Moorestown Friends High School - Cupola Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ)

 - Class of 1959

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Moorestown Friends High School - Cupola Yearbook (Moorestown, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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L -.. if 'rim grfifilm , , 4. ,. A a aw . .- yy H. L1 , .M . 7: i .- ,. W'-Lf J, x I .. iff? -.' Z-7 L. . ,H 1- j .X 3 .ga qw, 5 .gf I1 H' 7- ' -'M :'1-'v-- rw 51 '. , 1, W ,li . Q 35 '38 ,M , lf' Zi' V LP- Q. my 5.2 lid' L cf ,- .fd . ., UQ., tri- :if rl HW x -1 - ,- X F: "G , . Q. M if 5,141 4? .74 'I I .K i -iz ' VL W2 4,1 3':j11:'-- ,F 2.2, -2 Efixa V LF 1: R ,ga ,ww N :LW jg' -A -',.,gxi xtilw' .,, .. ,,f-M , fn. U4 1' QA N ' m1i,:-'L.'- 1 "' Q 1-5 '5 I 5 A I L 1959 T65 f X CUgOLA MERRILL L. HIATT Headmaster of MOORESTOWN FRIENDS SCHOOL Another happy and successful school year at Moorestown Friends' School will soon come to an end, and with its close, will come your Commencement Day, certainly an important day in your experience. To you, the members of the Class of 1959, Mrs. Hiatt and l extend our warm and sincere congratulations. We are happy for you for we know that this Commencement Day symbolizes the attainment of a goal which, not too many years ago, seemed quite distant. The average attendance in Moorestown Friends' School of the members of your Class is over seven years. This is a fact of which all of us are proud. You have made such an important place for yourselves that you r graduation leaves all of us with a real sense of loss. However, you must always think of yourselves as a part of the Moorestown Friends' School family as, indeed, you will always be. The academic training which you have received has been sound and thorough. You are, we feel, ready to meet the challenge of the advanced pro- gram upon which you will embark next fall. But iust as important as the academ- ic training, or, indeed, more so, has been the development of your emotional stability, spiritual insight, and effective qualities of leadership. Upon these things depends much of your 'ability to be of help in a complex world. We send you on with our blessing, sad in your leaving but happy and proud that we have been able to travel along a part of life's pathway with you. Sincerely yours, .If I The Class of T959 Dedicates its Cupola To ROBERT M. TAYLOR You have been at Moorestown Friends' School for a long time, Mr. Tay- lor-perhaps longer than you care to remember-though we know that all of your memories of the school will be good ones. You first came here as a Teacher in 1924, we are told. We are also told that you managed to teach chemistry and physics very effectively to some of our parents. They, as well as we ourselves, hold many fond memories of good times with you around Moorestown Friends'. They recall, for instance, the time when some fun-meaning boys lacked up the rear end of your Model-T Ford, so that when you started for home, the wheels went, but the car didn't. They also recall your nickname "Cube Root." We're not sure of the exact significance of the name, except that it had some- thing to do with a rather difficult problem in physics. But we're sure, of course, that the "cube" had to do only with the "root," and was not being compared to your head. We will never forget you, Mr. Taylor. We will never forget your discipli- nary skill which helped to give some of us our "come-uppance" out of the iunior high, nor your patience in drilling into us the fine points of elementary chemistry and physics, nor your loyal rooting at our athletic contests, nor the plain good advice that you have always been happy to give us. Good luck to you, Mr. Taylor! We will always be with you in spirit. ft' 5 3,-'fig ' JP ,Q Vg f S ,J ,9. T' -JL, "'.!'!!ss CUPOL SEATED: L. Neuber, H. Armstrong, advisory C. Magee. BACK ROW: S. Graff, C. Stiles, H. Clauss, E. Hancock, L. Coward, M. Hull, P. Metzer, R. Matlack, M. Hess, J. Taylor, B. Griffith, K. Nobel, J. Haines, G. Willis. Around the middle of March, if you had been listening closely, you would have heard a vast sigh of relief welling out of room lOl as we, this year's Cupola staff, sent our baby off to press. We could look back on months of Typing copy, searching for pictures, scrambling to meet deadlines, wangling ads, and proofreading. At first, we were the rankest bunch of amateurs ever to hit the yearbook trade, but, after being initiated into the art by our advisor, Miss Armstrong, we set to work with a will that more than offset our lack of experience. There were a few among us who trustingly believed that yearbooks went together by themselves. These naive notions were soon dispelled as we started the hectic round of picture-taking and copy-preparing that preceded our first deadline. To complicate matters still further, we were forced to work for nearly a month in the absence of Miss Armstrong, who was able to turn the chaos of our organization into some semblance of order. However, we saw it through to the end and can now look back with satisfaction, mixed with some surprise, to find that we enioyed it all! OUR FACULTY IN ACTION MR. CARR: "That's pretty close." MRS. HULL: "Off the floor, boys!" MISS BRUDON: "The team mit der pinniesf' 4 MRS. RICKETTS: "Stop playing Choo-Choo!" MR. HARTMAN: "QuestionD mark, or period?" QMR. TAYLOR: "Aaaachoo, cha cha cha!" Miss ARMSTRONG: "This row, doesn't exist." MRS. SCHLOEMER: "Is this Ii- brary research work?" MRS. DARNELL: "Nothing so rare as a day in June." MRS. WEHLE: "Sit on the floor and hang your feet over!" MRS. SWEENY: "Would you be a lamb for me?" QMRS. FITTIN: "Now this demon- strates the principle." MR. MILLER: "l wonder if this young lady would dance with me?" QMR. PRICE: "I do not sleep in meeting!" MR. HIATT: "Are these Iightsf necessary?" MR. MECHLING: "Yeah MRS. SMOLENS: "That's self-ex- planatory." MR. MAGEE: "Let's begin to start to commence to get ready." MR. HUEBNER: "When are ya gon- na make one?" Q MR. PERKINS: "lf it weren't for Venetian blinds, it'd be curtains for all of Us!" MISS COWAN: "In other words Qiviirzs. ROSENBERG: "What did Pasteur do?" MR. SEAVER: "Leave those blind cords alone." MRS. LANING: "This class is get ting out of hand." MR. D laTum." EYO: "Fero, fere, Tuli, MR. HOBART: "How much is it going To cost?" MISS RHOADS: "Put This under your tongue." 4MRS. WALKER: "Take out a piece of paper!" MRS. RICHIE: "I can draw a perfeci' circle on The board." QMR. REAGAN: "Da you want to teach This class?" MR. SHELLEY: "This is a Twenty- five mile per hour zone." MISS ole POUTILOFF: "I give you peeps a queez-test!" GEORGE MACCOLLOCH MILLER, QND Mount Laurel Road Moorestown, New Jersey 13 years Purple Assembly Committee Advisor 3 yearsp Affiliation Committee 2 yearsg U.N. Trip, U.N. Assembly. "Sneak" . . . foreign scooter connoisseur . . . "Flash" . . . Charleston fiend . . . "My idear of the lawr in Cubar-" . . . audio-ph.ile . . . snappy dres- ser . . . Ivy League hats . . . class crying post . . . white bucks . . . "Cully" . . . CLASS ADVISORS HELENE dePOUTlLOFF Roberts Hall Moorestown, New Jersey 3 years Purple Affiliation Committee '59, France's fancy prancing dancer . . . "The French don't swear or gamble!" . . . "You can fool other teachers but you CAN'T fool me!" . . . interesting Prom dates . . . Senior Dance chaperone sans pariel!" 8 days in the week? . . . "Better put it away or I make ze sousancl pieces!" . . . 1 In Memoriam Henry Woodward Diller 194-1-1957 Am , J SEN IDRS LAURA CYNTHIA BERRY 54-Euhiulgan-Ausnse Pal , 4 years Red Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Showboat 4, Junior Prom 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, French Club 3, Sundial 3, Cupola 4, Student Affairs 3, 4, Weekend Work- camp 2, 3, Buck Hill Falls Conference 4, Burlington County Youth Government 3, Senior Prom 4, Senior Play 4. Sweet . . . "Read any good books lately?" . . only has eyes for Joe . . . library confabs . . pretty hair . . . early curfew . . . "Cindy" . . Trenton State? . . . "Dead end" girl , . . DONALD BALABAN 5 years Blue Vice President 3, Student Affairs 2, 3, Showboat 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Double Octet 2, 3, 4, Sen- ior Play 4, French Play 3, Junior Speaking Contest 3, Junior Prom 3, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 2, UN Assembly 3, N. Y. Times Representative 2, 3, St. Mary's Conference 2, Cupola 4, Senior Prom 4. Mr. Hollywood . . . always ripe for an argu- ment . . . smooth . . . N.Y. Times . . . seen at Red Hill Inn . . . pilfers pencils . . . well-dressed . . . prccrastinator . . "Nothing is worth getting if you can't cheat for it!" . . . Varsity Biclcerball . . . LEE WEST BUCKWALTER P 6 years Red Senior Play 45 Glee Club 45 French Club 35 French Play 35 Showboat 45 Basketball 45 Baseball 3, 45 JV Soccer 25 Cupola 45 Washington Seminar 45 Radio Club l. Lee-high . . . "Get that rebound!" . . . red sweat- er . . . Surf City summers . . . smart . . . tall, light, and handsome . . . K2MUJ . . . Mr. Basketball . . . Navy future . . . girl troubles . . . DONALD EDWARD BLOOMQUIST 1 2 years Blue Cupola 45 Soccer 45 Senior Play 45 French Play 35 French Club 35 Showboat 45 Dramatics Club 35 Snack Bar 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 4. "Humph" . . . friendly . . . "Where's James?" . . . "I got the Impala tonight!" . . . dimples . . . shore parties . . . water skis at Ship Bottom . . . freckles . . . Drive-In's best customer . . . ooo, that wierd colored car . . . JOAN IRWIN CAMPBELL KI'1! 1 , 6 years Red Cupola 4, Student Affairs i, Assembly Committee, Secretary, 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Showboat 4, Basketball 4, JV Hockey l, Cheerleader 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4, Color Captain 2, Junior Prom 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, President, 4, French Club 3, Junior Speaking Contest 3, Glee Club 7, 2, 3, 4, French Play 3, Senior Play 4, May Court 3, UN Assembly 3, Tennis 3, Senior Prom 4. Pert flirt . . . Sam Hill . . . "But girls, l'm not officially pinned!" . . . David . . . "lsn't my hair getting long?" . . . Mr. Miller's dancing partner . . . big red mailbox.. . art room . .. JON CHARLES BUFF 6 years Blue Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Double Octet 3, 4, French Play 3, Senior Play 4, UN Assembly 3, Showboat 4, Washington Seminar 4, Junior Prom 3, Foul Shoot- ing Contest 3, Senior Dance Committee, Chairman, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Basketball 4, Senior Prom 4. Hairy sweaters . . . member of 5th period study l?J hall . . . "Where's my Nlyomist?" . . . West Virginian . . . "It takes brains." . . . cow eyes . . . classy clothes . . . Maverick ll . . . pool . . . varsity bickerball . . . LOUISE COWARD 1 Chen-pun 6 years Blue Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Speaking Contest 3, May Court 3, Showboat 4, Washington Seminar 4, New York Seminar 4, Junior Prom 3, Dramatics Club 4, French Club 3, Class Secretary 4, Cupola 4, Religious Life Committee 4, Senior Dance Com- mittee 4, Buck Hill 3, JV Hockey 2, 3, JV Basket- ball 2, 3, Double Octet 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4, "This class meeting is ridiculous." . . . always the last one out of class . . . Mister Taylor's pet . . . "l want a T-Bird, Ma!" . . . beautiful hair by Breck . . . "Fabulouse" . . . "Weasel" . . . HARTMUT CLAUSS St 5 Y l year Red Glee Club 4, Showboat 4, Chess Club 4, Weeklong Workcamp 4, Midwinter Conference 4, Schwenkes- ville Conference 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4, Cupola 4. Germany's answer to Liberace . . . "l forgot my German!" . . . Monkey business . . . "Let's get organized, people!" . . . Ginny . . . unique coiffure . . . a real asset to the class of '59 . . . Von Cliburn . . . "When are we leaving, Dick?" . . . WILLIAM WOODWARD DICKERSON I 4 years Blue Class Treasurer 2, Religious Life Committee 4, Week- end Workcamp 2, 4, Buck Hill 4, Soccer 4, Basket- ball 4, Baseball 3, 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Octet 4, French Play 3, Foul-shooting Contest 4, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, Showboat 4, Color Cap- tain 3, Senior Play 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4. "Mole" . . . "Whadya mean, this is a good hat!" . . . one dozen American beauties . . . "Two-thirds of the world's population don't kiss!" . . . "West- ward ho the wagons" . . . President of the Anar- chists . . . DAN MORELAND DAVIS 4 years Red Cupola 4, Religious Life Committee 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4, UN Assembly 3, Showboat 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, Senior Play 4. "Spike" . . . idiotic laugh . . . "Watch your language there!" . . . repeater . . . "blivit" . . . blue beetle . . . "Don't crush me, I eat harmful insects!" . . . "If you grow up, l'll marry you!" . . . Varsity Bickerball . . . "lt'll get two feet off the ground and explode!" . . . MARY SHELDON GRAFF M . R. 6 years Red Cupola 45 Buck Hill 45 JV Hockey l, 25 Showboat 45 French Club 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Dramatics Club 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 4. "Sheldie" . . . cute . . . aspires to model . . . "When will you get my kitten, Ken?" . . . fifth period study l?J hall . . . short and sweet . . . pixie hair cut . . . kilts and Ieotards . . . ieep iockey . . . stalls all the time . . . t WILLIAM JOHN DILLER, JR. 5 years Red Cupola 45 JV Soccer 35 Baseball 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Foul Shooting Contest 25 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Junior Prom 35 UN Assembly 35 Showboat 45 Snack Bar 45 Senior Prom 4. "Pickle" . . . don Juan . . . "Hello, dear." . . . Stone Harbor parties . . . good dancer . . . atten- dance taker in home-room . . . almost got caught in Cuba . . . sharp dresser . . . "That's nasty." . . . JOYCE ALBERTA GROVATT d 7 7 years Blue Glee Club 7, 2, 3, 4, Showboat 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, Senior Play 4. "Grivitt" , , . lt's a F-O-R-D . . . "But Miss de Poutiloft, I can't" . . . wears short shorts . . . hates Philadelphia . . . "The bus was late again." . . . got her hair cut . . . fur coat and beret . . . wears heels to school . . . BONNIE LEE GRIFFITH ' wil' 5 years Blue Cupola, photography editor 4, Senior Dance Com- mittee 4, JV Hockey 7, Tennis 3, Basketball Man- ager 4, Showboat 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, French Club 3, Foul-shooting Contest 3, Glee Club 7, 2, 3, 4, May Court 3, Cheerleader 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4. "ls my hair dragging on the floor?" . . . Florida's sweet peach . . . "Guess who called?" . . . sincere . . . "l'm starved!" . . . "Bring in your pictures." . . . flutters her eyelashes . . . JOSEPH EDWARD HAINES, JR. t M v l 3 years Red Glee Club 2, Senior Play 4, Showboat 4, Junior Prom 3, Class Treasurer 3, 4, Weeklong Workcamp 3, Buck Hill 3, Cupola 4, Soccer 2, 3, 4, JV Basket- ball 2, 3, Baseball 3, 4, Senior Prom 4. "Class dues, anybody?" . . . silky hair . . . loiters in the hall . . . "Cindy, oh Cindy" . . . entered the annual "parking contest" . . . runs a bus to Med- ford . . . GEORGE SWAN HAGSTOZ, JR. R 6 years Red Class President 7, Cupola 4, Assembly Committee Chairman, 4, Discipline Committee 1, Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, French Play 3, Foul-shooting Contest 7, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Junior Prom 3, Color Captain 7, Showboat 4, Senior Prom 4, Senior Play 4. Athlete . . . "lt's not Riverton, it's Cinnaminson" . . . Varsity Bickerball . . . one-handed gooshers . . . loves to tickle girls . . . tickle . . . good sense of humor . . . dimples . . . infectious smile . . . rarely does his homework until ten minutes before it's due . . . CAROL LYNNE HENDERSON 5 years Red Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Octet 4, French Play 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Showboat 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Cupola 4, JV Hockey 7, JV Basketball 7, Senior Prom 4, Junior Prom 3. Horse lover . . . orange hair . . . "The Road to Love" . . . soft voice . . . red Ieotards . . . absent every other day . . . Aloha-ha . . . quiet in class . . . long, long nails. . . JAMES EVERETT HANCOCK, JR. 12 years Blue Cupola 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Octet 3, 4, French Play 3, Sundial 3, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Showboat 4, UN Assembly 3, Burlington County Government 'Day 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4. "Ev" . . . Moorestown's answer to Arthur Mur- ray . , . French whiz . . . "Why don't they give us decent food to eat?" . . . "Goodnight, Irene!" . . . conscientious . . . "Oh Barb!" ALBERT CLARK HOBBIE, JR. 3 years Blue Glee Club 4, French Play 3, Showboat 4, Soccer Manager 3, 4, Basketball Manager 4, Baseball Man- ager 4, UN Assembly 3, Junior Prom 3, French Club 3, Weeklong Workcamp 3, Cupola 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4, Merit Scholarship Recogni- tion 4. "Hunk" . . . Happy Birthday boy . . . "It's iust a growth on the fingernail" . . . Varsity Bickerball . . . weird whinny . . . holds up the wall at Teen Haven . . . reeks of Wildroot . . . can bark, bleat, or snicker . . . MARGARET ADELE HESS 8 5 years Red Cupola 4, Religious Life 2, 3, JV Hockey 1, 2, Hockey Manager 4, Combination Seminar 4, Showboat 4, Junior Prom 3, French Club 3, Glee Club i, 2, 3, 4, Sundial 3, Foulishooting Contest 3, French Play 3, UN Assembly 3, Burling- ton County Youth Day 3, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4. U.S.A.F .... "Painted baseballs, a-nyone?" . . . "lt'll be 6 months, 1 week, 4 days, and 8 minutes until Tom gets home . . . "H.H." . . . blonde?? . . . applepolisher . . . "I dirten" . . . "I miss him" . . . Matollionequay . . . l i MARY REAGAN HULL 1 4 years Red Glee Club i, 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Junior Speak- ing Contest 3, Weekend Workcamp 2, 3, Week- long Workcamp 3, Buck Hill Falls Conference 4, Sundial 3, French Play 3, Junior Prom 3, Hockey 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Shovvboat 4, Senior Prom 4. "Harriet" . . . "sweetie" . . . good at sewing . . . "But Mr. Taylor!" . . . "Can't you squeeze a little more, Joe?" . . . never drinks carbonic acid . . . one of the Senior Math boys . . . unique sneeze . . . "Oh, grief!" . . . persecution complex . . . garrulous . . . MARY CONSTANCE HOFBERG M 12 years Blue Class Treasurer l, Hockey 3, 4, Captain, 4, Basket- ball 3, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4, Color Captain 2, Junior Prom 3, Dramatics Club 3, French Club 3, Foul- shooting Contest 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, French Play 3, Tennis 2, Showboat 4, Senior Prom 4. "Hoffy" . . . chauffeur . . . only true Senior blonde . . . athletic . . . taunts Miss Brudon . . . "little echo" . . . wants unchaperoned senior dances . . . SBYTIGST. . . VVANDA JEAN JAMES B . 4 years Blue Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Snack Bar 4, Showboat 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Play 4, French Club 3, Drama- tics Club 3, 4, Cupola 4, Senior Prom 4. "Wamba" . . . "lt's bigger than both of us" . . . Drive-In enthusiast . . . "Pudge" . . . "Don't pout" . . . shoes, shoes, shoes . . . always good for a laugh . . . EDWARD JOSEPH HULSE, JR. 4 years Blue Cupola 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Burlington County Youth Day 3, Dramatics Club 3, Junior Prom 3, UN Assembly 3, Showboat 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4. Likes Texans . . . Democrat, but still a good guy . . . "Bed Pulse" . . . "Hulse for Freeloader" . . . Beverly's first family . . . "flourbags" . . . cute ...curlonneck... PATRICIA EILEEN MACKEY ' 1 6 years Blue Glee Club I, 2, 3, 45 Octet 3, 45 Senior Play 45 French Play 45 Cheerleading 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Color Captain lg May Court 35 Showboat 45 UN Assembly 35 Junior Prom 35 Dramatics Club 35 Tennis 35 Vice President lp Cupola 45 Senior Dance 45 Assembly Committee lj JV Hockey 25 Basket- ball 45 Senior Prom 4. "Trish" . . . "Fat Pat with a little middle" . . . neatest trig papers . . . Phil . . . mature . . . out- side interests . . . never hands in Math on time ...Cack's twin... LEE CUMMINGS LIPPINCOTT 3 6 years Red Glee Club 1, 45 French Play 35 Senior Play 45 French Club 35 Sundial 35 Foul-shooting Contest i, 2, 45 Vice President 25 Hockey 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 cap- tain 45 Showboat 45 Cupola 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 4. Six feet in heels . . . "All right, Alphonse" . . . personality plus . . . "Prunce" . . . hot shot in basketball . . . one of the Senior Math "boys" . . . Lee, Lee, and Little Lee . . . "You go, Ugol" l l l i i , RICHARD WEBSTER MATLACK I4 years Red French Play 3, UN Assembly 3, Student Operator 7, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, Class President 2, Cupola Business Manager 4, Weekend Workcamp 3, Week- long Workcamp 3, Senior Dance 4, Student Affairs 1, Buck Hill 3, 4, Soccer i, 2, 3, 4, JV Basketball 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, Seminar 4, Showboat 4, Senior Play 4, Senior Prom 4. "Load" . . . "electric" personality . . . Bickerball Champ . . . Socialist . . . "l like this exchange program!" . . . "lt sure ain't green" . . . Smith- sonian is interested in his car . . . CATHARINE ELISABETH MAGEE l 3 years Blue Assembly Committee 2, Senior Dance 4, Religious Life 4, JV Hockey i , JV Basketball 1, Color Captain 3, Showboat 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball Manager 4, Combination Seminar 4, May Court 3, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, French Club 3, Senior Play 4, UN Assembly 3, Sundial 3, Foul-shooting Con- test 1, Cupola 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, Tennis 3, Ford Scholarship Contest 4. Wilson bound . . . Grace Kelly's successor . . . hour-long phone calls . . . "ar" not "er" . . . star of stage, screen, and ramp 13 . . . charter member of the boy-a-month club . . . prospective All- American mankiller . . . PATRICIA ANN NIETZER I 2 years Blue Class Secretary I, Cupola 4, Showboat 4, UN Sem- inar 4, Washington Seminar 4, French Club 3, Sun- dial 3, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Octet 2, 3, 4, French Play 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, UN Assembly 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior Play 4, Student Concert Representa- tive 4, Senior Prom 4. "Miss Perfect" . . . headed for the Met . . . al- ways taking pills . . . pretty figure . . . "The humidity affects my singing" . . . talented . . . summer traveler . . . "Don"r bother me while I'm working" . . . CARL ANGUS MCRAE 6 years Red Glee Club 3, 4, Octet 3, 4, Showboat 4, Senior Play 4, UN Assembly 3, Junior Prom 3, Dramatics Club 3, Tennis 3, 4, Soccer 4, Senior Dance 4, Senior Prom 4. "I been misquoteoI!" . . . "Hello-o-o there!" . . . hates Communists . . . Annapolis or bust for bothl . . . trancelike stare . . . "O9lf'MsS I have to go home!" . . . tape-records phone calls . . . eyebrows . . .class baby. . .girl troubles . .. ROBERT HAINES NICHOLSON 8 years Red Junior Speaking Contest, second prize, 3, Junior Essay Contest, first prize, 3, Glee Club 4, Sundial 3, Class President 3, Class Treasurer l, Cupola 4, Stu- dent Affairs Committee 4, Temple Math Contest 3, Merit Scholarship Recognition 4, Assembly Commit- tee 3, Week-long Workcamp 3, French Club 3, Sen- ior Play 4, Showboat 4, Soccer 4. KQPNY . . . messiest trig papers in class . . . co- founder of Bickerball . . . interests at Moorestown High . . . "Tell the World" . . . Nickerson 81 Co. . . . Varsity Bickerball . . . LINDA CAROL NEUBER T0 years Red Senior Play 4, Cheerleader 4, Showboat 4, Dra- matics Club l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Prom 3, French Club 3, Cupola 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Basketball 4, JV Hockey l, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Prom 4. Frank . . . "Oo, chip, chip, chip" . . . personality . . T.S.T.C .... pretty hair . . . gorgeous outfits i . . "She was only a farmer's daughter but" . . . "Whose pin is that?" . . . "2 years to go" . . . really nice. .. PETER NAY YANK PAN l 3 years Blue Cupola 4, Soccer 4, Baseball 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 4, French Play 3, Foul-shooting Con- test 2, Sundial 3, Seminar 4, Chess Club 4, Show- boat 4, UN Assembly 3, Senior Prom 4, Junior Prom 3. "Hi!" . . . originator of "Pan's Positive Proofs" . . . has a smile for all . . . designs fabulous an- tennae . . . good-natured . . . has a gorgeous sister . . . knows Haddonfield girls . . . "Pass the sodium chloride!" . . . "But there's a harder way to do it, Mr. Carrl" . . . JV Bickerball . . . J KENNETH WILLIAM NOBEL u lr 2 yea rs Red French Club 3, French Play 3, Class President 4, Cupola, Editor 4, Glee Club 4, Senior Play 4, Show- boat 4, Dramatics Club 3, Junior Prom 3, Junior Essay Contest, second prize, 3, Senior Dance Com- mittee 4, Senior Prom 4, Merit Scholarship Recogni- tion 4. Mr. Carr's pet . . . sarcastic . . . collie dog eyes . . . "Oh, that's allotta bull!" . . . "Throw my P.J.'s in the back seat!" . . . "No bull, Nobel!" . . . 'When are you getting Shelly's kitten?" . . . "l'm really a clod at heart!" . . . "Heaven forfend!" . . . BRUCE BRACKNEY PECK He 2 years Red Cupola 45 Showboat 45 Dramatics Club 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Play 45 Senior Prom 4. Assembly emcee . . . "Are ya happy?" . . . Tommy's parrot . . . "Speck" . . . hot rodfli . . . chases fires . . . bleach blond . . . T.S. . . . Teen Haven enthusiast . . free passes to pit . . . BONITA GAY PEARSON 6 5 years Blue Student Affairs Committee 25 Showboat 45 Snack Bar 45 Junior Prom 35 Cupola 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 French Club 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 French Play 35 Senior Play 45 Senior Prom 4. Florida-bound . . . "lt's great to have a brother!" . . . gorgeous wardrobe . . . '59 Olds . . . debu- tante material . . . "Where's Lee?" . . . tangerines in the girls' room . . . sweet smile . . . "good morning!" . . . BARBARA JEAN SHELLEY 12 years Red Weekend Workcamp 2g Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 3g Senior Prom 4. Teen Haven . . . styles hair . . . supports the service . . . "He's the brother of the guy I went steady with last summer!" . . . natural curls . . . another old stand-by . . . taking Driver's Ed.? . . . "l'm baby sitting!" . . . "I wash dishes with Joy!" BURT JOHN ROSS, JR. ' e 2 years Red Senior Dance Committee 4, Glee Club 4, Cupola 4p Showboat 45 Senior Play 4g Junior Prom 3g Senior Prom 4, JV Soccer 3. Nice guy . . . Mr. Holly House . . . Vitalis kid . . . "l got a terrific ioke!" . . . black leather iacket, motorcycle boots, cigarette holder, dark glasses . . . casting expert . . . generous . . . Green Ford . . . finances new equipment in the chemistry lab . . . ROBERT GEORGE SOWTON, JR. Ghuuuhdisuul M , 6 years Blue Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Double Octet 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 45 Dramatics Club 45 Showboat 45 Snack Bar 4. Winslow Homer of M.F.S .... "Big Bob" . . . threatens art class with tape recorders . . . knuckle cracker . . . Snack Bar King . . . cutlery expert . . . long hair problems . . . "strong man" . . . Nancy . . . prospect for Muscle Beach . . . FRANK XAVIER SHOWELL P ne P 6 years Red Vice President 45 French Play 35 UN Assembly 35 Showboat 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 45 Cupola 45 Burlington County Youth Day 35 Senior Play 45 Soccer 3, 4. "Fang" . . . history enthusiast . . . "Frank, you used to be such a nice boy!" . . . minute handwrit- ing . . . bowler . . . allerg.ic to high tension wires . . . Varsity Bickerball . . . landmark of Riverton Country Club . . . theme song . . . "Davis, l'm gonna' kill you!" . . . CHARLOTTE ROBERTS S'l'lLES 8 W ld years Red Senior Dance Committee 4, Sundial 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, Cupola 4, French Club 3, French Play 3, Senior Play 4, Shovvboat 4, Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4, Weeklong Workcamp 4, Hockey 3, 4, La- crosse 3, 4, Color Captain l. "Tosh" . . . doesn't speak loudly enough for Mr. Taylor . . . "Sut up yourself" . . . hardest Worker in the French class . . . 5th period study C?l hall . . . Moorestown ex-patriot . , . talks with her eyes . . . the phosphorus kid burns again . . . "Bobs" . . .curly eyelashes. .. JON DEREK STEPHENSON 2 years Blue Glee Club 4, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Shovvboat 4, UN Assembly 3, Cupola 4, Weekend Institutional Service Unit 4. "You look lovely!" . . . proposes to Gayner . . . "Miss olePoutiloff, you're vvonclerful!" . . . 5th per- iod studyC?l hall . . . "Oh, l'm in love!" . . . lady killer . . . "l'm gonna marry that girl from Sole- bury!" . . . always in financial difficulties . . . Had- donfield society . . . Choate . . . IRENE THERESA SZULINSKI ' t L 3 years Blue Glee Club 2, 45 Senior Play 45 Dramatics Club 45 French Club 35 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 45 Cupola 4. Everybody's friend . . . "l'm late!" . . . Polish cook . . . eats lunch with Everett . . . always late for meeting . . . beautiful hair . . . quiet . . . washed her hair with oil . . . photogenic . . . graceful hands . . . SUSAN BRINTON STUBBS Y 14 years Blue Class Treasurer 25 Class Secretary 35 Cupola 45 Stu- dent Affairs Committee 45 Weekend Workcamp 35 JV Hockey i, 2, 35 Tennis 35 Showboat 45 Junior Prom 35 Senior Prom 45 Dramatics Club 45 Sundial 35 Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 French Play 35 French Club 35 Senior Play 4. "Suz" . . . cute, quiet, brilliant . . . hates the business committee . . . aims the car . . . introvert . . . pineapple sundaes! . . . Charlotte's roommate . . . expressive hands . . . "Want something to eat?" . . "Remember Albert?" . . . "Sbouts" . . . NICHOLAS FREDERICK WEBER 3 . 6 yea rs Red Senior Dance Committee 4, Cupola 4, Showboat 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Octet 2, 3, 4, JV Soccer 2, Dra- matics Club 3, 4, Chess Club 4, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, Senior Play 4. "Tvvinkletoes" . . . "C'mon, wee a?" . hot Y '57 Chevvy . . . "Weeber" . . . girl problems . . suave . . . "When are we gonna go out?" . . another Gene Kelly . . . "Hi, doll" . . . hep . . ramp 13. . ."Nick".. . JOSEPH HOOTON TAYLOR, JR. i 6 years Blue Class Secretary 2, Student Affairs President 4, Re- ligious Life Committee 2, 3, Soccer 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Var- sity Club 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Octet 3, 4, Sundial 3, Junior Speaking Contest, first prize 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, Showboat 4, Color Captain l, 3, Senior Play 4, Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist 4. "Load" . . . one of the dead end kids . . . "Let's get outta this trap, Chol!" . . . likes female "Pals" . . . "Ahh, get out!" . . . K2lTP . . . varsity bicker- ball . . . "Where's Nanna?" . . . stellar performer for all varsity teams . . . Haverford bound . . . phliez . . . ADELAIDE GAYNER WILLIS 4 eY 3 years Blue Cupola, Art Editor, 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Sundial 3, French Play 3, Junior Prom 3, Senior Prom 4, French Club 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3, Senior Play 4, Tennis 3, Showboat 4, Cheerleader 4. "lt's "er," not "orl" . . . pa-rtial to Mrs. Ricketts . . . instigates artroom discussions . . . "Of course l saw Roland last nightl" . . . plaid outfit . . . "No, Derek, I won't marry you!" . . . Fe Fe and F. A. . . . Trinity weekends . . . great artist . . . summers at Beach Haven . . . FIRST ROW: B. Griffifh, C. Berry, M. Hess, J. Grovafi, C. Stiles, S. Graff, W. James, L. Neuber. SECOND ROW: B. Peck, F. Weber, G. Hagsfoz, C. Buff, D. Balaban, C. Hobbie, W. Diller, H. Clauss. FIRST ROW: S. Stubbs, B. Pearson, B. Shelley, I. Szulinska, C. Hofberg, J. Campbell, P. Mackey. SECOND ROW: J. Ross, E. Hancock, J. Haines, F. Showell, P. Pan, D. Stephenson, D. Bloomquist, W. Dickerson, R. Matlack. THE SE IOR CLASS FIRST ROW: C. Magee, P. Metzer, G. Willis, L. Coward, M. Hull, L. Lippincott. SECOND ROW: R. Sowion K. Nobel, E. Hulse, R. Nicholson, D. Davis, C. McRae, J. Taylor, L. Buckwalter. O F F I , C E F, Showell, J. Haines, L. Coward, K. Nobel. .: ,N Q - ..- A A.:- KFWW If 00- 40 .H-'il l. C. Buff 2. C. Berry 3. W. Diller 4. M. Hull 5. E. Hancock 6. l. Szulinski 7. G. Hags1oL 8. S. Capelwart 9. F. Shovvell 10. L. Ne-uber ll. F. Weber l2. C. Magee l3. R. Nicholgon l4. W. James 15. R. Matlock lb. K. Nobel l7, J. Taylor 18. C. Stiles 19. C. McRae 20. J. Grovall 2l.P,P an 22. P. Mackey 23. C. Hofberg 211, J. Ross. . if . J 11 X QQQKFP' v. WN ' na. 1 . rf- gf . pfi L rms' 1 M., Q' K A .K..V'Q. f' I xx X ,W-A L K, 39 40 L '1 A . ,Q ff 45 4l rl! CN 25. H. Clauss 26. G, Willis 27. L, Buckvvalter 28. D. Balaban 29. B. Griffith 30. J. Campbell 31. E. Hulse 32. J. Haines 33. B. Shelley 34. B. Pearson 35. L. Coward 36. W. Dickerson 37. D. Bloomquist 38. L. Lippincott 39. C. Henderson 40. P. Hess 41. D. Davis 42. S. Siubbs 43. S. Graff 114: D. Stephenson 115. P. Nlefzer 116. R. Sowfon -47. C. Hobbie. 4I CLASS WILL Be it known that we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Fifty-Nine, infirm of mind and unfirm of body, do hereby ordain and establish this, our last will and testament' Don Balaban, leave my loud mouth to Warren Littlefield. Cynthia Berry, leave my curls to Martha MacNeal. Don Bloomquist, leave my freckles to Bettie Ruth Wallace. Lee Buckwalter, leave my extra foot to Billy McAllister. Chuck Buff, leave my Thunderbird to Mrs. Coward. , Joan Campbell, leave Mr. Miller to find a new dancing partner. Hartmut Clauss, leave Ute's History notes to the next exchange student Louise Coward, leave Mr. Taylor with no more Cowards. Dan Davis, leave my parking space to anyone who has a "wagon." Bill Dickerson, leave disillusioned. Bill Diller, leave at last. Sheldon Graff, leave my vast C?i knowledge of math to my brother. Bonnie Griffith, leave my cheerleading enthusiasm to Stephie Serri. Joyce Grovatt, leave batting my long eyelashes. George Hagstoz, leave my basketball scoring to Harlow. Joe Haines, leave in a cloud of carbon monoxide. Everett Hancock, leave my ulcers in the lab. Carol Henderson, leave my horse-dreaming in class to Pat Livezey. Peggy Hess, leave my painted baseball to the next hockey manager. Clark Hobbie, leave birthday wishes to Methuselah. Connie Hofberg, leave Liz Fiume to Miss Brudon. Mary Hull, leave my brother to any girl who can handle him. Ed Hulse, leave politics to the rest of my family. Wanda James, leave with my troubles behind me. Lee Lippincott, leave my half-court swishers to Virginia Makin. Pat Mackey, leave with a hearty "Hi-yo, Silver!" Catharine Magee, leave 2 feet taller and 80 pounds "fatter." Dick Matlack, leave, if my car will start. Carl McRae, leave frustrated. Pat Metzer, leave chemistry to the unsuspecting neophites. Linda Neuber, leave, smiling. Bob Nicholson, leave burning pennies to Mr. Taylor. Ken Nobel, leave my flabby boddom to "posteriority." Pete Pan, leave my positive proofs to Mr. Hartman. Bonny Pearson, leave my contact lenses to Ellen Galanter. Bruce Peck, leave firefighting to "T.S." Stackhouse. John Ross, leave my iokes to George Stephan. Barbara Shelley, leave after fourteen years. Frank Showell, leave my handwriting to Mr. Taylor. Derek Stephenson, leave my camels' hair coat to Dick Manchester Charlotte Stiles, leave my booming voice to the public speakers. Bob Sowton, leave nothing, being a poor man. Sue Stubbs, leave without paying my class dues. Irene Szulinski, leave for Lumberton. Joe Taylor, leave the school with one less Taylor. Fred Weber, leave my rock-n-roll shoes to Mike Kirk. Gayner Willis, leave whatever it is to whoever wants it. Signed and sworn this tenth day of June, 1959 THE CLASS OF '59 Name D. Balaban C. Berry D. Bloomquist L. Buckwalter C. Buff J. Campbell H. Clauss L. Coward D. Davis W. Dickerson W. Diller S. Graff B. Griffith J. Grovatt G. Hagstoz J. Haines E. Hancock C. Henderson P. Hess C. Hobbie C. Hofberg M. Hull E. Hulse W. James WITH ALICE Alias D. J. Sylvia Hump Bucky Chol Joanie Helmet Louse Spike Mole Pickle Sheldie G. G. Squeaky Egroeg Hainesy Ev Carol Hesserino Hunk Hoffie Harriet Bed Pulse Wamba Recognized by Shades Pretty hair Figure? Blonde hair T-Bird Tiny waist Everybody Sexy hair-do Laugh Cowboy hat White sweater Short hair Pretty Knees High heels Smile Baby-blue eyes Austere expression Red leotards Head band His whinny Echo Thermos of skim m Hot Pontiac Onyx rinse Haunts Racetrack Halls Lamplight Freshman girls West Virginia Mr. Miller Piano stool Avalon Woodbury Public Service busses Stone Harbor Ken Moorestown Studio Barb's house Girls Cynthia Dungeon Horses Ockanickon Teen Haven Miss Brudon Hull House Medford Lakes Burlington u ll ll 11 ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll Favorite Expression "Seriously, fellas" Where's Joe?" Go homo!" "How 'bout that'?" "Where's Chuck?" Let's get organized "Well ! ! !" "But-But-But-" "Hi, beautiful!" Where's Ken?" lluh ll "But I can't!" "Hey Load" "Good heavens !" 'Where's Pat?" "Maybe he's teething" Do you know-" Nobody loves me" Heard this one?" At the Drive-in-" Thinking, thinking. Put up or shut up!" Got your dues yet?" Have you seen Cack?" TOWARD NO E Needs Most Laryngitis Chaperone Own car Tall girl Elevator shoes Long hair Haircut More time A girl "A" in English Black coffee Smearproof lipstick Ticket to Florida Pixie cut Steady girl Bobby pins Confidence Ego booster Stilts Crew cut Long black hair Bleach iob Votes False nails Could Do Without Dark glasses Joe English Female spies P.T.A. meetings Bill Dick Parental restrictions Volkswagen Chris Jameson Tall girls Eddie H202 Long nails Irregular verbs Field Club dues Nerves Orange hair Little sister Kit Report cards Trig homework Politics Snack-bar Destiny Bookie Berry picker Tooth puller Pro basketball player 3355535 Temptress Concert pianist Old maid Ditchdigger Anarchist Six wives Jr. model Darkroom assistant Eyelash curler Pope U.S. Treasurer Minister Bigamist Marriage Scrounge Gym teacher Pro baby-sitter Politician Nurse Name L. Lippincott P. Mackey C. Magee R. Matlack C. McRae P. Metzer L. Neuber R. Nicholson K. Nobel P. Pan B. Pearson B. Peck J. Ross B. Shelley F. Showell R. Sowton D. Stephenson C. Stiles S. Stubbs I. Szulinska J. Taylor F. Weber G. Willis WITH ALICE Alias Toio Trish Mag Hat Rack C. A. Pasty Metzger Noodle Nick Kenobel Skillet Bonnyville Peck Johnny Barb Fang Porker J. D. Tosh Suzzy Rene Load Weeber Missy Recognized by Dark lipstick Jaguar Courier Post Curls Blank look Worried expression Blush Dot games Sarcasm Mr. Taylor Wardrobe Cheaters Friendliness Jewelry Smile Hot Ford Variety of coats Curly eyelashes Books Curls Pick-up truck Snapping fingers Chronic appendicitis Haunts Hockey goal Drag strips Matlack's '38 Chevvy Females Opera T.S.T.C. Chemistry lab Riverton Everybody Turnpike Ramp 13 Green Ford M.H.S. Golf course Art room Snack-bar Medford West Chester Lumberton Taylor's Lane Sophomore girls Trinity College Favorite Expression "Pruntz" "Octette today?" ll Wanna fail gym?" "Hi fans" ll Kiss me" "At the opera-" "He's coming home" "Ah come on fellas" "Hyulp, hyulp" "Good morning" ll Hear the sirens?" "l've got a ioke" "He goes to M.H.S." "Wdia get for 9i93?" "l pressed 195 lbs." "You look lovely" "Sut-up" "Huh?" "Hel-lo" ,, B ul l-roa r" "C'mon Weeeeeya" ll Help me with my knitting" But Miss Armstrong" TOWARD NONE Needs Most Less math Saddle Modeling iobs New car Appointment New hair-do Frank New notebook Asst. Editor Straight A's Carwash Shave Sweat clothes Sub. baby sitter Girl friend Date book Straight hair To get the car Ambition Longer hair Speed Free pass to Drive-in Rowland Could Do Without N. J. Turnpike Lipstick Carl 7 year itch Certain sr. girls Pills Fluffy hair Tight pants Ft. Dix bus Apple polishing Sam Self-confidence Motorcycle iacket Brothers and sisters Theme song Slugs in coke machines French class Phosphorus Freckles Mispronounced name Little Taylors French homework Appendix Destiny Globetrotter Horse thief Fashion model Meter reader Pro make-out Soap opera Farmer's wife Vagrant Bachelor Prof at M.l.T. Debutante Starter of sub races Bouncer Mother of 22 Golfing tycoon Artistic angler Gigolo Chemist Hypochondriac Cook First man on the Moon French teacher Designing woman Mk r C 1 R. ax UNDERCLASSMEN ., ,ff- Wk ' 3 W , J V Q E FRONT ROW: P. Livezey, C. Himmelein, S. Serri, T. Goldstein, S. Lebow, E. Galanter. SECOND ROW: R. Lippincott, N. Taylor, E. Fiume, D. Grant, V. Makin, C. Tyler, V. Branin. TOP ROW: A. DeCou, V. Yuritch, R. Bosko, D. Tyler, R. Manchester. FRONT ROW: M. Richie, A. Mason, S. Setterstrom, S. Hebble, V. Werst, B. Benware, S. Doerr. SECOND ROW: H. Goodman, K. Archer, B. Wallace, M. MacNeaI, K. Ries, D. Cutler, D. Sweeny. TOP ROW: H. Calo, R. Mervine, W. Littlefield, J. Hosey, T. Stackhouse, P. Lippincott. Absent: F. Brewster, T. Brunt, L. Shapiro. iw ,im 5 hm 4,4 Q Qs 5 E s 1 5 . E l FIRST ROW: W. Archer, W. Brod, B. Richie, S. Hess, M. Marsh, A. VanFossen, S. Magid. SECOND ROW: S. Kleiner, P. Ryan, R. Hassrick, J. Lippincott, C. Dauphinais, K. Seig, M. Wildman, P. Brigg, S. Yamamoto. THIRD ROW: F. Wilman, R. Jenkins, R. Owens, G. Stephen, D. Wilkins, A. Crichton, B. Kelly, G. Hulse, B. Brown. Absent: F. Wehle, R. Conner, C. Goldring. FIRST ROW: H. Richards, J. Benton, S. Patterson, R. Branin, D. Myers, G. Goodman, M. DeHoll. SECOND ROW: C. Barker, E. Dunn, A. Berger, H. Hagstoz, J. Greenfield, A. Taylor, G. Showell, L. McCloskey, I. Schechter, C. Tallman, P. Dudley. THIRD ROW: D. Greer, J. Hurley, N. Harrison, W. Crowley, H. Ross, M. Kirk, L. Fuller, R. Erichson. Absent: C. Jameson. FIRST ROW: S. Eckenhoff, J. Watson, P. Brunt, W. Pawelec, V. Sowton. SECOND ROW: D. Flack, K Eberding, J. Gartman, S. Shelley. THIRD ROW: C. Thomas, L. Sacks, L. Richards. FOURTH ROW: C. Coe, G Mitchell, S. Hart, R. Call. Absent: S. Lewis. Treasurer ,,,, ,,,,,,,..,:,,.,.......,,,......,,,,,.,.,..,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,, W . MCALLISTER Secretary ,,,, ,,,,,,,., ,,....,.. L . RABAN Vice President ,,,, ........ P . PRICE President ,,,,.. H. BEYER FIRST ROW: M. DeCou, J. Harrison, W. McAllister, M. Cutler, C. Hosey. SECOND ROW: A. DeCou, J. Mauer, T. Russell, H. Berry, M. Steitz. THIRD ROW: B. Hyatt, A. Ransome, M. Persic, J. Fiume. FOURTH ROW: J. Tyler, P. Rich, F. Smith, D. Wilkins. FIRST ROW: R. Katz, F. Weiner, R. Horner. SECOND ROW: B. Stevenson, B. Price, K. Williams, L. Schiessler. THIRD ROW: P. Stevenson, R. Powell, I. Schiebe, S. Mulford, L. Raban. FOURTH ROW: R. Hull, W. Read, R, DeCou. FIRST ROW: R. Tomara, J. Savage, T. DeCou, L. Kane, B. Setterstrom, V. Byrne, M. Brunt, M. Sirotta. SECOND ROW: S. Mahler, E. Dickson, M. Strickland, S. Johnson, L. Wright, K. Taylor, V. Howitz, E. Ransome, C. Steitz, E. Harmon, P. Loney. THIRD ROW: R, Raban, C. Hurley, J Daly, T. Johnson, G. Hannaway, P. Tallman, M. Murphy, E. Petersen, W. Serri, P. Hassrick, E. Clever, P. Haines, F. Lovett, R. Corotis, F. Murphy. I FIRST ROW: T. Severns, S. Balaban, V. Pan, R. Mason, J. Livezey, C. Chase, W. Hench, E. Graff. SECOND ROW: J. Heal, D. diSario, R. Berry, J. Edel, K. Mervine, D. Miller, G. Capehart, P. DeCou, T. Clark, M. Lev, B. Silberstein. THIRD ROW: R. Thatcher, M. Denbo, D. Haley, R. Manou, R. Hagstoz, R. Magee, M. Lawnicki, R. Lewis, W. Atkinson, R. Luber. FRONT ROW: R. Hansen, K. Hobbie, D. Van Name, D. Holland, C. Tomaselli, R. Ackley, M. Odus, B. Beringer. SECOND ROW: C. Kleiner, L. Robeson, M. Loveland, M. Bell, S. Wagner, B. Brower, N. Horner, C. Buckwalter, K. Read, E. Tyler. THIRD ROW: A. Goldberg, G. Lippincott, R. Biddle, A. Hagstoz, D. Forsythe, R. Casey, P. Deutsch, H. Wright, C. Burris. FRONT ROW: W. Palmer, N. Lichtman, M. Furbush, R. Hendrickson, P. Brown, S. Matthis, E. Wildman, W. Wileman, E. Schellenger. SECOND ROW: B. Marles, V. Moreland, V. Savage, J. VanMeter, B. Greenfield, R. Wilson, S. Ries, K. Livingston, M. Pitock, E. Kelchner, THIRD ROW: G. Wilcox, J. Stewart, S. Borger, B. Goorland, P. Reagan, J. Dololeman, P. Young, H. Hales, R. Smith, D. Sieg. 0 .XM ,wr iff , Mp wx,- L I ip 15,1 -- ' 5 R H H3 'f i ix, E WX ggi' is 2 W gg .N QE f 11 f W 5 K x Q Q x. 1, Q 9 X Sf? 4 5 3 iii Om , 'iff al - mf 1 --f-mf K 9E35W,?, - V ,5 x ,. 21 . ,Vl.,:, .,.,. X 33' 5' ' , g 5 'Sw ,, , V Rl fm .. an J, :I 1 .' 2 5 5 84 "5 Wa, 2 'K' 1 ,, , Q ACTIVITIES X RELIGIOUS LIFE COMMITTEE l l FIRST ROW: A. Deyo, advisor, B. Stevenson, C. Goldring, M. MacNeal, K. Ries, M. Darnell, advisor: P. Steven son. SECOND ROW: C. Magee, E. Rosenberg, advisor, A. Crichton, W. Dickerson, N. Hartman, advisor R. Mervine, L. Coward. For years Meeting has been an essential part of Moorestown Friends' School. lt remained, however, for this year's Religious Life Committee to introduce a totally new idea: Student-led meetings. This remarkably successful innovation is only one example of the fine work done by the Religious Life Committee. This group, ably directed by Mr. Hartman, has also been responsible for the Monday morning assem- blies throughout the year. THE ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: K. Archer, M. Persic, R. Horner, G. M. Miller, advisor. BACK ROW: G. Hagstoz, chairman: C. Jame- son, K. Walker, advisor: J. Campbell. Who can forget such memorable assemblies asthe 564,000 Shakedown, or Menotti's opera, The Telephone, sung by Thomas Perkins, our director of music and Miss Courtman, student soloist with the Philadelphia Orchestra? These, along with the other Friday morning assemblies, were planned by the Assembly Committee. The 'committee is composed of a boy and a girl from each grade in the high school. If these imaginative people should happen to run out of ideas, the adv.isors, G. M. Miller, Mrs. Jean Ricketts, and Mrs. Kay Walker are always nearby to help out. Although the Assembly Committee is in charge of planning the assemblies, it does not actually put them on. Certain groups, such as the Dramatics Club, the Double Octette, or a French Class, are appointed to organize and execute each program. It is the aim of the Assembly Committee to encourage student participation. The Jitterbug Contest, imitations of television shows, and plays are some of the many ways in which students actively participate in Friday morning assemblies. THE E IOR DANCE CO MITTEE FRONT ROW: C. Magee, J. Campbell, L. Neuber, G. Willis, B. Griffith, L. Coward. SECOND ROW: C. Stiles, C. Henderson, P. Mackey. STANDING: R. Matlack, K. Nobel, C. Buff, F. Weber, C. McRae, E. Hulse, J. Ross, G. Miller. Some of the wild "getups" that appeared at a couple of the Senior Dances would certainly have shocked the older generation. Imagine going to a social dance in your pajamas and bathrobe, or Bermuda shorts and long black stockings! These costumes helped to set the scene for the "Come as You Want To" and "Mad" Senior Dances. The Senior Dance Committee was composed of 16 members of the senior class, each trying his best to make the dances successful. Through the combined efforts of the committee members, some wild and unusual themes were devised. Name bands such as "The Epics" and "The Neptunes"'also helped to make enjoyable dances. Many thanks to Cully Miller tor his ideas and advice, and to Dick Matlack for his able assistance with lighting and sound. DRAMATICS CL B FRONT ROW: J. Campbell, D. Greer, R. Conner, E. Hancock, R. Sowton, C. Jameson, G. Hurley. SECOND ROW: D. Cutler, E. Galanter, M. Hess, P. Livezey, S. Graff, S. Serri, S. LeBow, C. Magee, L. Neuber, B. Griffith. THIRD ROW: F. Brewster, V. Werst, D. Grant, C. Himmelein, T. Goldstein, C. Barker, M. MacNeal, W. Diller, G. Goodman, S. Stubbs, Mrs. Ricketts, advisor. FOURTH ROW: P. Metzer, L. Coward, G. Willis, B. Pearson, l. Szulinski, D. Stephenson. There have been many coniectures concerning the pile of strange items in the back of Mrs. Ricketts' room. At one time or another there has been a huge tux, a general's uniform, white gates and fences, and many other items not usually associat- ed with the teaching of English. Contrary to circumstantial evidence, Mrs. Ricketts is not a pack rat, these are only the props for the Dramatics Club. The Dramatics Club, the schools largest extracurricular activity, enables aspiring young thespians to become acquainted with the theater and all its glories. The members learn the fine art of applying make-up, and gain practice by running the make-up concession at the Friendship Fair. While the results are sometimes rather startling, everyone enjoys himself hugely, and the unfortunate victims take it philosophically when someone slips and covers them with powder. The Dramatics Club has also presented sevral entertaining Friday morning asse-rnblies, an excellent example of which was the 564,000 Shakedown," which left a delighted audience laughing for the rest of the day. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Ricketts, the Dramatics Club gives students from grades eight to twelve a glimpse into the fascinating world of the theater. THE ST UDE T FFAIRS COMMITTEE SEATED: C. Berry, T. Russell, B. Stevenson, V. Yuritch, E. Fiume. STANDING: W. Carr, B. Kelly, A. Taylor, J. Taylor, S. Stubbs, R. Nicholson, H. Armstrong. The Student Affairs Committee, which originated in 1946, exists to provide an effective connection between the students and the faculty at M. F. S. The com- mittee consists of two members each from the freshman, sophomore, and iunior classes and four representatives from the senior class. Members are elected by their own classmates to serve for one school year, about one-half of the members are elected in September and the remainder in February. Under the leadership of President Joseph Taylor and faculty advisors Harley Armstrong and Wilber E. Carr, the committee has served many useful functions during the past year. Among these are the organization of drives for the Junior Red Cross and the March of Dimes, the appointment and scheduling of student hosts at the main office, the arrangement of bus trips to night basketball games at other schools, and the organization of honor study halls. Some of these honor study halls have been so effective that teachers come only to check on attendance. SUN DI L LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Serri, K. Archer, S. Hebble, A. Mason, Miss Armstrong, advisor, M. MacNeal. Each year the Junior Class assumes the responsibility of putting out the school paper, the Sun Dial. By putting the Sun Dial together, Juniors have a chance to try out the skills they learned in the journalism unit of their English course such as proof- reading, editing, and writing news copy. Published yearly under the supervision of Miss Armstrong, the Sun Dial covers news and sports events, and features the ever-popular "Parking Lot" column. GLEE CL B FIRST ROW: M. deHoll, H. Clauss, R. Owens, F. Wehle, E. Hancock, R. Horner, W. McAllister, R. Katz P, Ryan, P. Dudley, K. Seig, B. Hyatt, A. Mason, J. Greenfield, M. Richie, B. Wallace, S. Serri, M. MacNeal I. Szulinski, B. Griffith, L. Neuber, M. Graff, C Magee, S. Patterson, R. Powell. SECOND ROW: J. Hurley A. Crichton, W. Brod, F. Weber, C. McRae, G. Stephan, F. Smith, M. Wildman, I. Schacter, A. Taylor, P Mackey, G. Willis, B. Benware, V. Branin, C. Berry, B Shelley, C. Henderson, R. Hassrick, W. James, C Hofberg, P. Livezey, V. Makin. THIRD ROW: B. Kelly, D. Wilkins, M. Kirk, C. Jameson, R. Erichson, L Fuller, E. Galanter, S. Doerr, S. Setterstrom, K. Ries, N. Taylor, K. Williams, I. Schiebe, J. Campbell, S Hebble, P. Metzer, B. Pearson, L. Coward, S. Stubbs, C. Stiles, H. Hagstoz, M. Hull. FIRST ROW: T. Stackhouse, R. Sowton, J. Taylor, W. Dickerson, P. Pan, J. Ross, W. Diller, D. Stephenson, S. Kleiner, L. McCloskey, A. Berger, C. Himmelein, E. Fiume, L. Sacks, A. DeCou, C. Goldring, K. Eberding, B. Stevenson, V. Werst, F. Brewster. SECOND ROW: P. Lippincott, D Tyler, C. Hobbie, K. Nobel, T. Brunt, C. Buff, A. DeCou, V. Yuritch, J. Watson, P. Stevenson, A. Ransome, C. Thomas, S. Eckenhoff, C. Hosey, M. Persic, K. Archer, S. Yamamoto, C. Tyler, S. Mulford, D. Grant, J. Fiume. THIRD ROW: L. Buckwater, D. Davis, R. Nicholson, R. Conner, H. Ross, R. Mervine, W. Littlefield, G. Hagstoz, R. Hull, D. Myers, S. Hess, P. Bri99, S. Shelley, V. Sowton, L. Richards, P. Price, R. Branin, C. Barker, E. Dunn. 1 THE DO BLE OCTET FIRST ROW: B. Wallace, E. Galanter, M. Richie, S. Serri, P. Mackey, B. Benware, C. Henderson, P. Metzer, A. Taylor, P. Ryan, M. Wildman. SECOND ROW: C. Buff, R. Sowton, W. Dickerson, J. Taylor, E. Hancock, C. McRae, F. Weber, F. Wehle, R. Owens. The Glee Club and Mixed Chorus provide an outlet for the musical inclinations of a large number of Moorestown Friends' School students. Under the able direction of Thomas Perkins, the group presented melodious programs at Christmas and in the spring. Working with the Glee Club is a group of especially talented singers, the Double Octet. The Octet sang several selections at each concert and contributed greatly to the success of the programs. Special credit should go to the faithful accompanists, Stephanie Serri, Bonnie Ben- ware, and Hartmut Clauss. AFFILIATIO COM ITTEE FIRST ROW: F. Brudon, H. dePoutiloff, H. Clauss, S. Yamamoto. SECOND ROW: M. Hiatt, L. Clawson, G, Miller, F. Witte, W. Carr. This year, for the second time, a Moorestown Friends' School student is spending a year at the Rudolf Steiner Schule. From the tapes that we have heard in assemblies, we know Stacy Capehart is having an interesting, informative, and wholly enioyable time in Nurnberg, Germany. We are also fortunate in having a German student, Hartmut Clauss, in the Senior Class at Moorestown Friends' School. Hartmut came almost a month before school began, and has quickly adiusted to our way of life. His smile is infectious and his talent as a pianist has made him in demand for our Glee Club, our "Showboat" proi- ect, and elementary school programs. Through our affiliation program we have also a student from the Friends' School, Tokyo, Japan, in our Junior Class. Sachiko Yamamoto, an artistically gifted girl, soon learned to understand our English and we have learned to understand her. Our elementary school does a wonderful iob in furthering our relationship with two elementary schools in Bleville, France. Letters, pictures, and scrapbooks are ex- changed by all grades. HARTMUT CLAUSS Hartmut, with his camera and his haircut, has become a familiar sight around school. In the year he has spent with us, he has helped to give us a picture of life in Germany, while, at the same time, we have succeeded in "American- izing" him a little. While he may be amused at some of our ways fperhaps rightly sol he has always had a bright smile and a friendly word for all. STACY CAPEHART Stacy Capehart, our exchange student to the Rudolf Stein- er Schule in Nuremberg, has written many interesting let- ters about her life in Germany. She is living with Ute Theile, our exchange student of last year, meeting many new friends, and doing much traveling. She writes us that she has fun surprising the Germans with her American man- ners. She also tells us that she is surprised by theirs. SACH I KO YAMAMOTO Sachiko Yamamoto, a Japanese exchange student, has been with us this year. ln no time at all, her quiet good humor made itself known to all. Everyone will remember the Japanese-American dictionary she carried with her to consult when she was confronted with a difficult word, and how, embarassingly enough, she was the first to tire from sitting in the Japanese style when she entertained some friends at a sukiyaki party. Sachiko's friendliness to- ward all has made her many friends in the short time she has been here. In 95 8"-'G' iw STEPHIE l BONNIE PAT JOAN CHEERLEADERS K ,. I ff--fWv.,x.,4.M.,Mf...M.m...5. f . ., - - f f 'K S. Serri, L. Neuber, P. Ryan, J. Campbell, G. Willis, B. Griffith, C. Dauphinais, Lisa Hagsloz fmascoll Absent: P. Mackey. l PAT GAYNOR LINDA CAROL CHESS CLUB SEATED: R. Bosco, M. MacNeal, R. Lippincott, G. M. Miller. STANDING: S. Magid, H. Calo, F. Weber, L. Shapiro, R. Manchester, P. Pan, H. Clauss, D. Sweeny. This year, for the first time, our school boasts a Chess Club. Its members may be seen on any day when the busses leave at four o'clock, enjoying their favorite pastime at a long table in the back of Mr. Nliller's room. The results of these games are recorded, and from this each member's percentage of wins is calculated. Besides the official members of the club, there are a number of kibitzers who, while not bold enough to play, manage to submit constant and valuable advice to the players. STUDE TOPER TORS LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Forsythe, K. Hobbie, P. Reagan, E. Wildman, P. Haines, M. Sirotta, R. Hull, R. Matlack, D Wilkins, G. M. Miller, director. For years the Student Operators Club has quietly and efficiently carried out the mammoth iob of operating and maintaining all of the school's audio and visual equipment. They have enabled English classes to hear Shakespearean classics on tape, and history classes to see movies and slides. All of the students have danced to music proiected over the public address system. Made up of students from the seventh through twelfth grades, the group is under the direction of Mr. Miller. lt is in charge of the movie proiector, film strip projector, slide proiector, public address system, tape recorder, and record player. This club is but one of the nationwide series of similar ones banded together in the School Proiectionist Club. Along with its other functions, the group has shown films for a local Girl Scout troop and the Moorestown Monthly Meeting. SNACK BAR LEFT TO RIGHT: W. James, D. Bloomquist, B. Pearson, R. Sowton, chairman. A focal point of our social life at Moorestown Friends' is the Snack Bar. Students of all ages gather in an air of congeniality to consume great quantities of food and drink provided by the Senior Class. Bob Sowton, chairman of the Snack Bar Com- mitte, has done much to restore the snack bar to its former popularity after it was used as a classroom last year. THE VARSITY CLUB STANDING- H Hagstoz H Magee Advisor R Matlack J Ta lo A D C R . . , . , , . , . y r, .5 e ou, . Mervine, G. Hagstoz. SITTING: C. Hofbe A.T I K.A h ' ' rg, ay or, rc er, E. Fiume, M. Hull, F. Brudon, Advisor. The Varsity Club, Moorestown Friends' School's only honor society, is composed of students who participate in the varsity athletic program. New members are selected by the present members on the basis of their athletic ability, leadership, and promotion of good sportsmanship and school spirit. The society was formed in i932 and since then has been a self-perpetuating group. The faculty advisors of the Varsity Club are Florence Brudon and Herman Magee. Under their guidance, members of the club sponsor dances after night basketball games, assist in supervising all events at the school's annual Color Day, and strive to provide a high standard of spirit, sportsmanship and character around M. F. S. ui U I if ENTERTAINMENT QV 4? 9' -Q 5 ' .Emi 1 xg' Q N ,,., ., 3 1 W M Y ii. 'B Q i ,E , ..,. u ,uh -7. 4, .gil 9" 'U .-A 54 6 if ,vga -u 5 .ws X ,,L. 'hw F :W r 45- E ,iii ,,,,, ,L+ 1','h k -mbywkswwm SENIOR PROM SENIOR PLA ,Q ff xi GREEN GROW THE LILACS CAST Curly McClain ........... ............. ...... J os eph H. Taylor Aunt Eller Murphy ........ ............ W anda James Laurey Williams ........ ..........,..., J oan Campbell Jeeter Fry ....,aaa,........ Aclo Annie Carnes ......, A Peddler ,.,....v...,. Old Man Peck ,a,.. Cord Elam --,,,. Robert H. Nicholson Margaret A. Hess Donald Balaban William W. Dickerson Lee Buckwalter GIRLS Marfhy ,-,,,.,, .,.,,.. C atharine Magee Tish .... ...... .... P a 1 Mackey Pany aA,,..- .,,,,.......... P at Metzer Millie ............,.. .............. B arbara Shelley Cindy Cynthia Berry Meg .... -..-- .... --..--- Connie Hofberg Ellie ,.... ..... G ayner Willis Sal ...... . ,..... Lee Lippincott LOU ,oA-,d-.d ,.,..., L ouise Coward Sue L.,e. .,..... S usan Stubbs Mary -- .... Sheldon Graff Lottie ..... .... C harlotte Stiles Lizzie -M-,.A s,,.,,,,-,, M ary Hull Linda ...... ....... L inda Neuber Aggie ....,.. Bonnie Griffith COWBOYS Ed H ,,-, ,,,, ,,A--. ,--- E d H Ulse Zeb .. .,,.., ........ D ick MaTl6ClC Shorty ............. Bill Diller Pete ....-. ---.-..---- Pelel' Pan Dave .,....,. ..... E verett Hancock Neil ....... 4...-- De rek 5TePl1ef1S0I'1 Chuck ..,.......... Chuck Buff Ken ..... ....---.----,--- K en Nobel Will ...... ....... G eorge Hagstoz Spike ..... ..f......... D an Davis FARMERS Zeke .....e. ....... B ruce Peck Hart .e...... ...... H artmut Clauss Buck e...... ........ F red Weber J0l'1nny ee.eee .....,... J ohn Ross Dan ....e ...... D on Bloomquist Frank e..4. ...... F rank Showell Carl ..... ......... C arl McRae STUDENT DIRECTORS Sheldon Graff Louise Coward V 5 Sf? FRIENDSHIP FAIR When the Friendship Fair began twelve years ago, the class of 1959 was a gang of first graders helping to run the Wishing Well. Since then, it has ioined in the fair spirit as Indians with stuffed dates, cookie sellers, fruit-cake makers, Snack Bar managers, puppeteers, parking lot attendants, originators of the Fair Exchange, and eaters of Taylor's doughnuts. All of it has been lots of fun and very rewarding. However, the best year of all, naturally, was this year. As Seniors, the class took over the gymnasium and made it into a "Showboat." They sang "Here Comes the Showboat" and "Life Upon the Wicked Stage," danced the cake-walk, and served "Mississippi Mule" and sasparilla, with the paddle wheeled steamboat "Yellow Bellied Sapsucker," belle of the Mississippi and gem of the South, in the back- ground. How appropriate to have our German exchange student playing the piano for "Showboat." Parents, faculty, students, and alumni ioined again to make the 1959 Friendship Fair a great success. A profit of over S2900 was realized, so the future of our ex- change program looks bright. S H O W B O A T C! ji E55 Q --fa 9 wg ff" fxffi l -1.41- lm I X f.. x QQ V , X S as 4 4 if M fy A t fi, X- ,. 42. .S JW YYAK 'JW 2 xJlvS i - ,f ff? Wm. FW .'f"'f 4 X N af? -Q f iw Q QI. W ':-: A...-nl.. SOCCER REAR: C. Hobbie, Manager, F. Showell, R. Nicholson, J, Taylor, W. Dickerson, C. McRae, D. Davis, R. Matlack, H. Magee, Coach. CENTER: W. Littlefield, T. DeCou, P. Pan, G. Hagstoz, J. Haines, J. Buff, R. Mervine. FRONT: T. Brunt, B. Kelly, R. Owens, D. Bloomquist. Although not quite up to the undefeated 1957 season, the 1958 soccer season was a successful one from any viewpoint. The team won iust as many games as last year, including some real thrillers. The season opened as M.F.S. defeated Haverford, 4-2. Then, after leading Episcopal Academy 2-0 at the half, the boys tired, and bowed 3-2. Germantown Friends' and Friends' Select proved "easy pickings" as they were defeated 4-O and 3-O. The game with Wilmington Friends' was sloppily played on a sloppy day, but M.F.S. won 6-4 after leading 4-1 at the half. The last three games were probably among the best played all season, Penn Charter bowed 2-1, and the Rutgers Freshmen and George School both emerged victorious by 3-1. The school will long remember the highlights of the 1958 soccer season: the uncanny shooting of George and Tony, the beautiful "crosses" by the two Bobs, the steady midfield playing of Dick, the determinedness of Frank and Chuck, the long kick-ins by Dan, the solid backfield defense of the Joes, the wonderful saves by Bill, and the able substitutions by Tom, Warren, and Pete. ,m'Q,:i' m,1L1 f1,,, Q . .f. 1QfF- 2 SJ, N. ,S .. Ai Y K . Q' n . 3 fm! A"" T' if J " .gy 1 , V L .f" ' ... A 5 'V ix V is X. 4 f Em V1 . 6, X 3 5 Q .-59 KV ir! Rr" 9 N V .L fx 'ga- Q t ff S K' ' S Igwgas .n Y X? .I n 5 'S ii 3 6 QQ D W if X A ,.z, R, vm.. xx 1' ' Y .. ,E . L X .s ,Q , . m A ' Q5 Q f 4-. .. A - V, Z 'L-kf' 11 f'1 -.msmbh kr -:,, WZ t. I .k.k gi 5 . 7 .,-, :L A A 7 is . kk I ' M.. k,k.V i ,, . n 4.1 . Q, , r y ":f":5 X . . . J . A 4 i V ,. W - S" .L .. f . f gfjfwfff mw g :1if+'A'A L ,Q 3 xx It . Q x 1 L., .V,' J, , 3 . A as I J If! A f ff ,-,. 2 K f 'QV 1 ' A 'R ' h H11 ' 35513 .,.'W1 i, Q ' MJ. .f . ,. .. X if b ,..,.M.-.., . , -su gf? 1.3 ei E ' - ' ' I s igh .if ,M Q . fn HOCKEY KNEELING: S. Serri, S. Hebble, H. Hagstoz, E. Fiume, C. Stiles, P. Brigg, P. Dudley, STANDING: F. Brudon, Coach, D. Myers, Manager, C. Tallman, M. Hull, A. Taylor, L. Lippincott, K. Archer, M. Hess, Manager. Absent: C. Hofberg. The girls' Varsity hockey team, led by captain Connie Hofberg and having built character last year, had an excellent season this year. Moorestown High, Westtown, and Abington were heartbreakers as the varsity lost 3-O, 3-O, and l-O. They didn't have quite enough push to beat Merchantville, so that game ended in a l-l tie. However, the team won its other four games. A new idea this year was the game on Alumni Day. The varsity managed to beat a team of its predecessors who dated as far back as l93il And of course the annual Faculty-Varsity game brought a big crowd-to see "Sneak" Miller, "Daddy-O" Seaver, "Chuck" Huebner, and the rest. Even against this all-star lineup, the varsity won 2-O. Miss Brudon, the team's oh-so-wide-her-skirt-doesn't-meet, oh-such-good-posture, and oh-so-full-of-puns coach, egged the girls on with her promises of cupcakes and parties. The team will always remember . . . Connie flashing through . . . Mary's sprained ankle . . . Lee's fabblous saves . . . Steffie's hair problems . . . Nanna's sleeping bag . . . Kathy's big feet, and Patty's wandering feet . . . and a wonderful season! 'Wk Nj I Y. DQ gg, -M AL, HMP. .. 54, ,, ff, 9 -, .,, KF- yr :M 455' f Q 1 1 H BOYS' BASKETB LL FRONT ROW: G. Hagstoz, C. Butt, R. Mervine, T. Brunt. BACK ROW: H. Magee, coach, C. Huebner, assistant coach, W. Dickerson, J. Taylor, captain, L. Buckwalter, A. DeCou, C. Hobbie, manager. Although this year's team had a rather disappointing record, all was not lost, for it retained possession of the MacArthur Trophy, a cup fought for by Moorestown and Solebury on a game-to-game basis, Also, several records, both team and indi- vidual, were broken. ln the last game of the season, against Friends' Select, the team ran up a score of 81 points, eclipsing the old record of 77 points set last year. This also was the game which Joe Taylor, captain of the team, chose to break the one-game scoring record of 29 set by Brad Harris in 1951. Joe ended his last high school game with 32 points, which made 268 points for the season, also a record. By far the most exciting game of the season was the first one with Solebury. After blowing an early lead, the team sparked a rally capped by Joe Taylor's four points in the last sixteen seconds to win the game 55-54. The second game with Solebury, although won by only four points, was never much in question as M.F.S. won 51-47. Although the team won five and lost ten, six of these losses were by seven points or less: Germantown Friends, 48-47, Chestnut Hill 35-32, Friends' Central, overtime, 55-54, Sidwell Friends' 51-46, and Pemberton 58-51. So with a little luck, or, better yet, a few more points, the team could have had a winning season. 3 -4515 5,15-its N WXI2'-'fs , +4 ,A Ll , . 5 V-.Q-J I I ll Ks x ' ki sf ,I -, u, I A L Fl AY N ' ,.41f',.. aff X' Q, iw 'iff In a'A - 5 3" 271' W ' -fs l 'iv fi' 'Xa ' , ,J f if f'w' fF I 1 x If W GIRLS' BA KETBALL KNEELING: L. Neuber, C. Hofberg, H. Hagstoz, J. Campbell. STANDING: L. Lippincott, captain, F. Brudon, coach, P. Mackey, M. Hull, K. Archer, A. Taylor, B. Griffith, manager, C. Magee, manager. "UNDEFEATED!" was the cheer after the girls' basketball team won their seventh and final game. Happy as the girls were, their coach, Miss Brudon, was even hap- pier. lt was her first undefeated basketball team! Perhaps the hardest game was against George School, for Nloorestown won by a score of only 39-32. However, the last game, against Moorestown High School, was also a tough one. At one time the score was tied 30-30, but this scared the Friends' School girls enough to make them pull ahead, eventually winning 54-44. The first game of the season, against Westtown School, was a hard one, too. Nevertheless Moorestown triumphed 57-42. The other four games were fairly easy and each time the team proved in the first quarter that it could win. The girls beat Friends' Select 60-17, Delaware Township 56-13, and Merchantville 65-44. The Junior Varsity team had a successful season too, winning four of its seven games. The six Seniors on this year's Varsity, Captain Lee Lippincott, Connie Hofberg, Mary Hull, Linda Neuber, Pat Mackey, and Joan Campbell, who have been playing together since seventh grade, will be greatly missed next year. However, one guard, Kathy Archer, and two forwards, Anne Taylor, and Harlow Hagstoz, will remain to fight for Moorestown Friends. BASEB LL FIRST ROW: A. DeCou, R. Mervine, W. Dickerson, J. Coles, J. Haines, T. Brunt, W. Diller. SECOND ROW: C. Hobbie, Manager, G. Hagstoz, D. Davis, L. Buckwalter, J. Taylor, P. Pan, W. Carr, Coach. This year's baseball team looks forward to a good season under the direction of a new head coach, Charles Huebner. "Chuck" was graduated from West Chester State Teachers College, where he played baseball and basketball. He replaces Wilbur E. Carr who has been head coach for as long as most people can remember. The team has lost several key players through graduation. Perhaps the toughest position to fill will be the one vacated by Phil Stevens, who was the starting pitcher last year. There will be a number of returning lettermen, most of whom are iuniors and seniors. They will be counted on to form the nucleus of the team. This year's team plays eight games. With a little luck it could win them all. L CRUSSE FIRST ROW: K. Seig, C. Stiles, P. Brigg, C. Hofberg, H. Hagstoz, E. Fiume, M. Wildman. SECOND ROW F, Brudon, coach, E. Wood, E. Archer, K. Archer, M. McAllister, A. Taylor, M. Hull, S. Capehart, C Dauphinais. Absent: H. Archer. Lacrosse is a comparatively new sport at Moorestown Friends' School. lt was introduced to the girls last spring as a substitute for tennis, the former spring varsity sport, The enthusiasm for the game spread rapidly throughout the school and soon a team had been organized. Three unforgettable games were scheduled. The beginners heroically triumphed over Merchantville, but didn't have quite enough push to beat Moorestown High and George School. The girls' awkwardness and unfamiliarity with the new sport made the games exciting and funny. The team will always remember its first season of lacrosse. Oh, those joint-stiffening cradling exercises and those trying times when we thought we'd never learn to catch a ball! And those embarrassing moments. Yes, it was rather funny to see the center make a perfect pass to the left attack wing with only one small thing missing-the ball! All in all, the team can look back on loads of fun and best of all an exciting and successful season. J. . OCCER FRONT ROW: F. Wilman, H. Berry, T. Russell, N. Harrison. SECOND ROW: B. Brown, T. Stackhouse, R. DeCou, H. Richards, W. Archer, R. Jenkins, P. Brunt. BACK ROW: L. Fuller, D. Sweeny, D. Wilkins, D. Wilkins, M. Kirk, V. Yuritch, R. Hull, G. Stephan. J. V. HOCKEY FRONT ROW: V. Branin, S. Hess, M. Wildman, R. Hassrick, A. DeCou, J. Fiume, B. Stevenson. BACK ROW Coach, F, Brudon, Manager, D. Myers, B. Hyatt, S. Shelley, P. Ryan, J. Greenfield, C. Himmelein, G Showell, Manager, M. Hess. BOYS' .l.V. BASKETB LL FIRST ROW: H. Ross, B. Brown, H. Richards, W. Liftlefield, B. Kelly. SECOND ROW: G. Stephan, P. Lippin- cotf, D. Wilkins, R. Owens, C. Hobbie, manager. GIRLS' . . BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: L. Richards, L. Sacks, S. Hebble, E. Fiume, P. Dudley. SECOND ROW: F. Brudon, coach, B Griffith, manager, R. Powell, S. Shelley, C. Tallman, V. Makin, C. Magee, manager. fd? L 'Q 1515 uw, 54 aa if if 55 4 ff 5 ff M .W K mmgff Q yi, a 7, ,A :galil 24 ? ,PW A Kg, A. ,i-- ADS To Buy To Sell To Insure CALL ,, H . . - .-. ff .f 5 A 6 - a P421 , A.5. : . R. T1-xoMAS 5- GUCYIII ' 3' Agency, Inc' Real Estate-lnsuranre P ..q. 1 ' 221 CHESTER Ave. BEM... 5-0666 Mookssrowum. Promp+, Courleous, Personal Service ROBERT C. PITMAN ANNE C. BROOKS Presidenl' Vice Presidenl' James M. Conroy Grace Phillips Joseph Kernan Paul Reinlce Charles Kingsbury Samuel Walrond SINCE 1888 P 'l'HlRD Ano CHESTNUT Fuel Oil Wi+h Burner Service Coal Feed Ferfilizers Pefroleum Producfs Wild Bird Feed Dog Food ii HOLLINGSH EAD CO. MOORESTOWN, N. J. PHONE: BE 5-0300 IOI ART SHARP I -1 4 I I . I I 3 'llilllilil 'I 9 Q l ull! - Automobile Dealer Admiral Wilson Boulevard CAMDEN, N.J. East Coast Branch No. 27 For the Best in Fruits and Vegetables Through the Seasons DECOU'S MARKET FANCY STRAWBERRIES PEACHES AND APPLES Chapel Avenue and East Kings Highway HADDONFIELD """'1 l03' COWARD EASTMAN CO. Sales Engineers for Mechanical Equipment 43 So. 23rd Sireef Philadelphia, Pa. CHARLES W. COWARD CARL B. EASTMAN THE EASTERNER MOTOR LODGE New Jersey Turnpike ai' 9957 lnierchange BORDENTOWN, NEW JERSEY New Jersey's Finest CHARLES W. COWARD CARL B. EASTMAN An die Klasse von l959 Meine Gedanlcen werden mil' Euch sein waehrend Eurer Verabschiedung von der Schule. Ich bedaure sehr, dass ich dieses Erlebnis nich'l mil' Euch feilen lcann. STACY To the Class of 1959 I am happy +o have had fhe privilege of being one of you during 1'his senior year, and appreciale lhe oppor+uni+ies given me lhrough lhe af- filialion program. My lhoughls will be always wi+h you. HARTMUT EAGLE DYEING 81 FINISHING CO. MOUNT HOLLY, NEW JERSEY Qualily Dyeing ancl Finishing of Furnilure Upholsfering Fabrics. Compliments of KARL E. ROBINSON CHEVROLET, INC. L-i...-I We Are Pleased to Have Provided a Driver Training Car. ROUTE 38 MOORESTOWN, N. J. Phone BE 5-OI67 Photostats MOORESTOWN STUDIO Commercial, Wedding and Portrait Photography 23 E. MAIN STREET MOORESTOWN, N. J. C. E. SHEMELIA MATLACK'S DAIRY BAR Open II A.M-I2 P.M. Daily KINGS HIGHWAY MOORESTOWN. N. J. BE. 5-I I36 Milk Shakes Sandwiches HOMEMADE ICE CREAM BURLINGTON COUNTY TRUST COMPANY MAIN OFFICE 9I Easi' Main Sfreei' Mooresiown, New Jersey MAPLE SHADE OFFICE 2I Forlrlanding Road Maple Shade, N. J. MASONVILLE OFFICE Marne Highway Masonville, N. J. OPEN FRIDAY EVENINGS 7:00 TO 8:30 Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporafion Best Wishes to the Class of I959 HAINES EQUIPMENT, INC MEDFORD, NEW JERSEY Compliments of KIRBY BROS., INC. Established for Over 75 Years MEDFORD, N. J. OLive 4-3I3I Compliments of DR. AND MRS. EDWARD BLOOMQUIST FINNEY WOOD'S MEN'S SHOP I23 Kings Highway, Easi' HADDONFIELD, N. J. if : Outfitters m for Men SKS and Boys Congratulations to the Class of 1959 From MIMOSA LAKES MEDFORD, New JERSEY Compliments of A FRIEND MT. HOLLY PHARMACY 64 Main SI'ree+ MT. HOLLY, N. J. Com pIimenI's of J. S. COLLINS 81 SON Building Maferials THIRD AND MILL STREETS MOORESTOWN. N. J. McGANN's .ff IGHI III' I TeI visi n 'I APPIIanc3s-EurniI'ure N MOORESTOWN, N. J. BE 5-I4-92 BEImon+ 5-4222 Esiablished I860 J. HARRY HALT-JEWELER Diamonds-Wa+cl'1es-Silverware 84 MAIN STREET MT. HOLLY, N. J. Phone: DUdley 6-I656 A BURLINGTON MOTORS COMPANY Rou'I'e I3O-Orchard View BURLINGTON. NEW JERSEY WEBER'S BARRINGTON HARDWARE Pain+s-Glass-Housewares Lock and Key Service II3 CLEMENTS BRIDGE ROAD Barringion, N. J. Ll 7-9782 PETER PAN BAKERY 224 Chesfer Avenue, Mooresiown, N. J. Phone BE 5-I854 CHAS. MANNING, Prop. Q I Y MOORESTOWN MOTOR COMPANY U Sales and Service 2I9 W. Main SI'reeI' P . , 4:13 l' 44 I nz,- x ' 1 Q 03 MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY Phone BEImon+ 5-3300 SCHNEIDER'S Color CenI'er Ari' Supplies-Hobbies PainI's-Wallpaper-Glass 2I7 CHESTER AVE., MOORESTOWN, N. J. BEImon+ 5-2708 C. SALES sERvlcE A. LIPPINCOTT 81 BRO., INC Indusfrial Equipmen+ and Supplies MOORESTOWN. N. J. BeImonI' 5-I568, I569 Congra+uIa+ions 'ro 'rI1e Class of I959 EARL R. DAVIS CIVIL ENGINEER WOODBURY, N. J. TI 5-0649 MOORESTOWN STEAM Dry LAUNDRY Cleaning Fur Storage-Woolen Hamper Storage Washinglon Avenue MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Phones BE 5-0l02 BE 5-0l03 HAROLD L. TOOMEY REAL ESTATE 81 INSURANCE MOORESTOWN, N. J. Be 5-I4I6 "Since l922 1'he BeH'er Milk" GOLDEN GUERNSEY Americ:a's Table Milk LOCUST LANE FARM DAIRY MOORESTOWN, N. J. JAMES G. BECKER Conlinuous Service Since I9l9 Renaull'-Peugeol' Sales and Service ROUTE 38 MT. HOLLY, N. J. AMhers+ 7-0990 MILLSIDE FARMS To Class of l959 Moorestown Friends' School Best Wishes CINNAMINSON BANK AND TRUST C0. Serving Cinnaminson, Palmyra, and River'I'on MAIN OFFICE BRANCH OFFICE Main and Harrison Broad and Garfield Riverfon, N. J. Palmyra, N. J. PHILIP W. MINGIN Presidenf FORD Neem of g l Phone OLive 4-2 I 3 I ALBERT F. GROVATT Secrefary and Treasurer LAMB'S GARAGE, INC. 45-47 Main Sfreef Medford, New Jersey THE ONE FINE CAR IN ITS FIELD Complimenfs of MEDFORD DINER Roufe 70 af Circle MEDFORD. N. J. Complimenfs of THE CENTRAL RECORD Publishing and Prinfing MEDFORD. N. J. Complimenfs of SUTTON'S FOOD MARKET 23 Soufh Main Sfreef MEDFORD. N. J. CLARENCE HAINES General Welding and Repairing Gas-Porfable Equipmenf-Elecfri Cusfom Wroughf Iron Railings Cross Roads MEDFORD, NEW JERSEY OLive 4-84l4 C REECE E. HAINES Agenf and Broker All Lines of Insurance 28 Soufh Main Sf. MEDFORD. N. J. Office OLive 4-22l5 Home OLive 4-2045 Congrafulafions Class of I959 MEDFORD BUILDING 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION MEDFORD, N. J. "Earn While You Save" FISH'S GREEN HOUSES 444 N. Broad SI'reeI' WOODBURY, N. J. DURGlN'S MEN'S SHOP. LTD. Arrow Shirrs and Lee Hais Mayfield Shirrs PALMYRA, N. J. TAlmadge 9-2393 PARRY SERVICE STATION U-Haul Trailer Service RouI'e I30 PALMYRA, NEW JERSEY E. BEITZ 8: SONS Semi Self Service Quaker SI'ore Mears, Groceries and Delicaiessen II5 E. BROAD STREET Palmyra, N. J. PHONE TA 9-05l2 Wafches-Gifis-Repairing Complimenls of WILSAM JEWELERS Auihorized "Keepsake" Diamond Merchanf I2 Sco'H S+., Riverside JOAN LEE SHOP PaImyra's Fashion Cenfre Specializing in Dresses, Sporfswear, Lingerie II3 E. BROAD ST. R . D I3 E. Broad S+., Palmyra H S9-6AlLY WILLIAM AND SAMUEL BISIGNANO WED. AND FRI. HO I-0289 TA 9-2206 9-9 We Are Happy Io Deliver Complimems Your Flowers and Corsages Anywhere of BILL'S MARKET PALMYRA, NEW JERSEY THE GRAYSON FLOWER AND GIFT SHOP III E. Broad S'Iree'I' PALMYRA, N. J. Phone: TAlmadge 9-0397 Complimenfs of A FRI EN D CompIimen+s ROBBINS MEN'S SHOP Corner Main and Brainerd SI. MOUNT HOLLY, N. J. CompIimen'I's of POLSKY'S MEN'S WEAR "BurIing+on's Fine SI'ore for Men" High and Union S+. BURLINGTON, N. J. Free Pickup and Delivery PHONE AM 7-I900 AM 7-I I06 STOCKTON'S DRY CLEANING "MounI' HoIIy's Dry CIeaning PIan+" 38 Washingion S'l'ree+ MOUNT HOLLY, N. J. RICCI'S SHOES, INC. HADDONFIELD. N. J. ALFRED RICCI Phone: HA 9-2243 HA 9-3738 EVANS PET SHOP CompIeI'e Line Pefs and Supplies 50 C Tanner S+. HADDONFIELD. N. J. Complimenfs of MCCHESNEY HARDWARE 4I Easf Main S+ree'l' MOORESTOWN, N. J. BE 5-0800 THOMAS CANNAVO Barber Barbering Over 43 Years 3 Barbers +o Serve You -: Ladies' HaircuHing :- 69 E. MAIN STREET INear The Bankj MOORESTOWN. N. J. BE 5-OI I8 LAURIE SMEDLEY Gifis-Accessories Lingerie-Jewelry Ten Soufh Broad Sfreef WOODBURY. N. J. Phone TI 5-I842 THOMA PIANO COMPANY, INC. Baldwin Pianos and Organs 4I7 Salem Avenue WOODBU RY. N. J. II2 Wesl Main Sfreel' MAPLE SHADE. N. J. MARLTON "ONE STOP" BUILDERS CENTRE. INC. Specialisis in Lumber and Millwork for Ihe Cuslom Home Builder Rou+e 73 and Main Sheer MARLTON. N. J. EA I-0500 HA 9-9077 Complimenfs of BOB WHl'I'E'S FLOWER SHOP The Besi' in Flowers 248 Pine S'I'ree+ MOUNT HOLLY, NEW JERSEY AMhersI' 7-2700 ROMM HARDWARE CO. Free Delivery Hardware, Sporfing Goods. EIecI'rical Supplies. House Furnishings. Noveliies, Toys 35 S. BROAD ST. WOODBURY. N. J. PHONE TI 5-I392 SOCHACKI STUDIOS PHILADELPHIA, PA. DisI'incI'ive Porlraifs of Men, Women and Children Weddings and Candid Albums 4225 GERMANTOWN AVE. GLadsI'one 5-0333 27I8 E. ALLEGHENY AVE. NEbrasIca 4-0333 Complimenfs of PENNY'S CARD 81 GIFT SHOP . I9 E. Broad SI'reeI' PALMYRA. NEW JERSEY TAlmadge 9-2847 CongraI'uIa+ions Class of I959 FOSTER 8: SHONTZ Masonry and Building Ma'I'eriaI MARLTON, N. J. OLive 4-2533 II9 MOORESTOWN MOBILE SERVICE CI1esI'er Avenue and R.R. MOORESTOWN. N. J. Phone: BEImonI' 5-0697 ALBERT ELLIS, INC. Piumbing-Hea'I'ing Air Condifioning I24 MILL STREET BE 5-97l6 Moores'I'own New Jersey Comizgmenh Complimenfs F W. T. GRANT CO. O 2, M. A FRIEND am S+. MOUNT HOLLY, N. J. B. T. EDGAR 81 SON ReaH'ors and Insurers 25 Easi' Main S+ree'l' PHONE: BEImon'r 5-OIOI THE STILES AGENCY ARTHUR L. STILES CompIe+e INSURANCE Service AII Types of Coverage Available 78 N. Main SI. Medford, N. J. Phone OLive 4-2024 IIF No Answer, Call OL 4-8593i M 8: L CLEANERS Tailoring One Hour Service a+ PIanI'. 22l CHESTER AVE. BE 5-2797 "WE PICK UP AND DELlVER." Mooresfown S'Iore BE 5-0359 59 E. Main S+. ErI+on Courfs Sfore Brookmead and R+. 70 HA 8-32I2 MILTS SINCLAIR SERVICE MOORESTOWN, N. J. Complimenfs of LUMBERTON INN s. FRANK szuuNsKl Complimenfs of JOAN LIPPINCOTT PHILADELPHIA FRUIT MARKET Prime Meals-FruiI's Vegefa bles-Groceries FREE DELIVERY NO 2- l 400 Corner Parlc and Cenlre S'l'reeI' Merchanlville, N. J. JOHN T. PLASKET INC. Elecfricify 20 Soulh Cen'l're SI1'ee'I MERCHANTVILLE 8. N. J. Phone: NO 2-0499 RITZ- Formal Wear Io Hire "lf l+'s a Ril'z . . . ll' Fi+s" 8I2 Broadway, Camden 3, N. J. WO. 4-7899 OPEN EVERY EVENING Special Discounl' Rafes +o Sfudenfs 4, Y I6 N. Cenfer S'IreeI Wm Merchanfville, N. J. - J: 1' gi'- 4 t I ,, 1 i -L. L. KEATING- Palenl' Medicines, Soda and Ice Cream Wl1i+man's and O+l1er Candy Greefing Cards Ea+on, Crane and Pike S+a+ionery Easfman Kodak Film Developing and PrinI'ing RIVERTON-. N. J. RIVERSIDE ROLLERDROME Riverside, N. J. HO l-9737 Fealuring "UNCLE EDDlE" ai' the Organ Slrale for Your Healllm STONE HARBOR. NEW JERSEY "The Seleci' Family Resor'I"' Safe FIa+ Sandy Beaches, Surf, Bay and Ocean Fishing Modern Furnished Properfies FOR RENT Two Weeks-Monih-Season Wri+e Now for Brochure DILLER 81 FISHER 96I4 3rcI Avenue STONE HARBOR, N. J. MULHOLLAN D-HARPER CO. Mefal and Plasfic AdverI'ising Signs 5820 TACONY ST., PHILADELPHIA 24, PA. JE'I'ferson 3-3020 C. ODUS SCI'IWERING'S WAYSIDE for SELF SERVICE RAMBLER Sales and Service PALMYRA- N- J- M+. HoIIy, N. J. Phone AM 7- I069 Complimenis of DR. AND MRS. FREEMAN W. METZER SHOWELL MFG. CO. Trucks-Skids-Racks for MaI'eriaI Handling in Fac+ories and Warehouses Pleasani and Bannard Sis. RIVERTON, N. J. Phone TAImadge 9-l483 Besi' Wishes 'For Success 'Io I'he Class of I959 MOUINT HOLLY GARAGE Safes - Service Washing+on and King S+ree'I' MI. Holly. N. J. Phone: AMhers+ 7-0476 "SERVING THE MOTORING PUBLIC FAITHFULLY SINCE l9I2" Charles S. Miller Cwner CompIimenI's of MR. AND MRS. F. H. BOHLEN LLOYD H. PEARSON Cadillac Oldsmobile WOODBURY, NEW JERSEY Promptness Pays Prin+ing +ha+ is no+ ready on lime is one of 'rhe long- sfanding complainfs leveled a+ prinlers. We will noi pro- mise whal' we can'+ deliver on lime. Wi+hou+ sacrifice of qualify, our prinl' shop meels ifs schedule. Our feeling is +ha+, if wilh regularily our weekly news- paper every Thursday mee'rs i+s deadline of deliveries, and lhe mail-il' should be so wi+h prinling we 1'urn ou'l'. We can. We do. THE NEWS CHRONICLE 226 Chesfer Avenue Mooresiown, New Jersey BElmon+ 5-2500 MORTON E. GOEHRIG WILLIAM A. SEARLE Adverfising and Prinfing Edifor Congratulations to the 1959 Graduating Class From RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA Moorestown Engineering Plant MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY I ' L66 - 060 Paints-Glass-Painters' Supplies 4545 Crescen+ Boulevard CAMDEN 5, NEW JERSEY MERCHANTVILLE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY CongraI'uIaI'ions Io Ihe Graduafes of '59! MAY YOUR SUCCESS AND OUR FRIENDSHIP CONTINUE TO DEVELOP OVER THE YEARS Merchanfville, New Jersey DeposiI's Guaranfeed by F.D.I.C. OUR DRIVE-IN AND AMPLE PARKING RIGHT AT HAND MAKE IT EASY TO DO YOUR BANKING HERE BElmon+ 5-O04l MOORESTOWN FROZEN FOOD CENTER 325 Locusl' Slreel' Mooreslown, N J PRIME BEEF FOR HOME FREEZERS Complete Line of Frozen Foods Wholesale Prices Greetings From COOLIDGE MORTGAGE SERVICE CO. 525 Cooper Sl'ree+ CAMDEN N J Since I 898 T. B. HAGSTOZ AND SON 709 Sansom Sh'ee+ PHILADELPHIA. PA. Refiners and Dealers in Precious Mefals GOLD-SILVER-PLATINUM-PALLADIUM If You Wani' +he Kind of Place +o Which You've Always Wan+ed +o Go on a Vacalion, Try THE CRESTMONT INN EAGLES MERE. PENNSYLVANIA Ask Bill Dickerson-He Can Tell You. HERMAN SPIEGEL SPIEGEL'S FINE FURNITURE MODERN MANOR 33-45 MarIce+ Sfreel' 385 S. Warren S+ree'I' TRENTON IO, NEW JERSEY TRENTON IO, NEW JERSEY Phone: OWen 5-5444 Phone: EXpor+ 6-6654 RICE AND HOLMAN Two Localions Headquarfers EEL' 4 "x SINCE l923 Mooresfown Pike MERCHANTVILLE NO 2-2200 Adm. Wilson Blvd. CAMDEN NO 2-4040 D B CREEK-TU RN POTTERY Roufe 38 Hainesporh New Jersey CERAMIC SUPPLIES CompIimen+s of MOORESTOWN GARAGE, INC. CH RYSLER-PLYMOUTH IMPERIAL-SI MCA Sales and Service MOLDS-SLIP MOSAIC.-TILE MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY BE 5-5400 BE 5-54-OI The yearbook expresses Hs sincere I'I1anIcs 'Io all adverfisers. Mapu .7 1013 1 bmi- -.,. .,,,. . - ' z mm ,augur tn Q 'SLM quulnfv 5 y, Q .va -M L W 1 'C 1 A, K I .Lv ' n ! 1 . Lp , M, ik., 'E v A V VY 2 A. 1,1 Q. .,, .6

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