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Ex Libris 73525 W A Year Book of Nloorv Township High School l3':n'lnel' Cilg, Illinois f?ugl,7i Age sl ilu! Gilliam all ,33 Volume XX ,W ,7 . ,, , X ,A,.l, , ..,, . . 4, 55 ,Yki,., Q,Lf., A , -4 p ,Y lfffy "ff ' z A 'L - b X Y f - 1 1 . ' - - - ' . 3: U' v4-. R 3,5 ffbcf' H Xi P 4' Page three School Sonq You may talk about your High Schools ln this good old state of ours, Of all the jolly students Who in school-rooms spend their hours Maroon and gold of Clinton And old Gibson's red and white, They fly at frequent ball games When we meet them in the light. From way down south in Egypt To Lake Michigan's cold shores, l" east to west and back again Just look them o'er and o'er. No other high school in this state Or nation can 9,61' show So brave, so true, so fine a crew Of students as we are. Chorus: For we are jolly students of M. T. H. S. We are the best. To high schools We are ever true. Yes, we are loyal ever to our Blue and Gray Hip Hooray! We're the kind that dare and do. 1 1 4 M VW, 1716, DEIJICA TIOJ' Class Qf 1933, wsj1ec!f?zZIy this colzzme Qflhe Owl to Jlr. F. G. Edzuards, our jJrz'11Cz'jJaZ. zz'c'11'z'ca I c FURE VVORD Once agaizz Zlze g'1'mz'z1al1'1zg class of zlloore TI1Zp'7lSfZZ75 llzlglz Salma! fffaccs bfjbre you Zlzfs 7't'L'U7'lI7 offlzz' pus! yewr. W? hojw fhllfyflll will wqjoj' il and aj5fWz'f'z'az'e Zlze SILlf7'Q72.L'l'S 7zf'cvssm'y fbi' il. Robert Trwzklff Ediior- in- Ch icy' 1933 -A Moore Township High School - 1933 l.. Editor-in-Chief Assistant Business Manager Assistant Calendar Editor Assistant Literary Editor Assistant Snapshot Editor Athletic Editor Football Baseball Basketball Track - Adviser Page ew en Owl Staff 1933 Robert Trenkle Russell Ward Elizabeth Reeser Eloise Coleman Gordon Fuehrer Marguerite O'Neal Margaret Schilling Elsie Thornton Ruth Mitchell Robert Mullen Gene Lientz Howard Stalker Lyle McKinley Burford Plotner Mrs. Howard CONTENTS THE SCHOOL ATHLETICS ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES LITERARY CALENDAR 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 - BOARD UF EDUCATION L. D. fpresidenti ARTHUR NEAL LOTT R. HERRICK Page nme r 1933 - Moore Township High School Y r 4 9 Q . ' 45- :5 1. ' 4 o My W., "'.f, Ji ., .-fi H W 1 : It 1' J, . ' ' f , ig, V f U 1' W1 F, Y S- www3Q5H imp ' :ij ' :. . is i X. 'Z 1 fi E g -5 X, 1933 ' , -aww 1 lf, i , fig n , - "+ 4 If 'll Y My 5 NJ A :.,. ...,:1 ,Q i Page ten 1933 - A-P A-g Moore Township High School - 1933 .. lli- F. G. Edwards Lombard A. B. University of Illinois A. M. Physics Mathematics , , , . Mayme Chapman Plane Geometry Wllllamlnla Farnham Grand Prairie Seminary University of Illinois A. B Gregg Normal Commerclal Physical Education M. E. Gardner Florence Foley Howard University of Illinois B. S. University of Chicago A. B. Agriculture Latin Chemistry Mathematics N. M. Severson J. O'Toole L. E. Smith University of Illinois New England Indiana State Music Conservatory B. M. Teachers B. S. Band General Science Coach Neva Whitford Jones O, H. Wisthuff University of Illinois University of Illinois B. S. A. B.g M. History EHg11Sh. Economics Dramatxcs Vocations Debate Coach Coach Page eleven i 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 IN APPRECIATION The members or the Class of 1933 feel it an honor to be privileged in this, their official organ, to express their respect and admiration for the man, who has, since its erection, de- voted so much of his time and energy to the advancement of their school. None know better than they how his keen in- sight and calm judgment have guided and promoted their in- terests and provided for them untold advantages. However, these Seniors are but a small part of the long line of grad- uates, back to the year 1911, whose Commencement Day will always be associated in their minds with this man's kindly smile and courtly bow, as he placed in their hands their cov- eted diplomas. So we, in the name of all the graduates of Moore Town- ship High School, sadly-but proudly-bid a grateful adieu to the beloved President of our Board of Education, a true gentleman and the friend of youth- Mr. Carl O. Gillespie Page twelve THE SCHOOL CLASSES 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 .. 1 SENIOR HISTORY Evelyn Glardon - - President Russell Ward - - Vice-President Eloise Coleman - Secretary-Treasurer In the fall of 1929, thirty-nine Freshmen entered Moore Township High School. Miss Grant was chosen to be our class adviser. After be- coming accustomed to high school, we surprised the upper classmen by raising the Freshman flag in victory, as we won the annual Stunt Show cup by our play "A Court Room Scene." Our Sophomore days were days of slow progress, sometimes we seemed to sink almost to despair, only to rise again with a shout of triumph. Our class was becoming important in the athletic activities of the school, for many of our classmen had already Won at least one of those coveted letters. As we approached the Junior altitude, the fierce winds of opposi- tion and depression blew harder but by fervent enthusiasm and contin- ued fighting, we were able to sponsor the Junior Banquet, as well as the Stunt Show. Now, as we have at last reached our goal, our squadron has been diminished until there are thirty-two of us left. The goal we have sought is wong the Senior army has reached its objective. In the four comparatively short years, we have cultivated friendships, shared hardships, pleasures and studies. We regret to leave our Alma Mater. -Josephine Jackson '33 Page fourteen 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 Robert Bean Most women have no characters at all. Elmo Cadle Be sure you are right, t h e n g o ahead. Eloise Coleman Discourse, t h e sweeter banquet of the mind. A , ,,, fd' A' Vivian litcheson Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her aths are peace. M ,Myfwif Hfiffj Page fifteen ..1 - Ralph Bishop All I ask is to be let alone. Alice Call Order is Heaven's first law. , ,,, A' cf, v x- " K j , ? j, . 1 my J . A X I 750-'-J Bessie Dubsofn X Brevity is th soul of Wit. ' Raymond Ficklin Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. ffvkd. ' 4 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 .1 Josephine Jackson Wise to resolve, and patient to per- form. Mary Lashbrook A soft answer turns away wrath. Lyle McKinley Let every man mind his own busi- ness. 1 Robert Mullen He carried the heavy end of the log. F yu ,i .eva n J. , 4 y 'X - s Derward Johnston I meddle with no man's business but my own. Eugene Lientz The wise say no- thing in dangerous times. Ruth Mitchell I said untofinyself, HAH men are liars." Vernoln Nixon And where is a friend that sticketh closer than a broth- er. Y s Page sixteen Um' 1 '3 1933 - 'Moore Township High School - 1933 he he r , ,, ,.,....... nigga jjj' , I r . l Burford Plotner Elizabeth Reeser What a man has, Gentle of speech-- so much he is sure beneficent of mind. f. o of , U l X of lVl.argaret Schilling Prosperity makes ifrienrls, adversity tries them. ' 50 IWW' Howard Stalker By the work one knows the work- man. Robert Trenkle Good- better- best --Never let it restg Until the good is better and the bet- ter-best. Page seventeen Leo Schmitz Take life too ser- iously anml what is it worth? W Elsie Thorntoln A merry heart maketh a cheery countenance. I f 1, ss ,, ,Q Dean Turner Whatever you do, do wisely. I ff-W ff War ff. i 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 Gordon Fuehrer A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches. V' ' ,UUQLVIX ,, 1. xml' 1. 4 Verrnelle Nixon A man that hath friends must show himself friendly-- Russell Ward Diligence is the mofner of good for- tune. . 1 nl ll'-ty-9 X , I !lw"A'Jf,,, 'ff' zLoo4,-!i 1 i Ain, l rv ,AMN .AQ MU 'NX LD--1"""" ' fl , Evelyn Glardon And heaven had wanted one immor- tal song. GMX M g 0'Ne e ea day critic on t l Helen Weedman I believe in living calmly. Eugene Wilson Love sought is wise-but unsought is better. Page eighteen gpg gg 1933 -- Moore Township High School - 1933 ,: CLASS WILL Robert Bean, do will to "Tuck" Lavey my sense of humor, providing he keeps it in good use. Ralph Bishop, will my drums to Bob Campbell and my 'grades to Richard Canby. Aileen Buchanan, bequeath to some kind Senior girl my noon hour walks home with John Garel McCord. Elmo Cadle, will my fondness for girls who play saxaphones to Leonard Gilmore. Alice Call, bequeath my pretty brown eyes to Virginia Walters. Eloise Coleman, will my fondness for blonde-headed boys to Dorothy Gillespie. Bessie Dubson, bequeath my height to Elizabeth Hammer. Vivian Etcheson, will my typing ability to Bernice Huff. Gordon Fuehrer, will my ability to agree with French teachers to Bob Jackson. Don't abuse the privilege. , Raymond Ficklin, bequeath to' George Willard Bailey my innocent look. Evelyn Glardon, bequeath to Keith Shell my frequent and merry "hello," Try pre- serving it in alcohol llerward Johnston, bequeath my quietness of manner to Donald Garard. Josephine Jackson, will my fair tresses to Velva Garriott. Mary Lashbrook, bequeath my skill at playing hearts to Martha Williams. Eugene Lientz, do bequeath my innuence on girls to Harry Sparks. Ruth Mitchell, will my car to Dean Riggs. Robert Mullen, bequeath my physique to John Fuller. Handle it with care, John. Lyle McKinley, bequeath my bright sayings to Lelia Hale. Vernellc Nixon, will my gallant manner to Harry Martin. Vernon Nixon, will my steadiness in playing football to Reynale Kendall. Marguerite O'Neal, bequeath my cheerfulness to Genevieve Murphy. Burford Plotner, will my ability to burn up the cinders to Philip Highfill. Better grow a little, Phil! Elizabeth Reeser, bequeath to Ivan Helmick my good behavior. Leo Schmitz, will my stock of pencils and paper to Jimmy Zumwalt. Margaret Schilling, bequeath my virtue of talking only when necessary to Helene Frank. Howard Stalker, will my complete mastery of the French language to Franklin Parret. Robert Trenkle, do bequeath to Eddie Vance my height and to Gretchen Feldmann my dependability. Dean Turner, bequeath to Janet Vance my famous giggle. Russell Ward, bequeath to Henry Amos Harper my ability to get along with teachers. You have my fervent wish for success. Elsie Thornton, will my ability to write left-handed in such a peculiar manner to Dan Murphy. Eugene Wilson, bequeath my electric light bill ffrom late hours of studyingl to John Weedman. Helen Weedman, will my stature to Marie Bosserman. Page nineteen - 'Li i -qp a S. if "Ph -'u..,f. J ., 4 I A 1933 - Moore4Township High School - 19313 -11 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Beryl Rutledge - - President Martin Trenkle - Vice-President Ruth Denison Secretary-Treasurer Mrs. Jones ---- Adviser MEMBERS Donald Garard, Beryl Rutledge, Thomas McConkey, Bernard Mur- phy, Lawrence Geiger, George Propeck, James Zumwalt, lrvin Fry, Martin Trenkle. Willard Stalker, Leonard Gilmore, Ray Smith, Ivan Helmick, Merle Shaw, Richard Kennedy, George Gill, Keith Shell, Richard Dolberts, Marvin Schmitz. Harry Gerhart, Donald Hofman, Zeo Shreves, Beulah McRae, Maxine Larison, Elizabeth Hammer, Ethel Bates, Genevieve Murphy, Ida Mae Wheeler, Robert Campbell. Mrs. Jones, adviser, Virginia Walters, Juanita Meliza, Kathryn Payne, Bernice Kelly, Anna Mae Ziegler, Patricia Weedman, Anna Kathryn Fogal, Fay Payne. - Ruth Matlock, Maxine Kelley, Mary Frances Dwyer, Bernice Hutt, Virginia Jones, Hope Reeser, Rebecca Jane Rhoades, Ruth Denison, Dovie Scarbrough. Page twenty g41?f.33f - gMoore Township High School - 1933 - .,., .lilL1-1 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY When we came to Moore Township High School in 1930, We were the largest class of the school. There were sixty of us, who resolved to become the best class that the school had ever graduated. The head- lights of that year Were the Freshman football team and especially our first class athletes: Merle Shaw and Thomas McConkey. Before the year had passed, such names as Elizabeth Hammer, Patricia Weedman, Ida Mae Wheeler and Martin Trenkle were frequently seen on the honor roll. Our Sophomore year was comparatively uneventful. Our class was becoming more important in the athletic and scholastic phases of the school life. Now, as this is the third year of high school life, We are beginning to hit our stride. Merle Shaw, Thomas McConkey, Bernard Murphy, and Veldon Bealor are our star football players. We have representa- tives in every sport and event. Besides this, our class won the stunt show and every month We have our quota of honor roll students. All these achievements help to fulnll our desire of being the best Senior class ever to graduate from Moore Township High School. Martin Trenkle '34 Page twenty-one 9 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 -. SOPHOMORE CLASS l OFFICERS Dan Murphy ---- President Gretchen Feldmann - Vice-President Bob Jackson - Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Gardner ---- Adviser MEMBERS Albert Ward, Sam Parr, Melvin Dunn, Dean Riggs. LeRoy Hansen, Henry Harper, George Reeser, Richard Kendall Theodore Dubson, Robert Tague, Franklin, Parret, Reynale Kendall, Richard Canby, Gerald Johnston, Robert Jackson. Mary Frances Murrell, Glenna Wheeles, Gretchen Feldmann, Audrey Hamrick, Virginia Kemplin, Martha Kendall. 1 Evangeline Houser, Martha Call, Alice Powell, Camilla Luck, Hilda Reeser, Areta Jackson, Lucille Michael, Marie Bosserman. Margaret Ice, Martha Williams, Helene Frank, Janet Vance, Mary Atkinson, Elsie Newton, Ruby Bates, Irene Lientz, Lelia Mae Hale. Page twenty-two 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 -np 2 l--- d iff SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Yes, there is little dispute to the accurateness of our claim, namely, that the 1933 edition of M. T. H. S. Sophomores rates among the great- est classes of all times. Do not seven boys attempt to justify their mothers' claims to a future President? Has anyone ever seen any mem- ber of the class commit a breach of conduct? CNot many, at leastl. Ate we not justihed in claiming the most beautiful girls in schools? Even members of the faculty say of us, "The most original class." Who supports every athletic event throughout the year? Martha Williams, Janet Vance and Helene Frank, The Big Three. Who sells dozens of tickets to these same events? Riggs and Jack- son, the world champs. Wfho was the most colorful basketball player on the squad? None other than Bob Tague. Who tucked away victory in mile after mile? Our own "Duke" Kendall. ' Who was Farmer City's popular cheer leader? "Fuzz" Kendall. XVe are proud to be Sophomores. W'e admit the Juniors won the Stunt Show, but ask anyone which was the most enjoyed act. lf you were there, you'll vote--Sophomore. What class sold 150 copies of original newspapers in an hour at two cents a copy, when this amount means a week's work. Maybe this is liindberghian, but WE did. As to class ollicers, they are classified as the classiest of the classi- est class in the classrooms. Because of their modesty, their names were placed at the end of this story. Dan Murphy - - - President Gretchen Feldniann - Vice-President llob Jackson - - Treasurer Dan Murphy '35 Page twenty-three 1933 -- Moore Township High School - 1933 - FRESHMAN CLASS 4 w w OFFICERS John McCord ---- P1'9Sid911f Edwin Murphy - - - Vice-President Joe Schilling - - Secretary-Treasurer Mr. Smith ----- Adviser Harry Sparks, Kenneth Meliza. MEMBERS Stanley Adams, Ronald Holoch, John William Curtis, James Kir- by, Dean Schmitz, Marion Harris, Russell Amdor, Richard Lukens, Ralph Hui, Lloyd Gill, Thomas Martin. Richard Curtis, John NVeedman, Francis Miller, John Fuller, Ei- leen Dawson, Eloise Rous, Dorothea Ruckman, Stanley Cathcart, George McCartney, Paul Smith, Paul Golden, Joseph Schilling. Lloyd Sievers, Paul Lawson, Philip Highhll, Eugene O'Neal, Fran- cis Adams, George Willard Bailey, Morris Reeder, Doris Etcheson, Mary Irene Curtis, Dorothy Ready, Clayton Edwards, Francis Gettel, Eugene Wood, Edward Vance, Richard Watson. Mildred Combest, Lois Moreland, Dorothy Gillespie, Evelyn Mae Faris, Mary Grimes, Carol Lugibill, Dorothy Edwards, Pauline Snow, Mildred Sawyer, Lucille Grimes. Leoma Clark, June Swigart, Opal Lawson, Kathryn Walsh, Lu- cille Dill, Mary Steagall. Virginia Sparrow, Helen Louise Henry, Jean Milton, Irene Bealor, Hazel Fry, Pauline Calhoun, Hilda Hall, Evelyn Price, Ida Mae Rollins. Edwin Murphy, Alta Sparrow, Marianna Severson, Edith Belle Larry, Mildred Johnson, Velva Garriot, Irene Atkinson, Julia Lavey, John McCord. Page twenty-four 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 ll FHESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On August 29, 1932, the largest Freshman class that has ever en- tered M. T. H. S. had its first taste of what high school life is like. We were puzzled at first, as all Freshman classes are, but after the first six Weeks we felt as big as any of the upperclassmen. ' Our class is well represented in all the extra-curricular activities. Stanley Cathcart, who showed his ability to play football last fall, will surely be a candidate for the first team next year. Harry Sparks has made a remarkable record by his basketball ability. Ed. Vance, Eugene O'Neal and Eugene Wood, although they are small. have shown them- selves to be wide-awake baseball players. The Freshmen are rep- resented by four members of the class in the Moorite Dramatic Club and there are also many of our classmen in the band. Scholastically, we are also successful for in every grade period, the Freshman Class has the majority of the students who are on the honor roll. Our aim will be to carry the same standards of excellence through our sophomore year and to finish our senior year with higher honors than any class before- us has received, or any in the future can attain. Joseph Schilling '36 John McCord '36 John Weedman '36 Page twenty-five 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 m THE BUILUEIE5' ,l3111'ld todaiv. llzwz, sfrmzgf mm' surf, ' nfllffl IL firm and zmzjulv base,- Ana' uSz.'U1zcr'z'1zg' zum' svcnrv, Sha!! lmzzmvow bf?-120' Us jnfmfv. - - Lmzg7Z'!l01v Page twenty-six ATHLETICS 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 WEARERKS' OF THA' "JI" o ' Yin' man 'LLf'!10 is S17'0l1tQ' 10 fllglzl 1113-fklgfhl, Ana' zulzosc zu!!! uofrmzz' can c1'a1111Z,' fflfzf' lruilz be lruifz and llzf' rzlglzi is Tllgfllf, ls flu' Num lim! llzfr ages wmzlf - Ex. Page twenty-eight i933 - Nloore Township High School - 1933 I- 1- f OUR COACHES Mr. Smith Mr. Wisthuff Basketball Football Baseball Track Mr. Smith has been head coach of baseball and basketball at M. T. H. S. for the past four years. He has worked hard to develop teams from the material on hand. Jokes Cnice jokesl seem to be his greatest delight and his jovial disposition has gained him numerous friends in this community. We appreciate his past Work at coaching here and hope that he will continue in that capacity. Mr. Wisthuif has most capably taken care of the problems of de- veloping football and track teams here for the past three years. He has gained Widespread recognition both in track and football because of the success of the teams he has coached. Mr. Wisthuff stresses "co- operation" or as he would say, "Every man must carry out his own assignment and you will not be beaten." We hope that Mr. Wisthuff will continue to coach successful teams at Moore Township High School. On behalf of the graduating athletes, I thank these capable coaches for the time they have spent drilling us and we, the departing Seniors, wish them the best of success in the coming years. Bob Mullen Page twenty-nine fl 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 FI PUTBALL Lyle McKinley, manager, Richard Kendall, Melvin Dunn, Theo- dore Dubson, Franklin Parret, Dan Murphy, Ray Smith, Leonard Gil- more, Robert Tague, Stanley Cathcart. Martin Trenkle, Marvin Schmitz, Vernelle Nixon, Eugene Lientz, lvan Helmick, Vernon Nixon, Dean Turner, Reynale Kendall, Robert Trenkle. Veldon Bealor, Merle Shaw, Robert Mullen, captain, Bernard Mur- phy, Thomas McConkey, Mr. Wisthuff, coach, Elmo Cadle, Robert Bean, Lawrence Geiger. Francis Miller, Richard Curtis, Joe Schilling, Howard Stalker, Dean Schmitz, Paul Smith, Keith Shell. Page thirty 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 1. FOOTBALL 1932 Football season opened with about forty boys out for practice. The first few weeks were spent in drilling on the fundamentals, with plenty of blocking and tackling. VVe started out rather poorly by losing the first three games and tieing one. After we had suffered defeat from the strong teams of Mattoon, Trinity and Monticello, we succeeded in drawing with an ex- perienced team from Villa Grove. After these reversesy we had a very successful season for the remainder of the games. A Much of our success is due to Mr. Vtiisthuff who has coached us for the past three years. Through his work, our football 'field was lighted and now we stand second to none in equipment necessary for night football. During the season, three home games were played at night, as well as two that were played away. Gene Lientz '33 Mattoon 7 - M.T.H.S. 0 Villa Grove 0 - M.T.H.S. 0 Monticello 18 - M.T.H.S. 7 Trinity 28 - M.T.H.S. 0 Clinton U - M.T.H.S. 7 Saunemin 0 - M.T.H.S, 46 Rantoul 0 - M.T.H.S. 31 LeRoy 0 - M.T.H.S. 6 Gibson City tcancelledj LeRoy 6 - M.T.H.S. 18 Page thirty-one 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 Plagers ROBERT MULLEN CCaptainD-Bob played his usual excellent game throughout the year. He could run, pass, and kick, besides being a fine field general. He will be sorely missed next year. JUNlOR McCONKEY-Junior was one of the fastest men on the team. His long end runs and fast cut-backs made him one of the most valuable players. He will be back again next year. MERLE SHAW-Shaw played tackle most of the time but wherever he played, he was always doing his best and fighting hard. Merle and Junior are the co-captains for next year. DEAN TURNER-Dean played either end or fullback. He is a Senior and will not be back to help the team next year. VELDON BEALOR-Veldon played half-back and he showed up well while he was in the lineup. ELMO CADLE-Elmo was the largest man on the team and he made a very good center, because of his ability to stop line drives. GENE LIENTZ-Gene could play almost any position on the team. He knew the signals from any post and he performed any assignment with skill. He graduates this year. STANLEY CATHCART-"Satch" is a Freshman, who will be an im- portant lineman next year. ROBERT TRENKLE-Bob played end. He is also a Senior. DAN MURPHY-Dan played left end. His ability to catch passes will make him a valuable man for next year's team. VERNON NIXON--Vernon was the regular right end. He was one cf the best wing men in this section of the state. LAWRENCE GElGER-lawrence played guardg he will be back again next year. BERNARD MURPHY-Bernard played guard and he was an important factor in the success of this year. He is a Junior and will bc back next year. lVAN HELMICK-lke played center and did a good job of it. His spirit was one reason for his success. BOB BEAN-Bob played either tackle or end. He did a good job of any position. He will be lost by graduation. Page thirty-two -gWMoore Township High School - 1933 ,- - ,,.....,- -Y , 1:..- , .- BASKETBALL MEMBERS Paul Lawson, Marion Harris, Ralph Huff, Clayton Edwards, Stan- ley Cathcart, Leonard Gilmore, Albert Ward, Ronald Holoch, Joe Schilling. Veldon Bealor, Lyle McKinley, Vernon Nixon, George Reeser, Gene Lientz, Ivan Helmick, Leo Schmitz, manager, Reynale Kendall, Franklin Parret, Gerald Johnston. . . Dan Murphy, Robert Tague, Harry Sparks, Robert Bean, Mr. Smith, coach, Thomas McConkey, Elmo Cadle, Russel VVard, Merle Shaw. Eddie Vance, Philip Highfill, Eugene O'Neal, Eugene Wood, Rob- ert Campbell, Kenneth Meliza. The basketball season at Moore Township High School during the past year was a success. The first team, it is true, did not have as high a degree of fortune as did the second team but even this record, con- sidering our gymnasium, is proof of the caliber of the team. 4 As the result of graduation, many first team men will be lost to next year's team. The departing letter-men believe that, with ,coopera- tionfand teamwork, the basketball squad of 1933-34 can be highly suc- cess u . Page thirty-three 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 BASKETBALL 1932 - 1933 First Team At the opening of the season, the prospect for a successful bas- ketball team was no brighter than usual. However, due to the efforts of Mr. Smith, the team that represented Moore Township High was one of the best that has ever been developed here. As a result of the County Tournament, Farmer City placed two members of the team on the "All Star" group. Farmer City had little success in the Tournament. lt was the "breaks" of the game, rather than the record of the teams that gave the cup to Weldon and resulted in the local teams placing third. Farmer City defeated the winner twice in scheduled games, but at the contest they defeated us. ' Schedule Champaign 33 - lVI.T.lsl.S. 15 Weldon 19 - M.T.H.S. 23 DeLand - lVI.T.H.S 20 Bellfiower -1- - M.T.H.S. 30 Mansheld -- M.T.H.S 25 Brocton -- M.T.H.S. 10 LeRoy - M.T.H.S. 38 Mansfield - M.T.H.S. 29 VVeldon - M.T.H.S 15 Bellflower -- M.T.H.S. 22 LeRoy - - lVI.T.H.S 20 Mahomet - M.T.H.S 8 Alumni - M.T.H.S 31 Faculty - M.T.H.S 32 County Tournament NVapella - M.T.H.S. 19 Kenney -- M.T.H.S. 12 VVaynesville - M.T.H.S. 38 XVeldon - M.T.H.S. 28 M.T.H,S. Third Place District Tournament Bement 18 - M.T.H.S. 22 Cerro Gordo 27 - M.T.H.S. 24 Page thirty foul 1933 - Moore Township Hiqh School - 1933 -: TRACK MEMBERS Clayton Edwards, Richard Kendall, Melvin Dunn, Richard Curtis, Albert Ward, Lawrance Geiger, llarry Sparks, Jimmy Zumwalt, Wil- lard Stalker, Reynale Kendall, Gerald Johnston. Francis Gettel, Lloyd Sievers, Marvin Schmitz, Theodore Dubson, Vernelle Nixon, Ivan Helmick, Ray Smith, Burford Plotner, Russell Ward, Leonard Gilmore. Robert Tague, Merle Shaw, Robert Mullen, Gene Lientz, Mr. Wisthuff, coach, Thomas McConkey, Robert Bean, Vernon Nixon, Dean Turner. Nearly twenty-live men, among whom are McConkey, Shaw, Plot- ner, Kendall, Bean and W. Stalker, letter men of last year, have re- ported and will continue to uphold the track record of Moore Township High. Kendall, Edwards, Propeck and Bean are out for the long distance runs. Shaw is the 440 man and Plotner, Stalker, Sparks and Shaw are outstanding in the sprint events. Bob Mullen, Dean Turner, Gene Lientz and the Nixons are the field contestants. SCHEDULE April 18 LeRoy LeRoy April 25 Mahomet-DeLand-Farmer City Farmer City April 28 Relays Farmer City May 9 LeRoy Farmer City May 11 Sangamon Valley Conference Farmer City May 13 District Meet Lincoln Page thirty -SBVSH -Q ,I 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 First Team Plagers ROBERT BEAN CCAPTAINJ-Bob played center. He handles the ball Well and played his position consistently. THOMAS MCCONKEY-"Adam" was the hardest Worker on the squad. a bundle of pluck and energy. Captain-elect 1933-34. RUSSELL WARD-Russell was the fastest man on the squad. He was one of the best guards ever to play for M. T. H. S. Russell was an "all-starl' player. MERLE SHAVV-Merle is a good player. He plays center and next year's team will be built around him. EUGENE LIENTZ-Gene is another good all-round player, who has played his last game for the school. IVAN HELMICK-The past year was Ike's last year. He is a fine shot and an excellent ball handler. ELMO CADLE-Elmo was our pivot man. He pulled many lost games out of the tire in the last few seconds of play. Elmo was also rated as an "all-stari' at the County Tournament. ROBERT TAGUE-Bob was a wonderful shot from "unconscious" angles. He was rated an "all-star." DAN MURPHY-Dan played guard and did a good job of it. He also rated "all-star" at the County Tournament. HARRY SPARKS-Harry is a Freshman and has Wonderful possibili- ties for a great future in basketball. LYLE McKlNLEY-Lyle worked hard and did his best every minute he was in the game. REYNALE KENDALL-"Duke" is a born Hghter. He was in Lhe game all the time. VERNON NIXON-Vernon is a fine ball handler. He Will be lost to us by graduation. GERALD JOHNSTON- "Gerry" played guard and did a line job of it because of his speed and ability. VELDON BEALOR-Veldon made a good record this year. He will be among the first eight next year. Page thirty-six 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 .,1 BASKETBALL 1932 - 1933 Second Team The second team did not have a very good prospect, owing to the loss of a great many players through graduation. Nevertheless, due to the cooperation of the members of the squad and to the advice of Mr. Smithf a very successful record was established. 3 Most of the second team players are Sophomores and will be back next year. McKinley and Nixon are the only regulars lost by gradua- tion. Schedule DeLand - M.T.H.S. Bellflower - M.T.H.S. Mansfield - M.T.H.S. Weldon - M.T.H.S. DeLand - M.T.H.S. LeRoy - M.T.H.S. Mansfield - M.T.H.S. Weldon - M.T.H.S. Bellflower - M.T.H.S. LeRoy ' - M.T.H.S. Mahomet - M.T.H.S. County Tournament Weldoii - M.T.H.lS Page thirty-five M.T.H.S. Second Place 1933 - Moorcfllowilslxip High School - 19133 ' BASEBALL , MEMBERS Ralph Bishop, Veldon Bealor, Robert Mullen, Merle Shaw, Robert Bean, Gene Lientz, Lyle McKinley, Reynale Kendall. Howard Stalker, manager, Russell Ward, Bernard Murphy, Thomas McConkey, Dan Murphy, Ivan Helmick, Mr. Smith, coach. Eugene Wood, Eddie Vance, Eugene O'Neal. The baseball prospect is fair this year with pitchers working hard to replace the material, lost by the graduation of last year's class. Bob Mullen, Lyle McKinley and Bob Bean are outstanding in the out-Held While Dan Murphy, Eugene O'Neal, Veldon Bealor and Ber- nard-fMurphy Willltake charge of the infield. The pitching, no doubt, will be shared by Russell Ward, Bernard Murphy, and Ivan Helmick. " A' p A SCHEDULE I' ' - 0 - ' M.T.H.S. 1 Bellflower 1 - M.T.H.S. 6 Wapella 0 -- M.T.H.S 8 Q DeLand 2 - M.T.H.S. 4 Weldoii 3 - M.T.H.S 6 Mahomet ' ' ' 3 ' -- M.T.H.S. 5 DeLand ' 6 - M.T.H.S. 4 Bellflower-M.T.H.S. game May 19 Ccancelledb Page thirty-eifrht JW P933 - Moore' Township-High-School - 1933 .-1..L.L1. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION . zz F .,, ,v MEMBERS ' A , Irene Lientz, Evangeline Houser, Martha Call, Eileen,DaWson Ruth Denison, Zeo Shreve, Ruth Newberry,'Mary Grimes, 'Miss Farn-y ham, director. Dorothy Edwards, Evelyn Mae Faris, Audrey Hamrick, iHilda Reeser, Elizabeth Hammer, Beulah McRae, Kathryn -Payne, Areta Jackson, Irene Atkinson, Fay Payne. Lucille Michael, Camilla Luck, Maxine Kelley, Elsie Newton, Ida Mae Rollins, Mary Atkinson, Mildred Johnson, Anna Bosserman, Helen Louise Henry, Alta Sparrow. Marie Bosserman, Margaret Ice, Helene Frank, Janet Vance, Mar- tha Williams, Evelyn Price, Opal Lawson, Kathryn Wlfiilsh, Jean Milton. Under the direction of Miss Farnham, the Girls' Athletic Associa- tion has had a very successful year. During the fall, much4interest was shown in the hockey tournament. Later in the year a girls' basketball championship was decided in what proved to be a very successful event. In the spring the members are divided into teams and a baseball tourney will be held. Page .thirtygnine 1 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 .ll.. Plagvrs All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrancesg And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. - - Shakespeare Page f orty-two 0R1lANIZA'l'IUN 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 A NA TIUNHS STIFEATG TH Ab! tQ11Z11', 1111! 1111111 1111111 11111 make A jS1?11,1SZ1' lgf1'1'11l lllllll sZ1'1111g'. 115111 1111111 j111' !1'11lf1 111111' l11111111"s s11k1-', Agflllllll 1115! 1111117 www' !1111g'. B1'11r'1' 712011 zc'!111 work fzc'h1'!1' 0f!li'7',S' slwfw, Wflfl 11'111'1' zul11'!1' 0ff1l'I'S fly' - - They 11111'!1! IZ 111zl1'1111'.s' jnillars 11'1'176 A1111' fffz fhljlll 111 11111 sky. - EIIIt?l'S07Z Page forty N733 - Moore Township High School - 1933 - MOORITE DRAMATIC CLUB MEMBERS Bob Jackson, Dean Turner, Russell VVard, Robert Trenkle, Willard Stalker, Vernelle Nixon. Vernon Nixon, Patricia Weedman, Rebecca Jane Rhodes, Bernice Kelly, Elizabeth Hammer, Gretchen Feldmann, Thomas McConkey. Mrs. Jones, adviser, Fay Payne, Alice Powell, Margaret Schilling, Marguerite O'Neal, Vivian Etcheson, Evangeline Houser, lrene Lientz, Elsie Thornton, Eloise Coleman. The Moorite Dramatic Club, under the direction of Mrs. Jones, had a very eventful season during its first year of organization. The club made its initial appearance on December 21, When two one-act plays, "The Ghost Story" and "A Christmas Awakening", were presented. It was from this group that the members of the debate teams were chosen, as well as those entering the Literary Contests. Robert Trenkle was elected president of the organization, Russell VVard, vice-president and Willard Stalker, secretary. Evangeline Houser '35 Page forty-three 1933 7 Moore Township Hiqh School - 1933 FUTURE FARMERS CLUB ' MEMBERS Merle Shaw, George Gill, Robert Bean, Ivan Helmick, Eugene Wil- son, George Propeck, Melvin Dunn, Raymond Ficklin. Vernon Nixon, Thomas McConkey, Ronald Holoch, John W. Cur- tis, Richard Kennedy, Dean Turner, Vernelle Nixon, Richard Canby. Sam Parr, Richard Lukens, Beryl Rutledge, Lloyd Gill, Donald Hoffman, Lloyd Sievers, Marvin Schmitz, Stanley Adams. Dean Schmitz, James Kirby, Ralph Bishop, Thomas Martin, Rich- ard'Curtis, Francis Adams, Ray Smith, Russell Amdor, Richard Dol- berts. The local chapter of the Future Farmers of America has had a very successful year. During September, they sponsored a judging con- test. Later in the year, a delegation attended the State meeting at Champaign, Where Beryl Rutledge and Dean Turner had the honor of being made State Farmers. In addition to this, Beryl was elected vice-president of the section. Our chapter was represented by a delegation at the Sectional Judging Contest at Shelbyville, as well as the one at Bement. .At an early meeting of the club, Thomas McConkey was elected pres1dent,.Vernon Nixon, vice-president, George Gill, secretary-treas- urerg Ronald Holoch, reporter, and Dean Turner, program leader. Beryl Rutledge '34 Page forty-four ,1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 W, ,, GLEE CLUB MEMBERS Mary Grimes, Chorinn Kendall, June Swigart, Elizabeth Hammer, Ruth Denison, Juanita Meliza, Mary Frances Dwyer. Dorothy Edwards, Gretchen Feldmann, Mildred Combest, Bernice Kelley, Anna Mae Ziegler, Ruth Matlock, Martha Williams. Mildred Johnson, Camilla Luck, Maxine Kelley, Eloise Rous, Ei- leen Dawson, Areta Jackson, Mary Irene Curtis, Mrs. S-everson, direc- tor. Jean Milton, Helen Louise Henry, Opal Lawson, Kathryn Walsh, Marianna Severson, Alice Powell, Virginia Jones, Dovie Scarbrough, Ruth Mitchell. The Glee Club, under the direction of Mrs. Severson, has had a very successful year. On December 21, thi group aided the Moorite Dramatic Club in their presentation of a Christmas play. We were represented in the County Tournament by our soprano, Evelyn Glardon, who tied for first place in her division. We expect to have an equally successful term next year. Elizabeth Hammer '34 Page forty-five 49- I 1933 - Moore Township Hiqh School p - 1933 HAND MEMBERS Vivian Etcheson, Ronald Holoch, Doris Etcheson, Burford Plotner, VVillard Stalker, Russell VVard, Lloyd Gill, George Reeser. Elizabeth Hammer, Richard Kendall, Edith Belle Larry, Elmo Cadle, Zeo Shreves, Lyle McKinley. Phil Highfill, Leo Schmitz, Richard VVatson, Evelyn Mae Faris, Irene Atkinson, Howard Stalker, John McCord, Clayton Edwards, Ed. Vance. Paul Smith, Harry Gerhart, Dean Turner, Bob Jackson, Ralph Bishop, Robert Campbell, Leonard Gillmore, Harry Sparks, Mr. O'- Toole, instructor. Lucile Dill, Gerald Johnston, Albert VVard, Alice Powell, Virginia Jones, George Gill. The Moore Township High School band had a very successful sea- son with its many new members. During the winter months, a concert was given for the parents and friends to show them the progress we have made since last year. The band has played at numerous entertain- ments before the school and is always ready to play for the games. 1 Cn April 14 the band won third place in the county contest. The band did not enter in the contest at Charleston this year. Vivian Etcheson '33 Page forty-six ACTIVITIES H933 - Moore Township Hiqh School - 1933 1.-1 To Lbllllliigll School Friendships There are no friends like the old friends, Who have shared our morning daysg No greetings like their welcome, No homage like their praise. t Fame is the scentless sunflower With gaudy crown of gold. But friendship is the breathing rose With sweets in every fold. -EX. Page forty-eight Toastmaster - L. E. Smith 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 - Football Banquet Through the cooperation of the merchants and the athletic fans of the town, the annual football and basketball banquet was held at the Woodlawn Country Club on December 20, 1932. The program of the evening was as follows: Captain Mullen - F. E. Rockusek O. H. Wisthuff Bob Horsely - Casey Straw - C. O. Gillespie - Dr. O. W. Nowlin What football has meant to me. - - - Winning football. - Football, as a coach sees it, - - - Remarks. - - - - Remarks. Football, from the standpoint of the Board XVhy We support football. Captains-Elect - - - Football in 1933. F. G. Edwards - Football, as the principal sees it. Presentation of letters by O. H. Wisthuff. Senior Party The Senior Class party was held on the evening of March 16, 1932. Radios were installed in the hall and ping-pong, checkers, cards and dancing were enjoyed during the evening. Miss Farnham, Quincy Cathcart and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Eppstein were the chaperons. Later in the evening refreshments were served and everyone departed, hoping that every other Senion Class will continue the practice and that the annual Senior Party will become a tradition of M. T. H. S. Page forty-nine Alf 1933 - Moore Township High School - 19133 DRAMATIC CLUB PLAYS During the Christmas season, on December 21, 1932, the Moorite Dramatic Club presented two one-act plays in the assembly of the high school. The plays were coached by Mrs. Jones, our adviser. The names of the two plays were: "The Ghost Story" and "A Christmas Awakeningfl Following is the cast of "The Ghost Story." George ---- Merle Shaw Anna Rebecca Jane Rhoades Mary - Bernice Kelley Grace Patricia Weedman Lennie Elizabeth Hammer Tom Robert Trenkle Floyd Willard Stalker Fred Martin Trenkle The cast of the Christmas story, "A Christmas Awakening" is as follows: Mrs. Hartwell Vivian Etcheson Mr. Hartwell - Robert Mullen Mrs. Hartwell's father - Howard Stalker Jack Hartwell - - Gerald Johnston Jean Hartwell - - Marianna Severson Annette Hartwell - Gretchen Feldmann Uncle Tom Saunders - Beryl Rutledge Chorus ---- Glee Club The plays were well attended and much interest was shown in the accomplishments of the Moorite Dramatic Club. Evangeline Houser '35 Page iifty l?l33 - Moore Township High School - 1933 l The Stunt Show The annual Stunt Show was given December 2, 1932. The Junior Class, under the supervision of Mrs. Jones, sponsored the event and be- cause of their excellent presentation of the "Takeofl? of Romeo and Juliet" easily won the cup. The program of the evening was as follows: Freshmen - - - Grind Hotel Sophomores - School Days Juniors - - Italian Romancio Seniors - Art Gallery The dining room was decorated as a pirate's den, the scheme of which was very cleverly carried out. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing. Larison's or- chestra furnished the music. Sophomore Newspaper On Friday, April 14, the first issues of a high school newspaper were on sale in the halls. The project was the work of the Sophomore English class and it was supervised by'Mrs. Jones. The names of the two publications were: "The Jig Saw Weekly" and Mofojre News." Gretchen Feldmann was the editor of the former and Dan Murphy edited the latter. Page fifty-one 1933 - DLmne'fownshqoI1uU1School - 1933 DlHT.Il.S. IIEPDYTINCI TWEABGS Although Moore Township High School has always been repre- sented in athletics, the progress made in the field of interscholastic de- bating has been comparatively small. The first time the school entered the State Debating League was in 1927 and since that year, interest has lapsed. ' lt was not until this year that the lost popularity of debating was revived. Under the leadership of Mrs. Jones, two team were organized and work was begun on the question: Resolved--"That at least one- half of all state and local revenues should be derived from sources other than taxes on tangible property." The teams were selected from the members of the Moorite Dra- matic Club. The affirmative team was composed of Russell Ward, Mar- tin Trenkle, and Margaret Schilling while the negative team was con- stituted by Dan Murphy, Vivian Etcheson and Robert Trenkle, Our tirst debate was held on March 17, when the atlirmative team went to Dwight and were defeated. The same evening our negative team met Rantoul on the home floor and was also defeated. On March 30, our negative team journeyed to Eureka and there again we received a defeat, although the margin was very close. The last debate was on March 31, when our aiiirmative met and defeated the group from Cai'- rollton. Evangeline Houser '35 Page fifty-two 12553 - Mooreliownship High School - 1933 L.jl.1l- LITERARY SUCCES SES The literary progress of the school during the past year was more successful than was at first though possible. On March 28, several members of the Moorite Dramatic Club gave a program of humorous and dramatic readings, as well as an oration, in an elimination contest. In this event Aileen Buchanan placed first in humorous reading with the monologue "Good-by Sister," Alice Powell won Hrst place in the dramatic division with her reading, "Dickg" Ro- bert Trenkle won with the oration "Toussaint L Ouverture." The winners of these events represented the school at the County Literary Contest which was held at Kenney on April 7. In this nieet Alice Powell won first in dramatic readingsg Robert Trenkle won sec- ond in orationsg and Aileen Buchanan placed third in humorous read- ings. As a result of our points, we won the County Literary Meet. A week later, on April 18, this group went to DeLand where they entered the Sangamon Valley Literary Contest. ln this event, Robert Trenkle won first with his orationg Alice Powell tied for first in dra- matic readings and Aileen Buchanan placed fourth in humorous read- ings. As we had accumulated a total of ten points, we won this meet also. Whatever success the literary group has had, is due to the excel- lent and helpful training of Mrs. Jones. We know that Moore Town- ship High School will always be represented with a good forensic team, so long as Mrs. Jones continues to be our coach. Robert Trenkle '33 Page fifty-three 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 Senior P1311 The Senior Class Play, entitled f'Skidding," was presented at Ken- ilall's Theatre under the capable direction of Mrs. Jones with the fol- lowing cast: Aunt Milly Elizabeth Reeser Andy - Eugene Lientz Mrs. Hardy Evelyn Glardon Judge Hardy Russell M. Ward Grandpa Hardy - Howard Stalker Estelle Hardy Campbell - Alice Call Marion Hardy - -- Elsie Thornton Wayne Trenton lll Robert Mullen Myra Hardy Wilcox - - Eloise Coleman Mr. Stubbins - - - Gordon Fuehrer This three act comedy takes place in Idaho where Mr. llardy is a judge who is a candidate for re-election. Marion has just come home from college with a young man, Mr. Wayne Trenton HI who wants to marry her but forbids her entry into politics. She insists on helping her father, whose re-nomination is doubtful and they quarrel. Estelle and Myra come home with imaginary troubles, caused by their husbands and during their absence from their own homes Mrs. llardy goes to their homes and keeps the house in order. They linally go home and immediately think that their husbands have had other women in the house but in the end they learn different, and the diiiicul- ties vanish. The judge loses the nomination for the district court but is nominated for the Supreme Court. Marion is elected to the legsla- ture and then she and Wayne make un, Andy, her brother, then tries to sell them lot for a bungalow as the interesting three act comedy comes lo :i Close. Mary Lashbrook, Derward Johnston and lluth Mitchell had charge ol' the advertisingg Dean Turner and Marguerite O'Neal took care ol' the ticketsg Elmo Cadle, leo Schmitz and llobert Trenkle were the stage managersg and Margaret Schilling, Vivian Etcheson and Vernelle Nixon harl charge of the properties. Russell Ward '33 Page fifty-four LITEIIARY 53 - Moore Township lliqh School - 1933 Goshen "How can you live in Goshen ?" Said a friend from far, 'tThis wretched country town Where folks talk little things all year, And plant their cabloages by the moon I" Said 1: I do not live in Gosheng I eat here, sleep here, work here. I live in Greece, where Plato taught, And Phidias carved, and Elictetus wrote. I dwell in Rome, Where Michael Angelo wrought in color, form and massg Where Cicero penned immortal lines, And Vergil sang undying songs! Think not my life is small Because you see a puny place. 1 have my booksg I have my dreamsg A thousand souls have left for me enchantment That transcends both time and place. And so l live in Paradise, Not here! -Edgar Frank Page fifty-six 1933 - g Moore Township High School - 1933 ? The Romance of Chemistrg The moment one steps into a chemistry labaratory, he is subject to an inherited desire to experiment. This inclination is evident even though the person is entirely unacquainted with this science and has not the slightest idea into what his trials will result. He is like a giant, powerful locomotive as it plunges into a dense fog, for he does not know where the next turn will lead him. In retrospect, we see the pale, bearded alchemist, in his dimly lighted room, peering with bated breath into an iron retort. What will be the outcome of his efforts? A life-time of poverty has been spent to attain one end-that of changing lead into gold. He stirs the molten mass with an experienced hand, closely watching the results. The ex- pression of intense interest slowly leaves his face to be replaced by one of blank disappointment. His efforts have been in vain! I Today the same desire for transmutation prevails. The 1ll0d91'll chemist has the advantage of scientific progress during previous cen- turies. He knows that transmutation is possible. Although he struggles in his finely equipped laboratory as did the alchemist of yore, he has not, as yet, discovered nature's age old secret. Page fifty-seven l9Ii3 - Moore Tow-nsliip Hiqh School - 19113 g The Approach of the Limited I was standing on the lllinois Central Railroad track at four-thirty the other morning, awaiting the arrival of the Diamond Special which was south-bound from Chicago. Far down the long steel road the muffled roar of the swiftly trav- eling locomotive came faintly to my ears. Each shrill blast of the whis- tle marked the passing of another sleeping village and told me that my wait would soon be over. At last a long bright beam of light swept around the sharp curve and enveloped me in a dazzling whiteness as l stepped swiftly to safety away from the on-rushing monster. The deep, black cloud of smoke fill to the ground immediately, permitting the white and lighter steam to pass above the engine. The deep red glow from the cab was punctuated by brighter gleams as the busy fireman opened the firebox door to replenish the fuel. A sharp shriek, a deafening roar of iron against iron, a flash of lights and the great illuminated serpent was gone. The twinkling of the fast-receding warning lights faded quickly and soon I was left in as much silence as I had been three minutes pre- vious. Robert Trenkle ,33 Page fifty-eight 1033 A -W Moore Townshipg High School - 1933 1 A Star in a Coniedg I'm not much of an actor but I was a star in a recent comedy. 1 didn't even try to be but I guess fate played my cards for me. My hu- man interest attraction didn't last very long, but I will always remember it for it proved that theres no fool like an old fool. It was just another performance until-I guess Fm getting ahead of my story. Vlfe have a lonely life here with the few near neighbors and they are quiet. Our routine is regular: the boss gets around in the daytime and we at night. Our work is at different times which brings me up to the main part of my story. The few minutes we are together in the evenings the boss is always bragging of his own importance. lle calls himself the greatest of all actors and it seemed that we could not dispute his boast. One day last week, however, in order, so he said, to accommodate several millions of persons we would all put on a day-time act. During the performance, the acting of a follower, a small, beautiful young Wo- man surpassed even his own great performance. He sensed the rivalry and it seemed their brilliance could not be dimmed but the rival forces seemed to dampen their glory and l, small as l seem to be, held the stage for one and one-half minutes. This comedy, namely the undoing of the prowess of the greatest of all actors at which millions of smiles will be cast, was enacted last week at the total eclipse of Old Sol. by the Moon. 1 am Vega, the brightest star in the heavens-except the sun. i even surpassed him once. Dan Murphy Page fifty-nine 1 1331? Y- Moore 'l'owursliip Hiqll School S g19ZiQi MA --:gh j, Poetry Free N' erse The Slezuu Enqiue A moan and a sigh-the large wheel is in motion. The speed of its revolutions increases. With a low, nnelodious, soothing hum the wheel revolves with unseen spokes. A flash of sparks-the reciprocating ol' they piston-the hiss of escaping steam. All essentials in the creation of power. Robert Mullen The xVilfl'i1bl'S Two warriors peep over the top To see if the "coast is clear." They do not want another battle, so back They go into their hiding place. Again they appear over the top- Carefully they look for enemies. Out! They dart toward their next hiding place. They stop an instant-gaze to the right-to the left. No one in sight. They pick up their Wounded friend. Dart on again. Safe! Two red ants have safely reached their honie in the sidewalk. O., l '00 Vivian lltcheson '33 Page sixt 1933 -p Moore Township High School - 1933 Page sixty-one i. A Mgsterious Artist The heavens with diamond stars are dressed- Everyone has settled down to rest. The Window shades are all drawn down- The little fairy folk come to town. On my window panes they trace The castles of a fairy place. Trees and ferns and meadow grass Are sparkling on my Window glass. Once very late at night I raised the shade to peer- Alas! There was no one in sight. They never come with people near. I knew those fairy folk Had come, for when the morning broke I found on the pane 'neath my hand The picture of castles in fairyland. Alice Call '33 Sunset The sun is sinking in the westg A golden ball of fire. Beautiful colors at their best, Are all that we desire. Red, gold, and pink at Hrst we see Then finally a purple haze. As the sun leaves alone and free We gaze in wonder at the beautiful maze. Margaret Schilling '33 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 Go to your work and be strong, Halting not in your Ways, Balking the end half-Won For an instant dole of praiseg Stand to your Work and be wise- Certain of sword and pen, Who are neither children nor Gods- But men in a World of men. -Kipling' Page sixty-two CALENDAR 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 THE LITTLE DAYS The great big strutting days go past, Like generals, wearing lace, They puff their chests and shine th But give me the little daysg Just plain days small and brown, Just days of ficecy little clouds, Days in some quiet town. To make the world a happy place ln which to live and die- Just give to me the little days And let the great march by. -Linebook eir hair, Page sixty-four 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 .i.i1l-1l- AUGUST Monday, 29 School days back again. The largest Freshman class in the history of the school is entering. Tuesday, 30 An English theme the second day! This looks like Work. Wednesday, 31 School was dismissed during the seventh period, in order that the students could Watch the partial eclipse of the sun. SEPTEMBER Thursday, 8 French ll class went to Laurette on a picnic. Tuesday, 13 The fair is proving to be a great incentive to cut classes. Watch those slips! Friday, 16 We went to Mattoon and lost our first game of the football sea- son to them. Tuesday, 20 The Schick test was given to many students at the grade school today. Monday, 26 VVe tied Villa Grove 0-0. Tuesday, 27 Everyone who sells four tickets to the Monticello game Will get a free one. Wednesday, 28 The lights are being installed on the football field for the game with Monticello Friday night. This will be the first night football game ever played at Farmer City. Thursday, 29 h The Girl's Athletic Association has started to sell candy in the all. Page sixty-five 1 1933 - Moore Township Hiqh School - 1933 OCTOBER Monday, 3 We lost to Monticello 18-7. Senior class nominations aftei school. Tuesday, 4 Evelyn Glardon elected president, Dean Turner, vice-presi- dent and Eloise Coleman, secretary-treasurer. Tuesday, 11 The entire student body and faculty had individual pictures taken. Friday, 14 Report cards for the first grade period came out today. Tuesday, 18 The Senior Class has started to sell candy during the noon hour. Monday, 24 We beat Clinton 7-0. Hurrah! I Tuesday, 25 The individual pictures have arrived. What a laugh! I Wednesday, 26 Mr. Edwards orders one-way trailic on the campus to prevent accidents. Thursday, 27 Tickets are on sale for the Saunemin game. Friday, 28 We hope to Win from Saunemin. This will be the second night football game on our home field. Wage sixty-six 1Q33 Q5 M Moore Township High School - 1933 1 NOVEMBER Wfednesday, 2 Political speeches in History IV. Plenty of opinions I ! ! Friday, 4 VVe play Rantoul tomorrow. Monday, 7 We beat Rantoul! ! We can play football. Tuesday, 8 Election day at M. T. H. S. Roosevelt wins. NVQ-dnesday, 9 The 'first snow of the winter. Snowballs flying everywhere. Friday, 1 1 Armistice Day. Mr. Severson spoke. XVe beat LeRoy 6-0. Monday, 14 Mrs. Howard was absent today. Tuesday, 15 A driving blizzard 1'aged all day. Many tardinesses and ab- sentees. Thursday, 17 The Junior Class awarded the ring contract to the Balfour Com- pany. No school tomorrow because of institute. Monday, 21 The Gibson City football game has been postponed on account of the weather. Tuesday, 22 A surprise Civics exam! ! Z O! the 70's. Monday, 28 Hurrah! I XVe won the Thanksgiving game from Leltoy 18-6. Tuesday, 29 Report cards for the second grade period appeared today. Wednesday, 30 Group pictures for the Owl were taken today. Page sixty-seven 1933 - Moore Township Hiqh School - 1933 DECEMBER Thursday, 1 Dress rehearsal for the Stunt Show. Friday, 2 Stunt Show tonight. Monday, 5' The Juniors won the cup. Lucky Juniors! ! Tuesday, 6 Flu epidemic. Three teachers absent. Thursday, 8 We are back on the old 9 to fl schedule. Friday, 9 We lost our first basketball game of the season to Champaign. Monday, 12 The first Junior ring made its appearance today. Tuesday, 13 Can Iloward Stalker copy French sentences? Ask Miss Farn- ham. Wednesday, 14 Dramatic Club play practice after supper. Monday, 19 The list of the football letter men has been posted on the bulle- tin board. Tuesday, 20 Stag football banquet. Thomas McConkey and Merle Shaw are the co-captains for next year. Wednesday, 21 The Dramatic Club presented two one-act plays in the assembly tonight. Much interest is shown. Thursday, 22 Can Mr. Gardner throw people out of the 4th period assembly? v 1 Ask Ivan. . Friday, 23 No school after the sixth period today. Merry Christmas! Page sixty-eight 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 - JANUARY Monday, 2 Back again for reviews and then the semester exams. These are the days to c1'am. Thursday, 5 Did Bob Walsh ever sit on the floor in the assembly? Ask Der- ward Johnston. Friday, 6 Miss Farnham is absent. No French today! Hurrah! Tuesday, 10 The examination schedules are distributed today. It won't be long now. Thursday, 12 Mrs. Jones and the Debate Teams Went to the University Li- brary to collect material for the sta'e debates. Russell reports that there are several books in that library. Monday, 16 Mr. Edwards tells "Satch" Cathcart that concrete walks were made to walk on. Wednesday, 18 Beginning of the exams and the first games of the county tour- nament. Monday, 23 Exams are over. Russell Ward and Elmo Cadle won berths on the county all-star team. Dan Murphy and Bob Tague are all- stars on the second team. Wednesday, 25 Report cards came out today. Those exam grades cause more trouble than satisfaction. Monday, 30 We are back to the old 8 325 to 2:56 schedule. We hope to stay. Page sixty-nine 1933 - Moore Township Hiqh School - 1933 FEBRUARY W'ednesday, 1 Poems in English IV class. Such rhymes! I Friday, 3 Donald Garard is death on chairs in the French I class. See Miss Farnham for details. Monday, 6 Registration cards for the second semester were filled out and book labels were issued. Wediiesday, 8 Everyone is cautioned to keep going in the right direction in the halls or ninth hours will be issued to the otfendors. Thursday, 9 School was dismissed at noon for the rest of the week due to the cold weather. Monday, 13 The Senior group pictures arrived today. Tuesday, 14 There was a general assembly for the Seniors to distribute the Owl pledges. Monday, 20 Mr. Edwards tells us that there are only six more Weeks of school left. Watch those grades! I Wednesday, 22 There was a Lincoln-VVashington program in the assembly this afternoon. Members of the Moorite Dramatic Club spoke on events in the lives of the two great Americans. Thursday, 23 The Owl staff was elected today. Tuesday, 28 We have a practice debate with Champaign tonight after school. Page sevent y 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 ,. MARCH Wednesday, 1 Talks on technocracy in History IV. Everyone wonders what it's all about. VVe debate Dwight and Rantoul tonight. The latter debate will be held in the high school assembly. Thursday, 2 There will be no school to-morrow because of institute. The news sounds good to us! ! Wednesday, 8 We beat Bement 22-18. Hurrah! ! Friday, 10 We signed our names to the papers thanking the basketball players for their record. Fine record, boys. Thursday, 16 The Seniors had a party for Seniors only. Everyone had a fine time. Tuesday, 21 The first day of spring. Not much school left. Monday, 27 Baseball practice starts. Tuesday, 28 Elimination contest for the declamation students. Max Rey- nolds of the Crowell Publishing Company gave an interesting talk before the assembly. He told us how we could raise some money to reduce the deficit of the Athletic Association. Wednesday, 29 We debate Eureka today. Friday, 31 Our affirmative team debates Carrollton tonight in the assembly. Page seventy-one g 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 APRIL Monday, 3 We won the debate from Carrollton! I Three cheers Y I Tuesday, 4 The Senior play tryouts were held today. Everyone is anxious to know the cast. Thursday, 6 The members of the Declamation Team who are going to Ken- ney tomorrow night gave an entertainment before the assembly. They read the selections they will give at the County Meet. Monday, 10 Spring is here for sure. Even the grades have commenced to be affected by it. Tuesday, 11 Senior Play practice starts. Monday, 17 Mr. Edwards gave out the rewards for the honor roll and the improvement roll today. Tuesday, 18 The Forensic Team will go to DeLand tonight to compete in the Sangamon Valley Literary Meet. Wednesday, 19 We won the literary meet at DeLand. This is our second vic- tory, for we also won the County Meet at Kenney. Friday, 28 Examination Day for the grade schools. Many future freshmen are loitering in the halls. Page seventy-two 1933 - Moore Township High School - 1933 1.1 MAY Monday, 1 Only 26 more days of school left. The contract for the Owl en- gravings was let today. The Owl dummy goes to press this week. Tuesday, 2 Mr. Edwards distributed provisional enrollment sheets today in order to be able to have an idea of the subjects to be taught next year. W'ednesday, 3 The honor roll and improvement roll were distributed at a noon assembly. This week will be the last opportu.nity to order an Owl. Thursday, 4 Elsie Thornton won the contest for the prettiest Senior girl. The contest was sponsored by the Sophomore Class and attracted much interest. Measurements are being made for caps and gowns. It won't be long now! Mr. Smith entertains the basketball boys at a dinner party at his home tonight. Tuesday, 9 Play day for the grade school children. Night track meet with LeRoy. Friday, 12 "Skidding," the Senior Play was presented and it was a great success. Friday, 19 Junior-Senior Reception. Sunday, 21 Baccalaureate. Monday, 22 Exams begin. Friday, 26 Commencement--Good-bye- Moore Township High. OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS- Not lost- But gone-forever! ! Page seventy-three . 1, , A ll IE U! All, yes, ffll' clzajrler ands today-- We slowly lay 1110 book away, R211 brozzghl it g'rz'cjf0r brozzglzl il bliss, Avo nilzw' jslltgflp will ram' likf' ll1z's.' --Ex. Page seventy-four Rukogv apks 1 4 f f -3 Rukogvaphs 1 . . -. X QA f- , ,ff fu: Q,aJ , .'-, N f 15' f .1 'X"xg.f ' L,, y. xv' ' . . ' ' x . V V " ' -W - 5--g,x., 0 . -!K.,.,. ' X2 n . . 4 f ' P .f 6 . ' ' . 'YZ t . als., I., v U- -gk F,-YV J I 1 1 1 k w., 45.-1' J X - 'f , '14 , . - 1 4 , ' N, wi . 7141- 'rp -cm. -, ' ' 'F.f,,.'-uw-J rap' k""'!T" ' N III xr . f 7 kvjj kT- K -1' VA- f J, , 'LM f " .K ,ff , ,J ,CX f ' J ,K L41 ' 'x,..,-af 'f 'H ff' 1' . .fLf,f.V,4,f xl' x.f-.- 1 f , X - ,,,, K , . 7 f Q,-. . -' f-4 Aff' -f' ' ' ""' 'M' ' f I '-..f ,' X-, bf '--fx! A1' 1 K ' X4 I A ' ini- K' ' 7 , - - .- f' ' ' . , ' 1, LL?-VL! I Ctt'f7.,xL" K. fx-9 if ' ? ..,41..1 Jffqffi 2 '1 , ' , x u M 1 -,,.-,X-IL,-M, . X, 4 ' ' 4' 'I , -,, . , -A jk - ag. AJ' M fi ,.. f .K J--S .mmf ,.f,.,,,N 4 f 'V A 3 ,k Am f .' Ak A 6 1. E ff gig . 'i I . A I I . 1 mf, 1 1 'f 'V -. 'VJ ' M' ' 'H wfv--I X4 J 7131.1 ,fu -V QJVV, G X,,' . 1 f,.L,:Ai 4 , f Aj 5 :'L 5 '-p.Lf,J x lj . 1' ' V F f' U ' 1 X , ., . 1 . fw f X , -f ,,- 1 I JW, ff , , fy ,M 4 , ' ' f' 0 x ,OLJvx..,.,-- -'Llqg - ,QI v, -f G. " 4""P" ' NK F 1 , A, 'YKJ.. kislyf 7'7".A,7 2 X-Q,-QA-ada- X f , - ff V f ' X l , 5 ' E . ' C . ,A df -, , x - i X K E I s A x-3 " 1 I MK I X' 5 NQ'k. I, xw-xL ' . 'i . , I A ' 1 , I ' VJ ' f . . f' " ' . L I ,f ,, . I, M T Jf ff all ff-f ' ,QL - , Lf, P- CL, ' -LL Lfm,Q,fL,J -rg LL,lL1,C,f CQLQM Lbbkfgx, CkfLfL.jbfC CHM! .. zLQ,?ff'.7C K-yu ', CQ.-ck-+L, T' f' ff' - ff Om ucf Cl e ww,1J,v CfVL 4 , J f , ' 77 G ' fi if L ff we ,J M A b"l,6'kJ ifwg, 01 , H N CJ A f 4 K AZ!! F ji L' ff fi cg? ,A fx fx.. V! ,fc 'Nr '6k""' ax- L L, Jug M bfww - Qww-L.-Lh'fL.5 Y 4, 4 y, C if ,ficfrlj -fzfxiffanf.. C LC' 'V fA"'56f1'L, , 5

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