin HELEN ATKINS B.A. 5 IB.L. S. Librarian NINA GOOKIN BUSHNELL B.A. Dean of Women JOSEPI-UNE C. CURTIS B.A.g M.A. Academic Dean Professor of Chemistry FANNY M. HARRAR B.A. Bursar LUCILLE K, KLINGAMAN A.B. Field Secretary CATHARINE BURRELL ' Secretary to the President v 1 5 Y' lb' ' ' I ,L s ., ., I : rl L" J 1 s git Emilia! 1-'H f 1 3 . 1 fi 1 5, t .S x V f v- K i SHIRLEY BETGE QUIER W -X R,N, : 41 :' Head Nurse f n--A3 'H MARIA A. SIDERIB B.A. Alumnae Secretary I MARY B. 0'HARA B.A. Instructor in Chemistry N DELCYE B. COMPTON Secretary to the Deans FREDA B01-INSACK R.N. Assistant Nurse RENA LEVANDER B.A-: M.A. Director of Publicityg Instructor in English NORMAN OLCOTT TIFFANY A.B. Instructor in Mathematics MARK L. DAVIS Professor of Music DOROTHY F. GRAHAM B.A.: M.A. Assisinnt Professor of Psychology ALICE HOTCHKISS B.S,g M.A.: Ph.D. Professor of History and Sociology RUTH IBECKER MYERS Instructor in Piano EMILIE WALLS B.A. Associate Professor of Sociology MARGARET GUMP Ph.D. Professor of French and German ALICE R. HYATT S.B. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics JEAN M. MOORE 13.5.3 M.A. Assistant Professor of English and French RITA COTA A.B.: M.S. Instructor in Bacteriology MARGARET ALICE RUDD A.B.9 M.A. Associate Professor of Spanish MARCELLE E. SMITH B.Mus. Assistant Professor of Music JANE A. CRAUMER B.A. Instructor in Speech and Dramntics 11 MRS. JOAN AJHEARN Director of Health and Physical Education L. LUCILE SHAW B.S-Z A.M. Instructor in Home Economics GORDON W. COUCHMAN A.B.9 M.A.g 13.8. Professor of English HELEN A. MILLER A.B.g B.S. Instructor in Business TRUDE WAEHNER Art Department KATHZRYN KNOPF KRICKS B.S. Assistant to the Bursar MILDRED J. DAVIS B.A.: M.A. Professor of Business KELVIN VAN NUYS B.A.: IB.D.g Ph.D. Professor of Religion i-V-K' V' BERTHA B. BOWMAN B.S. Dietitian NANCY MOHN B.A.: M.S. Assistant Professor of Biology HAROLD R. THARP B.M.3 M.M. Professor of Music VELNER BERNEL FISH B.S.: Ph.D. Instructor in Biology and Chemistry .SHWUHS Uk x M 5f w X X A, Q , QCRUQ, V k ff11z.I!rf+f1f" N Q xx SI LOIS SHAFER .... PATRICIA KRESGE NANCY OPLINGER ROSEMARY SEITZ BETTY ZAFFIRO .. 5 enior Qfass QIZZIICCFS S.G.A. MRS. IOSEPI-IINE C. CURTIS Adviser . . . . President Vice-President . . . . Secretary . . . . Treasurer Representative Q ass istory The class of '51 they told us . . . how dim and distant that seemed . . . big sisters welcomed us with open arms . . . but sophomores soon took over to haze us to their fiendish hearts' content . . . the tug of war was our first major victory at Moravian . . . how free it felt to stroll in the front door . . . we further proved our worth by taking the hockey trophy . . . and before we'd completely mas- tered the Alma Mater, we had our first experience with "Morning Star" . . . Christmas Vespers made us suddenly feel like a part of Moravian . . . by the time we helped with the Spring Festival we "belonged" It was with some srnugness we hustled back as sophomores . . . so happy were we to greet old friends . . . it seemed odd to hear the Two-Year Secs speak of graduation . . . Christmas saw them all spruced up in their best blacks . . . can another year be gone so quickly, we moaned as final exams loomed before us . . . we heard the sad news of Dr. l-leath's departure . . . the fact remained that we would soon be upperclassmen. "Iuniors, I just can't believe it," each one of us said as we began to register for another term . . . about the same time we peeked around to catch a glimpse of our new President, Mr. Weinland . . . it took no more than one of Mrs. Weinland's delightful teas to assure us that our new boss was destined to be a friend too . . . with much pride we recall our Iunior Prom and the super- duper advertising that set the entire school on its ear, and incidentally pepped up more productions at Moravian than we'd care to brag about . . . Debbie was our queen, a mighty pretty one . . . Lois Shafer as an attendant and class president, even changed gowns to keep us guessing . . . Betsey Tait rounded out our beautiful belles . . . this was the year Fern Bachman broke an ankle for the glory of the class basketball team . . . med-techs began to become acquainted with their hospitals . . . we made a real picnic of daisy picking, and produced a very superior daisy chain. This is it . . . our last time around the course . . . there's a special feeling that comes with being a senior . . . again we made big plans for our Senior Ball . . . Craig Ward, who was recuperating from T.B., made the sweetest dolls to carry out the Cinderella theme . . . lune Shafer chose this night to announce her engagement . . . we won the basketball trophy for the fourth straight year . . . it was nice to help start the tradition of a formal Thanksgiving dinner . . . Christmas Vespers . , . the end was in sight . . . Debbie looked lovely as she crowned Mary Iane at the Iunior Prom . . . we were truly proud of Fern Bach- man as Miss Moravian . . . now graduation . . . many weddings . . . we all promise to return next homecoming sure. IEANNE SERMAN ARTIS 35 Sheridan Drive, Northeast - Atlanta, Georgia Bachelor of Arts in Sociology C Mrs. Richard W .... her proudest possession is that title . . . began her college days at Syracuse . . . member oi Delta Delta Delta, national social sorority . . . headed toward social work . . . has shuttled between here and Men's College . . . studied piano, which follows her husband's big interest, music . . . graceful, classic appearance . . . beautiful blond hair which she only lets down on rare occasions . . . Spanish Club . . . just moved to Atlanta to perfect her southern drawl. FERN ELAlNE BACHMAN 702 Prospect Avenue - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in German O Fern . . . liqht brown hair . . . one of nicest personalities in class . . . has a smile for everyone . . . always willing to help out in activities . . . known for her dependability . . . did a line job as president of the A.A. . . . one of our famous chapel orqanists . . . Who's Who . . . member of the Glee Club . . . interested in world affairs . . , member of l.R.C. and lVl.L.C .... vice-president of S.G.A. in her lunior year . . a qirl who gets alonq with everyone . . . a good listener-always patient with the other girls' problems . . . student teacher at Liberty High . . . tactful and sincere . . . plans to teach after graduation. A J CAROL DAWN BUECI-INER 46 Westervelt Place - Westwood, New Iersey Bachelor of Arts in Spanish I Carol of the beautiful eyes . . . an inclividualist . . . A.E..Pi for tour years . . . Worked for the Belfry . . . displayed journalism ability as editor of the Manuscript and feature editor oi the Beniqna . . . member of the A.A. board in her lunior year . . . varsity hockey in her Freshman year, and member ot the class basketball and hockey teams for tour years . . . fan of the theatrep would make an excellent Broadway critic . . . a Spanish major and member of the Modern Lanquaae Club . . . spent a summer in Mexico and hopes to return after graduation. LEAN CASSEDY 17 Farley Road - Short Hills, New Iersey Bachelor of Science in Chemistry I lean, the only Chem major in the class . . . noted for her giggle . . loves to knit and embroider . . . member of A.E.Pi for four years . . . member ot AA. board, Bi-Chem-Zo, hockey and basketball teams . . . an envied commuter to Mo-Mo for Men for a P-Chem class . . . resident of Clewell for two years . . . tall and slender . . . loves dogs, especially cooker spaniels . . . delights in playing cards-Canasta and bridge . . . financial manager of the Benigna . . . plans to continue her Work in science after graduation. PATRICIA RUTH CENTER 36 Oak Lane - Havertown, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Q Pat, known for her beautiful, natural curly red hair . . . a four-year business major . . . business manager of the Belfry and the Manuscript in her Iunior year . . . went out for archery in her Freshman year . . . works hard for A.E.Pi . . . member of the Fair Secs . . . loves animals, and is starting a menagerie with two dogs, two turtles, and a love bird . . . often seen with Betsey , . . resident of Hark House for two years . . . an undiscovered artist . . . would like to further her interests along artistic lines . . . will probably be a secretary after graduation. lANET COBLE l2U7 Pine Street - Asbury Park, New Iersey Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology O lanet, the girl in White . . . is up and out of Harlc House every morning, to med-tech at Sacred Heart, before anyone considers waking up . . . member of Phi Mu . . . president of Little Theatre in her Senior year . . . member of Bi-Chem-Zo . . . lots of fun . . . Well-liked by all . . . loves to sleep on Sunday mornings . . . hates insincere people . . . hails from the shore, but says she never gets to the beach . . . hopes to get a good job in a hospital after graduation. RUTH ANN CRISSEY 120 Blair Street - lthaca, New York Bachelor of Science in Medical Technoloqy I The poet of the class . . . one of the sharpest Wits in the class . . . has had poetry accepted tor National Antholoqy . . . always willing to pro- vide entertainment with her flute . . . med-techinq at Sacred Heart . . . another enthusiastic member ol Bi-Chem-Zo . . . a conscientious Worker on the Y board, and capable treasurer of l.R.C .... has helped to fill many columns of the Belfry and Manuscript with her poetry and prose . . . came to us as a transfer, but soon Won a place among us With her sincere manner . . . has many interestinq tales to relate about her summer tour of Europe. l VANITA IUNE EGGE 1428 Monocacy Street - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in English O Sparkling personality . . . ready wit . . . always busy with her activities . . . spent her Freshman year in California at Whittier College . . . enjoys participating in college plays, and was president ot Little Theatre in her lunior year . . . member of A.E.Pi, of which she was treasurer . . . Alpha Psi Omega . . . make-up editor and feature writer of the Belfry . . . S.G.A. convocation chairman . . . Fair Secs . . . plays the piano beautifully . . . enjoys the music of Gershwin, Rogers ci Hart, Debussy, and Prokotieff . . . loves to do oil painting and pencil sketches . . . a wonderful person to know . . . desires to continue dramatic career. IANET EVELYN FABIAN Main Street - Springtown, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology C Productive, dynamic president of S.G.A .... fun-loving . . . leads Girl Scout troop with vigor . . . sports-minded, proved by the good job she performed on the hockey team as goalie and on the basketball team as guard . . . "Veep" of the AA. board in the Iunior year-was a member of the board for three years . . . active in Little Theatre and Glee Club . . . comedienne . . , represents Moravian in W'ho's Who . . . med-tech at Sacred Heart Hospital . . . a member of Bi-Chem-Zo . . loyal Phi Mu-ite . . . one of the backbones oi our class. I wr t . N t tt l l l ll l ELEANCB MARY FAIOLO 425 East Laurel Street - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania l Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration I Eleanor . . . our petite, dark-haired business student . . .a transfer in her Sophomore year from Cedar Crest College . . . always seen Wear- p it l ing a beret-hates 'kerchief . . . member of Phi Mu . . . likes to Watch i Wrestling on television . . . enjoys dancing-strong desire to learn the Charleston some day . . . dainty mannerisms . . . smooth dresser . . . i fond of semi-classical and modern music . . . conscientious student . . . l t member of Fair Secs . . . relishes jokes-always has trouble with catch t line . . . eager to travel around the world . . . enthusiastic Canasta player . . . loves Spanish--has a desire to do secretarial Work in p t Spanish. l i l l t W l l l t l , t I it t DORIS MAE GARDNER 2028 Washington Boulevard - Easton, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Q Doris . . . our blonde with the sparkling blue eyes . . . always has a pleasant smile , . . a transfer in her Iunior year from Indiana State Teachers College . . . is a swimming and dancing enthusiast . . . easy to get along with . . . loves cooking, but still refuses to believe that steamed clams are the best thing of the culinary art . . . is a member of the engaged clan . . . an ardent accounting student . . . proves her efficiency in taking charge of her father's office . . . plans to teach secretarial studies after graduation. ELSIE EVALINE GRAVES 37 Fourth Street - Camden, New York Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology C Iudy, one ot our busy med-techs who Worked at St. Luke's in her Senior year . . . a member of Bi-Chem-Zo, honorary science organiza- tion . . . Phi Mu ian for three years, as Well as vice-president in her Iunior year . . . likes Canasta and dogs . . . was news manager ot the Belfry in her Iunior year, and is a member oi Pi Delta Epsilon, journal- istic fraternity . . . vice-president of the Y.W.C.A. in her Iunior year . . . would like to Work in Arizona after graduation or, if a likely one came along, would marry a farmer. EVELYN ELIZABETH HGEN 535 Lincoln Street - Easton, Pennsylvania Bachelor ot Science in Medical Technology I She's "Buzz" to us . . . hails from Easton . . . natural curly hair, envy of all . . . kept busy with basketball team and cheering for M.C.M. . . . the "Veep" of LRC., and one of its most ardent travelers . . . handles the money for the Modern Language Club . . . could be seen backstage Working the lights during Little Theatre productions . . . has trouble keeping her dates straight . . . can be seen most of the time buzzing around the halls of Sacred Heart Hospital . . . a helping hand, a Winning smile, a true friend. -L DEBORAH IEAN IRWIN 301 South Twenty-first Street - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in English Debbie . . . dark-haired and attractive . . . outstanding for her friendli- ness and capability as a leader . . . member of A.E.Pi sorority for four years-became president in her Senior year . . . active member of the hockey team . . . has a sparkling personality . . . member of Pi Delta Epsilon, journalistic fraternity . . . loves children . . . interested in travel- ing across country and abroad . . . treasurer of A.A .... is fond of the color green . . . lunior Prom queen . . . president of the Freshman and Sophomore classes . . . Belfry reporter and sports editor . . . proudly flashes leep's fraternity pin . . . student teacher at Franklin Iunior High . . . would like to teach elementary school or lunior High after gradua- tion, l l ANE ANN KINCAID 435 Oakwood Drive - Fullerton, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in History I lane . . . well-liked . . . an indispensable leader . . . has clever ideas . . . owns a bubbling kind of enthusiasm . . . four-year member of A.E.Pi . . . became president of Pi Delta Epsilon, journalistic fraternity . . . wouldn't miss Kukla, Ollie, and Fran for anything . . . piled up English credits, then switched to history for variety . . . ideal Benigna editor . . . Who's Who . . . delights in anything "Pennsylvania Dutch" . . . member of the Belfry staff . . . has a strange mania for grammatical construction . . . always talking about her kid brother . . . delights in hot S.G.A. sessions . . . loves to play Canasta . . . cheerful, plus an infectious laugh . . . student teacher at Nitschmann . . . plans to teach after graduation. PATRICIA ANN KRESGE R. D. 15153 - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Bachelor ot Arts in Music Q Pat, our "never-say-die" skiing enthusiast . . . beautiful wavy hair . . . known to everyone as "Kresg" or "Kresge" . . . Vice-president of the Senior class . . . A.E.Pi member tor- four years . . . former member of the A.A. board . . . attended the Glee Club, although she says she can't sing a note . . . tennis manager for two years . . . likes to fish in the summer . . . secret desire to beta "ski burn" . . . two-year resident of Clewell . . . house president in her Senior year . . . a talented music major . . . will probably teach music after graduation. NANCY ELLEN OPLINGER R. D. :gbl - Hellertown, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology I Short, cute blonde, that's our gal from Hellertown . . . was the keyman on advertising team for lunior Prom . . . a med-tech at St. Lukeis . . . active in sports, being a very able forward on the basketball team, and a member of A.A. board for two years . , . displayed her vocal talents by being a member ot the Glee Club for four years . . . a member of the Y board in her Senior year, she represented the Y at a conference during the summer . . . helped brighten the locker rooms at various times with clever decorations . . . another Bi-Chem-Zo mem- ber . . . a swell person who always does her best. i LOIS EVELYN PEARSON 8 Ferncliff Road - Scarsdale, New York Bachelor of Arts in English O Lois, our transfer student from Averitt Iunior College, down south, in her Iunior year . . . seems to have brought a little of the ole southern accent with her . . . an English major . . . member of Phi Mu for two years . . . a member of the Belfry staff and the Glee Club . . . bought a Nuke" in her Senior year to entertain the Clewellites . . . known to everyone at Moravian, as Well as at Lehigh as "Poopsie" . . . spent the summer of her Iunior year as a camp counselor . . . still relating her funny experiences. ELIZABETH MARY SCHLEGEL 1215 South Meadow Street - Allentown, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics I Betty . . . our small, but versatile blonde . . . capable worker . . . has a unique sense ot humor . . . faithful member oi the Belfry-became editor in her Senior year . . . piano-playing is one of her talents . . . member of M.L.C. and LBC .... former secretary and now president of Alpha Psi Omega, dramatic fraternity . . . famous tor her acting ability, especially in the Shakespearean drama . . . always punning . . . student teacher at Allentown High School . . . a loyal member of Little Theatre . . . Debate board . . . a member of the Glee Club . . . plans to teach after graduation. ROSEMARY ANN SEITZ 877 Cattell Street - Easton, Pennsylvania Bachelor ol Science in Medical Technology O Dark hair, peaches and cream complexion, that's our gal from Easton . . . favorite question, "Have you paid your class dues this year?" . . . always trying to use old transfers over again...up-and-coming scientist, or at least she's secretary of Ei-Chem-Zo . . . can be seen at school every alternate Tuesday tor A.E.Pi . . . handles the correspondence for Modern Language Club . . . loves to tell of her experiences at Sacred Heart Hospital . . . lives close enough to Lafayette to make it interest- ing . . . conscientious, hard worker---has the right formula for success. m w l UNE FAY SHAFER l34O Liberty Street - Allentown, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in Spanish O Iune . . . light brown, silky hair . , . responsible leader with plenty oi college spirit . . . is ready to laugh with the crowd in the Senior locker room anytime . . . Y.W.C.A. treasurer and became president in her Senior year . . . W.S.S.l:'. chairman . . . Wl1o's Who . . . member ot the Triple Trio and Glee Club . . associate editor oi the Manuscript and member of the Belfry staff . . . A.E.Pi . . . M.L.C .... did bang-up job as chairman of May Festival in Iunior year . . . l.R.C .... loves to travel . . . made envied trip to Europe this summer . . . became engaged at the Senior Ball . . . wedding bells in lune. LOIS RUTH SHAFEB 1340 Liberty Street - Allentown, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology C Anxiously awaits letters from Annapolis . . . sports the Navy crest . . . ably led the class for last two years as president . . . hasn't enough with all these activities, but heads Bi-Chem-Zo as well . . . displays her vocal chords in Glee Club and Triple Trio . . . loyal A.E.Pi-ite for four years . . , represented Moravian in Who's 'Who . . . loves swim- ming and is on the A.A. board . . . Allentown Hospital is lucky to have Lois around with her infectious smile and manner . . . an enthusiastic T.V. ian, especially when basketball games are featured . . . lots of luck and may the wedding bells of lune, l952, hurry around. l DGBGTI-IEA FRANCES Sl-IOEENER 1931 Washington Boulevard - Easton, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology C Good things come in small packages . . . endless fight with crowds using buses to and from Easton . . . faithful member of Glee Club for four years . . . due to her zeal in getting ads for Manuscript and Belfry as advertising manager became a member of Pi Delta Epsilon . . . capable prexy of l.B.C .... Moravian's only student at Easton Hos- pital . . . if the ability to get things clone quickly and efficiently is a sign of success, Sl'16IS Well on her Way. MATILDA IANE STECKEL 240 South Second Street - Coplay, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology I Tillie, our petite "Pennsylvania Dutch" girl from up-Coplay way . . . med-teched at St. Luke's Hospital in her Senior year . . . noted for her quiet way and her dry sense of humor . . . member of Phi Mu Epsilon for two years . . . also member of Bi-Chem-Zo, honorary science organi- zation . . . a resident of Clewell for two years . . . pretty strawberry blonde . . . during Christmas of her Senior year she was presented with an enqaqement rinq by Bob, owner of the Lemmon-mobile . . . Tillie's future should be shiny and bright. BETSEY LEEDS TAIT 45 East Main Street - Rancoas, New Iersey Bachelor of Science in Business Administration I Betsey, "hair of gold and eyes of blue" . . . A.E.Pi member for four years and treasurer in her Senior year . . . treasurer of the Iunior class . . . secretary of the Sophomore class . . . vice-president of the Fair Secs . . . member of her class basketball team in her Freshman and Sopho- more years . . . house president for two years at Hark House . . . Iunior Prom attendant . . . likes plays and Gershwin music . . . sweet personality . . , an understanding person who loves people and is qenuinely interested in them . . . her main interest centers around lohn and a wonderful home for the future. I w w it l I l l l l t l l tl l w l tl it l l l tl l l l I l l 1 , y l I t LOIS lANE WEAVER G21 Main Street - Slatington, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology O Busy rned-tech at Allentown General . . . boarder for two years, then decided to brave the bus trip to and from Slatington every day . . . tall, brown hair, dark eyes, with a charming twinkle . . . loves to read . . . quiet, but enjoys a good joke with her infectious laugh . . . main gripe is the trip back to school for the Chemistry class . . . favorite saying, "Aw, come on!" . . . another promising scientist who shows her interest by belonging to the Bi-Chem-Zo. NANCY ELIZABETH WILCOX 909 Linden Street - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science in Business Administration I Nancy, tall, neat, and attractive . . . a four-year business major and a good student . . . member of the Fair Secs . . . secretary of her class in her Freshman year, treasurer in her Sophomore year, and Vice- president in her Iunior year . . . says she'll graduate with a tennis racket in her hand, because she's still making up gym credits in her Senior year . . . enjoys cooking and doing her own sewing . . . is look- ing iomfard to a home of her own. T Ze BETTY BOSE ZAFFIBO 324 South Sixth Street - Reading, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Arts in English C Betty, our cute little bundle of enthusiastic energy . . . so often seen dashing off to Franklin Iunior High School every morning last tall . . . ardent A.E.Pi tan for tour years . . . S.G.A. representative in her Senior year . . . makeup editor ot the Manuscript . . . member of the Belfry staff . . . blushes readily . . . loves to dance . . . photography editor oi the Benigna . . . a Clewellite for two years . . . pert, turned-up nose . . . a member of her class hockey and basketball teams . . . her eighth- grade students were as tall as their teacher . . . will probably teach in Beading after graduation. enior ass We, the class of 1951, allegedly of sound mind and body, do bequeath our most treasured possessions to those who follow in our steps. The personal bequests are: To Zora Martin, Buzz Horn's basketball uniform and the height to wear it. To Evelyn Buss, lane Kincaid's bubbling personality and enthusi- asm for everything. To Marty Morossey, Dot Shoffner's brunette petiteness. To Laurel Milne, Carol Buechner's quiet efficiency and well- groorned appearance. To Verna Lunglhofer, Betty Schlegel's trips to Wolle Hall and the Belfry office, and to Mary Lou Hildenbrandt, Betty's dramatic ability. To Lorry Pfeffer and Pat Stocker, lean Cassedy's trips across town to M.C.M. To Bobby Edwards, Pat Center's Hark House phone calls. To ludy Pavelich and Ruth Goldman, lanet Coble's "why worry" philosophy of life. To Mr. Tharp, Ruth Crissey's flute, and to Mr. Couchrnan, her poetry. To Mary lane Zehner, Vanita Egge's fast wit, and to loyce Richards, her writing ability. To Elaine Wagner, Fern Bachman's outstanding record as organist, student, and friend to everyone. To Dr. Hotchkiss, lune Shafer's voluminous clippings about every- thing. To Alice Schafer, Debbie lrwin's organizing ability and social graces. To Sally Woodward, lanet Fabian's skill and stamina on the hockey field, and to Mary Pongracz, her never-ending assortment of hilarious jokes. To loan Boise, Rosemary Seitz' sweetness and pretty smile. To Gloria Abel, Betty Zaffiro's inexhaustible ambition and "stick-to- it-ivenessf' To Lois lanotta and Ruth Treut, Lois Shafer's eager interest in Bi-Chem-Zo. To Barbara lhle, Eleanor Eaiolo's patience with shorthand and typing. To Grace Plath, Doris Gardner's lovely blond curls. To Pat Coffey, ludy Graves' love of doing anything that means fun, and her talent for ignoring cares. To leannette Bhoads, Pat Kresge's manuscripts and many music courses. To Peg Neuhauser and Kathryn Horwath, Nancy Cplinger's help- fulness and cheery "Hit" To Thelma West and Frances Webber, Tillie Steckel's class ex- planations and infectious giggles. To Dee Mclntire and Bernice Montgomery, Lois Weaver's calm, unruitled manner. To Barbara Faucett, Betsey Tait's genuine ioy in meeting a class- mate. To Ioan Savon, Lois Pearson's power ot keeping a situation Well in hand. To Pat Whitaker, Nancy WilcoX's agility with knitting needles. Gur more general bequests follow. To the senior locker room, a tool-proof candy machine that delivers on every nickel. To sun-bathers, more Warm, sunny days. To another would-be day student, Nancy Oplinger's infrequent trips home. To anyone who needs them, our precious tree periods. To tennis addicts, a dry season. To all intended med-techs, the "Sleepy Time Gal" atmosphere of the late afternoon biochem class. To the chapel, upholstered seats. To the bulletin board, a day ot rest. To the freshmen, our beloved classrooms and class-notes and the hope that they will be used to greatest advantage. To the sophomores, the class spirit of their sister class. To the juniors, our sincere thanks tor their loyal support in all our undertakings. To every Moravian girl, the fun, the worries, the laughs, the friend- ships which altogether make up the precious memories to be relived and retold whenever classmates shall meet. ln Witness whereof, We set our hand and seal on this, the fourth day of Iune in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and fifty-one. CLASS OF '51 c ig 0 9. cf? C -1 f' firing ,L S. 5. cite :fd ethyl' E acc! 1 2 f ff ,rr T-is gcc if cf. qc enior Cfoss ropfiecy As we look ahead into the future, we find the class of 1951 scattered far and wide and in various fields. Fern Bachman teaches German with a French accent in her girls' school in New York City. Between classes she dashes into Radio City Music Hall, where she thrills the audience with her organ recitals. Carol Buechner has traveled extensively throughout the world and now has an enviable position with the United Nations. "Chemistry of the Twentieth Century," the book with all known chemical data. formulae, and mathematical proofs with a built-in slide-rule, has just been completed by Jean Cassedy, who is now doing important research work for the government. New York has claimed another Moravian grad in the person of Pat Center who designs and models her own creations in her exclusive Fifth Avenue shop. Janet Coble's name has soared to fame as the inventor of a mechanical genius- a robot medical technical. More power to her! Ruth Crissey is in charge of medical research in the University of Chicago Hospital. She is credited with the discovery of several new wonder drugs. Broadway and Shakespeare make a grand combination for Vanita Egge who gives the best performance as Ophelia in the current showing of "Hamlet," Janet Fabian's family of four boys and two girls gets along line while she attends Congress as a United States Senator and hubby manages the experimental dairy farm. Eleanor Faiolo has attained success as a Bethlehem Steel Company executive here in Bethlehem. Doris Gardner, another woman who makes her mark in the business world, is manager of Wanamaker's in Philadelphia, where she has particularly encouraged the sale of shorthand texts and typewriters. Judy Graves has been side-lighting her family life with hubby and junior by doing her own brand of med-teching in California. One of the few Ph.D.'s of Moravian is Buzz Horn, now professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. Debbie Irwin fits in her household duties around her progressive kindergarten school. Her own two toddlers will soon be enrolled. Jane Kincaid has collaborated with husband-professor Sam in the writing of their new history textbook which they will use for the instruction of their own twin boys. Few well-known concert halls have been denied the capacity crowds which gather for Pat Kresge's brilliant piano performances. Lt. Nancy Oplinger has just become head technician at the Naval Hospital on that beautiful South Sea Island, Bally-Hi. Betty Schlegel, the editor-in-chief of the New York Times, has sound-proofed a room beside her.. spacious private office. The room is used as a music studio for her piano pupils. Rosemary Seitz and family have at last become accustomed to Rosemaryis busy schedule. Being a vitamin research worker consumes much of Rosemary's time, but her three children are visions of health, thanks to their mother's attention. June Shafer is now in New York, where she divides her time between Harold and the family and the United Nations organization where she is a Spanish interpreter. Navy wife Lois Shafer has traveled quite a bit with Dick and their three little blondes. Just back from Hawaii, they are now stationed at Annapolis, where Dick is coaching Plebe basketball. Dr. Dorothea Shoifner has traveled as a medical missionary in the Near East for the past six years and has recently opened a new research foundation abroad. Matilda Steckel has gone with hubby Bob to the West Coast, where Tillie med-techs part time, and is homemaker for her three girls the rest of the time. Betsey Tait, the charming Philadelphia model, and John have settled down in their apartment and have begun their family in grand style-John, Jr., and two Irish setters. The new experimental laboratory in Milwaukee is capably supervised by Lois Weaver, who is now perfecting a slip-click, push-pull blood sugar determination method. Nancy Wilcox and Richard are sharing responsibilities as manager and president of American Telephone and Telegraph, and are loving every minute of their busy New York life. Betty Zaffiro is off on another lecture tour, this time speaking on language, customs and democracy of the Twenty-first Century. Her forecasts for the future seem quite in line with the changing times. Lois Pearson has earned a responsible position as editor of "Bride's Magazine." She has been a bride herself, and has helped many others through her personally supervised home economics course. Ng X I X Q a K, + W 'Nw fff W N fi 9 QW t BARBARA MACK BRUNNER 621 Fourth Avenue - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies Q Chickie . . . tiny . . . full of fun and always smiling . , . likes horses . . . led the cheers at M.C.M. for the past two years . . . active member of Little Theatre . . . Glee Club . . . Fair Secs . . . A.E.Pi . . . full-tleclqed announcer . . . disc jockey at WLHN . . . Chickie's main ambition is to get married. MARIE LOUISE CLESS 1411 First Avenue - Hellertown, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies Marie . . . attractive . . . dark hair and eyes . . . quiet until you get to know her . . . good student, but a1so finds time for recreation . . . excels in shorthand . . . spends her spare time in the lounge or at Weiner's . . . Glee Club . . . Fair Secs . . . A.E.Pi . . . Marie Wi11 be a success in any office as a secretary. ANNA ELIZABETH I-IARTEG 112 Second Street - Catasauqua, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies I Libby . . ., small . . . striking dark eyes and dark hair . . . sense of humor . . . loves kittens, swimming, and the Charleston . . . collects sugar . . . says "not paticallyu . . . always dependable . . . member of A.E.Pi . . . Glee Club . . . eternally swinging her foot . . . will long be remembered for her sparkling smile . . . good luck, Libby, on that Civil Service test. . V ANNE LOUISE KENNEDY l9l8 Union Boulevard - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies 9 Anne, our tall, slender qal . . . possesses pretty blue eyes and natural curly hair . . . lots of personality . . . good sense of humor . . . likes music and parties . . . Fair Secs . . . A.E,Pi . . . happy-go-lucky and thrives on jokes . . . always seen in the lounge . . . her main ambition is to become a secretary. ELLA MAE KRAMARCHUK 1501 East Third Street - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies 9 Ellie . . . blond, clear complexion . . . deep voice . . . black-rimmed glasses . . . sports a Sigma Chi pin . . . likes to travel by T.W.A. . . . avid Symphony Sid fan . . . her desire is to own a leopard fur coat . . . member of Fair Secs . . . A.E.Pi . . . Glee Club one year . . . aims to tour Europe . . . her future ambition is to Work in a modern office. lANE TANYA MCCLARIN 236 Eleventh Avenue - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies 0 Ianie . . . our cute little friend of all . . . personality plus . . . spends her spare time reading in the lounge . . . has a twin brother . . . dislikes 8 o'clocks . . . has an interest in Catasauqua . . . Wild desire to visit a race track and place some money on a qood horse . . . Wears blue becominqly . . . Fair Secs . . . A.E.Pi . . . will succeed in her job at the Bethlehem Steel Company. l ANNE DOLORES MORGAN l33l Linden Street - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies I Annie . . . friendly and full of fun . . . always willing to hear others' troubles . . . liqhts up at the name "Bob"-could it be because of his pin? . . . loyal supporter of F. G M. football team . . . member of Glee Club for two years . . . A.E.Pi . . . intramural sports . . . Fair Secs . . . spends summer Weekends at Saylor's Lake . . . Will long be remember- ed for her terrific Wardrobe . . . Last, Annie's generosity and warm per- sonality Will carry her successfully through her career as a secretary or a housewife. EVANTHIA A. PITSILOS l0l5 North New Street - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies O Eve . . . quiet . . . tall . . . neat . . . brown curly hair with a becom- ing red streak' . . . friendly . . . willing to help others . . . worked last summer at Ocean City . . . belongs to A.E.Pi . . . Fair Secs . . . Glee Club . . . often rides to school in a new Mercury . . . enjoys knitting and sewing . . . plans to obtain a position at the Bethlehem Steel Com- pany. ROSEMARY REGINA REISER 1066 Second Avenue - Hellertown, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies I Reggie . . . one ot our girls from Hellertown . . . dislikes commuting on trolley cars . . . finds time to play Canasta in the lounge . . . likes music and books . . . Wants to travel . . . spaghetti gourmet . . . good account- ing student . . . Fair Secs . . . Phi Mu . . . her nails are the envy of the girls . . . Reggie will make a terrific secretary for some man. PATRICIA ANN STUM 60 Parker Street - Carlisle, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies I Pat . . . tall . . . pleasant . . . delicate features . . . Wears bangs . . . attractive dresser . . . transfer from East Stroudsburg . . . lived at Clewell for two years . . . began her career in physical education and then changed to business . . . Pair Secs . . . Phi Mu . . . proudly Wears Lou's Lambda Chi pin . . . plans to get married shortly after graduation, but will employ her secretarial knowledge. HELEN IEAN WARD 1338 Montrose Avenue - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Certificate in Secretarial Studies O Attractive secretarial student . . . always in good spirits . . . very friendly . . . always seen at Sigma Chi with Chuck . . . been wearing his pin for some time . . . loves cherry pie and ice cream . . . good tennis player . . . A.E.Pi . . . Fair Secs . . . intramural sports . . . shows musical ability in Glee Club, Acapella Choir, and Madrigal group at Lehigh . . . known for her sunny smile and cheerful disposition . . . life's ambition is to become a detective. IOAN Tl-IERESE WEBSTER 2 Linden Avenue - Haddonfield, New lersey Certificate in Secretarial Studies Ioanie . . . tall, attractive, blue-eyed . . . personality plus . . . Would do anything for you . . . Wears clothes Well . . . South Iersey accent . . . odd letters from Mimi . . . excitinq trips home every Week-end to see her one and only "Iol'1n" . . . active member of A.E'.Pi . . . secretary of Sophomore class . . . ardent football fan . . . house president of third floor . . . Fair Secs . . . a career as a secretary for a short While, then to settle down to a career as a housewife. TWO. yea, fass tem We, the two-year secretarial students of the class of l95l, having struggled through two years at this college, do hereby make known our last will and testament: Barbara Brunner Wills her dramatic ability to Bunny Bernstein. Marie Cless Wills her l2O-Word speed in shorthand to Franny Athans. Libby Harteg Wills her officiency to Io Anne Porvaznilc. Anne Kennedy Wills her spare time in the lounge to lane Fegley. Ellie Kramarchuk wills her deep voice to Barbara Hirling. lane McClarin Wills her desire for hot dogs to Pat Davies. Anne Morgan Wills her Wonderful Week-ends to Barbara Altoeiier. Eve Pitsilos Wills her thoughtfulness to loy Flarnmer. Rosemary Beiser Wills her long finger nails to Dorothy Ruyak. Pat Stum Wills her Lambda Chi pin to Merdy Anderson. Helen lean Ward Wills her friendliness to Rita Kelly. Ioan Webster Wills her height to Anne Mahler. We, the Senior Secs, bequeath our excellent record to the "Frosh." : -f ' ' wo:year' fuss rop ecy After gazing into our clouded crystal ball, we predict that the tol- lowing things will happen to our gang. Barbara Brunner has reached her goal and now has her own horse racing track in Kentucky. She is sending special tips to the girls at Moravian and is accepting all their bets. ' Anne Morgan is busy raising eleven sons tor the F. CS M. football team, While ther husband is coaching them. t loan Webster is combining a career and marriage in New Iersey. lohn Powers has just selected her as the most outstanding model- mother of the year. Pat Stum and Helen lean Ward are busy doing social work, while their doctor-husbands are conducting the physical exams at Moravian. Down in Washington, D. C., etticient Marie Cless and Libby Harteg are private secretaries to the President ot the United States. Anne Kennedy and lane McClarin are scolding their youngsters tor wasting tirnep it seems they never had a minute to waste when they were in school. Ellie Kramarchuck, Eve Pitsilosg andlteggie Heiser are working as secretaries in Paris. They have indeed traveled widely since they lett Moravian. All this may sound a bit tar-fetched, -but it just stands to prove the iaith we have in our gang's "making good." l Morcrvicrlfs l759 Spinet, in Blue Parlors of College V 1-lxfx-if! .7f7fNL7- N- Tjxjxfx' QSNX X!x!x n f X ' 1 WJ K C5- X ?A5f Xkjj 2 4 7 f 'Z L ffgx f I, QL ' 55245 ZX! Kixfz' fKfB?ffQ w f- Xfjiiifii v VQVXV fix Xfkfx I I f Xfkfi xxx A X ff riv- ' I,ll'LiOl'S RQ iCamercx Shyl Gloria Abel, Patricia Coffey, Barbara Edwards, Grace Plath, Ruth Goldman, Mary Louise Hildenbrandt, Verna Lunqlhofer, Laurel Milne, Bernice Montgomery, Martha Morossey, Margaret Neuhauser, loyce Rich- ards, Nancy Ritter, Patricia Stocker, Elaine Wagner, Sally Woodward, Olivemae Wooler. loan Boise Evelyn Buss Barbara Paucett Kathryn l-lorwath Lois lannotta Barbara lhle Zora Mariin Dolores Mclntire ludith Pavelich Dolores Pfeifer Mary Ponqracz leannette Bhoads loan Savon Alice lane Schoier Ruth Treut Frances Webber Thelma West Patricia Whitaker Mary lane Zehner Patricia Browne Mabel Eng Vincenza Ferrara Charlotte Haag . Op!lOl7'lOl'6S D Nancy Hart Naoe luna Ioanne Lohrinan Louise Manger 54" ' I 0' ' I 'Il if I H41 Const. Nonnernaker Irene Szvetecz 2 fy! 7:2 , . f' B Y . in I g fCcnnera Shy! Shirley Albright, Dorothy Baker, loan Bramble, Kath- leen Brandt, Virginia Conklin, loan Culligan, Minchg Drucker, Shayne Dunbar, Henrietta Gruber, 'Ioyce Hains, lean Koenig, Patricia Krolilc, Sally Lanham, luclith Lubell, Nancy Moritz, Sara Morris, Marilyn Nuss, Marion Oland, Charlotte Riggs, Marianne Salaski, Helen Search, Ioan Wagner, Eileen iWain- Wright, Nancy Wright. LLL!-lbi' V , 4 l L- FCSA 171611 2 Mariam Acopian Barbara Altoeffer Frances Athans Marion Bell Patricia Davies Lauretta Dikon Ann Enright Elizabeth Ee-gley Ioy Elamrner Eleanor Guidon Peggy Harte Louise lohnson Rita Kelly Shirley Kernmerer Betty Kline Doris Kuka La Veida Major Claire Marsteller Patricia Miller Lois Neustein Virginia Peck IoAnne Porvaznik Dorothy Ruyak l. lvl l l 1l'6S!ZI'TlCI'l l l lCamera Shy! Meredith Anderson Barbara Hirlinq i Shirley Beck Betty Horn Helen Bernstein Elizabeth Kuss Betty Boone Ioan Lipsky Loretta Borry Lois Lutz lane Culp Anne Mahler Nannette Dexheimer Nancy Mclieever Patricia Dick Grace Beed i Barbara Doll Mary Ann Bobell Millicent Drake Nancy Schmoyer G-eorqia Drawbauqh Doris Thierolf Marjorie Eaton Dawn Van Keuren i Helen Faust lean Viqlione lane Henry Marian Wagner Sally Hiah Nancy Webber l i LN Q., -Qt,fe"' Z..- mm -sv 'f- 'le- .qlbq N a s .1 ,.',4,. . .., B I' - -- 34" 11 ' , n ff 'xg f Q wi? Q AX Wk fs df JUBNW HWQPQ QJ L Kg Mi? Zu en Z' Gov fl' V ssociation . 1,0 XA I. Y 2, .1 I I, VVQXSJT T '! FFXI- G 1: h L: .Y - 4' - qv 'L 'Q + , F fx fr ' ' H511 . F - ,, 4 ' :J 'ki .. f Y, 'f is ' ' 4 R N' f' f if b ' Q N H Bnuung omenii CAl'l,SfZ'OI1 A155 fn ff A F w W P i ljefiu Zfzasiforz Befilky Stag - 5-ii'- , iw, Y H . -n,,Y l ,Tf-i,.-- -.1-Q . , S15 45441124 ' U ll - genigncz Staff lfizzfe Theatre Cfee CMJ f oulem Laliguage vi if PM zwu Epsifon Q, Ailfpfzcz psifon P1 INIGXA' 1 I1 ICIHLCVS W P 2 wh nterncztiona efations - :.: . -, 5i'?s5q5 fQHWMwE?iQg 'Sf ..'. 2 -.---- 3 Wigfgyiwi W ng? C , Fair Secs .Bi:CAe1'11:Zo tfzfetic Association Basielfraff Team HOCLW W 4 WORKED HARD PLAYED 1-:Annan ' ..V ..--1' ' ' A 1 K4 M X Wg ' . ffy fxm XX X , ff-I f X Xl WU - Q S 5 'N f W f 5 I J I f FLJ l N-s.. xx XX! V kj i w 1 X X N , ' W wWfWfHllXfI!llNfWWIlk X IUNIOB PROM, 1950, with Deborah Irwin as Belle IUNIOB PROM, 1951, with Mary lane Zehner as Belle, crowned by Deborah Irwin -- Ioan Boise . . . Laurel Milne . . . Nancy Hart . . . Louise Iohnson as attendants. .1 , I. ,,,. , 3515- "MISS MORAVII-KN" Fern Evfaine Bacfunczn Crowned Queen at Morczvicufs 1951 Sprinq Pete on College Campus I HQNQZQ ,line Kincaid QENIQIQS Lois zokr I janet Fagan ILICZCII JCCI! YXKGPC! Two I ye C1 I' HQNQR SJENIQIQSJ JOOI1 WeAst'er Whoh lxffzo in flmerican Coffeges ana! EInVz'versit1'es 1 3 's 5 AI Outstanding students selected on a basis of character, scholarship, leadership in extra-curricular activities, and possibility of future usefulness to business and society. Ianei Fabian lane Kincaid lune Shafer Lois Shafer Fern Bachrnan IK og 5 K 5 Ain X , X. 1 f Mins Q, -Hma1seZ1!Z"! ""' 'vrll 0 , ff Q ' Y .o 'T x x' 2 f ..". 4 K" .- if 1 n , XG' Y,.,n. . , -.,, ,.,. W., .,...:,.-. ral AE P1 RUSHTES AT mg CLUB PHI mu Rusume 2 DOGPATCI-I STYLE L If , n - l. X ., , , klff '-klllkl - - I I ' . -.-..-..L..,.1,,.....-, , 2 -vp A 4- -,,., , , .PV I L : i S E? ,:.fH.1,,. , ah A ,s , ' w. in . Fl Hr' V Q 5 fl,-'A ii A e 17 ,, lf' . nh V f U f . N 5. TL 1 7 Aff v i 'Y' Ff-fi' ?'v 'f55if'?-I-ffl: H iii, Lip? 1: A 'Q Sm I 1' . ., ffxgfgmur-1 ' 4 Af. 3 'xfiyzwl 4 'amy' fi ' qw 5, gr QA !' a . , 1 3524 9gr+ ' ' L F I Ugg' A! xv., K - ' 1-ai If A 1- ,f ' - 3 1 .'v ' " - 4 -, 2: g 1 ' N!El,M,f?'f QF' QHJ141' 24,3 ff! sU'i All : ::,, - Iv! 'IF . , ' 1- - ' fifwxw: 1 V' I MT,-fr 1. '7 ! 6. In lx 1 .' 1: ., Il F, cw 5 A I ' . , ITS x ,f. L V ,. f S. . . , X . 'gl . , f lg: JT X ' . ilzyg?-N 1--U ws' , ML ...H 1- af If - . , Q , , 6, X S im J! lf' 'Wx , xxx' 1 W -H? x ,X I f 5 N il M95 . : g wax smug NN... .-:.5',5gg 3W ffj' ,' f1fm , gvy 36' T4 X 4, ,V,, , EQ HivH4,,Qsf.f- W w 2 mi n 1 A P93511 if gldg-'BKWQN , WX! rj-' """""' Xf- f' F0 51 We mvmif numxx K 0 .szcs COMBINE Aho shine 1 4, . is 1 ,Y 4, . GWB :WJ Y! 'Q- N 5621 232.0 APRU. SHEIIUERS P fag- 'Fa 4,7 . .n J' I, K fu m fa h . 1. -fr sk N ll 17, W -51' ar L 9 I I -,fu 1. -iw A NJ' K Q r .VXI l W -N I N1 iqx fd 'rf . V N I. N NN N N N N N N NNN ,.. N N . N N N . N i N J N. NN N N N ,. I NN N N Patron ist We extend thanks and appreciation to the following PATRONS AND PATRONESSES Dr. G. D. Acopian Mr. P. Athans Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Bachman Mr. and Mrs. l. Bernstein Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Boise Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Boone Dean Bushnell Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Cassedy Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Center Mr. H. D. Cless Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Coble Mrs. I. C. Crissey Dean Curtis Mr. and Mrs. B. Desh Mr. and Mrs. N. Dikon Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Drake Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Egge Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Eng Mr. and Mrs. I. Enright Mr. and Mrs. B. Goldman Mr. and Mrs I. Guidon Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Hall Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Hirling Mr. G. L. Horn Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Horn Mr. I. Horwath Mr. and Mrs. S. lannotta Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Irwin Mr. Q. N. Kemrnerer Mr. and Mrs. W. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Kincaid Mrs. G. E. Kresge I Mr. and Mrs. I. Kuka Lt. Col. and Mrs. B. E. Lanham Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McKeeVer Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Miller Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Neuhauser Mr. and Mrs. B. V. Nuss Mr. A. I. Oplinger Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ptefter Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Richards Mr. I. Robe-ll Gen. and Mrs. P. L. Sadler Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Schlegel Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Schrnoyer Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Shafer Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Shoitner Mr. and Mrs. Percy E. Steckel Mr. and Mrs. I. Stine Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Tait Mr. and Mrs. EN. Trent Col. and Mrs. E. Van Keuren Mr. and Mrs. D. Viglione Mr. and Mrs. E. Wagner Dr. and Mrs. R. Walls Mr. A. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. I. I. Wilcox Mr. A. W. Woodward Mr. H. L. Wright Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Zaitiro Mr. and Mrs. D. I. Zehner We also thank those whose contributions were received after the above list of names had gone to press. ppreciation We, the Editor and the Staff of the 1951 BENIGNA, Wish to extend our appreciation and thanks to all who have aided us in naming our yearbook a symbol of loyalty and devotion .... We also appreciate the support which our patrons and advertisers have given us .... ln addition, We are grateful to our photographer, Mrs. Connery to our engravers, Sanders-Reinhardt Co.: and to Mr. Rinker and our printers, Schlechters, for their cooperation, 7NDVERTl5EP'!ENTS ff IW' ,jf ,,f X X X td l i 1 f Q QI ... pf'XeNX fx,-iff ,....uX,L,k 5 fljlnmlguj - Q X al 5 ' .f E J L43 jvkxjyfgf HL P x m X K K x R' g ' 1 RAIKAR 1' I X R 1 V PI A. FREEMAN, INC. I E: Qlerttfieb Gentoifrgifi I: .ru I' REGISTEREDJEWELER 'I !L'lW'9ANf'lll.5WEllJ :I 0 'I I: Official Ieweler Class of 1951 ll ' 911 Hamilton Street Allentown. Pa I 31111121 Erihlrhrm BETHLEHEM, PENNA. if Direction of American Hotels Corporation EE I. Leslie Kincaid, President: Charles F. Knapp, Mgr. if 0 I' , Greetings and Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1951 EI Moravian College for Women if We Welcome Your Patronaqe 'u '-'-"-'-'-'-'-'-'-'u'-'-"-'-'- -"-"-'u'u"J'-'-F-'-'-'-"-'-"-'u'-'-'-"-'-' '-'-"-'-1'-'-'-J'-'-'-'-"J'- '-'-'-'-'-F-'-'-'-'-'-Fn'-"-'-'-'-'-'-'J'-'J'-1 .1'u'- '-'-'ni'-'n"n'1-'u'-'-'-"-J'-"-".'u'-"-"-"-"-'-J'i'ln For A11 Things Musioa1 . Kempfer Music Co. 506- 508 MAIN STREET BETHLEI-IEM, PA. qycfzfecfzteris Printers 3 123 - 130 North Low Street ALLEN TOWN - - PENNSYLVANIA Printers of the "1951" Benigncx I-IUFFS MUSIC STORE Phone 7-4115 526 MAIN STREET ' MUSIC ' RECORDS ' RADIOS ' TELEVISION Phone 6-2412 Oldest Drug Store in U.S.A. SIMQN R-AU 5, CQ. SANDERS-REINHARDT CO. PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY MAKERS OF 420 Main Street BETHLEHEM, PA. FINE IDRINTING pLATES Allentown, Po. FLORENCE YINGST DRESSES si ENSEMBLES of Distinction , NUBBY KNIT SUITS tExc1usive with us? E B . 43 N. iaui su-een ALLENTOWN, PA. UQTUVGTS - emqncf Phone 8685 -"-"n"-1'-'-"-"-"-'-'nr'-'-'-'-"n'n'-'-'-'-Fu'-'-'-'-"-"-'-'-'-" -'-"-'-'-'n'-'-'-'n'-"n':'-'n"n"n"1-F-'n'n"-"n'-'-'-'J'-'-' APPROVED "AAA" RESTAURANT AIR CIONDITIONED PURE FOOD RESTAURANT Complete FOUNTAIN SERVICE 0 PHONE 7-421 1 0 13 West Broad Street BETHLEHEM. PA. Compliments of COLLEGE RESTAURANT West Broad Street Bethlehem, Pa. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE RADIOS RADIO COMBINATIONS TELEVISION GOODENOUGH'S Next to Hotel Bethlehem -"-'J'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-"-'-'-'-"-"-'-"- F. E. WEINLAND Sporting Goods Gym Suits - Field Sports Sweaters - Sportswear CORNER BROAD AND MAIN STREETS Orchids Gardenias Flowers tor All Occasions BROAD ST. FLORAL SI-IOP 45 WEST BROAD STREET M arming-A rmstrong Shoe Fashions 807 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. PHONE 8250 Good Food Speaks a Language Everyone Understands Where: CLAUSE'S AMER. RESTAURANT 627 MAIN STREET When: Daily 11:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. Patronize Our Advertisers 1'-'-'-"u"n'n'- n'm'g"n"u"n'e'nF-'-'-'u'-'-'n'n'-' '-'-'-'-':"l '-'-'11 n'm'-'n'n'-'u"k'-'m'-'-"-'-'-'-'-'-"-'-'-'-'-'-'- ..-.-.-.a-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-5-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.1..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-..-.-.-.-.u-.-.-. .-.P I I :I RALPH A. METZGER EE 1406 Hamilton Street Allentown, Pa. O PGRTRAIT PHOTCDGRAPHY .5 ' :- I I F n: Fellow of the I I' Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain 5: i I' I n I' I 'I 'l :- 1: g. 5 FOR BETTER SHOE REPAIRING I O E P A S C O Broad and Main Streets RAY'S headquarters- tor . . . Arrow Shirts - Arrow Ties Arrow Underwear R A Y ' S MEN'S AND BOYS' STORE W. Ray Lipsky, Prop 51 W. Broad St. Bethlehem, Pa REMEMBER OUR ADVERTISERS I: The Beniqna Staff offers its sincere thanks to the business establishments who have cooperated with us in making the l95l Beniana' possible. Without their support it would have been much interior. I 5: g. 4 t a H'-'-"'-'J'-'-'u"'-"'u'-'-'u Moravian, we long love and cherish thee And thy beliry We'll ever adore, While the ivy still clings to thine ancient Walls, ln our hearts we'll be true everrnore. -Loyalty Song

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