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Moorhead High School - Cho Kio Yearbook (Moorhead, MN) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Edntors tn chset Busuness Manager Art Work Class Editors Faculty Edxtor Hnghllghts Edntor Actzvltles Edltor Music Edrtor Athlettcs Editor Photographers Adviser Staft Assnsta nts Ill Beverley Croatt Louella Edwards Katherine Horn Rnchard Pnerce Curtns Hahn Nancy Kotte Mary Stever Knstn Ylvusaker Phyllus Anderson Lxnda Boswell Eltzabeth Erickson Gayle Hagen Davnd Eastman Davlcl Eastman John Alun O R Wlllnamson Shenla Mickelson .lamce Dahl :M g WW' I fa? W N I llilili 'l VX 4 ff psi X wh o 1 ass. who ,ij bs, X of,-ie fe Q ,f .. s.., ft 'fart ft' w 45 M . 5? -Q ll v P ' an zulu I l - 4 4. , "Q J. . -q if I Y I 0 , V ' g l l 'L Htl l f H K T Ii' gl l N A x ' xixxwb --- XA . , 2 ? h: ,, A X t 'l l 6 3... xl , i 'L-X X W 0 .. ,, x - 2 E 1 iw 15 V -V M. I -X hxkll XJ we Dedncohon Memornol Admmnsfrcmon Classes Senior Jumor Sophomore Hlghhghfs Acfnvmes Music Afhletncs Epxlogue ff' rt-L. 'tsfiil U x N H V' --Q Qs. 'T XA! Xiw 'X N fx 5? -Q .fx J' ' ' .............................. 4 Q ' ............................... 6 5 ' - ' ...............,......... . 7 I if ' .............................. I8 I 1 .,...............,..s.....,... 42 5 48 .X ' ' ...........................,. 54 , H ' " ................................ 68 Q Q ' ...................s.............. 90 ' ....,................s.....,... loo is V ' ................................ 124 2 'M X ' 1 D X, 7 4 x 1 ITT N ra- s 'lf I -, A ,.7, Y s. X E.-1 + VN' 3 nf K gs- vi' ? K7 yrs x C. 59 A ,ii U? Hxkx ' X5-4' Ns, , 2 K - if IS .1 'N 52 -N s I i,xA xx Q X xi ,K xxwx Psi S' I K -2 .K x I, x 43 " ' QQ N555 -eg' XY ' ! 2 .s C 1. - , L4 . is -TT ! - x YAV, .,,,, x 1, L j -' -' -i " "I f ' 'a-igx ' CT. sg' :f41 A . , K W ,ff X , . X ' , I ll J' up gl? Williamson is shown here with his family. Pictured with him and his wife, Lenore, are Scott, age 3, and Robbie, age 8. . . . ,, - ' Il ll ll , . 1 - 11 - f I , . 4 The 1958 Cho Kuo is dedicated to Orville R Wil liamson nn appreciation for his untiring service and in recognition of a character and personal philosophy which can only be classed as outstanding The many hours that he spends outside the regular teaching periods make possible a book such as the Cho Kio or our school paper The Spud We can think of no better way to honor a man who has never taken personal credit for the success of school publications than to dedicate this annual to him With some deception on our part we have managed to keep this dedication a secret from him 'Willy this is for you' This IS lust one of the many extra chores that Willy does to make the Cho Kuo a reality This page is presented as a memo rual to our friend and classmate William H Auerswald Class of 58 With patience and courage he set for us an example which will revere his memory to us who kenw his determlna tion in the face of insurmountable odds The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever Psalms 23 WILLIAM H AUERSWALD 1940 1957 CLASS OF 58 We All Lost a Friend A shining example of courage and fortitude in the face of overwhelming and in surmountable obstacles passed from our midst with the untimely passing of William IBIIIJ Auerswald Bill s undeniable courage enabled him to set an example for us as he faced the inevitable with spirit and unselfish devotion which enabled hum to consider the problems His courage should be an inspiration to those who carry an and the attitude toward hardships which he possessed should be as a light to be followed and we should attempt to carry our small comparatively trivial burdens as bravely as he carried his great load We of the modern world lead a carefree life little knowing of the great struggle which many must put forth lust to exist Our little world is a complaining world in which the slightest inconvenience is taken as an insult to our superiority Sometimes it takes a member of the other world the hard cruel world of misfortune In which Bill lived to remove the complacency and egotnsm from those of us who do not suffer So Bill we of MHS thank you for the lift you and your spirit gave to us when we should have been cheering you Although earthly presence is over the effect of such valor remains immemorial GLENN KJOS Editors note We feel that this editorial written at the time of Balls death expresses our feelings sincerely and fully 6 . . , . . I . , . ll ' 1 I ll I Q O I . , . . of others and attempt to convince others that his tribulations were minor. I - 1 I I I I . I . . . ' I FACULTY - i f W x 1 R if Qs I xx f X X 1 1111, If J X X QXQ 9 'ska KQV, W swf x., ,QL QQ 41 2, 4. fl W gxw xt M2314 if X X lj W xx X H 2 X X ix X XX r-N XX R .Ja f' a N fx J . , A I tj F XY '4 "A ' J- . i A i W r Air ' N 5 fx f U L Ile I f x f X A. , I X .X X X5 V Q b A , Q ,xx x-N Xu X S S Q C ' Z psxx xx .M 1 , , ' IH Q:-X4 X xx 'tx X I lhmx ff Vi 5 1, I "' Nfxxv X . SES' ' V' iv J ifllffg !?f' Z S T Affkksg W ff, A 35 , U 'H .4 .s y yjffxw Wi A il: A ,,f 551.1 Q 5 , f, W gig, N W Lf X X . K i. A , :O ' I XM lf fin? rg X 5 f AW' V AIx'?4,I! ff xl f X xx X Yff 7 Q, W ., ' 1 X .gm - , J I X- 'I' , N 'Q L X 'W ff y H ' Min ,f 41-ww 1, ,X K. uv. P s v Q 1 X V N X N , , 'SRX lf :L . - XX N". if ls 15 + , Q ' , s '-- ,y , 1 M + Wg x x - 1 pf" Q ' XXX Rx L MR. ' ' A X l , i IX K I "iv X O ' R N N,-N x , - Xxx ,, ' Eliza Y - X ,-5 T T351 x-wr' X "A, Q I2-54, , g'Il. '-45 - 1 f . x -4lgXf . X XX xx Members of the Board of Education are LEFT TO RIGHT Clifford Holmrast Mrs Rudolph Messner G R Jacobsen C R Frxdlund Henry Schroeder Joseph Mark Charles Stever and Superintendent Justin Swenson less efforts of the Board of Education On their shoulders rest the final decisions to the problems and questions daily encountered at MHS Their constant effort to make Moorhead Highs standards higher will be remembered for years to come by each one of us As the present students are replaced by new ones the school board will still be wait ing to help them as they did us We thank them tor their work behind the scenes 8 Co-operation, dependability, and fairness describe well the end- Superintendent Justin W. Swenson is responsible for supervising the activities of the District 23 schools. The problems encountered in successfully guiding an ever-growing district are capably handled by Swenson. The supervision maintenance and appearance ofthe Moorhead Public Schools is the responsibility of our assistant superintendent Joseph M Mork The many diftlculties met by Mark are quickly and ex pertly overcome by him MHS principal Alden C Knatterud IS faced with the task of co ordinating the activities and problems of the students and teachers of MHS to produce Cl smooth running high school With patience and under standing he effectively accomplishes this goal 9 , . . , . ALBERT BARTZ English ll,l2 Student Council bone dry humor former jack of surprises. all trades, full of Typing LAUREN BUSLEE Band Pep Band BJARNE ASP Speech Declamation Wig and Sig Stage Crew proud father coffee fiend "How else would it work?" "Aw, cut it out!" BARBARA BRASETH Clerical Office Practice quiet and neat "All right, this is a business office, so let's get busy-and stop talkingl" perfection personified "Instruments upl" "Marching The Blues" to "Oberon." DONALD BRANIFF Shorthand 1,2 Attendance Officer double assignments "Close only counts in horseshoesf' "Here are the letters for Friday's JAMES GOTTA American History Football "B" Squad BB Track peering over bifocals love, guts and owies "Everybody in their seats when the bell rings!" 10 semi, , i MARLYS BENSON LYDIA BUSLEE English ll English 1,2 Debate "May l make tomorrow's assign "Miss America" wardrobe ment?" seasoned world traveler "There will be no more discussion! perfect grammar This is how proiects originate. Really Pegl JOAN GRAFF English lO, ll Sophomore Class Adviser glamour gal, earrings "All right nowl" Mrs. JOSEPHINE HUBER Home Economics FHA always willing to help friendly DANIEL GROHNKE Typing Consumers Math Assistant Junior Class Adviser Coaching Oh, it's nothing. Through years to come, we'll never forget our teachers and how hard they worked to prepare us for lite. For many years, people have told us that high school years are the best years of our lives, but not until they are over do we begin to realize how true this is. The memories we have of you, our teachers, will be pleasant reminiscences. We thank you for being a living example that we may follow. Because of you, we'll be able to proudly say, "l'm a Moorhead High alumnus." Dan the Man Shy ew laconic to the 'nth degree, BEVERLY HICKS Physical Education Health American History Cheerleaders Pep Club GAA MHS graduate "Bring my books backl" MILDRED GREEN School Librarian Library Club continual posting of overdue books "Who hasn't registered for atten- dance?" "One more chanceI" CURTIS HAHN Art Mechanical Drawing Drivers' Training quiet always ready to help big man, big heart HARRY KAEDING Higher Algebra Trigonometry Solid Geometry Visual Aides inspiring mottos above the black- board "lt all comes out in the wash." Mrs. GENE JAMES School Nurse Future Nurses Club talkative, everybody busy, busyl 's friend ,W 4 Mrs MARILYN LEISETH RAYMOND LARSON LEO MAATTALA NV'-'L' U'-'KV American History Bookkeeping I'ICUlTUF6 l ll Spanish Junior Class Adviser Business Principles and Law A Gerrnar' newly wed protects Drivers' Training family man friendly advice l-UVWQUUQS Club pleasant disposition "Boy, if I had bought that stock THE interest agriculture' Pflllem "WSW-'C7'0n back in '37. . .' 'fGet movin!" HAROLD MATSON Industrial Arts MHS tease "Peg o' My Heart" "I can tell store hairl" DAVID McLAlN Social Science busy work notes, notes, notes "Firstly secondly. . ." "That third hour!" "lt's your social dutyl" AUGUST MAGNUSON Biology Athletic Director always busy, sly humor "Any questions?" BERTHA RUSTVOLD World History AFS adviser thorough instruction Middle East basic ideas ". . .in that," bought blonde WALTER SCHWEDE Geometry, Physics Drivers' Training Radio Club "Now, back in the old days...' Mrs. NANCY STENNES English lO World History sweet and petite big brown eyes "Short, basses!" "Keepirg up?" VERNON STENOIEN Chemistry Applied Science Senior Class Adviser Patrol Intramural Science Club big words hard tests scholarship winner JUNETH SUNDAHL English IO Latin reserved Julius Caesar Silas Morner co-operative REINHOLD UTKE Guidance Director future principal community crying shoulder f'You could be getting higher marks." senior conferences ORRIS WIBE Biology Geometry quiet man ot business make-shift classroom shy smile ORVILLE WILLIAMSON Journalism Social Science Spud Cho-Kio Sopho"ore's peril, but his bark is worse thar his bite! l.,fe Savers "You've rever heard of that before!" HARTVICK STRAND Physical Education, Health Basketball, Asst. Football, Track Cross-Country Now supports his own BB team The sm1lmg omce cadets are BOTTOM TO TOP Beth Walker and Charlene Krogen Assrshng Supermtendenf Swenson In his many actlvlhes are LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Judith Evernham Mrs Betty Fontanne and SEATED Mrs Joanne Sxpe Moorhead Highs Sunshtne Cleo Burros performs another of her innumerable Tasks as secretary to Prlnclpal Alden Knatterud Pictured here are Mr Utlces assistants LEFT TO RIGHT Cathy Jents Lunda Matula Bev Bossart and Sandra Kudernack t, ,I Erickson, Linda Boswell, Kathy Horn, Barbara Daniels, Jill 14 FN C29 Voxland busnly sweeps a classroom at the close of the day Custodlans are LEFT TO RIGHT Ruby Gerner H M Voxland and Raymond Wedarg 15 MHSS lanltress Mrs Littlefield gets nd of un wanted dust Custoduans are the forgotten people of Moorhead Hugh Few of Us ever have the chance to see them fulfllllng their many dunes to keep MHS o clean lookmg school Therr 'ob Includes everything from prckung up misplaced books to waxing the floors If nt werent for these people we would not be able to take prnde un the appearance of our school J f7f L lv IXX NY - Xwkxxxgxx -- "" "" 'J 1 XX X Q55 QEE55gmmmg!QQS. B EE -ii vNiLca:'ff5ff2 S N -FQ J ' 9 .0-S , x 4 Q' v -SZJQ Q. W. I - X. X. 4 x " fx C ' ss . f XN N ' . 15 1 Q' w -h QQ l M X vi -N I- 1, X 3 , .-EQ .-. ' T I , 1-Y , ,XXX ',.-..i-Q"t ' ,f 5 Qw1mN'YKi -na x ' f ffl' X ' I T - Q - , xxkx V if Mx 1 xx, M R ...., jk :lm X x , ' J Nfl My f 4" X X K 'A Q N, N s fu X I' Q1 Q I XX 1 Ax Q Qi x Exivw, 'j x, ,' 23 .nf+'9N ,- ' - X E X R , ' N' Nw x X -si P ig -W 'Es g.'L"'L' - D V I C E tlzl'I'l7U'U Om-40? I TD eilke E Gerald Setter N T ST ER CE RA ES TU AR RE YR R J s Anderson A T Vernon Stenoien ?.f-- Fond memorIes happy hearts o s sorrows that was MHS AntIcIpatIng our sophomore year we en tered Moorhead I-hgh School wondermg what the next three years would brIng Bug collec tIons tlrst class dance prolects extra currIcular actIvItIes new trIendshIps these helped InItIate us Into the general hIgh school routIne Shakers concessIons class dances our prom and banquet gIrls and boys staters an AFS representahve a touch of sorrow IH the loss of our classmate BIII our IunIor year combmed these to make us more mature IndIvIduals Most of us now felt an Integral part of MHS sIbIlItIes as the leaders of the school Home comIng sports our toreIgn student RIcky raIsIng money socIal prolects pep tests lyceums dances award day prom slap day baccalaureate graduatIon ad fims The Class ot 58 IS now hIstory We as alumnI wIll go our separate ways many of us never to meet agaIn but we wIll never forget the cherIshed memorIes ot our hIgh school days and the deepened frIendshIps we have I' sh sitio N-ev -Sf :thx l it of :fy lf f SOCIOLOGY .ZmQk 'Ex 'S Q -ff' -Z' 19 l I I ' . . I .- g i ' 2 . I . Q I 5 . ' I Q 1 1 I I 2 , ' ' In ' I 1 ' 2 ' , . s I I 6' . ' - . 'U . X. ' - I . Ns I s,s A I I - I I 3 I I 3:3 .f 4' N17 N 1 X l ' :Ia U . - .Q 3 ,f y x - Q I N .U g 4- -1 - , I II N . I I X ' 4, ' . 0- - . I 'N I 'I .I . 'V 4, 5111 , ' N Q I f -' I , ,I A - 'Y-ia. N - 1 , 'O - N4 W 1 5 I I . 3 I I . . . I lll- '11'?if's- 1 lf" Ill 'W - I ,I Q l -Y ,X X If ,e l , . ' W I ,ft C 65 C I I ,ef A , X I gig A' - ll Q' ki -- 'R 4 ft' ' J kv NW' Y l L SK- l W u-A-5, rm U i" X I 'I 'I., I 'Alt'--.VIC r, x A - 29, K Loi' -fl A 0.5avH,,,f,,,I5Zji!l,ull I 1 iff?-3 1, X1 2, 41' L 'x 1-Tv ff' f 1 Q43 'l -'16 ROBERT O. ABBOTT JANICE D. ALFSON Perham High School 1,2 Language Club 3 FHA 3 JAMES l. ANDERSON Class OHicer 3 Secretary-Treasurer 3 Football "A" Squad 2 Football "B" Squad 1 Track 1,2 Intramural 1,2 Spud Staff 2 Student Council 3 President 3 Declamation 2,3 Language Club 2,3 President 3 Debate 3 Writers Club 2,3 PHYLLIS M. ANDERSON Sophomore Girls Chorus l Spud Stal? 3 Cho-Kio Stal? 3 Pin Pan Club 1 FHA 2,3 Pep Club 3 KAY M. AURINGER Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Band 1,2,3 Sophmore Girls Chorus 1 GAA 1,2 Pep Band 1,2,3 Language Club 2,3 Debate 1 Nurses Club 2 JOHN S. ALIN Basketball "B" Squad 1 Basketball "A" Squad 3 Track 1,2,3 Cross-Country 2,3 intramural 2 Cho-Kio Staff 2,3 Photographer 2,3 Spud Staff 2,3 Boys State 2 Language Club 1,2,3 Treasurer 3 Science Club 3 Vice President 3 KENNETH L. ANDERSON Comstock High School 1 Wrestling 3 SCOTT R. ANDERSON Chorus 3 Band 1,2,3 Band Ensemble 2,3 Basketball "B" Squad 1 Baseball 3 Golf i,2,3 Intramural 2,3 SHARON E. BACKSTROM Chorus 2,3 Operetta 1,2 Band 1,2,3 Orchestra 1,2,3 Chorus Ensemble 2,3 Band Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Wig and Sig 2,3 School Play "No Boys Allowed" 3 Language Club 2,3 Debate 1 Pep Band 1,2,3 Red Cross Council 2 MARY J. ALLEN GAA 1 Pin Pan Club l FHA 3 Pep Club 3 DONALD F. BACON H. THOMAS BACON RONALD J. BAKER Football "A" Squad 3 Stage Crew 3 Track l,2 Football "B" Squad l,2 Language Club 2 Golf 1,2 Baseball l,2,3 Wrestling l,2,3 Ca-captain 2 Cross-Country l,2,3 Cofaptain 3 JEANNE M. BARNHART JEAN M. BEATON Chorus 23 Fargo High School l Operenc 2 Shanley High School 2 Pep Club 2 Maiorette 2,3 Iii HARLEY F. BAKER Wrestling l Language Club 2,3 JOAN M. BEATON Fargo High School l Shanley High Schoo Nurses Club 2,3 Maiorette 2,3 ROBERT BECKER JAMES L. BEATTIE Football "B" Squad 1 l 2 Football "A" Squad 2 Intramural l,2 FFA l CLARENCE H. BERG Basketball "A" Sqwd 2 Q kv Basketball "B" Squad l Track l,2,3 Cross-Country l ia ' -' ROBERT D. BJERKEN Operetta I,2 Band I,2,3 Orchestra I,2 Band Ensemble I,2,3 PHILLIP A. BOCHE GERALDINE E. BROWN GAA I Language Club 2,3 Camera Club I Library Club 2,3 Vice President 3 FHA 3 ARLISS L. BUTH Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 FHA 3 JOYCE A. CEDERBERG Chorus 2 Operefta 2 Spud Staff 3 FHA 3 LINDA G. BOSWELL Sophomore Girls Chorus I Spud Staff 3 Cho-Kio Staff 3 FHA 2,3 Writers Club 2 Pep Club 2,3 Office Cadet 3 ROBERT C. BURUD Chorus I,2,3 Operetta I,2 Basketball "B" Squad I Basketball "A" Squad 2,3 Football "B" Squad I,2 Track I,2,3 Cross-Country I,2 Stage Crew I NANCY M. CARLSON Chorus 2,3 Treasurer 3 Operetta 2 JEAN E. CHRISTENSON Operetta I,2 Orchestra I,2,3 Orchestra Ensemble I,2,3 Student Council I Pep Club 2 it F 1. BEVERLY A. BOSSART Language Club I LARRY D. CHRISTENSON Veblen, South Dakota Senior High School I,2 I LARRY J. CHRISTLE Class Otticer I Secretary-Treasurer I Chorus I,2,3 Operetta I,2 Chorus Ensemble I,2,3 Football "B" Squad I Track 3 Intramural I,2,3 Stage Crew I Aviation Club I MARILYN S. COLE Grand Forks Central High School I,2 Chorus 3 Band 3 Orchestra 3 FHA 3 Nurses Club 3 JANE A. COSTAIN Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemble 3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Wig and Sig 3 School Play "The Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Language Club 2,3 FHA 3 NANCY L. COWAN Chorus 2,3 Secretary 2 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemble 2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Wig and Sig I,2,3 Treasurer 3 Declamation 3 Language Club 3 Maiarettes I AFS Summer Foreign Student 2 Exchange IRENE M. CLAYPOOL Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 TEARLE B. COSSETTE Football "B" Squad I,2 Football "A" Squad 3 Baseball 2,3 Intramural I,2,3 School Play "The Gift of Tenyin" KAREN K. COUNCE Chorus 3 Band I,2,3 Orchestra 3 Band Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus GAA 2,3 FHA 3 Nurses Club 3 Pep Band 2,3 BEVERLY J. CROATT Operetta I,2 Orchestra I,2,3 2 I Orchestra Ensemble I ,2,3 Cho-Kio Staff 3 Co-Editor 3 Spud Staft 3 Student Council I,2,3 Language Club 2,3 Secretary 2 Pep Club 2,3 MYRVA A. CLEMENS GAA 2,3 President 3 FHA 3 GENE F CROSGROVE JUDITH O. CZICHOTZKI Breckenridge High School 1 Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemble 2 Pep Club 2 SHIRLEY J. DANIELSON FHA 2 Pep Club 2,3 DIANE K. DeJONG Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Wig and Sig 1,2,3 School Play "The Elves and the Shoemaker" 1 "No Boys Allowed" 3 DAVID B. EASTMAN T.uck 1,2,3 Wrestling 1,2 Cross-Country 1,2,3 Intramural 3 Cho-Kia Stal? 2,3 Photographer 2,3 Spud Staff 2,3 Quill and Scroll 2,3 Wig and Sig 3 Stage Crew 3 School Plays "No Bays Allowed" 3 "The Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Declamation 2,3 Language Club 1,2,3 Debate 1,2,3 JANICE M. DAHL Band 1 Sophomore Girls Chor GAA 1 Cho-Kio Stal? 2,3 Junior Editor 2 Spud Staff 2,3 Wig and Sig 1,2,3 FHA 3 Pep Club 2 Ski Club 3 KARL E. DEILKE Class Officer 3 President 3 Wrestling 1,2 Wig and Sig 3 School Play "The Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Declamation 2 Science Club 3 Debate 1 Stage Crew 2 LARRY P. EASTLUND Science Club 1,3 LOUELLA E. EDWARDS Operetta 1,2 Band 1,2,3 Pep Band 1,2,3 Orchestra 1,2,3 Band Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Cho-Kio Staff 3 Co-Editor 3 Wig and Sig 1,2,3 Thespian 1,2,3 School Plays "The Elves and the Shoemaker" 1 "No Boys Allowed" 3 Declamation 1,2 Language Club 2,3 Debate 1 Writers Club 1 Nurses Club 2 National Honor Society 2,3 Science Club 1 Red Cross Council 2 BARBARA K. DANIELS Library Club 2 us 1 Nurses Club 2,3 President 3 Office Cadet 3 ,A Ak 1 DARYL O. EMERY Band l,2,3 Football "A" Squad 2,3 JUDITH E. EIDE Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Sophomore Girls C GAA I Pin Pan Club I Writers Club I,3 I. JULIANNE ENGEL Chorus 2 Operetta 2 GAA I,2,3 Homecoming Attendant 2 Pin Pan Club I JANICE D. ERICKSON EDWIN K. EVENSON Wrestling I Student Manager 2 Declamation 2 Science Club I,2,3 Debate I Radio Club I horus .IUDITH M. ENDAHI. Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Orchestra I,2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I GAA 2 Wig and Sig I,2,3 School Play "No Boys Allowed" 3 ELIZABETH K. ERICKSON Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Spud Stal? 3 Cho-Kio Staff 3 Wig and Sig 3 Pin Pan Club I School Plays "Gift of Tenyin" 2 "The Family Nobody Wanted" ROBERT A. ERICKSON Chorus 3 Manager 3 Cho-Kio Staff 2 Spud Staff 2 Student Council 3 Quill and Scroll 2 Wig and Sig 3 Language Club 2,3 Science Club 3 Debate 3 Writers Club 3 MARLIS A. FAHRLANDER GAA I Language Club 2 Pin Pan Club I 3 DAVID J. ENGLEP H.Q4,. . ' with 4 fag ' 1 MARVIN D. FJELDSETH Basketball "A" Squad l,2,3 Basketball "B" Squad l Track l Cross-Country 3 GERALD M. FOLSTROM Football "B" Squad l Football "A" Squad 2,3 Wrestling l,2,3 Intramural l Track 2 BARBARA J. GADE Declamation 2 Language Club 3 Pin Pan Club l FHA 2 Pep Club 2 Nurses Club 2,3 JOCELYN J. GIDMARK Chorus l,2,3 Operetta l,2 Chorus Ensemble 2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus l Spud Staft 3 Wig and Sig l,2,3 School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Declamation 2 Language Club 3 Writers Club 3 Pep Club 2 ROCHELLE L. GIGLER Language Club 2,3 Pep Club 3 JAMES P. FOSTER Football "A" Squad 2,3 Football "B" Squad l Golf l,2 Wrestling 2,3 Intramural l,2,3 Language Club l,2,3 Vice-president 3 SCOTT M. FRIDLUND Intramural l Stage Crew l Science Club l,2,3 Radio Club 2,3 Secretary 2 Ski Club l,2,3 KAREN M. GIERKE Library Club 2 FHA 3 Pep Club 3 PHYLLIS J. GILL Band l,2,3, Orchestra 3 Cheerleading l,2,3 Student Council l,2,3 Secretary 2 Vice President 3 FHA 3 Pep Club 2,3 Red Cross Council 2 MfRlE F. GARVIN Pin Pan Club l FHA 2 AL MARY J. GOOSLAW SHARON M. GREENWOOD Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 DOUGLAS H. GUTAW Band 1,2,3 Track 1,2 Tennis 3 Stage Crew 3 School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Debate 1 MARCIA L. HAIGHT Chorus 2,3 Secretary-treasurer 3 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemb'e 3 Language Club 2 CLAUDE R. HARRIS PAUL A. GROSZ Chorus 1,2 Operetta 1 Band 1,2 Wrestling 2,3 Student Manager 1,2 Intramural 1,2,3 GAYLE M. HAGEN Chorus 3 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 GAA 1,3 Spud Staff 3 Cho-Kio Stat? 3 Wig and Sig 3 School Play "The Gift of Tenyin" 2 Homecoming Attendant 1 Homecoming Queen 3 Pin Pan Club 1 Pep Club 2,3 Maiorettes 1,2,3 MARY L. HALMRAST Cheerleading 1,2,3 GAA 1 Student Council 2 Pin Pan Club l Pep Club 2,3 Nurses Club 3 PETER F. HAUG Holmen High School, Holmen, Wis- consin 1 Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Track 2,3 Cross-Country 2,3 LOIS N. HAAKONSON Estherville High School 1 Band 2,3 Orchestra 3 FHA 3 7 V A ni ,Q 4 ', 1 WILLIAM G. HILLESTAD VERN R. HOGAN Football "A" Squad 2,3 Football "B" Squad I Track I,2 Wrestling 2 Intramural l,2,3 Wig and Sig 3 MICHAEL A. HOHNADEL DONALD H. HOPPE Intramural 3 FFA l,2 GARY L. HORTON Basketball "B" Squad I Football "A" Squad I,2,3 Co-captain 3 Baseball l,3 Track 1,2 Wrestling 2 JEROME L. HOGANSON Football "B" Squad l,2,3 Cross-Country I Language Club l Gymnastics l,2,3 GEORGENE M. HOLLAND Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 School Play "The Gift of Tenyin" 2. KATHERINE J. HORN Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemble 3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Spud Staft 3 Cho-Kio Stal? 3 Wig and Sig 2,3 Thespian 2,3 School Plays "Gammer Gurton's Nee "Gift of Tenyin" 2 "Family Nobody Wante Declamation 2 Language Club l,2,3 FHA 2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Office Cadet 3 SHARON E. HORVICK Chorus 3 GAA I Pin Pan Club I FHA 2 Vice President 2 Student Council I dle" I d" 3 EDWARD B. HOHNADEL CRAIG J. JACOBS Chorus 2,3 Cross-Country 2 Intramural I Patrol I HARLEY M. C. HOWLAND Chorus 3 Chorus Ensemble 3 Band I Intramural I,2 Language Club 2 Patrol I,2 Radio Club I,2,3 CATHERINE S. JENTS Operetta 2 Orchestra I,2,3 Orchestra Ensemble I,2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Spud Stat? 3 Language Club I,2,3 Pep Club 2,3 MARVIN B. JOHNK Intramural 2,3 FFA I,2,3 CANDACE M. JOHNSON Pin Pan Club I Pep Club 2 MARCIA A. JACOBSON Class Oflicer I,2 Vice President I Secretary-Treasurer 2 Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Band I,2,3 Orchestra I Chorus Ensemble I,2,3 Band Ensemble I,2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Student Council 2 Wig and Sig 3 Language Club I,2,3 FHA 2,3 Pep Club 3 GERALD B. JOHANNESON St. .lohn's Preparatory Scho Language Club 2,3 REBECCA F. JOHNK Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus I DENNIS D. JOHNSON Chorus 3 Chorus Ensemble 3 Spud Staff 2 olI MARGERY A. JENSEN Orchestra I,2,3 Orchestra Ensemble I,2,3 FHA 2 MARLENE A. JORE Band l,2,3 Orchestra 3 Pep Band l,2,3 JACQUELINE R. JOHNSON Chorus 3 Chorus Ensemble 3 Band l,2 Pep Band 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus l Pep Club 2,3 Ski Club 2,3 GLENN B. JOHNSON Band l,2,3 Band Ensemble 2 Wig and Sig 3 School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Red Cross Council 2 CAROLYNN M. KRABBENHOFT Operetta 2 Band 3 Orchestra l,2,3 CHARLENE M. KROGEN Sophomore Girls Chorus l Cheerleading 2,3 School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Homecoming Attendant 3 FHA 3 Pep Club 2,3 Nurses Club 3 Ski Club 3 Oftice Cadet 3 GERALD D. JORDAHL Football "A" Squad 2,3 Football "B" Squad I Track l,2 Wrestling l,2 Intramural l,2 Language Club 2 NANCY E. KOTTE Sophomore Girls Chorus l GAA l,2,3 Cho-Kio Staff 3 Senior Editor 3 Spud Staff 3 Wig and Sig 3 School Plays "Gift of Tenyin" 2 "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Pin Pan Club I FHA 2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Red Cross Council 2 PHYLLIS M. KRABBENHOFT Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus l FHA 3 JOYCE A. KRONBECK Chorus 2,3 ELAINE M. KLUVER GAA l,2 Spud Staff 2 FHA 2 THEODORE R. LANE Track 1,2 Gymnastics l,2,3 M. ERICA LAMBACH Christelyk Lyceum, Haarlem Hol- land 1,2 GAA 3 Language Club 3 Ski Club 3 AFS Foreign Exchange RICHARD T. LARSON Football "B" Squad l Football "A" Squad 2,3 Basketball "B" Squad 1 Baseball 2 Intramural 2,3 Ski Club 3 JO ANN LETNES Chorus 3 President 3 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Homecoming Attendant 3 Language Club 1,2 Pep Club 2 MARGARET G. LEWIS GAA 2,3 Treasurer 3 Language Club 2 Pin Pan Club 1 Pep Club 2 Student 3. DAVID J. LAMSKI Operetta 2 Orchestra l,2,3 Orchestra Ensemble l,2,3 Wig and Sig l,2,3 Vice President 3 School Play "No Boys Allowed" 3 Language Club 2,3 Ski Club 3 GERALD R. LATHROP Basketball "A" Squad 2,3 Basketball "B" Squad 1 Football "A" Squad 2,3 Football "B Squad 1 Baseball 2,3 CORINNE L. KVAMME Cheerleading 1 GAA l,2,3 School Play "The Pampered Darling" 2 Homecoming Attendant 1,3 Pin Pan Club 1 FHA 2 Treasurer 2 Ski Club 3 SALLY A. LIAN FHA 2,3 Pep Club 2 KAREN I. LEVERSON Mapleton High School 1 Chorus 3 BRUCE C. LIBBY Language Club l,2,3 Science Club 1,3 Radio Club I,2,3 CHARLES R. LOWMAN Football "A Squad 3 Football "B" Squad 1,2 Intramural 1,2,3 Cho-Kio Staff 2 Spud Staff 2 RICHARD B. MacGREGOR Chorus 1,2,3 Operetta 1,2 Orchestra 1,2,3 Chorus Ensemble 2,3 National Honor Society 2,3 JANET L. MARTINSON Band 1,2,3 Orchestra 3 Band Ensemble 1,2 Language Club I,2,3 FHA 3 Pep Club 2 Nurses Club 3 RHODA L. MESSNER Chorus 2,3 Operetto 2 Chorus Ensemble 3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I FHA 3 Writers Club I lg I JUDITH K. LUND Band 1,2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Language Club l,2,3 FHA 3 Nurses Club 2 Pep Band I,2,3 SHARON R. MARCHAND Chorus 2 Operetta 2 GAA 3 JAMES N. MATTSON ELIZABETH R. MEYER Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Band 2,3 Band Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Spud Stal? 3 Language Club I,2,3 FHA 3 PATRICIA A. MARCHAND FHA 3 BETTY L. MIKKELSEN Orchestra I,2,3 Orchestra Ensemble I,2,3 Homecoming Attendant 2,3 FHA 2,3 4. EM, P, . ff. , 4? 7 SHEILA A. MICKELSON RONALD S. MILLS Chorus 2,3 Student Council 3 Treasurer 3 Girls State 2 Wig and Sig I,2,3 President 3 Thespian 2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Treasurer 2 National Honor ROBERT M. MONSON Class Officer l,2 President 1 Vice President 2 Bond I,2,3 Band Ensemble 1,2 Pep Band l,2,3 Orchestra l,2,3 Student Council 2,3 EUGENE S. NELSON Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Society 2,3 MYRNA C. MYHRE Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Nurses Club 2,3 JERRY A. NELSON Chorus I Operetta I Golf l,2,3 Intramural l,2,3 if RONALD W. MOLL Chorus l,2,3 Operetta 1,2 Football A Squad 2,3 Gymnastics l,2,3 HAZEL I. NYGAARD 1 Jo ANN Nonosmom GAA , i 0 Mclorene I'2'3 Pin Pon Club I Nurses Club 2,3 f J' gp .1 ff if 55' :W My f . .1 Miz- ? sf ' ff' 4 flaky- f J I an 'ff74,.vW , QCSY , Q A :WM , f . Q 1 if W 3515 YNFQ: K M 5 54' F W A Q 7 A 1 I 1 i ? 1 k an 5, YV , ' K -X, , . M . JP? Lf' A .f? "'f K 5? f 'f' "Q M ke '1 L4 gi 1' 4 '43 "Ni LOREN W PETERSON Band I 23 Language Club 2,3 Pep Band l,2,3 Ski Club 3 MARION A PETERSON Chorus 2 3 Band I 2 3 GAA l,2,3 "Family Nobody Wanted" FHA 2,3 President 3 Pep Club 2,3 Pep Band l,2,3 Ski Club 2,3 MARGARET A. RANHEIM Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Band I Chorus Ensemble 3 Sophomore Girls Chorusql Wig and Sig 3 Language Club 2,3 Secretary 3 FHA 2,3 Pep Club 3 ROBERT L. ROBINSON Intramural l,2,3 CAROLE J. ROSSUM Wahpeton High School I Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Wig and Sig 2,3 Thespian 2,3 School Plays "The Robe" l "Idols" 2 Declamation 1,2 Pin Pan Club I FHA 2,3 Pep Club 2 3 'Es ROLAND E PETERSON Football B Squad I2 Go l Wrestling 2 Intramural l,2,3 GERALD L. REGSTAD FFA 3 DAVID A. ROSENBERG Golf l,2,3 Intramural l,2,3 Ski Club l,2,3 Vice President 3 TIMOTHY R. RUDD Chorus 2,3 Operetta 2 Chorus Ensemble 2 Basketball "B" Squad I Football "A" Squad 2,3 Football "B" Squad I Golf 2,3 Intramural 2,3 Spud Stal? 2 Sy' BRUCE S. PHELPS Chorus l,2,3 Operetta l,2 Chorus Ensemble 3 "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 WAYNE D. SALISBURY Track I Cross'Country l,2 Stage Crew 3 School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" Science Club I Debate l Radior Club l THOMAS W. SAPA Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Football "B" Squad I Football "A" Squad l,2,3 Track l,2 Intramural 2 PATRICIA A. SCHULZ Library Club 2,3 Secretary 2 Pin Pan Club I FHA 2 Nurses Club 2,3 JON A. SEABERG Football "B" Squad I Golf I,2,3 Captain 2 Intramural l,2,3 FFA l,2 JOHN D. SALNESS Chorus 2 Operetto 2 Patrol l,2 WILLIAM W, SCHILI. Chorus 2,3 Operelta 2 Football "B" Squad l,2 Tennis 3 Intramural 2,3 MEREDITH E. SCHULTZ Hawley High School I Basketball "A" Squad 2,3 Football "A" Squad 2,3 Baseball 2 Golf 2 MARY E. SEIDENKRANZ Boulder Colorado High School 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Wig and Sig l,3 Thespian l,3 School Ploys "Grammer Gurton's Needle" I "On Borrowed Time" I "Elves and the Shoemaker" I "No Boys Allowed" 3 "Family Nobody Wanted" 3 Declamation l,2 Pep Club 3 BRUCE M. SANNES Minot High School I Golf 2,3 Intramural 2,3 Science Club 3 lv-IQ' Al LYLE E. SENSE Chorus 2 Football "A" Squad 2,3 Track 1,2 Wrestling 2,3 GERALD A. SETTER Class Officer 1,2 President 2 Vice President 3 ORLETHAMAE H. STRAND IRENE M. SWANSON Band 1,2,3 Band Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" Language Club 2,3 National Honor Society 2,3 JUDITH M. THORSON Sophomore Girls Chorus 1 Pin Pan Club 1 FHA 2,3 Pep Club 3 ROGER M. SKJARET Football "A" Squad 3 Intramural 1,2 Language Club 2,3 RONALD M. SUNDRUD West Fargo High School 1 GARRY L. THOMPSON Baseball 3 Intramural 2 3 Patrol 1 DONALD C. TILLISCH Basketball "B" Squad Football "A" Squad 2 Intramural 2,3 Ski Club 2,3 President 3 37 JAMES A. STEIN If Gu JOHN W, TOBOLT Basketball "B" Squad I Basketball "A" Squad 3 Intramural 2 FFA 2,3 4? LANA H. TREGLAWNY Spud Staff 2 Language Club 2 Pin Pan Club I HERMAN J. URBASHICH Track 2,3 Student Manager I Intramural I,2,3 JILL R. WALKER Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus I School Play "Family Nobody Wanted" Language Club 2,3 FHA 2,3 Pep Club 2,3 Band I Ofllce Cadet 3 SHARLOWE M. WELCH Chorus 2 Operetta 2 Band I,2,3 Band Ensemble 2 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Language Club 2,3 Pep Club 2 Pep Band 2,3 3 BEATRICE A. TWEITEN MARVIN E TWEITEN GAA 2,3 Basketball B Squad I Secretary 2,3 Baseball 2 3 Language Club 2 Trac I 2 Pin Pan Club I Crossfountry 2 FHA 2 Pep Club 2,3 SANDRA M. VOXLAND Language Club I,2,3 SHIRLEY A. WAMBOLT Operetta I,2 Band I,2,3 Orchestra I,2,3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I Pep Band I,2,3 Nurses Club 2,3 PATRICIA L. WELHAF Chorus 3 Sophomore Girls Chorus I GAA 2,3 Treasurer 2 Language Club I Pin Pan Club I FHA 3 Pep Club 2,3 MARY C. WIEDEMANN RONALD 0. WIGER CHARLES A. WOHLWEND Miss Harris Florida School for Girls Football "A" Squad 2,3 Basketball "B" Squad l l,2,3 Co-captain 3 Football "A" Squad 2,3 FHA 3 Football "B" Squad l Football "B" Squad l Wrestling l,2,3 Baseball 2,3 Intramural 1,2 Golf 1,3 Wrestling 2 Intramural 2,3 39 John Alln Shella Mnclcelson represented Moorhead In ST Paul Sheila was elected by her class mafes on The basis of her leadershlp IH school achvmes Learning The TundamenTals of gov ernmenT and The lmporTance of leadership In communnfy l1Te as The maxn purpose of Girls STaTe To promote good government by actual prachce IS The purpose of Boys STaTe held each year In ST Paul Each year The lunlor class elecTs Their represenTaTlves To This mock sTaTe whrch rs sponsored by The Amencan Legron Represenhng The Class of 58 was Jack Ann Sheila Mickelson ll . v High School aT Girls' Sfafe held each summer Q 40 Members chosen to the Natuonal Honor Socuety are ROW ONE left to rrght Sherla Muckelson lrene Swanson Louella Edwards Duck MacGregor Mary Serdenkranz Phyllrs Gll Beverley Croatt Jamce Dahl Nancy Cowan Anna Lundstrom Jocelyn Axdahl Marcua Jacobson Kathy Horn Jane Peterson Nancy Kotte Marlon Peterson Jean Chrrstenson ROW THREE Raymond Holden Tom Chrrstenson Rhoda Messner Sharon Horvlck Davld Eastman Karl Derlke Sharon Bcckstrom Jackie Johnson Robert Monson ROW FOUR Margaret Ranhelm Judy Lund Robert Jordahl and Jane Costaun Two year member Sherla Mickelson opens the ceremony Character scholarshlp leadershrp service these are the standards by whrch members are chosen for the Natronal Honor Socnety Thns year 33 students were rnstalled unto the organuzatuon at the May l4 ceremony Included In thus number are tour rumors who vvull be responsible for conducting next year s ceremony 41 ' , A , ' l , f ' , , ' 1 Gidmark. ROW TWO: Karen Counce, Elizabeth Meyer, Elaine Erickson, JOVTWSS Af1ClSFSOm, -lClCk Alifb Dflvid LC1mSki, Jerry ' I o ll H wwf-PQ1 F' Junror Class Officers are LEFT TO RIGHT Vrce Presrdent Dale Lamskr Secretary Treasurer Sandra Berger and President Tom Chrrstenson Mrs Marll n Lelseth 42 As we step across the threshold reaching for the outstretched torch of senlorrty we turn and pause for a moment It rs a moment of happy loy ous memorres Remember how proudly we went about our dutres as sophomores? Remember our sophomore dance? To us It seemed luke a heaven of our own makrng Remember the long hours spent on the :ts worth and the splrlt and fellowship garned will brnd us together to make many future successes Remember our rumor dance? The Banquet? The Prom? Remember? Of course and we wall never forget Wrthrn the walls of Moorhead Hugh which wrll too soon become our Alma Mater we are moldrng the lrves of tomorrow s cltrzens parents and leaders But too long we have paused for we must continue our tasks and accept the torch which the sensors of 58 extend to us May nts lrght rn our care burn brnghtly and light the path for others to follow K, l junior float? It was work, but the end result proved , . . l . , l . . . O O Q gf nr av 4.5. ,,w ,mx K, Q ,, ag i,S' ,pr 22 4 -, fi? wir'-A 1? .5 I., 3 ft Z' V is Mx iii' if U it 4 ,I , , ,K , , A A . 51'. nf 5,3 - Q 1, ,',-. , 5 . . M I mu? Y s Q M if my Q 5 at .av he S iv! at xt. fi' gg 4 ' Z , l 1 H I V fu M" C .Z . -W .-.gif '. we - ff ' ai. 'sf 5, if 4 A 327' I 5 if in ahh as 'Q 4 5, M is ww M f Q nfs? ., 4 'W ui x l - I A J, I B ,' 6' ' hs- ,Lf . .gfffi ' " " 3 ' ,.Q:.4.r ' -' A-r V A uf' . W-. f 4 Y Ne '- ng.- .Vt y V .4 e fav 3 Wi f, 1305? Q mfg' Q, .ix av 4' 'Q J, 'V ii' ,, Q? A Q? Z. nf .r v NN' ROBIDEAU, MARTHA ROBIN, GERALDINE ROBINSON, PATRICIA ROWAN, BARBARA RUPERT, CURTIS SAMUELSON, RONALD SATHER, BETH SAVRE, SHARON SCHRAMM, VICTOR SCHULTZ, DARRELL SCHULZ, LLOYD SEMLING, SANDRA SHIELDS, MARY SIGURDSON, KATHERINE SJOLANDER, HELEN SKAUGE, ROBERT SMITH, HOWARD SORBY, GLORIA SPATH, MARILYN STEVER, MARY SWENSON, JANICE SWENSON, VERNON SYRUP, MARLOW TAYLOR, BETTY WILLITS, DENNIS WILSON, MARLAN WILSON, RONALD TEIGEN, PATRICIA THOMPSON, CONSTANCE THOMPSON, LLOYD THOMPSON, RACHEL URICH, RONALD VERVALIN, BARBARA WAMBACH, CAROL WEISS, GERALD WEISS, JOANNE WELHAF, ROBERTA WHEELER, SHARON WICKS, MICHAEL , Q Av,,,,...l' fifi MQZQQ. ' urq..Q""' 5 .,,, ,, 'Ii' zu. 1 X gm mf is 'Jw f X Q 4'-4, A . K U .pk,,k. f. ' , "1 I 5. j ,jf A ' ' - f in x , 1 .aa ,WJ w'i,,vEQ, ' -...UI .ff in 'Sa " f ' Fi:-'f' agp, F fwn fvw , to .41 -- "' 0 ,-umm , .tiff u CU' 4 ., ,,. .,,,, , W f in if , A 41, 1 Q fy M J fi uf f ' my , ,wtf to These sophomore class officers were responsuble for leadung the Class of 60 through theur tlrst contacts with hugh school lufe They are LEFT TO RIGHT Vuce Presudent Karen Evenson Presudent Paul Horn and Secretary Treasurer Julue Brown Joan Graff We came unto hugh school wuth hands un capable of the many tasks awautung us but as we grew un Intellect our abulutues Increased and our of lufe The most Important Influence thus far un our hugh school lufe has been those teachers whose characters and opunuons we all have learned to respect Under these Influences and contact wuth varuous personalutues on our own age level the character of each student un the sophomore class has developed rapudly and us now much better equupped to handle sutuatuons whuch may aruse We are proud to be part of the herutage whuch now makes up Moorhead Hugh School and we hope that our hugh school years wull have a profound effect on us whuch wull make Moorhead Hugh School a bugger and better school for the future classes outlook broadened to take in many new aspects 48 'ET' 'Sd I 4' C kv: BROOKS, BROWN BROWN BROWN MARY JULIE LARRY , MARY BRUNELLE, CAROLE BRUNSVOLD, SHARON BURRILL, WENDY BURTON, DORIS BYE, SHARON BYLUND, SONYA CARNEY, JOHN CHRISTIANSEN, SIGURD CONNELLY, GRETCHEN DAHLOUIST, ESTHER DALLMANN, DELORES DANLEY. BARBARA DICK, VALERIE DOMMER, GERALD DONKERBROOK, THOMAS DuBORD, BONNIE EDENSTROM, KAREN EDWARDS, BARBARA ERICKSON, ELAINE ERICKSON, HAZEL -L ABBOTT, DENNIS ALBRECHT, MELVIN ALME, DAVID ANDERSON, ARDIS ANDERSON, DONALD ANDERSON, JANET ANDERSON, JEAN ANDERSON, JEANNINE ARNSETH, ROGER AXDAHL, JEAN BAHE, GWEN BEKKERUS, SHIRLEY BERND, PATRICIA BERTSCH, JAMES BIELFELDT, BARBARA BILLS, CONSTANCE BITTINGER, FREDERIC BJORGE, EILERT BOHMER, LINDA BONANDER, RICHARD BOND, JOEL BOSWELL, NANCY BRATLAND, BARBARA BRATLIE, ASTRID iw .guy 0 I K J 35 , J J af M S. 'gh 1 -1 ,wi , , v fmfff f . ay ' 4 J 4 'V Q .X ERICKSON, THOMAS EVENSON, KAY FIKE, DUANE FITZGERALD, PATRICIA FORBES, DONNA FORNESS, GERALD FRIDLUND, KAREN GABRIEL, ROSS GADE, SIDNEY GEE, NANCY GILBERTSON, JERALD GRABER, JUDY GRAVALIN, KAREN GROTTODDEN, MARY ANN GROSZ, ADELE HAAKONSON, MARLYS HAGEN, DUANE HAIGHT, DAVID HANSON HANSON HANSON, HANSON, GAYLON GLENNYS HILMAN LOWELL HARGRAVE, DAWN HAUG, LINDA-LOU s"A.rf I X' i. 12?- "1 KI ,, 5, E' I Q X x 'AI ck. ' 1 , A X x K 'fa 1: b qw LV -. ' - Q I L A WZMAQQ J' fy 1 f 115, 1 " 3 14? Q if ' rf' . . I' I I 'H my I . g si aim 3:45 W.. . - - X 1' f ,f if . -. qw, " ,Q W., P 3 HENNING, JEANNE HIGHNESS, EUGENE HINZ, JOHN HINZ, MARY HOLSEN, LINDA HOLTGREWE, SHARON HORN, PAUL HUGHES, JUDY JACOBS, CLARENCE JACOBSON, RONALD JEFFRIES, RICHARD JOHNK, CAROL JOHNK, GEORGIA JOHNK, NANCY JOHNSON, CECELIA JOHNSON, PHYLLIS JOHNSON, WILMA JUNTUNEN, JANETTE KAEDING, JUDITH KELLER, DIANE KENNEDY, LOUISE KENNEDY, ROBERT KERPER, DIANNA KIND, MARVIN If' A el A ,X f ,i I f AI , 4 -A I MALSTROM, JAMES MARCHAND, JOAN MARQUARI, JUDITH I MATSON, DAVID MATSON, ELAINE MATTSON, CHARLENE ' MIKKELSEN, ANN MILLER, RUSSELL MILLS, ARLENE MOHR, DENNIS MORK, DAVID MORRISON, HAROLD I J I ,-A, 'I 1 I f ' ,A -I L Xl Pk '76- xg, 'v . If If ev! I I '95 I 1, V9 KJELLAND, DONALD KLOVSTAD, NANCY KNAUF, WAYNE KOENIG, DORIS KOENIG. VICKIE KRAGNES, ORPHA KRAGNES, SANDRA KRINGLER, HARRY KRONBECK, SHIRLEY KRUGER, DONALD KVITTUM, GARY LARSON, BERNARD LARSON, CHARLEEN LARSON, DONALD LEE, GARY LEISETH, WALLACE LIND, RICHARD LINDAAS, DAVID LINDGREN, VERNA LITTLEFIELD, KENDALL MCCAWLEY, MAUREEN MCDONALD, JUDITH MCGREGOR, LOWELL MADSEN, JANET ,L 's 'Y I N ky I MORTENSON, RAMONA MUELLER, KAREN ,-5 VA MURRAY, JOHN "' 1 MYER, SHARON W 41 NELSON, ALLAN NELSON, CHERYL NELSON, KENNETH NELSON, NANCY NEWTON, GARY NICHOLS, GERALD f NOHR, DARRYL NULPH, GARY j ,MA wx -Q ' -1-vm 4 -ay 5 9 3 , 1 .5 ' I ,TI . ' WUI, If J- , , . A "S 'VN S' Q' . -vu L Q., - . I f 5 ,- S.. is ,Xi s vp 1 9 'N -q., OFFUTT, RONALD OBERG, ERNEST OLSON, CURTIS OLSON, DAVID OLSON, SHARLENE OLSTAD, JOANNE OVERBY, VERNON PEDERSON, DAVID PETERSON, CURTIS A. PETERSON, WILLAM PHELPS, DENNIS PITSENBARGER, GAIL PLUMMER, ETTA REED, ELLEN REGSTAD, JAMES REHDER, DENNIS RENSVOLD, SHIRLEY RESKI, JON RICHARDS, ALLAN RINDAL, MARILYN RISTREDT, LARRY ROBIDEAU, DEAN ROBINSON, ELIZABETH ROD, MADREAN gl: if N :IMF ,V 21? I X 2 I I A ,Q 5 if-"gf 1 3 ' . S T' hx .xI I-If 'S ROSENFELDT, DOUGLAS RUSNESS, DONALD SANDERS, SHERMAN SANNES, LORNA SCHULZ, ROBERT SCHULTZ, KAREN SCHWEDE, MADGE SHELLITO, KATHLEEN SHIEK, SHARON SIMISON, DIAN SKAUGE, ALLEN SMITH, PATRICIA SORENSON, MARION SPATH, MARSYL SPILLMAN, MARILYN STENERSON, JANET STEIN, DONNA STRAND, MILLICENT SUNDRUD, JEAN SYRUP, KAY SYVERSON, BONNIE TABATT, ARIDS TARBELL, WILLIAM TEIGEN, MICHAEL W f : f I' 3 ' ' , . I I I5 vi rrf, lrf., any 1 ! I I I I 4 V wg. ,L .-1 4: 4 ,,I , - , , I f I V A' J ,i V' . - lifff 1"'I I f Ik' In 'R -"ff TOBOLT, JUDITH TORGERSON, JON TWEETON, NORMA TWEITEN, JANICE TWILDAHL, CHARLENE UTKE, MARILYN WASSON, HOWARD WELCH, BARBARA WESTBERG, JOHN WESTLUND, BARBARA WESTRUM, PETER WIEDEMANN, BYRON WIGTIL, DENNIS WILSON, CALVIN WILSON, KAREN WILSON, LOIS WINTER, THOMAS YLVISAKER, KRISTI J 53 fy DL4PD S A 2 ,ffl J IN KJ J -Jxfl HO A., 1 x '01 4Tlv f fx' gifs. iq.-E-In 'Fwy NR S f T' Q ' - X g X. S X 4, XS 2 72-5 XS -E N ,nf ,Ziff N ff' t ,X R K5 MQ. fl fa' I A K fm X' XXXX XX Aa f z K f 'B I I x f f ' ! 1 ' - X Q f K jx sf N-Xb f 3 q E- V ' 3 ,A LJ! 1 , gWp X1 5 s ' H rx 1 3 .2 4: rf 'F Vi Z ' l m f . 1 uwWW f il 5' 1 1 f 'W gg f , :ll.xw. 1 5 V, Q AQ V We 2 . gf, by A 6 I 4 15 V' f fx ,V P c"' 'W' Jlgp- I A EXW 7 W1 I V X' 1 K It in X if Ig!! ' 5 1 A 'M I x x 'L F r Ill v , I I i 5 I J 'F D .i X' 1,15 .71 i ,X Q JQL7 2 Vw rj L if uf ' , gf iii f-,IA ,fV7Vx " A Q41 ,J E "1" 'L'-S i- yi X JN , .9 Q ,W M4 E Q J'57' QSQL: Xi A NX 8 , ,Nf-- " X-F f-- xxx -iiffffiirr xr, 'X A -7N44 Tf 'HH, 51 -Mfgsllf--. mx Q - Xxx X 'N-x.f"' :,., -T K- '5 f4X T N'w'4fv?Xx-3 ' ,, - ,xi f, si-,xjlti-45-S , F--V Q -.guyz xiii 'Isl' ' ff N X jixiiilf P' -.f,, V 1 Xiilx 'X X I gf' A Q " ' . Y 'ali , - 46 Xxx jjgx , 1 , E, , 4 TNG- - x Y ! 2 fNNx..,U - Q X... ,X ijxar , if 1 X , , r X 5 T K 3 X 1, - R ' 1 X mls J !5i!':T! - Z 5 Ji W fi? ,, ,--f 'Y' 4' 12 1 li 1 '1 ' ff, ' Q 9 W I, gV1.a1 uf U H2 . 1 i ai 1 i '1 HF v Wea j Q jr fs If ' X i Hr L X "X Q W -' . fd Q. If "f fl f E ,x-xx is Q 4 ,A ' ll -x 1 x f . ' f TJ f,2XX xW' , f KfSs Q lu I g -. x JUAXX LS " Q 'ANA' K ff .. .fgf Nxxwf X 4 SY F19 Queen Gayle Ill Homecoming is a gala affair combining excitement festnvity and hard work Preparation begins weeks before the event to welcome the homecoming alumni Many long and tiring but fun Hlled hours are spent decorating floats and preparing for the parade Excitement IS at its height when the queen is crowned IH all her regal splendor The football game cl: maxes the activities and draws hundreds of fans to cheer their team to victory Topping the galaxy of events is the dance following the game Next comes the dreaded 'ob of cleaning up but everyone contributes his share of work to successfully bring the event to its close for another year Attending Her Royal Highness are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Mikkelsen, Rachel Thompson, Betty Mikkelsen, JoAnn Letnes, Queen Gayle Hagen, Corinne Kvamme, Charlene Krogen, Elvina Brandvold and Julie Brown. 56 5?-1 iw? K' W ,I 320- i l- 3, 5 .,. f r nuff' gt .4 I wi if 54' -if L:""'f AAHIN. Av M-.u ww -fm ' W .awjgi I .M ,ww , is . f v 4 E 512 If Q2 ,A 4.02.2 1 5 W 'XV if Mg. 3 3 A ,J cg its Members of the cast are, ROW ONE, left to right: Beth Erickson, Marion Peterson, Nancy Kotte, Shelia Mickelson, Charlene Krogen, Jocelyn Gidmark. ROW TWO: Jill Walker, Jane Costain, Irene Swanson, Dave Eastman, Kathy Horn, Mary Seidenkranz. ROW THREE: Karl Deilke, Bruce Phelps, Bruce Johnson, Wayne Salisbury, Doug Gutaw. Bruce Johnson photographs the unusual, but willing family. 'W A minister, his wife and twelve adopted children of mixed ancestry -Nan, rich girl friend of the oldest son cannot understand his unusual family-this attracts much unwanted publicity to the family and adds to the humor of the three-act comedy "The Family Nobody Wanted." Director Bjarne Asp termed the senior class play a success. Members af the cast are, SEATED, lef1 to right: Sandra Forness, Dave Bossart, Suzanne Longtin, David Eastman, Kathy Horn. STANDING: Mike Wicks, Geraldine Nelson, Betty Lou Oftutt, Wayne Salisbury. "Red Velvet Goat" took district honors under the direction of Biarne Asp. It is a Spanish Saenete - a play within a play - and pictures the lower classes of Mexico lifted from everyday lite onto the stage. 'Q 'TU Excmng mystery C1 br? of the supernorurczl voces of The dead murder suxcrde The Opemng of o Doo The dlsophorrore cost rs Judy Tobolf Pou' Horn Rome OHM? Om' ton K yo r .nd K 1 Eve 61 ..l9 .35 L., ,ww 5 ' P f---+V! 5 .... -Q , 1 1 fzs-4 W P , It . E Q - ,S , S I , z 5 , ilu, V 'XX Junior ond seniors enjoy their L---fwe1otSf. Froncis de Soles School. "WeII. . .' Xl "- j, I I, are 3 E wifi ,ze e AXNQ r Ii r ' K A-1 Sophomore "goddesses" served the hungry upperclossmen. Junior C'o5s Presndenf Tom Cnristerson sfniles weorlfy os fhirgs progfess sorsfocrorlly. V' 1 "Duh, This dancing gers me downl" ln an aTmosphere of heaven The iuniors and seniors danced To The music of Paul Hanson aT The prom, The mosf excinng evenf oT The year. The cenrer of aTTracTion was The beauTiTul T5-TooT fountain. Various pasTel shades of cheese clofh enveloped The Ceiling and grille work and murals accenTed The walls, The juniors can be proud of Their eTTorTs, for if was a prom Thar will long be remembered. Hep cars minus shoes The dawn of True love? Sharon md V.c eine! Tliernsplves. .r-45,4333 : "ig, v as f 3 M 12 J' . ! 4, Pmmk A R .AN Ng! is sb- ,Al , if 'Q ' f " " O . .. .xl S ilu r f!!-' I l , I ,Muff I QW , 'ix , . 'IL , ' - 2:15-2:65 w .. x . H, 'ur 5, Q 2 . Jerold MW: ..,. , , , .V 'F I . gig? rife' Holen gives FFA ers their awards. K' 5,2 ,,'. We 'X 4 14, yr, - ,N if 15,5 Ili. if , ,gg gi fig! I, f I Q' ' 5 X5 if ' if + , Q r,,,....,..........- DJ GSK' 'N c N. 45 'MUN P.. tg X J fx km Ah "' ,, ,fgg l 'A """::...'-' 13- '1 Kvbv Xa i.3J"g,'x - -. l Elgilre.-uc i' Vi QC ' 1 ,vs , M xt' , ' b xx ' X? 5. 6 R 4 fxx Xb Z I -7 4 A X 4 , li pl 3 2 1. I 1 X sr , b ' -.I M -'G x if 5 'law-ix fit' N-5-S 1 I' X, V- x ' I Ki:-, f ,I ' -' 'S Xb N ft' z J 'XXX 'li AM ' ' ? ' w. "f.l'7F?If,.-,L b I., , if MY! Q , f -A mwqj .- 5 , ' 1 3 ', 1 I, ' xl f lx. 5 Wg' W k lvl' 2 2? .. ., ,WYE , ps . ,,i,, ' , "OH . Q, U 'T 4 N 1' f H 3 I I A 3 ,ask .1 "QT R "Rf 'I , I I-is 1 f . 'uw ,HT "fi, Q X 3" ' M J fi-' . , f ' .lE...'-Z1j- ' Win 'L I Y ,, ll ,Q I - . - , , : I 4. A i A, Q ' 1 ' ? Q QW 'V ' ' 'W " A 11, . -4. .mx ji I K 1 I s ' t Q' H, NYU i l A A H g la ,':,, if I ' Y f-1-,-- 1' A I Aff fy ' 1 ' ' , ' I F- 'V 5 Q. ' .X 'Iles ' V. -TH ... S , A - t - -1 N.. " f :Rf , 3 " ' ' 4-+.f+11 ,ig Nursing and Sewing Group fain, Kalhy Sigurdson, Sandy Opheim. ler, Nancy Boswell, Sharon Scvre, Marion Peterson, Charlene Twildcihl and Adviser Josephine Huber. 70 Child Care Group FHA officers are, SEATED, left To righiz Margaret Ranheim, Kathy Horn, Jane Cos- STANDING: Jane? Hendrickson, Diane Kel- Candlemakers The purpose of The FuTure Hornemakers of America is To provide a good foundation for which To build The fuTure This is achieved by means of Thorough and exfensive Training in class and Through many exfra curricular C1CllviTleS Under The supervision of Mrs Josephine diFferenT groups cooking sewing candlernalc ing calendar nursing and child care Leaders were chosen for each of The groups A birTh day calendar wiTh The birThdays of all The sTudenTs in The school was compiled by The calendar group Several of The girls also helped aT The Children s Village in Fargo Calendar Group Cooking Group l Huber, adviser, The girls were divided inTo six 71 ROW ONE, Ieft to right: 'lom Erickson, Jerald Holen, Richard Deilke, Jerry Spiesz, Allan Richards. ROW TWO: David Lindaas, Marvin Johnk, Ernie Oberg, Kenneth Holen, Robert Hunt, Clayton Boulton, Ronald Harvala, Howard Smith. ROW THREE: William Mikkelson, Roger Brakke, .lohn Tompt, Curtis Olson, Frederick Habiger, Darryl Nohr, Bruce Ellingson. ROW FOUR: James Regstad, Gordon Nyquist, Ronald Oftutt, Wallace Krabbenhoft, Pcul Olich, Clayton Grimley, Roger Kemmer, Gerald Regstad. The aim of the Future Farmers of America is to encourage all young men interested in going into the field of agri- culture. There are a variety of activities that these boys participate in, and among these are exhibiting their projects at various places, and also learning how to iudge such things as crops and dairy products. l Members of the crop iudging team are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Erick- son, Kenneth Holen, Frederick Habiger, and Bob Hunt. president, Jerald Holen, president, and Richard Deilke, secre- tary. STANDING, left to right: Leo Maattala, adviser, Paul Olich, reporter, Clayton Boulton, sentinel, and Kenneth Holen, treasure. Participating in dairy iudging are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gerald Regstad. Richard Deilke, Jerald Holen, Jerry Spiesz, and Ronald Harvala. FFA officers are, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Lindaas, vice- ROW ONE left to right Myrna Myhre Loss Olson Bumpy Slolander Judy Mlttag ROW TWO Joan Beaton Sylvia Hvldsten Marilyn Cole Joanne Klelland Barbara Danlels Charlene Krogen Barbara Gade Janice Klnd ROW THREE Dons Bellke Karen Horn Jackle Benson Elvlna Brandvold Janice Swenson Jackie Poels Linda Ledeboer ROW FOUR Gerry Robrn JoAnn Pnppnnger Pat Schulz Luv Christiansen Shxrley Wam bolt Karen Hoxeng Mary Bradford and Karen Counce the Future Nurses Club IS well on nts way to make fine nurses and doctors out of nts members Besides helping with poluo cllnlcs the gurls have made various other trlps wuth Mrs James advlser One of these traps was a tour of the State Mental Hospital at Fergus Falls Nurses Club officers standung around Mrs Gene James adviser are LEFT TO RIGHT Sylvia Hvudsten Karen Hox Future M D plays nurse eng Karen Counce Pat Schulz and Bumpy Sgolonder 73 l l With a goal before them like that of Florence Nightengale, if Debaters are ROW ONE left to nght Elanne Axdahl Mary Stever Helen Slolander Sherrnll Jacotel Ranata Gndmark ROW TWO Ross Gabrlel James Mary makes her point Malstrom Krlstn Ylvnsaker Davld Eastman Larry Olson ROW THREE Robert Erickson James Anderson Richard Flom Vlc Schramm Thus years debate toplc Resolved That direct US economnc and should be limited to technucal as slstance and dlsaster relaef wos argued with fervent enthusiasm by MHS debaters The varsnty team debated at Hamlnne nn tru state competutnon at Concordia and at Gustavus Adolphus Snnce most of the debaters are sophomores or tumors next years more expernenced squad promnses a hnghly successful season Elalne Axdahl and Mary Stever lnvestlgate the meaning of puz zlnng term Vac Schramm and Dave Eastman prepare thenr case for the next debate Shown here are Jlm Anderson Adviser Marlys Benson and Bob Ernckson 74 l l 1 , 5 , , , , . I , . 1 I 1 V 3 I I 1 - , , . H l . 1 I . . . ,, . 1 I . 1 . . , . . 1 I f . SANDRA BERGER ROW ONE, left to right: Jim Hornbacher, Dave Bossart, Bruce Phelps, Dave Lam- ski, Dave Eastman. ROW TWO: Karen Houkum, Kathy Horn, Karen Edenstrom, DAVID EASTMAN Jean Axdahl, Jocelyn Gidmark, Ann Lindstram. ROW THREE: Louella Edwards, Sandra Berger, Elaine Axdahl, Sheila Mickelson, Ranata Gidmark, Mary Seiden- kranz, Pat Schulz and Geraldine Nelson. Pantomime, extemporaneous speaking, manuscript reading, serious and humorous interpretation and a discussion group are just a few of the cate- gories which make up the various divisions of declamation. Eleven students advanced to the region contest under the guidance and help of teachers from the various English departments, and headed by Biarne Asp, speech adviser. ELAINE AXDAHL JAMES HORNBACHER Mary Seidenkranz, Shelia Mickelson and Kathy Horn all advanced to region competition for excellence in extemporaneous manuscript reading. ROW ONE, left to right: Janice Dahl, Jocelyn Gidmark, Helen Siolander, Nancy Cowan, Gerry Robin, Mary Seidenkranz, Karen Olson, Jean Axdahl, Ann Lindstrom. ROW TWO: Gayle Hagen, Nancy Kotte, Diane DeJong, Sheila Mickelson, Elaine Axdahl, Ranata Gidmark, Marilyn Utke, Judy Kaeding, Karen Edenstrom, Ellen Reed. ROW THREE: Louella Edwards, Beth Erickson, Sharon Backstrom, Judy Endahl, Maragaret Ran- heim, Jane Costain, Jane Peterson, Marcia Jacobson, Kathy Horn, Sue Longtin, Mary Bradford, ROW FOUR: Dick Bergeson, Karl Deilke, Jim Hornbacher, Dave Bossart, Glen Johnson, David Lamski, Vern Hogan, Bob Erickson, Dave Eastman. Dressing up in some of the oddest concoctions ever seen by anyone, bowing low before fellow classmates and pushing pennies down the hall on your hands and knees with a pen- cil in your mouth are all special activities thought up for Wig and Sig initiates by those members who have already been put through their paces a year or two before. To be eligible tor membership in the school dramatic society, one must have participated in some form ot drama - such as serving on committees or actually appearing in the plays themselves. T Smiling for the camera are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Biarne Asp, adviser, Sheila Mickelson, Nancy Cowan and Dave Lamski, Wig and Sig officers. To become a member of the MHS Thes plan troupe one must have quallfled through an earned poant system Points are collected by servnng on varnous play commtttees act mg an the actual productlons or servlng as student dlrector or buslness manager A four star Thespuan as the hrghest attannable honor To be ellgvble for thus ellte group one must have 50 or more pounts ROW ONE left to rlght Janice Dahl Nancy Cowan Nancy Kotte Elaine Axdahl Mary Bradford Jocelyn Gndmark Helen Slolander ROW TWO Mary Setdenkranz Shelna Mtckelson David Eastman Karl Delllce Kathy Dcvud Bassart Davnd Lamsku Wayne Salusbury Beth Ernckson and Duane Delang Mary Sendenkranz attained the rank of four star Thespnan wtth a record number of points Tom Bacon adgusts the stage lnghts Busy at work preparmg a set are LEFT TO RIGHT Wayne Salusbury Davnd Eastman Rtchard Denlke and Michael Wicks Wnthout members of the stage crew ever on the rob many of the audltoruums and lyceums held at MHS could never be put on These boys flx mtcro phones that everyone had guven up hope on pamt flats set up the stage keep the lughts goung and pull the curtauns Long hours are sometames spent gettmng a play set lust rnght, but the boys are always sattshed when they see the final results nn a well recieved destgn Horn, Suzanne Longtin. ROW THREE: Louella Edwards, Sharon Baclcstrom, ROW ONE left to right .lulle Brown Sheila Mickelson Karen Kelhng Phyllls Gill Mary Gotta Bev Croatt ROW TWO Erxca Lambach Mrchael Holland Dave Bossart Mary Brown Karl Dellke Mary Bradford ROW THREE Pat Ford Tom Chrnstenson Slgurd Christiansen .lnm Anderson Slap Horn Bob Erlckson and Bob Monson Because of the Student Councnl better under standxng IS promoted from students to teachers Through thus student governing body problems that might ordxnarlly lead to conflicting Ideas are worked out senslbly with faculty and student body side by sr e Under the supervrsuon of Albert Bartz adviser some prolects undertaken and completed by the Councll Include two scholarships Student Government Day a clothrng drive for the poor and needy chll dren of Amerrca and Europe and Dress Up Day The less pleasant sude of Student Councnl as shown here as Bob Erickson Bob Monson and Karl Denlke clean the 9059096 CC'nf"0mfl'19 mllk mmfhlne The srnnlmg officers are LEFT TO RIGHT Phyllis Gull .lmm Ander son Shenla Mnckelson Mary Bradford and advnser Albert Bartz 78 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 ' 5 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 1 1 1 1 I - 1 1 I 1 I - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ANDREE DE VLEESCHOUWER 56 MARIA ERICA LAMBACH KLAUS VOGT 56 Rxcky our 57 58 forergn exchange student halls from Holland Her friendly personalnty has enabled her to make many friends rn her short vnsut here In nts thnrd year of orgamzatnon at Moorhead Hugh the Amerncan Fleld Service through nts forengn exchange student program has given the students of MHS a new outlook on what students from other countries are llke JENNIFER LYNCH Aa- 1 For the first fume last summer Moorhead sent a representotuve from DAVID REM-LY 57 MHS to Europe an the person of Nancy Cowan Nancy IS shown here wlth Bertha Rustvold Moorhead s AFS advuser. The German Members The Latln Members Enloymg movres of foreign countrles and customs lrstemng to speakers from Europe and the Mnddle East maxed by the annual sprung banquet are all a part of belongmg to Language Club headed by Josepha Rodenberg advuser Students who have vnsrted forengn countrles have also related thenr many and varned experrences to the club The Spanish Members tell about their homelands at monthly meetings, cli- Adviser Josephc: Rodenberg puts on her bes smile for the Cho Kuo photographer Officers are SEATED left to nghf Lourne Doly Jnm Anderson Mcrgcmref Ronhenm STANDING Jnm Foster Kay Dell Erickson Jack Alun x-'Jlmh 'K CY' 81 I A f L f Q X , , 4 I ' f ' 1 . f ' V 1 A" A . 1 , 1' ' x'TQfGf, mx I f A A ull ' W ' V . A , ,M-ff' , - - W X , Lid ' .A ' 7 ELA f, j 5 V 'ev V , '. A , ,fsvf If 54. , A V , , ft, A ' 4' A , f f 'f . V A ' - W , . ,t . 5 W - ' , 5' 7- - x- K ' . 1 . 9" K Y J, ,A . , 1' , y A , A . W f f Science Club projects are becoming ROW ONE, left to right: Kent Evenson, Jack Alin Sherrill Jacotel, Vic Schramm, Dick Flom. ROW TWO Karl Deilke, Larry Olson, Tom Christensen, Jerry Jor- dahl, Bob Erickson, Larry Eastlund, Darrell Bymoen Lyle Ellingson and Marcus Borg. 1 broader each year. Included in this year's meetings was a discussion on evolution, with each member preparing something to be used during the debate. A large percentage of club member- ship is made up of biology, chemistry and physics students. ROW ONE, left to right: Harley Howland, Kent Evenson, Ron Johnson. ROW TWO: Tom Ludemann, Mike Holland, Bob Monson and Bruce Libby. Otticers of the club examine an experiment. They are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Alin, Dick Flom and Tom Christensen. Those students in MHS interested in electronics are members of the Radio Club. Taking apart radios to find out just how and why they work, or operating "ham" radio sets are just two of the proj- ects undertaken by these boys, Adviser Walter Schwede looks on as Kent Evenson demonstrates his cavity magnetron. 82 Thanks to the members of Pep Club school spzrlt was strong during the sports seasons at Moorhead Hugh The variety of posters strewn through the halls lust before Important sporting events helped awaken the school spurnt you ll Hnd the boys on the school pa trol always ready to help you get across the street durung the rush to and from school A banquet as guven nn thenr honor each May where well deserved rec ognntuon as gnven them for theur work t , Rain or shine, winter or summer, , , - The commnttee In charge of planmng the program SEATED left to rrght Sheula Mlckelson Nancy Kotte Kathy Horn STANDING Adviser Blarne Asp David Eastman and Karl Dellke Almost every year somethlng new springs up at MHS and 1958 was no exceptuon It was then that some zndustruous Wag and Slg members started a studentwrntten radno program over KVOX called Spud Spotlnght Although nt ns sponsored by Wng and Sag partuclpants are not llmnted to members of that club Dave Eastman ts shown reporting the sports while Kathy Horn Chuck Wohlwend and Erlca Lambach look on SEATER left to rxght Joyce Buhaug Barbara Rowan Karen Houkum Shnrley Bekkerus Janet Hershey STANDING Vonme Bakken Judy Ordlng Conrne Bulls Pat Schulz Dnanna Kerper and Geraldune Brown Jobs tedious but ones that have to be done are performed by the gtrls who belong to Ltbrary Club The gurls work an hour each day ID the library 84 Shown wtth advtser Muldred Green are om cers Karen Houkum Gerry Brown and Barb Rowan To those students who have shown superior efforts In the field of gournalusm membership In Qulll and Scroll the International lournallstlc honor socrety ns achieved To qualify for membership one must be either a lumor or semor be In the upper one thnrd of has class and have done outstandmg work on the Spud or Cho Kuo staffs They must also be approved by the executlve secretary Students chosen thus year are LEFT TO RIGHT Louella Edwards Bev Croatt Barbara Rowan Gayle Hagen Shenla Mnckelson Mary Stever Kathy Horn Linda Boswell Beth Errckson and .lack Alun 85 l Won t ut fit Cathy? Linda Kathy and Phyllus busuly type to meet theur deadlune SHE went to the lubrary canventuonl ,IS Do you luke to stay un school tull mudnught when you have a socual test the next day? Do you luke to cut gal leys tull you re blue un the face? Or how about tryung to fit a tlve unch wrap story unto a three unch column? Sounds hard doesnt ut but uf you re a member of the Spud staff you wouldnt have traded one exasperatung munute of ut Nr Layung-out Spud pages brungs out muxed emotuons Advuser O R Wulluamson remunds students that theur Forum storues are due 86 Coach Gotta wrlllngly gives an nntervlew to lnqulrlng Saud Stalters Staff members begun the tedious task of wrltlng headlines x Vlew of the lab about lO p m Wednesday night Edltors proudly display thexr edntlons l Llz Cathy and Barb examine the style of other school papers Here they all are The one down un front ns .lack Alun Others are ROW ONE left to rlght Barbara Rowan Luz Meyer Joyce Cederberg Beth Erickson Nancy Kotte Llnda Boswell Kathy Horn Gayle Hagen and Paul Opslcar ROW TWO Barbara Ver valnn Phyllns Anderson Bev Croatt and Cathy Jents l 'f , Y , 7, .Ln ti -'-al.. :2'fl.Ql'yEBLh?- :L If - l I, Whrch IS befier Be?h7 'WN 0 ML YM, ,N ,... ., 'fl If f of :nf , fl , ' J Lou Edwards and Bev Croal! headed the 58 Cho Klo Its not so easy as :T looks The yearbook doesnt lust fall Together by Itself Hours of fume and preparafnon are needed To make The knnd of Cho Kuo you want A notfoo experienced staff under Lou and Bev vvlfh Willy at The head after months of plannnng sweating and old fashioned work have flnnshed The 58 Cho Kuo A mlnule of res? for a busy guy Jamce Dahl lays out c page CUTVIS Hahn art msrucror exammes a page of Rlchad Plerces dlvlsnon page arf work 88 C ' , W, Q x .5 , HZ ww' 9 W "1" , MW , it ' X 1'-:gf ' X ' Q Q? f, A A ff Q 2 r gf fy Q3 I 4 3 A '5-. 9 .. ,, 11+ W v lf 5 'F ,M 1 Y 6 ,K r q fm, '72 If Y ,fi M k fwsfl 1 'N 'v . ' gli' N at fr R .' - ff-2' QQ FY-. - ' STL . f i 4 n -'Y K 1 ' L5 J' X Ji I is it Q f ,S-. ,Hi 'rf Q w , Q' X 5, X4 ,J Vg: Af D ii ' t lf 'Q I5 - . Zh.. U g .aff E 4 'Q H f if , iq, 4 3f..,z3 R T ,A 1' 9 fa gig v f 'L K xx if " .if 5 5': if F 'J I 1 'U X "" 1 5 : ,Qi 4 if ,F Y !"v M :Z I 2 Eta 'fu I 1 s'f"Mf"- 41. an Q ' , 5 X Q .3 2 , 5 , IJ g .X Ifwf .ml ROW ONE, left to right: Jocelyn Gidmark, Rachel Thompson, Karen Olson, Gail Chelstrom, Rhoda Messner, Marcia Jacobson, Jane Costain, Anita Lofthammer, Karen Hoxeng, Kay Dell Erickson, Sandy Opheim, Lois Martin, Marion Peterson, Nancy Cowan. ROW TWO: Sandra Forness, Patty Robinson, Kathy Horn, Shirley Olsgaard, Janice Swenson, Jackie Johnson, Liv Christlarsen, Sharon Backstrom, Manager Ranheim, Judy Endahl, Ranata Gidmark, Sheila Mickelson, Gayle Hagen, Beth Sather, Helen Siolander. ROW THREE: J igff? ' J i I l . , J J , 1 ' f i DIRECTOR VERNON OPHElM Heading the chorus' activites ta' the year are these ollicersz Nancy Cowan, Dick MacGrego', Marcia Haight, Bal: Erickson, Beth Sather, Richard Pierce and Karen Hoxeng, 94 Y I 8 9 x"Zf'! . 'lgf' K wr .Vi .fr 1 6 5? 'ff 'Q wr v ' ,R V v " iii 12 5 Q V V ff 3:5 " V Qi' an "' V 1' x.x g. ", Nj 1 'v uf- Y' 4.6 . s f u Q -Q ' v V Y, 1 i' f-r 'ff 'FQ SJ, 5 'E 5' 'f U j 'E 1 Y Y 9 ' V v f 5 'EK 1 ,, ' Y 15 BQ 91 wa? rn 5 7' fix I 1 1 Q YP: XA N4 -4' 'f dr t 0 V fv ay 'Wm if Second hour chorus members are ROW ONE left to rlght Susan Anderson Joyce Buhaug Judy Ende Judy Chrlstuansen Carol Peterson Georqene Holland Sharon Horvtck Jeanne Barnhart Rebecca Johnk Dtane DeJong Martha Robldeau Judy Cztc hotzkt Patrucna Klppes Mary Gooselaw Janet Hendrtckson ROW TWO Judy Ordung Kathryn Kletnfelder Jackue Benson Orpha Olson Frances Oberg Arltss Buth Sharon Schlottman Karen Houlcum Nancy Carlson Joyce Kronbeck Patrtcxa Johnson Irene Claypool Gall Gtlge Constance Thompson Morulyn Cole ROW THREE Karen Leverson Nancy Oldenburg Karen Counce Mary Bradford Gaul Connelly Barbara Etde Patrtcla Welhaf Kathy Stgurdson Sharon Wheeler Shtrley Ertckson Roberta Welhaf Renee Larson Judy Berquam Sandra Johnson and Jacqueltne Poes Comprts ng the Sophomce Grls Cho us are ROW ONE left Rtnda Charlene Larson Sho or Meyer Nlarlys Haakonson Dlane Keller Janet Stenerson Ka en Wtlson Shtrley Bekkerus Astrd B atlue Charlene Twtldahl ROW TWO Barbara Bratlund Eta Plummer Elatne Ertckson Jearv' Henntrg Mary Brooks Bonme Syyerson Ka en Ededst om Madge Schwede Donna Stern Ann 96 Mkkelsen Shrrey Hangaard Gall Petsenbarger Patrtcta Bernd Mary Arr' G ottodden Julte B own Karen Evenson Kathy Shelltto Sanda Kagnes Verna Lmdgren Judy Kaed ng Krtstt Ylvnsaker Mary Bown Sonya Bylund Dorus B ton Corme Btlls e Reed Beth Rob rson and Shtrley Kronbeck , , ' , , l - ' I r E ' r , , f ' l ' , ' ' , to right: Adele Grosz, Marlon Sorenson, Karen Leonard, Marilyn Wilma Johnson, Orpha Kragnes. ROW THREE: Judy McDonald, ' I 7 , V . r , F ' , ' . : , t r , , ' ur , . ' ' , Ell n I' sm Q yy P A x V, 5' '-iii . f , f - Q 1 U r M ie., K W V J - c ff", V WN' 8 ,, Q' 'Y ROW ONE, left to right: Janice Swenson, Lois Haakonson, Judy Ording, Astrid Bratlie, Mary Brooks, Marilyn Cole, Jean Axdahl, Kristi Ylvisaker, Wilma Johnson, Marcia Jacobson. ROW TWO: Phyllis Gill, Janet Martinson, Marion Peterson, Karen Counce, Kathleen Jones, Janet Stenerson, Patricia Fitzgerald, Carol Johnk, Marilyn Rindahl, Madrean Rod, Ruth Halte, David Smith, Irene Swanson, Elizabeth Meyer, Lois Olson. ROW THREE: Patricia Brady, Joyce Buhaug, Marlys Haakonson, Barbara Welch, Judy Graber, Janet Anderson, Rachel Thompson, Elaine Axdahl, Charleen Larson, Verna Lindgren, Louella Edwards, Sharon DIRECTOR LAUREN BUSLEE Maiorettes are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Beaton, Bette Laske, JoAnn Nordstrom, Charlotte Peterson, Donna Christian, Joan Beaton, Gayle Hagen. 98 W s 1 I U I .X Z if L if H W 4: 712 M. Q Qu W an 1' ' ff 1 a Rafi N . 0 ff X r 23,51 1 , A4 122 . qfjfkx M, fi if Q X W5 X X ff 4 I lf! 1 55' I, gl M, ful' ,N Q X XX! X gJ!'f'4b f f f y5"52' -A, W ff Q Z ff Q ff My f . 1 If f fff X fy X j MZ 4 ff! JI? 4! , J ff 5? ,M ff 14 f' 'S' .fr fff-- s Q? lg!--v 2 ff,,, g"'e-viz., x xvhfwf f f EQ 4 ! V' fy? . ff"r if , 'li f ' ' X ' ' 1 gl ' f , urs: 3 . 1' 4 , , Y nh: 'I f , , . ' f ,f f,f5f'f '2xi??'r21' ff , fl U , , H, ,xlff ,ji I WY' gal' I l f f ff, ff I A',Qff,'ff J' , . f f, f fA,, f I 1 .-,1 , 1 fy? 4 r ,ff 11, X ,,, I Y '54 , if f 4 r 1 5 "ff . V ,fff,7',jf"",ff J-1 . g M77 X , 1 f ' , f f -4 f X if Qi A Q Y 1' :- f Q' , ,, ,ff ,, t 1 ff ' 7 ,f ,fg .1 1 p 'A . ,- fiffiff I 'V " 1 ov' f k l Y ' f',f," 4' 'ff " ' Jlff E 1 .f , fy Q X Xjfl ff , , ,,f K4 l if -- ,I I, fi, , XV, 7, , I' ,fifflff . 5' ,I 'V A Q y " f'Q!'f,,f' . 4' X f U , 0 4651 X 1 1 Af f f 'I S f I. ' f ' " A f '. fb V I . -f' ' . I f Q 4 f 1- 1 ,lf D If , f , 4, . 4 7 A X ? E- "Lf 'l 4 ' i f 1I""' - ' I o -- f 1 X 1 X rv 5 'Q .,.,. -, .. I N I V, ' , . ' 1, A ,A,, '71 I h I '.. 5 X I U , xiii, --- l 1:14 ar, .ix Q X L xx. L' 1ff.?. . ,,,,:. ' b , , V , '- W ' wH,jj", X , --5'-"':t,.,,,,f--E""?-57f"f'T"' '71 . f TL-f-f-1-f f , O.-, 3.4:--'1 -I Y W V . X I ..-Q , l " 'r Vuvs- 1 Q 1 -.- , -. - -, --N' 1 - - g N ,, ,,.. ,. .. Y uv- M W 2 ...ii-ff 1 L,g , Y ' X, . lT'..ii:Zi':" M' NN f- a lyvl.-,-Q 'iii "f--- .- H 14 I i-ii1f1i""' Z"""'::' X ' 'dn ROW ONE, left to right: Bill Murray, Dave Johnson, Buddy Carney, Charles Van Raden, Gerald Folstrom, Jerry Lathrop, Chuck Wohlwend, Jim Foster, Chuck Lowman, Stan Stevenson, Jerry Lovell, Wayne Knauf, Don Bacon, Meredith Schultz. ROW TWO: Coach Jirn Gotta, David Olson, Tim Rudd, Daryl Ernery, Lorny Johnson, Terry Cossette, Lyle Sense, Vern Hagan, Gary Horton, Torn Sapa, Jerry Jordahl, Curt Rupert, 102 1 E- Clayton Boulton. ROW THREE: Assistant Coach Dan Grohnke, Ron Oflutt, Dennis Rehder, Bernie Larson, Sig Christiansen, Bob Kruse, Vic Schramm, Gary Nulph, Roger Skiaret, Paul Horn, Ron Wiger, Dick Larson, Gary Anthony, Gary Bjerlce, John Carney, Make Holland, Jerry Nichols, Assistant Coach Shoclcy Strand, Student Manager Billy Eagle. Cl JERRY LATHROP DAVE JOHNSON MEREDITH SCHULTZ GERALD FOLSTROM DICK LARSON . Al. f TOM CARNEY DON BACON TOM SAPA LORNY JOHNSON LYLE SENSE K CO-CA PTA I N GARY HORTON JERRY JORDAHL CHUCK WOHLWEND , .g. . TIM RUDD TERRY COSSETTE CO-CAPTAIN RON WIGER 1. CHUCK LOWMAN ,-a. ROGER SKJARET WAYNE KNAUF JIM FOSTER DARYL EMERY ,gl 2 Z sg. . 4 If 'Y-4' I ' x A 4 , I 4, x VERN HOGAN RON MOM 105 RON OFFUTT L 4 Q. 5 if af I 3, if 2 Z 'lun ,, "A" squad basketball members are, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave Johnson, Meredith Schultz, Stan Stevenson, Jerry Fizzerl Lathrop, Jerry Lovell, Bob Burud, John Tobolt, Buddy Carney, Marv Fjeldseth, Dale Lomski, Lornie Johnson, Jack Alin and Coach Shocky Strand. Co-captains Meredith Schultz and Marv Fjeldseth accept the District 23 runner-up trophy from Superintendent Justin Swenson. MOORHEAD OPPONENTS 50 56 ...... Shanley ........ 34 62 49 ...... Bismark . . . . . 43 69 63 ...... Wheaton . . . . . 56 68 36 ...... Pelican . . . . 30 43 58 ...... Brainerd .... . . 75 5l Sl ...... Alexandria ..... 66 68 71 ...... Breckenridge .... 59 58 55 ...... Fargo .......... 49 77 64 ...... Detroit Lakes .... 53 66 68 ...... Bemidji ......... 66 One of the most successful basketball seasons for the Spuds in recent years ended in defeat in the District 23 tournament after a season of regular play with just six losses, and three of those by tive or less points. Victories over Bemidji and Bismark loom large in the. picture, and the blot of the final defeat by Fergus Falls darkened the scene. But after all the second-guessing is over and the people look back on the season, they see a team with a great spirit, a great ability and great potential for the future. Wheaton . . . . . 59 Hawley . . . . . 49 Fergus ..... . . . 60 Alexandria ..... 56 Fergus ......... 45 Breckenridge .... 6l Crookston ...... 48 Fargo ......... 59 Detroit Lakes ,... 49 Thief River ...... 57 W 5 , X , X , min: IRM!! fm' W W Wwnx www 'N' Af- ' fxifw v""'- fe" Af .J H TV5' 725 ivgfa m .Qglx ' x K . A . si . 1 .,. - . ' f . 'Qi . ' N, S , X ,MQ X ' in x-Wm f. Q . ,. - S 'i , ", 'inks ' weft? Q , g I, gy fb 1- , ,f -M A ,tr A 2 f Ju 1 MQ 9 I'x'5"' at W f ' 5 f , 1 15r 2 1 7 oi V g A , ,gf , sm' 5 N ,.f , ,. O' Q.-1 'J' n 'Yi 35 jf 5 F 3, J I Q 3. f-P ROW ONE left to rxght Ron Gensler Harris Shelluto Howard Gensler Ron Baker Larry Chrustle Loren Booth ROW TWO Coach Wullard Plerce Bud Brown Ran Wager James Foster Ron Oflutt Gary Nulph and Sng Chrrstnansen Thls year marked the most success Co captanns Ron Baker and Jam Foster accept the D struct 23 trophy from tournament manager Bnll Hansen 110 head Spuds, wrth a fine overall season record clumaxed by a Dlstrnct 23 title Sportsmanshlp and strong competmve spirit were bug factors ID The Teams successes ful in the last few years for the Moor- . . . . , Assistant Coach Dan Ghronke Coach Willard Pierce ROW ONE Ieff to right John Monson Wayne Knauf Gary Nulph Barry Eastman Davxd Haughf Don Oas Ted Lane Ron Baker Dav1d Larknn ROW TWO Clarence Jacobs Lyle Elllng son Jerry Dommer Curt Ruper? Jerry Jordahl Bob Burud 1 HURDLES Larry Bnfflnger Ron Johnson Dave Wlrfh ROW THREE Jerry Lovell Clarence Berg Dale Larnskl Buddy Carney Lorny John son Jack Alln Don Kruger and Larry Brown BROAD JUMP 4 HIGH Q JUMP , .2 , , -', , I. I A M J M S I A .. 0 'I. 1 . 'L L' 1. JERRY DOMMER-High Jump X 3 v YW al- E. BOB BURUD-High Hurdles - is... LORNY JCHNSON-DlSCUS WAYNE KNAUF-SIG CHRISTIANSEN-Mile Relay Again the Moorhead High track team proved their ability in the track and field events as they hauled in another huge col- lection of trophies and were defeated only twice, once in the state indoor meet and the state meet. Dale Lamski was the outstanding per- former for the Spuds as the lithe iunior usually came up with four first places in each meet he entered. He qualified for the state meet, where he scored all of Moorhead's points. Another feather in the Spud cap is Dave Wirth, the iunior miler, who qualified for the state meet, while the mile relay team anchored by Captain Jack Alin along with Clarence Berg, Wayne Knauf and Sig Christiansen also rnacle the big trip to the state. CLARENCE BERG-JACK ALIN-Mile Relay 4 f M-wav, s..4nn nn , 1 BOB BURUD-Pole Vault BUDDY CARNEY-Shot Put I 13 DAVE WIRTH-Mile ROW ONE, left to right: Jerry Lovell, John Carney, Dick Berge- Terry Cassette, Jerry Hoganson, Coach Nolting. ROW THREE: SOD Bob Hunt, John Galvin, Gary Newton, Student Manager Bernie Larson, Dick Larson, Buddy Carney, Lorny Johnson, Ronald Bill Eagle. ROW TWO: Don Bacon, Dave Johnson, Jerry Lathrop, OHUTT, and Lynn Peterson. OPPONENTS Ada ..... West Fargo West Fargo Detroit Lakes Hawley ....... Alexandria . Fergus Falls Fergus Falls Dilworth . . . Fergus Falls MSCHS . . . MHS . 7 .20 . I9 . lO . lO iO . 7 . 4 . 8 . 3 .lo The MHS baseball team, under the new coaching rein of Vern Nolting, im- proved throughout the season and came in with a very respectable record. Starting out with a squad which could boast experience in all positions except on the mound, the Spuds finally dug out some pitchers from somewhere and managed to win far more games than they lost. Gnmmel x 2 1 Rough and iumble Jumpl Wrnmrg vecrr' hecd d by Te ry Co We 5 KNEELING leff to YI hi Ercksor- Roger Ska f N.1pH Ve ron r :xmu odvser 115 U - 1, , 1, H H E, ' , 5 "fe"'b'e" f see, I , 'g z Gary Niebe'gc", Dave Rcserbvg, Ccsseve, Cfuck Lowwcn, ROW TWO: Tom E , I 'et GG" -I , ond r Sferoler, I fr rc! I . ,fi ,ix W, W Wm gk as mwnng H . N.: :yn As . . 0,53 ,U N A HB K rf ,K , ,MM ,W Members of The fenms team squmrmg agamsf The sun for their picture are LEFT TO RIGHT Davld Olson S1g Chrnshansen Bull Schull Dave Eastman and Gerald Sandness fkfwln if f-eve he Membe 5 of th MHS gal TO RIGHT M F d 117 :W A Team cheerleaders are LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Chrlsfnansen Roberto Wel haf Mary Lou Halmrasr Sharon Savre Phyllls Gull an'l Charlene Krogen CHUCKIE 58 PHYLLIS 58 Sophomore cheerleaders are TOP TO BOTTOM Bonme Syverson Julie Brown and Karen Leonard MARY LOU 58 JUDY 59 118 BOBBIE 59 SHARON 59 Officers of Yhe GAA are CLOCK WISE Myrva Clemens Beatrice Twenten Karen Counce Peggy Lewns ROW ONE lef1 fo nghf Maxrne Fredrick Gayle Hagen Barbara Rowan Ad B I H k d Th Marlon Peterson Karen Gravalm Theresa Kllsdonk Kafhern Merrill Janice VISEF SVC! Y IC S CH EFBSO Kllsdonk Kmd ROW TWO Sharon Marchand Beafrnce Twelfen Cormne Kvcmme Sharon Kosslck Nancy Koffe Erica Lambach Janice Twelfen Cheryl Nelson ROW THREE Shirley Olsgaard Karen Counce Myrva Clemens Peggy Lewls Pai Welhaf Mary Hmz Gerry Nelson and Jullanne Sullivan Members of the glrls fumbling Team are ROW ONE left fo rnghf Marsyl Spafh Julianne Sullivan Theresa Knlsdonk Kafhern Merrill ROW TWO Karen Gravalln Janlce Kxnd Maxine Fredrick, Gretchen Connelly and Dawn Hargrove 119 l l . 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . , . . I . . 1 1 ' 1 1 ROW ONE left to rnght Tom Sapa Clarence Berg Bob Burud Lyle Sense Ron Wlger Ronne Moll Gerald Folstrom Jack Alm ROW TWO Meredrth Schultz Terry Cossette Dave Eastman Jerry Lovell Karl Dellke Ron Baker Barry Eastman ROW THREE Larry Chrlstle Boyce Brown James Foster Ronald Offutt Sng Chrrsttansen Jerry Hoganson Ron Johnson Dave Johnson Clayton Boulton Daryl Emey Ted Lane Howard Gensler ROW FOUR Gary Horton Stanley Stevenson Jerry Jordahl Tlm Rudd Lamskl Buddy Carney Jlm Anderson and Jerry Lath op Any resemblence to the Mlcky Mouse Club glrls'P Student Councnl Pes dent Jm Anderson admtres the tophles won throughout the year along wth tack star Dale Lamslcl and Coach Shocky Strand 120 Loren Booth, Chuck Wohlwend, Vern Hogan, Scott Anderson, Roger Skiaret, Lornie Johnson, Dick Larson, John Toloolt, Dave Don Bacon was the first student to recetve the Butch Tharaldson Memorial The trophy rs awarded xn hono at the former MHS athlete to the football player who uses the sup eme effort to brrng aut hrs best playmg abllnty and team sprrut The Kenneth Hoffman Memorlal was awarded this year to Jack Alun The recrpnent must have partucr pated IH athletlcs and have shown scholasttc lead ershlp as well Jack was a member of the basketball and crassfountry squads and captaln of the track team He rs also a member of the Natrona! Honor Soctety and was Ml-iSs Bays State delegate To Ron Bake went the Robert S Peterson Memorual for l958 Ron demorst ated hs worth ness of thls award nh th ee spots w e rg tack and c country He was cacapan of the westlrng ard crosscourtry teams tn hs e yea and was a supreme exampe ot team p t rd tl'e wrll to wm L 4 ' . D I , . 5 ' f 1 . O N I t v ' P ' T . . E E R S O N 121 ll A I - 'N?lZ, 3fr K s 43 Z- X, 'v E X is 1 1 A 499 ' L 1- A , , ,. h fx , QQQ gh' 1 i 21 V if I. M33 A VL , A 5 5 . if if gg EEE, Y I 'QQ N -LA 54' , X 4 HW? 5 N. is 2 5 Q. sf 'WY A A 'tx b ' X f ri' 7 , -x,hx , 3.4 , A .ww ,, R in , 7 1.3 f""" a If 65 1 I x ,I H5 J 1 P' -.- f... N x 'X 1 .xg 5 ASU' Q Q 2 r,. QM. er- H ,v-y,,,x.u 15, x Km 'Wg . QZVMQA vw' 6 , 6 .f . -Q df .ix A is 'S . VA. ,.1 X, 2 I 1 -,4 1 -9- Us animal ' 'E JT.,,.,., yllll i Ai' I sa uunslg 1' , ,, ,J 14211 PK 7 5-if J f 5-Ei fa 'Q A' .Ah ,' 0, V :hh-7 E, '. X YEL fo A :th V . .- Ml f ', 22:55 5 , . I E Q K J" , vf E VM' PSV' 17' 3 'E ? A 'G P1 1. 'I ' "' Jig-Q -. A QM, 5 'wiv' ,A fi,,,, mg- f az: v - ' .ur-T' 1' .IPs 'X' 1 5'5" 3 7 '4 V ' 'S ig ' "' SUR I ' X M " -A ' viii' ,. ' I F: -5. ' 1L:jl,l,, I t MT. amkklj A ' IH ll Hn H .fl " -T 7- - 51- 7 4, W la' D 'S Thxs year four students were deslgnated as valedlctorxans Sharmg top honors are LEFT TO RIGHT Irene Swanson Robert Erlckson Louella Edwards and Sheila Mnckelson The ranklng of saIutatoruan was gwen to three students of the Class of '58 They are LEFT TO RIGHT Jean Chrnstenson, Jane Peterson, and Beverley Croatt 126 ,A A S'i. ', ww 2 : I! -' f ' ' r'r1f:?t""y A ' fr ff H ,. 'sikfw A 4 - I - Qtr -Et ja u 41 ,, ,Qs I - W . 'rf V Q 1 I i I ' I V r . : 'Q 'A f tg, - P. A sm' - W1 f' . , : ! I I I I - 'L T ' C 5 .4 L - 3 1 , I '51 .sv 1-Ulnil MV' 'V 'V Q W . IN' Y X' J gl gf S 'QL' w J 551 5 SJ., xi 1 Q 1 'N' , , -' '. iA E ' fd 351 ,sl ffl fb J 51 3' I Ll E N59 gil Q? vi N11 'ffl b f 31955. -ml 5 W 'W 49? " Q Q ,PP wp- Q50 'mi T, 'sir l Q .v if T' ,Av ' ' iii!!! X ff as T3 'L 1 Charles Puckering, prseident ot the Ling Manufacturing Com- pany, presented the graduating address to the Class of 258. He stressed that since we have now become more mature, we will have to make decisions of our own. The world is ours only it we apply ourselves to the best ot our ability. We now ovve the vvorld a living, 'it does not ovve us one. Four strong points to remember throughout lite are: ill knowledge, vve have not learned all there is to know, 421 freedom, we must keep our country and ourselves free, l3i we must work, and work hard to accomplish what vve desire, and C41 love, vve must have love and respect tor our- selves and others. It is upto us to determine what kind of lives we want to lead. C, A. l-lalmrast, member ot the Board ot Education, accepted the class memorial, a donation to the AFS, and Henry Schroeder, president ot the Board of Education, presented the diplomas to the graduating class. ex! -- ! awgg 1 mr, I' sz, 6' jg V 'silk 'E fl I hmm 4, 47, w ' 4 A ' ' I D , 'ff L ' ,Z ' 'Q' , ,A -. W' ,rw arf-. as TQX . Ig I ir I' 2 l I :E '." , . LV.: B 1 L 4 , K 0 2' , ' N 5 G5 fi l Q Q Q 94, . X lava 1 f fi' ffm k Class of 25322 Zigiigizigiziiigiiii 23232 2222232 warms: apmssmmfmm 1lmn , 1mnnz annum :mzmnm 9MMf'2M1mWQQmHflQMH'H?l!QKl 9 hail 1 ,gl ,QA -Q -4 -ffl up if? V Amd E 3 nl' 4-2 f - Y! TL - 5 I 9,-f'xl.i f f:?i'JH gf ij 51 5 35 'YI 3,1 "' 4-H A' i gy . fn ' -U ' Lf A P 1' E? W '4 E I H E Ig ? jj -15 LT 15.135 '1d,..i'1 ,ff . 5,5 ad I QV 1 S 1 ,., 3 .1 'elif-f Q s J .gl 'Q' 9 Vim? Qi ily gl 'wi' 9 J tsl W . f g 1 , X 4 g !!jt'!p.x,lllM 'gill a L I Q 3 958 In If ia 'Q f 3.3231 2903650 f gfmg J, W si Z5JgQ5I.4.'. Sygnitg 'MW Hilti' vm Q-an-5 mvamxsfllftilt frwlwn 95 bl ,W HQ mirtv VW ? H I S Q . I v ,, .. v f. I , , 1' . ,' -sf 1 -, 'Y nr Q' 'IQ Y' ig Q 1, 4 I I I :'.I I I I I I ?I I 'gl 'QI "QI '. I I I' I",Ix 1' I ,IS J ' al " bl 3' 2 W'-I EI I 2 3 i , M 3:1 I, li I ?.'i7I I -'I g-I .Vx J g gil 13 x I 'V 53 5 Df .il 1 I1 I 1 ' I ' I rg " E fl I if sn el al 2 J' sl 5 lf "" I ' K . 1'1"I QI J ,121 6,1 4151 .JI J 6 'QI 'if' 'IGI 41 -J' -S' gr 2' Q vfig 45,-8 Q I I I I A Isl MII ag. 56 A I if 'fl Nuneteen hundred fifty eught A year to remember Thus was the year the Roarung Twentues came re roarung unto vuew The sack look we had been laughung at for years un our mother s photo album was suddenly guven the nod by Parusuan desugners and made the leap across the Atlantuc to the show wundows of New York and soon the classrooms of Moorhead Hugh Beth bravely puoneered un the flrst school worn chemuse one cold wunter day but by Easter tume there was scarcely a shape left undraped A natural to accompany the chemuse were the T strap shoes all heel suzes styles and colors Agaun the well dressed school gurl bore amazung resemblance to her mother s hugh school days The casual but not sloppy Shetland sweater reappeared after twenty years of mothballs Well receuved by both male and female fashuon seekers the comfortable crew necks teamed wuth pleated plauds or cords for the boys proved a welcome boon to class room wardrobes The newly unaugurated Dress Code outlawed slacks for gurls In the classroom and returned belts to boys levus But pants of all lengths slacks toreadors, knuckers and Bermudas were stull the atture at football and basketball games Wuth slacks out of the pucture gurls turned to grandma socks These warm knee length stockungs were welcomed by health minded mothers heckled by boys, but stull turned up un multutudes of black brughtly colored or argyle versuons Whule on the subuect of wearung apparel one can hardly forget Setter un hus sun glasses whute Jamaucas and sandals can one? Thus was also the year the Edsel was born But whule the Ford motors were creatung theur dream car motor enthusuasts at Moorhead Hugh were workung on theur own Car clubs mushroomed un suze and number and customs were number one on the lust Natuon and world wuse, the year of T957 T958 was also one to remember Perhaps not to cherush but one we'll not soon forget As 730 plus students crowded unto Moorhead Senuor Hugh last September all was not so peaceful down South where Negro and whute students become classmates for the first tume un publuc school hustory Luttle Rock became a durty word hurled world wade by communust agutators aumung at the shortcomungs of our democracy But as we bowed our heads un shame many com munutues peacefully untegrated theur publuc schools takung one more bug step toward true democratuc freedom On December 6 l957 Ameruca awoke wuth a start The natuon over whom we had oruded ourselves un beung technologucally and undustrually superuor went down un hustory on that day as the first people to launch an earth satellute The successful launchung of out own scutellute Explorer by the Army Juputer C rocket several weeks later helped to ushuon the shock but the Russuan sputnuk contunued to reap hugh propaganda rewards as ut encurcled our troubled globe As the Algeruan French drspute further entangled utself and the news of South Ameru can rocks hurled at Vuce Presudent Nuxon reached our ears a few teenagers turned off the rock n roll forgot cars and partues uust long enouth to THlNK On the home front weather was the bug news story After the tornado that rupped through the Fargo Moorhead area un June Mother Nature pulled more trtcks from up her sleeve For the hrst tume un over suxty years Munnesotans mussed theur Whute Chrust mas and sku resorts nearly went out of busuness - ,, . . H . , . . . , . T I ' - r . . , , - 1 1 I . , - 1 1 T u . . , . . ' 1 1 ' - - 11 11 , . ' 1 1 I ' I . 1 ' 1 - . . - 1 V - . . . , . 1 1 . ,, . ,, , . . . . . I . . , ' . . . . . . . 1 1 1 - , . . , . - K' 1 1 , . . I . ' 1 . . . . . . H - - - 1 11 - ' LookIng back now thIs was Indeed a year to remember Another top news story was born as the army gaIned a prIvate and ElvIs lost hIs sIdeburrs But before lecmng cIvIlIan lIfe he had tame to turn out a few more mIllIon dollar records IncludIng Dont RIckIe Nelson rocketed from TV to recorclmg artIst fame wIth hIs versIon of lm VValkIn Remember? And shakIn Jerry Lee LCWIS dId DIS best to out do ElvIs at hIs own game For confused cannlbals the DJ s spInned the hauntmg tune Ooh eee ooh ah ah followed by the One eyed one ho ned flyIng purple people cater ln the more peaceful ballad and blues corner velvet throated Johnny MathIs sang hIs way to stardom wIth Chances Are Bu Rock n Roll stIll reIgned wIth even Nat KIng Cole IoInIrIg forces The Everly brothers pIcked up guItars and sang hIt after hIt Wake up LIttle SUSIE D eam and many otncrs Annette became every boys dream gIrl as tne MIckey Mouse Club gaIned fans among our mature sophIs c It d male pOpUlClflOU SprIng meant the first rooIn flowers school skIppers and of course the re openIng of the WhI e Spot Everyone wlth a car motorcycle r bIke usually made It out for a ham burger malt and the musIcal atmosphere UntIl the renewal of another buslness enterprIs on hIghway 75 FrIday or Saturday nIghts usually found MHS s many couples vaewrng a VNOVI9 at one of our downtown estab lIshments The movIe based on the novel Peyton Place kIcked up guIt a storm as dld the paper back carefully smuggled INTO study halls Marlon Brando slIpped Into a soothIng southern drawl to woo hIs Japanese sweet heart In Sayonara provIdIng splendId entertamm nt amIdst beaut ful scenery Oscar wmnrng Alec GUIDSSS deserved the awa d for hIs portrayal of the captured BrItIsh ofhcer IH the war torn story The Brldge on the RIver KWOI a te-rrIflc pIcture And remember Pat Boone s ngmg and even af'tIng has way tnrough th delIghtful enter tcIInIng AprIl Love Yes l958 was the year The year that the water towers were paInted that awful aqua to replace the art work pf6VlOUSly dIsplafed Tne year that on M mys e Iously appeared on the Fargo Hngh landscape Lambach The year that MHS wen cn the aIr Remember tournaments? Gt ls came home wIth SUITCCISES hlled wItn sack dresses and shoes boys camo home b oke and everyon ca Ie n me In ne d of a good nIghts sleep CAT least we came hornell R member the proIects and mImeograpI ct novels Issued In room 2079 An how about tae S I ty for tne Pre cn on of Domg Anytnmg Constructwe that congrega d daIly pI fsIcs lab carr n n ectua co r s n ence on blackboa rn Q rnII I as the c ass ta los everythIng'? AYCJ fo ern rnrer'9 Tr t was T958 , . . . II , I, . I - I - - - H 1 A lu - I - - ' ' I ' ' ll ll I I, F . X II ' -J , - I , , r I I - . - - ff 11 . 1 - I - I , I , , ,, , ,, I I I I . . . - , ll ' 4 II ll V ll l I I I , I ' I I . I II I II I I , A ti c e ' . . I . . , I I I t- - .T g I I O . . A I U . . . . D I . V I . , . I I . , . . Q I ' l I V I , . ' Il ll ' ' ' ' Q ' ' , e I . ' D I X' F . 1 . I , ,, I I .,, , . I I - , I . . I y I Q , - , I I u - u . I ,, I ,, , . X ' If ll . I X . 1 A 11 If A, V- A ' The year that Holland came to the USA, via Moorhead l-lJgh's lovable Ricky , 11 - 11 I l . A .V . . V I I 5 c r , ' e rr lo ' e ' ' I C A 5 - gray ff ll - , - Id If lt ace 'V II'-tI I ' " ' e We In the 'II n' , ' yII.g on I tell, fl f eepo cle. the rd? And 'eme leer the T. I orfal words of class ad.Qser Stetoleng "This ' I l ' tl t t ' ll ' r I r - e 'se I 'a I , 7 :QQ qi W 335 llillll' - M we N 3. 4 if E ffl 1 5' MW . Vw Q 4 .. Wi Qffw' A Q' U if .QQ x lww us. 4, ,gal 1 , . 3 ,E Sy, ff is f 1 4, ff :rf A -V, 5. Aw, 'CH -4 . g3e 5 22 -f 'FI 'W 532' F ., 4' 1,351 if x f W fn ui naw vs , 6' ,,,' v I---Q, K ,U J. .. Q. s,- fa ' 2 gt , 3,. J" ' 4 ,! f, 1, .4 , nu 'Z xt .1 F? 'F' nmgi ,, .I K. . . ' i 7 Q ,iff V. fs ' ' 94 , . QA, 1 Y w. 1 5 A H 1 H 4 teal' 'f W A iii I' in-. ,,,.,. 990 'Aff R '1 fp. Q7 ,gn AJ 'F 42' V J, QQ, ,fb 1 ,im 'J :fx f 1 ,HH ii I 1 4 fr i 'Y L3 an . mf? 11 5 - ' W1 Q N Q f gf AQ ,itm ,, Xa ' ' N f 'S-'gn 3 af ,il L 1 li .1 4vm'x 1 14 W Uwfg, 'Q A' "NX Z W2 ff Muna-Mi One doesnT lusT casually accepT The uob oT The Cho Kuo eduTorshup You are warned ThaT many long hours of plannung and hard work go unTo The makung ofa book such as The Cho uo and ThaT your whole senuor year us buulT around The book All of The responsubuluTy Tor producTuon falls on The eduTors an uT us our 'ob To see ThaT The oTher sTaT'T members receuve an carry ouT Theur assugnmenTs Thus us noT easy someTumes wuTh The numerous conTlucTung acTuvuTues around The school Much of The necessary work would have been almosT um possuble uT uT werenT for The help of some of The sTaFT mem bers Nancy KoTTe Mary STever and KrusTu Ylvusaker dud a commendable uob as The class eduTors The unusual arT work on The duvusuon pages us The work of Ruchard Puerce wuTh The leTTerung and supervusuon by CurTus Hahn arT unsTrucTor CounTung money and checkung receupT books us a Teduous uob whuch was capably handled by KaThy Horn busuness manager The secTuon eduTors were responsuble Tor wruTung The copy conTauned un Theur secTuons We would luke To Thank BeTh Eruck son Tor The greaT amounT of help she gave us un The acTuvuTues secTuon The wullungness of HughlughTs Edufor Lunda Boswell and FaculTy EduTor Phyllus Anderson helped lughTen The load un These secTuons The phoTographers are noT To be TorgoTTen euTher Jack Alun and Dave EasTman were on The uob ThroughouT The year Physucal danger was Ignored as boy burd man EasTman hung from The raTTers of The uunuor hugh gym un order To geT unusual baskeTbaII acTuon shoTs AdduTuonal Thanks go To sTafT assusTanTs Januce Dahl and Gayle Hagen The clever memorues page us The work of Sheula Muckelson WuThouT The many long hours puT un by our advuser Mr Wulluamson Thus book would noT be a reaIuTy In adduTuon To much supervusuon Wully spends many long hours un The phoTo lap lThe Black Hole of CalcuTTa To Those on The sTaTTl Our phoTographer Grosz STuduo has been a Tremendous help To us They have cooperaTed wuTh us un The Takung and re Takung of many pucTures plus The suzung of Them accordung To our needs The makung of Thus book has noT been easy buT combune The work of all These people The resulT your 1958 Cho Kuo We hope uT s whaT you want 1 :wwvfw" ' 1 3 l TT: I Q' , T T Jryk , . . . . . . . , . . K. I . . . . . and iTs problems. ' ' . . .. . . . . ,, . ,, I - . . . , . . I . . I U I l I I ' . , . . . . . . . . u H ll I . 1 . ' 1 I 1 , - . . I . . . . . . . . , 136

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