Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ)

 - Class of 1942

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Moorestown Senior High School - Nutshell Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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,f5 Op ,I nj Hnprrofro Moomssnwu, NJ THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIVING STEPHEN LEFCZIK "The world is mine!"-this cry echoed from the lips of selfish nobility. Tyranny reigned supreme-freedom was downtrodden. "Darkness was on the face of the earth." But through that darkness pierced a light, A torch borne in the hands of a free people. A torch spreading its rays of liberty through the mist and gloom. Marching, marching, leaders and followers. Washington and Ietferson, "Lincoln, the Man of the People," Monroe and Madison, Dewey and Iones, Lee and Grant, Barton and Nightingale- Thousands marchingp ever forward, From north, south, east and west, Union blessedg And o'er all a banner, tri-colored symbol, Our flag. Thirteen stars, steadily increasing, Forty-eight states, unity ne'er ceasing. "This government of the people, by the people, and for the people, Shall not perish from the earth"- A promise, a hope, instilled in hearts so long ago- Now comes to us in ever-increasing volume. This government must not perish, it must survivel It will because the people believe in it and will fight for it. Proven by Hale-'II regret that I have but one life to give for my country"- He lived for freedom and died for it. FRANK MoLLo Patrick Henry-"Give me liberty or give me death!" Today, Iohn Jones, Iohnny Smith, your friend and my brother Are leaving their lives of comfort for you, and you, and me. It will survive. The rays of liberty's torch, In the hands of the eager crowd, Wlill illuminate far corners, And brighten all it touches. If all nations had liberty like ours, there would be no cowering behind doors, All could step out free and easy, All could look his neighbor in the eye, and clap him on the back, and wish him a hearty good-dayl All could vote his own ticket at all elections. All could eat good food and live in a clean house. And all could worship according to his own belief. No living in the shadow of a gun, No fear beaten into one's face and eyes by anxious hours, No scars beaten into one's back for no reason. Instead, a smile is radiated in his features And he looks the world in the eye! So shout your gladnessl Get behind the world's greatest documents- Our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence! Let the world know you live here in a land of demo- cratic principles. It is the best way-the only way- THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIVING. BY RUTH ROSENBAUM. fi . 524 rif""L ,.w- g- l P' ,...mnsk.u,m, ' - , ,:. , . A. 4 53232 ff Q . Qfw gf ' .iw .2 9 ix 'f 'A .1 , .-1:-. .ma-. N,,3y"5'Q'4'f-ffgff' . fi! 'f"- ff f .5 2'-.Hia 5 :n ,u. jg: kg. 1 ,Cvg.4-:5,f?'. Icing? by if 67 5: fffij- ' g 'f 1:5 eg -1.5, ,K ,f Y 'f I gQ'5"'f"fM5f. TKW Z'-A' 'Ig ,F I 5 .QA ki -5,5 'Elf 8 -iffv fig,AE'. 'x Q-,'q. X '.f ef "HE ' al i2.?""-Wi rw. 'SWF 3 Q' .LM 1 W .z P." V ,,i,, , v-.:. ' "?i1's. ..G' ' MTI' iff' in -7 A 9 .. fffxv' .g-31 'ip 5. - ' ,. QSYL1 -4 .I .1 :J I 3 V, A P- '. .Amp .I If 2 3 L E' ,jihwgzf , '.7 . if7Z . dg. fm f2,,fq,. EEN. ' 'MM -, iff..--.:,f,..f:.f,.: f"""""'-f--f-"-"fPi'T5Gf'.Q??f4:56 Q.vfM-4 A A V 5-EJQHIWM.W.,V....-151.V5-mr..muX-wasvsQ,.141M111gg.51,,gA9Wfivf:?3j-43H A I fc: - f 5 ir, Q .. AA , ,D if Q ' ' Q . -3?-grief wg: '13.?.'.Qf'- N .. Q W ,,A,m-f-min.:--rJ1.v,-sf--':.4zfJ1-E.-maxzlfrv-111:.f:,-am.+L-,-L41-.',-51,3-Q :lf 45.1-ggi' W?Q'AYj-, ...wwf . 1-'1-.-.w,,,,m.aAQf ,, . ., ,,, -. . Hg "" . 5, a I , V HL- ,W " ,- , cv '- - . ' . .gf .J - ,aff 'P - 'T' '32-'iw-1 ,S -5:f?i?v'i1:fgr-:fy - : 'Q 1 1 , 9 .4 rim-11. '11f,+,w'-'.'g45w,.- -- Mx M t fl 2. 'E " 'I 1 1 . , ' v 1' Wars,--.f -1? ,E 1. 12' ' ?' - -. A Q 3215? ' 3541 gif' ss - -r. -Bldg 3A 'A Al AA' , EA' AA: 'emi ' 1' LA" L ' ' A 'H,. , .S lvl' M ,.- I -. VN.. ,llvl .1 KL-5: iff .,8,,wf.?.1 F.?,'.f7...Q ....iii,.,liffifpeff-'1'g-fg.mQ.QW.5 ..y,g.5 A 'S Qjgiflw ' , . Q .M x , ,,f,-p:1-'f'i-",- ,,..-.4-.g N. ' ' L-'55F212,,.-sw?-'J,.w.,,4f:' .. - " xg Q..,,4l,Jv - P 5, ,wax In ,f-..,, NW, gje9,5,: 1: M- W.. - .,:v3g'fiQ-,i,::i - gfgl -an -xv ,, 3,e::.swf5H ' -3 gif 4 Q5 9,, - MN-fa. "f7.E15?35'v Ng 1" ,!. ' -1 AA'A'1., Aff' --y,Qr'p',1.iJ-A Emil?-f 'vm-'-f-A ', ' A .- A 'M 5,g..u"Rfv si n.. 1' Ji 32 A 'il1gi-'5f"?Q2?J'," ""ffi511f We . F.. f -4 2 11,5 .-wg an -W2 55. 2 12.3 1'f'FGf"i':2't1,' H' .W-f Gif. .J-911' '- .- C' 'ds . '.?1W35. , "1f4i1-4 w+9f.2' P' T-44211, fhqgf ff. if .-If. 3 .. - -1'Xw.'x-f '- :'i.1 mi. ' -if jg .fm 1 'C-"11" l."ff rfqw - M' 5QnA o6,s-. :l-:- A4 'N ry .3 J 4 .5 ., 3... D . in xiii,-, I:5:?.Z 1,4N11i,35'f fkw fugitil 2 H -, W1 2.-ee .- wi' f Ur ' ' H f'u:'.'I5 T-w ww' -3L'paY"5f + .' Y.f"'- - 3 3. 1 .g, ., 5.1, 7. 51. .4 . 4 ., ,. . ii . , 1,2 V14 V, W... 7 TQP, Izqfrgmig ffygwmqggye,-31gQ5-.'1-V,x ...mga-A,IMNJW-w:..,.vgffew,,,.. 5gif'551"'32 -Q4 JM 'gf . w5f?':f- '2szf, A55'AAA 'f2?f5?fff'i.f5"' . wh:"f1'.Jw?S'f'- 'Af' V- 2 'A ' :Y , ,, ... ' ,5 1'1..1,.-:-. 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Z"f'i' 31:2 ?-ff'g,'7fF3'lb'E!3.1m,.,,,. A N15f'5'3" W5 -f i' A Y tr? ' ' 1' .ET ""'-"PV.',.-5:1-5fiiii."1f3'5'2?Gna!cwf'v-1'-Aw.. fW.g'?5" ' f - ' f -. ,ffr.gaf1f,f:iw-,MM.A -fn, -.Ziw.5-:f.vF:aIg:r,f,g.r,.5'2,'gg32q.a1g,v,,,.,,c.,.,..'V....4 .- ..-- -I . :t'j1ff5-5,--:.,.j,--'Qg...-15-ers:-sm +:jq7gg5,..,1..,WNW.. -V.-1-'W wi ,a"f-'v'i"'i M-www:-. ,, 2 - -' 5 -A .. ' 3'-inH1-f5,.g1vq.f1a, fr-M. .N -.Cuff ff." 'fk"'Txf i ,,,. E 'F "'W'F5ffhi'fw:'u .- . f , : '- T ' ' ' ' iff--1. -' ": .- 'I 3' .-''VL'-!'!f,Q'F533!'V'S'jx'mu.-,. .. X J., -.1 - .4 ,im - -1'1"-fwafmgu.-,. . ,, " w'.. ,gt--'H-1 .f ' -'-.I-fkfzwfu-,,--.. .. - 1 4 ...P M um..,,-,,g,,,,..1.., . . W , ..: 4.9 . . 4-.' . 5 ,,-..- . 1.5.-13.-,.. ,.n..,,.,,,H,.,. fx .W I I - '..x- -, ,. -. w . . ,. ., -KN..-.5' , I 1 f . -., .., 4 JG Ing-V 'I'v. 75? ,Q ix '19 fjfi... -. 3 , ,11,iN.,wv..,.. ...Q ,ft -,y.,.. . Hx 1 '-'L.Q.-':E'-- jf A J 1 3 ', .. :uv fy? W' ". tzaiij. -. '2"? " 5?,J"' X A g itmejp, inf'- 1 ,-'. - gig 'fr ' 5 ii? 5 'F -25:1 I 'ui ' Syfflv :. 3" WU". I . :."5.'." .4 gr ,.ifg5,, T?:i.:+.!,G - 3 , . . VM. A 1" ' - . 54 iff ' fig-.Q.:: - 'A 4? ff", ,Q , nj 'fwcirfai 3' A fi' :5:E?:f:lL .. ,I ., Wy., . L. ,. . 1. ,-A J. ,.-x75-r 'f,gf,.,.,fH-3, 51 V" .x ,dyqgifig ,f V J ,. .M -. f,:,,. ..5 .., .I , ,. ,-.. ryyw I X51 Ffgi ' -'.7f'3' fi' I, -'H'-f" W'-it fmt f z'?153'2 f Efffjzf H156 :. ' I7 .'J'Lf",-' .- ?v"' if-.Y wg 1- -' x'g'.,'Qg M Q "z 111 X1 izfsfa -, 1 I 'ffm "' "'-1--. .,,,, 'ff ,, f ', -'f"..v:'.f. '. . ,q YI-4.9: '- , Jn.. . 1,-K-yn W..-' -:.,.ru'- .q ,-'..K:,: FJ, -:N--. 5.59, -'Yq 1- f,- L. 5-'gf -I '- -1 'v .7.q-jg I . I., .. .I 1.- ,y .I . a""' 'K 1 I ' 1-Q-IWW , ,,.M.w,f,:f,m,,.,,r,.,,.M,.Wr.V,,,.,,.,Yf-vw W--vm,....J,..1,r,,,-m,-,--,,WW,... M . , ,. W.,,,.., L, CHARLES 4 THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIVING: "respects the personality of every individual whatever his origin or status, "provides for the maximum development of each individual, "provides an opportunity for each individual to make the best of his natural gifts and encour- ages him to do so." Because we believe Mr. Wible incorporates in his philosophy and attitude toward all students these principles of our American Way, because of his thorough understanding of pupils and pupils' problems, because of his pleasant, kind, and good-natured attitude toward all of his stu- dents, we are happy to dedicate to him this book. 0 ll, , n f ff' Z f ur jk 'ffl ami! f s if li it if -7 -is Z 5 XXX X R fix ,. 5 66 i or he l 2 N , , , .1 Z - f X Lf X X .x X X p HD I . F H. X . emocraey is a way o 1 e. 7 gl a Hoiiluni example of the f 0 en ue: ' ive an et ive.' 4 ,5 It is a form of government that Y , K grants no the indiyidpal the I, I right to e an inc ivi ua ." X N PAUL CRESTHULL. f X , ' ri - X 151 f X ,X 'f ill , "The American VVay of Life A f fr 1 ' i I gives everyone the right to pur- X7 Q f I The American Yvay ol Lllme sue happiness in his own way, , 1" ,fly I L places upon the schools ofour providing he does not infringe uw ' nation the great responsibility upon anyone else's happiness." 7' oftralningouryouth forhealthy, GORDON WALKER' , happy, responsible Citizenship. X It is the task of the school to Q educate the mind, the spirit, and H X the hody ol, its citizens. Tn me democracy means , The various departments ol? even mfnze than 3 goodly nern' Nloorestown High School have age, Pflvnegesf aHd,reSP0HS1b1l1- tried to impress upon the stu- ties' If means the klnd help and 1 , dents how fortunate they are to Understanding nf 3 ,People Wh? live in a democracy such as ours. believe, that anytnfng that IS Q' How well these departments hnnest 15 honorable' X have succeeded can be deter- YVONNE GEE. mined best, perhaps, hy ex- cerpts ffrom oaiginal composi- tionso the stu ents. - - "The statue of Liberty holds,C0nf'QE1?g59 649546 the li ht for us to see more . ena-mnsyou dn mst! mg g in their minds such thoughts, e clearly the truth in all hours of darkness." EVELYN FALLOWS. can we hope to strengthen the meaning and purpose of the American Way of Life. K THE EDUCATED MIND THE COOPERATIVE SPIRIT THE HEALTHY I BODY A PROBLEM IN ALGEBRA STUDENT COURT RUNNING FOR A TOUCHDOWN 7 ...-nl To fhe Senlonr of 1942: E Every ,school has both immediate T,? ?.8.l1C which are directed both the classroom and extra-curricular activities. Among the objectives of the Moorestown High School are these that cluster around the general concept of Civic Responsibility: The Moorestown High School en- "" deavors: 1 . To stress the concept that for every rizgfzz' inherent in the democratic form of government there is implied a corresponding l'FJ',00l'lJ'l-bliltillllf. 2. To help pupils to appreciate the value and necessity of orderliness, of logical thinking, of openmindedness, of suspended judgment, of unprejudiced decision. 5. To help pupils to develop attitudes of tolerance, of cooperation, of respect for law and order and for properly constituted authority. 4. To help the individual toward the self-development of democratic compulsion and the volun- tary surrender of individual rights which conflict with the general good of the larger society. 5. To help pupils to approach ever more nearly the ideal of self-discipline. If you as individuals accept your civic responsibilities willingly and discharge them intelli- gently and with an eye single to the public good, then you will be constructive contributors to the American Way of Life. ,KG Supervzlring Principal. 8 To Our Senionr of 1942: Last fall your teachers adopted as their philosophy of secondary education this expression of faith: "We believe in Democracy as the nearest approximation to ideal government. We believe in Democracy as a social philosophy which has its center in faith in the inherent dignity and worth of the common man. We believe in Democracy as a way of life which finds its finest and fullest expression in service to others. "We believe that in a Democracy every individual's oblz19afion.,r are just as inalienable as are his rzjglzif and that the dutiful performance of the former alone can give moral sanction to the latter. "We believe that Democracy must be maintained in America with all the power of our resources. We believe that Nlorality and Education are the most potent instruments in this self-perpetuation. "We recognize the obligation of the Secondary School to play a vital and personalized part in the training of our youth for healthy, happy, responsible citizenship." Added to your teachers' faith in Democracy is their faith in you as in- dividuals and as responsible ' ' Our America. citizens of God bless you every one. WW 5-K ,II zlqh School Prim czloal. 9 TEACHERS Miss Rosenbaum, Secretary to the Principal Miss E. Shinn, Business Educa- tion Mrs. C. Haines, Secretary to Supervising Principal Miss M. Terwilleger, Home Economics Mr. R. H. Gehringer, Band Leader Mr. M. Hutt, Nlanual Training Mr. G. Swoyer, Mathematics and Science Mr. P. lsenberg, Physical Edu- cation Mr. G. Egner, Business Edu- cation Mrs. Anderson, Secretary to the Board of Education MissL.McCullough,English III 10 Mr. L. Laird, Dlathemaiics and History Mr. L. Hess, Agriculture Miss D. Yanisch, Physical Education Mrs. K. Swalrn, Social Science Miss M. Smiley, English and French Miss E. Parsons, French Miss E. Morgan, Penmanship TEACHERS Miss C. Haas, Latin Miss C. Law, Home Economics Dflr. R. Noyes, Man Llzi l Training Miss P. Bill, Business Education Mr. W. Burley, Music Miss Marian Rodney, English 22. lVlr. B. Bechtel, lxlathematics 27. Nlrs. D. Betz. Social Science 23. Mrs. M. Chegwidden, Art 28. Mr. N. Steinmeyer, Business 24. Miss Sharp and Nlrs. Daniels, Education History and English 29. Mr. S. Barthold, lllatliemntics 25. Mrs. Darnell, School Nurse 50. Miss R. Bump, Librarian 26. Mr. C. VVible, Science 5l. Mr. B. Dierolf, Science 11 A p,,'fV"'K"' ,aw-v""'g .,,-,.,-- A' "W" 1 . ,mf-El:'f:vr Aff- -WMM..- .1V,.. ..,..,,,,,,,,,W,,.,, ,Q , ,IW "f,""gDwW A' 7 A , lnv. -.--.. 1 .L ',.', . , I S , ESS. QW 1 ',.-" . N. ' R Y .Aga 'LA , In . Q fw""'MMlT ,ww L WM A... WAN 'f ' tm 4 1,...1 ,, MN ,flfffj Q QQ W r Miami fry!!-ml ,MAI Jun: Mr! Ninn , .ZIAWM Mlfn: JJ ML nu lpljafzv. W" , I , 1 G 9' .fAA fff..4AA?'Q,.Af ff"f.'7...4AA""""M 1A WT W .,n ...M 1 '47 dh , 1 . .yff . fly . .,g-W" ,,.1AfL,,.,,w!1ff ,. wi 7-wfff' iff' 1' 4 .V , I H M,,a'1 r,.Wh.u' MM,,,,, W WH. in W M! ,,MJWl , !l...WWl4,.w A 47' , ' gl I ' 'A A-'H ,flfu nl Y lf!! 4 I A, 0 A ,. AW' 'ff' v f f . W X 1 f1.fff"' . W' 'f ' , .HW '1 L ljjdm-fl I7 4 -nl J H5 f,nI411,l7 iJ 1AWlffM1n1 my Illf I 75,21 Ml? 4' M ' I ' '. L ' ' if Pull WWA, if jqll I 1 ' li' ' 0"f-. M3354 W" ,!u,,z6f" '- .I "' " . A . Aff" f"j 1.0" MW' - ' . My PM 1 fd-gp, nnvvw In .un-A I ,mafia,uIBlll11lAlf1nMW,,,1L7 md p,1'4v"llHp A4 MM' f AW.. 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Mama?-. - Q. M',, ,. . -: vw'..-:rw ' -15 ' '- w r,4,g.EQwt',5Qi1,:raw-' .t' " mf-vf1',sF W .. ' x . x s- w11:fQiiF:f:f:f:':5"W" L - P- ' V' - 'H-.1:e5l?.w+f- " 1'Sw:,.5,,.,Qv:::f -1152 " ,- 15,- 4 - f 5, .wf.1ffwf',:r - ' ' .X 1.42 ' ' . 3 9 .if v,m'.1.-. , .dvr-' - 1 f --41-1-+'f'L1"f 1" ., -- 5? Q iii?'ff5:?'552f21f,31iQi32fifIfFT-1,-lX?'.' I ' V I AWD MXN9 EDUC SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRED SMITH Prwidenf IOHN CECIL Vice-Pre.r1'denf FRANCES GRANVILLE Secreiary ALLEN THIEMICH Treamurer HISTORY OF THE CLASS UF T942 HE Class of 1942 entered the Moorestown High School in Septem- ber, 1958. The number enrolled at that time was 114 boys and 118 girls, making a total enrollment of 252 students. In Septem- ber, 1959, twenty-five boys and six girls came to us from Pennsauken, makinganew total of 265. During the latter part of our Sophomore year, fifty-three students left for various reasons. Only 210 boys and girls returned in the fall of 1940 to begin the work of the Iunior year. From the time of our Sophomore year, when the class reached its peak in numbers, to the time of entering our Senior year, ninety-one students left us. Some of them moved from the district, others moved to dif- HONOR GROUP Finfzf Row: R. Heal, G. Walker. Second Row: R. Quinn, C. Bastain, C. England, Dailey, F. Reim, V. Melvin. Back Row: R. Shapley, M. Perrine, A. Thiemich, K. Diffenderfer, R. Rosenbaum, B. Given, Hall, Paul Cresthull, Cabsentj. I4 Miss MARIAN RODNEY CLASS ADVISERS ferent States. Many of this number left to take up various vocations or enter industry. During our Freshman year, Mrs. Betz .advised us and helped to make our year a happy one. The highlight of our Sophomore year was the selecting of class rings. Mr. Steinmeyer guided us through all of our problems during this year. In 1940 we became "upper Classmenn and were conscious of the privileges with which this title endowed us. We presented as our Iunior play "What a Life" by Clifford Goldsmith. However, the big social event of the year was the Iunior Prom. Mr. Barthold was our guide and adviser during the Iunior year. Our activities as Seniors are depicted in this book. NORMAN STEINMEYER 15 ' MARIE LOUISE ANTISDEL French Club II, III, IV, Latin Club III, IV, Band IV, Honor Certitcate III, French Club Award III, Music Festival III. DORIS M. ARMSTRONG Attendance Certificate II, Typ- ing Award III, B. E. Society II, III, IV, Assembly Usher IV. DOROTHY ARMSTRONG French Club II, Latin Club I, II, Varsit Basketball II, III, IV, Varsity Iylockey II, III, Var- sity Baseball II, Varsity Tennis II, Civic Club Representative II, Var- sity Show II, III. HELEN MARIE ARTHUR Latin Club II, III, IV, .7Vuf.rhell LAWRENCE ATKINSON Iudge in Student Court IV, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Orches- tra I, II, Band I, II, III, IV, Manager of Football Team III, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV. WILLIAM BAKER Iunior Play III, Mixed Chorus IV, Nutshell Award IV, Drum Maior IV, .7Vu!.flzell Dance Com- mittee IV, Variety Show IV. ERNEST F. BALFREY Varsity Track III, IV, Attend- ance Certificate I, TraIIic Monitor IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Assembly Usher IV. CATHERINE L. BARBOUR Bus Monitor III, Girls' Glee Business staff II, III, IV, Year- -C1ubHIfIV- book Business Staff II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club IV, Nuhrhell Award II, III, IV. Larry Ernie Kafe firm Xllarie 171 imsr T werp B ill y BARBARA E. BARNES Girls' Glee Club III, Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Carol Serv- ice III, IV. CATHERINE BASTIAN French Club II, III, IV, Latin Club I, II, III, Yearbook Assistant Editor I, II, III3 Yearbook Editor- in-Chief IV, Book Club IV, Hand- book Committee III: Honor Cer- tificate II, III: Attendance Cer- tificate I, Civic Club Award II, .7Vu1'.rhell Award III, Basketball I. DORIS E. BELL French Club II, Girls' Glee Club III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Carol Service III, IV. DONALD S. BELTON Nuzirhell Business Staff I, II, III, IV, Yearbook Business Staff I, II, III, IV, Manager III, IV, Varsity Track II, III, IV, Varsity Tennis I, II, III, Varsity Tennis Captain VIII, High School Tennis Cham- pionship "40," "4lg" Flag Bearer II, III, Drum Major IV, Inter- scholastic Penmanship Award I 3 Attendance Certificate II, Civic Club Award II, III, Nuhrhell Award I. II, III, IV, -Art Awards II, III, IV, Basketball I, II, III, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Assembly Usher IV: Senior Prom Chairman, .vubfhell Distributor I, II, III, IV. IOSEPH A. BERGHAIER Track III, IV, Football II. IOYCE RAE BLE SSIN G French Club II, III, IV: Latin Club I, II, Nuifhelf Literary Staff II, III, IV, Camera Club Secretary and Treasurer III, .vuirlzell Award 'II, III, Poetry Award II. IOSEPH O. BLITHE Monitor Club Department Head IV, Football Manager Ig Track Manager II, Track III, IV, Bas- ketball I, II, III. GLADYS BOSY Clothing Award Ig Assembly Usher IV, Bus Monitor II, III. i Baba' Dol Joy Joe Brother J ae Kiffy Gflld HARVEY E. BROWN, IR. Nubllell Staff III, IVg Varsit Football III, IVQ Varsity Tracli I, II, IVg Varsit Tennis II, III, IV: Basketball Ill, III 3 Orchestra I, II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus I, II, III, IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Senior Play, Variety Show IV. MYRTLE E. BROWN French Club II, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Civic Club Repre- sentative I, IV. ROBERT N. BROWN Monitor Club IV g Mixed Chorus IV 3 Civic Club Representative IIg Official Typewriting Award II, III. MYRTLE R. BURGIN Business Education Society II, III, IV, Girls' Leaders Club Presi- dent IVg Varsity Basketball II, III, IV, Varsity Hockey III, IV, Varsity Softball II, Varsity Tennis II, Civic Club Representative II, Typist Certificates II, III, Variety ?f10W II, III, IV, Cheerleader II, I. ROBERT BURNS, IR. Orchestra II, III, IV: Band I, II, III, IV, Brass Octett III, IV, Football Assistant Manager II, III, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Variety Show I, II, III, IVg Tennis IV. CALVIN H. BUTLER Latin Club IVg Traffic Monitor II, Assembly Usher IV. WILLIAM P. CAREY Class Treasurer II, Head As- sembly Usher IV, Latin Club Ig Varsit Football IV, Varsity Bas- ketball, III, IVg Christmas Play IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Traflic Monitor IV3 Golf IV, Senior Play. F. WINIFRED CHANDLER Typewriting Award II, Girls' Leaders Club III, Assembly Usher IV. Babe Jlyr! Ivylillll ie Pai Q 1 Rlzeii Brown ie Bob Buffer RALPH COLLINS Sportsman's Club Officer II, III, Radio Club IV. RICHARD CONKLIN Bus Monitor IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IVg Iunior Varsity Football III, Christmas Play IV. ANGELINE L. CONSTANTINO French Club II, III, Cirls' Glee Club II, III, Mixed Chorus III, IV, Honor Certificate II, At- tendance Certificate Ig Civic Club Representative IIIg Typewriting Award II. PAUL CRESTHULL French Club III, IV, Radio Club IV3 Honor Certificate II, IIIg Civic Club Representative IIIg Christmas Play II. Dimp lea' Belfy Sunny Ra fph IAMES H. F. CUMBER Yearbook Literary Staff' IVQ Camera Club Member IVg Busi- ness Education Society III, IV, Business Education Society Treas- 'urer IV, Cafeteria Monitor III IV, Fire Warden IVg Track IVi IEAN CECILIA DAILEY Monitor Club Secretary IVg French Club III, IV, Latin Club IV, I7Vul.rhell Business Staff IVg Yearbook Business Staff IVg Girls' Glee Club IVg Senior Play. EDWARD A. DEEGAN Latin Club Ig Football Manager IVQ Assistant Football Manager IIIg Typewriting Award IV, As- sembly Usher IVp Fire Warden: Traffic Monitor IVg Business Edu- cation Society Ig Business Educa- tion Society Vice-President IIQ Business Education Society Council IV. ELIZABETH DE NIGHT Assembly Usher IVg Nuirhell Distributor IVg Business Education Society III. Ed Dick Dale Whiz il IOSEPH DI BLASIO Traffic Monitor I, II, III, IVg Varsity Football III, IVg Baseball IVg Fire and Air Raid Warden IVg Head of Cafeteria Monitors IV. KENNETH DIFFENDERFER French Club IV: Air Raid War- den IVg Senior Play. ROCCO DI VIETRO fwithdrewj HOWARD N. DUDLEY, SRD French Club III, IVQ Latin Club III5 Variety Show IV. ESNA EASLEY Mixed Chorus II, III5 Type- writing Award IIg Typist Cer- tificate and Pin IIg Filing Certifi- cate IIIg Business Education So- ciety II, III. CLAIRE ENGLAND ' French Club II, III, IVg Latin Club IQ II, IIIg Nulmlzell Exchange Editor III5 Yearbook Assistant Editor IVg Handbook Committee Chairman IIIg Book Club Secre- tary IVg Honor Certificate I, IIg Civic Club Award II. EVELYN ANN FALLOWS French Club IVg Latin Club II, IIIg Hockey Ig Mixed Chorus IVg Attendance Certificate Ig Christmas Carol Service IV. FRANK FEE Electrician I, Ilg Color Guard Ilg Fire Warden IVg Mixed Chorus IV. Evy Claire Diff Rlffk Sfump-y Frank Duff EJ ENID ADEL FIGUEROA Business Education Society II, III, Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Carol Service IV. ELIZABETH FRENCH French Club II, III, Latin Club President II, III, Latin Club Mem- ber I, II, III, Nulfhell Literary Staff I, Arulwhell Business Staff' III, Yearbook Sports Reporter IV, Camera Club I3 IuniorYPlay Property Chairman III, Girls' Glee Club II, Mixed Chorus I, II, III, IV, Afuhrhell Award III, Head Assembly Usher IV: Variety Show II, III. KATHERINE E. FRY rvuhrhefl Business Staff IV, Var- sity Baseball II, Typewriting Award III, Assembly Usher IV, As- sembly Monitor II. PAUL GARLANGER IOSEPH G. GARRO Sportsman's Club II, III, Var- sity Football II, III, .Vufffzell Award III, Baseball IV. YVONN E LUCILLE GEE French Club III, Nulmlzell Dance Committee III, IV, Business Edu- cation Society II, III, IV, Girls' Leader Club III, IV, Traffic Mon- itor II, Varsity Basketball IV, Iunior Varsity Basketball II, III, Varsity Hockey IV, Junior Varsity Hockey III, Softball II, Girls' Glee Club III, Mixed Chorus II, IV, Typewriting Awards II, III, Variety Show II, III, Music Festi- val III, Christmas Carol Service III, IV. BARBARA IANE GIVEN French Club Vice-President IV, French Club Member II, III, IV, Latin Club I, II, fVul.rlzefl Sports Editor III, IV, Yearbook Assist- ant Editor III, Camera Club I, Handbook Committee III, Book Club III, IV, Junior Play Student Director IV, Girls' Glee Club III, IV, Mixed Chorus I, IV: Nui- Jhell Award III, Head Usher IV. Svoffsmmfs Club U1 TWC- ROBERT E. GODFREY JR. writing Award III. ' Agriculture Club President IV: Sportsman's Club II, Winner of Interscholastic Agriculture Award III, IV. Barbie Enid Joe Paul Roby Gee Gee Knit fH01l1J'J'0-1' FRANCIS I. GORDON IESSIE R. M. GRAHAM Civic Club Award II. FRANCES MARY GRANVILLE Class Secretary IVp Monitor Club Secretary III 5 Nuzirhell Secre- tary IV, Interscholastic Penman- ship Award IIIg Civic Club Award III, Typewriting Award II, III. FLORENCE MAE GROTH Business Education Society III, IV, Girls' Leaders Club III, IVg Varsity Hockey IV, Varsity Swim- ming Ip Typewriting Awards II, IIIg Variety Show II, III. FRANK GULLO Nulxheii Reporter IV, Varsity Baseball IV, Varsity Track III, IVg Band III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV: Swimming Manager IV, Mon- itor Club 1, II, III, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV. PATRICIA S. HABERERN French Club II, IIIQ Girls' Glee Club III, IV, Business Education Society II. HERMAN E. HACKN EY Bus Monitor IV, Mixed Chorus III, IV, String Band IV, Track IV. CHARLES F. HAHN French Club IIIg Sportsman's Club IIg Mixed Chorus IV. F la.rh H erm F rilz Hep Cai Flonnfe Tiny Sealife Pal IOHN MILLIKEN HALL French Club President IVg French Club Member II, III, IV, Latin Club I, II, III, Varsity Football III, IVQ Varsity Basket- ball III, IV, Orchestra I, II, III, IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Boys' Chorus IVg Brass Octet IIIQ Brass Choir IV, Attendance Certificate II, III, Civic Club Representative IVp Civic Club Award III 5 Christmas Play I5 Golf' IV. A. ROBERT HARRIS Usher IVg Boys' Chorus III, IV3 Mixed Chorus III, IV, Fire Warden IV, Golfl, II, IV, Variety Show IV. DORIS ANN HART Yearbook Business Staff' IVg Iunior Play III, Civic Club Award II. ESTI-IER E. HART Assembly Usher III. Er MATTHEW HASSELHAN Yearbook Staff III, IV, ZVul- .rhell Award II. ROBERT HEAL Class President I, III, Civic Club Treasurer IVg Varsity Basket- ball IV, Varsity Baseball III, IV, Baseball I, II, Honor Certificate I, II, IIIg Attendance Certificate II, Civic Club Representative I, II, III. C. HERBERT I-IECKLER Baseball IV. SHIRLEY M. HEINRICH Basketball Manager Ig Civic Club Representative I 5 Assembly Usher IVg Business Education Society II. Daz' 11111-y Hdllllf Zgkg Herbie A Bob Mllff HAROLD B. HILL Fire XVarden IV. MARION E. HOGATE Bible Club Secretary IV. LORRAINE HOLLAND Varsity Hockey IV, Girls' Glee Club II, III, Attendance Certifi- cate I, II, III, Mixed Chorus IV, Civic Club Representative III, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Business Education Society III, Christmas Play IV, Variety Show V. VIRGINIA A. HOLLAND Latin Club II, III, Camera Club II, III, Girls' Glee Club II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Christ- mas Play IV, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, 1H06 Ha DORIS KATHERINE HORN .Swimming I, Attendance Cer- tificate III, Typewriting Award III: Business Education Society II, III, IV. HAROLD H. HORTON Agriculture Club Secretary III, Athletic Council II, III, Varsity Football II, III, IV, Varsity Bas- ketball I, II, III, IV, Basket- ball Captain II, III, IV, Varsity Baseball II, III, IV, Varsity Golf II, Boys' Chorus I, Mixed Chorus II, IV, Civic Club Representative IV, Air Raid Warden, Christmas Carol Service IV, Variety Show II, Assembly Monitor III. MARIORIE M. IESSUP Latin Club I, Varsity Basket- ball III, Varsity Hockey III, Girls' Glee Club IV, Girls' Leader Club III, iv. DAVID E. IONES Class Secretary 1, Sportsman's Club II, III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV. imp fyargie Beep Ginny H ogie Droop DORIS IONES Assembly Usher IVg Assembly Monitor I, II. MARTHA MARIA IUEL Iunior Play, Senior Play, Girls' Glee Club IIIg Mixed Chorus IV, Attendance Certificate I, II, IIIg Variety Show II. MARION M. IULIANA Varsity Hockey I5 Mixed Chorus IV, Basketball Manager Ilg At- tendance Certificate I. WILLIAM I. KAPPELER Mixed Chorus IV, Fire Warden IV. H. WILLIAM KASSEKERT Mixed Chorus III, IV. ROBERT KAY Agriculture Club OlIicer IV, Varsity Swimming II, III, IV, Boys' Chorus III, Interscholastic Agriculture Award IV. MARGARET KELLEY Athletic Council IIg Varsity Swimming Ig Iunior Play III: Girls' Glee Club II, IV, Civic Club Representative I, II: Mixed Chorus I, III, Variety Show II, II", IV, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Cheerleader I, II, III, IV, Girls' Leader Club IV. MARTHA LOUISE KING French Club II, III, Latin Club I, II, Iunior Varsity Basketball III. fllofz 171111 Do! "K" AQ. Henry Kap ' Jewel Peg MIRIAM R. KONZELMAN Bus Monitor III. HERBERT KUHFUSS Football I, II. RAYMOND C. LANDIS Sportsman's Club IVQ Boys' Chorus III, Fire and Air Raid n IV Traffic Monitor IV Warde 3 9 Assembly Usher IVg Christmas Carol Service III . STEPHEN W. LEFCZIK Varsity Football IIg Varsity Track IIg Attendance Certificate I, II, III. WILLIAM M. LICKFIELD 'Varsity Swimming II, III, IVg lVI1xed Chorus IV, Variety Show IV. CHARLES E. LINK Music Festival IIg Typewriting Award III, Christmas Play IVg Air Raid and Fire Warden IVg Choric Speaking IV, Assistant Librarian IV. MIRIAM MAY LUCAS Latin Club II, III, Nuzirhel! Business Staff III, IV, Yearbook Business Staff III, IV, Girls' Glee Club IVg Nulwlzell Award III, IVg Assembly Usher IV. WILLIAM A. LYBRAND Head of Hall Patrol IVg Sports- man's Club II, Varsity Football IV, Mixed Chorus IVg Male Quartet IV, Nuhhell Award IIIg Fire and Air Raid Wardeng Variety Show III, IV. Ray Sieve fllirnf Linky Herbie zllimi Bill Broan -1... Y, I' HELEN LYNCH Girls' Cvlee Club III: Mixed Chorus IVg Typewriting Award IIIg Assembly Usher IV. IOSEPH E. LYNCH Athletic Council I, II III, IV: Boys' Chorus Ig Mixed Chorus IVg Basketball Manager III, IVg Fire and Air Raid Warden IVg As- sembly Usher IVg Christmas Carol Service IVg 60-Word Transcription Award IV. ROBERT E. LYNCH Mixed Chorus III, IV. ETHEL MAE MACKINNEY Latin Club IIg Girls' Glee Club IIIg Mixed Chorus IVg Typewrit- mg Award IIIg Christmas Carol Service III, IV. RUTH SHIRLEY MAIN ES Class Vice-President Ig Class Secretary IIIQ Civic Club Secretary IVg Nultrlzell Reporter III, IVg Bible Club Ig Iunior Varsity Bas- ketball Ilg Civic Club Representa- tive IIIg Cheerleader III, IV. STEWARD R. MAINES Athletic Council I, IIp Varsity Football II, III, IVg Varsity Basketball III, IVg Varsity Track II, IVg Civic Club Representative III, IVg Student Court I. HOWARD MASON French Club Ilg Sportsman's glub III, IVg Boys' Chorus III, V. RALPH MASON French Club IIg Sportsman's Club IIg Varsity Track III, IV3 Varsity Swimming IVg Mixed Chorus III, IVg Fire and Air Raid Warden IV. Buck Ralph H ow Robbie ,il Redd' flfac F ritz ie Joe MM, IOHN M. MCCHESNEY, JR. Latin Club Ig Sportsman's Club II, Band III, IVQ Mixed Chorus IVQ Fire Warden IV, Assembly Usher IV. LOUISA MEEKINS French Club IIg Latin Club I, II, III. CAROLINE P. MELCHORE Latin Club II, III, Iunior Play: Senior Play, Girls' Glee Club IIg Civic Club Representative II, Cheerleader II, III, IV, Library Head IV. 'is VIRGINIA M. MELVIN French Club II, III, IV, Avuf- .flzell Literary Secretary III, IV, Girls' Glee Club Ip Mixed Chorus IVg Honor Certificate II, III, Nufxhell Award IIIg Book Club III, IVg Christmas Carol Service V. IANE HELEN MILLER French Club IIIg Latin Club III, Mixed Chorus III, IV, Christ- mas Carol Service III, IVg Variety Show IIIg High School Octet III, Rhythm Singers III. FRANK XAVIER MOLLO Nutflzell Class Reporter III, IV, Yearbook Sports Editor IV, Iunior Play Business Manager IIIg Mixed Chorus IVg Baseball Manager I, II, Attendance Certificate I, II, IIIg Civic Club Award IIIg Type- writing Award III, IV, Nulwhell Award III, IVg Fire Warden IVg Assembly Flag Bearer IVg As- sembly Monitor III, Christmas Play IV. RUTH E. MURPHY French Club IVp Latin Club II, IIIg Hockey Ig Girls' Glee Club I, III, IVg Mixed Chorus III, IV, Civic Club Representa- tive II, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Music Festival I, II, Variety Show II, III. MARGUERITE V, O'DONNELL French Club III, IV , Latin Club 1, IIy'Nuf.fhfz1 Distributor 1, II, Band II, III, IV. Ginnie Peg Jlilff Cam! fllariha Wawhingion Jack Feaffler D00fiC THOMAS E. O'TOOLE ZVul.fhell Distributor III, IV, Mixed Chorus III, Attendance Certificate II, III, IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Assembly Usher IV. DUANE PALMQUIST Airplane Club III, Assembly Usher IV, Fire Warden IV. CHARLES A. PASCALE Monitor Club President IV, Varsity Football III, IV, Boys' DOROTHY PEARSON Attendance Certificate I, III, Typewriting Award II, Business Education Society II, III, IV. MIRIAM B. PERRINE Yearbook Literary Staff III, IV, Iunior Play III, Girls' Glee Club II, III, Mixed Chorus IV, Interscholastic Penmanship Award I, Honor Certificate I, II, III, Attendance Certificate" II, III, Civic Club Award I, III, Type- writing Award III, Nulxhell Award III, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Business Education Society Secretary III, Business Education Society IV, Christmas Play IV. ALBERT POTTER 'E Chorus I, II, III, IV, Christmas Qwithdrewj Carol Service IV, Senior Quartet IV, Basketball Assistant Manager I, II, III, Attendance Certificate I, Civic Club Representative II, III, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV, Track IV. ROSE C. PASQUARIELLO SHIRLEY RAHN French Club III, Latin Club twithdfewl Treasurer II, Latin Club I, II, III, Mixed Chorus I, II, III, IV, Music Festival I, II, III. Rawie Carrol Xllimi Be De Le Um Scrapper dl Charlie Rahnic FRANCES C. REILEY Iunior Play: Senior Play: Inter- scholastic Penmanship Award Ig Attendance Certificate IIIg Civic Club Award Ig Typewriting Award IIIg Class Swimming Award I. FRANCES E. REIREIM Latin Club Officer IIg Varsity Swimming Ig Attendance Cer- tificate Ig Civic Club Representa- tive II, IV. MARGARET I. REIMET French Club IVg Yearbook As- sistant Editor IVg Iunior Varsity Hockey IIIQ Music Festival III, IVg Nuhrhell Distributor III, IVg Leaders' Club IIIg Orchestra IVg Band II, III, IVg Attendance Certificate I. ALEXANDER R. REISS Sportsman's Club II, III, IVg Iunior Play: Civic Club Award IIIg Fire and Air Raid Warden IVg Assembly Usher IVg Cheer- leader II, III, IVg Business Edu- cation Society IV. ' ' ELINORE Z. RE XON Varsity Hockey III, IVg Varsity Tennis Ilg Mixed Chorus III, IVg Attendance Certificate Ig Christ- mas Play IVg Christmas Carol Service III, IV. MARGARET M. RICHARDSON French Club II, III5 Latin Club III, IVg Mixed Chorus IVg Busi- ness Education Society III. VIRGINIA B. RICHIE Varsity Basketball IVg Mixed Chorus IVg Christmas Carol Serv- ice IV. DANIEL I, RILEY Sportsman's Club IIg Varsity Baseball IIIg Varsity Track IIIg Mixed Chorus IVg Christmas Carol Service IV. Jean ie W'ce 1Vee Dan X11 aggie 1riJlz Re iuie Rex Ginny DORIS M. ROBERTS Interscholastic Official Type- writing Award III, Business Edu- cational Society III. WILLIAM C. ROBERTS, IR. Camera Club III, Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Carol Service IV, Fire, Warden IV, Air Raid War- den IV. MARY R. ROBINSON Bible Club III, IV, Interscholas- tic Penmanship Award I. ALBERTA C. ROMINSKI French Club IV, Latin Club I, II, Nulwhell Reporter IV, Mixed Chorus IV. RUTH ROSENBAUM .Vubrhell Business Staff IV, Bible Club Secretary III, Bible Club President IV, Bible Club I, II, III, IV, Interscholastic Penmanship Award Ig Typewriting Award III, Stenography Certiscate III. EDGAR L. SANFORD, IR. Student Court II, III, President IV, Nuhrhell Reporter I, II, Senior Editor IV, Feature 'Editor IV, Track II, III, IV, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Mixed Chorus IV, Football Squad I, II, III, Nutrhell Award III, i7Vul.rhell Distributor Ig Fire Warden IV. CHARLES R. SCHULZE Monitor Club, Department Head IV, Sportsman's Club III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Bus Monitor IV. ANTOINETTE G. SELLITTO French Club I, IV, Latin Club I, II, Iunior Play III, Girls' Glee Club IV, Mixed Chorus II, IV, Variety Show I, II, Christmas Carol Service III, IV, Music Festival II, III. Bucky lilac Rofie fffia' Dufch Ted X BEF! Tony IRA 1. SHAMPINE, JR. Sportsman's Club III, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Typewriting Award III, Cheerleader III, Assembly Usher IV 5 Fire Warden IV. I. RUSSELL SHAPLEY Camera Club IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Honor Certificate III, At- tendance Certificate III, Christ- mas Play IV, Fire and Air Raid Warden IV. PAUL ALBERT SINE Attendance Certificate III, Fire Warden IV. RUTH E. SLIMM Nubhell Reporter II, Nufmlzell Secretary IV, Bible Club Treasurer III, Bible Club II, III, Varsity Hockey IV, Iunior Play III, Girls' Glee Club II, III, Attend- ance Certificate I, III, Typewriting Awards II, III, Variety Show III, Gym Leaders' Club III, IV, Busi- ness Education Society III, IV. FRED P. SMITH, IR. Class Officer, President II, Vice- Pnesident III, President IV, Var- sity Football III, Captain IV, Iunior Play: Senior Play, Orches- tra I, II, III, Band I, II, III. Student Director IV, Brass Choir II, IV, Mixed Chorus IV, At- tendance Certificate III. KATHLEEN SMITH Girls' Glee Club II, III, IV, Civic Club IV, Monitor Club IV. RUTH M. SNYDER Iunior Play: Girls' Glee Club I, II, Mixed Chorus I, II, III, IV, Christmas Carol Service II, IV, Interscholastic Penmanship Award I, Typewriting Award III, Library Staff' I, II. IEAN SPARKS French Club III, Latin Club II, Nuhrhell Staff II, III, IV, Yearbook Staff II, IV, Varsity Swimming II, Softball II, Girls' Glee Club II, III, Mixed Chorus III, IV. Slzap Sinie Snujfy Sharnp Kay Rudy Rufhie Sparkie ' IEAN MARY SPERA Girls' Glee Club III, Mixed Chorus IV, Attendance Certificate Ip Typewriting Awards II, IIIg Shorthand Award lIIg Penmanship Award Ig Assembly Monitor III, Business Education Society II. BENIAMIN I. STABLES, IR. Monitor Club Traffic Head IV, Varsity Swimming II, III, IVg Orchestra II, III, IV, Band I, II, III, IV, Brass Choir III, IVg Fire Warden IV, Golf IV. FLOYD STACKHOUSE French Club IIg Yearbook As- sistant Sports Editor III 3 As- sembly Usher IV, Air Raid War- den IV. CHARLES A. STEPHENS Monitor Club Traffic Head IVg Monitor Club III, Attendance Certificate Ig Fire Warden IVg Lunchroom Monitor IV. WILLIAM STEWART Orchestra I, II, III, IVg Band I, II, III, IVg Boys' Chorus IIIg Mixed Chorus III, IVQ Brass Choir III, IVg Fire Warden IV. PAUL MARKLEY STOW Monitor Club Department Head IVg Varsity Football IVg Iunior Playg Senior Pla :Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Cyarol Service IVg Christmas Play IVg Fire Warden IVg Air Raid Warden IV. BETTE SUTTON Monitor Club Secretary III: French Club IIg Iunior Play, Senior Playg Band Majorette I, II, III, IVg Mixed Chorus III, IVg Typewriting Awards II, III. PAUL CHAMPLIN TAGGART Boys' Chorus III 3 Monitor Club Ig Fire Warden IVp Air Raid War- den IV. ' Shrimp Doc Goo Goo Stew Sieve Pinkie Sfowie Ben MARGUERITE TAYLOR Interscholastic Penmanship Award I: Attendance Certificate Ig Mixed Chorus IVg Christmas Carol Service IV, Business Education Society II, III. ALLEN THIEMICI-I Class Treasurer IVQ French Club III, IVg Honor Certificate II, Typewriting Award IIIg Short- hand Award IVg Business Educa- tion Society II, III, President IV. VIRGINIA H. TRUXTON Girls' Glee Club III: Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Carol Serv- ice III, IV, Library Staff III, IV. SHIRLEY M. TUBMAN French Club IVg Leaders' Club IV5 Girls' Glee Club IIIg Mixed Chorus III, IV, Christmas Carol Service III, IVg Christmas Play IV. . , DOROTHY L. VIGGIANO Interscholastic Penmanship Award Ig Attendance Certificate I5 Typewriting Award IIIg Assembly Monitor Ig Shorthand Award IV. IOSEPH A. VILLEC Vice-President Agriculture Club IV, Sportsman's Club IIIg Foot- ball Ig Boys' Chorus III, IVg In- terscholastic Agriculture Award IVg Civic Club Representative Ig Mon- itor Club II. ROBERT R. VITT Mixed Chorus IVg Lunchroom Monitor III, IVg Fire Warden IV. GORDON WALKER French Club III, Nulwhell Re- porter IIIg Mixed Chorus III, Honor Certificate I, II, III, Civic Club Representative IIIg Christ- mas Play Ig Senior Play. Doi T u My Peg Gin n fe Q Shorfffuf 0Jcar Corn-hurrker Al MARY C. WALSH Mixed Chorus IV, Christmas Carol Service IV, Monitor Club I, III, Hall Patrol IV, Business Education Society II. NAN K. WALTERS Girls' Varsity Baseball II, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Variety Show III, Typewriting Award IV, In- terscholastic Penmanship Award I. CHARLES T. WATSON Camera Club I, II, Sportsman's Club II, III, President IV, Var- sity Swimming I, II, III, Iunior Play III, Mixed Chorus IV, Christ- mas Carol Service IV, Boys' Chorus IV. ROY IAMES WEIDMAN Radio Club IV, Boys' Chorus III, IV, Attendance Certificate II, Fire Warden IV, Bus Monitor I, IV, Track IV. ROBERT W. WEST ' Agriculture Club I, II, III, IV, Varsity Football III, IV, Varsity Track II, III, IV. NATALIE G. WIMBERLEY French Club II, Latin Club I, II, III, IV, Camera Club I3 As- sembly Usher IV. EDWARD WIN KLER Monitor Club Bus Head IV, Boys' Chorus I, II, III, Christmas Carol Service III, Attendance Certificate I, III, Typewriting Award III, Air Raid Warden IV, Fire Warden IV, Business Edu- cation Society II, III, Vice-Presi- dent IV. HARRY WOOD Varsity Baseball III, IV, Var- sity Swimming III, IV, Orchestra I, II, III, IV, Singing Strings III, Fire Warden IV, Track IV. Woody fllaqy Dairy Nai Wert-y Wink Roy Charlie ROBERT WREN Varsity Basketball IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Fire Warden IV, Track IV. ROBERT WYNNE Latin Club III, Junior Play: Senior Play, Orchestra III, IV, Band II, III, IV, Boys' Chorus IV, Brass Choir III, IV, Attendance Certificate I, III. WILLIAM CECIL Swimming II, III, IV, Track III, Traffic Monitor IV, Fire Warden IV, Christmas Carol Serv- ice III. Wrzlqhiy Johnny HELEN EDNA WRIGHT French Club III, Latin Club II, Athletic Council II, III, Girls' Basketball II, III, IV, Girls' Swim- ming I: Girls' Glee Club IV, Mixed Chorus IV, Attendance Certificate I. IOHN CECIL Class Treasurer III, Vice-Presi- dent IV, Nutrllell Staff III, IV, Basketball II, III, Golf I, II, Honor Certificate I, II, III, Civic Club Representative I, II, Civic Club Award III, Nuwhell Award III, Fire Warden IV. Cuz Windy Billy AWAY 'I cannot say, and I will not say That he is dead . . . He isjust away! With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand, He has wandered into an unknown gland. And left us dreaming how very fair It needs must be , since he lingers there. Think of him faring on , as dear In the love of There as the love of Hereg Think of him still as the same, I say: He is not dead-he is just awayfu -IAMES WHITCOMB RILEY IN MEMORY OF GEORGE GIESKIE WHO DIED SEPTEMBER, 1959 37 SENIOR WHO'S VVHO 38 WHO'S ROBERT QUINN. . . RICHARD CONKLIN .... DONALD BELTON. SHIRLEY MAINES. ROBERT BURNS. . SARA MACMILLAN FRANK C-ULLO, MYRTLE BROWN ..... HO .Clam Pfzilowoplzer . . . . .Claw Oraior . . . . .Cfamr lfl'fl.J'f . . .fllofi Aifraciive . ..fHo.r1f Handxome . . . .Claw Vamp . . . . .Clam W'z'i.r RUSSELL SHAPLEY, CLAIRE ENGLAND ..,.. . . .I7Io.rfD1ynMied LARRY ATKINSON, IEAN DAILEY .... ....... B eff-nafured BEN STABLES, MARIE ANTISDEL ...... ..... C lam .f7IuJiclan.r FRED SMITH, WINIFRED CHANDLER. .... .,.. 1 Hoff Popular ROBERT QUINN, WILLIAM BAKER Claw Oplimifi, Clam PEJ'J'l.l7lL.J'f IOE LYNCH, PEGGY KELLEY .....,............... 1 . .Cuie.rz' FRED SMITH, CAROLINE MELCHORE. . .Clam Acfor and Alcfrmr IEAN DAILEY, ROBERT HEAL ...... ........ I 7Io.ri Venraiile MYRTLE BURGIN, STEWARD MAINES. .,........ Claw Alilzleiea ALLEN THIEMICH ......,.....,.,..... Did mofffor 171. H, S. CATHERINE BASTIAN, ALLEN THIEMICH. ....... fllofi Siudiouf 59 SENIOR DIRECTORY MARIE LOUISE ANTISDEL, 269 E. Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-General DORIS M. ARMSTRONG, 260 Linden Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business DOROTHY ARMSTRONG, 525 Linden Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical HELEN MARIE ARTHUR, 28 Frederick Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific LAWRENCE ATKINSON, 509 W. Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical WILLIAM BAKER, 2917 Haddonfield Road, Pennsauken, N. I.-Scientific ERNEST FREDERICK BALFREY, 19 Revere Avenue, Lenola, N. I.-Scientihc CATHERINE LEONA BARBOUR, 516 Crawford Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-General BARBARA E. BARNES, 26 Center Street, Lenola, N. I.-Business CATHERINE BASTIAN, 66 Anna Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Classical DORIS E. BELL, 2204 N. 56th Street, Camden, N. I.-Business DONALD STOKES BELTON, 554 Chester Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-General IOSEPH A. BERGHAIER, 104 Orchard Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific IOYCE RAE BLESSING, 525 E. Oak Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical IOSEPH O. BLITHE, 17 E. Second Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business GLADYS BVOSY, 158 Pine Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.+Business HARVEY H. BROWN, IR., 46 E. Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific MYRTLE E. BROWN, 484 Martin Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business ROBERT N. BROWN, 6628 Westfield Avenue, Merchantville, N. I.-Business MYRTLE R. BURGIN, 1619 Forty-seventh Street, Delaware Gardens, N. I.-Business ROBERT BURNS, IR., 210 E. Central Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific CALVIN H. BUTLER, 16 Beech Street, Moorestown, N. I.-General WILLIAM PATRICK CAREY, 559 W. Second Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical F. WINIFRED CHANDLER, 219 Center Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business RALPH COLLINS, Walton Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific RICHARD CONKLIN, 1607 W. River Drive, Merchantville, N. I.-Scientific ANGELINE L. CONSTANTINO, 10 Pleasant Valley Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Busin PAUL CRESTHULL, 5418 Haddonfield Road, Pennsauken, N. I.-Classical IAMES H. F. CUMBER, 225 Germantown Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business IEAN CECILIA DAILEY, 2119 Forty-sixth Street, Pennsauken, N. I.-Classical EDWARD A. DEEGAN, 404 S. Washington Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Business ELIZABETH DE NIGHT, 58 N. Holly Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business IOSEPH DI BLASIO, 202 Lincoln Avenue, West Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific KENNETH WIILLIAM DIFFENDERFER, Woodlane, Rancocas Woods, Masonville, N. HOWARD N. DUDLEY, 5RD, 281 W. Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical ESNA EASLEY, 8520 Osler Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I.-Business CLAIRE ENGLAND, 596 E. Third Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical EVELYN ANN FALLOXVS, 146 W. Central Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.aClassical FRANK FEE, 12 S. Poplar Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific ENID ADEL FIGUEROA, 8756 Stockton Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I.-Business 40 CSS I. Classical SENIOR DIRECTORY ELIZABETH FRENCH, 4 Haines Drive, Moorestown, N. I.-General KATHERINE EVELINE FRY, 117 W. Main Street, Maple Shade, N. I.-Classical IOSEPH G. GARRO, 545 N. Forklanding Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-General PAUL GARLANGER, Marne Highway, Masonville, N. I.-Business YVONNE LUCIELLE GEE, 1725 Forty-eighth Street, Delaware Gardens, N. I.-Business BARBARA IANE GIVEN, 6 W. Maple Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical ROBERT E. GODFREY, IR., Hainesport Road, Moorestown, N. I.-Agricultural FRANCIS GORDON, 1641 Tinsman Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I.-Scientific IESSIE R. M. GRAHAM, 559 W. River Drive, Merchantville, N. I.-Classical FRANCES MARY GRANVILLE, 40 Lenrace Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business FLORENCE MAE GROTH, S-41 Highway, Moorestown, N. I.-Business FRANK D. GULLO, 20 Center Street, Lenola, N. I.-Business PATRICIA SARAH HABERERN, 709 Main Street, Riverton, N. I.-Business HERMAN E. HACKNEY, Marne Highway, Masonville, N. I.-General CHARLES F. HAHN, 202 E. Park Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific IOHN MILLIKEN HALL, 50 W. Maple Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical A. ROBERT HARRIS, 101 W. Oak Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-General DORIS ANN HART, 408 W. Third Street, Moorestown, N. I.-General ESTHER E. HART, 55 Anna Avenue, Maple Shade, N. T.-Business MATTHEXV HASSELHAN, 505 Woodlawn Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific ROBERT HEAL, 24 W. Central Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific C. HERBERT HECKLER, 1950 Tinsman Avenue, Merchantville, N. I.-Scientific SHIRLEY 'MAY HEINRICH, 18 Lippincott Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business HAROLD B. HILL, 522 Chestnut Street, Moorestown, N. I.--Scientific MARION ELIZABETH HOGATE, 44 E. Third Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business LORRAINE HOLLAND, 248 S. Church Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business VIRGINIA A. HOLLAND, 1722 Forty-fourth Street, Pennsauken, N. I.-Classical DORIS KATHERINE HORN, Haines Mill Road, Moorestown, N. 1.-Business HAROLD HAMILTON TTORTON, 444 E. Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-General MARIORIE MOORE IESSUP, Haines Mill Road, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical DAVID E. JONES, 450 Buttonwood Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-General DORIS JONES, 450 Buttonwood Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business MARTHA MARIA IUEL, 507 E. Linwood Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business MARION MARGARET IULIANA, 214 Mill Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business WILLIAM KAPPELER, 5218 Forty-fifth Street, Pennsauken, N. I.-Scientific H. W'ILLIAM KASSEKERT, 104 S. Forklanding Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business ROBERT KAY, Creek Road, Moorestown, N. I.-Agriculture PEGGY KELLEY, 2 Lincoln Terrace, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific MARTHA LOUISE KING, 129 Walker Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical MIRIAM RUTH KONZELMAN, 14 Boulevard Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business 41 SENIOR DIRECTORY HERBERT KUHFUSS, 619 Laurelton Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-C-eneral RAYMOND C. LANDIS, 1759 W. River Drive, Pennsauken, N. I.-General STEPHEN WALTER LEFCZIK, 621 Chester Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific WVILLIAM MARCUS LICKFIELD, 4545 Delaware Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I.-Scientific CHARLES EDWARD LINK, 204 Beacon Street, Lenola, N. I.-General MIRIAM MAY LUCAS, 222 W. Mill Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific WILLIAM ALLEN LYBRAND, 220 N. Forklanding Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific HELEN LYNCH, 56 S. Lenola Road, Lenola, N. I.-Business IOSEPH E. LYNCH, 150 W. Central Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Business ROBERT EDWARD LYNCH, 516 Dawson Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific ETHEL MAE MACKINNEY, 509 W. Center Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific RUTH SHIRLEY MAINES, Kings Highway, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific STEWARD R. MAINES, Kings Highway, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific HOWARD MASON, Centerton Road, Masonville, N. I.-Agriculture RALPH MASON, Centerton Road, Masonville, N. I.-Scientific A IOHN M. MCCHESNEY, IR., 200 S. Washington Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical LOUISE MEEKINS, 540 N. Church Street, Moorestown, N. If-General CAROLINE PATRICIA MELCHORE, 4716 Lafayette Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I. VIRGINIA MAY MELVIN, 117 E. Second Street, Moorestown, N. I.gC-eneral IANE HELEN MILLER, 1976 Forty-ninth Street, Pennsauken, N. I.-Classical FRANCIS XAVIER MOLLO, N. Church Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical RUTH ELIZABETH MURPHY, 264 Linden Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific MARGUERITE VERONICA 0,DONNELL, 109 Prospect Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical THOMAS EDWARD O'TOOLE, 1708 Forty-sixth Street, Merchantville, N. I.-Scientific DUANE PALMQUIST, 50 Boulevard Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-General CHARLES A. PASCALE, 84 Third Street, Moorestown, N. I.--Business ROSE CATHERINE PASQUARIELLO, 252 S. Fellowship Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-Classical DOROTHY PEARSON, 255 Linden Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business MIRIAM BENNETT PERRINE, 201 S. Church Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business SHIRLEY RAHN, Center Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business FRANCES CATHERINE REILEY, 650 Sunset Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business FRANCES ELIZABETH REIM, 42 N. Poplar Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Classical MARGARET IEAN REIMET, 127 W. Central Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific ALEXANDER RICHARD REISS, 267 S. Lenola Road, Lenola, N. I.-Scientific ELINORE ZERILDA REXON, 150 E. Third Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific MARGARET MARY RICHARDSON, 525 Linden Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific VIRGINIA B. RICHIE, Maple and Lippincott Avenues, Moorestown, N. I.-General DANIEL RILEY, 2155 Hillcrest Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I.-General DORIS M. ROBERTS, 540 Stanwick Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Business WILLIAM C. ROBERTS, IR., 215 Second Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific 42 SENIOR DIRECTORY MARY RACHEL ROBINSON, Union Mill Road, Mr. Laurel, N. I.-Business ALBERTA C. ROMINSKI, 19 E. Gala Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical RUTH ROSENBAUM, Riverton Road, Moorestown, N. 1.-Business EDGAR L. SANFORD, IR., 207 Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical CHARLES RICHARD SCHULZE, 1614 Forty-sixth Street, Pennsauken, N. I.-Scientific ANTOINETTE GUYTANA SELLITTO, 224 W. Linwood Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Classical IRA JOHN SHAMPINE, lR., 1844 Forty -second Street, Pennsauken, N. I.-General I. RUSSELL SHAPLEY, 2125 Lexington Avenue, Nlerchantville, N. I.-Scientific PAUL ALBERT SINE, 226 Elm Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific RUTH ELIZABETH SLIMM, Mt. Laurel Road, Mt. Laurel, N. I.--Business FRED P. SMITH, IR., 125 N. Church Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific KATHLEEN SMITH, 7 Wi. Cali Avenue, Moorestown, N. 1.-General RUTH MADELINE SNYDER, 225 Wi. Lindenwood Avenue, M.aple Shade, N. I.fBusiness JEAN SPARKS, 4450 Elvena Avenue, Merchantville, N. I.-Classical IEAN MARY SPERA, 12 Winthrop Avenue, Lenola, N. I.-Business BENIAMIN IOSEPH STABLES, IR., 557 Spruce Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.--Scientific FLOYD STACKHOUSE, 1 E. Oak Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical CHARLES A. STEPHENS, 412 Kenilworth Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Business VVYILLIAM STEWART, 1552 Merchantville Avenue, Merchantville, N. I.'Classical PAUL MARKI.EY STOW, 405 Kings Highway, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical BETTE SUTTON, 207 S. Church Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business PAUL Cl-IAMPLIN TAGGART, 720 E. Woodlawn Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Classical MARGUERITE E. TAYLOR, 29 W. Second'Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Business ALLEN THEIMICH, 255 S. Fellowship Road, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business VIRGINIA HELEN TRUXTON, 246 Orchard Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.4Business SHIRLEY MARIE TUBMAN, 5541 Iefferson Avenue, Merchantville, N. I.-General DOROTHY LOUISE VIGGIANO, 254 S. Maple Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business IOSEPH VILLEC, Briggs Road, Hartford, N. I.-Agriculture ROBERT R. VITT, 126 S. L-enola Road, Lenola, N. I.-Scientific GORDON WIALKER, 211 Zelley Avenue, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific MARY CATHERINE WALSH, 208 Winstead Street, Lenola, N. I.-Business NAN KATHRYN WALTERS, 8 W. Main Street, Maple Shade, N. I.-Business CHARLES T. WATSON, Mt. Laurel Road, Mt. L-aurel, N. I.-Agriculture ROY IAMES WAEIDMAN, 22 N. Lippincott Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific ROBERT W. WHEST, Marne Highway, Hartford, N. I.-Agriculture NATALIE GERALDINE WIIMBERLEY, 465 N. Church Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Classical EDWARD WINKLER, 51 Claypoole Avenue, Lenola, N. I.-Business HARRY WOOD, 158 S. Holly Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-General ROBERT WREN, 6117 Wayne Avenue, Pennsauken, N. I.-General HELEN EDNA WRIGHT, 55 E. Main Street, Moorestown, N. I.-Scientific ROBERT WYNNE, 725 Woodlawn Avenue, Maple Shade, N. I.-Scientific 45 CLASS OF 1945 Firwf Row: G. Powell, V. Petit, E. Shumard, Baker, G. Vurgason, A. Fhle, R. Hess, E. Pelotte, E. Gubler Robinson, R. Bruce, G. Loveman, Head. Second Row: C. Ulmer, M. Tinclall, M. Fleming, B. Bobenrieth, E. Ross. E. Koch, D. Musil, D. Wood, B Smith, Wlailcovitz, C. Reader. Third Row: A. De Night, Ries, D. Haines, F. Fiorentino, D. Schmitzer, D. Mitchell, C. McMullen, Wal- lack, L. Klee, D. Cheyne, V. Shinn, B. Hoffman, A. Coleman, M. Bastow, H. Potie, D, Xvoodoth, Fitzgerald, G. Godfrey, B. Litwin, A. Biltzwitch. ' Fourlh Row: P. Roberts, M. Hess, D. McGaw, M. Mover, E. Schiller, R. Proud I. Wevill. B. Anderson C Pfennig, K. MacCraCken, C. Cicero, D. Grundy, D. Finunfl. Iecklin, C. Berringer, ll. Michelfelder, M. Gibson. Fzfllz Row: R. Mitchell, D. Warren, Vtlilson, D. Clark, N. Hewitt, P. Weitord, B. Learv, P. Fountain V Sanford, M. Peterson, A. Osterlind, B. Riley, V. Salvotta, M. Hxinter, D. Laws, Grimes, A. Robinson, R. Gosnell. E. Baskerville, A. Di Galbo, M. Davison. OFFICERS OF THE IUNIOR CLASS ROBERT SMITH Pre.rfa'eni RUTH H Ess Vice-PreJ1'deni PATSY WEI FORD Secreiary DOROTHY CH EYNE Treaxurer 44 M. Watson, Gullett, D. Burke, B. Brown, B. Carr, A. Conn, D. Bortner, B. Davis, F. McGann, I. McGann, Adams, M. Peco, C. Vtlilliams, D. Stephens, E. Lucas, E. Smetana. A. Evans, H. Bartello, D. Day, B. Norton, CLASS OF 1945 Flnri Row: Grenier, F. Cancanague, R. Yaeger, MacDougall, F. Harris, A. Musgrove, A. Dodelin, W Olsen, E. Moeclc, Wolf, Sperber, T. Vurgason, R. Potts, R. Sullivan, Willover, T. Wade, D. Harvey, Arnold P. Born, R. Chisholm. Second Row: F. Bendel, Steiner, G. Fine, G. Ulmer, H. Mason, Sullivan, H. Powell, W. Weidman, W. Tiver, Call, Caruso, F. De Luca, A. Tomlinson, Riley, T. Scola, R. Potts, B. Norton, E. Lohbauer, Bergin. Third Row: R. Webster, VV. Thomas, P. Lanzer, O'Brien, R. Hill, A. Murray, Mancuso, C. Shinn, F. Wim- berley, R. Willis, R. Bendel, L. Squires, C. Makin, A. MacNair, K. McChesney, D. Kelley, A. Develin, D. Serfling. Fourlh Row: G. Aiken, M. Godfrey, R. Hahn, C. Dill, H. Holmes, G. Vogt, R. Clymer, G. Gibson, A. Thomas, W. Still, C. Carew, N. lnwright, A. Christy, D. Hallowell. MR. STEWART BARTHOLD C!a.r.r lfdvzlrer . 45 Q OFFICERS OF THE SOPHOMORE CLASS RICHARD WOODHULL Prewidenf CHARLES GASKILL Vice-Pre.rz'denz' RALPH MARKS Secreiary HAZEL STEWARD Treamurer CLASS OF 1944 Finrl Row: S. Kinkade M. Volk, G. Smith, M. Urban, A. Iones, M. Bodine, A. Lawson, G. Gray, F. McGann, M. Hainley, M. Yost, Brenner, M. Ballantyne, E. O'Hara, R. Dudley, D. Lebengood, V. Plum, S. Roberts, S geiiiier, E. Hall, Ashworth, H. YVarner, E. Adams, A. Edge, A. Andreevsky, Sifkovitz, L. VVieurkowski, A 0 man. Second Row: P. Prince, C. Stiles, N. Sperlunto, M. Beirne, B. Aaronson, Carew, C. Leaming, E. Torchie R. McChesney, A. Zurbrugg, Gannon, M. Vtlren, C. MCG:-mn, M. Reiley, M. Horton, E, Newhouse, H. Hunter S. Phillips, G. Wlebb, F. Leonard, H. Amann, M. Boren, B. Allen, N. Stickney. Third Row: M. Yost, H. Ward, M. Villec, P. Charney, Greisiger, D. Holmes, R. Hueftle, B. Reimet, D. Atkins E. Harris, P. Hall, S. Silverstein, I. Rosenbleeth, R. Vlebb, Rahn, N. Francis, H. Steward, D. Van Fossen, M. L Murphy, E. Pettipas, V. Oldershaw, G. Smith. Fourfh Row: G. Staller, D. Nevil, H. Rotzell, Funk, M. McNeilly, C. Sauro, R. McGann, B. Sullivan, B Chambers, Deschaux, M. Nece, D. Snyder, Robertson, Baerman, E. Barber, D. Lunde, K. Black, M. Mac Lean E. Clarke E. Downs, C. VV'ood. Fzlflh Row: ,A. Green, D. Mason, M. Morgan, B. Still, Y. Collins, G. Nicholson, B. Smith, D. Smith, P. Fitz- simons, M. Gannon, D. Donahue, R. Frizzle, B. Hannon, L. Bellman, A. Collins, E. Cannon, M. Stevens. 1 1 MR. LESTER s. HESS L Claw lfdvliffl' CLASS OF 1944 Finrl Row: M. Yvest, C. McCarthy, Scheftler, A. Hahn, E. Hartley, B. Berghaier, L. Shaw, E. Lytle, A. Kienle, B. Harson, Tolotta, N. Barker, T. Workman, R. Hamilton, B. Godfrey, F. Hartman, F. Stow, C. Dugan, N. Hagan, E. Kline, K. Cook, R. Atkinson, H. Curtis, R. Holmes, F. Ferro. Second Row: Fitzgerald, R. McElwee, R. Angelo, M. Umble, D. Reader, R. Yvilliams, R. Yvilkinson, R. Elbertson, W. Rieger, E. Compton, Matthews, W. Eldon, H. Conn, H. Slattery, C. Iackson, W. Garnett, Hasenfus, T. Kaeding, H. Graves, Krachun. Third Row: L. Fiore, R. Levy, O'Donnell, T. Nehel, H. Forvour, R. Parker, R. Marks, R. Porter, W. Whit- man, O, Boileau, R. Snyder, G. Branson, W. Layer, G. Barnes, R. Bendel, A. Snellhaker, Westcott, W. Blithe, E. Green, Bersch. Fourlh Row: H. Szymanski, E. Melcer, C. Neubert, C. Makin, R. Storck, T. Norton, E. Gillece, D. Bailey, I. Makin, D. Dillard, D. Woodhull, R. Ellis, Pasquariello, W. Rundle, W. Sumner, R. Held, H. Koch, R. Collins. 1"llfz'h Raw: Sexton, B. Coles, R. Lexa, R. Forvour, Riley, YV. Kenderdine, W. Wiltshire, F. Cvoodenough, E. Rutherford, Cu. Glasson, YV. French, C. Gaskill, D. Cutler, R. Lockwood, B. Rockhill. l L . CLASS OF 1945 Finrf Row: R. Zurbrugg, C. Gaines, E. Baskerville, H. Stroemel, V. Berghaier, D. McCann, P. Hineline, M S h lt F W M M G Ricketts I Lester I Regottaz P Ber Dolly, A. Fanders, D. Wade, A. Sutton, . c u z, . are, . ay, . . , . , . , . - gin, N. Riddell, R. Tozer, Havers, R. Kuhfuss,.L. Boyte, C. Meekins, B. Roberts, B. Haltzman, Ieoshka. Second Row' G Goldsmith, C. Carew, D. Nardm, L. Heal, B. Granulle, B. Murray, M. Eshleman, aruso 1. Arnold, R. Bobgnriefh, C. McCarthy, M. Class, R. Maumne, E. Sellitto, D. suumay, R. Perry, P. Dugan, B. Daly, F: Bitting, A. Lentz, A. Kelley, Myers, Smetana, M. Marino.. ' Tlurd Raw' D Kreamer, B. Cunningham, L. Tattersdill, Butterwick, D. McCoy, M. Abbott, V. Harris, M Chatham, G. Godtirey, E. Deegan, R. Carey, E. Huston, McChesney, Holmes, W. Deutscher, D. Bougher, I. Sagirs, Mayberey, C. Sabotta, D. Markowky, M. Iones, D. Geiger, M. Mengel, E. Murphy. Fourih Row: K. Fitzgerald, L. Divietro, E. Horton, S. Isenberg, N. VVollner, D. Stafford, D. Nloyer, M. Iohn- ston, C. Young, B. Hagerty, M. Stewart, V. Pfau, B. Phillips, R. Rahn, H. Barnabie, Barber, R. M. Peacock, R. Volpe, E. Bowker, F.. Cook, L. Hill, A. Coleman. Fifih Row' D Carey K Carr, M, Newman, B. Hobbs, R. Critchfield, B. McGaw, B. Link, G. Head, L. Curry G. Sharp, R. Smith, B. Haxiern, Hanners, B. Hainlery, M. Bloomer, D. Nicholson, B. Nessen, A. Richetti, T. Kar: son, C. Little, C. Hemphill, A. Pacurar, B. Penton, C. Barlow, C. Keppler, R. Verner. OFFICERS OF THE FRESHMAN CLASS IOHN GULLO Prwidenf ALBERT PASCALE Vice-Prexidenf JOYCE LESTER Secrefary WILLIAM ELLIS Treamurer 1 l 48 CLASS OF 1945 Ffnrl Row: T. De Luca, W. Young, Vandy, W. Cust, P. MacGhee, Gullo, Sieblce, E. Dubreuil, E Feucht, E. Riley, E. Phillips, R. Amesbury, L. Iohnson, P. Nuttall, R. Nloffett, Gray, B. Schmidt, B. Scola, I Davis, C. Scilly, D. Bruce, W. Collins, T. Carey, H. Oman, W. Merz. Second Row: R. Wilson, S. Thirwall, D. Truitt, R. Anderson, R. Maurer, I. Schorsch, O. Osterlind, A. Schu- day, A. Roberts, C. Peco, T. Seith, G. McGowan, B. Bartello, E. Sharp, B. Barrett, Hubbard, R. Spera, R. Kane I. Parker, D. Barbour, R. Hildebrand, T. Cunningham. Third Row: C. Lynch, E. Angeline, R. Martino, D. Bodine, P. Gray, A. Potts, E. Vetkoskey, G. Smith, F W'eaver, B. Heineke, R. Compton, Leland, C. Baker, VV. Green, N. Clifford, A. Sacca, G. Clark, W. Ellis C. Baerman, G. Kimble. Fourth Row: Miirphy, K. Rexon, I. Larson, R. Spruill, P. Finlin, Bartello, R. Sherf, M. Haines, Zulker L. Yannetti, F. Hill, Sabatini, G. Wiltshier, C. Cellivier, Lytle, C. Ellis, L. Cheyne. Fniflh Row: Vavalo, P. Pascale, E. Russell, B. Roclelfer, B. Hagan, P. Stocher, Anderson, D. Nehel, Man gione, G. Cann, C. Cambell, B. Hannum, R. Mlisselman, G. Gibson, B. Fee, H. Pearson, W. Prichard, Rich I. Bailey, K. Cass, C. Shaud. MRS. DEBORAH BETZ Claw ddvzlrer 1 1 ,557 I' ,..v-W""'f MIIM,,,.uf"""'y .. : ---- 'wQt4!kxQJsL1:i v 11 fm- 1 fm .,,. L ..-- - ' W . ,fpijeigf k --'I '," " - -' .1 III ?'3: IAiS'5'Zf"'H . . , . .. , . MMM --'-1 ' "" 17" 'l 4 II f. , X . .- MW ! .. fffi-f f . 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W W'-, V K .Y !,- - ,Jw MIX is N .gf Q Mhfki 402 A Wim 5'-4-2-1' .NT -Ni H' ' 'T ' 'x1.,i.-f K i H g ws, i., THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE stresses the co- operative spirit and extends into every realm of human association. In Moorestown High School this cooperative spirit is stressed in the civic, the economic, and the cultural lQce of the students. By means of these activities the students are given op- portunity to carry on, under supervision, those tasks which will train them to take their places as good citizens in their respective communities. For nineteen years the students of Moorestown High School have shared in the responsibility of governing the school. Through the Civic and Monitor Clubs, students are given an opportunity to work out the trafic problem in the halls and supervise the conduct of the pupils in the corridors, the as- semblies, and assist in the study halls. The cooperative spirit of the American Way of Life is emphasized every day in Moorestown High School when the students repeat: "To Moorestown High School I pledge my whole-hearted allegiance. On my honor I promise earnest cooperation with student officers and teachers and loyal support of all student activities. 'Self-discipline' shall be my slogan." x , ' -,.1 ,-2 me ,-x ,f ,iX '- ,f ,..""f Q-. .W R., , 4142-ffl. . .EQ 4 2 F ff ' ff ii-3' 'ff ifif : fl if 1' -LLs'?f.'fJff-L f-e lf" 52 CIVIC CLUB OFFICERS PfCJl.dCI7f, TED SANFORD Vive-Prexidenl, DR. MARY E. ROBERTS S6C'I'Eldf:Vr SHIRLEY MAINES Treamf-er, ROBERT HEAL CIVIC CLUB REPRESENTATIVES H Fifi! Row fJealedI.' Arnold, C. Neuberi, E. Shumarcl, S. Maines, Hall, H. Sperber, A. Ehle, Nlurphy, H Orton. Second Row: YV. Cust, A. Andreevsky, P. I.. Hall, D. Harf, M. Fister, Siebke, IW. Ridell, B. NICG-aw, C. VVUQJ I. Regottaz, F. Goodenough. Back Row: M. Umble, P. Pascale, Caruso, Smetana, P. Bergin, V. Holland, F. Reim, B. Hainly, K. Smith R. Harvey, G. VValker, R. Fee. 55 , My-r-.,, .. STUDENT COURT I Sealed: Sanford, O. Osterlind, E. Lytle, T. Sanford, L, Atkinson, VV. YVeidman, S. Maines Siana'1'ng: A. Rokerts, V. Barrett. MONITOR CLUB OFFICERS Prefidenf, CHARLES PASCALE, Vice-Pr-e.riden!, XVILLIAM TIVER JEAN DAILEY Secreiariar BETTY SUTTON 54 I DEPARTMENT HEADS Fmrl Row, Sealed: R. Schulze, P. Stow. C. Nace, B. Given, C. Pascale, B. French, B. Stables, Blithe, R. W . Second Row: Garro, YV. Tiver, R. Conklin, E. Winlliig, W. Carey, R. Harris, YV. Lickfield, Di Blasio. C. Stephens, W. Lybrand, H. Hackney. HALL PATROL AND TRAFFIC MONITORS Flnrl Row: G. Gibson, H. Kuhfuss, R. Held, P. Sine, S. Thomson, G. Plaskett. Secona'Row: H. Vtlright, D. Armstrong, Y. Gee, S. Maines, C. Melchore, B. Sutton, M. Walsh, E. Figueroa, P. Roberts, I. Blithe, W. Lybrand, Di Blasio, W. Licktield, C. Stephens, K. Smith, A. Sutton, N. Meyers, McChesney, L. Tattersdill, Dailey, N. Walters, A. Iones. Third Row: A. Di Galbo, A. Osterlind, A. Conn, B. Riley, D. Stephens, l. McGann, Graham, C. Reader, G. Love- man, D. Woodoth, L. Smithe, C. Ulmer, K. Henle, F. Granville, E. Hart, D. Horn, G. Powell, Wallack, E. Schu- mard, I. Iecklin, M. Bodine. Fourflz Row: L. Boyte, M. Beirne, F. Ferro, E. Lytle, E. MacKinney, S. Heinrich, N. Hewitt, P. Weiford, P. Foun- tain, C. Ellis, Rich, E. Dubreuil, T. Wade, L. Forrest, L. Bastow, M. Antisdel, P. Haberern, M. Iessup, C. Eng- land, B. Given, E. Rexon. Fzlfih Row: B. Blithe, C. Palfrry, Caruso, H. Brown, D. Burke, Reis, D. Haines, M. Tindall, R. VVeidman, S. Maines, L. Atkinson, E. Deegan, E. Melcer, Cumber, P. Finlin, Bartello, N. Clitford, E. Gubler, D. Bortner. Sixfh Row: D. Palmquist, B. Moffett, R. VVoodhull, B. Heineke, F. Smith, W. Carey, McChesney, H. Sperber, D Wlible, R. Lynch, R. Landis, R. Vitt, R. Harris, D. Belton, R. VVynne, VV. Olsen, Lynch, H. Kassekert, P. Taggart, R. Shapley. Sevenlh Row: VV. Tiver, R. Brown, R. YVren, F. Gullo, F. Fee, R. Collins, YV. Roberts, D. Schulze, E. Mogck, R. Heal, T. Keading, R. Marks, D. Cutler, B. Cole, A. Develin, C. Ollivier, C. Vtfatson, R. Burns, C. Gaskill, B. Cust, F. Stack- house. 55 Finrl Row: E. Deegan, D. Belton, K Fry C Bosy C Melchore W Carev B French B Given B Harris R Pasquariello, M. O'Donnell, D. Armstrong F Stackhouse R D1 Vietro Second Row: M. Hasselhan, B. De Night W Chandler I McChesnev I Shampme T OToole E Balfrey C Butler, W. Cecil, E. MacKinney, S. Rahn R Landis Back Row: D. Palmquist, Lynch D L'1ws F Reim E Hart H Ls nch S Heinrich N Yvlmberleg A Reiss A. Potter. FIRE WARDENS Firm! Row C.reafea'D.' W. Carey, F Mollo, C. Stephen, C. Nase, E. Dee gan, McChesney, T. O'Toole, I Shampine, L. Lynch, R. Wren. Second Row: D. Riley, R. Wynne W. Roberts, F. Gullo, A. Reiss, H VVood, VV. Kappeler, R. Harris, I Di Blasio. Third Row: W. Cecil, Blithe, C Butler, R. Vtlest, Berghaier, R Lynch, S. Lefczilfc. Back Row: R. Shapley, W. Stewart A. Potter, R. Vitt, C. Link, R. Landis E. Balfrey, Hall. r r ASSEMBLY USHERSR TUESDAY THURSDAY Head UJh6f1W1LLIAM CAREY Head U.rher-ROBERT HARRIS Balfrey, Ernest Belton, Donald Butler, Calvin Deegan, Edward Di Vietro, Rocco Hasselhan, Matthew Landis, Ray Lynch, Ioseph Head Uwlzer--BETTY Armstrong, Doris Bosy, Gladys Chandler, Winifred De Night, Betty Heinrich, Shirley Ignight, Marie Iones, Doris Lucas, Miriam O'Donnell, Marguerite Wimberley, Natalie Fry, Catherine FRENCH Cecil, William McChesney, Iohn O'Toole, Thomas Palmquist, Dwain Reis, Alex Shampine, Ira Stackhouse, Floyd Potter, Albert Head Ueher-BARBARA GIVEN Hart, Esther Laws, Desmond Lynch, Helen MacKinney, Ethel Melchore, Carol Pasquariello, Rose Rahn, Shirley Reim, Frances FIRE WARDEN S FIN! Row Creafedjr D. Belton, B Baker, R. Conklin, L. Atkinson, I Villec, P. Garlanger, H. Mason, R Mason, H. Brown, T. Sanford. H. Hill, P. Taggart, Cumber, R Weidman, Garro, F. Smith, P Cresthull. Thfra' Row: F. Fee, W. Lybrand, A Thiemich, D. Palmquist, B. Stables E. Winkler, R. Burns, R. Brown, C Yvatson, Bark Row: F. Sine, Cecil, S Maines, MacDougal, P. Stow, H Horton, C, Pascale, H. Dudley. Second Row: H. Hackney, C. Hahn, fi N 'N ' . 1235. x A, 5- 'il THE ECONOMIC PHASE OF THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE Moorestown High School prepares its students to meet the economic phase of the American Way of Life by ofering them training in any one of six defi- nite courses. For those who plan to go to higher in- stitutions there is the Scientific Curriculum. The General and the Social Scientific Courses aim to give the pupils a cultural, as well as a practical education. For students who wish to go directly from school into business life, there is the Business Education Curriculum with its many practical courses. Moorestown High School draws a large part of its population from the surrounding rural communi- ties. To meet the needs of these students who wish to continue work on the farm after being graduated from school, an Agriculture Course has been planned. The economic phase of life is planned for in Moorestown, not only through its various courses, but through its club program as well. The Agriculture Club, the Home Economics Club, the Business Edu- cation Society, and many others are planned to train students in the economic phase of the American Way of Life. 'l l N I '45 5 so T7 c'." lf :fl ."i 113.1 58 HAPPY HAVEN W'l1ere girls are given an opportunity to learn many valuable lessons in home making, HOZWE ECONOMIC CLUB Prewidenf, Isabelle McGann7 Vice-Pre.fia'en!, Betty Chambers: Secrelaqy, Bette Gray, Trezuurer, Marie Hainely Sponmr, Miss Law. Around Table Clefll: B. Gray, O. Collins, E. Newhouse, M. McNeely, M. Hainely, C. Sauro, F. McGann, I. Mc Gann, M. McNeely, N. Francis, E. Cannon, G. Nicholson, B. Chambers, B. Still, B. Haury. 59 AGRICULTURE CLUB Imriruclor-Mr. L. Hess. G. Barnes, W. Bartello, Boyle, C. Broolis, K. Cook, Davis, A. Dodelin, E. Du- breuil, C. Gaskill, B. Rockhill, R. Spruill, W. Still, R. Wren, M. West, L. Yannetti, C. Peco, A. Sacca, W. Nardin, C. Fries, D. Belton, L. Forrest, M. Godfrey, R. Godfrey, R. Hahn, H. Horton, N. Iones, H. Mason, Villec, C. Wat- son, . VVest. During the years 1941-1942, the Agriculture Club has done many interesting things. On November 14, they entered exhibits at Burlington County Vocational Show. Many prizes were won by Moorestown pupils. On Ianuary 50, the club attended the State Farm Show at Trenton. Two events of interest are planned for the future. They are the planning of "Victory Gardens" and the entering of the National Vegetable Growers' Contest. OFFICERS Prwidenf ........., ROBERT GODFREY Vice-Prexidenl ......,., Iosmn XIILLEC Secrelaqzf .........., H.AROI.D HORTON Trea.rurer.. . .... CHARLES GASKILL 60 ' SPORTSMAN'S CLUB F Firm! Row: E. Sharp, R. Fee, D. Barber, R. Compton, S. Thirwall, K. Cass, O. Osterlincl, P. Stocker, B. Hannum Second Row: H. Oman, F. Hartman, Hasenful, Glasson, L. Squires, Sullivan, H. Sperber, C. Yvatson, I Caruso, T. Vurgason, XV. Olsen, A. Tomlison, A. Robinson, A. Nlusgrove. Third Row: B. Nloffett, R. Lockwood, Fitzgerald, M. Umble, R. Martino, D. Bodine, R. Willis, W. Wimber ley, A. MacNeir, C. Shinn, P. MacGhee, E. Duhreuil. Faurlh Row: G. Vogt, R. Landis, Norton, W. Kenderdine, D. Cutler, C. Horn, R. Porter, L. Cheyne, B. Still E. Hartley, R. Levy, D. Schultz. Fzlffh Raw: NV. Rundle, D. Kelley, R. Collins, B. Rockhill, A. Snellbaker, Curtis, C. Neubert, C. Gaskill, C Ollivier, L. Shaw, R. Marks, E. Lytle, K. Cook, B. Blithe. Sixlh Row: K. IVlcChesney, L. Iohnson, G. Martindell, O. Pehlert, Matthews, Larson, C. Ellis, Murphy B. Schmidt, B. Schola, D. Iones, W. Cust. Bark Row: R. Holmes, A. Thomas, N. Hagan, A. Christy, YV. Layer, G. Branson, E. Russell, C. Scilly, T. Scola T. Wade, Riley, R. Forvour, A. Potter, L. Shampine. OFFICERS P1-e.r1'denI. .... CHARLES XVATSON I7l.I'E-PfKiFl.dZHl . . .IOHN CARUSO Se1'reIar1'e.r .... A LBERT Doo E LIN HUGH POYVELL Trea.mrer. ..... HARRY SPERBER .fldwirer ..... MR. DIEROLF 61 r BUSINESS EDUCATION SOCIETY 1"lr.flRow.' D. Day, C. Berringer, M. Moyer, R. Frizzle, Cumber, E. NVinkler, A. Thiemich, Y. Gee, M. Burgir D. Horn, D. Armstrong, D. Pearson, S. Silverstein. Second Row: T. Wade, E. Deegan, G. Loveman, D. Donahue, R. Slimm, F. Groth, Dugan, M. Perrine, C Sfephens, A. Reiss, F. Ferro. Back Row: Mancuso, M. VVren, H. YVard, G. Smith, G. Vurgason, A. Di Galbo, D. Clark, E. Gubler, D. Grund5 A. Biltzwitch, L. Forrest. OFFICERS Senierf: Cumber, Y. Gee, A. Thiemich, E. Winkler, R. Slimm. Slandfng: T. Yvade, E. Dee- gan. .'ldv1'.re1'.' Mr. Steinmeyer. 62 Upper Picfure: Ben Stables and his Orchestra provide the music for a Business Education Society dance. lean Dailey provides the vocal selections. Lower Picfure: Thanksgiving donations sent to the needy. THE BUSINESS EDUCATION SOCIETY Membership in this society is open to any student taking two or more business subjects- The chief aims of the organization are the developing of a consideration for one's fellowmen and a training toward a fuller, more useful life. Keeping its aims in mind, the society this year, contributed a number of baskets to the needy at Thanksgiving time. At Christmas time a donation of twenty-tive dollars was given to the general school fund. Clothing has been supplied when and where it has been needed. On April 20 and for four consecutive days after, the club sponsored a movie benefit at the local theater. The proceeds from this venture are to be used to finance a scholarship to Drexel Institute in Philadelphia. 65 The Stage Club begins work on the setting for the Christmas play. THE STAGE HAND CLUB MEMBERS Commillee on Lighting: William Thomas, Ioseph O'Brien, Robert Hanson, Ioseph Tolotta. Committee on Staging: Frank Bendel, William Blithe, Eugene Melcer, Earl Compton. fIdvi.rer: Mr. Hutt. During this year the Stage-Hand Club has been responsible for setting the stage, and taking care of the lighting for the following events: American Legion Play, Christmas Play, Carol Service, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Variety Show, Music Festival, and Commencement. The boys had a wonderful opportunity to work with professional people this year, in con- nection with the Iessica Dragonette Program. The Stage Club has had charge of the staging and lighting for all of the regular assemblies, as well as the setting up and running of projectors for motion picture programs. They have as- sisted with the Grade School and Iunior School assembly programs. All members of the club were outfitted in new uniforms this year. 64 THE PUBLICITY CLUB Firm' Raw flefll: H. Mason, Bergin, E. Shumard, Second Row: A. Andreevslcy, G. Ulmer, M. Fleming. Third Row: D. Yvoodoth, A. Evans, M. Watson, F. Mollo. Fourlh Row: B. Given, M. Moyer, G. Fine. THE RADIO CLUB Table One Uefl fa rzialzlj: R. Ouinn, Tolotia, T. Vklorkman, R. Ellis, Hagan, P. Cresthqll. I Zabfe Two: XV. Godfrey, R. Hamilton, R. Collins, R. Xvciclman, E. Kline, XV. Eldon, Ray Collins 65 f'4xJ 1 fwffv "Rss An appreciation of the "true, the good, and the beautQful" is an essential to a cvell-rounded educa- tion. Moorestown High School has provided amply for this important phase of the training of its students. For those whose interests lean toward music, there are the Orchestra, the Band, the Boys' Glee Club, the Girls' Glee Club, the Mixed Chorus, the String Ensembles, and the Brass Octet. These clubs unite each year to produce the Christmas Carol Service and the Music Festival. The Orchestra and the Band furnish music for the plays, for assembly programs, and for football games. , Aside from the pleasure derived from actual par- ticipation in these organizations, credits toward graduation are given for regular attendance at re- hearsal and for faithful work. Moorestown High School has not overlooked the fact that all music lovers are not necessarily per- formers. For this group of "listeners" music ap- preciation classes have been organized. For these classes, the best music of all times is interpreted and its background studied. Dramatics play an important part in the cultural life at Moorestown. Each year the Junior Class pre- sents a play, at Christmas time a service or play is presented by the school, and the Senior Class play is given in the early spring. A Variety Show, utilizing many of the talented students in the school is presented each year. Many of the clubs sponsored by the school have as their aim the cultural advancement of the stu- dents. The school publications, the French and Latin Clubs, the Book and the Bible Clubs, all aim to direct the minds of the students toward those things which help provide the beautiful in life. 66 YEARBOOK STAFF Cenier: The members of the staff look on while the editor points out the plan of the book. Beginning ai Upper Lefi: V. Pettit, assistant typistg M. Perrine, senior typistg Mrs. Schwartz, faculty adviserg C. England, assistant editorg F.Mo11o, sports editorg C.Bastian, editor-in-chiefg I.Deschaux, sophomore editorg F.Stackl1ouse, sports editorg M. Hasselhan, Cumber, photographersg Reimet, sports editorg C. MacCracken, B. Litwin, junior editors. 67 "NUTSHELL" STAFF Sealed: M. Cunningham, A. Andreevsky, R. Held, E. Shumard, Blessing, V. Melx'in, D. Roberts, R. Slimm. Slana'z'ng: G. Ulmer, Bergin, Regottaz, V. Sanford, T. Sanford, Cecil, F. Fiorentino, B. Given, F. Stow, R. Serfling, R. Smith. HNUTSHELLU REPORTERS Sezzieaf' G. VViI4:shire, F. 510110, P. Bergin, S. Maines, P. Yveiforcl, A. Ehle, D. Yvoocloth, H. Brown. Slanding: H. Mason, E. Pettipas, A. Rominski, R. Snyder. 68 UNUTSHELLU AND YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF Seaiedf M. Bloomer, K. Fry, F. Granville, V. Plum, L. Forrest, H. Arthur, R. Rosenbaum. Slanding: D. Belton, C. Ulmer, R. Proud, D. Hart, Ashworth, Dailey, V. Oldershaw, M. Bastow, M. Tindal UNUTSHELLU DISTRIBUTORS Sealed: E. Mojck, Reiss, V. Olclershaw, D. Belton, M. Tinclall, Reimet, Ashworth, N. Hagan. Slanding: Bergin, T. O'Toole, V. Plum, B. Reimet, R. Brown, H. Smith, C. Fitzgerald, N. Meyers, R. Porter. K. Rexon, Hubbard. 69 The Band in formation before the school. THE BAND ORE than eleven years ago, there was organized in Moorestown High School a drum and bugle corp. From this drum and hugle corp has grown the High School Band of approx imately forty players. Under the leadership of Mr. Gehringer, the Band has become an important institution of the school. Its presence and music at the football games have macle these occasions more thrilling. M. Antisdel I. Bersch O. Boileau R. Burns F. Carnaque R. Elhertson A. Evans I. Fitzgerald fflembenf of ifze Band . G-raves Fi. Gullo R. Hagan R. Hess H. Kock R. Lockwood R. Maurer I. McChesney R. McElwee DONALD BELTON, R. Mitchell M. O'Donnell V. Pettit V. Plumrn B. Reimet I. Reimet C. Shumarde B. Stables W. Stewart Drum fllajor W. Sumner G. Ulmer I. Westcott R. Williams W. Wirnberley G. Wiltshire T. Workman R. Wynne COLOR GUARDS AND MAIORETTES WV. Baker, D. Belton, C. Yvatson, G. Gaskill, R. Hess, B. Sutton, A. Sutton, E. Harris, R. Dugan - The Band marches on the field at the football game. 71 THE ORCHESTRA Direcfor-Mr. William D. Burley. Viollrw-H. Wood, Wolfe, F. Ferro, G. Loveman, F. De Luca, B. Bab- cock, R. Angelo, Call, H. Brown. Cello-Aileen Zurbrugg. Clarineiw-R. Mitchell, Reimet, H. Born. Saxophonaf-F. Carcannague, R. McElivee, M. Antisdel. Flule-T. Workman. Trumpetr-B. Stables, G. Ulmer, W. Stewart. Trombonex-I. Hall, R. Wynne, W. Sumner. Bariione-R. Burns. Percumion-B. Reimet, R. Dudley. Piano-R. Hess, G. Powell. BRASS OCTET R. Burns, F. Smith, G. Ulmer, Bersch, H. Koch, B. Stables, B. Sumner, R. Wynne, Hall. 72 THE MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus is the largest musical organization in the school. It participated as a unit in the Carol Service and the May Festival. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The girls have taken part in the Christmas Play, Carol Service, May Festival, and many other school functions. 73 CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE The traditional Christmas Carol Service, under the direction of Mr. Wlilliam D. Burley, was held December 25, 1941. Participating in this service were the Mixed Chorus, the Girls' C-lee Club, and the Brass Octet of the Senior High School, and all of the choruses ofthe lunior High School and the Grade School. The singers, carrying lighted candles, marched into the gymnasium singing "Adeste Fidelesf' A number of the pictures show the procession through the halls and into the gymnasium, where the following program was given: PROGRAM T. PROCESSIONAL-"Adeste Fidelesn Tradzfional The Combined Glee Clubs II. The Christmas sfery. . . ,... Sfhdehf ui. 'Joy to the World" .,.......... Handel The Combined G-lee Clubs IV. ffoeeu Bambinin ,... . ...Yon 'feiefie ih Exeeieie Deo". ...... . .Ffeheh The Girls' Iunior Chorus V. "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" N fllendelhnrohn The Brass Choir VI. "Ave Maria"'. . . ..... Scfzuberf 'Night of Nights" ........ Van de lflaier The Boys' Choir VH. "The First Noel" ............... French The Combined Glee Clubs 74 VIII IX X XI XII rt H rl H H rr rl H While Shepherds Watched. ...,.. Ifoller Lo How a Rose" ........... Praelorlaf Carol of the Russian Children" Treharne The Girls' Senior G-lee Club O Little Town of Bethlehem" .... Reclner The Brass Choir A Sighing Soul Hear" ........ Chrl.rlen.ron No Candle Was There and No Fire" Lehman The Senior Mixed Chorus Catherine Henle, Soloist Silent Night" ................. Graber The Combined G-lee Clubs Sing Noel" .... ..... I 5lh Ceniany King of Kings". . .... Thomplron O Holy Night" ....... ...A 11 dam Honor Solo G-ood Night and Christmas Prayer" Foxler The Combined G-lee Clubs XIII. RECESSIONAL-"It Came Upon the Midnight Clear ............. Wz'llL'J The Combined Glee Clubs As usual the service ended with the traditional "Good Night Song and the Christmas Prayer" If PRAYER Ifeep aw Oh Falher mine, Fafher' of Jefatr mild. Thy lzyhi around me Jhlne, Jfalce me Thy child, Blew Thou all z' who pray To Thee, on Chrlwlmaf Day." dmen. 75 BOOK CLUB Firwi Row: Hall, B. Given, C. England, M. Fleming, V. Melvin, C. Bastian. Second Row: D. Conklin, N. Inwright. ddvirer: Miss Parsons. The 1941-42 program of the Franco-American Book Club has centered on a study of America as presentedxin the "river books" and a survey of currently published French books. These books were read in French and English. Reviews of them were made in English at a series of luncheon and tea meetings held in school and outside. Cooperat- ing with the town library, the club prepared two displays for the outdoor show caseg one on the newest French books and the other on the "River Books." BIBLE CLUB Seafed: Butterweck, E. Adams, R. Rosenbaum, M. Hogate, H. Warner. Siana'z'ng.' F. Leanard, M. Robinson, E. Clarke. 76 FRENCH CLUB Finrf Row: A. Evans, D. Woodoth, C. Ulmer, L. Smith, E. Ross, E. Smetana, M. Morgan, B. Hammond, B. Adams, R. McGann, S. Smith, R. VVebb, Gannon, M. Ronan, E. Zurbrugg. Second Row: B. Carr, B. Brown, P. Roberts, M. Hess, R. Mitchel, K. Mickelfelder, K. McMullen, E. Lucas, G. Powell, A. Ehle, B. Leary, P. Wieford, P. Fountain. Third Row: M. Watson, F. Fiorentino, R. Hess, Baker, Riemet, E. Shumard, Yvallack, D. Cheyne, E. Harris, P. Hall, S. Tubman, M. O'Donnell, E. Fallows, R. Murphy, M. Antisdel. Fourfh Row: M. Davison, B. Given, C. England, M. Urban, Brenner,A. Andreevslcy, M. Ballantyne, M. Murphy, V. Oldershaw, D. Van Fossen, Ash- worth, V. Melvin, Dailey, H. Bartello. Fzlffh Row: G. Ulmer, R. Harvey, G. Fine, Bergin, B. Norton, W. Sumner, R. Held, P. Cresthull, R. Atkinson, H. Curtis, Fitzgerald. Sixih Row: Arnold, R. Chisholm, R. Holowell, Hall, D. Sertling, E. Loebauer, K. Diffenderfer, A. Thiemich, W. Rundle, H. Dudley, F. Stow, R. Ellis, R. Woodhull. HE French Club, which has met regularly since its formation seventeen years ago, reached a new high in membership this year with 115 members. The programs for the monthly meetings, which were both recreational and educational, presented French songs, games, causeries, and short plays. The club sponsored a trip to the Rodin Museum in Philadelphia. At commencement le cercle will award a cash prize to the most distinguished French student in the senior class and will present French books to the best undergraduate French students. OFFICERS Prwidenf IOHN HALL Treforier GEORGE ULMER Vice-Pl'e.ria'en! BARBARA GIVEN Secrela Ire ALLICE EHLE 77 LATIN CLUB Row 1: Dailey, Baker, E. Harris, D. Lehengoocl, V. Plum, M. Ballantyne, F. Stow, M. Umhle, P. Hall, Eergin, Cv. Fine, F. Aclams, Ashworth, B. Reimet, R. Dudley, S. Roberts, E. Pettipas, Brenner, R. Zurbrugg, M. Urban. Row 2: D. Stephens, Carew, B. Carr, D. McCoy, Gannon, P. Fitzsimons, Holmes, B. Hammond, E. Clarke, L. Tattersclill, N. Myers, Regottaz, M':C,hesney, E. Deegan, P. Bergin, Dolly, Hanners, N. YVollner, A. Evans, G. G ell' '. Fioscl-eg: C. MCG-ann, M. Antisdel, A. De Night, D. Cheyne, B. Hoffman, R. Atliinson, W. Runclle, H. Arthur R. Storck, H. Mason, C. Ulmer, K. MaCCraclien, D. McGaxv, C. McMullen, Ries, D. Burke, Hi. Bartello, D. Atliinsi Row -I: R. McCann, N. Xvimherley, A. Zurlirugg, H. XVarner, V. Sabotta, B. Riley, E. Robinson, M. Reiley. PROGRAM FOR THE YEAR First Nleeting-Play-"In Gallia." Characters: L. Smith, G. Fine, M. Umble. This play stressed the similarity hetween Latin and French. . A Second Meeting-Games and Songs. Committee: D. Atkinson, F. Stow, M. Umhle. Third Meeting-Roman House. Committee: Model House, I.. lVIcC1awg Furnishings, E. Pettipasp Quiz Master, I. Carew. Last Pr0gr:imfIn honor of Seniors. Farewell Awards in Latin IV. l OFFICERS Corwul Prz'1nuJ IACK BERGIN Comm! 496CllI7.dll.1' GoRDoN FINE Svrlfe PEGGY Lou HALL Pl'ac'ff.'!u.n' .1c1'al'1'z' MIXURICE UMBLE 78 LIBRARY ASSISTANTS UR Library Assistants include boys and girls who have volunteered or accepted appoint- ment to' serve in that capacity. Usually one study period each week is devoted to this activity, though many have done a great deal more-coming in throughout the week, before or after school, or volunteering in the absence of a regular assistant. Library Assistants assume all the duties of circulation, shelving of books, notifying students of overdue or reserved books and recording statistics. Filing catalog cards, pamphlets and pic- tures, caring for magazines and college catalogs, taking inventory and preparing new books for use also form part of their work. In addition, we depend on them to arrange bulletin boards or special displays and to care for the general' appearance of the library and its collection of materials. All catalog cards have been made by the First Student Secretary and other secretarial work, such as duplication, correspondence, order cards, etc., is performed by our two Student Secre- taries, together with assistants who are able to type. The work of this service group enables the librarian to work with the students on questions of reference and book selection, to attend faculty meetings and to widen her field of activities in many ways while the necessary library routine is cared for effectively. Wle owe a real debt of gratitude to these students whose work islunrewarded in any material way. 79 CHRISTMAS PLAY AND OPEN HOUSE "WHY THE CHIMES RANG" By ELIZABETH APTHORP MCFADDEN HE scene of the play is laid in a peasant's hut on the edge of a forest near a cathedral town. It is a dark lowraftered room lit only by the glowing wood fire in the great fireplace, and by a faint moonlight that steals in through a little window which commands a view of the cathedral and the road leading down into the town. When the curtains rise, Steen is sitting disconsolately on a stool near the fire. His brother, Holger, is patting him comfortingly . . . QCenter picturej The boys are planning to go up to the cathedral to attend the service and perhaps "hear the chimes ring.'7 A half-starved, al- most frozen old woman spoils their plans and Holger decides not to go . . . fpicture upper leftj. However, the sight of the beautiful cathedral is not denied Holger. He sees the great service and the presentation of the gifts by the wealthy . . . "yes, even the king" . . . CPicture, lower left.j Holger is given the opportunity to present his mite and as his reward the chimes ring forth as we hear the Angel say, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, it is not gold nor silver, nor rich pearls but love and self sacrifice that please the Lord. The Christ Child was hungered and you gave Him meat, a stranger and you took Him in . . .U QPicture, upper rightj 80 "WHY THE CHIMES RANG" y NDER the direction on Miss Marian Rodney, the beautiful play, "Why the Chimes Rang," was presented as the annual Christmas play. Cn December 12, the play was presented as the special feature of the annual Open House program, under the auspices of the Moores' town Home and School Association. On December 16, the play was given twiceg once for the Senior High School Assembly and later on the same day for the Iunior Assembly. The stage setting and lighting were done by Mr. Hutt and his stagecrafters. Mr. Noyes was in charge of decorating the auditorium, while Mr. Burley and his musical organizations furnished the music. Special honors are due the Art Department for the beautiful cathedral windows used in the auditorium and the lovely altar setting. On December 17, the play was presented for the fourth time at the Rancocas Valley Regional High School in Mount Holly. THE CAST OF CHARACTERS Sfeen ..,................ Iames Hubbard Holger., . . Berial ..... Old lfoman . Priori. .... . Courfier., . . Rich Jlan.. . Young Girl. . Rlkh lyoman. .... . Sagef. . . . .. King .... dngel ...... Boy Soprano . . .George Ulmer . . , .Frank Mollo . .Eleanor Rexon . .Russell Shapley . . .W'illiam Carey . . . .Charles Link . .Shirley Maines . . . .Betty Sutton . Richard Conklin . . .I ...... Paul Stow Frances Granville . . . ...,. Frank W'hittaker 81 SCENES FROM "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE" SCENE I-"Newtonl It's raining, Newton. Right in our little nest." "Have you another bucket, Mr. Fuller, or shall ljust open my mouth T' SCENE H-"Here we are. Five thirty-eight express. Oh . . . Does not run after April twenty-Hrstf' SCENE HI-'tSurprise, surprise. A visit from your old Uncle Stanley." 82 The Senior Class Presents "GEORGE WASHING-TON SLEPT HERE" AVE you ever dreamt of owning a Hlittle place in the country?" Newton Fuller did. His real troubles began when he purchased an old farmhouse, in historic Bucks County in Pennsylvania. The place included one well without water, one road that did not belong to the property, a cow that would not give milk, a roof that leaked, and a caretaker who attracted lapanese beetles. The only redeeming features of the whole place was the legend that George Vtlashington had slept there, but it turned out that Benedict Arnold had been the guest. The play was given March 26, 27, 28. The cast included: Mr. Kimber fthe caretaker ofthe abandoned farmj ........... .......... T eal Sanford Newton Fuller fthe man who purchased the abandoned farml.. . . .... Kennefh Dzfenoleder Annabelle Fuller fwho prefers city life to country lifel ........ .......... J ean Dailey Madge Fuller ftheir erring daughterj .................................... Caroline Jlelclzore Steve Eldridge fMadge's boy friendj ........................................ Harnfey Brown Katie fthe maid who quits because the live stock interferes with her kitchen dutiesj Catherine Reiley Mrs. Douglas fa true neighbor ofthe Fullers'j ................................. Jlariha Jael Rena Leslie fan actress who loathes the theater and the countryl. ............... X71 yrlle Brown Clayton Evans fan actor who plays the leading role in several women's heartsj . . .Rolzerf Wynne Hester fa sample of local laborj ......................... . ..................... Alan Wallerf Raymond ffourteen-year-old nephew of the Fullers' who has a fondness for eavesdropping, skunks, and several other kinds of mischiefj ...,.,....................... Ezra Sharp, '45 Uncle Stanley fthe "rich relativeuj ....................................... Jlarkley P. Slow Sue Barrington floves old houses over the week-end-if it doesn't rain and spoil the funj Sally 1716171 lllan Leggatt Frazer flikes swimming and Suej ................................... Larry diklnwon Tommy Hughes fvisits the country for a week-end because he likes the sports and the foodj WL'llz'am Carey Miss Marian Wilcox fwillowy and silentj ...................................... Belle Salton Mr. Prescott fthe neighbor who hates people who trespass on his propertyl ...... Fred Smlllz SCENES The action takes place in an old stone house of Revolutionary days somewhere in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The time is the present. PRODUCTIGN COMMITTEE Dlreclor-Miss Louise McCullough Sladenz' Direclorf-Betty French, Miriam Perrine Slaye Jlanayenr-Allen Theimich, Edward Winkler Ifanal Properllem-Ethel McKinney Slaying-Barbara Given, Ioyce Blessing, Larry Atkinson, Stewart Maines Slaying A.r.rz'Jfan!.r-William Thomas, Ioe Tolotta Sound T ecl1nz'cian.r-Paul Cresthull, W'illiam Roberts Tlckelw-Robert Heal, Catherine Bastain, Miriam Perrine, Frank Mollo, Harold Hill PalJlz'cz'z'y-Thomas O'Toole, lean Reimet, Katherine Fry, William Lybrand Reeonwiracilon-Roy W'eidman, Ralph Mason Phoioyraplzm-Iames Cumber, Matthew Hasselhan Scenery+-Mr. Charles Spong, Merchantville, New Jersey 85 SCENES FROM "PEG O' MY HEART" SCENE I-"Now I understand why the kitchen is sometimes the rival of the drawing room." SCENE Hn-"I've searched everywhere, ma-ami" SCENE IH-"Sure, if this house is going to be a prison, I'm going back to my father." K 84 The Junior Class Presents "PEG 0' MY HEARTU N FEBRUARY 6 and 7 the Iunior Class presented "Peg O' My Heart" with Betty Riley in the leading role. The plot centers about a young Irish girl, Peg, who comes to live with her aristocratic relations in England. Tortured by sneers and proposals, she constantly determines to leave. She does leave finally, but with Ierry whom she had come to love. The entire action of the comedy passes in the living room of Regal Villa, Mrs. Chichester's house in Scarborough, England. The comedy is divided into three scenes. SCENE I-The Coming of Peg SCENE H-The Rebellion of Peg SCENE IH-Peg O' My Heart The cast included the following: Mrs. Chichester ........ ...... ff llzke Elzlc Iarvis ............................ .... E ruin Lolzbauer Ethel fMrs. Chichester's daughterj .... ..... i Vorrna Ifewiii Alaric QMrs. Chichester's sonj .... ..... G eorje Gilman Christian Brent ............... . ..... Gordon Fine Peg .............. .... B eiiy Riley Montgomery Hawkes. . ...,. ..... H arola' Jlawon Bennett Ca maidj .... T .... Beairice Bobenrieflz g Ierry ............. ...... R oben' Evanw PRODUCTION STAFF Direc!orhMrs. Daniels Prompier-Violet Sabotta Properly-Virginia Pettit, Alice Evans, Bertha Brown, Ruth Hess S!ageARobert Smith, Joseph Call, Archer Develin, Ioseph Arnold ddverfnring-lack Bergin, lean W'ilson, W'illiam Weideman, Toe Call, Dick Harvey, Doris Burke, Patsy Weiford, Peggy Fountain, Tom Vergason, Dorothy McGaw Bufineazr-Norman lnwright, Kevin McChesney, Iohn Caruso, Ethel Shumard, Betty Leary, George Ulmer, Ioe Arnold, Polly Roberts, Bea Litwin Lzlohifng, under the supervision of Mr. HuttAFrank Bendel, William Thomas, Ioe Tolotta, Bob Hanson, Ioe O'Brien, Bill Blythe, Earl Compton, Eugene Melcer Hand Properfzar-Beatrice Bobenrieth 85 i SG ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS HE students of Moorestown High School are fortunate in having many very interesting programs arranged for their pleasure and enjoyment. The schedule for the year 1941-42 began with two programs on an Activities Membership Drive. The first guest speaker for the season was Mr. C. E. Ramsey who spoke on current events. Several of the assemblies during the latter part of Sep- tember and early October were given over to the installation of the Civic Club and Monitor Club officers and to the presentation of a talk given by the students. Other interesting programs were: A November 4-Russ Hoogerhyde-National Archery Cham- pion A November 6-"Bob" Briggs-Cartoonist and Entertainer November 27-E. Ross Allen-Authority on snakes December 9-William Blodgett Holmes-Traveler and lecturer December 11-Theodore Schrieber and Dolores-"Down Russ HOOGERHYDE . ,, Mexico Way December 16-"Why the Chimes Rang" December 18W"The Master Singers" December 25-Christmas Music Program Ianuary 8-eAlbert Payne-A "pageboy" from the House of Representatives in Washington Ianuary 22-Thomas M. Kelly-Cartoonist of the Great Outdoors February 5-Miss McCullough's classes demonstrated their knowledge of parliamentary procedure February 5-Preview of Iunior Play February 10-A sound film on "The Great Emancipatorv February 12-C. Travis Iones-"The gyroscopesu February 24-Lane K. Newberry-A prominent American artist February 25-Pictures of the bombing of England were shown at a special assembly March 5'-Magazine subscription campaign was officially opened March 4-We had a moving picture on how to extinguish an incendiary bomb March 5-Miss Sybil Shearer and Miss Allison Choate dem- onstrated modern dancing iiz izni "i"'i I Ziiiii ZIZ: L Zizii izzii I March 10 and 12-Mr. Burley lead a song rehearsal 5555 ? March 17-The Margot Dance Group March 19-Karl H. Maslowski presented a film "F rom is? Seashore to Glacier" March 24-Preview of Senior Play March 26-Awarding letters for winter sports March 51-"Safe at Home," the National Baseball League fs: Official 1942 moving picture ,E Zzlllizliiiit ,,:::t1::: Q jgQf'ii ,t:.::: April 2-Film presented by the American Baseball Club of Philadelphia r2.,:Z::::i::1::::1:.:. April 15'Buf'f0H Lynn lacksonf Professional mafimba Player April 21-Mr. Burley made records of our singing ' ' ' -izfif : 5152952 :': A 4 555555 "" ::': iiiifiiiir. 4':A:':f April 25-Iuha Schlemon told us about Persia May 51Captaln Osboul-ne,TI-aVClCI' ennzsr.....a '...- 5 mf- za.-.m .A..-.-.,.,. ,f.:z.g. x .y:.x.m: .,., W .,., W .,,.:.,, May 21-Preview ofthe Annual Variety Show Miss SHEARER, Dancer 86 QM ., 9'fx x if u if " 1 a at THE 1942 VARIETY SHOW n .j , xK3T-no 6 . ,N 4 ii, Q My A " HE traditional Variety Show of ' 'Nm ' " " . Q 1942 was presented on the evenings of May 25 and 24 in the high school auditorium. The production involved, first, the seeking out of 150 talented studentsg second, training these students, and third, presenting the students to the public in production for two evenings, All students participating were selec and later grouped into acts either as a ted by the try-out method "star" performer or a sup- ortin erformer The Variet Show was a revue with acts built around the most talented students of the school. Participating organizations and individuals included The Hill P S P - .Y R Billy Band, The Hill Billy Dancers, The Dance Teams, Soloists Cinstrumental pit orchestra, and other varied talents. hythm Singers, Dancers and and vocalj, an eight-piece The 1942 Variety Show featured a pretty girl contest, a fashion show, a wedding, swing arrangements, snappy dance routines, and a grand patriotic finale. The entire production was sprinkled with bits of humor, reels of rhythm, hordes of h girls, and a series of pleasant surprises. We Y AMJMJJ armony, a galaxy of pretty A -lg Sf 11 fu 87 THE ANNUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL " Q Q ,F . v f Q A f fl? Z! , lil l f f xy ,g ".if'Q,2!2 'i4l"f'l' - :. , ,G "' 1 119 A 't ' W ff HE Annual Music Festival was presented by the Music Department of the Moorestown High School on May 8, 1942 at 8:00 o'clock in the High School Gymnasium. Three glee clubs consisting of two hundred and seventy voices and two instrumental organ- izations, produced a variety of public school music which appealed to all types of music lovers whether their inclinations be symphonic or "swing." Part I of the program consisted of a band concert under the direction of Mr. Robert Geh- ringer, High School Band Director. Appearing on the program under this heading were such well-known compositions as Greig's "In the Hall of the Mountain King." The concert was inter- spersed with popular marches and concluded with the greatest of all marches, Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever." Part II of the festival presented in concert: The Mixed Chorus, The Girls' Glee Club, The Rhythm Singers, and the High School Orchestra along with other specialities. The combined glee clubs opened this portion of the program with a special arrangement of "America the Beautiful." Following this the orchestra gave its interpretation of Taylor's "Pomp and Chivalry," a heavy orchestral number arranged especially for high school orchestra by S. Seredy. The Girls' G-lee Club presented an old English ballad entitled "Come to the Fair" and the Mixed Chorus in turn sang a spectacular arrangement of Rachmaninolfs "Prelude in C Sharp Minor" entitled "The Bells." Ruth Hess, high school pianist, was featured in a modern setting of the famous "Piano Con- certo No. 1 in B Flat" CTschaikowskyj with the orchestra supplying the background. Other specialities introduced the Rhythm Singers in several sparkling presentations and solo numbers by Catherine Henle, lyric soprano. The Glee Clubs combined their voices in settings of three famous hymns of all churches, which was followed by the Orchestra's rendition of the ever popular Viennese waltz 'IArtist's Life" QStraussD. The 1942 edition of the music festival was concluded by the combined Glee Clubs singing two well-known choral selections, "The Lost Chord" fSullivanj and "Annie Laurie" CScottD. The final number of the program was a special arrangement of "The Star Spangled Banner" for chorus and orchestra. Part II of the music festival was planned and presented by Mr. William D. Burley, High School Music Supervisor. 88 HONORS A ND AWARDS MOORESTOWN HIGH SCHOOL HELPS WIN THE WAR Special honors are due the men of the High School faculty who are participating in various phases of war work. Every male member of the faculty is engaged in some phase of defense work. RED CROSS FIRST AID COURSE The faculty members of the entire Moores- town school system participated in a First Aid Course conducted by Mr. G. Swoyer. The class met each Monday after school, for two hours, for ten weeks. BOYS ACT AS AIR RAID WARDENS The following students helped to carry on this vital phase of home defense: ENTIRE STUDENT BODY HELPS Honor is due the entire student body for its participation in purchasing of Defense Saving Stamps and Bonds. "Defense Stamp Sales Day" was inaugu- rated on February 11. On that day 556.85 worth of stamps were sold. Stamp sales reached a peak on the day set aside to the memory of Wesley Bishop, '59, who was killed in December during the Pearl Harbor attack. On that day 3561.25 worth of stamps were sold. The total sales for Moorestown High School up to April 22, were 31647.55 The committee in charge of this excellent piece of work is as follows: Chairman-Iohn Hall. Vice-Clzazfmen -Violet Sabotta, Doris Haines, Doris Kreamer, Mary Walsh. W. Carey R. Harris D. Riley A. Reis S. Maines A. Potter S. Lefeizik H. Brown P. Stow Harold Horton Ted Sanford Robert Brown Edward Deegan Robert Burns Edward Winkler Ioe Garro Richard Conklin Robert Godfrey Ioe Blithe Robert Lynch Toe Berghaier Robert VV nne Frank Gulllo Russell Shapley Robert YVr P. Cresthull I. McChesney R. Vitt Francis Fee Howard Dudley Larry Atkinson Ioe Di Blasio Charles Link Robert Quinn Ray Landis Francis Gordon Herbert Kuhfuss Herman Hackney David Iones Roy Weidman Ioe Lynch William Roberts Charles Pascale en PUBLICATION AWARDS H len Arth r SENIORS e ' u Catherine Bastian Donald Belton Iames Cumber Claire England Matthew Hasselhan Virginia Melvin lack Bergin Doris Burke Alice Evans Mary Fleming George Gibson Virginia Pettit Frank Mol IUNIORS Miriam Perrine Doris Roberts Ruth Rosenbaum Ted Sanford Ruth Slimm Floyd Stackhouse Fharles YVatson o Marion Tindall Charlotte Ulmer George Ulmer Mildred Watson Patsy Weiford Dorothy Woodoth The girls of the school are doing their bit by knitting sweaters, mufflers, etc. These articles have been made for soldiers at Fort Dix and for British War Relief. Ethel Shumard SoPHoMoREs lane Ashworth Virginia Plum Virginia Oldershaw F RES!-IMEN Margaret Bloomer M, ,. I ,Mig :gi .lf - af H 's1'ff4--f' "f ' . . . ....,.,..M . Qi ' if V Emil, if?" Q-M52 51212 hi 67 ' 'PE5-5-1 .Q ,gvlia fe! hx l,:!fs'2i- ,R f-Z , 'E-11, - 2 Mig. ' -Eff. 236 W' W2 Egg v gl. xy,-:I my 541, '5j'Rx:.9 -v, . 't 5 11 'V wwf. '-' , if N 6 N31 V' vt ' 'gl XEJQM - f ,zz Eff . V , , 5. 4 X 9 X ! ' R o 'X 9 r1ffl , H AV . "Q 2'-2 .N 'Emi '41 ' , A ' ,,,. q:':,..,,f-1,3f-.V-fm - - vipxjffi L: - W - 'M ...ij , .mvgif .Y .,1 -- X . . 1 . Hung 1. fu-ff' , .--'-35,5-f'P . . uivfiu K- ' . .flfiQl:i1-'Eff' ' ,V -4959-::.W,. ,. , M. ., kw'1:,4,q,,.3... T , . ,M .-,':W'3V' " .,,ff-x-zfi uwx ,b11'-,N-'5'f:' - "wg-55.57 . ' Y rr- 5 Xggixl-'f1'1JiJ:.E'5?K'-"X" ' . . I :uw S? ,g.-fsaff x'-5 - P ' I A -f.,3A5M fW"'w f ' 25 , f , iwmf-as-V - ' apr : ' .. 'N f . - - 55 EEL -- ff, 1 ,. ,, .r ' Y"' V ' ,xr '. ., f f .. W' f-0 1 . .,., V f . ., sg: gy ., ,M 7- ,- K , -wg w 1' x44g1Q.i2vz--N' PORT "The groundwork of all happL'ne.f.r ZJ healihf' LEIGH HUNT BODY VARSITY CHEERLEADERS CTop Piclurej P1l'I'J'fR0KU.' B. Leary, C. Melchore, P. Kelley, P. YVeiford, S. Maines, B. Bobenrieth Second Row: D. Kelley, K. McChesney, A. Reiss, R. Landis. Cenfer Picfureax' Cheerleaders at the games. CHEERLEADERS CBaffom Piclurel Fl.I'JI Row: M. Umble, A. Biltzwitch, D. Burke, D. Clark, A. Kelley, McChes ney, Lester, N. Hewitt, Deschaux, R. Atkinson. Second Row: D. Kelley, K. McChesney B. Bobenrieth, C. Melchore, P. Yvieford, P. Kelley, S. Maines, B. Leary, R. Landis, A. Reiss 92 Finrt Row: M. Ballentyne, A. Ehle, E. Rexon, E. Harris, R. Slimm, Y. Gee, B. Aaronson, Hanners, L. Holland, P. L. Hall, P. Fountain, A. Sutton, M. Burgin, Caplain. Second Row: N. Wollner, A. Andreevsky, L. Wieurkowski, E. Adams, Dolly, M. MacLear, G. Little, M. Wren. Third Row: R. Proud, .fI1anager,' P. Prince, B. Haberern, E. Deegan, Butterweck, P. Roberts, R. Dudley, D. Lebengood, S. Isenberg, F. Groth, I. Carew, H. Rolzall, C. Wood, B. Chambers, P. Bergin, N. Meyers, B. Cunningham, Miss Yanisch, Coach. GIRLS' HOCKEY GREAT deal of interest and enthusiasm were shown by the girls this year for hockey. When the call was made for those wishing to participatein the game, forty girls appeared on the new athletic field on South Church Street. With this encouraging beginning, a successful season was assured. The schedule was as follows: September 25-Friends' School Cpracticej .... .... A way October 15-QHaddonfield ................ .... H ome October 22-Merchantville. . . .... Away October 50-Haddon Heights. . . .... Away November 6-Pemberton ....... .... H ome November 15-Friends' School. . . . . . .Home 95 F O O T B A L L OORESTOWN HIGH SCHOOL football team climaxed a fair season by winning from their tra- ditional rivals Mt. Holly High School by an 18-6 score. This placed our team in a tie for the Burlington County Championship. Boys playing good games throughout the season were: Captain Fred Smith, Steward Maines, Bob West, Bill Tiver, Charles Pascale and Harvey Brown. GAMES MooREs'N OPPONENTS Paulsboro, Away ..... 0 19 Merchantville, Home., . . 6 12 Riverside, Home. .... 0 6 Burlington, Away.. . 15 6 Gloucester, Home. ....., 0 12 Haddon Heights, Away.. . . 0 19 Palmyra, Home. ......,. . 15 15 Audubon, Away ...... 0 6 Mt. Holly, Away. . . . 18 6 Top Piclurc: Tense moment at the Riverside game. Cenler Pl.CfLlI'6'.' Before the game. Ballom PicIu1'e.' At the River- side game. 1 Back Row: C. Dill, T. Havers, L. Yannetti, G. Diem, E. Lytle, F. Stow, R. Mason, B. Evans, W. Cecil, Scheftlel' Third Row: W. Olson, Caruso, F. Smith, H. Brown, P. Stow, H. Sperber, Hall, E. Balfrey, C. Pascale, M- West W. Lybrand. Second Row: Isenberg, Coaclzf Di Blasio, T. Smith, Garro, B. Wiedman, B. Tiber, Call, B. Carey R. West, F. di Lucca, S. Maines, Egner Coach. Fran! Row: E. Deegan, Jlana,11er,' W. Blithe, 1fJ'J'l:J'ft1llf fflanagefi I Vandy, Sexton, B. Hieneke, H. Powell, Vavalo, D. Critchfield, E. Sullivan, K. Cook, d.r.ri.1-Ian! Jlanagffi B Dugan, d.f.rl.rfani iyanager. PRACTICING FOR THE MOUNT HOLLY GAME 95 GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1: Y. Gee, B. Haberern, D. Armstrong, M. Burgin, H. Wright, M. A. Ballantine, P. Weiford, Row 2: D. McGaw, V. Sanford, Hangrs, Aalronson, R. Gossnell, E. Harris, A. Sutton. iss anis . GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM The girls' basketball season opened on Ianuary 7 when M. H. S. met Pember- ton High School at Pemberton. Cutstanding players of the year were Captain Myrtle Burgin, Helen Wright, Dot Armstrong and Mannie Ballantine. Stars for the Iayvees were Eleanor Harris and Betty Aaronson. Theuischedule was as follows: Ianuary 7-Pemberton High at Pemberton Ianuary 14-Merchantville at Merchantville January 21-Haddonfield at Haddonfield Ianuary 28 February 11 February 18 February 25 March -Haddon Heights at Moorestown -Merchantville at Moorestown -Haddon Heights at Haddon Heights -Haddonfield at Moorestown 4-Friends' School at Moorestown 96 N 1 I BASKETBALL OORESTOWN basketeers highlighted the season by a thrilling victory over Merchantville. In the tournament play for the South Iersey Cham- pionship, we were defeated by Burlington in a semi-final round. Out- standing players throughout the season were: Co-captains Harold Horton and Bill Carey, Bob Heal, Iohn Hall, Bill Tiver, and Bob Smith. DATE MOORESTOWN OPPONENTS Dec. 9-Germantown Academy ....... Dec. -New Iersey School for Deaf ..... Dec. -Pemberton .................. Dec. -Alumni ,........... ....... Dec. -Burlington. . . Ian. -Palmyra .... Ian. -Wilson ....... Ian. 16-Merchantville. . . Ian. 25-Paulsboro .... Ian -Gloucester. . Ian. -Palmyra ..... -Pemberton. . . -Burlington .... -Gloucester. . -Fort Dix ..... -Paulsboro ...... -Merchantville. . . . . Gloucester .... . . Burlington. . . PLAYOFFS 97 l SWIMMING TEAM Franz' Row: H. Mason, R. Potts, O. Osterland, B. Haneum, W. Eldon, W. Heineke, R. Porter, R. Held, R, Hagan. Second Row: F. Weaver, C. Makin, W. Sumner, Wclicgkfield, Ralph Mason, H. Wood, R. Woodhull, W. Norton, . ann. Third Row: T. Gunst, R. Chisholm, N. Hagan, B. Stables, Swoyer, Coachg R. Hollowell, R. Forvour, F. Gullo, R- nge 0. Moorestown swimmers came in with another good year losing only to Audubon. In the Open Championship our swimmers again finished second to Audubon. One of the highlights of the season was the victory of Ben Stables over Bill Dost of Haddonfield in the 100-yard freestyle. It was the first defeat for Dost in two years in this event. Consistent competitors throughout the season were Co-captains Bill Lickfield in the backstroke and Ben Stables in the 40 and 100 freestyle, Tom Gnnst in the 200 freestyle, and Bob Kay in the breaststroke. M. OPP. St. Thomas More . 46 20 Haddon Heights. .52 19 Audubon ......,. 50 45 La Salle. ......... 46 29 Merchantville .... 54 21 Collingswood ..... 45 50 Haddonfield ...... 45 26 98 BASEBALL TEAM Row I: Manager, McGowan, F. Gullo, H. Wood, R. Marlis, W. Weidman, W. Lybrand, I. Bartello, Cann, C. Ellis, F. Goodenough. Slanding: Coach G. Swoyer, W. French, Di Blasio, R. Forvour, R. Heal, F. De Luca, E. Lytle, F. Harris, R. Wren, Sexton, Garro. B. Forvour hits a home runl BASEBALL SCHEDULE Burlington. . . . . . . Merchantville .... .... Peirce School. . . . , . . Burlington. . . . . . . April 14-Gloucester. . . April 17-Merchantville April 21-Paulsboro. . . April 24- April 28-Palmyra .... May IQG-loucester. . . May 5- May 7- May 12- May 15-Palmyra .... May 19-Paulsboro. . . Away Away Away Home Home H ome H ome Home Away Away Home Coach Swoyer turns from pool to diamond TRACK TEAM Moorestown High was assured of a good track season with the following boys who have the reputation of winning first and second places. S. Maines, R. Mason, T. Sanford, I. Call, R. Harvey, E. Balfrey, R. Weidman, C. Brooks, H. Sperher, B. Evans, D. Belton, B. Blithe, R. West, Gullo, B. Smith, Berghaier, C. Pascale, and T. O'Toole. TRACK SCHEDULE M. H. S. April 15-Bordentown Military Institute .......... . . 48 April 22-Camden Vocational ...................... . . 74-M April 24-University of Pennsylvania Relay Carnival April 25-Penn Relays April 29-Collingswood and VVoodrow at Collingswood May 2-George School Invitation Meet at Newtown, Penna. May 7-Haddonfield and Merchantville at Haddonfield May 16-South Iersey Group 2 Championship at Camden High May 20-VVoodbury and Vtloodrow VVilson May 25-South Iersey League Championship at Palmyra 100 OPP. 75 Lim "We See" The American way of life entitles every man to be "what he wants to be." Our fellow classmates have expressed their desires. We See: Marie Antisdel as the leader of an all-girls orchestra. Playing under her baton will be Ruth Murphy and lean Reimet. Dolly Sellitto will render the vocals, Ernest Balfrey, Harvey Brown, Robert Burns, Ioseph Garro, Richard Schulze and Paul Stow swinging down Broad Street in Navy blue and gold, Stephen Lefczik and Raymond Landis in Army gray, as modern Florence Nightingales, Katherine Fry, Iessie Graham, Miriam Lucas, Louise Meekins, Margaret Richardson and Kathleen Smith. Their unsuccessful cases will be taken care of by Donald Belton, Calvin Butler as veterinarian looking after the horses raised by lean Sparks, Roy Weidman as a pharmacist in a big new drug store, Caroline Melchore and Fred Smith on the stage taking the place of Lynn Fontaine and Alfred Lunt, In Hollywood, Peggy Kelley and Shirley Maines wearing clothes designed by Doris Hart, Gladys Bosy and Claire England as stylist, on the set Ioyce Blessing and Barbara Given as scenario writers and Miriam Perrine and Ruth Rosenbaum as their secretaries, Evelyn F allows helping with the art work, Frank Fee as electrician and Matt Hasselhan as photographer, ' Winifred Chandler, Enid Figueroa, Betty French, Betty Sutton and Dorothy Vig- giano modeling clothes designed by Alberta Rominski with their hair done by Frances Granville and Doris Armstrong, Ben Stables taking the place of Kay Kyser with lean Dailey as vocalist, lane Miller singing Wagnerian operas conducted by Harry Wood, In the Merchant Marine Robert Brown, Charles Hahn, Herbert Kuhfuss, Charles Stephens and Robert Vitt, As Uleathernecksn William Lickfield and Robert VVren, As our own millionaire Ioseph Di Blasio. fContim1ed on Page 1191 101 A DAY AT SCHOOL A DAY AT SCHOOL Lje around ilze .rchool from 8:30 fo 5:15 105 Arriving, de luxe, at school. At the sound of the 8:50 bell. The Mixed Chorus practices for the Carol Service. Ben Stables and his orchestra en- tertain in assembly. A problem in Physics class. Learning about the "American VVay of Life." Dancing at noon. The nurse waits for a patient. The traffic policeman. Lunch time in the cafeteria. Another corner of the cafeteria. The dentist at work. The Parliamentarians present an assembly program. A problem in geometry. Girls' gym class Fire drill. Lunch room. Fire drill. Clean up at the close of the day. "Goin' home." Waiting for the bus. At the close of the day. Mermen. Where can she be? Another corner of the lunch room. At Conroy's Drug Store after school. Flat tire. 'Ir SCll00I. DIBECTIIRY 'A' S I1 O ft Three months and up, for the emergency, in addition to our regular courses. COUTSCS CAMDEN COMMERCIAL SCHOOL 325 Federal Street, Camden, N. J. Steelman Business School CEstabIished 'I9 yeersl COMPLETE COURSES INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION R, MB., lV,ow A Bookkeeping Accounting Secretarial Stenography Typewriting Civil Service B U S E S S Comptometer Ediphone Qhcice Machines TR A I N I N G DAY AND EVENING CLASSES EMPLCDYNENT SERVICE TERMS IF DESIRED 210 N. Sixth Street Camden, N. J. Phone Camden 3369 COIVIPLIIVIENTS TO SENIOR CLASS-1942 BUSINESS EDUCATION SOCIETY Moorestovvn I-Iigh School O4 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? WILMER COLLINS 8: SON Insurance of All Kinds Phone 262-I-2 Worlcman's Dairy Farm GUERNSEY MILK 2 PRODUCTS MERCHANTVILLE, N. J. - Phones: Moorestown E265l23 Haddonfield 389-J MOORESTOWN Shop and Save at JOl'lNSON'S DEPARTMENT The HARDER the COAL The LONGER It LASTS Use OLD COMPANY 'S STORES ANTHRACITE-it lasts longer O o Medford and Elmer Moorestown Supply Co. l'laClCl0I'll'l2ld, Phone 200 J. Paul Gibson, Mgr THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM Compliments of JOHN S. DAVIS Atlantic Dealer Route 38 and Church Street COMPLIMENTS or CHAS. B. WEBSTER V 3 EAST SECOND STREET MOORESTOWN, N. J. BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1942 Maqw Zzaecl. P. .Snulifh Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? O LET'S US ALL BE AMERICANS - DON'T BE A HCARDER Buy Defense Stamps and Bonds THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK C F MARLTON Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BE WISE-USE ESSO LENOLA ESSO SERVICE Camden Ave. and New Albany Rd. LENOLA, N. J. Phone 9110 AUTO BODY WORKS WM. B. MURPHY Body and Fenders Sttaightened QQZ? . L b . , tg Auto Painting . u r1ca zon I v j Battery Servlce 24-26 E. Main street, Lenola, N. J. 9 Tire Service Quality Work Phones: Low Prices -ri Res.f'I O62 Shopfi O84 THESE ADVERTISERS AVE HELPED US-HELP THEM CLARK BINDER UU., INC. KINGS HIGHWAY and LENOLA RD. Phone 1419 Metered Service FLOYD W. OLT O6 I FUEL on. I 9 Wm. W. Clarlc, President Bell, Merchantville 63 Moorestown, N. J 2 E. Walnut Ave. Merchantville, N. J. JONES' SPECIAL FEEDS C. H. HAINES 8a SONS, Inc. . XM? Poultlgy, Dairy . I , Everything for the Farm ,Jag-T.1'g A Nzwoiine of and Garden fwwlg Poultry Feeds Wonder of Lk, Seeds, Fertilizers, Farm Equipment the yea' BABY CHICKS , N Mt. Laurel Poultry Farm and Phone, Riverton 590 PALMYRA, N. J. l'laiCI12fY Horace T. Jones Moorestown, N. J. I Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? E. HARRIS B. AARONSON D. LEBENGOOD Y. GEE E. REXON P. WEIFORD P. HALL P. FOUNTAIN IULIA HANNERS A. EI-ILE Blond Eleanore, who is so fair, Enjoys a game out in the air. Betty's trying very hard To play her best and be en garde. No one disagrees at all: Dot has plenty on the ball. If you would some real hockey see, Keep your eyes on Yvonne Gee. Here's Elinore Rexon, like as not- Though who could tell from this candid shot? Glamour Girl Weiford strikes a pose That puts the photographer on his toes. No one will he surprised at all If a goal is made hy Peggy Hall. Struck with zest by Peggy Fountain, g This ball may land in a distant mountain. Look at Hockeyist Iulia Hanners, A comely girl with proper manners. YVhy is Allice looking so Coy? Well, the photographer is a boy! Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 107 MITCHELL 8: NESS SCHOOL AND COLLEGE OUTFITTERS OF ATHLETIC TEAMS v 1209 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pa. STEWARD R. MAINES CO. GENERAL CONTRACTING ARCHITECTURAL SERVICE MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY PHONE, MOORESTOWN 607 SITTINGS BY APPOINTMENT "OUR PORTRAITS LIVE FOREVER" PHOTOGRAPHERS O 1705 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR AND COLLEGE ANNUALS TI-IE 1942 HNUTSHELLH O8 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? MAPLE SHADE DIRECTURY PRINTING HOW YOU WANT IT WHEN YOU WANT IT Phone 1788 MAPLE SHADE PROGRESS Frank E. Gerlcens, Jr., Editor and Publisher Main St. at Fellowship Rd., Maple Shade, N. J. R O X Y QUALITY MEAT MARKET I 'IQ East Main Street Maple Shade, INI. J. Free Delivery Phone 1730 Fine Shoe Repairing Our Specialty LADIES' AND CHILDRENS SHOES Reasonable Prices 99 GUS'S QUALITY MEAT MARKET V 14 East Main Street Opposite Roxy Theatre I Phone 1792 Free Delivery NEXT TO POST OFFICE, MAPLE SHADE Gus Braun, Prop. Maple Shade, N. J. THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM plTOI'lC Maple Shade Compliments of MARTHA'S BEAUTY PARLOR LOUIS SHERMAN Martha Buggeln, Prop. Cl-EAN!NG We Specialize in DYEISIG an PERMANENT WAVES RE,,,.,R,NG SQ Hats, Ties and Gloves Cleaned MAIN ST. MAPLE SHADE, N. J. 9 E. Main St. Maple Shade, N. J. Compliments of Compliments of WALTERS' CONFECTIONERY I-iENNEY's SANITARY . USMS ' CIGARETTES BARBER si-ioP . .OBACCOS ' ICE CREAM O ' SOFT DRINKS ' NEWSPAPERS 16 W. Main St. Maple Shade, N. J. 3 W, Main Sf, Maple Shade, N. J. Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 'IO n Along the Fashion Front O Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? l MAPLE SHADE DIRECTIIRY Compliments ol MAPLE SHADE GARAGE FRED OLT, Prop. Compliments of l Muriel's Beauty Shoppe SECOND FLQOR, EVANS BLDG. i I o Phone 1678 Main Street l I Phone 1715 Maple Sl.ade, N. J. Cutler Agency THE STURE . o ras, narmacist REALTORS P , D rescrip ions, rugs lNSURANCE Sick Room Supplies o Gifts, Stationery Arthur N. Cutler Greeting Cards 100 E. Main St. Maple Shade, N. J. MAPLE SHADE PHARMACY THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM Compliments ol MAPLE SHADE FRUIT and PRODUCE JOE'S MEAT MARKET J. Wolf, Prop. Meats, Produce, Groceries 09 W A 19 East Main Street l MAPLE SHADE, N. J. Phone 1654 1 Phone 1627 Free Delivery l Compliments of I- HARDWARE STORE I l-lardware, Paints, ancl ECONOMY STORE CO- Household Utensils i Q 089 l Maple Shade, N. J. eo E. Main st. Maple shade, N. J. l ,T Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 111 "Economy Makes H ppy H znrtes and Sc:t1nd N t . I tultingep' W ht t THIRTY-THIRD SERIES Q Q ' N o W o P E N f Boosters Building anci Loan Association 45 EAST MAIN STREET CStockwell-KnightBui1dingJ Phone 544 phone 679 COMMUNITY PHARMACY 5 East Main Street Qpposite Community House Moorestown, N. J. THESE ADZIERTISERS HAVE HELPED UE-HELP THEM idrr C L U S S , S MOORESTOWN GARAGE CHRYSLER B A K E R Y PLYMOUTH MOORESTOWN, N. J. Ph '13 WILLIAM GRCBLER Funeral Director A HOME FOI'-2 FUNERALS 76 East Main Street, Moorestown Phone, Moorestown 9 New Jersey Q Havy b tth HghShIBYPU'? Shwnara', '45,' Ulmer, '43, ana' BKIZIIH, '45 Random Shots-In School and Out Have you been tothe High School B. Y. P. U.? 113 CU-UPERATIVE G. L F. MILLS, INC. XMICRONIZED WETTABLE SULFUR MICRONIZED SULFUR DUSTS Increased Enmciency Through IncreaJed Fineneanr MICRONIZER PROCESSING CO., INC. 'kReg. U. S. Pat. Otfice Sold Only Through Distributors Moorestown, N. J. THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM WAR SAVINGS BONDS Give Them Protection It is a sensible policy to keep your War Bonds in a protected place. Even though the Bonds are registered and are velueless to anyone but you, their loss or theft can cause Ffvoqry and inconvenience. We will welcome an opportunity to show our safe deposit aci ities. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Burlington County Supply and Produce Company MOUNT HOLLY, NEW JERSEY l 114 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? "Say It With Flowers" HAROLD L. COLLINS Established 1914 Phone Medford 5841 C. EARL BRADDOCK FLORIST Sculpture TAXIDERMIST Bouquets and Plants For All Occasions Nature is Our Only Competitor FURRIER 84 TANNER V phone: Q87 MOORESTOWNI N' J' 31 S. Main Sheet, Medford, N. J. Iv1atIacIc's ICE CREAM - SANDWICHES I Kings Highway, Moorestown Phone: Moorestown 919-W Phone: Moorestown 9108 QUAKER STORE Julius A. Melcer, Prop. Fancy Groceries Prime Meafs l I MASONVILLE, N. J. l THESE ADVERTISER S HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM Buy at our Sign FOR I-IAPPY MOTORINC3 AL LUTZ ESSO SERVICE Route 38 8: S41 Circle Phone Medford 5591 GEO. W. HARRIET FOR Fuel Oil-Gasoline-Range Oil Daily Truck Delivery Service . I I-Iigh Ouality-Reasonable Prices I Phone, Moorestown 9115 Moorestown, N. J. N 15 MILL STREET,-MEDFORD, N. J' MILLSIDE DAIRIES 1 PRODUCERS OF I QUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 115 116 E. HOLLINGSHEAD 8: SON Phone 300 Today , FUELS ' FEEDS One Good Ton Deserves Another and ' FERTILIZERS it SCHO0L DIIIECTURY ir An Education MUHLENBERG HOSPITAL I N S C I :E N C E Plainfield, New Jersey offers to qualified young men and young women today exceptional opportunities for interesting and successful careers. This institution, the oldest of its kind in the Americas, conducts courses of study in pharmacy, chemistry, bacteriology and biology leading to B.Sc., and graduate study and research in pharmacy, bac- teriology and biology leading to M.Sc., and D.Sc. degrees. Write for Catalog A. PHILADELPHIA COLI.EGE 0E PHARMACY AND SCIENCE Founded 1821 Offers a three-year course in nursing to qualified high school graduates. 305 beds. Registered in New Jersey and New York. Class entering September 1st. Write Director of Nurses. GET READY NOW The expansion in business and the National De tense industries have created a great de- mand for male and female Typists, Stenogra- phers, Secretaries, Booklceepers, Accountants, and other office help. If you want a good business or Civil Service DO OI' sition, get ready now by attending the Day Night sessions ol STRAYER'S BUSINESS SCHOOL PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA 807 Chesfnuf Sf- , LQM- 0354 K g Stenotvoy taught without charge for machine immediately after High School 1 Approved Pennsylvonio Private Business School BUSINESS TRAINING SUMMER COURSES Philadelphia School of Office Training 2100 Chestnut Street Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Filing, Secretarial, Short lntensive Keypunch Send for Low Rate Schedule for July and August ff ,, HI for Young Men and Women GENERAL BUSINESS SECRETARIAL TRAINING SPECIALIZED COURSES 4 - . .4'R J '51 ffs Ella" 3:5757 if Iilugfiiigfgi r Ip. Qi ' ' '7 One, Two ond Three Years Day and Evening Courses Special Summer Session PEIRCE SCHOOL Pine St. West of Brood Philadelphia, Pa, Founded T865 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.'? Buy at our Sign For Happy Motoring CAREY'S ESSO STATION ROUTE 38 and MT. LAUREL Y Phone, Moorestown - Moorestown, N. J KIRBY BROS. JEDDO-HIGHLAND COAL FEED FOR EVERY NEED V MEDFORD, N. J. Phones: Medford 3131 and 3381 Workers in Iron COONEY'S WELDING SHOP Radiaior Repair Work Pipes thawed out with the Electric machine no digging We specialize in iron and metal Cutting ancl Forming State Highway Route 38, Mt. Holly, N. J. Phone 547-W Expert Welding PENNAN TS, BANNERS PILLOWS Add Dignity, Color and Spirit to your school work by the use of Felt Pennants, Banners, Pillows, Emblems, Caps, Berets, and Chenille Letters. No order too small to receive our attention. CATALOGUE FREE STANDARD PENNANT CO sie RUN, PA. THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM B. M. BEIDEMAN HAROLD WOLFF Specialiies for School Dealer in FLOUR - FEED - HAY - GRAIN, ETC. and College Q l MAPLE AVE. below CENTRE sr. 1464 Belleview Avenue Merchantville 38 Merchantville, N. J. Camden, LOUIS E. ST ILZ 61 BRO. CO. Manufacturers of GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWNS FLAGS AND BANNERS OOO 151-155 North Fourth Street Philadelphia, Pa. Have you been tothe High School B. Y. P. U.? Meet Your Friends af fhe Showplace of Souih Jersey CONROY DRUGS JAMES M. CONROY -l-he Place to Eat in Nloorestown De Luxe Fountain Service Platter Luncheons Mrs. Helen Mollo in charge A Phone 143 127 W. MAIN ST., MOORESTOWN, N. J. ofngmtulations, Graduates .l We wish you every success in your chosen field cf endeavor. One simple aid to success is a system of planned saving. Make it a rule to save something, be it ever so little, and sticlc to it consistently. As the years go on, financial security will come to you, and with it, success and happiness. S IIINNAIVIINSUN BANK ANU TRUST UU. l-l. J. Mendenhall, Prop. Phone, Beaver Brool41645 MENDENHALL BUS SERVICE Reliable Service for All Qccasions Er De Luxe Parlor CoachesaSemi-De Luxe City Type CCHEWS P. OJ GLENDORA, N. J. Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? "We See" ffontinued from page 10 U loseph B-lithe, Duane Palmquist, Iames Cumber, Floyd Stackhouse, flying planes for Uncle Sam. "Keeping them flying" will be William Kappler, Robert Lynch, William Roberts and Charles VVatson. Helping weld these planes will be Herman Hackney while Tom O'Toole drafts with Gordon Walker solving problems in aviation, Our "Kitty Foylesu will be Doris Bell, Pat Haberern, Esther Hart, Florence G-rothf Shirley Heinrich, Doris Iones, Marion Iuliana, Frances Reim, Virginia Richie, Doris Roberts, Mary Robinson, Ruth Slimm, lean Spera, Virginia Truxton, As men secretaries, Ed Deegan, Charles Link, Ioseph Lynch, Ira Shampine, Allen Thiemach, and Ed Walker, As stenographers Mrytle Burgin, Angelina Constantino, Dorothy Pearson, Ruth Snyder, and Marguerite Taylor, Pounding the typewriter Barbara Barnes, Myrtle Brown, Virginia Holland, Doris Horn, Miriam Konzelman, and Mary Walsh, Asking "Number, please," will be Betty DeNight, Martha Iuel, and Nan Walters, Making figures add up right will be Esna Easley, Charles Pascales, Catherine Reiley as accountants with Marion Hogate, as bookkeeper and Lorraine Holland as comptometer operator, As the motto of Larry Atkinson, Robert Harris and Dan Riley "Conserve the forests," Ralph Collins, Robert Godfrey, Robert Kay, Howard Mason, Ioseph Villec and Robert VVest busy raising their crops, Russell Shapley transporting us on his train line, Iohn Hall and Ted Sanford battling it out in court, Dorothy Armstrong proof-reading history books edited by Elinore Rexon, Writing about new "Yankee" victories and feats of Frank Gullo will be William Lybrand and Frank Mollo, Working in a "lab" Kenneth Diffenderfer, Howard Dudley, Iack McChesney, and Robert Wynne, As engineers VVilliam Baker, Frances Gordon, Robert Heal, Herbert Heckler, Harold Hill, Robert Quinn, William Stewart, Paul Cresthull studying rocks and looking for new minerals, Richard Conklin interpreting foreign languages for the broadcasting companies, Working as machinists Ioseph Berghaier, David Iones, Ralph Mason, Alex Reiss, and Paul Sine, In Civil Service work Paul Garlanger, Henry Kassekert, and Paul Taggart, As new teachers in the schools of Moorestown, Catherine Bastian, William Carey, Harold Horton, Marjorie Iessup, Martha King, Ethel MacKinney, Virginia Melvin, Marguerite 0'Donnell, Rose Pasquariello, Shirley Tubman and Natalie Wimberly. Have you beerrto the High School B. Y. P. U.? 119 The Olcl Slogan, "All out for Defense' means "Back to the Farm" where creative value always starts. If we work we will win. Call Medford 3071 JOS. H. HAINES 8g SONS for farm needs We worlc with the Farm Bureau SAVE YOUR TIRES By Scientific Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment Buy now while there is still a wide selection of Better Used Cars Ask about our Repair Plan. Pay as you ride. JAMES G. BECKER Chrysler and Plymouth Sales and Service Route 38 and Madison Ave. Mount Holly Phone 990 DEFENSE BONDS DEFENSE STAMPS U. S. POST OFFICE George M. Gibson, Postmaster For Appointment Phone 171 .I A N N E T T A ' S BEAUTY SALON Individual Hairsfyling lg -E3 MOORESTOWN' N' J' 131 E. Main St. Moorestown, N. J. THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM "Meet me af-" Dusty Rhodes HULLINGS E550 Siaiion Esso PRODUCTS O Main and Church Streets Main St. Moorestown Phone 1136 Moorestown, N. J. C. A. LIPPINCOTT 81 BRO. Incorporated AGRICULTURAL and INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT L Third and Union Streets Rl1Or16 Q63 Moorestown A 'if Wifi., .it NVQ. eb, uffmtm. I ,f , ' Q Q" A .na Ein" 'T. 3 f' .ff 'ff' 1 ' 1,-we .' x V I A' F- f "' " , ' A fi, ' V' f Q , . I W 7' '- , 3, ' 7 .1 .. 2 5.. . , - -.J ' .JG-I .L it If f Qi 'K HSS? 'K' K it is 'L . - aw ., as fy., if sg.. .. .R H arp... . -afilw ' is HM I I ff 155 A it lg .k 1 1 H . . ,I 1 'I4 ' 4 4 I Q it S I V X I if -13 M auf izf.2f"' 1 K, K , .. km 1 Z 'W . ... I ' if . . llnila Jonew 4' 1 1 , J Q0 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? NU-BLUE SUNOCO O . . Gas and Oil Q ANNA M. COFFEY l Mt. Laurel Road Moorestown -Abbmtts ICE CREAM Rare Plants and Seeds FOR DISTINCTIYE GARDENS P l v REX. D. PEARCE . . . T aste the Dzference MOORESTOWN Dept. M2 New Jersey THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM ,fy 5 Edward Morris Jones "QQ "" ' MANUFACTURING C6 CHARLES H WRIGHT Jeweler and Stationer JEWELER Rings and Pins-Club Pins Parker Pltgns kansd Pencils Commencement Invitations es ets E g d 5 ' "Quinlc"-the ink that saves your pen Vvldrgxil Intjiiggifl Engraved Stationery Diamonds, Watches, Silverware Jewehy Rep,,,,,,,9 310 NORTH 16th STREET MAIN STREET MooREsToWN PHILADELPHIA Class Pins and Rings D I E G E S 8' C L U Emblems, Medals and Trophies Clegg Rings and Pins Watches, Engagement Rings Medals, Cups, lroplwies, Plaques, -l Athletic Awards ,U S. E. Corner 13th and Chestnut Sts. Q Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 17 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, N- Y- IEWELERAMEDALIST-STATIONER Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 121 .Rm Work and Play Make Up a Day QQ Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? MGGRESTOWN DRUG STORE 111 West Main Street prescriptions carelully and accurately Filled and Phone 1126 reasonably priced. Bring your next prescription WE DELIVER to us to be Filled. l A L B E E L sl I n C I l lihlx MOORESTOWN, N. J. l yleiaa ece . , at PLUMBING T H EA TIN G - li l s V ROOFING R. W. BARRINGTON Electrol Oil Burners Radio Service i 7434 PARK AVE. Mef. 1033 THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM . l zFDaniel J. Sharp James E. Foley F. Wallis Armstrong, Jr. Agatiirugrji president SeC,y and Treas. FAST, Incorporated AND EXCAVATIONS l Truclcers INC' 1 Roads, Paving, Sidewalks, Curbs, Excavations O Foundations, Pile Driving, Concrete 90 Ph 328 MOOREST WN . . one O 'N J . Phone 328 MOORESTOWN, N. J. . ll "No One Knows Paint l.ilce a Painter" l Compliments of P. J S Painting and Decorating 207 S. CHURCH STREET Fhone1C94 Moorestown, N. J Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? Phone 35 Estimates Cheerfully Given LEWIS C. PETERS 8: SONS Contractors and Builders MOORESTOWN, N. J. NEXV HOMES AND ALTERATIONS 1915 1942 FlSHER'S SERVICE STATION Bicycleafor Rent Juliana Salvage Service and Repaired Buyers of Q All Kinds of Scrap Material 300 Chester Avenue I Phone 625 Moorestown, N. J. 119 Mill Street Mocreslown, N. J. 124 THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HE gs ,FXR Y A int: je., - 'X LPED US-HELP THEM - fz5L1..., 4: iii . eVAg IA JW- M rx 'Y l I , tha Rl ' X "'12 ' X 01 ... ' , . ,X i v fgfffi .4 L-1 X J: if K Q 'gf - if A he A X -Q N. E srssei 7 ---Sgjjln fx N Q, k T Qi 'Q l Ni?-:T 1 :Twig VE 'A l mve-"' ?-ii Y W frizrwtflr Y El X-QL 'Y1'j,. l W.' -, if 'E' 1 ' ,W Q gpm- S-xg 1:- "tg, A , ,T "Q f gil . . A, ii 15 Q , , cjzx - 5' XT '-2 Rt- F Ti 5-:Lil J- -.--A 4 'Q 4 A W rf,-...J 'W r rr' ' X T RF A ,ff X' 1 ' 7. .X 1 . ,W L "'v 'g -Lui ii? Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? Memories Of Student Election sTANwlcK GARAGE DOUBLE BRAND Auto, Trucks, Tractor Repairs CONFECTIONS - Schrafffs Chocolates I Phone-Moorestown 168 for service 8g Inc' STANWICK AVE' MQORESTOWN 225 N. 3rd Street Camden, N. J. THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM Memoriey Of Vacation - Summer 1941 Varalimz datw have been efaced 111 prinlw upon Ihe Jand, Bu! ilzauxalz we're hard af work in Jclwol, W'e're .rlill zz merry band. I Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 'IQ CCLE AND EDGAR 25 East Main Street, Moorestown, N. J. v J Real tors THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM COMMUNITY VIM, E, XVARD HOSIERY and CRADLE , Tm Roofing, Slafe Work For Quality and Service Hot Air Heating Hosiery-Lingerie SPOUTING REPAIRING Infants' Wear and Gifts .Q Greeting Cards M 276 W. Third Street 21 E. Main St. Moorestown, N. J. Phone: 1027 Moorestown ANDERSON'S DUFFIELDS, LADIES' AND CHILDRENS FURNISHINGS Cannon Hosiery, Lingerie MENS APPAREL Gifts' , I 101 West Main Street 59 E. Main St. Moorestown, N. J. Moorestownv N' J- 26 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? Harold Otter l I Compliments of Florist WOLF'S QUAKER STORE SI! Prime Meats Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere 221 Fairview Avenue Freslw Vegetables vv Moorestown N. J- Phone Moorestown, N. J. I I Santa Visits M. H. S. Christmas - 1941 I I THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM EVERGREEN DAIRY FARM JOI-IN D. SIVIITI-I, Owner -Iuberculin Iestecl Natural IVIiII4 1 Moorestown 711 VANITY BEAUTY SHOP ESTHER CRIDER HAFF Where Service is a Pleasure 0 Bell Phone-Mooreslown 236J2 5 W. MAIN ST. Moorestown, N. J. Have you been to the High Scho ol B. Y. P. U.? 127 Ames PEACHES Farmers Storage Co., Inc. Locust Street and R. R. Phone: Moorestown 276 WHOLESALE RETAIL MADE THEIR WAY BY THE WAY THEY'RE MADE Riverside Manufacturing Co. of N. J., Inc. FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PACKAGES vv Locust Street and R. R., Moorestown, N. J. Warehouse Phone: Moorestown Q76 Residence Phone: Moorestown 809 ROY W. CONROW THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM MTI-IE BEST FOR LESSH ALBERT J EROHOCK REGISTERED MUNICIPAL ACCOUNTANT G6 I CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT For Men and Boys 'A' opp. R. R. sfafaon BARRINGTON, N. J. Moorestewn, New Jersey Q8 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? I-IOMOGENIZEDU SOLCO VITAMIN D MILK .. HEALTH FOOD CChocolate M11kQ BUTTER XJ 3... EUTTEEMILIQ 1: U CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE "Americas Table Milk" I..,.,..Iz:9CUST LANE F1'iEE1YFMR5!1EY. THOS. DOLLY 8g SONS Riverside, N. J., and Moorestown, N. J. Phone 10 Gwdjehwaowm ,EW M5 loud, y,e'vW'f THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM A. S. STROHLEIN E. F. BLACK QQIOIIQIIWN GARDENS IIIWII SHIP SQ Cut Flowers SQ Floral Designs SQ Corsages SQ Wedding Bouquets 55 East Oak Lane Avenue l Phone 1002 MOGRESTOWN, N. I. . mer '43 I G UZ , JI. Il. S. Playa' ffze .Y J. SI'hoolfa1'lhe I eaf H y b ith HghSh I BYPU? 'IQ Bell Phones: 77 and 485 Moorestown Motor Company, Inc. SALES B U I C K SERVICE 219 W. Main Street Moorestown, N. J. A Valentine to the Senior Boys Here are the girls for whom you Cast your voleg Gaze on the one on whom you dole. 30 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? WM- GLEASON THUIVIAS PUTTS 8 SONS FLORISTS Auto Livery and Bus Service I 'EQ W Y t t . Phone 'I12 East Second Street I-'Ind-en Street Moofesfown Moorestown, N. I. Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.'? 131 FOR A my 5004 Meal Jalrrsa Barber Shop STOP AT Lenola, N. J. Pete's Diner- " Bridgeboroand Route No. 25 Hxxfe needyo h df b I BOWL ! for 1 I 1 . E M E 1 O -- Beaut1fu1 New Alleys - 1 O OPEN DAILY-BEG1NN1NG AT NOON 1 WOQETCSHEAYS Phone 9148 'O' l GA1'I2fZ,2?f?rSrFN'S 1 Freelnstructions Every Afternoon RCSCTVBUOIIS Monday through Friday Moorestown BOWLING CENTER JOE RlESENBERGER, Manager 300 CHESTER AVENUE O O. OOO v 1 W O L L N E R ' S Compliments Of Meats with Approval Y 0 H E N , FRESH JERSEY POULTRY ' ' FANCY OROCEMS O Ph 1191 131 W. MAIN sr. 39 H y la 11hHghshlBYPuv MOORESTOWN ' CHRONICLE Compliments of A Hema NeWSPaI?ef COHEN'S DEPARTMENT All Kmds of Prmtmg Reasonable Prices 6 3 Years of Service to the People of Moorestown v Now Better than Ever Moorestown, 226 CHESTER AVE. Phone 670 Phone for Reservations 753 NEWLIN'S DINING ROOMS Personally Supervised by Mrs. Nevvlin Private Rooms for Service Clubs Luncheons, Dinner Parties Home Made Ice Cream 13 W. Main Street Moorestown, N. J. Parking Space Everybody wants a Radio . . . in Rear The question is-what kind . . . There is no better P H I I II U See Our Display Before Buying JAMES McCHESNEY 41 E. Main Street, Moorestown, N. J. 1- -- THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM Laura Klee Ruth Rosenbaum Gertrude Powell Betty Sutton Betty French lean Reimet Frances Crannville Lois Smith F ashions 1942 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? 'I33 A WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT THE Ebbitt Hotel 'A' GEORGE C. CLARKE Owner and General Manager Tenth and H Streets, N. W. Washington, D. C. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him work diligently and build one for himself, thus by example assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built. WABRAI-IAM LINCOLN. IUNIOR PLAY CAST NIASUNVIHE GARAGE ARTHUR R. MASON V Expert Wheel Alignment Dynamic Wheel Balancing Guaranteed to make your tires last longer is Complete Weaver Equipment Phone, Mocrestown 29214 MASONVILLE, N. J. Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? corvipulviersirs or I. S. COLLINS 6: SONS, Inc. THIRD and MILL STREETS MOORESTOWN, N. J. W E I I I C R E A T I V E P R I N T, N G Q E. QWORRELL, Inc. Reasonably Priced-Promptly Delivered plumbing and Heating ' and The Moorestown News I Gil Burners PRINTING-PUBLISHING I Q1 300 Ch2Sf2fAV2f'U2 I 305 Chester Ave., Moorestown Telephone 638 Moorestown ! THESE ADVERTISERS HAVE HEIPED US-HELP THEM Where "Quality Laundry" Work is Produced MOORESTOWN STEAM LAUNDRY 102--Phone-102 We wash everything with Ivory Soap Compliments of Collins Nurseries I Moorestown, N. .I. W. H. SLOCUM 8: SON Marble and Granite Work Phone, Mercliantville 848 Pettitls Pharmacy I Prescription Specialists 67 EAST MAIN STREET l . Phone 159 Moorestown, N. J' Browning Road and Westfield Avenue Have you been ta the High School B. Y. P. U. 13 E so 'ii THE ? f ' U U U CH COMPLIMENTS or Gwiff. S ,ur ROUTE 38 OLLIVIER NEWS AT MARTER Ave. AGENCY 4 lf g ll',..l.'E'l' Saddle l-lorses . Hired, Boafded, Sold I l g:3::':L::tg:1c:i:3 57Q-R-Q X 'I7 E. Main Street Moorestown, N STUCKWELL-KNIGHT CU. 45 East Main Street, Moorestown, N. J. Phone 999 ' insurance fire automobile 0 . ' accident ' burglary ' public liability ' boncis 'all forms except life Where Cleanliness and Quality Count Bell Phone 7Q9'W CUNSTANTINFS GUNFECTIUNS r S W'LL'AM E' THGMSON ELECTRICIAN Master Creator of Estimates Cheerfully Given Your Home Town Coniections E 27 EAST MAIN STREET L 220 S. Church Street Moorestown, N J 6 Have you been to the High School B. Y. P. U.? MAPLE SHADE DIRECTGRY Compliments ol BECKER BRC-El-lElQS R 0 X Y T H E A T R E Maple Shade Phone, Maple Shade 9967 New Jersey ROSE BEHUTY PHRLOR HOFFMAN'S APPAREL SHOP DRESSES, MILLINERY, coATS, I JEWELRY, HOME FURNISHINGS 4 So. Forklandinq Road I Q Z W. Main St. Maple Shade N. J. M 1 is . . l ' ' ap G S ade' N I N S. Hoffman Phone 2289 I THESE ADVERTISERS AVE HELPED US-HELP THEM Phone l795 C. FRED VODGES REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE O MORTGAGES Main and Fork Landing Road Evans Bldg. Maple Shade, N. J. "The Store of Friendly Service" HAROLD PARMELEE Pharmacist DRUGS, CANDY, STATIONERY SGDAS Established Prescription Service Roxy Theatre Bldg., Maple Shade, N. J. Telephone 1648 HARRY F. RENWICK Refi ZW 130 E. Main St. Maple Shade, N. J. Compliments of PARK AVENUE BARBER SHUP Park Ave. 84 N. Eorklanding Rd. Maple Shade New Jersey Have you been tothe High School B. Y. P. U.? 'I37 138 f Q-A COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Moorestown MAIN LINE TI-IEATRE OF SOUTI-I JERSEY Where the best in entertainment - CRITERION THEATRE I' ' I aIWays awaits you THOMAS CANNAV0 NICHOLS PRODUCTS CO. Manufacturers of Ladies' Hair Bvbbing TRI-POINT and Single Point Xefvac Treatments Pencils, Fountain Pens 5 Phone 118 69 East Main St, 19 Colonial Ave. Mooreslown, N. J. THESE ADVERTISERS-HAVE HELPED US-HELP THEM PICNIC NEEDS ,,, 1 0 Paper plates ...........,...,................. . .6 for Sc 7 C Section paper plates ........................ ,... 6 For 1Oc I' O PKG. OF 80 6-oz. paper cups. . ........ 5 For 5c W Waxed paper .,.... ..... 8 0-fool roll 15c Frankfurter roaster ..... , ,........... .......... . . .15c Gay Paper Naplcins L-H Rainkbow Ii:AoIors, all in the slame . 13 13 ' . , - rsssfro. ,2....2: rs. MOORESTOWN S 10 25C STORE quiclclunches.PIcg.of8O,juStIOc. 75 E. MAIN STREET OPEN EVERY NIGI-IT COLIN P. KELLY uCoIin didnlt drink or smoIce. I I4noW tI1at many ol Iwis IIyer friends didnlt, eitI1er. CoIin Wasnlt a prudey Ire was a man's man, out Ire saicI tIiat aIcoIioI and gasoIine cIon't mix and you need a cIearI1ead to IIy.H Have you been tothe High School B. Y. P. U.? Slminfed Buff ,U-9 IIIESIBIIIIIIII PUBIISHIIIII IIII. 5800 NORTH MERVINE STREET PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA Have you been to the High School . PHD.. WHEN THIS IMPRINT APPEARS ON A MAGA- ZINE OR BOOK, YOU MAY FEEL SURE THE EDITORS HAVE HAD AT THEIR DISPOSAL EVERY FEATURE OF SERVICE WHICH OVER THIRTY YEARS OF SPECIALIZATION HAVE SHOWN TO BE MOST DESIRABLE. B. Y. P. U.? 'I39 5 ff' ,nor gm my f yj,fgQ f mn FA- Q ,W Jw I W' 1 'T If fr I Wm IX ' ' f , , Haul: uw If x X rv UNI: Yi X ' 1 T X wwwz nrifww f f xxx ,x Im XXX NNXX VL ilwmhwnr 1 1 N N x X IW ' " 'TT TN ly, hi! rx f 7 f ,f A , ff , ' ' ,'H253.- ig, ff:-,yi L' ' ,H A ff A PLL! ,Z u ww' Q. .- ,.,,.,f-.g C - QQ J K 1 .f ...F A, 01.5 " K .,- ..,---- H, IQ 1,-1.-ff' i-,ll A WHEN EXPERIENCED NAVIGATORS CHART THE YEARBOOK COURSE The pictures in this record book of the High School voyage were reproduced from photo-engravings made by- THE BASIL L.SMITH SYSTEM INC INC E I Svbool Amzfzalf a Sperially ST u 40 1016 CHERRY - PHILADELPHIA, PA

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