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F Lf m,,?xf'?" "" Y it J ' 4. ' .f. fVW Um! ' QJQXJW 1, AQ dv M M1 M MW W, ,lk A, f MM X 4, W ,Milf ff ,,wfJ ,ff W MWZM W7 W The Qioi published hy The Seiiioif Gloss Of moore High School Foiifmeif Qity, Iliinois 1o55 Far Ioetter than the minting Of gold crowned King Is the safe kept memory Of a lovely thiflgf, 2 Qeoticatiom To all the students of Moore High School, Both past and present, we cleoticate the 1955 Owl. May this treasury of the past serve to refresh your memory of high school ctays. 3 Norma Lohmeyer, Editor Weldon Fogal, Assistant Eclitor YQ!-31fSOVlVlEZ H1-he primary concern of American education today is to cultivate in time largest number of our future citizens an appreciation both of time responsibilities and time benefits which come to them because they are Americans and free." --Iames Bryant Conant 4 t J. W. Price Superintendent Mrs. Paul Durbin Secretary to Mr. Price Row 1. left to right: Lyle Nilciaus, Robert Mullen, Maurice Hurley, Frank Maxwell. Row 2: Frank Mclntyre, Floyd King, Beryie Rutledge. G49 7 BOARD OF EDUCATIOI Maurice Hurley President Robert Nlunen Secretary Lawrence E. Smith, Principal G52 Dale Anderson .. Leo Bray ......... 663 1 Tis education forms Just as the twig is bent . . . . . . . .Speech Correctionist . . . . .Matheniatics and Science . Patricia Brummitt .... ............. V ocol Music S Martlla gift? . H Catherine Carter .............,................ Homemaking ecretary to r' md Gerald Cavanaugh ....... Eighth Grade and Iunior High Coach Nlary Ceibert ...... .......... E nglisfl, Latin ancl Library Dale Anderson Leo Bray Patricia Brummitt Catherine Carter Gerald Cavanaugh Maw Ceiloert Q52 e Common min the treess incline ss Catherine Crago Elaine Dickson . Eugene Elliott . Duane Gronau Laurene Mabry . Joiin Nlaisch . . . Catherine Crago DUBHC GTOHHLI Laurene Mabry JOIIII MHlSCh FACULTY Arthur Nliddtestecl Ralph Rausctn .. Dorothy Scartoeary Ruth Schneider .. Jerry Slack . . . Cmer Tomlinson . . . .Instrumental Music . . ........... English .Commercial Seventh Grade and Art Ptiysicat Education, Driver Education, Athletic Coach ........ ...nlnclustriat Arts Arthur Middtestead Ralph Rausch Dorothy Scarbeary Ruth Schneider Jerry Stack Qmer Tomlinson 482 JANITQRS ivan Sliger. .iulin .ionc-s, Vvilson Tilnlws. BUS DRIVERS Row I, left lo rigllf: Vvilson Tilmias, Harolci VViior-ler, lviarvin Sflllllill. Henry Dcvaull. Rum 2: iffl Cooler-. ivan Sligcr, Lloyci Niclmlas, Vvillnrci Tlioluaw CAFETERIA Left io riglil: lxflrs. Clyde Vance, Wits. Lee Persons, lvlrs. Wesley Vviliiams. lVlrs. Robert Hieronymus, lxirs. Nlaucic Coleman, lvlrs, Carlos Seifert. G92 N ORMA LOHMEYER Valedictorian Runner-up, DAR Awarcl DELIVIAR THOM Salutatorian Runner-up, SAR Award mf Highest Honors GIUX WELDON FCGAL Sons of American Revolution Award SYLVIA SAVAGE Daughters of American Revolution Award SENIOR OFFICERS Glearning by study must be Won Until the final year is donef, Kathy Beasley 11 We, time seniors, will soon be Mary Katherine Beasley HA friendly girl, a charming tassg A worthy addition to our ctassf' Patricia Ann Brannock "Ready for anything, worte or play: Stne is a good friend in every wayf, John Wesley Corder "About trim we can truly say, 'Hes one guy who is O.K.' U Dorothy Maxine Devautt ushe can pass and bounce and bat the bang She titles the sports and excelts in them auf, Phillip Eugene Dotbert HA little mischief now and than Is relished by the best of men." sts u 6122 rernembered only as the Class of 555. Kent Eugene Durbin "Earnest in his worte, wtiotetiearteot in his Play, Noble in his thoughts. Whai more is there to say?" David Lloyd Elmore "He was not a chip off the old block. But the old block itself." George Weldon Fogat "The wilt to zto, the sout to otare. A hanctsome youth without a care Davict Albert Frecterickson, Jr. "Ever going, never stitt, Remember him? We always wilt." Larry David Gee I att the girls were across the sea What a gooot swimmer I would be. 413: But, in spite of this, We will remember you, as Lowell Richard Hedges "Dick has a winning way, But never much to say. Pat Hester MOH, money is the staff of life. I'll take thai. Who needs a wife?H Larry Reid Hoffman HHere's a man who's in his prime, Into mischief most of the time." Barbara Joan Kelley Ucalm and quiet as a rule, Is it always-or just in school?" Phillip Andrew Krug The great ability to lead and guide ls his to give and not to hide." e142 the most Woncterfut peop e We have ever known Kristen Melon Lawson "The drums are Kris, pricte and joyg He uses ttiem as his favorite toyf, Norma Louise Lotlmeyer "A bright minot, a keen mentality, A frienotty smite anot toacts of personatityf, Barbara Ann Marvin "Always steacty, always true, In att the things she tries to ctof! Donald Eugene Ntarvin HA quiet tact, sincere anct true- We wish our friends were all titae you." Ruth Ann Mctntyre HA witty jest and frequent smite, Make a frienctstzip very worthwhile." e152 There have been times when Weave iaugiieci at you Carlos Gris Miller UAnytl1ing but a sirirkerg He's a hard and earnest worker." Doris Ann Moore "Shes neither shy nor bold, Sheis just as good as gold." Leslie Irwin Parker, Jr. HHere,s a student off to college, For he's in search of future knowledge. Robert Gordon Ratciiffe mln my locker my books do tie: Tl1ey're at rest and so am If, Fred Eugene Reynolds HHis idea of a perfect day Is less work and much more play. 4162 and times when We,Ve laughed with you Vvilliam Robert Rittenhouse "Bills the greatest-rated high, First or last, llG,S one swell guyf, Sylvia Joyce Savage UA lovely girl, a beautiful smile, SllG,S nice all the lime, not once in a while., Nlary Ruth Scarbrough Ulf I am happy, and he is happy, What else maiters?H Roy D816 SCHTIJTOLIQII- HAlways on hand when there's work to be done, But never too busy to join in the funf' Mary Kathryn Seifert With a sweet so t smlle that never warns Success and happiness will be her gums e172 but were the first to Virginia Lee Sprague HFun to know, jolly and gay: Can be serious, but would rather playf, Linda Louise Stagen 'sAlways laughing, always gay, Always there with something to sayf' Dorothy Arlene Stiles HA fine girl, a goocl friend, One on whom you can depend." CHF! WCSICY Swallow , "Full of fun and fancy free, Thafs the way we all should Bef, Delmar DGHII TIIOITI "A good pal to have, a nice guy to know: Delmafs 'plain swell' from head to toe.', e182 admit We will miss you. Thomas Besser Tobin "Always ready with a pun, Here's a boy whos full of funf, Mary Lou Wells nstieis full of smiles, full of spice, Which adds up to just 'plain nice Ruby Jean Wilson "Feast your eyes on this beauty queen, But for only one boy do her eyes gteamf' Franklin Delano Vvorlcman "Worry little, study lessg Thats my idea of happiness' Jerry Leon Wright HHe isn't very big, that is true, But size doesn't count, lt's what lie can do. e192 h mas Tha Sz ' Mos? Lflfly, Zo s u can! Pc I 0 57:30 Qfwfizrff gli, Kenf' . Dua-bm 4-"7 Narma- all S Besf P 1' F-Igsfd Daruaf Flmvv Ph Ki "'c ,,-, Cflsivaq fr" Mos? Afhlcffc A'-" f X ,ff ,MX f A Z Well Wells Nf1'Tne.sT ---'P 1-.,'L'TC1' Finally tagged upperolassmen . . impressing the freshmen . . . officially attending Junior-Senior Prom . . looking forward to Ioeing Seniors I lin Thurber ..... ........... P resident L y Skagen . . .............. Treasurer Ph I R . ......... Vice-President J A ci . . .Sergean Secretary fabsent, mUJDPL'CU Q- -ng OXU1 Getting the fundamentals of acting in SpGCCl'1 Class Jim Anderson Arehie Ashworth Beverly Cndle Tony Cndle Don Corcler Judy Dawson George Engel John Galloway Linde Gihhs Shirlev Heflin Joyce Hendren Gordon Huff V K222 Preparing for lab . . . and a big explosion K232 Judy Johnson David Lewis Don Nlerrifield Susie Oakley Nlary Parr Fred Peters Rnloy Priest Jeelrie Roberson Phil Rous Reryrnond Sawyer Nancy Shaw Lyndon Short Caught in the mad scramble between Classes Mary Jean Snniih Skip Skagen Larry Slagen Don Siimlei- Sylvia Stoughton John Tl 111r ber David Trenkle Mike Trenkle John Weei Fr nnce S Wheeler Junior Vvhitehouse Frank Willinnie Absent: Dixie Qwens Dick Reynolds Q 24 75 Struggling with assignments . . . becoming Concerned aioout time future , . . living ti1OSC tense moments at bail games . . . enjoying tile thrill of activities HFO fl B.'6'I' OUT Bette Thomas ........... Vice-President fainsenti History Class . . . learning aloout tlie past . . . clreaming aloout tlie future Judy Anderson Carolyn Balcer Bernard BIOOIKS lvlerle Clark Carolyn Curtis Janet Elmore Donnie Ester Jody Flint Franlc Fogal Anne Freclericlcson lVlilce Hawtliorne Cheryl Herriclc Q 26 x Janet Hester Buddy Hooser Cleyd Howe Kathleen Isaacs Virginia Keysear Jirn Lashbrook Donna McCartney Joyce MeGath Pat Newberry Elizabeth Newlin Sandra Owens June Parrill 4115-wwf-J TTWKZQ SXQRMXEXSSS' MW1is2Q -mm 153,11 Something is lost in the sophomore stunt . . . the stunt! Melvin Reynolds Martha Rittenhouse Charlotte Sawyer Julian Shelter Carol Stiger Bettie Thomas Marie Torbert Bill Walden Steve Wheeler Gardenia Vvilson Absent: Raymond White Displaying their talent . . . Homecoming Play ' x28x Madeline McCord V P cl Sue Turpin . . . S Curti Rau P J D dAh I T Lost in the whirl of high school . . . studying enough to get hy . . . heginning to ciate . . . plaguing the teachers . . . trying hard to please the upperciassmen Dnvid Ashworth Clnrine Baker Jirn Borton Chnek Br annoc Ronnie Crutchfield De anna Durbin Eugene Ester LeRoy Ester Ronnie Ester Myrna Flanagan Katherine Fognl Eddie Fnllis for the photographer Intense study . . . a good pose 44302 Beverly Grimes Bill Hammer Sliaran Harder Jerry Hardy Pat Henclreu Susan Herrick Linda Hieronymus Jeanette Hillis Jimmy Jones Diane Kenner Carolyn Knykenelall Lynn Lelimeyer 2 3 Q . 3 s i 5 Caught Watching a movie . . . educational, of Course. 6312 Hey fellows . . . donst monopotize . . . give the other guys a Chance e322 Curtis Maxwell Myrna Maxwell Madeline MCC Dan Moore Sh8l'0l'1 Owens Jim Ratcliff Curtis Rau Phil Rodman Leslie Simpson Kenneth Spurling Jane Stagen Elfrieda Sten Jerry Stiles Sandra Swaiiow Kathryn Swartz LaDonna Thompson Esther Terrence Sue Turpin Joe Walslr Berry Wilson Royce Vviison Jim Wright Larry Young Jerry Zimmerman GSS? C6 99 Competing for a first in stunt siuow . . gooci try Wg Larry use Jody Flizsi' - ,LGYEM3lRS3M?2W.,q ii- " A L i John 'ihurber it Steve Wheeler Euddyh I-looser ' - watch 'EWS Skip Stagesii , .. K, ..1.i il Ehlby SH Q L.XL . SUPBI' 383533911 UE A lu W- ... 4Je:,xv:ry Stiles - Larry Young . . mo sromssgsga Pi1i1.R0us f . . What's the M for? .,??k1,f-2n,1t,-:f-mf? ,9W1?.31F?,E'fF?ifi1'l? 1, 1 Sandra Swallow - Janet HestSr z X Q 4-x +. 5 . . . ilifcivgfr exams? Sharma Queens - Sharon Hardefrl . . . cold Qutside? ? 1 bylvia Qavagea . . . as sweat Serxilori, Dorothy Stiles . . . ENB5RI2AE353ED P:-amass Lmfkmeler - Carolyn Curtis' ' . Q . CAUGHT'??? Rqethw Mclnfayfre .I X Daria Moore - Norma swims, KISSQS Gorder . . . a hfandsmnb seniorti ,M W . . ,.,,., ,X.. ,., x,.x. , ,..,X. www xxx.xX.x x .W.., ..x.,., : f , Jackie Roberson .sleepy Jackie? ' v3f3UY3.iL IYECCBEYHSQT -- Efiyrna Maxwell, o an ndOI'l"iBb8SlfQf1 L Sports HI waste no thought on my neightsofs Birth Or the way he makes his prayer, I grant him a white man,s room on earth If only his game is squaref, -BAGER CLARK, JR. JERRY SLACK Athletic Coach Leo Bray Duane Gronau Ralph Rausch Assistant Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Football Coach Q36:b ictory in the Paxton football game added to the thrill of Homecoming. Excitement mounts as Farmer City wins over Fisher to regain Sangamon Valley Conference Championship. Fans go wild as Farmers win over Champaign Maroons for first time in seven years. K372 Fighting spirit . . . teamwork . . . encouragement Row I, left to riglzl: Leslie Simpson, Jerry Vvriglit, Larry Hoffman, David Elmore. Kent Durbin, Phillip King. Dirk Hedges, Don Nlarvin. Julian Shaffer. Row 2: Coach Slack, Skip Stagcn, Bernard Brooks, Jolm Corder, Larry Gee, Delmar Thorn, Weldon Fogal. Frank Vvillianis, Bill VValdcn. Lyndon Short. Mr. Gronau. Row 3: Don Nlerrifieid. Pliil Rous, John West, .lim Anderson, Buddy Hooser, Dick Reynolds. ixmxe Trenicle, ixielvin Reynolds. FOOTBALL CAPTAINS Weldon Fogal Kent Durbin K 38 x ity 6 from the fans . . make a winning team VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES September I7 there Farmer City l3 Bement September 24 Iiere Farmer City 6 Gibson C October I tliere Farmer City 6 Westville October 8 Iiere Farmer City 33 Hayworth October 15 there Farmer City 25 Saybrook Cctoloer 22 here Farmer City 7 Paxton October 30 ttiere Farmer City 0 Octavia November 5 here Farmer City 6 LeRoy La 1'1' y Hoffman Delmar Thom John Vvest Buddy Hooser Dick Hedges Don Nlarvin 6 20 O 0 0 9 6 David Elmore Frank Williams 4 5"-FWSWS bi ti FW 'WSFQW' 'Siu Rd 'mt' Ni' 6 , ea, wma. .ef -,-Mr, .v NS3 i S X -Wiwie ,PBS-K L i i 5 n Bernard Brooks John Corder Phil Rous Jim Anderson N i i 4 Piwii King Bill Walden Jerry Wright Don Nlerrifieid iwiice Trenlcle Melvin Reynolds 1 i 5 S 1 3 2 E 5 5 ff x fn 'K?i 'Si .siweFfanlT.TiENKxSlN?xwi?'3'EEfX?:x ' ,eff SWSKX1ES5iwiS1QiN'!5,liMi.:ii""'f?3'5WS" xrrifq ' " ,- ., .L V-.. x KQNSFFS J I Dick Reynoicis Lyndon Short Larry Gee Skip Skagen FRESHNIAN-SOPHOIVIORE FOOTBALL X- .,k. . SM, . r . ..- , .r..- f fr. -. x 4 . - an - A , Row I, lei! 10 right: L:-siie Simpson. LeRoy Ester, Dnviri Asiiworlii, Ciiucic Brannoric. Jim Vvrigiii. Don Ester, Jim Burton, Julian Siiaiier. Row 2: Wir. Rnuscii, 'Gene Ester, Don Slimier. Piiii Rocinian. .ioim Tiiuriier, Arcixie Asiiworlii, Davici Lewis. George Engei, Ronnie Esker. Q412 Speed, agiiity, aiertnessmaice ioasicetioaii stars November November November December December January JHIIUHTV Sitting: Lcsiie Simpson. VARSITY BASKETBALL Stanrting, left to rigiil: Joim Vvest, Dicic Heciges, Kent Durbin. Joiin Tiiurtucr. Vvcicion Fogai, Tony Cacile, Delmar Tiiom. Bernard Brooks, Dick Reynolds, Don Marvin, Mr. Stacie. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES I9 ttiere 23 :here 26 there I0 here 21 there 4 here 7 there Farmer City ..... January Mama ......... , Farmer City . . . January LeRoy ........ Farmer City . . . January Octavia ....... Farmer City .. January DeLand-Weldon Farmer City . . . January Gibson City . . . Farmer City . . . January Argenta ....... Farmer City . . . January Fisher ........ e422 there here there here ttiere here there Farmer City . . . Niaiiomet ..... Farmer City . . . Rantoui ....... Farmer City . . . Bement ....... Farmer City . .. iviansfieici ..... Farmer City Champaign .... Farmer City . .. Unity . ...... .. Farmer City . .. DeLandQVVeicion W6idOH FOQHI Tony CHCHC BCl"l'li-lrd BTOOICS For Moore Higii Soiiooi February February February February February February here here there here here here Q 43 2 Farmer City Fisiier .... Farmer City Saybrook .. Farmer City Niansfieici . Farmer City Niaiiomet . Farmer City Trinity .... Farmer City LeRoy .... Dick Reynoicis Joiin West Dick Hedges Don Marvin Delmar Ttiom TOURNAMENT SCORES Sangamon Valley Tournament: CDeCember 13-171 Farmer City ..... ............ . . Nlansfietct . .. . . Jotxn Thurber Farmer City I l Skip Stagen DeLand-Weldon . . . Farmer City ........ ........ . . . . Fisher ............................ . . fchampionstiip Game, Monticello Tournament: fDecemt:er 27-QQJ Farmer City ..... . ........... . . Urbana ...... . . 6442 Farmer City .... Maroa ....... Farmer City .... LeRoy ....... Farmer City .... Octavia ....... Farmer City .... DeLa'nd-Weldon Farmer City .... LeRoy ......... fsanganion Valley Farmer City .... Fisher ....... Farmer City .... Saybrook .... FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL Championsiiipj Farmer City Gibson City Farmer City Argenta . . Farmer City Fisiier .... Farmer City Mahomet . Farmer City Rantoui .. Farmer City Mansfield . Farmer City Mahomet . Farmer City . . . Bement ..... Farmer City . . . ixfiansfieici . . . Farmer City . . . Champaign . . . Farmer City . . . Unity ...... Farmer City . . . DeLand-Weldon Farmer City . . . Trinity ....... Farmer City . .. LeRoy ...... Row 1, left io right: Jim Lasiibrook, David Asimwortii, Jim Wright, Curtis Maxwell, Chuck Brannock Ronnie Crutchfield, Curtis Rau, Kenneth Spuriing, Jim Ratciiti, Joe Waisii. Row 2: Lyndon Short, Donnie Ester, Donnie Nterrifieid. Row 3: Coach Stack, Biii Walden, Jim Anderson, Julian Shaffer, Merle Clark, Frank Fogai, Buddy Hooser, Mike Trenkie, Skip Stagcn, Melvin Reynolds. Q452 CHEERLEADERS . . . The Pep Behind Our Team Left to right: Carolyn Curtis, Anne Frederictcson, Sylvia Savage, Linda Gibbs. Left to right: Deanna Durbin, Linda Hieronymus, Frances Vvtieeter, Bettie Thomas. 44469 I ,, SCHOOL SONGS For we are iotty stuctents of MCI-IS, We are ttie best. To high sctwot We are ever true. Yes, we are toyat Ever to our Purple, White, Fight! Fight! Wetre the teimt that flare and ftot Ttmereys a cheer from tile stancts anct ttze bleachers when LUG S89 OUT' team Q0 y. Tll9T9,S a yett from the stuotents and teachers For the team of M. C. High. At the game you can tett why we att came lust to see them win eactl game. VVt1o,s the winner of each Batt game? It's that team! .Ianet EIm0re. EIIriecIa SIenseI and Sharon Harder enjoy a game of basIcetIoaII. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Mary Jean Smith, CaroIyn Curtis and Dorothy Dc-:VauIt watch Anne Freclericicson catch the strike .IucIy Johnson just missed. Miss Laurene IVIaIJry, Advisor, gives Elizabeth Nowlin a few pointers on serving the voIIeyIJaII. 447s GAA TEAM Frances Wheeler Captain G A A O F F I C E R S President ..... ............ iv Iary Lou Wells Vice-President . . . . .Joyce Hendren Secretary .... ....... C aroiyn Curtis Treasurer ....... .... A nne Frecterickson Point Chairman .... ....... L inda Gibbs Recreation Chairman . . . . .Frances Wheeler Parliamentarian ......... ,... D orothy Devault Student Council Representative . .Bettie Thomas Advisor ................. Miss Laurene Nlabry Row 1, left lo right: Dorothy Dcvault, Linda Stagen, Kathy Fogai, Susan Herrick, Cheryl Herrick, Made- line McCord. Row 2: Anne Fredcricicson, Sylvia Stoughton, Jane Stagen, Kathleen Isaacs, Sharon Harder, Frances WIISQICY. Row 3: Sue Turpin, Jo Alice Flint, Kathryn Swartz, Janet Elmore, Judy Anderson. Judy Johnson. e482 ,GAA TEAM Vtary Lou Wells, Captain Rom I, left to right: Virginia Keysear, Janet Hester, Carolyn Curtis, Sanctra Owens, Deanna Durbin, Linda Hieronymus. Pat Hrrnctren. Row 2: Mary Lou Wells, Mary Jean Smith, Beverly Grimes, Jackie Roberson, Ettrieda Stenset, Joyce Hendren, Nancy Shaw. Row 3: Barbara Kelley, Ruth Mctntyrc, Bevcrty Cacile, Sandra Swallow, Etizataetii Nowtin, LaDonna Thompson. Lincta Gibbs. GAA PURPOSE The purpose of time GAA is to promote interest in girls' physical education, sports, health and good sportsmanship. GAA PLEDGE Nt promise to uptiotct time icteats of tile Girls, Attttetic Association, By promoting interest in attitetics and time out of ctoorsg By tiving so ttiat I may be tieatttiy anct strongg By making gooct sportsmanstiip a constant factor in my comtuctf, 5499 ftctivities "All the worlclys a stage, And all the men and women merely ptayersg They have their exits and entrancesg And one man in his time plays many partsf, -SHAKESPEARE KSU? STUNT SHGW . . every class for itself Freshman Stunt-Qncl Place "Sid Ullivan's Toast of the Town" Sophomore Stunt "A Summer Rendezvous" Junior Stunt Ulvlerry Mix-up" keen competition produces a Winner THE WINNER "1 Flecl Thirty Wives Senior Class THE RGYAL COURT Left to right: Elfriecla Stensel. Anne Freclerickson, Joyce Henclren, Ruby Wilson, Sylvia Savage, Jesse Mae Vvarren and Dan Trenlcle H953 King and Queenl, Weldon Fogal, Delmar Thom, Mike Trenlcle, Frank Fogal, Curtis Rau. Q 51 2 Y' C 0 T N . . . The peak of Stunt RONA I0 Their Majesties, THE KING AND QUEEN Sylvia Sdvage and Weldon Fogal Sho N 1 v K54x HOMECGMING . . .Festive Floats . . .Exciting FLOAT WINNERS: I st Place-Seniors mrhe Old Mustangs Ain't What They Used To Be" 2nd Place-SB Class "Smooth Sailingu 3rd Place-F.F.A. "Here They Rest in 'Pieces' 4th Place-sophomores nvictory is Elementaryn fnot pictured, 5th Place-SA Class HVVQW Pop Paxton" . . . waiting to play in the big game Game . . . Entertainment . . . Dancing Alumni and students enjoy H 0 m e c o m i n g entertainment. Dancing among the winning decorations. Play cast receives tiie final touch of make-up for time homecoming production. Uncle Eben flies into a rage in a dramatic scene from the play. Play cast-uVViiodunit?" . . . Kathy Beasley, soloist and Phil King, Nlasier of Ceremonies 1 K552 Ruby Wilson, with her artistic touch, headed the decoration committee for the prom. Pictured here is llie Hstairwayn. Sophomores served as waiters and waitresses Guests ate steak under the Hstarsn We danced in the clouds to time music of the Tod Howard Orchestra. . Stairway to the Stars Left to right: Sylvia Savage, Delmar Thom, Kathy Beasley, Pat Hester. Grouped around the wishing well-and looking mighty pretty, too-are the Junior Class officers wishing for a successful prom. K57b Stuoient Council Directs the Schoors Activities . The purpose of the student council is to further and improve student participa- tion in the activities of the school and to promote a hetter understanding between the faculty ancl the stuclents. Membership in the council consists of three members of the senior ciass, two from the junior class, two from the sophomore class, two from the freshman class. two from the seventh and eighth grades, and one from each club recognized by the school. Council memloers are elected for a term of one year. Mr. Smith is advisor for the organization. Around table, left to right: Mr. Smith, Phil King, Mary Kathryn Seifert, Fred Reynolcls, Kent Durbin, Linda Hieronymus, Janet Hester, John Thurber, Curtis Nlaxwell, Delmar Thom, Lyndon Short, Budciy Hooser, Phil Rous, Judy Nixon, Judy Kelley, Janis Lashiaroolc, Joan Clow, Ellen Tharp. Dorothy Stiles. e582 Qfiiice Help Haii Cadets Left to rigid: Dixie Owens. Nancy Silaw, Doris Moore, Joyce Left fo rigid: L1-siic Simpson. Davici Lewis, Kristen Lawson, Henciren, Mrs. Curtis, Niary Kaliiryn Seifert, Susie Oakley, Dicic Hcciges, Lyncion Siiort. Piiii Rous, Cioyci Howe. Librarians Students Render invaiuaioie Service To Moore High '1""m-nm. 44 592 Left to rigiit: June Parriii. Sandra Owens, Joyce McGali1, Janet Hester. LaDonna Thompson, Niyma Maxwell. Junior Vviiiteiiousc. THE UWL Deadlines . . . Deaoiiines . . .Deaoiiines Left to right: Vveicion Fogai, Miss Dickson, Norma Loiuuey Dorothy Stiles. Mr. Smit' DEPARTMENT EDITORS Art .,...... Ruby Vviison Sports ....., John Corcier PIl.0t0gTGpI1.y David Freciericicson Clubs . . .Mary Lou Vveiis Class ....... Kent Durbin Special Feature Ruth Ann Mcintyre Advertising . . .Tom Tobin Circulation .... Pimii King Activities . .Kathy Beasley Editor ....... Norma Loiimeyer Assistant Editor .Weldon Fogai Business Manager Dorotimy Stiles Advisors . .Miss Elaine Dicicson Mr. L. E. Smitii Row 1, left to right: Kent Durbin, Piliiiip King. Tom Tobin. Ruby Vvii Row 2: Niary Lou Nfvciis, Davici Frecicricicson, .loim Corcier. Rulil Mciniyr Kat y Beasley taiasenti. KSU? "M" CLUB OFFICERS President .... ................ P bil Delbert Vice-President . . . .... Weldon Fogai Secretary-Treasurer . .... Dave Elmore Sergeani-at-Arms .. .... Buddy Hooser Advisor ........ . . .NIL Jerry Slack M CLUB . . . Moore High s Athletes Row 1, left lo right: Mr. Bray, Don Merrifield, Mike Trenkie, Lyndon Short, Mr. Slack. Row 2: David Freciericlcson, Dick Hedges, Frank Workiiian, Don Mawin, Jolm West. Row 3: Piiii King, David Elmore. Phil Doilaert. Buddy Hooser, Kent Durbin, Larry Hoifman. Row 4: Frank Williaiiis, Larry Gee, Weldon Fogai, Tony Cacile, Delmar Timm, Bernard Brooks, Jim Anderson. e612 FHA OFFICERS President .............. Sylvia Savage Vice-President .... Ruth Ann Mclntyre Secretary ............ Mary Jean Smitli Treasurer ........ Partiamentarian .. Projects Chairman Public Relations Chairman ....... Student Councit Representative . . . Courtesy Chairman Degree Chairman Freshman Council Members ........ Historian ........ . . . . .Carolyn Curtis Afivisor ........ lvl Cliapter Mother . . .......NanCy Shaw Mary Lou Wells . . . .NOITUH l.40lll'l'l6y6'I' Susie Qalfley Dixie Qwens . .Anne Freclericlcson ........Lincla Gilylos . . . .Elfriecla Stensel Patty Henclren iss Catherine Carter .lVlrs. Ronald Savage Sylvia Savage, President, presicles over an executive meeting in tlie newly re- modeled liome economics department. Miss Carter gives Dorothy Stiles and Mary Lou Wells last minute instructions for the style sl1oW, an annual event for time FHA. , Lincla Cvilimlos, Susie Oalcley, and Sylvia Savage aclmire time awarcls earnecl by tile FHA this year. AWARDS lst Place, Section 'SHOW Do You Raten lst Place, International Good Will Qnot Place, Public Relations State Degrees: Mary Katliryn Seifert, Jean Price, Nancy Simpson State Sctiotarstiip-Jean Price Q 62 D FUTURE HQMEIVIAKERS OF AMERICA Row 1, left to rigill: ivirs. Curtis, ivirs. Savage, Syivia Savage, Miss Carter, Niiss Sniilii, ivirs. Povveii. Row Q: Caroiyn Curtis, .icanetle Hiiiis, Deanna Durbin, Carolyn Baker, Virginia Keysear, Linda Hierony- mus, Barbara Marvin, Janet Hester. Row 3: Sharon Harcier. June Parriii. Pat Henciren. Doris Nioore, iviary Jean Sniitil, Ruiwy Vviison. Susie Oaiciey, Ciarinc Baiccr. Mary Lou Parr. Pal Newiierry. Row 4: Anne Frederizticson, Siiiricy Hciiin, Janet Einmre, Mary Lou Vveiis. Katilryn Swartz, Diane Kenner, Frances Vvileeicr. Norma Loinneyer. Jo Aiice Flint, Myrna Flanagan. Joyce Mccalil. Row 5: .Iuciy Dawson, Bcveriy Caciie, Mary Rutii Scariurougil. Eiizaimelil Nowiin, .iacicie Roiwcrson, Niarie Torimrt, Judy Joilnson, Eiiriecia Slensei, Jane Skagen. Dorotily Stiles. Caroi Siiger. Row 6: Mary Katiiryn Seifert. Joyce Hendren. Martila Riltenilousc. Cileryi Herrick. Rutii Ann Mcirityre. Gardenia Vviison, Nancy Siiaw, Linda Gibbs, Esliicr Terrence, Sancira Swaiiow, Carolyn Kuyicenciaii. Betty Vviison. FHA CREED We are tire Future Homemaicers of America. We face the future with warm courage Anci high ilope. For We have the ciear consciousness of seeking' Oici anci precious vaiues. For we are time iauiiders of imomes. Homes for Americas future. Homes Where iiving wiii be time expression of everything This is gooci and fair. Homes wirere truth and iove and security and iaitim Wiii be reaiities, not dreams. We are the Future Homemaicers of America. We face the future with warm courage And iligti iiope. 44632 F. F. A. CREED l helieve in the future of farming, with a faith horn not of words hut of deeds- achievemenls won loy the present and past generations of farmers: in the promise of hetter days through loetter ways, even as the hetter things we now enjoy have come to us from the struggles of former years. I loelieve that to live and work on a good farm is pleasant as well as challeng- ing: for I know the joys and discomforts of farm life and hold an inlaorn fondness for those associations which, even in hours ol: discouragement, I can not deny. l believe in leadership from ourselves and respect from others. I believe in my own aloility to work efficiently and think clearly. with such knowledge and skill as l can secure, and in the ability of organized farmers to serve our own and the public interest in marketing the product of our toil. l loelieve we can safeguard those rights against practices and policies that are unfair. I believe in less dependence on loegging and more power in bargaining: in the life aloundant and enough honest wealth to help make it so-for others as well as mysellg in less need for charity and more of it when needed, in heing happy myself and playing square with those whose happiness depends upon me. I believe that rural America can and will hold true to the best traditions in our national lite and that I can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task. Row 1, left to right: Leroy Ester, Donnie Ester, David Ashworth. Mr. Elliott, Eddie Follis, .lim Vvriglit. Danny Moore. Row 2: Jerry Wriglit, Phil Rodman, David Trenkle. Cloycl Howe, Eugene Ester, John West, Mike Trenkle. Hammer. Row 3: Larry Hoffman, Phil Dolhert. Larry Stagen. Fred Reynolds, Curtis Rau. Roy Scarhrougll, Kent Durhin, Dave Elmore. Row 4: Oris Miller, Carl Swallow, Delmar Thom, Merle Clark, Larry Gee, Rohert Ashworth, John Galla- way. Julian Shaffer. 64 K E PEE r President . . . Vice-President Treasurer . . . Reporter .. Sentinel . . Aclvisor . . . OFFICERS Secretary .... . . . .Delmar Thom . . . .Larry Gee . . .Jerry Wfigllt . . .Larry Stagen ...John West . . . . . .Dave EIHIOFC Mr. Eugene Elliott FUTURE FARMERS GF AMERICA FFA AWARDS Six W mms 1 . . Dan Nfoore, Robert Asllworill, Nlilce Trenlcle and Dave Ashworth admire awards earned by FFA members. K 65 D OFFICERS President ...... ............ . .. Bill Walden Vice-President . . . . . .Lyndon Short Secretary ......... . . .Julian Shaffer Student Council .. ...... Fred Reynolds Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ....... Melvin Reynolds Advisor ............................... lVlr. Omer Tomlinson MEMBERS Row l, left to rigllt: Fred Reynolds, Melvin Reynolds, Franlc Fogal, Frank Vvilliams, Jim Anderson, Lyndon Slrorl, Bernard Broolcs. Row 2: Mr. Tomlinson, Otis Miller. Merle Clarlc, Julian Slialler, Bill Walden, Jolln Galaway, Mike Trcnlcle, 6662 VISUAL AIDS CLUB OFFICERS President ................ Leslie Parker Vice-President .. .... Larry Hoffman Secretary ...... .... K risten Lawson Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . . Cloycl Howe Student Council . .. ...... Jolin Thurber Advisor ........ .... IVI r. John Maison VA. CLUB MEMBERS Row I, lpfl io rigili: Merle Clarlc, Cloynl Howe, Dave Lewis. Kristen Lawson, Larry Hellman, Leslie Parker. Curtis Rau. Curtis Maxwell. Row 2: Leslie Simpson, .lim Laslllxroolc, Royce Vvilson, Bill Vvalclen, lVlr. Nlaisclw. Tony Cacile. Kent Durbin, .lolm Tllurlzver, Phil Roclman. How 3: Jerry Siiles, Lynn Lollmcycr, Jim Ratclill, Eugene Esler. Q 67 an Y mimi 1 Q 22:25 'wQ3iQQ S .AQ fviyvi i W X7 X N ggi 49" s' fe W fl 2 K . JiSi?Hg ' M' . v N E Sw f ' 5 ' X ff' , ' xg ff ' 133 a -' Q Q ' :wwf A ' ,X x 1 45' vs N X sv P 'SN 5 i f N Q W xx l LQ- .f .X X . , Q X sg U V -Z M ' :E,x W ,A,, N ,Q q TQQQ wjJV,QXg Q X -xr X ' jX ' 'f Egg, SX Q ' K QQ lx -Q 4 , Q 1 ffm , X W 1 sq ,ff ltfgf X A L. . iw Q XX s - -. w wg Q v t X 3 1 if .:., I t Q A A X 2 x Q , ' 8 gy X Q A R k W ff! QQ? K ' 1 X SS .M -xi x AX Six f kg . Nwxm s NN Xl V sff ' - Y QMX X x ' i xw ki x Rx KN X QNX X X make a gooct tmanot CORNETS BASES Larry Hoffman SAXOPHONES Deanna Durbin Kathryn Swartz Carolyn Curtis Judy Anderson Curtis Rau Jerry Stiles Donna Harder LeRoy Ester Joe McKinley Ronnie Hardy PERCUSSION Kristen Lawson Bonnie Duff Susan Herrick Suzy Stutzman Virginia Sprague I ' Nancy Shaw Dixie Owens FRENCH HORNS TROIVIBONES BASSOON Beverly Grimes Eclctie Nitctaus Linda Hieronymus Darlene Kirby Ronnie Hunt SCHQOL BAND x '13 Q x : Q X Sf' N2 X 1 A zj' F.-3, - S. t R Q , A ...Q g pw' , .1538-A. . ,,., ' 'V' x mac 'QQ gg ef ' 3 YR x Sw N55 W. X w 5 lag W wx y 3 :e 4 Q' TWIRLERS Left to right: Sliirley Stevens, Gloria Lowman, .laclcie Roloerson, Beverly Cacile, Judy Johnson, Kay Welton, Ann White. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row 1, left lo, riglrt: Nlilce Hawlliorne, Pllil Rous, Melvin Reynolcls, Mrs. Brunlmill, Bill Hannuer, Lynn Loluney Row 2: Toni Tolain, Don Slin er, Sieve Wheeler. ller, Roy Scarlarougli, Oris Miller, Franlc Vvorlcman, George Engel, Ronnie Esler. Row 3: J0l1l'l Galaway, Bernarcl Brooks, .lim Peters. Tony Camille, Fred Pelers, Merle Clarlc, Carl Swallow. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Row I, left to rigllt: Mrs. Brumrnitl, Susie Oakley. Doris Moore. Pat Newberry, Barlnara Nlarvin. Row 2: Pal Hcndren, Kallileen lsaacs, Frances Wlieeler, Kalllryn Swartz, Nlary Lou Wells, Myrna Flanagan, Mary Lou Parr. Row 3: .lucly Dawson, Marie Torlnerl. lvlary K. Seilerl, Joyce Hentlren, Belly Vvilson, rlucly ilolmson, Carol Sligcr, .lane Slagen. Row 4: Ellriezla Slcnsel, Beverly Cadle, Rutli Mclnlyre, Barbara Kelley, Nancy Sliaw, Linrla Gilnlms, Carolyn Kuylccnclall, Martlia Riltenliouse. 1719 uses microptione, which is part of a system for Moore High. School. This including a high ticlelity phonograph, intercommunication equipment and a gift to the school from the classes of 1951, 1953. THANKS T0 GUR ALUMNI Moore High School has stage scenery for first time. The junior speech class, under time direction of Miss Dickson, built scenery for the stage with money donated by the class of 1954. G72 bb SENIOR PLAY-"GIRL SHY A Comedy in Three Acts Tom Arsdale .... Olce Stimson. Caroline . .... . Anthony Arsclale. . . Sylvia Webster. . . Dean Marlow. .. Peaches Carter. . Asnia ....... . Birdie LaVerne. Balos Sanford. .. CAST Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd ..... Ciiaei Mayo .... Q73b9 . . . . .Kristen Lawson .. . . .Kent Durbin ....Linda Stagen . . . . .Larry Hoffman . . . . . .Dorothy Stiles . . . .Delmar Thom .Virginia Sprague .....lVlary Lou Wells ... . . . . .Mary K. Seifert Nlary Ruth Scarbrouglu ........Tom Tobin . . . . . .David Elmore amor High School H1sn,t it strange that Princes and Kings Anal Clowns that caper in sawdust rings, And ordinary people, like you and me, Are builders of eternity? To each is given a bag of tools, a shapetess mass, A book of rules, And each must build ere life has flown, A stumbling block-or a stepping stonef, EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS President, Phil West: Vice-President, Leslie Franlcling Secretary, Joanne Dawsong Treasurer, Joy Wheeler. 174: 8A CLASS 8B CLASS i EIGHTH GRADE Row 1, left to riglll: Kay Welton, Rosa Cornell, .lim Lamb, Gary Hamlmlcn, Lynn Franlclin, Audrey Lamlq, Pauline Hel-lin, Judith Robison. Row 2: Paul Finley. Don Propeclc. Jerry Hellman, Jerry lxlilton, Larry Roberts, .lolin Bateman, Eddie Warreri, Kenney Kirby. Herb Persons, Leslie Franlclin. Row 3: Jody Clow, Diane LalVlonle. Sandra Dye, Marilyn Vvllile. Sue Gee, Bonnie Dull. Miss Dickson, Judy King, Joy Wlieeler, Joyce McHenry, Ellen .lane Thorp, Jane Brownlee. Row 1. left to riglit: Donald Hamilton, Ronnie Hooser. Clmrles Chaney, Jerry Nlarvin, George Anderson. Allen Oleson, Howard Swallow. David Moore. Row 2: Joanne Dawson, Suzy Stutzman. Ann Young. Linda Wilson, Karen Peters, Janet Shaw. Sandra Sullivan, Slxirley Stevens, Betty Newberry, Donna Deeters. Row 3: Mr. Cavanauglm, Darrel Kirby. David lsaacs, Ronnie Wright. Roger Roberson, Larry McKinsey. Gerald Weidner. Phil West, Ernest Hamilton, Robert Jolmson. K 75 3 SEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS President . . . . . .Eddie Young Vice-President .... . . .Karen Propecic Secretary . . . .... Nancy Reeser Treasurer . .... Tom Walden Row I, left to right: Sharon Daugherty, Judy Warren, Pamela Hawthorne. Dick Maxwell. Donald Dawson. Ronnie Jinlcs, Dave Roiueris. Row 2: Karen Propeclc, Donna Harder, Diane Albert, Carolyn Golden, Max Turpin, Linden O'Neai, James Billingsley, Gary Bernard. Alan Price. Row 3: Judy Kelley, Sandra Siuizman. Janis Lasiiiarook, Geraldine Milburn. Miss Scimcicier, Kirby Chaney, Donald Wilson. Don Kelley, Sieve Parr, Jimmy Dye, Nancy Brownies fabsentf. G 76 2 7A E CLASS x I 1 i V 7B CLASS SEVENTH GRADE Row l, left to right: Sara Kay Bailey. Juciitim Ciii-ton, Judy Nixon, Ann Hardwick, Beverly Swigart, Carolyn Anderson, Judith Roberson, Dorothy Moore. Row 2: Nancy Reeser, Elaine Gill, Russell Peters, Jerry Beasley, Jim Parr, Tommy Walden, Ronnie Jones, Nancy Reeser. 'Gloria Lowman. Row 3: Mrs. Crago, Eddy Young, Rudy Engel, Tom Walsh, Eclciie Niiciaus. Ronnie Hunt, Edward Parriii, Roger Tarfer, Dale Baker, Danny Johnston. e772 LeRoy .... Deland . . . Gibson City Bellflower . Clinton . . . Urbana .. LeRoy .... Urbana . . . Bellflower . Saybrook . Nlansfield . LeRoy .... Octavia . . Nlalnomet . C H E E R L E A D E R S JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCORES HEAVYWEIGHTS LIGHTWEIGHTS Farmer City Opponents Farmer City Opponents . ...... 30 39 LeRoy .... ..... 2 7 I7 ... .... 27 19 Deland ...... .., I2 .. 25 14 Gibson City . 17 ... .. 50 0 Bellflower .... . 13 . . 57 24 Clinton . . . . 40 . . 24 29 Urloana . 25 . . . 22 I8 LeRoy . . . . 20 . . 30 39 Urbana . . . 12 . . . . . 45 4 Bellflower . . 22 ... .. 31 26 Saybrook .... . 15 . . . . . 22 36 Nlansfield ........ . . . 29 SANGAMON VALLEY TOURNAMENT . .... .... 3 8 21 LeRoy ............. . 50 . ........... 48 28 26 43 fseconcl Place, MR. GERALD CAVANAUGH Jr. Higli Coaclm Q782 Left to right: Karen Propeclc, Auclrey Lamla, Judy Nixon Bonnie Duff J X 4 l GSO? , .,x- 1, JUNIOR FHA Row 1, left to right: Miss Mabry, IVIiss Dickson, Sara Kay BaiIey, Karen PropecIc, Sharon Daugherty, Judith Roberson. Dorothy Moore, Judith CIiIton, Miss Carter. Row 2: Judy Warren, Joan CIow, PauIine I'IeIIin, Joanne Dawson. Kay VVeIton, Judith Robison, Rosa CorneII, Audrey Lamb, Donna Harder, PameIa Hawthorne. Row 3: CaroIyn Anderson, Nancy BrownIee, Betty Newberry. Sandra Dye, Ann Young, Judy KeIIey, Ann White, IVIariIyn White, Judy Nixon, Dianne AIIJert, Dianne LaIVIonte. Row 4: EIIen Tharp, Ann I'IardwicIc. BeverIy Swigart, EIaine Gill, Suzy Stutzman, Sue Gee. SI1irIey Stevens, Joyce IVIcI'Ienry, CaroIyn GOIden, Nancy Reeser, GIoria I..owman. Row 5: Nancy Rittenhouse, Sandra Stutzman, Joy VVheeIer, Judy King, Janis LasI1IJr0oIc, Karen Peters, Janet Shaw, Sandra SuIIivan, Linda VViIson, GeraIcIine IVIiIIzurn, Bonnie Duff, Jane BrownIee. JUNIOR HIGH GLEE CLUB Row 1, left to right: IVIrs. Brummitt, Sharon Daugherty, Judy Warren, Joan CIow, Donna Harder, PaineIa Hawthorne, Judy Roberson, Karen Pr0pecIc. Row 2: Audrey Lamb, Kay WeIton, Dianne LaIVIonte, Diane AIInert, Nancy BrownIee, Judy Nixon, Judy CIiIton, Judith Robison, Rosa CorneII, PauIinc I'IefIin. Row 3: Betty Newberry, Ann White, EIIen Tharp, GIoria Lowman, BeverIy Swigart, Nancy Reeser, Judy KeIIey. Ann I'IardwicIc, Ann Young, Sandra Dye, IVIariIyn White. Row 4: CaroIyn GoIden, SI1irIey Stevens, Nancy Rittenhouse, Sandra Stutzinan, GeraIdine IVIiIInurn, Janis LashIJrooIc, Karen Peters, Linda VViIson, Bonnie Duff, Jane BrownIee, Sue Gee, Joyce IVIcI'Ienry. 6819 Best Wishes To the class of 955 THURBER'S GAMBLE'S STORE Farmer City Illinois WALKER'S SERVICE STATION Any Size of New and Used Tires West Rt. 54 Farmer City o ' I EPPS'l"9oltI1'S Footwear YQU NG 5 BARBER SHOP -Conmes Across from the Kendall Theater -'Fl01'Sh6im i11 the heart of the business district. -Freeman 3 Jake Gene CARL'S TRUCK STOP I Gas and Uil Open 24- hours S Parties-Specials-Banquets "You are always welcome" Dial 5051 Carl and Mary e822 HAWN AND OVERTON JOHN DEERE Quality Farm Equipment Intersection of Routes 150 81 54 Farmer City Dial 3031 Your Friendly Home-Owned Store L and M STORE Rex Minnie, Proprietor Farmer City Illinois PRE-FAB TRANSIT COMPANY INC. THE NOWLIN CLINIC Farmer City Illinois O O O O O 483: DALE BEALOR'S Trucking Service Farmer City Illinois NICK'S SHELL SERVICE East Side Park Lubrication-Wash-Tirework Dial 2181 MODERN CLEANERS 6'We pick up and deliver" Dial 7322 PHIPP'S Department Store Farmer City Illinois DR. C. M. DUFF DENTIST Farmer City, Ill. DIAL 3551 Illinois Central Telephone Company Building Service Co. Crain 81 Coal Building Material BELLFLOWER, ILLINOIS Phone 4 e849 RUST CHEVROLET COMPANY Genuine Chevrolet Parts New and Used Cars Tires-Batteries-Accessories Routes 54 K 150 Dial 2179 FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS Herrick 81 Rudasill LAWYERS Farmer City, Illinois Bud McConkey Tom McConkey McConkey Motor Company Ford Sales and Service Dial 4141 Farmer City, Ill. The DeWi'H' County Bank of CLINTON, ILLINOIS Clothing, Footwear, Rugs, Furniture, Stoves, Wallpaper Paint, Farm Implements, Tractors, Washers, Radios Frigidaires, School Supplies Philco, RCA, Zenith T.V. Bic Store - THE HOW - Li'l"I'Ie Prices LEROY, ILLINOIS 0000000000OOIOIOOOOOOOIOIOI GRING AND Mc'CORD Grain and Feed Dial 2121 FREDERICKSON FURNITURE CO. Kroehler - Philco - Maytag FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS SYLVANIA AND DUMONT TELEVISION Harris TV Sales and Service East of N. Main on Route 150 FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS c85x OOO!!llIOOOOOOIOOCOICOIOOOOOOOIOOOCIOOIIOOCIIOI The Mr. a John Warner Bank CLINTON, ILLINOIS Complete Banking and Trust Service Member F.D.I.C. nd Mrs. Paul Pe1'ry Farmer City, Illinois FULLER Implement- Company Case Farm Equipment Farmer City Dial 5207 MASON Rexall Drugs Farmer City, Illinois GSS? BAKER'S SHELL SERVICE Cas Oil Lubrication Route 54 Dial 587 1 THE PASTRY SHOP Pastries for Every Occasion Farmer City, Illinois Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1955 V. C. SWINEY Jewelry Store LARISON'S Cabinei' Shop Farmer City, Illinois Seed LEROY STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation GTO you we offer complete financial service consistent with sound banking principles" FARMER CITY GRAIN L. E. West, Proprietor FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS Uats Soybeans Wheat Soil Testing-Fertilizers-Spreading Service 6872 Rye OOOOIOOOOOOOOOOO ROSS C. SWARTZ Real Estate-Farm Loans Insurancff-Bonds "Let Ross Pay The Loss" FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS Phone 3911 Dalsy Betty HAMMER'S I.G.A. Super Market DIAL 2138 Farmer City, Illinois .OOOOOOOOOOIOIOOOOOOIOOOOOOOIOOO Protect what you have by Insuring with C. A. ROBERTS Insurance Agency Dial 3931 or 6294 OOOIIOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOIOOOIOOO 2 I O 2 e885 DON McCARTNEY Plumbing and Heating Roper Ranges Clothes Dryers Oil and Gas Furnaces Your Dri-Gas Dealer PHONE 6121 or 6111 COLLlER'S APPLIANCE COMPANY 6'Your Frigidaire Dealeri' 48 Years of Service The Farmer City Journal DeWitt County,s Biggest Weekly PRINTING Booklets and Catalogs Commercial and Society E. S. Wightman, Publisher FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS OOOOOOOOIICOOOOUOOIOOOIOOOOOIOOOOOIlllilll LEWIS Hardware and Skelgas Zenith TV Sales and Service McKINLEY'S DIAMOND HORSESHOE Farmer City, Illinois THE BLOSSOM SHOP Flowers and Gifts For Every Occasion Dial 2197 Farmer City CLARNO IMPLEMJENT CO. O Oliver Sales 81 Service O Pontiac Sales 81 Service O Crosley Appliances Dial 5791 Farmer City C899 SHELL MOTOR SALES DODGE-PLYMOUTH Wrecker Service, Truck Testing Body Repairs 118 West Market Farmer City, Ill. IOOOOOOOII..OOOOOOOOll.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOOOOOIOO U. S. Routes 541 81 150 Tel. 34-94 ELMORTEL MOTEL Tourists' Paradise 16 Modern Rooms with Private Bath Ted 81 Romola Elmore, Owners Farmer City IlliIl0iS 0.00.000000000000000000000000000000000000000.000 REEVE'S DAIRY BAR Your Sealtest VILLAGE STORE Ice Cream Magazines Ruth Danny HENSLfEY'S PRODUCE FARMER CITY ILLINOIS s- . Western Auto Associate WAI-.l.,S Store Home Uwfwd RECREATION PARLOR W. M. Stratman P l B'll' 'd FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS 00 and 1 la' S PEOPLES STATE BANK OF MANSFIELD, ILL. "Courteous Service Always" Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation We are interested ' in the success of the graduating class ' of 1955 of Moore High School . Congratulations for your achievements ' so far! FARMER CITY STATE BANK Member F.D.I.C. 00000 Q 90 5: ISAACS' USED CAR MARKET New and Used Cars Route 1 50 Dunlop Tires . Dunlop Batteries Member of American Seed Trade Associate Member Southern Seeds Men FARMER CITY MCKINLEY OIL COMPANY Gas-Fuels-Riley Bros. Oil Diesel Fuel PHONE 7361 General Hauling TARTER COAL CO. Dial 6801 FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS K912 ILLINOIS ALVA AND PEARL SCARBROUGH Complete Line of Groceries and Home-Killed Meats North Main Dial 5711 Farmer City, Illinois DELAND STATE BANK DELAND, ILLINOIS A 81 P STORE Mike 81 Jack GOTTLlEB'S Men's 8: Boys, Wear Finer Furnishings FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS Dr. Nile Mi'l'chell Optometrist Dial 2191 F mer City Ill A818 HATCHERY Baby Chicks Feed and Poullry DIAL 6731 SHADY NICHE CAFE and SERVICE STATION PARNELL ILLINOIS WALSH GRAIN ELEVATOR Bob Walsh, Manager PARNELL ILLINOIS Westinghouse RCA CURTIS ELECTRIC COMPANY Sales-Service-Parts 211 S. Main Street Farmer City DIAL 2165 HARRIS GRAIN CO. R. P. 0'Malley., Manager PHONE FARMER CITY 4984- FOSTER'S STANDARD SERVICE Atlas Tires, Batteries, 81 Accessories Complete Lubrication Rt. 54 Farmer City PHONE 6521 Congratulations To The Class Of 1955 ALEXANDER LUMBER COMPANY I 0 -x93v WEEDMAN GRAIN 81 COAL COMPANY Weedman 81 Glenavon Grain-Coal-Seed F ertilizers-Wire J. A. Little, Mgr. Best Wishes to the Class of 1955 HOUSE OF BEAUTY Osee Golda Mildred SY'S DAIRY H. R. HESTER Roszellis Sealtest Veterinarian Dairy Products PHONE 484.1 320 W. Market Street TELEPHONE 7245 EARL Doss HARR0'-D'5 Gas-Oil-Tires DIAL 4513 COMPLETE LUBRICATION Farmer City Illinois Route 54 Dial 6230 M P ' UR HEY 5 LowMAN 'roeeenv BOWLING ALLEY A Good Place Open Bowling Week Ends To Buy Farmer City Illinois MEN,S CLOTHING 44949 YOUR SERVICE SHOP CARROLL McCARTNEY Proprietor For All General Electrical Service Call on CLARENCE MICHAEL Phone 6053 - Farmer City OOOOIOOOOCDOOO OOOIOIOOOOOOOO KENDALL THEATER We Appreciate Your Patronage FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS Engravings By G. R. GRUBB 81 CO. CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Artists-Photographers Engravers 995: Farmer City Order Buyers For Krey Packing Company St. Louis, Missouri Lyle Swartz 81 Cecil Doss FARMER CITY, ILLINOIS H. C. DERR INSURANCE Farmer City, Illinois DIAL 3253 "You Call-We'll Haul" CRA 0'NEIL General Trucking Farmer City, Illinois DIAL 6305 Photographs By BLANKENBERG Of KANKAKEE, ILLINOIS O O AN ENVIABLE llECOBD SIIIUB 1906 UFPIHIDUCING BL E RIBIIII ANNUALS "Blue Ribbon" is not merely a trade name or slogan, adopted for advertising purposes. We didn't just pull it out of a hat. We earned the right to use it! In competition with annuals submitted in State, Sectional, even National contests, since 1906, Huston-Patterson yearbooks have been rated tops - year, after year, after year. And so, we're proud and determined . . . proud of our past record - determined to make future accomplishments even better. 9 HUSTUH-PHTTERSUH C 0 R P 0 R A T I 0 N DECATUR, ILLINOIS 8 Q, COLOR 81 COMMERCIAL PRINTERS FOR OVER 50 YEARS Y t fffnyif- E we we 'MQ l 330 NORTH CHURCH STREET I TELEPHONE 5161 F O bf57IlIlllIIWmH nw . ' " ' f ' ""'-"""v'- -- - . mgw?M' WM 4,-w9fWWWfJ WW if - v - " ' , M.-1?w0y ff5M7fLW7 M46 gfjjgii ff 4' Aiywwfmjfffwfmsf W Big? 5 gWM an

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