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, AQ 5 , ,, j - ii Nw V I , , . ,X Og XM , X if V XX - x :T do I V . I "' sf jjjj-XWPQPYJ y 5 X fy K V. Q , KM fl, rs V3 X 'IMLF QD 1 V, ff Q ix ' lm 1 A 1 mbxjf 'V ,f 1, , Q5 , Q .l I X. V x f LV A , Q? 4 X gi XM ph X7 i ty. r A if Ni , gk, :hx IH X xv 'gf' Q , .L X 'J Lap, I Inv 'X . I, ,vLf2'L,.4 fb fu!-zib-W Kg-'gi I X A ,, L' 57 M'M"W"54fQl, fnfw'-ffef vvmpgm-E E ' I Wfwff0,1Q,, 5' I ' X QX' if-1 , .x-,gf HM- 4 R 7 -Q , M gm E W WM Ng ,WX ff? W MV w ,,,, Affffxn DY X557 AW cg,,,1fif ,x .z , Q, ffli- '3 , ' 1- L' My . 2 - 'P . ff A fp W- 1,3 'Z 'ggi a ,K W W Q,Qgg,,ffy Q C lf ffw Q fx 0 Q0 57 rf Q Q 'J-ffyk, A I i": Qf'fnf ,L .,, , A. P. fu ..n n. ,. 5. , 2 , N 1 ., v, 3 I Q i 2 1 -1 -f'1f mv ' - V1 :-ff1'f4'1'-v"f'ff?1Tfii'fi5f3?3'?"' ,--2. . A "' '-".' 5" 'V '7-L-Q35 - .,f - ' . lf ' f 1 " I' ' ' f A ,U , 7 A E - Q i 1 1 . .A V V b A , A - X A ' ' Q 1 21,5 F1 p s 'E . L- J, 6 D H i gk: 5, :Y IW' N-1 . b ' 1 ' V HR? N. L. , I' v KK E f f n V 5' H 1 'Q 1' MQ ' Q1 ' ,W 7, A' 5 v ' 2 . , ' ' ' lv 6, ffv ' . ary E. j " x1 1 -N l 'R Q 53? X, W f wifi! X3-J tvudf A 1 K is f V S-las ' 5 l - S, 1 In U I if G X, 37' . 1 4 ' f 1 U i . QQ 5 v 1 ,ek ,1 Si-I ,- F 'CA E Tl ww 1 Mei, if 9 P VK 6 P - 4-:,,.!,m,,,"+H.a..Z ,.-.C MM, .-Af : 'S TII 0IL Publishedby THE SENIOR CLASS of MOORE HIGH SCHOOL Farmer City, Illinois I954 How xf, il! Q pb. x you mean little old e, insignifiu cant armer that 7 hy, you must be pulling my I g y u can,t be serious. 'S lx. I3 ie? LY FK 45, o i'm to represent the spirit of this gigantic and active high school. 6 L X yea-a-a, farmer! fight! fight! fight! WV! 3 1 o IIEIIICATIII Y , WN iffy W N CONNOLLY . . . whose genial manner has added much to our high school years. SENIOR CLASS 1954 Q ia' 6 S N E X- G OUR HIGH SCHQCI. ...adoor to learning This is our school of which We are proud and to which We arelloyal. If this building could speak, it would reveal the mixeot emotions of high school days - saclness, glaolness, triumph, defeat, gaiety, and toil. This building will always cause us to reminisce the care-free days of high school. 4452 Frank Maxwell President Robert Mull en Floyd King K Secretary J. VV. Price Superintendent SUPERINTENDENT AND BOARD 0F EDUCATION . . . keys to our Lyle Nilclaus QMaurice Hurley Frank MCIUWTC Q 6 2 Darlene Walden Lawrence E. Smith, Principal . . . witfngvt a peer Mu. Dale .AIICICTSOII Catherine Gerald Carter Cavanaugh Celhert M5 s I . . may their labor and patience be rewarded Martha Curtis Dale Anclerson Speech Correctiorust Leo Bray Nlathematics Science Catherine Carter HOlH.8Il1a Ll HQ Gerald Cavenaugh Eighth Grade Iunior High Coach Mary Ceiloert English Latin Lihrary Martha Curtis Secretary, Princip Eugene Elliott Agriculture ft DUHHC GFOHHII Social Stuclies Phyllis Grosh G I Physical Eclucation Driver Education John Maisch Mathematics Science Eugene Elliott D Phyllis John mme Grosh Xu MaISCh Gronau it QWXW T' P7 Q 93 FF s- CD :. :S fb E E. :s fD it : :S fb li O r :S Q rn Ll' cn Q rn gd 5 -. 9-7 - D Q H- Q cg- 5' 3 7' 'E -1 O 51, gb B nf FD : 5. r' 3 Q4 Q U Q C0 fb 5 FQ. S m 53' CT' Q.. Q - o Q S :J oo, Q O : 5 3.-. K4 Q EQ o 3 f-i- ro 2 fb 'S D' Q E. L 5 C G' S. 0 5 'f 9, fb 3 g 5. 3 F rj Q E. 5: L -- cn ,: gl 0 27' O.. f: v-1 fb sv Z 5 E ,QT o 2 E fb s- 5 D -1 5' iff- 5 0 :1 Q' 2' P. Q- O 'TT- G Q Q 2- fn 3 A' 1 t ,:-7 CL' 5 Seventh Grade Homemafzing Ruth Schneider Seventh Grade Art June Dickson I A -I . Commercial Jerry Slack PI1ys'cal Education JOIUI Edwards Driver Education Industrial Arts Athletic COUCI1 Artaur Gwen Ruth Jerry Middiested Neubauer Schneider Slack G99 JANITDRS Ivan Sfiger, Jolm Jones, Vvilson Tibbs. BUS DRIVERS Row 1, left to right: Wilson Tilmlas, Harold Wlieeler. Mawin Sclimitz, Henry Devault. Row 2: Ed Coolce, Ivan Stiger, Lloyd Nicholas, Willard Thomas. fu I . Vg Q th? ,S r . E at ' . " f? 4 wt' , x ' . . 5 .45 'io IV CAFETERIA HELP Www", Left to right: Mrs. Clycle Vance, Mrs. Lee Persons, Mrs. Vvesley Williams, Mrs. Robert Hieronymus, Mrs. Maude Coleman, Mrs. Carlos Seifert ' 31055 Q T535 N -AFBR. .N X X mx m -, X , NN. M .. - .-.N xy, w:sfw'.1'1 + - , . Sgvxin Q: we X N. -A wmv W X 12 S A S ' kvif " X -.:j:2:::E':55.::.,. 'fail X. is 5' Q K X WN X . Q file X X X X X114 A b .,-,. N x RN ' .:i-f- x m f ...,, ,Q Q4 A - 1' x. ' . v fx, 'ii Bl, WO U as x fs Y . x x 1 2. K' y fs Jag, I . X' - 2 aa 6 ww 4, K was 5. :Av is 5 V ., .5 I 3 Q A As: .Wu 9 W , , - 335 W,.,,,1.ez' -y " ' 0 f -'-'f""W'x' Q .. .'.wsxs1!" 3 3 'X .gzusfxf ww" 1 26343: .. J ,.,:1aa'-1 1-' VX . Q ,,...W,,,,'l"" W QM.. www: I QNm,,,.,, :gms m"ewnswv'RP2?fw" ' Don PFHYIOF, D011 Goodall, DHD TTCUIQIC, Rex Crago. S E N I O R S . . going, going, gone! RCITICIIIBCI' . . . all the good times We've had these past four years at M. C. H. S. In spite of the study and hard Work, We did have fun, didnst We? Remember how We strutted our stuff at Homecoming, time Stunt Show, the g1orious prom and finally at gradua- tion? Now as We direct our thoughts to the future, we realize that these four brief years will a1Ways be among our treasured memories. Officers ' 1950-51 1952-53 President .................. Rex Crago President ............. Shirley Wheeler Vice-President . . . .... Joan Leemon Vice-President . . . ...... .Jerry Rau Secretary ..... .... D on Taylor Secretary ..... ......... D oris Shaffer Treasurer . .. ........... Don Goodall Treasurer . .... Carolyn Hieronymus 1951-52 1953-54 President ......... Carolyn Hieronymus President ................. Don Taylor Vice-President ..,..... Shirley Wheeler Vice-President . . . .... Don Goodall Secretary ..... .... J essie Mae Warren Secretary ..... ..... R ex Crago Treasurer . ....... Lois Walker Treasurer . . . ..... Dan Trenlde K14D SENICR Grace DOTCIIC Clark "She enjoys life to the fullest." Rex Morrell Crago NI stand on the Brink of a great career. Won't someone push me off?" Arvilla Mae Dawson "A smile will go a long way." Susanne Flint "Natures own daughter." Donald Eugene Goodall "Here he comes g there he goes." CLASS James Louis Hammer ss , A quiet tongue shows a o o 97 wise mind. Francis Ray Harder "Patience is the Best rem- edy for any trouhlef, Carolyn Bernice Hieronymus "Nice, neat and hard to heatf, Betty Lou Ho Hman "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Roberta Lee J ones "The course of true love never Jiol run smooth." e152 SENIOR Kenneth Vvayne Keown "Oh, there's nothing in life but making love and laughingf' Lyle Jean Koontz Nsports-a field in which she excellsf' Eldon Eugene Lamb "Never iuclge a fellow by his chest measureg it may be filled with not air." Vircion Darrell LaMonte "There are soda crackers and fire crackersg but , here s our wise cracker." Joan Kay Leemon "Come on, you kids, let,s really yell." 44162 CLASS Sara Lyn Maxwell HA girl of cleecls, not of words." Marialn Janice Meredith "She is indeed! a lady, for she can still blush." Ricilarcl Allen Oakley "Thats what love will do to a guy." Sallie Lee Pierce "Ready, willing and able." Jean Manilda Price "Ambition is the key to success." SENIOR Jerry Lee Rau "His gooct points are manyg his Bad points, fewf, Jimmy Lee Reynolds H1 am what I am, and thats what I am. , Clyde Robert Reynolds "If study interferes with pleasure, give up study., ' James Lee Ruclcman "An easy going fettowf, Norma Edith Scarbrougtl Hsitence is gotctenf, CLASS Doris Amelia Shaffer sgwhatf No Boys in heaven? Then just leave me tieref, JBITICS Edward SIIHW "One clay in the country is worth a month in townf, Nancy Phyllis Simpson HSmaU, but so is a stick of Jynamitef, HHFOICJ SOSHIIIOII "Never troubles his tes- sons, unless his teachers trouble him." Richard Allen Sprague "Reserved but friendly." e179 - N 1msasaMwWm,,N mwslwms xL77 V- We W SENIOR Jennings Donald Taylor Kswhatever he tackled, he tackled Izaroln John William Thomas "He came, he sawg she conquered. H Laurence EUQCHC TIIOIHHS "Is he bored or is he shy? Can't he talk or won,t he try?" Walter Eciwarcl Torloert "Calm, cool, and collected. H Daniel Joseph Trenlcle "Full of fun and fancy free." 4182 CLASS Phyllis Roberta Turpin "Calm and peaceful are her waysf, Lois Elaine Walker Hvariety is the spice of lifef, Jessie Mae Warren stwhatever she Joes, she cloes it wells' William Wells "Every clay is a holiday." Larry Eugene Welton Nvvorry? Never Beard of it." SE ICR Dorothy Ann West "Another blonde, out she has atnitttyf, Shirley Faye Wheeler I Hear-ct that the way to a man,s heart is through his stomacnf, Richard D. Workman HGirls! Stop itg Ilove ttf' . , .W . , A ,'::x.:,::, ..,EEI:::--,Q1, . K1gfi?:L .--:I:i,- "" N " ' 1. ' -Sf-ZF.-f" x M-,Q " ix- wav: .- 2 ,jfi,., . 1,1 - N-5:5 5,-f:-:, wig . -1-Esf":-iiili Exit?-1 ze . 1 - N 322 sf'-1 :,sNze:,1S ' . . . . .. Xxx? 'ff-1fF's I aw me-ae.-.X X- wr .. rw- .q:5:.:Q.,::,:: :-.25 .- egy- W? xx Y -SEr.:5::.Ii7" ' 1 - rr-THX' 1ENE:::E:1:"':r Q X f?:1gg.s1:--f N ' XX Xp: Q,-rr xwg1,:5:N5Qk -' -rx xy, - xx S QT ----' - -- , Si 1:sifs:a2.::'.'if: K X rx S2 z ' -. S 5253"Wf'1Rl'35Q?2f:-HNF-i233F33K5' ,vi , Na:-:,...,c.. -.w1:'--U. .1,y..,.,,:N W . ,caff- i . 'e-'Q' is S rM .g5gq,4zi,1::.:2 -1 'X SF' XSYJQ. -L . . M' no e192 CLASS Gerald Clayton White "lf it's a gooct auto mechanic you neecl l1ere's one who,s topsfn 'Wayne Richard Williams "Do the women love me as much as I think they filo?" HISTORY-CLASS OF I954 Tn September, 1950, sixty green, inexperienced and timid Freshmen entered the doors of Moore High School. Each memher was ucordiaffyn wef- comed hy upper cfassmen on initiation day. The hoys wore 1ong underwear, onions around their necks, marshmallows on their shoes and their hair in curfers. The girls fafso appropriately dressed, were clad in pajamas and housecoats and carried dolls. Their ffoat entry in the Homecoming Pa- rade was "Stack 'em, Stuff 'Em Tn, R011 'Em Over." The Freshmen entered the Annual Stunt Show with the stunt, UTic1cets Pfeaseu and ran away with the honors- third place. Shirley Wheeler and Jerry Rau were the Freshmen at- tendants to the King and Queen. The cfass of- ficers were: President, Rex Cragog Vice-President, Joan Leemong Secretary, Don Tayforg Treasurer, Don Goodaffg Student Council, Lois Walker. Miss Joy Ann Price was the cfass advisor. A party ended the school year. As Sophomores, another year was begun un- der the direction of Miss Joy Ann Price. "We 1'1aven't Finished This, But We Will Unity" was the title of the Sophomore float which pfaced second in the Homecoming Parade. Qur Sopho- more stunt, "Grandmother's Final Victoryf, didn,t do so well, as it pfaced fourth. Lois Walker and Rohert Reynolds were Miss and Mr. Sophomore. The class officers were: President, Carolyn Hieronymusg Vice-President, Shirley Vvheeferg Secretary, Jessie Mae Warren, Treasurer, Lois Wafkerg Student Council, Joan Leemon. A trip to Turkey Run, Indiana, ended the 1952 school year. The fan of 1952 proved to he the beginning of a husy year for the Juniors. After class elec- tions: President, Shirley Vvheeferg Vice-Presi- dent, Jerry Rau: Secretary, Doris Shaffer: Treas- urer, Carofyn Hieronymusg Student Council, Shirley Vvheefer and Arviffa Dawson, pfans he- gan to progress for the year's schedufe. "VVe're . . . Treasury of the familiar Expecting a Victoryu was the title of the Home- coming ffoat which copped second place honors. Through the ahfe assistance of the class advisors, Miss Catherine Carter and Mr. Paul Durbin, the 1952 Stunt Show proved to he a success. The Junior Stunt, "Acid and Old Lace", wasn't quite as good, as it took fourth pface. Joan Leemon and Don Tayfor were Miss and Mr. Junior. En- joyable dancing throughout the evening was pro- vided hy Bot: Normans Urchestra. On May 17, the Juniors presented the annual prom, "Gay Fiesta", for the Seniors. Todd Howard and his orchestra played for the dance foffowing the han- quet. The grand finafe for the 1954 Seniors hegan in Septemher, 1953. Qfficers elected were: Pres- ident, Don Tayforg Vice-President, Don Goodall: Secretary, Rex C1-ago: Treasurer, Dan Trenfdeg Student Council, Rex Crago, Shirley Wheeler, and Carofyn Hieronymus. Mr. Connolly and Mr. Smith very expertly guided us through another year of arguments, discussions and selections. Our class float for the Homecoming Parade was entitfed, "Hopping to Victoryn. Excitement arose again during Stunt Show Week. Popular vote proved Jessie Mae Warren, Queeng Dan Trenfde, Kingg Shirley Wheeler, Miss Senior and Jim Hammer, Mr. Senior. The stunt, H1V1cGi11yfuddy Writes Home", was our most enjoyahfe and most rewarding stunt throughout the four years-a first pface honor in our fast presentation. An early he- ginning and a good follow-through provided hy 'Miss Elaine Dickson, advisor, and many others resufted in the completion of OUR UWT. The haccafaureate address was hy Rev. Fred Harrold of the Christian Church. Commencement exer- cises were held on May 27, with Cari S. Winters, D.D., of the First Baptist Church of Gal: Park, 111inois, as speaker. His topic was "The Fine Art of Livingn-a most definite part of our memory. And with this final scene the 1954 Seniors take a fast how to Moore High. s20a IISGI 10 SSUID guauwgsal pun mm 1sv1 CLASS WILL Being of sound mind and body, we bequeath the following: JEAN PRICE, will and bequeath my sarcasm to John Thurber. HAROLD SOSAMON, will and bequeath my bad times to Mr. Smith. LOlS WALKER, will and bequeath my silly questions to anyone whocan answer them. JIM SHAW, will and bequeath my ability to get a girl and lceep her to Carl Swallow. DUDE GCODALL. will and bequeath my dual hollywoods to Mr. Smith. I .HM HAMMER, will and bequeath first place in lunch line- to anyone who is fool enough to try for it. Q .llM RUCKMAN, will and bequeath my dress clothes to Phil Delbert. BILL WELLS, will and bequeath my ability to pass boolclceeping on straight D's to Dave Elmore. RCBERTA JONES, will and bequeath my straight A's to Norma Lohmeyer. SALLY PIERCE, will and bequeath my legs to Ann Fredericlcson. JOAN LEEMON, will and bequeath my hope chest to Barbara Kelley. DICK OAKLEY, will and bequeath my car to anyone who needs it for a trip to Mansfield. RlCl'lARD SPRAGUE, will and bequeath a penny to Pat Hester. MARlAM MEREDlTH, will and bequeath my ability to get along with Mr. Connolly to anyone who needs it. Sl"llRLEY WHEELER. will and bequeath my influence with Miss Grosh to Dorothy De- Vault. DOROTHY WEST, will and bequeath my "special" training in Champaign to Mary Seifert. JERRY RAU, will and bequeath my height to Donnie Ester. LARRY WELTON, will and bequeath my talent to miss school as much as can to Billy Bob, alsolhe 'timejl have to malce up. JOHNNY THOMAS, will and bequeath my football ability to J. C. Caroline. NORMA SCARBROUGH, will and be- queath my glasses to Barbara Kelley. ELDON LAMB will and . bequeath all my math classes to Carolyn Curtis. DCRENE CLARK, will and bequeath my po- sition as drum majorette to any boy or girl who wants it. WALTER TORBERT, will and bequeath all rgy school boolcs to anyone who will have t em. l, SARA MAXWELL, will and bequeath my ability to come to school when it is convenient to Sylvia Stoughton. l, ARVlLLA DAWSON, will and bequeath my secret senior boy lriencl to anyone who thinlcs she can get him. l, GERALD WHITE, will and bequeath my in- terests in other towns to Tom Tobin. l. FRANCIS HARDER, will and bequeath my noon hours in study hall to .lim Anderson. l, DICK WORKMAN. will and bequeath my school days to Don Owens. l, DORIS SHAFFER, will and bequeath my bottle of peroxide to Pat Brannoclc. l, REX CRAGO, will and bequeath my lost vifleelcends to anyone who can live through t em. l, NANCY SIMPSON, will and bequeath my interest in men to Elizabeth Nowlin. l, BOB REYNOLDS, will and bequeath my in- terest in football to Jerry Hardy. l, BEl It HOFFMAN, will and bequeath my big purses to Susan Herriclc. I, JESSIE MAE WARREN, will and bequeath my ability to go with one boy for four years to Janet Elmore. l, DARRELL LalVlONTE, will and bequeath my interest in Clinton to Lyndon Short. l, ACE WILLIAMS, will and bequeath my abil- ity to do chemistry to Mr. Maisch. l, DON TAYLOR, will and bequeath my ability to do bookkeeping to Miss Diclcson. l, DAN TRENKLE, will and bequeath my in- terest in the Standard Oil Company to Franlc Vvilliams. l, KENNY KEOVVN, will and bequeath my lcnaclc for being tired to Jim Anderson. I, CAROLYN HIERONYMUS, will and be- queath my F.l'l.A. membership to Dorothy Stiles. l, JEAN KOONTZ, will and bequeath my sports ability to Miss Grosh. . l, JIM REYNOLDS, will and bequeath my place in lunch line to Kris Lawson. l, SUSANNE FLlNTfLwill and lbequeanth my gym suit to Sandra Kopp. l, PI-IYLLIS TURPlN, will and bequeath my engagement ring to Beverly Cadle. l, LARRY THOMAS, will and bequeath my car to Mr. Bray. Thus, on this, the twenty-seventh clay of May. nineteen hundred and fifty-four, we set our hand ancl seal to this, our last will and testament, which is witnessed by the following: Sparlcle Plenty Honest Abe Yolcum St. George The Creep. e212 CLASS PROPHECY Nloorc High June, 1958 Dear Mom, An alumni dinner was held here last evening. Gosh, you'cl never helieve all that has happened since 1954. Heres what I mean: 1 Rex is still houncling Kinsey to malie another report. Dudes Cleaning Shop is the first one around with a hot- rod garage in the hack rooms. Vvells, Hammer and Reynolds have formed the first co-op farm around here. lt's near Harris. Francis is improving the Firmer hflattress-when he's through it will he the Harder Nlattress. Kenny is the manager for T.V.'s lady wrestler, Hard- Headed Heddy. Darrell is in Hollywood producing HIS latest picture, "The Stooge Returnsn. Starring twho elsel-Darrell Ala King. Mariam and Adlai Stevenson have heen nominated hy the Democrats to run for Mr. and Mrs. Democrat. Dick Oakley is one of the nation's husiest traveling sales- men with the Buller Frush Company. Jerry is playing center tor Illinois. again. Carolyn is now one ot' Illinois' hest cheerleaders. She yells, "Rau, Rau." Rohert Reynolds is malcing lectures at the "Bull 'Moose Klulou every weelc. Norma is running the only grocery store in illinois with clay-old goods being auctioned off in the loaclc. Doris has heen nominated for "Miss Universe". tshe has an all a-round shape., Harold is still malcing trips to Clinton. Richard Sprague has heen nominated for having the hig- gest "fish tale of the year". Don Taylor is posing for the covers ot "LOVE NIE" and 'TNI YOURS". Johnny has just replaced Dizzy Dean on the Sportcast. Larry Thomas just returned from a hunting trip in the West. Results: Uthey'reu all married. .- Shirley and Warren just came haclc from a second honey- moon in Spain. Gerald just hought out the manufacturers of the Stritchie- Stretchie Girdles. Ace is proprietor of Pillards Bool Hall. Sally has replaced Marjorie Maini on T.V. e222 . . . four years hence Susanne is raising little gee-tar players on a farm near DeLand. Dorene is selling for a hig fish marlcet in lvliami. She says herhoss is really a crah. Arvilla just won a three-year supply of Hills Brothers' Coffee for writing a winning entry on UVVhy I would rather drown my sorrows with your coffee than any other". Betty Lou just completed her latest hoolc on her most recent trip to Mars. I guess it's really out ot' this world. Roherta is the star of a new T.V. show, "My Gal Friday, Saturday, and Sunday". lt's a serial in three parts. -lean's engagement to Notre Dame's star player was an- nounced. Maybe they will raise an all-star team. .loan is running a tanning salon on the Paris heach. If they don't get one, she paints one on. Sara is huilding a USO center in Farmer City for the Chanute fellows. tShe's president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurenl Jean Price has just been named "Teacher ot the Year". Jim Ruclcman is running Jimys Jiffy Photo Shop in the east corner of his ham. Nancy is running the Tra-La-La-Booinpt-Tee-A Dress Shop in Chicago. Vvalter Torhert has just won the championship to the Farmer City Speedway. Dan is giving Taylor competition hy posing on "HEART Tl-IROB." Phyllis is on a large Colorado ranch lceeping house for Vaughn and their lorood of lcids. Lois is inventor ot a new lcind of "Honey.H .lessie 'Mae has just improved on the Ann Delatield Reduc- ing Plan. Dorothy is running the Pippy Popcorn Stand. Diclc Vvorlcman is manager of the Yankees. They have just won the sixth series straight. ' Eldon has replaced "Johnny" on the call for Phillip Morris. Perlc is appearing nightly at the Dew Drop Inn hilled as "The Trumpet Rage of the Age." Jim and Marg stay home every night now and watch TV. l'm getting sleepy now. Please write when you the time. Witli love. SHQZZQ In-'IUZZBHI x .. .. -v-- - -WM .,.- .. . ---1:1 :.:.:..:,: J., 1. ,x .-Admxqxwum.-xN,::AM-'.-zzsnm .- .,.Aq..iL--,'-digL.gLm,m,,,,,Q, -- ummm- -',, . 1- . .. A E5 3 .. v -Nw. Q mg N ' -fl, . lx F Q mm f X x Kisk S if f if Q Z Q 1, fm 'Z Q . Wm Q W at , H 41 'L Wm A 'W an f JUNICRS year to go A busy year . . . class rings . . . Stunt Show . . . :oronation plans . . . Linda Stagen and Bill Ritten- house in the royal court . . . Committee meetings . . . a big night . . . basketball games . . . dates . . . plans for prom . . . remember all that crepe paper . . . Ioig- gest and best fWe,re prejudiced, . . . responsibilities accepted . . . We,re growing up . . . vve're JUNIORS. OFFICERS President .............. Kathy Beasley Vice-President .. .... Sylvia Savage Secretary .... .... D elmar Thom Treasurer - - - ----- Pat Hester Left to right: Kathy Beasley, Sylvia Savage, Delmar Thom, Pat Hester. e262 L . : ""' fl "" --.-,. 1 -f 1, 74 " " ' ,5 g55,,.g: .,,.., mf ,ag 7 2! .,.. ff r ' e 551225 , " zzsfsz1 .1f1 N if 113 1 5 31153 ,,,,,,, 7 1- 1-1 :1 31: 1 15 " 1'111E 1 If ffl f f 1 51 111115151552 1, , , , , , , 1? 1: " Wit .1.' :.2,,Z1.Z2g, 12151: 'Q 1:1111 EF f"2,g,, 131 11132 Kathy Beasley Janet Hoffman Pat Brannock Virginia Bunting John Corder Dorothy Devault Phil Dolbert Kent Durbin David Elmore Vvefdon Fogal David Frederickson Larry Gee . . . one year to go Tom Healea Dicl: Hedges Pat Hester Larry Hoffman Barbara Kelley Phil King Kristen Lawson Norma Lolmmeyer Rutli Ann lvlclntyre Barbara Marvin Don Marvin Otis Miller Doris lxfloore Don Owens Leslie Parlcer Bill Peters Roloert Ratclillf Frecl Reynolols Bill Rittenhouse y Sylvia Savage 1 44 27 xv one year to go e282 Mary Rutli Scarbrougli Roy Dale Scarlorougli Mary Katlmryn Seifert Virginia Sprague Linda Stagen Dorotlly Stiles Carl Swallow Frances Taylor Delmar Tlmom Tom Tobin Many Lou Wells Ruby Vvilson F1-anlc Workman Jerry Vvriglmt -NNN x .Q Q X K .XX . X gm? x Q x v x Rm I ' , CLASSROOM SCEN ES . . . test tube, dictionary, pie pan, and paint brush CHEMISTRY S ENGLISH III U Q4 .U U Q W S C Q 1, P ZX!-X Lys.-J j I C.. .J f- ' S J pg S...-1 .r-"""'LL S S x 1 HGME EC. il ART e302 Q J. . -N.-V S ,. .gf we X1:'12f"S . 5 Si? , 1: . V: g a 4 Q i . 151.5 3 HIM Q .12 K" .xiwwjz , 1 A ,N Q -:S QS ,- es-M Q X S X,., xg .wwe S V Q -A I Q 555, ,xxdsg 15:2 S k -.x. .,..1. 3.51 X :li x SX K' . N Prs. X-S :TS -ia .1 Q xv x x X, Q31 .ax 5 .Q Ni- A in A:-qx A, X, SDPHOMORES ..two years to go Sophomore year . . . worlcing for home economics clegrees ancl "lVl,s,' . . . Biology tests . . . majors and minors . . . class parties . . . our float, "Signals Wont Help Now" . . . coronation attenclants, Mary Jean Smith and John Thurber . . . stunt for Stunt Show . . . Daddy Date Night fluclcy fathersl . . . foothall games . . . servers for prom . . . feeling much older than freshmen . . . we're SOPHOMORES and proucl of it. GFFICERS Presiclent ............ Frances Vvheeler Vice-President ........... John Thurber Secretary ....... ..... D ixie Qwens It h I I J I Th B D . L,tt ' t: Faneswee, , ' Treasurer ..... ..... S usle Oalcley 9 Gserrg? Susier Oakley, I 6 n Om ur er 'X e322 Jim Anderson Robert Ashworth Tom Bealor Leroy Borton Beverly Cadle Tony Cadle Charlotte Chaney Don Corcler Lou Coyle .luoly Dawson Floycl Huff George Engel . . . two years to go John Galaway Linda Gibbs Shirley Heflin Joyce HCHIJTEH Gordon Huff Judy Johnson Ralph Jones David Lewis Lyle Lindsey Don Merrifield Susie Galdey Dixie Owens Mary Lou Parr Fred Peters Dick Reynolds Nadine Richards xx ' j , xg Q XX ax X Q x X X S :Q f Q QIV :V ,XX X N ,t, , Q, ..Q,i1: Q ., , 6 s"' i. was M, ,,M..s..,as,a: Jackie Roberson Phil Rous Raymond Sawyer Nancy Shaw e339 ks-Q, 3 sip?-Q ' 5:1 x NX N mx X Si X ixix 1 , gi s is :gx kg, ,ff 'QA ,,,, . fywgfflfff fy l ' 4 Lf I r X - w AWWW ---- U M ------ zgzam X do New KX XXX x R ,M N 2 "I: w X V' Niedisi-Yis KX K we 51 Xi. ysx NX uaxixxxi -.Nas 2:2-if X Q RQ xx S N ra 'V .1 .Q ' sw 'X w s- . ei 5, 9351 Q5 X X is Q is .1,5-5255, NSS N ai ww Sn W ED QV W Q 5 YSQN GN Riga, 'X A Xe Q Na X Q ,ul it r "': . . . two years to go G342 Lindon Short Mary Jean Smith Skip Stagen Larry Stagen Joyce Stiger Don Stimier Sylvia Stoughton John Thurber David Trenicie Mike Trenicie John West Becky Wheeler Frances Wheeler Junior Whitehouse Frank Williams , R. - M . QAM' W S 1 W' 'sziii' Q. E A f S f 5 'S -5.1-.-X sz- N wb-X ..-ff x . x Q, X T am! K X I T E 1 I g..,. 1 :LX Emi. 5'-'IE' - xi : A iq Y .-..--- Vw? Nw N .swf-' M ' 14 ' 3:12:25 XX ssh: CLASSROOM SCENES . . . the necessary evils of our da HGME EC. II ENGLISH II X 4X 'Tl I 4' rn L .. Q X I W " it X S SS .. Q2 , W. WORLD HISTORY S TYPING V e362 x X xxx S or X X xx K NNN SX X c .. x. ix X x xx ' x 4 -.Q ' if ' W . YVN. it 0 S CLASSRGOM SCENES . . . more work than play MATH I AGRICULTURE Il E ,9 " E . J '- L:-::1 .5 ENGLISH 1 GENERAL SCIENCE E412 I .. .,, X, .xx.. XX.,...,X ,xxk, X . .Xx. X. x,.k . x..x. 1. .X .X..xx.. X, ,.., X x..,., XX,..,,X x... ..XxX. N.-, . X ,XX XXX..X. X XX ...X X XXXXXXXXX. ..-, X v..-.-XXX-..-mXXXXXXXXX..X..-.XXX XXV. X XXX.XXXXXXXX..3,XMX,,.XXXXXXX..XXXXNXXXXXXXXXAXXXXXXXXXXAXWXXXXWXXQNXXNMXXXXXXXXXB,1,,E1532ggg,Ra2Xg,.Q,,1XX.XXE,.,NX,,:mXXXXXXXW-X-1-,,,-,X-A--,rwmu.,J.XXXMXXXXQm,,XmXXm,,,,wXNMl,:,,,E,,,Mmm!MN, ,,-,mm1N,m,MmN,X,NXX,m, QMS, I V Q lvt Wu...-nf , , L. :QI Q -fl' f ' -1 'APP ,,2 5 Ts 'sl' s 211 961, ' EIGHTH GRADE Left to right: Kathryn Swartz, Leslie Simpson, Jim Vvright, Patty Henclren . . . anxious for high school CJFFICERS President .............. Leslie Simpson Vice-President .... ...... J im Wright Secretary ..... .... K athryn Swartz Treasurer . ..... Patty Henciren The Eighth Gracie Class acijusteci quicl-ily to the routine of stuciy last fall uncier the guidance of Miss Elaine Diclcson and Mr. Gerald Cavanaugh. The Eighth Gracie contribution to the Homecoming Parade was a very at- tractive float entitled, HVVe'll Liclc the Helicopter Out of Sayhroolcf' On January 30, the class Went to the Circus Roller Rinlc in Bloomington. This Was the firsticlass party of the year. ln the middle of Fehruary the class had a play night which everyone parti- cipated in Whole-heartecily. They closed the year hy going to Chapys Amusement Parlc in Decatur on the last day of school. 4 Nr Jw waz xi., , . SA Row 1, left to rigtnf: Steve Barnett, Ciarine Baicer, Eugene Ester, Ciiucic Brannocii, Jimmy Borton, Diana Kenner, Jerry Zimmerman. Row 2: Eifriccia Stensei, Curtis Niaxweii, i..aDonna Tiwmpson, Jeanette Hiiiis, Beverly Grimes, Biii Ham- mer, Kenneth Spuriing. Row 3: Katiwryn Swartz, Jane Stagen, Katherine Fogai, Jimmy Wrigiit, Susan Herrick, Sandra Swaiiow. Row 4: Wierriai Taylor, Ester Torrance, Eciciie Foiiis, Niyrna Flanagan, Dan Moore, Bobby VVoricman. Standing: iViiss Eiaine Dicicson. .,. we as-Rl -were Nl 1 8B Row 1, left to rigiit: Jerry Stiies, Caroiyn Kuyicenciaii, Patty Henciron, Betty Xyiison, Sue Turpin, iviacieiine McCord. Row 2: Steve iviccorci, Jim Ratciiii, Joe Vvaisii, Deanna Durbin, Piliiiip Rociman, Myrna Niaxweii. Row 3: Curtis Rau, Linda Hieronymus, Leroy Ester, Lynn Loilmeyer, Sharon Harder. Stcmciing: Larry Young, Royce Xfviison, Leslie Simpson, Mr. Geraioi Cavanaugh, Jimmy Jones, David ASi1WOIii1, Maxiime Heaiea, Silaron Cwens. 1452 SEVENTH GRADE . . . little people, big ideas OFFICERS President ............. Donald Propeclc Vice-President . . . ........ Phil West Secretary .... ..... A uclrey Lamb Treasurer . . .... Leslie Franklin Left to riglzl: Leslie Franklin, Pliil West, Audrey Lamlu, Don Propeclc Un January 30, tl1e sixty-tliree stuclents of tlxe Seventlx Grade llacfl a class party. The party was llelcl in tlie gymnasium. Everyone had l1is fill of foocl ancl frolic. The clmaperones were: Mrs. Clyde Warren, Mrs. Harold Propeclc, Mrs. Jesse Gee, Mrs. Roy Roberson, and Mrs. Urville Stutzman. The Seventh Gracle float, "VVe'll Feast On Saybrook", placecl fourth in tlle Homecoming Paracle. In April, tlle Seventh Grade tool: a trip to Bloomington, Illinois. Tlmere they visitecl Beiclfs Cancly Factory and the McLean County Historical Society's MlISCUm, locatecl in lVlcBarnes Memorial Building. s46PP Row 1, left to rigid: Jaclcie Vvorlcman, Dale Baker, Lavern Landstrom, Howard Swallow. Row 2: Gene Steward, Linda Welton, Jane Brownlee, Pauline Heliin, Jerry lxflilton. . Row 3: Bill Woodard, Leslie Franlclin, Jerry Hoffman, Kenny Kirby. Row 4: Marilyn Wliite, Sandra Dye. Ann Young, Lynn Franklin, Ronnie Wright, Jim Lamb. Row 5: Janet Gee, Donna Deeters, Larry Roberts, Miss Rutli Schneider, Donnie Propeclc, Ellen Jane Tliarp, Joyce VVl1eeler, Bonnie Duff, Audrey Lamb, Judy King, Jaclcy Bateman. . Row I, left to rigid: Robert Jollnson, Allen Olson, Dan Hamilton, David Moore, Rosa Cornell, Elaine Adams. Row 2: Ronnie Hooser, Betty Newberry, Karen Peters, Joanne Dawson, Suzie Stutzman. Row 3: Jerry Mawin, Gerald Weidner, Roger Roberson, Jael: Anderson, David Isaacs, Dianne l..aiVlonte, Sandra Sullivan. Row 4: Sllirley Stevens, Ann Wliite, Joan Clow. Row 5: Mrs. Catlierine Crago, Jim Parr, Charles Clianey, Darrell Kiriay, Darwin Kopp, Pliillip West. C4 479 V 1 .:g ,: wx -X 1' fm x' wx W -4' x Nqmwwn-am xxx Mx -Awwwmxw me-u-umwwmw N :www -N W-nnbwmmwfw Aw r. ..- -Qfserm. ,.. ,.,V 1: L ' ASD" fi 1? bf? ul ws-:ummm nm vwwmw xmmwb-:uw-nsuum N I" NSN 'M xx Mm N-.W , f .V- My -u., A. ff if u Q-M, MWWN, W in 0 Q, v STUDENT CDUNCIL . . . Moore High's guiding light Row 1, left to right: Norma Lohmeyer, Rex Crago, lVlary Jean Smith, tlim Hammer, Mr. L. E. Smith, Jerry Rau, Shirley Wheeler, Curtis Maxwell. Row 2: Ellen Jane Tharp, Katherine Fogal, Buddy Hooser, Kathy Beasley, Jim Reynolds, Carolyn Hierony- mus. Don Goodall, Bettie Thomas, Diclc Reynolds, Frances Wheeler, Joan Clow. The 1953-54 Student Council memhers and officers were elected in the spring of 1953. The new Student Council tool: over for the last few weelcs of school and one of the first things the Council did was to elect Carolyn Hieronymus and Jerry Rau to attend the State Student Council Convention with Mr. Smith in Chicago. The next activity the new council sponsored was Student Control Day. A principal, assistant principal, and office secretary were elected from the Senior Class. The students taught all the classes during the day. During a meeting ol: general discussion a ques- tion was raised concerning the system of electing cheerleaders. A committee was appointed to meet with Miss Grosh and Mr. Smith to discuss various systems of election. The committee, with the ap- proval of the Council, decided to have high school cheerleaders elected each year. They were to he elected lay the Student Council representatives of classes, with a group of teachers, following a try- out which all attended. During the preceding spring, corrections, changes, and additions were made on the 1952-53 handhoolc. That summer the Student Council arranged, typed, and compiled the 1953-54 Stu- dent Handhooli. Following a general assemhly, each class was divided into sections and each rep- resentative in the Council lead a section in a dis- cussgim of the handhoolc. this year hy the Student Council. Talent and stunts from the freshmen students and teachers, talent from upper classmen, and games provided the evening,s entertainment. An activity that was new to the Council was that of choosing the Junior High cheerleaders. They were chosen hy the same system as the high school with the addition of the Seventh and Eighth Grade Council memhers and teachers. Qu Novemher 14, lVlary Kathryn Seifert, Roherta Jones, Carolyn Hieronymus, .lim Ham- mer, Rex Crago and Mr. Smith attended the Champaign District Student Council Convention at Hoopeston. K 9 E! ..,Tm. e502 - aA . . . white collar work OFFICE HELP AND LIBRARIANS Baclegrounrl, left to riglmt: Jean Price, Rex Crago, Betty Hoffman. Standing: Jean Koontz, Ruili Nlclntyre, Lincla Siagen, Sally Pierce, Phyllis Turpin ivlrs. lvlarilla Curtis I ...r ' y 'P,0te"f"'l bookwofms Standing, left to riglztz Norris Blanlcenslmip, Betty Hoffman, lvlartlla Ritlenllouse, Nlrs. Nlary Ceilaert, June Parrill. Cliarlottc Sawyer. Sitting: Jerry Harcly, Sancira Kopp, Nancy Engel, Janet Hester. . . . the welcome mats I hall cadet l 4 Standing, left to riglit: Cloycle Howe, Davicl Elmore, David Lewis, Kris Lawson, K S1 2 Larry Hoffman, Elclon Lamb, Larry Vvclton. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS President Jerry Rau Vice President Don Goodall Secretary Larry Gee Treasurer J im Hammer Sentinel Rohert Reynolds Student Council J im Hammer Reporter John Thomas Advisor . Mr. Eugene Elliott 1 I Row 1, Seated: Mr. Eugene Elliott, Larry Gee, Jerry Rau. Row 2: Jim Hammer, Dude Goodall, John Thomas, Rohert Reynolds. This year the Future Farmers of America has been a very active organization. Under the leadership of their new adviser, Mr. Elliott, they completed many tasks. The EEA. has many projects. On the first and second of December the club took its annual trip to Chicago. While there, they went to the International Live Stock Show and visited the Chicago Stock Yards. They also went through the packing house of Swift and Company. The group has also done some work in judging. They went to Gakiey, Illinois, in the fall Where they won third place in a land judging contest. In February seven EEA. hoys attended a Grain and Poultry Judging Con- test at Vvarrenshurg, Iliinois. They won sixth place in poultry and ninth place in grain. Delmar Thom placed sixth in the top ten in individual judging. The hoys who went to judge poultry were: Phil Dolhert, Oris Miller, Jerry Rau and Mike Trenkle, and for the grain: Delmar Thom, Jim Reynolds and Larry Thomas. This year for the first time in some years the hoys picked up corn. The F.F.A. took half of the proceeds with the rest going to the farmer. This proved to he a profitahie project. The EEA. held a party for the F.H.A. chapter in March in return for the party the F.H.A. gave them in December. The Club is working very hard to improve its small shop area. The boys made many improvements, one important one being the painting and rearranging of the tools. They are hoping that a new shop will he huilt for them hy next year. cc 522 . . . give me 200 acres and a woman The Club has a chart in the agriculture class room which is heing used to lceep a record of each looy. When a boy has earned a certain numher of points required, he receives a letter award. The money-malcing projects for this year have been making and selling hog troughs and selling garden seeds. The money macle goes for use in the Chapter. The group has had a very prosperous and interesting year. F. F. .A. MEMBERS Row l, left to right: Donnie Ester, Gary Stagen, Jerry Wiight, John West, Larry Stagen, Mike Trenlcle. Raymond White, Mr. E. Elliott. Row 2: Phil Dolloert, Robert Reynolds, David Trenlcle, Julian Shaffer, Cloycie Howe, Larry Thomas, Kenny Keown. Row 3: Walter Torhert, Tom Healea, Bill Wells, Kent Durbin, Frecl Reynolcls, Don Owens, Don Gooclall, Larry Hoffman. Row 4: Uris Miller, Jim Reynolcls, Carl Swallow, Roy Scarlorough, David Elmore, Jim Hammer, Jim Ruclcman, Robert Ashworth. Row 5: Larry Gee. Kristen Lawson, John Thomas, Bill Peters, Delmar Thom, Jerry Rau, John Galaway, Dan Trenlcle. CISSP? FUTURE HCMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . . . with a look toward the future Row 1, left to right: Miss Catherine Carter. Carolyn Curtis. Roherta Jones, Carolyn Balcer, Pat Newherry, .lime Parrill, Patty Brannoclc, Nancy Simpson, Dorothy Devault, Sandra Kopp. Row 2: Nancy Engel, Shirley Hellin, Jody Flint, .lucly Dawson, Doris Moore, Norma Lohmeyer, Charlotte Sawyer. Beclcy Wheeler, Ann Fredericlcson, Janet Hester. Rom 3: Susie Oalcley, Ruhy Wilson, .laclcy Roherson, Mary Jean Smith, Judy Johnson, Charlotte Chaney, Dixie Owens, Jean Koontz, lVlary Lou Parr, Janet Elmore, lVlary Lou Wells, Barbara lvlarvin. The Future Homemalcers ol America is hoth a state and national organization which is offered to every girl who has talcen homemalcing. With ex- cellent leadership from our olllicersg lVliss Cath- erine Carter, our aclvisorg and from Mrs. Qlcie Gilnlos, Mrs. Nlartha Curtis, and lvlrs. Clyde Vvarren, our Chapter Mothersg We feel We have lived up to our Chapter Theme-HF.l"l.A. De- velops Leadersu. This year We are developing 55 leaders. We lceep our memloers ' popping here and there constantly. During the summer of 1953 Linda Gilnhs attended F.l'l.A. camp at East Bay Camp, Bloomington, lllinois. She returned with many new ideas to improve our chapter Worlc and interesting information for activities. Betty Lou Hoffman was also a F.l'l.A. summer worlcer. She spent a weelc at the National F.H.A. Convention in Columhus, Qhio. This weelc was looth enjoy- able and educational for Betty. She, lilce Linda, hrought home many helpful ideas except Bettys were on the national level. Row 4: Dorothy Stiles, .loan Lcemon, Sally Pierce, Marie Torhett, lvlary Seifert. Carol Stiger, Donna McCartney, lVlariam Meredith, Carolyn Hieronymus, Frances Wlieeler. Mary Scarhrougll. Row 5: Joyce Stiger, Joyce Hendren, Betty Lou Hoffman, Mary Beasley, Dorothy West, .lean Price, Ruth Mclntyre. Lois Vvallcer, Sylvia Savage, Elizalaeth Nowlin, Beverly Cacile. Row 6: Cheryl Herriclc, Gardenia Wilson, Bettie Thomas. Linda Gihhs, Dorene Clarlc, Nancy Shaw, Sara lVlaxwell, Barbara Kelly, Linda Stagen, Nlartha Rittenhouse, Frances Taylor. Soon alter school hegan, the F.l'l.A. mem- hers were frantically preparing for the House of Delegates Meeting which was held at Farmer City in Qctoher. Qur chapter was honored to have Carolyn Hieronymus elected Section 16 Recreation Chairman. The hig money-making project for the F.H.A. is the concession stands for hoth foothall and haslcetloall games. All the memhers gladly volun- teer their services in order to malie our patrons happy. The F.H.A. really had a lousy year. Some of the main events were the slumher party, hoho day, daddy-date night, Weelc, parentls banquet, polio drive, and the style show. A party is always given for the F.F.A. lay our chapter, which turns out to loe fun for all. Then in turn, the F.F.A. throws an evening of enter- tainment for their sisters, the e542 . . . F. H. A develops leadership OFFICERS President ............ Jessie Mae Warren Vice President .... ......e L incia Cviblos Secretary ...... ......... R utl1 Nlclntyre Treasurer .... ............ N ancy Shaw Parliamentarian ..... Carolyn Hieronymus Historian ......,............ Sally Pierce Public Relations Chairman. . .Susie Oalcley Project Chairman ............ Nlary Seifert Degree Chairman .......... Betty Hoffman Courtesy Chairman ........ Joyce Hendren Recreation Chairman .....,.. Joan Leemon Stuclent Council Representative .... Roloerta Jones Freshman Council Members ....... . . . . . . . .Carolyn Baker, Carol Stiger Chapter Mothers. .Mrs. Qlcie Gilolos, Mrs. Nlartlla Curtis, Nlrs. Cylcle Vvarren Aclvisor ........... Miss Catherine Carter Executive Council Chapter anal State Degrees Winners Junior Degree Vvinners Program Committee cc 55 P7 O JUNIOR FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA . . warm courage and high hopes The Junior F.H.A. is a homematcing organization tor att girls in the seventh and eighth grades. The husy year was hegun hy initiating those poor, new seventh grade girls. They have to Iearn the arts of the trade so they were helped to get started on the right toot at the initiation party. Homecoming was a hig event for the Junior F.H.A. They entered a charming little locomotive Hoat in the arade entitted mt-he Farmers Have The Steam." P Near the end of the year, the ctuh entertained their mothers at the annual styte show. Every girt modeled the garment she had made in home economics. President ............... Kathryn Swartz Vice-President ......... Betty Vvitson Secretary ........ . . . Etten Jane Tharp Treasurer ............. Ntyrna Flanagan Voting Delegate ......... Ettrieda Stenset OFFICERS Chapter Mothers- Mrs. Ray McCord Mrs. R. L. Swartz Advisor- Miss Etaine Dickson ' Courtesy Chairman. . .Carolyn Kuytcendatt w Recreation Chairman. ...... Patty Hendren H A MFMBERS JR. F. . -J Row 1, left to right: Miss E. Dickson, Jeanette Hittis, Pauline Hettin, Joanne Dawson, Myrna Ntaxwett, Kay Welton, Joan Clow, Audrey Lamh. Row 2: Ellen Tharp. Sue Gee, Elaine Adams, Ann White, Dianne LaMonte, Rosa Cornett, Suzie Stutzman, Diane Deeters. Row 3: Jane Brownlee, Maxine Heatea, Deanna Durhin, Ciar- ene Baker, Dianne Kenner, Beverley Grimes. Sue Turpin, Sharon Harder. Q56 i F I Row 4: Patty Hendren, tviarityn VVhite, Ann Young, Myrna Flanagan, Sandra Sullivan, Bonny Duff, Sandra Dye, Betty Newherry, Linda Hieronyinus. Row 5: Joy Wtieeter. Shirley Stevens, Jane Stagen, Judy King, Betty Wilson, Kathryn Swartz, Sharon Owens, Linda Wilson. Row 6: Karen Peters, Carolyn Kuytcendatt, LaDonna Thomp- son, Ester Torrence, Susan Herrick, Katherine Fogat, Mad- etine McCord, Sandra Swallow, Ettrieda Stenset. 75 M CLUB . . . . featuring our star athletes M CLUB MEMBERS Row 1, left to riglit: Mr. Leo Bray, Nlilce Trenlcle, David Fredericlcson, Don lVlarvin, LeRoy Borton, Kenny Keown, Diclc Oalcley, Mr. Jerry Slaclc. Row 2: Harold Sosamon, Diclcey Hedges, Rohert Reynolds, Don Goodall, Phil King, Kent Durhin, David Eli . or Row 3?lPhil Dollaert, Francis Harder, Don Taylor, Jerry Rau, John Thomas, Wayne Williams, Darrell Lalvlonte, Dan Trenlcle. The M Cluh is made up of hoys in high school who have won a major letter playing on the varsity team of a high school sport. The cluh has two main purposes it is trying to achieve: 1. To let the varsity team of every sport get together. 2. To promote and improve school spirit and sportsmanship in our high school. The hoys in the cluh were very active this year. They sold popcorn at all foothall and haslcetloall games that were played at home. As one of their first activities, the clula organized a volley-hall tournament for all the high school looys. They later sponsored a haslcethall tournament for looys especially those who didn't get to play on the high school team. The hoys used their money from selling popcorn to talce a trip to Chicago. They saw professional hoclcey and wrest- ling. The two coaches, lVlr. Jerry Slaclc and Mr. Leo Bray, went on the trip. The laoys also invited the government teacher, Mr. Duane Gronau, and Mr. Rex Minnie of Farmer City, who owns the popcorn machine the M Cluh used dur- ing the year. e572 OFFICERS President ................. Don Taylor Vice-President ........ Robert Reynolds Secretary and Treasurer. . .David Elmore Student Council ......... Dude Goodall Sergeant-at-Arms ........ John Thomas GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ' s . . . sportsmanship is paramount QFFICERS w i Row l, left to right: Miss PhyIIis Grosh, Jean Price, Niary Jean Smith, Nancy Simp- son, Jeanne Koontz, Kathy BeasIey, Frances VVI1eeIer. Row 2: CaroIyn Hieronymus, Mary Lou VVeIIs. President ..... .... N ancy Simpson Vice-President . . . ..... Jeanne Koontz Secretary ..... .... M ary .Iean Smith Treasurer . . . ...... Kathy Beasiey Adviser ............... Members of G.A.A. started out a new year Hon the haiin. The two reguIar meetings a weeIc were spent in piaying soithaII. Later in the faII, the giris spent one evening downtown howiing and the other reguIar meeting piaying voIIeyhaII. So much enthusiasm was shown in these voIIey- I9aII games that a tournament was heId. The teams were divided according to ciasses and the Seniors proved to Ioe the superior team. Another volleyball tournament was scheduied for noon meetings. This time four teams were appointed. The winner was to Ioe the team that captured two out oi three games. A tie resuited from the tourna- ment and was piayed off in a heated game. The winter months were spent in piaying hasicethaii. More fioor-hurns, Ioruises, and aching hones deveioped out of these IoasIcetI:JaII games than a game between Army and Navy. TumhIing and softhaII ended the season. The G.A.A. sparided with many outside activities. The heginning swimmers spiashed to Point Chairman ................ .Iean Price Intramural Chairman. . .CaroIyn Hieronymus Pariiamentarian ..... . . .Mary Lou VVeIIs Student Council .... . . .Frances VVI1eeIer .Miss PhyIIis Grosh their hearts content in the Ciintons, Y.iVI.C.A. HI..aIce,' on Monday nights during the months of Septemher, October and November. On September 15, G.A.A. memhers interested, hiked to Jessie Mae Vvarrenis for a cooicout. They enjoyed their deiicious meal of gouiash, hot choco- Iate, and jeIIy twists. After devouring this meaI the members journeyed Ioack to town. The huge, coI0rfuI fIoat constructed Ioy the G.A.A. for Homecoming was entitied "Ar-gy'IIs' Will Socic Emn. Shaped from chicken wire and stuffed with white napkins, this sock made a Iinicing foot in the Homecoming parade. Farmer Citygs heid a pIay day in the faII. The theme was written on the east waII of the gym in faII..coIored Ieaves. Severai neigI1Ioor- ing towns attended and competed with us in iJasIcethaII, voIIeyIoaII, hadminton, and tumhiing. Everyone enjoyed a program in the gym before departing for home. C4 582 TUMBLING n Row 1, left to right: Bettie Thomas, Ntary Lou Wells, Gardenia Vvilson. Row 2: Elizabeth Nowlin, Carolyn Curtis, Charlotte Sawyer, Anne Frecterictcson, Janet Elmore, Carolyn Baker, Kathleen Isaacs. I-IGCKEY Row 1, left to right: Janet Hester, Nancy Engel, Judy Johnson, Becky XAIIICCICF, Donna McCartney, Jean Price, Jessie Nlae Vvarren, Judy Anderson. BADMINTON . . . G. A. A. member in action BASKETBALL Row 1, left to rigfzt: Roberta Jones, Carolyn Hieronymus, Dor- ottmy Devautt, Jackie Roberson, Jeanne Koontz, Lincta Stagen, Salty Pierce. SGFTBALL Row I, left to right: Frances WIICCIEI, Mary Jean Smith, Linda Gibbs, Nancy Shaw, Ntary Parr, Sylvia Stoughton. VOLLEYBALL Row 1, left to right: Nlarttia Rittenhouse, Nlary Seifert, Nancy Simpson, Joan Lcemon, Ruth Mctntyre, Kathy Beasley. 44 iiiuw.. Row l, left to right: Joyce Henctren, Arvina Dawson, Jo Alice Flint, Lois Vvancer, Phyllis Turpin, Cheryl Herrick, Susanne Flint, Stiirtey Vvlieeler, Doris Shaffer. 592 VISUAL AIDS Left to right: Mr. Duane Gronau, Larry Hoffman, Kent Durhin, Jim Ruclcman. The Visual Aids Cluh quiclcly got underway this year with Mr. Duane Gronau as advisor. Jim Ruclcman was chosen President, Kent Durloin was Vice-President, and Larry Hoffman was elected Secretary. The chief duty ol: the clula is to show films for all the classes in hoth the Junior and Senior High School. The hoys in the organization operate and maintain the movie projector, slide and strip pro- jector, and the recording machine. In Decemloer, the cluh made a trip to Decatur. There they saw the VV.T.V.P. television station in operation and gained a hetter understanding of the methods hy which films are shown over television. . . . lights, action, camera OFFICERS President ............... .lim Rucliman Vice-President . . . ..... Kent Durhin Secretary ..... .... L arry Hoffman Advisor .... .... M r. D. Gronau A trip was made to the Visual Aid Center at the University of Illinois this spring. The cluh members saw the care and preparation of the thousands of films in the Visual Aid Department. This trip also included a visit to a movie thea- ter at a time when one of the new type films, such as cinemascope, was heing shown. The purpose of the whole trip was to acquaint the memlbers with the newest procedures and improvements in the field of movies or visual aids. As a special service, the hoys showed movies during the noon hour at various times in the year. An admission of five cents was charged in order to cover the cost of the film rental. Row 1, left to right: Leslie Parlcer, Johnny Thomas, Merle Clarlc, Jerry Rau, Mr. Duane Gronau. Row 2: .lim Ruclcman. John Thurber. Kristen Lawson, Darrell l...alVlonte, Kent Durlnin. Row 3: Cloycl Howe, David Lewis, Bill Wells, Larry Thomas, Don Goodall, Larry Hoffman. 4460 an INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB . . . up on industrial technology Row l, left to riglmtz Lyndon Siiort, Jerry Wright, Bealer, Mr. .Ioim Edwards. Nlilce Trenlcle, David Frederickson, RaIpI1 ilones, Tommy Row 2: Hamid Sosamon, Diclc Hedges, Franlc Williams, Tom Healea, Diclc Reynolds, Dick Oaldey. Row 3: Oris Miller, Bill Weils, Francis Harder, Darrell I..aIVIonte, Don Goodall, Fred Reynolds, David Elmore. Row 4: .lim Hammer, elim Anderson, Wayne Williams, Weldon Fogal, JOIIII Tliurloer, .lim Ruclcman, .lim Reynolds. On September 25, 1953, tyventy-six people F joined tI1e Industrial Arts CIUIJ. Time election o officers was held and tlie following were elected: Weldon Fogal, Presidentg Bili Wells, Vice-Pres ident: Ace Williams, Secretary-Treasurerg Har- old Sosamon, Sergeant-at-Arms. Tile clulo held a slcating party October 17, 1953, at Bloomington for its members. The Industrial Arts Clula Imoids its meetings OFFICERS President .............. VV:-:Idon Fogal Vice-President ............. Bill Wells Secretary-Treasurer . . .Wayne Williams Sergeant-at-Arms ..... Harold Sosamon Advisor ....,....... Mr. Joiin Edwards Seated: Wayne Williams, Mr. .loim Edwards, Wel- don Fogal. Standing: Harold Sosamon, Bill Wells. in tI1e industrial arts building. Projects for tlie year have been time making oi wooden benches for tI1e Ioclcer rooms and otlmer smaller articles which are to ine sold at an auction near tiie end of scI1ooI. In our meetings we tall: about ways to improve our scixool Iilce building inencimes to Iae placed under some of time trees in back of tI1e scI1ooI louilding. 44612 rib Q my OWL STAFF L The Uwl Staff got off to an early start this year under the capable guidance of Miss Elaine Dickson. The following staff was chosen: Editor . . .' ................... Rex Crago Assistant Editor ..... Jessie Mae Warren Business Manager ...... Darrel l..alVlonte Circulation and Promotion Manager. . Jeanprice Advertising Manager .... Donald Goodall Sports Editor ....... ...... D on Taylor Art Editor ................ .loan Leemon Activity Editor ......... Shirley Wheeler Special Feature Editor ...... Doris Shaffer Class Editor ............ Nancy Simpson Club Editor .......... Betty Lou Hoffman Photography Editor ........ Jim Ruckman The faculty advisors were Miss Elaine Dick- son and Mr. Lawrence E. Smith. Qne of the first decisions to he made was that of which photographer to have. Representatives . . . we leave the "last remark" to you ' from Hawkins Studios and from Blankenhurg Photographers presented their offers. Blankenlaurg was chosen alter much consideration. A- few weeks later, Miss Dickson, Jessie Mae Warren, Jean Price, and Rex Crago went to the annual ll-ISPA flllinois High School Press As- sociationl Convention in Champaign. Yearbook ideas were exchanged among the schools repre- sented and several printing and cover companies had displays for inspection. The idea of having Huston-Patterson as the printer originated at the IHSPA Convention and was later accepted hy the Owl Staff. The Uwl Staff held their meetings every Wednesday night at 7:00 P. M in Miss Dickson's room. It was at these meetings that the staff worked, cursed, sweated, and slaved in order to produce an anuual of high quality. When the path hecame rough, the deparhnent editors called in their numerous assistants to aid them. Left to right: Mr. L. E. Smith, Darrel Lalvlonte, Rex Crago, Jessie Mae Warren, ' Nliss Elaine Dickson. 0wI Staff Heads e622 . . . people behind the scenes Owl Staff Editors Row 1, left to riglit: Jessie Mae Warren, Jean Price, Joan Leemon, Betty Lou Hoffman, Miss E. Diclcson, Rex Crago. Row 2: Doris Shaffer, Sliirley Wheeler, Don Gooclall, Darrell Lalvlonte, Nancy Simpson, Don Taylor, .lim Ruclcman. Owl Staff Editors and Committees Row 1, left to rigllt: Nancy Simpson, Pliyllis Turpin, Sally Pierce, Carolyn Hieronymus, Doris Shaffer, Rolaerta Jones. Row 2: Jean Price, Don Gooclall, Rex Crago, lVliss Elaine Dickson, Jessie Mae Vvarren, .lim Ruclcman, Darrell LalVlonte. 44 632 Row 3: Sliirley Vvlieeler, Dorotlmy West, Susanne Flint, Norma Scarlnrougll, Harold Sosamon, Betty Lou Hoffman, lvlariam Nlereclitll, Joan Leemon. Row 4: Kenny Keown, Diclc Oalcley, Vvayne Williams, Jerry Rau, Don Taylor, .lolmny Tlmomas, Dan Trenlcle, Francis Harcler, Larry Tliomas, Eldon Lamb. THE TATTLER . . . busy with the dust pan collecting dirt Row l, left to right: Arvilla Mae Dawson, Shirley Wheeler, Mr. L. Connolly, Jeanne Koontz T ttl St ff Difk W""m'a"' a a Row 2. Diclc Oalcley, Franlc Workman, Dorothy West, Dorene Clarlc, Sara Maxwell, Eldon Lamb, Don Goodall. Each year the school newspaper is edited hy the class that wishes to have the paper. This year the fifth hour Senior English Class voted and accepted the responsibility of editing the school paper. "The Tattlern is handed out helore every holiday. It contains various items of interest such as: class news: gossip: sport news: clula activity: jolcesg puzzles: and any other feature of current interest. Each memher of the class is given an assign- ment in the various sections of the paper. After all the news is assemlaled, a group of the girls in the class type stencils of the paper. The entire class worlcs together in mimeographing and stapling together the school paper. Under the ahle guidance of Mr. L. E. Con- nolly, "The Tattlern has heen very interesting and entertaining this year. e642 The following is a list of the staff: Music: Department .... Nonna Scarhrough Sports ................ Shirley Wheeler Gossip ..... ..... D orene Clarlc Boys' Clubs .... . . .Franlc Vvorlcman Features ................. Sara Maxwell Freshmen and Sophomores. .Don Goodall Girls, Clubs ............. Jeanne Koontz luniors and Seniors .... .... D iclc Oakley Circulation ....... .... E ldon Lamh News .... .......... D ot West Advisor ..... .... M r. L. E. Connolly SENIOR PLAY . . . a comedy in three acts "Quiet Summer" The Senior Class of 1954, under the direction of Mr. L. E. Connolly, presented "Quiet Sum- mer," a comedy in three acts, Friday, March 26, in the high school gym at 8:00 p. m. Admission was 3.65 and 5.35. "Quiet Summern was a fast-moving, rollick- ing comedy with an interesting and amusing plot hased on James Clark, a bachelor who was a lawyer hy profession and an uncle hy chance. Clarlcss niece and nephew came to visit him and his normal, conservative routine hecame quite complicated. The teen-agers got involved in his affairs and completely took over supplying num- erous adventures and surprises. All this and much more was presented in a swift and humor- ous manner in "Quiet Summer." Assisting Mr. Connolly in direction of the play was Carolyn Hieronymus, who was the stu- dent director. The main characters in the play were: Dan Trenlde as James Clark, Lois Walker as Pamaia Young, Rex Crago as Sonny Young, and Shirley Wheeler HS Helen Russell. The supporting characters were: Sally Pierce as Mrs. Lillian Young, Wayne Williams as Wir. Clifford Young, Don Taylor as Bill Henley, Nancy Simpson as Carrie, Dorothy West as Jeanie Day, Joan Leemon as Betsy Harrison, Jean Price as Harriet Morgan, Kenny Keown as Mr. Henry Nlorgan, Roherta Jones as Ester Ham- ilton, Waiter Torhert as Tony, John Thomas as Mr. Leslie Gardner, Eldon Lamb as Tuhhy Pitts, Betty Hoffman as Frances Shaughnessy and Mariam Meredith as Fredericica Collins. , Since it takes more than actors to put on a play, and everyone cannot he in the play, credit should he given to the committees who worked hard and faithfully to present a successful play. The Committees were: Tickets, Doris Shaffer and Susanne Flintg Properties, Chairman Jessie Mae Warren, Don Goodall, Sara Maxwell, and Rohert Reynolds: Puhiicity, Co-chairmen Darrell La- Monte and Dick Oakley, Jim Hammer, Francis Harder, Jean Koontz, Jim Reynolds, Richard Sprague and Bill Wells: Stage, Jerry Rau and Jim Ruclcmang Ushers, Dorene Clark, Arvilla Dawson, Norma Scarhrough, and Phyllis Turpin. cc 652 MOQRE HIGH SCHOOL BAND CLARINETS Niariam B!l6'I'9ditl'l Bettie Thomas Sylvia Stoughton Jim Ruckman Jeanette HiHis Jane Brownlee Linda Welton Beverly Swigart Sharon Harder Judy Warren Jim Herrick CORNETS Kathryn Swartz BAND ROSTER Q 66 2 Larry Vvelton Iuciy Anderson Kathleen Isaacs Maxine Healea Donna Harder FLUTES Elizabeth Nowiin Cheryl Herrick Judy Kelley Nancy Brownlee PERCUSSION Kristen Lawson Dorene Clark Bonnie Duff . . . brings good music to Farmer City Susan Herrick Suzie Stutzman Dixie Owens BAS SES Larry Hoffman Curtis Rau Leroy Ester BARITONES Rex Crago David Lewis SAXOPHONES Deanna Durbin Carolyn Curtis Virginia Sprague FRENCH HORN Beverly Grimes TROMB ONE Carolyn Hieronymus BASSOON Linda Hieronymus OBOE Myrna Nlaxweil Q 67 2 I Mr. Arthur Micidlested Director E N S E M B L E S . . . developing the art of good music BRASS ENSEIVIBLE Seated, left to right: Kathleen Isaacs, Judy Anclerson, Katli- ryn Swartz. Standing, left to right: Carolyn Hieronymus, Larry Hoffman, Rex Crago, Beverly Grimes. WOODWIND ENSEMBLE ' M. S liz Seated-l, left to right: Clmeryl Herriclc, Myrna Maxwell. Standing, left to right: Beverly Grimes, Lincla Hieronymus 0 5 Mariam Meredith. at-38x ff ii? Gigi TWIRLERS . . . the showpiece of the band Dorene Clark, Roberta Jones, Nancy Simpson, Jessie Mae Warren. Under time direction of Wir. Arthur Middiested, the band was very active this year. The band played for all home football and basketball games. The tvviriers performed with the band at football games and at several basketball games. Un January 22, Mr. Niicidiesteci and the inanci presented a iight, popular concert to tile Whole sciiooi. Featured were the "Bunny Hopu and mst. George and the Dragonetf' February 3, marked time day that the Farmer City Band participated in time Dewitt County Band Festival at Weldon Junior High, Vvapeila, Clinton anci Kenny. Q6 QD The Spring Concert Was given February 19. The first half was very formal and dignified. when time curtains opened after the intermission, all the band members were Wearing Iouci, flashy, costumes. Mr. Middiested, as Weil, Wore a loud outfit. HSt. George and tile Dragonetu and "The Bunny Hopn with time cheerleaders and twiriers performing, were the main numbers of the second half. This was time first year that such a varied program was given. The audience approvecl greatly of sucii a program. 3 N E G L E E c L u B s O . . . our answer to Fred Waring 1 FIRST HOUR GLEE CLUB Row 1, left to right: Dorothy Devault, Carolyn Baker, Nancy Simpson, Roberta Jones. Row 2:HDorotI1y West, Ruth Ann Mclntyre, Sylvia Savage, Gardenia Wilson, Maw Beasley, Betty Lou Ho man. Row 3: Janet Hoffman Bontrager, Judy Dawson, Maw Lou Wells, Mary Ruth Scartrrough, Barbara Mar- vin Pat Brannoclc, Miss Gwen Newloauer. Row 4: Carol Stiger, Donna McCartney, Beverly Cacile, Joyce Stiger, Marie Torlzaert, Mary Seifert, Janet Elmore. Dorothy Stiles. e7Ow . . . in the mood for singing FIFTH HOUR GLEE CLUB ' Row 1, left to right: Janet Hester, Pat Newberry, Anne Fredericlcson, Susie Oalcley. Row 2: Joyce Hendren, Jean Price, Linda Gibbs, Nancy Shaw. Bettie Thomas, Carolyn Curtis. Row 3: Sally Pierce, Joan Leemon, Dixie Owens, Miss Gwen Newbauer, Frances Wheeler, Carolyn Hier- onymus, Becky Wheeler. Row 4: Jackie Roberson, Judy Anderson, Cheryl Herriclc, Jessie Mae Vvarren, Charlotte Chaney, Elizabeth Nowlin, Judy Johnson. Early in the fall the vocal music department started tuning up its vocal cords for the annual Christmas Program. The program, held Decem- ber 19, 1953, in the gymnasium, was a variety of many dramatized popular songs and the tradi- tional Christmas Carols. Again this year, our glee clubs participated in the County Music Festival. The other choruses participating were Weldon Junior High, Wapella, Clinton, and Kenney. A group of numbers were selected by the music instructors of the county to I s71ab be sung in the program at Clinton on March 16, 1954. A hilarious and colorful minstrel show was given again this year. The members of the boyys chorus acted as the end men and lcept the show rolling. Several other novelty numbers were given by the ensembles and glee club members. The Parent-Teachers Association was honored to have the vocal and instrumental music depart- ments provide an exceptional program. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Row l, left to right: Steve Wheeler, Tom Bealor, Kenny Keown, Harold Sosamon, Le- Roy Borton, Melvin Reynolds, Lyndon Sliort. Row 2: Larry Tliomas, Buddy Hooser, Plmil Rous, Janet Hoff- man Bontrager, Miss Gwen Newbauer, Diclc Oalcley, Tom Tobin. Row 3: Franlc Workman, Jolln Gallaway, Kent Durbin, Jimmy Laslilmroolc, Roy Scarlmrouglm, Oris Miller, Darrell Lawlonte, David Elmore. Row 4: Carl Swallow, Wayne Vvilliams, Leslie Parlcer, Fred Peters, Bill Peters, Don Taylor. Bernard Broolcs, Ricllard Sprague. GIRLS' ENSENIBLE Row 1, left to right: Joyce Stiger, Janet Elmore, Dorothy West, Carolyn Hieronymus, Carol Sti- ger. Row 2: Jean Price, Nlary Seifert, Janet Hoffman Bontrager, Miss 'Gwen Newloauer, Betty Lou Hoffman. Jessie Mae Warren- BOYS' ENSEMBLE Row 1, left to riglzt: Miss Gwen Newlnauer, Kenny Keown, Kent Durbin, Leroy Borton, Janet Hoffman Bontrager. Row 2: Oris Miller, Carl Swal- low, Leslie Parlcer, Don Taylor, David Elmore, Buddy Hooser. e722 MIXED ENSEIVIBLE Row 1, left to right: Larry Thomas, SaIIy Pierce, Darren LaMonte, Roy DaIe ScarIJrougI1, Maw KatI1eryn BeasIey, IVIeIvin ReynoIcIs. Row 2: Miss Gwen Newbauer, SyIvia Savage, Richard Sprague. Ruth Ann McIntyre, Janet Hotf- man Bontrager. EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS' CHORUS Row 1, left to right: Jeanette Hillis, Sue Turpin, Miss Gwen Newlnauer, Linda Hieronymus, Deanna Durbin. Row 2: Beverly Grimes, Myrna Flannagan, Kathryn. Swartz, EI- frieda StenseI, Jane Stagen, Pat Hendren. Row 3: Betty Witson, Madetine McCord, Kathryn Fogat, Sandra Swallow, I..aDonna Tliompson. SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS' CHORUS Row l, Ieft to rigtzt: Linda Wet- ton, Joan Dawson, Luella Young. Pauline Heiiin, Joan CIOW, Judy Robison. Row 2: Audrey Lamb, Janet Sue Gee, Ann White, Diane La- Monte, Rosa Cornell. Row 3: Ellen TI1arp, Jane Brownley, Joyce IVIcI'Ienry, Betty Newberry, Sandra Dye, IVIariIyn Vvlxite. Suzie Stutzman, IVIiss Gwen Newbauer. Row 4: Bonnie Duff, Joy VVI1eeI- er, Lincla Vvilson, Janet Shaw, Judy King, Shirley Stevens, San- dra Sunivan, Etaine Adams. e732 HOMECOMING . . . Moore High Schoofs answer to the Mardi Gras om Ululia Caesar" Scene fl' , SCCIIC fI'Olll Ufllzid Caesar CI1e6I'iCHdCl'S Une of the first and most important activities of the school year is ceiehrating Homecoming. Each ciass and ciuh is expected to construct a float which is exhihited in the Homecoming Parade during the afternoon preceding the game. The parade Was scheduled this year for Octo- her 16 and school was dismissed at noon to en- ahle the ciuhs and classes to complete their respective floats. The parade presented a great pageantry of color and splendor led hy the High School Band and twiriers. After the parade, the floats were judged hy Marshall Collier, Minnie Beit Wells, and Ossie Stensei. The Sophomores won first with "Signals VVon,t Help Novvng the Freshmen received second place with HVVe,ii Lick Say- hrooicug third place went to the F.F.A. with "VVe're Laying For Sayhrooicu. F.H.A. Hcannedn fourth place with HFarmers Can Commanchesng fifth piace Went to the Seventh Grade with uVVe,ii Feast On Sayhrooic Tonightn. The triumphant victory of the Farmer City "Farmers, over Sayhrooic fired the Homecoming spirit. The Homecoming gaiety was ciimaxed with a program presented hy the Seniors following the game. The program included a riotous comedy given hy the College English Class, Hduiia Caesarng solos sung hy Don Taylor and Kathy Beasieyg and Fred Peters played his uicuieie. A dance followed the program. Music was furnished hy Guy Lomhardo, Sammy Kaye, Tommy Dorsey, and Spike Jones-hy transcrip- tion. e742 Farmers Can Comanches QFHAJ Ti1ey'ii Get It in the Encl HAD Con1ancI1e's Last Stand Uuniors, VVc'H Feast on Saybrook To- night 17110 ,Of .fi Signals Xwonyi Help Nowv fsopli- 1 'Q omoresi X H fix., 4 5 2' .2 Hopping to Victory fseniorsi lx vif FD VVe're Laying for Saybrook QFFAJ Tile FHTIIICFS HHNVC ill? Steiilll Ur. FHAJ Literally Carrying Saybrook Away f8Ii1J Argyles Will Sock 'Um QGAAJ uvm1mX-Quamwg mx,.m.,m:.xNm wxmwmmmxaw our,fma:,1:fn:x,mwmxmmwmmvvm STUNT SHOW O 00 a highlight of the school year WINNING STUNT - "QVIcGilIyfuddy November 20 climaxed three weelcs of pre- paratory action for students of Moore High. This marlcecl the night of the annual Stunt Show, an event anticipated lay townspeople and students alilce. For Seniors it was one of those "last" al- fairsg for Freshmen, only the beginning. The gala evening lnegan with four stunts, one presented loy each class. The Seniors toolc first place with "lVlcGillyfuddy Writes Homen, star- ring Don Taylor and Rex Crago. Ul'lere Today, Gone Tomorrown, Sophomore presentation copped second place honors. The main charac- ters were Phil Rous, Tony Cadle, and LeRoy Borton. "The Hollywood Tattlern, presented lay the Freshmen won third place recognition. HAd- K7 SENIGR CLASS Writes Homen 62 vernetn, the Junior T.V. Htalce-off" was rated fourth hy the judges. Following the stunts, the evening was cli- maxed hy the coronation and a dance. Queen, Jessie Mae Vvarren, dressed in a white loallerina formal, was escorted to the throne hy the King, Dan Trenlcle. The attendants were: Seniors, Shirley Wheeler and Jim Hammer: Juniors, Linda Stagen and Bill Rittenhouseg Sophomores, lVlary .lean Smith and John Thurloerg and Freshmen, Carolyn Balcer and Buddy Hooser. The King and Queen were crowned hy last year's King and Queen, Leland Junlcert and Annette Price. Music was furnished hy Wayne Karr and his orchestra. HADVERNETH - Junior Stunt "HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW" - Sophomore Stunt THE HOLLYWOOD TATT1.ER"-Freshman stunt OS QTY? M X xx , N X Sw -M. -.-, , NN 5g CX wk X WW x X 5 W X X Q A .,, , ,Ss 'NC' ' lg x 'XIXFYN A - . XX Q N '95, Q 5 dv? iii X S Y. 556-' s Nw? + Q Y X X X . Q X X 42: R, X x X . ,N M wx , .X X Q.. gk i xy Y .1 5 iv X Q ' 5? X .' 3 'sb-9 1. A N X fa X: X X ,ix Y .x , -F X gi: A x x the court and attendants faithfully serve their majesties MR. AND MISS SENIOR MR. AND MISS JUNIOR l l Shirley Wheeler and Jim Hammer S Linda Stagen ancl Bill Rittenhouse MR AND MISS FRESHMAN MR. AND MISS SOPHOMORE . S l Nlary .lean Smith and John Thurloer Carolyn Baker ancl Buddy Hooser Q 79 2 JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM . . . handsome men, pretty girls, flowers, and a dance in the dark SENORS ET SENORITAS Row 1, left to right: Fred Reynolds, Kent Durbin, Bill Rittenhouse, Delmar Thom. Row 2: Weldon Fogal, Larry Gee, Dave Elmore, Phil Douoert. Row 3: Janet Hoffman, Linda Stagen, Kathy Beasley, Dorothy Stiles. Row 4: Maw Seifert, Sylvia Savage, Ruth Mclntyre, Ruby Wilson. At the Junior-Senior Prom, many students and guests witnessed time ex- change of time iiatciiet and the burying of all feuds. Following the banquet served by sophomore senors and senoritas, dancing in a land of gay fiesta, and resting-a Init in the "Dew Drop Inn", sent some out under the stars remembering their last Prom and others saying, "A job well clone." KSOD gay fiesta a dance in the dark . . . a shot ofthe Dew Drop Inn ' Q S Xxx X 'S X X X X XX M X X XX X N 5 XWSX :X X - .' 1--Xb'-Q-, e- uv gx . , .9 .X XX .IX XS XWXQ H L ' 7 -X- - V -X "" i g 11' ','1A' ' X . X X- XXX X ' X , ,, - L LQ L ' 'E ' X X ' XY- -:XX X XX X- X "EX -sag XQSN 'X ' XQX XXX' XXXX X NX' - Xxx XX "X i .X ' ' ' ' ' ' ' X Xa Y 5 fe EXW: -5 X 1 mm X X -X X X s X N ' ' ' THX: ,- Xyq X- XX- X:'X NF-X5 X ' ., NX X, 'X X. . X . .. ,. X, X xi X . .X X E X X FXR XX X X, XXX? X X X X X X X , X X X X XX X s X X X 3 X X -- X X, ,X --,X XX,XX,X.-XXXXXQX X N- - X,s-NEX ,. XS ' .. F1 - if f' T," N ' ' .5 "XX WX 'XX R R fx Xxx, x -bb ., XX 1- if - X :Xww N- --X X X - XA X Xgya 5 X N- A iii 1 .. sX..X 9 + .' X '5Xnf91X X .. X . I I ,J X t - X- ,, H XX, X . .VX N- XXX . XX N .X 5 ,-XA, ,, X X - Q-X.-Q 5 XP. - X X- XXXQNX, KX Y E XA X XX -. X- Qxils-.k , XXXS-S 53 Nz, 'XF X 2. NN- XX- XX 'X X WX XX X .X 1, X w .- . 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V X X XX X -X' - xg X Xxq Nm XXX X- 'XXXXQ PM XXXX-X X- -X X- XXJ-XXX. X XXX -X 2- -151.4-1:-XX:,:Xi-XX X..X X-XX.. X:X XA-X X X NM, , I, ., :X-..1.:.., XX.,-,X ,ks , ,.X1-:X -X -X- XX X , Q X , ,. -, X . - X X, X . XX - XXX XX, .X X.XX:X:.X XM:-w.,. -XE UX XX., ,X- X . . ,, ,X X . .,,,, . , . . , . . , 1 , X, . . X Y X , X, ,,E,,,.X g. ,k.kk X -XQK xX:kX::L..X..?.X,..X. .. X Z. .X X, - - .. X , ,WX S P O R T S . . . muscles on the rampage COACH JERRY SLACK s Coaching Staff Jerry Slaclc .... ................................. H eacl Coach Leo Bray ...... ..... A ssistant Coach, footlaall and laaslcethall Duane Gronau ..... ................ A ssistant Coach, football John Eclwarcls ...... . .- .... Assistant Coach, football lerry Cavanaugh ..... ........ J unior High Coach Jerry , A Leo Duane . John Cavanaugh Bray Gronau Eclwarcls C4842 . . football begins the season VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM I l Row 1, left to rigllt: Don Stimler, Franlc Williams, Mike Trenlcle, Kenny Keown, .lim Anderson, Buddy Hooser, Don Goodall, Diclc Reynolds, Tom Bealor. Row 2: Tony Cacile, Eldon Lamb, ilolm West, Diclc Hedges, Diclc Oalcley, Darrell LaMonte, Kent Durbin, Robert Reynolds, David Elmore. Row 3: Mr. Jerry Slaclc, Dan Trenlcle, Larry Hoffman, Francis Harder, Weldon Fogal, Wayne Williams, Johnny Thomas, Delmar Thom, .lerry Rau, Don Taylor. FOOTBALL CAPTAINS Don Taylor, co-captain ci 85 by Robert Reynolds, co-captain u s Q. . .Q- i:s m u,mx,smns:wm ,m' - Wayne Williams Diclc Reynolds Kenny Keown .lolun West S Varsity Football VIXE Schedule fi ' I 953 Q-fmf 0 X s September 18 -,an--iv! September 24 X October 2 ,,,,,- Uctober 10 ,,,,,..---" "'- October 16 -vii'-'-i-, X Gctober 23 Uctober 30 'A 'E November 6 Here Tbere Here There Here There Here Tliere Farmer City 7 Gibson City 39 Farmer City 0 Farmer City 26 fblomecomingl Farmer City 39 Farmer City 14 Farmer City 20 Farmer City 26 Bement 1 3 Farmer City O Westville 0 Heywortb 6 Saybrook 0 Paxton 6 Qctavia 7 LeRoy 21 Francis Harcler Dick Oalcley Jerry Rau Jim Anclerson Dude Goodall David Elmore Kent Durbin Darrell Lamonte . Weldon FOQHI Bllddy HOOSGI' Larry HOHHIHH JOIIYI Thomas Delmar Y-I-I'l0lTll Hedges nun-nw, Nwwmmm wwms1- uuuwawxN.wm:1mm1-w.1wmmmw .xx-. imunqmnm, xmnwmammfmnmm N . . our team in action PAXTON - THERE FRESHMAN - SOPHOMGRE FOOTBALL TEAM Row 1, left to right: Tony Cacile, Melvin Reynolds, Skip Stagen, Tommy Beaior, Donnie Merrifield, Dick Reynolds, Don Stimler. . Row 2: Lyndon Short, George Engel, Johnny West, Mike Trenicie, Frank Williallls, Lyle Lindsey, David L ' . Row Jerry Slack, Phil Rous, Robert Ashworth, Jim Anderson, John Thurber, Bill Walden, Bernard Brooks. Buddy Hooser, Mr. John Edwards. K882 . . . l953-54 Basketball Team PEP SONG Tl1ere,s a clieer from the stancls and tlie lnleacluers When we see our team run by. ' Tl16fC,S a yell from tlie students and teaclmers For tlie team ol M. C. High. At tlie game you can tell wlmy we all came .lust to see tllem Win eacll game. VVl1o's tlie winner of eacli ball game? lt's that M. C. H. S. Team. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1, left to riglit: Don Mawin, Diclc Hedges, Darrell l..alVlonte, Walter Torlnert, Diclc Oalcley. Row 2: Elolon Lamlzz, Francis Harder, Jerry Rau, Wayne Williams, Tony Caclle, Delmar Thom, Weldon Fogal. .lolm Tliomas, Phil King, Mr. Jerry Slaclc. 1899 John Phil Walter Tony Thomas King Tortmert Cacile Z' ' VARSITY BASKETBALL X Dick Hedges NOV. . Here Jan. 5 TIICTG Farmer City .. 43 Farmer City -- 51 Mama ...... .. 44 Areenta -. -. 45 Nov. 24 Here Jan- 8 Here Farmer City .. 52 Farmer City -- 64 LeRoy ...... H 41 Fisher .... .. 58 Dec. 4 Here Ian' 12 Here Farmer City . .. . . 46 Farmer City ' ' 54 Qctavia ..... .. 59 Mahomet ' " 39 D I ll Th Jan. 15 . There fisarmer City ...... .... e 5? EafmefIC1fv " 44 Deland-Weldon . . 38 antou ' ' ' ' ' 66 Jan. 19 Here 1225. Plfgirg ament' Here garmer City .. 69 Farmer City . . . . . 40 ement ' ' ' ' ' 52 Fisher ........ .. 30 Ian. 22 There Vvilyfle Farmer City . .. . . 50 Farmer City - - 57 Vviiliams I-,QR051 ,,,,,, H 52 iylansfieici . .. 44 Dec. 29 There Ian- 23 Here Farmer City . . . . . 57 Farmer City - - 55 Arcola ...... .. 62 Champaign -- 65 KQOX Delmar Dick Don Weldon Thom Oakley Marvin Fogal Jan. 26 There Farmer City .... .... 5 1 Unity ........ .... 6 6 Ian. 29 Here 1 Farmer City ............ 68 K A. Deland-Weldon ........ - 58 X f Feb. 2 Here Farmer City .... .... 4 9 Jerry Gibson City .... .... 5 1 Rau Feb. 5 There f Farmer City . . . . . . . 32 Fisher ....... .... 3 5 Feb. 9 There . Farmer City .... . . . 54 Saybrook ..... .... 6 2 , .2 Feb. 12 Here Farmer City . . . . . 68 Mansfield .... . . 42 X Feb. 16 There X ilifzfrlltller City .... .... 6 6 ,,-,, a ometi .... .. 46 Feb. 23 There Z Farmer City .... .... . 56 Trinity ....... . . 71 F t F IJ. 25 Th A ' Ifaffw eFarmer City .... .... Q 45 ar er LeRoy ....... . . 44 , :L 6912 FRESHMAN - SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL TEAM Row 1, left to right: Don Ester, Sicip Stagen, Lyndon Short, Don Stimier, Mike Trenlcle, Tom Beaior. Row 2: Mr. Leo Bray, Melvin Reynolds, Dick Reynolds, John Thurber, Buddy Hooser, John West, Mr. Jerry Slack. FRESHMAN - September 22 There September 28 Here October I There October 15 Here October I9 Here October 29 Here November 3 Here Rantou SOPHOMORE FGOTBALL SCHEDULE 1953 Farmer City .... ............. Farmer City .... Farmer City ...... Clinton ............ ..... nton Jr. High .... Farmer City ................. I .................... FRESHNIAN - SGPHOIVIORE BASKETBALL Nov. 20 Farmer City . . . Maroa ...... Nov. 24 Farmer City . . . LeRoy ...... Dec. 4 Farmer City . . . Octavia ..... Dec. ll ' Farmer City .... Deland-Weldon ...... Dec. 16 Farmer City . . . Fisher ...... Tan. 5 Farmer City . .. Argenta ..... Ian. 8 Farmer City . . . Fisher ...... Here . . 39 . . 27 Here . . 43 . . 20 Here . . 43 . . 47 There . . 50 . . 26 Here . . 52 . . 53 There . . 36 . . 31 Here . . 22 . . 44 Tan. 12 Farmer City Mahomet . Tan. 15 Farmer City Rantoul . . . Tan. 19 Farmer City Bement . . . Tan. 22 Farmer City Nlansfield . Tan. 25 Farmer City Champaign Tan. 26 Farmer City Unity ..... Jan. 29 Farmer City Deland-Weldon .. e922 .......-Q. Farmer City ................ 7 Cctavia .......... ........ 0 Thornhurn . .. 0 Paxton ...... .... 0 Farmer City .... .. 0 Farmer City ..... .. 7 Gibson City ................. 0 SCHEDULE Here Feb. 2 . . 51 Farmer City . . . . . 18 Gibson City . .. There Fein. 5 . . 30 Farmer City . .. 47 Fisher ...... . Here Feb. 9 .. 45 Farmer City .. 40 Saybrook-Arrowsmith There Fein. 12 .. 54 Farmer City ...... . .. 31 Mansfield Here Fein. 16 . . 50 Farmer City . . . .. 35 Mahomet . . . . There Feb. 23 . . 44 Farmer City . . . .. 37 Trinity ...... . Here Feta. 25 . . 54 Farmer City . . . .. 37 LeRoy ...... . Here . . 45 . . 29 There . . 26 . . 37 There . . 46 . . 42 Here . . 42 . . 20 There . . 46 . . 22 There . . 38 . . '52 There . . 49 . . 45 CHEERLEADERS come on, kids, yell! Left to Right: Caroiyn Hieronymus, Sylvia Savage, Joan Leemon. Left to Right: Caroiyn Curtis, Linda Gibbs, ylary Seifert, Betty fliomas, Anne Freclericlqson. 44 932 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL I JI EIGH . . little men on a big court TEAM Row l, left to riglnt: Steve McCord, Phil West, Curtis Rau, .lim Wright, David Asl1wortl1, Leslie Simpson. Row 2: Leroy Ester, Larry Roberts, Lynn Lolwmeyer, Jerry Milton, Bill Hammer, Roger Roberson, Kennetli Spurling, Larry Young, .lim Ratlilf, David lsaac, Steve Barnett, Cliarles Brannoclc, .loe Walsh, Eddie Joe Warren, Don Propeclc, Mr. Gerald Cavanaugli. LIGHTWEIGHT TEAM Row l, left to riglri: Lynn Franlclin, Jimmy Lamlzo, Ronnie Hooser, Howard Swallow, Allen Olson, Gary Hamlalen, Don Hamilton, David Moore. Row 2: Leslie Simpson, Leslie Franlclin, Jerry Hoffman, Curtis Nlaxwell, Mr. Gerald Cavanaugli, Jim Parr, .laclc Anderson, Donnie Kelley. e942 Junior High Cheerleaders Xiovemtner December December Decemloer December january january January january january January February February Xiovemlaer Decemloer TJCCCIUTJCF December December january january january January january january February February February Left to Right: Deanna Durbin, Bonnie Duff, Linda Hieronymus, Audrey Lamlo. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL 'SCHEDULE F1 . ,. liere .... . .Tliere ..... .Here ..... .Tliere ..... .There ..... .Tliere ..... .Here ..... .Here ..... .There ..... .Here ..... .Tliere ..... Tournament .TTCFC ..... rd- .-.RCTC ..... P"1" .-.RCTC ..... .TTCFC ..... F5 .rhere..... kd, .-.ISIC ..... .Ttiere ..... . Tnere ..... .TTCTC .. .L. rin .h.1CTC.. ... . Here ..... H- .e.1ere. .. Tournament Tournament .TTCTC ..... HEAVYWEIGHTS Farmer City ........ 24 Farmer City ........ 23 Farmer City ........ 41 Farmer City .... . . . 20 Farmer City ........ 27 Farmer City ........ 28 Farmer City .... . . . 19 Farmer City .... . . . 21 Farmer City ........ 21 Farmer City .... . . . 24 Farmer City .,.. . . . 49 Farmer City ........ 21 Farmer City ........ 36 LIGHTWEIGHTS Farmer City ........ 24 Farmer City .... .. 17 Farmer City .... . . 22 Farmer City .... .. . 18 Farmer City .... . . . 19 Farmer City .... . . . 5 Farmer City .... . . 24 Farmer City .... . . . 25 Farmer City .... .. 23 Farmer City .... . . . 26 Farmer City .... . . . 31 Farmer City .... . . . 22 Farmer City .... . . . 21 Farmer City .... . . 25 e952 Saylbroolc - Arrowsmitli . . . Deland - Weldon ........ Bellflower .............. Gibson City ............ Urbana Junior High ..... LeRoy ................. Clinton ................ Urbana Junior Higli ...... Bellflower .............. Saytmroolc - Arrowsmitli .. West Community tl.reRoyl Saylaroolc - Arrowsmitli .. LeRoy ................. Saylnroolc - Arrowsmitti .. Deland - Weldon ....... Bellflower .............. Gibson City ............ Urbana Junior Higlm ..... LeRoy ................. Clinton ................ Urbana Junior High ..... Bellflower .............. Sayluroolc - Arrowsmitli . . West Community tLeRoyl Milford ................ Stoclcland . . ..... . . . LeRoy . . . . . . fz+-x++:++x4fx+-:Q.2-z+'x+'x++:++z++x++x4x+fx+-1+-:Q+1-M4-xfaf-z-+:4x+fz4:+-x4x+-z-fx+fz--x4x-'x--1+-14'z++x-'x4z+-:+-x+':0z-fx-fzf+z+e++z-4+-:Q-x+a+-14:4-z++x4a-1'-z++x++x--M4-x+'x++t+fx+-if-2+ U Compliments of PEOPLES STATE BANK OF MANSFIELD Mansfield, Illinois "Courteous Service Always" Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. iiiiiiiiiiiiWWQQWQQQWQWWWQQQQQWWQEWW4449444444Qiiiiikiiiiiiiikiikiiiiiii Compliments of GEORGE H. DUNN INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER FARM MACHINES MOTOR TRUCKS and REFRIGERATORS Dial 2154 QWQWEQQQQWWWQQiiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiiiii4444444644454iiikiiiikikiikiiiiiiiiii DON McCARTNEY PLUMBING AND HEATING ROPER RANGES O CLOTHES DRYERS OIL AND GAS FURNACES O Your Drz-Gas Dealer Phone 1612 514v2o14o14v14o14o14Q4v14+14n14+14l14+14v14401444v14v14o14Q14-Q41v14+14v14s14Q+14v14+14+14v14+14v14s14a14a14+14+14spv14u14+14+14+14v14v14o14v14v14Q4Q4v14+14Q4Q4i4u14o14v14+14u14v14+14v14v14o14n14+14v14 SYLVANIA and DUMoNT TELEVISION HARRIS TV SALES AND SERVICE East of N. Main on Route 150 Farmer City Illinois QQv14+14+1014-+14v14v14s1451014u14+14o14v14Q4Q4v14v14o14v14Q4+14o2+14+14+14Q4v14o14v14014514v14+14v14414+1014+14v14o14+14+14+14v14v14v14+14a14q4o14v14u14+14vBv14s14v14+B 4101014 v14v14n14 v14v2+14s14+14v1g 44962 4444444444444444444444444444s444444s THE BLOSSOM SHOP FLoWERs AND GIFTS For Every Occasion Dial 2197 Farmer City 444444444444444444444 Compliments of LARlSON'S CABINET SHOP 444444444444444444444444444444W4 Young's Barber Shop Across from the Kendall Theater In the Heart of the Business District Jake Lyle .:0x+'x+e+fx+fz0z+'z4-1-Arvw-fzf-:Qs-x0x+f:+-z+'x+'x-fx+-z--x0zf-x+-x+-:f-:+-z--Q 'f FULLER Implement Company CASE FARM EQUIPMENT Farmer City Dial 5207 e e 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444Z 'E' 4 4 4 4 4 4 2 ? 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Z 4 E 9 444444444444444444444444444444444444 444 44 Drs. Kelley and Mitchell OPTOMETRISTS Dial 2191 44444444444444444444444444444444 Compliments of Eppsl'ein's Footwear ' CONNIES ' FLORSHEIM f FREEMAN rx-af-xwz--:-vw--xf-z+fx+4+-z+fz+M+:f-x+'z0zf-z+'x-4+4f-r-x0z0:--x--x0z+40:+ Nick's Shell Service East Side Park Lubrication - Wash - Tire Work Dial 2181 44444444444444444444444444444444 E A R L D O' S S PLUMBING AND HEATING Dial 4513 Farmer City Illinois 444 4 4 4 4 'E' YS 4 4 4 4 4 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' 4' '5' T 'f 'sf 0 '5 'f 'f 'Q' E Si 4' '4 QXQKO 4' 4' 5' 'Q' 'E' 3' A' 4' 'S' 'C' 'Af 4' '4 4' '4 'Z' 'A' '4 '4 '4 Z? A' 4' 'A' 4' 4' '4 4' 4' 4' 5' i fx979 +24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24f24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24Q4+24 +24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24 +24+24+24+24 +24 405244916024 +24+2p+24+24+24+24+24+24+24 +24+24+24+24Q4+24+24+24+B+24 GRING AND McCORD GRAIN AND FEED I Dial 2121 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 V41 9,1 1 1, 10101 ,101 ,101 1,1 y,,1,,101,,1,,z,,X,,1,,1,,z,,x,,x, 'X'u+'Z"X"Z+'Z"X"!'if'X''Z'Q'X''X"X+'!+'X+'X+'Z+'X"X0X+w+X'wn'm+n+w'Z"X''fw'.'w'X''Im'w'.".'n'+.".'+.". ww 40404 a . .4 .4 . va a . . . . . . Com plmments of FRANK AND RALPH STANDARD SERVICE STATION Q4K4+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+2.P24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+2+24+24+24-+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+2+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24 CARI.'S TRUCK STOP PARTIES SPECIALS BANQUETS '6You Are Always Welcome" Carl and Mary +24+24+24 +24+24 024021524024 +24+24+24 +24 5:0620 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 VXOQXQ +24 +24 +24 +24 +24+24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24 +24+24 +24 44444 gf +24+24q4 +24 +24 Q4 +24 +24a24+24+24+24 PXOQO Q4+24+24 WALKER' SERVICE STATION ANY SIZE OF NEW AND USED TIRES West Rt. 54 Farmer City IQUXQP' '4 '4 I' '02 3' 24+'4+'4h'0X4+24+24b24+24+'4+24Q4+24+24Q4+24+'4+'4+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+'4+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+'4+'4+'4+'4+24+24+24+24+'4+24+24+24+24+24+24+2+24+24+2+24+24+24+24+24+24+24+24 4,,O,4,0..4f44,440 4 40 4 4 4.444 4.4, cc 98 2 944445+444WWWW44Qii49444Q4?44WQWQQQWQWQEWEQEWQWQWQWWEWiiiiiiiiiibiiiikii Bud McConkey Tom McConkey McConkey Motor Co. FORD SALES and SERVICE Dial 4-141 Farmer City, Ill. F4444EQFQWQEQQQWWWFWWWQ444444494 HAWN and OVERTON JOHN DEERE UALITY FARM EQUIPMENT Intersection of Routes 150-54 Farmer City Dial 3031 4+-1+4+-:wa4+4+fx--M-2+M4+fx'fz-':+-zf+x++:1-:":-'x+-:+-x'+:-fx'-z--1+-:+'z++:+ I Compliments of SY'S DAIRY BAR "Your Sealtest Village Store" ICE CREAM D MAGAZINES TOBACCO Mickey Bob K4+p+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 +14+14+14+14+14+14Q4+14 Compliments of DALE BEALOR'S TRUCKING SERVICE 'I' +14 33 4 4 Q4 W 4 5X4 +14 +14 Q4 123 +14 +14 4 4 +14 4 9 +14 4 4 4 4 4 +14 +14 'Z' +14 +14 4 4 +14 4 Q 4 Q4 4 4 0:4 W +14 +14 W +14 +14 4 +14 +14 4 4 +14 +14 W +14 +14 gf +14 +14 -4 +14 +14 +14 '5' 6.1 +14 -4 +14 +14 +14 +14 -4 +14 'W 44 'Q 'Q +14 4' +14 +14 if 4 +14 +14 OKQ 4 W 4 4 4 9 +14 4 Compliments' of A o. A. PEITHMAN Lawy-er Farmer City Illinois f14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+p U. S. Routes 54 and 150 Tel. 3494 ELMORTEL- MOTEL T' " ourzsts Paradise 16 Modern Rooms with Private Bath Ted and Romola Elmore, Owners Farmer City Illinois Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikiiii44444494445 Established 87 Years STENSELS' FUNERAL HOME Farmer City Leroy Bellflower WQQiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikiiiiiii494494 ALVA AND PEARL Complete Line of Groceries and Home Killed Meats North Main Dial 5711 Farmer City -4 R444iiikiiikkiiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii9444iiiiikikimiiiiiiiiiiiibi 6992 F A R M E R C I T Y SALES and SERVICE "Your Kaiser- Willys Dealer" Dial 764-1 Delbert Pointer, Owner i?iiQi?++??i??4Q?4i++? North End Grocery I Compliments of LOTT AND BEULAH Farmer City Dial 6691 -www-M+x+w-sefsfxmww-24+-x-+4--:fee4+-xf-:Q-ws Compliments of BU D'S Mobile Service S'I'aIion A Complete Service Shop Route 54 Dial 6131 -x+..'++w-+.'+.x++z-fax.-1+-:Q-1+-1.-:Q-x++z-ew:-fxsz-fxss-zszsfx'-1--sz.-zsxf-zffzf Compliments of PRE-FAB TRANSIT CO.. INC. QQWQQQQWQFQikikkiiiiiiiikiiiiiiiiiE iwkiikia?+++?++494+++?i+++?+Wiikkkkiiiiiik?fkiikikikkiiiiwiiiii 4? ?+i?++i++++++++?4+i+k+4+Q++++++++ General Hauling TARTER COAL CO. Dial 6801 Farmer City Illinois -:awww-me-mw.www-wsxoxszowswsws-sw THE PASTRY sl-lor Pastries for Every Occasion Farmer City Illinois Wi+?i?9+4?i+4+++4+++?4i????iiii? P. A. DIVILBISS "Your Oldsmobile Dealer" We Service All Makes Dial 5301 vx+.x++x+'x+.s-.'+-x++:+-x+.z++x-.:+.x+-x++x0x+.x+.x--x+.z0z+-z0x-'x0:0x-4-.:Q-x-fx0x--z+ Compliments of PHIPP'S DEPARTMENT STORE Farmer City Illinois +14 iiiiiiiiiiiiWiikiiikiiikibkiiikiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii44?++??44?++++ii++kW+++? 61009 444444 Q V4+444444:44444444444444444444444444444444444 s The John Warner Bank Clinton, Illinois COMPLETE BANKING and TRUST SERVICE Member F. D. I. C. 44444444444444444444444444444444 The Westinghouse Store Curtis EIfec'I'ric Company Sales - Service - Parts ' 211 S. Main St. Farmer City Dial 2165 44444444444444444444444444444444 Milburn's Farm Supply Farmer City, Ill. WATER SYSTEMS and PUMPS Furnaces and Repairs Phone 5611 +14Q4+14+14+14+14 +14Q4+14+14+2+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 +14+14+14+14 +1014 L. S. BEALOR'S BARBER SHOP and ADVANCE AGENCY for Dry Cleaners 4 4 4 'A 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 6 4 4 4 4 +1 44444444444n 'A 4 4 4 +14 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 OXQ +14 if 4 4 +14 4 +14 4 +14 4 4 +14 4 +14 4 4 4 414 if 4 4 +14 4 +14 4 4 4 +14 +14 +14 +14 4 +14 +14 4 if +14 +14 +14 4 4 4 +14 4 +14 +14 SHELL MOTOR SALES DODGE . PLYMOUTH Dodge "Job Rated" Trucks Wrecker Service, Truck Testing Body Repairs 118 West Market Dial 3501 Farmer City, Illinois 4444444444444444444444444'!+'!+44'X'44 G O T T L I E B ' S MEN'S 8zBOYS' WEAR Finer Furnishings Farmer City, Illinois 44+14+1014+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 C l' omp :ments of A. 81 P. STORE Mike 81 Jack 14 14 R414 '4buO14 '4b146n51Q514 14+14 14+ 1 14 1 14+14+14+14+14 14v14+14+14+14+14 14+14 514144-'444'+4444'A+'+4 4,4144,44464h44464'04 Compliments of Morgan's Shell Service GAS .I OIL LUBRICATION Route 54' Dial 5871 4444444444444444444 444444444444444444444444444444444444'X+44'X0X'+!"!'444444444 41012 14+14+2 +14+2 +211+2 +14 b292'41+14- +21+14+14+21+14+14+14+14+2+2+2+2+2+14+141+2+2+14+2+14+14 +2+2+2+2+2+2+14+14+2+2+14+14+14 +2+14+2+2+141+2+14+2 +14+14+2+2+2+14+2+2+14+2+2+14 +I' Compliments of Your Home Town Milkman Roszell's Sealtest DAIRY PRODUCTS Russell Pat Dolly 1+14+14+2+14 +14+14+2+14+14+14 +2+14+14+14+2 +14+2+14+14+14 +14+14 +2+14 0:4614 9:4514 +14 +14 +14 . . DERR INSURANCE Farmer City Illinois +14+14+14+14 +2 +2 +14+2 +14+14+14 +14+14+2+14+14+2+14+14+14+14 5:4614 +14 51465 62614 +14+14+141 Clarno Implement' Co. Oliver Sales and Service Pontiac Sales and Service Crosley Appliances Dial 5791 Farmer City +14+2+2+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+2+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+2+14+14+14+14+14+14+2+14+14+14+14+2 lo Comp :ments of HAMMER'S I.G.A. UPER MARKET Dial 2138 Farmer City Illinois +I' +14 +14 +14 +I' +I' +I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 +14 +I' +I' +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 OXQ +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 -+14- +14 +14 +14 4 +I' +14 +14 +14 +I' +I' +14 +14 +14- +I' +3 +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 +I' OXQ +14 'E' +14 +I' +14 4 +I' +14 +14 0:4 +14 +I' +14 +14 +14 +I' +I' +14 +I' LEWIS Hardware and Skelgas ZENITH RADIO' and TV Sales and Service 14+14+141+14+14 +2+14+14 +14 +14 +2 +14 526244+14514 +14+2 +2+14 +14 +14 +2+2 +2 +2+14 +2 +14 +2 DIAL 6511 . Compliments of Stokes and Holiday Produce Cash Buyers of Eggs, Poultry and Cream Dealers in Fresh Eggs and Fresh Dressed Poultry 94+'4+'4+14+'4+'4+'4+'4+14+'4+'4+14+14+'4+14+14+'4+'4+'4 I45'4b'45'46'4bu '4+14+'4+14+'4+14+14 4444444444444444444544444 444444 C l' t f BROCK PRODUCE Farmer City Illinois Q4+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+2+2+14+14+2+14+14+14+2+2+2+14+2+14+14+2+14+14+14+14+14+14+14+14 ll Comp :ments of Murphey's Bowling Alley OPEN BOWLING Week Ends Farmer City Illinois +I' 15:452bB6X4bp5X4VX46X4OX4 +2 +2+2 6X4O?+6XQ+p5X4P146X4 OXQOXQOXQQXQQXQOFDFOBDB +14+14+2+2+2+2+14 +2 +2+14 +14+14+2+14 Q4 +14 +2 5:4614 +14+14+14+14+2+2 Q4+14+2+14+141 1+14+2+2 +2111 +2+14+14+14v G1022' 01452095349909914599361444+14+14+14+14O1444614614614-+14O?OX461Q+9bF614+1Qbp5145?fb14+16+Ff+14626140.11095951401461469514014090951401461469+14+14O96p+9+pO9 i4+14+9 +9+14+14 +14+9+14+14+9+14 +I' +I' +I' +I' +I' Compliments of 4. +z+ nn. F. R. STOUGHTON DENTIST 'I' +14 . +14 Dlal 5931 151 +14 'I' +I' +14 49 +14 +9 +9 +14 +14 +9 +9 +14 +14 +9 +14 VXQ DXQQXQ +9 +14+14 +14+9+14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +9 +14 +14+14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +I' COLLIER APPLIANCE COMPANY +I' +14 +14 v O14 +I' "Your Frigidaire Dealer" +I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 U 47 Years of Servlce .,. 'I' +14 +I' +14 +9+9+9Q4+14+14+9+14+9+9+14Q4Q4+9+14+9+14+9+9+9+14+9+14+9+14+14+14+9+14+9+14+14 +11 9 +i- +14 +I' +9 LYLE G. HERRICK 14 it L A W Y E R +14 +14 Q. 'I' +14 if O ll! O Farmer Clty I ll'l0lS 5, +14 'I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +9 +9 +9 +9 +14 +14 +14 +9 +9 +14 61469514614 +9 +14 +9 +14 P14 +9 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +9 +9 +9 +14 +9 +14 +14 +14 4444444444404444A44444044644A444 v O44 +14 Q l 'I' WALT S 'I' +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 +14 Iecreaiion Parlor Pools AND BILLIARDS Best Wishes to the Class of 1954 V. C. SWINEY JEWELRY STORE +14 +14 +9+14 +14 +14+14 +9+9 +9 +9+9 +9 61461452 +9 +9 51444514 +14+9 +9+9 +14 +14 +9 +14+14+9 +9 SLAUGHTERING FARMER CITY LOCKER PLANT PROCESSING Dial3611 +9+9+9+9 Q4 514914 +14 +14+9+14+14+14+9+14Q4+9+14+14 +14 91461492 +9 +9 +9 +9+9 +9 01401463 PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE By Insuring With C. A. ROBERTS IN URANCE AGENCY O Dlal 3931 or 6294 +14+14+9+14+9+14+14+9+14+9+14+14+14+9+14+14+14+9+9+14+9+9+9+9+14+14+14+14+14+9+9+9 Compliments of THE DIAMOND HORSESHOE The McKinleys +,4 Q4+9 +9q4+14 +14+14+14 +9+14 +9 +14 +14+9+14+9+9+14+14q4+9+14+14+9+14 5146514514 +9+9+14+9+14+14 +9+9 +9 +9 69914 +9 +14+9 +14 +14+9+14 +14Q4+14q4+14 +9+9 +9 +14 +14+9+9 14+14 +9+9 +9+9 +14 +9 +9 +9+14+14g GIOSD v!+u'f+Z''X''Z'462'402+'X'444024'Z''I''X+'!+'X' 0X++X''X+'X"Z"X+'X"X"9'X"X"Z"X"X"X++X"Z"!"X"X0X0X"!+'X++Z''X+'X0X"Z"X"X0!+'X"X"!++!'+!"!"X+'Z"X"X"X+'X+'X"X"2'Z"X'4"X' BEST WISHES To The1Class of '54 THURBER'S GAMBLE'S STCRE O C O Farmer Clty Illmols a++xf-1010:--20:4-10x-'x--w -z+-x+.:4:--2--z4+s,:0:4x-aw:-MQ-:+-:Q-:Q4+-zoxwzffxf-10:02-1+-:++:+-x0z0z-'x-M-:Q-z0x.-:Q-:Q'z-ax-fx-,:+w'x--:Q-:0x++z--z-'xox'':+-zwzf-:Q-z-M Compliments of HOUSE OF BEAUTY O Osee Golda Mlldred -x+fz0:++x+-1+401--x+fz+-10:44+4++2'xf-zf4+-1+'x4-z+f:++:Q-:4-sfz++z+fxf+:+':4x++z4:4:0:++x4.14-x-fx--:Q'x4:-+:+-:-+:--x-wx--zf-x-'zfM-:Q-x-+x--:++x--x-Ma+-:Q-1+-:W-1--x++:+-:--x-M MASSOCK'S DRUG TORE THE REXALL DRUG STORE 9 I Farmer Clty Dlal 2183 EQXQOXGDXQQBPXGDXQGXO DXQOX4 +14 Q4 44sX4sX4o!4vX4aX4oX4nX4vZ4+X4+1402-vX4i4+X4+X4u2oX4vX4+fpvI4+X4 KQXQOFQOXQVXQOXOQXQRQQQOX4 Q4 vX4nX4sX4oX4oX4 OXQVXQOXQOB PP a:4vXoX4+X4 +X4oX4oX4oX4 0:44444 4444614 F1646 - N Complzments of WALSH GRAIN ELEVATCR PARNELL ILLINOIS Bob Walsh, Manager PM44,'4vX4vX40X4vI40X4vX4vX4K4'144459bX4+X4Q14-hX4-5140:4-rX4+X4oX4vX4-v:4vX4vX4+X4oX4s:4oX4vX4oX4oX4vX4oX4 QQOXQDXQQQQQGZQQXQOXObX49X47:45X4b:4P:45:4bX4 Q4 q4bx46XQO:4q444b? i4g4bX4Ox4 P:Q5:4q4b:Q G104D E 3 -23 -1+ -xs E i :I+ -xf -x--:Q-2-x--1- -:- 1? 5 321 E -xf -x+ 323 -:Q -x- -x- -:Q -x- -x- 'X' E -x+ -:Q -:Q -1+ -:Q -x+ Phone 4334 Compliments of ++++ Fqsrmer Cheese cg. "Your Friendly Home-0wned" :- fn o o U 3 a- no ra' F11 e H1 o :U r- P Z U Z us -I 3 rn F4 Q G W E F' Pi' -1+-:Q 55 co P4 5 B E. we 'U -1 O 'P 0' 449' 91444 +++ Farmer City Illinois ++ Farmer City Illinois ++ 44 -if + + 914 0:4- 'X' + + + 4' + + + + F A' + + + 'E' 'A' + + + + + + + + 0:4 Q14- ++ 9X4 + 0:4 + + Q4 + + + + + + 9:4- + + + + +' +' +' '+ +' +' +- +' +' Q14 44 +' + Q14- '+ 9 S E 50 CB E. S. 31' 'S EN Z 'gb 32 Sm OP "'E ul +++ +++++ .X4 . vAueHN's JEWELRY BUICK ' GMC' ' iv: 0 o .3 . Motor Rebulldlng Q Wheel Alignment Dlal 5051 . Dlal 72 72 -zf '4 44-bX4q'5+X4vX4vX4s!4vX4bX4v!4vX44451444o'4o'4sX4+X4oX4oX44X4sX4oX4v:4uX4cX4o:4+X4vX4ux4Q4rX4- P, PZ 544444'X"X4'X4'X'440244444'X"X"X"X4'x4'z"X"!"X"X"p'X"!":": 'v Real Estate Farm Loans P H 0 T 0 G R A P H S' All Kinds of Insurance 3. by E "I P 'n C I- I' rn Z w r- P Z Z n1 Z w m Z Q ul 'S Q W M Q 3 E. Qc bl Q Q- fn Q 1 G Qs G QE 544' 9 4 B3 +' +' F' sf . g .f 1.- 4 pg A -' 14- A 2+ 4 0 sn -fi 'D U -2 'I+ 'U Q 'I' 3 +X4- hd, M Q 014- E. '1' G :u 4 ' B 'I' U W' 5 .' 44' pg. 5' U CD A4 as C Q 02- hu HI S ,v E- ' 94- I-I -U Q' vg- A 5 'J an G 5 S + +4- og S S F g 02 Nl 414- Q m eh '54 N + N M N 'X' U L + ' Q 4- It Q Q, 3 H1 'X' - z 'f w +14 20 ' 71 44 Q. 2 In Y: E +44 n .1 A' A' ' 3 UI n a :I A' K4 A' A' Y :g:vX4Q4oX4v2vX4oX4vX4 A4 4 44 I '4 44 if '4v'4+'4o'4 449 Q4 'H '+ +74 0:4 .: 3' 4' 4- 4' fr' 4 1 3 J 4 ' 51 re ' 0 Q 5' Q, 4- ' 44. 41 U 9 5 if .Q pq 0 3 W 0 'U + 9 .1 2 M 2 2' Q 'A' I 1-1 Q EI .... A J U2 I H F: 34 H Q 4:4 E0 A' Q4- 'Xf P C + Q if fs 44 ' + I11 - -- + +- G 4 if 'n 5' 5+ ffl 3. Y :U '- QX4 ,V 'I' 4' K 105 D 44014 0!40X4Q40!4Q40X40Z4 Q40!40:4 b!QbX45!4bs5!4 0X4 0:4014 PXQQXO if if OXQVXQOBOX4 0:4 0X40X40X4Q40x40!40X4 0X4 0:4014 OX45pbXQb!4VX4q46pb2b:4 bkbxfbzi- 0X40!40!40X40X40140X4 014014 0X4J4'40X40X40X4 FREDERICKSON FURNITURE CO. KROEHLER PHILCO MAYTAG Q l 0 Farmer City Illlnols QWVQQQQVVV WVU. V VVYVVVV V V9 VVVVVV VV VVVV VV W 'WWW' 'WWW WWW V A A 4 0, 0,40,40,40!4Q40440440,4 :Q644PX4bA4644Of5fD.Q0.494462V44QFQAQifOISOQQOAQWAQOOQOQQb44O?b+45AQOXQ 0440,40,40440X40.40,40140240440240440440440440,40X40,40,40440,4Q40B0I40,40,40,40X40X40X40440!4q40X4 RUST CHEVROLET CO. GENUINE crHEvRoLET PARTS New and Used Cars Tires - Batteries - Accessories Routes 54 and 150 Dial 2179 Farmer City, Illinois 0140140X40X40X40X40X40!4014014024014Q4q40X40X40:40140I40Z40X40X40X40X40!40I40X40X40X4Q4014 0X4 OX49? 0X4 0:4 0:4 014014 014 OBVXQOX4 024024 014 014 0:4 9140? G140X40X4Q40X40X4Q40!40X4 02 646462O:4b!40k0p'i?4Q9:1'Vp7h DEWITT COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Growing with DeWitt County For More Than 80 Years Q4-8:4014 0:4014 q40X4Q4 62014 6462 0:4 0140? 7146? 0:4024 0:4 0:4 014024 0:4014 OFGXQVIQ Q4 0:4 KQPXQPXQOXQVB 024014014 0:4 014 0:4 0:4 014014014 014 01401402 024 0:4 014 0X4Q40I40X4 014 014014 014 0:4 024014014 014024 0:4 0X40X4 024 014 014 'I' V 0,4 , ORA 0'NEAL CONGRATULATIONS 'GENERAL TRUCKING To The Class of 1954 Cob Removal from Farms and Cornshellers Alexander Lumber Co 'X' . QB .3 one 'X' Ph 6305 0:4 0X4 0240140X40X40X40X40X4Q4Q40X40:4014014014024024Q40X40I40:40:40140240140140X40X40X40X40X40X40X40X4014014020140140140140X40X40X40Z40X4-0240140240X40X4q40X40X40X40!40X40!40Q0!402 Q40X40I40X40X40!40X40X4-014014014014 c1062 i '35 5..- A , fb.-M. x i h x lr QVBDBDEQQQQDXQQ2 91492 4242 4242424242 bX4OX4bX4b2bX4b2bX4f29X4P24462624262 4242 4242 OXQO2 4242644242 4242424242 42 42424242 42 42 42 4242 42 42 g442626X442q4b202bX4 42 The Farmer Cil'y Journal C""'P"""f"'S of DeWitt County's Biggest Weekly Iii PRINTING JoE's PLACE Booklets and Catalogs SHORT ORDERS CUSTARDS Commercial and Society 323 E. S Wightman, Publisher Mam Street at Route 54' Farmer City Illinois If: Farmer City, Illinois Dial 3771 42 '24 Q44242424242Q442Q4Q442Q4 Q44242 42 4261442 42 4242 42 5:4514 0:4014 424242 4242 42 42 4242 42 42 42 4242 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 4242 4242 01462 42 42 42 42 424242 42 4224242 Q442 42424242 ROSS C. SWARTZ Real Estate "Let R055 Pay the Farm Loans Insurance L08-9" Bonds Farmer City, Illinois Phone 3911 4242424242 424242 42 5:4 OXQVXQQDXQ 42 42424242 42 4242 42 4242 OXQUXO 42 42 424242 4242 4461461462 014514 424242 42 42 4242 424242 42 42 42 Q4 42 Q4 4242 4242 24242424242 4242 424242Q4 EDUCATION to young men and women is like nitrogen is to corn. Neither can attain richness of maturity without the element required by each one. llinois Anhydrous Ammonia Co. Plants at Farmer City, McLean, St. Joseph, Gibson City, Pontiac, Ellis, Barton, Delavan, Milford, Ridge Farm, Monticello, Colfax, Normal, El Paso, Princeton, Steward Junction, Macomb, Elmwood, Maroa, Tolono and Wenona 344242424 Qybubnbubuivtbn 4242!442424242424242424242424' 42424242 '4bv4P'4b'4b'4b'45'45'4 24242 24242424242424 4242424 4242424242424242424 4 42424242424242 4444 4444444444444444444 4444444,b444444O,444'4444644 444 444444444 4444444 K107D 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444i44444444444 FARMER CITY GRAIN L. E. West, Prop. Farmer City, Illinois 'X GKUW? SEED - OATS - SOYBEANS - WHEAT - RYE Soil Tesfing - Fer'I'iIizers - Spreading Service 'K m'm4W W44WWW'4'4"4n iini nh' W4 444 " s4444444444Ws 444444 WE ARE INTERESTED g i O in 'l'he success of 'I'he groduqiieng class Q I of 1954 of Moore High School. i I Congra1'uIa'I'ions for your ochievemen'l's L Q so for. 1 Member F. D. I. C. I 44444444W" VW V 459mm mann n n an Q 4 ' an 4 4 1444444444 4' GIOBS 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 WEEDMAN 'GRAIN COAL COMPANY Weedman and Glenavon R GRAIN O COAL O SEED FERTILIZERS O WIRE J. A. Little, Manager 4 4 4 4 4 4 Z 4 4 4 ? 'S' E E 'I 4 4 4444444444444E 4 4 4 ? 'I Z 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ? 'I 4 4 4 ? T 2 ENGRAVINGS BY Compliments of 9 F ,Em 'I 5: 'gu- fm" ii' E9 E-3 1 Q : -4 1. 0 CQ fb 9' en n : UI Q 2. n -9 3 P 4444 Artists O Photographers 44024024 Engravers Farmer City, Illinois 4 4 4 4 4 E ? 'f E 4 '? 'I '? 'I 4 4 '? 'I ? 33 4 '? 'f 'I 4 4 4 44444 21 V 'I 'I 4 Z? 4 4 'I 4 ?' 59 -ii 4 4 4 '? Iii ?' 'I '4 ?' f 32 35 LERDY STATE BANK Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation "TO YOU WE OFFER COMPLETE FINANCIAL SERVICE CONSISTENT WITH SOUND BANKING PRINCIPLES" 44444444444444444444444444W444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 GIOQD 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 ISAACS' USED CAR MARKET NEW AND USED CARS Route 150 A Dunlop Tires ' Dunlop Batteries . 'I Member of American Associate Member Seed Trade Southern Seeds Men 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 Clothing, Footwear, Rugs, Furniture, Stoves, Wallpaper, Paint, Farm Implements, Tractors, Washers, Radios, Frigidaires, School Supplies p ' Big S'l'oref - THE HQW - Li'I"I'Ie Prices LEROY, ILLINOIS 4444444444444444444444444444444444444 4444444444444444444444444444444444 BATEMAN OIL CO. WESTERN AUTO Gas, Fuel, Motor Oil, Kerosene Diesel Fuel, Greases 444444444444444444444' 9.4 Home Owned Dial:-1.64.1 W. M. Su-atman '11 0 H 5 C G 71" U 2- Q0 Q '1 "4 '11 5 W 3 F-1 'FU C5 r-1 Pi I4 r-1 f"' E Q r-1 CD 4 'E' 'A' 4 'S' 'A' 'E' 'A' 4 4 4 4 '14 4 0:4 Q14 4 4 4 QXQ 0:4 4 Q4 0'4- Q24 014 QX4- axe Q4 4 0X4 Q14 4 0:4 5' 4' -1.-x--A -2+ -2- 4 4:4 4 4 4 +24 414- 4 0:4- 014 +14- 4 ole 4 oz: 4 vzo 9:4 4 014 Axe 4 4 0X4 0:4- 4 exe 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4444 444 H R HESTER FOR ALL GENERAL ' ' A ELECTRICAL SERVICE 44444444444444444 VETERINARIAN Call on CLARENCE MICHEAL Phone . Phone 6053 Farmer City, Illinois 4 4 4 914- 4 4 4 4' 014 4' 4 4' 4' 4' '4 '4 '? 'A' 4' 4' '4 Q4 QX4- Q4 '4 0:4 QX4 -DX4 +14 QX4 9:4 4' 0:4 QX4- 44 axe 44- 4' o'4 3. -i+ -:I+ +14 Q14 524 'S' 'A' 014- 0X4 4' +14 014 4' 0:4 exe 9:4 0:4 vxf '4 4' '4 9:4 4' 4' 44 'Xe 9:4 9:4 4' 4' 4110 2 f'X'+X"X+'Z"X''Bi''X''X"X"X''Z"X+4"X'401014'X"X"X"?'X'+!'+X"X+'X0X++X"X"X+K''X"X"!"Z+'X+'X"!0X4'!"X"X''X4+X"X"X"Z"X"!"X"Z"X"X"X'+X"X"X"Z''X"Z+'X+'!"!"!+'X"X+'!''!"!++!0X'r AN ENVIABLE RECORD BLUE Rllillll ANNUALS S' I9 0 6 "Blue Ribbon" is not merely a trade name ' or slogan, adopted for advertising purposes. We didn't just pull it out of a hat. We earned 9 ' . the rlght to use lt! In competition with annuals submitted ln State, Sectional, even National contests, since 1906, Huston Patterson yearbooks have been rated tops year, after year, after year And so, we re proud and determined proud of our past record - determined to make future accomplishments even better. HUSTUH-PHUEHSUH C 0 R P 0 R A T I 0 N DECATUR, ILLINOIS 6- A COLOR 81 COMMERCIAL PRINTERS FOR OVER 50 YEARS 4' ! 330 NORTH CHURCH STREET Q TELEPHONE 5161 FQ'f?rf:m7,' 402014'B010244vX'40X+'X0Z++!0X+'X0X'4++X"X"!"X"X+'X"X"!+'X'i''Z''XWX''X"X"X"X+'2'X"X"X''X''X+'X"X"X'+X"X+'X"X"X"Z'+Z+'X0X''X0X"X"X+'!"!+'!+'X+ 'X"!++X'40X+'X'+X0Z0X0X0Z'+X+ K 111 D 4 ,n -J t , ,,-. A 5 ,pf X 9: 5 4 477 ' n . 9531? - 4 E --vfdzzr,-F C. X ' ,e I 'J' el Q MI. avi L E X . , , A, - F1 Y x. 4 wftldg A fm 5, px - .X j Si ng Q A kpszya? MM vigil as E - 4 .,,.f""p 7 K J, 'X J ,.. M' Y "J 'A 5 f 3 V W ff' ' a U f- '41 auf' l 4 , ,E TQ 5 557 . 'FI 5 A , , wwf f gg 5 , fjgf " 1 D Sz. W Ya.,-'C' f nv' ' E N ii QR EEA if WL I V A ,AY ..4..,-:.c, ..z ..-,n,,g.,:A,,L,.Qi ........-.-.s-'i ' "-L5-:fin---1aAi af-5 ' W iii El EES l' .A -- Ri EQ QE J X a X' ' J- ' I P .. Q' J I E , ml- . . , l I , 5 rf . 4 'N - e -cy . 1, 1 ' ,e .'-64,5 fl , 4 A we Q71 ' F17 7 - '. 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Suggestions in the Moore Township High School - Owl Yearbook (Farmer City, IL) collection:

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