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41 uf- f . '--ff'5'1,.a 4 . L 11 "fix-'zfz "ri . -5925 H'?'hQ9i"::c 'i::I'. "1" f Sf,g,1i, Q , , 4,-'egf5g'.iP -fl x s ,haw ,nl Na- Q n Q , J k 5 9: h 1' , ,- ,-g T .Qi J- ww. w. ' .. ,i QA- ' .pn .k Ay wk, -5 1 n u ' .1 'M 'Nev . 'V 4.1,- , A K., I -5 . A , 1. 1 ' 'E fig' ' 1 KK 1 ' ,M My ? P . . 9 . 1 an ,Z 7, O ' 'gs ,, J I3 , v . . . , 5 It 1. i' .i gm by x-hi n 1 , x 4 v-1 1 1 x 4 J' Jw - ' w zxxa , .fu 4 T srl' P' K air' .a .5 -L31 V .fu ' z W ff" 'in '. A I 5'L'g'9s5Hy f . fn 11 'K .f- l fl? Q, , gg, xy. y . -milf., u N 1 , .af F153 , 1 1 ' . - . 1 sw A f ": 1 ,rf , . Q. WTA: I Q X . lv i v ' f 5 u QQ 'ir Yhrr , K n WN li wmigv 4 A . QW . W . . fyf x ' 1 nv ' ,,' 'ple-, rv N .Q Vida: W: .1 A - .,, - ,af,5A,px- -. ,. ,x,,.,+.:,.1f , v, A, f .. lg- ,, ,, Q' ' 5,-,,7-Swyl yy "vm H i .'.fW"5'H' m " f 1514"-A 14,LNfIf:5v.4yf?gf,.i ig?-'fja Q.. 4 f b . 'yy 'N 5 gg-My .Ag -,R,.Q.:f,.q I - 55. , . I J- K ,wk , . ,, ' M,.5 I , 13,,,x , 'gh-r-' 5121 ma 744: zfmawe sm 775444 7494 Salon! pzecazw 756 'I 954 Wlaomwg ofaecaofwl As you turn the pages of the 1954 Mustang for the first time, you will find many familiar faces, scenes, and mem- ories recorded therein. Your chief interest will be to see just how the staff has chosen to depict them for you. But as time rolls onward and the storehouse of your memories continues to become filled, then will your Mustang become the key with which you can again unlock the darker chambers and once again review the l955-l954 school year. The staff has tried to present for you as complete a picture of Mora High as this medium would permit, and it hopes you will enjoy your book as much as it has enjoyed preparing it for you. Certain personalities through service give us a feeling of character completeness. The dedication of this annual to a man who has contributed so much marks a grateful appreci- ation from those whom he has afforded a model. This man began his distinguished service in the Mora Public Schools as a classroom teacher and was elevated to Mustang Staff humbly Superintendent, Merrol Larson. EDITORIAL Richard Wenholz Barbara Peterson Evelyn Roggentein Elaine Mattson Nancy Martens Darlene Althoff Dawn Numsen Barbara Mork Elaine Rosnow Eldon Carlson Darlene Westman Kathryn Bylund Edna Lakeberg Elaine Nastrom Kenneth Broostin EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Sharon Hohn in l928. In l95O he became Principal his present position in l959. The dedicates this yearbook to our BUSINESS Evelyn Krawiecki Janice Nordstrom Sheila Woodbeck Gertrude Johnson ADVISOR Harold Obert H W vrdu wiv WW 1" he 7 5 . 1 . W el v -7 1' 1 2 ' udp" Ama ..n.., I Nu.. MIQRQCOL LARIKON ROUERT SCIIWEPPE ELEONOR NERLIEN Superintendent Senior High Principal Junior High Principal W.A., Augsburg B.A., Gustavus Adolphus B.S., U. of Minnesota M.A., U. of Minnesota M.A., U. of Minnesota Zaafwidfg ' N W - Seated: Fred Anderson CChairmanJ, Leo Anderman, Bill Anderson, Arvid Johnson. Standing: Gunnar Ueckstrom CTreasurerD, Ole Edstrom CClerkD, Superintendent Merrol Larson, Fa ult lg ..- TIRST ROW: fELEN SETTERLOE: 2nd and 5rd Grade Combination. PHYLLIS HUHPHERY: Grade l. HARIAN LODIEN: Grade 2. LUCILLE QANUEL: Commercial, Junior Class Co-Advisor. QAQLHS SANFORD: 4th and 5th Grade Combination. ALYCE SCVULTZ! Grade 5, JOAN JOHNSON: Grade 5. PHYLLIS VIK: Junior High English, 9th Grade Co-Advisor, Assist with Class Plays, Speech Activities, and Dcclam. SEC ON D ROW: CLEVE HERGQUIST: World History, American History, Driver Training, Athletic Director, Health Council. DONNA RASMUSSEN: Biology, Girl's Physical Education, GAA, Cheer- leaders, Sophomore Class Co-Advisor. JOANHE GORANSON: Home Economics, General Science, Assistant Hot Lunch Supervisor, 7th Grade Co-Advisor. JACK GRINM: Junior High Math, English, Director of Visual Aids, 7th Grade Co-Advisor. DONNA DUFF: Librarian, English. JANET GANAS: Home Economics, Hot Lunch Supervisor, Future Homemakers of America. AQQA FEYpA: Grade 4. SOLVEIG HALVORSON: English, Spanish, Sophomore class Co-Advisor. CLYEE NEWTO,: Industrial Arts, Drseball Coach, Junior High Naskvt- ball Coach, Junior Class Co-Advisor. :UST JOHNSON: Junior High Music, Band, Grade Music Supervisor. TVIRD RON: LAURENCL NELSON: Agriculture, Future Farmers of America, Visual Aids. JOHN WAKRHEIN: Junior High Social Studies, Junior High Music, Junior and Senior Choir Director. WILLIAM OHM: English, Speech, Declam, Class Plays, Assistant Senior Class Advisor. JACK NELSON: Health, Eoyfs Physical Education, Head Football and Hasket- ball Coach, Freshman Class Co-Advisor. ROBERT BRIMI: Industrial Arts, Junior High Social Studies, Boy's Physical Education, Assistant Basketball and Football Coach, Sth Grade Co-Advisor, HAROLD OBERT: Senior Social Science, American History, Annual Advisor, Junior Class Co-Advisor. STANLEY GUSTAFSON: Senior High Math, Chemistry, Physics, Guidance Assist- ant, Senior Class Advisor. BERNARD THOMPSON: Coordinator Distributive Education, Business Principles and Law, Bookkeeping. KENNETH BJELDE: Grade 6 and Grade Principal. Q y l ' 1 3 f , v r . X . 4 H r .v M ,. . A .jj f 3, fsxtk ' -,, 5 v ,I ' , , , L: K. Y V . , , Hx Vg + x .Lf ' ,. 3 ,iii V. ,a Q , t . I , K :Q 4 ' .- Q ' I A P Q, , I 5- - ' gf.1-L. .1 - kj, ' gf ' ,L f I 2 - 1 at-,1'DgNY YR' ' 11 S a O oh m monar H1 a U HOXG QLSON 15 non L DFRHEL 1 there rigxfl X NS 2: 19 n G11 ,oe . ow 5153291 O SW K1 , 'QPR SEG KE n 0095 nD0Qxp m ON u Ge MQEYSB Quin gf. S Cgifgior 0 9 NP- D aftman Gig 14 1-,be DON he 3 T Xiv2'obe 1 1qH02e15ChO5GAA 9.-L OXIOOB6 4. gbeiof 53. VOZ,43iSbDue5ant guxb 22,46 zvsolzpdtbeno Roig 'fri and we ng A qocaettearbiomi Xb m6 Seca? go Q0 3 F9-P' 01504 dfffww VICE-PRESIDEVT vrVeY' 1 s JANICE NT e to NORDSTROM UJgnU elk about ginger! - a whole spice box U Senior Choir 2 5 3,45 Cheerle Annual S A l O Ev G - she's J n4f Ba ader l taff 4' r Choir AA 5,4' Glee t nd 1,2, 121514: , Mirror Staff 4, li German Club 35 , PSD Band 1,23 Girl's Club 25 Woodwind Quar- ette 2,3,4g German Band 3. TREASURER THOMAS HEUER UTomH Uwomen may be the some men's ooff mine black H Bandll 2,5 cream in -ee but I lik ,2,5:4g Mirror ,Ag Brass Quar Pep Band l,2,5 e Staff tette 5 ,4- :4f my K 1.Kg?,,f-W .V X : Q ibm Ek Q QQ , - X Q Aw mv 'P' A 4 as . , Q XX W Q f NM U N. QESW' si ..,,, - ' V wi? s xv A f MN' KY! QV ' we ,w -A N-gay, ,M , ,Q 4. .gifs -,, V. ,Rx N4 yr s SS? 1 .E V ?M,.,.Q.v.. . . x if 4,5 it 1 X ph 12.4. W. C63 K. - . L . Q -Q .X Q3 x Kg Q: X N Sv K, ,, "Xn:.f'F,,, RL' at A X Q . ,.. Q 5 , EQ: -. XQQ x 3' 15 5 Q if-1 fbi ws x 4+ Q J . S-A . 535: -. . is A f 3 . .Q ' X 35191-1 -- ff M J x Q Q 9 w ' Q. ,. L : pw w mfs? ia Q ix , fx 332531 3, XX ' s A x as xi A . Ni. :Sw ca may JM ww Hx x L -5 A fr X 9 K if f t A 5441 - 1 V92 9 W, A ., 'A ffhi li 1' Y " 91:55 2 X3Ti?fb 7' , Q-1. viffsg ,SK ' , -sv , -"' gf, I S 3 , A 5' 5 ii Qigwimfi QV. b r A 2 fa . 1. - Qi 35' ,P ff' X V5-J, Q" .. 5 .. 3 5594 Nr? ,, Lfiii 2 'F H D ' ' fL""' 5:' fx . M -1:-sw-M Q N, . X33 X MW nh ,, ,,f, . imfflfkf . M f.--1 4.915 , ' ,.,. . X N my lqibs A MF XV 4 f SX ., bi. -my X ,N qw W 1. w f gfjww 3 P I 'K f f , ,J X ig ' LfTk H., 2 x X U v T' , V 1 5 sf f Q-::.5.f': . ,.-, ,, M. , ,, gg. ,wi- " 1 an QS, f - . , Q Q x 4. I x a il My- sy.. was, NUYT? ip s W. 4 .W .M 'Vi . ff -we fs. A an x. LY ,ff z QQ . EEK- A ,ggx . Q f1 1 ' ,'.,s AJ 'F A . M ..- . 'H L, ' f fkifz ' ,iq . Nf,.-'WE X w in 1 f , ?'f'.r,, . :M ' w T ui--4' K 1 x el ,S X X, ,nip-- V -Q3 S Q R 1 MARION LOVAAS UA neat appearing girl is al- ways nice to look at.u Band 1,2,5,43 Pep Band 1,2,5Q Junior Choir 13 Kirror Staff 43 FIA 53 Girl's Glee Club 2,53 GAA 1. DENNIS CLAVTON HDennyn HHappy am I, with heart care- fPG6Q Oh, why Can't the rest of you be like me.n Senior Choir 2,5,43 Boy's Quartette 5,43 Mirror Staff 2. CLAYTON OOSTERHUIS HClaytyn NGO west young man, -- but further than Milaca.u Band l,23 Pep Band l,23 Mirror Staff 2,5,43 Juricr Choir l. EVELYN ROGGENTEIN nEVien nFull of fun and ready for anything.n GAA l,2,53 Mirror Staff 2,5,4g Annual Staff 43 German Club 53 FHA 53 Student Council 2g Girl's Glee Club 53 Junior Choir lg Homecoming Attendant 4. ARLEN RYBERG nNiokH HA bright, happy fellow with plenty of cheer, who'll re- main this way throughout the years. Senior Choir 2,5,4. LOIS OLSON NLOH nLife is what you make it and I prefer to make mine interesting,n Junior Choir lg Girl's Glee glib 2,53 GAA l,2,5,43 FHA , O . ww . rfi , 4 ,L ig. nzff' 5' z gf ,..,.19, lf Q . . ,- f. ' N J, 1. w " Y .M F1 .1159 :J ,, ' f 'L X fy yi I, 'Q ., , .imc , ,., . , , . wing, 4' xgliiym 1 gig'-31i , :M 'rfb Q liilxg. gf VSA gr ytkl. gk k Q ,. X afim-Q5 X55 sy. , Q5 lk X Q 'ff 'A ::. f Y- ?es iff ,ai u , N 1 r I 445 .1.Qf.1f.,J, .xl i.f'ff':Si-. K a ,. ,. M.. i O 2' nn- wr 5: g v an 4 .- . . . .w m lf .Wh .,. ' 3 f " w. Q. 5 'x X + Q M Q - 5' . xxx Q " Sr' T. .Q i.., .. , Q ..., . , . -- -- ii 15 'f Sw Q M , Zi K s' . Q as X F ,, .. .+ , 11 5 . Q ' r rf' .. 'X ESM 5: 54 A 755235 1 6' x 5 wp, '23 S' f x .1 sk. ,, Hr ,, K gk ' 2-:wi N, 5 W B ' S523 K 1 153 ,53- 21 -4 r- MN mv- -f. 1-1 1 , M W ,z 4,,. Q., g ,x Irv. 1. sf',iu,.,4.tgf- L 1 in 'ff-25' fki'J"" ...X iisg, wwfeiw Ev V43 ,gg 4 ff "sf 23,3 Y 5.4 J V 1, ,A Us swim. , fi ie SQ. 3 if 1:55525 -'ff' -ffm? E QE' ag as X Q . -in .. 3 -1x"x.v'T:.:: fiig N Q A A N , .g.. 1 " xx x X :SIN ' ,s . .,, ' 5' , Q 4 K L Q r mf 5 v 5 5 N + wif? + 9 U um- :Q WC 5 ls AX S if Y' N :ff X fri. 311535, s, K 2. xi fx: ,AMW . A K gi--51 ' ,mfg . ,ixwgfe . sf A K, f 1351? 5451. , x 352 'fv' f- 1 Q rw, Img-xigy' f-Q1 W2 gi g. ,i , 453 'E ,E 2 I -Q ' YY: : - I-,P Q? 14 1,-Q xv-'sfiwi ' . -A 'NK iH'fa.g'e',:-4.-"" K ,Sig gl, f 152-Af' 1 .,,f1L wgZf,,:?A ., in Willa 'S Q 557 7 M if 'Fi ,,, ? I- n 'Z ,7?T'1:'?' ff? 'ff X4 if ,ZW -fdlt DELMER JAM S nDeln nAnother fellow who forgot to grow.W Senior Choir 2,5, JOHN BARNES nHe knows what he knows when he knows it.n Band l,2,5,4 - CStudent Dir- ector 413 Senior Choir 2,5,4g FFA 2,5,4g Pep Band l,2,5,4g Rrass Sextette 5,4. ROGER BOSTER nWork -- where have I heard that word before.U FFA 1,2,5, CONRAD SCHULTZ HConnieu HI hear, yet say not much, but think the more.n Transfer Student Spooner, Wisconsin 4. WILLIAM OWENS nB1lln uMe and my oar.n German Club 53 CAP l CLASS COLORS: MAROON AND GOLD CLASS FLOWER: WHITE CARNATION CLASS MOTTO: THE GONE: THE FUTURE VALEDIGTORIAN2 DARRELL OLSON SALUTATORIAN! PEGGY GOTFREDSON PAST FOREVER STILL OUR OWN pn v- ' -. M' Q - I v 1 ,U 2 , I s f 17? "A is ,fix - 4' .,,, IN ' f-'MVP'--l '7 'JYV 5.'l"L' .MEF MAJ.-IIX i,1C'iHDL.v O J"'9 -nv ,....m..' 5 W 1 ,gf .5 .- """1,,, 14" 4 5 .L Y Q.. ,w 1 Q.. M LJ -W? ,nw- 51 4-J fi I 5 , - ' fifff' Q, , ' 'F' pm. va 1'-v1,, lr., .NX AQ W H nf i ,Un x -43 3 Row 1: TG, Rosmow, Il, Lovaas, AQ, ETkSt:'Om, J. way, C. T13 hell. Qow 2: P, GOt'jPO-1SO1'1, J, 1':1'lCk3OH, W. fXlthoi'?', LL. '..'oo.ib0ck, J. 'swuvs . uirfxhmlf, 'feuhol I: , .gk Li, EG , lxrnwiocki . .lowli : IK. :.r'Fmwv, , wflyfm, V. ml E.: ith, . ,Orly U. VPrm,i,w1.:so11, T. 'Emory 11, I.I31't2r1s, -A 'fTfVY"fix1 '11, -V. ,-'7!'1,11H'fU'I, 11. .w',.'lvj,', O. Oofstovlmifg, UI. Roznfdshfwlf, ROKR' Al: ., mm, ,, il-1:E fx, HQ. . i1,fEwT1, 2, Jo'm.:o11, L. Nrficlison, N. Clayton, A. Hgvlgmkl, J. il,l.'I"I1 :ml ', .ImT1:1.1om, Q, 'iw-l.mrx, 'i. 1Ol'fUI'1SOTl. low 5: 1. .ionst1'om, A. Valli, L, Qwllmz, l, LYNN:-, J. '.'1f'vtXi.1OI1, . 'V2,:t'A-lun, Ed. Iiy1:1r1.iGr' Q gs ww v if FMMGW TEN YEARS HAVE PASSED SINCE TH CLASS OF 1954 LEFT THE VEIL OF TESTS, BETTER KNOWN AS MORA HIGH SCHOOL. I WONDER WHAT ALL MY OLD CLASSMATES ARE DOING? EVERYONE HAD SOME IDEA OF WHAT THEY WANTED TO BE, BUT HOW MANY ACTUALLY SUCCEEDED? COME WITH M AND WE'LL SEE JUST WHAT EACH ONE HAS DONE WITH lO YEARS OF FREEDOM. HOP IN MY SUPER-DUPER JET-PROPELLED SCOOTER AND AWAY WE GOI Stan Erickson has taken Tony Marvin's place on the Arthur Godfrey Show. CIIfTord Wroolie has replaced Arthur Godfrey. Instead of being a relaxed show, It Ts now a nervous riot. Sharon Hohn and Nano Martens have invaded New Yorkl They are now the Co- EdItors-in- e of t e New York Times. On New Years Day, Dave Westman's headache was relieved when his great un- defeated Notre Dame Football team won the Rose Bowl Game! Barbara Mork did so well on the planning of the Junior-Senior Banquet that she Ts now planning all the banquets in Washington, D. C. Tommy Dorsey has given up playing the trombone because another Tommy, Tom Heuer, has given him too much competition and no one comes to hear ETH pIay anymore. Dick Bowman is now writing a book entitled, "The Trail to the Barber Shop", or WSnipf Snipiu Darlene Althoff has finally become a chief operator, only not in the telephone office. She is a doctor. Bob Youngguist CGopherJ, Gordon Sorenson CFrogJ, and Roger Boster CPoochD, are starred in a Walt Disney movie. It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman! It's John Barneslllll Dawn Numsen is employed as a guide for deer hunters at tHe Kwitcherbellyachin Lodge in Canada. Janice Nordstrom and Marlyn Angstman are running a school that teaches short gIrls to Took up at people gracefully. "Slim Sel1ne's Salon', for people over 90 pounds who want to reduce, is now open for business. Lula Seline, proprietor. Shelb Grahek has cooked up a new dance step, but she claims it's just another po a. John Hillman and Gar Linder, two great scientists, met their Waterloo when they tried to find a solution to stop them from growing taller. Clinton Waddell is still in Ogilvie's gym trying to repeat the spectacular sHot He made December 8, 1953. Richard Wenholz has received his doctors degree in literature at Yale University. Mr. Ohm made a big impression on him. What's this? Alvern Krinke has followed John Hillman and Gary Linder. He wanted to stop growing taller tool Too bad! Mar Kadlec is a Vice-President of the Plymouth Corp. Traitorl ar s Go fredson is the owner of a new dime store chain: nMarlys' Merry ar e . Arla e Falk is heard every Thursday night on television. She plays timpane or Dragnet. Da! Dal Da! Dal Q1ll,2H2B5 is the star of the racing world. He drives a super race car of his own invention. He also employs several midget racers. They are Dewey Mattson, Bob Mitchell, and Bill Posey. Arlen R ber 's smile is currently being flashed on the TV screens across America. e wor s for the new nGlow Like Moon-Lightn Toothpaste Company. Donald O uist is the head photographer for Life magazine. He specializes in c eer eaders and basketball games. David Johnson has entered the cross-country crawl race. The slowest one wins. Donna Danlelson has proved very successful as a housewife. Tom Uoldsmlth is giving Tommy Manville competition. ar o son s the head of the Johnson's Wax Company. His secretaries are Gertrude Johnson, Renee Johnson, and Yvonne Johnson. Violet Cashman is a cashier in Alice Banker's EEE. Larr Carlson is a resident of Callfornla. There is no need for an exp ana ion. Elizabeth Beardshear, the second Florence Nightingale, has been named Nurse of the Year. Evel Krawiecki is the l964 Mrs. America. a ens rom as finally convinced Lipton's oo e soup. ' Anna Hovland the only woman professor of Eloise K lander and Marion Lovaas have just studie e eatlng Eatlts of crocodiles. It must be love! Conrad Schultz is still being seen with that Sophomore girl! Elaine Rosnow is still swoonlng over Julius LaRosa. She has a club to start an o -age pension for him. John Strandlund has invented a motorcycle that can be quickly changed into a Hellcopter. Zonnie Strandlund has turned his gold football in to the U. S. mint because there Is a shortage of gold. June Gray, who has changed her name to April Brown, is now employed at the Power's o sling Agency. She teaches the models how to walk. Barbara Peterson is her latest student. JoAnn Hathawa and Ruby Mart are having a contest to see who can grow the longest a r. oAnn seems o e winning because she recently tripped on her's and broke her leg. The smoke rings being blown through the Camel cigarette sign on Time Square is the artistry of Elmer Bentz. Elmer can be seen on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you llke varlety in your smoke rings you can watch Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for Donald Birkman. The feature attraction on Sun- days is Janice Throndaon. Nellie Cla ett Is chlef ear-piercer for Doctor Llo d Erickson. e a oo ec is now running for President of e n e ates. Her chief opponent Is Lois Olson. , Evel Ro -entein at latest count has thirty-five children. She is teaching rs gra e at Fairbanks, Alaska. Doroth Olson is the only true blonde left in the U. S. since Marilyn Monroe's a r s turning gray. The famous Os-Rowl Ranch in Texas is holding a rodeo starring Gene Harman and his trained horse, Loser. This famous ranch is owned by none Duane Oslin and Larr Rowle . 1'- Dennis Ulson, w o as p ayed such wonderful basketball for Mora High School, is now trying for the position on the Laker team which Whitey Skoog formerly had Much to everyone's surpr1se, the two prominent figures, Darrell Olson and Dennis Cla ton are still bachelors. They have decided'to sen'T-1 Lodge and go D-E-A-R hunting. Cla ton Oosterhuis, the toughest Sergeant the Army has ever had, seems to be g v ng erome Gotfredson and Delmer James a rough time. They are constantly on K. P. dity. Carol Lind is starring in the Roller Derby in Chicago. Her coach is Jane Myl My! What ten years can do! to put chicken in their Chicken- Mathematics at Harvard University. returned from Africa where they eru son. That flamlng red-head from Mora, Marl s Forshier, is featured on the Red Sleet advertisement on color telev s on. Pe Gotfredson is a professional baton twirler. She is now working with the ew or ymphony Orchestra. Marlene Eckstrom is the head of the 4-H Farm Bureau Administration in Minnesota. 7066! WE, THE CLASS OF l954, OF MORA HIGH SCHOOL, OF KANABEC COUNTY, AND OF THE STATE OF MINNESOTA, BEING OF SOUND MIND AND BODY AFTER FOUR YEARS OF TEDIOUS CONCENTRATION, DO HEREBY MAKE, PUBLISH AND DECLARE TYIS TO BE OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT: HEREBY REVOKING ALL FORMER WILLS, BEQUESTS AND DEVICES OF ANY NATURE HERETO MADE BY US, M331 Sgglgg and Renee Johnson will their ability to get to class late to anyone who likes to sleep late. QQQQ Barnes wills his bass horn to anyone who has a strong back and a weak mind. Hgllggg Qlgn wills his car to anyone who likes to walk to school on cold mornings. Egger 295333 wills his ability to tell fairy tales to Mr. Gustafson. Conrad Schultz wills his quiet ways to Jean Pierce. Blll Qwgns wills his books to his locker because they are always there. Eyglyg Ro entein wills her crushes to Alvera Althoff. Darrell lson wills his keys to his car to his sister Deanna. Shelby Qgahgk wills her nspelldownn yell to anyone who can do it. lhgmag EQQQE wills his musical ability to any underclassman who dislikes to prac ce. Raymond Renstromwills the lines of the Junior Class Play to anyone who can memorize them in a week. Gordon Sorenson wills his ability to playiin band to anyone who can stay in longer than he did. Violet Cashman wills her studious ways to any underclassman. Aglaygg Falk wills her tenor voice to Lee Thompson and hopes that he won't lose this one tool Doroth Olson wills her job to any future Senior who likes ide cream. zabe eardshear wills her ability to get front seats to anyone who wishes tHIs prfvilege. Gar Linder wills his ability to be absent from school on days of tests to Jerry ener. Yvonne Johnson wills her locker to Gene Kopp in hopes that it will keep him in kicking practice for football. Bill Pose wills his height to Lee Forshier. a on osterhuis wills his ability to be in school physically but not mentally o ar ordman. Donald O uist wills his used flashbulbs to anyone who can make them mark a second me, Dennis Cla ton wills his orange and black car to any driver that would like to let owar olmes know where ever he goes. Gertrude Johnson wills her ability to get in and out of jams to Charles Hohn. DarIeHe AltHoff wills her experiments to some unsuspecting future chemistry student. Stan Erickson wills his good driving habits to Clayton Johnson and his voice to Delmore Ustrom. Larr Carlson only wishes that he had the will to will a will. A ce Ban ers wills her ability to get home early from dates to Leella Paxton. ArIen R ber wills his ability to get by with chewing gum in Mr. Gustafson's c asses to anyone who wants to go broke. Jame Berulson wills her front seat in Social to anyone who wants to sit so close close to the front that you canft pull anything, Nellie Cla ett wills her back seat in English to Pat Chaddock. Ru 2 art w ls her ability to let her hair grow to Donna Tatro in hopes that she won t get nscissor-happyn. Dawn Numsen wills her ability to pick up paper to some talkative junior. Robert Youn uist wills the ground on which Mora High School was built back to the ndians in opes that they can replace it with something more useful. Marlys and Pe Gotfredson will Wall their money bagsn to Delmore Ostrom and layton o son. Llo d Erickson wills his woodworking abilities. anc ar ens wills her voice to Joyce Gittins in hopes that she will then do some ng else with hers besides talk. Richard Wenholz wills his chair in that cra-azy saxophone section to anyone who cares to Have it. John Strandlund wills his motorcycle to anyone who is stupid enough to take it. Uavfd Westman wills his batting average in baseball to anyone who needs it. Carl Uohdson wills all his gripes to Lee Thompson. Donna 5anIeIson wills her ability to drop ink bottles and erasers to any future Steno student. Marl An stman wills her brown eyes to any junior girl that can make use of them. enn s son w lls his athletic ability and sport column to Bob Sjoquist. Elalne Mattson wills her ability to get to work on time to Sandra McGuire. Ultfford Wroolie wills hid English paper and bookkeeping workbook to Harvey Kadlec, provided Ee uses them right. Eloise K lander wills her cooking and giggling ability to any future Home Ec 8119110 Sharon Hohn and Barbara Mork will to the future talkative Chemists their front now seats in hopes that the get chatting privileges. Janice Nordstrom wills her cgeerleading ability to anyone with a loud voice. Alvern Krinke wills his teasing mannerism of his classmates to any deserving junior Gene Harman wills his dimples to Jerry Larson. dohn Hillman wills his cunning ways with Mr. Obert to Gene Kopp. Zonnie Strandlund wills his tackling abilities to Ruth Ann Kilander. Jerome Gotfredson wills his Bblllty to grow side-burns to Larry Weaver so he'll have something to go with his mustache. Anna Hovland wills her perfect attendance to anyone who just cannot stay away from the place. Mggion Lovaas wills her short hair to Mary Ellen Walker. Delmer James wills his sixth hour assembly seat to any future student who cannot sleep nights. Lula Seline wills her job in the cafeteria to anyone who wants to work with the uleftoversn. Marlys Forshier wills a driveway in the nForshier. Lakeberg, Peterson parking lotu to Shelvie Bowen. - Qlinton Waddell wills all his nicknames to his five sophomoresnephews: Ruddy, Roy, onnfe, Dennis, and Jerry. His nicknames are Simon, Ponch, Slater, Marcus, and Flab. Janice Throndson wills her anklets to Lillian Breyen. Shefla Woodteck wills her ability to have two horns at the same time to anyone who ' wants them. Carol Lind wills her ability to hold her temper to Dave Collins. Bots Ulson wills her ability to say the wrong things at the right times to anyone who doesn't blush. Elaine Rosnow wills her ability to dent a French Horn bell to Ruby Lucht because WIIIard Nordman does all right by himself. Donald Birkman wills his ability to wreck cars to any underclassman who can afford Barbara Peterson wills her bottle of nLight and Brightn to anyone who can afford to keep using it. David Johnson wills his book in English to anyone who can take the course. Tdomas Goldsmith wills his ability not to get dates to anyone who wants them and Eds a5IIIty to set tacks under Mr. Ohm to Kenny Broostin. Robert Mitchell, Larr .Rowle and Duane Oslin leave S. A. G. to Gerald Strandlund, Clayton Edrg, and'Dennfg Rowley. Richard Bowman wills his mustache to Donald Cassman. Dewe Mattson wills his bashfulness toward women to Kenny Broostin. er en z wills the hair he had cut in January after leaving it grow three months to MF. Bergquist. JoAnn Hathawa wills her seat in Mr. Ohm's English class to any underclassman who es o freeze in the winter and boil in the summer. June Gra wills her seat in Senior Choir to anyone who would like to gossip with a 1 ler. I .. nn.. 4 Al , JU.ICRQ: Row l: Darlene Westman, Carolyn Murray, Leella Paxton, Shirley Pierce, Kary Ellen Walker, Eetty Lou Storlie, Sandra McGuire, Pat Sweeney, Donna Tatro, Elaine Nastrom, Pat Killer. How 2: Frances Pangrel, Deanna Olson, Wayne DtrowhacK Robert Ripka, Warren Stromback, Sheldon Nelson, Jerry Rufener, Paul Netland, Ron Smith, Edna Rich, Ditty Westin, Sally Thomas. Row 5: LeRoy Qastrom, Roger Nelson, Ronald Nork, James Telanier, Larry Okerstrom, Delmore Ostrom, Jerry Torrey, Willard Nordman, Nathan Norberg, Merle Motschenbacher, James Atenstrom, Edward Otte, Lee Thompson. JUNIORS: Row l: June Jorgensen, Ruth Ann Kilander, Kathryn Dylund, Edna Lakeberg, Shelvie Bowen, Jerry Anderman, Harvey Kadlec, James Campbell, Pat Chaddock, Alvera Althoff, Ardys McCarty, Ruby Lucht, Charlotte Dickhoff. Row 2: David Ellingson, Larry Boggs, Betty Hovlani, Muriel Hack, Donna Gotfredson, Douglas Johnson, Charles Hohn, Don Bergstadt, Ramona Kile, Kay Cottrell, Donald Cassman, Gary Harman, Row 5: Ann Pohlin, Florence Dochow, Eldon Anderson, Robert Cole, Gene Kopp, Clayton Harms, Gordon Gotfredson, Jerry Larson, Eldon Carlson, Kenneth Droostin, Joyce Gittins. S I w. C J J is HDV w U Mo: How l: Mabel A na lda man Harol Mwuiann, Jayne ffnborg, Darlene Voight, Phyllis oundberg, lrone Zell an. fox H: John Jipku, henna Linglo, Carol Reynolds, Mary Maurer, Sharon Moe, Edith tint, hwnnwth Jehwizt, Kiehard Veinmann, Weldon Smith, Darin Olson, Mary Westin, gwrjwwie Qillwr, 'vtty Ritter, Miss Rasmussen, Row 5: Dennis Udean, Elton otro hunk, Wwry LuJ'iQ, ,'.' Unrilyn Talley, fope Linder, Marilyn Znllman, Dorothy Dnlin, Wonna fwwnt, Lwrlis Ueline, Janice Rasmussen, Donald Yeast, Richard .wttuwn. Jo' .'.' 1: Tom Tho aa, Harald otrandlund, John Repo, Charles Woodbook, but :P ,L wart, Jwm:s Lovlwnstrom, hlnard Miller, Quentin Waddell, David Uelvig 'fmgm Le mzst "'I1I1,1L3 .lo'.'f1.e . .9 QOrWeMOAn5: Row lc Jean son erson, erna Jamea, gonja J nsen, Warren Ellingson, Davin Burk, Kenneth Hathaway, Vernon Cassman, Charley 'earishear, LaVoene Hlofson, Row 2: Ann Derulson, Wetty Carr, Mary June Kuhat, Deanna hdholm, Donald Anderson, Virginia Davis, Harry Gundorso Jhmron 'u3nett, Audrey 'owen, Eleanor Wentz, Janice Lind. Row 5: James Goldsmith, Dixie Gotfredson, Faune Greenwald, Nadine Anderson, Myron Kahle, Gerry Holznafel, Darlene Ackerman, Deanna Hooten, Gordon Henriekson, JoAnn Krawioeki, Miss Halverson. Row 4: Daniel Veekstrom, Lemoy Gries, Jerry Christiansen, James Erickson, James Cole, David Derg, Leonard Kleven, David Collins, Iiniwin Trovvn, Gary Wester. n, FREsV-Ei: Row l: Robert Uergstadt, Connie Johnson, Eugene Aulich, Robert 'urk, Sonja Rarman, Elaine Carlson, Mary Danielson, Carol Johnson, Douglas Eklund, Dianne Enger, Judy Herulson, Ronald Drown. Row 2: Arnold Althoff, Cleone Epson, Dale Greenwald, Lois Gotfredson, Donald Erickson, Alice Cashman, Dorothy lekius, Richard Gosscn, Carol Gotfredson, Cora Rovland, Duane Engberg, Gerald Drennen, Curtis Johnson. Row 5: Roger Hallstrom, Uarbara Christensen, Shirley Kohn, Yvonne Carpenter, Danny Collins, Elaine Johnson, Dale Eraise, Joanne Erickson, Kenny Karp, Albert Dreenen, Gary Anderson, Row 4: Mr. Wambheim, Sharon Crabtree, Beverly Edlund, Richard Johnstone, Peter Anderson, James Christiansen, James Armstrong, Ronald Carr, Arnold Engstrom, Joyce Erickson, Lillian 'reyen. Louisa Nelson, Jeanette Stromberg, Pat Workman, Dennis Uelson, Richard Kubat, Karolyn Solmonson, Donna Paxton, Arden Raymond. Row 2: Cordelia Kitchell, Pat Renstrom, Janice Holin, David Schultz, Leslie Schultz, Deverly Kadlec, Richard Reynolds, lichard Schultz, Corrine Kent, Norland Seals, Shirley Williams, Janie Westman. Row 5: Harvey Nastrom, James Ryberg, Mary Ann Mohrenweiser, La Mae Otterson, Nancy Sande, Sylvia Steckelberg, Jylvia Wolford, Sandra Torrey, Doreen Scott, Sharon Yeast, Kerwyn Larson, Melvin Kadar. Row 4: Miss Vik, Richard Ryberg, Jesse Ritter, Larvin Simons, Merlin soderstrom, Dallas Olson, Myrtle Strom, Janet Mattson, Sheldon Zellman, Larry Weaver, Donald Whiteside, Gerald Maas, Sandra McGuire. FREQIMEN: Row l: Pat Longworth, Karen Solmonson, Roland Sogn, Vivian Kreisel, e 5 E 4 iam QF fx x- th Wfk Q: fwl l: Uarl Lilnnzfv, Lowlso lnlorloa, Marian Krojaol, Annftpo fmatbwll, Ann Lwiwv, Au.n-y hylan.ov, Hhwron Johnson, iosanlo Loption, Qnaron Lr:o:k, Jwnluw Wmlbwy, Mkllion uvk, Dunno wrnoa. Coi .',' S: Douglas Johnson, o1n'w J Luxor, Lwlvif halw, onnl Llnvlw, Phillip Cottroll, Joann olinshi, Dmxii Maw L U, 'oyulz Irion, Donal! mavtwnn, hurt Mant, ..'. avlya Ivost, R1uNu'l n-mlmon, Hlw Lon Hviu nom, ,flznn arnhurt. Dow 3: 'rothor KNn1mll, Juno fan- ol, TJl?'!Tl'? lion ull, .-mir". I:1:'l.3or:, Prml liylarxl-P, K,gnnN:l,l1 Ilatlxason, Lozioy Yanliovs, Jfw-l ilnz'lnfn,, ' o'w1a 'll ww, oil 1 wav us, Jilly KUlo:u1, Ivory o Q'ri 'n lsludx, 11,7 . 'KSVBU l!'lE, X gwwf f L, Y I 5 Q 1 GAAUM: How l: Gorall Hwlson, Darrel Nastrom, Douglas Norstrom, Larry fhmidt, Lavin Ulwan, Xtawloy ,nar, Mary Randall, Arlan Williams, Bonny Lou rohflbwrv, Dwnnia Hugtron, Pat Ripka. Row 2: David Miller, Warriot Stromberg, Vit Yugtby, Janwlln Lodall, Ruth Jnndborg, Craig Jtrmndbnrg, Loonard Simon, ffLVON ll Jtnombaok. Low J: Patty Jovorin, Judy Oalund, Lldore Miller, Deanna H tordyk, Orin Molin, ,vnvat Jordan, Varnoy Pierce, Harvey Monronwoisor, Gonnll N lLfwtVljlN ,, Ilyrflrl . 13131, Q-. ann .nm - X ,IK 7th GRADE: Row l: Sandra Mattson, June Tatro, Virginia Workman, Lee Stainbrook, narhara Jundherg, Larry Wallace, Martin Carlson, John Posey, Geraldine Rau, Kay Pierson, Larry Celine. Row 2: Laurence Sande, Thomas Olson, Janet Sundit, Rosalco Thomas, Frank Steiner, Patricia Oles, Harlys Oosterhuis, Janice Hygron, nary Jundstrom, Thelma Otteson, Gary Stork. Row 5: Marvin york, Karen Richardson, Nancy Swanson, Ronita Sundin, Sandra Talley, Geanne.Pierce, Donna Tool, Joyce Oquist, Jerald Lundjren, Craig Wurzl, Carl Wild. 7th Grade: Row l: Ralph Bullford, Thomas Anderman, Richard Longworth, Richard Larson, Kathryn Hanson, Vernon Foust, Gloria Burk, Janice Christiansen, Elwyn Erickson, Donald Herr, Gary Burelson. Row 2: Donald Fritchie, Steven Hendershot, Wayne Chermack, Roger Engelson, David DeChaney, Marilyn Berg, Joseph Gries, Gary Erickson, Glen Erickson, Carter Altman, Gary Engstrom. Row 5: Benjie Krawiecki, Barbara Engstrom, Mary Lou Kleven, Janet Forshier, Kathryn Hanson, James Evenson, James Anderson, Sharon Hake, Lucille Akkerman, Sharen Buckley, LeRoyce Hohn. 5, ,, L vvW 3 wpwn wx mmm , X w '. :Q 46. Q, , -' wp 1 , , Z K If g J iii if if ' . i. H L , .. A i A A SS? S Ma'orettes: Peggy Gotfredson, Ruth Kilander, Shelby Grahek, Carol Weynolds, I utes: onnie Johnson, Pat Longworth, John Repp, Karin Olson, Judy Choan, Delores Rosnow. Glocks: Darlene Westman, Marion Kreisel. Percussion: Arlayne Falk, Tom Thomas, Kudrey Wowen, Sharon Johnson, Janice Moline, Cleon Epson, David Ellingson, Kurt Kent. Bass: Shelvie Bowen, John Barnes, Eldon Carlson, Harvey Nastrom. Baritone: Wally Oien, Sheila Woodbeck, Merwyn Larson. Saxo hones: Jo Ann Krawiecki, Sharon Moe, Richard Wenholz, Pat Renstrom, Roseann Lopticn, erry Andcrman, Pat Miller, Mary Danielson, Nadine Anderson. French Horn: Elaine Rosnow, Ruby Lucht, Willard Nordman. Trombones: Tom Heuer, Don Erickson, Ronald Johnson, Myron Kahle, Jerry Lundgren, Nancy Swanson. Cornets: Corrine Kent, Deanna Olson, Danny Collins, Jim Nordenstrom, Joel Carlson, Louise Inderleo, Lois Gotfredson, Pat Westby, Dennis Anderson, Joyce Gittins, Douglas Johnson. Clarinets: Barbara Mork, Evelyn Krawiecki, Mary Maurer, Janice Nordstrom, Gertrude Johnson, Marlys Gotfredson, Marlyn Angstman, Carolyn Murray, Donna Lingle, Deanna Edholm, Shirley Hohn, Elaine Johnson, Marion Lovaas. Director: Burt Johnson. Student Director: John Barnes. H N Clarinets: Elaine Johnson, Kathryn Hanson, John Erickson, Carol Gotfredson, ckley, Patricia Korf, Harriet Stromberg, Mavis McKinnon, Janice Westman, Beverly Kadlec, Janet Danger. Percussion: Sharon Johnson, Wayne Chermack, Kurt Kent, Vivian Kreisel. Flutes: Delores Rosnow, Judy Choan. Saxo hones: Rosanne Loptien, Sandra Humphery, Grace Erickson. Baritones: Merwyn arson, anice Dalbey, John Jacobs. Cornets: Joel Carlson, Patricia Westby, Louise Inderlee, Lois Gotfredson, Douglas Johnson, Ann Maier, Bob Thomas. Trombones: Ronald Johnson, Jerry Lundgren, Nancy Swanson, Ronnie Larson. Basses: Harvey Nastrom, Director: Durt Johnson. Student Director: Donald Erickson. Girls Sextette: Marlyn Angstman, Donna Danielson, Peggy Gotfredson, Ardys McCarty, Muriel Hack, Nancy Martens, and Yvonne Johnson CAocompanistD Clarinet Quartette: Barbara Mork, Flute Quartette: Connie Jghnggn Evelyn Krawiecki, Janice Nordstrom, Karin Olson, John Rapp, and Pat , and Gertrude Johnson. Longworth, Saxophone Quartette: Pat Miller, Mary Brass Sextette: Wally Oien, Tom Danielson, Sharon Moe, and JoAnn Heuer, John Barnes, Elaine Rosnow, Krawieoki Deanna Olson, and Corrine Kent. I O A - A L Q ll! ., L- Junior Choir: Row l: Janico Nordstrom, Mabel Nash, Kenneth Hathaway, Mary Maurer, Sharon Moo, Auth Kilandor, Patricia Qwsenoy, Patricia Millor, Hvolyn Krawiocki, Juno Jorponsen, Darlcno Wostman, Narlyn Angstman. Row D: Ruby Luoht, Ardys McCarty, Lhclby Grahck, Donna Daniolson, Marlys Cotfrsdson, Sharon Vohn, Hnhy Mart, Muriol Tack, Joann Hathaway, Hortrudo Johnson, Carol Lind, Richard Wcinmann, Tom Ullinnxon, Penny GotVrwdson, Mary Walkor, Karin Olson, Yvonno Johnson. Now 5: James Goldsmith, JoAnn Krawiecki, Marilyn Talloy, June Gray, Janico Thronlson, Arlon Xyborp, Richard Mattson, Darbara Mork, Daniol Nockstrom, Ramona ArlaYno Falk, Cary Ludwig, Myron Kahlo, Jhoila Woodbcck, JoAnno Erickson, Kilo, Hlaino Xosnow, Nancy Martens. Row 4: Loo Thompson, Eldon Andorson, Uwlvig, John 'urnos, Leonard Klovon, Zonnic Jtrandlund, Wally Oion, Stanlcy Hrickson, Alvorn Krinkw, John Hillman, Dclmoro Ostrom, Larry Okorstrom, Jorry Christinnon, David Collins, Dennis Clayton, Eldon Carlson, wholdon Nelson, Mr. Uambhoim Chiroctorl. ?'5 M -,QOH Fr . I ' .. y X.,'l , ,xs.D A. . A is Q' , , f ,rr ' 1, qi y '1:., U. If J Q I ? ' 'i 1 i 1 , I X ,f M '14 QED' wiv mWQ?W9W??g?39, 'iii " ' f woys Juartctto: Ramona Kilo fAcwomnanistD, Stan Erickson, Dol and more Ostrom, Dcnnis Clayton, Loo lhomoson. 5 K. .sf Girls Trio: Donna Danielson, Arlayne Falk, Nancy Martens. David Junior Choir: Row l: Connie Johnson, Donna Paxton, Karon SSolnonson, Vivian Kroisel, Louisa Iolson, stanley spar, Tom Willett, Patricia Yorkman, Richard Kubat, David Killer, Karolyn Soluonson, Patricia Lonrworth, Row 2: James Evenson, Elaine Carlson, Cleone Epsen, Patricia Wcstby, Kurt Kent, Eileen Earnhart, Curtis Johnson, Dale Greenwald, Corrine Kent, Mary Danielson, Roland Sogn, Carol Johnson, Diane Enger, Janice Westman. Row 5: Lois Cotfrelson, Dorothy Bekins, Cora Hovland, Judy Cslund, Beverly Kadlcc, Sandra Torrey, Sylvia Wolford, Iancy Sanie, Carol Gotfredson, Mavis McKinnon, Lalae Otteson, Janice Molin, Patricia Renstrom, Kathryn Hanson. Row 4: Kr. Wanbheim, Yvonne Carpenter, Shirley Vohn, Judy McGuire, Elaine Johnson, Daniel Collins, Joyce Erickson, Kerlin Soderstrom, Arnold Engstrom, Devcrly Edlund, Dale Erase, Sharen Crabtree, Joanne Erickson, Sylvia Steckelberg, Arnold Althoff. SW! W1 Annual Staff: Row l: Darlene Westman, Evie Krawiecki, Kathryn Eylund, Sharon Hohn, Edna Lakeberg, Elaine Uastrom, Janice Nordstrom. Row 2: Evie Eogqontein, Sheila Woodbeck, Dawn Numsen, Darlene Althoff, Nancy Martens, Gertrude Johnson, Elaine Rownow, Row 5: Mr. Obert, Barbara Peterson, Richard Wenholz, Darbara Mork, Elaine Mattson, Eldon Carlson, Kenneth Droostin. I 1 N mPUwWw Wm v. -u lwninv WH Tv' Jwy 1: Y tnluin Lipka, Patnicin 'uPk, nnry Hunistrom, Uonflqs w ,nyk n , v , 1L11P'WL, 4'vy Jiwlnon, lwvy turk, Uonnll 'PitoMiX, fwvnon wit, ,ich A M. nvth, ,wvqllinf 'tn, ,-n P3 Lnttsnn, hay IiwPso,, Lo '.',' f: n, ,,u ' :, lb ", .lyig Wifnn, J nice '+lbwy, ,nrilyn 'ovw, iosmnnf Luwmi n, x . T ,wf, lm, ,wT,f, Lw!wyn uhm, wwhuvw nfxtno , Jwnlcx Kyfren, Lwnisb HMI' , X .x, 4 LMT, Lwv , linz. 'ov U: Mar'n ligkmndgon, huvnn Nha dusk, 3'- Ky'mw w, J-1 H IlL Hn, Jumwh Tunghinv, ,gvy Lwu nlnvwn, iwlnvns Lvxnow, 'fy v V J, ,A . -u1tw1, Vn?'iuTa .L-n, hwvnn Jnhnxon, Joycx Gqwlgt. int '. Y' QT 1u'4- I L, z'HY '-Leiyg, JCMKIHJ rllrmglii, J1L'y Uluuagl, .Inrm- W1L1UY1, NOYH13 , , Jw,l :W'3Jfd5 -n.N ,Mvlzwm, on ruvws, mnlvn Tallwy, -mnibx .un ln, -I 7 m, U l'hxluM 4 . vrow nLuVV: cow 1: Dnwl-no fwgtmun, Mary Danielson, Juno Jormcnsnn, Evelyn hruwiuckl, Put Llllxw, Anby Lncht, Anna Hovland, Sonja Jnnwnn, vtty Kittwr, +w5uw1w 1.1t,r'u ', fvhys W ll':Y' 'THU EXILQ, f VIII, .4 lU1Z":, Iwznw M ! Wm! Iwi! Ellwv, Uwvwl Hwuwmnn, Jmnice Nordstrom. dow 2: Kfthryn 'ylund, Elaino Minn Lnkwbfr , Viv inin Davis, Mvulyn Konvnntnin, P f'y fotVPn?sOn, nhfnwfnww, Hwvrin- K nb, :nth Kilnnior, Nwrlyg WoJ1'iXU, Nhnvun Nohn, Kubwt, Jnkly Thnmnm. iow 5: Gurtrude Johnson, wnny nwvtens, Ramona 4 Kyl nf P, dh lviw owen, Uwn A Gotfvolson, -nbwvi Pftmvson, Qwvilyn N o'1Y-1 'Nuo Jwcffi, ,,1J Pl.Jf OiR1, LA1Pl1w1 VRHCNQ, fflilillf io5'1ox?, Q5U1JI'3 Main 1ILvwvf?:cLE. Low 'Ir Uiwxvlns T'0hn, ,Nvnnnm Qlluon, IQ1 ine ,And0xu3on, fthgwm, W wi: Olzvn, lliyton Oostcvhnis, Tllluvd loriwnn, Nathan mb .',jof1n?,:L, fwb llnvlf, ifI1'iOI1 Lovnas, Wlonancc Dochow, Tow Thoxziazs, x 1 , 1 Ki GNU LE uw KPQHEC K1 1 x,,.. m 'rv "N ' ,, LO DL LAUJ Tumi' my? , W, J A, -J rj L wx X Wm L5 CRQWED WUEFW Q .ul OF TTC ygw , 1,.L,co,.II, f ACTIVITIES WY! Quin .K:1G11F1W liS TW? M T M o',.1g.1cog1.,a NU 1 41 X L n v ' A -- r Av1v1",- mm. N 1 .. fu1l....Y ,.Y.1. -KJIX f. U KIW n 1 D l , v .,A. .1Iw, ,H 0, H E QUEEN :+IVi'lLY'N lN ALL "W N AL JPLEIITDOR Student Council: Row ls' LeRoyce Rohn, Merwyn Larson, JoAnn Erickson, Dale Grunwald, June Jorgensen. Row 24 Sharon Bassett, Jerry Strandlund, Leonard Kleven, Robert Cole, Robert Sjoquist, Joel Carlson. Row 5: Zonnie Strandlund, Wally Oien, John Hillman, Darrell Olson, Stanley Erickson, Mr. Schweppe. 0 0 o 0 N-of Distributivo Education: Row l: Alice Bankers, Yvonne Johnson, Dorothy Olson, Doluer James, Lellie Claegett, Jane Vurelson, Renee Johnson, Donna Danielson, Row 2: Kr. Thompson, Lloyd Erickson, Elaine Iattson, Jerome Gotfredson, Alvern Krinke, John Htrandlund, Conrad Schultz, Carl Johnson. pw' V. 7 5 gf? .F Q I ' ai Us ' mi fa'-Is 5 .cg i flyhasufmggwiai X ' affix E C5 tw lag R '. L ggswg- fiiat 1 JV I, A still, wg? 43? 4 E .K Kifiiyc.- Q .1 me , if H lk, J ZQ,f :Karas W Q Projectors Club: Row l: Kenneth Schmidt, Jim Campbell, Larry Rowley, Robert Mitchell, William Posey. Row 2: Robert Ripka, Dennis Rowley, Eldon Carlson, LeRoy Nastrom, Edward Otte, Gary Boster. Row 5: Mr. NGlSOD, LQPPY 0kSPStPOm, Delmore Ostrom, Donald Birkman, Gene Kopp, Richard Bowman. - . v M M: 'ow 1: Jfnim ur nm, noulsn Uw1son, ,nbo1 ugh, Yvonne ulofson, .mr AwLi wn, Jwniuw jnmh ui, lv:1yn Krnwlooki, Cordolin jitohw11, Unr1nnu Voirht, woman Vmghww, J-miw- Hnvigtvo , 1mr1 no 'o3twwn, .'4' Zuth Ki1wnloP. Row Q: Wonna Juni I' f,fN , Lwin U1 on, 'iwnu Him 1:, GnVo1 Mwyno1!s, Lafm' Ottwson, Jnniov Ywq,:g,wn, .L,iEw Twi:o'm,, Uuvio1 'wwk, Avlys HcCmPty, Jhvlby iwnhok, Jonjn J :r1,niiri, t,t,3' -.i Li, -sf, .fl P j:ir'i'e ,Hi 1.142 P , lj!1I'CD1 ,xi1lIWiI1I1 . ,Ecuuv .','X : '?'v:'t:'11iio, J1N11:1111ni1, ALvwww Ai? ,',- fV', hliins Ky1un5:P, H1ninw Nosnow, Lwvy Wfmtin, Pwtvloin Gnu mock, Uuv1gm nwlinw, Li11iun Pvywn, 'onnn Hot'P:dson, My1Viw wtwcLi1borv, Uwnivw iwvv y, Lwirwy owun, JoAnn Krn '.'.' iwoki, Iwnwy gmdtwns. Row i: .Avy Juno luont, Hwfinw in wvgwn, Hwviem' fVkvJwwn, Nnv1wnw A1thoVP, Jwnwt Lmttnow, AV1wynu Vn1V, Hlwinw mnthgwn, wvbnrw Lovk, Donna Oquint, Joyow Uittinu, Atty fystin, Ann 'oMIEm, Wunnu dPwwnwu1l, Lwril n Lw11wnn. 7' ,J ! I fs V9 r- ,V W' K... 'Q if A ,fi ,I . i . Li .AJT ULU : Jow 1: Dinni ,n ov, Louisa Uo1son, Sonja Unvmnn, Caro1 Johnson, Jhiriwy Ii11iwu , Hllxuooth owrlghznr. dow 2: J1nino CmP1uon, JhiP1oy Pierce, A1vwVH A1Ll,VV, Jnwlviw owwn, nulvvj owon, WQPO1 WoEFPoMmon, Anna Tov1nni. How H: Qian HuVV, Linn Kick, L111inn Poynn, Joyce Hriokson, ovvF1y ndlund, Uwr1 HH HLLMMVV, Ann oU1in, UnHLAL: How 1: 5wi1y Thoqwn, guvion Lovwnn, ob Jjoquist, John arnos, AP11yne WHLV, Annoy qwPL+nJ, Ji 1vlo owon. Kow T: Louisn Nwkson, JhiP1ny Uilligmg, Anna Nov1nnl, Uiniw 3oLVww!uon, H1oiso Ky1nn'wr, Jwnioo Annmunumn, PUfvy Gotfrodson, Juniuo Lino, VOTNU Jw::J- HP. Gun. .....,,..,....uJ.......,,.....,- .,,.,:,,-.........,,. .,,,,.,M,,:, -4.11. .4 Lx , f f 1 Y f Y 4 ii Ca ll w iw-"4 11.1 sm: if 414' F! FHA: Row l: Connie Johnson, Thelma Otteson, Patricia Longworth, Dianne Enqer, LaVonne Elofson, Patricia Uestby, Joyce Oquist, Karen Richardson, Rosanne Lopti Ann Berulson, Judy Berulson, Bonnie Steckelberg. Row 2: Sharon Johnson, Shirl Williams, Donna Tool, Leella Paxton, Lois Olson, Lois Gotfredson, Corrine Kent, Sonja Jensen, Betty Ritter, Larjorie Miller, Marlys Drost, Sonja Harman, Tarrie on GY t Stromberg. Row 52 Audrey Kylander, Sharon Moe, Karin Olson, Judy Oslund, Sandra Torrey, Deanna Edholm, Mary Ann Mohrenwciser, Sylvia Wolford, Lahae Ottcson, JoAnn Krawiecki, Mary Kubat, Patricia Ghaddock, Mary Westin, Edith Rich, Janice Molin, Janet Stromberg. Row 4: Miss Ganas, Sylvia Steckelberg, Jane Hanson, Jo Ann Erickson, Elaine Johnson, Lillian Breyen, Faune Greenwald, Donna Oquist, Kay Grunwald,.Edna Rich, Nadine Anderson, Betty Westin, Sharon Crabtree, Shelvi Bowen, Eloise Kylander, Miss Goranson. all. G l FFA: Row l: Doug Eklund, Curtis Johnson, Kenneth Schmidt, Melvin Kadar, Bob Mitchell, Harvey Nastrom, Larry Rowley, Bill Posey, David Burk, Duane Engberg, Norland Seals, Dennis Nelson. Row 2: Dick Gossen, Roger Hallstrom, Bob Ripka, Joe Oslin, Donald Whiteside, Ronald Carr, Sheldon Zellman, Merlin Soderstrom, Marvin Simmons, Dick Johnstone, Harry Gunderson, James Campbell, Arnold Althoff Dennis Udean. Row 5: Mr. Nelson, Ernest Nastrom, Robert Williams, John Barnes James Erickson, Dick Bowman, Don Birkman, Larry Okerstrom, Nathan Horberg, Jerr, ' dl S ran und, Ed Otte, Dennis Rowley, Eldon Carlson, Gary Boster. J Y cwptcmb Octcbcr October October October October Novi' ,bc ovowbu Dccrrbc Uwcw'bw Uwccmbm llwwwry L. L January Jlmucry 'rbrwary 1V:brtU1Py V:lnr1ary A lxbcuwry Yarch Jurch March M'm?cl1 Yvlfxrch Aprll Avril May May Junc lchocl owcns. 'ovnco in', Lilmca hvrv. Tvclyn Lrmwiccki, lucwn. Answmbly pro ram, Univsrsity .cpertcry Playcrs. MHA Convcution, lt. Cloud. Juniors chocsn class rinws. Wand ferVorxs durinc hal?- uilu ccccmouizs at Yiuucscta- Eiti Nm,Q. Jwnior Slang Play, NEMO QTolc TOWHYS TnlVinf.n T nu n'Tvjnc vacation. Emni UVrlst'ws Comcurt. Uhwir Uhrlstwns Uoucrrt. Thrimtwns vacmticn bnpius. Jchmol rccucns. Asncwbly program, dmil Livrs auf his Uttwrs. Ufllvic hare, Homt lame. Assembly proyruv, irls cxtottc, t. Cloud Teachcrs Gollcqc. 7th-Rth rnvc Huskwtb ll To A3sv'bly pro? 'lack ,clwnc lnvjtuticnnl urnamfnt. 'aN, 'ill w Ynmcustrmticn. Qurnival xpcmmorwd by tum Mirror buff, cub- istrict lnskwtbull 'lcwlrrrl uit. Jub-,istrict r wCH QONt'St, rahfui. Nistvict a1VWtbull Tourury, Asscmbly prc'rr1, Kwan Ghavles, Marlcimn, Aumclbly pro raw, The cln'imH .mrin'5. ,fulor Zlugn Play, H.2vt a 'Gcliiff' lwlll ani Jcroll Hauquwt. Junior-Wcnicr Fmnquqt. Waccaluwrcntc. Com'cwceNwnt, Uharlca J, llurcli, Prwfsi lfmt of .acnlestcr Collcpc, ,p2nlcv, 1 --Q xc 1 . f inf' I J? 1 .,- 1 .v X 5 X Q . r, ' + 1 , Q '. ' f'. A ' V Ai ' 'A " 55 . ff 'va 'W it: -,riff-f, ' fa' 'V g" 2.-fgf, . '. -i, ' 'Q k. I. 4 V- J., , .' fl, - - 2 ,. 4, 4- . ,I ,,glb 1, V' "" ' .-hff,Q-,,f' ' S- . ' ' -, ' - l E- .4 ,. ' V' ,.. X Lk , ,, , f an -4 j,-F A 8 , ,..A , I X f v- -- W- , ,T I f' .. V E i. ii s' SF, Q Q Q 3 3 Q 5 sas id 4, imavm QQ Zf-24,-1 il Dii -X 'UW Q W Im., -39.7, -'Hg - ,X . ,V -' , ,, gs ' 1? gms, W . wx :fx-:L ,A , R 9-T x. M1 L21 N K X t -. V-,. if N. Mg, . 2 ' C? n cv, .N ' f."'iA 'vt , fa' wwf ff M. X, I v Qgii,gffg5A , my 1 'A' gif M" Hx' EA, K WM ,.Z.M.. f Q. -a f. kc 1 .wp if Tj., Ja j ' " if-, if :'ii3Ef'1gf5fT7-Xifx ' V if . r - M , - new . '?-'IQQJV' ' ' ,gf .1 gwm, wg Jr. Q-M . -. '-H' A V I Q x 4 mrs. 6,3 it -- - Jw - - is Mi, W ' W - lwiffgfgic A gy, '455f22f,LZg'Q"If ' ,i,g,?,V 23 5 , fm fx Q I VT? fi 1 W - 1 , 1' AWQQ N ' af? iff! ff? Z: ,. -- Q w wfifs igwy if -Fw w 9+ mr n, yn , grgdyfifzf Nyjw pn Q4-,fa ,m.y??'g . Q 1K.?.1.,, ., A 2 HAH TEAJ: Seated: Gene Kopp, Gary Linder, Dennis Olson, Wally Oien, Clinton Waddell, Jerry Larson, Jerry Torrey. Standing: Coach Jocko Nelson, Assistant Coach bob Brimi, Willard Nordman, John Repp, Gerry Birkman, Paul Netland, Kenneth droostin, Team Manager Gerald lolznajel, Assistant Coach Clyde Newton. Mora finished the season with 9 wins and l4 losses. The highlight of the year was winning the Sub-District and beating Anoka 55-52 in the first round of the District Tournament. Lora lost to Braham in the semi-final round. Jerry Larson made the All-Conference Team and set a new school scoring record with 505 points. Repp and Linder made the All-Sub-District Team. The all-District Team had not been picked at the time of this writing. Captain Wally Oien, Gary Linder, Dennis Olson, and Clinton Waddell are the senior squad members, This also was Coach Jack Nelson's final year in bas- ketball as Assistant Coach Bob Drimi moves up to take over as Varsity Coach, Mr. Nelson will have only football and track hereafter. Close games seemed to be the style as four or five of fora's losses were by scant margins. Also, the Mustangs won two one-point decisions. Summing up, it was a pretty decent year in a rough league. I' pn., 1 V11 Q1 Q6- of jYL.K ' JWUIIZ 0 fwllflli Ji'-Lg!! 'mia IL. K. d.. . HTH TMAN: gnutowz Duvil Uvlviw, Loonard Klwvon, Leo Vorshiwr, Jwm'3 Hrictoon, ,,,,,,H1,gH ,,,g ,,1,1, L 1207 fgpjfgg, .Lt-m ilnr: Donald Anwi'e"son, 'iary Al'lllu7PSOIl, J-vim' 1 . H 4 , X , ,. -nf , w. nw-.1.,,,1 Hhrigtiwngwn, Arnfl! Ln'3trom, Jov Oslund, JHWUD 1YbHFL: LHFPY NCJVQ1: W1UW4 myb:VN, COw:U Mob 'Pl'l. MCH TEAM: Row l: Melvin 'alv, Kurt Kent, Kgnnoth Mattson, Joel Carlson, Vob '1rnv'::s, Rioimrl Lorvwortlw. iiow 23: Coach llovvton, Gary Stark, Cflllflf Strandburg, Jon fir-jog, Imvlf! Llillwr, Goorve Friondshuh, lionry liutsnhoff. Row 5: Wenjie Krrxwioclfi, Ronald Johnoon, Doufjlas Norstrom, Arlen Williams, Gary Engstrom, DfmnQl,fl wr-ifrs, Grnjyi Yfurzl, 'flnvno Morehouse. Zmefad YW Baseball Team: Row l: dobert Ripka, David Westman, Quentin Tadlell, Robert Sjoquist, Dennis Olson, James Campbell, Row 2: Hr. Hewton, Zonnie Qtrandlund, Wally Oien, Gary Linder, Delmore Ostrom, David Berg, 60 5 F Lettermen: Row l: James Goldsmith, Jum Campbell, Bob Williams, Bob Sjoquist, Kenneth Broostin, David Westman. Row 2: Bob Cole, John Repp, Quentin Waddell, Zonnie Strandlund, Denny Olson, David Collins, Hoy Gries. Row 5: Jerry Larson, Jerry Torrey, Stanley Erickson, Gary Linder, Donald Birkman, Delmore Ostrom, Wally Oien. L12 1 :OO :06 l:5L 1:59 2:22 2:45 5:57 4:27 5:52 6:44 7157 8:00 8:05 8:27 8:50 8:51 8:58 9:26 9:42 9:45 10:55 10:56 10:57 10:58 11:05 11:04 11:07 11:59 1:00 1:25 1:26 1:59 1:40 1:49 2:14 5:14 5:47 4:15 5:55 6:09 7:51 8:07 9:19 9:54 10:00 10:57 11:01 11:10- 11:59 12:00 H 1.1, Midnight! It's neither early nor late! Gertie Johnson stumb dreams along ------- morning. John Hillman finishe les downstairs for an onion sandwich to help her the chlorophyll toothpaste will get a workout in the d his chemistry assignment -- or so he says! nPercyu Heuer deep in dreams, gives his pillow a little squeeze! Gordie Sorenson fini Clayton Oosterhuis d Edna Lakeberg and El harmony. Mr. Obert has a nigh morning. Larry Carlson sings Ray Renstrom decides get that chance too Clinton Waddell arri morning with a flash Mr. Ohm tries to sta Mr. Ohm'starts to hi Arlen Ryberg takes a All over the buildin Shelby Grahek almost break a record? Arlen Ryberg just go the brains. Paul Netland starts Paul didn't get his bonus -- goes to goes to goes to Paul gets a Dick Bowman Don Birkman Elmer Bentz Pooch Boster ubarksn Mirror Staff finally uninterrupted FUN. Bell rings. CMirror Miss Halverson tries Miss Halverson stand Mr. Ohm sits on a ta Ouch. shes his daily letter to Bethel! head home to Mora. asleep and snore in perfect ecides it's about time to aine Nastrom finally fall tmarell ! There'll be a Social test in the nHeigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's to go to school today -- often 0 ves at school picking his rt his vehicle. ke! peek at today's Social quiz. g, knowledge-crazy kids get down to work. made it on time today ------- but then, who wants to off to the barn I go.n --- after all, one doesn't way through the early t an HAH in that Social quiz ---- some people got all his algebra assignment. assignment finished. - he starts assignment again plus a slight addition. sleep. sleep, sleep. and wakes them all up. gets down to work after thlrty minutes of Staff Motto: Tomorrow is another dayl. to quiet the 4th hour assembly. s in library doorway: nWon't that bell ever ring?n ck. Mr. Ohm: nlt may have taken awhile but I got the point in the end.n Dennis Clayton and John Barnes are just getting ready to blow up their Chemistry experiment BOOM! One thistle t windows - y5oo.oo. Physics class makes Lee Thompson.has a c Pat Miller and June Students are npushedn the barricade and ge Girls basketball team Girls basketball team Darrell Olson dons a local apothocary. 1 ? L ube - 55f, five test tubes - 31.28, and ten glass mass migration -- to get some fresh air. omplaint. Complaint number l,599,657,100.9. Gray confide all -- in the middle of nEra of Peace.n out the doors, but a few valiant fighters defeat to sit out ten more minutes in the library. starts practice. makes its first basket. frilly apron and starts sweeping the floor of the t Ardent movie fans turn around to see the evening's main feature -- the back row in action. Gary Linder decides Gary enters the thea the other. The Mirror comes out two impatient nsuper It's time for all nl to go to the show, but who should he take? tre with John Hillman on one arm and Wally Oien on tomorrow. The Sports Editors are being plagued by iors . ittlen freshmen to be in bed. Traffic problem in front of the Stump. fhlvern Krinke is seen eating at the Stump -- a ketchup sundae, one dill pickle, and some tea Alvern makes a hasty Nancy Martens creeps I exit for home. out of the staff room -- Sharon Hohn follows. The sports page is finall done! And-Mora has completes another day. A IUSTASG staff members wish to thank the -Allowing business firms for tboi- loyal support in making tuis yearbook possible: TIRKJR AND JOfHSO. C. Tinker and A. Johnson, Props. EEIILIAE LA,.D AN' IAQJRALCL AGENCY Charles Corline, Prop. LORA PLASTEQILG COMPANY J, E. Nordenstroi, Prop. QfAlTElJ",URG l.,PLEA .LIT Jake Hanenburg, Prop. ZETTERTERC TARDWARE COMPANY Marcus Zetterberg, Prop. NORA DRUG COQPAJY 'Harold ianson, Prop. UALL DRUG COLPANY Virgil Hall, Prop. LEWIS DEPAATQEQT QTORE Janes Olson, Lgr. THE COTTAGE CAFE Ed Battle, Prop. sfORTY'S GRILL Arvo fannu, Prop. ElYK.AN'S EERVICE QTATION Victor Erykman, Prop. KANABEC TA IDTVIARE Frank Gorham, Prop. BEAT EQEALKLIN JTORE Joe Theis, Prop. MAURER'5 RADIO AID ELECTRIC Fred Maurer, Prop. HMMHHITENME Den Krawiecki, Prop. IOLE ELECTRIC Wes Rydell, Prop. MORA CLOTYIIG COMPANY Den Nelson, Prop. STENSTROM ' S JEWELRY STORE Harold Stenstrom, Prop. WOODTARDYS Robert Longworth, Mgr. STIC-ELI JEVELERS 'A Tenry Stigen, Prop. MORA ELOLER AID GIFT LJYOP Theron W. Helius, Prop. NELSON VARIETY AID GIET aiOP Ed Nelson, Prop. COAST-TO-COAST ETORE James Cadwell, Prop. NORA CLEAQERS Jim Wilson, Prop. NORA BOWLI G LA ES Chas, Reese, Prop. CELTRAL LURDER COLPANY Clarence Swanson, Mgr. ! JWOP iii ,faei I f x N xl ' , f z Z0 f. A-257. ' 151 . 1 N if X' A Q0 Q5 X 1 J 1 4, ' Y ELECTROIICS SERVICE Arnold Nehring, Prop. HMEIEMIAMET Gordon Mork, Prop. EIS ER NOTOR COQPAIY W. Fisher and W, Heuer, Props. C-ALLCLE STORE Ioward Ellens, Prop. WIQIIEVS CAl EIT STOP 'inniw Oldenkamp, Prop. DRESSER ENR ITURE George Olson, Prop. NORA BAKERY Pdilip Olson, Prop. RAUYJ CAOCEIV STORE Al Rau, Prop. BERRY QTOE STORE T. E. Derry, Prop. ELITE LAULDRY AND CLEA ERS Lawrence Cdencrans, Prop. EAST SIDE CAPE Iarold Cries, Prop. PINE GROVE Tm. hrs. Violet Deaver, Mgr. KA.A2EC STATE DA.K Enink Powers, Pros, MUHADVERTISER Robert Deck, Prop. CO-OP CRJAQERY A. R. Mattson, Ljr. NORA NOTORS Hugo Rolmstron, Prop. LARSON IMPLEAEJT COAPA Y Claude Larson, Prop. RUSS' AUTO WORKS Russ Johnson, Prop. GLUN'S SERVICE STATYOT Glen Johnstone, Prop. ANDEl,,.All QOTORS Leo Andorman, Prop. HORT, SIDE AUTO PARTS Philip Carlson, Prop. EDSTROM INsURA CE AGENCY Ole Edstrom, Prop. STANDARD OIL STATION Pat Nelson, Prop. - EDDIE AND ESTTERYS in E. Naumann and R. Naumann, Props GHAMPA STUDIOS fo . ' Ed Champa, Prop. 5' St. Cloud, Minn. C E co ' nun P6110 O . n x E ' '!!!!g?FME!!w .uu.1 been I f 'S' 'L -v A - ' . .,,-w-.- : w . .V 5 5- . L"-i - -.,.-3,4 L v . 1:5 x , if .'a?'m, -f ., 1 Q J . K , if .Q Vx Snr 1 ,Q . . 4? - ' I '5 1 qi . w' M 5 jwl ' SI? K 1,2 K fl' ' " V i. .' , 3. fgfag' f X 'V - h I. ' 5 A r, . : x , I K. V' , A . ' " I 1 , , . 5 - ,, , ,. f LQ, , : 9, QQ- , .' Y ' "' ,'fI,.,Q-h-Qght 7 Q. X., ,I I , A i 'A f L ' as i f' 'Q' inf' Q. I W ' 1. , 3'4" L.fg.rL ' 1 vi I! i . 1 f ' 1' - 'X nm' ."i uf 4 . Q, ,. 4' 3 41. ' fir. ' 15.5 ' 'Y-ng, 5 Ta X 'X ink ' :W ' . - my gf f , C 2 xx' F' wma, in ' Wt- n J if ':. 4 r 1 Al ,Q fl .Q p ' 'Y . , ' 1 ' 0 4 135' 33? 'fig' 1 H ' x .W :G 41' "tm 5: 1.5, ,.f"'ff'- V -at .dgrlllhfgg Q ,ify 'L K w - v 1 1 ,.f 4, . :fn sg ,

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