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 £3 LiwdR ft Wic.6 o jr cj rv ,'wi J ftflit is only when you 4567891011Maybe the reason she has been such a help is that when we were new and just starting out. so was she. Perhaps this is why she worked so hard. Perhaps this is why she seemed to understand. The class of 1974 dedicates their yearbook to Miss Barbara Esbjornson who has spent much time with us. We recognize and appreciate her devotion. More than just a teacher, she has been a coach, an advisor, and a counselor. There truly is “a lady on the bus”. With respect and gratitude, we say "Thanks". k 14Miss who? . .. Esby-Miss Esby ... "Now, ladies! ... heck ... chocolate chip cookies and M Ms ... pancakes and hoagies ... taping terror... 15Ip18 gloria wright. night school director-71W r ' ■ .: .,1 : :tkaS:i£i- aAjJiu» . harold b. cooper, secretary to board ot education board ot education: Row 1: robert corson; alma pettito; Shirley trey; edward armstead; alice bell; Row 2: philip piro: ronald Stewart; william alien; alden hodgen; arthur g. martin, superintendent of schools louise bechtel. assistant superintendent 19 raymond clapperton. assistant superintendent william kievit, assistant superintendentaides 20 patricia rowe21 nicholas cussimanonorman steinmeyer marion disbrow Shirley ruttenberg business mildred stohner 22english mary betancourt francesca femia richard Ihompson sherry koory margaret jackson dan martin24 margie harrisI 26 sylvie weiss foreign language( milton goldstein Charles macdonaid guidance Kathleen magee kenneth merrill veronica joneshealth jane pope loni kappler30 gilormo di giovanneronald laylor mathematics steve smith james brudnicki (rank pocius (lorence kerrrobert minnick dorothy hedger 32roberta herrmann izzo diane reed; paul izzo karen riftel Stewart barthold joseph heisermedia jeannette jones robert meseroll music jane stetler donald smith waiter dintemanCharles armstrong craig learn physical education barbara esbjornson . joan filsmger john welsh phyllis lehman george masters36 william thomasmark setzer albert cechvala george boehmler william parks ralph prickitt 37secretaries Carolyn deakins susan fiagg Claire webster natalie masters mildred cahan 38kathryn anderson dorothy harding elaine kiffin joann cucinolta (aide) phyllis mitman 39william kingston 41special services 42 45language clubs Row 1: P. Perla. A. Caulfield, V. Carson. M. Marinini. Row 2: L. Sprinkle. F. Schulman. president; I. Uschmann. P. Little. N. Pensiero. Row 3: Mr. Giacobbe. T. Rogers. B. Price. M. McBain. P. Rost. Spanish club El club Espaftol. un pequeno grupo de estudiantes espanoies empezamos el aito con mucho. Nuestro progecto principal era ayudar a nuestro hijo Boliviano Muchas Gracias a La Senora Marks y Sertor Giacobbe. 46Frau Hoehne. C. Mills. J. Margolin, J. Hizney. J. Milheim. S. Cardwell. J. Slemmer. Row 2: J. Brunson. S. Englehart. J. Norvak. J. Klein. D. Zastavny. C. Sheppard. G. Carney. Row 3: P. Odence. C. Jensen, J. Cook. W. Parker. L. Lieber. G. Denton. R. Moberg. Row 4; L. Bardwell. M Darrell. H Nelson. G. Leon berg. E3 Balliet. E. Mitchell. Leggoe, L. german club Row 1: S. Deutscher. R. Hikida. S. Friedman. S. Flinker, A. Moss. L. Campbell. Mile. Schreibstein. Row 2: C. Wilmont. H. Costello. J. Hartman. V. Johnston. K. Van Vactor, M. Hartman. M. Michelet. S. Patton. L. Patton. E. Hoggard Row 3: C. Mittman. J. Galeko, V. Scott. C Musto. S. Nettleton. L. Orth. L. Deakins, N. Madara. S. Klumpp. F. Tobe. Row 4: K. Herlich, P Willett. L. Hughltt. K. McCarthy. M. Burke. N. Weinstock. A. Dubin. L. Angus. B. Darrell. Row 5: I. Cody. E. Fischl. S. Pierce. G. Bloome. N. Derlln. E. Trentacoste. A Weiss. 8. Borton. B. Bott. N. Klumpp. S. Corderman Goutons voir. oui. oui. oui! Merde a la puissance treize Cercle des gourmets et des gourmands Et des gargons. Tour de Moorestown! french club 47Center: Mr. D. Rhody. Row 1: J. Tysenn. C. Henry, I. Uschmann. J. Moll. Row 2: T. McBride. D. Kennedy. S. Sokoloff. P. Tysenn, D. Gehret. J. Dabinett. J. Keyser, M. Zehler. J. Caruso. M. McCord, M. McCord. Row 3: C. Fassl. J. Zeller, A. Burkhardt. A. Keyser, L. Hardwick. E. Hainer. I. Johnston. D. Schach. Row 4: D. Wescott. P. White. P. Hodgdon. D. Norman. M. Robertson. L. Hughitt. G. Bloome. M. Sanyour. R. Sherman. , latin club CENA TRIMALCHIONIS 9 people in a mustang ... the $50.00 float . .. "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” ... Well, What happened? ... Zero Mostel and togas from Moorestown ;. . 40 people ... in one house? ... The orgy 48Kneeling: M. Wright, secretary: C. Pratt, co-chairman; C. Armstead, treasurer; C. Jackson, co-chairman. Row 1: D. Yancey. T. Brooks. V. Brooks. H. Artwell. A. Neugent. P. Armstead. J. Pratt. L Sutherland. P. Harris. V. Yaeger. A. Brown. Row 2: M. Frazier. L. Phillips. Mrs. V. Jones, supervisor; D. Robinson. D. Harris. C. Smith. K. Gibson. M. Lott. J. Clark. F. Parrish. B. A. Hancox. D. Phelps. R. Berry. J. Armstead. J. Pringle. D. Smith. H. Robinson. R. Miller. H. Womack, T. Swain. R. King. D. Brousard. M. Darrell. B. Darrell. afro-american club The Afro-American Club was originated not to give the black students an excuse to congregate but to teach black and white people the Afro-American culture. american field service Kneeling: M. McCord, H. von der Lieth. B. Martinez, exchange student; J. Tyson. Row 2: Mr. D. Rhody. C. Pestridge. M. Moore. L. Orth. S. Patton. S. Simmons. M. Michelet. I. Uschmann. K. McCarthy. K. Zerbock. S. Corderman. M. McCord. J. DeMoske. 49Row 1: P. Olivarez. C. Schneider. S. Smith. B. Wiltshire. D. Himmelman. L. Forest. S. Hoerner. Row 2: Mrs. M. Disbrow..S. Chamberlin. C. Pratt. T. Higgins. R. Chamberlain. R. King. C. Ware. R. Meehan. fbla Row 1: C. Musto, J. Mauer. J. Richards. M. Michelet. K. McCarthy. L. Stearns. K. Ransom. L. Zastavny. Row 2: B. Matz. K. Blass. M. Howes. K. Schneider. Row 3: V. Mason. T. Mayer, P. Sykes. S. Weinberg. P. Little. L. Orth. S. Patton. S. Bobb. Miss K. Riffel. 50Sitting: K. Mathis. J. French. J. DeMoske. A. Caulfield. P. Little. Row 2: L. Deakins. L. Sprinkle. V. Adams. A. Moss. C. Breese. Row 3: K. Blass. V. Mason. A. Meisler. L. Stearns. S. Patton. M. Moore. M. Michelet. J. Reisman. L. Angus. Row 4: G. Morgan. L. Marchione. S. Kranik. 8. Hawery. S. Corderman. I. Cody. K. Scilly. N. Pensiero. Row 5: K. Sornson. A Mathis. N. Holtzston. M. Hartman. D. Hambleton. D. Marquez. D. Kennedy. E. Hoggard. N. Blackburn. B. Howery, C. Wilmot. fha Once again FHA has tried to be more than a cooking and sewing club. We sponsored the UNICEF campaign, the March of Dimes collection, and held a halloween party for the orphan's home. We sponsored old favorites too, such as the girls' and boys' cooking contests and the Bake-in where we sent thousands of cookies to veterans’ hospitals and servicemen. 51Row 1: S. Corderman. J. Sanyour. D. Schach, I. Uschmann. L. Metz. B. Castle. B. Friedman. Row 2: J. Foster. Mr. Martin. N. Madara, I. Johnston. D. Broussard. J. Webster. M. Stiles. M. Marini. T. Pennissi. M. Riedel. Press night munchies and the one o'clock blues represented efforts this year to endow M.H.S. with an “acceptable” medium of communication. A new printer provided original mistakes, and Mr. Martin provided inpiration for the "dedicated and overworked staff of aspiring journalists." (Thanks, also, to Mrs. O’Connor’s Russian Tea.) MOORESTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, MORRESTOWN, N.J. weakly socque Unfortunately, the writers of the "Weakly Socque” don’t suffer "press night munchies" like some staff writers (though we do suffer from printing day wrinklies). What we will write is about the work it takes to produce humorous satire, and hilarious articles, and hope that you’ll believe it. 52 Front: J. Sanyour. Row 1: R. Renfrow. E. Haines. J. Caruso. S. Friedman. S. Bronson.publications nutshell literary magazine ... our leader, BIG SPENDER ... now THIS meeting is going to be serious ... layout in one day ... will somebody please submit artwork? . . . gory stories . . . non-conformity . .. why can't we get this magazine out on time? ... we're overspending once again .. Row 1: L. Hughitt. J. Sanyour, M. McCord, J. Brown. J. Wetherill, C. Zimmermann, A. Jackson. Row 2: S. Deutscher, K. Caruthers. S. Sokoloff. D. Allen. R. Hikida. N. Klumpp. A. Kaiser. P. Cunningham. I. Johnston. Row 2: K. Dillon. B. Slade. S. Patton. D. Martin, E. Hames. R. Yanai. S. Corderman. M. Colligan. 53nutshell yearbook Row 1: C. Leonberg. C. Zimmerman, P Armstead, B. Darrell. R. Sikora. C. Musto. Row 2: R.Hikida. J. Sanyour. A. Burkhardt. J. Lord. S. Flinkler. T. Moss. J. Wujick. A. Jackson. Row 3: N. Blackburn. B. Matz. N. Weinstock, H. Costello. Row 4: B. Schach. L. Sprinkle. L. Clark. Mrs. M. Betancourt EDITORS: seated: L. Sprinkle. B. Schach. Row 1: W. Stuessy. R. Sikora. B Darrell. Row 2: J. Hiznay. A Jackson. M. Arnold. C. Leonberg. Absent: L. Clark. B. Matz. J. McChesney. Fred ... 4:30 Deadlines ... Bulletin Board Blues . . . "They changed our number!" ... "What's a henway?" ... The world's worst jokes ... "Rufus" ... "You can't put that in!” ... photo contests ... Davine visits ... "Attention photographers: WE NEED . . . . ."Yearbook-Senior privilege" ... 8th period hangout... Thank God! The Ides of March! 54■HM 55cheer Varsity: front center: J. French. Row 2: 8. Borton. K. Demster. P. Perla. C. Mittman. B. Matz. B. Hartman. H. Artwell. Row 3: H. Wood. C. Loring: cocaptain. M. Schwanda Row 4: S. Smith, captain. 56The Quakers they rock they roll The Quakers they rock they roll The Quakers they swing they sing The Quakers do everything The Quakers they're cool they're fine The Quakers will blow your mind The Quakers are bad we're glad The Quakers are bad we're glad 57drill squad Row 1: W. Zimmerman, captain. Row 2: S. Mulle. B. A. Hancox. Row 3: T. Marquez. M. McCord. Row 4: J. Devlin. C. Zimmermann. D. Broussard. V. Johnston. M. Wright. B. Darrell. P. Armstead, co-captain. majorettes L. to R.: C. Barone. F. Norcross. H. Costello. B. Cerrutti. P. White, kneeling. L. Deakins. M. Bidding. J. Hefler. C. Brazey. N. Wellinder. 58r Row 1: V. Mason. T. Mayer. Row 2: P. Harris. S. Bobb. P. Little. A. Dubin, S. Loveland. J. Lawrence. M. Molz. Row 3: L. Patton. R. Carlino. C. Musto. A. Weiss. S. Corderman. V. Johnston. N. Madara. N. Klumpp. N. Herlich. M. Harrington. K. Blass. Row 4: A. Caulfield. K. Breese. L. Korzniak, M. McCord. M. Lyons. H. Smith. Row 5: B. Peterson. S. Chapman. B. Sykes. pep club 5960Row 1: R. Christy. B. Friedman. M. Treber. Row 2: L. Phillips. A. Waronker. S. Powers. C. Rauffenbart, N. Macrorie. K. Bay. K. Perry. Mrs. P. Rowe. Row 3: L. Kuhlwind, A. Mathis. D. Broussard. M. Luciano. 61 ■ HEXCEL SKIS «.Row 1: 0. Fischl. L. Getz. K. Page. T. Grover. T. Wilder. D. Marquez. M. Pickett. A. Clark. L. Mitchell. Row 2: M, McCoy. L. Hershock. P. Little. J. French. A. Castle. M. Hartman. A. Moss. L. Campbell. N. Madara. A. Burkhardt. Row 3: T. Moss. S. Morehouse, A. Rolz. K. Harriet, A. Weiss. P. Odence. A. Grover. R. Getz. S. Pierce. J. Mayer. P. Sykes. Row 4: D. Kerekes. K. McCartney. C. Klumpp. P. Tysenn. J. Fuhrman. M. Miller. S. Bell. K. McCartney. L. Tiernet. N. Pierce, E. Fischl. C. Nelson. B. Mercer. SKI CLUB Skiing, snow. Vermont, fun. skiing on powder and ice. Killington, Stowe Elk. 10 hour bus rides, dirty jokes, cold chairlifts. Deer Brook lodge, Ski Moore. Izzos and Prickett. Row 1: J. Dabinet, P. Little. N. Derlin. L. Pennisi. J. Caruso. J. Mollo. S. Siebert. K. Mills. Row 2: L. Frey. C. Ehrhart. N. Blackburn. G. Ehrhart. D. Pallotto. M. Zimmerman. G. Morgan. J. Higgins. K. DeNyse. WHEEL THING 63Silting: E. Hoggard. P. Greenwood. J. Webster. R. Webster, R. Getz. T. Marquez. K. Segal. M. Hulme. Row 2: Kneeling: D. Marquez. A. Kaiser. D. Marquez. C. Jackson. B. Moore. J. Immler. K. Walters. Mrs. J. Stetler. Miss F. Femia. S. Dudley. B. McGuire. K. Burgess. Row 3: C. Schuman. K. Herlich. C. Mittman. J. Bardwell, M. Piro. S. Friedman. S. Zimmerman. E. Leggoe. P. Hodgen. junior class play 64 senior class play Sitting: C. Henry. Miss F. Femia. C. Loring. Row 1: M. Wescott. K. Jaegar. K. Segal. S. Dudley. W. Miller missing. S. Sokolott. M. Pickett. Row 2: M. Hulme. B. Moore. P. Greenwood. B Himmelman, A Rosenfeld, G. Bloome. J. Lord. B. Fordyce. T. Looney. C. Fassi. T. Williams. M. Hughes. C. Mitman. international thespian society Row 1: M. Wescott. I. Johnston. K. Jeagar, M. Pickett. A, Rosenfeld. J. Wujcik. B. McGuire. Row 2: M. Piro. P. Sykes. S. Dudley. Miss F. Femia. W. Miller. M. Hulme. 65stage crew L. to R.: S. Schulman. G. Leonberg, D. Himmelman. L. Lieber, B. Himmelman. J. Delker. D. Rexon. media assistants Row 1: S. Loveland. L. Rosenfeld. M. Poe. B. Bott. S. Cardwell. Row 2: N. Clark. P. DeFerrari, C. Pestridge. 66Row 1: D. Hambleton. D. Allen. M. McCord. C. Pestridge. A. Inglis. D. Marquez. C. Pratt. 8. Porter. L. Campbell. M. Hartman. P. Odence. L. Sutherland. Row 2: V. Carson. S. Pierce. L. Beard. S. 8rown. C. Moss. N. Fix, M. Pickett. S. Krainik. H. Costello. T. Sears. P. Oliver. P. Cunningham. Row 3: K. Jaeger. J. Wetherill. C. Henry. student association student association officers L. to R.: S. Bell; president. D. Hambleton; treasurer. M.McCord; secretary. H. Hutson; advisor. school store 67 L. to R.: M. Clifford. Mr. H.Hutson, L. Sprinkle.supervisors Front: M. Stelter. Row 1: M. Burke. D. Seymour. J. Grubbs. H. LeClaire. Row 2: S. Chamberlin, M. Maisack. F. Smith. D. Long. J. Bove. fire wardens Row 1: A. Clapperton. A. Brown. J. Kenuk. T. Savage. V. Adams. D. Smith. C. Smith. R. Kalustyan. B. O’Connor. M. Harrington. T. Looney. D. Seymour. M. Burke, J. Grubbs. M. Marshall. Row 2: J. Cunningham. M. Coftey. C. Pratt. M. Wright. C. Jackson. B. Jones. V. Mason. T. Deren. F. Smith. G. Friedel. J. Bove. Row 3: T. Balliet. L. Phillips. K. Gibson. M, Deren. P. McMullen. S. Chamberlin. M. Maizak, L. Gardner. Row 4: K. Coppola. K. Carbone. B. Koons. R. Whittendale. 68monitors Front: B. Darrell. Row 1: B Jones. C. Smith. C. Pratt. V. Adams. D. Smith. B. Schach. L Minnick. Row 2: S. Oidroyd. M. Wright. B. McBride. P. Simpson. S. Lybrand. D. Sears. C. Barone. Row 3: B. Hartman. D. Heller. american senior society Kneeling: L. Clark. B. Schach. B. Darrell. Row 1: A. Meisler. B Kraft. V. Mason. T. Looney. S. McGlashon, C. Smith. D. Rankin. C. Jackson. K. Schneider, J. Brown. B. Jones. C. Barone. L. Minnick. B. O'Connor, R Berry. T. Higgins. R. Dapper. Row 2: P. Merry. K. Van Vactor. A. Moss. L Campbell. A. Grover. R. Hiktda, M. Wright B A. Hancox. C. Pratt. F. Robinson. K. Call. B. Barton. R. Kalustyan. S. Lybrand. Row 3: D Heller. V Adams. M. Riedel. L. Sprinkle. H. Coffey.Oboe: L. Belknap. P. Palmer. L. Matz. Piccolo: K. Burgess. Flute: F. Norcross. B. Borton, J. Hambelton, K. Mills. J. Caruso. M. Carlino. N. Weaver. Clarinet: M. Stiles. S. Weinberg, B. Hansell. N. Corson. J. Brown. N. Payn, J. Weatherill. 8 Bobb. J. Tysenn, B. Leonberg. K. Gantt. J. Boustead. J. Crissey. S. Taylor. J. Green. Alto Clarinet: W. Steussy, M. Zimmerman, K. Ruff. Bass Clarinet: D. Bitting. C. Harlender. Bassoon: N. Fix. K Sharpe. Alto Saxophone: R. Sundeen, K. Mathis. J. Bardwell. Tenor Saxophone: J. Mollo. Trumpet: R. Zeng. M. Gillotti. E. Forte. E. Burgess. R. Smith. G. Leonberg. D. Peterson. D. Meehan. S. Reboul. S. Brindley. D. Pallato. L. Anderson. J. Gandolfo. French Horn: K. Call. B. Norcross. B. Muir. E. Dollar. Trombone: 8. Welsh. M. Talamini. L. Sattel. A. Kessler. C. Leonberg. D. Denton. J. Aiken. R. Brunson. J. Foster. R. Ready. R. Cline. J. Slemmer. D. Gandolfo. Baritone Horn: W. McGuire. D. Moll. C. Leiber. B. Holmes. B. Slook. Tuba: J. Keyser. J. Hansell. J. Deiker. J. Ronca. Percussion: J. Aiello. B. Keyes. P. Belknap. M. Stevens. R. Palmer. J. Snyder, T. Brown. C. Erhardt. T. McBride. J. Nelson. P. McCoy. Concert Band Color Guard Kneeling: L. Bothen. L. Bothen. Row 2: J. Wilson. B. lepson. B. Umberger. L. Minnick. S. Klumpp. Absent: M. Tambussi. 70Violin: L. Orth. F. Norcross. B. Matz. J. Moll. S. Solek. G. Erhardt. C. Zehler. M. Tolaski, H. Nelson. K. Van Zant. H. Robinson. M. Campbell, A Umberger. Viola: E. Fischl, C. Pestridge. K, Walters. K. Burgess. Cello: L. Lieber. S. Dinteman. S. Flinkor. S. Norwood. P. McCoy Bass: D. Martin. J. Hartman. Flute: J. Caruso. K. Mills. J. Hambleton. Oboe: L. Belknap. P. Palmer. Clarinet: M. Stiles. S. Weinberg. Bass Clarinet: D. Bitting. C. Harlender. Bassoon: N. Fix. K. Sharpe. Trumpet: R. Zeng, M. Gillotte, E. Burgess. E. Forte. French Horn: K. Call. B. Norcross. B. Muir. B McGuire. Trombone: M. Talamini. A. Kessler. C. Leonberg. L. Sattel. Tuba: J. Hansell. Percussion: P. Belknap. C. Erhardt. J. Synder, M. Stevens. The All State Band Orchestra All State Orchestra 71 M. Stiles. J. Aiello. B McGuire. P. Palmer. B. Norcross. D. MartinRow 1: G. Humpher. A. Caruso. J. Immler. J. Minnich. K. Burgess. B. Dee. F. Schulmann. A. Keysey, C. FassJ. Row 2: M. McCord. D. Casperite. S. Smith. C. Shuman. H. von der Lieth. K. Herlich. K. Walters. B. Stiles. B. Fordyce. L. Korzniak. Row 3: E. Hoggard, J. Bardwell. J. Tysenn. B. Hansell. L. Miraldi. L. Angus. B. Fox. C. Pestridge. S. Dlnteman. Row 4: C. Slocum. M. Scheying, M, Wescott, B. Bobb. B. Moore. J. Caruso. J. Webster, L. Moyer. Row 5: M. Sanyour, R. Sherman. B. McGuire. E. Scheuermann. B. Bickmore. M. Riedel. P. Greenwood. J. Parkhurst. Probationary Choir Women's Lib invades the tenor section . . . We love WCAU-AM ... Friday, 9th required ... In to five, out to thirty ... get those people out of the Madrigal room! ... Here come the probs! Seated: S. Loveland. N. Goldschmidt. J. Hambleton. K. Mills. B. Muir. M. McCord. C. Gaste. L. Rosenfeld. D. Himmelman. M. Carlino. G. Ehrhardt. Row 2: S. Friedman. B. Norcross. R. Shuman. H. Schuster. C. Cunningham. J. Young. B. Phillips. Absent: B. Welsh. R West. J. Masters. G. Jones. M. Howes. C. Howes. S. Faione. J. Boustead. 72Seated: L. Moyer. K. Walters. B. Dee. Row 2. J. Webster. M. Scheying. C. Slocum. B. Bickmore. J. Bardwell. South Jersey Senior High Row 1: K. Walters Row 2: E. Hoggard. L. Angus. Row 3: Bill McGuire. M. Riedel. P. Greenwood. All State Choir South Jersey Junior High Seated: J. Hambleton, K. Mills. S. Loveland. M. Carlina. L. Rosenfeld. Row 2: C. Cunningham. J. Young, B. Phillips. 73Madigrals Seated L to R: K. Herlich, R. Sherman. J. Immler, M. Scheying. K. Walters. L. Korzniak. L. Dixon. A. Caruso. B Moore. Standing L. to R: K. Burgess. M. Sanyour. C. Shumann. E. Leggoe. L. Moyer. J. Webster. J. Minnich. P. Greenwood. Absent: S. Dinteman. J. Bardwell. Probationary Madrigals Dormiva again? ... Anchors away, Jean ... 914 ... Anyone for Genesis? ... Let’s have a Kangaroo Court ... Women conductors!!! ... Remember the Alamo and Romania too! Seated: C. Fassl. B. Fordyce. M McCord. S. Loveland. Row 2: B Bickmore. C. Slocum. B Phillips Absent: R. West. 74Sitting: D. DiPietroandonio. J. Ollivier, F. Robinson, B. King. J. Frey. R. Falin. M. Brooks. N. Latch. Row 2: D. Christmas. Mr. N. Cuzzimano. M. Brooks. B. Crisp. J. Barrentine. D. Price. B. Goff. G. Cryan. I. Laedorf. L. Heffner. B. Davenport. S. Weiford. H. Farlow. B. Mazza. M. Kachur. Decca Row 1: S. McKee. D. Schach, C. Zimmermann. Row 2: J. Delker. L. lieber. J. Giordano. Camera Club 75Row 1: M. Stiles. L. Sattel. B. Zeng. Row 2: J. Aiello. B. Welsh. B. McGuire. J. Harwell. B. Harwell, B. Norcross. Absent: S. Weinberg. P. Palmer. L. Belknap. All South Jersey Band All South Jersey Orchestra L. to R.: C. Zehler. F. Norcross. B. Matz. E. Fischl. Absent: L. Leiber. M. Taloski. P. Palmer. S. Dinteman. 7677787980 81Football Row 1: B. Henderson. J. 8rooks. J. Sauro. M. Coppola. P. Brumgard. T. Scarborough. S. Zehler. A. Lubin. R. Forell. T. Powell. S. Coputo. Row 2: J. Selnek. S. lybrand. P. McMullen. J. Call. K. Murnane, B. Coffey. T. Balliet. B. Jones. S. Schackel. F. Smith. T. Keyes. J. Adams. Row 3: R. Johnson; manager. K. MacDougall. J. McChesney. D. Ra ey. R. King. S. Willis. R. Berry. R. Hartman. K. Call. J. Havard. S. Jaggard. P. Shaw. J. Solomon. Row 4: J. Wolgomot. S. Emerson. K. Carbone. J. Cunningham. 0. Murnane. M. Sanyour. K. MacDougall. K. Bodine. Row 5: J. Kenuk. M Coffey. S. Armstrong. J. Dever, J. Havers. D. King. J. Adams. S. Epstein. Row 6: R. Horn. J. Davis. W. Savage. M. Van Fossen. K. Coppola, P. Honeyford. M Darrel. M. Deren. D. Zastaveny. Record 7-1-1 M.H.S. 7 Haddonfield Opponer 7 28 Palmyra 0 32 Maple Shade 13 33 Riverside 7 20 Burlington 6 18 Shawnee 7 19 Cinnaminson 7 0 Pemberton 13 8 Rancocas Valley 7 82The Moorestown football team was Burlington County Champs for the first time in 19 years in Coach Masters history. The title came down to Turkey Day when Moorestown proved they were the better team, defeating Rancocas for the second time in a row, 8-7.Varsity—Kneeling: J. Bitzer, D. Hamilton. B. Mellet. M. Riedel. R. Kichline. R. Kalustyan. M. Hodgdon. B. O’Connor. R. Getz. J. Webster. J. Aeillo. N. Miller. J. Margolin. Standing: J. Toppin. coach. G. Bottomley. M. Miller. R. Meehan. D. Bobbe. B. Porter. B. Sheppard. 8. Barton, P. Magee. D. Foster. J. Kuder. M.H.S. Opponent 3 Riverside 2 3 Shawnee 2 0 Burl. City 2 3 Maple Shade 0 1 Holy Cross 0 2 Palmyra 0 0 Cinnaminson 1 3 Shawnee 7 2 Mrstwn. Friends 3 2 Burl. City 1 2 Ran. Valley 4 0 Ran. Valley 0 3 Holy Cross 0 2 Pemberton 0 0 Cinnaminson 1 0 Raritan West 3Soccer The Varsity Soccer team advanced to the State Tournament for the second year in a row but finished with a disappointing .500 season. The team was led by Co-Captains Brian O’Connor and Mark Hodgdon. The defense was led by halfback Rich Meehan and the offense by wing Joe Aiello. Next year’s team will rely on the play of underclassmen standouts Brad Porter. Dave Makel, and George Weber. J.V.-Row 1: P. Weatherly. J. Rodgers. S. Shaw. J. Dwyer. G. Dodelin. F. Chandler. F. Smith. M. Sininu. C. Thompson. D. Barna, J. Keyser. 85Hockey Varsity-Row 1: S. Bell. A. Moss. L. Beard. G. Adams. A. Clapperton. C. Nelson. B. Schach. S. Drukenmiller. M. Pickett. Row 2: S. Falone. D. Wescott. D. Sears. B. Kraft. L. Payn. L. Campbell. A. Grover. N. Madara. M. Bell. K. VanVactor. B-E AGGRESSIVE ... ten million laps ... swimming in the drainage ditch ... ten tons of tape ... atomic balm ... Ti-german ... Esby ... super chicks with super sticks ... next year. 863 0 Haddonfield Opponent 0 Cherry Hill West 1 Cherry Hill East 1 Ran. Valley 0 Holy Cross 0 Pemberton 0 Cinnaminson 0 Friends 0 Riverside 0 Maple Shade 0 Palmyra 1 Shawnee 3 J.V.-l-r: B. Horry, A. Clark. J. Brown. M. Bell. S. Bowen. A. McKeon. N. Fix. K. Jester. N. Isenberg. S. Rogers. H. Artwell. L. Sutherland. M. Pickett. S. Mellet. P. Koehler. V. Armstead. A. Keyser. L. Zastavany. C. Musto, D. Pearson. C. Jenson. R. Mayer. C. Mittman. C. Fernandez. B. Esbjornson. 87Cross Country M.H.S. Opponent 38 Riverside 23 33 Burl. City 23 24 Haddonfield 35 41 Maple Shade 19 31 Audubon 25 27 Palmyra 28 42 Shawnee 19 35 Kennedy 20 43 Ran. Valley 18 34 Ewing 22 36 Pemberton 21 26 Holy Cross 33 46 Cinnaminson 17 The Cross Country team lost many key members from last year’s squad and didn’t do well this year. They will rely on underclassmen next year to help strengthen the team and lead them in the winning ways once more. ,vl Row 1: C. Holbriech. 0. Schach. R. Cline. S. Archer. Row 2: D. Gehweiler, D. Catts. C. Petito. C. Ware. G. Gough. J. Parkhurst. D. Martin. 88Row 1: A. Brown. M. Flowers. B. Hartman. T. Balliet. D. King. D. Gehweiler. D. Schach. Row 2: L. Hall. M. Frazier. J. Sorrow. T. Swain. S. Caputo. S. Archer. J. Havard. J. Aello. G. Gough. Row 3: P. Rose. B. Brunson. B. Koons. B. Lock. J. Pringle. J. Boileau. K. Holbreright. T. Balliet. T. Pully, J. Little. G. Carney. B. Salamon. R. Yania. K. MacDougall. C. Maloney. Winter ‘I The winter track team had another successful season breaking many records. Higher goals are set for next year as they expect to be even better. H.S. Opponent 44 Hamilton West 33 64 Pemberton 13 41 Peddie 22 41 Mon. Reg. 39 39 Ewing 42 41 Lawrenceville 45 89WRESTLING Kneeling: J. Klein, M. Verbaro. 8. O'Conner, D. Murnane. M. Hodgen, P. Simpson. Standing: K. Capola. J. Dever, M. Riedel, J. Speese. J. McDougal. S. Zehler, B. Falone. D. Bobbee. J. Welch, coach. This year's M.H.S. grapplers were the most outstanding in the school's history. With Matt Riedel (4th in the state) and Regional Champion Jay Dever leading the way. the Quaker matmen won the Christmas Wrestling Tournament, defeated Rancocas Valley for the first time, had a 12 win, 2 loss dual meet season, and were tied with Shawnee and R.V.R.H.S. for the Burlington County League Championship. D. Murnane. J. Dever. and M. Riedel won District Championships. J. Klein, D. Murnane. M. Hodgdon. J. Dever, and M. Riedel were all named to the Burlington County League All Star team. The Freshman team was 11-2 and the Junior Varsity was 12-2.N. Burlington M.H.S. 12 Opponent 30 Maple Shade 9 51 Cinnaminson 9 36 Riverside 10 39 Pennsauken 14 31 Burlington 6 54 Haddon Heights 18 32 Ran. Valley 17 24 Haddonfield 12 37 Lenape 18 27 Haddon Twp. 15 21 Shawnee 18 28 Edgewood 20 23 Audubon 16 34 J.V.—Row 1: M. Willis. J. Dwyer. A. Wright. A. Inglis, R. Sears. D. Vabaro. Row 2: M. Welch. M. Capola. N. Miller. S. Armstrong. P. Honeyford, S. Epstein. Row 3: A. Burke. R. Mason. M, Simpson. S. Bryne. R. Cline. D. Zastavany. C. Learn. Coach. 91Basketball Row 1: C. Pratt R, King H. Womack C. Lord Row 2: B. Kingston coach P. Kranik G. Close S. Wuijik M. Prizer J. Dever R. Blakely manager D. Berardy manager J. Heiser asst coach and 2 ... Cochise, Mast, Rock, Bricky, Ratt, Clyde, Goldielocks, Wysiek, the kid. ... Wild Bill ... Hold for one .. . A.S.G. King ... Asst, coach Bob King ... They said it couldn't be done ... who's Moores-town? ... Jumping Joe ... Prizer Mobile ... Beware the Lake Monster! ...M.H.S. Opponer 42 Collingswood 46 57 Haddonfield 63 55 Audubon 75 52 •Gloucester 34 41 Overbrook 45 47 •Riverside 41 48 •Maple Shade 46 45 •Palmyra 28 43 Shawnee 49 48 Burlington 52 58 Rancocas 59 48 •Holy Cross 46 62 Pemberton 63 63 Cinnaminson 71 57 Burlington 61 62 •Maple Shade 57 56 •Shawnee 42 58 •Palmyra 50 37 Rancocas 38 72 •Holy Cross 43 57 •Pemberton 38 44 Cinnaminson 61 50 •Riverside 44 53 •Collingswood 40 38 •Overbrook 37 50 WIN Camden 72 J.V. Row 1: R. Merz D. Moore P. Camp J. Maloony R. Moyer T. McBride Row 2: B. Henderson P. Coopersmith B. VanFossen J. Dever H. Lubin J. Heiser coach 93Bowling Sitting: E. Gunderso. B. Foell. P. Ouigly. Kneeling: D. Weikel. C. Graves. K. Hall. J. Milheim Standing: D. Heuer. S. Chamberlin. S. Shaw. D. Sody. B Boyles. R Burgo. Another Year ... Another Championship! This year's boys' varsity team took the Division Championship. Outstanding goals were set by Adam Kessler and Scott Chamberlin. David Sody had league high average with 175. The girls' varsity team also did exceptionally well, led by team captain Karen Hall. They took the Division title for the third straight year, as well as the South Jersey title for the second time. The coach this year was Bill McNally. Great things are expected of the team next year. M.H.S. Opponent M.H.S. Opponent Glouc. Cath. 2 1 Glouc. Tech. 2 1 Glouc. Tech. 3 0 Haddon Twp. 2 1 Cam. Tech. 3 0 Cam. Tech. 3 0 Glouc. City 0 3 Glouc. City 1 2 Haddon Twp. 3 0 Glouc. Cath. 1 2 Riverside 3 0 Riverside 3 0 Haddonfield 3 0 St. Joes 2 1 St. Joes 3 0 Won 38 games 14 matches Haddonfield 2 1 Lost 13 games 3 matches St. Joes 2 1 Girls’ Swimming Many fond memories ... Saturday morning swim meets ... be at the bus by 7:00 a.m. .. . Where did Gertie get her boyfriend? ... divers always come through ... You can do it ... sound off ... Community House puddle ... Goodies if you win! ... AAU invasion ... All new 200 free! ... 94Haddonfieid HartH°n He'9h Haddon Twp. Pennsauken West Peddie Trenton Lenape Tom’s River N. Tom’s River Shawnee East George Schoo m.h.s 90 106 110 99 57 97 60 100 57 46 114 71 62 Opponent 65 47 45 56 96 56 14 55 19 30 32 84 18 Row 1: l Deakms. co-captain; A Moss co-capta.n. Row 2: S. P-erce. K. van Vactor. A C oMOSS' J’ 8rown- 8 Herrmann. 0. Eborly. S Utke. Row 3: U. Adonan. 0. Kennedy. S. Gmter. M Call. N. Weaver K Jeager. E. Fischl. S. Mulle. M Carson, j. Wetheriil, M. Floyd. Mrs. Thomas. Row 4- j Brown. M Pickett. Row 5: J. Tyson. L Bothen. C. Zimmerman. J. Moll. 95Swimming The Boys’ Swim team had another outstanding season. Led by captains Bob Kilroy and Brad Porter, they ended up with a 12-3 record along with winning the overall and Group B State Championship for the third year in a row. Much is expected of them next year because the nucleus of the team will be returning for another great year.Sitting. J. Margolin. K. Call. B. Porter. B. Kllroy. C. Leonberg. Kneeling. P. Aronow. G. Mayer. T. Moss. P. Carey. K. King. Standing: A. Thomas, coach; R. Horn. B. Smith. J. Giordano. J. Rogers. R. Catts. F. Scarborough. B. McGugan. 0. Moll. Not pictured: S. Dow. W. Miller. M.H.S. Oppone 56 •Pennsauken 27 65 •Hdn. Twp. 18 108 •Hdn. Hghts. 63 100 •Haddonfield 71 112 •Shawnee 57 82 Lenape 88 92 •CHW 79' 68 CHE 105 51 Peddie 120 70 •Camden Tech 11 96 •Holy Spirit 76 60 •Ocean City 22 11 •Glou. Tech 0 120 Win •Ham. West 52 97Girls’ Basketball Night practices a la discotheque and a new Rolaid chewing coach (who yells at walls) combined to form a much improved girls women’s basketball team. The team finished with an overall record of 8-5. All-Star Super Soph Denise Westcott averaged over 19 points a game aided by the rebounding and ball stealing skills of her able teammates. A talented JV team with a record of 8-4 promises Coach Kumple continued success. VARSITY M.H.S. Opponent 63 8 Maple Shade 37 38 Palmyra 35 42 Shawnee 39 46 Burlington 67 35 Rancocas Valley 21 39 Holy Cross 52 45 Pemberton 36 24 Cinnaminson 69 42 Riverside 34 54 Collingswood 49 RECORD 35 Friends Varsity 8 victories. 5 defeatsVarsity: Row 1: V. Mason, mgr., C. Mitman. V. Adams. A. Clapperton. Row 2: D. Wescott, D. Sears. D. Gehret. D. Broussard. Absent: S. Druckenmiller. L. Sutherland. Junior Varsity: Row 1: M. Bell. N. Madara. J. Nelson. P. Harris. L. Korszniak. Row 2: N. Isenberg. S. Kraniak. K. Mathis. P. Olivarez. N. Holston.Lacrosse Opponent 4 2 7 8 3 9 0 5 5 2 9 5 10 1 2 7 6 M.H.S. 14 19 13 9 5 11 21 7 13 13 8 7 6 23 15 9 8 VARSITY Pennsauken (s) Rancocas Valley George School (s) C.H.W. Cinnaminson Collingswood Maple Shade Gloucester C.H.E. Rancocas Valley C.H.W. Cinnaminson Collingswood Maple Shade Gloucester C.H.E. Friends (s) 100Track M.H.S. Opponent Haddonfield 110 20 Maple Shade 105 26 Riverside 73 58 Cinnaminson 73 58 Burlington 91 40 Palmyra 75 56 Shawnee 96 35 R.V.R.H.S. 64 67 Holy Cross 78 53 Pemberton 121 10 The track team had another great season last spring ending up with a 9-1 record. Many new records were set, and many more are expected to be broken this spring as they anticipate another fine team. 101Golf Kneeling: S. Porter. M. Nutter. T. Ritter. B. Disbrow. B. Honan. B. Zenger. T. Dwyer. P. Speese. Standing: M Stephens. J. Foster. J. Peterson. J. DiWasic. C. O'Donohue. D. McGugan. R. Loring. coach. The golf team had a great season last spring and won the state tournament, setting a new scoring record. A lot of strength was lost through graduation, but hopefully soph. John Peterson, along with juniors Colton O'Donohue and Dennis McGugan. will fill in and have another great season. Our Score Their Score 5 i 2 Cinnaminson 4 V2 V 2 Pitman 6 0 Riverside 6 0 Burlington 4 2 V 2 J. F. Kennedy 5 1 Palmyra 3 3 Shawnee 5 2 2 Rancocas Valley 4 2 Holy Cross 6 0 Pemberton Won 18 Lost 1 Halved 1 Our Score Their Score 5 1 Cinnaminson 5 Zt 2 Lenape 6 0 Riverside 6 0 Burlington 6 0 Pitman 2 2 3 2 J. F. Kennedy 6 0 Palmyra 5 1 Cherry Hill E. 5 1 Rancocas Valley 4 2 Holy CrossTennis M.H.S. Opponent The tennis team had a mediocre season end- Cinnaminson 2 3 ing up with a 6-7 record. Under the new Riverside 5 0 guidance of Mr. B. Kingston, they hope to Holy Cross 4 1 improve that record this year. Palmyra 5 0 Friends 4 1 Shawnee 2 3 Ran. Valley 1 4 Riverside 4 1 Holy Cross 1 4 Palmyra 5 0 Ran. Valley 2 3 Cinnaminson 2 3 Shawnee 2 Won 6 Lost 7 3 R. Endres. J. Stork. G. Haines. D. Makel. B. Welch. T. Rogers. B. Mercer. M. Hammond, R. Sundeen, T. Moss. 103Frosh Football Row 1: D. Rulon. J. Humes. D. Emerson. G. Jones. J. Mutch. H. Smith. T. Rose. G. Gray. J. Masters. D Hopkins. T. Pulley. R. Baker. Row 2: R Edwards. A. Perla. M Pearl. J. Viola. P. Wright. K. Tierny. P. Selnick. B Blass. B Bly. M. Schier. V. Christmas. G. Pryor. P. Colligan. P. Starr. B. Reid. W. Powers. D. Witkowski. S. Detris. B. Robinson. R. Brunson. D. Lapwing. J. Phillips. T. Hall. S. Mulligan. G. Segal. Mr. Allen. A. Hubin. Mr. Fell. Soccer Coach Johnson. S. Dow. T. Schneider. J. Schneider. L. Getz. E. Dagostino. M. Piro. P. Betnap. J. Armando. M. Hagarty. R. Ritter. J. Sutcliffe. J. Treu. T. Glover. B Smith. P. Adezio. M. Younce. P. McCoy. D. Moll. M. Catanzaro. 104Hockey Row 1: C. Hartman. C. Moss. J. Margolin. C. Kennedy. T. Case. D. Eberly, N. Wick. K. Sharpe. S. Rogers. K. Wiggins. L. DeCou. C. Vesper. Row 2: D. Rider. P. Patterson. M. McChesney. A. Call. M. Beard. L. Weiss. 0. Wetherill. M. Allen. S. Brown. D. Adams. S. Oliver. K. Person. A. Werner. L. Frey. P. White, coach. R. Rogers. Wrestling Row 1: M. Colyer. F. Ireland. D. Witkowski. S. Nelson. A. Dwyer. Row 2: J. Epstein. S. DePetris. W. Read. R. Chamberlin. J. Ditullio. Row 3: J. Viola. J. Sutcliffe. M. Hagarty. W. Powers. J. Treu, C. Lieben. W. Klinger. 105FROSH BASKETBALL Row 1: T. Hall. D. Emerson. T. Byrne. T. Wujil. 0. Manning. Row 2: G. Siegal, R. West, J. Masters. G. Pryor. D. Manning. A. Singer Row 3: Mr. Armstrong, coach. D. Johnson. A. Lubin. 106108601 110Ill112 113I UNDERCLASSMEN 114CFRN THERE IK . THOSE DIVINE ATTRIBUTE'' w,.._ BELIEVERS IN A LIVING GOD ALWAYS ASCRIBfc TO HIM. FONDLY DO WE HOPE - FERVENTLY DO WE PRAY-THAT THIS MIGHTY SCOURGE OF WAR MAY SPEEDILY PASS AWAY • YET IF C.OD WILLS THAT IT CONTINUE UNTIL ALL THE WEALTH Pll ED BY THE BONDSMAN’S FWO HUNDRED AND FIFT Y YEARS OF UN-RIOJIITED TOIL SHALL BE SUNK AND UNTIL EVERY DROP OF BLOOD DRAWN WITH I HE I ASH SHALL BE PAID BY ANOTHER DRAWN WITH THE SWORD AS WAS SAID THREE IHOUSAND YEARS AGO SO STILL IT MUST BE SAID "THE JUDGMENTS OF THE LORD ARE TRUE AND RIGHTEOUS ALTOGETHER-” WITH MALICE TOWARD NONE WITH CHARITY FOR ALL WITH FIRMNESS IN THE RIGHT AS GOD GIVES US TO SEE THE RIGHT LET US STRIVE ON TO FINISH THE WORK WE ARE IN TO BIND UP THE NATION'S WOUNDS TO CARE FOR HIM WHO SHALL HAVE BORNE THE BAT- ' TIE AND FOR HIS WIDOW AND HIS ORPHAN-TO DO ALL WHICH MAY ACHIEVE AND CHER I.SH A JUST AND LASTING PEACE AMONG OURSELVES AND WITH ALL NATIONS •Freshmen Class of 77 class officers: sec. m. beard: pres. a. waronker; vice pres. m. catanzaro: advisors: mr. a. giacobbe; mrs. g. hoehne; tres. I. frey. B-204: Row 1: m. ballinger. p. belknap. p. adezio. b. boileau. r. baker, j. arnold. s. brindley. j. armando. s. bornholdt, m. bauscher; Row 2: 2. blasberg, mrs. dunn, p. abele. d. atkins. k. bay. k. barrett. s. barna, j. armstead. b. bfass. d. adams. m. beard, m. alien, j. boustead, b. bradley. I. black, absent r. armstrong. r. bly. d. boyell. a. brooks. B-210: Row 1: b. Campbell, r. chamberlain, v. brooks: Row 2: a. call. m. carllno. k. Christy, g. chamberlain, m. caulfield; Row 3: t. brooks, t. case. r. chiaccio. j. borsch, t. byrne. m. Clark, j. dark. I. chang. s. brown, absent: a. brown, r. brunson. p. buder. t. burke, p. byrne. m. Campbell, m. catanzaro. v. Christmas 116 B-227: Row 1: s. delancey. b. cole. p. cooper; Row 2: m. dempsey. c. devereaux.l. decou. r. curtis. t. cox. m. cohen. j. cosden. g. debolt. t. cozens; Row 3: m. colyer. k. deianey. I. cucinotta. p. colligan. c. cosden. d. diblasio. c. cook. f. dileo. e. dagostino. s. crissey. absent: c. Cunningham, r. danks, p. deferrari, s. depetris. mr. b. rizos. B-228: Row 1: r. edwards. c. ellis. j ditullio. k. ewers, s. forbes; Row 2: j epstein. g. ehrhart. j. dubrow. k fawley. d. dwyer. d. fischl. s. forrest. p dixon; Row 3: p. dougherty. j. ditullio e. dubin. d. eberiy. d. fedon, I engelhard. t. franich. p. tenimore. s Handers, mr. s. smith, absent: d emerson. I. trey. s. dow. 117B-229: Row 1: t. green, h. greer. s. garman. I. hart. m. hagarty. j. hansell: Row 2: c. harlander, furdnurd. w. griftith. t. green, d. hannon. w. gregg. m. gillotti; Row 3:1, getz. d. gillette. j. gaskell. g. gray: Row 4: j. hambleton. d. garth, d. halpern. k. gantt. I. hall: Row 5: 1. gonzalez, n. gimbel. s. gilson, m. green, k. hall. mrs. b. hoerner. absent: n. goldschmidt. t. grover, t. hall. p. harrison. C-24: Row 1: e. horn. b. herdman. f. ireland. d. hoggard; Row 2: b. hobbs, j. hartshorne. m. howes. g. jackson; Row 3: g. heydorn. c. howes. f. hartman: Row 4: d. hopkins. c. hartman. s. hartman; Row 5: b. holmes, m. hubbard. b. hughes; Row 6: j. humes. I. hershock. b. hess. absent e. hartnett. g. hartnett. j. hassinger. s. homan. mr. b. parks. 118C-19: Row 1: h. knowles. b. karz. g jones. c. klumpp. s. latch, j kelleher. c. lieber, j. jones bicycles: j. litton. d. kenderdine. d lapwing, h. kay. furdnurd. s leclair, d. johnson, j. keimes. g kalustyan, b. klinger, c. kennedy. k lawrence. a. johnson. k. kreitzberg m. jackson. b. leonberg. absent: a johnson. d. kemler. r. king, m knowles. k. kreitzberg. mr. r. taylor. B-28: Row 1: a. lubin. s. margolin, m. maloney. r. mcgugan. r. lubow. d. manning, d. manning: Row 2: k. lyons. m. mcchesney. s. madara. g. long, I. marchione. s. loveland. p. mccoy. d. manin, n. mason, c. mcilvanie. j. mcbain. c. mccrane. I. matz; Row 3: d. mccarthy. h. logeman. t. looney, k. marsh, j. masters, absent: I. mauser. m. mayor, t. mcadam. m. mccullough. j. mcgugan. ms. d. brown. B-30: Row 1: a. moss. g. morgan. b. noakes; Row 2: a. nettleton. b. muir, e. moshos. p. mullen. d. meehan. s. nelson, t. morse, g. mccoy. b. norcross, s. mulligan; Row 3: k. niederstadt. I. messick. d. meyers. c. moss. d. newmeyer. j. norman, a. nougent. k. mills. I. meehan. furdnurd absent: h. milligan. j. mogelinski, j. munns. j. mutch, b. niconienko. 119C-119: Row 1: a. perla. d. novak. s. o'connor. p. patterson. j. phillips, f. parrish. c. person, j. perry, p. pegues. s. perry, b. peterson; Row 2: c. perrone, r. parker. d. pallotto. s. Olivier, I. petitto. s. perry, m. peral. c. peterson, k. page, absent: w. norris. d. ollivier. r. paglee. f. penn. d. peterson. b. phelan. k. phelps. r. phillips. ms. f. femia. C-319: on pole: t. rose. Row 1: h. prlbell. b. robinson. t. hall. d. rider, f. ridgway. s. rogers, k. rohloff. a. roelz; Row 2: d. powell, r. robinson. t. pulley, b. read. j. rockhill. j. rautfenbart. I. rosenfeld. d. rulon. d. ready, c. pringle. mr. r. thompson. w. powers, absent: m. piro, c. podlinski, g. pryor. b. reed. w. reed. r. ritter. 120E-26:Rowl: e. smith, m. poe, r. Simons. I. shreve. I. schade. j. sokoloff. h. shuster. I. smith: Row 2: c. scafidi. j. sears, b. soderberg. h. smith, p. starr. r. shuman. b. sherin; Row 3: k. Sharpe. I. schipper. g. siegai. m. scheier. a. singer, p. seinek. t. snyder. b. smith, t. schneider. p. schatten. b. smith, absent: f. Scheuermann, d. schmalbach. m. schultz. mrs. v. bailey. E-11: Row 1: s. surplus, m. stevens. I. weiss. a. werner. c. vesper, b. sykes. a. waronker. r. weiford. m. trebmg: Row 2: a. umberger. k. toner, k. tierney. j. waiters, j. treu. j. Sutcliffe; Row 3: n. sulzer. a. traganza. s. utke. c. stepnowski. j. viola, m. ulrichsen. absent: j. thoroughgood. j. tieniber, j. tucker, mrs. p. rowe. E-24: Row 1: m. Zimmerman, m. zebrowski. v. yager, s. winston. m. younce. k. wiggins. c. zehler. n. zitani. n. wick: Row 2: s. zawrotny. k. wright. p. white, r. west, p. wright. m. Wiltshire, r. wilson. k. willls, t. wujick. e. workman, p. wetherill, d. wetherill. absent: c. winter, d witkowski, j. young, mr. r. asay. 121SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 76 class officers: treas. delma broussard; v. pres tina marquez; pres, ray horn; sec. cindy musto: advisors mrs. jones. mr. martin. C-1: Row t: e. bingham, b. bobb. h. artwell. j armstead. g bodine. I. adamson. Row 2: p. aronow a. blank. j. aitken. s archer, s. bobb. d. alien, j bardweil. I. anderson. u. adourian. j. bauscher. I alien. Row 3: f. baihet. b. bickmore. j. adams absent: j. berardy. d berner. c. bills, d. bitting, mrs hedger. C-2: Row 1: furdnurd. p. braungart. s bo wen, s. calkins. Row 2: v. cancelli r. carbone. k. brooks, s. caputo. b bott. d. broussard. a. burkhardt. I bothen. m. call. a. bowen. p. camp absent: d. boustead. s. branson. r braxton. j. brooks, m. brown, r. burgo a. burke, j. borsch, j. bush, mr brudnicki.C-3: Row 1: r. cline. r. Christy, p. cleft, w. covington. Row 2: m. carson. t. Clyde, s. cardwell. Row 3: w. case. d. casperite. r. carlino. b. castle, s. chapman, furdnurd. c. bush. p. carey, f. chandler, g. carney. a. easel, m. coppola. n. chamberlain, absent: j. caruso. j. Clark, n. dark, m. Clifford, s. colburn. p coopersmith, miss rogers. C-4: Row 1: e. devenney, e. dollar, n. dye. a dubin. j. delker. j. Cunningham, d dubo Row 2: c. diblasio. a dark. k. dempster. d. dicioccio. mrs. david. k. Cunningham, j. dabinett. a. davis. j. dwyer. j. crissey. Row 3: d. delorenzo. d. denton. j. diblasio. b. dee. absent: m. deren. j. dever. k. dillon, s. dinteman. I. dixon. 123C-5: Row 1: furdnurd. t. Ilacco. furdnurd. c. fassl. furdnurd: Row 2: I. forrest. a. frank, r. frake. S. evert, j. french, j. foster, s. falone. b. fordyce. b. faulkner, w. ellis. m. floyd. s. friedman. b. gaff, absent: g. engert. s. epstem, d. fariow. t. farrell. r. fenimore. j. former, f. freni. f. fullerton. mrs. izzo. C-7: Row 1: b. guerin. n. fix. e. fischl. c hamilton. I. hardwick. g grady. j. green, b haury. m. gaynor: Row 2: s. greenwood, d gitomer. m. frazier. h. feaster, s. ginter. j havers, b. j. hartman. c. golden, j. hall, j galipeau. p. harris; Row 3: r. hartman. p hart, d giberson. t. gehweiler. e hames. d hansen. absent: j. gardner. m. gilfillan. j giordano. k. gough. p. harrell. I. greer. j harrell. mr. mosesson. C-8: Row 1: d. higman. |. klein. k. jaeger, n. isenberg. a. keyser. k. jester. I. hughitt. d. kennedy. w. johnson. furdnurd. m. horner; Row 2: s. humes. j. johnson. b. keyes. r. horn. e. king. p. honeyford. s. jaggard. n. holston. d himmelman. s. hill, b. howery. j. kindaide absent: b. henderson. I. herlich. j. higgins, c. holbreich. d. king. 124 eraC-9: Row 1: j. little, b. mason, s. krainik. b. kunze. b. loch; Row 2: s. lehman. r. massimiano, s. lutz. j. maloney. h. lubin. g. leonberg. e. leggoe. r. mayer. d. macdonald, m. lott. p. koehler. p. little, m. luciano. absent: s. kolb. j. lafrankie. v. lee. m. lynch, r. lynch. I. maloney. t. marks, g. marlow, I. little, t. marquez. a. mathis. t. mazza. mr. cechvala. 0-12: Row 1: I. nalbone. c. musto. t. mcgugan. t. mcbride. r. mertz. p. nelson. s. mulle, c. mitman. g. michelet. m. nims; Row 2: j. mollo. I. niedermayer. m. morse, j. nelson, c. mitman. t. mcchesney. n. miller, m. mccord, s. melcer. turd nurd. I. mccall. I. meltsner. s. mellet. absent: t. moss. r. spoyer, d. milligan. j. mcgugan. 125C-16: Row 1: s. prescott, n. payn. s. prouse. b Peterson, r. norman. t. powell, d. quigley, r renfrow, r. perry; Row 2: j. peterson. a. perkins p. palmer, m. panich, k. ransom, j. pratt. k perry, I. patton. r. raumussen. j. poe. b. pulley d. perason, s. norwood absent: r. norcross. k parkhurst. n. pensiero. I. piergross. I. porter, j pringle. mrs. jackson. C-22: Row 1: p. willett. p. stelter. s. taylor. j slemmer. c. Slocum; Row 2: m. simpson. p slade. m. sinunu. f. smith, c. sumner. w. smith c. thompson. m. sornson. r. uschmann. k vanzant. I. Sutherland, j. speese. c. vanvactor. k sutcliff. m. toleski, s. sokoloff. I. tremper, m smith, absent: s. soiek. c. stepnowski. I, stimier t. Sullivan, m. taylor. I. toleski. d. verbaro. m verbaro. mr. barnosky. C-20: Row 1: d. simpkin. n. setzer. c. Sheppard, m. robertson. k. scilly. s. siebert. r. Scheuermann, c. salmon, c. rojs. d. robinson. j. schmitt. t. Simons, j. rogers; Row 2: s. rogers. j. sanyour. t. Scarborough, p. shaw. d. schach. j. rockhill; Row 3: j. sauro. v. scott. d. rich. j. selnek. s. schulman. s. shaw. j. romano. m. nchards. absent: I. rosso, d. ryan. j. schlimmeyer. r. schmalbach, mr. prickitt. 126D-3: on bed: j. wetherill; Row 1: s. Zimmerman, m. young, furdnurd. j. zeller. j. webster. g weber. a wright; Row 2: j. wilson. p. white, a. weiss. j. wolgamot. j. vernamonti, s. zehler. d. williams, d. zastavnny; Row 3: r. yanai. n. weaver, s. wurster. m. welch, absent: d. wescott. r. woodland, d. yancy. mrs. davis. 127JUNIORS Class of 75 class officers: pres, phil odence: v. pres, john adams; sec. molly burke; treas. ruth sikora: advisors mrs. joyce david. mr. frank pocius. B-7: Row 1: j. allchin. b. berardy. d. barna. p baker, k. breese. k. bodine; Row 2: p. armstead, j adezio, b. borton. s. armstrong, I. ahrens. j bancroft. b. boyles; Row 3: m. ashcroft. I. angus. b bohnet. m. brooks, c. battler, p. alien, m. bitting, s armstrong, j. adams. absent: c. barnard. w. bell, c brachfeld. k. blass, k. bodine. w. brooks. I barnholdt. mrs. harris. B-9: Row 1: i. cody. v. carson. r. catts. b. cerutti. f. byrne. m. catanzaro. c. bubnoski. I. canton; Row 2: j. Clarke, k. carone, m. coffey. j. burney. a. brown. d. burns, j. brown, a. caulfield; absent: j. brunson. e. burgess, m. burke, j. Campbell, I. cancelli. c. corson. r. causey, c. close, s. cohen. g. cole. mr. thompson. 128B-11: h. costello. s. corderman. j. davenport, j demoske; Row 2: j. develin. m. deshan. g. bloome m. delissio. s. druckenmiller. j. davis. j Cunningham, g. dodelin. a. duffy: Row 3: m cotligan, j. brunson. p. Cunningham, j. cook, a cozens, n. diWasio. k. coppola. j. dodelin. g. decou m. darrell. absent: b. danks. j. dever, a. ditullio B-13: Row 1: c. fernandez. s. tlinker. I. fullmer. a. fianders. d. evans. j. edgar. b. foell. Row 2: d. gee. J. tuhrman. s. englehard. g. estel. S. emerson. m. nowers. e. fort. b. fox. j. frisa. k. gibson. e. english. b eiiis. absent: r. egan, w. estel. e. fedon. j. frey. b. fncke. I. gardner. r. gardner, d. gaunt, mr. maddock. B-17: Row 1: j. hannon. e. hansell. m. higgms; Row 2: ms. volbrecht. k. herlich. c. graves, j. hartman. d. hart; Row 3: r. heydorn. d. hadden. p. greenwood, c. henry, t. hobbs. p. graham, j. hardmg. b. herrman. k. hershock. t. grygon. d. harris. absent: k. golden. I. haines. k. harmon. m. harrington. j. hartman. d. haupt. j. hefler. r. hemphill. 1298-21: Row 1: d. hughes. Row 2: b. homan. c. holz d. kerekes. c. jensen. r. johnson. r. hulme. Row 3: s. horner. t. keyes. a. jackson. a. inglis. j. kenuk. j. keyser. f. horton. v. johnston. b. jones. p. hodgen. absent: m. hopkins. c. hughes, a. hultzman. g. humpfer. m. hutchins. c. keyser. r. kilroy. mrs. koory. 8-22: Row 1: m. knight, j. leonard. I. korszniak; Row 2: k. long, p. macdonald. k. lewis, c. koff, p. krainik. n. madara. s. leconey. w. klumpp, d. king. j. lawrence. k. macdougal. j. lord. c. kraft. c. loring. m. lyons. absent: s. kozloski, I. kremens. I. kuhl-wind. I. lieber. j. lieberum. b. little, k. macdougal. j. maclachlan. n. macrorie. mrs. line.8-23: Row 1: d. makel. k. madden, m. mccord. k. mathis. m. marshall, e. mcguigan, k. mcbride; Row 2: m. mccoy. a. mckeon. k. mccartney. b. matz. d. marquez. b. mcloughlin; Row 3: c. maloney. d. maerz. j. mcculley. d. mcgugan. m. mcbain. absent: c. manuel. g. mayer. r. mccoilum. m. mcloughlin. mrs. benner. B-25: Row 1: I. miraldi. d. mccrabb. m. marini. b. moore. r. miller, s. nettleton. m. molz. j. mutch; Row 2: p. moorer. f. norcross. I. mitchell. d. messick. h. nelson, d murnane. e. nelson, b. mercer, absent: g. meehan. s. meyor. j. milheim. r. milligan. j. minnich. r. moberg. m. monaco. d. moore. v. niedermann. d. norman, d. norris. mr. buchman. B-26: Row 1: p. parsons, c. petitto. b. porter, p. odence. p. pearl, d. palmer; Row 2: I. Phillips. I. kuhlwind. j. parkhurst. d. nutter, p. olivarez. m. pickett. j. nowak. c. porson. I. pennisi; Row 3: mr. heiser. s. powers, d. peterson. t. oldroyd. b. Phillips, c. o'donoghue. t. parker. m. piro. p. perla. b. pitman, n. palmer, p. perry, absent: k. page. w. parker. p. perkins. 131I E-28: Row 1: r. pribell. h. robinson. j. reisman. m. sanyour. p. rost. s. reboul: Row 2: r. rocKhill, j. ronca. g. prouse. p. quigley. I. sattei. t. ridgway. a. principato. b. savage, d. pron. d. sady. t. rogers. absent: c. rauffenbart. s. reed. t. ristey. m. rizos. d. robinson. m. sack. mrs. jones. H-1: Row 1: d. stein, m. savino, m. schwanda. m. scheyhing. r. sikora. d. smith, t. savino. m. smith; Row 2: r. sherman. (. Scarborough. ). sears, m. schipper; Row 3: r. slook. c. shuman. k. segal; Row 4: k. schuster. j. Solomon. m. stevens. s. Simons, a. smith, absent: b. schmalbach. h. schoai. I. seely. s. seiigman. d. seymour. d. Sharpe, h. smith, k. stevens. mr. hallowed. 132H-2: Row 1: j. stone, p. weatherly. r. ward, k. tout b. ward; Row 2: p. tysenn, p. sykos. b. umberger. s visco; Row 3: I. uzell. s. wurster. I. tierney. I tremper. absent; m. stiles, j. strainic, b. stuessy, t swain, I. tanner, r. theobald, m. thoroughgood, b. vanfossen, j. walton, mr. digiovanne. H-3: Row I: m. willis, m. woscott; Row 2: b. wick. c. wilmot, I. zastavny. d. wolfarth; Row 3: t. willbouse. n. weinstock. b. Wiltshire, g. wilson. t. williams, k. wright; Row 4: j. wujick. r. woodland, b. welch, d. webster. absent: d. weikal. r. werner. n. wigmore. k wilson, I. zazzarino. mr. armstrong. 133134 ' sITIME HAS GONE BY ... BC1 champs after after the worst freshmen record in the history of MHS? ... last little kids in the old Junior High ... Super Sexy Seniors ... walking to Baker for lunch in 6th grade ... by day apathetic, by night ... ! ... caps and gowns courtesy of the BOE ... "You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” ... "Flowers For Algernon" ... Pennsylvania Dutch Treat with J.B.T. ... "Unlocking the College Puzzle” ... last class required to respect seniors ... Women's Lib hits the High School ... last class to endure assigned study halls ... Elmer Fudd lives ... Stew ... Immigration, Good Times Bad Times, American People — whatever happened to History II? ... The American Senior Society ... the Surf City 8 ... finally old enough to drive to school, but no gas for the car... liquid lunch at O’s .. . first group of freshmen to come alone to MHS without orientation ... Mr. Koehler's first graduating class .. . Northeast canoe trips ... the Theater? ... F.A. leaves Calculus to Heiser and becomes fulltime disciplinary officer ... Friendly's replaces Covello’s as a local hangout ... Hey Jude ... existentialism — a noncontagious disease ... Ms. F„ how many Christ symbols can you find in this yearbook? ... rigorous albegra problems ... Mr. B's little black box ... the Indian Mountain Lodge ..." We're captives on a carousel of time we can't return we can only look behind from where we came ..."139Class Officers and Advisors Rich Meehan, Treasurer; Barbara Esbjornson, advisor; Ray Kalustyan, President; Robin Hikida, Secretary; Mark Hodgdon, Vice President; Robert Minnick, advisor. 140Virginia E. Adams Ginny ... Nature Girl ... one ot the super five ... little miss varsity ... hey man ... the shore . ..oh nice!... Peter Allen A-walt ... oh those slums! .. Autola! ... Cape May... Euere Deutsche!... Joseph Aiello Red paint on a dented fender ... Later ... the next Buddy Rich ... frizzy ... still all thumbs ... Vietnam headband... F. Linda Armando "Love in Bloom"... 141 Todd Alexander Mark Arnold Oink - Arnie ... cruisin'... snow walker... nose flicker ... Fudd lives! ... cynical ... Lacrosse...James Artwell William E. Bamber Thomas F. Balliet Bal ... 3t 75 ... Crunch Barry Beast crunch bunch ... You got 'em Jones? Hey Will. . . Army. . . woof. .. Carlene Barone Car ... Serenading ... 'very choice" River Peace ... 3... Is that a trash can? .. . mischief night 72... 142 Anne S. Barbour James R. BarrentineWilliam H. Barton Lisa M. Beard Soccer bopper through and through .. "Getting" ... Moorestown Soccer 1 .. You goin' with her again!... John R. Battler Mongoose ... A-wooh-l don't know the meaning ot time . . . Elmer Fudd Moving Company... "Slick" ... Army Ant. .. scabby knees and panny hose ... roller skating in the halls ... "Tie my shoes"... silver plates ... Cris, Cris ... 143 Lisa Belknap David E. BerardyVictoria Berardy John W. Bitzer Vick ... Something's wrong ... In a Volks-wagon?... after the mooring ... Nancy A. Blackburn Nance ... apples ... groom ... "Where'd I put my . Chippy and S.H.F. ... pool hopping . . roomies at L.E C Rodger A. Berry King Berry ... Vicks ... You got stuff and that stuff is tuff... super ffy... Mr. P. O. ... the Golden Boy... Richard D. Blakely, Jr. John Juan ... Bitz ... bitback ... 'Has anyone seen Beth?" ... Feb. 16 ... horse shows... David M. Bobbe Jimmy's ... another tough wrestler ... a member of the crunch bunch ... Little David ... "The Shore Boy"... boats! 144Jeffrey L. Boileau "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." John A. Bove "How long ‘til June 13th?" .. . last of 3 ... Media II resident... "327 Quad" ... Louise M. Both n Bo ... The Swede ... check it out" ... 4610772 ... Sorry ... "I feel like having a McDonald's hamburger!"... m Carolyn Brazy Yet I will rejoice in the Lord. I will joy in the God of my salvation. Habakkuk 3:18 145 Gregory S. Bottomley Mark A. Brooks Alice ... '66 bug ... love weekends and girls ... camping in the pines ... summer of '73... "Mort"...Janis Brown Brownie ... JB. ... spacey ... "That's obnoxious" ... J.B. and her guitar in spotlights . . . 3 ... mischief night '72... Lynnette S. Buhrman loves to sail, ski ... hates "negative concepts" ... plans to be rich and live in the mountains... Karen C. Burgess "The moving finger writes: and having writ, moves on Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Maureen F. Burke cheese ... song to Adam ... "Let's go cruising" ... "oh you're so cute" ... watching the tube with Boris ... Linda A. Bye Butch ... Here come the cops. ... run ... wanna cut? ... buy me another ring? ... Who has the letters now?... Joseph G. Call 146Kevin L. Call Peter J. Cardwell Truck ... rallying through the lake . .. Kevin and his "Rick” ... Freak out in a moonage day dream ... ' Audi Fox" ... Lauren E. Campbell Laur ... S-3 .. OMC . . . T.P.C. . . BS inc ... Whiskey Bay ... Mr. Bun Man . .. Hiya toots .. puns ... Kilington . . J.C. ... Where's all the chicks? ... tar out man ... tour wheel flipper . . . foxie lady . where's the party?... Colleen A. Carey Ann C. Caruso Katherine Caruthers “ wake to sleep, and take my waking slow. I feel my fate in what I cannot fear. I learn by going where I have to go." No support ... simple song sing in my ear ... whoosh ... commie liberal ... not necessarily Renaissance Dids ... Marshmallow Dillon . . . Surf City 8 ... Saturday nights don't agree with me . . a circle without a rim ... 147David E. Catts Apple Pie Hill ... The Kruegar Kid ... the pony-tailed wonder ... "Hey. wanna do somethin' ". . . MLC___ "I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul. Where I'll end up well I think, only God really knows. “ Scott Chamberlin Boats A devoted Prop Rider!. Daniel G. Christmas Ann Marie Christy Ammer . .. 178442999 . . . "Angie" ... Are your parents home this weekend? ... after the mooring... Dec. 22. 72. . . Ann E. Clapperton 148Joyce P. Clark Barry White ... mole ... "Me? cut class?" ... club soul ... "Look at the hon" ... "Cancers are moody"... "That's it" ... Howard T. Coffey Shields. I got one Butch and Bo ... the perfect work out ... 205 . .. Chief broken ankle ... 84 ... 149Nancy Coleman Theresa Collins T.C.B... she's got it together!... Christopher Colyer Nancy's High ... There it is! ... Goodbye Suzanne Conrad It you love something, let it free: it it comes back it's yours: if it doesn't it never was. Scott R. Corley Nancy A. Corson Nanny ... Don't let anymore tents fall on you! ... Have you heard from England? . . . Don't walk so fast!...Elizabeth A. Cosden - Coz... Lib ... Hi hun!.. . The Toy ... Let's go! . . B.A.C ... Ask Coz. you'll get a straight answer ... Bruce A. Crisp William D. Crozier Buzz . . . Teresa .. nursing home . . euere Deutsche ... Wolkswagon!... I hate it when it goes down there ... Lauren B. Currell Robin L. Dapper I only fell down one step ... Ready and Willy . . . Guess who called? ... lost in the pine barrens... Brenda Ann Darrell Bad . . Franco "72 . . hey. belly button ... kid . . . wild child ... I didn't know I could throw a bat far!.. .Beverly J. Davenport Karen S. DeNyse Hop-a-long ... ",Meet ya in the lav" ... "If Debbie ever finds out" ... Bob ... breakfast at Waverty's ... Lynn Deakins Lynnie .. . swimming ... 20 yard ... where's gertie? ... G.C.I . '74 F.H.A. convention ... Thomas Deren ■ Annette Debellis Nanette K. Derlin Summer geology ... We own the front seat ... There are bears in these woods ... England in the summer. .. 152Sandra Deutscher Little eastern girl ... shell crackernut ... wjbc ... signal Happy Sam ... Radio and G. Stein ... cat i's... Bruce W. Dobbs Mr. Z28 .. . Flaming Burnouts. Inc ... "What, you egg!" ... Friday night treakouts in the living room ... truckin'... Brian M. Dillon Kevin E. Dreyer DiPietroandonio on ... cheese Alice Cooper ... officer . . that was a semicircle, not iarch me. O God. and know my heart try . and know my thoughts: and see if there be any wicked way in me." 153James J. Durham Cynthia K. Ehrhart Holly E. Endres "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart: and lean not on thine own understanding." Prov. 3: 5.6 Barbara P. Edwards Lenola Rec ... McDonalds . . Lover of English class ... anybody going up? ... "Bud" ... the king . .. Marlboro ... William Falone, Jr. Faloney Baloney ... wrestling ... two broken fingers . . lacrosse . .. Holly K. Farlow Bell... little lambie ... summer ‘73 ... here comes the sun ... brownies and mint chocolate chip... karma ... 154Richard A. Fenimore Bela Friedman Smart, but nice! ... water color display ... Hello, my name is Kathleen Davis ... coffee freak... Joseph J. Flateley The bear ... quiet, kind, but sensitive ... never get him upset or he'll turn into "The Lod"... Joseph H. Fuhrman Hurt City . . . Fudd lives!... All Joe wants is Lacrosse, the Ivy League, a ladder, and a burger. Gary G. Friedel Diana C. Gaynor 155Debbie L. Gehret Stretch ... rockee ... hot lips ... time must pass... Daniel F. Gehweiler "You know your dad" . .. Dan the man pizza and bowling .. . Deborah L. Gerhardt 156Jeffrey L. Greene Carol A. Griffith Maniac driver ... McDonalds . . . rcc ... want to go skating?... P R ... I should be in gym ... Where's Ted?... Alison W. Grover S-3 ... O.M.C ... T.P.C ... BS. Inc ... Never, ever on time .. . Whiskey Bay ... Jebronie ... a definite ten... groover ... Joan D. Grubbs "I am going to live in the sun. drive a Porsche, and sleep in money." 157Deborah A. Hamilton Debbi... Have you seen Bob?... I'm out of gas! ... Ponderosa's Ding-a-ling ... Friday night... Mary Poppins . Michael J. Hammond Only 15 minutes left... El Camino ... Let's go out for lunch ... Fudd lives ... homeroom cram... Barbara Ann Hancox Didn't let Jones get her down 'cause she went to the lott and picked a berry. Babbett V. Hansell Got to go ... TR3 in the driveway ... apples and bike rides through the neighborhood... 158Mariellen Hartman Russell E. Hardwick Joseph J. Havard Robert C. Hartman Hart ... double L'd ... that reminds me of the shore ... Sal... Mets and Jets ... don't trip over the hurdle ... Alan G. Harrison "I'd rather by flying." Jerry R. Haupt Eat a biba ... sure ... God love ya ... you're a brick .. . Mau-Mau ... mighty mouth ... bookie ... swimmer ... chicken 159William A. Hedges Lynn M. Heffron Daniel Heller Weightlifting .. stud . .. college, girls, and California sun ... Fudd test .. . Pumpkin Patch... Melvin M. Hendricks Thomas R. Higman "Hey Higy" ... let's hear it for the Ponde-rosa ... hedge jumping ... "What a party!" ... dance ... Summer '72 ... Robin Hikida Hik .. Nutshell nut... Espanol... W.J.B.C ... twinkletoes ... best snow plow around Brian R. Himmelman a 1-A.L.R. . . . Audio room ... mouse jeans ... Midnight Munchies . .. booth 3 ... k.p Joseph J. Hiznay Joe Hockey... he was toasted ... H.D.C . . . Fudd lives . . . member '76 . .. fairly rigorous ... gutes Hackerbrau bier ... Mark Hobson Mark T. Hodgdon Meathead .. a real live soccer bopper ... VP? ... All wrestlers are QUEER!- ... Hodge 126?... Yo. Babes!... Ellen B. Hoggard "What we are. that only we can see. Build, therefore your own world." R. W. Emerson Mary K. Howes Intense concern ... eyes that reflect her emotions Peabody . . . Ozzie ... Glen Campbell...Diane L. Hynes Point Pleasant . . Margie ... Moo-Moo ... Parsi. . . Motor Mouth . . . Julia H. Ireland Barbara J. lepson Missouri!.. .October 15 ... "I got three letters today1" ... "He called me" .. long stemmed roses .. "Joe 123" Carol A. Jackson Bootsie ... I wish I could ... I can 't ... I NEVER ... but you can ... we know you can .. .It you try... Crazy Carol .. Jean E. Immler Snoopwiggy ... just how much trust can grow-finally .. . golden ear .. . Pooh songs ... Bach ... parallel fourths . .. Mary C. Jackson Molly ■ ■ ■ "Nip Mother!" ... Jack ... "Nag. nag" ■ ■ ■ Rot tomai.. . Friends Field ... Tull ... Stowe ... ski girl... 162Steve J. Jaggard Hey Ed! ... Cloudy sunrise ... 22 ... I'm going down the shore ... bodies-need-rest ... Alice ... the chimney... Ian R. Johnston Philip L. Jefferson, Jr. "To do is to be." Tao Tzu Bruce E. Jones Van D. Johnson Oscar-Lou ... greatest actor that ever lived ... older women ... spoiled . .. prom night '73... Raymond B. Kalustyan 163 Don't try to have the last word . .. You might get It... Taco night ... Armenian night ... Happy Birthday a 16!... Meatball ... the smallest Armenian soccer-bopper...Linda R. Kay Charles Keith Robert M. Kelleher Mouse ... Space City .. "you want to go bowling?"... where's Monk?... Adam S. Kessler Don Ellis and Urbie Green. Stan Menton and Maynard... Camera Club ... Bowling ... t ; Ann C. Kilcher Candy . .. Matthew ... October 10. 1970 ... nurse! .. shore ... Leon Russell and concerts ... Richard K. Kichline Surfer Boy ... six foot wall . .. love American style ... The 0... 164Clifton G. King I don't know . .. why not ... no ... swimming practice . .. lacrosse practice . .. Susan M. Klumpp Ktumppy ... Jag ... Miniature golf champ ... Susie ... ski bum ... there's a treasure at the end... Stowe ... Derek R. King Shaft. . . "Why don't you be cool, fool" all star guard. .. slick Rick ... s 48... 911 . .. "I'm hip to those things".. . Robert B. Koons Roberta A. King No matter what the season Your love will shine through To the ever changing and Free horizon within you. Frances E. Kraft Francoise .. bugle blowing champ .. Betz ... Kraftey ... peasoup ... the fish ... watermelon ... hockey ... Sundays ... Lacrosse ... 165Joseph M. Kuder III Jay ... 9 2 team bomb squad ... soccer bopper ... "hiya Baby" ... take me out to lunch?... Lynn Kutteroff James R. Laessle Butley ... malibu boy ... "Say. Ma ... Hi there"... Later City... 166Curtis R. Leonberg Leon ... Rich's River Gang ... June 1 ... Wendy... quality bush pusher David Long Red Trojan 455 ... Yo-yo . .. human candle Timothy M. Looney Loon ... gorilla man ... "How old are you?!!" ... "Every day is a weekend!" ... "How many now Tim7'... Robert C. Lord 167Jeffrey D. MacDougall Rock . . mirror lloxer ... "If everybody else does it, why should I?... Sue ... zap?. .. Peter F. MacGhee, Jr. Debra L. Manuel MANUEL!!! . . . dimples . . . Oo-la-la . .. Stairway to Heaven ... Vavoom ... Beep-bop-de-doin around... 168David F. Martin James M. Margolin "It's time for those who are guilty to be prosecuted and for those who are innocent to be cleared." ft. Nixon 10 16 73 Patricia Marris Lenota . type!... Type!... Bamegat Light ... waving out car windows .. ' Who. me? ... quiet . Moose ... so innocent!... Rich's River Gang June 1 ... The bear kicked me ... E.F. lives . . how many miles? ... Annette ... Virginia M. Mason Bunny ... F.B.H. ... Tom called .. friends ... three musketeers ... yellow V.W.'s ... peaches and cream ... Paul Massimiano Gringo ... pitso oil.. . "on my God' wmm Joann S. Maurer Jo ... I'm so embarrassed! ... He thinks we're crazy!... Who's a scag?... Who stole the tree?... 169Jacques C. Mayer Jocks! ... Hey. who's the babe? ... can t wait till June 13th ... got to get a motorcycle! ... surf was hot!... John C. Mayer Terry L. Mayer Terri ... Palmyra and Riverton ... G.G Barb?... Hey. Mayer ... Charley horse ... I can't find reverse . .. 18th birthday... William J. Mazza Barbara L. McBride Oh. Al's so sexy ... France '72 ... tinsel teeth ... Bobbie ... Tuskegee ... missed the bus again ... James M. McChesney What, you egg! ... one of the original two ... The Breakfast Bunch ... New Hampshire ... Keep on trucking C.B . ..Hugh McGlashon III Skip ... let's go to Jack-in-the-Boxl .. . infant ... Deep Purple ... William A. McGuire Praise the Lord, for music and how He works in me ... Hiya son ... baritone and tuba ... Patrick D. McMullen Blue Heaven ... 86 ... Egg McMuffin ... where's Kathy? . . . Mac . .. Green Machine ... over to Wiggins'... Richard P. Meehan Stretch... soccer is 1... Little Richard...Jerry S. Meltsner Leaving after 6th ... getting up at 3rd ... Comp, with Lisa!... Linda A. Metz Byrds-brain ... I live at YAC . .. Captain NeMeyer ... Margate ... quiet at Friday night freakouts ... the Pines ... Peggy J. Merry "We may never pass this way again, so I wanna laugh while the laughin' is easy. I wanna cry if it makes it worthwhile ..." James Seals Eugene J. Meyer 172 "Laugh, while you're makin' it. smile while you're fakin' it nobody's gonna know." A. Price.Michele L. Michelet Mint)... "My feet hurt!"... 115 ... I can do anything I want?.. . T.D.J.B M.S.D.R... Bruce H. Milligan A. Mills bowt runneth over" ... lunchtime . spaceman ... Calculus crackup Linda A. Minnick Min ... "Hi Mr. Conductor" ... 3 ... Twin Serenading ... Very choice ... Mischief night ‘72 . .. "Er Lurv"... JA ... Mark F. Miller .. flame ... . Pam P ... 173Gillian Missel Miss misty meadow, you will find your way. Moody Blues Scott G. Morehouse Janet E. Moll Red ... Molio ... Mole ... I wanna Mollo Cup! ... pretty rocks . . . Yanot ... Volks-wagon baby!... summers in Maine ... Anne M. Moss Hey Bud ... Annie ... S-lll . .. O.M.C.T.P. ... Whiskey Bay ... Gimme a break ... fabulous ... B.S. Inc.... racing stripes ... Mary E. Moore The quiet one ... Ocean City forever ... tennis anyone? ... Oh. my gosh! ... good morning . .. Candystriper forever!. .. Lisa Moyer 174Clare E. Nelson Kevin T. Murnane Brian P. O'Connor Stud... wrestlers might be queer ... soccer bopper ... lover of hie and other such parties... Sally A. O’Donoghue My old pal ... Crazy Sal ... H.M. ... Bye you guys . .. Oo-la-la ... Bum-bum head... Are you mad at me?... Peter H. Nicholson Nik ... Ohio I.D-Big Ben ... frosty mugs Stephanie C. Oldroyd Snippy ... Phets ... Wee Puls ... switchboard .. . Country Gentlemen farm market... she fell asleep again ... 175— Paul J. Olivarez All... Stern Vem's Auto Mechanics ... Esparto ... Sammy Safety's Boys . . Potato Chips... Louise Orth Life has meaning only to those who love, for loving is the joy of the world. Judith A. Ollivier Fire escapes instead of stairs ... dog food cans ... "That's good" ... good old days in Room a 7 ... Robert K. Page The wild man with the thunderbird . .. The Hard Guy . The hot shot speedball goalie ... Rock ... Suzanne E. Patton Purr-rr-rr ... Jan's thing ... peanut butter and gelatin sandwiches? the mad scientist strikes again ... Pamela A. Ollivier Alternative school ... Surf City .. Ocean City ... adopted brothers and Holly ... sangria-tequilla ... Enjoy... 176Sarah G. Peirce My diet starts tomorrow . . waterbug . Bordeaux cookie freak . . . smooth move . good friend . . . Mark W. Pensiero Wild Banshee ... Friday night freakouts ... Waste City ... the Pine Barrens ... "How about those Flyers?... Carol O. Pestridge Warm hearted ... "Guess who I saw" ... slam . . summer playground... Camp Ock-anickon ... Hey B.S.. what's a viola?... Charlene Peterson "Neighboring fields of grass that crumblo like big. beautiful biscuits. Are they yours-mine—or ours? Jawsbelle 177Deborah D. Phelps P-nut ... when you go to the "darry" tor some milk, watch out for the snow ",flakes" ... a schemer ... smashed... Kathleen R. Polanski Why don't you put some skates on?... don't write anymore letters . . . PRNDL ‘s love seat ... 1 down 3 to go ... James J. Pope Bozo . .. wanna ride? ... we can 7 be out of gas!... Maple Shade Diner ... It's all over ... Wen ... Patricia A. Philips dotard . . Sow baby ... pillow . . "little girl want to stay for dinner" . . . Oscar ... stickshift... Fred S. Powell Lunch Hour Plumber ... Zn positive 2 ion 178Mark Prizer Charles A. Pratt Chuck . . . Carlos Arturo ... 22 .Mr. Accountant Charlie Chips . . . ratt tor two ... how's your boy?... A.B.C. Dee ... Bradford F. Price "It we really grit our teeth and bear down. I'm sure we can finish oil this season ... oh what's the use."... Red... those great hands . .. David C. Razey Crazy Raze . . . curly fanatic ... get on the good foot ... Bonanza ... "Do your homework? Me neither"... Gaye D. Ranken Shall be remembered ... friendly no matter what... a real chick ... a nice, friendly, and sweet girl... Roxanne A. Pryrr Always rapping, that's Roxanne Althea Pryor. 179David G. Rexon Rex ... father time ... weekend in the pines ... “Wanna go up in the booth?" ... Andy's Truck... Douglas M. Rich Suzuki King ... Kwai-Chang-Caine ... Big “D"... Jayne L. Richards I can’t believe you did that . Don’t argue with me. I'm absolutely right The one who knows it all... Matthew S. Riedel Faith P. Robertson Fay... “What stop sign?" ... Sept. 23. 1972 ... blue Ford ... G.L.B. ... Lunkhead ... Burger King ... "That's cool!"... Andrea L. Rosenteld Mugly Uther ... Rip tearing .. Donna. I get the top this year ... Rosenheb ... scenery ... canon .. B.S. paper... tar out!...Darlene Ross Carol I. Sandin "From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!" Psalm 113:3 Donna J. Sarli Donald John Stalk ... The batmobile ... to Long Beach or bust! ... always upsettin' 24... bad jokes ... Philip J. Savastinuk When do we hold the true beliefs of many? Barbara G. Schach Babs . . . eggin' and the great chase ... little hebe . . grandma!... matchmaker ... Scott E. Schackel H.D.C. ... The ladder . .. Midnight Adventures ... " What can I say?"... E.F.L....Edward R. Scheuermann Joanne Schlimmeyer Neil D. Schmalbach Patrick O. Schipper J. Schneider N.J. ... "17" ... (red) VIP Fries ... "Give me a straw" "Toejoe"... The Candy Kid ... Susan E. Schoal Sue is seeing a small happy person and Love is seeing Sue and Frankie together. 182Florence M. Schulmann "Don't call me Flo1'' ... ",Anyone got the Calculus?" ... Soccer games! ... "He called me!"... Colorado ... Joseph C. Scott Linda A. Sheak Summer ot "71" ... Polish nut cake ... 63 VW .. "Beak" "Really?" ... Where's Dave? ... Thumbtack kid... William H. Sheppard "Therefore if any man be in Christ. He is a new creature. Old things are passed away Behold all things are become new." Deborah A. Sears The H's ... a moment?... 1 of the supprf ... I am woman!... river peace ... Mac ... bu9 off | J C ei tu Kathy Sherin No love or no friendship can ever cross path ot our lives without leaving somp -tf) path upon it forever 'HTk 183Cynthia J. Shields There was a hurricane yesterday! Rides home with 84!... Paul E. Simpson Flutlhead ... LIPS ... Seegar man ... Pucker ... Sampson ... Pedro P R. ... Fuel Funny Van ... Shore .. . C. B. Shingleton III "Hit the Beach" ... "Certainly" ... "Gotta go cut wood tonight" ... "Where to Mr. Collins?" 4 to 10. .. William J. Slade Marla J. Silverstein Wayne Slimm 184Frederick Smith Debbie J. Smith Sharlene Smith Kissy ... L-4 ... Beth's nose . .. Boy did I have a night . .. How’s Joe ... Smitty ... Orange flash ... i. Susan M. Smith FBLA ... Sweet Sue ... Stuffed animals forever ... No UMPH! ... Fast Fingers ... Famous words: You're a Pain!... Luke Smith Kathryn A. Sornson 185 Meatball '74 ... Bun ... France '72 ... All for Austin . . beat them smacks!... Strawberry fields forever...Elizabeth O. Sprinkle Laura Stearns Michael Stelter Sprink . .. arctic convertabte rides ... You are 18 aren't you?... A Piano tuner?... ha-chaa!... "Monk" ... "Th" ... "Space City" ... "GREAT" ... "You best do this" ... "Massachusetts"... Albert Stickney 186Barbara Stiles The Lord is my strength and my shield: my heart trusted in Him. and I am helped. Psalm 28:7 Maurice Still The Original mixer ... Jive time stilly. Uncle Plug ... Wimperin Wally ... Wasfe City ... "Still" trying ... Jeffrey Stork Robert Sundeen, Jr. "It God is tor us. who is against us?" Rom. 8:31 "For to me. to live is Christ, and to die is gain." Mark Talamini "The Hie which I now live in the flesh. I live by taith in the son of God. who loved me. and delivered himself up for me." Marie L. Tambussi "Where's your American Flag?" ... "Line up!" ... Sour apples . . . Sweet Tarts ... S.S.A.N.B.K. (2nd Flight) ... isn't that sweet 187Joan M. lysenn ( 7 ' . ( )■ i -oc-0 [flcJJ r , A A cc rwvwz f -f uV s fii U AA. - InA. (X-va L TV (X cIcl l '' aX. V. .(T. V -,; : A T - '•’LO 0 -UT iL U ‘ S Elise M. Trentacoste I only tried to live in accord with the promptings which came Irom my true self... Why was this so difficult... ■i-KijJ U s, m_ j j Kay M. Van Vactor Smiles ... cutie-babe .. OMC ... Wednesday nite series ... H.AB. ... Freeport ... you turkey... Jack's ... A!way on time... Heidi von der Lieth Haedisti... Holly... one of the three graces ... Lake Trasimene ... F.L Flody ... Any News. Heidi... Halloween 1971 ... — Irene M. Uschmann Uschvir ... one of the three graces ... PU-ER ... dirndl ... Heidi's twin ... Oualis vir ... Groserias en espahol... Catherine Walowy Sam! ... "Him again" ... anyone for Polo? ... "I'm gonna cry!" ... I want to go home" ... Gold dust twins ... 188Christopher Ware Kathleen A. Walters Mitchell Waskins Preslobe ... our 4:19 miter ... The Bear ... Where is ugly?... Robert Ward Chris A. Wearshing Rib poker... "Whoa Gobi!"... k + k ... 1st to 12th ... Bonnie and Clyde ... O.L.G.C. ... Maple Shade Diner... Sara A. Weiford Nipper ... California dreamer . . . Joni Mitchell ... Hallie ... 32 ... two arms tor two girls ... you don't know me that well!... Hey Ward ... 1-12... 189Sara Weinberg Do you think they recognized us? . .. Who's Peter Pink? ... jussa minute ... Merry of England... pennies ... what?... Michael Weisberg Nancy Welinder "Breath" ... Nanc ... May 25. 1973 ... The Bear .. . Let's go to McDonalds ... "Bumps" Victoria West Kathryn Wetherwill Kath ... cherry... "He makes me so mad!" ... after the mooring ... "let's go down to the shore"... Mary J. White Hey Mare!... The Baking Nipper . .. apples, hiking, sunsets, and summer days ... "Hey Mama Possum"... P.H--Roland Whittendale MILL ROAD INN Randolph Wilder Stephen Willis Bo ... Mama Leeds ... Hey Will!... Porker ... 32 ... Ricky! ... g Biceps . .. Butch arid Bo Forever... Shawnee headlines ... Brenda Winter Debra Wolfarth Slipsy ... sweat ... beautician Deb ... Neighborhood Shim ... Polish sweat dog yours, mine and ours ... Rolls Royce ... Herbert Womack Clyde .. if it's good to you. it's got to be good for you ... Wombat of the jungle ....Helen S. Wood "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by. and that has made all the ditlerence." R Frost Myra E. Wright France '72 ... good morning heartache ... Wright guard . .. graduation night . .. "Got to tmd me an angel" ... 192Robert Zeng "Yea. but I have six lawns to cut today!" ... "Watch me!" ... "Don't talk so much!" ... "When can you practice?... Karin E. Zerbock "Double, double, toil and trouble: tire burn and cauldron bubble" ... Hi Ho Silver and away... Wendy E. Zimmerman Zimm ... mark time ... Well, you know . . . "I look like a squirrel!" ... 8 9 72 ... true friends... K + K ... Carla G. Zimmermann He's got infra-red rays ... keep that smile ... always ... 193Robert Bruce Macrae (1956-1972) Seniors Not Pictured Donald Blass L Wrk I 'sUA- Robert Holmes Mark Kachur Janice Klinger Ethan Ladof Joseph Maines Mark Maisack William Mills Brian Murphy Edward Peterson Amy Pulley Nick Rubino Benjamin Soloman Jeffrey Tanner Victor Toner Barbara Verderame David Welsh avid weisr IjU- cA-y rVJy 194Seniors Bye ... and Gone Dee Clark Andy Sattel Cathy Cipdla Debbie Depetris Theresa Geiher Kathy Bonomo Janet Schwab David Wilbur 195196Begona Martinez Our Foreign Exchange student from Spain 200201A Special Dedication Robert Barrall began teaching at Moorestown Senior High School in 1953. Since then he has taught both Social Studies and English to generations of Moorestown students, fighting all the while the increasingly heavy burden of M.S. Now he is in the V.A. Hospital in Philadelphia on a leave of absence, hoping to return soon. Many of us are aware of the dedication this man has had to both his job as an educator and his role as a teacher. Because of his tremendous courage, we the class of 1974, would like to make a special dedication of this book to Robert Barrall. 202Bob Barrall. a man of love and wisdom, taught with a conscientious concern for each student. He saw not only the physical individual, he saw the spiritual individual as well. He professed no particular creed, but strived to enhance the belief and faith within each. The beauty he saw around him, and the knowledge at his beck and call fortified these students in ways that evaluation or measurement cannot define. He unstintingly left a part of himself with all who would accept. His endless efforts will live on with those who unknowingly will carry on the spark he has ignited. The Faculty Mr. Barrall: As a teacher of Western Civilization, he taught more than the events of civilization to his students. He taught the true meaning of civilization — man's relationship to man, his causes, his beliefs, his faith. Speaking of faith, there is no other person I can think of who exemplifies the word •'faith”. Mr. Barrall always expressed his faith in his students, not only in his own students, but all young people in general — faith that they could and would make civilization a better one for all. His own condition never dampened his spirits nor diminished his courage. Although he contributed much as a teacher, his greatest contribution is the example he gave to all: that one must never give up and must have faith that things will get better, and that one must take whatever comes along with courage and fortitude that will permit you to have a smile and to go on and do what is expected of you, not only as an individual person but as an integral part of a greater drama — the drama of life itself. 203 Don Kohler AdministrationThis has truly been a year of Agony and Ecstasy; fortunately there were many more victories than defeats, but even the typical Latin Club calamities helped bring us closer together. Little things like volcano cake, soda ceiling, bent nails, damaged fingers, and wrong dates helped to add extra spice to our lives. So did Peaches 15 Boxes of Pretzels Float Building Peanut Packing Pizza Dinners Saturnalia Parades ZeroNeedless to say. what really stands out is the great amount of fun we had while building success and the warm feeling that comes from working together. Remember our first-prize float, the Film Festival, progressive dinners, parties, the banquet, and last, but certainly not least, our Rome trip. I atin Club means never having to be lonely.Moorestown. N.J. 08057 Main Church Streets MOORESTOWN STUDIO (609) 235-1950 Cherry Hill. N.J. 08034 (609) 429-1950 Rt. 70 at East Gate Drive Turnersville Photography 22 East Main Street Moorestown, New Jersey 235-0167 (609) 429-1950 Rt. 42 at Garfield Ave. UMWXQu i, » u«tiNGIO». COu T»| BLASE A. RAVIKIO BUILDER One of a Kind Homes in Stanwick Glen by the Builder and Developer of Collins Park, Stanwick Glen, and Toll Gate of Moorestown Moorestown, N.J. Phone 235-2290 FoxCM'Lazo fSWountain iKgfj ;lotufFS 73 E. Main St. . Moorestown. N.J. Tel. 609-235-7929 Incorporated Realtors "Flowers leave their fragrance on the hands that bestow them" One West Main Street Moorestown, New Jersey 234-0011 Fruit — Gourmet — Cards — Candles Master Charge — BankAmericard — Diners — American Express — Carte Blanche LISTED IN WHO’S WHO SOCIETY OF AMERICAN FLORISTS Flowers Wired Around the World 208OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE MARKET IS YOUR SIGN OF BETTER VALUE 209210Editor’s Note The goal of every yearbook is to portray accurately the moods, events, and general everyday happenings of a year at MHS. Aided by 16 extra pages, a flexible format, and a staff of competent (though sometimes unmanageable) photographers, we have tried to do just that. As you flip through the book, you may notice the candids: pictures of some people who. for whatever reason, usually aren't found in yearbooks. We also have a lot of shots which portray the teachers as the people they really are. an important though somewhat unnoticed factor in the quality of life here at MHS. This book has been dedicated twice: the first time to Barbara Esbjornson. because of her continued spirit and concern for the senior class, and a special one to Robert Barrall for his courage and dedication to teaching. Because of the placement of deadlines, the presence of censors, and other unavoidable circumstances, some things just didn’t make it into this book. Things such as the night life of MHS students (will anyone ever forget____'s party?), the new sport — streaking, the impact of the energy crunch on each person, and the feeling of finally hearing the magic numbers '653' read on the radio, can only be remembered without our help. A lot of people spent time in B-24 putting this book together, and I think that some of these people deserve special recognition. I'd like to thank each of the different section editors: Mark Arnold and Bill Stuessy — Photography Editors: Lori Clark — Seniors; Brenda Darrell — Activities: Joe Hiznay — Business; Al Jackson — Art; Curt Leonberg and Jim McChesney — Sports; Bev Matz — Faculty; Ruth Sikora — Underclassmen; and certainly not to be forgotten. Barb Schach — General Things (Barb was always there when you needed her and sometimes when you didn't). Also some of the staff members deserve special recognition for the work they've done: Nancy Blackburn (who spent innumerable hours typing and editing and whom we couldn't have done without); Helen Costello. Nina Winestock. Cindy Musto. Debbie Sears. Jennifer Lord. Jennifer Sanyour, Robin Hikida. Sandy Bell and Janis Brown (who wrote the dedication). Ted Moss. Debbie Phelps, Cris Maloney. Anne Burkhardt. Jim Wujcik. Dave Rexon. Judi Wetherill, and Ginny Adams (who even though she wasn’t officially on the yearbook, managed to voice her opinion about everything). Thanks are not enough for the three people who literally made this yearbook possible: Mrs. Mary Betancourt who kept us all working together and signed numberless passes (whether she knew it or not), Mr. George Boehmler who financed the whole operation, and Mr. Bob Davine, our publisher's representative, whose visits inspired us. Lisa Sprinkle Editor-in-Chief 211B. T. Edgar Son Realtors 235-0101 27 East Main Street Moorestown, New Jersey Accutron, Bulova, Concord Longines and Movado Watches Hummel, Doulton Figurines Fine Diamonds Willsam Jewellers Bisignano so '.cessor To O. T. Fenton Quality Repairing Since 1902 Phone: 235-9355 Phone: 448-2206 Moorestown Mall, N.J. 08057 Hightstown, N.J. 08520 Ed Woodoth Residential Commercial Light Power 306 Madison Avenue, Moorestown, N.J. BEImont 5-6639 212,YJ ZCO C Zl J ZZC ld Moorestown Drug Store Your Prescription Store We Deliver Jos. M. Wujik and Son, Reg. Ph. 235-1279 213 McChesney Terry's SHOE BARN Funeral Home 30 West Main St. Moorestown, N.J. Creek Road Rancoacs Woods Famous Brands From Leading Stores Savings Up to 50% THE CORNER SHOP in “The Village of Shops” Rancocas Woods. N.J. 08060 ADAMS PECK HANDCRAFTED GIFTS DRIED FLOWER MATERIALS Members PEWTER JEWELRY Open Daily Sunday Props. Dot Moscatello 11-5 235-7295 Mimi Norwood New York Stock Exchange And American Stock Exchange. Inc. 214CARL’S SHOES Corrective and Regular Shoes Men, Women, and Children Carl Barone BE5-6223 27 West Main Street Moorestown, N.J.LEHMAN CHEVROLET, INC. "THE CHEVRO-LEHMAN" Low Man on Every Deal Route 38 and Lenola Road Moorestown, N.J. — 235-2000 Peter Pan Bakery AND Gift Shop 119 West Main Street Moorestown, New Jersey 235-1854 Famous For Cartoon Cakes Visit Our Gift Shop Compliments of H.D.C. C. K. Pres. 216217Congratulations and Best Wishes FROM BURLINGTON COUNTY TRUST COMPANY “The Bank With YOU In Mind” Conveniently Located Offices to Serve You Throughout the County Member F.D.I.C. 218Compliments of J. H. Wiggins and Sons Inc. General Contractors Pennsauken, New Jersey TAYLOR, WISEMAN AND TAYLOR Consulting Engineers Fellowship Road Moorestown. New Jersey Moorestown Frame Shop PROVIDES •Lovely Oval Frames •Lucite Do-It-Yourself Frames •Metal Frames •Many, Many Mini Frames for Small Groupings •A Fine Selection of Mouldings for Needlecraft. Art Printing 113 E. Main St. Moorestown, N.J. 235-2330 Open Thurs., Fri. Nites 7-9 Make Us Your Headquarters For Household Needs McChesney’s Hardward BE5-0800 41 East Main Street Moorestown, New Jersey 219ozz221liWilliiilllililllilll E33 LARGEST IN THE EAST Walter D. Lamon Co. Realtors Established 1926 210 Main Street Moorestown. New Jersey 234-3331 FORD HEADQUARTERS 7400 Maple Ave. Pennsauken. N.J. N02-2200 “We Rent On Lease By Day. Week or Month BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 74 MOORESTOWN ADULT SCHOOL Congratulations to the Class of 1974 Stiles Pharmacy The Rexall Store Sidney A. Greenblatt, Reg. Pharm. 75 E. Main Street, Moorestown, N.J. Serving Moorestown Faithfully Since 1910 222223V BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 74 From the Class of 75 Officers: Pres. — Phil Odence V. P. — Julia Mutch Sec. — Molly Burke Treas. — Ruth Sikora Advisors: Frank Pocius Joyce David Mascot: Mung 224225226BANNER Moving and Storage 925 North Lenola Road, Moorestown, N.J. 235-9100 We Try To Move Our Customers The Way We’d Like To Be Moved Ourselves! 227Colpitts Travel Center Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 123 East Main Street Moorestown. New Jersey 08057 (609) 234-0123 ffe m. i .d n l f » H i - ' : fW |Mi3"4 Sn 2 5f5_i "1 fell •WVrt J . E 5 » ;3 PHONE: 235-1367 Photographic Supplies and Services Charles P. Van Gelder 33 East Main Street Moorestown, N.J. Country Cupboard Yarns Moorestown Flower Shop 123 East Main Street Moorestown. N.J. 08057 25 East Main Street crewel yarn and linen Moorestown, N.J. Rya rugs Phone: 234-0660 transfers Flowers of Distinction macrame supplies Because We Care canvas, painted and plain Paternayan domestic — imported knitting yarns needlework books 228229WOLF’S QUALITY STORE Rudy’s Tailor Shop Complete Food Market Meat for Home Freezers Expert Tailoring Alterations-- Free Delivery Dry Cleaning, Hems. Zippers, Restyling, Etc. Telephones: 17 E. Main St. 235-0604 and 235-0605 Moorestown. N.J. Main and Church Street Phone: 235-6194 Come in and Let Us ‘‘Meat” You Honeyford Personnel Service 68 E. Main St. Support Your Candy Habit At The Moorestown, N.J. SCHOOL STORE Call 234-2826 for Prompt Attention To Your Employment Needs. Free Student Checking Accounts Inquire at Any Office FIRST NATIONAL BANK of MARLTON Route 73 Main Street Route 70 and soon to be located at Eastgate Industrial Park, Mt. Laurel 230r AU REVOIR A LA CLASSE de ’74 Nous vous sorihaitons debonne chance dano la vie YE OLDE BIKE SHOP Route 130, South Delran, N.J. 764-1141 repairs accessories parts Sales in CCM Toyoco American Arrow le Cercle Francais 231Willow Brook Country Club Bridgeboro Road Skyvuay Moorestown, N.J. 3 461-0131 Tom 0. Smith, Pro 18-Hole PGA Course Public Invited Bar and Restaurant 232LAESSLE BUILDERS Commercial Construction Moorestown, N.J. Telephone (609) 234-4958 davor photo, inc. custom photography 8008 castor avenue Philadelphia, pa. 19152 215 722-1996 Bill Miller Moorestown Mall Bruce Reyher Rte. 38 Lenola Rd. Moorestown, N.J. 08057 233REALTY 'Residential 'Industrial 'Commercial 'Land YESTERDAY ‘Motorcycle as Speciality TODAY INSURANCE All forms sold •Life REALESTATE INSURANCE STOCKWELLKNIGHT COM PAN V 45 E. Main St. Phone 235-4222 Established in M00REST0WN 1925 234235Sincere Acknowledgements to Our Patrons An Acquaintance Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Allen Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Anderson Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Applegate Mr. and Mrs. Allison Armstrong Mr. R. H. Ashmead Miss Barbara Baily Mr. and Mrs. K. Baker Mr. and Mrs. William Bamber Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Banasz Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Ed Barrett Mr. and Mrs. Edward Batey Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Baylor Mr. and Mrs. David C. Beam Betty Ann Beard Mrs. M. A. Benner Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Benson Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Berger Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Beyer Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Black Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bobbe The Edward Borton Family The Bothen Family Doris M. Bott Dr. and Mrs. John R. Bowen Mr. and Mrs. Charles Briggs Dr. and Mrs. B. Broussard Mr. and Mrs. George Brown Mr. and Mrs. Browning Mr. G. Bryan Mr. and Mrs. James T. Buck Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Burton D. A. Butler Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Campbell Caniche Carolyn and Frank Cannayo Rev. Canon Mr. and Mrs. John Christy Mr. and Mrs. Enos C. Clement Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Coffee Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Cohen Dr. and Mrs. Harold Colburn Rev. and Mrs. Wayne Conrad Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Cook Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. E. Copper Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Coppola Mr. and Mrs. Allan Corderman Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crissey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crissey Sr. Mrs. Joann C. Cross Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Daily Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dapper Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Darrell Mr. and Mrs. C. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Davis Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis Mr. and Mrs. William Deakin Mr. and Mrs. Deakins Reggie DeLaney Mrs. J. Deren Mr. and Mrs. A. Desiderio and Family Mr. and Mrs. James Dever Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Diehl Mrs. DiGiovanne Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Dudley Mr. and Mrs. C. Duffy Mrs. Jeanne Dunn Mr. and Mrs. William Dwyer Mr. and Mrs. John G. Eagan Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Emore Mike Emore Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eppolite Miss Esbjornson Mr. and Mrs. David Farace The Feoster Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Fisher Joe Flats Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fleischman Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Mr. and Mrs. D. B. French A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Fuhrman Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Galipeau Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Gaylord Mrs. William J. Geller Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gibson Mr. and Mrs. David Gilson The Girls in the Club Mr. David Goffredi Mrs. Olive T. Graves Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gray Mrs. M. Green Mr. and Mrs. Robert Greenberg Mr. and Mrs. Howard Griffis Mr. and Mrs. Gullo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hadden Karen Hall Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hall The Hambleton Family Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hankins Miss JoLaine Hankins Mr. and Mrs. A. Harding Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Harris Mr. and Mrs. William B. Harris Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Henderson Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Herlich Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Hill Mr. and Mrs. Hodgen Mrs. Gertrude Hoehne Mrs. Hoerner Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoggard Home Room B-22 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Horn Mr. and Mrs. Houts Mrs. Ethel V. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howard Mr. and Mrs. Howe Mr. and Mrs. George W. Humpfer The Ice Cream Lady The lepson Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Izzo Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Jackson Mr. and Mrs. H. Joseph Jackson 236Esther Adelaide Jerald Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. E. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Jones Mrs. Janet Jones Ruth P. Jones Mr. and Mrs. William Klansek Edmond Klinger Mr. Koehler Mr. and Mrs. Harry Koons Mrs. Koorey Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Krainik Mr. and Mrs. Karl F. Kraus Mrs. Krinbill The Leonard Family Leslie Mr. and Mrs. Liss Mr. and Mrs. Hulon Logsdon Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom Mr. and Mrs. Loring and Family Mr. and Mrs. Edward Love Joseph Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Louis Marini Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. McCormick The Robert McCoy Family Mr. and Mrs. T. A. McGuire and Family Mr. and Mrs. R. E. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. David R. McMeans Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mendelson and Family Mr. Minnick Mike's Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Harold Miller Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Miller Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Moll Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Morton Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Murray Mrs. U. Murray Mr. and Mrs. John Nardelli Mr. and Mrs. Francis Naylor The Nettleton Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Norcross Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norman Donna, Joann, and Cathy Norman Mr. and Mrs. William J. Norman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William J. Norman Sr. Mr. and Mrs. North Mr. O'Donnell Mr. and Mrs. Warren Oldroyd Mr. Olt Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Orth Beth. Ann. Robin and John Paige Mr. I. E. Parker Esther and Howard Pearson Bill Pecsi Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Pensiero Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Plageman Mr. and Mrs. John Pope Dr. and Mrs. Reid Porter The Powers Family Psychedelic Sheila Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reader Franklin and Doris Penn and Family Mr. and Mrs. C. Richards Karen H. Riffel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ritts Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Rogers The Rooney Family Mr. and Mrs. Rosen Mr. and Mrs. L. Rotberg Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scheyhing Mr. and Mrs. Ben Schoellkopf The Schulmann Family Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schwinn Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scilly Mr. and Mrs. James Servedis Mr. and Mrs. G. Shannon Richard G. Sharpe. M.D. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Shuman Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sikora Mr. and Mrs. William Slade Dr. and Mrs. T. K. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Smith Mr. Smith. Room B-228 Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Stearns Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Stetler Mr. and Mrs. George Stohner Tom Stull Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Swain Mr. and Mrs. John Taggart Mr. Taylor Mr. T. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. James Thoroughgood Mr. and Mrs. James E. Tierney Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Trentacost Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tworzydlo Algirdas J. Valius Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Van Vactor The Walowys Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Ward Bob Ward Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ward The Ware Family Bill Wearshing Jr. Joan E. Wearshing Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wearshing Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William Weaver Mrs. Bruce A. Weatherly Mr. and Mrs. Roy Webster Mr. and Mrs. Leon Weinberg The Welinder Family Mr. and Mrs. Coyle H. Willis Wilmot's Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Wiseman Dr. and Mrs. John R. Wolgamot Mr. and Mrs. Howard Walter Wooden Mr. and Mrs. Clarence C. Wright Mr. and Mrs. James Wroten Mr. and Mrs. Ed Youse The Zehler Family The Zimmerman Family John Zimmerman Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Zimmermann 237 Mci sCAM u £ U -k ;. " Us2y £+-a_ b u ut -t L SaM sCstlt lZ ', sli?ux y UfaOL (U A J. 'Jcie. xS j£ c 60 ' t4t' cs jUXfo e x fiut yffl £ Jsyrif’rt Tct fj ttf s -Jufab uju-v xUcc y I 32 2 tt CL MS3 " Stes;® U, 2 2399 wm. j Keuenfto" ‘"01: . , . s tu pW-v _5l ( cil oJt Jo , v3 W-'v Jt Oo 6v££X t jjC ' . cw w " . r- 0 )csA£uA 4 ic -ClvjyNAj oJfe '"-W 'a's- L V w VA- VWLi . r

Suggestions in the Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) collection:

Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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