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.,,. . pg- . .fa 1 . NX, J 1 F1 '4 :i'?' e1-r -5 fra, 1 ,, ,f if 'i"'7'N or ,r Y W A! - ffrfi' f - .fr - .J 1. ' ,V ' A, L aa. 'fx-H7 xg A .A I I 1 . 01" - Fl: Vi tv? 9 - 09? i- "Q , I il - -, Ju. ,. xvu..-.--,..u..-.....,. ...,. --U ,. fx....g,p-... ,., . , -,,A ,, , ,I J ?f J 1 yew- f 0 K, ., . of-'11 ma: , , 'Lf-fn , 6 9' 4-' -- www ,B " M. Y . ig , I P 2 Lv . 9' . L 5 L ' -'U V Q Y- .2-, , "N ' wr Q - 4, V 2.5-M.,,i,,, K V-1: , u ,, , ' ff ' C V 1' " , 'f W f ,gf t 7. b"L""'5 .F I M,-1 A I I it --i. Q5 I ' . h If I N MI' . P' V f 't '- e' ,. 2' " ' fd ' 14 .12 .-, is--writ! - I E I if N X 2' WL 1 X .0 'a e -.' sz ' 'hir Jgfrf E 'ww - ' 1 93 .iff r. . j -' V '4fjym:1Qr 4 . ' g Q , if H' Q MH 'tw N Q ! r 4+ 1. l ' . cl ' - , ,. f - is 49 "'i',df gsm X 1 ' 4, '- isdi X f xx . rf .' ." x ','N. 'x .HY Z2 ',J".' ak 5- 0' Mp. , . . ,X ,xx . 1, ,- .x X , I Wy , ,., lf,.4 'I nit 1' C is 5, I A Q- Ni 1 ...rv ,QI , Q 'A x 1-,. 5' fs Q- iin :xg ' P-1 i ,a ll 35 ln !!! ,Af -g-, .f 'Nth ss v- s 'Sig-Qs 5' 'n .ug 3 I 'L is ,,. D1 FLAISO M005 H87 1 ? i I MOOSE ipruancc ,hips wel Iemand: pchnolog Moosbrl qlistinguif ffampaig1 LS a leads find peace 2 ghipbuile fascagou emb c powen our Gen' hafts to p ii' I Vice Adl . O Commissioned 16 December 1978, USS t00SBRUGGER is the 18th in a series of 31 rlruance Class Destroyers. These multi-rnission lips were specifically designed to meet the diverse ltmands imposed on the U.S. Navy by high tthnology. Just as the Late Vice Admiral Frederick floosbrugger tfor whom the ship is namedi ftstinguished himself a great leader in the Pacific Lrmpaign of World War II, USS MOOSBRUGGER a leader in the fleet, having excelled in combat ltd peacetime evolutions. f Designed and built in 1975 by Ingall's llripbuilding Division of Litton Industries in liscagoula, Mississippi, MOOSBRUGGER is a rtember ofthe first major class of U.S. Navy ships to fepowered by gas turbine engines and generators. four General Electric LM-2500 engines drive twin frafts to roduce a total of 80,000 HP and speeds in rv f I l l Vice Admiral Fredrick Moosbrugger excess of 30 knots. contributing to her reputation as a NGREYHOUND OF THE FLEET." A unique degree of' maneuverability is obtained through the use of controllable-reversible pitch propellers and an integrated throttle control sy SIEHI allowing MOOSBRUGGER an trnparalleled response among warships her size lroughly 10.000 tons or the equivalent ofa WWII-crtriserr. Capable of operating independently or rn the company of .-Xrrrphibious Assault I-orces or Aircraft Carrier Battle Cirotrps. Nlt X DSISRI it EGFR is a highly versatile rntrltr-rrirssrorr llcstrrryer With her unique Undersea Warfare tlfSXX'r sensors and weapons suite. the ship cart operate superbly rn an oflensiv e trrrdersea warfare role. lirrrplr is rrrg the ANI SQQ-89 rrrtegrated LSW sv stetrr. comprised of the ANXSQR- I LJ Iactrcal Ion ed Xrray Sy stern IT.-XC"li.AXSt. .XNWSQR-FFII htrll rrrotrntcd sonar. and tfte .XNUSQQ-Its acoustic processor. NIOOSBRIIECEIZR has earned .rn unprecedented eight consecutrv e USNN' mission area awards. Integrated into the Naval Tactical Data S5 stern r NTI JS i to prov ide quick reaction in combat. NltXJSBRl'CiUliR'S combat systems can counter air. surface and subsurface threats. including the invisible electronic warfare threat. Furthermore, NltXlSBRl'CiCiER is capable of conducting long- rarrge sea-trxshore strike missions using Torrrahawk missiles latrnched from the MK--ll Vertical Launching Sy stern rX'LSt. The XIK-S6 Gun Fire Control S5 stem cart direct two light-weight 5-inch gttn mounts each capable of firing 20 rounds per mintrte. Tvv o triple-barrel torpedo tubes consummate the LSW engagement. Two quad Harpoon anti- ship missile launchers provide a long range. over- the-horizon capability against enemy surface craft. One eight cell anti-air NATO Seasparroxv Surface Missile System INSSN IS J and two Close-In-Weapon Sy stems tClWS'f provide rnedrurn rzuige turd close in protection against enemy aircraft and missil threats. ln addition. MOOSBRUGGER is able t employ the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System. ILAA IPSI MK-Ill helicopter. While built for maximum comba effectis erress. MOOSBRUGGERR crew comfort an lrahitability are also an integral part of her design NIOOSBRUGGER's high degree of' atrtomatiot .rllovv s for reduced manning requirements t'ornparatively speaking. a WW-Il cruiser of simil' displacerrrent had a crew of 500. wherea MOOSISRUGGER is manned by 22 Officers, 2 Chief Petty Officers. and 300 enlisted. In 1994 MOOSBRIFC JGER became the first destroyer in the Atlantic Fleet to embark a full complement ol' fernalt Sailors. A veteran of Operation "Urgent Fur'EiI'S of tGrcnadal. the Multi-National Peace Keeping forces and in lebanon, Operations "Desert Shield" and f'Deser Storm" and counter-narcotics operations sroosrarzeoorin has been awarded the Amrerllege e rl th N ivy Unit Commendation Thrmt Southw estAsra Service Medal the National Defensr Service Medal. two Meritorious Unrlclpa Commendations. and the Liberation of Kuwaighrm Forces Expeditionary Medal. the Navy Expeditionarj I-man M 'dt , e 2 f ' ' ' , - 6 Medal g ' ' Reese MOOSBRUGGER is homeported in Hemisphere Group But most importantly and ment Maypon, Florida and is assigned to Westem proudly. MOOSBRUGGER has a worldwide 3 W1 6 reputation for excellence and takes pride in being ready to answer the call for duty and provide "MORE THAN REQUIRED." I relief .rawzff-amzfm Mfmmzflaf Pear ffhvhzf 1 , 0 I Rear Admiral Ellison hails from Weymouth, Massachusetts. After graduation from Weymouth High School in 1965. he participated in the Reserve Officer Candidate program while attending the Boston University College ofEngineering. In 1966. he entered the U.S. Naval Academy and graduated in 1970 with a Bachelor ofScience degree and a Commission as Ensign in the U.S. Navy. Rear Admiral Ellison's operational, educational. and staff experiences are extensive. Rear Admiral Ellison has completed eight operational sea tours with five of seven deployments in crisis related operations. He was Combat Systems Officer in USS VIRGINIA QCGN-385 during the Iranian Hostage Crisis in the early Eighties. During Cold War tensions with the Soviet Union. he operated in the Mediterranean as Executive Officer in USS VOGE QFF 10473. As Commanding Officer in USS KIDD QDDG 2 9935, he deployed to the Arabian Gulf in Desert Shield Desert Storm. Serving as Assistant Chief of Staff for Ops and Plans on the staff of Commander, Cruiser Destroyer Group Eight, and as Commanding Officer iri USS YORKTOWN CCG 483, he operated in the Mediterranean supporting .Ioint!Coalition efforts during Adriatic Hostilities. Rear Admiral Ellison is currently Commander South Atlantic Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Rear Admiral Ellison's educational experiences are diverse. From 1973-1976, he served as an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Naval Academy and eamed a Master of Science degree at the George Washington University. In 1984, he completed a Ph. D. in Businesr Administration at the Pennsylvania State University in 1990, he was assigned to the staff of the Chief of Nava Operations CCNOJ Executive Panel. During the 1995- 1996 academic year, he was a Fellow on the CNG Strategic Studies Group at the Naval War College. Rear Admiral Ellisonls Washingtonlloint staf assignments are varied. He has had tours as: Manpower. Personnel, Training Analyst for Assistant Secretary 01 Defense CForce management and Personneljg Land AUHCI Warfare Branch Head on the staff of the CNO,s DirCCl0f- Surface Warfare CN86jg and Executive Assistant to tht? Vice Chief of Naval Operations. Rear Admiral Ellisonis personal awards includei the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Legion of MCH! ftwo awardsb, the ? !Combat MVN, the Meritorious Medal Cthree . it . rdsb, the NHVD' Commenda ' : It Medal, the Navy Achie 1' ent Medal and the my tGuard Achievement Medal. addition I0 these per 1 nal awards, Rear Admiral Elliso as earlle several rvice awards, including the Com K ACU0 Ribbon d ' n ar Admiral Ellison is married to v e forme i l 1 Leslie I-V azel DiGravio also ' of ym0Ufh' Massachu tts. The Ellisons currently re ' e at Nara Station Roo 'elt Roads, Puerto Rico. r' h21V9 three children: , Kyle, and Kari 71 ? ,- Unit was LLK Cap part Lel: Rec squ Co hrs cor ne l 0 fo cc Rt fc C N az vi P E lf a I C 1 I Demyef fyrmdm -7450 ' 0 ,,,..! Pwfgfw Captain Raoul B. Reese is a 1973 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. His initial assignment was as Communications Officer in USS CHARLESTON KLKA ll3J, a Norfolk based ship. In CHARLESTON. Captain Reese made two Mediterranean deployments. participated in evacuating American citizens from Lebanon, and qualified Surface Warfare Officer. Following his tour in CHARLESTON. Captain Reese received assignment within his operational squadron, Amphibious Squadron Eight. once again. as Communications Officer. During this tour.. he completed his third Mediterranean deployment. Assignment to the Surface Warfare Officer's course of instruction for department heads preceded his next tour as Engineering Officer in CSS NICCLOY tEE HUXJ. While assigned to NICCLOY. he completed his fotirth Mediterranean deployment and a nine month complex overhaul. This experience enabled Captain Reese to perform subsequent duty as Nlaterial Officer for Destroyer Squadron Twenty-Tvvo. Once again. Captain Reese made two deploy ments to the Mediterranean and one to West Africa. liollovv ing shore assignment to the Naval N-lilitary Personnel t'oininand where Captain Reese served as both detailer and .ilacement billets. he served as lixecutive Officer in PSS BOONE tliliifi 283. During a very successful two year Lieriod. BOONE completed several inaior exercises and a six month deployment, largely spent in the Nliddle liast. During the following eighteen months. Captain Reese deployed to the Indian Ocean with Commander. Carrier Group Six as Surface Operations Officer. Captain Reese was involved with the escort of reflagged Kuwait ships into the Arabian Gulf, Sixth Fleet action against Libya. and NATO exercises in the North Atlantic. In July 1989, Captain Reese assumed command of the USS AUBREY FITCH QFFG 3-D. During this most rewarding tour. AUBREY FITCH performed superbly in NATO operations in the North Atlantic. as flagship for the 50th Anniversary of the Joint Board of Defense between the United States and Canada. as good- will ambassador in the St. Lawrence Seaway. and on i 3 i A NTI-dru g operations in the eastern Pacific. Upon relief, Captain Reese had completed nearly thirteen years o sea duty including eight five month deployments an numerous. significant fleet exercises. After graduating from the Naval War College Captain Reese was assigned to the staff ofthe Chairma of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a Strategic Planner in th Simulations and Interoperability Division. His principa duty was to develop and establish the Joint Warfightin Center for the Chairman. Subsequently, Captain Rees once again served in BUPERS as Division Director i charge of Officer Career Planning and Management Throughout his career he has been supported by his wif Q Dee and son Morgan. 3 'i i ' QW perm? Jaffa asf , ,xiii E 1 Y , Meer-ni , V- , .4 .' f . ,, ,yi ' 't .ff ,, , ,, , , , , J . 1, 2- , ff: "V ' ' wi, ' ts .1'4"' 'K ', ' 1 . I I 5 11' 'nf' , . ,,, F 'PX' l. s , f , - g .,., fi, A ,ll 'V 0 .2 LLVJV 'V , 5. I X I -f 5'-lla I f t f a , 4 , il.. , Q.. .H , 1 . -H, ...fd ,Y i-1?-T "The best crew, tlzvfincst ship. and the cruise ofa lIZf6lil718.,D Conunander Ourlian is a native ofPhiladelphia. Pennsylvania. I-Ie graduated from Pennsylvania State University in May l978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology and a commission through the NROTC Program. Connnander Ourlian's sea tours include L'SS HORNE CCG 305 as Main Engines Officer and Combat Information Center Officer. USS ENTERPRISE LCXN 655 as Electrical Officer. IQSS DEYO CDD 9895 as Combat Systems Officer, U55 JOSEPHUS DANIELS QCC1 275 as Executive Officer. and USS LONG BEACH ICON 95 as Executive Officer. Ashore. C onunander Ourlian attended the Naval Postgraduate School where he received a Master of Science degfee in Operations Research. and served as Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Maintenance Coordinator and Nuclear Program Officer OU the staff of Commander Naval Air Force. LYS. Atlantic Fleet. Prior to taking command in USS MOOSBRUGGER CDD 9805, Conunander Ourlian was assigned to the Naval War College in Newport. Rhode Island where he recieved a Master Of Arts degree in National Security and Strategic Studies. Commander Ourlian's awards include the Meritorious service Medal with gold star, the Navv and Marine CorpS Commendation Medal with gold star. the Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal. and Various unit and campaign awards. Commander Ourlian is married to the former Barbara .Ieanne Badrigian of New Britain, Connecticut. They FC- cently celebrated the birth of their first son Zachary. 4 "Get to wurk."' i WW 1 lt ' -N Illl lllll . I fllllllmmtt. tt I ers y ll I I Z 1 f I ' r . Q tix ll v atfiiliif a--tiiiiimeg ' ld C ' "Liberty call, Liberty caII."' 'i W 177- ' -v I C, . ' ' ga., Lieutenant Commander Stoner is a native ot' Hanover. Indiana. He graduated from the L'nited States Naval Academy' in 1985 vyith a Bachelor of Science degree in General Engineering. Lieutenant Commander Stoner's sea tours include LSS BELLEAL' WOOD ILHA Ft as Boilers Officer and Main Propulsion Assistant. LSS JOHN YOUNG t DD Lf? i as Damage Control Assistant and Navigation Declv Otticer. LSS JOHN HANCOCK fDD LMI i as Combat Systems Utticer and Chiet' Engineer. ashore. Lieutenant Commander Stone tttended Nay .tl Postgraduate School uvliere he received .t Nlaster ot' Science degree in Nlechaiiical Engineering. He is also .t gr-tdu.tte or the Naval War College and Xriiiedl-orees Statilfollege. Lieutenant litlllllllclllnl-Sl' Stoner is it licensed Pri it.-wit tual lznginecr and prior to reporting .iliotirtl l SS NlOOSBRl'GCiliR lDD 9801 .ts lpxecutiu e l Jtticei. he xv as assigned to thc l nit.-tl Nates Naval Xcadeniy s lzngineering .ind NN,-apotn llinision yvlietc lic sciycd .is .i Nltsi.-i lnstititfoi lle taught inidsliipinen t v . uv . v- .. ctiiii-.ultiitts it tiotn the Nltcltanttal A17-ffylcfdfj Nlaster Chiel Green is a ttdllkc' ol' Nlecltanicshurg. l'ennsyly.ini.t. He gratluatetl from Nlccli.inicshui'g High School in l979. .ind NN'illi.unsport .-Xrea Community' College in WS l. He first enlisted in the Navy delayed entry program on Ii Decetnher lllbill and vvent active dtity on li June llJ8l. Nlaster Chief Greens tours ot' duty include: LSS HL'NLEY IAS .ill Holy Loch. Scotland. L'SS C.-XNOPLS l.-XS 3-li Kings Bay. Georgia. Nayal Submarine School. Groton Connecticut. L'SS ESSEX lLHD Zi. San Diego. California. and Naval Suhmarine Support Facility Groton. Connecticut. Master ChiefGreen's awards include the Navy' and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal and various unit and campaign awards. 7112945520 Engineering and the Naval Architecture Ocean Marine Engineering Departments. Lieutenant Commander Stonerls avvards include the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and various unit and campaign awards. Lieutenant Commander Stoner is married to the former Jenifer Hogan of Carmel. California. They have two sons. Jake and Zach. 6 Master Chief Green is married the former Terri Leigh Smith 0 Pascagoula, Mississippi. They have tw sons. Christon Lee and Charles Colton. 5 ..i N If .-A .jf - M 'fajlr' I - ff ,gp Ss... , ,Q .e t ,lf xv '19,-gg 'is .Wie -V A '4 ,M W , ."'x ' 'W 111 4 , ,C ,. , ., Ao, do ad' 1 .I :Q I A I Fhufs the end the hullclx cumc NUI." I 'sf 'CRANGE BUSTERS77 A .1-:wwf 5 f ,YH -1- .- i , 'I , T ,I , --A Q., W ' 1 . ew 2 1 x , WA' Can't have too many supervisors . 95" ,H .,, 15 , . '4 ' 'V 1 r . 5- ' 3 5 1 n , . 4 ' I i A, 'tw In . A 3 -. . I In i ., v n ' F .u - x - V - " 1 u 5 1 f ' . , . ' , 1- - ,, -,K .- 'QThO.l,S the gut, yea he's the one who did it! .,...,,.,r my will that new CMC' be xuprmd bg. his jQ ah LiiwfIPl1UI1 "I told him nut lu u.1II me ,lwlm"" u P1 X . 1 ii- HMV .. lil, Rambo Frey" ' 1 I A F 5 1 s '-91, 3 5 , I I K .L 5 N, "fm 7 A' .N 144 if , - ' ' ' 'in ,,, ' ' 1, , V -V AJA, V ' A-sw ,F . U, rjtz ivr -I 4 ' I N by J 'ZPIQRRT URE 5-A "Unhook the Bmw!" NISCSQSNYH Paxton V , dal- f L' 5 ', ,if Y ' my ..-.- 1 . ,155 R ' 'Q . 1 M' I , f' 4. 1 W - S A ' . ' 'Q ,,f' Q- 1 aff, 4 ' f - , , my ,A , , AV, ,, .f .f V 1 "Stow the Mooring Lines!" f-pull in the Rm Gumdsg X X , J xx lgkmrlvl i xxx HN TB 'W "Ninn thc 5011 und Xmhm DL ll -9 I is g 7 3- BM3 Nlglllox 'Gone but not forgotten RQQQ-VHIMRCQ JDS, U li 0 1150 uUnde1'way on nuclear power." no "I wish he would put his shirt on." 'CI-life is gggdf' 1 w I 1 l L'No foul. N0 t'oulT!" IO :S 'Q Q Piilht i iif --d"", 4 "5" J V Chief Petty Officer Selectx New Chief Petty Officers ,494 f r jfxvx 9 iii iiiciiititpiiicc tit ihiwiicix tit NN .ti .ititi pcrwmicl Niiwiiig in Action 6 Native American heritage cermeiitmy Hispanic heritage ceremony . X5 f M Q MNCHO DHTML -'Q av Runaway hulyard! H 1 , ,, ..- - x 117' I nlx Q l 1,-f 8 ll ..,,.. K :: ' gli" Q I , ,,,,. -X X Y 32-'Q ' ' 1512 2-A, S ,li I' - A XV . 9 ikfftifrf 4,4-"-"':1l:' ' 1,,,. .K if ,n..V lr. X wanna.. I ' "QQ S ln- 1 mi, Q' -lf PM 2 "'lm4.f4...,,.. A 'iv l IL Y 'ff 1 I ff 4 Jflf-H ZR Alf' fra' 'U-vlwhf' x A!-Lk .1 'f'-Y' w 'i,,Y",fr0?n - ,Q ,ff J Av' ' f "..4w'. " A r, I I F vi A fs I ' lv ' , . ' , "1:'?3' 1. . 1 4 1 Q, J . 9' J' AQ," V - ' ' C' ,Q ,df t f 4 . -, :M " 1 -,fl 4 , . ,, W. 4' " 5 IS F QT ILEZJQR ilk HL. ,vnu 'gi yr'-:Ii iii " ,fi map- L- ,Ma Q ' JAZIL M N E ' 'S -'Y' 3?""7E""-55 ., YW' i-4' 'xg kv 4 Mg J, -f A is A , R - L4 ---- - - 1-fw..- ,... Y - .. Hz i 31? gx- 'T I' :T 75' I' 'K Q'-1: " 'T F y.YA':x.1 X 1 qu 'mr M, . -. ? 7 ir- " . :- -N x i- - 'I' fb 'gn al x . f M Ai. 'w.-,- ,--, , , I- . 3 , .Q rs N. 'w -in ,-v 1-9' vv' .,, all X.. -w V 5 H3 In 'I ,,,. Tx t A rf' 3-RH' Ma" f 'M E15 55 ,J In-1 Y Nfl ' ' 7' ' 1' 12 LLw:Q,'1 M H h . -1 fi- .5-1-TEN 'S ' ,Nx 44, . F' 1 'U ,-Fq- -n I 'uw "' ' ,5F1'r?f- X .--' , ps I W .lun ' . que 9--pk... " if? 'V' A lt. 19 RAZ JO DE JA R X, gg .WA i 4 'Zi' W' Tw 3 . ' vt I? j Ti Jmwa Q f ww , Lf!-giijgf' Ruesmn 9 , , 4 I ' ff ,f , I 3 W f f '81 GO V V f? I f' ff J 1 WI ' ' H in 11.1.7 Qi 'V . .A ff - ' , f f as , T fi - ., fx- NX l ' K ' f-xv ,f-X Rf 'lf , ,X XT ffl' , fgwf .ef ,t - J -' 9 OPSTLHOYS. l 32 tlatx Q l 'UU ct1llQ" ' BNI? films QQ ... x. 1 'I ll' 51" Q? , St b 1 t if 1-24 ' A 6 ,A i 1' i' lflfi lioxilt "Breaker 19. ttnybody got ur ears on?" , 'via o atom... D 0 0 0 D l 0 i I ! . -ag., H Rabbit ears. I thought they only help television reception ll ILJIZTYD Don,t make me come get you" I H 'I tell ya. I can't get no respectlw M-11.4. ---....,..,,....- n.,,....1........ ,, ,. ,., , X . xx ,. -..I n,uU1 WUCH We WQl'e 185, .ki ikkL'c1Sc, xuil 'WHY Wl1L1l 5 lhls E-S-W-S thmg? tha 4 1 A Vi .agug ul fit-- 1 WA 51' 7 'K-A ' "ff,9i14i'hT'4fAd'll"r'-+ ,- Qu K as 3 Pa. ,lu no H1-2-3 PUL L, 1-2-3 PULL!!!!" ' Where are my arms?" .f An 1 6 , , .. , , or cl my guys sand this stuff was hard W "4-'EQ' if m 'Q Q, if ww Q -vi , . -eg , , 2 , Q Q E Lf ,1 it J ,ii- 'b,!' L Qi E 1. ii" I f 5 3 . I , ff I I A 4-.V 1. gm ..f:gi?,LL-,ns 1' lil, W, 34.1 Nw ,TVB 'wud .K V , I K ,YL I ,. My 1 g 9 ' "9 K- ew AL 4 Af wp M , 1 wg, 91' 1 ,af f ' 'wwii 51' 3? wg 1.5-L f 1, N, Wi' PE? M4 we -nf' ei f NXNNNN N 5 X Q Sk 44, Q ffyf X' A WW, W f H . 7 ,X aff' ff, ' f QV? fy ' I 124 2 , ,, ,,5,f ,M gg gf, 44 af ,nwgf ,Xl f.Q1 , ,A,, If A ff ,f 1 ff lf, 1 f hy, fff, M , WW fy, ,f W' w dm., ff ff. If "i f f f,,!, ,, ff , 1 2 f f N55 V M 7' , f 6 ,, K , W Z f Z fi 4 M A ,Vw gmff Z in 7 ,, ff ,5 2, .f, W 7 f if 4 i' ' f ff s el kgqf C xx, LL S ALE 2 CHILE wtf . h n "LQ Nt 1- 'fi '21 44' af-,.5Q.f , Rb new 51" r air in-. .rm fig 29 QAQLIJMD am Cf' f 11 1 rf! AHF 4,4 1.14 ,nb :Q-,.: !Q. if ar. , .-fw-'mn j-, I yig., 7 'lt I+, A -.Q l-3 . fa' fi' v-AQ..-. 5 F- .gfdtxr K 'Nas- jill' 'El .cf ,E V4 s Ji t wtfs ! r vnu i 1 fax inn L... vig 5' . 6 3623 -in I 2.- 9 - 1, 'H 'ml Y, . gl 'F ,Q Ap. k',,- ' .- ,' . . 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H 4' is f FT TQ H? .w .-lf' QQDMKAN, I T' R- li ANALMLM ANA I f fa ,, f Vif R - 34 ....., , L, , "Through the looking glass" l ii i-' 1 L iik'3hwii,,g, L ' l WQQLQ, K'-ax. 1-dL'x.'h ,VL in 44.4-M., ... i! " -,...J f , 70 Q 2 fic' 1 .1 4 I' I ff 3, 2 , x..i 14130 42 Gif!! mx i""-ii? f CALLING HOME i A 1 F" ','fnK"f Z W! V -sw.-' Wi Nfl, ofmgiv I 4 ' W 1 if 1 fgF..'Q---' Newly Quallfied S S W-cfm ? ENLIS TED SURFA CE WA RFA RE sPEC1A LISTS Smith I jr Eno S WCP Jenkins SW 'P Powers WC BM2 KS Wji Rooker S W, 'P Bradberly S WQI Mitchell S WJ Barrera BM31'SWCb Harmon S WCP Malloy S Wjb Thomas DCI C S Wj Weekly E 5- SY DCZKSWQ Hunt DC2lSWj Ramsey DCZC S Wj Welch DC3fSWj Moritz EMZK S WJ Carpenter ENZKSWQ Pope ETlCSWj Terry E T 2C S WJ Dorry ETZCSWJ Gates ETZCSWQ Holt ET2lSWj Pierce ET ZKS Wj Worthing EW1lSWJBuhm HQ EWZISWJ Bosal H EW2lSWJPiersv2-If EW3lSWJ Hawlf Ml EW3lSWJWh1Tfl Z' Eczfswp Howil Mj FC3lSWJ Rice :Ml GMZISWJLGH 0, GSMIKSWJ YM 01 GSMZKSWY Rolf UQ GSM2lSWl WW 03 GsM3fSWJAblf I J' :P MQW nrplw 71: A 'MY' l -W A 1. . V 'fi l, .,- , 5 -J fp, . A Q X 4 Q cf. we-CA QW Newly Quallfied 1--'Mfg 'S ENLI S T ED SURFACE WARFARE SPE CIALI S T S Q: llfow ll7'2lSWj Miller OSZIS WH Turner R.1I2l,Sl1Vj ,Ill-Yllffx :anal ,117'2lSWj Wagner OSZKS W2 Whitaker R.U2rSH 1 .SVl'l7lJ,Y ,-son ,IUHSWI B0llCll6l' 0S3lS Wj Harvey R.U2f.S'H 1 lk111'11w11fl wkim ,'1I.S'IlSWj Soler 0S3lSW1 Heywarcl RHQIS H 1 C 'rowfonl ite 1'1I.S'2lSWj Vest OS3l'SWj Lewis R1H,?r.S H 1 lflllflhl' Vie .'1I.S'3lSWj 0'Brien OS3lS W1 Morales R.U.?r S H 1 I 111111111 , ,'1Il1'C,'SlSWjllailey OS3lS W1 Williams .S'Ix'2fSH 1 511111111 , .'1ll '2lSWjMeLaughling PHIKS W1 Olvey .S'lx'2f.S' H 1 Homvw Iles USHSWJ Moore QMZKS W2 Hall .SfN'1SH 1 lforrrrl Qdgen USHSWI SCl16ll R1V1ClSWMW1 Kllefl .SVNIS H 1 R11ff'1'1'11 g Hey USNSW1 Holsapple RMIKS W1 Holder S l'li.?1.S'H 1 l'UN'l'll Bbon US.?lSWj Smith RMZKS WJ Adllllh' S Tfi2l.S'H 1 IX'lIlM'I'll S H121 S H 1 XHUIVIIIIII STfi2fSH'1 Willis T.U.2lSUlI llelaune -l i- xv ' --C Who put the gold fish in here? 45 I Mgwh mm- ig, QM Slw mr "F1yboy WOg" "Watchout Tom Cruise!!" D! ERKMESNT A I 11.4 WH H4 rx .1H'2l.Y,HJ H H I1 ,1W3!,N 'AC 1 itll Danul IW! Ai KIFMQNT ,Q M '1 'ff Him! 'J AEIKA WJ Ketcham AMH2 Fetclzik A UHAN LUGIIUGII Xb, Z ,,., ,Veany ,f f f wr, 5' X- ,f 7 ,xv xfhgh-ww -J 'rf Mil' an WW"' 1 s--4-f 4 . Wffin s, X, ,yfzff 'Q ff? W 3 " ' -,-1.111 ADICAWJ AT3 0 vb -Q- A 30 'fzzzlf 1 'x3'?QQR:?'?" AN Cam NM 5312105 JAN J Symms 214 Nl Davis 4 47 -1--5 Davis -.FJ MU2 Hayes .HL'CSfSWj Dailey HB2 Dmlzirlqlmi .wuz Reilly FI. V Q7 V M U3 Delarzva MU2 Rinne Y Q4 HL 3 Tomlinson MU2 Barnett V Ga. Lf: v, , My 1 j W ,X X I Ml, lLJA'llWlIlJ Qkj, ,- - . f , M: f S fa 'w -. ' 4 if MU2 Hqffman MUZCSWJ vl- MU3 Fazzini MUSN MU3 Thompson I MUSN li0rll1f'1.wl0rjf i MIL? llvmflrix Basil! A! f ,,. X lil 'Al' WMM ,,, i ini Combat Systems Officer LT H0 l l In lds odenffv' Gtmuo LTV' Kroll 'ii- FCO ENS Sundberg 2 V. stlnt LTjg Garcia R14 ASWO ENS Spotts I ,, ,155 H Q Dept. LCPQ Fccsqswy Crue A xx mint tm 1' tm hai "Gl'OOX'yN1OOSC. LTJG Garcia 8L LTJG Kroll 'I QE JN l3!llUNl x S 126 E TC K S W1 Tipps ET2 fswl Holt ,I ETZIS WI Gates Z mMl"'AWf V 'ff' 1 Bill and Todd's excellent adventure - ETZKSWJ Pierce DS2 Bailey 52 4. 301 'S' Vx M ET3 Pezwfo DS2 Dupre CE IDE I IL JN CE s Tech of the Month E T3 I X DMSI JN -4 NSG E Tl K S Wj Terry ICICSWQ Wroblewski ,VX i , "N U ,,,..- ', wvmw I . 'N ' A 0 J x QKXX , ,' 1 414. , Y ET1 CSWQ Whitener ETI IS WJ Macumber Nl Q ETZCSWJ Worrhif -1 V f 4 'R 1' ,. 5157 ' """' '3u9xiLX Q12 1 F: xx gy '-..f IC3 Bostick 1' 54 1 C3 Williams ICFN CllIIlffflIll'0S ,J E TSN SaWJ"'5 A v ! I Vorfhing GUUSIU Adamo f zwyers FC2fS Wj Howie QF QMSILQ I mi wah, -J FCZKS WJ Perry F C2 Anderson F C2 ,Iellen GM3 Fogle FC3 Freeborn GM 3 Brock L I FC3 Kane 7' 'R : FC3 Logan I - QE! JEVEX fl -J Y IL JN lij!3fSWI Wnmlull F C3 Perez IVC3 Peterx I-'CF' S N f Riu' l N i I-'13 lmsik N72 If! '3 Robert FC3 Prenzeler 1' f , 5 fu, -40.54 f 4' I . ,..,.. I.. ,,. ,2,,.,.......1..A4h ,Q 57 5 Dil ISM! i Q STGC C S WJ Richardson STG2 KSWJ Willis Him W STG3 Garcia STG? Alvpaugh S ff S TGZI S WJ Norman Q, 'Y Q 3, D VI? IL JN TMZI S WJ Delaune Y Q4 STG3 Baum'-3 511521 S WJ Kluwin If M' STGZKS W! Cowen y Poof 4, U lle DUU'm'eCd1e Dum TM3 Bradshaw STGSA Weber W S TGSN Whitaker STGSA .l0r1eS QQ ill ILSILQ X FCIKSWQ Vail ,, A? if ,f M yy f W Z, X WM W Z2 VV WWW Z ff ' AD, Q f if ,,,, 5 if Awf j WW GM SN Peters Q, if -.4 GMI I S W1 Frey Chief Engineer LT Anderson LTj g I-lootman ENS Corso 496:1- ' BTO - ELO LTJg Lawler ENS Brobst Q 6 62 AUXO ENS Nesbitt "Large Mouthl' Wog 'fThe Men Who Sail Belowv Now each of us from time to time has gazed upon the sea, and watched the warships pulling out, to keep this country free. And most of us have read a book, or heardna usty tale,' A of the men who sail these ships, through lightening, wind and hall But thereis a lace within the ship, that legend fails to teach, that the men dyown there sometimes feel, is out of the Lord's re21Ch- lt's down below the water-line, and takes a living toll ........ ------- - a hot metal living hell, that sailors call 4'The Hole. It houses engines run by air, that makes the shaft go r0uHd, axplace of fire, noise and heat, that beats their spirit down. here turbines with the blood of Hell and of an angry hem, are molded gods without remorse, that tear the men apalt. Whose threat that from the fires roar, is like a living d0LlbI, that any minute could with scorn, escape and crush them Qllheu Where turbines scream like tortured souls, alone and lost IH 1 as ordered from above somewhere, they answer SVCPY ben' These men who kee the fires lit, and make the engines full, are strangers to worlgd of light, and rarely see the sun. They have no time for man or god, no tolerance tor fear, their aspect pays no living thing. the tribute of a tear. ,tdone For there's not much a man can do. that these men halfen run ' beneath the decks, deep in the hole, to make these englnlflsn ' And for every hour of every day. they keep the watch IH 9 3 for if the fires ever fail, their ship's a useless shell. When ships converge to have a war. upon the thraSh1U8 Sea' the men below just Srimly smile, at what their tate mill' lem TheY'1'e locked below forever doomed, who hea1'l10bfmdqe , 11,8 well assumed that il' they're hit. the men below Wlul ldredy For every day's a war down there. when the gauges all lea dead. twelve hundred degrees ol' raging fire. can kill you Illlghly So if you ever write their songs, or try to tell their-ntale, il the very words would make you hear: a turbine s liery wa du! You. don't hear much ol' these men ot' steel. wht' have nl?lSle", so httle's heard about this plaee. that sailors call "The 0 ' But l can sing about this plaee. and try to make Wu See'-Q me. the hardened life ol' men down here, cause one ot them 1- , ,, , ,.. nr- Irglkhibll these sweat soaked hero s tight, in s11iitrlie.lI'Ggxgy,reth0W eep their ship alive and riglit, though no one knows re Anil thus lllU5"ll light lor ages ou. till 'warslups szul no 0 ri Zlmlll lhe lurblne'sAmighly hear. and its angry lielllahxfou' So When you see an ship pull out, to meet Ll wal'ltlX9 tm' -- remember lzuntly rl you " the Men Wlio Saul BB oy in 3-ef Ohn. ,,,, iw ,--s W'-K. r 1 CIC. i L ilk IISIUN .ma- GSEQSWQ Goodale :GUM GSECIS Wj Bacon I+ GSMC KSWJ Lira GSM1 IS W2 Spanos I y7,h-S GSM 3 Parks GSE3 Rodrigues :RVN GSECCS WJ Moore GSJIUS WJ Yates 'mv UK OK l'm donna ll lucid dm l I .SMI N I llis GSE3 Williams y i 63 GSM3 Osgood fr., .. J V151 GN Wiz., GSM2 Leigh! M HW!! Wang, GSM2 Rupe azz, V ,il GSM3fS W2 Abbott xi GSEZCS Wj Trejo GSMF N Gary GSMF N Rizzo GSMZCS Wg Wiley GSEF N Zastrow GSM2fSWj Rogers "OK, whcfs turn is it to smile?" GSEFA Sierra-Barrita FN SPSSIIIII FN BurnS 'ott 1 '1 .J K M JW HIL ,D I 'fl- GSM3 Cerda 05.113 .N euhaur GSE3ISWj Dauberman "What halppcm it GS .113 Da v lpmiullmmxl-L1x1.wuu GSE3 ,Uc'C'lc'llc1l1d G f i SJ I FR Jordan "lllXlLlI10IhCf day mixing fuel and water." FN Baker ,. FN Woodward f 1 5 , 'X FN Deli vert fwwF.i4Aw FN De Los Santos iii!- MMI' N Pacslcr I N Lapzllzo 65 A EN Cf S Wj Whear EN1 WiIU'0rd HAQNQ ENICSWQ Powell 'Z 'J EN3 Beadle y A if EN3 Sain 66 EN3 Gordon E, N, 4 " We,-W., Q 43 EN3 ,lolmson "Chillin,, EN3 Davis CFiAgNKCf n f ry-5 H EX2 .11 orerm EX2fSH'p pop., EN2 Williams "im xxh.1lcXL1ullN lxzinckzlp. z111clxxl1z1luuux llklkl. y - ENFN Ceradskl ENFN Brooks ENF N Curry 67 V i i i N I 4 DCCKSWJ Stevens R QMS 5 if my 47 DCICSWJ Weekly J V' fi 2 df" V s, l C VW f- ,X Y 'J DC2 Teem -HW? HT1 CSWj Piercey "' muff "Who loves ya baby?', Go ahead, dare me to rmg 1tjUSl0IlCC What was that I just ate? f ,f," ' HTZISWJ Miller DC3 Moeller an HT3 Lopez DC3fSWj Moritz fr R JKVIKSILQN Wait one ladies Let me go find a DL ma 'QAt sea fire party awaylliw ,ffm 4 25, if MRIISWJ Reid ,J --4 N :J I DCNSWJ Ranzsey 43 1- HTZQSWJ wagner Y V IDCIQSWJ Wvlcll IJCZLSXH Hunt HTFN McCandless DC3 Game DCFN Clare 71 --f I leally wanted to be a YN MMCSI S Wj ,lohnson 5.3 "Ml MACSISHO Maldonado Navigator must be..." W, Lljg Milewski 'Abd'- PNCKSWJ Woodall in i-I NC'Cf.S'WJ IJulanr',v -hib- '-"" HMCCSWJ Gwf"f"' , Z 2 QMCCSWJ Adams V EK ' vw? if s N' 'wwiv' Q KP If RIO IS here and Uraguay here,lhe ic wg X YN1 Bryant l Alfzbk JMIN lf, sl QMICSWJ Chapman l YX2 Williams QM2 Williams IN2 Gai QMZKS u in H1111 X Af .P Wi f G ,VZ 4 f 2 Q, f 0, ffm wus I N' -34? PNSR Gonzalez PN-WSW? lohnson ' ii - 13" 1-, H N H 'll if W' QM3 Gibbons ....- I f f i,,, , HM3 Robinson 9 .v fr ,Y 7 ,V,f,, if Z -auf, fm Q ,V z,6w!2e 'aff ij ,f 73 HZ, ff , ,V . , W f Q WWWMM -iil- l-fi Operations Officer LT Achesorz P51151 1 'lil- L...- LTjg Stoner ENS Mabiy 1"""W' Wiypw HOLE! OLE! .... OLE! 01,121 U77 COMMO OI Division Officer ENS L00 ENS Miller r 5 5 1 s 1 1 humllc' I f QQ DN SIGN BMCfSWj Visser QV r NJ BMICS WJ Robertson BMICSWQ Eno BM3fSWj Thomas BM3CSWj Barrera BM3 Dans SN Robotham SR Silney ANU whcrc to run, no Where to hldfi BM2fSWj Rooker fag V BJIZIS WJ Po werx B.U3fSWj .Hulloy 5 iv' BMZISWJ Jenkins S.YfSWJ Ralering SN l'11bon "It docs too mulch!!! 75 R 'It's uRhin... N0 , itvs an 5. ,ff 2 OD DMS Q l Elk .... No wait, it's a Caribou... Non.. 7' BM3fSWj Bradberry BM3 Goss QL SA S tanko ..,, .-, if SN V5 alkel SR Rector ' S SN Walley SR Maderazo SNCS WI BIll'l'l?ff SR Burris L x X J SR Brown, A' BM3fSWj Harmon CID DNISIXDN 1 BM3lSWj Mitchell "WHAT77'?7'?" SN Hernandez l PwwL...NN.ml1 Klux had 11,hl..., 'U suv" SA .Vomlrngon SA C 'oleman SN Brown, R. SA Lee Q SN Kerzisnik XX SA Moody .J ' SA Collins z 2 ! X J ln f f , W, 1, V Xu' 7 ...I JS JILVILSILQ -if ,umm RMCKS Wm Wy Kzeifz RMIKSWJ Holder RM2 Crawford "Compliments of ships laundry" "Man I hate b1isters!!!" fi' ""'i' RM3fSWJ BW RMZKS Wj Townsend RMZCSWQ Adams li. 1 Q Q JIEVILSSIL XENA I RM3 Yuengling RMBIS WJ Gipson 'Q w EZ' R.H2fS Wi Sibb-v "Cam t tough thu.. -.JI-n RM3 Norfleet RMI Morales 4 x7 1...--I RJI2 .N'4'lsnu "1-if tri -s,M....., ....... ..,, f 79 M! JIEVIISEJ '!f5fe"'f N! NJ, I f , X xx fwf gf I E WC I S Wj Buckner A ISNSWJ EWCKS wg Childers EWIKSWQ Gimas 21,501 'v Z B?STRiCTEU KEEP AUTHDRIIED EW3ISWj White 78 80 "Conspiracy 'lilu-m-5,-. Q Ili 3 E v Q F ontanella l HI told EWC I wanted to go up in the world, i but this isn't quite what I had in mind!!!" Q SMJ Afffffm W JILVIESICN E u ist X sf' r 5 o 4 fSWfAWj Barlow -adv' -fla- EWZCS WJ Daniels Thls better be my last report chrt . , ,.,., x ff 1 f' " ff gf X -H114 :ff EHQKSWD Bosanvu J.. r Would you check out that hunk on tht bmah, W3fSWJ Hawkins SMSN Haynes 2 J MVIS! JN ll.. -JIQ-sq 55l1fS WXA WJ Barlow 1135218111 Bnsanco EWZCS Wj Daniels "Th1s better be my last report chit" . ,tk ,,'. -'12, 4" f, if , .A EW3fSWl Hawkins "Would you chock out that hunk on thc beach' SMSN Haynes 81 HHH 0SCfS Wj Mailman on DHlIl55Il ,Q 1 we OSI C S Wj Hansson 0S3fSWj Lewis NLISTERINE, OSI SWXA W2 Moore OSIKSWQ Schell ZA? mw- 051 CS W9 Rickard J Wfe"X"L-YH W 2 ,il f j ,M - ,mk- N.f..,,,w' 44. 0S3f S W2 Harvey W ,oo, X ' Ks E l ,f OS3 Epps ,L '. QSZISWQ Thies , I I 1 Gimme the ball. Gimme the hull. why docsnl nn.,,..... ' 1 Wd ywu I IAM JII JIVIISII JN I 3-Eu YI I , 052 ' I Ph'pp'S OS2 Davis OSNSWJ Holsapple ? I 1:55 "I told you we were low?" "Y1m'rc not III I IQIH I'lII1lII'I, III IMI" Y N7 05'-If 5 WI Hvy ward US3 Minn IJcm'l mess wilh thc CIIISANOI osszv Day 3A . c IPO ZIIIXIIIIIIC! 83 I9 0S2CSWj Smith 0 DILVISILO OS3 Grwin 0S3CSWJ Morales OSSA Z wisler Mm., IWF333 af, W as I fi! OSZC S Wj Whztaker OS2 S eghorn at the OSZISWQ Turner "Could you vc us Il moment hcrc jump, Y V OS3 Schwind OS 3 William-Y :J I 1fTW'i2" X ., WXK A fn X A xx 1? A' fi 4, ' f ' 'ex ' u u,u fi? m If J 'iljqy W '. Hwy. .y.sf I Supply Officer LT Swiantek ENS Sinith ,S Sa YS Th" Nuvv flue-m1 NDOIINI SXYVLH at ' f if-:lim QMS JN -dn 1 gulf SKCCSWQ Ray Yx SM " 41 --' L SKI CSWJ Terwilliger SKZC S WJ Watters Of 34 w l MIM JN Q 'X , BMZKSWQ English ff SK 3 Carr PH' --I V I SK3 Nicolas PC3 Jones SK3 Townsend 87' E MSCSCSWIAWJ Paton MS2 Kubiak M S3 Harris L? MSSN F uhlrodt 1I"'5', ak , V' ?is..gE. 1 A " ,M-,,,,,.L.- ' M. 45-1991 P .J5?'fff , M. ,,,.,, A..V.,.aui I' 2 ' 1 -, -if l n r . . f Q fy' 14. . 3j L 51 K 1 ' is Y i il fl ' Z4 1 I Q ' ""-i., I S .. E rv 1 fin L L.. -H vw' ff ,W L, 5, ,-5 1 f , w .Al- 4 7 QNX ,mm A ,W ahh! E ,f D. ., .,, E s "QL ,L .. ,'- 5. ri r . , Q Q11 1511 JN -mf ZQE SHI CA WJ Blocker DKHSWXAWQ WOUe l SH3 R0m9"0 SHZCSWJ Frank 4 DKSN Sargent W SHSN Higginbotham SH SN Willis SN H zmtington J LS J ANT if Capt Bae LC DR Pendergrass LT V0b0ril DSUSWJ Sanchez L-lil oszfswn Hamm, T ff 3 X V fdlaf X f Too cool Y :ff JOIKSWJ Boucher 26 OSICS W2 Jones 052 Kantor NMR' Y ffl- RM2 McCheyne RM2 Luce RM2fS WJ Haynes f uw X 91 99 ,X fff' , YUM! LCDR Wittick rlflu MSNSWQ Soler PHIISWJ Olvey Yr RM2 Vzllegas VX' J UQCC E5 JILJQRNT LT Tanner HManny, Moe, and Jack. The Pep Boysw Vx RMICSWQ Craig -Q-Av E EIM- x i MSZK S WJ Cardona AGZCSWJ Sn1ith ETZCSWJ Werner EWZCSWQ Pierson , 1 V 92 'mf Y USCG SJ LAXNT s.-Inu LT Watson HWY 1 iq: 1 1' 11111 N! if ET I Ovalle frail Y M526 WJ C11 rd lag yy W In AQIHP lllIL'I"N hllxk Il goodw' l:'H'I!SH'1 HIIIIIUW RMK forms' 'Y J OS3 Price w 93 19 J LS JMQRNIT RMCSCS WJ Torres Eff :fx ETI CS W2 Haas OS2 Andrews - i ,' 1 . h 'I '--' .-1 , 4? , 1 i Z? "'5i' 1, , . ' U-1. W Hilti: STGCSCSWQ Holmes PCICSWJ Ballentinc RM2 Austin fi OS3 Summers 94 44 OS3 Vinocur ' ...Aw M. ..fWMM.' OS SN Luftis K Nf X C-X Q M? 9542 ij l 3g CDR Taylor xi-I "'11v' fs vi LT Myers LCDR Halton I .ml I LCDR Park 6'You pushed WHAT bL1llm1!!!!!" V I v MC swf Clark LT Patterson -, R f LT Stancampit1l10 40,3 YNCKSWQ Quann 95 C JM! JN lb il ...J LCDR Tall LT Maloney LT KawcZyl1Ski 99 V ,... ...QT T-X .J x x 1 , ,W x 1 5. 3 Yi 4 V , t.iK.,,,, ,C E ,- X X ' N 'S . .x 1 . li X X 33533 GSECCSWJ Reynolds K,. E1,,,f-HE x 5' Q, ,, QE 3 i ' - ,- 'k" ki ff y x 5, Q 2, Q 4 X ff Q M f ft-' ,, Y fir, ,,,, gm :ffl STGCCSWJ Schomburg USUSWJ HUFSY MSI Agas "Another tough day on the cruise" LIQ'-Nfl., .J ,K .,. W ,X ., , , , A ,.wf,.W. , ,WW f A , ,,W.Z,,gwwM ,,,,,f2,7iff"w, ,Wffj .--W if , fm, M M ,,.N, EWICSWI S"'f"' Vx' ' X :. X .M LJ,.,,.,,x xi' N5 ' .73 it "'2 14' r "ia 7? K4 "- - My H GHL1 VHTS 72llfL'lI by ENS SPOTTS Q sr, .V . A. - II by QM2 Williams i Fzkcfn by DCZISWJ Hunt 72lk6lZ by E T2 K S W1 Pierce i' 4i" ' -ni" limi!! fu , W? M,fA,,,,f Taken by YN2 WGIIIUIH5' 97 9 T Ci 'ZR CHU 'Q C 0 n n i n 8 'Q FzshCall TW Q UIKSLE -f"'J"' f"4i'lQ' 1- A Up., . iq. lf? lx iw- QL " YW Y. frfzr- " -.-i',:i-.Q.'g'-fy..-,HA ,-f I4 53", "Q, is-Q :Qi sv f, fl df Q Q Ts if . -4-1 ...fn .V ' -fri 'ln 15 1...-V 2'9" 3 N I1 gl N fl i i '15-ffni.. f , ,, I Sw M li D . A U I -'I ""?'-lr ', V , J 'A- in-6 Q.-2' F1 ,..Y,5x1.' 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Suggestions in the Moosebrugger (DD 980) - Naval Cruise Book collection:

Moosebrugger (DD 980) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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Moosebrugger (DD 980) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1998 Edition, Page 86

1998, pg 86

Moosebrugger (DD 980) - Naval Cruise Book online yearbook collection, 1998 Edition, Page 93

1998, pg 93

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