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 - Class of 1948

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Text from Pages 1 - 98 of the 1948 volume:

1 X HV? .. SJW.. L X b F.. , ng, W- 1.-lj U 1-.,I imp: M ,eswgwt M'-'fsigv ,rf-mmm ,ff ,,x. G., A 'A X u au , , 1 I , lg . :na p' ' 111 O , w , 1 N K r o I . s Tl-1E 12948 5trWIUI-95 PRESENT TI-IE QEVIELLJ Q FTNCDCDf?EVll...l.II INCH SCI-IOCDI. Mooafvnms, Mlssassupw FC cf X 4 . ,H ? Fly, A - .--ffx ,.- ltr! .J fx-gf If LANX- Lx xSf,Q3: ffxa JK'- ,CZX E fx-Q 124 QM 1 1 , K - MXL-GR Vffgg L. L., I I Q X - . Q., f X if -" J! ' X ' f X'5xf-f'vN ' , -.1 ,- ati A-K6 :LLJXXE 25 1. 'K 8'-f Q4 "wk 'X' I ' " "" iz-11' -'- ------ lj: J :::d3'., 1 x-. We, the Senior Class of 1948, dedicate this our first Year Book to you, Mrs. Long, as a token of our appreciation for the patience and Sympathetic under- standing you have shown us dur- ing our days at Mooreville. You have given us so much ofyour time and help, and your own personality. Itis with sincerest thanks and best wishes that we leave you. f FO ff K 'T ffl 'X-fwfxgl , x 4 v- ff VA lk -f jiwiff E 1 ff ,f E X ff X A i I A , K W!! C , MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT BODY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GYMNASIUM Constructed by W.P.A. Labor in 1941-42 Built by Patrons of Community in 1938-39 , , . 5 x . , . fi ti E vas' Q ' Q I ' .Q fm-Hs yr- wlwmswnammevmww W M -.,. rx- sa - www vfzb-,,. ma Q . W v . kr.-...vw I Q, ' I I L5 -Q -P111-'P VW-'N' is-via' IWW M -a- , w A' 'ff , Q- W h Q 5 A 'tl F in 1 . KE' .Q 42 .. - 1. lv Tl - W 1 , I dm ' . -- A 'T 1' , - L . ,, ' , I M. ,V V . 5. " .Q .Z '- N 1' KS' 1 , fn MW LF A mm O ' - '7:"'WQg..gvff ,if. in ' A- Xxx A . I I . , I . ,. A. , .,,,,,m A ,GMM ,S H., . vw MW- jp K M VV A .I . W- ww,-y 5, ---Z, ,sung syvb .gr-.Q , ' 7 Q, I .. 'W ,M ' I I g,g""e - ima. bf -f .- -i -f . V4 .,-in ,K an 'L A wk, A , X, "-14-.hav -W KW V9.8 W V .fs K N, ,,m . I .91 7 ,aff 4 -' - K, , an HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Constructed by N. Y. A. Labor in 1940-4 AGRICULTURE BUILDING Built by Bond haue and Completed b Agriculture Students in 1946-47-48. HOME ECONOMICS BUILDING 7 Remodeled from Old Teacherage in 1944 5lIHlU if-f- - if-1 14- fef L 5 1.. -rg-j -9 1' A. R Q, ur 1 i 15' "'-9' if W l df 4 f, N "HHH E . X X fe: I X Siiwfs ,N ff' .1 if J, ff 4' r I X Q w 'f ,v- Y 3 if 5953329 K- i?'5.i'11' ' na 515 1 jf 2.31: s- :'21333'ff3'3ff5'f'?"5' . . if K !!! . , rl ,ff ' If ffl' 7 FACULTY First Row: Mrs. Pickens, Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Curnmings, Miss Martin and Mrs. Gray. Second row: Miss Reese, Mrs. Elliott, Mrs. Bean Mrs. Wiygul, and Mrs. Collins. Third row: Mrs. Long, and Mrs Westmoreland. Fourth row: Mr. Whiteside, Mrs. Seavey, Mrs. Bean and Mr. Vaughan. 'I '- ' .-1 aff? 5 'x XX E 'X Ski: Xiu 'KIRK 1 ,nv ,5 4' A 78 HP f-IW I '4 " fl A F I ,lx ' ' x Z gk K in .l,..'155fj:2'Q.g,:?! " :' W 'Qu' ' M- 4 , , w - UL PQ 1, x -' r Z A 17 V CLARENCE WESTMORELAND "They love him most for the enernies he has made." JUANITA MCKINNEY "lt is not enough todo good: one must do it the right way." LORA MURPHY "It matters not how long we live, but how." K WLPM '54-.. ! I ERCELLE WITT "What I can't see, I never will believe in! " W, 1 ., ROBERT MORGAN "I never like being hit without striking back." DANNIE LEE RAPER "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." CLARENCE GRIFFIN "Nobody's enemy but his own." yur' REBA JO MONAGHAN ELSIE GRIFFIN "Life is my college. May "A mind equal to any I graduate well, and earn undertaking that she puts some honors," lt along side of." ERNEST SMITH "Life is not so short but there is always time for courtesy." lf BETTY JOHNSON " When you smile, smiles with you. ' ' the wor ld BOBBY TAYLOR "I'll take my fun where I find it." MONA HALLMARK "By the work. one knows the Workman." JAMES CAYSON EARL GRIMES "Let every person mind his f "I ask not for a larger own business." garden, but for finer seeds." X DOROTHY GUNTER MARY LOU SMITH "Full of sweet indiffer- "1'11 find 3 way, gr make ence." it! " ROBERT HIPPS The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do." CLIWSS HISTCDTQEJ For many years now, we've been looking forward to the time when our class would be making history--the history of Mooreville School. We all have eagen joyful anticipation of the futurq,and yet, we look back sadly and fondly to our school days. The majority of us started to school in 1935. We have four members--Dorothy Gunter, Dannie Lee Raper, Clarence Westmoreland, and James Marvin Cayson--in our class at present who started to school at Hooreville. The beginners' teacher was Miss Pauline Mattox. Mrs. Baker was the first grade teacher, and Mrs. Ethel Lindley taught the second grade. During these and the following years, other members of the present senior class moved into this school. Mrs Tennis Elliott taught the third grade when we were there. She was a favorite teacher of all of us. In 1958, we became fourth graders, and we were instructed by Hrs. Aaron Morgan. We had the pleasure of being one of the first classes to be in the new school building. This building is now the high school building. When we were in the fifth grade, we accomplished lots under the leadership of Miss Catherine Farris. A new member of the staff, Mrs. Julia Cbiffin, was our teacher in the sixth grade. She later became our history teacher in the seventh grade. The next two years, our seventh and eighth grade years in school, we were in the study hall, and had different teachers for each subject. In 1943 and '44, our freshman year in high school, we all felt that we must have been at our height of learning, but that thought d1dn't last long. We started out that year with 22 in our class. A few dropped out, and we also gained a few new members. We learned the routine that all freshman classes must learn--being in the background,and having last choice of things. Brother Abernathy was our sponsor that year. The next year found us on the second step of the ladder--we were now sophomores. M s. Aaron Morgan was chosen as our class sponsor. i s Junior year brought a big time for us, for we had an op- portunity to enter into new clubs and activities. We were initi- ated by the seniors into the Commercial Club. The biggest event, however, was when we received our class rings. lith the help of our sponson Mrs. Tlras Gray, we entertained the seniors with a banquet at the Tupelo Hotel. Then came our senior year, the last of our high school. We began school in September with an enrollment of 19 in our class. During the term, however, we gained one member, Juanita McKinney, and lost three--Artis Loyd, Joe Basham, and James Cayson. Under the direction of our sponson,Mrs. Clyde Westmoreland , we presented a three-act play--Damsels Lg Distress. Our gift to the school was a money safe. It is with our best wishes that we leave Hooreville School, and we sincerely hope that each class to follow will accomplish as much in school as we feel that we have. Pamela Royle. . Geraldine Ware . . Mrs. Meeks . . Mrs. Guppy .... Natasha Federovna Jimmy Love. . Shelby Parsons . . Aunt Eustacia. . . Brayxner Babcock . Ethelbert Meeks . Mike and Bill. . . Property Men . . Stage Decorators . Promptor . . . SEVWICDFQ DLQ9 CHARACTERS . . An art student. . . . . .A dramatic student. . . . . .Who loves a masterful man. . . . . .Landlady with an eagle eye . . . . . A temperamental Russian . . .A glamour boy. . . . . A medical student . . . .Who loves cats. . . . . . .Poultry-rninded uncle. . . . Quiet Disposition. . . .Mary Lou Smith . . .Elsie Griffin Reba .To Monaghan . . Lora Murphy . . . Mona Hallmark . . Clarence Westmoreland . . Robert Morgan . Dorothy Gunter .Clarence Griffin . . Bobby Taylor - ' -De1iVe1'Yme1'l ---- Earl Grimes and Robert I-Iipps Ercelle Witt 8: Ernest Smith . Dannie Lee Raper 8: Bettie Johnson .Taunita McKinney BQCCQLFQUIQEQTE Processional . Invocation . Hymn NO. 175 . Announcements Offertory . Choir . Sermon . . . . Hymn No. 142 lOmit Chorusl . Benediction . . . Recessional . . nGod of Our Fathersu . Rev. T. W. Smallwood . . Congregation nMy Jesus, I Love Theen uHo1y Spirit, Lead Usu . Dr. S. E. MacFadder . . Congregation . . .Dr. MacFadden nmarch of the Priestsn C CDVT'1f'T'1 E1 VAN C l:.:fAY'1t:. VW T Processional . Chorus . Invocation . Salutatory . Valedictory . . I O U O 9 U 0 CHe1en Tally and Juanita Address ...... Awards .... Eighth Grade Certificates. Conferring of Diplomas Recessional . . . 'Grand Marchn .nFarewe1l to Seniorsu .Rev. O'Nea1 Estes . . Lora Murphy . . Reba Jo Monaghan . . .nBarcharo11eu Smallwoodl . Dr. S. 3. Sargeant Supt. Douglas Bean nMarch of the Priestsn 1 f 5 'f x 1. Ya! ff X L ffm 2 1 03 f - 1 Aff' Q A Q ww -5 5,3 ' Q ff ...zgfgpf ti SQ' 1 ' .1 W-. if H1 11 "r, '1 1 V' 5 5 ,.u,.,,.4..,:. A 5 fg- lr 2 Q, Ji Q tv , i , . .1 . ,1 1 Jr H-' f ' it 3-. ' 'f ., " 3511. fer ' ' ELEVENTH GRADE First row: Burma Price, Emogene Raburn, Lenore Burcham,Odie Vee White, Dorothy Ann Westmoreland, Juanita Smallwood. Second row: Onis Mitchell, June Urnfress, Vernell Mills, Ernest Bedford. Third row: Kathleen Hussey, Verna Jean McKinney, Bobbie Leslie, Varnell Caygle, Miss Martin. Fourth row: James Davis, Jimmy Hussey, Lowery Tackett, Fred Leslie, Madison Shurnpert, Charles Hopkins. TENTH GRADE First row: Marjorie Sheffield, Helen Tally, Betty Jo Duncan, Mary Nell Powell, Laverne Garner, Bobbie Jean Miller, Jewell Smith. Second Row: Ellen Estes, Martha Jane Priddy, Jeanette Irvin, Bettie Jean Phillips, Bobby Jean Smith. Third row: WendellMc- Kinney, Tom Westmoreland, Wanda Willis, Bobby Parham.Fou1-th row: Mr. Whiteside, Trurnan Johnson, Billy Wheeler, Tommy Franks, John Allen Priddy, Bobby Wiygul. NINTH GRADE First row: Melvin Westmoreland, Phyllis Hawkins, Mary Charles McKinney, Mary Sue Christian, Charleen Smith, Elna McKinney, Athlene Hopkins, Della Lois Oxner, Tommy Butler. Second Row: Bobby Farris, Joan Morgan, Madine Monaghan, Loeva Lamb, Kath- leen Umfress, Hubert White. Third row: Mrs. Gray, Edna Ruth Phillips, Varnell Murphy, Elsie Hallmark, Flo Ella Davis, Dot Oswalt, Paul Loyd. Fourth row: Dennis Caygle, Holland Smith, Karrie Weathers, LaVerne Ford, Ronnie Gregory, Annie Lou Brooks, Lenora Westmoreland, Dorothy Jean Hopkins, Ovalee Lumxnus . nxmyni. EIGHTH GRADE First row: Omri Mitchell, Virginia Taylor, Ruth McKinney,Myriam Brock, Sam Westmoreland, Roy Umfress, Billy Joe Gillentine. Sec- ond row: Virginia Alred, Bettie Sue Wheeler, Sybil McKinney, Ann- ette Ballard, Eula Mae Alred, Lois Louis, Clytee Whitman. Third row: George Miller, J. C. Lee, Charles Sheffield, Lula Jane Franks, Jane Basham, J. W. DeVaughan, Mrs. Long, J. C. Kelly, Joe Hall. SEVENTH GRADE First row: Douglas Barnett, Laverne McKinney, Jean McKinney, Mil- dred Phillips, Joyce Lucas, Nettie Jean Wheeler, Roger Bean. Sec- ond row: Naomi Mitchell, Hazel Brock, Doris Herring, Virginia Roberts, Sarah Sniith. Third row: Dorothy Faye Griffin, Juanita Ford, Peggy Gray, Jo Evelyn Loftin. Fourth row: Miss Reese,.Timmy Priddy, James Barnes, Jo Leslie, Robert Bolen. A.. fliesfamiutiill S I X T H G R A D E First row: J. W. Lollar, Mary Elizabeth Whiteside, Eddie Kelly, Myra Beard, Bobby Umfress, Douglas Westmoreland, Tolsie McKinney, Marion DeVaughan. Second row, Royce Hawkins, Faye Lamb, Bobby McKinney, Barbara Smith, Doris Davis, Shirley Hussey, Paul Bolen. Third row: Verna Jean Wheeler, Shirley Monaghan, Louise Morgan, Nona Wayne Huffman, Laverne Hood. Fourth row: Mrs. Hanson, Opaline Brock, MargaretGable, Robert Presley, Charles Gunter, Billy Joe Willis. Absent: Charleen Gunter. SIXTH GRADE First row: Chester Holder, Aubrey Mitchell, Lamar Hussey, Lapez Powell, Mary Ruth Anglin, Shirley Alred, Cecil Estes. Second row: Dewey Edwards, Heburn White, Janice Davis, Rebecca Mitchell, Jo- Ann Hussey, Francis Ann Westmoreland. Third row: Jimmy Shef- field, John Thomas Estes, Max Aycock, Ray lV1cDanniel, James Mitchell. Fourth row: Johnny Wilson, Ben Loden, Mrs. Elliott, Burma Lee Donald, Norma Gayle Snipes, lone Urnfress, Zera Mae Butler. L 5 l FIFTH GRADE Kneeling: William Morgan, Leroy Bedford, Charles Grammer, Lelva White. Standing, first row: Lanois Barnett, Florine Lee, Mary Lee Green, Dorothy Bedford, Mary Jo Priddy, Barbara Pickens, Louise Hall, Olan Ray Knight. Second row: Mrs. Pickens, Delma Ellis, Dorothy Franks, Mary Elizabeth Comer, Shirley Brooks, Lawrence Terry, Hoyt Sheffield. Third row: James Clayton, Odelle Hood, Velma Ellis, Mildred Oxner, Smith Martin, Howard Estes. Fourth Row: Charles Davis, Movline Cates, Bill Loden, Harold Estes, Joe Earl Hunt, Orville Fennell, Bill Sheffield. FOURTH GRADE Kneeling: Donald Beard, George Sheffield, James Green, Thomas Westmoreland, Herman Clyde Potts. Standing, first row: Syble Powell, Betty Jane Morgan, Beverly Morgan, Dorothy McKinney, Patricia Marcy, Linda Fay Johnson, Lurline Lucas, Jo Nell Donald, Gorden Smith. Second row: Mrs. Collins, Dan Ballard, Wayne Monaghan, Fred Lewis Ruth, Roy Allen McKinney, James Alfred Carnathan, Ken- neth Kelly, Fred Westmoreland. Third row: Lamar Bishop, Allen Brock, Charles Wood, Dorothy Martin, Nona Fay Smith, Betty Le-Fay Ford. Fourth row: Jennie Ray Griffin, Pauline Estes, Shirley McDan- ial, John Donald, Betty Joyce Harris, Jerry Willis, Joan Gable,Maxine Estes. THIRD GRADE First row: Mrs. Cummings, Shirley Hamm, Marilyn Marion, Jo Ellen Morgan, Billy Wayne Carnathan, Billy Pickens, Shirley Mae Harris, Charles Adams. Second row: Joel Mitchell, John Wayne Phillips, Gerldine Roberts, Annie Lois Franks, Barbara Westmoreland, Jimmie Lou Chism. Third row: Evelyn Smith, Clyde Olen Hunt, Bobby Dale Irvin, William Martin Young, Eva Maye Davis, Vernon Hamrn, Julian Rogers, Joe Wade Brooks. Fourth row: Kenneth Barnett, Jimmie Hunt, Lester Holder, Martha Estes, Louise Brock, Ruby Jean Hunt, James Oxner. SECOND GRADE Kneeling: lral Loar, James Simmons, Richard Wheeler, Kenneth Johnson. Standing, first row: Pauline Knight, Jane Loden, Martha Sue Brock, Shelby Jean McCullar, Stella Jean Barnes, Annette Ruth, Mary Lou Westmoreland, Ruth Ann Bell. Second row: Mrs. Wiygul, Martha May Estes, Mary Evelyn Gable, Carolyn Powell, Brenda McKinney, Billy Brents, Alene Rogers, Shirley McCleer.Third row' J. W. Gilmore, Willie Bob Lee, Perrin Snipes, Billy Hunt, Wilford Wood, David Lucas. Fourth row: Buster Priddy, Bobby Carl Hunt, Murene West, Jeanette Garrett, Louise Gillentine, Sally Mae Ellis, Joy Farris, Gene Loden, Delly Mitchell. FIRST GRADE First row: Catherine Gillentine, Archie Lee Cates, Alfred Wheeler, Verlon Thompson, Carrol Hunt, Sam Thomas Gilmore, James Beard, Durell Lollar, Pauline Taylor. Second row: Mrs. Seavey, Carlene Huffman, Laverne Brock, Pauline Grimes, Dorothy Jean Ellis, Wal- lace Bolen, Freddy Martin, Sarah Green. Third row: Virginia Smithy, Charles'Lee Kelly, Mary Alice Chism, Martha Ruth Comer, Freddy Wayne Hood, J. W. Smith. Fourth row: Carlton Taylor, Johnny Frank Smithy, Cullen Cates, Charles Gilmore, Raymond Earl Davis,Rebecca Ann Clark. FIRST GRADE First row: Sue Thompson, Jane Johnson, Minnie Pearl Loften, Linda Nell Hussey, Jane Barnes, Carolyn Westmoreland, Shelby Jean Franks Billy Paige, Martha Lee, Betty Gable. Second Row: Wanda Herring. Polly Hunt, Annette Tackett, Patricia Gunter, Wayne Hunt, Nancy Smith, Walter Lee. Third row: Mrs. Bean, Addie Powell,Sue Donald, Shirley Hall, Kenneth Gillentine, L. B. Mitchell, Jerry Sheffield,Bobby Carl Gilxnore, Endy Lue Davis. Fourth row: Tommy Witt, Shirley Bishop, Charles Wayne Sheffield, Charles Kelly, Eugene Hollaway,Gil- 'bert Fowler, Don Marion, William David Phillips. Qvdllav 6 u X I Wvgw ' v LEE COUNTY CHAMPIONS 6 J' K BASKETBALL GIRLS Standing: Verna Jean McKinney, guard, Bettie Jean Phillips, guard, Bobby Jean Smith, forward, Bobbie Leslie, forward, Kathleen Hussey, guard, Laverne Ford, guard, Jewell Smith, guard, Hellen Talley, for- ward, Marjorie Sheffield, guard, Athelene Hopkins, forward, Betty Jo Duncan, forward, Phyllis Hawkins, forward. Kneeling: Varnell Mur- phy, guard, Elna McKinney, forward, Annie Lou Brooks, guard, and Mr. Bean. LEE COUNTY CHAMPIONS BASKETBALL BOYS First row: Earl Grimes, centerg Ercelle Witt, forward, James M. Cayson, forward, Bobby Taylor, guard, Jimmy Hussey, guard. Second row: Mr. Bean, Tommy Franks, center: Robert Morgan, guard, Karrie Weathers,for- ward, Ronnie Gregory, forward, Charles Hopkins, guard. Third row: Billy Wheeler, Guard, John Allen Priddy, guard. ipimv AN 4 sf' -- M, ak g , M ,., gfivel 5529? , Q, A . Q31 f 'f lt.: .--, SA 15- P5 I -f X .,,S K, we was: 3'-3? M ., I KY 2? ,, 25' ? cs, 5 mix 2 ,523 5 fs 5 W A e U, V . V' A Ti. A REVIEW STAFF Co-Editors. .Mona Hallmark G: Lora Murphy Business Manager ........ Bobby Taylor Circulation Manager. . . . .Robert Morgan Senior Editor .,... . .Reba Io Monaghan Arranging Editor . . . . .Elsie Griffin Art Editor ....... . . . Robert Hipps Photographing Editor. . . .Mary Lou Srnith Sponsor .... . . . . .... Mrs. Long HI-LIGHTS STAFF Editor ....... Assistant Editor . Sports Editors. . Art Editors. . Jokes Editor. . . Reporters. . Typists. . . . . Reba Jo Monaghan . . . ...... June Umfress Business Manager. . . . . Bobby Taylor 8: Kathleen Hussey .. . . . . . . . .MaryLouSmith . .Dannie Lee Raper k Earl Grimes Dot Westmoreland 8: Robert Morgan . . .Mona Hallmark lr Robert 1-lipps . . Elsie Griffin 8: Lora Murphy MR. AND MISS MOOREVILLE HIGH SCHOOL .Timmy Hussey Kathleen Hussey BEST CITIZENS Dennis Cnygle Kathleen Hussey BEST ALL-AROUND Bobby Taylor Helen Tally MOST BEAUTIFUL AND MOST HANDSOME Verna Jean McKinney E1-celle Witt MOST COURTEOUS Mary Lou Sxnith Robert Morgan , 0 is ft MOST INTELLECTUAL Burma Price Dennis Caygle 5 BEST PERSONALITY Mary Lou Smith Bobby Taylor FRIENDLIEST Bobbie Leslie Robert Morgan MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Burma Price Earl Grimes BEST ATHLETE Bobbie Jean Srnith Bobby Taylor MOST POPULAR Bobbie Leslie Ercelle Witt BEST DRESSED Clarence Westmoreland Dorothy Ann Weshnoreland WITTIEST Clarence Westmoreland Jewell Smith BIGGEST FLIRTS Charleen Srnith Bobby Parham .TOLLIEST JUNIOR June Umfress WISEST' ' SOPHOMORE Jewell Smith VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIALN Reba .To Monaghan Lora Murphy FRESHEST FRESHMAN Elna McKinney MOST DIGNIFIED SENIOR Mona Hallmark BEST ALL-AROUND EIGHTH GRADER Virginia Taylor I ll! LIB RARIANS Elna McKinney, Myriam Br0Ck. June Umh-ees, Betty Johnson. Bobby Taylor, Lora Murphy and Marjorie Sheffield. OFFICE GIRLS Joan Morgan, Mary Lou Sxnith, Betty Johnson. Burma Price, Reba .To Monaghan, Virginia Taylor, and Helen Tally. QUEEN AND COURT Halloween Queen, Dot Oswalt Qstandingl and attendents, Jane Bashman. Dorothy Ann Westmore- land, Betty Cole, and Wanda Willis. D EVOTIONAL LEAD ERS Dot Oswalt, Bobby Jean Millex-,Onis Mitchell, Jane Basham, Wendell McKinney, Lora Murphy, Clarence Westmoreland, and Joe Hall SUPERVISED LUNCHES LUNCHROOM OFFICIALS Mrs. C. C. Priddy, Manager Helpers Mrs. Anna Fay 'Barnes Mrs. Lizzie Lee Whiteside Mrs. .Tess Gregory lar- jf I U7 L ... Z Y K FFA AND FHA President, FFA. . Vice-President. . Secretary .... Treasurer. . Reporter ..... Watch Dog ..... President, F.H.A. . Vice-President. . Secretary .... Treasurer. . Reporter. . . Song Leader. . . . Jimmy Hussey . . , . Fred Leslie . Trurnan Johnson Madison Shurnpert Wendell McKinney . Lowery Tackett . . Phyllis Hawkins . . . . Dot Oswalt Marjorie Sheffield . . . Helen Tally Betty .To Duncan . . . Helen Tally 4-H CLUP President, Senior Girl's Club . . . Marjorie Sheffield Vice-President ,........ . Bobbie Jean Smith Secretary ,...... , . Kathleen Hussey Program Chairman. . . . . Elna McKinney Song Leader .......... . . . .Helen Tally President, Senior Boys' Club. . . . , .Timmy Hussey Vice-President ......... .... 5 Vendell McKinney Secretary .......,...... Clarence Westmoreland President, 4-Leaf Clover Girls, ..... . Shirley Husscv Vice-President. . . Secretary ...... Program Chairman. President, 4-Leaf C Vice-President. . . Secretary ....,. 4-Leaf Clover Lend Advisors ...,.. . . . . . . . . . . Barbara Pickens . ......... Tolsie McKinney . . . . . , Frances Ann Westmoreland lover Boys ........ Guy Ncllrlillan . . , .Roger Bean . , .,.. Lamar Hussev er. ...... . , . llobbie Leslie , . Mrs. Gray and Nr. Vaughan COMMERCIAL CLUB Seated: James M. Cayson, Bobby Taylor, Robert Morgan, Clarence Westmoreland, Ercelle Witt, Jimmy Hussey, Clarence Griffin, Madi- son Shuxnpert, Fred Leslie, Bobby Leslie, Juanita Smallwood. Stand- ing: Emogene Raburn, Odie Vee White, Reba Jo Monaghan, Mary Lou Smith, Juanita McKinney, Elsie Griffin, Dannie Lee Rape:-, Lora Murphy, James Davis, Lenore Burcham, Onis Mitchell, Kathleen Hussey, Bettie Johnson, Dorothy Gunter, Burma Price,Mona Hall- mark, Varnell Gaygle, Verna Jean McKinney, June Umfress, Dorothy Ann Westmoreland, Charles Hopkins, Ernest Bedford, Lowery Tackett Ernest Smith, Earl Grimes, Robert Hipps, Vernell Mills, Mrs. Long. GLEE CLUB First row: Wanda Willis, Athelene Hopkins, Juanita Smallwood, Helen Tally, Elna McKinney, Charleen Srnith, Ruth McKinney, Myriam Brock, Joan Morgan, Phyllis Hawkins, KathleenUmfress Second row: Marjorie Sheffield, Reba Jo Monaghan, Mary Lou Smith, Jeanette Irvin, Juanita McKinney, Mary Charles McKinney, Madine Monghan, Loeva Lamb. Third row: - Onis Mitchell,Lenore Burcham, Jewell Smith, Betty Johnson, Dorothy Gunter, Mona Hallmark, Bobbie Leslie, Bettie Sue Wheeler, Lula Jane Franks, Mrs. Trammel, Varnell Murphy, Laverne Ford, Elsie Hallmark, Tommy Butler. JMR .X es., , W db in fs X.: Kuhn 1 fl' 5 J s .V .lf ., 4.1 Ifiiiifj WALSWORTH Lnhsqnphnd A una by wnuwon-rx lno1-urns,. u. s. A. l i 5 COMPLIMEN TS OF THE PEOPLES BA K 84 TRUST CO. TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The Bank ef Tupelo TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI WE EARNESTLY SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Severy'S Insurance Agency HOLDIEST AND STRONGEST IN MISSISSIPPI" "ESTABLISHED 1869" H..-.. .. , Citizens State Bank "THE FRIENDLY BANK" TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Memoer Federal Reserve System L. P. lVIoCart 84 Son TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI WHOLESALE GROOERS FOR 47 YEARS GROCERIES - SUN DRIES - HARDWARE - DRUGS S. TIRES McCARTY"S BEST COFFEE Leake 84 Goo Iett, Inc. THE HOME BUILDERS Carr-Myers airy Co. PROCESSORS Sz DISTRIBUTORS OF FINEST QUALITY PASTEURIZED 8z HOMOGENIZED GRADE "A" DAIRY PRODUCTS 'BOX 281 PHONES 165 - 166 TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI . ...nm L . Compliments of Gravlee Lumber Co. Building Material for Every Purpose Westinghouse Electrical Appliances Tupelo, Mississippi Wearing Apparel Peters Shoes Household Supplies 9 Blacks Department Store 111-113 North Spring Street Tupelo, Mississippi Best Wishes from The Tupelo Daily Journal "'Your Newspaper" ll.- - THOMAS-KINCANNON-E LKIN CO. The Rexall Store Tupelo, Mississippi Congratulations -Seniors ROBERT E. HILL H. A. BOREN Tupelo, Mississippi WILEY C. HILL BLAIR and ANDERSON Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of F. G. THOMAS Tupelo, Mississippi NORTHSJDE MOTOR SALES Marlin Glidewell Audie Turner North Spring Street Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of D 81 W FOOD PRODUCTS CO. Wholesale Distributors of Fine Candies Phone 1643 Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of HUNTER THOMAS MANUFACTURING CO. Tupelo, Mississippi TOWER LOAN BROKERS Rooms 4 8a 5, Gregmore Building Phone 1367 Tupelo, Mississippi f 1 -ui: l l nz an L O N G ' S Steam Laundry and Cleaners East Main Street Phone 24 Tupelo, Mississippi D. MORGAN GROCERY Groceries and Feeds East Main Street Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of TUPELO FLORAL CORP. Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of The Store of Quality HINDS BROTHERS 8: CO. Where you always find the largest and most complete stock oi' Style and Quality apparel for Men and Boys Over 47 Years in Tupelo GARMON BROTHERS Hardware - Groceries - Seeds Phone 1213 Tupelo, Mississippi C 81 E CLEANERS The Best in Cleaning Phone 984 East Tupelo., Mississippi Compliments and Best Wishes to the Mooreville School M c G A U G H Y ' S Tupelo, Mississippi W. H. BAKER FURNITURE C0. Complete Home Furnishings Easy Terms Phone 347 Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of SPIGHTS Tupelo, Mississippi Compliments of the . COCA-COLA BOTTLINIG WORKS Tupelo, Miss. 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Suggestions in the Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) collection:

Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 55

1948, pg 55

Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 13

1948, pg 13

Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 40

1948, pg 40

Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 82

1948, pg 82

Mooreville High School - Yearbook (Mooreville, MS) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 65

1948, pg 65

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