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I-fi W Q J? xaqex 2 A" sg:-m.' I 5 .M iwihg M3 ' ww hm! W A x.-56 M an if X ,, Q U , a . WW Q , in ig ,fau- L ' 'W , V ' 1, 7 . K 5 K V .1 1122, ' "'L ki 2 '-av: f I -., .1 Vf ' k -W V -f ' 1,4 'SEQ . A ' '- 'if 2 L.' l " Q ffl. 'W' X ' ' , I V' Qllu N b i' .,.... 0 MQQQWT ' '- -f ff .,La.::gwW WW , 1 V 13 9 w R dw' vw' if K A "! E X. f 5 if ' W I? A Q ax. 'X , 'HQ I irq x 1. '-yf" gif 4 5,2 . vnuw, 'L--.--m unrfvsufav- - -au 1. N.. ' 3 'nn , nun -r--rr A .-...fa-on up-ul-n-..-n 1 .A ..., Y ' --.nn-pu ' lam vs 34 ww-mv .- , Mp, my-xt rm., m. .uv nw,-.Q ,,, lat!-IU ' -uu- wu- an nav-up unsung an it-711' ilki Al - ---2?--. -.- nunnsun up-r-cu n-m..a,4u ww as ll! A . , A , 1 V . -an - ' su . A nf- :uf .- un X by W, ,M mm new rn. an XS M MM .Mm lm 9.-x, m,.,.Q.1 "' " Rfk? 33:52 Wmkmm, N W, v ruff .na vw nun. , as 4 sl-.-.-4........-4 , ? I s 41 -1.41- i , w 1 1 A .1 5 mf S' 'N if 1 is Us blnsfdlc - : , k p xx h , gg W L. Q R K. .. ,W , K W M WMA UWMMESWMMW 2 i 1 . PATRICIA RODGERS LEE WEBSTER ..E,. CLARENCE GEORGE LEONARD DUFFY HMMi5LHUUL iWiEWMW5HELL Editor-in-Chief MERLE DZICK ......E,... ....,. A ssociate Editor Associate Editor Art Editor Business Manager Foreword We are the generation of tomorrow. lt is we to whom the responsibility for managing the modern world will pass in years to come. We will find ourselves charged with directing a world which is ever changing, ever advancing. We must be prepared to accept these ob- ligations which accompany our adulthood. Moorestown High School endeavors to prepare us to be worthwhile, responsible adults, adults who will al- ways strive to make the world a better place in which to live. By presenting a varied and modern course of study to her students, by attempting to instill in them a genuine desire to use the many wonders of the modern world morally and wisely, Moorestown helps her pupils to become good citizens of the Atomic Age. It is therefore fitting that we should select as the theme of our yearbook "Preparing Youth for the Modern World." '.-.-'--'Q"-'.".- 1 4 'WG' 1-.'-'5' NN, :I "-C',:'g-..,-.:.f4.,,- z, M m "-"-.:--., "-."-. NN lt rs with srncere appreciation and profound respect that we the class of 1959 dedicate our yearbook to Blanr B Bechtel In recognition of hrs 35 years of unselflsh service to Moorestown Hugh School Hrs wlllrngness to serve and his warm friendly manner have left our school deeply In debted to hum Dedication BLAIR B. BECHTEL , . '-'-'--:-1-.1-1+-1-1-11-1-:-11..-1-.1-1-11.--' . . -1 r -1- ..-.1.1-:g.:-1-1g.1-1- 1.1-11.5413-,-. . .:-1-11.1-:-1g-1-1-.-1-:---1-1:--1 ' - 1 - . 1 - 1 - , . . .g.1':g:g':,51.g-1-.g-1-11.q-1-:2.g-1-.,.1-.1.1-1-:g.g-1:.g.1-11.g-1-11-.-1-1,.:-- . 1 - 1 3 - 1- 1 - . - --1-11-1 --.g.1-.-,--1-:g-1,1-.1.1-:1.:'1-1- - --.g,1-11.1-:-.1-1-1- 1-1-1-.1-1-1 1 - 1 - -1 - . - - , , . .1-1-1-2-2-3.-931-1:-13"--. 4:-:-1-11.1-5.1-1-:gif-cg.:-1-.1-1-1-1 .-1 - .1-11 .- . .-.-141-11151-155-:11-15155,g2:21155:C:'1:':52:i1'1g15'-151-1-..'a-1-151445:-.-" . - I 1 - 1 - 1 1 - 1 ' -:l5'Q11'11lt-21-I 1-1:2136-11 -2-151'1'fQ:S:'1f4i1'i':ZS1'1':51'3I:51Z:5'? ' 1 1 1 - I 1 - 1 11 1 - ' , .,.g-215.1-11.1-1-11.5..-15:-1-:g-1-1 - -1- 1 -1- -1- 1 .,121-cg.g-1-:g.1,:5.i-:g2g-1-'- 1. 1 - . 1- 1 g . 1 - . - Ul,,.,,.1.:.,,.1.,-.:.1.,,.-,1:,1.:.1.,:.1.:.,1.:,-,-::::..:.1Q, -g., -.,c15.,,.1.g:.1.1.,:.:.g..- - .1 . ,Z .1 . .1 . ,Z .- . .,A1-.14-Z'.1-1-I-.1-2-2'-1-1-.3 -.14-Z''-'-Zu:-1-.,.-Z"-,'-.1-1-. 1. '- - I -I-.1-1-.g.:.'-.'.' .j- .1- .1-Z- .1- . .1.1-.--1-1-.g-1-:-.1-1-.-31-.-.1-5'.-2:-1-.-.'-.-.--1k--:-1g.---1- - .-. 153'-Z'-'-lx-.' .3-1' 11- .- . .' -1- I,,-,g-.-.g.g-.':i.-E,-....,.g.Q5,,',:,3,.. 5.3.4.-.,. .. , I. , 1 . I. .3 . ,- . . .-.-.g.1-.g.1.g-.g.g.g-.g.g-,-4.1..245-.g.g.,-.:.g..QEc-.:.1.::.g.1cg.g.,, .g.1- - ,Z . 1' .3 . ,Z .g - .1 .- ,'.'2-,1f1'Z-.1'Z-.1-2+.:v1'Z-.1-I+.I+.1:.'I-L1-1-1-.2-Z'.-.C:-I',:1-C'-1-I-? '-1- -.1-IN-'-I'.'f1-221-Z-.72-I-. -1- . ' -1- . ' - .- -1- . -2-1'-'-1'1'-144'-1-Z'-'-Z-1'-211-. -1'Z'1'-Zi -?I'v2'I-1'4" In -'-1' '-"I'-. I-.'-' ."'-."1' '-I'-'-' ' -1' - ' -1' -I -Z ' - Z ' ' .g11-11111114111 . ' . - 11 1:1 :Ei 117 12 121 " .-.-1-1-lg-1-1-Z1-1-Z-Z:-Z-If'-1-I1-1-Z-21-1-Z-Z:-:-:gl1-Z-t- - . . .1-Z-Zf'-:-Z1-:-'-21-1-:-.,.1-1-2:-1-:g-:-:-Z1-:-.--1-Z-"-.-2-12,1-L-.1-1-'- 1- 1- 11 - I - - 1 - Z1 -Z - pf'-Q.f , . - :Ei :Ei 12121 125' Z'5?Z'Zf'-Z-1'-Z' -Z-Z .':Z'Z'21-I-14'-P1524-Z''Z-"ZZ-5-' . ' - 1- 1' - Z ' 1 15:-19:-1-I.-51-2-11-1451-19:-1-2551-'1-1-1-151-51' . fi - -14 1 - ' 11123121 11 '-1-'iii-1451-1" 515. 1451-Z'151'1'3:-' ' - I ' 1 ' - Z ' 1 1 ' - 1 - 51 -2 gi ' -1H112231' .f1Ei121" In Memoriam "Man is like To vanity: his days are as a shadow that passeth away." PSALM 144:11 ELIZABETH J. PARSONS FRANCES HUBBARD ARTHUR E. WILCOX 6 Contents ADMINISTRATION 9 ACTIVITIES ,,IIII IIIIII 2 I ORGANIZATIONS O OOOO 41 SPORTS .,OOO. 61 CLASSES O 85 SENIORS ADVERTISENIENTS OOIO7 143 7 An- Moorestown High School l pledge my vvholehearted allegiance. On my honor I promise earnest cooperation with student officers and Teachers and loyal support of all student activities and school organizations. "Self-dis- cipline" shall be my slogan. 8 dmini There's more To a school Than classrooms and books, There are principals, Teachers, ianiTors, cooks! TypisTs and clerks, The men on The bus Keep The wheels rolling for all of us. .LY Board of Education Moorestown, New Jersey Sitting: Mrs. Del Duca, Mr. Heyer, Mrs. Schafer. Standing: Mr. Taylor, Mr. Allen, Mr. Wolcott, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Bush. Absent when picture was taken: Mr. Molineux. "Every addition to true knowledge is an addi- tion to human power." . . . Horace Mann. President .. ,,,c , ,,,,, MR. C. DIXON HEYER Vice-President c,,c,,, .. , MR. JOHN WOLCOTT ATHLETICS, STUDENT ACTIVITIES, AND MEMORIAL POLICY FIELD Mrs. Barbara K. Schafer Mr. David L. Taylor CURRICULUM AND HEALTH Mrs. Lillian DeIDuca FINANCE AND INSURANCE Mr. William H. Allen, Ill NEW BUILDINGS AND SITES Mr. Vincent G. Bush PROPERTY, TRANSPORTATION, AND CAFETERIA Mr. Walter L. Molineux PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Mr. David B. Arnold TEACHERS AND ORGANIZATIONS Mr. John Wolcott Superintendent of Schools Paul R. Jones M.A., Columbia University ...FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS' DESK: Over a year ago a rocket called Sputnik blasted off from a launching area in Russia. Within a few days a wave of hysteria spread over this country. Many people, including government officials, asked the question, "Why were the Russians able to place a satellite in orbit before the United States?" Now tempers have cooled somewhat, and there is a chance to make a cool analysis of what happened and to appraise some facts. One important fact is that this country should not underestimate the ability of any people. Also we cannot afford to be second to any nation in either basic research or technology. Our survival in this modern world requires an adaptability to new things and a sense of sacrifice on our part. Unless we discipline ourselves and deny the things that weaken us, we may not be able to enioy the things we already have. Marshal Petain once said, "Our spirit of enjoyment was greater than our spirit of sacrifice. We wanted to have more than we wanted to give. We spared effort Zvfkyfbfw PAUL R. JONES Superintendent of Schools and we met disaster." Marion L. LeConey Secretary Boa rd of Educafion Louise MCC. Bechtel Executive Assisranr B.A., Oberlin College M.A., Columbia University Carl F. Hensinger Principal of High School M.A., Lehigh University To the Seniors: You seniors are now completing an important step in your life, the significance of which will become more apparent to you in the years ahead. Your parents are making your graduation possible at considerable per- sonal sacrifice and expense. Your education is indeed a valuable part of your American heritage-something which has come to be regarded as the "right" of every American boy and girl. Let me assure you that each of you has had the oppor- tunity to prepare himself well for his role in the modern world. The most important part of your education was acquired in your home under the direction of your parents and your church. In the classroom and in your school and community activities you have had the op- portunity to work with groups of students and develop your individual talents in accordance with your interests and ambitions. You have developed self-discipline, the basic skills of learning, and the knowledge which you will need in this modern world. Thus, you have had the privilege of acquiring a good education. May I remind you that along with privileges go certain responsibilities. Now it becomes your responsi- bility as a citizen to keep yourself well informed about the events in your community, state, nation, and world so that you can act intelligently to improve your modern world. May this Nutshell with the theme "Educating Youth for the Modern World" ever remind you of your responsibilities of American citizenship. May you bring credit to yourselves, to your com- munity, and to your school as you seek to achieve success and happiness in this great democracy. Good luck! Sami Margaret M. Binker Assistant to the High School Principal M.S., Temple University Our Faculty The scholastic achievements of our alumni are high testimonials to the quality of Moorestown's faculty, for the success of our students is to a large degree con- tingent upon the training our teachers have received. A large number of them have earned their Master of Arts degrees, while a few have attained the equivalent of their doctorates. In addition, our teaching staff makes full use of extension and summer school courses in col- ROBERT G. ALLEN Physical Education, Science B.S., Penn State University BARBARA S. ALLEN English A.B., Dickinson College NILA R. ARONOW English Expression A.B., Vassar College ADA OTTO BARBER Social Studies A.B., Rutgers University leges both at home and abroad. Yet despite their continuous study, our teachers are by no means pedagogues. We feel they are both coun- selors and friends from whom we learn how to live wholesome and useful lives. We are indeed fortunate to work with such a well-trained, dedicated, and sym- pathetic staff. DONALD J. APAI Business Education B.S., Rider College GRETCHEN S. ATKINSON English B.S., Trenton State Teachers College M.S., University of Pennsylvania ROBERT J. BARRALL Social Studies, English A.B., Wilkes College STEWART J. BARTHOLD Mathematics B.E., Lebanon Valley College M.Ed., Temple University MARILYN S. BROOKS French, Spanish B.A., Gettysburg College MARGARETTA F. CHEGWIDDEN Art Pennsylvania Museum School of Art ELSIE M, CLARK English B.A., Lebanon Valley College M.A., New York University A xh- , 'Y11 f ,f Y Rx X' - M MARGARET CRISPIN Business Education B.S., Temple University VIRGINIA H. DAVIES Physical Education, Health B.S., Penn State University BERNICE H. BORNEMAN Cafeteria Director B.S., Mansfield State Teachers College RUTH E. BUMP Librarian B.A., Douglass College B.S., Columbia University M.S.,.Columbia University RAYMOND CLAPPERTON Social Studies, Attendance Officer A.B., Juniata College M.Ed., Temple University BLANCHE W. COFFEE Home Economics B.S., Penn State University EMILY F. DANIELS English, Guidance A.B., Goucher College LAWRENCE L. DIEHL Industrial Arts B.S., California State Teachers College if 1 R. THOMAS D. SS Spa ' B.A G a hing ersi ALICE P. GEBBIE Home Nursing, First Aid, Guidance R.N., Creighton University School of Nursing B.S., University of Michigan DORIS M. HALL English B.A., American University FLORENCE L. D. HEAL Home Economics B.S., M.S., Drexel Institute of Technology MARGARET M. JACKSON English B.A., Penn College ROSALYN KANE Chemistry B.A., Hunter College M.S., New York University SONYA GARFINKLE Music B.S.Ed., M.S.Ed., Temple University CAROLINE T. HAAS Latin B.A., Georgian Court College Zvwbfc, M49 Yfffucoov- 41 AML ,-LM, I TZ lla.-LA. CLIFFORD E. HARPER Mathematics B.S., University of Maine ANTHONY C. ISCH Music Director B.M., Hendrix College M.A., Columbia University ESTHER A. JERALD Early European History B.S., Mansfield State Teachers College M.S., Co-rnell PEARL B. KING Business Education Taylor Business School WILLIAM KLANSEK Mathematics B.S., United States Merchant Marine Academy PHYLLIS LEHMAN Physical Education, Health B.S., Trenton State Teachers College MILLICENT LEVY Distributive Education B.B.A., City College of New York RICHARD A. LORING Social Studies B.S., West Virginia University GEORGE W. MASTERS Physical Education, Health B.S., Lock Haven State Teachers College KENNETH C. MERRILL Director of Guidance B.S., Bloomsbury State Teachers College M.Ed., Temple University IRENE P. KOWALCZYK Business Education B.S., Notre Dame College n NORMAN E. LEVINE Science B.S., Bates College SYLVIA S. LONG Guidance B.S., Temple University M.Ed., Temple University MARGARET S. MCKELVEY Latin B.A., Immaculata College ROBERT E. MILLS Auto Driving B.S., West Chester State Teachers College PETER MONSKA Physical Education, Health B.S., West Chester State Teachers College JANE W. PUGH Mathematics B.A., University of Iowa MA IAN RODNEY English, College Adviser A.B., University of Delaware M.A., University of Pennsylvania RUTH W. SCHWARTZ English B.A., Susquehanna University B.O., Susquehanna University FLORENCE E. SHARP Social Studies B.S., University of Pennsylvania M.A., University of Pennsylvania MARJORIE V. SMILEY Spanish B.A., University of North Dakota RICHARD NOYES Mechanical Drawing Oswego New York State Normal WILLIAM RIZOS Social Studies B.A., Muhlenberg College M.Ed., Temple University RUTH W. RULIFSON English, Dramatics A.B., Syracuse University M.A., Syracuse University MARK E. SETZER Science, Physics B.S., Penn State College M.A., Lehigh University ELIZABETH C. SHINN Business Education Rider College NORMAN S. STEINMEYER Business Education B.S., Drexel Institute M.A., New York University MILDRED H. STOHNER Business Education B.S., Trenton State Teachers College JEAN C. STRATTON Biology D.H., Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists B.S., University of Maine WINIFRED THOMPSON American History Il B.A., Douglass College M.A., Columbia University THALIA K. TSANTES Home Economics, Guidance B.S., Drexel Institute of Technology W. GROVER WEARSHING Physical Education, Health B.S., Temple University CHARLES M. WIBLE Physics B.S., Gettysburg College M.A.Ed., University of Pennsylvania RICHARD A. STOLTE Drivers Education B.S., Temple University KATHRYN R. SWALM American History II Student Council Adviser A.B., Lebanon Valley College M.A., University of Pennsylvania ABJAPJQQLIJJ' "LZ .975 haf f-1,447-'19 d"""" ROSEMARY C. TRACY Mathematics A.B., Marywood College M.A., Marywood College ERWIN TSCHEBULL Biology A.B., Temple University M.Ed., Rutgers University IRNIGARD WHITNEY French and Spanish A.B., Temple University MARY R. WILLIAMS Business Education B.S., Indiana State Teachers College uno 2122 23 2425 ?9fl'l39Q!., 114, If X Secretaries MRS. WEBSTER, secretary to Mr. Jones. y MRS. TAYLOR, sec- retary in Board Room. MRS. ANDERSON, sec- retary to guidance de- partment. The various departments of Moorestown High School would be unable to function smoothly and efficiently were it not for the competent secretarial staff. ln addi- tion to their individual responsibilities, each is busy dur- ing the day with the general secretarial duties of dicta- tion and typing. 20 l MRS. CARLSON, secretary to Mr. Hensinger. MRS. DUNN, bookkeeper and pur chasing agent in cafeteria. f :JU f I -'fur , 1, 5-liz' -'-'.- .f,-fffn' ,5 fqffn f, "rp f ff? ' ' tlfffl I I 1 -H 'ff I I fu f wi! I rn f 17' ff f!1ff,rg'4,f,f,S,,f7,1gf-"f',f! .-'IGI' f , 1 , f,f,4,?,g fzfffg I' 1 r : r ,f, , rx Ulm-' -' ff Act: v Happiness is worth pursuing, And The ioy in life is The ioy of K CMG ff- 'Q .0 4 '11 4 ll .41 'Z Girls' State R. Rodia, K. Anderson, B. Walton, A. Shockey, M. Dzick, C. Craig. Douglass College in New Brunswick, New Jer- sey, was the scene of a week-long workshop in democracy. The Women's Auxiliary of the American Legion sponsored the program which aimed to teach girls of high school age the fundamentals of democracy. Vigorous campaigns and elections were held for every position from sheriff to governor. The highlight of the entire program was the ap- pearance of Governor Meyner at the inauguration of the Girls' State governor. The Boys' State program, sponsored by the American Legion, has as one of its many obiectives the teaching of governmental theories and prac- tices. New Jersey Boys' State, in its thirteenth year, brought together 750 of the best high school juniors in the state. On the Rutgers University campus the boys spent a full week learning about our govern- ment, and did their own campaigning and voting. There was also a well organized sports program for the "citizens" of Boys' State. The week was climaxed with the election of a governor and the receiving of diplomas. Any member of the 1958 Jersey Boys' State will tell you that it was an unforgettable ex- perience. Boys' State First row: C. Holmes, G. Andrews, S. Bukstel. Second row: W. Blue, W. Rodham, L. Webster, R. Smythe. Third row: D. Robinson J. Johnson, L. Peresztegy. Not Pictured: J. Freynik, L. Matthews. D.A.R. Pilgrim ESTHER STEVENS Each year a D.A.R. Pilgrim is chosen by her classmates and the faculty to represent the senior class as its good citizen. Candidates for this award are chosen for their dependability which includes truthfulness, loyalty, and punctuality, service-cooperation, cour- tesy, and consideration of others, leadership-personality, self-con- trol, and ability to assume responsibility, and patriotism-unselfish interest in family, school, community and nation. Junior Rotarians Selected by the faculty to represent Nloorestown High School at the town Rotary Club meetings are six outstanding senior boys. Each Junior Rotarian, serving for one month, attended the regular ses- sions of the civic club and was permitted to make any contributions during these gatherings. The Junior Rotarians are selected on the basis of scholarship, lead- ership, participation in school activities, and service. l First row: K. Peacock, R. Guy, R. Smythe, D. Robinson. Second row: L, Matthews, J. Freynik. Not Pictured: A. Faxon. 23 R.C.A. First row: J. Gibbons, E. Ross, S. Bukstel, L. Webster, R. Guy. Second row: G. Teas, C, Gromada, A. Shockey, B. Walton, R. Smythe, E. Fitzpatrick, R. Jobes. Third row: A. Jones, J. Ridgeway, L. Matthews, D. The R.C.A. course offers twenty seniors instruc- tion in Engineering Orientation and Basic Electronics. The students meet at the Moorestown R.C.A. Plant for nine Monday evening lectures. Laboratory ses- sions are held on four Saturday mornings during which time each student builds a radio. Robinson, K. Peacock, E. Haas, A. Faxon. The music loving students attended four concerts this school year. One in November, December, February, and April. They were transported by bus to the Academy of Music to hear the concerts which featured the Philadelphia Orchestra and included performances by young artists. The representative was Diane Peacock, and Mrs. Schwartz, the faculty adviser. Student Concert Goers First row: M, White, D. Peacock, M. Slater, J. Manning, B. Ziegler, M. Hart, M. Campbell, M. Cragg, S. Hough. Second row: A. Winston, J. Moore, M. Potts, K, Parry, J. Mueller, J. Mullowney, M. Kercher, M. Anderson. Third row: F. llacqua, S. Keller, E. Holley, K. Webster, L. Ravilsio, J. Linaberry, S. Barcklow, G, Barthold, G. Niedzieiko. Fourth row: J. Hvizdos, L. Webster, E. Ellender, W. Hensinger, L. Souder, F. Steinmetz, W. Blue. Music Department All-State Band K. Eisenstat, M. White South Jersey Band On the weekend of the senior Washington trip, the South Jersey Band gave their concert-a program requiring two all-day rehearsals. Those students who were selected to go to All- State Band gave their performance shortly after South Jersey's. This event marked the end ot the '58-'59 season of the South Jersey and State musical organizations. South Jersey Orchestra High schools from as far south as Atlantic City and as tar north as Hightstown were represented in the South Jersey Orchestra and Chorus Concert given at Lakewood. This was the second year in the orches- tra tor most of the participating Moorestown stu- dents. Three seniors were selected to sing in this year's newly formed chorus. First row: K. Helgeson, G. Barthold, K. Anderson, B. Payton. Second row: K. Webster, C. Keller, W. Blue, A. Nixon, K- ElSe'1ST5f- , V i V E t 29. - Top Picture South Jersey Chorus First row: K. Eisenstat, P. Mathews, K. Ber- ner. Second row: S, Younkin, S. Keller, T. Thornton, M. White. Lower Picture J. Nlullowney, J. Berger. Band JD., ,W ...Q . ,ig ...Lao ' T J N- s M v ku -, 1. ., First row: P. Smith, E, McLaughlin, M. Brown, S. Phile, V. Rorke, J. Linaberry, M. Slater, J. Lilly, R. Luce, M. White, P. Matthews, E. Bobb, K Lawyer, B. Leppman, J. Rhodes, N. Neuber, V. Banks, N. Dollar, S. Keller, J. Walcott, C. West, B. Ashhurst. Second row: J. Burns, A. Corrado, L Armstrong, S. Barcklow, W. Brady, J. Arndt, B. Goldsmith, R. Adcock, S. Smith, A. Johnston, S. Hollis, A. Abbott, M. Campbell, S. Doert, J. lsch J. Manning, B. Wells, B. Yundt, R. Nuckols, R. Weeks, P. Souder, S. Winters, C. Hare, A. lsch. Third row: G. Barthold, G. Campbell, S. Sausline, W Moore, J. Cameron, G. Hoffman, E. Miller, W. Morris, W. Harvey, W. Mann, W. Read, T. Cragg, B. Schmidt, J. Guthrie, J. Brockwell, L. Wurst, L. Jans K. Webster, S. Snyder, C. Bounds, J. Hvisdos, C. McCarraher, T, Walton, E. Walton, W. Hensinger, E. Mills, D. Roberts. Fourth row: P. Wieckowski, D Ellis, S. Gearnaught, B. King, A. Blackburn, M. Young, B. Reis, L. Hills. Fifth row: D. Clevenger, S. Brown, S. Barthold, M. Stackhouse, C. Draper, L Ziehler, J. Hackman, C. Hoffman, J. Manning, L. Frost, J. Swan, G. Hoffman, T. Thornton, R. Wilkins, N. Vess, l. Condaz, S. Dewitt, M. Read, C Barton, L. Snyder, A. Perla, L. Nogle, S. Morrow. A The Moorestown High School Marching Band, under the direction of Anthony C. lsch, added color and excitement to Moorestown's football games this year. Its precision marching and intricate drills at half time, the result of many hours of practice, together with the performances of the maiorettes, color guard, solo M .a . While the band plays, "Solo Twirler" Linda Hills demon- strates her baton skill at half time for the football crowds. twirler Linda Hills, and drum maiorette Arlene Gale made the band a popular part of the school's activities program. At the close of the football season the concert band participated in the Music Festival, a program which climaxed the musical proiects. The color guard salutes, the players remove helmets, and the spectators stand with quiet respect as Moorestown and Haddonfield bands combine in "The Star Spangled Banner" at the beginning of the football season. The color guards and maiorettes grace each game during the football season. Their smart precision formations at halftime lend color and interest to the action of the after- noon. 7 . Q - 4 l ': lv F i 6, is l A Y ' 5 vi ,i 6 QL ,ll U ,lf l V' V I 1 Ji :ll l fa ai Q ' Q' 39. .es Band P. Walker, B. Reis, M. Young, A. Black- burn, B. King, S. Fearnaught, D. Ellis, P. Wieckowski, captain. Not pictured: C. Brubaker, E. Stratton, substitutes. Solo Twirler, Linda Hills, Suzie A . Brown. Drum Maiorette, Arlene Gale. First row: A. Perla, D. Clevenger. Second row: S. Morrow, L. Snyder, C. Barton, L. Nogle, C. Draper, M. Stackhouse, S. Barthold, S. Brown. Crchestra The Moorestown High School Symphony Orchestra plays a vital role in the school's musical ac- tivities throughout the year. In addition to supplying the as- semblies with music, the orches- tra provides musical entertain- ment at the senior and iunior plays. ln the spring, it is featured in one of the two concerts, ac- companying the choral groups and offering a wide variety of pieces. At Christmas time the orchestra performs in the annual Carol Service both alone and with the Mixed Chorus. Under the able direction of Mr. Isch it maintains a very fine reputation among stu- dents and townspeople. First row: B. Schmit, S. Sauselein, G. Camp- bell, C. McCarraher, W. Morris, L. Wurst, L Jans, W. Hensinger, E. Walton, T. Thornton Second row: A. Perla, S. DeWitt, G. Hoff- man, S. Nuckels, V. Johnson, J. Hill, S. Kavanaugh, M. Reed, J. Hackman, M. Wal- ton. First row: D. Peacock, B. Yundt, E. Froelicher F. Winters, B. Payton, T. Andl, K. Helgeson K Webster, R. Hagen, C. Hoehn, A. Nixon M Vandergrift, B. Ashhurst. Second row: C. Hoff men, J. Manning, M. Palmer, W. Blue K Anderson, l. Condax, C. Keller, K. Hill C Griffith, L. Blaker, L. Ziehler, G. Bartholcl S Welch. First row: M. White, N. Neuber, P. Mathews E Bobb, V. Banks, E. Leppmen, M. Brown S Phile, V. Rorke, J. Linaberry, R. Kalyn, M Slater, N. Voss. Second row: M. Offinger M Campbell, S. Keller, A. Abbott, J. Arndt L Webster, J. Burns, A. Corrado, K. Lawyer S Barcklow, S. Smith, Mr. A. Isch, Director Music Department String Quartet The string quartet, practicing once a week under the direction of Mr. lsch, not only plays for various clubs and musical programs in Moores- town, but also for out-of-town activities. All its members have been in All-State or South Jersey Orchestra. Pictured at the right are: B. Yundt, K. Webster, C. Keller, K. Anderson. A Cappella Choir The A Cappella Choir, composed of about thirty juniors and seniors, practices three times a week with Miss Garfinkle. The choir performs in the Christmas Carol Service, the Spring Music Festivals, and for other musical programs throughout the year. Three of its members have sung in the South Jersey or All-State Chorus. ill t Dance Band The Dance Band, under the direc- tion of Mr. lsch, practices once a week. It plays not only in our spring music festival, but also for meetings and musical programs in the town. First row: J. Hill, W. Brady, B. Goldsmith, J. Burns, J. Manning, S. Smith, M. White. Second row: W. Reed, B. Schmidt, G. Gampbell, C. McCarraher, W. Hensinger, B. Walton, E. Mills. First row: P. Reeves, F. Whitley, G. Campbell, M. Kercher J Mullowney, V. Stevens, B. Ziegler, J. Manning, W. Stalanov R Barber. Second row: W. Blue, R. Patterson, C. Fulleman, J Berger J. McGann, E. Brown, R. Johnson, K. Peacock, B. Lawyer R Guy. Third row: C. Keller, K. Bounds, D. Hopf, E. Froellcher K Anderson, M. Stackhouse, P. Cabarle, E. Eisemann. Music Department :fi Carol Service ws Carolers enioy the Hallelujah Chorus. Schools from all over New Jer- sey participated in the All-State Orchestra and Chorus concert at Atlantic City in November. Rep- resenting Moorestown were four students who practiced for this event, every Saturday morning tor nearly two months. Honor Soloists, D. Sweeney, B. Lawyer, B. Ziegler reads the Bible. All-State Chorus All-State Qrchestra D. Sweeney 30 B. Yundt, K. Anderson, C. Keller. The Snow Ball The annual Sno-Ball Dance, benefiting the senior class, was held on December 23, l958. The decorations, provided for by a committee of seniors, reflected the ioy of the Christmas Season, placed around the gym were various sizes of Santas, sleighs, and Christmas packages. A great Christmas tree and an igloo- shaped band box completed the scenery. Rhythm was provided for by the Don Nicholas Orchestra. At ten o'clock the an- nouncement carne that from twelve con- testants the student body had selected Sue Fearnaught as the Sno-Queen for 1958. Sno-Ball Tired dancers discuss, "What will you find under your tree?" Two "sno-ballers" wonder "What's in those packages?" V.. sl Time out from dancing finds happy couples admiring Saint Nick. "May I have this dance?" The Junior Prom Class of '59 presents Maritime Memories Q0 I E 74 QAY ' f x 1 l 0 o 0 0 efan . Jang 9 O 0 00 0 321 d d King Neptune rules over an eve- 0 0 ning of fun. ,O oO 'RSV Qi iw' h U . n 'Y I A sea of dancers "under the Sea." The smiles of Two iuniors, Miriam Bowers and Bob Ballentine-proof of our successful Prom. 0 Oo' 33 Our Treasure chest of musicians. X ig vm 1 Ji CLASS OF 1960 Presents The Junior Play "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" by MOSS HART . . . GEORGE KAUFMAN Director ,,,., ,,,,,,..,,,.,,.......,,,,,..,,,, .,,,.,,....,,,,, - ...,,.. R U TH W. RULIFSON Assistant ,,,...., ,.,,,,,, SA LLY WESTGARD The rollicking comedy You Can't Take It With You was presented by the Junior Class on March 5 and 6. Laughter and sheer enioyment keynoted the entire presentation. The Junior Play "You'll go to iail for this!" . bout?" "What is 31, Wllalls ll all a vi 1 "I hope I clidn't interrupt anything 34 Senior Trip, February 25, 26, 27 Senior Trip Senior Trip Senior Play formance. l Ellen Clayton ,, Karen Clayton ,.a7, Jenny Danvers ,,a, Miss Pepper ...,aaa Corey Phillips ,,aa.,, Above: l-"Yes, you will stay, won't you, Miss Pepper?" 2-Getting ready for the show! 3-"You should go out more, Ellen, take an interest in things." The cast included: ln November, 1958, the Senior Class presented an un- usual mystery drama entitled "HOUSE ON A CLlFF" directed by Mrs. Rulifson. Chills and thrills pervaded the entire auditorium as our class thespians gave a memorable per- Dr. Lane .o,o.,oo...,.,..oo 7 .,,,, HARRY OVERLINE MARELDA HART SUSAN HEINRICHS MARY UMBERGER SHIRLEY RATZELL EDWARD MARQUART To the left: "It does seem a lot of money to withdraw all at once." Student secretaries save the teachers precious hours by doing routine office work through- out the school. Pinning up a Pin-Up! Candids Official greeter, guide, and messenger for a day, the host is a senior who will have aching feet for a week. X le. What are these seniors doing-playing mum- bly-peg, reading MAD, or analyzing a beautia fully constructed passage from Hamlet? Mr. Barthold and friends. "Looking for something? Look in the white pages of your yearbook," say Mr. Barthold and staff. To the right: These students risked life and limb racing to stand in line to wait for lunch. On Thanksgiving Miss Jerald's students eat popcom, turkey, pumpkin pie-ancf one girl has a bowl of leaves. .1 SIS Les girls in the woman's faculty room. The scoreboard patrol at the foot- ball games: Harry Gardener, Robert Cooper, Dave Gillespie, Michael Mueller and Frank Galey. Candids Eootball tickets! Basketball tick- ets! Mrs. King is glad to sell them to you. Getting ready for the Senior Play. l Oopsl Someone left the showers on in the locker room again. 40 Qrganizatio Whenever The season, the day, or The weather, There's good fellowship in iusf geffing Together. Orchestra Council First row: M. White, E. Walton, L. Wurst, A. Abbott, J. Manning, M. Walton, J. Hackman. Second row: W. Blue, G. Barthold, M. Slater, D. Peacock, B. Yundt, P. Mathews, Mr. A. lsch, Director. A new part of the music program of Moorestown High School is the Orchestra and Band Councils. The members ot these councils meet once a month to make rules and take care of any problems that may arise in connection with the musical organiza- tions and their participants. The councils work in close co-operation with the Band and Orchestra Parents Club for the securing of new instruments and equipment. Band Council at 353 r. . E. u First row: M. White, M. Campbell, L. Hills, Y. Condax, L. Wurst, K. Eisenstat. Second row: G. Barthold, M. Slater, P. Wieckowski, J. Manning, E. Walton, N. Neuber, A. Perla. Third row: L. Webster, W. Hensinger, R. Tschebull. Distributive Education First row: L. MacBrien, N. Robinson, M. Prate. Second row: C. George, G. Mazur, J. Metzler, F. McGann, R. Doert. The Distributive Education Club of Moorestovvn High School is composed ot all the students who are enrolled in the D.E. instructional program. its pur- pose is to inspire vocational understanding, civic conciousness, social intelligence, and leadership development. The Club assists the D.E. students in acquiring a well rounded education. The Business Education Society has as its chief aims the developing of a consideration for one's fellowrnen and the training toward a fuller more useful life. The Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets and the annual B.E.S. scholarship help the organization to achieve these aims. B.E. . 2 l .. First row: M. LeClair, P. Walker, J. Barton, W. Dietrich, A. Herbert, J. Conover, C. Brubaker, N. Forte. Second row: J. Rush, G. Metzler, N. Hagemann, W. Hagmier, E, Voehringer, R. Scouler, G. Czyzevvicz, P. Haynes, A. Green. Student Secretaries First row: J. Klemm, E. Dunfee, A. Woodoth, E. Stratton, N. Robey, M. Crawford, J. Goodwin, B. Ford, R. Rodia, R. Miller, C. Weist. Second row: C. Holden, S. Eibye, E. Stevens, L. Bryant, N. Delzeit, P. Holloway, D. Kunde, J. Bagocius. Third row: A. Gavin, S. Denber, B. King, J. Hagemenn, M. Snyder, M. Young, P. Kerr, N. Ernst, B. Levering. The Student Secretaries under the supervision of Miss Margaret Crispin and Miss Elizabeth C. Shinn are responsible for the management of the Student Business Office. Each student in the Secretarial and Office Training classes assumes responsibility for the office during an entire school day. The purpose of this organization is to assist faculty members in any type of clerical work, and at the same time to give the students practical experience necessary for fu- ture positions. Meeting once a week this year, The Camera Club was highlighted by photo contests with fall, winter, and spring as themes. The members learned how to use the darkroom under the assistance of Mr. Apai, the adviser. Under the capable leadership of Mike Korman, club president, the group has en- ioyed many profitable afternoons. Other officers include David Taylor, vice-president, Mary Stack- house, secretary, and Francis McGann, treasurer. Camera Club First row: M. Korman, W. Moore, W. Strecker, D. Taylor, R. Hamilton, R. Streeper, F. McGann. Second row: L. Erdman, R. Bux, C. Holmes, J. Robinson, V. Wallace, H. Berlingl-not, S. VanSciver, M. Todd, G. O'Brien, B. Konieczny, M. Umberger. Third row: S. Still, P. Modugno, J. Moore, J. Wade, D. Johnston, M. Stackhouse, A. White, E. Cuzzimano, B. Grubbs. 44 Operators First row: T. Bridge, W. Rodman, E. Miller, T. Parkinson, C. Bragg, J. Evans. Second row: R. Hellmig, W. Swan, W. Stricker, C. Taylor, W. Gunkel, R. Cooper. Third row: W. Erickson, C. Heidt, E. Brown, P. Anderson, T. Sauselein, Mr. Setzer. The boys behind the scenes in most of our school activities are the operators and stagehands. Classes are enhanced by the value of audio and visual equipment which the operators are skilled in han- dling. Our school assemblies, Christmas Carol Serv- ice, class plays, and Spring Music Festival would not be presented without the able assistance of the stagehands. These boys are on hand whenever they are needed and they perform an invaluable service to the school. Stagehands First row: R. Mills, P. Anderson, W. Rodman. Second row: Mr. Klansek, T. Steinmetz, H. Graham, T. Sauslein, M. Jones. Nor pictured: J. Stokes. F.T.A. First row: F. Ilacqua, B. White, V. Johnson, E. Jones, V. Rorke. Second row: M. McMillan, L. Pettibone, L. Ravikio, K. Anderson, F. Keller, M. White, M. Umberger, G. Barthold. Third row: J. Cwalina, B. Stroud, J. Linaberry, D. Reynolds, B. Egner, D. Mather, V. Adcock. The Future Teachers of America is an organization whose primary function is to acquaint aspiring Teachers with the opportunities and drawbacks of this profession. At regular meetings the members discuss the unlimited opportunities available in this field and the qualifying traits and abilities needed. The improvement of home, family, and community living are the goal of the Moorestown Chapter of the National Future Homemakers of America organiza- tion. ln seeking to accomplish these ends, the mem- bers undertake numerous laudatory proiects which earn for them the respect of the school and the community. F.H.A. First row: J. McCourt, S. Capsis, J. Isch, N. Voso, D. Stow, B. Sharpless, J. Hawkins, M. Waldner, S. Porter, L. Paolilli, B. Kramer, C. Mc- Neil. Second row: N4 Gotthardt, K. Harney, C. Hare, B. Liddell, M. Umberger, M. McCloskey, C. Brubaker, B. Cummings, P. Brown, J. O'Brien, E. Hopkins, K. Berner, C. Brelesford, D. Haller. Third row: S. Snyder, P. Dietrich, J. Jacoby, J. Conover, B. King, J. Hagemann, C. Keller, P. Cabarle, M. Palmer, A, Martino, M. Stackhouse, M. Vandergrift, C. Kelley, S. Rauffenbart. Fourth row: M. Read, L. Blaker, G. Makarwicz, P. Little, V. Whitlock, J. Still, J. Stroud, L. MacBride, R. Thompson, E. Patterson, A. Nimphuis, K. Webster, L. Ziehler, S. Phile, M. Collins. COunCll Red Clogs l Lark Haehni ' Budman. N GOTTh3TdliR Clark: d7jeXkOi B' - Nxe - n, - Wien I .l- de. OW: h Maclzgsevy Ni. Siem B' Qolilshea, 3.NNa Farsi rx ss e. GO A x Pa Brown' , - s. sha'Pe ' a.5"ai' XNGW' s, Def'b?wixt'iamS' P' Ymcwei ' Service to others is the b w d y or of the Red Cross Council. The Council, whose membership is comprised of representa- tives from each homeroom, works diligently to help those less fortunate than o ur student body. A Korean orphan, Kim Tae Won, is supported by the Council which showers him with gift boxes. Among the many other projects undertaken by the Council contributions are made to the Fund for Overseas Blind. Meetings for business and organizational purposes are held four times yearly. 47 . 5- RUNS: . E. Hop HQUQYX' fOW- I S. ' 1. Rahell- Secorlecll lhlrd row Pl'-lured' tw ' NO' .X I 5- I Nx. E 100- , . mson. S' PENS. lohnsoarubbsi C' Plc ters E. WMI? 5xacV-lloua lxfiddell D' S. NNW! Cabaflei V ' Pxdcgfxr ' wofixwi P ' KIM TAE WON, our Korean orphan Liaison French Activities - The French Club, reorganized this year under the name of "Le Cercle Francais," provides a tine opportunity tor all interested French students to enioy social activities with a French flavor, such as trips to museums, theaters, ancl restaurants. Study groups on French life, art, music, and literature present programs on alternate Mondays. La Boite Above: First row: D. H0pf,'K. Ander- son, G. Barthold. Second row: M. Elwell, E. Holley, J. Robertson, C. Deaterly. The Liaison Committee of the Cercle Francais enjoys correspondence with its affiliated school, the Lycee Alain of Alen-con, France. To the left: C4 Hoffman, F. Fries, C. Acton. "La Boite, our French language laboratory." The French Club First row: C. Zwirner, J, Hill, A. Faxon, R. Tartaglia, F. Matthews, M. Korman, J. Johnston, R. Barber, G. Hochgesang, R. Patterson. Second row J. Moore, K. Eisenstatt, E. Leppman, V. Hartle, V. Geiger, T. Winters, M. Palmer, K. Anderson, E. Froelicher, E. Holley, D. Hopf, M. Elwell Third row: P. Cabarle, M. Dzick, J. Wade, A. Gale, V. Stevens, C. Bounds, S, Heinrichs, M. Miller, P. Wieckowski, C. Senior, J. Mullowney M. Potts, D. Mennel, K. Morris. Fourth row: E. Eisemann, S. Westgard, E, Robertson, P. Matthews, E. Shea, A. Collins, J. Linaberry, A. Brels ford, C. Hoffman, G. Barthold, S. Hough, M. Campbell. 48 Spanish American Book First row: B. Egner, M. White, J. Manning M Walton S K , . , . avanaugh, B. Hills, R. Luce, L. Petfibone. Second row: F. Galey, R. Kelley, R. Weeks, E. Sorr, C. Whitman, R. Cooper. Under the theme of Spanish art, the Spanish- ber. Book reports on books read in English and American Book Club is furthering its knowledge Spanish and informative discussions on the over- ofthe great literature of Spain. The membership, all theme account for the greatest part of the comprised ot "A" and "B" students of Spanish, club's activities. meets once a month at the home of a club mem- Mexican Exchange Students C Ortiz. Second 'OW' ,cehaf Maria c I ,n , and T 1 Villa, M. Retief . the Spanish Lisrenirg Eomparing the Me . First rovv: Psomuy R' tam,-L1.i. Oom, xlcan posters Ravtkwf L' This is the third year that Moorestown High School has art' ' t d p icipae in this exchange program, Our students visit Mexico in the summer. 49 Libra ry The co-operation of our seventy library assistants helps to keep the school library functioning smoothly and efficiently. ln addition to desk routine, the as- sistants decorate the Bulletin boards, assist in the proc- essing of new books, and aid in the circulation of the ever increasing number of books and magazines. Vi,--"" Above: Mrs. Holmes, assistant to the Librarian, charges out a book. sl? Approximately 300 students make use of the library daily. Library Assistants First row: C. Deaterly, S. Moore, E. Eiseman, D. Haller, K. Berner, S. Deasey, E. Walton, M. Hart, A. Brelsford, E. Leppman, B. Sharplessy M. Schultz, V. Rorke, S. Doert. Second row: C. Littler, M. Elwell, M.Heier, P. Grork, M. McMillan, J. Goodwin, D. Kensler, M. Slater, J Seddon, M. Vandergrift, J. Hawkins, K. Parry, M. Bozarth, K. Buebeck, K. Harney. Third row: E. Berry, K. Kunde, B. Worrell, B. Strand, N Ernst, B. Lutcher, D. Clevenger, L. Pettibone, F. Keller, E. McClosky, M. Back, B. Littler, S. Westgard, M. Kercher, D. Andrews. Fourth row A. Dace, V. Banks, B. Zeigler, M. Brown, K. Keller, D. Larkworthy, V. Wilk, L. Ravikio, S. Heinricks, S. Fearnaught, J. Linaberry, J. Barley G. Barthold, M. White. Not pictured: B. Bartello, C. Dublick, J. Menta, D. Warth, T. Little, R. Hanilton, S. Barthold, M. Dzick, M. O'Donnell E. Moiad, J. Mullowney, H. Gardner. 50 1 uish S . 'bw' wt" ell S0 cwttt atb Ballers' bww" I L bon, ew Reis. CS grown' Molloy? ivefmg' Xldeli Unlei 'iXl'xSt C. wet' t XN . tl. Will . tow' tmp' l"i.iz.N4l9m' Nutshell reporters submit material an C ' . lgzwtlold' help to compose each issue of the school ' dents are encouraged to magazine. All stu toayeff HB S9 YN- B- Caxxwou -tier. 5KYOm'.v00i NM R0 ' arm: A oem contribute original work, photographs, and news. A separate business staff gathers ads from local businessmen. A student repre- sentative in each home room distributes the magazine when it is published five times a year. First ,O W: Walton' 5. Westgard, J M0 . or 9, J. Lilly, N V . as Utshell R 5l ep 01' te rs Wie k , c ovvskl, S. Heinrickg J ' ' Man,-,fn 9' M. utshell Magazine Staff First row: A. Faxon, W. Blue, R. Guy, J. Robertson, D. Blyler, J. Kaplan, M. Korman, G. Hochgesang, C. Zwirner. Second row: M. 'Read, R. Price, B. King, J. Hagemann, T. Winters, P. Cabarle, M. Yost, L. Messick, D. Hopf, B. Leppman. Third row: M. Walton, J. Goodwin, N Ernst, D. Kunde, E. Stevens, V. Adcock, S. Hough, D. Haller, E. Williamson, V. Deaterly, C. Holden. Fourth row: F. llaqua, A. Shockey, A Woodoth, J, Mullowney, M. Potts. . .f ,.M,,,g Barbara King and June Hagemann prepare copy for publica- tion. Editor-in-Chief . Assistant Editor .. Senior Editor THE NUTSHELL STAFF . .... ....... . . Esther G. Stevens . .. Alfred Faxon Diane Peacock Assistants ,, YVYYV YYYVV M ary Potts Carl Gromada Junior Editor ,... ., ,,,,, Vicki Adcogk Assistants .. . Carol Deaterly Teddi Winters Sophomore Editor Guy Hochgesang Assistant ,.,, Eileen Williamson Freshman Editor .... . Elizabeth Leppman Assistant .. ,, , Mary Read News Editor W ........,.. ..,.... ,..,,, ,....... ..., W a I t er Blue Assistants .. . ,, ., ,, ,, ,.,,,,.,. ,,.,..,,,.,,, , Sally Hough Mariorie Walton, Pat Cabarle, Donna Haller. Sports Editor N . . , .... , ......., , Ann Shockey Assistants , . ,...,.. ,...,,,, , . . ,.....,,, Robert Guy Virginia Johnson, Clifton Zwerner. Literary Editor , . ,. , ,, ,, ,, . Judy Mullowney Assistant .. ,. ...... ,... ............ J o hn Robertson Feature Editor . ,, . Donna Hopf Assistant .... ...., David Blyler Literary Secretary ..... June Hagemann Nancy Ernst Assistants H ....,. ,........... ,,.... . . ................... ..... , ....... ,..... B a r bara King Connie Holden, Ruthann Price, Ada Woodoth, Martha Yost, Judith Goodwin, Dorothy Kunde, Photographer .. ..... . ., ., Assistant . . 52 .. Michael Korman Charles Taylor The Nutshell The Nutshell Literary Staff directs the prepara- tion of written and photographic copy for the newsmagazine. Although the staff itself does much of the writing and news gathering, other students may submit stories or pictures to the News Office, where contributions are assembled and edited. This year the representatives from the staff attend the conference at Temple. The main function of the business staff of the Nutshell is "ad-hunting." All financial arrange- ments for the publication are in the hands of these members. The typing of copy provides practical experience for many students on the business staff. Awards are made at the end of the school year to those who make outstanding contributions to the Nutshell. l-addy , D Prlefor ofuffk Business M B UZZV s. anager, soli ' Clfs an ad from 'h e Pro- M. Grienkievvicz, M, Kinneer, J. Barton, A. Faxon, Mr. Barthold, L. Duffy, J. Jacoby, C, Holden. Yearbook Literary Staff First row: L Hills, M. Campbell J Muelle P. R d . , . r, 0 gers, E. Eisemann, D. Peacock. Second row: E. Brown, M. Clark, F. llacqua, J. Graham, R. Rodia, M. Dzick, E. Walton. Third row: K. Peacock, A. Ha'duk L. W b ' I , e ster, W. Blue, W. Hensinger. Literary Staff Editor-in'Chief Associate Editors Literary Editor Assistants Layout Editors Club Editors Photography Editors Sports Editors Art Editor Assistants Typists Adviser Art Adviser Editor-in-Chief Rodgers meet dead lines. 54 checks the staff hard at work to Ma Patricia Rodgers Merle Dzick Lee Webster ry Anna Campbell Elaine Eisemann Jon Gibbons Diane Peacock Rae Rodia ., Doris Mennel Judy Mueller . Merry Clark Joan Graham Anne Haiduk ,. Walter Blue Bill Hensinger ,, Beth Anne Walton Ken Peacock Clarence George Ed Brown Linda Hills Frances llacqua Beverly Keller Connie Littler Sandy Eibye Marie Crawford Sarah Denber Barbara Levering , Margaret S. McKelvey Margaretta Chegwidclen Yearbook Business Staff The Nutshell Yearbook Business Manager ..... Business Secretary ..,,... Distribution Manager Yearbook Art Staff . .,,,, Leonard Duffy Joyce Jacoby Alfred Faxon Joan Barton Margerette Grienkiewicz Connie Holden Beverly Keller Margaret Kinner Yearbook Typists 55 Sitting: J. Jacoby, B. Keller, J. Barton. Standing: C. Holden, L. Duffy, M. Grienkiewicz. Sitting: S. Eibye, R. Rodia. Standing: B. Levering, S. Denber, M. Crawford. C. Littler, B. Keller, E. Brown, L. Hills, F. Ilaqua Standing: C. George. ' Student CounciI's Officers President, Robert Smythe, Secretary, Joan Conoverg Treasurer, LeRoy Peacock. The legislative body of the student govern- ment is the Student Council, which consists of two elected representatives from each home- room. In its weekly meetings the Council dis- cusses and seeks remedies for the problems of the student body and makes laws for the better- ment of the school as a whole. Students are made aware of the work of their representatives through weekly reports in homeroom or through actually observing the Council at work. TUDE T CQUNCIL OFFICERS First row: P. Dougherty, A, Blackburn, V. Adcock, P. Rush, S. Van Sciver, J, Williams, S. Morrow, D. Ellis, C. Gibbons, N. Lark- worthy, P. Gallagher, E. Voehringer, R. Adcock. Second row: L, Schwartz, E. Ross, S. Eibye, B. Barney, S. Keller, F. Keller, B. Levering, D. Mather, J, Niedzieilw, T. Winters, D' Haft, L- Nogle, J, Bernhardt, H. Gardiner. Third row: M. O'Neil, J. Gib- bons, C. Holmes, J. Schatz, J. Wigmore, R. Kalyn, J. White, R. Whiting, N. Greif, D. Schwartz, R. Ballentine, K. Van Hart, D. Gillespi. Fourth row: B. Wilkins, W. Sheldon, J. Robertson, L. Duffy, F. McGann, R. McMillan, M. Emig, W. Nolan, S, Lippincott, D. Allyn, D. Wentz, J. Roush. Not Pictured: P. Balino, E, Brown, V. Calhoun, J. Chicano, R. Dill, J. Donnolo, M. Grienkiewecz, W. Gromada, J. Jacoby, D. Kinsey, M. Peacock, D. Mitchell, B, Reis, S. Snyder. Student Court l S. Winters, B. Yundt, C. Deaterly, R, Hunt, J. Bernhardt, R. Smythe, R. Miller, B. Robinson, J. Conover, J. Pfizer. The members ot the iudicial body, the Student Court, are selected indirectly. The students are nominated in the homerooms, voted on by the Council and approved by the office. The Court consists of a representative from each of the four classes, a Junior School representative, two high school advisers KMrs. Swalm and Miss Sharp? and the Student Council President, who acts as iudge. The Court rules in cases presented on the Monitor Club and imposes sentence on guilty students. Monitor Club Officers , R. Robinson, R. Miller, J. Freynik, President, N. Robinson. Department Heads Sitting: S. Denber, E. Stevens, M. Hart, D. Clevenger, J. Gray, M. Umburger. Standing: R. Tartaglia, B. Nosek, W. Hensinger. The Monitor Club is the executive body charged with upholding the regulations made by the Stu- dent Council. Unlike the Council, only the officers ot the Monitor Club are elected, the Department Heads are chosen by the President with the ap- proval of the office and monitors selected from among the student body. The Assembly Ushers is an organization whose members volunteer to accept the responsibility of maintaining good conduct among the student body going to and from assemblies and during assem- blies. Four students, two boys and two girls, are selected as heads aiding Mrs. Swalm and Miss Sharp, the advisers. Assembly Ushers 1 l l I 1 l First row: P. Weber, A. Gavin, R. Robinson, J, Barton, M. LeClair, N. Delzeit, M. Grienkiewicz, C. Gromada. Second row: M. O'Neil, C. Holmes, J. Mazur, K. Peacock, R. Kingsbury, N. Forte, R. Haines, T. Kenyon. Third row: L. Duffy, W. Koser, H. Overline, F. McGann, J. Ridgeway, D. Wentz. Not Pictured: M, Potts, G. Teas, B. Ziegler. Desk Monitors Over eighty pupils-always ready to assist in numerous ways-act as desk monitors during the year. The two departments most responsible for the The CleSk n'1OnitOrs, chosen by the high school of- maintenance of law and order among The Swclem fice, are placed in the halls during their free periods, body during the schoolrday are fhe desk and fraf-fic to supervise student conduct in the corridors during monitors. class-periods. Between periods, responsibility for student behaviour passes to the traffic monitors, stationed strategically throughout the school. Traffic Monitors First row: M. Hart, D. Grubbs, J. Graham, E. Halt, A. Gavin, M. Grienkiewicz, A. Haiduk. Second row: J. Burns, E. Hass, R. Godfrey, N. Forte, J. Mazur, C. Gromada, W. Hensinger. Third row: C, Heidt, R, Hellmig, C. Gravenstine, D. Robinson, C. Glenn. Not Pictured: R. Guy, S. Heinricks, J. Hvizdos, T. Kenyon, R. Kingsbury. 59 Bus Monitors l be First row: S. Denber, S. Quino, E, Stevens, J. Walders, D. Clevenger, M, Hosel, G. O'Brien. Second row: R. Johnson, B. Nosek, J. Johnson E. Marquart, H. Merckx, B. Tartaglia, C. Glenn, H, Felnes, J. Keith. Self-discipline is not forgotten when the dismissal conduct. At the football games the attendants stand bell rings at 3:30-but, lest we forget, the Bus by to discipline students whose enthusiasm runs Monitors and Game Attendants are on hand to away with Them. ln addition they sell tickets, pro- rernind us. On the buses going to and from school, grams, souvenirs, and assist wherever they can. the monitors keep a watchful eye on student Game Attendants First row: K. Anderson, M. Hart, L. Heinricks, C. Brubaker, E. Stratton, J. Jacoby, B. Ford, D. Grubbs, S. Denber, S. Ratzell. Second row: J. Hill, D, Howell, E. Eisemann, B. Booth, M. Kercher, M. Umberger, G. O'Brien, D. Peacock, V. Smith, J. Niedzieiko, M. McMillan, M. McCloskey, C. Czycwicz, M. LeClair, P. Weber, N. Robey, R. Swan, D. Jones. 60 When The Team comes ouT And The bleachers shouT And we Think we've goT iT made, WhaT counTs far more Than The final score ls The sporTsmanship displayed. Sports -M IO! SMYTHE Hllfbuck LL Tacklu STEVE RATZELL GEORGE ANDREWS Guard MEL COLLINS Hulfbad: 62 BOB HUNT End Nuke CYNEIL CARMEN LYNCH Gund "l.EFTY" ROBXNSON Tackle JACK TRACY ' Quarterback - - GMVENSTINE 5 63' ' CARL GROMADA Fuilbld: "Watch out, Burlington" "Yellow and Black on the Run" 1958 FOOTBALL RECORD MHS Opponent OPP. 6 Haddonfield 7 7 Merchantville H 6 6 Palmyra ., ao,,,o, a,7, 6 7 Burlington 7,a,, ,aa, . .13 33 Woodrow Wilson .19 7 Haddon Heights 7e,,, 41 31 Ewing ,,,,,,,7,,,,,,, ,,,, 1 3 12 Audubon .. ..,.12 20 Mr. Holly ..,,a..,aaaaaaaaaawa.,,....,.,.aaaaaaaaaaaaa 13 arslty Football . Q. af. First Row: R. Myers, R. Bishop, T. Marshall, R. Evans, B. Lawyer, E. Fitzpatrick, M. Kohl, R. Haddon, T, Sermarini. Second Row: J. Tracy, M. Gallagher, G. Andrews, C. Lynch, W. Connell, R. Robinson, E. Brown, R. Hunt, J. Freynik, C. Gravenstein, S. Ratzell, W. Koser, C. Gromada, M. Collins, R. Smythe, M. O'Neill, R. Johnson. Third row: R. Williams, manager, R. Guy, manager, E. Mancini, R. Rees, C. Bell, L. Peacock, E. Rynex, G. Teas, R. Egan, L. Matthews, G. Donnolo, D. Evans, J. Verbaro, F. Maroni, G. Hender, P. Colby, J. Hunt, J. Schatz. Fourth Row: A. Faxon, manager, D. Allyn, manager, R. Gale, E. Herbert, T. Potts, D. Courtz, K. VanHart, D. Wood, J. Devinney, R. Cranston, G. Keefe, R. Kalyn, C. Felner, G. Hocking, H. Rudderow, J. Gross, T. Walton, R. Sharpe. ' 64 Mooresrown Moorestown ,,,,. ..,. Moorestown, .M,, Moorestownwu, Moorestown Moorestown , , , "Will he G09 SCORES Visitors Haddonfield Riverside ,e.... Audubon Collingswood Haddon Jr. ,, Freshman Football First Row C Jester J Siokes G Hoffman, T. Ward, S. Schleindwein, R. Cole, T. Myles, D. Fitzgerald D Jones J Entwhuslle Second Row J Purdy S Clark G Bernher C Smith T Perla, C, Taylor, C. Bellman, R. Burke, D. Stewart. Third Row J Panerson D Gillespie T Quensel W Rodman A Thomas coach R Oest R Ramson, T. Little, A. Calhoun, manager. Varsity Hockey First Row: E, Robertson, L. Pettibone, F. Keller, E. Walton, B. Ziegler, M. Slater. Second Row: E. Holley, D. Elwell, N. Park, S. Smith, V. Johnson, A, Shockey, M. Walton, M. Bowers, N. Neuber, S. Andrews, K. Anderson, Coach Mrs. P. Lehman. The varsity hockey team of Moorestown High School, MHS coached by Mrs. Charles Lehman, finished the season with five wins, one loss, and one tie. The opponents scored four goals against Moorestown's twelve. The high scorer was Nancy Park with four goals. Midge Walton had three goals, Margaret Slater had two, and Sandy Smith, Barbar Ziegler and Sue Deasy all had one goal. OPP. Haddon Heights O Merchantville O Haddonfield . I Haddon Heights , T Haddonfield ........ .. - l Moorestown Friends . . O Merchantville ...... l Alumni .. 2 OUCM MY looil On the attack Shot for goal . . Hockey First Row: E. McClosky, D. Ellis, L. Jans, S. Collings, T. Acton, V. Stevens, S, Deasy, J. Hackman, S. Moore, C. Deaterly, L. DuVinage. Second Row: C. Hoffman, V. Ashburn, J. Williams, B. Egner, D. Mather, J. Taylor, V. Geiger, Coach Mrs. D Lehman. ..l. V. HOCKEY FRESHMAN HOCKEY MHS OPP. MHS OPP 2 Haddon Heights . . , , O 8 Pemberton O 4 Merchantville .... O 2 Haddon Heights , O 3 Haddonfield ., . . 2 O Moorestown Friends .. . 3 4 Haddon Heights . .... O 3 Haddonfield .. 2 O Haddonfield ........,.... ..,. 2 l Moorestown Friends .. . O 5 Merchantville. .. . .. .... . . . .. O Freshman Hockey First Row: K. Park, A. Hartle, G. 'Walton, S. Phile, C. West, K. Mitchell, S. Rauffenbart, M. Waldner, R. Adcock, P. Smith, M. Schultz, J. Wolcott. Second Row: Manager, J. Guthrie, M. Vandegrift, S. Keller, K. Hill, D. Larkworfhy, K. Helgeson, Coach Mrs. P. Lehman. 67 Cross Country First row: Mr. Cunningham, Coach, W. Gromada, J. Ridgeway, W. Hagmaier, F. Walsh, W. Lippincott. Second row: J. Gibbons, R. Guy, C Holmes, F. DeNoble, J. Fenin, R. Johnson, CROSS COUNTRY SPRING TRACK With Mr. Gordon Cunningham as coach, Moores- The 1958 Spring Track team finished the regular town C. C. Track had a fine year. The Team WON 8, season with a victory over Camden Vocational and lost one to Mt. Holly in regular meets, placed sec- losses to Overbrook Regional, Audubon, Wood- ond in the South Jersey meet at Bridgeton, N. J., row Wilson, Collingswood CTriangular Meetj, Had- and placed lOth in a field of 24 in the State Group donfield, Mt. Holly, Camden Catholic, and Haddon 3 meet at Warinanco Park in Union, N. J. Heights. The team placed third with Mel Collins running the half mile with a time of 2:O5.4. Spring Track Front Row: P. Holberton, W. Hagmaier, M. O'Neill, W. Koser, J. Jacoby, E. Fitzpatrick, E. Douglas. Second Row: D. Hawk, F. Walsh, L. Matthews, R. DeSimone, R. Neidermeyer, J. Hohwald. Third Row: A. Ferg, G. Gardiner, W. Blue, J. Koser, R. Johnson, R. Robinson, M. Collins. Fourth Row: D. Evans, D. Wentz, B, Lippincott, G. Donnolo, N. Tees, W. Gacutan. Standing: C. Zwirner, Manager, R. Howey, C. Hobson, G. Hocking, F. Olson, M. Hahn, P Freudenberg, Manager, P. lsenberg, Coach. 68 MEI. COLLINS Forward BOB SMYTHE Guard HOLMES Guard FREYNIK Forward 69 ROBINSON Cenfer Varsity Basketball First row: R. Williams, manager, L. Peacock, E. Douglas, P. Monska, coach, P. Jackson, R. Guy, manager. Second row: C. Holmes, R. Robin son, M. Emig, R. MacMillian, K. Peacock, M. Collins, R. Smythe. Moorestown, under Coach Peter Monska, fin- by opponents. The offensive seasonal average was ished its second undefeated season with twenty- 86,9 as against 45.9 on defense. Captain "Eddie" two victories. Championships won for the second Douglas established a South Jersey record of 685 straight year were: N. J. State Group Ill, South points for the season and a game average of 31.1 Jersey Group Ill, and the South-Central High School points per game. League. Points scored were 1905 as against 1090 Moorestown grabs rebound. Lefty controls another tapoff. 70 Boys' Junior Varsity Basketball First row: B. Shoen, Manager, P. Monska, Coach, R. Brody, Manager. Second row: D. Blyler, R. Wilkins, G. Gardiner, R. Hawk, J. Roberts. JUNIOR VARSITY The J.V.'s, under the direction of coach Pete Monska, wound up the season undefeated. Their record of fifteen wins, no losses was the best record ever compiled by a Moorestown Junior Varsity team. They won most of their games by large margins, having very few close contests. The J.V.'s featured a well-balanced scoring punch, paced by Mike Emig, John Robertson, Fred Mann, Bob Mac- Millian and Dick Hawk. The season season In the W. Laubenstein, G. Hilt, W. Shelden, R. Kaplan, F. Mann, FRESHMEN Freshman squad enjoyed a very successful under with a Frosh coach Robert Mills. They finished the record of fifteen wins and two losses. tournament they reached the finals only to lose a tough game to Pennsauken. Tom Ritchie, Chester Bellman and Jeff White paced the scoring attack throughout the season. Ritchie's thirty points against Ewing set a new Frosh record. Boys' Freshman First row: C. Taylor, Manager, W. Evans, Manager, R. Mills, Coach, C. Smith, Manager. Second row: W. Rodman, E. Cragg, S. Ritchie, C. Bellman, W. Morris, T. White, R. Davis, J. Wigmore, R. Cole, D. Woodland, G. Brown, S. Schleindwein, H. Gardiner, Girls' Varsity Basketball fy' First row: 5. Deasy, M. Walton, A. Shockey, M. Bowers. Second row: M. Griffin, B. Zeigler, E. Meekins, Managers D. Ellwell and C Floyd. The varsity basketball team, coached by Mrs. Davies, ended its season with a record of four wins and three losses. High scorer was Ann Shockey with 148 points, captain Sally Andrews was second with 128. Ellen Meekins and Midge Walton followed respectively. Guarding the hoops were Miriam Bowers, Mary Griffin, Bar- bara Ziegler and Virginia Johnson. MHS OPP 44 Haddonfield . .- ..... . .46 51 Merchantville ....... ........ 3 3 45 Haddon Heights .... .. ..... .47 38 Haddonfield ......... ....... .27 47 Merchantville .......... C ...... ........ 2 7 53 Haddon Heights ........ . 44 Moorestown Friends .................,...,.. 54 - L Captain S. Andrews with Coach V. Davies. 72 "Get that rebound, Ann!" Girls' Junior Varsity Basketball l First row: Manager, J. Manning, J. Seaman, E. Robertson, J. Hackman, V. Johnson, T. Acton, V. Adcock, P. Matthews, Manager, P. Smith. Second row: R. Luce, J. Lily, L. Penibone, F. Keller, V. Ashburn, D. Humes, D. Mather, V. Geiger, B. Egner, A. Johnston, B. Hills, Coach, V. Davies. J.V. BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL MHS OPP MHS TEAM A OPP 27 Haddonfield .... ., --..,..l8 52 Haddonfield .. .. 8 26 Merchantville ,,,,, ,. ,...,,i2 Sl Haddon Heighis .... ....... . .47 30 Haddon Heights ,,,... --.-,.23 55 Mooresiown Friends .. .27 41 Haddonfield ,,,,,, ,,,,,,'l6 B 33 Merchantville ..,..., .,,-,. 2 4 I 37 Haddon Heights ......... ..... . ---I6 32 Haddomqelcl 'H' iiii i 6 49 Mooresfown Friends ...... ......... , -035 l2 Haddon He'9hlS s'si'es'e 'i'ss ' l8 lb Mooresiown Friends . ..... 'I6 Freshman Mg First row: J. Guthrie, C. McCarraher, M. Waldner, N. Dollar, M. Read, A. Harrie, M. Collins. Second row: Manager Pl Smith, S. Keller, Manager F. Manning, B. Linler, J. Wolcon, F. Hawkins, B. Smith, R. Adcock, J. Linch, L. Nogle. Third row: E. .Goodley, V. Banks, K. Hill, M. Brown, N. Larkwonhy, E. Robinson, K. Websier, Coach V. Davies. 73 Boys' Swimming The Moorestown High School boys' swim- ming team enioyed another successful season. The boys tor the fourth straight year were pro- claimed champions of the South Jersey High School boys' swimming league! They tallied resounding double victories over Merchantville, Haddon Heights, and Camden Vocational. Wins over Girard College, Malvern Prep and Ocean City High School enhanced the Quaker victory skein. In the invitational meet at Atlantic City, which sported a heavy representation of South Jersey schools, the boys splashed again to a sparkling victory. The High School heartily congratulates the team and their coach, Albert Thomas. Jimmy Davis comes up for air. sup: Jerry lviazur flies Through the air d R Kin sbury J Mazur W Koser L Peresztegy, D. Munson. Second Front row: A. Walters, W. Hensinger, J, Davis, C. Groma a, . g , . , . , . row: A. Walton, H. Radford, D. Kinsey, W. Brady, D. Allyn, R. Paoletti, R. Whiting, R. Tanner, G. Burke. Standing: A. Thomas, Coach, H h an , J. Roush, S. Winters, C. Zwirner, Manager. A. Calhoun, W. Gromada, M. Mueller, G. oc es g 74 sum Girls' Swimming Front row: L. Voss, B. Munson, C. West, K. Park, C. Duzack, S. Morrow. Back row: S. Smith, D. Ellis, S. Collings, M. Palmer, C. Calhoun, L. Jans, J. Baggett, L. DuVinage. Diving board: .l. Roberts, P. Wert, S. Moore, H. Berlinghof, B. Walton, T. Winters, N. Park, N. Neuber, M. Slater. This year the girls' swimming team, which was coached by Mrs. Beatrice Thomas, defended its championship by defeating Trenton, Collings- wood, Merchantville, Haddon Heights, Mount Holly, and Haddonfield. The team, captained by Beth Ann Walton and her faithful assistant Gertie Goose, competed in the annual interscholastic Meet at the University of Pennsylvania and the South Jersey Open Meet. MHS 51 60 55 52 62 60 60 Trenton .,,, ,.,,, OPP .u....27 Collingswood ,... ,.l8 Merchantville .....,. .WH23 Haddon Heights ,.,,, c ,...,. 26 Mount Holly .,,,,.,.. ...... i 6 Haddonfield ..,,.v ,..,,. i 4 Collingswood .... .,,.., i 4 -M S 1-v-7 ue Moore . . . backwards! Marks - - - GO! Girls' Bowling First row: C. Holden, L. MacBrien, B. Ford, C. Deaterly, S. Westgard. Second row: J. Mueller, L. Ravikio, B. Keller, A. Crisp M. Umberger. Third row: C. Craig, S. Bopp, E. Bobb, D. Elwell. The boys' and girls' bowling squads play an active part in the sports program of Moorestown High School. The boys' schedule consists of several tournament matches in addition to seven matches with nearby schools, while girls bowl against eleven scheduled opponents. The boys began their season with a loss to Cheltenham, but after defeating Woodrow Wilson, their luck changed. The girls' squad started with losses to Northeast and Chelten- ham. Coached by Mr. Erwin Tschebull, the teams had a challenging season. First row: W. Evans, D. Webb, J. Bopp, E. Gresch, R. Weeks. Second row: N. Frost, J. Mietz, K. Rake, J. Burger, J. Keith. Third row: Kramer, B. Lippencott, R. Horner, Gedling, F. Venzie, C. Zwerner. Tennis First Row: B. Kingston, L. Webster, W. Read, W. Pickett, N. Frost, R. Staples, Coach. Second Row: C. Gravenstein, W. Kincaid, W. Gromada, M. Korman, L. Souder. Tennis I958 was Moorestown High School's second year in interscholastic tennis competition. The team, coached by Robert Staples, turned in a record of seven 'wins and five defeats. Moorestown com- peted with Mt. Holly, Haddonfield, Woodbury, and Collingswood. Golf The i957-58 golf team, under the supervision of Mr. Tschebull, enioyed a very successful season. The only regular season loss was to Haddonfield, thus creating a tie with them for the league crown. ln the ensuing play-off Moorestown was defeated 4V2 to IVQ. Low scorer for Moorestown was Tom Kenvon. Golf First Row: J. Schatz, J. Robertson, J. Verbaro, C. Zwirner. Second Row: H. Graham, R. Cunningham, Coach E. Tschebull, T. Kenyon, C. Gromada. Varsity Baseball First Row: W. Rumford, R. Franke, R. Ballentine, R. Brown, A. Faxon, Manager. Second Row: J. Gibbons, D. Robinson, K. Peacock, T. Hodgson J. Rush, G, Wearshing, Coach. VARSITY BASEBALL Coach Grover Wearshing's boys enjoyed a suc- cessful season, while compiling one of the highest team batting averages in Moorestown baseball his- tory. The season was also noted for the close strug- gle between Moorestown and Ewing Township for the Conference title. The, race was finally decided when Ewing edged out the Quakers in the second meeting between the two clubs. The overall record was nine wins and six losses. On the schedule were two double-headers, one with Woodrow Wilson, the other with highly-touted Haddon Heights. To round out the fine season, Moorestown gained a split in both of these contests. Jr. Varsity Baseball -11-ns-wwe, 1- , I First Row: J. Monroe, D. Howell, E. Morton, P. Colby, L. Peacock, R. Guy, T. Sermarini, W. Connel, R. Kalyn. Second Row: T. Lutz, R. Johnson R. Smythe, F. Shourds, M. Kohl, C. Holmes, L. Ludwig, R. Hadden, J. Ridgway, G. Masters, Coach. SoHbaH First Row: S. Smith, M. Walton, A. Shockey, J. Test, C. Smithson, L. Brown, M. Bowers, S. Andrews, M, Yocum, N. Neuber. Second Row: Coach Mrs. P. Lehman, Manager, D, Elwell, L. DuVinage, T. Acton, C. Holmes, H. Muse, N. Park, E. Eisemann, E. Robertson, C. Werner, C. Holden, J, Lilly, Manager, H. Wing. Third Row: P. Matthews, A. Winston, C, Keller, E. McCloskey, B. Wood, M. Peacock, M. Griffin, V. Geiger, T. Winters, L, Jans, A. Johnson, M. Slater. Not Pictured: E. Walton. VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY MHS OPP. MHS OPP. 23 Merchantville , .. 6 28 Mt. Holly 7 28 Palmyra .... .,.. 8 I3 Palmyra ........ IO 2 Haddon Heights .. I6 34 Merchantville 9 4 Haddonfield .... 8 8 Haddon Heights 20 3 Mt. Holly .... 4 I3 Haddonfield -. I3 3 Collingswood .. ....... , .... ,... . I2 Since Lacrosse is a relatively new sport in the Play days were held with Merchantville and Moores- Eastern United States, few schools in this area have town Friel'1ClS SCl'l00l- BOTII TeBmS were defeated by teams'. Moorestown participated for the first year US WlTl'1 6 5C0l'9 of three to nothing and eight to in the spring of 1958. The girls who went to hockey seven respectively. The schedule will be expanded and Iagrogge Camp formed the nucleus of the Squad, in l959, fOI' The lf'ITel'eST in l6CI'OSSE has IYTCFCBSSCJ. Lacrosse First Row: A. Winston, M. Walton, B. Ziegler, C. Smithson, N. Neuber, L. Ravikio, M. Slater, Second Row: Coach Mrs. P. Lehman, T. Acton, A. Shockey, S. Smith, J. Lily, L. Brown, S. Andrews, M. Bowers, L. Wurst. Not Pictured: E. Walton. 79 Varsity Cheerleaders i959 V M , . i Law s-ar., tfiff ff' . , J Qiw if o J tl e e .. - g ' 5? 'X ' Q i V if ff - jig Ea f A , Ps. . is First Row: R. Miller, J. Conover. Second Row: S. Eibye, V. Calhoun, E. Miller, J. Hagemann, P. Rush, P. Dougherty, C. Littler, E. Voehringer B. Dunfee, J. Neill. The cheerleaders of l959, a pert and lively group of girls, have done their utmost this year to keep the school spirit at a high peak. Their cheering at the football games, pep rallies, and basketball games was one of the highlights ot the school year. We owe a vote of thanks to these girls and their coach, Mrs. Allen, for the splendid iob they have performed. Junior Varsity First Row: S. Bopp, C. Gibbons, P. Gallager, B, Barney. Second Row: M. Gray, M, Grienkiewicz, P. Brown, J, Shaal, C. Battaglia, R. Marshall. 80 Coaching Staff we 10' 5299? edol ox Ylklafw Oli Q P- PK WOMEN'S COACHING STAFF First Row: Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Lehman, Gir-ls' Physical Education Chairman Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Davies. MEN'S COACHING STAFF First Row: Mr. lsenberg, Athletic Director, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Allen, Mr. Mills, Mr. Levine, Mr. Thomas. Second Row: Mr. Wearshing, Mr. Douglass, Mr. Loring, Mr. Monska, Mr. Tschebull, Mr. Masters. 8l Fall Sports lx . ,V FOOTBALL COACHES: First Row: Mr. Masters, Mr. Levine, Mr. Thomas. Second Row: Mr. Loring, Mr. Klansek, Mr. Stolte, Mr. Allen. Bob Smythe is tackled as Burlington player waves to mother in stands. "Stamp our Haddonfield" seems to be ballcarrier Mel Collin's atti- tude. Below: Get that ball, Moores town! 82 Candids "Two more for Douglas." "Gardiner scores in J.V. action."- Collins displays his rebounding ability." Time for a breather. "Lefty hits from undemeath "Two more, Mooresfownf' 83 "Get 'im." 4. t AW X. Behind the scenes in Moorestown High School there is a small army of men and women who keep the school clean and in repair, keep the students well fed, and bring them to school quickly and promptly. Janitors, kitchen staff, and bus drivers- the school woulcln't be the same without them! Left to right: Mrs. Foell, Miss Clark, Mrs. Vandergrift, Mrs. Hahn, Mrs. Pryor, Mark Jones, Mrs. Carite, Mrs Riley. Bus Drivers Mr. Barthold, Mr, Mennel, Mr. Hess, Mr. Bissell Mr. Marshall. Janitors First row: R. Stevenson, L. Bartello, O. Frazier. Second row: H. Krech- mann, R. Grunsby, H. Wurst. Staff Cafeteria You're a frosh, You're a soph, You're a iunior- Then, You Wish You could start All over Again! s -.Q-Q l , '-:::. QI.:-. .,,. . - vi-glia, 'Nag-:3':."w,::-N:2.'l'e-Rq,'-. ESQ?-5::.. .N . X., .,,' 2-R,-:i-tk lk 'NS-lm X NS' 6-" M. NN N sm.-.3.,3,xtw.w::"'4N R N' s. 81. Nl'-X N -. -. X X -Q. x, -. xx. an N Q6 -,I-. -.NCQ -. QQ: N fs NXNQ SQ z -.- - Q. Q' -I' .JIT-""32'-2-las-. -J-., 1 .5-. n... . ..... .A ....-. ............. 1. -'-' 2- 'QW .3 3. Advisers Junior Class Miss Williams Mr. Levine Mrs. Daniels Mr. Klansek Mrs. Barber Sophomore Class Miss Stratton Mr. Loring Freshman Class Mr. Allen Mr. Monska Officers Junior Class President ,.s,.,ss,,..s,s...ssss,.,sss JAMES CHICANO Vice-President ,ss.s ,,,...,ss,,,,,s M IKE EMIG Secretary ..,s,,. ....,...A, E ARLINE MILLER Treasurer EE,.,E ,,,,, A UDREY BLACKBURN Sophomore Class President .,aaE,,E,,,,.s, ,s,,,,,A,, E RNEST MANCINI Secretary Eas,,,,,. ,,.E,.. C HERYL GIBBONS Treasurer .,e...,e,,,,,,, e..e,.e,. J OHN HUNT Not pictured: Vice-President ,,,e. e,,,Ae G EORGE KEEFE Freshman Class C Presudent ,,....,.,....,,...,.,,,..,,, HARRY GARDINER Vice-President ...,.. .,,,..,... S UE KELLER Secretary ,,.,L,,,,, .,,,, R ITA ADCOCK Treasurer ,e,...L ...,, R ONALD COLE :LQ we ga-E ,qi -.,-g-fly .2"' '-.-5-,1'3?25:5gi:1:!:2:?:f -.Af .- , -4 .-x1:- 41' - '-: ,...,.,. .,.,... , ,...,.,... K 751525ff1i5f2f15f51:5:1:1:1:5:1: 511931:-:I:1:1:5:1:1:Cc5:7c1: 1'2'f:f1:1:f:5:I:1f:1:S:1:f:1:5:55:f:f:1: .1:52:-:7:1:1'1:1:1:f:1S:1:f:f:?:-:-S:-:-: ":':' ""'If-:-:-1:-'-:-'?:-:-:-'+:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-'- '-:-:-:-zf'-'ft-:-'-5' :-:5:-:-' ' ii: 1 'F .W '3 l if S ' I- if ti, fxx.. Q 5 'll f 'Q' Q Y Qfgg, Y' , fixXk'fis1i Q' iii " ,V sffe ' S4 ' ' , 1 M3 ., 'Q 44'-'f' .1 fi W ' M X 'x . 45 ' , n A ' Q lb V' . Q 4235 , LL L' ' gf Fi ,Hag ef' 'X 't"" V ...I 1 k , Ei E,,. rl . I 4 A i i :QV " ' A as ' 2 Ffigmfxi f 4 ? Aw, -wi, .N I-L . E, t N1 E , ' ' I if W1 5 'Q N L I I kkgk UW we ' E S.: I .i ,V Q , B, fx Y Ll 3 ,l if W J Wj,1 gn 4. ,. Class of '62 ROOM E-23 First Row: S. Morrow, S. Phile, J. Rhodes, M. O'Don- nell, R. Nimphius, T. O'Shaughnessy, K. Park, J. Muff, S. Porter, M. Read, S. Raueftenbart, L. Nogle. Second Row: J. Patterson, A. Nixon, T. Parkinson, G. Rader, J. Purdy, T. Myles, J. Oest, C. Price, R. Rampson, M. Mueller, J. O'Brien, W. Morris. Not Pictured: B. Numson, B. Porter, T. Perla. ROOM E-21 First Row: S. Schlindwein, D. Sleeper, L. Schwartz. Second Row: S. Sheeder, P. Smith, J. Seddon, M. Schultz, C. Summer, S. Snyder, B. Smith, J. Schilke, B. Sharpless. Third Row: D. Sharp, C. Smith, D Shocke J. Swan D. Stewart, P. Sauder, C. Taylor, Yi i D. Taylor, J. Styles, R. Streeper, T. Ritchie, J Stokes. Not Pictured: E. Roberts, E. Robinson, W. Rodman, W. Seil. ROOM E-22 First Row: G. Wood, N. Voss, M. Vandergrift, J. Wolcott, J. Wigmore, R. Whitman. Second Row: M. Young, S, Worth, G. Walton, C. West, M. Winkler, J. Wentz, K. Webster, M. Waldner, B. Wright. Third Row: J. Weigel, G. Zoerner, J. White, D. Woodland, J. White, D. Williams, S. Winters, G Young, W. Morgan, C. Williams, T. Ward, T Wright, W. Wright. Not Pictured: S. Younkin. Candids All the freshmen concentrate-and one scratches his head-in Mrs. Pugh's algebra class. Mr. Wible's pupils work assiduously to get their physics done. Five minutes to get to their classes, but none of these students seem to be rushing! Mrs. Tsantes' reaction to Sue Keller's dish-"Mmm, good." lass of '6I First Row: J. Battaglia, T. Bridge, C. Brooks, D Beyer, P. Allen, C. Bingham, L. Balducci, D. Bell W. Brady. Second Row: B. Ashurst, F. Bethel, E Bucciarelli, L. Baker, C. Barton, S. Bopp, E. Bobb, A. Brelsforcl, A. Altman. Third Row: R. Brody, D Allyn, C. Beck, P. Bellino, A. Arzillo, F. Berg, L Blaker, V. Ashburn, J. Blithe, E. Borie, J. Bopp, J Brockwell, R. Bruns. Fourth Row: W. Brown, C Bendel, P. Anderson, G. Anstey. Nor Pictured: C Acton, M. Bintliff, R. Adderley, J. Barley, C Berryman, R. Black. ROOM 103 First Row: L. Finn, A. Gormley, R. Fellner, N Gottharclt, B. Ellis, D. Farace, K. Eisenstat, Evans, N. Frost, R. Franckle. Second Row: N. Eger, D. Ellis, V. Geiger, C. Gibbons, K. Gralick, S. Garofalo, C. Franzen, D. Ernst. Third Row: J. Fischer, P. Freudenberg, F. Gray, R. Gale, W. Fisher, R. Goodwin, J, Germer, J. Fennen, W. Evans, V. Feverstein, J. Evans, D. Franckle, M. Effinger, A. Glowfeski. Not Pictured: P. Fox, J. Fowler, H. Gedling. ROOM E-'I 2 First Row: F. DiClementi, H. Deal, L. Bianchi, C Donatis, V. Calhoun, B. Burke, C. Lehner, J. Cam eron, J. Coleman, R. Coon. Second Row: S. Col lings, L. DuVinage, C. Domeraski, M. Domann, A Del Rossi, M. Dietrich, J. Baggett, C. Costello, J Cipparone. Third Row: J. Carcanague, C, Deal, J Donnolo, J. Devenney, J. Clayton, J. Corrado, R Cummins, E. Burns, B. Clayton, J. Buss, G. Corbin L. Curtis, R. Burns, R. Crossen, T. Davis, B. Bud man, R. Cerminara, V. DeLuccia, J. Dougherty, R DeNight. Not Pictured: R. Cranston, A. Guva. lass of 'GI ROOM 202 First Row: G. Hoffman, G. Hilt, G. Hochgesang, J. Kay, D, Haller, B. Hills, S. Hubbs, J. Koch, J. Koser, P. Jacoby, J. Hess. Second Row: G. Kin Cade, J. Howell, D. Grief, C. Harney, J. Hackman C. Hoffman, A. Johnston, C. Kelly, M. Hahn Third Row: L. Holroyd, E. Gresch, W. Hargrove S. Kavanaugh, C. Haehn, D. Humes, L. Jans, W. Gromada, G. Hocking, E. Hutchinson, J. Hollis. Fourth Row: J. Homan, A. Kincade, J. Kaplan, D. Kinsey, J. Hunt, G. Keefe, P. Hutchinson, C. Hob- son, J. Kelly. Not Pictured: J. Haff, C. Hill, P Jackson. 'def' Wasil Q-i ROOM lO5 First Row: H. Roesburg, D. Millman, H. Radford, E. Mills, R. Patterson, J. Mills, F. Olsen. Second Row: W, Nole, K. Morris, E. Robertson, B. Rex, M. Renninger, S. Nuckols, M. Palmer, A. Patterson, N. North. Third Row: C. Phillips, F, Nelson, G. Muscleman, J. Roudenbush, G. Morgan, M. Miller, B, Papp, B. Reis, M. Roeschen. Fourth Row: D. Munson, R. Reis, H. Penton, R. Morrze, R. O'Donnell, R. Pyle, D. Roberts, H. Rodan, R. Paoletti, W. Read, M. Pinnell. Not Pictured: S. Morrow, W. Murphy, C, Pederson. ROOM lOl First Row: H. McCalla, J. Maltese, E. Mancine, G. Lonie, R. Kubilis, W, MacMillan, W. Laubenstein, J. Liston, T. Marshall, B. Webster, W. McLaughlin. Second Row: J. Mennel, J. Menta, C. Lindstrom, D. Lattiere, C. Lardo, G. Makarewicz, E. Mc- Laughlin, R. Luce, E. Levy, L. Medernack. Third Row J. Manning, P. Matthews, J. Lilly, K. Lawyer, B MacMillan, P. Little, C, Markert, W. Lippincott, N Larkworthy, B. Kramer. Fourth Row: F. Merckx, R MacDonald, S. Lippincott, J. Lockhart, J. Kramer V. Massa, J. Maloney. Not Pictured: J. Lanzilotti S. Lingo, C. McNeil. 1:1 it Class of '6l ROOM 104 First Row: J. Vaughn, H. Voss, J. Sacca, F. Smegal, R. Scouler, R. Stulpinas, J. Roush, B. Shone, J. Schwartz, B. Tull, G. Van Horn, L. Schultz. Second Row: J. Shinn, L. Taylor, S. Smith, J. Taylor, J. Stroud, E. Smith, J. Snyder, D. Stow, J. Showell, C. Shipley. Third Row: J. Seeman, B. Santarpio, C. Trivelli, J. Simpson, J. Skinner, A. Schwartz, C. Senior, S. Sauselein, L. Snyder, R. Ramando, A. Sharkey, E. Shea. Fourth Row: D. Steinsieck, J. Taggart, A. Spera, N, Tees, G. Unruh, W. Sheldon, E. Rynex, H. Wade, R. Sharpe, B. Shepheard, D. Volpe, G. Thornton. Not Pictured: R. Steen. E. T. holds Sophomores entranced in biology class. ROOM 102 First Row: P. Willis, G, Yetter, S. Williams, N. Wor- rell, J. Williams, D. Wood, H. Zeeb, T. Worrell, M. Welsh. Second Row: G. West, L. Ziehler, B. Yundt, V. Whitlock, B. Wells, E. Williamson. Third Row: D. Wood, R. Williams, F. Whitley, R. Wolff, S. Wright, R. Wilkins, A. Walton, S. Liedel, R. Young, C. Whitman, S. Wien. Q SQL Class of '60 First Row: L. Armstrong, J. Armstrong, C. Baran, D. Bauman, C. Bailey, H. Berlinghaf, S. Bailey, V. Adcock, J. Arndt. Second Row: H. Geck, S. Barck- low, K. Barrett, S. Berardy, B. Barney, J. Black, J. Bernshetfler. Third Row: J. Bernruther, R. Ar- genbrighf, P. Abarelli, R. Cranston, L. Albrigh1, L. Baiacco, R. Bialey, J. Anderson, R. Bishop. Nor Picrured: B. Bariello, D. Ballinger. ROOM E-26 First Row: M. DiMassimo, B. Cummings, B. Evans, M, Dorfee, M. Entivhisfle, J. Civalina, M. Elevell, Z. Ensign, P. Daugherty. Second Row: D. DiMas- simo, J. Donovan, R. Enery, B. Egner, S. Deasey, E. Cunningham, C. Deaterly, B. Cummings, D. Devon- shire, A. DelSalda, M. Eck, E. Cuzzimano, L. Erd- man, S. Doert, C. Dublick, D, Donovan, J. Del Ros- si, J. Daniels. Third Row: W. Donovan, F. De Noble, R. Cunningham, R. Diel, J. Eggers, M. Emig, J. Davis, J. Davis, L, Davis, R. Evans, ROOM E-14 First Row: L. Chambers, B. Booth, G. Campbell, C Baunds, P. Carbarle, R. Bucks, E. Borget, B. Booth B. Cruz. Second Row: C. Bowers, K. Call, P. Brown A. Blackburn, A. Callins, G. Cooper, P. Booth, J Croge, S. Bongiarno, P. Cianfrani. Third Row: R Copola, R. Carnett, P. Calby, E. Crain, J. Chicano J. Campbell, M. Crain, J. Carcanague, J. Carruth D. Caur1s. Nor Pictured: G. Burke, W. Bush, I Condax. Class of '60 ROOM S-l l First Row: J. Flickenger, B, Floyd, G. Griffith, E Hall, A. Fitzgerald, J. Grunsby, B. Halm, E. Fitz gerald, D. Gambale. Second Row: J. Haitz, B Flamery, J. Hall, F. Fries, E. Froelicher, B. Goldey, V Fletcher, P. Grork, H. Franzen, P. Gallagher, B Grubbs, R. Hagan. Third Row: R. Gale, C. Grovatt, A. Hanuekon, C. Graham, J. Hahn, R. Hadden, R Gallaglier, H. Graham, J. Gross, G. Gardiner, J Farrell, W. Farrell, N. Grief, W. Groh, R. George Not Pictured: T. Hamilton, H, Goodley, B. Fleming, E. Gray, J. Goldman. ROOM 201 First Row: M. Kercher, N. Lane, B. Lynch, J. La- velle, S. Kubilis, C. Keller, B. Kantela, F. Keller, P. Keane. Second Row: M. Kohl, C. Lynch, E. Kohl, K. Koenig, G. Kane, J. Klapproth, D. Layton, C. S. Lutz, C. Lutz, J. Linaberry, K. Kartlie, V. Kraft, G, Kraenbring, D. Keys, B. Liddell, B. Konieczny, J, Keith, B. Kupotel, R. Kiiewski, C. Lippre. Third Row: L. Ludwig, R. Kalyn, R. Kelley, R. Laughlin, C. King, R. Klemm, R. Kaighn, M. Korman, G. Kotzbeck, L, Lolli. Not Pictured: D. Keufer, L. Langan. Af. L . Li-WN.. ROOM S-l0 First Row: C. Holmes, M. Heler, J. Horvath, B Houston, S. Holman, S. Heney, E. Holley, L. Hartle D. Hopf. Second Row: S. Johnson, E. Jones, F Hutnick, E. lvins, V. Johnson, C. Heller, M. Jones Third Row: P. Holberton, E. Herbert, J. Johnson, R Johnson, W. Hare, R. Hawk, C, Heilmeier, J. Hill R. Horner, R. Howey, D. Hughes, W. Harvey, D Howell. Not Pictured: P. lgoe, R. Hutchins, D Holmes, G. Hender, W. Harrison. ,war as X Class of '60 ROOM 210 First Row: E. Morton, E. Morad, S. Moore, D. Meade, G. Mariani, L. MacBride, J. Minter, P. Modugs, C. Muff, N. Moss, A. McGuigan. Second Row: H. Muse, S. McGee, D. Mclllhenny, J. Moss, M. Martin, S. McLaughlin, J. McMullen, G. Niedziei- ko, A. Martino, D. Mather, E. Meekins, K. Maclnnes, M. A. McCloskey, J. Moore, E. Miller, G. O'Brien, J. Neill. Third Row: J. O'Brien, J, Mallett, A. Massa, C. Maurer, J. Monroe, M. Murphy, R. Mac- Millan, C. Mann, R. Myers, F. Marone, W. Mann, D. Opperman, E. Miller, W. Maines. Not Pictured: E. McCloskey, W. Nolan. ROOM 208 First Row: K. Van Hart, T. Sauselein, W. Smith, W. Tilden, L. Sullivan, A. Serrnarini, J. Verbaro, T. Snyder. Second Row: C. Smith, J. Travis, S. Smith, M. Todd, R. Thompson, S. Van Sciver, N. Sterner, B. Schmit, M. Stackhouse. Third Row: L. Peacock, J. Tracy, F. Venzie, S. Still, H. Swart- wood, J. Shool, L. Schock, D. Shoemaker, C. Shoe- maker, L. Shaw, R. Thompson, W. Swan, M. Simon. Fourth Row: H. Stevens, J. Stroup, J. Stoianov, T. Steinmetz, R. Smith, L. Souder, T, Thornton, E. Sorr, R. Spena, J. Schatz. Not Pictured: G. Shea, R. Svachak. L1 FQ. u-...wav 5.8 ROOM 207 First Row: J. Roberts, N. Parks, G. Perron, C Roth, D. Reynolds, L. Pettibone, C. Perla, N. Regetz L. Paulsen. Second Row: D. Repsher, V. Rorke, M Riley, S. Reilly, A. Perla, P. Rush, S. Quinn, L Paolilli, J. Robinson, E. Patterson, J. Panzica, A Pandolfi. Third Row: L. Pugh, E. Read, H. Parm ellee, J. Robertson, T. Potts, G. Philpott, W. Ruff, K. Rake, P. Romano, H. Rudderow. Not Pictured: B Payton, L. Peacock, R. Preston, S. Ratzell, J Ryan, W. Rumford. wg. C ass of '60 First Row: S. Westgard, N. Wallis, D. Worth, B. Wood, T. Winters, R. Wilder, M. Whitney, G. Wal lace, C. Werner. Second Row: L. Wentz, B. White, G. Wheateroft, P. Weaver, P. Wert, J. Wade, L. Welch, A. Winstron, W, Ward. Third Row: D. Webb, R. Weeks, S. Wlsolawski, G. Ward, R Whiting, G. Worrell, D. Woitsowiak, W. Yocum, A. Walters, Not Pictured: F. Walsh, J. Wharton C. Zwirner. Outlines, notecards, magazines mean these iuniors in Miss Jackson's English Ill class are working on termpapers. M M x 'E fe Q- Juniors iq Miss Sharp's American History l class delve into the workings of the Constitution. KJ sk- Classical Course Today it has become increasingly difficult for the high school student to gain admission to college. The aim of the classical course of Moorestown High School is to prepare its students to enter into a liberal arts course in college. To help the students qualify for entrance and be successful in the many colleges of our nation, Moorestown High School has made a variety of courses available. Foremost in the curriculum are Language courses: Latin, French, and Spanish, his- tory courses: ancient and modernp and English courses. A student pursuing this course is encouraged to elect subiects from the scientific curriculum. Groups prepare advanced translation in Miss McKelvey's Latin ll class. r .s.. .eZT Algebra l presents a challenge to eager Freshmen. Miss Thompson's American History class strives to discover what makes our Country great. Scientific Course Mr. Klansek explains a geometry prob- lem to two sophomores. The modern world of today focuses around science. It is the aim of the scientific curriculum of Moorestown High School to prepare its students for entrance into college for further scientific and technical study and thereby aid in the development of the scientists so Chemistry students investigate the production and measurement of gases in the laboratory. English class-a basic part of Moores- town High School's curriculum begins in the Freshman year. greatly in demand in the modern world. With a varied distribution of courses in English, languages, and his- tory, the four years' work is keyed around general sci- ence, biology, physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry and advanced mathematics. Business Course Silent secretaries ponder over mysteries of shorthand. Here, too, the trend is speed in typing classes at M.H.S. l00 The Business Education Curriculum aims to furnish special preparation to students who wish to go directly from school into business. Within this main area there are three fields of specialization which a student may choose- stenography, bookkeeping, or clerical work. At the termination of the high school career, a student should be qualified to begin work in one ofthe three fields. Junior business training discussing automobile insurance. General Course The General Curriculum does not aim to prepare for college, but for business and voca- tional interests. lt permits considerable latitude of choice, so that the student may plan his course in accordance with logical sequences in subiect areas. Tomorrow's builders-shop at M.H.S They're off-to learn the rules of the road. Social studies can be interesting with Mr. Loring. The Guidance Department YY ' Iof, '5 'F' ' Bl'- M fm the Gvldweiqenifiiie Wil' Wade adm Mr' er 1 N m addition the dePmme ' i F: r 5 and gives i the Junior Cas denis- tory stu ' is counS9S Mega prepafa Mrs. Dame - ,O the C0 , if, is special emp as The Guidance Department of Moorestown High School advises all students who have problems pertaining to planning an education, adjusting socially, securing full or part-time iobs, or serving with the Armed Forces. In- cluded in the Guidance Department are Mr. Merrill, Miss Rodney, Mrs. Daniels, and Mrs. Long. ,W-..,,, .,,,, Miss Rod dey-,fs ney, ad ' I ad - . VlSe 'O CoIlegem""s'efS .sur to 'he Se - S- P'0blen-is mo' Colleg Perfafnin 9 Pre g fo ad Siu. mlSSfon Mrs. Long, who replaced Mrs. Tsantes in February, is the freshman adviser and teaches the girls' guidance classes. Medical Staff At different stated intervals the medical staff provides examinations for all students. The nurse is available to the high school students on a regular schedule. Each year a dental examination is administered to every child in the school. When one of the dentists discovers conditions requiring corrections, he makes a report to the parents, sug- gesting that the child consult his regular dentist. Serving on the medical staff are Mrs. Darnell and Mrs. Murray, nursesg Dr. Elwell, Dr. Chisholm, Dr. Hitchner, Dr. lsenloerg, and Dr. Porterg and Miss DOCTOR ELWELL si M il Harney, secretary. Docr OR LSENBERG MRS. DARNELL MRS. MURRAY 32 'tl f s,.,q w f' ' IX, ,fi W Q. ' ,MH Candids Good luck, Mr. President! It's "old stuff" for him-Student Council President Smythe begins a second term. Service with a smile at the Stu- dent Store which stocks all the student needs from book covers to gym bloomers. Officer George, who sees us safely to school and puts tickets on our over-parked CSIS. A group of iuniors and seniors skipping gaily from one class to another. Finalists in National Merit Scholarship Program The class of 1959 is extremely proud of two outstanding students. Patricia Rodgers and Robert Smythe have dis- tinguished themselves in academic competition with students from all parts of the nation, and thus have brought honor not only to themselves but also to our school. PATRICIA Rooeares ' A ROBERT SMYTHE It's good practice for all those English themes-come senior year! Miss Harney, a welcome addition year, works with student librarian. "Hurry, typists-the Nutshell Deadline is 3:30 P.M.l" to the library staff this -Mm,., .wf's.'2'-eww .mr-.. -.N I os ' When a student is misplaced temporarily, Clapperton and Com- pany gets on his trail and presto! he's found. ,fill 'L Mr. Klansek entertains his plane geometry class by drawing the beak of a giant Quefzalcoatl bird. IO6 Collecting ticket money is only half her job-the other half? Col- lecting the attention of her bookkeeping students. Seniors Yours is The open road, Joyously Take iT- Knowing The fuTure is JUST whaT you make iT. FN.D.1 The Honor Society These students-most of whom also appear on the sports and activities pages-have consistently maintained a high degree of academic excellence throughout their high school careers. In recogni- tion of this accomplishment each will receive an Honor Society Key from the Board of Education symbolic of the fact that the student has found the key to the modern world in knowledge and the key to knowledge in industry and persever ance. Kathleen Elma Anderson Sara Walton Andrews Robert Judson Ballentine Walter Arnold Blue Miriam Lucille Bowers Mary Anna Campbell Merle Newton Dzick Elaine Alice Eisemann Joseph Gregory Freynik Jon Joel Gibbons . Christopher Holmes Judith Ann Manning Erederic Lawrence Matthews, Jr. we if yy Lt ,xfrpf Barbara Adele Levering Kill Paul Joseph Panarello Arthur Kenneth Peacock Diane Lee Peacock Mary Doble Potts Patricia Elizabeth Rodgers Ann Bertha Shockey Robert Thomas Smythe Esther Grace Stevens Elizabeth Ann Walton Marjorie Rowe Walton Lee Alan Webster Marilynn Louise White Ada Ann Woodoth Mary Elizabeth Young Honor Students JUDY MANNING MARILYNN WHITE Valedictorian Valedictorian ROBERT SMYTHE Salufatorian I09 Senior Class Advisers MRS. HALL MR. RIZOS Coordinating the activities suggested by the senior ff' ers chaperoning various social events, and enioy- o ic , ing the final year with the class of 1959 compose the . . . t a'or functions of the senior advisers. Planning par m I of the annual Washington trip to make the iourney a MRS. ALLEN MRS. KING memorable and exciting one is fun for advisers as well ' ' ' f reat as students. With fond reminlscence and hope or g success, the senior advisers plan the final senior ac tivity-graduation. Senior Class Qfficers Class officers spent a busy year preparing for the long awaited activities which so enriched the lives of the seniors. Planning the second annual Sno-Ball was one of the maior functions of this group. The senior GERALD MAZUR President CONNJE LITTLER Treasurer W play "The House on the Cliff" produced mystery as well as money with the help of the class officers. The suc- cess of the Washington trip and graduation ceremony demonstrate the capabilities of this hardworking group. Nfitgff if Ocfjw W EDWARD ROSS Vice-President JUDITH MANNING Secretary Who's Who Much adult criticism has been aimed recently at the tendencies of teenagers to lose identity, to become lost in the crowd. Simi- larities in teenage dress, hair styles, taste for music and movies, and attitudes have led many adults to think of the average teenager in terms of a gum chewing, carelessly dressed stereotype. No one knows better than the high school pupil how far from the truth the stereotype actually is. In Moorestown High School, for example, the average student is not merely a member of the crowd. He is a healthy, vital, growing individual with interests, ideas, and talents of his own. His behavior is far better than that of the adults' stereotype. Because teenagers do recognize that they are distinct personalities, they take pleasure in choos- ing from among their ranks, individuals who are particularly outstanding. They choose those who share scholastically, in athletics, in character, to represent them. The following seniors were elected by their classmates, as the best examples of the many diversified fields of interest of today's youth. PAT RODGERS, Best Dressed BOB SMYTHE MARY POTTS, JERRY MAZUR I I2 Most Likely to Succeed Most Reserved Who's Who ED FITZPATRICK, FRANCES ILACQUA Most Versatile - 5, , Curesf CONNIE LITTLER JOHN RIDGEWAY BOB SMYTHE MI DGE WALTON Best Athlete "LEFTY" ROBINSON, ANN SHOCKEY Who's Who Who Has Done rhe Most for AA.H.S. Best Dancers SANDY EIBYE, JOE JACOBY TOOTSIE MILLER BOB SMYTHE I'd Like to Date Most Unforgefra ble WALT BLUE "SCOOCH" GRIFFIN SUE FEARNAUGHT, JON GIBBONS Class Flirt W,-M -lg-if 4-MZESA J BETTY JO DUNFEE, JERRY MAZUR -N uf 1 ww -mf, 'LNEZZ5 ...aa- S-'iw -N Class Comedian "SCOOCH" GRIFFIN JERRY METZLER Most Congenial JOAN CONOVER JERRY METZLER Most Popular TooTslE MILLER, Jos FREYNIK -1- ANNELL ABBOTT Moorestown Classical Coquettish Student Council Representative I, 2, 37 Junior Play Committee 37 Senior Play Committee 47 Student Concert Goers l, 2, 3, 47 Spanish Club 2j Latin Club l, 27 Prom Committee 37 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 37 Band l, 2, 3, 47 Band Council 47 Orchestra 2, 3, 47 Glee Club I7 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 47 Dance Band 3, 47 Hockey, Frosh7 Tennis, Frosh7 Student Exchange 3. HARVEY ALTMAN Moorestown General Fun-loving Junior Play 37 Desk Monitor 37 Fire Warden 4j Prom Committee 37 Football, Frosh7 Baseball, Frosh. ALFRED RICHARD ALEXANDER Moorestown Scientific Reserved Fire Warden 4. M mg! gx,,N.5 , i-H'-1 Max ie 'X""'VN VN! bf.-mtg. C, 5 M, 0 ,sXX w.JgXM.vs -..,ggkX, Qt ,va fl it X-otlxfs Lili!! 8 RL THOMAS JOSEPH ANDL Maple Shade General Violinist Latin Club 'l7 Orchestra 37 South Jersey Orchestra 2. ,W IQ , r- 'f L 1-f I 10 Ct! Ti ily My w Tl I L ll K III! 'ill ATH EQQMELEVIA A MARIE REGINA A ER ON , ANDERSON , cv -VA ' Off I I stow X if UL Moorestown C si 5 Se' rpg' ,M C sical Bunny H f'Certifi ,fi , 2, 37 S Ior U J ior Play 3j Student Concert Pl Ass't- or 47 Fre Club, Qpoers 47 Spanish Club I7 Latin Treas. ranco-A n R Club , 27 Prom Committee 37 Club 4, F.T.A. 3 residen 4, jx I Club I, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Te for Sa riving Qu 37 X Q, C Sffa l 3, 4: Jerse if U ,UA 3, -sm 4, GI lu I, .C Mi? hor 3,1 7 A ell of r , 47 iillk S te gb ock Cb - arsit ia.,3lJ47 Sof ' 7 Studql, Exchartg 3 Sring uartet 3 In Club E, . , If fllfb IU EORGE ROBERT ANDREWS Maple Shade Business Lineman B.E.S. 47 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Boy's State 37 Football, Varsity 4, J,V. 37 Baseball, Varsity 2. if 1' Z' ' It I UJOAN MARIE W5 fl, BAGOCIOUS 3 'L .If Maple shade ness Pleasant B.E.S. 17 Glee Club Tj Interschoa ity ,llastic Basketball 1. , U7 .If C Wi W. CV, I JH , " L Ivvk I ,--rw" J I' , X ,, i I ,, , v Ly Stu ent Conc KQLGOEFS I, 2, 3, 4, W i ,Cru gk A If ,Xa SALLY W. ANDREWS Moorestown Scientific Sincere Honor Certificate l, 2, 37 Spanish Club 27 Red Cross Representative 37 Prom Committee 37 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Glee Club l, 27 Hockey, Varsity 3, 4, J.V. 2, Frosh7 Girl's Basketball, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Frosh7 Softball, Varsity 1, 2, 3, 47 Lacrosse 3, 4. ROBERT J. BALLENTIN E Moorestown Scientific "Tineau" Honor Certificate l, 27 Student Council Representative 3, 47 French Ciub 27 Franco-American Book Club 37 Latin Club l, 27 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Nutshell Assistant Sports Editor 37 Football, Frosh7 Baseball, Varsity 3, 4, J.V. 2, .Frosh. ROBERT WILLIAM GRETCHEN PETERER BARBER BARTHOLD Maple Shade Moorestown Scientific Top Tenor Classical Congenia French Club I, Mixed Chorus 2, rt! Student Concert Goers 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4. Eench Club l, 2, Latin Club I, 'V , A , Library Council 1, 2, 3, 4, F.T.A. I, ' XV'-J' is ' ,Ba2,a,4,ohf1,2, lflfufajl AM Iv V ip! l 3, 4?nSouth Jersey rCOEEhI:stra 2, Q1 01, JUJ,Cf C1 A ,U my g fQyL6Iee club 1, sonbsiihjjiity Wi U0 O ,'l,, wwf' MQ J! I X, wi, I 1 dj ,L L. JOAN EDNA BARTON Ilfifxl CATHERINE ELLEN Moorestown BAT-I-AGI-IA Business Loquacious ' Mooreslown I Hall Monitor 3, Assembly Usher 4, Classmal Armcable Junior Play Committee 3, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, Desk Monitor l, 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Nutshell Business Staff 4, B.E.S. Commit- tee 4. ROBERT BERARD Maple Shade Business Carefree B.E.S. 3, 4, Fire Warden 4. WALTER A. BLUE Masonville Classical Unforgettable Honor Certificate I, 2, 3, Junior Play 3, Student Concert Goers 2, 4, Spanish Club 2, Spanish-Ameri- can Book Club 2, 3, Latin Club 'l, 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Council Vice Pres. 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Nutshell Class News Reporter 3, Ass't. News Editor 4, Yearbook Photographer 4, Boy's State 3, Football, J.V. 2, 3, Spring Track, J.V. 3, Spanish Award 2, 3, Latin Award 3. MARIE CATHERINE BRADLEY Maple Shade Classical Diligent Honor Certificate I, Spanish Club 2, Latin Club I, 2, Desk Monitor 4, Glee Club I, 2, Softball, J.V., 2. French Club 'l, 2, Latin Club 'I, 2, Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Cheerleader, J.V. 4, Prom Committee 3. JOHN F. BERGER Maple Shade Scientific Conservative Spanish Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4. MIRIAM BOWERS Moorestown Scientific Cheerful Honor Certificate I, 2, 3, Attend- ance Certificate l, Spanish Club 2, Spanish-American Book Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club I, 2, Nutshell Distributor 1, Hockey, Varsity 3, 4, J.V., I, 2, Girls' Bas- ketball, Varsity, 3, 4, J.V., l, 2, Softball, Varsity, I, 2, 3, 4, La- crosse 3, 4. BARBARA ELEANOR BROMFI ELD Maple Shade Business Attractive B.E.S. 3, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Girls' Basketball, Frosh. EDWARD SHERVAN BROWN Moorestown Scientific Gridiron Hero Class Vice-President 3, Student Council Representative 4, Hall Monitor 3, Spanish Club l, Fire Warden 4, Prom Committee 3, Operators l, 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club l, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Yearbook Art Editor 4, Football, Varsity 2, 3, Co-Cap- tain 4, Frosh, Spring Track, Varsity 4, Frosh, Boys' Basketball J.V. 2, Frosh, Baseball J.V. 2, 3, Frosh, All State Group lll Second Team Football. LAURA ANN BRYANT Moorestown Business Efficient Attendance Certificate l, 2, B.E.S. 2, Red Cross Representative 2, 3, Desk Monitor 2, 4, Glee Club l, Nutshell Distributor 2, 3. eggs HRQEPH CHARLES BURNS Maple Shade 1 C ientific Sax-Man ttendance Certificate 2, Hall onitor 4, Fire Warden 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Dance Band 3. GAIL DORIS CAMPBELL Moorestown Business Capable Attendance Certificate 2, B.E.S. 3, 4, Glee Club T, 2. JAMES ALLYNE CARBONE, JR. Maple Shade General Speed Demon Latin Club l, 2, B.E.S. 3, 4, Desk Monitor 3, Fire Warden 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, A Cappella Choir 3. CAROL ANN BRUBAKER Maple Shade Business Volatile Bus Monitor 3, Junior Play Com- mittee 3, Senior Play Committee 4, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. 3, 41 Desk Monitor 3, Prom Committee 3, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Bowling J.V. 3, Color Guard Sub- stitute 4, Game Attendant 3, 4. STEPHEN LOUIS BUKSTEL Maple Shade Scientific K2DKV Junior Play 3, Spanish Club l, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Boys' State 3. DONNA LEE CALHOUN Maple Shade Business Rock 'n' Roller B.E.S. l, Glee Club l, Mixed Cho- rus 2, Girls' Basketball, Frosh, Bowling, Frosh, Camera Club l. MARY ANNA CAMPBELL Moorestown Classical Demure Honor Certificate l, 2, 3, Senior Play Committee 4, Student Con- cert Goers 3, 4, French Club 2, Latin Club l, 2, Desk Monitor 2, Fire Warden 4, Prom Committee 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 'l, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Literary Editor 4, Girls' Basketball Frosh. MERRIDITH CLARK Moorestown General Sweet Red Cross Representative 4, Li- brary Council 4, Desk Monitor 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Yearbook Club Editor 4. RAYMOND WILLIAM CLARK Masonville General Lanky B.E.S. 2, Desk Monitor I, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Spring Track, Frosh. MELVIN RONALD COLLINS Moorestown General Suave Spanish Club I, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Football, Varsity 4, Frosh, Cross Country, Varsity 2, 3, Spring Track, Varsity I, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Basketball, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Frosh. JOAN C. CONOVER Maple Shade Business Versatile Student Council Secretary 4, Repre- sentative 3, Bus Monitor 3,,Junior Play Committee 3, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, F.H.A. President 3, 4, Desk Moni- tor 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Cheerleader 3, Co-captain 4. LEONARD R. COON Maple Shade General Nonchalant Desk Monitor 4, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Distributive Education 4. MARIE CRAGG Moorestown Classical Appealing Student Concert Goer 4, Girls' Basketball, Frosh. DIANA LEE CLEVENGER Masonville Business Maiorette Attendance Certificate I, 2, B.E.S. 3, Library Council I, 2, 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Maiorette 3, Co-Captain 4. WILLIAM EDWARD CONNELL Mount Laurel Scientific Stalwart French Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Football, Varsity 3, 4, J.V. 2, Frosh, Baseball, J.V. 3, Frosh. JO ANN MARIE CONVER Moorestown General Chatterer B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2. ANTHONY JOHN CORRADO Moorestown General Swinger Band 2, Orchestra 2, Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus 4, A Cappella Choir 'l. CAROL ANN CRAIG Maple Shade General Anchors Aweigh Latin Club I, 2, Desk Monitor 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' State 3, Bowling, J.V. 2. MARIE ANNETTE CRAWFORD Maple Shade Business Quiet B.E.S. 3, 45 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 35 Band l, 25 Mixed Chorus I5 Yearbook Typist 4. GAYE VIRGIN IA CZYZEWICZ Maple Shade Business Personable B.E.S. 3, 45 Desk Monitor 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 35 Hockey, J.V. 25 Cheerleader, J.V. 35 Game Usher 4. MARY ANTOINETTE DE LEO Masonville Business Animated B.E.S. 3, 4. SARA ANNE DENBER Moorestown Business Earnest Bus Monitor 25 B.E.S. 2, 3, 45 Red Cross Representative 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Year- book Typing Staff 4. PATRICIA ANN DIRKIN Maple Shade Business Chatterbox B.E.S. 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3. ALBERTA ELIZABETH CRISP Maple Shade General Gracious Latin Club l, 25 Desk Monitor 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Bowling, J.V. 3. ROBERT LEWIS DE LA PARRA Mt. Laurel General Dashing Fire Warden 45 Flag Bearer 4. NORMA DOROTHY DELZEIT Maple Shade Business Breezy B.E.S. 'l, 25 Assembly Usher 45 Desk Monitor 4. WILLIAM H. DIETRICH Moorestown General Sociable Junior Play 35 B.E.S. 2, 35 Presi- dent 45 Fire Warden 45 Football, J.V. 35 Attendance Certificate l, 25 Desk Monitor 3, 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Operators Club 1, 2, 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. WlLLlAM R. DOERT Moorestown General Randy Distributive Education 4. JOHN GEORGE DOROFEE Maple Shade General Artistic GENEVIEVE CLARE DOWN ES Maple Shade Business Energetic B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3. BETTE JO DUNFEE Rancocas Woods Business Vivacious Student Council Representative 3, Junior Play Chairman, Costume Committee, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Glee Club 'l, 3, Var- sity Cheerleader 4, Desk Monitor 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. DZICK LEWIS EDWARD DOUGLAS Moorestown Business Future Globetrotter Basketball, Frosh, Varsity, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country, Varsity, 2, 3, Spring Track, Varsity, 3, 4, Desk Monitor 3, Fire Warden 4, Glee Club 2, 3. LEONARD A. DUFFY Mount Laurel Scientific Equestrian Student Council Representative 4, Assembly Usher 4, Operator Club I, Spanish Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Swimming, J.V. 2, Track, Frosh, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. NUNZIO VINCENT DU RSO Maple Shade Business Junior Junior Play, Camera Club 2, Desk Monitor 4, Spanish-American Book Club 3, Fire Warden 4, Assembly Usher 4, Spanish Club l, B.S.E. 3, 4. JOHN MICHAEL EGAN Masonville General Genial Junior Play, Camera Club 4- Mixed Chorus 4, Fire Warden 4, F' ball, J.V. 3, Varsity wean ' ' . S D Cl b 3 Girls ' 'A 'L' I Mc? 4 c r of -' 3 i ll-lf? JJ, 'y A - Ejxlg SANDRA LEE EIBYE ,E+ J sf' fifgbdi Moorestown -FSL? fl f E MA Business Flirt' ' yvgx ' Moorestown Student Council Representative 4, W yrdf Cl s, Sunny Glee Club 1, 2, 3, B.E.s. 2, 3, 4 Nutshell Distributor l, 3, 4, Year- book Typist 3, 4, Cheerleader, Var! sity, 3, 4, Attendance Certificate inglx. 2, Desk Monitor 2, 3, 4. c F' :lip iz: 2, Library Council 2, 4, Fran- o merican Book Club 3, 4, Glee ub l, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Mixed En- semble 3, Yearbook Literary Editor 4, Game Attendant 3, 4, Fire Warden 4, Student Concert 4, Hon- or Certificate I, 2, 3, Attendance Certificate i, 2, Softball, J.V. I, 2, 3, Varsity 4. :SEVEN . un'llr Play, French Club 2, Latin EDGAR ROY ELLEN DER Moorestown Classical "Neddy" Junior Play, Committee, Senior Play, Latin Club I, 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Concert Goer 3, 4, Fire War- den 4, Desk Monitor 2, Prom Com- 1 :nittee 3, Band Council 4. Clif xi., '7'i.,. . I-. ' ld? .Lp l lx, I, cm JYL Y--u ,jwvlgwl-, I lub UQ,-4. 'll LD li, 1' " ESS 'N' -J flv.r.llgQ1 X,-L51 'fff'.- KlL""7l Ai' fb,-wi .ffrhill 1. ' li, f"' fi LM' f'f,",5 'ijffslf ,I I 1 :I NANCY THE ESA ERNST Maple Shade Business Chipper B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Library Council 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Nutshell Typist 3, 4, At- tendance Certificate 2, Senior Play Committee 4. ALFRED AUSTIN FAXON Ill Moorestown Scientific Thespian Junior Play, Franco-American Book Club 3, 4, French Club 2, Latin Club I, 2, Camera Club I, Op- erators Club I, 2, Nutshell l, Sophomore Editor, 3, Ass't Editor 4, Baseballv, Manager, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Football, Manager, J.V. 3, Varsity 4, Fire Warden 4, Press Club I, 2, 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Junior Rotarian 4. KARL FICKEISSEN Maple Shade Scientific Unassuming BARBARA ANN FORD Moorestown Business Spirited B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, Red Cross Representative I, 2, 3, Game Attendant 4, Desk Monitor 3, Hock- ey Frosh, Softball, Frosh, Bowling 3, 4, Student Secretary, Guidance Department 4, Junior Play Com- mittee, Senior Play Committee, Library Council 3, 4, Prom Com- mittee 3, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. 1-:Mr :JN-sr' LOUISE DIANE ENSIGN Maple Shade Business Co-operative Library Council 3, B.E.S. 3, 4, Bowling, Varsity 3, Attendance Certificate I, 2, 3, Glee Club 3, Camera Club 3. RICHARD JAMES FAIRHURST Moorestown General "Richie" B.E.S. 2, Fire Warden 4. SUE FEARNAUGHT Moorestown Classical Blushing Student Council Representative 3, Junior Play Committee, Spanish Club 2, Library Council 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Band 4, Color Guard 4, Swimming, J.V. 2, Attendance Certificate 2, Prom Committee 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. IDA: .l ' , ,. -nl V ,L Jig., " ' Q7 ,UC f--.' , ' yy . , ,ui ,U , , 4 -. ""' 1-" 4' .t I L, I F' ipoyyguzb' tiawioiiti' : ei'rzPAmicK -,I V , A ,f',a,J!llasonviIle s' A A , . ,., Scientific I Spanish Club I, Fire Warden 4, Football Frosh, J.V. 2, 3, Varsity 4, Spring Track Frosh, J.V. 2, Var- sity 4, Attendance Certificate 1, 2. NEIL LAWRENCE FORTE Maple Shade Business Chef Junior Play, Hall Monitor 4, As- sembly Usher 4, Fire Warden 4, Football J.V. 2, Desk Monitor 3, Prom Committee 3. , ,cf JOSEPH GREGORY FREYNIK Moorestown Scientific "Otto" Class Treasurer I, Class Vice-Pres- ident 2, Student Council Represen- tative l, 2, Monitor Club Vice- President 3, President 4, Nutshell I, Sophomore Editor, Fire Warden 4, Football, Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Basketball Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Baseball Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Honor Certificate I, 2, 3, Jr. Ro- tarian 4. CHARLES EDWARD FULLEMAN Moorestown Business Easy-going Operators Club 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Fire Warden 4, Football Frosh, Baseball Frosh, Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 3, Desk Monitor 2. JUDY KATHERINE GALE Mount Laurel Business Soft-spoken Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Softball, Frosh, Basketball, Frosh. ANN GAVIN Moorestown Business Keen Student Council Representative I, Glee Club 2, 3, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader J.V. 2, Mixed Chorus 4, Desk Monitor 4, Hall Monitor 4, Assembly Usher 4, Junior Play Committee. CLARENCE VANDERBILT GEORGE III Moorestown General "Ren ny" Junior Play, Yearbook Art Editor 4, Fire Warden 4, Baseball Frosh, B.E.S. 3, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. LEROY W. FROST Moorestown General Drummer Bowling Club J.V. 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Hall Monitor 4, Fire Warden 4, Attendance Certificate I, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Dance Band 4. ARLENE JULIA GALE Mount Laurel Business Drum Maiorette Latin Club 1, French Club l, Glee Club 1, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Ma- iorette 2, 3, Drum Maior 4, Hall Monitor 4, Desk Monitor 4, Dis- tributive Education 3. STEVEN ROSS GARDNER Rancocas Woods General "Meatball" Spanish Club 2, Assembly Usher 4, Fire Warden 4, Spring Track, Frosh. CATHERINE HELEN GEORGE Moorestown Business Hard-working Junior Play Committee, Glee Club 2, B.E.S. 1, Mixed Chorus 2. JON JOEL GIBBONS Moorestown Scientific Determined Student Council Representative 1, 2, 4, Assembly Usher 4, Latin Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Yearbook 4, Lit- erary Editor, Cross Country Var- sity 2, 4, J.V. 3, Frosh, Basketball, Varsity 4, J.V. 2, 3, Baseball Frosh, Honor Certificate 2, 3. JACK W. GILLESPY Maple Shade General Heckler Latin Club l7 B.E.S. 47 Desk Mon- itor 47 Fire Warden 47 Glee Club 2, 3i A Cappella Choir 3. CLINTON CRAIG GLENN Maple Shade Scientific "Clint" Attendance Certificate I, 2, 37 Hall Monitor 47 Assembly Usher 47 Spanish Club I7 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. JUDITH ANNE GOODWIN Maple Shade Business Resolved Senior Play Committee 47 B.E.S. 2, 3, 47 Library Council 3, Aj Glee Club I, 27 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Nutshell 4, Typist. CHARLES GORDON GRAVENSTINE Maple Shade Scientific "Chalie" Attendance Certificate 1, 27 Hall Monitor 37 Junior Play7 Spanish Club 27 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Football Var- sity 4, J.V. 2, 37 Basketball J.V. 27 Baseball J.V. 27 Tennis Varsity 3, 4. MARGARITTE GRIENKIEWICZ Maple Shade Classical Captivating Student Council Representative I7 Hall Monitor 47 Assembly Usher 47 French Club I7 Latin Club I7 B.E.S. 2, 3, 47 Prom Committee 37 Glee Club I7 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Nut- shell 4, Advertisement7 Swimming J.V. 27 Bowling J.V. 37 J.V. Cheer- leader 4. GLEN GI ESEKE Maple Shade Business Qulescertt Student Council Representative 17 Fire Warden 4. ELWOOD ROBERT GODFREY, JR. Mount Laurel Scientific "Bob" Hall Monitor 47 French Club Ti Desk Monitor 47 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Baseball J.V. 2, Frosh. JOAN MARY GRAHAM Pennsau ken General Conscientious Hall Monitor 47 Junior Play Com- mittee7 Senior Play Committee7 Spanish Club 27 B.E.S. 2, 37 F.H.A. 1, 27 Glee Club l, 27 Mixed Cho- rus 3, Aj Yearbook 4, Club Editor7 Basketball J.V. 2, Manager7 Sno- Ball Committee. ARTHUR GREEN Lenola General Curly-haired B.E.S. 3, 47 Desk Monitor I, 27 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3i Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. MARY ELLEN GRIFFIN Maple Shade Business "Scooch" Spanish Club 27 B.E.S. 2, 3, 47 Press Club 37 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 37 Glee Club 2, 47 Nut- shell 3, Secretarial Staff7 Basketball J.V. 2, 37 Softball Varsity 2, Soft- ball J.V. 3. CARL WALLACE GROMADA Moorestown Scientific Goodelooking Hall Monitor 4, Assembly Usher 4, Junior Play, French Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Prom Committee 3, Operators Club I, 2, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, Nutshell 4, Assistant Senior Edi- tor, Football Varsity 4, J.V. 2, 3, Frosh, Swimming Varsity 2, 3, 4, Frosh, Golf Varsity 2, 3, 4, Frosh. C. ROBERT GUY Hartford Scientific Argumentative Honor Certificate I, Latin'CIub 1, 2, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Nutshell l, 2, 4, Junior Rotarian 4, Football Varsity Man- ager I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Varsity 4, Spring Track Varsity 3, 4. ELIZABETH ELLEN HAFF Moorestown Business "Be1SY' Hall Monitor 4, Junior Play Com- mittee, Senior Play Committee, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Desk Monitor 4, Prom Committee 3, Snoball Com- mittee 3. 1 NANCY CAROL HAGEMANN Moorestown Business Winsome Bus Monitor 3, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Li- brary Council 3, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Girls' Swimming Frosh, J.V. Cheerleader, 2, 3. DOLORES DOROTHY GRUBBS Moorestown Business Future Wave Attendance Certificate 3, Hall Monitor 4, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Representative 4, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club 'l, 2, Mixed Chorus 3. EARL EDWARD HAAS Mount Laurel Scientific Good-natured Student Council Representative 3, Hall Monitor 4, Bus Monitor 3, Spanish Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. JUNE MARY HAGEMANN Moorestown Business Personable Attendance Certificate I, 2: Stu- dent Council Representative 2, Hall Monitor 3, Bus Monitor 2, Junior Play Committee, B.E.S. 4, F.H.A. 4, Glee Club 1, Press Club 3, 4, Nutshell Typist 3, 4, Student Store 2, J.V. Cheerleader, 2, Var- sity 3, 4. WILLIAM G. HAGNIAIER Moorestown General Track-star B.E.S. 3, 4, Fire Warden 4, Prom Committee 3, Indoor Track, Var- sity 3, 4, Cross Country Varsity 2, 3, 4, Spring Track sity l, 2, 3, 4, Sno-ball Com ' ee 3. t D . if fy ,JA tj ffl 7 .xy 4 1 ,t . Y 3, f 1 '-4 .D 0,1 t pt ,CJ , ' 3 F' IJ i N Y 7 i f ,A , 7 X, .k A D. My J J, 5,!,J V ,A X f -af' sf ,QA4-t' ,tiiitfki 3" ,Juni P5 fi 0' '1 ' :git "P ,P Jr l f If -Y! 1 N ANN MARIE HAJDUK -,H Moorestown I -1 General Pleasant! Hall Monitor 4, Junior Play Com- mittee, Senior Play Committee, Spanish Club 2, B.E.S. 2, 3, F.H.A. I, 2, Glee Club 'l, 2, Mixed Cho- rus 3, 4, Yearbook Club Editor 4. .7 XM? in 91, ,J 7 . ARELDA ANN HA .23 . i'rZfetM R523 Rancocas Woods e Scientific Blith Hall Monitor 4, Junior Play, Jun ior Play Committee, Senior Play,f Student Concert Goer 4, Latin Club 2, Red Cross Representative 2, Li- ,-9 brary Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Desk' Monitor 4, Prom Committee 3, Glee W Club l, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, AV Cappella Choir 3 V 125 ' A9 7' I ' , RICHARD E. HAYNES JR. Moorestown General "Pele" Assembly Usher 4, Junior Play, Senior Play Committee, B.E.S. 3, 4, Fire Warden 4, Spring Track Varsity 3, Sno-Ball Committee 3: Volleyball Champs 3. SUSAN W. HEINRICKS Moorestown Classical Excitable Honor Certificate 2, Bus Monitor l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, French Club l, 2, Latin Club l, 2, Li- brary Council l, 2, 3, 4, Desk Monitor 2, 3, Press Club 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Nutshell Reporter 3, 4, Game Usher 4. ROBERT ED. HELLMIG Mt. Laurel General Creative Hall Monitor 4, B.E.S. 3, 4, Fire Warden 4, Operators l, 2, 3, 4, Stagehands 4, Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 3, Volleyball l, 2, 4. ARLENE JEANETTE HERBERT Mt. Laurel Business Candid Junior Play Committee, Senior Play Committee, B.E.S. 4, Library Council 4, Desk Monitor 4, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club l, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Student Secre- tary 4. CONSTANCE FLORENCE HOLDEN Maple Shade Scientific Pert Student Council Representative 2, French Club l, 2, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Nutshell Secre- tary 3, 4, J.V. Hockey 2, Bowling, Varsity 3, Softball, Varsity 3, Class Chairman 2. CHARLES G. HEIDT Masonville General Friendly Hall Monitor 4, Fire Warden 4, Operators l, 2, 3, 4, Stagehands 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Volleyball l, 2, 4. FREDERICK ALFRED HEISLER V Moorestown General Imperturbable Junior Play, French Club l, Desk Monitor 2, 4, Fire Warden 4, Bowl- ing Varsity 3, 4, Baseball, Frosh, Volleyball Champs 3. A F , .xx ,J .3 U t Y c-,. - .. of K rr J JJJJD5 9 "" F X" sl c 9 V l RTT T .X 4 'Tip A-+. bk '. rt .f ,X Q,fWlLLTAM CARL HENSINGER Moorestown Scientific Competent Hall Monitor 4, Student Concert Goers 4, Fire Warden 4, Prom Committee 3, Band 3, 4, Band Council 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, South Jersey Band 3, Dance Band 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Photography Editor, Swimming Varsity 3. LINDA LOUISE HILLS Moorestown Classical Solo Twirler Class Secretary l, 2, Hall Moni- tor 3, Latin Club 2, Prom Com- mittee 3, Band 'l, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 4, Glee Club l, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, Yearbook 4, Art Staff, Basket- ball, Frosh, Solo Twirler 4. PATRICIA ANN HOLLOWAY Maple Shade Business Composed B.E.S. l, 4, Glee Club l, 2, Mixed Chorus l, 3. CH RIS HOLMES Moorestown Scientific Droll Student Council Representative l, 2, 3, 4, Monitor Club, Hall Mon- itor 3, Assembly Usher 4, Latin Club l, 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens tor Safe Driving Club 3, Boys' State 3, Cross Country Varsity 4, J.V. 3, Boys' Basketball, Varsity 3, 4, Frosh, J.V. 2, Baseball Var- sity 3, 4, J.V.' 2, Frosh. SARA HOUGH Moorestown Classical Sparkling eyes Senior Play Committee 4, Student Concert Goers 4, French Club 2, Latin Club 2, Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Nutshell, Assistant Editor 4. JOHN JOSEPH HUESKEN Maple Shade Business Stolid Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 3. KENNETH HERBERT HUTCH I NS Moorestown General Persevering ROSEMARIE JANETTE IAN NUZZI Moorestown Classical lndividualist Spanish Club 'l, 2, Latin Club l, 2, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Camera Club 4. MILDRED MARY HOSEL Maple Shade Business "Millie" Desk Monitor 3, Band 3, Glee Club 2, Mixed Chorus 4, A Cap- pella Choir 3. ALBERT L. HROSIK Maple Shade General Good-natured B.E.S. 4, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Distributive Education 4, Spring Track 3. ROBERT M. HUNT Mount Laurel Scientific "The End" Student Court 4, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Football, Varsity 2, 3, 4, Frosh, Spring Track Frosh, J.V. 2, 3, Boys' Basketball Frosh, J. V. 2. f Z 03' ,LQIQIN FRANCIS HVIZDOS Q il Moorestown Qkgcientific Self-reliant 7 Student Concert Goers 4, Fire 'Ql'vWJWarden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Cl 1 1 ' . life' F Band Band Council 4 FRANCES NATALIE DIANA ILACQUA Moorestown Classical Future Pavlova Attendance Certificate I, 2, 3, Junior Play Art Committee, Sen- ior, Play Art Committee, Stage Crew, Student Concert Goer 4, Latin Club l, 2, F.T.A. 3, 4, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Nutshell 3, Yearbook, Art Editor 4. JOE JACOBY Maple Shade Business "Happy Wanderer" Assembly Usher 47 Bus Monitor 37 B.E.S. 2, 3, 47 Desk Monitor 27 Fire Warden 47 Prom Committee 37 Operators Club 27 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 37 Football, J.V. 27 Spring Track, Varsity 3, 47 Boys' Basket- ball, Frosh. ROBERT S. JOBES Moorestown Scientific Unconcerned Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 37 Indoor Track, Frosl17 Spring Track, Frosh. ' - vii Ji W' VN L our A-9' RT w. 1 HNSON lx Ma if ' ade OGUBUI ss Casual .S. 47 re en 47 Mixed C rus 47 A' pella Choir 47 Football Varkity Ai lndoor Track Varsity 47 Spring Track Varsity 4. ALLSTON LEE JONES Moorestown Scientific Erudite Fire Warden 47 Spring Track J.V. 37 Weather Club 1. JAMES A. KEITH Maple Shade Business Devil-may-care B.E.S. 47 Desk Monitor 47 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Bowling Varsity 4. JOYCE JACOBY Maple Shade Business "The Better Half" Student Council Representative 2, 3, 47 Junior Play Committee 37 B.E.S. 2, 3, 47 F.H.A. Vice Presi- dent 3, President 47 Prom Com- mittee 37 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Glee Club 2, 37 Nutshell 3, Secretary Business Staff 47 Year- book, Business Staff Secretary 4. JUDITH MAE JOHNSON Maple Shade Business Petite Attendance Certificate 37 B.E.S. 3, 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Glee Club 27 A Cappella Choir 2, 37 Nutshell Class Reporter 37 Hockey Frosh7 Hi-B.A. i, 2, 3, 47 F.H,A. 1. JAMES B. JOHNSTON, JR. Maple Shade General Nice Guy Bus Monitor 47 Senior Play Com- mittee7 French Club 27 B,E.S. 3, 47 Desk Monitor 37 Fire Warden 47 Operators 27 Stagehands 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Boys' State 37 Bowling Varsity 3, 4. BETTE MAE KASSEKERT Mt. Laurel Business Gracious Bus Monitor 27 B.E.S. 37 Desk Monitor 3, 47 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 37 Glee Club l. BEVERLY ANN KELLER Moorestown Classical Poised French Club l, 27 Franco-American Book Club 27 Latin Club 1, 27 Red Cross Representative 1, 2, 37 Li- brary Council l, 2, 37 Desk Moni- tor 2, 37 Fire Warden 47 Press Club Secretary 27 Prom Committee 37 Glee Club 27 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 A Cappella Choir 37 Yearbook Art- Staff 47 Hockey Varsity 3, J.V. 1, 27 Basketball J.V. l, 2. THOMAS DANIEL KENNEDY Mount Laurel Business Adamant Assembly Usher 45 Fire Warden 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. GERALD THOMAS KENYON Moorestown Classical Everybody's Friend Assembly Usher 45 Latin Club I, 25 Fire Warden 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Basketball Frosh, J.V. 25 Golf Varsity I, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA JOYCE KING Maple Shade Business Engaged B.E.S. 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 45 Desk Monitor 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 45 Nutshell Typist 45 Color Guard 45 Game Attendant 3. MARGARET ANN KINNEER Moorestown Scientific lrrepressible Junior Play 35 Latin Club 25 Desk Monitor 2, 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Yearbook Business Staff 4. WILLIAM L. KOSER Moorestown General Wise-cracker Spanish Club I5 B.E.S. 35 Fire Warden 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Football 35 Frosh, Varsity Spring Track 25 Frosh Spring Track5 Var- sity Swimming 2, 3, 45 Frosh Swim- ming. DORIS ETHEL KENSLER Moorestown Business Tenacious Attendance Certificate 'l, 2, 35 Junior Play Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 45 Spanish Club I5 B.E.S. 1, 2, 35 Red Cross Repre- sentative 25 Library Council I, 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. I, 25'Prom Commit- tee 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club I, 25 Mixed Cho- rus 3. PATRICIA ANN KERR Maple Shade Business Flighty B.E.S. 45 Glee Club 35 Mixed Cho- rus 45 Christmas Pageant 2, 3, 4. ROBERT EDWARD KINGSBURY Moorestown Scientific Level-headed Assembly Usher 45 Spanish Club I, 25 Desk Monitor 35 Fire War- den 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Spring Track Frosh5 Boys' Swimming, Varsity 2, 3, Co-Captain 4, Frosh5 Camera Club 1, 2. JOAN ELIZABETH KLEMM Maple Shade Business Dainty B.E.S. 2, 3, 45 F.H.A. 45 Prom Committee 35 Glee Club 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 4. DOROTHY LOUISA KUNDE Maple Shade Business Dauntless B.E.S. 35 Library Council 25 Glee Club 15 Mixed Chorus 25 Nutshell Secretary 1. ALTHEA LIESEE LAMB Maple Shade Business Dreamer Senior Play Committee5 French Club 25 B.E.S. 3, 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Game Attendant 3. MARY HELEN Le CLAIR Maple Shade U Business Cut-uP Assembly Usher 45 French Club 2: B.E.S. 45 Glee Club 5l' Nutshell Distributor 2, 3. nfl! fx . JV .Vu ,LL .ml i. fix Xl L J fb . gyl if UW ,U Jw ll rg . ,D r 1 'li F uf li it 5 ,, wh V' I L' ,, .JJ ci . if .Qi kv' ,W ' ri WJA U 'Y i ,J J i L rf' 'J Ury is RBARA ADELE E LEVERING Rancocas Woods Business "Redhead" Honor Certificate 35 Student Coun- cil Representative 45 Junior Play Committee5 French Club 25 B.E.S. 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Year- book Typist 45 Student Secretary 45 Nutshell Distributor 45 Sno-Ball Committee 3, 4. CONNIE LITTLER Moorestown Classical Scintillatirig Class Treasurer 45 Student Council Representative 35 Latin Club l, 25 Library Council 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 35 Glee Club l, 25 Cheer- leading Varsity 3, 4. BARBARA MARY LUTTON Maple Shade Business Comely B.E.S. 2, 35 Desk Monitor 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club 3. BRIAN DELROY LAWYER Mount Laurel General Mannerly Student Court 'l, 25 Junior Play5 A Cappella Choir 45 Football, J.V. 2, 3, Frosh5 Sergeant-at-Arms l5 Fire Warden 4. V EMMA JANE LEHNER Maple Shade General Country Girl THOMAS G. LILLAGORE Maple Shade Business Aggressive Junior Play5 B.E.S. 2, 3, 45 Desk Monitor 35 Fire Warden 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driv- ing 3. BARBARA ANN LUTCHER Moorestown Business Painstaking Library Council 45 Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus l. TH EODORE LUTZ Mount Laurel General Farm Boy Fire Warden 45 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 45 Baseball, J.V. 3, Frosh. fl! JOAN ANN LYNCH Masonville Business Future Betty Crocker Spanish Club 25 Latin Club 15 F.H.A. 25 Desk Monitor 2, 3, 45 Glee Clu 5 Mixed Qhor s 3, 4. lv H I rljfjfl I' 1 'V I I' 1 4 Q47 jfjef' . A' ll' . "K lb lf, :J I1 friff ' I UJAMES MANGAN Maple Shade Business Dosged Fire Warden 4. EDWARD JULIUS MARQUART, JR. Maple Shade Scientific Dramatist Bus Monitor 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Spanish Club 25 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Camera Club 2. MARILYN JEAN MARTIN Maple Shade Classical Sympathetic Honor Certificate I5 Hall Monitor I5 French Club I5 Latin Club I, 25 F,T.A. 3, 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club l, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. SYDNEY KAREN MAYS Moorestown Classical Obliging Latin Club I5 Desk Monitor 25 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. LINDA ANN MacBRlEN Riverton General Diffident Red Cross Representative 45 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 35 Distributive Ed. 45 Bowling, J.V. 3, Varsity 45 Mr. MerriIl's Secretary 4. JUDITH ANN MANNING Moorestown Classical Proficient Honor Certificate 1, 2, 35 Class Secretary l, 45 Student Council Representative l, 25 Student Con- cert Goers 2, 3, 45 Spanish-Ameri- can Book Club 3, 45 Prom Com- mittee 35 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Band Council 3, 45 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra Council 45 South Jersey Orchestra 35 Glee Club I, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 45 Dance Band 35 Nut- shell Reporter T, 25 Basketball Frosh, J.V. 2, 3. RUTHANN MARSHALL Moorestown Business Mild-mannered Attendance Certificate 'l, 25 B.E.S. 3, 45 Desk Monitor 2, 3, 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club i, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 45 J.V. Cheerleader 4. I ,WWI pgznnjvabhljx FREDERIC LAWRENCE MATTHEWS Moorestown Scientific "Larry" Honor Certificate 35 French Club I, 25 Franco-American Book Club 3, 45 Fire Warden 45 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Junior Rotarian 45 Football, Frosh, J.V, 2, 3, Varsity 45 Spring Track, Frosh, J.V. 35 Basketball, Frosh. GERALD THOMAS - MAZUR Maple Shade General Diplomatic Class President 45 Hall Monitor 3, 45 Assembly Usher 45 Senior Play Committee5 Operators 25 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Distributive Ed. 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 A Cap- pella Choir 35 Football, J.V. 25 Swimming, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Swim- ming Co-Captain 45 Camera Club 25 B.E.S. 2, 3, 45 Desk Monitor 3, 45 Prom Committee 3. GALE HOWARD MCDONALD Moorestown Business Go-getter Assembly Usher 4i Junior Play Committee 31 Senior Play Commit- tee 41 B.E.S, 3, 41 Desk Monitor 2, 3, 41 Fire Warden' 41 Prom Committee 31 Nutshell Advertising Manager 41 Yearbook Advertising Manager 41 Football, J.V. 31 Bas- ketball, Frosh1 Baseball, Varsity 3. HERBERT J. MCGINNIS Rancocas Woods Scientific Yachtsman Fire Warden 41 Operators I, 2, 3. HUGH WILLIAM MCNULTY Maple Shade Business Exacting Fire Warden 41 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 3. DORIS LOUISE MENNEL Maple Shade Classical Cordial Honor Certificate I1 Hall Monitor I1 Junior Play 31 F.T.A. 3, 41 Prom Committee 31 Teens for Safe Driving Club 31 Glee Club I, 21 Mixed Chorus 3, 41 Yearbook Lay- out Editor 41 Senior Play Commit- tee 41 French Club 21 Latin Club 1, 2. ROBERT MEREDITH Moorestown General "Luiack" B.E.S. 11 Fire Warden 41 Cross Country, Varsity 2i Spring Track Varsity I1 Basketball, Varsity 3. ffl., FRANCIS PATRICK MCGANN JR. Moorestown General Unique Student Council Representative Aj Assembly Usher 41 Junior Play 3j Senior Play Committee 41 Red Cross Repres tative lli Fire War- den 41 Prom mmittee 31 Dis- .tributi e ' 42 Ixed CI10' rus 3, SA C ella' hoir 3, 41 Cy lub . C9 4 ARILYN LEoNoRf-N619 MCMILLAN .10 ,. it f' W + Moorestown Business Dancer Senior Play 41 Spanish Club 21 B.E.S. 3, 41 Red Cross Representa- tive 31 Library Council 3, 41 F.T.A. 3, 41 Glee Club 1, 21 Mixed Cho- rus 3, Ai Game Attendant 4. DONALD R. MEALEY Maple Shade General Serious B.E.S. 3, 41 Fire Warden 4. HOWARD J. MERCKX Maple Shade Scientific Jovial Attendance Certificate I, 2, 31 Stu- dent Council Representative 21 Spanish Club I, 21 Fire Warden 41 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. MILTON W. METZLER, JR. Masonville Business "Jerry" Assembly Usher 41 Spanish Club I, 21 B.E.S. 3, 41 Desk Monitor 31 Fire Warden 41 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3i Distributive Edu- cation 41 Glee Club 21 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 4. JOHN LOUIS MIETZ Moorestown Scientific Retiring Attendance Certificate 27 Latin Club I7 Desk Monitor 47 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Bowling, J.V. 37 Baseball, Frosh. JAMES NICHOLAS MONA Maple Shade Business Nei? Student Council Representative 37 French Club 27 Fire Warden 47 Mixed Chorus 2. JUDY ANN MUELLER Moorestown Classical Charming Junior Play Committee7 Senior Play Committee7 Student Concert Goers 47 Spanish Club 27 Latin Club I, 27 Desk Monitor 27 Prom Com- mittee 37 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Glee Club I, 2, 37 Mixed Chorus 4i Nutshell Distributor 27 Yearbook Layout Editor 47 Hockey, Frosh7 Bowling, J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 47 Softball, Frosh. I .1 ju , 1 I NANCY 7 LLEN NEUBER Moorestown alassiil Mermaid and , 2, 3, 47 Orchestra,2, 3, 47 Glee Club I, 27 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 Hockey Frosh, J.V. 2, 3, Varsity 47 Swimming Championship I, 2, 3, 47 Softball J.V. I, Varsity 2, 3, 47 Lacrosse 3. FRANCIS MICHAEL O'NEl LL Rancocas Woods General Mister Touchdown Class Treasurer 37 Student Council Representative 2, 3, 47 Assembly Usher 47 Department Head 47 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Mixed Chorus 3, 47 A Cappella Choir 3, 47 Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 47 Spring Track Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 4. RUTH MAE MILLER Moorestown Business "Tootsie" Class Treasurer 27 Student Council Representative 27 Student Court 'I7 Monitor Club Secretary 3, 47 B.E.S. 37 Fire Warden 3, 47 Glee Club I7 Nutshell Distributor I, 2, 37 Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, Captain, 4. VIRGINIA ANN MONTE Hartford Business lnquisitive B.E.S. 47 Glee Club 2, 3. JUDITH EILEEN MULLOWN EY Moorestown Classical Zealous Attendance Certificate 2j Junior PIay7 Junior Play Committee7 Sen- ior Play Committee7 Student Con- cert Goers 2, 47 French Club 27 Franco-American Book Club 4i Latin Club I, 27 Library Council I, 2, 3, 47 F.T.A. 3, 47 Press Club 3, 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Mixed Chorus 47 A Cappella Choir 47 Nutshell Ass't Literary Editor 3, Literary Editor 47 Softball, Frosh. BERNARD E. NOSEK Maple Shade General Intent Bus Monitor 47 Latin Club 27 B.E.S. 47 Fire Warden 47 Stagehand 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Camera Club 4. HARRY MARTIN OVERLINE Maple Shade General "Chief" Assembly Usher 47 Bus Monitor 47 Junior PIay7 Senior Play7 Spanish Club 27 B.E.S. 3, 47 Desk Monitor 27 Prom Committee 37 Basketball Frosh7 Baseball Frosh7 Camera Club 47 Fire Chief7 Safety Conference 4. i uw-uv K PAUL JOSEPH PANARELLO Fellowship General Ambitious Honor Certificate 3, B.E.S. 3, 4, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Alternate Delegate to Boys' State 3, Football Frosh. DOLORES ANN PATELLO Maple Shade Business Frank Attendance Certificate l, 2, B.E.S. 3, 4, Glee Club i, 2, 3, Nutshell Distributor 3. JAMES R. PAUGH Moorestown Business Newcomer B.E.S. 4, Fire Warden 4, Stage- hands 4, Swimming, Varsity 4, Bowling, Varsity 4, Baseball, Var- sity 4. DIANE LEE PEACOCK S4-cg 4fC. Moorestown Classical Talented Honor Certificate 1, 2, 3, Junior Play, Student Concert Goers 2, 3, School Representative 4, French Club 2, Franco-American Book Club 3, 4, Latin Club 1, Secretary 2, Press Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Council 4, South Jersey Orchestra 3, South Jersey Band 3, Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Nutshell 2, 3, 4, Fresh- man Editor, Feature Editor, Year- -book Literary Editor, Game At- tendant 3, 4. ' ,, ,J -4 tal' T M1 - '4- ' 'Q- J - gl flC I .A I , 1 r- J - . - f' 'LAJOS B. PERESZTEGY sl, 'Modrestowri . . 4 J Scientific ' Personality Siudeit konbert Goers 2, 3, 4, T,Red Cross R9p5dSJ1taQve, 'l, 2, Fire 'W derr'4, Teens for S Driv- ir1g'Cieb 3, Boys' Stay 3, pring Track, J.V. 1, 2, Swimmirxg, Frosh, l' Varsity'2,3,,4. I U awe: 4g0.,,7.y MARY KATH RYN PARRY Moorestown Classical "Kathy" Senior Play Committee, Student Concert Goers 3, 4, Latin Club 1, 2, Library Council 4, Glee Club l, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Hockey, Frosh, Swimming, Championship Manager 1, 2, 3, 4. RUSSELL W. PATTERSON Moorestown General Fisherman B.E.S. 3, 4, Cafeteria Monitor 3, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cap- pella Choir 2, 3, 4, Football, Frosh. RTHUR ETH iwvfiocx orestown IC "Oth" T Honor C rt'fi 'l, 2, 3, At- tendance rtificate 2, Student C rt 3, ssembly Usher 4, Span- ' I panish-American Book asure 3- Latin Club ,ii Safe Driving Club 9 I f app Choir 4, e bo rts E or 4, Junior ' eball Frosh, J.V. 2 Varsi . Cb f, 'lTet' ,' , .'dChs34- c I MARY LE COCK Maple Shade Business Genuine Student Council Representative 3, 4, Hall Monitor 1, Spanish Club 1, 2, B.E.S. 2, Teens for Safe ,Driv- ing Club 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Basketball, J.V. 2, Softball, J.V. 2, 3. RICHARD MITCHEL PIONTEK Maple Shade Scientific Persevering Latin Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. ' ll! Fire f I MARY P 0 l estown Classical ri Honor Certificate I 4, French Club 2, F n Book Club 3, 4, Lal , Press Club 3, 4, Nutshell, ss' News Editor 3, Assistant ' , , J ip, Play, Student Conce ISV 2 I Editor. RUTH ANN PRICE Rancocas Woods Business Whimsical Honor Certificate 3, Junior Play, Senior Play Committee, Spanish Club 2, B.E.S. 2, 3, Press Club 3, Glee Club I, 2, Nutshell Typist 4. JAMES M. PROTICH Maple Shade General Meditative LOIS MARGARET RAVIKIO Moorestown General Full-of-fun Student Concert Goers 4, Spanish Club 2, Library Council 3, 4, F.T.A. Secretary 4, Prom Commit- tee 3, Bowling J.V. 3, Varsity 4, Lacrosse 3, 4, Student Exchange 2. JOHN H. RIDGWAY Moorestown Scientific Collegiate Assembly Usher 4, Spanish Club 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Band 1, Glee Club 'l, 2, Cross Country, Varsity 3, Basketball, J.V. 2, 3, Baseball, J.V. 2, 3. MARIE V. PRATE Maple Shade General Alluring Latin Club I, F.H.A. 3, Distributive Education 4, Glee Club I, 2. MICHAEL LAWRENCE PRISCO Moorestown Business Steadfast B.E.S. 2, Fire Warden I, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. SHIRLEY LOIS RATZELL Maple Shade Scientific Coy Senior Play, Red Cross Representa- tive 2, 3, Treasurer 4, Desk Mon- itor 4, Hop Com ittee 1, Variety X Show 'I. , fi, ll I 0n pjf w f 4 I U01 W Q LIFFOR I h e Q Business ' - Complying B.E.S. 4, Fire Warden 4, Glee Club 'I, 2. NANCY ANN ROBEY Maple Shade Business Spritely Hall Monitor I, B.E.S. 3, 4, Desk Monitor 3, Glee Club 1, 2, Game Attendant 4. 1 BRENDA M. ROBINSON Moorestown General Fashionable Desk Monitor Ai Glee Club I, 27 Mixed Chorus 3, Aj Camera Club 2. NAOMI VERA ROBINSON Moorestown Business "Bonnie" Junior Class Secretary7 Student Council Representative I, 37 Stu- dent Court 47 Monitor Club Secre- tary 47 Assembly Usher 47 French Club, Secretary 2j Latin Club 'I, 27 B.E.S. 3, 47 Fire Warden 47 Prom Committee 37 Teens for Safe Driv- ing Club 37 Distributive Education 47 Glee Club 'I, 27 Nutshell Dis- tributor 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA RODGERS Moorestown Scientific Ability plus Honor Certificate I, 2, 37 Spanish Club 27 Spanish American Book Club 3, Secretary 27 Library Coun- cil 37 Glee Club 17 Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 47 Bowling, J.V. 2, 37 Lacrosse 4. RAE R. RODIA Maple Shade Business Pretty Eyes Secretary of Spanish Club 27 B.E.S. 2, 3, 47 Girls' State 37 Glee Club 2, 37 Desk Monitor 47 Nutshell Re- porter 37 Yearbook Literary Staff 47 Junior and Senior Play Usher. JAMES WILLIAM RUSH Moorestown General Slugger Fire Warden 47 Varsity Baseball 1. MARY HELEN ROBINSON Moorestown Business Extrovert B.E.S. 3, 47 Basketball, J.V. 37 Softball, Varsity 4j Camera Club 2. RICHARD DAVID ROBINSON Mount Laurel Scientific "Lefty" Student Council Representative 37 Monitor Club Vice-president 47 Hall Monitor 3, Ai Spanish Club 27 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club Treasurer 37 Junior Rotarian 47 Boys' State 37 Foot- ball, Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 47 Spring Track, Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 47 Base- ball, Frosh, Varsity 2, 3, 47 Flag Bearer 4. WILLIAM JOHN RODHAM J R. Maple Shade Scientific Independent Spanish Club I, 27 Fire Warden 47 Mixed Chorus 27 Boyfe 37 Teens for Safe Dry? ff QA-N' ' , . Q ff-'K' gf- if - i ii V, fr' ,eff 2 f it I, 1 ..f ' J? it ',lL""', I 'fx' If' fi EDWARD CHARLES ROSS Moorestown Scientific "Flunkie" Class Vice President 47 Student Council Representative 47 President of Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Fire Warden 4. JOHN FREDERICK SANGER Maple Shade Scientific Restrained Attendance Certificate 37 Spanish Club 1, 27 Fire Warden 47 Teens for Safe Driving Club 3. ! ,., . . A A , 0 ' ' ., 5 - 5 Q r rl. boNA,LD, SCHWARTI f 4 ROBERT J. scouiere " Mdorestown 5 ' 'I 5- tf' ' tl Maple Shade Scientific - ' Muscle-man 1 Gpgeggf Unhurried fifendanje .Certificate F1135 Class f 5 Presiden 35 Student Counc' 45 v Frerjch Club 25 Hre We 45 1 Prom Co iftee 35 Teens fo Safe ,Driving vb 35 Camera C?bi1p , 'Football J.V. 2. frosh5, Bas etball F,rdsh5 Baseball Frosh. - r r ANN B. SHOCKEY Moorestown Classical Athletic Honor Certificate 'I, 2, 35 Glee Club I, 25 Attendance Certificate I, 2, 35 Spanish Club I5 Latin Club I, 25 Prom Committee 35 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Nutshell Sports Editor 3, 45 Hock- ey J.V. I, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball J.V. I, Varsity 2, 3, 45 Soft- ball Varsity I, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK A. SHOURDS Mount Laurel Business Bashful Fire Warden 45 Frosh Basketball5 Baseball Frosh, J.V. 2, 3. IRENE ELIZABETH SIMON DAVID W. SKINNER Maple Shade Moorestown Business EHUS' Scientific Taciturn B.E.S. 35 Red Cro Re sen ve Fire Warden 4, 3: Glee Club i C rpg? WJ' f fc Q gf nf!! . ,, it if if if ' Q A G R N JOHN J. SMITH L TER fy! K ount Laurel Mo to er "Cap'n John" Ailaqal Effer cent E.S. 5 Fir arden 45 Football panih b I5 atin CI I, , - I 3 and , 3, 5 Orh ra 45 ff ' Libr C cil I, , 3, lee 'I I I 25 35 ' d C rus Vgwvin sity I, 2, IL o y I 3 Vars y Vgoupllg.-J. .1f2.'a,vsrWf J l ff Aff, Qfwf. Ll fi ,.4QQ05,'flf STANLEY GERALD SMITH Lenola General "Gerry' Fire Warden I5 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball Frosh. r I 415 why! VIRGINIA M. SMITH Moorestown Scientific Sociable Latin Club l, 25 Fire Warden 45 Prom Committee 35 Glee Club 1, 35 Hockey J.V. 25 Basketball J.V. 25 Softball J.V. 25 Junior Play. ROBERT T. SMYTHE Moorestown Scientific Accomplished Honor Certificate I, 2, 3, Class President I, Student Council President 3, 4, Student Council Representative I, 2, latin Club I, 2, Fire Warden 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Band 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 3, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Junior Ro- tarian 4, Boys' State 3, Football, Frosh, .I.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Spring Track, Frosh, Basketball, Frosh, J.V, 2, 3, Varsity 4, MADELYNN LOUISE SNYDER Lenola Business Adventurous Hall Monitor 3, B.E.S. 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving 3, Desk Monitor 3, Glee Club I, 2, Softball, Var- sity 2. JOAN CATHERINE SPENCE Hartford Heights Business Trim B.E.S. 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2. ESTHER GRACE STEVENS Masonville Business IHQGVHOUS Honor Certificate I, 2, 3, At- tendance Certificate 3, Spanish Club 2, Business Education Society 2, 3, Red Cross Representative I, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee ciiib 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4, 'Nutshell I, 2, 3, 4, Nutshell Junior Editor 3, Nut- shell Editonin-Chigf' 4, Softball, Frosh, N in -I xv X . l JOAN ANNETTA STILL , Mt. Laurel Business Worryless Attendance Certificate I, Business Education Society 3, 4, F.H.A. 2, 3, 4, Desk Monitor 2, 4, Glee Club I. I wi qE1fiidfryv1'7S'4gNYDEre M restown In Clu .5 6,9 L If Fjorida Fan I A, Va. , La tizf 0 ' f ,L J ff C' i' .1 ff X, I DIANE SOMERS Maple Shade Business Peppy Bus Monitor l, 2, French Club I, Business Education Society 3, Desk Monitor l, 2, 3, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3. CARL FREDERICK SPRENG Maple Shade Business Natural Business Education Society 4, Fire Warden 4. VIVIEN DELORES STEVENS Moorestown Classical Adroit French Club 2, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club I, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Hockey, Jr. Varsity I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Jr. Varsity l, 2, Softball Jr. Var- sity I. MELVIN KENNETH STILL Mt. Laurel General Soft-spoken WILLIAM STOJANOV Mt. Laurel General Sprinter Fire Warden 45 A Cappella Choir I5 Indoor Track, Varsity I5 Cross Country, Varsity 25 Spring Track, Varsity I, 2. BARBARA JoAry,6lRou.o I Mavis I 'I Cldsscal Il " ,tywaugmful Bus Morli,torI"3- .luniorl Play Com- 'h1ittee5'Sbanishl,Club 25 Latin Clrb' I I, 25',Red Cross Representative, 45 ,Librlary Council 3, 45 Futurl .Teach- ers of America 45 Prom mittee 3, Glee Club 2. . ' I ' A ' ,ll i. ROBERT JAMES TARTAGLIA General Keyboard Clown Fire Warden 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. RAOUL E. TSCHEBULL Moorestown Scientific Headstrong Spanish Club I, 25 Latin Club I, 25 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Fire Warden 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Band Council 45 Spring Track I, 25 Swimming 2. ROBERTA ANN TURNER Moorestown General "Bobbie" Attendance Certificate 25 Desk Monitor 45 Prom Committee 35 Glee Club I. ELIZABETH CAROLYN STRATTON Maple Shade Business Frivolous Junior and Senior Play Usher 3, 45 Business Education Society 2, 3, 45 Prom Committee 35 Glee Club 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Bowling Var- sity 45 Alternate Color Guard 45 Game Usher 45 Sno Ball Commit- tee 3. DANELLE SWENNEY Moorestown Business Prima Donna Student Concert Goers 2, 3, 45 French Club 'I, 25 Business Educa- tion Society 45 Future Teachers of America 45 All State Chorus 45 Glee Club 'I, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Cho- rus 3, 45 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 45 Dance Band 3, 45 Honor So- loist 2, 3. GEORGE HALLOWELL TEAS Moorestown Scientific Pilot French Club 25 Desk Monitor 25 Fire Warden 45 Operators 'I, 25 Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Varsity Football 45 J.V. Football 2, 35 Freshman Football5 Freshmdh BasebalI5 Head Assembly Usher. JOHN EDWARD TUCCI Maple Shade Business Garrulous Fire Warden 45 Camera Club 4. I 5 . I J R ' . QIIAARY I Lou ,UMBERG-ER , Moorestown - - General I .If Volatile Junior Playfsenaaf PIay5 Latiq Club I Aft, zmibrafy Couneil 2, 35 F.H.A,. 3, 45, Prom Committee 35'Teens :for Saf,e'Drivin 'Club 35I Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus' 45 'J.VI. -.Hockey I5 Varsity Swimming 45 Freshman- Swimming5 Camera Club 4. -4 f-I I l' 5. , x EVELYN KATHERINE VOEHRINGER Maple Shade Business Feminine Student Council Representative 4, B.E.S. 3, 4, Desk Monitor 3, Press Club 3, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club I, 2, Cheerleader, J.V. 3, Varsity 4. ANN "Beth Ann" 1, 2, 3, Spanish i, Spanish-American Book l'J I, 2, Li- Council I, 2, Secretary- Treasurer 3, President 4, Prom Committee 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Band Council 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Council 4, Glee Club l, 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Girls' Sports Editor 4, Girls' State Al- ternate 3, Hockey, J.V. 'l, 2, Var- sity 3, 4, Varsity Swimming I, 2, 3, 4, J.v. softball 1, 2, 3, La- crosse 2, 3. PATRICIA MARGARET WEBER Maple Shade Business Unaffected Assembly Usher 4, French Club I, B.E.S. 2, 3, 4, Red Cross Repre- sentative 3, 4, Desk Monitor 2, 3, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club l, 2, Camera Club 2, Game Attend- LYNN EDWARD WAGNER Masonville Scientific Handsome Prom Committee 3, Assembly Usher 4. ., , ,U flew r Play s C 'IX W! 'M mo 2 Fge Z 4. ,- , B.E.S. 2, , epr -Q' ntative 2 lee Club Dstr or 2: Color I Li-fc Z3 , CM, MARJO E R. WALTON Moorestown Classical "Midge" Honor Certificate 1, 2, 3, Student Council Representative I, Hall Monitor 3, 4, Junior Play Commit- tee, Senior Play Committee, Span- ish Club 2, Spanish-American Book Club Secretary 2, 3, President 4, Latin Club i, 2, Prom Committee 3, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Band I, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Council 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, Basketball, J.V. I, 2, Varsity 3, 4, Softball, Varsity 'l, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4. LEE ALAN TER Moores Scientific lma 'native Honor Certificat , 3, t ent Council Repr ati , Ju ior Play, Junio ay Co ittee, Stu- dent Co Goe , Teens for Safe Driv C b , Band l, 2, 3, 4, a Co I 4, Orchestra ommittee, Spanish Club 2, Latin ant 4, 4, boo pist 3, Associate E it 4, oys State 3, Tennis, arsi . Q CAROL ANN WEIS I NE LENORE Maple Shade WENSTROM Business Pint-56 WI Maple Shade Senior Play Usher 4, B.E.S. 2, 3, , a ical Appreciative F.H.A. 4, Prom Committee 3, Glee - PI C - , Se - PI Club 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Gamexp mor ay ommmeeu mor ay Attendant 4. Club 2, Secretary I, Red Cross Representative 2, Prom Committee 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3, Nutshell Dis- tributor 3. - W ciA'xQTalNfl1ffLTKI!,l53,,I,L DEAN JERRY WENTZ Maple Shade Scientific "Hot-fodder" Student Council Representative 47 Assembly Usher 47 Junior Play 37 Red Cross Representative 17 As- sistant Fire Chief 47 Prom Com- mittee 37 Teens for Safe Driving Club 37 Mixed Chorus 17 Freshman FootbalI7 Varsity Spring Track, Frosh7 Frosh Basketball. f Aj' P' RICIA MARY WIE K WS I C ssical Serene A Atlendance rti ' 1,-2, 37 Stu- J de cil ' t Co resentative 37 , io mittee 37 Senior lay Co ittee 47 French Club a i u Desk Moni s Prom .r1'itf'3. M, 1 , L I b 3 - 37 P Clu , 2, , - o l ttee 37 ns o fe Driv- X 4 tn lb r,G , c - ' 7 zinc' 47 Nutshell eporter 1, 2, 4, ILite ry Assistant 37 Varsity Basketb 3. ELLEN FRANCES WILLIAMS Maple Shade Business Coquette French Club 1, 2, B.E.S. 3, 47 Red Cross Representative 47 Desk Mon- itor 37 Prom Committee 37 Nutshell Business Staff 27 Varsity Bowling 47 Camera Club 4. BARBARA ANN WORRELL Moorestown Business Sedate Library Council 1, 2.'3, 47 Glee Club l, 2, 3. MARTHA JEAN YOCUM Maple Shade Classical "Merf" Honor Certificate 17 Senior Play Committee 47 Spanish Club 2j Latin Club 1, 27 Vice-president 17 Prom Committee 37 Glee Club 1, 2i J.V. Basketball 2: Varsity Soft- ball 37 J.V. 2. MARILYNN LOUISE WHITE Moorestown Classical Discerning Honor Certificate 1, 2, 37 At- tendance Certificate 27 Student Concert Goer 3, 47 Spanish-Ameri- can Book Club 3, 47 Latin Club 1, 27 Spanish Award 37 Latin Award 2, 37 Library Council 1, 2, 3, 47 Orchestra Council i, 2, 3, Secretary 47 S.J. Band 2, 37 Glee Club 1, 27 Mixed Chorus 3, - A Cappella Chcyr 37 Dance 2, 3, 4. VIR Moore n . 1 . . slcal ar-th g Hono ertif t 7 nitor 7 nior Comm e 37 Sen- E l'lV U ' or Co it 47 ipanish 2i in 1, - es - or 47 Co ee - eensr! f D ' ' CI , e In 'D ff 77755275 ADA ANN OODOT Moorestown Business Assiduous Honor Certificate 2, 3j B.E.S. 47 Desk Monitor 47 Press Club 47 Glee Club 132, 37 Nutshell Typist 4. LYN DA LEE WU RST Moorestown Classical Saucy Hall Monitor 37 Junior Play Com- mittee 37 Senior Play Committee 47 Spanish Club 17 Latin Club 1, 27 Prom Committee 37 Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Band Council 47 Orchestra 2, 3, 47 Orchestra Council 47 Glee Club 17 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 47 A Cappella Choir 37 J.V. Hockey 2i Softball, Manager 1. MARTHA ELIZABETH YOST Moorestown General Courteous French Club 27 Press Club 47 Prom Committee 37 Nutshell Typist 4. Secretary I Attendance Office 3, FREDERICK W. YOUNG Maple Shade Scientific "Rick" Spanish Club 1, 2, Fire Warden A, Teens for Safe Driving Club 3, Camera Club 4. MARY ELIZABETH 'K Moor town ' 47 5111354461 as , "A4fZ3oV'GUarW W A 1.9.9-14, .f zc ofa, Wan , JOAN MARIE BARBARA LYN ZAPPALORTO ZIEGLER Moorestown Moorestown Business Southern Belle Classical "Ziegie" Honor Certificate 3. Junior Play Committee 35 Senior Play Committee 4, Student Con- cert Goer 3, 47 Spanish Club 2g Latin Club 1, 2, Library Council 37 Vice-President Af Prom Com- mittee 3p Teens for Safe Driving Club 35 Glee Club ly Mixed Cho- rus 2, 3, 47 A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Varsity Hockey 3, 47 J.V, 1, 2, Fresh, Baskejball, Varsity 3,17-m J.V.. l,' 125' Lacrosse 1.1 , J, V -' , J I4 r ' 4 5 If ' '- 4611 I , ' g -JOAN Anas: V, V " lhorestownru -v Businesf' Recently, ameredr PQs Clubf 'girIs'. sports, Che - . lea'dii-vgqy Acyertising Commitfge. , ' , f . ' J , J 5 1 i, v .. V ft' The philosophy of education which the administration and faculty of Moorestown High School embrace-the philosophy which vve, the Seniors, have experienced these four years-was expressed adequately by Daniel Webster when he said: "Knowledge does not comprise all which is contained in the large term of education. The feelings are to be disciplined, the passions are to be restrained, true and worthy motives are to be inspired, a profound religious feeling is to be instilled, and pure morality inculcated under all circumstances. All this is com- prised in education." iff 1 -,ff . " ' aw 2 I ,ni c g 1 I 1-1 'Auf ul A' ' , ....... -4' ...L--....... ,vg , .... o 1 , .'.'.'.'.'.'.' Q' U -' ' 'P ,, . , sv. " :Has , , . ,izgigf 5 -.iz itil, ..... ,' F' h 1'-'.'.'.'.'.', '-'-'.'.'.'.'f. ',!3Q-:.:.:.:.:4:.:. ' 'C - . . . .... - .'.'.'.'.'. . f. . ...... ....... . - i -:-:-:-:-:-:-: -:-:-:-:':-:-:-:1. , .... ,, .. , i"f.5,3g-r"' 1 - Q' 1' .-fm --I " .-5:-I 'E'1f: HK' '-:-. .. .. . " ,F:4:-:-:-:-:-:- 2-2-1-2-1-1-:-:-:ffl-.E 1-.-11.-zzvg-j-xl: .3 31-'.j.:.j.j.j.:.: .:.:.j.:.j.:,:.:.,g, .lazaggijyayg ig:::::-:-:- :-:-:-:-:- .2111.1,1E1.3 ' 'LN .. 'ff-1539.o?lE5:5:i:5:5:3:1t3: . . .,, ...... , 44 -v - ..,1..- 1 .-: - ' ' - .' 'CH' . .'.'.'.'.'.' -.1-.4-..-.. .... 1 'x The world of Tomorrow awaiTs you, BUT waiT, you ladies and lads- And please Take a look aT The back oT our loook Where you'll find The mosT inTeresTihg adsl , 051: 1 F' ,PIT Advertisem nts " .-153-101-I ' -"' ..::f:f:f:f:5:Q:1" -. . -' r 4, 1 if 4 l. +1-f " 1E1E1Er51E2ErE2ErE5IE -- 2 ' ' ' 15:-::E:E:5::g:-. ' -: T :1:2:2:1:2:1'2:-' '?' ISYEIEQEIEIIEEIEE ' ' ..:.:.:.:,:4.-ga: 2 T5.Q.Q.Z.I:3a5 ...::a::r51f'b-- . jgiriririrki' ' -s:sss2effs2zfz2ef3 A ':5:5:1:f:5:f:3:E' ,' 5171E2EIE'I155'E"' T pf r ." 2'1 fig' '1V.-,'l g all , ill., Q. . -. 'T-'ff .' +'-'C'f-4. .- -392 .- -. -. 'ff x 4 I. 55 42"-'3 ,.--'gif-Q .v-.v'-:J-.f -. ,W ,iq -.M .-'-... -.- 113' .,-. .-.-,Q 4.- .E'35Z"? :A 3-93 I 1 - fa ,qua JFK "',-'Af I '1'l'.'n' J-. c ,. I 1,33 ' .N . . -'si' ' -' -g. - -- ...J If .1 -, 5: 'W -A w 1 A 1'-1 '1 H "nz, " " m-.5 .r i!u 'x in ' 5 0 '4- W- : 'Nh ahh Q' I I I fa 1,, . " 1 1 . , wx . -5 . ' I -'P - 4 'iff Q yu T- 1 v PJ- .1 . z. , I.-7 0 . - 1:"l4 , , .. 1 ' U I' Vp! s ' Lx 'Q' . ui ,F G 7 , I 5 '1,',' f -:-'-'- I43 X f l THOMAS E. GUERIN AGENCY, INC. Real Estate and Insurance BE 5-0666 221 CHESTER AVENUE Visif Your Na+ion's Capi'I'al You Will Be Comfodable Cafered +o and Warmly Welcome a+ +he EBBITT HOTEL Ten+h and H S+ree+s, N. W. WALTER L. GREEN General Manager H. A. TOUCHTON Residem' Manager STEWARD R. MAINES CO. General Con+rac'ring MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY BE 5-I946 OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Commercial Displays Neon Sales and Mainfenance IZ99 N. DELSEA DRIVE GLASSBORO, N. J. Tulip 1-3380 SOUTH JERSEY ADVERTISING COMPANY STOCKWELL-KNIGHT CO. Insurance FIRE I AUTO Q BONDS Q ACCIDENT Phone BE 5-4222 Mooreslown, N. J. 45 E. Main S+ree+ BURLINGTON COUNTY TRUST COMPANY MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY If A Main office I Easf Main Sfreef Mooresfown, N. J. Maple Shade Officfe Masenville Office 2I N. Forklanding Road Marne I'II9hWaY Maple Shade' N, J, Masonville, N. J. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Open Friday Evenings 7:00 fo 8:30 P.M. EMERSON 5-4646 ART SHARP AUTOMOBILE DEALER r V Admiral Wilson Boulevard CAMDEN, N. J. Easi' Coasi' Branch No. 27 I -. I 'Er' , E - fi .I , T' I I' , I-.If ' ff" ,swf I' . . I. ..- - I I I :V J ' ' I., , - ,I I I if ffl, I IV- I Eyi' I ,Q 5. 5 I I A-I , ., .J , I , . ,I IIII. . III I J, I . III' - II, IIV' IIII, II ,I IIE- g IJ I L., I If.: E I. I . II I I I .- III, .. IIIINJI. I, Ib' Iy I.I-I II IJ, I I LI.,.I III I fl, I II 'fy III, IIIIII- IV II,II - If, if Lg ,.. I ' Y' I ' f KAI L' I V IJ. 'I UI," I sr IX LII E III II IIIII, .1 If 9 IIIIIIIIIJ AII IIIIIII- I IIIIQV hifi' If II ,I I 'R " 00 sTo'wL' N s I IV I III I,, .-,I I I,7I. I :Lf IIIIIJI 'V ' I I. Q I I I III!! I I I LII 1 fig., I I L, X P ,,,":'E"A III.fV'l I III.4" "V I Itffli A . I IX? I! I II IIIII,5'I ' I 'I ' IQ' X I, I,.AIif",aI1I '-A' Pubhshef of I.'1IPISeI "News Cl1r6IiIcIe" I I ,I X ,.,GJnefIof New J9.I'sIeXfs1'OIfIie's+ Weekly Newspapers ' I e--e as I, ,IFINE JQIB PRINTING I I IIII E .QR --'I' Sterwfice ai' Reasonable Rafes 226JQl1'e?t9r"'AAve. Phone BE 5-2500 NATIONAL-IAND NEW JERSEY PRESS ASSOCIATIONS NICHOLS PRODUCTS COMPANY INCORPORATED Manufaciurers of EIec+ronic Equipment Surgical SpeciaII'ies Precision Me+aI and PIasI'ic Paris PHONE: BE 5-0877 325 W. MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN, N. J. MAINLINE MOBIL SERVICE Bor+on's Landing Road and E. Main S+. MOORESTOWN. N. J. CompIe'Ie Lubricaiion Service Washing BE 5-504I CUTLER AGENCY ARTHUR N. CUTLER Insurance--ReaH'ors I04 Eas'l' Main S+ree+ Phone NO 2-l6l6 MAPLE SHADE NEW JERSEY MAGulRE's FLOWERS "FIowers for Ihe SI'udenI"' I Prices Tailored fo Fi+ His PocIceI'booIc I E I 4 BERTRAM HORTON, Manager Kg 22I Fairview Avenue BE 5-I300 Rouie 73 BE 5-3550 TURNPIKE MOTEL 8: RESTAURANT "MADE THEIR WAY BY THE WAY THEY'RE MADE" RIVERSIDE MANUFACTURING CO. OF N. J. Incorporated Fruifs and Vegefable Packages ROY W. CON ROW Warehouse Phone: Residence Phone BE 5-I8I0 BE 5-0809 Locusi' Sfreei' and R.R. MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY YOUR SEARCH ENDS fn R54 COHEN'S 5. A 79 E. Main S+. BE 5-OI38 MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY MANOR HOUSE Where Cooking Is an Ar'I' and Ea+ing a Pleasure I3 W. Main SI. MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY Recommended by Duncan Hines BE 5-6223 Daily 9 a.m. Io 5:30 p.m. Thurs. and Fri. 9 a.m. +o 9 p.m. CARL'S SHOES Correcfive and Regular 'I' To+s Io Teens 'I' 27 W. MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN. N. J. McGANN'S Furnifure-Appliances Nice Things for +he Home BE 5-l492 I3 Easf Main S'l'ree+ MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY 'T T 3' ' THE M APPAREL SHOP JOHNNY'S AUTO SUPPLIES AQIADVE I4 E. Main S+. "The Friendly SI'ore" Jvusvlli A AT MAPLE SHADE, N. J. 223 E. Main S+. Na'IionaIIy Known Brands of Men's Ladies'. and ChiIdren's Wear MAPLE SHADE. N. J. NO 2-2I85 Open Evenings "lil 9 Sundays "III 3 NO 2-452I R. C. GALE JosTEN's Florisi. Your Jos+en Class Ring 38 Sou+h Forlrlanding Road MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY NO 3-I653 I52 Your Firs'I' Fine Jewelry You Will Cherish I+ Ihe Longesi' Represenfafive: KEN WINGROVE Box 85, Long Beach, New Jersey EL DORADO BOWLING ALLEYS Roufe I3O and Haddonfield Road PENNSAUKEN. N. J. Open 24 Hours 32 Lanes NO 2- I 500 l'mY.l,,.' " " g,nV: ' DAIRY Pnonucrs Th 'Z xd xxx-., , X a. .Y BISHOPS' DAIRIES Qualify Dairy Produc'I's PHONE Hobarf I-0476 RIVERSIDE, NEW JERSEY f"" "?i7TEE'31 KS, ru -rvyf is our: 4 FIRST an ,STHOUGHT A. HAILPERIN I27 W. Main S+ree'I' CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS Phone BE 5-OI43 Moores'l'own, New Jersey GVERBST cw ARCHER ReaH'ors II3 E. Main S+ree+ Mooresiown, N. J. MARY M. HERBST BE 5-3IIl EDNA O. ARCHER A H QL MAPLE SHADE GARAGE S 'E FRED OLT, Proprie+or G9 Repairing, BaH'ery Service, Gas, Oil and Supplies NO 3-I678 MAPLE'SHADE. N. J. MAIN STREET LUNCHEONETTE I25 W. Main S+. MOORESTOWN. N. J A. SaIes Service OLIVER CRAWLER AND WHEEL TRACTORS THE MICHIGAN LINE GALION GRADERS AND ROLLERS FWD MOTOR TRUCKS AND FIRE TRUCKS CARVER WATER PUMPS SCHERTZER LOW BED TRAILERS MILLER TILT TOP-TRAILERS DAVEY COMPRESSORS HELTZEL CURB AND GUTTER FORMS CompIe+e ParI's S'rocIc FacI'ory Trained Mechanics as CIose as Your Phone LIPPINCOTT 81 BROTHERS INC. MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY BE 5-I568 BE 5-I569 . NO 2-4414 N NO 2-4415 3 RENWICK REALTY, INC. Real Esfafe-Insurance HARRY F. RENWICK '30 E' Main Sheel MAPLE SHADE. N. J. f 'E 2 H ..:3':1:.vo-5 MELCER 81 SMITH FOOD MARKET Phones BElmon+ 5-028I-5-9708 MASONVILLE. N. J. BE 5-080l STATIONERY JEWELER5 77 Easi Main Sireei' MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Hamilfon, Elgin Longines-WiHnauer Wafches 55 EAST MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN. N. J. SCOTTCRAFI' C- Yard Goods-Sewing Supplies Furnifure and Carpe+ IOI E. MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN. N. J. BE 5-2232 Ba+es-Indian Head-Avondale Fabrics Hobby Supplies HO Trains-Boafs-Model Planes I3I E. Main Sf. MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY LARCHMONT BRAND SWEET APPLE CIDER al' Your Local Grocer's KlMBALL'S BAKERY 9996 W. Camden Avenue LENOLA, N. J. BE-5-020I 9 a.m. fo 9 p.m. Daily, Closed Mon. OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY 8 a.m. 'lo 6 p.m. v f E 1 fe 8 "Since l922" MOORESTOWN BE 5-l800 MERCHANTVILLE NO 2-2766 CHERRY VALLEY BOWLING ACADEMY Mooresfown Circle-R+. 73-Sou+h of R+. 38 Maple Shade, New Jersey OPEN BOWLING 7 DAYS A WEEK 50 Lanes NURSERY AND TELEVISION ROOM NO 2-5220 Lis+ Wiih. Us NOTARY Double Barreled 3 BusI'le+on Ave., Feasferville, Pa. -TWO OFFICES TO SERVE You- ORc""'d 35420 I I00 W. Camden Ave., Mooresfown, N. J. ROB T. M. COPELAND, INC. BE,,,,o,,., 5,2700 Real EsI'a+e Insurance A COMPLETE SERVICE IN EITHER STATE Rambler ARNOLD 81 TUCKER MOTORS Sales and Service BE 5-2I34 26 E. CAMDEN AVE. MOORESTOWN. N. J. PETER PAN BAKERY 224 Chesfer Avenue Mooresfown, New Jersey BE 5-I854 CHAS. MANNING, Prop. EVAN WOO DOTH Elecfrical Con'I'rac+or 268 E. Main S+ree+ MOORESTOWN, N. J. BE 5-0525 MATLACICS DAIRY BAR BE 5-II36 Kings Highway MOORESTOWN DeSIMONE'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of John Charles "Desi" HARTFORD, N. J. BE 5-9792 LOUIS E. STILZ 84 BROS. CO. Academic Caps and Gowns 4I'I1 and Race SI's. PHILADELPHIA 6, PENNSYLVANIA fit' G Taffy 4' 'e,,. RALPH'S MARKET BE 5-0I32 I3I W. MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN. N. J BEN 8: WILBUR'S SERVICE General AuI'o Repairing Texaco Producis Main and CoH'age Ave. NO 2-2693 WEST MOORESTOWN HOLLINGSHEAD Feed - Coal Fuel Oil - Fer+iIizer BE 5-0300 MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY N. EDWARD MELTON FUNERAL HOME LEW N. EDWARD MELTON H. DOUGLAS DirecI'ors BE 5-0263 BE 5-0009 76-78 Easi Main Sireei' MOORESTOWN, N. J. IS Ar+isI's' Supplies Hobbies Super Kem-Tone SCHNEIDER'S COLOR CENTER BE 5-2708 2I7 Chesier Ave. MOORESTOWN, N. J. M"-T'5 E. E. HYLAND SINCLAIR SERVICE CLEANER 81 DYER Phone BE 5-I630 BE 5-0648 62 E. Main SI'ree'I 63 E M . S MooREsTowN, New JERSEY MOORgSTg3VNI'e3 J' 0 SUBS! Teen-Agers Delighi' Try a Submarine EvAN's DELICATESSEN 2I3 Chesfer Ave. fOpposH'e Pos+ Office, Me.: MOORESTOWN MOBIL SERVICE HOWARD W. LAUDERBACK phone BE 5-97l6 JOSEPH J. ROMANO Chesfer Ave. and R. R Propriefors MOORESTOWN. N. J. il' BROOK'S GULF SERVICE Gasoline-Oils-Lubrica+ion-Washing Towing-Tires-BaHeries-Accessories NO 2-9762 NO 2-I975 S'l'a'l'ion Residence Main S+ree+ and LippincoH Ave. MAPLE SHADE NEW JERSEY B. T. EDGAR 81 SON ReaI+ors and Insurers BE 5-OIOI 25 EAST MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN, N. J. Congrafulafions +o +I1e Class of I959 KARL E. ROBINSON CHEVROLET, INC. Sales-Service N. J. Roufe 38 MOORESTOWN, N. J. J. S. COLLINS 81 SON, INC. Lumber, Mill Work, Hardware, Cemenf, Painfs, Fuel Oil Coal and Farmers' Supplies MOORESTOWN, RIVERSIDE, RIVERTON MERCHANTVILLE, MAPLE SHADE, CLEMENTON, N. J. NO 2-5I95 PENNSAUKEN, N. J MOORESTOWN MOTOR COMPANY Sales " Buick " Service 2I9 WEST MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY BE 5-3300 PARMELEE'S DRUGS 81 PRESCRIPTIONS HAROLD L. PARMELEE, JR. Reg. Pharm. 28 Easl' Main Sfreel' MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY A. K. HARMAN 8: SONS Wholesale Food Disfribulors Packers of "Harmany" Brand Frui+s and Vegetables CO 5-5l00 OAKLYN, NEW JERSEY LLOYD 81 LEWIS Au+omo+ive Repairs Texaco ProducI's BE 5-9I02 Rou'I'e 38 MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY Fuel Oil and Burner Service Call . . . OLT BROS., INC. 7745 Maple Ave. MERCHANTVILLE 8, N. J. NO 2-4400 STORKLAND STORE P5540 Juvenile Furnirure Baby Giffs Pennsaulcen Merchandise Mar+ PENNSAUKEN, N. J. REAL STEAK CO. Wholesale DisI'ribuI'ors Mea+ SpeciaI+ies 6I8 Maple Avenue HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY WATSON FLORISTS I54 SouI'h Fellowship Road MAPLE SHADE. NEW JERSEY Phone NO 2-4966 Wedding-Funeral Designs Corsages-Bouquefs Dish Gardens-PoHed Noveliies House Planfs Courfesy of MOORESTOWN GARAGE, INC 285 Soufh Church S+ree'I' MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY Chrysler-Plymourh-ImperiaI-Simca Sales and Service BE 5-5400 BE 5-540I WOOLWORTH'S MooREsTowN, N. J. K5 foo CAMDEN COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Admiral Wilson Boulevard CAMDEN I, NEW JERSEY Congra+ula+ions +o 'Ihe Class of '59 From STEELMAN BUSINESS SCHOOL 502 Linden Sh'eeI' Camden 2, New Jersey WO 4-3369 May We Invi+e You fo Visi+ Our School aI' Your Convenience . . . COMPLETE BUSINESS TRAINING SPEED BUILDING COURSES IN GREGG REFRESHER COURSES SHORTHAND AND TYPEWRITING SUMMER SCHOOL INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION Day or Evening Classes BOOSTERS' BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION 45 E. MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN BE 5-0544 "Save Wifh a Purpose" HOME OWNERSHIP RETIREMENT EDUCATION E. C. WORRELL, INC. ALBERT E. MELLOR, JR., Presiclenl' Plumbing-Healing-Oil Burners-Pumps BE 5-0030 II5 E. Third S+. 5-0529 MOORESTOWN, N. J. 5-3776 PERLA BLOCK CORP. of MOORESTOWN, N. J. Cinder Block Manufaclurers Building Maferials Chimney Block-Corner and Sash Block-Lin'I'els S+eel and Aluminum Window Sash Face Briclcs--Lime-Cemen+ flvkvk THIRD STREET AND STANWICK ROAD MOORESTOWN, N. J. BE 5-I880 5-I88l ART HAINLEY NO 3-6878 Compliments of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF MARLTON MARLTON, N. J. Phone EAsI'ga'Ie I-0353 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION THOMAS POTTS 81 SONS FLORISTS 238 Linden SI'ree'l' MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY BE 5-0863 MOORESTOWN STEAM LAUNDRY Dry Cleaning Woolen and Fur Sforage BE 5-0I02 BE 5-OIO3 Washingion Avenue MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY BUDGET PLAN CORP. Consumer Loans BE 5-2626 I3I W. Main S+. MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY WM. E. WARD Tin Roofing, Siding, Spouiing and GuI'Ier Work BE 5-I027 276 W. Third S'l'ree'I' MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY PAUL HOLLINGSWORTH MOORESTOWN FLYING "A" SERVICE STATION 22 W. Main S+., Moores+own, N. J. BE 5-978I MAGUIRE'S GIFT SHOP I29 Wesi' Main Sireei' MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY BE 5-2I I2 VINCE'S SUNOCO 3I Wes+ Main SI'ree+ Mooresfown, N. J. BE 5-9767 "HAVE GUN WILL LUBE" I68 STANWICK GARAGE Au'IomobiIe and Truck Repairs BE 5-OI68 Roufe 38 MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY MOORESTOWN STUDIO Yeo rbook Photographers CARL SH EMELIA Best Wishes Always RICE AND HOLMAN LARGEST ORGANIZATION IN THE EAST USED CAR AND TRUCK CENTER HEADQUARTERS Admiral Wilson Boulevard Moores+own Pilce Camden Merchanfville Frigidaire RCA and VROOMAN, INC. Wholesale Dis+ribu+ors Appliances Philcg TV WELSH'S FIRESTONE 32 W. Main S+. MAPLE SHADE' N. J. Qualily Canned Foode Sales and Service PHILADELPHIA 47, PA. NO 3-2600 NO 3-260I Phone: BE 5-I094 "No One Knows Pain+ Lilce a Pain'l'er A JOSEPH P. SUTTON We Are Here +o Serve You . . . . ln+erlor and Exferlor Pamhng 207 S. Church Sfreel' Corner of Lerwla Road MooREsTowN, New JERSEY and Camden Avenue THE CCLONY PRESS Printing-Advertising GEORGE E. GRAGG Phone BE 5-l780 Cen+er'ron Road MASONVILLE NEW JERSEY LEONARD A. DUFFY Wooden Fences RT. 38. MooREsTowN. N. J. FRANK D. SMITH 81 SONS CL4 O1 L9 Sinclair Products "Since 1925" PHONE AM 7-0I30 MOUNT HOLLY, N. J STOHNERS ATLANTIC Wesi' Main Sfreei' and Union S+ree'r BE 5-9745 MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY ALBERT ELLIS, INC. Plumbing-Heafing Repairing a SpeciaII'y BE 5-0695 I24 Mill SI'reeI' MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY M ERCHANTVILLE . N. J. POWER AND LIGHT WILLIAM E. THOMPSDN Electrician Phone BE 5-OOI8 220 S. CHURCH STREET MOORESTOWN, N. J. MOORESTOWN LOCKER SERVICE BE 5-oo4l Springer Spaniel Puppies Trimming LAWYERS COUNTRY KENNELS Boarding by Recommendafion ROUTE 38 AND WALNUT AVE. HARTFORD HTS., N. J BE 5-I973 Complimenfs of MADDEN'S BARBER SHOP 39 W. Main MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I959 GRADUATING CLASS Compliments of the RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA MOORESTOWN ENGINEERING PLANT HAROLD L. TOOMEY -Realtor- 20I CI1esI'er Ave. MooresI'own, N. J BE 5-I4I6 'RESIDENTIAL 'COMMERCIAL ,Qs 'INDUSTRIAL Rjijfjffs 5 'FARMS f s MUTUAL FUNDS-MORTGAGES BURLCO AGENCY, INC. HAROLD L. TOOMEY, Pres. AII Kinds of Insurance WARWICK A ik , 'K N ' "K A46 xx , , ix N., I QM Q G v ,, gl , I ' fl ' an X 'ftzty-,I X 4 -ff' ,fri . g 0, I f N, Sfiles and Park Avenues Mfg f ' HQ' 4-gk "E E E sax GQ 15 MAPLE SHADE, NEW JERSEY U N , . A, 4 wgm P LX l 4 it ,fl - Z. , fqusxk , X , , E A 4 f if-im .1 J x 7 ' I X 1 I .. , -A-iq f x fl la Mum J j 5- ',-Q L" 1 I 1 ,ff f W' Q, ,ix 'iw-,F 1 f 'J ' V Xp' ,al Q F 1 iw 4, huh., ,ff Ek 1 fit? W' ' E -x'w'3 "f N Q' N 4 , , f U 75-. ,,. ' ' ' 4 N - ,lf 34 J , g K f Q, .-Qtllfpfif Z: I V xg 'N had 1 Juv A , ' 1 E ' wi ' 7: K :I ul N I if 1 ' fi ff ,W ' f ,f "" . ,rvlf-', vw K Q' 110 ' 4 "'fyW'-.Fw ,gy '54 x ' 10: "'.v' ' A-' 'fem ' 'fxiwf 'W-X N 'uh A ' , If ' .-'Qg1f'j5' 1 ' xx Nha? 'I V Ju? X' v WQWAKX bl W4 xt 21 YQ Qwx '- ' lx 'EI 0 fo . 'vt-4 1 FMU f,,' l I Af ' pulwk E' lv ' ' " Vr ' r inA1"' N EEN 'K 'f I 'ELM ,Q Q, X ,A x I l,,' ,H W ' vi ' A ' x in sk ' We vi!'flI Em Q. -. 4 - 42, I fxw .wx lx ri X ,Wi 'iv' -N 4 XX s,X x Y 1177 "'i I ,qw O swf Wk! ' E fi Hrs I X X5 W 'V ' 77 W! 'fix A ' U 4 E GW W ' M 2 .QQ M 93 Y E jl 9 E M 'X W X ' 1 I "V 8 M I 1 ' I - 5 0 T va. E, Q MILLSIDE FARMS HO nom RIVERSIDE N J fi? Qfffjf' M5ig? g,fCff' sffwiffifffjf Msg, f fs EQ' Best Wishes ,ip -bs X to th Aj! ji-Iomeowners ofeTomorrow JR J BLASE A. RAVIKIO BUILDER MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY . f ' 4 -- I hx A GOOD RULE OF THUMB I+ Takes Knowledge, Experience and KNOW-HOW +o Provide Funds for Your Deal! YOU CAN'T MATCH NUTTER MORTGAGE SERVICE ReaH'ors COMMERCIAL 'I' RESIDENTIAL 'I' INDUSTRIAL PHILADELPHIA 7, PA. 2II4 Philadelphia Na+'l Bank Bldg., RIH'enI1ouse 6-8520, C. ARMEL NUTTER, JR., Mgr. CAMDEN I, N. J. 509 Cooper Sireei, WOodIawn 3-5I00 I. G. BRILL, Mgr. C. ARMEL NUTTER, Presideni' HAROLD P. NU'I'I'ER, Vice-Presidenf Index Advertisements ...., ....... 1 44-182 Advisers, Senior ................. ......, 1 10 Advisers, Undercktssmen .... ..,. 8 6 All-State Band ....,.,......... .... 2 5 Chorus ,.,........, .... 3 0 Orchestra ........... .... 3 O Assembly Ushers ...... .... 5 8 Assistant Principal .....,,...... ,,., 1 3 Assistant Superintendent ......, .... 1 2 Band ................dv ..,. 2 6 Band Council ...... .... 4 2 Baseball .....,........ .... 7 8 Basketball-Boys ..... ..., 6 9-71 Girls ,................,.... .... 72-73 Board of Education ....... , ........... 10 Boys' State ..........,,.... .... 2 2 B.E.S. ......o.... .... 4 3 Cafeteria Staff .,.,... .... 8 4 Camera Club ..,...... .... 4 4 Candids-General ...... .... 3 9-40, 104, 106 Sports ,..,..........2 .... 8 2-83 Carol Service ...... .,.. 3 O Cheerleaders ...... .... 8 0 Concert goers ...... .... 2 4 Curriculum Business ..,.... ....... 1 00 Classical ..,.... .,,, 9 8 General ..,... -101 Scientific ....a. ..,, 9 9 D.A.R. ....,. .... 2 3 Dedication .,........... .... 5 Dentist ,a......,.....,,...,,, .,..,,. 1 03 Department Heads ...,... .... 5 8 Distributive Education .....- ....... 4 3 Doctor ........................, .....,,,.,, 1 03 Drum Maiorette ,,.., - ...... 27 Faculty ..2... .... 1 4-19 I80 Index Football ......... ......... , ........... Foreword ...................... French Activities Club ..... Freshman Class ......... F.H.A. ................. F.T.A. ..... , Game Attendants ..... Girls' State ......... Golf .............................. Guidance Department ....... Hockey ........... - ........ ...... ...... Honor Society ..... 62-68 4 48 88-90 46 46 60 22 77 ------ 1 O 8 66-67 - ........... 108 Janitors ........ ................. -- 84 Junior Class ...... ---- -..-...- .... 94-97 Junior Play ....... 34 Junior Prom ..... 32-33 Junior Rotarians ...... 23 Library Assistants ....... 50 Maiorettes .... - ......... ----- 27 Memoriam ........... - .......... 6 Merit Scholars ........... ...... 1 O5 Monitor Club Officers ....... 57 Monitors: Bus ........... 60 Desk ............ 59 Traffic 59 Nurses ............... - ......................... 103 Nutshell Distributors ...... - ........... 51 Reporters ,,,,..,,.,,. 51 Magazine ............... 52-53 Nutshell Yearbook ..... 54-55 Officers, Senior ......,. 87 Underclassmen ....... .... 1 11 Operators .........,. 45 Index Orchestra ., ..,....... Orchestra Council ..... Principal of Moorestown High School ....A.,.... R.C.A. Course ........... Red Cross Council ...,.,. Salutatorian ....... School Pledge ...... Secretarial Staff ,,...... Secretary of Board ...,... W 28-29 42 13 24 47 --------lO9 ----- 8 20 12 Senior Class .,............ ........ l 16-142 Senior Play ,...,. ,..., 3 6-37 Senior Trip ..e,.. .... 3 8-40 Sno-Ball .,.,... ,.... 3 1 Softball ,c..c....... 79 Sophomores .....,.,,,.,,, ..,,. 9 l-93 South Jersey Band ,.... .... 2 5 Chorus .........,......,, .... 2 5 Orchestra ...................,.............. 25 Spanish American Book Club ........ 49 Spanish Exchange Students ............ 49 Stagehands ....................... ..... 4 5 Student Council Officers .,,....,...... 56 Student Council Representatives .... 56 Student Court ..,ae.,,........................ 57 Student Secretaries ....... ..... 4 4 Superintendent ,e,-... ..... l l Swimming-Boys ......... ..... 7 4 Girls ................., - ....... ..... 7 5 Table of Contents ......A .... 7 Tennis ..........,......... ..... 7 7 Track ..... ..... 6 8 Valedictorian ,.... ........ l 09 Who's Who ,............ ........ l 12-l I5 l82 E mf WW W if ,N Mff"ff gif Wfyfwffyyzwyfffwfjrwyf Q. MPQWM W My . U,fxM 5w'WXf ffjfdfxy KWIUMW Mf' f ff ,fffgp-W WMM WWWW W' ?'jfw",f Mfff, W7 W f5"5?g fffif M '13 W Www' Mffffwf ,Mfilwwwf p5 g13 Wff my ff N X7 awww! f.'.4r' WW f Mjfdfwfwqpymiw ,fijMp,ffW'?MMyM Mwfgfiwmf' f M'ffW'1,f'fw ,,Kv".,y f 4, 5.81 J ffffw' I Hngmwfww' wwpqwwedmwml 33, awww wUwv39!'-mmwvw monlzjm, .uu-Juoiimm. -HMI-L00-5p2A3t?J-dfl10WlQLL00J0'l1L amz ' - wmww- dMUwwdmdywMLZfwJ fV.p,qt!.3atafaAd4hQpw1Ig-P1l,aanbeUL2uhnLo,wfzmuj ' ' wnm511Dfvf9nmJe.wawwmAm.Jvwmfwd,m uw. 'fofh uf afn,d..tL weld: hauw' ,ww wave. mAwwwdm iirbbbmfw. Uwdoefnb, ww ww wudmnitawmwnhwwowvugy ang..-,Q wzsfmzz '1w,,,"m, awww a1,::.W'm" - - ow alfoohw kwldfvinlkk- 9w50ui??Q?b M-fm wwwmtiluw Mom mob - got .. 5m.o-.9.mQ2u . hm, 'iP"""?Q'5fWw"f'1ff-vfvwffiif, mmm ww bviw mmm .,diwf.,,.f'W.,, ww www BM' fo' am M -T "M-Muwwlffafwamdw. ,um 'H My Mwwd1MnQQmQupaaWMmdam. AwWwu knwmdgimmamnwm' 'Q mmm J-'f"""' ow giibmirdkakhibb how-:Q5lev.0a0fm1i M, J,4,,,,w Q-0'W1D'U'9-N19-1 Mndknmwdaimgww 'ali of 'U-WU 9'o4 Mama du-nb U7-0'L1.3H12p 4'-'wil w.0mdidIo'zLaW - Commbwlc - 741012, Nl is 'fi A' I wa . 4 ff .- ,QP F ,f , If av. mf QR f fu .. my E ,NG VA X, ,fl - , a 12 NL r 'N ,. V .. , g . .6 'K 3 X E Q 1 A Q -2 Q .E Wi'

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