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,ggi Q qw ,F u,,.l'iQgMl fL,k,.Q,L,T r J CM? 'UVVSW J ,AV-.2 f ,W fra z LLM QL Cu ' 5,141.7 WW , gw yawu Af jp g,2iff,f1 qw Uvf M M V Jffuwfnqfb 111,412 ,ffwt wif ULUQV Ufw1,4,f2 Aj Www Zigi W K. 5g,Mfif!QN I Lwfqj yo WV' J I LW! 'J cwffffd . V fO0V,,,,.,g Ur 1 Xxfw' W fvgpwvfb 4 4. 'W 1 7 Z- jj? wa? X Xfsfwg Eg Q fig! Qggmfgg Ciwgiigf SQ x Qgxofffgggiax QNU QQQ We All Made It Work! I""" A. PRESIDENT GERALD R. Ford gave many campaign speeches through the long and grueling race for the presidency. B. VARIOUS FORD CAMPAIGN nostalgia decorated the hearts, minds and streets of Moore and itis citizens. BP Election Strikes Involvement. A more suitable time for a presidential election could not have been found for this was our nationis bicentennial. Our spirit was at it's highest, our pride at it's peak. We were pulled together as a nation by the strings of the past. This unity as a nation was high- lighted by the presidential election due to Jimmy Car- teris victory. This was a giant step for our nation, proof that we no longer harboured the predjudices the bloody civil war brought to a boil. Moore High School had it's own mock presidential election sponsored by student assembly. Ironically enought Ford won by a majority vote of the student body. Many seniors old enought to take advantage of their rights as citizens took part in the actual national elec- tion while juniors and sophomores remained content with keeping track of new developments by television and newspaper reports. Someday we will look back on this historic moment, the bicentennial and the first Southern president and we will be able to say it was only one of many roads we traveled. ,itt X, ttti -.-, ,rr M "" i'ss we W"'ii I ' ' SGSNESQS A. BRINGING HIS CAMPAIGN to thefarm belt Jimmy Carter accused the Nixon and Ford administrations of "unparralleled" incompetence in managing the farm economy. B. KWTV CHANNEL 9 kept Oklahomans informed on the national results as well as state and local. C. WITHA BIG smile Jimmy Carter emerged victorious in the race. 95:9 Q24 BV VC AA 1 6 AD VE AF Vi' A: EMPHATIC SUPPORT IS given to the Moore Lions by Coach Don Hood. B: A WELL PLAYED game against the Putnam West Patriots is well expressed by Don Hood and the football team. C: MASCOT, TONY HOLLINGSWORTH, seems shocked by Del City's sudden consumption of the Lions. D: WITH HOPEFUL THOUGHTS of what lies ahead Don Hood takes a glimpse into the future after the crucial victory over Putnam West. E: QUARTERBACK, DONNY GRAHAM plans his strategy with Coaches, Don Hood and Charles Golightly. F: MOORE SCORES THEIRfirst touchdown on Midwest City which helps to accomplish their first major upset. C: MO0RE'S FIRST VICTORY of the season over Northwest Classen. H: AFTER THE FIRST round ofthe playoffs ends in a Lion victory Ralph "Mugsy" Moore is overcome with a mixture of relief and joy. f now A Welcomed Experience With the snow came many different moods. For some people it was a time for fun and games and snowball fights. For others it was a time for thinking out problems or just enjoying the beauty of the world turned frosty and white. The snow also brought some interesting occurances and some bad situations. Snowmen seemed to pop up every where, one was even found in the bed of a truck in the student parking lot. Bushes and trees were turned to statues and sidewalks to runways. Noses were continually red and hands and feet persistently numb. Some unpleasant instances occured when people found themselves in ditches or bumper to bumper with the car front of them. The weather conditions were so bad the day after the snow, that school was closed. Students found them- selves having an unexpected but welcomed vacation. Soon, however, the sun came and the biggest snow in two years was gone. if 1,43 - Q 1 551125 .T if V. 3 F5 O , V .QM FE 2' gl 5 'Q .uw lr - feta tm. M.. -wp. A: SHORT WALK FROM park- ing lot becomes hard and slick to students. B: MIKE WASSON SPREADS salt on sidewalk for safety's sake. C: SOME STU- DENTS PREFER snowballfights to class work. D: THE SIGN SAYS nothing about keeping off the snow. w S A1 ,, m e 3, V , I L ,. --, -A , , ,V ,,, ,,1,.,, f, A me f' , lf. ' M Fm, "lib-1 -1n2' ff. ' F"'5""! ' M Q Q JY, , v-www- Agn N ,VVJ qv :fy I ff-t. . Q --M Am-at A 'A ' ,, " Q 'MMM -MW , , V, ""' 1 -, A A B V " 5 ' ,L ,H , s............. CADV P V ---WA' - Iooo ,o,t . Hi h School 66Daze?,' Among the major local events of the year involving students were the g'Led Zeppelini' concert, HKiss,' concert, and the movie "A Star is Born". "Led Zeppelini' tickets were sold out the day they went on sale and many students walked away frustrated and empty-handed after camping out several days in advance. Many who were successful in their attempts to purchase tickets found their tickets had been purchased in vain when the concert was canceled indefinitely due to illness in the group. 6'Kiss" also appeared in concert at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman and received a warm welcome from Oklahoma City, Norman, and Moore residents. Students who attended the concert generally walked away with what they considered to be their money's worth. Movies such as a "Star is Bornw attracted many students from Moore. Although the drive to the theater in which the movie was showing was a considerable distance from Moore many students saw the movie and a review was featured in the school newspa- per, the 6'Spectrum." A combination of movies, concerts, and pizza held students entraneed in their high K,B.l.ORE school 'Gdazef' GENADH GENADM A120175 1 3 F5 !iIf 'I ,,-f57"W 4 W "ww lm at 11 What Road Will I Choose Terry Jones has a job lined up with a real estate company. He plans to take night school at the Institute of Real Estate in order that he can take a state test to become certified to sell real estate. If Terry doesn't enjoy this line of work, he plans to save up enough money to 'go to a small college to study in a different area. Debi Mason plans to attend Oklahoma State Univer- sity for four years. At OSU, Debi will study Business Admininstration. After college she has "Big City" plans. Debi's goal is to go to New York and work at the main office of Susie's Casual's. She would like to start out as a Fashion Merchandiser and work her way up in the company. Dane Sisco also plans to study at Oklahoma State University for four years. At OSU, he will go out for the Cowboy's basketball team. As his career, Dane would like to Coach High School basketball or become a diesel mechanic. Nl! is O . 'x- ' .. .la N' as ,KU And Where Will It Take Me? Depending on which college she gets a Swimming Scholarship from, Susan Miller will attend Texas Uni- versity, Oklahoma University, or Oklahoma State Uni- versity. She looks forward to being on the Swim Team at one of these colleges. As her career, Susan wants to teach Physical Education or Coach Swimming, al- though she also sees Engineering as a possibility. Daran Sparks plans his career in the field of Iron Workers. He will first be an apprentice for five years. As an apprentice, Daran will travel to various places working mainly as a welder. Afterwards, Daran will become a journeyman and train the upcoming appren- tices. Christy Benson is unsure of her college plans as she would like to get married ln the near future If Christy does attend college she plans to go to Southwestern State University and study business courses Christy sees Secretarial Work as her most likely career EVM A. CARRIE SMITH PROTRAYS a clown, the symbol of laughter at the Halloween skating party. B. SCHOOL SPIRIT WAS promoted byfaculty,s avid participation in pep assemblies. C. LEARNING THE TOOLS of all trades is a necessary part of lde as shown here by Bill Groves. S s 5 A. SHOWING OFF HIS abilities as class clown is Mike Nesbitt. B. WHILE TAKING PICTURES for newspaper .lejflones finds time to clown around with our own photographer. C. GRAFFITI IS AND always will be a very necessary part of lQ'e here at Moore High School. D. WAYNE CANTWELL DEMONSTRATES what a major role swimming plays in his lve. Learning is living and living is laughing. This is one of the many things that applied so vividly to Moore High School. Students found learning at Moore an en- joyable experience fmost of the timel due to the re- laxed atmosphere maintained by students and teach- ers. Evidence of Moore's spirit and sportsmanship was shown when the school was presented with the Boomer Conference 'gSportsmanship" award. Pride was abundant in the hearts and minds of stu- dents and hopefully this trait will be passed on to fu- ture years. Laughter is always an asset in any situation and Moore's ability to laugh even in the darkest of situa- tions was apparent in state playoffs when the Moore Lions fell to the Del City Eagles. Students and fans bowed gracefully as Del City won the game and rose to glory and state-wide recognition. Learning, living, and laughing consisted mainly ofg Friday night escapades on the town, McDonalds, and blue jeans, all of which combined to form another road on which we traveled. 15 GORE - ur Days, Our ights, ur Lives A. SCHOOL KEPT OUR days full ofjaunts to and from classes. B. CRYSTAL'S WAS A popular night spot for students due to its interesting decor and delicious food. C. THERE WAS ALWAYS something to do with "The Mov- ies" close at hand. D. THIS SCENE IS probably familiar to everyone. It is commonly known as the "drag" and is always crowded with cars touring the town. E. THIS IS JUST another common scene from "Moore at Night." 16 A Bv A the K f I .. f AD Our busy days and fun-filled nights combined to form our lives. School keeps our weekdays filled with class schedules and studying. Nights were the 12th Street drag, honking at friends, and Sonic onion rings. Our days and nights were but one of many roads which we traveled by memory solely in the course of our lives. IT af "iq, 47 r , mfr 0 I., . gl! -r?4f, 4. IN 'Qin' x A: DRAMA STUDENTS PER- FORM as the opponents band would at a pep assembly. B: STUDENTS MARK MASON, Rob Taylor, Judy Suell, Karen Gilliam, Mark Stull and Mary Nelson show that the spirit is not dead at MHS. C: GREAT PAR- TICIPATION FROM students was a feature at all pep as- semblies. f X t ,, ,fs Pep Assemblies Good For Spirit X AA CV I ff I 5 I P A: THE COACHES OF the foot- ball team were recognized at the Norman pep assembly. Always filled with fun and laughs, the pep assemblies became the heart of the spirit at MHS. It took the coopera- tion and participation of everyone to make the assemblies successful. From the encouragement of Mr. Thomason to the combined cheering and yelling of the individual classes, each student and faculty member had a part to play. One big reason for the good turn outs was the effort put forth by the Drama Department in arranging the program and a skit for each assembly. We were able to look at our accomplishments and faults from a humerous point of view. Some presentations included songs slightly rewritten to go along with a Lion's way of thinking, while other skits showed us just how funny everyday situations could be. All in all the pep assemblies were a great help to each sport and the entire student body. Through the assemblies we gained spirit and through spirit and support we gained our strength. AV A if CA A: GREG SUTTERFIELD MODELS the typical attire of a Western Day participant. B: A CAR WITH a lot of the charac- teristics ofa lion, waits in linefor the Homecoming parade to begin. C: ONE OF THE older entrees in the parade waits in line. Homecoming Week Worth the Wait A: QUEENS, ATTENDANTS AND escorts are introduced at a special assembly. B: EDDIE FACTOR AND passengers help make up the Homecoming procession. C: CHEERLEADERS BONNIE JOHNSON and Diane Hudson lead Lions Pride members in cheers during the parade. AA Homecoming, with all itls different activities, kept students busy the entire week. Most people attended the melodrama put on by the Drama Department and voted on their choice for All-Sports Queen. Western Day provided a chance for the cowboy in everyone to come out for a while. Earth shoes were traded in for boots and skirt lengths dropped over night. Spirit was displayed proudly in the Homecoming Parade by floats constructed by various clubs and cars decorated by students ready for a Homecoming night win. Clowns scattered throughout the parade, along with many a wounded Mcguiness football player. Queens smiled and waved as the Lion Band played and on-lookers cheered. Queens, attendants and escorts were announced at a special assembly held Friday afternoon. ff' BA Cv 23 Q' People and Planning Bring Good Results 4 ., f 5: L X, arf' A: WRESTLING QUEEN RUTHANNE Jackson and escort ,loh Finn walk out to plaU'orm during ceremonies. B: NEWLY CROWNED ALL-SPORTS Queen Michelle Piatt makes Debbie Owen the new Basketball Queen as Mike Rumsy, Laura Holder, Robin Means, Jerry Floyd, ,len- nita Rice and Kevin McFall look on. C: KEVIN McFALL DELIV- ERS the honorary kiss after Michelle Piatt was crowned All- Sports Queen. D: BAND MEM- BERS TAKE an active part in the Homecoming night festivities. Homecoming night started off good and got better as the Lions found the win they had been looking for. A number of special activities helped make the evening an even bigger event. There were many returning alumni present at the game to witness the crowning of All-Sports Queen and King. Michelle Piatt and Rickey Blair received the honors be getting the most votes in a student body election held earlier. It was the first time ever to have Kings for girl's sports. The band and Lions Pride members made a special formation of an arrow going through a heart to the tune of "My Funny Valentinew for the crowning. It took practice and preparation to get everything right. Without the dedication of many students, sponsors and faculty members it wouldn't have been possible. if QE 'Y . . .ttll il . I , 25 Beat orman? You Bet! As the cry uBeat Norman!" again rang through the halls, so began the events of a week leading to a full- fledged battle with the Lions biggest rival. All the socks and sneakers and hats and overalls fi- nally accomplished their main goal when the Lions triumphed over the Norman Tigers. Different attire was designated for different days of the week. One day was sneak-up on the Tigers dayg everyone wore their favorite sneakers. Another day students were to wear their overalls to prove that the Lions were best over all. Lions Pride members decorated socks and filled them with candy for each of the football players in order to sock it to Norman. A big pep-assembly and dance was held at McDonalds in honor of the Lions the night before the game. A live band and a disc-jockey from KOMA were features of the assembly, but it was the cheering of the players and fans that made it all worthwhile. When the day of the game finally arrived spirit was still mount- ing, and it didn't stop after the pep assembly. With more fans from Moore than from Norman attending the game in a cold, hard drizzle, and with more en- thusiasm than could be measured, hopes for a win were high. The hopes became reality when the final whistle blew and the triumphant Lion supporters couldn't be restrained and ran onto the field. The student body and football team then stood in front of the stands to sing the school song, making a perfect end to a great week. 'rs re--an . -.. Q s , " r N .-. A: LIONS PRIDE MEMBERS Chris Simpson, Christy Cole, Bonnie Johnson, Robin Means and Kebbie Bowles show dwerent personalities offootball players in the Norman pep assembly. B: DEBBIE SARGENT HELPS supervise decoration of the gym for the Norman pep assembly. BV .,...-.e..,!..-wx gi K g l. .. U . 561 for ' fi 1 i Q 5 1 N. 1 L. M.. f ia., ,,,,. 1 1 fi - ...ui-Qa.sW..rfQ-"1 4 Q M- --.4 26 x 3 tthfiagf fXHits:'V'fLsf1f - ,.... .ee-2 tis.-L VK. -.H AA AABV M-Mt: ,,. , ,elf-K-all ,J -+f+1'fz of p ele MMM Mvfwefexg r!'V'Mf, ,JkN,,.ffVW VVIV fljjw, ,,,,,,, if , A: TERRY JONES EXPRESSES how most people felt when the final whistle blew at the Norman game. B: A SIGN SHOWING the goal of players and supporters going into the Norman game. QW' u. E5 M4365 ITTHQE F75 "Go off stage leftf' .... "You tenors are off- key,', .... "Keep up with the music," .... these were but a few of the phrases heard over and over by the cast of "Guys and Dolls." Rehearsals for the musical often ran from right after school until ten or eleven olclock at night. One group on stage, another rehearsing around the piano, another practicing dance steps, people going from one place to another, wherever the di- rector, Mrs. Pat Flippin, sent them. Songs were taken care of by Mr. John Robinson, who went to great length to teach harmonizing parts to many who had no choral background. Al- most the entire cast had to sing and dance also. A dance teacher from Oklahoma City, Ms. Pat Op- lotnik, choreographed all dances. The cast were not the only ones putting in lots of hours. The stage crew went to work, designing, building, and painting sets and props. Several hours went into painting the backdrop, a picture of the New York skyline. Under the leadership of Ms. Valerie Slivinsky, the stage crew also operated the sound equipment and lighting systems. Mr. Ed White, band director, chose a select group of musicians to be the pit band, providing the accompaniment for all songs. Costumes were chosen by Ms. Karen Massey. She helped cast members select patterns and fab- rics, and chose a few girls to do make-up and aid lead characters. The band, The singers and dancers, the stage and make-up crews, and the lead actors were all aiming at one goal -- Opening Night, Tuesday, February 8, 1977. A. SEEMINGLY UNDISTURBED, BOB Hall, Bill Nobles, and Bret Brining work on a scene as others carry on business around them. B. TOTALLY CONFUSED, DANCERS watch disconcertedly as Mark Mason and Chris Moore demonstrate steps. ,WW ,, BJ'Ht.k 4 B mmm M"""Wm...,, GMM! lQ3W7ll'D D ML I , .-A C. STAGE CREW MEMBERS Joe Pizzini and Mike Easley paint one of the many props for "Guys and Dolls." D. Nathan KROB TAYLORQ sings a story to Sky Masterson KKIRK SULLIVANJ. D V RE TURNING T0 THE The highlight of 50's Day, February 16, sponsored by the Senior Class was the assembly attended by the Stu- dent Body for 752. A band featuring former MHS stu- dent, Brad Davis, provided the music. Students in their bobby socks, saddle oxfords, and greased hair filed by cars parked south of the library. School secretaries awarded Ray Cantwell, junior, the distinctive first place for the best looking 50's car. During the assembly, registered students could par- ticipate in a dance contest. Steak dinners from the Western Sizzlin' were awarded. First place pair was Rob Taylor and Pat Dixon, seniors. Also awarded steak dinners were the winners of the costume contest. Faculty winner was Ms. Charlotte Bennett, Senior counselor. Student winners were Gary Doty., Julie Metty, and Monty Williams. All in all, 507s Day was really far out! A A , C Y B. AT IT AGAIN, this time center court, are Mary Nelson and Michelle Piatt. C. THIS '57 A. Mary Nelson and Michelle THUNDERBIRD, and ips gwner Piatt, do afew steps at the FQ'ties Ray Cantwell, wgnfirsg plagg in Day dance contest- the automobile contest. 30 I .Y ,af H if .3331 FABULOUS FIFTIES V "' biz X Qu' had A. MUSICIANS PAUSE BETWEEN songs at the Ffties day assembly. B. ALUMNI BRAD DA VIS, dressed up and slicked backfifties style, performs as lead vocalist of the band. C. ON THE FLOOR ofthe P.E. Complex, twisting and swinging, are couples who competed in the dance contest. .Sl A e, ee, J W All We Need Are Wheels N-x1 32 AT RIGHT, BOBBY Sanford demonstates his skill in dirtbike riding. To Get Us Where We're Going At Moore High School, Transportation and In- volvement go hand in hand. To be involved in the true sense of the word, a student must have a mode a trans- portation. The more involved a student is in activities at MHS, the bigger his need is for some form of trans- portation. Most students don't care what kind of vehicle they have, as long as it has wheels and goes. Each morning thousands of cars, trucks, vans, and motorcycles line the rails of the crowded Student Parking Lot. One freezing January morning students came to school in a chilly unenclosed jeep. Because of wealthy families or after school jobs, some students are able to have and enjoy showy sports cars - Comaros, Trans Ams, 442's, and even Corvettes - and the number of these shiny, new cars is not small. Transportation not only aides a student's involve- ment, but, owning or driving a Vehicle, or both, de- notes a bit of social status, a feeling of responsibility, and most of all, a feeling of independence. A: AN EXAMPLE OF the souve- nirs obtained by most students after a concert. B: KAY LUND MODELS one of the newer hair styles. C: RHONDA WOODSIDE WEARS a "Take Staten shirt, showing the spirit offootball. D: OVERALLS SEEMED TO be a hit with everyone throughout the year. E: A BIG OKLAHOMA State fan, Judy Bickford, shows her support of the school through her clothes. Mr' AA BV gi The Thing To Do CA As in years before, denim remained at the top of the list of studentis favorite fashions, T-shirst with sayings on them, overalls, crazy socks and earth shoes were also hot items. Hair styles got shorter while skirts got longer. Most people turned their attention to concerts as a main form of recreation. Such groups as the Eagles, Kiss and ZZ Top proved to be big attractions. Many albums, tapes, posters and T-shirts were sold to pro- mote the groups. Some kids still liked to go to town on Friday and Saturday nights and an occasional party was always thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Of course, a movie was still a good thing to go to on a date along with the Sonic and the various pizza places throughout town. The number of Oklahoma State fans increased with their victory over the Sooners and many seniors plan- ned to attend college there. Support for 0.S.U. was demonstrated throughout the year by emblems on var- ious articles of clothing worn by students. Of course there were still a great many who remained loyal to O.U. Camaros and Trans Ams were popular models of cars and C.B. radios could still be found in a majority of motor vehicles. DA Ev , ,M ,H-yf v fi ,,,1 ,,,.L, V V esta-M September October November December January 36 2... March t ,NI E Q t s AQL I fill- Many things happened in the months making up the school year. We started the year off by Mr. Noel Thomason, who proved to be a good leader to us all. October brought homecoming week and many ac- tivities including the crowning of All-Sports Queen. In November a good deal of students attended the Eagle's concert. The new swim team got off to a fine start in december and the wrestlers ended Midwest City's match winning streak in January. ln February another musical went into production. March brought some warm weather and more students were apt to be found in town. April caught spring and dandelions coming into bloom and May found the seniors of 1977 dawning their caps and gowns. May ot Enough Time In One Day '6What are you doing in the hall?" HMay I please have your attention for this brief an- nouncement?" 'Turn to page 25 of your work book." "There is a blue Ford in the student parking lot with it,s lights on." "Did you know that Sharon went out with Joe Sat- urday night?" Between getting to second hour on time and paying your library fine so that you could get your report card in second hour, there was little time left to study for the test you were having after you received your report card. Students often had a rough time at lunch deciding whether they had enough time to leave campus or if they liked what was being served in the cafeteria or if they wanted to walk all the way out to the student store for a coke and a candy bar. By the time the decision was made on where to go and the four or five stops were made along the way to talk to friends, there was no time left to eat the food. This sometimes ended in embarrassment when the student was caught by the teacher trying to sneak his lunch into class. ,lust another complication in the daily routine of high school. Another frustration was to search and search for your car in the student parking lot only to remember you had loaned it to a friend who had conveniently forgotten to come back. 38 CA DV A: LOITERING IN THE BREEZEWAY was part of the daily routinefor most students. B: MANY SKITS TRIED to show what our day was like such as this one being performed by Michelle Piatt and Mark Mason. C: HAVING LUNCH AT the stu- dent store was a common occur- ance as shown here by Tila Nel- son and Terrie Bordwine. D: MICKEY KELLY IS one of many that eat in the cafeteria each day. s aws xx yi 1 x TJ ' x TP On The Move And Going Strong The Physical Education classes got into full swing this year with the opening of the Douglas Fredrick Sports Complex. To make full use of this new complex, the administration made P.E. a required course for all ju- niors not engaged in some athletic activity. The P.E. classes had many different activities this year from which the students could choose. Some events were swimming, volleyball, floor routines, basketball, soc- cer and many others. Coach Tomlin, head of the P.E. Department, said uWe in the P.E. Department View this year as just the beginning at Moore High School. We feel that a firm foundation has been established in our program and that each year, we can improve and expand to meet the desires and needs of all the stu- dentsf, The P.E. Directors are now in the process of trying to get the title of P.E. changed to H.P.E.R. fHealth, Physical Education and Recreationj. 7' 'H :vs f 74 t f 3 ,,t L Q , , D 4Cy 6008. fs. .f 'ggi if-Q. ' ? A. PRACTICING ON NEWLY learned floor routine are Sharon Cox, Rosemary McDonald and Jenny Courtney. B. LOOKING ENTHUSIASTIC ON a returned ball is Rodney Role. C. DOING THEIR DAILY exercises, Darla Austin gives a little help to Karen Baker. D. HELPING HER TEAM along, Christie Cole makes afine serve. E. FOLLOW- ING THE TEACHER'S routine, Tonya Harwell watches care- fully. F. PAUL STINE MAKES a nice return as Ronnie Reimers and Joann McLaughlin watch a job well done. ,l f 5 " if fs.. ft 1? Q t The gymnastics team through all its spins and flips has shown vast improvement from the group of un- coordinated girls that instead of flipping were flop- ping. Their trainer, Linda Bryant, has shown her skills by developing these girls from low coordination up to the graceful swan-like girls that you see performing routines on the balance beam, and uneven bars of to- day. There are other pieces of equipment that are used but these two are most recognized and difficult. The floor routines can well be classified with the two pre- viously mentioned. . 'G' yin 11213135 . .Q 0 W eelf Periecv V m 9 . ,,.w.m.s9+1MW A. DONNA FOUGHTY PRAC- TICES on the uneven parallel bars while Coach Linda Bryant assists her. B. KELLI LUNDAY WORKS on the balance beam. C. CHRISTY BOSLER DOES a back walkover during practice. D. ELAINE MANLEY FINISHES up on a routine on the balance beam. E. RENAE SIMMONS LOOKS for perfect form. F. MEMBERS OF THE gymnastics team consist of Front row: Tammy Martin, Valarie Flecher, Kim Murray, Charlene Morris, Kelli Lunday. Second row: Donna Jackson, Christy Bosler, Lee Cathey, Lisa Shipley, Pam Prince. Third row: Coach Linda Bryant, Linda Reynolds, Susanna Simmonds, Debra Mon- roe, Renae Simmons, Donna Foughty, Kathleen Sossnmon. A. JOHNNY CHANCEY REACHES high for pass reception. B. DONNIE GRAHAM TRIES to keep his grip on the pig skin. C. BILL KITCHEN ASSISTS in tackling a Midwest City Bomber. D. ED FACTOR RUNS hard andfasz for a wanted touchdown. The Mighty Moore Lions caused manigfupsets this year by winning against teams that were the predicted victors. Coach Hood showed great coaching skills, and the students showed their great spirit through victories and defeats alike. There was an over abundance of spirit and team acknowledgement throughout all of the Mighty Moore Lions assemblies. Nobody knows why the spirit was present so much this year, but it was well worth the effort. N THEIR WAY TO FAME AND MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE M :wg W Ei v VARSITY MEMBERS ARE, FRONT ROW: Steve Trimble, Mike Parker, Ted Fitzhugh, Tony Lee, Hoby Horn, Ernie Edison, Monte Hall, Johnny Chancey, Bruce Cavner, ,lim Burnell, Terry Jones, Hal Cox, Brian Rankin, Mark Melendez, Mike Hamilton, Tony Modesto, Butch Nunn, Bill Kitchen, Jerry Floyd. SECOND ROW: Donnie Graham, Jef Horn, David Ellis, Jeff Floyd, Mark Rodgers, Joe Cal- . . . .- W ff-., , - 1 Mae. - - -.--,...,.,,,, , hh W , , .t ,,.,,w--.,i,lF,,g:nLvE3 I iii , , W. I r l O ,Y ,,,, 'Y' W 1' 'WI i ,V A-Engl-'U I ,V , . t -"' I A .,,,e fllv ' evi ' F 'z ' ,. ,, ff.. .42.f1."'-szgew s A gc' .f- ,., :-f V I- . yeah' lp.. its sf, Y 53: 7,51 .4 ,,ff V.. .,'. A ,.' ,, ee,l,, X -.Z..i',J97' I . ' . I V I AA A. JUNIOR VARSITY WHITE team members are, FRONT ROW: .loe Bennett, Glen Smallwood, Damon Forga, Joe Phillips, Davide Vowell, Mike Philber, Darrell Jones, Eric Williams. SECOD ROW: Steve Buckner, Wade Smith, Mike Norman, Tony Lloyd, Auther Southerland, .Ioe McEuen, Craig Womack, Keith White, Brad Hodges. BACK ROW: Scott Logan, Joe Murphy, Todd Rankin, Tim Craig, Lance Ledbetter, Jesse Gil- more, Kyle Marr, Mike Swierc, Joe Beller. B. JUNIOR VARSITY RED team members are, FRONT ROW: Leo Hunt, Jimmy Reynolds, Greg Spitler, ,Iusting McGee, Steve Poirot, Mike Harrington, David Todd, Tim Brantley. SECOND ROW: Mark Winters, Bobby Moore, Monty Williams, Ricky Smith, Bill Thomason, Curt Brown, Brian Banker, Ron Barnack, Brian Starkey. BACK ROW: Larry Hawkins, Jeff Gibson, Rod Coats, John Burruss, Billy Lassiter, Danny Meziere, Donald Simpson, Rusty Magby, Mark Seitsinger, Robert Wood. vin, Dwain Smith, Eddie Factor, Troy Marcum, Kirby Rankin, John Murray, Farrell Melton, Ricky Reid, Donald Briggs, Shawn Chastka. BACK ROW: John Burruss, Curt Brown, Joe Beller, Ricky Smith, Greg Spitler, Bill Thomason, Tim Craig, Lance Ledbetter, Bill Lassi- ter, Kyle Marr. ll. . ...M ttct K , L ' .- if fc ,, s s S , 31 '-'- 1 ,gi t g ' , ' ww ? ,, .'., t. f ' T ' 'vol ' -' 'Q , 'rf -:" ".f- ts A ' 'fy' ,,.. .T Qt q'wl'iis:-PAQ .ts Q t f fe 11, I 5, mx I, If-E , . qf: I H ,.,. Mi sn, ogg, t,,, Z ,:,, ,gd ,, 4g,.,,g,., ,,,,, l 15' fa Y I BA The mighty Moore Lions showed that they could ac- complish anything that they set their hearts on. Predi- cators felt that the Moore Lions would finish the season at the bottom of the Boomer Conference. Well, that sure was far off. We didn't just not finish at the bottom, but we made it to the semifinals. That's saying a lot for the student body and football team because "together we stand, divided we fall," and we showed togetherness through thick and thin, unlike '4Brand Xf' 49 ,fa f J- 1' - ,tv ,'?3iZ,,,,,, 7-,Q -. 5 . 4, ,,, f 455' I " if Q f- 1 ,X if f if ,xi 'L MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE MOORE Q43 ,, i . Del City HC.WQn Crooked Oak Woodward Choctaw Nwman McGinness HC.Wkn Lindsay Choctaw Putnam City McGmnws Launonlke Ardmore Yukon ElReno Lindsey Nmman DdlHW Putnam City Choctaw ElRmw Lawton Mac Ardmore Altus Mustang llel lfity Owww Q' 'J 22 25 44 38 39 41 24 49 53 fm A +111 S an ,ft V , 4 X , . jfiif ' ,MHA , . . . , , - 1. If 1 of? K it-A xl-1-11.-, L l . Q. A. PUTTUVG UP A pair offree shots for the Lions is Janet Freeman. B. LADY LIONS TEAM members this year are Judy Davis, ,lan Baden, ,Iaye Evans, Donna Tabb, Rebecca Mobbs, Lynn Davis, Terrena Fulks, Darla Horst, Devon Deatheridge, LeAnne Spence, Gina Jolly, Kaye Campbell, and Cindy Stelter. C. JANET FREEMAN DRAWS a foul from her guard as she goes for a lay up. D. .IEANNINE MCMINN PUTS up two points for the lions. E. PRACTICE PROVES TO be pretty rough during ajqernoon practice. A 9' "iam : S2f1sw1:-:. 3? t I ,, ' , , W 4 51 ""'Fl fix Y W., 'nf -gp A. TAMMY LAKEY LAYS it up on the glass for two points. B. GINA JOLLY BRINGS the ball up the court for the Lions. C. ON THE LINE to shoot two is LeAnn Spence. D. LEANN SPENCE PUTS it up for two while playing against Norman. E. LEANN SPENCE GOES up for a jump ball against a Norman Tiger op- ponent. F. JEANENNE MCMINN PUTS up afree throw. G. JANET FREEMAN OUTJUMPS her Norman opponent to get the game off to a good start for the Lady Lions. " f . ,' 4 Q, ' Q7 R Q I 3, W K A I wh , 'fe 1 V P 1-Q, W K H5 al Xb' + Y :X ' A ' g 4 D , Q . 1 1 I s 1' Q I Q .1 8 I 7: E K ' .-' 4. -2 ' f' J Y ii' F' Tl A -M . in V, 1 K. x --we 5 V Tv' fi L, Na A. MEMBERS OF BOY'S Varsity Basketball are Front Row: Lynn Wheeler, Kent Webb, Mark Arce, Bill Groves, Donnie Graham, David Moore, and Cary Hardy. Second Row: Kenneth Tan- kersley, Jerry Floyd, Kyle Marr, Clay Southard, Edd Higgins, Russell Moran, Scott Cleavenger, and Dane Sisco. B. DAVID MOORE TRIES shot but is guarded heavily by a Putnam West Player. C. LIONS DANE SISCO and Kyle Marr practice shooting. D: LIONS JUMP OFF for basketball. 5 9:f'l,31 ' DV s E: FREE THROW CALLS for concentration as David Moore shoots and Jeff Horn watches. F: LIONS JERRY FLOYD and David Moore scramble for re- bound as shot is made. G: JU- NIOR VARSITY MEMBERS are Front Row: Cary Hardy, Lynn Wheeler, Kent Webb, Donnie Graham, Paul Franks. Back Row: Charlie Willis, Pal Elwood, J. Kirkham, Clay Souther, Ed Higgins, Larry Friar, Keithly Phillips. ,,2:LA V M Sm wi' in Aff '-2-E? Q. 'LL- LLL,, k A .g55,,,.. 'rf ROUNDB LLERS LOOK FOR TH T WINNING CO BI TIO A. RUSSELL MORAN lips it offfor the mighty Lions. B. IN TO score on a tricky shot is Jerry Floyd. C. KEVIN MCFALL jumps high to score with the other team surrounding. D. PUTTING UP a X famous long shot. David Moore scores again. E. JUMPING HIGH F 7 on the tip-off Russall Moran tips it to "M0ore',. F. DANE SISCO practices freeshots before the game. E cost, iff- ,.,b se . 4. 5-I ' not 1 4' 61513 58 X Ninth ranked Lions started off the season well by beating fourth-ranked Putnam City West by a score of 35-17. The next week, however, the Lions suffered their first loss being edged out 24-19 by Putnam City. The Lions then dealt with Norman, U.S. Grant, Ed- mond, and Southeast by scores of 45-7, 49-2, 24-22, and 36-19 respectively. This moved the Lions from ninth to fifth in state rankings with a 5-1 record. At the Geary tournament the Lions placed third overall. Grapplers Move Up in Rankings A: JOHN FINN going for the pin against Putnam City West opponent Jimmy Craven. B: RICHARD KITCHEN getting ready for the takedown. C: JV WRESTLER Joe Carter scoring a takedown. '......a..... A B Wrestlers Post Successful Season A. MOORE HIGH SCHOOL wrestlers are: Front Row: Scott Hooper, John Finn, Curtis Brown, Daymon Forga, Bill Kitchen, Steve Jackson, David Knoll, Dennis Burns, Brian Vet- ter, Gary Doty, David Glasco, Todd Melton. Second Row: Dave Rankin, Bobby Eskew, Eric Wil- liams, Ricky Boswell, Richard Kitchen, Scott Hazelwood, Matt Carter, Dwain Smith, Ricky Mil- ler, Monte Williams, Pat Fitzgerald, Stan Spaulding, Joe Carter, Harvey Weigle. Third Row: Mike Heavener, Clay Jami- son, Junior Cruz, John Allen, Robert Hannabas, Barry Howell, Scott Sewell, Tom Reppart, Lon- nie Fennell. B: MAT MAIDS ARE Janet Hixon, Debbie Sar- Lions Crapplers finished the season with a 12-1 record beating Midwest City, Altus., Lawton, Ike, Law- ton, Del City and John Marshall. Lions placed second at the Boomer Conference Tournament losing by 1 point to Putnam City West. Regionals saw the Lions advance six wrestlers to the state meet, but unfortunately only five went. Senior John Finn who would have been a major contender at 148 fell down the stairs at school and broke his ankle a few days before the state meet. At the state meet which was held at Moore, Gary Doty placed sec- ond, Steve Jackson and Bill Kitchen placed third, and Pat Fitzgerald placed fourth. Lions placed seventh overall with 416V2 points. 60 gent, Jana Mitchell, Ruth Ann Jackson, Karen Gilliam, Deana Schneider, and Tracy Pine. Coach Harvey Weigle, in his third year at Moore, deserved much of the credit for this yearss winning season. When he came to Moore they had just come off a dismal 2-12 season. Although his first year led to an unimpressive 3-11 record, he has steadily built up the MHS wrestling program to one of the best in the state. Coach Weigle said, "This is my third year here at Moore and although I would like for us to have won the state meet this year. I believe seventh in the state is a respectable finish at this point in our rebuilding program. Rebuilding can't be done overnight and I will not be satisfied until we have won the state cham- pionship here at Mooref, A B luv ,.- Q-U-sum, o , .,, -. .A .Wfi -. A .C ii A. GARY DOTY PLACED second at the state meet. B. BILL KITCHEN PLACED third at the state meet. C. STEVE JACKSON PLACED third at the state meet. D. PAT FITZGERALD PLACED fourth at the state meet. E. D A E COACHES WEIGLE AND RAN- Q5.. ,.. IH Dix... 'ef , I f .. , - . , 4, my KIN confer with Gary Doty before overtime match at state. F. BILL KITCHEN watches the clock at the state meet. G. PAT FITZGERALD STRUCCLES on - - - bottom at state meet. ZX PNA, I ... , I X WN Q 9 ,A X4-nl Q1 etts MOORE MOORE MOORE M PUTNAM WEST PUTNAM CITY ,ggvoxmtzv f,.M00RE T 24 M00RE,,"ql5g'5'ff - I so I M0055 71 if , NUR EAST 1 3: ff- MIDWEST CITY ALTUSP A t of . . .ttt IATJ M we A I M00 .t.... , 4 A D ,I - MOORE ,J0HN w1zsHALL A Ol F WML A. TEAM MEMBERS SHOW that just a pinch will do. B. MEM- BERS OF THIS year's team are: Front Row, Ricky Moore, Hoby Horn, Johnny Chancey, Ernie Eidson, Kenny Peters, Mike Re- ndeluk, Jim Burnell, jackie Kel- ley, Second Row, Tony Lee, Mor- ris Bell, Darrel Brown, Bruce Cray, Randy Wilson, Craig Wright, Darren Hajfner, Mark Melendez, Ernie Baxter, Bruce Cavner, Second Row, Ricky Reid, Brain Bishop, Ted Fit- zhugh, David Wyatt, Danny Stull, Aaron Lawrence. C. MAK- ING A REAL effort is Mike Re- ndeluk. D. .IIM BURNELL SCOOPS up a ground ball and makes a fine play. E. HOBY HORN TRIES for a double as he fires the ball to third. F. JACKIE KELLEY SWINCS, butfinds only air. C. SHOWING HIS SLIDING ability Mike Rendeluk can't seem to stay offthe ground. 5 1 B A C V ' ' :gg ..,,,. ,,,,. 1 ,,,,. H W',- f 1 2, f ' A 1 f 'R' ':"- "cA1 " c D , , Q E ' ' ' , ,.',ii' in ' P Ami M , , .y I f A i , ,,v,,,, wiv., . .,,, , .1 r j" vlifw M' ' 63 .we -' fe 7 5Yi'?fi' 1 - 1 ,lgylgggg -45 '52i'f'?f'fi ,L h 5qg,,-:, ,fs Ng, Sm' im' 'sk 155 his eee N, L -wwe-Az.,-L , ' -4 M ,.., . , M fm , M, f'eQ,?i.z,fQfQgiikf3Q , 2' L . !ig,1gf,? al, f fs 5 if -k -'., .,.' ,, .W W: . , K, . Returning Infielder Defensive Team 'HN MZ' I l i 1 3 T f 1, ' ,gfalr ,. ' A ,,,, A, . fb - 1 ,L., 1 , ,,,. . A y- AL 2. A 5 , W A , V,, M ,Z .M . Q 5 ,V , 1 . ,. .,,,.f. . . ' ,.,, , ,.,' 'E .., - L , . V 5 H f "fLifffvFP- fri., ,, -- ff '- ff's?7f1,,f.,-. ,, ..H.,f,-..,,, ,,,, H... -W , M ., W, A A. TED FITZHUCH HURLS a pitch during a practice game. B. ERNIE EIDSON STEDDIES himseb' for the swing! C. UN- IDENTIFIED PLAYER SLAMS the ball for a run. D. MIKE RE- NDELUK SHOWING the coach his swing. E. BRAIN BISHOP TRIES to catch an unreached pop fly. F. ERNIE BAXTER SHOWS determination to pitch a good strike. mind. IIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Krabi' 44' 5741454 FEW-M a.,,,,.,--My-425 ,aim W f vf swf: L 'M 5 Q .. ll ..,a ,,,, "'1?fS'Y' I . - S 1 - K' 'W' f f a , . ,I . ,V , , H- - 'W H., - -f-4 f if A' 6 e , 4 V , -4' , f -2 ,,,f 1, 3 wiv, A V, , , - iffy-f it-,fm E - :fy ... ...A E ' ,tes fe Q e"i A A M t N l ee-1' -I-v f ' -- 1 A ' 9 .nk - ' fiji, , , , eifggi- ' "' " ,, 755: .gnftf ff.-7 J 'E 1- ' , il ' ' Y I W,,. X J f f ""Wb T51-'V I. m y-' be 'w'M"5fff - , A fi ' 'T 'M i,. 1, ' . , ' ' Wi' av af 1 -' it fi A N, .,,, Mfr- , , - 1-fi e kc T- it , . , AA e' ' , E MW - M ' 2,.,,,,H - - , 'K'f E f-izxlii f ' f e VVVV f g .--, i t My ' llllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllillI Tennis Team in the Swing BOY'S TENNIS MEMBERS are: Kirk Garrett, Tim Bar- ton, Mark Fosenburg, Keith Williams, Albert Locke, Q David Newton, Marshall Locke, Tony Jackson, and b A ' Burke Grimes. 66 4 J. J, fd' " was ...X Qi f-1, w Q at 'W 54 I A':,,1 W M Q on . lil ll Ill- ll-I-'lllll I-lll.'llll'llllll'll,llllllllllIllllllllllll Ma' - -, i i M ir ., 1 , , f W- A ' 'Y , ' 'vue 1 H 5 ji, ,I , ,L I "fy I 1 XZ,-ll, - UHJE J KI . akamai . .7 Z A 3, .-, K , . :V V2 W A A51 Ll . gfiggisqg, K N Nm k K. A ,. . I A any I ' , , V V , wwf Q . ' 1 A H W - V t V . t L ' , M . , -W' -H' X 'N A S Y R ' ,fe-' --Q Kg Nw 5 4, ,, M , ,J , .V f 2 , N , f -1- .aw- f I , n Q .1 1' nnulll "'-"' R 111 at . ,, . ?. P BURKE GRIMMS HITS a powerful overhand. The tenms team under the instruction Mays worked hard and accomplished a lot. The young men and women showed great improvement from the rookies of the start of the year. They moti- vated themselves. GOOD FORM IS displayed by the tennis team in the filmstrip. 67 1 A 5 'QS X 35.2138 W YW is 35 '-lin-s 5-U Team PFCPHIPS for Long prlng Season ate.. VARSITY GOLF MEMBERS are Front Row John Shook Beverly Jones Jeff Jones Matt Ratldf and Doyle Lowry Back Row Don Shoffstall Don Metzger Kenny Stephen James Hull Brett Tollers and Lynn Gzbson B. Don Metzger practices his swing without his club. C. Randy Chambers puts a drive down the fairway. WW' 5 if k. 5 T ' A Ni. W. fs., .1 ---vj 5fff.f,?,,...f - wi, " 0,2-W .1 1552 W ..w1ig, Wgg,,ilff,: s .fxqfwi-"gg ,I V Ran as was . ,, f? 5. N .. Virw. . f'-' 1. ,tin we 1 'fm , K . 'Kula V " - f I V. 49- I 1 I N film aff, , ,L , A B 4 D. Beverly Jones chips on to the green. E. Don Shojfstall shows emotion over a bad shot. Since the golf team had only two returning Seniors, they were highly competitive to fill the remaining five spots. "We are young, but we have about nine good players creating a good challengef' said Coach Phil Warford. The golfers competed in the Lawton High Invita- tional, the Southern Invitational at Duncan, and the Boomer Conference at Norman. 3 1, I ,, 6 69 Pacing, Practice and Stamina are Key Factors in Track. A. JEFF MOORE RUNS against the clock ina relay practice run. B. CASTOR, RIGHT AND Miller left explain the positions the young men will take in oncoming meets. C. VARSITY TRACK TEAM. D. EDDIE FACTOR FINISHES his leg ofa relay. E. MARK WINTERS GLIDES smoothly over a hurdle onh cold practice day. F. MONTYQ TAKES his turn at the dles on a cold January WSJ? -, w -A .A-me , V WVW M 1 nk psf? nf 1 + ' V 5 . uv-""" D E MEMBERS OF THE TRACK Team are, Front Row: Mike .Rowland, Gary Glover, David Taylor, Keith' Sossaman, --Morrison, Tim Craig, Wade ,,,, Spnitilf Jef' Moore. Second Row: W,,n'Q:ff13iQQ.5WvQgI.QQKoonce, Tim Baker, Tim! 1 ,WVA Tony H ollingsiuoflhlii' " Yi'57lQjQrXe1iin4-Lowe, Eddie F actor, M ffjf17anderburg, Da nny Mezieie, ,,A, Meziere, Mark W W 'W'4' N Reynolds, Riqky Jorif33l"'Third Row: Kevirifgfiigggphenson, Monty Hall, Lonni'if52Z3uher, Lyndon Hardman, Mike Cash, Phil Maytubbjffiwbny Loyd, JOB Mceeun, Mike Rumsey, Dennis Wigley. M. tn. ln., wWL,.V.'f-L 1, mf 1 ,, . , ew:1w:1,q-if-ff f ,f uw-ww 1-:rm wh H f"fm2a.g f-1 i-z: Running For Glory XZ, M, W.,-I' ,,,, Q --i,M,h. QA. -. 4... --. ,, nys, 'f m ,,,, ,,,,. .V . , n , n V ,, B ' 5 an 72 Wi 2 i 4 team is front row: Teresa Rob- A 5 A bins, Twylia Young, Rita Hatha- 1 1 way, Susan Kenny, Lynn - Campbell, Stephanie Banker, Jill McDonald, Emily Dozzell, and Darla Trower. Second Row: Janine Connell, Melody Turney, Janine Clark, Vickie Barrett, Virginia Ashton, Cindy Stelter, Susan Blackburn, Kelley Mat- tocks, and Lori Page. Back Row: Tessie Pontius, Jennifer Clark, 'W' Tammy Curtis, Terrina Fulks, Jan Baden, Tammy Wilson, and Sharon Gregory. B. USING CORRECT FORM and accuracy, Allison Gilstrap practices hurdl- ing and works on her timing. C. PACING HERSELF IN an after- 5 noon practice, Sharon Gregory urges herseUon. D. LORI PAGE, A mile runner, and Allison Gilstrap, a distance runner, pace themselves around the track. A. COMPETING ON THIS year's P, ' it i . Sgt Q11 E K " Y 'W' girls competing in all events. In the early season, the girls brought back many honors from the track meet at the Myriad. This year s team will be competing against some of the stateis hardest competition, but still ex- ' B The Girl's Track Team got into full swing with the if We I if iw wwaff.. , . , , JV , ' ' V 'ww .Wt . V',77'f9'7!'f 7 f , ef f f .V ,," 7 1 'tt , -.'. ,Tv " ,, f- 'f"' , , f H 3' . ,:11,w, If ,,g . 'i 'w if 5 42+ ,f .V , ,af ., , , 'Y3 x E iil":fZ' Z1Qf1' , ' " ,ll f ."i . g , rj, Vi, fr, V tag HV. V f ,VV-:,,.,,V ,Q .,,4zV , f , gt . , t , Q4 2 affix ' ,Vfsf - 4 ,Vik fi W ,V fnif1" '5qfi?i ,' I ' g i ,J ,fr ' V ,,,, ty I f"b,f5 V f I' " 't'. if . - 'lr f. PM - . 2 ' gi-,zfffiis f V V Q 3, 4, 3 gg .- V' ,, V -V5 V 4 Q, Mil ,, V ,L Q V4 37,755 V5 ,, V , ' VVVVAV V A ' ' V H it 'lt 111 ,sw ,- . 3 f 1, , . ,' f lag'--7,,,j.,V if-5, F ,, i H 'x,.f1 vg.' -if av 'v -V dr '5 2 - --' - f '- I ii. za- 2 - 5, vin, pg-,f h 1 Q :Vg gff gw q :If Q ' agai n , Hf 4. 1 ,V 1- , V 2 ,IL J, ,- :ff ,, ,v5,,,,, .ff Vgw, ' ' 4 5' V 5 1,115 , 353 .gr , V 1, , -2 M, gifwk. F3385 5,92 ' , 'Life 4 di t.,t,: U V f .Jw 14, - , f MMM .fu f - hiv: "" ' , M q' . ma: Xe., , , V H fi ' .wt M . , va? , ' f gtg rw. V V. Q a--2' , , L HV H , . Q v1-. , , .F A "' 7. 'Q"'5.'gg nn , "" W- ., , ,ww-":,,,f,. , , , , -f ' 'wi"fff"1j s , , , ,, 'C'i1,,'- q , Anais. I :,,. W s , 4,jLg 7, .., ,. V 4 - . VM' .M :Vim faux, VV V V 7 .--LV, 4, V. 'L ,al if-L mg' uf: .,...7j'.,,'-M-V ,, -' Vw, -M. T I ' , . 'ffm .'., -,.,.f'U:.'-. - A 2 ff J- ,.' -. VV V 1 -V , V VV:-151.4 t.,:.4 135 . " 4 -' ' , , , 7:' - f ':,,, ,' ,I ' , . ,, we V - :2':l4'.lf5-g..k,k...k,. 1 ,.,,. " v'-v fvw vr rrrrr' K l X f L X it in 'T """"w as 'M' RJ tr 5 . . bf gl i5ef.,S,"f.'-'fsfxgw X. . I f I, - " ' ' I, it f f f . V,.. 6 1. 5 T I 1, 0, N, " . pects to do well. With the help of the returning tracksters and the newly added sophomores, the team has much athletic talent and is hoping for a winning season. ft 'Qi xv- Mis- 73 it t., I ,iq MEMBERS OF THE SWIM TEAM ' If f h . d wor out two ours aily beginn- Swim team member prepares himselffor the coldness of the water ing with laps around the pool. while watching others practice. SWIMMING BECOMES CO PETITIVE FIRST ROW: Rhonda Beat- tie, Marcia Hunter, Debbie Sargeant, Ellen Ward, Paula Redman, Kari Sparks, Darla Hodges, Jana Mitchell, Kelle Good, JeHa Greeson, Susan Miller, Lee Walters, Denise Kovar. SECOND ROW: Manager - Jimmy Scott, Michelle Fer- nandes, Denise Glasco, Mary Kay Major, Lee Ann Summers, Terry Dodson, Matt Ratlmf Dean Codner, Creighton Jenkins, Paul Rose, Coach - Ted Carson. THIRD ROW: Bobby Spear, Mike Reed, Jeff Martin, Mike Wells, Bill Henson, Alan McCoy, Gary Wheeler, Doyle Lowery, Kelly Horne, Greg Lynn, Darren Wil- liams. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Cantwell, Bruce White, Bryan Reynolds, David Johson, ,lack Pierce, Gary Lassiter, Darren Sparks, Bobby Miller. T4 P nn t',sn .st-gig- ,s,,, its is E. -.- s , ,Gm SJ , gp 4,1 Q ' f , E-:Q f it 'Q in-R 21 l n I ? L ...M llttttt ,I MWWW- ,,,, .tss qi .... gh ,,'4 Q... I I fffftll tg I ,,, - i .,,, , , Vxjaf . , w, ,,, ,,,, I 5: ,,,.,, 4 3 ,gig 4, gs . f -, Lg , i x ,?,.v-Q-W?-.vm w-gf ""3 Junior VARSITY SWIM MEMBERS are: Tommy Singleton, Don Stewart, Herman Lang, Jeff Means, Chris Moore, Tracy Duckett, Sharon Donaldson, Kathy Dodson, Paula Mangum, Theresa Peak, Lori Ten- penny, and Peggy Hildiberg. SECOND ROW: Randy Hatchett, Gary Red, Raymond Whitaker, Dwight Rhue, Mike Thagard, Sherri Marical, Sandra Staats, Matt Hites, Mark Dunafan, Debbie Pulliam, Kelli Har- gis, Kelly Reynolds, and Mark Jones. THIRD ROW: Evan Tanner, Scott Cox Don Wood, Bill Pennington Dale Reed, Trent Reed Mark Huckaby, Paul Stine, Mo Hestaid, Tony Kimmel. FOURTH ROW: Robert An- derson, Clay Wilhart, Rick Montgomery, Russ Landers, Sherri Abbott, Christi Peters, Tim Orr, Mike Kennum, Mike Reed, Robert Schwartz. y s s WW saw -at M at 'D 5 or ima Q' N H' '55 gg? iw' SSW W www Qian ,g I what aw Mfrs' 5Qgxx!g'g W 5, Q, 'ISSN K5 71. I ,www M-mv mf Q SLI' we 'V 5, . is ' I ., LL , ' .. I ie' W I If f . . VN V N -as tt Q . S , , C w' K ' ,em - 1s at ,-,L 7 - ii 3 7? K it S, . , st' ' ' it as ,, F ' s 1 x s to at 1 i L 1' 3 , . , , A. V as ,, . V -R, guage . 1 - A R - w i -',:f7fii-"f A X " Y - W3 ,gf -if bi 2 1 w W' 'ffm ' '-', ' gy .lv-,552 if Q -M i Y I . wi . , f up I hw 1 if 1 S it . t ig K Ht K K 2 ytttt to ' 2 at s C -Q 5 ff? r W e W C y -:gm ,z ' '- . 'vit-W K 2' i -f . ' he Q ,--' W f -Q-qv .ty , gy. " bf- 7 N! . ' 4 ' ' 1, i f 'TFP Y J: K ""' i 5 'W' 7 ' - W C J A M K r V ,Q V k.., , 1 i . i A km p xx K A M ,. 1 . dk in Asha L plays 1,51 A , ' k',., 7 at N . - 9 S" , .2 x t 355' W pk Y - SA -L - K A . QWQQ ' e if 7 ' we ,, rx Q C, C - , . .af 1:1 - , . N .,.. it ff '--"-' . L' xK" - .-ff 'W P - ' ' ' ' . C ,, A lva, mei if A - A , .wk I me .N Us xk X. The 76 77 school year saw a new athletic team splash their way into Moore High School's Hallowed halls. The Moore High School Sea Lions, Mooreis new competitive swim team, was formed this year after the addition of a swimming pool in the Douglas Sports Complex. Mr. Ted Carson coaches the new swim team. HI think that this year will be a building year. The team was very unbalanced with many inexperienced and few experienced swimmerf' said Coach Carson. The team attended these meets this year. Dec. 9 Lawton Dec. 16 Capitol Hill Dec. 21 Del City Jan. 7 Norman-Putnam City Jan. 20 John Marshall Jan. 28 Midwest City 75 CGEVLKUU S 'Q .5 Q' llwl? , 5 . fs.. Y nf" 1 1-J Nia 'iv -f4 P N, 4 A A 1 4 . . ' fs -5 .I .A , s 4,4 ' , ,I xf"" X D' -X N, ,..-r 5. - .-Ax' 1 --5 xi I 16' T x Sk If, f . V fi .'. S, Y WW -' 5 s m s f c MEM Q1 Q Q - fi Q G A. Taryn Zaring, aided by Mrs. Evelyn Connors, NHS sponsor, was in charge of flowers and decorations for the induction. B. Jan Cajffey, NHS president, and Ms. Mary Clay, sponsor, go over details for the next club meeting. -nwfgfhd National Honor Society started their activities be- fore school started with a weiner roast in mid-August. A float was built for homecoming to help promote school spirit in the club. A Valentine party at Crystal's replaced the Febuary monthly meeting. Induction was held on March 15. Students had to apply with a certain grade point average to be inducted. A parent-student pot luck dinner in April was held to honor seniors and distribute cords. Members served on various committees such as school spirit, induction, service., and scholastic to build a stronger club. Through the scholastic commit- tee, many members entered scholastic contests at vari- ous universities. A P W ws.. Q. .Eg k A .C 5' , on Committees Provide Strength A. Jan Cajfey and Morris Bell were chosen by National Honor Society members as 1976-77 Sweetheart and Buddy. B. NHS MEMBERS are, Front Row: Billy Smith, Morris Bell, Randy Whittal, Kevin McFall, Steve Trimble, Jimmy Scott, Alan Swanda, Rurie Miller, Lee Walther. Second Row: Christi Cole, Jordan Lindsay, Pam Bryant, Kathy Sossamon, Regina Smith, Paula Glover, Jason McGee, Larry Lessman, Tom Maslin. Third Row: Susan Miller, Patsy Lunday, Stacy Arvin, Susan Clarkson, Debi Mason, Lisa Batey, Shelly Calvert, Debbie Crigsby, Tony Jackson. Fourth Row: Carla Burton, Carrie Abbott, Jeanne Flesher, Scott Clevenger, Gail Mathesson, Greg Bennett, Stan Spaulding, Jimmy Johnson, Mike - Stover. Fmh Row: Elaine Pierson, Joyce Bennett, Shirley Hall, Connie Shelton, Kathryn Davis, Taryn Zaring, Cheryl Miller, Susan Pappe, Larry Villines. Back Row: Mary Morgan, Jan Cajffey, Tracy Spurgeon, Paula Keene, Janice Hamlin, Terry Dicharry, Karen Holbert, Pam Hill, Mike Payne. A B -1. ,, 1. .wt . , ff! --,V 5. natlfii Q CCILWB Q92 NHL, S CLUB MAKES REGIONALS Speech Club began the year with an organizational meeting at Crystal's Pizza and Spaghetti in Oklahoma City. They discussed plans for fund raising projects which included a candy sale and a speech tournament. The tournament helped raise money to send the four top debaters to other tournaments such as the region- als. The members also picked club Buddy 81 Sweetheart in Mid-November, Rob Taylor and Susan Clarkson. -...., 6 Y Ks X I 5 wk M E . 1 A. SPEECH CLUB MEMBERS are FRONT ROW: Tommy Welchel fPres.j, Susan Clarson fVice-Pres.j, Robyn BrownISocial Chairpersonj, Theresa Peak fReporterj, Bill O'Connor fSec. Tres.j, Nita Stokes, Arny Krause, Pam Drury. SECOND ROW: David Autry, Mark Goodrich, David Miller, Debbie Gann, Sandra Skinner, Dinah Owens, Anna Brandt, Christine White. THIRD ROW: Pam Routon, Lee Walther, Belinda Parsons, Mark Tabb, Kathi Dodson, Devon Deatheraoe, Becque Hawkins, Debbie Moone. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Scout, Billy Barrett, Stan Spaulding, Cheryl Red, Deana Schneider, Patty Fulks, Sharon Lookabaugh, Rob Taylor. BACK ROW: Terry Moore, Drew Sem Stacy Swearengin, Rurie Miller, Bill Thorne, Becky Stafford, Wade Smith, Dana Barer, Ronald Mulkey, Patsy Lunday. B. BILL O'CONNORS does oral speech for practice. 4A A: SUSAN CLARKSON AND Rob Taylor were chosen by other Speeck Club members as Buddy and Sweetheart. B. SPEECH CLUB members practice good techniques for contest. .i :tis--1, -,,:- f Ni ff. .. , ,kkk 1 ,oy ala my i F 82 A P A. THESPIAN CLUB MEMBERS are Front Row: Frank Herring, Rurie Miller, Dara Moore, Susan Clarkson, Judy Sewell, Don Rollins. Bob Hall. Kelley Riha. and ,lim McBride. Back Row: Mark Mason, Tommy Welcliel, Mark Stull, Roseanne Nichols, Julene Rellsing, Marianne Grwth, Michelle Piatt, Shonda Gestes, Debi Mason, Rob Taylor, Karen Fitsgerald, David Pollard, and Patricia Lundy. B. BUDDY AND SWEETHEART, Mark Mason and Kelley Riha were .. clioson for their personality and 5-'T 56 AWA 1577 l participation in verious activities. 1 Members GIVE Performances B H V Thespian Club members participated in the plays lags! and melodramas put on for the school system. This is ttis """ ' I the main requirement for being in Thespians. Thes- ,55 MW pian members help stage the musical. The plays they W A A T put on include the childrens play, the musical, the ' ,,,, - ,iw melodrama, the straight play, and the program for the ' Jr.-Sr. prom. The Thespians also do the skit for the ,,, , T ix-,Ai ' ., V pep assemblies. 1 MT' ' xx nr RW, A M " is I 2 vi V 'Yi C. Lisa Burden works on back drop. . ow YCATL yfdfn ADC Tocomg up A l1CTQ am M C6 1A B A. DOUG LINDSAY takes a pause during practice for the school melodrama. B. RAY WHEELER, Kim Camp, Rob Taylor, Lisa Burden, and Doug Lindsay give their regards to Tulsa. C. MRS. PAT FLIPPIN gives directions to students about plays. D. BOB HALL leads other thespians in a performance during a pep assembly. 'K X A ,,, 5 Na as sees seess ss Q IHH CLUB G Q N A. CAROL BOSLER AND James Archuletta were elected as Spanish Club junior attendants. Also, selected were Tony Galier and Laura Courtwright, sophomore attendants. 84 Spanish Club kicked off the year with an organiza- tional, officer-election meeting. Members voted to change the constitution and extend club membership to all students with Spanish experience. An activity every month took up much of the mem- bers time. In November, a pizza party at Kenis was the main event. At Christmas the event was a party with caroling at president, Carol Bosleris house. A get- together in January honoring the Spanish Christmas started the new year. Spanish Club participated in the Foreign Language Dance. An annual fund raising event for all foreign language clubs was in February. Profits from a sucker sale in the spring are used for club activities. Club Holds Monthly Activities , , , , .W s xy Rv . 4 4 .M I I I " ., pw , fi ' " If 'QM is A ,- WW fn 4,85 in W fr .Q .,"fTJ 'A W . C. MEMBERS CHOOSE RODGER Ulrich and Cheryl Allen as King and Queen of Spanish Club. x 3 A. MEMBERS OF SPANISHClub are: FRONT ROW: Elaine Pierson, Sec.-Tres., Carol Bosler, Pres., Cheryl Allen, Vice Pres., Belinda Crouch, Tonya Harwell, Gina Davenport, Cheralaine Cole, Terry Grant, Dinah Owens, Karen Wilson, Pam Bryant. SECOND ROW: Laura Courtwright, Robbie Green, Kay Herring, Penny Sturges, Harriet Powell, Debbie McBride, Carla Courtwright, Leslie Allison, Trudy Edwards, Cathy Suttle. THIRD ROW: Kathy Sossamon, Mark Winkleman, Debbie Pulliam, James Archuletta, Melvin Lee, Troy Caudle, Denise Allen, Tina Seigle, Anita Benton, Scott Wells. B. Spanish Club homecoming float shows of the slogan, "Shuttle the Irish". .......-n-'Y . T w 3 X ..,....s-Q Q 'ew , ., -0, , - - . -we X ,, f "'+..,.- 'i-Q... ----Q.....,, .L im 4 'J '28 2 e - Heading off the Junior Classical League's ac- tivities calendar was a-get-acquainted picnic at Moore's new park. Plans for the Foreign Language Mixer in January headed off the agenda. The Foreign Language Week activities set for Nov. 29- Dec. 3 and the JCL Sucker Sale in Feb. were also discussed. The Sucker Sale pays the way for all the mem- bers to go to the state convention held April 8 and 9 at Putman City West in Oklahoma City. The sale also pays the way for two delegates to go to the Na- tional Convention to be held in Tallahassee, Florida at the end of July. Moore held the office of state vice-president during the 76-77 school year. The office was held by Shelley Nowlin. Part of her duties were to pub- lish the state JCL newspaper, The Torch, and to represent Oklahoma at the National Convention in Rochester, New York. SHERRY HENRY PONDERS over the play for Foreign Language Program. MOORE JCL MEMBERS participate in the Creek Dance held at Putman City West. BUDDY AND SWEETHEART are Kelly Davis and Debra Kantner. ATTENDENTS ARE TELA Nelson, Arny Krause, and Pam Vestal. fs OGRE HOLDS STATE OFFICE fi. 0 y 1 rs Q3 it ,L.. B y A if , 9, Q , S it 1,,' ' ' ' S' 5 , ','. x , Z 1 ' i f --'1' 4 h ' V'! ' i 2137- V Vz Qs, f 9?1"wi il ,L,', A ", 3 .A ,. .f' - ,, 'L ' 3 ' V A ' , " if 5 of 1 Q I ff , A A JCL MEMBERS ARE: FRONT ROW: Arny Krause, Elaine Pierson, Kelly Davis fHistorianj, Larry Lessman fTres.j, Shelley Nowlin fState Vice-Pres.1, Debra Kantner fPres.j, Jeff Meadows DEBRA KANTNER TRIES to see how many marshmellows she can get into Shelley Nowlin's mouth. SHELLEY NOWLIN AND Arny Krause participate in the Homecoming parade. fVice-Pres.j, Mike Simpson fReporterj, Carrie Nelson, Pat Brownfield, Lynn Grant. SECOND ROW: Margaret Snyder, Sherry McKinney, Sara Southerland, Terry Bordwine, Tela Nelson, Pam Vestal, Liz Blackward, ,lonie Lloyd. BACK ROW: Dan Lessman, Susan Blackburn, David Lessman, Sheila Boyce, Jamie Kilgore, Ronald Mulkey. ULLJJJ Wann LGE A. BEKYE PARKS AND DEBRA Musser have fun at one of the German Club pizza parties held at C stal's. B. GERMAN CLUB BUD'i'Y and Sweetheart are Stan Spaulding and Kathy Jefferson. German Club Activities Abundant Wh ...W 88 German Club members were on the go all this year. Some of their activities include a pizza party, skating party, Halloween Initiation party and a Christmas party. At the beginning of the year they sold candy and ice cream during Progessive Days. A banquet in the spring was one of their most social activities. Everyone in German Club spent hours working on their Homecoming float and it paid off because they won first place. C. GERMAN CLUB MEMBERS are, First Row, Mike Philiber, Mark Rogers, Alan Carmack, Dicky Ferguson, Larry Johnson, Helen Barbre, Mitchell Farrell, Bobby Miller, Arthur Souther- land, David Lynch, Phil Maytubby, Glen Pearce, Boyd Wakeman. Second Row, Beverly Vaught, Stephanie Brown, Diana Jones, Richard Martin, Wendell McClung, Pam Graham, Julia Austin, Don McCoy, Debbie Red- dell, Raelynn Wilkins, Stephaine Jackson, Jeanie Flesher, Mary Hilton, Patty Watts, Debbie Wellner, Kathy Blasdel, Chris Ferree, Luann Christensen. Third Row, Gayle Butler, Jetta Greeson, Garjv Greenlee, Jimmy Bollenbach, Charlie Keene, Gayle Hogan, Liz Wadsworth, Kathy Jefferson, Cathy Oberste, Paula Chancey, Darla Austin, Toni Stubblefield, Bonnie Johnson, Christel Templeton, Alyce King, Karen Fitzgerald. Fourth Row, Belinda Parsons, Donna Foughty, Brain Ferguson, Sandra Taylor, Alan McCoy. Denise Hopkins, Debbie Gann, Paula Rose, Beckye Parks, Deb- bie Musser, Bruce White, Kelly Horne, Bobby Miller, Randy Be- nce, Narlan Berberly, Herman Lang, Mike Wilson, LeeAnn Hopkins, Barbara Brawner, Paul Teasley, Gail Whitten, Philip Ap- ple, David Pollard. Fijh Row: Lisa Giles. Sixth Roux Tammy Wilson, Bruce Mvers, ,Yancv Ward, Jackie Hamlin, Lisa Ber- nhardt, Melinda Mercker, Diane Graham, Lee Walther, Lane .Wil- ler, Sherly Steffes, Susan Pappe. Pam Coffman, Steve Elkins, Craig Coleman, Dennis Stewart, Marc Spain, Edward Lassiter, Randy Whittall, Kathy Scott, gvike Cash. Sherry Frederick. Q 11 if A C D. GERMAN CLUB MEMBERS Liz Wadsworth, Cathy Oberste and LeAnn Hopkins dress as elves while standing on theirfirst place Homecomingjloat DP L. 89 g clue A. JANET CALLUM DRESSES as a cat at the French Club Mas- querade Party held at the Green- briar Clubhouse. B. FRENCH CLUB BEAU and Belle are Brain Carpenter and Brenda Shipman both juniors and both have been in French Club for 2 years. Club lnvolved ln Annual Activities i ,,,., ' ' NP" ,,f - . V,,, ,W l :L I -W . V M ,..,,,,,,... if '1M.'4F'! 90 The French Club headed off the year with a Mas- querade party held at the Greenbriar Clubhouse. Con- tinuing through the year they participated in a Proges- sive Dinner, Skating Party at Ice Chalet and a Hayride at Pleasure-a-rama. They also helped put on the Foreign Language assembly for the junior highs De- cember 1 and 2. Among other activities planned were a banquet at a French restaurant in Oklahoma City, and a Bow- lethone at the Moore Bowl. Beau and Belle are selected on their participation in French Club, per- sonality and grade point average. During Homecoming Week French Club won hon- orable mention for their traditional float. Lisa Batey, club member said, 6'Next year our float will take first placef' A. FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS have a party at Crystals after going caroling. 4B B. FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS are, FRONT ROW, Brenda Shipman, historian, Tony Mod- esto, treasure, Della Cowsar pres- ident, Tammy Cockrum, vice president, Regina Smith, report er. SECOND ROW, Anna Cantu, Connie Allen, Sharon Cox, Linda Brill, Karen Slaton, Kelly Slaton. THIRD ROWg Janet Callum, Kathy Queen, Jamie Green, Michele Fernandez, Jerry D' h ic arry, Laura Bradford, FOURTH ROW, Jerri Cowper- waite, Pam Hill, Bobbie Coc- hran, Danny Mezrer, Steve Sousan, Johnny Penry, Tom Maislin. 91 GLUE 2 I It W ,Q . , , .N yi' , - . Art Club members kept theirselves busy between meetings, paries, and fieldtrips. Club members said they enjoyed being in the club because it gave them a chance to see the work of professionals and this helped them improved their work. Members like it because they also get to show their own work to the high school students by placing them in the showcase and on the bulletin board. This makes the students feel they are making use of their tal- ents and they are. gi K an N 6 w x 5 f s Q s s Jr' A. ART CLUB MEMBERS listen to upcom- ing events. B. Art work submitted by Kathy Fridel. C. ART CLUB MEMBERS are Front Row: Mrs. Kirkham, Mrs. Hagain, Sandra Green, Jeff Thurber, Becky Sikes, and Chrystal Olver. Second Row: Teri Valentine, Mike Huard, Ronnie Upton, Brenda Con- way, Tandy Sparks, Lisa Gibson, Tami Up- ton, Gayla Barton, Gary Burrell, Lee Thurber, Dawna Bristol, Di Ann Nichols, and Brenda Sikes. 92 nga-.I Art Students Display Abilities '55, . f-ww L ,., . n .4,,,.,4,..,, ff, ' ' -f' M z ' if ew 2 Qu-3' '-s., A. TALENTS ARE DISPLAYED by club members in their showcase. B. MEMBERS VOICE their opinions onfuture activities. C. JEFF THURBER, art club president presides over meeting. D. ART CLUB STUDENTS exhibit their abilities on the school bulletin board. XPS.--if w 4' w ,I 6 N-as-Q-M ,. .gy 4 Vt 1 Wv ., t-of H' i wt ti., A B Club in Rebuilding Stage A. FTA MEMBERS are Front Row: Penny Rockwell fStudent Assembly Rep.j, Terry Moore fVice-Pres.j, Ruth Ann Jackson fPres.j, Janice Hurst fHist.j, Pat- ricia Brownfield fSec.lTreas.j, Carrie Nelson fChap.j. Second Row: Harriet Powell, Gina Keel, Christine White, Jason McGee, Shelly Smith, Lori Tenpenrly, Back Row: Patrina Ausbrooks, Scott Knight, Don Stewart, Alyce King, Elaine Pierson, Cheryl Al- len. B. MS. BEVERLY HARRI- SON, Librarian, conducts an audio-visual workshop for FTA members Janice Hurst and Pat- ricia Brownfield as sponsors, Ms. Mandy Deming and Ms. Anne Brinkley look on. .Sk , Q 791+ A FTA started the year reorganizing with a new set of Ms. Mandy Deming and Ms. Anne Brinkley, new members. A pot luck dinner in the cafeteria was held to install the officers. The members worked on getting acquainted with a party at Shakeyis. A di- nner was held every month. Several members attended the State Convention in Stillwater in March. The most important activity FTA members were in- Wolved in was serving as tutors to students and teach- ers' aides. Several workshops on various aspects of teaching helped future teachers discover their educa- tion interests. BP Cb A. MEMBERS INSPECT the 16 millimeter projector. B. MRS. BRINKLEY discusses plans for the State Convention with mem- bers. C. ,IANICE HURST PRAC- TICES loading the 16 millimeter projector. sim gi?-W. R E HE! :M 96 K R p .ty t .tepp 'T X A. C0-EDITORS KEBBIE BOWLES and Judy Taylor discuss tentative plans with yearbook representative Gary .. -s11s-1 , , .. , Folsom. B. SELECTING THE Wlllll t . .. RIGHT transparencyfor the yearbook cover is a hard job for V ' N staff members Robin Means and ' N ew e1iL .L 3 1 -Qfsi-:slr Elaine Pierson. . Staff Receives Honors Highest honors were awarded to the '76 Timekeeper at the fall session of the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Association QOIPAJ. Several members of the staff attended OIPA held at the University of Oklahoma in October. 4'We learned to recognize the good and had points of a yearbook," explained Shelley Nowlin, a staff member attending OIPA. Along with OIPA honors, the Timekeeper staff started the school year with a new advisor, Mrs. Lyn- nette Wilson. Mrs. Wilson formerly served as year- book advisor at Moore West Junior High School. Timekeeper staff members strived to set a yearbook sales record this year. A full scale campaign was kicked off with the sale of yearbooks during all lunch hours. Campaign tapes were played over the intercom announcing a final sale the third week in November. J, ,. .1 ' 'SE 2 1. it l---.Q B V Q f ' . 'nte f i 'f -f., "' W , W A. DAWNA BLANDING AND Renee Lemons review contact sheetsfor pictures. B. MEMBERS OF THE Timekeeper staff are: Mrs, Lynnette Wilson, advisor, center, Kebbie Bowles, co-editor, John Pugsley, Robin Means, Leilani McAuley, Lisa Batey, Sharon Donaldson, David Dixson, Ginnie Cherry, Kaye Lund, Mark Piatt, Gary Dunn, Elaine Pierson, Shelley Nowlin, Darla Trower, Dawna Blanding, Rhonda Smith, Kelley Mattocks, and Judy Taylor, co-editor. C. KEBBIE BOWLES AND Rhonda Smith clown around while labeling underclass photos. ww-www:-f www-fm dzwww ,M 'W ,wa-s., .mf Q V - ,, at ac? N 98 KQLWWW Spectrum started out as a tri-weekly magazine re- placing Lion,s Roar, the school newspaper. This year the publications class published a monthly 16-page magazine. Working with a larger staff enabled changes to be introduced. 'gStaff members were allowed to rotate after each publication," Mrs. .Ioye Oakley, advisor, explained. The staff gained experience and enjoyment through the variety of articles they wrote. At the head of the staff were Tracy Spurgeon, editor, and Kathy 0,Connor, assistant editor. Tracy handled the business connections and Kathy was in charge of layout and de- sign. Current staff members attended the fall session of the Oklahoma Interscholastic Press Association QOIPAJ. Highest honors were awarded to the Spectrum ,75. MEASURING THE LENGTH of her story over a light table is staff member Karen Duncan. B. JONATHAN SHOOK RECEIVES some much needed help on his layout from assistant editor, Cathy O'Connor. 'gave , . A A Staff Rotates Assignments of A, M V94 a Cl Q. . 3491, AA ,5 . N is Msg. X .A , 3 ,M 4 X , ' C Vi. S . , A 3 4 Q M-. y QM A 'I A. JONATHAN SHOOK, TRACY Spurgeon, and Cathy 0'Connor combine their efforts to put together a peqfect issue of the Spectrum. B. SPECTRUM STAFF MEMBERS are: Back row, Monte Wilson, Bryan Ferguson, Gary Greenlee, Judy Taylor, Mark Fosenburg, Kelly Russell, Mitch Gray, Martha Carter, Rhonda Smith, Jonathan Shook, Mrs. ,loye Oakley, advisor, Front row: Jeffjones, Cathy 0'Connor, ass't. editor, Teresa Stout, Tracy Spurgeon, editor, Kathy Bewley, Karen Duncan, Renee Hays. Not pictured ,lim Hoipkemier. ww ,. 5, f, at Q 99 1 LE CLUB sc? LM E X? A A A. MEMBERS OF SCIENCE Club are Front Row: Marvina Moore, Kelley Riha fEx. Councilj, Richard Mays fChairmanj, Pam Bryant fEx. Councilj, Larry Lessmann fEx. Councilj, Cathy 0'Connor fEx. .- Councilj. Second Row: Paula Clover, Linda Reynolds, Lynne Campbell, Kathy Queen, Jef Pursley. Third Row: Ed Cravens, V .V Mike Barnett, Kathy Scott, Katie Shroyer, Keith Rudolph, Cary 1 Dunn. Back Row: David Dixson, Phil Maytubby. B. Scott Marshall mixes chemicals for an experiment in the water research lab. Science Club started the year sponsoring field trips for fifth grade students in the Moore school system. Each grade school was designated a day for Science Club students to teach them about nature. An all-school assembly is held each year to raise money for projects. A demonstration of snakes, birds, their care, and preservation made up the topic of the assembly. Two meetings a month were held for members and an executive council was formed this year to help or- ganize club activities. B Science projects of various types were sponsored by the Science Club this past year including a Science Fair every spring. 100 31005 D' U -if Q13 - if +"' " A , E' f A A N A. FILLING A TEST tube while working in the water research lab is Science Club member, Susan Roberti. B. MR. ,IIMMIE PICG, Science Club sponsor, discusses with representatives from OSU and OU about scholarships. C. GARY DUNN AND David Dixson get additional science scholarship information from Mr. Randy Barnett, sponsor of Science Club. l Club ponsors Projects Q- HE w, embers Planned For Future W ,fQzszf"'f' , , .. ,,,, ,Q ,,,, .mn . FHA MEMBERS ARE. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Linda Tyson CSponsorj, Tammy Brown fTreas.j, Brenda Shearer fSec.j, Diane Jantz fProject Chairmanj, Robin Reynolds fPres.j, Leah Meeh fVice-Pres.j, Cindy Jobe fReporterj, Robin Hood fHistorianj, Terrie Walker fParl.j SECOND ROW: Carrie Dilback, Kim Rainey, Shelley Hill, Mary Dean, Shari Hilterbran, Robin Lott, Tammye Walker, Sandra McClellan, Janet Rigdon, THIRD ROW: Donna Hutchins fSongleaderj, Jodi Shults, Tammy Cable, Kathy Bewley, Dianne Neese, Rhonda Simmons, Neta White, Theresa Nelson, Leilani McAuley, Rachil Martinez, FOURTH ROW: De Anne Stanford, Debbie Bowles, Becque Hawkins, Pennie Fitzhugh, Sandi Skinner, Paula Gabrish, Alice Lehenbauer, Leslie Allison, Kelly Brittain. FIFTH ROW: Tammy Van Dusen, Jana Mitchell, Gina Meyer, Jamie Newton, Mary Powell, Judy Rich, Kim Warden, April Reeves, Dede Neal. SIXTH ROW: Cathy Cooke and LaDonna Chance. B. HERO MEMBERS ARE FRONT ROW: Deena Rinehart, Jana Mitchell, Terrie Walker, and Linda Vaughn. SECOND ROW: Paula Breedlove, Gina Meyer, Tammy Van Dusen, Sandy Shepherd, Jamie Newton. THIRD ROW: Paula Monore, Kim Rainey, Loretta James, and Carla Hetherington. B. PENNY GUNNER TAKES A. DEENA RINEHART IS laugh! time to get some more pens, the proper way ofputting OH before continuing her sewing. C. make-up by a pr0feSSi0fll1l ,IANA MITCHELL PUTS consmotoligist. make-up on Terrie Walker. A -...s li FHA and HERO members kept busy making deserts for the faculty mem- bers. They also had mock weddings at which they did all of the planning and decorating. The members made the cake and wedding gown and they all participated in it. HERO is a club to help the students find out what kind of occupations are available in the field of Home Eco- nomics. 103 Q ML 104 LIE? AUGUS A. DONNA RDLEWICZ, VALINDA Ramos, and Christy Benson ride the first place mini-float entered by FBLA. B. STEVE TRIMBLE AND Christy Benson were selected among several applicants as Mr. and Miss FBLA. C. MRS. MARY MORSE, sponsor,Valinda Ramos, and Beverly Williams work diligently on the FBLA student directory. FBLA Puts It All Together FBLA remained the most active club at MHS with a steady claendar of activities for its members. FBLA began with their annual membership weiner roast at Golf Acres and an initiation party in October. FBLA won the mini-float competition during Homecoming Week, also. A tour of the OU Computer Center pro- vided an interesting program for all the future busi- ness leaders. Toys made by members were given to children at Christmas time along with a party. An ice skating party at The Ice Chalet and a Valentine party began the new year. Members with the required amount of points attended the State Convention in March. Several fund raising projects provided money for the various activities. A candy sale with prizes for the top salespersons and publishing a student directory are annual fund-raising projects. A new project this past year was selling metal social security cards. FBLA chose Steve Trimble and Laura Holder, 1976-77 Buddy and Sweetheart. Mr. and Miss FBLA, Steve Trimble and Christy Be- nson, were selected among several applicants. .v '. A. CLUB ROYALTY FOR 1976-77 are Sweetheart and Buddy, Laura Holder and Steve Trimble. B. FBLA MEMBERS ARE FRONT ROW: Beverly Jones, Joyce Bennett, Robin Means, Kebbie Bowles, Juanita Bennett. Brenda Scheller, Debbie Grigsby, Christi Cole. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mary Morse, Denise Bergren, Susan Clarkson, Beverly Williams, Sheila Wallace, Nancy Chenoweth, Allison Cilstrap, Christy Benson, Laura Holder. THIRD ROW: Lyndon Hoodman, Ricky Blair, Scot Clevenger, Donna Rolewicz, Debbie Laxton, Shannon Carroll, Jackie Smith, Joe Taylor, Valinda Ramos, Mike Parker, Mrs. Jennfer Chapman, Mark Melendez, Steve Trimble, Wanda McCormack. BACK ROW: Morris Bell, Darrell Maxwell, and Monte Wilson. 105 oss 9 , A -FJ- rr WE' ,K I I DECA Business Means Big Business Q 11 - ,.:. . 5 i g 4 B 106 1-. 3 1 A. DECA MEMBERS ARE Front Row: Sue McClintock, Thomas Murray. Second Row: Connie Davis, Shelia Reynolds, Ron Caudle, Glen Reynolds, Vickie Logan, and Steve May. Third Row: Patti Cannon, Soyna Poisy, Caroline Wilson, Linda Mann, Chuck Stanford, Tammy Loyd, Kathy Trimble, Marti Jarvis. Fourth Row: Mr. Crough, Lori Logan, Sandra Burton, David Combs, James Brown, Mark Wil- son, and Tom Draper. B. DECA MEMBERS ARE Back Row: Lori Logan, Frank Matlock, Arlyn Eck Jr., and Sandra Burton. Front Row: Deborah Weiher, Sherry Wherry, and Teresa Phipps. Q f jc: , A, Kb 7 i I ...H 3 Y , ' ss J gif 4?-fishing? A. DECA CLUB OFFICERS are, gfaifqi """"""""wnm..,6 -lf V1 fi ' '1f..'Z:,,:., ,.:,,:.l ,545 033 ku' . + -1 fi H-.r'u 14 Q f Q-."Q-4 v v -ff WDM- + f 3' 'ij First Row: Sue McClintock, sec- retaryg Terri DeWeese, treasurerg Shelia Reynolds, historiang Sec- ' ond Row: Connie Davis, photo- - ',Tl'l'.I.1 .' ,1, grapherg Steve May, chapling Glen Reynolds, vice-presidentg Ron Caulde, president: Thomas Murry, parlementarian. B. DECA CLUB BUDDY and Sweetheart are Glen Reynolds and Sue McClintock. DECA was an active club this yearg they did everything from an annual trip to Dallas to the Oklahoma State Leadership Conference in March. At the beginning of the year they sold candy and put an ad in the newspaper during National Vocational Week The purpose of DECA is to help students have a better understanding of all occupations, and maybe even help get them a part-time job. Besides picking a Buddy and Sweetheart the club also picked DECA III Escorts Mark Wilson and Connie Davis. and DECA II Escorts Jay King and Shelia Reynolds. gen 7' 108 A. AFTERNOON AUTO MECH. members are Front Row: Robbie Farris, Alex McKinney, Shawn Janko, Zane Lewis, Robert Pagel, Ed Pearce, James McNutt, and Mr. Loyd Schantz. Second Row: Lee Collins, Bruce Stephenson, Seba Janko, and Todd Chastain. Third Row: Don Ingram, James Rollins, Steve Reddell, Dennis Pierce, and Glenn Jenkins. B. Members of VICA Junior Cosmetology are FRONT ROW: Cindy Kilburn, Annette Reeder, Caynell Williamson, Connie Leckie. Second Row: Susan Greeson, Diane Williamson, Betty Kistler. C. MORNING AUTO MECH. members are Front Row: Pat Parish, Mike Ward, Rick Mantooth, Mac James, Leo Hunt, Jimmy Hawkins, Danny Batton, Steve Wyatt, Ivan Schrader, and Lloyd Schantz. Back Row: Randy Lund, ,lay Hall, Rick Jones, Toby Covel, Mike Coats, Paul Hoffman, and Mike Cooper. Not pictured is John Pugsley. K Q Ni X T fined S. A A 4B VICA is not only a fun club but they also do alot of hard work. Members said it was a club to help them learn to cope with the working world. It prepares them for a job after they graduate. Club members feel it really does give them a head start in the world of the working. Fun comes along with all of the workg they entered in the homecoming parade and they had plenty of parties which gave them time for entertain- ment. C A. MEMBERS OF SENIOR cosmetalogy are FRONT ROW: LaRheta Kisselburg fParl.j, Paula Davidson, Linda Iverson fVice-Pre.-1.1, Belinda Langley fTreasJ, Toni Short fPres.j. SECOND ROW: Gae Ganus, Pam Campbell, Dee Hamilton, Belinda Cole, ,Io Ann Hammons fsponsorj. B. I.C.T. VICA MEMBERS are FRONT ROW Gene Wilson fffoordinaterj, Tim Gillum, Lennie Timmons, Carol Foutch, Pat Krous, Dennis Hilburn, Carol Egger, Mark Harrington, Craig Dobbins. SECOND ROW: Steve Evans, Shana Huard, Gloria Dunkin, Sam Morris, Nathan Wilhoct, Kenny Naccum, Paul Shugart, Dewayne Jenkins, Julie Rose. THIRD ROW: Kirsten Coleman, Ray Betts, Phil Bray, Randy Latham, Jef Senters, Dayna Colbert, Shelly Jackson, Sandy Gnfitts, Gwen Christie. BACK ROW: Ed Rich, Tony Brown, Don Pace, and Scott Cheatham. A A VICA Prepares Students for the Future 4 B dive Q LETTERMEN JIM BURNELL, Monty Hall and Ernie Eidson ham it up during one of the pep assemblies. M CLUB MEMBERS are FRONT ROW: Monty Hall, Kevin McFall, Steve Trimble, Hoby Horn, Jackie Kelly, Bruce Cavner, Mike Rendeluk, Johnny Chancey, Ted Fitzhugh, Jeff Horn, Ernie Eidsong SECOND ROW: Steve Jackson, Curtis Brown, Bobby Colbough, Mike , .bt-Riga, , ,.--wwe - . J www-L:-.--I 1 fee Parker, Mark Rogers, David El- lis, Mike Hamilton, Pete Mars, David Moore, Randy Whitall, Mark Melendezg THIRD ROW: Shaun Chastka, ,Ioe Calvin, Rick Reid, Paul Franks, Brain Ran- kin, Lonnie Fennell, Richard Kitchen, Junior Cruz, Stan Spauldingg FOURTH ROW: Phil . w fr .. -b 1 ,fslzjiflf-M f - - . Maytubby, Billy Lassiter, David Wyatt, Mike Stover, Mark McPherson, Scott Clevenger, Russell Moran, Lonnie Ocker, Tony Jacksong FIFTH ROW: Jef Moore, Donnie Graham, Mike Rumsey, Kenny Peters, Morris Bell, Terry Janes, Jerry Floyd, Kevin Stevens, Joe Taylor. 4 110 F614 Aw!! - ' lirt iftie I ,,,, t ,yy 1 Fo IDD FCA MEMBERS ARE, FRONT ROW: sponsor Gail Whittrock, Joe Calvin, Rhonda Poriot, De- bbie Owens, Donna Tabb, Tracy Spurgeon. SECOND ROW: Be- verly Jones, Kim Gilstrap, Laura Lidnsey, Bill Lassiter, Coach Carson, Coach Noles. THIRD ROW: Jamie Connell, Tracy Pine, Kelley Mattocks, Jaye Evans. FOURTH ROW: Teresa Robbins, Phil Maytubby, Stan Spaulding, Alison Gilstrap, ,len- nifer McConnell. FIFTH ROW: John Burruss, Tim Banker, Scott Logan, Scott Clvenger, Becky Mopps, Kammie Monarch, Robin Williams, Billy Nobles. tility Involves FCA and lVl Club Eddy and George's Restaurant was a familiar sight for Fellowship of Christian Athletes to hold their monthly meetings. At the first of the year a picnic was held at Rhonda Poriot's house. In December FCA members went caroling. They also showed their en- thusiasm by participating in the Homecoming parade. The purpose of FCA is to talk over problems, and to show good sportsmanship when the athletes are com- peting. M Club formally known as Lettermans Cub raised money by sponsering the Homecoming melodrama. M Club is bonded together by athletes who show sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication to their par- ticular sport. ,AL , W... CHANNEL 5 SPORTSCASTER Jerry Park, talks during a FCA Breakfast held at Eddie and George's resteraunt. 111 ff " E NNQFQ ffDl. 3 W7 lf! l This year Lionis Pride formally known as Pep Club really lifted school spirit during the school year and came through for each sport during their season. They lead the classes along with the cheer- leaders in the class yells in which juniors won most of the time. At the beginning of the year Lionis ride held a potluck dinner to mark the beginning of each season. This year boys were welcomed, to take part in Lion's Pride. "We couldn't of made it with- . out their supportf, says Coach Hood. Pep Club Expands To Lion's Pride A. JR. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS are back row: Sandra Taylor, Josie Brem- merman, Cheryl White, fheadjg middle row: Lynn Campbell, Christi Cole, Renae Scarbrough, Robin Browngfront row: Cherly Miller, fheadj, Valerie Fletcher. B. LION'S PRIDE OFFICERS are. back row: ,Iulene Rellsing, sr. rep., Mike Rened- luk sr. rep., Joe Carter, wrestling rep., Kevin McFall, basketball rep., Monty Hall, track rep., Bruce Cavner, sgt-at-arms, Pam Hill, jr. rep.gfront row: Chris Simpson, vice-president, Julie Flesher, president, Karen Gilliam, sgt-at-arms, Jeanne Flesher, treasurer, Sherry Fredrick, secretary, Kim Murray, soph. rep. C. TONY HOLLINGSWORTH, mascot shows his spirit during Homecoming Parade. .'- 4 7 "I - ,ew-, -5 ihiio-.ri ,Peg g .f ,- AA A. MOORE HIGH SCHOOL Cheerleaders are: FIRST ROW: Vicki Scarberry, Laura Ratlim Linda Ralls, Diane Hudson, Kelly goode, Kay Hestand, Laura Holder fHeadj. LION'S PRIDE MEM- BERS are: SECOND ROW: Kim Murray, .Ieanne Flesher, Pam Hill, Karen Gilliam, Bruce Cavner, Monte Hall, ,lim Burnell, Mike Rendeluk, Steve Trimble, Butch Nunn, Julie Flesher, Chris Simpson, Sherry Frederick. THIRD ROW: Elaine Pierson, Robin Brown, Renee Scar- borough, Sandra Taylor, Cheryl White, Lynn Campbell, Emily Dolezal, Terrie Chancey, Linda Reynolds, Debbie Van Nostrand, Darlene Shipman, Pat Cannon, JoAnn McLaughlin. FOURTH ROW: Cheralaine Cole, Kathy Queen, Anna Rinehart, Connie Rutz, Susan Clarkson, Charlene Bruce. Wendy Merrit. Shari Hil- debran. Kathy Abston, Stephanie Norwood, ,lane Williamson, Tammy Durbin, Delta Swift, Teresa Skinner. FIFTH ROW: Martha Nyberg, .Michelle -if mwawwmpu ' Mooney, Tammy Martin, Pam Hennon, Mark Mason, Kelley Smith, Robin Reynolds, Gina Meyer, Jana Mitchell, Kari Sparks, Kelli Hargis, Becky Ball, Maraline McLaughlin, Cathy Scaggs, Kay Still. SIXTH ROW: Debbie Key, Michelle Tubbs, Sabrina Burch, Valerie Wheeland, Charlene Morris, Pam Prince, Robin McKenzie, Kelli Chamber- lain, Robbie Green, Karen Chandler, Patty Fulks, Sandy Darraga, Jana Wesson, Rhonda Perry. SEVENTH ROW: Tim Be- nce, Tony Hollingsworth, Lori Bryant, Richard Vestal, Cheryl Allen, Gina Kell, Pam Cabrera, Renee Scarbough, Thea Suther- land, Tammy Houser, Lori Ten- penny, Terrie Evans. EIGHTH ROW: Jackie Ulmer, Susan De- Board, Kim Woodard, Anna Brandt, Tessie Pontius, Melody Turney, Teresa Smith, Gina Sar- rett, Donna Quenzer. B. LION'S PRIDE BUDDY and Sweetheart are Julie Flesher and Ernie Eid- son. Julie is club president and Ernie is a member. Bv un, fi! E zu- sal .1 ..s.f5i,sf- sv f-wiv?-'w -.dl emit. as 2 , I -. bl -., A -. is we-,,t.,' 1, 1 mt.. 'f uw" . N' LY 113 ZS S S A. KENT MILLER WORKS on his project in woodwork. B. IN- DUSTRAIL ARTS CLUB Buddy and Sweetheart are Paul Teasley and Gail Whitten. A 114 U PM HW? T! Club Brings Home Honors Industrial Arts Club organized guest speakers to talk to them and demonstrate different techniques at their monthly meetings held at the Moore Public Library. In the state convention, president and vice-president were elected from Moore. Some of the members will he competing in the State contest in May. Q , WW. , .WWA A .H K ' C. MR. GOULDY SHOWS students the proper way to use a compass. D. DISCUS- SING FUTURE PLANS In- dustrail Arts Club have their monthly meetings at the Moore Public Library. ,f 1. "i' uf 'S x v. ,Y . Q ' - i an 4' A ' . :" he , 1 S11 Rl it? Q . . E it , .1 Q 'WM-V' E. INDUSTRAIL ARTS CLUB Members areg First Row, Kirk Metty, Brain Hayes, Gail Whit- ten, Paul Teasley, Second Row, Patti Watts, Pam Hawkins, Mitchell Farrell, Ron Walters, Third Row, Gieorjana Sites, Karl Davidson, Steve Maslen, Chris Ferree, Mr. Couldy. 115 Q rs were Q E Q A A BP A. MU ALPHA THETA members are FRONT ROWL Barbara Blake, Jimmy Scott, Lee Walther, Laura Kelly fSeCJ, Janice Hamlin fPresJ, Terri Dicharry fVice-Pres.j, Michael Wilson fTreas.j, Allen Swanda, and Greg Leonard. SECOND ROW: Sandy Burnett, Janice Hurst, Patti Watts, Mary Hilton, Susan Pappe, Tony Jackson, ,Ian Caffey, Rurie Miller, and Larry Lessman. BACK ROW: Marvina Moore, Jerry Dicharry, and Stan Spaulding. B. MRS. BARBARA BLAKE tutors students who have math problems. Mu Alpha Theta's main project is to tutor students who have problems in math. Club members tutor them before and after school and during the evenings. The tutoring comes in great help when semester test come around. Club members also took presents to the nursing home in Moore. While they were there they sang carols to them. Members said they enjoyed being there because they enjoyed making people happy. 116 4A A. DAVID MILLER and Shelley Nowlin practice for the chess tournament. B. RICHARD MAYS d L ' S h h an on traug an were c osen buddy and sweetheart by other members of Mu Alpha Theta. ,J . B J gfz 69 N5-Ck 0 T o MENT SIGN UP - 'I f1Yl' AN"i'1:ik7i C H E S S Y, .75 I Ieeyle C S f K S C. MEMBERS MADE SIGNS promoting their chess and checker tournament held during the first week of March. 4B lx lx ? 1vf Ei? I ' PONSEREDEB? W TH E TA A C 117 Q95 FFA Moves Along i S A. FFA ROYALTY ARE: Sherry Start, Glen Clark, Shelly Jackson, Tim Terhune, Cindy Watson, Terry Henson, Kim Kysela, Butch Nunn, Kristie Holden, Randie Harms,front, Queen Niza Knapp. B. FFA MEMBERS AND their parents look on as the royalty are announced. C. FFA PRESIDENT MIKE Simpson opens the business meeting aber the banquet. B. THE QUEEN AND Her Court gathered together in their honor at the FFA Banquet. 4A A. FFA MEMBERS ARE: Front Row, Mr. Harold Yoakum, Mr. Keith Harp, Mr. Larry Liston, Mike Rowe, Jamie Kilgore fsec.j, Glen Clark fRep.j, Butch Nunn fSentinelj, Mike Simpson fPres.j. Second Row: Norman Means, ,lon Johnston, Rob Tidwell, Kristie Holden, Karen Baker, Vicki Richardson, ,lack Pierce, Jess Waller, Kenny Brownlee, Mark Jackson. Third Row: Steve Spurgeon, Mark Clark, Tim Brantley, Tony Cole, Sam Schroeder, Ronnie Cusack, Robert Schwartz, Kenneth Cornell. Back Row: Jeff Means, Eric Loshis, Alan McCoy, Charlie Keene, David Schroeder, Clay Burgess, Mark Martin, Jimmy Combs. FFA participated in many shows including Cleve- land County Fair and the Oklahoma State Fair. They brought home awards each time. Each division almost always produced a winner. A banquet was held at Central Junior High. Royalty was elected and honored at this event. FFA parents were included. To raise funds the Moore FFA chapter held their annual sausage sale. This produced much money for their other activities. FFA began choosing members of the month in De- cember. Larry Basden was picked on his outstanding achievements for the year. 119 QC! CZ LUG 'si A B r V A. GYMNASTIC MEMBERS ARE FRONT ROW: Tami Martin, Valerie Fletcher, Kim Murray, Charlene Morris, Kelli Lunday. SECOND ROW: Ms. Linda Bryant, Donna Jackson, Christie Bosler, Lee Cathey, Lisa Shipley, Pam Prince. BACK ROW: Linda Reynolds, Susana .. - , Simonds, Debra Monroe, Renae Simmons, Danna Foughty, Kathleen Sossamon. B. SUSANA . H S1 MONDS PRACTICES for ' . .ne- ' gym 7lllS tic file El W .k.k,,.,,...k ,,,,,,. , , Gymnastics Club joined in many activities. Members of the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams participated in meets all over the state. Stillwater was the teams tough- est competition. Moore held their own meet this year. Elaine Manley, Kelle Goode, and Kim Murray all ranked high in Class II. Kim was also chosen third place all around gymnast. Other gymnasts did well, also. Additional activities include third place homecom- ing float, a Christmas party at Casa Bonita, and a Spring party held March 25. An outstanding gymnast is chosen each year by the other gymnasts. 120 4 A CLUB PERF ORMS D RING HALFTIME A. CYMNASTIC CLUB Q MEMBERS combined their skills to decorate their carfor Homecoming. B. UNIDENTIFIED CYMNAST WARMS up for performance. ii? fi S MQ 3 I N llgmlgllw B II gh? W 'fysflff '," f CO VE TIO PROVES HIGHPOI TOF YEAR A A CV A. ROBIN BUCKLEY, LINDA Brower, Rhonda Poirot, and Bruce Cavner display their overalls for Overall Day sponsored by Student Assembly. B. BRIAN HAYES PREPARES for the state convention held at Moore this year. C. Students add jazz to Homecoming parade by decorating van. 122 MM Q ., -1 J A DU A. STUDENT ASSEMBLY MEMBERS are Front Row: Connie Shelton, Tammy Graham, Ruth Ann Jackson, Belinda Crouch, Trisha King, Trina Lundy, and Chris Simpson. Back Row: Don Rollins, Mrs. .lane Van Burkleo, Gail Whitten, Brian Hayes, Jordan Lindsay, Scott Clevenger, Ricky Blair, Debi Mason, Rhonda Haynes, Kelley Phillips, and Mrs. Bileta Wilson. B. KELLEY PHILLPS, STATE Secretary, works on finding places for delegates to stay during the convention. Student Assembly put it all together. Moore was elected state secretary, so they hosted the state convention. They spent alot of hours planning activities to keep the delegates busy when they weren't in meetings and seminars. They had activities such as swimming, dancing, movies, and vol- lyball planned for them. The convention went well, but there were problems such as finding enough houses for the delegates coming from out of town. This problem was soon solved by the efficient Assembly members. Student As- sembly members felt that having the convention at Moore was a good experience for them. 123 AC?A!IE1DElM!lIlCGS i I lift, :.' 'I' ""'f'L re sw t E Wil, F9 .. 31 A A ' ' 'Sim , ,J tiiiifhii' if 5' ..Q , f iW'f' ei sf. wi lt? 'lbs -ixW'q-f,,wf'fl ,,, t efii it fi -li.fi1,,,1LW,f.1-,'.-, . f' A .. J Mns..n . s t ittatttt .nu f t E The 1977 Moore Lion Band proved to be numhe one by receiving superior ratings this year. ln September they received outstanding band am most impressive band of the day in the State Fai parade. October meant going to Del City for Regiona Marching Contest, and if they were to win they woult automatically have State. To take state the band would have to receive a one ln the regional contest the Lion Band was given 4 one in inspection, a one in marching, outstandin band in Class 4A, most impressive band of the day ant was the largest band in the contest. This was the sec ond year in a row the Lion Band had taken state, ano- the first band to ever do so. At the end of May the band will be participating i: a parade at Six Flags. This was another successful yea for the Moore Lion Band, and they hope to have manj more. MUCH PRACTICE WENT into perfecting the marching maneuvers which duefully took superior ratings at the Del City Regional Marching contest held in October. 126 SEPT 28, 800 PM SYIPHONY CONCERT Q- ..... -L,1 F -'S' .. - - if ' TV, , , 'Lg no f ' --'El -'V THIS Ib A familar truck seen on -"" S ' campus, it carried the band instruments to and from contest and away games. B. DRUM NIAJOR, TERRY Barbare, prepares the Lion Marching 200 to march in the State Fair Parade in September. MARCHING 200 TAKES STATE: Sets new record MHS TWIRLERS WATCH one of the football games patiently, lej7 to right are Shondra Gestes, Carla Tillerson, Connie Allen, Judy Sewell, Aimee Sisco, Nancy Price, Teresa Peak and Kaye Lund. 127 ,K 4- We es, Q swf Ns is 5 A if 'S t A. MEMBERS OF Mr. White's Stage Band are: FRONT ROW: Jeff Daniels, Jerry Dicharry, James Dudley, James Brem. SECOND ROW: Tom Veitch, .lames Nance, Steve Seitsinger, Terry Barbre, David Henderson. THIRD ROW: Ed White, Norlan Bewley, Judy Taylor, Barry Young, Wayne Wright, Larry Kelly, James Archuletta, Craig Chaney, Laura Kelly, William Emrich. B. MEMBERS OF Mr. Childer's Stage Band are: FRONT ROW: Bryan Ferguson, Terri Dicharry, Greg Lenard, Roger Brennan, Linda Brill, Connie Hooten. SECOND ROW: Kevin Wilkerson, Gary Childers, Richard Means, Daniel Dreasen, David Nail, Rickey Manly, Dickey Ferguson, Jeff Rucker, John Nail. THIRD ROW: Raymond Cantwell, Richard Reyes, Kathy Robertson, Roger Desalvatore, Rodney Crick and Jay Clingman. A Stage Band Encourages Creativity Moore High School Lion Stage Bands attended two contests this year, one at Southwestern State University and also the State Stage Band Contest at Edmond. They also play for various local groups and civic functions. ln teaching, stage band students are taught such things as composition, improvisation and basic jazz technique. Students are also encouraged to com- BV pose something for the group. The directors are Ed White and a new director from Anadarko, Mr. Gary Childers. According to Mr. Chil- ders, "I feel that both band groups are the best they have ever had and I expext both to win in their class at contestf' ig . lj it A B Council Enlarges, Fifth Hour Progresses A. BAND COUNCIL MEMBERS are: FRONT ROW: Terry Barbre, Connie Hooten, Terri Dicharry, Di- ckey Ferguson, Kathy Robertson, Toni Stubblefield, Buddy Vore, Kathy Fen- drich. SECOND ROW: Greg Lenard, .Iason McGee, Jay Clingman, Daniel Dreesen, Doug Bourassa, Melinda Merker. Laura Kelly, Karen Fitanat- rick and Norlan Bewley. B. FIFTH HOUR Band members are: Joycelyn Legg, Linda Hamilton, Laura Smith, Rebecca Muire, Danielia Knox. SEC- OND ROW: Terry Campbell, Jerry Sullins, Doug Gray, Tim Hillstromb and Chris Camp. THIRD ROW: Jeff Phillips, Charles Loves, Tony Cole, Tracey Avers, Kathy Mckee. , ? W 5 v AA Band Adds Drum ajorg Enlarges Corp 4 A: Members of the Flag Corps B are: Suzanne Cheek, Kay Brantley, Brenda Hembree, Melanie Olagave, Barrie Williams. SECOND ROW: Carrie Nelson, Jennder Fortune, Suzanna Simmons, Rosemary Lund, Valarie Wheeland, Susan Breese, Dinah Owens, Chllstol Tempeton, Carolyn Lawler, Waynetta Dry, B. DRUM MAJORS ARE Terry Barbre, Doug Bourassa, Dickey Ferguson. C: TWIRLERS ARE: FRONT ROW: Connie Allen, Kaye Lund, Nancy Price. SECOND ROW: Judy Sewell, Tereasa Peak, Shonda Gestes, Aimee Sisco. 4 C gand Auxiliaries Shine C V A. and B. Band at State Fair Contest. C. FRONT ROW: Pam , Durry, Alice King, Karen The bands auxiliaries, the Flag, Rifle, and Twirling Corps, started this year in top form, being much improved over last year. It was with their help that the band was able to win its second straight state marching contest. They were as Mr. Ed White might say, "Icing on the cake." The tiwrlers entered many contests and took first place at district and state contests. Judy Sewell was named outstanding twirler at State Con- ICSI. Besides entering contests the Corps performed with the band in half-time shows, pep assemblies, and at some basketball games. Those not playing in the band during the concert season ushered at band concerts. Aimee Sisco is Band Queen. She is a senior and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.R. Sisco. Aimee is a member of the twirling Corps and plays flute and piccolo during concert season. 1, It . M Fitzgerald, Laura Bradford, Pat- H 1 , ,yfyy , ricia Phipps, Beverly Jones, "" 3 'f" ' ' 'L ' Debar Reed. " if 1 F if 1 i s i 412 'Q X ' 1 . I A f....v 5-J, ,,,, .ff Q Q Band Marches Into Another Season MEMBERS OF SYMPHONIC winds are, First Row: Chris Wil- son, Debbie Howland, Marilyn Butorac, Pam Graham, Melinda Merker, Jeff Daniels, Mary Hilton, Kathy Fendrych and Terri Dicharry. Second Row: Aimee Sisco, Jimmy Johnson, Buddy Vore, Karen Holbert, Melinda Heitz, Robert Zaring, Toni Stubblefield, Dana Templeton, Connie Hooten, Beverly Vaught, Theresa Phipps, Larry Villines, ,lean Ingram, Nancy Price, Mike Wilson and Jackie Hamlin. Third Row: Robin Simpson, Terry Bordwine, Theresa Burnett, David Mogseth, Jayne Boyce, Steve Wagoner, Laura Kelly, Wayne Wright, Alan Carmack, James B. French horns are one of the most complicated instruments to play. Moore's French horn section uses their time wisely . . . to Dudley, Connie Allen, Jerry Dlkharry, Cindy Sells, James Brem, Mark Holder, Mayme Shroyer, Steve Seitsinger, Richard Reyes, Fourth Row: Sandra Taylor, Sarah Southerland, Daryl Carrieo, Brad Hurst, Kathy Robertson, Larry Kelly, William Emrich, Ray Walker, Judie Taylor, Paul Rose, Mark Russell, Monte Wilson, James Nance, Norlan Bewley, Ricky Manley, Amy Kallio, Dickey Ferguson, Bruce Myers, David Nail, David Henderson and Dana Baker. Fifth Row: Bryan Ferguson, Gary Greenlee, Marvina Moore, Herbie Varey, Ed White fdirectorj and Lynn Shawn. practice! MEMBERS OF CONCERT band are, First Row: Lynn Grant, Moira Trail, Nancy Snethen, Debbie Smith, Patti Watts, Linda Brill, Denise Hopkins, Karen Slaton and LuAnn Christian. Second Row: Patricia Phipps, Valerie Fletcher, Lisa Mobley, Debra Reed, Tina Schoonover, Jody Hawkins, Jennfer Fortune, Tela Nelson, Dennis Stewart, Donny Romine, Gary Dunn, Richard Graves, Tony Calier, Robert Poteet, James Miller, Troy Caudle, Larry Reyes, Deresa Cole, Shelley Snethen and Alyce King. Third Row: Marilyn Kelly, Leslie Straughn, Harriet Powell, Laura Bradford, Kelly Slaten, Steve Wil- son. David Wilkins. Sabra Scott, James Stanfield, Susanna Simonds, Sonya Mullins, Carolyn Lawler, Greg Leonard, Cindy Barker, Laine ., ,... , Miller, David Mason, Roger Brennan, Alex McKinney, Terry Heath, Tim Deibler, Keith Rudelph, Karen Galiee, Krista Callahan and Mark Heggard. Fourth Row: Kaye Lund, Theresa Peak, Judy Sewell, Craig Chaney, Steve Fletcher, James Archuletta, Raymond Cantwell, Greg Lynch, .lay Klingman, Richard Means, Jeff Brown, David Dix- son, Rodney Crick, Larry Johnson, ,Ianetta Morgan, Dan Redman, Leroy Chadrick, Dee Caldwell, Mark Adkins, Reagan Barr, Stephanie Brown, John Nail, Dianna Jones, Debbie McVay, Lynn Gibson, Billy Smith, Paul Munzy, Jason McGee, and Brett Borgren. Fihh Row: Chris Jackson, Debbie Wellner, Dan Lesman, Danny Wil- liams, Danny Peak, Roger Roots and Gary Brock. B. Mr. Childers, band director, exhibits one of the many emo- tions band directors experience. 13 3 ff------maninzuvnaw QW Band E ICH- FLUTE SECTION MEMBERS are, First Row: Harriet Powell, Leslie Straughn, Marilyn Kelly, Lisa Mobley, Nancy Snethen, Debbie Smith, Meira Trail, Patricia Phipps, Lynn Grant, Sandra Taylor, Valerie Fletcher and Theresa Burnett. Second Row: Aimee Sisco, Theresa Peak, Kaye Lund, Melinda Heitz, Robin Simpson, Kelly Slaten, Laura Bradford, Doe Caldwell, Debra Read, Tina Schoonover, Sarah Southerland, ,lennfer Fortune, Terri Bordwins, Jody Hawkins, Jimmy Johnson, Karen Helbert and Buddy Vere. A etss V . Qrqq ,1 , I .. MEMBERS OF THE Saxaphons, low and double reed sections are. First Row: Sonya Mullins, Chris Wilson and Carolyn Lawler. Second Row: James Dudley, Connie Allen, Jerry Dicharry, Cindy Sells, Tim Deiblor, David Mason, Terry Heath, Alex Burgess, Beverly Vaught, Karen Galier and Keith Rudolph. Third Row: Cindy Barker, Lane Miller, James Brom, Mark Holder, Greg Leonard, Roger Brannan, Susanne Simonds, Lynn Shawn, Robert Zaring, Mark Heggard, Dana Templeton, Toni Stubblefield, Krista Callahan and Connie Hooten. MEMBERS OF THE clarinet section are, First Row: Kathy Fendrych, Mary Hilton, Debbie Howland, Kathy Blasdel, Patti Watts, Pam Graham, Melinda Marker, Rosemary McDonald, Nancy Price, Shelley Snethen, Deresa Cole, Karen Slaton and Terri Dicharry. Second Row: Larry Villines, Larry Reyes, LuAnn Christianson, Sherry McKinney, JejfDaniels, Mike Wilson, Denise Hopkins, Susan Pape, Robert Poteat, Troy Caudle, Theresa Phipps, James Miller, ,lean Ingram, Jackie Hamlin, Alyce King, Linda Brilland, Marilyn Buterac. .,- , J 5 -f . ' g, . - . ' r . -I' , 9 a 1 , 9 5 'if Y-ff N 5 is eff, ? Q., 3 ff, eifaffsgftzgafnsfffp A 4-f, -1- S tem' y 2' -lj 'li 1 . 'fd , P ff J E1 fslfy G l t- -. - . 1 , ' mi .- 1 1 Q 4 , 4" V U ' , . ' n ,', 3 - "'.'35'l'i" i?'9?3'f9fa fi ' .ee--S-fa Wai. fa! -iff .effsfa l I , Q5e'?+"'Lx ff- if -21245 B! MV ff , . . ,, hi A .Lf , . 1 we--a fj Q '91 ' at MEMBERS OF THE trumpet and french horn sections are, First iq, ' Hg SBA A ' 'V Row: Laura Kelly, Kathy Robertson, Brad Hurst and Tal Mexsy. :fu K 1,k ,in A Q ,b q - -S L 7 Second Row: Richard Graves, Richard Reyes, Stephen Seitsinger, - K I' i ' V A i ' llrl ' 'LZ' " ' Q , Tela Nelson, Mayme Shrayer, Gary Dunn, Donny Romine, Tony LOW BRASS SECTION members are, First Row: Leroy Chadrick, Stephanie Brown, ,lanetta Morgan, Reagan Barr, Ray Walker, Judy Taylor, Daniel Dreeson, Paul Ross, Dana Baker, David Henderson, Ricky Manley, Dianna Jones, Amy Kallie and Brett Bergron. Second Row: Mark Russell, James Nance, Norlan Bowley, Monte Wilson, Bill O'Connor, Dan Redman, Doug Bourassa, Debbie McV0y, .Iason McGee, John Nail, Lynn Gibson, Billy Smith, Paul Munzy, Dickey Ferguson, David Nail and Bruce Myers. .Q . . Galier, Dennis Stewart, Sabra Scott, Steve Fletcher, JejfBrown and Craig Chaney. Third Row: William Emrich, Daryle Carrieo, Larry Johnson, Steve Wilson, David Wilkins, Wayne Wright, Alan Carmack, David Dixsen, Rodney Crick, Raymond Cantwell, James H 'E Archuletta, ,lay Klingman, Greg Lynch, James Stanfield, Steve Wagoner, ,lane Boyce, Richard Means and Larry Kelly. Q g I J- 0 1 0 O '19 9 we . .. Q' L . g n V y V N' ,s t i 5-G ,sg--L sf' yZy17M:.swf" .ii 7121. Ti'--'ii'-ire' '- I ' 3 I is R ff' 1' J ' 'Wi ' Q2!'xX'is1i '. - is -4 gig- ' ,g,,. , sg . it if ' 'wma S - Q ' -' .5 1 , . " is " . Q' 5' N Q .s - . -.N I ' - E H -. Q - ,V 3 '21 1. Q 5 5 sies l --.- 1:'Wf -, ' --,: :-f Eilfw 1 " 'le' PERCUSSION SECTION MEMBERS are, First Row: Gary Brock, Herbie Vary, Danny Williams, Debbie Wellner and Marvina Chris Jackson, Roger Roots and Gary Greenlee. Moore. Second Row: Bryan Ferguson, Danny Peak, Dan Lesman, 5 X, VLWQHI 'lt T 100111 L ,. J A v 1 AlA J A. APOLLYRAS MEMBERS ARE Front Row: Susan Clarkson. Cherie Hayes. Kathy Fendrych, Mayme Schroyer, Deb- bie Pulliam. Paula Mangum, Kay Kendall, Ellen Ward, Don Rollins, Bobby Miller, Richard Payne, Matthew Carter, Jerri Calvin, Kim Kyung, Rebecca Vandenburg, Jerri Cowper- thwaite, Rurie Miller, Cindi Bu- tler, Sonja Posey, and Sandra Staat. Second Row: Janine McCullough, Sherri Marical, Carol Lewis, Elizabeth Black- ward, Lori Straughan, Paula Chancey, Connie Hooten, Roxanne Goodwin, Dara Moore, Rob Taylor, David Young, Tim Barton, Doug Lindsey, Jeff Adams, Steve May, Tommy Wel- chel, Debbie Roberti, Mi Kyung, Lori Carter, Kathy Jefferson, Ginnie Cherry, and Dawn Col- lier. Third Row: Barbra Bur- leason, Pam Graham, Kathryn 136 Davis, Donna Moore, Karen Gil- liam, Edie Gabbert, Kathy Ober- ste, Tammy Callaway, Joyce Pet- ree, Jef Moore, Paul Edde, Andy Walker, Kirk Sullivan, Curtis Mayfield, Hal Cox, Jimmy Johnson, Bret Brining, Kelly Morgan, Jenny Courtney, Kathy Dodson, Denise Hopkins, Debbie Key, and Diana Shelton. Fourth Row: Cindy Miller, LeAnn Sum- mers, Terri Stulce, Chris Simpson, Gayle Hogan, Trisha Morrison, Mary Zink, Roseanne Nichols, Liz Wadsworth, Steve Elkins, Tobey Williams, Randy Smithson, Chris Ward, Ray Wheeler, Mark Cosby, Jim McBride, David Lynch, Donnie Graham, Sheryl Steffes, Gail Matheson, Taryn Zaring, Penny Combs, Kelley Phillips, Linda Owen, Cheryl Miller, and Kathy Pratt. B. DIRECTOR JOHN ROBINSON begins a song for the Apollyras. .qi Apollyras Goal - Perfect D 1011 Apollyras takes hard work, and lots of practice, but its worth it. Before school at 7:00, and all second hour, Apollyras members practice for concerts, contests, and assemblies. "Apollyras has done a great job this year," says di- rector ,Iohn Robinson. At All State contest 17 members were chosen to sing in the All State Choir. More Choir members were chosen from Apollyras than from any other singing group in Oklahoma. A. MALE APOLLYRAS MEM- BERS practice voice parts second hour in the choir room. B. GIRLS' ENSEMBLE PER- FORMS for teachers at Faculty Dinner. 137 fun A. APOLLYRAS PERFORMED DURING the homecoming, halftime ceremony. B. MEM- BERS OF APOLLYRAS sing the alma mater at pep assembly. C. SOPRANOS ARE PRACTICING hard for spring concert. w L53j!Qf537f KTOK T PES APOLLYRAS 1 I M at J I , .,, .W J, , 2, .Q V, Y. W V . fm' -Hier .' i +9 2 ' , - f ' G ,, ' VJ A '. ' ' H-' " ' "-' K' .Lffg,:.i5.'i,- '. , flux: in A'-t"i"L :km- ' ' fi? , - .I 3 Q A "mug ag.. .f W. f,, U , ,fMf,gfe' 1 'z In U, F gk., 0'," 'lvntwn fy' i ht.r 1 ns' ' ' 'A ' 0 I , ' 5 5 1 -X 5 J Y ,, 1 fm'.1a.fHf N 'IHEFH 4 , 1 ' 'E 'Q ' " ' Y' ' " A .. . . f .f ' . V f . ff, sg , 1. 4 1 l p I My any Q. 1, LW., ,Xian ,V u 1 F an , B A if 1? 'R ,KY J I' Vihikti' 1- if if Y.: if ff Q if 4 If . , i 'I , yy N ff ' 6 4, 5. 5 A ,4 1, W x ,x .Q A 6' . I .. . ,xr - K 'L Y ,, rr V' Y , ,eg E 1... MY . I qv' axryilrgflgiriiht, fb," f ' Q if "3 I5 fi ea f Q uw f T X ffgpw' ""'h ' -A :'1" '1 V- 1 , vnu, Jmg. RAAF! xni , ri ,. 5 f . N . wr qi - Aw' W 'X f -J m- 'Jfwfr f ",,., W' 2 . E E ff ' W fx, 'Q A Ta INEMUZA fl. 0, ia.fir'miWiQ""v . -4. M Fr L A I 138 A. APOLLYRAS MEMBERS WORKING together to form per- fect harmony. B. DIRECTER ROB SIEBLE leads group in their daily choir practice. 4A This year KTOK taped Apollyras for a commercial on Toys for Tots, to help under privleged children have a merrier Christmas. The Apollyras were selected to go to Ottawa, Canada to compete in the International Music Festival, May 29 thru June 1. This is a privelege not every school can have, and the members of Apollyras are looking for- ward to it. 139 uw CH RDUI 1g ...L - at o ae. .... 1 ,,,f.,,rw-f " A. FIRST ROW: CARRIE McIn- tire, Kay Steel, Becky Jacobs, Christie Moses, Kelly Vincent, Tracy Welborn, Brian Robinson, Tony Hollinsworth, Mo Hestand, Steve Youret, Mark Winters, Doyle Lowry, Karen Bennet, Robin McKinzie, Terri McCorkle, Mitchell Tubbs. Sec- ond Row: Tamara Bramley, Vicki Sanders, Pam Stanislav, Barbara Wacker, Angela Barns, Donna Hutchins, Ed Lassiter, herbie Varey, Tom Timberlake, Billy Morrison, Kent Norris, ,lus- tine McGee, Laurie Bryant, Pam Routine, Sharon Shank, Kelly Chamberlin, Charlene Morris. Third Row: Becky Staford, D. Richardson, Anita Wilson, Kim Barton. B. WATCHING MR. ROBINSON decipher music is se- nior Chris Ward. Instruments Add ound if The music department at Moore is really shaping up. Choirs are putting guitars, a recorder, and the piano, into their choral situations to form an exciting, new sound. Mr. Robinson, director, says the choruses are getting better each year. The classes are studying how to read and comprehend the music, know how and why notes are sung loud or soft, fast or slow, or why you sing here and breath there. A. CHORUS STUDENTS TAKE outa few minutes to study music and take notes. B. MIXED CHORUS IS not all work, as Ls seen here. C. MEMBERS OF THE Mixed Chorus Ensemble in- clude, First Row: Karen Fitzgerald, Karen Nichols, Marla Garrett, Leslie Mogseth, Christie Kile. Second Row: Kenneth Cornell, Don Parks, Jeff Pursley, Greg Collins, Keith Sausman, Richard Jones, Marlene MeGlaughin, Susan Breeze, Robert Shell, Randy Wilson. Greg Bennet, Billy Lassiter, Mike Mobly, Scott Branson, Andy Lockhart, Sabrina Burch, Rhonda Shelton, Gail Flowers, Kaye Campbell. A B 41, ' ' 1 , l-ll Q W7 H Hard Work Results In Perfection B A A. TAMMY GRAHAM AND Miss Valerie Slivinsky observe projects in Stagecraft. B. MRS. PAT FLIPPIN demonstrates body pos- itions on stage. C. THIRD YEAR DRAMA students, Tommy Wel- chel, Mark Mason, Rob Taylor, Cindy Hickman, Robin Means, Tammy Cockrum, and Shonda Gestes take part in the Melod- rama presented Homecoming Week. g f t f s 3 ' "'- A"x L ' I A Wx'-1,245 DAEV , wr I f .t ,f Q ' ,,,faz zi, ff X so F A D: DOUG LINDSAY, SENIOR, prepares to perform in the melod- rama. E: VICKI SMITH PRE- PARES a poster in Stagecraj. F: MARIANE GRIFFITH PUTS finishing touches on Rob Taylor's makeup, during the melodrama presented Homecoming Week. The Drama Department provides students with courses in the areas of Drama, Speech, Debate, Stagec- raft, Play Productions and Musical Productions. The Play Production and Drama classes encompass all areas of the theatre. Students learn how to become a part of a play. Drama involves the students in an ac- tivity which allows them to combine fun with learning. Students learn the meaning of imagination and con- tinually become involved in the art of it all. In Musical Productions the students can combine their talents of acting and musical abilities. Stagecraft introduces the basic studies of technical theatre. A lot of time and hard work make the students realize the importance of backstage work in creating effective productions. Miss Valerie Slivinsky states, "I enjoy working with all these drama students and I find more and more creative minds every yearf, 143 WHYWGDUHCQE Q Advantages Are Numerous QD i MM I M 144 AA A: MRS. SHELLEY COLE helps German student, David Lynch, with his assignment. B: MRS. DOTTIE COOK puts up a bulle- tin board for her Spanish and Latin classes. C: A BULLETIN BOARD showing there are many advantages in knowing afareign language. Often confusing to those not involved in the class, Foreign Language proved to be as interesting and as popular as ever to those taking the courses. Mrs. Dottie Cook, Spanish and Latin teacher, stated, "The main goal of the Foreign Langage Department is to enrich and enlighten the minds of our studentsf, During class students found themselves studying the background and history of the different languages and the countries they came from. Merely trying to speak the language was not the only function of the Foreign Language Department, as stated by French teacher, Mrs. Anita Barlow, '6Foreign languages offer students a new experience. Besides being able to understand and converse with a person from another country, it also gives them an opportunity to learn about the different customs and life styles of people from other landsf' 'Y' ! MH! 0 arious Courses Q M 146 AA BP A: MEDA BEALL, ENGLISH teacher, elaborates on sentence patterns to her composition class. B: ,IANA MITCHELL WORKS on a project in her English class. C: ENGLISH TEACHER BARBARA Stillwell takes time to grade pap- ers in the Library. D: LOIS EVANS AND Lynette Wilson, En- glish teachers, take a break from working on the State OCTE Newsletter. Make Learning Easier ,fa CADV 15" 5 A ,M Q , t The English Department helps create life in the cur- riculum at MHS. Almost all teachers and students enjoy changing to a different English class each nine weeks because the mini-course English classes add va- riety in both teaching and learning. The mini-courses range from Rapid Reading to Bible Literature to Oral Communications. This year, Shakespearean Tragedy was added to the English cur- riculum. Because the Humanities course two years ago was so successful, Mrs. Joe Merrell has joined with the Music, Art, Drama, and History departments to teach the Reniassance. Also, team teaching in Composition has been included in the English Department. College Prep is one of the hardest English courses. In this class, the students are taught how to write a term paper and then are expected to write one them- selves for the main part of their grade. Tammy Coc- krum states, 5'College Prep is a hard course, but I have learned alot and I think it will prove helpful when I get to college." yemsmezzs 5 Doing and Learning More P Q Q As the total enrollment of students increased, so did the popularity of the various math and science courses. As expressed by Geometry and Algebra ll teacher, Mrs. Barbara Blake, uMathematics leads to games, art, music, medicine, engineering, business or 5. anything you may be interested in, and you will do much better if you know mathematicsf' The various courses tried to show students that mathematics involves more than just adding and sub- tracting, they tried to stress the fact that math is ever here from marketin to arts and crafts. 'eee e , . YW a g iv , kd Learn by 'adoingn was the theme of the science courses. Students made it possible for a thousand fifth graders to learn and study in the annual '6Outdoor School." Students became teachers for two days during the program which included lessons about the ecology of lakes, woods, grasslands and soils. Science Department programs permitted students to take part in courses which consisted of "Doing,' not just sitting and listening g'Doing,' enables students to learn more by getting involved. Courses also offered people the chance to take part in Science Fairs, the Junior Academy of Science and in field trips. From the disection of a shark to the building of a weather station there was a wide variety of activities going on everyday. As stated by science teacher, Mr. Jim Pigg, 'EA student can be aware of the world around him by taking part in the many laboratory exercises offered each day." Each Day 148 ...Jn-lm BA CV XE 'HQ 'A ' 5' E WT- i A " A ? f s., 1 H1 .w..,, yiwbflgg? A: MRS. BARBARA BLAKE ze fun. B. MR. JIM PIGG explains graph to one of his Science cla ls a 3- l her students that Math can be E ses. C: COACH FRAME WRIT information concerning an expe iment during a Biology class. S r- f CGI Hidden, Creative Talents Emerge ,fini M ,....m,...,.,MQ-, av J, L1 p My 4 N' f ,qw -,.5,., . . "-f Mdpf-:WW in B A A: PATTI PETERSON, CINDY Taylor, Robin Hardcastle, and Donna Quenzer work on draw- ings in the hall outside their art class. B: CONCENTRATING CREATLY ON his work, Jimmy Herwner adds a little color to his project. C: KEN PONTIUS WORKS at carving wood in one of the various nrt courses. AACV The Art Program provided for a variety of experi- ences in many areas and an opportunity to develop skills in working in specific art mediums such as clay, fibers, metal, wood and stone through the Arts and Crafts program. Study in such areas as art history, fundamentals of art, graphics, printing, printmaking, collage and three-dimensional design was provided in the Art l, II and III courses. The visual arts program helps the student develop his creative ability to interpret and express his ideas, feelings and experiences. According to Marilyn Hill, Art teacher, 'gArt education should aide in the expan- sion of individual awareness and perception of life, past, present and future." Most Art students ended up with a great deal to show for their efforts. Many fine pieces ofjewelry and beau- tiful macrame hangings were the result of long hours of hard work. EV i is 'st-as mb 'N ' - D A D: CINDY TAYLOR WORKS on a drawing for her Art class. E: JUNIOR CRUZ TRIES out vari- ous colors with pastels. .av 4 WSW xt B15 Q i5 M r-1 UI KO WMD l IWMLWQQ L. A: LIBRARY STAFF are FRONT ROW: Beverly Schafer, Lois Hartman, Janelle Spencer and Sue Leinneweber. SECOND ROW: Rickey Cate, Karen Koonce, Betty Stillwell, Roxanne Calvert, Debbie Wasland and Julie Rose. BACK ROW: David Love, Vernie Jacobs, Mark Hel- bert, Patricia Brownfield, Larry Johnson, Pam Manley, Greg Lynn and Janet Faubus. B: LI- BRARIAN BEVERLY SCHAFER conducts business over the tele- phone. C: LIBRARIAN LOIS HARTMAN works at one of the various machines in the library. D: PATRICIA BROWNFIELD AND Janet Faubus straighten out library cards. f f--4 l ABV The purpose of the school library is to provide material fboth printed and visual aidesj to support the curriculum and to provide books for pleasure reading. The library was a place where students could go dur- ing their open hours to study or catch up on homework assignments for their next class. With the assistance of audio visual aides, teachers were able to show films and filmstrips throughout the year to add a bit of variety to the courses. As Lois Hartman, librarian, explains, "The teachers and librarians work together to purchase the best material in order to fulfill the goal of quality and quantity for the students of MHS." GQ X Career Preparation Main Goal A TERRI DICHARRY PRAC- i I TICES us strokes in Typing 5 if I l B: SANDRA TAYLOR WORKb 1 lesson in Shorthand I l 154 A majority of students found business courses to be interesting and often a good investment of their time. Mrs. Lianne Davis, Shorthand teacher. stated. 'The general principles a student learns in the business courses offered at Moore High School lwhether it be in typing or accountingl will be beneficial to a person no matter what field he goes into or if he uses the knowl- edge in the homef, The purpose of the business department is to try to prepare students for a career in this world by offering them the necessary courses. These courses ranging from Shorthand Il to Business Machines, show stu- dents what skills they will need and what duties they will be asked to perform in the world of business. One class even provided students with an office job after school hours. But unlike the true world of business outside Moore High School, the courses offered no coffee breaks and no fringe benefits. DV ,al f 5 suuxrs-ss rr- W Mm.:-2 -.CHI as 3 Q h4k C A C: MRS. I,IA5'VNE DAVIS u'al4'hes studenls work in business machines. D: BARBARA STOCKMAN DOCBLECHECKS the answers on the adding machine. QW u Q mf Happy With Their Work K ,,,., A A A A: STUDENT TEACHER KIM Frazier demonstrates a mixing method in Home Economics class. B: BILL CROVES WORKS at sewing in Bachelor Living. C: MIKE LEZENBY SWEEPS up afier Carpentry class. AA BP With the worry of getting a job more present than ever, more students turned to vocational classes to help them get started. Many of the courses, such as Home Economics and Bachelor Living, helped stu- dents out at home also. Being able to choose their classes, students were naturally happy with the work they were doing. Each course gave a feeling of accomplishment as a job was finished. Courses like Carpentry and Industrial Arts often provided finished products as proof of ac- complishments. The vocational classes not only aided the students but helped the school and community out a great deal also. From Auto Mechanics to cosmetology there were many different services offered. A: BUTCH NUNN, BILLY Moore and Steve Bowlaware try their skills at baking. B: KENT MIL- LER SANDS down a cabinet in Carpentry class. fC Honorary Lieutinent Colonel Stacy Swearingen W' 1""'P T 5 . x 2 . . ,. 158 5 5 MI feel the ROTC program is a very worthwhile organization. It shows you a new way of life. The program helps develop you as an individual," according to Lt. Col. Stacey Swearengin. Ms. Swearengin is a sophomore and this is her first year in the ROTC program. . A. Honorary Lieutinent Stacy Swearengin is promoted during the first battalion review of the year. r-on Students Enjoy R.O.T.C. 4A A. MEMBERS OF COLOR Guard are, Front Row: .lohn Jenner, David Moeckel, Darryl Chandler, Edward Suanda, James Jenner. Back row: Albert Lock, Michael Ward, Daniel Crofferd. A B B. Members of the Battalion Staffare, Front Row: Craig Passmore Chester Fonner fBattalion S-Qfficerl, Cheryl Garner fBattalion fBattalion Commanderl, Stacy Swearingin fBattalion Honorary Lt. Public Information Ojficerj, Billy Moore fDrill Team Commanderj, Col.j, Tony MoDesto fBattalion Executivej. Debra Kantner fBattalion Supply Ojicerj. 159 ffl R.O.T.C. Promotes Leadership L ,, A A. MEMBERS OF THE Drill Team are: Billy Moore, Commander, ' ' Mark Killian, Debbie Rains, Z Stefan McLain, Taunya ,ww ftfit: ,. g ,yt Wm 4 J is - 4, 1 wyz, -f-eg ' :"'f'u ,, "TW 3711 QQ!! -l.-Q A if 1 'Z u' Johnstun. I H ' ' ,i , i, ,,,,,,,, ,,,, i ,, ww, Mr Slip' SM fi 3, x B B. MEMBERS OF COMPANYA are, Front Row: Mark Killian, Stefan McLain, Tony Turner, Rustin Decocq, Stanley Lowery. Dennis Pierce, Mike Connelly, Thomas Murray, Daniel Cro-Hard, Back row: Larry Gregg, Marshall Lock, Thomas Taylor, Vernie Craig Doyle. Middle row: Thurman Hester, James Cordell, Thomas Jacobs, James Jenner, Carl Hill, Mike Ryland, Jimmy Garrand, Timberlake, Jacobs Jenner, Brian Parker Robert Doss. 160 MEMBERS OF COMPANY B are Front Row Monty Raznmater Mtcheal Mobly, .lay Shepard, Joe Mtham Lonnze Coffey Back Andy Lockhart Janet Scruggs Hugh Lmdsay Roger Uhttch row: Tracy Charles Love, Keith Walker James Parnell Mark Bruce Lmdsay Samuel Schroder Steve Modesto Second Row Httes, Steven Suson, Thomas Witt, Mark Taylor Mark John Ntzza Randal Gathrtght Jeff Lupp Douglas Rhue Underwood, Davld Elllot. Happmess Is ROTC! 'F 3 3 v ,wr haul 39,5 mmm-v Q. ., T fa 4.8 QC MEMBERS OF COMPANY C are, Front Row: Lisa Williams, Cheryl Garner, Lloyd Benedict, Penny Rockwell Julia Swanda Sandra Burnett, Becky Vandenburg. Second Row:,Deborah Rainsj Cynthia Lawson, Janet Rigdon, Elizabeth Farris, Deana Cole HI feel that everybody at sometime or another needs the disipline that R.0.T.C. has to offer. It for me has given me a new sight on life and its surroundings. lt teaches that you can take as well as give to each other." Sandy Holt "I feel R.O.T.C. has taught me a lot about leadership, courtesy and self-discipline . . It is fun and exciting because everyday is something newf, Lynn Walker ROTC Drill Team lead band and floats in Homecoming Parade. 162 Carrie Dillard, Sherrie Fink, Jeri Walker, Teresa Nelson, Priscilla Pence. Back Row: Sandra Rhodes, Taunya Johnstun, Angela Barnes, Christie Moses, Sharon Kantner, Jackie Curnutt, Laurie Kran, Carla Richardson, Gina Sarrett. VIA'-,, ROTC Gives Needed Discipline .,--f"""v-'ask ' . "' Q ' V' ww ' ' - ' vw f i 9' i. 3 'L is il ,id 1 J .- .-- - Q'--.-. . I A Q r .1-1.-, ' ,v., K-at A . I - " w--M h 1 ff - ff hiv' , .' ee,e i 5 R . C g A 4 I . e ge "It is fun. You learn new ' V , M 73 5 1 M5 V' 3 - . , 9' L A , A " 3, things and lt offers you a T Q f f S J.. R l 1: w it ',,,g,g,f1Q ,Q - ' c f , chance to become a leader. ,fl 1 f - A ' . Cheralaine Cole Z if gi , ' t Q K VWVV ..,, "The R.O.T.C. is a reat If '1'r Azl. . g 2 4 r ' 'C opportunity for a chance to 1, learn and be a person able to be treated like an individual 1 vl i and act like onef, ...S f Y 1 Robin Hood ROTC members participate in Moore parade. 1A 'ti qw MEMBERS OF COMPANY D are, Front Row: Joni Cunningham, Lynn Walker, Amy Cowart, Sandy Holt, Anna Reichert, Susan Robin Hood, Connie Davis, ,Ian Coffey, Stan Spaulding, Pattie DeBoard. Back row: Stacy Swearengin, Carol Rusche, Cheralaine Maurer, Lillian Johnson. Middle Row: Diane Henson, Jana Hood. Cole, Bobbi Forga, Tami Keel. 16 gcc: new X0 Facing The W0rld's Problems i Y 6 CJ 164 .Q .xi B A A: PSYCHOLOGY TEACHER RALPH Moore sta ds over the flowers he recei d when Gerald Ford lost the el ton. B: SOUTH AMERICA IS J t one of the countries le d about Ln the dqferent Ge g phy losses. Social Study class periods occasionally can be used to discuss what is going on in the United States and the world in general. Coach John Schwartz, Social Studies teacher, comments, "I find this motivates the students to get away from the textbooks and talk about current events they are interested in." Sophomores are required to take American History and Juniors are required to take Government. Psy- chology, an elective, is an interesting course enjoyed by many Seniors. Today, recognition is being given to the fact that it is important for young people to develop political, eco- nomical, and social interests to become participating citizens. Mrs. .Ian Hall explains, "We must be con- cerned not only with what a student knows about gov- ernment, but how the student feels about it and how he acts as a result of his feeling." A: MR. PHIL WARFORD ex- plains the diferent branches ofthe government to his class. B: A TRICKEY SAYING tries to get people to think. GLASSES SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS are from bottom lo top, Karla Burton fReporterJ, Carolyn King fSec.-Trea.j, Kelley Riha fVice-Presitlentl, and Morris Bell flpresiclentj. -it . ,ae S Q , A 431' eniors We Finally Made It! Abbon, Carrie Adkins, Mickey Agy, Anthony Allen, Cheryl Anderson, Mike Arvin, Stacy Ashton, Jack Austin, Debra Autry, David Babbit, Jerri Babbit, Terri Baker, Mary Banker, Tim Barbre, Terry Barrett, Becky Barton, Tim Bass, Scott Baxter, Ernie Bean, Roby Bell, Morris Bence, Randy Bennett, Joyce Benson, Christy Bergren, Denise Bermack, Michele Bewley, Kathy Bickford, Judy Billingsley, Kris Blackward, Liz Blair, Randy Blair, Ricky Blakley, Lanis Blanding, Amy Blocker, Randy Bogie, Steve Bollman, Mike Bottoms, Mary Bourassa, Doug Bouse, Jeff Bowen, David Bowen, Don Bowers, Shirley Bowles, Kebbie Bowlware, Steve KENNY PETERS AND Shari Corbin, Baseball Royalty, play their parts at the Homecoming Assembly. R 4, 'V Box, Angela Bradley, Jan Bray, Patty Brewer, Edye Brewer, Layne Brining, Bret Brinlee, Donnie Bristal, Dawna Brown, Darrel Brown, Gladys 409 iff? Brown, Lori Bryant, Pam Buchanan, Stephen Buckley, Robin Burden, Lisa Nw.. Burleson, Barbara ,X Burnell, Jimmy i Burnett, Teresa " Burns, Dennis fi' '22 rg i j Burton, Karla Seniors Homecoming A Big Event Butler, Cindi Cable, Tammy Cabrera, Cindy Caffey, .lan Callcy, Ann Callaway, Tammy Calvert, Shelly Camp, Debbie Camp, Kim Campbell, Pamela Cannon, Patricia Carpenter, Bill Carter, Joe Castleherry, Tim Caudle, Ron Cavner, Bruce Cerday, Don Chambers, Roy Chancey, Johnnie Cheatham, Jerry Chenoweth, Nancy WX eniors 'O' C. .7" Twirlers Add Sparkle To Band Christy, Gwen Clark, Paul Clarkson, Susan Clevenger, Scot Cockrum, Tammy Coffey, Krista Cole, Belinda Colbert, Dayna Coleman, Craig Coleman, Felicia Coleman, Kristen Collins, Cathy Combs, David Conkwright, Carrie Conkwright, Sherrie Conley, Glinda Connelly, Michael Conway, Connie Conway, Deborah Cooper, Allen Cooper, Mike Coots, Mike Corbitt, Shari Cotter, Breck Couch, Jerre 173 Cowsar, Della Cox, Hal Cox, Lori Craig, Sherri Cranfield, Jean Crouch, Belinda Cruz, Gloria Cridlin, Nick Cusack, Don Cusack, Ronnie Dailey, Robert Davidson, Paula Davis, Donnie Davis, Craig Davis, Kathryn Davis, Kelly Davis, Kevin Davis, Lynn Davis, Leanne Davis, Phillip Davis, Vivian Dean, Kelly Deibler, Tim Deket, Rick DeWeese, Terri Seniors Miracles Made It Happen! ws... IGH 1505 -if' V953 ,gffdd 'Y E Gm Dicharry, Terri Dickens, Cathy Dixon, Pat Doty, Gary Doyle, Craig Dry, Waynetta Drye, Kathy Dudley, Elaine Dudley, Jesse Dunkin, Marsha Eager, Carol Echols, Linda Eddy, Paul Eidson, Ernie Edwards, Carey Eggers, Karen Eldridge, Kevin Elwood, Greg England, Mike Evans, Randy Fairchild, Jeanie Farley, Cathy Ferguson, Christy Ferguson, Twyla Ferree, Alan Finn, John Fitzgerald, Karen Fitzsummons, Patricia Flesher, Julie Fletcher, Steve Floyd, Jerry Floyd, Rhonda Folkenrath, Kent Folsom, Shari Fonner, Chester Ford, Mike Forga, Bobbi Foutch, Carol Fowler, Cary Franks, Toni Fridel, Kathlyn Furr, Debbie 176 42459 w"" Seniors Friends Will Never Be Forgotten CATHY COLLINS, JUDY Bickford, Johnnie Chancey, Gail Alexander fSr. Class Sponsorj, and Hoby Horn ham it up on Western Day. IW' Garner, Cheryl Gestes, Shonda Gibson, Lisa Gillette, Ronald Gilloch, Lorri Cillum, Timothy Glasco, David Glover, Paula Goff, David Goldbeck, Chris Goodman, Bill Goolsby, Debra Cowdy, Carol Graham, Tammy Gravitt, Kristina Green, Debra Green, Teresa Grider, Stephen Griffith, Mariann Grifitts, Sandra Grigsby, Debbie Groves, Bill Gulles, Jay Hadley, Randy Hadlock, Judy Hall, Bob Hall, Monty Hall, Shirley Hamilton, Dee Hamilton, Mike Hamlin, Janice Hammon, Ronda 52" A V i ' NL 1 iiva Q5 L .M ..-. K1 .X if x V, ,,,. 4, --qlq MARK STULL DISCUSSES college plans wlth a representative on Career Day U "v"P Seniors We Looked To The Future H Hancock, Melinda Haney, Lee Haney, Marian Hardin, John Harms, Randie Harrington, Mark Harris, Donna Harris, Ronnie Harrison, ,Iohnna Hawkins, Brenda Hays, Bobby Heitz, Melinda Hembree, Brenda Henry, Sherry Henson, Terry Hickman, Cindy Hicks, Cathrine Hicks, Kim Hilburn, Dennis Hildebrand, Suzan Hill, James Hill, Mark Hodges, Doug Hoffman, Paul Holbert, Karen Holder, Laura Holder, Mark Hollen, Ronda Holman, Carol Hopkemier, James Hooper, Scott Hopson, Robert Horn, Hoby Howell, Frances Hubbard, Helen Huntsman, Dee Hutchison, Juanita Ingram, Craig Ingram, Donald Isreal, Sheryl Iverson, Linda Jackson, Ruthann Jackson, Stephanie Jackson, Steve James, Mack Janko, Shawn January, Russell Jaronek, Vic Jaros, James Jarvis, Mardi 180 Seniors We Prepared For Graduation I J 'bib Ji 1 Jay, Melvin Jennings, Susan Jetton, Jeanette Jobe, Cindy Johnson 9 Johnson, Johnson, Johnson 7 Johnson, Brenda Kim Larry Larry William Johnson, Yancy Jones, John Jones, Sherrill Jones, Terry Joray, Mike Joslin, Terry Kantner, Debra Keene, Paula Kelley, Bruce Kelley, Jackie 181 Kelly, Larry Kelly, Laura Kelly, Peggy Kenney, Karen King, Carolyn King, Jay Kisselburg, LaRlleta Kitchen, Bill Knapp, Larry Knowles, Bill Knowles, David Knowles, Jim Koonce, Steve Kraus, Pat Kreaps, Max 182 QE? 4, , CHEERLEADER LAURA RATLIFF executes a perfect split jump at a pep assembly. y Seniors Practice Makes Perfect M, V Kysela, Kim Lamb, Riki Landagora, Dawn Lang, Herman Langford, Edna Langley, Belinda Langley, Celinda Lankford, Mike Latta, Pam Lawson, Terrie Lee, Bruce Lee, Joe Lee, Tony Leonard, Greg Lewis, Lorrie Liles, Deana Lindsay, Doug Lindsey, Jordan Link, Eric Liston, Dean Lloyd, Paul Lock, Albert Lockhart, Leasa Logan, Vickie Lore, Kelly Lorenz, Glen Lott, Carl Love, David Lunday, Georg Lundy, Trina Lynch, David Magerus, Bill Mainord, Teresa Major, Mary Kay Malone, Lonna Mann, Linda Manning, David Maples, Felica Marcial, Sherri Marshall, Carrie Marshall, Scott Martin, Barney Martin, Eddie Martin, Sarah Martin, Terry Maslin, Stephen Mason, Dabi Mason, Mark Matchen, Mike Matthesen, Gale 7 9-... Sv' KEBBIE BOWLES, ROBIN Means, and Tammy Cockrum demonstrate expert skating abilities. Maurer, Patricia Maxwell, Darrell May, Steve Maynard, Wanda Mays, Richard McAlister, Melissa McBride, .lim McBride, Randy McCarty, Gwen McClintock, ' Sue McCullough, Janine McCutchan, Rob McEwin, Robbie McFall, Kevin McGee, Jason McGee, Sherrill McLaughlin, Joann 185 McLemore, Dayne McMinn, .leaninne McPherson, Mark Meadows, Jeff Means, Robin Meeh, Leah Meeks, Brent Melendez, Mark Melton, Teresa Methany, Alan Meziere, Eddie Miers, Don Milford, Robert Miller, David Miller, Faith Miller, Susan Z E 3 i i STEVE WYATT SHOWS his outstanding acrobatic skill as a college representative looks on. Mills, Doris Mobbs, Rebecca Modesto, Tony Moeckel, David Monroe, Tommy Montgomery, Monda Montgomery, Tommy Moore, Billy Moore, Clyde Moore, Donna Moore Marvina Moore, Ricky Moore, Ricky Moore, Tracy Moran, Russell Morgan, Kelly Morgan, Mary Morris, Diana Morrison, Cheryle Moshier, Cindy Munda, Beth Murray, Thomas Myers, Bruce Nail, John Nance, James 187 Nathman, Mike Neal, Lessie Neese, Dianne Nelson, Brian Nelson, Mary Newton, David Nichols, Roseanne Nickell, Stan Nolen, Terri Norvell, Linda Nowlin, Shelley Nunn, Butch O'Connor, Cathy Oldham, Sharon Orr, Lita Orr, Tim Owen, Dawn Owen, Debbie Pack, Mark Paris, Steve Parish, Pat Parker, Mike Passmore, Craig Payne, Mike Payne, Mike 188 , .L .s . BRUCE CA VNER'S PRIDE states, "No applause, please!" Payne, Richard Paz, Lynette Pemberton, Terry Penner, Donna Perry, Sandra Peters, Peters, Petete, Petree, Phelps, Christy Kenny Marsha Joyce Denise Phipps, Teresa Piatt, Michelle Pierce, Dennis Pierce, Monte Pierson, Elaine Plowman, Denise Poirot, Rhonda Polk, Donna Pollard, Lesia Pontius, Ken Posey, Janis Post, Brian Powell, Harriett Prucha, Jane Pruegert, Marque Pugsley, John Rainey, Kim Rains, Lucy Ramos, Valinda Rankin, Brian Ratliff, Laura Reams, Cathy Reed, Evelyn Reed, Teri Reimers, Sherrill Raising, ,lulene BRUCE CAVNER, SUSAN Miller, Joe Carter, and Bill Kitchen prove the Senior Class Ls best "Over All." Seniors We Were Best Over All! 'Min Q""9l Rendeluk, Mike Reppart, Tom Reyes, Richard Reynolds, Glen Reynolds, Robin Reynolds, Sheila Rinehart, Deena Rippetoe, Dan Roberti, Debbie Roberts, Benita Rockwell, Penny Roesel, Sheryl Rogers, Rhonda Rolewicz, Donna Rollins, Don Rozniata, Rhond Rumsey, Mike Ruppert, Janis Rusche, Don Ruiz, Connie Ryder, Kim Ryland, Glen Stanford, Bob Sanders, Lisa Sargent, Debbie 3 191 Sauer, Charlotte Scarherry, Vicki Schanafelt, Randy Schaub, Debra Scheller, Brenda Schneider, Patricia Scott, Tammy Scruggs, Janet Schwartz, Vicki Segel, John Self, Rick Self, Tammy Seitsingcr, Steve Sewell, Judy Sharver, Sharla Shelter, Cindy Shelton, Teresa Shipman, Jeannine Short, Toni Shrader, Ivan Shreck, Gaye Shroyer, Katy Shults, Jodi Shultz, Leandra Sides, Lindel 192 GQ' .I""' TONY LEE MODELS a Homecoming Crown as passerby get a good laugh. Sides, Terri Sikes, Becky Simmons, Dana Simon, Debbie Simpson, Mike Sisco, Aimee Sisco, Dane Smith, Billy Smith, Karee Smith, Randy Smithson, Randy Snider, Terrel Snook, Laree Sorrels, Cheryl Spain, Marc Sparks, Daran Speigel, Wendell Spurgeon, Tracy Stahlman, Tylou Staley, Don Stanley, Debbie Stanton, Taryn Stapp, Cliff Starr, Paula Stephens, Skip Stephenson, Kevin Stevens, Scott Stilwell, Betty Stokes, Juanita Stone, Chris Stow, Rodney tao , ,A , T , a 1 at ' V4 , ,P if a x x M' ,, xr 4. "5 , ..-1 r , "" ' 'K " 'gr . "'wb,1w , 1 xI's ,Q , ' an " in Lil! 7 Q 7 f , 1 f 'Y We "" ,,, w V S 1 4 get' ' ' 3 X 'fi 13" ., I V V, 4, .4 'Q w 1,0 onnny RH HHH. 1 e W ,,, by MORRIS BELL SHOWS of his namesake T-shirt of"M0ffl5 the Cat. " 'IVE Seniors ,N Class President Had amesake ff? Straughan, Lori Stroud, Cheryl Stroud, Jerrel Stroud, Judy Stull, Mark Sturges, Penny Sullivan, Kirk Sullivan, Jimmy Sullivan, Sylinda Sutterfield, Greg Swanda, Julia Swanson, Bob Swearengin, Jeff Swierc, Debbie Tabb, Donna Taylor, Cindy Taylor, Joe Taylor, Judy Teel, Lisa Turhune, Tim Thomas, Carol Thomas, Donna Thompson, Craig Thompson, Dan Thompson, Monty Thorton, Karen Thurber, Jeff Tidwell, Robert Tillerson, Carla Timmons, Lennie Trimble, Kathy Trimble, Steve Tubbs, Mike Turpin, Lewis Tyner, Neal Ulrich, Rodger Valentine, Terri Vandenburg, Rebecca Vanderpool, Danny Van Helsdinger, Cindy Van Nest, Carolyn Van Pool, Deanna Vaughn, Mike Veitch, Tom Vice, Tim Waggener, Nicki Walker, Jim Wallace, Sheila Ward, Chris Ward, Mike 196 Seniors Seniors Showed Originality Welchel, Tommy Wells, Scott West, Curtis West, Drenda Whaley, Elaine Wheeler, Ray Whittall, Randy Whitten, Gail Wilkerson, Gaye Williams, Beverly Williams, Lisa Williams, Mary Williams, Sherri Williamson, DeEtta Willingham, Dean Wilson, Carolyn Wilson, James WR 'bud X SENIORS LEFAD UNDERCLASSMEN in spirit at the "Beat Grant" Pep Assembly. Seniors We Had oore Spirit! gy X 'lf N NRM .Q Q: Cl ,I iw '29 1 A SCOT CLEVENGER STRETCHES out to sink zz basket. Q- rw '79 JO' anno' ..,,... Wilson, Jana Wilson, Mark Wood, Tim Woodruff, Chris Wyatt, Steve Young, Dean Zaring, Taryn Zeka, Cindy Riha, Kelley Zink, Mary W iQ M .1':' ,. Q 'ff if wg A Big Part Of Senior Spirit Senior Class Sponsors A. MR. RALPH MOORE, beanie on his head and cane in hand, explains Ego States to his Seniors in Psychology. B. MISS GAIL ALEXANDER takes a break between classes. C. MISS VALERIE SLIVINSKY grimaces at photographersfrom behind her booklined desk. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS top row Jerri Cowperthwaite fPresj Ellen Ward fSec!Tresj bottom Elaine Manley fVice Presl and Debbie Key fReporterj ,N n fi E we an if WHEQ' X -233 ..,. , - . .gin Q w will e e N fuufllw-Y-'ig if N -Q, A are ii, J' ,abil ..- Juniors Have Spirit Adams, Jeff Akers, Cynthia Allen, Connie Allen, Denise Anderson, Craig Anderson, Kevin Anderson, Stacy Andes, Charles Andes, Tommy Apple, Phillip Arce, Mark Arnold, Toni Arrchuletta, James Ashcroft, Curtis Ashton, Virginia Austin, Darla Avens, Vicky Baker, Dana Baker, Karen Baker, Rhonda Baldridge, Anthony Banker, Stephanie Barnard, Jimmy Barnes, Sherry Barrett, Billy Barrett, Vicki Barton, Sandra Barton, Karen Batey, Lisa Beck, Cindy Beck, Darrell Beattie, Rhonda Beavers, Dorothy Bence, Tim Benedict, Lloyd Benson, Valary Bergman, Kirk Bernhardt, Elizabeth Bewley, Norlan Bishop, Bryan Black, Richard Blackburn, Susan Blair, Shelly Blasdel, Kathleen Bollenbach, Fred Booker, James Borden, Brenda Borden, Karen Bosler, Carol Boswell, Ricky Bow, Mitch Bowling, Mary Bowen, Cary Bowers, .loe Boyer, Della Bozell, Paul Bradford, Tom Brantley, Debra Brawner, Barbara Breedlove, Paula Brem, James Briggs, Don Brill, Linda Brooks, Debra Brown, Cheryl Brown, Linda Brown, Patti Brown, Robert Brown, Stephanie Brown, Tony Brown, Patricia Brownell, Kenny Bryant, Mark Bunt, Larry Burell, Cary Burk, Don Burnett, Sandy Burns, Carla Burton, Sandra Butler, Gayle Caldwell, James Callahan, Krista Calvert, Roxanna Camp, Chris Cantu, Anna Cantwell, Raymond Cargill, Laura Carmack, Alan Carpenter, Andy Carpenter, Brian Carter, Lori Carter, Matthew Carter, Paula Cash, Mike Casselman, Deborah Caudle, Troy Challis, Tommy Chambers, Kyle Chambers, Randy Chance, Linda Chancey, Paula Chandler, Darryl Chandler, Rita Chaney, Craig Chastka, Shaun Cheek, Suzanne Cherry, .lenny Clark, David 204 Junior Enthusiasm Spreads gi 4: QL. JUNIOR CLASS MEMBERS find it easy to wm the spirit stick at weekly pep assemblies, winning it our weeks in a row. Clark, Glenn Clear, Gayla Clements, Leslie Clingman, .lay Cochran, Bobbie Codner, Dean Coffey, Lonnie Coffin, Malissa Cole, Cristy Collier, Dawna Collin, Kim Collins, Cheryl Colstor, Sherry Combs, Debi Combs, Kevin Combs, Penny Condit, Steve Connell, Janine Connelly, Mary Colley, Randy Cooper, Lorena Cordell, .lames Cornell, Kenneth Cosby, Mark Cotter, Diana Couch, Jimmy Couch, Richard Courtney, Jennifer Cox, Sharon Craft, Tonya Cramer, Donald Cramer, Gary Crawford, Randolph Crick, Rodney Critchfield, Marilyne Crofford, Daniel Crow, Elizabeth Cruise, Lana Cruz, Junior Curtis, Tammy Cutler, Linda Dailey, Susan Daniel, Mike Darby, Mark Davenport, Gina Davis, John Davis, Leeca Dawkins, Vicki Day, Linda Dean, Mary DeCarlo, Valerie DeCocq, Rus DeCordova, Belinda Dedson, Gwenda .luniors Show Interest In Business Courses Deeder, Annette Denn, Jennifier Dennis, Donna DeShazo, Joy Dixson, David Dodson, Jeff Dodson, Kathi Dodson, Stephanie Donaldson, Sharon Drake, Theresa Draper, Tommy Driscoll, Diana Drury, Pam Drye, Karen Duckett, Tracy Dudley, James Dufour, Steve Dunkin, Gloria Dunn, Gary Durbin, Tammy Dusen, Tammy Dutton, Darla Eary, David Easley, Mike Eck, Arlyn Eisenman, Tracy Elliott, Brenda Ellis, David Elkins, Steve Engle, Mike Erwin, Charles Ethridge, Shelli Factor, Eddie Farrell, Mitchell Farris, Robert Fauhust, Janet Fendrych, Kathleen Fennell, Lonny Ferguson, Bryan Ferguson, Dickey Fernandes, Michelle Ferree, Chris ,IUNIORS DEBBIE SARGENT, Karen Gilliam and LeeAnn Schoo receive papers in Shorthand I class. , ,-1 gf-er Finley, Deborah Finney, Deborah Fitzgerald, Pat Fix, Angela Flesher, Jeanne Floyd, Jeff Foreman, Marla Foughty, Donna Frampton, Ron Franks, Dona Franks, Paul Fredrick, Sherry Freeman, Janet Fulks, Ricky Fulks, Terrena Gabbert, Edie Galier, Karen Gallamore, Mike Gann, Debbie Garen, Shawn Garnand, Jimmie Garrett, Marla Gates, Nona Gathright, Randle Gerten, Randy Giles, David Giles, Lisa Gilliam, Karen Gilmore, Danny Gilstrap, Alison Goble, Cathy Goetz, Allen Goldsmith, .lane Good, Kelle Goode, Darryl Goodman, Andy Goodwin, Roxanne Gorr, Julie Graham, Donny Graham, Kenny Graham, Pam Gray, Bruce Gray, Mitchell Greb, Vicky Green, Jamie Greenlee, Gary Greeson, Jetta Greeson, Susan Griffith, Julie Grimes, James Gifford, Bennie Guffey, Penny Hadley, Ricky Haffner, Darren Haftman, Michael Hall, Steve Halpin, Michelle Hamilin, Jacqueline Hammock, Susan Hammon, Rhonda Hannabass, Robert Hargis, Mark Harmon, Brenda Harris, Cathy Harris, David Harris, Leslie Harris, Robin Harrison, Eddie Hart, Kenney Hart, Sharon Harwell, Tonya Hatchett, Randy Hathaway, Rita Hawkins, Kimberly Hayes, Brian Hayes, Cherie Hays, Debbie Haynes, Rhonda Hazelwood, Scott Headlee, Steven Heavener, Jimmy Helms, Ronny Henderson, David Hendrickson, Vickie HAY RIDES PROVED to be lots of laughs for junior French Club members Cheryl Miller, Michelle Fernandes, Jamie Green, and Bobbie Cochran gk Junior Involvement Shows In Clubs Jackson .lackson Jackson 9 Jackson, Henson, David Henson, Bill Hention, Pam Herring, Sherri Heston, .lohn Hestand, Kay Hetheringlon, Carla Higgins, Billy Highfill, Alvin Hilburn, Randall Hildreth, Nicky Hileman, Rick Hill, Becky Hill, Pam Hill, Shelley Hilton, Mary Hites, Mat Hixson, ,lanet Hodges, Darla Holbrook, Melinda Hollingsworth, Tony Holloway, Vickie Holman, Carol Holt, Larry Hood, Robin Hoofard, Suzanne Hooton, Connie Hopkins, Denise Hopkins, Leann Horn, Jeff Houdmann, Lyndon Hubbard, .loaniell Hubbard, Sandra Hulse, Karen Hunter, Marcia Hurst, .lanice Hurst, Russell Hyde, Mark Isreal, Steve Brenda Mark Shelly Susan Jackson, , Tony Jacobs, Becky Jacobs, Vernie James, Kyle James, Loretta .lanko, Seba Jay, .loyce Jefferson, Kathy Jennings. James Johnson, Elizbeth Johnson, Bonnie Johnson, David Johnson, Jimmy Johnson, Larry Johnston, Jon Jolly, Gina Jones, Dianna Jones, Jack Jones, Joree Jones, Wesley Julian, Stacy Justice, Shirley Kallio, Amy Kantner, Sharon Keeler, Charles Keenum, Jack Kendall, Kay Kennedy, Vickie Kersey, Caroline Key, Debbie Key, Mike Keylon, Cindy Kilburn, Cynthia Killian, Mark King, Alyce King, Nancy King, Patricia Kirtman, Mike Kitchen, Richard Knapp, Niza Koger, Sharri Koonce, Steve Kovar, Anita Krueger, William Kudron, Lisa Kuzmic, Janice Lakey, Tammy Landers, Glen Lasater, James Lassiter, Gary Latham, Charles Lovelett, Larry Lawrence, Aaron Laxson, Deborah Leazenby, John Leckie, Connie Lee, Melvin Lehenbauer, Sue Lemons, Renee Lenker, Doris Lessmann, Larry Lewis, Carol Lilley, Diane Liston, Dewayne Lockhart, Andy ,, JUNIORS TRY TO enjoy themselves while being run over at the Junior-Senior skating party. 171: iii. Logan, Lori Long, Cindy Long, .lohnny Loyd, Mike Loyd, Tammy Loyd, Richard Loyd, Tammy Lund, Kaye Lusk, Donette Lyles, Cary Lyons, Mark Main, Freddie Mangum, Paula Manley, Elaine Manley, Pam Mansfield, Barbara Marcum, Troy Marrs, Pete Martin, Rick I S Martin, Weldon Martinez, Terrie Maslen, Pat Maslen, Tom Mathews, Robyn Mayfield, Curtis Maytubby, Phillip McBeath, Debbie McBride, Deborah McClung, Wendell McC0ol, Ralph McDonald, Rosemary McElvony, Lue McCowen, Joann McGraw, Cary Mclnroe, Kevin McKee, Lisa McKinney, Kevin McKinney, Sherry McLain, Stefan McLaughlin, Marlene McMillon, Balinda McVey, Debbie 211 Means, Norman McCoy, Don Melton, Farrell Mercker, Melinda Merritt, Wendy Meyer, Gina Miller, Bobby Miller, Brian Miller, Cheryl Miller, Cindy Miller, Kent Miller, Lane Miller, Rurie Mills, Mark Mills, Mike Mitchell, Jana Mobly, Lisa Modesto, Steve Monroe, Debra Monroe, Paula Montgomery, Ricky Montoya, Allcia Moody, Wayne Moore, Chris Moore, Darla Moore, David Moore, Jeff Moore, Teresa Moore, Treva Morgan, ,Ienetta Morris, David Morrow, Terri Mullins, Thomas Murray, John Muise, Beverly Muse, Janis Neal, Greg Nelson, Carrie Nelson, Diane Newton, Jamie Niccum, Kenny Nichols, Dianna Nia JUNIOR LYNDON HOUDMAN is caught by photographer while rushing to class. ' ' 'fm' Getting To Class A Hassle Nichols, Ron Nichols, Scott Nolen, Gary Nyburg, Martha Oberste, Cathy Ocker, Lonnie Oden, Jan Ogden, Todd Ogilvie, Melanie Ortega, Ellen Owen, Dana Pace, Donald Page, Lora Pappe, Susan Park, Denny Parker, Danny Parker, John Parks, Bekye Parks, Donald Parnell, Terecia Parrish, Eldon Parsons, Belinda Patterson, Cylynda Pasey, Sandra Payne, Stephanie Peak, Theresa Pearce, Charles Pence, Priscilla Pennington, Carmen Pennington, Linda Penry, Johnny Penton, Mary Perry, JoAnne Peterson, Patti Petito, Brett Phillips, James Phillips, Kelley Piatt, Mark Pierce, Jack Pierce, Lisa Plemons, Alan Plymaie, Sherry Poff, Cynthia Pollard, David Pontius, David Powell, William Pratt, Kathy Preston, Sheri Pribyl, Tommy Price, Capri Price, Nancy Pulliam, Debbie Purdom, Brigget Pursley, Jeffery Queen, Bobby Rains, Deborah Rainwater, Monty Ramsy, Pat Rankin, Kirby Ratcliff, Kathy Ray, Patty Ray, Scott Red, Cheryl Reed, Debbi Reed, Kevin Reed, Lowell Reed, Mark Reed, Mike Reeder, Marcella Reid, Rickey Reimers, Ronnie Reyes, Lonny Reynolds, Rrian Reynolds, Linda Rhodes, James Rhodes, Sandra Rhue, Douglas Rice, Jeanie Rich, Edward Rich, Robert Rigdon, Janet Robbins, Teresa Roberti, Susan Roberts, Craig Robertson, Kathy Roberts, Nancy Robinett, Lynn Robinson, Brian FOOTBALL MANAGER PENNY Combs shows real team involementfrom the sidelines. Juniors Lend Needed Support Robinson, Greg Roedl, Jana Roberti, James Rogers, Mark Rone, Mark Roots, Mark Rose, Paul Rose, James Routon, George Rowe, Mike Rusche, Carol Rush, Vickey Russell, Kelly Russell, Tommy Sanders, Sara Schanafelt, Mark Schaub, Diana Schreider, Deana Schoo, Leeann Schroeder, David Schroeder, Sam Schwartz, Karen Scott, Dean Scott, Jimmy Scott, Kathy Scott, Pam Seirer, Kirk Seiter, Deborah Self, Drew Self, Jackie Sells, Cynthia Senters, Jeff Shawn, Lynn Shelton, Connie Shelton, Kathy Shepherd, Jay Shepherd, Sandy Shipman, Brenda Shook, Jonathan Short, Lori Shropshire, Donna Shroyer, Mayme Shultz, Jeff Sigle, Tina Sikes, Brenda Simmons, Renae Simmons, Rhonda Simonds, Susanna Simpson, Chris Sinters, Jeff Skellton, Sherry Slaton, Karen Smith, Allan Smith, Carol Different Classes A Challenge To Juniors Smith, Debra Smith, Dwain Smith, Edward Smith, Kelly Smith, Ken Smith, Lori Smith, Regina Smith, Vickey Snelson, Lori Snethen, Nancy Soard, Donald Sossamon, Kathleen Sparkman, William Spaulding, Stan Spears, Keith Spence, LeeAnn Spivey, Bryan Staat, .l0Anna Staats, Cary Staats, Sandy Stallings, Becky Stagg, Cathy Stanfield, Cindy Stanfill, Shawn Stanford, Chuck Start, Cheri Steffes, Sheryl Stevens, Dale Stevens, Debbie Stevens, Kenny Stevenson, Randy Stewart, Dennis Stewart, Don Stewart, Gregory Stinnitt, Terry Stockton, Barbara Stoepker, Mike Stokes, Dot Storts, Lenial Stover, Mike Streetman, Rose Mary Stubblefield, Tony Stulce, Terry Stull, Danny Stutzman, Floyd Summers, Lee Swanda, Alan Sweetin, Robb 1 Tate, Bobby Taylor, Cindy Taylor, Michael Taylor, Sandra Taylor, Susan Taylor, Tom era h K ., .,f..:' v ' JAP Q5 , . 14, , yz., f if F Y ,, but 4 'V 4 x 1 'U we a TT .st , Q- Q .F , A CONFUSION CLOUDS THEJQ1ce ofKaye Lund as she and Ginnie Cherry work on layouts in Yearbook class. Teasley, Paul Tedford, Sandra Teel, Terry Templeton, Dana Thomas, Rena Thomas, Sharon Thorton, Kitty Thurber, Lee Tipps, Tyla Tollers, Bret Tomberlin, Kathy Trumbull, Roger Tucker, Arlis Upton, Tami Utsler, Dennis VanDyke, Roger Varey, Herbie Vaughn, Becky Vaughn, Glenda Vaughn, Rebecca Vaught, Beverly Vestal, Pam Vetter, Terrie Villines, Larry Vogle, Steve Wadsworth, Liz Walker Walker Walker , Andy Danny , , Terrie Walters , Ron Walther, Lee Wano, Ward, Ward Ward Ward, s Ron Ellen Gregory Lakeitha Lora Ward, Tammy Warfel, Charles Watts, Patricia Waugh, Stan Webb, Kent Webb, Susan Weidenmaier, Brian Weiher, Deborah Wellborn, Tracy Wellner, Deborah Wells, Mike West, Darla Westfall, Dan Wheeler, Lynn Wherry, Sherry White, Bruce White, Christine White, Neita Wigley, Dennis Wilhoit, Nathan Winkleman, Mark Wilkins, RaeLynn Williams, Berrie Williams, Cathey Williams, Cindy Williams, Darren Williams, David Williams, Gary Williams, Robbie Williams, Scott Williams, Terrie Williams, Toby Williamson, Diane Williamson, Gaynell Williamson, Jana Willingham, David Willis, Charles Wilson, Anita Wilson, Brenda Wilson, Deborah fri 9- TONYA HARWELL WEARS overalls showing that Moore ls Best over-all. ' as-s 424 - i f Q59- Juniors Help ake A Winning Season Wilson. W'ilson, Wilson, Wilson W'ils0n Wilson .lana Mike Monte Randy Steve Steve Wissler, Ron Wofford, Ronald Wood, Don Workman, Tommy Wright, Craig Wyatt, David Yahola, Pennie Yon, Jeff Young, Barry Young, David Young, Mary Zink, Steve at K, QW' JUNIOR QUARTERBACK DONNY Graham shows the coach the down isfourlh and inches. a - " 475 , Juniors On The Move 'Q' . I f A , 4 A B A. P.E. BECAME A requirement to graduate and Juniors found themselves in this catagoryfor the first time. B. Winners of the Dudley-Do-Right, Snidely Whiplash contest are: Jeff Horn, Jeff Moore, and Elaine Manley. C. JUNIORS SHOW THE rest of the student body they have spirit too. ,M ' 'r I . .- i .ww M. . .jr-..f 6,5 f' 2 Aj ' sf f W.. ..'f"" -'xx rf F, A 1 "RT P iff a... F. .1 .nf W. . .f 4C A. DONNIE GRAHAM DESPERATELY keeps ll hand on thefootball. B. RANDY STEPHENSON practices his band marching. C. RENEE LEMONS AND Gary Dunn work in the darkroom. W' , i are -"""" fReporterj Greg Barton and top, Stephanie fSecretaryj, and Kim fljresidentj. milf" gc-su-:gunman 5 . Q W Q iw ' ff? . . . l ' : ' ' ' - .--" Wm . 3' 'ix V Q , A 'wuz Q. ,f - V. ' ,. .m:i, L' ww. ,A ,. 3 fx. Nils mm Www , . 'k,' 1" W . .JK .5 ,.zW bhkhgj kr X 'lb i :iv NXQM Sophomores Quickly Blend In -4""? 'ff' Abbott , Sheri Ahston, Kathy Adams, Laura Adams, Cindy Adkins, Mark Allan, John Allen, Richard Allison, Leslie Anderson, Deborah Anderson, John Anderson, Robert Andrews, Donnie Ardon, David Ash, Robin Ausbrooks, Patricia Austin, Julia Autrey, Eddie Avens, Tracy Avery, Julie Badon, Jan Badon, Deanna Baer, Julie Bailey, Kirk Bain, Cheryl Baldwin, Laura Banker, Brian Barbre, Helen Barker, Cindy Barnes, Angela Barr, Regan Bartels, Jacquelin Barton, Alan Barton Gayla , Barton, Greg Barton, Kim Battle, Batten, Beare, Tina Danny Lori Been, Sidney Bell, Gene Beller, Joe Bennett, Greg Bennett, Jeff Bennett, Juanita Bennett, Karen Benninger, Diane Benshoof, Kevin Benton, Anita Bergren, Bret Bernack, Ron Berry, Lisa Betts, Tim Bigelow, Tina Bird, Becky Sophomores Compete For Splflt Stlck Bird, Cathy Bird, Donna Bishon, Barbara Blackward, Hermon Blanding, Dawna Boepple, Vicki Bollenbach, Jimmy Boeden, Lisa Bordwine, Terry Bosler, Christy Boswood, Rhalene Bottoms, Brenda Bowen, Kevin Bowles, Deborah Boyce, Jayne Boydston, Terri Brackeen, Linda Bradford, Laura Bradley, Carey Brandt, Anna Brantley, Tim Bray, Phil Breese, Susan Breenerman, Josie Brennan, Diane Brennan, Roger Bright, Malynda Brittian, Kelly Brock, Gary Brown, Billy Brown, Curtis Brown, Jeff Brown, Rick Brown, Robyn Brown, Ronnie Brown, Teresa Brosek, Mike Bruce, Charleen Brumly, Tamara Brumett, Laura Brummett, Nikki Bryant, Lauri Buckner, Steve Burch, Sabrina Butorac, Marilyn Butler, Johnnie Boswell, Vicki Burcham, Harvey Burchett, Michael Burgess, David Burleson, Mike Burruss, John Burton, Charlie Cabrera, Pam Caldwell, Karen Callahan, Brenda Callaway, Dave Callun, Janet Calvin, Jerri Campbell, Dennis Campbell, Lynne Campbell, Kaye Campbell, Terry Cannon, Charles Cantwell, Robert Carter, Charles Carter, Dee Carter, Martha Cary, Denise Castleberry, Charles Castleman, Bruce Castro, Diane Cate, Ricky Cathey, Lee Cavner, Tawnya Chadrick, Lee Challis, Sharon Chamblee, Monica Chamberlain, Kelly Chambers, Todd Chance, Chanda Chance, LaDonna Chancey, Terri Chapman, Bobby Chastain, Todd Cheatham, Chondra Cheek, Jackie Chism, Shelley Choate, Robert Choate, Terry Christensen, LuAnn Chumley, Cheryl Clark, Adriann Clark, Jeanine Clark, Jennifer Clark, Mark Clark, Mike Clifton, Charlotte Coatney, Rodney Cockrum., Tony Cole, Cheralaine Cole, Deana Cole, Deresa Cole, Tony Coleman, Chris Coleman, Julie Coleman, Vanessa Collins, Greg Collins, Lee Collins, Vincent Colquitt, Galen Combs, Jim Condit, Ralph Condit, Randy Connely, Stephen Conner, Al Conway, Brenda Conway, Kim Cook, Beth Cooke, Cathy Cooper, Danette Coots, Rod Copper, Diana Corhit, Ray Corcoran, Jody Corcoran, Mark Courtwright, Carla Courtwright, Laura Covel, Toby Cowart, Amy Cox, Kenny Cox, Scotty Craig, Timmy Craft, Tammy Cranfield, Clay Cranfield, Sammy Cridlin, Teresa Crow, Alan Crutz, Juanita Cunningham, Joni Cuny, Brian Curnett, Jackqueline pirit Stick Awarded to Sophomores Dalhem, Nathan Daniels, Jeffrey Danner, Evan Darragh, Sandy Dater, Steve Davidson, Karl Davis, Jean Dean, Stephanie DeArmon, DeAnna Deatherage, Lessley DeBoard, Susan DeCordova, Belinda Dennis, Darrell Detamore, Kathy Deweese, Robert Deweese, Terri Dichary, Jerry Dickison, Michele Dilbeck, Carrie Dillard. Carrie Dinse, Ronnie Dixon, Tommy Dobbs, Aaron Dodson, Billy Dodson, Jeff Dodson, Terry Doss, Robert Dozal, Emily Dreesen, Daniel Driscol, Joyce DuFour, Joe Duke, Martin Dunafan, Mark Duncan, Debra Duncan, Karen Duncan, Lisa Earley, Jo Easley, Rickey Eck, Brian Edwards, Connie Edwards, Trudy Elledge, Cindy MIKE NESBITT IS readyfor almost anything. Elliot., David Elwood, Pat Embree, Kim Emrich, William Epperson, Lane Eskew, Bobby Evans, Jaye Evans, Terri Everett, Greg Fairchild, JoAnn Fanning, Pam Farmer, Tim Farris, Beth Faulkinberry, Tommy Ferguson, Cindy Ferguson, Kirk Ferree, David Fikes, Scott We're So Great, We're So Fine ,. s. 6, Flxlgixffx l acids, F .F mx-w fi X mf . CLAR:::K?3qs SOPHOMORE LINDA RALLS models T-shirt. t F 228 Fink, Sherry Finn, Colleen Fitzhugh, Patricia Fleming, Roy Fletcher, Valerie Flowers, Gail Foehner, Brenda Folsom, Lori Ford, Vergil Forga, Donna Fortune, Jennifer Fosenburg, Mark Foster, Eugene Fowler, Ricky Frank, Debbie Freeman, Gregg Freeman, Toni Friar, Terri Fulks, Karen Fulks, Patty Fuzzell, Risa Gabriel, Paula Galier, Tony Gallaher, Julie Garrett, Kirk Gay, Keith Gibson, Barbara Gibson, Jeff Gibson, Lynne Gers, Chris Giles, Irene Gillilan, LaNese Gilmore, Jessie Gilslrap, Kim Glasco, Denise Glimp, Jana Glimp, Joe Glover, Gary Goble, Cheryl Goodman, Andy Goodrich, Mark Gorton, Candy Graham, Diane Grant, Donna Grant, Terrie Graves, Richard Gray, Doug Green, Robbie Green, Sandra Gregg, Larry Gregory, Rebecca Gregory, Sharon Gresham, Daniel Griffits, Alan Grinstead, Nancy Guffey, Paula Gunter, Penny Gwinn, Jackie Haden, Mark Hale, Teresa Hall, Jay Hall, Kelly Hames, Lewis Hamilton, Debbie Hamilton, Linda Hampton, Terry Haney, Alan Harbeston, Tonya Hardcastle, Robin Hardin, Mellaine Hardy, Cary Hargis, Kelli Harrington, Mike Harris, Jackie Harris, Tammy Harrison, Bill Harsha, Donna Hartley, Stanley Hathaway, Juanita Hauser, Caressa Hawkins, Becque Hawkins, Jimmy Hawkins, Jody Hawkins, Larry Hawkins, Pamela Hay, Bret Haynes, Pam Hays, Renee Heath, Terry Heavner, Mark Heck, Bryan Hefner, Darrell Hejl, Greg Helteel, Rodney Herring, Christine Herring, Kay ,rs +54- 1 M .- , 1 M r -,wg -af ' SOPHOMORE BRAD HURSTjinds time to relax in elm Henshaw, Lora Henshaw, Susie Hensley, Darren Hensley, Lisa Hensley, Sam Henson, Diane Henson, Jackie Henton, Carl Hesson, Jana Hestand, Maurice Hibbs, Johnny Higgins, Edd Highfill, Gene Hilhurn, Pam Hilderbrand, Peggy .gk-.W LANCE LEDBETTER AND Kyle Hill, Carl Hill, Doyle Hillstromb, Timmy Hilterbran, Shari Hines, DeAnna Hines, Mark Hobbs, Donald Hodge, Brad Hoge, Bill Holden, Christie Holland, Art Hollen, Leisa Holliday, Stacey Holloway, Billy Holt, Sandy Homan, Debra Hood, Jana Horne, Kelley Horst, Darla Houk, Paul Houlette, Sherry Houser, Tammy Howe, Barry Howe, Terry Howell, Teresa Howell, Vicki Howland, Debbie Huard, Mike Hubdon, Mark Huckleby, Mark Hudson, Diane Huffman, Darrell Huffstutlar, Denise Hugghins, James Hunt, Kim Hunt, Leo Hurst, Brad Hurst, Bradley Hutchcraft, Roy Hutchins, Donna Hutchinson, Leslie Hutson, Scott Hutzel, Loyd Ingram, David Ingram, Jean Jackson, Chris Jackson, Donna Jackson, Mike Jacques, Deborah Jaentz, Dianna James, Kevin Jameson, Clay Janko, Czerena January, Ann Jaroszewicz, Jeff Jenkins, Cindy Jenkins, Creighton Jenner, John Johns, David Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Janet Johnson, Larry Johnson, Loretta Johnson, Susan Johnson, Robbie Johnson, Tawnya Jones, Beverly Jones, Darryl Jones, Debbie Jones, Jack Jones, Jacklyn Jones, Jeff Jones, Linda Jones, Lisa Jones, Lori Jones, Lori Jones, Richard Jones, Terri Sophomores Spring Into Action Joslin, Micheal Keel, Tammy Keene, Charles Keener, David Keesee, Kirk Kelley, Mickey Kenney, Susan Kile, Barbara Kilgore, Jamie Kyung, Kim Kimmel, Tony Kirkham, Don BRUCE CAVNER KSENIORI shows dwerent shoes worn by Kathy Queen fSoph.j for Howdy Week. Kirkham, Kathy Klewer, Jeanette Knight, Scott Knoll, David Knowles, Michelle Knox, Daniela Kochendorfer, Tammy Koonce, Karen Krain, Lauri Krause, James Kutchera, Patty Langley, Karen Langley, Sharon Lassiter, Bill Lassiter, Ed Lavelett, Terry Lawler, Cindy Layden, Kayla 233 Ledbetter, Lance Lee, Bart Legg, Joyce Lehembauer, Alice Lehembauer, Nathan Leisinger, Steven Lenker, Donald Lessman, Danny Lessman, David Lettenmaier, Cheryl Lewis, Jeff Lewis, Zane Lindsey, Laurie Linn, Jeff Lloyd, Jonie Loftin, Dorothy Loftis, Eric Logan, Scott Long, Randy Long Walter Lookabaugh, Sharon Lott, Robin Love, Charles Lovett, Eddie Lowe, Kevin Lowry, Doyle Lowry, Marshall Luman, LaDonna Lund, Randall Lunday, Kelli Lunday, Lance Lupton, Jeanette Luttrell, Tracey High School Means Fresh Excitement SOPHOMORE CLASS PAR TICIPA TION is unreal. Lynch, Pam Lynch, Greg Lynn, Greg Lyons, Johnny Lytle, Robert Magby, Rusty Mahan, Pam Malone, Janna Manley, Richard Mantooth, Ricky Maples, Annette Mappes, Darryl Marr, Kyle Martin, Chuck Martin, Jeff Martin, Mark Martin, Tammy Martindale, Jeff Martinez, Rachel Mason, David Masopust, Timothy Mattocks, Kelley Maurer, Sarah Maxey, Henry SOPHOMORES OFTEN SOUGHT advice from Ms. Patty Wyatt in the Central Ojice. Maxwell, David Maxwell, Marsha Mayhew, Lee McAuley, Leilani McBride, Mark McBride, Paula McClellans, Sandra McConnell, Jennfer McCorkle, Teresa McCory, Alan McDonald, Harold McDonald, John McDonald, Randy McEuen, Joe McEwin, Julie McFarland, Beverly McFarland, Greg McGee, Judy McCowen, Trudy McGuffey, Robert McKee, Kathy McKenzie, Robin McKnight, Jerry McSwain, Cindy McVey, Gina McVey, Rondah Means, Jeffery Means, Ricky Medey, Sandra Meek, Christina Melton, Todd Mercer, Chris Mercer, Ronnie Metzger, Don Meziere, Danny Micheal, Sue Milam, Joe Miller, Brian Miller, James Miller, Martha Miller, Rick Miller, Robert Minor, Thomas Mitchell, Dwayne Mitchell, Mark Mix, Eddie Mobley, Micheal Mogseth, Leslie Monarch, Kammie Montgomery, Darren Mooney, Michelle Moore, Bill Moore, Darryl Moore, Debbie Moore, Karen Money, Ty Morgan, Allen Morgan, Scott Morris, Charlene Morris, Leland Morrison, Beth Morrison, Billy Moses, Christie Mosley, Chris Mogseth, Leslie Muise, Rebecca Mulkey, Ronald Mulligans, Russell Mullins, Sonya Mundell, Ruby Murphy, Belinda Murphy, Pat 236 Sophomores at the End of the Line Murphy, Pat Murphy, Ray Murray, Kimberley Musser, Debra Myers, Lora Nail, David Nance, Neal, D Neal, R Nehrer, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nesbitt, Nichols, Alice eidre obert Brad Kim Mark Tela Theresa Mike Karen Norman, Mike Norris, Norton, Norwoo Nobles, Kent Pat d, Stephanie Billy O'Connor, Bill Oliver, O'Neal, Leslie Darla Onley, Steve Osborn, .lamie Osborn, Sam Oswalt, Owen, Owen, Owen, Pahan, Padget, Price Linda Dinah Laura Thomas Greg Pagel, Bobby Panchaud, Cheryl Parker, Parker, Bryan Kim Parnell, James Patrick, Bryan Payne, Payne, DeeAnn Dewayne Paz, Phillip Peake Pearce, , Danny Doug Peck, James Pelletie r, Anita Pennington, Billy Perry, Rhonda Perrymore, Mark Peterson, Jim Philliber, Mike Phillips, David Phillips, Jeff Phillips, Joe Phillips, Wayne Phipps, Patricia Pierson, Pamela Pilgram, Desiree Pine, Tracey Pizzini, Joe Plowman, Kathy Plymale, Lisa Poirot, Steve Polk, Lecia Pontius, Teresa Porter, Curtis Porter, Micheal Poteet, Robert Potter, Kim Powell, Mary Prater, Kevin Price, Teresa Primm, Butch Prince, Pam Proctor, Deborah Puckett, Tim Queen, Kathy Quenzer, Donna Quintero, Lenora Ralls, Linda Ratliff, Matt Red, Cary Redman, Paula Reed, Deborah V7 'Y M A of Reed, Rhonda Reeder Lisa Reeves, April Reeves, Bill Reichert, Anna n 'Q Reising, Dan ON MONDAY SOPHOMORES recuperate from the weekend. Reitz, Mike Rentz, David Reynolds, Jimmy Reynolds, Kelly Reynolds, Pamela Rhea, Lana Rhodes, Terri Rhue, Dwight Rich, Judy Richardson, Carla Richardson, Dee Richardson, Robin dson, Vicki Richar Riley, TAWNYA CAVNER AND Christie Moses discuss class assignment. Robertson, Brenda Robinett, Mark Robinson, Mark Rodgers, Kathy Rollins, Randy Romine, Donald Routon, Pam Rowe, Rodney Rowland, Cindy Rucker, Jeff Rudolph, Keith Russell, Mark Ryland, Mike Sanders, Vicki Sarrett, Gina Saunders, Chris Saunders, Robert Sawyer, Kathy Scarbrough, Renee Schmidt, Theo Schoo, Penny Schoonover, Tina Schwartz, Robert Schumate, Lynn Scott, Sabrina Seago, Randy Seitsinger, Mark Self, Mike Self, Paul Sewell, Scott Shank, Sharon Shaw, Gary Shearer, Brenda Shell, Robert Shelton, Terri Shepardson, Bill Shaver, Mark Shipley, Lisa Shipman, Brian Shipman, Michaellan Shipman, Carla Shoffstull, Don Short, Bill Shrader, Terri Shugart, Paul Shugart, Tammy Simms, Peggy Simon, Eric Simpson, Donald Simpson, Gail Simpson, Robin Sims, Ricky Singleton, Robert Sites, Ceorgiana 240 , 711, SOPHOMORE OFFICE AIDES enjoy their work. rf ,V 9' W., Only Two More Years! Skinner, Kent Skinner, Sandy Skinner, Teresa Slaton, Kelly Smallwood, Glenn Smith, Devin Smith, Debbie Smith, Darla Smith, Darrell Smith, Jackie Smith, Kelli Smith, Laura Smith, Mark Smith, Rhonda Smith, Ricky Smith, Shelly Smith, Teresa Smith, Terri Smith, Todd Smith, Valerie Smith, Wade Smith, William Smithson, Mark Snethen, Shelli Snider, Greg Soard, Todd Sossamon, Keith Southard, Clay Southerland, Thea Spain, Donna Sparks, Kari Sparks, Tandelz Spear, Spauld Bobby ing, Connie Speigel, Gail Spitler, Greg Spurae on, Steve Stafford, Gary Stafford, Becky Starey, SIHPP, Gary Vermon Starkey, Brian Q Start, Randy 1 Steavenson, Alice 'V Steele, Audrey if Stephens, Richard Steger, Travis Stephenson, Bruce Stevens, Ann Stewart, Kim Stewart, Vicki Stigler, Beth Stine, Paul Straughn, Kurt STACY SWEARENGIN SINGS St'3"5h':' gems School Son . ree ' . ruce g Streun, Jimmy Sophomores Learn Tradition Stroud, Jolene Sturges, Jimmy Stutzman, Sheryl Sullins, .lerry Suson, Steven Southerland, Arthur Suttle, Cathy Swafford, Bill Swanson, Scarlett Swearengin, Stacy Swierc, Mike Swift, Delta Tabb, Mark Tankerslen, Ken Taylor, Barbar Taylor, David Taylor, Mark Taylor, Russell Taylor, Sandra Teele, Tommy Templeton, Christel Templeton, Lorie Tennyson, Arlen Tenpenny, Larry 242 Tenpenny, Lori Thaggard, Michael Thaxton, Ray Thedford, Sandy Thomas, Lynn Thomason, Bill Thomason, Jimmy Micki Micki Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Ronald Thornton, Kevin Tidwell, Sheila Tillett, Geneva Timberlake, Tommy Tompkins, Terri Todd, David Trail Moria Trower, Darla Trumball, Barbara Tubbs, Michelle Turner, Tony Turney, Melody Ulmer, Jackie Underwood, Terry Upton, Ronnie Valentine, Teri Vandeburgh, Walt Vannosdoll, Randy Vannostran, Debbie Vestal, Richard Vetter, Brian Vikcers, Wesley Vincent, Kelly Vineyard, Bobby VanDollen, Anthony Vore, Buddy Vowell, David Wade, Tim Waggener, Wayne Wagoner, Steven Wahl, Tania Wakeman, Boyd Waldron, Cayla Walker, Barbara Walker, Jerri Walker, Lynn Walker, Ray Walker, Tammy Walker, Terry Waller, Jess Walls, Tina Walters, Cindy Ward, Micheal Ward, Nancy Warden, Kim Warner, Chuck Wasland, Debbie Watson, Kelly Weaver, Bobby Weisbrach, John Wesson, Janna West, Buddy West, Mary Wheat, Ruben Whelland, Valerie Wheeler, Gary White, Cheryl White, Danny White, Keith White, Rene White, Terri Whittaker, Robert Wicks, Tad Wilhelm, Lowell Wilhort, Clay Wilkerson, David Wilkerson, Kevin Wilkerson, Mitch Wilkins, David Wilkins, Ricky Willard, Ricky Williams, Cindy Williams, Eric Williams, Keith Williams, Monty li eff as DESPAIR SHOWS IN the jlzce of Diane Hudson alher the Lions were defeated in playojfs. 244 Williams, Robin Williams, Teresa Willis, Rhonda Willis, Terry Wilson, Chris Wilson, Desiree Wilson, Janna Wilson, Karen Wilson, Karen Wilson, Kenny Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Tammy Wilson, Vic Winters, Mark Win, Tom Womack, Craig Sophomore Pride Rises Even Sophomores Were Involved GREG LYNN AND JIMMY LEONARD found time to be library aides. Woodward, Kim Wood, Kenny Wooderson, Penny Woodside, Rhonda Workman, Kim Wright, David Wright, Wayne Yount, Steve Young, Twila Youcum, Greg Yarbrough, Danny Yahola, Lawana Zaring, Robert 245 lmn.""" 'ff' '91 K, ':.-?' I ,V ,, ,,,,f,, In Y 'ian 1, MMV, 4""'x an gf!! K,.nr"' ,. f, , . W, W 4 A 1 1 1 1 'L um, YN Z in -.5 MQUP 1 , a--...... 1 1 , V1 'X' ,'iAi f me f" .Wd g , t Q i 4 2 'TW Ulwy 66,4 Ufildili IL WIYWHKKH 6 T 7924 The first Timekeeper was put out in 1924 by the senior class of that year. The annual was paper- back, black, and consisted of fifty eight pages. The pictures were black and white. Each class had dif- ferent school colors. The seniors colors were pur- ple and white, the juniors were purple and gold, the sophomores were crimson and cream, and the freshmen were black and gold. Not one classes colors consisted of blue or red. The Timekeeper Staff of t24' had an unusual way of earning money to put out their yearbook. They sold chickens. Thatis right chickens! That was how they could afford to put a yearbook out. 9116513 In 1924 the football team won six games out of eleven, boy's basketball seven out of eleven and the girls basketball five out of eight. How's that! Hilburn E. Platt who helped put out the first yearbook is now living with his wife in Moore after moving back three years ago. Mr. Plattis grand- father built the Platt Lumberyard. The Platt fam- ily is the oldest family in Moore. The dedication of the Timekeeper of 624' read as follows - g'Due to the respect and the apprecia- tion for the many courtesies extended to us by the people, who made it possible for us to have the advantages of a high school education, to them, this first volume of the Timekeeper is dedicated by the Senior Class of 6242 i1!6.S' W 600' ibm LT Yr X , L d.-9 vw 49" Rf" ., V .dit 'Q'- -No. Ov' " Q AV' r ivy L-.. fa 4' .- n"1,,,y ' 'V 3' 1 I ..,,,. , ll In - . I 'D ' 1 ,S This years Timekeeper nominees were chosen by the staff of the Timekeeper and voted on by the student body at Moore High School. The only qualifications were that the girls had to be a senior and not any other royalty. Beauty was the key factor in the contest. Students looked at the pictures of the nominees and voted on whom they thought was the prettiest. The majority of the students chose Judy Sewell. Us-v gf-fs X It Judy Sewell is a senior at MHS and is also head twirler and was voted outstanding twirler at state contest. Other nominees for Timekeeper queen were Kim Camp, Kelly Rhea, Debi Mason, Kebbie Bowles, Dawna Bristol, Della Cowser, Susan Clarkson, and Cindy Butler. 250 Vhneke ueen 76- 77 " yah? and een Z1-77 l " g,,,,f y 15' V iw , 'Su KK a f 1,22 . ,. 4: me Something new was added to the homecoming royality, kings. Not only do we have the traditional football, basketball, baseball, wrestling and track queens, but we added golf and boys' tennis queens. Also, girls' tennis and gymnastics chose kings to represent their sports. It seems that equal rights has spread to Moore. The queens, kings, and attendants were chosen by the athletes in their respective sports. The stu- dents then elected their choice for the all-sports king and queen. This year the students at MHS chose as their queen Michelle Piatt and as their king Ricky Blair. Pictures of the royalty were taken in the beautiful Brookwood Village Clubhouse. The staff of the Timekeeper would like to express deep thanks to them for allowing this to be done. jw Basketball queen this year was Ms. Debbie Owen, senior. Debbie,s attendant was Ms. Debbie Monroe, a junior. She was escorted by Mr. Kevin McFall, a senior. This years track queen was Ms. Joyce Bennett, a senior. She was attended by junior Ms. Stephanie Banker. She was also attended by junior Ms. Kelley Phillips, not pictured. The escort was senior Mike Rumsey. 'i' ffjlv 'J akellall Owwak 25 Boys tennis chose Ms. Robin Means, senior as their queen. Ms. Michelle Fernandez, junior, and Gayle Butler, junior were the attendants. Tim Barton, senior, was the escort. Mr. David Newton, senior, is Girls Tennis king for 76-77 year. Mr. Burke Grimes junior, and Tony Jackson, junior, were the attendants. Ms. Stephanie Jackson, senior, escorted David. Gymnastics chose Mark Arce as their king. Mark was escorted by Renae Simmons and his attendant was Jeff Martin, sophomore. 254 Enya gennm T Mfg' 5 5'W'W2?"'L 5, i 0 ., Ms. Ruth Ann Jackson, senior, was chosen wrestling queen. Her attendants were Ms. Janet Hixson, junior, and Tracy Pine, sophomore. Her escort was Mr. John Finn, senior. ,915 ' A , J A 4 -cv- Qyylh fx-.. - L f -.. "'i'4Q3DvLT.1.,.. t. fs N? :Q f' " E ' .31 a l, 1 ' ,X ,X 1. Q , t Q, Y .4 J., .. E., Qr.,,, ..,-A.. M.: . x ,, lltkt-1'-x Z ...r -ww ....s...... V at ixxr .Xl N , f. ..,, he u x Y., ,..4...e.... X ff-Eigefzis W... , Ms. .lunette Rice, senior, this years golf queen is not pictured. Terri Vetter, junior, and Jaye Evans, v f' -1 ,. ., ,ss pf, ff K F, f-, ff' ' L s-V. -...A sophomore, were her attendants. Mr. James Hill, ,Q W senior, escorted her. 255 Ma- 3 4 Kale Front row: BeLinda Crouch. Back row: Bruce Cavner, Scot Clevenger, and Ernie Edison. David Autry, Donnie Brinlee and Mike Simpson. aliwza I Yoholma Jason McGee and Gail Whitten Aimee has been in band for six years, four of those years she has participated in twirling. Aimee is a member of the Symphonic Winds this year, also teaching flute and baton in her spare time. Piano lessons are another of Aimee's many hobbies. CUZ a' en 595500 QZrS0Zz1Z'Jc? 230389299 .WWE 924926131 Both Debbie and Rob have been very active in Apol- lyrus. Debbie has been a member for 3 years and is president this year. Rob has been involved in Apol- lyrus for 2 years. Debbie is a member of Mixed En- semble and had the lead role of Sarah in the musical "Guys and Dolls". Rob is a member of All-State, an exclusive choir. Both Rob and Debbie have partici- pated in solo and ensemble contest the past three years. 25 MQW and My M1759 260 3582269 HBJJQQI Kelley, besides being Secretary!Treasure of the Se- nior class, was a dancer in the production of g'My Fair Ladyi' in her sophomore year and played the lead role of Adelaide in "Guys and Dollsw. Being Rumple in the childrenls play "Rumplestilskin" and doing several skits were other activities performed by Kelley. 93632 92493010213 Rob has been involved in many drama and musical production during his three year stay at Moore High School. Rob had a lead role his sophomore year in 'gMy Fair Lady"g during his junior year he was the un- derstudy for Curly in '6Oklahoma"g his senior year he had the lead role of Nathan in "Guys and Dollsn. He has been in the musical revue of "Godspell,, which was put on at the State Teachers Convention. Rob has also participated in melodramas and childrens plays. Dancing in the Christmas program was another of his activities. Rob is also the President of Thespian, a special drama club. 261 F GULTY LF? IE R56 INI INI IE NL x f , fe m x ,..M,.-. TTIECUIEEUIZEE SU 'UYUIZEG I3 LOIS EVANS - English, Dept. Head DEANNA BARRINGER - English MEDA BEALL - English PAULINE CABLE - English EVELYN CONNORS - English, NHS Sponsor AUDIE HARMON - English SUE KNIGHT - English ROSEMARY LUND - English, Flag and RUle Corp Sponsor PAMELA MAISANO - English .IU MERRELL - English .IOYE OAKLEY - English, Journalism I, Spectrum Sponsor BARBARA STILLWELL - English, .ICL Sponsor .IANE VAN BURKLEO -English, Student Council Sponsor ANNE BRINKLEY - English, FTA Sponsor BILETA WILSON -English, Student Council Sponsor LYNNETTE WILSON -English, Journalism I. Yearbook Sponsor .IAN WHITE -English .IUANITA WITROCK - English PAT VESTAL - English MARY MORSE - Shorthand I, COE, Dept. Head, FBLA Sponsor GAYLE ALEXANDER - Business Law, Shorthand I, General Business, Sr. Class Sponsor JIMMY CASTER - Typing I, General Business, Football JENNIFER CHAPMAN - Typing I and II, General Business WANDA MCCORNACK - Accounting I and II. ANE' MCCUY General J .. Business, Personal Typing DAVE RANKIN -Business Math, General Business, Wrestling HARVEY WEIGLE - Data Processing, General Business, Wrestling ROSE WILLIFORD - Typing I and II. MARILYN HILL -Art I, Arts and Crafis, Dept. Head JANIE HAGIN -Arts and Crafts MR. PHIL WARFORD explains the basics of economics to his gov- ernment class. Being a teacher was a goal of mine since I was in Junior High. Finally attaining the goal three years ago, the experience has been extremely rewarding. The interaction with students is stimulating as well as frustrating. Passing along knowledge of a subject I love is fun, but, perhaps I also have been able to make the way through life a little easier for some. Rosemary Lund 265 IQUI3 LE 'IELUIB DDD QPU'- w wyngmbis ,X , g -V , V xg J"""r , txt LEE HAMILTON -Art III, Arts and Crafts, Art Club .IUDI HINES -Art I and II CAROL KIRKHAM -Art I, Arts and Crafts DIANE MCBAY-Arts and Crajis ,IIM DAY - Drivers Education, Dept. Head, Jr. Class Sponsor PAT NOLAN - Drivers Education ROBERT TAYLOR - Drivers Education PAT FLIPPIN - Drama, Play Production, Musical Production, Dept. Head KAREN MASSEY - Drama, English VALLERI PARSONS - Debate, Speech, English, Speech Club Sponsor DOTTIE COOK -Latin I, Il, and III, Spanish II, III, and IV, JCL Sponsor, Dept. Head ANITA BARLOW - French I, II, III, and IV, French Club WANDA WATKINS - Spanish I, and II, Spanish Club HUGH GOULDY - Mechanical Drawing I and III, Architectual Drafting I and II TERRY CA VNER - Technical Drafting I and II, Mechanical Drawing I and II CANDY ANDERSON - High School Math, Algebra II BARBARA BLAKE -Algebra I and II, Mu Alpa Theta Sponsor WAYLAND BONDS -Algebra I and II, Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry JEAN KROWS -Algebra I and II Analytical Geometry, Trigonometry DON MATTHEWS -Basic Algebra, Algebra I, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry D..I. VAN NOSTRAND - Geometry ROBERT BUTLER -ROTC I, II, and III Girls ROTC JOHN ROBINSON - Music Production, Select Girls, Girls Glee, Mixed Girls, Apollyras, Dept. Head ROB SEIBLE -Apollyras, Select Boys, Mixed Chorus, Music Literature MVK VVS ' I DDDLIJ ED WHITE -Band, Music Theory GARY CHILDERS -Band, Music Theory MIKE TOMLIN - Physical Education TED CARSON - Physical Education, Swimming .IUDY CLOWDUS - Physical Education, Swimming LINDA BRYANT - Physical Education, Gymnastics DON HOOD - Physical Education, Football JIMMIE PIGG - Chemistry I and II, Dept. Head, Science Club CAPTOLA AMREIN - BSCS Biology MIKE BARNETT - Biology, Chemistry JAMES BELCHER - Physics, Chemistry I ED CRA VENS - Earth Science, General Biology RALPH MOORE teaches the religion of many countries in his world history class. Lili fl, t it gi My personal objective for my classes, particularly the publications class, is to give students the opportunity to use self-expression and justify their actions as relevant to the subject matter. Teaching is both enjoying and gratifying to me. l like to teach on an individual, one to one basis, however, sometimes neither time or class size can offer the best condition for individual teaching. The publications class, is one course which allows for both individualized learning and immediate reward by allowing students to work on a publication, the Spectrum, and distribute the finished product. ,loye Oakley 267 MR. PIGG EXPLAINS scholarships possibilities to seniors in the field of science. MANDY DEMING - Biology, Algebra I JOHN NOBLES -Biology, Girl's Sports JAN HALL - Dept. Head, Sociology ED BAKER - Vocations GAYLE BARRETT - Government DONNY BLACK - History, Athletics DALE BOATWRITE - History, Athletics PHYLLIS DA VIS - Government, Economics JANET HOLMAN - Geography, Government, POD WANDA MALOY - Government, POD RALPH MOORE - World History, Psychology GENE PLUMLEY -Aeronotics, History JOHN SCHWARTZ - History, Baseball DON VAN POOL - Vocations PHIL WARFORD - Government, POD LINDA BURNS -Learning - Disabilities 268 QQ The ability to think logically and without bias is one of the most important assets a person can possess. My purpose in teaching is to aid in the development of this process by giving the students opportunities to express their own ideas in written and oral communication. Deanna Barringer .PM IEEBLVILV Lili "liJ' TRISHA HAYS -Learning Disabilities, Resource PHYLLIS STARKEY - Special Education NANCY WATERS - Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Supv. HAROLD YOAKUM - Dept. Head Agriculture I, II, III, 62 IV, Agriculture Supv. BILL GOUGH - Dist. Education I, II, Ill, Dist. Education Supv. DECA JO ANN HAMMONS - Cosmotology KEITH HARP -Agriculture I, II, III, ci IV, Agriculture Supv. BILL HOWARD - Woodwork LARRY LISTON -Agriculture I, II, III, 8: IV, Agriculture Supv. LLOYD SCHANTZ -Auto Mechanics GENE WILSON -ICT I iQ II, ICT Supv. JESSIE ERWIN -Home Economics Il, III, Kc IV, FHA PEGGY MUNTER - Bach. Living SUE SHUMSKY - Home Economics II, HERO BEVERLY SCHAFER - Dept. Head, Library LOIS HARTMAN - Library A -SR' I NEW FOLQYD SPIRIT is slmzcn by principal Noel Thomason and teacher Karen Massey as they participrllv in rt pie-eating contest. 49' ,pit 'fit The world's greatest potential resource is its youth. To he able to help encourage and challenge our young people is a privilege as well as a vocation. l enjoy it. Lois Evans 269 LBIEIJUIE I3 LU EUIEWLU 'Cs Gene Arvin Leo Fowler Senior Principal Junior Principal 1 Q ,, ':': .R 3. sffi 'is , 5 3 f v t e ar Y J -' "x Q X Pat Cathey Administrative Assistant 270 Noel Thomason Mr. Noel Thomason, first year principal of Moore High School, says, ul think it's a fantastic and great student body and faculty and we,re working hard at making ourselves number one. 'Vs Ed Nash Sophomore Principal l Q . ' . ' . . ' 9 O 1 ' ' 0 , Q D Q ' l DD IEULUL5 'LVYUIE I? IIEIE .I iv' L.,W, 1 . 5, i9o','.' ", o ',f 0 . -' Q 0 ,y I s U. . , ul o ' ' 7 sig? .2 f f's'7nf , V Jack Henson - President ,,. , we 1' MR. JOE LINDSEY, first year superintendent of Moore schools, says, "The student body and faculty show great enthusiasm and are sincerely seeking the greatest in all aspects of education." Leon Brining - Vice President Ronald S. fBudj Moore - Clerk Roy C. Madden Dr. Don L. Ledbetter JEANETTE KIRKLAM - Central Office NANCY DE CARLO - Junior Ofice CATHIE ELMORE - Central Office JANELLE SPENCER - Library Ojfce BETTY HARDY - English Office BARBARA SHELTON - Central PATSY PAYNE - Sophomore CW IIUIEEIZ Office PATTY WYATT - Central Omce SAM GILLIAM - Central Ofjqce IEIELH CULHU EJ af. .1 .er if A oel lil A ls 1 'Q R' CiJ'l.V I-U Ulf IEIEIJ P-sq...-1 JOHN HARDEN - Head Counselor WILLIE EDWARDS - Senior Counselor PHYLLIS NICHOLS - Sophomore Counselor HOWARD REYNOLDS - Sophomore Counselor PAM FISHER -Junior Counselor CHARLOTTE BENNETT - Senior Counselor IEIEIIJEU IEILIBEE UF 'UCUEEI3 IIUIEDU CHILI! Custodians jobs not only consist of sweeping the floors and picking up coke cans but also after hour jobs such as gallantly keeping watch over the school on nights before rival ballgames. A maintenance man, Mr. Floyd Condra, often blamed for our air conditioning and heating problems will be retiring this year. Mr. Condra will be greatly missed. Women of the cafeteria staff provide the students of Moore High School with hot lunches as well as doughnuts for those who get up to late to eat breakfast. The cafeteria is often used as a getting together place for students and teacher in the morning. CAROLYN BENCH ANN OSBORN MARY HEAD BETTY SNIDER JOAN JONES LILLIE MORRIS BONNIE JOHNSTON JEAN WHITEMAN EVELENA BOZARTH JESSA SMITH BETTY JOHNSON, HEAD TONYONA SMITH PAT .IOBE W' I , 5 X JULIA KIRKHAM ' 274 FRONT ROW: Betty Baker, Gladys Baker, Kathy Mitchell, Donna Freide, SECOND ROW: Chick Kelly, Edna fBilliej Mclfary, THIRD ROW: Jim Trent. Mike Wasson, Jay Thurber, Bobby Williamson. DU EG U'LVLk'3'l-ii Chick Kelly finds his job challenging, but he loves working with the kids at Moore High School. Chick says kids have changed alot over the years: they do alot less vandilism. Chick who has two children and three it grandchildren says if you are nice to them they will do anything you ask them to with out any trouble. Chick also says if things get any better he will just have to quit. Chick and his wife, Marzella, moved to Moore from Ardmore in 1963. Chick who is not planning on retiring for a couple of more years feels his purpose here at Moore High School is to help educate the students and help them grow more mature. TUCKS i PRI Tl G C0. S. W- Flrst St. ' Moore DlST'NC-I-IVE ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 . 3 p X s:s:s:s:2:s:z:sss2sfs:. AND :I-5-: ll A ..,.,L, . ra . fi, if OUR WEDDING lNvlTATloNs HAVE Zi' ll ll BEAUTY PLUS ..... I Q- Q W ' X NH N at Over 500 samples from which to ' Z X choose f f ' 4' Evening appointments available I f l N A if Invitations to fit every personality K if 5M"l.. X ' fffff i U 6' Complete price range f l eilrslfi? 091W :si .. 4 ' 3 I if xalyxgap 4.-4 v .' . J 'F x y I :? 5' Q 3 I 0, na' e of Wai . 3 ' 'aw Q18 if g.Ziif U is uf .fe li-., I s'l:L- 'YQ Q' cegfsrg " W ' 't . A N 1- I . Ez ea, 1 .ok 075 vqik bakgm .A 1 'QRS-5-"Xiao 'fail UQ X C- 9 'Q N at ,nfiqii N ,...!- , ' -' .1-fi imuv, 94933435 s: I 0 - 12l1 jff L?1f7? ' 5 ,If L f - -+1.f' ,-iq... ff 1 - S ti 0110 .52 5123- Aga-'if-2,- e Q as' ,sg2:t5?"+ b! "9s2ae .. :A .' iFo,, ,"' ' ' 3. 4 - 16324 '4' Was: 5: . , GV, 276 gkflffljefl of 87721726206 -f-up -W .v 'l . -"--' xx 2022 N. Broadway 794-3400 HOIVIE-Land REALTY 2022 N. Broadway Moore, Okla. 7 94-6605 A Complete Home Buying Center 794-1106 - House of Wheels J - City of Moore Shopping Center 639 NVV 7th, Moore, OK. 73160 Bicycle Arles 651 Service Ed Donahoo Gary Do h ffl 1" "EVERYONE DROPS" fu' IN ON 'rv Wann V T- V WWW-U SALES 0 SERVICE 651 N. XV. 7th 0 M Okl h 0 799-5505 CITY OF MOORF CENTER jerry Donahoo jerry jones VAWS Mllllllrli S'I'Al'I'lllN 101 N.E. 27 794-8971 MOORE REXALL DRUG 621 N. Broadway 794-4455 TW!! 66114. . moofw , 0140-Kon-A We-6 we 1 . giff 1e5,:7' g,7 F .fix F w ASP '- .'2 ..,g 15, war' .1155 1 P sfgwr 9" A LL A -fc 'gf' 27 .5-ef, :ago V f r-H . , - wif., -333' D Twfgi X J' ..A 1Ep2Q56 v U 1 ' 6 O I L14 o EXCHANGE NATIONAL BANK 600 N.W sm 794-5511 - ,cc i V Mr. Bob Iensen provides friendly and efficient service to people who bank at Exchange. Car... alle ge... A Special Trip... WHATEVER YOUR BIG PLANS ARE, THEY CAN ALL BECOME A REALITY WITH A CONTINENTAL FEDERAL PASSBOOK ACCOUNT. YOU CAN START YOUR SAVINGS PROGRAM FOR AS LITTLE AS SI, YOUR MONEY WILL EARN BWXF FROM DATE OF DEPOSIT AND THERE'S NO PENALTY FOR EARLY WITHDRAWAL. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? COME VISIT OUR MOORE OFFICE AND START YOUR SAVINGS PROGRAM NOW! AMERICAN AWARDS CENTER Mike Ward admires one of the many trophies available at American Awards. 2000 N. Broadway 280 Continental FEDERAL SAVINGSANDLOAN ASSOCIATION 625 Northwest 5th St. - Moore, Ok. 73160 - 794-1541 ALSO. . . OKLAHOMA CITY - Downtown - Windsor Hills - Quail Plaza - VILLAGE - EDMOND - TULSA- MIDWEST CITY CAMERA WORK ART WORK TYPESETTING LITHOGRAPH PHOTO COMP. LETTER PRE HOT METAL Jffzmfi .ffvkzfzffgf LQCWQONQ MOORE, OKLA. 73160 214 SERVICE FOAD PHONE 405-799-5080 GEORGE WILLIAMS BILL RENTIERS Y SS HANNA AUTO SUPPLY 3OI S. BROADWAY MOORE, OKLA. 73I6O PHONE: 794-5553 794-5554 AUTOMOTIVE MACHINE SHOP CITIZENS BAND 81 ELECTRONICS PRESCRIPTIONS Insurance and Tax Records METROPOLITAN IIB M Free Delivery ? ANK MERICARU Parkvlew Pharmacy Legfgirggrged UNIVERSAL INSURANCE AGENCY ' 624 NW. 5th ,lgmi 1700 N. Broadway N I NW' 5"' g IVIoore, Oklahoma 73160 IWEJSSEERT 794-6577 NAINONAI E I I EOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS I PLAW LUMIRIEIE ' SERVING MooRE WITH PRIDE Lumber - Millwork - Roofing -- Hardware Paint Established 1896 794-2130 100 S.E. 1st .1 . . ' 'iii' 1, ,, X! -0 f f ,. .4 erm A kb S :S .333 H T SSSS Q,, 4., S , 5 , , , S HM MAYEAUX f owner AUTO GLASS 0 PLATE GLASS 0 MIRRORS 0 DESK TOPS Insurance Approved IEM GLASS sf SERVICE Co. 309 E. Main 799-5333 COMMERCIAL STORE FRONTS 0 STORM WINDOWS 0 STORM DOORSGIQJPATIO DOORS lt pertams to g ass we can 0 It offma FURNITURE P.O. Box 6157 o 201 S. Broadway Moore, Oklahoma 73160 794-5537 794-1135 P.O. Box 207 Cify of MOOFG MOOlLgfXCZKZ'1Zl:3O Shopping Center Joyce Kincheloe 794-1525 Qlohnnyl Dot Wells Support The Moore Lions I ! Moore Office Supply for home, school, and office needs 7.94-7877 The best pharmacy on Eastern . . . The only pharmacy on Eastern. 119 Main 404 N. Eastern outheast P aza yin, Bank '-:SIE-f' S The Bank Where the People Make the Difference COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Monday through Saturday 612-1831 On Southwest Corner of Interstate 35 81 4-4th St. FREE TOW-IN NOTHING DOWN Good G y F B d T QUALITY WORK FAST SERVICE AMERICAN TRANSMISSION SPECIALISTS 2424 S. WALKER ME I-1386 MAX BAKER A J.B. BAKER WHOLESALE RETAIL TABCO lA3lIII'S l'll3ll'Ill3lCY 322 Service Rd. 794-3565 al STAR DISCOUNT PHARMACY Hobbies - Arts 81 Crafts 631-2434 . City of Moore 794-4493 DISCOUHI Shopping Center After hours 321-2095 Open Daily 9-9 - Sunday I-5 100 Southeast 89th Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73149 9-9 MOH--Sak 1-6 Sunday 284 K . xfvi X .221 .g ,ji MENS APPAREL W f,'.,,,.4 'Arrow Shoals ' ' A uf' ' Jayn7arS!s1CkS 5 5 - 2 au. A 0 lgn I N ' Mem Clothmg Z? H T, J C If D an to. LADIES APPAREL I ' Janrzen 634 N. Broadway Phone 799-5546 A KOICQI Of Callfoinla Moore, Okla. 73160 Sooner Shopping Center pefcepflon Y Dlfecllon Famous Name Brands K 81 F machine and mfg. co, C' P. O. BOX 95249 0 1500 S.E. 89th I Oklahoma City, Oklahoma I 73109 -' -'------ 1- Office: 631-1533 o Area code 405 ,JH ' l 38 When You Look Good, You Feel Good and Do Better. City of Moore Shopping Center Congratulations to the Seniors of '77 We urge you to lead and guide us during America's third century SCUTHWEST M'-5 iu:Ai.Tv ai msuimucia Residential - Commercial 11 i 631'll6l Fam 8' Ranch 9112 S. Walker IllIiIiY'S IIIILF 100 N.E. 27 794-8828 Sam's Style Shop 794-8839 908 SW 4th Moore 9 AM to 6 PM I -,L,k iq? it , Roffler Haireuts Unisex Full YTUQ Service Amandais Bakery and Donut Shop 9128 S. Walker Fresh Pastries and Donuts Submarine Sandwiches Salad Bar specializing in birthday and wedding cakes CJ dress shop and merle norman Cosmetics 733 N. Moore Ave. 7 Q4-6922 may ,ffifwiw b1unok's studio 228 W. Main 794-7748 Moore, Oklahoma GSvt6eI1,ey's CDonutG511,op ' 3 C'Bakef y II5 0. Broodwog moore.oK 75I6O 794-7550 MOORE ATHLETIC BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION JOIIT ITlOORE'S DUTTIBER1 SUPPORT TEHITI 8 ,, rf X' :,x,, ' . .isa N' 425, ff ' M.. . M if ,y,,,,, , , - .W , , x +- Q, ,,, 1 in XM., ,, ., v 1 , h .. - u. +..f,.'- . -,UQ ,,. ,, U Q,w,fg,4' W, - -, , M -, , , ,, M . A V, l25 N. E. 2' '99 - 33' M f. n, CUNGHATULATIIINS SEIVIHHS UF '77 1 e PIZZA PLANET 691-1713 The Pizzuful Place PLAZA TOWERS DRIVE IN , Personallty Salon 9108 S. Walker xc' 900 SW 4th Oklahoma City 794-3895 Cecil S1 Qizkfif Wheeler 1 j 858 NW 12 ' PHONE 794-4411 , - Super Cuts P 634 1633 I 4 453354 WE ' P W MOORE v , i ' JEA!V!VIli"S 03555 ,gimp CIRCLE U HAH-B-0 1215 N. BROADWAY 794-5200 9130 South Walker 1 ll M .B erriwelissa Looe eau 63241435 Donovan- Galvoni H W ' . gyozfogeoww llSqUlllll1 ' to llflll 21222133151?1?FfSSO'?54f?'0511 0204400644 2700 N. Santa Fe Moore 0kla. Mia!! MAX ADAMS CHEVROLET 2424 WEST MAIN NORMAN, OK. 73069 321-7021 uflappiness Comes With Every Deal" QENE CWILLIA M5 CHEVROLET IN MO0IIE THE 'SMILE AMERICA" CITY 10003 sz SHIELDS 794-1553 Gro ing Together For A Better Community Early 1900's The Beginning of our commu- nity . . . a two-story frame bank building with a bitching post and covered porch . . . a two-story school building where our local founding fa- thers were educated. 5 1950,s Growth and Stability . . . a large modern bank building, now with a national charter . . . a beautiful new Jr-Sr high school building to serve the growing needs of our expand- - , ing community. qs.. HL ,,. S I! -ff I ,ff.,5'sw- -, f eu. - ' .nu 1. l 1 t .... ,.-M..L..,......,.,M..,.....,. . .. . . A. -...,........, ......,............... .Q yi ,, , . .f 1,33-3 -. 5 : ' ' ,, " " -...':.:-.'.,.flg .--sf, "' .,,NYMi'f6'i1SSii1g322EiE:3f was ' , if o" Setting the Pace for the growth ' of the Moore communit . A mms Q. mmm mm :emu y modern full-service bank for all our communityis needs . . . a magnificent sports complex complimenting a school system in which our community takes pride. . ,., , at . Seventy-three years . . . of service, growth and stability made possible by the students and citizens of the Moore community through your ambition, industry and progress. The First Na- tional Bank of Moore wishes to thank you for lll!'6. s R efzei A , iBANfVMooRe, H .,.---"""'-'H B -AS Q - ' A fL::1,,::, " ' H, ,, -' I ' N ,,t Cy, .W ,.., ,t,t ,ts,t 1 ,,,, M 1 AM XXSN-. .. -YY letting us take part in the growth of our schools and our community by serving your banking needs. May we continue to serve you in the fu- '7Yme1Q:epef' CPatfo11,s Dr. Samuel C. Bernhardt Wilson's Grooming Taylor Rental Dr. Don Ledbetter Dycus-Camp Clinic, Inc. King's Krafts Teri's Arts 84 Crafts Furniture World 9GWest Set vis Carla Gay vis Vibes vis Maverick els Hanes Hosiery we-9696 H ' V G I ' ' Q :rainy S I-nd-ef r s I Reddy-10-WCG! 'i 9 H EISIIEI S C S jc O r r 631-ness f 4 E 9lI6 S. Walker tm Inf sg SPORTSWEAR NI M Datssts F 56 'gl JEWELRY R J E PURSES ' fi? l 96tSenter Stage uk West Set 2-Z4 Jerell vis Center Stage :ic West Set 96- ITIOORE FUDERHL CHHPEL IO65 SLU Fourth 194-446i DIRECTORS Jim Johnson Tom Hollimon f.BoOsters,, mike Reed- Resident monoger B nk Americard and Maste Charg Welcome ,li7 ,Q Visit IKHTE-H-RHmFl where I8 Friendly Redneck: ore llloitinq to Serve You IQ-Jithgg ,Shoe Comer 794-3907 City of Moore Shopping Cent ABBOTT, CAR1E1121 Pg. 169, 161 Abbott, Sheri 1101 Pg. 223 Abston, Kathy 1101 Pg. 113, 223 Adams, Cindy 1101 Pg. 223 Adams, Jeff1111 Pg. 203 Adkins, Mark 1101 Pg. 223 ADKINS, MICKEY 1121 Pg. 169 Akers, Cindy 1111 Pg. 203 AGY, TONY 1121 Pg. 169 ALLEN, CHERYL1121 Pg. 85, 98,113, 169 Allen, Connie 1111 Pg. 91, 127, 128, 132, 203 Allen, Denise 1111 Pg. 85, 203 Allen, John 1101 Pg. 223 Allen, Richard 1101 Pg. 223 Allison, Leslie 1101 Pg. 102, 223 Anderson, Craig 1111 Pg. 203 Anderson, Deborah 1101 Pg. 223 Anderson, John 1101 Pg. 223 Anderson, Kevin 1111 Pg. 203 ANDERSON, MIKE 1121 Pg. 169 Anderson, Robert 1101 Pg. 223 Anderson, Stacy 1111 Pg. 66, 203 Andes, Charles 1111 Pg. 203 Andes, William 1111 Pg. 203 Andrews, Johnnie 1101 Pg. 223 Apple, Phillip 1111 Pg. 203 Arce, Mark 1111 Pg. 203 Archuletta, James 1111 Pg. 84, 85, 128, 203 Ardoin, David 1101 Pg. 223 Arnold, Toni 1111 Pg. 203 ARVIN, STACY 1121 Pg. 169 Ash, Robin 1101 Pg. 223 Ashcraft, Curtis 1111 Pg. 203 ASHTON, JACK 1121 Pg. 169 Ashton, Virginia 1111 Pg. 203 Ausbrooks, Patrina 1101 Pg. 98, 223 Austin, Darla 1111 Pg. 43, 203 AUST1 N, DEBRA 1121 Pg. 169 Austin, Julia 1101 Pg. 223 AUTRY, DAVID 1121 Pg. 81, 169, 256 Autry, Avins Avers Avery, s s Lee 1101 Pg. 223 Vicki 1111 Pg. 223 Tracy 1101 Pg. 120, 223 .lu1ia1101Pg. 223 BABBIT, JERRI 1121 Pg. 169 BABBIT, TERRI 1121 Pg. 169 Baden, Danna 1101 Pg. 223 Badon, Lonita1101 Pg. 222, 223 Baer, Julie 1101 Pg. 223 Bailey, Kirk 1101 Pg. 223 Bain, Cherly 1101 Pg. 223 Baker, Baker, Dana11l1 Pg. 81, 132,203 Karen 1111 Pg. 43, 203 BAKER, MARY 1121 Pg. 169 Baker, Rhonda 1111 Pg. 203 Baldridge, Tony 1111 Pg. 203 Baldwin, Laura 1101 Pg. 223 Banker, Brian 1101 Pg. 111, 223 Banker, Stephanie 1111 Pg. 203, 253 BANKER, TIM 1121 Pg. 169 Barbre, Helen 1101 Pg. 223 BARBRE, TERRY 1121 Pg. 127, 128, 169 Barker Ba rnar Barnes , Cindy 1101 Pg. 223 d, Jimmy 1111 Pg. 223 , Angela 1101 Pg. 162, 223 Barnes, Sherry 1111 Pg. 203 Barr, Regan 1101 Pg. 223 Barrett Bill 1111P 81203 i Y S- i BARRETT, REBECCA 1121 Pg. 169 Ba rrett Ba rtels Barton Barton , Vicki 1111 Pg. 203 , Jacqueline 1101 Pg. 223 , Alan 1101 Pg. 203 Gayla 1101 Pg. 223 Barton: James 1101 pg. 222, 223 Barton, Karen 1111 Pg. 66, 203 Barton Barton , Kimherly1101 Pg. 223 Sandra 1111 Pg. 203 BARTON, TIMOTHY 1121 Pg. 66, 164 BASS, Batey, SCOT1' 1121 Pg. 169 Lisa 1111 Pg. 97, 203 Batten, Danny 1101 Pg. 108, 223 Battle, Tina 1101 Pg. 223 BAXTER, EARNEST1121 Pg. 169 BEAN, Beare, Beattie Beaver ROBY 1121 Pg. 169 Lori 1101 Pg. 223 , Rhonda 1111 Pg. 203 s, Dorothy 1111 Pg. 203 Beck, Cynthia 1111 Pg. 203 Beck, Darrell 1111 Pg. 203 Been, Sidney 1101 Pg. 223 Bell, Harlen 1101 Pg. 223 BENCE, RANDY 1121 Pg. 169 Bence, Tim 1111 Pg. 113, 203 Benedict, Lloyd 1111 Pg. 162, 203 Bennett, Gregory 1101 Pg. 223 Bennett, Jeffery 1101 Pg. 223 BENNETT, JOYCE 1121 Pg. 105, 169, 253 Bennett, Juanita 1101 Pg. 105, 223 Bennett, Karen 1101 Pg. 223 Benninger, Diane 1101 Pg. 223 Benshoof, Patrick 1101 Pg. 223 BENSON, CRISTY 1121 Pg. 13. 104, 105, 169 Benson, Valary 1111 Pg. 203 Benton, Anita 1101 Pg. 85, 223 Bergman, Kirk 1111 Pg. 203 Bergren, Brett 1101 Pg. 223 BERGREN, DENISE 1121 Pg. 105, 169 BERNACK, MICHELLE 1121 Pg. 169 Bernack, Ron 1101 Pg. 223 Bernhardt, Elizabeth 1111 Pg. 203 Berry, Lisa 1101 Pg. 223 Betts, Tina 1101 Pg. 223 BETTS, WALTER 1121 Pg. 169 BEWLEY, KATHY 1121 Pg. 170 Bewley, Norlan 1111 Pg. 128, 129, 132, 203 BICKFORD, JUDY 1121 Pg. 34, 170, 177 Bigelow, Tina 1101 Pg. 223 BILLINGSLY, KRIS1121 Pg. 170 Bird, Catherine 1101 Pg. 224 Bird, Donna 1101 Pg. 224 Bird, Rebecca 1101 Pg. 224 Bishop, Barbara 1101 Pg. 224 Bishop, Bryan 1111 Pg. 203 Black, Richard 1111 Pg. 203 Blackburn, Susan 1111 Pg. 87, 203 BLACKWARD, ELIZABETH 1121 Pg. 87, 170 Blackward, Herman 1101 Pg. 224 BLAIR, RANDY 1121 Pg. 170 BLAIR, RICK 1121 Pg. 105, 170, 251 Blair, Shelly 1111 Pg. 203 BLANDING, AMY 1121 Pg. 170 Blanding, Dawna 1101 Pg. 224 Blasdel, Kathleen 1111 Pg. 203 BLOCKER, RANDY 1121 Pg. 170 Boepple, Vicki 1101 Pg. 224 BOGIE, STEVE 1121 Pg. 170 Bollenback, Fred 1101 Pg. 224 BOLLMAN, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 170 Booker, James 1111 Pg. 203 Borden, Brenda 1111 Pg. 203 Borden, Karen 1111 Pg. 203 Borden, Lisa 1101 Pg. 224 Bordwine, Terry 1101 Pg. 39, 87, 224 Bosler, Carol 1111 Pg. 84, 85, 203 Boswell, Ricky 1111 Pg. 203 Boswood, Rhalene 1101 Pg. 224 Bottoms, Brenda 1101 Pg. 224 BOTTOMS. MARY 1121 Pg. 170 BOURASSA, DOUGLAS 1121 Pg. 128, 129, 170 B0USE,J1:1-'1-'ERY1121 Pg. 128, 129. 170 Bow, Amos 1111 Pg. 203 BOWEN, DAVID 1121 Pg. 170 BOWEN, DON 1121 Pg. 170 Bowen, Gary 1111 Pg. 203 Bowen, Kevin 1101 Pg. 224 Bowers, Joe1111 Pg. 203 BOWERS, SHIRLEY 1121 Pg. 170 Bowles, Deborah 1101 Pg. 102, 224 BOWLES, KEBORAH 1121 Pg. 26, 96, 97, 105, 170 Bowling, Mary 1111 Pg. 203 BOWLWARE, STEVE 1121 Pg. 170 BOX, ANGELA 1121 Pg. 170 Boyce, Sheila 1101 Pg. 87, 132, 224 Boydston, Terri 1101 Pg. 224 Boyer, Della 1111 Pg. 204 Bozell, Paul 1111 Pg. 204 Brackeen, Linda 1101 Pg. 224 Bradford, Laura 1101 Pg. 91, 131, 224 Bradford, Thomas 1111 Pg. 204 Bradley, Carey 1101 Pg. 224 BRADLEY, JAN 1121 Pg. 171 Brandt, Anna 1101 Pg. 81, 113 Brantley, Debra 1111 Pg. 128, 204 Brantley, Timothy 1101 Pg. 224 Brawner, Barbara 1111 Pg. 204 Bray, Gerald 1101 Pg. 224 BRAY, PATRICIA 1121 Pg. 171 Bray, Phil 1101 Pg. 109 Breedlove, Billy 1111 Pg. 204 Breedlove, Paula 1111 Pg. 102 Breese, Susan 1101 Pg. 128, 224 Brem, James 1111 Pg. 128, 132, 204 Bremerman, Josie 1101 Pg. 224 Brennan, Diane 1101 Pg. 224 Brennan, Roger 1101 Pg. 128, 224 BREWER, EDITH 1121 Pg. 171 BREWER, LAYNE 1121 Pg. 171 BELL, MORRIS 1121 Pg. 105, 110, 169, 195 Beller, Joe 1101 Pg. 223 296 Briggs, Don 1111 Pg. 204 Bright, Malynda 1101 Pg. 224 Brill, Linda 1111 Pg. 91, 128, 204 BRINING, BRET1121 Pg. 29, 171 BRINNEE, DONNIE1121 Pg. 171, 256 BRISTOL, DAWNA1121 Pg. 171, 92 Brittain, Kelly 1101 Pg. 102, 204 Brock. Gary1101 Pg. 224 Brooks, Darla 1111 Pg. 204 BROWER, LINDA 1121 Pg. 122, 185 Brown, Billy 1101 Pg. 224 Brown, Cheryl 1111 Pg. 204 Brown, Curtis 1101 Pg. 204 BROWN, DARREL1121 Pg. 171 Brown, Jeff 1101 Pg. 224 Brown, Linda 1111 Pg. 204 BROWN, LORI 1121 Pg. 171 Brown, Patricia 1111 Pg. 204 Brown, Ricky 1111 Pg. 224 Brown, Robert 1111 Pg. 224 Brown, Robyn 1101 Pg. 81, 113, 224 Brown, Ronnie 1101 Pg. 224 Brown, Stephanie 1111 Pg. 204 Brown, Tammy 1101 Pg. 102 Brown, Teresa 1101 Pg. 224 Brown, Tony 1111 Pg. 109, 204 Brownfield, PaLricia1l11 Pg. 87, 98, 102 Brownlee, Kenny 1111 Pg. 204 Brozek, Mike 1101 Pg. 224 Bruce, Paula 1101 Pg. 113, 224 Brumley, Tamara 1101 Pg. 224 Bmmmett, Laura 1101 Pg. 224 Brummett, Nikki 1101 Pg. 224 Bryant, Lauri 1101 Pg. 224 Bryant, Mark 1111 Pg. 204 BRYANT, PAMELA 1121 Pg. 35, 171 BUCHANAN, STEPHEN 1121 Pg. 171 BUCKLEY, ROBIN 1121 Pg. 122, 171 Buckner, Steve 1101 Pg. 224 Bunt, Larry 1111 Pg. 204 Burch, Sabrina 1101 Pg. 113, 224 Burcham, Harvey 1101 Pg. 224 BURDEN, ANALISA 1121 Pg. 83, 171 Burgess, David 1101 Pg. 224 Burk, Don 1111 Pg. 204 BURLESON, BARBARA 1121 Pg. 171 Burleson, Mike 1101 Pg. 224 BURNELL, JIMMY 1121 Pg. 110, 113, 171 Burnett, Sandy 1111 Pg. 116, 162, 204 BURNETT, TERESA 1121 Pg. 132, 171 Burns, Carla 1111 Pg. 204 BURNS, DENNIS 1121 Pg. 171 Burnell, Gary 1111 Pg. 92 Burruss, John 1101 Pg. 111 Burton, Charles 1101 Pg. 224 BURTON, KARLA1121 Pg. 168, 171 Burton, Sandra 1111 Pg. 204 Buswell, Victoria 1101 Pg. 224 BUTLER, CYNTHIA 1121 Pg. 171 Butler, Gayle 1111 Pg. 204, 254 Butler, Johnie 1101 Pg. 224 Butorac, Marylin 1101 Pg. 132, 224 Burchett, Michael 1101 Pg. 109, 171 CABLE, TAMMY1121 Pg. 109, 171 CABRERA, CYNTI-IIA 1121 Pg. 171 CAFFEY, JAN 1121 Pg. 116, 163, 171 CAFKY, ANN 1121 Pg. 171 Caldwell, James 1111 Pg. 204 Caldwell, Karen 1101 Pg. 225 Callahan, Krista 1111 Pg. 204 Callaway, David 1101 Pg. 225 CALLAWAY, TAMMIE 1121 Pg. 171 Callum, Janet 1101 Pg. 90, 91, 225 Calvert, Roxanna 1111 Pg. 152, 205 CALVERT, SHELLY1121 Pg. 171 Calvin, Jerri 1101 Pg. 225 Camp, Chris 1111 Pg. 129, 204 CAMP, DEBORAH 1121 Pg. 171 CAMP, KIM 1121 Pg. 33, 171 Campbell, Kaye 1101 Pg. 225 Campbell, Lynn 1101 Pg. 113, 225 CAMPBELL, PAMELA 1121 Pg. 109, 171 Campbell, Terry 1101 Pg. 129, 225 Cannon, Charles 1101 Pg. 225 CANNON, PATRICIA 1121 Pg. 113, 172 Cantu, Anna 1111 Pg. 91, 204 Cantwell, Robert 1101 Pg. 225 Cantwell, William 1111 Pg. 129, 204 Cargill, Laura 1111 Pg. 204 Carmack, Alan 1111 Pg. 132, 204 Carpenter, Andy 1111 Pg. 204 Carpenter, Brian 1111 Pg. 90, 204 CARPENTER, WILLIAM 1121 Pg. 172 Carroll, Shannon 1111 Pg. 105 Carter, Charles 1101 Pg. 225 Carter, Delia 1101 Pg. 225 CARTER, JOSEPH 1121 Pg. 59, 171, 190 Carter, Lori 1111 Pg. 204 Carter, Martha 1101 Pg. 99, 225 Carter, Matthew 1111 Pg. 204 Carter, Paula 1111 Pg. 204 Cash, Mike 1111 Pg. 204 Casselman, Deborah 1111 Pg. 204 CASTLEBERRY, TIMOTHY 1121 Pg. 172 Castleman, Bruce 1101 Pg. 225 Castro, Diana 1101 225 Cate, Jerry 1101 Pg. 225 Cate, Rickey 1101 Pg. 152 Cathey, Lee 1101 Pg. 45, 120, 225 CAUDLE, RON1121 Pg. 172 Caudle, Troy 1111 Pg. 85, 204 CAVNER, BRUCE 1121 Pg. 110, 113, 122, 172, 189, 190, 233, 256 Cavner, Tawnya 1101 Pg. 225, 239 CERDAY, DON 1121 Pg. 172 Chadrick, Lee 1101 Pg. 225 Challis, Sharon 1101 Pg. 225 Challis, Tommie 1111 Pg. 204 Chamberlain, Kelly 1101 Pg. 113, 225 Chambers, Kyle 1111 Pg. 204 Chambers, Randell 1111 Pg. 204 CHAMBERS, ROY 1121 Pg. 172 Chambers, Todd 1101 Pg. 225 Chambers, Monica 1101 Pg. 225 Chance, Chanda 1101 Pg. 225 Chance, Ladonna 1101 Pg. 102, 225 CHANCEY, .IOHNN1E1121Pg. 46, 110, 172, 177 Chancey, Paula 1111 Pg. 204 Chancey, Teresa 1101 Pg. 113, 225 Chandler, Darryl 1111 Pg. 204 Chandler, Karen 1101 Pg. 113 Chandler, Rita 1111 Pg. 204 Chaney, Craig 1111 Pg. 128, 204 Chapman, Bobby 1101 Pg. 204 Chastain, Todd 1101 Pg. 108, 225 Chastka, Shaun 1111 Pg. 110, 204 Cheatham, Chondra 1101 Pg. 225 CHEATHAM, JERRY 1121 Pg. 172 Cheatham, Scott 1111 Pg. 109 Cheek, Jacqueline 1101 Pg. 225 Cheek, Suzanne 1111 Pg. 128, 204 CHENOWETH, NANCY 1121 105, 172 Cherry, Virginia 1111 Pg. 97, 204 Chism, Shelly 1101 Pg. 225 Choate, Robert 1101 Pg. 226 Choate, Terry 1101 Pg. 226 Christensen, Luann 1101 Pg. 226 CHRISTIE, GWENDOLYN 1121 Pg. 172 Chumley, Cheryl 1101 Pg. 226 Clark, Adriann 1101 Pg. 226 Clark, Glenn 1111 Pg. 205 Clark, David 1111 Pg. 204 Clark, Jeanine 1101 Pg. 226 Clark, Jennifer 1101 Pg. 226 Clark, Mark 1101 Pg. 226 Clark, Mike 1101 226 CLARK, PAUL 1121 Pg. 173 Clarkson, Susan 1121 Pg. 81, 82, 105, 113, Clear, Gayla 1111 Pg. 205 Clements, Leslie 1111 Pg. 205 CLEVENGER, SCOT1121 Pg. 105, 110, 111,173, 99, 256 Clifton, Charlotte, 1101 Pg. 226 Clingman, Jay 1111 Pg. 128, 129, 205 Coatney, Rodney 1101 Pg. 226 Cochran, Bobbie 1111 Pg. 91, 205 COCKRUM, TAMMY1121 Pg. 91, 142, 173, 185 Cockrum, Tony 1101 Pg. 226 Codner, Dean 1111 Pg. 205 COFFEY, KRISTA 1121 Pg. 173 Coffey, Lonnie 1111 Pg. 161, 205 Coffin, Malissa1111 Pg. 205 COLBERT, DAYNA 1121 Pg. 109, 173 COLE, BELINDA 1121 Pg. 109, 173 Cole, Cheralaine 1101 Pg. 113, 163, 226 Cole, Christine 1111 Pg. 20, 43, 105, 205 Cole, Deana 1101 Pg. 102, 226 Cole, Deresa 1101 Pg. 226 Cole, Tony 1101 Pg. 129, 226 COLEMAN, CRAIG 1121 Pg. 173 Coleman, Chris 1101 Pg. 226 COLEMAN, FELICIA 1121 Pg. 173 Coleman, Julie 1101 Pg. 226 COLEMAN, KRISTEN 1121 Pg. 109, 173 Coleman, Vanessa 1101 Pg. 226 Collier, Dawn 1111 Pg. 205 Collin, Kim 1111 Pg. 205 COLLINS, CATHRYN 1121 Pg. 173, 177 Collins, Cheryl 1101 Pg. 205 Collins, Charles 1111 Pg. 226 Collins, Kelly 1111 Pg. 108 Collins, Lee 110 Pg. 226 Collins, William 1101 Pg. 226 Colquilt, Galen 1101 Pg. 226 Colston, Sherry 1111 Pg. 205 COMBS, DAVID 1121 Pg. 173 Combs, Debi 1111 Pg. 205 173 Combs, Jimmy 1103 Pg. 226 Combs, Kevin 1113 Pg. 205 Combs, Penny 1113 Pg. 205 Condit, Ralph 1103 Pg. 226 Condit, Randy 1103 Pg. 226 CONKWRIGHT, CARRIE 1123 Pg. 173 CONKWRIGHT, SHERRIE 1123 Pg. 173 CONLEY, GL1NDA1l23 Pg. 173 Connell, Janine 1113 Pg. 111, 205 Connelly, Mary 1113 Pg. 205 CONNELLY, MICHAEL 1123 Pg. 106, 173 Connelly, Stephen 1103 Pg. 226 Connor, Al 1103 Pg. 226 Conway, Brenda 1103 Pg. 92, 226 CONWAY, CONNIE 1123 Pg. 173 CONWAY, DEBORAH 1123 Pg. 173 Conway, Kimberly 1103 Pg. 226 Cook, Mae 1103 Pg. 226 Cooke, Cathy 1103 Pg. 102, 226 Cooley, Randy 1113 Pg. 205 COOPER, ALLEN 1123 Pg. 173 Cooper, Dannette 1103 Pg. 226 Cooper, Lorena 1113 Pg. 205 COOPER, MICHAEL 1123 Pg. 108, 173 COOTS, MIKE 1123 Pg. 108, 173 Coots, Rodney 1103 Pg. 226 Cooper, Diana 1103 Pg. 226 Corbitt, Ray 1103 Pg. 226 CORBI'1'1', SHARI 1123 Pg. 170, 173, 252 Corcoran Jody 1103 Pg. 226 Corcoran, Mark 1103 Pg. 226 Cordell, James 1113 Pg. 160, 205 Cornell, Kenneth 1113 Pg. 205 Cosby, Mark 1113 Pg. 205 C0'1'I'ER, BRECK 1123 Pg. 173 Cotter, Diana 1113 Pg. 205 COUCH, JERRE 1123 Pg. 173 Couch, .limmy1113 Pg. 205 Couch, Richard 1113 Pg. 205 Courtney, Jennifer 1113 Pg. 43, 205 Courtright, Carla 1103 Pg. 85, 226 Courtright, Laura 1103 Pg. 84, 85, 226 Covel, Toby 1103 Pg. 108, 226 Cowart, Amelia 1103 Pg. 163, 226 Cowperthwaite, Jerri 1113 Pg. 91, 205 COWSAR, DELLA 1123 Pg. 66, 91, 174, 197 COX, HAL 1123 Pg. 174 Cox, Kenneth 1103 Pg. 226 COX, LORI 1123 Pg. 174 Cox, Scotty 1103 Pg. 226 Cox, Sharon 1113 Pg. 43, 91, 205 Craft, Tammy 1103 Pg. 226 Craft, Tonya 1113 Pg. 205 Craig, Timmy 1103 Pg. 226 Cramer, Gary 1113 Pg. 205 Cramer, Donald 1113 Pg. 205 Cranfield, Clay 1103 Pg. 226 CRANFIELD, JEAN 1123 Pg. 174 Cranfield, Sammy 1103 Pg. 226 Crawford, Randolph 1113 Pg. 205 Crick, Rodney 1113 Pg. 128, 205 CRIDLIN, RICK 1123 Pg. 174 Cridlin, Teresa 1103 Pg. 226 Crofford, Daniel 1113 Pg. 160, 205 CROUCH, BELINDA1123 Pg. 85, 123, 174, 256 Crow, Allen 1103 Pg, 226 Crow, Elizabeth 1113 Pg, 205 Cruise, Lane 1113 Pg. 205 CRUZ, GLORIA 1123 Pg. 174 Cruz, Juanita 1103 Pg. 226 Cruz, Noe 1113 Pg. 110, 151, 205 Cunningham, Milissa 1103 Pg. 163, 226 Cuny, Bryan 1103 Pg. 226 Curnutt, Jacqueline 1103 Pg. 162, 226 CUSACK, DONALD 1123 Pg. 174 CUSACK, RONNIE 1123 Pg. 174 Cutler, Linda 1113 Pg. 205 Dahlem, Nathan 1103 Pg. 227 DAILEY, ROBERT 1123 Pg. 174 Dailey, Susan 1113 Pg. 205 Daniel, Jeffery 1103 Pg. 128, 132, 227 Daniel, Mike 1113 Pg. 206 Danner, Evan 1103 Pg. 227 Darby, Mark 1113 Pg. 206 Darragh, Sandy 1103 Pg. 113, 227 Dater, Steve 1103 Pg. 227 Davenport, Gina 1113 Pg. 85, 206 DAVIDSON, PAULA 1123 Pg. 109, 174 DAVIS, CONNIE 1123 Pg. 163, 174 DAVIS, CRAIG 1123 Pg. 174 Davis, Jean 1103 Pg. 227 Davis, John 1113 Pg. 206 DAVIS, KELLY 1123 Pg. 86, 87, 174 DAVIS, KEVIN 1123 Pg. 174 DAVIS, LEANNE 1123 Pg. 174 Davis, Leeca 1113 Pg. 206 DAVIS, PHILLIP 1123 Pg. 174 Dawkins 1113 Pg. 206 DEAN, KELLY 1123 Pg. 174 Dean, Mary 1113 Pg. 102, 206 Dean, Stephanie 1103 Pg. 227 Dearmon, Deanna 1103 Pg. 227 Deatherage, Lessley 1103 Pg. 81, 227 Deboard, Susan 1103 Pg. 113. 163, 227 DeCarlo, Valerie 1113 Pg. 206 DeCoco, Rustin 1113 Pg. 160, 206 DeCordova, Belinda 1113 Pg. 206 Dedson, Gwenda 1113 Pg. 206 DEIBLER, TIMOTHY 1123 Pg. 174 DEKAT, RICK 1123 Pg. 174 Denn, Jennifer 1113 Pg. 206 Dennis, Darrell 1103 Pg. 227 Dennis, Donna 1113 Pg. 206 Deshazo, .loy1113 Pg. 206 Detamore, Kathy 1103 Pg. 227 DEWEESE, TERR1 1123 Pg. 174 Dicharry, Jerry 1103 Pg. 91, 116, 128, 132, 227 DICHARRY, TERRI1123 Pg. 116, 128. 129, 132, 154, 174 DICKENS, KATHY 1123 Pg. 175 Dickinson, Michele 1103 Pg. 227 Dilbert, Carrie 1103 Pg. 102, 227 Dillard, Carrie 1103 Pg. 162, 227 Dinse, Ronnie 1103 Pg. 227 DIXON, PATRICIA 1123 Pg. 175 DIXON, DAVID 1123 Pg. 97, 206 Dobbs, Aaron 1103 Pg. 227 Dodson, Billy 1103 Pg. 227 Dodson, Jeff 1103 Pg. 227 Doson, Kathi 1113 Pg. 81, 206 Dodson, Stephanie 1113 Pg. 206 Dodson, Terry 1103 Pg. 227 Dolezal, Emily 1103 Pg. 113, 227 Doss, Robert 1103 Pg. 160, 227 DOTY, GARY 1123 Pg. 175 DOVER, DAVID 1123 Pg. 181 DOYLE, CRAIG 1123 Pg. 160, 175 Drake, Theresa 1113 Pg. 206 Draper, Sharon 1113 Pg. 97, 206 Draper, Tommy 1113 Pg. 206 Dreessen, Daniel 1103 Pg. 128, 129, 227 Driscoll, Diana 1103 Pg. 227 Drury, Pam 1113 Pg. 81,131 DRY, WAYNETA 1123 Pg. 128, 175 Drye, Karen 1113 Pg. 206 DRYE, KATH1 1123 Pg. 175 Duckett, Tracy 1113 Pg. 206 DUDLEY, ELAINE 1123 Pg. 175 Dudley, James 1103 Pg. 227 DUDLEY, JESS1151123 Pg. 175 Dufour, Joe 1103 Pg. 227 Dufour, Steven 1113 Pg. 206 Duke, Elton 1103 Pg. 227 Dunafan, Mark 1103 Pg. 227 Duncan. Debra 1103 Pg, 227 Duncan, Karen 1103 Pg. 99, 99, 227 Duncan, Lesa 1103 Pg. 227 Dunkin, Gloria 1103 Pg. 109 DUNKIN, MARSHA 1123 Pg. 175 Dunn, Gary 1113 Pg. 97, 206 Durbin, Tammy 1113 Pg. 113, 206 Dutton, Darla 1113 Pg. 206 EAGER. CAROL 4123 Pg. 109, 175 Earley. .lo Anne 1103 Pg. 227 Eary, David 1113 Pg. 206 Easley, Michael 1113 Pg. 29, 206 Easley, Ricky 1103 Pg. 227 Eck, Arlyn 1113 Pg. 206 Eck, Brian 1103 Pg. 227 ECHOLS, LINDA 1123 Pg. 175 EDDY, PAUL 1123 Pg. 175 EDWARDS,,CAREY 1123 Pg. 175 Edwards, Connie 1103 Pg. 227 Edwards, Trudy 1103 Pg. 85, 227 EGGERS, KAREN 1123 Pg. 175 EIDSON. ERNIE 1123 Pg. 110, 113, 175 256 Eisenman, Tracy 1113 Pg. 206 ELDREDGE, KEVIN 1123 Pg. 175 Elkins, Steve 1113 Pg. 206 Elledge, Cynthia 1103 Pg. 227 Elliot, David 1103 Pg. 161. 228 Ellis, .1oel1l13 Pg. 110, 226 ELWOOD, GREG 1123 Pg. 176 Elwood, Patrick 1103 Pg. 228 Embree, Kim 1103 Pg. 228 Emrich, William 1113 Pg. 128, 132 ENGLAND, MICHAEL 1123 Pg. 176 Engle, Mike 1113 Pg. 206 Epperson, Tommy 1103 Pg. 228 Erwin, Billy 1113 Pg. 206 Eskew, Robert 1103 Pg, 228 Ethridge, Shelli 1113 Pg. 206 Evans, .laye 1103 Pg. 111, 228 EVANS, RANDY 1123 Pg. 176 EVANS, STEVEN 1123 Pg. 109 Evans, Terrie 1103 Pg. 228 Everett, Donald 1103 Pg. 228 Factor, Eddie 1113 Pg. 23. 206 Fairchild, Jeanie 1113 Pg. 176 Fairchild, .l0Anne 1103 Pg. 228 FALKENRATH, KENT 1123 Pg. 176 Fanning, Pamela 1103 Pg. 228 FARLEY, CATHY1123 Pg. 176 Farmer, Timothy 1103 Pg. 228 Farrell, Mitchell 1113 Pg. 206 Farris, Elizabeth 1103 Pg. 228, 162 Farris, Robert 1113 Pg. 108, 206 Fabus, Janet 1113 Pg. 102, 153, 206 Faulkenherry, Tommy 1103 Pg. 228 Fendrych. Kathleen 1113 Pg. 132, 129, 206 Fennell, Conny 1113 Pg. 110, 206 Ferguson, Cindy 1103 Pg. 228 Ferguson, Bryan 1113 Pg. 99, 132, 128, 206 FERGUSON, CHRISTY 1123 Pg. 176 Ferguson, Dickey 1113 Pg. 132, 128, 129, 206 Ferguson, Kirk 1103 Pg. 228 FERGUSON, TWYLA 1123 Pg. 176 FERREE, ALAN 1123 Pg. 176 Feree, Chris1l13 Pg. 206 Feree, David 1103 Pg. 228 Fikes, Scott 1103 Pg. 228 Finley, Dbborah 1113 Pg. 207 Finn, Colleen 1103 Pg. 228 FINN, JOHN 1123 Pg. 59, 176, 24. 255 Finney, Deborah 1113 Pg. 207 FITZGERALD, KAREN 1123 Pg. 131, 176, 129, 82 Fitzgerald. Pal1113 Pg. 207 Filzhugh, Patricia 1113 Pg. 207 FITZHUGH, TED 1123 Pg. 110 FITZSIMMONS, PATRICIA 1123 Pg. 176 Fix, Angela 1113 Pg. 207 Fleming, any 1103 Pg. 228 Flesher, Jeanne 1113 Pg. 113, 207 FLESHER, JULIE Pg. 176, 113 Fletcher. Valerie 1103 Pg. 45, 228, 102 FLETCHER, STEVEN 1123 Pg. 176 Flowers, Belinda 1103 Pg. 228 Floyd, Jeff1113 Pg. 207 FLOYD, JERRY 1123 Pg. 57. 24, 110, 175, 176 FLOYD, RHONDA 1123 Pg. 176 Foehner, Brenda 1103 Pg. 228 Folsom, Lori 1103 Pg. 228 FOLSOM, SHARI 1123 Pg. 176 FONNER, CHESTER 1123 Pg. 176, 159 FORD, MICHAEL 1123 Pg. 176 Ford, Virgil 1103 Pg. 228 Foreman, Marla 1113 Pg. 207 FORGA, BOBBI 1123 Pg. 176 Forga, Damon 1103 Pg. 228 Fortune, Jennifer 1103 Pg. 128, 228 Fosenburg, Mark 1103 Pg. 66, 228 Foster, Eugene 1103 Pg. 228 Foughty, Donna 1113 Pg. 44, 45, 120, 207 FOUTCH. CAROL 1123 Pg. 9, 176 P'OWLER, GARY 1123 Pg. 176 Fowler, Rickey 1103 Pg. 228 fn ., 4 f 7315: .1 P 1 1 1, W ' ' I 297 Frampton, Ron 1111 Pg. 207 Franks, Dona 1111 Pg. 207 FRANKS, TONI 1121 Pg. 176 Franks, Paul 1111 Pg. 110, 207 Frederick, Sherry 1111 Pg. 113, 207 Freeman, Greg 1101 Pg. 228 Freeman, Janet 1111 Pg. 207, 53 Freeman, Toni 1101 Pg. 229 Friar, Terri 1101 Pg. 229 FRIDEL, KATHLYN1121 Pg. 176 Fulfs, Karen 1101 Pg. 229 Fulks, Patty 1101 Pg. 81, 113, 229 Fulks, Rickey 1111 Pg. 207 Fulks, Terrena1111 Pg. 207 FURR, DEBBIE 1121 Pg. 176 Fuzze 11, Rigs 1101 Pg. 229 Gabbert, Edie 1111 Pg. 207 Gabri sh, Paula 1101 Pg. 102, 229 Galier, Anthony 1101 Pg. 84, 229 Galier, Karen 1111 Pg. 207 Gallaher, Julie 1101 Pg. 229 Gallamore, Carnie1111 Pg. 207 Gann, Debbie 1111 Pg. 207 GANUS, GAE 1121 Pg. 109 Garen, Shawn 1111 Pg. 207 Garmand, Jimmie 1111 Pg. 160, 207 GARNER, CHERY1. 1121 Pg. 159, 162, 177 Garrett, Kirk 1101 Pg. 66, 229 Garrett, Marla 1111 Pg. 207 Gates, Nona 1111 Pg. 207 Garlhright, Randle 1111 Pg. 161, 207 Gay. Keith Pg. 229 Gerten, Tandy 1111 Pg. 207 GESTES, SHONDA1121 Pg. 14-2, 128, 177 82, 127 Gibson, Barbara 1101 Pg. 229 Gibson, Jeff1101Pg. 229 GIBSON, LISA 1121 Pg. 82. 177 Gibson, Lynn 1121 Pg. 229 Giles, David 1111 Pg. 207 Giles, Irene 1101 Pg. 229 Giles, Lisa 1111 Pg. 207 GILLETTE, RONALD 1121 Pg. 177 Gilliam, Karen 1111 Pg. 20, 113. 207. 252 Gillilan, Lanese1101 Pg. 229 GILLOCK, LORRI 1121 Pg. 177 GILLUM, TIMOTHY 1121 Pg. 177 Gilmore, Jessie 1101 Pg. 229 Gilstrap. Allison1l11 Pg, 111, 105, 207 Cilstrap, Kim 1101 Pg. 110, 222. 229 GLASCO, DAVID 1101 Pg. 177 Glasco, Denise 1101 Pg. 229 Glimp, Jana 1101 Pg. 229 Glimp. Joe 1101 Pg. 229 Glover, Garry 1101 Pg. 229 GLOVER, PAULA 1121 Pg. 177 Goble, Cathy 1111 Pg. 207 Goble, Cheryl 1101 Pg. 229 Goetz, Allen 1111 Pg. 207 GOFF, DAVID 1121 Pg. 177 Goldsmith, Barbara 1111 Pg. 207 Good, Kelle 1111 Pg. 113, 207 Goode, Darryl 1111 Pg. 207 Goodman, Andy 1111 Pg. 207 GOODMAN, BILL 1121 Pg. 177 Goodrich, Mark 1101 Pg. 81, 229 Goodwin, Roxanne 1111 Pg. 207 Goolsby, Debra 1121 Pg. 177 Gorr, Julie 1111 Pg. 207 Gorton, Cynthia 1101 Pg. 229 GOWDY, CAROL 1121 Pg. 177 Graham, Diane 1101 Pg. 229 Graham, Kenneth 1111 Pg. 207 Graham, Larry 1111 Pg. 41, 110, 207 GRAHAM, TAMIVIY 1121 Pg. 142, 177 Graham, Pamela 1111 Pg. 132, 207 Grant, Donna 1101 Pg. 87, 132, 229 Grant, Teresa 1101 Pg. 85, 229 Graves, Richard 1101 Pg. 229 GRAVITT, KRISTINA 1121 Pg. 177 Gray, Howard 1111 Pg. 207 Gray, James 1101 Pg. 129, 229 Gray, Mitchell 1111 Pg. 208 Greb. Vicky 1111 Pg. 208 GREEN, DEBRA 1121 Pg. 178 Green, Jamie 1111 Pg. 66, 91, 208 Green, Robbie 1101 Pg. 85, 113. 229 Green, Sandra 1101 Pg. 92, 229 GREEN, TERESA1121 Pg. 177 Greenlee, Gary 1111 Pg. 99. 132, 208 Greeson, Jetta 1111 Pg. 208 Greeson, Susan 1111 Pg. 108, 208 Gregll. Larry 1101 Pg. 160. 229 Gregory. Rebecca 1101 Pg. 229 Gregory, Renee 1101 Pg. 229 Gresham, Darryl 1101 Pg. 229 GRIDER, STEVEN1121 Pg. 178 Griffith, Julie 1111 Pg. 208 GRIFFITH, MARLANE1121 Pg. 82. 143. 178 GRIFFITS, SANSRA 1121 Pg. 178 GRIGSBY, DEBORAH 1121 Pg, 105, 178 Grimes, James 1111 Pg. 208 Grinstead. Nancy 1101 Pg. 229 GRONES. BILL 1121 Pg. 156, 178 Guffey, Paula 1101 Pg. 229 Guffey, Penny 1111 Pg. 208 Guinn, Jackie 1101 Pg. 229 GLLLES, JAY 1121 Pg. 178 Gunter. Penny 1101 Pg. 103, 229 HADLEY, RANDY 1121 Pg. 178 Hadley, Ricky L. 1111 Pg. 208 HADLOCK, JUDY 1121 Pg. 178 Haffner, Darren 1111 Pg. 208 Haftman, Michael 1111 Pg. 208 Hale, Teresa 1101 Pg. 229 HALL, BOB 1121 Pg. 178, 29, 83, 82 Hall, Jay 1101 Pg. 229, 108 HALL, MONTY1121 Pg. 178, 113, 110 HALL, SHIRLEY 1121 Pg. 178 Hall, Stephen 1101 Pg. 229 Halpin, Lynn 1111 Pg. 208 Hames, Lewis 1101 Pg. 229 Hamilton, Debbie 1101 Pg. 229 HAMILTON, DEE 1121 Pg. 178, 109 Hamilton, Lynda 1101 Pg. 229, 129 HAMILTON, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 178 Hamil, Jacqueline 1101 Pg. 178 HAMLIN, JAN1CE1121 Pg. 178 Hammock, Susan 1111 Pg. 208 HAMMON, RHONDA 1121 Pg. 178 Hammon, Rhonda 1111 Pg. 208 Hampton, Terri 1101 Pg. 229 Hannabass, Robert 1111 Pg. 208 HANCOCK, MELINDA 1121 Pg. 179 Haney, Alan 1101 Pg. 229 HANEY, LEE 1121 Pg. 179 HANEY, MARIAN 1121 Pg. 179 Haberston, Tonya 1101 Pg. 229 Hardcastle, Robin 1101 Pg. 150, 229 HARDIN. JOHN 1121 Pg. 179 Hardin. Mellanie 1101 Pg. 230 Hardy. Cary 1101 Pg. 230 Hargis, Kelli 1101 Pg. 230, 113 Hargis, Mark 1111 Pg. 208 Harmon, Brenda 1111 Pg. 208 HARMS. RANDY 1121 Pg. 179, 208 HARRINGTON, MARK 1121 Pg. 179. Harrington, Michael 1101 Pg. 230 Harris, Cathy 1111 Pg. 208 Harris, David 1111 Pg. 208 Harris. Jackie 1101 Pg. 230 Harris, Leslie 1111 Pg. 208 HARRIS. RONNIE 1121 Pg. 179 Harris, Stephanie 1111 Pg. 208 Harris. Tami 1101 Pg. 230 Harrison. Eddie 1111 Pg. 208 Harrison. William 1101 Pg. 230 Harsha. Donna 1101 Pg. 230 Hart, Kenny 1111 Pg. 208 Hart, Sharon 1111 Pg. 208 Hartley, Stanley 1101 Pg. 230 Harwell. Tonya 1111 Pg. 43, 85, 208 Hatcllell. Randy1111 Pg. 208 2 Hathaway, Juanita 1101 Pg. 230 Hathaway, Rita 1111 Pg. 208 Hauser, Caressa 1101 Pg. 230 Hawkins, Becque 1101 Pg. 81, 102, 239 HAWKINS, BRENDA 1121 Pg. 179 Hawkins, Jimmie 1101 Pg. 108, 230 Hawkins, Jody 1101 Pg. 230 Hawkins, Larry 1101 Pg. 230 Hawkins, Pam 1101 Pg. 230 Hay, Brian 1111 Pg. 122, 123, 208 Hayes, Brian 1111 Pg. 122, 123, 208 Hayes, Brian 1101 Pg. 230 Hayns, Rhonda 1111 Pg. 123, 208 HAYS, BOBBY 1121 Pg. 79 Hays, Debbie 1111 Pg. 208 Hays, Renee 1101 Pg. 99, 230 Hazlewood, Scott 1111 Pg. 208 Headlee, Steven 1101 Pg. 208 Heath, Terry 1101 Pg. 230 Heavener, James 1111 Pg. 208 Heavener, Mike 1101 Pg. 230 Heck, Bryan 1101 Pg. 230 Hefner, Darrell Keith 1101 Pg. 230 Heijl, Gregory 1101 Pg. 230 Heiskill, Terry 1111 Pg. 150 HEITZ, MEL1NDA1l21 Pg. 132, 179 Helberg, Mark 1111 Pg. 152 Helms, Joe1111 Pg. 208 Heltcel, Rodney 1101 Pg. 230 HEMBREE, BRENDA 1121 Pg. 128. 179 Henderson, David 1111 Pg. 192, 128, 208 Hendrickson, Vickie 1111 Pg. 208 HENRY, SHERRY 1121 Pg. 86, 174 Henshaw, Lara 1101 Pg. 231 Henshaw, Susie 1101 Pg. 231 Hensley Hensley Hansley, Darren 1101 Pg. 231 Lisa 1101 Pg. 231 Smauel 1101 Pg. 231 Henson, Barbara 1101 Pg. 163, 231 Henson, Bill 1111 Pg. 209 HENSON, TERRY 1121 Pg. 179 Henson, Jacqueline 1101 Pg. 231 Herring, Christine 1101 Pg. 231 HERRING, FRANK 1121 Pg. 82 Herring, Naomi 1101 Pg. 85. 231 Herring, Kay 1111 Pg. 209 Hestand, Kay 1111 Pg. 113, 209 Hestand, Maurice 1101 Pg. 231 298 Hester. John 1111 Pg. 209 Hester. Thueman 1101 Pg. 160 Hetheringlon. Carla 1111 Pg. 102. 209 Hibbs. Johnny 1101 Pg. 231 HICKMAN. CINDY 1121 Pg. 142, 179 HICKS, CATHERINE 1121 Pg. 179 HICKS, KIM 1121 Pg. 179 Higgins, Edd 1101 Pg. 231 Highfill. Alvin 1111 Pg. 209 Highf111, Eugine 1101 Pg. 231 HILBLRN, DENNIS 1121 Pg. 109, 179 Hilburn, Rancle1l1111 Pg. 209 Hildebrand. Peggy 1101 Pg. 231 HILDEBRAND. SLZAN 1121 Pg. 179 Hildreth, Nicky 1111 Pg. 209 Hileman, Rick 1111 Pg. 209 Hill, Carl 1101 Pg. 231, 160 HILL, JAMES 1121 Pg. 179 HILL, MARK 1121 Pg. 179 Hill, Pam1l11 Pg. 113, 91. 209 Hill, Rebecca 1111 Pg. 209 Hill, Shelley 1111 Pg. 102, 209 Hillstromh, Timmy 1101 Pg. 231, 129 Hilterbran, Shari 1101 Pg. 231, 113. 102 Hines, Deanna 1101 Pg. 231 Hites, Mark 1101 Pg. 231, 161 Hites, Matthew 1111 Pg. 209 Hixon. Janet 1111 Pg. 209 Hobbs, Donald 1101 Pg. 231 Hodge, Brad 1101 Pg. 231 Hodges, Darla 1111 Pg. 209 HADGES, DOUGLAS 1121 Pg. 179 HOFFMAN, PAUL 1121 Pg. 108, 179 Hobrook, Melinda 1111 Pg. 209 HOLDER, LAURA 1121 Pg. 180, 113, 105 10, 24 HOLDER, MARK 1121 Pg. 132, 180 Holder, Kristi 1101 Pg. 231 Holland, Arthur 1101 Pg. 231 Hollen, Leisa1101 Pg. 231 HOLLEN, RHONDA1121 Pg. 180 Holliday, Stacy 1101 Pg. 231 Hollingsworth, Tony 1111 Pg. 231 Holloway, Billy 1101 Pg. 231 Holloway, Vicky 1111 Pg. 209 Holman, Caroll1111 Pg. 209 Holt, Larry 1111 Pg. 209 Holt, Sandra 1101 Pg. 231, 168 Homan, Debbie 1101 Pg. 231 Hood, Jana 1101 Pg. 163, 231 Hood, Robin 1111 Pg. 102, 163, 209 Hoofard, Suzanne 1111 Pg. 209 HOOPER, SCO'I'1'1121 Pg. 180 Hooten, Connie 1111 Pg. 128, 129, 132, 209 Hopkins, Denise 1111 Pg. 209 Hopkins, Leann 1111 Pg. 209 HOPSON, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 180 HORN, HOBY1121 Pg. 110, 177, 180 Horn, Jeff 1111 Pg. 110, 209 Horne, Kelly 1101 Pg. 231 Horst, Darla 1101 Pg. 231 Houdmann, Lyndon 1111 Pg. 105, 209 Houk, Robert 1101 Pg. 231 Houlette, Sherry 1101 Pg. 231 Houser, Tammy 1101 Pg. 113, 231 Howe, Barry 1101 Pg. 231 Howe, Terri 1101 Pg. 231 HOWELL, FRANCES 1121 Pg. 180 Howell, Teresa 1101 Pg. 232 Howell, Vicki 1101 Pg. 232 Howland, Debbie 1101 Pg. 132, 232 Huard, Mike 1101 Pg. 232 HUARD, SHANA 1121 Pg. 109 Hubbard, Joanie 1111 Pg. 209 Hubbard, Sandra 1111 Pg. 209 Huckeby, Mark 1101 Pg. 232 Hudson, Diane 1101 Pg. 232, 244, 113, 23 Huffman, Darrell 1101 Pg. 232 Huffstutlar, Denise 1101 Pg. 232 Hugghins, James 1101 Pg. 232 Hulse, Karen 1111 Pg. 209 Hunt, Kim 1111 Pg. 232 Hunt, Leo 1101 Pg. 232, 108 Hunter, Marcia 1111 Pg. 209 Hurst, Bradley 1101 Pg. 132, 232 Hurst, Bradley 1101 Pg. 232 Hurst, Janice 1111 Pg. 98, 99, 116, 209 Hurst, Russell 1111 Pg. 209 JOHNSON, LARRY 1121 Pg. 152, 181 Johnson, Larry 1101 Pg. 232 Johnson, Lawrence 1101 Pg. 210 JOHNSON, LEROY 1121 Pg. 181 JOHNSON, LILLIAN 1121 Pg. 163 Johnson, Loretta 1101 Pg. 232 Johnson, Robby 1101 Pg. 232 Johnson, Susan 1101 Pg. 232 Johnson, Tina 1101 Pg. 232 U - V ,. 1353 E? JOHNSON, WILLIAM 1121 Pg. 181 JOHNSON, NANCY 1121 Pg. 181 Johnson, Jon 1111 Pg. 210 Johnston, Taunya 1101 Pg. 160, 162 Jolly, Gina 1111 Pg. 53, 210 Jones, Beverly 1101 Pg. 131, 232, 110, 105, 66 Nt 2:75 . an DE -ff- V Jones, Jones, Jones Dan'yl 1101 Pg. 232 Debbie 1101 Pg. 232 Dianna 1111 Pg. 210 Jones: Jack 1101 Pg. 232, 210 Jones, Jacklyn 1101 Pg. 232 Jones, Jeff1101 Pg. 232 Jones, .leff1111 Pg. 99 Jones, Linda 1101 Pg. 232 Jones, Lisa 1101 Pg. 232 Jones, Lori 1101 Pg. 232 Jones Richard 1101 Pg. 232, 108 JONES, SHERR1LL1121 Pg. 181 JONES, TERRY 1121 Pg. 181, 12, 110, 27 Jones, Terri 1101 Pg. 232 Jones, Wesley 1111 Pg. 210 JORA Y, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 181 Joslin, Michael 1101 Pg. 233 JOSLIN, TERRY 1121 Pg. 181 Julian, Stacey 1111 Pg. 210 Hutchcraft, Roy 1101 Pg. 232 Hutchins, Donna 1101 Pg. 122, 232 HUTCHINSON, JUANITA 1121 Pg. 180 Hutchison, Leslie 1101 Pg. 232 Hutson, Scott 1101 Pg. 232 Hutzel, Loyd 1101 Pg. 232 Hyde, Mark 1111 Pg. 209 Ingram, Debra 1101 Pg. 132, 232 INGRAM, DONALD 1121 Pg. 108, 180 INGRAM, TOMMY 1121 Pg. 180 ISRAEL, SHERYL 1121 Pg. 180 Israel, Steve 1111 Pg. 209 IVERSON, LINDA 1121 Pg. 109, 180 Jackson Jackson, Brenda 1111 Pg. 209 Jackson, Chris 1101 Pg. 232 Jackson, Donna 1101 Pg. 45, 232, 120 Jackson, James 1101 Pg. 232 Mark 1111 Pg. 209 Logan , Joe 1101 Pg. 111, 234 Lavelett, Larry 1111 Pg. 210 JACKSON, RUTHANNE 1121 Pg. 24, 180, 255 Jackson, Shelly 1111 Pg. 109, 209 JACKSON, STEPHANIE 1121 Pg. 66, 180 Jackson, Steve 1111 Pg. 110 Jackson, Susan 1111 Pg. 209 Jackson, Tony 1111 Pg. 66, 110, 209 Jacobs, Becky 1111 Pg. 209 Jacobs, Vernie 1111 Pg. 152, 160, 209 Jacques, Deborah 1101 Pg. 232 James, Kevin 1101 Pg. 232 James, Loretta 1111 Pg. 102, 209 JAMES, WARREN 1121 Pg. 108, 180 Jameson, Clay 1101 Pg. 232 Janko, Czerema 1101 Pg. 232 JANKO, JOSEPH 1121 Pg. 180, 108 Janko, Seba1l11 Pg. 108, 209 Jantz, Deanna 1101 Pg. 232, 102 January, Anna 1101 Pg. 232 JANUARY, RUSSELL 1121 Pg. 180 JARONEK, VICTOR 1121 Pg. 180 JAROS, JAMES 1121 Pg. 180 Jaroszewicz, Jeffrey 1101 Pg. 232 Jay, Joyce 1111 Pg. 209 JAY, MELVIN 1121 Pg. 181 Jefferson, Kathleen 1111 Pg. 209 Jenkins, Clarence 1111 Pg. 108 Jenkins, Creighton, 1101 Pg. 109, 232 Jenner, Jacob 1101 Pg. 232, 159, 160 Jenner, James 1111 Pg. 159, 160 Jennings, James 1111 Pg. 209 JENNINGS, SUSAN 1121 Pg. 181 .lE'I'I'0N,JEANE'1'I'A 1121 Pg. 181 JOBE, CINDY 1121 Pg. 181, 102 Johns, D Johnson, Johnson, Johnson avid 1101 Pg. 232 Bonnie 1111 Pg. 23, 26, 209 David 1111 Pg. 210 Elizabeth 1111 Pg. 209 Johnson: Janet 1101 Pg. 232 Johnson, Jimmy 1111 Pg. 132, 210 JOHNSO N, KIMBERLY 1121 Pg. 181 Justice, Shirley 1111 Pg. 210 Kallio, Amy 1111 Pg. 132, 210 KANTER, DEBRA 1121 Pg. 181, 87, 86 Kanter, Sharon 1111 Pg. 210, 162 Keel, Tami 1101 Pg. 233 Keeler, Charles 1111 Pg. 210 Keene, Charles 1101 Pg. 233 KEENE, PAULA1121 Pg. 181 Keener, David 1101 Pg. 233 Keenum, Jack 1111 Pg. 210 Keese, Kirk 1101 Pg. 233 KELLY, BRUCE 1121 Pg. 181 Kelley, Catherine 1101 Pg. 233, 29 Kelley, Jackie 1111 Pg. 128 Kelley, Jackie 1121 Pg. 181, 110 KELLY, LAURA 1121 Pg. 132, 182, 128, 129, 116 KELLY, LAWRENCE 1121 Pg. 132, 182 Kendall, Kay 1121 Pg. 210 Kennedy, Vickie 1111 Pg. 210 KENNY, KAREN 1121 Pg. 182 Kenney, Susan 1101 Pg. 233 Kersly, Caroline 1111 Pg. 210 Key, Mike 1111 Pg. 210 Keylon, Cynthia 1111 Pg. 210 Kile, Barbra 1101 Pg. 233 Kilgore, Jamie 1101 Pg. 87, 233 Killian, Mark 1111 Pg. 210, 160 Kim, Mi Kyang1101 Pg. 233 Kimmel, Tony 1101 Pg. 233 King, Alyce1111 Pg. 131, 98, 210 KING, CAROLYN 1121 Pg. 182, 252, 168 KING, JAY 1121 Pg. 182 King, Nancy 1111 Pg. 210 King, Patricia 1111 Pg. 123, 210 Kirkham, Don 1101 Pg. 233 Kirkhsm, Kathy 1101 Pg. 233 Kirtman, Mike 1111 Pg. 210 KISSELBURG, LARHETA 1121 Pg. 109, 182 Kistler, Betty 1111 Pg. 210 KITCHEN, BILL 1121 Pg. 47, 182, 190 Kitchen, Richard 1111 Pg. 85, 110, 210 Kliewer, Laura 1111 Pg. 233 KNAPP, LARRY 1121 Pg. 182 Knapp, Niza 1111 Pg. 210 Knight, Scott 1101 Pg. 98, 233 Knoll, David 1101 Pg. 233 KNOWLES, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 182 Knowles, Michelle 1101 Pg. 233 KNOWLES, WILLIAM 1121 Pg. 182 Knox, Danelia 1101 Pg. 129, 233 Kochendofer, Tamara 1101 Pg. 233 Koonce, Karen 1101 Pg. 152, 233 KOONCE, STEVE 1121 Pg. 102 Koonce, Steve 1111 Pg. 210 Kovar, Anita 1111 Pg. 210 Kraeger, William 1111 Pg. 210 Kran, Laurie 1101 Pg. 233, 162 KRAUS, PAT 1121 Pg. 102, 109 Krause, James 1101 Pg. 81, 87, 233 KREAPS, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 182 KUCHERA, PATTI 1101 Pg. 233 Kudron, Lisa 1111 Pg. 210 Kuzmic, Janice 1111 Pg. 210 KYSELA, KIM 1121 Pg. 103 Lakey, Tammy 1111 Pg. 53, 210 LANDAGORA, DAWN 1121 Pg. 183 Landers, Glen 1111 Pg. 210 LANG, CLAUS 1121 Pg. 183 LANGLEY, BELINDA 1121 Pg. 109 LANGLEY, CELINDA 1121 Pg. 183 LANGFORD, EDNA 1121 Pg. 183 LANKFORD, MIKE 1121 Pg. 183 Lansley, Lassiter Lassiter 1 Karen 1101 Pg. 233 Gary11l1 Pg. 210 William 1101 Pg. 233, 110, 111 LATTA: PAM 1121 Pg. 183 Latham, Charles 1111 Pg. 109, 210 Lavelett, Terry 1101 Pg. 233 its Lindsay, Bruce 1111 Pg. 161 LINDSAY, HUGH 1121 Pg. 83, 183, 145 LINDSEY, JORDAN 1121 Pg. 123, 183 Lindsey, Laurie 1101 Pg. 111, 161, 234 LINK, ERIC 1121 Pg. 183 Linn, Jeff 1101 Pg. 234 LISTON, DEAN 1121 Pg. 183 Liston, Dewyne 1111 Pg. 210 Lloyd, Joanie 1101 Pg. 87, 234 LLOYD, PAUL 1121 Pg. 183 LOCK, ALBERT 1121 Pg. 183, 66 Lock, Marshall 1101 Pg. 66, 160 Lockhart, Andy 1111 Pg. 161, 210 LOCKHART, LEASA 1121 Pg. 183 Loftin , Dorothy 1101 Pg. 234 Loftis, Wayne 1101 Pg. 234 Logan , Lori 1111 Pg. 211 LOGAN, V1CK1E1l21 Pg. 103 Long, John 1111 Pg. 103 Long, Randy 1101 Pg. 234 Long, Walter 1101 Pg. 234 Lawler, Carolyn 1101 Pg. 128, 233 Lawrence, Aaron 1111 Pg. 210 Lawson, Cynthia 1101 Pg. 162 LAWSON, TERRIE 1121 Pg. 183 Laxon, Deborah 1111 Pg. 105, 210 Layden, Kayla 1101 Pg. 233 Leazenby, Michael 1111 Pg. 210 Leckie, Connie 1111 Pg. 108, 210 Ledbetter, Lance 1101 Pg. 234 LEE, BRUCE 1121 Pg. 183 Lee, Lewis 1101 Pg. 234 Lee, Melvin 1111 Pg. 85, 210 LEE, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 183 LEE, TONY 1121 Pg. 193, 183 Legg, Joycelyn 1101 Pg. 234, 129 Lehenbauer, Alice 1101 Pg. 102, 234 Lehenbauer, Nathan 1101 Pg. 234 Leinneweber, Ellen 1111 Pg. 152, 210 Leisinger, Steven 1101 Pg. 234 Lemons, Renee 1111 Pg. 210 Lenker, Donald 1101 Pg. 234 Lenker, Doris 1111 Pg. 210 LEONARD, RALPH 1121 Pg. 128, 129, 116, 183 Lessmann, Dan 1101 Pg. 87, 234 Lessmann, David 1101 Pg. 87, 234 Lettemaier, Cheryl 1101 Pg. 234 Lewis, Carol 1111 Pg. 210 Lewis, Jeffery 1101 Pg. 234 LEWIS, LORRIE 1121 Pg. 183 Lewis, Zane 1101 Pg. 108, 234 LILES, DEANA 1121 Pg. 183 Lilley, Diane 1111 Pg. 210 Lookabough, Sharon 1101 Pg. 81, 234 LORE, KELLY 1121 Pg. 159, 183 LORENZ, GLENN 1121 Pg. 184 LO'I'I', CARI 1121 Pg. 184 Lott, Robin 1101 Pg. 102, 234 LOVE, DAVID 1121 Pg. 152, 184 Love, Charles 1101 Pg. 129, 161, 234 Lovell, Eddie 1101 Pg. 234 Lowe, Kevin 1101 Pg. 234 Lowry, Stanley 1111 Pg. 160 Lowry, Doyle 1101 Pg. 234 Lowry, Marshall 1101 Pg. 234 Loyd, Mike 1111 Pg. 211 Loyd, Richard 1111 Pg. 211 Loyd, Tammy 1111 Pg. 211 Luman, Ladonna 1101 Pg. 234 Lund, Kaye 1111 Pg. 34, 127, 128, 211, 97 252 Lund, Randall 1101 Pg. 234, 108 Lunday, Kelli 1101 Pg. 44, 45, 234, 120 LUNDAY, GEORGE 1121 Pg. 184 LUNDAY, PATRICIA 1121 Pg. 81, 82, 123 LUNDY, TRINA1121 Pg. 184 Lupp, Jeff 1111 Pg. 161 Lupton, Jeanett 1101 Pg. 234 Lusk, Donette 1111 Pg. 211 Lutrell, Tracey 1101 Pg. 234 LYNCH, CHARLES 1121 Pg. 144, 184 Lynch, Greg 1101 Pg. 235 Lynch, Pam 1101 Pg. 235 Lyles, Gary1101 Pg. 211 Lynn, Greg 1101 Pg. 152, 235 Lyons, Johnny 1101 Pg. 235 Lyons, Mark 1111 Pg. 211 Lytle, Robert 1101 Pg. 235 299 MCCC Owen, Laura 1101 Pg. 237 Pabon, Thomas 1101 Pg. 237 Magby, Rusty 1101 Pg. 235 MAGERUS, WILLIAM 1121 Pg. 184 Mahan, Pamela 1101 Pg. 235 Main, Freddie 1111 Pg. 211 MAINARD, TERESA 1121 Pg. 184 MAJOR. MARY 1121 Pg. 184 Malone, Janna 1101 Pg. 234 MALONE, LONNA1121 Pg. 184 Mangum, Paula 1111 Pg. 211 Manley. Elaine 1111 Pg. 45, 202, 211 Manley. Pamela 1111 Pg. 152, 211 Manley, Richard 1101 Pg. 128, 132, 235 MANN, LINDA 1121 Pg. 184 MANNING, DAVID 1121 Pg. 184 Mansfeild, Barbara 1111 Pg. 211 Mantooth, Rick 1101 Pg. 108, 235 Maples, Annette 1101 Pg. 235 MAPLES, FELECIA 1121 Pg. 184 Mappes, Darryl 1101 Pg. 235 Marcum, Troy 1111 Pg. 211 MARICAL, SHERRY1121 Pg. 184 Marr, Kyle 1101 Pg. 235 Marrs, Pele1111 Pg. 110, 211 MARSHALL, CARRIE 1121 Pg. 184 MARSHALL, LEON 1121 Pg. 184 Martin, .Ieff1101 Pg. 235 Martin, Mark 1101 Pg. 235 Marlin, Richard 1111 Pg. 211 MARTIN, SARAH 1121 Pg. 184 Martin, Tammy 1101 Pg. 112, 120 Martin, Tammy 1101 Pg. 45, 120 MARTIN, JERRY 1121 Pg. 184 Martin, Weldon 1111 Pg. 211 Martindale, Jeff1101 Pg. 235 Martinez, Rachel 1101 Pg. 102, 235 MASLEN, STEPHEN 1121 Pg. 184 Maslen, Patricia 1111 Pg. 211 Maslen, Thomas 1111 Pg. 211 MASON, DEBBIE 1121 Pg. 12, 82, 184 MASON, MARK 1121 Pg. 20, 38, 82, 113, 142, 184 Masopust, Timothy 1101 Pg. 235 MATCHEN, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 184 Mathews, Robyn 1111 Pg. 211 MATFHESON, SANDRA 1121 Pg. 184 Mattocks, Kelley 1101 Pg. 97, 111, 235 MAURER, PATRICIA 1121 Pg. 184 Maurer, Sarah 1101 Pg. 169, 235 Maxly, Henry 1101 Pg. 235 MAXWELL, DAVID 1121 Pg. 105, 185 Maxwell, David 1101 Pg. 235 Maxwell, Marsha 1101 Pg. 235 MAY, STEPHEN 1121 Pg. 185 Mayfield, Curtis 1111 Pg. 211 Mayhew, Lee 1101 Pg. 235 MAYNARD, WANDA 1121 Pg. 185 MAYS, RICHARD 1121 Pg. 117, 185 Maymbby, Phillip 1111 Pg. 110, 111,211 MCALISTER, MELISSA 1121 Pg. 185 McAuley, Leilan 1101 Pg. 235, 102, 97 300 McBea th, Deborah 1111 Pg. 211 McBride, Deborah 1111 Pg. 85, 211 McBride, James 1101 Pg. 235 MCBR IDE, JIM 1121 Pg. 82, 185 McBride, Paula 1101 Pg. 235 MCBR MCCA MCCA IDE, RANDY 1121 Pg. 185 RTY, GWEN 1121 Pg. 185 RTY, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 185 McClellan, Sandra 1101 Pg. 100, 235 LINTOCK, SUE 1121 Pg. 185 McClung, Wendall 1111 Pg. 211 McConnell, Jennifer 1101 Pg. 111, 235 McCool, Ralph 1111 Pg. 211 McCorkle, Theresa 1101 Pg. 235 McCoy, Alan 1101 Pg. 235 MCCULLOUGH, JANINE1121 Pg. 185 MCCUTCHAN, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 185 McDonald, Harold 1101 Pg. 235 McDonald, Johnny 1101 Pg. 235 McDonald, Jon 1101 Pg. 235 McDonald, Rosemary 1111 Pg. 211, 43 McElvany, Lue1111 Pg. 211 MCEWIN, ROBB1E1121Pg. 185 MCFALL, JAMES 1121 Pg. 24, 25 McFarland, Beverly 1101 Pg. 235 McFarland, Greg 1101 Pg. 235 MCGEE, SHERRIL1121 Pg. 185 MCGEE, JASON 1121 Pg. 185, 129, 256, McGee, Justin 1101 Pg. 235 McGown, Joann 1111 Pg. 211 McGown, Trudy 1101 Pg. 236 McGraw, Gary 1111 Pg. 211 McGuffey, Robert 1101 Pg. 236 Mclnroe, Kevin 1111 Pg. 211 McKee, Kathy 1101 Pg. 129, 236 McKee, Lisa 1111 Pg. 211 McKenney, Sherry 1111 Pg. 87, 211 McKinzie, Robin 1101 Pg. 113, 236 McKnight, Jerry 1101 Pg. 236 McClain, Stefan 1111 Pg. 160, 211 McLaughlin, Maraline 1111 Pg. 113, 211 MCLAUGHLIN, DAYNA 1121 Pg. 186 McMiIlon, Balinda1111 Pg. 211 MCMINN, NANCY 1121 Pg. 53, 186 MCPH McSwa ERSON, MARK 1121 Pg. 110, 186 in, Cynthia 1101 Pg. 236 McVey, Deborah 1111 Pg. 236 McVey, Gina 1101 Pg. 236 McVey MEAD Means, , Rhonda 1101 Pg. 236 OWS, JEFF 1121 Pg. 87, 186 Jeff1101 Pg. 236 Means, Norman 1111 Pg. 212 Means, Ricky 1101 Pg. 128 98 MEANS, ROBIN 1121 Pg. 24, 96, 97, 105, 142, 26. 185. 186, 254 Mecoy, Charles 1111 Pg. 212 MEEH, LEAH 1121 Pg. 102, 186, 252 Meek, Christina 1101 Pg. 236 MEEKS, CLARENCE 1121 Pg. 186 Mercker, Melinda 1111 Pg. 129, 132, 212 Merritt, Wendy 1111 Pg. 113 YIETHANY, ALAN 1121 Pg. 186 Metzger, Don 1101 Pg. 236 Meyer, Gina 1111 Pg. 102, 113, 212 Meziere, Daniel 1101 Pg. 91, 236 MEZIERE, EDDIE 1121 Pg. 186 Michael, Brenda 1101 Pg. 236 MIERS, DONALD 1121 Pg. 186 Milan, Joe 1101 Pg. 236 MILFORD, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 186 Miller, Bobby 1111 Pg. 212 Nail, David 1101 Pg. 128, 237 NAIL, ALICE 1121 Pg. Nail, David 1101 Pg. 128, 237 NAIL, JOHN 1121 Pg. 128, 187 Nance, Alice 1101 Pg. 237 NANCE, JAMES 1121 Pg. 128, 138, 187 NATHMAN, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 188 Neal, Deidra 1101 Pg. 102, 237 Miller, Bryon 1101 Pg. 236 Miller, Cheryl 1111 Pg. 212 Miller, Cindy 1111 Pg. 212 MILLER, DAVID 1121 Pg. 81, 117, 186 Miller, Douglas 1111 Pg. 212 MILLER, FAITH 1121 Pg. 186 Miller, James 1101 Pg. 236 Miller, Kent 1111 Pg. 159, 212 Miller, Miller Martha 1101 Pg. 236 Martin 1101 Pg. 236 Milleri Robert 1101 Pg. 236 Miller Rurie 1111 Pg. 81, 82, 116 212 MILLER, SUSAN 1121 Pg. 13, 186, 190 MILLS , DORIS 1121 Pg. 187 Mills, Mark 1111 Pg. 212 Mills, Michale 1111 Pg. 212 Mitchell, Jana 1111 Pg. 102, 103, 113, 142, 212 Mitchell, Mark 1101 P. 236 Mix, Edwards 1101 Pg. 236 Neal, Gregg 1111 Pg. 212 NEAL, LESSIE 1121 Pg. 188 Neal, Robert 1101 Pg. 237 NEESE Neher, NELSO , DIANNE 1121 Pg. 102, 188 Bradford 1101 Pg. 237 N, BRYON 1121 Pg. 188 Nelson, Carrie 1111 Pg. 87, 98, 128, 212 Nelson, Diane 1111 Pg. 212 Nelson, Kimberly 1101 Pg. 237 Nelson, Mark 1101 Pg. 237 NELSO N, MARY 1121 Pg. 20, 102, 188, 162 Nelson, Tela 1101 Pg. 39, 87, 237 Nelson, Theresa 1101 Pg. 237 NEWTON, DAVID 1121 Pg. 188, 254 Newton ,Jamie 1111 Pg. 102,212 Niccum, Virgil 1111 Pg. 212 Nichols Nichols NICHO 188 , Karen 1101 Pg. 237 , Dianna 1111 Pg. 212 LS, ROSEANNE 1121 Pg. 92, 82, MOBBS, REBECCA 1121 Pg. 187 Mobly, Lisa 1111 Pg. 212 Mobly, Michael 1101 Pg. 161, 236 MODESTO, TONY 1121 Pg. 91, 187 Modesto, Steven 1111 Pg. 161, 212 MOECKEL, DAVID 1121 Pg. 159, 187 MOGSETH, DAVID 1121 Pg. 132 Mogseth, Leslie 1101 Pg. 236 Monarch, Kammie 1101 Pg. 111, 236 Money, Tey 1101 236 Monroe, Debra 1111 Pg. 236 MONROE, TOMMY 1121 Pg. 187 Monroe, Paula 1111 Pg. 102, 212 Montgomery, Ricky 1111 Pg. 212 Montgomery, Darren 1101 Pg. 236 MONTGOMERY, TOMMY 1121 Pg. 187 Nichols, Scott1111 Pg. 212 NICKELL, STAN 1121 Pg. 188 Nickels, Ronald 1111 Pg. 213 Nizza, John 1101 Pg. 213 Nobles, Billy 1101 Pg. 111, 29, 237 Nolen, Gary 1111 Pg. 213 NOLEN, TERRI 1121 Pg. 237 Norman, Michael 1101 Pg. 237 NORVELL, LINDA 1121 Pg. 188 Norris, Freelyn 1101 Pg. 237 Norton, Pat.rick1101 Pg. 237 Norwood, Stephanie 1101 Pg. 237, 113, 222 NOWLIN, SHELLEY1121 Pg. 188, 117, 87, 97 NUNN, PAUL 1121 Pg. 188, 113, 157 Nyberg, Martha 1111 Pg. 113, 213 Montoya, Allcia 1111 Pg. 212 Moody, Howard 1111 Pg. 212 Mooney, Donna 1101 Pg. 113, 236 MOOR E, BILLY 1121 Pg. 157, 160, 187 Moore, Christopher 1111 Pg. 212 MOOR E, CLYDE 1121 Pg. 187 Moore, Dara 1111 Pg. 82, 212 Moore, Darryl 1101 Pg, 236 Moore, David 1111 Pg. 57, 110, 212 Moore, Debbie 1101 Pg. 236 MOOR E, DONNA 1121 Pg. 187 Moore, Karen 1101 Pg. 236 Moore, Lowell 1111 Pg. 110, 212 MOOR MOOR MOOR MOOR E, MARVIN 1121 Pg. 187 E, MARVIN 1121 Pg. 187 E, RICKEY1121 Pg. 187 E, RICKY 1121 Pg. 187 Moore, Teresa 1111 Pg. 212 MOOR E, TRACY 1121 Pg. 187 Moore, Treva 1111 Pg. 212 Moore, William 1101 Pg. 159 MORA N, RUSSELL 1121 Pg. 57, 187, 110 Morgan, .Iannetta1111 Pg. 212 MORG MORG AN, KELLY 1121 Pg. 187 AN, MARY Pg. 187 Morgan, Scott 1101 Pg. 236 Oberste, Catherine 1111 Pg. 213 Ocker, Lonnie 1111 Pg. 110, 213 OCONNOR, KATHERINE 1121 Pg. 98, 99 188 Oconnor, William 1101 Pg. 81, 237 Oden, Janice 1111 Pg. 213 Oden, Janice 1111 Pg. 213 Ogden, Bentley 1111 Pg. 213 Ogilvie, Melanie 1111 Pg. 128, 213 OLDHAM, SHARON 1121 Pg. 188 Oliver, Leslie 1101 Pg. 237, 92 Oneal, Darla 1101 Pg. 237 Onley, Richard 1101 Pg. 237 ORR, LITA1121 Pg. 188 ORR, TIM 1121 Pg. 188 Ortega, Ellen 1111 Pg. 213 Osborn, .Iamie 1101 Pg. 237 Osborn, Samuel 1101 Pg. 237 Oswalt, Price 1101 Pg. 237 Owen, Dana 1111 Pg. 213 OWEN, DEBBIE 1121 Pg. 110, 188, 24, 254 MELENDEZ, MARK 1121 Pg. 105, 106, 110 Melton, Allen 1101 Pg. 236 Mellon, Harvey 1111 Pg. 211 MELTON, TERESA 1121 Pg. 186 Mercer, Ronnie 1101 Pg. 236 Morgan, Wendall 1101 Pg. 236 Morris, Charlene 1101 Pg. 45, 113, 120, 236 Morris, David 1111 Pg. 212 MORRIS, DIANA 1121 Pg. 187 Morris, Loyd 1101 Pg. 236 Morrison, Beth 1101 Pg. 236 Morrison, Billy 1101 Pg. 236 Morrison, Cheryl 1121 Pg. 187 Morrow, Terri 1111 Pg. 212 Moses, Christie 1101 Pg. 162, 236, 239 Mosley, Christopher 1101 Pg. 236 MOSHIER, CINDY 1121 Pg. 187 Muise, Beverly 1111 Pg. 212 Muise, Rebecca 1101 Pg. 236 Mulkey, Ronald 1101 Pg. 81, 87, 236 Mullins, Thomas 1111 Pg. 212 Mullins, Sonya 1101 Pg. 236 MUNDA, BETH 1121 Pg. 187 Mundell, Ruby 1101 Pg. 187 MURRAY, THOMAS 1121 Pg. 132, 160 Murphy, Jay 1101 Pg. 236 Murphy, Patricia 1101 Pg. 236 Murphy, Richard 1101 Pg. 237 Murray, Kimberly 1101 Pg. 47, 113, 120, 237 Musser, Debra 1101 Pg. 237 MYERS, BRUCE 1121 Pg. 87, 132 Myers, Lora 1101 Pg. 237 Owen, Linda 1101 Pg. 237 Owens, Dinah 1101 Pg. 128, 237, 81, 85 Pace, Donald 1111 Pg. 109, 213 PACK, MARK 1121 Pg. 188 Padgett, Greg 1101 Pg. 237 Page, Lora 1111 Pg. 213 Pagel, Robert 1101 Pg. 237 Panchaud, Cheryl 1101 Pg. 237 Pappe, Susan 1111 Pg. 116, 213 PARISH. JOHN 1121 Pg. 108, 188 Park, Denny 1111 Pg. 213 Parker, Brian 1101 Pg. 160, 237 Parker, Danny 1111 Pg. 213 Parker, John 1111 Pg, 213 Parker, Kimberly 1101 Pg. 237 PARKE R, MIKE 1121 Pg. 105, 110, 188 Parks, Bekye 1111 Pg. 213 Parks, Donald 1111 Pg. 213 Parnell, James 1101 Pg. 161, 237 Parnell, Terecia 1111 Pg. 213 Parrish, Eldon 1111 Pg. 213 Parsons, Belinda 1111 Pg. 81, 213 PASSMORE, CRAIG 1121 Pg. 159, 188 Patrick, Bryan 1101 Pg. 237 Patterson, Cylynda 1101 Pg. 213 Payne, Dee 1101 Pg. 237 Payne, Dwayne 1101 Pg. 237 PAYNE, MICHAEL D. 1121 Pg. 188 PAYNE, MICHAEL DON 1121 Pg. 188 PAYNE, RICHARD 1121 Pg. 189 Payne, Stephanie 1111 Pg. 213 PAZ, ELLA 1121 Pg. 189 Paz, Philip 1101 Pg. 237 Peak, Theresa 1111 Pg. 81, 127, 128, 213 Peake, Danny 1101 Pg. 237 Pearce, Charles 1111 Pg. 108, 212 Pearce, Douglas 1101 Pg. 237 Peck, .James 1101 Pg. 237 Pelletier, Anita 1101 Pg. 237 PEMBERTON, TERRY 1121 Pg. 189 Pence, Priscilla 1111 Pg. 162. 213 PENNER, DONNA 1121 Pg. 189 Pennington, Billy 1101 Pg. 237 Pennington, Carmen 1111 Pg. 213 Pennington, Linda 1111 Pg. 213 Penry, Johnnie 1111 Pg. 213 Penton, Mary 1111 Pg. 213 Pen'Y. Joann 1111Pg. 213 PerTy, Rhonda 1101 Pg. 113, 237 PERRY, SANDRA 1121 Pg. 189 Perrymore, Mark 1101 Pg. 238 PETERS, ANNA 121 Pg. 189 PETERS . KENNY 1121 Pg. 110, 170, 189 Peterson, Jimmy 1101 Pg. 238 Peterson, Patti 1111 Pg. 213 PETETE Petito, V , MARS!-IA 1121 Pg. 189 ictor11l1 Pg. 213 PETREE, JOYCE 1121 Pg. 189 PHELPS, DENISE 1121 Pg. 189 Phillips, Bobby 1101 Pg. 238 Phillips, David 1101 Pg. 238 Phillips, James 1111 Pg. 213 Phillips, Jeffery 1101 Pg. 129,238 Phillips, Kelley 1111 Pg. 123, 213 Phipps, Patricia 1103 Pg. 131, 189 PHIPPS, TERESA 1121 Pg. 132, 189 Piatt, Mark 1111 Pg. 97, 213 PIATT, MICHELLE 1121 Pg. 24, 25, 82, 119, 197, 251 PIERCE, DENNIS 1121 Pg. 108, 160, 189 Pierce, J ack 1111 Pg. 213 Pierce, Lisa 1111 Pg. 213 PIERCE, MONTE 1121 Pg. 189 PIERSON, ELAINE 1121 Pg. 85, 87, 96, 97, 98, 113, 189 Pierson, Pamela 1101 Pg. 238 Pilgrim, Desiree 1101 Pg. 238 .,........,..,.- Pine, Tracy 1101 Pg. 111, 238, 255 PLOWMAN, DENISE 1121 Pg. 189 Plowman, Kathy 1101 Pg. 238 Plymaie, Sherry 1111 Pg. 213 Plymale, Lise 1101 Pg. 238 Puff, Cynthia 1111 Pg. 213 POIROT, RHONDA 1121 Pg. 11.122, 189 Poirot, Steve 1101 Pg. 238 Polk, Donna 1111 Pg. 189 Polk, Lecia 1101 Pg. 238 Pollard, David 1111 Pg. 213 POLLARD, LESIA 1121 Pg. 92, 189 Pontius, David 1111 Pg. 213 PONTIUS, KENNETH 1121 Pg. 150, 190 Pontius, Teresa 1101 Pg. 113, 238 Porter, Curtis 1101 Pg. 238 Porter, Michael 1101 Pg. 238 POSEY, JAN1S1121 Pg, 190 POST, BRIAN 1121 Pg. 190 Poteet, Robert 1101 Pg. 238 Potter, Kim 1101 Pg. 238 POWELL, I'IARRIE'I'I'1121 Pg. 85, 98, 190 Powell, Mary 1101 Pg. 102, 238 Powell, William 1111 Pg. 213 Prater, Kevin 1101 Pg. 238 Pratt, Kathy 1111 Pg. 213 Preston, Sheri 1111 Pg. 213 Pribyl, Tommy 1111 Pg. 213 Price, Capri 1111 Pg. 213 Price, Nancy 1111 Pg. 127, 128, 132, 213 Price, Teresa 1101 Pg. 238 Primm, Butch 1101 Pg. 238 Prince, Pamela 1101 Pg. 45, 113, 120, 238 Proctor, Deborah 1111 Pg. 238 PRUCI'IA, JANE 1121 Pg. 190 PRUEGERT, MARQUE 1121 Pg. 190 Puckett, Timothy 1101 Pg. 238 PUCSLEY, JOHN 1121 Pg. 97, 108, 190 Pulliam, Deborah 1111 Pg. 85, 213 Purdom, Briggitt1111 Pg. 213 Pursley, Jeffery 1111 Pg. 213 Queen, Kathryn 1101 Pg. 113, 233, 238 Queen, Robert 1111 Pg. 160, 214 Quenter, Donna 1101 Pg. 113, 150, 238 Quintero, Lenora 1101 Pg. 238 RAINEY, KIMBERLE 1121 Pg. 102, 190 Rains, Deborah 1111 Pg. 214 in ,,,ms 1f.-ifwafdm-3, f m. . f J , " f ' " f M.a.,,,........s.s - 1 nnfveff ,ff RAINS, LUCY 1121 Pg. 190 Rainwater, Monty 1111 Pg. 161, 214 Ralls, Linda 1101 Pg. 113, 238 RAMOS, VALINDA 1121 Pg. 104, 105, 190 RANKIN, BRIAN 1121 Pg. 110. 190 Rankin, Hugh 1111 Pg. 214 RATLIFF, LAURA 1121 Pg. 113, 182, 190, 252 Rediff, Mau 1101 Pg. 238 Ray, Mary 1111 Pg. 214 Red, Cheryl 1111 Pg. 81, 214 Red, Gary1101 Pg. 238 REDDELL, STEVEN 1121 Pg. 108 Redman, Paula 1101 Pg. 238 Reed, Deborah 1101 Pg. 131, 238 REED, EVELYN 1121 Pg. 190 Reed, Kevin 1111 Pg. 214 Reed, Lowell 1111 Pg. 214 Reed, Mark 1111Pg. 214 Reed, Rhonda 1101 Pg. 238 REED, TERRI1121 Pg. 190 Reeder, Lisa 1101 Pg. 238 Reeder, Marcella 1111 Pg. 108, 214 Reeves, April 1101 Pg, 102, 238 Reeves, Bill 1101 Pg. 238 Reichert, Anna 1101 Pg. 113, 163. 238 Reid, Rickey 1111 Pg. 110, 238 Reimers, Ronnie 1111 Pg. 214 REIMERS, SHERRILL1121 Pg. 190 Reising, Daniel 1101 Pg. 190 REISINC, JULENE 1121 Pg. 82, 113, 190 Rein, Mike 1101 Pg. 239 RENDELUK, MIKE 1121 Pg. 110, 113, 191 Rentz, David 1101 Pg. 239 REPPART, THOMAS 1121 Pg. 191 REYES, CLYDE 1121 Pg. 191 Reyes, Laura 1111 Pg. 128, 214 Reynolds, Brian 1111 Pg. 214 REYNOLDS, DARRELL1121 Pg. 191 Reynolds, Jimmy 1101 Pg. 45, 113, 120, 214 Reynolds, Linda 1111 Pg. 45, 113, 120, 214 Reynolds, Pamela 1101 Pg. 239 REYNOLDS, ROBIN 1121 Pg. 102, 113, 191 REYNOLDS, SI-IEILA 1121 Pg. 191 Rhodes, James 1111 Pg. 214 Rhodes, Sandra 1111 Pg. 162, 214 Rhue, Dwight 1101 Pg. 239 Rice, Jeanne 1111 Pg. 214 RICE, JUNE'I'I'A 1121 Pg. 24, 255 Rich, Edward 1111 Pg. 109, 214 Rich, Judy 1101 Pg. 102, 239 Rich, Robert 1111 Pg. 214 Richardson, Carla 1101 Pg. 162, 237 Richardson, Drochelle 1101 Pg. 239 Richardson, Robin 1101 Pg. 239 Richardson, Vicki 1101 Pg. 239 RIDER, KIM 1121 Pg. 191 Rigdon, .Ianet11l1Pg. 102, 214 RIHA, KELLEY1121 Pg. 239 Riley, Ricky 1101 Pg. 239 RINEHART, DEENA 1121 Pg. 102, 103, 191 RIPPETOE, DAN 1121 Pg. 191 Robbins, Gary 1111 Pg. 162 Robbins, Teresa 1111 Pg. 111. 214 ROBERTI, DEBORAH 1121 Pg. 191 Roberti. Susan 1111 Pg. 214 ROBERTS, 1121 Pg. 191 Roberts. Craig 1111 Pg, 214 Roberts, Nancy 1111 Pg. 214 Robertson, Brenda 1101 Pg, 239 Robertson, Kathy 1111 Pg. 128, 129, 132 214 Robinett, Lynn 1111 Pg, 214 Robinson. Brian 1101 Pg. 214 Robinson, Gregory 1111 Pg. 215 Robinson, Mark 1101 Pg. 239 ROCKWELL, PENNY 1121 Pg. 98, 102. 191 Roedl, Jana 1111 Pg, 215 Roehrl. James 1111 Pg. 215 Rogers, Kathryn 1101 Pg. 239 Rogers, Mark 1111 Pg. 215 ROGERS, RHONDA 1121 Pg, 191 ROLEWICZ, DONNA 1121 Pg, 104, 105 191 ROLLINS, DON 1121 Pg, 82, 123, 191 Rollins, ,Iames1101 Pg. 108, 239 Romine, Donald 1101 Pg. 239 Rune, Mark 1111 Pg. 215 Roots, Roger 1111 Pg. 215 Rose. James 1111 Pg. 215 Rose, Paul 1111 Pg. 132, 215 Routon, Ceorge1111 Pg. 215 Routon, Pamela 1101 Pg, 81, 239 Rowe, Mike 1111 Pg. 215 Rowe, Rodney 1101 Pg. 239 Rowland, Cindy 1101 Pg. 239 ROZNIATA, RHONDA 1121 Pg. 191 Rucker. Jeffrey 1101 Pg. 128, 239 Rudolph, I-Ienry 1101 Pg. 239 RUMSEY, MIKE 1121 Pg. 24, 110, 191 RUPPERT, JANIS 1121 Pg. 191 Rusche, Carol 1111 Pg. 163, 215 RUSCHE, DONALD 1121 Pg. 191 Rush, Vickey1111 Pg. 215 Russell, Kelly 1111 Pg. 98, 99, 215 Russell, Mark 1101 Pg. 132, 191 Russell, Thomas 1111 Pg. 215 'ygkqmxlnik 301 Smith, RUTZ, CONNIE1121 Pg. 113, 191 RYLAND, GLENN 1121 Pg. 191 Ryland, Mike 1101 Pg. 160, 239 SANDERS, LISA 1121 Pg. 191 Sanders, Sara 1111 Pg. 215 Sanders, Victoria 1101 Pg. 239 SANFORD, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 33, 191 SARGENT, DEBBIE 1121 Pg. 26, 192 Sarrett, Gina 1101 Pg. 113, 162, 239 SAUER, CHARLOTTE 1121 Pg. 192 Saunders, Christopher 1101 Pg. 239 Saunders, Robert 1101 Pg. 239 Sawyer, Kathy 1101 Pg. 239 SCARBERRY, VICKI 1121 Pg. 113, 192 Schanafelt, Mark 1111 Pg. 215 SCHANAFELT, RANDY 1121 Pg. 192 SCHAUB, DEBRA 1121 Pg. 192 Schaub, Diana 111, Pg. 215 SCHELLER, BRENDA 1121 Pg. 105, 192 Schmidt, Theo 1101 Pg. 239 Schneider, Deana 1111 Pg. 31, 215 SCHNEIDER, PATRICIA 1121 Pg. 192 Schoo, Lee Ann 1111 Pg. 215 Schoo, Penny 1101 Pg. 239 Schroeder, Samuel 1111 Pg. 161, 215 Schroeder, David 1111 Pg. 215 Schwartz, Karen 1111 Pg. 215 Schwartz, Robert 1101 Pg. 239 SCHWARTZ, VICKI 1121 Pg. 192 Scott Scott Scott , Clifford 1111 Pg. 215 Scott, , Kathleen 1111 Pg. 215 Scott, , Sabra 1101 Pg. 240 Jimmy 1111 Pg. 116,215 Pam 1111 Pg. 215 SCOTT, TAMMY 1121 Pg. 192 SCRUGGS, JANET 1121 Pg. 161, 192 Seago, Randy 1101 Pg. 240 Seirer, Kirk 1111 Pg. 215 Seiter, Deaborah 1111 Pg. 215 Seilsinger, Mark 1101 Pg. 240 SEITSINGER, STEPHEN 1121 Pg. 128, 132 302 Self, Drew 1111 Pg. 81, 215 Self, Jackie 1111 Pg. 215 Self, Mike 1101 Pg. 240 Self, Paul 1101 Pg. 240 SELF, RICK 1121 Pg. 192 SELF, TAMMY 1121 Pg. 192 Sells, Cynthia 1111 Pg. 215 Senters, Jeffery 1111 Pg. 109, 215 SEWELL, JUDITH 1121 Pg. 20, 82, 127 128, 131, 172, 192, 250 Sewell, Thomas 1101 Pg. 240 SEXTON, DALE 1121 Pg. 20, 87 Shank, Sharon 1101 Pg. 240 SHARVER, SHARLA 1121 Pg. 192 Shaw, Gary 1101 Pg. 240 Shawn, Lynn 1111 Pg. 132, 215 Shearer, Brenda 1101 Pg. 102, 240 Shell, Robert 1101 Pg. 240 Shelton, Connie 1111 Pg. 98, 215 Shelton, Kathy 1111 Pg. 215 SHELTON, TERESA 1121 Pg. 192 Shelton, Teresa 1101 Pg. 240 Shepherd, Jay1111 Pg. 161, 215 Sheperd, Sandy 1111 Pg. 102, 215 Shepherdson, William 1111 Pg. 240 Shipley, Lisa 1101 Pg. 45, 120, 240 Shipman, Brenda 1111 Pg. 90, 91, 215 Shipman, Carla 1101 Pg. 113, 240 SHIPMAN, JEANNINE 1121 Pg. 192 Shipman, Robert 1101 Pg. 240 Shoffstall, Donald 1101 Pg. 240 Shook, Jonathan 1111 Pg. 98, 99, 215 Short, Lori 1111 Pg. 215 Short, Robert 1101 Pg. 240 SHORT, TON1 1121 Pg. 109 SHRADER, IVAN 1121 Pg. 192 Shrader, Terri 1101 Pg. 240 SHRECK, GAYE 1121 Pg. 192 Shropshire, Donna 1111 Pg. 215 SHROYER, KATIE 1121 Pg. 192 Shroyer, Mayme 1111 Pg. 215 Shugart, Paul 1101 Pg. 109, 240 Shugart, Tammy 1101 Pg. 240 SHULTS, JODI 1121 Pg. 109, 192 Shultz, Jeffery 1111 Pg. 215 SHULTZ, LEANDRA 1121 Pg. 192 SIDES, LINDEL 1121 Pg. 192 SIDES, TERRI 1121 Pg. 192 Sigle, Tina 1111 Pg. 85, 215 Sikes, Brenda 1111 Pg. 92, 215 SIKES, REBECCA 1121 Pg. 92, 192 Simmons, Renae 1111 Pg. 45, 120, 215 Simmons, Rhonda 1111 Pg. 102, 215 Simms, Peggy 1101 Pg. 240 SIMON, DEBORAH 1121 Pg. 192 Simon, Eric 1101 Pg. 240 Simonds, Susanna 1111 Pg. 45, 120, 128, 215 Simpson, Christine 1111 Pg. 26, 113, 123, 215 Simpson, Donald 1101 Pg. 240 Simpson, Gail 1101 Pg. 240 SIMPSON, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 87, 192, 256 Simpson, Robin 1101 Pg. 132, 240 Sims, Ricky 1101 Pg. 240 Singleton, Robert 1101 Pg. 240 SISCO, AIMEE 1121 Pg. 127, 128, 131, 132, 192 SISCO, DANE 1121 Pg. 12, 57, 192 Sites, Georjana 1101 Pg. 240 Skelton, Cherry 1111 Pg. 215 Skinner, Sandra 1101 Pg. 81, 102, 241 Skinner, Teresa 1101 Pg. 113, 241 Slaton, Karen 1111 Pg. 91, 215 Slaton, Kelley 1101 Pg. 91, 241 Smallwood, Glenn 1101 Pg. 241 Smith, Allan 1113 Pg. 215 SMITH, BILLY 1121 Pg. 192 Smith, Carol 1111 Pg. 215 Smith, Cecil 1101 Pg. 215 Stanfield, Cynthia 1111 Pg. 216 Stanfill, Shawn 1111 Pg. 216 Stanford, Chuck 1111 Pg. 216 STANLEY, DEBBIE 1121 Pg. 194 STANTON, TARYN 1121 Pg. 194 STAPP, CLIFTON 1121 Pg. 194 Stapp, Vernan 1101 Pg. 241 Starkey, Brian 1101 Pg. 241 STARR, PAULA 1121 Pg. 194 Start, Cheri 1111 Pg. 216 Start, Wade 1101 Pg. 242 Stevenson, Alice 1101 Pg. 242 Steel, Audry 1101 Pg. 113, 242 Steffens, Richard 1101 Pg. 242 Steffes, Sheryl 1111 Pg. 216 Steger, Travis 1101 Pg. 242 STELTER, CYNTHIA 1121 Pg. 194 Stevensen, Bruce 1101 Pg. 108, 242 STEVENSON, KEVIN 1121 Pg. 194 Stevenson, Randall 1111 Pg. 216 Stevens Stevens Stevens Stevens , Betty 1101 Pg. 242 , Dale 1111 Pg. 10, 216 , Debbie 1111 Pg. 216 , Kenney 1111 Pg. 216 STEVENS, SCO'1'l' 1121 Pg. 194 Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart Stewart , Dennis 1111 Pg. 216 , Don 1111 Pg. 98, 216 , Gregory 1111 Pg. 216 , Kim 1101 Pg. 242 , Vickie 1101 Pg. 242 Stigler, Beth 1101 Pg. 242 STILWELL, BE'1'I'Y 1121 Pg. 152, 194 Stinnett, Terry 1111 Pg. 216 Stipe, Paul 1101 Pg. 242 Stockton, Barbara 1111 Pg. 155, 216 Stoepker, Michael 1111 Pg. 216 Smith, Darla 1101epg. 241 Smith, Darrell 1101 Pg. 241 Smith, Debra 1111 Pg. 216 Smith, Dwain1111 Pg. 216 Smith, Edward 1111 Pg. 216 Smith, Jackie 1101 Pg. 105, 241 SMITH, KAREE 1121 Pg. 192 Smith, Kelly 1111 Pg. 113,216 Smith, Kenny 1111 Pg. 216 Smith, Laura 1101 Pg. 129, 241 Smith, Lori 1111 Pg. 216 Smith, Mark 1101 Pg. 241 SMITH, RANDY 1121 Pg. 192 Smith, Regina 1111 Pg. 102, 216 Smith, Smith, Rhonda 1101 Pg. 97, 99, 241 Ricky 1101 Pg. 241 Smith, Shelly 1101 Pg. 98, 113, 241 Smith, Teresa 1101 Pg. 113, 241 Smith, Terri 1101 Pg. 241 Smith, Tracey 1101 Pg. 241 Valerie 1101 Pg. 241 Smith, Vickey1101 Pg. 143 Smith, Wade 1101 Pg. 81, 241 Smith, William 1101 Pg. 241 Smitlison, Mark 1101 Pg. 241 SMITHSON, RANDY 1121 Pg. 192 Snelson, Lori 1111 Pg. 216 Snethen, Nancy 1111 Pg. 216 Snethen, Shelli 1101 Pg. 24-1 SNIDER, TERREL 1121 Pg. 192 SNOOK, LAREE 1121 Pg. 192 Snyder, Margaret 1111 Pg. 87 Soard, Donald 1111 Pg. 216 Soard, Todd 1101 Pg. 241 SORRELS, CHERYL 1121 Pg. 192 Sossamon, Floyd 1101 Pg. 24-1 Sossamon, Kathleen 1111 Pg. 45, 85, 120, 216 Southard, Stuart 1101 Pg. 241 Southerland, Sara 1111 Pg. 87, 132 Southerland, Theo 1101 Pg. 113, 241 Spain, Donna 1101 Pg. 241 SPAIN, MARC 1121 Pg. 192 Sparkman, William 1111 Pg. 216 SPARKS, DARAN 1121 Pg. 13, 192 Sparks, Kari 1101 Pg. 113, 241 Sparks, Tandela 1101 Pg. 92, 241 Spaulding, Stan 1111 Pg. 81, 110, 111, 116, 163, 216 Spear, Bohby 1101 Pg. 241 Speigel, Lavona 1101 Pg. 241 SPEIGEL, WENDELL 1121 Pg. 194 Spence, Le Ann 1111 Pg. 53, 216 Spitler, Gregory 1101 Pg. 241 Spivey, Bryan 1111 Pg. 216 Spurgeon, Steve 1101 Pg. 241 SPURGEON, TRACY 1121 Pg. 99, 110, 194 Staats, Gary11l1 Pg. 216 Staats, Sandra 1111 Pg. 216 Stafford, Gary 1101 Pg. 241 Stafford, Rebecca 1101 Pg. 81, 241 Stagg, Cathy 1111 Pg. 113, 216 STAHLMAN, TYLOU 1121 Pg. 194 STALEY, DONALD 1121 Pg. 194 Stallings, Becky 1111 Pg. 216 Stokes, Dorothy 1111 Pg. 81, 216 STOKES, JUANITA 1121 Pg. 194 STONE, CHRIS 1121 Pg. 194 Storts, Lenial 1111 Pg. 216 Stout, Teresa 1111 Pg. 99 Stover, Mike 1111 Pg. 110, 216 STOW, RODNEY 1121 Pg. 194 Straughan, Kurt 1101 Pg. 242 Straughan, Leslie 1101 Pg. 242 STRAUGHAN, LORI 1121 Pg. 117, 195 Street, Bruce 1101 Pg. 242 Streun, Jimmy 1101 Pg. 242 STROUD, CHERYL 1121 Pg. 195 STROUD, JERREL 1121 Pg. 195 Stroud, Jolene 1101 Pg. 242 STROUD, JUDY 1121 Pg. 195 Stubblelield, Toni 1111 Pg. 129, 132, 216 Stulce, Terri 1111 Pg. 216 Stull, Danny 1111 Pg. 216 STULL, MARK 1121 Pg. 20, 82, 178, 195 Sturges, Jimmy 1101 Pg. 242 STURGES, PENNY 1121 Pg. 85, 195 Stutzman, Floyd 1111 Pg. 216 Stutzman, Sheryl 1101 Pg. 242 Sullins, Jerry 1101 Pg. 129, 242 SULLIVAN, JIMMY 1121 Pg. 195 SULLIVAN, KIRK 1121 Pg. 195 SULLIVAN, SYLINA 1121 Pg. 195 Summers, Lee 1111 Pg. 216 Suson, Steven 1101 Pg. 161, 242 SUTTERFIELD, GREG 1121 Pg. 22, 195 sinus, Cathy 1101 Pg. 85, 242 Swafford, William 1101 Pg. 242 Swanda, Edward 1111 Pg. 116, 216 SWANDA, JULIA 1121 Pg. 195 Swanson, Scarlett 1101 Pg. 242 SWANSON, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 195 SWEARENGIN, JEPFERY 1121 Pg. 195 Swearengin, Stacy 1101 Pg. 81, 159, 163, 242 SWIERCE, DEBBIE 1121 Pg. 195 Swierce, Michael 1101 Pg. 242 Swift, Delta 1101 Pg. 113, 242 TABB, DONNA 1121 Pg. 110, 195 Tabb, Mark 1101 Pg. 81, 242 Tankeraley, Kenneth 1101 Pg. 242 Tate, Robert 1111 Pg. 216 Taylor, Barbara 1101 Pg. 242 TAYLOR, CYNTHIA 1121 Pg. 195 Taylor, Cynthia 1111 Pg. 150, 151, 216 TAYLOR, JUDY 1121 Pg. 96, 97, 99, 128, 132, 195 TAYLOR, LAWRENCE 1121 Pg. 110, 195 Taylor, Mark 1101 Pg. 161, 242 Taylor, Michael 1111 Pg. 216 TAYLOR, ROBERT 1121 Pg. 20, 81, 82, 83, 142, 143 Taylor, Russell 1101 Pg. 242 Taylor, Sandra 1111 Pg. 113, 132, 154, 216 Taylor, Susan 1111 Pg. 216 Taylor, Thomas 1111 Pg. 160, 216 Teasley, Paul 1111 Pg. 217 TEEL, LISA 1121 Pg. 195 Teel, Terry 1111 Pg. 217 Teele, Tommy 1101 Pg. 242 Templeton, Christel 1101 Pg. 128, 242 Templeton, Dana 1111 Pg. 132, 217 Templeton, Lorie 1101 Pg. 242 Tennyson, Arlen 1101 Pg. 242 Tenpenny, Larry 1101 Pg. 242 Tenpenny, Lori 1101 Pg. 98, 113, 243 TERHUNE, TIM 1121 Pg. 195 Ulmer, Jackie 1101 Pg. 243, 113 ULRICH, RODCER 1121 Pg. 196 Underwood, Mark 1111 Pg. 161 Underwood, Ter1'y 110 Pg. 243 Upton, Ronald 1101 Pg. 243. 92 Upton, Tami 1101 Pg. 92 Utsler, Dennis 1111 Pg. 217 Valentine, Terri 1101 Pg. 213, 92 VALENTINE, TERRI 1121 Pg. 196 VANDENBURG, REBECCA 1121 Pg. 196, 162 Vandeburgh, Walt 1101 Pg. 102 VANDERPOOL, DANNY 1121 Pg. 196 Vandusen, Tammy 1111 Pg. 102 VANI-IELSINGEN, CINDY 1121 Pg. 196 VANNEST, CAROLYN 1121 Pg. 196 Vannostran, Deborah 1101 Pg. 113, 243 VANPOOL, DEANNA 1121 Pg. 196 Varey, I'Ierby1111 Pg. 132, 21, 7 Vaughn, Linda 1111 Pg. 102 Vaughn, Rebecca 1111 Pg. 21, 7 Vaught, Beverly 1111 Pg. 132, 21, 7 VEITCH, TOM 1121 Pg. 196, 128 Vestal, Pamela 1111 Pg. 87, 21, 7 Vestal, Richard 1101 Pg. 113, 243 Vetter, Brian 1101 Pg. 243 Vetter, Terrie1111 Pg. 21, 7 VICE, TIM 1121 Pg. 196 Vickers, Wesley 1101 Pg. 243 villines, Larry 1111 Pg. 132,217 Vincent, Kelley 1101 Pg. 243 Vinyard, Robert 1101 Pg. 243 Vogle, Steven 1111 Pg. 217 Vondollen, Anthony 1101 Pg. 243 Vore, Buddy 1101 Pg. 132, 243, 129 Vowell, David 1101 Pg. 243 Wade, Tim 1101 Pg. 243 Wadsworth, Elizabeth 1111 Pg. 217 WAGGONER, N1COLA1121 Pg. 196 Wagoner, Steven 1101 Pg. 132, 243 Wabl, Tania 1101 Pg. 243 Walsiman, Boyd 1101 Pg. 243 Waldron, Cayla 1101 Pg. 24-3 Walker, Danny 1111 Pg. 217 Walker, Harold 1101 Pg. 132, 243 WALKER, JIMMY 1121 Pg. 196 Walker, ,leri 1101 Pg. 162, 243 Walker, Patricia 1101 Pg. 243 Walker, Tammye 1101 Pg. 102, 243 Walker, Terrie1111 Pg. 103, 102, 163, 217 Walker, Terry 1101 Pg. 243 Walker, William 1111 Pg. 217 WALLACE, SHE1LA1121 Pg. 105, 196 Waller. .lesse 1101 Pg. 105, 196 Walls, Tina 1101 Pg. 243 Walters, Cynthia 1101 Pg. 243 Walters, Ron 1111 Pg. 217 Walters, Lee 1111 Pg. 81, 116, 217 Wans, Roy 1111 Pg. 217 Ward, Ellen 1111 Pg. 202, 217 Ward, Cvregory 1111 Pg. 217 Ward, La Keitha 1111 Pg. 217 Ward, Lora 1111 Pg. 217 WARD, MICHAEL 1121 Pg. 159, 196 Ward, Michael 1101 Pg. 243 Ward, Nancy 1101 Pg. 243 WARD, STEVEN 1121 Pg. 196 Ward, Tammy 1111 Pg. 217 Warden, Leisa 1101 Pg. 102, 243 Warner, Charlie 1101 Pg. 244 Wasland, Debbie 1101 Pg. 152, 244 Watson, Kelly 1101 Pg. 244 Watts, Patricia 1111 Pg. 116, 217 Waugh, Stan 1111 Pg. 217 Weaver, Robert 1101 Pg. 244 Webb, Kent 1111 Pg. 217 Weidemmaier, Brian 1111 Pg. 218 Weiher, Deborah 1111 Pg. 218 Weisbruch, ,lohn1101 Pg. 244 WELCHEL, THOMAS 1121 Pg. 142, 197. 81, 82 Wellborne, Tracy 1111 Pg. 218 Wellner, Deborah 1111 Pg. 218 WELLS. JAMES 1121 Pg. 197 Wells, Michael 1111 Pg. 85, 218 Wesson, .lana1101 Pg. 113, 244 West, Buddy 1101 Pg. 244 WEST, CURTIS 1121 Pg. 197 West, Darla 1111 Pg. 218 WEST, DRENDA 1121 Pg. 197 West, Mary 1101 Pg. 244 Westfield, Dan 1111 Pg. 218 WHALEY, ELAINE 1121 Pg. 197 Wheat, William 1101 Pg. 244 Wheeland, Valerie 1101 Pg. 244 Wheller, Carlton 1111 Pg. 218 Fm -PNY. Wheeler, Gary 1101 Pg. 244 WHEE Wherr, White, LER, TERRY 1121 Pg. 198, 83 Shen'y1111Pg.218 Bruce 1111 Pg. 213 White, Cheryl 1101 Pg. 113, 244 White, White, White, White, White, Christine 1101 Pg. 81, 98, 218 Danny 1101 Pg. 244 Keith 1101 Pg. 244 Neita 1111 Pg. 102, 218 Rene 1101 Pg. 244 White, Terri 1101 Pg. 244 WHITTAL, RANDAL1121 Pg. 110, 198 Whittecar, Robert 1101 Pg. 244 WHI'I'I'EN, GA1L1121 Pg. 123, 198. 256 Wicks, Ben1101Pg. 244 Wigley, Dennis 1111 Pg. 218 Wilhelm, Lowell 1101 Pg. 244 Wilhoit, Clay 1101 Pg. 244 Wilhoit, Nathan 1111 Pg. 109, 218 Wilker son, David 1101 Pg. 244 WILKERSON, GAYE 1121 Pg. 198 Wilker Wilker Wilkin Wilkin son, Kevin 1101 Pg. 128 son, Mitchell 1101 Pg. 244 s, David 1101 Pg. 244 s, Raelynn1111 Pg. 218 Willard, Ricky 1101 Pg. 244 Williams, Barbie 1111 Pg. 128, 218 WILLIAMS, BEVERLY 1121 Pg. 104, 105, 198 Williams, Cynthia 1101 Pg. 244 Williams, Darren 1111 Pg. 218 Williams, David 1101 Pg. 244, 66 Williams. David 1111 Pg. 218 Williams, Eric 1101 Pg. 244 Williams, Gary1111 Pg. 218 WILLI WILLI AMS, LISA 1121 Pg. 162, 198 AMS. MARY 1121 Pg. 193 Williams, Monty 1101 Pg. 244 Williams, Robbie 1111 Pg. 21B Williams, Robin 1101 Pg. 111, 244 Williams, Scott 1111 Pg. 218 WILLI AMS, SHERRI 1121 Pg. 198 Williams, Terry 1111 Pg. 218 Williams, Toby 1111 Pg. 218 WILLIAMSON, DEE'I'I'A 1121 Pg. 198 Williamson. Diane 1111 Pg. 108, 218 Williamson, Cayne1l1111 Pg. 108, 218 Williamson, ,lana1111 Pg. 218 Willingham, David 1111 Pg. 218 WILLINCHAM, DEAN 1121 Pg. 218 Willis, Willis, Willis, Charles 1111 Pg. 218 Rhonda 1101 Pg. 244 Terry 1101 Pg. 244 Wilson, Anita 1111 Pg. 218 WILSON, BILLY 1121 Pg. 198 Wilson, Brenda 1111 Pg. 218 WILSON, CAROLYN 1121 Pg. 198 Wilson, Christopher 1101 Pg. 132, 244 Wilson, Deborah 1111 Pg. 218 Wilson, Desiree 1101 Pg. 244 W1LSON..lANA1121 Pg. 199 Wilson, Karen 1101 Pg. 85, 244- Wilson, Karen 1101 Pg. 244 Wilson, Kenneth 1101 Pg. 244 WILSON, MARK 1121 Pg. 198 Wilson, Michael 1111 Pg. 132, 116, 219 Wilson, Monte 1111 Pg. 99, 132, 105, 219 Wilson, Randy 1111 Pg. 219 Wilson, Tamara 1101 Pg. 244 Wilson, Tammy 1101 Pg. 244 Wilson, Steve 1111 Pg. 219 Wilson, Steven 1111 Pg. 219 Wilson, Victor 1101 Pg. 244 Winkleman, Mark 1111 Pg. 85, 218 Winters, Mark 1101 Pg. 244 Wissler, Ronald 1111 Pg. 219 Witt, Thomas 1101 Pg. 161, 244 Wofford, Ronald 1111 Pg. 244 WOOD, TIM 1121 Pg. 199 Womack, Phillip 1101 Pg. 245 Wood, Kenneth 1101 Pg. 245 Woodard, Kimberly 1101 Pg. 113, 245 Wooderson, Penney 1101 Pg. 245 WOODRUFF, CHRISTOPHER 1121 Pg. 199 Woodside, Rhonda 1101 Pg. 34, 245 Workman, T0mmy1111 Pg. 219 Workman, Kim 1101 Pg. 245 Wright, Craig 1111 Pg, 219 Wright, David 1101 Pg. 245 Wright, Wayne 1101 Pg. 128, 132, 245 Wyatt, David 1111 Pg. 110, 219 WYA'I'1', MARK 1121 Pg. 186, 199 Yahola, Lawana 1101 Pg. 245 Yahola, Pennie1111 Pg. 219 Yannosdoll, Randall 1101 Pg. 243 Yarbough, Daniel 1101 Pg. 245 Yon, .leff1111 Pg. 219 Yocum, Gregg 1101 Pg. 245 Young, Chris 1111 Pg. 128, 219 Young, David 1111 Pg. 219 YOUNG, HARVEY 1121 Pg. 199 Young, Mary 1111 Pg. 219 Yount, Steve 1101 Pg. 245 Zaring, Robert 1101 Pg. 132, 245 ZARINC, TARYN 1121 Pg. 199 ZEKA, CINDY 1121 Pg. 199 ZINK, MARY 1121 Pg. 199 Zink, Steve 1111 Pg. 219 ,ff 303 UHKIEIZGEEPEB QW UEBBUS BFJVIIEE5 BGBUVH DISHES SUEMEYI UIGUIBUH EWHUUB EPUEUSKTI USUN UJUGSBEW UW! UZHWJU BUSH BEXUGW GUUIUU3 GUEUBW Sm SUWXUCBU MDW DUUH WWE BUTE UMW WWE UBMEW UMUUCGBS BGUBNII KIMXUEEW KEUICJWDWX SVIUUU UMM UBCDUEU DIHWUB DUE

Suggestions in the Moore High School - Timekeeper Yearbook (Moore, OK) collection:

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