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W 1 1 . . if . a ' 1 ,. S4 ' 1 E i w x S E S E S S S - Y N-' Q wi Af VV A .l........ ,Q nmwmmmmaw wma MERRILL L. I-IIATT Headmaster Dedication We, the senior class of 1956, wish to dedicate our yearbook to our headmaster, Merrill L. Hiatt. Although this is his first year at Moorestown Friends' School, Mr. Hiatt, who at the very beginning seemed a stranger to us all, quickly became an adviser and a personal friend of each and every one of us. This stage of our school career, our senior year, has been very important to us. Mr. Hiatt's advice and help during this time have been invaluable. The headmaster's office, which in the early days of September seemed mysterious and perhaps a bit frightening, quickly became a familiar place. It was there that we discussed our plans for the future, college or otherwise. We greatly benefitted by these individual talks. Many were the stimulating discussions led by Mr. Hiatt in our senior Scripture classes. It will be a long time before we forget them for we discussed problems which are, or will some day become, very real to us. The senior class thanks Mr. Hiatt for all he has done for us throughout the year. We wish him much happiness and success in the years at Moorestown Friends' School. Xzyzfzw ffffl - fd 'Z ' ,mf jffwfa fiWWffQZ,LM my ' '7M7,,4f,,z.,,M,4,,,,A,' 2? - Zia 74017 M if C-,iffflfyzf .-me ' fn ww fig - ZWWZWQZQZ, Z 715- 0541675 . 1444924 C ' G - ,f X f1L- laf -- zW4ZLf4u,p,L,a4gZaiZQ. g, ff had 5 J , 15, 3 Miss Armstrong: "Won't you enter my oven?' Mrs..Ricketts: 'No outsidersl' Mrs. Deklynz kThis isn't library work.' Mr. Taylor: 'And I only use the finest grapes." Mr. Lewis: 'Meanwhile back at the ranch." www-fi , 5 Q .i,, . .X .,i, im- 1 in we Wal , ,-Naive an ,, '.,, .Y 11154, ,fi ,ig sm M- ' K . , .ligpggkgggig ..ff . f A 15 ,fm ff- fm-11 .--' fha - my W, ,, ' wikis :Gigi -'E f , X Q53 5 392535 six 5 wa , 52261 ef Q is , -.,,SfM,, V: f . -f W 'Q .1 ff WX 7 V' 3 i lil . n ,i,iii1L,,i ii,i,..,i Z Qi-iii? hi iii! 'f ' i's' ' K ff jx. Vw., 3. - 1, if ",'yii ' .-w .w,1M1,-K5 E V .' QLSEWE, , ' - . -5 . , . L W 5, nirr M iw v , 1 I i V x A A A 1 56125 Iii jfgg- . ' 2 . . if' 1 file X A :fs-siiez'.f' ft-ze. - , f ,V fl ' izzfa-1 W i . M :J 5 1 he ws' .. Q?'ez:f:gf,gij5g,ssg.-, 1 : f ' i . if ,,ig'f,5gg5 ' ' 'e.z,:15"z:.-glean - ' K ,g ' ' ' ' ii? -"ff47.'l at g- ,Q ,zizxix ah - '- if y Q ' a ,if 1 . is ' 'l2g,g:ff',59"'W wif -'nib gf-, ' Ygifcgfq - K ' . H fifggf 1, V Y Mr. Price: 'My truck is perfectly safe." Mr. Hartman: "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark! Mr. Hiatt: 'Come into my office a minute.' Mr. Carr: 'What problem are youdoing?" Mr. Deyo: 'We need less talking in Monday morning assemblies." Mr. Miller: 'He who is the rurming sap." Mr. Magee: 'Pm building character this year.' Miss Brudon: 'Help me, Help me, Help mel' Miss Iucker: 'Would you like a ride in ma volture noire?' Miss White: 'Let' s take that scale again. ' Miss Cowan: 'Someone's borrowed all my paper.' Miss Rhoads: 'Who has the bookroom key?' Mrs. Phillips: 'Has anyone seen Mr. Hiatt?' Miss Goodnow: 'I have my own office now.' -- ...' .," " QNWYL hi I . ,.,,,, 7 3 saa, as i :rr n ,.. Iii., fi-eg -, -- A r,", H fm, ' 'i"' V at , ., ,hz . EJ W N '-"' til E ' 322' Miss Vellnerz 'We're Making Shakes- Mrs. Moss: pearean actors out of the Junior High mobl' Mr. Marohn: 'I like a neat shop.' Mr. Shelley: 'lt's time to go home." ir,-an JEAN N. RICKETTS Adviser Four years ago two freshmen entered high school at Moorestown Friends' School-you, Mrs. Ricketts, and the class of 1956. From the time that you became our class adviser we had no doubt of your ability and competence, although on many occasions you must have wondered about ours. We first knew you as you led us through freshman English. Your knack of putting fun into an English course as well as facts into our heads made you stand out from the very beginning. Then, too, your little threats of 'boiling us in oil' also helped to increase our respect for you. Later, when we no longer had you in class, you were still a guiding light in all our meetings. You have been a dynamo of energy in our various undertakings. You helped with cake sales, mixed punch for Color Day, advised our Senior Dance Commit- tee, showed us how to do the can-can for the Golden Nugget, and produced our senior play. You have always been ready to lend a hand wherever it was needed. We thank you, Mrs. Ricketts, for all the help, guidance, advice, and friend- ship you have generously given to us over the past four years. GEORGE M. MILLER Adviser One of the highlights of our high school experience has been our relation- ship with you, Mr. Miller. We know you not only as a teacher who made history, whether it be Ancient European or Modern American, come to life, but also as a guide and leader in all our class affairs. Looking back on our freshman year we realize how little we knew about class government, but how quickly you taught us and how well you guided our class meetings. Without you we would have fallen far short in our efforts for our parties, dances, and proms. You have been a great influence in moments of decision. Unimportant as it seems now, those of us on the decoration committee will never forget those critical moments during our preparations for the Junior Prom. Remember the mirrored ball we planned to use for our centerpiece? We would have been driven to desperation had it not been for your patience and help! Thanks to you, we finally managed to glue each piece of mirror to the big wire frame and to hang it in the center of the gym. We thought it looked pretty good, tool In fact, we thought that prom was "the greatest." You have always been willing to give us your time whenever it was needed and to help us, personally or as a class, over any rough spots. As we have valued your guidance and companionship in the past, so will we cherish your friendship in the future. Our thanks to you, Mr. Miller, teacher, adviser and friend. Seated: Mimi Hathaway, Art Editor, James Hull, Co-Ediotrg Harley Armstrong, Adviser, Erika Paul, Co-Editor, Paul Mecray, Photography Editor, Standing: Sally Haines, Garrett Richman, Pat Pearson, Donald Duff, Circulation Manager, William Smith, Advertising Manager, Helga Leiseg Joe Rogers, Rebecca Cupola tail Producing the Cupola hasbeen a big job, we all admit it, but it has been fun, too. Perhaps there was too much fun in the very beginning. We'll never forget those first yearbook meetings in Septem- ber. We were rather ignorant then, or let us say, unaware of the size of our task. Yearbook meetings started at about 7:30 ona Friday evening, then by 8:30 we were all piled into two cars and on our way to see a flick at the drive-in theater, feeling pleased about the hour's work we had more or less accomplished. There was also the night we gathered at Garrett's house to write the class history. We arrived with a half gallon of ice-cream, spent an hour reminiscing over our "child-hood' days, and wound up the evening dancing and watching T.V.l However, these little get-togethers were soon a thing of the past. By December we were keenly aware that there was much work tobedone and all by January 20th. ln previous years the book has been done in sections. This year all material had to be sent in at once, consequently, much hestic activity occurred in December and January. Pictures, pictures, pictures, ads, ads, ads, write-ups, write-ups, write-ups. Everything seemed to come at once. We all admit, without the slightest moment's hesitation, that without Miss Armstrong our Cupola probably never would have been. When we decided upon a large book instead of the smaller one of previous years, it was she who warned us of the worries and problems involved, for we were all to much in the dark even to understand! But when the light finally dawned, we began to realize how much we depended on her advice and help. Now that the yearbook is finally completed, we want thank Miss Armstrong for all the aid she has given us. Working on the Cupola has been a wonderful experience for all of us, a little trying at times, perhaps, but nevertheless, a valuable experience. Breckerg absent, Dorothy Duff. J .na 0 , M Q e G,-Q THE TLASC IIF l95li DONALD JAMES DUFF EAYRESTOWN, MEDFORD, NEW JERSEY Blue Three Years Student Affairs Committee 4g Religious Life Committee 2g Human Relations Conference 35 Buck Hill Falls Conference 4, Glee Club 3,4g Double Octet 4g Golden Nugget 4, Senior Play 4g Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Treasurer 3, 43 Don . . . "Fiddlesticks" . . . broken teeth, broken glasses, broken arm, broken glasses - What's next? . . . "Dues anyone?" , , . charter member of the 'Cupola Club' . . . "humbug" . . . "what's the purpose of this class?" . . . ought to get a haircut . . . "Francis says' . . . everyone's helper . . motorcycle madness . . . "Becky" . . ."Hey, Jim, did you see that new Imperial?" . . . connoisseur of injera and wat . . . when's he going to have his first date? . . . authority on the ways of women . . . REBECCA BREC KER COLWICK, NEW JERSEY Red Eight Years Assembly Committee 2g Fair Committee 4g Golden Nugget 4g Glee Club l, 2, 3,4g Double Octet 3, 4, Human Relations Conference 25 Citizenship Day 3g Senior Play 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Cupola 4, Foul Shooting Contest 1, 35 Cheerleaders 2, 3, 4. Becky . . . flirt . . . anonymous voice on the other end of the telephone . . . "Jack likes it" . . . winks at Dave during class . . . soldier boy. . . "I patronize the Mobile Gas Station' . . . "Have you heard the latest?" . . . drives a wicked Buick . . . "Jack called up up last night".. . "We just moved, so come see us, sometimen. . .Goes A.W.O.L. at least once a week . . . Dfw 0 .4vj5iJY',f3?iii5'f nw , ,0Qg"yi'f'.f Jr N, x OSA MPLS ef 0 aff , DOROTHY ANN DUFF JAMES GENTHER FREEMAN MARLTON, NEW JERSEY Red Two Years Fair Committee 4g Glee Club 45 Social Committee 43 Golden Nugget 4g Senior Play 4. Jim . . . "hello" . . . "going towards Lake Pine?" . . . "Mimi" . . . dirty bucks . . . "want a piece of chewing gum?" . . . "is she mad at me?" . . . sleeps in class . . . "Don't know, do ya? KP EAYRESTOWN, MEDFORD, NEW JERSEY Blue Three Years Discipline Committee 4g Assembly Commit- tee 4g Religious Life Committee 3g Fair Committee 43 Golden Nugget 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Color Captain 2g Junior Essay Contest Qfirst prizej 35 Cupola 43 Senior Play 4. Dotty . . . "Oh, rats' . . . "Our parents are coming home for our graduation' . . . midnight reader . . . U. N. birthdays . . . "back home in Eritrea' . . . David kissed her . . . posture per- fect . . . Twinkle and Tinsel . . . crazy about licorice lollypops . . . her own seamstress . . . makes artistic displays . . . pert . . . physics student . . . cinch-belt kid , . , "Where's Don?" . . . sweet and petite , . , M0llRE.'TllWl FRIE ill' tflllllll, l V TIIE CLASS IIF l956 SARAH ELENA HAINES MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Blue Thirteen Years Discipline Committee lg Assembly Commit- tee lg Fair Committee 4g Golden Nugget 4, Citizenship Day 3g Human Relations Confer- ence 2, 3g Schwenksville Conference 35 West- town Conference lg European Workcamp 3g Week-end Workcamp 4g Varsity Club 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Double Octet 3, 45 Color Captain lg Sun Dial 35 Cupola 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Class Secretary 2,3, 4, Senior Play 4g Tennis 3, 4g Basket- ball 3, 4g Hockey 2, 3, 4. Sally . . . "l'l1 never tell' . . . our hockey player . . . 'I had one once but the wheels came off' . . . "riot, riot' . . . 'hey listen everybody" . . . Collects blue ribbons from way back . . . 'her does?" . . . pony tail. . . short'n'sweet . . . "Uncle Jasper, he was a scoundrel' . . . nature girl . . . "more fun!" . . . punster . . . Timmy . . . "what's your opinion on the world situation7' . . . shy . . . doesn't like boys - likes menl. . . WILLIAM PARKER FREEMAN MARLTON, NEW JERSEY Red One Year Golden Nugget 4, Senior Play 4. Bill . . . lesser of two evils UD. . ."H-h- hello there fellal' . . . hopped-up model A Ford . . . haunts Haddonfield Legion . . . "got a butt? " . . .quiet man--until with Bruce. .. good help- er. . . heart's in Haddonfield. . . "that's real casual' . . . 'how ya'doin ace?" . . . Jim 's big brother . . . nice looking . . . in JAMES DIXON HULL, III MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Red Thirteen Years Assembly Committee 15 Fair Committee 45 Golden Nugget 45 Social Committee 45 Human Relations Conference 3, 45 Buck Hill Falls Conference 35 Westtown Conference 35 United Nations Seminar 35 Combination Seminar 45 Citizenship Day 2, 35 Junior Rotarian 45 Week-end Workcamp 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Senior Dance Committee 45 Sun Dial 35 Cupola 45 Junior Public Speaking Contest 3, ffirst prizej5 Senior Play 45 Basketball fman- agerj 4. Jim . . . Earlham bound . . . "l'm a pacifist, wanna fight about it?" . . . Conspires with Donald. ..what's the attraction at the sem- inars? , , , Charter member of the 'Cupola Club' . . . "I 'm a good boy' . . . David's father Confessor . . . good worker . . . "un-huh". . . class orator . . .drives when he can get away with it . . . youngster . . .skyscraper . . . MIRIAM ANN HATHAWAY MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Blue Thirteen Years Citizenship Day 35 Fair Committee 45 Golden Nugget 45 Senior Dance Committee 45 Cupola 45 Senior Play 4. Mimi. . . "are you kidding?" . . . good things come in small packages , , , "where's Jim?" . . . "helpl" . . . "are you going to the snack- bar?" . . . cute 'n'quiet . . . artist . . . "hey you all'. . .goes to Florida on her baby-sitting money . . . "come-on-a-my-pool". . . card- igan sweaters . . . Sonja Henie's understudy . . .many, many clothes . . . "Mimi, will you make us a poster?" . . . MINIIIE TIIW' FllIIl'll." JIIIIIIL TIIE TLASS 0F l95li JAMES CARNAHAN MACDONALD MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Blue Four and 1X2 Years Discipline Committee 2, Golden Nugget 4, Glee Club 2, Citizenship Day 3g Senior Play 4, Color Captain 35 Soccer 2, 3, 4g Baseball 4. Mac . . . 'this is an all girls table" . . . curly . . , Old Spice . . . "my Bonnie lies over the Delaware". . .Bass River . . . York man. . . Charter member of 'The Cupola Club' . . . "you may think this is a yearbook, but it's not' . . .morbid sense of humor . . . good guy . . . muscle bound . . . bar bells . . . handsome . . ."blood and gore all over the floor and me without my spoon" . . . tall-tale teller . . . HELGA POLENSKE LEISE BROWNS MILLS, NEW JERSEY Red Four Years Fair Committee 4, Golden Nugget 43 Human Relations Conference 2, 3, Buck Hill Falls Conference 45 Pirates Den QFairj 35 Burling- ton County Government Day 3, Color Captain 2, 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Double Octet 3, 4, Cupola 4g Senior Play 4g Hockey 3, 45 Basket-' ball 4, Foul Shooting Contest 3. A 'Skip it' . . . Comes to school in a 'caddie' . . . "I could say something now, butl wont". . . triple-timer . . . giggles . . . "I'll tell you all about it later' . . . "when is Octet?" . . . she has holes in her ears! . . .lefty . . . those turtleneck sweaters . . . flirtatious . . . another nature girl . . . forgets her Deutsch .. . likes ento- mology professors . . . ERIKA ANN PAUL HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY Blue Twelve Years Student Affairs Committee 2, 3, 4, Assembly Committee 1, Human Relations Conference 2, 3, Westtown Conference 1, Week-end Work- camp 3, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Fair Committee 4, Golden Nugget 4, Foul Shooting Contest 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Secretary 1, Class Vice President 3, Varsity Club 3, 4, Cupola 4, Sun Dial 3, Junior Public Speaking Contest fHonorable Mentionj 3, Senior Play 4, Hockey 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, 4. Riki . . . "My hair and the new caz clash' . . . Dear Old Camp Tawasi . , , freckles . . . "I got another letter today' . . . always laughs at Garrett . . . "how many players are on a hockey team, Erika?" . . . looses things . . . "can I have a piece of paper? ".. . . bubble gum . . . 'I 'm letting my hair grow' . . . carrott- top . . .infectious smile . . .likes Kelly Green . . .legs . . . holy sneakers . . . PAUL MECRAY, III HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY Blue Six Years Discipline Committee 1, Fair Committee 4, Golden Nugget 4, United Nations Seminar 3, Glee Club l, 2, 3,4, Double Octet l, 2, 4, Junior Town Meeting of the Air 4, Color Captain 1, 2, Senior Dance Committee 4, Junior Prom Committee 3, Class Vice-Presi- dent 1, Cupola 4, Junior Public Speaking Con- test 3, Sun Dial 3, Senior Play 4, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. Terry . . . strictly lvy-League . . . 'I didn't say a thing, Miss J ucker' . . . happy wanderer . . . camera fiend . . . Mayo Clinic . . . Miss J ucker's little problem . . . our cosmopolitan . . . "fabulous" . . . globe trotter . . . exploits in Paris . . . follies . . . 'Now wait a minute everybody, I've got itl". . .bargain hunter . . . skis in Austria . . . Terrance . . . berets . . . orange and black tie . . . abominable snowman . . . trips to Chestnut Hill , , , St. Louis Cardin- als. . . drag races on the boulevard . . . MIIIIIIESTIIW FllIE'Il ' SPIIIIIIL TIIE CLA.. 0F I956 WILLIAM ROBERT PUGH MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Blue One Year Golden Nugget 45 Senior Play 4. Bill. . . 'Down at Fairfax' . . . soda jerk. . . 'that reminds me of a joke'. . . Oldsmobile . . . confirmed non-pacifist . . . army brat. . . "we stink' . . . Glenn Miller fan . . . That casual southern drawl . . . 'Oh my' gosh' . . . 'but I don't want to go skating tonightl' .... 'Two swimmin' and one floatin'I" . . . Crazy crew cut . . . PATRICIA ANN PEARSON WOODBURY, NEW JERSEY Blue Two Years Discipline Committee 35 Religious Life Com- mittee 45 Fair Committee 45 Golden Nugget 45 Senior Dance Committee 45 Human Relations Conference 35 Buck Hill Falls Conference 35 Glee Club 3, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Class Vice-President 45 Cupola 45 Junior Public Speaking Contest 35 Junior Essay Con- test Qsecond prizej 35 Senior Play 4. Pat . . . she's areal blond . . . 'senior dance meeting at lunch' . . . oh, those clothes! . . . charter member of the 'Cupola Club' . . . 'lt's been real" . . . gets shook over cadets . . . 'and we're off like a herd of turtles' . . . poise . . . true friend . . ."Dance with Me, Henryl' . . "Rock Around the Clock' . . .bermudas gal . . . Cape May Crazy. . . "That's fabulous' The model Model... ? if GARRETT BRUCE RICHMAN EDGEWATER PARK, NEW JERSEY Blue Thirteen Years Varsity Club 3, 45 Student Affairs Committee 1, 45 Fair Committee 45 Golden Nugget 45 Senior Dance Committee 45 Junior Rotarian 45 United Nations Seminar 35 Sun Dial 35 Cup- ola 45 Class President 2, 45 Junior Public Speaking Contest 35 Social Committee 45 Senior Play 45 Manager, Basketball 1, 2, 35 Soccer 45 Basketfall 45 Foul Shooting Contest 4. Froggie . . . "What's your excuse?" . . . women troubles . . . cats, cats, cats . . . "very, mere, common animal' . . .likes to jitterbug . . . butterball to bones . . .ode toafrog . . ,ex- ceptional personality . . . class chauffeur . . . fickle . . . "Oh, that's a good one!" . . . 'West- town's my enemy' . . . Holy Ball enthusiast. . . 'Rolls' . . . hee-hee man . . . DAVID GAUNT RHOADS CHADDSFORD, PENNSYLVANIA Red Thirteen Years Assembly Committee 25 Fair Committee 45 Golden Nugget 45 European Work-Camp 35 Week-end Workcamp 35 United Nations Sem- inar 35 Buck Hill Falls Conference 35 Human Relations Conference 2, 35 Glee Club 2, 45 Burlington County Government Day35 Citizen- ship Day 1, 35 Senior Play 45 Foul Shooting Contest 35 Soccer 4. Dave . . . 'Why don't you join my Tri- State Harem? " . . . Bouncer . . . those saddle- stitch trousers . . . 'That was easy' . . . Good friend . . . flirt. . . Delights in Delaware dames . . . blond. . . reads 'Esquire' . . . dancing with the German touch . . . pink shirt . . . The school's only boarder . . . class typist . . . good student . . . future statistician . . . MIIIIIIESTIIW FRIENIIC' .TIIIHIL TIIE FMS 0F l95li N We 'PK .5 - HIM J 5, 2 JACKSON BRUCE SMITH MOUNT HOLLY, NEW JERSEY Red One Year Golden Nugget 45 Senior Play 4. "S-S-S-Simmer down youngstersl' . . . Peddie jacket , , , "Well, there was Betsy and Mary Anne etc." . . . life of the party . . . writes to girls in manylanguages . . . ragtime kid . . . "YOu're funny". . . "my buddy' . . . Mount Holly Marvel . . . diving champ . . . Ped- die's loss-our gain. . . won Steite soap-box derby . . . future M. D. . . . JOSEPH EVANS ROGERS, IR. MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Blue Thirteen Years Student Affairs Committee 2, 3, 45 Assembly Committee 15 Varsity Club 45 Fair Committee 45 Golden Nugget 45 Human Relations Con- ference 2, 3, 45 Westtown Conference 35 Com- bination Seminar 45 Citizenship Day l, 2, 35 Sun Dial fEditorJ 35 Cupola 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 Class President35Class Vice- President 25 Senior Play 45 Junior Public Speaking Contest 35 Manager, Baseball 1, 25 Manager, Basketball 2, 35 Soccer 4. Joe . . . 'You stole my slide-rule, you bird!" . . . chaperone . . . Murrow is his idol . . . "For the birdsl' . .' . nothing worthwhile West of the Susquehanna . . .mad, yes! . . . scientist Q75 . . . "Oh fry-oh, joy" . . . 'sen- atorl' . . . his ears blush . . . investigates sub- versive activities . . . trys to get even with Mr. Taylor . . . enthusiastic worker , . . 'When l'm President' . . . dependable . . . E WILLIAM BOUD SMITH HADDONFIELD, NEW JERSEY Red Six Years Discipline Committee 43 Senior Dance Com- mittee 4g Golden Nugget 45 Glee Club l, 23 Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 4g Color Captain lg Cupola 4g Soccer 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 4. ' Bill. . . 'shall we go the Park?" . . . Mr. Flat Top . . . 'Yes 'dear?" . . .lady killer Q75 . . . "what a dog' . . . "I never exceed the speed limit' . . . Judy . . . dragonwagon . . . Chop- sticks . . . good salesman . . . lends atmo- sphere . . . Ohl those eyes . . . Young Will, , , soccer captain . . . a remark for every occa- sion . . . Smitty . . . "l 'm for big business" . . . La' v' ,,w-ca 'W wwf' vt 69" sfo I -Q -0 by P R+" Wo ' w' . XV Q . V 'QcS'v' RICHARD MO ON STEVEN 09" 9 0 , YW sg 7 AUDUBON, NEW JERSEYO qv vs J Blue Six Years Q4:b., xv x v"',o"",o- Snack Bar CPurchasing Agentj 4g Sun Dial 09' 35 Golden Nugget4g Class Treasurer 2g Senior V5 5 Play 4. Toodles . . . is there anything he doesn't know? . . . uwell let me see now' . . . philatel- ist . . . Snack Bar Czar . . . 'I think I got them all right' . . . he'll prove Einstein's wrong yet . . . that Arthur Murray style . . . scientific time wasting . . . coins . . . Bridge and Chess . . . What are all those keys for? . . . Echo Hill . . . Richard the Lion Hearted. . . ,wtf Mg- K .J .M 5, f f . 1. fx. News 1 . MIHIIIE TIIWN FINE IIS' fllllllli Tllll CLA S IIF I956 MARIANNE LEE THOMPSON RIVERTON, NEW JERSEY Red One Year Fair Committee 4g Golden Nugget 45 Social Committee 43 Glee Club 43 Foul Shooting Con- test 4g Senior Play 4. uHeY. listen' . . . J. J .... plaid rimmed glasses . . . Penn State Fan . . . real sincere smile . . . work minus credit biology . . . Quiet Qupon first impressionj . . . good friend . . . amiable . . . should wear her ring in the hole in her nose . . . baby sits in California . . . many sweaters . . . IGOR STURM MOORESTOWN, NEW JERSEY Blue Six Years Assembly Committee 45 Glee Club4g Citizen- ship Day 3g Golden Nugget 4g Senior Play 4g Soccer 2, 3, 4g Basketball 3, 4g Tennis 2. Coxy . . . million dollar plan . . . wine, women and song . . . continental . . . "I 'm sick of schooll' . . . actor plus . . . where do the shoelaces begin and end! . . . smooth . . . tango artist . . . anticipating the Latin touch . . . What happens on bus-rides on your birthday, Coxy? . . . "Let's hit the flicks tonight". . . debon- aire . . . ad libs in History.. . Sturmy . . . FLORENCE MAUREEN WHITE PALMYRA, NEW JERSEY Blue Five Years Discipline Committee 2g Fair Committee 4g Golden Nugget 43 Social Committee 4g Human Relations Conference 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 4g Color Captain 33 Junior Prom Committee 3g Class Treasurer 1. Fish'n'chips . . . heart is in the Navy . . . "Oh, for Pete's sake' . . . how about a spot of tea?. ..when is she going to stop talking? . . . "Tom's home' . . . argumentive type . . . 'we have a right to discuss our marksl' . . . belle from Britain . . . "Tony's my brother and I have to live with him' . . .loves fish- ing with Tommy . . . what would we do without our little typist . . . LUCINDA MAE THUM MARLTON, NEW JERSEY R-Ed Two Years Senior Dance Committee 45 Fair Committee 4g Golden Nugget 45 Week-end Workcamp 35 Glee Club 3, 4g Senior Play 45 Manager, Basketball 3, 4, Cindy. . . "hey, how ya' doin?" . . . finally got that brother! . . . Ned . . . "that's the first word I said this periodl' . , . pretty hair . . . "that's real casual ' . . . big Maryland Weekend . . .attractive . . . 'relax' . . . soul survivor of Palmyra trio . . . pal teen . . . too had there's only one Saturday nite in the week . . . always wearing Sally's shorts . . . V, im MINIIIE Tllll' FRIENDS' Sfllllllli TIIE ILASS IIF I956 gain- U ' ERIKA WOLF NUREMBERG, GERMANY Blue One Year Fair Committee 4g Golden Nugget 4g Glee Club 4g Double Octet 43 Week-end Workcamp 45 Schwenksville Conference 4g Senior Play 4g Week-long Workcamp 4. "Ja?" , . . Beautiful eyes , , , "hel1o7" . . . speaks English, French, and German all at once . . . Writes notes to Bruce . . . Speaks German in French class . . . pretty . . . idol of the boys . . . expressive reader . . . limber . . . "I need a 'tainer" . . . THE E l0R CLASS Left to right: S. Haines, G. Richman, P. Pearson, D. Duff. UFFIFEIL' President ............ Garrett Richman Vice-President .... Patricia Pearson Secretary ................ Sarah Haines Treasurer ........ ........ D onald Duff CLASS HI TORY 'Twas September morn in '42, The race was about to begin, The crowd yelled, the bugle blew, And '56 was in. At the starting gate were Garrett and Joe, I im I-lull and Dave set the pace. Young fillies, Mimi and horsetail Sal, Also entered the race. Astride their mounts they whipped through the first, And Mimi placed her bet That zero minus zero equals zero or burst, She stands by this motto yet. Suddently onto the track there flew, The strawberry roan named Rick. In reading and writing and eating paste She never missed a trick. The second and third sped swiftly by, And likewise number four. The bookie knowledge rate was high, The crowd still wanted more. A drugstore cowboy entered the fifth, Becky came in like a bolt. Her liniment was the best around When one was horse from a colt! 'Bit' by 'bit' they made their way And finished out the sixth. Now the class was making hay And all without a fix. -R .J ,-I Into the park came Billy Boy, A steed without a care. He was so fast, that very soon, I-le was neck to neck with a mare. Igor, Terry, Dick, and Mac Then joined the great stampede. To harness them in the seventh and eighth Was a master feat indeed. Maureen was 'herd' amidst the throng, 'Tally hol Make way for me.' 1 If l don t soon get through this race I'll never get back for tea." In the eighth from far off Germany, Came Helga at a trot. And in the tenth, from Africa Came Don and sister Dot. The ninth cannot be skipped, of course, They were stable and did not stall. And though the handicaps were great They jumped the hurdles all. Palamino Pat pranced in, ln the eleventh, at the steeplechase, As Cindy was tossing her chestnut mane In poor .Tim Freeman's face. A hotrod was seen on the hard packed turf. It was Bruce and his buddy Bill Freeman. Both entered the twelfth, along with Bill Pu Who was just another speed demon. Close behind, but much in demand Two sorrels completed the pack, Erika Wolf and Marianne Galloped across the track. Just in sight around the bend Were fields of bright green clover. The' race was now approaching the end, It soon would all be over. Although it was hard and a long, long pull, There is just one thing to say - They win ------ nied that racel gh , ,mam J X lf? W... gif' . Q1 . Q a U s 5 M. 45 time ' M A. -'. "A if t ,Q Y, Q . v . f-mf' ,Jil fr""'Q 4. 3 5 , :Q HE gil: Q fm ' - 13 I 2 fQi ?m f 1 U- 5 ...., ,:k. sw-M Q +L hf,faf1,zw:" - A vi, ,W ,-,L ,W . - a 5 Z 5 if 3 K - my ll K3 F "V A fi i L..- R5 i . M If 51 1 31 1 5 4 X ? H+ nf gi 4 NAMES Brecker Don Duff Dot Duff J. Freeman W. Freeman Haines Hathaway Hull Leise MacDonald Mecray Paul Pearson Pugh Rhoads Richman Rogers B. Smith W. Smith Stevens Sturm Thompson Thum White Wolf NEEDS MOST less chatter a date 'to let her hair down' ambition another Model A the ideal man stilts license poodle-cut his own car elevated shoes Quaker City Bus Pass more jewelry Yankee accent home in Moorestown advice earmuffs chaperone a technique more homework a title nothing more Sat. Nights four o'clock tea break no English homework WITH MALICE AUTHORITY ON traffic-tickets cars naming dogs Mimi Bruce nature Jimmy U. N. Seminars German dancers bar-bells Springside School calories H202 Fair Fax uharems' painting pools ornithology Mt. Holly hot-rods Einstein's theories adlibbing Penn State sisters Queen Liz cats REC GGNIZ ED BY saddle shoes a broken something . perfect posture dirty bucks silence CU pony-tail many clothes height pierced ears "Old Spice' orange and black tie carrot top poise 'the head' pink shirt personality r efficiency Peddie jacket temper brief case chivalry friendly smile scarab bracelets brother foreign accent TUWARD NONE SHOULD SING 'Soldier Boy' 'Unchained Melody' 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy' 'My Buddy' 'Sweet and Gentle' 'A Little Bit Independent' 'Moon Over Miami' 'Too Young' 'Your Cheating Heart' 'ln My Solitude' 'Vagabond Shoes' 'Pm Forever Blowing Bubbles' 'ln the Good Old Summer- time' 'Carry Me Back to Ole Virginny' 'Let Me Call You Sweet- heart' 'You Rascal You' 'Wither Thou Goest' 'Show Me the Way to Go Home 'Make Love To Me' 'A.B.C. Boogie' 'Just A Gigilo' 'Smiles' 'It's Almost Tomorrow" 'Sailor Boy' 'Auf Wiedersehn' HAUNTS Fort Dix Becky Don 700 Chester Ave. Haddonfield Legion potato chip cans art room dog house Cadillacs his basement 'Mademoiselle' Grand Central Station Cape May Howard Johnson's women underclassmen Mr. Taylor Rt. 38 Pennypacker Park snack bar theaters Cindy amusement everyone boys AMBITION to marry to collect every,one's missionary 'I to graduate torch singer airline hostess doctor marry a millionaire isolation to grow 6' due s to retrieve wallet from gym rafters West Point Indiana 'U' census taker Democrat chemist Olympic diver Jantzen salesman Qmix business with pleasure! to run a stamp auction millionaire 'vet' to work in the foundry! Tom to pass her abiture DESTINY 20 children U. S. Treasurer African Queen English professor heart-breaker All-American Left-ou ice-follies quack boss's lap hermit politician Editor of 'Vogue' model Cactus Junction 'U' bouncer Republican mad chemist life guard travelling sale sman another Arthur Murray matinee idol dog-catcher party girl Tom cover girl 5' EL if M? ik, is A N Ky BABIE 1. Brecker, 2. Don Duff, 3. Dot Duff, 4. J. Freeman, 5. B. Freeman, 6. Haines, 7. Hathaway, 8.Hu11, 9. Leise, 10. MacDonald, 11. Mecray, 12. Paul, 13. Pearson, 14. Pugh, 15. Rhoads, 16. Richman, 17. Rogers, 18. B. Smith, 19. W. Smith, 20. Stevens, 21. Thompson, 22. Thum, 23. White, 24. Woli. li' W qisigggii, fait, ' Jr, 7 713, ' . 1-,Q-1 H if A gf JS 21" J -V .351 -mf: , v wg N X 5 A Lg QEf'NHfWw1w2QzHm,A3- Q 1 f' tn5L:QQ..,.,Z-W, ,, H H -V,,,,,. A ,Ah, if, M , ,,., 3 .,.,,. M . . .,., M, ,v,. s,J.,,L, wx me-2, :A W lswui 5 ., HE! ,, , ,.,,., . . , 2: 3 Y f A. ,S S, . 'Ml Vw- wzw.Wf2,., ., -5 -'ggi-Fiwlyyweuii, V, ,ia W ' ,Q 'fiiififlffk . mf aff' , Gs! g k L ' ' ' 5 if V V' sfu:z.,,,,, V , Q,- 1 mania V . . . 1543: "fffS5ff'uif9ff:ff:t'f fibfyff if fy,f9E- in ' R 1211125 5:1 .,- gs' ig W W1 fififfwlif arm z4f1.sew24asew,, E' :lim 7 ms Front Row, Left to right: R. Robertsg C. Thumg S. Coaleg J. Crippeng F. Chambers, S. Kittredge, A Stackhouseg Second Row: F. Homerg J. HackmangC. Gregg, E. Richie, I. Perinchiefg C. Haines, I Maguire, Third Row F. Walker, D. Miklaug A. DotygA. Fitzwaterg E. Haltemang Fourth Row: B. Careyg M. Doehlert, D Rose, E. Thompsong S. Tallmang H. Taylor, H. Megeeg Fifth Row: R. Braddock, W. Tealeg R. Ricketts, T Jamlsong B. McCullough, P. Thiele. Junior Class Your Junior Year started off with a bang, thanks to Betty's birthday party at the Field Club! . . .What was in your "slam book", Ann? . . . Then there was Asa's party Qrecovered yet?b . . .Mademoisel1e's 'chambre' was suddenly turned into a fun-house by her darlings' CD mirrors. . .Carol's skating party was almost uneventful fonly one sprained anklej . . . It's a bird, it's a plane, nope, only Johnny's Corvette flying high on Pages' Lane . . . Was that a poor, innocent, canine you girls were inducing to invade the boys' locker room one lunch period? . . . Suddenly the party bug began to spread - who can forget the parties thrown by Bonnie and Johnny? . . . Everyone joined in for the Fair, waiting on tables or parking cars, depending on his gender. fDon't forget the Christmas Balls that were made at J udie's surprise slumber partylj. . . Your Christmas present to all, the long awaited 'Sun Dial," actually arrived the day before vacation . . . Finally the big nightl- "'Twas the Night before Christmas' will long be remembered by alll. . . Although you Juniors were always ones for a party, never let it be said that you are completely socialminded. You raised more than your share of athletes-as both the girls' and boys' varsities prove. Your class co- operation, also, was an outstanding factor in such activities as the Friend- ship Fair and that true exhibit of your skills, the Junior Prom, December 22nd, With all of these assets, the class of '57 should be looking toward its Senior Year with something more than eagerness! Q M139 7 ig .,fgg,:L V' - , fix 4 f . 5 fra' 2' 'V . xt B lf' N H D ' f M 1 A 9 uw 3 3 ,, .LAK ,W , , ' i"E'i'b f ,momma sf' A' . 4... ..,.-NM., . I Y Y? Q21 'ESQ ,A 3 E w 1 Lk N-....-1 Front Rowg B. Ransomeg R. Lariog E. Woodg F. Jugelg M. Serrig S. Brayg S. McArthurg W. Dillerg Second Row: J. I-liattg E. Tomlinsong L. DeCoug L. Manoug P. Stevensg W. Staatsg J. Denbog V. Blickg Third Row: I. Diefendorfg A. Ewansg B. Archerg S. Griffithg M. McAl1isterg M. Thomsong H. Archerg T. Shontzg L. Moyerg A. Collinsg R. Gregg. ophomore Class Flunking French with 10l'S . . . Mrs. Ricketts' banderlogs . . . class rings . . . the pantry shelf . . . the athletes . . . talking, talking, talking . . Hallowe 'en party . . . the junior prom girls . . . what, only one skating party? . . . a "blooming" class . . . parties for Miss Jucker . . . A sophomore, according to the dictionary, is a "wise fool". This year your class has proved itself to be sagacious rather than senseless, which will be very important when you are making plans for college. You are now facing the two most active years in your high school life, when responsibilities to the school and to your studies will be many. We have faith that the publishing of your "Sun Dial' and yearbook will reflect your present ability and spirit. xi 2 W ,sf gfqmv uw Q' -i1j3sp?'ij1e1 f.1g5if1p,.f . :- --.,.g,- -, A cg Al -, rm, Front Row: S. Stubbsg L. MacMi1lang M. Hessg S. Capehartg B. Pearsong C. Yacovellig Second Row: J. W. Myersg E. Hulseg J. Hainesg F.Weberg R. Matlackg R. Sowtong L. Buckwalterg I-I. Tornellg W. Dickersong Fre hman Class Front Row: C. Mageeg L. Cowardg J. Campbellg I. Lefeldtg C. I-Iendersong Second Row: T. Whiteg J. Storyg B. Shelleyg L. Neuberg B. Griffethg P. Tobiasg C. Hofbergg P. Mackeyg E. Hancockg Third Row: C. Buffg J. Marshallg D. Tylerg F. Showe11gB.Nicho1songJ. Taylorg C, McRaeg D. Davisg G. Hagstozg D. Bloomquistg W. Diller. R. Freemang J. Nidecker. , , , - . - 'W . . Wr,.f.i'srJ. .AM ., kr-, K , K, X K . W . . 34.1. , ,,. 5,-k . X , . K Colesg C. Berryg L. Lippincottg M. Graffg C. Stilesg M. Hullg J. Grovattg P. Metzerg Third Row: D. Balabang v'J'.f'5'kfzf'i.f av ' Tu gli: lvf"ff5"' V fi 4 T ' 'T It 42 Q .glx Front Row: M. Richieg S. Serrig M. Baxterg P. Livezeyg M. Hofferg Second Row: A. Audinog D. Cutlerg V. Werstg L. Chambersg S. Hebbleg V. Making P. Tapperg M. Youngg Third Row: D. Sweeneyg W. Littlefieldg R. Lippincottg T. Quayg V. Yuritchg M. Dragumg R. Boskog R. Mervineg T. Bruntg A. VanFosseng KAbsent: E. Galanter. J Eighth Grade Front Row: V. Braning S. LeBowg T. Goldsteing M. MacNea1g E. Fiumeg Second Row: J. Shinng K.Ries3 K. Archerg C. Tylerg E. Kirklandg M. Whitneyg C. Himmeleing S. Nicholson. Third Row: W. Braning C. Lovelandg T. Stackhouseg P. Lippincottg L. Beazleyg E. Cramerg L. Pughg A. DeCoug W. Schneider. 5 3 ith ig 77 xx K 9 ' 'P --ark. .4 gm Front Row: S. Cooperg J. Galeg P. Barclayg M. Wildmang J. Lippincottg L. McC1oskeyg A. Taylorg E. Dunng B. Shirkg K. Siegg L. Stackhouseg S. Pattersong M. Hainesg R. Braning Second Row: H..Berryg N. Myersg D. Sharnaglg C. Herclmerg B. Kellyg D. Wilkinsg R. Mogelg D. CiscelgW. Snapeg E. I-Iurleyg W. Brodg R. Erichson. eventh Grade Front Row: S. Hessg D. Myersg G. Showellg C. Tallmang C. Connery S. Kleinerg P. Dudleyg H. Hagstozg C. Smithg J. Taylorg C. Marshallg B. Richieg Second Row: R. Schneiderg W. Archerg T. Montgomeryg N. Harrisong C. Jamesong G. Stephang B. Browng D. Bortong K. Rhineg R. Elliotg G. Hocking. ff? W0v""hll" an-unp--ann mmm,-.-.,,,, lu? ,F 3, R' Q M. 1 55.2, ,5 1 'Qu-A pe , Pk S, 31 1 W .f fi X Wu--as 4-A cf , A55?v-s!9h,1 . , H In '- 4vLim,.'-,5 CHQ.- .A Y 1,5 Q 0" , G STKE LEANW' fl H C aff Hmmm 'L' 5 -0 i ' TT 1, ll I Standing: I. Hiattg P. Tobias, S.Brayg B. Braddockg D.Duffg B. Richieg Seated: W. Smithg Mrs. Deklyng Mr. Taylor. Di cipline Committee The Discipline Committee was formed nine years ago when the Student Affairs Committee felt the need for a method of enforcing its regulations. For a while the Discipline Committee was only a part of the older organization, but through the years it has developed into a Separate entity. Eight students, two elected by each of the four upper classes, and two faculty members compose the group. Mr. Taylor, of course, is the permanent faculty adviser. Meetings are held only when a school regulation has been ignored or broken. Then the Violator must appear before the two members of his class and the faculty advisers, and his case is decided. Although the committee can be very strict when there is a need, it tries to obtain cooperation, not fear, from the student body. Everyone is glad when the members of this committee don't have to work. Sitting Mr. Carrg E. Paulg A. Stackhouse, Miss Armstrongg Standing: J. Rogersg M. Serrig G. Richman, J Campbellg D. Duffg R. Matlackg S. Kittredgeg L. DeCou: indent Aiiair Committee The Student Affairs Committee in this, its tenth year of operation, has once again succeeded in its purpose of providingaflexible but sound system of student representation in the workings of Moorestown Friends' School. Despite the fact that the members considered the discovery of a meeting period in which everyone missed some undesirable class the most important accomplishment, some more constructive business was wedged in here and there! For instance, through the untiring efforts of one of the distinguished senior representatives, a television set was borrowed for the World Series. A program of revision and publication of the Rules and Regulations was undertaken, thus giving the students a clear idea of things-to-do-if-you-want-to-impress- your-friends.The committee was ably led, in these as in all its undertakings, by Chairman Asa Stackhouse and faculty advisers Wilbur E. Carr and Harley Armstrong. Perennial projects carried out this year included: sponsorship of the Red Cross Driveg March of Dimes Driveg chartering buses for away games fwe hope prophecy is fulfilled before this document is distributedy, and approval of applications for social activities. The Student Affairs Committee is agroup through which students and faculty members co-operate and plan together. W 41 Sitting: M. Hathawayg E. Paulg C. Thumg Chairman P. Pearson, Standing: W. Smith, Mr. Miller, Mrs Rtckettsg T. Mecrayg J. Hullg G. Richman, enier Dance Committee Dancing 8:00-11:00 . . . Entertainment . . . Refreshments! These are what the typical Senior Dance Committee poster advertized, and, on the whole, the eager little group managed to fulfill their boasts. After all, what more could an M.F.S'er wish for an evening's fun than these three essentials? Granted, ithere were times when the seniors had visions of never coming through. However, they always managed to think of something, and whether it was the Hobo Dance or the Turn-about Leap Year Dance, they certainly must be given credit for their originality! One of the many 'brainstorms' dreamed up by the committee in its last- minute rush was the Sock Hop--- unusual, tobe sure. Everyone had a wonderful time trying to turn-out on the dance floor with the craziest socks. Only the Committee can appreciate the dances to their fullest extent. It must be admitted they did have their ups and downs, but the fun and enjoyment derived from preparing and putting on each Senior Dance will never be forgotten. Assembly Committee Committees generally come into existence to accomplish a special purpose - - at least they do in M.F.S.- so naturally the Assembly Committee works toward a goal - - what's more and better, it often achieves itl What is this goal? It is the planning of interesting, humorous, and educational assemblies on Friday mornings. Pretty stiff job, isn't it? Of course, when two members from each of the four upper classes get together, there are usually a few new ideas floating around, and when the group is absolutely Clevoid of inspirations, Mr. Miller, Miss White, or Mrs. Ricketts pulls them out of the bag. The committee tries to encourage both student and faculty participation in some of its programs. For instance, in the assembly before the annual Faculty- Varsity hockey game, the faculty, as usual, boasteda great deal of their prowess, but the Varsity girls accurately portrayed the Faculty's fate in a small skit. Must an educational assembly be a dull one? "No," said the committee members, and proved their point by an informational and interesting film on UNESCO work in Mexico and Siam. The many thoughtful questions stimulated by Clarence Pickett's slides and talk on his trip through Russia further demonstrated that 'an educational assembly can also be enjoyable. Standing: P. Mackey, R. Rickettsg I. Sturmg L. Manoug T. Whiteg B. Woodg Seated: C. Greggg Mrs. Ricketts, Mr Mlllerg D. Duff. Left to right, Seated: A. Fitzwaterg S. Haines, treasurer, G. Richman, president, E. Paul, secretary, E Thompson Standing: R. Robertsg B. Haltemang Mr. Magee, Miss Brudong S. Coaleg J. Rogers Var ity Club The nine members of the Varsity Club are very proud to be members of the only Honor Society at Moorestown Friends' School. They have been selected for their participation in extra-curricular activities, and their outstanding qualities of character andleadership. The Varsity Club seems to be busiest during basketball season when it sponsors dances after the night games, and on Color Day when it manages and supervises the events. However, Varsity Clubbers are always active, for throughout the year they try to in- crease school spirit, encourage good sportsmanship, and create an interest in intra-mural sports. Miss Brudon and Mr. Magee, the advisers for the Club, have taught the fine principles of good sportsmanship for which the Varsity Club is noted, and they have taught them well. ff' T .. .. Left to right, Seated: A. Fltzwaterg C. Gregg, S. Coaleg Miss Armstrong, M. Doelhert, S Tallman, D Rose, Second Row: S. Klttredgeg F. Chambersg B. I-laltemang B. Richieg J. Crippeng A. Doty, I Perinchief, Third Row C Haines, A. Stackhouseg T. Jamison, B. Braddockg F. Walkerg R. Rickettsg B. McCullough un Dial The 'Sun Dial" is the school newspaper published four times a year by the Junior Class. Each fall, as a part of their journalism course, the juniors learn to write news articles, editorials, and feature stories, to make up a newspaper dummy, to proofread, and finally, to distribute the finished publications to the student body. The junior class elects the editor and staff who, under the able supervision of Miss Harley Armstrong, assume the important task of writing and assembling the paper in time to meet their deadlines. lt is also the staff's job to read the galley and page proofs. The "Sun Dial' attempts to cover all news that is made at M.F.S.: the visitors, faculty, students, assemblies, dances, sports contests, trips and all other activities. 'H f , iw T U 1 Aiiilation After a year of having no exchange students, the senior and junior classes are very fortunate to have two Rudolph Steiner guests, Erika Wolf and Peter Thiele, living with them and going to school with them. Erika is the sister of Heinrich Wolf who attended the senior class of '54, Peter had to break away from his shadow, an identical twin, when he came to America. After taking a summer tour through the Southern United States, Erika and Peter will return to Germany to complete their studies. Through knowing Erika and Peter and comparing lives with them, we have strengthened the link between M.F.S. and the Rudolf Steiner Schule. Some of us took the opportunity to improve our German and now we can truly say, "Ich spreche nicht sehr gut deutsch!" Martin Lehfeldt, who would have been a junior, has made a true exchange by being the first to spend a whole year in the Rudolf Steiner Schule. He reports having wonderful experiences. The only activity about which he has had any reservation was the uknitting course". Even if he didn't take the course, we trust he'll have plenty of yarns to spin when he returns in September. The Elementary School 's affiliation with the little schools in Bleville, France, must not be forgotten. The exchange of letters and Christmas cards betwen students has been going on for ten years. Each class in the Elementary building has sent 'party fixings' to Bleville for Christmas, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Va1entine's Day parties. Arts and crafts from Bleville and Nuremberg are seen every year in Miss -Jucker's exhibit at the Friendship Fair. Peter and The Wolf fitted perfectly into the American scene. We hope that Leh- Felt is as much at home in Germany. ' I , AA,i , ,,'LA', 1 .gg - g ' Q"' , 5 , , W , 5 E fx X 1 . -- 1 f A ,wg 3, , , V? 'ig -.g,fae "ly9' : ' .. S I 1 ' i f 1 A ' , , 5? ,Tie Q L 'QQ A wi H H 2: 'V f, A KL V' y EMS I 5 rv Q i f ,xy3y..y, f,f ,gf 1 fimm, , Q. 1 gy -V ' Q-1: ' , ig jx , ,f' ,Hi ' I ,L F 47 . Q VV M I 'WA ,E i f L4 ,yr 3:-: , V.: i L V I 5 5 M Pi: if , Tl , ' g ,, 'Wi 1 1 vfpif f' ,,,, , , , f "fi 5' 'K Q1 , W ' 5' 1' 7 V, W-"M" M ,Q , V-ww!" W ' f I .,,,,, l g, K? A H55 ir - V "' k,:Av A V, v. ., A .g W", ' L Me -W, K QW! V I ' 3 ' ' 'f 1. . , 'f 'A '-" jf' ",'f ff' K P -P L ., WW1, H 777,193 V iy , ' 5 A '- 6 ,f 1 ,':: ggi H if -.4 fy' ': 1 ' . - k gl k Q,-2 ,g f 4 git FQ E fi 5 13 gf 2 W 2 E 1 ifgij g, fN.yfi9.LJ33kiEi:..f, K I 1 'f it Q xg Q, ,. .Q f K . , 5 A QQ - ,gk f , ' pk 5'Lf'r'- , ' ,, Qs.. W, ii, 5 , 5, , A , mV h ,HJQ 1 -"kA .L K Q . fg K . g 1 iix7'j5f'?l E' A1111 f 03" - ' I - . , LI, , , V S ,,,, ,,,, Q 1 .ilrifi-ef. ff A .f-f'1Qi1, --KA I --ff 5- X . 3 A , ' H -5 V . ff ,L ,. , ff. - 5i,L'- Kuff' V5 if , .- I I ,. 'Lk Aki' , , , 4 -Qkfzfiw 4, 1,3319 ,ff 1, H f . 1 , , :ew-,, I K wt ,S-. mff1g,+2::-:y,.1,x3- 1122 -az.wz1g.,. : K -V -- :A S - ,, , l "Q , , M T I ' f ":,. .P ' ' ' .- 4 ,"f: F w . V - -f7'ff7 H ,' v,.L,.f:- I ,I '-'53 " -- 55. 7522753 f: 1" .':"'i. " V' mf: E' ,:' i'C, Vf,, ui 7 , f 7 -, .. A 1 11' , , " 1 ' , , , ,, W sy 7 -kg, 5 Y , y P . . K k . ,J-.K in H J yi if i ix, ,. .Q zgzqg i f ,, Q, g 7a1g?'L1g3iL'- 5 5: ggi?-,,.:gg,Vg,g,,x 1- 5' f' 3 if 3' ,V - Q . Q W. gk 'A ,,. 4, A , - f' f - 'H :N-M-:ASIMSSQ ' ff W ' - ' s p 1 1 -fi ' , , A ' - LL" ' V- ,x Q , , , 2 , ,Q , , Q ,Q 7 7 ry W A ' xg' - 2' Y I ' if 1 ' W I ' 7 ' A MM "L' 1 Y if f wx- , f ,, ., V' : ?2f,.',- 'TV M 'V M-M 'L V'i',-2225-J Q f , Wi, .M ,, fm if K W, ,K , , g j ' 1 . ' ' M - V , x A A ' . - ' , ' - n 'Q - 1 Q X Sitting: J. MacDonald, I. Colesg W. Staatsg P. Stevensg R. Roberts, T. Mecray, G. Hagstozg Kneeling: I. Denbog H. Taylorg R. Braddock, C. I-lalnesg R. Matlack. Standing: Assistant Coach Samuel DeCou, H. Megeeg D. Rhoadsg I. Sturmg Captain, W. Smithg G. Richman, J. Rogers, T. Jamisong Manager, A. Collins, Coach Herman Magee. 0CC9I' With a convincing rout of Friends' Central School, on November 1, the Varsity Soccer Team capped a very successful season. Herm Magee's forces finished with a record of four wins, three losses and a tie. The campaign began as the team was defeated by the 'lnterac' Champions, Episcopal Academy, 1-0, on September 29. ln the second away game on October ll, Penn Charter proved a superior foe, emerging victor by 3-1. The Friends' only goal was a penalty kick conversion by Peachy Roberts. The Varsity came home to swamp Friends' Select, 7-1, on October 17. Jim MacDonald led the scoring with two goals as Herm let twenty-three men enter the fray. The big victory of the year was an inspiring 3-1 upset of Peddie on October 19. Peachy Roberts opened the scoring with a goal in the first period, but minutes later Peddie tied the score. Terry Mecray booted in the deciding goal late in the second stanza, while Peachy added an insurance goal in the third. This game definitely showed the finest teamwork of the season against a formidable opponent. Hal Magee made several spectacular saves in the goal. The last M.F.S. defeat occurred in a home game on October 25, as Haverford School emerged victor, 3-l. Jim MacDonald prevented a shut-out by scoring in the third quarter. The varsity game at George School on October 29, was an exciting duel ending in a 3-3 tie. The hosts opened the scoring in the second period, but Johnny Coles tied the count before the half. George School jumped back into the lead after intermission but with back to back goals by Roberts and MacDonald, M.F.S. entered into the lead. Minutes before the end of the game the home team scored again to deprive the visitors of victory. Friends' Select was again vanquished on their home field on November 1. The Philadelphia boys were much improved. However, goals scored by Bob Braddock and Peachy Roberts spelled out the victory for M.F.S. ln the last game of the season, the Varsity crushed Friends' Central 10-O on the home field. Four senior boys on the team scored in the competition. Captain Bill Smith, Igor Sturm, Garrett Richman and Joe Rogers gained this distinction which, teamed with six other scores, wound up the soccer season. Much credit for the team's success is due to Herm Magee and his able assistant, Sam DeCou, for making a winning combination of a group from which few victories had been expected. , , 'S- ,, U A, ff-wr wg , s vs- -fr m .6 4' V 1 rv' if ,W A 3 r , n X ii X 4 ,,.. Wav! ii a VL S 1, X Ev M ' 4, if ., gi", ,A JP M2 me M - i 3 w 'H lZ'LE5 m' v Standing: Coach, Florence Brudon, S. Bray, H. Leiseg B. Archer, Manager, D. Roseg E. Paul, M. McAllis- ter, S. Tallmang Manager, M. Doehlert. Kneeling:Captain, S. Haines, F. Chambers, S. Coaleg E. Thompson, A. Fitzwaterg B. Halteman. Hockey The M.F.S. hockey team, led by coach Florence Brudon and captain Sally Haines, proved to be a success this year. Although the girls failed to bring home an undefeated season, they turned in a record of six wins and three losses. Determination and enthusiasm contributed to the wonderful team spirit. After acquiring an excellent record at hockey camp, the players came home to prepare for the big season. They were not quite in shape for their first game, however, and suffered a 3-1 defeat from Woodbury. Then came the Westtown game in which M.F.S. came through with flying colors, topping their opponents 5-2. Another exciting game followed when the F riends'team downed Merchantville 1-0. The Abington defeat of 3-2 occurred after our team had gained a lead of 2-1. Ann Fitzwater scored both goals of the game. The match at St. Mary's was an easy 5-0 victory for Miss Brudon's girls. ln the Friends' Select game the M.F.S. players added another victory to their record with a score of 9-0. The team continued its winning streak by topping Germantown Friends' 6-2. This was a hard fought but well played match. One of the most tense games of the season was the Moorestown High School game. Miss Brudon's girls displayed much determination and team work which paid off in a 2-0 victory, M.F.S. finished their season by losing to George School 2-0. Although Moorestown controlled the ball throughout most of the game, they were unable to put it in the cage. High scorers for the season were Betty Halteman with 13 goals, followed closely by Ann Fitz- water with 10 points. Helga Leise scored3goals, Erika Paul 2, Sally Haines 1, and Beppy Archer 1. The J. V. team did not do so well, losing 6 games and winning 2, due largely to the fact that most of the players were freshmen who were lacking experience. As in every year, the Varsity-Faculty game was a big event. The "fighting faculty" really gave the "floundering females' some stiff competition before they lost, 3-1. Sam Decou made the goal for the faculty, Erika Paul and Betty Halteman were responsible for the Varsity's 3 points. Highlights of the season taking place off the hockey field were the dinner given by captain Sally Haines after the M.H.S. game, and a birthday party for Miss Brudon. Both enlivened team spirit and brought the girls closer together. Only three positions need to be filled, so the outlook for next year's season is bright. Good luck to coach 'Floss' Brudon and captain Betty Halteman! . n . if H I -'qu-up 1 Eg: .fi 2 mv 1 1 'Miss ,mm Sigil was I I lil I QE ,mg 1 I :ul u xx., I Ill I x S' xx 'l nm., 1 Standing left to right: Coach l-lerm Magee, W. Staats, P. Stevens, I. Taylor, L Sturm, H. Magee B Smith H. Taylor Manager, J. Hu1l,Kneeling:L.DeCou,W. Myers, B. Braddock, C. Haines, G. Hagstoz, R. Roberts Boy ' Ba kelball The highlight of the first five games, and probably of the entire season, was the revenge at Westtown. By crushing Westtown, 49-31, the boys' Varsity basketball team avenged the '55 Varsity's sole defeat. Inspiring an inexperienced and young team was Coach Herm Magee. After a poor start against Germantown Friends', the Varsity won three straight games before losing again. Friends' Select was beaten easily, 57-22. An old rival, Westtown, was beaten soundly after a tight, low- scoring first half. Sidwell Friends of Washington, D. C., was defeated 52-51 in a nip-and-tuck overtime game. M.F.S. was finally stopped by George School, one of the team 's best opponents. Usual starters were Bill Smith, '56, Hal Megee, '57, Hal Taylor, '57, Ronnie Roberts, '57, and Walt Staats, '58. The able substitutes included George Hagstoz, '59, Joe Taylor, '59, Phil Stevens, '58, Coxy Sturm, '56, and Garrett Richman, '56. This year's scorekeeper was Jim Hull, '56. The manager was Art Collins, '58. M,F.S. students will never forget the spirit and ability of their young '56 basketball team. Clearly embedded in their minds are Robert's jump shot and all-round ability, Taylor's rugged rebounding and clutch playing in the Sidwell game, Smitty's fight and spirit, Megee's backboard work, and Staats' backcourt play and knack of being in the right place at the right time. 4 GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1956 January 13th January 19th February 2nd February 7th February 16th February 22nd February 24th We sttown Friends' Friends' Select George School Merchantville H. S. Abington Friends' St. Mary's Hall Morre stovsm H. S. They 37 28 41 38 26 21 35 1 r 1 3 ! I I Standing -left to right: Manager, B. Woodg Manager, C. Thumg B. Haltemang B. Archerg D. Rose, E Paul M. McAllisterg H. Leiseg Coach, Florence Brudong Kneeling: S. Coaleg A. Fitzwaterg E Thompson S Haine s. Girl ' Ba ketball Led by Captain Erika Paul, the girls' Varsity basketball team compiled a good record this year. Much credit should be given to Coach Florence Brudon for doing such an excellent job of training. We shall always remember winning the Westtown game on Friday the 13th . . . the captain's time-outs . . . hair problems . . . the Varsity- Faculty game . . . Miss Brudon's ear talk . . . refreshments . . . foul shots. . . the mascot . . . Play Day at Collingswood . . . sprained fingers . . . one hour a day practices . . . jamhoree at Westtown . . .locker room scenes. . . team spirit . . . exciting tie with George School . . . Merchant- ville game, no dinner at Cherry Hill . . . awonderful basketball season! Front Row: left to right: P. Mecray, P. Stevensg J. MacDona1dgH. Taylorg L. DeCoug R. Robertsg Back A. Collins L4 0 Ba eball 1956 SCHEDULE Wilmmgton Friends' Friends' Select Sanford Prep Friends' Select Germantown Friends Solebury Solebury April 13 April 20 May 1 May 10 May 11 May 15 May 25 A young but experienced baseball squad can look forward to the '56 season with high hopes. Only three of last year's outstanding Varsity have graduated. Ten of that squad return this year: Hal Taylor, '57, Hal Megee, '57g Ronnie Roberts, '57, Charles Haines, '57, Bob Braddock, '57g Ted Jamison, '57g Walt Staats, '58, Phil Stevens, '58, Lauren DeCou, '58g and Row: A. Evans, W. Staats, R. Braddockg J. Taylor, C. Haines, T. Jamisong G. Hagstozg Mr. Carr, Coachg . . , Paul Mecray, the only returning senior. Left to right: Florence Brudong M. Hathawayg S. Coa1egA Fitzwater, B Halteman, E Paul S Tallman, M. McAllisterg B. Archerg E. Thompsong S. Haines. 1956 TENNIS Abington Friends Woodbury George School We sttown Haddonfield This year's tennis team is looking forward to a favorable season. Only two Varsity players departed last year, and many of the remaining members of the squad have been on the team for as long as three years. ln addition to the wooden tennis court the team has the three new macadam courts this spring. These will give the players the opportunity to hold those much needed additional practices. The class of 1956 wishes the team a very successful season. Tenni 'X Back S Brayg A. Fltzwater, E. Thompson, B. Haltemang Front: J. Crippeng B. Breckerg E. Paul S Coale Cheerleader What is any soccer, hockey, basketball, or baseball game at M.F.S. without the spirit of the student body cheering the teams on? We'll never really know the answer to that question. How could we, for throughout the year there has been a wonderful turnout at all the games. A great deal of the credit for this school spirit goes to the cheerleaders. Their infectious spark of vitality and pep set the pace at every game and pep-rally. In addition to the senior co-captains, Becky Brecker and Erika Paul, familiarly known by their "cheerleading practice today, girls", the squad consisted of the fervorous five of the junior class, Betty Halteman, Sandy Coale, Ann Fitzwater, Joy Crippen, Eleanor Thompson and fthe sophomore with spirit plusl Sandy Bray. When thinking back on all the many short but very concentrated after- lunch practices for more precision and accuracy, the cheerleaders will probably give a well voiced groan of remembrance. However, their perse- verance has been well rewarded. This year, as in the past, the 'Moores- town Spirit' for the school teams has been as lively, friendly, and enthusi- astic as ever. .1 45-1 61 5 fa E? I E IOR PLAY "SEVEN KEYS TO BAI..DPATE" will be the Senior Play this year. This much we know. As we go to the press, we have still not gone to the auditorium to cast the play. The leading lady is a senior girl. Turn back to the senior pictures and she will be there. The leading man is also a senior, but you will have to look at the boys' pictures to find him. In fact, the whole cast is made up of seniors. Therefore, if you will just look at every senior picture, you will have a close-up of every actor and actress in the play. This we guarantee. As for the production of the play, Mrs. Ricketts is our director. We know she will be wonderful - and this much we hope, the play will be wonderful too. Friend hip Fair Everyone who has any connection with Moorestown Friends' School knows about the Friendship Fair. He knows that its yearly success is due to the co-operation and un- selfish help of the students, faculty members, and friends of the school and that without their devoted interest, the fair would be a failure. Apples and Cider, Ham Radio, The Wishing Well, Taylor's Donuts, Christmas decora- tions, The Snack Bar, The Golden Nugget- all these and many more remind us of the 1955 Friendship Fair. Perhaps the presenceof Erika and Peter, our exchange students from Nuremberg, Germany, made the international spirit even more apparent. The exhibit of Christmas decorations and handwork sent by the stu- dents from our affiliated schools in Nurem- berg and Bleville added great interest. The proceeds of the fair will finance the exchange students, future workcamps, and other affiliation projects. The Friendship Fair will continue to be a success as long as there is a Moorestown Friends' School and a group of people who are truly interestedin promotinginternation- al understanding. QQ f fi' , Wal , i 5' ww 'tqgslv 1 .. 'A' 'pf if lil!! Glee Club L Front Row, left to right: P. Stevensg T. Mecrayg P. Thieleg V. Blickg R. Robertsg L. DeCoug B. Dickersong W. Dillerg T. WhitegS.Hainesg H. Leiseg B. Woodg J. Perinchiefg C. Thum. Second Row: W. Staatsg A. Evansg J. Diefendorfg A. Stackhouseg H. Taylorg C. Hainesg B. Braddockg T. Jamisong R. Rickettsg F. Walkerg C. Hoffbergg I. Lehfeldtg L. Neuberg B. Griffithg W. James. Third Row: J. Hiattg L. Manoug J. Maguireg W. Tealeg B. McCu11oughg D. Rhoadsg D. Duffg J. Hullg M. Thompsong M. Hathawayg C. Thumg B. Breckerg E. Paulg M. White. Front Row, left to right: J. Hackmang F.J'uge1g M. Serrig S. McArthurg C. Greggg B. Haltemang S. Kittredgeg L. Moyerg R. Lariog E. Wolfg J. Campbe11gJ. Grovattg C. Mageeg L. Cowardg M. Hullg P. Metzerg S. Stubbs. Second Row: F. Chambersg S. Coaleg A. Fitzwaterg B. Archerg M. Doehlertg S. Tallmang J. Crippeng T. Shontzg C. Berryg S. Graffg C. Stilesg L. MacMi11ang C. Hendersong S. Capehartg P. Hess. Third Row: S. Griffithg A. Dotyg M. Thompsong D. Roseg E. Thompsong H. Archerg M. McA11ister5 B. Richieg S. Brayg D. Miklaug L. Lippincottg C. Yacavellig B. Pearsong P. Pearsong D. Duffy B. Shellyg J. Story. rw wa gt vw ,'-' 1 wr ' " I . Q H M ' A 5. NN E ' ' - S.. V .xi 'an-'A' . .4 ...Q is . - 1 Left to right: First R.ow: Miss Whiteg B. Brecker, J. Crippeng S. Hainesg M: Serri, H. Leise, Second Row E Wolf, T. Mecrayg V. Blick, J. Hackmang S. McArthurg Third Row: F. Walkerg B. Braddock D Duff, P Thieleg R. Ricketts. Double llctette The Glee Club and Double Octette, under the guidance of Miss Darlene White, gave us an inspiring musical program at Christmas Time and an entertaining one this spring. The success of these programs was due largely to Miss White's ability to adapt a variety of music to the talents of her choruses. However, the students are not to be forgotten, for without their interest and co-operation neither concert would have been the success it was. The choruses enjoyed singing so they worked long and well to master the difficult pieces. For the fifth year the Double Octette, composed of the more talented members of the Glee Club, has sung special selections at our concerts, and performed at various other times during the year. This group consisted of seven boys and eight girls: Mary Lou Serri, Sigrid McArthur, June Hackman, Erika Wolf, Sally Haines, Helga Leise, Rebecca Brecker, Joy Crippen, Bob Braddock, Donald Duff, Rowland Ricketts, Frank Walker, Peter Thiele, Van Blick, and Terry Mecray. Mary Lou Serri and Rowland Ricketts, accompanists of the Glee Club, and Mrs. Merrill Hiatt, accompanist of the Double Octette, must also be con- gratulated for their support. M fn fl , 521 JU l0R PRUM Q Q W' VN .K 'fi f-in n , JF ' ' Q A A ,K nn.: Ay? I ,al is K X txt r K ZZ. .K 1,9 Y nr In The ame oi God. Amen We, THE CLASS OF 1956, of the Moorestovsm Friends' School, of the Town of Moorestown, County of Burlington, and State of New Jersey, being of unsound but highly disposing mind and memory, and considering the certainty of an end to this life, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our last WILL and TESTAMENT as follows, hereby sustaining the validity of all other and former Wills by us at any time made. FlRST:- We order and direct our executor hereinafter named to pay all our unjust debts and funeral expenses as long after our decease as the creditors will allow. SECOND:- We hereby direct thatz- Becky Brecker leave -- for the altar, Mimi Hathaway leave with Jimmy, Cindy Thum leave -- still talking, Jim Freeman leave his chewing gum to Miss Armstrong, Coxy Sturm leave the women in tears, Bruce Smith leave his pipe to Sandy Bray, Bill Freeman leave his Model A Dragster to Johnny Maguire, Bill Pugh leave his slide rule to Dick Matlack, Maureen White leave her accent to Miss Jucker, Donald Duff leave -- still without a date, Bill Smith leave one beat-up Ford to Mr. Shelley'sdriving class, Jim MacDonald leave his muscles to Frank Walker, Pat Pearson leave her H1 O1 to her sister, Bonny, Sally Haines leave her Aurora Side-lion to Betty Halteman, Terry Mecray leave his shot glass to Van Blick, Erika Wolf leave her unfinished English homework for the next exchange student to finish, Helga Leise leave her left-handed basketball skill to June Hackman, Erika Paul leave her wallet on the gym rafters to Miss Brudon, Garrett Richman leave the "Holy Balls' to Herm, Joe Rogers leave his hometown for the great unknown, Jim Hull, the seminars-with memories, Dave Rhoads leave Moorestown for good, Dorothy Duff leave still "sweet sixteen and never been kissed", Marianne Thompson leave her smile to Mr. Hartman, Dick Stevens leave the Snack Bar in the custody of future seniors. LASTLY:- All the rest, residue, and remainder of our estate, imaginary, imper- sonal, and really mixed up, of whatsoever kind and especially that which is nowhere to be found, we give, devise, and bequeath unto the succeeding senior classes with the earnest hope and desire that they will have no use for it, and that it will be a burden to them, as it has been to us. We hereby nominate, constitute, and disappoint our honored math teacher, Wilbur E. Carr, of Moorestown, New Jersey, as executor of this our last Will and Testament, to serve under the highest bond allowable under the law. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereunto subscribed our name but not our seal fwe don't have oney, the . . day of . . , in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty- six. Class of l956 QNO Sealy We, whose names are hereunto subscribed, do certify that the CLASS OF 1956, the testator, subscribed his name to this instrument in our absence, and in the presence of neither of us, and at an earlier time he had declared in our presence, and within our hearing,that the same was not his last Will and Testament, and requested us, and both of us, not to sign our names hereunto as witnesses. Therefore and in witness of this we do not subscribe our hands nor affix our seals. ART SHARP Y1Fl1sl ll I Ifilli ll I flili Ill! lllu"1'lll Ill A .1 4ll l,usj I.: 'I . A A ni' Automobile Dealer Admiral Wilson Boulevard CAMDEN. N. I. East Coast Branch No. 27 Youth is not Cf time of liteg it is CI stote of mind. You ore os young ds your fcrith, as old os your doubt, os young os your selt-con- tidence, Us old os your fear, cfs young os your hope, as old as your despair, P Fuel Gil - Grain Thu RD AND CHESTNUT X T Coal Feed - Fertilizer Petroleum Products Phone 9-0300 MOORESTOWN, N. I. 69 JGHN G. LEISE METAL WCRKS 1817-Z1 North 5th Street PHILADELPHIA 22, PA. IO NG LES N 480 Underwater Swimming Finest Equipment Available Masks Fins Lungs BOOKS TO INSTRUCT -1- CAMERAS Send for Catalog FENJOHN - Underwater Photo and Equipment Co. 90 Cricket Avenue ARDMORE, PA. I '09 ,gee PAINTS ' GLASS ' PAINTERS' SUPPLIES 4545 Crescent Boulevard CAMDEN 5. NEW IERSEY Lloyd H. Pearson OLDSMOBILE WOODBURY, NEW IERSEY Compliments of PALIVIYRA FCIJNDRY Co., Inc. MECHANITE METAL CASTINGS PALMYRA, NEW IERSEY Ph Rlverton 9-0160 " ' iii 2 T I ., ff it wi, ff W? 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E. SHEMELIA "THE OLD LAMPLIGHT LUNCI 11:oN1:TTE Open 9:00 A.M. to Midnight LUNCH ond DINNERS 61 East Main Street MOORESTOWN. N. I. Phone 9-9163 "SUGAR IS AN ENERGY FOOD" L A R T E R ' S Men's and Boys' Wear 7 E. Main Street ARROW SHIRTS MCGREGOR SPORTSWEAR BOTANY SPORTSWEAR IARMAN SHOES Hours: 9 to 5:30 Dcxilyg 9 to I2 Wed. Fri. Eve, 7 to 9 OLLIVIER'S Stationery 77 E. Main Street MOORESTOWN, N. I. H O P K I N ' S Dry Cleaning 140 King's Highway East HADDONFIELD, N. I. PICK UP ond DELIVERY Phone 9-2287 DURGIN'S MEN'S SHOP, LTD. ARROW SHIRTS ond LEE HATS MAYFIELD Ili' SHIRTS PALMYRA. N. I. RIverton 9-2393 CCLONIAL MOTEL Route 38 FRANK A. YACOVELLI Gwner M 8945 For the Best in Strawberries cmd Peaches and Other Good Things in Season STOP AT De Cou's Roadside Market Chapel Ave. and East Kings Highway TWINES for EVERY USE Try Us for Your CGTTON or SISAL BUNDLING TWINE Supplies N -kia' Phone or Write INDEPENDENT TWINE and YARN Co., Inc 517 Arch Street PHILADELPHIA 6. PA. 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Phone 9-9116 Compliments of C O H E N ' S Department Store 79 East Main Street MOORESTOWN, N. 1. ROCHESTER Outfitters to Moorestown Friends School Formals Since l950 MEN'S 'CLOTHING - FORMAL WEAR ' Route 38 at Airport Circle PENNSAUKEN, N. l. Leonard Levin Myron CPepD Levin WATCHES - GIFTS - REPAIRING Compliments of WILSAM IEWELERS Authorized "Keepsake" Diamond Merchant Cor. Scott cmd Pavilion, Riverside. N. I. 13 E. Broad St., Pamlyra, N. I. William and Samuel Bisignano Rlverside 4-0289 Rlverton 9-2206 H. C. SCHWERIN G Bendix Home Laundry Westinghouse Refrigerators EMERSON - ZENITH - BENDIX RADIOS PALMYRA. N. 1. RI 9-0028 EARLE B. HARDER GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES POWER AND LIGHT INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS 100 E. Broad Street PALMYRA. N. I. We Are Happy to Deliver Your Flowers and Corsages Anywhere THE GRAYSON FLOWER SHOP 111 E. Broad Street PALMYRA, N. 1. Phone: Riverton 9-0267 Phone: Riverton 9-0397 Phone: DUdley 6-1656 BURLINGTON MOTORS CO. Route 130 - Orchard View BURLINGTON, NEW IERSEY THE HOMESTEAD COFFEE SHOP, Inc. ANTHONY'S 20 South Broad Street Hqifdressing WOODBURY, N. PRIVATE ROOMS FOR PARTIES AND BANQUETS 60 W. Chelten Ave. 9 Curtis Ave. PHILADELPHIA, PA. WOODBURY, N. I. Open Daily 8 A.M, -8 PM. TEnnessee 9-2000 Tllden 5-2245 Sundays l-7 PM. Phone: TI 5-5310 Air-Conditioned RICCI'S SHOES. Inc. HADDONFIELD, N. I. ALFRED RICCI Phone: HA 9-2243 Phone: HAddonfield 9-3738 EVANS PET SHOP Complete Line PETS AND SUPPLIES 50 Tanner Street HADDONFIELD, N. I. Best Wishes to the CLASS CF 1956 The Kittredge Family BUD'S MARKET MEATS - oRooER1Es - PRODUCE 215 East Kings Highway and Friends Avenue Freezer Orders Filled - Frosted Foods Telephone: HA 9-3914 Free Delivery Our Sincere Wishes For or Successful Future HEVERLY - WALKER Pharmacy HADDONFIELD. N. I. I. STANLEY BRADDOCK Insurance ART MATERIALS PICTURE FRAMING Seventy South Main Street MEDFORD. N. I. Phone: MEdford 7-6301 50 Tanner Village HADDONFIELD, N. I. M. 6: L. CLEANERS Rear-221 Chester Ave. MOORESTOWN, N. I. I. R. Beane ONE HOUR SERVICE AT PLANT Pontiac Co- We Pick Up and Deliver Phone: MO 9-U3 59 Sales - Service - Paris Route 38 MT. HOLLY. N. I Compliments of Mr- Gnd MTS- Phone: AMhersi 7-0390 L U T Z SALES SERVICE OLIVER CRAWLER AND WHEEL TRACTORS LINK-BELT SI-IOVELS AND CRANES AMERICAN VACUUM LEAF LOADERS MOTOR GRADERS AND ROLLERS FRONT END LOADERS Complete Parts Stock s Close as Your Phone Factory Trained Mechanics a Phones: M . A. LIPPINCOTT 6. BRO., INC. MOORESTOWN. NEW JERSEY Oorestown 9-1568, 9-1559 93 I R E A D 'I'HE NEWS CHRONICLE for news of your SCHOOLS -- CHURCHES COMMUNITY - ACTIVITIES THE NEWS CHRONICLE Moo11zEsToWN's Prize-Winning Newspaper 226 Chester Avenue MOOBESTOWN, N. I. Ph e: MOorestoWn 9-7500 Compliments of A FRIEND Phone: MOorestoWn 9-1300 IVIAGUIRE ENGINEERING Co., Inc. Residential dnd Industrial HEATING dnd WIRING Business Address 129 West Main Street E. I. MAGUIRE, President 221 Fairview Avenue MOORESTOWN, N. I. I. O. EVAUL, Inc. Compliments of DE SOTO -:- PLYMOUTH E D Smartest of the Smart Cars CIVIL ENGINEERING 27-29 E. Kings Highway WOODBURYI N. L AUDUBON 6, NEW IERSEY Telephone: Llncoln 7-5600 LAURIE SMEDLEY VVILLIAM W. IEFFERS and SONS GIFTS-ACCESSORIES GENERAL CONSTRUCTION LINGERIE-IEWELRY WOODBUFRY' N' I' Ten South Broad Street WOODBURY, N. I. 5-0215 William W. Ieffers Phone 2-1842 Compliments of 97 ' 'Y ' 'iSince 1922-The Better Milk" GOLDEN GUERNSEY AMERICA'S TABLE MILK Locust Lane Farm Dairy MOORESTOWN. N. I. Wishing You the Very Best For the Future Lake's Appliance Center Stokes Road MEDFORD, N. I. RECORDS ADMIRAL - R.C.A. - MOTOROLA Phone: MEdford 7-6692 4 Q ' I -'- -f"" f I T ggi- TE-Q-5' -I Wa' " I J f E V re.- A if WATCHES - DIAMONDS - IEWELRY STERLING by Leading Manufacturers -f-"' LENOX cH1NA 1 f 1 f I rug- I in ll Arg --dugg ry ml 'QQ I' '! in 3 '- " I 1 lv 275535 ' ii' JSE- f . 5 , 5 1 snr, fb , - ,Flu--,,5 I ,- V . 'gnu - 512' MERRILLiIeWe1er Watch and Iewelry Repairing 128 Kings Highway E. HADDONFIELD, N. I. RINGS and IEWELRY Made to Order PHILIP W. MINGIN ALBERT F. GROVATT Secretary and Treasurer pg R D LAMB'S GARAGE, Inc. 45-47 N. Main Street I" MEDFORD. NEW JERSEY President x ' X 'Pl ' I THE ONE FINE cAE IN ITS FIELD Telephone: MEdford 7-2131 98 ll N X04 .5 .... ,fm BMS? i SW is if w wi 'f-ii M ,QQ -295335 X. . .Qgga A aiiin ml I I llll I sg in nu 1 In 5 I Ill I A L f X x f 3, 'ui'-2. A. , f .44 I ,I mv-'If K J f Q.. ., 4. , iffy if ff, , Kimi 'Q 1 A

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