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rZ':1T's1 AV 'VW Q.: ., "' ' ,fi V if F mannssvnuf msn scnum ff his . 'E ,.,,f,g w " h w1-- . ,..ifi2'.4?L WM- -W. fl f Q 'Novi I airy, 313:33 .-V.. ..f.. ., wwvwmm Q wif MWF S n.xw,.m ..,. m,- -381551:-3, A ,ff'm 3-A if mnm,'1 sms' dnsawfyovesau oem i' " " om Us ,B UA VEB A V25 uFESAVg1g MISAVERS MESAVELZ uiESAYm5 ' :gmc in 0 0 9 0 OW ,, Q - els S W H -......-- -:XJ 1 "5 nun on 9 '1 'L' m ,. , .nm K' If 9 'tr -, Q -ff V 4, ii X L ' , af Xu an It K Q I x S Gpening 4 Student Life 14 Organizations 26 Spons 56 Amadenncs 82 Personalities 94 Facuhy 136 Index 1 70 We look at MHS 1972. .. As we look at MHS, it is easy to see what made the 1971-72 year a unique and exciting one for the students and faculty. Each individual year at MHS differs from the last in some way, and the 1971 -72 year was no exception. A major difference, which was a step toward a more liberal school, was the adoption of the new dress code. The dress code, which was de- veloped by the MHS student Council, allowed girls to wear pant suits and slack sets, and the boys were given the privilege to wear their hair and sideburns longer than last year. Below: In the classrooms, the girls find it more comfortable to wear slacks than dresses. Right: Gail Criffen and Lou Ann Thompson dis- play the use of the dress code by wearing slacks to a sporting event. I ,QM ,lf K6 Ill 4 4 ' wniiuudt, suit sn .Q v , ' OU'9o v ' .0cN,.'a4qe, V. . .'afl',O.. Top left: Many of the boys at MHS took advan- tage ofthe new dress code, and Mike Worsham is one of them. Top right: Even though the new dress Code allowed girls to wear slacks, many still wore dresses. On the left is Cindy Bryant, and on the right is Carla Warthen. Left: Tony Woods and Don Sizemore are two examples of the guys who wear their hair long. 5 We see new developments... In addition to the more liberal dress code, Mooresville High developed in other ways. The Student Council sponsored live-a-little day, which was first introduced last year. Two days were allowed for the event this year, during which many different areas of study were offered. The choir and Dramatics Club presented their version of the broad- way musical, "Hello Dolly." This was the first broadway musical to be presented by the students of MHS. Right: A scene in the broadway musical, "Hello Dolly," took place in a restaurant. Seated from left to right are Marsha Thatcher, Jolie Hender- son, and David Freeman. Stooping over is Terry Woods and standing is Scott Truel. 6 Above: One of the courses offered during live-a-little day was archery. Right: One of the more popular courses of live-a-little day was fencing. The class con- sisted of a discussion on fencing, followed by a demonstration. 'I . Left: During a special convocation for live- a-little day, the student body gathered on the bleachers at the football field to watch three men parachute from a plane and land on our field. Below: Another scene from "Hello Dolly" shows Erin Pritchard as Dolly having a con- versation with Richard Moore as Horace Vandegelter. We see small changes . . . Introduced in the 1971-72 year was the Wagon Trails Revue, sponsored by the Wagon Trails staff. The revue was a money making project presented to the public for their enjoyment. There were also many small changes during the year of 1971 -72, which helped to make this year a unique one for MHS students. Lines were painted in the parking lot in hopes that they would create more car space, the freshman class was the largest ever to enter the halls of MHS, and we acquired new teachers, and along with the teachers, new ideas. Although we acquired new teachers, the turnover of faculty was less than the past years. Above: Twirling baton in the Wagon Trails Revue is Kari Whitfield. Right: MHS' new librar- ian, Miss Hall, is shown helping a student in the library. 8 Left: The "lust Us" sang in the Wagon Trails Revue. Left to Right: jan Goodman, Lynn Hudson, Tom Ready, Janet Pritchard, and Holly Beasly. Top right: The lines drawn in the parking lot provided more parking space and a nicer looking lot. Bottom: Freshmen listen intently in their class. AQ ' We see 1972 as a unique year. These are just a few of the changes that took place during the year. Al- though many changes took place, many traditions stayed the same. For a look at the new and the old, come with us now As We Look At MHS. Top: Mr. Keller is often seen, as he has been in the past, talking with some of the senior boys in the lunch room. 10 Above: Sports have always been an impor- tant part of MHS, and 1972 was no exception. Right: As in years past, many couples can be seen in the halls of MHS. The students seen talking are Tonja Burnside and Mickey Berney. QB fag? ffsflpg' Top: A tradition that is looked forward to by students of MHS is the junior-Senior Prom. Stu- dents are shown receiving refreshments while the band takes a break. Left: Another of the traditions at MHS is the va- riety show. "Growing Up'l was the theme of the 1972 variety show, and acting as Ragadv Ann and Ragady Andy were Holly Beasly and David Freeman. Above: During sectionals, which is always an exciting time for MHS students, the cheerlead- ers back the team faithfully. ll 3 i SEQ? an 11 '-4' 9. 1 0 I 5562? ,J , 4 ' w w tx , K ' 'C . f - U gfx g if 2,5 R- 'gl ,ir S ,S S ,,,x 7 , is Wg. , rw x v Gp- if ,Q fa 5 K 5 . X' 1 ' v I Qs i Q 9 A ' ' , 7155 Q an ,, it 4 i it x , a xi N i P lille! f- .....-....+...-,.t ,. ,V .... W V.- - a t H, M TM N h' 'il L,,r.xi '4,.x-Jf hfi.. , . ...f - V 'yf N .!,Q,,Wga,,w,4.:t,-f,ag-,af,1.fgvg,.5y:t-, -Q 1 1. y W. , - 3 V l 25 , was-,Q M. izat - '- .: , ' -f . H Y wr - - --f.:e4f'1 ff-f:wf",,. ,. y-- Navi-' . ., ' As we look at MHS, we, the students, see not only an institution of educa- tion, but also an organizer of activities which encourage individual achieve- ment. ln this high school, class com- petition is keen: athletics challenging, and social life rewarding. With educa- tion as our main goal, we fix our sights on graduation, an outstanting accom- plishment for class and individual. Other sights are aimed towards sing- ular recognition, such as, speech achievements, editors, journalists, scholars--all students in the spirit of competition. Although Student Life is viewed differently by every student one fact is evident--this is the area which makes MHS the school it is. Miss Wagon Trails 1971 Rachael Endsley, Miss Wagon Trails 1971, is 18 and a senior at MHS. She has lived in Mooresville for twelve years and attended Martinsville High School and junior High for four years. Her favorite subjects are psychology and home economics. She enjoys horseback riding and is a member of FHA. After High school, Rachael plans to attend Palm Beach Atlantic College in Florida and study psychology and nursing. I5 Miss lunior Class Miss junior Class 1971-72 is jan Goodman. jan is 16 and has lived in Mooresville all her life. She is an ac- tive member of Medical Club, Span- ish Club, FHA, Band, and the Speech team. She is a member of a singing group called "lust Us". Her favorite subjects at MHS are Band and Speech. jan enjoys meeting people and making new friends. After high school lan hopes to attend Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana. Wx. 'Q 16 'Qx Miss Soph. Class The 1971 -72 Miss Sophomore Class is Lee Ann Covey. Lee Ann is 15 and has lived in Mooresville all her life. Her favorite subject at MHS is Home Economics. She enjoys horseback riding and plans to train horses this summer. Lee Ann en- joys football, basketball, and track. After high school, she plans to go to a college in the west. jilffiw' Miss Frosh Class Toni Martin, 1971-72 Miss Freshman Class is 15 and has lived in Moores- ville for 12 years. Toni is a freshman cheerleader at MHS and also a mem- ber of Pep Club and Spanish Club. Her favorite subject in school is physi- cal education. Toni enjoys active spons such as bowling, swimming, and horse back riding. Toni is unde- cided on plans for her post high school education. I8 Wagon Trails Revue The first annual Wagon Trails Revue, held September 25, 1971, was a night full of entertainment and fun. The en- tertainment, provided by the Wagon Trails Staff and the student body, con- sisted of dancing, singing whistling, and baton twirling. The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the Wagon Trail's Queens. Rachael En- dsley was crowned Miss Wagon Trails 1971, and she along with her court, Miss junior Class, lan Goodman, Miss Sophomore Class, Lee Ann Covey, and Miss Freshman Class, Toni Martin reigned over the evening's festivities. A dance followed the revue with Cinnamon Empire supplying the music. Top: Silhoutted is Charles Hackler as he por- trayes the well-known clown, Emit Kelly. Left: The Whistlers were one of the most liked acts, Above: As the show ends, the cast gathers to take their last bows. 'I9 Homecoming in Over Speedway Top Left: The excited Pioneers carry Coach Baker off the field after their Homecoming win over Speedway. Top Right: 1971 Homecoming Queen, Peggy Palmer, with her escort, Dennis Smith, is all smiles as she returns to the stands to reign over the Homecoming activities. Bottom: Last year's Homecoming Queen, Sandy Perry, is shown crowning Kathy McGuire, the 1971 Homecoming Princess, as her escort, Steve Mynatt, and Pioneer team members stand by. N '55 T Homecoming began as usual with each class determined to create the winning float, and show its talent in the Homecoming Parade. The parade was the biggest ever at MHS. During the halftime of the game, the main activities were the crowning of the Homecoming Queen and Prin- cess and the announcement of the winning float. Senior, Peggy Palmer, was the 1971 Homecoming Queen, and Sophomore Kathy McGuire, was crowned Princess 1971. The Senior's float creation, "Seniors Expect a Whale of a Victory," was awarded first place in the float competition. After the halftime activities, the Pio- neer determination brought the game to a close with a 24-19 win over the Speedway Sparkplugs. The Homecoming celebration ended with the annual coronation dance with music supplied by "Pure Funk." The student body will surely agree that Homecoming 1971 was truly a "whale of an evening at MHS. ,ff W E E EW? U M sooo seas nn 3 nn o E 5 S 3 3 5 ia luy Q A O 'OOO ' as 2 - 2 - 2 2 a z z .Q gn 9993 QQQM 3933 3 .ng , 1 2 Q 5 3 1+ , , seas. W F5522 ,o wp no DUWN TU EU Disappoint- ment at Sectionals Excitement was contagious at MHS for students and faculty as the week of sectionals drew near. Each class displayed its school spirit by creating its sectional hall decoration. juniors captured first place with their theme, "We'lI Still A Victory." Sophomores came in second place, while seniors received third and freshmen fourth. Finally the night of the game arrived with much disappointment in store for the Pioneers. Although the Pioneer team led the Danville Warriors most of the game, but in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, the Warriors took the lead. The game ended with a score of 77-72 and the Pioneers suf- fered one of the most fustrating loses of the 1971-72 season. Top: Pioneer cheerleaders express their en- thusiasm and spirit as the Pioneer team returns to floor after receiving new instructions. Middle: Anxiety and disappointment are re- flected on the faces of many Pioneer fans. Bottom: Many Pioneer fans attended the Brownsburg Sectional and supported their team throughout the game. 22 1-'.t ..' .4225 5,-.-5 V1 Top Left: During the sectional pep session, Coach Ricketts displays his intentions for the sectional game against Danville. Top Right: The Pioneer team huddles during the timeout period as Coach Ricketts explains the strategy. Left: "We'll Still A Victory" was the theme of the winning junior class hall decorations. 23 Prom 1972 April 29 was the date set for the 1972 junior-Senior Prom. As the tradition goes, the junior class planned the Prom and did all the work for the sen- iors. The Sherwood Country Club was selected by the junior class as the place for the Prom to be held. The theme, "Springtime Fantasy," was well developed by the use of flowers and a springtime-like atmosphere. Re- freshments were served to all, and the Maury Stalcup band provided music until 12:00 P.M. The Post Prom, which was orga- nized by the parents of the junior class, began at 1:00 A.M. and lasted until 4:30 A.M. The theme used was "Fun-time U.S.A.f' A variety of games were set up in the MHS gymnasium from which prizes could be won. Right: Having their pictures taken by the school photographer, Mr. Gill, are Wesley Wingate and Cathy West. Below: Many students enjoy the food and mu- sic during the Post Prom. l l 24 Top left: From left to right are Bud Western, Prom King, Peggy Palmer, Prom Queen, Tim Finch, Prom Prince, Sandy Even, Prom Princess. Top right: Playing tricycle polo are tleft to rightj Don Wingate, Lonny Embery, Gary Montgo- mery, and Kent Knopp. Lower left: The 1972 Prom Court consists of lleft to righty Dick Crane, Bonnie Stevens, Mark Powell, Cecillia Miller, Bud Western, Peggy Palmer, Tim Finch, Sandy Even, Kim Thaler, Diane Dunn, Eddie Plummer, and Carolyn Eaker. Left: As the students and guests enter the Prom, they are greeted by members of the soph- omore class. 25 Awards Day Halls of MHS were bare after Awards Day of 1972 when the Seniors walked the halls as graduates-to-be for the last time. They left with the knowl- edge of those students who had re- ceived scholarships from guest speak- ers, awards from different departments and teachers of MHS, and the announcement of the gift the Senior Class of 1972 would present to the school. The Awards Day of 1972 was the last time the four classes of 1972 would be together at a con- vocation of MHS. gi .t .ww sei? . A -V 4' 26 Top: Students of MHS's student body were eager to see which students received awards at Awards Day, 1972. Above: Receiv- ing the American Legion Citizenship awards are Mike Fishel and Sheila Cook. Right: Sen- ior Class sponsor Mr. Graves holds a nega- tive of himself given to him by the Senior Class at Awards Day. WW fi Sports Banquet The annual Sports Banquet was held on Saturday night, May 20, 1972. The Outstanding Athlete Award of 1972 went to Dick Crane. Others receiving awards for outstanding participation were: Mark Powell, Football, Mark McGuire, Wrestling, Dick Crane, Cross Country, Russ Record, Tennis, lerome Witte, Basketball, Ed Plum- mer, Track. Top: Outstanding Senior Athlete, Dick Crane, accepts his award from Mr. Curry. Top right: Most Improved Wrestler, Bill Atwood, receives his award from Mr. Qualitza. Left: Accepting the Most Valuable Track award is Eddie Plum- mer from Coach Mr. Hamm. Above: Soph- omore, junior, and senior boys receiving awards at the 1972 Sports Banquet. 27 Graduation 1972 MHS graduated 12 seniors at mid- term and 202 seniors at Com- mencement, May 21, 1972. Salutato- rian, Babs Sanefer, spoke on achiev- ing success in later years. Dick Crane, class president, remembered past ex- periences, and Valedictorian, Roy Ringenburg, spoke on God and America. Principal, Kendall Keller, presented the class to Superintendent, William Curry, who, in turn handed each senior the well-earned diploma. Mr. Curry then announced that the Class of 1972 were graduates of MHS. The class rose to turn their tassels, and as they sang the Alma Mater, eyes became misty. After they left the gymnaisum, the class gathered in the cafeteria where they were con- gratulated by friends, relatives, and faculty. Top: During the reception, tears of joy are shed by Tona Burnside, Babs Sandefer, and Patty Moon. Middle: The class of '72 marches out af- ter graduating. Bottom: Mr. Keller presents the class to Mr. Curry. 28 Top: Debbie Holland steps up to take her diploma Top right: Valedictorian, Roy Ringenberg, gives his departing speech. Bottom: The entire class watches their class- mates receive their diplomas. 29 Grgani- zations .....,,w lf 57517: 3T1f1'A-sag.:,3?5,s, t " L , F' i 3 -f .5 funnrvlf A W Mwwseiiiwzzii-,ff-eivy --T " gi - - ,, , - 'W 9'5" 14-"'w' T J M, A ff 'igffftf-1 fijfsfff wif Ig. meets, - M , --N, .,. u,,.,, 'MMP ,,- , " "--, .- W-t,.,,, 1 t. '1,:,.' , .... ,,- --K . :-., As we look at M.H.S., we remember the fun of clubs and organizations. Meetings were held every Friday, with a variety of clubs from which to choose. Many students and teachers were involved in various activities of each club: field trips, bake sales, plays, musicals, variety shows, revues, Old Settlers booths, and many others. National Honor Society The year began with induction of the senior candidates. Goblin Grams were sold at Halloween and sung dur- ing classes. The year ended with the induction of the junior candidates in a candle light ceremony. Top left tSenior Fall lnductiesj: Row 1: Anna Calton, Shirley Golden, Marilyn Parker, Karen lohnson, LuAnn Thompson. Row 2: Nina Cope- land, Sally Hopkins, Eddie Hopper, Deanna Hill, Denise Golay, jane Stewart. Bottom tSenior Spring lnducteesjz Row 1: Linda Perry, DeeAnn Grass, Dorthy Clem, Peggy Palmer, Charlotte Harper, lolie Hen- derson, Theresa johnson, ludy Swope. Row 2: Shelia Cook, Georgiann Volez, Rhonda Perry, Gail Griffin, Toy Weber, Mike Fishel, Mike Marine, Buddy Western, Pam Damon, Monica Free, Donna Goldsberry. l Below: Refreshments were served after the cer emony as guests enjoy them. 32 W6 . W, Student Council, Speech Student Council, with Cyndi Smith as president, sponsored various events throughout the year. It sponsored the Homecoming festivities, the Save the Children clothing drive, Live-a-Little Day, and several entertaining con- vocations. Student Council is also in charge of the Council and class office elections. A Student Council con- stitution was written and passed this year, and a Student Grievance Com- mittee was set up. The Speech Team competed in thir- teen speech contests winning three trophies: a third place at Wainwright, a fourth palce at Warren Central, and a second place at Sectionals. Pam Cochran placed in sectionals. and re- gionals, then she went to the state contest and remained through the semi-finals. lolie Henderson led the team as president this year. The recipient of the Outstanding Senior Speech Student Award was Pam Cochran. 34 LIHICH Top tStudent Councilj: Row 1: Tom Quil- len, Bob Summers, Mike Fishel, Bill Allen Kent Patterson, Dave Bowman. Row 2: Ro- sanne Cox, Nan Swinney, Cyndi Smith, Deb- bie Haymaker, Beth Kirk, Rachael Endsley, Debbie Burks, Pam Patrum. E ER' ARE YUU F ' Bottom tSpeech Teamjz Row 1: lonita Leverett, Virginia Boling, Lisa Hundertmark, lolie Hen- derson, Karen johnson. Row 2: Debbie Med- sker, Vicki Smith, lan Goodman, Marsha That- cher, Debbie Tackitt, Richard Moore, Toni Zipoff. Row 3: lim Many, Lorraine Turner, Pam Cochran, Roy Ringenberg, Lawrence Baker, Charles Worley, Dave Bowman, Mrs. Newcomb. Arts, Cadet Teachers L,.. Q ,MM l , ' X Students cadet teach at Northwood Elementary. Each is under the super- vision of a grade school teacher. The students act as aids to the teacher, help some of the students individ- ually, and are assigned subjects to teach to the class. Cadet teaching is a subdivision of the Future Teachers of America Club, and its purpose is to prepare students for the teaching profession. Top lCadet Teachersj: Row 1: Linda Perry, Su- san Fornoff, Karen johnson, Cecelia Miller. Row 2: Peggy Palmer, David lrvine, Denise Golay. Bottom Left: Student Council president Cyndi Smith accepts the Speech Team trophy for the school as lolie Henderson presents it, Bottom Right: A young student finds cadet teacher, Sue Fornoff, very helpful. 35 4 Q , , Club, German Club Bottom tGerman Clubj: Row 1: Dougg Kays, james Bailey, Roger Neitzel, john Le- verett, Mike Dallenhart, Rick Morley, Gary Wetzel, Mike Casey, Steve Barns, Brad Adams. Row 2: Terry Woods, jerry Lamb Brian Bailey, Richard Soughers, Vicki Ruona, Amanda Tucker, Debbie France, julie Even. Row 3: Mrs. Bowman, julie VanHook, Kathy Logan, Bonnie Rife, Vicki Smith, Linda Hen- niger, Lisa Hundertmark, Vicki Wilson, Caryann Bivin, Sally Kellum, julie Babbs, Ta- mara Trogden, Lora Plummer, Linda Weaver. Row 4: Mike McNeely, Richard Moore, Lynn Taylor, Deanna Mendehall, Sa- rah Gregory, Fred Sparks, Kent Knopp, Matt Swindle, Sharon Martin, Lynn Chowning, The Spanish Club dinners featuring such dishes as tocos and paella were prepared by the club members. The Christmas party was gay with pinatas, Santa Claus, and games. Members kept the club alive by playing bingo, saying the numbers in Spanish, and by having speakers at some meetings. ln- itiation of new year's officers ended the year's activities. Top tSpanish Clubj: Row 1: Debbie Hinson, Nan Swinney, Susan Brewer, Gwen Crawford, Darleah Eubank, jeff Quillen, Susan Fuller, Cyndi Smith, Pam Gregory, Marta Murphy, jane Stewart. Row 2: Nancy Kimmel, Eddie Hopper, Monta Brown, Becky Ruona, jane Farabee, Linda Park, Georgia Newhart, Lynn Hudson, Becky Tipmore, Gwen Day, Paula West, Vir- ginia Bolling. Row 3: Teresa Mills, jerry Ran- som, Danny Ransom, Melisa Noblitt, Denise judd, Debbie Horton, Carol Kinnett, Mary Ann Davee, Debbie Bailey, Peggy Wrightsman, Patty McGill. Row 4: Toni Martin, Donna Eu- bank, Valerie Smith, joy Wallace, julie Spillman, Arlene Goins, Robin Kays, Lindy Butler, Betty Newhart, Sebilla Hammes, Mary Ruth Murphy, Phyllis Dorsett, Donna Davisson. Row 5: Mark Smith, David Endsley, Mike Marine, Philip Peasley, jim Edwards, Danny Smith, Kathy Ra- gan, Chris Zimmer, Charlene McKinney, Brenda Habig, Sherry Keith. Row 6: Phillip Hen- sley, joe Bailey, Mike Murray, jeri Vaughn, Holly Beasley, jan Goodman, judy Raymond, jackie Hedges, Susan Carlisle. The German Club was very active selling stationery, chocolate, and baked goods, holding a car wash, and raffling a handmade German cuckoo clock. Members went to the Rivioli Theatre for German movies and held a U.N.l.C.E.F. campaign with a hay- ride and party following. 37 The Mooresville High School Band, under the direction of leri Weber, had a very busy year. The Marching Band participated in the Homecoming Pa- rade, the Martinsville Fall Foliage Fes- tival, and received a first placing at the Southport Marching Band Contest. lt is now making plans for the State Fair Band Contest. The Dance Band went to contest and received a first placing. B-Band presented the Spring Concert at the Neil Armstorng Grade School. Pep Band provided entertaining mu- sic at the home basketball games. A- Band, the Dance Band, and the Ka- dettes were featured in the annual Va- riety Show. Money-making projects put on by the band were: selling candy, operating the candy sotre at lunch, and the Varsiety Show. MHS Band jackets were also made avail- able to members of the band. Right: Drum Major David Bivin leads the MHS Marching Band. Far Right: Feature twirler Katie Whitfield. 38 Top fPep Bandj: Row 1: Mike Casey, jim Grif- fin, Richard McKinney, jeff Myrick, jeff Turley, Terry Woods, Sheila Cook. Row 2: Mike Pem- berton, Don Wingate, jerry Lamb, Don Wil- liams, julie VanHook. Row 3: Mark Chambers, Brian Damon, Dennis Breedlove, Tim Finch, Gayle Allison, Kent Sterrett, Richard Hicks, Da- vid Asher, Duane Davis. Row 4: David That- cher, Chuck Peters, Roy Ringenberg. Middle fkadettesjz Row 1: Vicki Newkirk, Che- ryl Mynatt, jane Bernard, Cindy Dunham, Char- lene McKinney, Vicky Mynatt, jeanna Palmer, Pam Patrum. Row 2: Debbie Patrum, Vicki Wright, Rhonda Carter, Patricia Cook, Cathy Carney, Sharon Martin, Monta Brown, Nan Swinney. Row 3: Susan Carlisle, Mary Keller, Teresa Mills, Katie Whitfield, Brenda Habig, Sabrina Wheeler, Sherry Keith, Debbie Hopwood. Left: Raggedy Ann and Andy were in reality Da- vid Freeman and Holly Beasley. Below: Teacher Lynne Chowning announces recess to her students in the Variety Show. 39 The Mooresville High School Choir, under the direction of Kenneth Jones, entertained with several concerts throughout the year. The Varsity Choir traveled to Lafayette Square and the Circle to sing, gave Christmas and Spring concerts, and sang in the Vari- ety Show. Rhythmaires entertained various civic groups in our commu- nity. Girls' Glee Club sang for Wom- ens' Clubs and participated in the Christmas and Spring concerts. The Choir participated in the Solo and En- semble contests this year. Their big- gest project was the production of Hello Dolly. Top tVarsity Choirj: Row 1: Erin Pritchard, ludy Swope, Donna Wallace, David Freeman, Mike Kizzee, Bob Lasley, Mike Pemberton, Rex Tack- itt, Ken Ogle, Cathy Conrad, Lou Ann Kinnett, Lou Ann Freeman. Row 2: Bonnie Hill, Susan Patrum, Pam Damon, lama Shrake, Robbin Gib- bons, David Hill, Rocky Clark, Doug Cox, Ricky Murray, David Holtzclaw, Peggy Richer, lan Pritchard, Beth Kirk. Row 3: Denise Golay, lody Bledsoe, Susan Fuller, Cyndi Smith, Mark Chambers, Larry Stevenson, Wes Wingate, Mark Powell, Phil Peasley, Danny Butler, Terry Woods, Don Wingate, Debi McCray, Sally Hopkins, Deanna Hill, Sally Poole. Row 4: Ann Butler, Dorothy Clem, Cheryl Greeson, Char- lotte Harper, Dale johnson, john Sappington, jeff Myrick, Buddy Western, Richard Reynolds, Steve Ballard, Marty Moore, Dick Hightsue, Randy Murray, Rick Harrison, Brenda Habig, Pam Gregory, Karen Hinson, Rhonda Perry. 40 Choir - A - LFYQST 5 1 . W... ...-.s.,,, W... MC? ., M Wu K .. . iv.. Bottom tGirls' Glee Clubj: Row 1: Linda El- lington, Linda Butcher, Diane Baker, Leslie Frazier, Bonnie Rife, Linda Gajderowicz, Kathy Demoss, Geroldine Hargiss, Lea Davis, Mary DeVries, Rhonda Curtis. Row 2: Nancy Landon, Cindy Wilcher, Diane Wagoner, Donna Arthur, Debbie Hamm, Lynn Crouch, Helen Arthur, Cathy Camp- bell, Donna Anderson, Vicki Faubion, Patty jackson, Gaidene Socks. Row 3: Vicki Braughton, Myra Summerlot, LuAnne Thompson, Ianie Chappell, Sandy Medsker, Paula Smith, Becky Middleton, Barbara Car- ter, Vicki Graham, Debbie Stinnett, luanita Weekly, Phyllis johnson, loyce Wilcher, Rheba Western. mf,-. 1 Top Right qllhythmairesjz Row 1: Terry Woods, Erin Pritchard, Pam Damon, Charlotte Harper, Dorothy Clem, Susan Fuller, Rhonda Perry. Row 2: jan Pritchard, Beth Kirk, Brenda Habig, Lou Ann Freeman. Row 3: David Freeman, Dan Butler, Wes Wingate, Robin Gibbons. Row 4: Larry Stevenson, David Hill, Buddy Western, Marty Moore, Mark Chambers. Below fCadet Choirj: Row 1: jama Shrake, Kathy Zeilska, Diane Raikes, Viney Beach, Mary McGuire, Mary Sachs, Toni Martin, Connie Spaulding, Leanna Bray, Cathy Car- ney, Pam Price, LuAnne Freeman. Row 2: Darlene Curry, Lynn Taylor, judy Harper, Vickie App, Lacey Golden, Pat McGill, Gary Price, Tim Lyday, Robin Hiatt, Cathy Elling- ton, Paula Smith, Sheila Cox. Row 3: Sharlot Scroughams, Sandi Bradley, julie Morris, jo- wanna Amich, jerry Westenhoffer, Duane Davis, jeff Brily, Rick Turner, Walter Wor- ley, Sheri jacobs, Cyndy Poehler, Cindy johnson. 41 Roy Ringenberg was elected presi- dent of the four science clubs this year. The clubs performed new and exciting experiments, viewed films, contributed new equipment to the science department, and took a field trip to the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan. I Top fScience Club 11: Foreground: Mr. Alexan- der. Row 1: Holly Beasley, Don Ellis, Kathy Ra- gan, jeff Patchetf, Georgiann Voelz, jeff Quil- len, Gail Griffin, Mike Fishel. Row 2: Tim Finch, Dan Davis, Russel Record, Bill Bucker, Paul Bush, Conrad Hause, Brenda Habig, Holly Hun- dertmark, Phil Ward. Row 3: David Asher, Gene Loomis. Right: Interests in an experiment are shared by Richard Moore and Deanna Mendenhall. Science Clubs . sl. Bottom Left QScience Club Zj: Row 1: Mo- nica Free, lackie Hedges, Susan Colbert, Mitzi Philips, Deanna Mendenhall. Row 2: Roy Ringenberg, Paul Crouch, Cindy Aker, Linda Perry, Debbie Medsker, Chris Sheri- dan, Chris Zimmer, Norma Harris, Betty Newhart, Debbie Tackitt, Danny Ransom. 42 Row 3: jerry Williamson, Pam Damon, Peggy Palmer, lerome Witte, Larry Saucer- man, Donna Goldsberry, Cyndi Smith, Sheila Cook, Richard Moore. Top fScience Club 33: Row 1: Gwen Day, Linda Sparr, Gary Taft, lerry Pope, Peggy Palmer. Row 2: Linda Abbott, Vicki Smith, Mark Horton, Mike Murray, Dee Ann Grass. Row 3: Steve White, Mike Mann, William Gott, lim Edwards. Row 4: Karen Hinson, Rhonda Perry, Mark Lawrence, Brian Damon. Row 5: Larry Rutherford, Don Wil- liams, Standing: Roy Ringenberg Monica Free, Danny Ranson, Mr. Alexander. Bottom right fScience Club 4y: Row 1: jim Deppert, Dale Stanton, Steve Overton, Mr, Al- exander. Row 2: Marsha Thatcher, Leslie Fra- zier, julie Babbs, Karen loyce, jama Shrake, Dee Ann Grass. Row 3: Toy Weber, Sandy Even, Donna jackson, laren Woolard, Ronnah Noblitt, Pam Marshman. Left: Donna Goldsberry eagerly participates in a Science Club activity. 43 The FHA Chili Supper was quite an event, along with buying gifts at Christmas for people at the Morgan County Home. With Dads eager for a night out, Daddy Date Night was a great evening. Members were busy, during FHA Brownie Week, surprising the faculty with gifts everyday. Top fSeniorsJ: Row 1: Sheryl Vanhook, Mary Bain, Sheila Willoughby, Paula West, Gayle Roller, jane Stewart, Virginia Boling, Anna Cal- ton, Dorthy Clem, Debi Hamm, jean Golden. Row 2: Debbie Holland, Teresa Anderson, Linda Hyatt, Debbie Phelps, Cathy West, Brenda Smith, Karen joyce, Teresa johnson, Linda Mershon, Kathy Gill, Patty Moon. Row 3: Kathy Ditton, Sandi Fishel, Toni Roberson, Nancy Norton, Geroldine Hargis, Nancy Hall, Monta Brown, Becky Ruona, julia Gilman, Ka- ren Golden, Linda Baker. Row 4: Sandy Riede- sel, Nina Copeland, Glenda Rastenberg, Farrell Owens, Vicki Pruden, Charlette Harper, Debi Cherry, Gaidene Sachs, Salli Hopkins, Pam johnson, Rachel Endsley. Row 5: Ron Hudson, Bill Painter, Terry Sharpe, Mike Covey, jerome Witte, Buddy Western, Cindy Aker, Peggy Richer. Middle Uuniorj: Row 1: Vicki Strunk, Kathy Minardo, Gloria Smith, Cyndi Smith, Marta Murphy, Linda Park, Terry Broadstreet, Mable Behrens, Debbie Spoon, Sandy Even, Kathy Ra- gan. Row 2: Brenda Habig, Nancy Garner, Chris Dugger, julie Babbs, Vicki Graham, Hollie Hun- dertmark, Nancy Whitaker, Cindi Howell, Carol Painter, Sherry Summers, Melody Forester, Row 3: Melody Cohen, Leslie Frazier, Patty Ogden, Candie Tidwell, Denise judd, Debbie Horton, Carolyn Eaker, Anna Reinhardt, Terry Wilson, Norma Bain. Bottom tBoardj: Row 1: Cyndi Smith, Marta Murphy, Linda Mershon, Debbie Spoon, Linda Park, Cindy Aker, Mable Behrens, Cheryl My- natt, Terry Broadstreet. Row 2: Gayle Roller, Teresa johnson, Lynn Chowning, Brenda Habig, jaren Woolard, julie Even, Patty Moon. 44 Top left: Gifts were given to the elderly at the Morgan County Home. Bottom Left: Debbie Holland helps FHA spread Christmas cheer. WS 31 5 il A trvvf' T, A v5 in W B". l Yrs., 'Nd' E . I , ' fl- . . +I 1. -1 I My-,1 6 : ,Q ff W talk 5 5 is Top right tS0phomoresj: Row 1: Katie Whitfield, Debi France, Sherry Rives, Deb- bie Bailey, Becky Tipmore, Alisia Williams. Row 2: Cheryl Mynatt, Marcia Cook, Caro- lyn Stringer, Lisa Hundertmark, Sandy Med- sker, Venita Engleman, Cindy Dunham. Row 3: Nila Poe, Lynn Crouch, Rhonda Curtis, jane Roller, Tawnee Powell, Susan Brewer, Debbie Patrum. Bottom righttFreshmenj: Row 1: julie Mor- ris, Nancy Remester, Rhonda Powers, Laura Plummer, Cindy johnson, Nan Swinney, jeana Palmer, Vicki Mynatt, Mary Murphy, Sarah Moore. Row 2: Valerie Smith, Mariena Gott, Tina Davidson, Mary Corbin, Sharon Martin, Melisa Noblitt, Colleen Orender, Melinda johnson, jody Cartmell. Row 3: Frances Rastenberg, Donna Davisson, Anita Cole, Pam Quiggins, julie Even, Linda Weaver, Lynne Chowning, Linda Gajderow- icz, Brenda Grass, jeannette Thomas. Row 4: Karen Park, Mary Keller, Teresa Mills, Beth Ramond, Robbie Rese, Lynn Taylor, Sheila Cox, Vicki App, Diana Davisson, Mary Sachs. 45 Mat Maids, Pep Club A club formed to back the wrestlers has grown and been noticed more than ever this year. The Mat Maids kept score and backed our grapplers at every meet. Top fMat Maidsj: Row 1: De Ann Grass, Jolie Henderson, Nancy Kimmel, Mr. Qualitza, Gwen Crawford, Mary Lou Henderickson, Beth Kirk. Row 2: Georgann Volez, Cassie Lehr, Toy Weber, Cindy Hatch, Rosanne Fuller. Bottom: Mat Maids prepare for a skit during pep session, as Mr. Graves admires. 46 Yells of victory and the cries of defeat echoed through the gym as the Pep Club backed our team. New flash card routines were made availables by Pioneer shirts sold in the summer. 47 FFA, FFA helped the FHA in their stamp drive and participated in a meeting with the FHA, to get the stamps ready to send to the needy. Top right fFFaj: Row 1: Norman Frodge, Randy Key, jeff Smith, Mark Wright, Mike Grounds, jim Strunk, Larry Stevenson, Gail Allison, Mark Wise, Mr. King. Row 2: Louis Robertson, Allen Camden, Wendall Owens, Mike Park, Ron Bean, Steve Mynatt, john Henson, joe Minardo, Richard Gaither, Mike Dorsett, Lanny Lawyer. Row 3: Rick Clark, Roy Ballard, Duke Atwood, Steve Brown, Richard Murray, Pat McGill, jim Rowe, Don Stockley, Mike jackson, Tim Morris, Mark Brock, Kirby Land, Row 4: Gary Collins, Robbie Halcom, Tom Clem, Randy Lane, Ray Pridemore, Mike Bishop, Stan Ringer, john Bain, Mike Ellington, Charles Lee, jim Smith, Charles Mundy, Larry Gunter. Row 5: Rick Har- rison, jeff Graham, Kevin Henderickson, David Endsley, Lacey Golden, jim Clevenger, Vaughn Goss, jay Harless, Dave Burgess, Floyd Par- rsons, Robert Poteet, Lee Brooks, Sam Bran- denburg. Row 6: Ron Sitton, Denver Ridner, Frank Coffey, Todd johnson, Doug Kays, Chuck McCammack, Clarence Davis, Danny Burgess, Electronics Drafting Tom Wheeler, Lonnie Cochran, Ronnie Ratliff, Leslie Newcomb, Rodger Neitzel, David Ream, Randy Calton, Bryan Dyer, Bob Holland. Building a radio was one of Elec- tronics Drafting's projects for the year. Checking and repairing equip- ment, was helpful when it came time to draw the plans for the radio. Bottom tElectronics Draftingj: jeff Myrick, Dan Baker, Mr. Riley, Dan Davis, Bruce Marine, Mike Marine, Dale Stanton, Mike Mann, Eu- gene Mann, john Hartman, jeff Smith, Dennis Stanton, Bob Hennigar, Mike Gaither, Henry Gray. ...vw Letterman's Club, FCA Top left fLetterman's Clubj Row 1: Bill Al- len, Warren Grubb, jerome Witte, Russell, Record, On Moy, Mike Fishel, Ron Bean. Row 2: Bill Atwood, jim Many, jim jackson, Dale Stanton, jim Depert, Rick jones, Mark Powell, Mark McGuire. Row 3: Buddy Western, Dan Ransom, Mark Wright, Rick Breedlove, Randy Murray, Randy Key, Kim Thaler, Dickie Crane. Row 4: Paul Bush, Bill Atwood, Eddie Plummer, Gene Loomis, Ron Stinnett, Phil Ward, Tony Mong, Bruce McCain, Tom Quillen, Mike jacobs. Row 5: Dan Blackwell, Mike Grounds, Mark Hor- ton, Troy Bridgeman, Dennis Cooper, Tony Woods, Sam Stader, Donald Lasley, jeff Robinson. aio. Lette-rman's Club saw films and dis- cussed many atheletics. Ice Cream was sold on lunch hours and class shirts were sold to raise money for a weight machine. Paul Anderson was the guest speaker for an FCA banquet where he gave demonstrations of his strength. FCA also sponsored a basketball game with the Mooresville faculty against their rival, the Monrovia faculty. Bottom QFCAJ: Row 1: Eddie Hopper, jim De- pert, Russell Record, jerome Witte, jim Many, Dick Crane, Mark Powell, Dan Ransom. Row 2: Mike Fishel, Mark Wright, Phil Ward, David Asher, Tom Quillen, jeff Patchett, Bill joyce, Mike Pemberton. Row 3: Mr. Graves, Mike Kiz- zee, Don Perry, Steve joyce, Mike Holtsclaw, David Holtsclaw, Eddie Gaines, Larry Ferguson, Louis Robertson, jeff Small, jerry Ransom. 49 With a new sponsor, Mr. Franklin, the FTA held the annual teacher's tea in the cafeteria and sold smile posters to the student body. FTA members heard Mr. Curry, superintendent of schools, speak on teaching quali- fications and how to interview pro- spective teachers. Top QFTAJ: Row 1: Wes Wingate, Sherman Har- low, jim Many, Kent Knopp, Dave Irvine, Dick Crane, Scott Gilchrist, Greg Kinnett. Row 2: Far- rell Owens, Cindy Acre, Georgia Newhart, Lynn Hudson, jane Bernard, julie Babbs, Cecilia Miller, Susan Colbert, Debbie Medsker. Row 3: Vicki Graham, Chris Zimmer, Melody Forester, Theresa johnson, Debbie Horton, Nina Cope- land, Linda Perry, Denise Golay, Donna jack- son, Linda Mershon. Row 4: Carol Kinnett, Mar- cia Cook, Carolyn Eaker, Christina Sheridan, Ronnah Moblitt, Peggy Palmer, jaren Woolard. Trips to the indianapolis Museum of Art and Brown County highlighted this year for Art Club members. Mem- bers also made a wall mural for the art room and Christmas trees for the Plainfield Nursing Home. Cindi How- ell received the Art award given to the person most active and talented in Art Club and class. 50 FTA, rt Club l.. , N-wt MW..Wf,.n-N .s..,.., .. U .1.WWAW,,i22-'?"2tf525-www-trite-swarm:wa. M, - , me MWWM-7?MffTVfwaw,.:, ww-mimwnw Bottom tArt Clubj: Row 1: Billy Lee, jeff Burch, Steve Beaver, Terry Beaver, Cathy Sinn, Sue Fornoff, Cathy Wicher, Kelly Sheets, Ken Ogle, Phillip Peasley, Dan Gar- rard. Row 2: Tom jones, Ernie Vandeventer, Vaughn Goss, Randy Key, Tony Mong, Ed- die Plummer, Allen Thompson, Mike Wor- sham, Gary Branthafer, Eddie johnson, Miss Gordon. Row 3: Henry Gray, Richard Moore, Charlie Froedge, Gary Shaw, Deb- bie Patterson, Cindy Cochran, Paula Gar- rard, Dons Stacy, Sheryl Fornoff, Debbie Hopwood, Karen Golden. Row 4: Richard Reynolds, Sharon Glidden, Rick Patterson, Cindi Howell, Donna Smith, Debbie Flagel, Christina Sheridan, janet Roller, Gregg Woolard, Carol Oliver, jayne Morgan. Row 5: Rocky Clark, Sherry Riedesel, Becki Whi- tehair, Linda Sparr, Cindy Andrews, Beth Smith, Melanie Mann, Brenda Long, Christ- ina Andrews, Oscar Weekly. Drama Club, Math Club Bottom tMath Clubjz Row 1: Vicki Ruona, Linda Abbott, Lynn Hudson, Pam Damon. Row 2: Russell Record, Vicki Mynatt, Randy Murray, Marck Wright, Shelley Hiatt, Don Williams. Row 3: Brian Damon, Dick High- tshue, Roy Ringenberg, Mike Fishel, Nancy Isa.-"',.'k""'l ,,,k , . Whitaker. Row 4: Garland Truel, Charles Hackler, David Asher, Tony DeBoor, Ron Ringenberg, Mike McKneely, jeanine Hart, David Hackett, Background: jim jackson, Sherman Harlow, Tim Finch, jeff Patchett, Mr. Grosskreutz. The Drama Club and Choir combined efforts and presented Hello Dolly to the public. Melissa Noblitt and David Hackett appeared opposite each other for one-act play before Drama Club Members. Top tDrama Clubj: Row 1: Warren Grubb, Toy Weber, Shelia Cook, Doralea Wright, Dorothy Clem. Row 2: Mark Laurence, james Christian, Virginia Boling, Pam Cochran, Anna Calton, Gail Roller, Don Smith, Phil Worley, Donna Goldsberry, jolie Henderson, David Bowman, Sue Fornoff. Row 3: Monta Brown, Eddie Hop- per, Cecilia Miller, Rick Patterson, Linda Mer- shon, Linda Baker, Steve White, Nancy Hall, Becky Ruona, jean Colden, Charlie Worley, Brenda Smith. Row 4: Mike McKneely, Cathy Sinn, Debbie Tackett, Richard Moore, Toni Zi- poff, Vicki Smith, Deanna Mendenhall, Beth Smith, Linda Sparr, Rhonda Sheperd, jonita Le- verett, Marsha Thatcher, Terry Broadstreet. Row 5: Melissa Noblitt, Sharon Martin, Becki Middleton, jeanine Hart, Donna Edwards, Cathy Conrad, Susan Carlisle, Nancy Kimmel, Pam Kirby, Carolyn Stringer, Katie Whitfield, ja- net Roller, janet Smiley. Row 6: Sherry Hall, Lynn Chowning, Linda Weaver, Dietra Sears, Melinda johnson, Alissa Williams, Becki Tip- more, Tamara Trogden, David Hackett, jackie Tyree, Don Polk, Phillip Peasley, Scott Truel. Row 7: Cathy Conrad, Sherry Hatfield, Eddie johnson, julie Bowman, Linda Gajderwicz, jane Even, Coleen Orender, Gary Pallin, Lynn Taylor, Sherry Hall, Marguerita Mason, Karen Abbott, Andy Ventrone. Working with probability problems and throwing math puns at each other, Math Club members have lots of fun at each meeting. 51 Medical Club Social Science Club Medical Club members went on a field trip to the Indiana University Medical Center at Indianapolis. Mem- bers also learn about careers in the medical field. Top right qMedical Clubj: Row 1: Mike Fishel, Mr. Brewer, Debbie France, Debbie Tackett. Row 2: jeff Patchett, Cathy Conrad, Richard Moore. Row 3: Dick Hightshue, Norma Harris, Tom Quillen, Roy Ringenberg. Row 4: Sherry Rives, Lynn Hudson, jan Goodman, Marsha Thatcher. Row 5: Racheal Hipsher, Debbie Clark, Pam Kirby. The Social Science Club saw a film on the history of Mooresville, presented by Mr. Don Adams. Members also took a field trip to the Conner Prairie Farm. Bottom Left qSocial Science Clubl: Row 1: Ca- rol Kinnett, Mary Ann Davee, Marsha Thatcher, Wes Wingate, Cassie Lehr, Eddie Hopper. Row 2: Vicki Wilson, Georgia Newhart, lody Bledsoe, Garland Truel, Cyndi Smith, Vicki Smith. Row 3: Vicki Ruona, Pam Kirby, Sally Poole, Debra Minnick, Debbie Freeman, janet Smiley. Row 4: Judy Ramond, Debbie Bailey, Cathy Conrad, Sherry Riedesel, Gwen Day, Scott Truel. Row 5: Debbie Patrum, Terry Woods, leannine Hart, Stanely LeBlanc, Ron Ringenberg, Don Polk, Row 6: Mike McNeely, jeff Turley. 52 Chess Club, Librar Aids Members of Chess Club gained knowledge of chess through repeated attempts to win a game. Top left iChess Clubl: Row 1: David Matthews, Ken Ogle, Eugene Mann, Jeannine Hart, Tim Wonnell, Bruce Henderson, Mike Casey, Ron Ringenberg. Row 2: Richard Soughers, Mike Starns, Fred Stewart, Andy Plummer, Ron Smith, Steve Barnes, jerry Williamson, David Hill, Da- vid Asher, Kent Knopp. Row 3: Charles Worley, Russell Record, Donna Coldsberry, Mike Ma- rine, Phil Ward, Roy Ringenberg, Harold Hoo- per, Larry Bledsoe, Dick Hightshue, Chuck Per- dunn, Bill Bucker. The Library Aids help students locate materials, then check them out. Middle iLibrary Aidsl: Row 1: Cathy West, Ka- ren Golden, Virginia Boling, Brenda Smith, Pam Cochran, Cheryl Mattingly, Ann Butler, Betty Ransom, Patty Majors, Toni Roberson. Row 2: Mark Laurence, Kim Thaler, Linda Hyatt, Mike Covey, Cindy Hatch, Mike Park, Gwen Day, Sam Quillen, Neva Haymaker, Mark Horton. Ron Ringenberg attempts to outwit Russ Record, as Phil Ward watches. 53 Mrs. Hadley was Campus Crier's new sponsor, with Theresa johnson as edi- tor. The staff and the journalism classes put out the school paper. Top QCampus Crierj: Row 1: Theresa johnson, Bill Gott, Mrs. Hadley. Row 2: Mark Powell, Max Milner, Mike Skiles, Vicki Graham, lane Stewart, Virginia Boling, Cheryl VanHook. Row 3: Roy Spencer, Dan Ransom, Steve johnson, Rocky Clark, Gary Taft, Mark Wright, Marsha Bernie, Debbie Medsker, Steve White, Right: Campus Crier staff busy with work. 54 Wagon Trails Above: Chris Zimmer and Donna Goldsberry discuss problem. Top QWagon Trailsj: Row 1: Linda Perry, Donna Coldsberry, leanie Hatfield, Vicki Pruden. Row 2: Mike Kizzee, Mike Pember- ton, Sandy Even, Sherry Keith, jaren Woo- lard, Deanna Ratliff, Ronnah Noblitt, Lor- raine Turner, Debbie Bagley, Dianna Ratliff, Chris Zimmer, Cindy Howell. Row 3: Sher- man Harlow, Charles Hackler, Paul Bush, leff Patchett, Lonnie Embery, Kent Knopp, Gregg Woolard, Carland Truel, Danny Smith. Wagon Trails, under the supervision of Mr. New, had a very successful year. The year started with Wagon Trail's Revue starring many great acts, with a sock hop following. The Staff worked hard meeting deadlines and finished the book. Bottom right: laren Woolard works as a mem- ber of the organizations staff. 55 Sport Q" 1 g f 31- 1 , -. ad'-,,,..fu. 'f5fI:EH'zi:f?:. I ,Q - x 'E 1 J Xgf,,,. 'QT six: , v1'Lfr,3v"4'f?7f 7- '---'ff QV, -,ivan 1 -1 - aw g" ' J-iefiii 4 ,ffm-, 2. mg, -' ,, , fyig: . f,k.1,.,, 'VQHZI wi? 'xi ZW. ' WAP, ,, A A, f W-.,rw'.'f' J LQ, px ' 51 X v'fm4,,,5g ,U f, .gf ' x LN 1+12i3Iy.EZ?f' ' u wwf, , .Rf - Arllihf agua " 553121 ' l.t,ffb'w A , f-Q: 1 53-Q if -ff-----0 N .lik A i , WL: 'L " :1':f-Y::-TY'f'?"'lf-'lYQ.Rc lflll .-HEY" 'f' at T 'Y' . , V. ffamm .. . A K- ' ,, A 7' S.. . W. .W I I W ixigljpi...-.5 nf- .V ,, f A - "it ' . X -A'-safes., 7 K . f .E . . ' Lia.. ie: ,,.l,W,, in .T y it .Ai ,V - , -W, A- ,-ff gf. -:L Q- , K ' . ...aafa-szfsfz-M-w,L.fs-f-'dsi-Sifviafgs -:'? 47 : 1 715 ws - .Af N was ,. 'uf' :msec 3 As we look at MHS, we see many re- wards given in return for the hard work and determination from our ath- letes. This year, Mooresville wrestlers receiyed a first place sectional trophy. Football players rejoiced over their first victory over Speedway in Pioneer history. The tennis team captured 5 of 7 championships in the Mid-State Conference. Golfers posted their best record to date. School records were broken by several MHS cindermen. New coaches directed the basketball team throughout the season. The cross country team was honored to have the outstanding senior athlete on the All-Conference team. 1971 -72 was successful for all sports. Deter- mination Below: Pioneer defender Rick jones comes up with another interception. Right: Looking on, Coach Baker contemplates the plan of attack. Defeats Speedwa Victory came at Homecoming! The spirited Pioneer team plowed over Speedway's Sparkplugs with a 24-19 score, which marked our first victory over Speedway in Pioneer history. Homecoming victory and a win over Cascade accentuated the 2-8 grid season. Head coach Nick Baker and his as- sistants, Norb johnson and Mark Bre- wer, directed the Pioneer team through the fall season. Seniors Mark Powell and Will At- wood were named to the all-confer- ence team. Lower Left: Beating his defender, lim Deppert catches a Pioneer pass. Lower Right: Driving hard, Kim Thaler gains valuable yardage. 1. ,s.,3f4. f 'CB 5 n 4. . fe- . in .., . ,. J. .f 4 f TT' ' 5 an FQ 5 ..:. . . ' "' .. L K st 1. i ii, . E 'tt 1 Twelve Lettermen Lead Pioneer Attack Left Row 1: Bill Atwood, Russ Record, Rick jones, Warren Grubb, Dan Spoon. Row 2: Dave Irvine, Mark Powell, lim Deppert, Steve Kim- mel, Mickey Berney. Row 3: Phil Ward, Paul Bush, Kim Thaler, Mike Mann, Mark Wright. Row 4: Fred Sparks, Tom Quillen, Steve Barnes, Tim Wonnell, Dan Blackwell. Row 5: Ron Lehr, Bob Payne, Bob Summers, Mark McGuire, Dennis Cooper. Row 6: Bob Williams, Rick Harrison, Mark Caulk, Bob Sanders, Tim Finch. Row 7: Coach Mark Brewer, Randy Murray, Coach Nick Baker, Lawrence Baker, Coach Norbert johnson. Row 8: Managers: Lonnie Bridgeman, Randy Lane, Bruce McKain. 'l 'iw Sil f """ 1 . 4 -www 'wrtai'-I12ff'2::3'2 ,, 1 . ::1I.asI'. mafia: ' '?i.:::if:f"5EZ.Si.?1a:'1EEfEs,' . K '-PM E 5 5. qv - E : i Stall i ' Q V s' f 4 . , . . 1, . l 5521- -5 ol 'ri ' . ' L.. f Q is ' - sq! rmfikwif 5 'S sl 1 frfw-,gfg.g5,'1f,yff1 . 1 552 g E l , ...,.- . . . E35 at , . Q f ' . . yi 4 t if 22' li ' onent ' 5 frfais an IIUS e.....4..l-igsi. 1 2 e X a i it " 1 551132. mfg sf: .fill 5 , ' ---Q H ww, at i"-IY:2'5"-3 '--"iii : -HW . f .125 1i.W:1..5h4.2f2J' V , ye -f 'MSN " t ' V Y -EH H' 6.5?.W:"V. f'7f,Q'4"i'i'.'WZE' l"",,5n .- ai i w.. 'fzzwfsfirigtzw' ' VQVINYW 81" 55zlPf?ff?l5 .' ,' 5-K in HI aes ' 52575, 75' 5 W, 15 W' 1' 't.f" .5215 . fwkviefy-fav? 1 B .V 1 LVA M- gy an ,- Nw' rp a . . ' -wgziaw aft?15ES?1fs113r. ty ' 1 ' t wwS:?i2 u.- rwitfaiergiisiaflt -f we wwaazif' Aaifitrff- 2.51 f oezrff-.g-:mms 'wise'-tw-f ' , .' .Z"fe1'52" fw.E245.'t2'f:24.Hwfrgwf . fax' I if ' lfiiflvflsiisiiiml'fifiiiffifigtqsi1?5isf:fZf2srf5m?1v3E2?2ziiaE aw. 5 Q fe.'Sif'i2573iW'1afifl4fti7Sti ::.'lfY ffm't3i':?,"-V'w':rl5 'Ec,i.Y.5P1il1'f ,,-wtf,-f...Q..s. .J,, . .Wt im ..... Lower Left: Scrambling after a loose ball is Pio- neer Dan Blackwell. 59 Pioneers in Action During '71' Season Right: Pioneers down opponent by 30 yard line. Below: Quarterback looks for open man. Above: Using his defensive talent, Ron Lehr in- tercepts a Warrior pass, Right: Defense broken by Thaler for 15 yard gain. 60 Freshman Team Has inning Season Freshman pioneeers opened the 1971 football season with a win over Brownsburg. They defeated Mon- rovia, Whiteland, Martinsville, and Cascade to end the season with a 5-3 record. Left: Yardage on the play gained by Delong. Above: Row 1: Don Perry, Don Ellington, Kevin Smith, Gerald Baker, Lynn Ellyson, Lester Spoon, jim Roddy, David McCreary, Bruce Brock. Row 2: jeff Small, jim Settle, Bob Taber, Bill Headley, jim Clevenger, jeff Edwards, john Eale, Paul Racic, Bob Perry. Row 3: Coach Greg Silver, Greg Finch, Brent George, jeff Graham, Paul Newcomer, Ken DeLong, Eddie johnson, Duane Davis, Coach Randy Qualitza. Absent: Mike Harvey, Mgr. Chuck McKain. Left: Pioneer runs for touchdown. 61 Cross Countr Record 5-7 Mr. Dale Graves returned to MHS and coached this year's harriers to a 5-7 record. They ran 5th in the Mid-State, 4th in the Brownsburg Invitational, and 10th in the sectionals. Right: Noting the results of the team's first meet is Coach Graves, 'M X I Q 3 JA ft" 62 Above: Ken Whiticomb, Mike Kizzee, Mike Fishel, jeff Robinson, Dick Crane, jeff Smith, Dave Wrightsman, Don Lasley, Doug Sheri- dan. Not shown, Roger Williams. a f 5 3. y I f a,,iv-ite. s.:-s-I ,X 'wi ' -2--W 'k' ww ' " , ' . -- an ,E ,Ver .t f f at s l ' .. . 139' 5 A we W ll' ' dawsis : V w fer af , gl Q 33192: i f a, ' " '- 42 - ,- ily ' lfilw W H ll f 3 ' V ' " 'Q I 5 I ...,. ,i . wc, it gr -i Q55 Pav: - L Wt is W g, 93,22 .if fi in Av 1- r .ff -,329 ,SI iii' gi 1 -,as : , m,,,,, aa,--L .. , 11" My M ,g,am.,::key.s ar it-:.rm:r:2t:, ., , 2 . . ii ,W t A53 ' fe 'I f ig t 4 ff if A 5 ,gag 5 E Q Q- ,t .ff 2 -f gg 5 1 . s f if ,ti F , -x l r 3 51 'IB 3 4 K Q-955,44 L P r s . , Q gil, Z E : :.' l m? : .. fe w Q sui s Eil iir rilgifl il lg l if l .,. ,M .1 assi: l ' S assi: 'asf " ' 4 S g .-AA if 1 in s E L. 5 ::: iizffz 1, T - g. 5 AAT. .. :W ' 1 s!Ef:'PZ5i:ii"xEt.,f 'wi i 5 sg mifnzzav, 51.525 E ' 4 a t sl , -., ju Q Q r os, gl Lk .. l Mid State Champions Finishing the season with a 4-8 record, the Tennis team entered Mid-State competition hoping to avenge a slow start against conference opponents. The squad finished second in the Conference and captured five championships. Left: Russell Record, jeff Patchett, Brian Damon, Tony DeBoor, Bill loyce, Coach Don Peters. Above: Mike Casey, Steve loyce, Rick Squires, Richard Moore, Dave Thatcher, lim Callahan, Mike Bagley. Far Left: Mid-State champ in the No. 1 doubles and No. 2 singles leff Patchett demonstrates his techniques. Left: Another Mid-State champ Brian Damon, the No. 2 doubles and No. 3 singles winner, shows his form. 63 Spring Tennis The spring tennis team met head on some of the top competition in the state. With five Mid-State champions: No. 2 jeff Patchett, No. 3 Brian Damon, and No. 5 Bill joyce in sin- gles, and the doubles teams of No. 1 Russ Record, jeff Patchett, and No. 2 Brian Damon, Tony DeBoor, all from the fall team, the spring netters fin- ished with a respectable 7-9 record. Top: Russ Record, jeff Patchett, Brian Damon, Tony DeBoor. - Far Right: No. 1 Freshman, Mike Bagley, fol- lows through with a backhand pass shot down the line. Right: Mid-State No. 3 Singles and No. 2 Doubles Champ. Brian Damon drives a fore- hand back hard. Below: Mid-State No. 2 Singles and No. 1 Doubles Champ. jeff Patchett, moves in on a forehand volley at the net. Lower Right: Brad Adams, Mike Bagley, Steve joyce, Mike Casey, Richard Moore, jim Callahan. 64 2 Y T s sy., y S il infill 'ltll f . 1- i - f ,wie ' iw . ,W o rs z iv ft -,.'. , 1-l', Isr -.,' m'fi??i75f 'i'. 1 . , , -. ' ii'rii l 13,1 ".s, 25 ' ic 2 gglr' if ,i'i b ll? ,sri 3 get K B s 2' ssigc sl ssfssrf cl,t is sly, for ,V tv I Mil? S My-f E969 Q Q ' ' liillii T e ,Ji ' ,,., K . o,,,s,, 2,351 Jr ,,sr' ig sign 1-,V W ,L gi MM, fav.-5 V J. 5 xfr. q 2 as lf s B My ,.,. ., ,ist ,V eva-Mig M 1 ,, 1 1- I he . .ff x L. -...-,Aus-11: t '75, .l3"'mv2." 1 E : iki?i'1?Cei1s:ib ft 2-lv.ff-if527112:if.22?IQ1fiisQs?isZQ?iiRs5mfif.s1: t siifgtggfgtiigmgggfvl gs, gssvefsglflgsgggggsgsgsggsgin .,,4esz!w21fs1gfS1i5Sg5 Qwwfw:ZAfWSAwAf'1'svfwigs22sQi??2siss3?a12nssfsg.swsQsizaz2 N , X S Q f f- -if f 5.111521fzulfyiaiivi A 'G mi25?fMi59i 3 3 Af5S1f7Q."7,.'i ' ' ' . I1-i:591'?E?S1S?1" 'SHT A5 ' "I'GE.S'ii"i i,.!.,..,.1 - ,,, iv, ,,.h 1 A..-gg5955Ww:..wg.. ' 7 '- A- 'im1azkrni2s::s5Xi.s3"iw!E - .' " '.fE,f5g?Y5E45iQiiF2QEE132235297 f .i sa - C0 s t ill' : . , " . fl?iiQ?lQSi.'5F 'Tgni.W., , K ' . 1.1, . 25:-,... 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A., . , . . . Jbv,A.vA.v, -W ,--,- f-ff . . sf iff- Mui- , sh. ' . ' - 5 - :gn ,.,,. - ' ff mass. b:u:m.::.-6. 1rifff:.a1za4...r 1:1-L' 1' i 1 gnu.-Q-unv :we u'2"fisrifmszft:- A.. . , . . ,.,. t.......,,f,..m,f.3,.wwsr..H A9Q5sQ'l7ia-191.3 :ff . 1 I. , ' f".-fifg' EQFE11' :HA5U3Zg?f2??ig1j igililggfiifjijf .sf'lT"7j?: fqfi''SSETQHQEQQISQfgijgixizjigis ffeiiifiaii 'Wsffzfi 13 -' .IA Ui? 2" T fA:'7 5 :Hi-fiAf Ag'-'Lz"2Tfi if if 5527, ly, ' 5:55:31 r :- - f5'fiW 5152559.55 .aiffiiiiixqlwg.m,,fq,f2g4 Ligssggggww. kkry 1is,saf9w' I' ft p5'5f51S.?' if' " " Iewarw 1' . .x "S: ' H if"f"-f'Vf'f L51 1 'i37isE'i9f". S11 A1.f'7if'7eEib?Tl9 525??ff'5?fS5'1f. i.t.tf5i1Q?7A1'f,f?,- 5 sfzz , I.:...jf.....s.?iiS'-..g65:"- 525:91 ..'.!Y!' "!"??f5i'f. .7315 V. AVI 'll1TFT4?i 15155 ?if4ss?s??s?'?fi?'1i?,if'fE-ffif-ills'f ffm' 2 f Mi' - if 1 "f232..u.+L.fZr-fat,-'f MQZQM -.V -g .gi , swf.. . 5..4msysgggsxg.ffsaaiffiw i"'l5f'lv ' if . 9 5 . :.'59f.557.lff'56751: T . ' 'uieiiln' tm lQi.1,,'Y591'Zi3E - . , ..,,..k , w2ixffif'.- f S vifiiiisz ' gg. f iff- . .1 is K S. s S Top Left: Mid-State No. 2 Doubles Champs Brian Damon and Tony DeBoor work on their Australian switch. Above: Mid-State: No. 1 Doubles Champ Russ Record takes charge of the net to command play. Left: Mid-State No. 2 Doubles Champ. Tony DeBoor prepares to return a serve. 65 Basketball Team Has New Coaches New coaches Dale Ricketts and Bill Lake directed this year's squad to a 5- 16 season. ln the season opener against Brownsburg, the Pioneers were defeated in a close game. The cagers received their first taste of vic- tory from Monrovia followed by Zi- onsville, The Pioneers fell to three op- ponents before defeating Martinsville by a seven-point margin. The team fought back into the winnirig zone af- ter being in a losing slump with two consecutive victories over Casxade and Danville. Coing into the IHSAA sectional tourney, the Pioneers hoped for a first round victory. The team met head on with the Danville Warriors and were defeated after leading most of the game. Top: Row 1: Mgr. Danny Ransom, Dick Crane, Russ Record, Brent George, leff Robinson, Terry Reed, Barry Cole, leff Quillen, Mgr. Randy Lane. Row 2: Coach Dale Ricketts, Rick lones, Terry Sharpe, lerome Witte, Doug Sheri- dan, Buddy Western, Mgr. Marty Moore, Coach Bill Lake. Mi-is Opponent y Brownsbtu-rg stsc L 7 zatmststre ...... ....... L Speedway ................. 84-44 L L Beech Grove ............. 64-62 L Plainfield ................... 53-83 Mmiqeyitle..,............a3-76 L Decatiififlentral ....... 71 L Center Grove ............ 61 -44 L indian Creek ............. 73-78 L Cloverdate ................ 83-53 Left: Pointing the way for his team is Coach Dale Ricketts. Above: Defense is broken as the ball is brought down court by Crane. MHS' riii . i70pponen.I- Score . L L L 6 iiiiia LGreenwood..gfE2?fitigfg.t.4.493-67 L Avon .........,...... ....... 6 9-59 L Whiteland .,..... ....... 9 4-79 W Cascade .......... . ....... 90-83 W 1 - Danville...g,, ........... ....88-66 L '5 srii 7 ii1 iiiii . -Brown Couritye ......... 75-52 L Edgewood.. ............... 93-77 L Danville ........ 76-72 Above: Determined Russ Record drives around his man. .,.--"" xx, l xx 'I i I N4 Top Right: Looking for another score is Rick lones. Right: Pioneer power displayed by Jerome Witte, Reserve Season Ends For Future Varsity Team Consisting of three juniors, seven sophomores, and four freshmen, the reserve cagers, coached by Bill Lake, hosted a season record of 7-13. The team captured the first two opening games over Brownsburg and Mon- rovia. Following four losses, victory came again with a home win over Martinsville, followed by a close win over host Decatur Central. Above mid-season, the reserve team was vic- torious over Danville, for a third place in the Brownsburg Reserve Tourna- ment. The following Friday, the Pio- neers defeated Avon. Three games later, the Pioneer squad captured their final victory over the visiting Danville Warriors. Row 1: Craig Corbin, Mark Wright, jeff Patch- ett, Brad Adams, Ed Gaines, Rick Morley, Barry Hargis, jeff Quillen. Row 2: Coach Mr, Dale Ricketts, Kevin Tussey, Steve Wright, Doug Sheriday, Mat Swindle, Jeff Robinson, Coach Mr. Bill Lake. Above Right: Setting up for a shot is Soph- omore jeff Robinson. Above Left: Pioneer Doug Sheridan readies an- other two. 68 Frosh Complete Season Coached by Steve Brunes, this year's Freshmen had a season record of 2- 10. After falling to their first five oppo- nents, the freshmen defeated Danville in both A and B games. In the up- coming week, the Frosh lost in the first round of the Mid-State, but came back the next week to a victory over Center Grove. In the last four games of the season, the B team vvon three, defeating Indian Creek, Monrovia, and Avon. Falling to their last four op- ponents, the A team completed their season. Top: Row 1: jerry Ransom, Greg Horton, Mike Bagley, Luke Robinson, Donnie Peery, jim Curry, john Ehle, Steve Brunes. Row 2: jeff Ken- nedy, jeff Small, Ed Gaines, Bob Taber, Allen Camden, Bill Headley, Brian Dyer. Left: Row 1: jerry Ransom, jeff Pierson, David Thatcher, Terry Keller, Mike O'Brien, Steve joyce, Steve Brunes. Row 2: Ronnie Ratliff, Tom Wheeler, Roger Nitzle, Duane Davis, Mike Holtsclaw, Brian Dyer. Below: Pioneer john Ehle blocks a shot. 69 Grapplers Successful Again This was the first year that the Pio- neers have ever won the Sectionals. Second in the Regionals was the best finish yet to date. Warren Grubb, who placed first in the Regionals, was only the second MHS wrestler to compete in the state wrestling tourney, but was not fortunate enough to place. Six lettermen competed throughout the year and were instrumental in achieving wins in the M.H.S. Holiday Tourney, the Mid-State Conference, the IHSAA Sectionals, and runner-up in the IHSAA Regionals. This year's record was 6-7. The varsity team was coached by Mr. Randy Qualitza and the reserve by Mr. Ron Moore. This year the freshmen, for the first time, had their own coach, Mr. Greg Silver. Champions of the various tourneys were: Warren Central Invitational, Ron Bean. M.H.S. Holiday Tourney, Ron Bean, Gene Loomis, Mark McGuire, Will Atwood, and Warren Grubb. Mid-State Conference, Ron Bean, Gene Loomis, Mark McGuire, jeff Finch, Will Atwood, and Warren Grugg. IHSAA Sectionals, Ron Bean, Bruce Brock, Gary Montgomery, Gene Loomis, Mike Davisson, Mark McGuire, Will Atwood, and Warren Grubb. IHSAA Regionals, Warren Grubb. Top: Sectional Champ Will Atwood makes his move. Middle Left: Mooresville heads to the Regional with their first Secional victory. Middle Right: Coach Qualitza surveys his sec- tional champs. Right: Overpowering his opponent, Ron Bean readies for another pin. 70 Sectional Champs X ::. 1 :lz it -f, : , Z,, .:. 1i ,.: 1 : , I 'I 2" 'AA1 'AAA 1 1 AV-'fA- 'Y f1:"4 zilzf Z:': J ii V Y H' G EE at EF A:4Q l :,V ,.A, 2 Ei 1 ,, . l ":' S , ,fel .W is i?'EferA. atff?ieg?i5?2S7ffs?5i4fga7flagSw g 5 Eg QQ' f flmwaw W4 Mia? 55:51 .1-'wa V2773357i2f5,. .'1f 'Tiff' l fu fe: ,.,' 4 K.. 7 1' '2: ,,,., , U, W -.. , y -- F. V fif iig, :1,i , 1 fy X, 5 ,, 4 nv., V X V iv 2 aj . va f-.. fc 7 at ua, 5 .. im 5 1 52 K 5 ff? qw W? ,. J , J 24, iiii Wm -af,--a,' ww-I -, 1-V 37,32 , .nun , . ,E . . ing, if .AV.A , V ,..., Eksi 2iiias'i:, ax ,,i ' 23 Q f fm ' 5 '51, ,av 1 f 5, .fi - Y-nn-. 51.2 Fw U-af? .z,- .-A..,,,. , .-ffE ,,, ,E ..,., ,,. ..,, My K "":,, , -V ' QE -A" ggi. M155 if G A QE1 ,,y,,, f . if ,3 ' 2 2 V fl ..,. ,. E l ,... is Y ,.,,,. 5 , 3 f Top Row 1: Mark McGuire, Mike Davisson, Gene Loomis, Gary Montgomery, Bruce Brock, Ron Bean. Row 2: Ron Moore, jeff Finch, Steve Kimmel, Kim Thaler, Will Atwood, Warren Grubb, jeff Graham, Randy Qualitza. Above: Regional champ Warren Grubb over- takes his opponent. Reserve and Freshmen Have Winning Season This year's reserve wrestling team, composed of ten freshmen and two sophomores, had a season record of 7-3 with one tie against Greenwood. The freshmen were undefeated at 5-0 with tourney victories at Center Grove and in the Mid-State. Regular season wins were: Danville Q57-6j, Brownbury Q66-6j, and Decatur Cen- tral 436-243. Right: About to pin his opponent, Kenny De- Long shows the extreme determination of his effort. Top: Frosh Coach Greg Silver presents a trophy won by his team to the school. Above: Coach Greg Silver, Chuck McKain, jeff Edwards, Bob Perry, Mark Hood, Paul Racic, jim Settle, Lester Spoon, Stu johnson, Kenny DeLong, Gerald Baker, jeff Graham, Eddie johnson. 72 ' ' -fi .I --'5 "ff:-5 -We-4 w A jill? . I ' AI at - A I I3 " K .. fav.-ff . -, sift.. 1 .. .l 'filf wr ,-tu., -'wfm,fsa,,.sg ,Is - yi, '3vSf."g:zfaf3.gfi.-5155- -'ui-sffsu-i9?ui,s :'J,:1eLf7,fs'f '3fst11--,I.z'Y4i5em"'94L:g:f3.'ffMs'?Rv5lfffI135 - '?K1iSF '5LrE?gff,SK f ik" ... .. , . ., .. M s ,. , . Is ... , , - ,s- ,Mes c,,a,s-,.,.,.t,-..t. , ,qi ,. .sl i,5s,.,s .1,i lsswsl.-,,..sI-,,.r: W . f gg : , S " mint '-,L KI , V ,': - vwf- I Tig S ,hilivif D' MZQ-711.W-'Q-iTYQET 5' A ' . I'-92k-drill ' - ' if 4' -' Z L-Wi' iii XTR? ' X ' . ppo I-.Core Wefw ,, , V ,fy ,fw2ns.s- gggvggw-Is tangy g',,: " . r. j. ihQs, uf. Fav- tg' Gr . Ie.,l.,,, .. .I Cascade... a+ I f f.If .2-4M T 7? .w get I, IA 'If , -5 l...sI. I N I iggfw ...S-f, .wI mg aw W . ..:f.i.... 0 I ,I I I OFIFOV T 5 sw. , - . I.ft. . . -iifswu t z-was sf.. f I is ...,.x.wi.. , sf . .ln -Ae , , tl., M, , ..-lk. .ft ,. . QL. We Qt We . t , ,, , , , 2.,,,,.. .. fl. i.. ,. Y 1 f '- ,,. V041 sf . 1 I O-M , , , . wa' f ' in . K . ws wav - Yi wzew' ' ' - f wtiiitzt t i ' Eff .1 FF? V few tflttmirwff, '. gssfgtssiilsi, 'if' ' I- r Central. it T II ...ln .. iidsiiafe - 1 "glib: swf,-g ., '- .' sy. psgw..-, L, K ,Nt.t,,, Q,s2,fi.,,.g ' ikwgg 15651.-' gsilaijjpf' A .f 'AQ t, -"' Ni, ks ,.,. Q is Li ff1'ii ':5:ff,-f'?.'iw 1 ,5 I , ' ' ' ' , ' - asa. . -1 .f - u,ffQ,vIIzs M Q, 'lf-as N t .I Golf Swings Into Action The golf team this year consisted of five juniors and one freshman com- peting in varsity matches. Dan Thurston coached the team to a very successful season having the best record to date for a Mooresville golf team. Home matches were played on the Friendswood Golf Course as were practice sessions. Top Left: Row 1: jeff Quillen, Dave Barrone, jeff lustus, Steve Call, David Asher, lim Curry, Coach Dan Thurston. Row 2: Ron Dunbar, Kevin Hendrickson, Pau Newcomber, jerry Lamb, Robbie Halcomb, Mike Holtsclaw, Fred Stewart, Mike Murray, Darrell Brown. Below: Preparing to tee off, jeff Quillen shows good form on a practice swing. Bottom Left: Mooresville golfers relax before a match. 73 Hurdles, Pole Vault, Shot Put, and Relays Make the 1972 arsity Track Season A win over Monrovia started the sea- son off for the 1972 varsity track team. The team hosted the Mid-State track in which we placed 6th and the Blue and Gold Relays where we placed second behind Carmel. Returning let- termen were six in number this year. The team was coached by Mr. Hamm and Mr. Havens. Top right: Row 1: Ass't. Coach Dan Havens, Will Atwood, Dick Crane, Dennis Breedlove, Bruce Henderson, Dan Blackwell, Fred Sparks, Mike Fishel, Bill Shultz, Eddie Plummer, Coach Hamm. Row 2: Dennis Smith, Stanley LeBlanc, Marcus Roberts, Dale Stanton, Kim Thaler, Mark Pow- ell, Dan Robling, lake Hammes. Middle right: Clearing the bar, Dale Stanton easily wins the pole vault. Lower right: Knocking off the bar, Bruce Hen- derson misses a try in the high jump. 74 Reserve Team Runs to Victory Scoreboard ' MHS Opponent - 1 L Greenwoodg,5,5........... Monrovia., ...... .... . Score .105-11 .48-70 re1'ee 00-18 r o11 oreerr f owhtteland if fi -"-'w. . , L . t, Center Grove ............ W as DanvzlrleiggtgLiggggg.... 1 orree sfigleri V lam.-.,i 5 .wpefiixft ,,, K H . ,.,,,7m,,,, wi, ,,.,,,,t,, , 1, we-, 1' 4 , 'j f, ,, f , 7f5l9f,Qi3ffl9VfifiZQ!Q5i ','5f"' . , . .,,o ff-wt ,v,,. M-u:afs,Wm,:,, ,twtg-,L i,k. -l,., , , ,. - .38-80 L .......... 48-70 .44-73 ......6a-50 is Piainfieid..i4,.,4f3t.. .48-sat, -54 if roerre indian , , .. 11rr A Beech rrolrrror -t,m,s'z1tt,,g, , .,-1 1,ff-fefivwatw,.fg5,,wwvi:zswr emits: . ,. ,, .at J V H-H 1- fm:i:322iss:Q,A,w,t.21f ,f 9 5 ,,Q2,fg,,s,,-.,:qg,a1,f,,,, ,. , ,Mf,,iw-,V:wmyzgfswffssifwvq Q f ,, f ,,,m,sewgLtf .f:t,,,,,1t,,-me-fy' . .- .t.e...6th sz . , . 'Zio'-T., P. ,1?ff?.,' :xi t ':s1,1f,: i' 'tt ,. V ' ,L ' were U it 1gslreenwoodrzegizt.,.5gg..62f5q,sg-ffie f '?.sQ,, -' 532' ', - . fe megs f, ' it ffiigsliz - is ,,. ifiizlgj-jgili-U: lhii-'5i,2,f?T3s z:'E,l'ol -V ' az! rm 'K W, ,Qt EW' Er: f ,, -t 1 L E21 V ' tfifii E292 1-ex Q , 'fs' 'is-9272 z?i, L lx-fa fe: G 1, 2 isei . Y q,W1 g : 1 o . ,, . ' 2155 ' 'Ei . ,,1,,2 . ,,,,:r, we ' 'iff-,ii SU BS' eer of 11o 11r1 g .lQ..74-34 me .Lifs- ......67-50 Top: L-R: Phil Sheets, Dave Burgess, Lester Spoon, Lee Brooks, Gerald Brooks, Gerald Baker, Greg Finch, Ken DeLong, Larry Ferguson. Back Row: Mr, Havens, Stan LeBlanc, lim Won- nell, joe Nay, Steve Smith, lim Edwards, Dennis Breedlove, Kelly Sheets, Brent George, Gary White, jeff Graham, Mr. Hamm. Middle right: Using good form jeff Graham putts the shot. Left: Leading at the final hurdle, Brent George wins the highs. 75 Freshmen Track Season Completed . e'--. iff'f7' . M MHS Opponent , y.Qt,g,.L J ' m'f: e'e-,e, 3 e',e' I L-I ',e, ,,e', ',e', e'-' ,-' -',-. -',, Ve., e'ef' V K' r efe' Top: Baton relayed by Brent George to teammate. Right: Gerald Baker jumps to a victory. Below: Pioneer leaps over bar to beat opponent. an- - 76 Varsity Baseball Top: L-R: Coach Bill Lake, Tim Holt, james, Al- sum, Alan Thompson, Mike Jacobs, lim Dep- part, Tony Mong, Dave Irvine, Bob Medsker, Kevin Forrester, Coach Bill Armstrong. Bottom Row: Troy Bridgemen, Mark Kirk, Barry Cole, Kevin Truax, lim jackson, Don Perry, Stan Ringer, Tom Walters, lim Many, Dennis Cooper. Bottom Left: Coach Lake views the situation. Bottom Right: Many hurls a Curve at his opponent. is ,i,' 142 , A Vfyifgffa U 1 , C A f K B fxr3'3'fW e M l ,r' I L ' AN O 6 , af M A .... ,,. - it w 4 ,g A . -M amffxvw B y rg s'r, lqflag-M-A A I 7 U , Alu, Reserve Baseball Right: Southpaw pitcher joe Hearn readies pitch. Bottom right: Coaches watch the last game of the season. Below: On the mound, Don Perry Winds up for the pitch. 78 E ' .,,. W.. K ...K K ? . .al H. ,Q Ra if :Ns ,. - V,-T Freshmen Baseball Bottom Right: Runner is tagged out at home by Don Perry, Below: MHS batter gets a good base hit. Bottom: Opponent slides into base. Leaders in School Spirit Skill, coordination and the ability to have precise timing with other cheer- leaders, determine the outcome of a good cheerleader. These people will support the teams of MHS whether they are winning or losing. As the years go on, MHS cheerleaders will create school spirit in such a way that Mooresville will not be forgotten. Top Right: Varsity Cheerleaders. Top: Chris Zimmer. Mid: Susan Patrum, Peggy McClanahan. Bottom: Cindy Gregory, Karen johnson, Bonnie Stevens. Above: Promoting school spirit at a pep session are Varsity cheerleaders Cindy Gregory and Chris Zimmer. Right: Varsity cheerleaders lead a yell during Sectionals. 80 Above: Showing encouragement for the wres- tlers is IV cheerleader Diane Dunn. Top Left: IV Cheerleaders. Sallie Kellum judy Raymond, Holly Beasley, Diane Dunn Vicki Ruona, and Donna Burks. Above: Freshman cheerleaders enjoy a victory. D l Top Right: Frosh Cheerleaders. Toni Martin, Donna Eubank, Sandy jones, Debbie Wilson, Maurita Reed. Above: Our Pioneer basketball team is wel- comed by lV cheerleaders. 8l gf it-"M: I 0 Q gg ig? X 'gn , gn, 9 5 i we .L 5.,,.,.,......N... -M--mv-ti it -lk XR, 1 1,2 - ,,.,, A 1 ll :':?r::':'srsr v'r.':,:.p:ks:::1:p-g7,1g5g 3lQ lv ,. ..,. W,,,,,,,s.,,-, A -me .U L ' . H Igg y- . I ' 1-S ,, i vttt t S f it As we look at MHS, we see that the 1971-72 year compelled students to learn and to enjoy learning. Classes involved activities among the students and teachers, instead of a constant lecture-type situation of the teachers to the students. Students learned through experience and actual partici- pation. Over-all, the classroom situ- ations were more relaxed, and the students learned more than ever be- fore. Students are determined to make MHS the best of schools. Communication often depends upon a well-developed language. Students at MHS learn to develope not only their own English language but also several foreign languages as well. They learn the use of the language for business, teaching, politics, and other speaking professions. These profes- sions require good use of sentences that are well-developed and punc- tuated correctly. In their future years, after graduation, students will find that their English language will come into use a great deal, and they will of- ten realize how much of it they learned at MHS. Right: Students listen intently as they learn the fundamentals of Grammar from their teacher, Mr. Franklin. 84 ative Language Above: Sophomore, Dave Minardo admires his grade while Mr. Bradshaw watches. Right: "My paper is finished," says Danny Robling to Mrs. Hadley. Foreign Communication There are quite a few countries that require the skill of a language other than that of their own. MHS has a great department for studying and learning different foreign languages. In this department, the students learn how to have subject-verb agreement, pronoun agreement, and many other language skills. MHS has a competent department and will continue to have one as the future years go by. Top: Spanish classes enjoy hearing the language spoken by their teacher. Left: French classes enjoy the use of the language lab. Above: "Act- ing," says Dave Bowman, "is one of many tal- ents of the Speech Arts class." 85 Times in History Students of MHS's History Depart- ment profit from mistakes made by men in the past and from success made by these men. Student study these mistakes so that they can try to realize what could have been done to prevent them. Past success is studied so the students can realize how it can be improved within the future years. History of MHS is made by students of the past, the present, and the future. gigs? Top: lnterested students listen tentatively to Mr. Higgins as he discusses Earth Science. Top right: History is an interesting subject, espe- cially when everyone talks. Above: Students en- joy Economics class with all smiles. Bottom right: History classes of Mr. Don Adams con- sists mainly of rap sessions. 86 4-. was K .. W'-'17 E " .g.'-'t"af:.:a:ff:::gz'5.4311 2':-,:f5'1:g'::.:s-'.Mfgq.. W.:-., as .. " :: Ei". .'"v-N213'Sw'I?!v-?"'Z miss: if wt f' . .,.., ...,, JVM V 1 We , 3 fl! ' ' - ,,'1grwj'g, at igsy - - ... y s Explorations of atter Intelligence is portrayed among the students of MHS when they perform scientific experiments based upon as- sumptions. Decomposition of com- pounds, filtration of liquids, and dis- tillation are among these experiments of water which are performed. Most of these experiments that the science classes do require time and skill to perform them. Students have learned from these experiments and many other activities of science that will en- lighten them in their future years-in and out of MHS. Left: Second year Chemistry students, Geor- geanne Voelz and Peggy Palmer measure care- fully and accurately on one of many ex- periments. Above: Biological studies get off to a good start with Mr. Brewer, the teacherg and Dave Irvine, the student aid. 87 Harmon in Music Choir and Band provide students with an introduction into the fine arts. Co- operation, determination, and re- sponsibility maintain a first in the im- portance to make a successful music department. Our music department has been very successful in its endea- vors-the highlights for both depart- ments being a first at Southport Marching Contest for the Marching Pioneers and a two-night run of "Hello Dolly" for the choir. Upper right: Standing around the piano, ac- companied by Rhonda Perry, are ll. to r.l Do- rothy Clem, Dan Butler, Don Wingate, Rachel Endsley, Marty Moore, and Wes Wingate. Lower left: Led by Mark Chambers, the Pioneer Pep Band entertains during Halftime. Lower right: Tep repairing a key during Variety Show rehearsal is Brian Damon. 88 Preparation in Shop Wood, metal, drafting, and automo- tive shops make up the shop curricu- lum. ln class, students learn not only about industry and the problems sur- rounding it. The future holds many career opportunities for students as they look forward into the years, when they will build newer, more modern buildings. MHS will play, an important part of building these dreams. They will have much to look forward to. Upper left: Cleaning machines is quite so easy, as Gregg McGuire and Larry St. Martin find out. HV' Center left: Preparation to print keeps Eugene Garrity busy. Center right: Repairing automo- biles is only a small part of auto shop. Lower right: Accurate work is important, as Dennis Breedlove finds. 89 Techniques and Design When enrolled in an Art Class, a stu- dent uses not only his hands, but also his mind. The two main divisions of art are the ability to conceive and the procedure in which this idea is devel- oped. MHS Art students work with various types of art and techniques. Included in these are prehistoric art, batik, clay, and water color. Sewing, cooking, and taking care of, or designing a home are a few of the abilities students acquire while taking Home Ec. Beginning students learn nutritional value of foods, unfa- miliar sewing terms, and good groom- ing. Third year students learn interior designing and fourth year students learn what they have missed in the years passed. Thus, the MHS Home Ec. Department will create several of our future homemakers. Top: Love is the thought that Warren Grubb wishes to express on his kite Bottom: Home Ec. 4-S students prepare candies under the supervision of Mrs Harrington 90 Facts and Figures ROYlLlH440 --rt 1? sa Q as-4g.'5..f" Today the students of MHS are faced with many problems. The Mathemat- ics Department is helping the stu- dents acquire the solution to some of these problems. From a two year gen- eral course to a five year academic course students are allowed to ex- plore into the depths of their minds. As students of MHS enter the world of business, they are caught up in a whirlwind of new and pressing prob- lems. They are prepared for the indus- trial work by learning the methods of modern day bookkeeping, record keeping and secretarial practice. Typ- ing and shorhand skills are also taught. Top: Senior Mike Marine finds concentration a must for Typing class. Above: Algebra I is a mind absorbing subject for Betty Pitcock. Left: juniors Diane Dunn and David Asher seem to be enthralled in their magazine. 91 Sparks of Vigor Physical fitness is stressed more today than any other time in history and MHS students are learning the "whys" more and more efficiently through health and phys. ed. classes. These classes teach students the fundamen- tals of physical health as well as give the student a break in the day's monotony where phys. ed. is con- cerned. Physical ed. and health is a beginning in bettering the future for generations to come! Upper left: Volleyball teams are picked before starting the game. Upper right: Bowling, as Lo- rinda Gregory discovers, is a sport requiring much energy. lower right: Physical Education finds Maryanne DaVee, Debbie France, Debbie Bailey, and Vicki Ruona performing foreign dance. Center left: Boys in Physical Education wait for instructions from Mr, Baker. 92 Skills through Practice in Much needed skills are learned in Driver's Ed. and library sciences. Stu- dents find these essential in their preparation for their future lives. Driver's Ed. teaches not only safety in driving but responsibility as well. The library promotes reading, which is also highly essential for survival in today's society. Students have the re- quired essentials needed to better their lives. Upper left: A glance over his shoulder shows David Hill that the way is clear. Center right: lane Stewart and Virginia Boling take time out while working in the library dur- ing fourth period. Talking to friends in the hall gives Gail Griffin a break in study. 93 W-. , . 1 Q, '51 , Ls ' fy, , 3 , 5 R A g ASQ .., R nn. -.. 41' V K I .xnxx .aw zr' " W .. mi.: sf. . M-.- ....W,., H , .W W ,,Ag,, W,MwM , s yr. I 1 T' Q Y. H ' N, M-fl ,ffm ...P s - 1 X. ,W . ffi i f f 'V 2 . A wa: J si- 'L -is , f male t-w'.Q' -'h' - . ' 1 'iz-.4,.m,2i,1if4i - sf Si 'fr ff is f Q ,,3,f,...1 twtsqag v ,tv W .ksM .,,f,,2fiMffLi,,,,,,i,,,,,9K Mpeg., , .: Q, ,t ff. mgmff. SW L -lfwfihzssiyl' As we look at MHS, individuals come into sight. The way certain person- alities view the school, often deter- mines the outlook of the organiza- tion. Collectively, this group of students is divided into four classes each with a distinct personality of its own. The Senior, junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes contain varied individuals which constitute this se- lect group. Anyway students look at MHS, the personalities, the human element that makes up this high school, takes first place in their lives. It may be a friend, or an enemy, a teacher, or a fellow student, that in- fluences their outlook on life. Seniors . . . Cass of 1972 , , t A munnfsvuur msn scunul Senior Class Officers left to right: Dickie Crane, Pres., Farrell Owens, V. Pres., Charlotte Harper, Sec., and Jeannie Hatfield, treas. Cynthia Louise Aker G.A.A. 1,2, F.H.A. 2,3,4, Pres. 4, F.T.A. 1,2,3,4, Sc. Club 3,4, Med. Club 3, French Club 1,2, Yearbook 3. William Averitt Allen Student Coun. 1,2,3, Letterman's Club 2,3,4, F.H.A. 4, Spanish Club 1,2, Basketball 1,2,3, Football 1,2, Band 1,2,3, Var. Show 1,2,3. Gail Wayne Allison F.H.A. 4, Band 1,2,3,4, Var. Show 1,2,3,4, Teacher Aid 4. Teresa Gail Anderson F.H.A. 4, Drama Club 2, French Club 1,2, Teacher Aid 4, Homeroom Rep. 2. Donna lean Arthur G.A.A. 3, F.H.A. 4, Var. Show 3, Choir 2,3,4, Office Worker 4, Lib. Aid. 3. Helen Mary Arthur Cheerblock 3,4, Choir 4, Teacher Aid 4. 96 Cynthia Louise William Averitt Gail Wayne Aker Allen Allison Theresa Gall Donna lean Helen Mary Anderson Arthur Arthur align' William M Mary Elizabeth Lawrence M. Linda jocelyn Steven William Atwood Bain Baker Baker Ballard Beverly Ann Libby Bedford Theron Mitchell Larry Wayne Elsie Virginia Beaver Bedford Berney Bledsoe Boling William M. Atwood Mary Elizabeth Bain G.A.A. 1,25 F.H.A. 3,45 Teacher Aid 2,3,4. Lawrence M. Baker Cheerblock 45 Football 3,45 Track 3,45 SpeechlArts 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 3. Linda Ioceylyn Baker Grad. Usher 35 Cheerblock 2,3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Campus Crier 25 Drama Club 2,3,4. Steven William Ballard Beverly Ann Beaver Libby Bedford Theron Mitchell Berney Football 3,45 Track 25 Wrestling 2,4. Larry Wayne Bledsoe Chess Club 45 Wrestling 35 Teacher Aid 4. Elsie Virginia Boling Cheerblock 25 F.H.A. 1,3,45 Speech Arts 45 Campus Crier 3,45 Lib. Aid 3,4. U3 15 wi vtaits 1 ri,ii55 1 rst i55i,t., 2 - .f .., .... ,,.. ..... .... , .5 .,,. ..,. . ..,5 tt.,,., v.ei5 1 Sided? '5t3,C5fiCiQf21f"fYtf H.8ffvlv3.lCi2,53UCl 1rffoyx,5We- 'ilgbervasgtreasuresf.5 5 a 5 The iiii cheerleading squad con-A xisistecliof Tonga Burnside, Karen jj1ohnson,.,55Peggy Palmer, and Stevens. The reserve was Beth Kirk5 Linda Linda Perry, and Babs 97 S Seniors Troy L. Bridgman Letterman's Club 45 Boys Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Football 4, mgr. 45 Baseball 4, mgr. 4. Monta Ruth Brown Miss Yearbook Cand. 45 Kadettes 3,45 Var. Show 3,45 Choir 1,25 F. H. A. 2,3,45 F.T.A.3. Doug Bullock David E. Burner Boys Cheerblock 2,35 Basketball 15 Football 15 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 2. Tonja Faye Burnside G.A.A.1,25 F.H.A. 15 Cheerleader 15 Teacher Aid 4. Daniel L. Butler Choir 2,3,45 Rhythmaires 3,45 Choir Musi- cals 3,4. Marjorie Anne Butler Cheerblock 2,3,45 F.H.A. 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Choir 3,4. Anna Mae Calton Hon. Soc. 45 Cheerblock 25 G.A.A. 2,35 Drama Club 45 Choir 15 Teacher Aid 3. Delbert Carson Patti Lynne Cecil F.T.A. 1,25 French Club 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Teacher Aid 3,4. Mark Steven Chambers Band 1,2,3,45 Choir 45 Rhythmaires 45 Teacher Aid 3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,4. Debra lo Cherry Cheerblock 3,45 Spanish Club 45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Sc. Club 45 Office Worker 3,4. 98 Monta Ruth Doug Bullock David E. Tonja Faye Daniel L. Burner Burnside Butler Marjorie Anne Anna Mae Delbert Carson Butler Calton Patti Lynne Mark Steven Debra lo Cecil Chambers Cherry N93 'w--.....,.., 'ulhlsr JNWUDQ. Donna Diana Dorothy Ellen Pamela Kay Shelia Renora Daiey Sharlene Christofferson Clem Cochran Cook Cooper l311's5fi fm' Pamela Gail Nina Lynn Michael Lee Diana Lynn Steve Cox Uohnsonj Cooper Copeland Covey Cowell Donna Diana Christofferson Campus Crier 45 Teacher Aid 3,45 Homeroom Rep. 1. Dorothy Ellen Clem Drama Club 2,35 Hon. Soc. 3,45 V. Pres. 45 Choir 2,35 Var. Show 2,3545 Girls State 3- me a av Oc 'an Cl'Ie6rbl0Ck 25 Drama Club 45 Art Club 25 Speed! Arts. Shelia Renora Cook Hon. soc. 3 4- Band 1 2 3 4- var. show 1 2 3 4- F.H.A. 15 Drama Club 2 3 4- sci. 4. I I I I I I Daisy Sharlene Cooper F.H.A. 15 Campus Crier 25 Art Club 1,2. Pamela Gail Uohnsonj Cooper Nina Lynn Copeland Hon. Soc. 45 Band 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2. Michael Lee Covey Diana Lynn Cowell Vk,,,, ,E V,-, 4,57 .,,,-, I V,,k. VZf,,,5 ffk-,k iV,,.Vf:Vf,,, ,k., ,mkirg Vf,- V,k.V 1 .4 competizibfigw 4 ,4 Llalsls 1 iiffjnj iilsyll 51 5 te - tleli ,542 5li Karen ,'10hnSOm 7angglP Barbarai Sandefer iwere' rnomlinatedil for Homecoming Princess "Willie Ka,- ren Ijohnson corwned as Princess 5 I I f Steve Kimmel and Mark McGuire wrestled on the Varsity squad as the only freshmen. To represent our class on Stu- dent Council Bill Allen and Rus- sell Record were elected. The Varsity Basketball players that were freshmen were Russell Record and Jerome Witte. 1 972 Milton Edgar Crane y Letterman's Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. 1,2,3,45 F.C.A. 1,2,3,45 French Club 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Grad. Usher 35 Prom Steering Comm. Class Pres. 1,3,2,4. Paul Waggoner Crouch Sci. Club 45 French Club 1,25 Ind. Club 2,35 Teacher Aid 3,4. Pamela Sue Damon Hon. Soc. 3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,45 Cheerleader 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show Choir 1,2,45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Latin Club 1,25 Soc. 2. lames Leslie Deppert Letterman's Club 45 F.C.A. 2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. Kathy Sue Ditton G.A.A. 15 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Teacher Aid 3. Marilyn QParkerj Duncan Randy Dyer Paula LuAnn Earles Phyllis lean Easley Rachel Marie Endsley Miss Yearbook 45 Prom Princess Cand. 35 Student Counc. 45 Homecoming Queen Cand. 45 Homecoming Princess Cand. 3. Michael David Fishel Hon. Soc. 3,45 Student Coun. 4, Treas. 45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Sci. Club 2,35 Basket- ball 15 Football 15 Track 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 4. Sandra Kay Fishel G.A.A. 2,35 F.H.A. 3,45 Office Worker 3,45 Teacher Aid 4. 100 Milton Edgar Paul Waggoner Pamela Sue Crane Crouch Damon l21meS Leslie KHUWY Sue Marilyn fParkerJ Duncan Deppert Ditton Randy Dyer Paula LuAnn Phyllis lean Earles Rachel Marie Michael David Sandra Kay Endsley Fishel Fishel james Arthur Susan Merlene Monica Lou David Wayne Norman Keith Fisher Fornoff Free F'M"M 'rs ' -'ss Lanny Robin Gibbons james Arthur Fisher Susan Merlene Fornoff Drama Club 45 Sci. Club 45 Cadet Teacher 45 Art Club 3,45 Pres. 4. Monica Lou Free Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerb- lock 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 sci. Club 45 Choir 3. David Wayne Freeman Campus Crier 3,45 Homeroom Rep. 15 Choir 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Spanish Club 15 Var. Show 1,2,3,4. Norman Keith Froedge F.F.A. 45 Teacher Aid 4. anny Robin Gibbons atherine lean Gill ulia Lynn Gilman .H.A. 1,2,3,45 Teacher id 3,4. haron Alicia Glidden heerblock 25 Art Club ,45 Teacher Aid 4. enise Ann Golay on. Soc. 45 Choir ,2,3,45 Var. Show 4. Katherine lean julia Lynn Sharon Alicia Denise Ann Gill Gilman Glidden Golay ln our second year at M.H.S., we ordered class rings. Placing third at Homecoming with our Drag- ster, after hard work, brought disappointment. Class officers were elected with Dick Crane, president5 Greg Patterson, vice president Karen johnson, secretary and Toy Weber, treasurer. Jeannie Hatfield and Peggy Palmer were Princess Candi- dates at Homecoming, repre- senting our Sophomore class. The reserve cheerleaders, consisting of Terri Curtis, Karen johnson, Beth Kirk, and Bonnie Stevens, created spirit for the Sophomores. Babs Sandefer and Bill Allen were the Student Council mem- bers of the class of 72. i We looked toward to our final two years of M.H.S. with much excitement. lOl Sophs Win Hall Decora- tions-1970 Karn Sue Golden G.A.A.1,25 F.H.A. 3,45 Art Club 3,4. Shirley lean Golden Hon. Soc. 45 G.A.A. 1,25 F.H.A.1,3,45 Drama Club 45 Office Worker 3,4. Donna loyce Goldsberry Hon. Soc. 3,45 Yearbook 3,45 French Club 1,2,35 Majorette 2,35 Var. Show 2,3,4. William Ray Gott Sci. Club 45 Math Club 35 Campus Crier 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,2,4. Dee Ann Grass Hon. Soc. 3,45 Sec. 45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Mat Maid 3,45 Sci. Club 3,45 Treas. 45 Latin Club 1,2,3. Gail Griffin Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 1,25 Sci. Club 3,45 French Club 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,4. David Michael Grounds Letterman's Club 2,35 Tennis 1,2,35 Wres- tling 1. Warren Guyer Grubb, lr. Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 15 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Grad. Usher 3. Nancy Rose Hall Cheerblock 1,25 G.A.A. 1,25 F.H.A. 1,3,45 Drama Club 1,2,3,45 Lib. Aid 1. Deborah Marie Hamm Cheerblock 1,25 F.H.A. 45 French Club 15 Choir 1,2,3,45 Choir Musicals 4. Geroldine Hargis Cheerblock 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Var. Show 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,4. Charlotte Ann Harper Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerblock 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Var Show 2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Grad. Usher 35 Class Sec. 4. l02 F., ,awp Karen Sue Shirley lean Donna loyce Golden Golden Goldsberry William Ray Dee Ann Gail Gott Grass Griffin CW' C33 David Michael Warren Guyer Nancy Rose Grounds Grubb, lr. Hall --nf-up ,Q 'Q-s...i"?"f Deborah Marie Geroldine Charlotte Ann Hamm Hargis Harper john Edgar Ceclia Louise Regina Lynn Hartman Hatch Hatfield Lynnda Kay lolie Patricia Tom Hedges Henderson Henson Patricia Ann Deana Rae Karen Ann Hicks Hill Hinson Harold L. Sallie Ann Maynard Edwin Hooper, jr. Hopkins Hooper Iohn Edgar Hartman Cecelia Louise Hatch Cheerblock 1,25 Mat Maid 3,45 F.H.A. 45 Spanish Club 15 Teacher Aid 45 G.A.A. 1,2. Regina Lynn Hatfield Wagon Trails Revue 45 Prom Princess 35 Yearbook 3,45 Homecoming Queen Cand. 45 Homecoming Princess Cand. 2,35 Class Treas. 45 Mat Maid 35 Prom Steering Comm. Lynnda Kay Hedges C.A.A. 1,2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,35 Choir 1. lolie Patricia Henderson Hon. Soc. 3,45 French Club 1,2,3,45 Pres. 45 Speech Arts 45 Grad. Usher 35 Cadet Teacher 45 Mat Maid 3,45 Choir 1. Tom Henson Patricia Ann Hicks Deana Rae Hill Hon. Soc. 45 Var. Show 3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2. Karen Ann Hinson Cheerblock 2,45 G.A.A. 2,35 Sci. Club 45 Choir 2,3545 Var. Show 2,3,4. Harold L. Hooper, lr. Sallie Ann Hopkins Hon. Soc. 45 Miss Yearbook Cand. 45 Var. Show 2,35 Cheerblock 1,2,3,4. Maynard Edwin Hooper Hon. Soc. 45 Track 2,45 S. Sci. Club 35 Span- ish Club 152,45 Drama Club 4. 103 Busy junior Year Mark D. Horton Letterman's Club 45 Sci. Club 35 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. Ronald Allen Hudson Spanish Club 15 Baseball 25 Var. Show 15 Choir 15 Boys Cheerblock 1,2,35 F.H.A. David Lloyd Irvine F.H.A. 45 F.T.A. 4, Pres. 1,2,3,45 Sci. Club 1,25 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Cadet Teacher 45 Prom Steering Comm. 35 Teacher Aid 4. Donna Sue jackson Patricia Ann jackson Steven Ray jackson F.H.A. 45 Art Club 45 Baseball 15 Teacher Aid 4. Kathy Elaine jett Cheerblock 25 Office Worker 2. Christine johnson Cheerblock 15 Teacher Aid 4. Karen Denise johnson Hon. Soc. 45 G.A.A. 15 F.H.A. 2,35 Medical Club 25 French Club 1,2,35 Cheerleader 1,2,3,45 Speech Arts 45 Campus Crier 15 Ca- det Teacher 45 Teacher Aid 45 Home- coming Princess 15 Homeroom Rep. 15 Class Sec 2,3. Teresa Ann johnson Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerblock 2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 2,35 Spanish Club 1,2,35 Campus Crier 1,3,45 Cadet Teacher 4. Ricky L. jones Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Prom Steering Comm.35 Teacher Aid 4. Guy Thomas jones Cheerblock 2,35 Art Club 3,45 Football 35 Wrestling 3,4. 104 Mark D. Ronald Allen David Lloyd Horton Hudson Irvine Donna Sue Patricia Ann Steven Ray jackson Kathy Elaine Christine Karen Denise jett johnson johnson Teresa Ann Ricky L. Guy Thomas johnson jones jones r gsm. V- .. ., r. .. A agar liessgfii H s?ifessgs2 Richard Steven Kimmel Letterman's Club 1,2,3,45 Sci. Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,45 Class Treas. 1. Louisa Beth Kirk Hon. Soc. 3,45 Student Coun. 2,3,45 Cheer- leader 25 Mat Maid 3,45 Turkey Trot Queen 45 Choir 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 4, Latin Club 1,2. Sandra Ellen LeBlanc Teacher Aid 45 Cheerblock 1,25 Latin Club 35 Drama Club 1. Edward Ray Loomis Football 1,2,35 Wrestling 1,2,3. Karen loyce Lynch Art Club 1,2,35 Teacher Aid 3,4. Debra Lynn McCrary Var. Show 3,45 Lib. Aid 253. Patricia fCunninghamj Majors Katheryn Marie Mansfield Michael Dennis Marine Hon. Soc. 3,45 Pres. 45 Citizenship Award 25 Wrestling 15 Chess Club 4, Pres. 4. Cheryl leanne Mattingly loy Andrea May Charles Larry Meadows Latin Club 1,25 Football 1. .sfeisez.:f2r5ff zs,:z, wen , f fff:i'fs1.fv,sq,: w:..fz..ff.wz'ffzi.isv..s'. rffziifzx we -reegs2fr?f'zifez3s ties'izzlwwif'ffiisfas..-avr.: af, ,sz-fs2i.s.'1.f':wr.. 422.-Mrr:'fsfiszi422.sffrsirwi'15112 IM 1.1 .f...m.Pf21:4f1:s2..1ff,-fr. f.,..f..srrfasf'ffzalszf-Fiferrrswssrisxiszgsezismf.. my --fsrrsi fx .sim z,:4ifiL?iii2l2fffff25f1i:s:.Q2f,:wfff:z'szgs,, :sez zzriszgszrgfrHssresi' ,. .. ., ., , U. fs- . rr ia . Us ..,,...,-- f.-...,.. . ...f..-.-f"--, . . ...,,... .. .ma ....--f A- .... - .........-' 3- VM., ,...,..,...,, ., ,.,,.., Q .. ra. r . 11 Wm , .. ......, . ,... ..... . , ....,,.. . .......... . . ..,, .. . , ., .... ..,... , .. . ...... . 53. 53,5 Wv fffeafmsg is f 1.5m aretffgigriiiffeesffseesgsfilewtsz wrsvffszf ys Yr: 1131 L' iaree l.' .." ,iff .V..7 fkrkh i5,,5 5 r.aa . l05 1971 Prom "A Time For Us Linda Ruth Mershon Cheerblock 15 G.A.A. 1,2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 45 Astormy Club 35 Office Worker 2,35 Teacher Aid 4. Cecilia Catherine Miller Cheerblock 3,45 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Cadet Teacher 45 Mat Maid 35 Class Treas. 3. Bobby Gene Minnick F.F.A. 1,45 Track 35 Choir 1. Mark Allen McGuire Football 1,3,45 Track 1,25 Tennis 15 Wres- tling 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 25 Band 15 Teacher Aid 45 Letterman's Club 1,2,3,45 F.F.A. 25 F.C.A. 45 Spanish Club 1. Patricia Sue Moon Cheerblock 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 15 Band 15 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Yearbook 35 Prom Steering Comm. Teacher Aid 4. Betty loyce Morgan Cheerblock 25 G.A.A.1,25 F.H.A.1,25 Drama Club 2,45 Art Club 1,2,3,45 Teacher Aid 4. On Moy Letterman's Club 45 Football 15 Wrestling 2,35 Teacher Aid 4. Randall Douglas Murry Letterman's Club 2,3,45 F.C.A. 2,35 Math Club 3,45 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Wrestling 1,3,45 Choir 3,45 Grad. Usher 3. Steven Paul Mynatt F.F.A. 2,3,45 Wrestling 1,25 Teacher Aid 4. leffrey Lee Myrick Electrical Drafting 45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. show 1,2,3,45 choir 4, Prom Steering Comm 35 Teacher Aid 4. Nancy lo Norton Cheerblock 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Teacher Aid 3,4. Steven Lee Overton Sci. Club 3,45 French Club 1,2,35 Teacher Aid 3,4. ""'tw' W Linda Ruth Cecilia Catherine Bobby Gene Mershon Miller Minnick ,,,w,,,. Mark Allen Patricia Sue Betty joyce McGuire Moon On Randall Douglas Steven Paul Murray jeffrey Lee Nancy lo Steven Lee Myrick Norton Overton Farrell Lynn Owens Cheerblock 1,2545 G.A.A. 1525 F.H.A. 15253545 Cadet Teacher 45 Grad. Usher 35 Prom Steering Comm. 35 Mat Maid 35 Class V. Pres. 354. William D. Painter F.H.A. 45 Wrestling 45 Teacher Aid 4. Peggy lo Palmer Hon. Soc. 3545 Cheerblock 152535 G.A.A. 152535 Miss Yearbook Cand. 45 Prom Prin- cess Cand. 35 Homecoming Queen 45 Band 152535 Majorette 152535 Homecoming Prin- cess Cand. 2 Michael Lawrence Park F.F.A. 15253545 Teacher Aid 4. Ricky Floyd Patterson Drama Club 3545 Art Club 15253545 Cheer- leader 35 Speech Arts 35 Teacher Aid 4. Linda Lenore Perry Wagon Trails Revue 45 Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerblock 15253545 Cheerleader 35 Cadet Teacher 45 Yearbook 3545 Assist. Ed. 35 Edi- tor 45 Prom Steering Comm. 35 F.T.A. 4. Rhonda Ellen Perry Hon. Soc. 3545 Cheerblock 15253545 F.H.A. 15 Drama Club 15 Sci. Club 15 French Club 15253545 Var. Show 153,45 Choir 153545 Citi- zenship Award 4. Debra Kay Phelps Cheerblock 15 G.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 15253545 Campus Crier 35 Office Worker 25354. Mark Randall Powell Letterman's Club 3,45 Prom Prince 35 Bas- ketball 2535 Football 253545 Mid State Con- ference Champion 3545 Track 253,45 Choir 3545 Boys State 35 F.C.A. 4. Vicki Sue Pruden Cheerblock 15253545 G.A.A. 1,25 F.H.A. 15253545 F.T.A. 25 Sci. Club 35 Var. Show 25 Yearbook 3545 Choir 152. Samuel D. Quillen Betty lean Ransom 107 Looking For- ward to graduation Danny Ray Ransom F.T.A. 1,25 F.C.A. 2,3,45 Sci. Club 3,45 Span- ish Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball mgr. 1,2,3,45 Track Mgr. 15 Campus Crier 3,45 Teacher Aid 4. Glenda Laverne Rastenburg Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 1,2,35 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 25 Spanish Club 25 Band 1, 2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Teacher Aid 4. Russell Ray Record Hon. Soc. 3,45 Student Coun. 15 Letterman's Club 2,3,45 Chess Club 45 F.T.A. 2, 35 Basket- ball 1,2,3,45 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Football 1,2,3,4. Richard Dale Reynolds Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Art Club 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 45 Choir 45 Choir Musicals 4. Peggy lo Richer Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 o.A.A. 1,25 F.:-LA. 1, S. Sci. Club 35 Var. Show 2,3,45 Choir Musicals 15 Teacher Aid 4. Sandra Sue Riedesel Cheerblock 2,35 Art Club 1,25 G.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Teacher Aid 4. Roy Allen Ringerberg Hon. Soc. 3,45 Chess Club 45 Sci. Club 2,3,45 Med. Club 1,2,3,45 Math Club 3,45 French Club 1,2,3,45 Valedictorian 45 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,4. Toni Sue Roberson Cheerblock 1,25 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 1,25 French Club 1,2,3,45 Speech Arts 35 Of- fice Worker 4. Gayle Renee Roller cheerblock 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 2,35 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Mat Maid 35 Office Worker 4. Rebecca lohanna Ruona Cheerblock 2,35 Speech Arts 45 Band 15 Var. Show 15 Choir 15 Spanish Club 3,4. Larry Scott Rutherford Drama Club 1,25 Sci. Club 45 Spanish Club 15 Pep Band 1,2,35 Band 1,2,35 Var. Show 1,2,3. Gaidene Marie Sachs Cheerblock 45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 35 Choir Musicals 1,2. gm, Danny Ray Glenda Laverne Russell Ray Ransom Record Richard Dale Peggy lo Sandra Sue Reynolds Richer Riedesel Roy Allen Toni Sue Gayle Rene Roller Roberson Rebecca Johanna Larry Scott Gaidene Marie Ruona Rutherford Sachs joseph Lane Shanks DeWayne Edward Sigler Brenda Smith Daniel L. Spoon Letterman's Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. 45 Spanish Club 15 Basketball 1,2,35 Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,35 Teacher Aid 4. Samuel Robert Stader Letterman's Club 3,45 Teacher Aid 45 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Track 15 Cross Country 1,25 Grad. Usher 3. Dale Darwin Stanton ll Letterman's Club 3,45 Sci. Club 45 Track 1,2,3,45 Electrical Drafting 2,3,45 Football 2,3. Bonita Sue Stevens Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 C.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Spanish Club 1,3, Cheerleader 1,45 Office Worker 45 Teacher Aid 45 Class Sec. 1. lane Alice Stewart Hon. Soc. 45 F.H.A. 3,45 S. Sci. Club 25 Span- ish Club 1,2,35 Campus Crier 3,4. jimmy Ray Strunk F.F.A. 2,3,45 Treasurer 4. ludith Ann Swope Hon. Soc. 3,45 Treas. 45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 1,2,35 Sci. Club 3,45 Choir 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 2,3,4. Lois Elizabeth Swope Cheerblock 25 Var. Show 2,35 Choir 1,2,35 Teacher Aid 2,3,4. Gary Lynn Taft Sci. Club 3,45 Latin Club 15 Campus Crier 3,4. l09 Tears of jo Lu Ann Thompson Hon. Soc. 45 Cheerblock 1,3,45 F.H.A. 25 F.T.A. 25 Sci. Club 45 Spanish Club 15 Choir 1,45 Teacher Aid 3,45 Girls State 4. David Earl Tidwell Sheryl L. Van Hook Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 G.A.A. 25 F.H.A. 1,2,45 Drama Club 45 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 45 Campus Crier 3,4. Georgiann Voelz Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 25 S. Sci. Club 2,35 French Club 1,2,3,45 Choir 15 Campus Crier 2,35 Of- ficer Worker 45 Mat Maid 3,45 Prom Steer- ing Comm. 3. Donna lean Wallace Cheerblock 2,3,45 Pres. 45 Sci. Club 35 Girls Track 25 Var. Show 3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Campus Crier 3,45 Officer Worker 2. Philip Norman Ward Letterman's Club 45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 45 F.C.A. 3,45 Grad, Usher 35 Football 1,3,45 Sci. Club 3,4. Toy Maelou Weber Hon. Soc. 3,45 Cheerblock 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 1,2,3,45 Drama Club 1,2,3,45 Prom Steering Comm. 35 Class Treas. 25 Mat Maid 2,3,45 Art Club 35 French Club 152. Cathy Ann West F.H.A. 2,3,45 Drama Club 15 Choir 1,25 Of- ficer Worker 45 Lib. Aid 3. Paula Sue West G.A.A. 1,2,35 F.H.A. 3,45 Spanish Club 2,3,45 Teacher Aid 45 Lib. Aid 2,3. Vernon Arnold Western Hon. Soc. 3,45 Letterman's Club 3,45 Cheerblock 45 G.H.A. 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 2,45 Var. Show 3,45 Choir 1,2,3,4. Steven Dale White Drama Club 45 Sci. Club 3,45 Latin Club 25 Campus Crier 3,45 Lib. Aid 15 Nancy Ann Wilkerson 110 LuAnn David Earl Sheryl L. Thompson Tidwell Van Hook Georgiann Donna lean Philip Norman Voelz Wallace Ward Toy Maelou Cathy Ann Paula Sue Weber West West Vernon Arnold Steve Dale Nancy Ann Western White Wilkerson james Donald Sheilia Kay Francis Wesley Williams Willoughby Wingate jerome Mitchell Anthony Blair Linda Faye i Witte Woods Workman Charles Howard Phillip joseph Worley Worley ames Estil Addair obert L. Alumbaugh ary Christine Andrews rett Lewis Billman ames Lee Christian ames William Eskridge ichard Walter Fox red Morton Hackett, jr. eborah Lynn Holland avid S. lngle aren Elaine joyce Mark W. Lawrence Steve W. Lawrence Gary Montgomery jerry W. Riggan Barbara jane Sandefer Donald M. Sizemore jeffrey Allen Smith Thomas St. Martin Mark DeWayne Taylor Douglas E. Woolard David D. Wright james Donald Williams Sci. Club 3,45 Math Club 45 Latin Club 152,35 Band 2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Teacher Aid 4. Shelia Kay Willoughby Francis Wesley Wingate French Club 1,2,35 F.T.A. 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Var. Show 1,2,3,45 Choir 2,3,4. jerome Mitchell Witte Letterman's Club 2,3,45 F.H.A. 45 Sci. Club 3,45 Prom Prince Cand. 3. Anthony Blair Woods Letterman's Club 45 F.H.A. 45 Spanish Cub 1,25 Tennis 1,2,35 Football 1,25 Band 1 Linda Faye Workman Cheerblock 2,35 G.A.A. 35 F.H.A. 1,2535 Drama Club 45 Lib. Aid 2,3,4. Charles Howard Worley Phillip joseph Worley Speech Arts 45 Track 15 F.H.A. 45 Drama Club 45 Cross Country 1. 'tf'1gve1s..1 wg,f-.wgfgrfs-,fQ1s1'1"fsg1f1fe1-ifa.-551134 a1:-yg4v1ez:-,pee-fQ:1s1. .-,'x1f.s7gm1--'fs1.'-ww:-amy...1,5,.Lf1W,3fs-1.1-. ti W --15: W3 1 . he f if , -if 1 1 1 1' .1 ' - 1. 1 11 2 -f -111353 . 1 1 1 - 1, .. :msg 1. in M1affSfQ2'fwz1?4Q1iQ21fv 3" f1s1.gfw fwg - Ffa iw? 14.1 --fr? -5'?1s1.'fw5f?"a. "f 1' MP' 1. Q 'af 15' i?'.'ffifs1iJ:s1 5. 51132125 555.44 1::'f.Q15f5J5fs1U 51 "fs: Ise1'5?1A-fe: 1lsV:'st4.'1 11.111555535131-'if1'iee155,j?Zfsa1L:f3454- Ms5E?5f51Q.Jj','-ffl.'?1P1g31ff2H:574:f?f9R114 t,.. ,.., ..,, . . .. ,... 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The pain of a third place in float com- petition QPioneers Don't Need Spark plugsj was more than soothed by a well-deserved first placed in sectio- nal-hall decorations fPioneers Will Still a Victoryj. In preparation for the fast approaching Senior year, the class of "73" chose for their motto "Make Your Fondest Dreams Become Tom- morrow's Reality", for their class col- ors, lavender and navy blue, and for their class flower, the red rose. Finally, the clss of 1973 has reached its su- preme goal. Good Bye junior, Soph- omore, and Freshman classes-Hello Seniors-Class of 1973. 4 if l r 3, . -M? lei Linda Abbott PI.: .I 3 ., A f Exif", "' fl 1 ,',-.- . i-- ff' -1 A2 jim Donna -li Alsup. Anderson il we if jeana David james Ash Asher Atwood 7"' ' -' 'Ar tg .- ,,, .1 7 -msz.gtg,ff- K ,. ,: wa, A-. Y V is f' W' 1 E .F fs if .. ' . 7' - " -3 fi.:-FT 2. ,Q L..- . ,ff 'fftfpl l2'iSl'.',.,, , ,. .- it Pa -f:.:fE'55f": ...--an "Lf .if.3f1fi'?lil f' 5:if'f - .f--fc' joe Bai lev Norma David Bain Barrone Mike Bishop David Danny Bivin Blackwell -S., f ' p if ' Pam Rick Cindy Anderson Anderson Andrews 7 julie Debbie Dianna Babbs Bagley Baker xi 'iw if X V . ff .E 7' 1 - :Zh an A is ., , .,,-.VZ - , :.f t"i. . N Holly Mable Marcia Beasley Behrens Berney 9, .- y - i ,"' 1 . - .. . .52 03, I V L f I: IZ , Rick Terry Mark Breedlove Broadstreet Brock Above: Class Officers and ClaSS Sp0nS0rS are die Plummer, Treasurer Mary Lou Hendrick- Grosskreutz. Not shown is Secretary Sebrina tleftj V- President Kim Thaler, Pf6Sid6l1T Ed- son, and sponsors Mrs. Harrington and Mr. Wheeler. H2 M,-f-V an Below: Thrilled by the announcement of be- coming Miss junior Class, lan Goodman re- ceives a victory hug Far left and left:Representing the junior class at Homecoming activities are Homecoming Prin- cess candidates Toni Zipoff and Mary Lou Hendrickson. " ' "Egg in - A E' J is Vfli i if A , , I ' V V ,et ,A fb ,. 1 ' ' ur ,A ' , f ' , I Q .J-Z , if-V1 7' 1 2 ' S- f 1 ' ri'A W Q 'gs 4' t W4 E "' - , 'ff ' " 'U I "E U -f i',,. .'211',' ' f E T15 - .ll 1 I VL A V, . - , K - T llru- I : me V L My a . . , ,KLk. . :-:-,- it at .kf, , K , W5 kyrkk 1 V K K 1 A A-,- L K rw -,t Z :.. I , .,,. ffl ., J: In rkyk K ,... yy L E It .bc i " 5 if at -. A fgffi- E - 'i ,'f:f'fLV f V ss'i t Z Bill Debbie Vicki Debbie Dawn Paul Lyndy Steve Cathy Bucker Burks Bumett Burvvell Bush Bush Butler Call Campbell ' 1 Vicki Mary Lou Rocky Kim Canellas Christofferson Clark Coble V "2, lim Lena Patty Brian Copeland Crusenberry Dale K Damon inf' fi? S L C 8 1 t Diane Carolyn lim Don Dunn Eaker Edwards Ellis Harry Melody Susan Barry Debbie Coffey Cohen Colbert Cole Coleman Dan Davis Gwen Day Mary Crystal Brenda DeBenhke DeVries Duggar M wi, , ,'- We 5""' ,C C' Lonnie Sandy Ray Tim Mike Embery Even Fergison Finch Fines H3 juniors 1 973 .i A ,ms J lx is-"' . sv' -1 Ya Q it 5 I J 5' P V s k"k.' Melody Leslie Bill Lou Ann Roy Susan Forrester Fraizier Freeman Freeman Fulk Fuller .,-, . i y is F . C F .if C C. F rleo ' myers 1 A b In "i g ir .Abi . 'F "'1 . 1' X"' fs Fz 1 , W- 'iii J -. , as , i Tf5F', iii- V Kiliii fhlr i i X - F' i'ii" 'Q' 5 f,- ma Dennis Nancy Danny lim Eugene Mark Scott lanie lan Gains Garner Garrad Garrison Garrity Gibson Gilchrist Golden Goodman - ., L.Vk I LL K-is LL,r ifL5..55ii-i.L.:L-iif-53. .iff,,,s A I . i ..." i .. . ' F- ff f'- 'J F . ri-'. F , D " S Q rrsrs sir f f r- 'Q X ' W f l . lf iriil si s f fg . 1 ,ii' : F ,is 1 : Y' , . M isc ' as ' ' , f'F -'r- lg, , if fy . "f-, sf ' 1 2 7: 2, .,:, i 1 4 :,F- - isis we .55 5g M' 1 siss i.. ssrsr .. . F -ir r f i 4' S is . it ssrr F - H iiri f rsi 'F tii si s l irsri si .. Vicki Pilate Henry Lou Ann Cindy Pam Brenda Charles lake Graham Graves Gray Gray Gregory Gregory Habig Hackler Hammes C.. . jk . ,.',. g i f,.: f V A . V K . -- I - ...V K - 3' f i ' Q fe fri . ' SJW +-F'-ff :,. I . . F F r QF . W get if iili S. ' i f 'Q -I -3 if if f L if 'hgh 'i- i 'F V 'r isrir i 'F , F - irs'i or s rs is sssiss ' rssi s r iis . ' I f ' L . ff F iff "l' F ili' F- ' Q' i',," H ' Sherman Norma Conrad Debbie Neva loe Charlie Mary Lou Linda Harlow Harris Hause Haymaker Haymaker Hearn Helton Hendrickson Hennigar Above: While clowning around, Charles Hack- ler portrays Emmett Kelly. Right: Top magazine salesmen, David Bivin and Brenda DeBenhke, look over magazines sold. Not shown is Debbie Spoon. Ill fx 5 21, Y i Wa Wwggwt-ww-wsraggg L, ,fp 5221. mfQ?hv.!asi.m:'lf . K . 5 1' "" ' J .. I, , , "1 . P , af avail f m,m' 7 ,, A Mid., l 1 , A' i .A ff .'k, A lg.. 5434 , 1 ' ' if-.f 1+ VA f-,L T gi ff, '1 Q A M I A . L ' . L L .Qi h , L L ., Q "'- 1 l wi .if Z -of ' E K' .rt 1? ' D L ff , ' i , :fi'1,fLi'.:-fe 1 . A 5 ' - 1 i is . ' I S3 E C , L' LL-. B -- . Connie Bruce john Walter Dick Bonnie Debbie Horton nr- .fb 4.4 'xi 40 .. .Y , L 15 A .e .f -sf: Pam johnson Denise Howard Cindy Howell Holly Hundertmark . V in gi E i o Steve Bill johnson joyce Denise judd Hill Hill 5 7 '4' 1. . ...f -1 W... S7 A 'f fl w V. 3 .. . I , W., . . ,,W,,,fw.m f A , K .A jim Mike jackson jeff Ron justis Keeton if S it L S ' ik X l x, Left: "We Don't Need Sparkplugsn awarded 3rd place. Below: Featured in "I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You", Sandy Even displays her singing ability. YAY, find Y HQ 1, 'Vi 5 .aw , xi , E -,- , E f 2. gg 1: Q ' i -, Ls- esic 'L my . ...V.. ,, Charles Ruby Debbie Hite Hoopengarner Hopwood " ,gy , t,f,2:i4,.Q1-ii. . . -4,5 me ,,f..i..2:1,s,s1 -. . W i ,W . " 3 . 1 -M , we s D L 'iz 571 if? t i X- J .. 'wf-- x Dale lill lohnson Mike Robin janet Kennedy Kennedy Sherry Keith ,Ag , . . K Vw ,hz E, 7 ,, ,L fa N . I n .Q - k.L vw 3 2 L E k V f "N L W ,i 'f . M2 1 . + W f., VV N ,Mi VV I : ,H ,W 7 ,L rl in .A .IL ng , , .A ,A by M , 7.., I I E I K - I ,, 17 .. V . A - - . 75, A 4 1 L. , M I rw: L K 5 if . v :f t , ju.: Ag-L 5, 9 R f I ,z: N 7 L' A , I 12,7 , f-W-ff h. vv 2' mf ji . - ' j ' 5, 3 ' 7 , .f Gregg Kinnett Randy jo Ellen Key Kimmel Kent Knopp Lanny Cathy Lawyer Lee Randy Gene Lindley L00miS juanita Leverett 115 juniors 1973 Right: junior concession stand attracts many fans at home basketball games. Arlene Loveless 5 sg X 1.53 X 1 :-',. . 5' .ss David Mathews Larry Gary Peggy Bruce Earl Lundy McCammack McClanahan McKain Maddox 1-+o f ' W1 ...1 P A P 5 Y i , ,V:' J, . L ',,.'V Wi " .Q , to .. . i t Q I I, .I ..,t, Xb d 1 Debbie Deana Max joey Kathy Medsker Mendenhall Milner Minardo Minardo Cecil Mike Mann Mann Marta Mike Donna Betty jo V A Murphy' Murray K Myers Newhart L 2 . A r w. A Ivzi T' ' 11 , P M . sserj Q '-, ilsre Wf 1 s L -i-V gf iiiis P . Linda jeff Susan Robin Park Patchett Patrum Pell H6 Rhonna Carol Noblitt Nugester A liii 5 Mike Ron Pemberton Pennington Tony Richard Mong Moore Patty Carol jeogdfifl eeee. OHVB' LX m zz., , -yggk Chuck Mitzi Perdunn Phillips an ,Q r N' -ak,--Q - - g g is as W f 'Q 5 V- VV- Q jim Many' f .X Q3 5, S :X Tim Mooris ' r - fi S A .W W 1 Carol Painter fa Wi ta H, 6 Az??f2'f'15 7342 5 2' "ii S-asf Eddie Plummer 4 K Erin Pritchard , . Q. f',f1?f 14. 5 fl 1: , 1' 1- Kevin Ricketts ., 1' ,A lama Shrake iv' i me L 5? Z W., jeff Ouillen 3 'Uv gf A., Rick Riggs 'fa it t it Leonard Siebenthal -Q : f-i. K H ,:K, K 371 S f V , -, S Lk ,. ew' A S Q iiu, Z s .3 f 'Q K 3 ' :gy .I i lt J t ts - ' , ,r,, l - Q L W v 1 X is rei , ., L s 1 S L A C 1 .,,, as " 4 S Kathi Bob Donny Deanna Dianna Anna Patty Ragan Raikes Ransom Ratliff Ratliff Reinhart Richardson . c::..', ,--,", l t . ' V ' . 7 ,f- . " , -M ,s V ' P-4 LJ if -I it, W A X f ' l 5 2, A .. I NQVQ I .,' H Q A + iyii 'f rf - "" ffi,QL W Mark Bob Larry Samara Gary Rhonda Christina Roberts Sanders Saucerman Settle Shaw Shepherd Sheridan AH ' 'S f ' A m is , V 53 5 A , 'I ,F , " X r Ii,' 4 . 1 t ,-,:r S .... .E n . ' t i f L my L K -..vk. , ,, kk K K I if -,--: Q I -4' jing im , ,gsy ,..: . A , I, ix . ,. Vtyy 5? 6 S ,. it H , , K f ,gig . V ' Q A avg V i g ge hy. I L3 'L G 5 '- if f ," 1 S Richard Mike Benji Beth Cindy Danny Donna Simonson Skiles Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith cfm - vb- iiiiisxt , X Above: Performing at the Yearbook Revue, Sherry Keith dances the hula. Upper left: junior Prom Steering committee and sponsors. Lower left: Miss junior Class candidates were Linda Park, Diane Dunn, lan Goodman, and Carolyn Eaker. II7 juniors 1973 Top right and below: Glimpses of Springtime Fantasies, 1972 junior-Senior Prom. T? A D . . sn? . i s ,sz 'in' f iis S 1. i ns , i t S i sssi ss isss 'I ' i SSQJ s'ssfsis Debbie Don Gloria Vicki Linda Roy , .1 .. K ,Q-we v t-f s Am y , ,--, wi N .,u --a. f - ' - 3? '- ' E' ' . 5 4 Q alliitff if it - L . . ,, - as witws t a sa A .... .. E gk , W Q Jr 2 'af it A . ., Q ' ,. W . 25.43. kk ' Ron Smith Smith Sparr Spencer Spoon Fred Stewart Ron Diane Sti nnet Stringer Danny Vicky Strunk Strunk 2 - we " ' A " 'S 'J' ' it 1-fwtasfftfz w-2. 1 . ztf fv ts -- t o -:fax-fiy, me V ., ' ' -ffzsm ..g 5 fs- ' i .0 p V fit-, . gif,-kg is9si,,ni .,i.. N U, .V gn .fu Jr. . L ZJsfr5,aeff-w e ' 'K ff. it- -.529 , sgsiit t ,-. , t- ., . .. - fat 2 - v- xteifsfagtai t- si 'L we f 1. . is--its-We-' f' H s "ai'wv?L-ff'.s- 1.GQ'1.-IM' i ' -.:-rf' --5 . fsw iigggf v . ' , S Marsha Thatcher H8 Allen Thompson Candy Tidwell Garland Truel Mike Starns 'w i se J M at Q X A 3 'tri' .I ,rv as Sherry Phil Debbie Summers Tackett Tackitt F R . Larry Stevenson i. Hz, rf, wsesiiw s1t s:vfsfawtts'21'wr,EM f x'1i:tfs.t rfmrgi A wS.g,itt-ikg-UE? S t 32 K ,ggi lip W ri A Eff tt , M55 +1 Q S t Wfsggw- - .ssl V, i-'i- z-.gig k k La-sz Kim Thaler Ashley Lorraine Earnie Bridget Tom Trusty Turner Vandeventer Walsh Walters Sheryl Warren I ti 11, 13 .- ig .. ' 1 K N I- ::L, ' "5i , D s v A 5 A ,Q 3 ' 6 ' fi: zf' -I Q , luanita Sebrina Nancy Weekly Wheeler Whitaker Hg? . Cathy Wilcher fi' ' W AEK W it f, -,,. We' . - it of t o loyce Wilcher - - af am.: WML-.ff.a,: .czibsitqg m-vtfzwxasx' . W-W ' Q 1215, Bgb Roger jerry Frank Teffl DOH williams Williams Williamson Wilson Wilson Wingate M lle f W . Q, 'KZ' I ' 2 : K:" , i mg "'A "': aleae ' 1 ' Q ?k3g lv-25f"lwhL A , H Shirley Mark Ken Kim Gregg laren Winters V i ' Withycombe Woolard Woolard Mike Doralee Mark Chris Toni Becky Worgham Wright Wright Zimmer Zipoff Allen Top right: Sound of Soul by Brian Damon- Not pictured David Bowman Gary Branthafer Bottom left: The first note of the Variety and Cafhlf Slfm Show was sounded by left Patchett. Bottom right: One of the numerous activities at Fun- time USA. Sophomores Second Time Around As Sophomores started their second year at M.H.S., they were guided and supported by their class sponsors, Mrs. Corrine Peters and Mr. Bob Adams. They placed second in Homecoming float competition. Cathy McGuire was crowned Home- coming Princess. The prom steering committee was selected, and plans for the "73" prom began. The ring committee selected rings, and the class rings were ordered and received late that year. Class spirit was dis- played in the sectional hall decora- tions which placed them second. Now that the trying Sophomore year is behind them, Sophomores long to be a part of the active, busy, and fantastic life as juniors. mis, in f Above: Sophomores on the move. 1 , c.t,, -V 1 ' A T - r C To l 'V get , T ' r'l f L- 'T B 1 T f' A r T A , T ,... rssfsrt T W -- rssrs M r s - iir T 2 . T. is Taryn Tony Karen Steve john Christine Tom Brian Debbie s,.f'i9R,c ciicc oiciii , ,A'rrrrPb29Sh jj Ave Archer Archer Baller Bailev ' ll" " T' .t. 'f ,.,. ,,. L . ,t ..,,,,. VVAW ,.., ,,.. , V ' . T - TT r's C ssrr T T' , .i T . r T .Q Tiff r rrr. -r . . , . -r . 'T , T , fi " TT r irtlrl ' A l ' i f T r..- drr., T . T ITT rr', 5 . . .2 f,,'rr . r,,- 4 . 4225? ' , -- W liil f' , , H '--r T 1- Tr T A Wyy, V an . -. get Charles john Danny Steve Mike Ron Steve Terry jan Bain Bain Baker Barnes Beach Bean Beaver Beaver Bernard ris ircrdteer T crdr V. A 1 ix V,Vr - K I f T T is L rT,,f,Tg - -n1TT,,m iV.T 1 T . Lt ' 1 -f 2 My f-r' 4 k T Tk,- , Tggfrr , , Q ' 75 r. risj rTr3 , - - ' .,.. 1 ' ,,'r YT Y A A . .'.'. , rm. fi.2r21T-- -T V 1 ,T I , .ri 3 rg. -f ' , l l A ' l',ZQi.g-5, T V mmfytf T if , K 51e Tf fzg .r t .W cvjje Qtr . Mark Cflfl' Ann Eggsol Don Cliff Vicki Dennis Susan Becki Blllman Brvrrr e BlYfh Bowman Braughton Breedlove Brewer Bridges 120 a. , egg . f .at . t f Abby Darrell Brooks Brown -X Mike Linda Bush Butcher f -... s 'V A A ' K ii A' LM '- Mark lane V Caulk Chappell rll l I C :I k y l,-' J :I: ik- kzk- f :il yr- 'inm- f ff ihaswm A - Craig Cindy Corbin Corey l r A j Sxgvyr F, , 5Se,w6ia fbi-1 "g 29' QC C W 1 A N V. .I MM V . Jw- V W - any M , , ,- - A . . . L-:-- .a ,V Lgik in , ,: K. :yi K Steve Don lanice Randy Donna Bonnie Mike Brown Bryant Buckheister Buis Burks Bumer Burris Q if Le ffl fi C 6, A J QL-E A , x J . R, lg 1 Brad lim Susan Debbie Rhonda Mike Lemmie Butterfield M Callah n Carlisle Carter Carter Casey Catellier B f 7' f f " Sh 1 A KXVA J ' 1 - ' pg' ,UF 'J' A Q- - h'lil" ' -A s o W A' Y , ' 'L an -E ' '3 . as , M--ff A r a fe i s '1 ff-.C A Qkl V1 I A.. -. , t '-t K krii F JW QM ,.-1"'.l'. A .'tr-l Vrl- . " 5 7 f A My lareera R Debbie Cindy Debbie Cathy Marcia Mark Dennis Clark Cochran Collins Conrad Cook Cooney Cooper -.:l it A at si 1 . -C J E' : gr .QA 5 ' V as "1 'q A A fe' ' ff f on I A .,,i ' ll Q Doug Lee Ann Tawona Lynn Rhonda Steve Mary Ann Cowell Covey Cox Crouch Curtis Danes DeVee Above: Sophomore class officers and spon- nger, Sponsors Mrs. Corrine Peters and Mr. SGC. Cheryl Mynatt. sors: Pres Ray Pridemore, V. Pres. Stan Ri- Bob Adams, Tres. Charlene McKinney and 121 Sophomores Right: Ring Committee: trow U Charlene McKinney, ludy Raymond, Cathy McGuire, Rhonda Carter, and Cheryl Mynattg frow Zj Bruce Marine, Pat Stater, Stan Ringer, and Ray Pridemore. Below: Acting before the class are Lisa Griffith, Mike lngle, and Alisa Williams. r eee, gii C C - ' ,. .ife i ,ai it . i 'i-' rl X , - ' . 1 1 .f f' nf. ' 1 ": N W f fi ,ie V G 'F f F E' Larry Mike Linda Mark Tony Cathy Mike Cindy Cindy Davidson Davisson De-Benhke DeBenhke DeBoor Demoss Dorsett Dunham Dwinell L , ,L ,.m,, M f Connie Dave Donna Dave Linda Mike David Venita Darleah jeff Tony Finch Finley I, Q 'iff i Q , I iy' il i tif' ,Q it ' ,.-, ' Paula Ginger Garrad Garrity 122 Debra Kevin Dallas Debbie Debbie Mike Richard Flagel Forrester Foster France Freeman Gaither Gaither Sammy Susan leani Lacy Merrill Sheryl Lorinda Gibson Gilmoor Golden Golden Gray Greeson Gregory lim Lisa Griffin Griffith David Hackett Debbie Haggard Norma Hall ?L 5 E Barry Hargis aiiai' ' ' r",, - W A e A -V W A . X I K N : I ,ax V, , I 1 ww:-f t A 'lr as I ' A f if , . ' -E N. K .A Pl 7 , I , N7 L -,W - L . , . .1 -V I l - -W 4 Rick Jeanine Cath Y Harrison Hart Haymaker Q 3 M ! Bruce Bob Diane Shelly Dave lo Ann Rachel Phil Sharon Henderson Hennigar Henson Hiatt Hill Hilton Hiphser Hobbs Hogan L 1 ' , v .,-.t K S C . Q e- , a H t EB V 7, . . cog, .. ' H , I . gr V .., , h , , J , .:,. my all h V H fi 7 V - L H V ,. ' - z V V m uuvuu 5 , 3 L 7 ph ,ie L J . Q.. Q , -3 affzffifzst 'sf i L .al-xii fx ff X 7 M K Tim David Lynn Lisa Mike Steve jerry Terry Dave Holt Holtzclaw Hudson Hundertmark- lngle jackson johnson jones Kays Q- I ",-: , I H , Q V ., , I W . . K, , :lf ' ':' 2, lbvm . 'i "' 3, 4' 570. '- . 1 - ll' - if If - ll M. V, I l in N if 3 " J ' ' , """l if 2 t C B .r.' ' ,,vs. r 'f " as Y 1 C . Q 1 of - ' , " 1 fx ' S if . . A X' 1' f I A Kathy Sally Nancy Carol Lou Ann Pam Marc Heidi Mike Keehne Kellum Kimmel Kinnett Kinnett Kirby Kirk Kirtley Kizzee N. 'E l i A , ' 'Z , an Q ,Ham gi L E x S ' if f 3' ' ' -: S 6 A l R7 ' ' f. F I K 5 ff V f . , L V f QW, W.. f, x L l . Above: Prom Steering Committee: frow 11 France, Sherry Rives, Debbie Patrum, and Lehr, Tom Quillen, Stan Ringer, Stan Moore, Charlene McKinney, jane Bernard, Becki Ray Pridemoreg frow 2j Mike Casey, Dennis and sponsor Mr. Bob Adams, Bridges, Sally Kellum, Lynn Hudson, Debbie Cooper, Kent Patterson, Scott Truel, Cassie 123 Sophomores Left: "What's going on?" Ron Machesky wants to know. Right: 1972 Yearbook Princess Candidates were ileft to rightl Susan Carlisle, Cathy McGuire, Lee Ann Covey, and Sue Smith. L J te L AA gg rg, all VK K J K n- E, gl., I in C: Q A5 V gi. L ef z M. ' gi x :ti L L f as Q' .S f Gary Teresa Nancy Randy Don Dave Stan Bill Charles Knapp Lambert Landon Lane Lasley Lawrence LeBlanc Lee Lee C .i,, S L ik me A ff fe, has , y sk S my 1 as L fl? rf' 3 C ZV' KX f V Ein!!-S ' 22 R Q A ' ,, V i L il ' l Cassie Ron Randy Sandy Sharon Pat Patty M i k e Cathy Lehr Lehr Lewis Lydle McCreary McGill McGill McGinnis McGuire ,. ., , ,. .a f A K ' S L i ffy ff 7 - Ciy f-'ff s ,i,, . V 5 'zgz L L V 1 K ' I ' , L fPi -- 3' . '---"' . . , ,. ' g 5 .- .' - l fa . ' " .- L ,f A im, i' - i af A Charlene Richard Mike Ron Teresa Marcia Kent Bruce Debbie McKinney McKinney cNeely Machesky Maddox Maloti Mangold Marine Mathews if s ssse if sfis '- . , , 3- . N., Vi 'ta Q k gf- : ' ii 1 ,.., 'R ferr .5 53 L by L A, K L J hs Marlene Sandy Becky David Debbie Dick Marty Stan Rick Matlock Medsker Middleton Minardo Minnick Moon Moore Moore Morley 124 to NRME: PIONEER, YICTDR ours. dll- . aupunswnl 'Q Left: "How Sweet lt ls" got a 2nd place. Right: Homecoming Princess Candidate Char Iene McKinney has a big smile. awww W'e gg F- 1 A I ' S -' fx 1 P ' H4 lf! ' . P ,,f. , are Fiiltzg H' 1 f - X C i slii S C J ii . L fl - ' C 'i'1 gf, f , 4 W P ,ie'i' P P P f . eig ' 'P 'I L if ,tv V. 4 a . A , i P X ,,, aa 4, i 3 5 - Z' P i' " in H I 'X if J 5 :,'.:qbhr'.- 'M' 2 :lf .- wil .'1- 1 David Carles Nina Richard Rick Woody Cheryl Georgia Vicki Mundy Mundy Murphy Murray Murray Muse Mynatt Newhart Newkirk K . :,k ,V.V,V K In v-,,.: V K if 2 'P 1 - 2 I ii ilii M C' C C i P an . . ' risw , .- ' ,, , 1 it I . :-f'-,. 'l'k . ff i I, 'fi g Q 7 srl ff i P -- A if P ' ' my slll C lli - ' V, r,,, i in R .. Kathy Ken Wendall loAnn Connie Floyd Debbie Debbie Kent Norton Ogle Owens Ozment Parrot Parson Patrum Patterson Patterson vu If I nl t '- ' I ' V, ,I N n l' ,A . ', : ' I, ., i 4 1 ' i fi- . f Hill, -- ' if- fi -' fe X'1 swf Q awe, QQ, y M R . 1 C -a-- s ls y .,,- elya y 3 in , f y P at M fi' Q H . it ,K A, x ' I b Robert David Phil Rhonda Tonce Charlene Andy Nila Tammy Pavne Pearson Peasley Pell Phillips Pinkisten Plummer Poe Poland .V ., i A V,l.,, ,.,:, ,,,., ,lzzzl H a l sye R C M t ,ff is M K V E! 1. 4.2 5 ,Z,l nj ,Q wifi J r A ,,,' I Y v C We A W V 'le l ' ' -- f . A R is R Don jeff Sally Tawnee Pam Ray janet Tom George Polk Poole Poole Powell Price Pridemore Pritchard Quillin Racic I25 Sophomores Below: School is not all work, as Venita Eng- leman and Ron Lehr know. Bottom: Learning useful skills, Lee Ann Covey learns to typewrite. I26 w of- .Q as W A M .. "e 1 'N ' ' 1 we V' " """ .J A , i 'H i ' J Z To .J ' ,Ai ' . Thee' fl -isg 43' 5 - fied' t mf. : S A ,,s,sl , ,V L ' jg X S , 2 4 , K, judy Randy 1 erry Cathy Ron Ron Raymond Reagan Reed Rice Rice Ringenberg ' QQ g f 4 t i f j fi gi I K rihh g , .. I .13 I A sfsy E, I .H to at i S H S, ""294fiw . .,,r2fr5fS2?1 i-A ' :Wil i i ' jffgf, A Stan Sherry Dennis jeff Dan janet Ringer Rives Roberts Robinson Roller i H- 1 - r. is we S . of we S .1 '- as J 'ijt kt ' -My ' a oo ri X R james Vickie Tim Don Bill Sharlotte Rowe Ruona Russell Schmidt Schultz Schroughams ' ,. - V 'Ji ' sl james Vicki Kelly Don janet Cindy Searcy Settles Sheets Shockley Smiley Smith , , m V .. .,:' rw- f f , gif, ,n ,. 1 ,zu ' 4 ittt S fi y jim Mark Paula Ron Sue Sue Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snelling I, f'w .... I VV A im- jj, Q gi y ff: S S 2 as R , N t, i ,fi S 'A V 5 ilk fl AA - Y ll J' .7 Mike Richard Fred Randy Pat Vernon Soots Saughers Sparks Squires Stader Stahl K . .., V fi- S ' li M- 1 1 1 - S V 'Q Sials ' I "'. S Dennig Rosemary Brenda Carolyn Debbie Bob Stanton Sterrett Stinnett Stringer Sullivan Summers ' Q . , ,L., 255' '44 W ,- : '5 'P T ' - . A S faawf . T it NN " ":- if K " f., 'li ,, V P - 5 mf I-. - 1 Ni, Matt Rex Rhonda Becki Kathy Tamara Kevin Scott Swindle Tackett Talley Tipmore Trisler Trogdon Truax Truel k1L111AL 1 ml'A '2 '1', 11 :-: Q :'- ' V l iiisii W R ' K K .. Q A--- - Q ,, L,., ,iv ku: A VA. ,,. V , I it M fy, Q in 7 m:mVVV,, ZV, t by Aa gs. S K as ---- 'J" ' iii " T L so G f 1- is , 2 if T as i aj '1 'ff' .f Q T K it cyji i 2 A + sic ff: y ' S T . jeff Kevin Bob jackie Diane Chuck Mike john V Turley Tussev V LVVL Tvvomey Tyree Wagoner Walden Wallenhorst Wamsley Wil' V z 35 W-A In :5 E . V' AV .L ,Li H ,, , ' 5' 3' - W --':' f- , . M -3 it , L J ' 1 ,trk XL ff. i, I Y r K- , if . al, 5 lail f 1 S ' P ' V 1 ' , A' ' 3 'T "" 3 , 1' if " f f Tony Dave john Becki Katie Cindy Alissa Terry Watson Weber Wh Whitehair Whitfield Wilcher Williams Williams ,, -25a , ' Q D 2 im Vicki Tim Doug Terry Steve David Peggy Steve Wilson Wonnell Wooden Woods Wri ht Wri htsma Wri htsman Zi ff 8 8 8 P0 ot Pictured Clarnece Berkholz William Crayton Stuart Goss Timothy Hall john Henson Brad Hunter janet Kennedy Robert Lasley Glenna Powell Sherry Riedesel Deborah Roark john Sappington Mark Short David Shipley Left: Enjoying their lunches are Sheryl Gree- son, janet Pritchard, and Debbie France. Amanda Tucker s -cg. '15 f 'fn 'v 4 5, l s H Mike Ward 3 H Rita Wilson T27 Class of 117511 Spirited Freshmen contributed a great deal to the intricate organization of MHS. They viewed their first high school year as an opportunity for ma- turing in order to take on more re- sponsibilities as their years here at Mooresville continue. The class of "75" was the largest class ever to en- ter the halls of Mooresville High School. Participating in various clubs and activities, sports, Homecoming, drama productions, and concerts en- abled the class to gain experience needed for leadership for the rest of their future years at MHS. Right: Homecoming was the first competitive event the Freshmen entered. "De Smell of De Feet" received fourth place. My E , LQ H., 2 +6 . ul' 'f W, 3, fl CLASS Oi A4 b, lg. 'Ai V , 94 .Sw A25 A .av ia- . A t, .tglu , , Z QN,.., as A A rf zi it F A A i 1 A sf F f if A F-45 iff. 1 A ,' A .41 -nv A is A 15 Q Scott Karen Brad Vicki Richard jowanna Cindy Mike Vickie Abbey Abbott Adams Addair Allen Amick Anderson Anderson App I ' g igs H Q . ,. 9 rift fk wft gf' jg 4l 1 4 Tim Mike james Cathie Gerald Roy Viney Denise Carol Atwood Baker Baker ,Ballard Beach Bell Berney I K . P V I Q , -,':v i ' E . ,, ,K - A i i , A i t 2 A it eg Q . ,Y V t ..l,.st i f Anita jerry john julie julia Sandi Sam Lee Anna jeff n n n u Bruce Lee Randy Mike Pauline Cindy Mark jeff Danny Brock Brooks Brower Brown Brummett Bryan Bryant Burch Burgess 128 1 f- ff L ' H 'l A A, N, ,, ' ' , ad- klr. , E f , ',-.- ,fi H ' wi 1 V wi . 5 P Us -, .5 - K K is v . -. .I ' ,. 1 A ' b - will Va X' - 4. ' .Y-5 lm Q 13' , A f David Rick Sue Scott David Randy Allen Burgess Burnett Bush Butterfield Byers Calton Camden iff? ' ' ,X I cw we V 'i ,L I I A ,,, V .v Q K 2 ,qw 51 3 it "gl i .lg k L N., 4 k L Q l ' :fi t 4 K 'V ' ' U ' is Ki 5 7 ' f . x -Q 1. 1' li x If 'A N or Q ,ig Ed Larry Polly lody Lesa Lorriane Lynn Carter Carter Carter Cartmell Cassidy Catellier Chowning ay A 1 4. L .ta . vi 1 I t ,ji L in WV 7 r ?r I ' :bi .ii W we L e' W we , -' gi. a . L e t R, li f 1 F ,ZI VIAH L A W rl ..:',. .,:v - an ,g,,f,: Wife ,nyk H J, M A A, stri,g,-xwsllef if seef - ' , Sharon Tgm lim Rocky Lonnie Frank Anitia Clark Clem Clevenger Coble Cochran Coffey Cole I ,. I C .4k,. K ..:, V h my , if M1 V, f l - if if , 4, If lllt' ,,, l - 1 " iii 4 ,5 Gary Mary Pat Rosanne Shelia David Mike Cooper Corbin Cordrav Cox Cox Coy Crafton r Ky I I v 4' . , 2 -'x S .iw it I Ai Cathy Barbara Carney Carter Ron Rick Christofferson Clark gf' yvy 7 I il . fijfi Cary Brian Collins Cooney l ' 42 L Y ' 1- i f Gwen jim Crawford Curry Far Left: Homecoming candidate, Donna Eubank. Left: Candidate Debbie Wilson is smiling. Above: Frosh cheerleaders enjoyed the parade. 129 1 975 Left: Freshman Eddie lohnson works hard. Right: "Watch out!" warns Frosh Brent George. I I aq, L W x Q I X Duane Cheryl Dale Damon fl I as Tina Davidson Duane Davis iw y ,. , ,.,. , 3 ,ii E ' Q r ir -Tw S at ff' i 'I I . , Garry Leah Micheal Davis Davis Davis ll Phyllis Karen Tom Dorset! Dorsey Dufeck , iii'i -iw 1 '-4? 1 .. Lf A Kathy. leff Teresa Easley Edwards Egeres . A gl W X? in , , V .- Nt' . in julie loe lane Evan Eversole Farabee ..f si? is '," 7 '- , f Carl Ken Lori Debbie DeBehnke Delong Demoss Dill W L i fs ' V K V' sw . 1' y ' .fr i' ,5 .1 443 . W L ,- .uu ' v , P s,r2., 1 'ff Ken Brian Linda Myrna Dunlap Dyer Eaker Earles ,, , ' f r, I Z .iz E 55, K '5 4 qqmzzzgwi 'Z 'l-, 3 1. A Kathy Lynn Teresa Donna Ellington Ellyson Embery Eubank l30 X, Diane Davisson fi' i 3 R sg , I 5 Ronnie Dunbar JU X s 1 ' 3 i john Ehle K? Vicky Faublin iw v, L wxx: if Rs i.,- Q . Y' Donna Davisson rf: y HM fl Sherri Dunkin Alger '. W 1 5 L Danny Ellington -- , H, ' s li L X , r' "' l 1 16 32 ssii Larry Ferguson af 1 yy .YYY .12 3 X ,ali 4 S Q2 Q 5 S 'S' ix 1 If Q get if' . ,' 2 if I A .t .Qi 1 -X Mrk - jgitvx Greg Sheryl Bill Dianne Charles Eddie Linda Allen Brent Finch Fornoff Fox Franks Froedge Gaines Gajderowicz Garrison CC-3Orge i s F F 'isl: ,.vl E ' ' 'P' if-H' . 5' 'i ' ": A f ' 2 X 'i i f fr f - if gffi - F fi 1' . A5 ' Q' MQ My J' "'ii G3 , S 'A " F -..' 73 .l" F X - . - A ,. X , L ' 4. yfytgagifiil K Hut Vl 5? t x K Arlene Vaughn Mariena Larry jeff Brenda Trent Bob Ed Goins Goss Gott Gunter Graham Grass Graves Green Greenwood . rsl at J. slri . A 2 it fit , S It-gm t A' if 'ii '- we ' 3 - 4-3 if ' 3' . at it "W-i. i ivs. 53 E Y -- , ' o.lA 5 t, V ,V 1 ,, Fifi slei F it of F ,,1- W 5 Brad Debbie janet Sarah Bob Billy Robbie Sherry Shirley Greeson Gregory Gregory Gregory Griffin Grogg Halcomb Hall Hall K ' g k " ' I syn , at 1 ,Af-t M... 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R ,ev at v-1-t B - , 1 Mark Cindy Pam Danny Gary Robert Faye Frank Sheri Hood Hopkins Hopwood Hornaday Horton Houston Howard jackson jacobs 'l3l C ass of 75 Yvonne Laurie Cindy Eddie Lindy Loretta leanette lerine lohnson johnson lohnson lohnson H , i x.h V, . Q --.L . LL.: ly B ogndo , oonn B has - -L. L Qijjrj '.-' ' ZV1, -' E Lli- 2 -:', H kV.' 3 B Qfm V - :iii f- , -' T I W W lrkhrky lj Q .fs ii K , I . I , W I L . B f L zz. dod gf' B L ooo 1-, at C C V -:h' I L nddnd n ly . L nnln n dono B, r Melinda Phyllig Stu Todd Cindy Beth Bill Sandy Steve lohnson johnson l0hnS0l'T johnson lohnston lones lones lones l0YCe Roxie Doug ludd Kays Robin Laura Mary Rick Terry jeff Donna KayS Keller Keller Keller Keller Kennedy Kerner so V l y Dwana Rick Kenny lerry Linda Cathy john Cheryl Roger Kirtley Knapp Knight Lamb Lawrence Lee Leverett Lewig Lindsey Kathy Brenda L0g3h l-Ong Right: Class Sponsors Mrs. Bengtson and Mr. Cordray enjoyed working with the Frosh all year long. 132 G .. 4 1 ,f Rick Debbie Tim Lowhorn Lundy Lydav Q? 2? i ff-fj Charles Debbie Tim McKain McWhorter Maddox Marguerita jill Don Mason May Mayo QE! V53 f Richard Sarah Bill Moore Moore Morgan ,B jr? ' Qkwsighf pp Ewan Vicki joe Patty Mynatt Nay Neal f L Terri Lynch . ., rVc : . 1 'lv Q fl ri" : X its , it 1 Melanee Mann Gary Mayo 5,554 vi if H if ' "LI-7' 41 ki' Larry Morgan Roger Neal Pegg Allen Coleen leanna Norton Ooley Oreder Palmer ff P, , L gy g V fy if A Don Chuck Threasa left Perry Peters Phillips Pierson L., Lair T Q X mt lf sv Chuck David Gregg Mark Mary McCammack McCrearv McGuire McGuire McGuire , .,.' , th' .r rv L , 's ,Q , j f iies ei 5-,L aft rcsc rss rr -PPP rQVf s r r yi LC 'i:, rf: .F P .C .u 4 L ,Sur Tom Mike Brian Sharon Toni Many Marine Marshman Martin Martin T D , ,N 2 , Dan Randy Teresa loan Pam Miller Miller Mills Minor Mitchell ,. . GV K J 1. I I KVVL . ij b zl . ' g , ,A L 1 'bi i l, ' mf 4 e as ,fm Meri P julie Kim Kerry Larry Mariduth Morris Mountain Murphy Murphy Murphy f , V A W' '. H7 5 2 - ,.., , V,.- is K rg ' .lll V A I- H Roger Leslie Paul Melissa lo Ann Neitzal Newcomb Newcomer Noblitt Norris N V-rf ' fe ,,, ,Z - - I we L A V3 , . , 5 A Af? ig? . . , v . g 2 1 L V ,r L ff rr L F - ' " -5 . .4 -K ifgw Karen Pam Lisa Debbie Bob Park Patrum Pearson Peebles Perry ,W if ' - A 'A' 0 - L rf, p L Betty Ron Laura Cindy Cheryl Pitcock Pitton Plummer Poehler Pointer 133 he ' :J so 3? Class CD Q 'fe Q. 1 . 9 , V-,,2A iz- S v S, S st, :jx A A K ,X S Below are class officers: Ken Delong, Treas.g , W QHPX' ' ' l A ' Gwen Crawford, Secp Mark Summers, V.P.g Bm Robert Rhonda GQVY M?"k arp , and Greg Finch, pres' Porter Poteet Powers Price Price Qlf"88'n5 S -. r1.'i, i n .....1., ' s it 5 oroo P f t ' f s ft, It 112,99 ' E Paul Lianne Tylor jerry Frances Ronnie Racic txzy qikes V , MRmainboIt Ransom Rastenburg mmmAA V h Ratliff M S 5 I ,. k t i V ., I - . A I I I r v,:. B 1 , fe as cp.: N so ' , i i .Li . . "Y S r--s S S fl I P ,A sa' + B f l " ' ll H : i .1 23 57 K M A at ' i A 16 ' ' I Q ' --', ,L S ..,t ,W ,f . S - 3.- " Y. Beth David Maurita Bobbi Nancy Brenda Raymondw - Ream ,Reed R Remster Richardson t ,li , ,. .,,.s ., 57, , ,...,,., Q H so ,k,kL, .. , 1 ' 12 K v M 19 5 K "" - t - zz- 3 - ' S -,,:-::' f ,-... - . ,::. ..:...:i 2 . f-f' Y 3 l " ,,:' Denver Bonnie Mike Patty Teresa Mike Ridnor Rife Riggs Rippy Rippy Roberts P isiii'Bss is ' 23- S , ' l lm- - " ,. 1. s , S " l s w 1 Q' 3, y 2 S 5 S ii S B 2 -1,i,:.i' A '- L0uiS lim Steve Ma Beckie Howard Debbie Velda Mark VY Robertson Roddy Rutherford Sachs Scaggs Schultz Scott Scroughams Scott so y 1 B iatts 'P ilis B 1 .t 'i L' S l:'i i n In 3-S , S in V.V , IAV- I 1 I A fe ., H ,Q :1 iii '-, 1 9,5 . J tr.-...S ,i.,, 'R' . if " '15 S if t' l,,., f " ' Q S bb f M y p tsssit S ft' fi, ,. , B 1 t m e ,.,f, 9 .. N - S mwwkt .. fl -f-ii: 1 , :F --.. . sf its B NZ S Dietra lim Chrystal Steve Phillip Doug Ed Lavina jeff Sears Settle Shearer Sheets Sheets Sheridan V Shouse Small .:..,: 'si, " A in S fs s liilil 3 I sls S - it y 15 , lg , 5. at . L is ..,: m y A they , lm 2 , 4 Q :Z K y. 1 . -:EI .f-, 3 X If 1 h V 1 - b.,, N K' fbi' is ' S ,, , Q ' - lim Kevin Paula Steve Tari Valerie Virginia Darlene Penny Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Soladine Soots I34 Z Kent Sterrett ff ,C .3 -nan? . 'il Larry Temple Alan VanDeVanter ..f :: .e--aw:-::'f,1.1: V ,k,k H . . -:,,,:.. ,,. ,,g..EN..,:E,..:',.::w 52335 ' My P A n Q 'Fli n 4, :Q ff Q. , 1 -'. , H - ---, t V B -., - I if ' S 5 5,3 S ' 1535 f M as P L',L ':" zvq ':': 7 'V' :fi . , - --i .L .V7A, ,V H , ' W, Connie Brenda Mark julie Lester Richard Danny Phyllis Spalding Spears Spears Spil Iman Spoon MSguires1 Stanley Sterrett L rvla L at S C f ffs ,Mt 4 L fe r C . ga L -we Qi W B 12, . ':. - I if L we . y 3 - g q L , . . In y uzv. iii, A y . N A , t - L , , C B , ' x M to l Q .. it ,fe ' L ' Danny Wendy Debbie Mark Myra Nan Bob Lynn y Steyyart Stewart Stinnet Summers Summerlot Swinney Taber Tavlor r I .En ,-,, A I '1 ,Q fed? 4 'L Qu- .,,. , ' ' f ji lei' 3 if f. Axis '12- David Jeanette Robert Karen Bruce Rick Denver Dalores Thatcher Thomas Tnnkel Truax Turner Turner Tutle Underwood ,. I , I :':: :I I V V, L . I K: . t ra rhs s Q - C W' L L - ' S V . x lem julie Andy Brenda Cindy joy Cheryl Debra Vaughn Vanhook Ventrone Wallace Wallace Wallace Walls Waits at , '-" , , K, : I 1. 4 is Ei? ,g K tg kyhky 1 K . K . ':,. -, ff ' S L 'cg . Mi' 'i :.' W" . --' . ,'V" 'Q 'K in N' Q 9, rtt L M C ," kL" ' . 515' 'E 5 -. V, ii ,Ii ' ,,': " : E . ,ai , . .' . K S ,:,- i S L L . . M g 5' ": , ,f it ' ,xt f .,. 1., 1 ':"" 1: ii : - Carla Linda Oscar Kathy Rheba Rick Debbie ludi Warthen Weaver Weekly Welty Western Woehliecke , Wilson M Willis L S, fi ' L 'L ' ' ' S ,. -- M 2, L eff he -1 2 ' ,Lf K' as , r it ' T S Q if .- -::, . In Vi .irr ,- -vhk - f . f pf- :21 1 ' ' ,t. f - '-'+- f- - P 4 if , l A , A M V J.. S . I iv Q 5 t t - f.,, gr, ks L . ,,.f .gn K ff J 5,:: 7v1' E f,,, A ,", in EQ' K Darlene Kathi Bob Peggy Cary Mike Cindy Toni Williamson Williams Williams Whitfield White White Whitaker Wheeler Walter Worley ,, Vicki Wright Kathy Zielska 3""l, " W E , :W ,J Z uk QMTQY' Danny Catt ,NY 12' fum? K 1 f foe? -rl ,Q ef lg 5 ,, mg fafw time 3 'K NJA leannie Warren A 5 . LaDonna Williamson t 'l tg as K A f A -.-Ir' Gary Wetzel 135 hs' ew . qi. ,wb ju 546 g,.'5v f 5 an Q53 iw? +R fb .g L-. D131-:c'ros I Y X l -4---7.7 A.. M., . .M .... .,. I 4 J . in g.'::':L:'i'r'f' 312.2 ..,. 11 .:v:4vi f1'll .1 ---. ' As we look at MHS, we see various activities fill an exciting year for the faculty. Not only the classroom, but also extracurricular activities of the students aroused the enthusiasm of the teachers. Throughout the year, the faculty represented our school at dif- ferent functions, and the students were encouraged abundantly. The faculty of MHS was determined not to just watch, but to "get involved." Management of S At Mooresville, there are many execu- tive positions to be filled. The people who fill these offices must be out- standing in their capability for making important decisions and able to un- derstand the point of view of parents and teachers as well as those prob- lems of the students. Through their in- tense determination, Mooresvilles ad- ministrators strive to reach this fantastic goal. Top: School Board Members: Wendall Thaler, Vice Presidentp lack Perry, Secretaryp Seth Shields, Presidentg Kenneth Tappg Charles Raymond Above: This sign appears in front of the Super- intendent's Office where important decisions are made for schools of the Mooresville District. 138 X Q-,X .A A lkyll 3 A , ..,, lil' A ' V 14 . w it A -a t Above: Superintendent's Office: William Curry, Superintendentg Robert Patterson, Assistant Super- intendentp Robert Spencer, Assistant Superintendenty Row 2: Leonard Chase, Cafeteria Manager Diane Howell, Speech Therapistp Terry Humble, Attendance Officer. 1 Guidance for Students Officials in the main office and also the guidance office are responsible for keeping every aspect of a stu- dent's day running smoothly. When emergencies arise, these people act quickly and efficiently to solve the problems. Then, on the day of graduation, these people receive a sense of satisfaction to know that they have graduated another Senior class successfully. Left: Pursuing one of his many daily activities, Mr. Patchett, Assistant Principal, prevents Don Williams from leaving by the front drive. Far left: With some fellow employees, Mr. Kel- ler, Principal, prepares for a relaxing meal. i l Top middle: While examining his schedule, Mr Hill greets visitors. Bottom middle: Mr. Milburn concentrates in his quiet surrounding. Above: Our new copier machine is demonstra ted by Miss Dorsett, Senior Counselor. 139 MHS's Special Assets Our cooks, custodians, and bus driv- ers must be included with the impor- tant people at MHS. In the cafeteria, our cooks work diligently to prepare adquate menus in both quality and quantity. Although we fail at times to appreciate our custodians, they toil steadily to keep our surroundings tol- erable. Our bus drivers provide safe and efficient transit to and from school for out-of-town students. A successful education is dependent upon these reliable people. Right: Before the noon-hour "rush," Donna McGuire and Doris McClanahan hasten to fin- ish their fried chicken. Above: Cecil Plummer exhibits one of her fa- mous "home-made" pies. 140 H t. 'K' Alsjf' :if fvjil' .f??ZL7f.Q5l'ii: Above: Cooks: Donna McGuire, Doris Faye Warren Edna Forsythe Dova Sokol McClanahan, Thelma Roberson, Carol Smith nor Witt Cecile Plummer Edna Bush Shirley Headly, Evelyn Cohen, Audry Callahan ,, , A ti ,ya-,af .v'?' WNW' Above: Bus Driver: Row 1: Ernie Voelz, john Blanton, Gordon Whitaker, Dwayne Copeland, jimmy Moore, Ray Young, Howard Crews, An- cil Moore, Cleda Starns, Phyllis Smith, lo Ann Smith, Evelyn Shacke, Billy Gott, Delvin Myrick, Lloyd Kenworthy, john Zielska, Garrett Dorsett, Row 2: Ronald Pritchard, Donald Moore. Left: Although many students drive, a massive number of students maintain dependence upon the school buses for transportation to and from school. Below: Custodians: john Downey, William Delk, Anna Delk, Ewine Knopp, Roy Blanton, Ron Goodson, Paul Cooper. xx 141 Abilities and skills of MHS's secretar- ies and secretaries of the superintend- ent's office are in great number. Some of the abilities include such things as taking dictation, making friends, meeting new people, and the abity to answer the telephone. Dictation in- creases the possible number of letters sent each day to various schools and other places of business. A good typ- ist and filer is needed to keep a neat office. With these growing person- alities, making friends and many other unseen talents make our offices "a nice place to visit." Above: Although her day may be busy, Mrs. Newgent still finds time to smile. Top: No task is too great for Miss Van Hoy, Mrs. Burlingame, and Mrs. Bradford. Middle: Typing letters, writing passes, and an- swering the phone are but a few of Mrs. Call's many tasks. Top right: An increasing amount of problems add up as treasurer Mrs. Haase solves them. Bottom right: "Being treasurer of MHS is no easy job," says Mrs. Boyd. 142 Trusts of Spirit i av' -QW W. t 1. -if: -. 1ve:sitg: 'f ' f , , Z... ' XM., Efficiency of Certainty .L r Left: Mr. William Lake: Proof of his many talents, "Uncle Wiggly" won a go-go dancing contest in Orlean, France. His hobbies include sports and traveling to places such as Eu- rope and the Ozarks. Mr. Lake has taught at MHS for 2 years. Teaching the fundamentals of busi- ness education is one of the many challenges at MHS. Teachers conquer the business minds of students by causing them to think economically. After this has been accomplished, the teachers want the students to apply their thinking in terms of a real busi- ness. This constitutes the activity of the business world today. After hav- ing encouraged the "now" students of MHS to excel in the economic world of business, teachers are determined to fulfill their obligations as teachers to the "future" students of MHS. Top: Mrs. lanice Parker: When not listening to "loud stereos," Mrs. Parker is sewing, raising hogs, and farming. Along with this, she com- plains, "all I do is work!" She has taught at MHS for 6 years. Top: Mrs. Aloha Landwerlen: While visiting Hawaii, Mrs. Landwerlen had a problem. The Hawaiians did not re- alize her name was Aloha! Students who do not do what they are told, when they are told, annoys Mrs. Landwerlen. She has taught at MHS for 8 years and is Dept. Chairman. Top: Mrs. Peggy Saylors: During a cool summer vacation, Mrs. Saylors traveled to Canada where she en- joyed relaxing in a cabin on Lake Hu- ron. She dislikes doing "any" adminis- trative paper work. She has taught at MHS for 6 years. Middle: Mr. Eugene Dorsch: One person able to boast about being hit by a flying saucer is Mr. Dorsch. He hates to make 125 good copies of a test when he has to use 225 sheets of paper. Mr. Dorsch has taught at MHS for 1 year. Bottom: Mrs. Pam Shipp: An unusual experience of "Weasel" Shipp was being locked in a filling station. In her spare time she enjoys reading and bowling. Mrs. Shipp has taught at MHS for 1 year. l-13 Bits of Pronunciation Our English Department, headed by Mr. Albert New, is one of the best available. The English teachers not only teach their respective subjects, but are active sponsors of upcoming organizations which have helped to further the moral of the students as well as the interest of the faculty. The teachers encourage the students to "get involved." Literature has evolved over many years to take the sophis- ticated shape of today. Determination of the English Department is to mold a better tomorrow with the world today. Top left: Mr. I. D. Bradshaw, In- diana's professional basketball team, the Pacers, is listed as one of Mr. Bradshaw's hobbies. Along with this, he enjoys water sports and reading. He listed that his unusual experience is teaching. He has taught at MHS for 1 year. Mr. Richard Franklin: Teachers who like to hear themselves speak are pet peeves of Mr. Franklin. His hobbies include golf, water skiing, reading, and jolopy races. He has travelled south, up to Michigan, and to Mil- waukee. He has taught here for 5 years. Mr. Robert Adams: Christmas was an exciting vacation for Mr. Adams. He spent it in the beautiful climate of Florida! Someone who yaks con- stantly annoys Mr. Adams, people who think they know all follows. He has taught here for 6 years. Left center: Mr. Albert New: Under Mr. New's graduation picture in his school annual are the words "His ways are like the Mississippi-lined with bluffs." He has not changed all these years. He has taught at MHS for 7 years. 144 .31 D, I gin.. Q :csv as g,,.g gt , Top right: Mr. Steve Brunes: Coaching requires quite a bit of Mr. Brunes' time, but he enjoys every minute of it! He played basketball with Rick Mount of the Pacers when he was All-American. 1972 was the first year at MHS for Mr. Brunes. Bottom left: Mrs. Mary Randolph: Reading novels and attending plays are two favorite pastimes for Mrs. Randolph, which shows why she enjoys teaching English so much. There is no special hero in her life, she just likes people. When asked to relate an unusual experience, occuring in class, she replied, "Nothing funny ever happens to me." She has taught at MHS for 4 years. Bottom right: Mrs. Diana Hadley: As sponsor of the Campus Crier, Mrs. Hadley, better known to some of her students as the "Private", did her stu- dent teaching at Crispus Attucks, which was an unusual experience for her. She admires people who are op- timistic and have a good sense of hu- mor, but she dislikes grading papers after the 85th one. She has taught at MHS for 1 year. Customs of Countries G-' One of the first steps towards tearing down the barriers between countries is through a common way to commu- nicate. Our foreign language depart- ment is a very active part of MHS. Through the student exchange pro- gram, teachers as well as students broaden their outlook in regards to a foreign country, and foreign students are exposed to the real America. For- eign language teachers all over the world unite in their determination to achieve "world peace." Top left: Mrs. Mary Bowman: ln- itiating a new language into a school can be a difficult procedure, but Mrs. Bowman, known to some as "Mumsey," did it exceptionally well! ln her spare time, she enjoys writing, macrame, and sponsoring a girl scout troop. She stated that she dislikes noisy places. She has taught here 2 years. Top right: Miss Nancy Norman: Travels of Miss Norman include a trip to Disney World over Christ- mas vacation. Listed as an unusual experience is when she slept on top of a tent, after leaving the cen- ter pole at home. She enjoys arts, crafts, swimming, and sewing. She has taught at MHS for 1 year. Center right: Mrs. Carolyn Blickens- taff: "Blickey," as Mrs. Blickenstaff is sometimes called, enjoys reading. She likes to read anything including his- tory. She doesn't like for people to work on things other than Spanish during class presentation. She has taught at MHS for 2 years. Center middle: Mrs. ludy Bengston: Handicapped people who overcome their handicaps seem to catch the eye of Mrs. Bengston. She likes to do nee- dlepoint and to read. Her travels in- clude going to S. Dakota to the Bad- lands. She has taught at MHS for 5 years. Center left: Mrs. Connie Newcomb: Theatre and Dramatics catch the eye of Mrs. Newcomb, or Newcy. She likes to participate actively in both. She hates fake mustaches due to an experience during a play. When she kissed the leading man, his mustache stuck to her lip. She has taught at MHS for 2 years. Bottom left: Mrs. Betty Roberts: Along with her many interests, Mrs. Roberts, better known as "Fireball," is a licensed swimming instructor. Her initiation for her sorority was unusual, she ate only peas for two days. She has taught at MHS for 6 years. 145 Rays of Intelligence Science plays a major role in the aca- demic curriculum at MHS. Teachers make a worthwhile effort to teach the students the modern techniques of science today. By determination and cooperation of the teachers, today's students may be tomorrow's scientists. Top: Mr. Mark Brewer: Texas was an exciting vacation for Mr. Brewer be- cause he kept himself busy collecting Indian relics, one of his hobbies. He enjoys sports of all kinds. Vince Lom- bardi is his idol. Mr. Brewer does not like for people not to discuss a sub- ject because they think they are right. He has taught at MHS for 1 year. Top right: Mr. David Higgins: "Happy Higgins" becomes annoyed when he discovers that he is not the best ping-pong player in the world. When interviewed, Mr. Higgins told about a time when he karateed a tele- phone pole in two. Mr. Higgins has been at MHS for 3 years. Middle: Mr. Gary Pearson: "Pickle" Pearson in high school and "jeep" Pearson in college has followed Mr. Pearson up to the present day. He does not like for people to be late to class, to school, or an appointment of any kind. Mr. Pearson has taught at MHS for 5 years. Right: Mr. Robert Hamm: Hobbies of Mr. Hamm include watching sports on television. He enjoys vacationing around surrounding states. He does not like for people to try to be some- thing they are not. He has taught at MHS for 5 years. Bottom right: Mr. Hubert Alexander: Disorder led to Mr. Alexander's idol, john Wayne because he keeps order which "Alex" likes. Auto mechanics is his hobby along with traveling to places like Texas. His unusual ex- perience was when he got lost in Taipei, Formosa, with whom? - He'll never tell! He has taught at MHS for 5 years. 146 Pages of the Past Top left: Mr. Ronald Moore: Scuba diving and photography are favor- ite pastimes of Mr. Moore. Getting up on Sunday morning is a pet peeve of Mr. Moore, who has taught at MHS for 2 years. Middle left: Mr. Lester Gilliem: Traveling is a hobby of Mr. Gilliem. He has traveled to Mexico and Ca- nada. At one time, he lived among the primitive Cuna Indians off the coast of Panama. He has taught at MHS for 3 years. Top right: Mr. Gerald Williams: Chicago was the starting point of an unusual experience of Mr. Wil- liams. New Orleans was the stop- ping point. In this time he floated a ship down to New Orleans. He listed hobby as being gardening. He has taught at MHS for 7 years. 'R XXX lie Middle right: Mr. Don Adams: Idols of Mr. Adams are his grand- father and a college professor. He likes frank and open people, and enjoys gardening, bookkeeping, and fishing. He has taught at MHS for 4 years. Mr. Daniel Havens: Golf gets most of Mr. Havens' attention. He en- joys traveling to Chicago and Det- roit. The late Robert Kennedy is listed as an idol of his. He has taught at MHS for 3 years. He has taught at MHS for 3 years. Top right: Mr. Larry Cordray: People who complain about their own rights, but do not respect the rights of others is a pet peeve of "Captain Cordrey." He idolizes Vince Lombardi and Bob Hope. He has been at MHS for 2 years. Lecturing in a History class is quite different from teaching any other course in the curriculum of MHS. Relaying ideas which are proven to be true, presents few problems, but to convey the thoughts behind a man's action is next to impossible. The teachers of our History Department have vigorously studied the mistakes made by men in the past and are de- termined for students to profit from those mistakes in order to create a better tomorrow. K Q-gf: -QL It g ,,. A I- v ' r Fr Z 9 s .. . -.: H 1, - - V "'. r '.., 154 ,- 43' r.:.t 1 - ff , .ist B ' l , ..,,. . Far right: Mr. Gregory Silver: In addition to participation in many sports, "Hi Ho Silver" as he is sometimes called, likes traveling. His marriage was off to a "great" start when he lost all of his keys on his honeymoon. He has taught at MHS for 1 year. Bottom right: Mr. Dan Thurston: Reading, fishing, and playing soft- ball are Mr. Thurston's hobbies. Listed as an unusual experience was when he made fun of a man who raises hogs and now com- plains that the man makes more money than he does. He has taught at MHS for 6 years. Sparks of Enthusiasm The lndustrial Arts Department con- l sists of five distinctively different sub- classes. The idea behind this depart- ment is to further a student's natural abilities and skills. The determination of these teachers to motivate students will cause a definite change in this society. Top: Mr. Allen King: Christmas was an extra special holiday for Mr. King this year, because he went to Florida to spend his honeymoon. His wife re- ceives all of his attention. He does not care for people who talk and do not work. His hobbies are farming and working with cars. He has taught at MHS for 2 years. Middle: Mr. Randal Qualitza: Fanatic about Westerns and War movies, Mr. Qualitza also enjoys drawing. At one time, he even considered becoming an architect or commercial artist. Our national welfare and the idiotic driv- ers on the highway bother Mr. Quali- tza. His first year of coaching at MHS was a great one, he ripped his pants at a home meet! He has taught at MHS for 5 years. Right: Mr. Dale Ricketts: Now, when "Lefty" Ricketts looks back, he sees that his high school coach has a great influence on his becoming a teacher and most of all a coach. His hobbies include all sports, both watching and participating. Mr. Ricketts has traveled to the Bahamas, and would like to live in Florida. This is his first year as teacher and coach at MHS. Bottom Right: Mr. Richard Ratliff: People have some odd pet peeves, but Mr. Ratliff has the oddest: Dan Spoon! Right, Dan? He listed his hob- bies as reading, tinkering with ma- chinery, and drawing. He has taught at MHS for 5 years. 148 ,+ , A s. Mr. Frank Riley: His summer vaca- tions and travels in the past have been to the coast, the mountains, and to Boston. Some future trips include Arizona. The "little ol' drafting teacher," who has been at MHS 8 years, lists his hobbies as making candles, gardening, caning chairs, and glass hobby crafts. Notes of Excitement Above: Mr. lohn Dilky: Camping in the Rocky Mountains is "Cowboy's" favorite way to spend his vacation time. To engage an incompetent auto mechanic for the purpose of making adjustments on his car anoys him im- mensely. This is Mr. Dilky's first year as assistant band director. In the 1971-72 year the Mooresville Pioneers' Music Department con- sisted of the band directed by Mr. jerry Weber and his assistant Mr. Dilky, and our high school choir which was conducted by Mr. Kenneth jones. Among the big events of the year were the Variety Show, spon- sored by the band, and the Hello Dolly musical sponsored by the choir. With the cooperation and determina- tion of these directors, our high school was made more enjoyable for all. Also, we would like to extend our appreciation to Mrs. lerry Weber for her choreographing of our Pioneers' performances. Top: Mr. Kenneth jones: Stopping the car in the middle of the street to do jumping-jacks was an unusual ex- perience for Mr. jones while with his fiance. On the day he was to be mar- ried, he needed a haircut and re- ceived a burr by mistake. He has trav- eled to S. Dakota, Canada, and all over the west. He sings in a gospel quartet, plays euchre, and takes pic- tures for his hobbies. Since music is one of his hobbies, Doc Severinson is his idol. He can't stand to have two tops or two bottoms of a bun for a hamburger. He has taught at MHS for 2 years. Left: Mr. jerry Weber: Photography, electronics, golf, and tennis are the hobbies of Mr. Weber. lf Mr. Weber were to become a professional base- ball player, he would be most like Er- nie Banks, whom he idolizes. One of his unusual experiences was when his car horn went off in the middle of the night, in -200 weather! Mr. Weber's pet peeve is people who do not try as hard as they should on semester fi- nals. Mr. Weber has taught at MHS for 4 years. 149 Spices for Color Being an art teacher is quite different from teaching any other subject. The challenge for the teacher is to cause the student to think in a creative man- ner. As most students know, few people have ever accomplished this feat within the walls of MHS. Once this spark has been lit, the teacher, at- tempts to guide the student to further exertion. The finished project pro- duced from an art class is due to sheer determination. One main purpose for our Home Economics Department is to prepare students for the future. Our depart- ment is highly qualified to teach all of the new techniques used in home- making. To use an old cliche "A stitch in time saves nine," but the stitch can also determine an unpredictable outcome. Top left: Mrs. Sarah Phelps: An un- usual experience for Mrs. Phelps was signing her maiden name to papers after 30 years of marriage! Golf is her hobby, and her dream is to retire in Florida. People with no ambition is her pet peeve. She has been at MHS for seven years. Top right: Miss Lida Gordon: lf you want to know how sleeping in a car feels, talk with Miss Gordon. She en- joys hiking and photography. She has taught here for one year. Middle left: Mrs. Lesette Harrington: Sewing, cooking, and crafts are her hobbies. Some people hurt them- selves on a trampoline, she broke her arm putting one away! She has taught at MHS for two years. Middle Right: Mr. Louis Weber: People who judge others by their ap- pearances is a pet peeve of "Tiny" Weber. He has taught students of MHS for two years. Bottom: Mrs. Sherry Gingery: "Ring around the bathtub," is "Mrs. G's" pet peeve! On her honeymoon, she went to Colorado. This is her first year at MHS. 150 dding to bilities Top Left: Mr. Dale Graves: Mr. Graves lists his idol as Martin Lu- ther King. His hobbies are devel- oping negatives, playing the guitar, and sports. Mr. Graves has been at MHS for three years. l Top: Mrs. Patricia Wilson: "Embar- rassment is when your boyfriend is walking behind you and your skirt comes down," says Mrs. Wilson. She passes the dreary months sit- ting by her pool, the pool is filled with dirt. She enjoys painting. She has taught at MHS for four years. Many people fail to realize the amount of hard work and quali- fications needed to become a math teacher. The members of our Math Department more than meet these re- quirements. ln addition to the essen- tials, Mooresville's teachers possess infinite intellect. Top: Right: Mr. Norbert lohnson: An answer to a summer vacation came out as "what vacation?" He likes to watch sports and work puzzles. His favorite pastime is patrolling "The Hall" during third lunch period. He has taught at MHS for nine years. Bottom Left: Mr. Lee Musgrave: Col- lege was an exciting time, even when he ran over some suitcases, some old lady asked him if he always did that! His hobbies are bee-keeping, garden- ing, and cars. He has been at MHS for two years. Bottom: Mrs. Patricia Hufford: Mrs. Hufford enjoys sewing and cooking. She dislikes for students to come to class unprepared. She said being in- formed by the school nurse "that the T.B. tests were for teachers only," was an unusual experience. She has been here one year. Bottom Standing: Mr. Robert Grosskreutz: He likes to sleep, trap- shoot, and hunt. An unusual ex- perience was when a lady came up to him, hugged him, and told him they were going to spend the weekend to- gether. We later found out she was a cousin whom he had never met. He has taught at MHS for two years. l5l Learn: Two more departments which are rap-gaining student interest at MHS are the library and driver's education classes. Our library encourages stu- dents to enjoy good literature and provides study materials in various areas. In Driver's Education, students are taught the fundamentals of good driving and rules of the road. Miss Holly Hall, upper right: Our li- brarian is new at MHS this year. She spends much of her time with sewing, reading and sports. This summer, she studied at Purdue, where she origi- nally majored in French and minored in Library Sciences, however, she in- tends to continue in the latter. The thing she dislikes about her job is the bookwork involved. Her unusual ex- perience is she was asked to home- coming and the prom by students. Mrs. Hester Gorman, Lower Right: A dog that usually stayed outside went to school with our library assistant's children. If they had not taken it with them, it would probably have been killed when a tornado came that day. This is what she lists as her unusual experience. She enjoys camping and has taught at MHS for 6 years. Mr. Max Gregory, Lower Left: Driver's Education proves to be an ex- citing course especially when the in- structor is known as Lerch to his stu- dents. During his course of teaching, he has been victimized by several in- cidents, including one in particular: the time he leaned on one desk, caus- ing three others to topple over! This summer he traveled to Cincinnati to enjoy a favorite pastime-baseball. He also enjoys playing basketball and helping students when he can. What's one thing that really bugs him? Stu- dents who like to ask stupid ques- tions. This year was his first at MHS. 152 'ng in Different ays 'Nfm K - tiki? Fitness in Phys. Ed. QM Health and Phys. Ed., 2 of the more important departments in our curricu- lum, promote the importance of good physical fitness. Our teachers are qualified in their field and try, to the best of their abilities, to get the job done. Students enjoy the physical education classes as a time of relaxa- tion, recreation and a break in a monotonous daily routine. The stu- dents agree that our physical educa- tion and health departments are 2 of the finest in the state. Mr. Nickey Baker, Above, Left: Al- though he yells a lot, whistles some, and thinks a little, you couIdn't miss hearing his familiar voice as he walks down the hall singing. Drawing all of those x's and o's for football plays is f'Comador's" favorite hobby. He doesn't seem to like small x's and o's. He visits Lake Gage during the sum- mer. "Opening Count", says Mr. Baker with a smile, is an unusual ex- perience. He has taught at MHS for 5 years. Mrs. Corrine Peters, Lower Left: A lake in Owen County provides the scene for summer fun for Mrs. Peter's family. She, Mr. Peters, and their four daughters enjoy camping and boating so much, that they own their own boat. "Pete" enjoys all sports, particularly tennis and swimming and hopes some day to write a book on children. She has been at MHS for 6 yrs. 153 Ads A Q NAPA? M16 oi z s'5iTLlE AUYGIDYWE 'BVU ,,.W,,, lSCNSvvni usa! I IQBV SHO! gy , gm, M Wxlwi eil wk. mi- 5 ., tsqgwtslrx ,PMN WW, up assi, ,s 1 ,, i ip. ,LVL 1 'S Z1-'t lf ,,:xl -if 'l Qi .ia , c L f Q Q IRM ' ' ' ..,.. ' W 5 M ' I K N- I W . - AVV- , I . ..., in f-:Mfsas K , fy Q, img- L l ' - , 2 .gy , l r is Y Q, V , ky Y 1:y..1 ,V As we look at MHS, we see many people who support the school and all of its achievements. The advertise- ment section is a type of recognition to those business people. They are truly a part of MHS. MGORESVILLE PAINT AND BGDY SHCP 10 N. Indianapolis Rd. 831-5114 E t Ing the damage of Mr. R d hers ca s Ra dy P den. .M-fwwijy., ,rv hu.. "W f as-Wg 156 MOORESVILLE AUTOMGTIVE SUPPLY-NAPA 10 N. Indianapolis Rd. 831-1600 Showi g the business process of NAPA to V Pr d d K K opp s M G g ,s X J-WN ,n I .sk 5 9 ., ww, M Q ,, x I nz 5 .W , . . DRIVE UP CITIZEES AN K CITIZENS BANK 33 North Indiana St. 831-0110 WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 24Ea M' S COLEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY 25 E. Main St. IUNE TOOL 84 ENGINEERING INC. BIG M BOWL KELLERS 15 W. Main St. Icehouses 831-4600 Food-Family Room At Music on Special Occasions 3 Locations Right: 243 E. High St. Left: 15 W. Main St. Bottom: Old St. Rd. 67 158 GREGORY'S ORCHARDS ECHO LAKE DAIRY QUEEN 340 S. Indiana HABIG'S CASUALS Village Shopping Center Mike Habig shows K. Knopp a swe O'DELL'S BEAUTY SALON 84 BOUTIQUE 17 OPERATORS 241 E. High sr. 83 3 HARVEY FUNERAL HOME H . MQORESVILLE I BLUCK COMPANY 167 Map 83 2 WGRRALL PROPANE 831-0970 QUALITY AUTO REPAIR MARINE UPHOLSTERY LAWYER TRUCKINC CDMPANY IANITOR SERVICE AND SUPPLY FEEBACK RODFING COMPANY 831-4991 MOORESVILLE FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LDAN 24 NNL AAaIn AA IH 83 36 0 BEN FRANKLIN VILLAGE SHDPPING CENTER 831-0154 jAGKSON'S REGAL MARKET INC. OPEN 7 Days a week 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. 831 -3450 243 E. High LABEC0 156 E. Harrison M il CARLISLE 84 SUN FUNERAL CHAPEL 39 E. High Best Wishes Seniors Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Pygman HOPKIN'S GARAGE TCM BAKER MOTORS HANDY HARDWARE Bucker 84 Son Monumental Works 83 262 PERRY ACOUSTICS 650 Bridge St. 831 -3454 WEBER'S VILLAGE R.R. if 2, Box 109A M Il d S R d ALLISON TIRE COMPANY I Op M h St. 600 9oop.m. 831-OQ65 WILCHER FORD SALES 84 SERVICE Where to buy em" 173 Indianapolis Road 83 -2750 HILLCREST GARDEN SHOP 831-1719 THOMPSON AUTO SU PPLY 831-1300 MOORESVILLE FURNITURE STORE 831-4365 PRESCOTT'S BODY SHOP CREST CLEANERS ACE TOOL 84 ENGINEERING CO. THOMPSON'S GARAGE WAVERLY GRAVEL 84 CONCRETE CO. 831-2203 Aquatic Acres Aquarium 831-0723 CHAR-O-LETTE CATERING SERVICE 831-3507 or 831-3 BIFF'S BAKERY sf GRILL Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week 831-3730 Hornaday is D. Barrone. STATE FARM INSURANCE Agent Omer L Park 0 N I d 83 285 Working har ng baked goods from O. Willard an ics INSURANCE' HADLEY COOK QUILLEN 831 3240 E M S 31 S. West Mam St. ICA FGOD LINER 831-4653 Y "'-- 350 N M T VALUE 5 M PLUS 831-4650 350N M PDO PRINTING COMPANY I SmithV II ySh pping Center 881-9037 RR 4-H92 B 158 N ITE OWL 490 E. St. Clair 831-0092 inishing touches are added by Norma to Mrs. Robbs hair style. Tri-County receives business from V. Pruden, D. Barrone, and K. Kno NORMA'S CHATEAU TRI COUNTY DE BEAUTE SPORTS SHOP 9 5' 'nd 331 -2894 6 west Main 831 -3585 BOB DUNN HOMES 902 Indianapolis Road Congratulations Seniors OVERTON AND SONS TOOL AND DIE 313 N. Bishop Mooresville 831- 6 2 COLONIAL M MEADOWS 450 St. Clair 83 0003 PAULEYS TAX 84 REALTY 145 E. Main 831-0866 ALLENS BARBER SHOP 16 N. Indiana MARION ADAMS FLOOR COVE Rl 128Vz Maple Lane Advertising Index Ace Tool And Engineering Marion Adams Floor Covering Allens Barber Shop Allison Tire Company Aquatic Acres Aquarium Tom Baker Motors Ben Franklin Store Biff's Bakery Big M Bowl Bucker And Sons Funeral Home Carlisle Funeral Home Char-O-Lette Catering Citizens Bank Coleman Insurance Agency Colonial Meadows Crest Cleaners Dairy Queen Bob Dunn Homes Echo Lake Feeback Roofing Company Gregory's Orchard Habigs Casuals Hadley, Cook, and Quillen Handy Hardware Harvey Funeral Home Hillcrest Garden Shop Hopkins and Sons Garage IGA lacksons Regal Market janitor Service and Supply 165 169 168 164 165 163 161 165 157 163 162 165 157 157 168 164 159 167 159 161 159 159 166 163 160 164 162 166 162 161 june Tool and Engineering Kellers Labeco Lawyer Trucking Company Marine Upholstery Mooresville Block Company Mooresville Federal Savings and Loan Mooresville Furniture Mooresville Paint and Body Shop Nite Owl Normas Chateau de Beaute O dell's Beauty Shop Overton and Sons Tool and Die Co., Inc. Pauleys Tax and Realty PDQ Printing Perry Acoustics Prescott Body Shop Clyde Pygman Quality Auto Repair State Farm Insurance Thompson Auto Supply Thompson Garage Three Point Lake Value Plus Warren Insurance Agency Waverly Gravel and Concrete Company Webers Village Western Auto Associate Store Wilcher Ford Worrall Propane 157 158 162 161 160 160 161 164 156 167 167 159 168 168 167 163 164 163 160 165 164 165 166 166 167 165 163 157 164 160 Atwood, james: 48, 112 Abbey, Scott: 128 Abbott, Karen: 51, 128 Abbott, Linda: 112, 43 Adams, Brad: 64, 68, 128 Adams, Don: 147 Adams, Robert: 121, 123, 144 Addair Vicki: 128 Aker, Cynthia: 42, 44, 30, 96 Alexander, Hubert: 42, 43, 146 Allen, Richard: 128 Allen, Taryn: 120 Allen, William: 49, 34, 96 Allison, Gail: 39, 48, 96 Allison, Tony: 120 Alsup, james: 112 Alurnbaugh, Steve: 120 Amick. jowanna:4128 Anderson, Cindy: 128 Anderson, Donna: 112 Anderson, Mike: 128 Anderson, Pamela: 112 Anderson, Rick: 112 Anderson, Teresa: 44 Andrews, Cindy: 50, 112 Andrews, Mary Christine: 50 App, john: 120 App, Vicki: 45, 128 Archer, Christine: 120 Archer, Thomas: 120 Arthur, Donna: 96 Arthur, Helenmary: 96 Asher, David: 39, 42, 49, 51, 112 Atwood, Tim: 128 Atwood, William: 49, 59, 70, 71, 74, 97 Babhs, julie: 43, 44, 50, 112 Bagley, Deborah: 112 Bagley, Mike: 63, 64, 69, '128 Bailey, Brian: 120 Bailey, Deborah: 45, 120 Bailey, james: 128 Bailey, joseph: 112 Bain, Charles: 120 Bain, john: 48, 120 Bain, Mary: 44, 97 Bain, Norma: 44, 112 Baker, Cathie: 128 Baker Baker Baker , Daniel: 48, 120 , Dianna: 112 , Gerald: 61, 125 Baker, Lawrence: 34, 31, 59, 97 Baker, Linda: 44, 97 Baker, Nicky: 58, 39, 153 Ballard, Roy: 48, 128 Ballard, Steve: 59, 120 Barne s, Steve: 59, 120 Barrone, David: 112, 165, 167 Beach, Micheal: 120 Beach, Viney: 128 Bean, Ronnie: 48, 49, 71, 120 Beasley, Holly: 39, 42, si, 112 Beaver, Beverley: 97 Beaver, Steven: 50, 120 Beaver, Terry: 50, 120 Behrens, Mable: 44, 112 Bell, Denise: 128 Bengston, judy: 133, 145 Bernard, lane: 39, 50, 120, 123 Berney, Carolyn: 128 Berney, Marcia: 54, 112 Berney, Mitchell: 39, 97 Billman, Mark: 120 Bishop, Anita: 128 Bishop, Mike: 48, 112 Bivin, Ca ryann: 120 Bivin, David: 38,112, 114 Blackwell, Danny: 59, 112, 49 Blaklev, lerry: 128 Blanton, john: 141 Blanton, Roy: 141 Bledsoe, jody: 120 Bledsoe, Larry: 97 Blickenstaff, Carolyn: 145 Blythe, Donnie: 120 Boling, john: 128 Boling Virginia: 34, 44, 51, 54, 97 Bowman, Clifton: 120 Bowman, David: 34, 51 Bowman, julia: 128 Bowman, julie: 51, 128 Bowman, Mrs.: 145 Boyd, Mrs.: 142 Bradford, Mrs.: 142 As we Bradley, Sandy: 128 Bradshaw, Mr.: 144 Brandeburg, Sam: 48, 128 Branthafer, Gary: 50 Braughton, Vickie: 120 Bray, Leanna: 128 Breedlove, Dennis: 39, 74, 120 Breedlove, Rick: 49, 112 Brewer, Mr.: 59, 146 Brewer, Susan: 45, 120 Bridges, Rebecca: 120, 123 Bridgman, Troy: 49, 59 Briley, jeff: 128 Broadstreet, Teresa: 44, 51, 112 Brock, Bruce: 61, 71, 128 Brock, Mark: 48, 112 Brooks, Lee: 48, 128 Brower, Randy: 128 Brown, Darrell: 121 Brown, Mike: 128 Brown, Monta: 39, 44, 51, 97 Brown, Steven: 48, 121 Brummett, Pauline: 128 Brunes, Steve: 69, 144 Bryan, Cindy: 128 Bryant, Donald: 121 Bryant, Mark: 128 Bucker, Bill: 42, 113 Buckheister, lanice: 121 Buis, Randy: 121 Burch, jeff: 128 Burgess, Danny: 48, 128 Burgess, David: 48, 129 Burks, Debbie: 34, 113 Burks, Donna: 81, 121 Burlingame, Mrs.: 142 Burner, Bonnie: 121 Burner, David E.: 98 Burnett, Rick: 129 Burnett, Vicki: 113 Burnside, Tonja: 10, 98 Burris, Mike: 121 Burwell, Debra: 113 Bush, Dawn: 42, 113 Bush, Edna, Mrs.: 140 Bush, Michael: 121 Bush, Paul: 49, 59, 113 Bush, Sue: 129 Butcher, Linda: 121 Butler, Dan: 98 Butler, Lynette: 113 Butler, Anne: 98 Butterfield, Brad: 121 Butterfield, Scott: 129 Byers, David: 129 Call, Mary Lou, Mrs: 142 Call, Stephen: 113 Callahan, Audry: 64, 140 Callahan, jim: 63, 121 Calton, Anna Mae: 44, 51, 98 Calton, Randy: 48, 129 Camden, Allen: 48, 69, 129 Campbell, Kathy: 113 Canellas, Vicki: 113 Carlisle, Susan: 39, 51, 121, 124 Carney, Cathy: 39, 129 Carter, Barbara: 129 Carter, Deborah: 121 Carter, Eddie: 129 Carter, Larry: 129 Carter, Polly Ann: 129 Caner, Rhonda: 39, 121 canmeli, jody: 45, 129 Casey, Mike: 39, 63, 64, 121, 123 Catellier, Lorraine: 129 Catellier, Lammie: 121 Catt, Danny: 135 Caulk, Mark: 59, 121 Cecil, Patti: 98 Chambers, Mark: 39, 98 Chappell, janie: 121 Chase, Leonard, Mr.: 138 Cherry, Debbie: 44, 98 Chowning, Lynn: 39, 44, 45, 51, 129 Christian, james Lee: 51 Christofferson, Donna: 99 Christofferson, Mary Lou: 113 Christofferson, Ron: 129 look Clark, Deborah: 121 Clark, Rick: 48, 129 Clark, Rocky: 50, 113 Clark, Sharon: 129 Clem, Dorothy Ellen: 44, 51, 99 Clem, Torn: 48, 129 Clevenger, jim: 61, 129 Clevenger, Kenny: 48 Coble, Kim: 113 Coble, Rocky: 129 Cochran, Cynthis: 121 Cochran, Lonnie: 48, 129 Cochran, Pam: 51, 99 Coffey, Frank: 48, 129 Cohen, Evelyn: 140 Cohen, Melody: 44, 113 Colbert, Susan: 42, 50, 113 Cole, Anita: 45, 129 Cole, Barry: 66, 113 Coleman, Debbie: 113 Collins, Deborah: 121 Collins, Cary: 48, 129 Conrad, Cathy: 51, 121 Cook, Marcia: 39, 45, 50, 121 Cook, Sheila: 39, 42, 51, 99 Cooney, Brian: 129 Cooney, Mark: 121 Cooper, Daisy Sharlene: 99 Cooper, Dennis: 49, 59, 121, 123 Cooper, Cary: 129 Cooper, Paul, Mr.: 141 Copeland, Dewayne, Mn: 141 Copeland, james: 113 Copeland, Nina: 44, 47, 50, 99 Corbin, Craig: 68, 121 Corbin, Mary: 45, 129 Cordray, Larry: Mr.: 133, 147 Cordray, Pat: 129 M.H.S., we see . . . Corey, Cindy: 12 124, 126 Covey, Michael Lee: 44, 99 Covey, Lee Ann: 17, 121, Cowell, Diana Lynn: 99 Cowell, Douglas: 121 Cox, Rosanne: 46, 129, 34 Cox, Shelia: 45, 129 Cox, Twana: 121 Coy, David: 129 Crafton, Mike: 129 Crane, Milton Edgar: 16, 21, 25, Crawford, Gwen: 46, 129, 134 Crews, Howard: 141 Crouch, Lynn: 49, 121 Crouch, Paul Waggoner: 42, 100 Crusanbarry, Lena: 113 Curry, lim: 69, 129 Curry, William: 138 Curtis, Rhonda: 45, 121 Dale, Duane: 36, 69, 130 Dale, Patti: 113 Damon, Cheryl: 130 Damon, Brian: 39, 43, 51, 65, 63 Damon, Pamela: 42, 51, 100 Danes, Steve: 121 Davee, Mary: 121 Davidson, Tina: 45, 130 Davidson, Larry: 122 Davis, Davis, Dan: 42, 48, 113 Duane: 39, 69, 130 Davis, Gary: 130 Davis, Leah: 130 Davis, Michael: 130 Davison, Michael: 71, 122 Davisson, Diana: 45, 130 Davisson, Dona: 45, 130 Day, Gwen: 43, 113 DeBehnke, Brenda: 113, 1 DeBehnke, Carl: 130 DeBehnke, Linda: 122 DeBehnke, Mark: 122 DeBoor, Anthony: 51, 63, Delk, Anna: 141 Delk, William: 141 Delong, Ken: 60, 130, 134 DeMoss, Cathy: 122 DeMo5s, Lori: 130 14 64, 65 Deppert, jim: 43, 49, 58, 59, 100 DeVries, Mary: 113 Dilkey, Mr.: 149 Dill, Deborah: 130 Ditton, Dathy Sue: 44, 100 Ditton, Ronnie: 48 Dorsh, Mr.: 143 Dorsett, Dorsett, Dorsett, Dorsett, Dorsey, Miss: 139 Garrett: 141 Michael: 48, 122 Phyllis: 130 Karen: 130 49, 50, 62, 74, 96, 100 ,64, 113,119 ,122 Farabee, lane: 130 Faubion, Vickie: 130 Ferguson, Larry 49, 130 Finch, Greg: 131, 134 Finch, leffery: 71, 122 Finch, Tim: 25, 39, 42, 51, 59, 113 Fines, Mike: 113 Finley, Fishel, Tony: 122 Michael: 49, 51, 62, 74, 100 Fishel, Sandra: 42, 44, 100 Fisher, james: 101 Flagel, Debra: 122 Forester, Kevin: 122 Forester, Melody: 44, 50, 114 Fornoff, Susan: 50, 51, 101 Fomoff, Sheryl: 131 Forsythe, Edna: 140 Foster, Dallas: 122 Fox, Bill: 131 France, Deborah: 45, 122, 123, 127 Franklin, Mr.: 144 Franks, Dianne: 131 Frazier, Leslie: 43, 44, 114 Free, Monica: 43, 101 Golden, Lacy: 48, 122 Golden, Shirley lean: 32, 44, 102 Goldsberry, Donna loyce: 42, 51, 55, 102 Goodson, Ron: 141 Goodman, lan: 16, 34, 113, 114, 117 Gordon, Miss: 50, 150 Gorman, Mrs,: 152 Goss, Vaughn: 48, 131 Gott, Billy: 141 Gott, Mariena: 45, 131 Gott, William: 43, 102, 54 Graham, jeff: 48, 71, 131 Graham, Vicki: 44, 50, 54, 114 Grass, Brenda: 45, 131 Grass, Dee Ann: 32, 43, 46,x102 Graves, Mr.: 46, 62, 151 Graves, Pilate: 114 Graves, Trent: 131 Gray, Henry: 48, 50, 114 Gray, Merrill: 122 Greene, Bob: 131 Greenwood, Ed: 131 Freeman, David: 6, 11, 39, 47, 101 Freeman, Deborah: 122 Freeman, Lu Ann: 114 Freeman, William: 114 Froedge, Charles: 131 Froedge, Norman Keith: 48, 101 Greeson, Brad: 131 Greeson, Sheryl: 122, 127 Gregory, Cindy: 80, 114 Gregory, Deborah: 131 Gregoiy, janet: 131 Gregory, Lorinda: 122 Gregory, Mr,: 152 Gregory, Pam: 114 Fulk, Roy: 114 Fuller, Susan: 46, 114 Gaines, Dennis: 114 Gaines, Eddie: 49, 68, 69, 131 Gaither, Michael: 4B, 122 Gaither, Richard: 48, 122 Gaiderowicz, Linda: 45, 51, 131 Garner, Nancy: 44 Garrard, Danny: 50, 114 Garrard, Paula: 122 Garrison, Allen: 131 Garrison, jim: 114 Garrity, Eugene: 114 Garrity, Ginger: 122 George, Brent: 66, 131 Gibbons, Lanny Robbin: 101 Gibson, Mark: 114 Gibson, Sammy: 122 Gilchrist, Scott: 50, 114 Gill, Katherine jean: 44, 101 Gilliem, Mr:: 147 Gilman, julia Lynn: 44, 101 Gilmoor, Susan: 122 Gingary, Mrs.: 156 Glidden, Sharon Alicia: 50, 101 Goins, Arlene: 131 Golay, Denise: 50, 101, 35, 32 Golden, laney: 114 Golden, jeannie: 51, 122 Downey, john: 141 Dugger, Crystal: 44, 113 Dufect, Tom: 130 Dunbar, Ronnie: 130 Dunham, Cynthia: 39, 45, 122 Dunkin, Sherri: 130 Dunlap, Ken: 130 Dunn, Diana: 25, 81, 113, 117 Dwinell, Cynthia: 122 Golden, Karen Sue: 44, 50, 102 Gregory, Sarah: 131 Griffin, Bob: 131 Griffin, Gail: 4, 42, 102 Griffin, james: 39, 123 Griffith, Lisa: 123 Griffith, Leisa Annette: 123 Grogg, Billy joe: 131 Grosskertuz, Robert: 51, 112, 151 Grounds, David Michael: 48, 49, 102 Grubb, Warren: 49, 51, 59, 71, 102 Gunter, Larry: 48, 131 Haase, Mrs,: 142 Habig, Brenda: 39, 42, 44, 114 Hackett, David Ralph: 51, 123 Hackler, Charles: 19, 51, 114 Hadley, Mrs.: 144 Haggard, Debra: 123 Halcomb, Robbie: 48, 131 Hall, Miss: 152 Hall, Nancy Rose: 44, 51, 102 Hall, Norma: 123 Hall, Sherry: 51, 131 Hall, Shirley: 51, 131 Hamilton, Don: 131 Hammes, Iames: 114, 74 Hammes, Sybilla: 131 Hamn, Deborah Marie: 44, 102 Hamn, Mr.: 74, 146 Hargis, Barry: 68, 123 Hargis, jeraldine: 44, 102 Dyer, Bryan: 48, 69, 130 Eaker, Carolyn: 25, 44, 50, 113, 1 Eaker, Earles Earles, Easley, Easley, Linda: 130 Myrna: 130 Paula LuAnn: 100 Cathy: 130 Phyllis lean: 100 17 Eastes, Connie: 122 Edwards, David: 122 Edwards, Donna: 51, 122 Edwards, james: 43, 113 Edwards, jeff: 130 Eggers, Teresa: 130 Ehle, john: 69, 130 V Y-,,.. ,f Ellington Ellington Danny: 61, 130 David: 122 Ellington, Kathy: 130 Ellington, Linda: 122 Ellington, Mike: 48, 122 Ellington, Donald: 42, 113 Ellyson, Embery, Embery, Endsley, Endsley, Englema Lynn: 61, 130 Lonnie: 25, 113 Teresa: 130 David: 48, 122 Rachel: 14, 15, 44, 100, n, Vanita: 45, 122, 127 34 Eubank, Darleah: 122 Eubank, Donna: 81, 130 Even, julie: 44, 45, 51, 130 Even, Sandy: 25, 43, 44, 113, 115 Eversole, joe: 130 ,,f""-' 1- as Hipsher, Hennigar, Robert: 48, 123 Hensley, Phil: 131 Henson, Bruce: 115, 74 Henson, Diane: 123 Henson, john: 48 Herndon, Walter: 115 Hiatt, Robin: 131 Hiatt, Shelley: 51, 123 Hicks, Patricia Ann: 103 Hicks, Richards: 39, 131 Higgins, Mr.: 146 Hightshue, Dick: 51, 115 Hill, Bonnie: 115 Hill, Connie: 115 Hill, David: 123 Hill, Deane Rae: 103, 32 Hill, Mr.: 139 Hilton, jo Ann: 123 Hinson, Debbie: 131 Hinson, Karen: 43, 103 Rachel: 123 Two jones, jones, jones, jones, jones, lovce, lovce, Iovce, generation Mr.: 149 Rick: 49, 58, 59, 66, 67, 104 Sandy: 81, 132 Terry: 123 William: 132 Bill: 49, 63, 115 Karen: 43, 44 Steve: 49, 63, 64, 69, 132 judd, Denise: 44, 115 ludd, Roxie: 132 justus, jeff: 115 Kays, David: 123 Kays, Doug: 48, 132 Kays, Robin: 132 Keeton, Ron: 115 Keith, Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, Keller, Sherry: 39, 115, 117 Kendall, Mr.: 139 Laura: 132 Mary: 39, 45, 132 Rick: 132 Terry: 69, 132 Hite, Charles: 115 Hobbs, Greg: 131 Hobbs, Philip: 123 Hogan, Sharon: 123 Holland, Deborah: 45, 44 Holland, Robert: 48, 131 Holland, Steve: 131 Hollingsworth, Rodney: 131 Holt, jennie: 131 Holt, Timmy: 123 Holtzclaw, David: 49, 123 Holtzclaw, Mike: 49, 69, 131 Hood, Mark: 131 Hoopengarner, Ruby: 115 Hooper, Harold: 103 Hopkins, Cindy: 131 Hopkins, Sallie Ann: 44, 103 Hopper, Maynard Edwin: 49, 51, Hopwood, Debbie: 39, 50, 115 Hopwood, Pam: 131 Hornaday, Danny: 131 Horton, Debbie: 50, 115, 144 Horton, Gary: 69, 131 Horton, Mark: 40, 43, 104 Hoseclaw, Michael: 104 103, 32 Kellum, Sallie: 81, 123 Kennedy, jeff: 69, 123 Kennedy, Robin: 115 Kenworthy, Lloyd: 141 Kerner, Dawna: 132 Key, Randy: 48, 49, 50, 115 Kennett, Gregg: 50, 115 Kimmel, Richard Steven: 59, Kimmell, Nancy: 46, 51, 123 71, 105 Kinnett, Carol: 50, 123 Kinnett, Lou Ann: 123 King, Mr.: 48, 148 Kirby, Pamela: 51, 123 Kirk, Louise Beth: 46, 105, 34 Kirk, Marc: 123 Kirtley, Dawna: 132 Kirtley, Heidi: 123 Kizzee, Michael: 49, 62, 123 Knapp, Gary: 124 Knapp, Rick: 132 Knopjll, Elaine: 141 Knapp, Kent: 25, 50, 115, 159, 167 Lake, Mr.: 66, 68, 143 Lamb, jerry: 39, 45, 132 Lambert, Teresa: 46, 124 Harless, Diane: 131 Harless, jay Dee: 48, 131 Harlow, Sherman: 50, 51, 114 Harper, Charlotte: 32, 44, 96, 102 Harper, judy: 131 Harrington, Mrs.: 112, 150 Harris, janet: 131 Harris, Kenneth: 131 Harris, Mary: 131 Harris, Norma: 42, 114 Harrison, Ricky: 48, 59, 123 Hart, jeanine: 51, 123 Hartman, john Edgar: 48, 103 Harvey, Mike: 131 Hatch, Cecelia: 46, 103 Hatfield, Regina: 55, 96, 103 Hatfield, Sherry: 51, 131 Hause, Conrad: 42, 114 Havens, Mr.: 147 Haymaker, Debbie: 34, 39, 114 Haymaker, Neva: 114 Haymaker, Terri: 131 Haymond, Mark: 131 Headley, Bill: 61, 69, 131 Headley, Shirley: 140 Hearn, joe: 114 Hedges, jackie: 42, 114 Hedges, Lynnda Day: 103 Helderrnan, Beverly: 131 Helton, Charles: 114 Helton, Mike: 131 Helton, Sandy: 131 Henderson, Bruce: 123 Henderson, jolie: 34, 46, 51, 103 Hendrickson, Kevin: 48, 131 Hendrickson, Mary Lou: 46, 112, Hennigar, Linda: 114 113,114 Huston, Robert: 131 Howard, Denise: 115 Howard, jeanine: 131 Howell, Cindy: 50, 115, 44 Howell, Hudson, Hudson, Hufford, Diane: 138 Lynn: 50,50,123 Ronald: 44, 104 Mrs.: 151 Humble, Terry: 138 Hundertmark, Holly: 42, 44, 115 Hundertmark, Lisa: 34, 45, 123 Hyatt, Linda: 10, 44 Ingle, Michael: 123 Irvine, David: 50, 59, 104 jackson, Donna Sue: 43, 50, 104 jackson, Frank: 131 jackson, jim: 49, 51, 115 jackson, Mike: 48, 115 jackson, Patricia: 104 jackson, Steven: 123 jackson, Steven Ray: 104 jacobs, Mike: 49, 115 jacobs, Sheri: 131 jeanette, Yvonne: 132 jerin, Laurie: 132 jett, Kathy: 104 johnson, Cindy: 45, 132 johnson, Christine: 104 johnson, Dale: 115 johnson, Dorral: 132 johnson, Eddie: 51, 132 johnson, jerry: 123 johnson, jill: 115 johnson, Karen: 80, 104, 32, 34, 35 johnson, Lindy: 132 johnson, Loretta: 132 johnson, 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Ten'i: 133 McCammack, Chuck: 48, 133 McClanahan, Doris: 140 McClanahan, Peggy: 80, 116 McCrary, Debra: 105 McCreary, David: 61, 133 McCreary, Sharon: 124 McGill, Patricia: 124 McGill, Patrick: 48, 124 McCinnia, Michael: 124 working McGuire, Cathy: 20, 124 McGuire, Donna: 140 McGuire, Gregg: 133 McGuire, Mark: 49, 59, 71, 106 McGuire, Mary: 133 McKain, Bruce: 49, 59, 116 McKain, Charles: 133 McKinney, Charlene: 39, 121, 123 McKinney, Richard: 39, 124 McNeeIy, Mike: 51,124 McWarter, Debbie: 133 Macheaky, Ronald: 124 Maddox, Earl: 116 Maddox, Teresa: 124 Maddox, Tim: 133 Majors, Patricia: 105 Mallott, Marcia: 124 Mangold, Kent: 124 Mann, Cecil: 48, 116 Mann, Melanee: 50, 133 Mann, Michael: 43, 48, 59, 116 Mansfield, Kathryn: 105 Many, jim: 34, 49, 50, 116 Many, Tom: 133 Marine, Bruce: 48, 144 Marine, Michael Dennis: 48, 105 Marine, Mike: 133 Marshman, Brian: 133 Marshman, Pam: 43 Martin, Sharon: 39, 51, 133, 45 Martin, Toni: 18, 81, 133 Mason, Marguerita: 51, 133 Matlock, Marlene: 124 Matthews, David: 116 Matthews, Debra: 124 Mattingly, Cheryl: 105 May, jill: 133 May, joy: 105 Mayo, Don: 133 Mayo, Carry: 133 Meadows, Charles Bany: 105 Medsker, Deborah: 34, 42, 50, 51, 106 Medsker, Sandra: 45, 124 Mendenhall, Donna: 45, 51, 116 Mershon, Linda: 44, 50, 51, 106 Middleton, Rebecca: 51, 124 Milburn, Mr.: 139 Miller, Cecilia: 25, 35, 50, 51, 106 Miller, Charles Randy: 135 Miller, Dan: 133 Mills, Teresa: 39, 45, 133 together. . . Muse, Deborah: 106 Muse, Woodrow: 125 Musgrave, Mr.: 151 Myers, Donna: 116 Mynatt, Mynatt, Cheryl: 39,44, 45, 121, 125 Steven Paul: 21, 48, 106 Mynatt, Vicki: 39, 45, 51, 133 f 124' 125 Myrick, Delvin: 141 Myrick, jeff: 39, 48, 106 Nay, joe: 133 Neal, Patty: 133 Neal, Roger: 133 Milner, Max: 54, 116 Minardo, David: 124 Minardo, joey: 48, 116 Minardo, Kathy: 44, 116 Minnick, Bobby: 106 Minnick, Debra: 124 Minor, john: 133 Mitchell, Pamela: 133 Mong, Tony: 49, 50, 116 Montgomery, Cary: 25, 71 Moon, Patricia: 44, 106 Moon, Richard: 124 Moore, Ancil: 141 Moore, Donald: 141 Moore, jimmy: 141 Moore, Martin: 66, 124 Moore, Mr,: 71, 147 Moore, Richard: 7, 34, 42, 50, 51, Moore, Richard: 63, 133 Moore, Rodney: 106 Neitzel, Roger: 48, 69, 133 New, Albert, Mr.: 144 Newberry, Michael: 106 Newcomb, Leslie: 48, 133 Newcomb, Mrs.: 145 Newcomer, Paul: 133 Newgent, Mrs.: 142 Newhart, Betty jo: 42, 116 Newhart, Georgia: 50, 125 Newkirk, Vickie: 39, 125 Noblitt, Melissa: 45, 51, 133 Noblitt, Ronnah: 43, 60, 116 Norman, Miss: 145 Norris, jean: 133 Norton, Kathy: 125 Norton, Nancy: 44, 106 Norton, Peggy: 133 Nungester, Carol: 116 O'Brien, Charles: 69 Ogden, Patty: 44, 116 Ogle, Kenny: 50, 125 Ooley, Allen: 133 Orender, Colleen: 45, 51, 133 Overton, Steve: 43, 106 Owens, Farrell: 44, 50, 96, 106 Owens, Wendell: 48, 125 Ozment, joanne: 125 Painter, Carol: 44, 116 Painter, William: 10, 44, 107 Palmer, Ieana: 39, 45, 133 Palmer, Peggy: 20, 21, 25, 42, 43, 50, 107, 32, 35 Park, Karen: 45, 133 Park, Lawrence Michael: 48, 107 Park, Linda: 44, 116, 117 Parker, Mrs.: 143 Parrott, Connie: 125 Parsons, Floyd: 48, 125 Patchett, james, Mr.: 139 Paichen, jeff: 42, 49, 63, 64, ss, 116, 119 Patrum, Debra: 39, 45, 123, 125 Patrum, Pam: 39, 133 Patmm, Susan: 80, 116 Patterson, Debra: 125 Patterson, Kent: 123, 125 Patterson, Rick: 50, 51, 107 Patterson, Robert, Mr.: 138 Payne, Robert: 59, 125 Pearison, David: 125 Pearison, Lisa: 133 Pearson, Gary, Mr.: 146 Peasley, Phillip: 51, 125 Peebles, Debbie: 133 Pell, Rhonda: 125 Pell, Robin: 116 Pemberton, Mike: 39, 116 Perdunn, Chuck: 49, 116 Perry, Bobby: 133 Perry, Don: 49, 61, 69, 133 Perw, lack, 138 Pierson, j Moore, Sarah: 45, 133 Moore, Stanley: 123, 124 Moran, William: 133 Morgan, Betty joyce: 50, 106 Morgan, Larry: 133 Morley, Richard: 68, 124 Morris, julie: 45, 133 Morris, Tim: 48, 116 Moutain, Kim: 133 Moy, On: 49, 106 Mundy, Charles: 48, 125 Perry, Linda: 32, 35, 42, 50, 55, 107 Perry, Rh Peters, C onda: 43, 107 huck: 39, 133 Peters, Mr.: 63, 121 Peters, Mrs.: 153 Phelps, Debra: 44, 107 Phelps, Mrs.: 150 Phillips, Mitz: 42, 116 Phillips, Teresa: 133 Phillips, Tonca: 125 eff: 69, 133 Mundy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murphy, Murray, Murray, Murray, Murray, David: 125 Kerry Lynne: 133 Larry: 133 Mariruth: 45, 133 Marta: 44, 116 Nina: 125 Mike: 43, 116 Randy: 51, 59, 106 Richard: 48,125 Richy: 125 Pinkisten, C.: 125 Pitcock, Betty: 133 Pitton, Ron: 133 Plummer, Andrew: 125 Plummer, Cecil: 140 Plummer, Eddie: 25, 49, 50, 112, 115 Plummer, Laura: 45, 133 Poe, Nila: 45, 125 Poealer, Cindy: 133 Poland, Tamelaz 125 17 Polk, Donald: 51, 125 Poole, jeffrey: 125 Poole, Sally: 125 Porter, Bill: 134 Poteet, Robert: 48, 135 Powell, Mark Randall: 25, 49, 59, 74, 107 Powell, Tawnee: 45, 125 Powers, Ronda: 45, 125 Poynter, Cheryl: 133 Price, Gary: 134 Price, Mark: 134 Price, Pamela: 125 Price, Ralph Michael: 107 Pridemore, Ray: 48, 121, 123, 125 Pritchard, Erin: 7, 117 Pritchard, jan: 125, 127 Pritchard, Ronald: 141 Pruden, Vicki: 44, 107, 167 Qualitza, Mr:: 46, 70, 71, 148 Quiggins, Pam: 45, 134 Quillen, jeff: 42, 66, 68, 117 Quillen, Sam: 107 Quillen, Tom: 49, 59, 123, 125 Racic, George: 125 Racic, Paul: 134 Ragan, Kathy: 42, 44, 117 Raikes, Lianna: 134 Rainbolt, Tylor: 134 Randolph, Mrs.: 149 Ransom, Betty: 107 Ransom, Danny: 42, 43, 49, 66, 108 Ransom, Donnie: 117 Ransom, jerry: 49, 69, 134 Ratliff, Deanna: 117 Ratliff, Dianna: 117 Ratliff, Mr.: 148 Ratliff, Ronnie: 64, 48, 134 Rastenburg, Frances: 45, 134 Rastenburg, Glenda: 44, 108 Raymond, Beth: 45, 134 Raymond, Charles: 138 Raymond, judy: 81, 126 Ream, David: 48, 134 Record, Russell: 42, 49, 51, 59, 63, Reed, Maurita: 81, 134 Reed, Terry: 66, 126 Reese, Bobbie: 45, 126 Regan, Randy: 126 Reinhart, Anna: 44, 117 Remster, Nancy: 45, 134 Rexnolds, Richard Dale: 50, 108 Rice, Cathy: 126 Rice, Ron: 126 Richardson, Brenda: 134 Richardson, Patty: 117 Richer, Peggy: 44, 47, 108 Ricketts, Kevin: 117 Ricketts, Mr.: 23, 66, 68, 148 Ridnor, Denver: 48, 134 Riedesel, Sandra: 44, 108 Riedesel, Sherry: 50 Rife, Bonnie: 134 Riggs, Mike: 134 Riggs, Richard: 117 Ringenberg, Ronoldz 51, 125 Ringenberg, Roy: 39, 43, 41, 108 Ringer, Stanley: 48, 121, 123, 126 Rippy, Patty: 134 Rives, Sherry: 45, 123, 126 Roberson, Telma: 140 Roberso n, Toni: 44, 108 Roberts, Dennis: 126 Roberts, Mark: 117, 74 Roberts, Mike: 134 Robens, Mrs.: 145 Robertson, Louise: 48, 49, 68, 134 Rnbinson, jeff: 49, 62, 66, 68, 126 Robling, Uanny: 126, 74 Roddy, james: 61, 134 Roller, Cale: 44, 51, 108 Roller, janet: 45, 51, 126 Rowe, james: 48, 126 Ruona, Rebecca: 44, 51, 108 Ruona, Victoria: 11, 51, 81, 126 Russell, Tim: 126 Rutherford, Larry: 43, 108 Rutherford, Steve: 134 Rutledge, lulie: 108 Sachs, Gaidene Marie: 44, 108 Sachs, Mary: 43, 45, 134 Sanders, Bob: 59, 117 Saucerman, Larry: 42, 117 Saylors, Mrs.: 143 Scaggs, Becky: 134 l74 64, 65, 66, 108 Schmidt, Donald: 126 Schultz, Billy: 126, 74 Schulz, Howard: 134 Scott, Deborah: 34 Scott, Mark: 134 Scroughams, Scharlot: 126 Scroughams, Velda: 134 Searcy, james: 126 Sears, Dietra: 51, 134 Settle, jim: 61, 134 Settle, Samra: 117 Settle, Vicki: 126 Shanks, joseph Lane: 109 Sharpe, Terry: 44, 66, 109 Shaw, Bary: 50, 117 Shearer, Crystal: 134 Sheets, Kelley: 50, 126 Sheets, Phillip: 134 Sheets, Steve: 134 Shepherd, Rhonda: 51, 117 Sheridan, Chris: 42, 50, 117 Sheridan, Douglas: 62, 66, 68, 134 Shields, Seth: 138 Shipp, Ed: 134 Shipp, Mrs,: 143 Shockley, Donald: 126 Shouse, Lavinia: 134 Shrake, Evelyn: 141 Shrake, jama: 43, 117 Siebenthal, Leonard: 117 Sigler, Dewayne Edward: 109 Silver, Mr.: 147 Sizemore, Donald: 7 Simonson, Richard: 117 Sinn, Cathy: 50, 51 Skiles, Mike: 117 Small, jeff: 48, 49, 61, 69, 134 Smiley, janet: 51, 126 Smith, Bengi: 50, 51, 117 Smith, Beth Ann: 117 Smith, Brenda: 44, 51, 109 Smith, Carol: 140 Smith, Cindy: 42, 44, 117 Smith, Cynthia: 126 Smith, Danny: 117 Smith, Donna: 50, 117 Smith, Gloria: 44, 118 Smith, james: 48, 126 Smith, jeff: 48, 62, 74, 109 Smith, jim: 134 Smith, lo Ann: 141 Smith, Kevin: 61, 134 Smith, Mark: 126 Smith, Paula: 134 Smith, Paula: 126 Smith, Phyllis: 141 Smith, Ronald: 126 Smith, Steve: 134 Smith, Sue: 126 Smith, Tari: 134 From day Smith, Vallerie: 45, 134 Smith, Vallerie: 45, 134 Smith, Vickie: 43, 51, 118 Smith, Virginia: 134 Snelling, Sue: 126 Sokol, Dova: 140 Soladine, Darlene: 134 Soots, Michael: 126 Soots, Penny: 134 Soughers, Richard: 126 Sparks, Fred: 59, 74, 126 Sparr, Linda: 42, 50, 51, 118 Spaulding, Connie: 135 Spears, Brenda: 135 Spears, Mark: 135 Spencer, Robert: 138 Spencer, Roy: 118 Spillman, julie: 135 Spoon, Daniel: 59, 109 Spoon, Debbie: 44, 47, 118 Spoon, Lester: 61, 135 Squires, Randall: 126 Squires, Rick: 63, 135 Stacy, Don: 50, 118 Stacy, Ronnie: 118 Stader, Sam: 44, 109 Stader, Pat: 126 Stahl, Vemon: 126 Stanley, Danny: 135 Stanton, Dale: 43, 48, 49, 74, Stanton, Dennis: 48, 126 Starns, Clenda: 141 Starns, Mike: 118 Sterrett, Kent: 39, 135 Sterrett, Phyllis: 135 Sterrett, Rosemary: 126 Stevens, Bonita: 25, BO, 109 Stevenson, Larry: 48, 118 Steward, Wendy: 135 Stewart, Danny: 135 Stewart, Fred: 118 Stewart, jane: 44, 109 Stinnett, Brenda: 126 Stinnett, Debbie: 135 Stinnett, Ron: 49, 118 Stringer, Carolyn: 45, 51, 126 Strunk, Daniel: 118 Strunk, jimmy: 48, 109 Strunk, Vicki: 44, 118 Sullivan, Deborah: 126 Summerlot, Myra: 135 Summers, Mark: 134, 135 Summers, Robert: 59, 126 Summers, Sherry: 49, 118 Swindle, Matt: 68, 127 Swinney, Nan: 39, 45, 135 Swope, judy: 109 Swope, Lois: 109 labor, Robert: 61, 69, 135 Tackett, Phillip: 118 1 to da 09 .7 J' rl: a, K 'L' t 1 in one organization. Tackett, Rex: 127 Tackitt, Debbie: 42, 51, 118 Taft, Cary: 43, 109 Talley, Rhonda: 127 Tapp, Kenneth: 138 Taylor, Lynn: 45, 51, 135 Temple, Larry: 135 Tipmore, Rebecca: 45, 51, 127 Thaler, Kim: 25, 49, 58, 59, 71, Thaler, We-ndal: 138 Thatcher, David: 39, 63, 69, 13 Thatcher, Marsha: 6, 43, 51, 11 Thomas, jeannette: 45, 135 Thompson, Allen: 50, 118 Thompson, Lu Ann: 4, 110 Thurston, Mr.: 147 Tidwell, Candie: 44, 118 Tidwell, David: 110 Tonkel, Robert: 135 Trisler, Kathy: 127 Trogdon, Tamara: 51, 127 Truax, Karen: 135 Truax, Kevin: 127 Truel, Garland: 51, 118 Truel, Scott: 6, 51, 123, 127 Trusty, Ashley: 118 Tucker, Amanda: 127 Turley, jeff: 39, 127 Turner, Bruce: 135 Turner, Lorraine: 11B Turner, Rick: 135 Tussey, Kevin: 68, 127 Tutle, Denver: 135 Twomey, Robert: 127 VanDeVanter, Alan: 135 Vandevanter, Ernest: 50, 118 Van Hook, julie: 39, 135 Van Hook, Sheryl: 110 Van Hook, Vicky: 44 Van Hoy, Miss: 142 Vaughn, jeri: 135 Ventrone, Andrea: 51, 135 Voelz, Enie: 141 Voelz, Ceorgiann: 42, 46, 110 Waggoner, Dianna: 127 Walden, Richard: 127 74,112,118 5 8 Wallace, Brenda: 135 Wallace, Cindy: 135 Wallace, Donna: 47, 110 Wallace, joy Dawn: 135 Walls, Cheryl: 135 Walsh, Bridget: 118 Walter, Tom: 118 Waltz, Debra: 135 Wamsley, lohn: 127 Ward, Mike: 127 Ward, Phillip: 42, 49, 59, 110 Warren, Faye: 140 Warren, jeannie: 135 Warthen, Carla: 5 Watson, Tony: 127 Weber, jerry, Mr.: 149 Weber, L:, Mr.: 150 Weber, David: 127 Weber, Toy: 43, 46, 51, 110 Weekly, juanita: 119 Weekly, Oscar: 50, 135 Welty, Cathy: 135 West, Cathy Ann: 44,24, 110 West, Paula: 44 Western, Rheba: 135 Western, Vernon: 10, 25, 44, 49, 66 Weltzel, Garry: 135 Wheeler, Subrena: 39, 119 Wheeler, Tom: 69, 119 Whitaker, Cindy: 135 Whitaker, Gordon: 141 Whitaker, john: 127 Whitaker, Nancy: 51, 119 White, Gary: 135 White, Mike: 135 White, Steve: 51, 43, 54, 110 Whitehair, Beckie: 46, 127 Whitfield, Margaret: 135 Whitfield, Katherine: 38, 39, 45, 51, 127 Wilcher, Cathy: 50, 119 Wilcher, joyce: 119 Wilkerson, Nancy: 110 Williams, Williams, james Donald: 39, 43, 51 Alisia: 45, 51, 127 Williams, Kathy: 135 Williams, Mr.: 147 VV, ,111, 139 3 Williams, Robert: 135 Williams, Robert: 57, 119 Williams, Roger: 119 Williams, Terry: 127 Williamson, Darlene: 135' Williamson, jerry: 42, 119 Williamson, LaDonna: 135 Willis, ludie: 135 Willaughby, Sheila Kay: 44, 111 Wilson, Debbie: 81, 135 Wilson, Frank: 119 Wilson, Mrs.: 151 Wilson, Rita: 127 Wilson, Terry: 44, 119 Wilson, Vickie: 127 Wingate, Don: 25, 89, 119 Wingate, Wesley: 24, 50, 111 Winters, Shirley: 119 Withycombe, Ken: 62, 119 Withycombe, Kim: 119 Witt, Eleanor: 140 Witte, jerome: 42, 44, 49, 66, 67, 111 Woehlecke, Rick: 135 Wonnell, Tim: 59, 127 Wooden, Douglas: 127 Woods, Anthony: 5, 49, 111 Woods, Terry: 6, 39, 63, 127 Woolard, Gregg: 50, 119 Woolard, jaren: 43, 44, 50, 119 Workman, Linda: 111 Worley, Charles: 91, 111 Worley, Phillip: 51, 111 Worley, Walter: 135 Worsham, Charles Michael: 5, 50, 11 Wright, Doralee: 51, 119 Wright, Mark: 48, 49, 51, 68, 119 Wright, Syeve: 127 Wright, Vicki: 39, 135 Wrightsman, David: 62, 127 Wrightsman, Peggy: 127 Young, Ray: 141 Zielska, john: 141 Zielska, Kathy: 135 Zimmer, Chris: 42, 50, 80, 119 Zipoff, Steve: 127 Zipoft, Toni: 51, 118, 119 -F 'T?:7"k t fwoul lake o at MHS We the 1972 Wagemn Trauls af d t Perry and their Staff 8 OUI' S U- Copy Editors Edifbr Sandy Even Deanna Ratliff

Suggestions in the Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) collection:

Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


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