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Q.. ik 41 PL. 1G ,1 121' S 9.- :- cf P I E .fqwgl A V 'll V " blk, .F 4 S , Q, Y V fil ' suv, 2 . Wag .1-1-.:,a-4: , V: - ,ai . fb Q, vv 1 1 :Wi"'f Y-QL. t' 5 a Jw. . if 'Fi 1 V 4 . . is i' 'irsf fqla 'P' QQ' vita! ,!: 41 sw .12 J -. f " -'wtf R h, ,fi F'5i . . . - , . va., . -..X .' J", 4 A ,' , ' 4 J' .1 AK., ' ' 'f A 5 A 9 fu I, A , ,f 1' ' f,' , N' v- 1 'fy Q' ,- S 1" x xi V. '. ,Af ,,Q' . . Q V N lx., .. i M .'7'355f?l9', ' C uf- V ,yn , I, W, l..i,j?2' X 'K 7' ., V3 V, - r ' Q, 6 at .5 Q 1 Y, QA., am'- x m . x it av 4 'N r- JD., J' 9119? -LA ' 1 R E Qing y , v. .wwf A all. . ,S :QQQQN -,. , ,fm T 13,23 'WS' 2 , 'K .ui-M51 x,g1?5g1:f V- 53 ,s n:.,434 J -viifw - H3-EJ w fm J'.a2f'2,-SX:-Lg2FA,'s,A1.,v , ,.,-f ,. .f Q, , --Qtr A 4.4: Q, , if 5 'rg4, X. 'Lil -35:3 A5-E 1 ' uQ1QSf2,l,f" ffffisii-' .. P iff! Ula? ..," -fy if 'jxijgfef , 51,141 my'4s,gf1ef1f' , ,. 4.5145 QM. ,W . iw., J , fl 1 ,,f:mA Wllqfffs-gil' - H.: 5:1 'Ta - ,-iw' 1 zu, , .,"M-1-,' ' ' 7,7 fi '37 ,V .digs Y.. f, 41 11k ' - , fl Y 'aft , ' 'Q 1 1 8 , '. X " Q'x.,.E:. , ' ' Y gif- ,Q - Lg, ' 44 N , ..g,,f4' K., .V 'f 1 - . ' . A ' e, f , I ,,.f,'f A M- , ' . ,, K , ii' 2,1 ' ' , - , U , E 3, . X, , A ' 47,-5, K, LK-V -K ' . '-f-, ,v' . , r Q ' ' H if L Y X 7, 7 ' V '.ff , I lv , 1, f ' ' Y - ,V 95. . I 1 1 N .g . faux 1, 2 if' '- ' f, 2,--f L Wi ' , 3, 1 V W K . ,. L . ,S . , . ,, 1 4.5 , . . Q.-,qw X .N 'Q Q -. in H Q . .fir f' f' ., 1 3' ' Q .-,Hi :BD-f",iE "' Qllfif f , , ' juli my 'AHTE5 V V ff . "'Z,i-Y ,W 1 1' Q3 ffl. " 7 . f- M - w 1jg.-,5-,Wm . H+ 'ffm 4, ml? ' ' M9 -,,F'1?' .Hn ,. ,ii 4, 7 I- ,. 4 ,E " ,- .-sy J 7',.,Q-I' 'T -3' f' x , . U ., , K. , ,4 -fifffifffi? Aix' ??f.7.'i.":1A W R ffl ffflii if W4 1 3g..fef.w it: . ,: 3 x,s,g,r??s1x, mi fmfzzzammeh ' ,Ng , ,nffaw f 'A ,, , A. 23 is ln-ilu! OF STAFF ANNUAL SCHOCL GH MORA H PRESENTS Q W' RE CA 2 95 u.l I I- Foreword Think now of your four years at Mora High School. Remember your first impression of the school and its teachers. Remember meeting those who are now your old friends. Feel over again the thrill of your first football and basketball game. Remember how nervous you were the night you appeared in the class play. Remember the story you told the principal after you hal skipped school to go fishing. It was fun, wasn't it--getting away with some- thing when the teacher wasn't looking? But then remember graduation, Wren all of a sulden you felt a pang of regret, knowing that your high school days had sl pped away. Would you like to have something to remember all of this by? We thought you would. We hope that this, the CAREW of l952, will be just that. If it makes you live your high school days over again, our purpose will have been accomplished. THE CAREW STAFF I I Dedication We, the CAREW staff of l952, humbly dedicate this yearbook to Dr. G. S. Bossert, who has given so unselfishly of his time and wisdom for the furtherance of his community and school. Next year will complete his thirtietb year of service on the Boari of Edu- cation. During this time he acted as Chairman of the Board ten terms. Seldom does a commun- ity produce an iniiviiual so wil- ling to see progress and work so diligently to promote it.... Annual Staff EDITORIAL Eileen Lucht Betty Hoffman Joann Munter Henry Krawiecki Larry Klapmeier Betty Lou Krawiecki Glenda Schlagel Mavis Carlson Verdell Krinke Barbara Weinmann Mary Thomas Carol Holmstrom Richard Randall EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mary Nordenstrom ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS Becky Gotfredson Ruthellen Anderson Dizk Haeg Rae Luiten Janet Carlson Mary Meyer ADVISOR Mr. Obert 2 , .Nga v.,, T ,K ,mar f , ffgffy . 5' "M-X . . , fi W o.r,,1g,.e-f , miilalw, A, za, -- iw. MGI' Mica: 'M' --elf" ' f- ' 1 . 5811001 UBYS, school UBYS GUUEI old QUIUBH rule dave REBIND' 'H'l'I'mI1' 'Tl' 'I'1'G:3 6 6 Ta I 15 I was your baehful, barefoot beau You were my gal in oe You wrote on my slate When we were a ooupl Ain fuk MV ,l FIRST ROW: LOIS TAVLOR: Combination 5rd and 4th Grade. RAMONA ERICKSON: Grade 5. PHVLLIS KUMPHERY: lst and 2nd Grade Combination. HELEN OSTROWSKI: Grade 2 BURT JOFHSOJ: Junior High Music, Band, Grade Music Sunerfisor. GLORIA PUCKETT: Junior High English, Girl's Glee Club, Junior Choir, 7th Grade Co-Advisor. LUCILLE MANUEL: Commercial, Junior Class Advisor. CORRINE HEIN: Grade 6. EDNA MCLARTY: Grade 5, Grade Principal. SECOND ROW: CLEVE BERGQUIST: World History, Busiress Principles and Law, Athletic Director, Driver Training, Assistant Sophomore Class Advisor, Health Council Director. JUNE SIEM: llth Grade English, Librarian, Library Club, Speech Assistant. HELEN GREEN: Biology, Girl's Physical Education, GAA, Cheer- leaders, Freshmen Advisor. MARLYCE SPUTE: Home Economics, Junior-Senior Banquet, Hot Lunch Supervisor. JOVN SIMPSON: Junior High Math., Junior Tigh Football, Sth Grade Advisor. ROSEMARY KETTLER: Grade l. LOUISE SELL: Grade 4. EDITH KEESE: Home Economics, 9th Grade Science, Assistant Sth Grade Advisor. CLVDE TEWTON: Industrial Arts, Assistant Basketball Coach, Base- ball Coa1h. THIRD ROW: JERYAIHE AREHDT: lOth Grade English, German, German Club and Mirror Advisor, Sophomore Advisor LAWRENCE NELSON: Ag., EFA Advisor. LVLE GERARD: llth W l2th Grade English, Speech, Declam, Class Plays, Assistant Senior Class Advisor. TAROLD OBERT: Senior Social Science, American History, Carew Advisor, Assistant Junior Class Advisor. ARNOLD HENJUM: Health, Boys Phys ical Education, Football and Basketball Coach. ROBERT BRIMI3 Industrial Arts, Junior High Sotial Studies, Boys Physical Education, Assistant Basketball and Football Coach, Assistant Freshmen Advisor. STANLEV GUSTAFSON: Senior High Math., Chemistry, Physics, Guidance, Senior Class Advisor. JOTN WAMBHEIM: Junior High Music Junior High Social Studies, Book- keeping, Senior Choir. JACK GRIMM: Junior High English, Math, Director of Visual Aids, 7th Grade Co-Advisor. K , :fy Alia V, for or X gre or r olooo or ro oooorrr Ugqlb motio Taught tho tune of a hickory stick I was your bashful, barefoot beau You ororo oo! io o Yoo roroto rrooo Whoo wo o oooor S JANET LATTEXELL uHer heart is like the moon3 it changes.u Mirror Staff l,2,3,43-CCo-Editor 431 Carew Staff 53 GAA l,2,5j Senior Cloir 2,5,43 Band l,2,5,43 5 udent Council 2,5,43-CPresident 433 Cheer- leader 2,5,43 German Club 43 Class play 53 Junior Choir 13 Homecoming Attendant 4. ROBERT HOKSON uBObN HNever trouble trouble 'til trouble troubles you.H AHTVUR NTELSEN HArtH HTalk may be cheap, but not over long distance.H FFA 1,2,3g Band 1,2,5. SANDRA SXTTN HSadJyH HFriendliest gal we've ever seeng that's why we made her Homecoming Queen.H Mirror Staff l,2,5,43-CCo-Editor 431 GAA l,2,5: G1rl's Clee Club 53 Senior Choir 5,43 Band l,2,3,4. Student Council 2,5,4j Cheerleader 2,5,43 German Club 43 Junior Choir 1: Foto Club 23 Homecoming Queen 4. ELIZABETH TOFFMAN HBettyH uThe only way to have a friend is to be one.H Band l,2,5,43 Mirror Staff 1,2,3,4Q Class President 23 Carew Staff 5,43 Sanior Choir 2,3,43 Pep Band 2,5,4j Student Council 43 German Club 43 Foto Club 2. JAMES PETERSON HPeteu HLet's Wave some light on the subject.H Mirror Staff 43 Baseball 5,43 German Club 43 Class Play 5. UENRY KRAWIECBI nHankn NAfter the game is over, after the field is clear, straigtten my nose and my sboulderg and help me find my ear.H Carew Staff 5,43 Mirror Staff 5,43 Baud 2,5,4Q Lettermen's Club 2,5,4j Pep Band 23 Baseball 2,5,4Q Basket- ball 1,2,5,4: Football l,2,5,4-fCo- Captain 4.1 FLORENCE KADLEC HDimolesn HI clatter as I go, and I go on for- ever.H GAA 43 Cirl's Glee Club 43 Library Club 3,43 Foto Club 2. 5 BETTY LOU KRAWIECKI nLuH HI don't care how you spell my name, I'll chance it someday anyhow.n Sanior Choir 5,43 Band l,2,5,43 GAA l,2,5,43 Mirror Staff 2,5,43 Carew Staff 2,5,43 Pep Band 2,5,43 Junior Choir l: Homecoming Attendant 4. JERRY WALLACE HNothing has put so many men their feet as an alarm clock. Senior Choir 43 FFA l,2,5,43 ball l,2,5,43 Foto Club 1,23 Play 5. on II Foot- Class ROBERT NORDEEN HTall, dark and helpful.H Carew Staff 5,43 Mirror Staff l,2, 5,43 Senior Choir 2,41 Band l,2,53 Student Council 3,45 Pep Band l,2, 53 Foto Club 23 Class Play 53 Class President l. BARBARA WEINMANN uBarbn nShe'll make sunshine in shady places.n Carew Staff 43 Mirror Staff 43 GAA 5,43 Senior Choir 5,43 Cheerleader 43 Class Play 53 Homecoming Attend- ant 43 Transfer Student 5. VIVIAN ANWERSON HVivn HHer head is light, yes, very lightg in fact, she's a blonde.n Mirror Staff 23 GAA l,2,53 Junior Choir lg Senior Choir 2,5,4. LAIRD MORK HNot too quiet, not too loud. A boy of whom we are very broud.n Junior Choir lg Mirror Staff 5,43 Senior Choir 2,5,43 Lettermen's Club 43 Baseball 2,4Q Basketball 43 Foto Club 1,23 Football 1,4-Co-Captain 41 Class Play 5. LARRY KLAPMEIER nKlappyn . 9 HHealthy, wealthy and wise-cracking.H Band 2,5,4-CStudent Director 453 Declam 2,5,43 Lettermen's Club 2,5,43 Mirror Staff 5,43 Carew Staff 2,5,43 Class Play 51 Senior Choir l,2,5,43 Class Officer 5,43 Football l,2,5,43 Basketball l,2,5,4. FLORA JEAN WILLIAMS nJeanieH HA girl with few words never has to take back so many.n GAA 2g Foto Club 1,2. 6 RICHARD UAEG nDickn HAll preat men are dead, and I'm not Feeling so good myself.H Carew Staff 5,43 Mirror Staff l,2,5 43 Senior Choir 2,4Q Band l,2,53 Declam l,2,5,43 One-act play 53 Student Council l,2,53 Cheerleader 5,43 Foto Club l,2,53 Class Play 53 Junior Choir l. VIRGINIA SWORODA uGiHHyn HShe puts her worries in a pocket with a hole in it.u Senior Choir 2,5,43 Junior Choir 13 Library Club l,2. HARY NORDENSTROM NJust be hanpy, just be gay, that's her motto from day to day.' Carew Staff 5,4-CEditor-in-Chief 453 Mirror Staff l,2,3,43 GAA l,2,5,43 Senior Choir 2,4Q Band l,2,5,43 Pep Band 5,43 Class Play 53 Junior Choir l. DONALD KOPP HSpikeu HI can't dance so hot, but I can sure 1ntermission.n Senior Choir 43 FFA 43 Baseball 43 Football 43 Transfer Student 4. FRED KLAMNER HI know but I just can't remember.u Senior Choir 23 Band l,2,5,43 FFA l3 Pep Band 2,5,4j Baseball 5,43 Foto Club 2. DELLA YOUNCQUIST UDellu HArgue it early, argue it late3 if a line were crooked, she'd argue it strain t.H Mirror Staff 1,23 Declam l,2,5,43 Library Club 23 Foto Club l,23 Class Play 5. RUTHELLEN AN DER SON nGuarantead to blush at any and all occasions.H Carew Staff 5,43 Mirror Staff 5,4Q Band l,2,5,43 Student Council 43 Pep Sand 2,53 Class Play 53 Junior Choir ROSERT SMITH HBobn uUanny-go-lucky and gay, he clowns arouni all day.H FFA l,5,4: Basketball 3,43 Baseball 43 Lettermen's Club 4. 7 ELLA 'Tier will days MATHISON winning smile and quiet ways bring her luck through all her Il GAA l,2,4g Senior Choir 2,5,4g Junior Choir lg Library Club 5. DEAN KRINKE HWhat he wants to get out of school most is himself.u Band l,2,5g FFA l,2,5,4g Foto Club l DELORIS MOURER HDGGH uHere's a girl who's very freeg happy-go-lucky as can be.n Senior Choir 2,5,4g Library Club l, 2,53 GAA lg Junior Choir l. LAVERNE ENGBLOM HLoveyH nGood things come in little packages. Junior Choir lg Student Council lg GAA 2,55 Senior Choir 2,53 Majorette 2,5,4 LOUISE STRANDLUND HLouieN nNeat and sweet from bead to feet.n GAA l,2,5g Junior Choir lg Senior Choir 2,53 Foto Club l,2g 5,4g Homecoming Attendant Majorette 4. GERALD JAMES HJSPPYH HHe has three speeds -- slow, slower, and stop.u Football 5,43 Class Play 53 Baseball 5, Transfer Student 5. ROBERT DOVE HWork fascinates him' he could sit and Watch it for mulls." FFA 2,5,4g Basketball 2. ELLEN MATFISON HA girl with a smile is a girl Worth while.H GAA l,2,5g Junior Choir lg Senior Choir 4. ' 8 DONALD RITTER HTGXH nSome say he's quiet, but io they know him?n FFA l,2g German Club 4. RUTH OQUIST uHigh school days just don't compare with high school n1ghts.u GAA l,2,5,43 Mirror Staff 5,4g Senior Choir 2,3,4g Library Club l,2 Junlor Choir l. BETTY DAVIS uHere is a girl who is always kindg girls like Betty are hard to f1nd.H German Club 4g GAA 5,4. JOHN NORDENSTROM nJacku HA boy blessed with intelligence, also lots of common sense.H Band 2,5. SHELDON HUTCHINSON HThere should be more sleep around this institutlon.n FFA l,2,5,4. JOYCE HARRIER HA little shy, but full of fun, with a cheerful smile for everyone.u Declam 45 Transfer Student 4. VIRGINIA HARMS HGingeru HAt first she seems so very shyg but when you know her, my, oh, my.' Library Club 55 GAA l,2,4. ELDON KROTZ nMathematics and figures never worry him.n JOHN KYLANDER HA very nice guy, but oh, so shy.H FFA l,2,5,4. DOROTHY WIDA HDOtN On her hand she wears a pledge of love.H Mirror Staff 4g GAA l 2 5 4. 3 1 1 Y! WESLEV CASHMAN Hwesn uWes will surely reach his goal, working with his heart and soul.u FFA 1,2,5,4. CAROL HERE NJOH HShe's a closed book to the outside World.H Junior Choir lg Senior Choir 2,5,4g Library Club 1. HARLO DICKINSON nHarl1en nSometimes I sit and thinkg ether times I just sit.N FAA l,5,4g Football 4. GLENDA SCHLAGEL HG1enH HShe's like a star -- out every night.n Carew Staff 5,4g GAA 2,45 Foto Club 2g Class Play 53 Transfer Student 2. MARY MEYER nShe's always around when you need her.N Carew Staff 5,ig GAA l,2,5,4g Senior Choir 2,5,4. MORRIS JOHNSON HSwedeH HQuiet men are sometimes surprising. I0 RAMONA RIPKA uMarieu v 'A very quiet lass, but we're proud to rave her in our class.u GAA l,4g Library Club 5. KENNETH NELSON HKennyn NEvery inch a man.n Senior Choir 4. MADGE STROM nSpeech may be silvery, but silence is golden.' GAA lg Library Club 2. RODNEY OSLIN nRodH H NH1s only labor is to kill time. FFA 1,2,5,4g Baseball 45 Foto Club ELLA RITTER nDollyn NA quiet girl, but quit GAA 2,5,4. e a girl.n JERRY WEIDENDORF HHermn nFrom this red-headed lad, much pleasure we've had.n CAROL DAVIS nDaveH HI d1dn't raise my giggle to bg 8 lauqh.H GAA 4. STANLEY ASH uStann ong, lean and likeable.n FFA l,2,4g Senior Choir 4. IIL l H ELDON JAMES NJesse NHe's just another S F MARY HILLENBRAND A neat appearing to look at.H H Baseball 2,5,4. GENE KRINKE MARY DOCHOW 5 overtime.n German Club 4. SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT LARRY KLAPMEIER VICE-PRESIDENT BETTY LOU KRAWIECKI SECRETARY VIVIAN ANDERSON TREASURER JANET LATTERELL VALEDICTORIAN JANET LATTERELL SALUTATORIAN ELDON KROTZ row.n AA 2,5,4g Transfer Student l. Library Club 23 Mirror Staff 4. DARLENE HATHAWAY nPhyln HShe and 'fun' are twins N Junior Choir lg Senior CRoir 5,45 Library Club l. SYLVESTER KLOUS nCyN nHis laugh is worth a thousand groans.n nMy car will go anyplace.n FFA 1,2,5,45 Bond l,2,5g Foto club 1. uShe talks little but her brains work ll boy who forgot to girl is always nice CLASS COLORS: BLUE AND GOLD CLASS FLOWER: YELLOW ROSE CLASS MOTTO: UNTRAVELED PATHS- OUR OPPORTUNITIES I2 . infra? .lLQ...,,.P QELELEQDSPQEU I 2- 3 'O' 5' B 1 8 '7 I0 ll Il I3 I4 If lb I1 Il I9 20 21 21 13 1+ if 25 21 722777 11 30 Sl 2.1 33 1. Betty Lou Krawiecki, 2. John Ky1ander,,5. Florence Kadlec, 4. Larry Klaomeier, 5. Sandra Smith, 6. Dick Haeg, 7. Carol Davis, 8. Darlene Hathaway, 9. Vivian Anderson, 10. Carol Herr, ll. Janet Latterell, 12. Flora Jean Williams, 15. Ramona Ripka, 14. Dean and Gene Krinke, 15. Ruthellen Anderson, 16. Laird Mork, 17. Della Youngquist, 18. Joyce Harrier, 19. Ella Ritter, 20. Kenneth Nelson, 21. Mary and Jack Nordenstrom, 22. Mary H,l1enbrand, 25. Gerald James, 24. Fred Klammer, 25. Virginia Harms, 25. Betty Davis, 27. Bob Nordeen, 28. Don Kopo, 29. Art Neilsen, 50. Henry Krawiecki, 51. Dorothy Wida, 52. Wesley Cashman, 55. Betty Hoffman. 13 ZLASS- WILL: We, the Seniors of l952, of Mora High School, being of unsound mind, well- trained memory, and super-human understanding, do declare this our last will and testament. We dispose of our possessions as follows: Robert Smith wills his comb to Richari Randall. Mary Meyer wills her advantage to get to town to go rollerskating to JoAnn Munter. Morris Johnson wills his ability to get along with Mr. Obert to Don Ostrom. Ruthellen Anderson leaves her ability to argue. Glenda Schlagel wills her night life to Janice Throndson. Ella Mathison leaves her desk in assembly to anyone wanting visitors during the school year. Lary Klapmeier wills his quiet f?P studious C?l ways to Harold Hornquist. Betty Hoffman wills her school enthusiasm to anyone willing to give up everything else for work. Fred Klammer wills his first chair cornet to Willard Nordman. Carol Herr wills her voice to any future Senior Choir member. Florence Kadlec wills her back seat in English to anyone who is small. Mary Dochow wills a little more stuff called hair to Corrine Seonbuchner. Sylvester Klous wills his ability to break glasses to anyone who can afford it, Madge Strom wills her job in the Cafeteria to Kay Cottrell. Kenneth Nelson wills his quiet bass voice to Stanley Erickson for his use in Senior Choir. Laird Mork wills his high marks in Algebra to Stanton Serline who will probably need them next year. Louise Strandlund wills her majorette uniform to Evelyn Kopp in hopes it will fit. Sandra Smith wills her homecoming crown to any future homecoming queen and hopes the weather is suitable for coronation. Robert Monson wills his height to Richard Kubat. Ellen Mathison wills her seat in Chemistry to anyone in Physics who has a secret. desire to blow up the room. Donald Ritter leaves his typewriter and ability to type. Janet Latterell wills her desk in the assembly to Gary Martens who seems to like sitting there so well. Gene frigkeiwills his seat under Mr. Obert's nose to anyone who is real interested n oc a . -- Q wills 2523 that Mr. Gerard will some day learn to write a test that he can understand. ELQQQ-Qgmgs wills his seat to anyone who wants to sleep but must have the ability to sleep while sitting in a front seat. I4 Harlo Dickinson, Rodney Oslin, Stanley Ash, and Dean Krinke leave. Laverne Engblom wills her height to Evelyn Kopp. Arthur Nielsen and Wesley Cashman will all of thelr books to anyone who wants them Vir inia Harms wills her front seat in Chemistry to anyone wanting to be in the way o ying missiles. Vivian Anderson wills her leaky fountain pen to anyone who likes to wipe it off Before taking shorthand. Darlene Hathaway wills her tintair bottle to Becky Gotfredson. Mary Hillenbrand and Bob Dove will a few extra inches of height to anyone who can make good use of them. Gerald James wills his deer hunting experiences to Clinton Waddell in hopes that he can use them to the fullest extent of their value. Donald Kopp wills his big wave of hair to Gerald Dennewith. Carol Davis wills her assembly desk to any future Senior who likes to chin them- selves. Ramona Ripka wills her blond hair to any underclassman that wants it. Della Youngguist wills her four years of Math with Mr. Gustafson to someone who wants to be an Einstein. CShe didn't succeedl. Ruth Oguist wills her ability to fall asleep in class to Janette Kleven. Flora Jean Williams wills her front seat in 4th hour assembly to anyone who speaks only wlth permission but gets moved anyway. Henry Krawiecki wills his running yardage in football to Dave Westman. John Nordenstrom leaves his place in the Ag room from 8:10 to 8:29. Virginia Swoboda wills her shape to Dianne Olson. Doroth Wida wills her advantage to become engaged when a Sophomore to anyone want ng to take up house keeping early. John Kylander wills his hair and quiet ways to Stanton Serline. Eldon Krotz wills his intelligence to Eugene Gries in hopes he will get through Mr. Gustafson's classes. Betty Davis leaves her seat in German class to anyone who can understand it. Joyce Harrier wills her seat in assembly to any future Senior. Sheldon Hutchinson and Ella Ritter will their back seats in Social to anyone who wants to hide during recitation. Deloris Mourer wills her seat on the bus to anyone who likes a long ride. Barbara Weinmann wills her many facial expressions to anyone lacking words to express themselves. Bett Lou Krawiecki wills her hair pins to NGeraldineN Dale so he can have curly a r. Bob Nordeen wills his enthusiasm in Student Council activities to Darrell Olson. Mary Nordenstrom leaves her aspirin bottle to Becky Gotfredson. Dick Haeg wills his cheerleading uniform to Arden Raymond. Jerry Wallace wills his beard to Bill Griffith. usp SENIOR IN THE YEAR 1962, WE ARE ALL ASSEMBLED BACK AT MORA HIGH SCHOOL FOR THE HOME- COMING FESTIVITIES OF THE STATED YEAR. ALL OF US MADE A SPECIAL TRIP FROM OUR HOMES BECAUSE ALL WANTED TO ATTEND TUE FIRST ALUMNI DANCE IN THE HISTORY OF MORA. WE FIND OUR CLASSMATES WITH MANY AND VARIED PROFESSIONS. Vivian Anderson is still working in the office of Mr. Held. Henry Krawiecki now operates all of his father's business places. He is also pres- ident of the Mora Commercial Club. Robert Smith won national honors as being Nthe man with the neatest hairu. He also operates a beauty salon for Nmen onlyu. Here we see Mary Meyer in a WAVE uniform. She holds the rank of Commander and can always be seen being escorted around by her chauffeur in a four-door jeep. Darlene Hathawa has secured the position as the artist on the television program, immy's Junior Jamboreen. Larry Klapmeier is running for Mayor of this fair city on none other than the Paradise ticket. p Eldon Krotz is the first Professor at any college to be called the second and pos- sibly the last, nEinsteinH. Mary Dochow has been named the second HEmily Postu and has the daily job of making comments on Bob Nordeen's attire. Bob is now owner of the Men's Fashion Shop in Mora. Glenda Schla el is still single and is running for the title of HStaying Single the Longest Ella and Ellen Mathison are planning for a double-wedding which will take place in about two weeks. The reason for the man. long wait was that Ellen had to find a James Peterson is filling the shoes of Mr. Gerard as English teacher in Mora High. Ulm writes tests for all the English classes. We find Betty Lou Krawiecki finally engaged to Bob. Betty Lou has made it a hobby to collect footballs and basketballs. Carol Herr has become a famous television star because of her singing ability. Here comes the Greyhound bus driver. None other than Ruthellen Anderson. Sylvester Klous is known to many as the uWarman Wondern. He pounds granite. We have an opera star with us. It's none other than Donald Kopp who has the lead- ing feminine role with Rudy Vallee CDick Haegl. Morris Johnson is now replacing Mr, Obert Is getting too far along in years to Della Youn uist is chief cook and bottle gh School. Congratulations, Della. Harlo Dickinson is still holding the same metter, Harlo? in teaching Social. He feels Mr. Obert handle both Social and American History. washer at the cafeteria here in Mora rank in the National Guard. What's the Gerald James is head of the Conservation Department in Mora. His assistant is Jerry Wallace, who is thoroughly pleased with his job. Ella Ritter, Madge Strom, and Virginia Harms are three of the most enthused spec- tators who attend the games of their Alma Mater. I6 PROPH ECY Mar Hillenbrand was just recently offered a contract to play on a Girls Profes- siona Basketball squad. KHere's honing she acceptsl. Wesle Cashman has become owner of the Arrow Shirt Company. fHow about the arrow t rough your heart, Wes?J Kenneth Nelson has been married and is still debating about accepting the job of President of the Baby Sitters Club of America, since Donald Ritter is retiring Florence Kadlec has just recently become owner of the Ann Lake dancing hall. Co- owner is Ramona Ripka. H Laverne Engblom has amazingly grown to the height of five feet, nine inches tall. Laird Mork is now Chemistry and Math teacher at the U. of UMW. CMora7 Fred Klammer and his NRed Hot Cornetn has his own orchestra and is appearing in a new musical over colored television. Oh yes, John Kylander plays the drums. Jerr Weidendorf owns a big and beautiful resort on the North Shore of Lake Mora. -e reports fishing is good. Who is this we see? Why, Mary Nordenstrom. Mary has been named the Roller Derby Queen of 1962. Barbara Weinmaun is her official skate carrier. fJust can't be separated, can you?5 Janet Latterell is still singing UIt's so Nice To Have A Man Around The Housen. Vir inia Swoboda has taken up nursing as a profession. Her main job is injecting ypos nto monkeys. Stanley Ash has taken over the radio program NMain Streetu and has Eldon James as main vocalist. The Davis and Davis Dancing School is now operated by the sisters who are always together, Carol and Betty Davis. Arthur Nielson now owns the telephone office. Why? He figures it is cheaper that way. Dolores Mourer has been in the Armed Forces. Naturally, the women's branch. Dorothy Wida is married. Need we say more? Ruth O uist decided she liked school so well that she's still in the Mora Public c oo . CThe only woman janitor in historyl. Robert Monson has a full time job of telling bed-time stories. Robert Dove has just been voted the tallest man in Minnesota. Louise Strandlund is head majorette for the marching band in Miami, Florida. Flora Jean Williams, Home from Paris, France, states she is a fashion designer of halr scarfs there. Sandra Smith is managing a resort in Atlantic City -- City of Queens. Sheldog Hwtchinson and Rodney Oslin'are doing well on their 5,000 acre ranch in t e est. The first class chauffeur of Dean Krinke is none other than his twin, Gene. Dean operates a garage in Montana. Bett Hoffman has been given the title nLoyal Student of Mora High Schoolu because o a t e outstanding tasks she had done while attending. Joyce Harrier has gone into dentistry work. Pulling teeth is her specialty. 17 S f G. JI . "' ggghm if Ati., " "'- ' 'LI' Qg3g:::gQ" . WC' m 'ww' S.. W -wi QQJIORA U O AVL ATTL ULD ORA QC OOL TLELVQ YLARS SEJTGR 12 VEAQ Row 1 Carol QPF, Rotty oppman, Jarlpne Iathaway Row 2 kedqeth gon, Lalrd Fork, Ruth 110m Andvwson, Larry Klanmeler, Jerry Weld ndorf fl M1 J Q 55 up r ,' . -Y. 11 S 64 I 5 La - 1 1 I I .ll V, D lv "'?'uf.7 2 ff ' .x , ix , Q, . f fi 'MI' V , AQ, 4, ,- 5ChDOl MVS, 5522223 EYE md md ' J 1, I I fl mmf 1 mm? ff? mwigm gg 'M if fa a V 2 4 pfagfvy ijg 1,24 fag W 'Wx 54? sb k fe 75+-A 25, W 331,225 i , if 2 , . 2 , 'gm , 6 E Eli Q' ,E fl 51242 3 I" 1 i G H lx! fi? 25 ' Si :- ' G' S- Z' Yi ou wrote on myslate 'Ilove vousu' JUNIUKB Gin JUNIOR CLASS: How l: Nancy Linrle, Irene Johnstone, Margaret Bankers, Patricia Haugen, Corrine Seonbuchner, Sarah Hopne, Charles Spar, Bill Sherman, Gerald Dennewith, Mary Thomas, Sharon Neuman, Cornelia Osterdyk, Ann Neuman, Shirley Fuwrstenburg, Lois Armstrong. Row 2: Naomi Spar, Robert Ritter, Patricia Back- lund, Jamwm Yeumnn, Richard Randall, Peter Hovland, Renee Lind, Sharon Nahnsen, Muvvrly Pearson, Albert Foust, Duane McKinnon, Cyril Haag, Mickey Grahek, Neola Cutler, Mavis Carla,n. Row 5: Christina Maier, Dan Wilkens, Bill Griffith, lorma Talley, Gerald Dale, Eugene Cries, Bill Ketter, Harold Hornqulst, Dan lolmbcrv, Charlua Whiteside, Stanton Serline, Pblllin Ellingson, Roger Lakeberg, Pete Fulverao., Warth Johnston, Sue Sjooulst. . F 4-1 ff Pt fx 5 , ' N X ' N S 5 P xy? V sh A,4. 'IN ' .. xx - L no ' more 1 . Q I 4 . ang A v""v ' JUNIOR CLASS: Row l: Marilyn Kylander, Irene Schmidt, Janelle Krinke, Ruth Moore, Jo Ann Munter, hob Miller, Marlyn James, Helen Christensen, Lois Kahle, Marian Cooper, Marlene frumrei. Row 2: Tanold Lovaas, Avis Johnson, Verdell Krlnke, Janet Carlwon, Howarl Luhmwn, John Telander, Barbara Hack, James Richardson, Jack Ruflner, Louise Altman, Loretta Rogne, Rae Luiten, Eileen Lucht, Hattie Pavel, Wayne Driver. Row 3: Betty Burk, Lloyd Otte, Barbara Warning, James Marquart, Evelyn Kobp, Ronald Soderstrom, Duane Kujath, Gary Martens, Vernon Mattson, Dennis Molin, Don Ostrom, Bill Hallstrom, Carol Holmstrom, Norman Nelson, Becky Gotfredson I9 DUFHIVIUKEB ' A A L - - SOPHOMORES: Row l: William Posy, Arlan Ryberg, Marie Dickoff, Violet Cashman, Ruby Mart, Anna Hovland, Sharon Hohn, Shelby Grahek, Marlys Gotfredson, David Johnson, Yvonne Johnson, Evelyn Krawiecki, Elizabeth Beardshear, Delmar James, Robert Youngquist. Row 2: Ruth Fish, Tom Heuer, David Westman, Richard Wenholz, Gertrude Johnson, Larry Rowley, Nancy Martens, John Barnes, Gordon Sorenson, Dennis Olson, Elaine Rosnow, Jane Stephan, JoAnn Hathaway, Lloyd Erickson, Jane Berulson, Peggy Gotfredson, Dewey Mattson. Row 5: Clayton Oosterhuis, Jon Hornquist, Wally Oien, Bill Owens, Elaine Mattson, Clifford Wroolie, Clinton Waddell, Larry Carlson, Stan Erickson, John Hillman, Darrell Olson, Barbara Mork, Ray Renstrom, Donald Oquist, Sheila Woodbeck, Zonnie Strandlund, John Strandlund. SOPHOMORES: Row l: Evelyn Roggentein, Maryann Kadlec, Janice Nordstrom, Clara Stegeman, Lula Seline, Carol Lind, Donna Danielson, Lois Olson, Renee Johnson, Marlyn Angstman, Marlys Forshier, Dorothy Olson. Row 2: Nellie Claggctt, Dennis Clayton, Duane Oslin, Marlene Ekstrom, Barbara Peterson, Janice Throndson, Carl Johnson, Jeanette Kleven, Marion Lovaas, Eloise Kylander, June Gray, Walter Carlson, Robert Mitchell. Row 5: Marvin Dressler, Alice Bankers, Bernard Zimpel, Elmer Bentz, Harold Garda, LeRoy Bremer, Alvern Krinke, Gary Linder, Donald Birkman, Roger Boster, Douglas Amundson, Dick Bowman, Tom Goldsmith, Arlayne Falk, Darlene Althoff. 20 I'KI:5HNll:N A I DQ FHMUHMEN: How l: Kathleen Foust, barbara Koski, Kathryn Hyland, Darlene Wastman, Wuynw Strombaok, Robert Ripka, Eldon Anderson, Paul Hetland, Donald Hergstadt, Ronald Mork, Alvora Althoff, Ruby Lucht, Carolyn Murray, June Jorgonson. Row 2: Harvoy hndlec, Ronald Smith, Jerry Anderman, Robert Sjoquist, Merle Motschenbacher, Monica Hang, Patty Miller, Sally Thomas, Betty Hovland, Edna Rich, Donna Hotfrodson, Jamoa Utonstrom, Charles Hohn, Hobart Williams, Davll Elllngson. How 3: Ramona Friendshuh, Deanna Olson, Florence Dochow, Ann Raklin, Robert Cole, Larry Okorstrom, Jerry Larson, Gene Kopp, Clayton Johnston, Jerry Torrey, Willari Norlman, Eldon Carlson, Ramona Klle, Frances Roberts, Sandra McGuire. FRESHMEN: Row l: Charlotte Dlckhoff, Ruth Ann Kllander, Elaine Nastrom, Dowglas Johnson, Darryl Olson, Donald Cassman, Larry Boggs, Leroy Nastrom, Mary Ellen Walker, Edna Lakeberg, Kenneth Uroostln, Donna Tatro. Row 2: Kathryn Zlmrel, Lee Thomnson, Leella Paxton, Melvin Neumann, Betty Storlie, Patrlclw Chaddock, Kay Cottrell, Muriel Hack, Jim Yolznarel, Theodora Wri ht, Sheldon Nelson, Pat Sweeney, Alice Osterdyk, Roger Nelson. Row 3: Phyllis Harrier, Gordon Gotfradson, Shirley Uartelt, Sidney Sycks, Joyce Gittins, Clayton Harms, Delmore Ostrom, John Hanson, Willard Strom, Grace Folkema, Jerry Ruflner, Nathan Norberg, James Telander, Wetty westin, Eddie one . 21 urn uKAupl: Sth GRADE: Row l: Vernon Cassman, Dennis Anderson, La Vonne Elofson, Sonja Jensen, Gordon fenrikson, Eleanor Bentz, Verna James, Charles Beardshear, Kenneth Vathaway. Row 2: Donald Anderson, Edwin Drown, Gerald Holznagel, Clayton Berg, James Erickson, David Collins, Mary Jane Eubat, Gene Eedore, Daniel Deckstrom, Gerald Eirkman, James Goldsmith, Warren Ellingson. Row 5: Jerry Christiansen, Sharon Bassett, Nadine Anderson, Darlene Akermaan, LeRoy Gries, David Berg, Lee Eorshier, Leonard Kleven, Donald Edholm, Jo Ann Krawiecki Bassett, Faune Greenwald, James Cole. Deanna 9 8th GRADE: Row l: Zelda Sutherland, Martha Posy, Weldan Smith, Dean Larson, Roger LaValla, Gary Ludwig, Elton Stromback, Richard Weinmann, Mary Maurer, John Ripka, Kenneth Schmidt. Row 2: Warren Stromback, Carol Reynolds, Dennis Udean, Myron Kahle, Gordon Schmiit, David Selvig, Dennis Rowley, Sharon Moe, Edith Rich, Dolly Wenberg, Janice Lind, Donna Lingle, Dick Mattson. Row 5: Donna Oquist, Hope Linder, Janice Rassmussen, Jerine Stephan, Charles Woodbeck, Shirley Roberts, Gerald Strandlund, John Repp, James Nordenstrom, Karen Olson, Mary Westin, Marlis Seline, Marilyn Talley, Tom Thomas. 22 7th GRADE Vth JHADE: How l: Connio Johnson, Ronald hrown, Eugono Aulioh, Cloono Enxon, Duane Hnphnrp, Robwrt Vurx, Fat Lonrworth, Robert horvstadt. Row 2: Gerald hrinnin, July McGuire, Vivian Kroisol, Cora Uovlan , Charlotto Frionlshwh, USUN? Gollin, Arnoll Hnwstrom, Albert Drlnnin, Don Erirkson, lary Andoaaon, Jo Ann Erickson. Row 5: Jerry Wrisko, Mrizvwon, Lillian Hroyon, Peter Anderson, Kay Grunwald, Armmtronv, Shirloy Hohn, Corrino Kont, Sharon Crabtree, Mary Danialzon, Ualo Fras John Armstronr, Joyce Elaine Johnson, Jim Jamos Christiansen. A ha. EGGS Vth GRADE: Row l: Rioharl Kuhat, Karon Solmonson, Richard Schultz, Louisa Nflson Shirley Williams, Joanotto Strombnrg, Dennis Yolson, Dalo Groonwalt, Karolyn Solmonwon, Ardnn Raymond. Row 2: Patricia Zimnol, Sheldon Zollman, Morwvn Larson, I lholhy Millor, Sandra Torrey, Janioo Molin, Sharon Smith, Sylvia Stcoxolrorr, Donald 'HH1mailw, Hizhard Ryhwrr, Patricia Rnnstrom. How 6: Kenneth Harp, Dallas Olson, Sylvia Wolford, Joo Oslund, Mary Ann Mohronwaiaor, Jeanette Ottoson, Nancy Sendo, Hiwnwrl Johnstone, Gerald Maas, Marvin Simons, James Ryborg. 23 V i l l Sonool dooyoo, school days Good old golden rule days Ro ' ' 'nl 'rltln' EQ! ' T u il . lg ,.l oy 5:1514 ' 6 6 0 I was V lol ooooloosoooo You were my gal lo o You wrote on my sloto Wl'l.Bl'l WB WETE E ooool BAND BAND: Row l: Dick Bowman, Tom Thomas, Davil Ellingson, Corrine Kent, Shelby Grahek, Sheila Woodbeck, Jerry Anderman, Sharon Hohn, Marlyn Angstman, Evelyn Krawiecki, Marlys Gotfredson, Gertrude Johnson, Mary Maurer, Betty Lou Krawiecki, Janet Latterell, Barbara Mork, Gordon Sorenson, Ruthellen Anderson, Deanna Olson, Laverne Engblom, Peggy Gotfredson, Louise Strandlund. Row 2: Elaine Rosnow, Betty Hoffman, Henry Krawiecki, Larry Klapmeier, Carol Holmstrom, Richard Wenholz, Myron Kahle, Bill Griffith, Alvern Krinke, Harold Hornquist, Tommy Heuer, Roger Lakeberg, Bob Miller, Jon Hornquist, Janet Carlson, Rae Luiten. Row 3: Mr. Johnson, Barbara Hack, Ruth Ella Moore, Arlayne Falk, Wally Oien, Donall Birkman, Mickey Grahek, Bill Sherman, John Barnes, Gerald Dale, Fred Klammer, Marian Cooper, Sandra Smith, Renee Johnson, Connie Johnson. The band room in the new addition has produced many changes for the music department. We now have plenty of room for the full band to rehearse, and for storage of instruments and uniforms. Mr. Burt Johnson, a graduate of the University of Minne- sota, is director of the band. Mr. Johnson was a member of the University Band for four years. The band made several trips last summer. Among these were trips to Pine City, Cambridge, and Sandstone. The band also played at the dedication of the new aidition and at the annual Christmas Concert in December. In the spring, they took part in the District Music Festival held at Mora. Officers of the band are Sandra Smith, President: Larry Klapmeier, Vice-President, Henry Krawiecki, Se:retary-Treas- urer: Bill Griffith, Prop many Betty Hoffman, Librarian: and Larry Klapmeier, Student Director. The Concert Band has a membership of 53, the Marching Band 40, and the Pep Band SB. 25 SENIOR CHOIR 58535 SEAIOR CHOIR: Row l: Lee Thompson, Delmar James, Naomi Spar, Carol Lind, Irene Johnstone, Yvonne Johnson, Mary Meyer, Peggy Gotfredson, Mary Kadlec, Beverly Adams, Betty Lou Krawiecki, Sharon Rohn, Janelle Krinke, Carol Herr, Marion Cooper, Renee Johnson, Janice Nordstrom, Arlyn Ryberg, Marlyn Angstman, Sandra Smith. Row 2: Darlene Hathaway, Delores Mourer, Margaret Bankers, Ella Mathison, Robert jiller, Betty Hoffman, Janet Latterell, June Cray, Ruth Oquist, Janet Carlson, Bill Sherman, Barbara Weinmann, Sheila Woodbeck, Richard Haeg, Loretta Rogne, Virginia Swoboda, Vivian Anderson, Dennis Clayton, Charles Spar, Nancy Martens, Verdell Krinke, Avis Johnson, Rae Luiten, Ellen Mathison, Mr. Wambheim. Row 5: Sue Sjoquist, Stanley Ash, Arlayne Falk, Don Ostrom, Mary Nordenstrom, Ronald Soder- strom, Fred Klammer, Kenneth Nelson, Robert Nordeen, Stanley Erickson, Laird Mork, Larry Klapmeier, Jerry Wallace, Gary Martens, Bill Ketter, John Hillman, Bill Iallstrom, Roger Lakeberg, Evelyn Kopp, Bill Griffith, Don Kopp, Norma Talley, Becky Gotfredson, Barbara Hack. The Senior Choir this year was asain under the direction of Mr. Wambheim. This is his second year in Mora. Before the Annual Christmas Concert, the Mora and Hinckley Choirs exchanged concerts before the student bodies of the respective schools. Very fine reports were received about the performance of the Mora group. At the Christmas Concert the Choir sang six songs. They were "A Flemish Carol", "O Come O Come Emmanuel", "Jeg Jer Saa Glai", "O Tioly Night", "Lo How a Rose", and "Today There is Ringing." The Choir also took part in the District Music Festival which was held this year in Mora. Something different this year was the opportunity of the members of the organization to work with the fine accomo- dations in the new building. The group was composed of about 70 members and the thanks of all members for the success of the group go to the fine directing and leaiership of Mr. Wambheim. 26 JUNIOR CHOIR 1.1m JWNTOR C OIR: Row l: Richard Wefnmsnn, Karolyn Solmo son, Cleonc Epson, Patricia Zinnel, Zelda Suthorlunl, Mary Maurer, Kathryn Foust, La Vonne Elofson, Janice Lini, Sonja Jensen, Myron Kahle, Kathryn Zimnel, Judy McGuire, Patricia Renstrom, Vary Jwnc Danielson, Verna Mae James, Vivian Kreisel, Cora Movland, Jeanette Strombern, Karen Solmonson, Dennis Anierson. Row 2: Ellon Anderson, Ruth Kilander, Sharon Mohn, Ruby Luwrt, Jo Ann Erickson, Sharon Smith, Sharon Moe, Donna Gotfreison, Carol Reynolis, Kathryn Dyluni, Sharon Crabtree, Edna Lakeberg, Elaine Nastrom, Mary Jane Kubat, Joyce Erickson, Alvera Althoff, Janice Molin, Sandra Torrey, Jylvia Stockelberv, Darlene Westman, Alife Osterdyk, Donnie Anderson, David Selvig. Row 5: Miss Puckett, Jo Ann Krawiefki, Karen Olson, Deanna Edholm, Charles Woodbozk, Mary Walker, Muriel Tack, Ramona Friendshuh, Betty iovland, Kay Cottrell, Darlene Akkerman, Shirley Bartelt, Grace Folkema, Joyce Gittins, Naline Anderson, Sandra McGuire, Phyllis Tarrier, James Jcrlenstrom, Ramona Kile, Patricia Chaddowk, Elaine Johnson, Donna Lingle, Marlis Seline, Monica Haag, Marilyn Talley. Under the supervision of Miss Gloria Puckett, the Junior Choir did a fine job in giving their concerts throughout the year. The Choir :onsists of seventy-two sonranos ani altos. The Junior Choir made its First appearance of the year at the Grade School-Junior Yigh Christmas Concert when they sang HThe First Hoelu, HAway in a Mangeru, NMerry Christmas Timen, and HSilent Niahtn. GIRLS GLEE CLUB ii GLEE CLUhE Row l: Marlyn Anvstman, Evelyn Krawiecki, Carol Lind, Anna Hovland, Donna Danielson, Lois Olson, Irene Johnstone, Janice Nordstrom. Row 2: Miss Puckett, Shelby Grahek, Ruby Mart, Marilyn Kylander, Gertrude Johnson, nancy Maitens, Sheila Woodbeck, Elaine Rosnow, Jo Ann iathaway, Avis Johnson, Marparet Bankers, Peggy Gotfredson. Row 5: Florence Kadlec, June Gray, Marion Lovaas, Sue Sgoquist, Norma Talley, Sharon Narnsen, Arlayne Falk, Christina Maier, Beverly Pearson, Darlene Althoff, Alice Bankers, Marlene Eckstrom. 27 S UIKNIAN CLUB 'YW -ilu GERMAN CLUB: Row l: Betty Davis, Marilyn Kylander, Mary Thomas, Sanlra Smith. Row 2: Betty Hoffman, Carol Holmstrom, Mary Dochow, Janet Latterell. Row 5: M Arendt, Becky Gotfredson, Sharon Hahnsen, James Peterson, Harold Hornquist, Christina Maier. The German Club is a newly formed organization having as its membership those students taking Advanced German. The club is under the advisorship of Mr. Arendt, instructor in German. James Peterson headed the organization as pres- ident. Carol Holmstrom served as Vice-President and Sandra Smith acted as Secretary-Treasurer. One of the club's first activities was sponsoring a German dinner for its members at which only German was spoken. The organization also attended the annual German play at the University Theatre. Club members raised money for this project by selling refreshments at a basketball game. Several German speakers were invited to speak before the members during the school year. Several German Club members also formed a German band under the direction of Mr. Arendt. This little band was highly entertaining and played for several school functions. 28 'llI'llYnli1Y1Y Ql'l1I'll l 1g ir wx' J A A ' l ! ax CAREW STAFF: Row l: Mary Meyer, Betty Lou Krawiecki, Eileen Luoht, Verdell Krinke, Ann Neumann, Joann Munter. Row 2: Mary Thomas, Betty Hoffman, Janet Carlson, Dick Haeg, Barbara Weinmann, Glenda Schlagel, Mavis Carlson, Rae Lulten Row 3 Becky Gotfredson, Carol Holmstrom, Larry Klapmeier, Mr. Obert, Mary Nordenstrom, Richard Randall, Henry Krawiecki, Ruthellen Anderson. The CAREW is the nsistern publication to the Mirror, the purpose of which is to compile a yearly record, or history, of the students of Mora High. The CAREW is a yearly publication created to bring to the student body an annual that refleets the spirits and personalities that make our school a pleasant and lasting memory for all who have "trod the steps of dear old Mora High". It took a great deal of time and hard work by individ- pal staff members in order to produce this yearbook. Assignments were given to various individuals, hence coop- eration was a necessity if the three deadlines were to be met. There are about 20 members in the staff. The position of Editor-in-Chief was filled by Mary Nordenstrom. Becky Gotfredson was Assistant Editor. We hope the hours of work will provide enjoyable entertainment for the reader and our wishes are extended that this l952 CAREW will be a treasured memory in later years. 29 MIRROR STAFF l Q A - MIRROR STAFF: Row l: Evelyn Krawiecki, Sandra Smith, Betty Lou Krawiecki, Mary Thomas, Avis Johnson, Rae Luiten, Janet Latterell, Betty Hoffman, Marilyn Kylande Shelby Grahek, Ruth Fish, Ann Neumann, Lois Kahle. Row 2: Ruth Oquist, Loretta Rogne, Mickey Grahek, Barbara Weinmann, Carol Tolmstrom, Becky Gotfredson, Sue Sjoquist, Ruth Anderson, Barbara Warning, Dick Haeg, Clayton Oosterhuis, Dorothy Wida, Janet Carlson, Elaine Rosnow. Row 5: Mr. Arendt, Renee Lind, Evelyn Kopp, Sharon Nahnsen, Richard Randall, Gerald Dale, James Peterson, Larry Klapmeier, Laird Mork, Harold Hornquist, Bob Kordeen, Henry Krawiecki, Mary Hillenbrand, Barbara Mork, Norma Talley, Mary Nordenstrom. The Mora Mirror is put out by the members of the Mirror staff. This paper keeps the student boly informed on the various activities of our school. It also provides an Oppor- tunity for those who want to learn the fundamentals of journalism to practice their skills. This year the Mirror had as its editors Janet Latterell and Sandra Smith. It is under the capable advisorship of Mr. Arendt. The page edi- tors are: Carol Holmstrom and Elaine Rosnow, page lg Betty Hoffman and Ruthellen Anderson, page 2, Becky Gotfredson and Betty Lou Krawiecki, page 53 James Peterson and Henry Kra- wiecki, page 4. To help earn extra funds the staff sells refreshments at games and takes care of the annual picture program. They have purchased a new typewriter from the proceeds this year. This year's staff is to be commended for the fine work they have done in putting out such a well-planned paper. The appreciation of the student body is evidenced by the way they scramble for the paper on the day it is to come out. 30 Y' U. A. A. 4 - A - ' - GAA: Row l: Mary Meyer, Eileen Luwht, Miss Green, Becky Gotfredson, Joann Munter. Row 2: Renee Johnson, Ruth Kilander, Naomi Spar, Evelyn Krawiecki, Monica Taeg, Kathryn Zimpel, Donna Gotfredsod, Donna Danielson, Edna Lakeberg, Mary Walker, Elaine Hastrom, Lois Olson, Leella Paxton, Alice Osteriyk, Alvera Althoff, Ruby Lucht, Darlene Westman, Katrleen Foust. Row 5: Virginia larms, Betty Davis, Ann Neumann, Irene Schmidt, Sanlra McGuire, Carol Lind, Ramona Ripka, Yvonne Johnson, Beverly Adams, Margaret Bankers, Elorenze Kadlec, Gertrude Johnson, Avis Johnson, Ella Mathison, Peggy Gotfredson, Shelby Grahek, Patricia Chaddock, Muriel Hack, Ramona Friendshih, Cornelia Osterdyk, Ruth Fish, Ella Ritter, Janelle Krinke, Shirley Fuerstenberg, Marian Cooper. Row 4: Marlys Forshier, Shirley Bartelt, Mavis Carlson, Ruth Oquist, Dorothy Wida, Betty Westin, Joyce Gittins, Darlene Althoff, Alice Bankers, Arlayne Ealk, Elaine Mattson, Grace Folkema, Barbara Mork, Sue Sjoquist, Sharon Narnsen, Christina Maier, Louise Altman, Jellie Claavett, Nancy Martens, Marlene Eckstrom, Barbara Peterson, Kay Cottrell, Phyllis Harrier, Elaine Rosnow, Marlys Gotfredson. The Girls' Athletic Association is an organization made up of girls in grades nine through twelve who are interested in participating in some kind of sports activity. This year's program included soccer in the fall, volley ball and basketball in the winter, and softball, archery and hiking in the spring. Basketball is played during their free hours on Wednesday afternoons. This year there are 75 members in the club. Becky Gotfredson, a Junior, acted as President of the organi- zation. JoAnn Munter, also a Junior, served as Secretary. Mary Meyer, a Senior, ably kept a record of finances straight, and Eileen Lucht, a Junior, acted as Sports Recorder. The GAA also partakes of parties during after-school hours, and welcomes into its membership any girl who wants to become better acquainted with her schoolmates. 31 DEC LAM DECLAM: Row l: Ruth Fish, Joyce Harrier, Flora Jean Williams, Della Youngquist, Betty Hoffman, Peggy Gotfredson, Yvonne Johnson, Nancy Hartens, Row 2: Evelyn Kopp, Norma Talley, Barbara Warning, Larry Klapmeier, Becky Gotfredson, Dick Haeg, Janet Carlson, Mr. Gerard. STUDENT COUNCIL 5 . V ,HSE rig!! ,.:Q if fl 1 Riff., Q ' L gum 'cz' 2 L 1 . I in N XM xqzglt 9 Q STUDENT COUNCIL: Row l: James Goldsmith, Sally Thomas, Joann Munter, Sandra Smith, Ruby Lucht. Row 2: Evelyn Roggentein, Robert Miller, Janet Latterell, Betty Hoffman, Rae Luiten, Ruthellen Anderson. Row 5: Clayton Johnson, Robert Nordeen, John Hillman, Darrell Olson, Bill Griffith, Mr. Held. 32 Library LIVMARU CLDM: Ren l: Carol Lind, Jo Ann Hathaway, Xarlys Rorshier, Ruby Hart, Iellie Clavnett, Sarah Horne, Patrifia Vaeklund, Jharon Nahnsen, Miss Siem, 'arlenw Rwkmbrem, Aliei 'ankers. Row 2: Irene Swhmidt, Marilyn Kylanler, Marlene irwmrei, Kuth llla Moore, betty durk, Lois Armstrong, Ann Neumann, Loretta Rogne, wrbara Wwrninr, Wvelyn hepp, Hary Thomas, Mavis Carlson, Nancy Linvle, Margaret ankern, Florence iadlee, Elizabeth Reardshear, Sally Thomas, Ruth Fish. Stuients who belong to the Library Club assist the Librarian in doing suwh things as being desk assistant, put- tinv away books, and also shelving books. They receive eywerience in Drenarina books, preparing elippings, and mak- inf book reviews. Nagazines must also be arranged system- ativaily in the text book library. O'Vi:ers of the club inclule Nancy Lingle as President, Havis Carlson as Vice-President, Loretta Rogne as Secretary, ani Qarvaret bankers as Treasurer. Where are approximately twenty-eight girls working one to two hours a week. The Library Club alvisor is Miss Siem. Future Farmers of America A .. A B F.V.A.: New l: Hob litter, Pete Hovlanl, Narlo Dickinson, Carl Johnson, Dill Renter, Sheldon Iutrhinson. Row 2: William Posy, Davii Ellingson, Robert Williams, Jwrlyn James, James Neumann, Melvin Neumann, David Johnson, Duane Oslin, Dirk Rowman, Jerry Gotfredson, John Strandluni, LeRoy Nastrom, Ed Otte, John Barnes, Larry Okerstrom, Ronald Smith, Ronnie Mork, Robert Youngquist. Row 5: Lloyd Otto, Da'id Westman, John Telander, Zonnie Strandlund, Cyril Haeg, Elmer Dantz, Roper Roster, Vernon Hell, Albert Foust, Dwaine McKinnon, Clayton Harms, James RuViner, Donall Kopp, James Richardson, Walter Carlson, Clayton Johnson, Eldon James. Row 4: James Narquart, Ronald Soderstrom, Wesley Cashman, Phillip Mllingnon, Daniel Nolmberg, John Nordenstrom, Gary Martens, Rodney Oslin, Fred Randall, Robert Dove, Jerry Wallace, Vernon Nattson, John Kylander, Arthur Nielson Denali Virkman, Eugene Kopp, Stanley Ash, Harold Olson, Mr. Nelson. 33 i ,LM A. g QE if Q W Q gig ggi? 4 if Q L ,S j .,a5,s?i ' E 5 J ,A H .. yi! . Q :swf 1 -KK' ' " K "cg:-f . fi3wW?"f N 1 T, p 5 , wr Y, .' gg V . ' J VE A,V, ig H l. P 4' , if 1 -1 + .AQ Lf,- wk: - -- ,ggfgi-fm: f, W -1.4 g 42" YQM gi M95 nv v V , we is .Y 4 "mx .f XTX:-fl! .e ME Homecoming ,avuf .., GP X AIP' QM-,MQ r i 1 QW 1-:L vi. 'F 423 li X ix GZ 3 a Y f I HWHQJUIIHG QWHEL NTU ATTZ,UAHWS: ROW 1. Wnrbnwq We nmnnn, Janet Latterell, Row 2 L0wI4w Uhvwnllw J, Queen Jwudrw Sm'LH, Qwtty Lou Kwwwiecki. 35 V, 1,4 . E 'I Af r K, Mum' 2555. :Qin ik f iv, 1, , , 1 4 Af ' ' 5, , ' N ,. . uf' 'T 5 " X'm-W I-far. 1 ,iifi7Q .,4,ggj1, , - 5311001 d3VS, SCh U1 WYE Good old golden neaum fn' 'riiin' Taught to the tu ry stick I was Your 5 Esau You were f You wroteu slate 11 lava you so? When WE WBFB 8 CUUPIB of HMS. effeflheh pa. .fm Avo I Il' ' QJLJIH: How 1: i2obnr't Wller, Zonnie i5tr'nndlund, Henry Krawiecki, David uw 2: Iiufinnfe Wrifefs, Don Ogztrom, Rormlfi Sodwstrom, Stanton Serlino, Q, ff L llff b er-fi. Emmy 3: 'Em'-y fimr't,nr'1:s, G'3I"11d Dalia, Vgrnon Mattson, Larry Klanmeior' H., Q., . Y 11lNX'l o lf, .,t,unI':y nrw wagon, Wl111f1YY1KCL'M3K". Cheerleaders 'A' NI A. "l,iihI51F.fJf5H.'.: Mravion Goonorf, Jrxnot Latt,-well, Difk Nano, Tl21I'UQT"1 ' '113I'1Il 1 Uurz milf, -fFiTl'iI"7l Smith. ,., My l A o ........-.f-..... ' ' 1 f. 1Mufibruf..biiliifj: fmby Lucht, Evelyn Krfwi W r Ymxsf-fe .fm ff 1 f W fi.,T,r ew ,1. 37 'wifi , Shelby Gnfzhrvk, PM P105 'C' TEAM: Row l. Daniel Beckstrom, Donald Anderson, Eugene Aulich, Kenneth Schmidt, Dennis Anderson, Vernon Cassman, Richard Ryberg. Row 2. Edwin Brown, Albert Drinnin, Kenneth Harp, Warren Ellidgson, Weldon Smith, James Christiansen, Merwvn Larson. Row 5. Mr. Simpson, Gerald Birkman, David Berg, John Renp, David Collins, Leonard Kleven, Richard Johnstone, Darrell Holznagel, John Armstrong, James Goldsmith. 'C' TEAM: LINEMEN: Donald Anderson, Edwin Brown, Richard Johnstone, John Armstrong, James Christiansen, David Berg, David Collins, Merwyn Larson, Kenneth Harp. BACKFIELD: Leonard Kleven, Gerald Birkman, James Goldsmith, John Repp. The sun of victory didn't shine on the Blue Devils dur- ing the entire football campaign last fall. Again it seems we must look a few years hence for any glimmer of hope. The HGH team won all games it played very handily this year. Seniors graduating from the squad include Laird Mork, Hank Krawiecki, Harlo Dickinson, Larry Klapmeier, and Don Kopp. Co-captains for this year's squad were Hank Krawiecki and Laird Mork. Mora Pine City Mora Cambridge Mora Elk River Mora Milaca Mora Braham Mora Princeton More Moose Lake Mora canceled Osseo 39 'B' TEAM: Row l: Tom Ueuer, Clinton Waddell, Kenny Broostin, Gary Linder, Alvern Krinke, Donald Hirkman, Dennis Olson, Gene Koen, Jerry Lwrsen. Row 2: Mu. Nevton, Douglas Almondson, Jerome Gotfredson, Sid Syches, Worden Gotfredson, Willard Wordman, Clayton Hacmes, Jerry Torrey, Merle Motschenbacher, Paul Hetland, Wayne Strombach. Another basketball season has slibped away. At a time like that a coach is Drone to investigate his eroseects and then moan. Mora is no better off. Five seniors graluate from the team this year, among them three Klanmeier, Tank Krawiecki, and Fred Klammer. In the late stages of the season, both Smith and Mork performed admirably. The Blue Devils blazed two men on the All Sub-District Teamg Bob Smith and Laird Mork. Gaining a berth on the All District Team was Bob Smith. Casting regulars. These include Bob Smith, Laird Mork, Larry a glance three and four years into the future, the pro- sneuts look g . Hrimi, easily cobped the championship at an invitational grade tourna- ment held at fora Mora Mora Mora Hora Mora Hora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Mora Hora Mora Mora H In ood The local 7th ani 8th grade team, coached by Bob Mora in February. 52 There 55 Onamia 40 Were 50 Isle 55 There 52 Ogilvie 59 Here 52 Cambridge 42 There 56 Elk River 47 Here 55 Milaca 51 68 Wanamingo 45 44 Kenyon 40 There 28 Isle 42 There 50 Braham 40 Here 61 Princeton 47 There 55 Osseo 45 Were 47 Ogilvie 45 There 74 Cambridge 44 Here 47 Elk River 46 Here 52 Onamia 58 There 69 Milaca 50 Here 64 Braham 42 There 45 Princeton 55 Here 56 Osseo 46 59 St. Francis GI 45 Onamia 46 58 Cambridge dicates Christmas Invitational Tournament HH Indicates Sub-District Tournament ':'..'7r Indicates District Tournament 41 DA Y3 LOG Midnight! Right now it is neither early or late. Laird M. goes out to check on his sheep. NG. I. Cornern signs off so Jo Ann M. goes to bed. Mr. Johnson drvams of a new march for the band. Mr. Johnson gets un and writes parts for the band. Bill G. gets un ani raids the refrigerator. Bob S. trims his toenails and combs his hair. Stan S. dreams he's George Mikan. Mr. Obert, nroud father, is heard singing HRock-a-bye B1lly.H Bill is heard cooing, nRock-a-bye Daddy.n Glenda S. is having an enjoyable evening ----------------- supnosedly. Janice T. joins Glenia in her exciting evening. Mr. Gerard gets un to add another fifty questions to the Senior English test for the next day. Glenla S. removes her shoes before go1ng un stairs to bed --------- she isn't very successful. Mr. Johnson is finally going to bed after finishing the new march. Stan S. decides that there 1sn't any use in having such dreams. Bob D. takes a little of the newly patented medicine in hones he'll be a foot shorter within the next twenty-four hours. NMilkman Keen Those Bottles Quiet.' Dean K. and Gene K. have an argument about who has to do chores. Dean heads for the barn while Gene heads for ------- bed. What a life! . Miss Ostrowski cooks coffee for Miss Kettler ---- Miss Kettler drinks milk. Peg G. wonders what she should wear ------- she finally enls up calling Becky to put an end to her wondering. James P. leaves house to catch the bus. Larry K. wakes up singing nOh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What a Beautiful day, but I've got a terrible feeling, we've got an English test today.n Barb U. wakes un and wonders if she feels wood enough to go to school. Barb thinks of speech. She goes back to bed. Mary N. finally wakes up after forgetting to set the alarm. Dean comes in from chores to eat breakfast. Harlo D. and Eileen L. have their usual chat down by the first floor window ------ HChatn?! ------------- hmnmm mmm . Mr. Obert leaves for school. Everybody starts hearing bells. Everybody wonders if they really are rearing them. All is quiet in the assembly except for a few stragglers. Warman bus arrives. First hour American History class is busily conying their outline. Donny O. relates the events in Ouamba from the night before ----------- from Cambridge, too. Weird noises from the bandroom ---- What is it? ! ---------- MBnBand. Laird M. asks Jo Ann M. for a hunk of butter, bottle of milk, and slice of bread on the way down tc lunch --------- Eat much, Laird? At Last!! The scholars return to their books ---------- Comic books! Shorthand students try to make their nencil marks mean something. nAll right--nick up the naper!n rings throughout the 7th hour study hall. nYour excused!!H '----------------- ------- by Mr, Gustafson, Buses denart and drug store fills up. Eighth period students go home. Janet L. sits down to eat. Burp!! Barb W. drinks only a glass of milk ----------- Why? ---- Shevg on a diet. Gene K. has to do chores this time. Barb H. calls Verdell K. nWhat was that, Barb?n Back row in the theatre starts filling up. The HGabbersH hang up. Louise S. signs her letter nLove and smackers.n Fred starts practicing cornet. Darlene H. and Carol H. starts Dracticing nAching Hearts.N Something new has been added ----- Verdell K. is sitting ALONE in the back row of the theatre. l ""' Jo Ann finishes a letter and turns on HG.I. Corner.n So this day ends and a new one begins. 43 The following business firms have cooperated to make this yearbook a success. 4 denotes iE2.00, ees denotes 52.50, fee? denotes 55.00, fees-re denotes Jb'7.50, and Geese denotes 310.00 ads. HNMORA FEED AND GRAIN COMPANY Paul A. Rosnow, Prop. NNNMORA CLOTHING COMPANY Ben Nelson, Prop. wwwNELSON'S VARIETY AND GIFT SHOP Ed Nelson, Prop. NNWDRESSER FURNITURE STORE Claude O. Dresser, Prop. WHGGLOBE MEAT MARKET Gordon Mork, Prop. NNHBERRY'S SHOE STORE Harlan Berry, Prop. FHHGST I GEN JEVVELER S Henry Stigen, Prop. 499999 SWEET SHO P Dick Koppi, Prop. NWELITE LAUNDERERS AND CLEANERS N, C. Neilson, Prop. NHNMORA BOWLING LANES Charles Reese, Prop. NHWEDDIE AND ESTHER'S Ed Neumann, Prop. NWNCENTRAL MOTOR COMPANY Ben Krawiecki, Prop. MHSERLINE LAND AGENCY Chas. F. Serline, Prop. WMORA BAKERY Philip Olson, Prop. 9HH??.'IORA DRUG COMPANY Harold Hanson, Prop. eaeHOM ELECTRIC L:'.:L . .. .. neue A .. .. neun 1. 1. A Ks-an .. 7s A :L f .Ulf P5211 .. .. A :aaa .. A 'LJLJL 1. 1. 4. 'Lux n 4. .. Wes Rydell, Prop. COAST TO COAST STORE Jim Cadwell, Prop. DELUXE CAFE Austin Cassman, Prop. BUFLOVAK MIDWEST COMPANY E. W. Klapmeier, Mgr. ZETTERBERG HARDWARE COMPANY Marcus Zetterberg, Prop. PINE GROVE CABINS Chas. Torrey, Prop. HANENBERG IMPLEMENT Jake Hanenberg, Prop. NORTHERN WOOD PRODUCTS CO. L. Johnson and L. Kaas, Props. G. s. Bossaam, M. D. LAND o' LAKES CREAMERIES, IHC. JLJLJL A 1. 1. JLJLJL Q. 1. .- :a:L 1. 1. :csc f. .- JL .- NWWMORA PRODUCE B. B. Tice, Prop. LWWMORA MOTORS Hugo Holmstrom, Prop. MHHBEN FRANKLIN STORE Joe Theis, Prop. MHGHALL DRUG COMPANY Virgil Hall, Prop. WNWRAU'S GROCERY Al Rau, Prop. SHHGTINKER AND JOUNSON C. Tinker and A. Johnson, Props. NNNTHE COTTAGE Cora and Ed Battle, Props. GMORA CLEANERS Jim Wilson, Prop. W44MALMGREN'S GROCERY Art Malmgren, Prop. HNHFRYKMAN'S SERVICE STATION Victor Frykman, Prop. NNHSTENSTROM JEWELERS Harold Stenstrom, Prop. IHHPNKAN ABE C 'I AR DWARE F. J. Gorham, Prop. wwNKANABEC COUNTY TIMES Glenn and Norma Hage, Publishers ?HNMORA FLOWER SHOP Bob Warning, Prop. HHGB 8c W PRINTERS Bob and Lois Beck, Publishers MHNMAURERVS RADIO AND ELECTRIC SHOP Fred Maurer, Prop. SUNDSTROM'S SHOE R CLOTHING STORE H. E. Sundstrom, Prop. JERRY'S SERVICE STATION Jerry Larson, Prop. RUSS' AUTO BODY WORKS Russell Johnson, Prop. LARSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY Claude C. Larson, Prop. PINE GROVE INN Mrs. Beaver, Prop. GLEN'S SERVICE STATION Merrol Booth, Prop. BEAUTY SHOP Dorothy Klapmeier, Prop. J. B. NORDENSTROM CONSTRUCTION CO GNHHGEORGE OTT, Photographer fl . 5 1' ff QKSQE 11' S Z.. , , ., V 5 , , ,. ,.v.. , 1 A ,V . . J . .,.,1 w. K N x I ' vi' . 5, we . 4, . IQ' V! . , 5,4 , ' .F 4, ,jg 3 ,Qu 'Lf'Qfy,,, ., -G ,.. f. ,j f ly.. -. L- if +9 . f"'-'Q :- S . Q ,W . M ' 25 Q.-fs 'Ylffi' 14- .'..':5"e ,,,,. T Q ,gg R, .I r qs f, 1 I 4 ??g ' .AJP 1,977 xg, i 1

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