Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN)

 - Class of 1954

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Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1 :KK Hsswix 2-ztiztpzgtl 5 Z 'F IE E a H 11 v 5 Q M F S -4 ,. r 2 3 4 5: if nz Q 5 Y R 5. Pi i f I 1A Q 1 v ...ibilliifl Midi . .2 ' " i iM.f,imF f' 21, - cw 114 ' 1- :':,'1V'HYY -is ki' -L 3.:111'iv Flat :fdH 9 1 f apt' .. 5 , I ,Y '45 t v. gb - K: . .,. ..-, it m Kxmsff wi! - 141' "5 . ,, A, . IJ. 4 -J' 1. IQ f GCN T LL? MOORESVILLE 1i if3QH SCHOOL ll,-xrxv-Qou1C11n Tnr1Q'1vu'J 1' ,4 QN 1 . " 7 us I A ,M . f Ng ' 'S 4 'W 1 ll . W7 'I Y 15. 5 .. X, . 6 f .Use I :A .r ' K ,av ? HV9. f 3.-P 'T PAQ' .V+ Q7 , , , Q.. 1-5' . 5 i -fi-fix... , M k5"q'x'I:.,, ,Y In at x . f Nwdmw-.,. WL ,-yum, 'K' K 31 .'. f- q f- ,L rf. ' .M ff' n""fm. ' . ' N , M jig'-"'f , Q , K-,-f A ' . gf? WY' .. A f" . F. kk .r:. ...'W+ -f F .. . A . .4 A g - . W I .M - 5 . F A JJ . . '11 -- . .f gf-'45 x.m,.Q.L ' w."'Tr' 'x - "' , - W- ' ' 'SEK 1... gf'x?'w,.. -.Mfg Y ' vb- 0 .. ., . wb.-' "' .. . P -'M 'W ,cf iw " mv , ' A T 0. I " . W ,Uma-, W 0, Jw" . . f . , 1-Q.-.N -GQ,i,i V-v - Q wg . I.. L5 . ....5.,3,r ,L Q ., ' ' -of f f 3 M A 'A M 16 V5 Q V,,g1:., I .gm . .QQ L Q V .N el wif: 5 . 1 .. . Q """ 7.4 f. 1... 5. Q. 4v Y?-Iwi Q-fu.. . .A- 9 ff, .. f,-..-a.w...-MQ . .. LW'-" 'X , -,-ww ff- -.L , 1... .,,..n. f Q X M it uvx , W in W-kW.A....w 1, 5... A f' twf'-, A fs..--m g y,,j""""'f"I.5'yL'H ..,,.f?' "H - ' 'M ' R ' I 'ii ,.+1?""f2g.ii Q y Q L" ... ' .1 1? ,fi-1 N'-f -'Ti?",z.g5' ' f'Wf"""K'Lx -7:52 -H 'VHF' vw.. ,,.. ' ' " ' . .L " fy " ,,,9 . g .... M 'Y Ns . wr ' -1. . 41. . 4 N ,M-Qf."., KQ . N , , xii. m . , .4 f--- '. bf """""', 3. ,x+. " NA ,S 5 ..,. 'fc A-Q. Q W.. v N nn fl A . 'X .ng DEDICATION We, the Senior Class of 1954, dedicate this annual to our parents in sincere appreciation for all they have done in making our high school career successful. E Q.. 'fi 5 ..fM'f Zfw- X1 1 gf Q, 521 F ,, 1 55 five: ' . it ' .' ,all - E! A ', We-1 Y 3 alglsgz, jiifii' ,Ja r,.f-ww-.0. .. ,QV ,ff V.. it vx tw! ,4n-..,- S if., P ,N Go in liiinqm 4:25 el W' I 398 L m.,,.. ,:1-1 5' 2 KN, ,X Wh J l fa EA! X o , 3 i I I -4- , gi. , 1 . ,. , if in ep X 2 si 1-:' A I HARVEY L AUGHLIN Superintendent Q R K Ni' wsu-a..w-H 5? Ni ""-A Qi i W ARREN HERT Principal ELSIE WRIGHT School Secretary X ww, 3 1 Xa 9 . 'fy X if X ,X J 1 , Vs fx 11.3 f L -... x ,Xlh:K,, M2 af W"k I 'kfgf--'mm NIGER 8 C5 f '-11-. ALVIN SCOTT JESSE WILSON MARCUS PARK . N l'l'lU'll:flI'Cl,ll0I'l W LEWIS TRUAX "You have to have an ear- phone to hear what the person next to you is saying." Science 8: Math LORNA WALKER "That'1l be five points off. " Music GEORGE SHARP "Now, we'1l all pass to the board. " Math Xu Chemistry JUNE ZIMMERLEE "My word. " Home Economics HELEN MacNABB "Brains, where art thou?" Latin, English, History BILL HERRING "The bell has rung let's button it up. " Physical Education, Health 8: Safety BETH MEDSKER "Surely you can think of some thing to talk about, " English 8E Librarian HUBERT REINHOLD "Let's get out your books and get to work. " Agriculture IANICE CLEAVENGER "'I'hat's just precious. " Art 8a English JANET COWEN 'Think of the advantages of being a commercial teacher. " Commerce MARGARET CALLAHAN 'Things are going to be different around here. " English, Health, Physical Education WARREN HERT "Now, 1et's see what we can find for you to do. " Health TED GREENE "Never take the guard off the jointer. " Industrial Arts JOHN MOORE "I can out run you boys backward. " Physical Education, Biology, Shop KARL SARGENT "Don't play with the instruments. " Music 8a History HARVEY LAUGHLIN "Who's going to teach your children?" Government ROBERT BALDWIN quixotic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball 45 Track 1, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 35 Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Cast 3, KEITH BENNETT droll Basketball 1, 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Track 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Latin Club 35 Class Officer 25 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Cast 35 Paper Staff 45 Prom Committee 3, NORMA BENNETT forward G. A. A, 15 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Class Offi- cer 2,35 Student Coun- cil lg Paper Staff 35 Librarian 2, 35 Office Help 35 Play Committee 35 Lawrence Central High 15 Belle Union High 2, 3. JANICE FIELDS pleasant Honor Society 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextette 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 F,H. A. 2, 3, 45 Girls' 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Play Cast 35 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 1, 2, 35 Office Help 3. BARBARA BELL changeable Cheerleader 1, 25 Play Cast 35 F.H.A, 2, 35 Office Help 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 45 Librarian 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Booster Club Committee 4. KENT BENNETT competent Basketball 1, 25 Football 1, 3, 45 Baseball 45 Track 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Class Officer 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Annual staff 45 Prom Committee 3. PATSY BOLLMAN versatile Honor Society 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 F.H. A, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextette 1, 2, 3,45 Paper Staff 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 3, 45 Class Officer 35 Play Cast Manager 3, GENE FRANCIS easy going Track 3,45 4-H 1,2, 3, 4 F.F. A. 2, 3, 45 Play Committee 3, BERNEICE GIBBS loquacious Play Cast 35 Prom Committee 3, DARRELL GREESON SUSVE Basketball 1,2,3,45 Foot- ball 15 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Boys' Glee Club 3, 45 4-H 1, 25 Student Council 45 Class Officer 25 Play Committee 35 Booster Club Committee 4. DONNA HALTOM effervescent Latin Club 1, 25 F. H. A. 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 25 Chorus 45 Girls' Glee Club 1,25 Sun Shine Society 1, 25 Paper Staff 25 Librarian 15 Office Help 25 Play Committee 35 Crawfords- ville High School 1, 2. NANCY HARVEY fastidious F. H. A. 3,45 4-H1,2, 3,45 G. A. A. 1,2, 3,45 Chorus 1, 2, 3,45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sex- tette 1, 2, 3,45 Paper Staff 3, 45 Play Com- mittee 35 Prom Com- mittee 35 Booster Club Committee 4. :N wt DONALD GLASSBURN mechanically in- clined Basketball l5 F. F. A. 1,2, 3,45 4-H 3, 45 Play Cast 35 Clayton High School 1, 2, 3. THOMAS HADLEY friendly 4-H l,2, 3,45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Commit- tee 35 Prom Committee 3 MARTHA HARPER tall-one Chorus 45 Play Commit- tee 35 Martinsville High School 1, JANICE HYATT vivacious G. A. A. 2: F. H. A. 3, 45 Play Cast 35 Annual Staff 4. ROBERTA JOHNSON urbane Honor Society 45 Chorus l, 2, 45 Girls' Glee Club l,2, 45 F. H. A. 1, 2,35 Girls' 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' 4-H 2, 3, 45 Play Cast 35 Student Council 25 Class Officer 45 Paper Staff 45 Buck Creek High School 2, 3. ALLAN KINNETT artistic Football 45 F. F. A, 1, 2, 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 45 Play Committee 3. MAX MACKENZIE phlegmatic Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 35 Baseball 15 Band 15 Boys' Glee Club 15 Play Committee 3. DONALD MILEY outspoken Basketball lg Football 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 45 F. F. A. 2,3,4: 4-H 1, 2, 35 Play Committee 3. ROBERT KELTNER whimsical Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Cast 3, NANCY LOPOSSA athletic Cheerleader 1, 45 G. A. 1, 2, 3,45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Saxo- phone Quartet 2, 3, 45 Office Help 45 Student Council 35 Annual Staff 45 Prom Committee 3. DUANE MARINE Tom Thumb 2nd Baseball 45 Play Com- mittee 35 Boys' Glee Club 1. CAROLYN MOON reserved Honor Society 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 35 4-H 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextette 1, 2, 3, 45 Stu- dent Council 1, 2, 45 Paper Staff 3, 45 Office Help 45 Prom Commit- tee 35 Play Prompter 3, BILLY ROSS MOORE affable Basketball lg Baseball 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 4: Class Officer 1: Play Cast 3: Honor Society 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Paper Staff 3: Boys' Glee Club 2. VIVIAN PERRY animated G, A. A. 2: Librarian 3: Play Committee 3. MARY IO PYLE demure Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 1,2, 3: Sun- shine Society 1: Paper staff 3: Union Township School 1, IIMMIE RAIRDON tempermental Basketball 1, 2, 3: Base- ball 1: Chorus 3: Boys' Glee Club 3: Paper Staff 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Play Committee 3, N' Xb GEORGE RECORD country-gentleman Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Lettermen's Club 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4: F. F. A. 1,2, 3, 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3: Class Officer 1, 4: Play Committee 3, BERNARD RHOADES deliberate Basketball 1, 2: Football 1: Baseball 1: Chorus 4: Boys' Glee Club 2: Class Officer 1, 2: Student Council 3: Play Com- mittee 3. HAROLD RICHARDSON good-natured Basketball 1: Football 4: Track 2: Lettermen's Club 4: F. F. A. 1,'2,3, 4: 4-H 1, 2, 3: Plainfield High School 1, 2: Booster Club Committee 4, MONTZELL RIGDON domestic Class Officer 3, 4: Office Help 4: Paper Staff 3: Play Committee 3. blithe CHARLES RUTLEDGE happy-go-lucky Basketball 3,45 Foot- ball 3, 45 Baseball 3,45 Track 3, 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 F. F. A. 1. PATSY SPANGLE energetic Cheerleader 15 F. H. A. 2, 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Play Cast 35 Paper Staff 35 Prom Committee 3. ROSETTA STEINBROOK winsome F. H. A. 45 Chorus 45 Girls' Glee Club 45 Class Officer 15 Play Commit- tee 35 Prom Committee 3, RAYMOND TWA Football 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Letter- men's Club 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Play Committee 3, PATRICIA SHEPHERD individualist Honor Society 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Giee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Sextette 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1,2,3, 45 F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 35 Student Council 25 Play Cast 35 Annual staff 45 Paper Staff 2, 3 45 Office Help 3, MAURICE SPOON taciturn Basketball 15 Football l Play Committee 3. CHARLENE TURLEY cheerful Play Committee 35 Office Help 3. SANDRA ULREY accomplished Honor Society 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3,45 Sextette 1, 2, 3, 45 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3: F. H. A. 2, 3, 45 Girls' 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Boys' 4-H 2, 35 Class Officer 2, 3, 4 Play Cast 35 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 2, 35 Booster Club Committee 4. M ARC ELLA VAN HOOK carefree Chorus 4, F, H. A. 3, 43 Paper Staff 45 Office Help 3, 45 Play Com- mittee 3. BILL VAN HORN quiet fix 7' f CHARLENE VAN METRE Siggll' Majorette 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2g Girls' Glee Club 1,2: F. H. A. 2, 39 4-H 1, 2, 3g Paper Staff 43 Office Help 4, Play Committee 3, ROSEMARY VIA petite Chorus lg Girls' Glee Club lg Honor Society 4: G. A. A. l,2: 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Paper Staff 2, 45 Annual Staff 4g Play Committee 3, G55 Olllel' 66155 5096 white Rose A Azure and White aaa mafia With the ropes of knowledge we will ring the bells of success. CLASS OFFICERS Darrell Greeson, Kent Bennett, George Record Carolyn Moon, Sandra Ulrey, Montzel1Rigdon, Roberta Johnson is AQ if i l 9' FRONT ROW: John Gregory, Jim Baldwin, Wayne Vinson, Charles Clark, Walter Barker, Bob Floyd, Wayne Brown, Durward Griffith, Kurt Grass, Boyd Head, Jack Bain, Tommy Rose, Bruce Storm, Lloyd Simmons, Gene Blunk, Irvin Mylcraine, Jim Van Hoy, Jimmie Neitzel, Melvin Neitzel. SECOND ROW: Dean Kays, George Smith, Bob Zigler, Donna Blunk, Charlynn Butcher, Jan McE1wain, Linda Head, Barbara Laughlin, Marie Antrim, Judy Lee, Bonnie Kizzee, Thelma Blaschke, Florance Van Horn, Sharon Rettig, Nina Rairdon, Janice Strawder, Carolyn Hud- son, Bill Kenworthy. THIRD ROW: Ted Green, Raymond Gregory, Linda Matthias, Shirley Hockrnan, Evelyn Scott, Joan Griffith, Gerry Tapscott, Karen Copeland, Margaret Robinson, Burma Rooker, Carolyn Perigo, Joyce Pease, Barbara Garrison, Anne Edwards, Patricia Earles, Margaret Callahan. FOURTH ROW: Trela Chandler, Carol Casey, Mary Ann Gregg, Evelyn Harper, Wilma Hackett, Delores Bayliff, Joan Clark, Rose Mary Hennigar. I ll,I'U0l'5 Margaret Callahan Ted Green CLASS OFFICERS , 4, Boyd Head, Burma Rocker, Joan Clark, Wayne Vinson, , Linda Head, Carol Casey, Jim Van Hoy. Q' S fl I 'ii' '1.l,lfu...-i - I '- . 419 W- Wfhg, , 4 Q -:gl . - .-sw 'gi ' ' K ,, -7-'Z sri 455: Y' ' xr-pay J f ' le' w a -.fig any IG' 44: 4 4. " 1 .. ,1 , , 15. ap Haiiavmi WL, ,'a,. 4 'V 1' V' .." l' 4 r 5 ,T V pm' ' 4 35, xx- .I .I M, .yi K . 4, 8 . 1 Q e f n ,Q- v ,Q S: 3 h . ' F -f ' ':I, " ' ' Qi ' . 4 ff' - M' x . + J -J fs Q , . 1 . ,-1 ' , Mrs. , 1 xx' " 'al' -A ufggb - :.-- ' lg :..,. Q - Q is ' -r f f ima- -is.. :ga 1 Q 9 Q- , X N 'A ' rs, A QQ' gy . Y Sq if' :KH FRONT ROW: Bruce Sheets, Gary Wilshire, John Baldwin, Norman Shields, Larry Tolbert, Jack Haymaker, David Stout, Gene Myrick, John Davis, Charles Jones, Ronald Kays, James Casey, SECOND ROW: Marcus Goodwin, Robert Davis, Harold Quinn, John Davee, Marvin Johnson, Wayne Gross, Morris Miley, Max Connell, Joe Wetzel, Max Park, Max Overpeck, John Record, Reed Warner, Billy Harris. THIRD ROW: Jurl Adams, Gay Dugger, Sara Jean Bell, Judy Coleman, Linda Comer, Janet Swisher, Clara Lugar, Linda O'Hair, Shirley Tompkins, Nancy Humphrey, Carolyn Dehoney, Marilyn Griggs, Bill Skaggs, Jack Casey, FOURTH ROW: Hugh Reinhold, Bob Lines, Chester Deppert, Carolyn Roller, Darlene Park, Norma Chase, Lucy Bishop, Betty Stone, Maxine Terrell, Jo Ella Perry, Ruth Willis, Karen Kerkhoff, Kay Giffin, Carol Tapscott, Jeannie Miller, Jo Etta Russell, Sandra Kirchhoff, Diane Pyle, FIFTH ROW: Donna Surface, Gloria Clark, Sharon Rairdon, Etta Louise Van Winkle, Ruth Robinson, Janet Langley, Judy Via, Kathy Baldwin, Linda Spoon, Carolyn Einfeldt, Nora Wainscott, Helen MacNabb, Don Kidwell, Conard Wrightsman, SIU 0l'l'l0l'2.'5 Helen MacNabb Hugh Reinhold , . CLASS OFFICERS John Davis, Jack Casey, Jo Ella Perry, Janet Swisher, , R Gay Dugger, John Baldwin, Joe Wetzel, was M , A, T is 3 J sr: A 5 asl K df Nu ,gh-1 JH J 5 1 ' thnx I ,I A K D 1 Q N vt' l l A ah.. 14- A. FRONT ROW: Jot Comer, Marvin Goodwin, Richard Harris, Ronald Jones, Sonny King, Phil Griffith, Charles Brewer, Hugh Tipton, Dennis Wagner, Robert Barger, Frank Murry, Bill Burton, Jack McHaffie, Neal Ulrey, Denis McGuire. SECOND ROW: Kay Connell, Donna Neitzel, Linda Johnson, Frances Edwards, Ruth Baldwin, Sharon Short, Dixie Lopossa, Mary Rusie, Anna Marie Anders, Carolyn Dickson, Martha Henderson, Lynne Allison, Janet Baldwin, Rox- anna Forcum, Mary Bristow, Janice Baldwin, Doris Capito, Patty Whitaker. THIRD ROW: Kent Almond, lnell Park, Beth Beaver, Rose lda Rader, Georgia Vinson, Joan Timmons, Carolyn Sauer, Darlene Bayliff, Earlene Harper, Esther Steinbrook, Sandra Richey, Barbara Inabnitt, Doris Inabnitt, Loretta Hacker, Jean Jordan, Earna Barnes, Ellen Marine, Janice Clevenger. FOURTH ROW: Harold Davis, Darrell Holmes, Kenneth Gibson, Ray Settle, Bill Miller, Jim Kitchen, Neal Brown, Allen Tutewiler, George Adams, Larry Lee, Ed Ayers, Dale Griffith, Terry Fischel, .QPQJAIWQIQ Bill Herring Janice Clevenger . an ff .. -Ss. CLASS OFFICERS J Is' f T S Bill Miller, Larry Lee, Carolyn Sauer, Christine Earles, ,ff Jim Kitchen, Charles Brewer .,,, t H, S , it .mi S .,,.. - , FRONT ROW: Bill Rooker, Paul Gibbons, Donald Feltner, Jack Foster, David Kidwell, Don Deubner, David Pyle, Robert Stanley, Fred Farmer, Richard Imig, Bill Altman. SECOND ROW: George Wade, Max Richardson, Wanda Blunk, Donna Smith, Donna Kinnett, Pauline Rutledge, Linda Giffin, Kay Francis, Carolyn Borders, Marsha Hughes, Patty Spoon, Carolyn Moore, Judy Myers, Sue Wilson, Wendell Boyd, Leroy Lynn, THIRD ROW Betty Privett, Sandra Monday, Sharon Cooper, Judith Hatton, Nora Williams, Beverly Thompson, Sue Baldwin, Karen Tutewiler, Shirley Smitherman, Sharon Medsier, Beverly Kays, Sally Sage, Linda Williams, Gay Besser, Jean McCammack, Carolyn Aldridge, Karl Sargent, FOURTH ROW: Erma Glidden, Lucrera Loveless, Patty Kinnett, Bill Swinney, Bill Duncan, James DeLoach, Leroy Lutes, Helen Daniels, Judy Lane, Sandra Hasket, Marsha Gibson, Ruth Emlet, Idonna Trusty. SWA Qwle CLASS OFFICERS Karl Sargent Wendell Boyd, Billy Swinney, Lucreta Loveless, Karen Tutewiler, Carolyn Borders, Billy Altman. J Wwlq as, J if ' v- V.:-wr "Ja 'Sf , f S S I ,zixvfgifrsfy gig A v 7 K U ' . 3 1. ' .v igffi ,tri , as .,w wa, .Q FRONT ROW: Donald Stepp, Mike Hundley, Curtis Hatten, Owen Glidden, Jimmy Gross, Richard Davis, Richard Riggs, Morry Plake, Jerry Fischel, Billy Jones. SECOND ROW: Buddy Swisher, Yvonne Capps, Judy Hensley, Nancy Plummer, Patty Van Metre, Mary Catherine Dieble, Vicci Beavers, Dorothy Peterson, Mary Carol Scott, Norma Waltz, Wilma Nantooth, James Harvey. THIRD ROW: Susan White, Darlene Swinney, Connie Keller, Sharon O'Hair, Flavia Huff, Dora Giffin, Judy Murry, Pam Timmons, Betty Van Winkle, Jeannine Collier, Gwen Furgeson, Sue Perry, Susan Medsker, Darline Brock, FOURTH ROW: Tommy Downey, Wilbur Goodwin, David Young, Merle Mann, Paul Shrake, Raymond Johnson, Richard Chowning, David Sauer, Don Dailey, Lanny Smoot. ellen graole CLASS OFFICERS Bill Jones, ,Susan Medsker, Gwen Furgeson, Jim Harvey, Connie Kellar, Jimmy Gross. John Moore - Q I- ., . 1 N 1 -I ' 'fi' Q N 'b'i.2fL'o FC . Qu. R130 ' I3 FRONT ROW: J. P. Smith, Stanley Wilkie, Larry Rushing, Tommy Lewis, William Sawyers, Jerry pr Poe, Bill Ballard, Ralph Withrow, Danny Datson, SECOND ROW: Donna Knight, Mary Neill, Sherry r iii ,Q Phillips, Millicent Johnson, Bonnie Grever, Jean Pearce, Sharon Kendall, Gloriaann McDaniel, Priscilla Ford, Barbara Gill, Kay Spoon. THIRD ROW: Eddie Estelle, Gary Lowry, Lynn Sargent, ,V Cynthia I-lite, Sherrie Forbes, Patty Park, Joan Pearce, Linette Monday, Richard Gunnell, Bobby P Edmondson. FOURTH ROW: Julia Doughty, Robert Scaggs, Roger Cooper, Terry Powell, Robert f Haak, Danny Kays, Glenn Galbreath. Shristena Fields Julia Doughty FRONT ROW: Jerry Fisher, Stevie Foster, Jim Wilkins, David Dorsett, Richard Bain, James Cox, Forrest Gray. SECOND ROW: Donna Plake, Cindy Lou Rusie, Sue Benge, Loraine Dolen, Char- lene Utterback, Beverly Warriner, Judy Fischer, Elaine Johnson, Alice Fay Welch, THIRD ROW: Michael Brizendine, Marcus Robinson, Deva Lane, Patricia Kays, Annie Smith, Sherry Wrights- man, Nancy Taylor, Peggy Hornady, Sharon Capps, Christena Fields, FOURTH ROW: Gill Frederick, Stevie Dowell, Roy Merifield, Billy Arnold, Eddie Unger, Larry Sawyer, John Doughty, Jolm Mowry, Larry Sawyer, I4 ! 5 KIZPVEEAL I 7 i 1 I I B l v I I u FRONT ROW: Sharen Morrison, Darlene Courtney, Jennifer Medsker, Nancy Stephens, Diana Spoon, Linda Gregory, Margaret Bridges, Connie Holden. SECOND ROW: Bobby Ford, Ruby Forrester, Debbra Allen, Cheryl Beasley, Sandra Rush, Virginia House, Danny Sellers, THIRD , W ROW: Charles Anderson, Dana Shrake, Michael Priller, Gary Romines, Cecil Freeman, Ronald s tg., Goad, Bill Lawrence, Lois Coffman. ABSENT: Charlotte Pitman, Susan Wiles. if Loi s Coffman FRONT ROW: Janice Forrester, Georgia Gregory, Vicki Le Kennedy, Barbara Haak, Martha Ann Casey, Mary Ann Weddle, Sandra Swinney, Sandra Bristow. SECOND ROW: Sheila Nelson, Ronald Harbin, Loran Wilkie, Dan Hadley, Dennis Newby, Dick Park, Jack Duncan, Vicki Fields. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Hunter, Gerald Wagner, Barney Smith, Tony DeLoes, Billy Kendall, Rick Van Bok- kelen, Mike Miller, ABSENT: Jimmy Fischer, Judy Prlvett. .5-is fx as U Marian Hunter I8 I2 FRONT ROW Jimmy Moore Jerry Ferguson, Billy Carson, Michael Warriner, Chester Gibbs, T, A Ronald Foster SECOND ROW Sue Stockwell, Sarah Gibbs, Pamela Plunkett, Barbara Criswell, N Peggy Truax Lana Barley THIRD ROW Robert Duke, Cheryl Stockwell, Suzanne Wooley, Janet , , Z N Monday Pauline Smith Hortense Emerson. FOURTH ROW: Joe Yetter, Marc Keltner, Steven ' C li Rempster Ronnie Langley Terry Rutledge, , , P Hortense Emerson FRONT ROW: Caroline Smith, Janet Stepp, Sheila Turner, Brenda Wilson, Wendy Roberson, Debbie Medsker, Linda Miller, Jessica Swinney, Faye Spoon. SECOND ROW: Betty Mitchell, Billy Small- wood, Glenna Arnold, Nannie Hamilton, Sue Carol Rush, Reta Kenworthy, Sherrie Cooper, Sandra Young, Jennie Lee Lundy, John Wood, THIRD ROW: Tommy Myers, Kenny Hicks, Jay Coleman, Jimmy Dorsett, Jeffrey Marsh, Larry Blashke, David Spangle, Bill Roberson, Dennis Moore, Duane Magenheirner. V -1-"W 1 ll I! L s F I ,. 15 - ai. , Y , 1, Il y J- FRONT ROW: Terry Kenworthy, Tommy Gibbs, George Napier, Ronnie Roemer, Roy Skaggs, Oak- J h ley Brown Jr., Billy Kennedy, Thomas Jacobi, SECOND ROW: Loretta Chowning, Marsha Feather- ' ston, Wenda Van Winkle, Sandra Altman, Jeannie Hatton, Karen Keck, Cassandra Brown, Edna .,. F-f Mae Richardson, Sharon Bellamy, THIRD ROW: Bill Kitchen, Donald Wilcher, Julia Hagee, Wanda 7 ' Cooper, Carol Ann Thompson, Pam Weakley, Sue Welch, Linda Scotten, Mike Frce, FOURTH ROW: Jean Henderson, Richard Langley, Macky Duncan, James Ayres, Arthur Smith, James ' Quillen, Ronnie Zimmerman, Joe Clark, Joe DeHoney. ABSENT: Cecil Lundy, Wanda Lundy. Jean Henderson FRONT ROW: Stanley O'Hair, Bill Van Meme, James Jacobi, Johnny Steup, James Rodenbeck, John Shull, Randy Caldwell, Dale Greene, SECOND ROW: Pamela Joyner, Mary Ann Priller, Lu Rhe Hawkins, Sherry Merideth, Edith Lane, Carolyn Sue Thompson, Mildred Hendricks, Paula Jo Wilkins, George Anne Fields. THIRD ROW: Bonita Lightle, Mayanne Record, Judy Ann Burpo, Barbara Hensley, Darla Jean Anders, Wanda Low ery, Linda Kay Van Winkle, Marilou Baldwin. FOURTH ROW: Bill Harad, John Joyner, Delbert Huth, Carl Cowen Jr. , Tommy Storm, John Men denhall, Stephen Edwards, Robert Miley, ABSENT: Gaylord Lewis, Marilou Baldwi 0 ii smpi- X V FRONT ROW: John White, Steven Stockwell, Gary Kenworthy, Kenneth Miller, Charles Harvey, Toby Dolen, Phillip Emerson, Mike Myers, Alvin York, James Forester, SECOND ROW: Mary Wade, Sue Ellen Breedlove, Jill Casey, Sandra Capps, Sharon Dye, Patty Martin, Ruth Ann Deubner, Susan Myers, Sue Ann Moore, Nancy Masier, Billie Rose. THIRD ROW: Diane Adams, Ruth Haase, Rose Ann Park, Ruth Ann Troth, Janet Jones, Karen Harris, Jerry Hite, Constance Knight, Phyllis Wagner, June Sims, Betty Clark, FOURTH ROW: James Holden, Frank DeLois, Fred Kenworthy, Bill McNabney, Tony Welch, Doug Johnson, Ronald Courtney, Tandy Huff, Lgnes Kellum Z6 ', Ruth Haase FRONT ROW: Bennie Amold, Max De journett, Kenneth Comer, Paul Deubner, Kenneth Giffin, Robert Bocock, Keith Chase, Agnes Kellum. za Harold Lewis, Michael Welsch, Chester Van Winkle. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Skinner, Pearl Nott, Paula Swisher, Josephine Scott, Karen Shepherd, Louise Swinney, Louise Spoon, Karen Marine, Jewell Wilson, Madgline Smith, Wavie Lane, Loma Glidden, THIRD ROW: Virgilene Kays, Wilma Boyd, Nancy Hert, Sharon Keltner, Merry Sue Murry, Rhea Forbes, Billie Giffin, Barbara Goodwin, Jackline Smith, Mary Warner, Maxine Stepp, FOURTH ROW: Dennis Greene, Ronnie Matney, Philip Coleman, Richard Antrim, Joseph Robinson, Charles Dowell, sr 5 F E F Fl , N I s J 5 C E 3 J 5 n 22 FRONT ROW: Philip Gibbs, Larry Short, Martin Magenheimer, Joey Van Bokkelen, Billy Arm- strong, David Barker, Ralph Daily, Kenneth Davis. SECOND ROW: Colleen Sawyers, Jacklyn Hawker, Deanna O'Hair, Carol Anders, Fredericka Haltom, Reba Rooker, Reba Harris, Donna Hicks, Sandra Gunnell, Christene Borders, Amy Hadley. THIRD ROW: Martha Copeland, Donna Rutledge, Liane Hawkins, Nina House, Lucinda McElwain, Sharon Hamblen, Jayne Boyd, Glenda Ayres, Barbara Martin, Nancy Via, FOURTH ROW: Robert Harvey, Richard Spoon, Ronald Rairdon, Maralee Gibbs, Linda Williams, Sandra Davis, Paul Langley, Gary Butcher, Bruce Ratliff, John Altman, Martha C opeland Reva Truax FRONT ROW: Don Adams, Jerry Perry, Richard Foster, Richard Diebel, Harry Hatton, Leroy Pri- vett, Jack Park, James Stepp, Charles Hamilton, SECOND ROW: Karen Conner, Kay Allison, Carol Borders, Dorothey Smith, Carylon Kinnett, Carol Plummer, Tamyra Shrake, Patricia Park, Judy Raper. THIRD ROW: Roy Cooper, Harold Estes, Leah Farmer, Judy Goad, Gladys Napier, Marcia Stinson, Carolyn Hornaday, Kay Record, Albert Forbes, William Goodwin, Reva Truax, FOURTH ROW: Larry Wood, Mike Parr, Jimmy Tompkins, Mike Plunkett, Tommy Mendenhall, Randy Hogue, Charles Myers, Delmar Waltz. -TT----an-mp 2 5 IP' FRONT ROW: Larry Medsker, Stanley Emerson, James Welsh, Raymond Lopossa, John Imig, Dale Wilshire, Gale Wilshire, Larry McDaniels, Jerry Thompson, SECOND ROW: Kathrine Smith, Julia Joyner, Patricia Carson, Barbara Raper, Cathrine Record, Judy Mynatt, Sue Head, Nancy Lightle, Sandy Roberson, Phylis Wilkie, Sandra Rose. THIRD ROW: Stephen Arney, Gerna Duncan, Onis Brown, Jo Ann Elkin, Kay Collier, June Swinney, Sandra Cannon, Kenneth Shrake, Richard Short, Frank Lowry. FOURTH ROW: John Moore, Ronald Allman, William Robinson, Nick Wetzel, Marvin Stinson, Joe Curtsinger, Harold Featherston, Mike Davidson, David McGregor, Zl f altii ittrt David McGrego I B W U ll I Y l I I ..-. 4 -ax-. , f ff - Tx ,, 4 ,,..-49 ,. -. 4 L,,,, " Q, r -B W -, if . ' V If - 1 ,-sv, 'Q A ',Ar't-- . .- Qc M 1 , Q ' -Q. 'Y' :..,4L. ., 1' ,, . , A , , -,H-nv" ' 1 , A ,- ffmfff. 'ff 119 , J ." , 1 , ' ,-. 1 M" x W - , N. , . ..: AW. U ,Av - I ' ,. ,., .., ,iff ',.g.,.,?q,.f' ,, X ,......f -1: 1 , I If ,M JN, N , x, L .N f , w A ,-If 1' " J, w ..rN?f,iEa -. ,. W f - ..,-N. f fy ,4n.!'N i"4l"" " ,- Hgh! Q 2 HONOR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Lorna Walker, Carol Casey, Rosemary Via, Pat Shepherd, Roberta Johnson. SECOND ROW: Bill Moore Linda Head. THIRD ROW: George Record, Janice Fields. FOURTH ROW: Bruce Storm, Charlynn Butcher. FIFTH ROW: Wayne Vinson, Patsy Bollman. SIXTH ROW: Lewis Truax, Carolyn Moon. ABSENT: Sandra Ulrey. 11" I I aw' STUDENT COUNCIL FRONT ROW: Bill Jones, Suzanne Medsker. SECOND l ROW: Carolyn Borders, Bill Altman. THIRD ROW: Christine Earles, Bill Miller. FOURTH ROW: Gay L Dugger, John Baldwin. FIFTH ROW: Burma Rooker, Jim Van Hoy. SIXTH ROW: Carolyn Moon, Darrell Greeson. Q 36 Si ANNUAL STAFF FRONT ROW: Rosemary Via, Janice Fields, Sandra Ulrey, Kent Bennett, Pat Shepherd, Barbara Bell. SECOND ROW: Janice Hyatt, Nancy Lopossa, June Zimmerlee, George Sharp, Jimmy Dale Rairdon, PAPER STAFF FIRST ROW: Walter Barker, Linda Head, Mary Anne Gregg, Bruce Storm, Marie Antrim, Nancy Harvey, SECOND ROW: Florence Van Horn, James Casey, Pat Shepherd, Thelma Blaschke, Judy Lee, Max Overpeck, THIRD ROW: Wayne Vinson, Charlene Van Metre, Roberta Johnson, Donna Haltom. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Garrison, Helen MacNabh, Beth Medsker, Marcella Van Hook, Judy Coleman, Joe Wetzel, Lucy Bishop, Barbara Bell, Carolyn Moon, Burma Rooker, Shirley Smitherman, Keith Bennett, Dorothy Peterson, Richard Davis, Charlyn Butcher, Linda Wheeler, Janet Cowen. fs I' uw Wu. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Lynn Allison, Martha Henderson, Carolyn Dickson, Patsy Bollman, Nancy Harvey, SECOND ROW: Janice Fields, Janice Baldwin, Nancy Lopossa, Janet Baldwin, Delores Bayliff, Joan Clark, Karen Copeland, Carolyn Moon, THIRD ROW: Sandra Ulrey, Nora Wainscott, Marcella Van Hook, Rosetta Steinbrook, Janice Hyatt, Jo Etta Russell, Marilyn Griggs, Carolyn Dehoney, June Zimmerlee, Pat Shepherd, FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FRONT ROW: Phil Griffith, Jim Nietzel, Don Glassburn, Don Miley, John Baldwin, John Davee, Ronnie Kays, James Casey, Hugh Tipton. SECOND ROW: Hubert Reinholt, Bob Baldwin, Wayne Brown, Durward Griffith, Charles King, Bill Miller, Kurt Grass, Norman Shields, Lloyd Simmons, Jim Baldwin. THIRD ROW: John Gregory, Wayne Vinson, Allan Tutewiler, Gene Francis, Ervin Mylcrane, Dean Kays, Harold Richardson, John Record, Allan Kinnett, George Smith, George Record, Bob Ziegler. 1 -if i k G. A. A. FIRST ROW: Patty Whitaker, Linda Matthias, Mary Anne Gregg, Judy Lee, Patsy Bollman, Nancy Lopossa, Pat Shep- herd, Burma Rooker, Nancy Harvey, Janet Baldwin, Roxanna Forcum, Mary Bristow, Janice Baldwin, SECOND ROW Ellen Marine, Earlene Harper, Thelma Blaschke, Carolyn Sauer, Sara Jean Bell, Judy Via, Carolyn Perigo, Carolyn Dehoney,Carolyn Einfeldt, Doris Capito, Shirley Thompkins, Clara Lugar. THIRD ROW: Esther Steinbrook, Ruth Baldwin, Sharon Short, I'nell Park, Darlene Bayliff, Jo Etta Russell, Margaret Callahan, Marilyn Griggs, Nora Wain scott, Kay Giffin, Gay Dugger, Karen Kerkhoff, Evelyn Harper, Carolyn Dickson. LETTERMEN'S CLUB FIRST ROW: Bill Herring, Gary Wilshire, Max Park, John Moore. SECOND ROW: John Davis, James Casey, Charles Rutledge, Harold Richardson, THIRD ROW: Kent Bennett, George Smith, Darrell Greeson, Boyd Head, Bruce Storm. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Twa, Allan Kinnett, Conrad Wrightsman, Bob Baldwin, Keith Bennett, Jack Bain. FIFTH ROW: Norma Shields, John Record, Don Miley, Bruce Sheets, Jack Casey, George Record, si OFFICE HELP Monrzell Rigdon, Marcella Van Hook, Carolyn Moon, Charlene Van Metre, Warren Herr, Nancy Lopossa, Judy Lee, Thelma Blaschke, LIBRARIANS Carol Casey, Kay Giffin, Beth Medsker, Florence Van Horn, Walter Barker, Carolyn Perigo, Janet Langley, Bar bara Bell, i f 5 'I 5 15, L S513 .1-,. W 'ff-W .- if Z fr ff 45, me 5 4 iff' ,, - 1 ' f I. Q YL ,f rl A s 'L- W lf. QI , ' JP' 4 if , 'Q' , .A H K1 r ef if 'Q H EN is FRONT ROW: Judy Coleman, Denis McQuire, Jim Kitchen, Jack Casey, Dixie Lopossa, Linda Comer, Gwen Ferguson, Judy Hensley, Carolyn Einfeldt, Mary Diebel. SECOND ROW: Don Daily, Bill Jones, Nancy Lo- possa, Martha Henderson, Marie Antrim, Charles Jones, Darrell Holmes, Ronald Kays, Carol Casey. BAND DIRECTOR Carl Sargent , , l'Qi.ii: - . fffi ffi O i5 :2in FRONT ROW: Barbara Laughlin, Morry Plake, Kenny Comer, Jack McHaffie, Buddy Swisher, Sharon O'Hair, I'ne1l Park, Neal Ulrey, Carolyn Dickson, Raymond Johnson. SECOND ROW: Donna Blunk, Charlyn Butcher, Don Kidwell, Jim Van Hoy, Patsy Spangle, David Stout, Jot Comer, Richard Griggs, Janet Swisher, Wayne Gross, Shirley Tompkins, Linda O'l-lair. Em J MAIORETTES Sharon Rairdon, Janice Baldwin, Janet Baldwin Charlene Van Metre. LORNA WALKER Choir Director CA 01116 FRESHMAN SEXTETTE SOPHOMORE SEXTETTE Joan Timmons, Lynne Allison, Martha Henderson, Norma Chase, Judy Coleman, Clara Lugar, Janet Swisher, Darlene Bayliff, Carolyn Sauer, Carolyn Dickson, Shirley Tompkins. NOT PICTURED: Linda Comer, I .If K il 2KiT"'TT - . ' -i' FRONT ROW: Anne Edwards, Janice Strawder, Joan Clark, Sara Bell, Jan McElwain, Donna Sur- face, Anna Marie Anders, Linda Spoon, Mary Ann Gregg, Francis Edwards, Delores Bayliff, Janice Fields. SECOND ROW: Rosetta Stienbrook, Joan Timmons, Karen Copeland, Lynne Allison, Darlene Bayliff, Rose Rader, Nancy Harvey, Sandra Ulrey, Patty Shepherd, Carolyn Moon, Patsy Bollman, THIRD ROW: Martha Harper, Roxanna Forcum, Janice Baldwin, Carolyn Dehoney, Earlene Harper, Clara Lugar, Linda Head, Macella Van Hook, Donna Halton, Roberta Johnson, Marget Robison. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Short, Norma Chase, Nancy Humph- rey, Janet Langley, Mary Rusie, Carolyn Sauer, Burma Rooker, Carolyn Perigo, Gloria Clark, Kathy Baldwin, Norma Shields. FIFTH ROW: Kent Bennett, Dean Wagner, Marvin Goodwin, Robert Keltner, Reed Warner, Donald Kidwell, Raymond Twa, Keith Bennett, Darrell Gree- son, Jack Haymaker, Johnny Baldwin, Bob Baldwin. JUNIOR SEXTETTE SENIOR SEXTETTE Mary ADH Gregg, 1311 MCE1W-Flin, K31'Cf1COP613I1d, Donna Patty Shepherd, Sandra Ulrey, Carolyn Moon, Nancy Blunk, Linda Head Harvey, Patsy Bollman, Janice Fields S. tv GIRLS' 4-H FRONT ROW: Mary Diebel, Dorothy Peterson, Bill Jones, Mike Hundley, Kenny Comer, Phillip Coleman, Susan White, Judy Hensley, Gwen Ferguson, Norma Waltz. SIKIOND ROW: Patty Van Metre, Karen Shepherd, Paula Swisher, Sharon Keltncr, Kay Record, Jane Record, Linda Williams, Deanna O'Hair, Nancy Via, THIRD ROW: Janice Baldwin, Charlene Van Metre, Donna Blunk, Linda Head, Patsy Bollman, Janice Fields, Carolyn Moon, Nancy Harvey, FOURTH ROW: Janet Baldwin, Barbara Laughlin, Marie Antrim, Martha Henderson, Carolyn Dick- son, Darlene Bayliff, Pat Shepherd, June Zimmerlee, BOYS' 4-H BACK ROW: Wayne Brown, Allan Tutewiler, Gene Francis, John Gregory, Ronnie Kays, John Record, John Baldwin Kurt Grass, Nick Wetzel, George Smith, Lloyd Simmons. SECOND ROW: Ervin Mylcraine, George Record, Harold Richardson, Phillip Coleman, Delmar Waltz, Neal Ulrey, Bob Baldwin, Frankie Featherston, Joey Van Bokkelen, Jim Tompkins, Don Adams, FRONT ROW: Bob Ziegler, Don Glassburn, Raymond Johnson, Judy Lee, Sandra Ulrey, Roberta Johnson, Shirley Smitherman, Karen Tutewiler, Hubert Reinholt, ' al - I 'I I i- ' ,,.-LN XL,. J, .Z , , , M :I uni ,f el CAFETERIA HELP STANDING: Conard Wrightsman, Judy Via, Carol Tapscott, Kay Giffin, Karen Kerkhoff, Rosemary Hennigar, Mar- garet Robinson, Carolyn Perigo, George Smith, Bob Ziegler, Marcus Goodwin, Jim Baldwin, Bob Keltner, SEATEDg Judy Myers, Sue Williams, Bonnie Kizzee, Burma Rooker, Gay Dugger. COOKS CUSTODIANS Bea Myrick, Edith Harshman Jim Dehoney, Cloe Richardson, Floy Carlisle 5 f-' - I 15 v 'K 1 5 X 'QQ' FRONT ROW: Larry Gershanoff, Bill Miller, Franklin Murry, Jack Haymaker, Denis McGuire, Gary Wilshire, Bill Harris, Jack Casey, Bruce Sheets, Neal Ulrey, Norman Shields. SECOND ROW: Kent Almond, Allan Kinnett, George Smith, John Record, Harold Richardson, Don Miley, Charles Rutledge, George Record, John Moore, Charles Jones THIRD ROW: Bill Herring, David McGregor, Keith Bennett, Bob Baldwin, Kent Bennett, Raymond Twa. Moore sville Moore sville Mooresville Moore sville 1953 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Decatur Central 26 Danville Univer sity Greenwood 62 13 12 1 Moore sville Mooresville Moore sville Moore sville Brownsburg 19 Plainfield 20 Edinburg 18 Bedford 7 STUDENT MANAGERS COACHES har16SIOrleS KCHIP-1m0Hd John Moore, B111 Herring David 50 - McGregor XX GEORGE RECORD Fullback Left end Captain ' BOB BALDWIN KENT BENNETT Quarterback DON MILEY Left Gua rd CHARLES RUTLEDGE . . , L ft T kl Amemcan Leg1on Sportsmansh1p e ac e Award CHARLES RUT LEDGE 51 KEITH BENNETT Right Halfback ALLAN KINNET T Right End HAROLD RICHARDS Center RAYMOND TWA Left Half VARSITY FRONT ROW: Boyd Head, Jack Bain, Darrell Greeson, Kurt Grass, John Bald- win. SECOND ROW: Conard Wrightsman, Charles Rutledge, Wayne Vinson, Max Mackenzie, Bob Baldwin, George Record, 1953-54 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 45 Mooresville Martinsville 'l'Mooresville Speedway Mooresville Clayton Mooresville Franklin Twp. Mooresville Brownsburg Mooresville University Moore sville Monrovia Mooresville Greenwood Mooresville Decatur Central Mooresville Plainfield Mooresville Speedway Mooresville Center Grove Mooresville Spencer Mooresville Decatur Central Mooresville Pike Twp. Mooresville Avon 4'Mooresville Monrovia Mooresville Sacred Heart Mooresville 82 Danville 72 Wflnvitational Tourney COACHES STUDENT MANAGERS John Moore, Bill Herring, David McGregor James Casey, Max Park 52 George Record Max Mackenzie eniord Darrell Greeson 53 Bob Baldwin Charles Rutledge C? 0 O Q , Cf Q- 0 o ' , 'CW' f: ' 0 , 1 ' 0. 0 : Q-.v 1 1 s I . 0 a 1 I 1 , Q I i' FRONT ROW: Max Connell, Bill Miller, Durward Griffith, Jack Haymaker, Wayne Gross, Terry Fishel, Morris Miley. SECOND ROW: Norman Shields, Jack Casey, John Record, Bruce Storm, Larry Lee, Ray Settle, Charles Jones. Linda Head, Janice Baldwin, Nancy Lopossa, Gay Dugger xgfjl, n Q' 4 . x y .QS ffgg . -IIT ...,,, - if - f w' .., 1- . ,, '--.., 1, KL 1 " . .., - fri Q v Q H C I 'fi gp ' f Q lat T259 fel Ht, anal ixuif I E3 le AM FRESHMAN FRONT ROW: Max Connell, Robert Barger, Jot Comer, Ronald Jones, Patty Whitaker, Denis McGuire, Terry Fischel, Phil Griffith, Kent Almond, SECOND ROW: Roxanna Forcum, Franklin Murry, Ed Ayers, Neal Brown, Allen Tute- wiler, Jim Kitchen, Larry Lee, Neal Ulrey, Hugo Tipton, Doris Capito. JUNIOR HIGH FRONT ROW: Curtis Hatten, Jerry Fischel, Tommy Downey, Morry Plake, Bill Jones, Jimmy Gross. SECOND ROW: Donald Daily, Jim Harvey, Buddy Swisher, Judy Murry, Don Keltner, David Sauer, Richard Davis. THIRD ROW: Darlene Brock, Wendell Boyd, Bill Altman, Bill Swinney, Ronald Hiser, Max Richardson, Bill Rooker, Sharon O'Hair. l 1 MM at y Q W1 . 5 3 l fl 5 1 i E4-I A '1- I Inc. MAY YOU HAVE CONTINUED SUCCESS IN YOUR PATH THROUGH LIFE. EWCIIMIH HIMBIH 8 SIIPPH CIIMPA Y "Everything For Bui1ding" Phone 4 Mooresville, Indiana "'s Leading Sporting Goods Store DOUBLE RR DOUBLE JJ EM-ROE SPORTING GOODS POLLED HEREFORD FARM COMPANY Russell R. Lee 209 W. Washington Street R. R. 4, Martinsville, Indiana Indianapolis, Indiana Rd. 37 N. LIN . 3446 I 31 West Main Street 4 Mooresville, Indiana Phone 12 5 GREGG INSURANCE AGENCY Compliments Of FERGUSON SERVICE AND Complete Insurance Agency BODY SHOP Dealer in Sinclair Products STATE ROAD 67 Mooresville, Indiana Compliments of JONES HARDWARE Phone 168 Mooresville, Indiana Compliments of 3.1. JU ES DEPARTME I Moore sville , Indiana S1031 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS COPELAND APPLIANCE 18 and 20 South Indiana Phone 338 Mooresville, Indiana BEST WISHES SENIORS HENSLEY COAL COMPANY Pocahontas - Briguets Stoker Coal 141 East South Street Phone 66F20 Moore sville, Indiana Best Wishes for the Future To the Class of "54" ALLISON TIRE COMPANY STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS GOODYEAR TIRES AND TUBES Mooresville, Indiana Compliments of WEST END GROCERY Phone 135 Mooresville, Indiana Best Wishes SARA JAYNE'S BEAUTY SHOP Mooresville, Indiana CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS HOBBS FOOD MARKET 148 East Main Street Phone 148 Mooresville, Indiana Compliments of MOORESVILLE BAKERY FRESH DO-NUTS EVERYDAY East Main Street Mooresville, Indiana Q .. 1 Q S.. if ., 1:2315 Q-udwu... '9 it CN' FQ ,aff 2 -O ,SOM ., 2 Q ' 'lu' 3' f' ..-3 J' - xifkvi' K1 Q 4 'f f ' f'1sQx 'E Q 'N Qb.""iuw3i"S L. SX lr. -I4 """'b'.'::U I - it A 'DQ A I ' , K . S, fx 1 ' 'X W T B X' A 1 "nw A- -1 Eftzzf- A lg: ti: -f..V...:r."'..1,f -' sTf11:'r' lllni f1r......"'- ,'f , "AN: .l'iT:'t:' --f' -1' 'fx ' - tl' ' '-W---.4m..., A A A' ' ......,, h W Q W A "W"""-' ? .. . ' I i 'S' A V ' l -v Q Q. 3' xx, A , E 'I M V' k 1. Q - . "' A .1 ' . M I 1 E f 5 v ' .. hx K Q W Q ' :i ix 95, J , 5 ' nf, Q ww. Compliments of Compliments of MOORESVILLE SELF SERVICE COLEMAN'S AGENCY LAUNDRY REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE 240 South Indiana, Phone 240 Mooresville, Indiana Mooresville, Indiana Phone 151 C omplime nt S of C ompliment s of SERVICE CLEANERS PAUL HEAD AND BOB MYERS Moore sville, Indiana C ornpliment s of C omplime nt s of ROBINSON BROTHERS RAY ULREY . Your Standard Oil Company FRED AND PETE Phones: Business 29 D - X Service Residence 16 240 South Indiana, Phone 240 Moore sville , Indiana CITIZENS BANK The F riendly Bank Moore sville Indiana O I Goon LUCK sEN1oRs ADLER'S DEPARTMENT STORE Moore sville Indiana C ongratulations Senior s H A IB V EY' S Mooresville, Indiana Congratulations Seniors WINDMILL INN Home Made Pies Home Cooking State Road 67 Camby, Indiana Compliments of JACK AND JILL SHOP Infant and Chi1dren's Wear Corner of Main and Indiana Moore sville Indiana Compliments of SMITH ERMAN HATCH ERI ES Moor e sville Indiana Compliments of HADLEY D-X East Main Street Moore sville Indiana D. C. JESSUP AND SONS Hardware and Dealers Phone 37 Moore sville Indiana MOORESVILLE FROZEN FOOD LOCKER Locker Service and Curing Smoking and Cutting Wrapping and Freezing for Home Freezers Bolton Avenue Moore sville Indiana MOORESVILLE FURN ITU RE COMPANY Everything For The Home Easy Terms Open Evenings 9 West Main Street Phone 97 C ompliment s of TOWN AN D COUNTRY SHOP Mooresville Indiana Good Luck Seniors PAUL HENDERSON, WATCHMAKER Moore sville Indiana Lots of Success THOMPKINS JEWELRY STORE Mooresville, Indiana Mr. and Mrs. Rome Thompkins Phone 373 Best wishes for the future To the Senior Class of '54' CONNELL SHOE SHOP Mooresville Indiana Congratulations Seniors WINDMILL INN Home Made Pies Home Cooking State Road 67 Carnby, Indiana Compliments of JACK AND JILL SHOP Infant and Children's Wear Corner of Main and Indiana Mooresville Indiana Compliments of SMITH ERMAN HATCHERIES Moore sville Indiana Compliments of HADLEY D-X East Main Street Moore sville Indiana D. C. JESSUP AND SONS Hardware and Dealers Phone 37 Moore sville Indiana MOORESVILLE FROZEN FOOD LOCKER Locker Service and Curing Smoking and Cutting Wrapping and Freezing for Home Freezers Bolton Avenue Moore sville Indiana , Y., . 1,5 XR Xkv, V Q umm Congratulations To The Seniors Of 1954 IIIIIIISEIVS DRIVE-I State Road 67 Moore sville, Indiana - --Compliments Of---- BROWN'S REXALL DRUG STORE Phone 56 Moore sville, Indiana Good Luck To The Seniors THOMPSON AUTO SUPPLY, INC 11 West Main Street Phone 250 Moore sville Indiana MOORESVILLE FURNITURE COMPANY Everything For The Home Easy Terms Open Evenings 9 West Main Street Phone 97 C ompliment s of TOWN AN D COU NTRY SHOP Moore sville Indiana Good Luck Seniors PAUL HENDERSON, WATCHMAKER Mooresville Indiana Lots of Success THOMPKINS JEWELRY STORE M oore sviue, indiana Mr. and Mrs. Rome Thompkins Phone 373 Best wishes for the future To the Senior Class of '54' CONNELL SHOE SHOP Moore sville Indiana K. R. DORSETT AGENCY General Insurance Compliments of Real Estate NELSON Farm Loans at 4 11270 Mooresville Indiana Phones West Main Street Mooresville, Ind Office 198 Residence 114 Complim ent s of MOORE'S MARKET 6 West Main Street Moore sville Indiana Dependable D1-uggist Prescription Druggist West Main Street Phone 88 Moor e sville , Indiana Best Wishes to Class of "54" EllA B0llMA Compliments of SPA Elf MUTUR C0 Phone 173 and 27 3 STRICKLAND MOTORS, INC. Mooresville, Indiana Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Safe Buy Used Cars Harold Crist, Mgr. Phone 36401 C ornplirnent s of MOORESVILLE TIMES Phone 89 Mooresville Best wishes to the class of '54 MlLLER'S DRIVE-IN Phone 34501 ' Mooresville C ornplirnents of MUURESVHII IEDlRAl SAVINGS AND l0AN and HA0lEY AND 000K AGENCY C ompliment s of IIAIIIISII 8 SUN IIINIIIAI IIHAPII Mooresville Phone 50 C omplirne nt s of HUNDLEY'S APPLIANCE STORE Mooresville, Indiana You Can Be Sure If It Is Westinghouse MOORESVILLE LINOLEUM COMPANY 22 East Main Street Custom Built Cabinets Youngstown Kitchen Cabinets Plastic Wall Tire Owner-Eugene Warnpler C ompliment s of FAMILY FINANCE, INC. 27 East Main Phone 397 Compliments of UNION TELEPHONE COMPANY Mooresville, Indiana Congratulations Senior s WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Mooresville, Indiana W RSTIXRN AUTO ASSOCIATE sions n Compliments of LATTA FARM EQUIPMENT Mooresville, Indiana "Best Wishes To Class Of 54" lIlARKS RIHSHERI S SHRP Retail 81 Custom Butchering State Road 67 Mooresville MAPHHURST JERSEY FARMS Richest Milk In Indianapolis Phone: BELmont 1425 PHOTOGRAPHY BY SIIIIIRES Sllllllll lin' Q, -4 1' 1 2 ,,. 3 45, gs . xi .iii A .Eg 9 fi T' . F3 ,fi V: Q. Aff 4 Z? ' . Q, , ,. 1 Q ,f M? -3 ,J +529- s x-gi L E fm . a my 1 Q ,Ln w ' -. X. K , , . we' , Q 9 ' u-.gmt fa? r 19- i li THQ v I -A ' , T' 1 I. 1 1 it 5 Gi f , , .t ,,a-3 T JL. If 5 J '-1 : - cf' X 4 k

Suggestions in the Mooresville High School - Wagon Trails Yearbook (Mooresville, IN) collection:

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